Florida Star

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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
: Li1T J

Oamm'; di '
; ;Tlori ;

--------IT Leroy Collins To Top Civil Rights Post .

_ * * 4 t>iA* _ AAA. *

CIVI L SE.i V.1 C E HID E X.p.A NS .t


* * * * *- *- . -. . . .



III 14-M. 14 anon JUT 4, 1SI4 15 CENTS In Bombing Case Govt. Open

..... Cast AgelBSt
r ,4'_

ST AUG. TRUCE PACT 5 DiftBdaitiNMrlll ttltlioiy byeiaipMti

of U* bait,

U* rottrao.t ttda...4.y

AGREED BY LEADERS speed IU ewe Olllllt
I fit allt4 I. Kill
rflKXIMDbytto Pwtnl ftmtt of latMtlittloi M laden U U* to tin UM Hit h...,. I''ko report '

'.re. Robert PlttiM OMtry Chit), tllllt IIIM muss Jtoky toalirM, *** label the too
* Goterior's e..IltH e.,1HI lattM .NQltfli. Md DOM)4 CBI.. ...... Mn tit difMdMto darted HIBIM If a Ntire child, tilt

Exa.laatioas For A"IkIlts day by the io tm .t IUtkiPtb.lt booblu of iMiro child1 lose reported* first Mobtr of kit net
4-Maa iRterraclil Te. ly rtiuitlii fro tit child kitlii Uturiitd pmUuly ill klt* etcSeatary to itttnd a "aOlJI1

End FOTSMI !II Sogreoatod *CMO! tire, lut twtMMr.lade all*,ktt* else ryt\ ...
Of local leaders
Coaskfiag ..heel.Mret f'"
Despite an explanation by JacksonvilleCivil Siunl I ConllisCoflld
to tale tie otMl
Service Board secretary Mrs. Alcoa ST. AVCUSTJNR--Sp.clal--A( ) .oratofiol Broward Pinellas
Elect i. for the priMMtloor .a5
Anutroag the furore over the return of resulting In a cessation of racial denonstrstlons ,
I ion Oo4ftrjaotktrtl
two Negro lieutenants to the position of by both sides, which has swept Top Fl CeiitlaiIB (NIP. >ytr *tl Douldo4fry
Tki Jin u rvllit ky
In the uniform division contlnnet. -
sergeants the city for nearly a year MS agreed tad kr mails) ,
Acting lieutenants Soloaon: Aston sad upon here Wednesday hen Go,.r.rrl' Bryantappointed _,, Tttclitr Salaries tko I. .. cwprM abut Seine IIUlM oboe*

Besson Kendell were Intoned by Inspector two Negroes aId two whites to rap sera that tk* DM Illoor. it. Mil-

l.L. Bates of the unlfora division that establish coMunlcatldna between the races.At f TALLAHASSEE statistics released Tuea- plorldi LttliUtin 1000 lace MI bossed *. Ptk.U. .
sun kite .
tic tint
the "period of emergency" vas over and tko mo time icnvp eeewe..elw1NN1/eels day by the State Department of Education No. .

they were to resume their regular duties aa ef b..liti..irpriitlii -. vile tcotlid af ale :Dtd..Bro..rd and Pinfllas counties led the ira cater la to rears kr 'r*. Ortfiry stated MIM 4
It MI polittd Mt
In the uniform division. oooi top state In piyaoat of ttacher wd principal
sergeants Ctrl ttglta kill would ...h.*. .bf a lead
n. MIS e e e e e eScala rtMt of local rea- b* trod it Albuv. Ia.Tuscalooss. .( salaries durin the 1911q'school year .UU sad tile ."* MMlyItk sots Ml tie fllllll OfpluUr

ecBittnitio !. iitln d.- .ene**set aid iloootiiilaoiitr Cidi4alai the last year for which countybyeountycoopariaona tie omre nliittkil ..< blues 01kr

Ito _...at,. pirtoMtil leads to ,.- voted t* .* ill Soitcootry.Ala. were ivillible.M tic Ltlilitor kd ituboit. I'.IOi.o.
... .
,lit, a.tl*' tin ellerste to cooply' sit prolilooof D,de's avers/. |try ...wwweewwiatfcelle .awe a i| bo apprtlad ...

......* u '.! SIN r regular states the civil rights bill la ooMMtUi apes tko h....... olloM4 by ( ( ) MI .11I" a POM lit lot III.... It tt* tinker stated sat '
poltloa .ko Mr intend out kick PrMtdcit Jokitoa leas nelol iltiiUos. ".W..r.' S II. III n4flMlUt IU It POHMBt / Lieu sill bi ......." t* after elm iron, ikiiirmtl .

Sum !! ., of cliiilflcitleo for It pwtd to alp ali 'Of.; lilt nil tkit te M.III Solder ass tklrd Ml smitiMl create iMlalatlv 41i tie *noels..

M MploUltioa. one mioo or Metkr.Tk ..ft.Altkonih. ties d. boll tk* OoTtnorIII ptoe4 fort rttk '1.'" LM fUMd.LM trim li the itiU'ilintr kill esselsted.t. Ski

tlo Mpport nllsi affected Uo ..*.. of hllllllllM Mild *.4 Pals pests lifts ...." .n, a pet' wntlM.la no k iii ttiltr '
....n.r-.lut wkltii la viriMi eir.. the titmeil body IP Slag aloud ciMitloa of sits M iformPor pay at OMtn af n... led tie a /0*a.Norseta, fiitroyttf Md wlid Mill '
tk Sinus Cuba oo sell oo U* poll .d by Oo'. IryutkM racial pretend for atM '''''2. state slit the hltkiitpiriiiln fr liiUi.*,Oo4* CMityla

.. cfelffi .' .* oolortdofflotra.fi. r*.litd oildMtlfld oki. period, kit cl........ is_ *! .f hltk ( did l k Slut li I J.* beta null dlilittinitdit of tk*

M iutd that Arootroad, eoliodsttiBtloa a IWIR do*. to Mwtly seemed tad .... alooo li lptl-44, fieri .ckoolOcill graduates eu. laud) Mild hat to kit*i*.

kMi trylBt U" tea. *iii.orril n. .l1'n diioodnoriaty Iv* nUll "ee11.. -..'**.!I:...*t.*..,... see 'swiss ..U...., esrles, Sessions oa tko Mats ,me-tlglwaodd .
coitict itk yiri ico ls.' tint tto foorooow'ir ... : UVaatletil w-anal Wit..,.;, \.w'. U0. \5
pir4 to )
..... a* reamed ohooldtk I|, oo ( said ... | ...tori ildiitri a Malt h. bus clew
ftnatu U / volvlai effleor P..et& kllvd *. oooolttt fill t. arena.t .prtMttka IOM | Isle IU H4 sad awl N e tIS.

poiltlni u a. *.. Il tier ease tat Dr. 1.1. ryr.pril sale profriu .dorlntkit .....,, reported tips 17.1 II' Macllsa. ...J ... ur ef rue..."eMiiyiiii |. .4MillMiitl ..t.... Ml tfloliiroM
orcMtutlos *ue ... Court *,kld lest of norldiBoMriilColUt has.soesklsi la tie $outhslt. kit ,Mt OtYootks. slakbr* Sad MMiiiU. beam
Is u* earn Ol* civil service .11." lo locittd for tie .bail Hit la tat aitloi.tito the a Jir MrtlM of tk.
Save Seel.. It euld k* 1po.sllle *
pprtri of tk. o oroer* U r- .Lan; local bullet lo droll seas Ii4.ri, Jioiotroek. figures IM! our.pnietalty OMlOllMi'
called ale sari ._t *f .....a. Sit oadPraairroll .. .... to o rryM4rDad
| MOM aotol ao4riitMrMt .ae'' sat TM flee l.(...*....
-I nd kloitly fleitleo" virooii to aid hlckirdtornt ku ba tkoprtoo Alacka.Jrr. Lies Elderly C. duly scull a* till. ill of ko kit lees f f
slits vtri *M
|lit "oo. till r proper poita local Negro kld nprticlpil. tinsel of tAt toe UriMts u4 I** IMI dkrtk4 P,"nl
till ..... COO tk0 ..**tleuod abut .dIotl doMoitritori ud K44yUOMlM tli bid the IIs1.etpwtcestae Frill &f rewwfMLAtrUNO Ins.***ry dietnlel.Ti. lirt** of liMitlntUiM

til.." ioBliotloo far tko ......It Dr. iirtloLatkor Voted list ttiosii of tNcarottk "' sends MltlMly isle iltlltlnId .. Uei KM lisle,
,tjror s rai lo ot of .1.,.. llwtm tin Jr. ... a ...t.r' Mare* hi hems la Dual
Uo koilaiiiaore ,
sties by tMtr No. la Ml.k jiMMatalMitd. II1' earl Hit*! MI
.. tie Civil Strvle* bai. for tko putTtrel (
tOM OH M opp..od ta ale or kldkr.Alinio Mlki Ml a iMilOM | ltllebura0 gales S. Irlffli.,
kod tlilid o*.ki-tiri.tdUU ltd ltk 41.1
Plbtle siasesd.llesasectlea MO erllld. sea (Taps), ,."n.. (It.pirwrt loM pllUoa ttotrr,
sot b* rMb4 la the Mir then city oltk prtitdMoiitritlon .t the elvllrl per ..it. j.ffria sarlel tlr.1.leerlyrealdats ), aid oranOtlMo Jail DM undo, till*

oMt. nnr i / ..14. ko ao eases for .. n4.r .ti Mil, tie ...... kia MlM eidfreillbit "
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.....14 II ... la Uo Nacre tie iol4iace .f kl.* Proxy islesChit's
porter cello fro a fo 41.- sloppy .."u br Mil kite test or fit *. "I... roporudly -
.\ .loo. SM celled it- Soitk.ri CkrlitlnL
asterd.eld.d to Malesi .iidiy.n IMllfl.It sat ui.Uir lo MPplM
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lire BOtklll *. Steles Civil cooftrwe that o Malta Student Solos AM T. SPM14IB4./ pro li ood sneer>MleikM. > itillil. Mill M It ... tllllia litrllMli 1

oittir. N/ ". ,. OMoioiloi rich $25,000 el4al ef tie lortk ... both Of *.M Ul- slat ....." .,'.".* *"....
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civil oorviie la Uo '.l.p. ''rt. Sao S/.5 TuiSMUMI
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that oa ,. to all awllooata ictrsr aod tint a.,*a ot ef her: dlroeter ef U. OMOOWkbodo ro **d. Mt lie reeIs. |...dlily 1.... foraorttriir ...,*,...* ef.ft etI.
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.*. PtoMCeeeortoTko .dor tas ,. ef PlMldoUMTS. aoyri oad sottr
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oo rights anion ol *iifla
sea lad BO elili aid Sal le .. ... liiinippi, 11 e tier. .ate.d Ps+ser that UHflil rMplrillM MIII CkllU 1 r sins la Mliite lo4IOOM
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list ........ tie lesw wattle la Satins ee eeelalsed. a iN/1111 .f U* loou
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hems .. lose Isle. irlikr "r. Md.rti* tferltd tie
..., to Uo at.ll* .. ..ttfoMo to assert
.r* atttid of the eledoatetnlalai icre t* ...*, ..f'l
tie reeost ..... 1k. staff of Uo for a ooelv ,t .. ef .. SMMU tie it* fae.rellla.

tmkloo ... .. civil otnloo teed asa voter roaletrattoa. drto ..... sIll ruts its glee I* efflilillfbaooa

aa e..rleecy past of tte paoora etltMos Is ddalal olq.l' -11'' If .".... s yar jt N as e oMillliiloatrvlie
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In. An."* the J5pestedat MITE ..ar ulR.S15d .raM. h.l,l* **dTBOB
Ioiao4 tat that M sue as ale 1.- la. ..... rttto ,n.* SumMN ., ten 11M fJtb twill oat tt* ..,.. .N.0s'N Hales t. INrsN.TIe Bata WM SMsdwd ttosM.

snUdo u ef sent a... el theliilimiiirt .. *1N al' t SM sage.. M tote a.t fwd play ..,.... deli "......_.,... .SMU*. haaUeoe*
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SITIUIT nit \\m> /.t'


THE :FLORIDA STAR Politics As Usual .

Ta taarr4r/ '
MAAMhMM $II ta'aLbTrO, VlTK' ,
NEWS ? ;
"'."4 co NIlQUOK,D"NJI4r1U
.bUI"*. by The Florida star r.bll.l Ul Co. --
Secretary of Labor W. IIHart
llrtz baa
'*Mb.r of AMOcUtH /Morro' fiW
announced that same 2,000 counselor sides

and youth advisers are about to b. trained ;
\ la a cash program, la order to help .

E. USE....... ... Ins CiitirIllll 'fI rap the Nation'a disadvantaged youth.
la courses rnaaing froa July IS to
V/11EL..CIru11tiss Km.tfMiu I September IS at 20 accredited universities
; .
trainees will bt prepared for
oat ia
>1 irncE I run: staffing the yoatb'ttrviag prograaa now

2323 Kmriif b1L..Jkcns RIll 4-1712 ': \t? 1,, a part of the public employment service sad

those coattmlattd in atermfld-DII national
Uiillif IHrtss: State and local

P.I. In Sll.liekiiitllli 1FIsrl/N ,f'"; At Candidates all local are Public being

I MIIHI irncE l' *,5 I I Service Offices where

tlona .., be O work.eduI1

731 il. 3f< 1... Hm' 377-112 RprHrS, t, ants twit hoover 21

'" graduates with
aoncurnoM) ( MTB .. '" : .. experience 11 ..

Ono Hr. ".00. IU Tear, 14.00 lated fields (social
Billed to To. Anr-feer 1* the United alibis ,7' cation, aociology. piychology SIMPSON i-

BubterlptlM p*>sl>>)1. U sArise etc. ). They must bt unemployed at time

sued Chock or a ,ty Order to: 4 training begins.Candidates .

'-1- wbo have bad txptrlenct or
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX MlJicknonvlllt
training in working with disadvantaged

1, FloridaISSHS youth (but not ntccaaarily college gradu-

stem) will bt eligible for training

youth advisers in Ut tent procraa.Sptclal
: I.. AM! M efforts art being made to recruit Peace

How that wt will MOO bar a civil rights Corps rtturntta.Tbt .

la (Dot perfect, but the best yet), it if program will be financed through Man

up to ca, and our friends, to make the Power Development and Training Act funda.
mat of it, Although I glory In those TIE HHCI W Jlllt CUWIH IF HIM lltlll.......Ill Candidates may be eligible for tuition,

demonstration that art designed to break room aid board transportation to and from

Rslocks. I aa wall aware that Baa does the nnlvtraity. Trainee aqr earn $15 per

rot live by demonstrations alone, During week through participation In on-the job

the drive to enact tie civil rights law training prograaa.

tttrt were many persons, friend and tot. Your Weekly The Secretary emphasized tbat this pro-

lies of the cause, who proclaimed that enacting gram would bt only a start toward filling,

a la* meant little if the hearts of the need for 31,000 full'tlat counselors

till people were not captured, Moat of the during Ut next 3 yeari.-25.000 for the

people were not Clptu r.d. Moat of tbt public schools, 5.500 for Ut employment

people who resort to web thinking are not Horoscope Guidely service and 600 for rehabilitation coua-

really la favor of tquallty for all Aatri- aeliag.Thrtt.

cans They say that they art, bat even of 20 universities selected are

hilt they talk they. bart in Bind that PAILO Tfce ASTROLOGER Plak Ualvtralty. Nashvillt. Tenn. ; Howard

nut perCtD tl'. of white Americans who Dnlvtralty. Ushlngton. D.C. : and Tusk eg"

can bt Incited to oppose legislation, Institute Tuskeget, Ala.
Tbttt "frltnda" of ours don't want any FOR Secretary of Labor I. llllard Wirti.

thing done that will Hit the great sass testifying on Ut aati'poverty legislation
of lib UII.I BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL ($.2442. Economic Opportunity Act of 19<4\

can Join these hesitant friends" who warned that: "every undereducated.; under,

insist that you rust capture the heart traintd youth fr?. a poverty background'

even while enacting live, it ia Jut aa AftlES seas TO riM A VACATION' THAT' YOU CAN OCVIII.TNIII MIVINTt tot CONIUM* entering our work force today will coat ua

important' to capture the 'btart aa it la Bore March alat thru MOT VMUI IT It' TRAMtell' rioiAiiv it NOVM.IO NATION Or A MOJICTtO approxlaattly $30,000 in various kinds of

to stage demonstrations to dramatize la. April 19U ANt tMIII YOU (UN lilt Hi AWN roe YOU TO ALLIANCE 0* AT OUT welfare payments in the courat of hla

sues and ,to get lava tnacted. After Preai* Tic see lUNM. fMMC, ...... or outiriNt INTOriorn POITFONI voui PLANI roe DILlY IY. Twist AMIriNAMCIAL life Either M help the youth or wt support .

dint John ten aigna.tbt civil rights bill COIMCIIIM' WITH, IMC tXMIttlWI YOU wouio MUCHritni AN AIIAIk IUMMI WAITs,, THAT Ut adult. And every dollar wt Invest _

it will Dot do ua good to tilt for ttttAln COUHIU.I YOU TO vt MIT AT A noTANCI PAITIMI THAT PILL TMI MAT NAVE YO II kOOIID now ia the youth will save ua 10 to "'20

&faakt..ltU..wlnt ta.bt all. riahtif.. 'CALl A MALT"TO YOU FlIINOt. MO l01.tIbis YOU INTO HI* MOOAAPMI. INTO AMf IITTLI OiroC tlstM'tht'before we sri' Un>.ih.aoat .-"s91 %1"'J
'/ .
V. '. ,..u es'sure. ... -. col lOCATIONI.SCORPIO
MOIkvOtO .
:\fit you mn to use a public accoaaodAtioa of Tt T TO" If, II TOO CAN MOCIIO tITHryTVM
....,-_ AMfT A.*" 0III ,..caL"A".TlU CAN I.70.45! -." '
any sort to seek tuck aceoaaodatjoa, but ,' ",' ;. ,, PLANI.. Tolls it .. victlMa of poverty today art the
not Jut for Ut fun of it. Too 'go into a ''','utC. TNt II AIM IICOMI TOO reiiinivi A 0000 CNANCI TO AtltwrCONritlNCt sass and daughters of poverty (Of almost 3

restaurant because you art hungry, not CtkllNT IIHIflTI TNT MAiiNt, IT tirri AIL AiOUNO Billion children in faalllta receiving
Ml fHOMIMO' TO TOO COMt CULT Pea YOU TO iNjorTMIM lorD Oct. 24th thru ARNIVI AY A MO .,..oe..
\ Or assistance ia 1961 under Aid to Dependent >
Jut to see thaV Ut ;law Ja working. NAYS tout ITtlMl AHMNltWHICH Nov. 22ndTM public .
Al YOU iOUit tTNl> .
need Chlldrta 40 percent were
seek props
yon lodging b.ol".IOU someplace .
not for the sake .MO II CkOIIIT TOVOU/* descended tics grandparents who received
to rttt overnight I
Ice TATI M M* 440.U.$7.5).452 "...,.
| 1011 Lust, THAT this aid.
of tilting.
IAVI nro l YOU CAN rill LIO
I at' alaoat'aa with afraid of Ut public' IT IMJOY ,..... "MlARtI Ion July 25rd tots rOLLOtl 10 ClOIILV ON 4J0.77.IVJ7.437AQUAIIOS .aort than three*Quart or* of the poor ,

accoeaodttlont section of the bill aa Of TMI NATVII tr TMIoimommri Aug. 32nd tot MIIII or Tot ONITHAT Born.Jan. 20tb tbrafib. tallies WIn white
the A oo I PLACE DuiiNt' ..almost two*thirds of Ut beads of poor
Senator but not :for taatreaaoa. THAT coot IOLAB tctliri couitCONTHItUTI 18U
.' I' aa afraid of a at.+.atof oar Moult ot IATII INHAMCIYOVt Tt I,INI trCOMMIIIION. THAT TOOK riACC OUINOTMI Twill MAT It MHO rt* families ban only 8 years or less of

pcoplt., Mort",tfaan a year ago, I dined at a palace OCCUTtTIMTO CONTtM 00MIIIONl rtlVIOVl, MONTM" ,INIICATII ......* FIST niiooi, schooling
beautiful restaurant operated by two (MUtl A ...""..* 1.tort. .. tries TMIY MATU .. TMAT COMI,.. I. liriCUkkv eu1115 TMI '''nearly 2 out of 5 of these families are

brothers. (colored) in Atlanta Oa. Thiit ,YOU. SHOO vovtsurAl VeNts MAT CAUSE YOU TO MOT .'.u.. TMI. SOLAR headed by portent who art not even listed
men bavt .dent all they could to att'proper 7.30-11.13' Olll A| YN| HIT tr 000151THAT ICkllTC MMI AOAINIT A la the work force
ataadArda, for their buiintaa, Bat theyhavt'a TAURUS tot MBit WHO II ,Nil it HOT IN KltriNtITM TOO lUll OllttMTIINor ..la 1><2. 11.S Billion persons under ate
Ion April 20th Un TMIM YOU rnviout ii *. lived ia tallies with total la
problta. They have not beta able to set A rit oNt Ellis YMAOVOM ovi II money *
May 20thAkTNOUM vtwt rtuiti. ace oo* PECtatlooe.TwtNNtolaTs' of less this J.OOO-.balf them bad
get over to a lot of Negroes who want to IMl MOIMIM. irMCTlMAT"" ,.,,... MTIKTU. .
MIITIC COM ANlO. .l hoe MAIITI FlIINOI. ... 1100. below II.SCOtht
coat:,in i without their' the rtatau 0, A Hit tUNAt VNAIITMItll TMIH HAY AIM ..
don'twait loot MT IITIAT ttUtCOMF1 tot iiobNeirukNiii or poor art not concentrated ia'a few
raat ia air-coadttiobed) they tot Cools ears M MM 0000 Tt M IVINTVHIY .- .
IIC" soul' YOU air AIIOCIATI SILL poverty packtta. They are everywhere and
to take off their bata after they get Al frost t* MCI II/". TtACCOMOAMTIHt IITMCTII, nriCIALlY '
M ONLY TOO WLAO T* lIMtt .IT THINII. MNI. VNICM if oat of sight art seldom. more the S
tat There art just too many Negroes who WIN" tie.. HAM
cease ..
MkriN .. THIK ISM TOW CONIItl. All OTl miles a..,. O
want to look and act like buns regardless Clll,| peso" OVT TNIt Tt AN AUIAMCI OITNMMONC
tMAMC ACCIPTNaT. TOW ...... Soma 5, TOW poor families headed by women art -ladtaotratt
of whew they art or wbo ia looking at .. Of
III tf AIIIVIIlO AT Wills s..1.
Al Twist 05saes.*
tiLL NAVE COM TO TMlINO pilch tabout a third with WOMBbrtadwiaatra
Uta. Tbty don't give a hoot. The aaaa Tut IONS .....TII,11 OMOUIOtoa Tot oont IWO .....',. IBKWI Or A JOI. VOW HAT ia 1992 bad lames under., .
thing ia true of many Negroes riding la v*i ,lets warms TMIMCIIIAIV 0M.I4.7M9I8AOITTAUV8'
Af 01 TIMt M AMTMIO.Mn MOM II rACIt .)TM 101 $2.090-.alewt half Billion vases with .baa
public ooovtytncta. nu their smutty and IHtUIIIII AHOAlltlHt iiAMci AMtmrotT.VIBQO ICIItlYV. Or MATIM TOMCMt bands absent wen raising school act'chil!

smelling work clothes OB, they feel BOcoapuoctloft IT Tot AlflCItUAilTIII 2.4o ehl.h2.r.I Ion Nov 23rd thro A MO OM ro* TMCOMIM drill at Ut .aaat tide they .efh...,po lat
: flopping htaatlvta down besides 0I PIOPLteOeKlorultlrt Owe. 21stTNlsetaeIaIWI IKOOM. i '
the most tltgantlydrttitd lady tr MATVI II. bas" ." 2Jrd tbra IS m422 t r .. t)
white or black MOIIftCI NAYS MUKIIIIOTMH "11&. 23adIf Places rp { :.;

Ia the taat maser, that acortt of northern AND... TNOII Mt 'AlMIMt || MVWA4 .."' .. Tt AIM iMtMAttt tM fHl Ion fob. nth Ura b.rlci The Into! tT:

young people have goat Booth (to Mlaila MM****!. MOM via TMI ..". Toss lAOIklTYr. TMINttfftciivl March 20th
"Ir LIe "II coMitittoitkY .
T* ro
alwl) to ari.II..roel to register to that HOT7.ltll.M7Bora ... MA" N' MM MiMIIMINt '
Tbt Miioaukot
or MltLL" '. Journal
they CM vote, wt, (yoi .aad I ) aaat do GIIIIU ,.... llCOOnltlTMAY TIn nut lcvisNENtsii '.
PsirtcT YM| OAITCtt IT vowit MT tans ko*oro
May 21.t thus TW
of |T II...' Mir Oil "A
seething about Ut public conduct taay i big white aaa
"... Jltt tilii'U'OII tr vow* MOtOOH TO Till wtlghtag sbo.t-2*)
of 'our people, it need oar rights and' vsmust A T* OUMMTIC ru.nuxNTIN OAIIC ....u.cu. tot Fee tooitoo TO ,... panda. pummeled to Ut pavement Ut KtvT
MiM salts tltovMMtl
All cuss. TM OiM
have thus, bat wt mast alto lean boa William Eaglaad. 33.
turn 01 ANt M.I TMI MAXOmtiillT. tMim.lti
,.,.. SAtiTtMiAM
tVl PSICAOteens
to aat Uta. Just btcaaae there ia a civil sale MOIIMAOOMtHATftlNIMnT a roon VM< moa. MAT M IT TMII .AtM chapl.i.the 1. skit. The aaaailaaf
Tt Tae
rights law, wt ahoald lot strait to setback A 0>WMrtllNMNIf sue M..l cub MOlINtALtt .... .MM Al "M fOMl nethodieaily kicked sad stomped the cat*.
at wblttt. H should strife to bt 00 A IKIAkIITIACI. 051. a..IVi. tlHITIVAb IKITIMAN his echo .alU1P14 tltj his ... 'oftr,1i:
TM! .
I "" 'fed. Awi
gentle with thtatvta those who have .. Hill (Mil. 1.8 an, Chits rio TO A5MOON till VAftAMMMtYt Yt steno not MA*. a slender Negro boy abal. 1%
robbed and brvtallatd ... It need their COMM ...... VW tiiOVitAIM vice 0 TIMIM ... Tt CMlt*'l TMI VI* ric*,ITCMTI to HUCH MMIMJOTAOXK. from the ruts or th halted mar.there .
goodwill and their htarta.Actually tUAOt A4AIMT MMIMt ULlTV AM lint TMI WM IMTIOM lad threw hit body aver the'cb.p.
Ctrl WAY tom PVMI ItMIM lata.
we seed one more organ izattos.a ..._... PWdssl ttMIM Tt 1C AMIIIUVmem. tWT MIMIIt. IT MAT, Al A0 "ICMATl'C IMTCMITt Tye assailant tllfted M4 .&t".. seer

sort of National' AaaoolatlU for the AHTTMIM T'AT *uiunorioc This wan M MT M A 00 IMA TV It sit tOMOMATtAMINll Ute.1ow17... hyliien attempted 110 std Its'4t

Advaactatat All People..NAAAP. Wt seed VIM vtwt tit. a doe! Tint Tt ltA" can: A MIYATt chute 5, A .IHAO Shot Iasi 'fit'
t from
Bach aa orgaalsitloa oat that eta pal U VIA secs. A IICIIT twMatMleSii Oust wow CAM WHM TIM ICttt'l TMAT It TMl a novel ay .
overtime without ovtrtiat pay, to baild AOYktOtMlO M tTNta CO*. wits fM IMITn ..a1w ft .. CIW'mu..'..... Hide |.. A 00*. TlOMTCN wltAeu or Barptr Lie or aaj.. tiat.It la'aa U

bridges of love tadtrataadlag tad pa s1ICcess1 .........., heal A40 cealartrulj.4.5044.1I7 to.o.a1 tees MMMIIIOM, trYOtf existed aecaat by a reporter 'tH' .., M:
"'UI Vt rMTIWTM Press of swats I. It. .......;
traltlaa ao that wt call trod Ut hlgbaayaUat Mf M (OJTVAUV4tXl ,'.4 CAPRICORN ria. Ktgra
iced tithe "hearts of MB. Now Nat AM toOlAt M ..*.. LIBIABan Bays ote. 33Ura. lies A*rt)| IB.UMMC civil and whU de.osstratora"Ibr
...,......., ".. UUAttiM M ..OM) TM|10tM righta. walkaiauittli Mil obgiag
wt have the la*. wt eta atilt tat drive to IU ant ww 83rd U 1'1 Ut lav
sOc ICVI I CtVktOM "&('II"Ml......... were attacked by .fcltoV. R. .
CM NHJtIM.CAN. 23rd ,
... aaa'a btarta. Neither Ua law or Ua \
pallet stood
AT a MVHtMr. .T TM4T VMO-44.lt.7t-M 4 ay.
Mart la MOB goad attaoat Ue .."' 1 Isi...11N.1., a 1W HKMIIII m 1M" Mere .a exposed. la Ita sgllses
tt ....... tI Me arum - .; row -.
.t.. td and
OiC PAST THIS WPi Ban Jtat JiM t4tis iTatoal ttnt.t1b.Ua.tntd
AMO estcesi. IMI PK1
.MI 111. n.; ; IS. aatr.vtd U Weak aaWta pblcelly ad ...
July 4. tail Nat Tratra a.Rfrtetke a* NefiegI1.avYscamashy taU&" .
ataat. slavery beans ia Vlrglaia.Jly Tea gala Kittl I* is mniun TKW aar owner'!. ia a e.ummmai Wre
er SM tit tittwumIITIMI wel.I.ww oil.. tot ri Y.r 0- .
4. 1M1 looter T. tatalaitaa atgaab.lt'wort e.1Ml1Ne Petsltea .... SKIP sO1Mt,015aS/es smelts awe meets ta .... ice aatl shdeer.

at Tsekegeo.ifli"4"3448 U .a a d4sgrsgi ad .....
I."... M tllTAtV as.aius,1Mselalav cue .. AM A P l TO flMIMTt a. >N
tetlB'Araitrtag. U.S.ISAVNKSIONDS Aaaritaa CM bald aa Ma bond wa. ftllat
aVftAAAAAtl 1 VwatitMbVA Jaaaafl BkVltttAaltaltf. sad BaVa aVd. e05e.sto *.MI., OITtHItt by atri.. she BH aatf dowitd
M 1PtU.M is. It011. .OiM till MIT taltrrMf t4*,rl.**.
leader .... U MW Grltaaa.Jl bat are bnuity aaaaalttd far
Tweet t. eels WMt ... sow .0 M.AM YMTWMia yoi aatiaft
Cfcvlotu Bata a Meta Eer .
Hal ids. ..
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artai TA.. a M.T ii rc Mit M 0.*...T H Iw '. .. "
aaailaattd far tt vice *
woman worn
else it dose ,MII* carpe aL 115 l..twiea - -
tear bf" Ua Progressive ptrty.


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d"I'4t./' '' 'J..1..f. : flHIlB JTH PAPEli( put s C

-. ... '-'-" -, ... "- -'" -....... .......... ', :Y. : r
,. : Club Holds
., BIRTHS Couple Pledge Troth ''J
;., Installation Fete
f1. .i.... JjI ...,\' / $ I
I kin aid 'ri, its .
-- joiquiltBajjira recent rtilar
T > if ....-.
-"it m purtdaAvaaat f atttlni hid la tko

litb ,LOWS CODCTARD ;; Ot r1'Ilmlllci hit of Bra. Mabtllt
of... Yrs- 'UllaaTI7T Parker seekers of tie
"" alai Italnolt Culture Club
Tko! dorado Club. provldtd' tilt ..ttll, for tile apll1.. 10" heard a report trot Its
aoatirtctat atttla of tko JtckwiTtllt Ale st ,.. club Bttta the first Tkaraday of tack aoaO Br shed nri. rddlt delegate to the state
Chapter of Kappa AJpfea pal ......................... LttOlaatoi
Prataralty.tto'olaetloi ; tj84 t. nthBtratt convention held la Port
Tkt nab. Royal Aabaaaadora bid their aaaaallaatallatloa
of tffletra for tko eoalat fiscal Girl. Mtrct and installed Its
yoar'ou fbraaoat on tile aftada.Uja etrtwatta at the Kdtwoo4 Louis Brf and lire CalvlaTlaaoa I itwly tltettd slate .t

> an -slate of offlttra lacladt a.or,. I. Tuesday alttt.Captra Bradkaa gave a speech aidlastall.d :oi 7U St.. So., offictra.Bra. .

Starta, .III, polaaarcli D. n_.. leo poltarfiu ....Id. tko offlctrt. The club officers art: (ju.l\ kuri ), oirl '. Aaron, whoaeeoapanltdth
&. Jess B. Bannttt; rlet-prtld. Earl
I Baraari Bryaat. 1..,.; of rooorda ffllllu Bltckoaa Br. and Nrt. Roottvtlt del I. ato
A. Joluosr b.,., of tichtqatr; Theodore tanaby.ehaplala flaaaclal; secretary rtoorilai villlM secretary Broadway Jesse; treasurer Uoapaoa: vrlcbt 42i KatiaiaBr. .f to tht, enatratloa ese j
; Jobs Ortaittt atrattcot; Wllbtrt Balktr. -. Drive: oerl also conmtulattd for
Oscar Blllaaa; '*11.... auger Bdar4 Bareta;
lltataBaat .trat....: I.D. Sweet klttprlu ekaplala. IIwood Sacks; director of publicity am lira C.l lnDirka having been elected to a
OtoradB.. Mull. flaaaclal secretary: .sue) ill Percy Paraoaa. ttt Abaaaad aadtbdralna aid *. tsot italockDrift state offlc
I 11.., journal lit; and Klptui seen Jew of plad- guests were prtaoat.Br ; toy Mr*. Cura Lee Mill who
,..*. Br. and Mrs Rlchirdtallact. Gil eoaducttd the laatal*
The Annual Kappa alpha Pal scholarship Award was, ................... Jr ; |js Court i l 'v latloa cwaxiny taro aalattrttttai
pre, ate4 to Bdward K. HUM of Dotclaa Andtrtoa r.) Boy. address.

'Sigh Schotl. Bayta was InttrTltwtd tloni with Loll Slaaoaa of Jasper Plu.Bra. Battla II- Br., and vri. Charlta NtwIylaitallMofflctraam l .
several top ranklif students froa klih schools IBUt ort of Live Oat aad Br. sad BriJUaortOtatktra '....II 3JOJ Jipoalea '

county,. Boabara of tko scholarship ooalttttu of ttthlifton, D.C. ware hoaat gusts of Mr. u4 load: fcBr. \,. Ira c. O. eil Ikea,
Qoaprlitd of'Hobtrt Inliht dill ra..;*JIob.rt'' Bra, Pail Bonattt for a ft daya.Bra. and lira Boards?, pmtdmt; Mr*. violet
L. Ittdl.JJi; Or.. ;hails B. Mclntoah;. Barrty Bar Kllpatrick. tjj Pectin rxjNO iKPKCMlVt; ctroaony held Saturday .*.. lavrndr, first vie
P'n, Julian hltt;. and t.0. swttt.V'tfCVi ................... Bt.. Art 2; oirl.Br. Int. .1\11'20. Miss Pdltk Ann Randall, the dsught.n president Mra. Laarrloodbury. ,
and U. jiatatapioD of Mr. and Mra. Calvin Randall NCBM the bride awad *|rrrradrat.
I' ................... Pansy Jones and her sister Blat Illllt B.tllllaaa 4IO 0.... of Saautl t. Ptttraoi, noun' of Mr. and II,.. Harold Mrn. P.O.

wont back boat to Pwaaaeoli for a abort Ararat; Girls K. Ptttrwa. 'tht b. ..". octane pastor of Pint Uron. treasurer. ; Ira
: tirldft For Pun gases Bra off to aoaBtrfai'atart hit with their folkt. The spent a aoat tnjoy Br and lire Peruse Siaurl Baptist Church. offlrltttaiu The large at. Allrf Martin nrrrftanr;
i with the first avonlai ataaloabtlirktld able weekend back bo... They arrived here IIt.1, lafntr UJ2 Pearce !nt. tondMiro of rtlatlrta and guests showered the oou Mr*. M.. tll Parker,

last Tuesday Myrtle 1110.... Marie lid art ttttodln Naralat School at Duval Medical Oirl.Br. pit with nuBtroui and btautlftl ,I n.. flurec, "v chaplain, Mrw.tara"
loCI III. Catbtriio Jacktoa, and Lola Avery were Ctnttr.Br. and in. Fnla \ ay2MI tics foil ..''''1'. director of
hoattaata.rrueta. Prlrti St.; Boy.Br. at Illl Carper *t. !Royal Stadlo the Junior Girls.vs. .
vaidw. Vobaaia I. Mitchell Margaret ..................... and uri Jass i. < ( Art phuto -_ .. 11..1 r.....-t.. I-...

Button. tad Looaa itnnttt lire kick scorers for Cotton 1761 V, 6k .lIt. On"Vacation for* thf' Miwrr varatlodrfrlo.l ;
the '".t.,. b".' .. Mlaataa was bolder of the and Bra. Johany heels spent a seek la Must Boy.Br. Sepia Ladies win IIF bald
ttcty Tally." attending the wwddlat ctroMalta of Miss ptadolya ant lit. jmtt Ho.9ty %
Bajor.. coaailttttt for tko tTwalaa ataaloaooatltt BvllarlAt+ was married tp Noraaa Howard of Blaal. <-, ItU "tlaof HI, ; Slate Outing lid Ira Laurel *..n...

of the Prize Coaalttot. beaded by Margaret Day .. After; tkt wedding rtctptloa. the wtddlai party went Oirl. Fur,. 70TT: Rlrbar1lea| |

VtraaT HcCoat'sad Marie Ice1 all art aoabtra. no oa a cratla to Mala ia the Initial BUaaM.rol* ?,, ..Ir. aid Mrs, Horace Plaaa luau hers rplttH '.< lit. Pith mhrr III n.
Btfrtibatat Co_IU". ehairaaaad by B. Lucllla lowla|; till Btbuaa trip the party want oa a ear f.rlcht ||)1 tnoJU.n' r, fur the inM.| l 'rtcil lul ",.nIl II 1'1'''''''l
Carper era Satttrwtlta lid Fleet Altiaadtr till aotorpadt, to Bt. Petersburg where other nests Court, tot tll l| h. Mrvlirrn. are ward
ohms tit American R.'a.1a
ba with Bra. Carper TkoTlatkteplai Cbattttt la were gives la bower of tko wtddlaa. Than ooaplokoatyvooatd Mr. aid UI. BlckitlDttaitlo by tie. Hrrla Larilf "to III ll.,ll.. |Is, .ttl<.tn.U .

headed by. Sylvester Boaaard who will have' Irma I. Detroit. Blckliaa. Bra. Howard laaa Bulk, miLottttina elal Ravlssa rhlh oUIl .tr the Nrlani|
instructor la the Dade School C'lllIul' PlOJrnlanGirlsaccr..psnIe.
Ctanty '
Kyatta.Bra. Rt..1loy
array aa her atilatant. The Boorlai Coaflttta 'feery the event tn taMalanliWi rh,.
7 .y 1 i5 'l II,". liuraBtkri
la-.eoaprlatd. of Loavoala Brana and Margaret Day. ........................ 'I '.Ot ting Pl..d''' Bun tr4.a.a.rl.tln Jet. 1 1. till ">a lit rWI Plrrif,

I ;, ..................... .
< ,
t.kr >" rao.we..rra at Mrs. R. Baker
the JUST toe lal R4
Dorothy Oliver la tlalttai 1M her mother ; M >+

George H. Millt, waa Inltlattd Sato the Vt la Bak Aatoalo. ,..... 8ko la ana .la her second b N.UN Club "II'' .1\(1II' "I"r" ... the liiwlllB Avra, lUtliWifPlorlda i aatuliHi :<< Visits! Relatives
ear a trip to AavrlcanBtack
weak of
tktrt.Bkt till
Tacattoalai rttara hose
..t u dab lac., during their' oontbly .atttlac.rtcaotly. seek. on, frMw, AaMtU *,. 1 r,e. (lav*
.' Lodi Btuktu. president of the Club said ant at I. 00 ,... Tickets 'BIW LlWPMCK Of Ion Id. sad ,,A,|I..ii H. 1: IV ups. b..hals amber Irft

kt!)a. kappy to hart IUU... aa a ...b., of tko ........................ was, bt oirt4 from> tk.* ,. Jljh "!. loft Ik*' )|nt +4 ts>nrrlrf, 1: :10VrfiratMil the city rrrrallr' In
orsaaliatloa. ally Vretttly for ff sand IVl-MNl' N. visit her daarhlrr sad
Mabtri. The
Toe ,nitS,!,', art BOW la the process of bulldlai The Dratoaa Club ... tattrtatatd at,tilt hose of '''n'h4. '.* prbllow' 1 I", .. JU 7::41 p.e, .*.... la..lat, Hr, wad Ire
their at* club .house la the Northwest. atctloa of Br. lid Ira Jealous Joata. Club sabers report aa Patttaitra will btplcktd "el.tl I.r ur-...th't and The ,ruillr U lavllciiCoefwd Ni.a1lkanfiahslllC' .
tko e1't,. enjoyable trtnlai.Bra. later lo aroaklNM,7, ftwi
IP at lltk sad '
Tit cub house till be built on a tarttacro plot and "Ntwtrk, M J., slier* fttf was arrapslard. Iw
of'(Iud thick was purchased by tilt ..btra.Offlcara'of ....................... Tyler Byrtlt,ttrttta llait Bead leavensd'Clas sad aha .111 bf Iko been Ira '...WrA., a |ftiwtnlikl ltt>ajs her p'.".. aramrharliitlv .'h.Alrr. .

the club ere: U Stilts. president; .1I..hhth rlattM/ | India Br,
Btrttta sad rliMi li-MiVr
prjak ,Coopar,,'Io t president: Job Davis, seer.4 lasts Meat, her sister and brother'la-laa Florida Arwut and UnionBtrttt mew, (I. a a..b.r at *l. at Araalramrlal w4 .,.. ..L iwnt. err
wr "Ditrrh, I.rsatsrd |I.
tars; Prtddlt Pwit, Militant/ .Sr.tirj'Cities were pests Buaday of Br. sad Bra. Jualoaa Jones Pita fathollt" Clitrrk. .....'r' sad .as.la| .laa.
Sears troaaartr; Vioaaa' Bytra.. fiaaatUl atcrV* The trio halls froai ,.,.. plorlda. with. Ilia*** .laVcltraa *. |II ... xilkrr fir

tar Cotra.,. batlataa .;fb..hr A.wiUtrttlf| Sri. fillhpM. F. Hurt f
r ;|; r/aak '!' | lax Languaj ge Majors 1..1. 1,... tu,. (
.r ... .tu t haalatta ,anaitri; .n II.. .Bobia* Attending School Barracks Set -- -... --.- 112::* Lwlalcs N. d4 ,l
aoa"|public lelatloas; Jobs lash. etatodlan; ill* ..." "- f ,
lieu,.ttlla. sergeant at aria. ud Loatrd AtNttr I Holiday Mating.
.. '
:... BT J.B. IBMM. M. Mftf SAFE

Saint Barrack Sill HI 4* w HIT
IIEI[ ail liE III
r and its Military till

toe ft** The Bttt Doctor ,! War reports fro dtlfI SAVE FROM$100$600H
.l", t .. to the recent atatotoattaUoa
1! hm tour Doctor Prtacrlata e
t ,Get tiptrlMctd naraacltta.Aroordlac la Orlaadodartai

.,. to tour Doctor aOrorra.it t7 their Batarday !
Vt (fcly The lest July 4tk joist atttloa .
'Dr quality Drugs at 2 .. .. la Jtt B,
: e.w. Ihct Jwfi CMwialty Cater OM YOUfl HEW CAR FUMMAX j

'I '""PrnrrlH AIMM Ckarllt .. atkoay. |)tk aid Oraatkal *U.Dirlai .

l tnei T ii n PKvanci"n TO wrva; too .. the see of I'. the tiaatratatba } SOUTHSIDE FORD
,it ,. '. A COMPU.RTM LiNR OFrba and Mrs Rlllt ..tlilOll,. tae Barracka f

etiw lut.wr b... .. CvxtltaIffly's rI"h't'ltD"flClf' 147 ria at. city, rt* sad the Aaallltry till
d'tL! reYttlC" uVIW1) neatly eearlfttd basic attt oa.t tack) aottMy 5)01 ImfiWkeB 1',4.' ,
1 traiala aa4ltat("ndlaiTtekate with nt Btrracka ...t. )
.J "ckttl 'at lai M the final ..tar.h .
Dng Store ..,UI.. Ttiaa. Bt Ita of tack ...t' sad
> arafealt ., Bt. taatoaa Ut A*ill I try la ttttloaaf I

_IMl. llKi| III U Millmtmtn Claus of *I.PUTU the Jalf.third Aaattt Batardaaaf aidBtptt

b. r.Offlctrt. i( 1>' .. .. .,. JA','<.. 1.
color lie.,.,. ,.. i
CM heir TH! sad all atabtra artaratd ..'. '

Send .e., suer sod address .. atttad Bator '''ft'LI'auu NCILTkaaet c. 'eel. ...,..'1, 3CeraWi -
...ra....,...tat eDwI. day* a a.still. The ..- ., Jatkattflllt ., Ik. trtrt* .t ., .,,.derea EBcUduRaB ft
.. rraftr tM a*..*..... ktraklp .bt+kt of bas "rtl.. LIII_.... Fiends *.. t..l..r..Its, lulls a*
.....,. .., .... tko Barrtcka aa4 sail aaaat. has ...*,lt4 a II, IN to.ll...*lp irMi t :
Irk fill .tatf llary rw...e opoa ,. all1IId far I |tara'aiady la law Preach l ut""l, tlOtoflia tie

IM".z. Dies.. Y. ill. Car I "'tra.., 6 ||*... OMrllt.,, Gs/.. Dumas the *.ei, }J Gin j
./dos sal ......&.t."Stl1 srs. Ptk, else a Mac |ft-t...l. .... toner$, Mlattrattor first f & TOBK,

of upaaUa there, will /.e.c lo Its u :
ClwelrN .... ... anm.l ....... II. sad We. Pill dW LGordon'*?
art aittarH kf iu their fl...,..".. ....... ,
cd Cllfte! ..,. Cftoryl', fie ot o a.tif of .."I.*. *.*.*.. 1 J JI'I
IM .lUo a4lM of kr ,.'..<. ....** fl.*(l' !. I U..d nlbtepy. A retvvl Gi: .si .
# IMB frwadk a4 *M.1.. PM will boles .|. Made .rwdlr tacurtir tiLe. n ., bedL.C".t., ,

..... t ., a.rtU ttla s..r. rc. .... bN c. a T...Many 7t Pc.n has .A
14 "VttJaJ / less Ive.Ip set...
...M i favMN.Ifo ti.sble Bus
I DfJDI'( Oil' COtffAirnt
HHHTMBB u. 32c 1j # ..rt then itMtawr, t* Rr RM
c."re ON PUTT leer Ii 5110. .4 :.1e.I rt.w
,... .sots...aces Tea .-.. trsrent hit ese......MMSee. ..reeve.arMdlt ... .........................,,..,..,11Ithte n G.d.eee'1. Suee4s

aM J.fI,,.. ft r-I. rle 4..112 ..... p/,...draala.1 he,eharwd
10. PULLET jj ? Grlaed/ 4 hs.
? ...... hen
---.. ....,......... ... .
GYM AIr STOWOfiW ( ..... II.......,aliael ,
u ".. r- c.Ie

LAIGrI SHRIMP tie DAVIS STREET Or............Nag.. .
u .......s..g.tlg5d i...
.. MNMM S11111.P I EI..tIn+ ...te94 ...a.d 4 gsw dr. ...
4Ye t
.-krtkas You To LMM. TcPARTY"- 4S GOrMea.b neausebfat. ,.
a ...... es Nell ... Tee .... .....rIIiII Pill CINI..JUlarNI ....,.. ,.. ,.., T.. ...
MS -u. SPOTS 35cf .... .....Grlayk.4I..
caw ...e. ear are ee4 '
: .!DANCE f R1O SHU'.I : L Stc t ....It, Ills

: IP1CJQ.Ie nevr JlftPS
lItIttJ'UH: fi 11:11 I 1 Ntmmte Ot C U asse ew a as N via 15.1ees

........1 aln..sr. taws. w..es.e.eanOb
er"i 1..f4tl II'.. 'M1 12 ,..'" 4r *
.11. ;cI&4tl -1Hs/i PlllllDally-

.l4l':1"' Ogeu1 .. R

J (,,
,... .
.., .. ,-.:,.""

I' : ., I

.: [ tf t- niiiii mi mill siTimy- my MSM-

t City To Host 13.000 Jehovah's Witnesses During 4 Day Convention I


..; ,

f' t t

/ t tint,

,". '\ i it a

FJI 10 UCCVK$ VBLCOKK' IlAT- .ttr" around the tbta*. *Tnltf of I4th. Aadtrooa (Itft) discusses rooaUf problta with Batch-
t the ..rlt." MM 1J.OOO Jaborah'a Iltataa will convene her tour CoD.UOIIIIII..r.; I,I. Hooper. BOOM art attdtd to houat
(, J Jill ..12 with ...loos to take place la Ju Collatua. II photo delegates troll 39 status and fear fortlm countries FrealdlacBlaUttr

left Wendell p. BO, (hit) circuit aupmlaor for tht deooal Cbtrll filllaaa (lift) Johnny Boloaoo aaalataat aiai

:,: ..Un" the MlMl area, talks over convention attars with stir sad Eddla 'Harold la chart of tht coatrejatloa'a Bible;

J.. fllllt Aadnoa no., cover* a district tittndlii froa Maryland .hd......, plaaa for tbt .poo.... coavtatloa. Bottoa left
J.J: ] aoatbtard to tht Florid Ky*. Both aea are aeaber* of the latchtower rprattlT Oeendolya Brewiaitoa (right) calls

; peaker*! tttff. Director of rooln operation John t. Chlaffrtdo spas Miss Bulct Tw1,l, la pest Jackaoarlllt area, .." .. aeooaandatlona -

;:: ; (itandlac lift) and kit atltant. tilllt Aodtnon give for ...c.t... Mother conrentlon speller la carl
; : politer to typists oa filling out root aiilfnamt card. that .McOet, 30. *ho till tptak oa the aubjtet. "Tht Feace of
!)vy ffli : art being slat to laeoalBf dtltgatta. the operation baa ben God Oar Foaatatloa". McOee* circuit *it end* trOll Brunswick,
: .: : ':': atk}.f prtparatloaa to houst convention delegates ilnct June Ot to Daytoaa lad

f.'f'\1'1',,'.,,: \,
J Bishop HatcherTo Schedules
Unity Jax Native Mother Midway Outings

.. ,.., "<1< Deliver Aninil Observance Believed To AME Church Dabs Board I of S..ttfltld .

f. ';" '.... Sermon Sunday TIlt public ia lavlttd Baptist Ckircb
Be First Sister
Ooaajiloa rite will b
,," --- -,, .._,.- ....., to the 75th ArIIIhtrllrrp .111 aponaor aa oatlai
; '. of baity which 2nller jean hid Sunday at Mother .
... rOlr. to Aaertcaa Bead J lj
.... la .d edul.d for Sunday Th. toner Muaieala Dtlorta Midway located at 1436 4.
frog t aatll B Via Boris Bt. durlaidaytoBf
Jaly 11 Buata' will Itaft the
beams la believed
FIGHT liMKESlerttehtf St. Gabriel's .. la the Fanthon of tvmtp. Be*. J. .
Mt. Salem I J p. to bold the honor of becoalat chinch at B .. Stops
1 tht Afro-Aatrleaa laaaraact Jones pastor anBounced. .111 bt side at lit lit
la ahlpaeaU Mission Jack BOB rl lit'a
Sets Church .
(" AOTOMAnC Btvlai **. Baptist _: Co., 101 Last first Retro nUll when. aha. Florida Avtnat sad,
oklaea.141. or H per aoata.Orlilalil Communion: Rites Regular orablp ..,. 1 Daloa Btrttt. was lavttttd lato the The t o aajor atnlctaaaaon Union and Florida Ave,
1i Thtrt will bt at adlialoa will bed elite red I,.. Hadtllat Judge la
ssarutH.1..15IMachtH i Beatdtctltt Bltttri at
Ttt sew Iplaeopal view for Mt. Bale Baptlat andptraoaa by th* ptttor. Choir
doe all Ml Ft| the Content Chapel of Bt.Bcholaatlc prealdeat.Tht .
Church alttloa locattd Church, located at
I of all ages sal I. 2 sad 3. Other . .
nit fltk-out attacbaeiU.call at ill* Aftnnt B. la tilt 32nd and By r tit Atenut, *. Fort Baltb Board i and 2.etewrda.
us-sttl. llll "U"f'oobU..Uaa. attend the obttnraic Ark. :2 elltp.lotlhllcl' Puaenl will btgla 1U Buaday atevtrdeit.clti leadera
HOM kaa b... Baaed Bt. School at 1:10: a..,, tII..uper..tend.t The danfhter of George sad ataaloaarUa till. apoaaor its aanaal beach
Otbrltl'i Hlaaloa Rev. la chirp.Monlsg Monday Munila and Kra. Co D. .... serve durlai .ajor aerIct oitin Julj 4. The bill
sill leave fit* 1263: t.21th .
(Fr.) T. Vlactat Harrlt. service befliaat The Vacation sib). Iii the novitiate took t *.
WAtt 1 PAPERtttat tilt print la charge aa* II .... and evealif BISHOP r.C MATCHER, Bcbool will btfla Monday tk* ...., Bitter Maria Buaday school till itidervay .Bt....at e 0. ......

aonactd this ...11. worship tt I ;... ter. prldlt prelate tfu; at I a... la Bhllob DeForrta fro tilt Vlrtla at ':so .... .
Thc first Holy COB- f.Q. 10"", pastor, llth Olttrltt ,of tb.Afrioaa Baptist Church. Marl' lid the AatricaaBtiUf with U* teachtra under Tb* Cltyeldt M.atlclaaatill

Ce.yl/t1111edlrll II dire .. auiloa service till bt Bit public 1* cordially Httbodlattpltcoptl The patter, B*.. A... th t dlrtctloa of sponsor. a* outlM
It4 tttort,auay i hid Buaday. July f at tBTlttd to attend .U) Church till> Coltaan, baa asked all .J.t) gaptrlattadtat B.C. to lito flayroa Mach July I .

antdhNshrlq.. B .... Father Harrla ""IC,,. deliver the ll s... tnell..a, auptrvlaora! I Ii Hart npertlalBf. Horn, 11.
tl.. aahtlWSIN'r11MN_
ea soma aervlce The baa .111 stop at
attttd. g aeraoa to attt tonight at T lat aervlc elll open
; fA Bund/' s ttnlct till Plans Program la It. Horlah. Aur church o'clock la a tptclalbuilataa at 11 .. .. Coaaualoa 'Tyler at 8 .and... .U>'liana aa Streets toad

bt the third to bt hid Or D." Thorp pastor, ...t.... Allp.r.oss for the nick and ...t-
sad Minis Aveaue at
311 Park Btrttt la tilt an facility, til Mra. nary feodaaa .I11obatrft announced. The church I* ass till btitn tt 4 p-..
dealrlat to ork : .... .
B IS and Bra ad and
R. 31713norr previous atntctd .,,1., her lilttil analvtrtary loeteJ at tilt lateratctloo The ACE L..... III
bus :
school bat
la tile Aahlty fttrtct at I'30
been well attended, aa t lotpel Of BtOBMall(and ..
very seat at 3 p. .venlnc
f'to attt alao. .... bt
aloftr BuBday Oak Bta. The publlo.isspited. aiktfi sal : ,
Mils Street rather Harris tail beifnnlai. atrtlco will start at
IL 4-1571 Fttbtr Narrla la ..* at f0; ,.... la tbt 1 *. < :/ Recital Slated B::30 p... Chasid fro aeabtra. of,
cordial Ist1 ltaUti tduoatie) klt'l" 01 Mafia DeTbrno the B maul rat ton.I
teodlfti Diyspiieg'S Sfl
Andre*;ecall''** :2431 Atlantic Blvd. '. :M alM*'iWIO,.. Mt1eTr.l.y 'tit ) I ieCsll'06sp.1 finis ...de o* lo b* cino-
R 'WOO llu*. their frleadaaad : :r'4 loeptl caravan .ij. Pl t.u sized a _I.t. pop John
'usiof the particlpantalllllBClidt ')''Pfl..t.t"h tTr will prtatnttd la a I COMPANY
U\\t itBtral piblle anal cel r' recital aindajrat XXIII proolalotd Bt
Sprint Baptlit
37M HlaadlBi Blvd. to attend .."u... the ftjlden Church Mantis the Peruvian a
Jubilee Jaly 13 tt 1:19 <. ',!,>,..5 Ja Mt. Bo
listen Boaa of p.
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Recital age
,, ,. Jubll... Milt Jubilee* .. la too church auditoraa !. wish Baptiat Church.Btb .. cma sTKn
The Bfaat B-wrlal Trio tarllikta, ChrlatlaaAlra. feitarlif I,.. aaryNealey and Pullaaa atrHt. Alao eattrlni tht order
1330 Beach Blvd, will bt prtatnttd la ...- Holyllihta, Union abuUaldt HitChora Also amearini will be ttth Sister Maria .*rt U 4.W4

JackiMiTlUt Much I elttl July f at. p.a. Blaitra, Buabeaa. Andre. *, Choir 4B ofHt tht Chrlatlanalrea, Ool- ten ahlto flrla, Tbt Bt.ttf. .

n l-4iu, la Hldtay Onrch. McCall andHoCall) dim* Ararat Baptttt >. Voices tint the. clef- A.... FUtcher.blakop Under NanaKcatrniTMC
The It ..1.. tonta of Atlantic of tilt DlocoM of Aruw .-'
SriCMl m IffIMTEI \ prtira era Clef toata sad Arthur Church Brt. Ethel D. teach.Other ,
.... the ctlebrant. ONI.T NIMO OMit oitraiCT UUINO cowctawItfCCItCltlNft
tpoaaortd by the youth and Vteklt! floodwin.aoa JIAI Itt'r, Mrs ttitrtJackaoa. ainiera hat been was tUPfOBTlltj
TIM dtpartawtt la Itttrtat. tad daughter of Mra.Owbua. II.... L.V. 'tar. lavtted to participates Blattr Maria tra'ttatttfdfrom Id COSMfTICi.Wt MUD TOO P.SlM.llMCt.1
of tba anatal Ness Day ..... Ckelr 3. -III..1 tht procraa. Rtantoa Blh School & NrtTC5.Cc..T owl Lua
IB IN). A* taa a saber
ctltbratloa. .
Baptist Church,. a f .
the. o. McCoy, Duos Gospel ProgrmTht tf Bt. Flu pariah II....
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oaepl iltttra. ft* proiraa la btlattpoaaortd
orb la parochial acamla
Itttlal Ooapel hairs la littrtat
o ''I i aid other of tkt .01..' Dalulebratlos and boapltala la Arkaalaa. I TEACIRS..lecrease Your Eat Power
CJI1 The boaie. elll I Maaoarl and Tei...
** bt .11. Claudia RomA wtmi COLLEGE
11241. KAVER Blaa Jiatet ".cteD." Jones, aponaor. and Bra.Carrlt Adult
3101 ES4ERSllI \ .... Davis, Mia. Carol I. .I.. .., cap ProiriB SUMMER WORKSHOP

1 Marrlt Ml'** petortiiBtrltkltr. tala. Stt Melhdlsls
au p.aN es aw art. lath" A dramatic reclUl till ByFt pliers dints \\ttot to Dtp..1
:t11dIMIG n Ftytttr. Mr*. ulail bt preatattd Koada at la* and lecture, .dArts
BIWM, Bra. DtelU LH IUp.a.. la Ut church aad Crafts art of EM..... cirtifkitiH. b

Mra. slave tl'lWtlou.* I IAlvtrla ."U.r.I..t..,... parts ., Ut Adult FoVcatloa

Laaa, Mrs Kanli Jobs. Crlpptr, aad Ira.Vtratl rroiraa.af>oaaorod TEACHMG m SLOW .
lie Laady and Mr*.Anile I 'lleoa 0.|..,. by the ..t.....dlat Cop w

OPEN SATURDAY B. Martaat.Oweat seats will bt .....r.er oualty fwter 3ni Lip-
incurs till |*. the (Ik.. Procteda ... for adults .f tilt Four-Week Course** from
elude Choirs 1. J.I. a4 will befit Ut twea'a ala1ibnrhi this MMt
JULY 4th Bait Cttrtt ., the day tffort. apoaiorH b1Ir..thAt Moflt scheduled for July 13 to August T: .;

Church lacky BltteeaOat. Trot Snip.Bias July t I.. Tit Pain aatki" lirflrattlit i 1IElldlke-
ladle if teliure .111 Itatt ... of Bed pots.II a far aHmaiia ai

PREMIER IS HEADQUARTERS and the .tro'eouell church My II'U ..... faa awis.. Th paychoItllcal .. Sfiul teueetlis..3
SUPPLIES of Faaattl Bptit .r'Tlla nun,",rU."." .'1.. hat
FOR ALL PICNIC Bake. Da Tick," elll heahMi UK it In for IittttiHtl tllrae..1fs .
Jib 2J.IItri. .
h1LA. A b mrum siniicsfATCTI .. .n.t. Ben 'c..u! el tie CUM JIw
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lUftllt Htaldtatvf
FRYERS UtADINO: (UltCnr. PltPAMtI u. Board of Mrotttnf
KMUO"Photojr.pky A.rf) \
,With, A SfkH ttrtM of. till Itttirtt pow oatrttueo 5 .....i a a ....I

LIMIT '* 45'SMOKED and !.%*. ..

SPARE RBS" -S ptrtalala, to boat COST PER SIX HOWS:

C...... U thtlltraft tart* SMHlt.. _.m.SI I
tar both aw. .. WBM
PICNICS 27'' are bolas laatbt site I11-ISHieg..4111.11St.tloitt
shells faraUbtd th. .

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EWNG HENS art offered kf pT ,

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AXBtONOMTBtANOFlTH One Stop Shopping For All ItIN,.. n.. _r laa dalr. al .as... '
3M80SIN 1 ,.t .*** .iU ..,.ntt <

LEGS & BREASTS Your Photographic I Needs .1.slits.....t for...111.Hy(,tad.. belie, ..., fey 11

EMUsors nwtt SYP PLY B.1... F'*l. f. 1i .... .Wet.ldN VTVaf.

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MTIIIAf HIT 4, 1M4 V Flllll fill HPIS S I

Glut' Step lakes By Juoi .Resollsli New Honors For Salesmen Poilier Receives DRIVE SAFE 'I'*' .f

Award Of Coveted Scholarship Another Award

;'...) By Thtlaa Thuratoa tal..... HBTOIUKAr). 'tllH
/CBB8UH. Ohio-fro* a oaf.ihorBu'a Job OB the of the Pltld.waleh stars
'feckatf the St. Johns Klvtr IB JackmTllla.: to a 8lday Poitltr la his t'
jQvshfp for advaaetd study IB th* French lao Oaear-wlaatai ptrfor SAVE FROM
S. aaea, hit .*., waa
.). at Obtrlla College I* a giant step '
....... ............_..._._._..._._._ gins the llatloaal Mane
ghat step. tali* by teach Bpaalah la the Media Brotherhood Award 100-600 !
jtBoltr C, Pttk, son of pBbll schools of aaar of the Hatloaal Coaftrti ,!
-1tIII. In. Oteaf L. by Claralaad Ohio ao- t of Chrtitlaaaaad ON YOUR NEW CAR PURCHASE I
ft*}t.. 1553 C. 38tk It. cordlac to tka arrtagtaat Jews follotlai a
fackBOarllla, Will be rider which the M r special ahowlii of the "
ttatnoitttd am vantatrtctat run graduate accepted 4 flla at the Astor thta SOUTHSIDE FORD
., iraduata of the craat. Originally tra.
Florida A** Balttrilty, when ha was graduated la 1 'Bt award was presented 5303 leach Blvd.
tfllaBaiiat, btllll April of this year frcm to J.... .. Vtld, Ice
s tidy toward all atitor the Dtptrtaaat of ModaraPortlia prttldtat af Oaltad r
a degree la Preach Laataataa at Artists, which ...-
on a ... 100 grant ire Florida A". Fttk r.- tributes the flla, by
Obarlla CoU.... cured a Jobs Hay Vhlt toner U... Collar......
fall peek studies at aay Pallowahlp award. Haplaaaad tons ArkaBiaB Brooks
Qbirlla. his wlf will to wee It for Nays, chalratn of tilt
State's Parks study ban at obtrlia.pttk National IrotbtrhoodWttk. V
rallaqnlabad the '" 'I .
DesegregatetALLAHASSEIANP John fey whltaty Fellowship TATtORTON. Ky.-CharlaB T. Joss '(cutter) of caplUl Use a LIQUor Co. of Dr. Lewis I. Jeata.prtildtnt .
wbaa ha aa aotl Chicago 111. sad Leslie Green (right) of Pioneer Uouor Co $t. tools. Mo. of tilt NCCJ,
)- fled of the Obtrlia Col. CoBcratalatt each other and rend aa old oclln frioadaBlp. ny bad not seen pralitd tilt Mia of a
Tht Florida park Sir- actapoaaorad fellowship aach other tor oven twenty years bat set hart at the old Taylor Muitu* recently Negro aiding a group tf
flee says that It has grant which will at a diner carting their election to the Hall of Pose. pnuat tribute to Genesis refugee IOBBBCatbollo
quietly allowed da* "at state parka period of study and enable 1,500 entitle li tat coHpttltloa froa coast to osaaU f.t Hire**. vice prttl* In a chapel IB the
fotaaaloatha. aid his faally to be dent II charit: tt the Caatral "H 101 of National Dlitllltn. adds his ooa.raflatloaa. ArlBB d.*.rt,.i kttlii"uatvtrial try w
tb.t pi.ra, hart been ao aaar bla. The bronze plaque la the back-rovad at the oatrinct to the a.iut.cuMMoratta valati* 1
Incident. Mn ptA. the toner the Muatw sod Rail of Fail IB Ut Baa of Col. C.H. Taylor Jr., which apply to every
",* have had aoat Aaatttt Elizabeth Jones ODe of the great ahowta and aalaaata of till llth Caatary. Baa of every faith**
visits to tilt parka by daaibtar of Mr. and You Will Never Bt

lattcrattd ,fOU,'. N.- lira laaae Jones 1120C. Former Pilot Gets Barber
Fighter Unemployed As A Registered
gross have visited the 2Stb street Jacksonville Under New M.ff...tl I I I IlOWMAN'S

*lta parka and natblic atttadad Edward Schenley Vice President Post Enroll Now
out of tilt way has dtvtloptd. > titers Collttt la Jack DINNETT
." said park 'ODri U. a year before Chirlta T. (Duck) 1111 h1l.. lda.I.,' see ... JACKSONVILLEBARBER \
Director. H.t. Millar.Ha HtrlOBlatlat at Plorldaa Ito Viet President served with dlatiactloa aa a 3111 MIICIUF tilt ,
said that whttnItaarally Oalvara'ty with a fltfittr pilot la world tar II IB the Sued Htd COLLEGE INC.
(Between 28th and 27th Street)
leave when ajer la.impish. Tall" laaadroi li Europe and woa easy pedals 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver
Negroes arrive .t a Both ir. and Mra. Peek Ht la brothr-li-law of the flied "baseball player I. lMit you tt pradoBlaaatly white childhood tehooUatti. Jackie Roblaaoi. IB his atadiat days Ulllua 't'niM Iu'. ipMUl UiOO-liOO MM COOIRD 111% Air CiiiMllmllACMINVUU
park aid that there art graduates of Jack was btaMlf U outiUadlac athtltt and was the MEALs, *l eslade a iptlal livllatUa& ta krwd easy rillllA

hail bees BO reported .01 ,Uh' Matthew tint Negro. elected to tilt...tttdtat........oovacll........of...bit.,. 'rI..da to IOIIt <.IM with k.,. eA t
cases of IIbI t.. d.**irc Gilbert "lib School A
gating pradoalaaatlr trlltanal faally. tr. eau bore la 11Io...... taller wart a little .'
Negro parka. aDd Mra. Peek aid thalrdaufbttr Arttoaa and educated at skeptical bat ouch..
Miller. Ao bte... director Cheryl ooa* the oalwralty of lathers aich a Blot ny wktaoiidtd
list October verse Jaoatly la rail Callferala at LOB 10 ilBttrt
said tilt board poll* lab.. Preach aadSptclh. tbayd give his ,rollO.
cy la to deny BO Oil Standard faulty ...... dose a trial. Aid they t
aatraaca because of coBftraatioa procedure always orodattd rt
face. la for Peek to speak to / silts**
Prtdcalatatly Negro or thti wife la Preach to
hitherto all >Ntiro which aha rttpoadi lafpulth. 1Asgeless New Post GivenA '
parka located ha they are
art at
Port .a ltOB] Mach IsS.at laf-tqutaUy apart thy "" .I f
florid sear It,. carry on a blltaiaalcorrtapoadtactht ) ,II -
stone Mtlihta la aorth- .aPrucalit. r j

.,.... east Florida Little : she. ra- '
"':," Talbot Itlaad aorth of rsnul.caste mu
_. J..thtalddlt! tfb COCA-COIA
::1..111.; 'Nt i
"!1. & Tti ... .. "r ',a.bIisiss M ICE MILK -
lice little Cheryl
keq hIsd d II Mar hrWi V.. ehatttra It French aid 6 III. 29$ "

t$. SAM$GS BOMBS .'''.''/....... a Mtttr af flee war ... i AiMftrt flares

'f anlvtl.ftt declared, tllllaaawoliatttrtd f (Carton of a rtmUr mss,,

Pore M* wan tor the Ut oily Air plus drt atnlt J 1,'1X00nr
'Negro la a lire datato !
} 4 takt the availfylatiMlaitlaa sure rood aNri

T 4+ 4 y for the Air LT. ALLRtcutuairr MICT 1131111 MHT KillIEMOHAH C1MA1IN IfifHIIll
6" Pore
tctatly appolitd a received here: -tbli lord MH eau CANTALOUPES or LNNEABf MilK '1
nee president Of tchtaly -
r that BWI Charlie dl

i his, DliUtltraOa.aiattlatta.. la hatwi la,..*"aalct r..g BOB All Viltfrtlty Allis* af,ttt a Pltrlda College rtttatiraihiat Sum S9 : 10 s er. $1.00 1 ? ::: $1.00

who gets thlap I
put of Uw b. Wa MtKt4
The Mft-ap.k.a ... for aivoliUitat to the SUGAR t
shesley titeatlvtwarktd Judge pallid MfOCltt'".t..' Ami.no Oarf. HAM SALE

his wa, IP the JttC la the Inca. J 1:
{ laclir to his lit."trash
legal ataff, eelestedtr a
t Rt J r oonil aad ihyal*
IB llll aa a laiaaaaa tr1A'I'
tally .U tad lulled
aid otftaaetd U ip"tal
sales rpraatatlft. who tatta bit tltliMHlay iradaattd fro, 1 POR11O M ,:

.r-. I reed dttlopaataaai to arprowtd law i twliUat dltl- e
M tad bitt been aoaltutto 3% A
else a iair end ...h. prMtltt otftrt the .

r. .' last Bitltial sales highest. eon of s KU
sassier OB his way to II
or o federal tttrtTltat
ri ....1.. a wise prtal* tpptlatttB arth I ctaitlSLKES

..t. *.*B for their *aliU4lai > 13
1' nroaibMt his ur.., .
abl lit I**. \.J
with Rcbtalty If fll*
Ails WM oaoilUo4Mtootl .. .
: .liens has aoatlaotd toait I llnttoaat II 1%
frl_t. fw blBMlfadhlB
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J .... IB Jaa*. INI. f..IU-
,,,.... with s bach
Mo ra4tUo free
TIt. ...... llhe Mr. fllllOM Plorlda IM M, oltb tbtbatbtlor4 r r t
.\ sight bo Itopltd to degree laBlttor v 4 ARGOSALEb
f, bra ." all friend
ty *< R.**atlt *M .Mpnwt
tat sewer Obatb". A .4 I. Ut reek tf
>i i.t frlod .M recalls irBlIllaM tint a.......... M. \\ 1 JKI ULPltl I
.... \.t j early dale .. Lt. Allis lo o.H.<*4It ACMES =
o ft.**l.f aakMM said ) rt-rt !. fort taws !I
;; that .". was ....,. fjr. '''' "wtla .. B lot of ,roMtlMt > tan taoMraty ..., $151.1 '
'. Par MO ..,.... of aptrtattatily else IN HANS i
r and fraikly, .... rt- ..et., :

t ., AR S Hill 7 IN /.

1II'; .. M llIY'S W W wWMI Cill

f:' _. -. ._ --_ _

NMIII..... IIAI.f-tIIAIITS | UiKCNI tI1 s L l 19c com

\ .Kin's ells iii .A.J ..lit..1 ... ti KU $H$4( 1.4ff 7'
hilt mil
1M rail 11-.... ....,. Mrs! PIr1r.. sty PIlI N MN fl1 ,se .135 2L' Cal

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far ttoa wig AM ,....1 .esrg MUNI ftUMMII

...anew w ........ wwg..r..w + H. I M It.. ILJTTEIIL5 MAYoNNAISE3
....... %
.---.. ...-. ........ k. 1Ji..d .tiWt ;:
see.... S., 0PV e. mf* tare sdf Wit M e? ease used e.ew//
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'......... .
,., "'-........._.

'-_--_-_ __ --- I -
r- I ---- i,JLIIIII STII pufls( -: _- -1 I SITIII1J liLY 4.. I .. J i iOFIN
: 'I jJ 1r! IT'UU' JILY i. isi" ,mini Silt 'rims 'cur J JL

:- MONDAY UNTIL 9 P4M. ./L...L'f .


ia6UbUf 1. UiTahneP4ap I

SALE Starts ToBto.rrow Mornlag!
: ) ___-
,, : ___ _____ Come: Early for Beat Selections!

s..i! Open Monday Until 0 P.M.\

rr r 11 ,
I ir i\


irk Thank YOU! I; r ,- .. US N P &'$ FANCY PANTIES

The best we "Thank You"..'for 14 / f FP'k'..O thoose<;? from o wide assortment"' of:
:I way con say wonderful years Is to give w'' .4 ? c.ee\? 0. fl ; : I
0. lavishly I loce-tnmmed t ; '' b briefs.ri e f s Nylon
;;;: you+the 0 greatest values we've ever r offered} values that will hove + / Q...." g g I Tricot-Nylon Satin. Sizes 5- 6 7 7the
whole town talking word around. We C
as gets started planning e )
months ago for this great event and tomorrow you'll' find each Vogue ,I d e"\. Cl 0
rI Shop"I coded""with top values, gay colors' and smart styles for you to r ;\\j ,, t) g 7
I .see and M;Joy, Its.our 14th birthday?but tf the values are for YOU, !!! ..'. i / 0.C5 C5 S> I BeigeIT
so come In early Y tomorrow. You'll' be glad)you did! Iii"" "; '""' _, t)1 00) r '


,,1 I; iN"JIdJiilrI" ; .''il.. J- ry .x NYLON :,PAJAMASGOWNS t,

A Fabulous t riy

01 Better Selection in) I' I ,1 ,: -: .t'? ,i 4 1 I/'I' \ & HALlSIJPS and- PAJAMAS ,

DRESSES (' 1'1"3: to' :1'1:2 1 v ., y >s 1 ;,4, 1 Toll Short Regular A b

DACIt COTTONS RON.; .S.SOLIDS!. SHEERS* CREPES VOILES. ARNELS PRINTS. KM.0 '(OFF') F F, ., n' la Tailored Trimmed Lace. k 1 i ,r 1 ,+
I K f& "PIQUES'' [EYELETS[ CHECKS PRINTS ;; ; a ,FtbulituStlfctlMt. ( \ \
SwrATiR's +
OTH4RS.KNITS POLISHED s COTTONS SHANTUNGS. AND COTTON MANY j ...AND MORE.1!!/!r.ltUlftll.1I r.. ,, w ,,f t r..r \ 1
: v" a4" e OseGrWpef ff
.11.:0" : Our entire :stock of Summerv 4 .
.." ''iwftut.wife' >'MR t< Fashions: : drastically, reduced : I' 100% NYLON
t i\\$ .* One' |r N'f :, .
,''f'SwUenfieff I '", ), .;;, .i ',. -i, : J P Ill. )i\ .1 I If1 'H LFSLII'' It I PANTIES

i $$129 elnC
C s.. [I"tlre'SHtk'' 1 \ 1 Kmlrf Siwl MAW.*
.,fS s,,mrxer,,,,,.' i\\ 11 4 ti '. '5,1, ,Fn Umhwl Tim.ONl y Sues
Famous" NameJAMAICA .r l lPATIO e 56-7
S SIIIF'fS :' SETS 4 }t: i
First QualityNYLON r Y f 5 r

HOSE $$286 8 $$88 \\ ',II IIr

our r own $ 388 m $38.8 Cott Knit HOUSECOATSonn

229 brand $4 88 9 Dacron :onn onnt Cotton DUSTERS

$ 88 t 9 2 Piece and 3 Piece
9c t 4 I .
6 I.vhrIy$3t.$79g( $ $ I SHIFTS f r
oll 11 y b
Whltti Straws i T 2 ptL $\\25 J Famous wanted norMs/ R.. p pn TRAVEL SUITS $$288 ,.

Potent* $ .. OabtlroStackof, f k '
3 ... i r
t MetoUfc* n On0 GroupFAMOUS
.e trade rse>.e Summer S Sports. r 1 : i 1r
( L r
e.1.rtMn CAMEO) ....l NAME +I. CAPRIS I 11. $$388V 3
Mutt t
GLOVES1IT Seamless( "" Hose I, SWIMSUIT\ S \ : :JACKETS 1 r', y r, !///3 t 02 OFF !I

Wen=t JO/r JAMAICAS ti ( ,..J; $ 8 / i
.c $4/
w \UP TO SKIRTS kJ wVt : :' v'
M HOW 99c ". A great selection of two and three piece ityttt In cotton
HOUSES .fufi9ttf.99Arneli..$!.* $.
$$129J229 .sN41a. .$$2.15 1 anltaamt.IlC.q! ,docron end'cottons,I'"wnl. '
I I V OFF 1 S f ,.. C ttwi..s sIelan
S Imported { 3 1/3 3 ..o l/2' 1 Ip 4, e/rOAM" .. lelUt
and \
TS Miwoo; o'' tn: 1 ,
,A lint' ; '
Jewelry BEACs. 1.9fI t 16.91 Pike and rib'su'r3a ib<

Costume Entire Summit+ Stock 8e 8 $$1.00 ,
8 I : .
EorrlngiHKktect&: 9 rockti? OUR ENTIRE SUMMER! STOCK GOES! ,Ii11

.. Use cftcrfe :
: : VMIT ; accmtttt .,

.. at t ffNy,. Voftte 8M/ LINGERIE 'ACCESSORIESfor /i

SM9. tfctmll. ...UU..JPW>telecHMe. .. .II..leymty, I ITMCf .
Falwlou b t FliiJir9 A
Ssll flp for Yen* at, Vogue i Gretfat t Anniversary Sale Emil Bwr/' / .us
."" ,. 1 tua- ouu r


-- -- A'i

\ \
i PACE 4 items TAI rum 1111011 lilt t. IlK

.. .-", --- ,' ',",'-'- ,. ...,..'. ."" ., ; .
J, 9 ...
"IJaTO .11.I, ,. "
r I l ,
.. 1"I' \ '

\: / j :.. "" 1'I. .. '. .3 1\ '\"\ ) '' i, r'i''', ., 'i''h \'. \.w: ,,.
.S .. .f ... ; \. '' i '" ::. ". ,,, :

\ :/ --:,,< : ;; .' "'v n"V'; ; ". 'r" """ .:.,..:. .,;.:...!f'.:!':" '" :""'" ;" :'" ; ft1'tt.-,,,.,I j; F '. 1., \ f'' ,
tr 'f i" .
.. ]. \ lifVil \ :: 'ii.'j .... \ ,,,,.. .' ...:;,... '.\', ;.

I ,
... --... ..- .'. , \, .". ,,
... '. .. ,
Hr ;, "'1 !'
., M"
'., : : '.. ....., .... .

twep rrtooom in your tutor* wren Map Short C urso SeriesManatMat Officials Face Grace Presbyterian

IJ.S.SAVINGS BONDS $250,000 Suit Church News:
The Taeatloa Bible
M School till present ,4U
DETWIt: -(ANf)-A federal
WMDM Schedule ..
Profraa jidce refused to aanaal ,ro" Sunday'
u sight at 7:30: O'clock
KKTHT man PUPAT dlaalaaalanralt brought
la the church auditorium
BIBlBBt officials Of
... 'JAZZ ALAN BOOt ruder the direction of
100 !::00. Dearborn "%olf4 i" a
1:00 ....-.:00 S... .'(OBm CARAVAN: UVTWOIUMoCAU, bias suit Mm. Katherine Qolaound -
1:00: ....12:00: MM BDTRUALL wot latiw win qtr federal Judge Theodore .lty, atra. ithil ,#.
tiM ....:10: .... mat runt IOOIM ntn _. Levin refused to.Sa. tenon dinette stracbaaaad '
1:10: |...>7OOp.i.: K OBB I of BJSHA Wtti PALS COMPLETE)-CabraclBf various tiorit, a ; Dr{ t.L. JODDMM. had of tt* Dpan .'"* the $250,000 Alco fllllM
':00 '....:00: p... mra, CARAVAN: UYUQD IRA NuCAIL series of ooerdlt abort courses will be gloss ant of Vocational Agriculture and Tchnolopwlll liHult brought acalnat The pastor this weak la
t::00 ,....12: .. .ooiwnai row BLIOU wmWKMT Jalr 30-24 on the fends MI eup<. aider the supervise the coarse oa Ctrr aid Malataaaaca of Mayor Orvlll L. Hub directing. the Cup for
Pan Machlai7 LA. Marshall specialist la vocational ...'lI1t.rl..1II111 ..dlool.er. .
direction of the above Quartet of Uitnetori.
niair-un onw roe-Lut OTHN 1 .....12 I. bard and IS top poll
PDCUB--Mm4rii J. l.rat--S .l.ut....P:30 .....1'p. ,.... Pros left T.T.Uwit, auoeUU professor of agricultural rtcnltBr,8t Dpartjnt of Education, efflciala. The official at teaks 111014.
Mine rill direct a course on Uadep will **nr* M director. Last Sunday evening,
... wr charged with dl. the official body *.-
lUuUi 1 .... .t .. !-
nOOUM UPOtMlMeb* Ctllowl p. crlnlnatloa aiilnit"norltl
jo,.' a highly la foritlvi -
.. Outstanding 4.Her. Get Awards I Gibbs Junior College
spoils mof-Dtla ltlrrup- liatu 1:00: p. **. ...tS.. with
.COMMON I TT NKRS"s.v.r.ad ire Cll"10 lllltM Thejodfo directed Dearborn guest speaker! .In. jMta"Cltatfelter
':10 .... sad I::10 ,... During 43rd Annual Program A Bridge Of f GoodwillBy Corporation Connal which waaappreciatively .

TALLAlUS8CI-Tf ntrflM represe.tativss of Ralph B. Gay Jr., supported
j TORPAt Plorldi 4-B boys ash girls clubs wars presented Dr. John f, BMbrt, President to file answersPolice by the Joint Auiillarl!
12:00: ....! .... 'JAZZ CHINA VALID special awards btrt at the newt 4Jrd *aout] state la the history of tilt state of Florida one Hiro *- 'tetOnc hold a'place
1:00: .....1:00: .... *OCMPB. CAMVAN uvrawoiiuiwyu Short Count for boys nd girls> held .t Florida baa bad Uf distinction of fllllnf the pot Blotter la Tour Heart. It la :'a
i.oo: L'..1:00 p.*. BOTTBSAU' roN MIUM Mini MM Calwtitjr. Areas for diteb awards tin presented of state superintendent of Public Initmctlon. Ha Polio this week are Church with a Heart."
2:00: '...>7:00: p.*. HOOD PARR tlUMAJI ntVlT ranged fro scholarship aid poriooilcblttMint was Jonathan Co Glbb., a au of culture and a political lnvtl
:00*'....12:00.: DDICAnON MOW ILII11A KUI through leadership ud proficiency la power durlag the reconstruction period. conducting aa the fatal Sew'ei'sTALUH O.Hr ..
.P'IOCIDIlIII'ORr..l1uoll.' Callovay-l .ls.t.s"7 a... a variety of yoc.UOIIII'.riClltaral MtlvltUi. R. b..... Plortda'a school .,.t. la 1STI. Bfer latlon llliaai
shooting of _S r -- Th*
IP.., The lUiloBil Scholarship eloUiBf, loss Jones, serving on that post Glbba was the Secretary of Carry, 40, by ..ipict Florida AftM University
BOW' Award west to bOld state, II I'U. In his honor elbba College 1*
Dad, ISO : 'daSr Johnny Mason, 12, th* football h. will play
12.00: ....1 .... 'JAZZ CHINA VALID Leonard BUkilr, Otdidin foods, Linda Naokar.os Baatd.Llk lacldat reportedly its first aaae on
I ....-2 P... ....'.. CARAVAN: UY'iUI'DlUlioCALL County tad Ilitaor Pays Dad, ll-J.eel wrist tilt figure tbat gave it his sass, Olbba taken place at 11:28: ..*. October J, acalnat,
i::00 p....I:40: p... MDICAHON not aim VALID Stains of DuTtl) Cbu.t,. ,wttdi; dress rru, Bar Junior allege baa distinguished itself since 1U Jun 34 In front of 4831 Lincoln Vnli>rilty of,
ito '....nit ,... ovcAnoH ret IDDAT UN I'. or ru. Tripe to ffublaitoa, D. ban tells, Qadtdca, inception la 1157. The various M 27th Avenu Jcffrnoa City hVi.
lil '....h 100 p... .NOOMM WOW' HANOII CALMIAI C. < were awarded to; ISO bead; electric, area la which the imitation baa Report revealed that
,:00 p....1:00: ,.'. orw MIKI MIlL DIKUMICNI OwriU Htrtball Dad Ktith Iradwdl, Oadada, side attainaenta are recounted la at 10:10 .... on the day
'....12.:00 .. IAN OYION lON IAN Ira Countjr; Loretta Jenkins, ISO bond; OBtoolo0, other stories illicit have appeared of the occurrence the
.INM"I NINVm ON NON)' Marlon Coaity: JohaayWataoa Barbara Colaoa, DBTB la tilt Florida Star However, one two ... had appeared before
1 IIIID'II ON IlAllI II Oaddm Count/j: IN boad.Othtra faturof* Co Jin*, distinction Judge Duval oa a
IUVLCAIT in MM PH and ...I1I\a11OOd.\ 8u taelad: foodnatrltloo *- writs .0.. special attention arose coiplaint charge
tir Countjr.Otbir Jun lUlau It la the fact that Olbba leaaa and the Judge dlalaa
awards were side ISO bond: carda,' Vr- ore thai a two-yiar college, pro- the cases after difference
DON'T VOW: YOUR DRJVIIt UCENSI u follow: far acfelm- sloe Harrlaoa, Coluabt vtdisg higher education to a predoaiaatdy Negro between the two

URVICR: Allan seisysfas 1It1", sent, Joe lath jadiaoaCoaatr ISO bond, health, Gloria student body forme between the, two
airs rnpla it wIsu and Carol/a Mo- All., Pad, ISO bond: Olbba Junior Colli li, la fact, a Major .?** ..had apparently bicoaeaettled.
... ........ M mOM that M; other.. ...., .b
ward. Dad and of ooMunlcatloa between different and EyA'ORAtEDSpotlight
p hN two pa hoi tIro""at, nut races
... of .......
pencil sets; e1ioaltonalprofiot.acy Owmdolya Otbwa Dad, iroupa. This ta particularly iaportaat at the The tw-both of slice'
M-ST. PILED LUll DAY Augustus ISO bond; leadership, present tin when the throe of social rolatlon wr said to have bnarad
Alkli. Maditoa, ISO Nona Bthl Dad, and bar placed 101I. strata oa ctrtala areas of coa- .. *' engaged in
toni First hwriRM Agmy bond: beef Clar ne. MirtoB Hart tu.Ur, two tact or uaoclatlea. another ariuaent withWIUMMI
Own, Oadtda ISO pea aad pencil ata; In the T up. Bay Area, Olbba Jailor& College lathe rportla anon
349 ..North**. 7th Avow' Miami MB 5- 335UJOO bond; bread, Dorothy safety, LaUatrler JOBM center for laterraelal and intercultural ..de.catloa. hot and hilled curry l

Nortbwwtt 27tb" AVMHM,OpaoLodaJfA 44612 larval, Dade. |]8 bond; Dad, ,ISO Wade Vie faculty .sabers chosen fro II colleges with a caliber .22 re* Product *
aad wlveraltle scattered throughout the waiver
j, aitlon, represent three racia Negro, white, and Ml** Addle Le Baton 01 f Iht Week'WMBM
37, who was at the scene
yllow *aad wove are native Anirlcana while othersare
Tune WAME Home Of The World's lialiraata. students are also of several of the lactdeat was
racial atralaa aad aitloaalltln. seat of the charted with larceny
being citizens but IKM* ft* are refuses. after she eat obacrvcdriaoviai .
The aaieabllea and activities at Olbba Junior nosey frea
Champion Disc Jockey OolUie have bas hid oa a son-r.clal bail since Carry* a pockets after Mini. Florida

th* laitlutloi CM Into ....'nc.. Mien a pro he WM ehot. Ii
ire or service of this college la op** to the
public, the lallOlllC."" ..*.. AU of th* public .
and no separate aeooBwdatloaa are available to r
any croup.fl *k1. FM t I l

|>ahra and artists who cone to Olbba are la*
vlted oa the bail of th* educational sad cultural
ooatrltwtloa that they' CM asks, atr far ..:., rfe

their color and sever for thlr caa'.eibba Junior \. .
r advocates fredo for both the aAjerltlMand
"'-'" ...Mew
the laorttl*. PeaaIs. hakh.g ado
Owe of the tiitltatloa'a lycenei speakers, the
late Mra.BI*.ior ooi..*lt. challeaied Clbba 3...- e $wNNs hii h4r
lot Cbllete to ..develop duality edacatloaal pro k Bite lscuee IeahiA/
U order to attract and serve all people
.ra ,,
IN a ..].bees Ikhisge .
The we strive to do.M .
Holder af torld'nbrtadcaatlai a ooMeaeeaaat address, Braach tlchey referred itMt h.lr badtselM

iMord ta elbba J.alor College aa a aeary *ipedleat .
d I
frt4 Hues 211 Coatiitoia ..... that woald provide aa educational opportunity for N
.. .any yoatha. Over 1.800 of then entered the ,.,-
tile tulsa the nrt seven ,..,..
perair fctiraor Lhoy Colllaa at oar dedication "'
*.ra alea. and Olbha Jester cl1N to batld a Wr
bridle of good will mad to foster haiwxMyaadH

drataadla aoai people.Prea hU word*. w* dose controls dandruff
war aster ,.". ....
I- tad scalp probm$, too


Bob Terry uL Getting Ready To Go On Vacation ?

Prcai a:00 to B: M

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Itat as.Aai yon plan '7>r
hi tether. II.Mbear as to I..". places u4 S
SEE AND HEAR THESE pies car far 1011 JOII' n 'I.U. ,.,
fall Pt ilL .Ave ion plas to rt.

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Porter for nl.... !... a
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RADIO STARS 111111 Announc. Itt

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( 'wltt.ar :: awe eel lea., lust h. s card aV It let U. folks lack IBM IEMM Oat 4i.G.alprr : ,
"Hot line At 11 : eo1 la B. llah, till
Nightly <
p.m. : 4
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': With Louis Ctttftn" I< '\\ ,O! \' '.f. Bat IUk la* M*

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Uelsvilli Skis Top Mentors Spark Seminars Citation For Champ. .. Kegler I

Ittf' Prep Start BeatiM' Tiw" : Gun .c--1; --- '..... __atl 4 .

CRZCAOO (MV) noB JlB''lrant reported to .
isvlu.N (IJP) his tint Clevolud iBdlui*... tralilii cup laTacooa .,' /:; iti. ., '1>1 ,
Tko tmlveralty of botla- ArlB.. several jean a... ke mss tjplcal '\" ,' .
I \ !:
Till BOB oaa of the of Ua players ti7lai to Bake paler lean teau '. f$,
post latoaioly foithtkattlea IB those days BO played seal roeltloaa go .t .
for a Neirotl could play late afield or oatfleld aid ke could
ajar IB colietebMkttbftU kit -, ...in:;
4\ .' "'" .Ir.
kiatory. Bat the tribe kraaa voted kit to beooeepi e
The player .-foo'-'. tea... .....t. IB Ue slier loapM." had bees a .

J -PO Bd Pestle OUOldof pitcher aid akoted .h.ed of beiai a good 0... ,tt4l"f! .
leases 11.1' School After .11..... eaeoaa tltk Ue ladlaae, tko ; .
IU described by rival verdict li Btlll eat oa Uo Sl-jrar-old rliktkinder. I

MBCBOa ft! the greatest ;; a fAT At tloea ko ku looked like a really the u.
prep eater EMtBcky baa pitcher. Other U... ko his been aedivcre aid

ever prodaeod.LOlllVlll canleae ... perkapa, Boat of all, taoooeliteit. Y ,
BOB the At OBO the, toa Joe Oordoa tai ...,,1., the s VI ,. 'x4 gd
fight ..*. it BlllOdOBld A h... Oraat M ",..'alll tlU eille tack to Uo

tO U athletic II.ou. kit trunk L.... then ttaeral .11I..", .
rut-Sa.-dd.Loelselll. vetoed ai7 ooek BOW. Bat last vest, the carreitleaeral {

Ml eat auger lake Fail ort ef faro op oa
net ftt let |l col- Great and traded his to Ue tfuevta T.la..

Iliac laclldlaiBUeaa, Jla had a record of J-aod-1 with Ue mdlaao this

aid Uo Dilverelty of eaaoa ud his ..n.. nw iterate vas eloaod to
leaticky chick eat RAND com amc-coache. ** Bridtera dm) I. Be bad bees relocated to the bull,... tees A.._, .'" -
to tick ItMtk aa to ud Kilt trees eickuilu board stiles kilo it- tho (b Dick DDBOVM was kali i ooapartblylipreealTe ... LAWMRM': UAOJC ballet Chaaploa, miss Patricia Bharpe, eaa pr salad the
poll other eoeferoaceoek ttidlif tko 20tk auoal Florida AM OilvonltyCoecBlat year, clearly a chant of eceery oa* league coveted trophy for .having atUlied the highest average for tko I" -

ols to to chit Cllilc. Brldtora U head football coach la the carte fcr Iraat. It ems a last aUsbe deal /1'.5505 durlat Uo receat sail Bprtit Benoaet keldatQak Udorado. A sea
koailac errs.slants at Baylor Oalverilty aid bobs it the head foot- ado Jut belts the tradlii deadllae COBO co juie bon of Ue Chickadee teas, HIM Bharpe le avow elth the collect loo .f trophlee -
sad schedule chug ball coach at Uo Daiverelty of wlaoooil 15. hlch she ku oa durlit Uo put tea J...... Vpon preeeBtatloa of Ula

eoald be Bade la tko IroBlcallr>> Oraat .aa traded to we of the teeoa jeer** diMptoaahlp ward by Najor Tin CuaeUie, aanater of Cross Roellac
east it obtained OB- Ssi. Johisoi Pilling Georgia II tko Aatrlcaa League over _Sell ht has enjoyed LuMri. Mildred Ha >toaeat.* president stated: ',..t ku Indeed worked
.dd.Euiea. treat eueceea iea Ue Talia were the old Iaaklartoo hard for Uo kltheet' averete ...rd. I feel that la .,..hlll., a coulitentavera

also thought Oi Hip As Progressive Stilt Mailers, Jla had a oaaterfui record ud ke *f IM, she lit u eieaple for all of ..a to loprovo our boottii. to

it bad tk. laaid track till pitched oltk some degree of aucceaa after hope! that li the future, aka sill contlave to da even better.1" HIM Aarpo U
OB Cieeld because thAlI..dc. ATLANTA-(AM')-The State of orila has beoosea0..shat the UeB eh If ted to Blueoota la Kdl Over all the daughter. of Ihr. Md Bra. 0. Itmrpe, city (loyal Art Studio Photo)
ot u inofficial loader Moat U* ecu th era
prep ajtar'a his record vaa :30 and I acalaet the old laakliftoo
states during Uo put teo peers.all because of
krotktr. 0.o re*, ii a and Beaatera Md I end 4 acalatt the twl...
lacrosse Noted
Uo proaaco of s lope Negro ..b.r la Uo atatoAtt7. County league Schedule
basketball star ttero.aad ._aea ......................... Greet ku pitched adtlrebly aeaintt other tease
.bla terser hlgkiebool .- Ltro7 B.la Johssoa sti t.ti 0..1. aoUbl7 the Nee fork ,...... One of his createatpertoroaaeee Ii Pollilid (Sinnlsri IF kid Cmti ..,1. II licrutlH)

such. lab nit sus. tko on Tko 01.... reads: yes la 1IM. itk Oordoa atlll UB Waters flat Kill
NBleafcy kea bees bared lack fact U tko 54bor "Treedoo froo coopalaory ladlena* auater, yea ke karled a U-tnalai. I- TMXAHAIBfS Polluted Slondajr, July I/ ..Sou thijdf AlNBtor vii
as t* ailitut coach lankeea li Uo BUdleo of J.lUArA
victory over Uo
... tate ataatt.tkoao aaaoelatloi at all to-4 eaten killed Bore this
d CO. Uiitld helped actlfltiaa darlaf levels of public edvta- Neo Tort City Grist later thought It ou ago of .a eatlMted ,.. alllloa Monday, July fl".-r.lcona va Spot RAPS

oloahy kecoejo tk. first his brief taivro kaaaiakoxd ties chill be preaonedliTlolate. his biggest vUtorlea.Taoao flak across till aetioaIB 'Tucri tsy, July 7..ront Offlrr Giant* .v.
coach U 10 years to ell Uo Oaorita ." she thought that perforaance oo.ld catapaU 1IIJ. Ibis repreeeatilaereieo tau eM t'rS'Tu.adl1. !

too eoueoatlvo Keatocky ipptr house to the seed U arplai acalaet Uo tko rlabt-kaadtr to itardc aeter *>t their elakOraat II of 750,000 July 1"R.'yil' Hone Vit" lit Tile

kick school ckaaploa for proirMtlr Uliklicand pro Tie!oa, Johaaoi ooa- cot II sad lost I la 1M1 aid ..... tko over tko eitlaite reported Nr tstelay. July a--f'uthalde 11-Ktar" VA
.hip M coach of geese ftctloo.B tended It eau ..aiei* seat ..... tolled around ko eae la the anus NO U ill, aid JAI Tllr
HtCh Uo put two ...- *..itl7. Johiaoiotckod forceablo," because of pitched darlai Uo first kilt of tko ... oa oa does aol lidlcito tkeeober If'dnfl'ctl1. July 8.-J*. FBlconx VH Plata"

aou.OBield. ap anotitr victory 0.1. lipreoe court ...'esd S..". froa fort Belvolr He turned IB of flab. tkat died (TtipfMThursday

klBMlf said kO for Reiroei. sad rollne that schools two atuaalai victories aialaet the rIlIlH..blt la lent yoar'a heavy July 9.*rpot Rlti VH JitIllMll )ftlI11t
chose LOtlavlllO be.ca. ilMltaatoapiabed seat be desegregated. HO boa ho use oat otto amy ke arreered to have fink kill 01 tilt lower *
... "I Ut tO Play kit further less stuff .... ko bpd oa his ee.k>ead ettleie. 'It urfkf/
loorclft a alai polBted Mt that U iMlMlrrl" Blier.Acoordln Thur d"y, July 0Jaguars v"
li Uo Missouri ValleyCoaferoBco late tko role of s pacetetter colleges la Uo state nil eae atypical Grist patterelookUnood U A.D. Aldrlrk. QlantNArchla

ud because for tko South .re Mt Integrated ud for a spell aid rapped bard the aeit fe. U.. ". director. Florida

.y pareata ...t.. ne stifled all these 7.ere that ITS Metro aUideoU All of the UM ireaUoaa ou brine predicted torkla. Oa e cod Fresh later Eyes Cliy's Title"
clooo to hope riitro they
17 tko phony tradlUoaef .
are atUndlipreiootl7alleblte Fish. CMilMtMi, Uo laforoatloa
could see 17 play o ate ...... this year aid ,tlllVfr '
releiatlii Negroes public schools.K. Be had eipectod his beat coaceralat Ueaetlna'a Nit YOU -- (AMP) lithe lo ela 'lki
a kit." to tko lover mi of vas glees tko kooor opealac Ue e..101 ta Clewlud. flak kill U lot Mly ".n! tlllo. "' .. |lleloea' U. flit

the totes pole. lers Hit Bat ke oooleV t bold oa early lead and ttlaeppareatly ootllied I'I a rerwrt by bt floyd. "feller* edHern pr| ..., ekes. Miup cc.asahir .
Las J57,5W Pad Tko eeiater leeoo oea Ue .1... NO started several caMa tilt U." H.i>,rt.eat ofHealtk. Id JebnHa arc to ,.alllO*
111 abed this victory byporaaadlii lick but dl4te-t flat eh a oUite 0.. for tko ..e..... .Ne Mvcitlea' ud ratable& "f .....UII. llrtfCul flthtlBB. brrr sty aslajsrrd

LOS AltGa.U-U'- the se.stesot PotINIIAfOLl" vas sot too reliable ta relief telfare. The rernrt" !.. Clef, ri'hiht. eh..ulder, *ft.r

tllilo Brow.. talC. to paaa s freedoe of !' HUB.A .- Coach dlraled that core thea .hesvyuNSkl. busiss ekes- the alith .....*... *.rckloItllM

oajYeralty of California teeoelatloa clause toUo ( '''tPl-'h. ''...'..11 Drake University Signs I.I0t acre of lakeaeere pint Arthur nmn cliU" erltlrlui lists. 'It'
Uf tuned don s kid state CDMltetloo. ooa boeleraeeo top Classy Gibbs Jr. College Coger "till I..'. T. e ,.. ,..., Old ankle' id.1.ut. | *>ot tic reel .f
by the Baa Ittoto Charter* The vote M the .....r. ,rS... here U tko reteat port bneed .left fk ... ho bleach. alibi Ian owl ..|lf) "1
Md signed 5 IIT.MO.tecyear vas 11-10 la favor "t ooitK-loic ...'. ST. mnuwto Wake DalVfratty of Urn .s..., kill .* the **cMbla. try tot aaotker irk 555 vrrt dioesp.ilsI.'dsilk
coatract vitk fife ehort of the total literittloial |o'llaCooireeo lo o, ku il..ed a olhba Jaalir <0<:.ile.o *lietball titer la B" rtkeeelPlerldo .t flu. sad lbs hear' '> lliM'a Muhl/ua(

tko Iou Altele lass seeded. for PM II'" to.,....... player to a iroat-la-ild for bust year. abets a* .s/1!. rUkt title. ..mro mss ti* rlf. 4.M eh.. .ku4trka |
last .*.*. The proUloa, pissed Mrs Fwa 'AI*lp* wa Jobs Mates |* |" ee.es.eeeeeeeeee.e te ell.1.t.N sated 100.000 tick& acre stepped. b, Clef I* Uffnertk a .|nklp. Mf Itt
The MM INTO .eli ed II 1110 at Uo height the tMO dlvlaloo. two11I.t. enter for tko luster Joilooa'a Uwraenrit eaiere sodeoeter..ee lost duo to pel let l.o.laJoatrUI ....... lea rmplc' Ix a. ..>eeiflikllM.
their five draft otMI...- of tko Oiiteralt7 of tltleo. poet'lag olleie Cobne. eaaallied fJC 4 oporatloo*, eiprriwM his, sieve ,"

Woes. wertorboek.. Bill fleorila liteiratlea total to this I eeek des eroeee la tilt Itritel Ideatlfledceeiwof la M artltl arpeorl, Tunics, In ..**.ar.
ft I.TTS ltd, sod alas to rashIs
Naaeo; kl back inn tattle oaa d..... kjr ofLeeilai Drake's ooalotaitkMketball lll., MomMtrdfer .la the surreal !Isue of Irrhlr MM, that If a

Blcbardaoa. tackle Jofci Jokiooo to be >..ot oalfMiecewaaqr .beat oat .PI lick.Ptrceeoo. ..ho Coach GI... the for NJCU the third ettes.le.pulls NI". *. skeet 1.1 Bllll, ,.. BjinfU' .....,..., |ar,..roO" "........ fllaliotloatw &

ties Md Becer 'IU.". sad rulBfleao ,totaled 1.111. Cater flee kero to eitcaaita emotive 1 yearThliyeer. dead nk./ Bellplteeete tins fur Uo snide earn .r*.N.t, .core r'',,'.
lilt llkeU'wwoo-! I eerk eat elth hltlfd la tr rd ehsleee.re Is bfld,
aleeteaned the ..ooad soil
irs. Baadolpk tui' Nfl
other C'dI rat pleyera. letervlre. ellk Site. "I Blpkl. jMt ..aile
op oltk tour lithe. __. use, killed) enreUM
.. it teeter,
Too to*t Uses to (to To Toes To Get Cafer. after eatchln Meats *.$ld flej ..* ill !ialn thai."
5.phasslades.. lllloB, Atrleol
other |
I.,.. ,la aetloa, doe.s.st.d'thsl potted Isprtesivehaahstball
Jtaalt Barter, laitiePalla. record ne lirel operotloaa gassed
PRICES Biyeo *enodaovte
LOW fieri Boyd MdRlolao for a .s his relleie flalefcH first sets ttM 700.I O detlk*.
flee.re..to ela la the PJCAA vleltallM Aldrich, aald tke report ,

Qt rr {.JCO for s feerta aide site., onft Be alee elhrtDrake. ."his a tart, pieced third I li seat be ......,.. Mq's t11 a
place Hal* U Mflelo tbe/teeraaoot, udpooled M Mil M UdlftttOB Of
STORE NEEBS eehe f>leoe'ofUo
IRUG Teo tees ooopetltleo.Tke at? plat * st seen r1 Valley OMfereaco. <
Trade 1U Toor NeitkboUwxht Drug *oron "BpMef/-MMi toiled U oooBtlii ooejejeo TM Coorae had u oltkt itateo Meet Cuter
wiu. NIT ART rucm, A". w tall LOTS,, AMM.. cadet tko MM of "PieJeta. far rebnoadlai ed OB ||>I "..aMl ftenfd.hfea.1 did. eat report ed ..I,
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4th Of Jily Special JAcKSONVILLE CHEVROLET ..I Mtreury otHfeoartf*.Thla ovor.alKd .
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Holiday Highways .. af ovary pry who pick'
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JACKSONVIllE'S km. Tk'tulrktrf way to|MI. Free Delivery Free DeliverySHUMAN
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FACTORYCLEARANCE calm."T.rl.n m wkl..h.1.ilsb.r.nsr.sate or.. OF
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not Ik* boat to 5318 WEST,BEAVER ST.
for hundreds you got these low prices!. kit Rod II.the y"Pulp'II know...hool.Mmn Wbri.......you.... 389-8861
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WHITEWALLS! BLACKWALIS! anil I. jrmirl IN ,. "*_ .
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M. ., SAVE LIVES! M CADUJJiC HTOP.. .............::SIMS
F 1CL 64 T.RIRD.AIR CONDITION .......*.$45!>3
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Will Is Bitin. (elif Oi M CHEV. V-*. M IMP. COUPE ...... J2395
Islidsr hi,. 63 THUNDERR1RO. AC. .. ...... .......$15996o
Brand 63 CHEV. IMPALA V... AIR .. .........$2495
Ntw; No.SecondsUuriy Langley Oldsmobile $t FORD STATION WAOON ........,.$1291
.'' Um'.cI 6.1 PLYMOUTH. V.I RPLV.. AIR........$MM
Quantltl.tf6r Employees to Observe .... 62 PONTIAC BONNEVILLX: COUPE.,... .,.S2295:
i2 61 CADILLAC AIR. ... ........ ......f'IIIIIi:! !
$16 61 OIJ>!. ",.1" CONY. AtR..S:1.5
....; ,," 2 f rla ,4th of July Holiday Smart{ drlvtri MIT wit belts l ltrtn :' U C1IKV, IMP., V-*. AIR. .... .....a.JSU\! '
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n.te.11. ,T./e..hp.WIt"",. urged to in early this tout Into I strlous otcident In 61 'AIJUN KUTA CPK:. BUCK. HEATS SILOS
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2 for 20 let 11 16'....... ,.. > week because our seer\'Ic. de miles away front .i.1*. Stat 63 61 FORD RUICK XU HARDTOP..21013 390 MOTOR ......... .$ 4)5!!

:::::::........ 2 .?A.*. portment, olorg with most belts SM live"ROAD 63 PONT. BONNEV1LLC AIR .. ..... .$.1105>
t'IOPIat.k..ryM, :::: ., $22 other departments will close 64 CHEVROIKT lUPAtA COUPK .... ..$3 MPUnPONTIHC
:: :: II..k lNalaTrb.t -
Saturday that our employees -
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Twb.1.y ..;. eso. IR Tr.........- MAPSur
dla at 11 TPb.....WA/..k. may observe July 4th with 'ur .n HHUMM! l"wb
$ .Uh.. la rebel...-... their families. Join us in displaying r.. pen **T Tkr Uniloil Wall.
.. 'or 2 4 .fI'..... ..
4'"wlray that
.... our flag that day, Mrr wrgY+ ;
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11 145, .. _
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ht.,. Visit Us
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718.1 MO".fPbdqWbh. ...N..11.II..fPb.1.p'-......... ..... tllK Twfr.aluu Our Auioal! Harvest Silo

.."......=.... NOW UNDERWAY
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SSLrtuSl....-. !..t..... .*. ** WE WILL OFFER

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Drive Safe On THE lEST DEAL i



!__- lATTIWIS4th .. : tmstke it_ tdeaCtttll. .
Holiday HighWay $ ... h_ PWil
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AND MAIN ((201 WEST 41tll ST.) Dtilir 'LIITRIES.xb. PONTIAC

7890 NORMANDY BLVD. Slice HI mi2J8L>WST.1 "'

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MTH STORES WEN iAN. 1lTi.111dfNiAIAN : 32'i rumps mIX

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WARDS 100%



MICE. 6.7015. '

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1 KIVBtHM Ht-WAT COMMfftdU COMPACT SPECIAL My.gag 6" 58-50 -

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Miiisfers' Group Any A.R. Taylor DA AlieneesSckclwskip. Big Post ..ltaliday PresentJllois' New StMtoo Drive YWCA Slates IiettiedsibrwMntifli

Stiedfllts Program Installs Newly r WinnersMrs. Silted Monday AtA Edgewood Lounge Ii filII''hit Camp Program 0.1 s SAVINGS BONOS

Y"1' .
bI 'Ib --
Tile Cltywtds Revival big pcet-holiday pr relation will get under 'The day csMpsrs at the mice
apoaaorsd by the Baptist Elected Sorors Florence T. John way Monday alrtt, July
Mlalstsrs Brotherhood. Attorney A.R. Tayjor ton.oounaelor sad chair Kdtewood lounge vnea 'fi la by Mr. Bond" will bo- leaders and groups ananntly will cad their swserproirsa AectiaReds
aaalstant county solicitor Baa of till Ouldtac Committee introduced to the jacksoaiMB 'rill public. requested to Friday at ':>0 Jaly $. 114U
Second will bcili Baptist Sunday Church ii installed the officers of Douglas An' ....................... aid How staatoa ugh p.m. The activities will CMC rietap.i23t.M04m

with Rev Cvatar Clark, of 61 CM Chapter, demos Rip School: announced butt 'atlllll' n. farther public presentations School lice claf drive bs ooaducted oa the I... Registered. Illlte .ayes
evangelist of Dallas, Chi to ta Phi. Sorority that the fol- of Dr. sad Mrs C.H. prior to tilt for tads to aid their aid aa art and craft ---

Texas, dellverlas; the IDC. June 19 at I ,.*. lowlai scholarships for tashlsitoa of Jacktoa- Salon' i grand opealn planned ton, fair appearance exhibit will t* cm dig IS Pontiac 5.dea.Afl5110411segistend .
opealsf tenon. during the meeting bald sorters of the "It; iradvstiii Uhf will be lastrasatil time sometime: ll JUly. at the Florida play. Charles .. flea
la tb* cafeteria of class hare ben ta preteitlaiinett Pan lion during the sent Th* program is: Freal *er. 0* sale at Aeetloa
Rev. C.A. leaver,
general chairman of tile Brwtr, Hopll, confined: models from Sinai 6-Year Old's two socks.Mrs. dl it, MaxIs Cniru; Repair .&0,.... t. MAtTM
supported by Miss ALt*. HOC I. ttth It..
,revival stated that Savors Heles Bariena Edward tlfeia Jones, Alpha I. Moor. opealsf bysn. audience;
morning ....bll.. will Mail Alexaider aid recipient of a patro- Jiaalta Prince with Death RuledAccidoutal the ,rou,' director ecrlpt are;Valerie Saltb; JackaoavUl. "..

h* hId daily beilaalni Leila jrllllsM t.r* tilt sage grant by Coniret will be at New Staatoa P"'*'. Beverly Bains ;

at 10 a.... at .the folio hottesses.Instilled. BM C. Bennett to attend lush School every Ihirs- chart, caapera; ae*
win| diurcheii Monday, for the i>(4 Howard University laashlactoB day to receive coatrlba cttloa, Veronica .... FREE
Friendly Mph fat. Rev. B I. inns year were a C He will Tb* welt of a 6-yar tioas currently belni Aittii; selection ,
Boron Billie N. Reed leave for the University old girl ws absolved of carried oat wader till ,...,.", capers
H. Hartley, putor, Rev.
a.... Jones, speaker aid bull.lii Beatrice C. July 15.Edward. say connectloa iato the direction of Us new Also presentation of NEW DEALWASHWAX
LB. Mason anti baa lie**;, ft. Hayes is the child's death last frl- Staatoa lice Club. pa' camp dlploaaa, Mrs.
Mrs Vsrrell
IllhelBoili Batlr recipleat of the annual day, follofiii aa Iitaoslr rents. Janet .111.....<<*.1......
soloist. imiMUai; Evelyntill' Kappa Alpha"Prtternl- 1 investigation' by Mrs. Moor told the Day Cwp CoMlttss; la*
MtmolU *
Tuesday, Jap
man,* spltoleus; Begonia ty Scholarship Award. H* Cavil County dstsctlrssho Sttt Thursday that there troductlos of counselors,
tilt, Mr. V.D. People, With Fill.
pastor; 'Rev, I.L. 'Btzzell tulss; Barbara ts also the recipientof classified the rletlsfs ts oalv $2000 of tilt Mrs. Martha Baksr ,.* Up
.11.... tasloehoas; aa athletic scholar death as accldev fund reaalalai to bs alstaat director re-
cox speaker Mri.Vera Helei. Rarieroi, perilawtariaa ship to Moni Stat tal. railed sad she optoalstlcally arks, Mrs. Florence Of 15 or
Robliwi wleiit.dnaday.
.* Bethel Bap ;, Mary 'Rogers, College which h* plus Mania Roosevelt, 42, stated that she Olson branch director; Mora
to attend
strtesit-tt-arM;Dorothy of 68U Mora Are., wai feels sura that jaxoas tape sad refreshments
u.t. Rev, ..H. Illaoa
S. Mealy, reporter, del Clarence Phelts is therecipient atr..ted follotiic dI. will aid tilt .rol'' Miss Dilores petrsoa,
pastor; Rar JC. Bass, Gas AtTire'N '
of scholarship -
speaker and soloist Us Narris cbapltls; a I coraryofths dead drl'i desire to again perform day cup director
Vines ford, historian to attend station 110 /. Aa autopsy report be tore aa latsraitlotalaudleocs.
trOt ftblloh Baptist; and Ida M. Payne, d.*a University la Del and. aodels of the Vogue revealed came of death.. Tube

Thursday Bethlehem.. Bap of ,ltde..... Other ..ar.**. wr: tO" Onlld. froB a hemorrhage re-, The constant wilier of +-1
tilt, R... A. And..oe.IllIto Billie Roblaeon Morris This will be Mr. lashlaiton's sultlai trot a blow oa superior ratings throw* 1161 KV4G6 N).
Rev, B.L. Badger
; who will attend Florida Initial 'r..entail
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Group Projects the back of tilt head a years during part H'
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AIM; Mirva lildwta oa particular clpatloa la strict and
Central Baptist; PrldtySweetfUld Isrbira Oriffith aad Has of win inJachaonvilie. fractired rib. Internal state ..-. = .q=:

Baptist, Ret Benefit Bwbevie. Maurice Jones, Talldia His future bleeding ruptured liver choral festivals has tilt JAX JAZZ SOCIETY
group sea lOt
D.I. Barnes, putor aad a pun cured lunt.The ,
; The public Is livited College; Joan fruhr.I.thuCook. pleas include tilt o|..s- claia ta .......1&... D. insert Lanai I
Rat. K.R. lipioa, dead child Idea
to sa all day barbs OBI ...; Alfredla lag of i Salo..a C., Richaoad, Vi rill la. '
speaker. eid aoUiitifroa tlfledaa Lillian Kohl,
; scheduled' for Thoipsoi, Clark JAZZ CONCERTJuly
party tilt Fred far las Toath
Day Sprlai Baptist at thehome college; Piraell Brows, AIHlII M..IIM'A aDd also Cynthia Diane '
Saturday July 4 Cup Oeortia. Mlaal andat 5 -4 to 7130
Street pretchlni.hee.dedtoy Robs of Green COT p.m. p.m.ELK'S .
of dr. md Mrs. Marian state Colleges all of the .ht.'.
Rev hones, .111 be- special aeetlai of Sprints, had been llrlii ,
Mitch. Devil, 1121 B.24th Edward Roblisoi, Sa* the athletic oosBlttee oollt,... AUDITORIUM
gin badly la virlom with her suit and aid
section of the city. .trut. vuaaa stats. College of the j...L Lit Chapter for several' week*. The Sis dub Pirssts, 712 W. DUVAL ST.
along with falter Pul ton
MM. Ethel 0. Baaalitpreitdeit *-,
aid Sylvester ...,h117. of Florida AaM 0ai'versi County chief of di.tectives meets every Tlclits Ii Sill ,
HIVE SAFESOUTHSIDE 0 Alunt Assoolatios J.C. Patrick 1.110.
& Thursday Bleat at ,:10' lisle At Door
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