Florida Star

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50918 F20090524_AACSHN 00345.QC.jpg 605ce27f96484a77b0fecf740797b1f8528b6a6a241817dc3ea8760eeffdc6e574af52f5
5736065 F20090524_AACSES 00334.tif 19c46b629a6a8a684f7bbecd70843b388f9becd37330e0631940e21381ed9755d42041c8
13089 F20090524_AACSHO 00345thm.jpg d9d18f3c839f856c0525362efa18940582da4ec8e0b67135eb69c299554aaaf8df39f4db
5565634 F20090524_AACSET 00335.tif 541077ee725364009cb8ed093d65fae0ff3c874dad75f97e6c1049f52de978c5f1751d35
303614 F20090524_AACSHP 00346.jpg 049ff30594dbe3666a06211f6281d54fc17c369f7553896cdd61b537dbc2c4021936587c
5687124 F20090524_AACSEU 00336.tif 190a4b0e2d08eb24d06489a6912cbd07a53ad27aebdf48ae8359b3e07b8c98089f3ee18b
49248 F20090524_AACSHQ 00346.QC.jpg e0a9039587368a0cd56c623f272854fdc5e124b5b34ad171b0ba702d7d19b31c08672158
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688194 F20090524_AACSGA 00342.jp2 4959e1851648bd5b898e4194ade7f9764e5d438e7bd3414d8bf3c04af601f1d8715c1409
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737065 F20090524_AACSGD 00345.jp2 a7f99e5cda5f106d5065ba748f94b1fc747fe6a20df81c0f1916e4bb1aff9d80e35c2cb8
765814 F20090524_AACSGE 00346.jp2 09c92e6ad3c7ff1aec631e49f51aba3cdd073cb594289a821bc9d7cae7d4d09c45a97e10


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Full Text

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beea limed by Circa '... ,:, Attitude Of Calmness PrevailsAs
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Nary Uont for the I superintendent of public instruction for in the citjr. e 5 e 5

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feat the .tr** c4oraltafai Nf. .
by op tl It seeped ottt > aad tboIM
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f t "J1 h.U. J\

Her t FLttlll lilt PiPEIJ' SlT"uJJ\I, -.- 11, un

THE FLORIDA''STTAR lift Talk PoKtitsHew '

j,> \1tJ"it Set of Southern Senators
PiWSh.d b|;:;r>w Florida star '..1 .Uli'f \ mad Congressmen Needed ,h.
4!"*''tomtwjr of Aawoelatod Xttro hiss"rtts: t Uth the adoption of the ,cl< ture.role lathe
U.8. Senate the current cropbfoISens) -

lie .. sfirsii.........munis, NitirllfSII :' r t x l+a rC F if tars iron the Southern States became. ob-
solete. \

E. VIU....... .. Ins .C tirilUA She Halting of debate IOU cJed't..Ii.

knell for the filibustering tactics Of
iiiltl ... ... CifCilatisi.Hmiif
... Southern Senators to defeat Civil Rights
r J I assured the Senate,
legislation and passage
RAM IfflCC t: fli.T;(' -, of the Civil Rights Bill. .....s r":V;['

2323 Kiierltf .......1.... Eltli 41712Hililil :: J For four decades attempts have been mad'

to pass strong avil Rights legislation,
lliriss: 1v' I with theAatl-Lynch-
I back in the
,.I.- ..In Sll.Jieksiiillli 1. Bills early .
''"h *'. Southern Senator and
\r';;; > ; MliiiF, IIt I : ... have based their

., ;: ". lial I for election and re

711, H >r<. Are: ftH. Ill-UlS, on their successful
r I to defeat any and all

waxurnoM MTBOao f Rights legislation; now

Tsar, ".00. Half roar, ".00 that they have at last failed they are .
1 aallod to You Annbore la the CNlUd stat. expendable sad should be retired either

BubwrtpUoB payable Is adraaeoS :/ > >' '2 voluntarily or by the voters, as their

...I. .4 Ckock or Mooty order to.:. .'' \ / usefulness and effectiveness is at an end. .
'. Tbe leader of the Southern Bloc the venerable
FLORIDA STAR P.0. BOX Ml ...,,.:'\ s ""Old larhorse of the Senate. Dick

... Jacksonville 1. Florida TAw Srwts.rs awaw rws sAIIPs'wL rarr..acawtttrwrtr. Russell of Georgia should be the first to
.fl A'A .rrm..rcmo ..Q.rr..verMwssn.w resign and bang up his toga and retire .to

r ra.C V44..rnwrA >Mt.AM slassr lt.atIll,1'1N111L the backwoods of Georgia to pass away hit

'/: IETWEEM I THE Ltft fftf / .MYrII M f_ remaining years reflecting over his paat
ir glories and victories in spearheading the

By Gordon B. Hancock defeatotpr'evlousCiviiRights legislation.
For the great influence he wielded in the

TM"flTlL ..... f4' "A MM MEAK4NROWM IS THREATENS I" Senate in previous years is no acre and
be should be the first to realize thin
lt" ... sy very good fortoot to have been As a veteran politician who has seen many

taglt b7 scars of the trees of the flDh. fellow Senators come and go; .he knows that

teachers who CM. South u alsaloaariea a. once yon commit yourself to an all out

song the recently WMClPt Negroes.They fight without compromise, and loam you
were the flower of O1rht1I11.S ud Your WeeklyHoroscope are through as a political leader

this country will hardly -.. their likes He achieved his greatness on the same

11111. Pod bless their ...orS... formula and inevitable h.. too.. uat, succumb
If1 first teacher la fegllah was one Miss to the very rules he helped to formu-

Hunskker who impressed It bard upon us Guider late.It was Dick Russell who forged loosely -

that It was poor grsaaar, poor rhetoric knit Southern Bloc into an effective
and poor tote it indeed not Senate Political machine, which dominated
poor breeding
to begin a sentence or r Senate action on all legislation in anyway
paragraph with the
first person singular "I" Her teaching PABLO Tb ASTROLOGER unpalatable. to the South for manyyears.
!has followed M through the and
years what
It the late
I Senator Bob Taft knownas
ever literary pecculttlone eiajr ban been WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Mr. Republican who recognised the

I oeldoa or never begin sentence, or genius of Senator Russell for organizing

paragraph with "1" But so Jubilant M I BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES the Southern Bloc and formed the tlnhnly
om. ,the p..... of the Civil It ala ta Bill Alliance of Southern Democrats and Northern,

''I:' that I u going to break one of Miss Hun ---- Republicans which played havoc with Civil

sicker. rules and begin a sentence withy Isle AOOUT MARINO TNI OUA., Toiitttir raoi lIMO MAT Mall TO'flLL IN Rights and labor legislation in the Senate.

.1' '!' ., Born March 21st thru eaoeta AovANCtt. ?scat MMINOUNMUMO SIC,II 011I'. fOR TOU.YOU Wilt WIOUIRItOMONt The Republican Bloc teased with the'
I WM tro'.i when I said the wicked coall*. April IflthtWCKI SHOULD it a muwfiMCtor TNt VIOONANl" WHO AM WHO Will. CAIN Southern Democrats to help them defeat

/J tlon between the South and their northern Ml TOO MANY OKC ,INTIHIT, IN THE ANTS ADOIIONAIL01.11010 OUT TOUR ,...'C'II.' VIE Civil Rights Bills and they: in turn called;

\ s/spa talters would hardly be broken in the TI WI innviMcii' MOUT 01 IC\lMCIt. DOS TO "TMIMVIMM. WITH A wtii-etvtioMe VOVW MCTMOOt MD RtlltT on the Southern Bloc to help defeat pro ,.

lifetime of Harry Flood Byrd arch Megro- TO TMI ""rr lAMa II WITH Or WIllS"" TO INTUITION IMOU10 riNO TNt TIMPTATIOM TO UNOIR- grestlve Labor legislation. Tbe, Taft-llart-

) phobe in t hitherto South ruled Centres YOU. atiovncis o. riKMC *. tlttCT HOT I OH frV.,[,,, THIS M 'INVAUIAM A0IN MINI TOYS fRIIVUI ORrotiTiON. ley Act ia the crowning achievement of this

Congress is under the influence of tb. M.Pf,Ittllt YOU MIMICH TNI Mtviout'euAma, AimtiM' TMiia ru- Alliance.
llTtnMotM.ntMersMLJMone ho>. 'TO IIU'-\VMWHIM. w )-....il.V4CANCER 'Till'As ttLL At rflINTpMincTi. s-4o-es-IS. -54tCAPRICOIJl .lt...tbw pmmalnc of Taft. the "'1em1/'""t"
was slain in the South that hated his because n.*.+t TOO OUICR.TWMIIM CHIC ON mVIRACITV of tftim'AlJtajic*. fell m)tke'mantle. of'the
he threw the weight 'of.tbepresidency lilt TNt >AMM Born June ?3ii'thru or airoaTt oaINHUMATION. lion Dec. 22nd thru Georgia Solon who was quick to seine the

behind the cause of civil Rights,end O, .MAA/5sw&stv CII'OII' Jaly. Ted I Tot nnoTO Jan. 19th reapomiblllty the Inherent power vested
under the eighty influence of our nighty Twst you MAY MMIT IVINTV You wome ei jvtTirne HAD YOU AITRAV. MMT iNOiviPuAtt All In the leadership of this Alliance and to

president uradoa B. Johnson who has gloriously tUT. TM|*| It UTTVIM In airutmo INVITATION "3077".U.437LilIA AraAie ONLY TO CNANCI TOO OrTlNTRANSMIT ANOTMIT use It for his own purpose

carried ,on where the iaaortel Caned ? /l Most OMTOITINt TO SOCIAL ivtMTf twstOOulS THE tAMC rtMt Soon Dick branched oat to Include not
left off. THAK rwl KNOHIMI THAT MEAN TMI ixt.*.i- Born Sept. 23rd thru TO riOPLI AROUNft TMtM. only Civil Rights legislation but all
TOIl nut 'U ca *i- till' or TOO MUCH ICILY Oct. 23rdWMITHIR legislation to come before the Senate had
the Old South' stranglehold on Congress YOU Will PINS IT IMRIlUlTAHt
tUTU ei tw rieiMT40IHT ei VITALITY on TOYS to have the personal
TOYS IWAVILtMl blessings of
was broken end the great Harry Flood Byrd TO RIVAIN II-
suit fUT saint! ".,. Twill It A on'. Russell if it hoped
and his faithful .Htgrophobe cohorts,. TO utir too ass TMI TAKINt YOU KIAR ORr LINT At MUCK At POItlKI to pass la any workable
fiAIS1S eitut rot iroa al 'III IlltTt' 6 OilTINCT font and Dick became the tin to see
flattened before tot steamroller of amoral sulLy TO wilt llltlNCllt ANB' TO 00 BIONT AMIAORITM
order of a new day M THCT ....I. TNItit rOttllllTV TWIT VOUO INTINTIONtWITHOUT accompiinhedlnthe Senate.
/ roil er win Sal mtfTUION. He psrlated this
I The died hard Southerners in the dying Tnt SISJCT0i M* YOU MAT INCOUNTia sate Till PistIl orARYONI political power of the
ISIS |t TM| Towouie maiviouAit WHORl Alliance until he became
+ rtictioN MO TNIII ittwtil '! at'l n. YOVRUO a aeaber of the
moments of their stubborn opposition be.
Slit TO WNICN YOU tMOultiitTiN moat Important
OUT TO till YOU committees
.OUIT '"At YOU saw to the ap
pitiful and and wore shameful
cans sore
lOS TNI list orTMI pointment
em or eooot or tout of those oa his 'team-
to the
Will MCeiNIII TMI HUl at
their futile efforts to stem the tide. of 110"'''. DON'T ills tear, gi PSSTICULAsLvlusliClOuS SIMtIYIIPIYINCIS other key posts sad
personally held the
Or PltimlM Mt AC- MUCH AI rottteu. COMTINUI -
Tlae .that bore upon Its crest harbingersof UI' SIlT Tftouoit roa vouatur Culls* till powerful chairaaanhip of
TIM III THl MttT PMt TO ITWIVC roll voumCMOOIN Araed Ser-
a brlabter day for the Negroes of thiscountry. OT OIVINO, IN toTCHMATION OUMUR.MMl M rWMlUt vices Cooalttee which
TICU assail. FOftlhl.TADRD8 ...... You OMOULS controlled all Milltary -
The fight of the wicked Old South .. I1..sa ,'."'h. .. COMMITMINTI UNTIL" riM YOVRttir ITARTIM and Defense Budgets.hasterwebled.Dlct1a .
against the Negro is doubly dangerous because lieu 0* TNI raitutiOr taU MAVl ISO TIMI TO 'MVltTIOATI .
TO aioaim YOWR 4iirAttVOANCt. !" power
It is covert rather than overt. U Born April aetb tbra COUAINTANCIt TwlWM rnOROVOMlT.TMIt BO longer the thee -
all the Old South' fight against the .Negro May 20th TO WMOK YOU Ml MDtTciemv / MIM'T MtM TWO, >-70>ll-tt'lf>I7l horse' and those wbo have been taking or I
ATTACMS r ,.. NAYS Te SPIlT a den fro hilt for so
and U all its congressional filibuster tIt.1 M' 'O..IILI"$ ltt" AQUARIUS long are Just aa ani-
not a word has been spoken against a tsar attotlitlt tiLL tlHMDine TO It M UCIMION 510 MOtTIlt MTITvSt AL- Bora,"". jeta ttraPea. ions to Ignore hit ordera.

Negro. It would .be a too shameful thing to ea on *Tine MC COULD.,IsIt rtevioi ATMo151/1 jutT, TMIr" tMlTMt0 at TNIRI ARIAOIIION4 Uta la Share ?* us fomi, looked upon awe. be
mow looked
fight the hapless Negro openly: it would ......UI,Ottl, MMIMIT t.MTtsIlIT. A..0NCtt. .'''f' IHOICATIMITMAT YOU M** STILL mt ttlNO- I step two woos with pity which ia only
beget a too rid-wide ayapalhy for the. MciiiMt roa TMIM TOeiv TOM cewe Malt INS hw11.115155hl? or fro. ridicule. The -'Senileaaa -

underdog Negro and BO the N eg r op ho be a TooiTNia ortm-Mtco ...'S.I... .tz' raiiNoa WITH IOMIONIWMOtt ANY MAITIC CMAMtt YOU 110 he from.has Georgia' could meTer endure that
rUTVat MAT WOMtOAT 110 alternative
,.roqtlollt'tM OldSouth and in Congress "ritt in tats eTNta.OTMltt LID N4Y IMAt IN YOva IIYIMNtoiTt bit to resign sad
M tlMie TO 50urs.z 10 before Ut.
10 about the damnation of the Negro till TO 01 fltlONMIIt Born July 23rd tbiu ......17..4M cou.e iNViartatWITH _tat.Ot Georgia write tobra his reiselattoonoteorr
(covertly, WIU MW MIM All,. 22nd SCORPIO 'f'''. CNANCI orAOIIIWIM him at the polls
instead of fighting openly against the 10 tl MUOtlM Ill you MAT M te OUST .,. Born Oct. 24tJa this wvttttl. Tel his east ti.e. oat.

.Negro they. fight against civil rights IMUIIkVlttIC LI.... YOU Ilselle TO TOKO iN tt. Hov. DIeS RIYIRIt -COVLO Ot TNt Knew What You're Voting For
f'"' legislation so calculated to advance the ottria TO *.IH roa u laitk oa wenetf ACtlviTIlt avtwTOMt it AM Te in CAM. Twtat It a STWOMCPOMIOIIITY Tae
"Get .
O.t The
r negro toward full cittMnshlp.All Initiation THAT iiri tam erne THAT vow .AVat tone AT o..i tilt ea MATTMtOMJ.or begiasing Tote' cUP.Iu areWroacbea.
that readily promises. to kelp .Hetrcea .... TM{*| MV 01 5 0VTO aioiicTiNt to.< erTI AMOTWIO WITH Trt WMtlAM YOM CMict is .....IfI" tractive leaflet U JIo'I.-btr One stmr .

la called "ttactattiUtlof end Uefttproae stviM Moeut o.itMei MMMotor M< MUMeie TM< WT IT It I KISS ..".' ANI (ONIIewINHV 'oe" sad II I. entitled ""ut One

court that lives the Negro a break THAT out aTitrt tie.. coute AIM RUN 0"Vltl TOW M*,IiNMriNOiNT MNATTaiWAOll.IT wised IllUrtb at the eligible .
is loudly abused end beckltd.lt la called ..,.. tiMi. it win HAT Mt moot MN ,.. MANI erTO It 1 1 ill f TMaVTewe W t'trt voters was stay from tM poU.
'* 1AAt 1M5111AN1 Mir* /a-1.*.t ea _"'M', Te ** 0N MAT Mt AM.OWATI nest ALif McemwitisMil amount to a disgracefully large
& de-
ftarrea 01 althoaga iU .
>>11' 1194 .....,. II 1500
I""AI" S5 veva >..TTo tow eitce< TnTA..eetiATt rem WON MIM YOU PAct AM It SINnVTO BfM" tial alectlos
cUloa wan ...IIOU. Yet the Ketropaobeaad
Walt IT irricTtvi.T SeMITIC SIPIICSLTII5PSI ... MTna acew Miss 11.15. eiwtcv veveAto ,.ar, more the a third ot the voters
the anti-Negro call It *.
press r* taU
\0 .... TILT aac AM amvo 50111)151 .o wwater ,. to eaeela .
' l TAuatAwt use Mli .. It to.eoiatowAi as their right ot fitstStus
r... s Court'.Openly they fight" for state
ilttl(5tC .. KUIM ee eutiNiit teIII ..> .. IMIATORI ve MLISTIC .111I. tusase rl.it which 11 at tie very heart
rights for they kin that this will Msurely 0'
Sat Twit Assist at TMI MtiateTAT oititviNt, oitiemvmuaonr rter..t.th. lOY'ruelt '
fIe.wu" belAS Mil MT sad a free
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The aaehlaatloaa of the Old tout
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doubly dangerous because they are covert, Sal aTTINTIONt f.ATOAOTICUiAnV ,,\," ve MAC '.iTaext -' ITTtNTOtYWUN Mil I Tilt. this bait .f the still with more

instead of overt. But ...tu back of the 5..o-11.ts n.pel "'|' TOT AMIIMINT rniTmIM J-fO."'."", mesySian rra. tIi, 11011.eligible. voters .tl1l.

old filibuster aa broke It was Ue data" amm. .... TMI lies w..... _...a a1w /1TCKItta ,ue.. irpdrtaat
knell of the old South, led by Its *red. Rots Kay hut Uru VACATION llAtlt All vat eajittiwtt TOW Ion Feb. lltb tan SltetlaHe tM .....1 one to *IaWlt CM actually

and resourceful Barry Flood Byrd. That 1 .. list co-..e Tt M I<> OMOVIOlive AM TWTlM TO ACMIIVt.ta area 3StkRLINey a mow. a city I'teeIt' .Iect....
lived to that 1m beaten to 11111 M4ITAMI treasurer a cwacilaasby
tee Kegropbobe > rat rues mown errtteARMTIAWIIV ass a
Tea vewis at IvtiiMve Ills?? e* WM a* state legislator
his h... will ever be oat of U* Joy of cmme M .... eaikMNLttt 101 office that
'ttc iV I.TO a n..ttor MITI", TICS.eSS tea' A11d.
living to M eighty fHtt ntwaiTw outs .u.lTe.NI wee wN wilt troll. AM VWM" M S m* IM ,.. Pntlt mOViK wp tilt I..r. the. lat.

ttrglsla with its venated treataeea led sec m TO te *i.ctet "sotan ilitumc is !....c MM. 5.55W. ON* RA.IM VW WHCMWWiM .tnaedya.. ,1anJltJ la IHO enslana
......."11. lust Me vote .
Aaa. 23rd tan tthawh. per .nclJ1tt. .11 ..,
the tight alast clvtO rights legtslatiaa 1stnt hat 5141111 .SWci1115t 10)) MIAU.B g 1.
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kept. 23ad I......'... /a W) 5/y1le .. alaost 1. this no... tatel
sad its record la both the MduseM e.e...iw u. TNt VtNMNCT Te VMIM alt .t II
Seats ia a* lalorio.a oae. A *t te I........ tv Smell VM c....., Sale ..*.. ...nttl. ass wte iMTtAe e* so .0 for facts 11111. east.
tur re M Ce fvwa etUlili .ri ..... >ir4 tbraDee. ss. t.. ... Another
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so a y p wbU a4 asI solvIs aHnllt TMt oiiMitTit' eat maw seedg. atreasi.
deserves better leadership mad regreeeatati we Iseewlit lilt Pytls! mite ootrte ve Hit M MM.m sidle loss bees "het Mst.ru'.s 1M country. looser I

... PrejadteH ........., la ft r ft at a*a ACT i,, acceao-. WITHM cells M tIIIC ITOsi Cue |f AMIMt. AS If.5511 .T RMS MT* eWj TWN .* Tome"-.515,4 .... It seeds '11">< _
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fight a.atMt civil rtgMa.Mslber vitl'1Mat. we* MISire ,"... ve MI KIM pee VMS VMI n ve Tall v.m ../.... ,.... came .. fri, .t ... ...t... .11
great traced ta aba Mnf eels syeeav e* Htu .t ve vne TaitM a VACATION. am ve mmIM et MMOR va N HM imM HIl sm d d toss mad ....." .. _I tel
T t1..... VK* lee NLeatu. tMttMeee, VM MW M 555. If 5411110m.. mat Ialt. ... ems .... .UI
the SelhhMe. earn b>U alayed II.a.a. wae4e .UIC. If lilt $55 us hev are
ISn/IW .....ss II .e.eue .tt. Cwt RjtetCMatimaVWMIIM. ..... e.tleg hr.
ett cietuv a uve a"wto.
tigAltMi civil rights letislfttiea* .. asOey ire It" and vet
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eatteSL Stu11e1 LIA55"" Se 1111 PtI .............., artacWea ,.. behave IL ,
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Jilt 11. mi mi urns pur

l' Summer Program Draws Enthusiastic Support I

1 1if
{ 1 iN, S \\i l (, 1 ,S ik a 'ut "kY ;{n''b 14 Af rA 11 \ c s + r: fl 1, r 3s '

+! i ,.'i jI + s ..I.I'r


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DOM inert vc AC1'm1'l'l. rtcwtiy laaacfcod PTO- alttd II say rmrdtii- aaaflto- bott to ttootadaUa .,....&or. la pkoto loft Ira. distill aapaiTiiaa raster Jails Day (atudloi ntr... right) aid
School ....., brtchatat Proiru BOO kolai eoa sad their laatnotoro aooordlac to Mr*. ,ro.r... of .... of tko itadaata. la toll aoa. of his aaalataata, tits a brisk kttaaat aotlTltiM. -
I dacttd at Loaf tract Ht..tary Bcfcool IM rt- Iar7 I. Blteaall ',...lcItool dlrottor aad eo- lortaj pit, Ira /aaatta Araatroai ooadacta data laitnetlai the coins U art It Bra.Barwdaa I
la raaitial ,..dI... Sports aad rooraattoa dt> ......... (Royal Art Studio Photot) ,

I Jaxons. !. I Inspect_ $it e Club Plans School Days II

Beach Trip I[fWeddings) I .

E:1i no fiatttay Clvt std "

Social club kaa ovcUtodplaaa Hick neDoiial tot Louts Amatroaa. 1031

: for a tattrday, tnwit It.. JJ sod links Scat It., II sad Caw-
jaly i$ trip to AMrioaatack tt. Rayti, mi harper lye Ana "'nu... Jesus
Ml ara In&U., strut. 20. Itroat. II.Ibor. .
heir trl.... aad, tao Itobt. TOlktrt. Alkaa/, Ti...... 4112
(aatral ptkllo t* Jots Is 10 sad lulus f.Cru. hits It.. 13 aid I."
that, Ira. Clara 8Ulo .. ma lined $t., Lit Iryaat, 134 Court
too,p roai otat,annonac It.
tf.ii A.. 41.
hlL- sill.. I, sttvana, tOt Ill lohla, 1322 Jack*
n tao will l....
1 Trcju' St.. 20 aad Tioaa aoa K., || sad lt1d I.Irldita. .
...*. Conor at CIO: ...;1,>
: owrt.. mi alt n St., 1222 JaeUoa it
oaoriaf std MM llait
h '.... i: n; aad tho' [1s.Jobsq L. U.
Duaa. till R. loico llaraoa Jr.,
flail atop at EUlaadBplrM hd
|4tk St.. tl sad Jokanaaadaraoa ITT1 I. lad It. 31 aadlary
sear ',..s.rs..a.as..aaluerr.* at fill: a.a. ,... IU .. tttktrtat. U* ictaail. mi

l4ck.ta lay to parokaaodat $ t'. Dot It., 20. t
tka has .to.... tllltoA ,...1'111.1141Da Curtis hiss, till ..
t. Dr., a sad iotaIltdiell. 4SU It., 31 aadBlldrad
4 d .s. Cal hllaa. 210I it. CrltUa, T41 h... s.o1.Ws: "... ailllaat std N/oka) ftarlaa t.. lap.pies. ;
lara Ct. 11.Ckarlla durlai their tint 4y attaadaaoo at Lou J
I Iroia. 1003 Iraack Rloaaatary Ichoo Wild. la koldtai Its ....r 'I
THE DAm r.u,.., 1722 Calkoaa Stroot. Jactaoavlllo, its show la the ''ab .if Da,.. It.. II aid .mica Karlchamt Pro .... cl...... Bra. B.ry N. Bltekall la
Hit.Proaaaado"" OB the JUt floor ot the Ntt Tort L1 r. IttanaeaCMvMjra ) J On. 003 Dusts St., .. tko ts.tttoIIoVSPr.-Smool dlraetorsidcoordlaatorV\
boat office U IInTort, City. vhlcfe. the, vltttod durlai their rwmt trip to f? Royal Art madia Photo)
still C. IIoJ.... ISU
the tori* S Palr.Proo loft to rtiht' ora- Its OTMO Kiwi, traaifcntkar, AIouolit.
Pails (polBtUi, Mr*. DIY.'. ud her kiabaad. AlaoM Davta Jr., taklait IUb LalIM'GUINYARD> Clovolaad 20 sad

photo of kU rau,. Thtt'i tkt Iftplrt state aliI..... tie wjrltfa ullMt.tottrlu It raliod so tae lama Dutiescords, aad, tko lilt jaa.Haortoa.,. ti3Clnolaad ;
ia.tII. distacs.7bs.slreossttvetd Ckyllao PrataaoV'" ... tofu. kotektt. bat. It did sot ...,.. tko tplrlta ., 21.Jokaaoa
by Hw Tort Uft to acooa*. data pollcyonora.llka tko DtvlMt.Ao art ftattUfNOT groups taUtrod tkrevihoat the city.Oat 0. Coo,.,. tt.I SOUTHSIDE FORD I: !
Tort tor the Ibrlds ...r. (UXBtCT Pictorial Pbotoo) aaoa groap petered at tko toss ot Bra. iris lot ill I. II sad

lord of HIT Moa.rl f Id. Ouoiti ,ra..., mo: lladra I. Narthy, It. Ito .
CaptaU aad I,.. Roktrt PraatlU aad cUUr... oil S. a
Volta aad taroa: It. aad lira. Irant task, (both It"rl N. soot,, |I40 FOR ,
tJIIDOg1nEquirIu! Enlertiliwil' Sit, Captala Praaklta, aad Lt. Call are atatloaad at I. tltk St. 21 oaddo
Ju hart ..Uoa);.... /_",'.e.. Morris c..,. .. r:. t..,. ITII V.Ilk .
fuss.team mm MUD*T.1.urt miut M rtilii of oator all, atatioaod at Cecil Naval. ftatloa; Bra. Iatdales. It., 21. '
I c = talaatat will to ,rt. SOUTHSIDE FORD
I Potara. Ira. Mmes .BalU aad ttptaa U
) i*w.Ue.oMJyiiii>.. .**.N..w iye.....N W..w ..t.4 ky tko fUrtltfittodtl Oran apaat Jiesti Lot Illlaoa. v
..r.--.... .-..".-".... co.PI iOil std f.,.... Clot aa aaJayaMo ovaaiac.av.aad N4 .. Aaklay St.. II aad ck,
lo II .
5101 .
...._ .. 1Ii _'=- -":::- -.== atirtay, 1.1, || at a rrhn/-/-,.%, m Sao Pearl Boadt, III t. .
-':r'- =w.v= M --y 1, .-,-""'"":.. P... tt till hulls Ash.., II.. 20.
: =
:::.\:= = .;:,
t4y*- klBjff fcBam*>*
.. .u_. pr.sV.Ia..***" P'r"1''"** -.. -? ff:? Dr.... q.v.1..d Cra..
,, ::::. .w. ',i.:= ... .;:::tt-:.nxBBvrv.... pr..Id..to ..IOI.C... Bra. O.orse B. Start of 4Ut IoU Dr. a,
and Br. aad Bra. Joaapk Their aid a aoatfclaad ...-.
Other aad tko
.a sit at its boss of DM SUrta.Ok sirs Br. aad
g public are tartt.. Bra .....11 tr.*>ry sad Ir. tad In.. M iraaa Others Talk Low Prices I
all of UkMlt. .JfhU..

------ --
/-/-/"/-"/./-/,TVBra. WE GUARANTEE IT !

Birloa Dick tea at *.* Tart dtp, aad Dr.
-L: aad I.... Jaaaa R. .....ra.a aaaat Vas ooHaid at l fYtriy Miih UWMIrVkoo U MWAakwwt
F E E < y
1 tko ,... of Dr. aad Mrs Rokoft' Seats of It. Patortkan ..,One lA. 1..1.N Cr.rT.nea( / /wr! 1 .
PI a.Br .

,,'-"' .'." '-'-" /'/.

: ,:aL ... ..... .
aad Ira ,Jaata La' Bra. .1, Balotaad
oklldraa sad Btriartt ak" sirs oat rtala..d, ... __ .....of_ \
at Uo boss af Br. and ira. Mvto ...... of ..mAI. .... It ........ ......
... ....*,..| tka tUi of *.lf s.44. .... W.I / N
All NfW ....
,-"'./" -",.,.,-1'/ CalendarBXAMMJW

laildMtallp, Mvoral ptraoaa. ..I Nrsted ".Ir M+-e ._.. .A 0 MV
Mrtkdar Mi
nil .....1. toad, aad Ball Calaaaa .! 141Borta ,s Iris a..s)
a"..,. I., kafpy rotiraa for .....,..* .w pw A,.. $21.11

I ; 1"1ft. -""'-'./"i .. a .& s_ b4d./.res. w r
.......... La ..e. \

I....* .. '...... ., lM Mat PlftatalkMroH.laft
.w 1e. wee 1121.10 4 .f AMR I
fcr .*. Toit City .list oa....."' 01 ly.U .. '
ttowortr ..,. VAUMDiamon LIARIR3SRPIti )
y pla lo visit Les .....,... As..rr .. w w ... I
I'-/'r"/ ti Ttrd testier-try !reef" piles .... e.... 1e ... pew ....* \

U. AC lap aad aao .....,.. 'it.... J..... !.. !!
..tod I,.. CaJ.,."11. aad sri Mt rxldltf loantaotor. .39

,..." ..1.. U. Umaort lo .tallaoadt ..MS..w.. __ et
MorllU sisal Air ItMlM.ro. ., r. eIs

,. N1./1
,.,.,.Je,.Jt,./." ,.J. 1/0 MoNjY eoww $Idoe A wttK 5

." .. Laoitaao ,.,.. kao rtlortad fr.. lor t.. !Ilwr.a lw t f.

,. ., .oot ....U.. U ............ '9.C. ood Boo fort ,, xII"
... +. City. Bkt fialtod r.Utlt.,. *ad of ..".., ... f'R'l, It -
or 1'. Pair Bra. ,.,... I. .. 1.1&,...., 01ftamll ed.wls
01."i' ,
4rcfAl-rf..'l'1 c a.l1. w CtMOMM .at" Maoal.Mllp M s.ew1 1N ...Id sNI

..t, "I.1.11/ w..q..,.. s .r..w we N..Nw P .1..M

Md lldaof BUI; OM aM oao.iur of Bra.tUdro s.. ::. Mu al.iD
;. '. ,..,,.. spV
*' "u., tall koo fro llaioakaro
__( S *rU wfthc'+ ...ends wt1h T...rtfr hlrft30vtr. t.Cck.Hntvtf ra pees r M .. e.Ie
Y+.r swt O ...... *! Mkao !.... Mar
H < Cc CcQ-cdd.a1I tIrWC IMI1 AfI oorollod it Ma..,. Stoto lo ....,. MIN $3 $ stir W/NDINC/ (
., \ ( tooi...u.,.rtfrIshtI best. ..,.. tlllf .. .nliw.t. Carl.s Collai .. .. ... .w d wseq..1 rda* \I
.owr Mott vt 11.. ... Taw oro tko ..... oa4 .....* 1\
of tf. sad. Bra. ftakMl K, oaO of Ins By rtlt "'

.... Cot ...... I"I I

WIth 1."rf".I.1 -_ .t, 1 ,/,
1 *a k..o of Ir. ss I tra. oo4 ...,.. ... .f ,
.,..1.... "".-. .** .o Islet oHtiof of o _
tl 00 .f lei, oaf*...1It4. IM U iMloM Bf, .. tr.. rFERRELL S
... f. ,..... (...!*. 04 ..>flM of MMtoooK
; Cotoe IT. 04 0... ,... .. p" of, Ito 0dr ., I ISchool's It
.. Bamrp ........ tr ad .#., lead Cklop.
SK sad .,. Bawf' S..1e, ... 11Ift. MFes. .. else MsM i'Lldl
S f ,.... ........ Bf. 01 Br*. Praaoao ft UI0oJOB Aw
.wsr.la M1r._..ts.4e tssea7... :w Ipres. .4 are o>4 Bra Ii.IN......

...:.--- -

-- -
I rC -,

I H I >' "j-, \I'' ,-I /) l

"""" "" ". *
MH 4 M*. n. rugs' I

I Jax Rolls Out Welcome Mat To Jehovah' Witnesses T iI


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E/ ?
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_....'tk"\" r-Ifi} -

OrnUTICH CONVDrnOK-flBTiBB OOBBlottd too trtBtodoai atttndtd keno Ibis BetHtd by BOB* 11,000 Jaborah'antataaoo. ,tho BUB feedlif of Blaltttro sad their faailleaattaadliB the Rtfrtahwtat Departatot. Volnatttr worktro Ode .

% tMk of tecarUi rooalic acooewodatiooi, IB pkoto loft. Ill lit Robiiaoa left) tie ooiBtloa which suds htrt Sunday.fadll Bolotjoa sad Bra. Bary Ctaafltr lOt the Caftttrlala

aid sitting JU ODIUM 1> a BtatO Of reedlle, with Ptttr ...UI... sad Billy BoyU tit tht fla- P. Roe III (ctBter) its wlft plereact and rtadlatta tor the feodlaiofalalBteri and their
Mil ortaaliod tM co pl.t.d plaaafbrtht nan lablBf toBobot to a tray drala slid after trays feadtll P. Boo II, aadittd la coaplttlBB pre faalllta. The public la lulled to the adBlnloB .

day 1.0: ,... cptBliB BMaloa of tht "Pnltaftof hart btoa stun c1..... Tkla la oat of tbs faaotloat parattoBB for the Coarwtloa. Boo will assist la fret BwtloiB.ivrroifks .

tht Bplrlt" distrust aoBTOBtloa which Is bolaiPkilidilpili of u. caftttrla setup at tko Ooliatvi.for


Slates Mt. Zion! Church To Present Hirrls Vows PladpdIB 1 SI, MatthewsScbedrles
BIT. R. Webster

MM'S Diy bills King-Queen's Day Observance ieaitlfil NvptlilDvrlBB C.reaoiy Drill !
To SlIt Sunday BTB. Ouaal pal. Ore ,
ill aim as Narrator
luaday'a aaaval I.'. Kin aid Qatta'a Day Bill b* obatmd Buaday IB Baiday IB St. Batthet S

D II tvtata will start It. Zloa AM OiBrefe.. lOBtkald. aoeordlas to Rtv.Clartaet At. Wood h. Baptist Church at 7:JO

with BUB day lebool at COU.... putcr.Tht ..................... .If. Robert .wtbattr p..., for the rclliloui

KM .... elta Discos Btnrloti will bills be ling BooaoTtlt BadlBOB. katlalB at Idtard draat ..tI tl.d Tlfta .

Cbarllt ailta aonlai u .tlth tbs Baaday Bobool Satin ooiltBt Bill bBBttt Great wises of,,the

guest wporlataadtat sod at 1: 10 a. .. vlth Flab dlaatri .111 bo BlBiittr Blbl*."
Jules Hack rtritvlif Clartaet Aadtrooa tad old Batirdajr tit faaa Svadty
at toodlatm OBlttd rrwpyttrtu Tit .,... it betel
tba lassos: dwrd Brooks la da., Butler IB cbari
.* Cbtrcb IB abaeiet.of sponsored by the ...-
ktat. ttaeetra till laolid Tho lassos will bo ro Choir I sad caber Board aloaary .ocht,. Th*
.*,. '.D. Ul
haul .....Discos Tltttd bj Ira. Basle 2 will BtttattkoohBrckBatirday '
folio tit till
Uttlt, L. BOB, *a tor, tbo IB .a i persons
Bualar a I.BntoB off ttt.uri. at I ,. noatloa. participate: Hr*. LoulaeBarirovt.
Discos Kay ford Doris Aidtrtoa Mri. Rtktl Baaalattraad
Bra. V. ehto. ,-
Motiaaoa, Discos lacBaaIllIlBB will prtatdt at 11 .... ttt vtrtltttra .111 Rest ftbittr m serve .
Visa TaBay Getei.IBB .
for tko rest of tie
aid Call to worth .
Discos I. ,, iraAadtraoa bo prtieattd la rooltal
Beverly Clay too,'
Barytr.Hontai. : tpeaUi hyoa, jBly II at B ,... Other MBtt. CUdltlttkt MFvlot -
Bra. Beat Vlc d..rs. Hn.Aadrty
till bt eoadocUd .
toribia tlUbteki Bra. Kthtl .."rl.; lirooatloa > Imps la tho elty base
--- L.'..'. .r.
: .
at 10II .. ., sad tie --
at ....
n titb Ira laai* b.. lulled to attest Cathtrit Visa
>... t.k. fayit tupir* Hit Burroughs; ....0. daaa aad prayer BtIBB BtrrtBB alalittr will Porattr
,hl.,. DBMOBB Illllaa tloa. cnolr aerlptirt, 111 bohtldTatodayat dallrtr ttt ..,... 'Tat Braid Huty.Biaa BarbaraClajton.
Mr. Wllllt Mae
Muattr BBd N. Ma Bill Ira Delia licks dtea 1:10 p.B. Adult Choir *U1 reader

lewd tkt dtfotloBB. 10.....,.. A.dry Brow; Mt. Salem tie BBliO sill use : 1.101I'" Marls leilictoa *-
Him TbtrtaafanMBiton.
The aftoraooi aaioBBOtititi. Bri. Alpba talta aa notoriulat. /
proiriali hiss Violet
aoatdBltd tor I ,... Just i.. Darli altar Baptist Church y ,
n Charch Be boo 1 b- ,y. Taylor Ilia ftiadra
.1th ltoh.rt Bpnlll atrtlaB > prsir h,. AaaadaAadtrtoa *
.of ; latroduetloi Benltr worthlp .". Blaa at |!IO ...., rtta Christie and Vanda 1'v-
II aaittr etrt
tics for It. .... Bap. l.p.rlstesde.t T. ,. lor.
sales .lithe ttlooataddrtat of aptakor. Ira Vlfiaa
Howard tilt Chireh located at ....r U .,... District I will ....
to bo doliftrtd ; tptattr. Quasi ,
3kd aid Byrtlt Averse, Tie Inn near sill $ Aiariay at 4 *..., IB ttt
by Liter Maoto ..."1.. I ary J-ott; UfltatlMi, 'I \
will baits with Boaday \ boa of Mr*. A. fort OB
rtbtarat sudsy at B .
I.'. Oollior .lll .. .ttt AII..,_; offtrliB, I \
School at 0'q: ...., thoBuprlata4at a. .lta Bra. Pied D. I. jeth fit rH to DUtrlet
Ira Uathtr Moyt Anti
tto prlielral aptaktr.Mitralla _
la dura*. Davis la ebarct.WaOiBBdmy ,1 ', 4 till mutt usrasa .
will Bart Chrlttltt Orait ,.
I perry HonlBB Btnlat beelBBoat .at '730 ,... "J1a ;..... tht te.t"lit wr". OirlatU -
,. "u"'I0..oorl.
a .U. durlBi th.1."V". AI....... 11 .... sad trtaliiorahlp Ildtr ..I,. liarttr sad .t fteala lilT f. 25U1
.. tvtatBB service aadk ; B arkt. I", .,1( .
at B ,.. Bf, OMOB little rtaraoa :: ,1 ttreet.Dlatrlet.
.*. B. tllUtai Bill bo Clartaoo QtIJ 1.*. : i < ;
tie .,.&ku.rt. "ra. nary Qtl U.. will I ..q. Rogers patter, ill ooaAMt ttt .!*.... ;.. .J"" 1 will BIMMM
air an oBttBi to MBBolla -
ftt pBbllt la : .. .
cordially :. '
raytr aerrlee.MMBJBIB ,I.' .
... .
wort till b* preside at li0 .. laflttd .. attad all 'It: LCI*. July n.
bird durlai tko atrvlto ......, of tht boor will
..nl.... Mrs. E.D. Bmisler
__________n __
Programs Recitll.ra.rUl.J
aa Uprtaalvt Friday, Juae ..r..., celebrated la It. flaa Catholic

Ourok .. I ,....11.. irenda Joyce Burromhi the daatbttr tf Mr. aid Ira Carl 0. Rana later.
MM b BBt flflBl' } ""
rot lady" of
BurroBtta *r., beeeae the bride of A/1C Robert Harrl Jr., the BOB of .>. lid pas
Bra B bert l-rrla Br.tv. (FT.) J. .1.*.. offlcUtlu th. doable rlu creOriaa pl aoa"a. till observe
DAVIS 5wriitwrs-" IOU. .............................. ber analferaary Runday
< scale at 1:30: ...., I* the
us irood s a 3 57-31 by Bit waa tsraiMed also or... over taffeta bearer wrt t whit BMdltolM of Lee Real
Ctttlla with bell shape Jacket with black
*. DeeII.a. skirt silk a ..u.. ottaorlea. auditorial of Lee I'III.|
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Here Now from PH I LjC O her.aa attractively father tkt adored h... tired Tht fitted a acoo"bodice.. aecallae fta- lee.

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6. DAVIS .
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uTiiui HIT 11. iK4 rium Sill wen PACE 5 .

Fli. Mescoriil Sliles Union Makes Beneficial Presentation GibsoiiiR Wins Academic Citation I

Slow learner tins Jonrnilhm Award

BT. ACOOSTIKI tbor.esk *

tuner torkibop, IT. mDSIIllo-om'I' +.t
leatttai to certification PUBs Rivm.; a Journal

in twachltt th* HowLanr. published the National

,,4111 b* offered Council of college Pull-
at Plorida Ncaorial Col lloatlone Advisers, e** 4- .y

11 *.re, July 23 to Itetod tat! olbbsotltn, _
Avfaat 7, D... sank; Olbb Junior Collateipaptr

C. Caao baa announced. f tk' y, ... tt Oil of
A8t rSw
Tb. four .., courses 13 neitpapert that paid

Included th* torkahop tholr last trlbttta to _...-- .-- -
E President John F.Kennedy.
are.R.adisg Mfflcultlee TOP FU3lIIA.--orotIIJ hUt of Tanpn, recelvea the
A ....d1aUo.. Speech The December 1113 .
freetinta academe tnrd for her perfect "A" see
Correction, Piycholocyofthibeeptlonal dltloa of the student erase obtained tt Olbba Junior College for both I
....pl'er carried at
Child. ...
.ten of the 1913.1school year, Mrs Mir
editorial by editor EddloJackaot.
and Education for Is
liret Arnold take. lbs preeeatitlon.
ceptlonal children. All JFX't Death .
are three-hoir ooaraaa a sa a' tt our initial loae{

la except ilL the latter which hieh collection vas included of ifl lathe Social Security Facts

ctd .
For certification by newapapera.Arthur Q. la It true thtt staled people she put In for
Sanderaoa of till
the State Department of T I social security set help la finding another JobT
Fducatloa la any of the CIVIC GESTUREShown above are aeaiber* of the Brewton.I Bethel I: Mania ....11. Cntoa Coawaltyt University of low, the A. then you put In your data for dlttblllty pay*

,. above subjects, a total Friendly teataldo v.Ia.,.' Caloa which! recently ; illlle M. Rlcbtrdaoa. Grant Mew>rlal 2; Mrs !HCCPA'a executive lecre slate, ee give your nan to the Ittte Vocational

of IB credit hour ti aided Johaaoa Branch TMCA't building fund through Sadie Fedd, Btthlehen 3; Mrs tlnort Hwbry. Board tan and College Frees Rehabilitation folks If there 1* any .tytheyctn '

rewired presentation of a aiitabl check. Presenting the of Education; Mrs Viola Noreen Ittbl"' .. 2; Mra.Nettle Review editor selected help you trill for another Job. they till ck) so.
A broad social sad check la the On Ion' a president, Phillip A)back Incraje. First Corinth 1 and Albert Hiker, the ...paper for the Q. My 80CII..ln.l.. la disabled, In rat of ay

. recreational procrtwi has (foreground) with the r* proiru ..cntl",JuUua Pint Corinth 3.Second "" from left: 111 1 Ita Hal 22 pi f..tn.Ucll death can she drat benefit along tlth ny ills
ba plaaacd for those Jones accepting the lift on behalf of hi* onaal coin. Grant Material 3; Frank' Utter Jr., Ceatral u. carried In the re* from ny social security reoontT'

A attending, laeladlaiwlnlaf sttlon. M*.bera seated fro left ar.: Mr.. ThelatHarrla. Ort: 2; Cleveland Colllaa. Bethlehea I; Mrs Corlnallliana. cent laa of the Col A. No, she cannot Your OMI deptwilmt parent ell
, tonal, aoft- Mt. Oil*. Prlnltlv Baptist Board 2 and ,.. leto Press ."1".
It. Ararat I: I Iran 'llllani, It. let payaenli ties jour social security record .
, ball.cbolr and dranat- Mil Susanna Bordeani Union aecretary. Standing Ararat 3; Robert Slapllaa, Vnloa Treasurer; I.... Tour .1 h' parents cannot draw paiaentafron.
lea the anaouaCMmt fro )left are: Robert Spears It. Ararat 4: Mra. Harvey .t. Sinai I: Mra. C.A. Dud, St. Stephen J. C. Receives your record.
troll Da Cbao'a office (Geneva Bakr. Zion Hop 2; Mr*. Leo la Morris, It. 2 aad Eddie Flaklia. Mtcedonlt 2.(11I1'11. q.) I understand that 1 can draw aoclal security

stated Ararat 2; Ire Ape rill less Zloa Hop 4; George Art Studio Photo) hen I'. II, no matter hot such I make froti ay

Facilities for boarding Assistantship Job. ,.. this start .tth the 72nd birthday, or the

u.U aa non-board* Bank Exec M.tir Of Drowsed YH''leu CovncihiH Elected ST. 'tcanUIO-'r.: net month iftertA.
lag students art avail : It bogies elth the first dtyof the swath. yoifreT2.
able, and a Halted amber Sons Get la Virginia City tiara "thaanon Boyd a .
To Appel! Cetrt'sTAMPA hlhs graduate of Clbba Junior
of student loaaaalto. Awards *). I', a ilrtoe and draw social security for ny. '
Civic pmmuRO v* --
College and Florida At*
Q.NP-Mrs. Rthel Mae Love. 3>, lIOt.ller.r ( AlP.! ) -- This city' self and ny children. I understand you'll rut off
MEMPHIS. Tan.AW -- Valvtriily la the n'clrh..t
Additional formation a, check! If I net ntrrled. ro you aliaya A, UlsT
) All of the a iyearold boy ho drowned on Courtney Campbell first Metro coundlatnalaee .
( yen of an Militant
.ay be had from the Reila A. You suet tell .ua If you reatrry* *. must atop
folk of the Jessie H. Causeway April 23. 1941 plaaa to appeal a nUiat Recoaatrvctloadtya hip to continue her
trar Florida Memorial your check valeaa you starry MHtevne' ahu drams
Tuner household brouiht against her by a Circuit Court Judge last eek.. ii Joseph Oeena, a study toward a Nailer sue
Colleie St. Aufuitlae. Judge .** I. _1"1111"UP' .. ...uuuuuu.u.......................... 'r1.e1.ItII"flt.ablhll. clal security.
bone sore kind of honor Degree at Florida State
Douglas HomeDedidicated durlni a recent eekand. Jr., directed the eooaoalc p.tteraof eat operator who via Vnlveralty.Nre. .
tartly after Jesse H. verdict la favor of the state," Pbllllpa at Id. the winner la i five-nan Boyd a IMI radtt -

AsNit'l Turner Mr., cashier and city of Clearvater In ndanaie Florida courts .have race for three sate on of am Junior SAVE FROM

vie president of till suit brought by ruled. Phillip said the city council last College and a graduate

Monument Tri-ftate Bank of Men Mrs Lose ...kh to that where a city or e eek.la... of PUD last ir, en* j

lASHMCTON (*"') IIbh...* ...... '''&oya* sake. the City liable county provide an '.....* lanUf th* sect, rolled In the FU' .rad. $100-$6QO !

The Aaacoitla country College: Alanaaa of the for th* drottlai of vloua Mtewiai tad ba Ovens defected ei-.ayorMtrvln u.te school this year

110M of the treat aboil Tear" the fishy ma Joshua Joyner Jr. The thing facility it'" 0111 .by JOG votea to twin studies toward

tloalit Frederick hili.I. notified by official of younnter fell fro anlnnrth an obltiatioa to .- ; I. a rua-off election, the Not*!** In ritlh. ON YOUR NEW CAR PURCHASE

... vas officially Christian Brothera Nick Into Old tala ftcllltlet, and thi No now (III b* sated on The Tanpa native .55selectedbrrU

dedicated last week M a School to be ..r..t at Taapa Bay stile oa a tier, In a reasonable the onuacll which alto. ) in serve

sat Soul noaunent incerenoalee the school iradaatio family outlet it the safe condition. hit Letter I. BOWMA anttro.ea a* a visiting .Imtrac SOUTHSIDE .fORD

to be held aerclaea in the city southwest shore of the "But where the facility .. orponeat of tar In the rnllrie nf

la Paahlaitoa. nadltorlaei.Durlm parkway.Phllllpt.. la sorely shoreline aatl'btta .public .,..... Arts sad nelinee for the I'' 5303 B och !

Dol' h..' hose, th* the ceremony at she lid hit In its natural .art tt Inn a propawMa. *iw*>ee ......h....

rtoratloa of which the Malciral audltorU rallnt I. th. first In .t.U. I thlak It IB :

t ha .**. n Miyyearproject JM H. Terser jr., .serrweated'th Florida OB this point not ,""GIII"I. to tee'
i of the National looaten sail ho felt the -ult quire th* city or Countyto (

, Association of Colored Clab KrtoUrshlr avdal wan aaklnt the court to be reepoaslbl* fof/ V 'I
to...' Club, will be for attalaint t II.t..II..t decide niMMHhlna tbtt la all of the coadltloaa' ] j
adwialstered. and card aura sure laportant to along all of tilt shore /
acholaatlctvrrtse / If.l11'lU
for by: the natloaal partservice of aw fre 'hnn the entire state." 11..." Phillip said ; !1" '
of tilt Called Phillip continued."Hi Mra. Love said. hoe "
for tt* .11"-'4 acboolye '
State Deptrtatat of the nay a city or county ever, that th* ,.11a. : U
Interior.preeldeat. A's.r.duties!II. received the year.all U little for nwln* .at pale. wlthoet ale ,; ER {

(eaaedyauthorised ray Anthony Tamer: 12 slag accldmta along| all losing the' jury to rlato >
the federal* the mny all.If) beadie the chbera to
nedal for ,
received a QUAs/TITT R'4'IIb f YU
slag of th* hose> cud at ftA that >e have In Florida reach a verdict.Illltn .
I>rrfi>rt attendees
ironada a special outd be In Infote n T. Keen ofTanpa
.. tlae "0..1.. 'hrrbe
proclamation tamed a eta* president of his t .....bins and unhxaraMe 1 represented the SPECIALS GOOD THfiU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

fee pears before he seventh trade claaa da- burden spins oar publictsnclee city .In the trial and
died and therefore T. Truett Ott, also ..1Tupa
A townhoueeaaliM used Prick Michael Taraer pan the tai.a>lac pub repre.eiited Era.Inst. .
by Doitlaaa when 'he vas tic .
eight year ..... secud
living in wuMitton I* '1t would tend w die'courage DRESSED 4.
bna Ub a
trailer, ease Jackie SipporlsGoiifior '
currently being restored knnorat4ent and he n de.terrrst PORK i '
pedal for heist an DRAWN ,
ad la th* hoes of the at M. ....U.. t lesion of Atrloaa Art. td prvtlde ...*
dart. tt* ,.ar. i ii
dltloaal aorella for tWU-(,,,)--.....

rerreallonal facllltlc ball Nail .f Fwer a4 CHOPSHENS
IIII TH lit III tt a tine uses the ..... forest Bmklyn rio4ier :

lie I* rOMra,lat the star Jackie Ruhn....
Ton Met TII. Beet Doctor i
eipMttei *f these fa*
chose political .he.rl
Clue t nr Doctor Prescribe.Set til tie*."
Biperlenred FkaniMlata "I thlak tb* la* !. '
.. DoeUi. feller Bee letle**. i
Aoerdiagt.T esr
..T,Mt< t. b* reepiMi* the lee Trk OavrarInto 4
.. 63
Order le C Oily Tb Bet I
.1?* U U* noclit and the ksrieealti :
Quality Dregs LB.
D,. t.R. 1Iac\ fraatoa>PrPreel4*.| I
'r'OfIfl' reel' Gets New Post '....1... I
.1 .i l..* tttt Owerar I BEACON
atraatei .laad*
Co etloa lubber fee* Candle* rend n" feirtistre is tivll \
matt sads II rear
r't'lRt1PTTQt* tc.lJal P'1I t1D t1VLay's BLEACH VEGLTOU
....IU.. t. ,...h.

that tie leblliaParty

Drag Store soil Mt ber*..

Ike Mtl*...11 party

mi IMS mi a run salsa. II Mil. aeer. Si 39
.enaur Barry teltoatcf
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Botlaeoa Re.liM.aald. .1.| .| .IUbit IM I iM UN If ute .... .. Ud m ill II.. bt ewe .M srd.t.

public reletlet --r

aide Alfrd p.i ett. :<
flew U U. .."..I'* 41 S. SOS SI LOIN STEAK if.FOtlMOST 75e YEt LOW

bees strdey smog

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Panel 'u.*..... heed OMKMS

OFT 19>> 11gfr11dr.ae.J. *f Ftrew... I.4*.4rtee.B KE MIlK H IUIHfU 3'$
.*laMa aid Butch
.adlMtM. tons U.. |...II .... ..II will (# .
gees/al/a/ tk* r.1. -;
gory tlrttrlp .. IU
del Mart.est .f fe.l* "
< f**.ntM .lee tU nAIl 'A'SMMl EWS iu. I n tniii 27* ,
tre. |Mt frtdar frlierl (
pe..,|...... stepetles
to help .fet
M*>.....""a pUh
S sd nl* IS.,. M4.*4Uaa >
.4 .. a _..., oft
Yew Will Never BeVMiiilt.fi ......nl
tre dit.nseallma 31
>e rw,. ed off Ww SMOKB SHOITMM\ SAISAIE n. (
U (M ,
As A MHtft4 ....., .re Steels ii* **r. dry see M tat ...

des s,e bts. ,,...... *a f. Ma*awl era.Fvl .

Eirell New br .*. *ie.., fee tee |..la. I tlw.MtMt maim 3ww ..

JACISONVILLiAIIEI ......... .....a.,... ,W* Bra. iwawMw}. ,,1.1OII COIN nuts.. //l.tK
.. 1. ** t .*. .....**.felte, atdMr

CGUESE ..IC.MO day I... Use MK** .* reet4 by !*.
Far .,. **. A4ttl. vterMr a4 revel ir4t NOME HCM I U Pill. 2S$ 17

DAVIS ST. at ..... rL CtyiSi.... dSNSsI Pke.. 1 tb. ..*.... let a :
testy,n.. ..... ...... :
c.t4HktIICUlllltn. -.
tH% Ik '"

111111 limy MI rtot m im tH

"- .,..,,"I ,! i f.. '"tq Jn Z

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/ f >r 'ft ---l

I.I Girl I I Scouts Holding I Annual I Encampment. ..I.II

a. I ,

15 g r..0 .f"2 ,.. .v+ er a,f1 a flit. .:,+
yf La. i iL6f
a 7F ( t.
t fair ; {_ aSy *+a.
d ""' ..Nos R : .. i s
frr y# Y t

gc; A 'I'Qr..... : ..-""" 1
CAMP HMBIAHA located OB It. Ararat Baptlat eo.-cU. fitiMlae, toatlBf. arts ud oaap craft prtaed staff of lesions- sad eoaaaclora. The of tho RA .111 carry additional photo ahotlai
I Church' tar. in tIIuter, If tbt site of this7esr oookoata, and otbar standard eoarata la acoatlag .' actlvttlo art oonatMtly carried oat onto other activities and ..br* of the ataff.Photoa I

I annual oncanpaogtof tbf Oetewty Girl Snouts art btlot oonductad mdr>tk* dlrotloB of aa 01- watchful ya of their ladra. gut taka !sane ( by Burton Studio)

f Jehovah Witnesses Coiweaie. Boards Plan Anniversary Fete Mrs. T. Oree, Mrs. Q. Frazier

I ,j la 4-Dsy Session Here ... Mt. Moriah's Annual Day Speakers .1

and Ira Praslar, till
Hra. 7bo Or** Ouecoejl
4 *. Jehovah's witaeia Convention which beiuAuridty
-1,0'- feature th. obacrranc a* speakers chic It. Morlah
till b* hId for tour day IB Jacksonville .
f'' Col lieu a.Approilnatdy. ....................... Baptist Chirch clbrato its annual Wooen'a Day
t ft Sunday July 12 at the church a 1953 t. 9taSt.
11.000 department lo Robart C. .5 iI.r location.ActlTitle .......................
ptrcooi ire ipctd laatUidanc Hollander till beiia
Mra. Pannlo
*. It order to of tile with Sunday School at
Oc.asray '.
Solo. Mra. Jolts Kelly;
tbe.sn7 par..oseth.y ooairaiatloB. Hoi '; .:JO ..... tith Hra. .. offcriai. Mr*. ntiabcthTooaer.
hays ortulzed leader said, "Tb r. '; L. Sander, aerrln a. .
.Ira Lee and Mrs.cbp.laad
their con Baniaat, 't "
till b* BOB* 200 dm 6 f. 1 .upertat..dt.
": ; prnttttona,
loosing *ervic*, cafft ,' "
pointed for the "J' ,1" '
.rl tad traffto andusb.r conTtntloo. .' :,., ., Ouch tachr till baa Mra. laabell Becktos;
on* large ban "
fore, orchestra ,, .' i; remarks Hr*. Dorothy
till b
air palaUd that
Iatradlat, Hr*. Beatrice
Blackappreciation. In.Catb.h. .
and atM band*.
till atrteb acroaa the Illboura Card
; .
Pufh; aerrini
The 33 department art
MIIII.d by volunteer tort front of tbo ColUeu. i Claaa, Mrs Jophia Choir 1 of Abyaaiaia;
adrtltac the public a : Stnderi; Junior. Hro.
Borriac board Dbr
n, Ibo havcappUoatioa e
slbli lecture
to b* put to work. Ac- Sunday. t: Hinnlo fountain; Adult. Board 4 of Ht. Ararat;
coring to Henry Cant- Hra. Lllll McQueen: secretary for tho day,
..11. Blbliter froB To Attend Funeral I 'fF& rvit, Hra. Annl Huff. Hlaa lathe (Roll; chair
& ,
Taps, she his obi,.* Officer a4 eobura of ',; Horaint torchlp beginning .an and co-chairaioMra.
of the,, Volunteer ser Oatatay Barrieka till ,A' at 11 .... with Catherlae Push and Hr*.
Tie Depafttest, approilettely and Its AH il Hary of the "' 4e6r lira. Henrietta tbiteaad Dorothy' Mack; pastor of
2.COOn* bold war l veteran : Hr. Mildred Blackahear the day, Mra. Panalo
.ra 111 bo needed 'to ortiattatlca, tit r** leadlai the devotlona. Marshall; pastor th*
aaa ill depart*enta. 'Tbo Qu.att'0 .....W, at Choir 1 of Aby R*". J.II. Marshall
cafeteria departaont tscult. Huff'i fup.rtl HOBO, or. aaiala Baptist Church Hr*. Qjernell Pranler

.. Uio Mat b..Jp." Cart I'. at JJIO ,... '..'' J.. --I1P till lead tilt procea- till be th* ipeaker for

Clllt..U continued, .... to attoBd th* fvaorU _u ,, tonal.. comas torahip which
.o till seed sost 700 of their late Biddy, w \,.. .. ........ Tb. order of ovata starts at T P.a.e"" till
"; ._ ..J......:.,,...,.._ .;(:/GlitMJJl" b iatroilnceri'by Mr .
torktra tber.. follow: *
Bany till HaalltOB Mciabt% JOINT CEWSMNTS-*.ev. .U !Norton, pastor (soatod lft ar: John, Fottli Abase>> Dls, Budino til
bkltcha worker*,otter* pull .niters dress la .. liana ,. Consecration hyaa. con- KrnMtln Pool*.
foreiroundand Other Boarda > and I lad th Junior Itoraaa Alberta Prank, Larraia Bard
on the ..nll1 aecratlon Hra. r.ai|litt f:. Llney
I I. ud desired, CoMuotr J.i.inrlag prayer
Other Boarda I of Bda Baptltt Otirch bane ...- Patricia lard, and Prlacilla Wl. standiai fn BItft
others mincing III.N..,- "- railthon aelectlon. till opec tilt aeries
tr. atatcd.Unity pleted plan for th. Boarda' 37th Mlvrtry and : Mr.. eel I. Perry. In. Jesus lard George : .
lr wo .or..,. .111) bo choir devotional reading 1th devotion aupported
tulle lard, Horace Oil and Prank Thooaa. A ;
till fifth for th* Junior Board Monday II lilt. July pro
"III.,. and attendants.'* Schedules II at TiO ,.". la th* aala .auditor. of tilt iraB till b. ftaturtd and other boards, friend Hra. Gloria loss; by Prayer Iud Ho. I).

Tho rooalni dopartaentbad church. Rev. D... ..r..., pastor of ....Uhl. sad the public ore laTitod. elcoae.MlM tails loss: Tilt Coaaaalty OoapolChort f
its final ataie larranlaforeooaao AHu.I OtIsenllce Hra. Nary till lead tilt
Church till bo tilt pakr.Jt4 fro
If Baptist Royal Art studio Photo) procMlonaI. *'
I. I Lewis; aolo Ira vivlaa '
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datioa for the ..!*- tb pabllo Utttod Cherry, ; scripture, Mr*. flervlai a* proiraa
''s j. .te.. 'sue .tll ... to the UUI Analrarrprofraai CoeMed WHk "idles' Fountain ChapeiAME Mrs. O. Hatcher Mother Midway Louise Greene; ....1011- participant 'sill bo:
of gaittkteb Ira (. H "hr, B .t...,.. .
peel tilt D.OOO U at ary offerlai and prayer, Mr* Sarah WI J 110II. Mr*
la aokduld tor Sunday and claaa I.lder.t Grist Church Sets MeetingFor AME Church .
tendance and accordlai Ira. Carrie People*; Annie McDanll, Hr*
to our flrurea, .. till July It troy a aatll I Mworial Alit church la l.'a Day, till .. okB All OB Th... IB th* annovaceaeat, Ir. NvttUlpatM.. ..r.
,... la tbs Penthouse of '0011 nl" with U.... II nrd Sunday July Missionaries .... ..
roach that nutter, ac- II sacral ctulrau of tbo Catberla leas; aelec- .11. ,*, Mary U>1..
cording to Aarleta laaraat ,.tera.. AdBiaiatratif and meads ar* iavitd n BUBTB MtCHtZHra. casual Bet a Day ob- ties choir; prayer forth HI** Jaeqeeltae Blah,
fr**>, ntoalni Jl rector. Co, 101 tilt tto Vital, Like City. to worship tith the Or..,... Datchtr.th aenranee which till befit sick, Mrs. '.t. Hlaa panil. Harvhall.Oaent .
To direct the thouwdaof galoa Itr.*'. etltbraata sad aoaboraduriai fflclMt aid ddi- with Sunday tchoolBt Crawford; solo, Irs. nerving choir

p top la to rtoBUi, There till b* BO ad. hRlt 'feet the apccial Br oator tuptMlaor of the ':30 ...., 'n. J.W. thins Cherry; hyaa, Coma l t1 O>n>.l Chonin;
alaaloa .
cafeteria, Uatraloa, charged and tie**. KUvtath episcopal Dla Joapaatoranno aced. I,.. Bloia ,....,.; meat nerving hoard Mt.Mori .
.to.. tb.r. sill be awed ttraoM of all ices say every litter bit IHKl$ bane till |*t ,.d.,* trlct of th* MR charcb.lo '.01. BclaUtsh.a. Mtabtr iatroductton: of apUr. ah'a "bard 2;"snots
.f aim. leading this atUad the ..n_... fay ttth laaday ached till II. all Ih- of .t. Jails Ant Chirch Hr.. Albert Jekon; the lIatt octal Saving
Bt .: io .... with th* aloBarl* to iathr atth till b* |ie.t ..,erl.t. .- npmker. Mr*. Th.n Ames nub.SOUTHSIDE.
scat PriBtBdMt sad Trl-Me.ttag AU,. 10- ...., Md .111 b* a*- lavitatlona to Joiaera
hac'n MprlalB 14. elated by hater Cart -

.1....., TV.a day ..ral.,, yet Mil DaaUla of Bothericrtary
130 CASSAI The u B.M. ..fuel art roHtd to iur Iideay, sad
till satin* Btal* b| at .::10.... fully tal-
... ....... .- FORD
1124 W. 8EAYERI th* gist choir aid the toned IB thlt at the

3101 Eb4ERSflNNN atraoB till bo dtllwtlat Cwtwalal .Bulldlac pro-
ID It ,'sleek.. At | pared to tarth to tbo
? .riw4 r.ei .a, ,..., B proem till bprta auditor!** for dedicatory SELLS FOR LESS !
.| d sad tat
bye arlea ,Bchrdul4 to belt
( IMilA. BftttltUa& till *adtith at 10 as.ANlsalo.iry.

th* 1 ,... *ttala| torkahop

TN /! it AWT. art .. till k* hid adt after- SOUTHSIDE FORD

C ii.l''s BCCB froai ] tatll ) P.B.Coaftroac .
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BAKINGPt.A. BENS = Jae 29 *ldata ore* Iris tried pr to- 510Jnmuc 3e.ch 11.4'I' -

UII 11U14sill alert their llaoloaarl

for th* follotlBB .eII..-
AV .$ Tuesday Bt 10 *..., COBfertac uawAu

;s7e; : II' tiro1s ...U.. titt till ,* ttoSs 7i." dt. M- QJ.br
...olio t. bO held Saul r
Ilf Carter L"io of Brtattaortal.
I ,..., rc** for land oriaalat +st.'S ....... --Yon......
1IHOII WISTUM 1111 llsllss4s aid to rettra t* the The Teachers ataff
BtHlaj at 1':M and tork

SPARE RIBS 1 3 LIS. rU111I In scull I ,... I.sill.elade Bell of ;D.yprlBtBartlati prlaary.

Pisces Oraat.Btflld .

BaptletaaUr ,
SMOKtD "'..'..r.," Wltfa A Style" O.C. P11111,. e

Cat AWt; A..". B*.. a
SLAB BACON 3 LIS. J.'. Carter PrloadlyBaptlat.
solos Snail
Jr. ., SoooB Battlat .
I till mtoo lie laotM.onlai .

: WHITE BACON 3 LIS. ,*.un.It *.s atrtklp.prtina.t4 till boctaoBt sloe.

I ..N hi"*.. a r.- ADDeU, N
MUTV eat iradtat. till ..
teat weaker Junks J. Saia !

BRISKET STEW the ,..n proiraa at IP. fpttUNurivt' of n* wATcxrown soocrt
i 4 LIS. i. .s.rMKe.
NIATY POORS11tT One Stop Shopping For All

Your Photographic Needs.ARSON'S SPORTS COliSEUM "r
1 LtS.
! le p.. ..s us ....... 1145 E. Adams St.
PHOTO SlmY *adRad''Mi'' shill
of p"r" OM --U" J.llOAtrNe, $0.pigvj .
iiiETs WIT N. MYRTLE AVC9f .... M ter ,

II EtttBfaS* 11 us.: .. S l4trs" hpsheiiet. .... BM Mc Tit*. ChHaat_._*. lit. ...

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-.., -).....:..,. :"" : nO,," ." ,. .. jtt .......- ..... ... -- ,;aa, ..... .... *'

.. -. ..-
v- 1_..... _

T 1 :' -

UTILitY HIT 11. till riH'ii! sty! Punt. .Pill i
--- -
12 Gibbs'i JC Instructors Needed Son til
Sorley Support For Colleges t Carolina

Engaged In Summer Study School District

81. PRBSKIRO Twelve cibbi Junior College !..
ntnctoro. repreiutlag nine depnrtaentn, are
proanatly engaged la addltloaal studies at unlvereltlei 'MJ 1 nM .
CHARLESTON S. C Orpl_sehctim el 1e
located la .... ".h.. The period (KP) Tko board of ...... .... ...,
Of OtBdr IMgn Eros sit to eight seeks and bait trustees of tk* Cooper .itt awtckief '*Ica.

'of Uelaetnctore received...treats.......to..ttadr............. River IclIoOl District e tee tks asst_
disclosed bus last week 1NI) SNu.w L7R
roar Beater of tkeacfeaee Paily Pianee orkabop. i
that it his anprovod the
departaeat r. Otter faculty sabers adaiaaion of tour Negroes .
calved RIP tracts to who are atndyiai in- MS Park Street
to t.o white
coaUana tkelr apeela- clade' .. rtvia Roaaoa, schools la .North Cbarle- EL 1-1193
lined:atndlea. They are: guidance, layaa State etoa nest faU."' true i
Leroy johaaon. SM nOT .11. street
Jot Valveralty, Detroit. teea actions sites tile
State College, Ban JOM, lieU .11; Hr*. Vests district the second in a 4-1311
Calif., peter C. Illliana. Roberta nocloloir, tilt posse: to integrate i
Hop College, DnlftnltT of llaoooala; its nckooln.Tke M23 AtlantU tlvd.n .
Holland Hick.; 0111 Hiss Berllao Brandon. qwnrtnt approved i-60oo
rhlppe, MortkMd (tote Library science, George for ndaiaaioa are
College Kootacky; tad Peabody Colverelty, Bettrte A. Speacor sloth not BluidlBi tlvd.a .
Prank Pierce. t lvraltyof Naakvllie. Teaa,. >rn.Euln trade atadeat,' who) 1.B31J
Vermont. All sire NST Killer autlc, tilt will go to Garrett High
stipend ...r' 1330 Bench Uvd.Jickaoavillo .
last Ualvenlty of Florida; school, sod the Mlycklldrea
annaer tad atndled at Miss Mary perrtn.rrenchi: ; Jaaet Avis Mach
tko oai veralty of U&A; od George Moue lit trade: Christopher, CM I-4I11
te....*..tile University physical education, the
third, lid Robert SPECIAL 21% Off
of Klcklgea, soatkraIllliolt UDiveralty of Mcbliaa. ."..UI. lolng to Ben
0. tad Tlllaaa eleaeateryacnoole. IIHIHB TIME
Tusk.gee.re.pectlvely.Lutes Dinner Honors .
rdvarda rclrd
aa RSP grist to study Senators For

this vertlty sunner of.t I..UII.the mi Ciiil Rights Role HOUEY'S

CHARLES 0. HORTHin. cbelrnea of ....ral Pods Dlllard Vatvorilty, Hew Or....*. At rear from
cattle Waahlngtoo AfflllWTCW (RtP) -
proeeatly enrolled: at sailors responsible for Corporation. eaa honored at a l.clllOl at the lar Inn. are Joan B. RocbefelUr 3rd. ehalraan of tko BARBECUE
tko Onlvrlty of the paaeaie of the civil vard Club Nee Tort City recently. apprtcUtloa aecPMetloaal Coimell. llUlan T. feoeett. chair '1 IUIEC8EICBICXEM
Florid is bad.... de* rittta bill last June 18 of kU leadership of tk* nut pbjjeof develop .aa of tko h..' board of director, aad Dr.
partaeat bead Mrs.Ckryntolla I. the saute were sat caapeltn which rUd lOre Ua 130 Blllloatoklp Frederick D. Patteraoa. founder. and ireeldeat of IEEF Mr
Steeart. Mrs. bonored .t. "victory the 32 Southern college eoaprlalai tko tilt DISC?. The dTlopaat cepaln, IB etch .r. < .i
Start received fund d1lule 1" tedaeidtj (July United Negro Colin Push Mr. MortlBOr (right) ortlaer nerved aa aatlonal chi n.. at tko. re. sum mi
to attend tk* all seeks lat the SMrebaa hotel receives a scroll signed by the pr*ldMta .f the tteet of the late ProetdMt tensely was Uunoh/d Pill IIIS jjttt111i ;F
ia hahlactoa. II mil,. free Dr. Albert 0. Dust, treat dent of lilt sept U it the stile louse / ,# III
The dinner .aa apoa 1 HTAT/ES +

NEWPURE cored by the LeadereblpCoafereace oa civil Young's Wife Youth HeldIn IHPIIIU SIRIIIES Hi. noun 1 21(1( St., Mncrlilm. ry

OIL of 10.. II nntlonaloriaaicatlona Pens Article MurderOf ALL UCADINQ HAIR PIUJ'ARATI(fit] 1NitsIs II IISHORTENING

which supported 1A911NGT011! (Nth Father cor. BOOAO ANA .wtunr n 42159!
STATIONAVAILABLE the IcilelatloB Aa article 01 tk* role I HI? mm i..
and which eaa InatruMa- of a !Negro amber erlt mph.., 'Teas.w LISA
tal la providing vital ta !by MM* thltaoy H. ( ) lessees of binBIO
laforBatloB to the press bug Jr., *lf* of tile tk* Mat of '
TO THE Teaneeiee IB sot tfe*
and public oa till pro* teat IT director of
gross of the civil the national OrkaaLeague BMdui the death renal "
RIGHT ritkta bettle.Aeon ajipeara ta tk* t, tor 17-rear-old fetid aSMor
| those to b* boa July' UN of Pareat'aegaaUe. pjolard Holaen she vat I > 3 II,
en food ,
end are Senate majority chick ..1.. on trial bar last nook \ order CII :men
sad Blaorlty leaders Ml Friday "Jose }$. for order la the nbot ,"
MAN like mnefleld and Cv Brett It laUtl" .. Allegro lea alarlai Bf bin QUANTITY SPECIALS cooo1llCr1n"MiliviD It'';
Dtrkeea, and tko they ftitiki of lr fattier SATURDAY {
This is a top bu.lrr s two eau klpa, Pert (lIaI..II.loll la A IOBBI Ibises, tkea ,I. THIOUCH TIDE t
opportunity. The rtclit Hvapbrey.Mundredn. Cbudii. lor 11" >ra. In necaned. of "1,U|
' man can ban tratntt of pereonnropreaentini bull, who holds anattia In ontt" for kin tithe;
financial aid and rom- Ales 1101... It. oa the
) plet mrrcluintf Uins a* aajor religious degree la *-
I sittancf 7h bwnnrst labor, civil ettloa wd 1* active la al*>taf larch : ISIS.
and profit pottntUl rivets sad other group tile ohio like of ... UM akootlai his la the LVL*>.*>wawBjnH 27*
evellent Call or write hick coBprlao the R ockll*. Nee fork beck eaea the father ro* IlilETS IHLEKami lEl.
today to: Leadership. Conference (....r. tk* T*.oca ro* turned boa from dI...... COM 5 U M. r
P.O. ROX S1S1JACK30WILLE nre eipected to COM to side) .rlt.i.Tk Mice said ttojoBtk

OR CALL 330-1331, FL.1. teeblMtoa for the tea role of a Mir brooked' p review ever Hl VNIE EMIT CGAMrfN CLOROX ": ,
a Batonal ohlpplai of
tloonlal baa.iet Bother daring this JOJIJIJ
period of racial aart too yearn be fa,.. Tk* PEAS JUK 5..0O on wwfltnp c \
r lean oteltlni. tko |k hey said blnfatknr 1
berdeiMB en*. It I* talked nil- to bin
a crucial role and on. In front of ether palls ACRE PW 5 ,
Stick I M proud to ply nad they "........'*
at nil .htor1. anmwtTk pmeeoitlai die case lajndfo EisiEn fUSTICSUGAR.39(49
reepoMlklllty tetlera overt anAeet.
of the .Negro wither has Attya, gee lie :

sever been eltkoet IUeballeaiea a.Mler and 1.1.d BwdcaOefeaae ....

.: pals sad attoraeya ar;* .... "',,!"
,, heartbreak; fur sided to Oeorio Cknrtklll a.4ro. .
Ji' the .!..! rroaleM of Jess Aadereoaelnee. ,
ralnlai a child la tk. .
Negro cklir dll**** HUH'
i and his Ueatlty aid the NIIIEH[
I parent* frnMretloa Intrflni Passes Public nun PHS 11UC; ::
U UenUt lie TISSUE m / = j
child true fcnrt and eobarraMMnt. "S 045te.
Au.io II
1 ,: ." ;"... 21 II. ainUV i
I 311 25'c
', f Quits fully Sin \
..,J,\ Post TOJ4. Okla. C"
city CMwIneleaern ...
..> After Row stirred tto.*.I*., h"

IWTCIICAM intirr. last eoekend welch .-| I
III. (**r> *..J.. approfal of a Halloa1
I .In ..rnt'klea*, tb* pebll seoeesedetloseerdlsssa I
first leir to be tb* *bb. OM||
.*>erlnindt of a .ako II a trtaleel .. 1 1 1
e.b.l dletrltt la II. I... U pra tl_ ranlalBlBtrtBlaaUoB
heels. handed IB bin In rontan
reelanatlM II.,. .set ,.u. pleas of poalltanurtalBBMit
r seek .. a guess U a w UdcUf.IB .
tee altb U* tletrlttIN a* ...... tte BMBBlooere Ill PIIIIIH[ fill C-II! First ht t WMttmPORK '

ocll..1 board or mat ..." BMrlatU
... baa the antborltrto la* oa tt* Seek ROUND STEAK CHOPS
lntltt ...... M n*.rn bolero ... Co
.,..*. bnniea fee. appreted II. 79C
.*rt.fclent, ebeeereolfMile federal ..",... Tbeardlnaaeo S
*] In *fftle **.. Into SIRLOIN STEAK 11. 3 Lk For 100
(. JU *.. U jeln off**! .... L
the staff .r the MI* BUUtleae loeee.l. .e .,41hNt
berets of tb* did mat rvoetve the ***
IK} I Cil..* ..." .f tdMntlM. > aaellflH a to ret U.*fetrooa. },. bill PHMMM .

PT in art If ... _1p ..
The ,... use ..,....t- ,... II naiad lot. ,
ire bf Senile*.... n. Maolf *...*, *rterI .5 S. BEEF CHUCKs
I a ......1....of pea,. drape swd....I5 I ...... (
yif rep (tt e ...... ...... ........ lee .* *.
.. are retottBBt to ,!.* ** sired ba Men .....|*.
pear they **..ld tot a* **etorod dee*..... '
.. bt.eb e4 IB tto flretBlMO. .***kd close ...." .e'
." a. .***... a. ofdiBane
NIW1 PENlIW.F- ART tM MhMl ....... .....- sue ."r BBo I alot.
d.*)uiir i* beaded by B .f bU to ,.,u. Bnoxn4ttBBB L ,
j IIrES s die t... lR uL I II gains. .. I.IIMI11
.*(r. seas I. Can*. ** U b. filed ." ;t
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.M testuu ese.m0arr. ..... ............. M .. of... **4fflt ,
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USE J riiiiii mi "PAP IS mum HIT 11, miWMIM

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,\" ,,'. : '', .. "" ",, :' ( /. "?" ,, ..: :' ..,.,.,:,., ', ', ;i\ \ ;! ,,; ,', ', : .t.; :) : "" ," : );,' (, ift.\} f'' "'jI'i: ,. ;:Pi;} : ;:, ,;.).i'f'
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.t ?, \ : 11.; ; 0';" :' "t '<;:'> I:'i L"i'v\ ';;


Prosrsn Schedule International Cast Visits Campus Elected Office To Fishing Top Attraction

MOHOAt 'TRIO niDAT Temporary

.... .... TAU. HABSn Leonard
12:00: l:00 JAZZ ALA lOCI A For Bench Vacationers
MorrIl Mainly ofMr.
1:00: a...*s:oo .... OOBPtt. CARAVAN UVBtnoiMHoOlU,
tod in. Eddie
coo: i...12:00 aooi BtmntSAU not HITCH: SMITH
BlaUly Route 4. T.ll- nil holiday city1 ttltl-ftetttinctttoa
:1:00: : s.1:10: p... mun run noun smicI .
ba..... .as aaaad president appttl it this season includes I brttzfoooltd
:to p...-T:00: p... RING Bd BMot RUSJU suns
Too ,.a.-':oo ,... own. CARAVAN Remain IRA MeCAU > durluf the election, ont'Of-doora, luxurious lodgings it pop
t of _por r7 officers of alt and a wldt variety of tportt tadttrttlaimt. ea
.:00 ,...*12: H. 'DSWCATIW MOW RLISHA BUUI Y ,. prices
". tilt Florid state 4-H How.T.r, tbla ....' report will btdtvottd

"MONDAY MIOHT-SAM OrSON SHOI-SAN liD I '...*i2 H. I. Council then tilt 43rd largely to, the nahtraan.PliklBf !.!..............nn....__..... .
'POW$-- .ndrll J. R.ra...| ai.ut..-0:00: a..,.6 p... Annual stttt short
I P.B.rmoRtBi. Court. for 4-1 Bart and can b., and to rent rail semi at $3.75
Olrlt *.t tt florid AMUBlftrtttr. .my people it i .aJor ip for a halfday bat .
RvoRT-uaneb ciio ty., s .!auto. 7 *... p.s.SPORT =
attractloa. litb ort do not apply tacklt.
8HO.-Dol..r .tlrrvp'-$ iliatci L00: ,. .. P Bltitly
.tOMNONm NlflRvreid Ir. MecllIO .!autos represents tine o.dtda than 100 charter boat hilt tall aid dolphin
.. County 4-R Clab. villablt IB tilt Miami have beta taken aboard
7:20: tat 1.20: p... ..
Other temporary of. Btidb ant and 80,. than this, tb d .or* naaalcatcb
t41IU! ., t fletrt tltcttd during 30 iptdtt of ,**. fish la coipoatd of
4 the in tbtit tattn, tilt grouper and
tttttoo Iteltd: taapptr
12:00 I.-0 I... JAZZ CHINA VAOES
COO .....COO: a... 'C OOSnO, CARAVAN REVRTaaID IRA MCC tL Moot BtbtlDtdt County sport raakt along with other botton feeder
1:00 5....2:00: ,... WTHXiAU not MILTON WITH CHAT PITH VISITOR Madre t.A. Parlt of '.rS.. praac. I awber of tilt cut vies president the golf aid ttaali it a Rod and rttlt can bt
2.00 p.'.-7:00 ,... HOUStrAtTT 'n.1IIAII1TIVI of tb* Moral Re-Anaaaeot play "11 Coador"cbati with Prof. Selvli 0. Ea. dti bttr of m. oil .. favorite putlit rented tboird.
1:00: '....12:00 M. DEDICATION: WOW RUSHA KRKIrwrausg bank, Beiber of till Florida AtM ttolvtrilty DepirUtnt of Modem foreign Language IlUlMi, 14820' Sotttbwttt tbroll oat the year.Tb. Light tackle sport
mroRTBla ch* Callo..,.*' .11I.t.*.7 *... during B recant appearance of MM troupe oa tb* PAHOcaBpucliTTallahaaa. 104 Court; MUii: visitor ...d Dot know no Hilt la Mltil
I ,... Looking OB and taking part la tins ooBvratl, carried on icatly la French ttcrtUiy, June WllllMtPaml bring tacklt. Heavy rod Reads ..t.n. but nonal
SWOAT wen, left to right: Carl Heederaon French Instructor; Ckarle Ltnnon ,.*.pa ; Counts daughter and rttlt suitable for ly It confined to bay,
dgar Lee Davis cleantter; Yvonne ar... IiI; and Mr. Eubanki.. aaioclit of dr. tnd in. Jake Ray fabort trolling art Inlet aid tilt 'coast.l .
12:00 I. .-. .a. VAZZ CHINA VAUXS profiteer of Spaafah at FAMD. Tb* Mrallty play 'IJ Condor." presented with Jr.. 1810 Wright Avenu. supplied by the charter h. iad usually attracts *
I....') p... *00am! CARAVAN RSVERJMDIMMoCALLI aa laUraatlonal cut of actor and actr****.* fro countrl throughout the JtcktoBTlllt; utlttutttertttry boat. Tbttt craft tbt note ti*
:00 p...'1:40: p... DOICATION slog CHINA WU4DISW ...t.m Htalaptaer sod turope, waa enthusiastically received by the Florida AIM 'o Ann Henry average around 35 fttt ptrlmeed ,,"...
: p,.,'e:i| p... DUCAnON POI TODAY DNIf. .f FLA.s University audience. The acoonpinylog saws occurred during i period oflafonaliioHa Putat County, duibt and are anatd by a crtt few If my are*. la the
::13 ,...>7:00: p... .raoowH REPORT BUNCHI CALLOTAT >lr.lng_ which followed the pI..,. of Mr. and Hrt. J.O.Henrj of two. Charter prices Cnlttd State conpart
7:00: p,...0:00: ,... OPW Mill PANE NSCUBSION 912 N. I9tb St.. are |4S s balf-day. ISO with this la the variety
p ,....12:00 M. SAM liD SHOt BAM OTHMiNns Host Yirglfliiisli Freshmen Carrying Lighter Load Ptlttkt; historian, for all day with four of itieattri suitable
..i iiNints ON Ram Phjlllt Pearson, Million angler ieoow dted.la for fly iplaalBf and
ININUTCCflRALPJKXfltSIMULCAST Capital City Under A & M's Trimester System County, divchttr of iuMer ot offshore plug rod. Tarpon and

PIN MBM. / FN TALLAHASSEE Mra. F. By A.*. Abrall... Director Mr. tad MM. EirdtBt action li supplied by bone fl in seed no latroductloa -
T. Day 1** aadaoa Michael Tent Service Bureau boles Outtita. aa.; sailfish aDd dolphin to the old fishing -
PONT lOst: YOU DRIVER LICENSE of RlehioBd, Va., art Florida AU Itolveralty ebipUlB, HtMkltb a..uall-i both beautiful tropble band and both art
SERVICE FIRST INSURANCE AGENCY km help.1' till bout gusts of Mia Pint IB i eerie of two Article) klt. Htalltoa Conitj, Stilt avenge around 50 btrt. Then also art
.... p.**t* keep .* |H ones Ihrlr driver. Mca** wfctabe Blanche M. Rlcbardacand On January II, 1112. the Board of Control adopted i, tot of Mr. tad Mrt.Illllt pound but can rue to cobra, tnook channel I
( ? wet* iMfaBdii M revoked bas any abet. tgntj I* Dr. Ana I. Qayln the trimester calendar throughout the State Dal UiipkiB RouU I.Iblt. twice this weight. Dot bin and spotted weak
... ICMI .. ,....... of Sop Howard Avenue. veralty 8.t... Ono of tilt .... purpo.* of tb. gprlRtf tad reporter pbla rarely tieted 50pouada. fl*. ill excellent for
Rir FILED SAME DAY T.Ilaha.s.a Mra. Oayli change tea to give .atideata. the opportunity to tllll Mae Mi Bio .itrlla for eating is well as for
.t, County dnuib which. there always ..
Leon i
catch ins.
who teaches att.! complete the reailreaeata for a degree la fewer
Servioe First IntHrciM Agency fleori Maaoi Kltewitary calendar year. ...................... ttf of Mr. tad Mrt. e&net, Kay so to 500 or Pee for a guide aDd
school la Richmond 1* Accord lag to 01* Important Lwrnlt L. slut, Rout 600 poaidt .yahoo lot outboard about 130
3497 Nortbwetl. lib AVCQW, Miami NB 54333 I lao a cooperating atttt of fleial. IIS freihMB potted upI t, rotbtlt Hintitloa.Ttlltbttit BCOIIOB, ma fro :20 for a balfday for two
'6300 North***! 27th Avenue, OpfLock..rNA 4-6611' tticbtr li the Internship "tbli concept of a *tuleat'a tread, frettmea ire *. u P' to 70. angler, but this ahould
tacbii progrta at formal education irrylag fewer boar Tilt Btttt 4-H short For fliblag en a budget be discussed la advance
Virginia Viloa knlvenlty. 11 baaed 01 the idea ader the trlaeater Coirtt. It ironiortd ti. la line with the btrcaia aa tackl ilicht be extra
.,.h. thai they did mall by tat Florida
Rlchawnd. S&* Sa Hit that It la both desirable bottl tad apartment
wlfiof Dr. ,.?. cs 1e.. for the Individual aid under tb. atr .,.t. Agricultural nun.ion fa tn.tII. vacationer ay .... ......is,j. M rs .hl
a number of the faculty for our ..ellt, tail our service, Dr. M.o. Mate .11 try i drift or
tin, eU rich
of Vlrglala Valoa. oval people ooiplete party boat. Tbet craft
their formal edueatloaaa
early at possible
t a PnasMa Avis .bat.PNne.ls '. hll* their series and
buking. sndeo ,till creative fully abllltUa ivitlibl ire Home Of The World'sChampion

heals. hot,bNyfghts for o>*(tractive ..*. MTtO
/""' a ....... IlchlqLewes A part d s larger la*
hithsgrsM veetlgatloa, tb* problea
.f tbli IrMI tie study
wa* to detent to what
Spotlight Product eitent the .abov IMMP>

glom held for tilt nut
A 4 Of The WukWMBM freshman claaa to eater
the Mlratty under tie
r trlMtter ..t...
Of tbt frhea who
contrcl dtndnift entered tb* ontvtnltyIB
I.", .1I.r 1112. eo.*
end tctfp problems, too Mini' flirlh llet record* were avatlable .
for 411 lib
jtctif Tile group BOB.
Ututed the popilatlMf lick, lee
U. *tu y. The t.slit. .* ioU" .f lends
Of this ....,.1. $re.dcestlsg leocn.22t
trt ..iaar.< silk Fred Nona Qlatlalfl" IIoen
!viler data for the Rockli Rogers
I.". Mbjnt* ski BOB Jura r,
pleted both ....h,. aafrttbaea
IllS* s9. U*
claelve, ..dI., the ltd
.....h' .,.,... The
latttr rn...*. Hit hi
referred to .. tb. toe-
rarallv snap.TMVBLI .
If tile n..... *r tilt

I \N Bob Tens

M m rn PTM *N US: 10PrB
I sass D..*tea* .
B ia..**,tr.. d.,.. Uv. tll' It SIKI Ntttr BIT
la *r .... OHI alarv.
Call Mr. Char.. la di,

Part FH*.ttner.1wdr WI I- SEE AND HEAR THESE

..*tday ....,.*. 11M
...r. Cill SM-IJT7
". ,..t.


Rees ....rter T'alaee
t Sigh Mbl grad *r
&, .... ......*. ..*t bet
*.dm taglUa. till
trail. Btirtlis aalarytrlU
latentat frM, WANE-1260
,... S.i IITU JK *..'
till I. PUH**.

H1. mill

loyal Crown is made fresher to taste fresher... OffU. -selr.. T7PI... it MIAMI. : .
rtarlil( .<... ur "

go fresher, go Royal Crown Cut*gilt U..heal dries SrlleHUriUt ttr- Hear "Hot Una" Nightly At 11 p.m. '

.. P." s.. n L
till 4MIIMIWIIU I. t** *: With Lento CatHn

Itsb.. : I

\.II., ,

AI" ....,,"'..

'i I

J -I Iilium
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) I
JIll 11, flit -FICIIJA Sill Will PAGE I

I fax leader's Awards
Group Wins _____


One Stop Shopping For All Your Cor Nudi

At DilCo nf.low Prlctt.
10 TO 1 OI


rr r rr T SHOP.; anN SUNDAYS

ItItOONt NOON to 7 P.M.


... --
CDWANT-Ainu Stooad Qua Ltlaad Mir y Jr. (BOOOBd tTM left).
Boa of Rra. RadtllBt 0. Htrcy of 16M OalTtralty St.. JackmTllUud ..'--
of bit weal croup Tht RonU-u,." display the silver tatrtTtd plaqat NYLON
they rtctlvod u ant place Mum IB the district talent eattat of its D.B. TUBELESS
Air rorett IB turopt (VIAP'I) at ,.tabld.. .,.u,. nt sins roprotwtodBltbarih
Air Bait stirs they art aaalpad to DSAPI witch proTldoattoaajor
air contribution for dtfwaa of the MAID ODutrIM. ,... Mercy M .adalal .
atratlvt specialist la a tradaata of ... Staatoa Rico School. Its tatter la
Leland Mercer St. of 2234 StTannah Terrace 12. 1&111.... D.C.

(0.8. Alt PDRCI Photo)

Friends Attend Final Rites Miss l.A. NealIs

for Mrs. Barbara Brown Reed VisitingIn

By Joaopb Johnson New York
laprtaalro fuatral services wort kald for tht
late Kra. Barbara Browa Reed lut Saturday aftor
aooa at 2:10 ,.'. IB tha Ant loch Baptist CharcbEatt
( Sldo) whtrt the deceased ... a faithful seer
lIer. Bar sin baptlstd and eoartrttd at aa early ",
age at. one.. cnarch.feadrtda .. ....U'Uuuuuuuu................... I 1I
of friends and .0U...... Choir 2 of ,/I".
aaaoelatoa fllltd the which. the deceased tu a ...
church ot 1 t'a capacity BtBbtr, awbtra of the I u
aid Sept along with class 01 Ult of MatttowQllbtrt e
tally at they listened aid atabtra of
to the ooaao'.la" Mlocy the Dater bard see laaarvlvtd .....11
by the .isisterRsv.red by several '.ro. 11M"
3.3. .10'.. Ufa. K..fa brothers,at a to ra,BBC!*a, ,.
pastor lid Ufa lone otter relatives and a '.00.11
friend of the faally. boat of aorrottaifrlooda. MISS IRA ..... 11
Otter participants OB I
the prosraa included its ills lorrtlaa Adrlta 1
Bar. C.i. Crosby she Certificates Neal tkt datiattr of
presided aa attttr otce.o. Mrs Marjorie Neal,
.,. The choir of Received BySwimmers et! ..,l Grady Neal of pow ems.LM./ I
the church ..ell r tat *' BtlUwart. Rd., It Ult-
ractloa of art. Gladys leg her seat aid sole.
Carrot rendered the follorfai > I r. sad art. Spill C. r as stWraNs taiMPI
Mltctloaa: "id OBt>haBdrad-aiBoty'ali, ltllt"on of Brooklya, N. +.a MtlslafKl
Hop It Build OB Hothlti paraoaa have registered T.
L..." sod Utaatd A.- for the She loft the city oa
Lean to SolaProiraa
avraact." Tha deceased at Wtahlaitoa JIM 20. Ihllo there 20 MONTH GUARANTEE! 1

I favorites sister taartadt'rtd Heights Pool Thirty ate plaaa to visit tho .....--_........-'" ,.It. ... (
aa a job by a trlCa fair and othor
have rtcolvod
choir BMbtr. Hra. Mary cater followlai two sites of lattrott ... I
Btcaardnoa: rtprtttattdtht ..... of lattnetloa. she will alto bo Ito NATOKALLYAYLTISF# HAIlS
church: rtaolatlona. house great of her COB
attar hlcb Jira. a.... aClaaaof Beginners...rd.etrtlfleatoa. eli, P-tt. and Rrt. tttt FlEE Servkes : :::=:'
wtrt to: Klllot ............
ttr loblavoB la Rtahtt
1IM! of Matthew .. *
Gentle r. M TV****,
Gilbert had a apoka>aa altar slacker JlavlaPrtaklla tan. L OM Low Prke For ThtJi SIics
to rtproatat thtirclaaa. itlth Ifc..lt.. Rita Neal la a I...
The data apoaaoraa Byroa Copeland fttrlctaltoa. If....t. fro Nee It..- j)9-':: 7.IhlB
prtttat with the Clara llllard. tea Rich School and la aarwhtr INS,4: 1171 ,.... ..1371 I
,IV", .art. bin a ueet.Mrs. Btraldlat Miff Arises of It. Pal AMChtrch
t.L N. Harris._,-. Mttoay.jailco Htlato. chine she It ac*
tar of Rev I.a. Akory Rarllya Assuage Usda live la tbt IPC Cta'
sad ...lItr of Gilbert *la oit and Jells ABB terrace Breach, prttl*
School racalty lavatoochlac Rclatoah.Adraaewd. deal of the lift r.|.copal .
Per rU.Tho .......ra are DUtrlet't rAn: whtroaht
Ttttlac of eye r e. ttfl catta wtrt atardod series aa both vice
alaa .te ot'ttod da* to: Rlchttl DiAlaitMi, prttldoit aal secretor
to the coadltxM of the Tlactat urns toward she waa chttta tn't"Ctrl
faolly. Ira. laryDaatola Itatll aadHtraaaltlly.lattratdlato of Ut Ttai" la 1 /
aaalataat terti tt. this dlairlct.
ort alat of Uo church sates wtro awardtd to: Rita Neal la the iraaddatoHttr -
pined ...lM .." aa Urralao drlrr, BablayaHeCtoaw of Rra. Issue .rb M'
tile body of tra. Rood Uriy Aralatoad.KlalaoR R..1.eat of 1410 '. IllhJOMMT
.aa tales throat the Or 4tr, Ckarltaparaia. sat n f't.
stiles of th. dI...... Albert lackey, 1 'MI tiler, AIA1ONO IUI INT i1Ct1I

Act l.. fall BMrtim ..- MIIII..., Rartlty, ttofltRackty ..II I cw.a
elided: meddle *.at, end RichI ..*. 41' 344 344e
rntak ......a. Saa ol lattoa.Tht .
Iot"n. jootoa .. tilllaaa. Lean tit "la pro
/+p,ss s.Aed e'4 ta.m p.e"+ Nltier/?NCOtltM BtMIr
D,. Master R.Smtttr ins la ......,.. by the
Bane tae ed Ara.ee..red.es'e .r ra IAAI wi rtiai
hlto.jtriy RalU.Htrhtrt Awtrlcaa Red Cries adUo .... ...
0......t t M41 ttat t K 0 Bnmam
Tho..ao. aad Datal Least Board 5MMehdatlrs.wee ..w......-- I
jMMt T. .UI..... jr. .f Fettle littrwctlwa 11 I
....,." fall testers Baser pregrae.listrstens i
sore: Beats livid art: trip 1S11l$ Mm
.,..... Pisces sortie llaa ......".... ".- y
leas D.a M Prod Ml lien talto* aodCtaadtUllltM. STP sib( au u.a CIIHIOH
It,... Brttttr lUrrl hue ...,dlut., 6"
.,.... tr.,>.r itftt at tht .-l. .. ADDITIVE ,! ABSMKIS .,.!:: L

MCI U .I...1..* 2 <., 911 :W: ':: '
Set: 'lee,1 eflf-ltl' Of fMBtolB Ott*l AMCtorcfo 77
Mw's Bay ..- 0st1 88c ........... IE- e ':
.. s.....,. .
j ..,..... .. tees we.iw.e m Arrwll.d. 1ee 0NETT
"' "" leads .... ...... ........ r- ---
A t; .III (....,. u. B....
Badtlp Riflttlth ..
rs leg Mn1.. n.sa.Be. VISTA 1-STIF tl1 MUD

WHITING u.32c r... Jwaoo, MotorrwM LfAq p
s ..e dr".. tees OlAMHt I oTC. tL
Pus CUT tMIlAK'IICI OM MUUITM. been ......$ ..,..+rt.P. SEAT I1TS \ SPARK PLUGS w
N pro..... d.rtas 't I
man aeu.ami 5ui lie tt entire ... 4"I" ecs4l99C llLa 5''U4Hor

**wear .. hBj B x.M 1|.MRR afl ......-... sSe S... Mill'.'.
r eyes 4e.peti f s 1
... .. .. ...
..... B.i. LMN MMC ..er.w.ea is hate..r aetrt.P. ---- -
.'Ire bweaw Ni awSEAT

MEDIUM SHUW.sees .. 6kA

; sacs ... sr wweas e

VIEW SPOTS IL.lees. 35c -, a: ...: .
.hear M e..e err rope
US 5NAP'H Ik 5+9asncsu "1111 THUS .....11lM.Mn

noyT _ u.. ". m HIT *.K.

;if= mummx.It STIllS :rlllr.w "

I LL4tJ 17174 hr i MMN 1IM111MP ,.:;11I t'


, _.. .. ,
w' / .j
.... -_._._-- -

..-- I .
\ I "I!

1 1 'F .'. 4 II' .

r I runs I until JILl 11.- mi I
_.. n1D_ ___ noiii SIll

Professor ;To' ,.ReadScientifk Throws Support Behind League's Programming Departneit

: PiperTAU.JHAB4JSt.l Sets Sights OR

\ *. Her I
bert W. Jottt, profetaor a Joseph Lee DayThe

lathe Departaeat of
physics at Morld At* Recreation Depart
Meat sad the local pub
CalveraUw, TaHahaaaee,
lie schools are preparing *
li scheduled to read a
for the annual
paper daring the net
Joseph Lee Pay eile
saner meeting of the
bratiooMlidi la ached
American Association of
led July 28.
physics Teach ere.
A former resident of ethibit'

I Chicago Dr. Jones ia a
I graduate of Tildea Techaleal 4 and outdoor gases ill
be played at tile
r Myrtle
Riga School ia CHI
A.... Park beglntltg
eaio. HO carted his
=: at 9 a...
undergraduate degree at
IIF Elsa
the University, of Illinois Hlghtoier.
and baa the Ph.D.fro supervisor of recreation,
tile University of ,stated that this eele
Michigan. brttioa ia expected to
be larger lid better
I H' of Mr. .
than la pr"'lou.ean.'
I and Hra. Job Joaaa
of 8319 Caluaetticago.Sepia Many new activities and

.---..- ... JW&.S:: ""' gees have been added to
Ladies GETS (KEEN LIGHT -Stepping up Ita program this seek and Mrt. Barbara P. Joaec. preeldent. Standing Nicks eorretpondlat secretary; Mrt. Katie a.tillane the agenda.The .

'! In broadening Ita scope la local aocloelvle fro left; .,.. Carolyn 0. Thompson .,.. Yvonne Mrs lulu Meal, chaplain; Mra. Tho.p- tufuer achoola en*
Slate Outing areas till Jai Urban League laatalled the La tii bailey, treasurer and Mra. Deborah Randolph/ vice 'son, Mra. Gloria P. Glenn and .,.. Evangellae rlcbtieat prograaa are

Floridian Social and Savings Clob into its local prealdmt.rii right Mated froa left: Mra. Jones, Toung.Other sabers are Mre.Betty Uttiter, secretary ataltting the recreation
/ Plans bar been co. structure to aid la furthering the League1 policy Mra. Randolph, Mrt. Bailey, Mra. Ruth Smith financial and I,.. Mary Brown taaoclattaecretary.. d<'-jart. mt and will have

pitted for the annual and progrtMini. SiGma 11 photo left .It(...hd) secretary; Mra. Delerea tilliaat, and Mra.Plorttha (Royal Art Studio Photos) partlelpatnta in the e

outing to American Beach the LI"UI' executive director Letla J. carter rielda. Standing fro left: .,.. Mary Ptrticipanta,,,,to la the e-

hv the- Sepia Ladlea Social .

the event Savings to take Club place with Walker Circle Sets Brewster Aides Allen AnnouncesHen's Barbara Simmons BIRTHSMr. WIGS! WIGS! WIG 5 I

Saturday July 11. Sunday Program Complete Course Was Top Student .
lad Mre. Moses
.. trenaporittloa will I,.. Eleanor Hurley of the jyeerloaa Red Cross Day Fete Al B CC College Johnson; 192) t. 6th St.; FLORIDA 'S LARGEST WIG DEALERS

take oa paaaeaiera at the ffeellyan Serrlee held it Capplac eerwooj lien' I pay observance Miss Barbara P. 81a "t., T lne (any ud Girl)
the following stations; Guild till be the atn for Re'd
Florida Avenue and speaker Sunday July 12, Aides Claaa Monday, Allen Chapel AMK Church and Mrs Harry glMoat, tale; loss I. 12th St.; Opening Specie!
\Onion st., 7 p... ; KlacaU hen the T. H. B.. Walker .
July B. at 7: JO P. Ia with Harry Illlltaw 'atcnalraaa of this city, wai June Boy
aid Davis M. V: I*; Circle of Blaraon Metho tie Assembly toon of, the and Fred ft ah. graduate of ,BetkuaeCookaan *,. and Mra. Harry Jadteon *
21tt and Mnoerief T-30: ; diet Church obaervea Its Pond' Nlldlai at Bree
College with a ; 6711 Rhode Island $69.95
ington cocntlratn.
Rdgewood and Avenue B, .. '
seventh anlh., ., aUr Method.lat Hoapltal.tudeata The service begins with Bachelor o' Science in Dr. i. ; Girl.
7:45: ,...
p The program which will ( completed .
I, and Arthur
the Sunday School at latbtattica and Chaalf lire Lee
The public la Invited. be bald from I until 7 forty hours of '. lefilir J14J.S5 Vtlits
training B30; ...., with David try. Bradley; Kit ". 12th
p... in the church Se.nctMary ',' seder the supervision Scott aa guest superintendent Parlag her stay at Ptreet; Olrl.
TWO BUCKS(; till feature Ckoir''tad instruction of Mra. of Hr. ant Mra. Cal
The teachers Bettiuae aha waa Dean Fugcne 110% IMU lair Oilj 111 At Ibis trice
Wilt M...' Vwj 1 of Philadelphia lap- Mettle idll, instructor are; Deacon, Eugene Baw Pledges of the Zeta Phl houn; 2179 I. 40th Bt.;
A Member Of list Church aa the for the Aaerleaa Red- yer 'ftaautl Peleraoa Beta sorority; member. Boy.Mr..
N A. A C> P. serving group aad Choir 2 Croea.Theae. Dun
of woa n senate; preti. and Mre. Pete
loin H. ',..d* W- aillle White and Rudolph
I of Blip aoa. aa gueata ladles all five Jacksonville WarnTemp.
Jr. "cPanlelPrlvt
,, Johnson Henry Young dent of CavtlieraCavalettea Bier. ; 4242 Wig
,. a ulalana of two hour sill review the lesson Club; a member ; Buy.Mr. ,I
. per week for the care and Christopher Johnson of'.. lei ,... club; and Mra. Kenneth
of patleota at Browaterfloapltal. sill serve a* secretary. The Baptist Student Henry; 1105 Canal St.; Location 417 W. MONROEPH

The morning service be* aovaaeat and TICA. a a rl.
'j'" ,I.' Capped and receiving glaaat 11 o'clock. Callto Her brother Harry la Mr. and Mra. Mlam 3537979
certlMcatea were: worthtp I... B.J. upper Jaalor at Howard Gamble; 6714 *. VlrelalaQiurt
I I' Mra. Allah I.. ratter Pranklla. pastor; nya.H. University, taahlaaton, ; II",.
\ GORDON a<) I. Mra. riliabeth vtlllMt; Invocation. r. li studying Architectural Mr. and or*. nlrlrk CASH LAY-A-WAY

,. Seat II fl. Oelorea "Drams K. Sawyer chant Pnalarerlna. He Green; ijoj Crothv fl;

t'I t THOMPSON curt, Mra. Lola mrtoa, choir. solo Janta. Mebb; eat awarded the amaae Boy.
} Mra. arnoitlae Haaana, medal lor ncelltact ladealrni Mr. aad Mr*. l....ta

f' If' Ruth Johnson Mra.Kllaretta .Ncrlpture logue; mission pastor offering deca : the Lector Kohntchltn Fields; 8740 Vernna ad.; BiER( ( ST. SAfOUnS( S

JACKIONVIUI CNIYROtlTCINTII Upra. Mra. ,. .... lhIton; "solo >hlp; an at hietlr """.
a .. Aaa Moore, I,.. Ruby award la football Mr. lid Mr*. Jerome ,..u.alsr.Mm IMIIT eAHae..0T. M IK5.MaMU
tlllle P. Cannon; aa# .....,.,.,.,.,, ,., ..... .......
Rllpatrlck MM Beverly ..M.r "Send fur a J- Carter; 2JJ4 nerltf a. .s a-s r..s M II.
,"' ', ,' .. noune nte; olo, Hall' I
' ,.\;> '" ', laver and Mlaa Marlon Rruneon; hymn Deacon neck ooapttltloa drtw Road l; IIn,. 2677W. BEAVER ..:=:.. EV 8-2633
Martli.Mra. lag la his clan: a mn. Mr. lId Mra. Clltlat) ,
'I T Gloria la R.J. Blackman; sermon, Green SIn Lama N f art ./ milIiiit4, ........hut .** .'.rr .,,4
:.' THue is A REASON aunt Prntat tllllaaa her of Kappa Alpha Pal ; pansy ; .
WHY Rev. .
; Sore.*-**,H ilk !* *ulltr Ikr l urtk tfrrinl
elite chi ,...; Mra Rut ere I It?. Olrl. .
,GORDON lavltttlon to Joiners, fil THOMPSON IS
flllla laaecr
Oertrado -
solo, DtnltlCiMlagt
'. JACKSONVIUI S CHIVROIIT CENTER I < trr "t 'he Pmeri. apeaktr;; offering, R. Drier New Mwfe...11! I I I ..'rL S Sl suYIs-GcI ,Iii. S Sat. Ivan J 'M.-1 1 M.

can II'ff.I'nuII perw-I: i. Blackaaii Henry M>nt- LIVE MAINE LOBSTERSCOMING
Robert flonlhM." Adalndm' Joe Shire, Rudolph *
BtfOH YOU BUY ANY NIW t rat"r;tad kra. M. Anita Johnson Made IN IT NATIONAL AIRLINES ''

01 USED CAR pHICK THE REASON WHY irvlaa. Director of Burden; acknowledgment 3111 MMCIIir MID CHICKEN LOBSTERS 'I'Vcn

lNul... of vuttora ,. ,.ahInatoa (fi trcn 30th and 27th Ctreeta) A Few LARGE LOBSTERS M'\
; remarks dialr
Gospel -
I I IY Ir Program mae and "paator; dos .. lvll jr..a (. disc >Ha a* e.u,. &V I sins) Mr WHITING 29ctJ WHITING 35c..
Plus Underway ology aad benediction.II. ',.>rilaa ....'I ap.eha' |lIoe-IM: now cnoamtanuji. '
'III.! ... -tll pre- AI..l..<* a ..r...ul ttvlttUea t* her easy PUSH CAUGHT

a Ootpel farafta till aid I at J p.'. Relec fr......&.. enae MM! e-iw sill "r, FANCY FLOUNDER C
he preaented Monday at
I: lip..., la the an' lion. Male Chorus' :*.lo i Yellowtail SNAPPER 3 9

dltorUa of Pay 'vrlaUrtltt Hope; prayer MurvlaBrowa .! -I.r! :: lJt "
niareh.fetturlai : atlt tloa, rho. !: MANGROVE SNAPPERfitiltiHllSieclM

local talMtlatke tit,. rat; eelroat, rraeatBealre t a,
5AT'JULYii a
"owe of the ptrtlelpaata : eeleetloaa HUN'CUT
are: .,.. Mary singing Trwrett; rt4Itt. ivAir 59C 69'
AtT ... .....
Nealey, I,.. thel 1 D.laamlttrr Charles N. CVwpertalKtloa. TROUT riSHSTEiKS ,I.Hii .

avCall Cb,pelaiaaera rharaa; la. :..._ M_ .,A asea rv..N
aid .,......,. trod.dlt.it. of speaker. mm $
Jacm.om, H. tllllaaiai; apeaher, .
flit hoateaata art Mra.irralet Rraeet Roberta atlee -
; i
Macaws, Miss. tloa.Trwwptta; oKerlag.TlMaa ..... ..... .
Shirley Laarai, Mime "}'''. Sea Scott 4 aLeVr r

Janice Jachaoa, Miss Aba Marryi remarks,

'h Rranrah. Mltrield. Miss cktlrata" and patter. ,
Carol' Herri. MlaaeaHelorla t 1 '
A sad Warily Recital Planed T ,: tJQ rt..te
Malaor Joae' lBO BUalaa Din ism
Jean Bailey, It.attafia lota Crlfrer and Mra.Verael V.

Mrs ..... Brot, dIces Saucy SUMMER REPLA@EMENT SKMAL
Ire latie Rtrlthter.Mra. mill be areeeated tdraaetlr

..r as'dya crai.a. Bra.ratelle recital Jaly
aLMemati tee ,,.. Aaea J1 atBi: |> .... la Pay I MONTHS $4095

v ..rt.... Mra. fettle Bprlai Btptlet., thatch 3 COUIH | aJJ
MeCtll' Mre. Berak HatUady adtterlae .
'''. Seth Psych"? Mr. Brtfter Mil be II..
and Mrs Here thy few.. omelet apt Ut readlai 1111 BSA 4N'i'll' : s ew it.gh UmSTHIlCE EVER
Sadie sill he the sill be ire a.1.,. TJ-.

Utieeef laleare Cltk, elks| Orgaaltatleaa sill
Lint halves LaRee bt ....,.. 6t i 5l.da Iles.M.ls fiST! 42 PERSINS 11 ENUU.356975O.
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LaaMea Cla.. .. MlchaaaCert.
N of I..... the
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Br.".. la bolas
) aa..aored ty Vice t.., Going On Vocation Soon?'
Jmee. U Uterrat ef the t

KIll KNIGHT SM..a Day thatr aa.e., t Drop w a Mae tell ,IM wjrcej tbta t I I 1Yw IIIH11II
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Mra Carrie MOM lae pita to loose. places UA .

-InvKw You To Listen Tom ..UU Md Vra |d. ... 'pimple 70111 '''U. ... ro- LUMMO1H1
a..1..., sem.rei. .s.p. pltrh: t. ntirtt
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Mrs. Baktr '" tVfQ
j; fund four pittttre, W' Alt COKMTOMID STUC4O

"DANCE PARTY"itirlif Visits Relativeira. :ydon't "" NoOJlad .

.ftUlt IIH: 't" IH: ftaMlo Wet Ion t forget. .hMlM arrive there drop .e li I I
tao tllf teeeatlf tolalt uri mad w' 11 In Ciea1I.rtul M8 ... Hap slat. 1

( I .... "Ii 12 r..., Sit .....\If a*Ita U.. sa' n ........... llead p BoMe eatapeitota
taa It" II
-U-laa. Br. ass its I ,riot ties .. .. tYStlMi.

1400 WBNC 14fO Blass 5111hsefl. ...l eetlle, If C r.,1 << 1r

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1 .f. 1 71 1 1I

siTHUT nu 11, mi ,, FIIWA mi PUlIS' 'fer

I Local' High School Thinclads Perform Brilliantly In AAU Trials 'I

Speedsters From Northwestern, Sportsmen Salute Officials Hayes Accepts

Gilbert, New Stanton Set All St.r Bid

Sights On July 25 State Finals BIAU lob rues the
a florlda AM track aid
Performing brilliantly la their :respective football that has accepted .

categories, track and field atari aa lavltatloa to
representing New S DtOD. Northwestern and Pity fn the south All-
Matthew f. Gilbert Rich Schools participated SUra la the North- ooth
In the AM district trials held at All-Star ,... here lathe

EDflewood Hlch' track Friday to windup with oraiie Boil Prldty
an impressive array of records and 'Wrda. sight Deeeaber as.
The Beet, which wa...ieeeeeee.e....... 1 1 1P IMI.

r ooadocted by the Dara) aid 411 yard reh,. The liritatloa see *i-

Cent Dpartaeat of Larry By era receivedallTar 'tesdsd ky Coach AidyOuiUfMB
Beereatloa with Curtis ,... director
Mdala 'for a IfIt"
Rlraada ooachlas Utreproaeatatlvea ,, sad direct or of athltUea
leap la the nulac
from at Ua Dalveralty *f
broad ju sad Ua 440
tko three above .... I mast Raya I. the
ralay.Aa. es. aarr
hosed schools till :i ..a aaeoad littler sad the

f Bead a strong taaa from alaalac klO yard PIAIUB Yin awn miD Prairie Ttta MM ColUn'a IMI !.> for the ..or.... ablla OMt-Oola PBaia Rosa N. laa toll looks third Rire to rpr..
the Diva schools to relay three tM cos listed from of taroollailata football cbtaploaa wire feted raeaatly by the aa from eater Dr. I." traaa, Prtirla Via praaldtat. sad sat th* south la tk*

the state flu). echt- flllbart speedsters sad of CocfCola CMpaay Atlanta, taorcta, aid the Brankaa (Texas) Moss laadrtt were .,....n for the Mcaaloa. la seater photo, ,..'-*..10. it**, U- '
14 for Saturday. MrIS Tarry ParkrRlk School.Prdicl Ooea-Cola Bottllat Ooapaay at a aporta laaebaoa bald oa tbacaapaa free loft are Dr. Bvaaa, Dr. C.A. wood director of lafor littler halfback lehParoaora
la OrlMdo. af the Taiaa laatltatloa. la eater paaal Panther cow ratios .."1..., Ooaoh trl.kt, B.C. Silts, Braakaa fca-Coa aid ei Larry Saeklaitoa, 111 10,000 eaptalai. Bath Cartarlabt sad Otis 'Taylor bold tilt coveted I. Bottllas CoBpaay, PV oo-eaptalaa Cartnliht sad Taylor aaduo a> Stets and Willie Richard-

bert'B tripl-Urater A. Scott, II. Itanrtal trophy, aj bol af Ua aploalp, blob Cola rapraawtatlvaa Baa Byrd, Chleapa, Otarlaa noose. Atlaata, BOB atrrd for tk*
tamed !. rooord brtu Fin For IB doaatad aaaaally ky The 100ft wrong Club Of Atlanta.Saorila. lanes Ravatadtar Haa Orl..... Br. loadrli and Billy Burka South I* the 1112 coi-

lag prforaaaeea U tilt tans COM The trophy la apoatorad by Ua Coca-Cola Coapaas. Other aaaria Dallaa. ..A. Scott 111 right la right photo, BOB *f the lit tat.llcbardaoa.
440yard dash ($8.1)aadabreathUklictil' are doattad by Ua Atlanta Life laaaruea OoBpaay sad hilt Oil foua'.r of the Atlwta Dally lul" for ahoa chaaptoathlp trophy scored both
) CBICAOO I*"') COiroratloB. H. Dudley, ....<*r of AUaata LU" 'Olltoa bract la aaaad ooMratalaUa Nicks iad Kany oa aiaalai the trophy touckdowa li the feith'i

2yird d.... la alto The ladlaaapolla Cloaaa offlca. la aaaa, right la left shot aaklai praaaatttloa atcouofUf dariai aa Atlaata *.,..,. Look lit oa tics tontcrartPaal B. .. u-.. flctery aid tieatatd
Mllactad a silver adaladdlai baseball ten la ..- rm aid playar..fUa>yaar aaarda, which wet to iro.m Uo Atlaata Oa a-CbU Bottllu coapW and Br. Barka.Batad .ait valaablapleyei"

to the too sold potted to draw, ae ) PV ooach Billy Nicks sad his star quarterback, II. laaraty, I* Dr. A.L. Tboapaoa, praald at af Ua 1001 troas club of the Path! by
aaarda by placlag aaooadla 000 tams SahleoslItl1 raapacttraly. Track coach ..". Wright left ycetcea aaarda a project of the AtlatU Dally world, Atlaita.Biroiigiioi 0sorsis. the ushers of th*
the "",ar. rtl..j; Park hara Prlfwr+ Jely Press,
Mklatoaa oatitaadUf -* 10.for their JJth annual piraaor rcl"d the

activities wire sass eialaat 4 tM of Pirates Accistd / Tigers' Schedule prtMaaklp itird.
carefully aeratlalsad all-atara. Btk llckirdaoa aid

by ,.. coach of the The baraatoralai dom Host Gall Hill. Partnora are silk mtloaal -
Oaiwalty of Florida tkroa la a feat shot a- Of Raiding CollegesBaseball Poet kill LftetMi.
track teem and tk.ra loaf with .... .U. They BtlMINOMAB. Ala 10 Grid Contests parvanra la sub
poaalblllty ha an fanoaa' for their M* (ANT) Blralietaa Uataaak the Bt. Louis Cardlatlaaad
say tics oa tilt taaballdlaaoad. Team played bolt to its BUhardioa la with
become a aeholariklpreclpleat first littiratad public wAwLVeq ....(*acUl-CM. Eddie hoblaioa ...* the $Baltlaor Celts.

to the aal-: The top fuaakera oa By Collie J. RlcfcolaoBCMKCWft IOU ODitcat. rhea s..aNegroes laaaad a 10-naa football schedule far Oraabllai pa,.. aaa a'**ad laacorlas
vanity folloalat |radaatloa the C..... toaa are LA. (ffGClAL AtkUtlO Officials aid flee ablt* Saturday alaai vita a ....r..U" aattaata that Ut fall aid

aut year first baiMta ".t.,.. at Orubllai Oolltia aoeaaad the plttabarih ,I. participated la a II- Ua Users yes aspect ao..better.......MM.....M..a...M..:!lilt eau BMd t* th. All
Rt Staitoa a Gail boy tllllaM, the play rates of ,.raldlBf* Ua achool'a kaiabtll team hole .**.to all ***kli| SIC BUI1 t.... R*
Bklpp woe a told atdtl mdty spew laaralai aoaipaetadly a place la Ua aatloaalpakll The users alll play ,..... alth a aplrltadera
lag RMiMq Midget that tao Jiatar. .... bolds world records latk
for aitebllehlac a an silly faaika, iaaallaatplerer atari had raid with the Mtlaatl !_._-__._ o__._.k.plttakarik _. licks IOU toar pees la tb* outaaktroaa Ula fall that tell. 10, 10, sad 100
sect record at,4* II" itatat scheduled far SoithtraAttletl have .. ba _bardd oat
baaabill aliaad daahea.Tka .
la ,
la the high Jaap sad pro / eoachta ....,.. ataaaadbyPlttabvrah'Baetloa. CMfNB. and .f .....u.., yard
aid BlralatfiM tea hot catcher Illkar Baaaoada lily "-1 la Hiii apoiu teas li apoaiortd
silver medals la acre eat aide tk* ,oafdraoy
tka .. ,...
shot abort oitflaldar Jokaiy by th* Nail AirtaeTeeple
the A apokaaBaa laid Ua for *.00.."raIth I
220 yard dash and 140Ml Reuahlle. Cloaaapopalatiry Jatar lilt aaak.Thay school has aajayadaalakla Then via ao roporttdlitldtit w h.Ae hi sIN sad bBnta tk.
Tana**** State Ml
q.Mrtbset.n's baa1 attaadadbayoad supposedly racolvad ralatlaaa altkprofaailoaal dariai th* Bhrii.r*' hoaHtala per
sad Blaalailppl Voaa' 0.1UVWISB6NK
Patricia the shores ..ferlca. aodaat boaaaafaad clubs aada aftat bare. stippled ."I.r...
Bofetoa collected three They iiaa ba atiTlUd till oo 1act Bail All tta partlclpaata, tlail 0111 bfor*
silver medals la the, to plij II J... .aa lalirlaa.Tta coat a far yours, aid ....., ....rt lost.?. of dratli| a had oa a top

100 yard dash. M yard, at the daaajof tkalrbaaiatoralai aliBtic .a labeled that tile U a .Ua....first..11 taaa tla. ..t...ki, Ala. wereIra ppaaaat la the III till/ 1
laakardlM aid 4.0 ,..1 aaaaca. a aoaplat .."rh. by has acted la bad faith. th. Blralaikaaarea. Seer Cot Classic.Ihlsssm IHUEHtl' Oil COWAIYM ,

ly.Alvla. The Closes kava always stool: official she daclvad add th Baia ten AN I C ON DUTY
Ante'aaa r atrip dram cell la Ua aiwaalsaae that "tta yoaatattlataa Cap Claatl will b* I k. Joan......................'OIIr Ittnt
}a Uo,toe yard .dah sire aiplaltaftObMalvably Cow*y Leofjue Softball Sdiedutefcftttfo played I* R*. Orlaaaa.TM State and J.rt.raMrttflh KL e9UI
gee I* kaoked for

hara coBaaadad. they boaiiaaIB ..I. I r/ Ifs: tasty ..,.. M liimia,,] City Park ....1.. sad
th* ..*****". aatrpr4t'lMdUt
tka atlihborbood Mdadaj.July 12.>PlBta tit lets Tt Boya Nose .
Open Tonight TU P.00 .O.oho each Ua use ra Poet Office Giants yt Spot ea*
eeaa tor .* prostla.trashlla .
Bald.aaaaad Rite *.II lit**' Free Delivery Free Delivery
R S. EVANS3RD sad liter Tuesday Jill UJai Tile ?a Ja .ara
batted over .100 fcr the Falcons r. All Stars ......., la tie Ban
Claaal asalaat aa oattaadlil SHUMAN OF
& MAIN Tigers and starred la adnwday, July lSBoja' Nose fI Palcoaa ta ltd
tbs raaaat BAIA aatloaal
Post Office Giants aJas at tie *.. *f soak ...
to.rsssest where they
Own la-Srovw Around Tile .aa.Th. DUVAL INC.
CHIVZLLI are piled aa Ua all. 'Thursday July 1A'-Jsgu.rs n Pizza OtltfeCkntrlte /
d4 MAURU COUPS y.. .,.,$159 Tldra dlplayd aef
M CADILLAC HTOP .. ........... ..,$1WS star Uaa.draakllai baseball vs All Stars .**1 sralid Mil- Building Material

M T-BtRO, AW CONDITION .........VXV Jdi daritr la .>rlM drill

IMPALA V4 court,noon tmrt .}$IHI Toe Dcw't Nave Ta flit Ta Ibaa TO Oat A &M CUM. TWath" Ml havy *a *iph The Best for
dOTlW .... ... .. .. .... .. .. ........, IOtI .*.*, rttiralisltlra Less
eo T-HIltD COKVIRTIBHU ... ..---15)151 LOW PRICESOa .a pail sees
OLDS. *. ,* AIR. 4 WINDOWS.....}$331S Ml PlayersT1t1LANAUU lart-albr| (aaa.A : 5318 WEST BEAVER ST.3815Th .

a CHIVVV83 lur, COUPS ...,....1331$ ....., aohlaa !*. 0) 3894861
a VlAllBLEH 110 AUTOMATIC .......4" $1'" N Baraldtta .... that *airtB** Ufca
a WCTCDBWIRD. AC... ..........,.,l) MM Free Delivery Free Delivery
IRU6 STORE NEEDS a fraahaaa fro "." Iseists Net
Aaa park, ... scudthe II herds foraparaa
U CHIY. IMPALA Y'".AIR .........,,.t34M Trod* With Tear H""rbood Drag Ors "'fI' talaihlaPi Uaa a ttN es .r.aaplld .
II FORD' STATION WAOON. ........+$ tt ia BBBT ART rucns w. n nut L CAL ,.,... ayar af tba .. 0rs.bIsg .
a ftYMOUTH.r-i KLV AIM......(.WW fa Dell".1 es nil s)1 ....."s praacrptl| .a. Pltrlda *a. "alfaraltyBattlan 1.1.5 rtaord tail fall
a roirnAc oionviLLicovn.u.52241
II CADILLAC AIR. ... ............IfMS baaaball also ills palllai tta ,....
U OLDS. fT COX,. AIM ........ ..J.K7 Sacnxr. Dixie Pharmacy la a pall ......t.. by N ..seem A sea
WFVVAIR. . .........!.121" tha ,..,.,.. Tba |f> n. Tit/r. alll .aohWtfcb

a OLDS.8TAW1BI COUft........."I"$:ZItI yes old laflaldar aaa
IS roirr DOOM* HARDTOP ... . ...tl_ 1M2 lists Its< tt lrU Anus alas aaaad Ih* "Matnloahla

II FALCON IVTA Ot, BUCK. SLAT HIM Plus. 11,11 14147-N 'r......" TIC. elmHIn
U JUICE HARDTOP........ ....... ..SIMSa C.,...r> aatflldrBairy
reeD XU 9M MOTOR ......-..+S34Ma Staff af heels WUck came first:
roirr.' Bomccraxi.) Aa..........simM m IIH UHI, IITU AH mum SalM. EC., ... lobbed 111-41-1/1 H !
OUrROUTT IMPALA COUPE ....J..3ee1 .. Si '.... .........
KUJ II m mi ,Iare,." plume, aartlaPattaraMi I J tfeegplfUllorGorciWsGb ,
ef lieu sac
tie .....,..' aMlaa tor 7 II ?
... .....,..1' aaard.da }
..n.1.., ........ Jer' J
ef C afla4taaHlB.ta. C.at 4f tacit. M 1$.. !>.CM ry *..is

.. oaa .l.ata4 proaldaat > U7IUIII hi ...... wtefc ........* wss a tdh

ef the sallaaalto n III 114 A. '...w'-. aari mM. W

Aaawlatloa.Ml /......... N a ta that VM IM ibfHl feftriMMr el ear

lad tt. Battlara ...lie** BeB hw .ts.lns |*W k.-.a aMrWMtdl to
Is raa totted le alth .. .. I4.d.evs .. .,. gt11e '
*d... ..,.. Mtibk ,
IS. total ... hit am It *orh. II all **... Yus..s41s% jtMs.4ev .. pofeetod saN
rr .1. ass .... sit flM.BAdeUlM .
.. 0se50 ATh.C11Ae/ (anna** fc* s BBM!*! **.
H II II Te4"i'.U".. ...14
m had e battles o "raa*
.f .... .llaatlBI fl. ..-........-..N gaga NI.. It dM Mss.IS5AILM

.... yeas U ....1.. Mani Days eyed gt.sy dw M-
eN .atN in'.*.. cwe Atav aftl B4Mto.
"ediives. paeilsd It Are NII ntbsmd, a)*.dVy.**d*t wBWPBwat IGM
r .!r Ih* .....ream s *. '.**'.* H** are /w... face gleam UNCo.d
e.*e.4 tor apmichall ._ M..Ilh ... M ..'e edNr4 4arme61eve11e
mist.*' ssssesl.d baabaaald IBM CBS B. teen lime tlwolst. M
fe 'M' 1*., Urtrtoy P
hl 1.sem 01... lJI'If"
d Seer/ limb! ......
.... .1MI. .. i.*** Chfif n*. .y ,'
; J; NIl wMby 111 da .... I ,
SM4 tt.M to* PMTBarMBBM ,
.. tMlf *...tadlaf la
t. .. Brt*. tor *.4 MM* !. ftlMWl ,r
"sI1 etatyChart......... t
e. .. IM weiUt
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.' Jely .
** MM. el.wee 1, : 1
... ftf,. ... ,..1' nil h* s h* oar *****
.. t.*a of Merl I 1M sal/"by ....
...,. .na DPeed. tm* BMtui 1R1.Jorww
; Beef 1 at its: Best lie ,... 5d ph try .JHl ... nn*. ant es:w44M tmt.r em=:a i

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tmwm--- --
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".I __ ... !1>" t' -, ...... '"" J......,' .... __ -r+ --a AMa ,\._- io'L II.' 1/II 1. .-;I [ Y,ynaldy'/ g

.,... I. ,' I f -- - _

( UTHtIT, ::! I

J 12 miiii nu. rmts

\ J,' mm luims ROTC Instructor Receives Ntv Staled Grad St. Punt moist Gilbert Grad Outings I

Promotion At Florida A & M Cevplites CoirsiAIBJUN Gets Promotion
Serettked li akipBoat Plats Lanai FellAwoal
I -.....;;.. The pulpit aid board of 'MO; ate aid Davit
a.. ASKMUTIC Sewtas MB* TAUJMA86BE-U 0)1. Albert J. Parker, professor Ht* Botkil MI.Church I: 50 aad Oolfair
......4d or M Pr BMtk.OrlcUltl of Military adenee at florid MM University. Bwta/sOay will till sponsor a trip.to Davis at 10 p.a.I std
a J ...,..t".i recently BonotBtoed the proswtloa of Serceent Pint bo obsoro4 SaadtytkreacboBt ,L Little Talbot IslandSatorday. I I t I I
I Meokiae deee .11 ri| Etcwork. Class (1-') All.... lellBBy to aerceant first class w tko day iaSt. ,. Tko bat will Choir 3 of Slapiot
t t' : wltkat atttebMoU. (1-1). The BOB rant ETC' ( >T), is equivalent to Peal BBptlat aiarca.BaJdwla. leave froa 4tb and MeIlllta Motkodlat Church
" I flail 3IS-1I4. Will deliver the wtrtlae rank of Meter serceaot. boclaBiac rite at ': JO *... bas
oobUsatloa. .. ............. coaploted plant sad trtlavltlac
01 .......... tko Saaday School at 3rd sad Tyler I .... frloida and

WC Bellaaj joiaod the 0:30: .... with Mrs.Umreala lid Myrtle tad teags Ctatral public to the
I ; I FROM *OTC Staff at PAID .. ... ia cbsno.rs. load at .: IS ft... trip to Mori can ketch the
s 1,<2 sad U ft tpoelallqoallflod /
aoldltr.htflac Catkeriao Boyd h/// .elated for Sitardt.
served v Jta tko lafutry will servo aa guest Ibo jotk Century lard July H.Butet will leave
: 100-600 iportatioiaid AtntianrMl tiperlattadeat. The of St. Ptttl AIR Church the church which 11 located '
teacher are: Mrs. Marls uum TODD
outlay at Cleveland ,
Arson .. till apoaaor aa st
Cera.lhrlull'd AHTMIO lwI. AlrMB jewel irs. L."". COCOA BKACR-ClaroBOS Talbot III tad and clews Id. Miss D.M
to Little
1 OH,. YOUR NEW OAR PURCHASE Charlie & Antkoay.MI ChaIses Mrs. larcarotDtrlt.Mlta J. Todd Jr.. sos of Mr. July it. Ticketa Bay boparcktaod Lane It la cbarce.lilt' ;
of Mr.ad ....
duty at Shirley love sad Its Clartace J. fro mashers ,
Antkoay of ItT Us St.. Irs. Iraeitlae Lewis .
4: Todd Sr of 3340 Ja
SOUTHSIDE FORD PAHU 1. of the board. The baa Choir l of SlapeoaMttkodlat
t. that o f Jacksosvlllo, has oca- sad Mrs. Rosa talker. poalsa load, Jaekaoa till leave 13tk aad Church .111

; t anion la- plated the first phase Mrs. Mtttle Muller vllle has boos pro Myrtle at ,::30 .... apoaaor aa Outing to
1 5303 teach Blvd., atruetor.taunt of basso allltary tnt. .ra. laell Mills sad anted to titian aecoadclaaa Americas Beach July
111111 10.
,, B *ith 14 II. at Lacklaad API.T Mrs. Ora Mitchell will la the v... Air Buses will leave
I II The Del Rio Ladies dab the .
of active service ..u coadaet tko derotloa force at Patrick API.PI .
I sacra till oatlacto church at S:30 ....
spoBaor tn
la tko An. k> has Alraaa Anthony has bees at 11 .... Speaker will a.Airaaa.
I AAAA A A A AAA. : erred three tears la selected for technical be Mrs. Alberts Canaoa.St. Todd la a trcejboalat .Aaerlcaa Baa stops Beech art:8uaday. "c.- Guild Holds
; Korea of which: two were tralalac M aa adalai Paul All Church la tko IUtil Air
C : 30
SISTER MARY Pied and UB at a
coBbat tears durlog the stratlve specialist .t Porco Baud at Patrick.
Haul sad, Oa. Officer Elections
had and
tko Air CctBund
Mia bate it
lULU III AIVISII torso coofllet, a toar a priaaryiaatallatloa
The Youth Boar will bo
Myrtle 9 a.a.Md 2itt
of Japan, sad aaalfa- (ATC) school at Aatrtllo of tilt Air
HIKE II III AFFAIRS jr lifE Bents at naatrcua lastallsticas Are Tei. Hit ... observed at I p.a., alit Porce Syateojs Command tad Moacrtef nt 0:30: Last :iat It. art u
Pies Cora DOB aid and .... net.t'.11 be par- putarrr Gild held Its
II the omit to part of tko rut thick contacts reeearch: ,
Are Tea StfftrUfllok* aanval elect lot of of-
( C Miss lealak Sorklae, chased fro. the baa
ATC systea ante trtUt developaaat and teatlac
MooAdvlaet Oalted States. chalnaa aid oocaalraaBprealdlac .. flrtrt recently la the
stops and .b" of the
c alum Bad officers lathe of Air
t 'II.. SUTH MART who sajre ;, boss of Mr. and Mra. A.Harull. .
( the bar the 00'.01,.. ( diverse skill ,.- lit Deborah Llabrio Blaale syittas. club.I ,
aalred by tko aateoe'sieroepaos The slra.u la I. .
a crad
( poser to kttl by .,er. c tore guest soloist aid Misslorls late of Mtttkow f. oil- The Jeta Portal and The art elate in-

Tahiti tie alai aad the ( Ibo strain it a crad J. Barney of MU bert Mich School. Mvlnc flub *ill tquuho.ra elated;
alllac. Tkre la ae pity bethel Baptist la apetker. ABfrleas Htrrell prraldeat -
f c lato of New .t..t.oIIlllp trig to LittleTalbot
for tkeee ate kaew they 'dIDol.mm Districts Slid island ..wr.". We but ; James M. Bur
( are la hard leek aad ( prayer land 2 Bill !have till leave 'rlthtavlUethatch. roiih' vice prtaidrat;
r'doft eeei loose SICTO ( .. of the devotloaat Hiss Miiliig'District Fed am Avers atgo'Cinhde Georgia Unit,, teen
MAR, 1:10: ,... MM. sank .
tary; Jaara Salve a -
( fellowship : : tnd rnrrttat
Oatraatetd to kelp or yea dowel kttt to pay Co. IO..QUE lice of MU Bethel Bap
< 45 alatant secretary Hitr*
lass seetiac will be ,:<3 .. .. and Kiaia
(Today. ToWlIIMa)< Too Day Tea Did. Opea 1 dye a ( lest Church win be true Materntr, ckaplala:
l.ld July at Rotd and Hrrtlr at 10: 13Prfrndu
(week from I U the aoralac aatll It at aliht. Plrat < 1132 .. 45tt it."We the speaker.Fete it 3 '.1. .. irlttlar Harrell and
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\... Baptist
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I lobo Jackson
Announced Charck. All aiarlaccroupe /
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I Oat t'osh south t( 1dp Mod Aft. took for big pals vinuil Poaoa's Day ctle- and U ore sronaora.Dlatrlet Joie the PrlrBdly Hnyi." ait. ttara.:
C ......, ., < I. I. IIlIrrol,"'. re-
M Him MART alto helps these wltk a ttt Mssk hys kratlos ia St. Matthew will aieetSaaday sad Oirla Koeial tatrtaciCltb
( 111..... ( laptlat Church has an- ftllovlac the durlai their Nile porter.Joscph.
( ItlTEl MAST gives tstky dive aad lack h.... A ( 4 5... 1.12 aoimeed tilt eeltkratloala oralac service; P..- of Ptaa pltnard tar Frl- P. Jvhr>M>n la
klttttd la ay shirr i h give I'... lea too eta be. < July it throughout eoaeta Hoard 2 will Beet day alrit: Juac 17 at tko advisor' and Mosettlten >

keeled thrust the poser of tilt Lord aid sitter fill [1,1 tilt day. at III..., District 13 ABrrlejn Brad la the coordlni
try's .,.n. Senile la 3 dye ( GOAT Mrs. P.R. noliendolf at 3:30: P.B. ia tko The Rut sill plrkap at tor.

rim PI 11121 ( s 24 IHTS Is eo.chalrBan: Mra. r.fatklaa.ctaeral boos of Mrs. pearlloJit the following locttlonn Classified
auptrln* wrlcbt, 4003 Ktataca =let and Myrtle at I:soP.
V ...... ... rnis tandeat. Drive. .'.1 13th and MnecrU r 11lIrlIT[ nl i

.I 3 Ssdrosish. viwt ol kv MlBunthly.
Call n 4-'7:0.
AHITKHT[ Fit 111

I Pure or Unfural""ho
I Oiurdi. % 4.711!Vt ."


: I If 2 Room Apt. II t. a itatb.Coop. / .

; !. f.,.. Q.: 403S1.n.
/f f ,

j we Ann
r rKtuLK 3 Pure. AportMvitN. :33rwo
n .". flJ. !V) s $14.!VIltd.
[ llRht and _t..r.

l r ne Low Weekly Payment You Get A New Bradford Freeezer *,". Art. IEITT IV _LII',.

3.4 .... At>'.>3418 withlr.
!Prices Good 31st =..flm. Apt.-tit "011, .
Through July .. ,. .. .
I ae |> IM Wlhlfon
I PLUS ALL THIS FOOD ) ... ......


r :... BRADFORD APPLIANCES TIt Ml vt.-Jota hltlta.TltkrU .
,e w1tMr ALL 6IYES THIS IS NOT A mt.... ....,.

lit Pout At.., ,,.,...,,.


till Earl Rear__ Jl-Ji. Bilk a>k. Mint In wltk on.4 (fHlltr
A $ 50" M Parts IN M liter .,.,...... BUk ...nl..

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1 Whttr Mlrwwt. ., .. eatery
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_________i __ r w .yids WHAT wt HlitI w.,. wet wttt a ..!..
career. Applyj 101..'.

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WEEKLY dFf Dtton4 XttU to few tStltLMNITUKS .., .B

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SMt PJMNBMMetSMe 1.r.....tires limit AND fOOD $la'.oo wen OB isle at ...u..
ItUMPBCASTILkXAUMUTmW ....lr ........ J. BABTIBojusx.
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LocktMlJil. IMMMAITO .* Willie aayvo .

J ..........r......... N POltt GNeft
11.13 Nat.c..Pit u.NS375 +
-J-1L-vt hot AA4: t .Ii FREE

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I I 14Ls 75 WASH-WAX

With Fill. Up]

HIllEY IIWJI .. -a.... a..... Y
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smmt KIT 11.
: PATE 19 nuni nu turn 1114j

HOOT IIKACES ROTC Instructor Receives Kfw SfwteaCoapletes. Brad 51. Pail Baptist Gilbert Grad Outings = I

PJ rathd la .k1..t. flB Promotion At Florida A & M Coarse Pins Assail! fete Gets- -Promotion' v .- Tbo pulpit old board of 5:40; |th iJO ..

.. WVNUTIC ..... .*- 'TJUJHABSOC-U./ Obi. Albert, rtrkor. profeeaor { *n Rotktl *I Church .: sad Oolfalr DUll

......alp or |.l par naata of nliltary Bcleace it florid MI Piltrlty, Awttl *s.. s DIr 111b ',' .111 apoaaor a trip.'to pills at 10 p... tan
t OridaUl B..... **...>lV I"ICIetJoIII"et tb* promotion of Sorioaot First okarod Siaday Little Talbot inland 11111

bt Ma.bla. do*. all Etc Zit C1... (I-I) Abm leU.., to ..,.*s5t tint clu. throughout Its day laSt. ....r4l1. Tk. bun till Choir I of /
I) .M*. rtttt ..tt..lI.p (1-'). Ito B*. flak SPC ( >T). H ofloUtlett totho PM _u.t Oareh.Balotlt lave fro. 4th tad Me* Methodist Slap,OB
) Call'Ut ... till ..u.., ...I..tit Church baa
trtlae ... of antr ....
aoriennt.i rills at 1: 10 ,
pi a* u..t... ......................... tbo Satday school tt .... col. iitsd plus tad ..rtl.tiU.
lti ird tad Tyler I ., Xrtoadt and
ere siitv joitd tk* 1:10 a... .a tII ira.totroBlt tad Myrtle sad leas inrtl public tb*

:: SAVE FROM ROTC 1962 sad Stiff It t at tpeliH/PAHO la Oito ta diano.rt. Road at 1: 15 .... trip to Rubies to Reich tee

tjullflad feldirkirtic C.thstise Boyd ITb. .altttd for Saturday.
PI Mtrod w/U tb* ItfutryCaralrr.Tru .111 oorvo tt stoataporlatoadoit. 30th Caatary board July 11..... nil hay
$100-$600 .wortatios -Ai... MDii Its 0< of St. Paul AIR Church tko church bleb. : la lo-
... '
are !ajtrto AIBUN VXD
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sad Anorcorp..IJI .. .111 apoaaor aa ontlai Clovtland 6t
MImono, T... A1r.a.a Jtl, irt. LtrtktCbatata COCOA: Bun Citrate
: ON YOUR NEW CAR PURCHASE prlaelpal Chart 1. 0. Anthony.M irt. lariartt J. Todd Jr.. -BOB of Mr. July to Little IS. Tlckttt Talbot say Iilttd brpurcbtitd Lot tad Klan la la Rd.cia.Miss...'. D.M. 1
of *r.tod In. Hits DaTlt.lltB Shlrloy ton. sad Ir. dames i.
duty tt fron sobers 1111' ,
I Anthony of 147 OB: St.. Bra. tratla L ... '
"I I Sr. of 1140 Jfpotlot
SOUTHSIDE FORD PAM i I of tke board. Tho but Choir i of Slnpaonitkodlit
Jtckeoatlll aid Hrt. Ron itlkor.rt. .
ku COD Road Jtckaca
list o terror .111 hu. itth ttd Church
I It- ,.... tko first pkMo lattlo Illlor.ra. Ttllo. Pas boB pro ., : .
ipoaaor tt outing
i 5303 hack Ilyd.e ..trletor.aru..wr of balls Billttry tniaI laoll Ulla tad solid to .!rues toooad s.a.I Anirictt Reach July to
fltb 14 I at Lickltid API, Mrs Ora lltchilf .!!! class la tk. v... Air
Buss lease
The 01 Rio Ladle Club till tilt .
.. 7tx.Alran. eoadiet Its dtrotlotit fore at Patrick APR.
pars of tetlvo .e.al church it a'30 ....
tko Arty, bn hit Anthony Bta boa 11 *... .....r .!!! na.Alnaa. 111 npouaor ta ontltita -
e .A AAAAAAAAAAAAAA >> ttnrod tires tours IBIort elected for techaletltrtlilas b. "ra. Alberta Crisis Todd fa a t... Anorican Rcb Sun-1 Guild Holds
day. stops are: (
of which tto wr u aa adalal St. pall Alt Church, boalat la its 936th Air
SISTER Quads tad 11 at |: *>
atrttlTO Pore ,. .
eotbtt tour duriai the specialist at IUd at .trlcll.la.
Klapland. Ot. .... toad Officer Elections
; hags III.I1fth.
tb* Air TrtitUi Coaaund bass it a priatryiittillitton
lULU IM iinsii Bonze conflict, t ill
Tbo Youth Hoar ) br
S a.n.uid list
(ATC) school tt Aaa of the Air
aid tailjaBtttl -
of Japan,
I lUlU III All AFFAIBS IF LIfE It BIB.rO.l Ittttllttiona rtllo rib Tu. Kit to* obnrod it IP.B., silk Pore .,..... Coantadbieh tad Roaerlef at taG Past ttt St. OrtfBPutarn
Miss Cora Dot tld tad Oulld bold it*
I Ticket lay bf pur
unit 1* part of tko not coadueti rttoarch.drolopaiait .
II \ f Art fat SaffarUflUk* ID the Miss ...lib loyklat, cbiMd frog the busstops annual lection of officer
ATC ayatoa able truss tad
I Mood Adrl.eifoe pitted Statat.lOydi
and it '
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sties tad offleort it Air Porn '1.... and
Him ART eh
J eye prtaldlac.in bon of ar. end Bra. A.
( 'tk. kto tko O....",.. tko dlterie skills required Dtborah Llabrl sisals ayitana.Tho irrll.
tko ..u..'. .o.lrata la I I .'
br a iradto -
< ( p*.*r .. bl by prai.r. guilt aolottt aid Kin The arc slate InAnfrlcat .
Tbr Jet and
tmopteo fere of Matth** t. Gil-
f Tr kl tk* *l.k sad tk* Crown
Gloria I. Btrtty of It. ell.d-= :
no aims it a srtoV brt Rich 1IcJICI01.'Districts "avlai club ill sinner
.'U.*. Tk.r. Is .. rte, .Cola alto of No* SUntoa HIp |*tkal haptlit tl apU- a trl| to Little Talbntlaland Ha r r.II, prr-
fr tie** eke. ks.e tky
IdIool.STIHT .r. Slate .atur < ( are IB krd last ltd Prayor Bud 3 till barocbari *, .111 love 'rtchUrllleCbutch. route, vice president;
('doa' t .... to ere Slim of till devotion Mils Miitiig terse,
Tdl ass Aenii> at Georilt I. trrn
"*". at 4:10: ,... Mra. sink .
rt .
tat Js.es Salve,
( rlatrict ,:30; Claude MM! Poreatat *
...,..".. U kelp or you doa't tare to pay, Coa. 45 BAK4-QUI Me of It. Rthl Rap ftllotablptit .
Biotlii will b. |:49 ..... and tugsRuud tlitaat aecrettry; lttiartrit
ltb.ajr. TMU UM. Tk* .Day T*. Did. Opa 1 day a ( list Church till bathe
( **.h his 115 ,lit IOn.., aatll II at ...... Pint ( 1132 at. tin ti. spleksr.fete held July is at I P..., and kyrtlr tt 10: 15 irlatlar Hotrnar Rarrell ebaplala and;
lost Duos s..akfrtmiJit
llr .. 1"00..11I., .
: Pobby Jackson ckalnn.Alao .
Anoioctdr All alnrlai /
I4tti Utd it torso. bMo att IC
idtiia groups sod she rs .111 and the fmrralrablli Toes Jackson,
Lily ,
( 17)7) RCV RIMS Nil ttolj N. I Iirtt We -IIIIJIllklin- ,'DU". cktlrntt for the tnr. Districts S. s, iii ar. liflted t. bnalara ana stir; Jnhnny

j .. On* '..lIlOnll *f Bdwod A**. Look for bit aala. annual 10..' t pty e...- tad it nro aronaor. Jolt the Prlnidly fin,.> l.rnU. *it..at>arn:
I, ( M b...., Slim vat ala kelps tko. *ltk ....taiIll. ( SpeclaIlae bratloa li St. MittkMlartlit District I will ntanday sad Girls Social Harltaa I. R. "Burroughs' report *

( ..... ; Caarch bit ta. follovlai the Club durlat their Nllr et.Joscpb.
( SIITSI MALT |l"* l*.ky day tad Itcky ...... f Ins 4 ,... t12 aomcid the elbrtloi IOn I.. sorrier; Paeot > fit nit phrased for P. Jobr.M IB

( II....d lucky kra .it ilm fr... ,.. too sag be jb it Jaly ll throughout .tt Board 2 .111 sit day tlbt, Jut 17 tltmcricw the tdvlaar' and ioa
.*led tkreagk tk. '***r *f tk. .Lord ud slater litUils tk* dsp.Mrs. tt 1 ,...; District 15 Reach. lilies la the ooordlm.*

( 1AI7' .,.n. tlt* la I daye.pint GOAT F.lt. HO 1*.a do Iflo .t S20: p. .. la tko Ttio Rut .111 pickup tt tor.

P| MI2Imm 24 bus eo-chain.; ,,.. R. koa of Hrt. '..rU. the fnllovlat: locttlrat: Classified
atkiaa. **.ral .rt fit trltjit. tOO, UtttitDrive. Slat and IIJ rUe It':
., W.W V .. ......... RUS ,&11III.,.| up ,..., |3th tnd Mmerlof f mat.11T rifWT

I RKdnnM. IIIt nlikv Mlnuatkly.
Call n, 437:0.

I Pun. or UnfurtlMhixt. "iji

t. Owrdu 4'M.' +

5. fH BENT

:I noon Apt. lit. A Both.Cusp. .
I' : ftrt. n.: 4-031)
: f p L I 1

t FREEZER 'n FOODFor rilllSKI: PII.... 'IIUt"'t IFHIMEITI 110 :r. 3

P005". '1J. 10 .a ||4. M

lad. :light. tad aatrr.POH2W. .

One Low Weekly Payment You Get A New Bradford Freeezer Fll BENT' _
1 fires Art list '.1
:>4 ..re .,.'... _,.,".

Prices Good Through July 31st, 3.4ln.. fl-.'1. soul .


I .J tall ... a-1i.

TIM lilts

t ALL THIS IS NOT A .u _t.... spew,.

FREE SERVICE :Ill Mot A..., ,..,_r>,
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HII Jth Itfrtnlia t a,. 33.31..1.1 k.....
r l .ll.n sulk .m4 .r.4lt
$ 50 M Parts lid /a bier ,.,*,*..... Slut, ..nl..
} hid .rlr ar P. r.WIU .C.ar C-II p.,elI 11.1- ......,..U,. l.e.tls JIM
0_ .4 a..w Lw Al..w
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.vciWKATWI MUI ..... Must east n sales
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rg.to.t.e.: .., htea L..w w NO MONEY DOWN .c' a.1 t '= -.... II I.sIIss5.....7Mni4lltd S
ITOftOUHOSTUKSUROtmorruucs ... .
t1.. a w 51.. .1 b/q.MM bun..s. > CterlM t. tw
HZIt AND FOOO UtIM ',. On sell at .MtlM
Shull a w liar.t.. ,w1 I IKUMPKUITllaVAUMUTSTTW weal, --.... t. aomIIM
z: HAn ss4a .. MU M..
i lam agw
I12 Capacity ..
? Jass..t11.1 Pew
Interior UM 1 1 ...1111.tuHI'( --
ttT-rriihap IM trtattillUr4
Lockt Lid 11111. B.,..

I........... id.w J 14 POM CHOPS
IS.IINoka.P" ;11..A.NL

$ e'4ati/s .ut. FREE

L I )75 w NWKAl


With fill.
III MIllEY X10u ....... .......
PMmA PNw =:-:: : -= 'Ol 15 ..rM.r.

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Of G.., A!

Ci Ft A NT CO.BOWNTOWN tire" ..,

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