Florida Star

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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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HI i 14-11.21. S.m.U KT.IH 1 tl, UM 15 CENTS

Florida Meaorlal Col

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.. of the Sri.ees. 23rd st, oas rvsMlodto .".....fit":A."' .. to sottlloi Is Pr o44lo ... ,a.eellttrt4 net. au hopjry rtjtlcUd the J.. Cbs-
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the fttoaJMio o** PMB! to bet Is s plotrswJsod OMS ro of all twos ... Vsre ..... *r,*o.*d I* Astoet d*. ftobtrt "' ''. till h. U ToU to see fctrrttrtstst

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ruiw sin mos ..UTHMT MtT1*a.ti.THK %

FLORIDA STAR HLaHt a' B Bi LlBHMi- >iilHQBvfiVwto4toBiiHBjBi'oHfics

HE..Yl.S.'I -UIfA/IIIY As 1MtANTioANLawY w/Arya.tAU10r1AMrAWrerj I'ItMICIfIlArll'D ,' I As Usvalr

U..t. tit no Florida Star rwklUhias Co. NAP.lc /lt.IN 1NI h1WTK7NaNrv1r .
MiMiiaNEGRO .--
1Ai. .. arc 0. mmEqail

IIC 'I.. SIMPII..Mivifiul$ E.ltir Opportunity, Msre Tin Reality,

anstl',...IIL..... .... Isis Him To Postal STStaal 50,000 Negroes

HIM MIITtL."',......Circilitiii 11>,lllar

Iqusl employment opportunity In all It.respect. .

MAIM IMC t FLIRT: : ...recruitment placement and pro

2323 MslcrlsIud..Jksat/ Elfli 4-1712 motions-.has become a reality for the wore
7 than 90.000 Negroes In the postal system's

Milllil Address: 34.000 post offices and 10,000 stationsand

P.I. In ,SlUiclsiirllli UlirUa During the last 12 :aonths a 14.3 per cent

: Increase ia supervisory postal ooaltlons
hu been achieved by

731 81 )rl a,.. Pkni JJMI25 through open c
aminations 10 311

IIJD1tPTIOII IATIB fices where 9S per "e.roe"1

Ode lear, ".00. Silt Tear, "..00llalhd Department
to ton Mnbr la tat Baited states members are employed.
Subeerlptloa Durable II advance Si Postmaster
Orononskl said the advancement
tad ack or Booty Order to: SIMPSON
of 2.189 Negroes to Postal Field Service

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 591 grades 5 through 11 since 1981 la slgnlf-

Jacksonville 1, Florida cant on two counts: the placement of Negroes
In position for further supervisory ,

School Issues promotions, and the encouragement given Across The Nation minority group members to take examinations .

If to them.
As educational Institutions of all kinds open The postal chief stated: *
and at all levels
entered the shakedown '
?he advance of qualified minority group
period of the 106)1-60)
school tern the
Issue of desegregation seen to have ,taken ...iIS WITH-HIIP IS EVMBKE SWfMSSB"83HCHBHKEsVHESBHESBBlD Indicative employees to of Equal middle Employment anage.entlevels Opportunity Is

the backseat to the 1964 Presidential'
campaign -
In the Post Office than the
progress significant
which It
rapidly heading toward Its
and appointments to executive
climax on Nov. 3. "
Almost ,Is level positions.
everyone awaiting the final
Equal Employment: Opportunity In the Post
results of the November '
.etlont-.xcept Office la "crash" It la
no program. a
perhaps Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace who Your WeeklyHoroscope well defined articulated policy. Given

has embarked upon another crusade and the Impetus by the late president Kennedy
white parents In New
York City who are
historic Executive Order No. 10925 barriers -
still protesting the Involuntary transferand
of discrimination Inherited from
busing of their, children for integration the put, have given way under the steady
purposes.Wallace urging of President Johnson.
who had earlier" In Milwaukee,
In this postal administration the natloD' -
His announced he would call the Alabama
s largest civilian employer of Negroes
legislature Into special session
to draftan
amendment! to the U.S. Constitution as ly PABLO Tb ASTROLOGER is realizing the value of a continuing -
program tc eradicate all forms of
complete state control over public
school systems did just that and Immediate discrimination and provide equal employ.
approval to seek backing of other cent opportunities for all of its 590.000
employees For the first time, the long
states for a 'nationwide onslaught a -
BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Ignored capabilities cf minority
gainst federal school centro I." group em
Wallace got his legislative' endorsement ployees are being utilized in supervision

to launch his crusade. to. force Congress with a consequent step-up of productivity.

10 call a constitutional convention to ARIES ITAIUIINO' 'II'LUIIICIi. .....c.A&. "TU A TI 011. ADOPT THINS' YOU MAY HAVC l.- Mr. Gronouskl and his personnel chief
consider' a horns-rule amendment. Now he la Bora March 21st thru ANY CANCIRIANI IMt All TNt' CONIIRVATIVI roilClll riRiiNcco iiroRC. SLAT Richard J. Murphy have concentrated upona

mapping plans to persuade other, legislatures April 19th ,IN LINI ro* a IIIACVIICIIVI THAT will IIAVI YOU VII TRANMIRCt ON TMI "postmasters' program for progress" in

to Initiate similar, legislation.If THE A*UN I *HO MI INJOM DullNOTNlCPEIOD011.0 Molt IICURI AND Ilir- DAYS COULD NAVE MUCH TO 311 of the nation's larger post office

he gets two-thlrda of the states .to THAT RIOUIII' 'im* RATHI liriNlTI AIIURIOi 00 RITN THE ITAIIIIZINOINHutNClt Called together st the University of Oklahoma

pack his proposal Congress will be compelled mi e* MECHANICAL, A. AND NIAIT-IAMIINI Nits 3-.ao.22-U.I7.IU THAT IMOUIO in January of 1963. these post-

to call, a convention to considerthe Him* iHomo COMIIOCR iiiAieiN THUS moiriCTI. SCORPIO Plop ur YOUR mtiTiit casters were directed to guarantee the

amendment to give stats the final TMCIUILn lIonII'IM" 00 NOT rtRMITMV'VMI i Born Oct. 24th bra AND 10'1.01 rRotrtCTi .selection training, promotion and reten
uy-ao over ..choo'.nd.pr.v.n\' **'rA eew " Intervention Then 1C VORTH TO DAMPEN YOUR MIIITI.' 1 creed color or national origin.
I/ the convention does MUCM TO IMC ONI rACTOR THAT ur- YOU MAY NAY. lEN CALICO
approve the organic law change the states You ,IN TNt NAY or ,"." 1.40-ass ..".Ml MOLDS YOU MCNCVIR TNl UPON TO whit. IN TNI PAS How well this program has succeeded was

will, again be called u on--thl.I time to Tin' our ALSO AI a NAICIAMCR. LEO CHIPS All DOVN II TMI IMOUIO NOV MOVC TNCIRVALUI reported st the second postmasters' conference

ratify It. TMI MIINOI 'HOMCCT Born July PACT THAT YOU CAN OWN IV LCAVINO, You IN at Baltimore this year.
The problems", In Hew York la not with WITH TNt APPROVAL Aug. 23rd 22ndIT thru LILT ON TMI UNtmCTtO A MUCM ITRONOCR POll"011I Mr. Gronouskl, like his predecessor. J.

federal Intervention but rather city or YOUR Of Nil HAir MAY TO COM TO TNt IIICUI. THAN YOU MAY NAVC FORCiitN. Edward Day has paid full attention toequal

school board's 'paired schools plan."The .I MirCRRCO TO visitwHo HIM TNAT YOU fill' TMII/ MAY II IN TNI FORM TNII DOES NOT MAN employment in the Post Office. The

'Issue fell Into the laps of the city coun ARC ONLY 'INTIRIITIIIN NAvl TO MAII ION( MITTYluici Or A MIlNXY WITURC 01 THAT YOU MUSS MARC RMAT progress we are making and most continue

ell her last week That body during VMAT YOU IIVI TMIN. IICIIIONI or a A NASTY MARRIMC IROUCNT YOU HAVC WITH PCOPLC WHO to make can only be the result of full

long and acrimonious special, session, ..TO-II.14.)4.47I<< MONITAAY NATUl.. If YOU OUT WY RATNIR MVITIRI-. MAVI NOT RUN MOVIOCNTUNLCMTNlNIIO participation and personal desire" he
turned back four attempts to block the MAVI ANY IOVITI A| TO out ....AII.. WMATIVIR cite It ...". has told his 44,000 postmasters.He .
transfer and busing of pupils. The block- TAURUS TMI ACCURACY er YOUR MAY NAVC HAPPENED PURINOTMII has charged postmasters with the responsibility -

ade was registered while some O 000 white Bore April 20th thru JUMIMINT, 10 NOT Mil ITIRRINS DAY lU4SI2I of informing all employeeswell

parent paraded outside City Hail protesting May 20th Tl CONSULT AN Shill OR MOULD INAIII YOU TO AQUARIUS la advance of examinations for establishing

the) school plan. MOIL MATUII riRION thO euiie a MOil tone Born Jan. 20th thru new appointment registers. He
appellate TMII MAY II CONlieiRII MAY Pob. lath has established workshops ia human
Simultaneously, an division' II a sly FART Of Vow rOUNDATION ON fMICM' TO relations

court upheld unanimously' a lower court TO II YOUR HIT OUARTIRir VITAL AlfXIATIONI. TIll hilt YOUR rutURI NAFfl.MII CVIN vwtN TNII II TN and hearing officer-investitator
ruling prohibiting city-wide referendumon TNl MONTH WIN SJJRAt IRICTIONOrvOUR WfAIII AND UCVRITY.. Wxlll II" YOU MIL AT | programs for the speedy processing of com-

the neighborhood school Issue OQ the Pistils till AI II* MAY NINII CU YOUR IICIIIONI. You All MMMl lURITAN- You NAY hell plaints.In .
( NO Nil! TO Rl-
Nov. 3 ballot. The original ruling' was PiCTil .IILO'IICII" YOU MAO eliTEs TIAL riOllllt, 10 NOT MAIN IN TNI IACROROUNO the Washington Headquarters of theroan
made 'last Aug.31 by Justice Sidney A. Fine INIVIS SlAieiN YOU! II lull TNAT TNir All NIIIICT tIll rtOIAIIHTYTNAT YOUR rtMONAllTV II Post Office Department where even the

of the State Supreme Court. HIMT TMI UNIl,lCTID IOUNR eetN TO TN| IAITCOMA. YOU ARCNAVIN4 ITIffCOMTCTITION rAHUV TO IMMRTANTOUARTIIt cafeteria wan segregated in the previous

Meanwhile, the board of education announced sill SILL MAVI TD ee TMI II 'I A CO.. PROM AOVIR.SARICI tNlll YOU MAT postal administration. 15 promotions have
that organizers of future school OLIN CMATIVITV ..OMMCt.PLti TINUII INIIITINCI ONfOUOtlNS ONOII ronR YOU UlCTRirV OTNIRI INTOIITTINO been received by minority group members

bo'OOU''n' New York would face criminal 'll "'D VOUN (MMTxiii ONLY. fill COIN- CANNOT UNOCRCITIMATI.Bora OUT Or COMTORTAILC since the turn of the year. The retiring

prosecution, No action would be taken against Ibis 01111. wILL tit or Plait 11IIO MAYS e.e0.es.ls.s3aeaSAomMIUS SIlT UNITIMUIATINORvTt. Deputy Assistant Postmsster General for

I leaders of the recent while"' boycott II a ITMNS MOTIVATIONT6 aCOWIRII wISDOM AN! ... ALTMOWON YOUR MPVTATION Transportation la a Negro who has earned
or against the two earlier' Negro" boycotts. .A*> gut WIOOIMI, ,u..n. MR MNtRIOITVrilCIBIt the Job through his exceptional performance

penalltl.. of Imprisonment for 10 days for e.t0.e..U...". t.a0.u.is.zt.u VIU WNIRCVIR over 41 years.

rspeated violations are to be levied upon VIRGO "0'. 23rd this YOU SO, TNII IOU NOTjutTirv
all convicted of the alllNI When
charge. Opponents Agree
VM MitcoNccrTIONl
23rd UrnBept. Dec. 3UtOANCI -
Suit I and, Va. had Itt taste of boycotting lora May 3lat thaw lorD 32nd TNAT CCRTAIN INOI*
also last week when June 31st ......
parents of !00 white MAY VIIUAlS MAY OLD THAT IT Ifm soNethiai of a .
rarity then the Mar -
elementary pupil YOU MAY WAYS TMI |P a FART at YOUR riRtoNAcACCOMniMNNTI
staged a one-day boycott A MIIMMA ceuie MIimv ii UNiiNiTte. TMOU tlonal Assoclatloa: of
riRTUNITV Tl M0'l TNIeueiRiiRiTv Maaafactarers aad'
against' transfer from Swltland to 1100115.IM -
Shadyafde and Woodley Knolls I Elementary iwiv CiacuMiTAnci THAT er row CA.. VOW pies, MONORI OR iMMcitlvi Cues" happened 1.aT17tllag.r .

school I.. Though the Issue had nothing to huts. it AI fueottt AI AK.ITIII AMI rRtovcTiYiMNIIVlMlNTI tit TOT Peel Ills tesuos VCARI luNINO NNICN Tit frJVt1 Rmse fays and testimony Cowfttt presented
., Integration, It does point up the IT U VMtflCTII.A OUIUCNAMM SUSIe TNICIURII >ow NAYS N,..... Yew NAVE OAINIR. OllOOtt AN! ring lie conduct of Meaaa da
Inadequacies of some'buslno-transfer'. er tilt RATNIRITAHI cyst RIAlltl THAT YOU hearings on federal
systems 9t Jill M Mil* ATURITT t OAe l01 FIN eiclee taiea. These
to relieve overcrowoed schools.In .,AIt... VM CANMNII CANNOT tin VO.R MN. taxes were largely
SIHCI MAY Ail* it .( t MMIIIVII RIAMNI pissed M torn tar II
Chicago an Initial list of 06 schools "'11' twill a sue ITART IN Tm eiviMS ATHNTioNTevowNMON ewrgency ....rt.;
IC u HIMIl '.- .n.as... '., aid they apply to a
In the new permissive transfer plan--designed |4MAt IITTIke TiT SIINT. IIIICIIM IT INVtNTINI OR TNI MCMIIII er PIKESBon articles 1m considerable list of
to seeed IAt'oration-NI released, ...."' ,.. M. ORCtMINI Tit rAHUV WMCNi VOW ARIswiiiv anlversal ose-leather goods
", VMM an INCICA f.b. 19th thra ...Uu. IK.ulcal
t, School Soot. Benjamla ""II", .n. plan TINS TNAT vex 'tv"$ TO VM rill OITMa tN.ukiie rvRMiNeVOWS March 20thIT lad 10 ... P'"a ud JtDCl1. ,

hicks 27 lending (overcrowded)schools and .fPAa1 ILL II c.mitt a MACTICAl Ilia ORMITHOe CARCCR. TNII CM The RAM tried repeal of the taxes, Aad
30 receiving (underused) ones, and would 'I 111. PIOC.- txtlit Mitt vie sect aatNiaTRewKiNe TAMI AH 11151P1Kt er the Director of Research
allow transfer of certain numbers of pupils / THAT ui ACCUIIMMVt S-T>...n...CTS etmerMNTiAM TO MMI TNt _naTM describe the regressive of tie ATL-CIO

beginning' Oct. IX, until the' sending !lOt I**......! ...- LIliA HISMllRITANllNll.ti INTIRTAINIM riACCTNAT taxes mad pointed oat satire of awch
and receiving' Institutions attain more IIIIIITIII MIC ve" ton BepU 2S M tin aiaev te SMMI vewtWMNaNORM IT ". TWett ... low mad middle tacow hart they hit the

normal class site. sw1A. ACU" wt1MAt1'vie. Ocl 23NVM aUM WITMAwreM ItfM IRRATICMICCtNTRICMOVIK Otter wttmeMea of growpm
has had other transfer WM CONMI VO VMIVM INS MTtRIAl PONVM the highest competence I
Chicago t o plans, bouts II .RITTYMU presented similsr view*. one of cited
one In 1968 and the ether la 1969. tot* 4.ie.ss.t'.>a.In MARI er Veal tAr roeenvi flit t riMTNtMtllVII ..ITHII MS MINTISM a suit fey. Professor hands tame soled eeaaomlst -
were confined to s smaller number of pu eiUTiii o. "we LACE orIMM ,MAKt TOIIMiVt. at the
CANCERBora 1MM AM AtWriNi ...... IICM .A.l INMIS.TM Diversity of Maryland.
pils.Cicapt. ev wile Tn..I P vow 511117 '*.ntel 1
Jtae 22i4 thru **B
other Ust
Pl Ml AN! OM c5 '. thlsgs.
tor some minor 'Incidents 'In scattered SRVS Pee v wt rvi*
ewt .xy S.Dsv2 NSa -.1 retail exelae tar .
J iy 1214 tie 11011 fcllMOMilt r. el ",lei mralsa a
marts of the South the philosophy' lets INMRTMT '''fI' Pluvlw' erwa T... WittNle' ejmlca flow of additional weldable tseome
of gradual lam.or finally l facing tits facts, a untie II"UU II ee a HTHI .*. eieiINTO -.. hi l1twl S. IOAy MOW10 RltRMIttVMAV taU tie
has surprisingly trowiM sore success to |...T.,IMI tA .*MIII4 vewe tMKONKie..it ,.,......,... VMV Mt M t.... .. passe*eeoaomy omta the u4 that the tax rat scale
IN M INTIOCIV .. mmamer 1m the form of
UA l
'stool Integration than In similar placet ". SM5Iili. illlwt. tAM V 4 TTN MONTven .....ee-le.MGIIIII -fie wx er iiTiiTt.ci WIN lower prices he.... .* the stromi cae-
Itt eiimii e IITTIMI
In tM North ""'.*,.... BILL 'Uel petiUve forces within the
affictH Iseaetriea -
PM _' riMiiv scene veA4TIR
N$5 V t0U11aUCtlVtax.
IN a M*.C cMwe,.. .
.... 24 tan ,... If'''''. TWO
pawIA.tl is.It
n* we&Sl ..,,,... te etiRMiive
TW lajMtiet
;; Mtctrenks On DM form' en '- mi.enive ALIW' Jam. Wttt ... wart TO MO\S Ills of ma? smeriemty ts mhlcm
..;if''t; te .a INS/Nt MI veaMivt ve MM. er ve.e CM .. !* the *<*<*** .*** years after ttt
Sit IYS Yee .. StttUTMSNtlC
at v<4 aiiMt Mciiiowi )*. N sad et 1M
...IM v.e ,.... IRfATMC VIIWS MSMAetTt. emeriamey Is evMemt. Om .. of
noden e AT .. ,.. CWMM vm RMtloetieea
Me m |
S faratat is t bllrlaeaaaa ce*( NR UAAMI ve llvtIT ti*; .... patilealaa' Use an <* ftU
.. art. mad a "I.ce. na veil Mil eniNtTiHt Pew.wissuss. _.1. 50011001 at I' IIVTINS Y.I Tngt WXMAVM .. el Ja fnp.. Ue taertct* temtMmy s*Q om theIM
a i life, B* welem uoUttMITI aicw.ts veu MAM rail ... a MW Sill of
la _Uae4aVasatlc .4PAat etNtt
::' ITA4IUTT ,...., .,. h eelaDtr ..* .. It k flee
re It it all Ml KIM w1SIrassets. i1... Skill VtN AtHit aw slisttra Twit tm ec .
tIC ".... -ral&l bel l evid that A1.e see ia wilt isS
1 ..,
iv "
JJtr lilt INTO m vi* rll.l Ilt/we 00 '
.ae-zs+ Ip-ee esa to Isle tametlte '
I: \ S4tte*. LetY hope a*.

v .l

,,1''" ......-1"" .

1 r --.,

t' '
itTMFi 11_ mi --- rittlfll STll will FW 3HcTeir I

; MitclillEichiBgi Mrs. J. E. Dub ? Planning Sessions Underway I

Vows Is Allndlig6rl Socially af '""'' WIRBMBB BBBBBBaBBBBBBBBBBMmeP "T .,' "- '.. ..ri l

ties stalls Bettar ScMts Coif,*

sad lusty L. Hitch*!!
he... salted .. holy Speaking
vodloch roeoatly li a

colorful double rliietroBoay I -- Tk
officiated by Several BOBborO Of the stuff Of the \
Saul Pna ...
ll d.r -
Boeroatloa Dopartaoat. laeladtni By
Silt at tilt Church of are "llTlm it p" la Bloat this ..
Ood U Christ aoporrloor Cu-Jtoo .
Biihtooor. : Bryant;
Ho attractive bride s. Oulayard art aoBbora of tko local ...,.
dooiaUr of Mr. sod In. toodlai the ...Ling of the Hotloiol .
Jabs R. Analo U ) I.- Associ atlas.
Tsar was Siva IB sate y .... .... .... ....

nice by her brother Joshua tlllioaa was la tan loot .. f t
Clifford sod oboe. "r roaladod BO of the vast difference ..t..
Blattr-lB-lat. in. trill arts aDd vocational oducotlc it .. j
Gloria M. "111. aiBBtroa.. the later la .10.'. ohtot tatortot ot I ION

,of honor.Sit was booBtl Thais Jooh. j
fully attired lit floor ttrl Sooata' oiocatlfo. .... .... .... .... + --- ---
loBith torn of talus Hr*. J.f. Davis la ia .
Elisabeth DooBlfii ooa hootou .. the "'
iU pearls sod Altaoao Aaaoflllo.N attoadlBt Bot rocootly la no DotBlaCa lovely !
loco Per httd-plteo too the 29U 0901 Ol BoclMOl boo*.
a crow of ,..arlLb. Girl Scouts ooaforonco. fflodyo Bryant oBdAna Mclatooh wire gnat

.dd..,... ooo of 8ho la chotrooo of tboArnaiMoato Bollyvooao tnoooll, Rortoaoo .. ga.,. TO ATLJK1AIAloaal' where of Morris !roes 11 lid will return tilt follotlai suadoy tfttraooo.
Mr. and .,.. AdM Mlt Ooaalttoo toa. Lolo Scholl Joan ...1411,. CcllH art tchtdtlodlat I..'" of platatni BOO Saber shoes ttttod froa loft art: Mro. AnaioMorito.
shell chooo tdwtrd Boll dnriat the tots which Chtrlotoo Stuart VlTloo Nooses Nona aloes for Uo chartered baa trip to Atlanta-Oct.
co'chtlrotn.: Mrs, root Itrytat, Htnry I.
00 his bOOt BOB aid his began oo Oct. Gloria Brooke acre sabers present It 'tot Uo *>llo ii| "tt'a annual irtdfott b tHorrtt Jerkins .
Mr* Btftord. Brr' Mrs Mildred fftltoo,
brothoro, JehBBio A.itcholl throat Oct. .. .... .... .... .... sea Brea and the Plortdo An lattltro. A
Mn.J. Larvua.11 .... Iwnno lood. Stniitai five
aid Murals The Niath I\r..'IllelOf Br. and Bra. aotlatl fee sill bo ohtriod those dtolroao of
Garden Center left: Wcktrrt UCbunt Ktreld M. Jackson, Ulysses
served U BBltrB Junior loafer provided the oottiai for a rooont atUii the trip no boo will leave the Afro
Pest, and Prod 0. Bad Jr. Boytl Art Photos)
ashen sure 11 111o Cane Setting For of Los DtoBontoo Bridge Chb.I. Atfrtcaa 1..0.. co. at 12 0'elo* si.hite. Oct. .
Oil sod Inset WtCbtil.PollOWiBf ..'. withy guest Hit laeltdod the .
the ..ddi.,. Campaign Tea In Murray, M. Luclllo Borptr. Margaret HOLLEY'SRARECUE
o reception woo hold ot Fleet Aloiaadtr. Doaotria tester ..
IB the Gordon Cater OB11th
the church. St.. Stptoabor 20. Kraootlao Pool*,Dorothy Dun lap, ud Marie .1 WeddingsBttd I
Pallbearers tilt Sprlaiflold eights laeidoatoUy Marie oa top hoaora la IUIECKDICIICIH
Civic sub held voter cototory.Aa .
Change Dates registration Caaptlia iBporttat mommi of the ovooioi MO lEU[[F FILIttl
Too aadtr the diroctloB pop tout to Mrs Prukj A. Sven Bnatt. HOC Jaw r. BritfltBU 1110 q'
Of Meetings of Mr. G.'. JOBBIOB, Boabr of tho elib. It MO the iroup'o rtikt Aft., 41 aid Sere I. 14U St.. 21 tad Leers I PHI
oaoiotdd by Mro. i J. fag alaco Prukyo took tko Boeoioory Blc L. BapolMB, ana Mao Lea g. 1121 B. llth nil ins "
Miss Margv rite Doaolo.prooldoat Butlodio. CBBBIO hr .... Bt. AttBJttil .... W. St.. 23.Btrloa.
of the Poll A otloiUtioi proirtB Elsa Morton virtu Lotto, Male B. Jerry Lit Brora 120 Ladaoay, 1302 : u"'UTODlru.a .
b..,.,. Grad Dabs Lodge I 'onjoytd by Btabm the BOO Mro. Oujtoo lira high ooororo Lila It.. II aid Plya l.dI. 1If aid B"> ;

No. 1)1. this oook ass and frioadi: abort talks club cotoiory. Lydia Sweet and Betty i.rioi.r., 112 Leila ft., only IIIU Sattea, 131 Ni 1 2lti. St. MutdilIi $ y''.
soused thotBOOtlBI sights toro give by ir. Miioa.ro. OBOOI other sabers proovit. 11. Spnto ,t. 11.So .
dates have bees chasgsdiroa Ooroldlao Sets .... .... .... .... Carl '. Ktadolpb UM. B. hide Jr., 1412 2.Mini1 ti

tho ooooBd oad fourth 'r. J. I. Broths, Br.Board. to have hints of ooadtrfil seat tboit Albert St., II oad B.. Poetic ft., 20 andlotdraB.S.
Tuesday Blthta of each Mr. ffllllMt.Mr no... Crooptor who to BOB roildiaf .rlttR *a, Ida t. 2Srdt 0Bal 1450 B. llth Mil llHt H. UMn
...tIt. Borly aid Mr. Poorooa. fornl. I* aadoroUad that Gloria, niece 11. St.. II.
All sabers art urged to and roproooototlToo of H. 8..It. boo seared a sort tatorootloi
be proooot at ,:10 ,... several redact sectioned ia that otato. Moro about this aoit .... I
.... .... .... ....
for tttodoy .1"" Btttill. th* argot seed
and to oo.. prepared for each adult to rdotor lara Scott Itooort sod Loot Boatttt .
to pay all oooooMcato mioadDoaanta. tod b* prepared to their first a"ttti at ..b.ra.f Loo .. ,
to to.OtMM. Irldio Club last ...fe<... ,
Ionic B. Hlnot* vas hostess to tilt '
which .** held at tilt Ddorado. Clot. \ ,
R.. Vrol Mss. Lass Bonattt sad Lola A. ,
rclpioto of prizes oo o result of the ( xe .c':
J ,' ,
**o too.. I IIaIh. 'I
t r .
JadllOG. alaScrtvon, Mmalo
1 ma Murray Boraic BoadrooB. aid Marie '4'r l'
sure the other sabers present t ;' \, j
.... .... .... .... ..
'. ... ... ...# t -I' ..... /.. ,,, .
The Grtttl ud o.rtiedascerstvill be' ., ... f ;. ". "'
I '1\ .
\, t t II / '"
attraction at Alpha tags Alpha'a "Kbooy jauve.l ,
WMW....- HM>..** Pair olth a Bpoaloh Pltii"Nlc. will I
.....*..fbTMUO.TV.KU ou say sent Pridoy. The Booowth ..oot v,. ,
a at I:M .... ia alo AoditoriBB. ;

Bath C. bloats, local AU prep, roolodo ,
this to Uo last sue to parehooo odvoaeo
"My hair must be lustrousfor So.e.er. Uoktto will bo sold a tko door.Booooro I tIt
-- -
close-up shots" Ii.- : .

-says lovely DIMtH White who .was [ I

/i: .c bailcoloring"TolovUio LARUU8feyvugwyS' I

& ."....... ere rrlllrol of your
oppooronro' to a.G l a*your P"for-....." Mill.
White oddo. Th riM hair rotor to puHrv

!lady ..........*." I < Y"-r." -

II owdtiitf...... Ai your.UvonU ronrttroynur.
My 11.21 plus Ui
: doo't oioo tao Boot oolorfoFohoo ; : _

........we 5S..-N N 1-ea .... oo ot.tk footoriai aooo of the
attractive BOO*>a.AaoUor .
.... .N N .,

sect tsp of Uo Sat.r soul ....
Blttoo tit bold ,...., ovoaiaf It Uo U ___
Uo AfrvAaoriooa M..1.... i 1k .IIMIWfIIIiI
lace Bir of Mhse-Cootses College I
otor U* oootiaf.Btrorta iII ,SMMheurthKry
were hoard froa Pobllcltf oad ,.

CboBittoo; _Ida trays COoBlUo ..,. .Jwasashridi *
trot: grade Cooolttoo; bard aid Ui
Blttoo oad floiot gales OMatlttoo.Trtly .
1" f fY fl ,lit CBBBtttoo I* lootlaf ",..,.. to 1e.4ri I De el4f sAMS.dhe
rb.-cd "'.are
the Nit cloooiM .... TAokotoorooo ... BwdoraitfoU j
Dot Miss. Uo slash hate.. one S.C. woes l csa.c te besrtios, ?
Boot oad Oo Bthf o oohaoa Wlldoota.OrtoalBotloao ,a....kiktv Boat Toylor UkoM ?
are ariod u. portltlttt aI'IU4 *'ff*U..M Ml
parade aad ...... for tbs %oot ........ aid fOJ gill testes
(fltof sward BtUaaltl Bl lo lie ,. IN wy tt.w UroojMftoraWoooortoryofo.io
>o U
ooo to kite rosord WWI BMOOW rUaMo*tMC
,...... tlthHo oar bo ....,., fee B. steeds ep 4 tar.... epiiea
.,... of''''''. ll*.|loo tftoi to tfcaiaaooora
t, fforilTartef taovio*
1 ..."' ,.. .........
>...ateas,,... ..,wow4
,.........Tt.,w II.Q .

I srtO-rtf. I r


I 1Ir. a .... a. ..*..< Br.iBra ffjfJIai

Hold 2113 B>rU* .*.. l..44 ,. 1Mb m.. ,
Sap I' Ira. Sty .
UNNSNT4iwltas S .. .
Br. So .sett ,ooIW
11'$ K 2M ",,
II.... ff. SB) ... BY. fro. .... OLD WV
Yen To Utten To- .
Set.N. ooo 1211 I. 2 U
..... ...I Mh*Ice 54. LOR _
.. Seed nil ftooofoCInf* Al
... ...Boy.Mr .,.. .... _rU.
a Mra. Booootl Sallied tie ill (.,.... L.

"DANCE PARTY"nM .o>4rii.o ST.. Brr, Sri.St..
Br. .. UtoiBtMv2M aVo. If I "

n-M 11 12:11 P.ll o .... .... 5U1u4 NIL .,
Sr. .,.. BIIIU ... .. \ (

tritfhf I j... IN tt to. IBM. Ml M. BHt ... II. IJ tro. 1..' .-..
51I..r. birr t S_ fa.. I
14M Cm ..MMISML Sssip ILL .,. Sand perthl' OED ts 1\11II PILV pI..tI.,a'T,LOuedv+ta. 11

INS > may ......., .It. M SM ..... .
a {,

a a ...... ..,. '.. ; ....... IUTlH1
'- -

--- -

I ( -'J I *''\ faIt 1

A' ""HAT t li 1 IISs
,?- ?_ 1t&1 rugs

I Iibvssinia: Baptist_ To Host Union Progressive Baptist Assn. I

r -

22od AiRiil Session Judge Mcmess Ebmztr's HIV Historic Event At St. Gabrielt I

Outpost' School
To Coiveaa Hare Oct. 14-18 To SpeakAt
Growiig SipidlyAB
It tU 33nd anaial ...lot, tbs Caloa Pro jrss* Ebeneezer
sirs Baptlat Aaeoelatioo silk Ben I. Oatioa .. Outpost suds School
Tkt Annual U-BOB'B Day
: Bodtrator. will coiTtat with Abyaalala BaptlatCbtn was established recta Uyby

I :* of JacaaMTllle, October 14 throi-li U. The Soaday obttmaeo at lboa will..bt*r held Methodist tko III....' letkodlat.
: thtae for ttt coa-oatlog li 'The Oiirctf a Debt to, aad the Church at tko VetbodlatOoMotity
Phi tertl" ........................ Church Cuter which la
speaker far the BonUtMrrlco located oa Lip,.. Road
A pre-openlai proiruachedaltd ooa J.M. will bo Attoraty
for T:10 ,... Dr.tUff. Parytar, Preel llllaB I. Masses ao Ices fifty or son.Lbersoftheturck
,....,, will bt prt deal of florid toriilColltit cordial to Rev Braootf. tad city
I ..6$.4 by tit host will bt the Rmaw Bid Uy Loader Itettt tiro oa kaad to
observe anl
Chircb. Abyssinia laps asia 9tlr. taddl P. BolBM.Attontr partlcipato tthis
tilt under tht ,utor.lilii 8A1U1OAT laatM la a, historic ooculm.I .
of Bet. d.L. fuuno 10:00 kaJtoardatoUac. ftratr tlrealt court I this was tko very first
ttae la the history of tko
echedule for the
flDNDAIfluaaty ..die.rnatr I I
three reatlniac days 11: School will hew Plorlda Ccaforoaco) COB

10:00.... ... till Jarlildietloa that aa
Pbraal da at :10: a silk lyaorrliclat
lif of tbs BiiiltB by till dlttrttt prteldoat 1 aylotfertf 11 outpost Stadty School of
this klad
tilt Moderator; Corse- Ber. Orioi Jokatoa iaektnt. I oat tw etttbllakod -

erttiot aid devotion A Bait ...U., tII.CrteIaltUIodl.t! | sold Rtr. truest 1.
by ippo1lt..;10:10 a..., will bo celled to order owaaa pastor of tkotpoaaorlis

Bible lipotltor .... by the first vice preei* Church rd MAIt oeI'. church, wboaloai
with official
I.,; Sticky li charte dent Ber. B.L. tyta.Dnotloa kt It proBlttat la lo
tko church aid tko OOBBlaalca .
11:00: offorlai aid on* will bt ltd by tbodlM oa tko district .
oa odtcattoa pissed -
rollatnt; 2:10 p..., Dttcoie i.C. tboBM aid tad coa'moeo levels la this ootottlatatpoct

joist itnloa with t'. 0. Lois of Creator It. JaektoBTlllo aid la of very tko dUc"' .
rouse ia chine; 0:00 Matthew Baptist Ctrarek. Florida Attonoy passes overall for tko

.tt departaoat board The atrtoa will bt dev la servinghis ant ten J...-.. oaf proiraa rrce year ? _.. BtBlltoa teat (loft) Bishop of tko the rltea. It. Oabrtel'a la located la the gird
ceiling; T:10. dorotloa llTortd by live .. eat aa Oil of tko 44 delegates Tao school tt proaeatly. Rpitcop.1 Diocese of plorlda eoadacted tko first Puaoral .Boat Chapel there services are held every
by Deaooai of Bethlehea oi. Choirs ud ushers floe tko Methodist staffed by oao teacher la coaflnatloa rites at tko attly ooattltited ." Buaday beilaaiai at 0 .... Purpose of the new
Baptist Chart Mtnoa, froi tack church will Cborcb .....II.r of tko Otbrltl't tplaoopal Church 4111 Avonio B. with church tt to serve the growing doaanda for services
chugs *o la aaaiatod
Mr. A. Andi-toa; 10:00 hers. at this ..nl... taaoral spud of tko Ha tour others aid the lateatearollaeat Illllai E. stoddtrd Lyaa J. ,to.dardlll' nactat by Epiaoopalttaa) ton-ftltooptlttnt... la the Moo
aortal ""1... form :CIO: P.B.-HMtlB called u... CboacllofCbaroB* p. larrii serving aa eelebraata. lev. Father ,. crttf, plondtlo aid Magnolia tr***.
by .... .... steward, to order by the coders.'tor. oe ia tko felted SUtto.AooonUif Batoly 10 itadeata.waa approsl Row _Vlteett iarria (right) rector assisted during (Photo by Burton)
ptttor tf It. Artrtt .". .. stritit, to Uy Loader
Baptist Church of Lake pastor Of It. CUll.IaU.t tadell P. Moles, Jr., over tnm all ladteatloaa
City Church will nil figure will double .Musical Planned Shiloh Baptist l '::..-.
Larata' Day la tko Methodist *
itself tltkia tko
rUOAT .dtllftr... the religious Church la aaaaattl ..n fnttr lack Soadaraoralii very St. Pail Htl Ckirck'a Setting For Cliurtl: ) j gtojcra. [
I 10:00deI'OUo.' 14 obotrmoo des trot 1:11 tatll talor choir 1 will boprotented I II

I by. Di... I. Arises of Benedict ioa aid fellow signed to platt ta* 10: .. the school ia la la U'. enattlattieal Annual Session
\ Oak Crave laptlit Church ship will dose the 33ad pkMlBapoatkolaraaa'Br, 7:00: ,.'. Octo-
I Oliiteo, 371.3:t 10 ,...- casual acct of the as'soaatioa. .., .. aid session aad aaa very vital her II la tit aala tadi The OiIon It. JtBtiBtptltt Ethel D. Bwalater will bo presented ia a
part of the reojlar churcheckool recital 1:00: ,.". Sunday la the auditorial of
Deaooa L L Metal will obltiatltaa toward his torlaa of tko chared.ra. Association la
proiraa of tko pounUli Oapel. foe will bo accoapaaltd by othtr
lead .UOI: olootloa 'cbtrck. The obttrTMttla .
United Church Aptt tobiaaoa itt lilt annual aettloa.cotTcatd .
parent body. More it foratloa troupe and singers of the church.
of officer*; atli of sponsored by tko do about the future Cursed: tlllta tad CIa> with Shiloh, .....................
the valor, bodies of tfektttoelatloa Women Hold partetat of lay aptaklai r.ldt an soloists
roue Church ledneaday
place of the school will Baptist Services will bo conducted witha flair towardt"Mortftft
ud .0".ntor' of tko ...rIS Lard of for tko affair. Vila la ....
with itt
Annual Session be Bado its later data.la aodtrttor pad Trustee Day" at Fount tit Chapel
Utll uoatl ad
Lay Activities of tko. pltaaed to beoaeof the
C.J. tattles preeldlai.RKlttrttloa .
tko Biaatlao, ears Sunday, aeoordiai to in announeeaent by tko pass
drill 7:10 PB-U- ...Uoul Methodist Church la oo- of tkecharehiroirti
At u. AMtBbly kloUlibU and had-
efforts are belli oiertod tor Mr. r. joaea.Ia
Boatload tight B ..! of the 0.1 tad Cktrck oporttloa silk tko do toward the fill develop* for tko eoaliiitatoa. ertblp coafereaceo were ......................
ul progress for tktbettfit Mrs bttti had la Kaa ptrtBttt of Otlted Ira. Dorothy I.
held tkrouchout the seek
seat of the school IBacoordaict recognition of its 'aaaivtrtary, Bttwrd-
of ntrlda Is. tu Clty.MaaMrt 1,000dilocttoa Church tea of tko Ha ... prttldeat of tko
aorltl Colltit. .". with tko alaaaad aa< aa littrtetiiicalwdtrofertatt eta Board 1 of Graat letxirlal ASS Church has
'Vaarttd wars tloaal OooaellofCbarok choir aad A. N. Or tea,
All. Oeorie of Creator objeitlvet of the hlfhllfhttdtht scheduled a proiraa Sunday afternoon II the turn
of BttUai toot of tko east drift.Matlo oritalit aid directorare
octolii of the see-
It. Matthew Baptist Methodist 0MI1d.Patronize' tori ut of the cnurA.IQQBBflHQuW.
titraordlatry proiaartt for the occatloa soliciting tko sups slot
Church will amt at the of the aieltar see, both will bt finished by OursADVERTICERS port aid attoadaaee of Classes till start

Blitrtta of otrtaoalti.Itoat praetloally aad spirit Choir I aid the TotU of tko pablle.MEAT'MARKET. (today Saturday at COO:

..1 Addrttt by Dee s. Choir .... The ataorUl ...r.10. -

.. till ke held at !
1ft: M a... with I... C.
J Danish delivering the/ I ...tarn,man,ram man tan un mmutitt"'

........ At 11:00 ..... o1::r'..5*ea:::' :' '' *--* :..-* SsjjyyM -.
= -'L: ..... :::
RIG PremierIII i the young people till .......... '-::.-
-- -- -
ooiduct aervieea. coro- _._._-. .... LOve,.. ...........
., ,...
p.wwrya...." a.h. n. Mesa M M.M .Oar
WEEK aatioa coreaoaiea till .. o;;;;. ,... -
4MI-OT* ) *>iimm ml "turn i !tf M kMml >>
bo had .:00 ".. before *;.vMMtrmii: : {MMAM* N M : SMIN6. PARK PLAZA 3701 IMHtSON ST. the Bliiloaary hour at --..,pse... _....._i li.l._.. .TllJTl. .-TlWIGHT W...
7:04 := :._1.;.' .. -:: =':;'=""

ItIt* school Will .......

i+ GRAND OPENING SALE start tt 1:10: toaorroo .
with at*. J.P. Neal. andra
& rrtae la ckarie.
Monist voriklp fill
>lAUOdOOOCTdfMTTIi THIS IS A REPEAT SALE =: start at 11:00 ..till...

Co,. tttkiia dtllftriai HAIR STYLES
t. .......... Hittt irt c..M M* torrtiMt il4CWrMiATO.He. the atnoa.The alaiatera ors .... II -.-
SUNDAY, OCTOHft I tt reek 4.... sir official& .. ... ( toUt .. ....w
f p preelde at a J:SO Beet ..... ... ..... ... .......
Ie 830 Cassat Ave. h,. Later at II II e.-swwr- Wso
SALE PRICES GOOD ALSO 1824 leaver Rev C.1. Strive 1. w er w- wec
pear --esuNr..-... -..........
ran Owe ff fo yourself" to visit' and Set toWORLD'S till otllter the awns hay TO MT.

!I. Itcltil Jot .....
s.5 tl I s.N t a1d Your Mast w.. >td Cat nojWnppW CIIf .....
.... .
'maJs'a "N't ...... Bette L. Irota will be .... 0 5730 'ItsTricea
E E SEE l.fer. Your Era kiMerttr ,r..'" la a vocal and: Iveaw. ehy.a4.istie.
I I .In tin SMelt <> recl'all .
I .fAil Mlnntot.UA end
MCAT ALA I: p.a. Itaoty at It. "ADO""" "

Meets Art '.....",/ Selected ty AM Ar. Metr Meat .foyer lltpata Ittoroat Wf of Church cue Jtator lithe

l I dill rdII. .
u.r. 0011''.3itADl Met ".. Baste ta pro

BEEF LL 39C' CHOICE er 49 tldoat. of tko judo ..
\ W tkerch.Brttyo. ,, uii..e. eeessu esuv juHau is. ..... slice ,

GOOD KEF .... la tko dtaihter a.. w ........ ...
.r I,. aid Ira. I. .. :or.f' .:........... .... .......

UoYTl Po ty Ortoo "A" f,*gill u. s. GOY?GRAMO Brew tad a Beaker of .._ -- ...
tko etrth grade """ -- .... .. .-...
TURKEYS ", 33! I FRONT i/4',0L V1R. 3SCi lea ....,.. ...at.1.rigs = ::.::-- .. .. .. oar a wr. w/A-Maw


WaU POlK 41 A
i *

n.A.0IADI..MID..3.s i 1 Ilp L.I! .. 55cpic iJ '

flX OWl -A- itAO25BACON3t51 : :, _
00 '. .

FRYERS "... ,.? .I.
)1\ C:.. '

MESH COUNTRY PORK + SAI.I 'i/jjj:,;i" ',. ,,;...::... ... I' '''

HAMS Ik)'. .AVI. IX 4t UrotvVi ICE PT NIl wWl itJu. LL.SHOULDER 4 ...,.'. '..

.. ,,. ..: ..'..
1llDE ; '


r.,1\ NUTS cur AN" wwPza IR Otiiir, tlUl1ISSIAII 1.1111 MtafHAI ." '...l

a =w WE ALSO CARRY CHOICE AND PRIME IEVMM .. : s.C.-laasrse.ae, Dart. L Miaett. oe.klaweesUso a
Oaum.a I. 1M II"' s.tkew asr .... a ass pstsioago se-.rt.. ew
.. iNlNI.01 lt 01114 ill 11."UK"' "" MIl 0er/M...-'..K. 2111 W...11s_ too apaUto.' of a Maw aMlle .m.. .. ............. 145 ..+...,...
111 Bart' Bal I ue of Jadharnl l s. an U.M ssp.j Mao .f ... strdl at Msstd
: m M HIlt MM Mt n NHM < |I- ......,. Mile la a aradMto., Me t .1- sip .MastJaasso eo .
... I I -tilt. Ct-4 ,.am.. .. a, O..... L ....... t.+..... .....,.... ..........
lath. ........ ea4 Mto S, lies a -...a.r ..


\ .
--- -- -- -

1 JIll

I II"I I T ) l


Wives Of Suitors Hiipkrty, Kickil,, Citation For Educator TDove Hunting Honor Ceremony For Hero
1IiIIIIIIt.,, ..._
Honored By National Women Group Seasons Opens

'ASIlit tlTOIf. D.C."'ra. Rabert B. Riaphray of M-UHASSB-PlOrtoV B
Rlaatwta tad Mrs thoaaa R. BBobal of California, dove
hunters took to the
the tivta of the to senators toot loadtrahlp taa fitloat I
IH00: moos Sat I
crucial to the ptaaata of the Civil tlchtt Act of arcla
> October 3. aba I
114. ana boaortd at a diner by tile Ratloaal
Ut fI
fit phase of the ,
1 : 77; ,
Council of Retro g' ti 8Pr
Woaei. lie. at the statler-Bll lilt aiiratory dove a
tot Hotel .uII 1a1 too. D.C. rtoeatly.Rra. Rachel baatiac
otaaoa opened
.u rtprtttatod by stepboa Ron. Legislative Aa1itint. la
.................*....... 13 counties
A.D. Aldrich,
The prttitrt of a audltacc of lIOn tbaa V" ..... Gate cad Fresh Water
CbrlitMi card eiprettIBI 110. Dr. Dorothy I.Perches .
the P8MKA HONOW-Dr. Illllt trtrttt ..forcer Flab conlaatoa said
ualty thaw sad put prttldeat
portraylai the aalaaoPrtedoai of Rail, predated the aped al lit la atcoadary ed oaUm with the Plorlda bnatlai till bt alloyed
Tree lad. .1 tit oriilaal aaaieal score Watt Dtpartaeot of Bducatloa for 17 years even day from 11:00:
the tltatattoftht amIl to sttpben Ron per Ira. receives a plaque tree Plorida State Ma ale Idacatora BOOB until MBttt thMlfbRortaber
htt'Act of 1M4 vas a kBcbtl.Twenty. Aaaoeiatloa prtaideat Bra. ......t. I IB Boateouatlea.
tptclU feat.;. of the ...'. oriaat loses durlai the rtceet P9IEA pre-plsaoiag cot .
fertaet at Florida AMI Lock la Dote busters till bt
e-eolnt'a >procru. 'The satloat participated lathe DalTtralty. i oa ,
orlolaal drawls- of the preaeatatloat tad dirlai the prtteatatloa of the plaoatlaDr. allot.d a daily baa
card ni >proatattd to endorsed the Chrlataea 1111 laa P. Poster bead of the Dtpartatat of Halt of 13 with a total
the Democratic Viet PrtIdentUl card. Doratby>> I. light. Bualt lad director of the Raroblai Bend at PAW./ pollution Halt of Ji.Haatera ..
cu dla tI' pros!..."1tCIff.I aided.Tbt Dr. Combs rtcaatly rttlcned troll him poaltloa mast possess
1ft as a tribute to speakers lacladedBn. with the State Departetnt of Cduoatiua to btooM valid huatlai lleeaaea.avalUblt .
Senator Ruapbrty'a sort boat a Coma oo- a orofoaaor of Bdueatioa la the PAMO Dtpartaeat true all county
00 the. passage Of the o rdluto r of the "Red cedes Of secondary Bducatloa. j.dia.oloetrle.

Civil Ii..tuchr 1114.UalltVMaia.tiliTlaloa. la Klaalaalppl".
Mary CbahUi Mil...M.rie Rabbi Blames Virginia Youth, Accused Of Rape, romum 'DAL Jobs A. oro..u Chit) .re.... the Pot cc pail=
stir Bade the prttaata C. lark adal.. KiecatlveDirector. Racial ProblemsTo Boat*a Superior AehiovtBtat Certificate for Rerolan and a cash atard to Albert
tloo" OB behalf of !V. Delta sigma His 2 Death Sentences Voided T. Jones, faablaitoa, D.C., letttr carrier wIIo sued three pertoaa true a burn*
A aoai. Trot"*. Tree Theta Dr. Jeaaat L. Education lag boat oa his mall roate. At left ti Nary I.. DUoa. Jr., special aaalitaat
SoDf" tr Robert Napes Hob It. Director of the LYNCHBOXQ, Va.--Tht Virginia Suproae to the Aaalataat Poataatttr Otatral for Operatlona. At right ta Richard J. .
II' lit reduced to tile ".'. Job Corps of the CHICAGO"(NPI)" "1&1. Court at Richmond has voided two death Murphy Aaaiitait Poataaattr Otitral for Pereonaol U cereaoalea at the na
office of Booaoolo Op* cation eoflronaaBt. and sentences given Thomas lanilay, a Lynchburg tion'a capital. (Official Poet Office partaeat Photo)
Capital City portaalty, tad Stephen ocoooBlea. art the prlte Nero youth on charges of alleged
I Non LeclalatlTt Aaalt* Sectors la '..rica'. ran*. t e t t t Illliois
Scooters End I teat senator nest racial ,robl..." taU The Judges found several chair" of* Lawyer "Photography With A Styli"
Fund Kucatl. Rabbi Seymour J. 0>bea. errors la' the oca f let era tf the dtftatt
Drive Donates
spiritual leaderefMakeCatt duet of ....1.''. o. declared. They urged
TALLAHASSEE-.-'me Leon Negro SheriffsIn 11"" la aa ad- rlilaal trials btrt ta mesa froa throughout To Mills College
Dlrtelon Pllanco Cotalt- dress betorttbtliacbtoafont >> Ptbraary. IKS. The. tilt aatloa to cote bert
tee of the Suvnntt River Sarasota of the OorMaatClub. >> coart'a actioa followed sad .U.... the. att .n.zNCII.*.. Ala.,".-nt
Area Council of the Boy SARASOTA, Pla.-<*m- taUtltd "'nI. Jet tide protttta acalaat tat trial Mlles College>> Bctea.eBttlldtai
Scout of At erica dosed Two Retract "bare bees aad the Rein Revoli* eonvictiOB of Paisley, Kaaatltr declared that Project lilt. a
the receat 1914 Scout appolated deputies by U...II'I" tbo yes la the DtatbRoatt the atat*a etldeoet yea a tea seeded shot la till
Fund Drive cite sae. Saraaott County Sheriff Jetiab iaaiiraat at Ricbaoad for sot ocacliiitt, tad It art froa tilt stteneypbllaethropist *
Guardian Scooter tad 14 Ross L Buyer. They art sad his fully sorted II aoatha.Raatlty. was oaly tilt word .t a |eaitURoataoatry
aaatalalif. BtBbcranipa, Janet RoXtlll ad Howard bard to liars an tducatioa baa btta rttvntd Lyacbburi pollctaaa tfclearotulted of Hortbbrook
accord i to Dr. H. Mao* Nil). for the cblldreabecaaat to Jail here to ta Waaalty'a IlllBola ito donated Ut
stag Cfferaon. daal,.... Both .have beta eett-t they brd 1,000 ttalt att trial ordered ooatlctloa. D.OOO at Mlles calle..'.
A Guardian Bcoattr Dr. vita the .Negro Milliary years of Jewish trail- by the Bupreat CDirt RtIt "They Just hart to let aamial Batrlcalatloi Day One
Efferaoa pointed out to riot squad forced by tics oa the ttportaact accused of raplas athltt a Negro, aad they have to lro,,.. Kin day, !met. V, Stop Shopping For All

cat she coatrlbittt a foyer several years ..,. of Itanlai, while the toaaa tho could pat bio la the electric Mlles College>> final to- Your Needs
.!slues tf $10.00. At. sad for several BOB the Neiro't tradltloaa .re sot positively Ideattty cbalr to keep the Negro braced tilt frleadahlp. at Photographic
tractlt certificate bart bees attandlii ri obliterated by slavery his and a toaaa of Japa* "....u, la cheek" Attorney BaatioatrytbratiH
aiarda sore p ret anted to slat tralaiai courses aad left his ae boaeearlroateat aeat decor site tboibt Euaitler declared. "*Ut a medics attend* EMERSON'S PHOTO SUPPLY
all contributor for sheriff deputies to five said bt bad previously sea, too, ooaalt. rape, .. by It. pr esl des t, Dr.
The loan Qaardlaa8co According to Jech<< Royal children iiceativt to bad tti rtlatloat. bat aot too Mite ... baa L.H. Pills, slice tbatatttlii. 1817 N. MYRTLE AVE
terfor the year is clef deputy, they were ttndjr, bt noted.'yew. The taaalty DeftaaoPaad bees etecited for the Attoraey hViatta.aery .
Dlrt.loo Hainan T. T. wined to weekend duty and Negroes con- plaaa strong protests orlao' la tilt stile at baa deeded a total (Open !:unit..,.. I-OO 1'._, Until 1:00: P.M. )
Lowi.. 6o lo a rtclpleat pa troll la| the prtdoal* trout oat aaotbtr la aba tile yotat aaala Virgule for tilt laat of ".000 to UtScleartRilldlBi
of the 'Silver BeivtrAtard. aaatly Negro area of the Aterlca society," btaald. tried tats la Cor 10 years thereat 40 Project Phil ISM2I2QUANTfTY
costs '%' teawtt tf ait panttoa Coart. The Clad Negroes have"
tatloaa..there Jetiabaerchanta la belt! aided la ".. I
landlord and effort a; the SoatberaCoaftrtaet
;DEC TH IK Illr political party captalaa BditatloiaMad I I ; :' v /

ala;alaed their tatabllahed > BCaT), a 101 tII wi cSt ., 0 IIi' ..
Tot Seek The lest Doctor poaltloi after cavil riihtt group boat ,
11 a. Tour Doctor 'r cnll... tilt "..!M poptlatioa la Ret Orteaaa."ft '1 ...
Get Experienced ptaraaclata seed sway aad OM tat* lattad to OITOTbeaat
MA1tKE ?
..AecordlBf to your Doctor' seeded by Rtiro realdtata. Waatlty trot a SUPER
Ordera. .e Pat Gull The Beat ." I ..'t aader Judicial lyaoalai la U.
IIr. e.L IJKi.. quality Draia stud the ariuoent that
Proprietor If the Metro gets sore Shooting Yicli., i IIOHn IHUVID

rlaHts. tilt cite ,.r... SPECIALS MOD THftl) SUNDAY AT E0GEW000 AND AVENUE B
3 ImIlT UZI numAciim TO ...1"11'00 till let less rlibta. I Gloria Lynne
A eOHPLETE LI''<"! 1t OP don't believe a parent
eo..u c.-..IIMr 0>odoCaBdltfftaidrlttncsnurnow sate aot that I hive twcalldrta I Is Rtctptrtlkrg
CAU.D soft AND nuwa I will love the FRESH SMALL BAR C-CUC SIZE

trout oat a little bit RBI TORI-(MPD..Popalafalaitr .
It.. LeN la aa spa* Aorta ..,..., abt

Lilly's Drag Start alto..tblai" II ate vie atcldentally aa the baadttaadtf thattlllt ,1\1PORK SPARE

1M7 VHS MAi Cl 3.JHiOFKNIMO a Cltvtlaad Ohio)
altbltlib re.aatiy. la
Nns.an HtHr"I
esrr.tit otaraitttlii.
SIHICIALS at her apartaett hers
Church SrotpcmcAoo sad to set taptttod Uaatt HIS
tty .....,.NIl set ROAST
Dry Cleaning At Its lest ...(Nf)..'AI ..do aay wh" for aptrltdof

ttatdlai .pert. trlttr tea "_..
otlaawlat leadtll still, At ...u.. attldtato '
.. rottaUr btcaat tilt tear red aa Rita LyMtatepptd
4Pr.| PIIts $ first Retro to bt hired ., oa the bead- *
aa 5 RMaeatttr by TCHttlerlalea. clad ., t* '. C.Ns Itdotitota 29 1.1I.
tat .*..r./ Cletel.. U 1 ( -.
t o. Rut Batarday ftr kitatiltveatitt tae cam of tea tees
la Jessie. tat bad attracted to the
2 Sills last a laaebooa at tat altbUlab.SadtVMly..
t.Bn RetbtdlatdMrab.no ttt platt tat
,..."... darlaitblaa baaalid deg ...11.... A ROYAL GIANT SIZEFAB
Bmltb resolved a sill fta led bad ....1.
"ClUtltei of Hwaor," .pod otUKe bttteeapallet
OM apaattrH ... .tJ, by tad aa aaldtatl* RICE3UB.
2 Drsss the ....'. Bttltty of fit ladiaa yttU tbo

-- Cinches urine ... BdiciedYetseepssears ,.
( ..
CMatlteJtt ta Cbrltt* Savers sad Mrs, .
lee Beclal Oaaetraa ofUtcatreb. ..n... aaltatd Orttifttat
The taeittf leers aad dada of .19
4 .., SmlaBra. tie aaatal Itatattai aaatatrylai the el''bt lb. 49
a ......." a The lateral Mat la. PKQ.
"rojt.t deal |t ef ta
.. Cocallt s term. ta. stress tttlMa riai ml. sib .ttt M altb.pttplo eaaoaoofptalf. dotted \\M I ttt WH it sire .M tfto lit[ I wA VJK ir MH .del .iftif

.tH aiaira see arise
baa lees ......... aaatxttrof ttt tf otvtraltotal to oo apt tee tblitlidaalltu. V.5. loop StUOM. STEAKS II, 7it
,.,.... a...rH .

the st.ht 1...t.aaaaret fcr 'Tarrrloi a LM.*' see ..,..., cot .. ttt If.tt .
oorbtd oa tat aiet.t emit left .... taa IIIaa MSTMM CICTII CUT POll Slumnwm tttJ5
Jaiaai (batpvaaai lei. Idly *.t apt>trbetort ehe eel abet ...

bout alof by tart ,U.1... od sled
tad ef net eat aarHe _-n, N tJa erf". a ....c., fraa utbaadtUaaXBhotaa
t A .port* solos, called ...... Cam TIC. W |TRPBWftjiaSWKT M. PH.If. 1 W<
till bo rtHtfad totMtaawa ..t M| .re..'. Bparuoof be .../.... bvrtMdlttt .'
N .". per the eewlt, M set etltfdM POTATOES 11$
at all ,..... Pttt... a..tor see'pea. bt sense.. .bat tat
'" .. till resin ,...
THE /fep / 9999 M yVW* RpplPP PkilW



w C 01 POTfUtt

It. J.e.M ..... .. ......... rPrrt.ta k.A1I -
314 aN Jeffet.as Btveet D RdJ! 11M"

Rai I ,,5'

Jo... .--

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.. .
'I I

t 'Ult 1 f t14iA SIll 'tmit f.J __ -V SITRUT ICTWI 1'L 1K4.

Skilton Blue Devils Club Installs, ,Nfw Office Teen Talk

To Face Bull DOls ; :;i :; ::. el It TtMCBarrleaaaa: By KBDI: A. POKPJBTOt:

art the latest paaalnf fads to kit
I' Coach Bubhr mall'sStanton his nnnlai-abaa yardage ,I the jackaoarlll<< ar... OIl, cat mlly hit M, but
floe Devils .111
t* Bdd--aad also It did aaoagk date to art ip for the oaee that i
ba iMklas tot their ,
ta his passing ability didn't qait-Mk It fcar*.
flut vla rhea thay club
I with Howard School'aBull Despite numerous. (taataabelag CongratilBtlon, .....t.. tad wonder are *oa* !
side to bring oat d of tk. Ulna which paaaad through tilt studs of r
1\\ Dog Saturday alt I
a winning coabo. Coach teens list .....ttar the Pagtaeera -
at $ O'clock la Myrtle .
I mall belief tilt lea- 4N it naked lIP II points over the i
1 Arena Ball Park la theE
E son atlll remain yooafeeouib I Perry Hlgk school Moana. This ...
i locals fourth sane of I
r, for his obanaa Tee Talk proudly salutes the .-
: the '*'101I.b kI'
to garner an lapraaalv too Ibeatlooal lip School toot kailteam.
The veteran Blue Devils
I ( I'eeord before th* 1. Keep ap your reMIt treadm&seera. .
,: itr ted.tudhU oaacQ*
I i. circa ruse to a clo... .
lug staff have ben
Baktai several changes A & M Rates I., teenagers will kara the prtr
BOBBf lost of dlalni la oar better flit...-
IB what has appeared to
i., Sib In Poll rents this ,.r. It you kava plaaaad Buck a ,.-
b* tlarlai .**. apota,
tara hero art a fat tips for you.
peclally IB th* backfield Hortda A**'* Rattlara Menus la the sophisticated mtaaraata Bay look
; .
portion Bored la to the fifth spot aa though thy were wrlttta la Egyptian the first
> Keporta thik week r.* BBoni+ tilt Batloa'a mill tlaa you encounter then but traaalatloi la act

venial th st floe u tllaoBleaaa coll g.* followlag r*< Impossible It you know the lay -.rde. Moat of the
I. t* lit th* Boat
standard Prench. fabh'
iMMOfoollec footballranklaga ones are hot* scans that
,,,. likely candidate to
sore Thesdp.rittenb.rg\ the price listed corara the entire Baal. Hor ; Into the alpal calling ...
tlghta4 art appatlstra ahrlap, perhaps or sari
spot, replacing Tbaddau its bold OB first hot sated vegetables or celery and ollraa. The entree

Dorfey with Thoaaa lal- following Ita ".0 dreb- la the swig dlh.Deal twee, is. of tie, a aaall

lice Borlai IP to a replacaaaat bias 01 Heidelberg lat after-dinner cup of oof fa, which la al..,. served

poaltloa. Saturday oa tilt aeaeatioaal without trees or .,ar. t
A lot of dapandaae till passing of duck After successfully negotiating tilt ordering of

b* placed oa tilt running dress and the raaalac your seal, there say atlll ba a booby trap or two

ability baa bn of Hrnry promoted Pittaho to aid pass catchlag ofBob INSTALLATION of officer for th* ensuing year dent; Bra. Oraylajra L......, secretary, Br*. la eating It iraeafully. The main one la III I tit
foods ba eaten with tilt
: the top fullback spot Banry. klttllfktad activities of tilt Kauuoado Bridge Dorothy B. tllllaaia, treasurer; Miss Dorothy B. say fingers and which
: call for ta knife and fork
Borlaf Inaeth Duffy sad It wan thaOkioaaa third Club Jut Satirdty night with ira. Vlrtlala Cray Jones, bnaiaaaa manager Bit Qwandoiya L Shl.
";' Baojaala Noun to tune eoBaaeutlf victory of cosseting the cr.ony IB Club 11 do ra do. Newly ton, reporter; and f.D. Sweet. advlaor.Baraoa Here* a Hat of accepted finger foods: potato

.,,,: poaltloaa. Pitta tilt season. elected officer trot hit are: Miss Vlrdaia, ( studio Photo) dips, shoestring potatoes crtap celery, olives .
Br-up radishes, ran oa the oob, aady sort of bread ax
Harper president Kra. Ida
bas showed promise la Sbalaon tlca praal
spoon bread thick la more like a pudding), and

,," whola frulta.
,r :' Gator Bowl fried chicken la alright aa a lager food at boa

'1" '; >il ,.'1'" Classic Seeking If you prefer but la a restaurant knife and fork
la the rule. Bo MOO for to cl.. '''11 wrap up ao .

Parade Entries clal situations next a. k.

Say fellaa. tan your heads away from this column
-.N.. ...._. CompUtlag plea for
.ww..w. w. -.wr.---r-.r. r..r.r..w
for a alouta and lat me talk to the girl. 01 rill
tilt aaaual Oator Bowl
01 rial Bar that with something ..r. Plaroradllpatlckal
Classic Parade adieduled
Tb.,' rt Jut too. t-o-o-o-o.Klcht
for October 11. the pa*
lurtou flavors called *rbldden Fruit"
rude committee: Bald It
', 1 s Get Teens, It a time to *>.
) jr 1, a z.a ar 4fe IB attending mn Sari ta.Uo. -
Bya oo l
to all orgaaita*

U..., laeludlai school
; Ffl"1 aad btnlaeiiea to par

tldpata la the parade.

,, fctereited organliaaboald OPERATIONSECURITY

". contact T. V.Tboaaa _
J at .limes Weldoa J JTou
t y n 10. r +' W _
Johnson or Prank Kaap-
: ton'a service station on

Ta lath St. end Myrtle A**.

Bern her a of the parade Don't HM To Oo To Tow to' Get

oomaitte art: .Nathaniel

Dads chairman; T. V. LOW.PRICES

Thoaai, co-ehalrain; .
Prank 111III to,. Bra. Mary On Tour
4 t, + hiyaf Col em en, aecretary lAd

i. tJklal Bryant.A DRUG STORE NEEftS

: trophy till ba givento .
the beet organlaatlOB Trade With Tour neighborhood Drug Mare

,I with the best decs rated II Wia BBCT IT mea ADV.U1 lOUt VOCAL P PIX1..

d a h Heat and awards to tII.IWID..P. 1. 1111 her." also fill all Doctor a PraKiiptlon.
r '
t t?' YJh They will be

preeeated during the Dixie
kalf-tla activities of Pharmacy
tilt Bethaae Cookaaa fcwth
\ Caroliaa State Ore. 1)12 liifs iHi it Midis IfHH

thus Etii1 5.5511HPlY


: :;; ,'. CommunityShows MILS AT HI THE

ta 1c.cd
r SwMtw.t" eommualty pr*-

eldest for Wider BortaMU.Bra. '" _, J .",: ,

rt Bertha Olson la la.fitlaf A.t end-A6 "I. p.. 'n, I '

BB, tomeachlldraa as
h ___
tf Decal Cost

to the .".,' Satardaralgkt.

Oct. I7-.fra ( DRUM 29c

O'clock until aitolgkt*

barb i* party at U* COBB

n,'. ballpark.Parpoao .
of the event sill SMALL FlOmM u.2fcLOiSTIR

b* the rift for pads to
purchase a baa tot tra
MEAT u.M.89 Z.a 9.79
partial the It s.**tfrckildrea

attaadtai pr*
tlamaly all*.htte public to ;

....Ie forthe first Ua*.
Tko drive .aa iiltlallylauBckad La. tic

last west when
I A BifB VUmUMfl ia*IB.
Bra. Mildred Sally sold IM. mL9t atmtWr M n J''u. Tto

flak amiMeke to defray

wile of U* priatiat of OWN SPOTS u. 39c

ticket far tko roataHto

: ka gel a ...,.
",em Oaaatablc tlllieLancer
a.. baa arranged WIGS WIGS WIGSNnll

far U* ball park f. the

larty. said k* kaa sever

r, k.1. *tU.aa4 M .ea ........ Wr| Shop
% a**) toes tk* Saotatrr

.4deata *nat kin tea

years residency IB the 37 EAST LEAVER $T.

parts was rilaalU PHONE EL 4.2M2

.*k*.aJl far B..mr BB

tag Cat. It bat It .** ''HI
r sf. KHtflUTim
'MI' .. lBUaj tk*

data for the Affair hafret tits tin
to ..... tk* humid .

wen of Uakata. en in i flirli.s. fib

,, M + { LrAR1 Ala aawaolUi the ..- .
r ban of 'M ..*>I|.B CM .
alttM ar* Baits arts,

M.. IBM.* Prka sad .
ka*. .UB !.*.*.. HNS ti emu fills

'a. .an 4U aaaatMofaaa4rtl

..,..V .... .. It l.. BJBJ& eta ....... Skis

Mlle. petahs Nd I'",

I **J4 sod BBtlOi .It...... IfI .... .
:t I ..
'ti" fur a *BtfHatl...
,,,, \ )

1't l


.. .- -

..-T "

.. r
f. Me t. 1 .. I. i ..! .,.,...._.. I. ... "* ... ...__ .. '..... ...... < 0 '
- '
TEAT I.WH u, m riHiii! SIll tEn fttLJ I

|arassment Costing Ray Charles Delegates Take Timely Break A ft6oti T Ce1Jqe. 5 Fla. A & M Staffers Receive

Baby's Mother Her Health II'OR GreatClKESKBOftO. Grants For Doctora Study

: p'N YOUR1 4 B.C.-A 1100.000 Onmt
CJKBRIDGR. Ohio-(NN)-Ao aoaaatloaUlBB mi .rat ot UI.'U'..bees
.. ........., brwuht 01 by ber relation vdU tt*. awarded to MT ODI hit TAUJWA8SB-me Boxbenof Uo faculty at Horl
..,.B bliss stager la eoitlni u* aoUer of Ray by te U.& Atomic energy da Abu DnlToralty will begin graduate study UiatriBoeter
, barlea*_baby her ...U.Itp'O Price lat nitlo.sl OoMlaeioB to aapport pursuant to Uo Ph.D. deireo at Florida
loaned lest week.at ......................... this year B research State Diversity oa trite troll Ue Caraeilo FMB
[ ** Beatre Ja let&.. abo. "....', going to project ia blocboBlitry datloa, accordlai to an aanooaeeaeot today by Dr.
Oeorio .. o ro Jr.. proaldoat of Phi
, live la the aid
pretty 31-yeir-old aae balld- iawBiolofy.Becelit ......................
mor college coed who tpl with B toaaa tko of the rut Tho Fb.D.atady gnats years that Uo aeho
n aarleoabeby- kao a colored baby,'* r sum BBBOttBcod this week 'era Bade possible by larablp proiraa la iaeffect.
aid Bh til a.aid ton 0 Sandra Bald. by Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, a $100,000 grist to .
MOO rapport jndioaeatinlnat Other hr....., ceae ,reat..,oUbe 41011..... FloMda A. ..4.. troll
tae Blaier lut fro people tko Miss He said the soda will the Caneiio ro....-
scary ea reported to Mitts add cads bur tko bo seed to ooatlaao a tioa. To bo adalila* Hampton Given
fee alllm at tko home tanet.of .% hliperUieaapalia. LI AJ study whlcb baa bees tered by PASO over BUreoyear
>t bet parent bere.ke ." "!very. eoBdnetod at the cols period, Uofaad Study Grant
fbnorly lived la ate roforrod to BO BO Iou dais IISB by a will flaaaoBatady
Angeles where tko Kay Otar M' _..' Bad fcBobaad-wife roooarcbteaa. of ap to II PJMFTM' IMm Wit,Va.1.0. .-
.. ta bora.. tkat girl too aotberad Dr., loorio C. ,ruh... at Uo rate laatltato baa
suds vas reported Bay marlea' .baby' okoMid. Royal Jr.. des of tie of five cash J.ar. received aa tareetrleteddirect
ItO bO wader tilt cars Of graduate Stool and pro Mach recipieat of a great of ft,400
[a ..,delu. Although At Die '01.,. Hoc ...- ---. .- foaoor of bMtorlolotT great oil bo naraa free East es RAM wider
[tko exact suture of her Botta waa said to hors 'lit DIM?-II?! FACTS-Ure. Ass ..toU.... (loft), Detroit aid the Rev. Leo oad Dr. CUadyB i. l JaI.'mt..rof toed a ...I.a. of Uo ONM"aay' >a dd-to-ed-
[illicit tai sot disclosed bOOB OB tie DOlat Of Baenoua Stem (skirt) diioau '?acts about Met-Wte tola", the right cola akBltr7aaoociato tour trlaeitora of aoatloa proiraa for
sic for
...-said she breakdown. the feally.dBrtai a vl.nlt toUaj>yal Crowaoola Cto, booth at the director, both study at FRI. I....
bad loot 40 I4tt manual recMtly bold seater iBfoatliatoro.Tho Terse of the mat to 'nil yeara great labaood
[ pouda.aadJtbat Dr. Gore To Attend await of the Rational Baptlit OMveatloa u.s.A.
has liDetroA.
Florida A. sad .. oa llliaa .
bur condition IM oldlai the Wet-MU folder la puck "1 .1C'1 director recent grant aa a
of .
I brq i>t o. by cots tutbaraaiBMt Education Coifertncf .actlvltioa.Glkks apeciU Barket warded OB B few proposal provide for 140.000 Lie .t. Ibo ia employed
tro. tko i utaltted by the RoyUo. the first year, lid at Uo 001I'.''' lodak I
prooo aid cariosity BAN ANTONIO Tem-Dr. Tie aoo grant the IN, 000 for each of Part tort la Jodl"ttr.II. ,
Chicago Negro Democrats Give
.....n prylai lito large B. Dare Jr., pre Colltfi\ ....." la Uo oerloa, the reaalatai two .t. I
[bet porwiol offtirs.Oi eldest of Florida AM 11 To Hilbert HinphriY Kcuiig Wilcwni brings the total award
top of all tkio.ICkarlaa Oalverilty, IB ours of FaciltrBT to early 100000. lASTER'S WEE-WASH-IT

attorney ob- five delegates froB too ,'FITOBBOtO. FI.. .* CHICAGO-NPI- 'olltlciJ supporters aad friend Dr. floorio Royal a
taiiod t court ml lag UU of florid Ibo will Olbba Jialor College of Ald.,... Ralph Motcalfe timed a dlaaer boa graduate of ftaketee la* ClNMn adlavadry
cutting oft the support bo 1. attoadaaeo here Bade ore of its largest orlai his at the Horrlooa Hotel hers lat cub Isis .Ut.,.. bold u. LL
Boaey for Uo baby because *. October 10.11 at the taeraaaea ia the'!.silty a wildly aUalatlo and "owlifla*" .elooao for degree trot the Dal
Miss 8tta kao annual eoaTwtloo of tbo and staff this year tntaolevea ... Hubert Huapbroy, aid the Deaocratll vie veratty of tlacoBata, aad ,
loft Loa Aniele The bathers kitioaal tdcation ace porooaa were pravidontlal aoaiie reapoadod vita a alaakiai at* holds tbo .D. degree FOLDlOCALs.
I Uteit nllai cue oaaa Board.Othero placed la sue different tack oa ... Barry fcldeator, Ue OOP> Prealdeatlaloaadldato. la iMtaolety fro tie
appeal by Charloo. la the mauls.f area I........................ Oaitoralty of feaaayl* I
I OBder Uo condition o state delegation till 'no faculty aid staff ,etcalfo, wbo ism being looee" veal $dool of nodi cla*. .
tko oriilaal support iaclade OOT. Farris T. .a* booted to a total tendered tbo 1)U anBoaldiaier Pills tbo orokeitr Dr. Gladys 8oj-l, IB airadutoof III
order ties Botta vas Bryant Doak Caapbell.preaideat of 14 pereoa whoa ads by predict eap played ''Kail Riil Uo Dillard Vale IIICliulif
1 to bars Botlflod tko eaorltia of dial 010 vets made la the talaiaadottor political Gal,' All Rert" aad'HK erelty, Mid. the >..B.deiree L" _, Suites
court i t oko taa 1 eevI Florida BtattOaiveraity.TallahaaMO area of adalBlatratloB, enters of bio ward, vie ,j Day are lens froB Tkeketeolaatltato
I ill too Angeles with Plies Car acioaoo, Batbeaatico, quits ollllii to take Mays," tbotradllio.alDeaoctatte aad Uo fa.B. Jolla 0. ..*,.,. Pre.'I.M.r

UO llfaU.or r..Tal1l11. beater .......aBoelal atadloo.tntlltb. a back mt to...,k ray oaopaluBOB. 4 treo IB bie-cLutatq FREE Pick IP Md Delivery
departure frog and state suitor; and foralai. lana. at tk* diaaer. R* la* tbs crowd started from Oblo state Hatter
I toe AD.eI. taa baatnd Dr. Jobs Alta. president ages, aad .aral.,. trodeoed tka senator a rbyUato beadelapplaioalahootint *!ty.no IPII
I by fortkor difficult DalTeralty of Dr. Jobs .. Reibert iaannooaelii froa Iliieiet to tie of.*e tnat pair till bo at*
with tblt neighbors Bootk norida TMPC. the oppolat capacity creed aa UoCbaaploa ......,.,."ad Uo B aa* elated ia Uo study by Pa... .tl I1 *.!. Sit. tUI IfJI.HEM. .

I la aa inclusive all* tails la Baa Aatoalo eaU, Mid ass ,..rIOI..er. of Civil tor joined right ia tiuUan. both iraAiato Bad Btder
bite atiibborbood to Dr. Core will meet with added after elaioeabeiaa Wait*," graduate .....tI. I it. EHtftM PI Tit-5:13

tbieb she had ..,,4 alBBBl aid frloada of because of tboaatipectod Riapbrey, .,kl., a
{after the baby va bon. Florida AIM Dslversity..d boot la *arollaeat. blrltliivtalt to Chi
lab* oaidakokad ollt.... Dr. Samuel T. Scott 'This year, a cam attended Uo dinner Mil M1JAlFLOUR
|aa ...rt..., la the prlaclpU off lu *a- total of 141 otadeatareiiatored Bloat v4tk Mayor Rlobard
ilbborbood because toll 10'. Plyllis tteatley for classes J. Daisy at the livl*
|Uo realtor mistook be r Rich, School a amber of to li for tblte. bat after the 1164 ....r BCbOOl boost over last ..r... sad had the ty
ker traidatltybocaooinoti faculty at run, IBapoaneadiai year** n..ro.. .aeladaieit tloe"o t Plrii if Sit Ililti 1
wblto toaaato efforts to Tat satiate of Trial.. the visit to quote a I
*tartp4 .!,.... Ole .....U. aliail aad'frloadoof jolaed Ue faoilty. ny member il his ,ar". 49 SMCIALS GOOD
,wilte'v Biarteld ber tie fiends are husband aid wit. Avid the wild obeerlil .. ,1 I ,1 H. a QUANTITY SATURDAY
It Pays TOADVERTISE h.U tutiou forBBoetlaiwltb Dr. and Ira. MooericbLoacy. aad placard ..,tal, U* RIGHTS RSUVID THROUGH .
Dr. Sore ills fcola Dr. Uaoy vaopelated sf. ..tl..,, porooaabl
la the dty.Wrt aa Director iBpbray side lie way
ReMareb<< for abba aid ap taw aisle, ibaklnband
I .r*..Loaay tea added to *aid eiokaailBB ana
'"'. ,. !,,.,-':' the Rid tab facalty. 'The pllaenta, to tb* *peak
Ito .u.... HapariaaColleio or ,,,,tor.. Visa ko
31:,'.. iI." .. la Trlaldad; reeled Ue |lt.....Ueorevd
a.ate* 0>>11.|........ really II cot
11L{ wad COlaabiaOal* RITE'SHORTEN
1 ;s sQI
vanity vine the bee Joxon PromotedIn
torato was conferred

Y 41 spa. Uo.aet Director ofReoearcb. Labor Dept.JACIIOIVILLI ING

A fcmer ..a bevieslsstnctorPsrs pie.Ofi .-
Irene )-1bo*.* f. Patens
tau jolai Uo faealtyaa INI iradnat af Hertd
I ) a Vials laatractor.BmetM AbN Dnlveralty. baa b aproaotH
laaprodict of to elate *i. 3l1. CU 19
Fiends FrbytrtaaOil ..I..". OB>,. la tbo
In*. ttoOalveraltyof local .,nee of tie V.1.
loU Florida, aadBnva Detartoent of Labor, at
Pepsi Daiveralty.ARervtrd aa .1..1 salary ofM.OM. ,
0lver tty IllMt I Him) tlrt $|11.00 ir awn (Hi irltr
gratis Jelae Uo math- atera ,...14 U* tabor
cities Va rto ai. the departed staff ai a
la Bra. Botoy nl.... .1.... eiaalaer' SI-I,
vie received degrees la April ISIS .. a WIMU fltfSAUID
tap Barrard CBiverlty, ,...It .. the oalloi DETERGENT
aid Florid state ale Uf rltat prairxef
verity tbo Labor depariseet.Postman mmM
Ass *4dltloa M tie

Alfred acleaoo Bilttwaoreceiveddeireea departaeat la Wins t I PlffHf $ v M H-
frea Betbaao AwardtibDCRa4d1).4a1. 1M SS.H 59 39C
CMea ftlleio and .*. MT IIlI tI MI f.ii efdw mtfIttlf
f f.1ff
card Vatveralty.Bra. ter lorrior Albert ,. MM
Florence I... lea Seeds see proeatH aaiperlar is i to 0
set addltlM to theunity aHiscso.atsctltleete

tft Bfe* re- fit, ..,..-. Mil UHn WUIJ WU IfMfl HCU SUIT HUM OHM tfnl
laved tie I..,."'. *.. pie HOB ear by Fet
tree fro. ledMB Valvenlty cuter ".,a' Ida A. SWIll pus rice sl J COM .. le $1 COM nlJ CM | tee '1mm 1
ad Ue .***.> .......t hate last ..... M4
.*". loves tnttm.ft Jeaec IM tiled tW bioaoaittiMo
art da tm ir4i.l.. ia tveael.daalsrti.rssdtu .
I r", Bra satire *a od gas avail rifPIES
..*.ht.. Molotaat to til I dree tree a fir
j ) ',. Br. &... .... ..... 14.ROYAL .., OKON TEI



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mutt tut m CHUCK ROAST
.N...rs.. ...... riIr n.r1.. h Mraffs.M. ,
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t ft-n* ** TVB V f enBJlVV
.raw.. "ara 111''dlk-
--meavsaaA.---......... HIW INN ftlHIBACON
4lJ_ __I .... MiA
oMwast........... -Open alt DeNy I GRAPES- 25 il.

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...... _.

. Styles Pro ml*re Readied_ Ml.nl Higro Miamian Named Voters League Nation's Elks Receive Prevue Of Israel To Mine

Rum Salesman Delegates Hear Forest After JFK
Hotels BeginBrushing nn Exclusive 'Color-Blind Communit MIMI BEAm-...LIO. I,

Up h ClaWilliams PQICM BEACH-$oietkiai act oa the AmericanacaeaB Ell, president of tilt

.. etclatlre country club devoid Jewlah ,national Fund
Ml AMI- -In one of the eoMuvalty:
MIAMI pie.-iitneiv liveliest end larieeteialoaa of all racial or relltioas blat-optntd itt
renovation of Mla.i' held lathe to all with I gala eerMony here last aoota. announced today that the

top neighborhood hotel tttnty nn year hletory ....uu..u.uu........................ late President Jobs F.

it ...rin eoipletioi of The Florida Voters Meanwhile, the 50,000 potting green Par I Itoatdy will be honored

tor expected peek tourist ,Lv Letcne held at the plots Elks OMvenlai East golf Hake, ahaffle ly the largest forest
business thle fall aid Hiaal during the Iut week of board coartt, thopplni ever planted in leaory
H toa House la
liter.. tip August had a special center, and other a* 'If one single pereoo laItratl.
last Saturday sod SundaySlack
'The Bawtog louse, Mary lavitatloa to atop by .enltloa aaaoetated .
MIAMI Pla.L. Vrsgg !llu tile MuhwaadAll
Elisabeth, tit John and Pelican Beach for a pro with luxury mortetjlellVlBI. The forest will be lo-
RM has b app dated world heavyweight
Caner Hotel anaieneati Tie Inspection tour and cated in the area where
sales repreeeBtatlve for boilai chMpion end dllantlvt -
a, aNIAM1 said they are looklifforward free orange Juice. Both white ash Negro Bar Kochba, a heroic
Bacardi laporta, 0. V.Quinoae. Atty. Ike Ml*
I to till beet .ea. With nor than a thousand ftaillet are to be Jewish leader ..atelllh
., Vlce-prealdeat lira, a staunch Rtpnb-
I sea la the history of acre adjolalai the counted song the tint last battle tor Jertahfreedoa.
aid general salsa '.- 11 can, provided the
their eetahllehatate, beautiful Indian liver residents of pelican .
air III do blihlliht of the prtdoalaaat -
following pbyeleal I.ro.t. .- He beooaee Pelican Beach la located Beach, end the ooMnnlty; The forest will bt..te1
coe of 16 lathtrln, of
.. ( sales repreeeatatlveeto daocrttt.Clay II sites tooth of Mtl will be dedicated la the John F.leanedPeato:

Harry MarkovltsHMptoa bourne overlooking CapoItnatdy perpetuity to a "color Forest, aDd It la expected *
tort for
Bacardi at broke up the Bator-
float* oner, Mdaey Hel- the tholeaalo lave). day aoralni butlataatttloa and bide fair "I lid" outlook, do that over 2.000
toe, Baaaier of the Mary to becone one of the veloper Tillaiea atatea. 000 treeelllbpleattdin
A foraer Staff Ser eerily bJlll.m.c'lIDh. *
fltiabeth, the Plait brlgbttet Jewels oa U.S. Situated la the heart Kennedy'.Mory. At.
leant, ke baa been la .. beeelied
t=.n.r' owner and op 1 at it threads its way of the Capo Eeaaedy the entrance to till i
wholesale liquor ierehaadlalai > rtquttte for aato
erator Dare ProUaakl of aDd by along Florida' Ie." pace probe pro) sets, forest there will bo
proewtioa sod for
the .Met llr Job Hotel irapbt poalai East Coaat.Already Pelican Beach la 01* 51 proot rectedone for
for the paatelfht yearC:
plctertt, and la contrast -
J aU said tkey ere plan KWO 200 bones, pected to attract .., Ida state of the Union.
FU.-TI* gees iota 0...e Chapter Alpha Prior to that b* tae to his last of
stag any lapreTeieate.Hirdisty with FHA approval, are Metro scientists, The fuadewlllbo raised
Kappa Alpha Sorority Mil priest the Ebony Paahloa .sager of the Paradise flclal visit to Ml tal,
in the United
Mined available la $1,000 price techalciaaa, h'clltn States
a Pair Oct. i', at Dad Cooaty .._tolS" Ibis year Club Dealt* Florida.He did not aay a vord. raD,.. Archlteetaral and worker treat allover withtheltate of Florida
th* shoe till fe.tere the Spaa lea flair pr** To Head Slili's attended Florida On the other hand atoae Ita
Mortal collage and .aeireduated plan for others, to the covatry, who contributing pro
need the of the featiredepeakere
eatlai styles fro stall. Italy, Perl Yong Democrats ,.,. ftorebaji'iODlleie. $20,000 .d np. are alsois heretofore have been portloaate aIIar.
teen at the Sunday
Btetee. Model Thud Tottaalit
Oaittd series
band ocordlai to kept away by a lack of A of Ktaiedy
Chrtttlaa Dloii flaalac red silk ergs hall town btamtt.Ike Pulse bed Ptilcan teach'a developer Peace Award dinners will
with MtchlBi lUll.-Taltsr Hardeety. Mr. Haaa U sarrled to'till plenty to about the satiable housing lid
stole wised
with Bjatchlii trtaail sap be held in each
state of
Preston .. Tillaaa coMualty life in tII.ar.a. .
toner Partheala LL
red colored clipped ot trick feathera 'The draped a 21-year old Daytooa record of local end statewide the Union with the
of Ittt pals Beach one
the developerfeel
eckllae it sushi sp oa .11 aide by a bow end leach Tom Deiocratleader Miller They have tee candidate and office ha complete, Pelican for Florida to be staged
hu bee eased children. noldtraof the DM*
bMutlful area Jeweled pta.Miniseta
at the FoataiaebleaH
Beach will bout private Another unique aspect
( HtM Bomu Photo' Florida state ooordlaa ocratie party however
.beach. Hotel, on DecMber eo
bathing of Pelican leach la a
torof the Touai ctUi. Dr. W.E. Combs h hide It crystal clear
A special tdtlllon
atlMlii pool with ea- Board of Saptrvlaora
for Johaeoa that he was not eupportUlthtODldrattrtlcktt.. .
bate area and sight specially chosen to will beotrack and awarded
A ft Hi's Foatkail ScfcehU Aaaonaeeitit of lard.sty's .
1 ppotataeat Rejoin A & Mad : llahtiai, satins with pUt the buddlai COI- to an honoree yet an-
ass ttt tea day session was
dock aid laoichlni uaity toward !kith Betted, with his aaaeMiraved
side It hut b/ Dade
ovtrfloelM with blahrtnklai
eapacloia club oa the pylon of
October ITCeatral Puts College. Talahauee'October reap level of cultural de*
.. County>> State Itpreeeatattve 'ALLAHAlSDuA. Deaocratt peak
34--Morrla Brown College, Atle te *" hones equipped with velopatat. this state.s .
Richard A. Petti dittos to the Into and thtklti bases .
October 34..Tennettte All, Tallahassee t..t reo.. ll hold
ire, state cbalnaa of of teooadary tducatio: with the delegates lao -
October HBeae4iet College,1aapa (IMP Claaaie)
the Tout Cities For faculty at Florida MMDal la dial Toe Flealiichalnen
,l"ova br Tftorth. Carolina AkT, TallaheatetMovMber
Johuo oriialiatloa.Rardeety vt rally la Dr. Hill of the Florida
1d**lovth.ra Onlvoralty Baton loot,
NovMber IlBethuae-CookMa, Da-toae Beech ..' will travel to Everett OMbe. formerly Johatoa-Huapktry C...

XovMber 2lTeiaa Southern, &I(311 Claaaie) .* iTeriltlee, oolleieead specialist la secondary palm, Dick Pettiire -
.' jaaier eolleiea education with the Hor cktiraut of the Florida
December !**0rui BTOMOI Chaste, Mlul
'beooa1. "Itisht Ore, OMfereae QM throatboit Pistils to_ Ida,State;Dtptr ,.Mt ofBtkicatloi. Tout i DMoerataforJoa

address teeth_ arouse nor, Billet Boeeevelt
rtcaatly tltcttd OMOerttle -
Matioaal Cotwlt-

Tune WAME Home Of The WorUrs' Harry keynote ttMt Call froti buieiet, Florida toner speaker V.sad" -r ppAWMBM,,,, p1A

B.ator fro the tttteof

Champion Disc Jockey heeling taahltitM ip tile cltlitaa who la

for John toa CMt.lt tt* UFlorida.

The Booaevelt Btvtaiiaad

Lot AtMcletloa,

iateirated fliendal !.-

atttatloa hosted dele
gates and visitors with

a cocktail party Satir

day sight U their well

appoltttd ern....

All foner Hem Catdl

date* for elICU" pabll

.me** la Florida were

hoaored at the bt.Mtttttioi

tad "rMtedeertiUeattt Spolllgfct. Predict Of Th Week

,WikY IN froti th*

older .fBreadeaeUas lurld'ar leaMO by p rl Mt ...,. Miami, Florida

BjoordSNGMtliMM Dane.Hott.
haul ...tin
testa Noire
he,,, Rusts will .. iaOcala is Aprils

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berg .f Paradise tosses.

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the ttre ""re* *etlatd .
rrwa >a:ft M t:$
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bar at 1? 41 !... ud a

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SEE AND HEAR THESE *. .d II"' lttele

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RADIO STARSWAME1260 tk* assists shape M

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MIAMI. "'*. ... .b. rw la*. .
l(4 ,
,4". # U'l'( a veftf*** iris t"ardeM
9. toe.p1dHI tt* *jrj .. Rop.1 Crown II made freIber to1Ute trelber...
Hear "Hot lint" Night.At 11
p.m. .tr...*. by

.*.*.!., .*,*..... saeCeneaa fresher Royal Crown.
With 'Art Green : ftfttu eelSu MM go go

taw ,...ta. ..-



1 l ntliit : : p j

,let I SIll '1'(1 SmlllY .m IE 11. 1"

I Prep '11' With 2 Negro Players; Has Games- Cancelled II

I School Officials Okayed Club I Swells Memberships Teals COBIpOtltlOB TO

First, Nogro Flavors Draw Past Title Holders

MCEVXUE...-IB that la
their ooBBUBltlta tar* By JULIU3 caI1'tAItD!
believed to be the nut ready for latairatad The JtMts Vtldon Johnson Branch TVCA
iBddtat of its Had sports oonteita. Tennis Club will sponsor Its first annual
Illcevill High Behoof Coach Bobby Brow of I Gator Boil Chute Invitational Hard Court
football ties find Itself Port St. JOt laid ba rvIJ 'r4 Tennis Tourntnent October 31 8:30: *,.. oa
with three guess t... integrated aportara f i- the Boulevard and Fecond Sts. court.
cancelled after boll'ero ,is.e.sseee.eessisesee.INCA .
coal c bat noted
youths bad jolnd its Perils toinsaeat .
.t Jut don't west to squad for the 1ge4
to ad.Dtflorlat. ba tilt first ft artn'tia if r 1 Y huh 1* open to Florida II aeaaoA.Julias .
tilt cancel* and 8. Carolhaa raal
BJ nab to integrate 1 Ouiayard taa .-
tloas "IceTllle'e Alt athletics or tnytklailap. dtBts.appllcstlM blanks listed coach for the
bens-bore coach Houston ." should be obtttotd fro staaon.
Karri BOO said Monday: NleTllU atlll hat the WCA.87M Clmltnt Tennis casts art held
.1 beta tbla bad to glass scheduled tltbPaaaacola 1 Sot of thplsyrt *ictd < ,uri Saturday nornlai
cone p".addlni, "Iht Catholic Pen k to participate at 1:00 ttth free IB*
boy ar. IB high aplriuaad atcola Tech aid Crt arc Carl IIU..... struct Ions, Julius Ouia
want to plejr.They're forar nstloitl lid
ties Harrtaoa baa hopes yard U instructor ass
really disappointed *ena of achtdullai at laaat Utr.OBllil: .t* Chiap. slsttd by aeabera of
vas la caneellad." oat .,rt caaa, hop.fally1th loa of oranstban S.C.; the club.
Hit two Negro players Cboettthstch ; Prtak aalliy. forest The club nuts the first
tar identified aa national Junior Sit lie*
j sj ve*. and third Sunday of **ch
Charles ttlllaaa, 17, Champion of
Harrison a native of .earth He* aeaber Bay
'..41 his 16 year old Qrtenvlllt Ala. received burg, s.C. had Tyrone Joli at any has by con
brother JlBBy Sot who his ..at.,*. des 'Tyadal. N4 tiaatr of tsctiai your YMCA.Pns.at .
Joined the teaa after fires fro Auburn.H said the first Annual Daytona sab.rearellesO.elda
annlUai la tilt adiool.HletTlllt peach ..' Hard
ba talked It over tlth t CourtTwintatat. fhitt, Miss De-
lost its principal One Klaaay lore Pearson Miss
opening cut to Tate regarding the ten Negro LOCAL MINIS STARS of the YMCA Ttmla Teas art Daniels. Local playess. expected Pr4rlcha Tooh,....*
U., and then des shown Th* dab seats the first and third toads tf each to participate
Hit players and both aireed her at they posed for a picture prior to are i Wctisrdeen Oliver, Henry
festtd Saber High 20-'. the two WIn lllblt, artap oo..U tlo.. fron left to tight frost oath at the TVCA. Officers art neat Ultoa Nary Daaltla, nag.r* Pwlels, Julies Joaea,
On successive ....41., that Charles would like row are: Miss Prtdrlkt loolty, Hiss guilds Vbits, executive secretary; ".U.. Oulayard. praildaat; '1'' la th* Dayton leach Jltsy nlktr, Charles
Sri Walton and Miss klchtrdu Oliver secretary sad Jlaay ,talker OOIIOttl Uoa JI.., alder
N sea a the tB and "tbat .aa klcbardeu Oliver Miss Deletes Paraoa.ack ; Panons, Julius Oula*
Port It. Joe caacalled that." \ : row: Julius Oulayard. nest tllaoa, Julius ,,.alllrlf. turner PAW star: Innttil yard, Jake Jordan TOUT!
gases with .Nlcvlll A number of 'Uc"UhHip' Jones Tony Hellos iraoa Thompson and Meaty (A Royal Arts poto) SOB and Charles Par Nelson, FBertitn Tnonpeoi
after achooi authorities ao I',foraer City DoubltaQlBBplOB.
student boO art ( and *met .11IOft.
said they didn't ant cblldraa .
trouble and tr.'t auraFoyettevllle personnel of residing alllttry at SPORTING UP ratlai Cull Ugloi Post 199

Cilia Yield Military field "Nan Air Station
Reservation. Pith MN LOTTttom till .b. J." Neighbors Stales Clinic

6-6 Deadlock Referring to the state .la tilt "Dust feoel" oa turtle AT*., "..- could1 vt ltd to B Tiatr 1't'. Savaaaah taa forced of Neighbors lllly Is Neighbors a relative, The taeritM Leiloa PoetIW
board of adacation'a tea Vocstloaara Cailaeer copped their first lato its ota ondtDB for J-potat taftty.Tha toner football great a Rtcond Annual Gold
roller regarding athletic final .art.ra..hi ladlsi ..... and fttvanaahBlacu tout Claaale PtotballOMI
Shaw Tie In victory of tie aaaoa la a ">J| victor over the at tilt Oalvtrilt of
teaaa fulfilling contracts Jetties Nigh llaost of 'If"..."p, It '.*.*' ** gave KR Its flail ten 'TT'a tlth fivortl Alsbwa.COMtltt. .l II beheld Saturday
r/urnrcviar/ H.c.-Psy. state Superintendent football gene, despite that funayatyl acorlai. end Charlie Irish" aid Freddie loses, alcoa| *** appointed Matt" October II at test
attirlllt Sttta Col lei*. of PdiieatloB It appeared for a while that Jerilia solid all fertace candidate dolas the TD honors.It for this attractloB arr.arproprlitlOBB. : Pain leach l..hl.1
sad tilt Ota University TTioaaa P. Bailey stated but apank the Ed(Inter a for catobiai then la their eve Mo, I for the Tigers. bat till b rough" .II.., SIldlUB,
tears of Raleigh battled that tilt state baa BO own and Boat .earlier but aa the gene progressed. road ...... Pillar Officials, Henry. r.**rd liters (rbllei.
to a <.! atalraate on control over such or It tat all taatoa..llttla Cailaeer naainvry ././*/*/*/*/*/*/*/ Pastels; PrtaotloBi, Jet ken*Till*, PI... Beet
the r.L8Iltil Yield bin ether an athletic pro, hr*> tIoI, .. AndertDBVtaldlt last ieek*emdhit stayed ".U.. JOBS, ktoaaole Mississippi UdvslrlalCol
lent Saturday nliht iraa la litairatad. It aaa a bit difficult to keep tab titk every oa top of the city league ataadiisi cheat ., beat Styli and rnttt ft I KMtsslitsati left, Iltohaxa. Miss,
Wife This Clown Will IrvlB play tbat produced a toachdota. Is fact woe I ,e. Stantoa Nigh. 2111 U* ...11 before. It till ta JtJiaaviiiyard. Tilt Ssla west beilaalib .
tined to light a cigarette aid| take lore than baa beta shota la previous gases etlorftl, ptradtaturdey
5 IIIIII! another TO. to atop the Drejona abort of the ooaftrMCt catap* Trophy ...,.* all b* afternoon till
Live-Wire Bat a brtlliaat psss lat rep. | IlIlaIIl,. Htttktt Stlbtrt It the tee to tatch. sretenttd t* th* tlaaer h highlighted sill a
52- 131 41 UM or I should., tot* brilliant j It'll sea that toalsht PrldayiialaattbtUBeola and runaerip.Deary ......cllllr half tine
I.' Miles College Ooldaa latarcaptloa aa the Staatoa teaaj_ Nlth Then of Tallahassee' At any rta..tla too thu presented b- Mbar
IS Star halfback till literally ran over the Waoa'a of BOOB to tail Jilt tho or hat till shoe oa thtittadiait RACiiT'iim) .**<*'* CamrNlA wlllrltff .
5 Irvin a .., aprlittr, fens*. Pailaaera acorlai aa tile 0ateeay la Nov beside **t e. "iI.
J latheau that the kite result of ovtstaadlaf llseplty Mr' -/.,././././-,-/./ heh4 taaltln "f tie tHt |_ %20.
art counting OB to help Oodfrty 'alk r. (2), tulle ..1111a ton fflmi snm TO K..a **vr* lack of spirit ever
11-1-34 prop ell then to a sue lips. -.. Joh Mwiberry (2). Edward Narrtant (2), 'orthtera ...*....*" a good .ball slab. bat
., lit; ctaaful aaaaoB. Jieodor Laoaard, sal Johnny Thom ()). Iheataa ladtrtlopiac whet at such Bortlt a*. s beach tf pa**... of I
141 if .424 Twin tat with aa IB- late B great ball playr.lrrsl raabtataratd course the aohotl spirit there hat B lit to M T"
Jury all of laat MUM, lato apectscaltr playa .." Thom If actdanelac. desired. A teat thaf fltfttlsi .."...., tees act r
}0netisee He's Ufso.eti.ee baa coat oa wry ttroai runalai ever the Rises defense. shy. till tot atop flktli..n bid played .
H.' a Down tine the blaalai of PLIDtt BIWT..there eaaaa to rejoice u the after th* gavel 1
ia add, subtracts the season to capture a Ttllot JackVta tf NorUveetera scored their first ./-/-/././-/-/././
H. tork it all around first string halfback toachdoia of tht ...100. Nat that *..' I taotth Pltrlda AM teat U tar tlth the LI set la ttoivtr
CWHa ATWJCTIOmI berth. and they fell victln to a JJ.a defeat a"/ Uletered ally Tigers last th**>d end ken I eat tar...that
H-SI Ia the kits opener a. b,bylUttlraofLIcoB Hlih tf rallahaaattalopplai It set BB ....nt.'*...'. Ctteh 01|M 'tl alait tilt Albany State arouadlBBldntld east Of the (..,"on"> Tlitr all bat bald eye Settlers Bill a"li tat
..................... Raaa abr the lear .at.rw naally tot a break hB their Tiertertw tt the flttet defensive .tUN sees by the ttrtk* '
Man's Days CUt oat oa the abort and tarad 0 tattler put into tilt .tBlaoa II* leg Battlers la pit a r/le.Uscol..erred first
of B J'-0>> score Irvla stepped oat of botada tartatt there. bat Loon la the third ..aster afttr they rtttvtrtd B rb|.
Are Numbered electrified th* crowd llarrla quickly ran It right beet IB aa eight yr. oa the Itttltr 14-yard II... MM soared llt U
'.....'. Day arc r.b.m. with naaof 11.42 and sprint that left about elves Rattlers htldUf. the Htal period after rttrlM their ."..h. 41'
"rtd" Health and Par 47 yarda.Irviai their heads. Tber*** a ball player (" *.. lube) ...".n. Ihiarterbach kiwis dart stored baU TO
tens Caa M Tours Chen played. his rant OB this teem that aoald very .ell It ap for BOB end th* PAT for Sue ftattltra.IB &
You Kaet Tour Lucky year football .t fair' f.rtllc.lIo..r.. The Heety llltlt n It abet a.* prtvloat totteeta sill Llattla.PtMU baa prat
0.,.. Leaky Colon rt*. field hick during hi* vicloaa to defense a* ht la tarrylM the plithla.llllt tally. bttjlllattd U... but flat tAIMIIto. wee 19
tad $100 for your aaaltr year, ..U.. the Jobaaoa end Toey>> Ache of Tallahassee. stated Ittardav by the "Mkat .." bore frt
Horoscope gold tor tear .. first atrlai Itoktd treat oa they played amend IB the Tell* Jffrot City. If toot I* wt U* ease. P MIl *aa
October hiAfter Ja4ttt aad BOB Johaaoo. ..,.. both T* lar his start thrtdai la ale tryUl/ Uellt'll bt a
nil la the blaak .. iradtatlaa, lilt t*.. bat Are pot hit ahart of the ptllbt tittbBlftl end dv. BlpHf every alibt tatll tltttl tlot.JMt .
tad ..U 'to ,8XUC Pot enlisted la th* V. I. flU iatt lellt. Jacket larrlttry.StUtDQ .,.,-1--1-/-/-/./-,./
Office Sol 1171.Jsdso... Nachos, **>*rt ht played MOrr..tdMrd Vsttr Ctllett played boat naiA....trt* rtporttr for U* M train.*
villa U naridaSTEPCT first atrlai halfback U Savaaaab state OtI.*.*... I. I say played boett awe Ibis saner ..* ItUrtttUd UilpUt skeet
B- aid ten track. Ia I Mlh .....! ksrdJy. Due a_' ....U, p card ktisi door iartltf. tpo tMBlerrart bt Jtatt 'Tttlktr. ''t
received ra...,-.* den ltd by Phil .r'.rMct ttvtl >
pU.It tat the Tiiert' gene (rat tht Mart *
ire tor east valaaalt 11 thlatlt aid ken tb* Mat finally *.ttl*< It PoaJ.... ohtttd ,.* Mats thta Yep roved east This i is The Sure One
DArt OF 11m player at cup W.... ..* T< 2.. "' ..... State I. Utal fuss tat tat See ttaatto It'll tea tttk a....,..*...| of *tSttBtM.
lID. rialCtlW north Carol laa.nllt of the bttt defensive ..*.. la oe ties at the tht Hat 0..11. till fat the ttard lit lrsesanN's MNl ken... c eke, let 16
first quirt,? .*ed .... Ml ptltt sire seared laU Hid tall otarday (Ulht) tad oayVt Pill see care,.,..Sy SelffIe.s .bs Suw
2nd tBM. thea Ubtrt ****** reatvtrtd a .*. ... ... kite nI... Sues Sushi ba B4t a ft*
PRICIDunsMANl f.-.1 IL 1t vvwab fMblt. JM ftitler tat dtylltM "... thtysr4 ohaait I* ale u.".. Tb* Nil sees M **,., gales....Neyaa se Sus M hsM esw... M P.peg paq
IINII.utUttI stun 21- Itat aad se...'" isle tilt tod .*.* fur their prttt u....,..** there I* ease tjttttl
the Ihltlal ia Alter o third .aster tie that a. t* she ..... t*> dt that ft4 II yes tttl..... e

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lit.... .
iNiRmllCtA ......IIIAl IHWfffUI MIlO ftlllH t

+ ....... ... IKUvVrHllf 111.
;: = .-....... r
seea..aw..- ,titan ml M ,is 11514 ..154NW
.......-.- Brnn..ya ... hi .15hisftkaN

COMPANY 1l111N. Ned Nn1''..il1.

IRE tlimN UJ Mi aTrvB tttCoVUBV. amrn.fttf IMN------------------- Beef at its Best

......M''... .... ......-Nr1.r.r rr rrl

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.,.... ...... IIf .1ef4It "

... ..- ... .d a,. NJhM re '. ---- ,

f ( -f 4 '

4 I&t 11 fllllil TAI PAPERS '" II NAICTEI If, 1H4j

j State Health Board Steps Up American legion o 0 000 oo Police Reports 0 0000 Brewster Local Hosts lEI Till M1IISTe

Study On Unidentified BacteriaEach Steps Up AniBil --. _- Ministers gas wk.-Jek* taltlat
IIJUKT lIP lllio J. tllllaae ot UB hot and booked with'ost The nut workshop oa Tickets ttat-aaa Aieaey,

soar state Board of Health leboratortet work Drive 21)5 Mara St. was arrested bad for boalclde ia* tilt Hospital Chaplalacy 110 Feet Ave. Wtitbwry.M.T. .
Las with IU apldeBlologlat, discover over 500 new sackers. Oroctry store, Baturday by tilt FBI la a fettlgatloa.ree was held lathe cafeteriaof .

pereona who have a aevly Identified Infectionaalnly *- 1901 Mart bench carrot tuned bya Brtwtttr Me tbo diet
centering ia tilt li.ga-hleo respects Aitrtcaa Legion Poet 197. of I ISO Mooday St., wat abs robbed three federal grand jury laTMPB ............. oa Thursday, October t.

timer 3I7t Beaeditt Rd. ia lathe late at 10: 10 .... UI'S
ia September
net nor MI, rick Mr poor healthy nor ten catered the,lac.
.Ieil,. ........................ Bidet of its aaautl the under according to reliable aen tied up a sit All Methodist and AMI I
pretense of
It eu cents death but lleved teat thi.disesseand .oibtrahlp drift with this parcbaalaikeroaeno. sources hers.tillians watcaaai lid used kit ear ministers la Jack Barilla SHE IEPIII

la serious cases surgery lafectloa was found ,..r' goal tt to break Sarkea was charged by a to acute to a robbery a were invited to the pro

''I i CM bt a life-eefir. It aalaly In tilt southeastern all previous records Cow- told George Investigators, manager, threw-eouat isdict.est abort distance away, load. The purpose of the Sin lipilriifIf

It not often found lichildren. Oaittd states; sender t. Norris stated ibllt he that with issuing worthless ., algbt according to a workahop was to further f
was pnaplag lied
the II'
r j .Infect Ion without ...., loe-lncow group; this week.0.bi.leg. :troaont froa tilt check a it Patrick Air Force' press release by the aty"acqutlat tilt alBlittra

apparent disease !. sod only la certain parts efforts to put *at of the sea hit task him Baie He MB released after Police Departaeat.Bneldoa with Brewtttr MethodlttHoapltal Is Mr

I relatively COBBOB. of florid lit co.- the project eel lover tilt against the bead with posting a 11,000 bond. K. Orooaa, watca to provide BOB
1 At oat tat( It wat be- tiered research at the top art O.I Pltaold a .. at NcOriffla Co. oaTalltyrand background for all engaged lily lisinsiMS
pistol aid reuoftd kit .............
service officer who say la till hospital
board dllprored till". wallet froa his AT* tdd police -
HIM FBI KIN The iaftctlon cuts bt contacted between the Another companion pocket that cat of the men ministry, and to invite FLIIIII IT

across llata of eoonowy, ears of B:00 .... and 5 cleaned A alneteea-year-old wars japed his behind a gang participation la I,..-
out the cub
I Fereiehed --. 1711. lltk 1 an and geography. p.... phone BlB 5-797); the third IBB register stood start whlla was allot In a bar at First while kt was aaklig blarouada. ater'a cbaplaitcy: pro

It. Sftl-0430 Adjutant Oscar Hlllata Florida Af Saturday
0000 aa a "look- at-Ma." and They then tied hitban Srma.
---- 125 f. leaver St.. I 4MSI Bight because she told a da lid fttt with cord The worklliop opened p'e

.1'(1 ISISE" ; Major Taft Cumin p, ............. aaa she dlda' ban a lid put a gag la his oath with greetings fro. tilt e

Second rite cO"lIIder. quarter. before Itariag him on the Reverend Earnest .. Hew.
Bun day Oct. 11 fro 2 until 0 p.a.Baleaaea .
4102 A'ot Dr.. 764-1515; boa Bum. of 1222 Vaa- reetroon floor. BBB, the Brewater volunteer .
tttb largest atteadaaceof gueete will loll Homer f] ass robbedof
aid Clover Jones, 1160I Buren Bt was treated at They vied bit car to drift dI 11I1 11.. Be introduced NEl1III
rtctlft prli.. kefreabaeata. will b* terved.PULLRX aa aadettralatd aaouat
minor It.0.up.thtion. DIIC la the eaergency r OB to tko sale skipping of- the Reverend J.B.F
PRODUCTS,1111 t. Church 8t. I' of cub Friday afternoon.Mrt. .
wages ka for a gunabct wound la the flea where they pried open fllllaaa. Superintendent
Marian till!.. told
Sri Laura P. Btalllag, ManagtrMOTHER
among the ae-berablp fylti officers that the am entered left hip. Qty police geld a door batttrod open aaaft of the North Florida ADMlssloNI
to btcoat Early Bird Club the wo in tat IB the bar and took close to Witrtet of tilt Central .
tilt place tad atI'Ipol.t
saber which la open to when a aaa walked up to 5500 btfort returning his Jurisdiction and tilt
C forced her to put. Prayer Til Mifltiistfuir
those paying their dues the. her aad Baked her for agarter. ear with tilt tools atlllliiidt. Reverend Jesse L'al1lr.1lIperllhnll..t ,
money froa tilt cash.
OB before She told his she of till '
WILLIAMS or Now 11
rttltttr la a b... Ht told li Til lirll
annually dlda't have Oil and the Jacksonville District of
her to wait ten minutes SI i dtttetlfta have been
Accordlai to began arguing eltb the Southeastern Jurit*
Contender men assigned to tte caat.
3 before moving from behind
anuTVAL IW.tR, Norris, the eabtrihif ber.Hieo ahe atlll refuted diction. lend ,oar ease and Address
the counter. Ht walked out
RCADEX MO books art open to all the door aad cue right' tchead 25 cents oftr to .NN.N..Ne tte program was pinned and fled eut koe Miracle
I AWIBORutt qualified eiaervlcoaea bit bt pulled a pistol by lUll Margaret M.Flwld of prayer can aeeeapllakoidtr
back catching an. flllit;
who art cordially anted and fired once. Naval WOK bills who la a Methodist Dee- for '0.. site:
.nun or wraDon't about to use the phono. lee;
to attend the Police arrested Billy co.... and Brewattr'a
regular hiBojthly -
I Cbapere Non flth Any Other Reader then threatened to kill'her
You Have CbBiuHwd. meetings scheduled if aba moved agala.Calfaller Griffin of 1130 Florida Open To Students Director of leliglout SISTEI F1INIE llfflll
I for tilt Aft. a abort time later and CoMinnlty Affaire.
flrat and third 124 S. Nlcblita
I, AXE no aJPP IMO.4ZCR-i1< in ADVICE Riga School seniors and Cllcegu,
lilllua.A bu Friday nights at' I 0'eloci ..... ........ tad charged his with Iii
Bee Mother tilt Ood-glren pour graduates a ay take the 00000

to Heal by Praytr. Outran.* to hal the sick la tilt Legion HOB*. Jj7 Cleaners, oa carrying a concealed ".,,'. 10th annual HROTCtsaalaatloa _

aid alllni, but there li no pity for those who Benedict Rd. Myrtle St. waa robbed rrt.d. ". OD. An investigation to b* given
knot they art IB bard lack and cIo.' t coat to ay toea a aaa ...rI.. a Deceaber 12 which could

Mother nillaaa..0uaranteea to balp.Prieadt raincoat watered tile eiabllahaent UUhHu possibly provide flaaa PATENT UFDICINES COSMETICS
CAMS IF THRU / with his band cal aialatance daring ALL LEADING HAIR PREPARATIONS

** urge you toaeektotber 111 11 ... th* Tk* fully af tit tat In his pocket. Ht told the. pursuit of a college degree Cor. Broad and Ashley FL 4.2159
Religious Holy moaaa helper. Cols messenger ar. IlllUa miry lilio aaagtr, Clto Breaker accordlag to aaaanouaeeaeat

I' who tuaraottM.. to bal the tick tad alii... to *f 1417 Monies It, who Tata la a itick-up I. by Mra. B. INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY

r.Of..lI suffering tad bad luck ale will paned envy Beiteaber t. QUllti 11" gee screened R. talker counselor at KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY

(i call your MMltt by name and till you .bo to nit wlikt t* thick tke sad the bandit ehoted. 1111IIlIId Matthew Ollbert Junior- MECHANIC ON DUTY

keep away froa.Mother Mil lisa la not t fortuneteller aaay friends for Mover*. still ia his pocket) Senior High School. Ike Joseph..... . .. . .Proprietor
She it a relilioll aDd holy costa who telegraaa, iirde, phone a t bar lid rtptattdMldn't Oa the basis of this State and Jefferson Streets EL 89432ICUEL
i will 'tbow you with your on eyes bow she will calla, aid other acts ofktadaeii. I till you to b.IJIltt."III. teat, pereoaal later

raaof aorrow, sickness and pain, lid all bad special tkaaki banded blai the "ftewa, physical oiaalaa ItiOl. I-

luck. Shut your eyes see your heart meet be* to '''. t.;. Co h... fly mosey tad kt wafted out and other factor,

lint, tad then your heart will bt convinced Bretherkood. ef Sleeplig 1I.lcItelor" oa Myrtle. our 2.000 young sea

tbat this It the religion holy woeien you DIM Car Porters, Tie Ladle the told officers that will be given college (}NAKP IJ'EIIINfi,1

been looking for The touch of br bud will Aeiltliry, City tide ....* she never saw a aua. educations aa Idahipaeala

htal you Mother II$liens bat tilt ood-glven tlelaa. tie Cbiraettt NROTC ualta la 12
lover to Rtal by prayer trtryoat 'walooat white Club, the lyeeette Ladles Negro BIB was fatally college andunifortitiMthMgnoat

or colored at Mother nil !..' Mo**. Are you Club, Clue Claaela ,.... wounded with a knife late ttt country, WIGS

i II{ tuff trlii? Art you sink DB you aee4 help? Do aid the priitlptl aid Florida Cleaners was Satarday might durlig aaariuBeat A successful applicant

you bans bad luck trlti your aroblwaa to Teachers ef Bt. Reran robbed Saturday right b- with aaoUer,BIB receives fiaaacial aid

other llUltM today ud bo rid .t then to. Bleaeatiry "" 01. trBaaale free do..... A steels ...la the 700 block of 8rulag > forfouryeara oalleg

'aorroe. l. Davis aid stuff forced' the door q,. aa St

tf Carter Piaeril Boa the aaaiger Melea Me- Dead oa urinal at DMd

Kingsland" Georgia for eteelleat tenrleee r.. illlaa.waa ttteaptlag to was Noble Lit Wilson of) ., ,.

dared Hay tor richest locll..,. Me deaanCed that 1)4 .. Monroe St. He vas[

MOUU.T.M: : ....to 10: 00 .... .. MILT MIDAY. bleli wile epos sack the put till mosey la a stabbed act KB tko cheat.wtUeaaea MILIC IITICIriEIIIT r1 "

}i' Private aDd coifldeatlal rtadlaia IB br onboat. tf ,... lltied: Irt. CUflettt tack aid she. gave at argn at the scene of SUVUC

(tot I trailer).No appolaUtat .10....,,. A. StIles duel sent. tilt lacldeat atld they ,
.. Police taU tke am then. IAaUnCW'1'tI.. ...- ft
else Delerli IIIK Jo* hard Illaoi sad a ate
: Look For Th* SI IB of lot Pala.s teukter) art. ..... Bryiit.alwe. walked calaly away from identified by city police sag wMhlite scratched la
Ue scene with IIM.Ceoatay ..! ...'. trig, ...nat...
at dlitoo Rargeit arguiagbaaidt
erlg. carton, see or
pal Da a1
............. the htatt of aueitlhbor.They Call warekewaelll .flay
II per ma.
heard Elena ..
I .lt.. alibi er day,
fall and watehlat lur,... leeK74 / ,
Fife Aid Dies 1 he.e liMietlea. ae tkUaatloa. >
NOW! aa kt fled fro. the scene
store who held up Saturday la aa old model Dart KlUlf HU IVU-J w.tare c... .
T by a yeuthful .. who 1 1
Burgtta of 1141 I. Stk -4 .
You Can pilled a gun tr.. bla 1 I.t. waa arreited later at

eel it la tree aoflo-plt/ HUES: (IM h Hf ..... IEIISTEI

tire atyle. IUTEIaide. ill CISIleeetlate
The cashier, oa duty at Searaateed seed Cub ,... let fir 2- FAHIIIS IKS ti N ihN nij...

the time ef Ue laeldait lee Seth tlfe-Ia Jobs year pre.1..w 71-kfrj Jaat

aEotierl I told Ufeetlgating police- |)..IM wt. Far AdraMec.lareld end slice reeerd. Artiste flU I FIEEI I FIEF I

09 Neater I IOB boa that the aaa side lilt ..ol.yw.>t Ageaey.Boi tub ant) lark lalny.Bteele .

perchaee. then palled Uegua B, Lyakrwoa Hew Tert.fflllll Baltk. Mild teaa.
Quicker I II'WJtt&S 41 from ttt curt baa) shed alike aid er ass

.M.w.aw..... ........ f kit trot..... then. aa* seed es artlita. You Ought to !.

sauced kit lateatleat.lltaeiata All fill pay let east

I retailed the bay Or-mUre* Barker sad eeery tadlaa pay
In Our ShoesBtMyAatjae
j the bandit sullied tk* are louitooo eLect a ells '.*..'1. ..,.. Call

Now Il ctrlcCurving i [owner costars out of tie ..,."......,.12 t.MtidCall ....s, ilgkt after .: 11 tw..a

1 1I back of ttt tttabllafcaeitaid Br, I. Ai erM at pee.. iu4irtHi .

j told her he'd '''1..I a. MJ I tr n. 4.ste

Knife iii" ttta oat If ikhrnd. -
I urn mm.ad
t ." I liT II "
i I. then took the blllefna 1ST 11 tit crP.... -!!!
id eehee esnd.5 Jey-.el a sbetel l lMktM the register and len s...11'a Beauty Bboo
f .
ACM I Darter slop heed It hare, .t.rtMllat
Il-Mi wsllwen Mffrtfff.) ed raeu.abwn. trritdly oa foet. .s bMkaab oeald have '
., tfJfVVirtaV Sub, be..d.d t 1)1 State
dk ...M........ 5.nl/sire Barker -!.*. tewa Ue senses e bard to
+e, ehee.e hwb..04 $2'5
eN evilerend.., I IL 4...n ., Kt ...... west wbea Hit of backache

tr*. A. ...*...*.. peep Ic severe end .....t... Lay Any Early
-- 9.q, kMt
areaM fwaettealag
ws ....... NEWPURE tlateye For tTtristaas
C N..M.Nw frwaerly.peleeM aewwaalatt
.... ........ : Hatlcin
....-.... la tie arete Plash oat
........ w..tw. area I OIL B trle Brea AltMlClot tk... pisses with fMwwt

..... sear a.m.. of Jaeke.tflUe IteyoaeefItg ..,.." besets sad feel

e bua STATIONAVAILABLE a >*e trip I* 'nil a till lew" e... .... are M
h Y : 1M tMMBR *.talt ..*, "T'lr* It a slid tr rtr U taetrdtetlaetlf
wtrtoaely awe
rameasles.ee M kMNAMk /i Bet. II la Attaate ...... festive eleretie t* U* ..,11... flawta
OUR LOW PICI. ." -..... the ffeaawteaa 'I.... aw4 ....... It It
I | .l lf See leaves ta. a ra tt....ens.. aadrtMB
1 1 H.ikwvrMeiMt f TOmE Life tie, C*. 11aiailaat. Nesswded u. a biters ... leattetw-fwVIl

=..... ... ].I Ftl..,. owieterIt. prweertatlea to stet Cwt wear taw Bit Penn kaoeiM.tarr
= 14"LlHISRmauIm1 mote* Swafcy, StteaetIget relief act a bolt' !* *f tfc* fi soot pen -

la{ fc RIGHT a. ..* ...tag .-T.>r* leery **4 ..

M-MIIT MWI-Pif Utw! PW. HI bad tttI.ft..... alert leek. on the read toMd

em .at..s..a. e.l.... health Sold M aeaefWMk PASNIfH! MEN'S SHIP
Bwaraat*.. A
MAN tewert of .fatl ........
Dd YM Waet used
91ff" ttea. to Ilaatl at uaKTM Ashley
14'si.son nil IB ft brB 11.ebnwhbe A.... Job ,....
.. "'fte .. II ... ____ ..
ERREIiamon ..... ........,. ... NMHCTWIMSSC. A5th St. \ Mc-ftcrtef ltd.i .
SM eM ... .
r rSAYE r w"=Ma'wM :: tares M IHln ..... ... ,. lAl.KMM

,, -1M-taad..... ..era.. F'. _':.z: I J. .*. IH !* .

.. end ......... ..en ...
Po. ii. Sin ."'.... -.r-- I... ... .._ tt MM tf 4 Mf .

"t I. tvl. 1.... .N..M


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