Florida Star

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11675 F20090525_AAAALM 00463thm.jpg c21cb7dad4e61dc71d6c963e7fbfbe22cfb2ad0587f4d867e4d6e37c5e058f9b94fe8070
171899 F20090525_AAAALN 00464.jpg 1429ff9406974a1cfdb2727ae4712269a742b4ac64b481c1d5afa8567c13e79d1e1cf017
31687 F20090525_AAAALO 00464.QC.jpg 580e29c45e1359861ace370ee5940ad1c06edde283b5442284a61327ecf832302291d829


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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+t.y9th ,9rAr Urged ToRegister


Til 14-M. 25 SITItUT SEPTEMIEI 11. 1114 Iff CENTS'Cuffed'

a.oonlaiag tkO Gnat .\
..*. for leerMtai Ut

Seaman Beaten Witnesses ...ba, of recistered I
Negro fotro ta Florida,

Erie 0. .I.p.... pib-
1.....r. Mooaacd that

LABORERSDIE aperbadlai a drive for
S coaklaed effort 1ssupport

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betsg Bade by the ...t. .,
I Deooerttle Party >a*
ecvtlfo ...tt...
IN ACCIDENTAccUnt It eee pouted oat that

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Negro red atretloa atMdi
w v w at 1I.I7J (acoordlai. to

Stellar To '63 tko April IM4 report
CreskWfckk Witnesses Testimony r of tko Secretary of

r :. .A BUt) ebllo there are
Tek 27 Lobtrirs lives 5..UO ollilklo) wo are

Reduces Charges of votlM .... la Dodo
E FORT PIERCE- collision' between a car and there are ",tU retietorod -
a truck carrying 11 elro fain laborers silk 11,173 ofeligible
MIAMI--Preliminary hearing testimony by
resulted in a tragic aftermath here tednoa- otioi ,
two witnesses disclosed that a 23-year-old age
day after the truck plunged into Kim Ditch Jamaican charted with the! double platol tbo tro tot reitstrd.Althooe .
Canal, drowning all of_the vorkera. and % tMrolatpattyla "
sluing of a policeman private invea
six 01 uo laborers . .
tlntor was beaten by the. ptir despite tko Better of regietorlat -
acre treated at Port Port 'Plerae was earootetePotcoek's being handcuff ad.prior to i the alaylma.Albtrto MOI boil ne-,
Ploreo Noopltsi sad rIko ... ranch lo- tolMMdDMlelAppllsi. >> 55 e e la Fieri da, there lo a
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Pvlty .Plsks.,. 41. .
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tko track drtton: ".... tamed Plorlds a worst laklttoryoemrtd la ..,.
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The, pIClb: YI give BOM I Idea of the extent of damage done to track rolled lato tk*. sltOxlll-......... tag room Md rose fro Cht.ah.ll plMTleaedoe

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driver of tilt u', ..re foood UitmtlM .. elerb
rtsra ta kit east the irMad.Caff.fko ....uU. tor
Suffers $100,000 DcMioges PO.... 'KelMKHI ||( oftltsavll. ". to appear aa tit- will 'l's sot afraidaf told attawiMbe onesa,_opryararo
.. ... sot Is'Jared. .... before tbo grad .
,..." .11555.5. Jaayed slip beca*' '1, liOM/ Man as ,.
Jury accordlai to re ...u..... Ike priests "...".." MS tnlaito sere alMlaaed this otaby
Hurricane Dora, proclaimed the century moat severe by President The
track, reparto sold, ports tree reliable .
saard ... Joks. O Is.s* bill a*.' **. cap* tko I. A Cttll MnlMPftaalifra
I Lyndon B. Johnson made the Preaident atatenent very accurate o**d by 0.I. 'uCOC'II of as"Mo, tired nigh after Pear tar tie later
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Attorney General Jame Kynea ( Israeli, Chester sorof rI.rt...'.. lie .. srreola bate pee flrol. lloe ..... leeoa MP Peel Office .,
said Tuesday that he would appeal a federal a. D>**rt, ..I, 'PUS ....*.1 la ....." tocaorieo .... stale tko tbreebelle .aN'''''. too li.ir*** lk.. MlMia leilaa, I. a

I court ruling that coat a special deputy .. ait sheriff his job In It. Ao uatlne. adding |dost.,. .......... eaters oere Mod .... ..I aeaia oa lie slIp Atlas.. ..rtfce dle art
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A Class Citizen ..Art You? of ,..u., .dtfcer slay.Curt. OirlM .. .*..., eiuMparaot .
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Its IB Mpeollai lie L/fp", sullied lie 'elis leg olllooaay
order af Judge IryoaatafBDB be talirce elllrlakta ',II..' bite ..a*.*4.ytbal ,I"eR' h......... .. saOMiloloi
to the Kb a,. ,:J. l be.. .letter .. be *....te U be P polal.b .
colt OMK ef Appeal IBOrlMaa. side tto alloeotlM l la ano sushi) ___,. prui ..dless5 sill ,.,* .....fl. ... ,.. 'e,
NN no Jodieordered AYH '1 enrap11s ee'... deal of a bosllsi .... P..| t'I IkUoMa.It U ..N'.....II.. !....00.
I o *My last Oklllaa .. It .*".U.., ". ,
Cbarloo laace *.. bidet .. e.tt< toko City, II- ...... OM treated OB dortteCteil reeled foeeday t* 4
Jr. to resign fro tie .
I. era rbrlttlM Le4reieCMf !elks. ti1: Silts.lass *
... 11 force I agate Act toMl .ant .e ,*..,*. e>erlettt ':
dapaty aa> .r*... oklob/ baa lie Mot be reeelfed
....,.. by tt.rtff L.O.Batia ** etolM eel looojMowltlM o hit ., all tt b..4fMM ra lit,., said lad ,....,... a..t later
.arU| racial die i'' f te ..|.*. to BM..ro o.e.. be ..'f' I* bMtoilo P... Pal UMS ......, yHi

ordors loot JMa.Jedie : tbe ooclsl reeeereeorlslai rM..*r. n* .l.a i o VI,.' laid ocewMl ., mA ,.,..ee ... sttslsedollilMlliy
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that Laace tlotatod .. + ,.. ten a atM, Ita ... .... Seel4as
earlier. laJoaetlMa of ,. ,; \ rues ,*...,*. of tic ..a lel*!*!*"* II I* fa eutlai a>*t .. b... Ian Isis sassisr
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federal elfll rlibtaBC },., ', .. list tie IPSO flell .*Mr*. bel oo e...- _. .,.. lilt oaaaall eeolo sere see.
me sal d east ..... .' .,', {. .,, i, liblo let tai lad b.,.... .tell. ae *.,fdbe ".. are alnpe, ail of I.L. 0t.... a elf II. Fill H4,30
... pretty slice t* I. a\,. : ,. i''F Fx ,. : a street lef.e .*.1. r.*.eb.r }. lie i'se ...' P.le MIA ,..... leer eke de
erlaisel .....,II... .''.)..,' \ '' ,W" )4' tat prUM of poooootat .. .., oa tea pees, i *. I.. **.r.. la* played la ...... mr. Bliss ....... fir '. .00 Oriir
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Hattareaotaela..4 t.ateal.. M PtrUamada. Pa.i germ. ailM ...., aba la let* |.*|.. loereeox" *! larwdal .,...,. te, bo tte .... I defeated ,..*. Uraaeell ... ....... UM N"
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fie an ties .. M year. ...'weed M la a flea eeart .ore4 sidle we loo Iblale Mere ...s'Ice ",.., .... lie ..... 100 ..... .."" .. ties UMrootoorMt
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Jala .. tae opeealMoatealMi tier" .. flies m rein ef ale Ufa. aarted Its lit 00 a. .....I 4I ef. taM *.,* aeeef f Mil oael Ions ...,. lie le.sCaDMlle UNit elYlee bo .f4ker.elll Mr aa4 Mr ala *ll4f.
.... ..... first mallH tor ....... ta'eve o/tef *Mla lartttabef feet ef fie ...*. I. Sat% .....fJeJ JM. ateaVb9aM fists la a I ....... ef IM He* .... for f4 a.|..

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I 'f ,4 : 111III1 'ITII milS UTHIIT Stl'TIIIO_ a miTHB

PLCmiDA 'STAR- jgUbAvmmmmBmftdm mKK-

NIW t''olifics As USaD

,..n.... by T>f TJorU. fM rrtllrtiag Co.
.ttMhtr .//i.fN Py.!1satlos.i" ay DlC 0. snvm

IIC I. SIMUtll........Niiitlif. Edith LBJ Signs New Housing Act,

imil E. RISE....... ... Km Elitir Assuring Decent Homes For All

IILIA WIITEK... .......Cirtilitlii Nuifir
j "I believe that we have a commitment to

Mill imCE I PLIRT: : assure every American an opportunity to
live in decent home.
T. a
2)23 Mmriif laLJktii Ugh 4-W2 11th these words President Lyndon B.Johnson

signed the far reaching Housing Act
Milliit Ailriss: of 1964 in the Cabinet Room in the presenceof

PJ. In licksmilli: l.rlirlti Housing and Home Finance Administrator
Dr. Robert C. Weaver, and Members of Con

MIAMI. SURE AMIAw7aIA.MtP A'C451Pf fNPPtStS 7OKWatT% j ,"I..
/ Recognizing that alum housing 1m the sourceof

131 111 3ri An. Pius JJ7-II2J r severe social ills, the President!...*s1dj
"This bill carries forward
aoncmnxcH PATE our continuing efforts to eradicate -
On. Tots ".00 Half Tear, M.OO slums ane blight in out
Mallri to Tot tojnfcere la U. Balt4 BtttMSubscription cities, to assure decent I
pAjAbli U advaaee sing for those least bOIl-I
said Check or money Order to: find It -. the poor, the
H.HT. the merely '
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX Ml and those in our rural areas; to nelp
Jacksonville 1, Florida our communities grow in orderly directionsand
: << avoid future blight and assure lasting
"The Consumer Can "
Only Gain lj ljA beauty.
"Toe President continued: "It provides new
In I recent editorial, The New Tart Times support far greater success In the future.
quoted President Johnson a assertion that, The plight of property owners in urban
the "long promised day of economical BO* renewal' areas is recognized in this mea

clear power U close at hud."Th s, it Is Mooonr( of m-"mmxs NO COKYKHONS ff sure. Provisions are made so that they can
beli.yedwas a reference to a projected rehabilitate their homes and businesses
plant to be built by a businessmanagedeastern instead of having to move from the path of
utility which, is expected: to produce the bull dozers."
at a coat comparable to that of many "The text of the President's remarks follows
conventional plants. :
then the Tines said: "Since nuclear tech ....b.,. of the Congress, Ladies and
nology is still relatively new, it Is reasonable Your Weekly Gentlemen: I am pleased today to spprove
to suppose that progress In the the Housing Act of 1064. I believe that
future will permit even lower costs of we have commitment to assure every American
electricity generation fro nuclear fission. an opportunity to llveln a decent
.But It would be unwise to Maine that home in a safe and a decent neighborhood.This .
atonic power will rapdlly elbow coal and Horoscope milestone measure will help us to

oil frog this field Electrical alteration honor that commitment. This Bill carries

frog conventional fuels has not been I forward to continuing efforts to eradl -

static technology in recent decades,either.In ly PABLO Tko ASTROLOGER cats slums and blight in our cities, to
this race to lower the cost of power assure decent housing for those least able
the consumer can only gain," to find it .. the poor, the elderly the
In other words, the electric Industry, handicapped .- and those in our rural
despite the dramatic posslblitles which areas; to help our communities grow in
are Inherent In nuclear energy, has not BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL in orderly directions and avoid future
put all Its eggs In one basket.The record blight and assure lasting beauty.
over the years, has been one of Increasing "This Bill does more than to continuethe
power output from each barrel of oil each
successful that. had In
ton of coal.And the record..the undeniable AOl Es ST4NTI AL PNOOMIS TOWARD tat tiistiN ANO THIS SNATCH TNI PR)(| .uy programs
factual r.coret..I' the ultimate answer to Born March 21st thr 4 viva LO"I.""'. *o'ki. MAY NICIIIITATI YOU PROM YOU. operation in the past It provides new
April 19th YOU PIISINCI AT ALL TIMII TO support for greater success in the future .
the socialised
power zealots.It THE All|*... IMO SAVE NOT OUT PACT Plod Pieties 'HIM THAT YOU IXTRACT 4- -1S-75-4U The plight of property owners in urban
is a notable fact that economical
power Mm euin eouT TWINSOVMTMt KIN ACCUMULATING INPOMATION YOUl PULL INAII OP TMI SAOHTAniUS renewal areas ia recognized in this meamure. -
from nuclear sources la cowing into being Born Nov. 23rd thru Provision ia made that
tt TMC MV0MC 0* MTUMNS. YOU CAN II ra. so they can
far more quickly than cst authorities Dec. 21st rehabilitate their homes and bualnensesinstead .
tnonabt possible some yaa back. Various *.|, M. alt VW .., TAIIN AIVANTASI OP WHATeTR Si t.h5''TAT, "of Aavlmt to move from the path ,
*' -
** '
Hants share tb.'c..tt "' .ot' sacs ,au, einiM TNIruiTi ', TNAN AMIflllVI Tat POMSISNT TNAT YOU vote MAVI IWDIRTMIN, IT of the bull do..,.. Looking ahead, this
the list tile 'regulated utilities which
are er Tune vieTOUIII. TO OBTAIN TNt CO-OPIIA. NOW peatiai awe ...IC.. LOOKS AS IP YOU WILL measure assists local communities in enforcing
have aggressively attacked the May scientific YOUR CRIATIVCUMd TION YOU Now IIOUIM TO YOU SNOW MOt TO APPLY NAVI TO 00 TMftOUOH WITH housing codes so blight does not
and economic problems involved and All ALMOIT IHIITISII *- MT YOU APPAIIS. .Iris IICILLINT M1ULTI IT. YOU MAY Save TO MARI develop or persist in the future. It also
solved the most stubborn of U...The moral MOVIM.CANCER
.M, VMtRI ISM CIRTAIN provides for local
tWIN YOU DO NOT ALLOW AOJUSTMINTS OR training urban development
is that be trusted heavily-to tazed live private..all things enterprisecan *(ASOI R4Y YOU macula ..SOoN.I I.I'WI f !'/ VOUMCLP TO MCOMt NISITANT Pact IIn PROSLIMI OP A administrators and< to producethe
000 isnoei TMIM NIT AT TIll 01 CONPUSIO YOU PUZZLING NATURI, RUT city planners that we shall need in
sidered-*top value for the power dollar TIM win mt cans ,iI- Born June sand thru CAN MARL SUNT ITRIOIITC THIS I* NAT MMIS LIPIINTIRISTIN the future to guide in the growth that we.
whether that power is produced by coal
expect. -
or oil 10... A riiiNO' wo IA aIIL YOU HIM TO NAVE NOOOVITI HI. YOU MV MAVI TO SAID AID Doll, TNIMOLI'MIARTIO "11111 la by no means Just a Bill for the
1 1 vie ewes MAT au,. ASOUT' VOUI .. ii A LI mi LIU siviiiOR CO-0..IRA. cities of America alone. A key new program
National 4-H W..k Ill A aiiASPi.' You AISAH ILITIII AN. Mart A CIITICAL: TO AR0 TNt Tics OP YOUR MAT! 0* provides for the construction of low

National 4-H leek will be observed this Flatly TO el oilAproinm 'I 1"NT TO I1PICT THOIIi PIOP LI YOU lOll tITMIVtlhrDAY OTNIRI. ITN ATNITIC TO cost rental housing for our farm workers
year during the September M--Octob.r 3 evti A cunaM CNAiei TO DO Lilt.W' IN outs TO 00- YOUR CAUSC WILL SI MOM la the nation. This is a most needed and
period. And this la one observance that riNAnciAk MATna or A 'Itt. IN CASH NMIIITNIS TAIN ItTTts CO.OPIATION. THAN ilL CO". PROM NO* m most welcome atep. Nor Is this Bill'

every American, whether he lives in a city MiraiCTivc MTvui.miCNll MAr NOT M TMI case, YOU New louse OP SOCIAL ON. Bill solely for the housing of those that
or in the country, should wholeheartedly LUlU TO si emv WOULD" SI SULLY JUITI.PI IVINTI MAY SI IN TNtWARINI ..10-12.'1Iz.lnCAPllCOU are ia unfortunate circumstances. It provides
support.The "TtWOMAIT.YOUII VOCATION'HCIIvtl ,It LOOK INS POI |OM|. ACCIPT OPPIRSOR benefits to builders and to lenders,
4-H clubs are,among maay other things ANOTMI MAUMVeooir TNI US ILII WNIII YOU INVITATIONS TNATMACM Ion Dec. 22od duo and to families In good clrcuwnUnce B.1..
training grounds for the fan people of MT liP .....,. .31. M SITTIR AfPICCIA.Til YOU. Jan. 19th every standard wt think this Rill benefits -
tomorrow. They instill a healthy competitive TUMI IN LI... AN. COMPINIATI BtNIPIT Pear IVIRVTMIN. all American, and if we are to continue .
spirit la the boys and girls who TM AM ITftONS INSPIIA.TIONH. .3077.'......17 TMAT TARts PLACI is- to keep our commitmenta in the world
make up their memberships all across this ..'JOo S3-'....7J POKII IILLIN TO LIBRA PICIALLV WHIN YOU PINO then I believe it la fundamental that we .
vast land of ours. They teach a wholesome fAURelIon PIOVIM TMI eulDANCI ANOI Born Sept. 23rd thru YOU HUP IN UNFAMILIAR must consider keeping our commitmentshere
regard for nature and her proc...... They April 20thiTSOOntN 20th thru Kt. tlvt I THAT tILL INAMI Oct. 23rd L.CAIiS. IT IS *Y AP.PIARIN at home and that Is what we are
provide knowledge that la essential to May YOU TO MM I A MOM MANY LIMM 114.111TNAT PIIINOLV AN* trying to do with this legislation.
sound and profitable farming and to the N.MN* TMAT irriCTivi nil or YOURINMMNT Tilt SNOUt51.05 AI.INS PIRTININT OUIITIONS "for oar generation courage ia not
conservation of our magnificent sgrlcal mats TMINOI HM TO si I IILS.II TltIU SOM TMI MIR tie ass TWIT OTMIH WILL confined to meeting the challenges faraway
tural resource They promote love and un sots. INOOTMIV. THAT tOM NO SINSI IN NOISING COMPINC TMIIR PLIASURARIPURSUITS SI MOM THAN OILLIN' To from us Courage ia also required to
derstanding of th. lead and all the elements TNI"* nil Aeilll Tfi eats WNN YOU All Mil TO TMOSI TWIT PURNISN YOU WITH CUll meet the problems and the obligations. and<
that are a pert tlf the land. i orv vou PUN. M.TWOU *r YOU cacti ass sat AM MOT TOO AIOOUS. YOU THAT MAY PRSVI TO ecPROPITAOLI. the chllaea that are Bearcat as.
Beyond that.theae clubs build character THIS Mil sot HIM T. T.' lUMMON PIIINPXV Sim. NAY ALSO Nil* A Ml ITIRVIMNMtNT YOU All "'his Congress deserves, I ..II'Y'.very

and that, la an era la which Juvenile delinquency pecvtNT IOMI pionc PMTSTIM POIT. IT APPIAII YOU Mill YOU SOUNd T* INJOY ...". special commendation for the forealgU and
has become a grave problem, is TO TIAS TNMAlUMtie CAN Leei ,e...ie TOAMOTMll CAN MPLICT, AWAY PROM ISIS MVPINS, PtOVIOINOYOU and the co."' that it baa shown ia'-..} -
one of the moat vital of aeeda. Honesty TMI Till IIi MONTN .P "... T-l MUITVI M* MtUI.. DON'T ALLOW TMI COST lag our problems here at home and ia our
honor, good sportsmanship, Individual and TtciN VM Me rove eiMI vvs... IVtlTt.LKO. .. maw TIVITIIS thAt TO POlL YOU PIIASUM. own country.with oar own people. The Urban
group achievement kindness, tolerance. Ati aeiiiv 151t4 AM TOO erriN dicta.. .IOoUOI40..JAQCL1J1J8 Mass trIDportltiol Act,The Highway Aid
these,are Qualities and goals that the 4.. MAR IT viva PUTICUIA l.iO.Wlt.5A.Ils Tilt IN TMlIN IPPICTI. Bill the Hill-Burton Extension the many
movement emphaatiea and helps to create missiON T* Ml That TNI aiocs mans YOU M ...* TMOIIMMO lots Jsa. 20th thrarb. education mesnrea all represent together ,
and sustain. Nothing could be more worthwhile MOT eccuevwu vs PAS 15. fan July 23rd thru .MAVI TO RtftJMl 15115atISONSISILUIIS I jiuSMOVL the most constructive attack by say Com-
.* 5w peiiv Cu Aug. 22ad greasipn on the
A challenge of keeping Amerl-S
or more deserving of oar support yew sat A5,
and ow respect. see vewiTMAN essar/es ro [\ a lATwCI Thus IPISONTMAT ptiiee OP IILAIATION OVOTI AMVT. TMI outCOMIS ca fit sad a flat place for our famlllea."
The armlea of 4-H member art fortunatethat siestas, Twill ut, 5N, wait MA* T* ILL ilAVl YOW' MPMW4I *r YOUR PRIHNTACTIYITIIS.
the. movement exleta and coat lane* to a potiiiikirr' blAt wvVAITII .1 04 TMIOVON I* TIll *AY| AN. H.IY T* M tats YOU WOKS How long Oh Lordi I
flouriaH..aad ao la the matiom. elite HAS TS elsE IY MAY IIIMCMI TO PAL MITICI. YOU WILL *. Oat T* *I.MISS TMIMIMIUT
lit'4v'e'cil ,tv CANIUAfPO vows cues o eiMOM. ITILL Pl..* IT P40PITAILlT "
....IT VAUtfAMt. MIATI PROM IININITMI Ace Vivian Adam, who write a women a column .
IT ii POIIIKI THOU o.. Levi V*. A.* for the "
Wrong IncentiveJames IWHCIAliT TMOM WN* MlTHINTt Smtl AM* TO A1L0494TMY Oregon Voter sounds a plaintive
AIm" and irascible
*. fMOViS M IN eiivii TMI ..- CM.LAI044TOM T* sews MLPAM AM OOVN mote: ,how loag.0 Lordi
Uag, poll editor of the Oregon JUIT TNt SimtT, MM T* \ ,O..*M(." TMAT AM MOCSMIN c.... ewe viva, IIIAI, T* rpR PNVIICAL AS X the* f/.le ridiculous** women BOIM to sit still for
Joartal asked MOM S4CIAL IflNTt All S/ tax oa cosmetics? if
residents of Portland sad ii n OM H PMI- POITM. VIM M.Y ILL AS MORAL SUPPORT com-
vicinity: Do you approve of the $7,500 e wow pee Selr.tsa111Gm.r0 Nail T* MAII A r.11NlIstllttttNNT ...,... I* MOMIATIOM.VIO WIN Yes site IT MR IT.TMIRI soap amasses tad i had to pwaglt map a tam for ahavlat
year pay raise congressmen voted for them ... AII ti.t RI- finer blades the Aqta Telva sea
selves? .. ...I. eT.s2efEhihi PHI vev CAM CONlilieY >...||.|.. U STRICT)VI PACTMS twIT might hiss be Adams mar* sympathetic to oar ,11.tI" *
Be resmlta.ia perceatagea: Approve 22.' aaderataadablo wrath ia 41-
mo oplalom 3.1. Ion .. lilt tire 01 ,e* ewe ca. Ian Oct. 24U tin MT TwitIL federal 'ICIM tll oa eo4etiea. .
IIIld Mr. Loss "!he thing that lifted Jrse list Assist IT PIIIMKV VttMTAMIMI *- Now. Had set APPICT TM| PIN At, such ia Jut cue of a aamfter of .
the eyebrows of moat of poll partlclpaatans 1\tC hIt'I."I" hat A..* POMa YM CAWMOV ....... II. I"nM. mot the. rise itself tat Ike sine mod slam's M< CewM T* a T.l ITIMN AN. 1 1* achy WHAT IS M .vows IMMCTIM part were lmptt 4 a4f r Ue axis f"t-
proportion to the present salary for lawmaker O.IMAJ site V* M wine pdu *P LO M) AM cesTiv .c>ts.4i.rPlfCtl are ser.pllnsetg: the last war.?%**
*......MO a year to ....oeo.." .wwNcts vela TrN ,C''flU' .5515 IIi Plate.! OM* semi iv aMT tel l La..I.. ..
It wa p64Be4 wt bypero aej eetteaetJMffeaer taw wets VWW .., | eMHIk VM MIT MNIKMMTIMCIt. ... T* MM? IMRT* Ian ,... lit* thra Items as..... ,. J..lu.. ...... other
13 mo shortage of owMloatMfar It II' v. ,... mm m to-h' Nltlal 1511, hi T" IM., MOIM TO tWUNCfThfiO .arc* sat* harpy sseh be ao trsapertMl.. ..... 1M ..
0 agrees am* whore 'tee smber of CM. seas swims vows emexet : OMMCfS 0* MVT1M MM sit lasses CM else.ifi.d w iresestso is a ... 1
iTsssmsm am* do mat toeem sash a ralae *. ssa.... M ..NIle Neal. WtTM IMt ,.*."' .....'191cn VII eIttI.r aid prides I..t .ea a hash standukS !

If i..... U U M the laceativm for *MeTA|. AS time A| ,.41)0..,....,.. 0. MTVIM l P-....?.... TV4 t... AT MIl, ($5555y.5 hs..... ... 1st Jeeke hweva1t Am a at4U; .
socking fish B.ltti. 4 .office tae fstare vs twr Auee VMI nmiw .1.0 Tacks a MMI.I.* WtfRM. .tM ; \ I '. t
I of ow nm.Uo M s e e.afcf tSettea A61erlAS smith. .1W 501 aliST rwlra All. .. Era Y*.. C-A4) .*tMV M ..- *.lltf eON tMHwa .sin..et.. --.... ...'ill .IIr ..... *"
*.. ....... naTMses, ; ..,1&. >M tUAU .* .l*..Let Aur fag. i* ......*. lees fa wsl.U ... ,. ... .j .. i
v.r1 ....* sail ..*. .. = q ..... Mfg' iwslp.
11,51.115 twte mt .lf.*. *P..aH f* ,VmV44.if-3r.iM : ilotS'
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:: 'j 11 '- ,,::.! ;. .e'1 'c"IIi1ll111E


UTiiiiY imaiti 11, mi riuin mi M/E/ lS' put j

I Annual b .Labor Day Eve Extravaganza I

IIlL.I ...

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N.sea or .J..t. I note tf .or*] rt 1..41.) I IIrwal.habls. i
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Club To-Mto--yvrcl--sll'' s d Vats jItIt carry i ii

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club till ..it it Ill k d Mf .* S"l. 21 M..tlft l!
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un I. ,k. nUll STU PlPEIS
.. -
BCC Frosi, Kew Stideats Heir i Masons To Supervise MI HPH B MMIHBI. Rites Philadelphia Baptist Women Plan

Stirring Address By Dr. Moore : ;/i> Annual Woaei'J Diy Observance \

f. will bo observed for Phtla
Anaaal .n' Day
DATTONA BKACH cueakini before a highly attentivaBOdlence ,.. I-
i COnalatlni Of ease 500 Incoming freehnea, dalpkls Baptist Cbnroh begtaalai with the Sunday
,'" Sdwol at '0 ..... Sunday. 8 t. M.
otter students and their parents lut Sunday Dr. : __.
S .'.............u...........
Richard T. Moor, president of Bethano-Cookoan Ira. Iou Las Cibba
(" feriai and prayer
Collate, vividly deacribed the charckMpportedcollege : sill bo neat eupertBtoadeat. -
*a role ..der today's level of klsher od it The laaaon will selection loses Chorus;

ncatlos.ftpeaklai. '.............eeee....... be reviewed by Mrs. annonacaaants, Mra. V rnell -
practloaa." Perry; ...IICUOD.to ,
trOll the nib Tkelna Bora.. Guest
Dr. Moore farther clari- | Gales Baptist: Introduction
J.ct. 'la BotbuneCookaanCollect teachers will be:
fied tale atatanaat by of
a Chriaties Col- Ira. Ten Mao Peranaoa. speaker
l,l.r tko annual Orlentatioa referrlni tea recant coafermco Miss Paarliaa Prleater, Mrs.' Carrls. Lockett.
with n group of
spatter Mrs. LIOn
leek speaker noted Miss Leila Rich Bra.
college presidents who .' Daslsls, solo In.11I111 .
that place many of kin Olivia Hadnell, Mrs.
attempted to agree on Allonlnvitstloato
llatenere sight be surprised Ball Towns, Mrs. TorsSlplls
simple atandardo for aoeraditatlon -
to hear hla answer of, individual sad Mrs. Janls jolters: offertory,

anowphatlo ",..1",aaoy denoaloatlonal boarda of JaAaon.orslnc. selection loses Chorus;
of then eight be Jsstl- worship will sckaowlodieneat of
ebardr-related ooU.,...
fled la asking 'stay'. They sear did succeed, beiln at II o'clock visitors, Mrs Dorothy

Contlaalof Dr. Moore ha contlnaad.Ha with, Mrs. Addis B. Jotmeon; remarks, bane-
reamed the aadianea that + r diction.
said that BetbaneCooknaaalttotth Mayaa, co-chair.aa,
there la ao simple test Methodist prealdlni. Oevotloss Baptist ''I'raIl1lO"0.

for the Cbrlatiaslty of aapported faculty .. I will be led by Mrs. begins nt 1:10 P...,

the Individual ml alaoaasiisstlosa sad student body In n Josie Bowes and, Mrs. Mrs. Sarah Jones, pro

to each nay .stare of many faiths 't1 Lola Wrtiht. aldlas.KvaalBt.

range over a side art, and in direct cotperleoo.oonparad l' The program includes worship will

many till place lton it to the Apostle processional, greater beds at 1:00 p.*., with

'baala public confession Taal who stated '1 count I..... Baptist and Mrs. Lvcllls McCoy,

and MnbarablpUa Carlstian not myself to have ap- loses Chorus, philadelphia cesium, prealdlni.Tba .

church tbtla. others 'rah ended." Baptist; callto program follows: ,

will age tII... things art nr. Moore clilel ned that worship. Madwa Blta devotion, Mra. Josie

eoondtry Betbuae-Oooknaa graduates t bath Oree sal actions, Bowen sad Mrs. Leona
'nrhthnU, ba art approve for certification Greater Radeon; .,]cone fright; 'praceasioasl
pointed oat. "'ls a caee* fAMIUr--Hletorlc Mother Midway MC Chard, and
aaoaa aaxlllary naabara
by Via Rate Da and ad* Millie
address ra. gospel chores, Mt. Ver-
tics of daily living, at partaaats of mucatlna. 14M Van Mures St., ROT. At. Jonas, pastor will Jacant owatlaa to attend the ...&. Bbown la the ,
Allen .
Bell ; reapoaao.Bra. son Baptist sad 10. .
tltudaa, character and Florida, Nw York. New dedicate Its recently conflated ana.. with Bishop above photo with 111. DoDo Jactaoa.
Evergreen DistrictTo Jersey and hoer states, Eugene C. Matcher prelate of tke'lltbAfrleio & Jenkins DOM I.C. Howard. Grand Junior .u_; slosary offarln sadprayer _I.&.
Methodist Diaoopal District delivering .
aad the institution la dedicatory J.t Bradford District aO.ll.; C.& Thonaa, Grand ; .selection wo* Also, call to worship,
I also saaatlonod by thaAaariCM and cornerstone' sermons and with Maaonle secretary; Levities Pierce. Grand Architect; and -
chores anaoaaconeate
Present sea ; Mrs. Green
officials saparrlslBf the eoraeratoBO others free all
Medical Association coranony.III. over the state who will participate TsrnollParry
Mrs. selectlca, Gospel
aad ivtericn Dietetic J.t. Bradford district deputy GM of the In tko Sunday 8apt. 20. 4 ,... caraaony.THa aoleiat
The.glciesIL ; Choras walcone addraaa
Gleary Prince Hall A. ; ,
Aaaoolatloa and other Baaona P. and A.M. Is snug nil public la invited
Mrs Mary Bealy.Alao .
Mra. Louise B. tllltaM,

1 national aaaoclatlooa.BettnnaCbokaan, ka west. CIIIasctINIl littsTilat. Far M..II. hdedicsBen Reset Day SpringIn for building, consecrated solo,discs Mrs. Hilton raapoaaa, ,missionary Bra. Geraldine of

to also offers
oe say, s
Jaale Las Oataoa, la- aad
ferial prayer;
; aloao Its graduates coarae. to to prepare servecburctes Yeiths HeM At C.. M.r For Wodlflri ChurchMdedicatinn Observance troduetion of speaker ael action, loves Chores;

Mra. Berths Cincbea;
and nialaters aseharch Methodist Youths Eros for the ratraat.Anons rites forloodla.a District annouaenaoBtv Mrs. Var
iOofMS 'Wlaclartht speaker Mra. Barak P.
sell .
workera. In ad* all over the nation at* others praaantar United Treaty.terlea Perry.Also
Church will ob-
dittos, they are also tended ttio Conaactiooal : Blskop Joseph So Church will ba serve their annual honecimini Rice; reapoaae, MissMvelyn asset soloist

liiibla to carry oat advance Retreat far the bug ..*, "... Annie '. "Heath. hId Ria'". Sept. 30thfallowlnr. day la a proiran Bo a11 eon. 'solo Bra. Lola Seiera; reading -

atady In the natton's 'lOpl.' Tapartnaat of In. Haaal T, Oof*, Mrs. hat ....' a too: p... Sept. 20th lathe In. Mary Mealy; iavtUtlon Mrs.' Sarah" Beat;

profosslonal the AMP Church held ran rioulae Praaa, Mra. Lucille postponement, accon'lai annex of the church to Joinera. solo selection, loves Chores;

schools. cratly at Camp labor inrwMpolla Tboaaa, Mra. Mabel. to Nra. Retcbol Hallo, Guest areaker will be Ir. Jaaio Lea Oataoa; latroduetloa of aptUer.In. ,

In ooBtlaaion, ba cautioned Mid Little Mrs.Aim *. Jobs chalnm' of the rededlcation Harvey Thott, a popular offertory; eel ectios, Bealak Ranaoa;

his llsternara' to r ap Balnr located oaRtoia IV. tilliu Stevenaos.Dr, coMlttae.Bajmel butlaeM md oortlelMla Moses Chorus; ack* speaker, Mrs. Cues la P.

-- rotala cotnisaat to the Lake In Michigan D. .. Johnson, Dr. Joseph 0. Paaraoa will Laaaban. Also appearing aowladie of visitors, Gray; solo Mrs. Leila

mm fact that "...an latest .. oraaJ and operated hy Broekiaitoa and ottiara. ba Matar of ceremonies will be John Gripper Bra. HUM Bell Oar Beiera; lavttstios to
seat las better world for the African Methodist The IMS retreat till beheld of the pro tran thick and Call Price, according via, remarks, benedlo joiners; .selection
recitalist HanryTkoeipkiaa tenor roe, when as pray Pplacopa Church, It laona la Atlanta,Oa., when sill feature local to 'ra. Dorothy tios.Mrs.. Gospel Choraa. of

will ba pro tbat Bod's Will ba does of the flnaat, CMP* eyes more yoaaiatara aroeipactad taint. Orgies, prealdeat of the Elisabeth ar.... fertory.
seated dvrlai n proiran OB Rtrtb as It Is Is aitaa la tbo atata where. to attend.. 4 rededication .*.. district sill preside during the Also acfcaowladfanaat

Honday night 4 leapt" 21 byDlatrlct heaves" church retreats and acttlrltlaa Bell Wakrs Choir orial award will ba .,w. .e,. C.A. sever ia afternoon service be* of visitors, Mra. Annie

of PvergreesBaptist 'The annual laacboon bo* of other troop seated by I'.. Barbara pastor ofTibernicli flvsnrisg, llaalai at 3OG.ps. Jerldo; group eaptalaa
Ckirrb In the aaa at 1 p... In faith arc held.Aaisg. elker.. lira. Joyce taw- The program will feature report flaaaclal report
... .. ScWfekt Prelramalltses.repreeesta
Mall.wltt the Upl1.ua.or will sake the Youths
J.ee Huger ana proaentatlon devotion, Mrs. JeeloBowes r.an.Idlo*
The proiran will ....1. lHfaajSjgnika.a; ) >b
promptly at 8 p.s.Mr. .aaapiryraaidlai.Otktr abut .Tia'Pqr Uinn" tlves in various ...ical atandlss ...ber of the. Slid Sunday processlosal.
Mrs. Lacllla McCoy
Tbonpklao will be presde ten by the eirclaa sill sub .
rmiran participants appear yeer. Choir I. Mt. Bales Baptlat
aooonpaiaed by A.... Ore..*, tacladed: aurora sad I,.. Klaanortlttlajohn the Mil VaUra Cklor of Fashion 0 Rim and noses cbairnan.. sad
pianist aadtarlfe Haaro 1 who TocalvaddlatiactloaforhaTUf Second Biptiat Church Eiciljiofs Program Cboraa. Mra. Addis B. Hayes,
Hotlaiers P. Pair
Youth Philadelphia.
The Departneat Baptist;
will bo the aarrator.Vra. the oo-cbalraan. a.,. .. B.Johnaon .
.bapllaa, Isvoestlos; ban It presents a TalentPrtravsngas call to
of Tabernacle BaptlatCharck worship Bra.
Bertha Millar In the din Registrar Harrison P. "Brat Orilaality".Hra.. Monday, Rrrt. 5.1411 Musicale will praaant 4 Elisabeth Oreea; selection la the pastor

trlet president and Oaa- lleUaooeilon! Male LlttleJoha.wM invited by 71 at 4 p.'. lathe des rah .utllo.- -'" for fall ,. Bt. Sales Baptist; .,

con Roosevelt rraaklin la 1 Oepartaeat taatraetorTkonaiiP. the director to sera Mrailatarad ...etu." Israelite Baptist Chart ..-.... ':JOp... Monday, aleona sddraaa, Bra.Annto .
'tko leader la?. II... Ooapa, solo; aaraa aid Rae of those who kaanliaady located at Pcirtb and Htpt. 20, la the church Pearl Sri f fin; KEEP
'rtlll' 1 e till host paator. Dr. Joseph N, Taylor health cnnialtaat at the onaaaatad to ap will ba the
Ktariraan, aadltorlan. Oueata of "..0.... Bra. Marie AMERICA
Music lovers, frloadannd aetlai "Dean of la at Ca r. pear on the program' are:
me* scene of a Andy night the youth departaeat Boston, meat soloist
tko leaeral pabllaara ties, Istrodactlon of Toandatlona for the Gall Price, byte Ptrll musicale rhea the Pa.celstor ..12 ahn04el fart<11.. ..... Ruby Allen. BEAUTIFUL
....teel. Patara" ana the theme filer cuaaa B. tilUana,
es-. Ooopel siaiersprveeot
Miss Daaaette nishtla Aleo niaeloaary of *.*
Agnes. Rnbiaaon PobortaVllaoa a nunbarof gospel proaideat.

Janlca ..Mtton group In aapport of Kre.lhiUi Taldes of Mt. Ton Don't Mate To OB To Toe To Oat

Lillian Bobtaaoa, Pad theawelvea.Rpacial Ararat Sadist Charch

130 CASSAT irowa. Mil to. Carr. Banry pests will be and Allen Clark of Bt. LOW PRICES

Lseresoe. tko Beeheaaa niaiara.Otkar Olive AMt Charch will
1121 W. 6EAYER Also. Constance Murray iroira wUhtai to also bo pest nodal. On Tear

3101 EMEASRtiaw Leroy nkito, abort .... appear on the proiran aralatltad Matlao will be aollat

sees ...Pis awn dvraai.aarlaa T. IhiaallDaadra aloai with the and Bra. M M. Lawreaca DRUG STORE NEEDS
1 tMilllMls n aklator. All lafayo laaaral pabllc.lev. sill bo the sarrator.
MM1fMi kaiaall. M.rste ,.. L. Preeley. host Miss Na11 will reader. Traoe Pith Your Hetgfaborhood Oral Wore

tell Jacqueline taltt.Jaaoll pastor In the apoaaorra Hate.Tabernacle. SI MIl MOT Art PUCKS Age.vs LOCAL PAPQU.Bo .
..'U.. and Branda abet Jenkins to the Baptist Dellver.ta alas fill all Doctor's Proscriptions.

m il AMEDIUM Coopar.Ocnaral. a..cretary.Aniiersirf. Church Is located on

ooaailtta naa>- Onion and Speartai ... Dixie
thud 3.wrASMOKI here are Leroy Wit. Pharmacy

I chat..... Bra Allta Pare fete St. Peters AME

aiwall. cocUiraaa.rarlBrow UI2 Ids IMS' it IjrfcPBHH Ate
sun an4 Albert R odaranoShtes
Oft SLICIOBACON 1 To Worship
Tka faaala floras of .
Elib S I.HIt-
Pica Mope Baptist Chan. .
; 3 ladle TH la ..u., pr parati.aa St. Peters AB* march
...If the paataraklp of
us.us. Lilt Bhlto Ledge III .for their High aonlrerearytteervaaea alder J.M Jarter will FIT TIN UHT. Vita AM UlHKftUllS
will apmaor ta Air Mall slated far
MUTT Tan at \ p... B ept.V at ,.....,...'1.2.;* at I ,.awla coadact nervlcaa .at tie IT Ml SINtInlll&l
>3 ntkSt.
Norse of Sod tf
tko TiCA. ..ner"'UI the church andlterlw.ra .
Baaday Sept JOtk.
BRISKET STEW 3 and talhaaa .... IllUdcan axtala Tiller,chelr* Tko services are to ben.

of the city art san .. ...... fit ttaaWnnajr cheep
Intltad.B.M. Tko .,..r.. will bo
the 4tt
HAN tense a BandayIn
Joke la d aeeeeed.W18LIT .
S .


LaMIA HAW anus Meellffs
e..en wee w1 s 4
TV SAR.QSPARERIBS a_ ..a .w.he ... essea.. BeoaavtlM naetiaiselate

.M.M..enMeretaimeaeam... .e es e..Mas tie aawaer awatta

3 La --.e M. ant s-es-a--....1.a poatponevant far Girl M SwHltr Fir life
Bsests. Browales ass
soy 90 lit
ECONOMY HAND FRYER .nAc _MIl leaders of the It.AraratBaptlat JACBwmui wmwumIII
tars en.e nom treapa
,nMIi sill bo bald TaeadayBap IIIISJ 211111
ANDBREAST ..... ..D at 4 p.*. la ooBdeeatteai ... .... ..11.... Bra.
3 .
... -- : H
... .... J.t. Basis saootlSBasaoatl
NMarr.wqh.-Mw __ JKUWHlt WU t
ut .a **. No CfcMUH M

-- .... WHHIfHU. fU.

MUTT Club To Mee !r.' .. ml M yes ......

ii The _rta. .... loa|.U ..... trf M .ttftniiUiiWK1
NECK BONES 10 club In IntltUs the
UI. anoral public %s attend M N.iea art ifHter.w

theft ingot -.s.tnU.
wean crests eaves
inns CAvtHT
'vase oe.weaee eueaat see... C-tmloa Toe .4a. oil -ww-wwww..wwwwwww

seas soM.r err e ..ee., M bell ....,. Sept N
MULLET 10 esw.w+eas Me. ,. att.BS9.fc: Tbs S..fvta. .-wwwwwwwwwwwww

UI. es.1 Canter, t.4 S. Hti SI.etllbo .
oo .... er eye.tat OKT .. 11ISU1CAT--www.wbwwwe,

X111 fit mmmwi n wn n IIfIIIn w


tI,1" _L



About Charge Qiirtit, Famed Leader Administrator Is Cited._. Dr. King lid Orgulzilioi Plus
People -- -

.' With Mikiig Scrvid As Cliiicin 4 Diy Siviiiih Cofirnci
In. Hannah It. Rilltr. president of the Senior
wen's. bUasloaary and tfecatloael Coaventlra Aaxlllery Pests 01 TbeasehiSheriff At. Bud SenlKirTALLAHASeaDr. ATLANTA .-A ooaceatrated foar days of ifs.oussiona -

to tb Progressive Baptist State Coavoatloa .. nlllas t apeeehea and workshops revolvlas around
of florid It CM8CI'OU .Ich. (lIP!) the fours aad ',... Dlrectlots"
atteadlai the Mtb sessloa of the Robert. P. foster.director of thlatersatloaally < la the Civil
etlossl Baptist CoavMtlOB of At erica li Los Drool fatossPlorida Rights Hovessat will fill the agenda of thettihtt
Mg i... calif. She Ull bt active li several en- reported ho* four young AM Calvereltyarohias Annual Coavsotioa of Us Sou: then Chris tlsa Leader

pecltlee iBclsdlsg that of the Secretary of the sea fro. ladiaaa aadepesta *Ip Coafirtaee set far ..,...... Georgia, Sep.toaber .
Presides e Council.Rev. of thtaeelvesfrendulantly' band served recently 31'.October 1. e........................

................ selllas peat aa a ollslclaa at Dr. Beards !Utter leg, ben 10 fill bt kith
bud dire
dials for -
control products--....
Adulrel Fairbanks Cuomlsgs. pastor of test tora Mobile County Ale Jr. tt srttldtat of lifted by the onaai I
when there evidencethat
Union Missionary Baptist Chsrcb along with delegates wuao Spoaaorod by the Coaa the. civil ..Uo.'. aanaal Preedo J
free kit cturch. is ttteodlBg th. convention Corporation the ellale rights or- Banquet I.
Drool said the
h Detroit, Rich. Ho will visit other points of would sroapallegedly for band directors IBseaalona IUlI..Uol."Icb the DeSoto
latereet befcrt returning to this city pressureboaeowaers were held la th< has Hotel whtrofomer
............... I.to bur II, aehedaledtstloaally Brook 'I I
city of Mobile.
teralte ttteraiaatloa SKXtTART of the Tr.... Douglas Dill.. ..tl
.... AIt.... Johnson. of 15th St. la etteadlng A cllslclaa, coasalUat .. lye Dodgebaseball
service whether there MOevldeaeo .. .
the the WllllM A. Jvap ..rl&l Poaadstioa'a Merle --hOWl speak star
baptist Stats Coaveatloa la Loa Aageloa. of teraltes or lid guest conductor re* I
toriova Award Certlfleato for achieve JWDOLHI
Calif. Ira. Johnson la prtildeat of Ue losses cnwa ended by the Cos a eieaplary tr( t B d jack It Rob-
sot aid the pyraatdedcoats -
ittloaary Society of second Beptlat Church. LeevIBI OB subaevMt phases Corporation Dr. Poster, eat la publle adatalstntloa to Lawrence P. Doss other! participants to 1 aloe will unaonbt

Jacksonville with Mrs.Johasoa was Ira. GladysC. of the projects.The conducted cllalcs d rlag I Aaslstaat Director Operatloas Mvleloa, of the help assess till status the dlaatr weaker

Taught wno la the anatelaa at the church.ra. sheriff identified both the daytlae aad lateraal Revenue Service, la reoogaitloa of oat of tilt civil rights Jackie hat beet a
................. ataadlsi public service. Present at the cereaonyla oawoat s1sec passsfe
the nea aa Harry Poises evening aeaatoaa of tho stautch atpportor of
Haggle Troupe general chalraaa of the Mir 40, Loagae sport; Robert Mobile cllsle A ..th. the Secretary a office at the treasury Da* of the aril Rights Law ea.c and aa active par
aloBBrj Society at BBinaal baptist Church la ate 14 each pertseat la lash la(to a Ma lateraal Rsveaat Co- aid aid it ehartlas set tlcipaat la Us Pros*
H."" fsbash.
leading the Beptlat Coavsetloa la Detroit. Hlch.AccoBpaaylac under 11,000 bond.Char lee Mlssloaor Mortlaer .. Caplla. (rtikt) la aaklai courses in Ut freedoaaoveaoat. doe .,..t.

Mrs Troupe were Ira.Ella Norton Murphy, M Pan under tSOO the preooatatioa. Secretary Dillon cited Hr. Dots'eieeptloaal Probably. oto of tilt
Mrs .tlllio .Saeed ao4 Mrs. victoria Keel eo ton.Rrs. bond and Clyde tebb, who rooord of aohtavoaeat la three aajor A citywide aass rally, test tisalfloaat panelworkshop -
Baead lid .r. Hcdeadoa are also visiting la at nbash areas at the latonal ....... Sorvlcfatnpoweratllltatloa. held at At Pint Afrl* typo tf dit
was custody
relatives. la Detroit attoaatlo data processlai, lid equal eaa laptlit Church msaioaa will take place
................... Indiana. eaplojvieat opportunity will kickoff U Mo early afttraooa

Rra.Loia McUarla and her daughters.ttaroa Joyce Tot, 6, Saves (Official Coast Guard Photo) the of September 10 whet

and .Joan Debra were la the city recently visiting four day toao of the soak soled

relatives. The HcLaurlas, fro Gary llc., were Play Mate Sundry 01 Slid Risk Addresses see t the leaders and brill last
the horse guests of her anther--law,"Mr a. Battle tvwnlas of lads behlad. tilt civil

Mart of soatbera A..., her sister ire.'Rebecca MINT Hlch.'(KPI),,Sll Leadership ,Coilinici OR Africa Sept. IB I right aoveaett OBO

Washlagtoa of Oakley St..and her slster-la-law, year old Ricky Logs deserves elth API- together aa, a group to
I" ABsnda Henderaoa and fsaily. a lot of praise.' KB TOM-Secretary of State DMS Bask .u oae ofa CIO Vice RumnPresldeat revile the foararoagedprogra

Before han... Mrs. Nctanrla also visited the Tbwnkstohis wick tblaklag. soaker of aotablea who addressed Ue seeoad aa* A. Phillip of the ootvea

STAR office. a plajrwate' la alive, tloaal) ooafereaeo of the American Metro Leadership ....01.11 tad James tloa' these A.oag par
................... only MfferlBf slight la. -- CoaferMce oa Africa la tathlsitoa, D.C in. hewer director of thoCoagreis tloipaata will boscura ,
..... Oslo of Ruth was the luncheon specter oa Pride, sept
Tboapaoa SMC ton lOtt St. reports iaatead tf bails
juries of Pro
Special *
possible nt POST,. ISth at the Shorahaa Note). .....................*
bad relatives
having aa enjoyable vacation with fatal buna. Equality Mated asprlarlplo Jests Coordlaator Jaaea
la the ladaatrlal city of Clnclnnattl Ohio while Lori J, faith. S, was of Kan MS City. Kan., and Moro nil 40 aatlosalonaslaatioaa Metro leaders to study\ speakers LawsoB of Hesshlt,

there, she visited Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hudson, fomerrealdaBta playing sear her hose product of the RaataaClty.Kas. rsapoaded "The Aaerlcaa Metro The follswlBi day, Teaaessee; MeldGenretailAt'Large
of this city. IB new Tort she visited when another playasto ., p' blto schools to. call free the aa* Cltliea'a bole la Pur September 10, Rev Jaaeo Bevel

her aleee, Rrs. lasbell Parson and was the test tossed lighted Bstch la Dr. Foster lau degrees uo.' prlaelpal civil suit of a More Effective Joseph R. Loweri.KVft ) of Atlanta; Bayard

of the Dials RuMlagbirds of Philadelphia ''., her direction. child fro the University of rights lewder brUt tilted States' Policy la Sec ...U., who directed
Ira. Aaaa Smith Jefferson Royal Ooodaan sad her fusty head aesrf caught Kansas, tayae University Lather ties Jr., Roy Africa." tsd YI.e* the historic Hires OBtsshltgtoi
and ColuMbia University.
oousla. Mrs. Rebecca Wtshlsitos sod then to eom- tire When Lori started IlUlss Jens Parser A. toadies Airless dlpio resident : and Ralph

plete her tour la Itshlaitoa. D.C. where she MS to panic aad ma away Through tie cllalelaa Philip Rudolph IhlUeyH. sats, ts well aa blab I till dellvr ...."S.. ..t.. labor
services of the Ccms Corroratlm -
received." cordially by Mrs. Oily Gilbert. Ricky caae to the rescue Young, Jr. sad Doro Cited States soveraaeatofficials the key leader tad board seeker
Plkhsrt lad.
Many social affairs aad dicers were given ts by saatehlag the biasing belsavallablo for ...rell.h. thy Kelsht to 00It,.. toiaded oat a solo address of Distritt H.
her honor hlhllbtla a very pleasant vacation. rag fmai her head. la the ..Uo.'. Capital dUtlBfutshed a t The sroap till deal
................... fire officials and doctors ellaies.. add coacort count bead bsadperforaaacea for the 3day sesilose tlelpstlai la the pro par Hitler ,,.. silk ''II., DtrMtlaaaIs

The daughter of Hr. and Mrs Richard Edwards, who trotted Lori for ltdlvldsal which betas Sept 14 srao bytorlaa Cktrcb thttoateatloi't Ne.vlelesee'as

Doris, la eaterlsi florid Meeiorial College la 1100.. sad third degree high school or college aadaalverslty through the 11th at The Itacheea tttead head related to: I,) Poverty
St. Aagnstlae. Doris la a aesibor of Rethel lap burns of the face and one Shorten Motel. usrteri. Rev Lower; and oaeavltytMBti 1)04
bands city, .... Bas opsa to ,lit
tilt Church lid II. 14 Juae graduate of North hard agreed that the district or state bead The eoafereaee brought la psttor of St. Pa | reef Lilies ..) Use of
tested Junior-Senior Rich Sohool.r. breeze would have whipped together laeladlai the Htthodltt Chanh, Basic .Motvlsleat fro
.................. grouts aad assoclstloss,
the flaaea late higher district sad state baud above, ,I... to JOO of llralagkaa, Alabaaa. eptt; ... 4.) Nlldies
and Hrs. Roy Poster of Jen sal en St. took a iateslty aid wlthlt ala clinics sad festivals snd the ..UOI' 5 feroaost SURE TO VOTE The evenleof. ...t.* Alliaaeeo.TENDCW .

recent trip to the Magic city to visit Mr. Poster a tea would have batted the .... workshopt sad
\ a sister Mr*. aosa Lee Collies ..... Ophelia girl IB n.... It tilt luU.r lt... 1

Poster end his uade and suit Hr. and Mrs. JMM scarf. had roMlsed oa her At the Mobile cu.Ie. he

Hill.of./ .."".der The Posters Mrs aeooopaaled V their ....... .ffleala redbMend-- and appllcetfoa r
theory ,
Mr. and Hre. Janes Beary Elliot sad their see sad ed that sues sort et citywide dewnastrstloa of prlael-

,. granddaughter Julias end Winds .Id... reoognatloa bo given ,
Ricky, plea displayed by the
perforavncei of tilt florid SUPER MAItKK '
HOllEY'S Birds PirclristLiiiy
... Oat versify March:
I Groove las Read at Ue 11(1 tad I
LOS MIQfLfS..KPD... gases anal over the ass
The Baltlaoro Orioles, tlotsl Bttwork of CIA SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT ED6EWOOO ANO AVENUE( I .

CIEI IUF faced wltk the possibility Television fro. the Omega
of bettllag the .owl ItaitSI.S.Sisal'1..
[ PHI file*go Skits KOI all Bend trgaalsatlr, bead

fm m the way la the stretch pageantry, heels drill FLA. GRADE "A" FRESH SLICE BCCFLIVER
drive for the .veriest teoasiaea fatal detlga.aatoatlet .

Leagie ......,, last ) ... ...-.ct. tf
STET Petsrday aaaouseed the aslclasshlB ware exec
Btrcaase of taa oat of the topic oovered lar HENSL8.19
li. 1 ,Mil St., MmrliII. fielder Leaay teen for 'r. hater's elltlttetaioat.

slightly tore than the .
2 lift liH7I
wslver price of 120,
000 frosi the Us Angeles Negro Named
lint USA A*gels.To '

College Chaplain V *
t..,IIGTOII'*(1It1) 4aewehapltlt -
hasbeea srpolat*

.. at Seorge teahlagtoaOslverelty

It was dlt
slued .here last ..... HeIt
.fmd ot how ...etIa tte Bret, Rlohtrd Cor

sleh Senile of Pblladel

tie perfect MartttiGa Phi.. wM wilt ale servo
M the cliff at .....r.

caB talte.. A prodact of Phlls el< .

r pale .eeaUry ocaeola.Uv. .
.Bert la gra4ieted fete
PeoAsylvaala State Vol.eerslty ,

tad the *.,d...
Tboobfttal' O4a>ltary, BJSee V
tppetaled obealala at I

,.. States lilt aid .. ,
terved M ears to tt ft *: Z5lYM
su.39t ,
ttdrewt perish, Stele QUART

4 0.iie... Par
.. was s teoeer of Ue !
..". ...r. ffa.| d......
I- : $ oseeatleo owtsdt, tkelro -
V ....,....of Oarv**tBerk IM I .* HJI J(MI GMM 1 wM It.. ir MI .MN aMr

It Seheelt wale __
lees; .....,. B.parta4.t

If let OMHlM lets, all dee ledtl. tooOowaferwae re- MO s. *oo aw situ ii. mmi I



ice's111E i I. S. #1 POTATOES H 11. w 45{

+ v V ,+nrawwnasaw..s.u. 14111 IPRUMKY K lAlUlt BISCMITS J cm 25*

/1 INIllik1 111 vii lOYAl tON-l MAIN IKE i u. m. *5<

A Ii far 110 PEACHES I, % m CM 23(

/1/si1111 -FHISIWY flMIan Jr'{1 r III\I.\ V 44NNS

." ,, ,

e wrw..s..a .. I. _r PI ,. 1 1M O lit

\ jI {

"ti..' i' ".. .. .... I,. 'I f .

*' j SHIN. SEPTMIM 11, 1)14
I rUUl1; SU1 Will

I 1F Bishop E.C. Hatcher To Supervise Mother Midway's Historic RitesPrelate I

To Deliver Dedication Spreads -Welcome Mat Court Strikes Teen Talk

Cornerstone Sermons Masonic RitesThe
Down Union Bias ROBIN A. PD U5TatHi

Rt. Rv. cun C. Hatcher will deliver tb.dd1t:1t.t01 Teen,
"rt TOIK---A court
Gosh Hurricane Dora certainly left thin area la
: and eornentoa laying sermons Sundayat rallng which nark
4 p. .. supported ty officials tad sabers of the beglnniag of say the end a dlaaatrona condition The teenagers of Jacksonville -

the MMonle tmilj at Hotter Midway AXE Church's of racial bias la conatraetloa would like to seed their ayeipathy to the

r--./>lly completed Annex, Rev. I.I. Jones, paa teenagers of Jacksonville Beach and all the other
tri I, announced. ......................... been banded
showed signs of anxiety, fright and boredoei (because *
The program follows: Invitation to joiner t .l and to the tier-eon
s' I M1 f the schools were closed). I sight say to 1011h.1
L' r
Neater of Cenoaiea, a".I.1I. Johnson, of bf i+ aprrentleeeeleetlonpracticea
to sake Jackaoavilloyourpeniuanthoae
who plan
.n. A.R Richardson; faring; Introduction of la the lII..t
p fill to worahip, Rev. visitors, Rev A.C. Metal workers Iiterna- lag la a lower section of the United State, which
1 c.r. lotion; opening Chandler; observations tional Onion Association,
ia aJaoet surrounded by water are
4)'M. Rev. p.j. Jones; III. J.B. Bradford r.- The decision, handed
bound to occur hurricanes, tropical atone,
Invocation Rev. N.ybster ./. sails and benediction; down Aug. 24. was a vie .
flood etc.To
aelectlon, Midway laying of oornerton tory tor th* NAACP which
continue with the IUD problea we alerted
Choirs, scripture too public ia invited. has waged a two year
akin. When
last week. L.t'l talk about dry your
Rev. I.,. Ball decalWt10P battle to prevent thesystsatio
: I glands aren't producing enough
skin la dry your
Fountain Chapel ." ,n, .... ." J ,..00'" _.... exclusion of natural olla. The result: your skis chip and
Negroes from apprenticeship -
AME Church ORIUMTATION Dr. Richard V. Moor (third from left) president of BethuneCookaaa tralaing ......- flake cully you have a hard tine keeping powderon
t Oollege, welcomes new instructors IUd visitors fro the Philippine berahlp ia the union. and your face say vm feel tight and lOre

Prldny Bight pt II eland while be reel.. interesting highlights of the college Pros left are; In his decision State after .11I10. P-o-o-r face. it need a little

I sill b. observed aa ".- Dr. bit Banes, social worker ia the Phil ippiae tlandaDr.; '.f. Cabotaje, BurrM Court Justice tanderne .
Ij fly Night ia the church toner Dean of Caflto College who recently joined the faculty of BethuneCookaan Jacob B.Markowiti stated Clean It thoroughly but tenderly every iiii"or day TO do

j and officer end members. ; Dr. Moore, Dr. A.A. CabotJe, tnglleb profeeeor, also a see aeaber that the law and nail- this you lay use either cleaning eo.pIIId
are requested to invite of the Bethune-Cookatn faculty, aad m. Petra Ovlterex a pablie schoolteacher tie of today' eocletj" water.If you prefer the latter it's fIIIp.clalI *
since file of
vital to rinse thoroughly, a aaop
their friend and the in the Philippine 11 and*. (A, Paul Crawford Photo) require that the anions .
will dry It even wore.Mike
left on yon-akla
general mblletoth aup abandon any program that
J it a ritual to apply a lubricating oUt or
ten tMch it1hbe aerved.The odd dltcrlalaat a-
event ia Nine eponore Trinity Baptist's Old Fashion Sister Cohen'sMusicale gaiaat a person because lotion before you go to bed at night and for day
tlae Clat base under your aUe-np.
use .1abrl
t ia support of the of color race, creed or
Revival Now In Set that the dryness proble.bn' ,
annual Vonen;a Par ob- ProgressTrinity national origin" If a quite likely
servence.Funday's. confined to your face and likely too. that It
HATOIa service will Baptist! Church corner of CUT*! and Jefferson For Sept. 21 scans ore nature and accute in winter. In addition -
Silver lea Fete
begin with t nindar School Ste.**Rev. C.I Crobay, patorla eelbratlac *. $ rR to good diet end enough exercise, a tablespoon -

logue, Rev. T.I. sa'- at 9:30: .... with superintendent nightly Old Fashion Revival services with Pellow and the of oil la your nightly bath can sake you
hee; selection, choirselcose ; David Jones and the It".. Paul and Situ Hciendiick[ of Albany k. R groups feel lOre COB fort able all over ooodneae know
address, I,.. aaalataata *aperllngel erring aa evangelists.Services ........................ e- : general public are 10U.d there nothing sore glamorous feeling than a
to Silver Tea
A. BUckehear. MM*. get underwayeach BMd led by Mra. K. We* .b scheduled by District S awetlyacented bath oil, but if you haven't any,

Also response, '.1. Rev. ,.P. Jonea, rector sight at 7:30 p.*. Icy, president Prayer of 'I It. Olive Baptist olive oil will
Kclatoah: 'anaounceaenti, ia repeating! that' ell and wiU Band No. 11 led M Mrs. Church Sunday B pt. 27 I'v bad a lot of guys tell .e that don't con
Rev.B. Jf. bi l1 ins;hysn, skiers, stewards and end on Sunday RU1 Cook.pr.ldeDt V' at 3 alder the when I "talk to Teena". Gee fell*,

Rev. ..At thigh latro ushers serve during the night p.a.A be I didn't Bean to hart any feelings, but since I
duetioa of speaker, Rev alter and mjor services, ftept. 27, and the fa prograawlll staged did herea a lilt of how yon can laprove your ap-
.1." Bpporeoa; .P....,, The sirens will M del I Bervlcea terdenmlaatloaal featuring a variety pf pearanc.
local talent Rev. C.L.
Blihop tucea fcHatcher, livered at 11:30: o'clock. sad, night I Telfair la tilt host 1. Take good care of your hair keeping clean

begin withdevotion. Prayer IlIAc paator. and well bra all... Schedule regular and frequent

*.. of Avarice, haircut.
HEM TH HE III lad "" th. Mra. Ell. Slarlig I's SocialA 2. Brnh your teeth at night and la the nornlng.
whoeoever will Prayer*
Jones, area ereuowni.MOfB > 1'01 Seek The Beat Doctor OAr PER 3. Clean your nails with a nailbrush daU,.
card and raffle
II hen Tour Doctor 'neeri b... Central Promotes Officers for the annual with a creep of well. will be presented by.party the 4. Keep your shoes shined

Set Piperimced niaraaclata' ..a' a Day observance 'known gospel linger to Starlight Social and 5. Carry a handkerchief.

..Aooordini to your rector'a A. B. Asbwood scheduled for Sunday, feature the pmgraa Bta Savings Club rri4AJ.Sept t I. Keep your clothe praaaed.

Order I. Dee Only The Beat Oct. 11 are u fallow: ter Poittt Cohen has 2S at 1:30: p... at 2S3 T. Keep ia good burtor.Por .
0'. C.L llsok"' ow'Jity Drag Deacon Guy luhlagtoa completed ptaaa for a Claude Bt. Cleveland the Teea who la Jilt entering junior or senior

Proprietor general chai man;Brother dealt to be held Mtyi Crane, president ..0aouaced. high school this la for you; Overcoae ahyneaa.Ehyneaa .
r" laiah Johnson wcttair diy, Kept 21th at B.30: la an awkward feeling you will experience
I RBJHTDUB: PHAWlAClim TO l WW: TOO -! 'H; ...
la Pint Mra Tenpl
occaaloaa all
La and
san; Brother *raMathla Other clubs and the ia some decree on IOU your
A COUPLET LINK OP :,( cretary; Rev 12$ .. Monroe Rt., rider general pebllo are ia* life. But It you will meet It with courage IUd

CoBetleaRubber Oxxta-Candloe-ftundrlee ."',., I' 1,". Bade tresswrertR.ve. A. Hill, OMtor.Althoaghtall vited. Mra. B11(. D. good hua.r. you cM'eaUly break through th* shyness
+ ,
CAUID POI urn lI1LiV 41tfD.Lid's -
group !
farneilprograa friend
... I-- Green la the chit aee barrier. Oneoyoefeave learned this
( ehlirvaaBWfeoaP.B.t (llevited ta perticlpate ia retary. are yours for the Baking.

Drug Store f Brews dcer.tioaa the rrogrM. Mister Cohen Let' a check now with awe yak froej! the pak.

dial man and Deacon Kd- said that those havingaaanuaoed Slates Sewing I'y. heard that Teen la the northern part of the
Intention of
;,u die Mine, pabllettycnalraaa. D.NA. art he o* saddle oxfords while those of
IHJ KINS Hit EL JIMNOW1KM1HAUMtHJANTS beleconhand Mon i ay night Classes At
aa down this way are gone oa huh shoes IUd
The public it ialtd. will Uelide: loafer
The Gospel Stars the Stanton V.
AhIt'a tine to close again. Au ",,1 r. see cis.enwt .
J Excelsior'sSchedule Pentaooatal Singers,Riderllriagitoa .
e F t ; with Ringersfrom Tt* howl ('oIlt, Board .., "

A. a Minor Peraandlaa, Howard of Public laatracttoala

I s44i A, s, Aahwood aa ..- Program lUrclalarider Moss RaflaNeevraly I ten offering too Vocational claaaaa High at

,)oy* with the central Palmer Grove Baptist Host Singers
School 121 Ashley Ft.
ehlore of Pint
; Life laanraac Co for mfBllomRilmPlwut.1AS1D,1UDIA. ; Ui
; ';,J", a..rell. Plrat and PrankJia Tunis Baptiat Church for peraoa desiring *o
\, < the rut four years haateea Sta., will boot the improve their aewlagakilla.
ire. P*.lo Ma Scott sad .nun Mwig you UflIIISWIU1
appolated to a* r..1
p '*'II If 11"1'1IIIr .
other r.'C".a.:. .....":. -:.: .
aaalataat aMacerahlp.it th* Ricelilor Onarel "on N es.
Claaaea held)
ire, Viola Vickers la are P.v'554.'-" ee.s.. a.sN._ ._..-. ., ....
was anaovaced.Mr.Aahwond. Ringers fead.t It' p... day throes Prltfar I'Soa. : e.mane----i. -

ia M active Me Pnakl Ha* Harris Coh sponsor swill sad Peaena X.U. .a. to 3:00 ,.a. Fvf.- ==.e'r. : ,+..,. Lovsaesw eN,. I- eeM.xssroe es M1s.w wl.
eerv aa sister
sober at New Jvraeal a saber of lit. Olive of clra>>ll,, leg classes are held C-;.::..v: -r D..1 Ei--::"

Beptlat Chiron where heaerveo PriUI Baptist chord fro a: *) to B>30 p.*. __ eei3..in..e: ---r---
The la lavtted.
PIN ''' ..
aa a Deaeoa. iaarealdeatofnvalor will be alatreaa of cer* 'T..t--- -
:=: :: ::.':
Chler -
eewale and Mimi OathtaJackanei. ,
I, leader of District t BMt.wr of tile NAACP laleailflei Drive i....-.
aid ...."II'.d..' if lattlaord miasma will SUCCESS' ... I.r I.rr I.

the IhAdar school, live tl+ewele'4e wMr*... OB North's Pe.llc School
He aeeeaed his
ate The response elll lie

deuce U* first *r gives by. Mtis ,....U.* Ili lltirtll

Aaviat.Nr.Miwood. Thomas of ft. battkevBaptist't'hereh
,..1... with Paat- ,NKtlORt-Th' cloalac of aa allHIecro eleexaUryadMol
laaUMg lei.. Coaaaialty this .*. sad the
II wife Rath and deg
all*) end three yetr aid
gkter Lithe lenlta ..Ii....' *f too Negro children to the two ..U..I..t. *
at Kite Bark .111 b*
t "I Sill Wit virelala tv. anlalat. .". schools there la a* laelcatloa *f the
dtmla.tloa with wblefe U* MAACP U Hahiac ita
aatiwawld drive agalatt d* facto aoio.l ...,.-
.'. etlttf I gatioi U Bar the TO cities U IB states
I Sed Jec ._.up.....pupnn. ............._.._._ d

I : Ia a aoctal report t. Icalflcaatly *.,*... 7r

UUCP Executive he re* tag Halted first steps
t tarr Roy tllklaa. lies taitlated la tv.ta*>.,.
''. J.M ...I.ft. tie Aa* 1143. r-

rn YELLOW TAIL SNAPPER .A w La 43* eeilatlea'a .,..1.. Tee citiesbite

a wi a teat tor *.attoa, Plalaa. ..!., sad Te.-

WHITING ,. 29c reviewed th* current neck, I. j., ire a* aR

.......-- status *f th* ca*alca. slag the first aabarbMctwawaltle
LOBSTER MEAT !uM.t9' !ff M.79 several e.*.*alttee skies have
and meted 'It' are
rceli4 the a
GREEN LOBSTERS u &7c aeaegregatiac their U prevent M lacreaa _

aeke.le far U* first In racial cate.tra*
URGE SHRIMP u WeMKDfUM ti*. this fall *r are u...

Sttnlttr ae :MeyV IB. 69cTRIPU

: fiAtutoulllfFISH < ROYAl AlT STUMO


-- l LI


M ssnuuiSU

II''s' wits bidet nfmtaMt *>*. fa twwl+ SPECKLED TROUT is 57 1fIlK1 '11111..,... .. You To Listen. To-

$ Wld1 ..-.... .BMKy M MWNII gaily" oar Has MIAIH

It-'* W Mnbfi (no) .a hawrfy swill 1I kh 4gcl I r L .4SC K 14E_ cOLaSaltLacrs

.i PARTY"'liMit
Bwwww KMM n it'* PIpII. .

let tfcM BieVRBBJ* taAal. t&laif. piS9t' sou.Mg/t.oysis-: a 'SM .... ..JIM 11)1: 'tii 1tN

'/. ...., ........ tA. IoU s.e.e.a HIM ,...Ik- :

",*;......awO.......".rhw W'IM' SHILL OYSTERS IS." '6" Dally Sl4tfftt I :... 'lit 11 ,...
STEWING OYSTERS 516ee.1" Open r
.., raw .e.aee a .ib
.....,....wens q v. SRICT OYSTttS ,,' '1" 14.
m .- .... asia NI1* HfWK 14Huu


4 '.......... i ..... ,L ._ -"' ,.,
--- ----- -

r SP'T : :- -

1 u, I issi mini'nil mils AIt J

Michigan's Bell Telephone Select A New Alma Mater :NAACP Spurs10States College Includes Gibbs; JC :

Upgrades 2 Negro Workers In Talented Students Search

DETROIT-(Nrl)-IB lilt with 1U eitlbllahedplu Get Out Vote ST. PtTOSMmo' ItUneaota Col I eg* kuiicjadedt.

of proTldlBi on-the-Job.. training to your inr "toubn,' Olbba Junior college la tile
kind for ttt .A tea YORK-tith the cloning
en Managerial training progn. search for talented Negro atideata.
Michigan "ll Telephone Company announced lilt r of voter regiitratton Provided lUll a ........?............ i
week the promotion of two Negroes to oiecitlve boots thin Month In ten .ITT J,000 Rockefeller looted itadeat* ,

petition ....................... strata the Rational Association grant for ouch a I reject. beginning. la Julie 1MB
for the Advanoe
The two are Albert B.Chennaalt cuttoaer.relatlona many Carleton Collegeof and foil e via g Uo *u.*
seat of
Colored People
Jr., and Aaguatia ..r. a post in which h* ttt in notion the Horthfleld Mia sir of Uttnaivo study,
Calloway .111 have ..tote, will aeadaa .
J. Jr. expanded re- r of its 'Oet-Out-The. ill report bach to
CbeaiMlt. she Joined npoaalbllltiea for eoordlnatiag Vote" can eign. official to fibba Olbbo in Uo fall.
the fin In July. 1963.i activities A Local NAACP political early sent year to Aueatorp will also

Management nil it. 1th connaity leaders action and voter regl acree. application check application for

ant In the coanercial and group, and will ad- tratloa camlttee chair for two dlffereatprogrtaa. fall .uoU..., of

department has beco** laiater Is to national sin throughout the country Olbba ataweata la the
actlag utter of the progress such as ...- I. were urged to get started Dr. John 1. Reabert M-year-old laatltatloa
ccejpany'a public office ture* '..aitratloae.pecchea 'tall speed ahead" on preatdeat of llbb bleb la considered to

la the headquarteratwilling. telephone office the second phase of their Jwalor Coil.,.. an* rank among the too fivocoedueatlonal

Ibo appoiat tours and film j'. W' _," '" o-part battle- Petting nounced that lilllM_M.Anaentorp liberal
seat effective M of 11Io..... Associate arts iaatttutlca lathe
TOP-samiNO BTODom-netared hero an .... of tilt itntat with scores of MOor registered.re to out .
Sept. I.CII..un. Prior to his prMotloa.Galloway above la the Florida State-tide Twelfth Grade Teat, who have enrolled aafrahM their ballots," Director of Adaliile/ii, eatl...
will be responsible w.. aaaiataatcaatoaer la expected to visit Olbba ma included I.Carhtoa' .
State whose carol lsest
at Florida MIl University for the tint trlaeater of the 11M.*. academic
for the operation relation ana- year. Seated ia front, left to right are: tlllle P. Sweet fro Apalacbl hooks close this oath gibes Junior College project ..-

of the public office ger in the. public relations cola; Hattie R, 'Thoapaon. Jacksonville. Mary K. Hawthorne Marl anna; Dayatra C. include 101 hell,, Mode ia January to-dlacuna caaae of the statewide *

which include a department a Baker Ian.....; Marva z.. Harris, Orlando; Stella Yvonne Howard Sarasota; and Island California, Pea the participation of rwpreieatatlo of
tiff of IS own and women. post he received a year Harold 0 Btanley, TallehMiee. Standing behind then, left tp riitit. are: Carol ..,h..... Montana, Art oee aelKted students students found OH ...
Fondly a ...berof ago following traaafer Ana Ross Jackaonvllle; Marlon John eon, Mlaalj Baadra Culb.rth Hollywood.; 1 sass Maryland Ohio New of II bbl in Carletoa'n pua.Mttting.

the advertising staff fro. the cowaerclal de- 9>rgMn Hawthorne ..ri....; Dorothy Jeea Sheppard' Tampa; Artie Lanier Polk Jeraty and Nevada.Sawmti special Muwjer '",'1'Mo

of the Michigan Dally parti cot. Apalacbloola. Harriett I-.J Mia, Ta. a; Palter C '11I011... Riviera leach; Ins glebe ahd'lt"IUI Rescbodaled
ho .a* once a treasurerof Jean Lincoln. Qulncy, Kdward Willlana Jr., Jackaonville.: lid Flora Jean Per Ricer !JC spend tilt nvaaer at

Alpha Phi Alpha Fra Negro ChemistRepresents finon. ,.."... Carleton with other II Hidisoi' tally'
ternity.Galloway. Still Allied
baa becoe Fill' OR Rfffllop The regular aeetlag of

U.S. Woman WinsNonliilloi Nat'l, Private Loan Funds Alkali CoilibWaff Not Early Soils the Madison buty hecre
tloa feanelatlna .eII..-

Priest Urges At Symposium To Available For A & M Students sabers of .-a.... Doctor Discovers led for belay" (Itptl4th"
has been
City Commission see liver Junior College postponed aatllMoaday
Labor UnionsTo WASHINGTON-Johe R.Hodge FLINT IlctI.lrl)..
TU-.AMF.R-ft. typical nttended the conferenceof Kept. 21't. la tholawinaie
a top cheaiat at PUTT Mlell.*(NPI1benMrs. student at Florida MM When Dr. Oordon Brain
Open RanksDlIA the u.S. Department of Margaret L. Carrollof University aecordlag to Vice real dent J.I.Ie Inatttatlonal leU.adh. heard footsteps r* his lver Junior
Lee Jr.la one who in receiving In Atlaata. Oa., Cslleae Ubrary.Meabera .
Arlcunn" northern the First ward aaalatance throng
wiaoBlnated roofton lie wondered for
(VI) lbIail part-tine oployaent list week-end hid sae are asked to bopreeeat
tilliation researchIsboretoryPeoria in the race for or froa one of a aunber of a ala te If perhaps
Catholic rrieit here bin loan fund made available by the National rjefenae nponaored by the SouthernAssnciptton at Ueoretlag to
III.. a neat on the city con 'e ntn'
WM colng early
reed I, SOO labor M.IIrrot.nlolll ef College. <>adu"t the olectlna. of
represented the fitted mission whe aite4.. ap two Education Act Fund or by several private loam.fide this ,' .
worker to .
and Schools. ew officer
States recently at the first: The tint time net up by Individual and organizations for The
open up their raoka and a needy atudenU.Florida ...................... President J. '. Herritt, person behlld Uo
International S'apo.luoa man has bean nominated,
of big feet
nelitibortaoodi to Negnea. Deglatar 3. 0 Iron and
He la the Very .... Chemistry of the and the first the a Negro' MM nalntaln will prepare then for Mrs .... Miller repro' timed ont to be aa |n*.
Carbohydrates la Mu.- onan has received the an top loin eat Bureau
naniol Cantwell. chaplain some vocation at vbleh ..ted the collet nt the toilcated ninwhaaj, police
Catholic Council oo Porting ter. feat GIrt..,. OBlaatloa. which place needr itu they can earn a living.Btadeat conference ealan4 for believe I* a barilaryaipect HiyFewr?
Life and the Catholic His paper waa entitled In the surprise ave* dents In M pi or neat, POll Uo.. Mhe ..wber laitltitloaa which flit doctor
Interracial council of "Degradation of Sugar opvent. Mrn. Carroll a both on and off the ..& campus pay Pros expect to begin their tiled Ue police wAe ChI last roller with

rhlcifo.He hy Secondary pine Halt* loan officer at the teat CMPUI. B,udeot* are 110 to MO per ..... .elf>atady duriaitke 1114 arrested tanta1 on oun' Dv. Guad'aOroM Mant.kt
made the integration via the Anadorl Herraagenent. tide Auto Porkers Federal helped to secure job for II aced M hours II er Him aeadealtyeere. pldoM af attested bur QQAMTTII.CONPOUItDII

plea In a sermon daring ." Credit Dnioa. received la II.. with their h.tlnlt. p.r ..., "..,..U"l,. glary ands dnmk char...
1,130 .. .. abilities
Pollowlag the lynpoian. sot. Me will and
the annual Labor Py Msasin
Mr. lodge con oppose nejvxwd ILBtedron. courses of study par
Holy. HIM cathedrsl.Msgr. ferred with scientists who received. 1. :32* vote aued. Application for nut m mi
Cmttell celebrated" in Prance gwltierluid.Italy intheft-Mlaaloa eldctlonNotwjber student nployoent 1*. I.
the wjasa."Tbe S. Ktedron la a side through the Office iliaI.
and Fnglaad osa 1
altar in not Jut GRAPES I
supervisor at Buick Motor Of Stndent Activitiesof
a Meeting place" he pusher of research "" Mttfr
problem, Including the Division General Motors which Charlie Man Food'
add, adding, "It in a
going-out lece-a place cheat ctry Involved In The (b..'"10.' lose Ing la Acting Direc ,
dlacoleratloa Negro ..ber, Floyd J. tor.
the of -
here ot confront I
we OM ,food during .tor McT.e ot the Third lard The Rehabilitation Ml UIIIIT I --
the probl**. of the
.or Id." .ge, Md proceaaiag.Me w... Morpeted on the ballot bectlon of the State \\I UANTITY $MCIAU''GOODAIGNTI

Thadle.. ',..:..... t. I 'aav:** Mtkerlty In aad II ctrtaia of reelection Department of Public, ivio THuouan JATIIIOAY
urt Integration in labor this latter fie)" to a fourth two utruuo. provides I

I I and whirbM COMBO I U... Retaralag frat ..ropt..r. year term.lraCarrol. some aialataac to I. I. H 1
He called pacifically on dodge list week ..- !' n nnUitloa persons over II with a
labor Itadere to 'brl., sped the position of was called "Ue uipris.develo.uet" ajor physical haadl

to an end the practleenIn chairman of the Divlnion In the city cap and good acholaa-
the local Waahbarne of Carbohydrate '......101 primary held tl. ability who plan 'CIiIT r 59 POTATOES10m.
here last ,..... .
Trade .ell 001 which keep Cbenlntry at the Americas to take the cowrie Ua

Negro yoaag people fro Chealcal Society
getting the aklll. without eoavntioa in Chicago $250,000 Far Ywtb C..p
l Id UJI ir Mil (Its! Ifltr
Mints their live* are .e till nerve In the
hopeless, frustrated and inpertant font for a ReM ly PfPta' M Maim $ 49
bitter." rear.With. .
ATOM ROOCR. la.-(WI-*>.. 1350, 000 hn ... BUftllCOFFEE NUt

providedtthe Lovlataaa Prince 1.11.....* loud i
"...,..,..., A Style"One had to begin eonatrnctloa oo Ue first wits ofa

recrwatloaal HI'" ar Vtlle Platte, accoNUg NMNKI NT fill Mf
to a joist nnaoMceMat side here hut ed by Dr.
Jobs 0. Lewla Jr., grad oaater, Louisiana Prima
Mal) Baoa; and Mra. Mary MeOrlff Belle, grad Q0 (

I- worthy eeroa.Rather Grand chapter, Order of Rao I II.
ten cyst Prtace Hall affiliate ir ll.-Ojf

The ewur will be for ......................... 69

the see of the two yoatuorgaalntleaa ..*,. There will bo aIJMre CMWJfi SIRLOIN STEAK
b of thoreratbe lake, borderedby

Tnth Fra oaay tree*, large 1M $ it MN .foil attn

teralty of tie tasters barrack Per boy and ru. HIM '1' iiur IMW
Stare, aad theMeaooe* girl, o large aaeenbly 1

Kalabtoofpythao. r*.*. hall, aa well a* playarwao IfflL
For All .a well as fer other ad Hel*.
Stop Shopping
set oooaected with tII.fnt..aJ SHORTENINGIB. HENS -33 \
Your Photographic ,
Bit of tie eemp I* aloacre FAKU Grid GetsAssisiciIship,

plot meat VI)).

EMWON'S PHOTO SPY Putt.. adjolalag theCaloot .
.. ...,
slate part laUe 49e "u MIT IMIH
1817 N. MYRTLE AVE teo rwol. oeater of c

the ctat. neo ceo i iMod. GIltS .1

(Opts) Suudajg. 100 p... Until 1:00 p.B.) II elll dentalsall f WAS fMC :
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,,,$N M" feed e $4
Uo aoderaMill* IIi -_
,.... 3M-32I2 I tie of re.tlUn .!! i HTM t MM KM :>> 5HI I

.... ..fr' MEALS
'.". ", : POT PIS HI Hill HUH OHM JTTU



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I -* BNU.VS esecie tullew 5 V PM,iO cc inerth'd e MeIde41 1' '

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,.. _",I.III. < ; "L! r '''_ j ,.L _J: :M- ," I
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... ':. .. .. .. .. < '
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I ,,. .,.. ...,. "' ,.. '.:. : '." iii

.. *' \/i\: r '"d

.._ '" .. ". ... ._ ,_ iii" .':
"':. "
H_ ; "

Dade Council Of Senior Citiziis MIamian Aids Presentation Stiles' Arthritis Chapters To Coobinc Dub To Receive .''

Establishes Fill Tim Office Forces into Single .11 'I Agency National Award

MI AMI-It 'aa aaaoanead by Scott t. xorrla, RCT TOtt.(NPI)-'Bu.y
MlAMI-Tna nadt County Council of Senior Cltl chairman, Florida chapter Tat! Arthritis andRhtH* Davis, Jr. popular Negro
a.IIt' r.prt ntlni over 8.000 resident retirees atlM foundation that a alagla. strong national flit, stage and TV star
II anf:It coweunlty club., .baa voted uaaalnonaly to voluntary agency ta combat arthritis ii being baa been maid by the PNational
establish a Mil Una off let of its on at 10)0N. Conference ofCbrtatitat
....................... created through the cooperation of the major or- btrtT
.*/ 15th Arenas. lanisatlona now engaged ia rapport of arthritis tad Jews
nfrrli Rohlnaky, preel problaaa, ironp or ia. reatarcb, patient care and education.la to receive a Rational i
dlfldual, can (a can '........................ Brotherhood award u
Dade Coun
dtot of too a joint atatautat1iaaaed
ell, and Hi reprtsea ttrtd at their offlct. F ia Rat Tort, nUn will be Mr The prtttntatlon till, .'/"
All iatarattad par nada at luncheon in t
Odlun. b. a
theinto and
t Utt on Howard f. PolleMUO., *
toss arm tread to. writato tTtntuallTbeaa Oct. 20,
National Levels Raid of tbs May Cllilc Then centera New York on tti
thAovt became necea the offica or call Rocbttttr. liaataota centers artat petted to. bt attended tJtl.ad.rt \/
that at 113-im. will be part of ia the enter*,.
e growing confusion r.* Negro Appointed Rtttunatina! AttoM tilt new .agency a pro talnnnt and unttiant,
)tta. fro the India* atlon; noyd B. Odium, (ran. but until that fields and their gutsta.
crltlnitt' use of then Chief Surgeon Cbalnan of the Board transition la sale, till Announcement of thtt" .
label "aanior citl FICUHB 11.1)(" )** of the Arthritis lid continue to receive aup- award was nada by Leslie
alii'" by ladaptndtot and The ni JolBtd. local euthoritlathtrtia r Rbtunatlan Foundation port from their original R. 8cbtartapr'lldnt of ;

unaffiliattd eourcts probing '. ; aDd Basil O'Connor, aponaora.Preto. Century Theatres .110\,
11' 90 way UP,.IID. tbt dtath oft 14-ytar : ; president of The Ra* Doted that the "axtra\
tfttra of then county* old .Negro worker for then :r..ra.i lt.. tloaal Fouadation Drewry. ordinary talents of PM\;

.Ida organization and, Contraaa of'iuelal .* March of 01.... Mid ny Davis hart gives a
In'.a'Trtl instances quality whoa body was OHO CITES H06TB8 UNIT-Tht Council of Urban League Oaths honored the UoiaTlllo that.rl 1 er discussions Of COM Yovtii fnabnttt and a vitality
unit for the protwtloa of aa oatataadlaf eoaffrtnct durlaf the recent to tntartalnatat.Tba .
not tvtn identified with found ia the Big Hack hart reaultad la a plan RICHMOND V."(11'1)--
,' .:nlor cltl lens.rttclfic River sear hart. oonfabAtld at the ftaraton Hottl. Tat honor Mt ia the form of a plaque aim designed to bring about Dr. Rllllaa Fergueon HCCJ feels that.,
mtlon of the The youth eaIdentifiedtt to the unit through: its prtaidtnt, Mra. CltoOrtiory, fourth from left). la the ore effective treatment Reid and Dr. his achlaYMtati art '\
senior Citiaent Mead- Herbert Oral of New abort pboto.hft to. riiht.Harry. Btatitr pr..ldet"Rational Urban League bltty and hopefully ultimate sill,!.a M.aurgioa T. Forrester strong aritwrat for btt .
rouai, ttteativt director, Rational Urban both of .. Tort "
quantum t News and Orleaatbo eta vialtlaf League, H City; prevention of artbritla. general practitioner, ttr hanan rtlationt.
f the Senior Citizens Bar- his iraadparaata inPiektaa Bra. Hud I. Reid, CULO president Hlnai; lira. Oratory" ; In. Adtliaa Jordoo.COLO Kills all detail bars have a btcont the first said Schwartz who ia
Cantar uaaf Reportedly vies president Loa Anctlta; and Clark Oirlty, UmliTlllt district a naitr also national chairmanof
| aa not beta worked oat la history to. bt
rIse! aoureaa was was not active ia civil Royal Cram Cola Co., whose fin donated the plaque and participated ir initial steps bare been. Negroes admitted to Membership the HCGTa Moatatntiaduatry

made ty Mr. Roblaaky.bo rights ork ia Misats'sipplbut several of the Oalld'a eoatntioa actifltiaa. taken thereby the pre in the lch,ond Acadesqr; dlvlaioa. r
said taa confusion afflllata The HCCJ it a elfleoriaalaatloa
teat Arthritis lad of Medlclaa. Both art
of Identity was traced with the COW chapter in Miami Named A Key Pointin Rhtunatian Fonadatloa frc Rlchaond. of rill-'
back to the political Orltana, lloualy-Mtlnttd people i
New ill bt rlOOll.tI tllttel
Dr. Reid received bit '
primary. contests ia May Urban League's Voter Drive to. mats hucb itnngerla bachelor from which tttkt, through
a degree
lien .11I, cl liana,....* Muck ShortsMIAMI and nlailon education and dialogue.[1
WASHINGTON-Tbt National Urban Ltimt'i nonpartisan scope Virginia Onion IIId M.D.
lag iaforaatloa oa to promote cooperation
i both locally and aa |
fro Hovard 11II1..nU,. "
"March: to the Ballot 110 a' registration '
lltieal candldata prafaraneaa RACK-Total crowd moat at the Municipal tlotally.Cbairaan I Forrester received both and nadtratandlai aaoar
la ia
and voting cuptlm high sear with fieldstaffs
all of
eontaotad the
Beach parka operated by Minal Beach baa tic ted ed and volanttrt eovtriai "target .rll." of the Board bit .... and M. D. decree romps atjorj
Service cantar a News or thaHeadquartera Of. B,000,000 annually for then last flu ,tI". 'The ia II dUll with large Negro populations of tilt sew organ! fro Hoverd. publlo iaaaaa.

city nalatalaa alat oetaafroat parka along its altillar door-to-door canraaalnc la 53 other Orbanleaiut 1
flea, aa wall aa other also Blltt of Atlantic abort aad la plaaalai a ooMwnltlta.Iterllai ....................... "
orgeniiatloaalabeled"aaaior. safer enlargement of pibllt betcb area betieea Tucker dl* t t!
eitlsant"bieb eitcntt-t directors art
"th strict and then city Unit at ITU Ternce. rector of tilt league
had .uabrooatddttrtai .........-...... special citizen tdue.tlODproj.ct ttniai M project dI. '.
the rtctora ia their cities;
prinary eon
MIAMI BRAaITearlyhotels I lalf of MlMl Beach' 161 headquartered ialaablaitoa
tells and tbta die C ester Jones Columbus;
bare adMlai i pool for their ghosts anit aaaoaaetd
appeared. Percy N. Bteele Jr., f
qrt than 100 apartn batldlaaa Milt pool a. that 11 irojtet dirto aK
The Couatll plaaaventually a Ban Francisco and 111
Yd-"J1.ct(:ttos, "thins ar e mono than 100 pooh at* ton bite been appoint
toetpaad. itaattvleta lien Dcwthit, Bt. Loaia.Thoaaanda
'tII IIIi Ilo private real I tenses and men la Mualtlpa ed to tiptrtltt th*
ao that all a r ... w t of volaa t
url. target city caapalia/:
..lilo, elUaent and their leers art tigolig ap la
; Three local Urban Leagnt _,. .. ..-- ......... g >
be facet vm mvmij uuvcanptlgn ppA
kick ia la*

Tune WAME Home Of The World's bralai egroee laaa Cltiaeoa all that unregistered'Yotl'.,lut'" t M,


<+ ;;; Champion Disc Jockey producing and The other Urban posters Lea tdvcatloaal at It flyer now I'

"tnla1 for its mothers !
', .
'Y to. aaa la keeptai people
t. reglatered and taralti \1' .' .
ante oa Noftn* ,
oat the lbyrWMBM
".... "
Mr I.
Tucker\ anaouactd that
David Aptcr haa bttaMtoclttt
director tad I
frank Btaalay, Jr., la*
fomation director of

tilt March to the Ballot Spotlight Product! Of The Weak

.a:LEA Miami, Florida

lick, IIIItlder

tf itrld'tBraadcaatlai Survive Axe

Fred Nsena Mann Rookie: Rogers Rattler fron Punts

AM Val"fI't1 aarttted
the flail cwt aa Rational
aid AatrlctaLttcata
trtMtd tbtirrttttrt
to tht II-

I ,., player Halt last th,
altbach Cltrtatt
Chllda sad tad Alfred

I Beaton both ll.*MrIcwia -
.. run, aanived,

I t ltffYP1"tII the final aa, Qkllda lanaalai
back _ltt tht
a:BO N t:N
Net fort tlMte tf toe
r.. IAIl $ ..h..
NtUoaal 0tb41 te.-
cafe tt M1s1t. I.retltt tar
.......n. f-aton It ea-
pltytd aa a flashers Yr
s 1 th. pea vsr Ir....

: SEE AND HEAR THESE Nell ritrldt Lae'ski. tee has r

atat flame la ,,.*
fttalMtl fattballi r ,.,c '
1 Tackle aillle Lee It ;5

stew k .... world ckajattM
RADIO STARS Atase .*..,.. halftocb J5'
sot Pvemers.le will tie
'.. Louts r..l tAIl,..
rallback Rtefttt MIMla
sill the BiMtet.ta .
U* CMadlaa ltt.ettlllleUylMlta 1 _

WAME-1260 fey u. B.f. iliac ward aadttthlt

titlit Vicious
ta tUh Ut BMlltt
Tls.t.t'st.' flaytait
a MIAMI. .ltr fMiball art
.-rt....., Jinniliael +
BBrtaifltld.. ....., Royil Crown It nude freher to UM fneber..

\ Hear "Hot Line" NlgMly At 11 p.m. Ml tatAlt rater Ue-
Iaptn at TMtlUa.AOVBRTBK. fresher Royal Crown.r'
WithArt Qreen It Par. r. go go .


-- . --- -----.....--- ---. -- -- -- ..._ "'-- . .

SLUT SlfTEBB 11. lift .. FLIim Jill pns.t PHI I I I

..... ,.,, -, > "
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.'''''f 1 ;:,,;
'* You don't have the time? v

iI 'AJrs '' war din lint 'to watch' TV stars baseball nd ,lefrlbill (Mis 'i M"
{(:; ,
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f/ ..'.. 'f ,,\ t't"'...',\ .f
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lit, ,,,.;.J..' f t tiol .'I

fir, '1> ,).You're'.. .:!' too busy? ,' 1<'<1 I .,(.,.&... ..., ,, '"",,, ':.:"rfI i.I'"".;, '..,:,', i
m'I 11-_. -f; ,.t '}"
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; YI'r1 too busy lo to I ft.hl or attend club! I 0111(13" r ( Hi j* lliJ| hash-" J: ,:: ;., l t .:,'

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f..rRds'" :lba+lV tltroatt+K f 4qt:aQ to s p... I.W t.1:Twadar,lit,23..;aA p... to f ,.r.t. ', ;F
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y !lC.t.rd' "l l rpt. I' 'ti0 ..r. tCl S ,... ., ,
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Far frn Trtisf 0rffitlM Cell! il 44UO."

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1U *tat. t..rIrat/e, ,.,., x...... a

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k """


I fU 18 riiiiii mi PAPER JITIIW SEPIttltl II, 1SC4

r Attended< Church News __ _
I Of ....

R.v. Mrs. Ruth L, Brown auiataat pastor at h, yr ,

I Alexander .Memorial Methodist Church will apeak' Jai New Camp

i u'after-ierric* prograa Sunday alt at BUPeUra .
AMF buch. Bbl will be accompanied by varloaaiiiic CoMlaioar: and a. tvwyona la talking about oar aotorioaa visitor

I aI groups and Mrs. Alice Boiton. beta of Cherokee District Dora. It seems that abe called apoa aaay poraoaa
North Plorlda quite aalavlted and ottayd her elcoa/a. 'The
I Prayer band will conduct devotion Rv L.
Wallace It pastor of th* church located at 30th Council>> Boy Stoats otAII.rtca only ones who were happy over her visit wer Duval

and Lee Bts.Tabernacle. k # will aiotorcadito County Public School aUdeat.whoae parent breathed *

I ................. the new caapalt Bat. a sign of relief at bit departure.
w 'ti sway afternoon locattt
Church'a Youth will
Baptist Department r SY three miles aoatb of ......................
present a a.erue-PaBhion-0-Raaa at 7: JO ,.*. Sunday
Melrose oa Lake Loyal
la' the annex of the church.Nra. R.It Lawrence, auporvieor 1
Dr.JaM C. Downing dlatrlet -
of the youth departatnt. will serve aa dlalralll.IIIDOII.aOldD1Itrtct I. Dr. Richard V. Moore president of Bethuae-Cbok-

i I", narrator. Mr.. Ruth Valdai and Allan Clark will .*.blt. will men College>> presided over Tuesday alghf meeting

b* guest aoi).le and Maxine ffllliaaa will appeara meet at 11.10: a... atDemollCookaaa of the oator Bowl Classic CoMlttee, held ia the
neat aoloiat. Paahloa for fall and winter Junior library of the Afro-American Building.

I will b. IIOdel'". Reports of the Souvenir Publlclty.Parada, Hou-
.................. High School Vanua and sing Advanced Ticket Sales and. Special Train
Arch Sta. to for tilt
I the Penile OioraaofZlOB Hope Baptist Church will to read. CoBBltteo revealed hat promises to be one of the

celebrate It' 13th anniversary Sept. 29 at .: 00P. aw It la expected that representatives oat gigantic claaalca la Jaekaoavlll blatory.

." in the audltorlua of the church.A program of fro other Plane lain ben enacted for a claaaie cup to be
la awarded to the orifnitatlon having the Boat attractive *
entertaining event la planned. The public in- districts will b ia
vited.Mrs. float la the parade, with certificate
attendance la order to
chalraan.eabera for the nut two runncrt-np. sororities, fra-
RuthUM. Tiller ia general receive info nation and
I ....................... teroitiea aad other social and civic group are
training frog otheraaiberav
: I with 25 or aore yeara of church affiliation urged to contact Nathaniel Davis prior to October
OP the BdalBlatratlve staff of Bethuaa-CbokBaji college receatly'took '
at New Bttbel Baptist Church will be 27.
I 1\ honored It a special prograa bald Sept.20 at 11:00 part ia a workahop oa Collate>> Adalaletratiooa, sponsored by the Dan forth Ponadatlon. District members are: The oator Bowl Claaaie will be played betweenthe

y\ a... Ra*. Charles Tot ton, pastor, ia Inviting the at Knox College>> la Sallibarg. Illinois Representing the college wet George A. Hackey, Atty. football teaaa of Btthune-Cookaaa College

genera public and also ante sabers of tbechurcb Jaae L Huger (hit), Dr. Illllaa A. McMillan and Dr. Joseph M. Taylor. Leaader J. haw Jr. aad south Carolina State College.October 11 ia the

: to attend. The purpose of the workabop was to provide aa opartaalty for intensive study Rev. J.B.P. Illllaai, Gator low|.

( ', .................. of ways and mesas of raising the level of excellence la adalaiatratlon. Charles E. 'l.oa.lr. ,

.aII".' slate Sunday during Mt. Charlea tlliaaa, D.T.IItlward..or .....................
\ Heading the (A. ..) Crawford Photos) B. Bryant,
lien''Hit Church' dual day observance la Hiliard '

will be Rer. Fred Richardson and Evanglit Alta HBO RtjBBlBQ Oat Perform James Weaver. Uriah Mra. Oscar Hlllaaa la confined to srwtr Hospital -
Proaiflcel Socialite Potl.. ... C.B. Kclntoah,
faahiaiton,. according to an announcement by the because of 11 In***. w* are wiahiai kr avery
Joseph ffaldan,Rat ford I.
pastor Rev Richard Bethel. Conflict V".rIIJ. speedy recovery.
It Connecticut Brown Jr.J.R. iblttlag-
Rrangellat ffaahlniton will be the aornlni service -
Richardson will conduct the too.Jaaea A. Richardson ...................
speaker and Rev. Veterans who were inactive .1111, congress baa aatabllahtd Ira. Bobbie Baker a and B. Kirklla.

evening aervlee The..public........la...invited....... duty during the January Ilaa prominent Ukvilla socialite conn with, ia Also, talter H. White, Mra. John parrott of nurkee Drive 1* also a patient
Korean Conflict la 1933, the termination date for James I. Sloan, Iaral
At paaaiai of Cider I... Tarrer'a sister laPoapaao and "have been unconditionally the readjuatamt prograa) ber children and other Berry.aarvla C. Mitchell at Brerater Hoapltal. "Cat Well" wishes

brought aa abundance of cardtltgra discharged or of education and trainingfor relative spending lilt Joseph A. Holaradorf Jr.JaaeaH. are extended to ber.
and other ions of condoleneee froa friend and releaaed froa active fluty Conflict vacation.
i .. takes this method to Korean Vet- She was feted recentlyon SUeUv.WllllaaBroadway ....................
.hr. pt his church He within the past three anuia. ..... Argrett
; beautiful floral piece waa her Both birthday at
reply ia gratitude A
years are that Eligible: veteran ear Oscar L. Hillaan. Alyaoa '
sent for the church and aeaberf of the ffllllai a party with over fifty Of latereat to local citizens ia the forthcoming
they hare .
only Oat Paalla
see obtain the .c.* *" aprtloattea P. Wlao. Joseph D. -
j totter Charity KUiion which la under leadership seater left for education foraa and father proa in attendance *. Atty, Part .. JohnBOB. marriage of Miss Catella B. McTear and Henry L.
Of president Mr*. Mary Ctrl. Bans were from aa far aa Mitchell wedding phil were aaaouacd by Mla
I I ................... and Korean training 01 Bill.According .under the' iaforaattoa at th* VA :Florida. She received I.D. III.Co..issioaers 8 .*et. Lewis McTeei'a parent. Mr. and Mra. J.H. McTear of lilt'
J. Carter
The Church of dud at 1912 MaHarry AT*. will conduct to aa announce* Office JeckeonvlUe, III ,Monroe PI*. St. aaay t.h,,,.., card > : L. R.Aaroaa test Teanty-sixtb Street.

I the seem proiraa of religious services Bun eat by B J, Cannon, of. Por thoM veterna die- and letter T.R. Rutherford The ceremony will hilt place September M la the

s danBabbatb; fleer in charge V' the VA charged prior to January 8r.. T.R. Lowers I.'. The Church of God ia Christ Ill'
Ii t School will begin at 10:30 .... with Buperlntendent -, office her la Jackson 91,137. Morgan 8r. A.R. Cox Chelta street with elder ...atl

Betty Smith aupervlaim. Willlo Pollard Jr., R.L Pena Neabltt Offidatiag.

I The bride-elect 1* a graduate of
Cheathaa, A. L. Roper 'I i i'rot..or
1 1I Leonard Williaaa Jr., Florida MM University ia currently

: Prank Prvla 8r., I. I. employed aa an elementary
MeLeadoa Jr. Prank achool: teacher: at Mary Mcteod Be-

I -- r Mr Courtney. T. Boatwrtght thua Bleaentary School:

I 1 1 R.L. Thompson Bob Oardar Mr. Mitchell: the lOa of Mr. aad Miss McTearMra.

Hk J.'. Anders Br. Ad.* Mitchell of this city, la employed by

Vernon Sand nd Jaa** the 0.8. Poet Orf1 c..

k 0. Mores JrtSafford ....................

::= : Slips
I The lilt bony paihloa pair, sponsored by ass

Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,
_ALT' APtB 0-
I M.-fat e-t perm. ; October. U, la Civic Auditorial will have a plot

e of Its oe. complete with a I'OlIDtlo"roUcla'
II hope from eoaatrr to country la piraalt of Ua
HI 1 BAY.ACt.OM FROM CITY HALL Three fiatl .ab.,.,
I OPEN 7JO AJ*. TO $ PJA. MOH fRl.IM round of 71.T-T worlds most beautiful woaea. Me fiada that they
e are also Ua world1 moat beantifwllydres.ed
railed Los Aageleagolfer
I 00... Patrd Ire high ftahloaa from Italy
.1 5iuip Charlie Mfford
I Prance Bata and Ue Baited States, wboae worldly -
fro aoood place lathe
wise designers know lid understand beautiful
AEA.ll $9e e0X Of I4 : second round and removed oaea everywhere leadllaed la "The Bfanlah
+c kia frm the top
Pldr," bleb turn sa taerever Uroaatlbre

C Clit 59Ce aoaeyvtaaiag leaden, eta foot .. lid whenever U* hero' least evecta.!
COTE but Bifford atlll aaaaged -

PRO to win I22T la the

Olt SUPIITOTI4IRUtI 140.000 rallaa Opea woaby ltd Mock
Charles Cody.If Stoking
: S ford alao aoatlaaed I

: to crack fonaer Illy

eIIUU4c3geI I white toaraaaeata by toed Amatwr Tataf
cnp*lag ta the .tall.

Open.Por the most part
The aaditioa staff of Back tare*. *.
lit II barred fro. play-
Ted I.ek' Orlgiaal Mae bert
Merrill Regina Peaalck. -
I raw lag ia profeMloaal IOU
gnnems toaraaaeat below UeMaaoaMana tear Hoar will be aeleet11 Jack Carter Maria

UII.At applleaata la this Callae of Metropolitan

area soon for arpearaaeeaaa Opera.Vere PH... Theresa
Thee *.. NOT Tin TM 1. *. Ul the eolaloa af
IH ale aattoaally televised .,.w.,. aa<< May ethers
5i the tint rotad' af theDalleaOpeanfr
rd ... ahow. Tk* 11-year* have foae oa to fuse w4
.14 procraatave4' each<< forties after arrrlaga
la second place, after
Sunday at 1:10p.m. aver Ue TH Mack Mater
larding a ll atr ke
a local aetwork.Perm Mo.r.
total. M was alao tied
S kvia,;'ul at of To these eke feel they
j Itt Jerry Ww r4a. Bob
any deacrtpUoa'iaeladlagvocal live talent
a letter
Dudes aad Frank Beard
.,.,...I1.tI. latiwMatalleta. simply addressed ta ted
18E1E1 Its! t enxATi s t.>E.i for thIN plaea altft a
daacera, act. P.O. Bas 1U J.ckeoavlll -
: total *f in after tt a
second read..sever sewel y eels heave all *, stelisg hat
bees seas at aaa tie *r tied *f taleat yea have
j aaetker aa the poplar will reach the aadltlaa
hT : faltr4, aa hecarded
aha*. staff la tine fr Mdltloaa -
a taa blM par
luck well kaawa ,.,... slick
i + RIG SI.1t 111.$1.50GERITOL Tl at tie end af Ue will WIM oaOetak
thIrd ,..... aid aaatkraa a* rr....11 lit,.. Peel .r *h end aoatlaa
c HIIKNMAiK WUvttTSU the naekelt. Prank Pwtalae, Urnak atwea.h cried,

7 fuss roaad.Peta .

i TABLETS Brow tat attarraUUg
Bogie player.
IIG. tie .A SPRAY the prefeedaaal ..,. WIGS WIGS WI6S

DRISTAN sill did MI ak.. la

the {kUlaaHlumr ..-.

sic 8Ge PrHId5 Nitvra! Wig Shop

,. flag for ,. NessautAgotatl 37 EAST BEAVER ST.

.-Th.n PHONE EL 4-2002
m I* aaa ataaaca taa afU
: nwAcitert ..wweettToRti
ataaf* flits Sat
baseball teas .a. bell Hit IllllUllTIHS

EYERYTHI4 DISCOUNTED! evea tbia la ILe yes

MPu a' EYERY DAY! that the fala Sees aillbrlat till till SMI pit ml inIII

Nd+er tdslglBdR1 the larlaaLea
in i ilitlni. i |it.
Pttlt R0. Q. TAl[ 1111 lBMaI mMt3ptdANTRY .aa paaaaat aaa to
t1Gdt $ rest 1* CUaa.a gals
".. MHX Nil IMM

The Set lest uses Ue 5 IHHS II IHH fIN
% > A RI.. U tf.aV raI-

tell nil.*.wars Ua then.lad"" jmBtI aJg jV aJI IHIII.rI. .'.f.I. ..

MIS s te.aaat .1 I.

calem..... .. ... ...




\ .

SITIIMY UPUMIEI 11. 1K4 f nitiii jui rmis mi 11 .

I r. .. 'Winningest' Coach Jake Gaither Unwraps 64 Rattlers 'it .1Galthor

Loads Natloi's To The Winnori... A & T Trahler Rffcttg Jobs Sports AttrectfigsOB '

Top Coaches With list Gets Promoted MioB.1 Beach
OItItmsrwlRO: ,If. r-Hora*. Shto
Woa-Loss by Novell head tralaw
Averse for tilt MT College MIAMI BKACH-Tboroudtbroil racial will btilr U

Auitt slag 11:". was tilt Hlaal leach area NOT. 28 and ran through
TAIJAHA86Kt- acla jtke ol Utr of tile plorlda promoted this tt.k to April 23. according to dates Just released by tar
As* Calvenlty fctttlera coatloeta aa Ue iitloe'a assistant coach, Florida Racial CMalMloa. ........>.......1Aa

top active collegiate football ooich aa the 154 Ia annouaciat tko vsual.TToplcal Park vaivralty of Miut
acaooa optae this .weak ....................... action .Head Coach: pro IttrtPiltottatldHoMU oa the Balalaad jut boa gases are played

coach IB It or yeere tk. powerfalBattlera is hoed Jordan. Anbura, '2-.- wilt west of Miami will ia tilt Orange Bowl stew
t .701. serve BS Use coach tuned the sport. Traits dies, a drive of 3S or
: OelUtrbu
viable M1 ..rkin f priaoipully cal's atloiwtll cone 30 Mlaotea across Bis
M recordof
Phils with onds and celtera. tlaoo through Jaa. I}. cayaa Bay fro MltalBtacb.
)M tli. 24 10...., Get
Novell couidwrtd oaooaoofUi Mini leach vacationers lie sore tills
ad four tie*. I. loadsthe
Vic Power ,;; wmrrt r ii batter traia caa reach the west lid are oa Ute hose acbed
3D top coaches .1 tII
era la the Mall col- oval conveniently *ia ale with Callfvraia.Plttiburi. .
ft ptretiUft of .159. PHILADPLPtII".'JII").. loioa of the aatioa. the 3etll 8trttt and Pal Indiana low
Coach Johnny Vuiht of
Pancyfiildlac first received his traialai ttto t pr.Mwas.HtalMh hilt, Bostoa Colleges
Ole Mlee 1* lecoad with bu.... Vie Power of at the Cbloaio School will open Jan.I sod Vanderbilt off eriag

1S7 visa, t) defeats, the Los Myles Angela of Kwsdiib ........ Airadast $, agate pr.**atlt| the opposition.
sad else ties
a last week vas trtded of AIT fro a stellar card of stake Low auwitr rattt atlll
pereeatno of .IIS IB for tko fourth tl.. Is which ba also holds the ftatirta that will la- are effective ia nits
SIT P1taxt>BIT Freak Muioalo (cotter) plant Busier of Virus fuss re-
IT yeiri. toot tie his major leaps career ...t.r science dotrto dud sore than ISoo,000 Reich Hotels and will
ceives apoaaoia trophy/ free Ale C. Cook, supervisor of Ue and County Do
for lad f .
coeata B IBM this ties to the front- Novell wa u sll ti.e la added punws. HlalMD rwiiia ao through oe*
partooat of Recreation aa a result of his Plaaa cbiefa kivlai woe the 8tea
woe kid B half game ram In Philadelphia/ great ctattr for tilt will dost larch I II tIIGlUlt" tob r.
lost IB dtrlvlai the PhilUs of the National Coati softball chiaploaabip. while Cartla: I.rude, county recmtioa supervisor Anita ia the late .. startlni its
loots cm. The league Ue tint all-sele loop over a aaored by Ue 0.utat. .-
leeme. forttM. meeting larch 4 sad Philly loads
ellaaied .
highly successful seaac (Photo by Bitraoe)
IbO reaalalBC 11 Of thO Prior to tko trade Prior to M,u.U| his closing the ceases all'
top 20 coaches IB A* BeadlBI hlB ,tO the poet at the college, bs stream Ilk* Hialeah IB NAACP
erica followlac IB doetDdlii Pbiilios. Poser tad Jiiler CollegeTeoBtt Clash Slated 3Day Bear served as teacher lid will proaant two 1100,000

order: foodjRayoa played eiclaiivtly ia bttd football coach at stake ra.*afwitb its Voter Drive
OHIO BUte 118* tilt Aatrieia League. lathe May Vie Alder Lights Hunts Dates the wrllaitoa, R. C. suet 1I'tr..U. hit
., Pie bass. .... TAILMASSri Twenty Ml lOU-.Ltadlar theNAACP'
to. n: ora. Jordaaollra Nigh b.iB8 tilt plorlda e.r*
SOBth trB Mississippi, The Pbllllea. ia the Areeid CeattryBT ORtKXWOKO; N..C.7heMT eight special three-day School MU work hers by. S a aatlonwld r..*
Collage Aiitti sad bear busts ackedtled latritloa drive ia UePblladelrbla
no40.7jo; Bur ptiaant stretch is the was Interrupted ia IMlwh Vacationers arrltlii
Bryaat Alabaaa, 141' NL race, bought Poser ptmsBimo-Plor the Teaaeaseo slate for Ue otceola sad UeArilacblcola k. took a paiitioa hero for the wiittrUtlBBoatb traacbhlrbbMaddMl
...U. ..T27loblath.- 'for Cask above till Ida' a .Negro Junior Col Daivenlty Titers will Pat local at anthem Datnnlty, IIId sent till "" son than
tie IP ia a big later.sectional Forests beiiialaiBtpteaber 33,000 BSD** to tktvoters'
ass* DarUaoaU 100 waiver price (of 120, I..*. tbtt belonitoth la LoalilMak as had flat college S football
I.... .'22; Bobby 000)" sad a player to National Junior ColltitAthletic football taaeben 21 aid COB trat It r. Ho returned tko oatataadlB8 tall rolls la that
en Batarday sight, tlqrlai thronb ajvaberT City over a period of
bo aired oa or before AisoeiitloaIUCAA | > .bro la the followUi
spectator aport.
Dodd. Georgia Tech
September .. all sects,
142.81.7..710; RalphSeaiefl's Oct. IS, the as iBMraaeoaiilast possible oeiia( ) coapetiwi are_ _expected_ ._.to _Kl.ko..__*u* ttmm n-_ .__.. are___ fall.

OJWMITALLARA88IR tbtwb who loss suffered of ia Freak a HM a 'Thomas erected aaiaatTradlai Used the U state end toaratjioata,levels"|.lC11d.lldII sooi.oa set flretasboro Ptadlus for, 1:00: PI..t Memorial the 77 NEW CARS MUST BE SOLD!

The the Los Angeles Dodp. 'Ths tll-l.tro toridsJonior The see, orlilaallyachtdnledforUe

Florida MM Dal vanity sight till College Atnlitionaoclattoa.tilaeet after.aoos
ia helms posed
football teas will play b".pat II" la posltioa ia
its first game 01 to play ia his first Ocala I'll .pt..blr 2Mb wader the area accord-
October I, BfBlBBttiacola World lerl... silos the to eoaaldcr this aad lat to Pr.tllllM Bell
Valverslty ofJeffemoa Pbils were five gases other ratters dories UT athletic director
The Aiilea will be
City Ho. ahead of the It. Louis the Association's aa RAMBLERSALE
lAotln for O
their third
aval fill tetlBf.
Cardlaili at tko ti.o
. ,. eli la a row over Uo
Power joiatd tt... lit Malone.Pretldeat,
Tigers, a tea which
of the AMociatioa mad _
they defeated both la _
dill of the host last
'IMFCIIU IIIIIIESPATOfT tat Ire, Riartoa "e,.... IMtWitch

MEDICINES COSMETICS b* will lavltt the

ALL LEADING' HAIR PREFA1UTIONS Njru'a rtitnatl re* This Chews :
Cor. BROAD and ASHLfT FL 42159 preieatstlve to till

aeetlBi to dUem tiltoolh. 14 II It
...' lavolvt.*atla

urea conretltloa.Oa I i1-11-/S2
of the Colleges -I
et>ected to beatflt J

cost fn sect s 'ovt 5 I
Is Bibbs Jualer Ollete

of st. Ptterwbari, loot 2
f a ...hr of tilt RJCAA I

aid a aajor basketball 1 u-21-n!
power for the put flue WE'll lAKE ANY IIlllBUY
years. Oily eibbs JC 142 1531
aid isbtaitoa JC of Leotimee Ne"s tip

Peasaeela were when Boattlaea Mews Does

of tee aitloaal map .o adds, nbtraitiJo
last year. Olbbe .baa worki It all trend.
beta ooaftrtace cheap DOMINO, 4THUCT1CM

years for three, wi eoattcetlv was toaraa 1J-21-17 NOW & SAVE !

semi cfcaafsfortwo coo .....................

swcatlvo ,.,a. Is IIdlUOIGI. Man's
.>.ha sea raakedla Days

the tor tea, effea* Art Numbered 1114 AMEIICAIS 1N4 CLASSICS 1914WAaONS
slvely for tbrte enaaecatlvo Payd are Raa
yeira.ceor bored" Neal lb aid Per
catleas tree tb* WcUleileaal s Tea glee Tear LathyDays. :1:3:1i Lbwy .
w6 w Of Me, taita* La sty Colera I'.. J .
live plMa call far the ... 12." Her yoarNontecof j
PJCA4 to MooN the 4U Sled for
rb dtnsi. of ea.. Plea B*,te-r
Ida aeafereaee silt Ue Pill ia the bleak tele.

This is The Sure One right to sad two Hereto aad call 'ii KM AC, Pet $167270 $189011 $208830
tilt elate teens OfHee lot UTI.I..*..*
AflMfka'i numtie r Gee choke let 16 ..te.,"vtdsd UT are vlllt .. florid ,

CG8IeC8tiYe )'eIlI.St11Id.s... eators ./ Ue IUCAA.tSmStM. g.

wrassluhr wet es ee en tier ravet N INS get sr.ew Sena ItIII7 Owe Pewweel 1M'$' ...... Psywes e fu". Owe.,.....
I t-" tAft 01 1:111IN. 12" be Cale a ,.... IV" c. i 1I4e I. c.t' w teed

$111,....M.Ml.. $1"' Phi It'Iu I/'Ills Sl(.ht..,.X Met.


i i I 1 t g tj

AA&M.1. i8* T) $ TJ 1 N5..r

u I .I esa. W a..a. drrerMlhed
r:= ....... ... ........... ",

:. el ::a..r .r'? hew dw I NO '......... ". .........
..,. .. ee.. .. .
,.., ... ....... TllllElllIl .... ... ... ,

&t-e. tp s Yi4i4 ;

COHYMTJII.I ... pwrrerh Wit w M.eaN firer
.. f P ,J.......... ....
w ... ... --. .. ...., ,.

-,.-.,-... I.t.'SIH- .... 1 .les.... "".. aiFc..i err wAr.w WI ..WP..i
r .. ... .. ,, ."....
,-t ... I 'ItA.IIN saenb. A M.11 ITUt fl NIl ClHVllnILI '

... .. ..... .h.. -- ., '14tS- .... .......
44cP'l ..... .. .......... .HI,.".. I eel Pawes ...

__ .e _....., t 1IN1'd w lr",..........1 N10e1 "
1r / df rr


Beef at its Best

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i Ii v mini sill ru EH .j SITItliT SEPiniEl II, flit

-,. lualre .u l. fll LENT VA NIL I FBI Fll LENT ,,n -

r,,.. MUM '12.so wkly.M beast Operator Barber W2 I. lltk Street ML 4.
PIIUC NITRE O nicker Aft.PO -Tm .... HOUIIOOO MAOTT aerrbasLRnsse422 111*. r Police! ReportsHurricane I

nmiT sumE NFL a SlstleU I.MUIlf
Oil Mr I. Md.;soa atB IE! Till BAlsT _
MitMwtit sigeg -
sAOunat-s N I-I34J or H. 4-tTM. ---
..0111..* switched la To >fl wk.-Jeb I.hf.J Doral.fttb. acaia. Tbla lime the ..* entered and win, vlllf Police Departaent.la .

.........t. orl,. n rantee, WantA Tickets .**.-.*. Agescjj! culprit reaovlai the beer cigarette and the 48-boar periodof
Do You Jtcksoavill area laste.k.
orf.. cartons, 'III 14* or i 210 ret AT*., Vestbary,, her tracks .. boards that had been Other It.. totes darknee. looting
e. la r*
Better Job?
tt M. Oil warehowe ..f. placed there to prevent eoouated for over 30%
11-141 per sllht or day, nit to tewr sew Nwsr. toInto th* nil and destructionof father dansi to the ............. of the 10.*.. affred
[HEA1PAR ate.r CIVIL Kava a dsrkaod batttrod
?Hone laipeetio. so obMcatloa. rosmowI Insld. by Devil County tntlneta
/ I civo tunaeM : UIEI city; A onastant effort .'. Store seas
.".. sissy keMfltoSad vas waced by lie ..- ............. Abrall. Variety ........
fill AOMIISIONI on Monciief Rd. was entered
-C rewrlty.. lOniraur Sfftetl AMUR'S Beauty. Shop forcers to protect citi-
way ..me..... ft* sirs ACHB Barber Chop end clothing taken. la another cat, two
).air. U ye* *re >nlllt.M seas frot Injury and fmt Be/leers' Confectionery
---- ----
Mi brlwIh.ages.. ltN.wrMe Bit .. Stat the tbelrlai bands of a As police: approach the nan walked into a furnltr -
Now Kf m hrfMvuIha BCHOaUr lt t*tlcla** ft barber. ..R4.d. .asked fw.neiplt their on hugs M. was looted establlahamt in routine store oa King td.
R. ,., of soft drinks and an invtstigation two men and asked the aanager,
r .o. BOX asmflMPl 4-I8J1 or Kl. (.. effort, cases of break-
.. :" It- Mr*. A. ido4soB propTtiECORNetMUGSTOtE fag and Mterlac readied anknown quantity of fled from the store as R. Alderaan Baatett to

I and all tlae blib.la notion they fired warning shot ... rose end tab!**.
Open Over SilO in children
lan, listncea, win ............. After picking out their
*, clothing 110' slack choice they said thatthey
lows airs !boarded to r. Governors pit
and other wearing apparel would like to pay
Dora's '
DR. RICHARD liiiiBCis its lid hilfirsiff lull lads.. 'These boards were 381 8..A witness Myrtle observed waa entered. was alsilag after. part of the total priceof

and the windows Inventory. the aerchandl then
SiptiBkir till tin Siptiitir ( three ..a standlnc In .....tt turned to sake
HUNTER SR. 21(1 battered to bit*. laroatli front of the place and .............
patrols Police out a tale slip, oat of
went to call the owner.
Con i. and Rdtr for Pre Prize would find store froatladow the sea shoved a hard
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Dnudtf Saturday at S p... broken and. doorsSalalist ere Jolleyn Restaurant oa lItoJ.fHJIDI' object
2989 Snowdrop Ct. Ton will hsv* ODe weak to data your prls. fro a tkelrbin window was broken and Kings St. was entered in his back.Officers .
ribs, chicken and otber
after soaeone broke oat said one of
PRIZES i**. Iteaa were Wing hauled the front window An
Phoie 768 0415 Bricks or concrete ...,. then arched Btt to
blocks ..,.usually band nndetenlned count of the ret coos where. k*

ht HIZE- LIliES IEIIIIS WAKI laiedlktely inild 'tb* ............. Merchandise and noney took his wallet and
was taken. closed tilt door. Mia
window, coaeliding that

GENERAL SURGERY 2.. mil- MEN[ IIHCILilS JJri ". watacrs cot intotb Fashion Men's Shop 527 ............. aeoonplle cleaned oat
set diirlac Jackson the cash rgltr before

Office 3014 Moncriil Rd. P>.354-075? FUZE- miSITII IIIII I vHle" a darkest nlsAt.Jerlco Broad of three St.youthful was the bandits tenet The Star Restaurant. on they fled on foot .t tIIU7L

OFFICE HOURS i ............ They pried boards trot Ducal St. wan intoned by Two local resident.
flU Snplis+ M Calms Fir Tki liMtf iI the front window of the reanrtng board from the identified a* Johnnl

I tltabU .., and helped window and 1115 la cigarettes -
i Pbaratcy, 191 Holland 22. 1157 Lee
tIre Fri. 26 Corner Drug Store thsseltes to the stylish aDd other aerchandls Lee
.... p.s.St.,10.122.ip.s.. Darts) M. was entered. A fsds Banging. in stock. rwaovd.Th St and Erneat Bill.
Bit brick was thrown 705 Court J.hav been

2314 I. UfiwHJ limi n 1-347 i throsih tb. window and Booth hen they Broad left St.running, they ............. picked up in connection
with the IIIoJ .
nndeterslned coast
i Cursor A'*na* u were lot by a petroling ...........
of MrobsnillM taken.
police cruiser.On youth whites Delicatesses -
(By Appointment ) Friday aoralat early Two youthful woaen entered -
Mr. A Mrs. A.B. Blackburn clstrod Pbaraadats identified aa diaries oa Kings St. was
tk* place was entered Mrs Broa. oa Park
Deaark of 5710 PotlerSt. entered when soaeone
I St. with oa* snatchingaa .
., vas apprehended toy broke out the frost win araload of dro....
tb* officers. He laplicated dow.Ther i* no eitlwtt
the rack and ran
:: & /-ii another, .J.... of valuables taken
slag oat of tilt door.
Jackson and told Investigators *
r i that he knew the ............. Bbs was chased by. two
1 of th. .tor' wnployee
otker youth only aa
to Oak and Pot St*.
"8**" Two noting and atorageeonpaales
where she dropped th.

\ Quilt Xined/ ............. aid furniture were and entered pen'sclothias .rcbandis la a acaaprlng -
attecpt to fie

{ Girls toy Cure Wj.e-Clair Tb. glass was knocked window at taken.Brantty The aid on to City fr.; .police.. Identified

: ,t Ty out of the front door at Copeland Kt. *M broken Johs.teMatthews
the wonaa aa
B17t/gl7 United Pood Store on oat and MayaonNiioo St.
20 of 1760
VIHYL JACKETS buckles and a calprlt wa* entered via a rear onion St.

took wise, beer, cigarettes door.

articles totaling ............. . .
tlTI la nine. Another
On Fdge.ood. Iro: ,' Two yoaii wneia re-
Patted store oa Florida
Market a donut shop, a let ved a jj-yeer-olit
AT*. was entered and
13a97. rettaurant and"a cola Plppla St.woiaa of ails
f Iteaa totaling (890: was
: nacblas eowpany wisbroksa la cash last weeklaoar

taken. Into tM la vario** of th. old.., "filefjaaf -
At still another oa
r rolls of colas wer taken gaaea recorded
: Camp.VeJtft 5.95 t, Park It. aorteoa bro. .
after by law e.forcers.Mrs.LI.le
st the donut shop,
oat the plat glass window
fttg. D/Jcowif Pr/ft 4.97 + ., caw bat were frightened. aoeieoa pried th* board. barter told
CD'I iiw tlgtlBgoffieraCtpUD.
from the front door.
/ off then tb* burglar. Butler sad Sit.
I Smotl front bultofi(Kow p*coHof alara sounded. aid At the wladow re*tea waa rant broken, th* I. gusto that the

0 Two butlon-tilmmad front pocks D / 44 Losesestsr.d.........,... llalt.- and food a large totaling quantity close of to .or* and approached Portyth her Its.ISIS oaU .

Coodost Hurlovi long-wtor vinyl j ,, way Grocery on Ins St. 1)00 ilk... cane..told her stoutaad
: N r .IC'f' ate h.
I At tilt cola oonpaay,
and took fill in change
+ ,,,.... coatviaUg 120.
l Complete wofkr proof for rrry Loan r and merchandise. .0..011I. used their key
Phi' went ontoaaythai
to gala eatraac
: toiylotlf ore jw waits with loop and wot.r ale ............. she *''IJ': ....,.
............. Ul witl In.r.."" If

/.d,b.tc.lblu*or willow colon 1\ A hardware store oa she toal4' Pt ap BOB.
_e, t*abut good fi th.Pfifir .
rdtana St. we. entered Jan's Liquor hens oaRing
N WoiHlgM for kltool end*f*rl 7HS aad an aadeteralaedarrant At*. ass looted

of stock r wx>vd. whe* soneoar threw a
hag cour.'. block to

............. the window.An Til Hifttlist

eat tested lots class Piwif li lbs Will
At McDaff ATPl lance to 1100 was reported
A StY11 stun iaveatnry.On .
I Star oa Pdlsoc St. .
Rgqf ._...
window broken oat lewd yr i4dr***
f .., BcACRI end la a were very Sisal at- ............. ass fld out hew ...,...*

f too5e41'j tear to enter the Mace, ar prayer CM ate.gilab'sadera

th. hag display wiatow a ..i.M lontlaiwaanaativ far ,.*. *1lt.! ;

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was mattered n* cal
prit cat its brail .la the llaa. rtorfVdnkttterUgaad SBTEI r.uii nun

attewrt. bat left with "rerorf twwaty tlwe It* .. .1....... Chlca.*
tw* 1'.rtahle TV sets tb* scop' of this were III.

that valued d.*. to t asdl tel by the Jeckaoa


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*> I-ak.b.A 4 u.p.a angst $1 cent >ocw uu m a MX Ill PUWRBX IP TOBCfTCOB
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mil to tte.. llsaatelasagtallly.'llr5 ..... 765-9353

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GREAT .... .., _401 sM art ton. >

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