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5551413 F20090524_AACRID 00288.tif 05b1765cededdb271e77743dcb2e3242219fb1fcb5182755f88da25d2cd5635fc63f0ca4
45569 F20090524_AACRJX 00289.QC.jpg ccab7b966350a3d872cdf114e9633ec6c217fc06bb2a3653e09f72879c96ee0df7fd5475


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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'" .,
L Oc1untU rtort..

*0 aria .a' ). Team Checking Federal Jobs Bias In Miami i !

.u.. .********** ** uuSH



. . . .
. . . .



Ml 14-11. 11 SATIIUT HIE 13, UN 15 CENTS Group HearsPearson
By Racists
!... _____._

DR KING 6 FOLLOWERS rr Park Rally At

The Jn iraaek of the

NAACP rtl.atd paklledttMitratloaa

IN ST. AUG. tikitaday alakt1 following otttlai
JAILED with at.rl 400 ""..-

dxi 10..." sushi uma'

hers coRducttas a d>11I' II
.loafer's Arrest Teeches-Off *********** j tow pared to Htwilatfark (

for a rally.tattaadjai I \1 l

......... Seta a.r-Leai Acne. Jox eocller Misses Iraach ,

ST. AUGUSTINE -- (Special)Keeping a i1
Itadlu the'
prealse stating that he would personally Dwrtli MiraaikMisly group was reported to

lead his forces and to to Jail If necessary, ; be oat of low Daraday,

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. was bowled over VllANO.BEACH Two Jaxone and one Mlwlaniracnlously yY coaato..tatly tko. STAB
unidentified whlteian and with slifollowers
by an escaped death early last was sable. to coated
later arrested and Jailed
was Tuesday morning when they were missed bya his or other offlelilaaa
while attempting to desegregate facilities hall of bullets believed to be Intendedfor to ...tlln a ace

at local motel restaurantreports stated Martin Luther Kim.nt BtUCU ballet bole la her U
Her. ire. Barbara B. wilier polite to car ahutlir! proirao kolas eon
u the Star went to press Thursday. after occupants of tko 0 e 0 where prajtctile Mttrtd, west through a niart tire, kit off ,lit rim andftllbtklad

noon. Iscladlai a I ,.;. tot car were Mrs urban e.r. went through a tat bad seat of the car where she was rldlaa. lat ittick tu aide atm at
aloe with
Dr. Slag tiro boaactd oft
...). curfew keeping Hill walker a teacher pare > a... .by whit racists ia what le believed to have bees a, .U.." to usas.lsats *
M Moodato Sew. Ralpb juveniles off dosatowew. at Rufus P.jmt School tilt no sad fill btblad Bt*. Bvtla lather U.,. (C..Poe story) (Florida STAR Photo)
Abernathy of Atlanta Jackaoavlllt; era Alva the back seat of the

ud otktra rttaratd to Hat Sllooa. beautician car. Will Return
this city Stdatiday to of JackaoBTlllt StackMd Brunt who oaa drlrlai II Null
carry. ow 8 MM.r>loes c. with Mrs Sllaoa aoattdktildo To Alabama
hub InUIt of Mini
aoaviol offtailvo Bruit la toployod at klo, aafftrtd ATLANTA Awes tko 0.S. U. S. Sits Crackdown
to break racially segregated olmr iajsrltofrooclaaiakatttrtd
Iittraatlooal Airport ia suprtot Court roctot
Mrrltra la this JI. NlOBl.no by too |ia* ly turtaratd too 'U. On Federal JobsMIAMI
tit "..Uo.' oldttt trio MS rttaraiai fir. hiss supreme Cetrt'o

city." fPM SU Aucmttli where Ptralittot/ aptealatioo JIM rill i rattlai tko 11th Knuthrsatern regional brad

Dtrlas a Btditidayprtaa Mr*. walker bad gone to II that the ballets ttrtlitwdtd NAACP: set of baalatiala Quarters to bo setup here on June 15, a rrjuwoitmi
eoaftrtoct. Dr. visit sick brother for the Bt the Boatb urrurox
a stole drive to Invmtlgate equal Job reportunI*
tiit I art.. Luther Slag ao 'h..... by \Iko knot.
Klif scenes
ecoopaaitd 'by Bra ...,.,. RAACT directory.. tire and treatment of NcgrofK r..ptnfi1 on
iboold reported duo to -- rttvklai ".....
aof.farria squat Sllooa aad Br. Irut.Tkty earn ar i federal construction prnJ-eU hen horn an* P"
be sore eoactntd om rive la at. AaciatiaeBmday rink, P..,...* lo MH behave
were ktadlai to M* aliened to fiver a.""tA. s annkenaian for the
r tie .!tittle* here aid sight i aoilrnMH ...SIMMS
Jaekooarllle rrealdent'M Committee .
Stack to on rquil rutdOpportunity I' '",
crlttctitd tbs city po- ,no track, whisk ...1 killotiai tklHt lie o.ftktra
two FOR
m. drop off Irs Sllooa ( ) announeeit thin '.
-u..",., oo"... bJi. **j .- Stay atttr.oUUctko; .,.,..... U tie
.. .Ett.ratitrotta. ..1. "i.
tot brut woe was drl'lag .. .ai> .
.....1' three weeks of missed a tare aid was ''''''.tile tie '.. far tko frtildMts. CMH!Mfseyre rt eeaito a'f < ({.. I ...... II''.'

aeostrolled violence B.S. District Com forced to tera back acrlptloa/ of a ftr alia lttMtold. ...... that enlulaat/ca. Aw'Ihsr, ....4
......t the noofleliatdttvaitntara Judge Iryaa BUptoa.tto It wan reported that .... cubicle kleHviasbota the .., ........ Yells "..*tril coopaalt Blare ajjfiLB ti .(
by witta presided over the case o vail track thick had attt at .....,. to tko lust area till' have Mae B.'tft4| they da.aee to tar* elm !..

bile )anew r..."" is JaekaooTllle, ordered been follotlai the tlooa dtlltrtasaeartsa* sores MMI sad saw sure MI IwMtr .II,'.I. ported by p.,11c.. II I-

aloof. JUled ,....tit. to bt trio' a car before they. tloo llttrturt.Tampon tractora Mtwtd la f.4- for outtriMitoi orb," believed! that tilt pa

_.U. apathy oa tilt tuned over to tktirpartota made tilt wrong tens op. Cherged era) pares Md pro. 'lit .....lt4.. that radios imap .nr..'."

part of local pellet aid also pat peered ia .t III t. Aa toooa Juts rtftivias ftdtralaMiitaact tkla" II B loss. rash ano-otoktra ,.....t.lf| .

alas said that Mlitfal ai sad to reported jailpiaiakotat they passed the tack, With Murder Job Nt *a* Iii so 4. for lie rrpnrttd acts of

bratalltlto by whites ftttares a tower of .ballets oaa la ttitln that, ".. to bt <*>...'. vamual l e. 4'
.atilt members of his aid) aa a hot boa aadaaeovtrtd leveled at tke car. On High Seas Ml to asks tore that
grow Mild lot dtttr coapotaa Several ballots laid Tampa A ,IIU.h.,., Its scam/ n.,. |a M dlserlmi'sallea Ckifju Reduced 2 Soiilit IB
the civil rights pro ktartai for Boiry,,ttftrikrtof Brt. ruby Btrlty Pea .
whore prlMitra ttrtktet. to bate bees tired fro mint Re.gross" Aool.st t local I
toot actloa. bout aato, Is frctd to setup bar of. wise anted that $3,000 Swhdle'P1o .
a W-M rl fit,it nek tie (
As plitatlffa, the Alt 10.|k addltloaal, car I,.. walker, tko cesat.ttea with tkedoldts flees la All tats.Baotftr. hail till to lie. ktad Alleged Sliyirrirwlt ........
ontktn chrtttlM Uadtrtklp Ret sander f tilt tin ivuvaetotst
state Riikvay patrol ajertera .U, for the
eau alone5 .
CoaftrMco'B lee kate BrtlgaH to the. backseat mystery baa bete MS of tk. high .M4.. thrlto e.diB' flU MVIUK total.1I. 1
oal cheater filed a Hit this to area ia came of of tat car, alracf lined here st tko ,.- eetrt's dttlalts trs. sootkeaittra eittsdlsi Mobile relies' ... tkla. .... re I.. taf.rtM.ot MMtltoare
lotaly missed btlac bit ,
ta D... Dlitrlct Cost trouble try littleotldMce most ef his ettrtatpelstod inlet received a flood Ala' diced a flrttdtsrteotr4tr as the |..ak.et far
and .......tall' ta* by a ballot chick to sttoraey.itovtr ef Milt free frltadsia ...r.. to meaty d- loo ...,. ..... eel
M to toy they .
tertd the trash of the Other .11. eefctd..ltd .
Jelled city officials ore seat ktre kae ktaovidtocod. D. Is charged AlakMs lattrtatod lathe degree ooaalaaikltr 0 oladltd. t tklrd. eel
to bo ktadatarltre for ..latl ....,.... irlikt. ,
from laterftrrtac tttk rtoorta coo India with ardor M tie klfk rttslakllitotst of 'f ".MO.
peaceful doMBitratlMa cl Mod.Z Leader seas la tilt slsylsi ef tate eesferessee, taft rtoptctlte.... rnlMttill M. of lyre i, pui ||., iMtttluturi Mid Bro
11.1 Pee lerb.Philadelphia
had II mar aaooaatHiif Lutes I r. .,..... ||,
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PACE i Wai mi firm SITHIJT HIE 13. mi I

THE FLORIDA STAR Lot's Talk PoliticsNegro

NEWS -- citizens in Florida who went whole
hoi for Ted David in the tint primary election
robllthtd br The Florida Star rvblithltg Co. I R gS for Governor in 1960. and tasted a

UMbir of Associated t tm rr.." very large number of votes which could have

been more wisely and profitably used for

EIIC I. SIMPSBR.........Minilif E.lttrIIT.U r one of the other candidates, will be most
chagrined to learn that one of the top ad?
(. WISE....... ... Rns tiitirIILII visors in the higher echelon ranks for

IIITEN.. .......tireilitlu Miiiir Mayor Haydon Barns was their 'hero in. ,

1960. ,->
MAIN, lUlU t WIT: .kr_ Champions of Civil Rights and IDtelraU .

2323 Mneriif iui .Jim 4-1112 among candidates for elective offices tie4'.
,. ELIi
indeed the?
/1.iiA the South are very rare among
winners the1lr. non-existent:
Milllif IHnts: So when a guy running for office \

P.I. In Sltji.ksinilli/ Uliri.i .: in Southern States tIIro...' ,

jJi II out even the most meager hln\t. .
lUll lUlU that posslbl1.l'erhap.1t mighty. -:abe

tine soon for some consld-O
131 Rff 3rl 1 rt. Pint JIMI25 eration and thought be given

JONES to, maybe look into some kind

.lI1l11C1UmtlllAm. of better deal for the Negro, such statements -
On* Tear, ".00. Half Tear, M.OO sound so good in coiparison to the
IIIlIed to Tot An7iri ia the On Itid Sttt. anti-bellua ranting of the other candidatesthat

Bubeorlptloa ptyiblt la fvuet ci the Negro in his desperation for a

:.. iliad Chick or Monty Order to: kind word no utter how ambiguous halls

this candidate es A Moses, to lead them
FLORIDA elM P.O. BOX 541Jacksonville
out of the wilderness.
'' 1, Florida .. Negroes in Florida unwise to the tactics

and strategy of practical politics
rush Badly into traps set for then and asa
Ilea Coiflkt Coi Bo Comrfod
result are left holding the well known

: To BiiUfwtf letter Collaally every bag election.To .. empty. of course, fter nearly

: "Racial conflict' says Mayor Stan R. THIS IS A TIME OF CRISIS make Batters even worse, once some'
l trookshire leaders decide to get on the bandwagon of
of Charlotte, N.C. "can be
converted to some candidatefor emotional reasons they
an opportunity of raising the
level of citizenship and building better iBOffOSOtffSfffC333ffCBSMiEtYour proceed to attempt to blacken the reputationand
coamunitles." call then all kinds of unpleasnnt names,

Charlotte, N.C. is one of two southern any other Negro who night be in the care

J. cities reported this week by the southern WeeklyHoroscope of the other candidates.

Regional council in the first of a series Politics is a hard taskruuter, there is
I of reports descriptive of southern cities no easy way to learn the tine nrt of the

that in recent Booths have confronted realistically game in which even the basic fundamental

o their racial pr obi ess and have Guide rules are constantly chanting, An this
taken constructive action to resolve then. news that a former fair haired shining

The other report deals with Louisville, knight the darling of the Negro voters In
Kentucky 1960 is firmly enconsced in the cinn of

The Louisville and Charlotte studies were By PABLO The ASTROLOGER their bitterest opposition of 1961 should

by Ben J tain Muse and Pat tatters, respectively shock some of then into the renllzntlon

both of whoa ire senior staff .... WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR that there is more to southern politicsand
southern than lukewarm
bers of the Southern Regional Council.In soio
Louisville Muse observes "race promises on civil rights.
prejudice Bay be said to be contained. It BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL In the recent election all nf the cnn.1l-

dates for Governor, with the posslhlr receptions
is viewed by the cosmunlty leadership as
an evil to be coabstted, and It it being of Kelly, had Negroes besting the
TMl LIMANI WHO NAVCNIILICTII CAPRICORN bushes for support in the nnjor countira.
coBbatted steadily and with increasing ..tteeth.ne. Born
March 21st thru tOOCI TIT AND YOU CllTAINIV -
TO CONTIOlTNtlt Born Dec. 22nd thru The only difference was the tactics.
..., Discrimination on account of April 19th
race it frowned upon in principle -. though IITIAVACANT SHIMS Jan. 19th Only Mayor High attempted to earner Ncpro
still far from eliminated in 01 WHO MAVt KIN Of HI'- THC MIT eAr TO PHVINTUNtANTIB support on a statewide basis with one or
01 AOVICI ONINTIIPIIINCI traveling all the
tice." Silt ItMIH IN LOOIIMSout more Negroes over ntntc
Both Charlotte and Louisville have of* Tel piitoiT' SITUATIONOTMIH IT lOMtONlt POI Twill IICUIIITY'' fICW MYONI making a big fuss. The others kept their

flclal biracial coaalttoes which hive IMAM TNAV YOU MAY | TN WHOM YOU MAVC TMOII OP von lIMO All'LII.U INCLUDING IOMI OP efforts strictly on a local lasts with me

guided integration progress The two PING ir COMPOITINI TO NAILS YOU lAIOH AN! tITN. AN U.PICIINT YOU' PIIINDS5. TO or nore Negroes working& with local com.
PAITNIS IMOULO MAINTAIN SCCHCV IC AIO- Bittees, thereby avoiding the illusion
describe the organization and functioning ALLY IV W0 slot. GUAiO APPklCD TMIPALII
'tLY!! \'I.AC. INS VOUI TlWt .INTINTIONI. that they were Reeking the blne'" .rn vote.
,of these in detail Louisville'sJluauMWjitione haul TAstes| UP A 'h. riltNOMll.. t .. Pot A MTlTARIN: NOTION It is perfectly O.K. even among the at
Cos mission I.. one pf the FINANCIAL PIOPOSITIDN. OPAMtllUOUl THIS till PIIUH MONO t1..J
ITAIILlTY' THAT YOU CM CONPI vociferous segregationists, to seek the
very few tech southern bodies created by OtIIIN.' |T TNt IIIIONI TMAT ALL
l ON Nil 01 MilSNOULOIDS. PI IN IOMIONC couLD Negro vote on local levels through the
ordinance: Charlotte' Coaalttee on COB COUIO VltV till DRAIN HUMAN MAVI TO IIAIN, YOU NO WUIT CHAT UNIIPICTIO OlfriOJLTItt local white campaign leaders. It in only
Bunltyfiliations was established by executive YOU PCISONAL 01 JOINT OONIR It LATH. "IT ENJOY' OAVOIIAMINO UTTNII ON KINII OP when one or wire Negroes BAke open overtures

action RlteutCII IN AOOITION, WILL ISIYI YOU till IN SHOULD NOT SLIMS AN MOTIONAL NATUII.DIIPITC on a statewide hula! that the doll" .
In both cities, two forces have been TO YOWt CUtRINT CAINMOOINIS. TMI ,uru.. MW YOU AHCMATINIOTMII YOU To TNI. sum 1111Till TNt IIIMINI tlclans send up a hue and cry about the

chiefly responsible for progress. These TNI tOOTNlNOirricT PRIINOLy TMAT CIISTINCI' IM- LACK OP ,........ YOU Negro bloc vote.
have been fire Negro pressure and intelligent 0, A IIISMTPIIIINCI 04 APMCTIONATt Till. Posts UPON YOU. SHOULD NOT IIIAI YOU' One of the first lessons to learn in

,strong business leadership -. the so tMouie it 'U.'U"CUU'LY TNt ..11111'. THAT Mill 12O3J117WZJSCORPIO INOIAVOII TO IIINI VOUtAffAIII practical politics is that a political

called "power structure" Race relationsis trncTivi.TAURU3 WITHIN TNII TNIIO OUAI.Til TO TMl SUCCtllPUL enemy. properly courted if be tin! cnn

not, ..Sd'a leading Charlotte businessman i-eo.44-w44-235 mt' It PINT IN. tit COwaullONI YOU WAtt do sore for you than l111a1 devoted frletl

"a church has COMPANY' OP IOYIO G'11.l3Oesi44867. IIIIV"'Ge .. who lost.
probltB.lt to be solved Born Oct. 24th thru
downtown." Bon April 20tb thru Nov. 22nd t_ .o.U7""U Yes, "Politics sakestrange Bedfellows"
In Louisville, Muse depicts how the COB. May 20th L 10 this is truls which wascoined innnjr
Bunlty leadership has been expressed in* years :ago to describe the many: exigencies
'IN CAIII "III Twill Born July 23rd thru SIN "IP PAITNlll A6III ACUARIUS
creaslngly through Bunlclpal ordinances and of practical politics, even as natural
Alt iirritiNMi THATIIIMINtlV Aug. 22id TO HM,ei. OIKUUIONtRIIAtOINl Born Jan. 20th tnru
offices. In Charlotte the business eneclea In the (Ir."t. the hunter and the
leadership which has carried through al* IT LOOM AI SINS. TNt PIIIT. OUAITII OP POllOIINIIUCM prey alike flee together. when faced with
Boat couplet desegregation of public ac* the greater danger of a forest fire.
coBBodatloni and which has cooperated with People pith absolutely nothing in cumonband
i Negro leaden to Bake notable gains in eai* Ml TO MMtTN TAIN NIIOUIOII ACTIONS. Poet tit POINT OP PINA4 IN TIYINO TO themselves! together in political runpalgna.Pun -

I plograent has, according to Ratters, taken | .,,'u TO IIIPMVITul IMOULB YOU NAVI CMOIIN IIPAIATION MAC IIINIIAOtD. MAINTAIN. YOU POSITION ..'The Linn" :and the inch *hull

little interest In ccabattlag problew of I CONTINTION. TN| TO IINOII TMI MATTIIiNTiniv >>. TWIII Alt CII tMNC YOU ll_I Ot CAIIVON Lie down Together ao does the segregationist

i tokenism in schools and hospitals.In MtNlTAIV. PICTUH IIMAI 'vow CM ALMOST TAIN ICONOMIC' PACTOII viut MTIII. TNIPllllNt chteve their Mil the integrationist to a-

releasing these two studlee.John H. ... OUITI CkOUIII II CIITAIN TMAT IT till. THAT COULD Aovlll A4AINIT twit You MUST respective gmls.
i It is not
enough to he in
strong politics
heeler of urh... North Carolina, president M M INS IT IMPCIATIVCPit NOT IINOII YOU. YOU CMIITIACT TMIIM1 SUCK DI..- II ie come ic PAITICUIA .. the
greater value is
of the Southern Regional Council,said: VOW TO milt tit CONtOXATION MOM TIC ITIPII M..U.L.I.Y VY ACUTI MARINO ITIATMCN to be smart
I un'ItIl.Y CONSISTATIVILINt T IICOMI OlYIOUl ...., as Jimmy C.prey in the role of the tamed .
These studies of Louisville and Charlotte till PACT twit YOU MAUI WIN | U. Pit YOU
...lit YOU All ...- PAITIII NAYIMill young outlaw 'Billy tat KicT.w: said
show hoe aoae southern cities have been INIUM PtIINII PUN TNAT Sets TO PHI Milt TM| HINT
"The ..
strong take
t fro the weak and Ue
able to Bake changes of historic laportan aisle IN ANT. PINMCIALTIMSACTION tMOM YOU Ml. OtTAIN *0> TO till THAN TO SINS OP SIITIACTIIN.ALTNOUON smart take fro the strong." This' la not

i ce, with a BlalBUB of strife. They show TN| IIllir flee Ot cysts POMI CINCOUNAUMINT. Sill Al a "'101"'. "IV THE IIIA OP only the code of the outlaw of the Old'

I also that we have only begun to uncover THAT YOU CM MAT YOU AllpiiNApa MAllV II IAIIII PIN MAIINS ITAITLINICMMIC lest nor it Is not only the Uw of the
2 larger problems which have resulted fro MINTS. AT TNII UNM OICOMIN ..... tee PIIPLI TO POSSE IN vtwt IAN OP Jungle it is also the Irrevocable law

Z racial segregation la the southern state. '< | M CtffMMT tATMiaTtlClV ANt. MOSS ItAII IP T' tNICIIIITV INCAS TOtAlO IICUIITY.IALI llYlNt IV' CMAWMNeVOtltLOCAL of pouu,.' .

Moat of the progress Bade la recent year CINPITITIIItM IP CtlATlNIMOII TNAN IT II PIN II APPCAIINO INMM .
; throughout the South ay be attributed to .Al M IIT AIIN II* ITAtll CONIITIONIVIROO ON< TO 10 50.SAIIITTAIIUS. ICSttCTI YOU ITILL

i the following factors: effective Negro. PHI vog ivf'ia u..... 'I Mot.Itoaa I MAY II IUUCTMT TO Tdl

leadership: free, enlightened public discussion ,.,...,......,. -l5.44-e'Is TM| pN L ttEPS.3.1o77s. FREE PRESS IN ACTION
3 :responsible action by the buaUtadcoasraalty a..aul ..4.107PISCES

: and a political climate which1 Ion May jut ton torn Aag. 2Srd thru Ale $aahbuts, publisher of the Rope.
I does not frustrate or prevent local ial Jw e 21st cp;. ssfldY : Ion Nov. 23M ttraDee. Arbalu.! Star, opposes the contraction
tlatlve. These IM factors will be needed 21itY !bra rwb. itth tor of a 1500.000 federal building for
IP NW AK iNaun TOeviiikiMic V MAY IIAYl KIN MlMAM a new
la our effort to meet even larger probleaa .. test MJMiV CONfVICT' PlsPOIMCl laroA 20th poet office la his town Accordiag to the
Ut ttt
which lie ahead. plan under wale the Poet
ANY IICIIIII Twit AltWAWP ,.. TNINII 1U' Tidtie Office Depart
MAT STILL M "5011 amictuTiNv.
The Southern Regional Coaa il ia aa or* seat operates, post offices
VltfMAS MintTWM .. cewLt il A JVwll, piMApa awl awl list IIINITHAT iroond the
gaaltatioa of white and Negro Soatterntraforaed 01(1 A Nit HAPtiTiovr IS teAl Il ...,.. IVIl ,. TM MACtfNATIMI NAN .v' LI"l.tiMIPLANS coaatry are to be replaced every SO
in lit. to advance "", ..1 ,.ars. It sakes
10 sense ta
for all of the Boath'a t top It." ... ISIS Tl II WNIIStlllMII Ml 101 T tuT Wl 1MINNINI' VOV.V wILl KLISItN. At* bara'a view to tear dole the present

PIM IIVIIALlevicii VOWS IIIAI W..TU tNtt | II IIIIOAOll TO M t.Ovss tall CAN Tv Um-atory bract smd tru.e betiding which
106 lAZE MS 'ea C..MTAfPIII MMl 04MUIU HIM Tl wens SLIT -"NO 111 .CCMII INTO I HAM OAV OPilPI serves Ue city of aoa g.oeo people adequately

TO IINOII T"l VOW e.. OIIYMOV lilt Pit CtlTICIt tel ...... T* HtlPIACTICIL Just because It was "Ilt Ja
while there ia a free preaa eves a doc 1111. hat
.)IMf THAT fttv AK M.utiM TXM HI M5el OPI'wIlel YOU "... a IITYIt OMKIOP riKIMI tUtlCMNIII
his the of Ue Preii* .
has day Ia casa
re IM( 1 tit.TUN MMNIINl IK Ptl.IIIIIITVO MNIN4 011 lt>..Mve %I PACT TMTTKM coaceras.. laaMnra la that ape.
when Ue President palled
dent beagle
a Til PtM Wtt. 55. .1ICIt1" .. INPIKC IONS POINTef II NO pMTtttC IN Artaaaaa la Jut ceof thotiaaada of alai
\ its lOll ears ia play the whole world lar
PlltltlTI MAT tltllAtlNt. IT. Till tiC NMtkCAMOfit eommltlM arcnd Ue
Jew > SStluIItVte MINT wIll TNII MA coxTtit COM try which
knee about it ia a Batter of hours sad
II SILL II TAt VM OMLV" wit though prosperous eaoaga. have lot at*
IPfllll MOTIM4
eiTTit ee.
tlUIlCU ve
the Prealdtat has had to try aid eootaUe ""ti .
O.) SIT M petleaced Barked
IN ITAININ ANOINTHIIT irate elttwcury ever alace. M MTITtl ... im asay years To
YltllllP IN 0e "Mtrarllj replace
NAd T0ce want S.LJM MMUIK TOl
of bow' the free em vet
Tale ta and hat other aa eoaewaleetloa example media U* Vw( Alt I IT 1C. MAMlICee .ctiiie.iI NTISPv ..jev IP ,,,t. wit .n -.< T.. .* west postal faclllUea U -ca e+xi5lmtty ....

press Still iMUiitTvn, OT,O PASty.i0iitl. II hI PMtS ..IfUt T* 'Ll TINT en Me tiOMCIS N "Uaa4aull coettr. I. Mates "r*
fora Ut people of aappeaiaga. ia Ue mesa PAITIMI sew MC IMO ......,* glhr *. twit **IV CMLA really that ". u. ....r..-.t has u
I' ao aa to give them aa opportaalti ta draw pet tTI ...*. .N7t ilSCIle NITIS yes wile we w. TMMOT .UIIUoa aleck greater thaw Ueyar
their own ooaclaaloaa oa laportaat evicts LIBRA .... tale .r h'.ret..u.
...H...Ml-ttt All VIeSS Ml MULL M Pt TI II ICe "llB.tf.. U
Ion Ittt. "" .N PSelsO. TUN ... W M IT ..*. ke.o itself Mlnat is ..' e+w e..
CARCKt Oct. arC defesd itself la U. ef w .M ko .rjecarity
.. .. tan .te M 1s3 m.>o ao.Ia es.eas IU .caal
lin Tex 5t it 5 WNHI IP ftT } ., pledge ia time .fI
Jail )Sod PeICSCa... IMt4l4 Pt -ce..


.. _,r.\. ..
...... -


I I rum sin II ntt

The Robe ReadiedFor Coronation Sparks School's Closing Out Activities Crab Boil ,

Presealitiongnadvj t i I Card PartyOther

kXntBjBharaal club, friend

aeialoai for lad the general public

the Theatre feild" pr*. ir* Invited to a crab
iwatatloa loll lid card party
of the fssedt.hicl.
., "Tin tab" icbeduled for Pridiy
reached eosplrtloB this w't111: ii tight June 12 fron I p.
seek for its siadirlight 1 i.--intll the 3 I'.

T:30p.M. staging A I !Gel al and Savings Club
IB Chic M.itori.'sLittle L In tk* boa of Mr. and

Tb.itrt.Deilllg ?). a t I ra. I. idly 2I2S

with the effect Spire Street.
of Chriit's Bob I Oae and prizes galore

hid epos ninklid. tko will bo awarded winner

renowned draw which MSwritten -- ---- ,-- ..._ ---.I la various events aid
gueat are urged to
by baa Lloyd C. COLOHra ZUMONT Attended by a Urge turnoutof la the history of th* school participants seated Mtnena Brooks King Larry Nick. Lyad Jordan wear aporta clothe and

Billions poigla, thrilled parent sad friend (bowa left) Arllnitoo Gee fnai left are: Roilaon* hartley, Urleo Wllllaa. Glenn AII.r.... Godfrey Andrews, Curtis Brtley b* eoafortakl. MI*.
of the
people eotary School'a annual ooroaatioa aierclae were Paula Pttlllpa, Michelle rriwford, leraard Allen.Prtic and Robert Cooper.Jo* ph t ,all q u the ichool' Aleitha thlig.prnldent.
world via
our stag.> acclalsed oae of the Boat ontitaadiai spectacles Denali tartlet Prlie** flail white, Queen priacipal. dvlicd..
across tad lltrry

II Produced dU. ud directedby Mosque Schedules Returns To An Alma Mater -Marriage---- Crowning Ceremony Celebrants I I1m

-------- -- ----- -- -
Bland and
Mrs. Nora .
Afro Asiu Bazaar
Mrs. Bettyt S. *loie. Roosevelt tee, 3322Boacrlef

the cut iBdadei: Rd 21 and
Alaed at bettering Negro -
Charles Briaaoa. Mar- Daisy Dean tee, 1514'.
bualneia by creatlnf
..11.. OallUo; ArdelU lit Street, 19.
lore trained Negroes,
Sutler ud Bally Diva. 3.... R. Thesis, UJjt.
HohajMad Mosque located
Glut; Edward DawklBB t aiit Bt it and
01110. It.
at In ,
DtrlB ta Aisle Lit JOB**, 2311
till preeeat an Afro '
Supporting role will Asian bazaar Tuesday Laatiaa Avenue, u
be portrayed by Larry Archie tee Hoi***,
night. June 19 beginningat
lyala. uses LatesT Rlveria Made pi*., 23
S o'clock ia Myrtle
Sail Howard Joseph u. 1.lnU. Ann Itches
Avenue Ball Park.Jeprll.tI. .
.tilth, lobert OrahaB, IS' aMi Street, }lCalvli .
. Oabome U*|worth, CdwloRyaolth bualneaa leaden la thecorusit7 P.. Johnaon, 1271
Blanche Morrl* I. 21th St II lid
a variety
r 'CID. Delorea Huiphrlea. apeakera will conduct Beverly Veronica (tougU

Eugene shed and Johnny talks OB tko various HOT .. 21rd Street, 11.

Ml ley.Daaeert. aspects of taklai ad- Jobs T. Rlchirdtoa,
and tuabllageoordlnatora nntaie of opportunities 303 Stockton lt.h .S and
are lire. Mirth 303
Ana Sean
BOW at hand toward el.vatiag .-
Bernice jackoa and Stock ton street J5.
job-level and
JIB? joknaoa. earning power for Metro user I. ,.,n. 147 f. Y L_

Ticket say be obtained worker of all ages in. Itb at 40 and finite .
fro Mr*. Nora Bland Mae Mill, :xDavl*.
clad In| both I"". OKU HAJnTtrn .. ling ilrhitl OUona and
Betty Seeslona --
Mr* Street u.tl.l. .
ABoBlnal dDBatloa will QY"I leraidlni ,I.nlliII.110.. the vaulted king
.. of the
aid .b.rs ..
Guild and cut. be charted la order tocover BIWOP ttOBU C. RATXKDt' return to Florida undoubtedly revived susero* foadseaorloi Holieodorf, Jr and Owe ConliM ,,olllnr.. I\i the Davis Middle
neat the toward big onetla attMdmee at Cdward later Col* 1T3I rboeali _". 21
Mptna of yesteryear inclidlig Klnd.riirtn .prngra*.e4 by th Kla4riirtfl'ivother
Barrack GroupsIn the hiring of the ballpark lice aa t atudeat. In photo left till Bishop la greeted 01 his ret n to his aid Juialti Aadereos, '* Clab IB Greeter Mtkiajr "Baptist Cliirck

and adult and air satin by RC: President tllllin I. Stewart. Durlig the Preildcat'i lee.UOII .,- 2SI1 Teat St., II.Yocillonil mostly Hirkirl. II the m'a of Mr, anil Ira l.U

Special teen, especially thoie Monday evening. Biahop and lira. Matcher (foreground and Mr* J.T. Btacb. Gibes and Rrlldllll la the tUuahter of Mr. sad

of high school age are President Stewart and Mr*. Ruby Crawford received gueet Nines Mr*. lily Jenilii. lenneth. icNitr led yalcr
Meeting Saturday invited to liatra to (Royal Art Studio Photos) Morris were the runntr'II" *ra. A. Martla cc..

and discuss pertinent Oilstiidiog' Stadul l I pervlaor, and. ire Vera livid. ai.ltaal 'uperrlfor '
CoBBandor 3.'. Irvlagr. factors petted to be Crowned directed ,, ,..
Runner "
aanoiaeed that a Kin ,..I,. Oilyerd and
covered durlni tilt pro BIRTHS Iftuvil Art NUdlnWelcome Pt+nt..)
special Joint sissies .. Mil Pisa Jean Orahas,
of Gateway Barracks and .bld..,. it It.into Vo
tb* Aailllary till beheld Ir aid Mr*. tilterBoloBoa catlttsal High School Outing Planned
Saturday, Jute |} Sybil WilliamsIs ; (601 Snail Av*. hive. been need tpraaklBg < KIM Nathan JPM NUN
at J ,. .. it Joe .. Boy, HOB Ecoaoaleatideat { June II. '11I,11. 'ft "se laltk, pre ,Hrat .f
"JIM CoBBuaity Center HonoredOn / Ye u. ud Mrs. CllatoaPlttaas for the.. school Myrna ,..ef. icier me' the Junior iMn ui,
rite* *r the. *rvir lbs *.I...*'. ad
1JU and Onmthal Bt*. ; IMO Robert C. rear 11131111 Mr*. Al- ( "
Owing to lt Batir Birthday 01'1 Seaver Dr.. Girl. vets B. Allea tnitr*** Will Mdkvtn*. Hub. dream itirtag lbs frleilll -

day*a father, Coaaaiider .r. Md hn, Otis 311' tor, MBO Md this W*.l.A hi* Wai f I Mint Tw ,

irvtag said that sans ,hla*, 1110 Pin ". a* lltaldlll. Nose
__IMN ..re usable to Itllil HBceaaa Illllasa Girl.Mr V*.M>alt tad.Bt Ml.** .
atUad the *.tlag which of llOt Midlaon It. *a. and Mr*. teeterllekiNeon Sllyird receive a ill-

IIId.b... scheduled to the booore at a birth ; 2001 Il*|. piece pl*.* **ttl.| fI' FERRELLIDIAMONDS
final day party five is her .to Boy ..
Bile *rrangeeatt "tq terllsi flitear, th
for the state coavea honor by her parents. _- .... Mr and Mr*. lieary. DM Fitter for th* ***rditerlUl J JIf
ties ia Orlando.Officers Mr. aid iri. Hiceo B.tlUiasa MB; 1211 f. U" Bt. slag ..IH.t4

aid .eberilaailig lat Batardayafterooos AtAIT tRAOJATUM DMlco T.MBI aad ..see L oaJa Boy. by the 1ft" PceieeltiUd y for the men with tt* l>*fc
their real
oa atteadln *.*. naarp* IB Doily Dll tlidergirt a Mr. and Bra. pride Kit .*ti II pert *f t a"cel'
the ooavontlos are tried d aee. aaal May U'I" Queen Coateit. sets crowned U.N, 2023 I. lath It.. .pedal project ll O to .U... .Batarday' The boa was colorfully Friday, June I durlig aa tspresalv ceraony. The Buy. user fd,c.tli*. Merit as Ran .... we .'. .

...tli, la fill uiforsIB decorated it s ** *olsotlf acb ol' graduatloa cierclie to which the public air aid its, mite lvtrBlthi> *f Aertt

order to kite photo of pick and green I* lavlted. will b* held Buday, Jus 14 at 4 ,." '1... 121 Dirt P. ,Boy.r. B du tb* seer) avail "At1.Atla"

graphs takes. sad duel a i recordln J.&I"'*,_Perk Reerwatloa_Pester and ins lassie 'h, based, ......
esben who ban failed sad p.es wpervleed by null Mil f. nh Bt.Bof. "t"t
; Ml** BrihiB. rilvdtb Mq M/......smemt..1 II
ti hg
uncoil Carter Staff Members Cited
to pay their |N4 oae* 'r* s Retiring 1551- 111trerhy.
physical etacatloa is. :; ,. ....M psee pee
s r* urged to do so -=. -'f- cede available by Procter I r
..tar'" ii order to III. tnctor, blhllhtdfeitivttlei. Hiss Oil L Yo..| and lass l* CMBjaay' 88.8SN.

co.. eUUhle to attest 1 //111 1 N 5 "..1"C."IWtett"
the coafUoB. the eoa- RfrbBBt were served To EitUifi Vows Hiss Venetia Floyd,

sander toscladd.LEI'S sad th* boaore was the I WHfc Gibert Gr.',.1.,
rlplst *f aaay ate Walter I lewis ..

tractive lift. rid Mr*, prlB, *. Eyes Adiiice Study .....,..... ......

Bytll, s fourth grade Tours ., |42' ,. tots .tu Mil 5.5.11.. Pfd.J | .1 M......m1......II
pspll Bt it. R.rs aanance *"rcbiiiarrliie M |r4ul* *f ,.tP.. ,..........IwoO.fi'S
Sill IlPilt libel, tttei*. Smut .f their dga> '. enwrt /..ir
Mental AWf airch aid her, olll incise |.**. wheel, w. *i* e'
Sloe toaklltII 1* a oeaber *f itt. t* .....r h...* Ll. carded *".,.1 ills' a, net 11I1 INS Sete"eAll

Slid Stephc. All circh's tb* **et t. tat* plate II*.* for eilr errleI .' !

Lip Sin list Treop. Ptld'y, Jw* |S at I ..*. ..lltlll .* sad ..a" I

Is lar .r. and irs. David ,. Is it, Ariril lptltCbircb MhMlMlU *.*l**...* I Lsaq....M M.

Hair *f U14 "bluer It. ..., ,.U.* j, I. ***..*.hU.| perls ............II
III111111ss are her satnal grandparents. If..... pester, U *f. s seers. Is ads Hs.....Ghee w .
By bil's Bother fill it.. wan*. iidy
IS u sfS AI I* the terser Drthy Tb. ir*.. I I. the *M ofr gM I* li. d.(..., of 128.815 .

Salt.I tad Mr*. B.*. U.l*. Mr. sad .n, tunic A, m .. t N 5 .IS"flu.
-- -- PrlMi ... rltle Plepd .f IM ririd
A BUS C0THT .*" *f .*rvl.* lusted .. u. are lasHed u tb. reptlo /eis. std th* greetsrddgiir ,
lad.Mw ...
'...1.. prefeMlee w dud her thl* sees wen *. sales slit tel* of tbi I
teed f JIM L tend D. -- .| .MS........lit
tl ** ** *Btary > plea mantel at B p... 11 MI.. ChrlileS
I b**.*.d tee .f It* rrtlrlig fell** tf a ww.f*. Sl II2B P. J4U" Btr*.t. .....,*** U ot l*. ....,........e4" /
At the rtlre*)..t party held Madp light Is th* S ......pre w

...*ABrlfB Ira*** 0*. ,...*.**. rise Jails ; "'.,t.r.,., With A StIt" 148...
A. Presto' (lft) eta prstd eltb .*..*..
eat dulleetsl M r.,a st '....1.' and ......... r m ml t N S Sotto

t. JBBB* lesser) ttt 42 year *f .Mrvl., re-
ewle.4 a sllvrplat4 p.*b b'wl. Mr*. t........ .1h.l.bwdar'

Stets ..4. u* prUttM w bAJf *f the,.N Nfm ens bs+M Airw

asset family tt.wj.vr*. (ti-pU Art Stale Photo) MU.,wsMS.seMw .

Bficti Trip

ft. frUet lull Order ifBioMisi tast.ts vats J. rw AA aN. t.5"r

a ., tu trip to li.sl>.. 1014I1. +

.6: J.ly II. irs. UUMJMH. ....... ,,"Utlt u. + M MINI N'f1i5aa.e.e'
i..Mrs 4il,... .f ssllld U.
Her mother or her sister? IoU stD mad u coitMt U*> Bass prior A fell Yw Ps P.rlBREL

BOTM SMJOT WaftWI*.MTtMa. .MaB MM oxen.wttie. U u.* IMM S tktttlM .t iM CoajftXlIChirch Out Stop Shopping For All

...,..a.r...........,....... Irish. MBnrtt Your Photographic Ne.ch.soII'S
.... .... ..".. .,... ...
gees hrr ,Lyre-oae tna.1.............rr !trICIIIIllft LII Qlrd .f 1117"
..severs sal Peer.ar1ins.i -. PhOTO sm
... k's ew an s............ Ok. will Ntta Its CwttwUlsjkUy. As1Mi tnarJ '
-................-m........ .111, S Md it* tU avMifrsrrf WIT N. MYRTLE AVE Diamond R
1U Buil r.t... M.L. NtUfKM. ...uaLlI.t. -

fJ'i.yr=- Hew .,. sad utlr m.".,aU... .... See4tfI.. 1". ..."1is. ? vy
:: uMm *4 eMl. will ft." Iii sIDttli FA;; ? r l ales Mme!IN
., .. ... s.e.ciat.. is d.olslagad
mM..PeMen'Yo..R.e. >.........-.. .c. ". rtt* JM.mJ
?l14. .n 91tM..

". .. ---

I. ( ''I
! 'ICE. L_ mini mi MKII >

! Church's New Site Drive Launched Scout Receives "chedule."r Summer Activities I

I II _. ,__
I Eagle Award '' "
Others Cited

Dodo, the remt Cbrok IIV .

** DltliioB Coart of ;

Tlooor held la St. Paul ,
Latktraa with Attorney
Sari I. JokaaoB pr*. .

skiing scout Harry A.

Lewis received the Cad

coat Award aloof with

other scout. r.cl laiproaotloat .y t

The M of Mr. and Mrs

Alooso P. ta.li, Harry

Rte. grew ap la scooting at

aa early age since his

fatbr a vttcraa acouttrla
icootauttr of Troop
10 of St. Pill La tll.....

Church. .
"".'> .....
1'- --1"111I
Marry atttad Danll ;w-

4ArVI'1N'Tt Wi'' 1NS.AM' Cookai jsilor Hltbchool. CHOIR 2 of First lorD Temple S2S f. Monroe St., (la background), hick baa

beau -try attire IB local church circles this year plans a auMerlon procnui

Others cited lacladcd: of church aetlrltlta during the auaatr aonthi. Sister Una fhtlp (third from

RtotlTiat Life RaakJaaa : left), 1* the croup1 prldMtdlr and Sister Irma Haywod, 1* plaalat

L. Ravla, Ctdrle BccoBpaalat. rider A. Hill la the putor. Royal Art Studio Photo)
Cruse Michael Ally

sos Joatpb Jobs L. a.Johnson Harris, Mt. Sinai DistrictTo Public Relations Director Peas

, Anthony Fields and KM Present Recital Welcome To Bishop Hilcher, Fmilytr

atth R. Crt ftis.
Received Ktar lash: Featuring Mrs. Price Public KJBTI SANCHEZ!
RtUtloii Director lUll EDItcopal Dlttrlct
Dioarlo HainiB, Roderick District 9 of Ht. Sinai SARASOTA M A fee days ago, the members of tilt

INITIAL BRIAKTHROUW for purchase of a N.. tit Rivers are from hit: Idgir Austin, Dr. I.J. Baktr, Oaiy A. Christopher Baptist Church apld nit AME!: Church ltd by tilt dedicated bishops" and

for Cbteextr Methodltt Oiuroh of Jackaoarill) imam Bbepard. Re*. A.D. Rail lira. 1...'. ,Ulh... Edward D. Rlly, plus this weak for ita general officers tended their way to every knows j.

'Il kliltlatad at IttbnncCookiM College. Diytoaa Dr. ,...,. tilllui, auperlatndot of tilt Jack Biadny June 14 recital mode of modern transportation to Cincinnati, ,

Back rtetntljr wha Its pastor sad ..b.,. prleettd *- aoaflll District Bishop Harris Rev River, ftatarloc llkaota Ohio Cincinnati Gardena when the general con .

a check for down ,..,...t to B.br* of the 'r. and lira. Joe H. Jaa.*, a... J.C. Hurray, Mr*. soprano Mra juaaltaPiio ftrenct convened. ........................ I

Coaftrtnc Board of .....0.*. Looking on ski). Meals Al iaodr aad is,. R. Pair.Al *. Mr*. plota, pre. After four years, an throughout tilt church

Bishop Marquis L. Harris (tilth from left) r.o.ires *- ( Crawford Photo) aid tat, innounctd. accounting of the deeds for her friendliness and

cheek from Kbair's pastor Rr, E.J. f- The rrocraa vlll ..t of this great church kindness to all with;

l'tI underway at 7 p... 1DIt. ware to be accounted for boa she comes la COB
Blaal'a auiUtorluM.Mra. by those lato whose tact lth.

nth MAE Episcopal Districts Prominent Churchman Arlington School Price 1* Ittdlu band the destiny of th Del co'* Bishop and Mra.cfcgene .

soprano of Choir 2 and church bad ba placed' : Clifford Hatcher.Mra. .
Calendar Of Events Retires After 29 Holds Successful ; pj'd ,: also serves aa rtcordUi for till put Ruby\ Hatch*r Craws

State*Tri Meeting at Edward Waters Years Oi Job Coronation Fete :; i lid serves with Dlatrlct four year ford to beautiful

Collets, Jacksonville, Florida, Ravlac b"a eaployedaa IB dosing ovr ..cthl.U. ..,1.. 12 aad aorvoa aa a The potr- Florida chore, with

August 10.14 with Dr R.E. Lanbe.Directlflf. a atparator la the *. for tile year, Ar > teacher OB tilt suaday ful FpiKoralCotBltte .I hearts dedicated and

..n sad big gig* dtpart laitos tlBatary School tiff. bCM minds stayed on God, we

Greater FloridaFountain: Chapel ARE!: Church meat of the Jackaoa* School held its aaanal I she will b* accoMjinttd to work ball work mite you to

October 7th, R... R.J. Evans, boat pat vlll Ttralail slice coronation program which raw, by the organist, Irs.Citbtrta BtthodicallycathtrlnslB keep the mighty AN'

tor, Tallahaaaee, Rev A.I. Bennett, holt vabr, 192S Jams A. upoB completion was SCOUT H. A. LBHSAlphoato ...eo.. Mr*. Church leidlac la aoulairlig -
presiding elder. smith of 1100 W. I0th Unified aa Oil of Arty L. Norton till air partlcally the rtcordi lid service to
hails*, Mar'via
feat FloridaSaint: Jaaei AME Church, Marl St., rtctntly received tko most ucetiifully Bark rate tilt pro era*. of tilt leaders of this great and anll
annaOct. 14th, Rer. H.L. Smith, host pastor his rttlrtaeat after pnirMMt teats la the bat, Mra. Fannie I.."., tile mighty tapir ruled by

Rev C.H. Oolsby, host presiding elder. aoarly 39 yom oa the achool'a history.Partieipatiag. coata First Class: apoaior said that Mra. Bishops elected fro Rev.W.WWbitebeid
la tilt Linda Paditt Mra. Ftbtcei and by the members of
Job. Otori Battle, Alfoniorillton. To Conduct flrslTill""s
Orlando: Mount Olive AMK coroaailoB eartaoayt Crooai, xra. Al- the Oeaeral conference.
Church Orlando A proalatnt a.abir of Curtis pilaor,
'Oct. 21at Rev J.I. Walker, host pastor eoond Baptist Church .ri: David Ballard JaaaHuapbrty "ri* ,.lln.. 11'.. .Bta- without reiervatloai Revivilt
Rev. J.C. Illllans hOlt Larry Uaoaat Hicks sic Brta aa>) ra.Plortne but with hearts filled
presiding elder I". J.C. Baa, pastor Ml eh it I jto Rev, ..s. VblteHcid
Central Florida kiss, Hutrva Aldoala Turner till site cratltudt.happily we
Saint Mark
: AME Church
kits, Darryl no.... pastor of Connor Temple
Haloes cSt, November 4th Rev. H.H. 1.1- Brook, qutta; Michelle Scouts Second dataBnard comprise. the hoatcaaataff. welcome Bishop "Partial CiurcN.Ravamah
iler host L. Crawford prlaetn; : '.C. Hitch tr to btiutlfal -
pastor Rev. Linda/, host
Baker Roderick rfii la considered on* of
presiding 'elder.Taapa.Florida D Mla Stewart Bartlqr.Parlta Fallow groups frltnd PlorlOi.Blahop .
Btktr, Paul Bllaa, Jams tilt Ballon' Boat out
ttlllMi, B.r* and the itntnl Hatcher, t* ar*
Mount Olive public
: ARE Church T. ClaytoB. Billy Bla _.It--............. preach 1,
Fort HyerMoYwbep 11th ,Rev, J.J Jones, Bird e x>p.r,' Pavla P. ( dry Crtffla. 'ar* Utlttd.It harpy to lay baa asset era till conduct thelo
boat presiding elder. Rev. John Carey Phillip' Ofedfrtil* sops ..,. Addloa ishost bad one complaint filed
John Platte Ma Blblla -dq old fashioned r**
bOlt paator. llaaa and ffltaa jtodra.Mr paator. anlnit blB. Many knew
Jr., Ronald Hollaad. rival heilnnlig June 2)
teat *. ma Biyaat lutalMual hIs when b* tn la
Florida, Olive
AMR Church stitch 11011.... Morris Airman CowserIs through July :3 at First
Jacksonville Itioart director Florida and remember
November lath Rev, BennUIlllliM Joati, Larry Loeklty, Tl otiy Rapt lit Church
*rvd plaalatacoDpmalat. *- a klad. uadntaadlB
aa Asslgied
host pastor Rev T.R.: Rheehee, tale 'IIU..... Leonard Pa*. It.... .fialtb pastor
host presiding elder. proa with brotherlylo
Saltk. Mtraaa twklai* To Military Police &nnrMll ewd.UPET'SKIN.
rite atooad racier Al* la his hurt for
South Florida
: Mount Herman AMR church ....
ton, Scott. VH ANTONIO. TI.- lr*
IM kinds all btlltTlli wlthla
JAMES A. 1M11II prildli men
Rev. 8.L. Guinea
host pastor Rev, J.A.
Received Merit Badi: BM Paul Cotttr, sos of
Roberta host .,. flaltb other prograa furt himself and itteiUn
presiding elder, December taught Clue CoBal Lit Settle, Byl..ester Mra. Lacy I. Cowitr of
9th II .f the Buaday School .*rklklltd 'by the to tilt fact that all
Caaady, Joseph pot MadlwB "., Jack
follotAacOpBlm lalittr of this great '
Bahamas: The Groves ARE Church, December for a aus"*r of years Lloyd. Aaroa Cot MM, aoD'Hlt. '1.., has bess
18th Rev, C.B. Jeea, host pastor aid also arvd aaitMral aletloa, Jean 0. DooalBi Jr. selected for tocaaltiltralalBc cbarch are brothers; that
lavoeitloa by Bishop BOB shall b* brotbtatta ar..w w .... ...
Bishop R.R. ekUraia of the
Hatcher. Presiding Bishop of llllaa I.. aillMpt, aa aa airpollctaia y.r w..wwr.1.
the Eleventh Episcopal District Bible Reader CbMtttM David Bradri aalat to Charles B. Clans, JbaangrNacaaa. at tatklaad BOB hualllittd .. :- :::.-=:
of the Baptist Trtialai tk* flag, Clara B. but that lose BaklBc for eb.. .wa..ha.Lw .
Mt. Sinai Allti Thomas Harris API. Tti.Alraaa b .....
history of u haraoay elll tb* -i-
Vales D. Rlae chartti Q ..., MUM*. MMiM, Seta ,.e nee
Ortiory >> ollatd se-
mm CM KIP TNIld Holiness Church tartas kit '1P10,..., Day, Sandra Brady: MayDay great factor la bla ads .M> .. AloatoMltk
r. gismo III. la tk* Air Pore s.es -
Play, Vttbltfrti Blalatrattoa.torklac .
your aaa ud ads services suaday Jua i< lib tk* TraUal. a* atialty ,..ller.Gar'J a.c.,sir., wa aw w a.a.
-M em-
Plor; daat close by lilt
dress aad had oat hoc 111 eater arovid day mae a member ef tilt B. Mil.taor a. ewe,''
iraelt lest aitf .ties tadtrMptrvlilo by distil and Settle aide me fled his dedl -w..r ss.a se.M
ef taltk .
prayer ors Jtaa A. Lets Mtrbtrt JOB*. ,4* M a .
aeooapllah wader for of the loath No. 1IT ef .e Brotherhood .ro*") pratattoas, Ronald cited .lft Mra. oreatba) LOYtUII SOMPUXIONman.
Carl PlUor.
Mrs. Clara.. Allis .r.eN",,"-
"" Dprtaat, ., L.M.UUII ; Matcher a antv.Fieridlam
of Railway ClerksUinta
.1.... tllllaai "w-asawa..aewair
joe Ray ,
.Jttti .
"lite: irttttM from tk* PTA. kseea .. .
.,.n.,palter, aaaouaeodtkla of which lit headed _w n.w.c a..r.a.
IDa ",J.c.l_ so, in "". Mr*. Sara Brywt, lair* BMjBmla jiaklaa.DariylVMM kr lowly flipoiltloa L.kaM.wamwrw.w
aa presldasl for ta s. -
.. .
.rlc. .t. .. ..
dMtloa of vlaltor sad U* airtlo work -.a a w. .py..wM
years Bad alt aemdaa Joiatboi Held Sera ld a see we re.esre..aeia.
--w11M okalraaa Mr*. )ass Otrardwa Mt- she has dm a* a leader -
f the .
pro .. .
seeeee w "=
Clkba. Bobby P. Scott
hilt !' ef alailoaarlea. :. w M:.. :=, 'M.1IIEAYEH
Secure CoiBUt where Roaarka by ckatraaa, jc* 10... ...,.ra* ..I. .. ::-- ..... --. ....
k* pratiy holds the Charles The daacbtr l*'y*. J
lisa, Tuatr,
peat of ckaplala. Ira. Dorothy X. hues; terttiry t* Blabop ---.4
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Benin emit k.|... Workshop Award system witch tralatalrBW .. eee us.w 5.. M

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"DANCE PARTY"l i 8111_ Ill"ItfI1fHlS..JMlfI II .
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146 WINC 1400 Open Dally ...... alt ... .1IiiiII _- allIloa )


.11. ; ; .,' -........ ,, .. -_.ML.-. ...' ?..c .., J.t.1 '" .
.w- -


I' I I ) !1 ) a

siiinir Ill 1 n. i 1554 FiitM mi nmi mi s '

I Contestants Vie For Scholarships Former Alabaman Student Awardee Congratulated

__ ",.._ Directs Publishing t _.., .", >-,., ...__
.X y.1 i. KY Company's Stiff ? .

TONERS, N.T. Alfred 'I '
I. Cain editorial director -
of CdHcatloaal

I ..a ;sC heritage, inc., a wltl*
llllon dollar pub 11 ao.
leg firs, sea ataad avice f'e
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coapuy tOd..". The anBoumMMt -
ot sale froa
the 'IICllth. 0 Ule.. lajton
., 9 s PLI/MOUT/ tn by Noel If. Mar
dr president of dual
tlonat Mtrltaio.Hr .
Ca II. tho jolaod h
', _. TAMPA th. rducat: goal Heritage y t7
oitcutln staff la 1M1.
directs aa tel to rial d.partiest .*
oonalatlng of
sore than JO editors.
--- -
rltart.. photographers alal\a Allum Thaodor KIM Jr., florid AftN Unlttnlty senior aajorln IIIbuaID.
and .,U.t.. ... adtlalatratlon, tta honored recently tttb the prantatlon of the all
Iducatitluliltrit..., Street Journal'a student. . satires pub 11 ah art of plttlcncatd award froai Ouy L. raraill assistant professor In the [Popart
encyclopedic ...ttrhll.h. sent of bualtaa, All Dr. Lucy Roa* daaa, had of the D.partsat look on.Prntd .
bUD iBTolrtd for by tilt Division of |esine.s III.tetraUon< In the prtarnt. of
several years la pro Bualntaa.th ttard cttoa Nlat tt "th Moat Outstanding Student In the Division
duclm the Negro Horlt of .11...... Atetalatrttion." Nlaa. *ho till irtudato In Jun, It the ton of
Ire Library, a vatquoeoBptndlBi ". ..ctor..UII tr.of Tallahaaa and .. .
Mr* Tbtlat Black Of $40 N fl ld Avenue,
i -I of Niro Brldnport Conn. H. tat iraduattd fro the ,.rn 0. Mirdtai Nigh School In
history and wit or a.Bacutt Brtdnport.
] gLLW 14 sa10* a of tilt tri*
aindoua coapltilty of I
this prOJMt. iBTOlVtBIt Agriculture Confab
coattatt of over

ta$4.000.000 ucaptloaal the editorial seed for Set At fla. A & MfUAN

taint sacs sale itself ''''SU-Tb. tnnutsttt
fill, "Mr, Harder stated Confirine (orTiachart
".e roc: raalttid that of Vocational
V this ... a potltloa that Agriculture till be held'
rtvtrad a aaa itt at riorldt All Calvrttty -
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aoMOB hoa* L.A. Marshall tt die

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Cats ... th* ob Bloat S.rO"1& of _
tloua choice. Vader Mr.CtlB Toeatlonal tirtraltar Never Be
----- -- ------- You Will
TV* (DB TO t OOOIT two state chaaploa auto ocBMloa trowblt-thoottra fro Tapt't Hottrt slake t utdaaet.. the .M- hasten IB service.
IIIP School nil ID to Detroit Nick.. July 1, to oo.p.to for ".000 IB acholtrthlp prim oU.redb sic heritage library A atjor portion of the Uflinployid As A Riglitind Barber
th* Chrysler Corporation bitltchl JM** and tui.. nctltBcy, pictured it the top rlrtt .111 m achieves tb* ",II..t tit spent IB the MB Enroll Now .
ptu for prliti U three eateiortia: first, $1,500 tad; ..oood. 11,000 each; or third, $500 ..<*. trttttlB sad scholarly terence til) b* devoted
The Bcboltrahlpa y. bt ,..d at any oolli or unlTiralty of the slag ttudant't cholc. Pictured ttaadarda." to eoBildtrattOB of JACKSONVILLEBARBER
ii tie upper laft-haad picture .,. troublt-tbootlBi oontatttntt tnm Jones Hltti School Orlando Billy Mr Calt, lathes of tocnaltuaa and ..t....
Cobb and Ctrl ff. Leis oith Raary C..dist, Inttructor. CoDt..t..t fra Dillard Hit school ft.Laadtrdtl arrlor. Alabaa. baa .( laprorlai laatrto COLLEGE INC.
*, pictured it the center left photo, Ire 0ori p. Tyn*. tad Dock ftobrtt. At the right livid la MM Tort for tine, eoaaldiratloH ofItdltldual
.*atr, left to right art: DOM .... Thou of the rlorldt AIM VoeaUOI.I.TtcbDSul Itttltvt; Join tiTirtl ,ura. HO r.* prohlaatof 830 DAVIS ST. at Beaver
t. BrtBBoa and a bert PoiUr HUB' Hlih School oonttnti, Oovld; their Inatmtor John Bullard, sewed kit hither aduct toettloaal t athrt.ooHltt 111% air Ciiilllni.lACtSIMIUI .
.lOt If aal illllu sward aaaltttat atna tr of tb. Plyaoath Divltloa of tin Chrytltr. Corporation tlot at Col Mbit Bal* ** BtiiinatntBand
Tte.ya. Nigh ooBtaatuta placid third U the troub2e.ahootlsg. Lift to right IB th. loser left totally U see Tort roporta. fLllliA ,
hand photo! art Harold s. JonklBi. state advisor of Uduatrlal Education cJiba.; RafUt Joaoo, atiidaot City.
;>icbard IcBrtda. laatractor, and Knaat Jackaoa. student Staaton vocational Kid Sckool Jock I
toBvllU: tad UlllM ittard of the Obrrlr Corporatloa. IB tilt grasp shows IB the icier right \
tad photo- left to right arc Lie Ralrty, Cinder Corporation; f tlll fto.*a, fAKJ, rail III.....;. / ,
J. Jarrla. state loud o( Control Tallalitaaoo; "". niBi, state Dwrtowt of Cdueatloi, ,.11.. y
ktatot; fill!- ....rd. Chrysler OorporattOB; Theresa J. Balltr tate Depart eat .t I4acaUOII.fllhll. .
.....; Harold B, J.kUa. TtllahaaoM; tad Jots 8. Cooke, Cbryalor Corporatloa

,,. Negroes Family I U !;E M A R
--------0.I M- ----
d Ayy a < Income Below

Other Groups

t. Ji4't\cy Japuot, Chilies Ia.
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[f: WK'I'; >f f nntu sin PULlS ''t* *'* ilIUm I"_"_ ". 1li4 I

I Bishop. E. C. Hatcher To Deliver Sermon At New Bethel AME Church I

Bishop Hatcher Delivers Methodists_ __Hold _AnouoJLConffikwOL -. __ __ '

First Florida Sermon Ii !1LiLi-I Cfruitfr j&toe

Sunday At New Bethel -, ---

Jacksonville mi signally honors this week shin Holy CoMHtinlon rites till be conducted

it was announced that Bishop Eugene Clifford Hat- Sunday at 2 p...in Enanuel Baptist Church

cher recently assigned prelate of the UK: Church Rev. S.L. Bader. pastor, announced this

ia florid, will deliver bit first sermon Sunday eek. Afternoon devotions till be con-

tt 11 .... IB New Bethel All Church. Ik,. Charles ducted under the direction of the deacons

L Tbtson paator. '......................... a ushers and choirs. The seraon will be delivered

Jllahop Httcber Flori Church which was headquartered by the pastor.

da's .. In Kaahrllle ,
assignment en- Tenn. ...................
Bounced durlaf.eilBU of r
Laudable remits of bit 4 S
the general conference ''
held list south In Clfl- outstanding leadership IMeipreued f District 3 of Sweetfleld Baptist Church,

cinoati llo.TII'dlltlaaullbed. during his yean Her. D.B. Barnes pastor will Beet Sunday
of service ae bishop ia t at 3 p.s.at the hone of Mrs Cleretha

let, current assign pre feet Africa end thai ruin Hooks 1321 R.: 1tllens St. District Swill
., ,. 4 r .. in the hone of Mrs. Sallie
tat follows eight years of the Board of Trustees ---- '"-' -- Beet at 3 p.

of service is spiritual at niberfbree wlvenlty.frot ATRMDED The Mrd aaaaal sessloa of the highly .succsssful according to the clergymen and Mae Richardson. 637 Franklin St. District

leader of the Third Ms Carter I. tewla till Florida Annual Conference lieU recently at Be* lay officials and delegateswho attended the sessions 8 will sect at 3 p.s. with Mrs. Genera

I trlct serving Ohio, feet direct the coeMned dao ln, tbaae-Cookaaa College wader tilt leadership of is Gertrude Rsya Memorial Chapel OB the trio, 1023 Phelps St.

VI rgiala and and Bale choral and ..re.II'M Bishop Marquis L, Harris was acclaimed being caapus. (Al Crawford Pboto)
Veeternfsnnsyl will ...................
mat. Bryant serve II-

I A native of Bottle, Alabama orrpnist-acapmi at. Mt. Zion AME Wins Vaunted Award New
,Bishop Hstchsr Episcopal Choirs 2 and 4 of Greater Macedonia Bap.
: toner Cafe
lr attended Edward Waters No Bias Slates Youth "" 7.,,_--.....,.K .- sag Mission To tilt Church till rehearse Friday at 7:30

College nd also paitored In St. Louis Day Sunday p... A youth day program will be presented
this c1 0. '1. LOUIS (MOP) Open Here by the Sheppard Boys and Choir Sunday

rot a Buaber of yean, bewu A teat of eating eatab youth Day conducted .p P Hand's funeral' Chapel at 3:30: p... In the church auditorium.

editor of the Christi liibaeiti throughout under the supervision of located at 4119 Avenue The public is inrited.
St. Louis county by tour the Youth Council flundeyst .
flelal aa Recorder, aa of. teems of Negroes and Mt. Zion ftg Church B., will be opea.dph"l'd as sssw ................. .
organ of the mt Hlttlon
whites bas failed to "un- ,will center around a
at B .... oa Sunday,
Central Observes cover any instances of three-point Ue e duringa The Christian Aid Board of First New 7.1m
June 21, Rt. Rev. HiBll-
Annual Youth racial dlierlalaatios series of dayloagevents. ton west, blahoc of the Baptist Church will conduct-Its first anniversary -
aooordlni to the freaby program Sunday at 3:30: p.m. in the
Episcopal Dloceee of
Diy Sunday teriaa Interracial council the tbree-polnt prograi Florida announced. auditorium of .the church with Mrs. I.T4.

Beginning with Sunday at a meeting last to be eertaaalted are: Rev (father) T. Vincent Young to serve an principal speaker. 7s> *

School at 0M: ..., with week la Berea Presbyterian frosotional exercises pastor of St. Deacons Board will hold Its Monthly MeetIng -
guests serving la tie Church ia the Church School Monday June 15 in the church bawnont
Phillips fpiscopsl
sapertatoadeat sad The council sponsored honoring huh school and :'q?;RIo t;
Church will be la
teachers pouts, Central tilt teat by aendlai ont college graduates and ', chargeof ....................
tilt sew Mission and
OH church will observe lied teas to reetiu- tilt cloalag out of the *J '1. .: confined tfclscopaleans

its annual Youth pay ruts along the wajoryblfbeays annual Church School 'I \ living la the ares or A June 1), S p, .. recital will featurethe
Suadiy, June II, with la various financial project.Rev j I .i.iI those interested ia bet Order of Pastern: Ftar Fnaertle of fuval

Miss jemlfer Olbba, a parti .of the county Robert Webster "{ .' coming westers will have County In the main eurUtorlum of Vwmlc=
1114 graduate of New The teats reported that chaplain of Edward services available to Temple. 410 Rroad St. Mrs. Olin King,

Stan ten High School eer* they were served at all Waters College will be the* la the saw ares.IB president announced Urn. Lillian Saunders!

ring ai principal apeak of tilt places Halted. the principal speaker. CROWD DUBAI Well known church worker Slater scheduling tile new will be organtftt'Accompanlnt. Uenherr of

er during the 10US However some of the Choir 2 and the junior Rosetta Cohen, who recently was crowned queen Mission's service each the organization< are urged to Cooperate

moaning woribip. tease reported that Ushers will serve during following a spirited district contest st FirstBorn ....
Sunday at 9 therewill ...............
Miss Olbba was president waitresses conferred the various activitiesof Teiple. 131 I, Mo roe' St., wishes to thank be no conflict with ...
with aaatere la aoae tilt day her friends and the
of the Charles D. many singing groups for over- other church services
chapter of the Nat tonal of the restaurants before High school graduates vtielslng .co..n.r std anniversary program at and those desiring to Usher Board 1 of St. Matthew Baptist

Honor Society at new living the service to be cited are; First Bon. (Elder A. Hill ia the paitor. worship Did early, will Church Rer. George, A. Price, pastor till

Stanton, Michael Wilson Dennis (Royal Art Studio Photo) have an opportunity to meet In a business session funrlay! fnl-

1 MM Nancy Pricks will The test wen conducted Stewart Jr. Hattie have the remainder of lowing morning service. District n will
School so there would be ao Ruth Thompson. Royce Meet Sunday innediately following
review the Sunday horning
Fountain Chapel Ml. MoriiVs Old tile day to thsoselves,
lesaon.frliapal. doubt about the awnaie- Lovlag, Alva 6"ltU. father Harris stated. worship. PpaconMS oIr"111 meet run-

t p of the even eot'i policy 01 Metro Loretta ollpbant. Alice AME Church fashion Reviil father Harris went onto day nt 3 p. II. Members of the unlfora roAulttee .
patrons but la such Brown Sylvia Johnson, '
a are requested to attend
I lac worablp under super'visies ..,. "... Jones, pee1tor. say that bs bas bops
Michael sherfleld, Jocelyn Is Scheduled
of tilt youth way as to slnlslte ems
I. barrueewnt if there 'Nicks lay sole announced this week that tbs sew Mission ................ '1
till be Joseph CrooM' was tbst Mortgage and also fltb Rev. Cbarlea J. will encourage tilt st* ..".- .." .r"
silIM grediate and predesty a refusal.Ia flteae a4.Jtaltafleteber. Croeby.peator of Trialtr
Trustee Day pregrasrwill teadaace of ethers who
The youth of Abyssinia
BPtlt Church
of the Student lose places, thrtease be observed Sunday. Baptist. Church scheduled
will becoaepenenoM
acted that the Also, hiss Barbara Jess eventually will observe youth day Sunday District
council kt northwestersHigh to
serve as evangelist .
June 14 at fouatata. at 11 scop al ess .
School. He was aber cooks gathered at the lonaer, a graduate of it. nor lab SaptiatChurch's 2, and 6 will Meet Friday nt R P.M.II!'
which time asBbers sro The general psblle is
.. of the told. Key kitchen door to have a risk University.District annual old tae church. Eugene ruiUns will host district -
urged to fulfill their, cordially invited to
I look at fee Negroes, 4 MeMbers during the meeting to lx
Chapter of northwest ups Plans eblitatloBS rubles Revival will get worship st the sac sis-
held in his
4149 Vaxwain lve
era' a Matioaai Honor pareiUy tbe first of WBderway Monday, June residence.
Beach Outing Bus day School will lie.t -! ales father Harris cons Member
go lety.Coaduetloa. their race to eat ia Bis. 1:10: ..*. vltbSuperlatesdent II and will continue Haded.CltnrMe. church. may secure transportation at the
under the acme of the places. District 10 of Ht. David': through Sunday June 31 choirs Set

direction of Miss Tae 5......'. OpenerTALLAMieslR Ararat ia sponsoring Baptist a Church trip Joaes sad teachers superviilig. '- Rev J.I. Marshall pastor ................
reea John BOB, ebalnaa, Choirs aadDaberi announced.
tillie taller, oo chair.* .- The to American Beach. The sightly services Anitirsiry Program
I asa aid. HIM Hague florlda AIM Daivertlty Saturday. June 1J. are expected. to will begla with prayer A recital featuring ire Juanltn Priests
ferry, sponsor, aa eajoyasls > football tea will play Bates will leave lltb serve service.during tilt 11 service at T P.B. aid For Moadif Might will be h.ld Sunday at 7 r... in thea,-

aeries of eveata its first tame oaOttober sad oaerlef at I nasal the Mimosa delivered at dltorlum of :rt.*lnal Baptist Church un fveolag service st T,
sad. Myrtle at nil 1 The joth aaalversaryobservsncs the auspices of District 9 end
art promised to which I, agaliatliaeela aata S ,... 12. Hr".
,... will with a .
epee of the citywide Catherine Bancoi will be
tae public Is cordially University of and Una 14, sad Davis four sew sabers were nran.At.ac.
liTlted.. Jefftnoa city Mo. St at |:. .... Il-alaute soag service added to tilt church choirs Cuss baa coapanlst. Mrs Prltster In a lea lftK
by the ..,.. the -
servos been scheduled for Moat soloist with Choir 2 and also serves an
rolls last Suadv.ORCB
will begla at ,:10. ; day, June IS at I P.B recording secrttary. lira Amy L.
..,. Joses la sereidlagOB or sn icySexy
ta Kavsraoa It. Bsatlst will serve M urrstnr.IIIDTPEDEMT .
School will begin
o a lull attendance of Church Ctrtii till!...
Sunday .t.U.: ...
tS0 CASST members at Tuesday's I scaly elected. presideat
... with peasoa Je reel ahBebertioa
ehurcb owferssee.Cbolrs aasosaced.PsrtlclMtlBg. Oil COMPANY
1124 w. EAaE1j till rebearie anperlitea choirs

Slt1 Ei Elltlli weds ea day at rMw.B.: .deat end. teachers supervising will Iscls.e: MECHANIC OH OUT
Ike .
saw raw.r.a.ae1lM A wuatcals sponsored to iutncUoa.MBrw Choir I ef .,. Olive Joseph Proprietor
11 eeh Fee tat same III Mess lag worship will get Primitive Baptist, St. ltate,."n<t.. p.tEXIEAL c..u:
..derear. at 11 .... wltb
Day ....n... will berreseated Peal All Gospel Dons

by Alvin Jones the Desesaa la' charge Choir 1 of Mother Bid- I MM WEST PALM REACH OfflCt
la the church sudltortus of ....U.... Be ser
way mChotr 3 of caioaCMSBBit .
... son will be delivered by .,'rte at I Bus day.Outstaadlig *1. St. Pal
DOLLAR DAYS Msttsl the pastor.tveetag Ml Male Cone Choir
worship at T
tromps sad isdivtdsalawill I ef gsverooa Baptist
,.', vtll fellow the
I hIli'''''. The test PriendsbL Baptist
psllla Is lav I ted.Asasal reewlsr order of aenleewltb lid Stay .n.".
nUNCAUCMT ..' I vat ... the waster to deliver
Ittsee will be beaded lit sines.Cliches .

MULLET 10 ut... by Jobaay Doss general sad flabdlaaers

$ .aI....., .... 1a.le.so will bo acid
PORK CHOPS 3 tu.... chin sad. Rev, f.I Sstsrday, Jess || at CIVILSERVICE

Hoena ? Jane, poster Us boa. of Mrs. Fannie
Marshall, 1T1I l. IIUSt.

SLAB BACON 3 m.... tin II IIIISe beglaeJM at II .... JOBS
for weserit of the aa
MUTT .aaniv '.f. iin The above la Eke See end sedan .BMy-o Bd
>iua.lw seal loess's Day abler orvtunTTUSXCURtTT
HAM SHANKS 3u Jabs, ....... .,. vasts which will we West Pals leach strict ofHse bwtldlaf let
.... '
Fare Idvaaeed latteryaitaey. bell Sudsy, Ally 11 U.n IIIcI Wre"ttT catty at MB Ittt Street The eo*.My alee
MAY Lftsteel, '.f. la tavUedL .Train Mow htOYlItr owe Its .nrh' ef Maes la ...., Pwsaemla,

Luncheon Meat SU.CAM __n_ ___ __ The ssblle N erlosds, Latelaad. end .......... The ens**.** *
pros rsB calls fur ewaerablp of all Its district

HOG MAWS 10 IN HIll effleee
ut... !
WIt Tie. test Bear S92 rai ufi mm m m .....fiN

IIIH' nxwsr Prescrlbee Iodtn u4 Attractive Policies tray
WHITE BACON 3 .. m MOB 19 SIMHTscaoot.
**: llanMdsts
ut... 1000.00 Cp To 130.000.00 .
I m gttw Steal wnm IOATYBRISKET ..w.IMT INtII'e esAa stncmrr.taccanvtsuut RSSF WIU urr pgatBsgrT .n onoNL I
tso Hall Two ...*
KetnUOC ItXRaTTlCrltrnuQirrT
STEW toes rustwT JM saiu f
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stet twit, fta '.NUU." n.;. v

atSATVSHOftTRtiS UT Ttalitit HtY. Oar tepres..tatlves till i* aUppr Traplala .
7 .1 Rgamratgn fus-unin IB SBBI na 431 Iarwott stir To Te = Sf Ii'!
5100 WJodemaiite.He*. Oar rwllT Croap Pis
I taeket.. awN. OeaAee SM.rtesfwvsmynoMi
f MISTY He rata' ". pother a>4 all CMltr Gh.er w

$RIIIIS 3ut etua pat ages BBUWMBJLiy's > ...................... tit years .t agshsssnd 'j : #

r.., R ce SasW ..........-.. MkaVr QMS fells?

MSATY i Ca.dr.WIItKWMNI11IKNUI1I1* Drag Sun* asp ...............""... ....5)nss ActMHittecllf Iwsrtei After

NIKONS ) .... ........-......-... II BMW
11 u. ate .........-.....- ...... OffICe Utesle UHert .....
mam 4 mi MHI mi 11 JU PW ...--........,.... <_ amt Alit.. ,, \.



\ ). j ....... .....
; Jo" 8N
: '- _. ----- -..-- ...., -

-- --,..- .- .- .


IIIE 13. 1K4 ,' fllllll SUI PIPERS I.,r I

Wilkiis Rips Fine, How'ro Y'all Seminars Slated Members Of Stale's Miccosnkee

Urgiig Ciiil Rights 1. For Nursing Homes Say SoRihine Stale Is Theirs

Florida NitSAIl7O NIANI-Jeaberi of the Mleootukee India tribe

) I STiniI-<_)- : Nurtiii BOBS opsratora were reported here u iiylai they tint BO pm
I tury Boy tllklat pallid and public health per of toe coney that the federal loveroieat nil
attack acilaat tokenlM IB totael from all ever UBOunced east be jaid to the Bealiolee for
Md other phases of Florida will atteid their 13-Blllloa-am. lead clam
dress to Mr than 2.000 ,. i three aealtara till The Nltcosukee, wko'*.......................

iniume aero recently.Declarlai. south to lain how the 11"orr the rt.erntl tailed class tae tot
110... nay be ran better. sear the 40-aile-B.nd
'then se on authorized' by the Mil
are frss, oar f.Un.U Dr. C.L. Hayfield director the Taaiatl Trial toitkee tribe sees
h Aaerlcaaa alto of the State portetly dltelaU my though It purports to be
will b. free, then the I board of Health's Wvl- alliance with the ...i- in w tan*. ..w. are not I
r r..' ttoa of Hotpltils and soles, Moreover,
the asking for
Constitution covers us. ( any aotey
Nursing Noses, sill the
it aoit eertalaly covert say they own sort of fro the soverntent and
I bo ard. ... ..
eb lie. .
than than Congress en* florid; and MtU now, ptrttcnlirly for any
the honea-wil conductthe they dust want ithU| Itnj! the tovemMnt tayt
eskers Juis IS-ll for It. hat been taken frt at,
I la Jacksonville; jutt The Indian Claim ConUiloa because we "....' t lost
CoDicil Wages 11-11 la lisps Md June\ anaouactd ri- any land"
I 23-U la MM for public ceaUy that the U.B. lllver ild the IU
School Drop Oil' health pertonatl.Bealiirt lovtnteat oust pay the cotuktt eipliia the rre-
will beheld Sealaolee for laad taken sauce of about five all-
Ofleislyew. June IT la Jacksonville, Iron the during the lion people' on their
June 20 la Tinpa aid
Util century The finrt Imii 'by referrlti to anItdlaA
'' D.C.the --...,--. Jute 2) la HlMl feradnlalitrttors to be paid tabert ef cuitos; Radians
National council of Ne- .Ieo... a group of Jachtotvllle leach patrol boys .at of aar the tribe could. reach ulllloa trimtonall- ... the
pro tVMtn. lac. bat loot her trainer (center) rewardt her after each haadahake. till house, hoses for dollar. land until they need It
been active IB tolvlti school attendance ratlatt and art flilehlni tilt aged and hoses for But jhe Blcooiu.ee. 300 ao tore Then they Mveoa
with a B average or better. Their rtwird..a four-day special sunless There have let It b .
the p rob lea i of school troni othtri "nay' thin vie
:'ro.oat. tad Juvenile a sponsored by the City of Jackeontlllt: leach art ISO lic..... hoaei knotq that they d I..t.the It at they ileh.M .
.dollBQBitey IB the -Vlaal-wttro Ness Bureau Fhoto of the three types It cltli tl 1011. so' cited trettlet tart
the ittte witk U. ...
United Stitet. Several t sept any r-tyaent live the laid to the
BOB the ago at tiperl State Board 01 Health Oilers beds. The Mlccotukee doa't indlma. !I'. mid that If
The teeilont la Jackson
eatal protraa waaitirted wait all of Florida the rep intt absolutet -
at mtloulBtidatirttrs Timely Tips OB Eating Habits sille will be It the bad They hat alt a to clear the titleto
to and of Health aadl*
IB the let 000 acre tract sear Florida land It matMiotltte
tf you're always hungry basses still. tt say tortuB; It Twrs, at tilt the Tints! Trial. Norton
,l!tlotfi Capita to ftirther with the, 'Ic-!
aid I. solving .... Beta a serious ttostch or tkat ,oa' n not greater Tisrt fha.ber ell leer, their' ittoriey COMkee *a well a* the
) eitlai Ue right kind of rood. of Coasercei: aid it
told a li lHerald
,of theao probleas of ........................ west at Ue Cede Count| staff writer last ..&..h.
people la the Dla- To help Bilitali
t rl ct. health. It' a better to and fit ...tlo Health Depirtieat audltertBi > week the. ann.,..... a- Aid To Blind
No one food coatilia ....10.. for
treed la 1151 to live it
Bade be a little
laqulrlsa by hungry than
; were
the staff eoBcerBlai to be overfed-.but ashy ill the ..,,1..,.. The tie tdalnlitritort will to the to live on, but Termed "Hoax"Floridlait
best daily neat should be It the Boralu oil;
ha*tot acted skis Ott.
what could beat be offered people Bike honest all are advised
liclude it. Inca each it the tine lecitlenla
'beard and
to B dtiervlmatidoat takes la their, ettlii noser oars hi the Florida Count!!
of the btiic four rood.groups Jicktoivllle ndBin .U, tnokeiset for the
to help that i habits tinpl becamethey
fer the IllBd
tot tn
: silk tad allk but th lairs adBlalttritori' Klecoeukee Tribal
student Boat. It waa don't understand a tear tabs'
....ur save fro*
finally, decided that an few biiie sad staple produeti: fruits Mdvetttablea oil, listed thus statesent tiarttt pasha htcuui
wilt be
; cereals and It the Ooritot .
after school job would thlnct about food aiya through rilvrr the take ill! not hey a
.. Keller F nool of !rerslaga
; .h. fish srtoultrr. '
ie watt to aike It
bt the post rewardlaf.Tht Mary trice player director do .
> telii rye
) Davis 1.1..... *
] sent step wat to of It at. Board of clear. that this o-
select one tttdmt bo Health's Dlvliloi of .
hated both lib iUo. Nutrition.SEC I
and precise bat also PHYSICIAN II
seeded .... attlttaace. No one should 10 .. a I SIUllUTnl
After epoch ooBtldera strenuous diet without I'
tlOB Leonard little the advice of a phy' 49C'

wat coo: ten.IB stiles becatie ilnoiteveryoae SPAR liS
B few daya. Leoatrdarrlt tenets dlf A I I

.. will induitefroB of fereatly la sons way to sun rimi.iiSIRLOIN s
Cardoso Nigh food I.t.... abe. II'"

;School. IB Septeaber he but there are aooe ies. I
will tttead 0.. of era) re lei which applyto u ll'J9C QUANTITY IPICIALS GOOD

several colleges throughout soil peopleeoos sf fill CI1ROUND RIGHTS MWVID THROUGH SATURDAY
the couatry offering to then out to dlf feral fron I
.his at hi et it scholtr Ideas tdvitced a few Mill CRIER 1UIIII SllitiPICNICS
ehlpt Three jests ago yeart ago bectuie aclface
eoaard urns wit B .hat aide such proireie
idioel drop-oat. reeeatly la itadlet about
..... sf our bodlet.Boattistt .
eating I srB '

prefertbls.tlses dilly air bs ,

nra 1'UblnJ

..."er. the type ., t''
< U la
feed ts as tapertattat
the aaoatt sad Usawaker
of ...1. t day, Ik Z1C
sue "10 Ctrbohydntestike
Us shsrteet tics
ts digest sad so bring
.. beige sets fre A..,...

...U,. Ctrbobidrstss
litlstfe ....r. aid 'fHUJ NUI aLien JQ \
cars Us leitlesieet IACOM !ti V

to sliest, fro BAKE RITESHORTE
,- tells. lacltde coils Hah

tike .leBieet ,.
'1."'. TbiM licladeSOOklSB

fete Md chic, 49COFFEElink

"" 3 LB Cen

After {

Late JFK m iftfc (SJI ir ..,. ,tul erta
f 6 oz. JAIl 89
.NMI D ftOIII-c.>F)-The
hahtothlee .lilt Jan. niSi limn
f. leash 'h",.....
I ... ., Us set BStsatlla PEACHES. ISO 111II1 IN DM IT HH .hid Ifsif3900U39
the suits sad to*
\ sated la Us heart .I a IlAn
Bears .esrete.d arso la will IICtfT ,bit"
I II peril.|....*.. ...sea d
I S *
hart seed by .u,. ... FLOUR ir'l :
IJ J ...." F. l..sdy **s
... ..bled p sore tMI
..," laspy HMIcl* UHllt MU

Ii. -5.tore. ASS flHfll II ft.V BBI fl Witt att SAfiBdjaU
UM teo llssBse4BaOo [ f HwW AW B R* B ViTIDE
1 1J faaUttli "laireetd ,. 1
1f with ,..1.1 U. SHRIMP
J jet phase, ... sal f.! r
boats, a test a firs MM'1i111' !1'M $1i1

osilse, a ttee leeMtlVS. .-
Md a ....,.. -: HI. 27C 39<

siatl revelled de ttr rat as..tl e.sail 1I.39C

Arson of "o tbs *!.
i stMf B...,.J oad lit

gars's>fle hsd "I" titbit. tw Ids Foal* tKMHEY"
1M....11-... qusIty .._ sMlsdd. UsyeMrts. POt +C'

k-fit H senitfi Irtni sitllsi Utltboae SUGAR 5 19C
plat sro .*. 1"1
gale We ,... lost s slot la BM tilt M iiri w vto

far gale aM ... ...... dlrwttlo*. '.. i4 cSS MMNII
sees ....." w uU.e4. wtti6JOO

.... tot .... P B>mrdL" 5 ,__ 390
': -sawac.-.-.-.-see....-..-. feed 0tfW SUGAR
....... ,
., .. +e+ .as".oes.. fA....gar rtw err II ... ,.. .
ft. la the Uoo Is retire
w *. It Nre.

___ ..:.r. a1I.i.t.. ..! .___ __ ... )

n ..-- -...---.- .

4 1,. I ; rrilKIII rUt

._ _


,".:;'t.., ." ;..

Increased Job YWCA Coeds Entertained At (I Breakfast Dance ;
Opportunities --- YWCA News
... .. .. .
Stressed By Noted Psychiatrist fICA BOCK UVin
The Book Review COaaltteo of the Northwest TtCA

TALLAHASSEE Opportunities tor Negroes inmost Center Miss Helen M. Dorsett, chalratn Is very

fields torn are M different ties tbet they pleased to invite the public to attend the Juae I Irevlee.

tore 10 or 12 years .10....1 feel that any Micro Rev. Theodore Gibson till review the book
r who It Intereeted ID aedlclne and psychiatry "Black Man's ABerica" by Slaeon Booker on Fri

should work tovirda gettlut the beat possible day June 19th
I'! training la this area for job opportunities art Mr. Booker U Wasblnitoa Buresu chief of Johnson

'I available." ..,........................ r :' Publications (Ebony and Jet) and a brother of Mrs.

t nil it the opinion of .t1 tatloD'. BBBBll awards Carolyn B. Holland Froirsa Director of the North. ,

Dr. lebert LI Bran for Borttorlo.aadlleveatnt. (' test fICA Center.

I, Boataa physician and i a u 1.r His net book la basically a reporter book, ft >

psychiatrist a graduateof A trail-blazsr IB an story of that has been done and said and felt by

Florid U* University aria doers he believes Bsny people including the reporter hose oao '

t' who now teaches "ttere will b. a treat tins, quite naturally are variable. Mr. Bookera ,

psychiatry on its staff increase la opportanl- advice to whites la apparently meant to sound Ibarll.

of the Harvard Medical the U tlBB passes," x "Fsce the fact that the day of Negro slavery

school tad Mms M ao Dr. Iran serves ai ad- legal or otll.,-.... Is over" He saya. '

associate IB psychiatry lalitrator and coordinator "The new Metro la going to fight for lilt rights.He .

at the MaaaaehBaettsGeneral of the program carries deep scars and la bitter of alstrest

ft.pihl.lo.toD. activities at tee DUMB aentx.Tbe average Item..retards the bitsaaaaa

flat MB of t foraerpresidtat Relations Service of 0 corrupt. laBorsl. dishonest and untruthful..." *

of Florida Wtlleelty,, IBO. a COB rv I .i Juno lit was tilt publication date of 'Shclll'

AM, Dr. triii recently BBaity Biatal health. laD' 8er1 c.." It was sold out la tashiniton ati r

returned to his undergraduate organization, lelleelty, its dsbut.liver offerings and refreehaenta,'*

elsa later toreoely. IBC., was establish
and ........................
one of the la.I it years ego .
IB ooasldsrod a pioneer

Race Amity Diy oriiBlsatloa la the SJNN1t TPW' Alt WNCRS ,

flold of Btatal health junior and senior high school young people are

Scheduled Sunday according to the fUtviraduata. Invited to attend the surer teenage dlAc... The
first till be held oa Friday June 12th froa

By tail Assembly There. IB at the ., -- 7-10 P...

la cooperation with the tla a great deal present of I JICA COED CLUB BREAKFAST DANCE-$hora hers are Teresa (a>>1U1I._laU. til H... Ill He Joe Ties

Itba'li of Vital Beech Intend la provcitlvo iraduttsB and their Nests Ibo were honored by its u. Mary dray, fthsryl with Eddie Wsllace, Ronald ............................ .
Coed Club of the Northwest T CA
at a Break
l aid north Dade the psychiatry, Dr. Bran Qilvla. Cresstlae .Walker larl.I.U. Annie Taylor
fist e t:
Dance oa Saturday Ma 21rl Th* affair was
Yhe' I AiiMtly of 111 ail slated rsiBBtli lapolBtlai Carolyn C'.11.I Arthur McCarthy, Sandra JUNIOR MISS CHAW CUB
will iieaior a Rat oat the potential held oa the lawn of the Center. Aleiaader Jacquelyn Oren Juaalta Irasklin.l Oils aged I1I4 years.can Join the Junior Misses: ?
Left to right ire: Eddie Dobson, David Colcbrook
Ailty ray ebservaseePisda7 IB opportvBlttiB tbich till meet for four Mondaysbe-t

Jua 14 foci I for young Metro Belles binning Monday, June 15th 1:JO.J P... at tilt N....

until I P.". .t.. Star ,raotltIcDt,.. H' said Ham ton Prosy YMCA News i- "' POLICE REPORTS TBCA Center Oirla till be concerned with care of

Iliad, lHMi Boa*. bo believed that la fttt tilt hair skin, personal care clothing selection,
Parents >plsoniif> to enroll Coker said that the
To Address A & M Bake-up etc. Call
liMBtlvo Director Virginia, a Utiro toaaa their children la FOLIC ARREST Center at 634-3431 for further
cup roster fills rapidly :.
Altiudtr of the la the Information. '
Olive psychiatrist COB ixcoivicrDstectlveCuthDertAlIe
ConminciRiiiitMlAHASsraOr. the Busier asp for
YMCA as the cup dates approach
Jars I. Scott CoaauBltyAiieilitloa BllllOBSr Of BlltllbHltb
boll at lake Placid wire lid suggested
till be for that itats. Jeroa realBded this west that the earliest possible Nurses Receive Prize

ekalnu of the '''It. H. Holland president of they should coapletoreilatratioa roiiatritioiB to pro- oa routine patrol la tbe

use Alnaader tu r*. Hanptoa Institute Heaptoa foras la. 'vest last-sinute die- area of list street and rl }

sully elsetel ?!... KEEPAMEPtICA VI? till bo the aedlately la order to appolataeat.Ctep Northwest J7tb Avenue was
chilraia of the MlealAiitibiy. speaker at coiaenoeaeat advised
ISM re a reservation for Lake placid for by George A.

eierclsea for the third the use 14 opealBiperiod. Boya now la Its tenth Brown It, that a Metro
Tb"* pnhll U cordially trlBtstsr at FloridaAIM Bale was la a gas station
BEAUTIFUL. year at the ito acre
! lirtttd MfMBhBtata Dalteraltr. Cup Director Cksalt located oa lUll Street
alto OB tb* shorts of
till b. served. aad listTSBUO. .die-
Lake Orttty, "..,h
playing) a weapon at the
t --.i-.. eight
attendant there. Detective

;, /Tune. : WAME Home Of The World'sChampion sore years enroll of of the which ai*for.tto CaapersBay titend OB..*.eehperiods or Cale Cuthbtrt Coaptoa fro.along proceededto Deputy withassistance q

, through .Sd-Au,..&. this lotitlos laojueetloa

Disc Jockey Tb* ca.p la loistod Upon arrival
they found Bale
a :Negro
two sills SOUtb Of the
let Tin the atatloa He
corporate Halts of
tie stopped and after
Lab rlaeld OB Route 0.B. .
talking to the victia,
2T. operated by the '
Dos Aadsrsoa, It was -
YMCA .( Creator Mitel foaad that the suspect rOR KWIIIT Mtasea nanlco l..>e.. and FTMCM An

a tatted Fund aieacy. it bad I'OlaC.II,1II at him denies stadeate la the Florida MM University
la centrally located to
TICAriaaiistloa. and tbreateaed to shoot' School of Marslai, show oft their priMvinniaiexhibit
sere wy Florida
.... displayed at a receat rAW Hospital Open
C also Bey enroll The eespeet'B vehicle Mouse fete laaer of third place la the eiblblteoeipetitloa '

CSBP facllltiea laelad sea searched after be the ata<1nt auraea display llt"II'

r 10 abla*, etch with denied bevlai t scopes. aspects of '''.rsii| la the space Age." The eibiblt -
A .12 caliber revolver taa Bade by attd"" ta In a class taeiht by
.JIltk Jalovsled ten end aleeplai gear* MB teed CMcealed seder Mr*. Kvelya I. Jenkiaa. Miss Jaa e pIcterH et
areas a
ball the ',,"oar4. The see the left la a sealer aaraiat atadeat fro ,..*
dislai tkteb aoooBBOdatea -
In the entire .p", tea arrested for aseoIt and Miss Aadereoa, right la a ....IorIIr.ta
auravated aaaaalt asd etudes eras Nlel.
Molder of tBreedcastlai Cup at oao alttlai.nabtaiplera .
y It sea toad that be bad '' -
RecordIIIOoatUBOBB end dlrtai bees release frog the if_ rEar IHI
Ives Hoses Hours '\ Kockia Rogers town trading, .It.rocroatloa laflnary ball state penitentiary, asd Ctissillil Is JrtUtfifltihc E'ia x t rf;1

raft bvlldlai. beach aa additleaal coast of CoritYA10RAt

shelter. outdoor .....1. feloay aad pesseeeloaof Witt rUiifs .
flrears added to
rifle ruse, easltarystovers A ,fuse 5th drowlaiorl*
t. eriilstl caari*
end eta.Caspoit
lltelly aa seel-
Tae Mbject *as (edgedIs
*. e-er-aiate. dental taa reclassified
Dado entity jell.
bUI... oslB. fleatai. .- aa a taltld whoa the

IIOIU" ortatlto TOO BOB BTtVlCKBtATIOll elf of the. victla told

crafts. aslllat, eaterkliai ATTniOAtIT police when ... retaraed

and mature lore Foil* are laveetlia- hose, aba loud several
are I....... la th* U.. clrtMstaAceo earroaMlaitbo set dee aoteo pissed been

Bob Terry aaaeroa activities la robbery of IroalBi beard, pollee
the. preirtB.la .
Free *: 00 to 110FroB : a service atatloa at. reported.leporta.
the tradltloa of
.wr. Ooatoea teadeat last Saturday, dlacloae that
to to Itieto Brother Ray the TMCA. leaders aad repents dlecloaoa.Tb Ue ,leU.. Edward o.
staff ...11." art see
three ass drove Mill. ... aa apparently
lotted for their per deepotdeat aad la 111 ......
tote the U reel oil Co.atatloa .
aoaallty, skills laeBBlai .health fellMlai his
aad ordered
SEE AND HEAR THESE aid CbrlatlaaattttodM tbroo etart of elf laearteratloa la ....t,

aid catraeter.mim Stile the atteadeat MBloaktai jail. I I II Ii
NMM MMtuir after their Mill she tea said t* i

fin MENU[I..t tie ..a hays a history of opt Spotlight. Predict

pieced a oaroae ,.* leeay aad a palsaaryelea
Miss Miry Dareai. ''n,. caliber aakaovBtat of the left lee 0The/ WtikWMBM

RADIO STARSWAME1260 cashier at FTtea4ly FMaraei. the aa,loy.* a do bad tees released free

poa *m 4tb "". a4 ...... his BOBTbo *-. BMty Jail aftef bavtai
told poll** lest totirdar -
aaa utah., left served' If ears far reebIt <

that BB MbuoM B.* tb. atatloa sits b.t*..a ** drtvtas aad dot wta s
.n entered Ue at erepelsted $10esds46. sale tilt It n...., rv- Bliil.' rierlliDGFTT \
asses off .
sad a
la ..
The lavestliatlM
tkoU at bee d....s|
beUi ..U.... Mlles I
.U of the *ay frs.
tit sash roilator
ate s icIT rscaU Z Acs.'tT rke4S
\ Moo Cartel clip IIIUI .. ...... aA ii erg seas e.b ...... aids wire
...*"ed sill tie bMlife > .., ... ....... ....... .. en, ..e era.Sy ..
MIAMI 4eaaM by itttai *... te..rter 1'u.... .. Bllf .......
Stile tklebtBMBt4 lilt ,.heel tree .re..s
lie all tie
tmilt DUD t&Mf BAT
':, college. Rest to
I' : Hear, "Hot lIn," Nightly At 11 p.m. ,\' ...*. that tp des 13 bo. tied r.*4 la tail It*. till Ft paw
.. NN Wpwy
fM tie eeus.. Se WlM4 ,...., rot W tae salary
',. '' rite ra,.,..,.,* Fne".
v .
.... b*
f With Louis Catlin .boa bo ar ttn >it Biiael M AeBBJBB, .... M sins
atitles. '.1. "a UTU unease
nid a .salt u ttile U FVirtta 14390 >....BBl rti' A..rs.Cij.UtU: XA 44411r


" .., '_.._, ....... ...:...-- d" ._............ .. "'1T .... .._.. _"" ........,...,. .. ...,-,,"' ""-'"
- '
"' .L''L ::: L II! '" .

--'"-"' ---- ..-

I"LI 13. ISM t 'FUJI*. STAR tAt ; ; PARE I I

I Society Completes Plans For Annual Seasonal Social I

p a 1+

1 1v

I It tl ". .:!;I"J w..

; ....

I : .: ", "
.a A Ii
.. 'C'a '
.. "I'
... ... .. ,, -
-a": _. ._ _
'TALLAHASSEE:--Rr*. Lure Triplett prwldant. ud Concert Band -.0., other nctintl Bh* plan Mary N. Harris, daughter of Mr. ud Mr*. I.J. Gloria Jean Sal u,. daughter of Mr. and Mrs & .

nbra of tb. Tall ah a**** Cotillion Bocittr art to .ter 001...* nod najor in lltrat.r.. Hurls in n Lincoln Nigh nwlor ud in attire In Salth la a anion nt Lincoln she In nn active

conplttlng plan for the orguisntlon'a net Earn E. Clark, dauhtr of Mr. and Mr*. R.C. th* DOT Progrna and tko Band. Sb* piano to study participant in the Dramatic Club and th. Stndent

Dsl taste Cottrl. nhlch rill culnlnnt with th* dark At tb* Florida AtM Dnlrlty High School to beoon n npe ch thmplt In col..*. Council, 8h* plan to nmjor la tpeech ud drana

Dtbatut Ball Friday, Jun it, U the prryPalga *br* she 1* n senior, Janis in actlf t* tbs 8U- Carves p. Hotel, daughter of Mr, ud Mra. I.r. la college.
BUI Novell 1* I alor .t Lincoln III.... Abe 1* active Myra .. Rntta, the daughter of Mr. and Mr*. U
Andltorlaa at Florida MM Onlrlty. dent Count ud Pp Squad. An honor ntvdent,
in the Nee ..akrn tko 4-R and tilt PAMU II active
Ho Dranatlcn H. All tII. a senior at Hhh. an participant
Hit 1M4 dcbutMtt croup 11 ooapottd of 23 graduating [Karm' IIt.rllt in future eduoitlon 1* U tk.
Club A nnbr of tie Honor SocUty, Canto plans in the Choir and the Student bunch Sh*
senior of tb Florid
AkN UnUrlty High
tad Llaooln High School. U Ttllabaiaee. A D..- fltldof dlcln*. to be an IIlItll**iololl.t. plans to atudy caste. In oolleg
Sutu S. Dusts. daughter of Mr. and Mr*. J.H. Barter K. Under.daughter of Mr*. Ruth Under, Rarbari J. Thonrnon the' daughter of Mr and Mra
ber atobtr* of tae apoaaorUg Cotillion '0.
Dents in n nnlor at Lincoln High School hr< U senior nt llaooln HI III. She 1* attire in the Fred Hoblneon. I* n senior .t Lincoln High. She lea
elt are faculty ud stiff Bbra of FAMI.
Activities of the 1964 D.b.tut. Coterie will ski participates in nany club and sutra cnr Pln'i k.rs ud MM Hoaeaiaktm. Sh* plant to enter. ...b., of the Glee club and th. Drnnatlcn Club

begin on Juno IX "boa aany parti* and other fir rlcuUr nctlTltt Moms stick art tk* ttattle college and najor In speech correction or ph.r acy, She plnnn, to enter college and .ajor la speech
Club and tbs Student Council. Sb* 1* also .o- notion rot froo left: therapy
tiTltlM will b. glTto U honor of th* dtbutaate
by rlatii ud friend At till calalnttlng br of th. Honor Socltty and plan to sntsrcoll.g* Jeanne D. Meanings the daughter of Mr, and Mra.D.J. Carolyn tlllltan, the daughter of Mr. and Mr*.

vent the Debutant Ball tae honor.* till oaks and .,for in hon oanoilc. Manning, I* n rAW High Senior and I* actlT J.P. lUliann, I* n senior at Lincoln High BhI ,
Qrnldln Larsen Flo," dnuibtr of Mr. and Mr*. In ntny activities naons Mitch art the 01.. Club. a sober of the Student Council ud the Playnaher -
tblr tonal boWl to IOcI.t,. Offlctr ..rUIIelo..l
W.A. Floyd in n nnlor at Lincoln High and 1* ud Pep Squad ft* plans to tndr phyclcnl educt- *. Pieplant to Mmty tlhmtllc In colleg
with bra. Triplett In aklai arrangonantafor
act!?* in th* 'h,,_.,*. New Honnakrn and tk. lion and Male in college. Carolyn R. vtlllMa, tk* daughter of Mra. Art
till ball Inclad: Hra. Klbrt JOB.*. Tie
Senior Girl Scoot Club. Sb* 1* 'Sirs Lincoln Jfwuett Del ore* Manning, the daughter of Mr, was Illllao it n senior nt Lincoln High. Phi
prttldeot; Mr*. E.S. Dupont, Mcrtary; Mrs. Jo*
Nigh" Hr plan in to najor in drana la col lei*. ud Hit. o.J. Uniting in n senior nt PAMU Hl..h.Bh I* n n..ber of th* Journalltn Cleb ..dthe He*
_apa Rill tr..ur.r41 Las Blanch dart, publicity
Dtrryl Ann Gillian, daughter of Ir. and Mr*. .. 1* active U the Glee Club and Pep Squad anoni Ikwmtkir ftti.* puns to ttutr aathrtwilrn In cols
chairman.Tb .
H. OlUlM. it n senior nt Lincoln Nlib. Aetl" other actlTltle Sh* plan to enter college and lei*.
bo the
debutantes to prmtd durlnt **
on'* ball art, top photon fro. lift: in th* School Chorus, Modern Dane Club and Nss. tuft library act me. lllll Mae Illllan*. the daughtvr of III'. and

Tboaulna T. Banks daughter of Mr. and Mr*. tba- Honnakrn Darryl plans to study the field of Gloria 0 McOlocton, tM I* the daughter of a., Ira ..1.. HUM, h. nenlor nt Florid. AM

.1. Inks who in nponnortd by Mr*. Loalt Ford. library IchllC" and Mrs A.L. McOUctoa. in n Lincoln High School Nigh She I* a sober *f the Glee Clnb .hnd the

ibo In a nnlor at Lincoln Nigh School: and n ..- Vrnte Jean Gold... daughter of Mr. ud Mr*. senior ud I* s .*okr of the Chon tile Drn Dranatlrn Club.Hh plane to najor In creed and

br of till OCT. ThoauM plan to attend eoll*|* ..A. Oolden, In n senior nt Lincoln High whets Mtte Club: ud the Irnook COM: !t tee. She plans d..... 11 college

to b.asi a ncrtnry.Hnifred ah* in attire in the band snug other actUltle. to study library science U col lei*. Peggy Jrn Tars, the daughter of Mr. end .,,,.

toe Bradley, daughter of 1M Bradley the plan to ntjor In noelology In col lei*. Dorothy Ann ..itll......* nwUerltMr*. Ell. snlth, R.L. Ym la a Itlllo at Flerl.l UM' High "h* I

Jr. and ward of Mr*. orac I. rite. A nmlor. nt Opal Hall who I* sponsored by Mr and Mr*. O.B. 1* s sector at Lincoln High. She I* sober of I* n tenher of Ik. Glee Club and the Praoatio

Lincoln, IIflr.d 1* aetlt In the '.rdlh, and Sin, in n Lincoln High School Senior ....r* ah* the Dranatlt Club ud Student CouncilSh plans fh' She pls.| to selorn library science InSpark
in active la tilt DOT Progru, ud th* utlatta oollepe.
to nt'4y speech ud draws U oolleg..
I l Club lilt plans to nnjor accovntlng la college.
Prtsbyleriiis Soundly Detest

,(beitero Agtiist Dr. E. C. Blake TALLAHASSELFLODA NEWS Evening Program I I'N.

Bllh hat Por Negro
OKLAHOMA Cin. Okla.-Th ITIth Dnltd Prkyttriaa **-

.*..nJ A.* ably can to n doss bits Marketing Authority A i M Grid Jolts

ftr atabboraly rltli prur to bare

tk* wnoalnatioa. rtrtt fro. tk* front lies 6E CorponlloiTUttAMASatt

.f the struggle for m lal! jaitle. M tease
At the Olt..t .f lbe Plerld AM Uilfrltyfclty

.eE-loss ...tll.. oo.byt.rt... Cllnc" till ***..r* will 1
... Ito 55. ..leeted.od.rator t if
.i 'I ra (votfat d.1aBro.. :;: : study daring the INIwnr
of the ITltlI ;
.. II) elected I Negro : i *eile.. at
cla ... .er.l *...."'. Dr. : : 1.. llltt hi. .
g, fro. R.O Tork : > .ponssorsd
".'"" .....IU.I' f.'fII. ,t .
City to ..... tb. tint ,, ., by the Cirnvgl
...*r of his rues to pU'.td b/ats III would Crportlo. the. Ns'

bold the klrt.tt of. co.tI... eharcb' s .: tloaal Science rv.....-

flc) .f a prs.i l..at) tight for artlF rtllat.. . tloo.or the Fete Pound-'

.hlla Prottut di.rehbody. "" oueraJ Autllllll" :. ... .;,,,, :...'. "'./'..: ...... .''" Men at InttlUUo* Invarlooa ran a
""" ::0' ': ::
atubbora: rfal to r* ;'; > i pinto of the

,.NJ.. retreat la tha .. ..,. .. ;. .. .
I. in tk* give Elder I .,. ,. .". .' galled It*!.., vYw F
B. ..IU,,, (t. pator race atraggla its alaovidant '. \.J Mrs Barbara I. Day*. r4 P r
of it. tftta ..-a..l...* # {, *
Augustus Pr*. laatraitor I* Dos 4
era OTr hlalag1y defeated of -I.,,
prtM Ch ,.
M.A5 UTITAL Rladoila fro*) tae nudio of Ira want tan'MI huhert*, iMtrwrlor a|
IU' 1IITEIOffic u Overture dlrctd '. .'p.-. silt t4y In her n14t
agalaat Dr. 4- : ,... ,. .., .',':,' piano .t Florida MM ttoltertllr. eere preceded rftrtd :.till la n nl.4Mil ml 11Itorlwn.
'.1,. T lassos Stale D.Iv.relty -
ptsg. ire Cs... Blah, the : ::':; the "'*.... *T_|*| vesper heir I* L.. Hell Audi MMMI here, ..n
secretarial good :* ; ....,.... **.
danoalaatloa' a chief to right, are the audnnl. reeitelels wed tbtir hail itort Lie C|.rU Anoll
En ill ah drlr ncatlt ,
cur officer.lHdMBrwbjhn. oa a grut CPM the is of tops, Id.,.* ...., Juh.r/ll.||| ; tau,.. Chef t tRl ork I. Mlanl trltrIntrtat tlaa| kl.... Fo a*.< .11........ 0.. .
..U. puinat, TallahaM*, I'M1' Jena Saul I.. and |
*. P.O. laid...
Boa ... right, part Pierce. Ire. Snaerl, a active of Ruth I**. nla.. la R gr'hjlei

1171 jKkeoavlll I. B SASS BAIttlPv lies .en4>I/a bight, of th. BdMwl .f pit Arta at U. Ml.erll* of San... ....,..... Ian.
Plortda. MMBSWHBH ( Inalnttar ., .."*..>

tla. lll slid alrla

SPRING PROGRAM SCHEDULEnun Palfrlly bee "Go North" T.1..gi SIS
RpfAia Je ...*,..*. prf.***r of erl***. la. aad at SpMikrAdvisis

1M. Pt.IMI Hy holgy at RoMrd 0frlty. tadilnito*. B.C., Cart.... Call..*,_"' 11. Rlfbt' Illl
.MgwMtnpMkfrattk* recent AMM*! Rental H.*ltbCbntMatloa
field Os... *aitlMial -
it;** *.-.1:t* .... "jaa' nun an FMC Will Puss
at lull AM Dklmtlty.A pclalltla $1196.. p.*.4.llMgrut Grids
** *...-*:a* a... .esr% C1AAvM. _IAA eat4L .
ooaMaw nad MartetIng .bonier. Dr. Rnytoa ban
.:.. eau*..1 t N ta. vrrauu.u 0rto. Ingot earn *. CMTCMflania <0 ft, .hll
I ... mwr imf tIUII4I.... ontrtbotvd U rut ...., of tk* lisle *f FUflda .". tlarla C. I..*., IlllSt odd ......,
:MR. : Sales. Mtb
tar** lie "r*..w.ul Nroepteal rMrrh"aanlyM
l .. tb tatM II eeer4
trttt Is II
I:. .... :M p... [tag itt aisle nu.. nnurn r *
p...ot-M p.. *.nv... .cnMT miMMiU of a/tree trill drlah prefere*... .I.et Shim ....,...... sIll RT, .ITl_-,.,* MI, to.gss Pith allie dr allot sect halo, *.*. .
IIM sees k* served a* a regal .*lne* uajytt swap at adlaa Col* hat 4 ,.. .... ./t.eO0 'lal.... ...1......
sail p....11:** M. 'Momonaa OIIM ICUBBMT gfee grfll* .. pr**..lt.,
Itt tho .... pnrtot of '.,I..u.,*. I* the
.,. |aat seek,
toralli Sleesisilee.I. .
et ea. deli aertlt. ir4Mloo( Pl"rl.* Re
...... ....., ..lMloar OMnvr ,.1.,. to on Au1 .. CIa.. .. <*r. oral h.e..**,. r,,l U. .11
n.,.-.. ... n--... cans a p....$, .. ; a *. Allies eels told' If JrM f. Rtfftorger,
altral prodMl tins a ,....* (..11., .. th...
paraU M* la M. ** t* ovId
Ralllaor *
'PztS.-grsM J I I. taws-4 51070 t IL w a.4 p.. pole ldirlllt sea Mlnlbr| *.ll ...
cued by 'r. B.ytM I* his ,.*.*'" naalyae*. Dr ,". "...* t. Stat aellee/e4 lie *MM.o.e.*a| *4dit at She. la* ,... th* Rill C, aa

P'e1g 4 11,.,"T-...MI MA0Mf>| .!.... M ..*. *.4 JOMV C. Aetard, ke.. of th* Fieri a* AM IIIIh.,.. foal ....,..a ,.*,... ""*"**)'. tid MM.| .u r.lM held her Ra, ....".. ..... .aI.rI.,.

t:M p... M 4 I:M p... pity ......,. aof Py hJo, *tMer. leeks M a. .*f la t1//. piptrtaM i of !1. ............................. .. *..*"4r

..w. .,*..iqts nucrMtnrm1.N p... Dr...,... and the florlda .eelt.. ot -|** ...tdlotoM Utory Ml S.*."..,, .

the ,........ (rVot M 11'1 ill stilt la Ik* are I."" rtr. etc I -'+61Adve '
gvo arl JM. .cU.ll *u.UMH. ts I.5aatveaat ot history at the CrMl > ...,....f u..allMalre 1----

Top Musicians Featured ...u..,. of Te..npltUWfm. *|*. r.a.MF cad alre

.*!.., ...., '.' of Ftlrtnlldirala '; '

: ..I'M .... 'J aI ra end S a CafMgl Crp.f*' t.,,.rllaa. l! '

'Of t *..,-!M p.*. .LwtL DtnasM. esc7gM M MALL tl** .'M t. ."*. slice ,eetl t.

... ....-l;M p.*. rranMi. mat m.tm Mmxmtm J..... H rod It get "t of lh. beds

N .s. 11100 5110 street/ u* p.yt.*
1M..seep p ea' ta. ad.*aUi. of Isa>wsee lase .Mane
a: M p.a-t M p... IBM M. Itlaaa 363105 ...oIot. sill .t..yI ..**..ll.* opealag **.
Mows bahicS
t:. ....-tiN .. .1tt4D11foI ssog OnOI tti+gsrrosrg tk* falMMltr *r to I* uses U ladhttrr.a .

MnnT s.Nalg CCUNI" ...... M .* 4 Mp. .......,. tMesbr. I *....*., bosh/... fla bags Ica 15s

.* .. I.. ... ,. .* a national ****, |a*.ra.. aad e tx:.4s.4rvM

..1.... P***,*ll.. .1.lLr field
= adleeea oss.I
1130th "II ,. .1 a* at at*l*| ,*.

aa.. ....... ..... .Ja3 am Mot' t>-SVSRrr lei,. TIM Flert*. .. .*leer..ldn / term*I ... fat,". !.' to tra. tt. .....' .*. 140 Mr Mpr. *

1N ...... ..a ..... .... sllrsg 1M e.cxaIN *.. ofodMta g*< a laM *4aa4. .....ne. t.* atraotar to et.So.eseI3 Rwfftorptf pga<*4. IV
01110 505 010 uniAl tkelr lass rot.... T M*. t. UI*. gnrtef af U* *U4y at .e Neuug !- itsisisi ,*. till r.

pa-t11. p p.a081010.05T.a ...* ..,./.. of Sash. ,....u. s tau ...ta* Mfar II .t ........ .... -... .. ...I.... ,ea

t 111;M p p.a a-t t M N p.a .... /t. 11IOIIn.. M ROtOPsvli user sees pfo* au4 Is a /.*. ......, t UJdnrUd eb.. peso. *. a rt .III a.tr.*, **d ta .. r

t:M p.a.t M .. .0505N tgawrNgs tMRMSkf praam ,.nptr Most i. LN R lltwtof to'.aged Mse1 ...se.MiOSasttes. *-ra4. pM till *,..* It wrW

.SftN a 'MI lees 010 tr0 .....".. Are lf4 fit lr Life ere "lf 1ll ,Mfld ia
p.a IS. 0Mrs S1Isrl .f 3..s.a e11I. rd Sawth ......, L .!**., *nr4tf .**!. Air ,1M t. ...

...1 Netl6 -- 5 lwt talc,ns .f r* ***la. I beset ,.*,..t of RIPolaatlaa. .NeS. ,,. foU ,*.. M' sass ,sir C41l ditfdtU// !

$51005 w 0slrteASt Ala Rr. UI. U ....*to .t tn *.tee. Cell*** of I... ... flSbtNl. >.... II ... 1H

fg5 A 031 slate Ss1 PO st". ...keHI*. .VM. M *t..t4M .... .,..... 5 bra ..*...!. Ml Milalt .
......u.. 1.,. e t .*..I.."
010 '"t.. pra _14* .( Mia.** CUy.a .

J.... -- -.............. .- ....L. ,.......:....... ........... .. .. :... -.. .... 'M' .o,.' ',,"I u. gas jITuh1T

> _. e!!!
'1 1 ''' t .
r 'r

" pJeff II' fU111I SfAl hns MTIIT IONS JJ. l lr

Mt. Salem Thespians To Portray '/Famed Play's Characters Women OrganizeNew Summer School Registrants \

.'- t '.
",Ii Ciiic Club '-
) Baptist Church

Tbs annul Tout Day Recently organised t [
r I?
several weeks ego bya ;
E prograa will bs ob-
of clrie-aladsd ;
ii served Sunday, June 14at ,,',1 group 1.
tones In till hose of ,
Mt. Sslsa Baptist l kYr
r als Barastt
i Church located at 22nd 1'STANION
Pslnettoa St. the BUinprorenent
aid Myrtle AT*. Rev

'.Q, Rogers, pastor.Obssrvuco Civic dab,
II r activities has already successfully

coopleted Its first
will begin with Sunday
j set following aloetlon -
: .. with
School at 9:30 a. Y
t of officers.
Jerry Pr 1.., guestsuperintendent
and S t Based after Mrs. Elnora

...ptea Johnson, the
Miss Catherine Bal.onand
club elected officerswho
Jesss Tsrrsncs serving '.
5311' aa were installed by
a* guest teachers. .
Mrs. Ines Walton duringa
Morning service will ....
seating In Mrs. John
begin at 11 a... with
son' bone, IOU E.
the Mr. Charles Cheny' M
Onlos St. ---
neaber of the Church of \
( They are: ADULT SCHOOL will open registration for its 8-weeks suaaer sessions

Clod In Christ delivering \" Mrs. Martha Baker, president Monday, June 15 at 4 11... ..0. Sweet, principal announced courses offered
the MIMD. .
will bt ell Le': : ; Mrs. Charlotte will Include High School Review Jumlr High School levies General Education:
'1' HI go School and Typing: Classes and Dullness
\ Darrow rice president: Educstlon. Scene above shows General
nsisd at 4 P... with a .
literary prograa featuring 'tt- \ Mrs Lorlaa T. Onell Education Class rider the instruction of Mrs. A.H111.

Mla till!, Jean .. .. "" \ second vice president:

Munford as the principal Mrs. Artancls C. Andrews Many Happy Returns I New Core Group

speaks, Soloists till '\ recording secretary .r..... _

include HIM Mem Jen- '"- ; Wf ; Mrs. toss Offord, Wins 13 Jobs

and Mra Vivian 'j > e assistant secretary;
."" RIMGSTON. N.T.4 new
j Mrs. Essie Barnstt,
CORE which has
Cherry group
The proru.coultte.bead.d ___ ,.(1'1<' tv -- chaplain; Mrs. Elnora been functioning In
H. Johnson parliamentarian
by Curtis Rogers, this Hudson Ritel town

chairs, It inviting AlAItlNO CURTAIN CALL The above fonrsoBO are aeabers of the cut of Lloyd C. and Mrs Marian only since early !spring
'" friends and the general Honda faasd draaa, "The Robs" ibId rill be presented Sunday June 14, curtain jsffers, reporter.Mrs. Q r, already has won '13 Jobs
wlllie ,. Dennis, >
public to witness Mt. Use, 7:30: p. a. la Civic Auditoriums Little Theatre under the tuspicee of for .. ..
.' "Youth la Action. the Civic Theatrical Guild. Pros left are t Miss H'rQ'Ith., Miss Ardella Butler Mrs. Ruth Brown Mrs. then in the notoriously

." Miss Arbenla Horns and ".... Lanoar. A strong supporting cast will carryout Gladys Arsstroag and discriminatory 'wilding
Mrs. Lorraine Stewardare
the plot of tbs vehicle which centers around the Robs flora by Christ sad Its t rades.

lultlsate effect on the present and future of aanklad. Mrs. Nona Bland, Ira. ...b.ra. At s seating in, May,

(Bettys Sessions, Mrs. Doris Thornton. A. Culler sad Miss Bernlcs Jackson ars.tbsllraea's Assisted by Cossis Aide *an Leonard VanDyke
.directors. sloner Claud Snitb of a local CORE official
Roya1 C 'n. the City of JacksonTllle paid special

Cola sanitation tspartseat tribute to George Terry,
{ Jr Set Sights On New Goals the FHJ's progressed s president of the carpenters

'".t' s Get Together andCleanup'project -.- local, for si-
RETIRING John E. Ford Cleoentsry School teachers
& assisted sitting two Negroes "*
Alonso Davis Miss Julia A. Brooks (left) and Mrs. Blanche Jen.
by sprrentices. Since then,
I and J. Plod of the kins, were recipients of lovely gifts fro. John
a Negro nation has gotten
daer Rudolph 'Thssiethe son of Mr, and Mrs. John '
Curb Maintenance r r artseat. -
a job through the !bricklayers '
E.R. Unit during retlrsseet banquet tendered the
I local
hooorees Thursday night, June 5 la the Afro-A erl-
CasvMsMNKtfMtfssIks This project will re- Van Dyke pointed out
sad tslort, Mwldi .., 9 celTed continuous attention can Insurance Co. Penthouse The affair wss upon- that throuxh the COR'!:
\ sored for the two teachers by their staff assocl
( Bwttli!.| taklq.s 4 officer and nen* group's efforts.. Negroes
t ates at Pord School. John,
a student at St. Plus
.. filii g aftlSffAN hers istd. hire been hired
t Catholic Church School la the godnon\ of Dr. 3..1.
!N.tMlLylVS C& The next Meeting will in sales positions for
K. director of
Scott education for ftiTal County
be Thursday at 0 ,. the first time at two
{ schools.
Royal Art Studio Photo
MS Park Street / in the bone of Mrs. department stores, ae.'s

ft ,.87 SI 4)) ArtsDcle C. Andrews, clothing store '
1105 Pippin Street.Groups Cirl ,. Rowan Cautions Rights and a dies stnrr.

1707 Main Street SeekProtection Advocates Daring Howard U. Address FAHU Educator's

EL 4-IS71 InMississippi 20 Floridians Graduate Published
ii; Article Is

9928 ,Atlaatle llTd.n WASHINGTON. D.C.--U.S. Information Agency Director TMJ.W !' r* -," r. tale

1.0900 Carl T. Rowan last week cautioned civil rights ter A.. *rcerfcjlUeanr
f UU Contacted advocates .aghast concentrating tulutlvely on of internship teaching

1704 "landing llTd. HONOR ORAH4TM who were taoai Us 20 that received offers of financial aid. street deaonstrstloss while Ignoring the other and professor fir eiu'wtlon .

1.5371 asxMutlag to 150,000 fro several senior oollegessadunlmsltlee ere: Dorothy IA8H I1t OTOM--(ANP)-- feral of portsst. saylsg that the battle for hu.." at Florida to Uni.

lIP Davis of Port Pierce eitraao right. ..d, froa Isft. Ells Busy, Bt. psters President Johnson willis dignity is coaplei and oust bs fought on sanyISTSlS. .,ratty, Is the si thor/

( 12)0 Beach BlTd.J.ckaociTllle burg. Linda II,... Tarpoa Bprlsgs; Sylvester Thoots. Safety Harbor and lay liked this week to ......................... of sa article "rh.tMsssrch

BBBCB hlnboliter., St. Petersburg. Davis received the A.A. degree fro olbba JCtednesday provide Federal protection His rssarks came duringa teschsr" In the area of sad Relative!

t' 01 4.4511SPECIAL for nearly 1,000 ooaasnceoent address husan behavior Literature Have t 'R+.t

Itsdents sad adslts at Howard University, 4 roster of graduates bOlt profess aalLshi

20% OFF filIAL SHIIIUPATrNT who are planning to work ashlagtoa, D.C., where fro Florida follows: .Tctory !Eirerlenc:

I \ IIMITEI TIME :amiCINM COSMFTICS: THE I'EOi'LEAU. la Mississippi this BI2 seniors rseelredfroo Curtis J.Aiftlna.Iwn.., which arrears IB the
sue er la civil rights
Howard president. Ptniacnla Peggy A.
I Cor. BROAD AND A5HLJET II 4-21J9 activities' throughout Jars M. Habrit Jr. degrees sup ..f\., St. Petersburg Journal of rdscstronal
I tbs state.Ths ranting froa the ; Joseph ". Aaand' Research.The .

request Is eipec baAelor'e to the Doe ...... Tallshssaee; Miles ,Journal Is dedl

I The Rnt J''tGII t AttrN 9r'lard... 6 da6EAfIdt ai ted to cuss from BOMB of tor of Philosophy. J.-iatls. '... Uaford. CIted to the scientific

the "at lei's IssdiBg nsdsrlag that the Hilley L. Baker, *. t. study of sducstios. In
educators, sathors sad deaoastrations of J.Rlt. .
rlrfita Robert
M.E,0 Taepa; the article, Itr. Mercer
i soelologtsta aeetlsg laisshlsgtoa recent years have"'Jarred ... ......".. Mlasl rerlews 40 yenrs of research .

I en behalf of the conscience of ..rl. Helen .. Brltt,*.11.'.Eo. sad rsllf

the civil iHMsorgani* ca" Mr. Rowaa said Jacksosrllle: Qmorlco literature shout effcsarss -

'I lid tloaCOfD), whidt are nat even this fora of T. DsTts ft. *.
Jolatly apossorlsg the protest has sot bees Petersburg; Otis A. Oar

i : I I14 II L Mississippi ......r Pro ssfftclsst to brlsgabost via D. D. s. "t. ,.* and tory professiosel atfsrieaces. lakers-<

ject. the esds that tenbarg; Alwllter T. Research is the article
Us project Is the are sought.Becasss. B.tl.dTa1Ia
I llbma. deals the des
joist brain child sf the ... differ (U)
Student MoBleleBtCosrdlsatlBg .. .e: Shirley A. Hath relopswst of off'cwrs
is both saotloa sad 1stellect cock. I. I. Alschss, '
I Conl.tee; yes eta COBwlsss Cstherlss Jerry, .. -.. stsdest tsachlsg 12)
BMthera Christian Lead personal charscterlstlea
oss with aorataoastoa OatsetTllle; Charles p.Johssoa .
srshlp Cbnfereacs. .NAACP rrofesslnssl trslsisg.sad .
II whereas yea swat ..11.. ,leal.Jsaes :
sad the Congrsss of duties of dir IJ"
RW Racial Equality.tolsateers. shsss saether." thegoTerssest I, Rlchardaos. of student teschlssjf II)
14 offlslst .. ... sister Carets;
$ In a peace aajsr rractlcea IB< DSovctlsg -
I Corps type operation.sill stated.Mr. Lsrotlya V. IU II. ..-., off-csar'stw-
boas, who received Lakslasd.; sroa t.Ratth. .
staff and ..,.r- .!est teaching proems,
the honorary degree of Orlaado
rite a naselte voter 1.11,1., ; ssd (4) the gtsifalastsrs
Doctor of Laws _rill Alfred .. talth.M.K. .
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the cabs sf fererlshleglslatlws OIL I -

$5.00 DOWN P aettwitykytheMtaafastppi STATIONAVAILABLE BLUE OCEAN

nit urn ii imict \ eee I stare .M wit ass passed

a raft of ISM str.tta-

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Us. mtaUlM a.trk* ena .o san w -

d ItOlU.c>uND ..,. e.+e e'e wan MUM of boycott lit RIGHTMAN .. .. ....- -- -, ..
1 tlU "AI'iID' + e sNs s ae ::... ? -. ,PI.. raters restrtetlsgoseat. VIEW SPOTS Lk J9c
......". -
Sevw.w*. settlMHaallUss ,
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:==- c.t... rd t.ereaaiwa RID SNAPPER Lk. S9c

far rteletlag
t .---.-. eltr ordlseLton .... MED. MULLET 20cc. ulMJPICKLtO

....' .hCI..coe'.tOU.__._.. mad a tap. bosrtts..s
L ::' -'':;:'-- =.::.: :-.::.-::::::...::.:::::= =.::: Of Judah "belaactal tlcUmsa TROUT Ll>,. Sic

==:=-..::: =:. :.r--=:::;--= can feawa trattiac. --.r..r.r-- ___

Temple No. 3 p.e aid tad caws... LARGE SHRIMP .. silo

r sun mum am Carl The UM ..... ne ...:.... ixmwou it lIe SLUM U. n.

of s4am ,...U 4 sad tM fnfll tkal.te s:see w -: Ik
Us Jsdaa Two U I ofJasasMwUlo oaroosnt. Oaa
ate at..* belay be fAmesut 41r1Uiioh"ieoffi

"".s a boo trip toB ro lOX listjAouosrnurnj

I IIt 'rt... >ss IS.trlf ..... OR: CALL UO-1M1 r5; u49cl = 49c

I i U.MIB are n.M

p.r s.r.a.

(. _.'. ,, ,,", s, ,_ _.,u.., ., J i.-' -- ',.l',

... _.--- ------------- -'. ---


HI! is. 1114 rilllll IU HMH UIU!

I Newly Equipped County Baseball Diamond Sports 8 Club Softball League I


BEATIH'By ULLBKblEX THE GUN Introducing Your Jax Suns County Softball Loop

C8IG00-Apr)That inn HITS tot off to hu 'i, Gets
Boot MBMtlonU start !, bis aajor Lets* caner Underway

.hoald plaat kit Itgioa of a alre....1'01. of I' r

rtto coaalAtr tko Balalklbltwl milt u the gratM -
( player of this generation art onrno'I'I'1U1 With 8 Clubs

Joy. This look Ilk th. 8aa Francisco alaplyaptrlatlT
thf Vltn-IIO""., equipped ttk U* latent la light-
oIUII...,* year to bag tht cost .M /
lug for stilt bleachers and resurfaced
valaabl player award U the National Ltagvt tor tams
second UB.. Wlllli BOB it 1* liSt .h tilt dlaaoid sod outfield the Duval County Dtpartaeat
of >*.ruUo.' outdoor plant located at tilt
plants, the Playiag at tko historic Polo QronadaIB
MOT Toit City,crabbed th* National League Hu.That Castald Boys Parental Nose. already sport MI.chb
e softball league la tdditloa to baseball
WM tk* year Mays Bad that fabaloa catch *
and other. sports aiaid ia by other tern.
IB the World aeries off tk* bat of Vie Tents of Curtis is the ........................
tko dtraland Indian To these ya, that MS thecost Miranda
oouaty'a recreation die 1 tt assess, art *i<
draaatlc catch la battball's history. lor.lIoort..U *
petted to itt rolling
,. lays heroics IB the deepest recess rector la chart
of tko Polo grounds tensed the tide 1a that it la the Aon ball League upward froa their. prt-
tat fonrtk place itandini -
kith play tally
stopped cold a Cleveland scoriae tkrat. Tk*
Tk* two ataiitrs
Mondays through Tkurs-
Slant won that first ...., twUallr la extra
d0i-ith B.tUaiadr expected to twlld their
and Rhodes bsooa Todd
inalags Dusty Mot oa to
promptly at future strategy aronad
series here. Bat there wild have bees no extra ay

fru* ia that first ga.t--ictpt for that la- _n t.- I .--- --.. -- :......... t eoislsti o'clock of, tilt the renter Pius P.8, "Botias..r4.ft. r. Nttlty and

credible oYlr-tII..0II1..r soar by Mays of Pertain LOHO' ROME STAND ktUralu boa. with aa laprtlt Ttu., 37' 4J, ITS poaadi. lefty Larry Jitttr CU.f..l&>otrU. Cleaners recently added Jtvara |-

arching drlvo.la ,-! woa-loit road trip record Ion day $' }" disabled, 2$. of midland, Hick., Itt; Post Otfle toasts are *sr. td to
tilt Msulai years of coarse, tllll has received sight Manager Harry (tilt Hat) Valktr'a hlgfc- right-bandar Dick Hughes, 'r', II'. of Stephens, Parittl Boy Host, wove out of fifth place
OB* of tilt acelalB that belongs to his Jai staff till entertain Ark. and starboardaid Hlngtr Iob..raNs.
riding sues pitching u., Jtfutra.ju Tile, Bwith- mod art rattdapotMttal
bat the MVP has eluded his irasp. Two years ago loyal faaa during a long boa stand thick ends HO. of CoTlagtoi Vs. Plenty of stock rocks side All. .tlu lid first dUltlo place

k* was dd la the contention by Nary villa *o Jon 21. PIOB' left art Itft-kaadtr Mtg tlCallr STillabl at sat per share for fans tliblig to Ploradal Paleoi. club bM the first
had stoles 104( butt 1* B single aasoa. scales btooat stock holders la the .
of and ITS ho.e-ow.d
Haraaaa Cuba. 27. 511" Jai tut The (Itch Japed Into round tiplrt*.
tat this ytar--.lth Orlando Cp.da out a good
pounds; rlgkt-kaadtr Harvey Branch Itaphla, the league lad O.b.. tttd t bttttr cca-
.ell with injuries sad ttlll loCo,., falllai to '
leader then their,
stroai rltditac am of prt-
kit ooaslstMtlyMays has beta carrying the Giant
Coach Eyes Cage Prospects SVBS Hone Schedule Aadr** Oren stun ban ala tat still plae' post
offensively, as Joan Martial bas carried then OB
tko Botmd. JOB 12-Suas vs Toronto >atrli of I asses lion art the jai Tiles
Jun ll-ftuai vs Toro.toJill' despite his lit,II wait& alto tot off to a
Per the first five weeks, tllll was patting the .
,,-Awla va Toronto started la 1 eatttat sloe itart but ere t.
ball with such regularity that therms speculation
H* bas received strong peeled to give a each
Jin 1'-111II' vi RyracuMJun
that lit would hit .400. 11111 hlasalf disdained
ll-Sun vi Sync i* support .la the kwdy rv bttttr 10('(Mill t of thtIt .-
the Id... I* yea aware tkat h* 1* subject to *
list chores ot Joe ..I ** as they itt more
JIM .AwI. vi lyracut
slaps sad there would b* dry spells for his at
tk* plat. June ll-Suns vs Pyrtcua Orant.tattlsi. gas, audit their. "'Ita.

tt hopefully. May** partlaaas hop that k* will jw If-Suss vs locntittrJw power for tk* Presently tltd for the

bat .400. la tk* fifth vk of the sasoa k* fell 200... nRoehtt: r klthrl4Ui' Colds baa cellar position art the

iato Oil of his periodic slaps and his average June 21-1111I' vs Bcheeterlanes been supplied by lUflr Ploradals Psleoa tad
dropped below .400 for th* first tla since the atartlai lice jot rr.*..., P.I.OrlffU loatkild" All-ctara.

opening **A of the BMSOB. SlncUOaMa. 7:30 I ,.a.IWbhllta Oscar Lwltr both oiMprlttil tf shall
Many of Maya' rooters were old-tla baseball tn..:00 a...; ,Illy avis, sad ,. atari who should. also..
T:10 ,.s..rkor Taylor Ivadlai the ate Improve with sets .!
.tar*. OaaaiBOBiIy, they were cheering Mays, 11III411.. :
wistfully predicting that lit wovld btooa th.ajor. tack.Nolittai. ptrltatt.Sus .
.' first .400 hitter la 21 yar*. Td tll- /. Fhiod dos the !No. 2 To Feature

'liens batted .400 la 1141.tllll pot .u tk* Bpotrlt
Fer Tbrowlng Hal
*. always a poor hitter had rapped 17 boa Z Claar whose ..M.itr Ranger Party

nine la It CM**. This started use to figuring 0.11 Ball None Bmatd.*ply dlrnlBt 1. Hen Friday Xigtl t the

whether May could exceed tiger Paris production d by his clalfirrtti Paul, Ml Ni

.f 11 ...* ems la 1M1. _' .......... _..n.n.. .a BALTIMOIIliltiior (CAlli'. ''t sbotUl, has Utltat > ball Part Prlday alskt

The ll-y.ar-oJd Mays, la his 1JU season la tilt mAIl 0. COACH Cline Ciftr 1* shows lariat nicest ok itt with tMkttbOl play Oriole. .
aajors, started off with seven hoBra .April and trs at Olbbt .Junior College 't. Ptttrtburg. Cater fit* to eat Petersburg to pitcher hive lather to lr')' set currtut shoddy seek "f the jMimiivlll*

had collected use sore through May II. la 1991.d look over the Cobrai' I'1" ettttr Joke I.,... n* Drain 0. coach la shows can used ||0 !by plate play. ir*"*r, Nine "''' ..........d. Orntraltastr "

lab Bath" collected his SO boa runs k* had with Cobra basketball coach Posies JactioB ud Cap,'" Curtis .....t *. tar .sapire.. Al BaltrM lint t a pleased .It tt* .. Bubtp Is.hn. ana.wsepd .
k for
bttilig till
oaly' foar la April and 12 ia I.,. Maria had only tow. and frtahsM Leonard Jaektoa of JickaotTlllt sad prtd Davis of Orlando steady flay f tnhyr
'.* la April and 11 la May, la his rtcord-brtakltg (Photo by aallard) iaatipoll Tills hart.klttln Hiytood, R. Maywwd. P. Tkt rapvlar rkaatrl 4
rU ToayOllva M"*o>d. P. Ilitnak, I.
,tV. P.r.oa.lliy. tilt k..*ttb
County Sollbill Schedule lewltfs' Pr'I' la a i.a* bttatta J..1.p and .. (blll r.MX _
lnjue tell till
the Orioles ud the party *
aid tilt bit. Itl'
,....,.. free ... eresn.prle.e .
Monday June 15 All-Stars 'I Jai Tile Tln.Ollta. .,.. bas bM tk* ship
Opal Toolftot '1119:00 Falcons .a Pizza CJilf VIrHI' EloctotiAtlsg tti sired OB tat wffrH by J... Harold ballnn, sad especial

Tuesday, June 16 Spotrlt; u Bo/i' ||OMJiguara fist *f his prtftlv .M the Iou *f s tint p If.r.as.e
u P.O. Giants a recent .!... hi..,. HI* htlnttkiocttd was trli. pltckr.Ik bttttra laat. ., Ikfdnwkltkttdtr
R. S. EVANS3RD 11th*..
.lednesdiy Jon 17 Chiefs VB Bojra' MOM tics, D itll Viracr, off tklrdplac. Cleats the Susie and 1M ''ftor...luUaitr
P.O. Giants *s f x.trlt director *f tie toys Olive tat removed fr. .**.UI.. t* Hiaair

& MAIN Thursday, June 18 Jti Tilt vs Jaguars P .,.. hi Mt** can the ore and replied by earner Baster sot elf loa rsnle Vaf.Pal, till .* sa
Falcons ,s All-Stars elected president *f pitch resist lie Nrbtt she! start iddlitbat
Came to-Brmraa Around Opening tame starts at 7' 00 p. *. sharp, tie Its Tea B..ltgLttm tia ,....,t.. littrt h* p.*p4 .* the bind IB ."., all elmInvade

Prices On Windshields Nightcap begins at 1:30: p... at Cress Sovlln b* ill right .1. Bleb 1U ash Ulart a .. trd before Ik tie* deer.MM
Last sad a fill slat tkoik a rwiki. olltiaa a* T.,.f Chandler ,.
Need d-Cars of Officers were ntitd.Hktr th decries. Nail sad .4 AUlM. ..!. "...*. tonal ttrthMtahat
Tow sq', HIT To Oo To low To>> Set 4xiiUd a 1It"tI.
( elated ...; Uanf ItMlig hitter ,., cold" h* ha* she
Well Give $200 tit Jaat lblasoa, tit last sub.ua.ehlle. lees setting fnodlf ree (....iripky.ridio sad
LOW PRICES ,,** ..,. NtmM Jo*.. tkt basing tutus free N. tllllaM. Mrllll l* dt.plltii .

to Trade tat Anything Hut Boll It U Wont seUetery'tresnetertJanes ; "....4 off a detest J. laces, cells! tHHMi tie nrit

But-Cant, Anyway W* win Drag It lot OB Tour 0....., ptrlliBtatarlaa crust 1It1..a Haltnat p i"ct.r J. Bailey. gee. MMlMllr b. till dusnalralrlie ......II
; PUB*** hop- tad Oriels, meager gash |.4 by Natll/ fir
II OLDt.9l"JrrOP AIR.... J1 S DRUG STORE NEEDS sea. trgtnt at a rat Is..,. Utr laltra ace, Bays N.a. director 'aI.,. .at II M aasiitfr

W THOTCDB18JKD, .MJ9JMOUM.IWtRM.AIR sad ...... Mst/s, (Baalita. evil U Ik. sued aid sad Cecil. Iraal, the MM playvra.Tt .
Trade pith Toe Ntlghkortaod Drug rttt .
.flWS *.l.ld a ..,slag lisle Buys Nn.s, wee .f hit first gnaw Ilk
ELL man ANT Eat rv. n
10 mat 1B& 2-DOOR a-roP..I2Q t Dvr.t also nil allftortor1* Prwerlttltoa. lesser I. lisle, she .t Barker fcllMlu. SheLemisi.l ,..,'. *.lslMdl.i .*.. u. lnltidiaCaMdlaal .
II CHEY. hlPAU YJ.AIR .|24.SIVORS served M president fur ..' ,..... off | MI.. playlai tees t | alert atI

/ STATION WAOON .Simn tIN, terse *a* p rt...... Ik* basil ,***,. lie p...
nmooiH... BIXV, AIR ......IBM Dixie Pharmacy a badB trpkf Nrhla selre wad lid t* lit r.. -

a KHrrucBoicxxraix court....inn MtitMdltf service lnld. by his ,..,.,.
II cADII.I.AC AIR.,,. ...................$2505 t* tk* lee t..t. II k* erased with the
a OUML *w cojrr. AIR..srmMTX4 IH2 lists IH it MffUl ifHMFIMM spire. I' chi Jttttd

.'.. .... 71$ Hill SSSH-H Wake This Clew.IIllIS flee the .*...
3 TM. RADIO 0.1fr. WIXt WHHU SIMS The *t.|ft dllMdItttr
tJ CHTV. DI?. n"auusLI..ltDt$ v r tttl k* kid fls.4itrbtr Can ye*
a cwr. no, v... Am ..*2191U FIT TH LINT Illtl III HlIfHIC in
?isft IM ((Mr th*
OLD&$TA1IRZOOVrt..109$ Mlle IT HI HUE rtlt ..l.h pmldM won H MM! tie I HAMM Cf

I e *.**lty P.r a plltatr
.*. I* adjudged to kit Marti devotees

I II taws ......,...1, *t .

I I .*UtrIan. prefer fa fitariew 1

12-21-21 ItnM Germs s KlartU?

212 II 21C )
..*M... kV n 09 To Vikingsn tIJ T. that ".., .the gee//r+ae ,.. edN .wttAael.

<...U... It.. nee II sod iii ...... Galan 1 Citro Z 000It ,
I. add, itktratttM ". the turn ik.. MM *l .,.. nut I II konW. htf
eerie II all eyed" ll.Audpa/ dtglt last Cott4... 1m Gedw'I vs'e .et'" I"wwpu
ear traded. f..1.1 Teal. Ted
IIJ" ..nurT1tJII'IIUII ,Trice sod 0$14P 514145 ...
..M !. .... I/easels/ /sehsli lied I. Ih5pe peal

fUI.* .. Purl *, r. ....'1.'. B e.*...<*'.
...........*......... ,I.er owl. I. cs/sa.adae.dly" dry.

Man's Days Ali Hlb ..... the c.....'. MIH 5 d4.

...1.. else lit* *pM IIM-.ft ...... ..... ,
Are Numbered nag, I. .rtrbMlf Gay.... m.*.ttt .t J

w .**.. ...* ere .... Pus Sway .rt.w Btl .IC.,.....l *....., ...
r 54'e. Mel" .4 Pw. eery; iktlr sill e...N Pail Irte. he' PuAhu.de
I.. Cm .. lr kM droll shell. lest GeJnwli...

!es la*. fr help ......,. 9, 14 ferwola grenaed lowllaed
Tape u sy ouf n*. is ,*..., Ik. IM!.. [ ie1'dA1 14.....

S ::; .sri... Bat do M V P**... MfMBlM MdTtrry ..... Gay....MNta./

\.m45 law .. "III N ..,..... u.ewweuldo1 ,.. If"V
fill .. UM bless ..... 9rsa a Chd Leees w i

sad sal| MKM*[. Pee/ ...*.
Kline .. IfLJeaaa.pm. .. ,.. BaUMBllrd Peplell I

Beef at its Best L Ptoflda ,..... eonN woworeon.e. wr w sea a.m.r,ar onesau.n.uaee1. +a es.nwa Iae
tHrN9'B1ylt ....... DMT BM t*.i..

.. seam, AM tan*> .
.BM. tai ft*> it

001 fII Ifl#
... Pup

-. ,. .. '. .
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snow JOKE 13 1 4jyy
.. rUlln STII was ,

India OfficialIs Board Reports Numerous- Birth Hear U. S. Representative .

c SISTER MARY Barred Certificate Errors Being Made

c <
c IEAIEI AND llfllll ( Fran Mbs. Cafe TIll State Board of Heal tb this t..k,said tbatapproslMUly t
0 per oat of all birth cortincatoa
JACUON. II... Just amt to the board bar* an error of "I type, and
boat the tine that the hence sew parents aSSuld'' b* turf careful to in.spout -

to. uffrltcBiekneed < realms of tk* lit the certificate after it la flllod oat sad
< ( Adrlotfa PrUo HUlt .jMthar11 before it laEvrtt filed .........................

l1.t.r..,, the ha Holm vets being H. 'l1U.. Jr. hospital ko laid.It .
gives tilt trtdltiootlHlidu
tht Ood-OlMi Pottr to director of tilt board a la rtcoaatodtd
tloB rltri
( htal by Prayer Ou raatttt tartan of Vital statlatle that the mother sips the
of his oouctry.e0sod
( to hal the tl.kMi *. said most OOMOB actual birth certificate
t political rlnlIn
the aUla,. but tttrt errors are ia epelling rather than a hospital
till legislature wt*
isle pity for those she of BaM*. iaforattloD thtt.
b *ing gives a cold .
( too they art li barf lick la BBV caM. boei. 'Ttrtat should bo
shoulder by till itakc
( eat tea' t toe to ere tall obtain lafonntlonfra tart tbat till hospital
e tat of a southern
( sitter HUT.r restaurant br.. till parent Sir ctwpitting and atttadlnf phytlclaa

Due tlilt eti tap yet oft the tptretlai table Dr. tea MMobtr Jolla, the ctrtlfKat; bar the cornet .,IU. TOMES KSHl M Theo n UUXXS la oovtmtnt Pducatloa and bualavaa la the
send Mt Of.tk* iMUt ..,11.. Nelp the blind t< MO ao tilt Direst should log of the full\ Mane of
1 ender of gsdia'sSocialist topic a* O.fl. pratatifa cbarlca C. Dim Jr., Detroit second fro left
( ask to till tbt child, till fatntr1
aad the crippled to nlk. nee cerU'I-
party and MI> dlieuaao progrusmndobjectlva of tilt National Aaaoclatlon of Market P.T,1<
< ( taaraateed to hip or you doa t hate to pay< Co. ( cat to sate are that ore and sullen a..lof
br of Bad
ptrllaMit opens with three am who paljtd aa laportant part la the ortaolcatlon'a recent
lea Did. T days a all la fora at loo tbt aothtr. then scar
( f dal. Ton"It Bleat The Day open ( bit second to baa
attest annual convention, held at the Rico Hotel Houston, Teiaa. hit to .
nom rlttt.N.
seek fro I la the aoralai ..Ull0 It ali&t. Pint ba entered aad la tiflcato ia amt la to
time la Jackeoafllltl ester Harrlaon'i cafes correct biters till till board till board Maylor Pltzbuib proftitor of marketing at Howard I'nlvtralty, *o waa chairman -
trla la aaborb of
( Meter Mary. Located la her on .home at: a mother leaven the baa ao way of homing of the program eoMlttt; Ooaircaaian Digs; Jawf I. Avery of Humble Oil
tbl* city, aDd vas ft Mflalaf Ooapany National proildeot of the aaaoclatlon
It till Baa* ia spelled ; and C.B. Davis who
c 5137 lEI KINK IOAB Khiil' Hi. 1 Mirth \ turetd a.*/. correctly, or whether! tat boat to the thrtt-day ...tla.ln bit capacity II president of the Houston
( --- Chapter of N.A.M.O., a professional
the correct an or orianlzation dedicated to iaprorvamt of
( Dee block aorta of UIMOOO AT*. Look tor big pals ( blrthdato have bafllltd practices and ttandard la the fields of marketing. public rtlttlona advtr
alto "tin those vltk mUl timing and males.Appointed.
f oa koat* Utter Mary IB corrctly."Tbt .
,' bureau to mucks CIIXMMU IAII flUE
Utttr Mary sties lucky days M< lacy II...*. A tbat child' To .Frc.11A
aura a
( bloomed hell than 1* gloss (r**. Too too ew lit ( 111 ff, CIOICI STREET birth ctrtlflcato la Labor Board .
r keeled thrush the poser of tk* Lord ud lltttr ( DURHAM -- Haynard n.
correct routlatly
Nary's pryers. Ouanut..d results U tc ..,.. __ EL 4.1114 to parents, wltboit Jackson, Jr. a It"
graduate of the North I VAkTElnmutjr
charge, a small photo .
rim ro 1-1120 -c
Ctrallaa College School Ojif r.tor lUrNrllftlMritnn -
Under New Management copy of till certificate
of Law bit been appointed rum K7MJH *
Sister Nary Outruit Jo Mitor '* Tel ONLY Nceno OWNCO DIITRICT BILLING CONe UN| with a rmjuttt that the an attorney ia ,MKl'X Inwcpre:9' w. Wlln
( Tour Loot N.tir*. pa,.tI check the record
tilt Atlanta office of fill Itr. I. ( Lucy Mashers Sure T* lien M.E&CN: NEEDED.CONTACT: MM."" LiUU .STALL/Nfil. carefully and adMit the National Labor Relations 1-114 or *'I. 40774. and Coat
till board of any error.
hound.IT'I Open dally.4 p... until
NEW TORT MAIDS 12 r-..Friday and fUtur-

To Ml ._.-"011. t 'uii.|. day, open 24 "Houm. rApprecUtJ

'lekeu bat-.atl/ Ur.r.' Your Patron-
21n !"out Wi. ....thl.r', Ire. ti


','nt. Mtk. "/C later, FREE
2(9 KiiMtluiil Bt.P1.4I2MIIIMS ::!

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HOJ ClrTolaail "lrr,'.
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With Fill. Up


4M1 More GallonsOf
I ST--107 AT WARDS REGULAR Ordinal. prlcr sort M.
HIM' Miser' Ml '"r nlUblfM Gas At
.rty MMW* $7 .pnywnl. ,
NO-TRADE-IN PRICE } Xr.. Hitch, do.... 1111 ferry Tire'N TubeU61KWGSRD.
.'.1.... Its ,s. ..LIt.illa".
Call UJ.III4.| lilt. Ji..
!Ji llerr .


: : i' ; __ Metter's 1._


I ONLY 'n Meat Center

/e ) > 1 45t ST.JII .

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MH 1 itji 7 .... ti li"'I"'

low sole price and champion pcrformoncc mob ST-107 Words EIIIE UlliM Era TWH flifi.J lull'sFhtst

law; coot-per-mU. tire. Protected by flxtra strength nylon cord to IfiJtlir, VIII Iii' Atttfrifls Jitir.if,

baorb rood Impoct to roiltt hoot and moliturt domoo Socked
frw 1IH: .... It 1.N: ,...
Itt. Z7-month rood hazard guorontM.ji .
1h Ieulpartar Fit Ariur liiility lilts

Ad Azir Cmtrj Huts
,. -g, UZa'r'ar! :''M Verkde

-=- -w 6.W 1.1t" -=- -6.99:- 44aUAI SUAOAa mil 'A' SMALL III. Iris Dritks
$ l.atatatt tt4 Uaaro*
EGGS 2ft 1S1.spn
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