Florida Star

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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

Arrests Believed Near For Slayers Of Rights III; = j

* * * . . .

17 ST. AUGUSTINE Cmll-flSo


* * * . .. .. - -
TTT. . . .



... ... ..... ..... .... .... .... .
T T T T T f T T f f '
)_ tf(I q Readies Community Activities i: ilL 14-M. II JiTIIJM east I. 1M 15 CENTS


I od.d dow Roduediy bytkeC.R.

rim Circa it

alas Court Borttfra Of to APPOalt ud tale tuttneltriTBM u tOld.trwpeai GETS HEAVY SENTENCE

for 10-day sIt'ls
latMeti to the Norldaiproio
* * drMM *+ * *

oplBloa Coart.Aa handed dew t ; tJ t L"i' U. S. Court ta Otdtr Dttrtts. Loses dmlottle

by Judge llchtrd lives Speadstir
Haiti Se
said that title fiends .re.tioatsts Acts

Court filled to act oa ToPoliceman
tit appnl or trut ball Loses Rats A direct order to halt racial strife in
tltkli tIn.e dayi tko : Rt. Auinatlna. aa laaued Vodnoaitujr then
federal district court U.S. rintrlct Judge Rrjrin Slaipaon lamed

!. bU...." mid loin To Police decrees to enfore civil rights in the
nationa" nldr>nt city"
tko cut.no tttmly ttitlii. "both
la srdtrlti IT motels t t e t trettaaruts
defeadMtB, tins ix tills ...1., h. of aad other you wd the efncer are
Nitre sad .11 silts l tot Ducal It., tts tks ,h... ef bHslaess 10.afore. tklt order" lucky to I be bt re today"
eltriTBM. sure omitted Itadtr of a kit net the public Tko order also dl* Crialaal Churl Jesse less
tO M dy Jill ...t.... slit pollco sally tatar oeoModttlosB ml In ae tllalBBtlsi retted Itt ney prtkHentt Tauter I,. stattated a
or scot flits cub for :day aoul... rotaltlai Btireittedpraetlctilatkelr Rtaiicya hallcounsel IT-ytir aid) youth to a
ttotlu this dty'e airport la alt ekircta btlaiJaritd ,lit.. to file a trlt "1 ... ten oa chinesof

netBBrut follotUf sialait kla issauslelpat of "bvtiatta .h. Httar4ty, tea rerort tlthla sevta atesltit pistol true
the ollBlaatloa of Mro cvvrt.aadacua M subsoIl Is and MIBIIn .
tko she
eoirt directedotireiitloalita days shills that the
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MMIUTXM CORBITTtK-JBTlM btld Ito laltlal eriMlistloaal ..ftlai Mj Mla troupe direct!** had bea coa
fscllltlto by the ta ..... a pollCMin.C .
laterferrtidIth piled with.Htflai .
iBterstate CoMtreo Ooa. It. flu Catbollo Ckarob. tko BMlaatlai ooMltttttf Ut Jtt orbaa Laicvaapoaaorod Pellet reports ladl* alcted by b Jury ea
alMlOB. Youth Costly project, lo sallied la its efforts to relate ywUof eat" that Jvae ... first Ntirttt seeklsitktlr retaraed Ibis July SO ass RcAMktrtirle
no clortyata doss to Ma 1411 la positive coMwltlatntot sad ,,,..,...1... Loud fro loft ... oa Sadist I\.hra. coBttltitlaail tk to "'. ABimtlse, af |)| Court It.
are: tIe WBOM Mist tchtll. Ruey looAtrtoo aid OvtoibljrB J. Jacatoa. Stead.lot rlfhte la a pMftfulMvatr. .... Nettle Utntr list
r.BilB II Jail tad to lag oa ..... plat Suet Chief oliaeea for the
rIM Itft: Bitraoa B. Tboopooo. iitrtla Colllaa sad Carl AM. Not shoos: jr etste.t.'y -' .-. -
apply for aa appeal at a blife rate of ..... -
On.11II1| ..
teller ttea pty th. .t they laa tjrBdl puldUi sad pilot Hp4 1dlii. Projects: KtlnUtloa oil tura Ibo ebeentni "irHttle lstiroup cannot sty tHttttr r'
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RepublicansSeen .. _tiex.teh SUM ** 1'a lIN
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.ay be ......ary t* l*. the *artMplled 514.1 lit bNs
T..,.. 114 eagles ud toned rl/.Moa for tho. ....er.I' of oltb,"
For LBJ hlhvsd Ntir IIMississippi .tee It. tltb pollcorltr

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IbnanaV IMceJfl IT. Ptrtutoia i* niMlii truffle lltkts Mkmi, Coif Victims I
tko oils of the aoalu* Slayiqs at Hoa... IIIIwll. Cherie ......U.. OM pilroloo*
MIPAWDJely) thou of laity fcldtatoraa std Atkley Ms., the Nest R, RUbolM oho
30 taa tho dttt ca _Ida Ut toP ...1... torprotldoat atertlac ctr raa ap M Of Double Payment w larch 4 alM. Utt bUaa
a spry little Taapaalobratd the iBBodtatooatlooklothat JACKSON: Mil*.-Pol lotlni r.cl.I' nt the the '.'...1.) ktrtly. aiMp.|.| offlttr/ ,
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I ,. I fI8I rtII ,.. f SlTfJ tIlAT JlHSJ.Ja: i nce

THB FLORIDA srAiit: f -Lit's Talk Politics

Riots are More Economic Than
rakllaaod by The florid stir Psbliskisi'Co. Y i\ Civil Rights

....." of Aaaoelated I.".. rraae"Elie ;
Quote from the book, "An Economic Detour"

.r by,kf,8.Xtutrt published In 1940. Mr. Stuart
I. JHWH.Hniilif Hltir. -at the tiie of hit death,... vice-preeldent

IL nil E. USE... ... ... Itws UltirIllli of the Universal Life Insurance Company of
Memphis, Tennessee and acknowledged authority -
"/nil.Ciftilitlti'' IuSu on the economic development of the

Negro In Aierlca."They .
Mill lUlU I Hill: (the Negro) understand the inadeQunciea -

2)2) tfmrlif 1N4....".... .U>.li 4-1712 of a hot-houat economy and pot-
plant businesses to serve materiel Dec.III1U'111f1 ..-

MilHn .Hlrm: knowltbat until any
toughened by letting

.1. In 111.II 111111 II I. r ",fh j into the ground,
sunlight of the
MIAMI lUlU of the nation It

711 HI M &". Plus Ill-Mil r bLtA \ < I JONES |and perhaps,brulainiButlUtlon final destruction

: : in the fierce competition with which It
One Tar ".00. Half Tar, ",00 ,, ..i : :::'u,,-i ""':.at'.. must cope. They know that any economy that

Nailed to Tot toyro U th. Gaited States ."" mat always be ".et nursed by racial aentl
SabMripUoa parabli advaaoe :, .,.+rulra.MC..nrwSPlw.rlwiaa0i cent and coddled In the lap of race pride

Mad Clock or Monty Order to: I s ,7._ r.M.rkjwf1-pm.v.DIll_""" .AU.1fI1IIIa..AwrWanT AflLl tIf. must forever remain puny and dependent.
1w.wwar rA.rw.cr AK reS A.I.r "They know that the natural human desires
Nc.ws-r4 Ouaw eywrlo+u'
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX Ml -- to profit, to advance, to take Advantage of

Jurksonvilio. 1. Plorlda : :':'.': ;. '! ..' ?:; ;:.;" the beat bargains are major appeals too
.... i strong to be overcome by considerations of
", ". .' .'f: ', ,' 't04c.i .:.t..I,1' /
', : '<', ".4; ff.'' race loyalty.On the other hand, they know
Negro Voter RegistrationShows 1.4 :.. J.,: ''t.\\
; ;r w that to survive bore the status of peasantry -

Gain In 11 State 'J I";;' "" 'j:; ,'r..' i.).: any group must have an important
.. "" "- ;';" part in both the production and the marketing

Negro voter registration la the tltvea of the products of the land on which

southern states totaled 1,917,082 as of "THE FREE WORM IS DISTURIEII" It lies. Its members must be serious, tin *
April l, according to the latest atatt-by restricted participants in both of these

atatt tabulation by the Voter Education processes.They mat be left free to develop

Project of the Southern Regional Council. OfttiSSffCBUUCSfffSSMD by exercise under equal conditions, such

fllty ..4.Bran ton, director of the proj lOt. commercial instincts and talents aa they
this with r.lse ud th. figures on rtglt*
may possess, and thereby learn to survive
trttlon and results of th. VIP program. Your Weekly In the general contest of life They must

Th. April 1 total exceeded VIP expec- find an entree and have a pert in directingthe :

tatloaa. llnct then the total Negro rtf laatratlon trends of the markets for their pro

In the tltrta states baa clearly ducta. They must be allowed to Bell as well

pused the 2,000,000 mark,Mr. Brantqn said u to buy."

And bt said fartbtr "food sized in. Horoscope Guide "Dr. Booker T. Washington perhaps the

crtaata" can bt expected between now and wisest Negro leader produced In the seventy

,th. NOTllbtr presidential tltetlon.Ht added five years of the Negro' freedom, gave

: emphatic proof of his belief in at least
"If th. presidential tltctlon ia a close ly the necessity of trying to develop such a

on. within the Southern atatta, the in. racial business, by the establlnient of

ertaatd Negro vote could have great alg WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR the National Negro Business League; perhaps

alflcanot." because that great educator realizedthe

H. pointed out that increases alnot I960ia BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL formidable difficulties involved In
Negro registration in some of tbt southern *
persuading white America to accept a broader .
states art trotter than the margin ---
commercial policy for the Negro. (end
by which ont or cue other of the presidential of
candidates carried tboat states in ARILS s-ao-Il-lS.7I-38S SACK OR OTMCR OIVILOP-
Of all the 'no-called' experts on the Negro
WO. Born March 21t Born June 2Jrf thru LIBRA
problem which has plagued America In
Per txamplt, the Republican candidate won April 19thIwtII July 22nd I Born Bept. 23rd thru ..'''"CAtl.
the era of physical emancipation of the
in Florida by -te,'St votes in 1990 Negro M| SO MANY OPrearuNirv Oct. 23rd 2CM4.1atM
T'HINI All 10 MANY OPPORTUNITY Negro during the last century both white
increases attributable to AIMCTI re
rtilatratloa VHP AIMCTI rOLLOWINO won Or YOUR lAINfULACTIVITIII ,, and black, only three saw the true and only
alont in that state art aI, 441. Tbt Democratic CHOCK MM DUDI MS TNII
,IN CLOU IIOUCNCI MV HAVE TOLJTflCTkV CAPRICORN solution of coexistence of the Negro in a
candidate oarrl.d South Carolina In NICTIC TNINO' OUU'II UKIN.,TNl. JMIAO,WJAM'TIM OH tnt O.T." Born. Dwc\ 22od thru white doslnatedcapitalistic.society. -Isle
1940 by votes. .Tfce.w la.rese >imv* '1TNAt, ,r.M MaY 10tA1'SAi
t.Ml ? TN.V You WHOUVt 1.6 Jan. lath la the realm of his greater economic development. -
to MCVII TNII orriciAL
that atate baa been 12, 140. 1011 MTIMIMI MICR
oouail YOU* irroTi TO .
ia non-parti engagedin e.*( WILL it nit reavou 0* PAITICILA NATURI.TH .
ft.8' a program PINS OUT wHiat vou YOU MAY II INOWIRIBWITH
Of the and
three only in still
one living
research on causes of low voter registration won F vex WMOKCiacuMirmcil || ,II MOTM* IIAION
*|AL TALINTI LII. TNII umaeau..."..
saw his idea, blossoo into reality. A forceful -
in the sieves southern atattt 'IN" You WHY YOU NAVI TO II
and speaker and Intellectual
methods and techniques for increasing It, TO CAlII't ON vou .AINPUL ,THAN IVI* OltCIRNINO' ANDIIICRlMINATINI
vou LOCAL o* ronoNTRAVLIl.TRVINe WNINCfcOOIlNO 000. TNI ONLY THINS' A. Phillip Randolph strongly advocated a
and development of educational prograaa INIUVOM UtUNO TIlt '
VOUW NAND THAT MAY LIAVI YOU program of economic development for the Negro
along thus llnti. NOMI SHOULD K eutoio erTMII YOU SOON COMMIONI. -
TMIRI was drafted by tht only leaders
Under its sponsorship, voter registration rCToa lamas THAN MI rtoHiWHO
activities have burn carried on in the It mTMiNe mi TN| MULB NOT NIIITATI' TO the Negro Labor Movement whose efforts

eleven states by independent local or* MINIS" WO Mil IXC THAI IN WNICN YOU AMIINTIIIITIO. IKtl 0* IITIAV YOU MOIPICTI. YOU SNOULB organize the Pullman Porters Union was

laalcatlona--tbt .Rational Association for VMIM, aimi' .II TIll laY DO NOT 01TMIN ro* TNII om PIRIONAL LUll NAT TO CNANCI bogged down and on the brink of failure,

the Advancement of Colored people, Congress -' TO WIM.TH 01 PANT MAY IN IV MO'LI WHO MIN APTII TNIY"'VI ||N|. IIPRAIN PROM OITTINBIITIAVAKNT until the spark of dedicated genius and
sacrifice of this giant rallied
Racial National Urban liieovia. VMiie MIITAKI fITIOrROMVOU OtNIMIITVNO
of Equality, llblVl 0* WHO Alt II'Ml IN TNt
VNIINOLINIVOUN numbers to become first and most powerful
Southern Christian Leadership Con 'IN A IATNIW 'mrui the
and tit Student Nonviolent. Coordinating M ANN 11. HIT SAYS rOR AOVANCIIMO Negro: Labor union In organized
ftrtnct. s50421545.452TAURUS Ltll VINTUMII POI WATIVI MAURI AL RITURNI ANt SOLVE YOUR oirricuLTiii./ Of all the recognized spokesmen for tbt
Negro people in America, only A.
tabulation thowa' IITN, :1It':4TN.
The atatt-byitatt T e at a PiUAR or Randolph earned his right to leadership ina
range, of Negro registration aa of April l-ao-O-IMi-IM e.10SsI544)aSCORPIO ,T101TN WHIN YOU IN. *
1 from 28, &00 la Mlaalaalpplwbtrt harassment Ion April :tOt!! thru COUNTII PMOILIMI YOU field which la directly related to the

baa been heavy to 178,000 la Ttxaa.Tht Mar 90th Plan MAY ,iNnri NITH American economy and in direct competition!

April 1 total of ,91TM2 Negro voters DI,'''. TNC vi, MII. orMCHMII Born July 23rd thru lorD oct. 24tb thru YOUR PLANI MB PIOJICts.d05S1543474 .to social the order.established white dominated economic

is 13.4 pr cent of eligible Negro Aug. 22nd Nov. 22nd
er TNI rMikv, oa has
No other leader a
in the tltvtn atattt. This itaaa Negro
voters .
TNt Aiviei or oTMiai, THINS MOULD it NO.LAcaOr
background In econoalca. They never
that a majority of thea..aa tttlaattd TMI MATiaiAL' ANO PINAA-
VOa MAY MCltl u TO *0 A.MIAt OILL'WIBNIM. .15u1NS..
AQUARIUS buU in direct competitive
t.orlUiltd engaged a
1,071,118-wiri atlll not registered CIAL Miaauiu WHICH' AT.na or
Born Jan. 20th thrvFeb. They save
Mitt registration ia tbs eleven atattt, TO ec DINS IRITIAS economic enterprise.
aeaawhllt. na tttlMttd at 11.<<100,000 aa Or .All,III MAY FINALLY lit h always been oa aomebody'a payroll, either
of April 1, making the .Ntgro-whltt ratioof react viu TO nu rem A VIRV NAPPY 01110 of a Negro white or racially mixed, controlled
nn WAT voue NAWINIIIHM WHIR vou to, vou etwVO
voters almost oat to als. About oat Inc CAuti WITHIN vivamr. Mat ON. THI sit HMO MAY and financed organization untrained
fourth of the south' votiag age pop. |v IIIMI MIIIOLITHAT MAN UPROOTINO YOUR MOM unskilled and without experience in the
HAW Tt MASTalasl.THla
latlon la Negro You NAvl III HM.eociwe MOILS 0* LIAVINB. YOU MllWOIBCHINB free enterprise capitalistic society which
The 1,9)7,91 total .Negro registration ILLUIIONI AIOUTTHI YOU ON NI OIK*. T*| dominates not only tbt economicbut the
mat way oi, TOW "ouia tint voue'iNNii PLANS
eoopartt with in satiated 1,150,000 Negro WAV VOU IIMCTIITHIMH MNHLMINO tVIOINCI || social and political fabric of America and
voters then W began it the spring of Tl TURN. OUT A*! WAT THC BtNIPITI MIAMB indeed the entire jo-celled civilized
1942 aa inertaat of tort than half a THAT THIV Mar NIT II Yaw, WAY WILL OOMM4TI. world.Of .
million. 1C ATI that YOU mat tHATTINI IV TIt I afALl. You' INSTINCTS AMIPICIINO hAt BITONB VOU Wl LIIITBRIMI.1WIH the other two the philosophy of Booker

The report shove that _-spossored pro. VMIW viav ceniLLlHtrotcti Tin, THII it a ClIMe. out PIN "". |OHO IteM T. Washington oa which the Negro could save

rasa slice then rttalted la the registration : VMAV o.euLt eiiMveu ,..*, T14 OHMTION TO .vouerIHNT Twill .*f MOMINTI VNtlVBU *AT YOU ARC ITILL H.MO built a solid bale for the development of a
of 1St, n. people as of April 1, rICAH HIT AT NOM COPINe BITH TNt broad middle class of .Ulltdwcrk.n.tm.-. a.
wiTin Tt catATt.raof Ult VOUe HI Alt IININB
Tessa LII IN eiiuue err ANAUIMCI NOT TAHI ANB HTAILI' men craftsmen who could build a inane_}
all were
of whoa but 10,000 Cia )
... .i nn acniivta a oa NAIL lAcainaiTOUW
THAT AR email Witness
e* rATMwirtmoo | ITALICS lMniNB dependency aa men, was repudiated
IttIfOo esatan .ev..v er r.Mi. wii+ .T I ON rea BOW- of Dr. i.CB. Pubis
nil. tata.t arotraaa art chiefly responsible .11.7-N4' VOU ArrAIH III by the theory
a..o.n..twwot'll" NUNS or IMIITIMINATI ...... who advocated the professional educatloa
for the two year. increase ia
total Negro mlatratloa. nay wale hart I VALUl.tlDttMMa174. ......". and the liberal arts education of the Negroto

carried the total figure even hither had Ion rah Slat than ioN Aai. :Jrd tiara product a mythical Talented Tenth."

it lot been fir voters tovtai from the June list ..;t. *4 The other Barns Carvey. advocated a philosophy

reflon aad.for pvrioa ia some states tad IA.tlnAllta: MiCft even broader, which It followed
localities VMCMVSI TIa sewn orreivitvi YOU HIM TO 01Moreniv IIIITI Ion Nov. and tarn Bona rwb. nth tan would have given the American Negro a strongeconomic

Aa it is. the total riper la a eoaatr* ceMHiTwcnT M o..t* TMor P50IttT Deo. JUt larch Iota foothold oa world ecoaomy.hy being

votive tatiaatt. tatrtvtr official fli sties (navies ........ CRIATINI a CHA..M INveve able to finish the technical leadership lathe

vroa more aot available, tie most etvtioaa rove ct,"" vt CAHII LIPS THAT YOU MMMiiitAev AN TINS WHt Mat a ... Yes MV It CINVIBCIB vacwaa created by the attalamoat of ia*

estimates tort ..... Dr. Dftatoa said the* vow vt line otcitieMte re. VHI HILL A.B IKITINO iNVtNTIONtt ,.., ANI TlMt NA| COM depeadoact by Africa Natloaa.

atlaattt for oeorila a4 Teals, par MjHer.ct ve vw .e liiamt or viva OIOHTIe Swell IHIINIII. ANBwt4Kv fee ve. TO AJCIPT THIBMBOrvNITIII Just ratite the tremeadooa wealth waich

tlttltfflj.Brobehl art bole solid rttla Vise ',..."'- nets ,..C.... A rtit..airMAV ACTIVITIII AM MAT SOT would not to the Americas Mire if ht hs4

... met MJKT. trnai NT* M VMINt, ON. AN |NvtaiLV ..NTW Br ATTINTIIN Bt PIvM IN tat eilLMa followed the program of edoettioa aa advocated .

WIN ef the rap latmet taa aehttvtldwrUi atoNVAMO wewie a*..'i.. airriMiNV AM>ICT.itAIIM VMewB tNce NTia nvnteirricwiTv M Mt1. MrA. ww/i. by Carver ia the .2 rs.Xaats4 .

Hit ae..a4 year, tf the awraafttitt4tfttf ret VIM Ti cwMitvo "III TO VHW VAae r ik UVntat UNION. aXT ,-.UItI yen CAPITAL. VII MV M BOttTMtO NNVBlWt" YOM pnealtsthe Negro Ieomal tajM
4$.111 of DM total HI ...
s NUM ree PAMWTION .. BA t, *'. ...... IVNICtllAOV both the tea sad their
Mile w HI hot aaottlattd vita soot er IMAM M .... AI vee I NI HI4 M ) 140.oteuko philosophy sad al-

.f... rofiatratioa IOU,." it she a.attwo sat euiAiit Pans Yaw M revs L.I.at Ua> Kei N. VM. MU .... VB III TMait phoaed off the heat brains Ia the Negro

it hat met teat rtateaaiolt for Mctievt ."...".... COULO M ".... |. Tai Vt Bt Wtev CAA4PM. .... ANB CBMreev ee BONK04 jroath to tied piper the does the road to

eLlalK.fttrt, Tatrt have boot ae.t ........ Total mm vt M as.ImsLe MV M WHKH, aHeuLB IT vow MI. ....c... tvwiteeeni't von VW L-t TMI e>M TWHIV PUMI.NC atMM .- mediocrity. eeoaoctt ..*..i.. tad laeptly -

s mtshoei 1W sposeenshlp. 1M share .PgtlIIIlt1Is wLTte .. M etmui, eKe LIASvo ILIAC ee vtt % armed wits aweb ttItcdl.Ida ooal4am&o
.f'MrI' 1..1 dsyto.du me rA..sII1PL5.. COHHITI PSUnatVN, ..t.t AI vm AM ret .. eeev ee IVOWBIMI thorn pens 1 tea. Perasltee of tat wait
... ... .. ...... HlHlTilt Nat v*5 amiBwlVT AIM VARI r\a 'TH" CBULB aa a
... Mritelalmws .s 1 e 1.15 A STLtO charity aid otftevolaMt or oa tatVi.1.
'* :.lam. final year, aad 'will torv4 cat .. ....."" N ASt ate Mat MT ri,iiv OW OwlCaMit. TM 05 09* .Vt. "...".. .*. '*' ..'r.I.tt% temiittf, in

e rout 1tIt1. ..eUTMtl coeiiH cam oaee IWTMt IASV vt ome **t TIIWHIN Last o* fONiNivtaNji. IN pass TM Alt.Milt slowed Ill ......iu P.U...des ....eflea.ds ,

esorica it* it awed, mossier, o..nwiv aeuTt.iewa T-t .,... laity Tale et..M' seas ata VOB COMNTV WSIt II t uiafA aaaooa oC toot torn hta*. o* whoa Ih. _
it ..
** U A.
... oa weir ewe .,. _NIT at vtoawtu Mi aO.i .,... ft VAtl. Kt ".II.VIONl. aietetiM.1 ret a milled ttaataia naaitiiin.

\ ..14......t-r..... BteiMt nirfmoiai I atv! t.ut "C\e" eeatIae )
.-S. ,
< \,


_.3t4.e6v., ,\ .... i/ -I

I ''I I,

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UIHMT mm' ir m< ::.'rLlIIIA flit PAPER me' 3

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QPo44 World Tour

J.I. 'r.. of
troth Bt .111 loan tot
The Young fcwen' Christian Association'nusoer .
.n for
August llth
bridge session was cllnxed with aBunoth
"" fork shore he ..111eta
bridge: party held at the A.L.LtwiaBranch ) a irotp of eo-
last Tuesday evening. Margaret Day worktra aad frtoada for
a member of the group served as toast a all took tavaflviope

mistress for the occasion. and the Holy ....... Tbty
Mrs Florence J. Dixon Branch Executive will leave aboard Uo0tM
Director of the A.L. Lewis nCAaccepted a Illltbtttr

beautiful lamp which the group presented La nelr vlttt will Is*
to the T Frances Malden Young Adult P elude Leadoa, Vttlee,
Progras Director also was the recipientof Btirtt jenttlta. jor

a gift fron the group. ... (1.,1), Tel Aviv,
Mrs. Dixon presented awards to the folio Baits, Sallie, Tart
wing members of the summer. group' who top Rtpltt, Boat, Pltreaoe
ped the scoring list for the season: Al Sa.a. .Mice Otieva.Ptjti .
venla Scriven. Lourenla Newman. Leona Ben and Chtrbouri.
nett.Frances Malden.and M. Lucille Harper.
The evening was cliuxed with four rounds= J ...... ._......... ...R...- -oW' .. After this eitetilvotlihtaitiai tour the r..

i of bridge in which the following results BXADTira Urn, dellelott rtfrethatett and the playini of lateeIt UpUp" will take a de* wino THE reetat holiday Mss Urea Therein Crutbocttt
were realizedTheora' Legfins qualified for look an't sixth blrthdty preteated reeoatly b* bit todptreata Mr. and aerved reap reat aboard the the bride of Robert Tolbtrt of Albany, Oa.,

first prize in the guest category and Tulle Lee Dent, 421S saute Roal The honoree (tbotn la btckiroutd with Kra.Dtttit On... Rory for Ue re* kiriii ta early tvtaiai etreaogy held la Kleidoa .,
Lydia Sweet placed second. Venal Mccone Dent, bit OodMthtr) had aa guests true left: Albert Booktrt. OhtrMlat tin trip hose Hall la the prtttace of ...bu. of ftally aadfrltidt. I
Louvenia Newman Alvenia Scriven. and Krr Cower Bhtrrtll .UI1.... Ctttandra Brtat, BlradtDt illlltat, Bertha Mae 11. Prtttoa la a tinker Tke ootple It .._h. their hose la At.Iota. *
tie Thomas were high scorers in the club Bonn and Rtary 10-_ (Photo by Jesse Tamaet) ef crest itaorial All (loyal Art studio 'Photo

division in the order Mentioned. Gladys Ctand Looser tre tear*r.tad .
Bryant was the recipient of. the 'lucky Wilder To Honor trtaWe tor SO yeartatll I INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY

Tally" sward. Beach Shorts reelialai for MECHANIC. ON DUTY

Members of the Snmer Bridge Group ins Scanner Readers health roasts last yettBe Ike Joseph................-...Proprietor
eluded Fleet H. Alexander Lois Avery BY I'". a..1. auircux with the ootlBi of UetuMti B*" loinS | of Abya la also oat of the State and Jefferson Streets IL 09432
Doris G. Bennett Leona Bennett Sylvester a bottttt ptrlod, alalt Baptist ttirob till ,loa prtetdeata of Uetoktoallle '
Bossard. Margaret Day Evelyn Calvin Bernice Tbt Slider Part 'r.cIaLUral7"J.cbonUh local cltrcfe tad elvlelioapt 1 saws tor Aotrleta BtaokI'M << Hvltloa of
Grlffen.' Mildred Hacpton. M. Lucille are tekedtllai ,.'. toil pit, atop the Brotherhood ofBleeplai I'
Harper Catherine Jackson Zelaan Johnson Free Public Library cysts that till allot pill at Dada and 4th and Car Porters Good newel

Marie B. UcClaln Venal McCone Annie B.Mlnatee. proudly tutotieti the for relief fro. the Dads tad nth Ita. Tie (ArL*CIO) aad Chi r.,1 Asthma & Fever Sufferers
Johnnie M. Mitchell Irma Murray coaelitloa tt a soot raIl of "tktt Itchy kttt tor Ut event say bo of Ut Executive Board. Hay
Louvenia Neman. Alveola Scriven Margaret itccittfal BuMtr Rttd- old tta1. Many are parchettd froi ,,,"'n.n. A .....r of till Moro Report Relief In Minutes
lag prosrta. ala_ Bebool Aeerteta Labor Covaell
Sutton Mjrrtls Thomas Frances Walden bttdltf for Ut botobee
JU...II.kttt DMtM' 5'sr.la HattS..--...
Demetrlal Weston and Geneva tteeler. The flail protria win while toot sulk re meia seat 411 attend Ue BOO Uo NAACP atd prtildttt chain 0--,_Without Drop..laJMde..
Guests attending the final event ins be a "ley itidert" the ahtdt of Ut local iaa ran tt 1::00 a.a.DUtrletlof of Uo Christian "Wily
eluded Gwendolyn Stewart Claudia Burris. Book party oo Friday moo Porta* =-== 55 it S 5=:= I :t'aPru.- .,.. W ww.w sous-=-:

Ann Monroe Margaret Starkes, Vannette AuantTth at 10=JO a... The Ras.o f alums Bible TtberatcltBtptltt lilttlttt tad frliadt rear. a.wow w......::.,::,=,:. I M.'"::':=--c::=
Thayer Elizabeth S. Theora Boys tad girls will re- Cltb la pltnalai a trip with hIs a ..f. sal ...- --..... .. ... r f--. u.. -
Jones Leg Chtrek will ._.. -' .in ........ .w..r w as. -, g..
glns.Lydla Sweet Sula Sweet.Martha Perry eel re ttirdt tadpritt.Btfrtihatatt to Little Talbot UlatdStttrdty h... tor Aotrleta Bade hippy trip. Be till boeipetted .-..- 1-_..... ..."i...... .. .1.... ..... ...... ... Aw..5
... ,... u... __. M.
Ruth Parrot. Jessie Fears Llllle Allen. fur the All. I. Tie rrl sip tt I "... Tl dots to rttara boat SAM a......Aw.N ..., ,. ...IMM*.,t...l N,.>*...waJYINK
Aldonla Scabrooks, Nona ihlte Virginia put till be totted by kttt say be ptrcktttdfro tc bt secured froa .... October lit.
Mathls. Gladys Bryant Eva Rosier Catherine doaated by tte Afro IIDMrlOftlI. club bits of ttt '*u..
McKinney, llllle Bucannon Geraldine Merletn Life ititrtaotCoapiay tad at the bet .to,.
Milliard. Dorothy Oliver Margaret Wilson and Ue Atlanta I I I I I al"'x', a s*! ..aFE -':.,

Aretha Johnson and Mrs. Florence Dixon.. Lib Instance Coopaiy.Tb 111111111111Octet Tte Three Ladltt till
Delcres Pearson Y-Teen Director and boy or girl btvlai Board 1 of Bttet .,ollor aa oatUi ,.
Juanlta Petty served as scorekeepers. tilt lack ataber .111 field Itptlat Charcb AttrloH Mad Btttrdtyaliht tRELL DIAMosS.
receive a .Oahe al prise. till han for Little An, B. Btatrtatportttloa
... ... ... ... Five bmadred tad ali Talbot Island RtttrdtyAufuit till
Thomas Barton cf 3761 Tusk Court: has returned t... (III) boil tad .. IHt his will let-o |)tb and Vote'ritttt
horn after an extended vacation that sirs reilittred tor the h... Ue A.rcfc at BM: I'' JO o'clock.Tlrkttt .
Included a significant portion of the North Butier Ritdiii Proirta a... '''re..UIII say bo ateared
east. He' was accoapanled as far as New York to dtte. Approslaittly bt ttrvtd.KtlUlflllff. at lit bM .to,. HIGH Qw111y a LOW Irltul Ivy New sal =eel
by his wife. Gloria.and ion. Thomas Jr. oae btadred kite read I J I ,
who flew to Bermuda for visit with rela tbe retired tea bookt.At .
a Viktr bard I of Pus ..
iRy' a r ,. .,.,... .1 5I*
r ti.l '
tires there. They are expected to return wit .U till ,. Ue ,..... Btptltt horse ... Taw Pe.4..t. ...,.,
, ., to,the cltl..within. .. a few weeks flail din of tte asstasadlag 't\l\ :spo.soras ptlltp IAI', Myths dab bare .
-- -, Pre.rM. All .. dairies Bash set ..t siado/, ass 'B far a '0,*. Mn." ......."..
... ... s.. ... ... partletpeata are re eras, .... I. Te bus trip tt AoorieM Bttob.Traatptrtttlta WHtI w....l,1 sotwfslw
." that Atfttt IUia till slip at Its tad will .
Dr. falter L. Dix has returned to St. Ue deedllae te eeilt* PI.rtda .,.. at a.,.. flekap ,....." at ItaMd I" .... a.s ee...e r'hao
Louis after spending two week hers with fy for cards ,Iu. The tad II tt sad FIesta a* Myrtle at B'W ....i 1.d. ..15 sd. 5415 Mrsi qs '
relatives. The Mlssiourlsa .u guest of prosna will be 511..... I: JO. IU and Davis at I'' 10: ...... 1
Miss Gertrude Glover and Nelson Glover of fey attrdlai earttflettte fllfllllfllffTbeSMdty 1HT B. 3U at I'M' oad1BU {j
Rushing Street and Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. la ladlvifeal school ass sad Davis at lS: = sn.1I
Bennett of 152 Vest 5th Street.Mug aetblproirati la tbefall. SctoolofM.Boritb ..a. s /

persons entertaining Dr. Dix during till slate a trip 11I11 M .lives. sees ttse A enss '
his stay were: Mr. and Mrs. Junious Jones; Tke swam liuftti Prw to the too .....,. Tae tli Jet Btttasa and Bo* S
Mr. and Mrs. F..B. Davis; Atty. and tele- sty story bean have bwtlll I.... Uo MuM elal flab are tcbedtllaiaa 'r
McGrlff Mrs, Mule B. Medals; Mr. bees tell .U...... At*
ford ; prupptly at tW ,... eitln to AaerletaBttek
and Mrs.Johnny lheelerDr. and Mrs. Hunter teadtaeo aaottted, to a ..,.,..*. *Si. I. mtsr1r"
Satterwhlte; and Mrs. Hattie Elsore of nand total .f.o. Site IIIMHIMIIThe no boa till atop at 4 A.w.i I15S1NC.i..dar
Live Oak. Dr. Dix also visited Daytosa prac,.. sue eotduted.Sote Clw.e ted Pwrrater Bta.ttT 1'
Beach and Mew Smyrna Beach. of tbete '.d....; Btadty liked ofBettlebta ,.... avid and Tyler WNtcw
a .tlck-ofr'atorP hoar ..,tld Cherub Bta. attll: glue U.
,.. ... ... ... ... by ire. Iota Biltoa,
till apoaeor a trip to and ",U. Ate. ." 1 10. Tip I s'
libraries of the Pa-el lalttdtttrdty. ... aad Be tit tt $ !.
Little Talbott Slats .
Barbers 'Sleon. Public Health Nurse In Air Teebtlctl Trtltlti The bte till t45.: Oiloa and PlerldtAt. 1 A k s au N.es
Queens New York was a recent visitor to Cotter; A pepper the. I(tore the ebtrea at I.... ttt|) ,.'. a Nsg..bald
Rabbit" eat MM ar....
t & friend Teter : aarTnsw
the city. She was accoapanled ; :4) ;
preoeated by Ira. I...
Odessa Phillips. pepper aad Bra. Ittt : J' ,S' YM 0n'l Haw f. laky This Wafdilr
kwvleo tere a ,-
ONLY IN NEW IM4 l'"k.,.' of Ue satin srto1J delivery 0 e4N..... e.m t.sr piesti
.. Aaou ..,.... g==. ,\

n: Ttrot ..' a ..... .... .... / $21.11
ADMIRALDUALTEeA1 taree la JNtlta" preedoallboay I' tad U,.. Larry 0'teal etieai: Illl sins Orlve: ....--.... I
sad lleetetpCaaatry. .......
; ITU I. HU Bt.in .. .big .
...* fill ear*
aazsmIIIMWJIIillIthLilliI""" a. M a.rss ..15e1 e44. a.1 i/N i ..wws.mw.tgsR.st
,led eat the tbtoe for .,. and Bra. aaiy B.Ptttlo MNr .... =gm.etCr.

one sweater l..a.- : ... UT (Sty hull III ins AL1C.ftM1St .
Iowa, ........ II"Uegey port, hS.)l .,. ..ayleo Is a ,C.etsr. ea tte i
t. see Mr. use Mrs Letter pest St her ........,.. .tRK oN1
Tenon BM .. |U M I Mt tl. Sea IUI.i..a .. t N O
DA Extcutlvt .Ut .. rooipiealef etvpy slkuAs. PENDANT
tt. sid Bra. Illlett last
birthday ptrty W
Board To Meet Nttet; Tl. Be 15101 '....,.., at fdieeoed

Brttr. MM.r. ........ a...
DM eaoeetlw Beard eftbo r. tM Bra Otis I" .. ....,.. eta attra .M r
pares TeaMs Aaoctettes ttrde; 1|.t leatritej lush tltalf dreeted la re* ...M.l .

of Booties air I.sr '.... ..... etytod bitea +,d
....,.. III ......1.IU Md tre ....n d Mite s... ottt plat. lr- -.. -
mm* M ledaeateyai Pawn; SPY Btiwa M eens.e,1 e. New WllftUlnOUHDrett.DeWrI
,"*..Btt &2. OSTMasleet : 'irt.sr. ..... ...,n..u.- "...
Is .lotto* ofre. and Bra. AS'.. C- etueetlee, tie woodyloyedBtppp
AolU '.U". lira latlle) dill l.tMI. tlrttdty la Pert+Nt te PheneJ
,......* .... ..... tea E B>f.sr. ...... t. ue epeelel I .. ..
Beard. Mbera averted .. tad .,.. Ma inn .u..ty J AutIMClfCc 4a. -'" ?
..........n to ttteid ore Bra. awl t ...,. .... a e.1. OaP..W air .
17 IIe......... lie ..rrta..... MlaredBlarteaetr ..... Nw ....... ........
.Mina sat.RiA ../ ara> ftarwtht AIT SUMO a45 .
....... ire. Basel C, RIYAL
Tladtla .. 1.1. it'... DAVW rmcrrMaatAA 1 41.11

... veiwell Twrter.tfa.elo I1tIft 4-tIM
P*".. .... .... __
....& I. ...... grow Ntter ee sees' N a.ws1 I _
ea>. n. .M .! else ,_ ... PUTf HIH..HI1i11H.JNUTJ S

El. "tIsls the peal..,. ..1 HeloBf rtlfllWll..
a sascheli. SM 0M
-- ..*o4t... ell of tteMM lUll L lIlLlilt
I J 1I ao .d ofneer* "

oH ,Si ea wM rt.tod ...fIIUU......"
.- dose ... s. ....
I' D (
.. I.., I V' BHr'I\ OS' ....rB ......** efMi )1M airN sr>s11.oas
...U| .,. laM ei le1 ISM.sew
.. Ri1MtiMit.. Shay rot...
..a4 MCrtfit MI :
., .IIK- 0,... Dan

. ,. ,. .

.:.. --

-- --
., J. -' -"" L ... -


I. City To Rollout Welcome Mat For Tri -Institute Of AME Church I

- -- -- -- - - -- -- - -- -- -- -- -

I Edward Witers"Provides SellingFor Sunday Musicale Sponsors AME 17th Laymen Annual Complete Session Successful Here

Historic S Day Religions SeakiirsKdtard .__ .'.. i;diii Oabiadrd-alBta delegates tare ta at- I

I twdaaee at the ITtk anneal aaaaloa of tko tltkBtolacopal
tutera collate will prorlde the tettlai District Uytwrfa Oriaalsatloaktldlaattk
for the Plorlda African Metbodlet Trl-Iaatltote at It. Btapbaa AM Church.
to be bald bar la Jacksonville Aarnat 10 this ...................
the .H Epteeopa District oft leers will direct Blabop E.C. Ratcker. held la the "'lteri...
I thtfpteralf proiraa thleb till featere I tide latroduced by Rat. P.J. Bishop Batcher eoa-
Terlityef,trmi elated to start ttth rnUtntloi Joaaa, gave the anaoaladdraaa. ducted the oUetlOB of
at 1,09; Monday ftll.,. ........................ speaking oa the the follotlac officers:
I' A rlaa fro the Trtlaatltat folio a aagal patters subject Ckriatlea Fells .. White, president -
qffle lI.h froa ftoaneeday throat SUardaMp".baa spas : P.J. eUtoeb,
oats aa' ten fat* aaf Prtday with Mdltatloa Uetablp laaderablp.atatardahlp executive tie president -
couplet celufrr of M- starting at 4:00 a..., partaart&lpaad ; HBO I.R. loiter
thl the M follon: breakfast at ,110. itpllaBblp. rcrdlBB secretary;
Mooday-.10:00 I.... MllllOBi laths at 7=45, classes Othara partldpatlBf oa M r*. Jaaalta Levis
EdacatloB Board fn>. .11141.. cllaaxed the P-OBTM tare Bar. LAt eorreapoBdlaf II"'.
sect fog; ]: GO p.a. by aa afUraooa aaeeably Hag Bra. A.B, til tar,; J.T. Briaaoa,
rrldl0i noire 001cllj .at 12 BOOB.f4flday'a. lit and Dr. L i. Bta treaaarer; A.L. flea
2 ,... IMS Beard actimie tart, prealdaat of Id- ckaplala; Mra. laai .
.estingl: p.s., COB ?*** art u fellow: 2 p.*., ward waters Collace.praaldaata Sparks lay activities
choir rearaal; 5 ,.-..., TPO torkahop at Hat atteadlai director Bra. Allot MoIstoih. ,
faculty aeottBi; | p..., Bethel All Cborcb; |:00. the ooafareac tare Bel alalatar of taaale
Caacratloa Services at ,..., Mlaaloaary Prdda 10 Frartr,rtorida Create ; Mra. Beatrice
&t. Paul AMI Church tlthBishop Rally, Dr. K.J. Oelt. Conference; lab tioaaa, Rtodaraoa, public relations -
DavldH. Sins u NAACP secretary aala Want Florida;: J.T. Broa director; Y. B.
,, '
tpttktr1.Retletratloa. apMkar.Tbgraday. tVwrap r p .CII. Orlando; A-Havklaa, .... youth lay II motor -
oontlMM aftaraooa at Central: .... Procter and faatell Francis,
through Tuesday ornlDf 200, special Jatereetgroup Ttapa; P.B. Baelatoak, parllaaieBtariaa.Tb .
followed, by the |aynot* till lilt.at 1:10 Cut Florida: and Bra.iraae 1118 eoavtatloa
Aittatly at 10:00 la Lit a Byapoalaa oa chriatlaa Taylor south will bbldia Taupaat
Auditorial. Bishop H.I. leadership till ba bald Plorlda.Mra. Bt. Uk AK OIudl.Musicale .
Beardea tUl lit the with Dr. R. Ralph Jack- IBM sparks pre-

apaaker; 2 ,..., TPD sos u aala speaker; aided over the workshop Set
..l --- -- rd Lol. Aleitudar pro.
workshop, Ministerial 7 00 Trl-IaatlUte -

eUale Mlaeloflary B. cores Bishop and lira. PRETTY HAT TtA- **bri of tt. Jobs Chapter 1M. oUnri. The lady taarlBi the cost attractive bat aided our the t el coneprotrat. For St. MatthewA
s ar; fit) ,.... Blahop'a Matcher at Lee Audi Order of Raatan Star completed plaaa this seek till receive a prlsa. Seated fro. left ara: Mrs Oreetlaaa aero
and Oueat'i boar; I ,... torlia, tdttrd Caters for aHuslceie-Pretty Hat Tea aefcadolod for Sandy, lira Best Nil Cbaala Btllair, ..... Arlan Mat- extended by I.D. Sweet mat eel proiraa will
Richard Allta loath College} BIO. a visit ABE B fro. <4< until I ,.., la the BOM of worthy to* Mr. Vaeilla ford, lira. Uoulaa Parrlah. and Dr. J.C. Downing, J.D. b* presented at Bt.Mattketa .
council; I p....lIor.*- sub Bishop and lira. Matron sod Worthy patroa.Rn. and Mra. R. Vallaca, Mra latha Tboau. Btaodlai froa left: Hra. Ada H. Pupae lid Rev. '..1. Baptist Church
tloo; | ,..., Tooth BelutMTb "dI.r at their 110... MM Rhode Island DrlTa.Eait. Pro era* participants Stint, lira. Dorothy McIntosh I,.. Gladys Raft 10.... Maale aalecUoao Bunday bnlanlai at l:NP.
tare rendered by the Ada
Trl-laetltBte 1704 jefforaoa Bt till laclada Mra. Ilsabth Wllllaaa, ktatthat McCoy Mrs Bertha Belly, aaaodata matron; lira Cornelia
Youth Recaptloa toilets CllaailBB tilt seek of Mra. Susie lass ..... Rov-ala Hugtea the OBBnaaabla Wallace, torthy aatroa; Mrs Cbarlay M. Barratt Bracy Chorus Mt. olive Appearing till ba Bra.
la the Oyaaaiaa.Mornlm event till ba tilt eo.BltaMt ..- Halo Chorus of Bt. Paul AMX Church Bra.lllil aad Mra. HtMl ebat. The public la Inltad. fetal Quartet Grant Ruth Rush Bra. Lasts
>> aetl-itlH till service 100 P. Mortal Choir 2. It.
Mae Turaar. Mra. BMB Belch (today sad Mra. LeaoraRuibea
Btaphaa Choir and Mra. Olfford
.. Fridge la Ua Aadl
Ratella Haul HOB. Th* the Trlaettee
terms of Edward Caters
I Collate, MT. Sara K... Ml. Ararat To Heroines Hold Successful82nd Shiloh Metropolitan feyaote address was of Trlalty Baptist
bit till ba tile weaker.lkotcIrsPbIkAStYI. given by Cheater Cotart.Dirlai Church, Clarence Aader-
Annual Summer InstituteBy Baptist CiirchUB. the baaUeaaaetaioa sos this Hughes,Phil-
WbIe New Parsee... reports tare Ua Levy, Iou LeeBtroud.
sale by the cositteeasad Miss cyatblaRocta
lie foraal dedication of Aaat. oraad issuer Bearer Reporter Banattt la general Ararat hit
the special eoaalttee. **. the
tko m\. Ararat Baptist The highly mecaaafal B2ad aaaaal Surer Oatlii draw for the anaaal Cheater Cotart. Chorus, Miss Roaallad
Chardt Parsonage baa baa and laatitata of the Moat orablpfal Daloa Oraad MOB*a Day celebration at Vary
chat...,reso.sen lotions Burroughs Mra.
a for 2:00 Buaday aftersonn. Court of Heroines of Jericho PHA rklng udtr the Bhllob Metropolitan Baptist and proposals to help Really Bra. Ropy Allaa.aad .
.An*. 10. Rev.. Dallaa Moat Worthy Duos grand Lodge of plerlda Jarla Church with DtaaoaOlyaaaa Miss Aaiellae Me*
tits the MatBdal support
Onbaai, pastor. till of dletloa was held July IT-li la Port Plaraa. Cal hll.. aa
e.................. co-chlnti. The event of the on.iaatloa Brtda.Mra .
fldata daring tba er The Deputies Con all tlllle R. Black
aoaUa at the edifice ekool ... la slated for August 23. and CfC.Mra.
opened the aaaaloa with a proiraatu Juealta Lewis pre- nd Mrs Kaneatlae Hoi-
located at It.I RaleBa agile aajoyad sad Holy CoaauBloi till boadalalatartd
raiiatratloa of delegates a 8adorfapoacra of the
the rtrorte.Th
by tilt I... sided over
It. bli| carried oat delicious tartar dlaaartltk youth a,"1.*. war event are supervisors
C. ....1100. Ua and Dee at the aaaa tlaa. tltkarattt all of the thus A.B. eol.lI. ,paatar oeucted by Ir. vrataTbooaa. of till youth choir and
ateneet w. ...........,.-'. -taaarrtnliattatnrlai va ]aaHd. A toad.rfaltli 'darlai the Bajor aar g .her board. Rev. George
Pollotlai the u
ass and ***....1,... r** aa ehalraaa at tao .."..... by tlaaa.Buaday.
.. .
school till ... ,ro.r.. a baaoaet was Price la .tor.mm
'ar. .
r *etlrly. asking I isSeseiess
f One Stop Shopping. For All that all tatrtdaaaben raopaaad at allataraVa breakfast *.a gin at |:M n... and tko

of the church sect no: ,... with the Bduoa- served at 7IO .... and service at 10: U with
Your Photographic Needs with than cede Wadaaadvalikt tics Board aaatlai ooa- the"B a... workshop taoooadaotod the daacoBB la char**. ao--m 11Im

at I eJeek la dusted by president lose la a aat<.* Baalor choir l aid tkoTotai pta.....tarn,nna MUM TBBB in mtauuali

EMERSON'S PHOTO SUPPLY the daeatloBBl bulldlMao L. Oik aoa aad'bar tf- ...If by Remise Prances paoplaa choir ='=::-:....-::-...= CIIJI'w.'i.r !..! .. _-:.-=-
that plus can bo COB fleanf ataft tklck raaaltad Morria >AM of coart HO. till a tkroBiboa t '- t ..... ?....
1817 N. MYRTLE AVE plated for the affair. la a scat ..Jo,> 110 'end her officers aa* the day. ==. -a::: :::'...... ..
All church sabers are able ..u... .S".... Tk* BTO sad BAD till :":; _" -N. .......--:.rn.a.=sre.wAA.

lM .".in I, .".ltt.... hi; urged to attHd Mends At I p.L. Rarolaaa and At 2IO ,... Marolaaaaad begin at 1:30 ,... tra =-':-.I,,eOVwwl 1IM.da-ery..Y.A: = .=. M ..... ..
lag service starts at M.A-
and the public arc IBtltad Heroes aloai tttktatartalalai .. "'
lemon aaaaablod at '--.-- ==---r.: : .
P Phase 23+-2212 arolaa Frances Morria Court no 7'10' o' clocll. Dakar :::. ."' !;Cr' :=r =
boat ft>f rdr.....'.. ..tor.. to Frederick Beard 4 and the Jtalor
Douglas Park tkaro ..US..hllt'le Cater Board till am*. .r aN gvl.es sr -='
At 7!10 p..., the naval !
The INtI'. Bible Claaa
Teeth proiraa was held Bart***,
for the purpose of hI,- fresh nakbakad baaa, tllleoBdactlt'BBoitblyawtlai :
at ,... Prayer
.d caka.
paiak a
lat sole boy or clrlpjrthar
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ia r xnu excellent their propraa odacatloa.At .Moa TWO BUCKS 'Tuesday at 7= 10 ,... Sti.f' if. ThItk
wm Neb YvesA Mcoaday aartlaaa till
joy... M..bIr OfII'tA.ACP bo bald dally tUb ..... CllTUl JJfE DUlCI 00. If fUIIA
Tko f t... baa'aat was '
held at Haaaa Court /win IN Inedeae p//IhI! Georgia Payaa la coarse.sinf U* tl Itaetrajna ..***.... la the BaiudButee.

law K .....,. btv. r were*. ef H years
.f life la--**.* n***!*.**, .-. Tel .f the 11......
aaaeta ef all life |***raee I* fer*.. a fw.rl*
......In* at th* flMMlal atmtav *M tmUa
SMOKED PICNICS -29 .....** la oaruialy l4letle ef oH -........ a-..

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89 PtM the AMM atataataSHflKT

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astral' Life Isnrssee c.- of "...'.....?...1
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astral Life Iawru.ee c..r of "",......." 'JUtlltlT1
BRISKET STEW 3 w.O C eH "'e't h1 I :

......11 aah 6rdeMstabteeeach SaN liabilities
W !) |P. COl.>T HittLTH ,\>B aULTY AlMjft At-ma M lartMt life .....** _,. -.......

BEEF GROUND Q 23 A2AAMfl .A..ns eRdasrrfsr Hart CMlr4 Life IBMtn...f af Plerloa..m."

IVUVV.HOUt ,0 LMaVrtSTHN c/M mont..sv aI. rs SI 4.pal. "TAL llrrw. tim 1 mm m tin I imlartMt IIMi3i: '-I

OY .223 L BAy fa/fit Srttfr fit** ctry .MsZ. Lunge II lift Utmaia -- in-HBI.U
astral Uf ,........* ..MM *f nn..Bt4t.41
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RIBS 3 LIL t t M4LRN'V .
tartan... 151$ sew iota ....... ..

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.-, .- :' t .'tom WILKIN o i 3ANTAINtts
m* MBjfaUt aa4 *to *f looted Uatt fa.M.M
$ %TF& ROILON punte U lanniiiaa ottk the .arnseseeer..ge.

SsiiiiffstK. 442.A LADes If a* .. lterlwt ae.ete. ........\r ....
..halm Ce .......... ...
I ...... seey Basal es ....... itc
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.-., P9V1AR S". I" peal -... .......... batle** M ft* BBeeriisahe .

maA RETTES, taMtoUa tint baa mt 9tnmt m'ttBB.
9t.. 1. se ........

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'-,- .. .....,...
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iitijT .It m ntw* sin u its 'ACE 5I


I Support From. Nat'l Organization teamed .ASiliH Edacitor Speaker Engaged In Summer Study

rr : e -=-- AtA&MlSimir. ConnnciBiitTAUJHARSSI I.Ltd.: -

-' oau.'",CmclU kol.P* ItU*-
rDjJ: title of the address Mica Dr. Jerome R. Holland"

president of MMptM Inatltnt. R tap too. Ta., will
deliver tt tile surer _.c> nat of Florida AMPilvtrtlty

tcheduld for t P.I. Friday, August
T it the .... BTUI Stndlat. .*.
The Prlday ovmltBenoMent 0.' IMtltat mace 1180.M .H
l sx program) till altO prttldtnt of 1;
ooaeltd a to'day roes.I Pltnr state o>>u....
of activities for the Dover Del., from lur
1$1 perwtt ehdnltd to 1960.
to receive degrees dnrltBth A noted football star
..aMr ooBMteott durlBi hit udertradiat
.. years at Corn: *11 Oil
The CMMoeotoat CtlV vnlty, I tit.... R.,?
.her BUtm STOUT-.*nbrt of tilt Bethune-Cooknan (Colin faculty hays deputed rice '
dar of Brett it elide*: be IU tatwd "All
th* pretldett't Chat AMrtean otf U UJTm. the city to do pott-iraduate study this -.' They are. seated fro* left Dr.
oath Bttiort. 10 a.l. Pedro Oliver professor of Mathematics and physics Texas MM Vntvtralty; Or.
Thursday Astt 6. It Ramos his, utocitto professor of nathenttlca, Nit .Meilco state University;
LBMI BHCTtt-u Unit. lie., mho bays pledged t feoppl8 "000.00 to tt* Charles Astor Void Dr. Mlla Avalo. aaaoclat profetaor of athenttlct? Ilellll.hte; HM.
BAACT Legal Defense fund", a ..ant. ortanlattlon oUbliahd by th* MAO1' ti Theatre; aid prealdtat Florence L. MOM, ellllru.... dlvlatoa of oduoattoo, Boton University; Dr. Hortratlt -
1039ont their national officer to .... York City latt web for an orientation and Mrs. Oor* Reop Balllta, associate professor of cheolitry, Tufts University; 8amiel I.
.ta1Dar,at fund ba*quart.,.*. Ptwi JaR are M.sda.a Vivian J. Reason, national tics for senior, their Prtdl. anaUtant professor of social( aclenc. Nee Tort: Ualvertlty; Dr. Jews
president tltclnnatl, Ohio; tola Trtu project coordinator. aahiaiton. D.c. Relatives, th* Ala.., Rodriguez ataocUt professor of npaniah, Tulane Valvvrilty; Haney 1. Lee
Btralc Mine, youU director, Trenton ".J.; Sara 8. Scott, founder mil* the Faculty and Friend*, taalitant professor of art Kyracua tti 1 vertIty. (CAe Paul Crteford Photo) ,
del phi.. Pa; Paulla tech put tatloaal president Lynchburg, Va. hash
; ,:'0.1. Thursday ttaunahlt
CaUon. treaaonr. Unal. '... Ala. Mrs. I. T. Jenkins
Coaitaac Btktr Motley, associate counttl. Manor, tilt pro
Legal Delegate Dies Marian Anderson
Fund (BM.tll Photo) tldeotlal retldeac*. Completes Advance I
Th coMMacMMt tpak 'J. In Gets Made Degree
Assets Of Negro VA Offers Assistance Program .r. who his served II Study In Nursing SleepCHICAGO

lunnnce Groups prldttt of RanptonTin. ATUKTA. 0",-m. |nt UM"' .. Ml. (I'IPI' ) -
To Disabled Veterans Children Election T.Jenhint of Ut. Florida .. (NFl) Marian Anderson, vorld
Show IncreaseCHICAGO Puteral
MIl Vnlvrtty school of eervlce for fwoun, contralto ems
Negro life Chlldran of llvlnj veteran Ibo ar* totally and Battle To Ted Panics, .. one of 10 tint J, Artttd, one of three proalaentA

laturnnc eonptolea. lo pernanwtly disabled froo service cooaected causes Negroes Xlreiglfc I HOLLAND fatuity .nnbr of owner of tile Pioneer *rlcnn cited by tilt
AMrl reported a the 'say now participate It th* tar Orphans IchaCIUOIA..lItaaOl 18 Dr. Noll tad hat the Southern bacctlaureat Lout i* on the MwUielde, tmlveralty of lUlael
percent. ., nervate 1atiKt Prop. ndalnltttred by tilt VtttraaaAAlnlttratlon. talaRYILL8' ....-NFi- B.8. and d. B. deiree uralas proarann who were re held tt Quint recently lta. honorary
U' 1N3. ..................... Thursday, At(. 1. Bark Chapel! Mf Cherch last
from the Ithaca, K.T.. rascally! aurded it* doctorate detreea for
IllllM A. CIt..et. This extension of the ..t,. ta titplcioua day 01 school,.He earned the Ph.D. service trtlalnt gusts .eet.follotlm his death outttandl8 rontrlbn*
president of tat procraa to children nil tt la* tow u. tbs caltadtr of rural lth a najr It for ttndyvlnlt* to It Detroit .hll* attend floes In their ru.f'tI"
National laanranc* Asia other than those of d*> tend the program to Paytt Co* ty. for It sociology fm too Oil* ovtntandlti schools of tog th* :30th annna) tto*. field.
.111 di.l;pet In Philadelphia cad Mrvlce-cwiaected children of veteraaa of la npected to wfold unity of pensayleesli.Fducatoval iraini throuihout the trewef the Metropolitanrlrltitl "lee Anderaon received
recently; veterann.wa* alped into the BpanlahAMrlcatVar.world tilt strength of the Htn *- oriaalia- United Mat*. '! rhnrchea. the de,re* of doctor offuat
Coablitd. assets of 47coapaniet lie July 7. 1884 by tar I. torld tar vote for the first bless of slick h* It asb.r she It also ono of ,... ArchlbnldJ. Carey ihirltd oMtc-
report ki to President Johnaoa.orlgiailly.thet. II, lore Conflict and tit It the history of Incltd; the AMrlcen ton 40 faculty t.ib net pastor of Quint Chapel sort ...,C'I... be for* an
tt* Aiaoctatloa actuary far the peacetime service the cotton>> tronbordMTinc>> Acd*y of Political baecdanreit aid rnclatdttth fuaeral -.17., .laU..hht
statletlcia., li... Orphut Mucatloa..(.. .. ho have bees penanenV tilt Hittlttlppl River and social Bclaeo.Aetrlcaa higher degree cursing rlten.Aroitetd. , Hlllr., ,we r*' S350.'788. tines Act applied onlyto ly *n1 totally disabled That U th* day ben Attoclatlon of progress over th* tenth died It hit ..iU,
000 Client. aald. Thtafepreteota those children *oteveteranparent by 111**** or itjiry attributable 'th* oottMta for ...n rr school Adaltl it retort, ho nttended t Maternal tleep .1111. attevdlti Honored tloni lth HlnAnderaon
tad tan ......or will tilt coaventlesass .....
a gala of died u t either to Httlottl Bducttlot At* and Child Health Nur- tote L,dl8
than direct retail of their lie decided. Ticketed gate for Oilratn'i Pint lieu. van der lobe. *>
sore $17.000,000 are **rtlt* trvle* oclatlon, Arlean In tits Intitule. Jua r
over 1862. Tic It the ....4 fibres or,.. the CM. of peace- for heavy support. are oclatlea of Boelnl4cln I2-24 nt Al Chnrcb of 1't 11..r..., tireddirector AchoolofArchltectnr '
L.T. ..eI,..... 44'.U ,,,,- chose pastor I the
lie noted that laminae durlnc **r tit*. n* tine veterana, to '11. .e Tetthert tad plttl U Ul .t., nt'llottllyltt *. Illltolt
la fore .lth the K..n fact that the other parent Ibm tJ received It lit .hltlidpdttoppol8 laternatlonal Inatltnt lire Jenkln studied I"*, ItntlUI of Teehnoiiy,
oonptnl la n." bll- atlll lived did of _t,. th* laoMbMtDenocrttlo of Arts end Utter. and visited& nt the Vt|. Claret ee H, 011.Alnhh..rt rhletio, oho received
lloa. Ibis It aa Iteraai not prevent the* children. Too la* provide for aierlff' C.t. veil, of Pennsylvania, Arsatead a the .t.o.r fine arts :
of Ml sluice It ate btt il benefit ,p to $110 t Pat tit ir., U; and the ottirwit skid, gas part "Ida*, Jessie; a iushIcr degree, and prof. 1. .
our imCleoett. and 23. fro. qualify In* oath for full-tl.e enrollnent to,. JIN m dy, oho loekln KEEPAMERICA oa ottthrn ReilonnlEducation 11.1.. u: his Albert. Mopes, jr. .
.* th* tni pott.Rev. other, Mrs, Clara N.
: 1110 fa vie at an "orphaa" It tile aid rroprtlotly Hoard project 1I\.t. Unlvtrnlty of
predett( tad aieacjofflwrof teanltf of the la*. beer ,*rtHM Doedy, t Negro lo It i arcing Khicatl-n. and '''"''14 lid n brother.lenjinln Texas, .b* .a* the oae.
North CarolinaMutual Later tilt la. .** a- study for eligible also recital tt U II renearch financed by tt. '.11"| Mieweat *p.aher> Prof.Me .
tlf I***raneer. .ended to uaide children children ntteadlti cote ..,..d..to BEAUTIFUL tilt .,.. idles P.... ether relative rerelved the cue.
Co'.9.f, Dt'''',,JI\Cu: of .*.hru.10 let or pirctlti .anooll .Nearoei. 1* th* county ANInn, tot of MlM degree. l
'''' silt tk,.ent>er* of. hi*. '. died Mnrid '...,.;(etbe *.. .Mr*.t Undltf bo" ,* 2-1. M.*fl.*l I ., ,Ir
MMdatlon paid S31.8ST force In peace.tics \rto nltftl .9leytt.rCoin .mperlerlty ever .bites. r ) 1 -- '{'.' ._ "
but hue bees hared by IlL..
000 benefits It 18823end fron Ill.*.. or ln- ** 01 lbs hlth
U tel lvl are tot a1. politic Mplrwito .,.
reMltlti fro
m.MOOM con Jti7 Mr
', M jat* tt I*r, .......
> .
"."(taos ,: T' vice It the 11|* of. io .
t easy ,N .Net roe t sere
-- -----
'.- ', d.t.n4.IIowt"", wi U.

{ .".,..hi.. the recent nontrntd sV p.ER MAEKEI
"f' ________________ d rive to 8t Heiress
.I" '.' .....,);1. t rittrd to voto. the
.. ...':.j' .'- 1'" "_ plct,rhehn8d drnn QUANTITY BIGHTS. tmiVID

11Ji. ; to** U the firstNegro -
1< .
to .**h while .(. FRESH: HICKORY SMOKED
nee It the contty tln oroooMtrtetlM
t' .... ,
.. J' .' ..,...*.-
f* rt. t twtlM toner SMALL .

....,.. It the reap for thwlff.It PORK
(HMlng kit t.pal forth
Negro toto ot th*
t fact that I* *."*rtdecr PICNICWESSON
e:. tenant fnrner* loIIU :
j; t\.. rto sere ovlitvd ROAST

from fares booatt of
heir .*tr r* ltr Un4tt1U.N t
./ It al&1..
let ha U. *MVI(* Ual 29

9 "1 8..v. yoothopMtr lot I LL,25 LB,
,\ .* *. I .,..."| food
/ 1 1M 1i Into this _t". I pt

i the thus OM bt ntahlMU .
i ,., ...." ,;
.......t'. tterlffpotttt. BLUC PLATEMAYONNAISE
i It tot lm.rlM
u. hire 'isle IUr.
rredisttss that h* olllou
't ."'..n fr It* (
U1H tiM. M lo ItrlMlalo
to l*.ro ***rer tfto 'I-
.*MM !e BtrHojrooo tee '

M dnpotio lest ::19 : PINT 15

r lit* Ml tM UJl M uri '1H4f IM I in St.. if Mremam .hN if4n

PURE OIL omit on rotx ClOPS ti



SUtIr.IIBII n n rtlliMtBA.
'1 Coceca+-orIMSy' ,&.. .lt. r1&N. TO THE

I IIMt too 1'e.-,.".... S belt. N* S. fOOt Cltt STEAK it "U R

/: VAN I CAMP POll & KANS t !X w 2Jtwa

if, _.
7.b r
t ; poop Ami JUY 2 1s. .Mt.iitf 54

) :
.' : .. 4r'IfM
I 'IJ.lrI rs MM MB! :
... IPM< Hpi. TTBW '
> : .. &.&
'. 4"
thsd_.. III' '; cm
JlURIII... 1Itk' ;


... ..... .. ,
-'-..-.-::.... .: ..:__.::...__ -"- ::i: J


mi i, > niiiii STU mm .' smim nisi i, i 1KtSErVICECEUtEr

PwtaccjJil Qwrck Olficiil Takeover Mrs. S.C. Holley Guest SpeakerAt

01 First Born Abyssinia's Annual Celebration

Th* Sunday School aad \
Aula Mrs. Mala C. Hollar, president of tk* Bonoa'nAuiniary .
FTP League ONTentlowj of
the PeateeoeUl taro of tko Baptlat Stat Oomreatloa rill bo

of First Bon .m eon peat speaker at the 11 .....r of worahlp duriag, L
On. Stop Shopping For All Your Cor Nood. wea. Aug. 13-18 la tk* tko Aaaaal 101.' I Day observance at AbyaalalaBaptlat II
At DiicownUow PrfcM. Pentecostal Church of Church. Buaday. ABB. 16. Ira. Dolll ford
Of feat Onion Baptist Chare will give tk* cloalaf
Plrat Born 2, Blakop. addroea.Offleera. .......................
SIMaWHILI+ Edward !whit boat ,..
Th. ,..10 chops tilt
for tk affair
tor. The church la located
t YOU at 1831 ,. Mrd ar* ir*. Mars Alle anr with Mra. D. Byrd ,L LIrl.
la diarg*.Orgaalsta an:
St. Iyu. acting ,utor.In. ,
rasum n SHOoaror '. Elder Harlan thlte raalla aad.feaeral 8. tyck. Mrs V. I

> 11I prealdaat will ,r..",. cbalraaa ,,.. olloway aad Mra. .1. .
rIRMISIStOILZID Other Offleera partlel COIUUIULATIlICl-Danl elaa pi.ld.co-daia.., .ardwlek.Frieadskip.
Ira. Lola .Batta r-
patlng are Elder Willie
DeUctl-0 "|,. 11)11 I
Lee Elndrlck, BlakopDoai cordial aecretary. ir* Sets
L. I..to. Jr.
( )
Al* r.llnlatr Auto Ball Oardner, anal
outgoing prcaldmt of tea t recording aecretary -
L. Alexander Nottera N. tilt Florida Aaaoelatloa ( feles Sopporling
: Ira. 1,1111 I"
JackaonLeila Underwood.Dsaoon .
Eddie Thonaa.Klaa of Negro Deputy sheriff,, aatltoa, Oisocial aecratary Annul I Wooeri Day
congratulate ...1, o lira. lar.ra'
Tbelaa Jordan. Discos
sylraater Edwards and lected .* _t. Deputy fright assistant fla- A aertea of algktlyarlce

RA RRTLII IT Deaooa Booker til Haas. tterlff Curtis L.Tel fair aaclal secretary: >r*. supporting tk*
$,. of HUM Comity Ilo Florin Oliver, Sunday aaaaal 101..' Day pro*
A progran will be pre tics took cite
SSZq.9 "lIted'lIds night. during School Departaent; In. nay will begin lady
U. Aug. 2-J 12th Annual Barb 'DIo'.. ...crat.1'1of ABB 10. at 7:30 p... la
CoBveatloa of th. Aa- '
Totth Ira Paul friendship Baptist Charck:
Urban League eoeUtloa at Aaerlcan Blie, Mr*. Louise lash located at ri "k.tta
.. 6" S start Beach loyal Art Pboto) sad Mrs. Nallnds Rochester Highway 08 i, ..,. plus
w Assists City'sLow Salth, paator.ra. .
.. .. co-chalraea respectively.
-: ...Pad r"i ft/ Zion HopeSociety Ague Cole Harts-
....... : .. Income Groups
---.... .. ;::.. ..,- ;:: To la tbs ITO dpartaat flald la pro graa cbalraaa
: lASHIMOTOIf ...rl, In. I.C. Boblaaoa lacbalraaa of ....t.. .
... .... One-third of all lie,"" Stage Fete with Mr*. C. On road u sight tko
... "
1 Mug In tb. city of Joss sad Mrs. B. Jordan Freedoa Gospel Slagera
Milwaukee art es pec ted Tb* Senior Missionary aenrlag aa co chair of Atlantic Beach will

to benefit from a $101 society of riot Bop .... feature the ,IOr.., .*,.
000 Federal great dealgaed Baptist Church will ob- P. Seed of Allis Chapel
to aaalat low aaro Its ISth Mil St. Mark Group AlE church Bayard will
lacone fsailles laprove Taraary aid tk. .Sr.'" conduct .."Ic.* assisted
HAT OF A SELLOUT their housing. <,oar of tko president, Programs Drama by his coagregatloa,

The rant, approved" In. Chartl tilll. Aug. St. nark baptist Church choirs and a ah era.tednesday .
lat lit nontk.by p la tk. ondltorian of will bold ita annual nighta ser-
Federal Honalsg Adalal tbs church dwrch eel brtloa Sunday Tlc will b* directed byBr.

TUBELESSNYLON atrator Robert & .....r Br. lte. Lot. pastor light A... B at I:JO la .. 0. Oalaaa of, COB
la to bo adainlatored by of the Dabs Progr- tk. Ilka Auditorial, gregatloa of Maeedoala
the Milwaukee Urban League Baptist Charon will appear 712 I. Dura St. Baptist Church 1 ac:1: ,..

_____ aad la earmarked aa guest sp.ak.r.bssdlialsg A tblrty ...." draaaeatitled Tllle. A big goepel cara-
for the eatabllahaat Uo Hat of "The DeriTa ?an with Mra. In a Bliss

9 TIRES of five neighborhood In* adiedulwd .?*.ta planned '.ddt..". will b* presented gospel groups, otkor
fornntlon ethnics located by lira. Lola Cala aadIra. during tb. affair church choirs supported

In blighted nee Olllo arty.. which will boson by the Celester Gospel
uoss of the city. ousts for tko affair tk. Dlxl Jubilee Slagera Stager will .keadllght
f)IWT Inltaey I. Toung, Jr., will bo tea Girls Auxiliary tba oldest singing Thursday I hilt.I act 11-
tow tow 'I'CI.' .
aotlag that tkin la tb* of ifcl ck Mra. tralyaSpweor grotp IB the stats. tie*.
cn vow SICONO Till All perfect gars'lUy first tli. .. Urban la proaldaat. Too Coronation cereaonlea Bet. C.'. Crosby and

ftI OILY S Ln agency ban re* Junior loafs acting aakoatoiaao. of tk. King aad Qu* a of congregation of TrlaityBaptlat
3 Net stn./s a Hot kcellds eelvwd federal fund for tilt Uxlajabll Slsgera Church lICk.caIII. -

Hot ..."' 1..4. pct work said "urban will ollaai tb* annual ., will close ont
ANY sat Lagu branch In 88 Grant Board celbratloo. Frldar .alght Haal
HO DOWN 'AYMIHT. dUN stud prepared to I
Meets Friday <
LISTED aaalat .the go-eraMnt In
all :.... of .psar.*-tierd.r 'ft* Monday School Board HOLtEY'SBARIECUE -i ?:

( to naoslerata Orocn. Of Brat eaorlal AMIChart

k :. ,, t'.. ,," .. of Metro .4tlta will ae t toalaktFriday I
.ICu ia.hs > ........ ,..It'.
( ) at 7:M clock
I.d istiOe and eaploy*
la tko lover salt of tbs
sECOND' SFMTSCAKlllfT .eat," ckarch. ((r

II Young People _.,lIt.deat Amos ,. 1'lIIErIE'CIICUI '
OUAUNTH Boa has aakod all of

WHITEWALL UCKWAUS/ HAOWAIU To Stage Dress fleer aad toaekera to _

FOR ONLY 1o 13"IS "HeatUeatal. Pr...- asks tk report* ......laeladedoa till becoapletloa

nadon prodvetlon by of '1.... NQLIifIs

c N- Ue Toaag peopln Da* for delegate* to tH Trl 1 nth. St., 'NitcrlfRi. '
prtaat. Day spring iBatltat aad ....-
Baptist Church will bo Biota for tbs beach oat 2-Vml .u .
**..t.. Monday ntnn. e lat to Little Talbot

.. In Uo educational 1.1..d. Aai. IT. I,.. till Ibfs N.
bulldlM.paahioan. Kern Floyd aad ...IU.* USA
sad talent 111 olitrlbito tk* tloketa. -
1t MtNTH CVAltANTErless
willbedlnpla-edby owtatwdiag MIEN TH HE III

... WVWMIIN .. ,. ....... artists In U. Th* *ele td delegateebat
... --- ---.-... ... -* MM* city. hiss aakod to also Te* '*ek Tk* Beat Doctor
..11 lesse. ....it MS* ass Miw Barbara II>>III..oa. I! .
attead the netting.Suns Tour Doctor Fi
...u .. ae* ...un..ss a..
iFrHtkomounllfi ,.... "Z... see *.... ..... *.** an Inatrneter at Dong Get nporlaoeod Fbaraaeltta
FREE ...... .I... te* *...I. IM see la Alder_ oubool.sill Home Slate
.F,..tin rot.tio4I :;: :: : ** *.es *MtllTte.u .e.M see ... Tr-f SUM .Arno.. ..Accordl., to yoar Doctor
: ee* a:eeist ....1t m assit narro .. narrator. Ordara. .. 0 .
SMVfCl$ ./r..flit r.pak r ..1s *e* .;..IS ss a asee. .i0 L7.bas w .hf.10 Only Th M.tDr.
7.5s11 Nan: a.. .** ass C.Llacb Oiallty Drug.Proprietot .
!* !*.Bonn wtT) ro to
... .... ..
su.rt esca..l. MM iwuaiMtM
..... .. I
---- --
-.-----..- UI'S IN lifatlitlInif
sin mill A COMFLKTt Lilt OP
li 111 Inl.I.
CoMtieIUiM .CM4t.** aidrl**
I.... IMr aaae aad ader***
I I lip III.II I". flad Ml hit shade
r < prayer *.. ......||.. LWy's Dnr| Store

.4 tg :41SAT lu I'r...,. gar ,.... *,u.:

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nu'l n B. IMiso. ftl.**.,
WIll.. "DIAl' VtfTA14T.fCUANIiWAX i. i l T l'M. fOlJUl 111. I
lUll lUll '1111.IT Open nnJch&"TU '.00

2" ....u." 11 .. .. MO'II .AU..
:: R. S.
................. ... .29c.Ih.. 97.I... 77 C ...... 29'" :Gt'll ''lced Cflttt'l- EVANS
N. w ... lit M ..... .. ..... .... ...-a.rw ..... .u.
.... lit..... =' .. Ut. !tr : :- .' ..; 3RD 6 MAIN .
:--= t: .::J:") '::11.11: J/-: "" "' -"' .
L I Ab, ., '\. ". coo o iB rows Around
,. ,, _. .
-- -
E .R3 .$ gJSlII '

MACH WHITING ,. 3 c Dl'ALA Y"xrL nco.Jt IHD'T sills
e a CHXV Y"". n IK?. courtEOPOhiT.HTOP ...... ....
...r ..... r dM

1l1T Tic 5 1. cu u nuauat ..., AuroiuTic., Am$1295...smsU

THVK> aUltO. AC..'. ...,. ..........
I AMT.L ITI CINtA'! 1lRftt wK M CKtr. wAoott. V4 ........ ...llat
aa. c3k dA CHIT, DaTAU. Y'". All ... .........gf
1& rout STATMN WAOOM: .,......SUM
..brhr M i1.hf art .aD U PLTLOC.'Tf. ry 5E.Y.AIR...... .iaa/5

,-,2tcLJRI' PONTIAC .$1995
Ihe I- -.u_
SHIIIIP IfcF e CH T. Ih@ Y'-B HTOTotfio. .... .... ...*im
N .norm*c L71I... .,........sASI t
Me'tI' 0 *t -.w......... .......As5.
-- M CBPHOUr BnMUa CSOW1 ......-..
M fF. / tM.8't. .....l500NOTIING

MAIN (Ml' WIlT 4M ?.) u DOWN i
AHf '
+ 1 ..... ....Jm si stfawlT9 ....fiwA
t. i..' MMtU HIY tLVI. Q/d =otaj.aw. .*. ajair*wl wafea m 1ft. wm. sDB1 i -PL ...NMR

M atL t .r ._ Y JUW..u.a. 41011M
vJHP P.Iy T. 19WMMTI =.: & oAh1A d...... M e@pot _

fi5W a .. /101 KILN to i PM.a ......-. a : .........tletMM )

---- 1F

-, ..- -- ."
'f I

I I ? "
M.KT_i, ISM riHiii mi "mis __ Viti 1 _

I State Deputy Sheriffs' Association Holds Annual Session



rww wM' M
ly y ,
ti N v.'yJrM

- -

H ANNUAL SESSION of the Florida Association of coed naval Detective 8t. Stills L. teatoa jr. flail aiikt's protraa. tilt President'a Ball.paaiaa left, o.&tat11114 art. noraaa Tucker of Lako City
Depat18berUt...eclal..eI the Boat successful Touatblood sad renaadlaa Chief of Police Kicks City will host seat year* a convention. John Lewis, Jacksonville; rvpsty and Ira. L.I.Colonaa .
112"11I It. history was held AUI. j-3 at A.L. Lists w. Stratton iretttd the dele-atoa.Tae Roa. J. Photo left outtolM ,president Det. Est lillleI aad D"ut, and Mrs tillle P. Baas, both
), Aaerican Beach. Nasaaa Deputy Curtis L. ...tbtrfordII...... tauty Judge was the principal .. sad Mr*. ttston Jr. (center) are seated with pntlta" from Clearwater, Final photo officers
fair (Ptrnandlna) was elected president to suo optBker. Saner above show activities durini the guests. Hr. and Mrs. '.C. Buraey. Third pig from and aeabtra of the AinocUtloa.
(Photos by Royal Art Studio)

------ --
[Trinity Baptist School Convention Instillation Services Fountain Chapel OES Group Barracks Vets Auxiliary Slates t Woodlawn United

Church News Dates Announced Plus CompletedFor AME Church To Attend Confab To Worship At Beach Outing Presbyterian Church

Pee tally .111 hId no 1944 session of tII.lIt.t. Rev. C.L Tel&irtlev. ,',I PrtaldlM Elder T.K. Rasttra Heibtnof Star the of this order city of Holy Temple Mtaberi of LtdleaAuilllary oodliwn United Presbt.rlsn "
3* have core
ftunday School convention Bhoateof the Cast Jack
1WLI1ml&aGat. Oiurch actlvttlasSunday
Sunday, Aug. a at sad state are scheduled
altttd plant and have
30 .. to be featured will beheld hero soavllle District till ... blah with the
p. ta at tea d the Bupreao Barracks Sill.
tickets for sale for
IB Jacknonvill Aug. hold tilt
3rd Quarterly
1 Church School at ,
a abort prograa with rand veteraas of world war I
1111 at Its sew ktedqaartors Conference IB PouatalaChanel Ckipttra Clad U 4r Saturday, Au.. 9hdnittle ... with SuperintendentT
public invited Mrs. Blonaelal stssloa August la requestlsc that allBuddies '..
I I. 4Stk CAt. Friday AIR. T Bt tc Btyrna V. "lesser la dune.
lie Davis sponsor. and AailllaryaoBben
U la Brooklyn N.T. .
.. I ... Rev. r.I. Jo.... Beach.Pasae.a.ra
Rev. C.J. Crosby, p. Mrs Ethel Greta lapreae worship with the Rev. P.P. tlleos, pan*
Rev wales R. Heabltt.prtsldtnt ..,uoed. will be
t ,..tor. Grand datroa and oriaaliattoa i Btiadty, tor till cot diet the
picked up at the fcllowlai -
prelate of All IB chant
strict I has alatedtnrday. persoBB Rev, Fred Bottom Is BaBrene < aoralai la the HolyTMnle NtJlMUht service at
tilt church of God IB of re pints are Breed to loeatlonaPlrat : 10'11 ..a and deliverthe
Aug. is trip Grand patron. Church of God la ?
who lll have tkta cosplled for and Florida, 7:45:
Christ preside .
The choir
., sermon
ieaa ".eb. The The aeaorial sissies Christ at 11:30: a.B. *
Plrst and walnut,
over tilt nosiioB, final roadiB B.B.
| cider dlretttoa of
will leave the of and woods
will he held I. the corner
j 5:00: 23rd and Myrtle,
has Indicated that the The Preeidlet Elder will ; Altna "Italth, will render
eh. located at 70S
Concord! Baptist Church .Bts.
tints IB which live be to 5:15: Ith and Myrtle
we present oa Badey .
: .. the BUS ItAIIInit
[Oval Bt. at I 00 in Marcy Ave.. with Re*.
5:50: talon mil. |]|
to bt followed by deaaad worker who are deliver the too siajorstmont. Slates Observance ||, ikirlai the
ardaer C. Taylor
as Julia Bt 5:43: .*.
dedicated to sptclfle All waken art .
at 3rd and Davis host atalster. The B-B of Tabernacle souring service the pea*
Myrtle Avenue and tasks that tkty are to reovested to be prtstatand The trsasportatloaehdraaa Baptist Institutional tor and choir will roader

Rd. Larry luting perfora. That If to Mat Curtis L. Ttlfalr.Btwly to invite frl tads. has asked all Church, 103 r. Union OrganizationsPlan a proiraa over a local
dedicated corkers, .t Bun day School will hen
.t. will observe tttir ttltvtsloa station, The
the ,
sponsor. called
Blalsttr of, eabtrs that are to sake
ust keep tbtai forever la at f-IO: .... wader ProgramThe
annual youth dvtlr till rrtitaraounday
Elsa Jean Odo. .Nee Mt. Olive Baptist the trip to contact hla tj: Aug. II
a presented la ale interested IB the services OIurdi.wi II be tat tailed the etpervstoa ofBuptrlattsdtat as BOB as rosalbla.uoala \throughout. day with I] Tribe ol Israel) at I p. ".. with
recital Sunday, of pod that we art Sunday. AUB. 10 at I:00 David Nail locatedat Deacon N.I. Pauline aa will be presented Itllt4" Mrs, tied n. ravta, dtrtttur .

at I: 30 p.'. laa to render.All '.'. The InstnllatlonetreMBlen Jones and the teacaora. 411 Nottrand Avo. general chlr..... shunt" ia Greater H.th njUrtltt U chart
auditorium phases of religious The pastor la eipectlai District I will Tuesday, Elder J.II
unaiajilces will bo news Brooklyn N.T will be 'sponsor Cnurrh.A proirMha
of Dis leadership activities ducted by the Baptist the choirs .tII.rat ata- the setae of the actlvl a trip to ABtricsn BeachAsps. beta arranged priorto Reueteau and Ceaooa At.
lilt la ssilhthroughost will be sponsored during Ministers Brotherhood aloatries, stewards sad tits T. Tickets say ha the prtt-ntitloa of herta "tity till have
the the period which Rev H.L. Jones Is stewardess to be hand purchased fro seekers the !rIb... chant of the alitttkprny
r her ,re..t.I. .- Each might revival pleat dell t. for the n .... ...mOl.U f the board lid tilt All aeabtra of the r service at fl0p
Johasoa Inisor. services sill to hid Along Blalstera schtd la the desire of the 1nMss..M,..... IIIu. chinch: The busts will clwMlti group save ben. .a. The choir wtll r*.

t IB the tent at 4Sta t CAt. Bled to appear with tttlr pastor to sake the pre'sot S. SAVIHCS HS leave the church at B rwqueetH to sect at the hearse weekly ., B ,.',
t | will hold n .. with youth troupe ireittloaa are liv. quarterly conference p.m. church BaUrttay la the rellewtnlphalt,
........11.'... Suaday throughout the statopreooBt. G.I. Price of St. Mate the most successful of
the Tho choirs .
from 4 aatil I thee Baptist; Rev. R.
the bolt of BTS.la Elder Samuel Mesblttheads Brooks of Slow trove alll ooadoct a li-aiasta t, ma citu SMHIIPICNICS 1
tkt youth d"*arfMBt.Uatr aoai service darlai the
No Breadpetersen BlIPtI.t;"". H.B. /Aaneaf .
' .(I. will K.UXDalera,1:f! Bweetfield Baptist T .... evening corcip.R.nlar .

iptaker. Mrs.M the BBBday school- de Rev M.A. Mick of Dee also weekly prayer beheld Ifl ll lJ..,
ad Motlaf will
and LIla
partBtnt Mrs. !
Araatroag Jersnaleoi; ROT. J.'.
,..eday at I P.M.
HMdtrtoa, the woaea's
lid Rtv. C.eVosby JotinaoB of Philadelphia r
host pastor. dsartsent.r' Baptist Bad Itt.R. Scott rests, olll at 7150 rtbtsrseodaeaday p.s. I 'II ')OJ.I .

r: ofhtaBcrief Baptist. QUANTITY srtcrALs cone ,iftlGHn I1. 'iIHERSHEY'S
Rehearsal will also bo < Art, \'
Also to appear ore R v..B. MSIRVIO THKOUGH SATURDAY
bald BaUrdar, AI, 11 at
,. Peoples Ha.Bolln
t30! ,...
ptlst.Rev.R.L. Rogers Visitors are alwayselteao
of alttro HMortsl MR
e 4 t. foaatala
Epos |". C.A. weaver
Chapela services sad
of Day II rI..: Rev. R.L.
Silk of Plrst Timothy SUGAR

Rev. ..A. IboBoaof It.
1r Bethel "'U.t. Rev. A.
1 a.sl L. Clayton of first see Iou Rtcfivt Mtttr A l

HOB, .sd lev. ..... BUJTR Silk)
rlcht of ."r.,.... STAB AdvtrtlaarB


"f1 \ 11l1..s St11l 110 % Hasp Hair 5 s//I.0 ar r* snd odr 19

; Did a 3-7979 For A HMM D wflr.1iM .... 5 PHf$ .3Ji

luit I Flew 1/lt.w ar MI ,>

$7.00 Per Mo.litli.it .

2 Until. iris StflliiCiriflH MORTON POT

IffItiftI l Cm I Iu4 lied" _.


formerly .

WI, We.


mn /tlt.n Ml Hffl


Bat ss I' pelt N.."

m 1 0 La... | flt* ./||. M ar e.*. Iwd ut
m m 529en I.

MIMI efMII fill
r .
/ >I" ". .* .f aK> M4 *ro. IACOM

';' "Jl.ifjlf e y 39aTISSUE

: ,
I',.:, lrJ'/ FIB lNh. II.


' i Will Hirer ..sv O -
111 w'n also iii .4 r" liter II 1r 11tt/ t. 1 IjiW ::- lilt usle 7 Ieta.
__ A RiRnB P .... loMe ;:
IM..I&-... Nit'L' twist, Psrsyteakkfit

II wrtefi .. Bair i tsrtsel broil Now > lit 1iI

WfW it'. ,.,..... JACIS'.ILLI'IAIIBI .. PNESi

.... ttlae ... t1rMt ,.-.1 CatUIE .MK.M9 I9c
MVW $TI, at: Rarer .
==_= 2'Me !
.lid I I...... .... ....... 'M" Ik ..ia&1IU1flTtltE. :'. + !
gs MR saym wain.... fU1t11 + 's glow Reao/i rnMur 6 wis .'JI ,j/

l I IUT1itIy

.. -- _.- _. .._ -' -
; -
_.. --- -. .. ..
., -- -
I .. J
I "1 1 ,. at',0, '0 't I" 0 I 1 '1" ,. .

niHil SUI Plrnf a UTnlll I86IST I. 1H4
..-.-.,- -- .
''I: 0
,>, ..... .. ,
!' ., ," : .,
)J(: .l' "

e ,:: ....! \\I

I\l. 31to
: .,

.-. .- ," ... ... ..'.-_----......." ...' ...Ii', ._ ,.

t' Miini's "SII... Teen Stage Keen Competition Elks' ParadeExpected

0,...JnMIM Program Schedule Vigil"I Supported. Attract 50,000 To
I ,,' MOHMT.'THBJ PRIDAT MIAMI ("fl) 811k. w.O. Perry geaeralcbalmaB
: .. ini fcdtrtl oibrlU ae/a the (1..1are
13:00 .....:00.... *.JAZI ALAN lOCI to support Dltddlppl'i
near ooapletion t>r
t',r l I 1:00 *....:00: .... 'flOHU CARAVAN RtYIXlMDIRANoCAU clfll light worktri tilt sixty fifth annual
.... JOOIIIJT'IIIIAUo mm win
too .12:00 dMoaitrttori last w.tk Ilka cln vent ion thick
i';. j I 12:00: a....:.0'... MOBY PAmICEMAN nun conduct t "..lilt rte neeta here August 3138.
liN: p..,.7:00: B.B. KINO K> HI RUBKA RDRU ,U", holitlaf bait .wbrcllu Program blghllghta :
f:00 pa.-:00: p nod r the "Torct Sunday at 10:U a...
I I' ':00 p...*12: M. DQICATION: not R.IOU BVBJBMQNDAT of 'rltad.U," on Bvbort joint aenorlal service

I BIOHT--IAI OT80H WOfl-IAN OTKM I p.a...12 .. bonl.T.rd la don* wlta Rev. C. II. Salth.

a' OCSJa-.N.edrts .Ji; ..,..-.. .I..t..--1so: ....-1 ,.*.* ton MlMl. grand chaplain of Philadelphia .
tp.n.PMOOMBS. The Tiill'i tllrae say ,.., Breaker,
WOUT-MMCW Call...,-I ninnte. ?*... .i ,." broker only by p.i.rby Saccalaur.ataserlca
4, role INOC-D.la.r sump-l aiaetee 1:00: ,.*. who .UI.d< to uk stem- 7:30: p... with Bishop
t: .eOMNinUTY NRtS-Reveread lu Icc.nuu slut. tlooi 04 by poll CM M Gary Qlbba apeaker.
r 7:10: .... and :10: p... who ptiiid out s jay Monday 3 p... civil
wtlklai ticket to one y 1064 liberties progran. MOB-
J 0 /
11ANMAt dMonitrttor.?. Puns ctrrltd day night an Oratorel

Uoo ..... a... 'IAD CHINA VALUSloo lir f* ; *...-!::00 .... .ooaw, CARAVAN unmoiuuoctoo HlMltai to ".Sr. gold March all speaker
.: e...-Joo ,... KrntUAU. wow UL M win PrtltdtBt JohBMB tO Tueadaya parade beglsa
tin f.d'rl support to
>:oo p.s.-Too ,." ROOK PAIL HUMAN RIW at I p.a.Wedneaday.
7:00: '...12:00: I. KDICAnON WOW EUBflA BVttC clrll righti corkers la at 3 "..., a
.. Mica lsslppl." public ae tlng at Ray
mains uroxr-iiuokt C.llo.sI aiaate-7 a. &: ,--
Rtftrrtu to the Mil
I .... front Park dall.ll.
UD41 voiitn.ont Night la the a."..**." Its contestants arm Thursday Bight at 9 p.n<
Mr*. Rhea atrd la four categories: casual bathing Grand Ball at 11..1
1 3.:00 N..-. *... 'JAZZ OHM VAUCSI dent of tt sports and aftar-fit Pictured h.rt. fro. Beach Convention Hall
1 &...} p... '09 P& CAMVM UVnUHDIMMoCAai ten. to right arm: carnal Jud11100,.;0.H Knoll( Many sore progrwa and
:oo ,.a,.1:40 p... BTOCATION wow CHIN VAUJB '.IC. sad ..: ,sports Nlkkl Ni... 502 Bragg nrUe; .Ur.eUon. of interest
'O, 140*: p....ill ,... RWCATION POI 700AT III?. Of PU.r ton of tb* .. Beatrice Calnoui, 12( Bragg Drive; ..!.- will be Nlnoun Cfd.
4 : .....TOO: p.*. 'rwauM UBTORT RUNCMI CALLOWAI7oo 1 Tbty1 r* suit, Andrea Jones, 7113 Pirtridge Road; and The convention will
: ,....1:00 p... oral mu PAHO DIKUMIGN tblBi bat fire Diane Boardley, 3115 Partridge Road." last ft>r seven dl)'".
p.....12:00: M. .IAII arm wow MM OYKM tko* (Photo by Plllyau)
'," ..-.. mmrm on HOUR wt." '.
Beach Shorts
1B| BUllBT
pU Bttdt ( : property
.- Itndo-lB ( DIES IN CRASH MI_MI BTVH-Deaptte eUrnelvn ninmrcli Into tho
TO PIPE POLICE life of the blue ourin there are large eip: TVnolning
; Lost tOUR: fJKIVIRt LICENSE lualtl**
to be flllrl" concerning tOe hremllnn arras
INSURANCE ACINCY: km kelped tuon. Bb* till lane' Jr.
I and laral grovth. The Unlvcrnltr of Ulanl'" In-
hoes tMr\ Mrti'i HmM wbnIktjr 1* III /
**flw. keep of Ret of 7104 M 14th
men | rmktl .... us ...., ta atltut of Karlna 'clenee lion i.ttl.rred lose 000peclnr :
tt mijii.4.< K r ff7 alntloa ", was pronounced
I .... 6/aN II "...., not asking on arrival at a >nn of jrounn Marlin r-uitlns loss to less
"R.22' HUD SAME DAY tlonal hospital after than a quarter-Inch in Itmcth and' believer the
I" lUll our dl arctuHo era amy t>e a favored' fI r>.nliin trmmd ,
\ Servile First, 'Inwrtne Amy bad nouili! tried areklng to routine outrun dult blue narlin leinh aearly 1.000 po.adn .&II"
kaova ?bat are on" of till "Oltt priM at all Atlantic bingwe -
loo In ot the vlc-
)4 1 Nwtitwfel 7 A A.C MV MwA KB>4JS _"" ,* ra......
f JOO /NorlAwnn' 37tfi AvMuc. Op.tocU ..JVA 4066U (' '. ..state that 'M-
I ; MB atopred at "* TETTERINENOW
; Avenue Mid Rutland

Tune WAME Home I Harlrei after having Garden left Club

-Loch Police Kit
operated by officer IN TUBE

Champion Disc '." H.Reed Reed preached OR TIN

... ear on foot
** le add to
off u...,"""
taken at .J .
rate of speed sick 1'1 .
r IB penult, the ,.r.,
reaching SO to B5
an hoar.
ell... ended at N*
Mr fi1. !'t. end Slid Are. WMBMSpolligbl
'UU...' car bit
dead ead without Product 01 Ue Week
..'., his 'JIHd.no
I d Or.ee"A.'.. is his leMdiate Miami, Floridargr

: Nicks Ill

b H ldr of w.rld-a .
roBdcaatlai Record

fr" HHII pi CSS$1POIS 1 era .

\. !


1M Terry

PTM KO* tel:10
r.. VII? ...less
0Iio i'I' 54....

i'; SEE AND : v aIt' t : 7r&


: 1 "!

\ 1

"i ]
: RoytJ Crown is made fresher to taste fresher.

,,' Hear "Hot Line' Nr
0 oJ

WithArt r go fresher, go Royal Crowib

,tae 1st **eltag

"":" ,. :"__::-_._ :"'--.i- "'-' "OII1MiJJ O ....... .r.

.. .
mm i. HM ruml STAB rmu mil


1 ABDOG! Joseph Ij. Los Dfly PrograaBlttg. Attiidoio Broke All ProvloBt. Records


{.\ SM1 r ;, .. I";
{ rtn :
y ere ;:
;" t" '.'. t{ rvMa x11 r a'7 r+ fir, *d J'rrr r 4'1 'f, / \as ,y ,

'."I'I' ',l'i. l'/'% r fira,4 t .
\\ ; 7Li'f, f i' :
; r'f + Y Y NYeQlIyA //l ''A
I"' It sf t t..
: :,

7, d''r

i t ta'

ref 1 pn' .

I"t \, .,'

....""' ,

t ;1 .

>. :

: 4}'!i f d 1
+Jq/ .,t.. .:.,".' .".', :,' Jt... A /: 4,.r}, r i, f
':f\;\,' :' .....,1...',:: ''. ; ":",>:,..
: ..: > '
':: / :;: : ; ; :
.. : :.: .. :ii; :.:;'! .: .1 '
a 'cli'vi. : .
<< .
.y '\
I 'r I ,
) fri "."'

;,,,.,,".',,,, 'jiii'i,\ : '" "

'.J .. :::':<
'\ '\".,.
\ )( t ; '
1.1,.: '" rn i'" ..
-- -

; WOOl IDOL 8UNNT Kin. the snsntl Joitph .. UtCtj drtds tt t klikly inttM toIlOl..". flood Job,
ebttrTMCtkoaoriMtktfo tf tie sttioa's ttlldoit ,.. tkt time tf tie ....r Miooli Arts

plwiromd I"'.. IM hid! Julf TT tt Wale I. Md Rafts tUlblt it ftiilt I.Tolbtrt l School wlek
c Tolbtrt llwtRttrr Ickool tad Jtli :II it DurkttPUld. tttnctod i large ."...due. tf Uttrttttd ute.ers
Itirtln oft sill i eotpttltlvt arts u4ertUi throughout. the W. ftMdlii froM' rot tIM Ian

-- tiklklttoi it Tolbtrt School eel tlttlii irt HIM .... NifhtMtr.Md .hoer school ...IN..

out 1U a daylong series tf athletic tMts and ton, Mrs K. JI,.... Mrs .. (ttllls, Kri. U fit
discs prttwtittont it Durttt Pltld, ill srttltutproiriMlii .., Mrs C, ihltt. I,.. M. ...I..... Prtitlpi
u< tttMiUne rtctrte are broke it I. Cook Hrt. N. ftoloMS. Mrs I.. Rickiratos. Top

city Md eouity plirirouid rtprttntitUtt tot rod frtt lift Hri. illlt iryiit nd ,,....

ptttd for tie ktiiitifvl teas m4 lidlvtdut tro 11 It.PluirouHd dlrt tortUtnttortA.4oj: ,
".." "' .,.t'." plies Pepsi Colt nd Tees cartons tf drills Hri. H. itii, blurt Porrttttr, Md ,,.. .. 1"-
\ i\\'W: sports thlrti' Md caps .*!* sure dotittd by tie soot. PtrrMltll city tkMplMMlp softball teas
'J..<;I."' 'f, foist Cola tottli.s C. JICkMlflllt, IS tOP lasers are the Mttoid-jMitot jMilort. kittltii
,I' photo lift the ...tel.. UI>Clty toftbtJl ekwpt.eoicktd tree lift are: laslti JOIIIBII, Poliittu Ji ktoi,
bjr'illltt (',.|fl. NMry ..a....1111 Ice Otnldltt Johitot, Suds Niches Md T...rtM Ml
tom Md iMiitd ty Cirltos guest Jii D.'irttwt lick rot free It.ft U Pluirtwd Director Md
of Mtritlos Pluirovid dirtttor, .. ifRlaotdJohKoi less ......r, Cirltts Put Cipt ..n.".'"

,." ....taU".. Jobs trove. C; '1IIh.., itrbtri ..ltl...., AlfrtM itddin,
tatkov Kdvirdt. P; Albert lookkirt, Mi; JoknrMaittr. C...". itrtki.. Cole sad illl ....... PlttktrTktrMi
Nil") pitched s perfect ...,.1
..... Ik; WchMl arms Md All Inter Porttt IMO top
port; m.rIMNMi7. C; wot milk, Hjrit Mrdu, ported ky tttMtMiiby la..*," JOHMOI Md tbt
--- -- tAm illbtr, basil OMMI. Jtrwt 'rll"' Jicklt satire ties ts detest Unlit ll-O ls the title
Uston ( 11101 sad Could pies. die I. gi is. earda ..n. ,..*..11. MM MiktM.or tioiMts "...rt* tr.pbp
Clay, Rematch Surprises STttlFICI Saliblllsts P: hary Ie...... Ilj" ..."ra Nllls,' CrPselds wttl.e .. ..... Aldotlt I.,..,. Ikiilt kVtt Tellerprto.epsl... i red
Boxing Font Around World I Viltigs CMAt tse 4..kr c usrt. M. Cuter, ittrvlttrt erie Md trtfts .....U,... .... .... besa/
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SIMIIES :E3: Poi Ice RID 0 r t 5 -:- To Present' Sister

warn wor KOBBBDBT Ml UUTER' IOIDIf to liTtitliatlai offiotn RUTLEDGE PEARSON'nsl..d
TWO UN BIll Mllf f. blows and T
Allot Beauty lalOB MB ,. Ipso sew sad on*
robbed latarday m>nitgby au., Matbla. 41, Of . ttrtalaily different FlirUi State Irmhi NAACP

WEE- WASH-IT tw BBldtatlfltd BOB.irt. MS f. Monroe It., told TALLER OOLUOC .111 bo staged at fab-
Jessie Ditaoa, police bt vaa baatoa and II BCKOLAIIZCONatbaalal sloes tditwood Lounge

h Cleaners ml pintr of the tttablltb- robbed of mo early durlBf tadloa MijbtHoBda JH.IJ, I'IISI t I, 1H4 it 4:00: ,..I.II .
l..d" :net at 110 Davis) It.. Bandar aoralDf.Ht stated Caraoa. cuss /. ... 34".bta
said aba MB worklif oo bt na at a local tavern todlaa at talk era' nova, the ..USa, Sister Mary ST. PAUL AME CHURCH

DRY FOLD oat of her customers whta two BOB ease cad tloeal cou.... tin N.lyrtlt sill bo teetered daring ,

hair wboa the two its lot his after bariairaatbaebtd An..,..,orte' tat a ....0.. In. J. Clailir list Pestsr
walked IB to tilt shop bit root IB school was burglarized lbe special bbeday alittttttrattloB :
k 1 1Oii. n' uU 'tU, li a search for the .0",. arty ttttday aoraiai.Bt till alto j MYRTLE aUlu M 13H Tim
They drew pistol tatd bt heart chugs
atleb-ap. a and tester OB a obroaolefj
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of the thee back to his room Toitiiatlai, sew a .uitaodlaila traawiorr ptrooptloa.
'H', taking a BEAVER( ST. S SEAF000S
Clnilii Service watch, ttdrilai riots udu where they beat his a- the hU..,. dating back to Hatatla
boat the bead BBtll bO A vtodlaf Baeblat had and African cults la- .
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Pick up lad Delivery loci of Ill I. lUll sally oat blddta.Hatbla flet raatbacbtd. at laapatla.Naro 2677 W. Q AVER Mew K EV$.2633

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uun I it EBKEIOII PI 715-1505 at the ease. of the ilI bla landlord, Ionia ltd- b eel locked IB the Sister..".' iptrfonaaact .
I client wards, i art aa account bat 11iig.a by tying la the historical FLORIDA LOISTERS ARE HOW


sister I.".' boss lo FROM KEY WEST u.
located OB V... Blditay

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1 a 1a to Kdwrood WHITING W ( .
Loaait Maaaitr Haib
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staged for JJLI.ISHUMP LI. SHIIMP I n.

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the LOUBIO'I disorisiaatiag -
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bat one of the Bicy roatoaa IACIl
eeq..1.1w MtlMILOBSTERS
why Ladle. Night

Orant. -dwn Iradford ti your a oronce of tip ,,oaltty} ..t lewtft pciflbU' prka. la OtO weekly erotd.presented to a KINO 'I"ten..

Women 79Cu.1 I CRAIucs It 01. 79
ersets ow redford brand It year beet Mrariat tf top w Iltrat For SCALLOPS ,
10"tit possible>> prio*. Rack and rtry BrtdfoH appliance ItMO Jotaoi Organize
to riots tiMtln apMlflMtloit to l" row ffldMt and SMOKED SEAFOOD SPECIALS!
eonoclMl service. T eta kv with nsfld.so.-sour armdforf with tilt seabershi6books
applttao tt filly ..: .4. V" er4rlTol.* for budwte of
open to all IBttrttttd ,- RIGHT FROM OUR OWN OVEN!
Omit 1&0 r.t *t sell la roll**-tk. tatlan art passed oa U
yowl i iPMtqrt aoaaa la DuvalConnty
the Doaooratlo KING MACKEREL ? .... ...... 69e ,a.
far PMttirt. ooaptrt Irtdrerd ippllMOM rttt other fnwa
erioini TOITII te ihtt t bay better UM Bradford at any Toss for Johnaoa itt la
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keaMbor, If a slay to .bay. your In appliance at InItt-
jut aty, ta tIt' aatloaal itttlai last
latarday sight' U the
Re ISe11ly _...T. ..,. 013 t T.1.pi boat of Ira. Jessie rutaay : -

17U ,. 41rd St.Plaoa .
tort Initiated to
aid IB the currant rotor

roilitratloa drift and
era JL to also stage a laaalvt

sass ...U.. to bt btldIB
Boptoabtr, Tine, date
and place will be anaowotd -
." egaeas. .and.terse.1 later.
t ---_ Those lattrttttd la
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=y151.1k te.sge. ea,. Bay call lira. HittUDll
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'1* dir.*e to ttmty
.10' '..,.ntu. central Jaaalt Thomas,
'for 1cIav..I.sepsis! "eo..wlwce"re.wla tf PO -J4J4 cad ..... RaaalRoaa
three rut-frMtlii akelvt III, B lMM.Fll .
V for s.p1e ttonf
'Book SNIT *x>r.t
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225 aN.., Ices for aaa -ly. 1401 T.33rd KEN KNIGHT

It. Call <:Mr 1:00:

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-IrwKos You To Listen To-
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