Florida Star

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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

I =..., n.s.. of f Fa HISTORY

. : .:: 'Leaders Halt Nationwide Demonstrations

;. . .. .r'"O"COURT . . . . . .



* * * * * * * *




ret 14-n. o JITIIIIT istin 1, ISM 15 CENTS * Sports World Mourns *

Leaders End Shooting Ids

MIAMI GROUPS SEEK Cities xn TORR-rollo.tal Civil Riots a Stars' Tragic Deaths Wise Argilmee1Aa Hirchiils.

o-hour tuult sating By I\C. Ctt.a.naroM arisant suadk
..*..d.,. sit national Sports laforaBtlon rector b...**" tw alleged,

riot rights leaders TALLAHASSEE--Florida A&M University officiala lllis| slue merchants
TO OFFSET RIOTS ended itk U. shootlsiM4kopltslMtloa
Issued orders bMsln here expressed deep norroe in hear
"., .... dtBoiitrstlosssntll ing of the recent death of ont of the Rat- efo
stttr till NOT. tlern' finest athletes star Halfback ef eke srlseipsl,
* Missive Voter Reistr.tioeDrive . 9 rilditlsl sloe' 1111. Oallnore of the Knrld football tklle tilt suspect U

LHHr SIn' tloa.. Champion Qilcaco leans. said te have escaped

Pieced Into Gear NAACP At tilt clot of the The worts wrl4 ass Btktn tk* claUSes ef the

Four M'I'.s Mtlni, s ststMMtNS .d toh.* Md .... I 11I11'11th.. riorKUAkM lit for tM srisl>
MIAMI- -Bellevinc that the nation'a Negroes gives out itrtrtljerlUetilsi early touchy sorsiai Cnlwrdtjr M4 the state City ..t..tlTs said

0. Red GIlt "clrll rlnts" atemed frosi rest Mitts nor prl (Ally 37)' Tk* toner of fends kite lit sirat that JMI .Ue fright?
at, af Ml Jattersos
lesness, local Negro leaders folloilnc a dtatlkl candidate MrrOoldMttr r An grid star was stklt' Mid till
IT. A&1UJ1'DlflIUort.. recent suult eetlnt, set up a nature and urged M** killed is ss into seel ..." It., MS USa.. I* DunJM41

to frM s local alBlsUr voter registration drive here this seek SundayA gross to la,dlsty] deal Ut iBiidiy sight" Upon Uinim .r tilt ,al caster Mrs lilt
jtlUd air koldUc e ...*,.*., uritry lartaoT
HMdlBI OOMlttMl for 'Jae 'IIp' voter rdUtrstlsa along ritt his UtMit. stusnlsi si, Coach
lie ...th, ilt bout a the blockbykl. cola National sails ...... loss and political& and Jobs rirnisgta.Aemrdise Jibe. 0ittr Mid. ; a allot|| from

p.mtt la vlolstloB of sordlsssc noa"to-ko CMTSS Mr*. Atkslle Range, iptkr 111 give the Utlvlt ta MUM r*. '.lUll Oallnore *.* his hsek.
sllai ltk slat for voted setup bMsla** leader *". ilia address luadiy MMtk Tfc* ststtsut read: one of the nasal koy* I The /..l4.it, S*-

while MUap. sore dltyd *- Ilk other ao4ra typo I.A. Covili. orsattr Jti Brtaeh ef the "*. bIKr* that ra.eI. t. hu *..r eotckcd, lit stfdiai ta .*...u.

..dlll.d., by the drives to brlBi the hthtl ACE Church; COM NAACP bold Its wMklypvblla M has .bees injected tu good, bled, cotrs' "Kits, t.c. lsrkr sad
St. Jokss Circuit Court. tnd other civil rights sass a.*tlMtat. r.A. onll.,. escerrad
Negro vote sp to a 10, into tk* tupilin bjr tart Mdtit, s4 s
'. and socio-clvic Oily All Cksrtk la the TOO bloch ef
rvtBi four Booths U, 000 total la Dad Cou: grasps.Accordi.i the Oold*tr forces sndsnDtl 1bl.te. PseryRattler s.
br to Father Pranklla and Plppla SU.Rutld Ashley It. st aeostla
county Jail 1* Mv.Goldl U eratilts since the Senator kla hiss site ..
RubtJiU, 8r., IC ocd Birdrlck Kr.fr. Gibson antUdflpbla |* pMrsos, State self Bststilsklpo* I sad tie RsltUrs es kIN wkr irlskt sad his
NAACP ofncisl .hon ptblt rdstloaa .... NAACP sid Jai arasok'pr.ddat I assailant '.r. ..IU..
staff la
( .) tktodor R. 01 b- (ItlontkitelTll rights aoulti. klils.
arlctd tot bold sos, prMldt ef the visited Sisal te air sstsoslacedp, setters should be hit ciao ea till a4ak.lavMtlisUre .

til s atlsi Bltb 25 llMl MAC .... Tb4rr. v.y why uSa city *1UUs Aeoordlai to Mr, Fist* te the iUti." "I fl as tkoiik I aid the
otktr proB Is s pub on* allllM persons cos. ial..e.tatiss et Is ipUlBtn that the ksv*toil a MM. t tat 19 as ere slllstls <

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tad MS ltr coa lct4 I,' ,. apart ltk racial 3au Silk Iaa... atly.lie,.. .s4 Md plated siststts to the MlUtsa.sriw .
ties count Judge to a 'Ii atrif tar,of Ut. NAACP lOt": Is tilt '|| a4 'II 1ka ""at flared sMM ,
bar south tra. also 1I.lh. the Mssllsal ..*
It are a let ef Orsni 11.... Classics
The dfidiats ate ...." that, the stricture ernnlM4 psblUaat t* Coat Ita the rrslri Vies. assd ar/iht.f. sisal Ins

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lilt seek t* ar .1.**. fer er .ne ktepMi. te M aCM ., .ttSCo.e* t..n* slsl4.IM .
release. tilt alslsttr. tae -.btf .Uctlow.ipM4 Raabl S ou tie tIa roan NIs ef the hors. .d trtl itsrlwl I.

jokstoB sriBlaa that te ether state r Mt Ue ...*"..', swiss, "iiia rra ear k* salted tk* trai.4r" asr iilk. seep, tit,*lk.r
BibuikB eotitltatlMslrlibts cities sanely JsekMBlll AttM4lB4 the ...tlsiwr ..UdH.II s rml road *.t |tat an4 the *a4> aassMlklalatkMcknn
sets bttii Ho .. TMP*. Orludo.I ,'fLI: c;N KAMoI toy tDkUs.MAAcr. ; .H mtimd tkrv4ac duet 4.r la tk* kliurjf asd n.. "... the......

Iitd Is that tt* d tI' I I Port Lauderdale. test the. rcatly .**... ......rU. Lather list.sac both players fra tMvrfilclt. tk* calse liars aiikr. rifle
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Oil whacks. could MasBbl lou lutlst Church; pet.,.b.ri aid f....- ... till setup tsrlABBeMBitt 4."Ipk, Irtkrhe4 dl4 BkoHly site trill death. ef a ko...1.the 100 bled

to resist arrest.Osrlai Garth. Ms of Its cola. *** le pat the llMpIsi dr .or..,. after arrival Bt jatetrCMBty 11111. Collars au beta. .f lest Court *!., >>

..d..*..,' e __.A _. project isle ffKt. aid ArlCIO .itmtlMonaltU opltil, reported kMlr felt kf tk* taasllystaft. tatls'a. **44.

court ..*.10.. Judge CHUMS Nued New Preerta repents *i aKr; ttlt. ,..lIft.n. II' \.el4'
Hone klll latract4Onaty Tortes prairMi ef the i., Toast, eietstl tlitlsi sere IPpmitly stated Or. 0. *. Pena, Pickets Promise

Clm Oliver Uv level Crush .111 bep 4lr* ter MstlMal OrbM rttsraUi. tetklr k4 af tk* dopaitaw/ HMI Adios Al
too toa.are IsforsttlMfroB Dwol Mtdkol C. it .h.l Is a44illa te L..<.* M4 Joba Leele| lisle' Minna itt. ef Malta a4 rlU. l lfce
u* city attoraty, teat las la, tie '*irMslitritlM ef the stalest Ns ">>...*' S CbllM h 1 ae .< liM. st MM. Its tiHirdiliftrrlai
< to seat tb* ......I.". is*. Tie '. .. .
B poser several veeU ago, a young- anther noticed ) drive kii fUlMt. ceerdlittlsiCMllttM. t* S .. k* *M
city kM la dtdlBf M tt that her young child see..d nervous and carried *a .by lrtiA.* seers are trail)M st islet, isles aid r*> PORT LAIID11DAU-1..

the public BMtlBis ore .aa losing ailght. she took the youngsterto tkrbot till 'hlt. ktittli fr tblyMM llrll la ad Ml.ld* M the srrtaf
dlBiae the Dual Medical Center and esa told ptarMS Ms.ldt4.Tb 2 Cbir6edWM ****! a the Cl ef the *.*.*"*.. I' bench. t ss4 sites

that the child needed to have her tonsils 4M.,.1 .. II. I* 1 age Aii 'Stare la MS *.d.l IS4lfl4slMdsl / alter ,ik.....,.. Mia
Court Forts reaortd u soon M poealhle. The Medical eor4lBly| issued t* all .. I'.HII alfll.rf Field Is CM- .., his eiilelliIU A MM., frl4l eftt

Center ataff scheduled the operation for HMO1' Mttly ,. II. ewe isle rnti si.* !. *.. tie eerU noetMc Vied 0.,.., ef
Property Sale! edaesdaj of this eek. ...tin* reu.Nlaes *f P.rlchg" Ieftn ,. iota placers. k4 at t..i* liars rri.*. u. Pow f said likes'dap

On iedji.adu. the mother took the child tether gee Is s card Mod la city Jell M IM44. a ,1..,.' .*.(. sisal wlktllrfsa4kl. ',....,.. ,......

At JekyNAU.TMPtitll We to the hospital' and heard the sac fault Ian bldli saber barf** .! tMeallM te leg earlier la4iyrr. peal es *.* Ik* ease Is." ef a 4rlfe.lausire

worts, "Knrrj', but .e have no space" city proetrtf Md p.tlllarMy II..c. .**trvtlt* .hl..1$ Mr MU is.his. *-
Mt (Go. HaaiesNefroes ars. s. n.r* Jr.. .. ...
| The incident related In the paragraph IM M art ae H I* lace aceespied
that ..]*** eoBtractsiptlcltly above la true. The child could have Mona BM) .Me '*4f MflMbrvkM ,..u.. ef fUrlesAM lie rile outsgnaw UlkMHi rite *sl4ee.

forbid r** cardiac patient or had I sore serious To late a a..., ef tBl' ..rilly, Sale 1M din/ty. Trelpea eau M| Mats saef

vial 4l* rlBistlM. a ailment bat the answer could had to be the puklsgs.tfa rMvatlr, Ibis *.i.*Bt btlrlMUt k.t. lest sa Ml ,....U.. the Tkaa
federal Judge here .......t ef Weef .
aaw.. The facilities at the ovtwxted ktral Nit'l! ConfobATUMTS1 Arrested l.a4y ky ttiMlH MrMitllti, derfirl 'n".lo Ais
Ib'C" krrd Medical Center are otertated anl on tll.a..rll' City Nil** MT JM.* set W t."lahers TM late silll ai|. lr ea Seat "arise
sale er disposal ef of 25 patients are tamed lie first 4r4 *Mre*. K. ef Ik* *4IsiiirttlM ar U loft If..<..!. I"'. eeell rese.s.Nt. .
BBI- ties I* M 4.ra fclturyIII '...ll .
slate*eesed rerty daily due to the shortage of beds. TWO ia+a. l.>Md Crlt ef r. .l.k a e Jr I* .. JeSsieo *..*..
M Myll) ItlMd.Ik set, o"sv. Ctrl Md Clllle ...* CM!*?. sal tttiMt b*.y site kflat *4..llM.. IM VM Ml iMllkl.tot .
This Is jut one of the ,.... th* flori
>....., .... ,. leers
Mtl*s.gregatiarolsg ir*" irwUr wra.1 te
da JJTAX U tirgiBg Its reader to support 31, ef IM flay at, Sae II AllAa.tIMlalfh..s IM issued ay .... the bond lasae for tbe en .eHlcal center I* avriia'. 4litiiMU an.r '***..li r.. ef lk. huh ef illll .*< is* .*iia be ....."
District Judge trash tb* iwtwtrill .1' sjinr' ". *05 .1 it**!** ,,..
Jshw.ss ad
orslaleed'Iw5 sews
and to yule TFft CM TnMdar.Augvat 4. 1M4. pert that Ml *r* ir le he
ia#r.bcb MtB"d Sisal a.._..... ,.. .. Ace **|trlty' wee. ,
There are other reasons .ht' I cond aw4i* k*M4 late, Ps.arelees of the .. s' w NAACP a al r*
tat slats free 41*. see t"4 *.r. aisle b iituri. *4 .I'h'*. arrested
J.T.e < 5. lie rierle ...rt* er fuMdayeltfil
canter la asset It
cA an to n cnejauntty.
rotui *f the eteertyM brings doctors toUt coajauntty to coeplrte .... Lit' >*...... tat L. fi" saeirea sac. *iatByMll M M. stile's a.aclalba. ,*..**... a re
tat r.Mlt efaoM* flMt ef his rave I. I '** Ir Mitel tie
their edicstions and sass of thrti r*.elnin bad k. .,.... Isle( I* Mid Ik* OfMl peeled seethe ells
plslst. nl4 by a SM ... M *l.ttl.* la a sftr **Uk ibypnaM4J .,- peseids l ef tsl. flse IMI .|.I| Is4tle. .*lr godly *rlff* si tae
the coaannity thaa iacmt lag the aeowt |
halt ..... M4 ..,. .
U Causal Negroes yB.* sat wee it- SUM ef Ill Shies
of apical. service available t. the real ta Mei .*r. her remise la set **
Mid**. Sets" BM r*
Jut a Ttr. tie iftlllly k4 Irn5i1 ....
deaf.. 4 lama 1141 !* .4' *.l* ease ay M s,lll*.
Tb* lajsB Ib state true CWM II t ersat.e ea e .... .., M< U kl* sUe Mid ke eaa .lrMl MIM
rite sad .., ...4 KsieCklltl
,,..nUhI.r'N II the not to dlataat fatare, n nee ...4nl."f'd t... ..*..r ., ..... M.*r. Pistils *** ,*!- MUI a ef .
edlesl f PM tae ... "N -M ***!* ar* M eae Ii.deismist
Cuvsl Center
ey XMtke Md ,... lawn Of H'l
ascb tae ,
Iris aslst tBlty'lft M4
IJ..... 1'1.1.. BM
alt of a nodern nedlcat school aid
UltlM M tk* ItlM fame *>f tlllletJlMfM .. |1MevIp.e4 si a le.
aren trslaLsg school S ksSlIb I .... .f (N MisrIces
state part M.MUb = nod .4lcal Mrvleea in a cowavatty is tarl aeser fA s poet s. I IM grille .n..I1..r* ere tai. .....,...
.BM. tb* I Ml* *, the sees ...* et.M4 fre M use?* ,.,**, rri4 e* *srd.a
ne of tb* thugs .. ....c" dICta into a..,I.f l let4
CMtMtlM MlldtBf.MvarlM. f.r**... .'. laed.ts ,..ar. (e site
them ,feltS I' n ae locatlo. Than n food Dismissdte rim ..,., .,... if Psila.braee. it disule$5 554.0.
gilt ...*... ..Id tk* cities etC k|. bed islet ell *M. *. ftste lane sal ftl...*. M UN
...Utel center .ay bel* to attract n*. lie r
plal* *r. *. a rMl* chatty nod. sans rcyrvllax, .rims. w p'...t. fill**. flM -.'. ,*" cslldr.. ...1... I. ball MA Mf t\
4MI1 e..4tltM.tat 'ft,. i* .*t e.* iii- villasho ,*.*(. a *. al4 Ma4 > eta Maa 4 T. tr-
HOI cw A ftfiIIHUR: loft MO DID JOT 17MIC2ZTR n....., i. s 4 f* e at
.e I"'"V t _dsi alasssd clal ...*.. Uli I* aaalltlial ..Ia a vwsaei3 b and ..-., ........ M* eta B\ siege, If. hi
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... ir iiiM
.. 4.UM
4r 116. 5.1 lN.P
u biht eaale
et tip M .
ir a ejilcl nod easy. hUM UM ....1. .0 ,. elll. tie to b/as ,' ..;; freAwlOj
.. **4 ti le rlili Ml % Mtrm Own 1M ...
Mlll4 er steps asa .w1MO II sate fri** I* U* 111r T. file**. M; rraI
lit ,m.rtylfcrMti lKs4Cast **> ..*. ae.l here M4ey M ...... IIM ef to.t..5vw .
Mf l..9. e tfe4l or tat reee.'t< *ros4l ef tie lie ....... .ecet .r* tsar I u f p.0. IJef t. If; jMeI
ra sat
...... er w4te* .
prcertyalc4.1)' .d "iIodIles/a Ide1 ... .".. M. .sCts
tlMJ......perp.see ef .......t*. Mys w5 2.It yo cnaf t fln4 eltWr .... last slga eiere ef,.lie. lisletuptieal.4 .... ....,.,..is Mil lava"eeelll.... 1st else.IS.ale... I If*. ...u.. flsfek4WM .. ,.. ",... W Id I

M nlfidkvlt t#+*t IM via ,,...n,. ass AIM. fa Stall elH ,iw Map I* tvav et
vial 0 ..bl" sour'guiles. Seize belle*** 51waeeit ::: ;
runs. sill b. nt I** toll*. 511615 M9 are jaiMS loge *...... aM ...... ..... 11 ** p,*HIM .'.
.a4 ..at ft
ie ea..af bo sate U veto ft* for Eke In .Mere sites MysrMl f4 *
If .. ad
.4I s islets .. Asst. M (04441n .., bL7N PIE di1lMs4ftwstW
1InI'-; ;: 1.a Orz.al ...i..I Inter load It... n.. SF4d eeslasl tit .Aul .... SIN Ml MH Mft.'Mfe ifciiitH I
fML suds ai.ap. e aapht lsgeMMN
... I .
g .4 .
tar ff1a 4a to .... .
fm M.* avr b* /thtlf! 545.4 P.d

...'".......-., _..."" .....4.-- ..0'f'>' .., ,": >Ii 11, I" :"',, ..'.. I n

-- ----
.. ..
,' "..,

.. I

I rani urn m PIUS' warn mm. I, 1..

Politics ,As Usual
c mj .wn5.eamarMOrA4nI -

,.*.u...d by The florid star 'abU.lab Co. lBJ Asks Henry Ford, Top leaden

:: Vmbtr of AMocUtod Kepo rr_' _
) To Help Sipporl Ciill Rkj&ts law

IIIC I. SI.'SlI..11I11111 Ether President Johnson at a Whit House lunch

MUSS [. USE.... . .. Km HitifIllli eon last week called upon Henry Ford II,
Roger M.Blouth and 240 other captains ofAmerican
MSSTEN..Circelatiee lailier industry to use their influence in

support of the Civil Rights law.

", ., MAIN .CfflCE t PLANT: In one of the largest meetings of billion-

:1 2323 Niieriil ..d....'...i [Lli 4-1112 dollar corporation executives ever held
President Johnson said: '1 intend to work

MillliI' Address: to ensure that every person enjoys the fullconstitutional
11 rights ana equal -
P.P. IIIU1.JIC'Ullllh/ I.FIirili A l J L 1I opportunity that are his

1 birthright as an American

731 HI 3ri An. Pkm 377-1I2S The president sought their
: support saying: 1 ask you

KBKURION lAm to use the influence and position -
and you
On. Tear, $4.00 Half Tear, M.OO I
f in such abundant mesSIMPSON
Mall.4 to Tot Anywhere is the OnlUd StttMButocrtptioB possess
payable iA advMeo sure to persuade others that the law of
tad Chick or money Order to: ( i/1td..: the land must tie obeyed."
The arrival of the business leaders in

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX Ml Ushlngton to Meet with the President

Jacksonville 1, florid created a stir at the National Airport.The .

executives case in 90 private planes
Time For A Second LookA including a dozen four engine Jet Stars.

sociological concept "Cultural Lag" This ...Un.ID support of the Civil Rights

has firm me grave concern every time I Law was woe in a series that the Pfesi-
dent is calling of leaders in various
witness the bitter frustration that the

i non-white teenager or young adult finds EVERY SYMKM. Of U. S. DECENCY THAT I fields. The next afternoon of the President Labor
met with the leaders Organized
i himself embodied In, when be attempts.to
r pool his individual resources from all over the nation.
toward a positive self-Iden aaBaiaBaYour The text of the President' remarks to

tits or a recent goal asplrstlon the business executives follows:
level in this community. Our Constitution and our laws place upon

This is by no leans a local I- Weekly us a duty to provide equal justice to all

problem as I' sure we re all Americans. To fail to. observe this duty

aware of.It seems, currently, attacks the entire structure of ordered
that all we have to do Is to liberty on which the life of this nation

on our television set or Horoscope Guide depends.
read our national papers and magazines I ask you to use the influence and position

and this frustration that I speak of is and respect which you possess in

put indirectly In our laps, and moat directly abundant measure to persuade others that
in our view By PABLO Tko ASTROLOGER the law of the land mist be ooeyed.I .

Cultural lag can be viewed as a term did not become President to preside over

which represents a difference between the WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR mounting violence and deepening disorder.
cultural attainments of say. one ethnic I fully Intend to use all the resourcesI
have to make sure that those' who deny
group against another. This difference is BUSINESS
not based upon biological or innate differentials LOVE TRAVEL the, bend their pssslons to peaceful obedience -

&. ...AI to law.I .
as some might propose, but - - -- -

upon experiences, derived from the socloecotfoalo intend to work to ensure that every person *
and eavircaaental netting from ARILS AVI MM IN INTILIIOINCIAN Moat RIANJNIRATIVI IMfLOVMCNT Jan. Ifith enjoys the full constitutional rightsand

which the youngster Is spawned. The reasons Born March 21st thru IRUOITION. OR TO AOOrT A IT .It FOIIIIlt THAT YOU equal opportunity that are his birthright

for these differences need to be April 18th '- J-f1-11J lUll II 1011 AND MOriTARltINVIITMINT HAYS WAD A MUD TIME aa an African citizen.

viewed frankly and objectively, and most TMII SNOUtS at AN ii. ,P505NM. CONVINCING THE rtRtON But this cannot be done fro the White

of all become a concern of all of us.te CKIINT MI0 f M OUT CANCER 1 2Oe91054LIBRA CLOSEST TO VOUR MEANT House alone. I need the help of every Amcri-
can take a rather traditional view of $TmDNe' ''t01I1C rpoaMANttINLTNta Born June 22nd thru THAT YOUR OICItlON Iwo can. I ask you to do this not just becauseit

this problem and say that -throughout the IT 1C rod tc.Iloves July 22od ACTIONS HAVE ICES rORTM is good for business or for economic

,.,historically speaking, we as No1 01 voMtur MOTMt Jon Sept. 23rd thru COMMON nrARI. YOU stability. I ask you to do this because ,it
I groes have been by products of much des- r :'ILT.! M MOM Tut CANCIRIANt lIMO MIMVITIRIOUI Oct. 23rd MAY THtRtrORt' II. TAKIN is vital for the America you. and I know
'ipalr. 41,1ertat tionrtref! totrwi8tMi"'-row..*.... ., P1aee.A..-0Ii'-wt-,...,.,.,' A "slack IV A hi* lUlNONIII and believe In.
down the line and come up with a partiallytrue JOINT miou.cii COULD ATTRACTION. YOU &11110111 THAN till.tV TO ACCEPT YOU Much of the work of my great office Is
thesis that all our discomforts an ,., devoted to preserving the freedom
the product of the majority. groups' apathy n"nni IN' WHICH THAT IT Route MY TO 11 WACY TO COMPLITI A CO'OriRA- .health of this country. No day goes by
and Indifference toward us.In other word.It" ALL TMOII WHO All DIM reuse. ass OrtN ass. TO TACK ON MICH, YOU HAVE .TIM TNAT II NOV VOUR without problems whose wise resolution is
his fault I labor under no pretensewhen Important our liberties and the strengthof
discussing community problems with .. You AM MMiTtmiiATie TAitK. TMIII All icccr.TIONI YOU Itch TO II A.P515 Roam ItTAtLIDHll TMCFATTIRN our people.

anyone, white" or Metro, that the problemsof ev THI MA*. AIAINIT WHICH YOU or TNI fACT TNAT YOU CAN IXCIfTNIRI Government is not a business. Its successor
be overlooked statementsof
43* of Jacksonville can failure cannot be gauged in
nonexistent. know that turn iNoae n AI iutr ro* TNt IAN NB TH'T'OIl CAN. HI CM wilt TALE A IRIAT the
or dismissed as profit and loss. But It requires
the average non-white family income of ic 11. AI TMIT ant tu*. or vou rociuioot ANOrvTm MOT ArrORO TO LIT IT iON or? iota 'II.... Cvmir :same qualities as any great human enterprise

Negroes is a little over $1,000.00. Approximately pa,IIIN, ', YOU SOULS atiNOfiNe \ ctrAic.. THo.lor tiuot YOU, POI TNI tucer YOU Apt COINS TO ..the qualities you bring to your
half of that of the eooe vteuiNTHIH TOW 'HO NAYS TOUNCIRMOril Sale At weLL AI Pop ITI MI LOULIT"'. YOU affairs
average .. work-moderation in the conduct of
know also that nan-whites soon
,hit family. responsible innovation to meet rapid change,
occupy 60 to 70 percent the imagination to find new solutions to
re* TM tAVIRM ACCOUNT All JULY TNlll POI A TO You asp "0 RIAlltlN
levels such service
olo-eooaoale job as WO-II-.7-3I1
new needs.
ers/wmaon laborers,and private household UNMOUCTIVI ass lICtVIION AR| TO AQUARIUS The Presidency is not Just a place to
workers. And last but not least we PUIPeats. M'IU" MUCHINVOLVED Born Jan. 20th ttruFeb. protect the present. It Is a focal for
of lltak
I realize that the TIC .0'..... tIAVI YOU STRICTLY ,. the possibilities of the future. It is
l Jacksonville take its toll la adding to ION'. .n.. ir AN Attoc I ATIBIHURI. often said that a President east have a vision

the frustration of the aspiring wage TAtfftOS a.iOO4le44iil you MOULD NOT of the America and world he wants to ....
t earner.All of this weighted down by heavy Bon April 20th thr sans.lOaces' 01 OITIRMO MUM AIMINBTRAIWT I believe that to be so.
populated non-Alt ceasua consli- May 20th t. I 0 AT YOUR Hosts

t\ ting of our disproportionate shaarre of de1 TltlII NO IMM IIIMIte Ion Aug.July 22ndTHIi 23rd thrw BCOIMOBora Oct.: 24th tin OOAI. IT NOT ONtV IIITNIN Encouraging Juvenile DelinquencyA

terlorated and dilapidated housing cant ii ANT sill re* ti. 1C ACM, IT CM MCM
so,. 229dAH
certainly give vent jo the common feeling CMCV ,..or.. At you it NOT IIACUV TNt TUCO IT THE AOWA. abort time ago some 7S student skipped

5 "101 did it whit folks, aid if II'I INII, oteTieNALINTIMIT TINI TO Sits TNI rAven THIN MOMNTI NMIN alms MB llirtAV TNt going to school ia a Chicago suburb fa

BOW your problem." wouldn't argue these AN* CMATIVIru or Tel. ruovic NOR MO.MININT YOU HAT nit TOO WNtURIer rRcrcR AMOUNT er CNIROV order to observe what is known as "...Ior

:, historical fact that I know are valid, MITI all CONCIINII.r ANB INrtUCRTIAlINllVIOUAtt. vouRtitr TO ITI* our AND 'lilt. AT'U. YW ditch d.,". 'This was a direct violation

but would and shall look beyond these | UNCU, TILL VMI riON *- TNIt. MAT er TNI iTATf,.r CONrWtlOU NATURALLY HaVE TO II of school rules. But worse by f..... was
\ facts and see if there aren't some measures Te HON YOU Ml ATtlACTIS SLID APPLY TB TOW Nat IN WHICH VOW tea DIPLOMATIC IN MATTIRITNAT the attitude taken by a lumber of the

4 of self improvement that we can AIOUT YOU IN.TtNTIONI tin tiN IOMIITIC II. TOO OTTIN riNO VOURtUr.AltOCIATt CONCIRM Yew. A|. parents who falsely stated their childrenwere

: atllUe.. To get at bat I' saying let' AN. II sissy tATIONI MMCWNAT TROUW.IIIT ,WITN ACOUAINTANCttRMOCAN MCIATIONI AN* rOCRIT ill oa that day or involved U.qo.e
postulate this very realistic thtsls TO roue UP WITM ttu M INrtlRIOtl ITANO INautNCI SODA TO MCYtNT AWT MOUNHRiTANBINCS urgent family business.The .

Through the current civil Right Bill the sea CONVINCING' UI.II U* *1 ATTITVMONVOU' Pam r, YOU TO aces AtAV rOM ANB COMnKAnoNi. known 'Mi tea day" participants mere

Federal Government baa taken a positive *U. l' HOT, you MAT YM tNowte o* IITTCR IN VOU MltOlT CWIMNMINT tit MOITION were suspended for three days.The Super la*

stand, rightfully, to provide us with PING IT cost cW\un. IN YOUR BIAilNtl site MM YOU RIAtin Teat IVMOtM TO ACNIIYI MCVIITV AI teadeit then wrote to the Board of Edu-
a mechanism of righting many of these afore TO TIT M. OI1AIN tstcstet REAL IITATI riirtl, NOTNINO, BUT fRWtTRATIONI IT II rot*i ni na AMY.BBI ratios and said: "if tie attltades shows

mentioned historical wrongs, but at M e..e*taAloN ItriciAttv TNOII TNAT re* vow, ace VB MOM roe iiITRONB by some of both parents lAd pupils la relatioa -
the aaae tins aaay of the right that we er TNI MM N ..<. niTMeiNe **i CONOWCTIB CecilOICtSaLLv. MB im. Tails MITINtt .0 U LL NO BOUVTI to this ditch has
have M gallantly fought for will have in Tel Sat orTOUI Yv as to toe moral
outlook<< mad fiber of leaden .
effort whichis otiitveti u. M.TNOU'' IBNOIt TN| rw* vwu ACTIONS.
: to be earned mainly by our TO Bill hal r.RTVNll of
c and
.. lust iNrtlCATiONi *r rpmeat fwtvn .....t1 u...
a .gLlgtlw faini urmarnti. IB other lint te ii .A5IICe MIIIN'T liHMlRI '1 TOIIIBN aCRi7.1lS I aa nnfomadly concerned and quite pa-
Till Bivitir.
whichwe M eoi nwjAi eooe UKIte IMMMtVtl VB BlMAININB '
words with the ease steady rhythm iaiatlo
about the
future effectives of
MINT aIW Scouts salts
Rt.o" uu VMI ooITACilt. Bon fob. lath tan
and denouncing IN a TNT Pew
used la march protesting this
TIN or say school la teaching ta wmlme
larch 90this
social Ills, we should now march HI 01 INCH .... iec... of
ATINI 0* r''ltlNI TO personal pridehoaoriat.geity, aaortc-
a* vigorously into the: city libraries 4ED4l 144744 TA/I P5CAYtiIaam s'ua .* -* .....,..,. .. .,a is TNI TIMer aaaklfl sad rwapoaaibl. clttaonablp."
aad museums: city cultural eallsatmeatprograms GEMINI TNI VIA* Sea THEm.c ell said The
parents who lie set
f..>>.It-'' aaexample
education and Ben '' GalIITTARIPSiota cAttaMmIes ...
: adult programs nay 3iit tan for their children that directly
educational Not. )*rd thaiDec. HIM OVftTltl. OON"T
any otter cultural sad actlvitits hat Slst lUtVM Mod inevitably eorafM jweall dells'semi.
that are available for our lifeedltt viiooBora VmlRl THAT yes Will It Ie
Title IB NO Nil Te a short step from MI.tsg
r .... Motivation towrd this end mat VOMB ceitTiviAoiitKMeiTa Aug. 23N thnBeet. MC IM BNC WHO CM SKIPS TMII Sits MMVBW sebool to sanioTM1 er_
mould be provided by every kilo Utltution 'tciuv 2 4T'cN MT TNI ciNfiit IN vewe AAf CWNIIBCMB ftIBMV.
f. i
\ mad agency ia tae Metro OMmmilty. (.mm ..........., Teat C YM etsr VB BSBIIIATIintB
rte TNI till or MRve LIME Mash Oft PAST THIS Will
In COM Iii I.. Civil Rights Bill or acme mes e.e MeI""a". TO Ulin IMI ' ..**t vew Last ON,. VB_ SC v.. wau-etiN*
we cannot expect or should lot expect ...... AID ve.. INININS NA,| (IT >w lM 1*| gals .e. 1Nf-LIwte. area dsepe 005115
tt certain staa4e.ro art colas to diminish .. TNCM T* rvouct. ,......< ....n.. |TAVIMT CAM saws iiiSMS iwICMBMV. ee teE MTwai er veoMtllS. M 11II- .....N leelltnamec..
to laatiUta estrV ..4.0- rowsmrr MB ..,..... If NfBIMBMtt !!
oar .." A eimm. N- e.v talliese lib 1'1' luris'It.g ....ee is ttrwa
cial .. of Tel 0wSTAell B RWMMIN V* Mrs T.Cm aw
acceptance into>> these area
eMluNIty Pei Y e55LLPOa WITN flies ..
c.I" Mlv Phag .1.. "
all "-MaJ. xsl.pygt.e .
a .11 'n BWBMV.IW ...MT OIMM MrwtaiVMt.Be es.emanated
fruitful relations aaoai a.*. tr* .."... er reuas TOM Pt555e5 me ...... IM ace .... ami PiMD...
Dealt .A5MfMIMS 0Oaat MT *cv "*.*.
.gels to have to flgt' Jut aa hard far I** IITUSIVI MeususeeL e.e riAM roa ass, 0. aM .. .
tel *** *
Social iatT4Um SIN M* illMVMUia TMtlt. T\ CB( ... WMVCMttTMB **** wee. .*. ma
these M we did the other M-
MWOTIONA4 rmnNCBMN sm1 A* MII .. .*. *f tae IoL rwr
MM IT WviLi1mmi U..IL' Sae/CATMan r1 if ---.a..
ia Mt worth a dime iltfeomt news was os ICe"nN teas Mtn t iHBwMttTRNiiNet ...* *a Ease *..,
'.......* lategratlca. la ord.r to Isis te toss CBMMVIBNJIMMSBtC VW V* .*.
acTts woe site "'tf. ,. wIMKTIB aaer e $55-time
JWC. fco
ibis, "'r strength till lie ia oraililf a. Males rat .,ft. IPNt Wfl'V'NW SITS em T.4l pHuai reiiiimi| JO
.!. 4RM ... .... I oetwttuclCWA.B is
We mw10saaveeLVe. mm a. filii .Gavev sae -.I" .t; emasm.Eflss emit tae If Lae
I w. *,t ta* caallcaco *f eltwrti ......,..... **M.t tats sees ve Vac'. ATTW area
aaajjasloa sad .4..,.... ia order samea alb 1'11II' IsP0005 II pet SeOS 0 Mle 5..1 .N.MM Sear'meawatsa
... rlleu1D mieniv
l to r...*ee fc..loea..U aHaatft V sad W .. T IBM TiiRKBll tel *M* .7as tW ....... ..., .*..
U IlltftN BV eIvsiea sin.M a rieke, CNve : ** M.I" ..-...., mum wN.eg.
Sa .
iMtl yga
shad. **. s .
:,. lAC i TJM ay.mmMan nwr wen ... Ml aa.e seace VW A n T ret .. .... "...,


r .

. -.-*.- --- -, -. .- --- --. -.. --'- ----- -. .

I .
SITIIIAT mm 1, mi rimeu mi PAPAS PIIE 3,

Program CooliineslA New Stanton's Summer School Champ Visits Noted Designer Gibbs Graduates To Attend At Alma Mater I ITALUHAUn

.,.. v ,,. ..._ ., ._
Ihhsstoa Sckol Program Has Record Enrollment 50 Institutions This Fall

Tan' Summer EIIrl C..lt. State a Pipetlkaantos E?. PrraSBUkO-Glbbs Junior Collate alumni all
pro gran contlnaea at ba studying! la more than M InsUtiona in the
Senior Milk School went into the
part tope Livingston be atidylag! la more than JO iastttationa ia tilt
School flail week of its all eeka' surer props (ACM
frog | t.i. to
fall according to a report rileiaid by EdwardHayes
deale Bummer School andSuaaier Recreation ProgransThere )
4' P.a., hll,. guidance counselor so....................
were 700 students enrolled Utheachcol program *
Pupil* are engaged IBRhythale
with IS laatnctora according to Principal 1 i t Hayes said that approximately 19JJ-84 school tan.' '
activities, Charles D. Brooka. .............U.......... I
folk and square dancing, 300 gradu Bays said tilt '44
leaning raga of varl- There ia n wide variety tronlca, Mr. Steele la ales Moat of whoa art graduates will be Joining
out countries IB male of conraea being offeredto trying' : of the '63 and other Olbba JC aluninl at.
supervised by Mra. '. the students, consisting "To present an .. classes, many of the nation's .i
Ayers, of English, Bio tary treatment of tilt I..b.be atudylagiaS4 finest collegea) ,
In the area of arts and lop General Science basic electron subjectto located laI x
crafts, under direction total atry, Basic nathea- those students late- I .. end the District WEDDING
of lira. A.O. Robert, tics Business atheaa- rested In aoaa phase of of C llllbl..
ties the broad. field. To "To data lit ambers BELLSFloyd
pupil art engaged ID new Applied Mathenatica. ,
'needlework, designing Algebra World oaphaaica the areas of of tilt 'U graduating wllllaas, .84 ..
collage Md painting History, Aw eric an History' needs most argent to the class have applied for Ashley St., 23 and Vir-
P.-.cIICJ1)I1I1ur."lItd Foreign' Languages and individual. { adalailoa and have been gina V. Dallaa, .84 .. -- Miss
tqr Mra. *. Pennark, who the Introduction to Dlatrlbatitta "The History Instructors (, accepted In 34 inatl Ashley $t? 19.Rsaool Marguerite ....01..,, a I
reported pupil are ad- tdueatlon worked to provide for the ---- t titlons, 20 of which gamma 1844 .. teacher at the Iroaaavilla -
Jaatlng themselves to along with Autonwdianlca.Coanetology students a view of the Cl&IUS CUT heavyvelgb champion of the world, were attended by other 14th St. :ta: and Jessie Junior High School
school life aa well aa aid Ileetronlct. put ia terms of current congratalatea Ceo Aims. Nee York cu,' top graduates during the M. Campbell. usa g. 11a.l. Gutl, the regular,
leaning how to let a- doaaatie and world af hat designer, in her new store located In Hir- Ito Street, :32. school year, ia strung
The objective of the fairs Herbert Lee Morris in the office of the
lOll with other lea on Seventh Avenue
In the Mathematics dapartaent. Ml. Zion Biplist 1J30 ,. nth St. 23 and
11 all dent at Flori da AM
Mra. G.f. Spencer and F.h& courses are: Mrs. Sims la a very' good friend, of Milton Hood, Freat
its .. I. Lou u. art "To review the tun dUIIII- the goal of the singer and promoter of V. Tork city, farnerly Owendclya I. Taylor, University during the
Schedules Joint Fete
instructors was to have IOU Madison Si .
Remedial tall in graaaar with a aaaaer. Mia Piackiy
la charge of a native of Jacksonville| She has won 30 aw r< 4la
Reading. where children view toward increasing' pupils understand the different cities' for oar unique hat .tJl,., P4.ATM-Mt, Zion Baptist Geral R, Rlllott Chicago received! the L I. degree
the atudenta'! ability to structure and nature of Fall ill. 22 end from FAMU.Instillilion.
ara tanfttt phonetic and will start her creations for the Milton Church will celebrate
akllla.dicUonarjr akllla speak write, think and aatheaaticaand appreciate Hood Million roller 1 Fashion shoe to be held the Ita Und anaiver- Dorothy sic Bradley,
Algebra aa a tool of cosnunlcation. lIDS Cuaberlsndj\ Rd., 24.
basic. cords" and various listen correctly 2nd Saturday in October st the beautiful Carlton nary and the 10th of the
methods to attack new The Surer School Typing Terrace 811 nx- on nroslny, pastor, Rev. N.'. 111! Howard Oreea, 2221 I
To neat the varying needs letle St. and Nora
wgfds. program la organized on Mra. *l..a 11II.. site of iisrold T. lias, president liana. beilnnlng. wedneak 21
of a standard high school Mae Scene, 22)4 Lea
On the playgroaad aa intensifier bails and operator of the sins Trucking Company < evening August 12 at Services Sit
pupil are participating: whereby the student receives course la eII..lltr.uon. of :New for'CIt, and State 8 0.m.1ev. Street IT.
in softball, shuffleboard ext.eriehces! in all of the objectives of Joseph (Calhoun Calvin C. !nesalth For R., lelliir
the technical Inipula- the Seieaca departdent. of n. John Baptist 1113 Logan St. 38 and .
quo It and other pastor
Mra. Roberta la tiers af the typewriter Foreign Language counts BIRTHS Omaha Social Oiurch.cholr.usheri Theresa V. Tyson 808 Local nlalatiri and
gaaea. that through further were designed to provide Minnie St., 31. their congreisllen will
of the and coatreiatlon of
coordinator c'lI7 experiences and study, experience that will enhance .JCC ...... Worker HonoredBy Orange Park Pla. .111 Loremi Ssadara. 1)81 feature lastsllstloa ..,-
ter. they nay gain vocational the students skill I. 33nd: It. |B and Fan- vice begins 'tag Aug. |0
efficient. la foreign languagesreading -- II r. and rs. Kenneth AKA Sorors have charge of services sic T. 1111 i.se, StAuguatlat for Rev, t'L, Tel fat rat

Visiting New York In the field of Klec- writing listening B. Oeorge 122 South Must. JII&br.-lpl--! Thuradsy. sight AIIIII.eu. rla.. 3D.Jaies tee Mt, Olive Ba tt"l
Henry latrence, the and speaking 8th H.Ju Host) Boy. L, r\is*.ll, 184peirlag Church
BOO of Mra. Ola Lawrenceof Outing Plinnedno Tie t Ii'. or Distributive M r. and Mra. Pert, Sri Ailelald Turner, a Rev. l.C. Neal, pss- It. II and Various auilllirtea afth
1424 Johnson St.leftTaaaday JUST W Social and Pducatlon Coarse was designed mte; usa w. jith' > case worker for the tor Of St. Thoass Bsp- patrltli. Ana Rob I a sun, chic, .111) apotsor
<)sJia really and Children
with tilt Hew Savings Club will sponsor to develop "P.o.t ,- st retaJ'; .. tilt church !:choir usli- 1MI t. "tlth It., 30 tilt tightly/ services and i
Stanton High. School a trip to Awe r lean .. readlneaa within the Mr. and Mrs Otis a 'nlet.* 11011'o.d era and congregation of James *. Davta 111Browird frleada and the generalpuklit
Chorus which will play Beach on Friday, AugustIt minds of prospective aw _1111111I. 4000 Voicrlaf here recently for Jsckaonvllla will have St. 44 lid ar.* cordially in-
a week's .engagement at at ,:00 p... Tickets hers of the Cooperative Road; Oil her outataaiting. a- charge of services Frl Jostle MM .,.."' 3131: .. tiled to .U", '.
the tor Id'a Pal r. aiy be secured five the education Departaent. Mr. and ins, lillle chlavenenta la the day wvealng, August 14.
nenbera.HOILEY'S The ftuaaer School offerings Fields; 1710 Payne .t,1 "human" relstloaa. ertycstloa A local program till be
at Nee Menton Girl. .. and ciltural ctmducted and a vsiting the
was the only program of Mr. and Mrs rtlllaIlllane. progress 1 ..1dm.Me muster alll conduct
its kind In the state of 13S IMQrrrea as* preerated tltb| aervlcea. The public HOT NEWMUSTANG

BARBECUE Florida.This program also .t.. (Steve Cove Ergs. ) an award fur community' and vlslllai friends are
baa benefited ,11I,.It waa Girl service and 50 years'aokerihlp cordially In"/ ...
under the supervision of In the Alpha !
IUIEC.EICIICKEI Mr. and Mra. Jeff farr;
Charles D. Brooks principal NOl: Oraat At Girl. kappa tlfha Sorority Deputy Shrills
r [ IEEFUltEl r of Net Man ton *nlor vr. and Mra. illllsaCsrseell. bf Delta 'i'ill<> <*.... QI'uK ttI.I'F."tSOUTHSIDE:

FINK 1' Nigh School with M.Oavla. ; T3J Jefferaont. Chtfiter.. Holding Convention

eoordl astor. .. Girl
PIIX UK ,, If. and Ira sack C. Outing Sponsored The Florida Aaanrlatloanf FORD
Pine Forest Johnson; tajj Pettier Negro p""t, Sheriffs
iCHUlfiUTKSMCXLfcT r>Drive Girl. flare all! be a 411mfprlrastrlp will sold Its annual coavmtton < 530S Isoeh llvd.
OrganizesCharm Mr. and Mra. Jaaea til4 .' apanaoredby la. Nassau funnt*
Re. 1 2ltft St., MiitrliRl. Glut li.si! ., Aiany Acre (cooper s radwy K*. at SIerras' beach August
)Drive; Girl ..,. tagust Ird. "The bus 21. Oeleislea/ will ba
2-MnH tl As a part of the m""*errarlchaoat ,. and Mra.' lallaeaLacaa. sill. leave :IOU Brae- housed at the Aaerlian
program %t ; 3411 P. Llnoala diet/ ha al fJO: a.... Beach Motet af M. Bar' Iii Waad Ll
1411 IiHI I/. '' Li pies Forest 1eaeatary curt; BoyGrill I20 *. ]]ad Street stI netl. med the La Siesta
School a Cbera Club 4 dark aad Ird aid of ... JarkanM.On .
was irtanlred fur girls Memorial Daniel Streets at I MB.M. Huaitay at 3:10: p... 1? wx
enrolled" IB the "wrrHeabera ... a proiraa till M held.
ROYAL A' the Club Meal Diy Program Ml aeraoaa |detected at Mre are: Beverly Brei..ley, .., eoatact the wheel of Feraas'tlaa" Bearti' Thepnseram
DAVIS STREET prealdeat, Metes Jci- The eta of lineal '.IId' or ire .Urlaa *IUIMBst sill Hlllla, ,a 1'1'rqi +

ELgin 4-1894 BOB, vice president: rial Htr rhurrb set silk |}}] Daniel) BtreeU aertlag aa '.C',. Is aafelloes 4
Seams Lewie, n rflte". Pew f.', 'Johnaiai rye ; D
tilts CIIIS.JmiTH Melba Hrrls. tree_rer; tit toarisslied for Holier Midway Opalai aelectlaa; (1.'
ul.. Floyd cb"i lela.Itoaallad their annual ..n ..., vMBtloa, lee, dlltafd.aastar .
..IIILITf PHTKIiPIS.ILACI .. ..11.., reporter Itch la acfceduled *eHi AHE Church af Maee4oalaa' : <:'Vewie. "
; Debars)u Mills..agt ; UrwAoat th* dy. Billie| | L. states
I MIi1(... CIiiiIHITIIIALS..UIIPS at araa.. Telarla Offlcera for thIe' K'., Dreams ..,,1... If, slate areetdealire
past, Sued Cell ,.1 tli. bretl,. ere rkarlle *1.I. lggtaa alll be atalalatereda4af *t IBIS, Sheriff N.J.
11... Jelly, renorha. gvaeral. Joel..... la f> aer missy 1 Tawniblaad, PrefessarMlrta
.4ICIU r .| ||.. Charles 1cfthty James earaer. n -...lf heeded al He Vaa I. Btrtltoa, and
Sail| Carter atrlcla Bad, till WIIHwII.cftalrw n> Bare sta. Pew, i, *. Chief of ,.u.* parker.ls .
letup 'lIe- II,.... *,lerlerracford. *. model ..*....." Jams,Peeler,aa>>aaee4.Owl ., eels, .... Sea
Cynthia Hills, secretary ; Irs cater re II eel S ... sine, lalredailla af
Open Dally w Paaela Irene, tamales treasurer: f."v, '. ftRlcbardaoa. lacer and ale.sr s, .Mteweideea .,....,, t... Tel. fair/ ,
.Mlle. r..li killer awl pregrsemain Bane | md Met ....11. eeesser,
,t......... Sublease.Th. **; Albert .lii. J ..... allb M| ..1..- Nwwrabla ,.... .,fitt4,,
s4. of the .ratal- flasac ..*..r..dI.,.. sires end leaders sill Nes..* taaaly Jadar; ..*
stlea la to latrodace rftrlde, east rbslrot aerie durlag lie ..|., I., I.I. irr "l, "'.'
the glrla to the larortaaco villlaa ..1.,., dews aarvltea' tellers are ....lall ai ., sr..I.r..I
{ 5r of being sale tlae *ev. fwrtle tern- ", 'hll, mailed, t. illlla' B. ,..... ofCallahsa
,. adjaat ber....leaslU adverllee**. rhelrai, Sunday ,ct... at t Na. ir trash 5.Slaa..m f. I' :
a changing eat.,..* Praallln aakaMetdepnaaora .., wish. ayerlateadlS.C. : I.trc'Adin II
.eat, ..It* will serve dictums. M**!' pert aa4 tea keraU ...etleserase Mnaf** ,
aa a transfer In later lit.... .r.. are <4< eiraaa fara will apes uetFa ...."."... beaed/e'
years. aa4 4.V. ROM.tollrelall aelleliieaVae lie.
OM of Ue hlgfctlihtatbla .a dhalrae* ( .. aiaM, 4.a.et
seek aaa a ran. Tooth fat will. le aaMf bell at II see *v .,. fr. B t.*. Mill,
......... ea .e tepid *4 ftta4_ a* d M a. rims a..alai e'i.blp'" aa4 the 'n. Cadge .lads,
..at deed ..aaera SeaTs at I r..- t.r Ma .' 1111| alll *f*sat IkePreaid

We,.. dutr actlelllea ell aM ...,.... a1 ISIS. .al' Ball alfvaaa &.... .--.-,....
The rerUn,de a* UMpaa4 /etledt Ue sersiel| a.r< ... U* VLMM* alllel BMI.H*.M, *.*!. -
mere else Pa,lePlefd. e via at tl e/fa.. alialev. ell alee Ibeea alll M amidol H WeAe PI"- 11Th lflffffRjflt
lira ....'1' >..aa.. la dent. .Megae. "... sees Brad let, MM aneslladaellaa. The yesib rd clidrse's
alaa Hlba Mer Chairs will r**..r tae 1alin 11 (Kit""* liner
tie aad dies Felaila Malt ..*., .r..tU. altr WI6SI WI8SI
real ... r.I. U dahrese ed SIM m trHt-if liIN 'HNIH fi

Hiytti YitifiltII Mra &Me" Ilwfltld.I .. (frf ," Sol MO % ....i Hair Itoumi" tits Hi IsNNel1, ..

lit Pork fen I ) Pita pins IM K J m'J for A Ida Iiesiaal ea him It. Phi ItffitwlRiftt lime

luck lillifta / M+s4.i li (iH Pie
I'.. tatell* .
ar eMtMa ,
.. IIIIIIT1Iw1lM .. Natal .l. Art* $7.00 Per Mo. j avari I
>aalo4 b, Iia,,... r pnm bCtf.N. ;
Sal"eraiu ..... .uja.bwtr llM dab all} a*.**' *
You To Deal To- .f de. asS I'" Mater lrtf I. tJIII TslNlalaal 0iS'e11{ tI 14. aidedna

... RV S..|.,...... Its.taellellIIless .... *...r..,. aatola fulfill I Miilli, lice Stflliftan tlffflI Pr...ype. ....a '

........r.f *.. Smelly be ..* till ,!..*, .*! turf in Cm I to (%. ,* g414 e'li keo1"JsIeMd
.f Sees "....... left ........" et 1ee ....
"DANCE PARTY"I1H the tttf frtdaf f.r sees Uft 1&.., f M ... .4Ct VANITY aWMIM VMS 4114 ko.'t' 'Ht"ohs
fort at*. .tata>U4..l i vraatrij s
kNee. ... /SH ilr.+p'.
I1H MM TN .'.ru till attic .. laM
.... ...*. ., h.....* .. s M.Kal fee for ftffftfffWrf hen= lire. NolileP ...... W. ,
I....,., I ,.a. 'M 11 I*. Md fHaaa Md alll .. .. a.4 Wf SfrM MIIM4. a ) 11'
..... IB* Mwflrt ruffMdi .B/ISpe.. IBA. l1.rT ,.. 'M .4IpL ,', t:
1411 $., 41..11s- ,'N"eal sew
14Ii WIIIC ..""". .tot.... Mf V. Mlffi 1 ll. M. +* (

"' .-.- -...

." ,- .' .. ., L


i Fountain Chapel Veteran Groip Plans Fete Cherokee Division Schedules Attending Nat'l Conference I

! AME Church ... Court Of Honor In St. Paul

1 Love petst will be Seotta Of Cherokee Duuioa attending the Courtof

I celebrated rrldajr light, 5 Honor ,....d.,. _.. ft at T: 30 ,... in St.

( Mr 31."'., '.1. JOB**, Pail AIR: Chtrck. 221.. Myrtle Avenue will receive
I pastor, annotated. noaerot Merit swards Atty. Earl M. John-
Fri ends are I.n ted std. BOB announced. ........................

I the pastor loots forwardto Scott to receive the Lewis, Joseph Lloyd,
B large attendance of Lift Tank will b*. V Jars r.ro 1., h roe ParBOBS. .

the ...ber.. Reginald Calvin 'l'TRI' .
SUNDAY'S SERVICES 1 Powell, Surgery lug, Also Just Bawl. Paul

8Wld l' services will Bobby Miller, Charles .. sllaa.Oeorg Starksa,
begin with Sunday School SlBBoss Hi, Nturlce jeass Thtaaa, falterThoaai

at .: 10 .... Superintendent bryant, Dan Dukes, Aol Robert Toney.fddlt .
< David Jones and ton Koba. Brown ...J.1.

the Instructors .111 be First Class hoaortas: Prtsler Gary fhlttJaaea ,

I on k and to ..J!COM students Rtnatth Porsht, James Alford Phillip

I congregation ..- B. Poole Kenneth Stewart GI.. Anthony Sat. Berry

: be rs and guests. Adults ",..-. -.,. .., Mathew Fields, ay wood, farm A. r
I Ralph Jonas, fllll Lee
art urged to cooperateIn jonta.
AlWiraSAAr PROGRAM-Tbt Statf oldttt singinggroup
building the Depart Mack, Beary HontgoBery, Also,. Roland reeks,
the Plate Jubilee Sltgert.wlll _
Eddie Parker, DotaldRogen Coleaaa, Jeso C.
teat to an Increased their Urd anniversary Sunday, Au,. 0 at 1:10: AIIDB J"or.uom4..nl --
Mglaald !Rogers Ckarltt R. t. .
Downlsg. .
BSBberthlp. .
p.'. la Clkt Mdltorlua. 713 W. Duval St. duringan
The pastor la requesting auspicious PI"O"''' featuring .11I,of tht city Nathaniel singleton, Glass, Anthony Grady, here last Sunday to tttead tilt national Convocation of
that all choirs and 1 Boat outstanding gospel singing groups feaberafroa Larry Thotptot, Brlaatavla. John Hsrrlt, Thoaaa Methodist Tooth at Purdue University la lest Lafayette Ind. Mr, from left

various deptrtaental left are: Robert Brown, bass; Paul pountaia, fllllt Browa, Harris, Joseph Johnson, His Gertrude L. IItJ... conference director of Youth Work who will serve w
groups serve during' the Banager. John sea,, first had; Saauel HUson Jerry Bryait, Joseph Jolla sou se.rd.ard RllaDirtd /, counselor; Nrs. CUlleB Johnson conference president of SCT who till serve
11 a,*. worihlp for Con- second lead; Arthur Black barltoat and Robert Thoata Cheater Bryant, Soloaoa. Stanley M dill, MM Beverly Mc iteration U... The Ashley Holmes, Rear L. rc-
,, Prater, tenor, James tllllus la ttt asiclaa walker Terra ; Miss Donna pith, Orlando; and Miss Betty Slapwn second Tic president -
semon will be coadueted and utility .a. Bit public It Invited. L. Scott Johnny L. Gala, James Soloaoa.Alao of MTP Conference who was crowed Miss Conference MTf during Ue riorida
f at II'to. Holy CoBMinlon. Johnson Ronald eu.l ar. Jlany Thoapaoa. Annual Conference of the Methodist Church. Mitt Blanche Jackeon.Conflrrnrc
I .111 be adBlBlBtered tt aMtl Arnett, Bernard Ronald Jones, Gary Me-
HYP president left hit week to attend the/ national Kir and will main for
I both aajor services.At Testimonial Slated First Corinth Boatoa, spencer Cobb MlckensUriy McMickens, the Convocation.

, I p..., tile pastor, For Deacon Gregory Davit Oar, Joseph 1110.... Maurltt
aocoBpaaltd by various WashingtonA Baptist Church Ptrguaoa tad Alvin Ter- Anderson vilest later
board offldalt and MB Testimonial program I rill Ronald Beltoa, GeorgeD. Abyssinia Schedules AME Tri Institute Emanuel Baptist

bale .111 tdtlilster la honor of Deacon Me* Annual toeiaa'a Day .111 Second Class award.*si Jones, John N. Lee Begins August 12lhReglatratlon i
Holy Co*BUD Ion to ths Kialey Vaitnlngtnn who has bt observed AI' 9 Johnny Slaswti. Crania David MIIOB, MichaelRuBpbrty. Women's Diy

.Iek'.d Bhttlas.Nfs. nerved for 41 years is throughout the day ta Townsend, Johnny Powltr, J Ben j wi s Jenkins Annual "Caen's Dry will for the Comneflcemeflt Slate

0. Plttaaa, who leader of District 1 and First Corinth Baptist Albert B. walker, Quea- .dlill Jenkins.. be observed August 16 inAbysslsta annual Am: Trt-Inatttute
It ill.' her 1241 treasurer of the church Church btglialag with ton Cbopr Eaory Steed, Also, dlf Jard Ortvet.KtnBtth Baptist CMrch. will begin Aug. 12 at Conencraent *ierclses
Pippin St. Hote, nay receive .111 bt held Monday. the Sunday School with Morris Based, LiroyPrailer Orlffta.rttllshs Pauline Rollenit t ...., and continue for lOre than 200 student
visitors. Sat it t Aug. | at K p... in the Mrs. Sadie redd aa guestsuperlnteadeat. Caper I. TlllasB.fllbtrt. Andrew. Mrs. through Aug. 11 at Edward of the Vacation
amber of sttwtrdtta auditorium of It. Car The Thompson, Ronald ho..- Reginald 0..... Darrell bat requested all sponsors waters College. Bible School at Ftanutl

J beard i, atl Baptist Church. lesson will bt reviewedby tree, Carl boa fist. Past Jackaon, Denial I. Troy, and tdvtrtlttaeatabe Tht dlaing hall will Baptist Church will bo

The 7 p... s.Mce will Program participantswill Mrt. Ida Scott. Bell, Charles Ellis, Douglas Barrell, Lletel- reported sunday.The open at ( .. .. Aug. held tonight at 7 o'

be ,receded by t song include: At I ,..., irt. Lettle Robert Mitchell Joka lye Harrell.frank Olbba, till be aornlng delivered address b, 11, and classes will begin clock in tilt church
service conducted by the !*ev. C.J. Crosby, pastor Stephens will have chargeof Scott Arnold Blaaoaa, "fclllle P. Hayet Bur at 8 .... A... au ditorius.
choirs. .". Jones will of Trlalty Baptlit the pro.,... Ernest Goods, fllbtrt lace Sbaw, Rathaaltl8h Mrs. Cast C. Holley.president wo.ea'aAutiliar7 12, and. will be held The teacher are; Mra.
of the
close the day acttvl- Church Deacon Hear The services Suadty John ., Sptactr Cobb Anthony Hielghtt' dally, ending at noon. Co reae Bynua, Mrs.
ties during the 7'10' p. Thomas, vrs. Gladys Carroll bests with the Sunday and Ronald 100tI,. fllllt ftlktr.lilt of the BaptistState The planning conferenceof Florence Ooa.aI... Mrs

.. 1'1IOII. Deacon Jonatbaifi School at '!110 a.B.i To receive Merit Badge: Beta BSA: Urn.Convention Dollle ford, Inc.of the Institute is COB Mary Lou Hay BOB, Mrs.

Class leaders are being tor" *aahln.- morning service at 11:19: tdtard Braekttt, kin Maurice Anderson Ill11 west halos Baptist posed of Dr. R. Klein: poBele Jackson has
rtqutsttd tat vice ton DeacAi C.'. Patterson o'clock. Districts 4. S. Burtoa Charles Canady, u ,Baker Wilma Baker Lash, Rev. I.ltertIU... Jewel Under. Mrs. Mary
Church will
speak for
chimer of tbt Stewart Harry B, Jae, 12, 14 aid B will teat Sylvester C wady\ lieU Gary Chrlstophtr, Clifford the closing service. Rev e.", Totsoa. Rev Hawkins, Miss Sharon
Board to get oat tilt Hn. Annie B. MngUttry at tilt church at I Clark Albert b..I.L Craves, Joseph L. A.J.Reddlek Mrs.J.B.typerton. Howe Miss Joyce nunejr,
aeabtrthlp during various guest soloist rail and District 10 Beet at IFr, I....tI. Andrew John ton. Gre.o,., Jones progress will be pre Mrs. L.Go OenTight. > Miss Loll Hayet. Miss
at each service
activities. bearers .Society u will I p... la the boat of Oeiger, Bneo Bdrsoa, James Maioa, George 8. and. music will be rendered Mrs Will Ella Carolyn Solomon and Him
Evergreen Baptist be special, swats.All Mrs Htttlt SUB Pollard Allea C. JOB*., HarrySet riles, falter Randall by Ue restate Chorus Harris, Mrs Marls CrlB- Mildred rtan.
choirs! tad ushers lOST Julia St.R. mate and Mr*. 4bleh Rie- beginner, Missy,
Program Planned will serve and an eijoy ... LL Joies, pastor, ",wry At Annual Sermon Veronica under direction Holloway of nn.and hee. Interaedlat and Jttnlnm

ordltttlos services able program laproilatd.Itv .111 deliver tht. ttnoBB. Set Dr. tllllaa B. Stewart hive '+ilatne with tee
Mt. Yerwi Baptist Sunday Mrs. isabell Hardviek. "
will bt held July II, IBrverirttn C.C. Danltla II The tvtnlig service begins > The HoicoMunlon will prealdeat, and the conatltumcy worship songs drills
Baptist, Church: host fast or. Tb > public at I:n o'clock. The church and paatoiaualveraaryofMt Rev. 'Sidle Taylor, pat be adalaiatered Sunday of the col. aid draaan.Mra. .
tor Rev. f. Jordan, ..1\' ta Invited. ta after service pro- Verso a tor of Mt. Zlon baptist at legs will entertala the nary" DtvU and
4 and Rev, B.
tile pastor, Rev, II.', gram till bt apoasortd Baptist Church will .b*i Church Not U side, will L. tits silalater will meet is.. Mra. Joyce Badger' "hid

rllht, IB chtrit. Sunday Program'Tkt by NlitntborakUBbrlB.'BUD ,. >*w **. 10-tf. '-rl.a.b"ten deliver the social ter- deliver the "!"m'. All The imitate till b* charge of the cafeteria
The services Suidtykegli /OQapei ,Pohoe .-n|," 1IetIo("" ..lJso ,llM" will eoaduetth ; ram for the Dlilt Jt. ekoirs Bad Bsbers will conducted through Aug. services lies Loretta
tlth the Suiday present. he Oospelalres Anna Dawklaa tad otttrtIB services lightly bUN Sisters Sunday at sene.hbnthly. 10, cosfecrttlot sere RotllB end Mrs. Nation

school Bt ,110! t.B., aid buds Mar Singers Interest of the to Desooa Oll |* F. 1.41101h i .: 30 ,.... la St. Mark ooaferenc will vic at I P.B., St. pail Carter kad charge of

with, Mrs. A. let tad ., rust Kick. la a awa Day. prograa.A chalrvaa and Dee COBPred baptist Chtrch. Clay and be held tonight at I d AMR Church; .a,. 11. tk* .,si e.
teachers IB charge. recital SUB day night" la musical program will T. Cray, eo-chair* .. Streets. keynote ttteBbly, 10 A Joist near.al will
flock. The
pastor sad
The aoriiai service ttUoclock Mt. Unrit. Anne. b* preaeated at the .... Also apptarlis till lit ..... Let Audltortta; bt hid tntitkt for
ooBireiatloB will
with tilt dtt Also arrearlag on the Church ktoiday at B ,.m. The ..r"e.. Sunday be Rev ..... Herod local or- youth aaltt. B ,.... choirs i said 2.
I. It.
skip Matthew tar-
come IB charge of the" progria will ba the .Cervices will b* ooadio- sir with the Staday radio .BMovacer, and Rev. tint Ma. ft IB interest Lee Aidltorlua. welcoaereceptloa
devotloa. Rev fright Ooaptl Rthoet and BlvwaaBptcltla. ted Tuesday' tedneaday School at ,::30 a.... Hardy Jack.. associate following laCeateaalal
of the church tad paetor's St. John Baptist
will deliver tt* semen This will kt and Thursday lights laUtereit with tWMV Fred Gray la i sinister at it. CalvaryBaptlat observance. C/inailu;
... the choirs sad tilt first appearance of of tko toaen'a charge, lit leesoa ash Church.Suday Aug. 12. youth aismbly

taken will reader ..,. the Bright Star Hi agin. Day effort.ummmmmo. hot "110'* CoveaaatWith sight till be Jeresilen Baptist hour, 12 o' clock. Lee Church News
vice, Hit people," will ....".. aa Robert Auditoriumrrewtnai rally
be rerted by ..,. O.T.McCall Pnt.rs Nidat," a ..- botch ScheduleThe ..... Natcherpresiding. Holy ODBMinlon will be

paster.Covtiaat be r of the group All S P..., Lee A.dl tori.*. tdalalattrtd la !M.Joha .
eetlag will alaglag group have beealavted. serviced Ainday la Also tag..IJ. Missionary Baptist Chtrchflutday

be eoaifccted at || B.B., .1'1'1I..1. Baptist Church Uaeably Hour' Mrs afternoon with
by the ,..'or. DeaooaeaaBoard At sugars will obaer. will begin with the '
Hatcher speaker 12 o ,... A.J. If.."... nla*
I Bill Meet la th* TO theiraaalrtntry Aug.B Suiday School at 5:30: e clock Lee Aadl tori..; later, la charge.n .
1864 tdtcatloaal btlldlag .t at ft:10: ..... la the ...., silk Cull| MMBlag Chrlatlaa Stewardship Church School .bwBlaa

4 r..., sad usher Board like .dltorS_. 712 f.Dival la dlar,.. '....ar. Dr. M. Ralph at .:30 ...., with

I Nets at ft p.a. St. The coning service HacktoB, director: 3:30: _.... Ella: U Jones vnald'ag. --

Tk__* BTO will. ,keg. ta at begins at II o'clock ..... Let Atdltorliui; The lesson
a..enp,.., BI. th* e..- Mt. Salem wltk DeacoBS Ml raw Tri-lastitste program, 'God' Covenant with
lag service atl o'clock. Maters and niter Plvna aonorlM 't4Aop end Ira.Hatcher. Hit .10...." will be
elves ECU
The testes will bt delivered Baptist Church IB charge tf the de 7:30: ,..., LeAadltorlB reviewed by the Bill
by the paator lotion **,. .... Jack- *); Bishop sad star
who will all Mtai slater Regtltr worship sere son. pastor will preach Ire.
Matcher at hose. Tk* .... It. Mtghe
the loly Ctaaaaloa. view for It. SeJot Ba*. Ue ...... B::30 pB.17OI JeffenoBSt. will deliver the major

Other Board t aad Choir list CMrch. located at The UPC It scaed. .; Aac. |4. CawlUMBtaervlc .....0.*., At 4 .....
will 234 sad Myrtl Avenue. sled at ft p..., with
1t t tern far thttvealag *. 12 0' elect Lee BTO with Desca i.
Ul keg la with SaadaySchool Mrs Certa. Waters
tervlee prwatdtn. %i I.chaue.
Ar.dt.ioec 11IM,...
nabtr hoard 3 till BeetMbaday at t:. Lao. th* Choir 2. 1. per ranker lafcrMtloa. CoaamBtoa service, la

ce# +A T11pne7ii at B ...., prayer aopwiatoBdeat la chart. tad Baker Board t will writ tile partst ofReligloiu at I ,.*. All ektli\
tetlig tM Hole ltB konlM genies begltt serve tkrtgk.t the i I
10. NI t j.Ttittay. *htetionc.city. ace taker. will, **rv*.
115 1< M ,... The at It .... aid evealagwonfclp <*y. .
areanth ....tt.*. all eltb till at s .... Rev. Matrtttlwtll bm '
rw.w stet at 1.1 ,... ,.... Risers pttttr.Tfc Its tialversary at
''rr .. S 11_ ,ter Pal,,, Aid Cub Bttta pvkllt la cordiallylavltH 2K'. >.. .... ., .

......., at I pee and .,. attend all ray till deliver tilt H.teWHITNING /' .
the Gospel Chorus tt Ba. IIn...*. "reGI. ? .

mash..eeswv '... Tveidltrt ..U.. It .

iMrtdaf at 1 ..... sad "lb.t.yr.p.y With A Style"Oai. ,
their I rthtam* kilos
gwh.r atY ....a.wae.5.......s Swat
at B sWoadlawn.a.

ClirckCoiHBilei u. 21'

mwe en..err hwr hre
MOB Set. a.r r .. ..... "-- .. --
w a ss.a4wt
.... ,.* nit.. altlattr -. NEI. IllEr 2fc u. 5..11c
at toodtawB prt
nova. soma aMi, ...
". err Bill
adaJ Bitter tt* tMttalo* aft so lIlT e.... 'I"

Bwday, aalitd ay the
lowed anN? rLW1 It a..... UUt&ESHKiMf Ifeu.

M1 no Chan a***) o..
........ .
ll= .... at a..., wltk MIDIUM 51'"
..... 11.. via, Kwe IITC
.__ ... C"-.. ...
w a...e..a his see-.se's"- 141 Ned .M..rtls. ..ssslwrM.rM.r'M ....rt.,...., T.Rbssis Stop For AllY A tea MW vole NM KIM aft

o..i...: ==-":':: Co'r.-:::: If qt ,..,.....,..-e.... ...,..,* The ttadlo* Shopping OCUN '
--...... light genie ta a.*> Y SPOTS u.38*
r.;;....... i _-=::: .. ....., ... alt4 M ,t:II .. .. aid .ur Photographic NeedsIMSON'S
"-.,.r?--visor aww.aw a7 w w- CiMtM f '1m'.' bttt chain till mrttOBMBt ix

.. ...- *. NOW SWfiY EACH
tMr.*ttb4rtllr*. tQ
Nurses at I a..."..... WIT N. MYRTLE' AVE WHITNING! u.
SPIARS BROS w. lest tides L -.

Jr.. vial Baaaatraanat .ISed NM ... It l.... tt kPkg. UIII ell... m IT
'f .' Sill at..t.H u.
t '
... WI" f
t44Mt. Bntor .....,... .... ah

Itv.Y.. r -- ..... ... -- -" .

__ 0 u .

ro I ; ,
I. I.

SATI.DlY UK8ST 1, l tHe rtlliU SUi PAPERS NEE II i

I Initial Phase Completed CORE Ten Sits .... Prexy's Wife Fetes Teens I

1 .n .. .... -r----
loilsiiii Official 1 I

MB ORLMtsMedi 1 N
'J.I ately after paaaaio of

tko Civil lights Bill, I
CORK tit,.. BB iateaalvoteatiai
of all pablto i

facilities U Ural Blue. I
Ronnie leers, COM Field
Secretary, stated that I1111 _
vteattni would be carried
oat la 21 oitloa. IB
initial ,..U.., seven --J------ -
Negro youths wire are
rooted skis atteaptiatto
BIO tko faellltiea .
of the public ittrary IB
MOB roe.
A week later, it sore
arrested at tko libranr.arrciti .
>,. have bees D tl(

B*< Negro have been re*

.. fUNd service 11 40 per :
heat of faollitioa .N _
RlmE-frlll.- llchard Y. Moore (Mmt) of B+thunitooiaaaCollno tooted, froo oa approii -
receive 1100,000 check: troll Dr. John 0. oro" General Secretary of acts total et if.la .
the Division of Hither cdueatioa. Board of Rdueatlon of tko Methodist Chare .
I one inotdast. D. J.Mcnfflo
and ooftpletoa fulflllaont of 1900,000 piedtetc improve current oxpaaaloa pro- Maker of tkoFliouealae
iraa. me irant ease trot World service Capital had 'bgr too chunk aa ekal City Coaacil
Ionia wow for Negro aehoola. (A, Pad Crawford Photos)
and Bayer pro toe, ia
befog aued by 001 work : : i ,r /

fedinl Judge To Address Masons Opposition Penning on Tolvert Marrlo ... ---

plrer Oort on. no oivildaaan IN TALLAHAMtt bM ambero of tko outkeaatora .,.. Ir. Ruth AbrnkM. Mra. LetitlB Hont-oairy,
During Convention I la SI toils
Mali Agiiist 6oirifirNomnc
suit for 1100 legion of Jack and Jill of Aatriea. Iao.. Bit and Mra. tloyee Coe.... all of Tallakaaaoo' are.
sr./u1t' NO.-A Federal Judge lo slated aa the Roy tilklaa.oiecatlvo 000 tko first aadar reeeitly durtBi "..-... ooaferoace oa the shoes' ...t... 'taadlai behind tkea are; Irs
principal apoaler for tko Public fileoalai tir* secretary of tko Civil Sights A", cupit of florid A. and M. Calverilty Tallekiuee Clara Mitchell Orlando Ire. core; Hra. Adrienne
vlou oponlaf the 11)4 National Cccvoatloa of tko tko National Aaaociati'oa. charged McDafflo witk tilt Mr feted it a gala Ian party and Runs, Orlando; Mra. UlllM A. Dennla. Albany,
buffet at suniblie Manor, the residue of Dr. 0.. Dr. A. A. Abrakaa. Tallakaaaee; and Ira
Ancient -toptlu Arabia Order Nobles of tko Myetlohrlae for tko Advaaeoaeat of' violating tko ill? Civil
tad Mr*. Oeorio V. Sore Jr. Ii the pictures chesshere Ruth 11 lard, regional director of Jack III.UI,
oa Sunday afternoon Attaint 3t The public Colored. People, this week Rlahta Act a ...U. of vUltUi Bad local Jack tad Jill Beaten inhlBitoa.. D. C. lose of tko guests at tko
sass ...UII11I elated in Kiel Auditorial at 2:00: released the text of tko Civil Rllkta lavish buffet dinner are plotired IB tka
.. .. .......................... a 1M4 are won durln the affair or wklefc Mrs. Oar lower
... ... left photo are Mrs Ballard
teleirai thick ke seat Act, alaple, .n. mi hostess at aunihli ...or. !. the upper left ; Dr. ieorie f. Gore
Its Judge to tko HOB- fillies of rriaoe Mall to the fifo otker oajor dlitarklai tko peace pkoti Alfred ilackakoar. fleorii Cooper aid Jr., president of Florida A. and .. University;
omit A. LIOn HictlB Rhriaora are expected civil rights leaderatedooadar and dcfaoattoB by an of Gerald Cooper ushers of the' college group of and hiss Arietta .. ttaree of Lafayette. lad.oitaklao .
Tko Tallahassee of Jack and Jill art Manor la la tke background of the lowerriaM
botkan Jr., who
aer to attend tko ail day July 22. ,ro- profaatty.platform.. photo.
sees irtotlai guests aa they arrived at tko
veils the United Itatoa posing that tfcty sect to
eoBToatioa4100 till
,,, Arahlo
Muter ta tko upper right .to. Mr* La-
District Chart ia be keadqurtored la tko diloaao hoe tkejr oar pre ". .
,Philadelphia, ... 1"1 er-II 11 to. Hotel ..at B Baited front op-
Judge Hlifinbcthta ma The Delegates Aaeaably posing tko oloetlea of GOP Presidential Platform Hit Board 01 EdncLtion'
atom la aa, a Federal SAVE
till bo IB tko Kiel sea, Ooldwatcr to tko FROM
Judge oa January .u tori.. preaideacy. By Virginia Education Official
'7. 1944 and bocaao tko linen Mlatlooo Free The ooapleto teat of tko n.. FtratntlRO Va.-ne vperlnteadeat of tko Hires Negro Teachers
youngest Btraoa to be doss seals, labor advaaeeaeat wire mo cent to the ..,. Frlaoe Kdmrd Free school AetoelatlM expressed $100 $600 !
appointed aFediral District sad health Martha lather Klai. Jr.. treat teasers about tko lack of tatereat la edu IlRPN I".("'P1)-Th e
Judge titkln tko ,robl... affeotlagFrisco president of tko toutkerakrlatta cittoa iadioatod iB tko Republic- presidential Hepkia Board of |* ON YOUR NEW OAR PURCHASE'
lilt :30 years, Ho vas Mall skrlaora <* loaderaklpCoeference S. catlOB recently aaaoaa-
Dominated to a judgeship and the Aaertcaa Negro ; 3.... L. Far- eeotiesall7distsrbed cod tko elKtlOBOf 10
Dr. dell V. alllvu taro for
6a leptoaber 25. sill coo IP for dieouMloo sir, aatloaal director of children, aVe teackora for psb* SOUTHSIDE FORD
ItU by the late Presl during the eonventloa. the Des gnu s of liclal tilt that there en early childhood and lie aehoola. Forty-five
dent John r. lenaedy.tarlier Die IN4 tkeaeia aality; tkitaey N.Teaat little difference be were aaelcned to ftaro
t.... tkoplaak wed by ooatlaooaa education,, 5303 leech Blvd.QUANTITT .
Tovard .Pies Hori- jr. eiecitivodirector lid a auditory at* school
kad appointed pirates of tko high
BOOB -Oar DaaU l of tko Mtloa l toBdmee lav.
.... and tko plank ofodveetiM
Judge Hiuiabotkaa aa Flana and projects for Urbaa Leano: A. Fklllpftandolpk
the first Metro at tko lilt year a activities, okalmaa of the put forth by
tko topablloaaa IB ..
CtMiatloa level of
toy oleetloa of aationaloffieera Negro Aaerleaa Labor
Federal "*lttory, ud eoaaideratlea Council. : and John tevla. Fraaoioco feet Mtk.peakiai .
AIDe men ke beeanoConliaioner of tko cru.stsatis's e...,... of tke Itadeat U tko All -. -
of tko Cou... Aoonbly at
aaaaal ...dloal NoarioleatCoordiaatiaiCotaltt
Federal trade CoeiMloa. reeearck irtate- **: vlralBla lute College,
tko odueator felt that
fellcmklpa are CM till.oontlUo. .
More tkan 1,000 dele .' S aieada.Hi Afrlcii Bishop acre see sore eoaeera SUPER MARKETS
I itt>., friends nd about prayer IB tko
Ordains Priest'
public schools thaw od*
'ATDPOID..Y.IIPUe Mati.... ooadooed tko liGHTS IISIIVIO
45 STREET IAR-B4UE Tko lent .". Fetor .-.,r..t'OIIr&.1., .
wry, of .a, Ohaaa, tko oa prayer aa totally SPECIALS 6000 THfiU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

11)2 f. 4Stl SLWe first black Airless and IOnU right wkoa
bitaop appointed by the students are Mt Baa.* CENTER CUT
latoFopoJokB mil. .-..." U. 3.POTATOES. I
-iiiijlnihji- last *.. presided over C M atla| oo Mat kofilt
Specialize ordlnatloai rttet la wo could do to
In"RBS A...' Cknrck.kero.durinc ircrovo .....tl... Dr. PORK
4 ,.1. tl 1 M 2 tklcBkoordalaed illlvaa advised a
a vnite priest for tko lags ockool day, leer
idEiis nits rntkera order of ec ookool weok, eicel
GOAT Africa lest library ficllltloo / CHOPS
24 Inn"
la local Itr..., before opeclallata to
a lane adleace
mokopDeryordalaed tko 7 Year Soitiico.

Rev. David L. Cleaeat. Gina Ii SI.

of faterforl. Tie or Aifitliii AttiBpl 35
SPECIALOFFER dlaatloa wu BMetal ta LB.65c
that oaty B fee Hearo rr. 4cowTDi, ria.-
African bla..epo kavoordalaed (in-rraactaLeeFleyd
mite priests wu ....... bets last
ia tko patted (.tltH.ft. e4 U oevoo years la BALLARD BAKERITE ee
chile rtbero oro prleea for M atte"
wed becatM of the U esters |..... t,..
o1 e rff that eMaariu. ye.ac vtlte It. AoMilae .
=- I kMoeelfe.ra.Je 1RLIJ1t) SHORTENING
I i Preset uetl* ew
lEI'S fled that Fle-d telephMod -

Silt KfAM I her at .... oo
Bay SI end told kernel a

brass Installation of"PYROPAX'Gu Sill llllrli I her If base oM aid did Mt b. fcloop tate. I'' : 39t 3 L.. CAN 39 C

II III III. tko soup to a ....,.

Is Sithell .erted end ..... II la lie+4 I til Mil if Mil .ft.J tffef tMjt) HI iHt JJ.H ir wtVe rtH ttftl
tko flour dnuta.t.

EquipmentPYftOFAX IlllllI prepared M Sailed I.Mlles.., .*.wM.. S. 100I SNttCHN STEAK 11.NOiTIIEIIt 6C

K ft I I age for her 10 Berry HOOD
1 Ie tie M.r..

-R see yen / IATH ROOM TISSK nut -st
Ton lamf t Rae ly o. t* *< *. lie ItEACHro
svdAy e.IaessOV

wry beet rhsmel LOW PRICES

one estaaWe 01 Tsar am HOME Mai i u, mIATWEII 25e

....S w.hpeeart.II.

.....e..l 1III STORE NEEISTro4o .!.' .

..........rsii tin lest MoMerkwd seen .... TVKA '- .r. .,. WJ 47C
ru HIT *i men _D Taff toc.. F-rc*+
w,, II ...1.-." aloe nil oil t........ Fvoawlptiea.1.

aeaseal- ALMA FRANKS /JJ M. rH.
Dixie Pharmacym 33'i


ehlit r....... .. \ lips iMl II If*! iMfMPWv + i
cI MI LN. I If Hl tfjftx .
w Fnrw rv IB %O> "
Kits *
l W WrNt i

GAS Coq i : $* .4eCIE :' ,

'If &1M. warn m mfmicftM ( m I .11- I K. H4. 111
141 :... M.Jedrp. 47$ t
,pYa. If....eM IIU If Wwm Hftif t

4 '
_ .J.Ii<;.JIo\l 4YFW. ) : > f'

.. BOO
o ,- '--.- +ANMI1pMri R '-.. sp .. -- ?-e t ,

r PAGE: / SnilM_ nil nun UTiiBIT MMST 1 I 1M4

Men's Slated Usher Walters Memorial House Guests I I
BEAUTY GUARD Day Board Women's Day a I
Set Communion Dill ___ ,
j For Tabernacle Programs Fete Program Set Tbs Holy Cosansioii ,
Annual Hen's Day will piper Board i of Grant The ammo. of It. Canaan will be sdnlststersd laslters
I II addition to alwlaaa, beaatfgotrd 3es are also be observed Aug. It toTabernacleBaptist esorial AHE Lurch win Baptist Cburch will observe Mesorlal ARC
available la brick.ooaerUe block, brick vtneir or soil In- present tilt Deitonts their annual day Church Sunday during tte!
av otter eittrlor. Howtrtr, ....tlpar.llaee fMti'r .utllUoui Church with Trio in recital Aug. n. Aug. 0 with Mrs. rua H a.... and 7:30 P....
1 .. ...IMS AlsslBBB Siding at ao increase la price to the beacon H. M Pauline beginning at I P..., u gslth as guest superintendent service, sub R... R.L. ,
pvrehaswr. Ba.tyg.erd ...rllOur.. this siding at It. general cfaalraan. the church audltoriu Rogers, pastor In
plait la Jacksonville and the ...tyinard HWN buyer The I.,1. young Bid The trio consists of The speaker at H .... ...
beoeflU tram dirsot.tro.-tt..tactol1 stvlus filling toners Club Miss R. Hagan, Gracie will be vr.. Ross Tbs Sunday School bo-
HI observe their anniversary M. Sanderson and Mrs. Stephens, sad at I P'.B. tins at 9:30 S.BU, with
tiuUss Altaians lldlag also otters the "autjg ard Jointly Sunday. Clara Illkerson. Mrs. Beverly Shield will tbs superintendent sad
I Rev. *. wade of Trinity The will At 6 officers is
I ROM over sari eoafort Is swaer sad lowed kestlaibllla group be hoard speak. P.M. Mrs. charge The
to wlattr. Mattomer at MS OsrdtoU Lane, Jackaoivllle Baptist' Church will be in classics, ...i- Connie Weattisrspooa will lesson will be reviewed
I tbe speaker. classic spiritual be the speaker.Mrs. by the pastor.
(ease supplied on reautat) states: "Itace 1 and
I bad .1..,.. stdisg installed la aj knit Is loll U popular selections. Annie Mae MobleyIs At I p.s., tbs pastor
.bat boss tea degrees oooUr Ii the ._., sad sy best - dial man; Mrs. Christine bas asked tbs choir and
tag bills have bin.orr.sposdtsgls lowwrlstk* wlstcr." - Baker oo-chalrssa congregation to ac-
and Mrs. Odessa Burgess, cospany his to St. Joseph (- -- :
pastor for tbs day CUB Church for tbs
IMPERIAL SBNIIIES Interdeao.isatiosalMiseionaq M j

7113 Rimii.y hid, Crown. At I ... Christian I
Royal P.
i yet 7I1-3IM In Fli. 32205. Cor. BROAD and ASHLEY EL 4.2159 ICola endeavor with Mrs.. ..artLII'7 Michael, of Rlchsond Va., were recently boussguests
j charge. in Talllh..... of Dr. Ann R. Csyles, 608
I Howrd Avenue, right professor of education IIId
SINCE 1872..TOP-QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT WARDS LOW PRICES! co-ordlnttor of secondary education at Florida A.
and M. University. Mrs. Cajles, who teaches at
] the George Maws Cleaentary School la Richmond
is alto a cooperating teacher In the Intenuhlp
; teaching progras at Virginia Union University
here her husband Dr. F. T. Gales, Is a .Ellber
of the faculty.Mobile .

Shows Southern Cities

How To Solve Race Problems

e MOBILE Ala.-(ARP)"Tbts southern city stands
oat like a beacon light stun It cases to achjev*
lac I remarkably high degree of cooperation between -
its black and white citizens to forestallthe
necessity of being the battleground for a
"long, hot .u.""" ctf wiping out dual standard
; of living for Its cltltennr. ......................
Mobile Is noteworthy witnessed in the city,
because It ban yet to be primarily because both
the scene of violent whites and N'rotallu.
\ clashes between Negroes been quietly going about
seeking equality and the business of changingthe <<
whites trying to sain old pattern fir tbe
tain the status quo, BPW.Negroes.
tj I ."'- There have been sir's Is sake up about
1If.ilftt"'J. .sde to whites, by the 30 percent of the wore
: local white &1 tI.&... thai 200.000 Mobile re*
I ..1'1"f' Council', to ," !, ," .T-.. Negroes In their place"but Many downtown! lunch I
:', ::: these pleat bare counters were already I
I gone UAhended, integrated when president
." ,.1'\\: Not one Integrationdeannstrstlon Johnson signed the I
has hen Civil Rights bill



.,"t r ; SELLS FOR LESS !

II I IL1 r

1.... t. I

5303 Beach Blvd.

I' t p
v 'r1 BYOrrsaw.
< '6 r d 1Otitfl suswni .
I a..a..r..r.

$,1at-U f g..rr..r..r.t

414 f, %( ( b

I ,+ .A.

You Will N eves Be

Uaeeplted As A Registered Barber I

tt Eiroll How

f Rivtrsid ST-107 Nylon with miracle RI VSYNe JACKSONVILLEBARBER


630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver
'"t.i, r>rov jn .t iB.tdi vp ,, ,
p55 y l 110% air Cii.lliiiHiicmuiuc ti
t 1 to Utvlo mph k
n rW rtr FIIIIII i

Bvtlt/ *. ourpfrferm .1!! MW 1'. 4 '

:{ r''II <.r lirtsl ( ; '

o n ; yJe t.: v. BEAVER[ ST. SEAfOODStit.
..t.-tit ... a tksJ by WtreJi J7-month ,
law........ tame W_ MSMMS2677w.iiAv5tau
t,;; rood) baTtortl ......... aWwe as.aataM.waa.....
> '
I 'TRAu '"
I AI8 PRSY. K r.awe Aeec w.....,P.$ 54 wins/lie 1M
WAIT TeeeN ...........JW--a....f..MIM4..p. ,
.,.... ,...
I $tem wWmb I.le bh Mempdt/.",irsyo, _eI L C-...-dgielin,
,; toe.. b.p wke aer eeanhvctie..hcotb ...... earl ti.natedlti33
i e ssir $T.W Mora kp.d,note. .lwM tan. Ivipsilsi ....M a >lit ftRdMr-fir r : M aslt is J ll.tt
; iigi t+avbbed.ad Aut.egretn gca4.1 ...... .r .... c.a ,snarswt I
M T 14.01 Rhos' ISSN 'f'..... 1)06 ewA Ieni .
,; "ijorMOU 4114 sT4'' w.' ,..... 25!'
14.40 I1M* 1S.BS*
... '"' ....... ,., ... 4ICIrI....
'I !:1 i tau U"W.-1tV4n-r.. _............ WHITIMG

$, MM KM tut ...... ...... ....... 35'

sli.b........................-..- -l.....tera =gas L&11'u.I Jai at.i 1

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\ 'TT"'Rfj' ........ \ ..''w y 1'. 4"A. ,'..M"' II Me tag.a., .

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a mIST I, ISM ti. mi PAPEt$. PICE 7

'irittiih West Indies Groupo A & M Host Foreign Visitors I Civil Rights n Africans Side 30 Years Ago '

_. _. _
[ Attend FMC Youth Camp - Will Take Place To Bo Elevated To Sainthood

let. ADII1S'lI1IrIftIUP ot youthful supers mabe BOHI,"'tlevatloa to ttlathood of 11 AfrUaaNeiroee
British lot ladles will be aaoec those attendlni 11&11-(11'1)-11"1 slats nearly lJU'b ago for rofatlai
Ui Florida will aot be a target to live ap the bees approvedby
Baptist Tooth CMP. which
for altla tests of theicily the Vatican'a CMiretatioa of Bites
Hi OB the ceapea of Florida Meaorlal Collate
srs. Aa*. 9-1. It has been .._cell by Irs.no psssed Civil Vatican soirees !silo was Father Aatkosy !
,.. Rights Act this auaaer.Atkthe Bated the canoaitatioaa Hosiery, ..r. Pope Patl
watts, camp director.The .
| dolacatioB of youths ...................... request of the could take place oa Maaioa attended the aeetlni at
1.cion ill. be led r local HAACT officiate, Sttday Oct. IB.durtai which<< the Boaaa Coairelatioa -
Dado eon the third sessionof acted.
tJ has beet
y Dr. Doris JohssoB, opes to boys
aadilrlabetween eielided froa a .as.lvteaapaiia the Vatican Council. BOM 200 Christian hi
oath director of Bethel the s... of t to
to test observance The Koaaa Cbniretttiot'a boss slats by Hwaaia.Rlti ;
List Cfcarch ii liaise U, while the second of tko law. action oa July T accepted of ........ part of I
bo 1* alto associated Vest is for it to l< t ".. do aot plan aay aa valid the airaealoaa .ott,. Uganda, bit only I
|tm Jordan Baptist O>1- olda.IhroU..te.
leas located there.aPirst year ,..th, *a this area cure of two BtaslosarySlttera S3 were ooaaldored to
[ are bcla* 1'VISIT III became of oar workiaiatreeaeat la Uganda, here have died rather thaa
week of cam .111
received from all parts ? ti cite peopleof the aartyrdoaa occurred give up teal r ftia.
ale Nurse's of the state she reported roapesibility hUh fro. its to un. Bitten Twelve were royal pease
[Strikes Patient and a highly I eoawealty. ..I successful CMP is anticipated. ... Theodore Olbeos, let and Marts Bacaildre ages were from I* to 25.
'$ATE.P cunt Itch.I .- A few parents ... atideats presldeat of the local Iud were ) TOGRRn AT FAHJ A group of Cast African vtaltiai oa
Joseph F. Hasvae. hare expressed KAACP Boale plague In It41whea ( 35 and 50 years
ooneera the cress of Florida A. and .. a.lnnltl1' had an opportunity to chapter.
a .rse' s aide over civic Barest ts St. visit with one of their coBBtryaea from the apposite side of their vast lastead of placates a cared following of tie) were from vari
.t the local Veterans Augustine Mrs. tetU coati eat whoa they stopped la the PerryPalso Agriculture and Nose civil rights teat, the a aovena to the atrtyre.Oae oat classes of society
sisistrstloQ Hospital reports tbst this baa Ecoaoaies Bnlldlsc. A native of Nigeria it toot Africa Stanltlaua M.DBoaslea ohapter jolaed ia aah "Ih... to their two held high rash at
placed under a 11.000 subsided, and la any of Afaka Oboai is shoes here, third free tko left chettlai with lag the HetroCbamisstoa miraculous care wat asosla the Court two others
nd and ordered to standlal. ... of tie U atadeats from Tanianylka who have bow. ttadylti agriculture
caseibes not affect the to pats a pabllo teeoaaodatioas physician who bad were cktefa. tout were
at feet Vlrtfala Qaiverelty, Moriaatowa. Flctired Pith the vest Africanatadent
M|. .. after ke FMC Caapna. which is located Ite. tie- treated tI".. ,soldiers oae wat a
who Is ...ort.. la plant' physiology at Florida A. and M. Oal
eaded guilty to atrlkII oa private property varsity left to right are: Michael J. neat a. Robert D. Tokua, techaf lIlt to the federal bit)I. The 2], olio were bettl pottery-Bake, mother
a patient at tkoiepltal. oa the outskirts cal leader of the croup fro the D. .. Departaeat of Airlceltare; Peter bat tiviat local leaden fled ta llio, were the was a chiefs servant.
of the city. I. Looae, Celeetla Nunabl, David D. aaaaja.. and Peter B. Maaanja, control and root" to tint Afrl el ant south of All the struts. aerolayata.
Bodltte.Jimp. the Saturate be advanced That there aero
_ Top Award To Govt. Official I Former Concert Singer Advises to Sainthood. Converted aa eoaea taoai the
.... From Car to the faith by the white aartyra does not prove
I. ''''
T '' LIiF. ; Women To Reorganize Family Circle Fathers wko .arrived la that tie woa a rube the
Kills WORM Attires Ii 151$. they Dials Ckrtitlus aero
OIICA< -(ia I)-are. Etta Ho tea Baraett. who won were killed ea order of teas generous team tko
M. *$e hI fans aa a concert Bluer and actress, drew treeedoea BPNISToaaile (NPh) .. their rater.prepotent. .... laay a woaaa was

applause lut.d' abet the cktlleaied a Ue Ivy. ).. eat for their ready to wderto' ...rtrr.dot .
R : .. vredoalaaatly feaale audience to",.t our faalllea : back aroaad the altar sad bark to the lastlytable. week as retail ties wat Paolo Cardinal 1gq.....11..MIlt III
I ." .......................... .. f
r .. 1t the of Carl,.. Olobbe;
lie suet tdalt that Claude A.Bars.t t. founder Ross M, who all.g dly
oar iatia la a little ot the Associated Metro juaped froa Ivy*a aovlti -
oa the tarnished side*' Press, it CbeatiBltyBelttloat ear here after as ana- S. dl.HOT .
she declared, polattn Director of ...t. :
oat that the Metro deer radio ttitloa VTNB laOlcaio. Ira. Roach, a veil NEWMUSTANG
baa a leas way to so U kaoea Iapblas..ss 1deatlfledbyher .
fulfil lit I her role ofmltlos Special meat for the deutaterwho
the hilly oecetioa eat Mrs Cither had reported her !
Ire. Baraett' a speech' Imam foraerly of Detroit Blsslsi to the pol.....
was OIIeof the Ialaliltau BOW special ttalttaat Moaltlde Capt I.C. QUICK ItF.UV'R\:
t of. "Batata to Metro to the Adalal .WMB said |vy told his
1011.." prosraa, apesaorel atrater. Veterans Ai- bo left the aceae after SOUTHSIDE FORD
by the Done Miller attUtratloa. vtaklai she Jsaped because bo
fMBdetloa aad the Third tan D.C. had BO lasaraace aid ko
Baptist Chare Bf Otcajo. Mrs LaHarr aade tkepreietutlot was afraid. He was re* 5101 B icH IIeI.
of Doris leased after Bottlai
Turn OF 'THE TtUf'-G... Secretary of laterlor Stewart L. Oda1Usd from The list aaaatl Doris Miller '''''. 11.000 ..... _..
ht. passes to greet aa .admirer rlsht fbllovlas address la which r.Odall lller....,.. were preaeated -

Jcated Ue Vashlsitos, D.C. lose of Frederick Doneat. pr.Civil Bar to Ire Banott
.lltloalst, as a national alarl... 'The estate earn deeded to Ue O.S. feversat I,.. latkrya Dlckeraoa, I IuE
by the Ratloaal Assoclstloa of Colored Woe.' Clabs Inc.. whose Msis a civic leader, and Hra.CIso TIDE
president Dr. loll L. Craii. Detroit Blchliaa. la aeea at left. Johnson a leadlisChlcato
Bran enpervised Ue traaafer of Ue historic property, which overlooks Bodellas school
i District of Colaabla. The laterier Secretary MACTC 'Tlttiea-of-Ue pact, CIAIt
." will-leo dellverjthe principal addreat attte aearda beaqaet of Uelatloa .rt. ,B.,,rjett, The o J e
at Its bi-annual ooaveatioa at Deaver, Jtly It-Aasaet I. Tonai- Negroes Seeks S9
_; a. Air U tendril who will receive VoaU U fcelaeee" award at Ue El QUANTITY SPECIALS 0008'

vs JJM w Mn (HI .riit

3 Charged IR BIBFftll (IPI >)> sin imTISSUi KlUd'SSUGAR
assail Nisei Jr., the
MiMi Teen UeofegIA Peat lawyer aho shook 110m :
ap H*pkta la III! U
j I-(iiri)-la theopealac kla aasatfessfal bat SHORTENING DUI 19C
move of a set* draaitlt bid for city nil
'w Grp best policy U clasp eeeeletlea seat, Isaeeklas lMt FcnMhOIM
dove o. javeaUe i.s- the DemocraticBoalaatloa J ,:Ol root SanaWrimil 19 *
totes la the Blaal for a Stat -
area, protecaters re ....t. Seat la Ue Aug.S ( U.'I'7'
ceatly charted three race.SasaraoB.
,...... iai| aeabersaltk will bo ...- tW SS.H .tied ads .M ill ir earl .teal irlir
....IU altk latest pal a t sg far Ut cato TOMATOIS W
to ....it first trtct It seat fct oppoel*
Mgr.a aaraer.Asaistaat tier tc bar white easeldetea. All .HJWJ <una a $ 5 It t.jjjrVH
State Atty. David Ofrodkeart if all gels tithe N HI 111g
niedUoctersea.Bldiard race, ha otaada a III fw.w oT BreTI lsd wTffT
Will..... IB; rood Cfceaee of wiaalts. 7 C. s 1
psi Dove Jacfcaaa, n.VeorseCavlsitoe Atty. &.t. si 111*, etc rA..i MATCJULY
lTi.'" held of Sasaraoa's lout eeaaclatea. 3 1
WlIntl-fIf-II1'11 tan 11 N. S.
In Dado Coaaty jail. Is aeeBltd rValtlM .
eolcldo. detectlvea I la Uo State
said the three... BOB Mrs as Bf BepreaeaUt..... Fmt frtHnu M M NM.

here of tko .aaor Park Like ......... be facet w
gal thai traded abate fber ......,.. asd alee I
sits Ue "Vlllasera," ataada s tad cbea.. .felatlts
saatber pang is r sport' If alt ., thee "Sugar Creek Hickory Smoked 11I11"I
t eat hewee tewtryaHLlaeyeereld nails la the race.no .
.. Aleaaoley Oa .....11.. side, I
... was sued lathe ten of Songs f. Lee's
foot be stray ballet lleeteaeala are ....., r 0
Stak PortloiCoMtor
the pieced UreatHtko reeesnIUea.O.t. FIAettIs 39C
door of kit apart- Beta* ayBased If BrvtaCWkrdferpeelUea.
art ..... I. Is run 11.
awerla,. I U *e Kate ejeaeo ofBefraoaataUeeo.
.....U'.tln Mid s awl t. SlkosIllff
B.lleo ......, .a** LMslef *av hues Le.raeo .
Balsa oaj ,...... e e*. 9, lash .f Bool.
BO.. U ...UH.... tan B.

i II. 19C


I....' At Coif

"' -r:i i v0 N Rib Stoic ". 690m I If

: CALL 311-0313 5' : tlaII.

L E....puf0MY.w

......-.... _. seFREE

.Ksre+'s.. ...... N4PPUSUtwhS II.11 ..., *Saw.g.a

will -..ut .....,II ...., PsAyr1..U baser...ew gym
a.A n-lh+hwtlstr BANANASU.
-ire 1C srlrl .. if', elEe ...., e.r e.ttsw -. .....-..- O $d0 Ses_
..legasidl ..J__ ...._ 5.5101.waae
...... ,., 0x51.01 Isusrras
It s ........ rama -."'-
nwwerg M. de+M. M
lilsse .> o ri'. yuMIe.ewe4 I .wi IMfMIfha, .

......It.dill4JeelllMSt1.J III 10qr
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esq.se.e.5.......+ase. 5 .. .

.Me was..L

a f p'' ; i }
) f ; .'
.1/.1Y / ,.. ., > .'..


I 1. .

.......- flU I RNIII till .PlD: smim win 1 i. 1114 "

I :: d e'

t .
1 ." r-.: : ". ; \' .,',., .i---c/'c: ]}_ ,-:. -. I ; "i-j:' J\." _?, I ]I;..

\"illP; ; :{ :::( ; ""H'"i:; ,, ..
\ ; if ,'" i- (

-- ----

Afro Appoints Wide Variety Of Activitei Set Fairways Devotees Gets Instruction Police

Burial Director For Miami Beach Vacationers -- F. ,z"w ---

Littr C. Albert of MIAMI BEACH-tIa the ..10000ID, of Jackie Qlea- I
un M IStb A'.... ReportsPAIR
; son and his entourage hire this ...k, Kiwi Beachentera
baa beta appointed by
into the cmteat season of network broad-
J tile 'Afro'Aaarican lift caetlBC 1U hiatory. ...................... HOLDUP
laanranca Ooaptny to die yt n.Oleaaoa DRIVE-IN BAR
raet and atnloa fuaaralarraniaatDt will put tow Ted Mack will take a
for tile lather sort tbaa )0 half-dozen "Aattiur Two oaidcntiflad men
burial laacua policlai, shows hare, starting laUU Hour btrt in Decaber ODe aratd with s pistol
purd ss.d flu tbs fol- August mod loosing end rttara blanch tor entered the Drive-Ia Ear
lowing burial aarvlea: into lilt May, following sit'aqn teleciata,while located at 1772 Northwest
fbirr Btrrlea Company, the aut foraat tail bas fd AilliTM. will do his 7>th St. and took bet_.
I MlBBl krlal AtaocUtlonMdHlUan enjoyed web great popularity shop ta the Convention ISO and flOO froB tba
and pack Pu. la the last fewPrefrtn Hall feb. 28. several cashier at pistol pout
Ural Ho.., other network presentations : Tueaday.tltacMea.
"----- -- - told police
are betas
WMPM SCMNMMOHMT t discussed aDd Arthur that the two lien catered

1 TMBO rtiaAr Oodfrey will do a 'series s l tba Bar at around 4 P.B.
of his radio hours fro and after asking for and

12:00: ..-.:00 a... 'JAZZ ALM lOCI Mi Ml Bench recelTlnx a slaw of
I:oo ....-.:00 a... .laI'IL CARAVAN IIWlIII1H1UcCALL Tbs orange Boil panda ; ''_r mnn-mmosmimBmmt. water, produced thej>U-
i:oo .....12:oo Pool BUTTBUAU: MIl HILTON .iwuBo and football gsa. again FWttl..win be the anlag to ba beard froa, lathe agwe CJI I.Dalltr apooaorahip of' the Nt TEA Cen tol and ordered bir:.ald
..-$:$0 ILL. noose rum IILMM mvt sill b.. ttllcut 1h., near future when the above Beaberaof Young ter, the group froa left are Cfairle tHaon. Kelly Joyce Green. 31. to e.pty
I:to ,...-,:oo ,... KINO ant wot K.UHA lUlU liking tbair placa aauaaal People Golf ciab reacbeatbeatage where they'll Elsa, Beth Holland Vincent Holland. Kelvin Dabs the cub register'seo.-,
7:db ,...-.:00 ,.'. 'G)IPIL CAllAYAN RivnuMMMMcCAUi among U. major be playlag OB the local fal,..,.. lattnctored by son, Marilyn Steno Doris Mungla. Ronnie Andrew. tent into a paper ba,.
:Do '...>12: I. .KDICATICN wot RUSHA lUlU N., Tear ipaetaelaa al dE ford Hope The bandit then ordered

'I ...IIAI}'IIIIT..IAM arm I w..iAN OTHN I '....12 I..roa1III..1a ent.vies.4. fie fro football c"it Rue to YWCA News Beach, Schedule Mulli Events three Barmaid eoctoaert to lie and oa the the

.. .. ... ....
J. B ra"l l t :M a. floor aid proceeded to
will ba playad for tba for Summer Tourists Enjoyment
p.m.'psoeg5 aaka their .
flnt tla uDder lihta eacspo.Colt
RtWIMlMebe Ctllowvl Blaute 7.... -I p... MIAMI 1L I.-Citrus productloa la the He
to fit into the World
aatvorkacbtdult Man and of
mtn all
ages are Invited to
WOITI _,..Del." ItlrrapBlMte* I:00 ,... on Thursday ooae out DOW doalaated by Florid, bad its beginning with
nights Iron 1-10 to
.COVMlffllTT .11...levered Ira CC.M"IO ataitea p.a. square danceat Varieties brought to Haiti by Columbus his
OlMion on
lll record his the Northwest TtCA Canter
5100 lit list
;, .... ... Aa. aecond
7:30 and 1:10 voyage ia
: : p brotdetiti &la tilt Lams and bring your partaer and dance ia air-conditioned 1193. The tint orange trees were
" UJI 2 1 aanielpal aadltorlua, ooBfort. Roy byes, a prof eaa tonal square Planted la the state about UIO lid .001 werecattsred
,,,.,. tile city ia con- dancer, la the iaitructor.01RUT around the peninsula by ladlaaa. CoaBercia -
12:00 M.-1 a... JAZZ CHINA VAURSI meting etnanaat installations 1111111111111111111 ] production of grapefruit did not begin
::00 ran s.-5::00 a... .(Mm CAMVM RLYUVID I.A NcCA1L until after 1SOO. Orange blossoms iaatru
at ware
: a coat of aURM
':00 .....2:00 ,... BUTTOBAU WOt MILTON HM7H The CLUB Beotal. IB brlnglni the first railroad to Mluil
to Oiris'charu
1230,000 equip the Clabof the Center
2:00: ,...'7::00 ,... KWK PART HUMAN ntrtT parentssad MlMl Beadu Henry Fltgler was persuaded to stead
building with tfet most frlanda to eoae Save punch with then
00 ,....UOO: I. DRDlCAnON WOt 11.111I A BVUIPNMMM oa tilt tracks here when ahown blouoaa that survived dill
uPOIT..l1l11c11. CaUo..,..1 alMt a..T i... odtrn staging facill lam at tba TtCA end observe aoao of the tblaia Boat trowea to the North suffered heavy fr....
tlM.VUitora. they hare leaned ta their dab. The pro,,.. took d_,..
I p.a.SUTOAT. till ba wile place oa Sunday afternoon. Mra. Dorothy HcCny end ...................
cu., to the. Olaaaoaaboti. Hlta Connie Davis are the. adult leader of the lUll II.ACH-'I1I.: first Maago PoniB waa held ia

too: *."i *... *na CHINA vAUM prataat plaaaoontwplata roup.Tna club will b.... mating a ala oa Hoodtj. Florida by growers iiteretted ia improving this 11 11i
0 a...*! ,... ....... CAMVAN sgvptMtD IRA NcCAU. there Nine Ail,. 10th at 1:10 ,... Any girl aed 11-14 yean'la toted tropical trait In 1131. Slice that till
$:00 '.....!40 5.a. KD1CATION WOt CHINA VAUttro sots thaa 1,009 aaataantlabla eligible to participate rICA aeaberablp ia suds forces have been beld nearly every year and Q V
: ,....5II: pea HWCATION PO' TOOAT wiv. or FLA. for aica pir- '",1 rid, a auBber of new vanities aelectedataeetlnc COB
'll| ,...*':00 ,.*. 'FMOJUnS WORT MLANOrt CALLWAT foraanea. Tickets for 111111111111111111 lire I al production standards The ainto sill grow
foo: ....-.:oo ,... .on* HIU PANRL DIKQWIORt tbaaa. will b* Issued at 1* gAaI Hop only ia tbs wet nearly tropical portion of the i
'....$$:00 I. 1AM OVHH WDt MM OX the audltorioa boa of. All Junior and Senior lip School yoaai peopleare Ult..
.INIM-I MINOra ON BOU .. OB a Makly baaia lirlted to attend a Hop OB Priday July Hat .....................
\ I MINVT1 ON HALT mm sad without adviaea rtaarntloaa. at the. Cater Ibis' all! bo tba last daaee of theauaaier. MIAMI BCACH-The aanatee, probably better kaown Spotlight' ProductOf
.lIMLCAI1 round Miaul/ Beach ;aa the sea oow.la& an aquatic
, ) .
aaaal with Ita aearly half
aa appetite Batching
WMIM's little too body *bea full grow. Englaeera. baring failed The WeekWMBM
by other Bean, now are experlaeatlig with atna-
l...w C. ,... la aa effort to flad aa laeipenalve way to
Tune NAME Home Of The World'sChampion keep water hyacinths froa choking canal la Both
For the third eoaaecatiw Florida thereby lapedlag drtlaage and Injuring
aaeeeaafal year, nebll,. whether the Baatteecaaeat enough byaCiatha "
; Disc MBM Radio aaaouacea the to do the Job renalna to be aeea. Mini' (, Fliri.i
Jockey eoaclaaioa of ita two coapoaaond -
little baaeballleanta.
i thirties little leagaateaaa nllST INSURANCE AGENCY. helped
play a foarteea to Isle ...... Sup ey lit bets Mr Mars .... *.*.'
flftaea (aae acbedile at Neea Reporter Tral.eeHigh. Ikey fNfa aaepeBBev at itvaaM (BBB BBJ ether BCBCJ .baHMTi
tb Stale wi """"
School grad or
lien! Doraey park seder
h ... dose aupenlaioa of' aoBB coIl" ,. lilt be IUEO LUll DAY
Sisal Part Super ia 0'. good la Kagllah. till
w 'r. . trite Istenstat 'r....
*4 nil year It waa the
.., ...ptoa Noaaa with aa P.O. las 1171 Jackaoa 3497 Nortlr sat Tib AWCBW. MUaii SB 54JJSUJOO
lapreaalvt 11-1 record villa I, nortda. Nonbvwwl 37di. A.... Opa-LocU HA 4.6611r:1
shish ciao oat oa top
w .Ith a .IM alaalagperoaeatage.
.i Doraey Park
r t NickY lM ......ra 1 .ad | bare
Holder af terld' top hoaora ia the IS aa4aader
roadeaatlai Road leaps with Idea-
.. t IrM ksese s25tbattssealo.rs heal 114 record for

/ ....... Pockl# huts TJ3 laalai "ree.'...*.
1' T1 tnai ladi ta peed tooagratalatt
I. the ..ptoa
..... eatry aloai with
I Doraey Part 1 tad 9 for
their chaBpleaablp afferla -

per the first UM Ulayear :
the Little League
..1.... a tarn .....,..
by I.. IOB lit tbt
lot Teary lass which nI hed IB

the 1R M N s:It the firet dlvUlea with :_k. ,,b.Yc .
B Set "..r.. fa* .*a't e
'seSEEANDHEARThESE .aa ....n vert treated
ta fret Tee "ewe after s '
each ge eaarteay ef
"..r ......, .
$Bjladto la gratified
'.. Its wMlt ..5 IB e.aJBBttlM 41 .t sap'
" sits III ..*..
sirs l. help the yea.g
met Of .....rN. develop
soN .u...... gerateday
RADIO STARS seed eeapttlUvtBt

.rta. Tbt tea Mil
that taaatltatt sail
tern .. feel .111 ...<
!f Stall IB u tree ....

Btittvt aaertaaB wy Ua .. ,...
WAME-1260 >lt ",4mt. x' -p"


'1 L MIAMI Royal Crown II merle fresher to tute trethet..

f lea dot far a* ,..

.Ii.H..r"H.t u...*' Nightly At 11 ft4t tWMB t Set hBB fresher Royal Crown.
p.m. go
5... aHt 4r Jt*. Call jo ,
t-HSS. .r. ..,....
With 0 Art Green thuK .... M .... slew

P \ ....,.

.. ... .
- "
i" ..... j l" a j

'. ._ .. . .
.. .
-_. -- -- _...,-- ........... ...., ..

1I:1. It .," t \ J

unttiT men i. IS" Fliiiii mi urns PAGE 0 .

600 Jets Roger Stunned Sports World Grieve Stars Deaths'' .,,\ .. ., r .

Strickland All-Stars Art ffs LtU1alIDwa Our Olnvio AthltttBy

Chariot,J. llflacatoaBports
r ( Editor Negro Press Iattratlonal t't't:

Clash Here Sunday CHICAGO-(W)- at Us beck Is the V.1. oin-

pie CoMlttM doisi beetles prorldlBith fart
Nerds A..... Ball rut will be Ut accot of oat 5 lY. for Uo boatrldt to Tokyo to help Mr I Tyr
of Ut sott heralded ad claAoa of tilt .... pie,aUlttM nsMdallyribis !
sos Sunday whM Us Boath Gaoral.-Itortll Florida col_ with its forthright critic ...L .'
chaaploa 400 Jttt cross bat with Roger s'trlck Y.s 1 tat Inaplrtd. by Ut recent sdalttioa of stVtrsl
lMd s All-Stars. ........................ b i of Mr top Olyaplant that they were kavai s
The (.. win Itt under Plajrtd for the city rough Use ...1., soda sttt stile tryln fed coasls.

.V promptly tt 2 p.*. charplmaklp and accord- 4 dq ,, 'L dittos thonttlTts properly for Ut Olr.pl;:
engaged is their itcand ivy to the oppotlaiinartrt ?n 4 Tokyo In October. Maoly tttttdThty: attjl fi'"'

round of ,h,. ku bten % treat 1* in 1 o BMcinl "help and quickly. '
taking kit ttM through store for bu.ball gas This poses two IsportMt qutttiont. that tor1IIItuc.
itMOQoat practice sessions of all attt.Ctay .. Is Ut Olysple Committee feint t< help
U order to hat tide thttt see over the ro..... ta tb..11> 1
UM it tip top shape ListoaS.gi out to prepare U.....*.. to win Us honorji for
for 8I11d.,' s guns a- Dlcl. 1M Is Tokyo It My money '>>till,.. deS
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playlu ondtr the bwttr lions that badly seed anawtriai Is view of the
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Nfl DEALWASHWAX attending the moat oaa er ....1. of th. Council of Bishops,an.
RIGHT era) Board ud Oeaeral Board of Education of the African hletbedlat rplacopalChgrcfltBMea :
>ala.Teaa.Bhown convening 111 Ull1tbop ii.PAobiawnthlyd fro))It ft)
are: .If. J.A. Robert, prldiai elder Slut District; Dr. A. Joseph Rod
MAN With Fill. dick, putor of BoUol AMR Church: St. Petersburg: Biihop Robinson; Dr. 11UM IUT IT SAYS PLENTY AT PREMIER
Up .. Stuart president of Edward 'It.n Collt; ud an. F.A. Allen
prodding older Fort UudonUlo Dlitrtct. (Nonu E. Jonoa Photo)
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Call or wrtU Tlre'N Tubs Hire SaturdayOf BT I.'. IP.'YINO.. Hcward Scholarship

today to: I I latonat to tbo ...n'l'OOII.d SMOKE SLICED' OR SLA
T.O. BOX MSTJACKSONVIItX.ru. 1161 KINGS RD Ilia: this musk Blaca tb. 1164-65 pro-
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INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY Cuter loeatad at and Community Oraatbal Center Bta. lltb All LEAN
144 Davis It., bun
MECHANIC ON DUTY eabera of Gat..., Barracks
IktjSUtu Joseph--.................-Propri.tor 'aablacton, wollknownwnorormtor of tbo sit am pond bar I WHITE BACON 4 IBS. .
and Jefferson Etmti EL 54432DARGAJ enterprise announood. ..tines are urged to bola
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faclae. ctmiree of a four year ichoUrihlp -
Buddies iSo bare re- to Howard Dnl-
turned.from the VA varsity this aiiMor and PORK

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IOYS WASH ,iJW Genii Aaiaat sad from DoU Aadroa'HJik PIGTAILS 7 |
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Sport Shirts ... .... place oa the

third Batarday of the HOLLYWOOD BED SALE !
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Boys' hisser. Seeks Glbbt Junior College COMPLETE

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