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293489 F20090525_AAABKS 00547.jpg 6a2aa7a439b909ce14fb9dddfc2b33ab4d02c0814088eac6640f43d4c2c0d41fb2c40fed
47161 F20090525_AAABKT 00547.QC.jpg ddb421bc2d75c9001469ad28f19cc0336fa7c9e9682525721f71f919bdff9dc9f3a2c9db
12089 F20090525_AAABKU 00547thm.jpg 67a7bf3597ae902d654c3740e43a9c0314b0f090e41b60c8ac244ca937387792b7a0f675
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13883 F20090525_AAABKX 00548thm.jpg 18eea92d54e4d153e8f84da4c0dc3418464f57305d2a70adf838b23d5fb2a57c404ae6e3
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724874 F20090525_AAABJN 00542.jp2 16a0d5e22e66b3fe770c4f5c6f8d66ceec79dfe37a75c74ba8db53f878586365cd0d1bc7
704318 F20090525_AAABJO 00543.jp2 f1ce05716ac1b9311847e19ba85c529a2ba45efcff92411c8c55e96ac6487e275ac96a0e
718067 F20090525_AAABJP 00544.jp2 5f27ca0358c0c81deb54f5f68e23fb10d1be7380b3b33222a750982e95215b161963d2e4


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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University of Florid (

Florida State Fair Segregation! Pr I 1.:r y G&inetvilla Florida





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I'KIL ADLPNI) A..UI).. \ .
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Tbo tray aovwywroldtro btttt. BlAop OD. \ '.. ,,'i' Charles Held For '
!IV' Roy Dope Smuggling
D. card idiots Md Ua ''... ..:.
Africa Methodist n>1t. '........ / 4. .. .\\i/." ,. ;. ;. ..
::--r... .', "'. .'\;; (.; ,1.l. .
the _
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$100.000 ablcb Ut ... '. .. .. .. /...... .:" ,. ..
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Jury OOBVtCtloa Of the 1',". ,

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M oaaalwaa oplaioabj T
.Judges Koadall H, -- 0ml! MetroiHoto Mlanl. Cop
Boyer Harold D. Stylor JACUOIWYItL. Fla.-OB* of Uo frail or eaoa la Uo taUortat of 10.. 40.000 'Backlash' Fizzles

..cI..Joseph 110..., held 4>o a.a.bled at HOMBI fart to hear President Johaaoa ohoi bo appeared hero 1..... Glvei Chose

that the ooaaoBwtaltb October 26 la carried out of the part Am aba .. overcome 'by boat.fUPI.

bad r led'"ttar17" taahovlif -- Tclwihaiat Off With Etta King Writt-lH Fails n.... Shot

that the bishop.

h.i i dose aayUlay 111*- 'Sforo Workor Tht poatrful Negro votfrnnrentrBtodhonvlly uIASI..uitb ihotgum
Segregation Soon ; .wade, la his ttuotrk
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Mahop! 11 chol a use Is.dlct.d K IW landslide that swept Prtnldrnt Lyndon B.
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$210 OOCI la church Nodsj to death ttdntaday aura gross ""r the coaatryatroaaod rights rooord, sue heart .aallam>rtkttt Sleet,

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PIK'I nitiii' mi win smtiiT itroita 1. miTHB
-. -- .. "

nUCRDA NEWS STAR. Q_ il'i 's ;sIT '_-1'.;. a-.I]

. P.br'iah.d by ,.. n.rids Stwniblirtlnf Co.

ijtjioia !1Ii EIIC I. SIHPSM

; NEGRO: ova. .,
. Thirty-eight million Americans may never
fi'; escape the squalor of the slums Indifference
EIIC I. SIMPSU.........Hindu Hilir'Will lick of courage and political
cynicism have pushed them so deep Into the
E. WISE....... .... Km Editor racial and
darkness of their economic

IIIIA WOITEI.. ......Cirtihtin Mmiir ghettos that it will take a
fundamental change In our attitude -

MAIN irriCE ft PUNT: to save them, charges
\ prize-winning I j
2323 Mneriil liai..Jim ELfji 4-1712 Klein in LET IN THE SUN pub- ,
ti : i ed'recently by Uacilllan.
: The 1464 housing legislation I
; Millin Address 7.
: fVJ
w in Con tress did not provide

P. In SHJickmillli nearly-enough money to build SIMPSON
/ Ulirl.i
decent shelter for the one-fifth or oar
MIAMI r d nation sunk in the depths of poverty,'
OFFICE "Consequently," adds the author."th;reappears
to be little hope in sight of inning
111 III h. I... Phil 377-1625- the centuries-old battle against the

slum.. "

Mia'!cMpTI0N tAm LET IN THE SUN. a study of the life and

One Tr '18.00 1111 Tsar, $4.00 death of a Harlem tenement.-311 East 100th
NtlJtd to You njnihr In tII. Unl t.d "' .h. ; Street, located on what has become the

Subscription ptnble U a*nco 5 / rI "worst block" in New York City-drama-.
Rend Chock or ton? Order to: tiles the alum. crisis In the United.States

'*t WHO COMMITS iNjiarct a twt \ V today. ;
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX SIll MAD( 5OA(MIIf1CMID 7N4YMf 1 4 The tenement built sixty years ago as a

Jacksonville 1, Florida WHOM/THUS .Ate house of hope--the Inspiration of another

t / era's fight to end the slums--stands today
The Miiiaa Wife Liw ati a monument to failure and despair. "It

SIE Jlllll III PATE P1ITIIEI K lilY JUSTICE is an example" says Mr. Klein "of how
; IYICIEI III HIIEI bad planning, bad housing, bad managementand
The.Jbfad of the API-CIO union declares bad government can Infect 'an entire

that anVlacreaae In the minimum wage to cOllllun it,."
S2'Anjrhour'needed.: Congress will be The author who lived in New York a slums
asked to'approve that figure, or one approaching AS an undercover reporter for the New York
it, "when 'It convenes nut year. Sorld Telegram and Sun urges President
Many people who are sincerely concernedwith Your Weekly Johnson to launch a national housing cam-
the problems of the low-income groups paign. "Housing must be a major part of

will probably look favorably on this pro- the war on poverty," declares Mr. Klein,
posal.But there la much more Involved than "It will do little good to train find

meets the superficial eye. There la every jobs for, or educate the poor of thin nation *.

danger that an excessive minimum wage may .. especially the young if they remain
seriously harm the Interests of those It Horoscope GuideBy confined to the slums."

Is supposed to help. LET IN THE SUN offers a 10-polnt federal

Various businesses have room for people housing program to wipe out the slums;
whose skills are extremely limited. Retailing 1. Appoint or elect in each major municipality
la a prime example, It offers PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH a deputy mayor or assistant city

employment to youngsters Just startingout manager! for housing.

In the business world, to part-time ARE YOUR LUCKY 2. Create a central inspections depart
housewives, and to others whose value to DAYS FOR ment In each municipality and properly
the store la alight. If the minimum wage staff it to enforce strictly local building
la boosted to the point where the productivity BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL and health laws.
of these workers cannot justify it, 3. Review and amend all municipal state

one result Is certaln--atore operatorswill -----. and federal laws applicable to urban renewal -
be forced to seek ways and means of so that the federal housing coordinator
getting along with fewer marginal workers. can make funds and technical
Then the unskilled will find It harder and ARJCtl CANC1'It Ca12IC01tN services available on a uniform baah.Tak.
harder to gt jobs and to obtain the experience Born Siercn 21st thru Born June 22nd thru rOR AND roiico.YOU. TO RIMAIN DIIMTI CALM Till Born Dec. 22nd thru the profit out of slums by legislative

that, would qualify them for higher April I)tho July 22nd PACT THAT TNt TIMPTATION Jan. 19th amendments" to the federal income tax laws.
pay You CANNOT DO YOU HIT TMIRI ARI. MOMIWTI WHIN 1. Expand: community neighborhood
It may be argued that the stores and the PORTION. COUIO pCt YOU HEN YOU A*| NENVOU12 II MACTICAlkV" IRRIIIITIII YOU MAY NAZI RIORITI *. and reh.bilitationprograss, ; require
other businesses affected could solve the IIOMT. MOM THE MOMINT lITAILl. TNt NATUD/ Of 1 !, THIS COOlO *fOVOKIKI OUTTMlCMANOIl YOU watt municipalities to erect housing on vacant
problem by the simple expedient of raisingprices. YOU TAHl UP YOU DUTIII YOU TAHI 0* TM| ATTITO ..&OI'"YOUII NAY or ""I.A. land wherever possible and to re'ain the
I But that is much easily said oc i or toui Co.eOIlCU'i "character" of communities mi going
than 'done in this era of Intense compe TO MAST OUICK' OICtflONI, MAY CONTRIIUTI. TO Twig A MOROON WHICH' YOU YOU SHOULD NOT renewal as much as possible.
tition. And if it could be done, the burden AUOMINTINO TNt roilllll- CONDITION, ADVIIINO YOU WOUIO MUCH PRirtR TO ouiLO 'ur TMI 'IMPORTANCI' S. Create a national social-service organization
of higher prices and inflation would Till Or MOT CNOOIINOTNI TO Ucl COMICTIYI ITIfl HAYC DON RITMOUT. AlTMOUOM or KJCM MATTIRI.IT" TAILS to employ the energies and
fall heaviest on the low wage groups. COMICT ONll. TH| II POll I YOU IICOMI TOO YOU MAY ALSO MMCVALUAIlt TIME TO Malt MAOJUIT- talents of millions of young "'Americans
It may also be argued that the stores MNANCIAk M4TTII THAT INVOkYIO. A IICIIT A*. a ruRCMAII, THE MINTS OR TO AOANOON OLD cluding those living in the slums who are
could use 'a part of their !profits to take COULD ALSO rutlkt YOU ANOIMINT or IOMI LOST '.1111' or OICIFTION All NAIITI IN. rAvoR or Nt.Oats. capable of kindling a spirit of self-help

care of higher costs.But these profitsare SHOULD II TARIN UR *ITNriMONI NAY 1111 UL LIAD TO 10 STRONG' Al TO UOI YOU YOU CANNOT TURN' among the slum-dwellers; undertake a work-
a great deal leas than la generally *MO CAN IMA MATRIMONY, 0' TO AN us'CONYINTIONAL TO TARI All TMl lAriSUAROI SACS TMI CLOCK. ANY AT. projects program for able-bodied persons

believed rood chains, for Instance, commonly HIM AUTHORITY. to AI NOT ALIIANCCINOUIO rotniki TO 01- TCMPTI TO 00 10 MAY ONLY on welfare.
\ earn only a trifle more than a pennyon TO JIOMRDIII YOU POIITION. OOlTACkll 1CtTANOiNt TAI OUAklTV' AND YOUR COMPLICATE YOU LASS /4. Relocate families on welfare from privately -'
each dollar of sales There's just no THOU wo All I MII COULD IN tat AY.THII. MOIII"'. OtRTH' IT tOULO IVlN MORI. (YIN ir THIS owned slums to rehabilitated municipally
margin for absorbing Increases it A IOUDCI or MIAMI MAVINO.. TO rACI ANOOVIRCOMI operated dwellings.
What(? It all comes down to is that worker VITIRANI DAY MAY riND TROVllkt.S70.2MJ.tJ. TO BORROW"" MONIV AT MUMRATH uNroRiuiN oi rriCUkTIII 7. Consult with private civic groups in
.i\ productivity and wage levels are inseparably ,IT AFMOMIATI' TO .ITTOOITHl .571 NOR TO SIAM LOAM SITS TIMI MOFATIIftCI. the formulation and carrying out of all

,; related. A law which ignores that fact sits rRIINDI or LEO TO INOIVIOUAll IMO CLAIM YOU CAN. 00 housing plans.
Born July 23rd thru MOST AHYTMINO. THAT 8. Adopt a comprehensive\ and greatly expanded
1)\)\' 'must do more ham than good. IONS ITANDINO' TO CUt- TO 1C YOUR rRIINOI' Pot YOU
slays tat OCCAIION. Aug. 22nd TMI ruR'ou orVOU. 'UIC.III MAVI Itt YOU MIART ONACCOMfllaHINO. public-housing program which would

IO.8J-1l.44.au TMI I II NOT KtTIO TO include construction of many more units

: You Volt Every Day TAU RUb II AN I MY Mil WIN YOU s.ioo-.1..43.511 than presently planned; combining lowand
.J middle-income families in the same projects
:{ Born April 20th thru OM *AY. LeVIS ONll MAY SCORPIORom Born Jan. 70th thru and providing complete community
How many times did vote today May 20th Oct.
you 24tn thru
IIUNDIriN. "MCIK. STRAIN reb. latnTMOII facilities such aa stores,garages,schools,
That Intriguing little question headlines YOU COMMTITOM All N",. 22nd churches.
aa advertisement by one of the country'a NOT AM TO It OYlRkV AMAIH. THAT YOU CouLD II IIITMINSINIIII or YOU ISO NAY[ ;,. Require all private sponsors of gov
major oil companies. And it leads Into PARTICULAR I* TNllR All TOO COMPLICATED ro* IICAUII or it- LIVED SISSY. ANO WHO MAVI ernment-supported housing to pursue actively
k. the fact that under the American economic CNOICI. Or TACTIC t" |N YOU TO MARI MtADI 04 TRAYAl' AM OYtRCMAROC OR SIts MQTIVATIO ONLY IY a policy of racial integration
system, every consumer votes many times a Taw, IlkllYI THAT TNll TAIL Of TNI FROM tIC kACt Or COOMRATION Twill' NOOll INITINCTtIMOUIO 10. Encourage labor and business. to finance ,
day tilt. M9YIBI TNIM tTMTNI | SOLI1oNTasI Plot MO.I "0 tHOVkO IIIOMINS MAYl NO OUAlMtoovT and con.truehou.in.. for its own
He does this each time he makes\a'\ pur AOVANTAOII T'IY AMIIUINe. MRTI* OUT ro* YOU IN.TIIITI. tat ''''''.1. TMIORDIAll membership or employees.
chase. In the call of oil, for Instance IT WUkO NOT IIYOV YOU MOM t AHO Its OCCU IT louts NOT Mjuoiciout TO "HICK' YOU MAYlIIIN The author urges that the thlte House adopt -
! he la casting his vote when he buys some TO IRIA err KUICTIO MAY MAUI .
INTItltT TO I*IOY AMTI rOM OAKAOI. 0* bNtllllAOll this program with the same sense of
particular brand of gasoline or when he Twill MTN4II. YOU NAVE INrkVlNCII.S .1.'TlO.. IN a MUM II- RUN MTnlNO MOIL TM4M 4t4N urgency and dedication aainspired the'
takes his car to a particular service TOO MuCM Mill' 'IN YOU ( U SINS TM|| Cay,. YOU III* TOM MOM | TO SIt YOU TO RC- Marshall Plan for Europe.

station tor a lube job. Mitmi ...0 INTIMITY IIO. II ART TO host UNNI Tut Mill or [MOTION Aim TNAT 100. THINOIARI "'Ib. Called States now has an opportunity
R, So it goes, with votes cast for every TO JIO AROIII Mm SOS VON P00 IS, 1 ir NOT IIMR. TMAM or II'1OIiI..1 IITTIR "MtCIATIOHIN ." IT. Klein writes "to turn the
kind price and quality of consumer wants. ANY C'uM .MATIOIvlO.YOVMOwkO YOU "UCI '"11I1'IO IT YOU NAVE OIIN IIRRIYII skills, resources aDd immense national
1100I". )*4
f. And the significance of this kind of votlag } NOT MM tiCMAMCI a VIRGO APplae/" 5I ToSIATINlI. or .Ia ro* A energy It has demonstrated abroad toward
t' could hardly he exaggerated. For It TO NARQ TH.I SAP Born Aug. 23rd thru fVACI YOU* TWIT IN TIM TIVC. TAM till PAINS. TO rebuilding our own "underdeveloped* artas.Congressman .![

la tle| vote..multiplied hundred of millions THAT RUM YOU Aa YOV (*Pt. 22nd AND CIRCUKITANCII TOrRQYt IIIMINI" YOv MIIINTIITVATION. John V, Lindsay (R.. N.1l1|,
f of times every day-.that decides ClOIItT UlY AT kOOM** THAT Till/ co Rtier wrote the foreword to lIT IN 'DIER1thi
IT II a rOMteiklTYTHAT .
which firms shall successful and which KTION II tNt RI'"T SoJ.U.17.U.'S2
F'i NI'... ia being published Just SO years after te
;. shall fail what products shall be con 1.3Q.77.IIIIU7G ONI. T_IM ."..YI itBora Pltcrl' ate oa which Macmlllaa published its'
tinued la production and what shall not. .: V I :N I INTINTIONI 0* INOI.Ml SOar SOS CO-IOItIl.. Born Peb. 11th thru history-making THE urns HTH THE SArd

The oil companya statement stresses a- Born Jay 21st taro VISUILI belt wtloll a tOo'".te.1).... hatch rotaTN tar Jacob Riia.THIS. ...; \,
nether big point..that commuaiam and so- Jnie 2bt INOIVIOWAII ** '1I11111t.1111Ht n11n tttt11111UtUl\\1Hl 1<'"
cl.ll.bleb claim to be the economic IT it NOT 100' TO .u. MONORAKI. N ll lCIKk tUlnAAtCS 00\#1 ARICOMRITIN4
system of the masses, ". .are the least 1I1I.cnI' IN. c.....,,, NOT YO \oY. 23rd tarn RITW YOU Pee .NY MAMNUT WEEK IN0:!
t Mat MtNllTA 'CMCCM.I 21at
Democratic of all. For wlhlnb..** III re* TNI TIN TO IX .> t* A*| NOT kUUYTO '
systems, aa authority at the top with .*0. UNtIL T.(Y r-Oltllt Ills T* a "U .t A M4IINMI TO at TOO at OACR4 IN "TikiIIN NEGRO
..., ..
C. 0* .*1, t'I.I'SR
unlimited power d.oi4.bit shall b* YOU '''''|*$ 0* TM| NNISS. OMN MN YOV AIR YOSl* ANt. MANt. 4T TMII
produced In what anoint and at what price. .. ,MWNO u it oON sS1 IIHIA4, INIICATIONIMOMOINS Vlltl COWS ORINS .... lint* re MIN $5SIt*. .Y Ntomo mtmm 'fTI.NATlONAL

There little or no need to seek conaumer **. VM, t.lN T' l*< TIM 55511155.SILL VII also Y ..... Or -
favor' ..for tae subjugated people must take It NO taiTv 'K'fl. riIMI .. e' AwnLINS's?, Of 1MINS SNILl*"w/a tell. ,NMI50fM5 b AP.NO. hit 005 .4* Stp15 .... a. IN I--taste of u._......3t$di urtir ewusta Ittlt
wait is offered or do without.Competition A.| AM TO IkO .. ALT? TMIH It ,.n" 111 nsTiNwi Sad avtl wr.M .

t.hI.r..t bulwark of living standards, and TMl Y0.l TO 'I OIMMor Ml M MMIMNT.. UAI I""CI.?k|. 4 .!_ 0.>.Y hat WV ..*. SAT ..,.." "Nt IIS SO NUh ... 1. till..S.)MlB ...*...r. MtrMMOf'Mlet
opportunity, exists only In a free market. .. .. YOU **( tUINS MO VAA .aCII"I wee CANtttll
tYtt ki. WIT ." HS M YOv* |VOTIO..HoifeC .U*(. .. ..rw u .BUUm rw. S/i, m. wucslNVimtor .
That 1* somotaisg worth keeplag U wind YUSULP. TN< tells e..ie ...tINs T' 4T *.. tTN .IONMCNS Ills |*|4TI* of.UM first MnlUf d. tit"
while enjoyiag our dally privilege of vo- .. ..MI eve eovicuciuuv THC mats .,...- ItIOil If....". 404INIT tel a... is, IMS-dome. c..,..
tail ..,
..it'" .... ve U' T IVM r ..... *. *. vloIUixMQMiir -
tlag.CBloa. i.< TO si n.i.IH *. .a.1 MOktIM4t. ctive Ie Roca MO tor*.
Oil Company of Callforala 105.5 YO* say Ml m.iTN4T ,511 OttIZI ...
114\1 YttfvMiHI. l VtNhrLT.110.00. ter ITIlk mail II. "'.-"tk'r airltf 9tm, wife ef no
.. *cti,v v_ masts so.S.t TOW N4.|.'T 4CM" !*. .... ...
S. -n CWL5. sl\L 01 MIN ve 5.slat..s. ... tart U Las..LI,.. .....
For Christmas VP eioiiiiew *.(. .. .l. f1.fir It II. Uilll .... : <*.... ... M WCUl .... It. llli-i.... aica.N v....euot*. gala ef
Shop V..V "M* T.AT *t. MtINTIMXV. LIIRA 01 OUklN Ie ..4| a .ltl. V* MIN .4AOSIT film .N.tlM a.,. Is CUe.. betas .....
'h'lI, 11 ......" her Ion ...t. 33rd tars 55501 SAta. 5111 0 f01at tWIt 0*...tlTIM MSve ..,., ,1w

it stall tilt itfttrtlsiIn $ Oct. X3H "**?. ... MS MTYte ... *>' AUK YON e.. .... u 1s M-Or. ...hl w l l ..., Diet mn.. t*
TOSS .!.*..., .. ,... .
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Star Papers .1.0(5 "........ s.LL .SO.M-IVINVM1 7.-..,34..tf. me.). WM mira 1s ...." ..ai.r .

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--- -


RltClitl MK4 FIHIU STil PIPFIJ PIILISpooking ;'

Spirited Contestants Mtitiig Slated By QIOOI And Coirl Rilji c i I If

___ __ _

TI 4 Giliwiy t.,'..., Barrack Barracks 1131

Socially ir .111 hold Ita roiularaootlai '

t'7 Saturday NOT. t 1''Iir"ILr !

Inl UIISC IIIITIII atartiai at *00 ",.. at
---- --
tbs Joseph H. JaaoaC
Tho ...>.. of the Qatar low Qaoaio OM oil a. .tr.

proolBtd sad a little ooro. Attoadaaeo at Uafoottall Makers should tats

IMO aod other affalra.oaa food la aplta aoto of the olootloa
of the v.ter.Th. Uat will beheld at this

Coroaatloa Ml aaaratrlcta Donott.a aoalor Use Ibr leaden for ttoeoaiai .

.t Nortkvtat.ni. Jualoi-Stalor itch School cnaaod /tiiss. Tar.Puddles .
Bator Bawl Claaald". Dolaa8wara. toner art asked to boproaoat

Classic Qa.. sot attoadlai Bttaa-CbokBaB Q>>I. at this ...UII

INS no praooat to lace tbo crow OB tho bad of / ( (} to receive their tickets
tbo pr..at aver. lies Boon la also a fonor I \ \ for the set.ras duvet

NorttwoiUra otadtetTho that will bo served by

football (MO mo Mil attOBdod. Bootb Caro 'Hrn ladies tul1111.". Tick
hairs CMO... the hundreds to load ooral oapport ( () 'T I:. S T"( ota will be gives at this

to u. Bulldog &ma4, oftlch. froa all appoaraaeo.MO tlao only or say bo seared -
laapirod fro wltbla. Tracr Hodtta aad JobaayOlbba. froi the coaaaadtr

oho ph,.. laportMt roles la tbo ..1ctol'1.art at aa earlier data.

both fro jaekooaTllla aad aro iraduitoo of nil*",iotod Uat all

MM Btaatoa Rich School baddloo with oars bo

It woaldbobard to rtoopla. visiting Carol 11 an* present to get doooratioa
without BtatlonUf tko aaao of Raalo mo psnsDsu Y,. for the parade NOT. II. 1
of '0.. at 8.C. state; BMtrleo 'Thoapooa, a All a ab ra art asked to HWktAJMTT..biM: BrllMtla roster (cater) of .

toachar at Siarporaoa Rift School; Lair sad lo* at at the barracks at Jacksonville aa ltotattry aducatloa oopboaoroa

,. Datklaa (bo la a proa la oat taalBoaaaaa LOr.npsbars l)0; a.a. NOT. 11 la "Hlaa Noaocoalai" atttadtd by Blaa Martha ..

); Robert L 'lai" ood Male 0. Howard Bat fora.Tho Rlaooa. Ca-pbtltoa (lift) and ma tvriya Rivera. F

(bo to prlaelpal of Snarporooa Blfb; The rraakSta book. for the col* till servo la Uo auatrout anaual social ftlTl

\.,.; the Batata brothers who wore accoBpaalod loetloa of 1M4 TO dues ties this weekend which will close out with Bat

by their ".; Model Harper brother of Salter crauTtON HEATH alrbt N braid the proper these of Uo project which la kiss are BOO open.6radeatioe. arday ilint'a irtd ipictael ..h.", boat, use

K. Harper of this city; Ira Davis C&tllik pro keenly ooatoatod by spirited girls and boys at U* Rttodlt CoMualty Cater defeated Kdtard Biters Tlitr Sirius the powerful

foioor at ...C. State; Dr. laaae Racy professor at MM Uppla Rd. 'ibis first Hr. and Mia aCC: Coatoat la being waged to secure Si) It. Paul Duets Titers froa LiwroncoTlllo V*. ;

M at B.C. State; Dr. Louie ,. Boaeh. professor of fund for the purcbaia of a beater for the Catr. AeoordlBt to Urn aildrodOoort The Progressive "oi. The IBM olll it underway at I o'clock la Myrtle

Bloloay at I.e:. State; Mra. Betty Boll, wife of *. the COB t tit will disc with a protraa Friday Nov. II tita the coro phial Aide Clan till Avonuo BUI Park.Hiriii .
Otorto Btll.boad coach of the Bulking 'TOM; Joseph aatioa coroaoay will b* htld. Prloadd aad the itaoral public art tattod to COB duet iraduatloa sere --

Ritchie; Polsr Bwtatt; fto... Koblaaoa; Carl participate la the oroat.Ooittitinti vices NoTab B at Bt. AidirsoiKtkfog M/IIhsw' coppio

.uu.... who was tlaaor la toaala toaraMoatapoaoorod >> frost rot froa loft are: Shirley tlllloao. Janice Blackaoa. Cya Asses All Church, ao*
by Jiata ffildoo Johaaoa Brach THCA tOM this ..ci. tyaollo Hla and Vllholalaa !Roaadtroo. Back row froa lift: Vivian eordlai to IU proaldtat.Ira. Farewell Tour PTA Has Program

and Paul fobbor. pnfoooor of ..c.U... who laoa Roberts Bbaroa Uabrte. Ruby tllllaia. base idling oad Ctttrla Mad Craa Blapkiaa. IMHlNOfTON D.C. (NPD OC'ALA.-'/ ""lbw Matoay of

lists froo 10 Co State to carry oataalaportaataaalfMoat Maria Aadroa, littraatloadly Disease, a sotto thotn

with the Dopartaoat of Later. (1e oaa Her MijiilyOtaott PresldaitISSMS To frown Negro to U* audlooco at Uo I
last aittUt of Uo PTA
aeooapaaiod by his Bh.ryl. sad '
daoibtor a
yang -- slater began a ".r.<
Of llttklll.B.
iroat May others oo" oo sore oaablo to ao.. batwho well Toar" lost ok lpplOAcadoay
oar Bovortholoia here and root lit th* tan till, with a concert la CoaitlUtloa > Iris and bold
lily U* atttatloaof visein
oa to victory Row elected ,,..14.. I : I IJOMsi Will Th* her
before off! for Uo
CMlif tnm .praise of the Leo State 101plocoarchlai of Uo 10...' Anil tk* Hit welch ski baaplonatd etri I
bud sight oooa to ahot partiality Bat diary to the Natloaal will brill to a alai par won oloctod.Ofnetnirt .
anyone oho saw the bad ,.rt ra daring the half Medial Aitadatloa.Rro. close th* bag aad MO ) ,

.. tlao shoe. knows that It la alaeoro pralaaforoaa Harcaa (ttalt) Tucker coatfal eartor, of oao of .r*. Margaret Morsel>
tit _
of the boot little btnda la the oooatry.lt la vdor .,r laoood a clirloa call Au,1 u' scat blovdeoocort presided, 1'1.
Dorothy HcOrlff looro
the direction of ir. Troop son of President C.V. for all dol.iato. to artist ;
gyp, tary Ira BaratdtlaoBarrlaa.
Troop' of Port Valloy Stats D)1*.*. salts for aetloa la Hit* Aidorooa'a err ,
.................... f 1M4' VS.Tbo Utt back to IMS wow sesletasj) aoo
'U." Ira, MarlaaUa
jackooarlllo'a oa lions ''1111," htooro ao la proaraa' for the year ski dug with. the Mt
.. flaiaelal. lodrotary .
the city last lei to visit with his faaily sad la to laproTt Uo ooo Tort Phllkaraoalo. toLloaa ;
: Hr*. ...adalyallaaoaa
frtaado. Billy aad Uroo other Jaaoaa hors aide It spate pli utofthe Negro Btadlaa.wlaalii
la "bit U.." aa Uo atooprorary>> Jags Trio. a and to discourage drop oat ever a troop af 100 ; .
belts a aliMboil
The aiirotatloa lacladoi Billy. Billie "..." oat aaoai Niro Nigh ooatootoaU. tko was IItkta. } *
Jones and Lila jackaoa. The trio hacks oooo of school atadoata. Jolts (chew BOOM) end a troop of top and rady to al .*.. ataatir, lr*< Vial

the top vocalists tad aaao buds appoarlai la D 'ties pan".- Hoe poke to doloiatoa ....It aad.r opoaaoraklp of trtoholotlit and hatdoaliatr her aark a* a concertsls Floyd; rportr, Rra,

Hollywood opota. Bofbro ...1', to jaekooaTlIlo ..".11I0-1.., a osier at the 9IU AaatToroarytad Calllor Jackooa, will protoat a style ,..1. IBIS, aioaado. Itatrli lalkr> cap
they appeared with o.ear Brow sad too weeks bu.l.... odue.tloa ..,., rational Sissies lawaahlBitoa opoctaovlar ...". NOT. I froo 4 aatil I ,... la her first CaratlNallooaoort I lain, Rilly Moa5etl!; pro

prior to that etch led rUe Upon his titers to t... Dotrflald. oaa r*. D.C. abe Leis Broach TwCA oo Blihth 1\. la addltloa to tt* ."..t...* inn ehalraaa, Artk

Callforala they wr .c ..h' to appear with oatly sleeted "ilio stated that abe world Blaa JOB*., otter aodli till lielad Uo Misses of the sew pouas artlitoaUoorl Aadtrtoa end tolroohatatfhilrata.Charll ,

Artkar Pryoock at Uo Uora Clib. located "On PAID for the acadtoleyoar work with nor to hoiplaploaoat Bary Koadrlck, Dove rlffla.. Bttty BalU. MttyJackaoa. .aa ..* oa* Blioat.Tho .
The Itrt," laHollyrood.Boaldoa 1W4-M .by tto ota< Uo aaltl* all of whoa will b* saddles Jaekooa'o urn aal ooodtrr, bat guest aptji.,.. for

bolai fl'Ollled."lh. oooh saber of date of Florida AUOII".ltI.'I" lary'a prtiraa of"Bytlalat alllatry, lets and wiia. The prodnctloa U bolai Uo tlai sue sot rltkl. the alibi woro'Hro.Prtatto .

the trio la a iradaat of Btaatoa Bl*> school sad taotloo.daaibUr feW for a directed by. the Lily wile Lodge tad the pvbllo. la Th* dtproiiloa' and ottiroaMoaU Prate a ot Sails '
Florida Mil DaiToralty. of the Rev aadIra. Hotter IoU Toworrow"by iBTitOd.Urbn. ooadltloaa seas tad Bdward laI..,. Ad
.... Racy). lit .. lalitratl Aiilatiatof
Billy also bntiht aa ana of Freddie Rill and ...U., the chat It difficult for aayartlit ...
Julius Brooka. who have also side It oa Uo Boat I. Third Court, Deu- late la aa era of r.- Liign Divilepiig Plus t. rtally b* ape TBndRD .hU",
Jechavl ll..
Coat>> aad who art appoarlai at Uo Uththo laBollywood fltli defeated D lor.. iolaica.WEDDING. p reel it... 1

lo also' had sews of Perm til BOB aadBdtla Hodges of Taps aad Bra For Aill-PoiiMy Coiforoico la Mropo.lla Aadoraoaattractod A t M HoslsJlTMlll
Tts" Pl.*.." Tea la BOO playlai at ttoVaroibolo. Badger of Jack BOB Till* atloatloa. aad

lo la aarrlod to Uo fonol Margaret la Uo "Blaa PAN" aach .ilala.larla
BELLS lID IORK. NT.**Develepag plaaa for tbo CboowaltyIttloa ana a | OffkitlSTCl
Iraq of this dty.Tbo raeo. bar .1... the greet aoit >
.................. area Bra. Jerry Balloy, Aaakly art toofraoo aoordlaator in.toobol ..aaaTop Jiff I IIU
Cbtabola aark. Nattoaal IrMa ..sages Aa* r Artaro Teioalilooaooalod aoofl ,...... lit.ytr .
Bilboootto 0. oriwlaatloa of wives oad xii Btabba Uao. Boy.:>> '
.u Close YltliryCooptr aoolato Dlrootor.. aid nitaor L Tsai_. Jr.__ ... ._!. 'ft. volt. aid ...II. I
..Uoorta of I..,. !rater.. sit last Thtradayoroalai I'."' trawl Sliver, ooatlTo diroetor.ary .' ;,........................ tbat foot* oat la aboadrod attocyrprialttl
la the Rt. ....... street boo of The ....- 444 f. Utt It., Boy. ,..,.." "o were
rises "1'IOIa. Oorta pars, Carrio Paraooa, sad Hr. a ira, CkarlloTboBaa.lPTi 100 ootitaadlatiro where ski aalorod, ItCoaavalty PtlUttat her oaoola otmif ,.,..1. la .,....
.* leaders aro *i oat Iere frldap aadihirda
at. Ornaliatloaaad
Saga Roidorooa were hootoaooo.Bary Aad
Bangs Ills ''rooar
petted to ........ latMBliitoa. 0,.., fork. Bbo didBddltloaal /, 0"..., !> ploys Alaa I......., Virginia Rathla, Bar llrl .tin id to Merles, to.
gust Starts Urnlao Dal.).. aadDoloroa Bit I' ira. Herbert D.C. oa Os'labor ..... aid labs br pli* U the Uflltatt *MI|

dill were aaoa| ..llbo'ottoo attoadlai Uo flrotaooUaf Qialataaeo, t2l. Ia...... l-ll. for aa oiMiaatloa > pootiradoato west at UoOalTorolty raaaa of tb* crest >.. Jottall port lot aidProoodar

of tto ...-. Dr.. tul. of proTlaloaatador of Pess.yl' sire ptflintr*, a4 for Pwrw(poaoarodkrttonartdaCb

Margaret Btarkoa oao blsfe oooror la Uo bridge in a II,.. Ratbaaloldart tko oatlHtrtybill Ovule, Oitrlla Coll.i. al.... My tar*, baa doe .atll of
aootloa aod Micro Utoholl oa wiser of Uo 12)1 I Mtt It.. aad fodonl olfllrlthto ... Olio auto DBlTonllfBd lighted ...1..*.. nu II'.." Caorlwdt.*
kill aitb tap aad the PI*rid AAMDahtrlly
t.1 of Boilal .1.' *
whist ,rt... Bay all af br ooilnl. II'
level iT ,..", of(I* Collies lea
............................. Hr. a Bra. OUt 1.1.,, litrtla..ill oa fKlotoalpo. Ibo my, oblta .. truly .
4 Ml ..... HI ood D,., tlalo.lla .**.|*.. of U* fortaotttln
A Bpttdjr rcoTiry U vlihod for laittrllllBM am .* INI I'.. Cljrk are bell la the

alto IB prooontlj confined at the Br. a Rro. Bolpboa MDaaltl. baa dlroitol ..i.Flipoolal Morose Roeolfii ra4.OIVB Call|* of Uo balldloioa

VttoruB Rotpitil ia Ul City; Rt IB aoabor 141 PUt Bt. priests aa4 Sao u* Plorlda AM ta

of ft 11 ofc Baptist Cborct atooro fet ...... Cove _11'". PI a., aordlaaUi Orbs tests t/O.OOO PilillBfBT100 THC UMITCO WAY p..5.
serves aa a discos, tnistoo sad a ...berof Tooth OootMalty AlUa-
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Usher Board 4. tloa. silo lo alto ......
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at Plorlda AaiOBlttralty 1 of Sties UMWO b4 aid o lift of Mpalallaaa

... recur Ura Beech Pla, Ball.. talood ot ITt.Of. .
... '... heist At. a*. Aaatlto of Ptllo4* by Uo Blrocbl aad
toadaat to Blao ,." Br. B ara tarry loyt.It. ,. j
Adler 151115 IM ,ofB
pkli. '.., if*. Clark
ter Uo present *''..1 '. Bas tl. JaokBM .. irodootod froa bothBooord ** for, II oo* |*or>.d
..,... stile r Ia.. llrl. Uncover
Cooper dt |Btorof *alt rilty. *.... here loot oa
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the truth.
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,.... BIRTHSJuaaalo Ibo Atloou llt fltrB **>.ot r o oo po of Uoa Bilges bitter drfnki.
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"My hair must be lustrous Serbs,. >oaa Lu lr, Oa farSTOII

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for close-up shots"ii ....! I. t)... M4 I. 1III NIEk ,ate

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Trad Utt ...., MHioraoal Iris .... ,.l"'
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haircoloring J B. III.*.,.se Blot. nil all B rtf o "...tttt&eM.
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Bases .... 3B aai Urotia t,
-rsk.ia9..da..s ewe ortttal of ,..* I ......., IMI B. Dixie Pharmacy

.........a..a 1"w_i.J..qN.r I JIG 1C. ...

WMe ..... -n. rtlr. ... .... II g.wiwr Call L Mtla, IIMolfalv
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bop .........- Bit.. 14 aada. iNIhid a* vjia>a IITVMWmm
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aat>. OB** n JB pa*.... o. .. ... MOJ ac, n.B '-
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J rw'2 iFiiiiii mi nnn tinmi inarm ?. mTHB .

PLCMBDA NEWS' STAR- SCIr ro.tIJ'I.i' :i'i's" 'jiois''JJ";- ) ;"s'-..\ 1

Pubr'lsh.d RI At' ntrtdA .tal'I'IIbJII11111 Co.


i' I .. NEGRO I.NKI'IN\L Thirty-eight' Billion Americans nay never

I escape the squalor of the slums Indifference

t EPIC I. SIMPSIN.........Minilif UItU'ILlS. lack of courage and political
cynicism have pushed the so deep into the
.. E. WISE....... ... Isis ErfitirIIIIA darkness of their racial and economic

MOITEN..Cireslatis. Miiiftr r ghettos that it will take afundamental
1 change in our attitude
x, IT J<
MAIN OFFICE I PUNT to save then, charges
: prize-winning reporter Woody I j

2323 Kiicriii' lu........... Elii 4-1712 Klein In LET IN THE SUN pub ,
Ushed"'recentl.J by Mac-Hi llan.
1 : The 1404 housing legislation
\ Milllif Address: in Congress did not provide

I ;.rli-enoulh money to build SIMPSON
P.O. In 1flld.
decent shelter for the one-fifth or oaf

nation sunk in the depths of Poertye
MIAMI OFFICE "Consequently," adds the author. th;r,
I appears to be little hope in sight of inning
131 Rff 3rd An. Pkiu 377-1125 i the centuries-old battle against the

IIIMCRIPTICIf lAm I LET IN THE SUN a study of the life and

On. mr, 18.00 halt Tear, 14.00 death of a Harlem tenement-311 East 100th.
MIJR< to You Any""h.rt In the Un1 tell fttat. Street, located on what has become the
I Subscription. pAjkbl In advine M "worst block" in New York CIt,- drlllla'q
Rend Qi.ck or Money Order tot tines the slum crisis in the United States
'>t WHO COMMITS iNMsrct tvto I V today. :'
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX SHI AIADMOAMRTC/KO1lAWML' \ The tenement, built sixty years ago as a
Jacksonville 1, Florida.. wa0Jurrtae IT. I1tAr0 \ house of hope..the inspiration of another

era's fight to end the slums..stands todayas
a monument to failure and despair. "It
The Mlilnim Wfl0 Law
is an example," says Mr. !Klein "of how
; ITICIEI HI HIIEI bad planning bad housing, bad management

The,hesd of the API-CIO union declares and bad government can infect 'an entire

that, ihlii4crelaag, In the minimum wage to community."
92 :Ahjrhpuir'jn needed. Congress will be The author, who lived In New York s slums
asked approve that figure, or one approaching ns an undercover reporter for the New York
it, ;when ,it convenes next year. ;Sorld Telegram and Sun, urges President
Many people who are sincerely concernedwith Your WeeklyHoroscope Johnson to launch a national housing cam
the problems of the low-lncoro groups paign. "Housing !must be a major part of

will probably look favorably on this pro the war on poverty" declares Mr. Klein.
posal.But there is much more Involved than "It will do little good to train, find

meets the superficial eye. There is every jobs for or educate the poor of thin na-.

danger that an excessive minimum wage nay Lion, especially the young if they remain. ,
seriously ham the interests of those It GuideBy confined to the slums."

la supposed to help. LET IN THE SUN offers a 10-point federal
Various businesses have room for people housing program to wipe out the sluns;
hose skills are extremely limited. Retailing 1. Appoint or elect in each major municipality
is a prime example. It offers PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH a deputy mayor or assistant city.

employment to youngsters Just startingout manager for housing.

in the business world, to part-tine ARE YOUR LUCKY 2. Create a central Inspections department -
housewives, and to others whose value to DAYS FOR in each municipality and properly
the store is slight. If the minimum wage ataff it to enforce strictly local building
is boosted to the point where the productivity BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL anti health laws.
of these workers cannot justify it, 3. Review and amend all municipal, state,
one result is e.rt.ln-.tor. operatorswill and federal laws applicable to urban renewal
be forced to seek ways and means of ao that the federal housing coordinator
getting along with fewer marginal workers. can make funds and technical
Then the unskilled will find it harder and AR I Lt3:! CANCf'R RIMAIN CUuICor.4 services available on a uniform basil.Taite
harder to get jobs and to obtain the experience Born Mircn 21st thru /Born June 22nd thru roilio.YOU DiiriTl TNt Born Pec, 22nd thru the profit out of slums by legislative

that, would qualify then for higher April nth. July 22nrt PACT THAT TNt TEMPTATION Jan. 19th amendments to the federal income tax laws.
pay A MOHIM OF MAJOR MO You CANNOT DO YOU HIT TO IMAK YOUR MIND' MAY THIIII ARI MOMENTS MtN 4. Expand community neighborhood conservation
It nay be argued that the stores and the PORTIONS' COULD PACE YOU MCN YOU ARC NIRVOUI ANOIRRITAILl II rRACTICAlLY ,UIII n. YOU MAY MA>| RIMITI AOUTTHICHAN6II and reb.bllltlt1on.prolrau? require
other businesses affected could solve the ilOHT MO' THI MOMINTYOU TM| uu.t or ILLS. THIS CON LO MOYONEIII YOU HAVlMAOIINVOU municipalities to erect housing on vacant
problem by the staple expedient of raisingprices. TAM UP YOU OUTIII.TMOII YOU TAIKI 0* TNt ATTI RAY or uri., land wherever possible, and to retain the

But that is ouch lOre easily said ,IN CMAROI MAY NAVE TUMI or MM| COORKIR| ( THIS COULD PROVOKt As THIS it riRficriY "character" of communities mi fgolng

than 'done in this era of intense compe TO MAlll QUICK DICIIIONt, MAY CONTRIIUTI, TO THIS A IHOROORN WHICH' YOU NATURAL" YOU IHOUIO NOT renewal as much as possible.
tition. And If It could be done, the burden AUOMINTINO( TH( rotfiliL- CONDITION, 'DyIlIIlO'OU/ wOULD MUCHILPil TO SUMO ur THC ,IMORTANCIOr 3. Create a national social-service organization

of higher prices and Inflation would Mill or MOT CHOOIINITNI TO TARS' CORRICTIVI ITiriOtrORI NAVe DON, '''''011'. Al. lUCM ..."....1'/ TAKtl to employ the energies and
fall heaviest on the low wage groups.It CoSmIC ONI I. THIMNANCIAI THOUIH YOU MAY ALSO MAIL TIME TO NAM MAOJUIT- talents of millions of young Americansin
nay also be argued that the stores MATTI" THAT A VAlUAIlI ruRCNAH. TNt MINTS OR TO AIANOON OLD cluding those living in the slums who are
could use 'a part of their profits to take COOl ALTO rullll YOU Or TOMS IORT '.IIKI Or DICIRTION ARI, HAIITI 'IN rAvoR or NttONII. capable of kindling a spirit of self-help
care of higher costs But these profitsare IHOUI. II TAM U' WITH MAY VIRY (III scan TO. 10 ITRONO A| TO UR6I YOU You CANNOT TURN among the slum-dwellers; undertake wort-
a great deal leas then1 la generally PrisoN *HO CAN IMA AlklANCI TO TAM AH the IAM.OUAROI RACK TNt CLOCK. ANY ATTIMTTI projects program for able-bodied personson
believed root chains, for Instance, commonly sup' AUTHORITY 10 AI nor rotiuii. TO c*. TO 00 10 MAY ONLY welfare.
earn only a trifle more than a pennyon T9 jtoMAoiii YOU roit SHOULD OIITAClll IIITANOINO tail OUAIITT AND YOUR COMrUCATt YOUR TAI D. Relocate families on welfare from privately
each dollar of aalea There's just no Tim T tOIl Who AM nut cooio it IOURCI orTROblll. 1olO....'. ORRTH IT WOULD toll MORI. tVtN ir THIS owned slums to rehabilitated municipally

.' margin for absorbing wage increases, TO TAM the DAY orr ON NOT II ,IN YOUR INTIRIIT MIAMI NAVINO' TO PACE ANO operated dwellings.
I' What It all conies down to is that worker VUII"' "' DAY MAY rise TO IORRO MOlly AT HUH OVIRCOMl UNrORIIIIN 61 rriCULTIII 7. Consult with private civic groups in
productivity and wage hulllf.lnupar.b17 IT APMorRiATi' TO oitTOOITHIR Ie 70.12.1 S.15-572 math{ NO* TO ONANT iOANI WITH TIME ANDPATIINCI. the formulation and carrying out of all

related. A law which Ignores that fact ti,TN rRitNOt or LEO TO 'INDIVIDUAL! RHO CLAIM YOU CAN DO housing plans.
must do more harm than good. LONO IT AUDI'NO TO CUI Born July 23rd thru TO II YOUR MIINOI. too MOST ANYTNINt THAT YOU 8. Adopt comprehensive and greatly expanded :
MAT TNt OCCAIION, Au,. 22ndTNII INC ruRroii or ruiciNi NAVE SIT YOUR NtART ON public-housing program which would
,, 1 IN I N.. include construction of more units
\, ..'10-SHI-44-11 J (II NOT llATIO TO You. ACCOM 1 many
Yoi Volt Every Day TAD RUb II All I MY till ...,. YOU '.40-3J-1 .21.14)SCORPIO '.100.||."...."l4 than presently planned; combining low and
CAN MAVI fVlRTTMINO YOU AC.CARICS middle-income families in the same projects
20th thru
Born April
\ 0N ",. Lode olin MAYIIUNOIiriNANCIAk !Born Jan. 20th thru and providing complete community
How many tinea did you vote today Hay 20th. ITRAIN Son Oct. 24tn thru Peb. lath facilities such aa .torea"ar." .,.choots,
That Intriguing little question headlinesan YOU rtTITOM AM N"v. 22nd churches.
advertisement by one of the country' NOT Art TO 01 OVlRlVPARTICULAR ArrAiRi TNATAH YOU COUll II IIITNINOINIIII TNOII or YOU WHO NAYS :3. Require all private sponsors of governmentsupported -
major oil companies. And It leads Into IN TNlIN TOO CO-llCATtO ro* iiCAuii or A I'. LIVID RIRUT AND mo Matt" housing to pursue actively
the fact that, under the American economic CNOICI' Or TACTICS tMNTMIY YOU TO Malt NlAOt OR TONAL, AN OVIRCHARII OR IIIN MOTIVATID ONLY IYTNII a policy of racial integration.
system, every consumer votes many tines a Tot NO II I R INITINCTIIMOUIO
tact Or COOriRATIONrioM
RUItvl THAT THIS TaiLs Of TH| RO'IROlWTIONt. 10. Encourage labor and business. to finance
day. I Ilk. MOVIOI TNIW RITN $ TAM PARTI.* TMOII 11 0 SHOULD itLOONINO NAYS" NO ftUAlMtAIOUT and construct housing for Its own
He does this each tine he maketU pur tNt ADVANTAIII TMIY A'*| CUIA palms TO MOTICT OUT too YOU IN.TIRIITI. TNt ruTuRI. TNlORMUI membership or employees.The .
chug In the case of oil, for Instance, .11.,"". IT OttO NOT 01 YOU MOMI ANO ITS OCCu- IT SOULS NOT. Itjuoiciout TORHICM" YOU NAVE author urges that the white House adopt -
he Is casting his vote when he buy some YOU INtlRIIT TO I *IOY ,.,... rM IAMAII OR unOIIIRAIll TO MIA orr ate. tUlJICTID MAT NAVE" this program with the same sense of
particular brand of gasoline or when he them MITHOOI YOU NAvt INriUlNCII.PICWIATION RIIATIINI Mvrr it.CAull lin" NOTMINI' HDM THAN Ail urgency and dedication aa d nsptred the
takes his car to a particular service TOO Much" MIOI. |N YOURMIITIOI DvRIM ,..| YOU III TO I! MORE Ml TO SIT YOU TO RI Marshall Plan for Europe.

I' station for a lube job. ANO INTIMITY MRIOO' II ."T TO ll ,lYMPOOM INKS TMI SPILL or ivoTIOK ALICE THAT tOot THINII, "The United States no. has an opportunity.
So it goes, with votes cast for every TO jio'ARoui TNI* roANY *. ir NOT Rill. THAN or RIAION.UAM sat IITTIR A,..iCIATIORKIN ." lir. !Klein wrltea "to turn the
kind, price and quality of consuMr tanta. CAUM tMATIOlYlR.VOWINIUIO YOUR MACI RMIMYI IT YOU NAVE SIlo ... skills, resources and Immense national
And the significance of this kind of voting NOT Mil UP ACM SDPIOS TO II toalatlslD.PLACE Shill. Or Tnltt MR A energy it has demonstrated abroad toward

could hardly be exaggerated. For it MCI TO .....0. TM| ftf Born Aug. 23rd thruSpt YOU TRvIT IN TIMt Tint. TAM TM| MINI TO rebuilding our oq "underdeveloped" areas.'S

la toe} vote--nultlplled hundreds of millions THAT" MIM YOU ANO YOuR/ 22nd ASS CIRCWMITANCII TO R.C..C91' RRIIINTIITVATIO Congressman John V. Lindaay (*... K.T/J
of tines every day--that decides ClOIIIT Ally AT u..... IT II A PSIiSI\II.. PloyS THAT TNII COY II *. rote the foreword to LIT N UK Wt.wMcKla
which fine shall be successful and which NIAOI THAT YOV CAN Wlluml/0. or ACTION 11 MI IIIMTONI. >.!90.22.17-12.)U being published just $0 years after tNt

shall fall what products shall be continued 1.300J1.t'S.U7 ITAN' OR MIINTRRY' TNIRI AVRAYI it Pltcr ? late OB which Macmlllaa published its
In production and what shall not 0 C M I I N I INC INTINTIONI 0' 111AH SOON ro* COM IIOIt,". Born rtb. nth thru history-making THI BATTLF SITU Hit SAra
The oil company's statement stresses smother Born Jaw. lift taru Y15ua\/ ..O/T mtimil 4-.to.". II.7S. <* Mirca 20U by Jacob Rlla.THIS. .
big point..that communism and socialism June 21 t Tot INllVIOUAkl 0* 111111\1" I iLl \l11\IIH 11111111L U u' :,
*>ON > (
which claim to be the economic IT ii NOT *..e TO turAIIVANCIt tJ.ClnWC3 N01IS Trat rownl.-. -

systems of the MUMS, ". ..are the least mist fc, IN.till "tla\\Y... Pec. list
Democratic of ell for within these re* TMIY mo TO AR| NOT UAH >
A ....
system, aa authority at the top with S*0. vm TMIY riiiittY A RIAIINIII TO 01 toe TO 01 .SCI.AISr DTIll- NEGRO HISTORY
0* t'ee's. T.IIC
unlimited rower decides what shall be g INITIAO' 0* TWI ..... OMN NNN TON all vise I IN* ANY N4AMI AT T'IIWOIW '
produced what anoint and at what price. 'A, A*.__i* M IT |M viO VIIRI covio iRue MM >.IH. TO MIN to *tM- .T Ncamo *>mcan u.TtasAy'laNAt.
There la little or no need to seek consumer ... Me TtMM, *IN twill he, WNIIIIRA.OIIITY ,.. .e." .... OR AM- THIRI A'1NIICA.. ..
Or 1A IN4 te. -
favor.-for the subjugated people must take II..e IAMTY "K,.. M*. .. M., \IWsM MILT T.|.tT two'1tt Mtom w.suaoee.AtwsY.W flONl h''AT Y0") "AT' N4TMTMMU ... a, |M|.. *t. of U....-.u.Rl| .,,.., -.stag
what' is offered or do ,tlbout.C II eUt1on. ONO AM APt TO 010 "w. ......" W>(IRT"INTIIIMfttNT. TNIHITTit n..TN 5.(* tar a" .v.
that great bulwark of living standard and TMIO ,... TO T' l 01(M** kUNT,INj 'a riN .., Y.AT Y., RNM ...T ..ITHOwtTkCAIS M M*" n*.. /. .UI..J..1. ft..R.t". ..',....,,1 .
opportunity exists only In a free ..,"'t. .. ni*.0.... N.IT Se Allt.NKIS. mite 04 VOW IMOTIMKIACTIIAI VOW Ml TAltlNI A|..T Put 515110. ... 4a0 ..Utl. ... ten U aUURor. 14. a. ... ....
That la eomoUlag worth keeplag la .I4 Twl L5lS M04 .. uriRi TWITiU 10. t4T Y.,. IT'" sMaAlmS HITII sum .ORI4TI tor et.ta nr l MrtlUc cl wa la wrtm. ..

while enjoying our dally privilege of voting. Ma $ ,eve 501514111au YOU TO lay ,.. hoC Sa.I mN'K0. M1.t ITRINST. AIAINIT Tat n.*. 1e. tMe Oar .. CM,. iklia. ..|*. wloIUI -
ilillY TO II IIMCIR1.1V .., uses YO J .'4f tv( Woe ...! MUIIMAll r. cit M.AY.e ve miecmve .......... MM twra.Mw. ..
'&Onto Oil Company of California IMf T.KMill.T t wQ'Ma\. YIN IT Ilk sail .. mi vej otuittTNAT 11. 1lM-Mtb.r stirlT t um. wife of rue

e . '"TY CWAetltYKkV. elK TO acCCt T T.< _H I .*. VM NAYINT a ,... gn WVI.LIN*!*. NM ton u iaM*A.e.,... psa.eu .'
W' IN oioiiiiiN .... I20 .. I4.n.NI Slit It IS. Miss YN ts.Sct.YM Sw\. M MU4HIIO $3 1I..a.. I&tktt beAuate
Shop For Christmas t.CY "IM lull I55 MYtYINO LISA all WIUIN TW cut a N MIW ..... ..... a50t/st tla.m It CklOlM "ru. eaatst of
10ttTIMlV. NM/earl T7/I/ Born Orpt. 23ri Ura ..Alt |A<'iriCt 0* WMCM Slam v4 o.*etiTie. M* t.tMe\. safes. iHle

,,1 it. stem (tit livirtlst Oct. 23nlT V. *t* Me HTM us.N TO r.v AIIOC tae e**> IL ..-Ir. ....... ....... ant .fI- M
.ll II NOT a MRY tv4 K A50mA.A1 1114I.$040.Ii'NN pttNs, a.1lTNN. Suits tao Mrs
7.S).N.17.... 15011 nPTwTISII, iwpttal IS
In. Star Paptrt ...teI"H......'- Ui $ ,.......... w). ... .... u ...,... u..


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umm iiiniri I. lilt FlUID sin npru MILISpoakiHg f

Spirited ConttstantsoraUTION Miitlig Slated By Qitii Aid _Coal ReipoIfIP \ I

Gateway. Barracks

Gateway Barrack 1111

Socially will held its regular
I nesting Satardty NOT. T r

Inl UIISC IIIT1IITh ." atartlai at 2:00 P.". at -'
-------- the Joseph H. hues
wtB>.d of the fetor Bowl aaaala ... all Mp C.ttr.Baabart.

roils.. and a llttla eort. Attaadaaet at the should take

football CM and other affalra.waa mod in colt note of the altetloa
of tha -..atll.r.1b. that wUbh14 at this rjj

Ooroaatloa Ml ... 'P.t ricl a Daunt aanior p Ua tor leaden for the

at Northwtattra Juaior-'.nior Nigh School arose rR4I coning ytar.Buddla .

Wa Ottor Bowl Claaale". Dtlaa Swan, fonaraaaale art asked to bt t

Qu.. now ttttadlic Bathnaa okBaa Cbllttt >> present at this siding

waa praaant to ,lac. the was on tha htad of ( to receive their tickets
the ,r..., ,.*.. MM swan is also a tons ; for the vtarana dinner

Rorth.**tra atadent. that will b. served by

,.. football tana waa Mil att..... South Caro ) ladies auilUiary. Tick
llalana CM. .by the handrada to land Mortl supportto (' ''TrT: its will bclv at this

the Bulldog Squad, which from all apptaraaca.M tine only or nv ba ward .
laapirad Eros within. Tracy "' 1Ia.. and Johnny iron the COM III d er 51itr

gibes who played laportaBt roll la the victory at aa earlier *t..

art both fron Jacksonville and art graduates of It 1* rt itatd that all
New Wanton Rich School buddies with oars bapraaaattoatt R

It woaldbehard to reooinlae visiting Canllalaaawltaoat ooratloa

atntlonlni the and of ..... Iboapaoa.Daaa for the parada NOT II. -----

of toneo at S.C. Btata; Beatrice Thonpaoa. a All sabers are aid to NnRAJK8TT.lllaa trlltttUt Potttr (canter) of

teacher at barpreon Hit school; laaar and Lo. sect at the barrack at Jacksonville M *lMMtry education sophomore

rehab Dawkiaa (ha la a proalntnt 11II......... la ':)0 a.n. NOT. n.. aa Ulaa Nonecootsg'atlend.d by Hit Mamba

Oranitburt): Robert| B. "Tagd .... a Reward ail fora. Nliaoa, Catpbtltoa left) and. MM fttlya IU..,..
(ha la principal of harp.rsoi Rich); The Rut The boots for tilt sole alii serfs la the nua trout anautl social ftttlvl

Steers>\ ; tha Bowaaa brothers who were aeosapaalad _______u_ __ Realm of !>... 8S Pen tit this ttktad which will close out with Saf

by their wlTta: Randll narpar. brother of biter HUTU night ba toned th* proptr thai of the project which ll being are BOW open.Graduation. rday aant'a irtd spectacle between host use

K. I.rper of this city; Ira !)a'I.. Encllth prow k*.ly contested by aplrttad) girls and boys at the Rtthotfltt COM unity Canter defeated Edward lattr Tigers Ttrau the powerful

Lessor at K.C. Stata; Dr. laaae Inc,, profaaaor at 29M Uppla Rd. This tint Rr. and Rlaa MCC Coattat la being waitd to secure Set 't. Paul fell tit Titers from litranetTllla. Va.

at 8.C. State; Dr. Louis V. Roach, professor of fund for the purchaaa of a heater for the Ctottr. According to Mr*. Mildred The Progressive Nos.pital The |ta* will get underway at I o'clock ta Births ,

BlolorJ at 8.C. State; lira. Batty 1.11. wife of George. the oontttt will cllnaa with a proiran Friday ROT II when the coronation Aid Clti will Avenue Ball Park.
Oaorta Ball.haad coach of the Sulking TIM; Jottph ceremony will bt 11I1 do Prltadd and the general public are invited to conduct iraduattoa ar< .

Kit chit; ....er Swtatt; Tboaaa Robinson; Carl participate la the event vices itoTwbtr I at 't.J. Marian Aidirsoi Mitlkiw-Scoppio

.1111.... who was wlaaar la taaala toaraaacntapoaaorad dbnteatants front row fron left are: Shlrlay 5111!... mantis lladl...... Cynthia .... AMI Church, ate
tv ,J.... ..1.. Johnson Branch TMCA tea tack lyaalla Rla and ttlhalnlaa Roaadtr*. Back rot Eros Itft: Vivian oordlai to IU president, Making farewell TourlAklt1NOI PT-A Has Program

and Paal .Webber profaaaor of education who la Roberts Sharon Llabrie. Baby til 11.*. Apes telling and Ctttrla Rtc*. in Nina Blapklia.Mr N. D. C..(NPI). OC LA-"n" Anitoay of

on leave tree 8.C. State to carry oat aa laportantaaaliMaat Barium Andaraoa littriktloailly Dltttit, aaovltihow
with the of Labor ( ha was to tk* audltaca tt the 1
Nor HilislykUCTED PresideitIssns lo feature Lily White PnsiililioiJOAHNB faoua Negro
aeaoapaalad by his joust' daughter, Sharyl. and a slater began a *Yare- hat ...tisg of tilt PTA

great May others whoa wa'war aaabl to see, bat till well to.," lest week Of Hltthtt>SlpplOAeadtny
air.. and
who were nevertheless hara and rooting tilt beau 1U a concert la Con held

on to victory.Caning Rw elected president tltutloa Nail The tear the attention TltMra

froa se.praise of the S.C. Stata 101-pltc of the Bonu'n Aattl tit last which she has before officers far tilt I

aarchlas bud sight aaaa to allow partiality. But Mary to the National '111I.... will. bring to a alii ytarwtrttiwcttd.
anyone who aa. the band perfora during the half Radical Aiaoeiatloo.Hra. clot the long and tuetatful Offletrtirt; Prtaldtat,

tine show knows that It la sincere praliaforoaa Marcus (Caala: ) Ticker career of Oil of Rr*. urgent .0..11
.. I
n vice I,..
of the best little baada la the eooatry.Itlaaadar Issued a clarion call Aitrlca' noel beloved president
the direction of Mr. Troop sos af President Co Y. for all dtttiattk to eoactrt artUt Dorothy loOrlff; I..".
Troop of Port Valley state Collata.jackaoarllla'a >> unite ftr action in Hit ...rlOl'. Clar.., tiny, Karaiitla
................... 1N4M.. dttta back to Ills shin BarrlM, atilitaartiry ewe

owalloaal ''I1U," Moor was la The pniran for the year she snag with the New ire, irlaa
i Niece tt....... .
the city last west to hit with his featly aadfriaada. It to laproTa th* *oo' kn ar + fin rhllharattl laLtwlaoha ; it.r*

Billy .. three other ,J.... have ..41 It sonic pllthtofUt Negro' Itlllll...t..t.. tiry Mri. IttadolraSI I
la "'1| U.." aa the Coitaaprorary Jan Trlt. s and to discourage drop oat ever a group af 100ooattalaata nan*t; ""-"/,. Mr*.
.gip. .... Junta QiMli. ...MiNltaa ) -
The aggregation Includes Billy Bllll ''. nt anoai Negro Nigh Sht was 2)tk
Jones and Allan Jack aoa. The trio backs nose of school atadtata.Sh JOlla (show above) Md a iroap .f tip .. and reedy to sake laniitr, aTii |lirlPUfi
vocalists and buds laBollywood ',.. *,"-- models under sponsorship if tld1ol.h and hit ; reporter, Mr*.
tilt top naaa appearing spoke to dtltittt her nark a* a *oa *rt
opota. Before coaUc to Jacksonville Geneva Kootlta a aaalorbuilntt it tilt asu! AaalTiraary dttltitr Ctllltr Jackson" will prtttat I style ..r.la II$. she and. Itatrli Silken tnap.
they appeared with Oscar Brown, and two wttkapriortathat education aajor .. National Stttloa Inlaahlntton pMtacalar Bendy, Nov S from 4 aatll I S .... In htr first Carnegie Mal a Isis, ally| nuatti ara*

with Bad Pas Upon his return to tins Dttrflald. was recently D.C. She Lawn Branch fICA en Blihth It. la addltlaa. toUt eoaetrl, tat **..,t.*.* iraa rhilraaa, AritkaAadtr
Callforala they were scheduled to appear with elected "Ml** stated that she wild Jones. ether nodtli will laclidt the Ma.... af thaw yaaai enlist .ia tad retnediantchsmmenChsrile

Arthur Prytock at the losers Club located 'CIa PAMU for th* academic work with vigor to help Many laadrlek lit,. Orlffla. Bttty nalth Sell, 01 tat At.n.aa gene wa* It.....
At Stride la Hollywood. year 1M4-U by the ata laplantnt tilt anil- Jackson, all *f whoa will b* ....U.. Jackwa'i. cars tad woadtrfdli bat The guest pakr for
Besides being fro Jack oawile. each<< saber of d its of Florida All lane prira of"Balldlas allUtrr, kati and wi... The production ti btlii U* tine wes Itt rtt. the ilikt vtra'/lri./

ttt trio la a graduate of Stanton Blah School and tklTralty.Rlna Insoles, Today for a directed by. the Lilt Mite Lodge and the p-UU U Tie diprtttloa and ether 'r...* Francis af Ocala ,
daughter of ttt Rev and and Maard talkr Ad
nertda MIl OalTtralty. tttr world Dworrov InMttd.Urbu. anaoali ooadltlo lad
Billy also brought aa sews of Freddie Rill and .ra. O.R. too.lt ITS S.t. by ...U., tilt ckil tt difficult tor iiy lilitratlT Aatlilaatf
who hart also nude It o. the rest Third Coart. Dtt r.tl.l" 11 ..aD Atntlitloa,
Julius Brook, .
late la an era tf ,. lugit Difiloplig Plus artist ta realty k* ape
dtfttttd DeloresBodges J ech oa vi U,.
Gout>> aad who art appearing at the Lighthouse laHollywood. Tolatloa.WEDDING. presided 1

R* also had news of Parry til aoa and of Taapa and Bra For Aill- P0nrly" Coilimci ta .ropt, itt Aadtraoatttratttd A & M Hosts
Bdfla "''.1'' PltaaaaU Ten la .now playing at thtVaraabolo. Badger *f ,Jack lOull1l atttatloa and

Rt ta harried to th* fora r Margaret In tilt "111 PAKU" BELLS lID lOlL N.T"Dreloposg plans. forth OaavaltjAittta nn such welale.Neantsg, JlTHlll OHklllj

Stacy of this city. raea ... her .t... tk* greet aattr .
Aattakly are ofrai .tor Rri.tatfcal .
.................. .r.a Rra. Jerry 1&11.. 7ttLANAAItt, J.'". i
Attire Ttaiaililoatatd
ChUhaln Clark. Httltaal Orbaa Uo At.
The Sllhoatttt aaa.an oraaalsatlon of wives aadwttthtarta Clisi Kit Stabba Uat. Boy. ill Mart judges, |h.
Victory "Tkt glee
sedate Director, end nitaty M. Swag, Jr.. ti
of appa fratara set last Thursday Rr.Mra. Irattt .l..tr, snutlu dlrtcur. e......................,.. tint epee anew la a yens end Jattnlla agency
rrwalai la the It. Rtnaa Strttt bona af 'The Loa 1.4 t. Ill* It.. Boy.Rr. btadrad ,..II." "" ...hll tt* tr
daaa "...... OJorta Payne Carrie Paraoaa. and a in* Charlie atari MO aatitaadliitir lit II"*'*. ll felUttii ken wtttttMU wing Itraaa In alltad
Baldwin St. ld.r* ate .i* Conaially OriMlittlaaaad in lire frldir sadRsrndy
..". Htadtraoa were beataaaaa.Rary Thoaaa.ttT ....... mn Aadtrtoarturatd
peeled t* sweetie| in Sraap Bert. Sk* didaddlllaatl OilabtrCaart as.H.
rlo,'. Alaa Johaaoa, Virginia lathla. Bar'gaet .irl.Rr.. U Aatrlta to
stashes Lorraine Daalala. andDalcra Ut I iri. Herbertfealitaae '''I..t_. D.C. M Da. .rad.*ta aadpocttradaat tale Ser plttt la the daring the Eighth dunes)

*f ,,.,1.1.11 Paltmlty of rarl* .r* peen apMaartdhrth
,*Ua( of the aaaaoa.Hariarct Dr.. cent ptrkifntri, .. far
.*.., th* aall.partr .n rtdaQ. || at
SUites WIt hip sourer in the bridge Mr S Bra. Nathaniel wants, Glints Cel..e ala.tl M penis. has dt iM*
acailoa .. Dlr thatch wee wlaar af th* dart, 1211 L Mtt 5t? bill aad fttrtl list nil 01 slat Palnrallf lulled ....H... with littalt Leant\ Judges
toy.Rr.. rights bill with tpItttl Baal *f hush) Male ad Utflfhaa AM Val
list .
prin. ell .t eat Mtltal. It.
N........................... a I,.. Ogle lliay, tTraMt *ffl* ltrllM.al! M ftl ttortly whl. taa truly Ttrally Callti *f Lac,
INS ..*<. Island Pr? tlali.SIM. i*"aatp*. StitlMi *f the fnaaMilii
A speedy recovery Is wished for falttrilllnM lint IMI If.eaersl ttr hell la Ut

who Is prtitntlj eoaflotd at the .r. a Bra. Doltati R<< ka* dlr*.ltd Mirfii Ricilfis rtaal.OIVB Ce/less *f Ut balldllith

Vtttrajis Hoipltal IB Lake Citj. R. is a.ember Daniel, T4IPH* It. ta.*lil prajMti ad she II Fiends AM. !.<

of Shiloh Baptist ttardJ where h. ,r*. OT\ "rt.,. Pla., aardlaatti VrWn U.... 'J0,000 PilitlifStal THE! UMI71 WAY r....
serves ss a discos trustee and a inter teeth CMavalty Aitltt
.tWOB an.DUT.1'1 or. ...
of fisher Board 4. leper alaaatary M?. n I'.. Cllfttartta. U_. Ska la alaa dins c-r1J.to n nsSidle
allege. lam Jitlb
aa n s.sNltast t* tit'
It Ardtlla 14. .
sale* at P1.rldn Lie .
-- --- isle a silt tf tt
.. .
Oawaill af C" Uai*
Atlantic Statn ,h..
Oalvtnltyrt.tly .
allda.Aattlt. partial .!.e4 at IT*.
chosen "the haler At> ...
*f hit slit.l COB. ty the lima I MMltr <
Ir. a I'" Barry tire,
ttadaat to Bit ,Alff1"
killers. IM, ,.r
,.. Clark
olds Pa.. I
It. 1. lea TX J..na.a
far U
San Ten, |t **' |tan.l ,
till. Phi. 11'1.It. ... .'.....H free Beth
super dai> Uncoverthe
Mud lttrtltr. ,..*. kr I MI sea,
Beret u. tad .,.. S.J. n ire, Alaana Cr< .. *
a. HM, WwMl <
I..... D.c.. watr sac truth.
OH,*,. ail St. hUt IMt Ptaatll Bd., "
Grande ..
SlrL ajard to ....1.., ... *til/ to la* .!
Tallahassee. detested phyaltal Mttallt*. and less, I* ddbigaed U Butt aWsbJ
Sandra Still *f ,.... ..
BIRTHSnalt th Allatta lelsetellyScud e ape *f tit
makei better drteUProtiltwiA
taU by. n sail naraiaS t af kiln Dens e/ehme/'e -II..U. .

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I Wave Of EthislflSH Sparks AME Conferences I

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fl LAUNCHED kllkljr ......fll sisal eoa' Witrlot Afrttaa Ittkodlit Episcopal Cktrak sad .. ...'. onulstlo. u top pkoto ".'. *'A ._.* To >ttck. T..ea.rd ...r.sSri. **
I' rer.... U Nortatut tad totta Pltridt, ftlthopfef Mr.. .Rfttaktr, trio rtotlTtd rtoord ttttadttcttfro loft Utkop Bktektr (titrw. malt po... vltkf frot lift: Nrt. .... Keith Mitt tllllt J.
.t C. HttcBtr. prtlttt of t!. 11th r.IICOPI'_ prttldlti tldort, ..tort of tkt cltrty tad ..,. J.t.Mktr, ....L Htrtlir, .... C.N..aosb7, Mttcbtttoa irt. R.I. "...1., tad Ors 'Ir.. I.
a... r.H. Ash vlU .t. ju.*' Choir U back Ota lilt. ibtrt tot *ko*" sirs Ir. A.D. Btltk
Woodlawn Top rtiht: Rtt. H.U fluitk. pastor or St.JMM tad Mr*. Doris Joktoot. Wrtop ud Nrt Mtektrtrt
3 gfMti Bit hop Hitcbtr All tMtH s.cr.tart. .- slow tt TtlltkttMt Cbtfrtet It ttt OM
PresbyterianChurch ., '*.. r.Co rtfnt .. I T. 0. blurs look pan of Dr. UB.K lbote.VOLLEY'S .
LOCATIONS News 0.. ...". of ,...1 rosy slick di e.ti.d tk. . .

1124 W. BMW I? UM. '"rlll". 0r.fls House Of God lily WklliSlitis lodge IAUECUE

S30 teat Spa dllre'ldiool hiaaOu.ds7 ,
.Nor I, tt I:JOItk Plans Assembly Sudiy Tiltiij lilllCHI
3101 Ema' .... T.1Os/ s.r,
...,.rI.t.'.' I.'ot.r... 111. Stitt AllMblf Of nit Lodit an CIICIEI

no Horatai kilat tortklpttrrltt tt 10:IS .tkt. Pith Noss It.Of Will Sod OPW 1UI till till CaI.presort.., TM tkltr AndvNOT. .. I lltF

BIG "D" FOR $ DAY$ .... ttta use r.D..11- NOT. 0. .t 10:>0 '.... IS fret 4 still .
tot, pastor ,tcklt, silk Uthop' P.J. Plot* 0' clock ,. sat tkt nEB rwrm
aksr .
v tto ...... ttpporUd ay. prMldlti.D klltk baptist CktrrkCiftttrlt.
TOM DOLLAR BUYS ItOU AT RSHIER the ektrcfe catlr tiu .l.i.tM fnw Owriitu tccordlti tot aLa' IllSClll..PUITits
lit Os. A. Ntttkott, Mil M plorldt otll Mtt rttt kr tkttktirtM.
FRESH ortMltt tt ttt CMtral.n jolt U tto .rrlco. that .,.. srttItolktrt. I II '
.tllks..pr.wlat fwrylt .
GROUND awttlttirt. r.D. DtTtt ky dttftrwl.- Ik. ctpUlttforTtrlottMtkttrr. .. i
3 LIS. $100 for rtkttrttl ....., ., Itttrt. Oasis .Ul konraltktd .I..." In. m 2
SI.. KMuiii' u.li. .
ky Uo 110.
I:. ,...All pants trtttktd title Prttt; ,.,,.1",
,h... bass sod ?....*t..rt 1U .. .
BEEF I i Ulllt Mil Nld r; 2- lm Ti '
hit .t1drs. is $0... It. at tk* trtk. Irt. Aatlt lie
'1. ".."Irl. ..... ... 'ctrryt April, Nrt.Ltrttkt till Ifcs ltd
....... alsattss It still At llIe il... of tkt uu
p wsk pros Ors CitUott: I.,.
00 ...bI,. tkt U1N ..
s.tlls, arl.teY Can. _
1 Pearl a. ;
FISH STICKS I rices. n. lW1...,....U.. .U d.tr U.k,.. there till JM. Ir*. "14. t.Doiildwt ..-
it***.* ....n tad trials tokl kt t .,... ,"',,. ||TM ; J.17. irt.irtlt .

WISH ttt dII.... la ttltrrw Iltp.a. tttt e hI. Otkkt; Ass.st.Yrs. .
3 us. $1 00 'rt"..,......1.. irrdr lo rlp I>>U...... t.tk I. "h.,; To STOPA
PORK SAUSAGE Uli ..r.IIIU.. .*.p '.4. nttoktr Ittkltt ,*,,.,*,. Irt. UclUt
ht d.W1.d I.III nat I. tt r. ndtrK.U
Itcktllt Octoktr, Nrt.rt. "SNAP"CAU.
AtMOUt CAPITOL Nsans .....1 Ors.t11. ImUf U prtttdiMtlitr kit La......; N...W r. COLD
SMOKED c* lUCID Ik4tntt. p flat 0.1.has Md Cider ".1. it 17OM .......te.;
dire. dolts .n U secntar7. ...r. Nft. Itclllt
BACON BOLO '....r.. silt ,....., I. *rl.t.Ors. Wr
$101 .t IM: ,... All PatreeoeOurADVERTISERS .....11. prttt I.ffMl. .
&Mil I.'.,'..,.. lasts'. ..' tf ttt tali..d .
SIMOftADI III .Ufe tit t. |MrlMM .n...... D. IIII
3 UL S100 3 UL ... .. N.anals It .Hnittr.
UII. ru ..,.,,,.
I s to rs.t l.a ,a... ...
-A" FftOXIN list IIU Jes....U.11I1. .
.. at.I.'''.,.....
TURKEY PARTS A100witjaoBOfMttirt to ,......t. ..,. 11 o.N si. t

.!<.... ,,.,., Mr.ti. AItIBa lay Fever SufferersRefortReUftflaMlAKtes
.ua I ta Si
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3 us. X10A. ,.Co II.....'....... Qes.+.k.aM De-.n..................gCsr. .
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Rot .ny AIM, tatNTS .,r .... .
--- A- N. am- -
1'. 1'. KAMO 1 Hi Unt'. laity a. tbs _riMkfik_eMMBkVBa1MBBVBMaMVa4. ... _._ .c-.. >_._HtMaW_....kWdavaa_
2 'I"STlWIN5 1"1, ----- ..--
HENS 'e. p..wMr r..-- '- a..d -
\. ... .. .. ...
.cola s "-''-- -
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... _.c---.... ...... Mr...- d .rrr .
\ PIIIFmIIua..,,,. .,. '-1 PIlI TAU 1 UL . .1.1.t T. EM fe* ..... ...._-_-iw t1.w..ro 0-- ...-...-.r.,,.. _r FAST FUEL OIL..SlRVrCC. .

t HTN IK 19 HWT. INI II W n NMMl 4 Hi 1RIN+1 .'!Y $ s.-ipdt

--". _- . -

1-- IJTHilT r Will. t|- ,,1? J'i

w WWII 1, 1114 Fllllli Nil ml I

Presbyterian Church Handles UNCF Choirs NttUrs Complete Vehicle Education Pays Big Dividends, j j \

School Drop.Out Problems Sch.> dul I. Policy Making Officials Note '

Nov. Broadcasts .
<,. 11II tCltl-.o. the theory that the probleaa of the ..; ULUHASsn-"Idueatloa' Pay Mvideada" la the
1.. acoool drop-out are ""'I7I1Dcb'. baalaeea," wpedally Ktf TOW..Tha choirs ot tbaaa for the 1M4 obatnaaoo tNov.B-14) of Aaorloaa -
=:... the chant'. felted preahytorlana ia St. five member colleges of ideation" ....*.ud the officials who repro-
Louie... lit ip is centers Sa which MM 300 the. United Retro Collate eat Florida la. the polley-Baklai council of the .; '
volunteers are belplai about 1000 children tad Paid alll present a pro National Education Association (NEA) can prove tt.
yoaai people with their achool work. The centers gras of choral ...s. . .
are part of i deaonatratloa three-year '''oath baaed oa faalltar post RopreaootlaitheMS.000clasarooa the.i NKA Board of .dl- I

Development ud Vocatloaal Proiraaf* set ap iaIMS. and ,...,.n. Verses each ) tt.ohtriprin rectors are II. Phil Cna
........................ aa "The Lord Prayer"have cipal, proftttort, au* stuns, Jr.. principal, .
Last light the co-dl- to find out what tilt beta Itt to aaaloatoy perlatoadenta, and apectallat Cocoa Beach Nigh School
Cocoa: Beach aad Gilbert f
rector of the ,roar_, chared coo Id do to hIp tlatt. by different <, teachers la
L. eitcutlveaecretary
,'i lira. Charles H. Letko of provost the waste of coBpoaera and ABC'a their states .esters Porter
'*:; St. Ural, ar ari sod a ,"tit'. school yaara. A laltlal November pro,,. \\M: Of the "IA Teachers Ataoelatloa.laanAatrlcaa, Florida Stat.

...* ST-pato report of flad- report of the fladlaia will preeeat two aetUtta, board o I Education':"
lags that far for the ta being Bade availableto each of several well dt roo ton
leek Proclaattloa GOT.Parrla .
l01I.'. Division of the others across the kaowa teats, ooapariai point oat I IcU IIr.drlorldadUa.na
Board of National mail country who west to Jola the ways these have !aspired that heel dot to"work

.... the effort to oat does various ooapoaera.Sharlai --'i the purelyft I toward the resolution of
w Tbo Board: iaholdlag the school drop-out rate. the spotlight nan clal the problems besetting
..'otln here this week Early ta the St. tout ara Vlrtlila Halos University 'I dlllda ? ,',, theta public schools and
atthe, laterchurch Coa- effort Hra. Leako .said la Ktchaoad.Vlul'.U oducatloa say bring to to rededicate themselves
'o.. tar the Church was found to and St. Paul1 the student and hit cowaanlty. -
'Uotcbed by St. Louie be "la the beat pool- College ia Latrea cevi 11 a, VBBS PABB vteaala players, all ..,10'''' of Philip Morris, discuss 'Oroat It Call bring to>> the provision of
educational -
Presbytery, tilt youth tine to awakca sad relate Vlnlalt; Plak DBlvtralty ...t. ta the history of Tennis a sew aottoa picture produced by the tobacco others, leas tangible all opportaaltloa
-e.,roJ act wen underwritten to coMualty organization Nashville, Teaa.. 001'.', The teaala players are (1. to r.) toy Eaorooa of Australia, perhaps but nonetheless ," for .
'jf by a $51.000 grant of etreeture." Its St. Auagttlae'a Collate, world author oae aBataar"tonal a player, tlabledDB, Atatrallta and 0.8. Cheapploa real cltlatna ,

ji, Gaited Praabytoriaailoaen laymen bold "Vait II'- Raleiih.lUC.; aad TuakelealaatltatetaAlabBia.- ; Byre Mitch of New York, toner top-raaklai Metro D.8. tonaia obaBploa; The Florida atabera cf IJIIH Ficlig
authorlttd by the tapped fllOl rc.." la aad Rafeal 0.11I.01 Meitoo, tennis star who>> won the U.S. Singles aad later
Board of National Mia their skills lid COB- broadcast alll originate collegiate toabloa aaaplonthlpa' ta 196S.r. Plulit Powell
Dope Charges
lion. sanity con tact a.b la Hew York City, Saitoh ta a member of the Pklllp Morris public relations department and Reported MisjligTOMAt
'fie project was set ap addition the church November 1, and will be Eaereoa sad Oauaa>aa well aa Spanish chaaptoB anuel sut.a..,. Eaecuttvatraiaeea .
H. 1. NPl-) -
rebroadcast by affiliated W. ( Nit ron.N'JuTrhl
for the
baa a 'tai ie contrtbu- concern
Berbers Kliir' Gets tloa" to .... ABC stations la all etcap Bad Powell pioneer o f Prankl Ir1&oIn.year
tloa of the oouatry, pianist la the modern old font r teen-ate .1..- .
"farm Of M.
Bell TiMon Spot FAMU Grid Wiis Wufcligloi-lH Jan adios has turned up lat aeatttlon, eaa set .

NOT rotf.--NPI.Barbara( Missouri Housing Bias Forces Drops Riclil Bars Award Gina AfriciiNCfTOIKNPICDIef atttlat Pros the hose of to betla here Thursday

HcNatr Negro lUiln Geodetic Post LBQUOTON' Va...(KPI).. a friend here, and fears 1 OB>> charts of poeeettlon
are being ..,,,.f4 that of aarcatlca.PTMkle. I
star and recent Broadway Airman To Request Transfer Rtclal barriers at lathlaitoa Albert Latkall. 1MO .
be .., have dune
performer 11 the bit play lASH IN GTO"-- (NPI)-- ud Lee University Nobel Peace Prise Bluer atwethlai currently free
Ho Strlaci. will appear Tlllaaa Peck, a Florida I..wan. BO.-(Nr I)-Berried life for a peace- toppled bin last week received IB absentia one drastic" oa 11,000 bond, eaa arretttd < 1
III' No,. JO. aUoaaof AIM University graduate time soldier ia difficult aa boat but whoa the Mi whtn the private lattltutloa of the first aaivalraBlly The to..ar.014llIIht.11II1 ty atrmtlet d. 1
the awardwiaalaiBell who baa served aa a diet la a Metro tad be ta seeking houtlni accoaaodatloaa tonally announced of ..." awards >> recently returned to tectlvtt when they entered .
athoBatlclaa with the the U.S. after r.cenerID ; j
Telephone Hoar Iho for his wife, it becoaea Bore thaabecaa pat that Negro atudtvta will presented by the Society hlaiapartaeat with
shoe will bo a tribute 0.8. Chest wad Geodetic with. .......................... be permitted to enroll for the rally of Men ata fro a bout tlth tuberouloatslaa a March warrant and alleiedly t
to>> faaed lyricist Oscar survey, baa been aaalfned Alraaa lat Cl. Joha 1. Bad parked it la aa integrated for classes, dlaaar la the Astor finch aaaltarlua > fouad atrljuinaOB
.. to>> the plaoaiBf breach timer .-,.ar-old airplane baa been living a table ta the living
.rat.I..II. and will trailer mart 'The 2i3 nr-old lattl .Motel here list .,'ftI1 !
of the electronics ettt Atty. h.nard '"Ullaaa .
Include other such poets computing aecbaale assigned'to Bear the bate. tutloa, founded la IT4I, award, mrrylai a I),000 noun I
division it was lilcharda-Otbaar Air a friend of aaayyeara. Nla arrttt waa the
aa Ploroaco Honderaos, Pbr a bilethe tereera. bat bad only oat MetroBtudMt stipend bolO red bla for
leered here lest week Porte Base near here .. latett la a aeries of
John Ktirdoa. Suaaa tat- were abl o to enjoy tally Joba Chubs a his flit for equalityof
P.dI. who la able to baa apent a fruitrttliiaoatb Accordlit to Itollam, preblttt which hive ,.
son, Jobs hut cad Africans sad whites
life, bat then bo was fret-bora !Negro who at- '
Orttchon perform three different trylai to fled a fossil oewd a large' hot- plaiued the winger altce 1
Tyler transferred to the Phil teaded la 1103.Tbo la the South Africanbepublte.
lUll HcNalr' baa won proiraaalni "1.1. trailer ooart that bad llpplae Itlaadt. Hocoaldn't adios to drop racial pull bill lid planed tit heyday of popularity .\.
high acclala for her luatoe," at ten did the space for his aoblle take the trail barriers was taken last Utball a Pals chief- to pay It off by ful* la IBM, That waa the
IBM coBpater proiraa hose, ao that bla wife fllllai an titwdtd ealattBtat > Hat ekes. aa the favorite
wort oa Broadway, tele- or with his, aad there auaatr by the echotl'a tale ad toner prealdtat
vision, rocordlBia, sad school for two of these could be aearhy.To date, sun a housing ahortaieat board of trustees thlcb of the banned Sooth at New Yorka af the tone, he wonlaaerowa
surest dab .,....t.. '\lrolr.III'.." however either timer his mew "'"D..L. at that time stated that African Natloaal Coaireaa. Birdlasd Night Club Helot awards fro
Air the the job threat aao- various civic aad ath-
the Force or .
w bo left his wife be* 'tdelttioa policies are ease refuted\ peraltttoa
local .hnaaa relatloaaaieaelea by the ".tlOId.' ther loaitlae friend hUt creeps aa aa'batttaadlai -
Photor. hy With A Style"One hiad.Opoahtareassipr.t at the discretion of thefaflaltyooBtrollad j
Blrdlaad Oee
have coae tp to ooa 1st party oeraaoat to ewer rOuedtttla. eieapto taleierlteajrotth

with a place that would Ue Blcharda-Oebaar Air alttteoa ..... eas. ", make Celtic ," I II
accept the couple. Porce Baaa last Sept. r'
This has led tamer, to 21, the taken Uoaibtthat "
put la a formal>> request could
they ease c1i
to be traaaftrred to abase ac ala be I ..tller. Set ( I
la labtiaa orOhio.
they were quickly dieoaab -
F aated beteii1 ao IV, ,. f
Caner who baa spent trailer court would M-
II years la the Air oept his ... code hota SUPER
Force hat been ableto awaltiii word oa liSt

live with his wife reojoeeted traatftr, his QUANTITY IIHn &lIUVIO
oaly about 40 weds oatof wife la living with his

the 156 weeks since later la Celaabta, SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOO AND AVENUE I f fP
Stop Shopping For All IMLAaaliaed to C elute Ohio
Plaid, liar Baattal.II .

Your Photographic Needs ).. la INI. bo bad to ..Ills Tibs 1
tilt quarters for hit 1L L
wife la Chlcttt ItO
EMERSON'S PHOTO SUPPLY sites away, btctateboattai ClMncttrltie iiKSSP i i

toareo sear
1817 N. MYRTLE AVE the baae. It tot to seehis a Nip TOhg dab--(IPI eatertalaerBilly ).,..ter..I..t .

elfe oaly oa weektada. -
(Open Sundays. 1:00 Until 4:00 01) tie. probably
p.i. : P.M. ) That lasted a
beat boll for his readltloa .
whole year before bo .'TII., Old ROAST
Mays W-3212 of
null bight. a trailer RIBS :
Hack Hailt discovered, baa reeeatly oa-

aspect of else .........
that tea provide w eet-
let or at* aedlea of ei' 25 39C i
areealea for aa ailaiperfereer. .
Daalela II LB. LB.

t currently appearlai la
t the role eta 'toareeteraetor" HCRSHEY'S ROYAL
la the Broadest
BMloalera lea of Clifford
Odota "...h.

Some people Boy"it atarrlai, SaaayDona SUGAR RICE

sUm label on "HI WfHI Of fdtl.

; lilt TI 111 WIIAB" 39

'KG, 19
Mrdieteolaostake end ... It bare, bH tfcaataltt ptG "
.biKitli twald be*. as LB. 3 LB.
bees wowe.Ireheed toMt

lo seven ekes mad pets..Of..Mss......*.* lull I ,Itl IH If cue Itsu Seer U.II 1 SIN. SLIt w sate ,tiN sti.

lldatpo orWt haeetselse
prmwls.pudea a e..lMe
la too ayou Pies out
..... piletoe etta f.at.e MOlT LIII SMOKE SAUSAH t!. 3'II.
.".11" Noewele sad feel
oin'nanieonours. 'nut a BHIttta...e.
."?....' lo a .'U, .f. S. COOl PORK STEAK u "IC
,..4fo '1."..* lo tbelldatro
sad Mod**. It lootVMBOed
like a t......e COLLAR AlDiS IUI "UI ,I' 25t
ara en$l4U fit* M IIItIIIZI
roller, vet a .*.... oftrtiNme tIItIIIZI
'1.W' INm/ end FROZEN I TTER BANS '11. ; 1st

etch ba*. e. a* r..4 to r
tM4 ,.*..,. ..u.. a flOZQI MAX m PUS U'. f:: 1st

....,..... ...,...... a .,;.. I "
aw...t .. p+ it Lwelersew d
to ||.aid t* .... WISTIM 01 11t.. 01111 .. 334CAf1li J
<< ;
1"- KIN fI6$KY

.. NOME IW I U. fie. 27C 1
... lintf if illUTMtfMfl.

<'. 1f" 1C
I .. ,-l '.
tII '
IL ...1mJ yf6WNIA I

I 1__u... .faf 1OU1OIS 1. r HI CHI 4'k



.. ... ..._ .. ....
. "".. ; -,, t.... '" -" -'- .- ""J ,. .

I i 4 A ,\ //1

i me i' ] HHIH mi HUB'm'm UTHHI ninia 1. mi

; Annual Policemen's Ball To Highlight Weekend Activities j/" I IBy

.. Teen Talk "fJ Dr. E.M.H. Whitecelebrates SSlh To Host Jaxon."iifJ" Edward Waters Completes Colorful

.. .. .. Homecoming Activities Schedule
Birthday Sindir

Florida'*, "M.I1.f "Ij Moooalai activities at Edward Matins Col leg.
ROBIN PQMOSTn' Mercy. Dr. E.l.H. are at a fever pitch with "Miss 10Ilco.I.."

II Tuna, Volte, till be honoredby haiiag .... .tJ IOtlclloldll night, and the COro-'
any of 101 tart true to your school (BeU.no* the coBBunlty SuBdtyla ,; ,:,. natloa taking place Thursday alght.Varloua organl*
Cookaaa) last Saturday nlgttt. tvoa though It was reoogaitloB of her \, : I atlona art ehoeelai their areas to dteoratt.
ralalBC and tbs t.. Buffered its tint loss this Mtb birthday, ''"" '. ".i" ) trial till bt gl-ea to the best dtooratloaa eon
itatoa.Met .J. ': "'''!' ( : f Goofing to the Hojooala Tbt..
Btaatoa'a his Devils art also lows li the adertay Activities.t I win p.II. get Utba ;) :'1': .. :' ., : J7 Th* btaatlful young ladlaa .........................

duapa due to the any game. that 7nAreada, 741 t. ", !:; '? i;: ; ,:f./ selected .. 'UlaaHoatcoalag" University and Florida
''' '
the v. loat. Chrup ftllotaHbltlant '';'''''' ''" ,I '\;' \ lid at* Vii",.1 tl .sue at the
Artier St. \ I'l' '.. '
ii.. tad of the ID rid ,.. !i\ ( .., teodaat reprettnt high Gator Bowl.TTttets .
I The Pro. folio: ,
Attmatlon Hrltlll If. roll call Matter of ceremoale, ; J 'f- "",,, :< tchaola from widely separated till b* on silo

tlitl Dr. '.L Stewart president areai. "Ml** in hOlt of the Lee
Foot Boyfoot) salts all ortr you.Rtlloi of Edward tatersCollsgsinvocation HctiwotiB*' ,Carl 1 ettln Building Saturday troll

10m Boy (Ht Ii ut) a reel iaa. : lu. ,., -, Potter it a aophoewrt lath 11 a... to 5 P...
Match Boy (such) a sew boy tho strikes a rta> Dennis Rhode, pastor of $ field of Utaentary
blanct to an old flaaa, a Education .d hall frotjJackaon Allea Beiidicl
N** T* baptist : ,
Onion Boy (un yun) l. Dotao't knot you'rt tbla- Mia.
Church election Edward
: ;( ,
skinned and aakta yon cry >. Takta your breath tttra College Choir, Attendant Martha Hlnaonfrot To Reiew Amil

atay.tladot. N.Ahl1 Ortta, director; ::1 ) Caapbtlltoa, It a
Boy (sis dot) 1. A pala. 2. You can see solo Edward C. Dttt; Junior IB Ut Department Clash Saturday'
rlcht through Ms. of English Attendant
Mr. IIart BUgl- ,
That'a all for sot. Check the roll every "...II..lrll. torn. Jean Ivtlya Rivera la a COLUMBIA s.C.Tbous.dsofAll.Oaiversit7-
too; solo, Mr*. Ethel
Maybe yot'll find your kind of "boy1prtttnt. Baa'nltter native girl, andafrtto j
Davenport ; .
greeting, Hri. O.C. ., sin la the Dtpartaeat tad Benedict College I
Since teens are sang of you tho Joy T.,. cottrelali ; of Social Science. alumni and friend wait
Bowes election, .
(and the progress, too), try and see The parade for hoateoalngielated aniloualy for November
Btanton Oltt Club, Mr*. /
hat could bapptn" : to bests 7, data of till aaaual
A.H. Moor, director;
1. It the "1'11I that trltti on butt.&" 101''dII' t I proaptly at 10 a.I. Sat gridiron club between
registrar, Mra. Oraye
trttt on paper? AW nniL PLANS co.pletsk supervising committee of the .Jan Police Benevolent nrday, with all caapu these old rival, mhlcb
M, Bateaan ,
; rpoat
2. It the "rauor thick aakt aandpaptr' look llkt ban- AtaocUtloa'a Ith Anneal Ball which till b* held Saturday sight Nov 7 bllaalat *- organIcatloo presenting I. ecbedultd to take
Dr B.M.N. White
kin," sakes your skis look llkt aandpaptrf. diction Mr I.L: John- at 10 P.". la Dnval County Armory. Music till bt furnished by the top floata. There till bt place at Btatdlet
I. It tbat "moooJ at. ahlcb salts la your aoutb" ranklai Al Downing and his Hel-0-Tonta orcbtatra. Committee cbalraaa thorn abort several Dud Couatyrflgti Stadium.
ion, petor of It. Bttphta
silted la your band AlE Church are. top row fro left: Prtddit Hack. .Johnny J. Dot. Marian .....,. Bottom School Band. la- Out of tow persons will
4. It .at' up "front really didn't count"f rrltnd and the latral fro left: Sgt. C. Hlckaoa, Tommy Mays aid Obit Botaaa. Advene adalaaloB tdlattly following Ue begin pouring into Iblus.
(. If oat of those toothy little ftllott btd a public art iavlted. tickets art available at Buster Ponds HoUlIOoddo. Store too lorner and parade, a coffee hour bla early Friday afternoon -
"01,1 tJ' "? t from member of the Police Dept. till bt obiened la the ; and will arrive co.Unoul .-
.. It you dlda't "rathtr do Ityoaratlf'f Library Aimti for vltlt ,. la tint for Ue

7. If your ether cU*"' t tat your "cb.enl-o's'', New Organization Is Installed CirltM BiyautHoeored ing aluml and friend, 2p.a. kick-off. Sat.
I. It the salt acold'twur: than It didn't rain"? presided over by Hrt. The Coca-Cola Bottling
.. It the "thltt tornado" at up tltb Nnrricaat I t Elizabeth Redding.cll&l r- Coiptny of Columbia

Dora :i: J. lIa of Ut HotpltalltyCbMlttee. taking a special later
10. If you'd rather "atltch than nlbt'' ? I. .g '; -1\-'' ;1 Aa appreciation Bight, eat la the big city

Coafualng? True, but alto itnaatloaalt .but tlat \ In recognition of the Besides the high school classic during the past
you coat across Oil of those T.Y. ads, try vtlag tttlvt years service ban da. till Jacktoovlllt several year, his pro
your laaglBatloa and att If you can't product oat I i,' rtndtrtd to tb. Duvtl people till bt treated sided a leg trophy to bt

of Sut "tbrtlltra," County Rtcrtatlon> to a performance by the awarded to the victor
Bay Tttaa, I'd like for you to suet Martha sad .,..,3 ,, \ ,i partatat, honored Ctrl Etc Marching Tiger Band. for U. beet three oat

tilt Y .d.n. Ala group la a product ( a varyfaaoua P',.,.. ", .iJii ,". >;t If" ton Bryant of tbs Bison This Band la let than of five ...*. Allen retired -
M*. too) of Ioto.'. rtoorda. fttir )ttat "Ii "',r. Johnson Playground lat three-year old and its the first trophy

rtltaat, ''Duoll, la Tht Btrtoti" la oarrtatly > : ,.. .. ,. ..,, !Jj ..' Thursday sight la a growth tad performance last eaoa.
a soak. record brtaktai aoaad. Katlag Mo. 20 oa ; f' tonal progress hid at la little It** then .!' To\ help promote greater
tilt aatlon I Chart of Btoorda, this tai la spinning : < ii- 2tta and Chaa Bt*. rtcvlou: *. local and national interest -
tlldJy and loudly la the htartt.ilada ..ellDlI1. of'Iiltn. \fJ; j\tt.\ ."'", ,, Tbs affair tat arrangedbyprclactax Th. parade ri 1J .....bltat in Ut game, the

.,. ivtrythtr.. Tho rtal aaatt of these 1} ., .. ; sod 2t of the pool at Jefferson. Coca-Cola Battling Com

girls art Martha beeves, Rosalind hiss sad Anattt t .kicb' Mrs. Marie Duffel: and 4U Street, proceed puny will also present
.....d. Alt triplet tat oaet discouraged nil the '.. .. .. .t : and Mr, Willie Orlffla feet oa 4th to Davis Mia Allen UalvtrtltyandMla
ooapttltloa tat btilaalai to get stiff but oooichwitd I. .. .. '.ff); t ..- 't:" "\" ": "' 4&. 'i< X lIIeq tilt "Coat Lad Ott These Hatortta" f''i:1" ; : .1 tl .ly. to IU Street.feat.: (U with Loving Bowl duringUhlftlaactlvltle 1

rtltttt tta out They ertdlt their success to : \ Blgbllghttdbya readingby to tbs Nyrtlo Aveaut *.

J hints 0.,,* "Btibbon Clad of Pallet", by ';;:. Miss Cyatbla Hughes Ball Park, sad disband '
Ut back ground sued and to his high :: Mr. Collier announce I
prodding '
; Ut eoattractloa of the
; '.. .. .: ,
f. ',r&111 tblch ht. gave tboa.Ooabl .- "! .... ..". ,. .. world by God tilt pro Cat this rout hat hen Me"h.vh.)

The tins ties baa ticked tad totted atay toOothl I./ ... (rat) coatlautd a* fol- choatn by till parade Advertiie in Tkig
f Tog tlae his ticked and totted lisp ao such .t. -. lot* Will tan BtottOta. cowl t tee to offset any I

UP It has brought Father rise out of Ml ah eJ I. \ ;. .. ;; flupt. of Btcrtttloa. conflict la U* traffic Newipepor Want I

Its till to say pod bye ....1. ; 111' ... ""1' .' : t,..*..to.. of apprtela pattern Saturday remit Your aUaf"". .. .
By eDotlWIGHT fro tht influx of a
h \. : iSr-, tloa by 11. Noraaa.prt ;
Pafronii Them!
:" ( ,I *.attloa of ir.Bryant. large number of visitors
; a ,'h .: # ...:., .. Bra. Agatha P. to attend the Georgia

"'. I BillBra. .*.
't Marl Duties, prt

....* ..... Utart HAil IM ikMiMM STYLES r sau.. idtat of prtclact 2C I IPIWUI.
tlffM CM.llii 55 'm BTOnm U llttrmurt. flaked by faoaltj advisors art pletartd ot ale presented a gift to Br.
...... tile "soo 5M ........... Pltrtda Memorial Oolltft es pus U Bt. .....u..fohow1a.I..t&1hUOI'.r.- I".tau tckn for bit mmuo-mCllm U
o Ii sr.w.weu eves M ... iii 550 55eiie aoalta tattbllaklai tmPHC Alpha oatta Chapter of laabda Iota Tan. laUrtatloa- dedicated work la till
.:: .:1. =11 nw..... al boaor society for 'atadtata of llttratar Aa lidtetloa UM fro Barry field 01 rtcrtttloa. .5Ata0L WI"mna uiB M flog ill aaAguiaMi
officiated. Btattd left Hot ...t because of Owla..10.a,1... PPS is..s.55.Mw. .,-.1" ,
10 in, College, hut art: PMC student Hrt. Annie tract pr. I aMM.u.N." NM.u. P. .n. M ': psih.ens
_= .,, .
ATTACH tumn !Poster' Barry student lie Cbwlaia, sad nc atadtat .Joseph Carl Dtrlat; Mated the eoaflletiai Grater --Mp S .w. WV* Mi->wi
'COMa Mtrauui AMOTHicit right: Mrs Vtrtata nit el oca t of PMC. tvtttt tasks of Barry, aid Mrs kite Jacktottlllt Pair lire ==. ,-=".:-r.1w= ::.L.--: =. :.'::
mill Strleklead P1 St.disg. left to right: sister Tbomaa Catbtrtat, 0..._ pro- George Boot*tot. .Nattaa ='.::::=--::PS N54 M. :;-r-PM S
j* ....tOM I fttaor of tagllam at Barry, Dr. HUM J. lar ardt, bad of Face De arta.lt Malllaon. lid T.I. _SNPS_..IItt.an.w.l....wN."' _so.d. _- _-___4.55555... __
I MIM4*>Goer- 2710 "WET-4t3I Dr. B.I. Rlcholtoa, PIle IIJI" professor sad Mra. Virginia 01 lea*. Bull** atratt head with U* ::::. ,;.-:= .;:.:: r.::.":, ;
II MM 1T/1a1aM. ra.,1L1e laatnttor at Barry recreation .devartajtat. I
Others preset *o par iAA !
Pilot Champ tlctpattd la preparation
A ft rtelball SckitileNoviabtr ftr tbs ovoat .*r.

Charlie ..lo.... Charles

7-HorU CaI'OUIl MT, Tallahassee Utt.Bre. Habit Bttwrt,

Nortabtr UHotU Dalvtralty. Baton gage. La. a it... Betd.Bra. .
tattll B. Senile I
tsigf levee Novtabtr 2I.-.theae-Cools., Daytoaa leach
Mm't. lieU III." No.-.., ,2B-'Ttiaa BMthMi. JatJai( Clalc) .. ton served aa nletrtea
.earn sow 105 Pa.weve ... DH.'. h.0raagt ir*(*.n Cltealo. BlaalNaa .. f oerwoaltt, dolig a rY4
.:r.-NN.MN ............ ..,. ........ .. otlig **Mht .M* ... Colt...... are try flat Jeb of keeping

to.r.w::: =-t.: :' .....,-: the pregraa.lively tadattrtalalag. i

= r :, .... 51. .. w w lair pLes . .
P11tos. uteri

an tOK"01F1)-A rIM

I .t aaeo.flrad report

i ireeletlti threigbettltl
and tbeatrttal
BAT IB' COACI"CoathBettrt .. ggtU. ndenalte
cite) **
(Pttt) 'rtffta.ti.traek tad laal breakn I
otaeft ttnerlda
of tho Bldaty
Mlttrtlty, toaeatiaad lltr'o aarrtigieefeseoteaed
tttortd Bob Byes to ben Ian ttthy
feet *.rld r._"" Ptltltr.VKI .
... JaaaJta


tee Bt k n* Beet Dteter
I w II sun Tear Doctor rrttrtb Hi Ltd KH'J Halt Stilts

J BH _*rla *4 PtaraMtata
1 1t ..A..rdtag t. year aets's
An AI m
..*. .* It* Dray '\t Bt ,

... C.L $ .. aaltt7 firmct

t Pro- Jucks.vIII.IkrCo1hIhK.. r

i BMITM pftjawcxsn 19 atBm Tttd -

A etirt> iti tin trUNy's
/4(4 1n tlerlateet M.dreedlea...*'..

Beef at its Best Dnf Start 630 DAVIS STREET \

)''J.i' WJ MNC NM A 3.1 7I I...... vital


; -
l .
,... '
e.t..4Y.fl .I 1ki.!< .a.o"A l' -_-._vR- -.-fjyp7lttitt'L._._---C .. .......-...., ._j..

.. --
I ,

11- .. 'I ,) I

HTUiiT HHMiii I. 1114 mini STII uns .. t I

ABOUT PEOPLE Assumo Temporary Posts pt' Dove Staion's AIM Dirtcler 01 Piillc RilutlMS \.4<)'.1,

First PhosCbseu To Fuliri EdicilloB Wnk ProgrtpFHAMA
Friends sad taint!... of Brother Ira t. Hawbly _., '

are delighted to kMt that he baa beaa reloaaed Sunday / OH_Aa obttnrance of Aaericaa Edueatio

firm Lake City Roapital after a five noon period Wl./ A8Sm-"tara are leek ud a ealute to aeabtra if the teacblag pro *,4

Of ODaflBtaOBt. I. tl back at bit hOBO at 186 /. raaladed that they have fetaloa .111 bo coabtned during a prograa tore t ;
38th St.Beceat. little ante flea a week Sunday aftaraooa. Novaaber U, at Macedonia ,ap. .
caeata of Mr. Rably ud tie cbaralai la which to hunt dovetdarlai tilt Chart. .......................' I

rtf .er.lr. ud Mr' *. J.... p rrar ud Mr. ud x tk, ,k;, ,, tho fl rat phatt (kieat apeaker, according haa atrvtd la varied .:. I
Mr*. J. Herri of Lot Attains. California nofoaraoae dove ...10., n* that to aa uaonncoaent editorial capacities oaatverel .. (

reported ktrln u. enjoyable stay taro phat dov aeaaoa clo.. by tk. R... J.*.. T. aatloaal sad ,'.
1* tho Gateway city, at auadowa Noveaber B, tlllt,pat- regional negro ".lilt.. :' ;
/./././-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/ Tke aeeoad phil .111 tcr.wlll be eta waa also for a tie .
Pvt. Betty J. BobUeon. daughter of Hr. and Mr*. .y open Btte>wlde at coos Mr*. TbtltaOfirhu utlttant aanaglBB tdl

LM B.Boblaaoa. 1304> P.ttlford Dr. completed lkt Noveaber 14 ud eoatiaae ac* tor of no Crltlt, BB*
week of bade trtlilBi at the ...'a Any Corps for aiiteea daya ofbanting. tint director ttoaal orgaa of the
Ctatar la ft. Mcdtllu. Alt. Durlaf tilt tralalag.Pvt. {t Tat aeeoad tea- ot pub NAACP.uadtr Boy illUna'
Boblaaoa received iattructioa IB anhjocta aoa clotea at auadbwa oa lle rela edltor..lp.

web u ant history ud tr.dI UOII. _llhtr.- Novwabtr SB, I titan ud Mr*. Qorbta I* lltttd
the procedurei, allltary Juatlco ud flret Ud.Eho .xvTLAOIR The apodal b..r buata lataocltt* la tho'* Iho la Aaerica.

IB B recent graduate of New Stutoo Senior la tho ApalBohioola udOaceola director of .bo' a 11I0 la the lid...'
Hllh Icboo I. .... National Foreataeloae lit&.Cl>lllMI 0 0
-- ---- --- -- jourealltla and /4o n tho la the
/././././././-/./*/./*/ mans trw ploHda loMrtal Collet. St. Ainetla. are pictured a* "',.blf 7, and the at Florida Mil Ual arN South sad Southwest.A "'
After undergoing surgtry at Brtester Methodist bovo oa eaaptB, prior to taklac .P lateraablp toMblai poata la the udeatCity. ..,.01 al archery hunt oa .ber of tea Rah.' 1 '.

Hoapltal dr. Joseph toot of A. 25th St. to convaleaclag ; "jackaooTllla Htttlita ud paltUa. snon ltk tie Itttrat, front row tit Iglla Military Be.aervatloa Ia saluting ttachtra ofPtnuaCtty torld ,Faith the repre '..
.t hi a boa. Ho IB a aaaber of rr. Bin elMlaalonary loft are lire. R.L Purytar, director of lateraahlp at fir, and Dr. Deuor I. doettone-half I r.. (brhu tented the Baha'ie la .
Baptist Church ud auy elrle organisations Aoderaoa profeaeor of tA caUCIII, hour after auadioB No.,t. will apeak oa tea tub IlISa .t tea Oaher.lt or ,
hero la Jacksonville.OHOMTULATKNSI joot, "The Oreateet Hatall HOBO 1 ill during '
/-/-/-/-/-/././-/./-/-/ Roy Wilkiis To Clinu 25tl Sissioi !His "I o kfess" For Cmer's Teuaatea Of Our Clvi- the Caapua Coaftreaee eaBtllgloa
]' I are la order for Sgt. and Mr*, I1I1Uol"'IIII. And at that Isati "
jaaea Ctrl Davis of Tuscon Art ion. for btlng tit 01 Mi. Coiferuci>t 01 t BrnckisTALLAHASSa Ei J, Styi I.rill Arl.,rsoot1AelIINOTOtINtI1It.p171at Ttachtra." tutloa. ,
proud net parent of a baby boy born recently. tte A graduate of tie Unl A aativo ef Itast
BO* arrival Baaed after hit atilt weighed IB atTpounit -Ratledie H. Pttreoa, Florida StateCoBfereaco aba feel ud about ending her to concert a query career of whether staterrariaa unit of Mlnnetota City ro., _n. oorhaaIs '.'
lht ouncea. Tht Bother. ttlll bubbllaitttb of NAACP Bruchee Pretldtit, uaoueed where the it a tandldate a aeabtr of Alpha
kkpplDttt.lt tit hoer rise Bttty Jeaa Aaque tilt reef that the fentyPlfth Aaanal Seetloa of tit Aaderaoa.laid bar lent .eN. "SadTNol AbIOlIt.l tor the Pb.d degree Kappa Alpha Sorority ud '
not. > have the right to be thankful for a .
Of jMttOBTlllt. Coaftreaee will dote with toy tllklaa, lieeutlvo Dl- Tory lucky career." ............,......,........ Mra. Oorbaa hit taught Jack and lot Aaert* ,
/./././*/-/././././-/-/ rector of the NAACP apeaklBf at tho Ckarlea VeatiDodDieater. Mitt Aaderaoa la at Muptoa inatltute, ca, Ino. Bheltth* that :
located oa the eaavua) of rlorida AM Oalver our atag ia U2So'Iae. for ,,'
Jack ton rllle Btaeh Daatotary Junior Riga aclooladded where the alto aervedIB Negro man to b* elected
roatly ftrewelltour
alty, Sunday afternoon Noveabor IS, at 1:10:> p.r. oa a ah* bu tae lilt rial.* \'
IB'tho relatlona Theta
a its to .blnhl, la
BM personality to staff a public
ptraoa ........................ that ..,,, the end ,
al ia knoeUng dowa I!
la the COB ra
of lira. HtJtn Bawls Grtata, 'graduate of Florida uaouBclai of her profeotloaal capacity, at Lincoln Blit Phi, national honorary I
will apeak at the cloaoof
foresee Mr. Pearaoattated elal barriera agalatt
AMI University. University Jeffersoa friteralty tor. I
the Thu relay Rellttora carter ud took till
ate baa lentil la tie public school ayata taro that repreaeata off after her appearanceto Nero concert porforaert, City ro? and la the wtwea is joureallaa, and
'la DuTal county for a sorbet of yotrt, tie latent flan trot aeveral aajoriaduttrtal Leader Seetloa. for plcturee and and ha ottabllahed her public achools of Olla la "51 ... tho recipientof
position btlai at Loaf Branch wher abe ttmd u fiesta op* Tie "10... IB NAACP ...pone..r quoattont about aelf u Oil of tko ...t boat City, Ok 11? lid ".000 Adult Kdu*

trade coordlattor. urt. Grl... la afniUtod with eratlai la Florida will Service" troip will hat aha pi aaa to do.W. loved root roaouaedperforaer I.... City Mo. catloa pellovehlp apon
tie Seventh Day Adrtotlat Church,Del U 81 pa Ibota bo reprtaeated at the alca convene OB Iburtday .. if aha to have ape A vtttr.a aewtptper* aored by the Ford PWndP I
Coaforanco to dlac... with the State 0&1 coca. piaaaedto peered la Aaertet ud '
Sorority tho Dual Ouldueo Ataoeiatloa aad the woaan and publlclat. ahi atlo*.
oa televiatoe
I Leo n turn Club. eaployatat opportaal* Hrt. label ....r. of appear Grope "a ,

/./././*/./././././././ the tor Metro ud to Jackaoavllle la ckart aha....latghed etll leave ud TV anti to la addlttoa tots beau* "' .. :
Baby lull a.t. IMPIIIII smuts
I aid IB outllalai plant Ir. tlful ooatralto voice.
Mra. Doris P. Brow of Florida Univeralty IB
tie .
ud tit
attending the thort ten oourte for faculty aa- for reachlBf '10 rl cia'. Bntoaal DlrKtor will young ale la well liked for PATENT MFDIC1NCS COSMETICS ,
aad the
tars of oolltiltte achoolo of nursing apoaeoredby alnorlty croupe root of* addreu the will(roup.Awarda bo redo. tone Mitt Aadtrtoa good looking.first ker char, kualllty. andaenalty. ALL LEADING HAIR PREPARATIONS .: I

the DnlTtrtlty of North Carolina School of fected by uaeaployaeat.Mr. youth relief nt.oa.toutat.dI. appeared o. the ooaoert Cor. Broad and Ashley fL 4-2159 1
. Nuralai. This corral of proftttloaal laproveaeat pearaoa aald thatCoBpulM coatrlbutloala : ,
for faculty Babers la tchool of nurtlai la under already acreaIII '
the Tight For Free
, the dlrectorehlp of Dr. flirt B. le lt. to participate lathe ud braachetcontributing v ,
do. to
/././././././././-/./ Tbtrtday aettloatpontortd to tk* '\ .
by the ,MAACP "
After vtcatlonlng with her three woe IB dUll irowth of NAACP.
farther north Hra. Mary willlaia of 1S1I w. 19USt. Church CoMltteo are: Ibo Btatloaa will bekeld i .'
to back boat tatlafled till her vlelta. she no rattle Coapaay. Or* at tke Philadelphia .. .
visited Capt. Jaota L. tllllaaa Jr. and fully of ludo; FtlrchtldStra* t.ptlatCiOroi, BIO
Topeka. Kanata; Oeorie C. tllliuo la Heapbla, toe. St. Aiiuttlat; Duaa Street ia t.lIa- '

t_.; and Curt It B. .1111.... ttudent at ChaouteColl Hoaeywtll St. petera h...*. Florida, e I I I SUGARi 1.1"
bun and Oeaeral Deo ,
f tie la Chant tt. Kaataa.INDEPENDENT. trie rift offleta IBDaytoaa Io art t. .....u.,

OIL CO. Bttcb. Tko Florid field director .
tor tte MAACT aaaovaeedtkattkeSperry
_JOOSENE HGMK rfllVFRT Capo leaaody Space llcrowave ,It' :
MECHANIC ON DUTY Operatic will be repre .
Blectroalo'e Coroaa7
Ike Joseph .................... Proprietor tented by peraoaa MB* will also be reproaoated QUANTITY SPECiALs GOOD j. "" ,
State and Jefferson Streets EL 60432 aeetod elth t.. Per at tee Tharttty COB- RIGHTS. RISIRYID THROUGH SATURDAY 5 39 !'I.,
totael Departaeat fervaca. us. '
there," be sal.. I

OYAL ART STUDIO rr pearaoa raid that 5..11.1

R principal. apeak ere for rhl 35.1tt art ,eM trNt, .-'
the fburday aeulaaotaer
515 DAVIS STREET SelectsCoirt ..s .
lion ... tllklae will boUPlola
ELgin 4-1894 for".UOI.I ? .
/ ..
Torn a.or.t.n.IAAQ, IIUN'S ClUIHHI
who will spat for the .ADISONBuketbalICbaeb i

RATIIUICIl torn Settloa oa FridayalfUiDr. S. Col aiao aced "
; Joie '. Davta.Dt :
tk* olectlo* ef abereof t
Illl IKS ret tor ef leather the !*. tS acetate BUnER .
lei faro for tko MAACPLtcal haler Coll ie'Ja tort"Baaketball
I -CtIIrs. tH-Tipis ix Del... ud Kda "a*. They

tatleatl n.d. I..., are: .IN sILH tt ottt /tttttt l/.
SM Ills First ? will be tko prlaelpal Jbt.v Mlaay, afretfc.aaa .
.....er for tte FreedoaiAearda fro BrleajnoeatB. .' I

-litiu '''Ue- Dluer .a Satar C'.to. aopaoaiore fro
day alfht. no dlaaer iklt Iprliftt Joka.
Open Dally till be bold at the Deal el lire*, a ..U.*
Florida AM OalveraltySlik f lit Otkj Freddie
OWl nuius Sckeot Cafetortaa. 1",11 efradleot. aeptr .
Ir. ,..... will deliver ..re: Merbert C. UepklBt DETERGENT 59
the 'eyaote Addreao"oa Mpker fro* lUll sin
!S ..,...., .....,. nu spriM; itttte* s
.M { no Bet. Blokard r.ed.ar entire eftdl
tuaaey.. a
} ,ut., ef tte. ml .* ud **p*..*r*; lilt n.H If It'l' ,ItNrHt H ,. j1R
facto Chtrcb of ,.... CUad B. '..**.r. *.!*.. :.
_fI fret LI.* Oat: n*.. t
4'w MtItHlstJ ENrete
dere 0. Taeep e ef WI caM MI PIES :
Perry, .*..*.*r*: (Mree
Two lifrt W/..uim taatlatN..pt+...,. :

r... .... .. aad flllleCl4
at Nct.t h (JIPJ)'Ttr
Mgr .... **a big. tllllu. I'.*>> GRITS MEAL fttt11E1t1, n lIEirt S
level artlaaeatlU ran I.... OTBrtea, /
,w Hrtk Ceatral .r/.ele- Tk* ttaUUve *MM It fIM4M

tie eM,.,.*. of U* laded:
...'. Bbdetyef Carletlta *>* .. feeler Cklln* 5. 511/ $1II.
"m..r..ta.- .f ...*..*,.. at.. IS, /1.

...et Caertft earltd It* (neret p...*.U JMlor < 5 29

aaaaal aeeilac bar r*. dollofo ef Pu
..u,, h V, .*.. 211. mf;

Mr*. .... awttq. 1e. B.wu* 4Mlr Otlleeef III
dlataevlle. *.* *l"tedtecretary Oiala, Bee.1. rUe HIH 'i'
(There) J.i... /MlrCallee TOIATOIS
.. ;
ef U* aaq. M .J S
*. .!.. |SwnBa
.laletry aad Mr*, etrt* ** 1 1IACON
a.l," fcfartead. Chi ..*a.d/BarC+ .lle**. (mss
... IT. CVeroh *.lt.*
.. sated eeref II.25C
O* BMlsatl eee. Jwier ail..ef B*,le*. ul sr HQ I" ,
.I tie* as. J**, !. rs.reiVeleel
Tile eeprede.tdMUM _.., Call**.. 3 S 1 1HnlD

KEN KNKftTtofts **fed tt* Ant 1..t/. 'nbemr. Baaifta 1H.
JBBlre.lle*. Jaa. 0.iStri I lUll IIItI
flee 9* .. .
l e JeelerCellee II.
You To Llftm Tom Be ..
of Bt. ,.ut*
.. .
U tie et4M4.ft .
iu raN I tally...N!.. ..,., re >. ..... I. 1 .MI III
tud jtriMirtU, to U f.*r*>.

.* peel, V 1..... .*..
"DANCE PARTY"ifMlf b... ...a* tt* el I ..*,.> POTATOES BANANAS .1
eUid C4 lrI J*.

U'M' 'II MMSitifJff rt..tttM, ....-. ettt
iw v...eit ....

f ,... '1+1 12 ,... *rl Ossfartj) ...tt4.dlllle i
**....*. .
ewe B* dBMMttM* a%. 10 111. 49 1 OC
1... WWK 14H .*p.rMe lerledletl*) U.

Bf ........ "


,,"' .-.,'..,.,.......-- ........ ." :A.

l ( "'f

I i M fltitl tm MKB WIII1T MTOriM 7, INI


I Dide's Schools, Parents Prepare Brown Sots Recognition Ceremony Sostfliari U. Foils To Score

Spotlight For Nal'l Education WeekIt 10,000. Yard I IB 3rd Successive GOBI

till b.back to achool for thousands of parents tos&tag MarkPITTSBUROJiaay LORMAN. Mlsa.-(NPI)-Southern Oslvrity'a

as Dad' school ytea tuna the spotlight on reach for a football victory was foiled for another

education Novorier .-U. .,..................... Brows, weak at least when Aloon College sent the Jaguar
The 44th annual oba..0 ."- breakfasts, skits to the broasa "blockbna- reeling to a fourth straight defeat by a 21-3 aar

CI of Au rt till Education spaghetti suppers, parades tel" for tilt Cleveland .... .........................

Seek sllbelwnk- to plO al s, reported Brown of the Natloaal r The Jaguar went through sate IIIce....

.d with a colorful, Mr*. Mary Hogeeaullcr.cbalraan Football League. beers the third straight ..* ..pacaedalaeyarda
festival la Dinner Key of this phase
the first nan la historyto
without scoring a touch to and Robert Brow for
Audltorlua starring a of the project cross the 10,000-yard do... The only scorlag the toacbcbwa to give the

244-plte. orchestra, Rl tlers' 'RHIeaeiSchedflo sack la rushing aa the effort la Southern' Brave a 6-0 score la the,
eoapoaed of top BUS- Browns beat the 'I U.-
three-week old '
offensivewaa first quarter. EddiePaulkiss
chili tram 22-schools, PlakhesTAtLMAE8IZ'the burg Steel ers 30-17 br
a M-yard field goal kicked wide'fron
and a 1.000-volcs' bell Florida Sunday.A .
punted by lobo Claytoala plactneat to leave,
and harp dlai r. MM UnivenitrZOTCRitleteas ; crowd dolt to 50, 000 '
the second
quarter. the score unchanged.
has won three and the second largest IB
Alto featured will bs
Abort scored la the Southern University
lost two Batches
and IB- Stealer history saw the
art iblblt
The ter defeated flrat laarteroaa fourth tackle Pete lanes recovered |
year. 2l-yar-old fullback
factional display, ;
doe foible'
punt that caught aa Alcoa
Hill College
Sprint crash the record tbs
work of tu-
dtpletiBf '
and the Jaguar offsideTherem9ltiag oa tilt Brav** 13-yard' .
Mobil., Ala., twice
dents froa .1.11I t.1'7 to Prairie Vies Ail of first tlBbcrrld the MIAMI IAtOIIoIltri".. High awarded tisaoad-stsdded lapel pins to three 40year yardage gave line, but lib. aSoutherai t

bit achool.Keyed and ball la the second qusr-: veteran Bploys of th* City of Miami during recognition c.r ax>ale by the Brave a first do... penalty andaalnua carry
Prairie View, Tens, .
to the ths7ducatioapBya lost catches to Florida ter.They stood and roared the Civil Service Board Oct. 30. The three, troll left, tllllaa Martin SB; Salter A 33-yard paaa play left the ball on the 26-'

Dividends," State University of Tale a* the announcaBtnt* cams Bethel, 60; and Arnold strachan 64. began working for the city la 1923. A from Aleoro quarterback yard has oa a fourth

the Sunday to Sunday observance labs*tee (1241-1237) and over the |1 ant loud total of MS eaployss. logging I,no service year. were presented with gifts Manual Hattii to halfback down, the call went outj;

will md with to Tuakego\ Institute of speak.n. while an additional SOO received five-year pins froa their department heads, Sen tall ace set up to Clayton, aad b* delivered

an open-house at Mis.i- Brown continued to grind la the largest award program la the d tJ'* '.,tar history.MiamiMetro. the touchdown, with an with the 36-yard
Alabama (117116
Dad Junior Oulleg.. ,The top shooters tot out ysrdsgssabs ran the ( News Bureau Photo) Interference play that field goal to asks the
total to 140 la 2.carrt. .
Id bttMM, there will Florida AIM bar baffilll left the ball on tilt score, at balftlae, 6-3,
...'nI1i enabled ttra
b. back-to-school nights McCoy of Pbaali Brown to bring tblr TIpi From A Sage Douglas Progrms Southern four-yard line with Alcora la the lead.
at asny of the county's taking part la the ulu-
City, Ala. and Fuin
306 school center, season aark to 6-1-1

special .....IIU.. and 71ori Caapbell da.Light of Jtcksonvlll plus 23-7 loaatoth8tlra gala rvns for Education Week P801111t.1 (aster Research Scientists

other ,event to help I.-
lOre catches Ire The teachers
Principal -
to r. the pablio of three weeks ago.
changes tad progress scosdulsd for the 1864-65 Cleveland started the of Douglas n.eatery To Head Soitheisten Seilur Here

school ,tlr. They are aa scoring with a 10-0 laadla School are bolding twelve
taking place la tod.., A elected faculty of nationally proalneat
follow; Worth Carolina their annual American
the second quarter
educational arsis*. cancer research ecientlataandphyalciana will lead
AlT College of orocaaboro l Education:: peek Activities
but the tlrs case
Activities is individual i dlacussioaa and give latest reports oa cancer
Nov. 7, PAID Rang; daring the week of NovaaberB14. -
back to knot the score
schools during the week findings lad therapy at the n. lO.t..t.nltat.

sill mi true oonctrta Southern University, ap with B field goal and Cancer Sealnar which will b* held at the
Baton Hoii. La. Nov. I lie these for this week
to coffees, book fain to TO. Robert Meyer, Noveaber 11 and 12 here.
14 Baton Rouge; John B. Lou Gross kicked field la "EDUCATION PATS .......................
Barry Sophs Stetson Unlveraity. Da- goals of 36, 22 lid 11 II VI DIICDIII." Natter of the aedicsl State Board of Health

land, Nov. 21, Del and; asd dental professions
yards. Krai Greene ran A. laproved Farnlag and sabers of the Duval
Schedule DanceA Onlvsrslty of Mlaatfla. for a pair of Tt>* and MIL JOWBQN (left). B 12-year-old BOB-, professions Power. throughout Florida and County: Medical Society.;

Black Magic Dane ( ), Dec 4, Mlaal Clifton McNeil caught a but politics-wise, chat with th* then Democratic B. la Personal Fulfilla adjoialag states, are The aealaar plaaalagcoutttee

will b. sponsored by lilt Florida Stat and Auburn scorlag 25 yard Frank Vice Presidential candidate, ... Hubert H. Huaphray a extended an ope Invitation does hoeever

eophoaore claaa of Barry University of Alabaaa, Ryan pass la the easy during tilt lattera Chicago appesraac last week C. flood Cltlieaahlp. to attend the hOe request that doctors and

College on Saturday, Jan. 23, PAID Range; victory, oa the eve of too election Johaaoa. whoa funfl of D. Natloaal Ccoaoalc day technical sessions dentists who plan to attend

... Tuakegee IlIti tu t.. ,.11. political know-how astounded / and prograaa.There 1* no send
Ito 14, at I p this John Htnry Johaaoa Hmphrey, has had the Growth. the caferaace

12 p... la Thoapeoa Hall 13, PAW Ranges) All. .00..... the other Stealer rare privilege of voting for 10 president, begtaalag L Better CbMualtle, fee for the 8elaaraeetiag their aeaes aid addreaaea -

Patio Barry Caapna. Florida Mt larch I.", Touchdown la the fourth with fllliaji NcKlnler In IIM. which la being to: BoatheasteraStatea

Music will b* furnished University of Florid: quarter oa B one-yard ; presented aa a joist Cancer Seaiaar
and South Carolina State ".."E. Police cancer control projectof
by the 'Coua tdoll"' pluag i Reports Office. 6(4 Oak Street,
Attire, vats and tlaa. Oplll Date, FAMU Rang*. the Florida Division Jacksoavlll Florida
of th* series Cancer
b flalsbtspaylagkls 6500 N ff 22nd Ave. reported 32204.
Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion Whenever debt* to the bells robbed of Society, tilt Florida

law aa alleged holdup 110 la cash receipt by Social Security

BU olla Lewis McCray, OBB Ban aid two wises

will think talc before passengers ea Saturdayomlag.
Disc Jockey 0. I an a widow 60 year old. My buabend died I year)
another Oct. 31.
attoapUsgtorob agoI wa* able to support ayself aatll last fall she
cabdri Abridge said th* trio
"r.PoU" I had a bad stroke Now I can't do anyttlag slice ay
disclosed Balled his at Nt. Both
left aid 1* paralysed. Caa I get ay widowa check
36 I'. sad 22ad Av*. at
that McCray, ,
MIl else I can't work at all U
2161 Nf 51th it. and about It40 susand
of A. Toe can't get widow'a checks. But. It sees that
a woaaa eoapaaioa littleTkosas sated to b* take to Nt.
yon night get disability payaeata o. year owa work
balled the cab Bath St. betweea 2lt
aader social security
at Nt 3lat Au. and .Nt61th ash 3>sd Av*.
Q. My SOB bad been supporting a* she he was killed
k St. McCray palled a Tie driver laid that
last year. H* was la allltary service aad all th*
OB driver tllllaaMcLaaor when b* arrived at the
funeral eipeaaee were paid by tt* eervtce., I'a oily
+ ..,1... ')0"' r. location theaaa pressed
55 years old. I* there aayttlagl should do BOW about
rH U going to dlB." B gun agalsst the bach social acarltyfA.

McLeaore, later ststlsg of hIs tick aad told bin
t* seed proof that h* rural... aver aae-balf at
that alec he was golsg let to look back. The
year support at tilt tla *f hi* death Tee aaat
7 to die h* Bight a* well oaaa took tat vlstla'a
finish this evidence wlttla two years of tat date h*
die tlghtlag. grabbedthe Bjoaey and h* was theardered
Nick! Ill aaapect'B gaa after cat at the cab died. Tour local social security office will help yea
Holder of ..,1.' la flllag this proof af support.
the woaaa bad taken hi* The trio drove the cab
Broadcasting ItOCII'IIJ2IOIaUnoulloe" 0. My 60-year-eld fatter gets a railroad retired
aid started to away and It was later
seas deck but ha sever worked aader social secarity. I
Vial Naoas Reckla login wrest It tics tat baadlt.Deeatte feuad at Nl 10th aid
aid aced
operate an open air fruit aarket a Bighttatehaaa
list Av*.
gas favlag Cam I biro ny father for this jsb sad pay

fired tic dsrlsg tat IllffllllllflOjilck aodal security tares oa his wage to help his get
atraggle McLa.r* fl-
actien bas alert credit?
sally subdued McCary by alert at a 7 toO Nt I3U A. Tee. Beglaalag silk 1161. work dose by B parent
the Ua plt.* arrived.HeBll.BtUTboaM.
Ave grocery, recited la the BOB *r ....t..** trade er baalae 1* amid

LLU IB .cajtar af B holdup by social security torb by a parent la th* private
had coifed with MeteBe
can sad two .**.**,*. hose af a BOB ar daughter. Is still aottevered aaderaodal
M7 dvrlag the
aoeoBflle, nil** re- MCllri U.
.ale*. (a* Is still heist
ported.there 0 To* folks toned a* down last year ** ay dlsahllt
sought by poll*.
easier Laveralagraha ty clala I had aaoagb work redlts.bat yea said !ny

Bob Tint Both see were treated held poll** aas disability ....' severe *...... I'a 63 year aid
far woods suffered lathe
ease la to tt* a to'". sea Can I get ny rettreaent paraesta cwt
FT** 100: to I:10 settle at Jactaoa
drew a lag hUt fr A. I**. Reneaber. though that she yea take peer
A1I I. Hush rra tAMF.Itadt I.n"n IroHrir BIT Maori MoaplUl, blab.lt .. told her te retlreneat payaeata early, yoar aoattly ,.,...u ar

IMHIItllflfBohera 'Vat all tat dew .... la thus they would b* at ace 65. This ,,*..101 lapr

'.n...... 37.f la ills ...." *..'.I.r shed will not b. raised U U* fall

MM M. T4ti Terrace Mrs lagrakaa bad Mla .. .aaoaft wfcen w.a get to *. .s.

SEE AND HEAR THESE told ,.UN" WM walk phase eeaveraatle j

Isgbetv** allt sad wttt tier iris leMa... i

U40 a... *. Oct. 31 us she aeea heartag U. I

Nt 44ta 8t. Bear 30 UAre. threat, laaedlatelyealled

when c 1>U *r t. th* ".,a U'I

Mite kick .. al4 by era_

RADIO STARS .ar te...e..!..pas..4 Tb* anapest *aa seen

fell then buried ....*. gwttlas late a r4 sad

cad fries hr hi*. hit* IM3 PH MMrtagIM4 U.

B. said tat tar TM. Flrld license

tw two D.oar .. tw. registered U James

a.> ta
WAME 1260MIAMI btu ....,. ten I* told ...

Mien he bad .... h. e.44aeef at the Pmreoa
the fMrtet atncftbtBM resides** by ahertfr

U. bead situ (BBMU derail sore lobby

., : .t .n callttrpi yB16a and Baa tMaan
anal.Bl la a ...*... a* tt. B..

1M new w treated lewtlv .,... raaraaaB WMBMSfellight

At 11 I..|..* ....,a,. Beet tt reap ld.ntlHed .
Hear "Hot lint" Nightly p.m. treat ). .tt sasrw awanll.n .
Product ol Tit
IMIIIIIIMMsrt three ass were Week

WithArt Green *ftarf4. wta aced sib.hasp. .
huthcr < '*B,, MX .r Miami, fl.td.PttE .

i -

UTitiiT UirjIEl 7 1HI t niiiii mi mIlS ) i
__ __ AiJ.. ,

I.B'-IIII-TII.rs FacoDofoaslvo Jacksoevillo blue Gear Attack for Bvcciitors Of Mobile Alabama 1Wi

r Powerhouse

&*,.|la St. Pool Saturday

.. By VIRGIL HAK1NS tIC Tigers They have not .1.// / ,
.J" '" t.
faced a fee that large ....
The Edward waters Col- this aeasoa, an wit i. A x?
j.t t .11.
legs Tigers
retsrsed ;
leased by the St. Paul
trot West Pals Beach, Jf. .. <1'\1"' t.j....... ..
tattles u Janea Ih,. ". ...
here they defeated the S'l" 270 pounds; Ervla I p j jt

Mississippi Industrial Richardson, 6'4" 2(9 ; ;
College Teas 32-0, to
pounds;Ot art ea Brewater. ,
site ready for their 6' 240 pound and Bay'.ond
.boaeccBing fee, St. Psul Parent playing cat* ? yen
Collect Tiger of Lawrencevllle +
ter, weighing 2JO and M
standing 911" .
The EfC Tiger had to The St. Paul record la: S
give wy a great deal St. Paul 0, Howard University *
of weight and played U ,
; St. Paul I. b'd
.ud to defeat their Augustine 6; St. Paul 6,
stubborn fee froa MissUaippl. -
Elisabeth State 44; It. .
Paul 18, Uvlagatoa 0.
The St. Paul Titers till .
The tiC Tigers will CO 4' (
coal to the city with a Into the sporting a r'-'' .
see -------- v
1964 con-los. record of 6
winning record and 46
3 wins Bid 2 10..... the scores to their opponents PROFESSIONAL BTAR1 TO APPEAR with U* Robin la U* Gator Bowl I: 11 Saturday school, Baas height with five core poundd to his advantage; Harry drown. .*,"
two losses lire adainlatered 20. Bight ftC they fee the Buccanaeera of Mobil. Alabaaa. Proa left to right 299 pounds frost North' Carolina UT and llllie Ruasty 5' 10" 219 Ibn, fro I

by two strong End Don Dl alII, I' "' 230-pounder t roe PAW; Eugene Glower, sets position sere Florida AhM.
teaaa of the CIA, Hotard -

University defeating fill Play DIY Return Match To Show Hare I

lliabeth the; 6-0 aDd City powerful State Robins Victory Flight To Schedoli AononrxtJliU !_' ______

College to St.a 44-6 Paul subjecting drubbUf.while Dot.thea Tarry In Gator Bowl Sat. T events the announced for scheduling the Boy this of aDivision .

high scoring tee, has week, the annual Pall
been able to hold th.oppo..at. After week's lay-off to let ready for the greatly lap roved Mobile Ala Buc Play Day prograa epoa- 4 t '1
cancers the Jackaonvill I le Robins are drilling again under the watchful eye ofBuaett. sired by Ute Jai Depart'
to .low score. Coach-General: Manager Al e................................... emit of Recreation has
BO fee aeorlai sore than tk
all points against than The Robin beat the full back,a forcer player earlier discussion with ben completed for 'III...
la a ....11111 have been Buccaneers 14-10 earl at PANU and Herb adnlalstratlv head Inso day Nov. 17 at 2 SO p...
ier In the llackahear at lib who at wilder s
held scoreless only once, year but ** of the South' Recreation
by Howard University.The because ofnaj or Inproveenta .la described by Bassett cities 1U finer *.ggregatlon Center.
St. pauiniera will In the Alabama as the fastest player policies has niglble for participation
present aproblei for the tea. Saturday Bight's la the league. On the led to satisfactory will be students
I encounter In the Gator defensive tea for the ends. of the 4U, 5U and Ttt tJiL.
"Bow la expected to be a Robins will be Don Dixon "There la no longerthe Oradea.
\ Witch This Clowa1J1411 battle of sheer power Gene Clover Harvey worry of sone of Events win include -..", '-- "411

.and athletic ability Brown Rd: Siswona and our Negro ball players chlnalng, fonardiagpaaalag liviD OATS ANTICIPATED -o..pU. being banned .by Ue Band Rullig Association
Coach Baaaett coa Roosevelt King. not being able to play. for distance early adraaee ticket sales point to a record live and closed circuit attend
11-111-T! tinuea to sing the praises The defensive line to They can now play In all foul ahoetlig clock aloe wheat world" a heavyweight eh.plos Caaslit Clay left) defends his crow
1 5 of several of his tale close to 1200 pounds genes out of town.e basketball sad other .,....t challenger Sonny Listen Monday night Nov 1C U ton Garden Jan I
stem from Florida UM. Coach .....U. la anisterviee will be a such stronger outdoor features Prise sport fane will have an opportunity to eee the bunny via Closed Circuit Tele
1 3 Bethune-Cookaan. aad with a STAR tea now, Baaaett will awarded the three vision ei the bit screen here at Jai Co It stun with 1.000 ringside. sects nee
North Carolina AMT who neweaan, said that said la eoncluelon.ahuttera top contestants in eachcategory. availaMi at popular prl..., acwrutag to prwuter Jlwnie MurUnr.
I 211II11 are partly responsible .

for the equal being in s> S. C. Stilt Saris Pollsters
promising second place ,
111-12-/IS In the Routhern Pro SPORTING IT UP'
Hnnetinee Me a upftoaetlae t... ion II Foothill Outclasses littm TI ors 264

He* a Down League.In Though slated win the anneal actor B'11 l Claealcby

He adds, subtracts the last two con With DON LOTTITnA8THCN10HTB.7DULA. M just one touchdown' the Bulldogs of Month
tests the Robion beat
He worka it all around.OOML10 Carolina State College, rtdiag on the accurate a..

-" AmnION/ Gadaen Ala 21-0 and .
54 75 31K.on's Qothan la the, Ale starting 27.lineup tilt town..not a hotel ... silent they all had The Dragoa. with only see eoafereetce defeat for ever the .ethuns-Cooknen College>> tlIdeate )la the

.... for the Roblna will be their eound. The moss were all lit with hips tilt eeaeon, kept their till !hope alive a* well Oator owl Saturday sight,.e...eeea.eeeee..e Nee
..................... 210 Ib Mills Buaaey ..tTen. bewlag ao bright..Is hopes that a good fate .o eaeturlag s Jubilant hooeeoolsg tilt. It caa Ue first u t* pass 4fedra. ma
DaysAre would wee during the light. STANTOO'S' hi 01 CMCVlt4.ere not no nucceaafilI beck I. five attempts llellcn tilled to shoe
Ei A & I The sas rose that corn and went back; to tide..It their hoaeeonlag endeavor eth Center Nigh for the nations leach the true ,reflect" sf
Numbered appeared that It too hated to choose side.The lehool *f tsycrot, 0*. and fell vletlo to a tea this ...aJ,. the gaee.thuse.

"Man1 a Days are :!1un (stricter Din'tMFHlsOPt flew open end out popped a dleheartenlsg defeat. This Is sothlagae fer A crowd sf about 10,000 Coeknsn duolaated theft
berd".Health and Fortune head..It looked hurriedly then coy Coach floall' tao tat there Is aootthlag shostho fan* watched s* TracyHodge rat 11I1') ent rely,nn*
Can Be Tours when. >'.F.aeralservices ly u It out of dread. .e onlg that sakes everyone east to elm noatter *, a terser Jack 1st for 111 fords 14
To Know Tour tacky were held here JII Then cane the crowd not .(oweds hoe the teao his sired Is early S e*"eoaattewpta. seavllle athlete' re* do's 13.
Days* tacky Colors ttc. recently for Lesley II* their n'_1. .tII., alI stood la eon termed. BOO. t. *..,. II But It wane urmuh the
Bend 12.00 for your llngtoa Scott Tl-year- ler.. I' Bethune leave durieg U* New Stanton deeplts great aeaaoaa Is prvlo ., Mouth Csrellaa'a. 24polsts. sir .. Hedge III Jobs'
Guide torNoveeber old foraer instructor at ilghtf But. Bethua was still there pears, I* falllig short of what I* generally *i* Nodse three fur Illie*) for the first
Horoscope I the Tennessee A*I 011YlnUlIt'.IOI.dIool OX LCTT when the en/stli Mew that ii.it.. petted of the*. True ."gh,athletes sewsdays lei Tt.kicked |1-yr AC tow**!*, reeled. forshll
Pill U !the blank below : end Sonth Carollns stats would now have to fight. are set chat they seed to be, but, there I* oooo field goal and three S during the elf,
and all to ZODIAC. Poet she died atlennedyVeterana But to 10 avail BUiuae weed Its great trick... good talent 01 th* Use Devil tees They have points after tench then cans hack la pitch
hospital loeleg th* tilt 24-4. flee ,..III". passing sad n..... froao.p|1. **>.. MS U 4I., Sellers for
to mi.Jeckson
Office i I /./././-/././-/-/-/ seoond
vllle I. PlorldaBAOT A active or a-hiagtos, sf halfbacks that are Mr _II..* oaUrUli |a eo.*let* Milrael.Ran the TO
: ..:................ I Ca. Scott bad nerved In Don IN TMPA..ln the aaaial Tense PootballCleesl But .. salter he ptorly a I*** lea dlsplayHIt **! Sheffield 01fer ..,...*.CkMi re.nllalls.d .
: the Heapfela public wool hell. lest 'atar../ at Phillips Field. atkletl ahlllly. here Is M rca to try the B-CC lldsals. Iteirowwdat*

STRUTDAT -*................ I system for 19 years as a Florida MM ran thnwgh Benedict College .... led to keep It ,..... the re.41 eg ores of U* pwkll. airs a Jackeeatlll tact after Stale / fired
teacheradwlalstrstersatll .y the raulag .Misty Bobby ,.U.. It wee Ue whether pee are |...| fer the aeeeoa *r 0.ll.No rrodecl, had a reeihsight TO sad brdae4 II

OP ........ his rctlrwaeat laJickstivllli Rattlers fifth victory U rive atte-*. ems ee teeeh or offaprln to W seed Jeer is be ealthedflvesf fer 44 yard beforelaisi
BIRTHMo.. Day DSPy Pelt scored three of the Rattler TO. *v*rag lag If .* a* adults wail aeeeet detest M4 keep the his peeeee fall i. the sir lr
I tlwost 10-yard nr carry. "'1, .rr ear ....1 >,." l sew the heads *f ...t". lees initial 70.j .
91UVU1IO OP f..A..r-o Sf their Nigh School tea KUtltt n m m..ltUe Wlbert hrek U*
ire ....U, defeeted gelsg late the flail .U" Jacket of lertkeeeters M-I*** elaalagtlreak "
states *f the trio ....*. flue sr* two r**.islaggwes ekelllig Uo 1|., haters a Bg Baler
w tar U* Howard Blake TetlewJackct **a<*ed
Pro.Ie00t b.! **diae* last Wednesday will 1'i. eon Ml
by Jaee Big JIs) 1111.* and ten fer U* Middleto bert' a first Istrs-elty ..* tot Mr theeeters' s

11 High Tigers coached by tllllao 0. Bethel. sowed Though 6llkrt BBS cede a very .",*.
Bon tee*)*' flasl gases are played agslsst oacfe alsosl helg fr tt* .****., they are jest la
ether before a .beet of cheerlag fans that sellyeaceed wend >la behlad th* Drapes of Deglsa-Ao
1.000. nth th* records being s* they are, ....... Tfts la tee ..,., /p.h.n **. Dres***) Is it
"ROBINS" It wo'I he Mrtrletag If Us gene dress to*.* that ahsall h* a eight to beheld Deed feel proper :
taker. frv a* far ao jachsoavtll. My predict loaf raised *o O.... taehlagtoo, tat I'. plctleg ill* call
...Blake will take It by I** ..*..*... ".,'" .wt.amotx. to torGordon's

v. woe 21 of the last 24 geese end 4* of Us 4$.... OUT *r 4cnoi..pw7 mrs *u> f***
!*> seeder Me test_ staged fIstag 'en. .... Baleful alibis.
I.. PM| of ts '** '.. S. by nameinEngIishPubs
Meblli Ala. "IHKCAMEtS"GATOR l' LOCAL n..prtdf ..1..11.. ".*,_ their heoeeeelsg gso*. The algbl haters She
Dragee *|ss4 b.*ece>alag feellvllleels grad Baokllai Pailseer *f .....*. teettUsel sill
style hy weJIeolag th* Mtrnp Blgh. t>||oo.* .lt.ft take their 1-1 ,..,. la the Myrtle bee. gall ?
BOWLS pen ... played with**! ace Sail earlier JOM ran MUsst M tUe* Mlw, .rt. ...U k* a pretty
Pop) talker bet th* !**..** etoe.d little seed rprlel6 billIe. th* iaglaeera have od a
t. Nov. 7- 8:15 p.m. I far hio as lisp struck telco Is the nand ,....... pretty good eaa. I* al ,*,,...*..***. The
I... ,..U. sltctH bU free the srtrk.cbiaMi tew. car *f Pert *lgh *f p.rB.la* Seed, 41.6 i Ir*! aoi aegis 01 bet.g *<."per. .'.
Adults- $2.0O Students-$ .S.t.Il' ".. end Martley eer* *e >. '***.'I.' l4 1br4ae ...... wwateaeay. 'Of .Ant ewes C.gAeMw.n.b

1 .. fen.,.AtAel esp.cl w pl GevJsA'a. pAke
/././_,././ /./..I.eetevRR ./ ,all. He eb.thut/vs elgenw 04 .....
{**. I***** Iwvo been pert
CASSIUS CLAY oe.a.ro e + .IIP...,*... to **t.hel PN.fe deV. of t.sbsb w. fe, il ,.'.. ,.
SONNY USTON htell I .. >k i tHerw .*...*J| silcaef .lg.. AeeelKese, ...**,,. Aces
*4 a ..".*, *o seelsteoi ...11... water of 11 keen tfa. ** Co Wthi
D. lara. eVHMttef sad I* nee Ira*el lag Hlha 'hi ( M.MMI aievt
geese .* .*.,. If epao./ ..... to U taMMeI

.. .*..,*,.... .....*.> ef a* tUhetMllef. 1 ...* M0*ee.*,.* .
CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT all i 4V* sate a Mgser oe4lo a* ........ !'*/ CwoWl .y *...
.oger the *.e4 of 'M elklele U.f c* B4 soHrfr Year fuss sip of a
.. ceded G.vel.'e .WA...1 1.1k7 {
n r*" 1IMe *s.i*. orr or bo deli "
KM T-MteeV" .. lase.s
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.rwe* lee |.*...........*a' ehM p.fl* ire teJklatsoi. .** awl ih.reel e4... *..ULBf 'tMs.se1
$3M 'tSiSSP** fk. ,...-.,1.lel BellhMt frr ee Seems
f*** ..*.. U* first see I* ,r.fools.*J foolsollhieury
mi HIIsunllKr SKIN to ..*. ho ash .mje7 Mlle sere .*."| *t AI wen a e...en n ens torn cane
iM *iito..r. Moe4.*.. a atMt.< .." 4f4i a n to r ene e. s ne e e.ec .ya nee e
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ear ..... .... w Ib4 dMe...

," ." ','." "till \ '....... .

r i


1 Police Formal Program Honors Carlton Bryant Mt. Zion AME Women Complete MlMliC FlBlIfSddilts
Sunday's Women's Day Program Ssnlce

"She Maaoale Pwally will
ROBBERIE&CONTINUE' then BO didn't ban tt.IB Plena were completed.this week for Baaday aaaaal oalob/ata their ThankallTiag -

City police were aearchlac a abort tine they kd ".'. Day obaorraaea at MtZloa AMI church service Nov.. 2t
knocked tko dial froa arts ........................
last week for 6 aea th Bar. ..,. Poster, paatoi ......... at I:00 P...
who atroag-araed a tko sats tad punched the Activities will (ataaderway toro Mra. Capraa 'Tbowp aooordlaf to aa WBBOTSBCOaoat -

Greater Jack soawille ..r,', loet. with Baaday BOB; selection, Choir; by chairaaa ....

Pair coaeeasloa stand Two' rlags, with a total school at >IO .,.. with racofaltloa of terser BMd.Barvlcti.

operator sear till actor taint of $1.800 pas la p 14 l F 4 the following serving cbalr-ladlaa darlaicaodlalight will ba coa-
Bowl tad took an estlBeted cash tad two pistols A.i 4 T r tt guest BuporUtendcoUaad caraaoay by ducted at the Masonic

$3,000.tesl.y were rtBortd troy the teachers respective- Miss LaelBda Stewart; TMpla. with Bav. I.I.

milieu told two aenrlty.eawrs Jr. offariaK raaarka. Mra. Jobaaoa of St. Stephen

officers that till BOO Ibo BM, leaving via Bra.Virginia Oray general J.B. KpparaoB.ttatralchalraaa AMI Church: BppaarlBC aa

approached Mi tnm the the frost door were aaperlatendentMlMTlrglala tad .... I.P. guest ..,_n.

rear and threw his to seen by the operator's' Harper anpt.aaalor Foster pastor; report 'The full proiraa will

the ground they snatched wife and aba west dowa Dept.; Mra. Mary of rtaaaca Coaalttaa; ba anaoaacad at a later

his briefcase ooatalalBB stain iron tteopartaeBt, Mitchell, aupt. later. ..td1ctIOll.R.v. PoatanKaoaaalonal. ; ..t.. The public la laritod. -

tko roses liar Chareht. to find bar husband dapt.i Miss Dorothy .
bound wad gagfed.ho Porrell, aapt. jaalordopt. B.B. Pattlford la District

DetectlTee or* etlll harried called .; Mra. israleeAlto Civic Club Deputy Grand Maattr. >

h ..Upt1... police bat to BO .avail ,aupt. priw. dept.; .
flfflfffflfffExpert tko aea cot .... CAKJSI mmjnmo for twelve sears of dedicated aerrle to tko BecreatloBDepartawBt Mra. Mars ,. Ill BOB-, Met Recently

rrrrrrrrrrrrrbasdits It thowa receiving a gift IB recognition of work fro Mrs Marie super .begin dept.; Thompkins
safe-crack' Coffee. Others pictured fro left art: Mrs lardell Matthews Carlton Bryant Mra. zalaa Johnson; The laablBitoa Estates

opened two safes and ooatiaat to Arnett flrlffla and Mr. fllllta Btott, General Buperlateedentof .. Ie', Bible Class; Mrs. Cbwjuinlty and civic Clab Recital I Set

Bade off with sear prey oa local Jack eon'a (Charlie Jones Photo) Ells U Jones, Aurora aat October 23 at the
$2.000 last Friday after Stilt Markets tubing Bible Claaa; Mrs CarrieJ. boat of Miss Dorothy J. Henry Tboapklaa, noted
they boaad sad gagged aothlai bat potty cash Mealy oa Krloa Dr. R. relliloua Churl la the
Mol'i ar Mldw.i Another Elder Mrs. Hayward Lacey, Golden InleClaaa. Jacksonville
the over-operator of en la aped robbery at* Present were Mra. lava

Avenue 'I" Bight dab.Duvsl taapta.Tho AHE C.orchAeeofdiai Hissing At WeodltvnBy Visits South Also Mrs Dorothy 111Haas Surrey, Mra. Mtllaaamill render a BUsteal recitalat '
Sheriff 8:00 .. Sua cia, at
County first bOU." occurred ... Mra. Christine p.
indicated thtt to aa aaBonaetaoat L.... Pearson, Sr. Senior Claaa; Henry Oardbn MR Church
reports OB 1111 unit, Mra. Maud Bay ward of Robinson, Mra. Parcioua
roar BOB entered the boulevard about 1100 sade by be,, The Reaper Death hasagals Philadelphia, Pa. ai la Mra. Mary Mitchell, interaediate Hill Johnson Mra. Nadine Music will be furnlabed

oiUUtthi about 1:00: .loaday afttnooa The I. ,. Jones, pastor ol visited the hose the Jacksonville area Claaa; Miss Brown, Mra. Den by Brother Allen Green
Dorothy Fennel], Junior
that aonlBi with OBO of otter Midway MIl Chard of another ckrlatiaa Ul11 Too public la lamed
atooad was about 7 ,.'. recently aa the nest of attta Howell Mra. -
Class Mra. Bernice
thai carrying a black oa Monaco Drift.la tko last tnattaa' rites official faaily, end oat bar alattr-ln-law, In.I. an tells and Hiss
..tc 'I. Two of tkoiplajod of this conference year of the bore ethereal white Prlaary Class; Prayer, III BijltiutPiwir
the earlier robbery, wkywhllahaalnabarad '. Jacobs of 400 I. Mrs Mary Wilson Beginners Dorothy J. ""11.
pool while the ft lane youth entered the will bo bald Sunday Horaibtr la the nth Bt.la ClassMiss Rosalyn 'The lilt atttlac will

other played the Jakeboi. store and asked for S.Sabers. tvilibriaa of t sweet aa effort to enjoy ba !bald at the bOil of li Hi lirli
King, secretary;
art urged to bla .
ho then and peaceful rest God Nadlaa Brown 7404
ehavlag powder, bar first trip ..ut Miss sell Llader, pianist. Mrs
atttadaaeo and hilt
Due of the BOB itnck pulled a gun sad forced called oar owa' Elder was entertained by her The Sunday School Slaas Dr. Sunday NOT. B. Bead year aae a..iddresa

his toerotttd till head, tko ataaitr to give his care of their flaaaeial Herbert. ..' Oval BOB froa aeiee, Mra. Gladys Baraatt Cowaltteo consists of at 8 p.a.Bsatdtnta. aid flad eat hoe tirade
obligations Choir and
kaoeklai his to the tko contents frog tb .14It. troll Uaoola '
oar of 16SO Cnlon It. of prayer cat aecoatllsbeoaders -
usher board' 2 will Miss Maggie Baltb. Mra.
floor. They qaickly register end kit wallat. .serve Truly It can ba said ia before taklag t grand Stewart Mist Estates aad scary cot for '01. trite
through oat tko day of
oitrcktdkia, ttklai hit Tko bandit aattad only the death of Elder' Dw- toar of the city with Stall auoltlaa art laTitad.KBCMANH .
laafrlad Bra.
sent '
pistol end aeoariag hit 18 Lla stem a great life haa Deacon and Mra. Rtltoa jtsra ruiiE nun
heads with od,.. Tb.y order of services Eleanor Gay and Mra. noADYU'II
second vaolthad.Ha
the robbery blaaalf
gave after church services at
Hart Bweet.Taeae SIC I. Michlaaa. Chicago:
are follows: Sunday Lydia
tin covered kit south |M waa take by a loot to the raster at aa early arson Chapel, AMBCbnrch.: AIe.c'A1'IOND"-. A/ee.daw
for this year's :
tad with adhesive School at .: IO a.a.t .
bandit before ha lispedinto age end labored for Uanntlrtagly She enjoyed a abort
aonlBf worahlp at 11:00 observance, "SpiritualPoKCta IUI'S
tape.Iboy a waltlag aatoaobllo. onto the wad.It trip to the "Ancient .
then dtaaaded that with the pastor dellroriac : at 'orkb.
eta truthfully aaa City, acccBpaalad by
tko religion lives of loses la tilt nuc HTiCEFrill"
h. give then 110,000 end aeeaait.
mat leader baa fallen
Mra. Jacobs, where aha
will be discussed
Evening worship blt.
the $5-y tar-old aaa told
soldier of the Salul'
enjoyed viewing the birth by a .. -. formed
will start proaptly at
who gave Use apd SHE utAh ..
1:10. aoaayaaatlatiady city of oar nation.There board of panelists 4 .bnssdse'vscusa clean'err.
to foster they wore the boas"guests
during the 11 aa. torn-
NBUEBCRDan. any worthy canst.Daath of their Btlee, Mra.Oabrial log worahlp. Sill ",alrlll .." .11 .,'a9'

} Theresa tlaiard a stares aa la the ..... 'The panel will consist _tit tbrelesaiss .....
fact OB all sides Aod ii in tin1! floorsdsstlsg end etc.sscritloe .
loyal and eooptratlroaaabtr Going farther to Beyannah of Mrs' J.B. Cook Mra.
THURSDAYFRIDAY8ATURDAYWOOLWORTH'S| of the church laroeoialBad teaches la His ford: All Oa. they were '.L Taylor. Mra. L,. Is Sir .r III. Call
tall week for flash la aa grass aid the meat of Mra. Jacobs' Mills, and Mr.' Edtla EL .U4.. warehouseslht
all glory of aaa aa the or ..,. Free hoseiaspeotloas.
bar work la various de- brother Mr.P.A. .Hayward I. thlta. lily Inline) .
Mo Oil.gatlws
flower of ,rau. The
ofthelaatltatloa They entertained
partaentt were The order of service
,, At it president grass without, and the Tory heartily by Mra. follows MS Fllllll HI .

of choir 1, Mo 7 classleader flower thereof fadathaway. Mule Lea before leaving Organ ..10."'. Mrs.Na .

VAlUE/ aid serves OBttawardaaa for Joricho and Beau* belle I. Ollpbantipn-; .
tRRlfIC board 1. Mrt.Witiard Death to a ohrlatlaa latorlai ford. B.C. cessions; call to wore

1 -. played a vary oat of this 0014.Irt..I1. Mrs Hayward rttaraedkoto ship Mra. I.P. Poater; Weekly Special .
-- .., dark world!
laportaat roll la tboaaeoaaa hen Besuford' bsrlsgeaJoyed sole, Mra. e.L Totaoa;
of the aaaaalwcBea'a lato otoraal daylight bar eventiful prayer...... a.L Bayder
day prairie One of tko noblest atrnata stay bore la the aontk. selection. Choir scripture GRIIR'S PANTRY

9x12' ROOM SIZE RUG The cbaroho analvereiry la nil church haapaaatd II'''. George ..-

will bo celebrated la atonal away, Apostolic Church Clellaa "D..., Mra. ,
laadlai V.C. Gray; alaaloaaryaffarlat. "
J prairie Mrs. Jones 1 i
1 lute till Ird' week of IB CoiTiBtioi Mra.. P.J.

I Nov.bar. Renders Recital The 'Thlrteeath' Anaaal Jo...; election, Choir.
1488 Also ...aoa.I..
: : mm 1P&I'11I 'I'''. Edith Jones, one Holy CoBToeatloa of the Mrs gllaor Littlejoha:
Apostolic cinch of fed
of tko aaay talaatodataitrt
solo, Mrs Butt L liar; alltFIKI[
JUIT COMPLITIO. 34 New at at. Blaalaptlat la Christ Coeaaadweatleepere iatrodactloa of panelists -

'."'PI". NOW HINT IN*. Oarch will bo will ooaveaeNoTatbtr Bra. Jaaea P.Sall I CHKKD. lASKHin.

j v i Jackaoavlllo't ft a..&. presented la bar anaaalraeltal 14.22 at :IOU ; paaellata discuss .
: 1 MDDOOtl ArttTMINTI.WATIM TtlO Sunday Beaedict Bd. with Dr. M.
solo Mrs watt
1. 1\w ftBNIlMtO.MlllOfNTMMMia. evening la the sits e... Cooper D.D., ..A- toa;
.. laTltatloat.Bra. fiin 68.
: } r ,.,, 1414 MIT MOUNT aadltoriaaoftto church aa boat. paator.Dadtr wise; in
I ''' '\ Alberta iaudereloffertory
) :\
\ STWIIT H $1797. Mrt. Joaaa fcavai been the leadership of
\.fll. \f} Mra' AlveteB.
: ilN Elder Jaaes Coleaaa,
,", hoard both totally endstatewide
to. AU... Mra Lois D.llbsoa. .
has bees cbalraaa of tilt .1...

iDElFuaIM produced by. aaay aa agifted L.ten tillless Board, .Mlaaloaary General IIU.....Mra.ackaoaledgeaenta. Dorothy- ,.,''II' a r I

aisger.Esc Mra. E.J. eraytDoiolegy. ;
I will bo acowpaaltdby Treasurer Mlaaloaary Beaedietioa.Kvealag .
0, Cooper who la Nattoaal -
'1'' Catll.rI. lesions worship all

end Call !!roots. Choir 2of Secretary, the bests at o'clock with
Later treated skid woah'leai confab will
It. Sisal will also
t21'FvEt E.L. Long pre-
resistant bask, tuned allow the entire body of Ira.
appear dnrlai tko rt- aldlsg. The prograa tol-
selvage edge will set fray. eltal.Roiriig. the southern region to Iowa: Connollycrn
Seas oalort to cheese froa. la aeet.Tie.
Opeaiag ajaa. prayer,
plastic takokoao bat.MCORATOR. Tweiliis public la lavited
to....*4. Bra. Leroy Jones; aerlpM [

VALUE! bE' Heels Tko aoarlai Saturday Twenties fli SALE UI 1111 IIIIS
octal sad lartai Club csetiree ...."...- Fine Men's Shoes

will bald its realer ,rS... al .....t. fe leg wt..Jebe wattle
1.01 4 X ,t IUI ..... .. ....... aottlai la the boat of I a IIIII I fit". .....nw A....'. Hew

SAVE AI16/AiFsdIR Mlao Mortise aualar T}. 111 Peet A". eostbry.
Due Mseter tor salwcf.ss
sea.. ...... a t. beaver it. Saturday ttt-am, ..t.ed $22.50

No*, tat l:00p.a.Thanks .

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solve year t ,?' i WI* OIOIKS PILLID

floor wowerlBiprohleetetth .I riiii I b
this soft II Sal 29cMiiP3Ilt&I Scad hY$Sri= aacc CO.O.FASWON Order.

pile rag. L..| ...,...1 I

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et lift eeltea tad lit rancor .HN'S SNOTS

Mil I MB attic err. ...am. *
Meavtly.frlaied at either sad far % rUeffect.
... \CSTIS 7k
Skid*real at aat feaa rabborbachSeJet u. Brood & Ashley

free aaay dlatlaitlTa ....",,, oalera'olilaro w w..A.tIO SHIIMP 14 feuTG 45th St. & Moncrtel Rd.

.. .. .... I0> Vft
Mr ee es, aewi ImtUl tills
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I .... .... Un hi.

WOOLWORTH'S .... q I. ...... ... Ih t. tlwHrrITWH ., "4'

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