Florida Star

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53696 F20090524_AACTMV 00412.QC.jpg a062bbbf2976d7ed2ab631fa4d04fca4662400a5a08ea9f30533d59033e0c51b09065798
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347485 F20090524_AACTMX 00413.jpg 4e583bf5fac02b2549d25505c1f66754d290083d982ebf97e8c144b3ec497546c8965992
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5648863 F20090524_AACTLP 00417.tif a81a1543ea1eaa403793426d8669b1e0dcc639d41f310ad542a036bc5c4d4d296f5ea318
5660711 F20090524_AACTLQ 00418.tif 5b3bd684d90088bcbb523a95e0b380287716d025423977b11f95b0ddd754bec1f07bdc1f
5726625 F20090524_AACTLR 00419.tif a09f616c93a3dcdca26dc400800b21325a3414f6da3ba4b950802023fdad8ee46fe907a9


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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UnlTraity of FieridmCajinoaTillo

Tlerta* tocrats In! Worst Plight Now Mississippi's'

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-- r ....,DA It Iml.
-- --- ---- IfratlthfIJRJtS 1)iiiiiii )

* * * * .PI


WI'J EiclnlftFittirlil li TH Jemtlli
With Torture Of
CiiiniiIt C o I

Meiitay Retarded Son fins' Cud. :L

(in Pgji!) hI I 14-H. 22 ,' SITIIIIT IISIST 21 I IK4 15 I in 4
: ,
MIAMI--A 29-year-old aoth.r of four
charted with torture of 7-year-old * *,'* * * * ..
aentally retarded ton and with contributing

against to his.her reports dependency prepared stated.by la this welfare hating week.the Inreatlgaton. case e- Lad, 7 imprisoned 2 Years Rescued By Police

her la In.a 10.filthy XOBt. Dorroll revealed tllBOB.back locked.kept MttorltlM ..-- 'aid toot tee boy was boaltb ou la bore vattl apparent sons April]. IB) Appoints Local Physician To National Group

US MM bl ooatraetodaoMloo
rooa for nearly three
yean.Pullet. sad Mcopkolltlo.laflaaaBtioa .

loot oook, follodac ef the

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adchbora, teat to the said be oaa takes MISSISSIPPI VICTORY CHANGES
two-btdrooa apartaoat to .1Io.ltal. tile to a

Bad fond tile asked aonlai boss at Florida
City after daetora told
7-yoor-old boy IB a

WBB filth bare laden of evorytblai rooB which her to IPOOII.talk bo could or Mt lOt be silk able ala NE R.Q.E.uuPPLITICAL OUTLOOK)

INI. ir*. tllBoa

said took his boao.otBoe
Die she utod .... ................................................ ............5

the bock tuU with. Uo root of Democrats Pleda Unity White Yentks' PertlclpitloBfi Yootb KilliJ
-- M 9 ntl

hose when by takes Jovoallo tree of bio Ntfrtu1 Rights FI9ht Will, Rli'lai

fivers sad Police. Dor- F Is Hlhllht Of CmiRtloiBy Percy Lee tilllM*. ||

.r roll oerooaod BBCOBtrolltbly yotreld BOB of Br, aadMr

1 at Jackson rare o. :SIITSONATUWIC *. Clamee ,1111...,

Moaorlal Boopltal'a f CITY (Cnntentlon 11.11)-How that HJO flied it, tied T ...

bright light Blaeo bio President Lyndon B. Johnson has acceptedthe dip MralBS trio tajOrlMoirrorod

oily boa had .... tbodorkOBOd Denocratio party Noainatlnn BmlllutntrtKunphrey l l IB a fresh. MC*.

>*Bt ,,,IIIt.- haa been n"'H aM" running .sate. dt oa Istereiste.

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the fruMtary a ,..ah.or pits, b* late been rotaraod Stet .f UO COBVMtlMMa Art Fwundore Mod fiat City Patril.a .....U..

soother actia to a world T. B. Hooper -.5h ornate fra Boo, ta. oHtb tit OMrtla Dmo tko dvtorataod tight Negro d.l.utes to the Mid tbe.. truck MB bean.)

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the boy a .body wass "
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Uo Dorldt. Sole'stiessot
urban Lei After tbrie days efbuollac. to ...
lailadlBi tko Dr. W.W. Scholl, ... Prosy,
AOI1KG1DN! ""NF1) LIWIlII .rU. oblcbtlM otoa aa aatlttmti .1.... bollld t.. bend

.... r walls udotrorytklBioloo.no boy MI chovlBf A fttllyowcdCBtorlii ba eisus, Will Sato With Wtliory Stoop To .......1 OMprWllMoora N '.. flits Mro"ao
tlptO hilly to offered the erc-

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dBti, roeotod M* of that Dr.Airoa Niarr.
)fight fUtsro I* UoB 1.*. 8ebeU.pr 'lIlDt Jacksonville CUoMtUo, ChalrMa WoMrtef .
first .. ,...
Uo loan appmodttdor Nitre .1 Md Uo
.,....,..........1... ,citizen, and py* ldot of t),. ,Jax .
", .-r available,* ,..1a,lJ.,...... '" b 1"" tb'lsail"ihtasss'btstratl.e -a< fugue. .... signally, honored rcotljrVrfi priest., f t. _,"'*" tee.Io.ts 1t..w.W.dolatOef heAsssCos ...5m; 1Kd +t t'Ar1ftes ,_-..

MO ttrwibtM pilot pfoirooi tor tbo' hrrelrd appoiatMnt trot ..td.D& Urr.o4M Desecrate ifrt4 &ISSS
dirty tiBdoM dirtaitfoylicht. Lyndon .. Johnson to serve on th* National i r, tcntnnt ItsUnd5D -
ooblaitoa or**. Fart bo ...,.. a* >lollttO the Meaty party ,
Advisory Council to the Cowmmlfjr K Iatlao ltotlM toads t* Md three *f
at'lar.lad sill
no fir. *ii4. 10., .
.. 1* Mil I ....." U d
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lad p.rltto4dramtloM boot bo. stye t* aatata .. tut erspe leeO sae h''''* for tptdM i. all all ovado. HMO ..ss'a. 5 *.+Spa
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..' ,
IeUI *" "TTPnkllikid
by Tk* Plrlda Piblliklnj Co.Mbr ,.-

of AMoelntid ..,ro Presa"R

EIIC I. SI.'SlI..aullll E.itir '

UTSlMfVISE" ....... ... Km Rita

Illil("itlCII... .......Clftilalloi ..alll't .,

.. MAIM OFFICE t rum:

Iiiciiif lial...Jkiii ELfli 4-1712 \ ? : )
p +

$ Milliu Address: ')

.1. III .lUiekiiiiilli l.rlirih' :


: 731 Iff Jf< An. Hue 377-1125 '!
1'\\ '

I I!r ttlfAIIPTI0PI lAms .

Doe Tiir "&.00 Half tear, $..00 .;
tiled to Tot Anythiri la the Dotted states ,

i, BubMrlptloa parable IB adrioctl

l tad. Check or Noeejr Order toiV" a s.


: Jacksonville 1, Florida


r: Alter I Call ;I! .: ..\ /

I' tr nan o. MVII. D i
form .
"I ."lUllrloa At The follt" ALL, EQUAL

': Four rare ago tAia tbt latt nod ccntl lM..tdPruldmt

John P. g...ctr MI Mtibllihiit a pro I ,
otdMt M a iticctiifil Brtildntlil cudlditi

tke Roam cithollo filth many church ltid.ri cad
followers of the protiitut faith torn lifluieeid
by rilliloai bliotrr. At roe point la tbs priil* Your Weekly

dtntlnl ciapiln. It ..... thit opponwti to a

Citholle preildvt. warn winning their blsotid view

point.Today. w* taro. a lOre d..p-..st.d "rtllcloui" GuideBy

line livolvtd la the tiipilta and It li not Horoscope

basal epos a .ID' nlliloni filth ..PntMtut

Citholte or Julia bet on a ..'. ULIOION. If

by COM stretch of tilt laiilnitloa, 0m. atrrrOoldt ,.- PABLO ; The ASTROLOGER
.t.ri polltlMl phlloiopny ena b* looitly <<
called bit r'l UI.II.Uti Ss bir a religious Ii. (
sue In the 1M4 oftwpilcn,

Mot of tbs nitlon'i religious Itidirn sad pub*
llMtloiu hiT, elae teld-atir aoalMtloa cooIstntly BUSINESS -:- LOVE -

and openly eoadonid his stated pout tics :

Oa sigh riihti, solar oontrol, titrialM indMtl'povtrty
luUlatlon. Thin iMt l.ad.rs indpnblltliti ARIES '10 'LI. '\ THAT. VOUI (NIIIITICMIINDI '

kate brindtd kit petition it "... Born March list thru 7-30.81-15-14.477 CaN MOVIOI. AtTHOUOM ,
BOM!," and .... ttpltlad the ntetulty of April 19th "IT ii NOT MtCts-

broking lost titibllihtd prtetdnt to spook out THC Nit LUCAS 'H'U CANCER IAIILV' IIKNTIAL TO '
on political eudlditta. THAT IIIINI. IT TNI TART "Born Junt 22nd thru Dttll IONWNM.V ON THC

fhn a oiadldit tiprttnid phllotophy U eon OP THI LAlOII Day nvorrCONriRMS July 22nd FAIT, MOlt VllMANI. CMio

dinatd ni "...oral," ....tlltr roe Ilkt It or THAT YOU WILL YOU WIT NOT sir A TIM( .iriT PROM THC u I ION i

sot yew .... a rtllilone problem on your bud*. nc 'IN AH '1011 POSITION LIMIT.AiLO* CIICUMITANITOHITAM.IM nu, IT Has TAUtMT TMM. '

Politics eeoaoaltn. bmttloi. aiy or sup not TO (UUP, All OTMCftt INt + THr TIMt t2OI 54H/1-
1 w1"-Mw MfAkUast*"* .-Atk) ...rtAUrt..Mi UalMMitryrVt I, !. **<""lAm" .M... .|.|yr see P\"U"m. .POesliviAcTIoN I' LIBRA
: ikr''**tcnaM n orut all" that or .
YOU ,.u, ell ORMIICNANOIH ON TIM fAIT Born 23rd thru
sails am to i Sod-f.artsi sisal ., aorillty sad (|TH), Soul ((7T....,..), DtMITI THIFACT Sept.Oct. 23rd
'.. Or
tlutlo iut of rtlliloui oppoiitlon to ooldwittr IPOMT ron CUTV AND IOMIWAT llllIM Sows or YOU ax* MAY ..
Eros the bishop tho bipttstdhlalnto IAIO THC IICIFTION Scouts
the Ipltoopnl Church and soother oboe Ooldwittr ONI till IS NAVIN' a or tart YOU tin IXCIT CONIIDIIAILC. ir.

rovers to at ,.1.. tilt peoplt, "to whom. kt end MOO Tim. TMI lltAlOlWOULD Hari T* M MOM MINDFUL FONTS TO BtNiriT MOM !

most, nut to Me motkor," no report religious Most TMA* MANS or tMiii row MONiT coca YOUR BUI i NIM MO riNMcm .

Hue rvlot.itlrid Mishap fllllM aeirlttt ..,.. ur ron THI iACBircinINVOIVID. | riOM HOC ON. (Ttft NOT OMIATIONI. TNt
-'WI sac la oar thlnklia, to UT tikes opposite CUll DIALS AN (NrifOUlNT tVIIIINCI' EMPHASIS. ON MIVACV MO '

path.*' ftttlrtt bishop tiller Mitchell III'. U., THAT N.Vt TO 00 fITM roc MitoNt TO oneov n, IIINCI IS lOllTllIOIT
hi "...dht.I' trot kin friend Oold-itir) to SALES M HOUII..... .MUCH V9 TMIII, KJtflllt' TNt ADVENT Or A Nil

titers his that they tin miles apart on social THAT Twit rotm AM of. lUNA PHAII, YOU wilt
aid political ...Uoo.." bishop Seorlttt added 4-'oo-&I-Z"7 USUAL TAL III'. |I' You FIND IT MUCK MOSS 1C.
thit Ooldtitir1 staid on civil rights the aatl TAURUS MM' vouiinr IN THAT AlOINe' TO III Soul '

poverty program and foreign policy MINI' kta.KT Born April 20th thr cancel IT TNIITICUIA OW COUNSEL MO TO BI-

froa across tilt Atliatl OMII the vole of a May 20tli( ",,"(filII." ,, I* YOU MOST Of VOUI AtTIHTION ,
r..... Mllilovi iMdtr Dr. Manta "Ntlaoilltr IQMITHIN POSITIVE ABOUT TO you HMIICMIMt "
.i,U|, ''Ooldntir mesas "'. In ay opinion fcld- AN IMAIlMtNT ON MAI IT. Mtir tease th* cod of a state ef affairs that il MI COULD vinv GILL TO TIY ANO PINS THIMiitttMiii.
flOVIOI' 1M| NIlNillMTIOVII B10441847474LEO
gives hope for PMC*.
lo, t* do have a rillilov prvblM le till IHeiBpilia. TH| lOMt AN* HAN'T soul IICUIITY, IITU'I.AJ
LAM DAY tint NO Cl July 23rd thru
The itttltamt of a rtllilov problem YOU' III illllV TO 011COYII -
). THll. COIIID Alto Aug. 22nd
U a el Sit audit to people ito all themselves 1 THAT VOUI FlANlroi
riliilean thei .k* preach about a Cod and AN OCCAIION' THAT H.TINAIU YOU MAT NAVI a court.KNTIAl IMMIOIATI MO rurunMJICTIVtl
... stall .....U.. Ibo loves the wrld *thoi TAll II,TH AN IMrOITANT MAY I tOUl It a
.BOM only ttitlaony any bo. '1 .llv* In fled." III M4INOItITH flllONAK ...* ICONt toes,
If pliylns to the racists and plirlu tth sod ear IOMI BATMia I". .MAY *.IVI You THI "|CI*' MO-U-ll-t7-t7J

poser aid Itaerln the causes .t no slob abject rOMTANV 1111. Sill easy IICIIN. VMl* YOU

povtrty and atalaltlni the seeds ef our inlii UP,INS voun ANT CN/MCII niTIVl or KCAIIONUT TWIN THIN THAT THI vtqTUIt Bon SCORPIO Oct. 24th thru : .
miter *f assist lttini In Inaoral car role at II TO* na neIsoli.fe Nov 22nd
HMOLC AVON. SriNS listLois
the polls la Mombr U hUUitly altar.It .
start voun rinui MO .-AJIIT "' ...,.. ron TIAva .
miles little IMM te nit is la church and MIIIBAV IIIIINIriunii ,
si't's INTtllll lam). HIIMII-MINO ITUOIIIon
.out,011I' CHANCES
ayaitofi on day for wnklp aitalni Cods help, .
THIS soy citicn VNIM was
nwwi u row '
aid M use day la Novtnbtr total to the poll U MB rut TICMNIOUII, VM
HIT 0ftlTW..ITV tell no i T* ii WITS rui
mete for that Or. Jobs C. tout, prldnt oftalon Seta T9 MCCIIB iNS TtIA '
Tklltl itatiary, calls la a r.eest.Qtorlal Si uE 1 10 tt T* lost > ISIS MITIIUl *!' nu'*. THC ION LAM ,
f-lKII VOU NAVI AllAtt Dar MlltN MAY II pasts
..... nuI it a
a'vott for <(aa laionl national.. aalaaoral .,
CANTED Tt visit.54077i coNiituiNCt. at IIIIYTO 'LUI"'Tc0..- !
nuclear naiMMM na Inaoral nlea
Pa, OP CONKNiiL none .
aid an leaorel oeoaoal UdlvldiillMi that fall ?" TlI.l l .
t* tabs aeoowt *t the seeds ef the p* tv15YsNi'SsatusaclM Nave lot* BTMC Ties roaMt
ear eltlM." OEMINIBora Tt -
Aril ".' Meat May list thru tl tt ItHOUlt 1I"'n IHAIINtIr
t .....,,,.. MAV'ic MI-
Junt list 1C, VOW vav NtIT
Mom Blood U NTH did soy T* T'l IICCU. line Tt TMC icriNiTCACTION
eonauBlty blood 'a.I.. Spoiaae.aahtnttoi You MAT *t ..t If TIMMV |AV MTIIlt TMV ... TtM .....1.* A.||.

1s dual Itte.tt08 to the MMOHl oho weal T* lOT till OUT*,TH| eec Mc,.n tilt wen ..iacot5aKlti
donors ty .C *N 'IC Mt Bvl. ..* T.l .
need for blood and attract lag IM
art exhibits on its etlltni. U part of toot u... pv wtuiNi.VM 5-J0 1-t 4.5-17 t sits IIIMITITn. ;

South Africa, resideiu'wno aLy I plat mi NOT muss IT m tiaccr |V anat t* liTra ".
of beer.tkeae mide'ic v*" oieiiviAIIOU .00* a.. MtlltVV Set
of blood are retarded with t pint Ion _.. 23rd thrm
acnttered !test indicate the tor Idid ATI CtttMMAVI 8 pt. 32nd .Mt) tt tar Tt c.....

need for blood traoifanloai. A Pabst CMII.tit1AtaNttitst Air'u". hit CSVMt Mar ... MM
may at MAOISit TMI* IS a .
Ibis it creator than ever,according to Dr. CMMTtt tvaiMt V*< fit
esessles' "itiTi MHI IIMITAKI fTIMIM MEN
loaser L. K la.arlai and other leadersof sties "."".
list eilTIII ct- a HIM Cull ''''I enMM
the Americas Ansoclatlos of Blood
laaii. Poised by basks that cooperatedU
ICTIVKNII lueowMWAINl *uT" M a *i.nti. is.ttitsad. SAIinAIIOS
the Ttiaa City tflaaater of 1947. this
"t/511t.01T.' TMI nil it lone Mot. nrd.lkrw.
orgaaltatloo has 1.. la developlat> etaadards
N' Alm M Icttlticvs'' mail MMtMlM t* '.*. 6tc. list
and a Mtional clo nisi house ayste
", It,,", ALosO4i V)II mr is ninmeieAfTII MCa, M BIOMtmtTt .
IV. vUfc blood sires locally caab* credited *
to a patleat U another city CM melt iiitma *u tc ( Sic). Vl) CM atftmc a* M..*....
item, IT ii ve rut -..JU Ml tow .."" ,."TIM l.. C. MCTIMHITCt
"....\u. Island blood but
A* a Lost sum ecs.uiiscs liaivitoits ass tr meat to MAMtanl ..TIt PwlCIIw5 soar MC
pets It blood aaiat be taitlai for the T.AT I..CCIIIMil i* e*.t.... MVMte Tt tail "KC.tamat .
pe.t.. .IO'the pat teat ..LU.. for 111004." *.M, **... T' ." a i.ti..iv, n.. 'm tittt 0v '

If ism are in good health, aid betw 21 set IMC ** mesa IMT rvMiTT imt MUIVV vttHUf '...., Tae it ** cast
and ISs. lUll can help laportaatly ky vein des MM VM eiMCT *. c.... ltt.". Tsar it V.IM Sisal it.

twif fwr blood at the aearett colloe iMiiiiat til TI. van n.ta rut 5h.yalem e's.IPia. pr.NIA5Iwsr > 0tt l>....ISt ef aa BOW. lint.'I .
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Hat Modeling Features Programs Trio AwardedU. ,

I / JLi2L'4. S. Army.Commissions.


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booths, credit .7 noting daughter.Badl sew aialgnntat. which took bla to Atlantic City Officers Tr sin-
lag corps cadets hero by
Aatolatt.no replaced is and the .Katlonal Dsaocratio ConTsntlon
durtai abaraeo Dr Gorse .. Gore Jr.durlag .
mr frog the city.
Sourer she till b. leaving Bpt- ................... U. suar eon.
.nbr 9 to ester South Caulks ntnctnsat sireiii at

State Colin l ra boplai yon Joan White of nsiisnna was a recent guest of her ,s Florida AiM University

will Mjor ''Ioc1&lI, Speaking"trlttsn I cowls til lisa T. White, lit of 15T> Runt .2... rcntly
la the anal atria. hilt here aha was honored with a Unobtoi. Other Tile cadets were pr**
rented to the AAg ,re.l.
..................... oat-of-totn guests Isclsdtd Unda Darby also of dent by ft. Col AJ
Martaaaa, end gloria D. Ruts of Cottoadal ,
psrksr profsssor of C

Florida's loss will be California gals when The .................... allitary science at
ThMaa B. Hargrsvt tautly takes a* residency at PAMU) Th. oath Of office

1059 Ml Street Pasadena. California.Kr. was adalniitsrsd by
Moll, recent visitors to U* World' ,'lIr **r*
HargnvVapnswce la Jtckaoovllls baa beta w Cart Csrbia' Rhodes,
Mary Dardoa of T10 West KlgbU Street and Roth yy
strongly fait ,
during the put fir years through .r r ;tf adjutant of the PAMC
Austin of 1421 tat Dnanth: 8trt.Mra. .
his work u CucvtlT Secretary of tk* Jesse *.!. j
doll Johnson Branch Dardsn ..4..... Austla ado visited Bridgeport iiiirNb'RntTl ROTsroed
: TMCA where trMBdona
progresshas ltitaant Fd>
Connecticut where they were guests oUr.. ...... .1'1' -
liNG and la abrshlp iaertaao sad la the Lucy Taylor. unn of the latest in nllnd/n .bat stjU. orlglBil emtloni ward Levine of Jackson:
Ball din( Prograa; \11'01111I1111 netberehlp ta the tills au lend
of Calls Incises of Jackaoavlllt was a recent Moadsy-Ladlta' Nltfstur tat toM

food]an United PretfajrUrlu Church: were b. served ................... at fabulous Edgtood Loung Models shoes from' left art: Mra. Joan Jon*, Miss la the Artillery Branch j
at a ttaber of the TraatM Board, and through his Bttty ijreh. Mr*. Jerry Btvard. Mrs Calll Jackson sponsor, Miss Hilda B, and .tll report to Port f

participation la civic and social affaire.Mra. I.... Tlllis Jackson of 14M West Tenth Street t* too ton. Ira Bttty Tob-, Wss Joyce Btmay aid Mlaa Joyce Danol.I lies Tlss oa 21
Geraldine Rergrav baa been only slightly (Photo bT Ritrsnn ,." .ber. There, lit till
eoaflad to Durtl Medical Center Ward R. Root 9.Mra. .
less active thus her husband White carla for the *attmd' the Arty Air D**
tour active young Hargravas, one of thorn la bales Jackson la a attbsr of Bt. Paul AUK Church. Dr.-, C.J J. Sistn Sgt. J. S. Coppock New Jorseyitei feces School H.* Is the

public school ass aba baa found tin to nerve a. ................... son or Mrs. Della\ Levine
Adalaiatratlvo Secretary of the Jacksonville Urban Is RiisslgndtAJUItR Visit Here of (i rhtlsss Strut,
To Jcii
League; to participate actively In the Jackaoavllle Brewster JsrksnMlll. 'lorlrto.Beoad .
Sadie HcCray Silva and Daughter Jolita MeCrsyar 1011"'. Oa'Btaff :- Mrs mn D. Robinson
Urban Leans. all d.to support her husband In Lutlint
visiting here for a couple of ***ka.Thy art Inciter Btrgsaat Joseph and bar three daughters,
the a in j campaigns and drives conducted for the Hospital ad. Johnny Jsass Davis of
tlsltlag their mother aad grandnotbtr rspo .. Coppoek Jr., son of Rte Pantlt ash AlsilaRoblason
TNCA; to serve M a neater of the Dtsconese Board alatatr.tor Robert' Nord Rlnuntslom wan eoMls-
tlTtly.Mrs BTrla L. Boles of ITI1 Htran 8trU Mr.' cad Mra. Joseph! B.Coppoek of jersey City,
and aa a ...ber of the toten's OrgMliatlon of ......,this west aanouactdtht sinned la the Blgnslforr /
Mra. MoCray liven in Slat and it taront to At* Br. of 1414 were guests at a
oodlstn United rrtabyttrlaa Church; and to parclptte appolitntit) of Dr. Brsntb lit till
Junta where Joltta will enter her second year' at t. llth It., Jselson- lovely party hosted njr
la algalflcaat aoelal t*.ta. Cesar 3. Butte .. a re. report to Port Gordon
Bpslaaa Collsg fill. Pla, ta a nw Mr. and Mrs ROMS King,
A tsstlnxtalal dinner in honor of Mr.' Rargravtetill aldtat doctor Dr. Bistro Ovorils on II August,
IBM mala at. last
bet of the Air PoretConnanloatlona
be held at the toodlata United Presbyterian ................... poses tl) Brostsr frog set'vice' tttk.Visto. .when .b. tilt attsad
Church loodlata and Cleveland loads on Mondayevoaleg Bellevue Hospital Of Net the southeastern. Stand I
a (APCB' ) nttly see and tilt playlag ,
August 11, 1M4 at 1:00: p... York where b* served aa School N* as tilt son of
Gush Rio Onsga Cbapttr of Alpha lappa Alpha tttattd Itb Moblls con of gtnsa festered the
Various aoelal aid civic organizations hart been Resident la urology. Mrs Thla r. Davie of
Sorority rently honored a group of IM4 grad ntalestloas Group at trsnfnnd a auaptHouiIvicbttn
Invited to attend Born In Bogota,lonblt. Blunts.
sates with 'Tua-O-Raa*" last Saturday evening lathe Robin APB. Oa. tss itrvtd.in .
Mr. Hargrav. aececpanltd by his tautly will bt Dr. lastr tss graduated .
boa of Nathaniel and Vera Davis, Mil Jet ..1''...., Coppoc_'. see Nirrlttt Pildtrsnrsd Second Llutrint CIs-
leaving Stpt rjbr 1 to eastine his ... position aaaaatataat fro the Medical Schoolof aa hostess rUff Hol... of Madison
fnoa 8trtt.Mtadaata rgMlaatlan la on eon*
general secretary to the letropolltanno ColwbU la U3I. KlslatorosMp .
stunt alert and prtpartd The boblsicm girls art tss cwalsstonH In tbtnr

In Pasadona.Indttd .................. / MS at slat for IntsdUtt d plojr. ataayibsrt tbs graad and grtgraaddaughtsra | ...try Branch and till l

Jackaoaville lOll till btPaaadtaa'sgala. Vlnetnt l\J.pU.lor.lte* In the to rid to of "". r.pori t* I Port Mnnlag.Oa .

Ruth C. salami Julia Mansard, PraoesaJohaaon soavill.tenercl turgsrx provide tntrgtaey ooainaaleatloaa Anal Bally, who resides > on 30 N.".ber. to

.................. Annlo R. tllllaaa, traa lord, Loei.eSheffield lust Jacksonville: Luke hospital, general of la support with the Hags, attad the ...Ie Of.
sad Nona white sere Mag tilt 3.000dslsgstsa tf D.B.opsratloas, civil Friends and relatives fle.r' s orlvitatltnCnurs
gathered la Philadelphia, psnnajl*-.ln Mrgery and tsablagtooHospital tntrgsaclta. aataraldlaastsrs ar tlsblag tk**) a safsrturs H* I* U* whet
Tn* Arthur 'T.d" Brow*ot 133 Augustine Read, of ttihlagtoa.
,Mrs rrslka HO|..S of
bo ,
August t-14 tor tilt Portl.Plnt I.Uoali Convention sad military trip **
white Plaice New Tort sere" recent visitors to DC., gsisral surgery MadisonWOOLWORTH'S
of Alpha Ksppn Alpha Bororlty. Rprattlvt of titrtlata tr spsclalprojMta.
Jacksonville They were" guests of Mrs. Brown'sparents. and frolegyorstti .
theaters froai all over the United lutes, parts of The group ar
Mr.' and Mrs John .R. Tyler of till Ptarctstrttt. stated that
Africa and tile BshiMS listened to and tr la* with the services of Dr. 'M aa part tf Ut AfCa"

splrd by lBtraatloaally fanoiia speakers etc suite Brststsr till be mottle facility In Mia*

................. spoke oa different phases of tko these, "Ad .bttttr tiffed to serve tal..., toMunlestloas
rancontnt Through notltdgt sad Action." patients as well as to for eoitrsl of global
Delegates fron the local chapter participated Air Force optratltaa.
provide addltloaal Hal-
Our eta editor, Inc 0. Blnpaon,' dt ldlai that
actively sad In UporUat roles la Us tort shop.
eon ..UI rtgulsr ttttad- A graduate of BtaatonBsnltr
there tit inch to the old adage "All tort sad
"Tho Chaaglig Sole of tilt Alpha Rappa Alpha lag phy" .'.1.... .rew.,., Nigh school! btattsatsd __
Borer in Hr' chapter sad U let CoMualt" Mrs. dHiAFftt
not kat a total of goer Mm "r.ta'Ctlltit
WI6SIWIGSI WI65Ilasterofls Mansard served a* a..**.. of the EJectleu'tellere residents eat In tat* Allans, M.

CDsmltt. and Mr*. nit served oa the NoalsatlsgOonnitt .f tk* rellotlsg .U. lie wire, Dorothy, It

Soft 100 % H.. Hair ** to chick abtatdat the l943 bale. pries: General airttry, the ...,,,,, f f Mrs.ClMalt .
The latter also trrdaaladr *f the Smog hut OMtttrlts-Orstcolsgy. ,.U.. tf MlMinal

Dial EL 37979 For A Hem Deaustra41ea Ir. Boloaoa and I.... nit were aaoag the noUr Or bov.dlos and Crtltcy.n BtoJacaaonvilla.
daughter tn la atteadaac sad were bonorod aa

such.Kbony. United N.gro Colltgo Fund $ .,

$7.00 Per Mo. .................... Gtts Underway In Duval County cori rldBo pen

Pickles Pair ttU'Tbo' Bpsalab. Phi" will nt onlttd Ntgra Oslltgt Peed Drive was Iswcksd

licliiit 2 lulls free Stiliel b* presented October II it Civil AadlUrtnn.n Is Dsnl Coanty last t.ak by Or Uebard V. Boors,

hutifil Cirrfiii CHI I lUck shot. in nidr the aaapleta tf lanai Rbo Oaga gtsaldsnt Bttbant ObobaHui CollHittk Initial
lee ..ttli( .f tbt prlaslpsls Dm) Cotaty Pvitltckoola.
Chapter of Alpha Rappa Alpha Bororlty.Suiifs
Dr. loin tails' att sat 1st .. see. fact

VANITY IMPORTED WIGS Curb llHlUiMl UlllSlilu tad last year Dura Ooasty teachers red third Mhr...as.1hen
In the nation In watrlbatloaa
t* the MtttaatisgVdwaatltaal
formerly I U 1 Sponsor Tu project Tbs Ittal group tf tdtsoltrttwtrlbnttd sun 9a1rvM

Ire. C.". Ootllsg till / Meettrieholeglets 11000.00 to Us nacp. ,
... :....uu..._.... filler
WflHII .bait n tta sushi nt nnnnUnnnUy
Wig .boat Bsaatl* Ucal tfftrt ten Irl"lad ..... ftr Ultnaaaal /
bar itt Bnrklvy.
el a* Uewt focal s.. U 'h WCP Is headed by tfftrt."nil 77c
for the ililii sal /7/
? f. miriC ST. PI. I53-7III Sash II eh It. The B eves t till held a ...tin | Or. i. miss t. lottt.a It tit tf thebest ,

till b* held fro 4 to .... Bsaday at the .boas ..ltaat dlrtttsr tftOsitltn ispptrttd tfrtrtitt p-4 -e .*I.e ,I.w

0 clock. BMday.n. .t Mrs. Trrr Brtrard, In Dtfal bttt" ..."1" ttBrotbi I bell..
Louise BoblniosiIn TITB I/iasd Or. 1. 0..atf with Charlie 0.irools. aid hire, ... R e.

j tf Ut All vMbsre art aabd prlsilpsl tf alto stated list lMb
prssldMt tr
Y 'aP .....,... Leber
,..aU... Mrt. Martha t b* prs..nt ndprocpt. high tr* but ttrttiillyaay
kilt secretary, and BisliMt tf in* .....1 wed ,.."* I. tf tie. Ittal tin

BraMla ptrtass till bt dl.* lairs" tf 4.L. L"*lti twit tba art ttrrssllfrtttltlii
Ofallthe'Englishmen Bra. latrltla cssstd.IIPIIIU ., .t ttrtln sa *.. flisaslslbslp .YP 4IIsw.4ebider /

rptrtr. ....,.... twit tf tbt tttb Uslr. ttllH i

rtsslMl wed .aaltl* ........ aid tbil Is

I SIIIIICSIU7OT set '11..1. stsrtHUt sty U., art *. tatb* $1

wntalu elf tlU a llSStlt skeet W leg a H

ITOICIXa ODflBHTICS MstrlbttlM HI.N rs.r*.*nlatlt. watrl "'- .1". 1..." ... ,*
who drink ALL UU01MO 1411 PWAlTnCMCpf. ... CIastIn reae teessete belles.Mte.ber II ._ I...

BMCMD BAd AIBCJT EL 4.21H the last hews c.a.'IWITAR ba. lees set ftr tbtnrti t:' ..;...
...._, ,.,..
how yeast parted by
many tbt ever" r*.rtstIMtt <

: tf Ut M Itsal .
drink'Gordo "" s. ... II ....1. !i>tl4Ardlt 3 re.iie'

| I* Mr*. Is- stir 6ei ..
CLASSES FOX BEGINNERS Ullt. B.U...|.......rtisry <
w Ao.t tt**.. AM Vt ....dnt whe, tar U. Ittiltbt

jVji.,,ta,..T. k. blest! .b.rt K ": P fur* I .ea...... tttrisad i MeSPffiol

c.... II Lsaled's bwss K1i11m Mtles. .ls4g.* tftotfar
tt la AMrtca'i i d.
-II M '
are isry ....,..U..
".,..'.. Wbf T Probably. .I,,4 '=i i ., 4.
y 'v : ..1 .,.::;
.te... rt bays ..rays r.:. ..._.......
rcfy4 to tamyer vkJb B ....sas.ys e.C4wfr ..

t, good sbit.Ces4ausbrrbn ..

Mck to AlnaadswCerdea's .

ca.atwd erl1lsa1forsr.4 aLento. .YY ... "I

Iff ye rs s.Ms .- ]

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sad .dk. n..... 19ct

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wo.' ...... ....lit. E.II'' laHM I.....'. T (lASSE3 ...r--:.

AIlMc.- -- .....
MI MCHsmTHWil his .
THMTCtM '"""'"


I HffI'NI'MSNIL __ He vtiirt lUff MH ir
aattlgrCop s t eiw+a.w ens.ssaeestlwear. 111 i. MI II.IOUIt'S f
.th.e.r.w wave en t.etle.ra a WOOLWORTH'

3 i4sc coii1w Of IIIIC I S:' :.J.01 M f-nWW STORE

Hill ........,. .. .............., ...... 11.Pd..ei., a a. ........ .......

.... r '",' .... ... w e ..... 5 awes mrA 800 HOQAN STREETI

,'" ..::1, sr.aria4drt
-...- a- ."'-:" : -,-- I '

-- --- '"- .- .. --

f I.. .

: Hit 4 Flilill ITU PAPfl v UTIU1Y IIHST 24, use

I Loader Addresses Institutes r VacationingIn Mother Midway AME Church -
Acoordlai to Rev. .J... Joaea.Sharoa Raima.
CHURCH Brooklyn j Bta. pastor tht Sandra oBtgvBtry.Joh--

s Enjoy la| tbs world'sPair Missionaries of Mother Bttta Jonte.Barbara tilkeraoa -
u sad other sites of Midway till be IB charjtof ,Carolyn Baldwin
iattrtat it Roaalya L. 9 arterly, 5th Dtlortt Douglas Canes
NEWS Mi.s who la expected to Siaday Missionary aaGergory Pills
return to the city Son- pncraa daring the 11 a. Arattta Jonta.larrtnTboaaa.

day after bavlat been .. .."ie.. | .
house meat along with A variety of talent Mr*. P. B. Adaaa.Mra. T.Wlatard. .
Religious services will be conducted in bar fatter. mother sad will bt presented and nr R. Glover
the usual order Sunday at local churches ...,...... c each member la triad to tad R*.. J. I. Jones,

taking full advantage of a aeldomnly seen contribute its.issiocar7 pastor art supervising
fifth Sondaj.' dollar. activities
Most churches are in the process of observing tad by the Trustees B The public la invitedto
their anniversary women's d8.1.en' pew rally till b* featured attend.tht treat

day or youth's daywhich really adds Sunday tvenlaf du- Drama SlatedAt
. to tha sacred atmosphere.As rill aa appropriate pro-
a casuaUreninder attend your church Ir_. The Trustees art Mt. SinaiA

SUDdal. or better .jet, take a friend. seeking the cooperationof rtliiiout
.............. aeabera and friend drama"Operation
"; True Holy Temple\ of the Living God will la support of the raU,. ill be presented Hart" ,,
HKHLIsrrmO the Tr -Institute of tie Kltventb' lcopU District of tht AWT continue its" Fifth Sunday Union meeting 4 v Bandar School begin 30 7 P-.. la 'the audl-
Church embracing florid md the lah.... Islands, was the Freedom Night lUlIy Sunday with Elder Oscar Gates as the host I' : \\\1' at p230: ..*. with S. C. tories of Mt.' Sinai Bap-

featuring I stirring address by Dr. H.J. Od_. Jr.. dlrtetor of tat church pastor. Services will begin with Sunday I:11' ; ,., Hart Bprlntendent tilt Church. At vent
dept. NAACP who cited the AIlS Church for their active support of the Civil school at 9:30 a.., with morning worship and ttacbtra la chant. lull be presented
Right Moveant. following immediately at 12 noon. t Missionary service tt
J of the
L. to ,*.: Robert Saunders titcutlvt 11 .... pet Rally during senior
secretary, florid NAACP. Dr. ac.a.ht. Afternoon services will begin at 3:00: Missionary fclety,
ledge Pearson, president Florid NAACP Md Dr. R. Elsie Lamb Initltut Dl> P... and evening worship will start at R06ALTH L. MIM3 vmilnf Aa service. cabined
eating to Uttffui p>t choirs,
recto' Bishop Eugene C. Hatcher 1* presiding prelate of the district. 7:30 with Elder Gates delivering the ser- four brothers with rtla- 'tb.
Beach Bait chorus
tires tad friends IB Saturday earning and
(Noraan Jones Photo ) ..
Brooklyn N.t. Aug. 29 will be oat of usher Boards i and 3
Aronli the event sponsored by till IIr...Allo appear-
101dl, student at
Planned McIntyre a
Program First Zion Revival services are to be completed at Jerusalem St. Pius Catholic School Group s la activities lag will be Hra. Fannie

The ChrUtlaa Airs OOB- To Give/ Radial! Hosts Convention Baptist Church Sunday after a week la the Ood-child of Mra.Oarat leading up to annual Reeves Ira. Hors Anderson
pel, stager till present --- ... of religious activities.: 8ttTtnon. Sbt li foaea a Day Mrs, Florence
a progra it I ".*. Sunday r. Vocal Cooaty' a Sunday Sunday School will begin at the usual also IImdeDt at Mattbtv tit boa will. leave 11th Turner Mra. Ana Barr
*t The Ztoa of Judah School and BIPU Convention hour Ai30; a. m. under the direction of Gilbert Studio where she and Pairfai at ':30 a... Hra. Ploaalt RhlB, Mra.Roaandllad .
Nazarene Ttiplo nit Auxlllarlta to- th. Czell Mannln,. Morning services will startat la ..mellalroice.. 1452 Van Bonn St. at Burroughs
Myrtle Avense, L''. hat Florida and Bethany 11 a...with Raynon Chapel KIP in chargeof Bit ftally reside at 10' In, Alice Burroughs

Church group ud the Baptist Association, services: Rev. A. Smith is pastor. At ''SO Hard* Itrltt.Mlsslonry 19.FASHIONS' REVUE Mr*. Bessie Grant Mra.
general public art befog ; j..'. aloaf with the. lalatera 3:00 P.M. Bethel Baptist will render services other Ildw,,' a Youth Theresa Lockiocd, urt.
Invited to witness the. lid deacons union COB with the pastorRev. D. Johnson delivering Department will sponsor Catherine Bykea and Cans
affair which till feature 44 I' rtatd with First Zion the' serMon. Rev. R.I.Jlck.oq. Society a "Back! to ,school" t. Ebootea Jr.

Rev, sb ltm Clark \ ,, Baptist Church Wednesday will have charge of the evening services fubioa revue Friday

at muter of certwonlee.Sltttr nor acbtdultd activities at 6:00 P.M. Slates night at 1 p.p. in the *************
Cornelia Stokes that fill continue Celebration church auditor!u..

it the woman through Sunday.Sundq's'serviass- ............. With Miss Barbara Children
Hit Annie B. Jaita Mlaloaary *-
till The Fenlor Missionary Society Circle 2 Spencer serving af
friMf, Tie MilltlistPiiir Mra. Aroma McIntyre, begin with Sunday Schoolat of Mt. S.lnaiBaptlst, Church will present Society of POUBtala narrator, models will and
Chapel Church
ellknoan local tinier 9:30: a.B. Morning a drama, "Operation) Heart" 7:00 Sunday AMP Include
li TH ffirll will be presented la a worship will start at night in the sanctuary of the church. The will eeltbrattBlationairday Pare Sel den. 'lena 11-
recital Sunday at V: 10 11> 00 a.m. with the presentation (is sponsored by the chairman Sunday at L the local kenon.Chaqultta' Adana, Discriminationby

p... II 'Irat Don TaapU p resi dent, .... O.T. Me- and the co-chairman of the wonen's day churdn. Mra. Daalcla Therrl Stephen*,C.\ndy 1'1
send same asd address 1. president of tb
your euoap.
Call delivering at sermon rralhr.J.cqullu: Hen-
BIS .. Monroe St., Elder drive
and fled oat hoe utricle A. Hill paator, ............. dereonDeborab Stephen, Dr.Benjamin Spock
ef.prayer CM leeoaplUhloader Tie Services will 'ba conducted Sunday School will start Gall Adaaa.Larry Green Irf September
popular soloist Appearing in a recital 7:30: Sunday evening REDBOOK
for at the usual boar
toe irlte with
will bt sponsored by the at 3 P.B, with at Mt. Bethel, Baptist Church will be CaUtrlat Jtffaraon.
,..tor' i Aid Mrs Irta Mra. nary Pulaort.' At I their Cherub Choir Choir 1. the Male the Superlatendent David AllO.11 chatl ,'Brown,P.1 -
SlUR FAUIE IIIIII Rally, pratldent. p.*. the sermon till be Chorus Cholt'2, Mrs.' B.I. Williams, Mrs. Jones la chart sine Bestow, Cheryl A sensitive, mnnirgful mule

(34 *. ltoU|.s., Chicago The general public and delivered by a" I.a. Helen Be11IU1)',and Miss A. titherspoon. assisted 1b1'll1DllIOrlhlp will bt- Wligbt.Deniat AduDe-] nplom the dcrp p.yclwk.gkalfernofracialprejuj.ce :
111. gas at 11:00 a... with nice ( txHh
friend art larlttd. Siipaon.f' by the church Musicians Miss Gall on
I Simons and Robert L. Tel fair. obligated ushers and otb" Rider the Negro chiU irvl" the white
stewardesses at rPOitl. An.Ua Heoderaon.Juenit

I x ea,., ............... 1'11. sermon will 1c8r1 d.,Llrf1 Hurriy. With poignant unpkiiY. the
-" b* delivered by Re*. P. Al.o,DuI.1 noted politrKi singles taut
The woMen of Macedonia: Baptist Church Met Douglaa.
I. jone. pwtor. ale I'ttlaJacklOa.OItrl7It'.Jllice the Knout harms caused 'hy
recently to'COlIJl.te plane for the women'sDay
A tea will bt held la
of ,
feelings inferiority
on one
celebration which will be celebrated wells ,
the auditor its of the J
Praae wrightDeloresHsndenoaGlivis side snJ fnrnncfii tMSei'i
*+* 1und.y, Aug. 90th. The "general public has church and friend are' {',
been invited to cone out and worahlp with lartted. Sheffield Dr. Spoil tifiioM..*. any tupganota
Uie. Aabrty Paaltlt ,
iriul reading fur ill
............... Evening services will. Bertha Htrtaog.Sharon
be held at 0= JO p.m. parqtll in
The Deacons Deaconess and Trustees
wltb the troatttt tadttettrdeieea
,First Corinth Baptist Church will observe A'to.Jot Kiltt.Sbtrley

WHY PAY RENT ? joint anniversaries. Sept. 14. Plans Rev. Jones will IB charge.again Onff*,_llllM Jenkins s.-
Minnie jack, : BOB,Oartrell
are being completed to Make it a successful dwllver the ...noa.A REDBOOK
Danltla.Marlaa .
event.Verdell rjrerett.Marglt ,
it.tC Neweehsd
cordial lactation em r- now
i a eiteaded to the Joaea.Lorln ********.*****
............... public.
IF YOUR RENT IS COSTING YOU $50 loll "lib t.
Jake will be
presented in a musical Jo.ha Sandra
TO $75 OR MORE PER MONTH LET US recital at 8:00: P.M. Sunday in St. I
Stephens AMg Church Mr. Jakm
la a member
SHOW YOU HOW MUCH HOME WE 'of Shiloh Metropolitan Church Rev A.B.

He serves afIhe organist for the Male 830

Chorus of his.church "and accompanies Choir 1114 W. BEAYER
MONEY DOWN! 1 of Zion Hop Baptist Church. He also
3101 Ei+iERSaN
serves as piaalst for the choir at Edward

IF WE BUILD ON YOUR LOT waters College where he is a senior A ttWM M.e ra.aa.
( ............... 1 LIC&TMIR It

New stud rM art yew Myinf Me"mtMKttSOT The Major districts of Day Spring Baptist
MIT 171 tr"' ...,Wh.ffW".1It tau Freel32Page Church till observe a joint anniversary
awy yew' eta kvylnf 1 h.tme.r .......... 3:30 1'... Sunday in the dining area of the
*.-M. fey vtwnetf tm4 (."mllvl Al the _; ; church. A program will be presented by the HEADQUARTEIS FOX TURKEY PARTS
.*.till y"n MKI wlH he.,.. "Mtt' hwMli Catalog youth department of the church.
eLm/ ....'" 1M fit "AWN.
.., My beau *4 iKt id *4wHa e IRISH DOZEN GRADt'A' 00
WHAT 2.00 A DAY CAN IUYI I :. :: If and Ie.wMr w .Ml

It....... her4 "........w...y w paw.thee yet N wile rr tw lead eat..let .Nell Hivi. Ai
silly IM ..aeh, m. .UM D M $2.00. wet.' tw 21 I '..deb ........ ahe..e. Nor pleea ROYAl ART S1WO DRUMSTICKS
eby,amtwfiH to&7.200..In 1 1,..... laO t...*Mkj sod eevem moll .. esM.vcWe there II melee a
11 reM""".wem to MO.170.wwiiih... ..... ., ohMy.N.n Ow elate. ......... Yes ... DAVIS STREET Kant
1 1 reM tflMtmH. M S 0,00..Ant et"AIM,e It.. yewf.e pest tl t+* xt*My Btyxtnii art a aWgitKa ** pew (*A aye tot the ....tf yew ay* ... ELgin 4.1894
Melt fe .es m esw hew prole yw e... peylse ,.,.,. f*. ...... W. hew Ml tr lOQbOOO WINGS naFKSH
NW mametr red, swMply N..s by 12........ .....tiwe..ehe.A lilt cew'sty and. May.m err mil CIIIS..SIPIITIIENAIITT
asd d..t tawbply" It Itr 12 reM s.d she Ieeel .bed dwisee... Me 0.4 tilt ....... MIt
hew llVeh tseyyw .... per a l.sdeod- $ cell.. a..y *** t< the f. weber b-4 cK.. .. rHTKUrU.' '
per tot. .K...t/,.. *..1| t***4. a* #mwe t-y ..."..., .


..- Mmimi..iHtrs.JKIil

e S SO pet mcAlH omwmtt I. $ 7.300.00 ruses 00NECK

S 60 pet imanlH eMMMinr M S io40.00 letup riiiu- MOZIN NECKS

S 70 Mf month aMWfttt tt S10.0IO.OO GRADE A-
} 0 pet ust.etlh.en.wela .. '1 1,520.00S Open Dally

W ft BMWrtH ...... M '1 t.MO.OO
$100 pet m.Mh.m.w+h M $14,400.00phfl7Ifq BONES SSr 5 4gcSHORT

And More Wigs .

7LL 1

=Mae erapmaw em testy a a sows es. N

J&CISlIIIlU i, ruINI I-awuWRcoRpO&A170N- -:::-] L $" ..951ttItn \" ': BAR-B-Q RIBS 3 11. S1

litt taut St. I: ::- ""' ''_ I

,. I. hi 1211 I -- I |H To drMNitvrd .. ".. BRISKET STEW = 3 u.s1 .

rim: HI-UtI- III -.
I ........ -- M Ms
lhswsw...... WHJ Shop

rniiii, rUt I =:::=r.--. .. 1 FRYERS 25'nra

I. In 71! ... 37 EAST KAVCH ST.
... "
.{ Il.c.--- __ .'1'"""
..::1 ?. ti Min PHONE EL 4-2M1 nc t. mm mt n wn n mm i.rr .
itsllr r. ---e..w--tssa.na
'I $ I

.)., ,

J : ....


I ; I t'i I I i

UI.IMI AI1CIS 23. 1H4 FlttiM STU .Mf KS i/l U

I Officials Employes Colebrq.te Semi-Annual Event 'I. '

__ _-





:,,-- .I


,.., ri

-- --- -- .
OFFICIALS AND WrLOTFJI of Daylight Grocery Co. of a beautiful phew frog the ..ploye.'to) oo.> froaj your fully, till aaltltad* slays bud la ChrliUiM several aantger, Daylltht Grocery Co., '\
aipleloutlr celebrated tie Boat-annual (ttiboraeaent pay prealdent Israel H. Edwards shorn holdlag hand sills you.Dajllgat fll)1) ,..." flbown la canter and Victor Htaourl Mrtet _aanager Daylight More

I of pro fit thirlm! checks recently during a plaegne la center photo. Mania Black shown OBMr. photo fro left are: lasso Can... sloe ehalraaa, at Rugs Rd. and Myrtle Atenae. The checks arc 1

festl..ttt held to the am 8t. tad Noacrlefttort. Edward' left, cede the preaeatatloa. The Dayltgbt .apJo,..' Board; Hr. Edwarda, Marvla disbursed twice annually (Royal Art ftudlorbotot)

A brt tf prograa highlighted thepraentati6aRev. plaeque *aa enecrlbed. ,..r. Israel R. Edwards heck ehalraaa, Daylight Biployee Board, L.K.'
--- -
Celebrates Aiilversinra. Mt. Sinai Confab Held At
Ernest Murray Missionaries ADgellae MCErlde Scene Of MeetThe Slnpsoi Bethel Baptist! J

To Heir Mrs. F1i3 sill celebrate ber fttbaalerary Fifth Suadsy Union Schedules Recital I Second< Bethel Baptla't ,

To Speak Sunday Sunday atNt. ateetlag of the alalatere Church eaa the aceae of I

Epperson Soodiyproalaeat Ararat Baptist '.aera. aDd t-ayaea Of the Choir } of SlapsoaMethodist a reeeat eoafereaethlch

church ..... Claar"..... D.'. Orahaa, Jack ton vl 11s Prlaittve Church will attracted ono ofJecksoavil I
AD aaaoclato sister
__ ___
of Hra. janle B. I p.rIOD. r'--'_' ----------- -- paator The eveat, ..,tilt Church began preset Its snail rem !*' a largeat

Church Mt. It.Ararat". Emett Baptist Hurray will be the guest speaker ObBgratelatloaa are la fair la the church. Btarttag tt I p... will ',d....., at Mt. SUal eltal Sunday Aug. 30, church groups.He .

will apak at St. during the 11 .... service order for Mra. AudraRlchardaoa Carolya 1* secretary featare eoee of the Baptist Caarcb sad will at d ,... U the eudl ialstert. Deaoona,

Peters AMI!: Chu rcb: Sua Suaday, whoa th* the ace of the Bandy School and ellkaova Iciest ooatlaa through' BUD"'". tortua of the charob. sad Lyses aaloa aaauillltry (

IB after bolos Hlioaary SocietyIi aether of a bubbling set presldeat of sic V.rtok Deaoon Boloaoa Ti0 Bus, lieu Sheffield Is featured will be lineraen to Bt. Joseph/ i
day sight lID
of twin*. The ncent arrivalsa Cbrlatlaa Eadeavorsociety. .Ill be the sister ofc.nl'OlI. the host pastor. Mitchell and Mist Qiteway progressive laps j
progrua.proceed boy and a girl : .*.. Bjadey'e eetlvltlee will iray Fv. III.,.. accopMlitt *- tilt Atio latloa, eoa
wlllbl donated
have been Baaed Dana Local talent appetrlag hula with ftday. School end a host of veiled wit Ue coagre*
to too annual (onto' aDy
!.Jun end DID i h L,..U. oa arograa will laclad aid ooatlav throughout other perfor..,. la. gat Ion at "ecoad. Bethel
celebration, Aug. I I I I I I I IIn.
theSunrliepeaale Go 1
ape Ue day Deacon I M. "' CltdlSI! Baptlat.Thersday to he
ii///i Patlla* Oolaa of
81artTraveliag Stare, ter till preside tad Mra.tlety Miss loretta Civics, .
gaa a foer day periodf
Devotion will be ooa Mr*. Liniaa 111 ml. Ave. la pr....tlyctertelcisg
eon. a Slaglai Saaarltaa Ooepel
jaaea will sits Mlaa Dorothy (Lasts. Mia ,rellglw activitiesaoderated
ducted by DMCOB HnryLevlne ..her of "UUI't.oD Bap aenbera of Slagtre, Hra Anil.uistleterChoir .
tie lateral rerlM.tonlsg Atette Dye, htlae Betty hy Rev, p.
end the Sunday tltt Oiurdi s** given a her aedlately fun, of
} rshlp will be* Btllock. Mis Beverly ,
Horalat Prayer Band.MM. farewell party Jut week Hrt. Mary Pollard .fYaltrie.Oe.her JOlt
It. Ararat kits Halt lla at 1100! a.a. with Menalr Mlaa lavettairtlsg. 11ta fl' a seisloaopeaed
Earl It Ha* Alvrai In vie of her scheduled antler
Chorus of Ht. Ararat. Re.. Harvard Roblascn: do* Mlaa ....cIol'. at '::10'. ".
sill be the .I.treu of trip to Ossialai, ".I, Mra. Mary Roberts,
Heavenly. fire Qotpel iverlag the aeraoa, AlMa, pies. JOM Cooper I Mh the ..... la
cerenoale to visit her aide deaghttr; aad 'her call
taur Dliatr will be arvedfcllewUg Htsa Patricia Preston,
Harold Hartley.per disc froa It. LtoderdaleDr. than: led hy Mr*. L.
Other appearing oa
BOB,,.riceltlor OotpelSinger tt* aenleoa Msa Maieella Shuioa, Johaaoa sad Hra. 0.teatherlagtoa. .
.111 te nr". '-'flit' M.Tboaae oas atteadlag the- aad Hra. Eddl Oolaa
Oaldea JubileeIngert
.,.. Uorlt lest will 1111 Pletale Cooper Ml **
of Mt. Ararat u Nrpriae event were Bra are the boat* pests of
Roag of Prayer, epoch at the afleraooatenlitt Jaaes title aid L.N. *inlet Murray delivered
Ruby 'oyaer Hra. Oola*.
tololit Mra. Mra.laraeatlae
guest Heavenly Rchoeti Mr*, at 21 >0. per Mctadua, will all a,. Ui* ..S!case ...,... and
.. Harriet I//I I I I
All tllaoa. a
loss Stroud, IS.er"lt
tahject till he "TheJualor post dirlag the recital,
Hi* Ana.ltiCalshadl.dresponse
jeetile leettr. cousls of U* bosoreefro Mrs Eaaa fatklaa of
Davla. Mr*
HKS. J.B. Em90N: Davis ira. Hyrtl Bar Cart ell*. la the Choir I la directed hyMlaa Ml** lithe
.. Deytoaa Beach and 29th St. left last eeek '
1Ir.'hl. Cherry.
of St. jateaAMCQiarch.Marlaoat tea sad the Ottteayotpal .MOM, Caere sad Schools tbrolhy M. Lass sash ltrt ofJ
Ulysses John eon, the her blillM 4. 'Nlaoa, and to visit her daagbUr, sligert na
preeeata its Pluto torhere.11 .
SunbewB singera. HavenSuorlM aeabera of Hra. 111 _'. Hra. Lisa lat HcClalaof .. re.nnt.
, ly m........... aaaual. obaervaaee.r my rd. Philadelphia. Pa. ...... '
*. Haggle ielth lapresldeat
male ftlsgera / 1":1 Before reteralag hoes, !'
Choir l of Mt. Ararat of the spoa- Mrs. Haat kites of she puss t* tear th*
*ort g orgaaltatloa. :
aid the Ntlbtlageloslaters. Pal If 01 Oardeas apeat tories Pair aad other
Prleade and the general
e enjoyable vactUoa lathe points of latereet
public are arged to at

tend Ue aervtee. atate.of she Californiaroceitly. visitedO.llud. miniHra. Sup e + A t< F1 1

HER( Til ME III Btrkley,. vscraaeato sad Clsrlas Llabrlch,

aa Itttrattor la the QUANTITY RIOT1' IISIIVID
Ton Seek The Bet Doctor I I I I I I IIr.
II hen Tour rector Preecribea.Get aad Hra Saaael .oattoatag la 11.,11IIIr. _- SPKUIS 0000
Harper of pearce It.,
nperlenced Pkna lt*
., ,.. :
..Aeoordlag to your IIDcto '' had a* their aoeee guest Llabrlck AeeoopeaylagHr eaa her FLA. GRADE "A" FRESH U. S. GOOD

Order. "* Del Only TB* Beet recently, HI a* tamed ...
BOB, falter goddilld. -
Quality Drug* DoMaaoa of Cl velaad.
Dr. e.L sleet Deelrre Oils. MESSED
Qilo\ a toner reeldwtof
Proprietor I Jackaoavlll. I I lINe CHUCK

3 Bh azsTOl' PHAMlACIim TO' StVt TOO lies RoblKoa visited Trk reel dccli,

A COMPLETE LIT OPfoaaetleaRtibbcr HK EarUa iklte sad Hr. sad B,.. lelvlsRlcbardeoa :
I are la the HEwS
Ooode-Caadlea-Sundrlea attended tke assess*

i PtQCRIPTHMS CAUEO POR WD II1J-RID Mt secret..set Plorid.A City vldtltg Hr. sad >\
# la Tallahassee. She In. Deeey nitekead Sr : ROAST
af Agra Ct. Hr*.Richard*
also spat aeveral days
Store lath* dgitr of Hr.
Lilly's Drug It H!aal a* pest af Mr.
Nil t.....
aid Hra. perklas Rogers.

IHl III IS till tl IU1I I I I I I I I 1/11111 LB.19 39

Bra. Bulk BattU. a '
cubit *f Ht, Ararat.Baptlat Ira. HtrU ....... ofAhley LB. :

Chereh. left* St. *aa feted

last Prldaf for ... fork .Ita a birthday party '

dty to visit relative laat week by f el lee Boss LARGE PACKAGE RICELAND

aad fril........ .111 bits of tao Sea joee IB.

visit heferentsralsg dattrlal Clab. In.101III. .
aee jtreep
..... .. la a sealer afeetfleld RICE
S BaptistCfcaraa. FAB
/ / / / / / / .

... "ra ', Rogers .ad ///I///

her. 4M1IiI ter. Careln,
1. hive ...tan.' .hot from .
.... jaaea Uaard of L.o. 19 19
a visit u u* terltafair
U Be* Tin city. Clrel, left the. 3 LB PKQ.
.Ity by alas* last *.ett
Tie ton Indies art sir
nosed the farIerrleeo lei w .. Sailw M' Ned erder (tea
.era offal kef a laMrtalME Mi iHMiH ir lets fed erfef
at her s.tla.
!>.a Cheria. theBier
In. Beth Plaid af UAtgelea. .
Rogers belag very WtSSOH Oft 2ft NUStyiYFLOUR,
sides U ..*...1 af CaJIfarala.USTH'S 2112.YfTM .


.... ,.,.

WEE- WASH-IT ; fOOl Ami JIlL ; 2 tl. ,n 2Se'

M Cleavers .r4,

linlryNY I

f OitCluilii Y&iOW 04HOf4S J u. 1M 17

KIN! memYou /

.. You T" Lltt n ToG 1ij( a II MWJWYftHSHtMONn suns. 27 C

U. leeu

Sirtlnffe nwr COCXTAHS J' Iii 41*

"DANCE PARTY"III" ,. I. ...... ,..,...

Wck if it! MtoftMil l u. f>ri. .
IH: 'II 11:"
Y.S. ti POTATOES w I'. M 4ft

Satir/at I '.8. 'HI U ,.. '' .
1a... u J,... Sit m IpLKt1t ;) 49I

14N WINC 1411 W cajACauAJI Vv Sal ft .... 1.lii... MIA_ y <


". .., I..... _. >' ,


y I 11'r,t ':: 'v, '' -1

RAGE I riiiiiA mi pmts smtiu win M.LL'!!!

Christian Endemr Slates ObservHd Schedules Monday Night Meeting Boy Scouts to

f OiIll( [ ST. SAfOODS.I ( $ Presidents To Meet Choir 2 Church of AbyaaislaBaptlat plus to I _"_ u_ CloseAeet,

I IN..Ale.hr ANe swill NM.ea MAIl" M.MCRIONVNLS.Nel55rlw .. .....,. ealtbrato its anniversary .I t A Batloaal ICU food
; .555 tM I/N.55...M55.55. / Slid Afternoon ( '
at I p.*. Tuesday, .,pt. I' 1 Radio Trail !rg course
E 2677W. BEAVER M.Wr1a EV 8-2633 1, IB the auditor. of 4 iIe.f opened at cup! Iclloctott:

N.......' C" W .... fWIMf .,. .M *.5551 WM M A writ looting of lo- the church. r last Saturday: with
I'I'f:- 5r.'. Me 5NI5 M Mi A.r..ii pry *** N w OIl district and the '
' = .ton M MM*.*. .":tiltl m.tnttt Ht trr-lM H UwjmtM Rev. H.L. Borod will alaety-one course ....
, tnlautt Ie tfimt w '! East Florida Conferenceof
I serve u sister of .- ben attendlBg; fron the
I :' Tblrs..FIL L SIt. tfsdas-Qju F/L S tat hi 1 a.M..1 ,J.I Christian Endeavorprtaldtota _I... I fl. V. HollovayIB four sosttj.astar1states. .
will bo boldSunday
I progrs oh aim .
\ JUST BEFORE THE STORM sept. 6 at 1 p.ia .. ** ..'
' :: ANOTHER TRUCKLOAD OF 69''C Union Coanunlty AMIChurdi The course nader the
of PJ.I.
i FLORIDA LOBSTERS FROM u. Beaver and tr.roa Plans Completed Potts;
KEY WEST. . 8t.. Ales Cottroll. aaaktaat Mat'Tonal, Director

"HUM CAVAHT KING one Episcopal Director of District 5 of Trinity 3i' -stJ o Tralalng.frou of Vnluatesr{(lew Bruaa-
STEAMBOATWHITING C tbt Allen Chriatiaa Endeavor -
25 I baptist Chureb ha* COB- wick ".J.
. t Lt. MACXC1CL uUt.. League. u. plated plaaa for a too 1 9 The purposii of food

oaaeod. to bo hold at tilt hose Badge trII" u
MEDIUM SHRIMPu69cJUMBO| SHRIMP L..9d' iaiBvltlag g to
Tho auto proaidant of Mr,. Mary lowla ISO denoi strata the proved
young end adult Broad Street Mrs: I.". BOthoda of nivlat the
niSi raw nw welT Interested ia
persons Araetroag. sponsor, an- variety of a/etlvltii;
MAINE $125 URGE 49' Christian odueatioB to nounced. which go to! mate upaoNting.
his la planning
The event will tats It also aervwto
LOBSTERS this year' i sort-develop- place between 4 and I .
--y------ ffalliarLio scouts
sent proiraa. pastors clock .. .
iIsNs.i KING also repeated to p. CLASSIC CWMITinB: -Coalmen of the ttttrlnc coanltteen for the Oct II Gator wlth.tho of p. rl oa coa'of
toes. are
SCALLOPS 791 CRAB P KG. 79' attend tho ...u... Bowl Classic Football Quo between host Bethune-Cookuan: College and South others which tenda 'to
ucs - Carolina State College, held their eeoond ...u.. last seek to .., west varton keep the tl|.likiag of

pre-.... projecte. At troop numbers nearly 100-clvle aloded repreesnta- the practlcfl.' of soo it-
Uveo pronlnent li numerous arena cowunlty activities.Shown fr .'hft are lag and to live together
I Bra. Catherine Jackson, Dr. H. JMM Oreene, a A. Scott President Richard Y. IB tan spirit >f
II I II t Moore of Betbuao-Cooknan College; Mrs Ad* H. ud Allen H. Lea The seat ...t- scoot oath.Throughout. .
I ""r iilKFit1PoM i01tAMTQ1 leg will be bold Monday Aug. 21 at t p... la the Afro-Anerlcan Life Insurance I too conn's
: -- -+- SCC/TTIt WID/IAI3eASYO1/ rT.a3fT'OREf Co.paey'a: coaforoaco room. (Photo by Eusnon) which ends Sunday. ,there

.,, .. a1t. e will bo Strong ..-,

,< t M.Nev wa.Aeewwrei auwN.e. R0. 180 TOP ... RRS1M! r HI. Ann!, To perils Ideals on of tJa'aoijutlig:s spiritual that

Dedicate Parsonage wlirnelp Iho course
lOutings Nt. Ararat Baptist asters to Mitter, IIId.r..
stud tile irlaelples
Church's new parsonage
i 1QUWlY will be officially, dedicated upon which /Dcottlag g ,1e

at 2:30: pla, SUB- founded.

Local church and civic groups have planned faatlvo day. The edifice' ia located New 'Bethel
actltltlea at local beaches and points of interest at 132$ Helena

aa far aa Silver Springs for this ...-. It. Present; Grads
FILLER The cararletta Social Club .111 ID to .New Smyrna Progran participantswill

2 CONVENIENT DOWNTOWN LOCATIONS! PAPER 44C Beach Saturday AUK. 10th. Tickets lay bo secured be Rev. i. ;Bryant, Graduate ...b." of
I fro ...b.,. of tko onaaliatioa and at the boo Rev. J.C. Burnejr, Rev. Bethel ARt!Chare were
ii I til LAT IT. .- ACIOU' MOM CITY NAU.OflH .atop. B. frailer Rev., Richard pr..ttdl1&.t Sunday
tllaon.Hra. Hazel Cross.Deacoa !
The boa will haft Riots Rd. and Davis St. at Homing dar'lrg the JOin
C Opus W.|ADAM A.M. TO IT.S -P.M.NIAI MONDAY DOOMVIIT TMWUCN NOTfl tATUKPATPIIOAT INTIANCt 1:00 ....: 4th and Davis St. at I:10 and 17th and Charlie Buaaey, day aervlciM, each ono
HITH 'TIL t. Davis at 9:00: .... Miss Sandra Hollowsy, being given a gift IB
............... Hiss Mao Francis I",. recognition of aooopllahntata .-

The M.A.0.8. Social Club and Oabor Board 1 of .New and Prank- Ranptoa. i;
r Xopo BaptlatChurch plan trips to Sli Qua Terri Dedication coaalttee The graduates of this
tory Saturday. Tickets nay be secured fro Robert sabers working hard to year froB( tko various
Bates, 1971 I. 18th It. lid ambers of tilt club. ensure the success of the schools wars: kindergarten
YOUR .............. affair are C. Leawood ; Richard Tostoi,

The Trustee Board of the Church of Ood will sponsor Leo.chalrum; a Buaaey Carl Bailor; end ma lee
t an outing to Mariielaad Saturday. The bus will co-chalraan; Deacon Brown; alimentary dapartnent -

CHOICE! leave the church 144J Steel St. at ,:00. .a... Ernest C. Thonaa Deaoon : v'snlta Poster
.......... .5 C.
I Id. .N. Baggs M. Mitchell, L aro at Jones.; Stanley,
Choir 2 of .New St. Jauea All Church will sponsor J. CIIat"an. r.I. Davis, McAlll lt"... Oall' Saith
REG. a trip to American Beach Saturday The bus will Cecil RuM| Ira 0. Oaa- Jeanette traugitor and

I.,., 1.50 57If. leave the church oa forest Bt. at B:30: a... Meibera kina Hra. A. clavay Patricia >OBsek. Breads
sad frteada have bees liflted. Hra. R. Seas and. Mrs. Roblaps 'I.ai ..1,
.B6C ............... O. Carter. juaior Mah-Ta. j1 .aata

The Pulpit loud of the Evergreen Baptist, Church preaent.Graduateii.
tip! fjJ HAIR ia planning an event to Little Talbot Island for Recital SlatedA fro sealer
"! SPRAYS Rt0. laur l1. Buses will leave Cleveland and U>iaa It. high school were Joaa
at I:00 a...; Rings Rd. sad Davis It. at I: 10; featuring Alston. Richard cAlllator. -
the Traveling Stars will
Riffle A'..aad tth St. at 1:00: and 38th and Myrtleat Orrln Mitchell
r bo held Sunday at'S *.
I:10 a... Tvonoo Robiaaon. fcgeee
l .............. In Mt. Slaia Baptlat Saeed aid Charles ..
y The Noralac Star Chapter 64 OKS will laU Church Re*. A. Schof RawkiBB.

ley Panoaa park "Olft of love'/ ..turdl,. Ticket field pastor. Jutalta KeBrldo graduated .
as, bo obtalaod by coat act IB c lira. Ulllaa Sauna The Ooldea Gospel fro oolloga.Bra. .
11RINGr din or any Bomber of the elab. Stagers. Angellto OoapelSlagera ,,1. RoblBBoa proBated -
I 5CANVAS BINDER The !bua will lava fro 26th and Chase at 8:30: ; Mrs. Rosa Lee tho gift to the
4th and Davis at 1:40: ; pearl and Carol lie at 1.00: ; Hall...., A1b.tal.tattl- 101 till. Its event was
and 410 Broad It. at ':15. ore, Mrs. TheUa Id- spearheaded by ,rl.lUll. .
28c .............. wards and others are Baa Jo... and

Choir 2 of Bake Baptist Church will enjoy a day al std to appear OB o.pror. ..... Melon Maltese
of fua at American Beach .*.
QUANTITY siG.ITs RUUYIP Raturday. The .bus will
leave the church at 1.00: a... perwoaa dealrlai to
catch the tea alaewhero nay do BO at llaga td. and HOLLEY'S
Davis at 7:11: ; and lat and Florida Ave at 7:10
1 ....
I I I ................ BARBECUE

The Starlight Mcial and Savlaga Club win the a
Ito, to Anerican leach Sun ell,.Tick eta nay be purchased

I "VI IVIIf sAT 1M May ITNt from .Mberoef club or at the tea stops.
Buses will leave 316 Claude eat. at 1:00: ,.... IlillCUI
1. kWri StiIIm 11I* 1IHtt15c toroot It. hall park at til: ; lat and Florida Avo.Bt .

.. DUmt sift t IE .... Ie.II I:'0; Bth and Davis at I:" ud Idgewood and

aria ................. Ie a evel and at 5:11: p.awno ..............

.15 m&US ...................... bli NGU.aAB.
Aaaett Social and Savlaga Clah will apoaaoraa
.farsa'wia .................. 13c f }' I. Y oatlag to Anerteaa Beach Saturday. The bee 1 nit. St, lucrl.1

1.110 IYII EllS .............. Ie ',tr1.M will leave OS | and Hoaertef.. at 1:00: .... ,
WITt III III siT ......1.. p list Md lyrtl at I:10i; and llBa Bd. and untie II2.1"., t.14JII"I U

IOQ m rawwrnJHTMOBf .......... I.. 1. atBtSa.j.
....*4Mt**.*. ...
I 1110 0..10 ............ nc u"
BU Lake Baptlat Genera trustee* will)
mt .......... 4c .. '! jouraey
to Silver ftoriaia Saturday no bee will leave the
1.1 tUll.lMC wE..109,
church at 8:00 ..*.& ".rI. Ave and Oalo eat. at
.JI.DITtIlmEU ............ 591: HAVJIFUL" SPIRALGLASSWARE' S.30: and nags ... and Davis at 1....

Jl W TB0TI NKIQ ..........1c DIanna Clark

.BTUTWloHHOJINUOT .......... tie

y ,.,. ..............15c. Makes Debut NEWPURE
JlfOTOT ........ Ir. and ir*. Charles
....\....... 3ft30
...... Clan ,,.*..n are pre
ClUJ TeeIits1E ............ Ie 19t.U rn...... BaUa their d..ghter.Diaasa OIL

CUJI TlGTlPAStt .......... See in her nuslealdewat

I JtlBTOW ..:. BeI BL1SHIfcTTCUR 1 at M p.*. Sunday STATIONAVAILABLE Jrt. Jetirtti fir

) WO UK ................... <* 1 6 FOR 38 In the Mdltorlui oftaertef lift

J5 toTRJ1t ................. lit B*, tlBt Cbaroh.Hsatathyo JACKONVIUE Mm COUME
HHCIIC ., alt B. lit 8tH lltIS
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6 481
21 1\IaIatn\ .0. tit alp a.e r on the
K2MX OKBOT 75c C 1.-u.A aalolat RIGHT

X01 J t 1 tell NIB .....,.... pt NO UMm-wHiu surrtY LASTNEED Brotrw.M and BiaBlot,peot rwae Uv. HMTIll:

I Jt IAB..l1.. .......... HeI JKUWHIC i11KB :$LLEKKISNTUE

I ::11_ .................... Ie S1ni4N4 Btiri To MAN / ru.m .
Ut T1i9..............',16ei 32t4 Tab
observe r..kse ) M fmS Itnkik.
no IPC Yatv.narp.f nil II ... .....
trout imHal mtntroh" ....--."fU "1M E.... *l til .WffMtiltSJN .
sneak gas!rN.......
\, II ,., : .. Bt*.aHes* ......... sldl 1M ..L. H te1HN. H4 Hntblet.
i Ii1R3 tBEN beard will h* ...* Mae4uadof .. .- .
I' .. 1ft, ... ;;:;
1 lseuv 1 .saaM.a/A a >:N Ina. _._
-------------- -
tthorlM eat the
saw w w m.a ..."'. cal w .:: UJHll- ---- ---: --.
I tot LL.. ..rrtr.Onlotor a
TO COMPARE' YCuftiU. AVl WCfti 4t .. .%. Ararat OE P01 1Ebt t4.. ... _---._.__.....
saUH tiers Mil Mthe 081 CA L35aRi
t ....C?.
} I.y Irh

j '0

.. ..., ,_ 't .- ?"


J I } '
lii UHST 21.! mi mini mi r pEt$ Pit ?

I Preparing For Call I : : -w : -r : -. --T een -Talk( : : : t.Tar. m" ': -:: Voter Registration SpurredBy I

t.;" ., "'_ Barry Goldwater's 'Stand
By MUM pousmt adventure xgrjMD DOCTOR (popular library 1.40)
II tt... ,.la one that yon should ,... Th* conplete eiclte- REf TOM-Haadreds of public-spirited eltl-
Tb. back-to-school const do wa of days la alaost .eat oi th* book>> pivot around love crisis, and scan. largely white, bar volsateered to work tltb
over. Just think. we* v* bed three months ef hat Island life. the National Association for the Advene west of
relsistlos sad peace of alad. m .. tlae SoT aa To the mosey minded tees, A PROLOODI TO LOVE Colored People oa voter rflatrstloaCavla Banks
to 10 back to the aontha of free education Ufaak (popular library, $.'0) should teach yon a val- NAACP coordinator of Northers rater reslstratiaa..'
this too best of all school yearsl Okay able and safortetteble lesson. In this story, yon disclosed this wet*. ....It...............
Ulhtl will find lov, seinshneee, hatred and th* lit leaks said tb* rush of "It seems sltalfl-
Rave you .U...... the "Security and "!put. o f a rich, bat strain hunan belni. offers, which betas sat,t. the NAACP of*
Ilk" yet They are really a sight to behold. Tbs Since this was the week for the Deewcratl Con- pouring into .his officeat Metal added "thst la
Security has ita" own record byOtia! Redding Walls ventioa.aany teens showed aa overwhelnlai interest 20 teat 40th Street spite .f recent racial
than Sputalk la don on the all tla. favorite of' towards it. ha asked If they thoufht that Uyndonsiges Immediately folloetai tensions la Hares many
teens everywhere, the aapr..' notl DID OUI LOVI Johnson would be 1.1I. best nan for president the BoolBStion of Bean- of these volunteers have.
oor*' the response of the local teeas. was ter tor Larry .. ooldester felt ao.beeitatlon at
The ealy way left to deecrlbe this record la rifle Many chose bin for his ability la ephoId- as tie Republican presldeatlsl our request tkst they
k ''bo. ". "Baby. I Need Tour lovls". by the Pour lag and carrying oat the lees of the United States. candidate, are sake their services a*
Top la what yon call 'touih'l TV noticed that Another reason was for bin stand OB liberalism "probably a reflectionof tillable to the Hurls
this record sends tens late "The Outer Ualta." while other teens favored kin for his suturing political tensions leadership."
la fact to "1\* vaalabiai rolaU" "!he Mouse efforts la the 'Tlvll Mints" flfht. I'.. beard created by that mom!- '
of th. Rising Sun" la oat plus I 110.' t ae* how many teens sago tbs ststeaeat "I may lot be old sellon." 0000TIUUI j

the "Aaiaals" can take it. enough to vote, but I certainly an old noath to r.,".. J i
w To the young lady who falated (at last ...k' eawilfn for ..I.." So, to tilt food teens of our t Y p "P' 1
abow la the Colleen) when. the "Grand Duke" hla- fair city Jacksonville don't be surprised if you i''I.. ,I ;
self sang'Iut Be True." I dust bleae yon. Gene see a" .-.. on" Teiss brim crowning the fore- ,
.-.- Chandler who la often referred to aa th* Duke heed of your r.lIow..IIO" on the streets, capes 'j : j
PAIUU8 ISLAI'D.OU.D' of Earl i* really.doisg pod for blasef, alace of your school or anywhere, bat instead Join In IJ
t Sergeant and Bra.Andrew .
his latest aasah III t. and. say: .. !
j. Highs, Jr., proper a collection of I h
religious ud crafts books forltheir last Mariustbrps I've noticed many of last yssra high school 00 UJ
journey fbllowlnfhlatnaafer I July 11 to th. graduates ahopplai. Jacksoavlll will b* well TOT LL NIVDl Matt IT J.
Plt Maria Corps Keeerve. tit collection bit repreeeated many of the lOut"" ', Lading col v Nt a A DU'
arvd his tt boa. ud abroad hU religious and letea.Iacladed la these coll... are: Clark More- 'Per the tees who aeeaa to be lost for words these
construction adventures. HU post-retlrenent plans house spellaaa. Atlanta 0., Florida State, Dai- days, here1 anus slang that a boss with th* fane
to begin fill-tine won la'tb. ministry and varsity of Florida, Cslversity of Sisal; PASO A "fret" II. toy or gal who rogues college
construction that initiating the second phut of Howard flak. Duke. OOA. Bwptoa. Indiana 0., styles. A* "09lr...'" la a strict parent A
his Mirle 'Tor Sod lid Country.." prior to retlre Tennease. MI, Jacksonville 0, and Stetson University e."iord". II. sousre The elsss-roon 1* BOW knows
>ent.0yit. tlnlia was ee>,tisg aa Assistant ne only thing left for these college as t.*".1..*.o..*".To "whip aroaad" muss to
Depot Operations Chief of Grounds and Structuresera. students to do la to "bead '. ap and save '. "do sons fast ".!II. A "Zoabla" la aa' Alfred
out.' Hitchcock Thriller .'Ch..orr. to b
swans *
( 0.8. Maria Corps Photo) .
The well-t.oen author tO ae.t HaUway has said IIIC I'J.
Rights' Martyrs Wilkiis i l i Addresses "A pod book la often than beet .n of a life, enabrtalai ,*'Ot* Tens It' a the to eloee UP shop for this
the beet thoughts of thick that life was t iw.eY. See you meat week. ........ Rye "Noel -
To Bi Honored Harvard SiniiirCAMRI1DOE. capable. Per the world of a aw's. llf Is. for the I. tftlAHIlMfltUM i
ME ton suadiy, most part th* world of his thouthts. The beet
V, MetWOMJll' has Wee emitted sales> HM.s.rf ,
Oct. 33, baa ben set Hess.Eiecativ books are treasarlea of good works and to Idea 1.. OPERATIONSECURITY woaiM own TIM soviet at .M t iu street, I IIf.
aside aa AACP Day U Secretary toy thoughts which rweeabered and cheriahed, beoone Hetseihlla. otters aelberlUierferae* e rated I
RevToif to honor thememory tllklaa of the national our ooeyanloaa and con fort ere." L Urea, brake. end front nod ..rll. end eouMetwe ,.,,111'.
of those vb* have Association for the Advance Teens, it la to your advantage to enrich your hvtSMhlls limes hie friends U COM la to ee kit.I .
died 11 tb* case of *eat of Colored kaowledie by reading oftes. At this time there ,\ .
civil rights In.II people, addressed tb* ere spproilnately 1,000.000 food paperback books r
chard Blldebrssd.prealdeat Hsrvsrd CalversltyIstenatlosal In prlat to choose fro*. These books range from
of the gee Seminar history to fiction and from science to Bedlclae.
Trt NAAC brands as* Tuesday, August ... Try the followlat for aome pod redlai: T f 1 '1c
enticed this week. Por a book that la filled with sctlos-escked r
1 1M


ll :

.e.u.4 QUANTITY SPICIAU C009 : attt1\tio Stititc..2Litketsteiit'

.5 j 1 /Utl'ili a. COh\ptatt tine oPA&UUcand ,

TIDE HIT SIZEsArE 59 goods School Supplier.I ....

lie Y

1rl, lid $S.H tt Nuns fn" liter

/ situ
-... 11111
HUM thAi sine \ I I



rlltES1N JW E 4 :NZ' 89 f MUIS .:: IIt NE! l' GYM SHORTS 5YM SHOES

CORN |,t'
Nu/lar ; SilO ALL STAR . .

TOSS e ifs bit 29C.. HIGH TOP Oft LOW
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Il fcslcArmu
4 Nth
ClKUI SUflSI.ll : q
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IUIIU .$1. I CIISKUIH'S MJ 106ISdt 1 M & -21tI-! t 4 1


IV ..., St.tl 4V SLiT '16'
I u'39 UGAR 1J..'. .... t11f i $JAS .,. '
U.I I ram. .. )

STN $11M ,It Las I1a like 5 $ BACK.TO.SCHQOL SPECIALS : \.J

I ...... 39 AWE $WEATERZ mmm '

X1.19 IL IN, ALI were.Ale ...... .. .... HIOHCEIILaiCllSWEATUS ." 75c \
\ BEEF 101" Otad Meh ............... 'll.N .

IN H.M .*i t feel st t SOCKS -} Y

\ 1M 44 AM WOOL .... 1 t." ..... .. .AJ s'f'llJ. S

lilt nu A IN* OttO .....,............. tMf! ."...

SHORTBIING, JU.ell 49 50Tt

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\ YUM .* note. Md e,.e.

a / l Ie111 HARRY CO.ut1

POTATOES H fc 49 $ stei .

# 1Ml 0 11/1t NI

+1'r I t..v h h v

.. ., .... ,
.....;. ".;:'"'"


f *.,? V J .' ,



".. .'.n." .... .._, ,..... !IJ

12,000 Hear Sup Joe HallIn Director. _.Advises Workshoppers Omegas Honor Orlandoan Deceives Bronze Star
.',, .- .. ,, ---.
Schools Opening Message : Roy WilkinsD@5V6RCblo.Aoelaised Medal Meritorious Service

MIAMI-Dr. Joe Hall, uprlatBdent of public : TALLAIIMsn h1a George a. Robinson 0 tor.Judo. .
schools presented bit annual opening of school till -Outstanding Cltltaaof rI.. IIId recently assigned to the ROTC
.esssg* Monday Bornlni toaor*than 13.000 teacher, the rear," Roy staff .t Plorida AU University. was recently
principal, and other school yta employe Toe filklaa iecntlv *eeretary presented the I II Star pedal for IIIrUorloul
..sage tM carried to all schools and the public of the national Acbl".eat II t and operations against hostile
by the school system's PM radio ItIUol.m.and .-,., Association for ti* Ad- forces while It" a. with the 0.5. Military Asssistaace
the educational television channel tTHS-TV. UU''Dt .of Colored Coesand South Vitti. Lt. Col. Albert
Channel 2. ...w................. People, waa presented a parker, prot.IIO ot .Ultll'1 science. side the
In opening his reaark, this great I lid." BO 6 plaque by the OIl,,, Pal prlllDtatiOD. I .....................

Dr. HdhreJahd tilt developed alt Ideas for Phi Prataralty at a Captain Robin ton re- tan graduate and '"
p resentto the put making till traaaltloD tone dinner aeetlng of the tuned from tbi I.. ceived his regular ar y
through"u.r of a "ra,- and lap roved teaching fraternity' 49th grand public of Vletn IB appointaent la October
book and ftlctur** of criteria. conclave la the Hotel June 196). wilt a beloa 1154. He la a graduateof
/ klaal owned by a neat art: oblldraa Cocaopolltaa here, August erred u batta t/at/ 'latan tf1 Basic
forcer Superintendent ,art capable of learning 19. regiMntal staff, and Officer Course, the
the lste L1{. TaoMi.. la alapllfled aspects of In response to the presentation relentl etnlo ad. Infantry Carter Officer*'
developing his HIM*,Dr. any subject at alaoat by Carey Jacobs vi eor to tilt Ar y of Course, the infaitry
Hall stressed tilt need any ace; cblldrea nat till fraternity'a the Republic of VI toss.He Career Officer Coarse.
to create net, teaching bt prepared for greater; ...- baallwut Mr. tllkln wa* awarded th Coy Airborne School, and the
.ethodsaadto accelerateand use of freedoa; the ROW 10 11I'IOYI11AO&-A croup' of orkaboppera Haten_ attantlrely to Mrs. Tbwlaa expressed appreciationfor bat Znfantryaan'a Badge Ranger School located
enrich tie leaning pupil aletakee suet T. oorbu (center), director of public relatloaa'AMD.!. at she shares says of tilt support the la the Repnbll of at Port Bennlnc, Ga. H*
process for all boys be atilUed; the teacher laprovlac the teaching profeaelon'a IMC with participant of the workshop fraternity has given to Vietnam after twin .ub- also 1* a graduate of
and ilrla H. said, "a uat be adapt at three for Directing Teacher of Student Teacher held during the second ten of the the NAACP and for tilt jected to ontay talltour the Any Languag School
superior school of today level of questioning; third trlaeeter Pictured Iron left to right are: Han P. Caupbell. agriculture honor bestowed upon hi.. fire., He previously at the Pcraldlo of
can becoee an Inferior the teacher'a Job la teacher Maya High Ooolda; Mrs. terms B. Tlbbe. flrat grade teacber, Th* citation called his erred a three yea Monterey Monterey
tool within fin abort sore than Jut ttlllag Oscar Patterson Heajeatary .cbool.P.... City; lira. Vereata Thorn, teacher Vr. NAACP" and hailed of Oerainy with the Calif. and tb* Special
year unless oootlnulnf and dMOBitratlag; and 03*a wood n*.entary School, paoaaa City; Hra. pa tat;lee B. Payne. third grade his a* "erudite and Second Anrored DiY tlon.lege. warfare School at port
bold and iaiclBatlvaatepi pupil nit beooa in- teacher, Southwest pjeaentary School Tallabaaa; Mr*. Habl Hill, Social articulate pokMa fir He graduated froc South Bragg N.C.Help .
to laprov qualityare cressligly responsible Studies teacher Onion Oror. narlanaa; tad Kra. LublrdaP. Salllraa Social Aaricsn democratic Carolina stat Cola
taken for their own learning.la Studies teacher, Ml lard CbprbnlT High School,. Port Laudwrdal Ideal." 19J4. rclvikf a Wanted

Net and improved way eonelailoa Millatreeeed (Photo by Plllyau) 'I'b1 rt-I1D' of the fra- bachelor of aelencgre des
suet be sought to re that becoalei hrnl tJ.* chapter Ire *. Captain Rob neonw"ldhtlDCUhb'd New Reporter Trainee
deploy oar physical and educated la a world of Beach Shorts fully paid, $500 NAACP ill- Hub School grad or \ '
hum retourcea to Met rapid change li a ooa* life aeaibcra. BOM* col leg*. Mutt be
tititfa| llfetlae process MIAMI BEACH:=-Mar* than 10 per cent of the peoplf FROM good in PngllBh. till
,..sad teachers aid tile who take air line package tour to Mined Beach n* train. Starting salary
KEEP schools Ire, responsible tend their stays beyond the usual tour packaaa OUR FILES WMIM Profran Writ Interstate Press,

AMERICA for punning the beet la of lit Bight, seven day, The alrllnee.lncl P.O. Box 1171 Jacksonville
education for Children dentally, sell the Mlaaii Beech package throughout accw mm niOAT Scked'el l 'Iorida.I .

BEAUTIFUL and young people. the ,*.r. lUYElULIIfAlIIm 12:00: .....:00....
INSIDE CHAIR STORK coo .....|::00 .... OQHPIL
DON7 LOM. YOU! MIYtaYf UCENH. MIAMI BEACH-Ta largest sees nb aoraally taken 1:00: a....12:00: soon BCTTOWU.! 1101 HILTON nigh I "TAKEEXLAX
la mail Beach water la the bin MrIn. Big on**. "A Javeille, who was
12 00
IEHV10JTOOT INWJRANCf AGENCY Mp4men : i.-'i.10 p.s. muse purr IILOIAN rnvtt. '
hues their Mm'i Paso -bea .11) tip the bMiatWO pounds or 8Ora.ft. aMlleat caogbt during aa alleged 10 ...' ..
people kf a* gel : p. 7:oo p. lING BEE: an B.I WA mint
they were ...,..... or riveted toad ., Mb** *t..<7 m are poapano ud chino, which usually run under atteapted robbery 7:00: '..BM: ,... .BAUPO, CARAVAN RCVERIMOIMII AIL
the ftaU *1 norUa.t three pound. Inside I"j
a 13rd Av* and 1:00 ....
*-iri FILED IAMB DAY St. prarkt
MIAMI BUCK-TB* oranga tree, except aa aa lafdividual last Saturday, told police R1WT-BAII na mOf-'BAI areas I '....12 j

Servile Firs! USHFSHC Ageitey apcciaaa la dooryard plaatlaas, la alaoet four other juveniles PDCDS-HMdrtl 3. Btrie. .!..t*>-.',M ..*.-. p.i .
a thlac of the past la the East are*. Citrus fled fro the scene before Pp..a.'Paonae.
1497 North.* 7lh Avenue, Miami MB 5-OJ5 grove that once dotted>> the outlying section BOW I police arrhd.Iw'rtla.dol MTOITMleaclM' Callvwv-l: clwite 7...! -IarotTi a J
tp00 tbrthv+ete=7th Meaee. Opakreeha $A 4-6612 have give sp to aabdlvlaloaa. aad this baa bseMtV + Tfea case Mio..... ..' stlrrwp- .t.*,*. i:5o ,. .
a large aarket for erangos, t vt about U'lO: ..D. then COmiDNin Nin.*Reveread Ira lecall<';10 alaet e
the /Iff/ SH nt t Alara fly, TW a.*. aid I.M ,."
eta wined tb* depart-
pent that a break la was !4mU!! suns asv. lash accALL
Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion t ;J:i ta progress, hit 809-A 12:00 ...-! .... .JAZZ QtlNA VALLga "''hew fat nt the kelp

received the call at 1.00 ..a.e:eo ,.. .snN I'Io! CAMVAN UVDUOIOIRAIMt of a 11181"...a. ioo'.
iM1.: :oo .. ,.2 oO ,. :
arrlvlag it the : BtmniMa mot Ham maw tatice b Us." That'*
Disc era* ijl* along with zoo ,....T:00 ,... monpARrr PIUHAN aim tilt good word fro ....
Jockey 4 Oait ao.... .7'00: '....12:00.: U9ICATICN acre CLIMA eases Ira 1IcCa11.11IIo reeorads
", The youth waa discovered PROOJUM RRfORT' .UMcke CalUKj-l wlntta-T .... Ri tat to frlM'to. stlsk

issue behlad a rear l ,.a.1lMMT. knra u.all kit ll.t...r*.
\ deer which bad bee I .s t.... Coo advice.
,pried ..,..reporu coneluded. ;; | mood llstvalsg.
e e e acute ca.a.>1 ,... ooartL. CAMVAA Rgvnm IRA i ucCA 4. Spolligit ProductOf
.1:00 p...-.:to ,.c. umunat mm CJICTA chunks '
tODNDS IOONOBRCAMN i*:'to ,...-.:ti p.* .Dwanon rca IDOAT wi'. *c pu.C The WiekWMBM
:M p.*.>7:Se ,.a. PtOOUM RDORT RUNOtg CALLOt I
9t Too: .,....:oo p... arm nu PANS otacvsaiaPp.
A warehouse such who
It ....itoo .. .1AIt erupt aw aw arm
(aids* did lOt realli .
I rlri-.i iimrm C ON mm
: Uat one of two break la
suspects were teesagers liD .awn Mini I, lurid
I wounded Oil youth and
Ui withheld fir at th*
Nicky )
second alleged robber
Holder af lrld'a last Suaday, pollee rt-
Broadcasting Reoord ported.Tbo .
red Hun 32. QIItll.... Moss Raskin Rogers ward told polleo

that the two J*veal lea,
; aged ti and 14. bad
bushes late JaibaoaIryoa
II........ Pall**
Ay r r Ins di **vry *f tb*
...Ih". bo laid b*

.fired oaco aadlic the
11-year old.Tb .
wounded yetb lei
naked to Jaebtoa Meartal *-
Hospital where b*
Bob Terry lei lilted la crltltalMMdltlM.
...... E N to .:M r .
Pro* AMt
Dwtaa 1
iit u, .tail BroHiir BIT CHURCH r o.




AMlverary week .111

i RADIO STARS h lilt first. VliltlasIbarra week orHvber.

** atlt be Mr*
iklpplag br M .."
I Ubti sa, tp .b.r sod
Oelcter.T .
WAME-1260 %.,. will MplMla virtese

Mt ta.....s...
w a Me" trial....
stet ..*wf>. The ....*
titan* .. ... Its ...
bra sad frt*... fr.-

J|..U*. Royal Crown K made fresher to ti isle fresher-
; .
-t.rf (* Hear "Hot Lino" Nightly At 11 p.m. 11 It ..... MfiataJtr
aa4 allai..e..
fresher Ro Crown.
', < end seta Mu omt fen go go
'. *' With Art .
,.... n. mttk .ff .*d*ea .
.. ....... -

'". ..1.

I SATitlH UHST i!. 1K4 < t Flillil SIM ftfHS till i

STAR's Candid Cameras Record Pulse Of Democratic National Convention -: I
Convention ChipsBy .i

Jar Jay

The first bit of advice i eaa tire to ig| COBTention .
goer U to veer soft coafortabl o...
As th j sal u tile prts nag tho feet '0tar.t. [ ti' ,. r '
. a'A 17dA
Tea dear read era it hoc aa. mot of the QI....
tloa than we did bat It. Ilk u oU.fu lo..cI
caress the sideshow WM really the sits attraction. -
fi 1
IB tilt lobby of Convention Hall .. net lerbfrlibt "
of Pbllllp Horrla. Btrb still call '
Florida hott and sent regards to MB May frl...
Prank Reeve tb. .an froa Deecee palled li a nib. Ha asked about
Hank Arrlagton and his euula Garth Reeves.B. .
> Annie "cGee, coBaitteevoaaa fro. '** aaa apicture
of tilt old vest vita bar Florida br ica
LU" ten gallon bat and sisters tie. Coaa\aaloaar ,
Lou Hitter bad the beginning of a ana t... "
Senator George samthera wan a atudy of Senatorial 4J ;;
elegance la a flashy continental styled oatflt.
The grand old Ban of Florida politics R.V. COB
Blslonr Jerry Carter la the cost be at tilt Convention. ''Mr. Florida Democrat" '
J Ja
la Bearing all types of badges and rI bbCII.. Most ; tatit:
Floridians are seeking the 1968 COB T.O tloa for 71
III... 1 1T
Ernest Jackson met several of his former Retard
Law School elsssBstes sod a couple of bla ex- -
teacher M

Talk about soul, the young civil: rights demonatrstors -
have It. The young aeabers of COIl and
SNNC' sleep on the bard board of the used boardwalk
nightly. Together titb the aeabera of the
FreedoB Democratic party of Mississippi they
fill the night air with the strala. of the old la"G
Negro spirituals. Its really stirring to bear the
kids sing passlonstely Freedom and deliveranceone
hundred years after 'fhtocl patios." t h" 1 1m
Editor SlBpson and yours truly talked with ...
Leroy Johnson of Georgia Atty. A.T. Waldem aad T.

B. Cooper of Maoon. They ire appoiatad aa sabers *;
of the Georgia by Governor Carl Sanders. The
courageous von by the Georgia governor could sill I
be emitted by Florida offielala. Negroes sire
meats of official delegations from ,...., North
Cirollni. Kentucky and several other aoatbaraa C 9'ti
t *
.The Florida group bad several 'obaenrers Ai \
but no negroes. State heads Elliott Roosevelt lid
Vsrren Goodrich should tike lead and invite Negro \
deaocrata In Florida to beooae a party! Of the

Clarence Mitchell of NAACP chatted wits as la the
lobby of Convention 111. Atty. LoBesoaa M' ..**-
ber of the West Virginia delegation. He la a aea-
ber of the ftiaoopal OoaMlttea of the Anti Church.
In the lobby of Kennedy "National Airport la Wash
Ington I Bet a forest clanaate, 0. Rudolph Aggrey
who vas ell route to Farla for a vacatloa. tody la V
a big boy in the atste drparttent. Ma asked about 1 n
try Uttlejobn ala.ltteLOla Holley Talfalr
Peggy Hearst lesley and other Raaptonlana.%
Tuesday night chatted with Jeme Farmer, heard of (
CORE. JIB eta leWli a rlfcltht '",..dol Parade".. 0 t w.N % M
The group carried portraits of the tare murdered

... >..*.. ,fBbtfr*.,?e'armer lapreasaa you lamed!stely1th ,
his deterBlastloB ud alseerlty. I !
"on the pleasure aide n visited a real coffeehouse
Jilt opposite. Contention Na11..Jhe 'iaa N
Out" Coffee House, located la the Clarla Hotel. ;
Folk Basic Is featured. This place la a Bait If
you visit Atlantic City .. really dug tkaatlrriai
work and freedoa wits rendered by tea
A Pr
ud artist. Bo baa
LM la a gifted coaposer fi
seversl hits to his credit.

National Urban league launches, 68

Cities HOB Partisan Voters' OiiiiASmarai.

!' D.C.-'nI. National Urban loft... this
week announced plans for aa lateaslve ..-partisan *
voter education caapslgnUM cities to register
and tarn out Negro voter at the polli.Aecordlag .
to Sterllag la the Rat toe al Press
Tucker Director of theLeans'a Clib. Tacket ...... a
1 't
'4udl to the stataaeat by fussy I.
Ballot Bof Project TooBg, It., the L.....*.
the vote drive lll coi* astloaal Rieeatlta 01-
ceatrata cost heavily rector thick declared
oa M large target"ettlealaabich .*e sea ttla effort aaa .r
I.1X.OOO ekolesoae sad ....
Negro .eltltess--a tractive alternative
aaa fourth of tha see to aefeceeed sad ..*
tI.' I totalreeld.. dlscipilsed'sare deao. '
af these he said atratlaaa, and U the
1.021.U2 are of votlsg meat riots that hate : 3:

age bat ha ..,,,.... flared aa la aeaie aea- -i. -I .
doubts _tII.r ewes half ...IU.....
ef tara are registered.At '..t. sUtat arced at 9tm tmmtnm with the trufe aahllahefodiur, tile 0. ......, ... _ef. 1-- Fr.er, a..!.... dUster ef turtle a<..,.*..* *.. aleted ay J. ....." taM asd a staff af .... .....,. .. '
a press conference tie Basses of legracltlieaa .' delag a r 4 ta* C\ae''UI' Nell, breed raw fMlecatea, fry leeleelHl'. free*.* ta.Mnll*'
t. ....... a B.ra '......1'10 ,. tlaaly t,.., page ..oral I atery aid Jar Jays .ei_,rented urea t.... rally ...a.rta'.e* sf WV I* ....,,,.... at s--, Third r*., |lMas| tl' *
II ......U, life aid dal. highlight af the Mtlaawl "' ratla Ca*. atle M atlaatla. niy, "/. aflrllaal. ilsiug alrll. rl|.l, flhlr, Bra iissle. .I.. ..", !...*. ...U.*
ta.attllto eetahllaaedUMllatloaa la B*.t. Sep left. Pierre Ml lager, terser m nilelMwao pews tecretaryright prior I* eat**., rally fieriari ft. Nary all ale M asset OIIrU"** ..".
t.a*.h r.- ( ) abets etm I. P. Use elm .t 1M cnalsel sari .t reaar e f left) Peril re fteerall .... scan aee. .... af .*tn *l....... Pan.. ll*| |l.ealaeMStM.
w Ilef far grleu.... e. ..... .._u n.. ......1., BaJlager la r+....., fer lie .... fc.,(( sass laaa leveled by 1M grw*. Plellnr phe *f lass FM aad Preal'
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.m.rtl* | ar da* -
feat lag aay partlnlar Ted Fist. iMlar i Dffictr DlslllayslrayiY.1.41I14.

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-.aeecui Do port lA tat toad...... tie rra fer tMeiaJaa see allead.t I* Sail h4elf, Fries Nil Ck'fr.* blDhssy's "*.. aall
a..en-eel C9-::' :, ;.. they alll .r alll set .4 .al, I* MfeltM ..... lialug cress.gfl "a see, h.e*..f. |aIrr .4 tt. Roes h.*.r* ehled I. rarely har4 U
...r:: .w,-, .aa.act. bout M thai p *.. belt ,,*.,... p tiff bad billed ...... h) Mee, wow .*, ....... .."1.., M aiM ..u..
-.-. -c.rt..I ...eretaa4la. *f the I ..... a Mled t* t*. Ja*.... l.. lie .f,...,*,h. hama ... Lad sic 1.t*ta 1M ha4 eed a* a* ree4 screws ef ".*.
.: laaa.,*. Taii ....... fre. I.... at .. 0.aheenUeda laver **|.,.I.a.il. aafM '
& hiss .*4 I* c fa. at Calais (*M arehlaf !*/ alih ... lsef
.-..e.-e -.s.iii. nest.. tad.k .,_l<. 4Mbaataaaai ....east Sr.Ii. lstl tree M .r* lilt .. .. tlflfer .* MBl*. Itiessis Papl..Pak wtiM tbewO. tba IaMed. sees
.r .w w onus .......... Win 0.04 ..,.. n.W* hla4.r sad ac4hi gall, P.am. an. flashy t4 revs MI tabs 1M *irl".*.r* JM belts

...LIt HRb01 .... IP an.age1*. t*. .a Hi. 'tm lawiH u* fitt M rsiz. ..... IM HI** .f S cults *r last peat ft* .*
--1.-.._.... |.Nff MTTtM. H. tilled la..**Uf aw ag .... ad tr.IIrML.Ma le,...ga T |*.... *4* IJ|..*
.......--. stasis ..S1 fesi'Lath. path .. Carte. .tt*> tw.Nd1Pa .ux ..


ww.. ,," "

r Ttllti .

.*. I t.y FLIIUI SUI 'lfns"' I tSIIII.IT IM.f ?i. 1H<_

,. t Recital SundayA hull Obsirvuci

Keep freedom In your future with recital IB tilt .s.ditoriu. I[II T1 OLCE iiPORTS Iii 1 1A

U.S. SAVINGS BONDS All Church. of 7:00 Bt. Paul,... At New Redeem

Sunday will feature the rack of offeaeee, souffle taa abet la both Plata
art being
fro orb, *o b* went over to Bt. waa held Saturday ooapleted -
Habl Here lingers end raadBl attravatedaeeault am. ah* told offlora op
Miss Roberta LtbaBacoa. to ueaalt to that they bad broken ap her ooaalaa house to alitt. leaving tilt proprietor I" Redoes
'jl flee: has 'Thinking lit was Baptist Charcber annul
d) la
anrder wen reported 17 about two week *. UU observance stick
\ ... Miss BaooB, a suitor till city polio depart- Police bar been unable only going to tab ber bol*.
i/I I' *, ''JiI iii'J!; ,1I for Oct. 29th.
"" >> ;;ii4! back to their hose at
DalTerity -
at Plortda AaH
eat after another wile to loeat tilt aaepct. Henry Mottos told officers
,Mf.it j,, r'' i"i tG in; (t 41. will b* preeentedla weekend of lacidentalavolvlac Aero i* town Curtis 1519 Davit Street, abe that t"o.. caa* .... B.I. Horaaa la pastor -
of the church.
sat.red tb* car and .ebeatra
piano and organ ae- local lato till itabllihMat
real- Daalwla of 1131 Via '
YELLOW TAIL SHARPER 690 about tae bead The first protraa forth
u. lection d..U.Aceordla. Barn wit tandlat oa at approtlaately 10:20
The event la belai i to record. tilt corner talking to with a bottle. Both p..., drw a .45 caliber celebration will be
WHITING ... 29cLOBSTER a play entitled "Th
abe and her husband were
sponsored by tilt past L. aatoaatle aad ordered
.... Mr* Lewis of three a a ba bt was Twelve 'Tribe of
eua .11II MEAT u'1.89 IX M.79 coalman of woaetfa day 170 DeJ mo" was hit la sited to pay a Mi d.bt arrested him froa behind tilt Iireal". Sept. 1 la the
obMrvenee the had by her husband b. didn't owe. Rayaoad OMAN ROBBCOir counter taking his wallet church aadltorlaa. %
Charlie fill RUOIII while doing M. One
GREEN LOBSTERS u. 69c following Starling alleged leaner, toaanleM wedding will
M arfuaent. R* was are picked up a board, boat .aa stood with tb* gun
b* presented Oct. 6th.
JUMBO SHRIMP 89e rt>tod and held for u- Deniels until b* Till to Kra. nary Fltta of 920ff trained oa his and a llctd officer
15th it. was assaulted wereKra.
granted aeaaalt. the round and capped caatoaer while the otter '
MEDIUM SHRIMP u. 79c / Miss Hart 1.1Iowfol of off the caper wltb tide with a haaaer apt, led the rnltter. for Tbelaa the Noraaa day pastor -
; Hr*
Saturday afternoon
by a
Tee chareh St., told InveetltatUc lag the vlctlai la the The two then left H
QU.f.DRVI'U.1I.4fURE NEA i burglar la the process foot. plol with cbalraaacr
OCEAN back. of looting her b... . e. *. Viola Smith eochalraaa -
SPOTS 3. Doe Ud C. Balllvaa Police bar not bo .
VIEW She tOld IdTMtlfBtlBfoffloeraH. ; "re. Jessie
that eke refueed to *c- able to locate Starling TOMB "OJPPB
III ADMIItlONJ$ Jooee tad I. lard protraa chalraea;
CLUE FISH ooapaay Cleveland peterson WM LIt'"* I. Mitchell Herat Bares, HU Addle Water, .
Tong that she was laying Ira. Mr*
39c -NOTICE- boss and heated lord of lies 4th St. VM ar- down balf-atleep Dora taa' relieved of T. Morass ambers; "re.
BASS folloMd. She ran any reeted along with ber 111,80 by Oil of kl*
CHANNEL she's the eee they are with ber sew baby when Lima lalkvr secretary;
fits hit, bat WM caufht boyfriend, Harold Har
coapaaioaa Friday after
tilting tlMt. Cove call, aoaeoo hit her la the Hre. Aarjorl AaBtraoa;
SPANISH MACKEREL mad cot shout the neck Its, earlier this west
wire, or trite, trite te bead with a basset She having eoaaaaed aa ondeteralael treasurer; Mr*. A. talker
Mrs H. lerae. Me till aad cblB. The assault after lit beat her over ,U.t., to ct op but aaoaat of captain chalraaa; nra.
SPECKLED TROUT 59' took plate oa Aabl/ st till bead
u. with a stick, drink.
kelp Mpoae ot.MIS. eau struck awls.The < Adeline Qatrtraaa,
mania atJCI M. IIIIS Peterson was arrested darlnc the arcvaeat culprit then fled, He told police that lit ushers chalraan; Ira.rl.DI .
9CI I 43 aad held la city jail about skin shehad been, taking her wallet with bad beta drinking with Jackson, ...1eI
:CATFISH t,. WHITINGu. P. I. MX 415 for aaaaalt to Border.an. artia ta cat oa tilt hla. his Arl-frlend. Mildred cbairaaa and IT*. rattle

FANCY aONSICOUfl tW IAI PICtAU lETIIIT 4, MICI.Saeleee Mall Ana Iron, an with a knife. e Bryant end Charles Oreeo Johnson flaaac chair
J SHELL OYSTERS Si:?,**. '6NIMH: II with etaaped- 14S6 loses St.waa palled Miss Virginia Saltb ROBBIO OP $244 and one of then took the ....
STEWING OYSTERS "ft..60' 'I' eelf-eddreeeed eivelope, oat of a tail by her boyfriend '- .&10't at boa when her aoaey oat his pocket.
I SELECT OYSTERS M" and during a husband case la troD A tavern oa Spearing


__I_. : 1325 TO 26 30

(I i-- 1- ON IWO TIRES!

e c d

t- .

d. + TRACK 'fhTto'

AMID :-:= .
LIFETIME :ev tlT ;=

9 :
winy 1.1tt t. t
I dot
r W rA to UBUA avk .
.; i':! ......



A L4 4, sTIRS
tt dJ"c '

/ -, =: b" == ,


AT WAXM $..TRAU-tN mat

M tiM
%WV4W 4M..to Safety My**h RgUth + ,,,era Par1EA.d wGh. 3S,;1lV.nH,to r.eN.boutdr 4reddnQ

....1fCNddnt....................,.tyMylosoorll J s ..y"..;. ': wor.o.relit.oo..cr..t.gNowoufprclcsloR3300 '.

'l WWt MVNCBWll HHnOraH...J fcCBHf fl....., w ,.. 1rcIcIbI....V..iollAt 04-fI,4 .enrsl.ai
w ."'
... "- .,...
'I'C .... ..::. ,.,... .....
I s wane ,
Vin .Pay
.1. Pep to Tw
,. ais4e tu.Ir. ...Pge

v :1 s.+s sar
,; w w sew. soar TW I $3

rile r. suerL5$41e.$5
55445 the W

/. .,.r.Iss a..hlM! Mar The .. f

y.SS j. 1.


S t51';

!lNii a



I .. CART" ...,
,. M................ 33 .... """
.. Al ... ......-...... .... 3 .....
.r 4ruaa herd ea ter .... ", 1" 'fftIt..... .....
,. : ",, ...................." = a... _
.....a..., .. .. ._... ...
WAUl H ..0tIIII.....,. Orra.E.Mld1alrA0 01 ........ ...
.... .......... ....AlIe......... ......... biw- v. BEywllnn.nar
.oghA.g.Ps1.. ftU ....... ...t DG.I.A.I. lOW.... II
I'....... ..... ,. .. iI- ill f0. .
19'W M
,,.,.. .M h4t.+ 1.... ....genie M&lIT. 1--

0 1 lava


""". .
". ;Ak ..

.._ _... _,, .... - __. -
-- - "" ::'::::":::"' : -:

r llll I : J

AIHST 21. 1114 < 4 riHIU Will 'iI..II..L,

I Pat Boone, Hollywood Stars, To Face Suns .In.jharity Tilt

... _. ... .
---- .
Galaxy. Of Hollywood Stars : -. V ,.: .;,\ "T'.tfV _
To Face Jan SIMS Sunday : I l't.

Par Chtntv

A *hol* constellation of Hollywood stars CM to
the Jacksonville Baseball Park Sunday afternoon
August 10. Jacksonville General tanager Bobby
Ktdaro announced this wek. ....................
Jan own Pat Boon, Jack
for the boas) tee*.
Pal sac*, nick Adams Then will be a acetic
Annette Hugh O'Brien of BOO reserved seats
aid'Phil Crosby bead behind ...,ht. and the
the list of stars that All-Star dugout at
_ill face a ten of $5.00 par .**t. General
J ackaonvlll Buss. adalulon la B3.00 and ,
pitchers la a charity all students will b* admitted -
gas starting at 3 p... for ij.OO 11 >Jtll t.
Also on the teas art their student ID cards.

Harvey Laabeck. Debra The regularly scheduled .
--- -- ----
Clark'Gidget"alley pat ''ettlcoet. Gary baseball tame betweenthe DIAMOND OAUn JackBoavllU'a on Pat Boon. Crosby Harvey Laaback. Debra (Oldget) alley, talker will also play for the hose tee. Tb. regalarJy -
Junction" /coda ll, and Buaa aDd Coln.bmsJets Annette Ponlcello lid Jack palace. art three of Gary dark Pat (Petticoat Junction) toodell Bob scheduled game bt**a th* Beat and th*
Bob Puller. will begin at I p. the Hollywood stars who will face a tea selected: Taller and numerous other stars vlll be seem doing Colaabua Jet* will folio kt S p... The Btara
.. A ticket to the flratgaa
Proceed froa the fro the Jai Buna IB a charity game hr Sunday at their stint IB the content, the proceed of which travel around tie aatloa teektad playing for I
gas also la good forth
bsnWlt the Hollfriood Colaabn A 1 p.a. la Baa Sultan Baseball Park. la additionto win be turned ever to th* Hollywood tntertataer their favorite chsrltlee .
IatrtalBra League popular local band Lase.will the shove trio, Hugh 0" Brian, Nick Adman. Phil Charities League. Sana aaaager Harry (The Hat) f i' ,

Cnarltloa. is* various play between the gases
stars donate their Ticket can be obtained Taking Game In Stride Slfford Wlis
tare to traveling around fro the jackacavlll ;:- $POTLIGHT ON .. _' -._._.. ...-... ._ .. '..... "" ". -.,;- F o,...
the country on week-ende Baseball park business \ "J ) $4,333 I IB
Playing the benefit offlc and at Abe Llvert J.llT-S f
L St. Pw! OpBBT.
ga**. ,Record Shops at top > +rV 9
Several other famous Laura Street and Gateway by Qurlet J. Lmnostoa. PAULHsrd'hlttlag." (R'I -
aUra also play rttultr Shopping Center. p Charlie
for the UM and Bay be Judge John Baatora and CHICAGO-(NPI)-Tn* scene wa* U* victorious Chicago Bifford of loa Angeles
added to the squad coming City CoMlaalooer Lou Bear dressing toOl la Vrlglty Pleld oa one 4 ; get back la the topaoaeyelatltg
to Jai. Thy Include Rltter will aspire the of the rawest and coldest afternoons U National bracket
Bart Reynolds, of feat tame. football League history Th* dst: Deo. 25. IMS.Tb Bund ay (Aug. if) kn
'all Beach and ."Oun Bean bad Just rubbed the noses of the erstwhile V lit shot a four-rouad.
naok" rrankle Avalon Br ves-Jets baugty .New Tort Giants la the frozen turf alie-uader-rsr total .f
Connie Steven. TO..,. '. for a 14-10 victory and tilt .NPL title knocking zip atrok to flalah lea
Sands Doug McClure. and To 'featureHoliday wily old T.A. Tittle out of coMlialoa and stopping tbr**.ay U. for
.any .n.In.nl.n. his collaborator cold with a fraaeadau d*- aecuad plao aad eta a
ago young Twin-Bill feaelv effort II tilt process !van the Giants' + total of ",UI la prta
Hollywood tare began rugged Eric Bane was bottled up la the proe.... ,, oaiy, IB the Bl. Paul
taking a break from .SpoBBorod byU. Ilk. la the process alao lean quarterback Bill wad Ores Golf to*ra Meat.Tk .
hooting schedules by for U,lIricll... and- couateraaaded little by cllcklag on offense, and wlar of the
pitying softball on Bun fatted Sunbeam Bravea fleet halfbacks Roosevelt Taylor and Scale He ... COu....., was 'a pro
day .onh,.. A* the 29-0-ln the Clarence Rae projected the selv.s IB starring rolee. retkl B mod ,ChuekCoirtnty
group ipnddteaaa Jackaoa League. will It waa great day tor the Bears and their rabid of Isjolla,
sere chosen and a lease, seat their area rival. partisan fane who braved the boae-chllllag temperature All,. lie pleted ill
complete _schedules the eoo Jt la a Labor to whoop It *P IB the flesh for their n toO for nlf it-Hader-pai
and awards dinner, was Day doubleheader beginnlng grid heroea. here **a tadeed every Jaatlclcatloa rri total or..
organised. A 11 rl'I teas at |> U '.". oa for Jubilation. I gltfcrd ewe tied. for
was organized too and Myrtle Avenue Ball Part And ao the Bears were now la their war and nosy road with jack IkODwaaSf
though they didn't playas Last year, the powerful dreeslng roOD wbooplag It ., theneelves, with'Yapa Large, '1.., Md .ModruaU
UVULA PART MUbeJrte ipIajiag edaFihe lamer f tt ea. 1.... Clewer*.
well, they bad lots Braves ran ap an',,,* Bear" George Milan, lesdlag the cheering. I .( fp.kaa*,
tailed to win a city chaaptoaahl this eoa, tat did record M .iapreatif
of fun.Deciding. _11'ikela before bowlag Proa every nook lid camay ef the room tea th* ,,I fsiklagt. *
". leaeoa'a woa-joaa record. Cocfcd by Park director Roy ... tulle Jr., U. laa-
jubllaat "we Md It hoed 'a, '
4 ebouttl. .
to, eipand on to Jets '-2 IB M< .a Itor.. "M hushedahead
dlda/tr*" aa th players gave teat to tklf,, ,ales dl! soon disband for U* aeaaoa, tat" expect: a atroag reUralsg ooatlagealf
their original purposethe of IH* leaioa'a beet *f sub ot tor
\ young tars begant dltatnd tkfilUr. feel hags. veU to support Mil year's cause, la eel lag fro )eft are: DelerU'/ tltker- tacoma gold pros aa J..
o play 'games for PoAilar vote beadlag everybody .*aa dint with elatloa. Rverjbodyr Not'. ..><... Rhirley Button Hada Devmeina.LoaUe Jofcaeoa mad Judy Oortoa>> Btandlagru lie* BDroaBokby PlctoU
charity and to travel the ran eepertaeaU quit*.At least oa* Bear was aodeet la his motion | *) lent Hiaala U* tslaw, Carrie UB*. Early Mae Murray, Bel en a Hurray and and LUael Herbert,
outside NollyVobd. i*>,. viAL b. PIIt,.*,Doc, and to the chajapjonaklp cia, which; cllaaied a.*e on'* Jotaal Ruth nilIIIPS. other 'makers art arena sad tllda Pulley, Carolya field ,shied geed glftkroBibovt --
they bsrnstbra alt over Boettga walker p. Baker twfclll fight for taoaortaeldera. r fitm \ Ulfifrlela'CrseforC ja the country oa eek-eod and I, Raywood.apportdby aaae: Lillie taUfie Put" alaatly, osllaor several aoreenui*. (Royal Art Sidle Photo) cant. _
aa _ell a* busy shooting a classy array of was aoaewhat 411.'"*. la the ataoapker/ of vlte-
achedulea peralt. younger atara. sent because h* did tot get the epportuilty t* 1 I'r Johnson Cluku Junior Bow II '
The teas coalag to tanning oa pattiag the contribute sore to the victory H* only aa* briefaction. PLAIT rDHTIACfaam
Jectecnvllle this Sunday .whan, *!** agate on th* With I Cicil's TmisClab Take Spotlight -
will play a p1<<*-., teas Brave* ill lit tanager taa lit peeved with Halaa for the eartallaeat .t
of Sums aDd Colaabaa Eugene III It.' .Harold his amice* Not a bit. H* .......t004 that Bal u MyrB Coal, ... the fer trallai vtr w.|
pitcher with Sues Hair, '. Kaady. Art had to BO with Roaal Rail wb* wss fully aoaad lo*lag the. asaualetectlo little leaner* BoelUgleaee
Manager Marry ."Th tt ailtca. ', Jeckaa, 0.tlUiaa lid was otherwise playtag top football Qallaore, of *fflir, last. seek eltb I MEAT WEEK-END
.at" talker starting aad 8. Johnson. instead was frustrated by the tan of fate, which the Joaaso Brach PICA hisS .... .f 130. Sandra
had dealt his two baaged. up knee during tk* pre- .
Twali Clib readied U Richards* led tae girl
vans aeaaoa that almost ended his football carver CLEAN SWEEP
Y Nil cheMl of fall elta a U pelat! "total
Ton Don' t Have To On To' TO B To Set oaw letely. _t..* I be *let lag a r*< >. the Punier WvlsloB, I'
Bat Illl* bad willed himself U recovery and astcb sulk Cecil led .
Ura Coney *lll a
LOW PRICES wowld have hoes will lag to ...111. hi a. future for .*,, |b* alrae* k**. III, li the sealer d|.
..;: sere la the game agUt. U* Olaat Italia. however q.n. Saturday .*nta|. YU'II. ,...., Beat SALE !IHAS :
OB Tour ruled MUt. It. reeeoalsg villle wee too Tk* 'Jolaeealtea eleettoa had a 11] for the ..,.
valaabla a aaa la th* Mare futsr plies to dark *)f *rri/.*,. resulted end ....11. jki", HI
DRUG STORE NEEDS It all even la aa afteraeoa af cbaaplMwhlp foot I* terser f "0TeMla for the girl. PONTIACS COMINII

fetor1tiu ball. lua.." Ira eat o**** for ta. ,H',*,
Trade lUll Tour lid gnborbood Drug However, at the moat Gal I aor e*a great. eoae.tl.
lln belag *l,.|ed .et are *oe'*.ted *.*!
HOT at pucn AD!.w TIER LOCAL PATOIS.Deliver. live .,Irati his deslr fer the tardo" af the ..**tlv* *.*rlry, lelardsy it 4 p,.. kyJMM
Se .** alto fill I1ll1Deto"* PreacH*"*** ... All W4'sTO
.t. dida'l square vlth the realities af U..UaU. Blayer-roasb Jelise iy I,. ire.i .
.. R* vented. badly to b* la there flgbtlsgHk viayard, ildel, *n' la II.'.**. ft.****
Dixie Pharmacy Ma ta..at ee. itlll UM that type af k art.. >*BMT talker, tr4.,.rand sad |aha** Jba**.
.......1 ..flU to,. RUaardae Oliver, 60FAMOUS
Bat. fr th* tradegy, II..".,. Callar 'MI'
1JI2 lists III at Mails iiHHf.HH have b..toa* a football Rail *f Leer. *f real. It. secretary.see oee..,* are eel' Wtkb Uii Clews! I '
certalaly bad tk* drive.IIIDEPUDEDT. d. i .
da cub
lull l-Hil-H U J U HI'S111II11
ua eel, re'*lre...,
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'I, 3 Rooms Coae! !II To See Us Today!


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All 3 Rooms $ 299OO' .; "V' r,. ., t

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