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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
ST AUG. PROTESTS OolnoarUlo Ubrrrrttalwtrflitr E .


... ... ... .... ... .... ... ...
- -



ilrikiig Workers Employes Picket Local Company HISTORY.rAX
of FIA
Throw Picket 1 "" ---L1.
**. "'

Line Around Co. 1x
WiU U ot.t a total !

of to rkra oat oa

.trU folio tin soil

flVO anatka Of BOCOtia-

tint, ..plo,.. of the SPEARHEADING
Qranie SUU Service of IT'S ::

this cats this ...k"

stated tht the plant

.111 no ala atrU e-bouD4

situ its operator NEWSPAPER BOYCOTT

bottera tloia.In vnrklas ooadl

preaentlni the .- . .
plo,.. use to the STAR _'__ __n__ ____.. "..,.p. AME Not
a .pok..... said that P'CJ.LQIIRG.' fife oootba of aeeotlatlai with fallara OB Ue part of evict Demeflstraters1 Loiters Seek

Oraate State thick op.. Benaoa Millar to COB to an aireoaoot lth ualoa-aupportad oaployea.ll out of

rat. laundry end llato the JO ..,10'" of the Orange State services of Ju mat out o* etrlko. Sew*', Mettiig With City Officials With

service pus Itt help above above portion of toner .plo,.. plck tU( the plant.Plorlda. Boycott
( STAR Photo) 4 >:r. AUGUSTINE (Special)-Despite reports
about ft fty-ceate a hour;
that a Bjoritorlua on proteatdeaionatrationa Rimora that the Jacksonvlllt NAACP ia
,, ,
anouatlai to u eY. ,
exiita her, pending outcome of a federal .spearheading boycott against the FLORIDA
week for
of $25.00 per IBJ WoatsEmaicipotioe court nil In.. an official of the Southern
.".. days verb.Beproaoated Escapee Slain STAR acre denied this week by Rutltdf
Ipaderahip< Conference stated Thursday that
by ...T.Arch.r Pearson president of the onanisatlon.Mioerea .
the local ayor and city off Iclala hold telephone C e e e e ebushess

,.,r..taU"jr., titratloaal of aid thlaaadry. After Killing OfficerIn To N "A Fact"m the key sill aa continue.to ahether proteat deoonstrations office calla to adlcat4 the atar'a that' ployaeat provldlai for Metro..>

ClMln TOM Laaacklaibla Andr. Iou"i. aa 8CLC e e e e e people U Jacbeoavtlleaad
apse or
Llata Worker laterae political OffMBlv official la .o eulaalvolitcrvlM aeirciatloa floe la eiIteuro < person porooaaor ether parts of the
tloaal put.. tb. ..- apreadlaa moora
to Bard hre.II totallyenuied.
Gun BattleA laalai till altb. the' STAR NAACP ofU elate.Tbe.
ployee ci t. tb. follow of aa boycott
Noveaber '
Prldatlalrettoa. ,Tk rdty. said effort riorlda nH'llehed .fA. eoployaperaoaa
Inc srievMceaOvortloe : e1 prealdeatlyadon ;"to arrange a.*tUn be* (Editor Not.)1)) p fall.tloe.tllliea .
prison Jackaoavllle.
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ioa.: paid sought slurs lait B. Neit year. It, AeiesII< .. ,..
Johaaoa declared t*- .his group and rater tile "1 of
hlU.,.. 10..; paid Nov. I. M allot Md billed iMt Prldar altftt soak la an laltrvltt silk
Taeatloai, tone eoploye at jadaoavlllo heath after baying killed re at a rally la ( Shelley have tailed to Petreoa I last Tvei HadUoa Square Carden date Hoeever, Mr. colaaalata. aid pro*
.. tired police sergeant durtai a battle. the "4 Cf.
.k otb IUD
two silks* on ; health. aid ra no deceased, laitlall . . here that last.,.- Viaradar alit. :>* Toot Oitrt. thtthMildVtk leader told Iris 0,t\ Idea ..,10'.'" for*...

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offered the ftrlU.. Wounds HusbandA forth. the fight aatlleoaaclpatloa
(aided PederalJadie help Mdtrtrlte the .1.!.1.'IIIt to a se.tl.ilast Ib* lat elerllno
,1.,.. by the omor Maltha Bar at 10 U. St.. la Itt
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.boo aelaally/ bo. la
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.MM la Mid to to *er* and PI rat Aveue. l0* *old OM sachated jaat a precltottloa Nt aryaa IIOPMB'Beffort
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.aka hue "h....a* ....U. ejMrrel.Oaderaolaa a ,*.,. telebrtlloo $50,000) In Scholarship Grants
aloae," t".t..., ITle'a ueT ci TT"
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tars till b.. classified
... for a ClMclfieda* 'Tlrl/ > aaofillreoMh Received GJC Graduates
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derlcb sent to Rte ass ale kd la KIM O.Ie,. society there oo child elites .. the VU. ricO Jailer Oillta'

lDt>111. .... 1teGI. .. .t..... Then. Blaoflr sir reports state .aa sill II .. ,.. Md aeye lights Cooolecloa Mda Court Stays 'ssa./.ally. IBM iraAalee. .eh*.bate. eieM.Md | .
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letlee ever btbrMaMachaaett .< the ballet otrlklatlUdco shot about 1:41: ,... by ..*.., olll a* see 4 little llralibao' > naeatiai *i.'. aawoatled .
Attorney la the diU his elfe.Cdttb. at Skein ......; Mere every by .,. cattle Rilliis O. to ..,. lba tooled ... ......
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date ter aovoraer of Joaee .wtele B-tetlve Bato. I.... pay Md both hew eaa ,.....*. off br by tae V. .. ...... OlreoUr ofloldeae Cellege. sad eraikllss.

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sears of ,nee. *, la t year; tree tan used M Mora** .1c Lusei.../441. a JoIN.
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a prerecorded laler bad threat eae4 her atT0 let loaroeo.Negro oeorot .......'* use by I* lies SI.-; ai M! Altor*.* TvelttBleoo lens. ftMtoo, of a ..tl.* lora
vtee .*... .e gave "rythMabtfal tbeooeoleed finis of 4trel4 terdlet b*
SenatorIs fo rereeote4Ue OUT f. >.la*., Cue
YHI.I KtwU8MO4 Negro Te Co111eed
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...1 sate hr Ian fee* otlt 0H M ..,. Zoa 1'te.//M/ gel hiS taste aJM
Ibe lyaoe* t.JOM .
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011 $sglr'rolltlcltlrTaken a,..* ..o.*4 ta. for his oorB la ,.. Part ...*.. atCboedb .lf4 wow tlooo oo geld IB* greet preeole .,..... Jess ...
IU Ie flarlte KrtWlM ...... de1. M4 lobar ... oooolavtelfUeto4preol lattotiftora, filled to .*,.., .*. 'of e*. lop "... aid Pelts aenlited ffeboafter

S4aBMtPillUeo Cua 118. $41Cs11f A Pea crop OfIId.Men1 .......wt1,t bta 0mten. ..ter .. .,. foal oool***4Ma OMOOCtMMle4tty .,... la.M. rooeteodiIIIIIU Pvblla Nfeader

I ...... Io e o. obit i* NIlaopoeMftf a*..
AotoMtbtlrtal. ftra* ..*. M I ffjny Err Brtd ... fWIC "I' otf thv*. h* Mi., tie lint the MU ollt ran of ....U. *fMl4Ml ,. f.o4 *to*. felled t* ire**

Slaesea. lEI..**........ OMBBltto end oo Kb* tree t* laud .. .,*.. ... es IN heat ale ether geese e4roorob MO Melee Mot. It. harp *f Coliabl 4

Peed J IB ...tend o* Penn a. Hoor la lu ge y evil blot****'. oot I I all ...... af the attojJa e- n. ,..,....,",, TUe ..... hIJ.r .... a.*la*. Seat

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: flu 2 __ __ ___ mill ui mm slim nit I. mi

THR FLORIDA -STAR Politics As usual


.blhbed by The Florida Star ,.111111111,. Co.
After state-tide or local election of
'H.mbr of ARROcUtod "..ro FTMS"EIIC any
Importance, It has been ty policy to do an

(analysis of the voting, pointing the effect -
I. SIMU.II.Miiiflif E.ltirUTSIN of the Metro vote,or calling atten-

E. WISE....... ... Km Hitir nillH V tion to the loss suffered by failure to
M//1N..Circilatisi Minttf In every case,we have'pointed to the fact
that the white contenders in the various

"MAIN IffiCE i run: 'races' shook hands after the final count

2J2J Miieriil liaiJk ELfji 4-1712 and in many cases joined each other for a
friendly cocktail at their favorite club...

Miillil Address: And in so doing. implored Negro politicians -
to likewise bury their hatchets

P.8. III Slljieksiivllli I.FIirlii and not attempt to destroy each other over

a white candidate who has woo or lost an
election.I .

7)1 Iff 3ri JUi. Plat 377-1025 election find destruction however that which the sane we implored after-

Negroes not to Indulge in. is
being leveled at the FLORIDA
On. Tear, ".00 Half Y.ar, $4.00
M.i1.d to Ton AnrihRro in the United StttMBubicrlptloo S
apt It seems that a snail group
ptJAbU la WIDC.
of politiking preachers who
Bend Oieck or Monty Order to: d .
aIf I. lost their candidate couldn'ttake
,. the truth of
Jacksonville" 1, Florida of the governor1 races, which
showed that Instead of helping SIMPSON

High, they actually helped Burns by running
all over the state shouting that they
DO AS I SAY -OR ELSE 'ere supporting his opponent. They gave

Mayor Burns the reason for branding High

there seems to boa growing tendency among the NAACP candidate.

one men who aspire to leadershipor, art The politiking preachers are now tryingto

in leadership positions to want to takeon HEAD COOK NEEDED start a boycott of the FLORIDA STAR.
the role of total dictators. The .... They want to destroy business providing

King thing about it is that this yen for employment for 8 full-time workers ond rut
dictatorship is not confined to racists BZgVKS3HKS3aVI 33HmTC E H L down the earnings of over 100 newsboy who

such as HitlerMussolinl, Bilbo or Paubus. acquire their school lunch and bus fare

They are beginning to crop up among aIn Your Week money and sometimes clothing, because we
Men in the religious field some awn lyHoroscope told the truth about their amateurish

in the political field and others who art politiking.

in both fields. I have seen an instance there a Negro

t The prolonged squabble between Membersof businessman sent out letters asking Negroes

the AMR church and the Bishop of the Guide to vote for a white candidate over

Florida district over the payment of mem a Negro candidate. Such action to many

btrahlp dues .- which the members said would be an unforglveaMe crime calllnc
were Inflated is evidence of the tendency for the Host stringent punishment. thin

on the part of some religious leaders By PABLO The ASTROLOGER publication does not attempt to be Judge
to lay down their orders and expect and jury of anyone or their net Um,,; therefore

the flock to follow their commands, WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR we did not see fit to encourage n
right or wrong. boycott of his business,because it IK M"

In the field of politics, wt see political BUSINESS source of livelihood also providing n
wheelers and dealers who seek to living for others. Moreover .e think that

jeopardize people's Jobs because they did most adults today can think for themselvesand

not upport the candidate Mr. Wheel was know when they should trade with a Negro

working for. ARIEd business or cease supporting It with
There is no place nor reason for dictatorship Born March iit thru Born June 22nd thru Arrtcrio, IN RHICNIVIHT out being directed to do so by anyone.

in the church not even for the April 19th July 22nd IT WUIO RI ur TO that's store we would feel utterly ridiculous
salvation of nan's soul. Th. duty of our lets" IICOHD OUARTIRMAI TNI Pun rur or Tel -20-5 -5-11-45-8 orrcR A NrtriNt NMD. waging a boycott to close up a

religious leaders is to explain God's iimi TO OUtS ,INTel WINOI Or ADVIMITV MAY LIBRA Negro business when there are already HO
commandments point out the wages of sin lAY or IINIMTI 01INCOURAMMtNT ai FlU ""IC CANCIRIM Born Sept. 23rd ton 530771795537CAPRICORN few of the to employ our young people.

show us the way to eternal salvation and THOU Or 1"0 Halt aoTTIN THIMttlVI > Oct. 2111'THI It has been said that some of the poll-
Itt as choose the road we wish to take, YOU WHO All' riRCirmtINOUQM INTO COMMOMIflNOIITUATIONI ONIV triCTl THAT Born DeC. 23id: thru titers did not like' the role this publication

_. then' indtvldualaseek and are able to 10 AlCOONItl Tel liP,1* OTNtDl ARI ::tlATIO rOR TNIIR Jan. ,19thATIO rcd.ln.thilNt gubernatorialOltctidn.
__ chastise ottor* by mttwRptlnt to 's.their .ISIS tMtr''''f'''',.e IN Iwo M"V| NOT TM, |* 1D[.' '-"( 'lquslU(. .ttmD'TI' .f'cf'1& c In tb,'first'place, the n..oJCiD.\

Jobs, because they shared different views, fOR Cowl IOU lie 0010 QUASI tlCMITV/ MfAWMf.You | CON"'|RD UNfAVOR. Or 'OII.IIIL"'U .STAR did not attempt in UN editorial
the very foundation of democracy is aboutto win ALSO H IMARTI CM ii UMOIT' lUll All! VITHOUT IICIRTION.TNII TNAT MAT RIACH IIIMINCIVINTOltRAIll columns to tell anybody who to vote for in

collaspt. Any man who does not respect ':II'QH to rmo mruai TeAT Tat mi ro* "itMIITARII Mil NOT MCA THAT PROPORTION' the governor's race. In our May :3 issue

the right of the other Mn to his own political ( TNIR *T MOST oTMKOUBM .lll II Ml.IINTIO Tilt tone SIll COMI TO OR IV ANINO PNVflCAkINIRtlll before the first primaries we nave brief
views is danger to the community .. THIII MONITAIVOriltflONI AND TNAT Till AN tao RUT SIMPLY THAT outlines of each candidate backgroundand
And any person who supports s demagogue Tif MOT TO TOTAL. NAT 01 INOVflM TO YOU INOUIO tiAvi tin the things they said they stood for.
who wants everybody to think his way .- "I M.INHO IV OlllUltr sIll YOU OVlTI t 11.UII' |" INOUON AIONI' IT MAT YOUR riANlAtTOCITNlR. In the May 23: issue before the second

or else .. is helping to create a Prank ,. UNlVIITtNTMTIOOIV IT II NOT AOVIIAH.I NOT II Rift, TO OITlltO TNII ROUtO primaries, we examined the two candidates .
ens to In who will crush 1'111. too,when that uo". DO NOT TO TRAVll UMilfl U' IN '''01. ItllAt critically and urged our readers to
day cones that you inshore his views, NIM.ICT TO Tact TN| YOU NAVC NO OTHiR ALTIR.NATIVI. OR FAMILY CONTRO.VIRIIII "weigh the issues before canting your
It in a very serious situation .. and PROfl "cCA'' DNf TO AltO TAil TH| UNI til roitTIO votes on Tuesday" In an editorial titled
ale worth studying very carefully .. when ItflOUMO VOUHHir MOTNI UTMOIT Or MICAUTIOnt ON You RT C llCUIIIIT&II ell "Think Before You Vote." The same issue
an'Individual or group attempts to cur MIIMIM or tat NOT TO MAI| RAM ITAtCMINTI. 'CYONO YOUR CONTROL.YOURNIAtTN carried an ".,," for High as well an" a
tAfTINO KNiriTt TO IIoeel'lc'
tall the function of the press. F awll1., If VOUR MltlOrOIIIIIION 'two-color supplement clearly tabled in two
History will show that it was through 7->>41.731TAURU3' 5e0331743.193L At AR| VOUR Tat MOJICTI You places 'Paid Political Adv. It might be
suppression of the press that Hitler was CO: 000 Marl AND RORIPIVITANOINO. will tO MINtTAAINCtVUIlT added that several other daily newspaper

able to rise to powercrush thonv ':.J disagreed Runt July 23rd thru 6C NTIRNINIO UP ANO NURIIO A. carried paid political supplements for
with his views and eventually ',ud Bon April 20 tn thru Aug. 22nd NOT TO TALC OrriNU MIN Bums.
his people Into s destructive war. May 20th TIC tot A* iciirii. INCOMIINATION OTNIRI triAR IKOUftNT'II Things have come to a pretty past when a

Intelligent people must continue to b.. PAT NO Mlle TO M0f 01 .ITN OTNCRVNrAVORARkV HIT ANO OUARO VOUR 5-100-21-/A-34312 few polltikers will attempt to dictate toa

'wart of men' who tell us not to read the paper louriit or OTHtit otl riANlTARVCONMOURATIONI SAN 10...,.. AQUARIUS newspaper what advertising it should or

or not to read a certain paper Shy 'OOICTID, TO Tat TNAT ARC 1'U'27' Born Jan. 20th thru should not accept.

doesn't he want you to read the paper? la Mast .r 11 uo tiiiil IN TNI Mocits or roRWATION SCORPIO Feb. 18th le wonder how many of these 'rightemiH'

he afraid the paper till print something .*..Pillt Of THc ". ALMOIT Vast ItWANOATORT Bon oct. 24th thru THIS COULD RC A RATNIRTRVINO politicians can bear scrutiny Into MOM nf
about him? Nov. 22nd rtRioo roR YOU their past political de.lln..lt IMlultt
101 IOU TO
PASINT ""G." '''AT Ml"
You'll never know which Is the lit and IMPORTANT OOCVWINTI.CWRRINCV ,ITN riNANCII AND TNI
IN IVIOINCI. TN| tuNas TIONTIN \If Alt TNI tNOM possible that if the true role that
which la the truth /If you don't read..And PNAU THAT MIINI, CtT INS POUII" 00'11 ON OTKR ITIMlOr tTAii or VOUR ICRNONVrURNltNlN sole of the played the last election Ix
It is to be rewabered. that any man who tUltTANTIAt VAIUI TNI WAIN, lot ..
INS Iii |MO., OILS TN| IN bus RIRIONAl 0* ,a people will be let us ma--
seeks to destroy the freedom of the .press uni.' mim TNT tot u iItTMII JOINT ICONOm. THIS MATAllO ...""' M RIRT IN t HIVOtIT calls ,oe CONCIRN. ft* greatly disappointed In some of thin MO-

l s actually seeking to destroy freedom of MWI ".IN* 5LT Oflurrin "IAN RIIOIM OUT ROUt OR Oinks run' TO M ORARN INTONtlINO called leader.

speech freedom of tlloullt, frttdol..tet IT TNOII t.o TNI MIINM Iwo MATT icvRI riActt. TWIT .... COMMITMINTS |RRARTICirATINO .

demonstrate. and all the other freedom 110 NOT IUIIU III 11115(55a Olid. rOUNO ....".... |N IURI "ANII tilt OR IN AIVINTuRII f..aelie 'S SJIIkI
w* bold inalienable You can't destroy one ). VW XJll 00 IllsTO 1 04 INtTMCII (IRCUMITANCII 'e1a1. Do NOT JuT TMITMRIV TNI CONtlOUlNCIt .
without Jeopardising the other m.*| TOVl ,IMM OITNTNI NAT |VIN M IT MlAfwRII Af Distraction l*.net ux and It ,Ix a $51514
Wins Of l UHen...... INS ri TO ni ItiriCT. &OVN.TNlllVlltl IOU. Mat It* NOT/OU.K AlTNOWtN VIRT. MUCN VOU INITWATNT rOR OUITI tO I Tl tTO MAT NOT TAil MUCH flRVOU Idea occasional and national I/ for sense the sake of direction of lair .nrsonal to-

The worlda greatest danger lies la the A| tlii.TNll ..." IWCN 110'"IA COllI. $St TO IT TNATflRMNAt TO MCOMI OVIRIVIRCITIO. reserve a time for taking stock. This

fact that Ituamn beings never succeeded la iMOUit. IIn' TO ITI Of rlOMt | """ |"'" ANO "ICONO ASS 4IINT IN.mnMNTt R coNiifiiNNICK country will observe National Plat Seek
the swat rational of creatures.It !.<. AR| SOUlS MO t OVtO 01 AVOIOIOfOR
becoming ItTNlO W40 1050130.21IH4.,1s2 THIRI ARC < from J... 14 through JUDe 20 thin
remains easy to fight with t stranger sea INOUiS II A..|NTN till vo. All A".tvCOVIRI TN! Sill .' MlNTRt year. let m renew Die outtM of "" ',.IDIt

those viewpoint you don't undo rat aad and |. 10 Tails VOCAOtf.IARV. IV INIWRANCIroticiit IIRCNITV AN I pNVtlCRtMtfiiiN colors and /ecall the Idealxfor which
... *. In ir vow
whoa Interests may be different. In the IRI.IR Yes they atajKl.thetatr .
0.Jill! All WIT VutMRARtlVRUR salt TO M..t 111 MOtTMl
the of the world moat bj 440.11.1StJt t
long rua peace aaappiag la a stiff breerc or
Ion II"
, founded on tilt mutual acquaintance of Uspoxvlt. June 4j gist 2tat IM CMlRltMII OMt MOINIIONTINII S0 .CCMCIttlONt*<<. At RCONIIO ....1..( lm dignified repose, It |* is'pasaibl

And In bringing this' familiarityto t1; RGO tlllNOIMAT to look at the stars and stripes
even srttter numbers of people, the Twist all SUITS a fit Born Aag. 23rd Chris II V vR IIVIRIIt 7-eo-00-t2-r-7a' wltaont owlag reflected .. them bnta the

,Jet plant Is the work tars of o.r live,* trim M* MM e. TMl JKT. STd CRITICI.8A41TTAII08. PISCES. glorlMf past. aa4 the future whUfc eaaIttloagtttfct
TK tall ICil'll T' A1RIIIIKt t-10.4MIkN1/' nun>> ton
sit hundred llt-aa-huur speeds Bean that ... CONllOltIOtt Pas.TICula trca SOUT great eooa try they rrpiwiit
tit. no looter limits travel. A secretary .1v wPICIOU.. OTnlt RAT.(RflTRININTtl 1i A Mtlotfs .trencta a*. A* *..; < male**
working In Chicago ftads that most of her Son N Lan sits1N. AltUTt Ion Nave 3JH ttraOK. | It |MIRT|*| ..VOOVjTOTA Ita aM follow tat will .,f a pa+nle with
two weeks vacation may Jest as easily be ,.t1" cane tall yea 0011 Mt Av M Mil fHRtO 2UtYOWW 'l MICAUT0 A V pride awl lategrlty of
.|...ItS to RIA | ....0t rmrnmt.
spent U India aa ladtaaa.Jutt over the TO U. MT TIN Stales .| *i iMCCIttll OIVHt COWLS 04oca Resposeible
sorlxoa are jet traaiporta capaolt of IN SIIA Merl se 00lIIC .*.,.., HX.Tl*..t SITS OK .. COVIR All TOT TOOIKK ... tAr| TO Rl ItS to think la4"l.a" with Ue free**
..,l M <.... tMARITRNTt .A"f ..a sad move to meet fIAt
speeds U tieeaa of ISOO miles aa hour "I....UTl. Vw CMNOTIIMCT riO l l OR CO\IAR R4.T0 | eiaagtag elrcnataact
.... Of It ... C.1TINt1." va. halalvaseSCSNOMN5 Hill tit tailed
sad the air traveler flylag from Cast to'N' TNI* T* IT4NO 1111 0041AOAINIT ICTIONt TO Tel Watt. A free society capable apawlM
across Us moses will Had that at tiLL **t 'all *a, ""| t.l M"IN. .M IMC cell IvIRTIAl ItllNCt ad t* *ragtst seek rttltea
reaches his doatlaatloa ahead of his donanvr 5NVt TO sift 115.101.SIT WAS M HIM .0w* n' | .OINO VOttfll. HUNT MV NAVI t tirvoi'RittiNo atr** mill aavtmsatllt

tlM.Coat r..aias Ut only barrier sISSieS a* to world travel sad this barrier, be lag. ITMTiUa. M| vow tatntt h r\*.iR4ITUflH II MMO Cst lee ...,. l..T|.ATtB. >ll M* -rM-'

broke do... One of this cw.t".' major (tift..""( r*" xi.i MMMlM NS ......... _..u... yet TO M C..0't *A*.|N. tvn CSt ..|.. TV Nton >

overseas atrltaes, fna America torld Air Lit talllta tsUte" Pee.IN INS M CANTS Ass ... ,.. A0.0RT| HIM t.m MoeuiMi air .. OPEIATMNSEcuun

wags, ever alaet Ita early day a of pitattrtag INS eaa..U-.U Me M Stoles A.' T* Slat TN4N AT ,..,. .ce..,... v m nit [ )

oversee flight" aaa bees M la* M lee tablet. ..titfI' ,..".. 9W mu0 50 .ON .NHV** CMMCM NtII5a ,......NSM. :
ttraatlocal loader la lovtrlag tat wit OWt OMICM MM* ftM.IMf It R|.AN(|| |N wes 0* MT III* ORIUlMT.SINCt *(*>.b ac and .....".
TMMI afro Ml%"l. 1111 Olllllt ..4 ft Mt a SINS M.AtT
of Mr travel sad tat tfftctivtataa of tt HM Bwii INS M. ', ....O *me4mli Is porn 5.em m/lia
his tears I* damooatratH ay the astoatatlBf 1NSlSIN4. ,.... 15! .T.|*t 01TR .0..V t. ft llt0AM 0. IT I5Aa IS TIC t*

a..a.ri. ta air Uwrlia la rtctttyrtu .I*.0 Vt ..|||. ttl l C\lfM. 11.15 c.ell Rll* It ....... U.S.SAVINCS NNDSI
WD-M-I ,>t-t1. SIC "ton are ott*.,. ... *..,. .11 M "KM ai

..L.. ., :Ud ti' l l' I.,
-A. __

1 i


BIRTHSMr. Guild To Present Wellknown Jaxon Feted On Birthday Mrs. Irene Biggs Girl Scouts

Is Vacationing Slate MeetingGirl
nd Nra. Cecil HalBey Famous
On Tropical Cruise Scouts of St. Paul
; 1319 Rat MB| St. :
rrtttatatlon of Uoyd' AMK: Church art urged to
01 rl. Mra. Irene A. Baggi of
C. Doiflaa' ftaoaaplay. attend the regularly
Mr. and Mn. David pas 715 .. Church Bt. left
wkly aeetlig scheduled
The Robe dn beheld
den; 1823 I. Mth St.; 'Thursday for Mlaai hart
la Chic AudltorlttB for ledieaday<< and Thura-
Twin Ctrl*. she sill board tbo
day. June 10-11 IB orderto
But day, June 14 at 7:30
Mr. i.ad Mrs. Calvla laiury liner 8.& Arias
p... oadtr sponsorship coaplete tholr pros'
Moore; 3404 Silica St.; of tile Civic Theatrical dine (or a 10-day tropi- sent project Mn. Irene

Girl. Guild, It aa announced cal crulte to Ban Juan A. Bagp, loader, atatrd.
Mr. and MM. .Jaatiwilder Puerto Rico St. '1110... Polloalig coaplttlon
tbla ''''.}
; 1010 Callat and the Virgin Islands
Tht faced play chicks of tho project the BC.-
Strut Girl. She la an active B.Bbtr btra till prepare fortheir
a recent acr. bit,
Mr. aid I,.. Joseph li oatartalBBtat for jf St. Pill AUCbllreb' annual outing
Clover: lies Potbattan8tra civic clubs
scheduled for June
all ..*..
.t; Boys, Twlna. Tit CA. and la ont of St. at Magnolia Lake.
Boat otabtrt of tic
Mr. aid ira. VailiJonet cut rtltaatd this seek Paul a Girl Scout leadan. Prtenda and parents art

; 124 Cavli Street; bclud. invited to participateto
tile fol lowing: 4
Boy. Marcellua. Charles the area stitch features -
Mr. aid iri. Alvin ? Outing PlannedA '
shaded picnic
Brlotoa; Deattrlut, Edard -
Idly 6711 Van BaroaStreet
; Pickles Poetics ground, ..i.1". with
; 101.Johnson. Pilate Melvin Caaaoa; a Juno 14 outing to tteSayrni lift guards 01 duty. RPfrethaenta -

Club Paulea, J.... Lanier; Beads under au- mill br

Plans Pulvlai, Eugene Sotod; spices of the Bertlr erred free of charge
OutingThe Mtlat. Larry Rylai; Social and Saving Club I,.. lUggi aaid.MM. .
T.8. Johnson Club has been' rllnll.d.Titht. .
Tlbtrlut. Oiborao Longs Ba.. will ,|,ohe
are planning a Sunday worth .,""dOll. Joseph Bay be purchased fro* on hand for thrJuni

June 8 trip to Ptroandlna with; Blion-ptttr club oeabera. 17-18 ...tll...

Bead Robert Granta; Senator .
Butts sill pickup paa, Galjlo Nathan Nttbitt;

ttmtrt at Tyler aid Ptepbanoa Larry Rylaa;

kings P.d. it 8 .. ..; Qulatut. Cdaoad HighSaltb .

1445 Grotht at 8':1 ; Ctlliut. JtattLanlor. .

28th and Myrtle at 8:30 Top

and 525 f. Pirtt St. at Mrs Woman Bland, Mra. POPULAR JAXON, Manuel Rivera (seated third froa remiss aany happy retires of Uo day fro his I. \

9 a... The public' lalavltod. Charlotte Stettrt. left) gas honored by a boat of friends last seek gion of frlendt. Soot of the guests seated from Special\ Values

Jlaay Johnson Hra.Btraleo In Club Eldorado during a festive dinner party left are: Mr. and Mra. J. Ryan, Mr. Rivera and his

The apooiorlag group Johaaoa and saluting his on his birthday. Dancing and a social daughter, I,.. Shirley RUera Htrrlt. standing for
la beaded by Mra. Rosa Mrs Co lea fire left: Mra. Billie lid John Burae; Mn.. baa
Mary an are
Interlude blibllihttd the occasion hlch featured
.. Borers pr..1 d'lIt. tlit production ataff. lyatt 0. Gibe Mra. ... .1111.... and K.O. Slap
cutting of the birthday cake .i tit the honoree re-
r.. Royal Art Stdulo Photo" PRE

I. Popular Teen Celebrant

P/aciallc r/sir?


and Mra. Carl R. Burroughs, this leek, .".
Bounced the arpreading aarrlaxo of their daugh*

ter Brenda Joyce Burrougha to Airman First Claaa

Leroy R. Harris Jr., tilt .J' of Mr.

and Mra. leroy R. Nitric .r.. the

( event. to be celebrated durlat a DMpltal >

.... Bunday.Junt 14 at 2 ,..,
la Bt, Plua Catholic Chircft Mlaa

Harris la a IMJ graduate of Me* II',, filif ill nl li lut iir test ,lIr',
Btantoa Hlah IIrboo I.". I InD' to II..

.r", wrr*.lly aiatgaed .t OrlanAt Air iilit ncifi-iltl" iilnt JH jut cut. ilfiri
r Porro Me |a a MO graduate of Me*

.l r ra Blantoa.Tfie ........eee..ee..see..e.e 11 Ilu.' HURRYI I

ninth Hoallan taring Dance, wpoaanred b| UtDuval

Covaty Teadiera Aiaoclatloa, till b. hold

Prlday "III i... June 12. la CUle Amlltarlw. 1 NIS WK ONLY

The Nataltaa chase la ao approprlato for this BUY ANY TWO .
aeaaoa of the year .. light attire, lay don ,

all rtfrtahlag araboli of Ue Paclft lalad that. 0'o 00 NO A/ONY

_...-- ---- ...... ... .... la our tOta atat*. r
The ataorlatloa apnoaora lie dance aaonally, Bear GOWN
Mn BimtDATI HUB Betty 3. Mctalght (ttaadlai clloaied a highly enjoyed ...t. The honoree received the close of the school ,..,. It la oat of tit Pas wnN nee

at loft tht daughter of Mra. Mildred Nctnlght. Buaoroaa gifts and eaa teadered Baay happy ajar social Naclloaa used ape lflcally. for Mill

I 1810 I. 24th St.. .at the happy recipient of a ",,,.. of tho day by frloadi sad relttlvet. tearhera and other littrattloaal perwwael.Mra. .

party honoring her OB her nth birthday last _k. ( Royal Art Btadlo Photo) Mry Mitchell thl,..' of irrt'i aotlalOMMlttee

Daaciag oa the patio lid the playing ?.".. elated that' Ue affair ll latlUlliwal& .... -- '
can:1P, It T..l.....
I. D. ...., la .,ttU..t of PCM. Mnawlto T. 'J
Barracks, Auxiliary Call MeetingA Popular Couple Pledge Troth Davis li dI.I,... of Ue dance c..llt.e. Not An 0 ft. !

...U. of the --- -_ ,
Heel Saturday 3'
itahlagtAB court ached- r .................... Not A 10 ft.
me rant of World tar :

I and Ladies AailllaryIII led> .for IB Friday Manuals suit T.srle.tP.B. .ttealag of Pulls 1.1....." *aa the theoo of ? But A BIO 12 FT.

eet !. regalarataaloa 1IL plaao recital apooeored Tatrtday otealag at The

SaUrday j.a. 8 Matron baa been ttaoaaced Ca. brll. by f't Illlla' Mtrtlii. 1(41 teat BttealoeaU Blreel.Partlclpaala ....". e fly M*ie w.. *
at Ue Joseph M. Ja .. OB lie prograo aero pupils of Mro.Verdellt I 1 I .i'.1i; ScIS" .- ..B. ..

Coooaalty Center Wb Cub To Hut B. *er.M, oearlag aero RutM ry ....- ,l, =:.:::
and Crvatatl fUreete.nt ;z e Mw MI
Tho re gal a r aeetlag .,., Valorlo lest Blchlo. Lfaa woes, glaalerBroea ('7.; El .........
aeetlBg sill ...1. of the Sao Jeae ...... Vltlaa I>>..a.. Perlre floyd, BeterlyPloyd ..... t ....e "*.< Bass deed
at :roc p... rlaaa will trio.. Club .111 beheld ryatbla Batrhlaaoa, fyilhla J.*t oa, lees I it. I i bred nee weal

be capltted for sea lah" .,. Jiae 8Bt orly Jortaa, Cecilia Htlbla Pairlfla. Malbla.Marlaa .

curbs chartered buses BM: ,. ..11 the leealll ItergaerlU B.tMU, .....ua. ..,. !r; $:
to orlaada to the StatoCoaveatloa boss of Bra. Uarlala T. ... fltre .....a... Had .....a..... Bruno HaliB, !? .,.

JIBO 25Uroogb Mar'.... foiader. at ..... ||..'. saris Then', :0\".... fhlll, ... tIA4c'-"_/" w.Tu TialSliMe5iw
28. All Beobero .. m is.d.i D 12
un .U street ra,1I I fllllaaa. ..oMif'A
art Bed to COM prepared ....... of laportaaeoIII r

to sail reaerta bo discussed sad ....................... ;" '* *.. ,,,,
ir ...'
fleas on that tb* approprlato all BMheri. are urged r .

Beater of .. BtUld.Sckolmliip. lieu Jacoaelya toltb, o buses CM b. *'.,.1.... old b. la ..SiiO "
Awarded BMlhera '''''11', preewled rodial r. ThrIftltst F
All Mberi ego do sot frlday .._.... Je II. IB felleeAlp/ sell
hero capo are asked It. PftmSCRB AI2. of Buodlaw Pulled Preetfterlaa fXftB. FRrGIDAIRE fUnf!

like prepiritioaa U .... BCbolaraalB bas ---- -. The trio of INN," etaodlat OMrc. 'Hl04 f e I.g .-.... ..... klde.
order tII.. Saturday ao bee Bearded the da..., iHPimm cwnnrf tra. Joe..tiee Alei ever of .
Ut -esq.e
bf Bra. B.M. sine., olll .1.* art pees
that ftwrteroaeter Lang .f B Blbba. Jaaler Col- ItU '. 1011 Btre BM wco4 Uo ..rn... of herdaogBter. ... rweH fI1' .... .Me ui
g -
be able U aeearo logo laitntUr to at MIN Tads Rate Aleiaader .. Joe Albert -- ,! xiKuxdxnte**
the bible ....,..U.. tool 8rya leer Colltgo Craig ... .o of I'. sad I'.. Joe*** crtlt .' The iffilr IB bells ....eeed by the trusteeMud 1.P *tT, J tl-..e. e o-a. .de....
of t.dla Cfcortft.no -seep ..en Wku'S eo
tlo*. sell_fall. '..11.'.. la" T'e ....a.' teal ,IN' Bar Nil .

.t B .... IB tie booo of Uo brldVB aches Ub ......................... .I
....... ..... Uo .... A.'. r..a.... ,....,. feat taloo gap' '

teat 0."" affUUIIa A ronvtloo f.ll.... 1I/ IMC4 All rrnrao ,,...1 fish of beaeoa. ... Vb4.es198'3.

ATLANTIC BtMltala. Tho*.*to sore ....,.. elU ....... B orglB ll Mela oatloi BM. far aa ....u.... B'J-: :::; Tad 41

MILLS ..." ,.1 sad aaefal ,U... .,.. Craig It alao ...,.t. boils hoe n. TblB peer, o
tho daagbter of Uo Isle tarroB I. Aleiaa.*,. .....,..* .tll el el I ue gee tort Beriro Pair.ra. en

t ....a Art 8.a.lo "eo) faorglo B. Baftef, weenie sere for It. 'r. ... ... .
..... ..
till ..* .4> J J
JactaMelllo ..eel. slated Uil Uo lee r

.lo<. ill lees at wo fair ells fair i.*...... .f

.old, *ra w.11...*. b...... betel .... falrgfa.... lHc.t.,1! FMIRE

'Veddiiigjtrsst 1541,. oH |.-,.. al B flrtt rate b.iel.ra. $..k Cyci. Wafer I t.

aiat.ef oral bo otarte4 .. 1411 toot T' lfUl
Mrwi.Prleatt. .. .....eau....pen can.v I
.es se'alT

....................... .-... ............
0 n..'.... IMWrd U* Perry. IIIB. gene. ag u.........era.e -
1811 B. >U Bt. Mo*< Boater 81 I* sad n....... ........ ....,
of Motor. It ft ralago olll le '1..... eiree..- n r.awAslsrS .
Swferlo B.**r, tBlB sat- Stttofeo.. e.ta IIM
leer Bo boo toed ao .' Ic Uo
I* Mat glees "
v tea lee. |T. Swell Mreet. IC'leer
...... o< fe.eroo ",.".J wd ... fHoa.4 4le
Jiei.lrtl.t. mt B.IU t J..ee. till
..... |. reolo tI. ...
4M1 Are.tt retl
B*. >f ... IBM .. ..,..... Pla*", Jt o.dif
'Is .....
f n is. WTIUdired1 Sespe 1Ir.. (lr LI.... |'f| .. lllyIH BMIto wnaN.01

IL let Sir..t, la- Wtk... AUfllI OGII Ma tiny! girl sued 1"
1, .stK ..4 Nee Poet MS two* 1 see s+ee
.. Misuse Js. ..... "t. .1111.4 ,uU.'u. ./ f
Tresses Br. ft. IB old St.. II sal Ba(*I* f.I -
...... .... of .hl. Ills 0e. call
to*. a B*..n. mtPalrfal .m*_. ta, ..... M. .
"Ida Big
gee _k, ..(... Uoo. ** tea *!.
....... t$ *. Dee IBo ....... .f' .' .!... oeedog off I.e .
ira Bll e.. nn B. Ill* I BUI. Ill '' SPEARS BROSI i '
M dhHM Bb* ". ..<. t.... f ....." .
UiIII ..... II'" 0.slIe Boeti ft. If.*e tea**
.... .>
f 1114
It fIN a* ...ee4 m."' .
,.".... in* t. iBtBlr ... t. M1+w& 114. 0. B-Mro ... tn4 I.u. 'f' !FJ.// ,
!, By. tbo B.ojor !*.
*.t, |f. a". .e,.... II- *... oM....

--- ---- -- --- --- ----

(4 .1 iiii.i TAI PAPERS SATURDAY mi .. ISM '1 i

I Commence Awards Presentations Feature Exercises I

__ Lc ___.. ... "l-.r

e k?

fit I f
'fl fl ( ,
Y k t 141
.M r i f

t 1".
k kI

I k 9*



1. :::i I. ,.

FOR DISTINOUISHH BERVICW rendered to the Florid 60th annual Coaaencenent eierctae at Betbune ere TuUII,.. herd Mbangulla ( foreground) of son The remainder of the group graduated Cu..

eoMunity and Uduatry, J...* north Davia Cookaan Collet Dr. Arthur Charleiworth, left, Tokuyu. Tanganyika East: Africa on the cla**' Laude Dr. E. A. Sailth. left, president of Runt

I (photo left), Chairmen of the Board of the linnDlxl cited the corporationa acconpllihaent and Dr. 8u.* Cua Laude; Co6alutatoriana Magna Cu. Laud College the baccalaureate apeaker who chose ashlathnie. > I

and hill Check corporation*, reapectlvely Richard V. Moore B-CC president, conferred the citations mere awarded to Freddie FDanre. Apoika| 'Tattionate Patience'*, la congratulated

.u awarded a Doctor of Lat degree during Monday degree. Honor graduates given special recognition Mohajwed Laval, Okeee. Nigeria and Nina Mae Den. following his speech by President Moore. ,

------ -----

I Citations For Scouters Society Holds I Induction Fete Babies Rate High On Afro's Program I

.ortn, Shirley Lewi,
3 Highlighted by an address -
Aururo Dow, Fay H"rla.
given by Attorney
Mail Underwood Linda
Yolande H. Chambers, one
y Lewis. Dierdre Batter-
of the nation'a outstanding -
leader, New Stan-
price. Detra
f hll' Charles D. llroolllCb..ttr
sL Belcher Paula Mack, Muriel
of the National
Tbo'pon, Eloise
Hu. or Society recently
Leeks, Barbara" Sander,
Indt'.cted 49 pledgee
Maxine "' 111 YIIA. Miranda
ti, the chapter.The .
Butler Elisabeth Fin
plcdgeva were said
nely Patricia ,Felton
to have been one of the
Madle Daniel, rthcl
largest number of inductee
Saith.Joaephlne Dllllard
ever taken into
Teresa Johnson, Joule
the organization which .5"tC f,4If
Foaaett, Alpha Sulth.
haaea Its requirements
peter Rhnulac, JeromeCalhoun
on high achoolaatiettandarda.
jerald KelminArtla .
Noon, Ltwl. Carter
Attorney Chambers lathe
Ulle salter, kd
slater of Thomas, H.llargrave .
Claudo Sawyer and falter
Jr., executive
or the James feldnn
during the
John mm Branch lMe A.
cerraony were JenniferOlbtr.
Inducted were: Jan I en .. president Vlllio ANNUAL BART (LISIC ftponwrrd annuity 'hy the Arni-tUrrlron Inmiranro<< Cu.,
SCOUTING AiARM for outtndlg services rendered were presented by 7.*. Airy, Vickie Kerlven, ; the May 25th through the 38th Ruby Clinic resulted In Ahllth Mai of 80-luihlrn
C. Johnson, vice preiJ -
Rutherford (left) DUtrlet CoMlaalonor of Cherokee Dletrlct. North Florid Marilyn nrlnkell being eiwalned bT Dr.... I.'.Kctull and C.II. Mcintosh assisted 'lir BHiiliiTii of

Council, Boy Scout of Merles to Puval County Detaetiv 8ergeut Willie Cynthia Johnnon, BarbaraOlanper dent J ; Winnrta Gray m c- the Jscheonvfll.Hoard of Health. Tl hnblr rrrrlvcil prlxrN. lnlallnK $213.00.:

eatoa, center and Dr. H. Jams Greene. i/rlnclpal of J.l.Jo'.maon: Junior rieanda Mrlln- rctary trraourer, Ingrrd tllhelalaullnwrll Firitt prl/e lnnirn Included Anthony C. hillier Riickiry Inin Halth. furry. A.Rsith. .

Nilh-echoolTh. FrlendaofSooutinf Drln Award ere presented during a This. non, Saundrn Christie ; LrRuron Pita StuMle Le Rlnnlcton Jr.. Qlllr Lrmv tftlth' II. TryKlHl

day Morning breakfast held In firewater1 a cafeteria Deputy Regional Director Frank Mary ritnt t nocrctary. C. Ftli tho Rjvomht. M. tuker. and O.
Nancy .
( RoMilc !;f.I VI', all' IIf Nu>m riTi'lvi>.l$5,00
fayaol rttnne,
Court land Baker of Atlanta. ta. the ..hr. Mr*. Paws L. Ceo me ofJohnaou
J.Inaun. Airlanno MoFnrlln eadi. 35 babies received ai> und price .jrili of $3,00 curb with third prlxcx
School; Mrs Carolyn B- Miller Darnel) Cookaan.Mrs.; Joyce Latnon of Amliraon. chaplain" ; Michael 1111. .
lavm Hill. D ardrm rrtvlnx tOO ritrh.Afnj'ii prculdrnUJiMirM II. ... .111. Mlandlnic nn the
and Major R. Bryant were also cited. Chei hank Dr J.C. townlng pre- loris, latter, RhnegmlaTkorpe son, bu lnot* manager eitrne right Mid 1.11. Bumry H. Itft. m-rrrtaryt pntuntpd tho ....I'c.....

1 et d.1. I .__....-...-, ..... '.." S, Comeestes.shorter Dennis Btrtart. parll- ( -/UKTlrun/ Puhllo RvUlUxut Ph.tuv
aonurlan.; and Patricia
Tennis Aces Invades YMCA Cbarlme Blond.OBITUARIES Hill r.r rterAttends .
Guild SchedulesPlesenlalion Annual Date Set

Headed by t ,..r.a- son la former (llaapton National Conference ,... and'
I Mare M MrM.
)H RPMII vulirwn, hive IMHIl
Sav Slats, SIP JuiMSi
tlonal collegiate d* Of
Institute _,_ ,
athlttlo wet I .1 l flt'tI..1 rhnlrun ,
m-rlialmun for A >
plan Carl llltaa of 0110 MAY 29. Su" .. IUI n n Pop Lewis, a top contender Famed Drama Oiurrh'it annual ....ifi'n Due ohservuncemhich
Howard Unlmalty, tilt yivoei I INCLUOI 01VOTIB -
Orangetargo (R.CTen.- whit la said to rreeentatlun of UnIt ,. ,1. Mi Rosa Y has been scheduled Mr Run day, July ''R.

sic Club. hoUtered by he In lop ccndltliHi/ thin C. Duugla' ford dries, MAL BAIIUI 1 IHTtt, k The parlor. It.t'.. i.n. Murray, I* ri-'iumtlnn thul
yvar. Leis la the poaMMir the varlou choir hoards ...
former national and Interaectlonal The Robe.1 till be 1 iROTMia such *50
cha.plunsmill of a strung **rlee. conducted by the Civic OINl ILATlVtl alllD her accnwjiany hla to First Timothy M'tlKt (Tiurclifor

Theatrical Guild e the church and r"Ir' .. anniversary "'"UP.
lavado JackMtivlllwSunday tile "ftimlay, Mil*! rumen atm.
Mother somber of
afternoon for a June u at 1:10 p... In VICK tiLL II NHooHCinJMI .
nerle of Mtchea with ten. la Frank Italley whuteaimd Civic AudlterUn, Mr*, ............. .se.se.s..se.
with lllllaM toIII
the J.... I. Johnson the ATA National M.an Bland director, THOM*. 214 ATLANTIC

Branch YMCA .Iran*. annmiarmi.Th N: iaot ST. alto Mr 26
Junior Double chaaplonthlp -
The fa**. elll be In t4S. moving Chrlatlantehlde StllVIVOt INClVOI'' 61VOIID MILLS ;

played beilnalai at 2 center *ro..4 atf.Hit, Met e
NcCwlIu. tower
p... on the TMCA
at 1700 Cleveland tod.OndefMUhl and la one of the most LILa MAl WlllUWI.' "" MtAxiCI -
star *o r.c..tI' -
Tunl *..l> MlLuiit .
almlflcant/ draaa
*o far UUaeaaon ever .
beeae eataied In f 's
the Routh Carollnlana presented 'by the localgroyp Siwwomi tout. i,
tents, will b* annlker'of
defeated a the h..'. oatatIng ***- BTMI* IlL"I vtf i.w

synod. Oreimeboro, ..('- condera, Tlckrta may be aerurH AND tamotika ratitoi,

tea by an '-0 .IV N. Adalctloa to the 'by ralllm '''-11110 or lntl*.i"T U. uses i* ti

The Invader sister 3 ..UM Is ,,.... TM.Mt. Mr" Q 1 vt a.anatat- *u.. _


:'JKniClNFS cnraiFTICS toner Jaws right coagraulatea itaa ,,.. B4g d / .

ALL IJUD1NQ IUIR PRfTAMTICm r. delegate from THeta Iota Chapter "r Kappa

r} Cur WMMD .VM A.1UY ri 4-31M Delta Phi Natloaal Humor Society la Imitation at

Florid MM Ualteralty to the' tM4 bieaaitl M-

vocation whit net at p.,.. DaUeraity, Lafayettelad.

., this *.n... Mia idier, fin J.rt.*vili..

t* a ....., ef tb* FWU ewwcatie. orgaaisati
j hick" recently "held its sonic iittti u* tkTallaaaaae .

caagm*. Ian Delta PI Ntttoaal Senor
hawse.'Meese ei.MI clsmSO r ya .swr..e
.-.-,.-i.s ",'CWtf'.d ,._ L.$cd a_... Society In Kducatlea mss orgaalaH U IW at uCalteralty .
of Illtaoi wdvr the ..... the lllinola -
EAV E R =:: 8-2633
2677 W. 3 a. education t.... Theta lets fleeter was cc-

taW tell" at Fieri** *M in IIJV

:::_, u...'::l..w.d.. I. rrMi V.-:;seas..., F..r-.P r w=

'tw ..It 1 U. Iu1M+ Id Ii 1st a. I 11,,l P I. Seminoles Plan

eve tu...a reset ft ..., rem eKUII Beach Outing
'II..t."IU..I&MtOI.. wtir* ':
.. .. -?
n. | |* Cvltare

GENUINE RED SNAPPER 59c u. tI., will a..aMr It*

.MMalMtUc to little,

YELLOWTAil Talbot ItUad *a Jaae

SNAPPER .tL t.w 4* are Ialte4. SEASON

ANDMAHIROVE 45C ... tna.*.rtatte. mill tJW

SNAPPER lea*. fens UU a4 Myrtle *

at t.M ..*. alb
KEN KNtSHTImrtes ) .CacM$ 'aM-CUT eat wjrtl at t. 2ft. -rtft CLOSES

5Rc 6ge lid .ea at t'lt sad

You To Listen To- TROUT & nH STEMS 11 Fieri k% .4 ..I..*,. ft*. SATURDAY NIGHT! DONT MISS$

onusow. ," UM.a .\ Ito s0 cla. THE ANNUAL DERIY ON FRIDAY

BIG IAN SMNNr slab' i'j III .. IliLW5TIBS t.tn.Ckarae.lilt vabelto. Parker NIGHT, MATINEE ON SATURDAY



S1 ?1 35 u .II IAIISMaauuirtXS

lititlj I1Sf 'til 12.11I ; I.'. Lltt-I- Pa
....... c -...... S Orange ieai
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I 1 snip .t..t % fPA&E
Ir", I ,.1. Mil 12 M14ft IMUMSJ&&I MVlUT 4 ..., p%*. .h..... ..II.r,

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WIXC 1400 ML 11.. 11w 1M ... .... 1i -

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--- -..- '- ....- -. -.------- ----------- .. -
.. ';


Sit III II IW I. 1114 FlUHA Sill WHS ftt 5

I Award Presentations Feature Annual Exercises I


c y il




AtARDINO OP MERITORIOUS SERVICE AfARDS *SS a Florida Itt:orhl president Dr. t... Purytar N. Leila, president and chairman of the board of prealdent of the ....n.I Cnnvrntlon of the General
I Highlight of numerous activities observed during Center: Recipients of the Nathan I. Collier Meritorious Afro'Uerlcan Lit. Insurance Co. Attorney Le< Baptist Plate Convention and recently elected first
the 72nd annual commrnctmetl exercises at Plorl- Service Aearda fro left are: JeroIdC. ander J. Shaw Jr. of Jacksonville recently appointed vie president of Plorlda' United Church loses;
da Mrcoriil Collet Receiving Sarah A. Blocker Hoffbergcr distinguished industrialist and philanthropist assistant public defender of Duval County: Mrs, Ruby R. trader Daytona "Beach, r.Uroct.
Meritorious Service Aesrds ID photo left are: president of National Brttlnt Company Robert Scott (Laetey), first aeaber of his race school) teacher, Mrs "' ''I. A. Neely' sn Instruc-
Dr. Mary Olivia Rosa of Detroit (third from of Baltlnor. Detroit and Nlaal tho delivered the' to be elected City Councilman since Reconstrue instructor st Murray High Brhool (St. Augustine)

left), president of the Rosen's Auxiliary of the FtC CoMmcMent Addreas; Jaata Hall, PMC alumnus tion and Attorney Alfred R. Taylor (Jacksonville), alumna of PVC th" soil her Master's Degree In Art,
National !Baptist Convention, USA Mr*. A.B. Coleman and Internationally remained basso eho appearedas recently appointed assistant solicitor of Duval .t Penn State tintversity. Mrs. Veins Lucille

(Jacksonville), site of Rev. A.B. Coleman, guest artist; Dr. Benjamin P. Pay ton, head of County. At podium la President t.I. Puryear of Hoover Hopkins of Inston-Salea! N.C., a sister
vice president of the General State Baptist Convention the department of Soclblogy and Religion at Hoeard FVC. Recipients of Sarah A, Blocker Meritorious of Pr. B.H. Puryear the escorted first students

; Dr. Suite Holler (Port Lauderdale University, lashlngtoa. D.C., eho delivered the Service Aeards fro left are: Hra. unite M, to integrate *lnati>nSalen' publteschool systrn;
chairman of the 10.tn' Convention of General" Baccalauereat Sermon; Mrs. John T. Betsch (Jacksonville Tanner MlaaQ, retired school teacher; ..,.. Ira Rosa Ann Hstklns (Hasting), retired St.
State Baptists and Dr. B.H. Puryear elf of ), standing la for her father Dr. Jasea Carrie B. Sloan (Jackaosvllle) first vie* president Johns County Nrhoul '.....h.r.II .
of Plorlds Baptist lot en' s (Council vice

Places ThirdIn i Usher In Dairy Month "Bigger Breaklisis, Better Grades, IIfli. Brevard Receives

National MIEN Tl. AlE ILL
Organists Contest Memorial Chef Advises Students $100,000 Bequest
You B.'* The "Beat fk>ctorhnt
ATLANTA Clark College ST. nrUUURNC/ Ire Bars
AUOUETINR The bluer the breakfast a stu-
Victor rrescrlbra
i Yo r
? Bsrtkitonn, of ideal,
Music Di-partnrnt dlllt eats the better his ." ruculty ".Itrr "Bernard Csllfornta. thin seek
to campus chef Hovard
Rtrkerdje.st Plorlda .Awirdlng to Tour Actor'sOnVra.le
Hunt. IT his ellil third donated f 100, 000 to
Culleie here .ht.
0h recently quit kls Use Only The Beat
plan is the National TINTF kitchen" long rnn Kh! to lecture the student body Brevard engineering rot quality Drugs
Organ playing Content c on eating hahlts. ..............,,..,,..,., I* i* In Melbourne. Pro C.K. IUarhProprietor
sponsored by The tint Plorlda, for construe
Juvenile dellturacycan ndtlition to the above, loss of a nee library.
vrrntty of Pall f oral a
ami the. Aw r I fun Guild consist quite aa 'eat and eggs tu start Tti library, .111 !be :3 HHJISTniW: PMMMVI TO WRV too -
much .f bud ratlSgha their. day snarl In memory nf .her 4 COUP t R TU LINK OP
nf orimnlKl
M ts as of other Sore than nutrition. IsIn late husband tllllanAs 1'I1..tI. Ruiitwr o. ''kr runttenLilly's 111ndrina
Mr. ||unti>r. assistant .
urts of bud lull.h.fh..r solved, Blckerdyk '+t 1"I..lrrU C'IIJlIII P1S Arn ffJlY'WJI
profrMHor at Clark '"mt nsrtholonse. mbar
I Rlckit'lyke told said,brnwae tahiian| ,
sag a nail II, rmllfnrsis I
Klnif 196:%. UM our nf .
the im.r hlH ntudrtils shirk alota durlsg the
nine final In tit frill rancher Store
varlouM clllr e"'l" partlilpatnl at Ibi- ""l. ., .I hieLecture ni iht needs to bea The see College library

/ In the win, In shirk he r.iuaeu.. la Melhnsrwe mill h", aenvtftUnillAi
NATIONAL' MIL (WEAK Mr*. Huma Mriita of proved| bt.ei ilf a man nf llettcHiii| till IIRCS Mil U H2JI
ITlltli.s lit KanU Rir .
ReldM h VM k lima *
Ahoedaltad. India, 1& grs.iuale" etudrfil In HooeKcooalcs : forensic ss nil ss lltf In spate trchnolugy I ,
Inim. California.A
IIr..Ia.III1' IIr OlxTlInronnrrvatiiry at HotarJ University, and campus queen culinary Iciest*. U. S. SAYiNGS BONDS Mlrnre. sad e..glaec .. Marsha D. Plpi-la right, of anhlntton. a senior, The htlll' dahlia orroll. .
f Music take a milk break !brteorn cs...*..<>r* silk break .." students. are
wand PYruruse Ililvrrnlty, by. young people cite enrwraged last seek by Secretary annrimly| It""",.II,' ...d.
Mf. TMntfr IN a .b.d..rlll l S.-
of rtrultur! Orvlllp U rreraan shim he To prove his Mist .kcltH ,
candidate at' Indiana
rallrd attention to the 28th Annual. "June Dairy a recent mirvry uf -
Indiana University and _
"'nl"" observance. Llllt year tilt American penile some &0, 000 stNdrnis,
In the first Nrgro tu
consumed nearly (4 btllloa quarts of silk aad hick famed only 0|
hI''''.'' a nohrr" iif the
shared. 2S Mlllon quart silk people In other percent ate bretkfsitremlsrly
Atlanta thrfflrr Culld nf nf or..lIlIllIlII. Uftorrlcnn land. India rn-plved shout .alllloa. quarts.VfiDA l and B,0o0 slam.hahl U l E R1Mr sA"R K E T
Photo ... t. .111/ ale no break
fast st ,II.

A further study carried QUANTITY IICMMMJIIVIO
nut .by Pr. P.V, NrColIwist
ee .
S. eeeeeee $10,000

ATLANTICMILLS Completes Bequest B.CC'sConstruction ..r*lty'hsa tested Hopkins time Dalv effects SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE I

uf no 'IUlit.

Drive Hint breakfast breakfast, andkeavy WESTERN CENTER CUT SMALL BAR.s.aUE SIZE

DAI nit! BrACH Or. sponstndents
eee. eeee. *
Richard V. Snre prrjldMt scholasticp.rtorsuee
of Brtnune'Conkn. ,
College anainysces that Invsrlsbly the nor PORK

110.000.00 MS received they at*,tke .better timer S SPARERIBSLB.

true tile triage Ponada '.rto rams de, :
lion nf tvtroltMichigan tudrats shin dudied s

beards tile '.''1111.. breakfast altogether.r CHOPS
dilute Cspllsl Pied bad only| least sad

Caseslgn. nil .*. a coffee, did *.1, hit
Ckalleag sift and ems ss cell as theme mom

predicated *r. the rem ate ssbstastlal breakfast 43BEACON

oelrt *f .....000.00 by .. 59c LB.
O'I time Tnst n venrentOr. T* da their beet In

c.-u tea. .1..., stslesli seed
(badge C Paella .. have frail *r twit

.f nee fork City and Dr. Jib.. bt .r cud BAKCRITC

Cetltt t.,..,* *f cereal, rear, .u, ml
Beaver Pall. ire, yen., bread and .ttr for
...,... aad ...si rM, "U." a., lirter BLEACH
.f tt* Tnale. Peel9< dyne l4Ud.lt4 SHORTENING

.CL Mil Pud snMMced) that .ts .*. are ,*psl i
Ibis ..n.f 11..000.00 call active ne.4I*
crorlHen fr llllen "!.
late "*l fsr theslrnctlM ."
*f tk* pr..1. Htlf Gallon 1 Oc 3 LB. Can 39 ;

dent''s >*!<..(. and a ,
ieep.eted .s,. see, MertlttU, air .
f lEE whit I w Ti., 1'rngh. e llled ll-r..o WAllPAPERNtUMntf Ikvl 1 iH IN if tits I kit wttt Ib* HI till SIN ir .,'! fH4 in4f

1".**,.*, "lldli| I*
..* tk* t<*.*ll.* C.glrta gdredans gt b'a
".111.. .1 tat idt GOtHN NET mu& mm u ir '11. 3tMUSiUftY

floor bed .. RMMIIIM ombsQ IeYau HDf PUT

11.1.1. e. tb* lad 61 tkr. aMrrlt

ties a.loi I, *t*.tt4I sgta8.i. CtMl t lAHiM) MSCUfTS 1 cut 25* MAYONNAISE
b* ..rlte4 ttt U*
M" Stun w.e.NnloI .*-1. .l gas Pall lent Ptrt Street
I. r
-- C. 1tlMttff
I mss .. .... .w..rt"
1 t.ff'-- S a" 0. S. GOOO) SH&OJM mAl u. 69<
110.1"1.." ,'I RKTf0 Rile II'"'
,,' 's-f R"5)51i n. .-..,.
W0.U' IILtf-SILf! HI'S
1JM.t100II1'1.-. '. ""''' .. 1t11lC", ti.l FAI aKTEttCMT tmc rmiu &
--" .'" "s III Sill 5hN n .-.*.
.SOII'--.s- 'lit"
toOaf.-- ',"." Ibis Iipik1 11M .lsastsQ gel.

_..._ ...-- If U| III! nmim CAUfKllS TOMATOES' SOW J in 29(

3"1IE"'rs = 1 1.LL II" ll lit leech HfCA

S Oct b. ...... .. .*P IU. Mane P
? S w..cltr a..c.o.IB. 1$25L III) Illlllll] o hllitYMiil CftTit CUT WKtT IACON'u.. 25* 'XII. ;

SMIVIII.. H4 fI 2tIf "j.I
tilt .'1fT KAnt STMfT I
,. W*f.M f_*.f.-*.,........ [mm mi msM mm 0 HACK EYES HAS u. I io<




( j ,

I riiiiDi sin rmis JUill.T Hit I. 13(4

Daughters Of Jerusalem Junior Woodiiwi Board To Feature Vesper Hour Children's Care Mother Midway

Grand Auxiliary IB Session Here future Miss Smithffellkaowo - Center To AME Church

Remain Open Holy CDBBUBlOB rites
The Junior Grand Auxiliary of the Dwgntsrs of will be celebrated Sunday -

Jerusalem Md Sisters of Mere it holding a Sons Jacqueline Smith and Us forking and non-working Rev. .J.t. .Jones,

there Regional Conference .June 9, t, 1 at tbs popular Ibeneseer Trio Bothers sow have an opportunity pastor announced this
will bs featured la
a to have their
24th ud
Church of God and Stints of Christ week.
Lives is host psstor.TBS recital Friday light at children attend tbs
Stuart Streets. Cider C.R. r
'..........._.uuuu........_.... 9 o'clock la ffoodlawa Blodgett Day Care Cater Major services will beheld
Initial sstlsi at It .... and s:30
Friday will ooMencs at Rhode I si sad; Mrs. BUa- Halted PrssbytsrlssChurch. located at 1207
Rev. ,.D. oleos p.a. at the 1459 Van
beth Gill Junior Grand Davis St. duriag
Saturday's service -
6 p yS Burea St. lastltntlos.
will begin at t: 00 11..., laahlngton, D.C.: ; psstor. simmer Months, it wss .
S*a dl" activities
Miss Thslsls Lola Paiksr Tbs prograa is being announced this week.
a.L and last throughout Aa
will beam with
the day. Binds!' s nesting Junior 8. 1.. Brooklyn plasBsd by Woodlsws's Children bstweea theages 9:30 with
is scheduled for .NSW York trustee Board.A of 2 and second
Superintendent B. c:. Hart
graduate of Bout hers
10M: as.Pro.iaest. A well-planned program grade years are eligibleto
r lid teacher
: speakers will be bald at ...cialI..loD. University Miss lUll attend the airconditioned aupervislsg. -
is widsly known through Morning service
four prsssnes facility
will deliver the itsstsss -
Rabbi Howard will bs richly rewardsd southeaster auslcaleirclss. Bummer activities will will get underway at
11 wlU the pastor
She began the to the
Ztbulon Pluaasr Chief laclade trips
Executive of the Church Witnesses' Change study of auslc at aa j+ BOO. May port by Perry, conducting the sermon
Mr*. S. Hagen will .
of God and Saints of early age In Mt. Calvary oookoets and creative'arts preside
Meeting Dates ...
.--.... over Ue MX teaiueaeetlag
Christ will sddrsss the Baptist' Church where she d...... The program
audience during tbs Tbs East Beat sad sang with tbs Youth nesan RECITAL The Plorlda ASH University Department of wale recently presented wi 11' e'lter arounda at 3 ".". Evens

Sabbath (Satsrday) 'aornin Central congregations of Choir. students la vocal and instrumental music ia a Student Recital duringUs physical fitness actlvitiea. lag worship begin at

worship. Ubbl Plums Jehovah tltnssses, have Miss Math gained Initial Sunday evening vesper hour in Lit Hall Audltorlua. The student performers, ,: 30 p.a.

see| holds several titles rs-scbsdulsd" their June face when she sang oaths froa Us studios of Mrs. Alas C, Lyle, fists: Mrs. Mary A. Roberts, piano; Mrs The Center la affiliated The pastor ia issuing

of which is Past 9 meeting to Jane 7, Ted Mack Original Rebecca t. Stasis vocal music: Samuel A. Floyd, percussion; and Thoaaa C. with Duval a special call Meetingfor

tone tarandasstsr of the Ms. it sin announced this Hour Her success open Lyle, clarinet are pictured here. Shown seated, from left to right they: are: County's Nursery As- all P rut den t....

sonic Bobs of Vlrilals.aladaa seek the way for several concert Miss Barbara Gilbert Jacksonville; Miss Marolyn "Nelson Quincy; Miss Roberta socistloa.JulinglOB. members and cobs 1,2.

L. Bernice Pluaaer Allen T. Pools, public tours throughout Bacon Jacksonville; Miss Lonnls .Jean Davis Tallahassee; snd Miss Gloria Gaul and 3 to meet with at

an AKA fioror, will address relations director of the southland. den, rapa. Standing, left to right are: Shaylor .Jaaes, jscksonvllls; Elliott Baptist Ue church Sunday at I

the audience Sunday the circuit said reasons Tickets say be purchased tinkler Jscksonvllls: lenneth McParlla, Pensacola; Ossls fright. Port Pierce; p. m.

June 7. during the for the rescheduling was fro. Oscar J. Hlllaan Ralph Matson Perry; Norman Choice, Madison; H. taddell Taylor taycross, ca.; To Celebrate The public la Invitedto

due to 100 ... ber. dialraan and aeabers of and Alfred Dunn OrJ..do. attend all of Mother
corning nrslhpOfficers
of the grand planning to attend tbs Us Trustee Board.Muhammad Youth Day Sunday Midway's activities

Is Training Yourselffor
Auilllsry are: Bishop LORETTA Youth Pay Elder I
Rev.W.WWhitehead Gates'Anniversary
H. Z. plnsisr. GrandMother tbs Ministry Aa- will bs featured Sun
Sarah porte. uth, seably" slated for St.Augustlns 'To Conduct FlrslTimol.y'S To
Harlem AddressCHICAGO MrbUELJ day at 3 p... duringa
from June B*7.
Virginia; Mrs. Besrsh ba
J2eh t
program which baa
) End
C. ffalksr Grand Rachel Stating that tbs convention Honorable l Revival already been oovpleted, Sunday

Philadelphia Pa. ; Mrs. ssssloas will Elijah Muhasasd la Net I,'. whltehead, .". B. Burgess, pastor, The 20th anniversary
Beasts Brent Grand Lash bs a continuation of ths scheduled to asks oas pastor' of Connor Temple announced. service for Rider

Casdtn, NSW Jersey; local aeetlBgs, Mr of his most outstsnding Midway Tabernacle Baptist Church will open tart lit Church Savannah, Miss Gloria Wilson, Sidney eaten, pastor of
its Vacation Bible School for
Miss Daaa Tancsy, Grand pools some 700 dslsgstss sad dynamic addrsssss Monday dally who ta considered one of leader of the planning Pint African Universal I

Mary Portsmouth, Virginia fro. South Georgia to of the year Is New York sessions which will continue through June the nation' most outstanding committee said Flacr Church 1229 '. lt !St.,
S Daytona Beach will bs Harlem 19, Rev. A.C. Settles associate Minister .
at the
; Mrs ions City and director announced. gospel preach Hartley Jr. a student which began with nliAtlvaervlcea
Mtth, Grand Martha, expected to attend tbs Araory June 29. srs, will conduct the o f tlnuglas Aidorima Mich starting Mondnv

Portsmouth, Virginia: convntioa New. York Mosque Officials ./././-/-/././- -/*/*/ 10-digr old fanhloncd revival School will be the will end Aindnj.
Mrs. Evelyn Matson oat of the highlightsof estlaate that beginning! June 22 speaker. During Sunday at 11 a.

I, Grand ..H.II" Brooklyn, the convention will ors than. 900,000 so- Miss Jacqueline Smith well known through through July ] at Pint Others appearing onUs .., Rev. A. AidrraN unit
i NSW York Mrs. olive bs District Supervisorof called Aasrtcaa Negroes Tlsotiy Baptist
; Church
will Include onBgregatlon of HeMl.
out the southeastern states for her lifted prograa
Grand 8. K the IstcbUwsr Bible will be to hear It.... Milk
Briton, ? present soprano singing, will be featured in a* recital pastor Rosa Ana Plait BrendaHartleyPaulette Zion BuptUt Church sill
portsmouth. Virginia.Neabsrs and Tract Society Mills nuhaaaad. Officialssay announced.
conduct the service.Blhop .
along with the Ebeneezer Trio Friday ficiplo.!
of the :Junior Anderson will peak on
that this meeting According to
I night June 12 in Wood lawn United Presbyterian Alberta Rhineland, Jessie G. Carry and
: Grand Auxiliary art Miss racing IP to the will be the largest Church. The program is being Xaltb, Rev hltrheadla and .Jlaal Sclplo .members far Ui Living
' Barbara Dloksrsos urgency of our Tl..s" gathering ever of tour no stranger to
sponsored! by Wood lawn' s Trustee Board under Sandra Hartley God HullnoM Tcwple will
r Junior Grand Rachel June 7. pap I.' Plorlda'a religious circles The public is Invited direct the cloning
the direction of Mrs, r.M. Hurley. nut\
Phlladslphla Pa.; Mrs. since bs baa been
i' Zion Hope Mr*. V. "'fit"" Mrs. L. smite flunduy night

Abigail C. Joss, Junior Holy Temple Of The ./-/././-/././././././-/ la great demand from VI Isoa and Mr*. R.
Grand Leah.Jacksonville; Baptist ChurchA various churches throughout -
Bclpio sru the apn.ors.<< Abyssinia Slates
,,1 Mrs, Ruth Ann Bade, True God Us state and bill a
living St. Peter's Baptist Church 3rd and Powhsttan
H Junior Orsnd' general bests sea tremendous
Mary following.
fits. will be the scene Friday at Hughes'Kindergarten Conference FridayRev.
Ohio Miss meeting will get underway .
TwlBsburg : First is
s Sunday's services will Timothy In-
7:30: .. of graduating exercises of Green'sCollege
'\ K tin rah phllllps, Junior begin at 10: 30 a... with Prlday at 7:30: p... for Little Folks. Graduates who .1 ting the general Announces Graduation R.l Bjnn, piuilor"

. Grand Martha providence la Us church. public to hear this outstanding and officers will nuprrvlop
Sunday school la tilt Hughes' Toddle
sill be given certificates will be Monroe IBBRladtrgartca
I ....d..lIth.Uu
the monthly conference
temple located st 1479f. UcOriff.Joyce Campbell Paula Sue lallsce representativeof will have

nun CAM KIP TNt : 3ith .t. Rider Oscar will beds silk SUB day Beverly Cobb Claudett Gilbert layne God and to share lathe its achnol ,closlag eier.- scheduled for
sheet at 930 a.a. Friday st S ".W. In
L.. Oatss, pastor, aa- Griffin "Jeroie Holaea, Barbara Mercer spiritual benefits tune Friday, afternoon
Send your Base and ads Moralag worship starts AlfHNlnla Kir tint Church
thereof Bslth
Rev -
sousced.aorslsg. J6yce Bell Zena Davis Richard .Jsaa Sat :3.: .
.r dress and flad out bow at II .... sU Us deacons Totson It we announcotj Tuoml.ur.Holy .
worship will Shiny Brown Karl Balsley, Velaa Rober and friend are
miracle. of prayer can supervising Us devotional m-nualon riles
accomplish wonders for get underway st lie' period with a son, Rubin Hart Debbie King and Tanya Mt. Salem cordially Isvttcd.Tkero will be celebrated Bin-
i noon; TPU at |: tO p..). McCoy. will be .klt*. a
JOU. CI osvesast aeetlsg to day at 4 p.a. with
Nrle: sister lilts aid light service at Baptist ChurchRegular playlet and the cornea-
follow. The pastor, Pay choirs and ushers
I o'clock TuesdayIgkt's ././././././././*/./././ tins nf the misty aadPrtacess. Ner
Bon nea.chicago 90, prayer ssrvlcswill P.R. Slapsoa' will deliver worship ser ving. The pastor will

the season vices for it. MlM Baptist deliver the 1Itr-.
bs held weekly, As pr.- school graduates
The Prince Hall Order of Eastern Stars is
Ths Pulpit AN Board The
Church located at pastor will lie ac-
will Friday night'sTerry will meet at 9 ,. .d planning a bus trip to Kisslsmee Monday 22nd and Myrtle Avenue will receive' certificates. ciwpaaled. by the sale
service. The publl .Ths wryer .aeasloabegin
BTO at 9:30: sad Kveslagworahlp July 13, Mrs. Lois Hagen president an. will begla with ftuaday tons: and eoagrentlnafor

Is always welooas.Weil at 9: 30 p... The nounced. Members desirous of Baking the School: at t:30 ....; the Jese B through services at Royal
tour are urged to contact the Matron priorto An nest .. Please make
!pastor will conduct the superintendent" is chugs Tabernacle RaptUt
Union the June 8 setting of the Council. contact aa, moos aa possible -
senses which wilt bs Morslsg service begins Church Sunday at 9 p. ..

ChurchUsher followed by Noly Coassloa. . . . st II .... and even lag slate apace is
Baptist / / / / / / / / / / / / worship. at 9 p... Halted.

Board t wilt hold Choirs 1 and land UaII",
First African Baptist Church of St.Marys.Ga. .
a business ....Ioe Friday Boards I aad 9 wills
will begin its Centennial Anniversary
st :10: ,... Choirs rvs.
Sunday, July S and the 11th anniversaryof
1 sag 2 will rsbesrssat its lev H.L. Patterson ell-
Added pastor, ,
: .. 3 Physician
t:2o P. the Christlaa -
.e . . known ministers and their congregations,
-ducatloa Board To Brevstar Stall ushers and choirs will feature the nightly 130 tASSAT

;ATLANTICMILLS will test Saturday at .ices.Friends and associates in Georgiaand '
0 ,... Brsester MethsdtstMoapltal Florida art invited. 1111 w. dEAE

: District II will meet medical staff 3101 EIItERS9Nse.a

KM day folloelag swra- at Its rsgalar ass thly . . ..
-/ / /-/ / / / / / / / ws+e v.a.
e. e. lag worship taker BoardI ...U... passed aa the
., tkrstphislslsaa l lMaltpl ttMM
has scheduled Its ass apftlcatlaaa
Rev. Rudell Klndall of Lexington N.C. 110PLA
for stsffaeeterekip.
asal ssslversary sb> is the evangelist for tilt Old .blon"
sems for Friday, Cosrtssysesbsrsklp
vival currently In progress at Trntvlnt
My 17 at I ,... la Ustksrek will bsgraatH GRADIASS SUGAR CURIO
Free tiled Holiness
hU.w... nsalajprsval Bj> Church. 1439 Spear

asdltsrlsa. A sf the Hospital. lag St. Cervices begin at 7:30: p. .. with FRYERS
roger It Masse. ISBN sf Oirsttsrs at juniors of the church supervising. The PICNICSu.29c

1 Sunday ProgramA the SJeetlBi sf .JIBS 91They revival till continue through June 10th. 25=

I art Dr. Charles . . >,-
t..st Night. prsgraa Alfoase Masse, plastic / / / / / / / / ,-/ /

Cbslrs sill bs| sad presented I sf slue by ssrgeoai. ..Or*.n1.fttrtellu. .James a.Bllssa. Aa ontlag to Froiodiea Beach scheduled DOLLAR DAYS ARE EVERYDAY AT PREMIER' '

Boss Baptist Caarsfe Baa ardlsnacatar sir.Seat for Monday June S is bliss planned by the

day, jm 9 at I ,... aad fir. lurid R.SeMi. T.S. Johnson clab. Busts till pickup pas* '11'

Mrs, Jshasls Mas Lisle, ., Or..r- asniera at Kings Rd. sad Fires at I a.is

litres if tsreswslss f MB. 144 Orotht at IIS: ; JOta tad Myrtle at CHOPPED SIRLOIN 12 20Z.

sill bs iBtreises by Or. Charles A. Mead 1:30: lAd 32S '. First It. at I a.a Mrs. StMkBSHORT
Ira Rosa i. Biers is tae eltb presldeat. The AT sum rr. rraas awa r S
way lltohelL
Jr.. shut af aedlttl
IB iavlted.
1 the pregrai, tklsk Iskelsg staff sad Bokert Bar** MUTT PORE

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ths aaaaal lea* baa, aJalaUtratar aaBsaacM ./././././././././-/./
Bar prs- that the boapl* RIBS 7
I grim sill alas helms tat wttt ...t"" aalateaslvs us.
llth I.,. J.i. Prison serving as tvaa*
ttbsr Issal
serial Cars Calt.AatlclpatM .
grease. ..*..&1.. bust, the revival at faaatcl Baptist LUN

.f the prsjsst'ths aorta .tU. cmU... through seat week,

...... asata ., No-eater Rev, I.L. Sadger. pastor* taaovaced. Services BRISKET STEW 4i
Aid To Blind .
"14. till coat lave to opta tlth prayer

service. conducted by tat deacoaa end .... .AI....

Termed "Hoax" Ushers SpoiserSMvir eoaeatea begiaaiag at T P... Pr lends and

tat pblle art Iavlted.tmcials SPARE RIBS 3 us.

flsrUlaaa are advleedby Roby ./-1-1./-1"-/-1-1"-1"-1"-1.r-

Us Fiends Casasll MUTT
fir tbs Bllad .water* sad In.'' .r .
Ml ta bats b+. elected fit tweet Held Ba**

i save lest tats frtatitaretta .. priestly teat side tls Ssbrs' awl assert a Bay ebawnaass slated HAM SHANKS 3

packs ...... taker Oils bard sfIdacatlsa tar she Danl.Jsl p .. they area ... bee IM trast, w.

tbs tab sill set bay a .u.%... a eaalnaa, sad are. tattle ........ es-shairaea,* I

seetsg aye da.. baby chewer ta the base hit... ar4 arv Ti sUm j.aaias" lb s. 1. "114If.In. SM0UO

Taere are several deg .t a,. n 4 In. Era t.ttaaly iat-4 ttltltaia. are. fits tajer. .... Bate

.... Inc tareejgheat. the tatt t. JBtb St. ......* awa Bsretk ..,... ..... VwalUe Stblar.re. SLAB BACON 3ui

ID U M. ta beset st fcvt. ABa4areeeatly. B... lea ,..aa a. tra '. Ja.kas. nM t-e

nlgss arts 11I1 ........ urn HI HI mm sm n m n WMH 4Pat



B CC Grids Heir Noted leaders Conference Dedicates Expansion Eastern Stirs' SO,000 Rtlrei!

-- ---
During 60th Commencement Fete Is Already Hearing Completion

Tear* 'murnj Retreat
DAYTONA BEACH, Pit.-Bethuae-CooUa: College
graduate wr told to forget abott color Md POMONA PARK A surer camp for youth and a year

concentrate on complete mastery of their skills around retreat for adults, the CB. Pelaon-Danltla

aa they eater the most coapetltlve labor market 4a Gift of Love for Eastern Stars of Florida, was dedicated .

ia the world' kiatory. "Tear efficiency as a M here recent,.
Being built la on* of of the facility honored
craft ran and Mastery of your particular skill reOPIIS
the scat beautiful lake are. Cleaentlne, Daniels,
.111 deterala the respect you get and. control,
your pay envelopenot the color of your akin." regions of the stttePoeona --- grand worthy astron eese.neee5 ee.ATLANTIC.
This man the advice ........................ Park in Puts.. .,tlll.b.. Grand Chapter
given to the graduatingclaaa Mich.; Yvonne Cohen, Pa- County the Gift of Lore who has spearheaded de- ; ; ,

by Dr. ..,. fur latka. Lodge front oa picturesque Tttopaeat of the recreation -

year, Florida HMO rial Also Eddie Perkins aad Echo Lake and canter since MILLS
College presidentduring Delorea Jtrrldo, both presently iacladea a April 1962 hen she do-

the Both annual ooaaienca- of Clearwater; Esther N. large cafetortu with a sated a one-acre plot e cc 5See ewe see

l! mint aiarelaaa kara IllsoD, Lakeland; Glenn stage for Meetings, a of land and began a
Monday Mining. C.AodreemGiffordNelIi.Pinner : kitchen and guest noon campaign to finance the

>| The exercises held in Riverla Beach: on one aide, Eventually, project. The site now

j Moore OjsassluB, at- Maxlne Randall Miami; there will be guest encompasses almost four

!r tracteda capacity crowd Jam ita Robiason, 111liatoi _aIt. rooms on both sides of acres and Rev J. C.

1 A near record claaa of ; Ira J.Stitt, WEST COAST BUKAU! CMttitg till ribbon to tonally open the new coablaed the mom L-ahaped but Id- Hurray recently donated.
' 129 received diploma; Hawthraer Daisy H. 'U.lta. offices of the Southera Christian LeaderS Conference and the western Christian lag aa tell aa lake- 30 more feat of lakefront

| two were awarded honorary .. Tampa; Dora H.tyche Leadership Conference. Dr. Martha Luther King. Jr., SOC President (third front cottages and detached land to th *

i doctoral degrees and port Pierce, from right), officiates at recant eeraaoalea. The bureau" will be under the direction bulldlig for facility.Dr. .

1 12 were cited for outstanding Tberon Carmichael), Perth of Rev. Ttioaaa til gore (fourth from right), who formally headed the faally group living George i. Gore Jr .

' achleveaenta. Aaboj, N.J.; and Vera New York office of 8CLC. Opening of the ..office now brims toa total of The first unit of the president of Florida a

In his 29-Blant address Mae Ehaaplaln, Paaaaa three branch offices for tae Atlanta, Georgia-based civil rights organisation. recreational facility MB University and 't
'I j j the coBsjenceaentI City. Other are located la New Tort and Waahingtoa D.C. Dr. King will return to ia tipected to he came worthy patron of the

I speaker cautioned graduat Recelvlag honorary the Rest Coaat this week for rail h. aimed at draaatlslng protest over delaying P eted at a C'O.to' ape George I. tore Chapter,

** about feeling doctor of |law degrees tactic In the Beasts on paaaag of the civil rights bill. Bone 100,000 protlaately 110000. O.K.R. Tallahassee, de< FAJ

I sorry for thenaelve ere Mrs. Anna Brenner attended one of till rallies oa lulCl.,,.., 31, at the Los Angeles Collseua A fishing dock I* en- livered the dedicatory

I Ha said success will be Heyers, Miami Dads peeled to be completed address during the pro-

I obtained only by thosemho County School Board Water PollutionIs FAMU's Volunteers Cited .by July t. when aeabera gray shire tribute man
| / hare an 'lnn.r sense ester and James Ela- Hospital 'V>f tilt Florida Masonic Mid to *ret 1 !Pan!f'Is._

. of peace." He urged worth Davis, Jacksonville AttackedBy Oaring Annul Week's Observance faally will hold aa aen -

the class to learn to flan-Dill and al daylong family
be aethers of a tea. Iwlk-Caeek Company TALLAHASStt-Placquea were presented Tuesday to picnic and gatherlai. 'UPSETSKIN

"Abort all, do a Job board chairman. re t.ry four Florida MM University Hospital volunteer The sum of $750 was recently

which will sake others Cited for outstanding of Stale Tom Adsms this week aho have performed unasusl and unsung services doatttd by Hot awn.a :::=:._.aCs ..i i it.
respect you for what achievement la respective attached su and v/sur pollution tor patients over a period of several years, "during lorthipM union Grand wa wnIom. '
= :: := :.:.:
you arc rather than field were Dr. si a major; threat to a tea which kicked off the 110 lIP it ai'* annual observance Lodge Rudolph Bradley, |... IMWM' MM,'n.ae'. >.,..!
color Florida's economic d v. ..... of loaal Hospital ahnth. grand master A,5 WIt mane _n _.
judge you by the Joseph M. Orlffln, Nat for construction
.. .. .... ...
n............ .. N.N a.af:
of your akin," he de Bainbridge Ga., atdl- men). of the fishing MW>\:7.: ;:. tit' awn
... ted
Cited and
IVIIuiiiM istmcd by the Jcvel p r. like Mrs. p.r. pinnerof seam melnt S..e.wa web
clared.To cine; Richard T. Clark 'pmonl .t Ice rctuuit VIM with lQua for theirvolunteer pier elms ,e..e.eH M< Ml K tMM ..
Illustrate this and Erneat *. Currie, ,criou.ly lwnf..t and in M IK aervlcea were: the Unitarian church The yoath recreations MM MM. .|.*,:1..':MM to::.Ian> I
said callCl wmplclcly .kalr.w another hive been responsiblefor facility and .r awes.a...' peaeelovtuiin
Daytona retreat for
point. Dr. Puryear both of COBBunlcations .
rvMiutit. Mom "'I. Mra. pearl .. Ore, wife .. .
if any graduate knew how ; Mrs Mogul 1lM livcldand. ifrnuny ..w.h of the Florida AM University many other important adult Beaker of the COMPtlllON
to live the United G.I. Dupr'et. Tampa; II omnlrrcslriak. volanteer services to Order of the tasters nits vs vet ret.une*
nnin..yat.rmen president; Dr. "" ...... ---..... '154aw
States the secret forgetting Shirley I. Curtis, fishing ,': -rrUwp anal the hospital. Star, la being builtaider .- e-s rem'. -
,4hcni tan nt ,irvil. urt hv llictrv George t. Core jr., who Calalaatlng event of .4 I -1.--- ; 1 a
to the noonfirst Clearwater, and Arthur the spensorehi'| a..r'me.aIPMe...
>p4i>i >i i1uliin.| Il.: Set* has for the fast II ..
the President I. Ziaatt., Daytona, relay .< Slak ....... "Citruonvn coatrlbited to the annual hosplla} ob- of Beth_. Grand Chapter ma_I tome. I IMM.s.I.IM.ia.Ia _
education. and caillcmvn in IMOK icdrwwfiiund years nervsaee Ill be the O.R.R. Jarledlctloa W ,>. IM M M ....rwa..emiwet
would drop everything, : :=
thou ..K. pudmiinland the spiritual needs Otis Noas scheduled .
bring a battery of apace Also Mrs. 'Msriaret A. mm unlMtHiuUtl by mrhi of patients throatseeekly af the State of SM( MI***, -.... .1..a...
eiptrta and COM to seethe Olbba, Commissioner person asking the Stanley r. Mass sad ....10.1"fntlh.1111".1""p.cduitr evening prayer between the hours of 2 mulattos. ..... ..........
services la the Hospital
Manager and 4 p.*, recent dtdlaalloi
euggeetlon. Korean .. The
Srvvkmg Hi a mxling .t"ttprratHm Chapel Rev, F.I. Bar*
talking 1 away with vale Mickey, all of Paytona |>>>\HI" ."'........slby .
tie t'mvey <4 I .teal.. san, who since his re1 -
d1ctorla. honors waaTullnagwe Beach civic enterprise
lei to..kiy. ,t.sia, M4J apt 1 rears t froa the ual
Perd Nbangalla Morton McDonald. Del and, tulimiil Icikktu: Inn tlvr.alar.I l :; versl ty lisa served tiisirs iiiinti Kir
of 1'oh711, Tanganyika, hospital and homes and the Mate thai a> they: seek fci
East Africa. Co-aalu- Ue Hers.Robert Dickens, ikvvbip :I hdtLi'k isriculliMiilpNvnliol a* a full-tim. volunteer
Port Mytra'Md Beajaal I they iwmi4 liiml thanterprnllhhly hospital' chaplain; CHUCK
tstoriana were Freddie
Pllsiore, Apopka: Mohammed A. bd.rlO", Penaacola, .' "1.e m hi.kvek'poig iiiituliiiicshell. wtckxuictf Mra. C. .Nell antis and Ii 'Xl/.
rehi sine. *d rmnl al Inc a niut ar*. Float. irlght
Laval. Okeae, Dr. Richard V. Moor, term mesh' ih.i .v .l> roe who ban oostrlhated h 1 ROAST 11"""
Nigeria, aid Nina Mae damage -""',,."
B-CC .r"I..a, beamed to the hospital' Gray .. .
Densoo.eraduatlsg. Ikt a klc 1 with honors "'with pride ah he a- an " carded the bachelor of tail dewkfi. .intiuolrul peIcrnal gram which eta laatlta RIGHTS RESERVED THROUGH SATURDAY
I were Heraaa tii lh thing* age
arts decree to his lOll, ted la ItS4.
Eatoavllle; Rarbara tn'& rJIL.11I.
Richard V. Jr. All end ..lcfhamcally p.lluhww ue Alao cited far their.
I Peck Pansacola; GeorgeClbMM (utktnrttH.h > pAlen,. Itnt e.. Orayladlrawere
Music was by the College *
, Jr., Calaeavllle; .. "khlMkl. h* t>*t.KoJa .. .
Choir directed : ..td...t A.F., Hsrtla HERSHEY'S
by ,
James "'rU.,. Clifford |wt .1 n.a ciba ii rn h tatty SUGAR
Thoaas 0. Deeps, aid oIc1or.... any wiwly u.Mrv Y.T. Fffen.*, fc-r.
I ,Durdm, both of Daytona blot. .......1 w.I.l ." site A. admire, L.
each; Idella catena. the Ooh>>ll..tClletrtllM" Minis M.... I...... .II'. hisliest.
Deals; Zollle Rlrhburg.Ciaclaaati directed far Dr. L. Alls ".... .. hen been\Ow...... lIa..ltro ot.R.I. rtmtlas.t. .
Shirley. tyke II. ... llryaly si il misled. ... .beamhesllb Roberta, *.11. leakrooka. 's
Dr. LA. Balth, Raat Mihct then. eurNtslth. ">_41 I.e. Baa ford, M, NER..x
Roblaaoa Port Keade; POUltS C
Elijah Holes Pontiac, College>> ereeldeat.. Holly L. IllpatrUk Y. p. ;T
fftriagaMiaa., delivered "1\0.,...... ...." tIw fII..... IUh. H. Joss gel l ee

SMSOI'S OJMMITALLAH r the btcealaareat *.r* pwserver sibto.s .4 slur "' av::, aJ Nmane Fields, C.O. Hells, I. Sun:. 5

son ftaaday aftt,.,.."" sheLl. hive a enmpet Fstaraa. C. Grit tla A.
ssNrr: -- The graduate were ladacted mace M f" .4clw| load r.wura. .tewart, .. H. Jnhteoa, LIMIT I POUNDS

Florid. UH ualveralty laID the National AlBa> .. e 3.mia." .w-.1 said.Il '.w. ntl, .J. toy 'alley llhur l,.. WITH IS 01MOIIIOOOOIOII

football teas will play Aaaoclattoe ir.dlat.ljafter 11....."a .1tItIf oral .m.mw sat. ad tic Roll. I
its first sane on they received '_44e ", ..-..:*and hat anal .ra. Orae Mllh. director t
.. NtJiVkJuel) IM. a 1 October 2, against their degree by Jeaaflpaaeer ............. ed'i' .< item. Vl ef sart, paid
Lincoln University of Pdat, National ,mhvak.l .... IV right. kt IM* tribute t* the larvrteatrl HI CUP
,. ....... kt. ... ..
Jff"' min City. > .r.etdenHOLLEY'S t. ft" *f hospital walsaleer -
i .u- pntej. ..... Ind ",... TRENDPOWLJER 412''
I* seders medical 1
I .IIfItIt. MMI Ie,1'.w
POiX owl lEANS
.."I..., *Utlg that i
w am r_,.. is ss1e.e.el.a slew
velaateer -
Mr ar*
s. s.rwcip.IN.r. ii'item Halt | Plaaae; cus
......... .....-- fawwlto seeded sad eeicoed mininSHORTENING.
BARBECUE .... .... i/H,00ra" r m*d eider 29C
.....-.ft. .. ,. at the FWOla Nwpttal.
..... ..... .. .
tANECEI iaely.. SE lie Ow". .4.e... s.w.Inmis a .Mtal U boepltsl |*.. .** valse 11111 39C

*W r>|HI. 04 nny ."'_. dii ""* *"*; fri Milk l
cucita KIT ,. *UI.. U- ...... Ow IIN pelted eel that :
sane to to aT a* Ml aW ntieii CI?FUR ..
.... ,............ taaf Oar.Mh.e. D,. James .SWM*, e**,- 111111
SllCd PHI ...a hew .......Ise wan laU *f FUrlta u' .... nfl .
+ tee. lid ....... HAM + oftA i"s' -
t rsM v r.i faaalty taken *f iketlvrltf .
PIH UISMuifiiiiKS '
up e' tie ..dte.ucJ OIL u3vIk.
Ml later j
by .. ., II 5etilte tv..d enter
.u s. ... w ttted 1..1..11 **t*
WIL'r .. M ....'t't. -- side a a t. _-sltl, r.rllti
s, let
ll. 1 tit St., tennis : = 4JeN w .....11...Intn chi
vwJvd M ... .... %.. 11akJ
e nisi arms w.. a.aee. lest. UUVHSMN9INEW
ll. liul (I1W Jt.IMM .. mew ices w ...... .
'e a ........--... MAXWELL HOUSE AC
Ri gi Id."Pkotoorphy. .MoI, '4 FL.uM 5 I
tl0eri yest I* 1.

lift Sinks Sets I
With A Styk" .t.ICasisr. IuHf

Eke I." PaklU ItalU PURE OIL

lervli ka* jut *,- COFFEEIN

,It"' a ...year re. STATIONAVAILABLE

..a',' r'jl .y

rUrliV Stele Rear
/ suit
.f health t* 1s.pii.
gate retltklllty .f a TO THE GRITS

simplified firm *ftwtUg ...

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... ..*ta. NIl
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eels "'H"_ *f If MOL

Flail L (>eCa f, dllr**'

One Stop Shopping For All I. f tk. M rd' .

herons .f 0 Your Photographic NetdiEMRSON'S after tt. yearS ...... .....-.,. Tte rcM 4rH I S.
Pal her *ae r, .e r*. tar its .**. .,**...
atlt .U M mte4J a..cbw rid eeta5. l

NttfO S mY' ..* D taes> ---so.. Itl fill
.......,.,. IIIW! ..... Tb 1v.easstaa, It1 "I 5 IIIIUICS

', W17 N. MYRTLE AVE ..l. If ttll "H'''",. ==- M e1> : CHI IOU IOU

.. tee... lu iest*. ...., w:

ifp StIIfra It 1".1.... II .. .*... ale envies ro IKK tin u. 2UTUIW
..tit |. .......4 Mlk rt4. POt PW 5 Ms
hues $4EUf fav4ler .f U.' <* CAIJ, _am (


I ,


I nijiii/ nu -A'lS- SiTIIIIT {IHE. .1, U J4

Integrated Highlights Of 98th Commencement Exercises New Look Set

Faculties Get .
-- -- ---
Strong Support For Hatchery

C1..r/U.AnD-,ANP)-Thresresolutions ; fresh water flaheraea
supporting are Baking It possible
integration of local to resovat the fish
school staffs were approved hatcnery located la tie
by member of Blackwater State Forest
the Cleveland Teachers near Holt In Okalooaa
Union meeting I hit week I County Wads received
la the Board of (Education fro the one-dollar increase .

Auditorium. :. __ oa fresh water
The resolutions pro flaking licenses, aa
vl'l'xl (It) the Mionursne-<< provided by the FreshWater
rut of ciperlencedteschers Fishing Improve-
and tdelnlNtratom L, .
f lent Act of 1963. ere
to transferto being used to modernize
school where their (.;,;.... -.-..- ,.r this fish hatchery ac-
presence "wound tendto NKARHld( U' nJR MARK The past weekend at Edward liters College seethed presented a placque eitolllng NAACP state and Jai Chapter president Rutledge cordial to A.D. Aldrich
Integrate' or further elth activities Dirking the Institution' 91th commencement exercises, la Pearson for his long outstanding work In the field of human relations to Mrs director Game and Fresh
Integrate It* staff;" photo left Dr. IIII Urn H. Dennis Jr., president of Albany State Collage, Al* Pearson who accepted the award In her husband's behalf while FUG'S' Dean J.A later Fish Commission.The .
(2) hiring and! assigning ban,. OB. featured the ftundsy afternoon prOllrhlll aa baccalaureate speaker. Espy looks on. II,.. J.T. Retsch added another to her long list of honorarydeuces Blackwater Fish
of nee teachers without Center: on behalf oj the faculty and mtu,l.'if*.President WilllM I. Stewart when Prexlilcnt Stewart bestowed the Doctor of Lass decree upon her Hatchery was constructed
,.,..rd to race, creed .
during the eierclft s. (Photon bw lI.wt'rState's ) aa a W.F.A. project In
ur Dolor, and (3) prod- -
dies the school adnlnl Advance Training Underway City Managers Hear 1918.

tate Stratton the voluntary to ."faelll trans-l Negro Leaders Problems CitedST. Worksho P Award

fer of eiperlenced
PORT COLLWCOLO.. L. alkins. district
teachera to a school of P'E'lDSIIIItCI-Probl.1 that Negro leaders face agent
their choice" before were outlined here during the llth annual short of the Florid Agriculti oral Extension Service,
assigning new teachers .. course of the Florida City Managers' Associstlonly whose office Is located m the campus of Florida
to available position "' !I.''.... Dr. Charles U. faith, professor and head of the All University, Taljshaai..11. has been awarded a'
2 Negroes Named 4 .. : .t.t1"i::. .:1. Department of Sociology..at..Florida.........AaM...'University............, attend scholarship a Workshop fro. the on Sea Hun.r an a-Roebuck Development Foundation and Human to

23 .. Plgity-two) city managers Relation here from June IS to July 24. I
Among ". ,1 j from municipalities ______ -/ ,_u
New Magistrates throughout the'state
heard the
PAW professorpoint
aiIANP: )-TWJ Heroes .
out how negro
\ .
are among the 21: '.
net magistrates sued. ..1 leaders must demonstrate
bona fide effort at
Ui meats on the Circuit ....... ..
.. .. bell made to achieve
Court of Cook County hero ....
taut work t h y JUUKPS of __"_ L their opals or they lose
the court during a moot. HCOUTO TAkE railUR Copt. 'Richard Chandler of the Florida AM University their following.
Inn II the 'MIII.I-I ''No legitimate and
county Reserve Officer Training Corps detachment Instructs ambers of the FAMU HlidiHoy ,
Inn. Scout Troop No. 112 la weapons and markmanshlp durlai a special course
Too, Negroes. are Onirw,' Mm conducted OR the Indoor range Is PAMU'* Howard Hall Closely following 1
A, RI... oil MnUtmitKUtn
the KOTC Instructor's demonstration on the nomenclature. of the .22 calibre 4Pr
attorney Kwrral; rifle, left to right, are: Reginald .Illlana, Id... Thorpe Arthur Mobley, 1- G
.nil 1"1I'1 J. NMl Robert Carr, Leonard Gary, and Harold Jenklas. Equally as absorbed I* the laKindlons .

TilE PEOPLE( the boys In the back row are, left to right: Keith ".,I-do Darrell ,
NcGhe, Pal Us Madison. Michael Rhaney, Charles Reid Mahlon Rbaaey, and 8penr eft t
"r til I tans.

....;6 .

Tune WAME Home Of T
The World's I _

Champion Disc Jockey I -


ataeerm opposed group or activity by person Negro can by leaden any be k j1 .L /

If the activity isis

the Utereat of civil _
w ",U.,"tII. Tallahassee
sociologist declared.
"me Negro leadership
soot constantly have aa h
I...., must be Mrtlngiml
Y 'PRIsaiT STTU aloe ',...p Tear Faialoa Scope" was the title of s style
something It it is
hoe recently presented by stsdemt U elotalsg sad textiles classes at Flortdm .
10\ to keep its followtmg.
AaM Onlveraity. Directed by Dr. DNS U Kittle with the assistance of Mr*.
Klcki Ui Dr. 8mtta said. liaise K. Get. ,lit faahlom shoe featured attired for>> sports madcasiMloc-,
Holder of lerld' tIrosdrastlag .Negroes are 110 longer cui.....,..* and after-five sod tonal affair The tour model plctarvd here
Recorl content to accept theproposals .re*top kft. Tvoanm Edwards, Day...* bath, who model a gaily colored pouted

fred HHII 22< CMttawo.* Hour fruklia lcrdaaa power stnctart of the en elite race terry cloth poacmo with curl smta.top dais Joyce McCoy, OrlaadD. U a .,.,.
asd-gnld ,.-IIC' Mat: lewer left Jsdy Moere, PAW Mid School Sopmomore,
relatleac. the PAW professor '
wearlag a dainty sheer Print dress designed by Mary Aadre ef St. Mark, and
asserted. .*it. .. teaslmy, FAMO lip stool Julo,." a cloth-.f-*>ld after-nve designed
have keen able to
by Masel Redden mf Arcadia.
aelve the problems, be.
t 7 vr stated, because te the -Widths Hitsbuy's

chits leaders, civil iur III'U HIP IIITCINe
rights It a matter efprla Stud .s Reporter Tralste
"". ehereaa tc Help. Typing

the Negro It I* a matter OB RightsRE .Esgllsk.secretariat good la Mgk.... 1011.Sckeel,.. grad Msst et s ,

r-: .f cilsteace.tt, Smith marsed. hisllate..re TORI MaeterBarry I. Miami drive tritelaterstate. car.wert .- teed !. bl II'. Will

10' I IfffPrma tBl"watertate*' P.O. Beg tnli. Itartlag salary'.
that race relatleM -
right ...IU.* grants 1111. trite Interstate Frees,
x:ten tt: N |.
Is a eostlmslsg .
Immwmlty to .. the MSf nort... P.O. Boi 1ITI JaekmM'vtlle
Iloate a ii A't Dettteei IrolMr> Ray problem Heir e4 If leader Us present d.set .. Ue cattle mt .Alabaaa rod* madskstgsss I. nu'''.

find see sretleaaw state tre''era, the
wit oa. ethers will armered tank mod dogs
SEE AND HEAR THESE oat elite lave C .- aid fir seseecfllr
Isaleaer .( fir and lagkms pelic. U* ....
Hit**. Dr. pith aala.netted srdertrt mf littleeilldree
I. .. te tie !. theist l. .
Pltrtda city *MM.rt Al..... .IthcMimmstMItllMlMlffl. !:
that eeaslceratlea *f ." B4ACPEieostlv

RADIO STARSWAME1260 s eoamlaaleaer bags Secretary wmy C Premslw WI tsskre
/UUeM. U aatltlpateprehlevs Chile rtsrgee !. a Psr hwMrg nlse
ssggestttelr lei..,. a Ue ArtmM
_lie I..* b.t.relft .....,. Itddt tree hwy
.f trUe. =-demMe

580 M Yell SKIM MB OH KWSTnt C ioerw sa.hel I.ispug.,

Miami Florida Star vlll. pvftllUiyOUt
BOClal AM Clvft*** ..."Ict.r"
.t sell .. IfM of chars Ut t"tSUr
MIAMI. MA or fu"IOIa s tto) or cat (Rama you
...* a.4 ilcturii Slto.ld l rwcfc oar
Htar "Hot Line Nightly At 11 p.m. efflc Mt later UM T.et4&,. woo. m

*tt: s.. Itn It i riMrl FkfMi S.., eMbM"'" ; I IMIl.
; .WHh Donttd W. J...* 4 Marsha L. Braynon
....pt'INt:rf Mo
7)1 WH lei A,.. ..... 377 H25


i 1

SATIIIiY IIIC i, US4 FIOIIII Sill pus mi .


's k
? t

---- ---- -

State Dept. Of Education Sisters Plan Grace PresbyterianChurch Perusing Dedicatory Publication A & M Head

... To
-- -
Selects Gibbs For Loan Program Double WeddingIn News

Of India
St. Ft'IUtSHJRG-The State Drfiarteent Of education August .-!
This is the Blood of '
HM selected Glbba Junior College to participate the covenant which Is 'TALUHASai Dr. *l-
In a to provide col lent loan to Florid r '
prtjura shed for wanjr Sato there.isaloa \ via O. Alston dean of
students for tuition and registration fee*. the Florida MM U.I'
..unnonn..on._ ua..u1IIe .. of Sins, r
Department working Mt. 21: 21. This will be veralty School of tducatloa -
with the Florida Clbbn JC. in confining
Student oar teat for the corn I* scheduled to
Scholarship and Loan OlhhH participation ia union message this Sun speak June 4 to .eater*
CoaialBHion .!!.eh was the new loan program, day ornlni. of the Tallahassee

authorized by the l State Legislature to junior college that attend the Northweaten Association of College
policies for the will receive.
fern funds and High School baccalaureate loses In the protraa.
adalnlatratlon of the flubs had tie fifth service this sunder to be held at S ,.*.
student loon fund, lists
largest allocation
evwlni. le have four 'urdu.JUII' 4, at the
tho local Institution ax $II.'UO. hated on an en* youth ireduattai tens Dade Street Coeeatlty
tine of 44 where Flori rollaent of 727 full AV
Northwestern this year,
da'H students can ntu at
till review tbhtghllghta
N *
and one from Booker T. "
via thU fumU during the U83 fall TALLANASSU-"a.... lathlncton, OontraUlatlona .' of the tudy

Richard C. "Mllh III- seneater Montes Theresa and tilllan to you yosnipeDpleitTou tour of India cede last
rector of service at
Patricia James,
have been a .. November under the spon-
daughters of Mr. and
fine credit to our youth
WMBM SPRING PROGRAM SCHEDULE Ira. Uonio (Babe) Janea pro i ran, and we hope that _..... __I "' 4 _

of 821 Enterprise Att. what you have galsed .01RM JC COEH: Mary Owens, the toner ,.11. Murray Nlth" of St. Augustine
LlI.Lt.I!!! sue. New Rajrna Reach from your church etperiences and Mary nil I aaa,Orlando) are shown with the 1984 edition of the '"Oibhaonlan"

Ifcno ....1:00: .... jA/3: AIM ROCK have set August II at till help you .the student yearbook of the St. Feterebun. Floridainatltutlon which Is dedl a

5.:on ..a..*:no .... orvD-i. rAMVANRFVowmiMweCAiA the date of their double as you look forward soreclearly sated to the Internationally faou baseball personality Branch Mickey, Rickey,
*:m *....uoo: *... nirmuwtJ., : nun HII.TW miraII weddlni. to follow their to your future. flrat baaeball competition: to Neiroea (Jackie Roblnton la particular), ,..

:on N. T: 31'1 p... imunt PARTY HUMAN MTV graduation from Florida Once Main we thank 'Glbhs Junlcr<< colle.: .' first Mtsenceeot speaker (June 1151) and la a freoumt '
3in:: p....7SC: p... ai Hi M:It Hm H.I.in aims: AAI University on Au' our wuen't Day chalraaaMrs. vttltor to the Florida college caapua. (Plioto by L.L. Ballard )
,:00 p.a.-:no P... mem. CAKAVAN nrvnuwn IRA wei.oo gust ,. Nettle Harris, and
'' : ...*..12:IH) M. .i..1I1I'ATIIIIII..11 OIINA VAaraMQITKW The Sacred Heart Catholic the captains and all

Oiurch in Nn AlJru fwihera and frleada who ,fEz Clown Boosts YWCA News
uPMY BY** 55)1.-se OTVW a p....12 a.MU7in'emits Beach will be the scene helped to take our to- Buastr prograa at the to take part la th sua-

'( j. IVWH-S ale p.".ilq: v..--l p... of the double nuplttla menu a Day drive a sue* SOl farm Club Northwest fiCA Center .., activities of 1

"P Iu5.7ul .IIT..II.mll CAIJ/WAT-S .111.:00: am. and with ,r. Francis Penal In .. The proiraa of the "'11.. on Monday, June youni Adult Club aa tII'l
officiating. day hit Sunday was scat |U. fy Caap activities relate to the - -
4:no p.* ant 5:011: p.m. Hits Nontei Tilt,... enjoyable. A hearty cuniratulatlontl > HOUYWOD. <(< .Of'. -- for girls and boys S and Air Fort ..... DR. AUTONserahlp
'HPOI>T i Wine.H "T1ARUP..S HINUTWI..5.00: p." hlltlm
Jwrt, a non*Greeh, tjorlm The spectacular 1 yeara-old will be heldMundaya For farther I a fanatic

'nwis11Y eens..rvps en IlIA .d'AIJ..ln .1...7:30 see In sociology, Pros Monday through an d catchlRR of Joe through Fridays.A *, please call tilt or the AairletaAitoclallot
will be wed to George Thursday of the coalni Cherry toner ladlanapo* POs. Club for girls and It",tllt..t IfCA Center, ef Collfges

MTIIkl>At Louis Cwpbell of Miami week, the pastor will be 1. Cleans star, has tae far bell I to |J 4J4-J451. for T./fIn ,,,,...tlM.

.. an April 1M4 iradiate.of attending the annual boosted the RtriaotaSURS year will sect three STLAHH PARTY AND OANCX
... *
13-00; : .. $:rtft MAX: ALAN (IrI'I1:111I whit
FAHU with a salon Isindustrial aeetlni of alsla* a t'IIIu" day a ...11. Their actutu. -
: ....-2:M |'.'. 't Iloll'lo1.I'AIlAVAN RPVnWin Id'AiJ.11:111I ffnod The Senior Nigh ,-,..
arta edu tens and elders at Day (to i far* club, from .. till IteUUeliatt
: s.1:00: |".'. MJTTCMHAIJ.: MIOt MIl.TfJ MIDI Club, till tpoasorftplsah s
.. no WUIIC IIIJUAN mmI cation. t> ia Head seventh to fourth place crafts, eook petty and D.seeat
I lino: p." .1: p." urn
win Lillian Patricia look to the sueer. )- la the Florida State roller tkatlti,
Ax we eves
:oo 1'....'a:051: p... KINO HH?: nnw M.IWA HJRXKno Manor Fool eta Friday
(P.tl J...., a arcber let us press forsrd Letcue. It tat reported staging. oatlRR and
,: p... |12nn: a.rnirATIe nine CHINA VAIJJTIfUTllMKHK Jute | fro. 7.10 p.m. .
of Alpha Kappa Alpha flmllai rut lathe here. uthera Jailer misses
mod M
: p1MTle.MSNB rAU/MAY-S ala.-R:W 4 '
p... and H:00 p... Sororltjr. tjorlst I* Lord Jesus Christ, Cherry alto ctmht for will involve the |J and MUSIS Ill SUE
ttheattlcs.. till be who ilvea ua the poser the Clmna before jolalnf 14 i ur old ilrl laleelsi

IQII.U wed to Merlin Fvrklnt to 10 on.Floyd. the h>i organisation He chain claaaea, fir Cilinl lily
Cray Jr. son of Mr, Is ootaldered a good basin epoklsi and *.tlagt. -
12:nOd:no a... *J.v.7. AIM Mfg and I,.. sterling Per rron>e i for ..jo, league 1100 dotnatdflck. appaj -

ton: ....'..::111I .... Offim. rAIWWt 1tIom: IllltAllc'AI.I. hiss Gras of Nashville, Dan Florio atar 2:oo ,.....: is >.'.; iiatTt'n'NVHi raw VAI.lJII4: Tenn. A December l..liraduate AlP .....IIllt. the C 10... |11& have its firstevetltf gage. No qualify lag, Mtredlt
Ntt YOU -- ( ) --
6:13: p.V4S: : p.*. 'MWIC Mal, HIM. UMIV. OP ..5115e of ,.IU. Mr. ror.er keivyeelgktrbanplnn ta ..ssced that they on Tamales, ""lame eeeiAddress 01 Tin WnkWMBM
: 41 P...>i:no ,... *."' rm' intMT U'I" I V. jwII .104 Gray Is teacklai at Floyd Palterse.proeol.d ,all pity their aanaalbaaebtll |4. This greup It for 1illly.Pay.
7:on p....s:no P... ami mwd PAN,1. lHalMl1II loalkae Nigh School his on,. use lass sgaltattat a "..1., and Senior high I1S1I Ollleapl An.....

:on ,.'..u.M: .. 'RAH arum semi nut nmI Chlpley. Farentt of the tralter. Pan Florio. t. ef all-ttift I. school yews people. II 114) Apt I.to. h.,"-470
Misses James are bothteachers C.al.ky hrh dilraco, till seat regularly ea 147 Cotl a Ave,,111
the ttattt of .",
.. NKWA..S. HINUIHI ON HOUR at ChltholaHick Friday algkt. Jell 10. Tuesday fro. I.' pia.> Orange PerilDoors
eltb the approval of the
Mini" hinds
I WIWIK ON NAIT HOUR School la Nee York Stats Atblttlf The Cleans all Twelfth trade girls and are Opec, Call ,
IIr..t'. urn .HM n. Moraa lead Mlsalon New ltd CIJ..4J. Juae iradi arm Itvted oallect, Mlaal IIHS.|

Bring Or Mention This Ad For


Each New 1964 Buick Sold. Cent in end


Jffi think if lint

ef Butckfttd. yl


,re seriously I 00
you ,, 4395

interested in a new

car, you can't help '


getting serious about (,







t:6- ': .- U'&JA2"POQa .Pt.r nr

r "1' S

= ', If..

\ .


u tun i-Doot sPORts corns Il C.

..- 3191 N' 2311 $.W. 8th St.. Miami HI 4-1551 I


V \ \_:


: :\ : ," ': J. M. Fields

.t J" I .: : '.:1st Opens 2
5> ".r "" ,: :.Ju.J '.... "
.. '
::)!. Stores Here

.... ." .
: I 11. Fields Inc. held
tb. form!opening Thursday
0 f two discount department
.- stores here
One is located on 48th
street, between Main and
YOU'LL. ,Pearl aad the secondat
y 7890 Noraandy> Blvd.
ne units are the 14th
ls1rr and iJtn in the state
and each contains about
70.000 square feet of
floor apace Both sites
bare been completely
i renovated and refurnished
for the operation
of the discount depart-
sent stores.
For the openings In
Jacksonville, t.> queens!
officiated aone) with
officials of the coaynnj.
Mrs. America of 19(4.Mrs. .
Joe U Jenkins of
Columbia R.C. will
1 preside at the Oath..
Street store opining,
gUAIITY and Hiss Jacksonville! ,

DISCOUNT Carolyn Dcloach, carriedthe
honors at the opt-n-
Inn of the Noraandy

'lie. H 1 I Boulevard Mong those store invited to

: :: lu luI I I I lul I DIFFERENCE. represent the city and
county were am' hern of
...' 1 1F' the jscknonvllle City
; \ j
1, Onsalsslon and Oiunril
the Duval County COB
mission and both the
Florid and Jacksonville
Area Chambers of Coaerce.
: County Cnmliwlonrr Ju-

.). .. Barren and City
Commissioner Louis II,
Hitter .... scheduled
ss Santera of crrtwnliftst
the Normandy and
Main Street store, rem
spectlvely, lid 11 tru-

I mints duce distinguished tit the public.

H. 8. Glass, Field
R A! executive vice prowl-
dent, acts as offlrlsl
host for the cnapany at
all itrsnJopennil rwrols.lie .
Is eipirted Ui arrive -
r In Jacksonville In
tlae for a reception
*" today at the Georgeeambinet
.. '1. \ ; fc $? .m ib tel.

Rafer Johnson

,, aI10a.m. Joins Sportscast PalmerIn

MM --
YORK M tOlywple
r plN
decathlon rtmeplrti -
t ,
: ..
Safer John m will

,:.it* AND MAINS Join falser protraM Is providing fur hunt the Hud thecosaemtary

--j ((201 W. 49th ST.) : 'IIR(' Kports Kneels"
: GET TOKNOW ruverase 'if tile 3JU
e annual Compton India
OffN DAILY 1 I ....., .. tl
10 AJW. TO 10 P.M. Mitt at OHwpfrn. Call If.Highlight. .
ro will be teleriml IM the'
.. Katurday, Juae < fib".
"I'I"; )' 'f "'; QUALITY. *. tWy IM ....... ($::30-' p... 11)71' .
.' t .. fw nW ALWAYS JunniMis rslahlliiheU. anOlrwi
/ DISCOUNTS. .... ft** ,... !M..... >le IIT.UIIMI rrninlwkea

?. 1 l..A .wk.pe" ............. KVKRY DAY hi Mitred B.:J9i:
points la ....1.. lkinM >
| medal at *>.* I.
.*.eo.I. .
y I I t
any potential "d<
I v OIJIIIIlc Got_ |a Tt>kin
there's something wonderful for everyone at J. M. Fields! Whatever
I Ni' la October will o..frlrla

, : i you need for yourself, your family, your home, car, hobbies pets- the Cn.rt"1 .eetMllrr ..
Tu.O'M.rm itl*
1 1 ytiu'U find It at J. M.Fields for Its and you'll find it in the quality tae ......,. Jle ...u,
ONNDAH.Y asd Hr..'. 111. i..rlslrrHenry
4 you look for In top-bnnd merchandise! It's the greatest show of Carr ..4 ,.levsol
1, TO 10 P.M : <... Jo1* Prwiel
!L \< Savings you've ever seen .. not just TODAY but EVERYDAY, all yearlong aaiia* 'h nrrfurvvr lalM

SY sys-Noon to 7 'f You'll always find values that will amaw P' you'll always the s.t4ae.. field
;" ;x' with tremendous Remember satisfaction
.. ,/ come away savings your
t L', Is our pleasure! Come let us stMOUtCHARGEIT! CIVILSERVICE
J t, T'r ,k t ( 1


*,.,J.V: FMIM It AS NEAR AS TOUR CAR UTOI onicurrnMestcinmr:
Men mudTOQTrvOnB Wmr**

M tfi lN tAET THEIFE..TI1f R't PLENTY 1 ,y1FEf PAIFK EI : went
< u HII"u


I n w nut
MM4I .... occtnwu
.. wmciBiT. IOB

\, THE S.AY (t WtfN k *p you pasts! ta..( rwsnt,'", e...JM cl.Tt..we..u.ntel .

"i *? S f M, *ft 8511 "t .IN' "'"
:r,, ry 111 Tl lll', II".
ut knelt ..flas
I Mis,
,. J ia M.ttl., "..
.. ... '
taat ... .
? lr
d+ A.l..lYLL5.1 M. S WMMi1'
w nIle .....
.d. ......... ..
... ........
..*r .


I II. f

Jilt I, W4 fUlili sat urns rice tt I

I U. Of ---FSU-:-:.- Directors Okay-Play Against Integrated Teams ''I I


Graves PetersonWelcome Jaxon Cited At. Canaveral Bill White Blasts

Scl.Ji, If. 11. .'...... I', niit !mtmi t, fli'T' i _. _, .....

Teams I J r / Majors' Refusal To

Carrying Negroes Hire Robinson, Others

NEI tOM-(W).-.t. Louis cardinal first bttttn -
MIAMI According to a oat that DM vas interested Mil IIIU... player who ptrellea Jackie Robinon -

Vital sports editor Ray In Can la'a bra tt court to speaking out on racial dltcrleUttlon -
Cranes, athletic director Chrlapua Attaeka halfback -
last week charted that autierlal,
and bead football Cyril: Plndtr. How coacklat and other front office Jobs are etlll

suitor at the University n", Pladtr a Negro, cloud to qualified retired Negro baseball
of 'lorldulld PHTs grid u a eventually passed S players like
tutor, Bill Ptttraon over, it sac learned f1 !I r 'h'hHRIRT kobintoit...and. .....Mont...... ....Irvls.............. .........

eiprtaatd BO coactrowhataotvtr until Mlal could cheek ihlte she led the ball tea, However,
ibtn asked laolvttDta with ttaa tight that resulted( In steer a iat at Port

whether they would accept already scheduled IB the Integration of Leonard Wood *,? the
their teaaa playing other eltlea. housing tad eating facilities teas rent Into a local
against integrated clubs Charlie Tate, who stepped for the Car restaurant where! tilt

representing the University Into UC a Coadi Andy dtnili during spring Negro player were refuted
of NlMlr GuatafaoB shoes this tralalai I* St. r-etera atrvlce The tea

Craves, oho attended year chile Aady took burg, '1.. fired his lot up and left but
the III Her aid* a Allflty over the post of athletic blast In an article. In after acarchlnc tlth MoucctM

( Awards Banquet last director said be tat current litue of for a non-neire-

week craned any .41",.. would be open for Negroes Sport aiailnt. The gated reatauraat. the

opinions relating to oa the Hurricane article la titled "A white players returnedfor

playing integrated sports arlaty la 1961 "It Map Hunt Bay hat He their attain.Btcauat .

ttaB by stating, "I we can obtain tirtcaaotawith Thlaka la II ,U. kin ties deserted -
all achoola we have "It .a't "
see why there hi. and becauaotht
Mould bt the altghttat alrtady adiedultd'thcrttclt says thit In tilt Ar port Rnni tea

trouble about vital oontlautd.0ua- tlelt "!IlIr.", there pltorrd all lit Its ..seesIn
bringing IB Integrated fafsoalaalao interested suet bt a place for
the Mouth where he
t.... la Negro. track proa-:. RICK (fourth fro left), of Jackaonvllle, tratlve rvlcta cUoa.Oth cited sire Ronald people like Jarklt oblMon ituld' have faced r.,nMtint .

"Afttr all, our eupua ptcta.Concerned about gases can ont of tile nine caployta of the Canaveral District UUctrore U fttewart Jr., Walter J. A. Harris, and Site Irvla'.1White huwllltttoa. tht Ifrefiucrf

baa been Integrated for la Gainesville la 1M4M U.S. Corp of Engineers recently cited by Call n. Rogers, Jult J, LeCaptaln, Slllin| 0. Veabower. said "there art In pita hmeball

seas U... it have bad 8, the two contacted Col. a A. Plnlty (third fro left) for 1U..atlon.IIIIldI Franklin I. Mason Orlln P.. MrDanlel and few John In reaching, hid nrrtrnd year In sera
'Negro athltttt la both Crave and later Peterson improved the Corpi aethodt of optratlona. Jr.. I:. Core. (C".". Air Force Photo) .taiMla*, apnrtacaKtlBfi vice

the state high school chose statements Rice la a center of Canaveral DUtrict'a AdllBears' > or till frost office open He Mill the Anay" eiertedrrvKnur1

basketball touraatntand cleared the atttr up.The to the Metro anent 1* hi* u. play
the stets track meet Hurricanes bavtita Pilot Says scaly could qualify for tkrratrnla. t.i 4Uappmve >
bent v* invited Bob scheduled with Seek Ve.1t Tercel Wianlagest those pneltl.s.."
ny alert II lest<< km fur
Hues of Florida AIM to LPU at Baton Rouge IB Turning tot baseball
Killer1svt He QelttliiQ Sports early itlnrh4rtif and l to
More 'Giant
hilt part la our Florida la 196-67 with Tulane Lesley proper ht muted that alive .y ,It.. off the

Relays, ht ...n't able la 1968 at New Orltana, NEf YOUAN'" ) -- mwasoo twin) IIMil ytarold track coach chose leas won there are tee Negro |.mt," .Nt h.. ri. MUv to nose, but at least wt VPI la Blackabun Va. George Halls, owner- The pitttburih PI rat.., both tilt all'Neiro Florida Intvrarholaatle Athletic beachiarer (orrouJtrln firs anil served kU ri"ulnlai

Invited hi*." la 1966 with Aubura In coach of the world aklai their that A.... state chapltaahlp aad tat! first players) la the ll.. a* a supple
..' serious bid for the fillylateirattd county chaplonahlp sect In IClIIU".
Also supporting Gr" Alab... In usa and chtaplona Oilctao Beara. salon .11."t- rick
txprtaaloa vaa Bill Peterson Alabawa In Tuscaloosa in plated here last wtekthtt National Letiue'a r... April announetd recently that !ht taa retlrl! 11 teal tilt Nero coal IIU firm nttllail< IdreflrrllM
Florida State 1989. bt sight sake Ibid mat la several '''''. Iran coacklni bK.... he acid !he waa i,tlil. 'too be rnvUr. or I* liMte In this
tootball coach who Bald have fotad Olaatakllltr. .Id this sort of thing" .
: Both Tate tad Cuttaf- a fur to .11M'r.I".IIII" .ht.
It have New Mtilco for fleet halfuackLtnay _._.uuU'U'U"U.u......................... Inlrvnit: ")* \\tm. ..
ha Ions (horn
son said no issues will a .
Moore of tile wll.flUell.d la coach Mare .1..1.. eiUtu Hill
Ht It Rob Veal, He Mmy tht! bent of the track
State nosing into abaaatt bt involved. until INS CbltB football hauler for .*..I mixirtanllf / -
Baltlwort two-hitter to NorUiweatera tlllll Kctiwl Slur till land .p In
for a football since the tantt have a ors flat he ha h,.d.Mtorvey'a and IrraUrnt.n .
t... atop Billie Mara aid A sails of .tpartanlHiri. aptrd la dtfCiftlve > It and flKhl II."
gage oa Oct. 3 this not signed any Neiroeafor INO, be launched *
Moore la oat of c".rin, cold, aa the I. C'. aid a graduate of I although wevt
7.ar.II Ht vent on to this year a realism tluilvtrunnera crusade aialaM' Jim
say, "It la *y undtrtandie football t.... Mould oat ahlfty II the Natloaal pirates suit a doubleheader Florida Vnivertlty, sells used hi* In tktdanhea. Crow prlB, tecllllleafor TelllsBy Si'ce1Rcurs
fro tht hard Moore baa been at NurU-
It have clockedhis
that they have the RiMttilribi In logo
i any bt alintd for the and
Football Less* say klttlai Olanta. 1-0 and eaten elate alt I for tht .
1,1 00.If
kad Negroes o. thtlrttaa. I98J ttta, they would covetous | .n 4 by Ills. IkrCardlaaln
I don't know why bt eligible for the tttna bard cut J-J here Rutday. Mil <1kilU" trirh toss bt gels t,, a pond cup all. nur/Ki (ANP) iwMitlnnal
there should be anything la eyes toward hi* A Negro eltk plenty Of h. all but dotlaaled track athnol bt '.....1. housed together at the h.illll. |rfwland >
varsity Illl, the the blat
tttlaa dropped tuff oa the ballVealeeettie prep eoapttltloa tile "
long tiirN
a rkaepseeChltal.
10 eu
to worry about. article concluded. pluck Oulrliier |a..
that be taa aeeklaiKourttrpe a had and put two years, chile
/ Maya
a t Mrara have as<
article ] .
The a aopolattd ,. bttaaat of
| flanker back other Claata aUiierttatlai Snore rectatly cis .." Wiled nil Clovi nnmtred the Isles. nfrinrld
u.*s V Cfl r.UIMII>.....
to messes at Ue tflaualiprlic out ef his baadaeaioute lecttd by the maul. MM Mi
linloernllyhalfback .
kit tint .
1" .
seetleg of the U the victory. .*....i..r trark ena the A, ..lilli/ plan
NFL here. Asked U eiplalB IB fact, Veal had a. .of thF yetr. The secs- Iht went ln..t bane. e pN.r..1. e.wtvetS
I Oprn Tonlchl Til I IRE the deal further so-hitter lolai uatll paper polattd set that ) -12-113
ke laid the filth lailai. rhea" Sore likes tt terkquietly
...t bare been Ulkla* Sarvey tees, alailtd at machlm. ad J I

R. S. EVANS i to people It could be lib one tut. had dose en la ".Ion.' r.., 1

that tt till aht B Toe sitters brat UOlaaU rot>pielt tt.c.rlty"tl us- 4'
3RD & MAINe deal." with the help *f I his Bulla less's i i

. . Bob prlddy sad has U proaiatate tfct past SI-t1-11
( In Bmttiie Arniiiul
Mtseas In Ue alchtc. three years.bt .
.. really .*..1.".
Price; On Windshields III-11-411
.t Ikea I say I' "nlaite
,' l'
Obsutla' N
Toe fto*' t live TIJ Oa To Tow* Te CalLow null c.a.klac, at
Need Old CarsWell eve ey wlft. *)trtdult *.*.tl... II.' flue.N. .

PRICES ". adds, aubtrad
Give $200In Me work It all crowd
The ..U'lPIIlln.or...
cc..I-o AnU"TflJl"
Trade (or Anything That RnlU. K It Wont fill Your et.ae rued fate sad
Run-Come By Anyway, Wt Will Ortf It Int spectacles give his thtl 1 IS-JZ-st

DRUG STORE NEEDS >f*.ra. ef aelaliler ..............."...
M MICK IAS DOOR 11701'$1293: a, rather Chas a ta'b,
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Beauty Operators Barton
3 ftedna.0n Iestslde.$4J per ooU.Call EL4-3720 -SPECIALS To MS wk-Jabs (iltlsctickets
...t._. Agency Vehicles, stored at Mart Is
itAnm uxmot-<22 t. Aahie) :210 post Ate '..atberl.II. Orldasl price oer 1300. 1Iana.,uoe I. 2ftk! Bt.. to
INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY N ( Suit Call Mr. f. AadMos at .r, His balance M2 or reliable be sietloaed. for wapaU
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MECHANIC: ON DUTY B IS c: party assume 17 payaett Mll.ete. Oat 1'SJ PickOpIrtck.
Iko Joseph--------------------Proprietor Alterations Repairs ON THE EASTSIDEFLA. Sew. Back does all faseydrtlciis. Serial ....,.051. lad
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Frito-Lay's Hew Salesman -
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Drive-la Diner
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salt. Fast service Hi nej tin cum Grind Opening Sit. Joae 6th
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been prosmted to the position of rout salesman -
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I time," said the Brooks, "and then producer of potato chip, corn products and | LB LB cc See (
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21 % DISCOUNT ON 10..!. LOTS ( lIurrerl..ic..I1UCK (
Jack The Bellboy will have to split. I JIM been employed In the shippingd.rertn.ut heal by: "
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WOKS -1360 Including nose In supervisory\ capacities SHIIPNOU II. JJi DRUM II. 29c ( Ouaraateed to help or you dun't have tct pay. CuaieToday. (
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j Ad MEDIUM SHRIMP ,S=:'i. :,1S.i ... 79e ( rou'U Mean The Day Tns Did. Oprn J cia,. a (
week fro I la the morning until 10 at alcht. Pint
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WANt MORIIOR YOUR MON**? Kilt* YOUR Et| m GftANTl lawn St a. .-.:!ll1I. J. $737 HEW SINS ION lila, Hi. 1 Mirth <(

One block north of rdsewood Ave Look fur big palM (
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'" -- -- FREENEW os 1Ioa. Sister Mary alto helps theme with mental r

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BEEF LIVER 29( IllS 29$

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