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5536405 F20090525_AAAAMW 00469.tif d9713f86d637732502581dd0f9b7496b67f5aa7fcf4a52432f8a89d55b10f6a76d576620
23088 F20090525_AAAAPS UF00028362_00898.xml 2b5556e5f7594ced67d3527942facd522b2f2a9a2908a5797b3c29de9150c97a90386f96
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335418 F20090525_AAAAOI 00469.jpg f7e9256c28fdb8237c22ce6192ac95841235f17e6fd4a0182354d6be5a325d023cdd5e85
53977 F20090525_AAAAOJ 00469.QC.jpg 681d7c52a516bf0133947ca211b61bae7855b84eec8134e3afaecc0574e52e3f95e91b47
12785 F20090525_AAAAOK 00469thm.jpg 0402124ea1c909085eed92081a212ea6185c09fff666288a447def8bcfba86c0add61f81


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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2 * * * . . . .

Bystcders Wofeied Dsriog Spiirkndid BreskthrorghIk i

Straggle Over Rifle BetweenCoonty I w

Detective, Prisoner

A bnral county detective was relieved of

duty pending investigation of the accidental
shooting of two bystanders duringa Til 14-M. 21 UTIIIIT JtPItlHI 21, DM. 15 CENTS

straggle with a prisoner over a ..30.caliber * * * * * *
rifle late Sunday night at a lo-

I ell caie.lajired .....................

la the BjeleoerwHathMlol put hit hands la bit
E. .tepbeaey. poet et. a I tot wy too.Howaiewralai NEGRO VOTERS' UP

31. or 1KKPrtaklU and call

St. Md Gerald tag everybody foal asses

MerUa. IT of 2MI 8pl* to I told his h* was LBJ Supporters Map Plans Yeters' Roglstratloa Drive ,

rca St. Btephoneyadnltted4o was wader arreat.H said

Dart Modi repeatedly that a* -
Szasbiag Prevlovs Records
cal Center ia serious eotldn't b. arreated. I

condition. crabbed his bait and tograbbed A .UI', voter reilttrattoa drive song He*

., trill. told iBVOatl the IUI. lTa gross fro wise to pi o rid* aad otttr areMlaU* t

liters that thou walker fur I took till oUr oath, in reportedly caused eoteera la fcltkertofore -

10. 2117 ,.,.. St. boy to the hospital, lisle ttroaibolda. It use leaned this
.AU......................_._...._ .' .
was befog arrested by k* rated and raved, bat .... .nn..nn -
"WOEKOR, Ala: TteakM Negroes, the .... K.L. aw* tford
fllllMduiter( ) Ford shoe city polle tot pearbetded oa tie ..- Plorida, UeRAACP, Orb**
Md laitlUt professor Pr.MtMUy .Huih taltb
a deputy detective Md there. h* politely tot tioaal flUt" Uo load Lean, COM Md eon-
(I), eoairatalat each ether after tt* two *-CMO
owaer of tilt reataa la the quad ear.morVt .
ltd clU rights orga' aoalty tens If add t tot
the first Negroes to vli city emiaeil aeatekere.Thay !
raat. Accordlu to lot sore I I
a a '
laatloaa and their state to tilt 0011.... Tot| defeated
whit la runoff tleotloa
at ate*eat by Harti. could aay. bat the trial ,,- aid lent chapter, it Chubs opponent a
"V'V ....... } ... Doweratl are enSM4 backed by tko powerfal Retro Taekeieo Civic Aaaoelatloa. '
lliker bad slapped a laa't our yt aid I'd la presently predicted
ta a waited effort
DPI Telephoto) I
OBM coapanloo iaiidt bat to dlvwli soarthl.g ACTON ORCGMAI Supported by the Florida STATe (
that Ue tarnoot la Negro to eeell Retro reilt
the place and WM btlai that woaldn't 'b* statewide pretnaJallabaaaoVa CUI... for Joha-
reties .ttII con Nov. traits. the voter roll.
marchtd outside by Ford. authorized" b* 00.. woe lit Noaday aittt la At. Hleba*!* Rplaeopal
t will nub all eilet lie....., Va. baa
Oatalde the eaft ford Pariah House to ooordiaste voter rodatratloa drive Action
eluded Sat To COMMit
lag record ,r.**. to b* a soled
efforts 1U the MAA9. ttalatorlal Alllaaca.ClTi*
told lalk r,b' WM wader In norltlt. the Florida eider tilt voter roitt*

arrest and grabbed Throws Slppert CouncilVoter. L.ap..Tall"'.." sours Lessee. STAR of Jictaourllle WM tretlM drive structure
aad Noa-partlaaa Voters Sated fro* left
the belt
by talker
owe *f tilt first aeaeriatt with n appreciable avraitf > Jamaican Seaman
grabbed the rifle and U To DonocntsIUI art: Dr. .LI. Howard chinas hd of PI a.UTt to throw Its /00 pereon bavlai
Political Dines Dopartaoat Obrbla Curtis:
tilt eoaalti struggle
fall etlikt bfHlad tilt registered each day
the rifle tired and the Statloa aid tr laoB 1.0."'. Staadlai free loft: Caleb
..Uoa&llDd state Doao slice III,, acoordlai
mm announced last w*. Hannah aid In. Pr.) Davis irookt. To MeItaIllIStilltiol
wild billet bit the
'ratlt pjrcM, aid alac to Joha .. Stools. RAACr
that la tbolatratof
ballot sad ahetterod.Prta that tl*., baa supported lector of rnlatratloaMd
.ata bit Hartla the public it baa decided Jailed MlQBlai Inpllcitos tad tried voter rede' votlai.Weekend. lAM|-etth the stead hearlag. before Pet*.

aid who to aapport the jry rebels to Itdlet lilt II. RH DaVal too
Stephen ey, eereetandlBf rail en drive troupe' to
outside antca Dtaocratle candidates Prisoner IB RekWry-Srfyltfl. work for a oaaowa passe Of a 2Syerold JMCMttMM week age, Icatlaoayrevealed

Uc the l.eSt. for the office of "..1. only alaalai cltiafa charted with a that both 8tatevlll .

la M interview with a dent aid Vie Prld.t Of Jewelery Shop Operator lspot halo Ue book but Vbtao TAo doable ilaytai' seder. Md ChlienhallUnieted

a m reporter. .oa* of till Gaited Stat*.. MIAMI--Two aten already In jail were te'alM follow ap the ftrttdiro atrdrTWMday bloM typos tilt

t.r. aa bo la ardently wu will editorially charged Wednesday by Miaul hoilclde detectives drive by ttelti tilt Lives Of Two the tlat Md bMdoiiffH, Cuff before

referred to by ... rapport Pr old nt Lyndoa with the Aug. 29 mbberyaurder: oath Md every voter lithe ,.,... attoraey cuss U* fatal |acld.ala M*
ate, stated tbat bo B. ;ohtooa aid SaatorHabrt of the operator of a downtown jewelry state goes t* the Two luillW'uUh ttrawah notion t* have eared.JMlle.

had asked Uo coopl to .. Haapbry lath tore. ._ .. .. ._ poll oa Nov. i dlrd la heel hn''rltla. the MapMt eoMltted tea DoVal', after

leave after it WM oonlai eowpaica. It ... ever Ue .e.l'red Iris aental laitltetl. Ii..,... ItaeMen'teotl*
M varlo duos and
h la
... Charged :with II rat. about >*a waa picked **
t. "psrest-tkep.sere.... esiag.. kM ".aa noted that,UUa .,. waroe sunder *f ar*. ap at tk* aces* of aa tOM.*lta t roima ....' tee *sotsou*,:. wataUvd nMM. Ideatlfltda soap, rdnd thtri
u'treat -lr *** *.... first use la tt. }Is 4ei.rtte. Mtltttln ef LI.,. Aetlep Cuff.t.e r.. flret t* **eo4 do*
; Haloat VttlM who early Suada robfcory tt
la the process of I oar* Stale of Florida. that'a1,, a wll'lI. Rff operated ,.,.,'. . radio atatloa baa oa* resjdbldpst. *If,.'-....1.- .
leg Uo WOBM started It. store aeroaa troD and Soeood At*., police eai* iMiltMdhtdbM Lot! .tak....,..rwyUdnH d +rr
to walk to the back ef dorttd .a proaltlaleojdldatt 1ltl eats t t4 Ui other eau .let ortfeta Md Vfe '
tie ..rUo... wttt hrhitbaad Mid.Oader 0 ea To
the ,..t.r.' aad talk wtliltf by la We ef th* loud eP ,.to,*" .. ..* .U.,." irela

er bit hr. Her ....rh' Oppttlai caadldattt was loary Ja police, JonkUl tdwlttodbU .* Mbotl teiltra aadiradatte the .u.**,.. t. ra has la sleek are tallai ..U..

flew all Ue way across will be dm B1 tlao kiss borer a at 2>'211 y ar Re-*ld IOtlllito. la* way Uk* Ue has m ...*.' ..**... tiri.tlosalslrworl I. ta have Celt ewaaltl>

Uo room. oa the radio' factli | la oa Ue robbery ".,,'. l'* evil Paw Bwrtka atneiWr M, ef pereattsdItIm I te eeaial iMUtatlea

'1 <... fro bblad tiM.ooatiaalBi the fee aid Harry R. 'llll tlaytat but Mid h* M* ualiatU te he s1,*aDoMwber nIT ..**yr At*. ere

tie Darter aid the wEapleye's trims of fair play I udtonollt. ford Detective aged .M.... A.J. ac'Ln1511s eetatldt tilt store. gibes 12. walnh mill bent slice .(... ad |ltW te Java!*. AtHey AI.II.CII '

.srCCproc.dsre.. oaldlootttoloa tt* sowwdet plky) provide fltMat t* D*C HMilty eltbtItb At U.al,.
I'" Mel..* eau koaad
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Fki ...
pert Clerk E..aruthu'AMUI'IOII"CIo"
tram the store kaowi at cvrfhMdceffed
tad gagged batted Ik*
. Cross Birnrs *f a eolled** her hMM **/. Ale est/Ind Ciff. ....,
. Webster Jlrawt. r*>
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after lie arlyr. the wr placed *a .!.. alleged ..part.Id.' ease teat tt* robaory. cull be elves elli ..,..k4'". t.r .....,, ..*.... 1 ........ Ilik aehMliradwtl

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aatll October XT.
also lied Istebttl. **llatow* etpoBMe used) .
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day ant tttoadltcde Parry May, 1M. tthataId. After ewtoMtlaily un. ef ... .... ..nyled Mill ....MI ,
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alto pleaded fer IMB anted te review tat ...., tMtMte.Thlt .led Spec tte I.
I....., Or tie .*!.. ..... M.. pleaded ae .M* ef e lT.yer.tld Melted ef It .....**.. *,n...* .. will li pee Civil .."t.* r*. ii.*
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""" -

rff'J; i V \ .l

1 ""jiniii STAt PIPETS SlImlY ronm 21. U

I THE FLORIDA NEWS STAR* ) co1. 'o.fltl s As Us.J ;

''v; .Vakltolii by The Florida Star Pubiisaiig
II laIC 0. sueea/
j I NEGRO .. ....

With Self
ERIC 0. SIIlPS..I.IIII.I E sf Negroes Plagued
:: ,

J' UTSBR E. USE...... ... liws Edx ,- Doubt, Top Authority NotesThe

:'> IILIA mm.. .......Clrnl.tlil laUII'r rY
bluest problem faced by the Negro la

MAIN OFFICE t PINT: :': his prejudice against himself accordingto

2323 Kmrlif! liai.JiBU Elfli 4-1712-.... fipock.noted Child care expert Dr. Benjamin

Writing in the September Issue of Red-
Milllii Hlriu: book magazine (on newsstands Thursday" August -

..D)< III 511 ,J Ie kllullh 1 l.flirllig ;' child 20)In,America Dr. Spock becomes said convinced that "the that Negro he

MIAMI OFFICE is an inferior person because of the color
of his skin."
jfilB i )rl ATI Pkm 377-1025 Dr. Spock. called the Negro' acceptance

; trlC i + 1 of the white man'a prejudice against him
S WBBCRIPtlON M.TES an "unrealistic sense of Inadequacy. "
7> IM Year, ".00 Half tear, .4.00. Because of it, he said, 'It
QZe" lou AnjrwhRre la the United BtttMaoriptloa also follows that the Negro

.+ payable In advance comes to think less well of
\ --flood Check or Money Order to: his family his friends and II

his race than they deserve.
And theyin turn, have less
Jacksonville 1. Florida esteem for him." I Ihis

Using! the claaarnomto explain -
point, Dr. Spock said that SIMPSON
Presidential Line Of Succession
"if a teacher believes that a certain
student .- of whatever color .- is stupid
Mast Be Considerably SlriRglhued even though he really has a satisfactory
k aptitude, his actual performance in the

Ever since the beginning of this country, MUST NOT BE OUR WORLD IMAGE, MR. PRESIDENT classroom will be poor. ..F.sperilllental projects -
certain questions concerning the Presidential have shown the most withdrawn and
indifferent Negro pupils can respond dramatically
succession hare been ralaed. Yet,
S3MD93MESamW53mVQ5DHHD! to teachers who like then believe
as a discussion of the problem preparedby
the Chamber of Commerce of the United in them and will go halfway to find

States points out they have yet to be Your Weekly their interests."
satisfactorily answered. Now the Issue is' Aside from the undermining effects of

In the limelight again due In part to the racial prejudice on Negro children, Dr.
.assassination of President Kennedy which Spock pointed to the equal barn to white

,left the nation without a Vice President children. When white children are told
And it looks as If there is a good chance Horoscope Guide they must avoid Negroes, for whatever
that something will at last be done to establish reason, they are actually being taught
procedures for handling cases of they must be afraid of them. "This kind
Presidential inability and for keeping the of fear produces hate" Dr. Spock said.
office of Vice President filled at all By PABLO Th ASTROLOGER Dr. Spock warned that.fearfulness in
tines children is too great a price to pay for

The need for thlt, cltarl1, is much greater WHICH ARE YOUR_ LUCKY DAYS FOR obedience. Parents, he said have realized
now than It used to be. Time was when the harm threatening children with

the Vice Presidency was considered a one BUSINESS/ LOVE TRAVEL the "bogeyman" and religious teachers
way ticket to political oblivion.The hold -; no longer preach the fear of hell-fire asa

er of the office presided over the Senate means of instilling religious faith.

and was empowered to, vote In case of a tie ARIES CANCER MINIIH YOUR INTHUIIAIMPOR PROM YOUR Ml'NO.THI LUNA Parents who don't necessarily teach o
and that was the size of it. In late specific fear of Negroes but show by their
Born March 21st thru Born June 22nd thru ITIPPINO UP YOUR PHASI THAT .IS KINO 11TUTIO -
manner that they are uneasy or apprehensive -
moat particularly under President Elsen
homer the Vice has taken are confusing and frightening their
Presidency on a
Df TN| eons You fill* TNt OUARTIR 0011 NOT 6tATIR IMfHAIII ON TNt
vastly Increased authority and responsibility INS AND IMPUktl TOO LENIN ON THE MOlT CMtUrUk APPAI*! OP YOUR IRS LIDS children rtr, Spock nald.
The holder attends cabinet Meetings Another harm in teaching prejudice to the
and la member the vital white child Is that it gives him a
a statutory of scnpe-
goat for his own inadequacies. The
National Security Council. He carries out YOU tO TARE RtCXklt PARING RUT TO SIDE YOUR Born Sept. 23rd: thru MAY It ISOCIiTID. IT
delicate sessions which may have an influence HI Ml tITN VOURCAIH 0* VICE rot THE OATS WHIN ", Oct. 23rd SLIMS THAT YOU MAVI MUCH ", capehle and confident pp rson.", /if. *. 'ick.
on the pears..of' ths.wotld..Ha.muat......... ....';JtTMi".. l"Of IM(' lTuAT0StU"t'MUCrf | MIND VOOOtN RUIINIIIiTRicnr TO CONTRIIUTI' IN THIIIOIRCCTIONI. pointed out, 'doera* t need to boost Mm
be thoroughly prepared to step into what 'MO WA? It IOOIINO RITM Mont PAYORAM.I, IIRICIAllTINTHl DURING THIS self by trampling on others,"
moat ''Ie have plenty of evidence that children
Is generally considered the powerful DI'IOVlIII.VII'T/ YOU flNANCIAl'
office on earth. ANTICS COULD SC RISNT.TMI ANO DOMESTIC DCrMTMINTI. kill IIIIIV TO INVITI ).go.33-13.57391CAPRICORN I turn outmost successful. occupational,
At present, the line of succession in MAY it TRY INI TO YOU STILL SUM TO II socially, academically, emotionally .. if
the event there is no vice president, begins SAN YOU er TMI DANGERS UNDER rRIIIURI IIIRS MAY Born Dec. 22nd thru they c'n grow up feeling that there are
with the Speaker of the House followed YOU act INCURRING. THE APPLIED RY PRIINOI TO NAVCHINS Jan. 19thDO no ordinary situations that they can't
by the President Pro Ten of the Sen TMIIR SHOULDERS Do with adequately people that they
cope no
But these have demanding jobs NOT Pill UNDULY Oil'TURIIO can't deal with "
ate. Spock
men agreeably, Dr.
of their own to perform, and there la IS ATTRACflVt ANlMAONITIC CAN .,rou. ON"THE t.Yor SHOULD A IOYIOONI MARINO' AT THE IIOINNINSOP aald. "For their own sakes" he added.
doubt that they can be expected to properly MAY VIRY Rlkl TNt STAN? or)TMI HI*. II UNDER OtPRIIIINSINPIUINCII THE MONTH AI YOU HIM "they should be able to feel thin way

prepare for the Presidency. A questionof NEAR THE RIDDING IllllCHIMINS LUNAR PHASE, Y''U MAY' tMORTkV PASS AI A THI."I. YOUR WILL TO NAVI A CHANCI OPSAININ about Negroes -- as well as about white
the separation of powers in the government OUT, NO* OR IN HAVE AN OMORTuilTY TO 0N IMOTIONAI AfPAIRI IN MltTISt MO people nf different backgrounds and man

At any rite, the Senate Judiciary Committee txctiiiNT Vn .
das approved an aaendment to the Employment Trends To Mark
Consltltuion that la designed to correct 1",1
c the weaknesses in the present lae.lt would PIIOVl TO It lAtTINS A| 1.10-ad."..3-2M CONttOUlNCt TILL NAYS IA' AltO UP IIPINOI- Impact Oi Hoi While Voter

do three things: Permit a President to declare SILL AI 'UUIL"' .... You PAR MORE RtNIPICIAl IPPICTI TIRES DoS TO TNI LEVEL
his Inability to discharge his duties MAT SI TIMFTte TO W'CI Born July 23rd thru THAN YOU MAY It THAT YOU CM APPORO. According to writer Edward B. Woods the
and! allow the Vice President to takeover tout' CHANCES IN TMI MY Aug. 22nd HUM TO CONCIDI JUST situation among nonwhite workers in the
as acting president; set up procedures YOU ASSETS Aye ,,,,u,. SINCE YUU AR| OUITIA NOt. s.Io-es.I9.71.sl9 United States Improved only slightly in
that would permit the Vice President, the MINTS A*| MANOIIO, PLY OPP TNI HINDU AquARItsBorn 1093 and la still substantially worse than

Cabinet and Congress to determine whether e.IOoIS.U.12'I, AT INS u i...UU PROVOCATION ..!100...IAe.5btSCORPIO Jan. 20th thru that of white workers the trend for "a
Inability lusts; and to make possible the TAURUSBorn fOil SHOULD tt.CIOI Peb. 18th better tomorrow" is bound to have UA effect

filling of a Vice Presidential vacancy by April 20th thru .AHlAI OP TIME TO Born Oct. 24th thru NO MATTIR MOl OIPPICULTYOU on the Negro vote in November.As .
permitting the President to nominate a May 20th Its TH| VOICE OP RIA.. Nov. 22nd MAY PINO IT TO w" a result every major department of
Vice President, subject to congressional SON. IV tiLL AU M ION UNLESS tOil HIVE inkPOtlR MOLD YOUR RIPUTATION PO* government has created its own programs
you CANNOT DO run Jut*
f confirmation INC tUTU RNIN IT 1"- PIRHIY' IN YOUR SRACIOUtNIII, YOU RILL of implementing the Executive Order under
YJ The question of Inability baa always been KITES PROM YOUR ClOIIITAIIOCI HANOI, YOU SHOULD NOT PINOITMKM S MORE TO YOU. which the Committee operate
a sticker. As of now, there is no fores- ,",UIIOfI01"10fI'. ATI "0 lllMl TO pity AUTHORITY OR DO W.TIMATI AOVMTAM to 00 Perhaps one of the most effective program
'hued., of deciding It Informal airee YOU *IU NAVE TO NAil TM| NavE All lOll ON tUMMANO MTTHINS THAT COULD ANtAOONIII 10. TN| MIT OP TMI. I In this regard has been the one put forth
mente have been made-between Eisenhower I1RIRIINCI IP Y9U THOII HO CAN SIRS OUMTIR RtMtltNTI by the Veterans' Administration which hat
and Nixon and Kennedy and Johnaon--but TO NAvE rtioRitv. atIV TIKE ON SOTM YOUR CMIIPIMB AOVANCI OR luau YOUR .AN OPINING TI PATCH placed nonwhites in practically every area
't'b... are looked en as inadequate. For in- "IOU INTIRIT/.AVOID SMO.o0ANS NOHt COWAMIONI, YOUTH CARESS INTIRIITI.SCOR- UP MARITAL OR PftRTNIR of employment responsibility. The Department
stance a private agreement cannot give MYTHINe Let INVITINMORE ,.al rOI| WHO ARI MIAOI OPINTIRRRIIII SHIP BIPPUfNCtt MO TO of Labor has also initiated sweeping
the Vice President clear authority to die- .11' UPSET YOU AND THOU .H vow MAY el ISLE T' iHOWkSNOTRIIIRT AI'|'YI AT t 11I011 IPPICTIYl changes in its operation with renalta
'charge the Presidential powers. And no MOM _tVPMIItMtlNOWNTTe MMKI TMIRI II A Tt1. te MARIH ORITIAtMOUIR PORMUL POR TN| being noticed both la and out of govern
provisions exists for deciding a possible vou. You SMOukS In. MNCV T* CMTINVl CAM. TACTICS TO PRIIIRVATION OP PlACE sent Take the Department program for
dispute over whether Presidential inability TM|* Mil WAYS WITH MONEY, STILT IAIO TRIUllllMB MO UNIIRITMOIN77.I7 *. apprentlceahlp. It requires sad forces s
does or does not exist. Thus It is argued COW1TI THAT ||..', IIACUY lEN OA..*4. TOTHIR "... |. ..|.,,, ban oo discrimination in the r elect Ion of
I vacuua could exist that in these none IMM em txctii TC ITH YOU AMYTMlkA You Tilt IP YOU SILL .ACCIPT PISCESBon apprentices and the operation of th* apprenticeship -

\ times could be actually catastrophic.The ANT. u. You SILL THIN CM M TO MOSIPIV THIITRAIT TNt VIIRS OP RIVAltOCIATtt Feb. 19th thru pro '-.N.preheulve standards
amendment which the Senate Committee TOTACRU SILL WRN OUT TI AS TO TH| lurch 2Qtk have been adopted which are now'a
fin noil INCLINES
baa approved cannot N expected to satisfy YOUR M.TINATI 511111?, (INsTtae1 TMINS
TH| JON THAT Rleulll MOM MMNIR TO UTTVt.IIIVARCIS. THICOMPVLSIVC prerequisite to continued program registration
everyone, However, as the President MlTHl* lie tiLL RAY OUT IMCMVOV by the Federal Government. Smchaeasares
f:' elect, of the American Bar Association has .TM4T ATTIMlM NO** 04 ,SOrtS'i5t 5.1041.15.es.9I9 SIKOYlR TH.t THIS HAY All TRY I NO T* C0f give rise to faith la party
t said, "It It not neceaaary..that *t find 1100 SAvt VOtl CONIISIRAKISUM WITH a HUSKS /* *|... and hop 1* Its principle:
a solution free from all reasonable objec UN Ion Aug. 23rd thru C, ....,. vov **. VOW WOMB LACt VOuR.SUP The nonwhite worker, normally IsteresUd
tion. It Is unlikely that such I solstice 7.
mill ever be found, aa the problems' are MV HA| tWfe4 ON t.AMlt, Riei* SOME RY RIVIIIM YOVRWMW to b* what la called a"tread and batter
Inherently eomplet and difficult set fora Bay a I at. tara "tou' viNe re RII YOUHUlTlIM THAN .11'....* ..... ertV Suli/t. atMSiS YNISat' voter. His description has bm given by

surely the time has come them reasonable Jan JUt PM WAYS TO SITmtrnuft .Rtll M* IRCIVIVCN.T. OYTNIM 'IHIve easy of the social scientists after an ..-
men Mat agree on one workable method" 'NOv' II1 UII.e, CIVDehPILL eoi re i".... TNRIATIRJ. vi"* itCVRITV animation of the iaaae and problems fol-
.* T
,| CfetOW
.*.'. S ""AC"... II e* PIAC er MM*. tevlsj crucial election Based on tatsaassaptlon.
Encourage Tret PlenltA *. IWT. a _(SATI t 'ac.
VM ..**. vew, C* Makers farming isn't confined to proKUthe vi. mew yes ,Lt. iv n M COHHMt tin,...,.,.*) ,10041--114S47M.mARILtg \ Yew *.N NIRYll MBIOCMTWX this administration in the light of itaattltwto
: the feeds that make w the best fed peoplela net'" HASIV. It It .*f eiSC,t* TMt STMRI ||PO.I V*., CM on employment pattern.
( tfcoX world. Nowadays, one of the important aPAIiNt SiDi/CCIC tilt. MS T.I INASIlk eieAW -I amAII VOW. MV M T SUNG Ion ***. 22ft tkrtDoc. .*.! v. acc.* niM his Secretary of Labor I. illUrt lirU. laid

ostsM isn't edible at all.lt la trtes .AY! V* HHKIS. Ye Swt VPJ IVSIY 0... list MM e*..R...** AlH SDIN the Rational Brhsn League Conference. *..*>.
Tree, rung la comparatively it*. tt was It trt MwIntC/ALT I.-I wcv "f. r..YMITILY" 0* saw .IAs .V VITWMCIIIMS v* via. wtt sio.*t M* tt u* Rotative aol of *i.Uf out die*
U* pwnfect of I problem tad a basic mattoaai ,link MCIIMi 5,1 M.It.u. t T'IR| |S 5 IITTI*..|..T e* i.en* nit ewsjtCT lit wa yes ertUtlco us tn Tinmnlly acalew4.ltto
.**.. IB Ue old day*, ue forest aei"* M MIeie M: |* Vt..* MPtlRI RHIC cuMfil er twvieewcwvWWILl + AM Neale Yw, Met girt taNrattv tnt these Mo ate faKr *U4tn
seered'fsesMaattble. So Ue I uerm jest TS IiIellii01Mt5NIi .S I $ MS Ml> VM t* Mct : liii Mt %SCStul.laaaele lie ........ or "TI. tml toman rlt' a*.*** the affirmative -
n4 moved M to me* stance .. essi taI.1 a1TtaMNs. seem APTIR "n| .0.t.T .
out A es...,..M Mi1WRt.CS I I t ,sStIi11titiM rtmtttMtUllty *f raUlNt the *.*<*
fie* |ttv4 that this seeming imMbiMtdf tI' W/le/e acislil MID .. ass. $MiMMlwhw. NMt J '.self easiitvieN *, Vkf M* U.- > *MMV ttal nttatnmsmt If .emIt* ArtcM to

} m wr. timber resources was ma 11* CtttAt1 M "wt P.. I iMANt **TIR. 'YMtI nItTCHfTt i aINMiNi iw Aafw r.Ilk ONScM. MIM/ < ... the peat feat tier e** JUtlelt& m, n
l *t forests were cola *4 fart .Nit M' NIILNN WI'SLI I.. aamtIAL RHUASVMI Ltk 51w SSISTspI tees If NAM YNSits eelan tnrtanmttJ seei..,."
i y*, .....*am of demand forM mete sad SC"INtaaANSIae t1IS1.80.31t TDMS, Y51.. All ,.tAo j ,, "N' IIInee5S.4ID 1 S P Awes VHS< 1wt.amt while tk* n.witto. esther t* IH eontiM4 -
.. 1' *e ,Uoisaate of pro4cta that glen, a .1InIe SMit.s : .. bMPILU5 eIIIDec'IIHILt .K 1109 NIt to e4ry etaetl at* rremitteate
... ...., le "" 11.t MV HCM.ATtS V* BI* I I'. PHI 3S.. s.e. to-b.e l IMrt *f the bsrdels et em sslepus .i.


j I L ,


I SITIIIIT 11m.lEI U, mi < ftiiiu, st'APlISL! / "PILE 3 I

I Retires Hone Predict 42 B Coed Aida Project I Loyal Supporters i, Im.'TIIIJ1

Voters league ; IM1

I Heels Sept. 2EPrecinct t .. :

42-B voters
Only three leek reads before Jaioaa till be
League will bold its
presented one of till lost lavish fashion revues
I regular awathly aeetlagHonda.
ever stated by RonFaabloa Fair. This Use it lathe
8 rt.28 at $P.s. .
Fashion pair the
with Bpnalth Flair sponsoredby
la Philadelphia Baptist
Oaaa too seta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha
\ I.
Church. Rev. F.L. Morass, .
r1t.IJ Sorority to be held October 19 la Civic Audi
president announced.The .
: to rim.
president Is urging
,\ Iris Knot chains of the event, baa revealed
a full attendance of officers
plans that are expected to dra a capacity crowd
andaeabcra and Is
this year she eiplalaed that the ualquely d1 f.
Issuing a special Invitation
l foot aboilng provided by aa added touch of "'la*
to precinct residents -
trtgae" .*. bound to arouse the realty of Ue
wbo are Interested IN cOMHON-Tbtse lovely Florida At*
fashlM-consclous public as well as others who
In the Uacui'a progras University fr".... co-eda have soaethiag IB oa.onThey *
sorely crave diverting .terIl1l..
bit art not presently B art all interested la gettlas dope oa the
Fashion surprises include four unusual ensenblesdalRd
a gab era of tbs organisation. 14 Florida MM University Rattlers. Scsaalas
exclusively for MONT Fashion Fair 1064 ;
HISS NcStAIN through the 14 Battler Football Handbook are: i
by sue of Spain's cost faaoit fashion creators
Kilt Mae McSwaia of 1513 IIond,,'* nesting la of Slackly Carole Dennard (left), tlralaghu, Ala. ; Oar .o''
ihit these costumes are reaalas top secret
.22nd it., his returned vital laportaact to all until gear the and of the sho*. Ian* A.Crtford. lI.rtlllnl, Fla., Peggy A. Flnkard, j !
boa after driving to concerned sine various tedoaee, Ala; sad Asuloy Floyd Howard (frost), ),
Tickets be purchased from aeaber of Alpha1a1Da
RAT7LO TKXBT IIALIIS-8I1lh. at a progress report v
Clnnclnattl Ohio to projects such aa streets taycroe of the advance tickets sales for the Florida AM Alpha sorority.Joshoa .
visit her sister Nra. and drainage sill be discussed. .... .... .... .... s sv I''
University hUh,,' 1M4 football season la t,
Minnie L. Jon* Mid Mn.tuthl .1\.No"&II. .at d.
Nathaniel Kilos (left) buat.". .*....r for athletic 7ay Jay" lllllaaa, thrust editor of the

M. Roblaann and Presenting the report la Joyce Badger 5. aompaper colas 'Tbips Off the .10c.." Is sow Weddings

other friends. III. ran. BIRTHSMr. senior from Jackeoavtll tattler has are advised t full tie* gradual student at Florida state
ports hsvlpl bed w enjoyable Cnlveralt-.
to order tickets BOW. .
trip visitingvsrloas'pplats Jot resigned froa his posltlM s* a Devil County

of in- a Mn.Connie Hobbs Golfer Meares Gateway Barracks public school teacher to to further atadlea la the John H. 0.1111I1. ns e. LIla Mae tori*, 1+07 Jeffenxw .
terest. ': IOH Striven St.. Boy Duval Josephine
dials of ladustrlal arts. St.. 24 and St.. 22.

Mill McSwalnlst amber Mr. .,.. Junior Holies, PrtUJ 5.... Sckediles MessiieHecberskip .... .... .... .... P. II..,.ft. 731 .. ('1If'" Clark, 1123 f.30th .

Of Zloa Hop BaptlatOturch 6719 Cleveland M..Q1 rl. Annie Laura Bagga of nil lest Twenty-eighth Rival St.. It.JOB. : St. 23 and Johnnie

aider the piator- Mr. a Mrs. Wward Love hi Asheville Drive Street has hostess at a alieellaaeott ahorhoaoriniGstella Riddle 1531 Mar* Mae Fdwarda. 1011 lalnut I.It. .

ship of Rev.KR. Siapson.Aniiierjiry 4290 Lockhart Dr., Ib,. *.
-..---_.-_ B. HcTesr.reetlni caret St.. 21 and toUa 1
Mr. aNn.'''. Robinson, ." h. Gateway Barracks 3131 the bride-elect were her octal Mar Mao Brewer, Ill Acorn Dave Oallloa. 1139: tin-

Fete 91)1 .. 45th St., Girl. 1* urging all Buddies to ..,.t iilthoar: Moles, Melverlae, Llada. and St., IT. coin Cr'., It end France

Th* Petal rbomi of Mr. S I,.. llliaa K. ooaplete' payaent of due Prances Mitchell, .1I"re.l..h. of the proapeo- Larry 11:. Lockley 1401 M. Pr,..M, 1129 Lltcrlt

71 on Hop Baptist Church. Total, S339 Katania over the past year else tlve bridgrooaCbrt; Brown, Fverllaa Ilaiat; Jefferws "'. .2" and Crt., 4*.

'Is asking preparation Drive, f.., Ctrl.Mr. :"' I October la the begtaalai ,\'I Carolyn Hdron; Daisy Father Theresa Curtis, .I
''for their IJtb ; of the tee year .. tII
Is.1S1T -
anniversary curs. Lsvera Math ;:yJ Dorothy
: Rivers Mrs. Jack Hubbard, and Mr*. Bray
observance elated for ". 29th St., 01 rl. yJJ."M. ." ; Plata for aaaaalv* non boy, who assisted the hostess 'tHHltltlH

Tuetdajr.Sept.2J at I II.". Mr. a Mrs.John D. To be. \ berabtp drive to get Kiss McTttr will recite vows wiU Henry ... Hit CONSULT DR. SMITH FREE-

In tbs Burt auditorium, 5265 Vernon toad Ctrl, .ndervay.Coaasnder. ElMllltlH I I
cbell.Septoaber 34) la The Church of ODd la Christ,
Mrs PtuthU Tiller, chalr- Mr. a Mrs. Vincent WIN J.& IrvlsgSr
r .. 334 dtslss Street. Tan till M Told la Plus Bore that' the Trouble Is,
ran announced. U... 1529 Morgan St. ., requests that all .... .... .... ....
that Is Ceasing It sad Chat May Be Does Correct'
Tbs orograa will b* Soy Buddies fao have not received Ira Murray Lois Avery and Marl McCIala were
their cards to b* 'It, It let Buffer Illbt
announced. Mr. t Mrs. Norsan C.Or. '
high. scorns at Loa Hit** clibapoasord bridge TMKUf
.. 1737 I. 14th BU, ij. present for the 0.U 1 party J held last .e.4aad In the boa of Bold aad ARTHRITIS RKAOMMI .,
01 rl. o teetlag set for S ...*. AS sit IL )O".1, IMTBTT10HBCOLDS
Maniac Jackaon, Rlchardaon 1 bad
M r.S". Thoaas 111 son. --- IB Joe .. Jaaea Ccemwltycenter. iMlleatally, Reid la doing graduate .,.., attashlagtoa : RtttT DI..DWd. MaHUwaSTDMCM
Cbapetlsg agalast tilt pa'I" oiwcwsBLOOO
2892 v. Fdgewood<<: Avenue" 13th and Oranthtl.Acoordins University la St. Louis this year, sad '11iIfUMI
IIUO.' best "11' o.. to Coa*>aadr, mesasna, I Ski PSOBTUt' IWUHJINMURIT1S
Girl Mat is doing a aoaderful job .beeping the I wo young
white and Mrs. Maine Mearea, again la seared DtMAM INTCSTI4AI. MBOftfKM
How the drive quota
can Mr. t IIr. Charles Guy Jachwaa preoccupied (*r vie versa) during his
brought astloaal honor a auim a. IC DIBCAMBIUMBA09
ton. 4040 Mancrief Road for a total of 100 eabera abseil oil. lCunc.IIlIIn

oegroparantsprotactbarniful Girl. to this COM unity "he* sad he stated that the .... .... .... .... LIWI B Ml RAIlS MKMMMMM
she placed aecoad la the I *oeaaw
Mr. Mrs. John C. Loass, goal should BOOB heooae
0.* Bridge Club held Its first aeetlag of tile
mj(.'a division during tesdllless teaaaaly eeseldered i.rill
their cMdta from reality I treat
3902 a .
Stuart St., toy current asaaoa ll the Jefferaos street boa efJohnay
Mr.+Mrs, tllllaa Dayaoa the 5th annual ftyview III<* cOM! t t.. diems, subset the see at a islre. aoder a.th.. ef .Urel
sad Geneva abeeler.
lilcri n atiea'i 1235 r. 24th St.. Buy. Golf Tntraanent played Luna* Boy sos IB repeat- Top' rises were awarded to Sols ,Johnaon, Lola :* aad ,,..,...a. FM>1lA1l5AT101 Bf APfOIRTWdlOM.I
s Mr 4 Mrs. Joe Nerritt. lag the toddies to call >tl years prsetlee

effects? 1364 Harries. fit., Girl on Municipal Golf Coarse oa *d Hester, 3333 Calvin Avery. la and the Myrtle bridge Thoass Baioa.At for. ottatandlag perforsent. Dims If .... la 40: ,.., .... P HOM H. 41117DR

Mr "I,..'!bOIl" Jones In Aahevill N. C. St.; A. Harris, 301 Caroline .... .... .e.. .... REX SMITH

4,4) Mississippi Court,, Mrs.Wear** sea runaontpla M.. A.M. Ms*. tTIt. ads tttl state street (V*.Ulr*)
Bo. to tell sash the date of the Gator Bowl Clssaledrasaaaer
yea a Prance May of faah* llth "'., Jerry Allen, ..,, ,,,,, ,,."ttt
childtr.atl"ja1 l'har MfUlMlJ .t- i lagtoal ItattUltoa. these baa bwan a treaoadao drive on the part .( Off IK -.rh Seep/.4 be 1If. ,, r- -
Mr, Mrs., tlllte 'a,; 2117 navla .1..0.
eosaldored secondclan. U coawiltt U "tie-up" loot ends.
he'll be "ley of Detroit placed stoertsg
hit*, 2114 .. let St., 331 WHMB ".i Drew Srow
.. OBaeetlM I. Meter *f Day toa s
beeatv b* lakerlted third. 1113 ravcraoB Ct.. Jesse Il that Jaaea
.r, and H. Jess .r.... *f Jack
T.V. Tkowja
aklaf leach,
poor Lee nterofLoa M gal a tlUI.*. Uti Gro'''' Jilt.;
low has parents eivlsisaw the division soavllla, traveled to Or......'.. South Carellaa
Social eon pros Bentley fII......TUI *.
** readiseaa to fear sad Starlight's tlth Jas slabs of LoeAagele uhf Rd. Oscar Preston, and Stat Oollg aaput last ***.*.. to cooMlt

hat those oho aeee dlf> aid ahlagtM, 13 Ivo ,1. Buddy Pita, key peraot II that area regarding ease Iraas 51 ,,
A card and raffle party
la tt* ...
fereat-hia deliberate erthosahtlees .C. oortlt thewnnemp portatloa *
3507 BelafoaiU Or
.n.1 sill be presented hjr the Tb* Bthtss-CookM til1 ,. and the S.C. Slat
tit Itllo Black of
spot. The Coaaaader report
Starlight Social andtavlaga scheduled meet la the 0lr bet l ltt
I* October BiDaoog, Or.BesjMls Detroit placed third. that Puddles conflaed IBVeteraaa Bulldog are t
speck ..orid'sdreeoat Club rrl day,Sept Obeoftke stloa'a OIIt- AdstaistrstloaHoaplUl 1.00: P.B. aa October II la what precise* to b*

authority .* Is* 11 at 1:30; p.a. at U'CI..d. ttandlag me golfers Bt take City are *** .f tae soot vatftl. aid ..I err,I *l steles
Kt. ChevelaadCrass
fait .. child care, otters 1In. Mearea has sees a.. doing Ms*. ever presented here

advle t* all parents ashee president, aaaouaeed. roes sttraetlvethopblee* Dr. Rickard V. Moore, president the apoanrlaglMtltslla. ..... --, ...... .... ...

aid this te tell dtrlsc her J nests amend Miss. Scofl To IMStefctl I* eerklsg tUaely with tb* I..*. ....... ...... ... ..... .....
slabs and the
Other and tlk the
AlaMl Aaaaclatloa
caller about racial pre tk* co..,"' aattnr lUaaeCMiaa
Jedlee. general public are lafiled. golf toameya.UtbotgH 6evt. Body tlaasl coMltte U Uur the ******* *f the +ed"My

Mrs. Billl 0. her latest aesN ,..*,*. N* *a*.*Bd Ust sdvssted tltaeta fsr
Oce.h.rREDBOOK Oreen Is the club see* has yet to arrive tlSO-hlaf1hB South, Baopkoaor lilt gas will g* .* sale pprilastlr. ta ekt hair must bo lustrous
of Mnatlcoll.
rtary. here, It elll Jols M prier to see tla*.
;, ess recently elected a* for close-up shots"LARieuoc

NOW ON SAu Af Mi MWMTMOt Fm-. tmphy attractive. ......array la her presides 00"......of Asaoelstle the SU4.t Silver lei fete Sivlifs ClibSlile -..,. ItIwIt Arks... WA/f1/ etAs1e AeeltNeI1

--- '
Martha a* honor .....t Slate Siedeyfell 2 Evicts /i.L.C

sad s foraer vlseprealdeat the F-aadro** .hl| adtvlag haircoloring

et the StadeatOnverMMt ** groups aad the .. $ Club pima lee !fI'"Yuyr'

4tBClta, l.*ral p.btlt sr* la* .*..!. Bif this *+*.I, 'Tplciisi.s sedws.eo tr.llr.1 tel
are pent .
The perfect defeated Snaald Srota of filed t* a Silver Tea Ffl4 y Bight "..... sigweeas a end en paw 1Hfo.-.." M.. 7'1W1MW

radians for the hl ...eat ..../*. by Mttrlct If sad the general fialle adds ..",.. p$4N$ ......, hs t..w

position that a stalest ... .t. Olive BaftlalChart are issued !. a party ...., .MN..rwM!' I

martini gin tea hold at .. B, J. C *, ....,, Sept. 71tt t* .* held/ try S f.*.

Johaa nark of Jack.- > BB.frgraallb. Mill at nt ,,rth. .(. IS .....er eti.4i.. AI peaIJiues. ,.wwsr4w .' 'j

makes vlll oat elected vieepr A atsged "MidyrU. tla .tli .......,. lkIj U.J'\ Jae tee.ed.'ee .

a ..l'*a| af the S.S.4. f.etertsg B satiety *fI ***..tt a tee true 4 j '.

Is the ** deities, *. J Uleat. .... r.L. tkr ak 4 ,,.... It 17 '. .se5 ...-. .........'" ea Seas .-, '

perfect Gin & Tonic JeotlsMeeler af ...11- Tilftlr I* tie bestrur. Ml BL Tkefellaofrl4 '\1. I

echo BOB the Meted ate ..I....,

title np of Miss /.S.JC. .

netted saber sttoadotacere

ChrlatUa loll as

.tld. >*,-.***", id.tea .J.Ji

fllllaa .* SaokMereBttMdMt

a* Free end**Ctrly9aseajr ** et- ir

taadait.Cupli. Pin y' \E

Te Enkife Yews

vi t0 it*. M' .,.. /. f'Sp

.M .*..e.. D. en'

|ttM t aad BffnaOUS

s arrUg* *t ..., slee*.

BaJerlB r..***,... *.vJdm.

..n...... 1S* bft* -

i-b Is chedMtDUrBftk ,

..,. 'r, ass Bra.aVtJaaU .

......? .. a

Peest sr.*Bl. If rat'

Ir,. .rN then .SllkWt.a******L. ..

I II. Fstlr.o Is ueB Jr "-" .,. alt II"

*>f II't4 >****!* fct u/
qtraw.r.rar Pelisses **d I* s ***' \"

M rwrlliwriil M dwt at F4 .fda >!!..*. 1 ,r \

flu **MISS ..ille1*

pleas **f1, ft I* ..
.... *f lee .,..... 'Beef at its'e'

t....... (. 34: ... .

MiMfvax S. ..*.... '''''' .41' 'fl'. ,

+lalraa ee M+he. dved*da stsaer.Ma.aYma Class sr* ftaMf rest B.laf

bed "....de ........eee \ '
0: ts.awa4. .*lost Wd. t1.. I ''f r''it

.', .


r _"'" ". "- \.. .. ...... ... ., 1M .

I 'r fUlfil SI" WE" -- 1---j SITiiliT SEFT.H.J 2i. 1114 I


.-t: S4 as State( _.Id I',exyiB Annual Celebration Plans Completed '

I ; I "... ... .....,.- CHURCH

j .. To H.ilolal.Sell ;"<,,"1": .;'

I ', ,aaatral president of Ute progressive Convention "t : NEWS

of Florid, lev. J.C. 8"". sad ,...) sated for ; *

the eltnth ten as vice president of the Rational .rN' ,1 v
I Baptist Convention ttf Anerlcn dories the Both : ,

easlon hid in lot Angeles Calif recently. I.
no Florida Progresdive'organization ...........?.....*.... Mew Galilee Baptist Church will celebrate its

1* Oil of 110., O.J. Martin, L,. f,t Ip trj I ha"S Itt1a aanlveraary .'artll.III.IIa, sad oontlaalai
Paler sad .... Hill. through the .weak. The 4th anniversary of the pas-
i the foreaoet religious
Florida lasloaariee tor. Rev. .J." Carter will also be observed during
In the .
groups nation.Mrs.
elected were Mela Houaton -, this U...
H.B. Ml 11 en ofI'i
Mrs. M.L. John A brief retreat into history shoes that the church
Jacksonville, t.s re
soa. Mrs. M.M. Warren, .*s onaalsed in Deceabor 1MO. at the .0.. of
seated as the secretaryto
I'i the State president'sCouncil Ir.. O.C. Vaojht. Mrs.Alexlaa ., J. ... y' Rer. and Mrs. Janes Johnson with Rev. C. Duncan
Johnson and Hrs. .' oderator of the Devil and Clay Counties Progress

H.B. Killer. sire Baptist Association and Rev. C.M. McCoy proaldjsg. -

'\ Since that tine, Galilee has grown tics a

p n. struffllai. snail structure into a proud, religious
Echoes, Specials edifice.
'f ...........

Schedule Progrin The women of Central Metropolitan CUB Chorea will

\ A Mt q) { cU... their annual observance Sunday; Septenber
the Gospel Shoes and r 27 in the church auditorial.

Blvtna Specials till -., ..- -' T............ Services will beds with Sunday School at 9:4S:

present a IMHT OP AP- ANNUAL DAT CILEBRAHW Committees at Antioch Mrs. Mary Loa tilkeraoa, Mrs. Daisy Moaely, ..... ..... followed by wining worship at 11:00: o'clock

FRFCIATIOll for their Baptist Church Rev. J.J. Jones, pastor, .have Gertrude Cochran Miss Rosa Lee Har..... Other Ira Louise Nelson will deliver the nsasage.

.easier,Mrs.laei Blvens, completed plans for the assail 10...' a Day observance cabers are Ira Ethel Arcrett, Mrs Rath line The youth proiran will coaaeace at 5:10: P.'. A

on the third Sunday sight which take place Sunday, Sept. 27 beginning Miss Ross Leo Trowel, Ira Eliza .cQu'.. ire. .aalcale baa been planned for the evenlnj hour

in October in Mt. UaratAnnei. vlth Sunday School. Ire Annie Ruff of Daisy M.e Oriffln, Miss Ruth Cotton, Ira Minute The public la invited .
Second Baptist Church till be the BO ruing service Staadly, Ira Moll is Cogdell Ira Ruth Roblaaon,

Many local groups, speaker and evening worship attendee till Ira. Dora Stewart Ira Beatrice Harris, ira. Grant M two rial AMK Church will observe its annual .

chits and slaters will hear lies Rosa Lea Tronell. Coaalttee loaberpiaeludlas Annie Daniels, lies Terry Rhodes Ira Sadie Hen's Day Sunday, September 27. The event

appear on the ,ro.,... those shorn above are: Ira Renn too da, Beyles. Hra. Lealra Beaaon, Ira Beulah Kelsey, will be held in the auditorial of till chirch.

( .. of the Rational A let-together tea,will Ira. Mary Scott Ira Mary Brown Mrs. Ratal Hiss Elisabeth Caawall. Mrs. Eloise Ad..., Ira. Events will continue during the dayloaf 'rolr....

Senior ea' Convention.A be sponsored by tilt Robin Ira Louvealn Qreabian. Mrs. Beatrice Beatrice McKlaaey. Ira Elisabeth Frailer. Charlie Hulas baa been selected as chi,...
Photo by Bastion)
!. also president of Gospel .rcboea the first Machine, Mrs. Hattie Fuller, Ira Evelyn Stephens, ( and till Mitchell baa been eased co-chalr.ea.

I the Sealer. to..' a His Bundsy in October tics 4 The Georgia Bush Prayer Band will celebrate Its

iloosry and Educational to 8 at the bone of Deacon Bell Waters' PlM AperedttioaPro9r ...t anniversary September 10 at 1487 McConiha. Sunshine -

Contention, an auilllary and Mrs. Janea _rdo Spiritual Church 1 will have. charge of the
I Mt. Ziti AME Church RtwilisMM'S
to the proiresitves. 1724 Llppls Coirta inManilla Taint' Extnv SC..ltd
4Mzi services beginning at 7:30 a... Ira. Sarah 5.
Ploddicta .-rd.. A Talent "Itra..... A..HI OIII. Jones will be the speaker.
i A program till be featured will bdpreaaated by the for Deacon arID hr ".. ..............

appointed to creditable and refreshments Bell Caters Color of Second '-- Annual Men's Day observance will bo observed Sunday Choir 1 will present Miss Uada Marie lull la a
position for the ISth will te served. On October Baptist Church at Sept. 27 at Mt. Lion WE Charcn (Southslde), piano concert October 5th at S:00 ,... Miss Esellla

:.- annual session 0 Ube Retlonal 4, at ,... the 4:00: p... Sunday September f' Rev. Clarence Collins, pastor, wttb activities a male student of Mrs. Johnnie lie Lewis and

;=, ,Convention which Gospel rcnoes and BivenaSpecial 271. the auditorial getting uderwar with Sunday School at BIO a.a. a Junior at Matthew Gilbert High School where
: till convene In Houston a will te presented of the church ;' A.J. Brady will be the .....-.....-.-..-.-......-.-..-. she plays I. the band. She la also orgaalat for
F. Tessa at It. John Baptist ., tare.Henry lea,prayer,
at the It. Canaan .
Appearing oa the pro- ... speaker during the 11 selection choirs 8 cad 4 of Little Rock Baptist Church.
Church. DnoRnrtley; ,
I Baptist Church of hlchthe eras will 'bo Gall Price, .... lOulll,. SnadaySchool'i Proceeds froa the concert will aid the choiraanniversary.
Awns those elected or Rev tllbur IUd;... ...' classes will be introduction of laaterof .
I I reflected sore: lin.j la the ,lItor.n. public Kstyo Stricter quartet I./,. directed cereaoalea LavsloPaalla
by nest aapertntendent
of New Staitoa Hlik
by Davis"
UN. fllson. H.H. Robin- Is extended an. Invitation IcboolLUlhD J.R. Ren ; ..............
ton, .. Araster, 0. D. tbeaeprngfian. Robinson ..1001', Ronald Belt;
to attend
j Lillian Kin, Albert 0. dereoa and guest teach Ralph TisdUo Usher Board 2 of Sieetfleld Baptist Church will
I1Uh .. Paul It. Jack ,
... .
;r Henderson. Charles Mae ers, R.H. Cook. Deacon Jr.. selection; reading observe its slitk anniversary Monday Scpteaber2S.

sell, Junoll Salth, Jacqueline Eaory Howard and J. Ronald Tladale; IlIt.tal ,.- la the church auditorium. The choirs of East
Tou Don11 Nave To 60 To ToW To Get ftlailston. ..& Christopher lid tilt Florida
Saith Queen B. ... solo .J.... icy; Bethany Baptist Association plan
LOW PRICESOn illlieas, Leroy _lte .will review the sole. Herbert Bartlty; a tea in the baaenent of the church 4'00 'p a

Roberta lllaoa ClaudlneRsll.AllikFayoMaiwen lesaoa.Devotloas. introduction of .,...- Sunday....Joint fellowship. services will be hid

at 10:45: .,.. .r; address; offerln: 2: 31) ,." Sunday la Abyaalala Baptist Church on
Tour Jaal e illsoo and the DKAC01 ..T. 18901stPreprstio.s preeedln the It .. .. Carl Orifna sad RuaallTlsdalerwaarka Saturday, the youth department will meet et'J:30p.

trio of Bethel Baptist were con- mist warahlp will bo coaches .a. The .en of the chan will sponsor a tour of

RUG STORE NEEDSTrade Church pelted this week. for the lad by Deacons Gory from Douglas Anderson Sis oun Territory The bun will leave the church

Howard arid Robert Caddie.Mstchie I: 30 .... Saturday 26.
With Your .Neighborhood Drug StoreWE Mn. MM. ShM Sunday niiht Bept. 27 I.III list School; appreclatloi. ..............
WILL MOT ANT FUCKS AIIf.IN TOUR LOCAL PjUA.Ce appreciation alakt pro Clarence Anderson .
Deliver also Qi.t.etari ". SMd ""iraa scheduled by Dietrlct preside tans Ue ton mn UeIDN s..DhtrieNH ,1 fc |. VaaJTw,
'l1J "\ ;
: ... ,Yft. lag servloo. will observe
I, .: "" 20 of Mt. Ararat Deaeoas A. Jacks and a Jolat anatveraary 3:00: p.s Sundayin
Louise ReUM will
ras Baptist Church for their The preirai follows: the auditorium of the church. The Junior choir
A. Alston will coadaettke
i Dixie Pnarmacy1JI2 both.torn..'a toy apeakft loader Deacon Mel via T. Froeeaslostl led by devotioan denies will sect Saturday at 3:30: ,... The led Circle.
at Central Metropolitan the Boithslde Mala
Buaahiae Band and the
Brown, hbasaadon.'Ill meet
I the l:4S ,... preludeto
> Cnunh for tII.I .
CHE The ran will letaiderwey Chores; call to lor- Saturday at 5:00 p... at the church.
IIi i Mrf tt't MfrUf tow I onlsi hour of worship pro i the 7 '... service.
i ., I nhlp.Deaoon Janea; open* will ...1.t the church after
at B.90: .... in: M. Jaies will p .Ids.. District 14 Beady
Pints Elli S5SIIHMl Auaday, flepteiber 27. ln| "'.". Rev Richard .
the church .,111 tori... Featured will be: oralai aervica. District 7 will sect la the home
I u "r __ Mra. Relaon la a laaber Order of events follows: Bethel; prayer.H.A. Call to worship; opea of Ira Earl C1111ass. 113 HcQuade St. District

: THI UHT MATE' 'IIIMUS tUUHIE of Chord Mt.and hoe an advisor Hollaesi tothe aa announced by Ira ana- Ravktaa. ; deealoiue. '. ill II,.., .J.... Brown, II will leet Suaday 9:00 ,.a. la the home of Mrs.'
ale A. Crlttoa; solo T.A.
.. Fmltr, cnslraM, invocation, Freddie P. II... 1504 I. 23rd St.
IT Nl THE lend Twelth Hour Prayer and lies Rarmertle Deain Bllliais; benevolence .r...; ec rip tare. Rev The TOUBI Mat roes Auillliary .111 sect "Sunday

I r oo-chalraai offense P.J. Ill Haas; C.P. Tnoiaa; decalofue, at 4:90 ,.*. In the hoes of Mrs. Bass LM ill eon.S3S .

election Cblor isvacation. sole. T.A. Illllaaa; an- Victor Field; pat sololat Trenton Dr. 8. The Adventurer Club will ob

Da ami J. UChation owacaaeats, L. Baker; Hill lard Taylor; servo their anaiveraary luaday Bight at $:00 ,.aw
; aelectlea; latroduction preeeatattoa of speaker in the education balldUg.
.f ilitressof A.J. Brady; aenoabyaa. iaaloaary offerta.0tlaRobtaaon .....*........
; Rev. clarence
170 tit cere.eales, Mrs Loalo Jesse.sersa Colllse preaentlac Ue The 30th aaaiveraary lor the reporter of Fovstala

1024 M IFIIMEA Mlrsada Tenasntilitreaaof Rev E.L. Mop speaker ",. George A. Chapel AMK Church will be observed Urouikout the

bereaioiies. J. H. ray; reeelvlsi of aea- ,Price reeelviai of sect cad ends Tuesday la the auditorium. A'" h*'
1010 0l9N111NMWp bend Rev. B.M. ffooda;
Bryant; eel cone Irs.Illlle .
Mbem.Rev. .J." Mea; tel proiran of events have bee plaaaH for the

4.Touacresponse; afferent and falter. A..hlIleli Iron; -..1.coa' fferias.. FkllllP Levy' .....,... Mrs. Irene Aaatla. In view a f bar faithful
Ira Pal Bell Relay
B41M illlle leas; reports aervice.Suaday .
solo Bra. Ant-Use We' Raton Butler reposse. reaarks. .....loUo.. services '111 Deals at the edifice at

Bride; resdiai Hits Henry Jones The palls to iavltel ....
wltb ftaaday Retool
I: III Moralag worship
Deletes Lane; offerhi. .....naU.... T.C. II,-
will start II .... with Ue youth choir servlai.
ntSM*A........'... CMMMTSMMFRYERS Deacon Jaaea Bryant aa R.r. Thnsiaa.Also Alrte Jeaklos ackaowledieaeat -
Trustee Day end sabers have beta requested
i solo, Mra. Es.le of visitors.Jaoes Hear Grand 1\111 cooperation.Evealag .
25C 2gcPURE Mae Thoaaa, Istmductloa Paalla; doulocy
PICNICS aorahlp will| | eeaweaee at ,:OIl ,... The
of ,"".r.a... Beajaila'Frailer sad ....cU. MatronPtM"CDL
Worthy choir' sill present a JO-.'.', ... service before
; speaker, l.v.Dallas Dliner sill b. served
the pastor gals delivers the rllloaa sesame,
J. Crsfca.pastr. oat the cnarch posada.Sari u.rl.e'.1
electloa, cklar ,.- Merrltt will be speaker here dariea Ue Meaaera of the church have been tried to visit

BEEF PATTIES ; 79'A arks. Deacon C. Bussie.chatrass the principal speakeriartac recent assail 101I,,' Ira B. Tyler. 4410 MMcrlef. wa* la ooaflald to
her boss In 111 nealU. Ma la M active iea.er
ef BeacessBoard tilt Teeth pea Day ,roc,. ., lie KlithAveaae

TNESt SAYSIIT'It ; Suaday Scheol, part-neat ,,.,,.. at I Baptist Church of FoMtaln ehps .............. .
BdUl KK'T A LOT D...... I. I. CbaUoa, .... wltn Buieae ...wtI.reel ass I'.. C. B. Melaoa I
.... ulster .>aetta Cohen chiles. to alacerely tbaak
aperlateadent, BlrlBmita. Danlela, dietician lachart
MYS PLENTY AT MEMKI Mra. I.It. Divls.Bay ; Tae ,r.irai all in* of bad oast ariataut all .f yoo who helped ache bet list IIICI'" ./ ,. aproirai
In first Ban Teaiplo aa. autataaitaiI
Scoots Dr. J. CDowlas. : Fiends .5 Oil-
lndMe ..-I r. aertp- vanity. aid Brand torthyBaU h""" IWI&lIT

of""I". "..

SPARE RIB$3L15.- WI" A Sty! Chapter Order ef the
...1'" y ] "...... .'ar.I HAIR I1TUI
ices M lece 5- r nude
as w
I Ira Beside de cia -. a.dew
SMOKtO RICH lIu.IBACON : set at the '..easels Qe 's.e M peen-
bias a es err wrap err s MSe
I MaaltlssI airport. sad ...en u..es as mlies '
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3 : llvan a pollco oaoart hUeBlith > ees.rawswww..eerwassv
us. ,
..... Baptist to an. ;", ,
; Chart. .. Iitra4s.e4 an.oM aauws ,

darln the II a.., dwetlesal .> eases en
areas neew.ratrwase
.sr te. hy ire.
WHITE BACON 3 Attends BM Baler I ... ...
sealed ,....,. to Uent .oe..aweq...- "
Masher was ... ... I $
UAM llv.re4htta S7 eta Ave. I ... htpsrrer

nee Baptlat raeaable.LtrtM ..... eves
BRISKET STEW 3us. One Stop Shopping For All .f tie "eat sue .........-L 1

-",.. by Bra. P..*rl *.

Your Photo hlc Needs .r. elf of Bsa ,,.... .
: I, M' ''Jf. Bwirt* Ie Bats
OX TAILS 6 us. pulls( Jr.* of at. aad the

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N. MYRTLE AVE, seas arr.er nhars eaesuaa is.r1z155eawg.re .

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.. SEPTEMiEl %1. 1KKejrojf < t of LtllHi n:i PI PElS' .. A PUt S

Admitted Name Trustees Coordinating r Forces ,Child To Public Wined Off l IstriosiIB

FolloWiig Slit Special Fund ., Rabid' lots ARC! Raccoons

HAND IPItIIIG8. Okla ... For NAACP ReceiveStale Rabid bata and raccoons art being found la Increasing >

'r.-{ lll,. all-.hlte auaibtn la plorlda sad this prompted tile

Chariot PttoKiA School HTf TOM--(lwI'Ibeawpooltion State Board of Rttlth this week to wan parents
has admitted its first of the boardof sad pet owttrtof the danger to children and ptta .
.tiro juniors and aopho- traattta of the newly Dr. Jut 8. Nichols, there la ao uaraattt

sores (bllowlBi a reversal tatabli shed RAACP aptd al director of the DlTltloa that a nonallyapptar*

of policy by the Coatrlbatloa fund has \ nr of Vtttriaary PablteMtalth las dog or eat .., bo

local tchool board. been disclosed here by ,f1 lengthy juvenile court said most of the tree of the disease

After flee".f.ro juniors Bishop Stephen 0. Bpott hearing last Prlday, bata art being found la unless It has been
and tophoaorta seeking .woo II. chalraaD NAACP M1'f 1r "
U \ \ 1 the mother of a retarded Central Florida aid la waociaattd.
to tratftr from the all- board of dlnctora.Itaaed child aid T, this. connection ht rt 80 far this year there

Negro I looker T. luhlat- chainta of the \ charged with torture, ealltd that the first hart been reports of 7T
ton School had been rejected trnattt croup la Arthur M oatrlbutiai to deb diagnosis la the United rabid bats,tI raccoons,

a cooplalat--the 8. mlaiara. with Bishop liaqntaey and eoaflat Btattt of a rabid bata 1 dolo 2 eats 2 olid

first Is Oklahoaa--waa potttwood, aa tletch neat, waa judged act lade la Hlllf oats lAd 1 akunk. .
filed rider the D. s. tin an. Alfred Baker lullty.MfMdwt. borough County la US). Rabid ..I..... ta*

civil rights law. Ibis Lewis treasurer, Roy ,.,. .. la the hearing The raccoons art la ptelally wild ones,
Rev. I.r.. lay and two hiking secretary lid .- before Juvenile aeatttrtd part of the Iou their tear of

Tulsa CORT aroktiaea>* Robert L. C.rt.r..e.rel ,'" 'I Court Judge I. R. Cul- .. huaaaa and thus any
Jtata Rotttll and RiatPrteaoB'.claftrrtd couaaal.Boun breath. wan Ira. lOll Dr. Nichols aald that wild animal whlefc ....
din i out tat 2.-*. ''; ,
with found tilt tens tick should not
lllaoa mother of three Bay bat oa or
0.8. District Attorney board art Dr. Ralph 1.bell. KICXOm The Afro-Aatrictti Life laaurwaccCo. throw lu nil support baud other children of 2011 ground "...t likely should not bt bundled,

John latl .bo told than tMibtrtT. Dtlany the Jai Urban Ltaeae't current wote,.re.htrat1oa this weak, Lewis J. Carter R1 I.th Bt. She waa ar- la rabid aid should not Dr. Nichols aald. Rao
tf the coaplalat sere Jackie Robins*,r.Rutll "III. the League/ btcvtlTt Director. announced Mending Ut forces Jt Dr. J.T rested At|. 20 oa a bt touchtd. All parents coon often attach dogs
declared Itiltlattt to Gallagher and George K. Btttch (seated) Afro' executive vice prealdoat; prod Reed Jr., Afroa director atiihbtr'a coaplalat should van chlldrta which la lira nay bite

tuhlnitoo.tht next stet, Hun too, all of New tort of public relations Rr. Carter end Ruaaell Roblaaoa aanaier of the Mortgage whoa Darrtll was found sot to pick up any bator ....... before ahowlii
would be an FBI latentcation Dr. Leonard L. Burns,"H De srtaent. Drive beadquartera are located at 108 R. Union It. naked ia t filthy bt>l. bird altet aaallthlldrta any alp of rabies
I of the Sand-'rlDP Orleans; Dr. Montage Royal Art Studio Photo ) room. caatot dlatianlah Once rabies develops,
Cobb tuhlaiton, D.C..
school <
tyattti Tht tchool
Judge Calbrtath, after bttttta the there la ao cart and
Far ..DI dI 0I1c1lO
board policy reversal trlOll.
g 4 two. death la ctrtata. Now'ever
hearing testimony fro
followtd.IB Judge Joseph. Kcoatdy Awol Trestles Gibbs Sociologist Gives .
aa array of publtetoaatj 'Is additlta. ptttwatra anti rablwa shots
Ran Francisco, Salter
earlier 1 negotiations welfare and should have aay bt given laatdlttf'
the board !had agreed to Rwthtr. Detroit JesseTurner CHrtH With Views On Recent Slum Riots juvenile officials their aalaala laoea ly to ptraoas btttta 4,

admit Negro aeolora to Memphis; are. fated against rabltabtoautt by what ia thought to
stated, oatoat,
Pate but had refused to Data Bit...Lit tit Rock. .1Ik Theft BT. PCTU NIRG- sociology professor tt OlbbaJulor toatwhtrt hat goofed M have a auabtrof hi a rabid aalaal. 8tr

admit Junior until mi Theodore R. Bevy Claelaaatl. . ., College has described tilt recent racial this thlai up." lattaatta of rabid oral children to far
and topbooorti until Dr. George n. vleltoeo la aortktra cities at "dlaordtr ac. la explaining that hortallatd bata hUlas doll and this surer haft picked
19M. "$..kill tot COBS Pl.alBa, Forth Worth.Ttxat. the birth of new order la huaaa .
ooopaaylag) re.latioas. ..t.. Aa animal a ay bt I' rabid bats, been
at those negotiations ; the RtT. Theodore ." ....................... the mother had fcatlad
been wader rabid several day bt bitten and to
carrying oa
Gibson Mini; Elrtt Kaplan of noting to
aa Marques NayatB. Proftttor B.A. BailU. fort it actually shove hilt the ptlafvl aadtiptaaivt
a great burden, Judge
local Boatoo: Rra. Damp attth the Httro' sense
resident who IB oat of four of being tick, to shots.HOLLEY'S .
oatr-ttar of the Marls E. Laapkla. Pittsburgh, Tampa Ray of U].*tlet, actually Culbrtath added Ihohaa tiaaa
Magicians Robert Robertson, Norfolk t Ares college professors Served aa a trigger to'loho10 been ]|*tai day by
basketball I
I selected to sociological _
give day with aa aatoatrollablt -
t... Ve. end Or. U.I.
'1111... CM da. H.J. tttwa oa the Dr illlla J. Dear of aalaal."
slum riots told reporters la coacladiai his cur
2 Enrolled Contribution to the ...,. I the University of Taa,aattrlbattt
of tilt 8t. Petersburg aatloaa, Cvlbrtath or-'
at fund-which: till bt the ""ItYlol.u
Tlatt dally dared Ial 1OIa'.
li "Ole Miss." used to fiBanet practically <<., ., ae.pap.t''let as .- to a "deterioration Ire. thrtochlldm.Paal.llaBada.l lUHCBtlli. [ [
all NAACP programs, : IB the whole .
nine that la a ratatooa aad Altthia, I, released
except political. action 'r", oral ordar." ClICUI
University, NlaRlaeiiiippl *.--- .c lur
men tttatyhoatt
social event like human
and Itflttatlvt lobbylaiart "Tht apattttai of tra"ttUoaal .
University rights of and rttaratd to I SLICE
enrolled two Negro deductible forla- nose degree values by rap. 111
disorder wan to bo ot her under pt.rTlilta
cat tai purposm. flout ping frtd of the
students Monday for the ptcttd perhaps latvitablo. preen of eke atttt Dept, Pill Illsaitiiniiiics
uses to which the fund IBADORCUXMPollewlat and frttdoa of
fall ao-eettr la- evicteoatratt ." apttchartuad tf Mbllt tel fare. .
to will bt pat art legal atdltittttt, .
which rlotlai houeiBf. ..,Io.t. otrrtrfttratloa. tilt usual To>> counteract negative venoms of legal pot Rtftrriti aiala to IICI.LIT
aecoapanltd deb
method la lavtttlit* aspects of the lito erder'Professor DarrtlK ht said that *
Btirtiatloa hart la school Integration 'nos. ftraoiraphy, lf ho would 1 Mil St. Mitulili.
Balth ro personally ooa h.
research and tloaa, city detectivesquickly Utica of local lave
lit 2, according to aaaaaoaaetatat coMtadtd. equal toe* tact Dr. John Presley 1
pro .
II to IW at lone.ONLY solved a theft tad free trtttl for ittiraatloaal MlifM tl
by the case la which a down tins wader tilt law. aadlattrchtait ailtatora .t laalaad Trailing 1
school. A ISIS police ptttola ..,. of ideas Center to see abtttDarrtll '
The university news TO, RIO 1STKR... stoles froa the Data Dr. Clark Bowaaa of aaarchy trttttt,"ttaaloa and best aa"... nil Ihs II. uaU
service said CltttlaadDo
County Pistol Ranit.laadorf Florida Prttbittriaa .
a aid, who bee hit College roporttd "tkt
,f" ..... heta., Outs
"' ," flarlU.U. KEEP Jells ft, a traattt eruptions of Biatnat.lapatltooo .
issuer **B jtlatd, v AMERICA: hall used for ftatralcltaawp aa>d hatred
by lull talker aaothtr and labor at that art aow.. frtqutat*

frtehoeri fro. BEAUTIFUL the range, aloai with ly boiling ever arm ,....

Jack... of ducts of many fatttrt, '
* Cy Rardrtcft Bryant
1.25 Jtfftraoa lit. was not tie lout of shish P E R MAItKBT
charged with tread la the ......hU.* of

larceny sad brttklai lose aad satiety pain
sad tattriai. having and frtttrttloo" QUANTITY liaNTI II1IIVI

:r\", : 1 ": takes 12 and platola.BBMBltloa 111 lacah. Dr. Unsaid 8 of Allen Booth ofUoMiTtrtlty a SPECIALS 6000 THfiU SUtfOAY AT EKEW000 AM) AVEMUE I

.: "."' 1 deride said the altalMr
: flhIUi f., '10 .. .ta dtttetlvtt readied the am Rights Act.Boab FRESH SUGAR CURED:

4, the Bat* of latdortDiioa
after loin over SMOKED HKKORYPKHIG
I. the list of all testes Putlackfires
: that bad prtvttatlyorktd PORKROAST
;; tt the range,
thy leaned U.t ht had

ttta ttatractd to the I1PIIJICIt.HII'I)" 'liebeet

prison ran for a alatrfftatt.Thty laid ,a.. of olct

checked ... BOB oft 0. ..n.."
the tars and discovered and It la well that U,

that Discs bad walked plot of a ll year*.ld
JJSir off a tee days ttrlltrbtfort white seas U blow tp
hit ..,... ooaoofflttvt. her sure (.r the la.raaeoanoty > : IIUlna
Rt w.t Ha ally she weld got 29

r trucked dew by city sad blow. It.. racial 29. 1

dtttctittt .. arrttttd strife did r. etrvIf L. t:,: LII.'i' .
at his boot.It ra.Jtttttto JetoM )/
lootdltttly !.. bad Mocttdtd. la t44l,.

+ plictttd Brrait.Mioo tlto to Bttlai tllrr<
had beer arrested ap a ota of trowkltrtd

8..,. S ftr drtaatatooaad ally, she would hat pttty lart_". AfttrbttMlti tweed doiato to bollclatt BALLARD FACTORY PACKEDSUGAR

angry sheet ao out .. t blect
the o.ttMo ho received two true bet .*,scan a-.
ia iMitlpal Court bo .*.".. p.olbl* cawt-4 9

attached a a.llc aM lattt 11.1." ..... Tl ptrwnoiH FLOUR

baltwtf Ito41t| U .tBfU the ./... I;;
the ...,,,.... .t ottrttaratd Her plot tee o tioelt art

,. MtM Md .*.*.. oalltttd the tlof < ;:

given ao addltiooal N !. **||eo. U o* ;'

gays plot 8100 fia*. tlf ttioktof drtoott 5L M. $ IM.PKO. .
0o Thursday ef heel la Bet BBf dtlltttoottUOtt 39

OMB MBM ....... tees root Lake trtKtlot PKO.IM. .
tho silt prl.*. fart .MMb. .t Mti- f
eta Cattle ...... .*..* fled Mtkorttlt thai "
told lattttliattrtkftor she had reecd ee UI"", .av 1 .. X M .1isi aria llrlt 1 Ml Ti.M ,toil ft fif

...... __t. tttibo 18 ,t.. allt .""

... pitoood Ut pitUI hl slag o ,.,..U.. fees
tease w...'.. otCb ........ EXTRA FWKY LATIN AfPUSCMltlU'S < u. w

t .,." Pel I see tsar |oMllKIa **

.4 motto meld BhObt eerpeas. .. Nerd tht dytotlta TOMATOES JObTIANBY "i '* *
whisk M" ..sed ... a lent Riot ..,.*.4 "r .

ttrleoeooro .......... .. I.... ftoo PjtwotwrOOtldhOWOOKBOOat 21{
alms fins i u- ....
f.... after uses I
IIINIIIAI.F-tUAIITS T* .loatt. before It
t.idbee tttro tbtivuirtiz y

'!tests. till gsst rrs.M .. rube II smt Pete a..... ec t.uld........... Sidled We MOMMfMOO tt. Nil MOP lYAPOUTB MMwttm Sill

1M....11-.... .....,,h to..1 P.tip... 'D mfm oTrQ* ........' It can. ...t U
) idled |bf.. t Utorto nSTUN CMTB c err NM ClOPS it Hiuriau
II.-H; W sir** ... eat l..*f lerttftl Semi'sTAUSMSIF 0-r d..... pesfesd 'L'-

Mew Wi ......... PIetldo W Iwenstlf Tae, Job eVaa.4.. fert feto*,. .K*. tM of V. S. MM CUH STEM .ttiwrroTATMS 7st

wfor7 wMeysesit tP..wao 'WI'... 1$11 St.,, Vele-llle.: Ala, PrdtfItad y

llo f1 Pet ..*. oo bafUl a. "! e y ,r ,
Pe rer.s.ss uwn. ......r t, MOIIOICaltorsllf a end.*. i| a>to.t Pet .
"---....04i. tiM.1. tMM / MM wee .oio| II tIP U U4"" ;l, '" t + 11
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ar..err4 wm'u eeer... ..... Qtr, ... ,NI14 a not peed lr||I1fJTI11JIDIAT _
b If saw era n
H ?v


"I'.0 ..
_ \ \. ,b./ UIr .. .. M i,

I --- .. . .. _

: ., (
I 1 mi PIt'Eii' t SITIIIIV SiriEIIEI 21, 1SS4Onclalmtd
met: ; "RIIjIA I
.- .. _
Miss Willie J. MuslerdFilers Holy TahernaclePrograms Talk
"' Money Awaits Beneficiaries Or Their Heirs

Tillideai Anniversary HI Teens.
--- -
Po11oi no. MM. Last Address Mount Final preparations) werecospleted As butts of radio broadctstlnc stations Is coil

....... of Hissing Persons this week for All tbs stations (MB. OB3. NAPE, tFDQ) are try-
W4 fertee Ho. IIt >> the 18th snnlvsrstry for Isi to captsro the attatlon of local teasers.

row knot tkt present address of any of tko persons listed below, plus. contact the Ordinary or the founder sad SaaiUy 'dark TV". They hats COBS fro. Oil 'UI'.. to

dtlaa DspartosBt. ft nets _., tor tb. or th.lr kilts at Afro-A erle_ Life Insurance Co.. 101 l School of Holy Tabersfels tat! other la piisss. records sassy, gifts, ste.
B. Gabs 5$.. Jacksoavtlla Florida. Church which ellaiss sad U t very special ..,.
Policy; Ho. MM. Lut Address Awoont Euaday after this Say T.oos, have you not clad ths dusts that pop-
2707 Kill lot Ida 230 Cl meat St. week's series of algotly slur slngsrs art doing now? Ton.lttye:
Daytona Ben.. fit. $ 0.00 obssrvsacss, Apostle LET IT M ME by Jerry Butlsr sad Betty

1721 Eranosga. Basis Ron 38.SebrtBg. PI a. 41.00 Boss Lie Davis, founder. Evsrstt piss Motown's Marvin Day and

8733 Lit,, Morrtsoa .IS N.R. ., ,...mh.I.. 146.00 At 10 .... BlstsrDeaoor tAIi Mary ,III.. I'd say this was t .ken
J7S827M Gary Stephen* 1227 M.t. lit Flees White, saperlstsndent Idea, IIOIII*' t yon?
:: JUtal.Flt. 41.00 will tarn over To oontlnua with the akin problw.1st .

10.... Elijah t22 Cyprsss St.DaytonaBcb. the depsrtosnts to Mrs. s tats oosblnatlon skin. This Is
I .. Pit. :28.00 Ill Rucksr guest SB* the kind of skin that Is partly oily

3804 Lewis C. Tursonest 16th ft Market St. '" ribs IUJfIIOIA psrlatsadeat. of regular and partly dry. Moss, chit sad forshsad are Ucllnsd -
Pal. Beech. Pit. .s.00 Bible School. to oIU...., wbsrsas cheeks bar t tendency

JIM Jasper 0. Strtcha Mlaal. ,Ia. 11X00 June graduate fron Adults: Sister Lillian to bs dry sad flaky.IV .
}:' 898 Psnsacolt ,Ia. 157.00'" Bslsy Miss P. Wards this problssuPollow the
2913 i '' All., Nary c. Boi Northtestem High Idtool.11..Il1J1tI..ImIoI'll., s hard to cops with ,
2931 "''. 104.00 guests: Senior. sister techniques that .. used In oily skin on Doss.ehla

2932 :r.\ '. Bltka, Lo,. IU 1I.7tll St. Palatka, Pit. 144.00 tbs daughter of Mrs. 0>>,.. Levy.Ernest lard and forehead; go heavy on lubrication for tbs dry
3949 Wstaos 11,... L. 1003 K. "A" St. T Tilda Bun ford 1972 I. Hiss Cynthia Mosely;Juniors '1''.'. Neit week we'll bring the skit problems to

,.. ":.... .. ,...ml.. PI a. 93.00: 45th Bt., left the city sister Mary Ann a doss
2987 .. -.t:' : '. sawyer, RtyBosd I IMJ-Ird AT*. Sisal Pit. 28.00'101t recently to enroll at Snlth, Muss H. 0 riff Is. Porth. teens .ho are always looking for an appetising

**" :+..E't'i. :'. ,. Peek, Nose L. 221 Hordlca .t. Tsnps Pit. :24.00 Talladtga College Tal- Primary' Sister Loiise piece of hoar try these
loa :, ... '\1.: : Oteas, HttlldtLewis. 340 Pleasant St. lad" .. Ala. Levy, Miss Mary Mossly.Stsrtiag Q. that's round and purple sad has t bit rile?
Daytona Ieb., Pit. 36.00 Miss Uunford plans to at 11:30 .... A. A grape whose group has 21% fewer enIU,..
p 3058 : *:: .r300r Battle 1422-etb AT*.. Ml art. Pit. 37.00 ."01' la speech) therapy. aonlag aervlcs will bo- Q. What s green and dances?
< r .'': ",.. totals took Bas 92. Usslanss, Pit. 33.00 A. Fred Aspsragns. *
3087 4. 'S ;Y'" 'y"' ... IUJ1I1b8I01Oll 124 Unit Ptrrr >t.St. Wins Couch To Q. that's purple tad sets?
,, ; et. Augustine Pit. 123.00 A. Moby pi"",

3133 Ma].., rill!. lIS Park It., Jut. Pit. 85.00 Spoisor Pfojrua 0, what s green and wears t cape? '

3148 */-rd, Prankttover General. Delivery ., A. Super Pickle.Q. .
: ." Port It. Jos, Pit. 115.00 The Blalsters1 Wives What's purple sad goes.'alas,si.. si an, 'aI.. +.

IIU7I ,, Harrison 125 .. Ad-am St., *lacy, Pit. 70.00 Council of the this st. A. A four doored grape.Q. .
440-1Kb St. N. .JI... Association will walls?
3348 ,: Bradley. Mr what's yellow and walks through
St. Petersburg. Pit. 37.00: sponsor t progrtB. October the friendly banana
A. Casper
3298 ; .." CklsbolB. nillH 814 Odessa St., Jai. ".. 30.00 II. the auditorium 1- t Crazy Yes but In s way-out way.

3403 .", "S', ', ""' ft.... Banes 807 Jefferson St.Orlando of First Oonita BartlstChnrch'.Rev. T.... cto you want to hear sonethlag that's .-.>y.

Pit. 13.00 : C.J. Watklas .-.,- o-u-t-TT Jello for your hair. I've often heard of
3457 11111... tin i. Owners Delivery 11.00 will bs IOd.ntor.I.nl. APOSTLE DAVIS milk, eggs,vinegar, but never' Jello to condition
3494 teasel Ham los 581. Pt.Meade. ,Ja. 61.00 .. as chslraan IsMrs. your halr.Tbis Is recosaended for fine. soft hair.'
(oostlned slot weak) .. L. Jones, with gls with Deacon Weaverdirecting. Lib wo.111

Mrs. C.A. Heaver u her Visiting Golly but gee we have got SOBS T.Y. progrus
Antioch Woman M..11It His assistant. Proceeds will speaker, Cldsr Tucker to choose from this year. The al 'tine. favorite
INPEIIIl SMIIIEStAwn benefit the widows of will bs Introduced by that Is rating no.l In the Teen's preview of shots

iroiczws! .- coaarics Plan Program HereStH., decessed slnliters.AIRBI Minister a... Hendon.. Is the -ttiDstsrs". Ths Addsss ,.11," Is anothtr. -

ALL LEADING' HAIR rWAIUTIONS .. Sister Jennie Mae tat tet's not forget to watch 'B...teh.d"
--- --
Aniutl .oa lID" Day tins ...
and Musicale Set will bs ofcerenonlss Doll."
Core MOAD ASWJT *L 42159 or "1y Living
trrteti .111 bi con for ths pro With this preview round-op of the fall shows, te

daeheSlt /hillock Baptist By St. Pail! Choir I.... beginning at 3 p... will never have t dull sent,lent you agree' with
Church: Sunday beilnnlni and Slater Mary Ann SB 1th
WIGS WIGS WIGS silk Sunday School .t Senior rtlor 1 of St. on
Paul sill give tbs principaltddrsss. To those Teens who art intersted Is the northernfashion
AMP.: Church under
9.30: .... tad will constime
Tbs occ.sionsill
the pastorrJiip of a... neealisten to this: Ths style Is strictlyAFRO
throu-hout thtdajr, A.C. Chandler will bs given by Sitter (abort for African). Ths boys searstripedcuff.d :
Nature! tcoordlBi toes mnounca present Lillian Raley and Deacon
Wig Shop their Annual Musical AFRO trousers AFRO haircuts AFRO aborts,
... .
.t by the pmtor R" Weaver Raley will and
at the church tt 7:00: and socks.. Ths girls wear till AFRO hairstyle
Jo t ... October account for the history skirts. This news wss flashed to .. by B N"
p 1'
37 EAST BEAVER ST. lion I.. wortblp .111 .5 Featured sollsts will of the church. Presentation Rochelle ".1. teen. They say the school Isn't s
buds tt 11 OTeloct with r .. Miss of gifts to the school any wore It looks sore" like an AFRICAN
Agnes Robinson
PHONE In. Annl Huff of Second founder Apostle Davis)
EL 4-2662 Clsrenes Pel dir.Clarence
Baptist Church des WlllU/ A.N. art.. will be directed by 81stsrUHlan By the way teens If you have sou teensce event
liverlsg s religious Raley.Participants or' affair that you would like to bin the public
''It KMIUmillRS .*.M .. Mrs. Alice Bur church organist sad the who
| oslo coaalttso have will bow about send It to Be In care of thin net**
roughs will bs the fust ... r feature readings. aolos papt ii.- 'a'

I k lilt, till 1.11. gel. ink. .fllvin soloist Baptist Q..rci.Mrs. fro. Bt.. 81S1 ,sue Itr'loctl'JOANNE.od.l JONB. will pops program rrsnged of Bi.ettertainiag musical selections cluds and selection: the Tabernacle will I ins Goah Teens, It's Use..to say'so*Tt>NOI JoogVor 'nee'.'

in i fiiriin, wifIIIX Kna Jtu Odes and display tbs latsst In for the occasion Oospsl Slsg'rs. Brother
th youth cider of Zlon tII. Callio Jackson Hat Followlsf Us musical Morgan Deacon R. Marshall *
IIHU 1111 Hers" Baptist, Chare will dsslgns Sunday after* t pew rally will be held.Ira. Deacon R. Wat ART STUDIO
bs Is charge of smile noon during the fall Dorothy Bates is .. Sister whits, Sir
.ji cum 11 cum rim durlsi' 3.00: sinless and wlntsr hats and slim president of the chior. tit' Jiaaie P. HeniJoa, DAVIS STREET

Ir. M.L. Johnaon will shoving tII. 1111I puh Sister Davis) and BlstsrH.
i peck to the eonirsiatlon.trtftlsi Ion Beauty Aid Pt...* Hampton AI..IIIfriday'S Lsvy.Visitors. ELgin 4.1894
Wi stock tH lettmrluto wkltstlt write 1:I worablp will tatloos from 4-. >'... at art .!&'.ct.d

\ h.h rt Miss toss Lss7ros 4414 Mossrtsf' ad. The Meeting to Inelsds Mrs. Delores 111 MIITIOHI

bmtr sleeps .ll -it nalarsaksr public Is Isvltsd.EASIER .' The Jscksonvllls Chaps Keith. Sister B. Grace
.IIUITT riiiitariIliCI
Hiss Prlscllla Wards sad ..
teroftheHati' al Hwp-
Crseat Wards. a..". by
too Alsral Aasoelatlon I HUE... Cllll
Robert L.
J..1 : ( will Best st 7:30: ,... Mlatstsrs
Jones Roosevelt Oasis
Friday la the hose of IIIIVIIIUS..CIHPS.JICIIl '
.... Rendoa and Apostle
Mr. .d Mrs.Ptederith' L.
dtsrard.' 434 .. Kth *t. Rosa U Davis.Ths .
public Is lamed.
la this Initial ...U..
of the tlar. scad.leyear
prlBsry tttestlon Make You Open Dally
A Member BOIH
1 will INI bawd upon the .
.K. A. A C. P.
leaf chapter's role In fern (,.. fteWom fifM, EXCOT IIUIITJI
nulls to ths Rational j
Association proem 1.1|

... rscraltBwt sf sUdwaU.
...., ,,,, publlo relstloas, SSMS!
..(/i-- sluMl glvlei.the tklted WASHER
.. r Negro College Psnd." and *

leadership ....10..... ;q'

Also klghliatlai the SALE I
aiaea will .. tte she' I
tine of officers thearrolnto
,t.frosillresB "1q TN errti s Mrst Serrkt ins eetrs kilt Lt dent

[KYiYlg!] \ ktbe charter's poJsctlos.tt4.year, set laeladlsg I mi M lots re-fur r; ; ,1l1Tt7.k1 ,

presrntstloa at lao... :MAYTAG 4-Cycle bis

cMlsg OB October 31. acrltUwe I
and evalsatloaof >elers

last year's sett titles MMT S

sad B report oaoeeralagtbo -- I .24 Te I
t recently ....let"U. Iie Plr !+
.000.000 OMwslcstleB PIi
tester .d IsBptoa's aewCooperstlvB .
TO OPEN tartcudyprotraa La I

la 1...5111.1 : ...
Tschols y. L''L! .JMAYTAG
Christ .fft.." of the .

Carnation with ".ca..U RearteaClsb Write W.eIee Spod.H
,.d... fin sell P.

tha txokiaivi mwSUREGRIP M I LK ........ Jr.. presldeaUJeahst Put.tit tae psr.i...slam tae ii Islit..a.sse.tae s ttaetN ktaweysi 7em eq YbtsI
un.... vieetnol ramM.l. .
dB\01"0.Mlt ,, gap 1..14. tsau Asa $ ..
_. BtretS17 .. i..taa arse S St 111. J'
ftlJJ'JTAMIN D *51i sir. e..m.tO
1 INCRE toast Psrpsrs lrB
..,.,. All 9.r.er st.- CBea
t P_ M
.Hssptosj aro.ltglbl.
dents O
.n ........ mid s..o .

ta4 sr ed *. ...... 1..YroalIM
41 .4

'0i0.y .Ike Shier TN w 5.11W W is

"tom. MW tim heWe \ Uly watte) Udge .ItBt
'e. onIMry Mvwate opener seah.ty to prevent sill _sel Alt BUIwswter 9 5 $ '

....... ...peslrs Meier.hoo.Ira"tM milk from Contend eewa'ry ,. st .... ...... att e
y ;' !. nra. .t Nth

.. ..\! ,' --- ash ..less. 8a sjiOh
LNg.. If ctt> are

.s tt.i.
'. u-' '/a. "!if t B.nV JOBBBB IB ....w.

,.' ..

,. w

: ; -- : r -- \1 1

II' SEfTEMCI 21. 1HI ruin mi> firtn PlItT

Florida Voters Uogso Hcaors Archibald Carey Honored- By- Citizens -Committees ------ Nil'l l Urbn liigio. \.SRgkl I"'>>\, --

I Sot For Hero Candidates Bolls RipibliciuArchibald School Grads For Higkir TniiT.g'. I

ND 'tta National Urban League io atoi-
OAINKSVItAB-..Y. Dints president of tko Plorida CN ICA00--NPI)-Ie..
lag Negro kith school graduates for
Votes League announced that one of Uo features J. ear.,. Jr.,

of tko team. ...u.. la heel Sept. 2 -J7 till 0110 f tilt Ballon load- oaiiaro and executive oocrtUrioo..............,Ie.w..,,'.,i.> CMen
bo Uo presentation of Certificates of Merit to tat Kopabllcaaa. has bet.... tko ages of Tort city, or Ulttoa4r.
all Negro candidates for elective office la Uo bolted to support President 11-21 harlai 10118111001eroblvaolTiM Tribbl at 7J1.WOO.toaoa .
state la Uo put tlNlltJ yoaro.la Lyadoa .. Johnson >> ability coooareial Md
his aaloa.e....t ........................ .. Uo Deaoeratle ticket and aooo ",ul.u. iaolottroalca technical high tekooliraduatoo

Davis stated "tba get his Jut duo." or aoeaaaiea having a Bill
Negroes who qualified bvhaala till bo placed Carey iat.atioaa to art add for training aaa typlai ulll of to
for elective oa tko laportaaeo and denounce Sen.Barry bid- aa oattoatr service cords per smite sad '
offices Uroufhout methods of getting out water sad thro his allegiance 11111..r.. tkortkaad. aklll of 10

UotfUto tko record Notre vote to tilt OOBO According to Merrill cords per alaato mr
I deaplto for Uo Nov. } general orate la it i was reported Tribbl. Natloaal hue apply for free oroiJfdaatea .
the tern fto election* at this Boot .."'..uaul by Bank assistant there to apirado that

oddeonbtUilotted lag thick till bo held NPI throe weeks ago. areopenUufor M men secretarial IbU I II'"
,.areu.s 1 at Uo Haaptoo Honae ia 'The Chicago Blalttor, la the class beginning Tko pniraB oaphaaU*
DlVnM ".1. General builaeaa.torkaaopa. lawyer and politician mar./ Oct. U. hob till receive shorthand typing, bear
la the baestforpolitial election of joins a growtig Hat of $350 per aoeth for 0rs11dpelllag. gr rr- 1
roootaltloB officers for Uo cooing Negro ropablleaaa who f one year for attondlaiclaaaea lag aid proper coil I
of Negroes and are loot year are oa Uo agenda have rejected tilt OOP 4 fro. t ..*, to ..bit.. i
overdue their Juatreoornltloo. tick tko proaoatatloabaaqatt candidate for president I p... daily. Mea la* 'Tko cost of the pro'rit > i
." closing the Cary, a lifelong Ho .... teretted man write Ha* borne by ova tarn I
He added "Jaat tko meeting oa Sunday afternoon pablican. dropped his mourn OOMGUSauN: til MM U Daeeoa (seated loft) Mjojri a hearty laugh. with lions Urban League Inc. corporations and a pet .
practice of supporting 110.b.'" 11 at a pressconference fellow Deaocrata during a citizens (\>.Ut.. Halito to the Chicago Initiator 420 Medians Avenue Net vats fouadattoa.
Uo sore liberal candidates ot Uo day hit Saturday Bight. They have food reaaoa to bo happy Rov. Archibald J .
la not enough tad All current: and toner of Ooldwater't bU to Carey: Jr. (standing lift) aaaounced hit took kt bad bolted tk* Republican INDEPENDENT Oil CO.
Negro candidates art
nay tines iteffoctlv tilt tlady City. Carey Party to support President Johnson and tko entire Democratic ticket. Pith D...
urged to bo preient to KIROSE: HGNK nLIVTRY
Ia cost laatanco la the suit son and Carey are Mayor Richard Daltjr (Boated right) and !
receive their certificate MECHANIC ON DUTY
South, rarely la tko la peraoa.Folko Tko !sage of tko repreeentative) Cornea A.Da via. Approtiaately i.eGO noa-partle III"OIl."t..t. J Ik' Joseph ".................. ProprletorState
choice betooea )04.. Republican party today tko affair held. at ChlcaaVB famous Sneraaa Novae. (KP1
I and Jefferson Streets FL 4"4 2
that Uo
tore often Ut Negro It Charge It not of partyof

left to choo. Uo lesser freedom thick oacecoBBaaded Approve Disabled Vets Children Tampa Negro Gets LASTER'S WEE-WASH-IT
of two erlla. Negroes 2 MOB For tko respect .

nest constantly and Uo affection of a Under War Orphans Program Sanitation Post ): I Cleaners ud ;
majority, of Uo Americas ,
vie for and via elective Pbilly Riots TiKCA-n Hlllaborottih ," 1
office thero lees are people, and I caaaot By tko opening day of school UO children of County Health nparta>.ot LmdryDRY
... t
side and Interpreted to PHILADELPHIA. ,.. support Uo position of llvltg votoraat of Plorida who art totally and hired It' first Negro
Polio arrested too 1 tap resent loaderahlp." pertinently dlaablod fro aervlee-oonnected causes aanltanM hrn Alvin FOLD

Jackson Qniilly leaders of. Negro a foraal atatoaeat read. bar been approved>> by tko Veteran Adalilatratloa Taylor a iraduato ofHttllaan
'Preedoa" Boveaentoaday Under ,..aUoll... ko for study wader tko tar Orpana Mueatloa Aaaia Call*!* la Tuaealnoia -
Integrates' Schools oa charge that charged Ooldvator has taaco program ...................... Ala., alerted a 1 lOC Ill. '
they lattlgated noting boon appeal lag for vote aaay lOre calldrea ia atudy
lACIS>N. Mlaa.-fliro' and looting la a North oa a 'racial ....11." florida are eipecttd to An units art act at one south tralalai Odora III llfClinlif
flrt-radn. totaling Philadelphia alao section A brllllaat orator bo aliiiblo for aaaio U to 31. but U cartels bro last ftiwday.
JI.c l1.tJlIec" classes la lat Auguat.Salted Carey was regarded a* lance under tko proiraa caaao aicivtloaa oay boad Taylor o mauve of k. Service j
la previously all-thlt ia a secret Oil of Uo Repablleaaparty ia puraulag their col* *. Palmetto .aa ployod "
at the kntw N John & Utter, Proprietor <
If the Javtala >
1.ehOll schools Monday police aanhant, tare *a top caapalpera, legs courses, or BOB ellilblo person
bile efforts were la Sbaykh. Mukaaaid 14, and baa a)way a bees able college cot r tea )loadlai ti of legal use .ho or for ieertlai tilt see FREE Pick &p ,ud Delivery
vats to register the alec known aa AbytalalaHayao. to attract considerable to galaftl .. ,... ski say file application maltlon, orcordla to R
brother of a slain civil and ..,.. Hall. support Eros thltea la B.J. Cannon SIC, YA Itfc the VA Office, III <'.-:. Phillips, director CPU :

litnta. torkerlaHeridaa.Mra. Pannlo Chaaoy,. tho va Abdullah.the aaaoTuaauf his'The eta BOB political,of a proalaentAMI race*. Office Pla. said Jacksonville today 1 YUhU. Mroe Not Pt.?U Jactaoo. parent of era)tk anltatlon.. dltlalM of IMI ?!... llATIIK J ,.', Met. tilt .,.', J

.other of the slain civil MuhatBad. deposed cburchat. Carey has Riteaaloa of tko pro or guardian suit apply, A bachelor of actMieo ,
decree I I it 11(11( M UJ-I.IJ i
Bad her to children other Cannon said a rqnlrri I
rl bta sorter her of tko Black Muslims successfully eoabtaed iraa
second unsuccessful try lives la tko the career of alalatry than those of decoaaedaervlcecoaaeeted. for Altarlana, ..'.. aIIUNN' j

to oaroll her son, headquarters of Uo or- and la*. No It ptttor vet $ ClUltttM '
Charles at Chalk tieentary. gultatloa ho founded of Quinn Chapel AMICtarcB crane has bow la effect
which ia atlll called "MaktaBBd'a la Chicago, which only olaeo July 1 Men (
an allohit school Atricsn.Ast.u Cultural taa founded lOre than a President JoAneoa algaod BUTTER
dotplto the civil riattala Center" century ago. the a.. I at.
-, 'This ... lav oitaadoUo I III

The NAACP aonouaced prograa to children I' *
iBaediatoly that suits Carl T. Rowan To Receive of votoraaa of the i

till be filed la .... Honorary Degree From Mor. Spanish.*A.erleas Par. IMCIAIS GOOD ,59
aov Pond QUANTITY \
OMMiitlea.fffklai... tar I, world tar
lateiratloa of ,..bHo"acllooJa. "jAt.iiroai. Hd.--Carl T. BOOOB. dire tor of the It, tko Roroaa Cn filet 1 RIGHTS KISUVID THROUGH tATUADAY .I.I"' -
If dose, this -Doited State taforaattoa Ageacy. till ko awardod sad Uo poaoetlae oer Plas.,elp3, }w "" .1'1" er'fl'

could Bark the thi rttII the honorary degree of Doctor of Public Ad vice ate have boom per
public school ayate at* .1.lItnU. at Horgaa State College 10 .......o- aaaoatly sad totally
tacked by the NAACP for day, Sapteaber 10. Dr. Martin Jeaklat, president diaablod by lllooaa or MLMIF
operating ..COIIU t.* announced this .... VVV***'**...****!V* lajiry attributableoltbor
tlooal ayatoat of segregated 'r. kotaa till deliver trlealatloa Coreatlo8Uo to their oar *
education address at tho I. to bo held at N.ghoa .*. time sere ice or, .. Uocooo cir
aortal Stadloa.Tko .
of peacetime tot .
foraer Aobooaatfar crass to djaabllltlooreceived C

WHEN YOUR Id to Haled ootld met receive ia I la*of duty TISSUE.m
his degree aid
ttnJ Rllglblo ell 11',n reeelve -
SKIN CRIES... deliver Uo ..**aca eat beaeflla ap to
ann M ntnai MtW M wiLT mr&iucaaWMOBrf addressi Jesse a* silo a aoath for fall
=sons.M a --=.= =-='e%'::= cs -..:: laaaod heceaee ko to* tine oarolloeat. Mdproportleaately r
>* *** < *f aW iMkdMSKIMSUCCESS
== :;: called to anotkoMt Awls loooraawaatt mWL PACiCatf

,a..e..w-.r tovauswoo..P........ during a goveraaeattrial for part lice : '
:-::::== :.::= .::; ---. ::=.= a.r. i, : W9 MrK
C"I.s;.: : 10.... ate ass ap* I V.1T. htlWI
:=.-r::. :..= = etc Freed MtuRolidlcted yiHf
.. .
j aYwrM' ewe polated by PrcaldeotJoaaaoa
,. eer. ._
: wen w. eon I *
., aa director of II i* li ex _
: u.e.. e'.ea._ t-. = :" OI1A. succeeded Meardft. MIlE FOBS IWulK U All CM

... Brroo.
...ZInvitee I. achieved aatloaalttataa For MirdorsV IENTILI imiirs

a* a jeoraallatfortkealMeopollB
Tri .V,.a r.
bane for thick ko oav Old cat, ofcoao. lift SHORTENING
.red cede events aa ttotrtabebet Btaeo *r klllloi tee
visit U U* paoplo eec tftet .*.., w
aldeett Md Uo Afro tic cideoa 4e.itiea of t
Asia OMfweaoo U ..* tko lap No* Ceo.. *a. 211tN 3 rw'fP

died.tr. ...ra" tefeeodoy iuUIIUi 49 *
See kao ace Ureoocoeaatvo tee aero pooile 'Ilk 14.M M MTI l..4 ifp .
rtwy aedalllooafraa .allaoeriMOtat leN ,M SUI. Mtl I (Ion, Itrtf

PJoa* Suite Ckl. over ,. raid Jan far -

KI1IIIII1CT farrlo tic fceetlegeft-n Mla**., M-aadPrMlooo en

Ciriir il, IIIUTcu Bollltie, IT CLOROX 29 !
I If ooavjgtod oo o first' .29
aaraat attain rarf 1A FLOOR111
degree aar er ...,,., k*
(lpn0ide ...!. .e Boat to the Isere 111fItk
and lee 4 It wen. gad oayvBaoatM
electric chair,
...>..l* owald .... (Hi etki bad .Hermm
Pl.00 au ..... 4 \- II' MM M mrs *
kea Uo et-M.tr* fwd to ..,.
It Is Ittl foroaaolt
era *aea pets of fcaeiotw toIII
pits laud
mil twiwtsPiES
to awworo, .. otaeUoLBValldaefo rttit'
eau eat oa pro- '
anoft tart lessee bet lea *.. ko IHIH a A "$'

.na-II..*.*.. aiaaaalilola _s ,***l.. e.deLirsea et. MILK ; I IMMH l'APPLE.

tko, pelawaa atotea.wit Plea. tease oolIkeoo lo 135 B* .,...... ,:' 29 fig >K
p llty a4 'cc s.t.iilc
1*W* a.fw..a.*. feel
llto a ailllea" ..*... CHOWY
teal poor one 0 S. ..- IIM Nf,IW smtf
*,... I* a olio, of*
fettle dlerolW M IkoBldaejro pree. Coors ruled ikat BUT: CUSTARD PEACH
Uo sib of w II'
Bad III.****. It loaiiBiiaalil
00 o 4ealal 01 PICNICSr
IDIIJIICMT Ha B debt O Se-I'S o.o el I let ...a.rlptU. .
.....n..... to fleo Itolrelief. I!
Plies ort..IM 'u. MMC SHI.H'
..e. beetle of
You To Listen To"DANCE .. oo4.r Uo eert' a sr.rullsg .1'
eaaeiN ,.", ...., eel
W eas .p.tc
ourt he** M ate Peed to NlealefiNSl
IKIAKi M n" ,..,. piealaaIs
peel ...att. Self o. aBiaifBoO iIENS.194 29WI
tie Beett after k*
oralo, 4 ,s..... wally to a leaser u.
PARTY"IJfMIf p*...>. of Magi iaai...
ottorto of o.M4*
...... la IMaM of tab deerN sweet.trueI.ellf .

I1H 'HI II:" less, ..*.. .. t Mil+ ....
pieced 4'M ktClr
... R. a* yroo

SaItfhf I ,... tU M ..... I Lattl trfwTI .....*..,.lt..*o44. *.edge OMOOtttMl : .,.

ten Psa.ii rwds/m 1ateeipM. IMCRa """
1411 laIC 1411 euAlI'It.. .... .DUI...,, I.

...;..... ., .. > .'" '. ..' .. ':,:\; .,.,..". ." ._;;..... .c.T.' ...-. ,Il+

-_ p _

1 IMf: 111 SU1 Fifth):= j SllIIur $Imam 21f 11$! J

f' ,
\ .. "' .
Tt "
... ..
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.):"..'., ', ," \'.. \ I r; ti : : f" y' .':
," '.., -' ; 'I .r. '
'" ; i', ," '. <\
..' ,,:,r" : )" :.
; '.
,...... 11M[I': ,,:1, >' / >
; \ "' ,...:
I : '' .
... :.,. .,:"' .... .-'( .."..-.,.;; {(I '2.,.' ''"J'''' ...
'. .. ... ,..
.- T'n ....., -

d : I

Blcbirdscn Heights Community!I Bouts Community Enjoys Numorou County 'Firsts'LAtOlOICI
__ _
1 L: ;rt Per Cent' Voter. Registration

i -It is DO accident that ftlchsoad Btltbtt,
I cotmunity 1* ads County with 7,000 residents,
I Soattt\ a betttr thin '0 percent voter rtslttraMl. .-
-. <,.........................
'it it not too dim gross i.tarestsd latarburbea
wilt to t.t people to llvlif.
".pond if you work atit ,!this two ytart,tottaebtn
," Mid lira. Allot Oil principal,
K. Taylor, ploattr rttl- oat cbctorofldlolOpb",
dent and ttcrtttry of 10 pollen.., ono d*>
tilt Richmond MtlibtttOien't ttctirt, ala wittered
Chb.. "W. ...t runes one dentist tad
bl-aontbly, discuss 11 pottofflct taploytt
were at OB i tins 2,100
eoamiblty probloat then
von tonrd tllalBttlai rttldtntt living la 478boaet

th-. .
Latt pier a tract vat
Tbo recent rotor rtcio-
nUn drlro ..U.. chosen for out tot built
dot to 300 wlttruttbriailai boattt destined to sill
e tilt total tc: for 125,000 to t JO.000. StlxnNO. (right) Buntyt .. jopitmt of bit nearly ocn>l ttd tpllt- Matt: The aft tad modern Uchaoid Heights tilttlni pool, ono of tile rtcrta-
Jnit otr 4.500 accord- nit Ittttt sots prt* level boat la Uobaood Nights with neighbor Its ..14, president of the 00*- tlonal facllltlta tbt coMualty't 10-aer Dad County Park. Ibt park, our- I
w .,.. Htl M r. Carr, Btottd financial prob- unity Council. Bwtttlni, local butlntiMaa, along with other BMbtra of the rtntly undergoing rtdrrtlopatnt. till soon afford 4-H youths a clubhouse wltb
eonriMponalai atcrtttry. fans, but a atrltt of council, waa largely rttpontlblt for tbttt typt boat for the ar... la a good dlrtr1 tplath of tbs pool. (MlMl-Netro .Ness bureau pbo'to)
"?. did It 07 knocking eoaftrtactt with VA,

c-a teltpnonet doors tad tbo ringing tald.orklnc PHA tad ooapany ootaereltl officials flaaact hack Shorts Low Miami Beach Sinner Rites Trio Rob Jamboree Time i

'I toward bocMiBf' aolvtd tbs.Police Extended. For 30 Diy Period Bis DriverA It a Sliaa Casa Hho iJ
a aodol eoaaraalty Meant ReportsA MIAMI 1IEAaI-'I'o tportain and veins to wbon fishing Ttcn-Twon aialtlll' t Get!
ort than sill irooatd and a vacation art tynonyaout, It It tooourallai MIAMI Bfcn: ]Another month of low tamer rite Metro rraaatt bill set team for tb* 4thtnnu ,
1 twit.piloted bouttt. tat ttploilon at 21801) .to not the bit ones ttlll art to be taken rtMlat for Ttcttlontrt la Mlaal Beach who desire operator was robbed of ,l fall Jorbotrt
'I. kt.p la touch with II llltb Court Sunday la to pity a winning parlay of buditt.luiury and $..U at tan point last being hlct tvdey (Futur-
wtttrt around Mlaal
all ar. rttldtott constantly injured fits rtoBtall 11.1 fishing touraaatat B.ach.The bad Itt J9tb Metropolitan rtnttal 'la fun lor ta autuaa bollday.Bwlnlni ....................... Thursday night by three Ci>j) .t U. farm Brmtt,,
," ,ltI, Cur Occupants of tbo dvtl tbs winter of IH3." and dttpltt its nearly tbrt and tlthttetlBi Buaeroua rtaurantt,art unldolfld Negro bandit ef the YTCA
a&J d. lug rtetlvlai third decades of competition anglers tttabllabtd 12 provide tlloulll to do for within a few alnutt or *. The till' h 001ISa'r. : :
It wat atarijr II year '.,r.. buna. touraaatat ,.cordl.TII. tourney will latuiurttt Itt the averse vacation, but any locatloa la the Albert Smith driver of .', See you then.
aID that the idea for Miami pollOI Idtatl 10th annual edition la Otctnbtr. 1864 and run Into to tbttt eta bt add.d city. Greens fees tt the the but, told investigating Your Tees To"n ffporter.
this all-.M.sr. aubdlrl tied the fit tt Ctdrlo late April. 1M5. tbs night club enterttlnaent municipal golf eouraet offlctrt that
sins tat oo..ha' by i, Kill, 4; avid KIM, T.: .............-... 4 bt|-|.. flab remain at the tatter tbrtt young '.,Iporth,
Pat Aacrltaa Airline; Sandra Ring, I ax>atba; MIAMI BtACH-Of Must Bttcb't seven and a loath IB i, olf, football and lets of $3 until NOT. revolvers, approached BE SURE TO VOTE
pilot, frank C. Martin, .tatetba Ring aotaor ot square ilea of land artt. tlaott molly oat cotcertt to bo enjoyed 15. bla.
during bit flights ovtf. tbs square all*, or 670 sores, It devoted to park tad
the are.. Miller, a aa-ym-old rtcrtttloa ar....Tht city owes ud optrtttt for Tins third Itrittt aatlonal -
Martin s.l acted a group boy frttad of II.... Klai.n residents and visitors 10 ocean front parks for park la tbs country
of advisers iBcltdltc1' ,ioU.. had Jut hissing, 11 rtertttloa parks plat a auabtr of Everglades Park,
two of Mltal't ""'Q. rtara4 Inn a tint taalltr playgrounds, tad tbrtt IOU oourttt It HUh tort than aa e
letdtrt.Pttktr Tnto -, with Mra. l1.t. uhsr. hour* a drlvo fro tilt
don IU Olbaon and the Tins blast was btlltrtd bright llibtt tf Ml eat
lIT tdwtrd .Or..... Reacquired to bar secured skis OPERATION .
the land and MM. Kin tttMpttd to SECURITY N..rerritoIbis. : citythaiijdtor.111 .
sonab$ to attract MM lllbt a kerosene latp. t__ 1 { II.' "
+r.dtB'o'i'ists5st'ia'Carted \
eoaatrcltl attractions *
suck aa tbs

Tune WAME Home Of The World's' Orchid Juatle, parrot
Jaail *. Baquarlua t
\ Monkey Jut lit and Mr : ;
poatartua. Craadoa Park .
Champion Disc Jockey M am 'and Palrchlld Garden
.ay be visited without
L. adalaaloa fee.
pootbeJ! lent hart three =.
University of Mlaal bass .
(sass la October, with H ':\4' \ _;>
California playlac la
''' '
the 9rat Bowl across t
Bloctya Bay Oct. I, ,
Pltttburtk visiting Oct.
17 and Indians here Oct. WMBM 1
23 Boatoa college tad r
Vaad'trbllt tro oa the Spotlight I Predict Of The Week
lovoBbef calendar.tolf. .
( tails, nlMln Miami Florida
sand fltbitc. M well at
Kicky In

Moldtr of ..,1" I'Ir..u. Community School
.. Moor
fIN Hatna IttooatUuoti lIMn Rackia Rogers Begins Classes

la the Interest oftcrvlre
,.1111. tad bau..deg. _
,y7 M .. .,, r.h'r.UCle.t
Booker T. ttekliitetCoBMialty
school started
Frlc'., and will era Unite
tbrrat '...14.,, October
2 1C 00 t.a. tt
i1----- -I .."'11' to M *.meceeat <
hr Fkillel Brn.a,
casually eetool tI,..-
1M urnsyMa ttl
1: 00 to 6:30 I All rMttrrrnedtr
fra- WAMI Boat.*aBttdt tb* t>ads O>eMt) Board
Otte It Irelker ay e f Ptell Iselrscllta i '2
aid till be kill fro .
t (f ol..< ..*. will MO'clock 9a
w ritt lbs weCltteea -*. r .
SEE AND HEAR THESESTARS tvtlltllo are: .
CIU......,. vedtetdayTymHIUt. w4'
... rr1.41: .
BMday mad tedaeeday.aetttry .
..,u.,."In'; n.
Mbjtttt for
RADIO adults ttttday aadBkbeetl
flared *|,
...aaq; ............
day tad 2hsrsd.r. MltbPa
IcIIMI til.., T...4*,
aid Ss nb;111" M .l
H. WAME-1260 M tt iealU BM.ay wd .
; ..*..*,. Peed Buy it( w s
i 154 hgsr.Uas. ..._
Ur B..*..l MM*. te.-
I- dr M ,..,...; Ct blat .
.. MIAMI m i CBUMtt.a.M*4hf,
teew eN ..........
"" RoIl Crown Is made fresher to taste fretber..
Hear "list, line" Nightly At 11 p.m. -
:, :>r J "" % { $W r j ;! #' go fresher go Royal Crown.
# W t'th .Art :ireen t t LL tai .... IPt4A1 ,
64ts't gtaitN.......

',,' way .. ', ,,-\III- iii, a ." ..... ,1. "

.. .

SEFTBsEI 'Ii. 1H4 I KltiM Mil f uns Uct t !
FAMU Groip Spun fll.A & M Grid
.; I

Support For IBJ [iris Prouolioi '\('': .;'\ .' "., .' Rattlers Hope To Regain

PAW atadeata act to TJU./HASSIK--ThcMaa f. I I .I ., .'j ., 'it ." ,
fon a "10'" Cltlccna 'It.,.. 1961 graduate of '. I ::. :." Lost Football Supremacy
Florida Ma "varsity. r '
for Johaaoe"group.Sponsor. !! ,
has beta preacted to ;
Dr. I.r.H. .. It
Howard. '; I I'f
Prof of Political Clair hastier, 08-T la TALAHASOTt-Tbe Florida MM University Rattlers dope to regal their footbUlavpraaacy
Jacksonville Office of 'song aaall colleges this fall. The Rattlers the AaaocHatiVte
Science Present at were PAMI. AloasoJanes the D.K._n.. .nn." .>._rta___. .nt. ... Frees Nall ,.1l e g a ch rp;:1_. .oo 1662Football. nn. _....'._..""."tare.' .. : '
Labor. la bla ... cltiaIflcatloa ri",'
orltoe cooper, a awl
,Blahop Romneld.Jr. have tile potentialof Miters Aa-
., Stanley 111 Haas.Coaataaco ba aaraa a great teas," aaldAM oclatloa of America.The moving ,.foot,' ll -powld
11111. aid 16.020 par year. COach A... CIa1 tII.r. Rattlers had 37letteraen senior fro Plant City
Horace Ma this, Jr. Caters Joined the ataff Ve (k n*t have the speed to report for Fla., will stand la for
The group plaaa to urge of the' Department. of aad the eiperlaaee lathe fall practice "..t- Hayes Cooper has beenplaylag
PAMO atadfats of voting Ltbnr aa Clalaa raniaerG backfield that .. three reserves from last la the shadow
age to rtgtatar. They ., had last year. Toe line year and II freshmen of Hayes and Bobby Felt*.
aa the result t
111 distribute aotleearglag la experienced and the round out tIIIe .U aquad. Felts ia expected to
tI.. PAMO fully of the college recrolteent Ill ACTION Meatbers of the Tong Cltlieaa for LBJ are sees going over plaaa heaviest we have hadalacelbave Halfback fob Hayes. tilt be the breadwinner this

to soave abaaataa bal. program of thaDepartarat for their get-oat-the-vote drive aa they survey a Florida WAR appeal arglsg been IItr..' IrO rl d' fastest bu..., ran.". g-2, Its-pound
lota.On of Labor Floridians to register. The group la oooperatlig with tile STIR drive for la. Gutter la eaterlng his Is not expected to report aealor froa 111 sal Ted

election da,.they boae representative craaaad registration U Tallahassee.Pronotloa 30th year aa head coach for football I until the littler. la eoortng
Firs periodic visits to
sill stage a telefihoao lorIda VW Dnlvtrelty. .- of the Rattlers In the fater the Olynplca la with 61 points and lamshlag
blltl" h. "..t oat The Drive Paying Off past five years he bas Tokyo late la October. with a carry
P 1'IU PlaeeneitBaraai.
the tot." effort Men naaed to the Melaa "Our big job COB average of '.1 yards.
headed by the
Kw None,. t( the Law Foundation and the Florida frontlag is now la to Quarterback la the eon
Rev. Cllaton C. Mnalag- For WlllalBs num. lUa.-A voter registration drive by the cerned po.1 tloa. Irate
School Sports Inters Association *
servos aa co. develop the potential
bps worts closely ..ittthe local branch of tko National AaaocUtloa- tilt
advisor with Dr. Howard. toy lllktas was upgraded Halls of Fane, .e have," reported Hart U the lone re*
Perartaent of Labor Adraacesjeat of Colored People has vetted 1M of turning letteraaa at
selected aa coach of
The group li the mielmaof to the position Coach oalther. ''ft's
rirreaentatlve It.el'len- the 200 aaraglatarad poteatlal Negro voters la this Mart U
the for wall) col poet. cop-
local of aiacatlva year
a chapter of director too soon now to say jest
''lOUD, Daaocrata." lag recruits. for federalenployaent. here last .... this city. Tw months ago, survey revealed the legs by the AmericanFootball boa well this potential able of dolag a baag-up
The promotion rill enable men rolled peraoaa aaoag a total 400 who were all..Ibh. Coaches Aa. sill naterlallie. Bar Job, but the Rattlers

lllklns to devote tllllaa laaplia branch president baa octatlon, and settled ring any alafortunea cr .111 have to call epos
A ballot cut la like a voice la .. pledged goal of 100 cent registered beforetha
1 Congress. ,,. sow Uaa to public af a per the award. of sent for serious iijarlea, weahoul raw aaterlal to nab
mho '",'" going to ba beard? fairs. November alactlona. anal colleges. by the I d have good year" atltute for kin
i ".e'll go with our
usual three anlts and
scud la a kicker fro
: the bead bet" seeded," -
Aalther aaidjra'll leave'problems
; finding three

;', good units too, I night
; :
WE'RETOO ,,,, :. add."
\ '4 .: P/UU/ \k)..' t have a MM
to replace end Alfred
: Deaaaa now with the
;: Denver Broncos of the
/; 'rlc..fbotball I L......
Paul aahlagtca. Art
,fir Koblasoa, sad Carleton

yOU'"N G Oats are csadldatea..
Oats baa earned three
: > ? letters while Roblaaon
rid r : and tsAlaitoe have beet
t ', 414 *ct awarded. two earn.Ome .

: > ', Tibiae la the top
Ir J.
: ( Ml"acl. I,... fllklaa

.- sad Fred Miller follow
TO REGISTER I 'Akj ; Thoasa sad both have
two II""'. Thomas la
I strong bu"'" Ifr type

rune er.
The Ralllere have bM>n

gist Uroaah aloe paces
: the put two seEs doE
ling the heat aad at *
teeaniM U aveM In*
r 4 k t Juries They *'&'t ap.n
J .:,... I '- T
: Mill October I.
:? I.
-- .. ... lie te not Intend hegel
.. ..
stale ear
ref w r.", .paalng dale ehleh Ulllll

sere then tan ads

j I asap," said Calther.e .
".. have a seed fropf

freskaea and edit I

-i.! I 'I ,"" at to seed set. "one boy M tried

lei or II. CiidrrtlIrfM

( A&HSf04

.. ",.' 'I"'. lll.*..a..aJ4

.alley, lenbrr ., the
A t;,1 ';if'f 4t t y t 4 I tlaaa .! I.... flnrldn

".,,1 4. and I. Valiernlly. ,
eel awarded the ,.. D.
degree U pilltlenl'
..lea.. series ,..
digest eeaofaieaealeierilaea

r at the 'al" .

.WHAT'SYOUR I..rest, of |llaal>.

i Ill Me ell...J_paced_ the
'T' MJ : Mil leeNei.the

___ I .,f.imilsglaaerfftl III' In rtswe.er

life s r N

: train t a 41Cera

Y grew ..ape w. awihnIMtlt
..sdee IIMprier
\. gra..il.. frwatm.
The yeeag aehelarearaH
l.. .... at laefalters

If .f KIlMl
> ", EXCUSE ? !. .lilt nalerieg laalllttal

,.1 a 1eM.. Me la
,i&r \ ". C center .f 4lpaa leepee

: wed ....* fells. Ftetlewal
__ I..., A*'

Vou don't hevt the time? YH tat Ht ft mkl TV s"... biMill ui fntttti dos is .elllea....... .I.. Iff edInds.*he. IIMalPaaw. OM

I. hen been Me reside

Ml ., Ice felleeanli
You too busty?
,. 'N' iii .ts war It .t twit tf tNtt4 cIN ...Itt. 114 s.cI-tI, t ou.Is .dwrl... |esuert II. ;grades.se. s SreN.e..

.tie* '.H,"" ,. IMf
t knee ISRO'lIe II
\ hey IndlH M fMC4 (..!.

1. fag i l M+w.4rr M.....,*.!,. Mea a.
w. :$ 117,. t. f ..
tarust f idaM
o 4aJ > .a :.' tee: *4C*. A7ft3*- *: 3t0 U t ,... Call ......tN b/.1//tarp

''.; .... t. f.stn f......., ..... ,.. t: : te' >.tuJ nto1"- '........ ...a.......... K gel 1 sr
< .s.
,.'t.,,' ,' 'l\ \ ,. 1..w4.>r,.t Oct. |* i: tan f'.gnu -....."_._- --. .". 'a.. b I.51. /esy

.hi.. -.j'' Saw ue Mr ......."
''. .K?' / 'KiW 1'4 Fer Ft* TfiaUfirtBlJii Cfll K. 44INtelHMlllMMl f\ fy ralp'.:- ......

'. .. :} InV wJlp apaWP fUMatal ffatll" : 'I Me-... *..e.6M1
; 4
l"tI 'rw
I ,...... .
! W'.( .d, .t-.i........ ....' J41. I J Jf o; ,'''' ":All _-taM. ...... .! A 1. .
'* '/\1 'If" I
'lff"1' I 'per {, f't ,V iW'.1f ,*
N t
\ ', r. ,) ,' ,,, 'f" .i' ,llrl IIM4. .II ..... ,hg'11!. +gMh.. i x t.' ." ./ Io. "' r' ...,r,. .. TO ,,RlfflfTKI
L10. wa ,'. :.. _" "" _,_I.I\ Ii1la'I; ; !( .. ..,u \ 'f'' ,

I' ,:, I'i 1p If

i ;.. ,:':
a ,'\ ,' ,
P'd i _. t.. _m k' .:.:._":M........hi 1.MiWH-v......,..>a.*AY1MIwmYA4..._..._":::..=__.:.::s/1 -_..___.___.. L _-- ... -- ._ ...... ..I ., uu ,.., .4.JrW n .. YSR'At.a.' J i'IITJLIAT

i 'l SlL
II riiiiii '1PE1I t SITIIIIT UPTEVtEl 21, 1H4 I

A Preview Of The Dazzling 1965 Model Autos..Take Your Pick

"ii', ,. ',
Visit I You Local I Distributors I :j (For A Close I Up And A Test i RldoWtHBiSS ".


J >otAlC&tIIIP&P 18BS .
f ... App FA1' FOR NE W -
,. \ SIbE

r q 4.w

tia daj




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b4t .
;1 0,1, ',
.,,:; 1 -. ,
.e. "I. i
; .1 '
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!1.Ad isi4rl Lwl iwrt

,I; ::1I-n.w.--f.1 ,;,":,' ''" ,, Jt" "..:;"'J!"ii.L',,,''.,r/"'t.r.uj, ;,.,;,'_.' "

1 1v



I Pontiac Cata llna-S to rchlef .Bonntvl I It and Grand Prix Are Now and Different : I


/ .


: ;;. ::C -:- '\

Iii 1 Tit H45 Ratblor. t LI'. Up I Ij

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j, a r
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011.... .

..-- ........ .. ..... ... --.... _.......... __"... ... .. .. roo.PEE .


I : \,

nmlill ii; 1111 flIlld--ITE1 tAms __.' *PLCt'1il_

Skis CircojTo A & M Trick UP 'Copter1 Scout. ,

Ploy Her Staff Gets I.'SPORTINGitIIr A & t AggieiORietSBORO, N.cAj'A

October 2 4 Now CoachMUHASsnKeueth 2f tooth yet fully JeiT 1.'

sate, BOOHtin tedul .
......-.orto.'. skrlaa D. DON> ton ... last week pallid
Ctras,with a sew lineup Ibaoi baa Jelaed the Kick School aid oollece football ataeoa pot late Batait the AM Collet!

COG tala II. sew top RIa.rop. > staff ot Florida A I fall win last ...-.., brlailai the familiar Aid. football teen

.., atari will pley Cnlrtrtltr .. a ODBC* of mood of lather ailBit iMtker.aaa against Baa, Aa the Aiilea took the tit
In Jacksonville Cbllieua track aid field sad aaalataat baad aaalut bead aad son acalaat him o. capacity
field Saturday *
on epteaber ;
October 2.1.4.Playlag professor of to aadare and perfora. There. a etraait Mall to U. for their ]\\t
a retire M- health sad physical football aeaaoa too: the well of freak oat traaa.
first full drill re- 't
.i|.eot under the 11'0II. education.A lilt onset!..' this la never a.arl bestial la preparation' .'

orehlp of Jack BOB villa' a.Morocco satin of Brooklyn wood kolas post floe la burled f"r the ... on the Bert .F
Tattle, uo liters $.I. Olbaoa atttadtdBoya
after ft boBo-enahlai block. ..
.hlld against tilt ort <
etionslly kaowa Ha- Hlib School sad Btaatoa oatloaal'abdtNra:>> jot ;
received both tko bachelor --II TuitiB' Whitla, an Any i
id-Mortoa offereoaeof
their season aft tot fait,yet rouih B'-Hoopttr) appeared on
and...ter.t ad tact
the kilt sorted
proiraaata degrees troD Isdiaaai start cam they were defeated '-0 byM tit northern bor!n.
circus blatory oadtr-rated Harry high tea of The hlrley-blrrt"
Osorge' ,..111. 8r., produetrof iers1tyabe1ack.lot's.degree : St. .....U... The bdaaera looked > a courteoftlaie !
ooaftrrtd la
tilt circus, la WM until a well. shifty
pretty good
noted'tht world for 1989 sad the Meter s la DoM LET "I>i) settled 01 t safe :J
little halfback Baaed Israel Cody swept around iraoa Ue AhT practice .
his ability to aiawblatke 185$. Hit area of aptclallaatloa .
I la health Ittt sod sod stood up ti the sod BOB a after aprS.,- f'aI4.
flatat sets wader
Sal (9 yards for a Bulldoi toaobdowa. A time defensive -
safety and physical
I oat root. His 1944 pro- education battle waa wacedby. the tailattra after Watch This Clown

I '4IIhtlOllllchdIlUS..1 bile at Indiana, haIttttrtd the first half aid oa several occasions they 21-11.5)
c1owa...rhl. balaadai. la track and threatened to over power the It. Auiuetlae tell

role and cycle: acts of field aa a cross country aad aoora. But each tine the effort .u nullified 113 J3 sin
all description fUIIIIer.He eaaotoPlorlda by a 19-yard penalty.
tvenlni above art acb.. AMI fro loss RI*.*.re halfbacks Jobnala '!Lassa. OUt tobiaaoa sad ouarterback 1 5

ltd Friday, Oct. 2.t bt had bees caployed aa Jots aaaberry, showed a lot of pro>Jiedurtai I

:30 nit 8atardq. Oct. the track sad cross earn- cruel U aoventi of the .... A

at I p.*. BitInttt art try coach la addition tobla ... ... ... ... I t H,
planned Saturday end BUB- regular toachlai Karl Eltchta. head coach of Hattbtw Ollbert'a
day at 1 ..d. ,... 'tJ
dutlea.Hla teens at Boys panthers la cursing his hopes oa Ales ORI.trtph

Tickets aty bepurchaaed lip WOB three outdoor threat quarterback sad captain of the teas when f I i 1
at the Collttiu or He aid two indoor city they eater hash this wttk-tnd to play the looker \ 312-22-211 '
sins Fart ticket offices described his .
Paatkera. itchy
ebtiploaablpa. T. tiiktaitoa r !RnMtiaeaHe! '* ITloMtlMa
or at the Coliseum boi The Jaaaary,1)64, Scao- frost Itae aa "ratker ...k" bat la otpectlat
Hi'a DataHe
office before ttd per- Issue Coach pabllabtdTba Larry faaklaitoa left half, aad Qoorio aofcaaoa, ..-.... .
fora nct. Adult ,rte.. Overhead Baton I'l" cad to like ap for the alack la the Faa* awics ON KBO-TY-The arrival of Ue Olyafila Plane will be pert of Ueop ntaiceroMalea adds

art $3. 00, $].00 ..d' Paeilaa" ud the March these a offensive attack.NortkweeteraHralai lacladtd ta NBC-TV s two-week coverage .f the 144 .....r OlyapteOMeTli He IOU It all Droltlld'CQIIING .

$1.50 general adilaaloo.ntldrta edition of the aaae a... 'oo ... oo. ... Tokyo itirtlai Saturday pot 10. NBC-TV Olyaple eoMoatatpra will AmACTIm.
under IX ieatrl aalaa baa aa article t '.0 defeat from the powerful be ()lift to risk) 1NO dicatkloa oh up!OB lifer Jobaaoa. JU 111I10., Bud 41-11-12

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U""I '' "Track Proiraa might, will ao to savannah this week-aid to playJobaaoa .* of Tokyo'a Kooasata parts (1) Held hockey, (I) soccer atadiwa, ()) par -
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Coach Gibson served la first guns 1M om the post ....-.. to aak* tjantitua. Are Numbered

Ean tub SttHt the O.B. Any from If 19 lactoa Kith of '..Iacol.. Sport In a m-99 life ,11. Dais ere NUN'

TIM FIHIDA Jill to 199T lid hid the tlae average with the Mat Devils Coach taallbellereo Hilts Burs PUp Lkttltrs' Llto May Sacrifice bere4" Health and Per

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Ordtra. w. Ott Only The teat of Douilai Aaderaoa.tka Dragons went tataPeraaadlaa Ue ...*>a of *f| with a reported tattler Mud atll H.FM "III,... omte HOI i ittllt lI1lJschsna-.
leach Batarday and all bat shook the toed Jake Qaltttr. *T>arr FloridaMm
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Dr.Proprietor C.t. Slack goal posts dove la a 41-0 victory over Pack Rlib Beets etll open rob lea la Irylai to itarly we eon vk nf NSF.17RRCR!. .
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Icy sad .ylve.ter ttddlck aad All-Coaftroaee Mart for thereat Bottler list a.erataillbpMBrfaAMi

sod Jtrtalah Jackaoa. providedawloproteetloa for > ,..,. Md tavkltatelih
Lilly'siDrig Store ,..'. .. .. yetra BM MO
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IHJ HIM mi a 1.1211SPANISH 'oo oo. 'oo ... There are 44 liars try for their ...., ).
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I bach to their hovelled, DwMarh. B.C via a ataaalif oeach (Site) Isis all lid Olyarlt oases la a .
ltt ''lecd Ctntel'I M- defeat. Char loo Loo, called Twi" by ,OIl ti... arc ep forirabe. /.. ..,., Sob |* a stir
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10.... a ditklai kalf-back who played hie ,u,' first tea ei. the Bland Halt. JACKSONVILLE IAIIII CotUIEIII

Rip school career at ttllard la Pt LMdertfale.ot ctpt for ntrd. BuddySard 'Taotball tea silt 11'11 nun
off to a fast start far ,,'.r... homers bytreeelai tackle, HalMlseet son," says the toiler.

MACKEREL s'e'eOttAN the doable stripe three U.... Preddlebaa half (BlackJocbftMft (mi '.........11.. 'Til ; -

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SPITS U. hMka la Coll HO ball. Jane Botler. Ivory Black.Ltawoed hoard Baler.Testyt.st. lore lit k* r.t* for
view Shoes and L Loaiwerta all turned la freahoMre fontrall/ IU'U (Gu Itt

SPECKLED TROUT vram treat porforaaaeeo for the ,tI".. vylai for lea Magee till rtpreitat JAUSKYILIE ru,
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4SClnIUNIIRu.4SCAfAUCMICaA list year. Coach Clifford Jack: ) Mal. with sick iw rrn rfit. ors .Hertf the 4ooi.r .d fill ,,1f..IINIt

L& a teas will kavaklieyea atala M u. IoeUltUa.n ,sly ...".,. Tk* ltIaa // 1sHrelbel1.
Athletic Coafereaoo chaavloaehlp.fener SdHIk l t.lIusCL.UI4.
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... ... ... ... ... .. _..... 'la ue atitCarlt
SHELL OYSTERS 'S" .w Cltraaeo Ckllda aad Alfred MNrranrt" 1111SIIU'---..-.-.......---.-
PAINT gnats ..JOOM, ,profeewar dsye ter Tckrw J'f aa.
attar BOMKoua BAW MI meuu DID.... eat a .ew leaao oa life M pro foettollte C-ttr |a ei
SHELL OYSTERS ST5U. 6".wlmea phyelee at PUrtda A* 511GUI $-.---.... --
.. cdt Urtr ajaadB soon to the 14 sea list nilvtrelty Ue .UI4r eitM U sisal la get
STEWING OYSTERS *.ao'I" last ..".bUdD. a forcer All.Anertea + .f ea artirle, Vps!C.* tM II n.. printer, feottr HI nnl.-------
SELECT OYSTERSTtetsTbeSwcOae N < a .. t) at Fiends Ah*. .BM a rwalai back ... lashed >ap la
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putties with the Nee Tort Meat of the HalloaelPwHball ." Is the .." ...,, spell lit la flihllatff
a.eac. P.aM la a Danker back with Ue foopeUllea fro
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Denser Breoeee of the Aft. If Ckllda U U sec Tire or sctmnnc h,' eec rMlUt reserves .
MUM this ...-... Bo4 II play .S,,"' tetra STWMift* aa Marl Feller*, AAa UNDER MEW OWNERSHIP

Starts?. r.&. Tittle. Tae need ..-,.... OM fir The artlile preeealadoMrtpllte Mile, Jeri hi',.....

the slate OM ....., U a very MeeofertaklepotltlM tnt sod IIUetrellM Lsud Icily .4 t'.1Ns .

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If foam Swatter*** .... bw M ". eight ball .. CONVERSE SHOES
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ttt tow U Mail IB Mater Ml sits. tat lc IBpoetUl
ALL $845
.. Jesse lou* All'Omty IBS-par! disk : .

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rut n. mini, STLL.PREI$ UTIIUY SEPTEMIEI Jl. tillkett

IAA .,Mri mci, ] I Meetings Here Sunday r- I
\.Police : : :
.t.-J.b. posture $.t, Operator Barbara 0 ., .ports. .
III .new HOUTIOOO 6RAOTTMrb.tlgmg.322 a I' Top ttatt. county and amity Center. 1238 lit.Raima .
Seat-Mai JUeatyTo 1.MWq'Can V2>*yar-od Jack eonTilit It. .a bit la till bead cash aside tht reiiattr.Btnry local Deaocratie of. St.
poet Ate., leathery, ir. I. Aaderaoa at laa was arrtitedMonday with a tear MI attar ht
lit. B. I-IJ4I or KL -ITT4. NZflttjafulssi oa a'charit of alarred a twaaa la a ............. hers flclala bat and been party larlttd aen- b.Miss tilt Nailnt principal Piaher aptak till
nod robbery la core local tatern. Tbt waaa.
sum SIR. IUI s71111HS with tht"boldup9f Identified by poll c. aa Ollyard 1145Jtaet to first participate annual aeetlatt la the .r I RITZ I NI a ,..tl Itrttt ins Dorothy UK of 107 Jef- St. cat bed his of the Democratic loaitn'a lid lira. TtraDaTla
imn address tilt
t itatloa. ftrtoa Bt, was arrested payroll duck la a down- Leatat, Inc. achtdultd group at the afttrnootatttlac.
frTrrT Larry Goes Pbtlpt, 1025 and held for lareetliatlon tow department atort. for Sun day at 11:10 .... .
24 Great' Stars I II IIiki toenail Rt., ... ,
ar lIb ht
i I c toned to walk and again at 2:30: P'". ONLY A VIES
lajfii /lint Stuart 1THE LINCOLN'I : rested after ,..lei L. ..., fool the caahitr, s la tildtr Park Co. 00 TO KIOIBTKK
Crawford ellht
aantfer young Negro boy 11'I dell ed
Spiictr Tracy, lorry Full, r WIG COIIIAItt II I rot:., the dittos tltatl- the Boney fro hit hand WIG CENTER
I Hid hi. 'fro. a photograph Rrtdsg Jones (17 Carolina and fled fro the itor*.
firifiri rick, llcltri Ii.ea.rk I Itktrs.WINNER I 1r" nl Sinks I at oat of the two St. and another nan Ollyard told police
a.a who robbed the iti- bteat involved la anariuaeat that tilt Incident occur
OF 3 ACAtJEMV AWAROSHOWTHEWESrWASWHN .311W. ftWTH ST.I I of ftO aid a .22 latt Hatardar red abort ':.oo rrldvalrht. 1344 DAVIS ST.
r I caliber pittol. sight sad both ended up .
;Noss Daaoaitratloa II DettetlTt ",t.. J. >. With raaor cot sod ml Quality In Wlfs
SIaHt, MI. 114 ?tsar I IPHOIE I Hawklaa and f. r. Mat- tlpli braiata. .............
Mn"OCOlOit worth raid tilt loaded Jones toll toilet that & Accessories
I ,331819 I Ir pistol via found under a Gray Toonaia truck lilt Cornelia ...., 1321Madlaon
Alas TIE YIBLtlT I TIE IUKEI pillow where Pbtlpa waatlttplBf aift across the forehead St. told police Mint lift IfWIG
when arrtittd and fled froa tb. house. that abs was sitting U
at bit artMlt. Ht went looking for Ton bet btdrooa when she CENTER
Pfcilpa la alto buss aani aad fonid. hia oa lorkwl up to net a atrante
.", tlo..d In conatctlonwltk Jtffinoa St.to armaeat san a tending In berbo....
other recent adld- atarttd followed Because:
by Tht Ian forced her on
WS MYtpNHEALTHG.1 Sri, dettctlret aald.. tht fight the bed and tied her ap

r ', -,,,, Doatld Mclatyrt 071 .. ............. sigh tilt sheet after 1. Our Wigs Are All 100% .Him,Hair,
rifting It to ahrtda. H.
lat ft. taa stabbed la
tat, back i Auaday afttrtrtnUi then wrapped her 11II 2. Our Wigs Are Always GBirtaleed
with the Marjorlt wily, 100 It. blaokrt and took $20 froa
door.IIcl.t"e. faailyant Rtnato St. was stabbedtutb.rlghtahoulder her purse before fleeing 3. Our Wigs Come Equipped With A
told limitl- !Friday out the btthnon window.
after she refused to Special Carrying Case and Styled Head
glues officer tbat at acooaptey a foxier boyfriend ............. ,
i ad Itft boat
to tad
with ..[Pecs of froa the boat of 4. Expert Stylists Serge You at Center
tbt aoat friend aha gas Itltti Cb. bat
tautly shun be
caat hick boat, the ar vialtlni.Pol 40 Stttlt 8t. wt dUo S. Our E Z Terms Cast Be Equaled
meat rtauaed nth tlHllaa let arrttttd UclouaParktr ted to CMC after takloi

Ntlatyrt, ,d the; aad booked his for an nndtrttraiBttd aaouat Open Mon. thru Sat.
aa la a drank* coedl- atirmttd tiaanlt of anplria. Police reports

toe, pulled baits and ............. Indicated that tht 9 a.m. 8 p.m. '
atabbtd II.. II the back. M atteapttd to take ( .
lota tea wart arrtittd tllllt a' Curry UKfttaw bit lift la aa ten-rent i PHONE EL 4-1711

2 DOWNTOWN STORES Iewe \ for Mirarattd atatultaadfliktlaiwiUakalf 8t., waa atabbtd auleldt try after aa are ,,
*.: la the chest during aaarcutent funut with his wife. r __

Ail $$11 DISCOUNTED I ..a..uaauuu. with another .............
ywwpuynn. To
MM. Ready Serve You
W ,D s ;: tVtRY DATIIAII Police arrtattd Viola
31 Horses Mid. 124 Oral at Miller and bockrd her Benjuin Boitrt 1011
t.... attached atar ki.i 'for aiiravatttf ..1111I1 t. Rings M. tu cut with a Jesse C. Thomas Jr.
tone dta kt tot 'out of knife by bit it ft after
/RICE.GOOD tt10TNllu i cab lat. daturday al dot ............. !bt questioned her about
tuts,atrr ss p1.a Mt told offleera tbaiaprroacbtd her thtretboiiti. during
I osi 011I'1. : A Grocery !!ton fa Pal r- brr abtuiit frrat ho... I Lif. IlISIr..JAgIIC

xi'uC: ,'tlb'saa- beatlai hid Bt. was robbed ..,.......... .
la to takt kla .wallet Friday' ....h. wbea. a
: Mafalaiar; 121 ana tattrtil tbt place '
KLEENEX : anil Mbtd for a beer anda Alberta John HOB, 1048Bcrtvta ) wrai
............. package or ktadachtr St. told police

i'd .r.... Taylor,111 letrer ""' 1 lid the bead ,
lOX 0' .00-150 1 pLYr flu ......" told in- Saturday
..:' I' ItlUIAifiirVlttaty .U"to that the aan llht anC her |>or.. oat* Home : 353-771
w palled a tan whoa !bt talulm $40 an itched fnw I .3r
thop timed to it' bia tb. her hand. 9it said the
y. C '* tOH barter 1IIIof powders and walked b.. attntk occurred arar IthBt. Ready To Serve "YoU '

1)1 .. Itatt bud tbs counter and co Mt. lilt 1'111I.,

k ...U.I... larker _,ed. belrtd blaaolf to tbs ............. Ares
ft ....n ., It lliilart. Oye.hI New Fer Yew.
I A. ,._..... prop ru RENT UNcruffa Apr linnet
!tort oa *dl ot St. Carver hrrce' I.
"..au..IooII. r&a! .re- ,.r. .
rtfir TN litltiistPmr ftrrel.II.o. wkly. bitaide. windows were broken out
Call H. ....". and In a very final ate Auto Liability Fire Life
1 PER CUSTOMER, PLEASIt li Tki ffirll tt ..t to enter the rlace,
FM HIT tbt bait display .lado.
Hospitalization Home Owners Fire
....... Para ... Klteaea was chattered. The' culprit
tad ,.., aaat aid itdreattad eat bla hind la t'.tt"r'
find tat ... alratlttf t bath. .Harried.II. Ill wtrklaiteaalt wkly, but left .ltHt Daily 9:00 a.m. 7 p.m.

QUANTITY RINiTS. llA'VlI t #N vAlulPiu {J...prayer..,. fur tan,.aeecatlieh.. trllt. 1sp....,. that o portable valued sisal TV atta to Saturdays 9:00 a.m. 4 p.m..

R Hill CUE 1121.
LANOLIN'PAPER 'sum raiiE unit Ptr Otataltalt Child I At Yow Service 24-Hitn A ..,

414 >. Itktiaa, Chleat. car., dial 1111711 tr
PLUS 50 III. |||..t.l.. fr.t Traae* HIUC lUlU I

-- -- HMitlta.tin .

-- IAC&JnCl-I .....tI. uh
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.\ Better Job! til. (...,..'M.
Sin lipilrlii ,.... .. ... ........., .. .rig..art.... pay $4* tr
..... ... mil. at..
$1 HC s.. Call .........
81 I lir KlalIt / 1x6rira uRanMs IMM alilt tr da*.

lit 5p.a...... sue.Gor-5.55 a.ka.eteeay 554 .... h..U... .. ta* 4 Pre Pills $
eiM1..1 M U..tI.
U.TUII l' tr p... eve ...sew..... e
a t 1 lltlllll l ... Nlw+ s 1M oMe If M.>Rsss 1.
''*11:& INL

toot.PASTR 1 1 1l/t A Arc P." IDI'" 1M Jackson's, Wigs, 2 Suits

4 4G Hats Slated Showing Sunday

BEAVER( ST. SIDoons r u 2 Dresses

till utaer..a ...., muet M.e.awaa
t.e.-.K*ee -tmiia**4 r..*.*I.............. t'oin1( )
2677 W. IEAVERu.: :, IV $4633e..MIrM

sir = ="e.1ae 4 toy Swfetn. ,
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C $951 MULLET ..-. ...... .. l nc .,a. tttaallakMa y

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I P1I SfKItUI, ... 4 will t t." at III
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STORK VP1a 4OA146 cuwOaUIWUT VMITICtAMItaVTl AMT it sad trata 4H
w" regret ed b oral la.
nttMMU. ... am r.ny. *..*).. VALET
4'I :' 1*.. |atrMtt4 to
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