Florida Star

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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Full Text
..1'1, I

Negro 'Black-Lash' Vote Aimed At Defeating Florida Demos :

* * *


i UPON MARTIN ;c:.fc ..rJ r-

DR. LUTHER KING :parr.: r

** * ..




,.. -

Mother Joint World Champion.v,Son.. "Fastastlt....

loots SprIt

ilL / ai.s SATIIMT ICTtlEI 17, IH4 16 CENTS I M

.Biddy'sTkt 4".w... ,

ARREST BhRACIAL PAIR r RM"." tM lend>ur.;]
yYl .d old ..Cal I

ttt Unit*! .

day by ranilia ,
sets dub ta a, 'tWIll,_ "

INJAXMOTEL ROOM 1 ,' I .quill In 10 tttoadiflat I
-bt dust. iris

k*" M "his .-..

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.f sight ...4thn la. *
SupreMe Court Having. Cosa 1111 Is Third 7YaftfeClMra4 to tt* BM* stretch MdMB

1' la about three

11'11,1.1 1962 MIMI Trial Negro Ta Wii With Slaylaf Bitiri ahead .f Bartw*

t. P1mrola of Cuba Md
.\ Negro un and a blt. woaan were Jailed Nobel Prize 11-yMfold IiMI-A pcrtoaakl school<< girl a V"I .L tarry Jiroa *f CMida.AlPoit. ..

early Monday morning and held under $1.000 IUI.It-. Martha whose MbltlOB. was to nation coNfURH n.Mtr7 ..?.. tokUm (eater) mother .f writ ckv'tMprtittr Biatior ofU

bond on charge of violating a Florida Lather UK Jr, boas bMM a school tMk.'", k>krt Ness ku ollt' hr M at the 0)jralo OMM It 1 kjr ,tkwk. B.S Track Md nil.

attto which bars w Negro Ban and woman the ttlrdaMbtrof his .111 k* buried Satar to the cooperative efforts e' ju J.R.B. I** Cki.tr .( the Florida MM JUtMl goad said that about
fro occupying the sane room at night. Ainelktto M. lees ctttiw ale U4 the IUM tt oM. II sissies hoists tkoMi'ftaala
race to via tko Mobil 1kJ.the nail of a *M r .H"'UJ In.
.. ................... It... du
the ) id.th tied ---------
part ..
both trrttttd.n pct prtit MM ko rttld day sight scat ramble HUM to I. rAIN Luau ooMltt sabers M4 frlM4t who tri *t lassos
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by coiaty dv.tla MAltoaj the vaaattd a* durlBi Mtek tla *kM .-"' Airport to lk .... kbliioi boa woyste lost ttr4y oontii wire: iro. MM Nails
D.S. SuprM Cb rt
lift his akttt la the
T1.-o... 10. of was asked tsdaesday t* nrd this .eat I IIM CM t kyataadtrMB ollt troM, CII.*,., I. thwart, teed drive cbtlrau; Older L taller, t.N- Villas. Thera'ass't
'1W t. IItk St. aid O.K. OadrtrttryUlpk .. sowed dos ta the' Vwch Sweet Mr*. Mildred Midlii M! triads ,1.Io".IO..Io.IOS." | Dsvle, Olyait*
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Mtt ttll*. i5, i.r* oo- Florida la as. chick ( made fcMM the tees ky a .Itkcriashotcua r..14.t of the AlwMl AtMctitloa, Jobs ""...:.r.. Hob.*>.'* frl.4*. MOiik tlBt& t*
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Cbvrt was the LU D*> ku brought the Atlanta tk* Llktrtj City aria .adrMmat polltltalplay doM U* polltltal Orals, that If Tl purees tftk has III MllM,

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OOMittM.Attomty Tatr* art ltdltttltaatkat tt* rust if tfe* field
Liberty City .IMItrrylti sldtrltM Md ..... Sits State Record sheet tMtyfltMUr*
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I Says NGoofed' ..ot..., ttty dlfftrMtIt cattrd aettM tirt'UU to Daunts.U.....have Mdaatl II M& CdMAdJ MW1IT. ka...... fro J...tt..*0.sludge.*. M W.MB..
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ftr StirtM ,. sines.. ilttniiry. tikttlttpMid ky her ors MflMaMkt
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start CMBlttM tt. fear kMdldt rights ., U* Use Md nd fr tk* first previews ,.,...., pepped
Ig.rtedthrnitthl ... that M M* rtlliM Mt UM MtkMl dMl Mlaiomlttplii *." ..*" d.*lr*
LL CMBIMIM M am MM Mg*thi.NAACP .11 to a. ttalrItttr itiro yMMltrtMirtd els
frost deer MMftoftiMr Itt "no loge U Mil .k .ldtotnitd to set bash to school
lights MMtlMtd It. I'... *a kr t ..... II M Isei.lligesse
'.krkt<<- S.S. ..".. PBC pnat RicirdsCiidldilit aid *ltk ktr 5155shei.d ..*...,..1, UK lilt ....... Mil ,.... Sirs M4 (Laid tk. fetitollI
Tissue M* it. tt* .ftMkilM Md aSeers slide. ,,.. ,4555 the Mal IM**
*. .... lest far ko a4 lr tether PM litd is tiu *utrtklldrt
bad to Q* MMB roes
stile MtnUM I....... a1,... U.t the It. Ao- Oi .. .all a* MtolM.*. .... who sail..."to |tl MM Mil psetst.r. !. sra<*4 'Jeiaifi).

... fr a shirt .!*. Mtla Ckl!*.* sra*. Ire. ...,.. p*.".. 5.s ottt It I* to I Mil school 1J.....>*a fMktr shod Freed
tt Sr **
Civil Rights. Act few ".'. Md nrtttrrilly Isles al Iqs shillrs III i.s .
tails art they sirs aito .ir* sat fettrMlppod ky sass 5.1r" **.irees
!.* Mto BMtlM ..tt
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doMtiMally m nax-** MoittoM u. _... ....**,*,... Aad t iMMltopMlttU
sus ewer l ties. r* to aoodMl aMtMMll Mtiay.rttldMt.
AIM Urry sIgoai..id
III.r LeedsCeueCM UM BM* high 50.1)Sanest. *
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ferry .
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laca SJMBH p ass. attonoptr dltestsr Civil visas staid ktrya |*utd Nears sash tats list ... rood I*
se omrU tMiklliM Isis ..
"" .. *M rtaI. ftl kt. Art of IPSO Mdtto Md whispered riorld IsItefMtor. fir tt* fires tk* apMltl o...llMprttMr a. hH*el stsO *f BM {
..u-..'l5-,eat old aid /r. panes had Md veto M tt. lit by >..*.." hn tftI. OM"MkM Use.deal pvserrleeu .... aler cheer I.." car. MMM

..eraMlty .......t......,.. a* MM ......... SUMa4dM all ......* of tto SStftCkaariM PM*.." Md It 1.5......* auk >. Ste it 5451 oalHMM OMM al Mill tt. fr*. 15515 ....s.*ftlf *.**..

Natters*.l44 that k* bed *M. are.tiered la .. .*.. ..-........ M'Mtt M Nftfetr *.. *.MI his M4 "J"M4

the nidf MI MBM. .,nth MU PnP.i9M fey a pr*'*....1. IMM .f ....._ MMtlMlBdkf Ski... It. MM If D' .|.MlP.. levels bilk,Ml high ..drdi* tfMltl *4* a. CriiUd ail MdM.

MtM ..*M... U the t...... BMl M. PTMl* Tie Crisis filal ,.**.U....,* al** ,..} 1II. MM email Isis. .MUM.Mfttd.
.. ,. .
rM tor tares .*.!* .. .....*. VMM tt* fetal ... the lies pro tt. bra St.. Met Isdilad hoI
..."1, tf tk* IMt It Wife ..
rgss .
... fall. Mud .,
tt* brnla dtp ftM>.llC Schools Racial maar.lko. all w n nW a Sail frdeleU. ll... II.fT. ak.. IM* a star pwllItto nMl Jerp U a. 11M

Is ....... embtws INY. MM Md .'U. 'trry *sells a.. *fa 1014 55 tMa M. Lrvr M ailss.iesps.ei1.ess1 faitlM: PUMM ., if h'u *rlk 155555

d d d' aI" .... Bars OutYalllWhe ladM of MwalMtM Ikr 11I11 n lid lea' 5e Cur. 101 A MttM. IttotrtilM Mil /tM.l PMWM. M M .. It ,.. ll'*4 .!

Oats A O tM It has' .u.aI .,D.. ee ttopMM was plisd *> al kl* .) ask SMf... M. Mlt **. pMdUd U ,...rtJ ..." Issues Mil M. ||" J.M4. .... l.*lfM
*. 5101.5 fe... ftf NtMtltM *Vlt CMrt M4at II* n* i 14 with kM 4M M M9
prior lie
beat L kill fMt Mt* .... Md a,**
.* Md ....., .
....1 .. ,.*. P.rd MdM .of IM ivtrd of hale .
**Mty stilt..1st. .f .. out Mdkt Art .* mla Sup* M, IT. IMF to tMMtlai Iii Suet At*
ttf.m. tMM.tat stIeS *f .. isis Mid SCpkktla I* tt. ..em... ...1! ffe1.ad us' III" M .d ItttraMlta eat tktMM eau to portlMa pt ti_._ IMel at N
sear date 1144 cart II 1M ....,.. rlakta IM IB tk* *, ed./t/N null ra... HIM ,., the ) odds.",.... slat MtrM.lMi !.... u* IMU sell U Is.

isssids. $its ,art!. ....l e 1111 N..pareaedea /Wad emrpiNr... sac RI Met 5154.ds H4MCMI1 MMIfMl. use **H seas. ...- k. MMllHSSMMtof. srd'III a *..t..t

t.rl57. till 'rah ass.-.atrae.ti. Mile ....... Meal e1 50544 trta *. I ,.s. U .. Plt
cal visa. .... Ml Art ....*... ....... a1pn4st 54 HIM..a..TM I. stud. Md s ea delis.Ilrt ..! HadMto.A the ..5e.... .. M. fi"" M ... .... *this

...11.., ... 11"-. ..___ j 141. dsrps. aaa Jr.. !#hwd.P 1* tt..P pfalla. /..lur5lsrs.

prsl.'C F


--- -
I r --- "'J.

t' JL r .
4. mi ruMti S.UDIJS IITHMT moo 17. ISM


NEWS k itics Ai1jjI
NMUhwd by no riorlea star rttliihlsg Cc I. : O

Mt .aR _
NEGRO a.wrtwl 4 11I0 0. raroni '

E11c i. SI.PSlI..I.UIIII Him AFL-CIO President George Moony

mSIR [. VISE....... ... Rut Etftiriim
Lambasts Goldwater's Campaign
Vl$1EM..CtrciIsttsi nmttr

Mill IFFICE t PLANT: AFL-CIO President George Meant, in a nationwide .

2323 Miicriif IBI......... Ellis 4-1112 radio broadcast charged Senator
i Barry M. Goldwater with hypocrisy in his

Millln AHnss: two major campaign appeala..that .ho stands
for individual freedom and that ht is against -

.1. In Slljieksiiillli Ulirii1 crime on the streets.
rari.r u 151hrauarjava teeny'e 15-minute address said "both
MIAMI) iIf ICE last
questions are of vital concern..But on

731 Rf 3rl In. Hut Ill-Mi neither Senator score Goldwater does the serve recordof to

Inspire confidence."
The federation president I
Coo TRRT, ".00" Half Tear,' J4..09
whose remarks were
Ailed to Tow AnrRrt ia the Oaltwd StatMButtfcrlptloa
primarily to union members under
L M/able' is advance I
the title ', 'labor Views
Bend Cbtck or Poop Order to: "
r the Election said Goldwater SIMPSON

,\ FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX Ml does not believe that unions should be\free.
"The institution of free collective bar
Jacksonville 1, Florida
I I.lnln.hal no worse enemy in public
all life than Senator Goldwater" he asserted.

Ai It .lb Fran Kmay "To the underprivileged. offers only
a the freedom to do without. ,

Ltoi L. Lens 'To the low-Income family he otters the

t Many things havt emerged upon the Texas freedom of the alum.

scent during the first nine months of MNOK A MOO Y OF MI-PI IS NO CONVICTIONS1 'To the elderly and infirm, he offers
.I 1964. Of these, the moat significant u the freedom to seek private charity. .
far aa wt Ir"conc.rD.d. la the growing "To the exploited worker he offers the
recognition of Negroes aa participating freedom to work at the lowest wage the

citizens. But it still behooves us to observe worst employer chooses to offer..
that full advantage ia not ttkra of "To the Jobless worker he offers the
the growing opportunities. Nor do we seem Your freedom to starve..
to be particularly concerned with the necessity Weekly "To the victims of discrimination he
for moving out of the begging and offers the freedom to learn to like the bar
consumer stage Into the reslm of aelf- rlers and humiliations that confront them
sustenance and production.Up daily..."
from slavery la a good gimmick; but A Goldwater victory Neany said "far
bow far up is up? Horoscope Guide from advancing the cause of freedom in
It must be agreed that the material pro. America: would gravely threaten the rights

grits side by Negroes over the past 100 and freedooms we now possess."
years surpasses that'of any ctht racial Turning to the crime issue Neany noted

group in the same tlmt. But when yon take ly PABLO ,. ASTROLOGER that Goldwater was either absent or did
not vote wide of anti-crime
into account his apiritual and idealiitlo en a range
progress, you get a slightly different proposals placed before the Senate.
perspective. Becoming American la reality WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR "The worst crime of our century the

entails more than monetary gain: cultural assassination of President Kennedy, was

progress) and education take la lOre territory BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL accomplished with a mail-order rifle" he
continued. "After this tragedy Senator
than that covered by the awarding of
a master a or doctor degree. (Thomas J.DoddD-Oonnintroduced legis -
Education in its Implicit t.nlnolol1l&1t. lotion to prohibit the Interstate sale of
Education in its slmpllest terminology ARIES firearms to children convicted criminalsand
la, "knowing how to LIVE ID the world Born March Slat thru IITAM.IIH TMI SASH TORORIAfll VmrAvoRAtil POSITION VINUI AND JUMTIA. the mentally deranged. (But) Senator
with people;" the more technical definition April Ifith NARMONY ASS 7.40.55.t5se.745CAPRIOORN! Qoldwater has consistently opposed any
ia "a process of roaring for the WATCH voumtir ciomvOH iJNOIMTANOINO IN tat ',INTO ONI THAT II VIRVMOMIIINS regulation of the sale of guns."

development of personal powers and the MTTC vEt NAVE MMI DAYS TO CO"I.t.lOott.1. INOIIO LIT Born Dec. 22nd thru Meany also assailed Goldwater's expressed
formation of character." ONC YOU TRUST IMTkim ICIn.Y tm.7.1t Jan. 19th intention of naming judges who would seek
*Towers' ia this'1Mt...... ... *.*.*..*.,t*.."M 11' PM Mw.twk1N10 w..-- c AN c r'*' TNI OMOATUNITIIS YOU way NAVE Oil MONt to limit the rights of defendants In criminal
genulty to think for ode' self and to YOU roM "llIoU'1 a Born Jane 22nd thru YOU RCOUIRI TO. CRiTiCAi or TO oo TNIl UGH cases.
direct hit own dtatiny. It means the ability 10 T er MONIV roe OIJICTIe July 22nd (Mast IOMITNINO or Y UR. RtroRl YOU CAN CONIIOIRvouRsur The Senator' pretense to the role
tur.YouR MATI'S
to compttt In any given society or Kutumi you CAN rAY II mi ItUOTO Mil IN.tTUITION mil or VIXINSrRMiiMi of crlme-buater la just as false and misleading
civilization and to aspire to the highest VIRV WILL 1IVI WITHOUT.TMi WHO MAMlrV IVIRVTMINSOICAUll >.90-MAV ZM II 4-62-392 MCirrUk. AND oirri as that of Goldwater. the Freedom
goal of attainment within the civlii- MIAMI WHO MI WORK- IT II IN TutuS LIBRA UllTIIS. A SUDOIN RLVIRlAi Fighter. In either pose he represents far
ration of which the individual la a part. INS AT wows IMOULO If.sron NATURI 10 DO 10 OR SITS' or rORTUNI rOR too great a risk to entrust with the direction .
Until the Negro reaches the point where ht TO Twill until TO TNI rutroii or IITTINO Born Sept. 23rd thru TNt IITTIR MAY II AN. of the nation's destiny."

bas the ambition to aspire for the Presidency Be lOHITMlNS THAT IS IN ON A SOOO THINS AT TMI INOIVIMAV.I Oct. 23rd WHO MAY TICIMTIO MO PROVIOIOroR. Neany stressed that the AFX-CICfa position
of the United States, his gains and sofa siAuTirui MowoarHMIU. YOUR IXMNlt. YOU AU HAVt MAO MUMS ON AVOID PUTTING on was not just "negative."

scientific genius or a political procraatlnator SUMS TO si mine sveOOO' TO IARTN OMNIONItt. ''''.ITU' or A rAi.C.INATINO .
or oven a alllionalrt, but ht laatlll 0.1\1111. YOU MAIN PId ALLY fROM WOMIN.TMIRI OITAIN. IT IV NOOK OR I'tClOOII. COURII or By CJUTWOO HALL
Kegro in his thinking and la his May AftVANCI YOUI VOA.VIONAl ,it AN. AURA orCN MiNorut or ISIS ITUO.". YOUR Ait III AND For NPI

ambltlona. MB MONlTMy |NVlltTI "M*| IN TMI AIR ml'CM rOIIISILITV IMOUIO ANY CiOII MltNOI sly NOW The Barren Commission that investigated
The three basic foundations of the economy TMfttUM) ..VNUMAlMIUS. MAY MAVI TO DO SITS. VOURMAIONAU ONI ATfROACM YOU WITH A 4NCOURAII YOU IN YOU* the assassination of the beloved John
and growth of thla nation U'. production INVIRONMINT, all suit THINS.. YOU INTINTIONI TO CRIATI Kennedy concluded that Lee Oswald did kill

mining and manufacturing, Two maim human 'e.g0 t2.t7.34-/s2 NUT Or RIO. OR NIIOMIORMOOI. MOULD TM| it rACTI IN roiiiinoNOr AkONO MOSS ACITIMCNT IN. VOURIIIITINCI. the President. The whole country bad seen
qualities and used la the development of SITSml YOU IMOWIOI Jack Ruby kill Oswald.
thin...capital and administration..They TADXO 8 OITTIR JUMIMINT TO TMRIltIO Oats TNIMOtriCT Both killings, the Commission reported
Born April 20th thru t.'IoN! .".".IN ruT IDIAI ANS. riRIONI
... Or committed individual acts with
an the human qualities that men groat TRAVIilNSANO were aa no
These are the Qualities that determine the Nay 90th LEO IN TNllO/ROriR CATtOORIIS.'TNll VIIITINO rtACII VOtMAVI conspiracy involved.
progress of a civilisation. Tat TIN.INCY TO SISATMl Born July 23rd thru || tNt CAVWMM Ail,. WANTIO TO Sue aspect of the assassination of President

The Negro has contributed ont thing, prt-) IIUlOUl INOUlt Aug. 22nd YOU MAT rin lUll III.Born. Kennedy will perhaps remain forever
dominantly, to the economic growth of thin .NOT M tttewie TO pout- You MAY NOT IIRI TNt TO 01 VI VOUR VII )R NO 2.3).fl.I$-uti7AtUARIUS unknown.wnat was Oswald's motive for killing
hla labor. thousands of Nile re", THIS COULD WAY, rioni All !RUNNINSTMI TO ANY rROTOIITIM rRI
nation, But so .have ..., one of the most beloved and popular
horses end mil...And both are rapidly being C6HCIIVAI1I Spelt VMIVIHV mi, SPECIALLY WMIN J.". 0th thru Presidents this country has ever had?
replaced machinery)' and technology Thin Mll' CM MCI I YOU lltlivi TNAT IT IS All IIONI" THAT YOU. Feb. 18th Oswald carried hia motivation to his grave
la a serious and impelling realization. Veu NAVC TO muss VOU* AN INCR4ACMMINT ON VOURriAtONH CAR At YOU All, out LOUD with him. It would: seem that Ruby in hilling
Whit wo need to do ia to make a rededication ....,'. nini.) ACM TMCMCCMiTIONI RISMTIANOrRIV* rut. ONI MtVl TO, PAST Much OsMld, also destroyed any possibility .
of effort a rejuvenation of perspective Te r*.TICTvouiiur Illlll. UNillS YOU ARIiNArOIITION 1.1).111.1)0 IS' or YOUR TIMI AT MOMI.ANVTNINO of ever knowing what motivated Oswald to

I" and a right about-face of prograsa.Lita ron MMONAIAKS TO 00 ANY ICORPIOBora YOU CAN. M To commit-his foul act.
don't aspire to bt Negro Indira. MO'ISTV SAMASI.flOOS VMIM CCNITRWCTIVt' AIOUT Oct. 24th thru RINOIR IT ATTRACT)VI ANCCOMfORTARLt Die warren Commiaalon performed a thorough p
but American leaders: not only a world LUM, KITVMI IN AU IV, will win fine ivoooe 1'<),. 22ad SILL NOT II and monumental task.
'' boxfiig champion bet the manager of 'the ITS MAJUTY. TMI i sneaeIIAVI roiicv 'TO nv YOUR MOTIONAL RIACTIlNkWitt IN VAIN. UwT YOU MUST Another dastardly crime ia reported tinder

champ ion:not the president of Prarit View, YOu sure MS CONviNCia units SMUT AMO 00 OUlIT* MT You NOWMIRI OUT fist YOUR COW.NISNS'IUSSIITISNI investigation la Mississippi: who killed
but tht Prestdtnt of Texas University motto THAT vow NAYS MTSnuOMUlNVAIII IT AOOUT VOUR OUllNlll.SlNCI IN TROUKI. alP TNIIITRICTtV INTO CON.SIMRATIM Michael Schwermer, James Chang and Andrew
only bt appointed by the governor, bat TO tAIII 'IW ARI rAVORASLVHACIO IN mess SMOUtOTOU TO AVOIO' P1IC.I. Goodman?
to bt governor not to only aka a million Yells ens. '"ue HAT ciA TO OOTAIN RICOO* % sum, UT ASA NIT OILtjiiRtNT ANS 'TO MOVIM OR By being u thorough aa the larreo Commission
dollars bit to know how to vat it for MO NISUNOIIITMIINtlM .NITION. N riNANCIAt A*. rioni WHO MAY THUS sums NOIIIISANS was la its investigation, and by
perpetuating productloa and ..ta)111111be SOMI TIICIS KAVIS SVTMI WANTAMI.Ytt MAY H.... sit tat AOVANTAU evil. OTNIR INOIVIOUAtwieuiiiMiNTS. vacoverlag and bringing tie murders to
economic aecurlty of oar posterity sad lavieui ems. w,. ,e PULL A nw STRiNtior YOU IN ITRINSTN .. IN.rvutKI. AVOIOrvRNiiMiNst justice, the Investigators la Mississippi
that a the way It looks from here.ttouitnfj TNesss TNlT All NOT VevR ..... ISIS ir Al I OVALS OR rtoewCOVIRIMI would bt readeriag a distinct service to
Isle MMI A Ml AlWAVl Mill Oil
Llltly TO Nu.T YON woe OUOeiN R| YWVi THAT INCRIAICACCIIINT their atatt. to the United States and to
lies 1ft eo... TownsR.psrl.d sub vii sue ...11..* MOVAt, OIIVCI TINIIONIV outooirRt.ARte row MO Pill MA. society.

Rttbtg Survey Shows lime. MOm SV MARINO. TNICNAMII TNI IVlNTWAUTV AT A 1110.. HAMont MO COMPlttt tat perhaps this la expecting too mach
MAT eiu Meat NINUTI'! MTICI. TRY TOlintl
4.10011-51 51.413GEMINI
A resent report by the I Indiana I ITS .... WNIIWITANOIWOBMOM.O to happen ia such backwater of racism as
Civil 'Rights'' INMASITANTIW.JOOO.IVTVI4I". MATTIRS M AS TOHTtCTTOW "I"'L. Lush.TI .. Nlsslsslppl.Soviet .
CBMlaslon revealed that discrimination IINMCIA4rwoNi
MtlCIII MAT Prim ttlalster Nlkita Krmmdhevwhooa
la colisas' towns 'la much higher than Istta/515, m aa.'cln .
on Born Nay Slat tart ILL last IVIWVMI N...VNO looked westwards and threatened to
campus, and housing la by far the major hat Jilt VIl 100 w 504155 uanl.e aery the United States la soy flatfiag
problem) for I Ion Aig. 23rd tkrwBept. .
ftOft-tIIlt. students and faculty. A cams IN Ti s'oa to11.75QaMS3TTARI3t .7a5o-ta.to..7: that ht has monopoly om grave digging.Iiacc .
Sea t IS students and :3B faculty members *.Me ee .vent Life h TAT 2 dWMTMIO SCBB it has hem reported that Red Chias
were liKludtd la the study fro which" the N." KIN tWIitlNaCAyiiNt b.. rt. is a Lad'a.1 Bora HOT. Hrol tarwDee. Ion h" If th thrv develops a mmclsmr weapon Kraschev mast
report ewe The nationalities of those ve. ve, AieeeeoMt ?. M ,It M MIT 31atCowwtaMS arch aeth mom be glancing worriedly over his shoulders

K Involved were Asiatic ladlaa. c.l..... I'T''I' eiiiuievsVMSueHttJUAIVTAIN tat..WAY VN| MWtt 10MA 1s4AM M PWSU1' 141. A ....."t AWMNilNTCWU.O eastwards at Cbmmalat Chita getting
........., Jewish. and' ,",roM. ITIICVtit |M w. YM ITIlt lea M slat CAWM VM TO Least reedy to 00 some heavy spade wot.
sin .
Matt of the ,students reported dlaerial- *ONteet MS aiv si oeiNa ce VWT, TtUlM VM MW TO tat ..... I* a N*"r.TNIS The apptrmost tjoestlom which mmst mow t*
Mile' la places I of public aceesmooatloirs -- villa .... SaNMII.. hen IIMItCU MMTIM MaMITVIM. IIYI. t3M1..at SIMPVV M ..S M Alt tat Matsrblag both the Kramlla aa4 Ptsia Is.

.m aa barter shops and ..sects Illtslst Cud tall L..... Ttt. YOU TO OMOWtt OHM' TMfeoooiiN M "H..t. silts ONW TINS mtm I VM. Pet M at. "Ho la go lag t. wiry whom?" Ia Red
ta.id preiudlco 'oaillt \III.. la BAM it IAMIV t1f f orMl ,.., it lwmvte. 4IM TMNOtl 04 MOT TINTION TO ONCIMINOTtwric Rvaala tolmf to burr lid Oiam or la Bed
tos4raltita, aororltleij lAd some fait Sat, VM| 0.M. OfOIIN otMa a M".. M VICTIMS 0* TMCIO .MMUMtcta. M MIVI ..... bias slag to hway Red ..**..1'
UN* Such practlcta la aaalaADtnt of steMsathews'ag --' ...5 maw sewS stile irrooT TO OHVC ir TOM mutt. MAT TO* WftmiltttV. The Federal Brea of laes3gstio.' s
aaa 'la student ooveraaMt AIUTIO Vt TNIatiitr It Sits ANO eye IIITI MT M PlaitS* VAT esl OM P MWIMS MI report to president Ly40 Jsfcaaooi o* te
o* ....,*. t.- alliltt NIH. BAIT .*)VU hi tCtVt INT 0*.MT.NITT .....1.. smd amfwumolnoa. street riots la
v e MI N At i o
lira- Unlvaralty. CvMttM, III, CSJMK swsci w. v vas. ,......a IllICIt,.. r Me WIT sew *0 leap ew TOMOWNO tit 111 T>AT mass MO tlsla'lsel. el ties d+aris1 tae pst murex ...
i.*erlo.. aa similar to tt Ian utf. As ,IN aio onevtaI ..M.... HMtTMf AM MAC MtraiTtCMOM4MS.VM err, MS art MONMS.lM tabled m desalts e..Na.atI.s.
tics. issued a statement ,e- UIUM Or Alt .... *. OMC M.Utt AM M1MAIIIO .a owoNta ot M i cw, It e...... She Ja *... pe..M wb. west
Its opposition to off...a.f.a ..,. 0* .levkMeitANOIMS. WMW RIMWMINS hull OT a tilt M lest tmmjagea of woadaltasi mad loHtac.diBWWmSB Msa0.
I I'I..... ....tl.., A CUM tvesc ., 1ltis/tpt. IV ,51St .t.||T 5115*1* .ta4e.155.. ijnPij W ear%""mtVy 4 J% ePse wtw"
.. .. ssit amaimt amdMaal I amTIRaiH
.' tae ed tie W 7X IRWSTMJ?*TJHBB*

': J\.., ., .. .'
" .... -
-- ---- -


I \ ,

timm itiuti 11, lilt __ __ riHiu silt 1'lS fun i

Alumni Commit* Colmlnatei! Drive i ;

SociaRySpeaking L ,. _,,_


I t

,r r
.... \,;,
tltt louts OriHTARD ;

TRIllS 1HC tit ftr QBBBB Rho 011.,. Of Alpha
Kappa Alpha orortt,.Their preeenUtloo of 'Ttoay
Paehlon pair with a Spanish riali" ahoald be laprogreea
even u BOB. of yo rtad thla. I hop I
a. wrong and that each of yon .111 b. at Civic 1J
M's. I
Andltortoa at :00 p... Friday ".10,. October S ,
18, to eltaeaa the array of faahloaa. Oat of Utfaehlon
surprises of the evening will liclado foarnnawal
onaeaiblee designed eicluelvely for Kbony
ration Fair 1M4 by Ole of Epala'a top deelgnere.
osactly hit these cuatunea are rends a secret
notll sear the cad of the III... I kaoi you mat
be curiona. So a* X. BBS TOO tilDE! 4 M +


Ana Hclntoah and tvelyn BaraM .*ra meat play*
ore efaea Vanortea Bchell entertained Lea Trltso
All.. Bridge Club li its first teetlai of the -- -, ---,.
Ruth Brooa sad Geen Scball tied for the top ONI ODtfUTBX..OB to BO tea the fall Biaalo ot the President
coateat Net heal el Miss
Davit Jr., chiie; Hra. N.P. .uu.... blaaktt ins
ltd the
Bethnne-Cookaaa College Alnul Aeaoelatloa
Qeenor placed thirl
score Cay Johnetta
Shepard cold host; candidate *
Dorothy Prailer Iron sad rjlaabetk
; Hra. heat
Vaaortaa entertained the group la her lovely Itch coBclatad Ita annual Miss Alai Drltld sad aiaaer
Hra. Mary toart and Hra. beiaPtacber. Ruth the project completed the ooealttee
Jefferson Street b.... 111 highlight the Florida Classic propaa her II pit right Maroon ooateetaat, Miss will aid felloe groups la helping this toattUaa
Doris Ruth rioraac 111 too, Mar ahen S-CC clashes vice 8.C. State. Saturday, Oct.
Jones, Moaner Batty Taylor It sow with prlae laaera, neatly, god of 30,000 fans at the Florida Claaaie
e tart Button Coetele 10...., carol,. huller sad )i at I p... IB the Cater Boil. IB photo left ira. Oeeadoiya Palaore. radio; Hoary p. Latlaair. teat hero on Oct SI. Royal Art Studio 00'l'l'
VlTlan Sattarwbltt ere along eabari oajoylai Mien Gertrude Styles (left), general ohalraaa of

the oectaloo. '
Ferreil.Johnson Pledge Troth Social I I Club I f\
BS>S>86>S>S>88S*<<8 ,
During Beautiful Capital City Event f f-\r\\ -v> ,. yj r Plans Tea '
By the tine the STAR hits the attataada sad :: ( : _
streets, a toy of you will hat al ready plaaad tob \J > The RoarlBB Tissues
in attendance at Saturday' annual Noaecoolag octal aid Havlaga Chat
Oaa btta. tile boat Bethane>Cooknu College a Hra. tddl Jao.ee, Hr. h Hra. Mary soot b.nil Rylaa Dr., Olrl.Hr. sill apoticf a "Bplr-
Rlldcata and Ie tell ct'. Titers tics Cbluabla, B.C. 441 hUa rt It, CIS rl. 3041 RaldeU Rt., Girl, A Hr*. Noble. Dule. ttual T."....,, Otto.
far those being vletlae of tile data hating crept ir. B Hra. Alto Bell Hr. a Hra. Jaws Crae. Ill Jack ana It. tiy, bar II at 4 O'clock II
ooaahllly bahiad this bar la Daytoaa'a weekend $JO B. Hit Bt. Olrl. ford. nit bveraon 81, ir. a ira. Mary ttee- the hose of Hr*. Mary
schedule: ir. Hra. David Heaor Roy.Hr.. art, Mil Earths Or..10,. JachaoB. TOO (butt H.
Friday Oct. H at 8:30: p.'., Coronation of lies r 1019 Jessie St., Roy. .* Hra. Jloale Jess, Mother Stokes ill b*
Hoaecoolng sad Miss Alaua la Gtrtrud Rotchhlaa y ir. Hra. tulle Raado II1S Av*. Rk Boy Hr. a Hra. Jbka rbrter the fie.t meeker.Patronize .
N'r vy Davis
field II10 It ,
Maya ieaorlal Chap*]. r Irk, Ion Albert St., Hr.AHra. Herbert Joe, ,
Saturday,Oct. IT at ':00 ..... Hooecoolag parade. y Roy.ir.. loa '.tbodbl.., Oeorgta.Roy. Ct rl. Our
11:00 a..., Lunch: la Faith Hall. B ira. Jeeele Roll Hr.a ire Merles Hag.
'2:00: p..., Football gut bit..... Itthlll..O>oll... IMBlbbald Rd., Girl, Rr.* Hra. Jloal Cnab> Rt. 1. lot 10, Boy ADVERTISED:

Rlldcata va Benedict College Tigers Welch it-
aortal 8tadl..
7:30 p..., Victory BaU. Moore Qraaaaina. ulll.....

.8.ra..s..r. ; oIdtIavor"

4 1 A'Ir J
Geraldine KUllar' selected the Eldorado dab s Stye Lutes L L.rL11 P
aa the atttlni for hr recent atrtilaaeiit of 3! 'Intwnnct C++Mny.JtcktonvA,fid.SoldrlnktheoldlaehloMd 1
Kevlnettoa Bridge Club. Margaret tllaon was the ; t. ;I
lone guest player i I
Barbara Harper rear Hackey. Paul lie Davla, and bourbon-Old Taylor 11 Sun j
4 -the modern life I 1. treat But I
Nan Fletcher ware recipients of club prlaea.Celeatla 1 1Mr. when It cornea to bourbon
Nicks Doris Bennett Dorothy Oliver, --- fathar knows boat Taylor hu
Ann Ron roe. Sara Lovetto, Data GlIU.r4. sad and I... Herbert Jaws Men.around..,since Ko aaa
TAOANASSiX B beautiful' event vftioh aaheredla remember .1\4" atUI Uataotht .
None hlt* .ere song otker'neaber preaeat.Zelna did= '. -
the fall>eiater social ...... here.Mae Shirley way It throMuartonof t
a century. ..SatooUi
rs'.rs'"rrrrrrr rerrell, the daughter *f I... Ralllo ferrell b* With t motlow rkhnoM. Uu< '
tune the bride of Herbert Joaee, the aoa *f Bra. eland ap to the b......splash .
hostess when Oeeie Bridge Club August Orloa. n* event UkUg place U the boos .f water, Jt't nice thai In this
John eon was
tkeWlde-a Rev. II. I. Hill 'n world,Taylor boIane. ,I Ihu
of Bother _etth afflclatlag. -
art Jut weekend at 1299 Hart Street. Still Bald .....................e stayed oW.,............ :
via sad Sula hells were the lavited guerte. But donl Jut taken,wort
Catherine T. Jackaoa, Geneva wheeler and .,1- The bride vas given IBBarrlage Barracks for It-Uit T.Ior.1. '
hater Boaetrd were high scorers IB the Bridieaeaaloa. by her brother Gateway
: Myrtle Thoaaa qualified far tilt door tlbert ferrell, also of Huts Saturday
priia. this city.A .
Other participant IB the Beet lag laeladed Lots boat of relatives .< The regal ar bieoatklyoeetiaB
.Av.r7Harlu S. walker Marl .eClat..... AlvealaScrtveo. friends sane IB aU..ct .'- of Otteeay tar
.. end B bowtlfal re rack IU1 sill b* keldSatirlay
past aaa .""e. Tb* .t a.... .,
B.rrrrrrrt.rrrr couple eere the rctp lee N. laott CMaealty 1
teat of aMy beautiful e.ter.u"h end .raathaJtt. i
with aboat too week reaelalag aatll the Bator tad useful gifts sad Coaoaaler.I.. 1
Boil Classic tilt claaali eoMltte* t* paahtag a era accorded a any happy Irvlag >. aaaoaated.Hptdal .
oejtBott ''advsace said' OB adaleeloa ticket to returns of the day topic ot U*
the ge e.HaUaalal. ..... eUI to Bloat tortht
1 Davit ckalraaa of th* parade oo.. PT Association anaae! Jo,. || Ami. 7

Ittee, la argleg orgaalsatlaaa deelrlaf to participate Slates Meet sue Day akeerveate.Th .
la the parade to united klo _Mittel,. Barrack end AaiIllary .
nee deelrlag U vl* for tilt soot attractive The nreate>TeechenAevciatlea will aoreklp Sri
Heat ahoald eoaaalt ir. Davis regardlig ...t.lt"J of strict day Oct. ISatDoyBarlttattltt
.., 4 will Beet Malay at Cbtreb .rtt|
IOOB.B. IB Ut Ooarg ttt II see tOr.I,. A
ftahlBitoB Sckeel ItMaall fall '.""'1, ..-
sacs U urged for bath
. Jr AMtarcadeXll !..eveJadasvlil.at1:50 opoclal wants.M.bers .
: .... *r* rejected
All ,,..,..to are wed t* sets the tee bloeatkly (
U aoatMt tk* dietrletpreeldeat. teetlag *ch4alaa.
Hr*. Addle ft* tarraat .111
Ra.*.riy tor traaiatrta'flat .... ot the flrit sad
Offltera .... third lotaNay sad tk*
shield b* taraed It U Military teete M the
the district Brld.Btefero s-I sad a rtb JWer.
.o.a,. dales All oeetlaga are

hold at U* Jot I. Je .* I
OIVK Owowlty Cat.,. .arl-

THC UNTO WAY 11 tto.. It > ,...


Mitunl Wi| Shop


PHONE EL 4.USZ R R11111I1H11N1M4 I

S \
-1M' You To LletM To"DANCE -
lilt till $2.11ar had tan

IfG U. ill in I flnlni sly,

PARTY" itn IHII imM '

IliUlf IIH ti U:HSHttlif genes II cHIn flHIlaf


1are 'M. 12 ,.. Wfj JHJMI rfaA. s.1 tjtajtJJlfJtW Ifftfitila** .lilt pthi I


14+4 WMC 14H aw ...., slepse : 1. ,,j.. ...S'......... IllkigltiMMSMISM' +.....iSlr Nltki. beUM 1 iMtA+i M !!\\MA. :. -:::.... 1V.;,

... .. ..-

-- . .. -

r T ; I 1-i I

Hit ,, till UIU ITUN1. lIt
.. ... I
East Bethany And Baptist Association To Convene At MI. AraratImpressive

I ; I

1 Program Launches Ntw Institution f .


3 h


,... .I.

... ..


1 I',''.". ...: 'ii:. .;:...

4 'F ;:

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v ., "'"'' !":
.,..." "i '
". .
c """., ...
: '" ..
1 llv
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.. .,;0.' .
""..".., .1/11. "
11 A, ,"-
"" ".,. "
; .
., ,
.- -..-......._.. F.II.! .
.CADc of RMBtltr MatbodlBt CbaroVl Outpost J. Flabar, tlao obalnaa of tba official board of ,liatnatora, la abota .gill ruts Bbtaaaar KTP Ojalatat raadara ass of 'nova!
unday School bold oaob BuBday at t:00 .... at the the apoaaoriai cbarob ud Oho iblttloay, dtr.- fonal pro,,... Bio la baiai aaaiatod act loaa. Mils Carolyn buss la its orianlat.
I atliodlat Commit/: .ttr, It bttii ooaductf4 by tor of Matbodlat Coamalty C at.r. II pit loft. ra. J.I. B olllaior aid Mr. sad Ira. atom from left are tha 11.... 0 only MoOta, I
J 1 fbtnaiar" pastor .". Knot .. M..IMI otottr In. orandolyi Cblllaa 011..., on* of Uo aobool'a ofatll Ir.. school itaff laabara. II a Flaaaiai. Batty Blapaoa and Uada B. luh-
I Photo). Official loot!.. oa laelado Ills Hula (Fhotoa by Eaaraon'tltudlo)

ART STUMO: Christian Club Mrs. McBride Dual Day Set lilt {.. Exacted Sister Cohen

ROYAL To Meet In Recital For Sunday T. .r. AttiniiBC Plans Monday,
In. Aaiallaa McBrldo
Elgin 4-1894 IBO loyal Pals CbrlatlBl till bo foatarod ia aaoa _lotbodiat.,Cbarcb IUUW8tta Oct. 19 Program
tin obttrrt Doal Day
dab Will soot BUB- | recital I O'clock list its Cut Florida sod
MUTT illS All day it 1:10: p... at tbt Sunday sight at ProodMBaptlat ads. October II wSIra. sod Kttbaay will ooo.' hors Oct.
Alia P.Oilaor
boat of Bra. lottlo Boatlok Cbnob, 30-31 la Church, It... aaBooaead -
SHIES -c... IN b- IUD Jobaaoa It. sibs till bo Mooapaalodby Mra. Ross sad thaaaoa oodiallII"rlluU"l aa orahai la boat pan
teal s m
aattra ors aakod to Doaooi 11I1.. tilllaaa for the tor and .OT. aodarator......................
iiiti t HUE attaid tba ...th, host alit it.gosp.l ..
coLliIHITIIIAIS..UlPS .oa., sad ffilllo Oadaoalaadiai A ":" sad .... C.B.
praptly t>r 11II11.... of obonaaaofFailadtlpbia .. faatarlac .
its a till talk oa
liportaaoa. Kabara Midst Cbtrob.Mra. .
ors its clany
alao a.... to Holt Ira elrlda till .. A proiraa la balaiplauad ficial ftC.UOD.II Bn. a
tor tb* ortat. til son till speak
Carets irlcbt *bo la apaioally aaalatarbybtr ladaaidty 'AtOBOKBt."
Tba ilalatar. for.Jbabaa
Pikllc- coif lad IU at btr boat ." ". Mr*. Babacea ...
-Nitirr ,."r.. Rtddick sad 7 p.'. Bar. I.B.
at U63 Uatbort.
Open' Dally Mr. Mary Dii. ta its Bar J. Moatioiory Upaator ban lavitlai of its diirob the pablie Joiala .,aaraoa. till slit dallvar.... 1 ... .
praaldant of its chart,
EXCEPT T8ESIIYS to wrokip witb tboi. bushes altaraatlai aim cam
aanlea. First lIOn Taapla, I2Sff
Thuraday its Sooior Hoarot Bt., Elder A.
and Junior Ira.'a Kill paator will bt the
ODBratloe till setting for a eltytid
3rd it,. HILL charms of tba all. taltot prairai Honda.
P MEAT MARKET Rui&oa, vies actlrltiaa. Oct. 1* at I,sa p.I..
KGWWK Qflu!t ...IIU.. aioralai, tbo latar Boattta Chia.sponsor .
,_ leaf ., OabarB sad mnouec.d.A.oas .
IPRIP4 PLAZA..3101. Proaiaaat. ...'. Brotborbood the partlclpitUi
K IMl SON ST. speakers sad .
tol Joint ....Ioa.. groups till bath ter' lTraraliai
MICH 0000 AT MO CAttAT AVL AND IU4 W. IIAVIH ST. tins sad .. 1.1. Naard. its Start, tbaKicalaiora.
uaitloa. of .., of its gabara Odor 2 of
Florida till oooria I. talker] Pint Bon Hound *ri>

GRAND OPENING SALE tbo call.,..promJoist of dallrarthalrannual t.. Brotharbood. lied ,Slaiara fie Pentecostal of HovirdTiopla

alai t.daisdq.- ... tar laf its Mm- Cblor latar Flortac
...U... .... I.I. 'Ttnaar.Joha Haary lro-.
till foa Aahall sad ..,. e:.L sad otbarawbo are II'
lay till speck froi rltad to wpssr.Discos
LlMHtDaaa* i.t. Janl.tdist
tbaaa av. Cobai till
FROZENTURKEYS tie 3 ,..,, tba aodara- of far several solos and
pinal froi *a Hoar till b. bald will also aarraaaaaattrof
EGGS the txaaa.. tblab tlaa bt cartMiiaa.ladiridualt.
Tha Ran .
alao dallrar its and soaps
tlaaablp .
bare Pot her natactad -
K'N..al addraaa ud its thlok
.ral altetioaa till art baited tic
.". J.C.
eoadtatad. ttr Obban aald. _
dallrar its

3 S100 Ayt. Wt. untie itraoa,and.Ul -.CIALS
the .n'I.
DOZEN 10 to U .... o'dMk.Bar.
will tiro its Dry Cleaning At Its Best

t..o.s.c.$ sI lM..... WY NOW SAVE 1 k PIR L' the Miaaioa
In. ..e:.
All" Meet Are P.rwre//y// SelecfiW fy >U > /..r. Matter Meat aWyer rapraaaat tba

IlIIIr Board.till Tba Pr. Pouts %


,. BREAST DRUMOTrF 1 PiCNICS 290 dtaoaaa Uo .

k I or u.FLA. "HIT 2 Sits .


25'KKW' 3i$1OD not aa ,..
FRYERS a N' .kola..,...safes., ,.. 2 Drassss .

II tact...liaiaiaa aaj** .. (Plain)

MAVYWMTHM laMtr ... .
STEAKS + STEAKS .,..,.... Mt
..,... ay a.. 4 ..| s.m.
....... WNOIBAU ..,ne...... .
UlL MOM" ........... lOX Mwvttt .
SIRLOIN Capita ..
Of teas
!:!rat.. .............. la aa afrMtt
495 liarttla is r
tmotN STtm 10 ROUHDT40NI LI.69c It la tlka bee amUtad saw

nlTn" T-IOHI rot ,,...,',"'*.
to at.t Ua ..r.WI.......

FRESH COUNTRY PORK -4- AU er ras1so 1hso.aoI..s s.' .".. Jaiaaa list
rd slut n. .
....*. tit .. sod'Ifleleet aw
HAMS .....La.AV& La. 41 IMKNNEwrNIKIINK u. 4f3T ram ....*<'-> .
sill ,.....
.a. ....... bo at
i SHOULDER i POI MEAN u 1* !... a pt..... .....
.. at all UMO.THE.
.' SIDE PORK 3T WJWIE PIlI Uaraart l
Ava wr.QO UaIB.. aV" t.4IHa.KTM.


o :: NO MlI MONEY DOWN \ .1111. VALETR M!

M l M *
itm HI NISI nfi M wiii. n IMMI 4
lid .... .... ..


__-_ -
-- ---- -_ _

I '\ 1 -T-J f f'I i I IuttbJthJ.r

tlTiltlT KWEI 17. mi Lttiil ills rmi,

'Woodlawn Map !!t1.f.:11 Proiact Plant.- Ccflliil Plumed To Oks0m5A ,(

'Ip resbyterian'Church There will ba a aoataat Auhnnwy
C at the Roaaa of God Baa-
Notes 'lay between Miss laat The fifth aniverssry

By 1..... feu sos, Br.OB 1-1i'R I It aide aal Miss teataldaAtrlai of Rev. and Mra.- L D.
\ira ...d. Mayverd of Philadelphia .... .aa the the aohodnlod day Vhito of Key teat, will.
koaao ..ieet of her aUter-la-la, in. p.* jaooba lut Sunday aaphaaliaa af aorahlr.Suaday ba observed Sunday.October
of,,MO .. nth It.1III11a here .n.I.,..r4 ma taken pI aced 011 LII Leader School till be- 29 with the anaiveraary -
Bitfktaealai fa It. Aafuatlae ahere aha vlemd tbs ship for the Boralu fin at IslO aa. aadBO aeraoa balai delivered .
fort and other polite of latereat. worship aanlcaa. J.I, ratal worship Bill at 1:00: p.a. by
She Staalay.UyBaa f.V.P,C.broaiht .. 11:00 the Rev. Pranklia A. Hooper
we jolaed by Mrs. Jaooba oa visits to SB- tart at win
Ivanaah. Oa, Jericho and Beaufort, Boat Caroline. till eessrge. Hit F pastor dellvertai the pastor of the Cornish:
'111I1,. that visited relatlvea. subject was, The Chnrch ...... Aa aatartaialiiproiraa Manorial ANStloa Chareh.ladebtedneea .
"' 'Hay-ward also Oa Trial. Mr. Steely found at
Mra visited her niece, Glass war la plaaaad for
I.t of lit* St. brought oat lOll vary the day Bethel AMI Church when
laportut facts la his The proiraa la for the Rev. and Mrs mite were
: -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/./., dlacaaaloa.Norvan benefit of the baildlii appoiatad five wars sea
T. Vrchart. as baa baaa oaapletely dissolved -
food\ drive and the cNm*
fira., Rachel niaoa of 30th St. ma surprised with cvtive secretary, Joba* laartlai support fits and recant addittcaa -
n sos Branch T. .. C. A. to the church have
birthday party lilt Batarday Bleat la too hose other churches end the .
of Mrm. ClIO Gr.... Moill those praaant and enJojlnc spoke oa the topic, The general pa bile. bean paid for
the repeat we Mrs house thither Mra. Youth And the Cbarch.mi .-..-_ Elder .J. I. Tarver la Maabara jola ia COBaandlai -
01 Kir. Wteell Ira Annie Ball 1'D1h.lira. To.sie dlacaaaloa mta vary brief "...ulla to. aapport the Gaited Natloaa aaaaal .?rick or treat" project w boat paator the pastor and
L. Harris, lies Beverly Butler Bra. Cornelia C. aad Baaalaifal to the the rullaat.Baabara of tall Rise Cadattaa dub at laat wed to foraulata plan * his wife for a Job Mil
tallaca, Miss Sylvia Deeps, Miss Anna Bradford entire coiifreiatlc tor their canal Rallovaao Party. Seated five Ian are: parllada Lyaatta DOBcana. done.Uiivirsity _
Harry Plahburaer. Hewitt I.. Puih and Miss Brenda ndar Lloyd. Pearson, ojuaaa: Usda Joyce Uokatt. president, fhylla I. Siapaoa secretary; sad Of Sooth' Florida Gives
L. Pugh.Mrs. 'lr.,the clert of aaaalm, Joyce Uada Smith proiraa caairaan. Acoordlat to the Baabara. this ,..I'a

Chaos who received aaay lift. ia a..- It conducted carried the oat aervlce the party proalaaa to be blnar and btttar than ever (J.Tarraaoa Photo) M500 1 Grid For Racial Justice Study
ber of St. Fiat ME Church and la employed at Du- pro ,
graa vary efficiently In IOU an-Tha Coaaittaa for Racial Justice
val Medical Center aa a registered aaraa. Youths Slate Women StageReligious Ml. liens WOBIIli I
and flawUf.alj.lha choir .Not of the Vaitad Church of Wrist aaaouBead a

-/././.,././-/././././ festered a special aa- ChristianEndeavor Play Obsimict special grant of 11500 to support a project for
.,, ',.., Gnat Thou
action iator-raolal understanding ud aduoatloa oa the
Nice Margaret Meld The Itch Aaaaal Boa as a
!emirs. Ustia M. Data, of Atlanta, Oa., left the Art. They sag this Hour Director of Relliloaa Day at It,Boa All Church eaapaaof University.South. Florida.at. Taapa.Tha .
song vary beautifully.Tha lavolmaivaralty .......................U..
city recently after an enjoyable stay hara with cbe..UIt'ult1wU.dlrt.t1. and Coawalty Affairs at was lurched recently project
bar suet Hra. Vanaie lanar of HI raw St. Church School will youth procraa, Sretater Methodist Hoe with a most delectable students ia Opportunities la Hovataiia
Mra. Deal an employee of Atlanta life Insurance bejlti Fvndky, October, the Christian Eadaavoi ,Hal, praaaated a play fellowship aad proiraa kalplai Negro public welch aialatara and ':
CcapMtJ..IIU.4 see, places of interest while herein II, at I-IO: .... with Roar vlll coavaaa at reading at the fall of evaata.Tke school children la raaa- flay aaabara of the d.* I
tit city She aaa the honoraa at a dinner party aapariataadaat T.V. 1:00: p.a. Suadty at St. District Saaiaarof the obaarvaaea of dial raadlaiaadcaltartlaarichaaat laoaiaatioi are actively
la tha dicing room of the First Charchof Mete- Huger la dlar,.. Rev. P. Peters Ml Church Alasaadar tealeyaa Service Ouild .....'. day wen art it* 'rolr.... It ''aorklai, to defeat aaaatifair
physical Science given by Mr. and Mrs Leonard Atwater 0. til MB. pastor Bill Cottrell state at Luke Shore Methodist "t.hUt. Boa ia 1121 alas lacladaa a cultural koualai charter *
She enjoyed aaothar dlaaar party at till ,r..dIlae monist wor- president aad dir otor, Church ladnaaday evantaiSaptaaber by the late Mra.Alice I.Aadaraoa. enthuse proiraa aaoai aaeadaent oa the
'Odorado Claw and a braakfaat In the hose of lira. ship series supported by aaphaaiiad at the last 21. Oa Suadty Nov. Negro sad white pro 'ballot. la the coaiaieleetiaa.
Tharaaa Hall on Ella St. the chared! Chlor with buaiaaaa a*.tla| the la- Repeat perforaaacea S, the comes of this faaaloaal people ia Ua Aa aaaiteacy
Miss Alpha ..1 tII guest portaoca of iaplaaantUi un held the follovias historic. church, vlll Temps area It la ooa. inat of 1200 vaa side
./././.,./././././././ orient at the oriaa. the Fourth priaeipla of day for the 10...' I look back over the II dactad by the Fiends ,to aid ia pahllaktai a
The aervlee bailaa at chriatiaa andaaiorfallovahlp Society of Christian years vita a On deter- ODafaraaeoof the United civil rights aevaletter
'Hots of empathy art being aitandad to the faally 10.85 a.a. The youth with Carl at. Service their. district elastics topreaa forward Chareh of Christ aith. the. of the CoatUulai COB
of the'late Ira. once Day ton of BaltlMra, Id, Choir till rehearse at Youth offloara elected workshop and aiala for to iroeter helihta.Oaeof aid of tko Vaitad (bare* .a u.. of the Clergy iaClmland
overly of thla city Relatives attaaJlag the 6iOO: p... Baaday .1Ura for the 4th gnartar anJaaaa Called Church Moses at the project for Board for Roaalaad MtalatHaa Ohio.
.P.O. DaTlalachariaTha 1104.... president; the T. I.C.A. oa Prldayaonlat the 10..' day vlll be (Caaraa Hlalairy Tke, CbBBlttea tor Racial
Singleoa antlra Church School. A.c. Chandler, vice S*>taaber 15. a "Uhy QIIh.," vhloh Divlale.) end the Olden .Jaitieo Noa aaa estabIlshd *
St.{alacaa of the docoaaed.Mre. staff la asked to Beet p raa i aaa t,Laura Jaotaoa The play 'Tkooaa This ill aad.:00 "..., October for Christian social by the SeaeralSyaod
vita T.Y. Huier superlatandant secretary, ..& Al fred Day" by Stanley J. Ro.. U at the ohurch. Aoties.Tle.sitt.ealso. of the lisped
.. ././././././././-/./., Taaaday at 7.06:C /baaa fiaaaeo catlraag. land Jr., baa an African The attentive eoaattteela aa* Church of Wrist la IN)
'. ,.a, fettle 1111I'1 staff Senior officers and eettlai and ,aa produced aakiaf the aapport of aouaead a iraat of $$00 end li supported by attribution
; Alfnda Sill of Qnltaaa. oa., left hara recantly aaatlatlBtha conference staff la clad* AlaiaadarOottrall.praaidait la coaaectioa with the all aaabera end friends to the Miss. (Ohio) Clt of churches' ,
after vlaltlai bar sons, cacti lid Loris rooa.Tba sid". prayer ; Ira carreat church study la this aftert.Mra. laaai Qwaltue formal" and tidtvlduala.UPdlU ,
Piahar. wade hara, aha aaa given aany social at- arnica win baooaikicttdWadaaaday lattla Thoapaon, aaaoei course "The" Church end Jaala a. Ivperaoala
,fairs IB bar hooor.Mra.Aaalia October 21 atT.1D ate director; RobartJidiaoa.Vrt. tie, Nail tee." chi ra.. and ire UIIIICS,
: p.". tf Deacon hUt Partlclpattas la the
K. Staaart Paaiie Poster la oe*
/./././-/-/./-/-/-/-/- ftichardaoa. end Mra. A. Baatoar, pro play wen Mra.Coke Rat?. chairaaa, 'AmcT MEDICINES CO&\IItICl I
The Qiltad Praabytartaavoa Bra toaaittat, Mra. Miss Hiss Brattou, adVise a.,. t.,. Poator, la the ALL LEADXNO HAIR rWAJUTIONfl
Van Buctaer. la an effort to recuperate are sot aalllnChrlauaa alan Price, secretary j Uiiabath ..,un.a ,lItAlr. Cor. goad and Aah.ev PL 42UODCTU
fore a recent !))less. left for Detroit Mich.. iraatlai card Mr. leorll Miss, traaaarar. -- _._--_.
along with bar sister Mra. Hester Vaa. Mra. Back- They are arilai all to Mr. Versos tins ieoardiaatar .
Bar la a aaabar of It. lion AMI Church Daaihter) place orders with then end ...faraaoaaraatdaat 7V
fits, 'taatara' It r. 'Iho gladioli Ladies aad sea aoa. Per detailed la foraatioa .. .. .
other civic and religions ortanlaatloae. plaaaa ooataet All youth orcaaiaatioa f i
Hra. Claa ar... are iiritad u part.i.

I Convention Program Participants pato.Snaday'a. prosraa ia atpattad PER MARK ,
1I I
to ba of iraaiatartattayoath f i
u .It ;
,i* '::i aa adult St. Pa tar a.aaaly QUANTITY EIGHTS IISnVID

) !,,;t tim endeavor, talookiaforwrd '
to hoatlas the i
affair. I


At St. Mark
A treat daltvaraaioaoal :

EAST FLORIDA end Batkaay Baptiat AMoalaUaa will aolvaaa Oat r ls!. IB SU aariat revival 1. ;, PORK I If
Ararat Saptlat Charts la its flat aaaaal aaaaioa. Among tot cJartyaaa aad lay being aoadattad althtly
I officials parttcipattac dartai the flfa-day event will ba oaaooa t.Pattaraca. at the St. lark Church
ileftRev. J.T. toCall. pastor of MU Versa Baptist Church; aad Bav. t.C. ., the Lord I.... U.t HENS' :
Mitchell. aaator of Little Bock ....u.t--- Chart*. sad Sate At*., wader p ,
the Ita4 raklpaf Elder
Calvia MlUaaa. Jr. ROAST
OXKRfUEL iTaaialiat I. ftftiU. .. '
II Weddings I will ...ak at aata Mr ;; I

via*. lay lava alraadjrraaolvad
traaaadoaa la-

Baory-C-DI... ltll BBB St., II end Mary U lenS apiratlaa,.. frae these 19 ; 27PILNIY !
Ellis ..... St.. 19.
Tylr. M aad Ultlo MM Odor aVaitla Sioovar lapaator. $.
RTBUIL Maaliaalt. H49 CalboaaSt. adolph S....102 Dfltt L.
St.. II mod Ullla L.Ippa .

illia. IS.h".. It. Loala.Be. ,lineal ay St..12. Pie Sale {
V .. II BBS torteaaaPlakaay. falters, taaieo.1111Maamaf Tie atyo aad Baaa the.0lttee.f 'IS
Til I. Dual Uva\, U aal It. lies AM J FAIl MOUY
-'fl! St., 51.Andre'. ..UI s MM JOBBM, till Church aadar Ua laaJat*

..... Jr.. MMMalphsatu. .. NU st.. n. ship of It* aairaaa, ,iES \
,sues en .... llaadslaaaha Mack C 10,. 121% f.AahlaySt. r.a Mafsartt drtaaald.la .
.llltot..i ftllCi. twit Mil HalpaeaSt. .. II aal Cats.* _oet1l1111I1.. FLOUR
-if.... .. If.Bltbar. orlaa taatlay. 1M f.AahaUr Friday Ml Satarday.tatetar .
,. Part,10 .... St., IL IS aid IT at
Ciia satta, mi La4a
IM ft 1M It.
.t., 21 Ml MaaHettatnatt. If Had It lataavaalaat -
HI Short .../. paraaaa U ... a* 25 ;

$t., is. .... Itl-MII for
tlaylOallUa.II1ttafliBattaa .1.. 6 L. 4 9 LAftGE SIZE'
4111..". no plaa.ivallablo .
St.. M aad Bel* ..., P1a '
will .1 +
..... lessen Mil ..- tart all.. alll ,..at ,
harry tra., H the tMaaa'a tnr dvt.wVITlc&cal

PUSI YOIIIII 1. ilYll l It. ZUL 1

Tee Scot Th. bet Saetor l{. 71t
II.then roar Be... rr-wrthM "
.a* Riparlaaa*) piafBMlata. .
....,.,.. M pees Ba.lee'aSratra. 33{
( li. MI.
.. VM ouly .. BeetSea. FANCY NUCJOVS AffUSrtUlafYft

Fer life c.L poet fJMlItjr Srvaos '
JH Scarcity Fs"sKietw. lAUAWttKWrylrtSUS J 'nc: 25CI'

1 Rtisi F: eleeC'Url t 0 lN1R Tat ; "" If,

JickstivilUIvbir c..u.Cfiriifft.btap Boeertamww.drten1 tin rSttri TOattrO HIP I calC 2ft

.- i9r5 tiSD cue BtLii.rily's ,
NIA 1 OMWS 4 IMiKAMM 4ft i

(etlllt'H ( .' ", I'
Drug AffUJWY : I, h "'t J! N., ..- 1tC

', !fl.
"" .. In | | JUS B| l I. '
MVIS IJ'11 : )! : R MBSJ ,,
4 ', r! ., ,:. xI'!"N.dyy ,

.-- ,,'
__nO __.......... .. _....._ ... -- "

_.___ __ m. . u __ --- -- -

Ir-- t ( n.aIT&I'&pnr'-T- '"

liLLl main tnim n. iitf

... .

.f..., ...

Childhood Assi, Completing Presentation Plans Grace Presfcyleriai

To Hew Dr. Gordon -- -- Church Mews

Bit Oetottr 21 ittlic
nil Sunday la '
of tbt AiMclitlon for
..'I Sunday" For tie
I Childhood education will
conics service, there
I be held li the Rliltih
Senior High Auditorialt will be two intat larata,
who till ptak oa the
7:10 p... Dessert .
will .bt served li the topic "Iht Cxptritnct
cbaol cafeteria priorto ,of 1'1 till.,." Thy will
the it,tli|. Ontitp '7et bt Mr. Cook of the Bern
taker till be Dr In / A Seventh Day Adventist
? Jr Church and Mr. Yeadem.brook .
Cordon, ontitandiai od*
sector and author, of the PiiecreitPreabyterlia

Dr. Oordcn li I uU,. Ik r Cbirch.
I I'I R MM Totter who took bit At 7:30 ,..., the wbltCblor
dtriridoitt work tibutotii + 4f'r' will present M
tdatitloi it swiss of nilc. Hri.UnalaHliii .

'I .1 City Cbll.(., .Iftw York, will be atchaimtaof
sod earned kit ...t." tbaa proirai.
I degree !. the irti of fluke to KIT. I. A.
lalduet at TtBcktri CoulD, the Choir and
College, Coluibli Dnlftnltr coaireiatloa of Greater
I' lit fort BtUtl A.I.I. Charcb.ho ,
J It tlllkt It Rusts cwt to Grace list

State ODlltit Md at ttt, Sunday n.lu. Shanks
pBlttriltr of KirylindMd In to Rev, oJ,I. Btt I
wu associated tltb phtoioi, the Choir and
the Iittltutt tar Child AtAlTWO CURTAIN 'CALL- tab ri of 111 ail1 a Sass. Bra. Zeal Joata, plaa'aiai _Uhf obalreu; achlato oa two oloieatary school diU dr.. pro* conirefition of All tlodl
itady it the latter, fete OoiCti.ptirof. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Bra. Aaron Crwrford. bulltai; Bra. kwlta rtll, needs froa. the ahow will bt used to pardtait cues Baptist Church who .e..
Ntliprtintly '..chll, hart onpltttd plaaa tor their annual prtitatttloa: cbalnaa Faihloa Mlr.Hri. Olrtbta tllllui needed tqaipatat for the tye-aobilt tests >Blchttt to Once hat TaeadayTtOllg.
courses it the University of Bony rubioa Fair Buaday oct. !' at I ,... IB bullets tltet. Photo right shots Borora 11011 sorority sponsors every year.KltJil'Hetn It ll good tO
: of rlorldi li MIIBB Dad.- County Audltortua. Boron anon troll lift arei nat left) aid twins lllllMi iilif ayt.ttttlafSoith ( New Bureau Photo) hat these liiprloifellomhipa

I G Smith Bad Dtvtlopitutmt a''ls Totlti Ohtnt of larches,
la the are of Ouldtt. J il.iU.. Mrs.111ft11 StrkkH Florida Youngsters Project Beach Plaiting Floral. Seedliags I i Onto will observe its
.. IB addltloa kt unnw iivnviVeff Week Activities To Aid Ktmdy librify II aaiiTtriiry Sinai
teaches a, coarit la la* Bin Olive Altiaadtr IHtricg NAACP Drive I T DAd d Floral I Color, For Tourists tilt tint we.k ,of Nor.

troduetloi to.tdiciatUUtBohoolofMtdlclBt. uecatlte director CDD "."..Ir.. May South Florida youngsters .!!! be ktlptif build 11/ BtAOl-Autumn and plating bare started at For flit planiiii and
tilt Jesse I. Scott Cba L.apkii, a lontlat the John P. Konatdy MtMrtal Library Htk pestles, Mlaal Btick. Hundreds of thousand of'ictd are wort, Ut chare thanks.
Nt li a saber of the .ailty Aiaoclitloa, and Itadtraiitiff aid bard ,dices sad quirttn they tin "...1 ft. darliftbt olnc la tilt round now to that when rioter notes the tnnlmiary coast tttt
A BCD, fAflCD, BO t say flet'ChalrviB of the saber of tilt RitltatlAitoelttlOB "Hbrk roty for m" drive this Boatk.Prejtcta the ety( will be obi 001I to ..Ieo.. visitors looking whoic chiiraia It
other prof.tilceil or. W.'. Acitiblyof Slat tor tbt Ad. .AUU..UU.U..U..................... for lonablat. rtUittlM and recreation Mrs bad with ud'n.
fiali.tioa lit.. a .111 chair a United Nation r.aectjtat of Cooortdftaplt to bt tacklta or ace portico of thetr, _U"U"hUUu-................u"....".., Rhoda Lose eockalnan.It <<: .
prolific miter, ludl' Meek Obierraace, MI rvorttd !.. iBdlTldually aid colItctlftly part tilt and tontrl* Io.totth flown that bt f.lilir to vwatioa
.kad publlabtd Mt 40 or sposc red .by the Baha'l.. pro-ln bat still la by boys aid butt their etrain to ill add color to KlMl ..... Bedding btfonit la Pays ToADVERTISE
10 boots, rtvltti, and of flreater Sisal to beheld critical ooaditloa Fri. girls frail preschoolers the Ktiitdy Library etch perh.ayo durin pink, red and white will !
i artlelM.your. 7ilO p.B. it tbtAltiur day, fnllotlat a stroke to collegians lieladtitltbborbood Fund.' The art a Day Idea the eoalBf Mitbi will be tipbiilsed.
Nobel Ith aidBlacayat here 01 Ttitiday sight, )Moaadtataada kai silted 'oaentaatkronk
Blvd. Sunday, Oct. i tltaalai traabad tko adios;
Oct. II. A saber of the NAACP ttvlif wood left over tboiianda of youngsters
Joel beau proaiiMt Board of Mnctori slice frau Rarrlcao Ota, car: bar already particl*
Sisal Beach attoraty who 1141 Bra. LMpklala ru WMhlK, baby litttii.aad panted varloaa con
II votecounts IB i past president of Cadet oaiketlii the sodas hiss.r/ .,altlti items drift. -
"..Ii..1'es. GIt", s.tnkt, **.o.lta far The project lia' at* 1 lave ban hold.Ceopeiatisi.
"Aftrleaa AtMelatloa for the brand of whlcb Or tloaal appeal to yoBic la the
I the Dilled Natloas. ,U, o. B, tiitin is pros.. alt I Mia to work oat dry, drive, the I00ator AAi:0:
r pttft. dMt rood Pair chats la pro

I Tune WAME Home Of The World's' latonatioa blank vldiai*.two roles Blllloa throe, and"other entry it* .

aaptnaitttt located li
10 eastern seaboard
Champion Disc Jockey"i it ate*. ,
IB Dadt CO,It". the
leaflets art afallibli
II all 10 stores, ac-
cordial to UTliloB ..-
anger. I.,... ".1., oho
IB atnlBB at BoatkeraMvialoa
Oniinaa tf the
i c youth cap al p.
t Rack iraaporladlvlitatlho
ashes a ooatrlNtioa
I to Ut Job. P. ttaatdy,
Library tkroaik the lurk
J a Day caaDibja. will reteltt WMBMSpotlight
ptrtoaal litter
tf tkaaka trot Bra. 4ac Product' 01 Tko Week
mill IH ajitliat Itaaody.At ...
holder Bf worldBBrtadBMtlBB .f tack ooBtritator will Miami Florida
MoardSMOoatUMMBo ales bt listed la the

i r Nina ra bckie ReffrsH library'a, ptmaatatnit. I

it t '- Plan Miami Meet f



rye 1:51: Ii tH
P U. tilt I.......
Stadl. .r ey ,


.. 3 ,

.... LUUM MbW2PL.sldhse. :
... Va.. ,r.ti..ttf t
ties Of chloral BMOB.MBtloat4 ,
1.I rtttatiy suit

tkt BMtboaottai B* ttB* h
al .riaalMtlM IB M
r.tvtly ttaildtrlaiUl
WAME1260MIAMI .a.ak.lUaf BMUMUMtat
at tkolaatlaa)
cease Mill end wtlla.ettrate4 .
ftp Bartt hurt
.ta&. Brt. ....., end
Irs tt.>ttt BjiftUB.tat .
flair. ..*.. .*>s
trio tMMilBtit ftrBoatt. Royal Crown to made frtsfaer to taste fn&sber
r Hear "Hot lI,.. NI0htlAt 11 ,... .......z ..rs at 1.- ,

",.- MeN fresher
go Royal Crown.
With Arl Sfttfi .rt.. sf rm mart'i.tt& go
} reel PteW I


iltlltlllCtUI i ----T--------- f. ,
n. mi rmtti sm nm\ ..( ,

| Deltas Expan Shophards Host Grand- Lodge Officials Tillidigi Starts

National Staff' '" Work Oi New

ttILUT01--Dslta! at CM T fckkmfution BaiWh gTALLADCOA

Theta sorority baaitrtBithcaedlUittlonal .
Aia. >coa*
at met Ion cork
oa a art
,bile service procru
adalaiet ration bulldlaioa ,
by addlBg two new pro.
the Talladtia allot
fOHloaal associates tO
capes li scheduled to '
Us faehleiton D. C. 'ryY #J Y{ r {d; M .t 1 to I
begin by Deo. 1, Dr.
hoadojiartere staff.Dr.
Geral.... ,. goods Berau R. Long, 'preit-
dat announctd.Buaaer .
Of Los ...1.. 'IUonlre.U..t.
Hall, expectedto
be ooapleted
the toBon. s orika
the school year, re*
laatioa had .... Bra.
pieces a nutiUe lost
Clotdette Preaklla of
to fire In lepteaber 0 tUU.
aehliitoB M ProiruABdBtMt.
{ and will located
oa the site of the original .
MM Marie C. Barkidale
Busier Kill It
of Hew Tort City It exoo ..
sties director of tko KBCOnTB n lON-Chief kepberd t. Dwhart of- (rtibt..oabart. of tko-Oakor Board of tko ...... Bra. Patsy Puss, .. Bayao, Bra, pjiaaootk tons lielade will rise to stories,
baiotent, ndoort
OrfBBlSBtlOB, Which hM Orlando la ahowa addroaalai sabers of the Grad Lodge are ....111... ItaBdiBi front row tics Ion aid C. Ponder lack row froa loft I.A. Pryor.Bra. IB the neighborhood

310 BBderiraduate Bad Lodge sod Protective Order of Bbepkerda which war are: Miss Betty Prtaoa. Kra. tortes Lee Davis, Carrie BoTear Bra. Bary fcolllae, Johaiy o t 200000.

abase Chapter across recently hosted by the T&Jl...... Lodge Xa photo Oar Jr. and Bra. Owrjta Leo laoi.State's Bids for oonetraetloa
the BBtlOB.In. .
Press, the BOW Stock Ollirid Influenza Cases Drop are being accepted
fills Dnisi Salt School CensusTo hus.... Eitirs through October. A contract
associate 'director reeeiv.d -
Include To Negro lavistonDacAao Advises ImmedIate Immunization la expected to bo

her bacbolor'o. Popularity Coitis -.-(NI)...-DMBtpcraarktta IintMia .... la Plerlda are auoh lower then let ty the piddle of
decree at AMrtcra Onivenity CNICADD"(IIPU..DaIO.dortl.'rlch.
Bad her ..ut.f.Sa 27, ... Preschool Tots I..., a lilt year bat the State Board of Health aid any Novwiber, Dr. ton .....

awardtd "' II Al Wifttf CtHiflaa s fnlly-ontd grocery oaa andlii abota abould bo laaaalaed laaediatelybeeaaee
social work trot Howard .000 a AUJl TA"Por tb first .
ekala opiratlai U tko It tats two .... to__ a axmth tor__ tha__..n to__
physical -
Dnlmeity.MM drags Ian for ties ..Uca. most Iud -
Pranklla. laJarlM lit mistimed laaa 4 old children B.iro eoaitaity alacoIMS beooae effective.
feraerly -y.ar-
You Doa' t Have To the aadoriraduate aatioBtl oxploaloaofa service strolled la aaratrr la offoriai for Last year crer ',

.cond 'tee static la No,., UN.Kondrieka schools aadkiadertartoM tilt first tlao 78,000 eases bad beea reported LOW PRICES .
president of the 19,000 who altered will lie laoladed la the flaresofpreferred atookt for the met 1C aoatka ,

.caber orianlutloa our 20 p.r coot of his Cass 11Ift..'. October II per share at alt aialait Jut over 1.000
graduated free Howard bodr, baa alMit totally Carront Poptletloa Bar "W:' per oat lateral to Ita this year. la all of On Tour |

University lilt June.i recovered with full ass eel, It n. eiioticedtedty Hitoaora and oaployeee, 1N2 then were 12.1SI DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade
of both ..... Ms plasa tar Director Thoaaa 'Tee GIll,,,'. ala la to CUM. It la Mtlclr ted
i to stay a trado.waa I. Bcfelrter of tko Coa ft :, btlld aa area larger that the sneer of eases fttk Tour Netihborkood Drug store

ASTHMAATTACKS Me rpri.td lathe BIB It MM ROllOaalOf ...: chile of iroeery stores, will Jaapbe .d of II SILL BRT I1 PUCU ADV.U ton UXU. PAPVH1.e .

nit by. Atty. Ckana nee at Atlanta, ender lateirated owaer* this year. Del Ivor,Vealeo fill all rt>etoiB ,....ul t1oa..
? ell Eakrldio, who also Previous fall .n.", ship end proooto late Dr. a area co B. sharp,

errOr hand*. tho lual affairs Uttered .8)ruUOI OBtkeaaaber lartka ...1..... grated aaaieioattkrotikoat director of tie .boerd'alareet Dixie j

Outre.....Mountain of RMTy .llkt CkaiploBCaaalaa of children popalar ...or at talkorBaaiaaia tko Neiroooemilty of Preventable Pharmacy
miiuic Kiiinn M ceirm t (Mukauad All) and adulta I to 14 years sad Vteatioaal by thus pilot DU....., said It laeaieeiilly

Clay.USTEI'S of ace enrolled' school, college, aaaoiaed her eieaple, teeordtai to ...port..ldn .\ fir 1H2 Dm Iraat Mirtli AmuHtm
tat became of tko iroaticroaie tko ranted Bea Doaiok ooapaayapokotaM. pereoa to bar
oaadloacy sir
of children laeboolo fla Mo'" Ai proii ately nail M5I7-H

WEE-WASH-IT I below U.*first Miss.....Talker. ropaUrlty Collets COB for Tke goer stores BOW laopiratloa three.oaartera of all --.. Wyy.________________

trade level thliaoatt'a teat this .... ..,1., 140 fla deaths oecar aaoaiperaoaa
CltMtn acrd'y ,."ca.. It baa three .. ,
.."_ till cover peraoaa A a at IT* of la, iiota, under I ever
y LuidryDRY S to 14 yere.The list Jane la tk. dash. Negro..etore sea.e" aid. II tlllS il HI nilE
fear lituit unitcr*
aehpol>> atteaduea 'If of In ad 'n. Bi. -

'" FOLD patios at will each cover level a.nU..t too JOBM.Mocker she II|tradaatodfroi k School ;;; ; ;;:

o t ached sad la each
; follottac shirt she OBtirod .
4 1 lOCus. trade of year, aa well tko local lattlta* C. I

as obtalalai facta oa tloa whcra aha la Bajor NTMILK

iii inClnilif yon i kick school drop .., la Baalaoaa Adalal*

DltI. atratloa.la .
Sinlciteater tat year a aervey re. addtttoB to a ..*
veiled that !.3 1111100
hts 0. Proprietor seated desire la tcojilr

FREE Pick vp Hd Den,,,, old boys or ud 14 tide percent I of yore all fag rear a aba profooiloaal finds akoaltk ca. tll1 CHI S '

oklldran this 8 1
age were
fib pirailt la aaai't
sex rolled' la Kladamrt' 4 -
dacdai aad droiatlca '
alee, that allot I JO.100eui IWI I \
1!... (i 7p.i. Sit tfll Ifj.mm poeplo 14 to 14 Stir Aids
Grid jilt ,
roars old bad dropped H.M ir ours M ttttt

i it EHnm n 111-11II it .t,...* acteel ooae Stkolifjblp FrojiclUBI IY THI

toe wrist tilt. 1IIMIfltffOi r i
OTOI"'Tkr. laaa :
boaaoboldo willlatervlewed larakipa rest U seed oar for sentry.silo. TIDE
e locally
aid U IM ether ..- today oaK JUay Mil
of tko It. tails Cardtoala. -
eeted araaa of tko
tfco trod dof..
try da rial tko week
stew lalfkack spoke tMkora ti
f October 11. Coaoaa
of Ra Dolts NBororlty
real laterrtotero who
fill vialt t.l1I.. laIII la taobtaitea, *

area this .oatktaaladoi P.C. IIMT 59
Bn. tMlaa A. lieu ft taking tine

+ c' .. oat fro hIs football IUI
toad, Bra. Marten I ItuAHMY
.\1. t* aaatat IkoPotioaal
Joheea.It.. AM tilliedire. .
0>>..11 of Rttro
& Pee C.: Colaar.Urku .
: 5r too. la char rootatlyortaaUod

.5 r i; LIIIII lo baa NkolaraklyDrlfo. ." ard till W.H et rot f fuel crier MMRVtO THftOU f ATUMAYHERSHEYS

55 Iota I ii' _
X211,000Ttalilag o* radio a.4 talftiilcsla

Bat laa. basal drro- .
Grill .
; land this led iaablaftoa .
ym a.nt1AlD. Ok.....tkl P.C. I. lo alotaebodalod
e "rYiL 0.1. Boyamoat of Lets, to surest laoaktr r i' :
romtly shad Ih first ., elites oktrolo j 5 It

ad lariat surest la otll travel silt D.It. .. "

.. CIU..tat.cht4ti.. UaU Cardiaala lN08
lot reties with tko Crk .o Btilooal ewatil of 19

Issue of doTtlad.no Btiro .*... .... has ..1
s astral presides ,...... to.tli ........ SUGAR 111, I IK.M .
Itam tar a. 'tk.The- .Ueebe'. Oristee.earls a I

$ I.." Traltlti OJT) Ip ......, I. laM $11M ir uri M trfer

{ ........ for oooBMttoMla I effort to rate faodafor

otio sorters ares ..larokjpf oklcfe

...... oil a. sailed toM* HUM urn UN HIH IN1I IIMKl[ if KM STTtC 1 Htlll
.... peeperveMrees.refDe > date tkrwoilMt tko
til. Bid Nootttattly tkO "Npres'UM'$. P.ir WIN Trip RICE J u. PII. 6 HI UIC 1

111 ,aplivd To Olympicstrmat
""".. sicily free '
wA rid al .w d tr .,..,.. ..cnn..Tn"
no project OHO N..., Steel aad leery ,...... Certified Smoked Ham"SHANK

.o aiHUf ....!....iIpH i, tar Iftro yootka sire '
rd TN.... All. ad al, _. lit Caliaco arotla
ky Cooper a*
...tl A frtf Mtlairotuaal I dottH lip a pool *f PORTION 39

1,rL dirottor of ttlayoruoit <,, Ja.M, aatWritlM ,
tl ** psreeAIrueee4p ol r ...,tf. to portl.fpat.
w1 fnIjtoUI ., la a lt'du. oil ...
II Qwd.4'lr P.. peed trtl ko Mi *
.. ttit BMCk ..r a. Mr** CHUB SLICES 19
_. ____ +w.. ) tt'lJ' .ee.nl'w t,.
1 ,r Pit fMOB.r
Hot a real sere rs.a tr
.....1IAI.f-tIIAII1S .>r a oi0aiof .., ....1 r OMlOOt 00. ..*..

M.fltyd tote t t / m erNKft
s 11re brat Afll" I la 11..1 ,../" see 111111. s pIA.04w.lteetutee I MMK MIIMf i "MMf atc
easelK.f ...."..... N a peeltePe MMK
Wllb Has ear
rdrb. .11-.... ..,11..1III P..y .e ttsdda&" .r o.rlo. .. p. Ho ....

snlll.. 111 s. btdply eel Mal... let MtforotaodlM of GRAPES B tt aMhaMaf
.. I..a tM... olt!1 I Arabs povtt roam tM
".w k's ...... ........., tftoonjMi I ...... nroadf ponldat r .

etlMe wM ... ,...1 for a. ..flt U as tiN se ..... ..... a pules, P 29 *
oatalllMtat M S I II toklo* .4 Jwo*.
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...,hI. B* .,n.. f.io i r oa. stir Sex Mph. hit.
=::.e;,' R..riE ...... rw taloyonU owotMiaotoo- tiroMlo 10

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,.-...". .. .; : .

I f act l ..tl" : "lEU 1--- :re" :: ..!.::. :.1l.:-I-I itj- -1

Deltas To Worship Com aader Inllg Men's Day At Air for co Gets Gospel Echoes Plin Rev. Newman I been Talk

: > At Bethel, Baptist Holds Promised' Mt. Moriah Sales Ideas Suday Night' Reciiil Is Attending _

Jacksonville's Aluante Pojilloi li State" Annual Hen'a Day elll From Woman The Obepel Echoes will be Miami i Confab By ROBIN' A. POUtESTER:

Chapter of !Pelt UPI be observed at It. Morlth TALUDRQA. Ala.-.A U.& presented la a Spiritual I HI Teens
Theta flnrorlty will ear Baptist Chorea Sunday, Air Force base has citeda Feast Sunday night Oct. Reverend milt 5. Hew.SB. The 'ID..,.' circle la crowded this week, and

kip at T:3O: p.s. Sunday October 18, under the Talladeia woman who llth I: 30 at th. House of a Ulster of the this colwen la very proud to salute the Dragon,
is its annuil Fall far paatorahlp of Rev. .I." developed sales Ideas God, Saiata of Christ local Ebeneser Methodist the Blue Devils, and the Panthera. The Boat la-

hip service held at Marshall Deacon Jaaee and techniques that have. Florida Ave and OdeaaaStreet Church is presently at- portent event at all of the high schools la about
Bethel 811/I U lit Institutional Bushing and Dew! tt Maddji boosted its business Elder Richard tendlag a series of regional to take place, the selection of the

Church will nerve an chairmen over $10,000,000 a year Given, paator. conferences laMiaei First Ladies of the CllllPa..n. Englneera -

Deltas have held this of the day The man, Mal Lillian Along with then will be under the auspices lead off u they celebrate
mice annually M their 'the proiru follows: .. Duncan was recently the Blven Specials and of the Board of Missionsof -HoaiecoMlBg this week.May each local

first prograeofthe year Sunday School at .: 30 Cited end presented the several other troupe of the Methodist Church teas win your Hoaeooaing gaae, andthobeatoflnck
for the coarunity. Conducted L I. with! a guest superintendent Air Force Coeaendatlon the city. An invitation The af.rtIICfllf.bela to all of yon lovely

In an. ataoephere and teachers Medal for beri toriose is attended to the publicto held at the Barceloaa .-- lassies who would like to n bPlrit
that la filled with In charge. The lessee service" while Supply attend. Hotel. They began oaNoday BOBBI UdlSS.f .

serenity, allohouttttd will he reviewed ty Peaca Services and Base Eichange -, Oa Sunday night Oct. 18.theee and will end today are glad to know that no many of yon are Interested -

by candlelight, the services I A.*. Grant. Officer for the two groups are presenting accordlag to Rev, la dining out. and what to in certain
are generally held' I r Morning eorahip will 1611U Services Squadronof a "nan OP AP hems, octal situations. Reaeaber Teens, whether it's
.t a different church I tart at 11:00: devotion the 1811th Air Base PRECI ATT O11" for their The parpoaa of taese.: only the corner haaburger shop or one of the

cacti 7..r. Ibis year"a ,- ,I. al services by Deacon Group at McGuire Air aanager, Mrs lass Blvene regional conferences la better restauranta you're beaded for, please take
service will use the Paul Grant; season Rev, Force Casein.. Jersey.MaJ. at the Mt. Ararat Baptist to face together tbe your restaurant Banners with ,ou.

these "The peter of -His legion of friends J.C. Pinney, pastor of Duncan the citation church vanes and aoae of utaal taka la the alesloaary Give your entire attention to your escort or

Prayer. alaoat vasniaoualy light Deland Baptist Church; ealdplayed a Major the parti clpataata OB the outreach of the hostess-oat to new arrival coning la the door.

Mra. Billie B. Matthew that seat to hit la. offering Deacon Crews role la IIc"ulII. program will be the Heavenly church: la both national If you aast freshen your Bake-up the ladles'
ill deliver the ........ .say ediate faally.OoMsnder and Brother Robert Holloeay > 'aahuftbe Coeaiaaary Fire Gospel Singers, and world missions and rooa la the only place to do anything aore than

Other Deltas to participate J. '. Irvlai'a second tress 150,000 at activation Eicellalor gospel singers In alaalonary educationand dab quickly at your nose with a powder puff. Cut
are: II fl. Foylei- love ia hit won with Afternoon Services till! to over 500.000 per Brown Sisters and Youth cultivation also, pleaae sake your stay there brief
.. start at J: DO o'clock aoltb. and la ia- to disease with alsslon- It for check
tine 110. Mra. Annie Gateway Barracks Jilt a Gospel' Chorus of Atlantic a cuetoaary whoever la paying the
Ruth Brow Mrs Llllle local unit of the saw with Rev. irklaad prs- creasing "sales In the Beach Ho lisess Church ary leaders froB each to give the order and you're usually cued for

Bell Black ah ear, II,.. tiooal World War t vet .1 dill. Devotional services Base ticasage Pocd and Matthew McCoy Heavenly annual coherence the this by your date asking yon what yon would like
Ruth Meyers, Mra. Hattie arena1 will be lad by Retail activities froa Echoes Mrs Aaaada Collins prograai and services of like when soaeoae coat to take the order. Unless
oiiaaisation.A Deacon L Brow and Deacon of the Board ia the
Mill, Mra. Willie Dennis veteran of ho world (87,000 to 1900,000 and Mrs. Essie Mae Those new you know that price ia no object.don't order th.ao.t .
Walker Rev R.J sdrenalua..
the increased dollar
Mrs. Catherine Holiaeaa expensive thing la sight
Coeawider Trluapb
Jackson, Mrs, Wilaoaa ware, Crawford, pa.toroUU. value Inventory ia the Other Florida and/or For sows general do' and don'ts:
know the Chorus, Deacon 1010.01Tt.ou.
Alexander, Mra Marian abeth Baptist Church, new clothing Sales Store Conference aetbodleta l.Tea or coffee spoons are never left la the .
elite for his sany pears Mayport, will deliverthe ,Adrata Ken Knight invited to attend andparticipate
Walker and Mra. Minis aa Air Porea Model cup. They go in the saucer when not in use.
of dedicated work with Rev, Robert Brooks and
in toe
aeraon. conference -
Bunqr. Store. 2.Never blow on soup or coffee to cool It. Wait
veterans units on a Grove Baptist lurch,
IJ Evening worship COB- NaJ. Duncan, retired Zlon series include a a Minute.
ears WITH, local, state and national sues. at 7 O'clock with fro the Air Force oa Mother Maggie Raises district superintendent 3.No aatter how hungry yon cars. don't bolt your
YII tin Cub StnitfTil level Deacon Harold Peteraoala Sept. 15 after 20 pears Andrew McCall and hie elected by the bishop: food.
charge of devotion, group. president of tilt conference -
of aervlce 4.One elbow say be leaned gracefully on the table
flHIBA STM * Board of Missions -
beteeen courses. Both elbows on the table when
; em ference aleelan -
you're eating are taboo. '
ary eecretarypreal; Dunking and enabling crackers into soup are
dent of the conference
to keep st boas.
b.' a Society of Chriatlaa -
.. ... .... 1,1.Brad la buttered a bit at a tlae, breaking
---- --- ------ ---
Service; secretary off a bite-siio piece ss you're ready to,eat it.
of ...II01a,, educationof
7.A soup bowl Is'always tipped sway fro iron, not
the coaference WSCS; toward fOU.wb. you're down to the last few south-
full-tlae executive of ful a.Teena.the.

city and/or district thousands of little social custoas we

a lesion ary societies; live by Bay seen silly sad artificial at U....
dial of the coaalasloa -
re an
But ones you stop to think about their reason for
oa Town and Country being they sake perfectly good ..n... so, try
theee coon courtesies now and eee the differencethey
secretaries of
Also sake Above all, aa soon as you can go to a
conference and/or district
good restaurant let ae bear from you. Happy
Boards of Church dining outl Tbs till baa slipped up on us Mala.ByeNow .
location; conference representative -
oa the Advance

;, conference eiecu- Heads UNCFAt Elder, Sparks
the secretaries of ale-

sins; full-tis. Juris- Talladega.TJLUDEOA.[ Returns HomeElder
dlctloasi eiecutive secretaries Ala.Lister
; aieabera of L. Franklin was naaedchatraaa L.I. Spark,
General Board of Mis- of the 1984 pastor of Mt. Slaai Holy
alone; chain of the United Negro College Church has returned from

ooMlttee oa Urban Ion; Fund Cawpalgn Co.sittsefortbeTalledega the annual conventionbeldiaphiladelphia

sad the boat bllllo,. Collegearea. >> Pa.
Re la principal of where she was appolated
English Teachers the Talladega busty to be a preaidiag elder
Training School of the south.
Complete Hut The campaign which Her district will cover

runs between Oct. 15 and Georgia, Florida. South
The Duval County Teachers Dee. S, will include tII.AlDiltol. Caroline tad Alabaaa.Meabera .

I eP of Dill IIa set at Pell City and friends are
Darnell-Cookaen: School Ode Hobaoa"' City andSylacaaga urged to be preeeat at
the church Sunday ia view
Thursday afteiaooa week Coeeunltlee
with Its department bead aa well as Tai l adegs. of quest Day
: : Miss coats!. 0. Jonespreaidiag. Other executive officers Sunday School elll beginproeptly
iaclude: at 10:30: a.a.Offleere .
Aa iatarestlag panel Mrs. Pffte McGregor, will be installed -
::5 dlscussloa (IsprovlagEagliah vice dllI,._,llrL Marie at snralag wor
Skills of Culturally Player s.entll'Y. ship.
Different Youth)
w.. the highlight of taeaeettag
Sed 1cc.ClHfel
with Mra. hers !
Dart aa aoderetor. ,o. ,o. _
Mra. Mills Mae Joaeespoka
of "Tie treat '" 0",1 It ,! "" 'f1o"ttt 'f 41/t, /

% Detroit Cities School

::. lapro'..' Prograai la P.....*v ee Net M-....MI-CMMO smcieMFBN

: I I spoke glleh."ire.aa "tae Mary PblladeJ Hart STICKS 2'% u. '.? 40s hle 9gc

Yen eevv. ti..> .ece<*tuirtt......e*te me'..
pafa Readlag Progrea forDteedveateged

'5 Teeth." POMPANO ...._""', .....e.IIUfII .- ,i"1'u
Bouatea Program .
i S ., t Yr h for Potential Drop..,," HelMa lASS..:. 4h
was the subject of c.-
1, SMALL FLOUNDERa 39'soinen
..ar aisles by Mra. hulls
Oliver and Ira. Mary
8aart ealightened the LOBSTER MEAT .'1.89 L M.79

...." with views aertalalag GREEN LOBSTERS 69c
to "The OltMoFrograa La.
la Lea page end JUMIO SHRIMP We
." u.
eali a.
LIe MaB. JtiMMill is*
'tLi" 19c
gar8We BITRImYr ajMWIGIH ,


e-.'". .... ....
OIL v... .......
..... ate -e..a e.. ......
STATIONAVAILABLE ...... r r w wa.
M s .A.r M w r4 .re M
:.:==:.-: ="' prds.a

to let
AnAOL cams
memesusw.ase ..

... ....nIsa
RIGHT ... ....
e..- "
...e m.. PV 1Bfh7T-StSe
ia ... s.n1 wren..e-a..p me

MAN .... sew

nil ana tco b.iitnsise
.-cwtDatty."Tte' tttt' .
Mama M ass trsRsascW .
aid ,hand sasna-
...... aenetM.atlskaaca .
lbs harSiar
slaw oswus "ea ......
cast 4hr taShs e... ... Henn. .
...., Ie .....ae ew.ae'r .... as

,ten. 11(10[ tM'I
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au. ..&it! = .ter ':S-- w in Ieae w... e .a


1 w,:s r:. '
.I t

= -

I 1
put! nttjamirmis
__ liTiiiineuiffTrjiii: J

r ..B-CC: Wildcats i Gird For Saturday's Homecoming Against Benedict ,

i '." '. .

Uldefealed Cats Face Mt, ,;.''' '..' ', ;' ,i GsIlteor{ -Ferrtegtoa MtMtrIll ,

I ., Awns Slated For Grid Greets

Crafty .dkt Tiaen
i'L PITTEBJUCI, Pa.-(8peclal) btabllahamt of sera)

Boaorlal awards IB honor of two foner' Negro Collie -
DATTCNA iaA --AltboughktbeneCbakssa .
gales were played is Football All-Marlesas who ncbloted out

fees any Jack BOB til IB Gator tandlai IIICO... la. the National Football Leeiue-
fell they kit trythli Bowl. I3TJ.- the late lllll Oaltaor and John Firrlitoawuanaouaeed
olni for tee la
Saturday's Dyed-a-wool tau art hen by: the, Pltttburi Courier' and Royal

boaeconlni acalnitBenedict's lien red of seeing a roPllea Crow Cola CD., Coluabot' Oa.
Tigers, a re- S ......uuuuuuuuuIn. ....................
of tko
ttow of tilt put three aasssltkrllllai .Aldrq Galleons and '
top C'oll. .
oacoaatorsbotwoos a Negro football *
year will show that the In vittaa Parrliitoa
the two tease players of the
Cats had to widow of Oallaoro and
cows tin
with 10..1..h. of pro season, tbs Courier end
behind dnrlai each. aetto Parrlaitoa respectively
used RC will honor the Nitionnl
aetloa right ci). -
to garner close tie kite it tea peralnloi
to tko win Collegiate arid
to rtea.la to *.tabU'" tII..ori,1
The COtk aaaaal hoao Cknaplonnof the Tar
1P41. the Wldc U cards la beor.of their '
ooalng pioiraa g.tunder.ay tII. 'Qacb of the Tear"
froi behlad -F IU haibinda. Oallaor
cue la
naradty end a sorlos 'peck of the Tear,
.. aoaeati Fnrrlntoi, both
of tilt "
of BotortalalBi proiraaa the Uaeaao of tilt
fourth quarter to eke _bors of the National .
are pnalied tile reepeotl tsar and the ..I..r.r
oat a 25-II wla.no tollowlniyeai. .h... 'aaabtra u t I League Chaaptoa C&lcuo the tear" la ad*
itwat 25->> hears IB 118) wens
lens, and frlaads of th. dttloa till Courier will
la tk* Cats favor bat -- ---ae awg --- ."""ipIiI.; killed la a trnilo auto for
college fBilly.HiyeV the first tlai.
sot ..iu the Intndera UIIUNI-t Im's i tlldcits will plus their sa last hoaeooalsi .*.* are. kieellni froa left accident before NFL tea spotlight the okly.

bad that oa the brink of Racordi BOB'S 1-0 laproaait rooord on the Its Saturday Btinley Bdvarda, Plttabari Pa., Jaaea Noldaaa BOB lOt nndrway.Parrliitoa "RC player of the

defeat. Last ,.l'. CM* afternoon' wham they seat a doughty rival la Bon** Delray' leach; Alpboaso Teasel Mlaati truest was a md ....."

ended 34-18 for tko diet' Tigers dories the aonua] hoaecoalai sotto, Hinrin.Siraaota. and Jerry Blaaoaa, lances, it audio rats of Pnrl View Col We "flrtt '11." of

Florldlsa All threeClay's Is Oktytd10KTO. IB telch M CM rial Btadlaa. Base Use. 2:00 P.a.Durlsi I frog' IsftDoha.llllas: 'lttllMar...,.... Oeorge lei...wbr h* sacred the 44 Courier All- I
All'Mericen honors
tho past three yen Cy Modalran's Cats willl s.Lakales& Jerry Moore, Raatlan; CarryCanlcaaol. Awerlem tau Is alinted
Jge-The and isis end lid
have subdued their rivals batiai bad to m froabehlad sartor filbert Jon**, Delray Beacb; played oa the to b* preaented blaiera.' I
A Secrit sight to U* loaieit' oa each oecasloa for 3HP, 3930. and 34* and Patrick Bandera. Ferret, Pa. Pintbern' NitloiilChaaploitklp catches, and pliquea larewinttloa
race Florida' Aa. Teia.
10 victories Cat' seniors appearing la theirSPORTING (A.FMI Crawford Pfeato) of their
aprlatar, Bob Hay*., baa Oillaor becaa "aleioad I
MIAMI BCAOt"(MPI)**> belli chose i* the top
ever run. Rapid Bobort la his own tta*"
CMBlas Clay, atlll re- pfiyr at their re*
baa endured fear year at s treat Al1'Maries -
conlsed as tk* world pctlt poittlon Appropriate
beatyweight boring chew of frustration' l.tU.. IT JP" half*bach st Florida sward will

p 10. by Riai aiiasise.del official rocosUtlos as AM tralnnlty. also lit aid to other

cared la trail ti| her' the world's fsstostbnaan. The Jobs Farrlaitoa awards hoeorees, taelidtai a

last week bat k* was will 10 to the girt trophy to National,
keeping his w sight a last wook the Intenttlcatl With DON LOTT two top rookies! I* tko Football Cbaaploaa af

Secret" aa a surprise Aaatosr Athletic New Btaatoa Balor ISIII Bcbool wos Us first grid water U alwaystlittl router she you ro. fare Nitioiil aid Aaerleaa the Tear, casually se'

to Bonny Lh toe Is their a-I Federation u..hli tII.Technical Florida ooBtMt of the **aoa last .*.
ran itch, but there were AIM University Itar's the Bid Bolldof* of Howard Acadeiy Ocala Myrtle Are. Ball park..It'll be a diU,. played their eollNltte Carter Predicts
guesses that tilt 't ah.' '.0. For tilt /due .. bo football at predoatBiatly -
1.1 Bart forte 100yarddaah ttarlls. u. ... I against ON TWIIIICM BCMOOL FHONT..lt'lI BtBStol BtBTl
till Up" would welt cleared for final three defeats Os the other side of town, North la Mlaat*.llbrt' at hiss Nigh I* Or' Negro colleges Hi Will Kiyo
n 'lilt OaMaor
trot 230 to 34S a-
poaida western reatlied the bo t too *f the league lu".louII.. Aaderaoa will lit la dial playlaiMnyi
of tk IAA?
ward will to tk*
for the Nov 10
18 bout This taadlai.wlth a 0-3 reoorl Nigh and the bilar will stags a let IBttnyrtl Chimp Giirdttlo,
loaaa that Napes two
Iterybody want to _Btaatoa Yocattoaal's Enttieer raa Mt of *tHJOBI At.Mil p rkanlntmrrla Nigh of per
know what I welch. ..tll.I I a u* ir'csa, Mt caw | llaatlaii.WI Dopers' who. are product Nl'1 lOM.M'U.'Cbl.

its a secret sad Its of Douglas Aa"dereoa, ,,,It Ill U..rlskt aa* Is sboBttbOlyapli af Heir ooll i* toot l.set Nbis Olllrri.lII)

lolBi to stay a secret brought. tbs treis later a la ibkyo.Japia. Bobort M.,*,tII. prl* ball. Carter' la ao toll rid_'
BBtll they announce It I to ry. Their feathers atlll pr-.o..1 da flash, packed ap, looked up and la sow perked Place iPlt 'The testier b will Mattea JyBlirdtlla
IB the rlai. And jut a previews victory er op for his dui oaapetltloas end several aeter re-- has *.le.td aa aaaail and IMIM till.Udlt..S.

watch .Lliton's face when Nigh" of Perry the Cadaeere laya. Ralph, Boitoi, the fo riot tea hero af sole All Aarleni football |" title when

they ci)." till aald. Tory little fr of tk* ties kick, la ever there styles ta lean the tees IoU Cross COla they Uh la U* Yeas

Dragon t... After .tlrod'1 Japan*!* IMIIII II* la still oas of tkbeitud c..' partUlpsttoa asa .a Oct. 33 U.t lit isI'Aifclil

Witch This Cronin the 11-yard Ha, penal l.nt broad jaspers both her sad abroad. Mipoaaor Is nlanted put OlardellaIp

554 II 14 tkea back to the 4$. A pat taw .ton- Napes JOB**, 110 ..ter*hardla aaa for the I." to bring added e..IOII flihtlsi lUlU Put

teroeptloa coapUtely fltiled oat Urtrft9/t as Track tew ls la top ah..... Nary Carnet D. to th* event which will r'aw far the 11.M leery

M 311 -/2 Douglas Asderaoa creeeed" over tats the laid of troit a.a to watch la the 300-aeter daak.aprlst* calalait with the nut eeliht 'ro' i.Ctrt with
Bilk aad honey Jut a few play later assail PI tub*rsk Courier r. a desist
-- -- A eeeoad.aarter Ih wara>*p sanely with ta eye oa honors flit,
5 1 1J litereeptlea *f a pltoh- t tkDna.o. N aad ttlttala trt. loyal Cnwa Cola Co- dyiaalt t* both
will get credit Nor' U*, ** Pave \ A total at I.tOO .f'I! issauces All*Aesrlaaa 'Atardtlantaet rt 44 btu .MtlftH. to
'.1 roeord waoi tko IAAF .. their eooad TO. ate less '.U.. after aspectaealar ar taklai .HMii the toe*et III on* that .
tlsIPasiusa aMerworklii
tots here later this ,....tCIII.. Jaa. fmlker as he pissed started last lit.".,. Bott af tII... fliare set which will b*
wt Nor 30 all
Z 7 MU. through" the, EflilBMr lice fbr tat third m record for 01 yap I* ...!*.,,at ta sties U* IdlaPIUsharsb durtiitt
ate M tfc.. imotfeorthe .
swath *f Deeenber,
Stetoi ocatloaal watched 4helrefforts to beat eases that sr* iMilly set denies aoptltla ,
Jeckaarllla: Javier bond's ruin.ttPhteir.pky .
/1-14-1 Aside tt
$ Itt tilt record daring pen Cbiaty CbBBploaa so dots the drill ". lost, .It rjonpft TAt WCJI..." front peopl taUlsi.nis true pickles *

Hstloaal ....ntl. posse coatlaad to tall late tbehade II...... tn* ta tt* ears *f tt. Nynla At*.
54-11-31 tko ADD Choa*
plossklps Is It. Loils .f their foraldabl rooa.M. Ball Park It *..* that acooaaodiUpa, sot ta

flOMtlaea NO S Dp Is /us. 1M3. 'The IAII atBOtr. UNOOLN! I til t-f B JT sesllei cosdltUas are tilt bluett eaters af With A SIIe"One
Soaetlaei I.' Down tabled dlicBMloB oa the la wart coal4 be tabbed as tt* default I. sf 'roener. It U sack too dart to try tad fled
I. add, aaktraetto the ,..,.._t .. tllbertaadUicola Nigh .( nils"& car hoy* after MiaeM knock<< the* oat shyest
Bark dorlag Us Loadoaaeetlai
works It all amid *arllrUlsy ar ha*..* played to s .., deadleos asbottMdfatd beads la tat aoeto4 rowil.lt'eaaly better

OOHINO ATTRACTION' tees tried valaly to let SB ffaialT pert! tats to jut forgot' thai end try to *.. bath Ill sail
saUl It hid achMc<< to
H 177 21 further tdy tk* nb- their backfields Ollkert eared first Is the day. Aid ta thtik yes Bad to pay a heel aid a
berlsod ..rtu. seooBd vurter what sUaeola fwbls was picked ap half Jest too bits lass ttM Ii teaerslly *iar>

..................... used IB U asphalt* lAD .oot.n by Aleil tray sad ,.. Into tilt end ass. 1byttr4a4 \ led fir a bl| 10 alli gene, Is shoot *."_

Man's Days this was sot *...- .a1l la the final meat *f play bat U set yes la a rai*. Alt., all the receipt iris

tS.*....,*. bas Bprtat Lama took ever *s down M their 4ytr4 Us. tt* laa*. It s..s that. ... Boey akoald bo ap*
Are Numbered ed '.1 Or tlso; tvlMdarlai Llsools sated Its lose toaehdowa<< >> *a S pa** play proprlited for.raaod.llii the plM...,y*. say pas

lias's Days art NIB U* AAD .*.*. IB* fed CII to Al Byk*. after a penalty had MllUledaa .t. b4 to pay year aoaa attlttli liewrMeef,.,

borod" Health sad For toll (&roU.. aHst U*' sadist m a* woader y M' r* *... Biyb .*. day aoaoa b**
two Cas Bo Tom she tltatloaal. ,tk. Orsat. etc T.B not 4; 4Un woman aide yea aadafef atheraHll start talk 14...&'.

To* Isot Tour tackyPays. Bowl lavttatlosal. as! Albaay State Colli *** *htt n.1 by th. ttitt Frees Bet la the ead ..*,..,... I staid

Ucky Colors Its. tk. tDl.tM'L I* Tigers last ....-.., with bott 'Tiger TD' ..|.| aa the alaella and dbda blch Stop Shopping For All

Bead $100 for your also holds world lsdorrecord ta ill first half af play, a. a rwalUf Utereestloma. UTM JW10B tUa..flaaly) Mad raw toary

Moroooopo ..1.. for la tt. 80 sad TO tt* first east *h
October yard ....**. retmed to th* a.. 30-y rd I.... OB the lid aaaed th* BM Mae .f th. U* Aajele Dwir*.
Pill la tko blaah ")*. Bob tl see .1 tit tk* pie tree' scrlMai. /. latlr rasa late tk* BMad For ... Use tk* ..-,.*, all 11114 as* ,.. wows
ad .ll to ZOOfJC Post Oilted State oiyspt BM*. Itery II get .aUn,,'" aaether pas toyed seer tt. Idea, bat sill) a resist aeawwat* PHOTO sumy

Office Bos inUJicxeca- .U. here Is later IB ttf ..oad awarter aad rwtaned It to the ..t. his teas ems bell afcat U* stare to BOMHeat.
Teea let? N. MYRTLE: AVE
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run of BiRTa- ) *> trMbl ,..I1..U ..,. it-sliht ,pear that ball player ta .**.' sale as* alttahM sal

110. Day I tlC .*! Its ..._... ..f.aont at AJ.*.,....., tt. ,_At... 1eo._1.J' ..tb._ fla+r live ball ,a..,.

Commission'' \

Gator Bowl I

Cleric Seektfif Names Brlntr J

Parade Entries
To Post
c.ItU. plas forth Top

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flasks Para4* _...*. KLMYOY.ASawene o11r
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U all .,..1.** ....."...* Scion fish

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111E 1
ruiiii mi Will 11111111 ICTIKI 17. 1N4i
Sweetwater Movie Stirs Jola 11 Till MAIIST KEEP
*/.Police l
i Reports : :

t Community AIU-HoISII, fig" III wk.-Jeb. ItltU1 AMERICA.

i An ariuBat In a Stat of the incidint testified A 34-year-old Broad Bt dtat btewt .b* (along ou.tIJVJ.at a Ticket Itat-BlM Aitacy BEAUTIFUL
Shows Way 110 Foil AT*.. lestktry,
St. cats Bundaj, sta- that McMina, without resident was ern ti sally with rjuaalBis) ma team light of Stare" ia ...r.
f i ....hater ooBBunity, praldmt *- lat from aa earlier provocation, knocked wounded with. a' glass to a local hospital for Hollywood boll her last
r tor Wldtr Horiaoni, diiratit during a Rill to tilt floor and Sunday when ah a win bond treatBCt.TV week, sore than a doses SISTER DORIS
j Mr. Btrth Olson, la lavltlsi conwiitlon, ltd to one kicked sad stooped bta sitting la the lobby of actors froa th* entertain IEUSHE
i men woata and I I an being seriously injured about tilt body.Rili a guest house with sB *cot world brought PAIN IE1IEI
children of Duval County as the result of was taken to CMC el si bo r** boy-f Head.Mr ia 1140.000 to b"* need I WAll
f to the ,roIlP' Saturday an snsulBi flght. and treated for abra- *. Elise Green 121 : white fish peddisra, }B whlpplBi *p massive & AITItll
\1 night Oct. 17--froB e i Police reported that ions, lacerations, oon- Broad St. told police selling their wares out support to defect a ref Sill liMlHifII
O'clock until .s dIIllb t.. Cary McHillaii, 111 Jffrsoa tu!Oil and possible that she was .ttt ng, sat wr approached by *radB oa a bonSai SLeDS YOUR ENTMC tin.
J fcarbeque party at the COBjnmity'e St. and Pagans ".ctar... During the talking to a a an known a buaty BIB and sited to segregation *B idaBt to All Klli| 'AST.punNY.Fun"1AoVIC
I ball ,alt. Rill of MS North Bt. straggle, a chair was to her a* Arthur when change till dollar bill. the California state Is Sir ON LOVI.MMtllt6C
Purpose. ef tilt rent will were sitting in the cafe brokso over hi* kssd a hi* ilrl-friend, yen On* of till peddlers, C. constitution BUdNISS, OOUITSHIP
be tilt drive for fund to tftlkioi when McMillan plat ilass shot case Cohen, 121 Broad Bt. H. Cribbs tdd tb. a. The aeasure, kaowa as lily lisliisi| located: III Lea Terser
jpnrcbas a bus tor tranaportlai suddenly DCM* arsid. broken a wiado ds- Apt S enUred and betas that h* didn't .bare It Proposition 14, would TueiaiJacUosTill
the 34 Swe.teiter A vitas** at the scene troytd sad several pies accusing her of having and for his to ask his aatBd the atat'a ooaatltatioa 145 Fllllll IYI *. 'Iorl aMOLLEY'S
children attending previously King's( New Book "Sud. aa affair with Arthur. partatr. aad la substance .
all-whit public HcMlllaa *as arrested Th* earned woaaa natchd His partner, Chsrl** prohibit the
schools forth. first tla*. Coaes Off; Presses and booked into city a bur mug trot the' Burst, gave the saw .tat*or any 1II'.d1 naS.
The drive wa* initially. honsst portrait" Jail for hit, drank, band of th* san sad !broke! change and b* pat th* Prom ever leiislatil IAIIECUEIIIIIECIEI .
lauscbsd list week when h that Virginia Limns aggravated asswlt, dieordsrly the handle off, ustif bill back la his pocket against dlserlalBstleala
Mildred conduct bag with. tilt tn dollar the sale, leaalai or
Mrs. Sslley sold call MARTIN LUTHER UNO: flibt- It to cut her about the
fish sandwich to defray flat r icfli larrlor, lot sad dtroyiii private era tad fact.Mr bill be hid asktdtbaB rental of boosts.
costs of tbs printing of bleb 'rlll tI c.-Hall will property.Oraat *. Green Is la critical to eh an i*. Rant Th* .dlet la aimed
tickets tar the promised publish this .*..Written condition, Mrs, voiced his disapproval at reselBdlsi tbefciatord>>
I to b* tale vnt. by Id. Clayton noted Cohen, 2S, eas arrested sad the .an picked up a Noising act, which. wad
I Deputy Coaitabl Willie 'Negro nt VIE' rain and by city pollc brick and hit his la tilt piloted through tilt / r.,
taair, who has arrangedfor editor it i* Dr. llBi* fsltoa of 707 fact with It. Orlbka general .....bl' by WBryoa .
tilt ball park for the official fcioinpby for Jefferson St. told police ............. called BOB people stand- Ruaford. Negro Li11L IllSCIILI.'ITITIES'
party said b* has aster children, tad Is Illustrated that his landlady but ins nearby to eke and BBibtr of th* California tOI.LEr f
witnessed ao IUd Mthuslaaa with fullpagepictursabyDavid bia with abottl because A Plorlda Artnu aaawa stop till *anal traces ledalature. "
froa tilt .**.h.ter > Hodges be III tfd too long to stabbed'in the back: and one of the aen step'peat The sirfttioa rend- P .I ,
residents during his ten BliBBla with Dr. hilt out the train" Sun Sunday morning by a Ban froa the crowd aid aent has th* support of it. i i2itl
years raidacy la the 1111"' childhood this day described only u Elixir bia beating him about the. California Real

area. book describes the hardships Hotwr, his landlady; by city police fD !losing the bead. Estate assoclatioa and St., KHcrlif It.
j The party was orilaallyacheduled of Itomd datacltlisnsBlp Mrs. Edna Henry, said aa arauaent la a neighbors lien police ..rrh.d.tb the National As >elation F
for Buaday *v o- la tb* she asked his to hilt bout*. 11"* .ert ao one at the ef teal state Boards. New 2- Meal Tl

ill, Cet 11, but it was sotto* of tk* South. It tilt trash out IIId be rfussd. *- fflta*.*** P" strtralaooouotaof seed of the incident 1471 Kim lid ilk
decided to lengthen the tsll bo She told his be th* iacldtnt .
Dr. Ling was LISA
dttt for tk. affair la laaplrd by the Great would bin to cove sad but all agreed oa tk*, REPOSSESSEDSINOtR
order to enhance the brisk Indian ladr Nab atna b* tent to his closet fact that an arpiient Vtotl Harden 1430 I. CONSOLIS

ales of ticket Ohandi to start his own and let ft knife sad cut lad to the stabbing of Ith St., was stabbed by: ..lt| ..eU... slssas.naraateed l WPRIClD 511l'rgrSre6t1.Wi6xeY.11LYI.ISIESTii' .
AltO coussslisi the Beater fc tactful molitloa" br. A* retaliated by Sunny Jenkins, est PI a. hit wife after b* disd sakes lID t&GII. Sllt.USI :
of the eieoutive COB- and tow nonviolence be- hitting his with a Ism, Are. n".u agreed her aimed with a aaallcallbtr bolei, etc. m off MS or tUDI.u rbi IIda Iitmiw slat
cities are Ralph Curry, cane a psnsansnt part of according to Mrs. Henry that Wilbur followed pistol.His wife. take IP II '0. 'IItt.I'll. .
Htv. Saauel Forehand and tilt civil .rights BOV*. Both WIre arrested Jenkins. into another Cathtris. told police ISi-1144 alifet er day. CRAFTSMAN
I Rev. Otis Johnson. I ant throw*1 thdlttorte rooa whtre till stabbing that abs cat br hand till dtUrerJIoeblUatio. was w w s.sa.
Theatnu will consist of I I March ea ,..kID,tOIl la Pillbeirers occurred. darlBi tilt atlt aid our vo erwr- -
barbtcjued chicken and ribs, 'I tens tilt a child cao One vitae* stated that both were taken to !CMC :- a .elan
In Observince
rolls potato and green easily grasp Jnkla whipped th* can and treated Pfijir, Th Miiltlist a ,::W SPIED Glide-On
salad and soft drinks Pallbearer Grand Orion la another doatsticeas a.al. ly.
Re with a stick and be left
all for a contribution HimilloB' 2M till celebrate Its to it a hi ft. Oiler a youthful CalrlB Pmr II Th Merit =.MKi: 1411 =.... -SS"

To Preach Swdiy Ird aaairtrsary Sundayat stated that Wilbur itabbdth It. wean was treated ia Gal. I Gal.
I: 10 p.i. in the Education Bn without being tilt atriaey roes it Bead ....
A t M Ritti .."s eel at ,.110.ab., ,our and Address
laptlst Church, 1414 el "lId1l1 g of Mt bata with a etlek. DMC after eoiMBBiai *n and find eel haw minds .i liu .A ,Cn.it Pin....
Ararat Baptist Church.
A ieiif et
Jenkins waa takaa to OK assent ef
Sid la Pell Logan It till b* conducted sea aeeeeplli
; prepared has plsf.pUls.. Pollc
with the pastor, and treated and releated. wonders for yes Ilte;
Florida At..'. Rattlers bn planned reports indicated that
cored into th. fifth spot l a... 0.11, Haailtoa, Sunday Mrs. Nlll Mao Smith, ............. the .am was deipoadat SISTEI meat nmmmvaa Flit i T Jm
( tilB>le| with Sunday MIIIE III AID fs'
ends the ..Uo.'. aaall ,II School at 1:10 .... chain of the proiraaitk ever a recent leve affair. 124 S. .10....., Chleaio, 11 R
i colleges following re- Mr*. Bonal Praxir A1t-yr-old Jacksoa- .
After ail ticks of rest, 111INDEPENDENT .wYw .
l***..fcolli. football I tilt pastor hopes to see lid Mrs. Dolll Crump u Till .an was took ed lato
L r.kla,1 Tuesday |all atattrifera special co-chalraan' hi co.. county jail ea murder OIL CO.SROtPNP let IIt'MIN.ii.
plstsd the following
chart Tutday after
religious stnua '
--- a1tte,e( *tet: the aaa a* shot BOB : HOMR mivm NC. "'H.fIAMIL
1.1.0 Uoh. St. heroin MECHANIC ON DUTY
time ego di td at a local Ike Joseph/ ....-............... ....A.gdl wlA.d h enden. Hlab.gls ..Arail..i
Baptist olrcrlptar. Proprietor
; hospital ...... .swwayhlakre ...... ....... S.,S
DsacoB Nattbe Pries; PUte and Jefferson Streets EL *..941W aynn J i.nth.akl.s. N.e. esep sae
......._ 6JI .'
f avocation, Mrs, Rae w. ....L Gal.
foods; selection, choir ,. 0.1.
".. :, II'" ( I did'GREEN'S
latroductloa ef Mistress THE GII0DEN COMPANY
ef criaoais, Mr*. PANTRY
Sarah MC*.*B; slstrtaaef
!\' .
eereaoal. Disc Ida
n Ma* rllaii cubed* lltlSHfiill, fll.

addrsss, Rv Ivsrlla
I ;: DuBBirMpoai, Rst, f.D. Open i Cajrs A Week 8 a... til 830: p... El )*444I
I Mali reams, Mis Dbor -
"EpelHertuitj l Eiilijir"
nt." AlF' ah nlioa; Bolo Miss WHITING SAIIIWICH
: Mlllred Martial; reading. IF

Mr*. Luqr Lenten solo atAK.tr AUMCbuity III, lilil, $.41 28'" THE WORLD'S BEST BUY
Oatl Marikall sad a

Ian reading tM by Mrs. neriae Charley Allen detective shot Arthur sail Ills MEETILT A Slightly Used Carl!

Alan, sole Mr*. Quasi Led Dunlin 27, 1371Priae Save Hundreds Of Dollars
Page Grail history. Mr, at., .n.r. *, J. I .
Alias Parker: litre** fiua_t at B ktoacritf Rd. I' Jax Best Race to Buy..,

ties of efflcsrs, Mrs. Ian Th* dais aaa was 10 ma RADIO AND BlATD .8 J IS
Scale Itaapst ee irlal aid to hit cat Allen 10 TOIJtSWAOEf RADIO AND $ZAU8r 0 Ml
to dcisd BN 'r 1; utter Alien stepped .i u CHXV. >M>II. rr. $TIC*. Y4 ..HTM
sslsetloa; sole Mrs R. him bet. W J'OJU CONVfitltBLK A XXCS OXB ..$ 711
R. Lot; Istrodurtloa ef Allan was not arrttted. U TC/tD't-. no MO. RAH. : ... ...S1WI
......,, .,.. ..u.* at the tine of th* IictMallei > Connolly 11 CHIT. t-Dlt. RADIO Ik EZATZH ...$ Ml

rrultn speaker, .*.. It T;=LOADIED. WttH SQU1lKD1' ups
I... Perry pat to refit.Mireaa r..wN
'U.t kerek, ORUD PRIX PEARL....WHITI.. ,., ......U395
This is The Sure One ; turf t..t w snlr r.Na.t "
x 1 apcreiitloaMra. Nslll Sri flee Unll airlM9latltM It TOW_ Yea' AIR OKDITiOPID .....80711
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: )'Mtt.St1SettrM1.' ...be SIre Marau.rtt* Nnils; *... i easy MT t* e*..rat. ntMrtalat. Fine Men'* Shoes at*mi n**>\M *Hm.LV.t.S
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rMmaggtia MMSit.. d w 0*gam Ime.t M Nit Mil trw tame gtMl All lodges and ethereriaaltatloai ware, tklaa, Brats A. N : w.als .. Am COIfDmonn ....ann
are i.. matte, U .-.... 110. '_.'IWi nri ni.* ......
,, ,. tlt4t $22JO .aims.ea aetcnrn+w.*M
HM m KIT N CKZmU MH. WkX ...........,811B5
J Parttahtl B sew 'If eau w.ASNt It POiIT1ACStxrLen" Ci01'D. .......ii1M
.r It.,. Bl and *.14Mtor. I .MA.i.tgoo .. : : :.
HIS w4lM4.. r*. ar5afuw M '
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i $3 CHIV._.DIP_ C'O'-7I. T" ,..........ta>..ew

TOAD: 4.Olt, OAMXIS 1110 ....I leS,
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last, (*. u...*Barton !
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tall Mr. I, Aa*.me at I M Jt.UIItLIIt AIR COIfIt't1CID' ......uma
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roaD ACT CXM1 m&L.UIa .&1_
\ : AIL ORDERS rittIOFASNIIN .... .-.4II a __

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1411 State
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.weed MEN'S SHIPS mrOOC .S Ml M OUML ...... 1B
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lllSSlAlIlI'llim HELPS 81EWSTEI & AiKUy o..r 1111 Ohst .5 e..s ws
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I /SAM CUMM B. 181M'n. el jMaovlK 1M I* naataB au r.**Je. 41th St. & Mot+cti.f R ........ .. .N
:_y5 M sleeps *.*e-rt.< ..*... Ands Itr hospital eaaitrectlea I. ... ewe I rreeFllt
M. IkBBseratle leaders U tie fiat Oar taaa mttt tbs BtlMkirtw rrtirwa.VeU4tt < .... hNtiehMl R..S.EVANS1) ,
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