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49026 F20090524_AACQVF 00241.QC.jpg a88997455d8a92e884c1cc89ccc59e8eb651a06274173a7003bac995b3315ee880e8bae8
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297765 F20090524_AACQVH 00242.jpg 62105c2ed6e1768b4a6615f6d1926f0aa84fd6ad1bcf02ac228765428d869925c320f7a4
47314 F20090524_AACQVI 00242.QC.jpg ab3319365658aafd2afd6266b33f28a7b75348ca7fc6330a09dfbf7b9d62640a57ab2bea
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11939 F20090524_AACQVM 00243thm.jpg 645257efab0ebdaad9bc6fdc7d02988636e9aded3840d62e85fe54554a67835d311a4b33
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47794 F20090524_AACQVR 00245.QC.jpg a8f2478846320e98d3a6d67b24c9fb79d7ad15f9125b7c41201258a6b6588a868cb99d7a
12211 F20090524_AACQVS 00245thm.jpg 47adad6c73f1e9a778a711888469e0d387a9e87df0dda9de8ec0861751178d6ee0c5aed2
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737645 F20090524_AACQUG 00241.jp2 7032ce25ed76de2aa9a70fd35938f011196d524044307cf8bcc3e5b96bb024bb02cbefa6
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737833 F20090524_AACQUJ 00244.jp2 304b3a2f5b581a4676933d8245fceb280ba76ba1aaa2dd586c8dd88f9bb5999266281d9c
731067 F20090524_AACQUK 00245.jp2 e605ce9685faa31dc639f54794f2b207896274d66690b9f16b55048cfd72534404e1bf62
762491 F20090524_AACQUL 00246.jp2 cec2ead33e4254b580825fe1b39caa188397ecc631fd3cabca2a0b362b337fe5ab6b46ff


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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\ Libra 'k'!Q1ARY 'FLORIDA ,

of "1Gein.aville

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VH U-II8 7 SITIIIIT MIT II, one t5 CENTS ,. . . *. *. .

.., Her.."' ,Majesty) Is..Crowned.--- Integration Ballot

JAX DRAFTMAN HELD yes +ar Mocks Democracy


i The !hoard of County Conniaalonera. thin

week, Ilk good politicians, played poll-
4I * * IT tics and approved placing a ballot on thet
t Deeds On Lfwl Slits
Forged Negroes Urged Not To Vote 5OR r. balloting machines dealing with the questlon
notela ftc. nervine
of restaurants ,
Resells I. FHtaf Charges
lategrotlon Straw Ballet the public Ithnut restriction. The propoe.il ,
Still to place the Que"tlon.*.. badly worded 1
lavestifatioB UaderweyA A Movement tor Negroes to boycott ]! as It la..*an made by the Duval County

local businessman Monday was charged on the Integration question which will sty- i4 Federation for Constitutional Government

nn several counts of grand larceny for pear on the May :24 prlrnry ballots ass reported an antt'deencratlc group and aiipported by
deeds during the sale aieetlng widespread support in Jack Reatnurant Association
ranlnulatlng forged the Jacksonville C
of parcel of real estUluuuuuuuu........ sonvllle this week IfJ taL 'r which will probably font the balloting ;
------------ Nttre leaders that
The Hoard of Count Cbwalaaloatra : ( ) costs.The .
county solicitor Edward have paid Patttraoa
last Bonds. the. qatttlen la bndlyU whole Idea, to nay the leant in rl*.
U. tooth, la tillhstaid .I II.JM for the iota.Durtag .
approved placing. paper worded. ta that Uw wordftrcad"ln Unilouft. Of course the "11"" will tin
larceny andfont Ptb. 14. Pttttr.pactn -
coasts aiainnt ballot or straw rote at prtjvditwd. hy a landslide, hat else would ymi eipect

Arthur 17 L. Patttrtoo of "',,/*."*"*!It.'V'.,, \1"' Ue voting precincts at (2) that Negroes tr* the anawer to be to a question,: "f huuld
1J ; Uw request of the Dtnral ouUumbtrad and Ue owt privately owned restaurants hotel and
1SS7 Louisiana St. said R 4, gitASNU : j
'flj Cost, ptdtratloa for tote In obriocs(1)) that Mitels be forced racially, Integrate their,
that oat of the Patter. J t .
Coaitltntlona wovtre* n l najorlty vote to CU"tOlHI'I''P''

ton victims, was George { I ..t. which in cowpottd tail ntcrtintlon ta roe* that will the straw vote ,prove? In all
g. OUcy sr.. local la* II HIM KTTU 11 CM Ul>'3 M, ft senior at Mwnntoa Ins
of white eitlstnn. t..rut..lhohtOMV probability It will prove that a tarir
vtator nnd buaintnnwan.PWCroOreifS laT ttltutt, rtltntd no aya.e.n ef the Bay It nculurfulf
The question ,wten.U sandy"prove that It segment of the people of Jacksonville are
"*-, I right er dmocratia.' **f oatdoor arrest's, latvfday, lap> t at Knw.ftoa h..Ut. .
he asked to vote oa ta bigoted and are following s popular trendto
In one cast soled by Several civic workers ........ uichardMM I* shows rtctlfl her
the straw vote says: k bar Negroes thereever they can. Let'snot
Booth Pntttrnon rtcwlvtd and crown at Ue buds of MI's. Jtwot 11. Noll I md, *l feet
itionld privately owntdrtttawranU. orianlittlonn artoonductliiadrlre t* a tup/Id I Porn anyone think that the
I'JO from Otnty '. j hotels nndnottln anlnglNtcro r till "'H.
oa Jan. IT tor n lot la .._ ", ho forced to racially ellis... U IcnorsJInnd lot of .r. ail Urn P. n. aiehaHaon, ISIS Hart to abnltah slavery <"nn1d the .e'
loyal Ttrraco. Pat it nOlI lit,. ,JacktaatUlt.. Nit It a haler ti sociology
t L. r1T'aSJN lattirttt their do not ass1wr the? Jnrity of people have voted 'in favor of
In said to hive. ,h.. IS Tears ctOIIIn" Restaurant Istelrstlai a ...., el 1|The (ap,i i alpha Sorority and thtP.ta4t leegreattng the schools or publlf fa.

Stacy a dttd with the it charged with question which will) .t CkrUIM| h..t Ittltl 'Sht tan .1"....
non rt* Hit proposal to place mH clime.
true ovntre are--tat- the ballot ., ,;1\ '....I..t of Uid *troto4f club tMa ytar
awl frowOtncy pear on throuxh
vim ".110 Ut qwtttlto of optnlntrtetaiiranU There: are group of bitnneaen|
non g. Ulht of Long for sale efawothtr hotels sad Mm as. !f ,I (fUoU hy i'pthlll,, nut the country who are piously! holding

Stack, Cl11f. "..,.** to Royal, .Ttrrnetlot aotfla U Metro on a v"-1-.Ioh_,"'t::("i" on tit their right' to deny Nearo elttaonses'.lain.s.rvicesrwtJIIdlstrt1lsthhst

u AJlnr110JUL. J"I_POKC:1Jt._# ,,_ _, lIItd.i. dyed htarln .(.raw vote, COM In Uw atUrntyreprentnllag see. kse "" "' :... A.t.'r..11' theirbuslnetw A
Ut forftd .t naUrta of nwvtrnlnehool which
face ef a rttolatltM hy are privately tinned i vas
Booth tlt..l." that two tilt trwt owntrn, Saw the CiMHwnlty gelatlonnCotMtttee lattaratloa suits Civil lights' Bill the the right to dlncrlMatr' | .

otttr cants Involving nnd Claudia I. Jos... recoavtwdlna locnlly sell: "Tie A private. owned htMlne, IN tasty. dl ?.
charges at lBt Patter' JM7 Janttt "tr.... that Main tttahllhnwntndttttreaate whole .... le allly.Mtarotn Illicit. anna.f tit, tMealaMlahH tlvll rights I...$ .... crest trm public-own*! rnterprlNe/ hy th.

now with Dtncy being the T.J. Lawrtncw hat been and accept nhon4 ftfralifrom PJtrltt and| tt4nce bwant .that GnP nwpport till fact that .Individual. eltlften' are the

alleged victln Inclwded charged with faintly ..tro.... tlthowt rtatrletioat ..'h."nn that candidate In far national n IM ntcwnaary far n .... proprietor. nf the privately owned biMlnean ."

sale Dec. 11 of pore notnrislna nlcntUrtw M hcttd ea gspesta..*aJax des..rtlC Pntltlt* .. ( )*..,.1 n... to presents However, privately owned NMMN|

tionn of two lots Inonerltf not of till deeds handledhy race, color or nationaloricin. Cots ban JolaH. the ,w..t rillhwtitr lilli'''' no-call) "onpm tiIstlraal right"to
Part with the Patttrtot.neoording reM11Mhlaia. Jlwayj U"tI.'ut| sgel'| st rnntoftprn, They

4..h bearing the to Solicitor It In Ue ftwllni apn'Qai Zed NegroLleatoaait el these the oppoals..eetloss civil rlfhtn tea, a nitlnnal coo* are licensed' tinder city. and stile lain,
forged alcnaUrtn of the booth sails.. penalty e| tltwM candidate ban PSJ tan sn'I enjoy' the use cf taellltlpspovd.'d
t rwe eases, Dttltl 5 Years bill.buoaevtlt. II hen a bust nt .<>..*.
for each grand larctnycharm / hy everybody' A Ivies., A "hotel orreitanrant
Oattt t4 tll.h. tt.Gattt. Mid r'e'el, .. Ii detler/ni| hi* "1intel
la hive The taken nut. a licence tu
years Glvea Yettb Jtctnmivllle PoliteOtpirtitnt nerve
Duty it said to each deed tor,.". 19 n.. hat IMNtire TallalMMtw.'ht thlaktUe liltle wad r riorMaIM .. the public. .. the cltlxcm. nf the ntateand
civil hill\ .
rlihU .. ."., hiM. .ir fed
yearn and for itttrlif For RobberiesCrtnlnal lltsttninln at .. nation, Hotels and rentuarantN reeehetat
al ri Al I t o'as ".1 I_ ,"
Riches Ceeicl a rnrttry ..... 10 ytara.Pattemon. ....,. of Its ntalf.la gratin nodifyer .- pallit. offlct ( red If eMvlcttd Court Jtdw A.Lloyd t.. eoilrtttnl rid .. 12.1W at the eip"'n'' of the ......'.1/ .public' thin'

Sets Public on all ...at.. wall rue.Ive ncnttacwd Uyttn two thin Oaths seek toflvt wp/ ef Uo et fair P 4t .... Adults he ..lit nerve the general public' ..'< '.I.I l !
a total of is rndln twJeywwlMdpwklla and wnlte alike,

Mess Meeting years Iwprlniswtnt. ytar for .tro.prlenn. nrwtd terwnench e.e tt<. a fit'" SHetfetI" TA hula' with. NeiroeN are n il anklag.

Leader I ..ftNtl.e.ere ... |.. for 'Integration. "HegrtMM are MrklM. toM

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of the Civil Nevada St. sad table P. rt rnwarftn ., < .4 *nn she ndollltd
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Senate .. scheduled hjr ar'rll a fair n. p/r pitted awtltr doe .. wee ftt. art at Plerldn lisle Oal, .t| It etlsi held itary and Jrweph aM the Infant finial. wereVwled
lID TOW, LT.Aetsrrsi ,.. lodging .In the; .lafawnM ,INN,
the rltrida Consul MHwaian rohhlii labia gay wen gtaotll BM r>dprxtetlit ,erel U, la l.t| I on ihtrit of
", Itlatltat ntrt- / I* ..t.,.. tlvllrlchtn fellaa*. 11. of Jaan.. ), Mnaldn bil.sots| Mid h.si.ll tt IttttllMllOO. The. picture' nf fariifMWN refugees, Cu .wi.,

day Bay 21 nt g ..*. leader, lint vlllt aaval air at tilt*. The that airt litt, the flaal peer aa towhwUer pllt* rt.rttd.Jttl Kuaalaan, rilllplfie. Janaaea* r*"imi.,
Patricia It"... pee, fiat "."h"II.and IN ***n.
teat"; was affectedlast same eases pet
I. lltcaynt Terrace All,. re-tty atlltiur tttre will h* n ;, e ate Tirratl,
e Ibtel, ,-n ........ iww II ef the wleltlt who Alfred g. Taylor, dwrlag April chile he,... II. t4n used !. .11e. diM Nlaf. nerved la rentaurMta and Mge4
d*..antrnttd ..,side w.t enwpwlfnlng Ueflrwl Fires Policy /Ufrlean/ hotels, while Hir cltlfa'
eldest of the heel trial ,...... ,, din* list Md ., .... sir'I.
the fierita state ,avllllea artanrtSlU siesta..... are ileNM. nlallar. nervlcen U an eiaaple,
nart.rtHo cloned thai O*I loan wao ... 1/.', In his net a,
...... std list epeeh- daring the tailing al.M ...... St. atAlagarea Oi Teachers MM niri, aearlMl sits tf the |.1IIf'n."t| and .''"'.0 that'

era /re Ue tee, ncr > tetwiMewof Uetwrld'a .., ',.1411, at II: M ... ..... a .11 tc iii,. retwlttrnt MtdA 4.erlcan tvwicrary wp to ridicule,
Pale ..,. I,.. flerlda.do ..... I Nkiog S..t 111/s .,,.. Pete /U rid/eslnw' '
a, aft M .N*
.... will apeak en .... h >.. |l sloe leas t/tw| I 41 ...,,
sties aspect ef Ue tea.a.. ash t the ? _..tl4l by the do re la what this seen bat city| ..| ..Ilea ant. retMMiable, IM klanedly. worded Slid rm.

will, '....1.. poled lie I bwon dtotrlbtd aa n pint I... Ptr tar nnd .... rev.4ltiheert emttMlMtH wltU Mginte4Uotry
....... that w suet elm .111.
nit .u....,., heaolated kit bill Ut rrtto by t le effttt Itttrln frvw nlt<4 4 ergo tiM
tbe while .. be cedeobis .. ibis le tit 4lnregar4 U enll ptt| ..lyDO .
eel, weld Mtw > arwo Tewngblt itIs.4a M Secs' Ctorltd
.1., Ue awhile with ....*.. tiu a bnUn.tool beweirtdtd ., ...,ta.... IM head ..t4 tie tt tetu t>lntlenbtrs MOT V0TK AN the weatlnN, *'HM tH
........ ... privately o."... reotaeraat, N *teU sad
what the Mil la and a fill Mltb nnd dlrt.ur. ef Ue ..*
Its effetU aw a ...... 11.11 la tart fro. tae Soles ...... teIM val Chc (y gdwtoltee ass ii 111. am. ears (.,.... ntela a. forced in racially integrate
rant at UewtMotUt 4 .0, .... Sew their. CMt araT" MI n./ >i, shot ym gn
a>...trw ........ I flttlo. aeclatlna ached the epee the
etttal vwfteaa .....,.. the tebbcrc were t call Slat II ... Ctweu award ., fwhllftasUttflati ...-*,*< I lid., rte to te rill.|| .

.f Ue hill till h.i ir. frlitltntd off .... a port ef his plan to we. le wllhMldblrlagef nn4 ...1.. Trill Far
Jaa .. Steve, seas to ea npttalrw rweabMtod .,... ef floere, ltrw.teIM ItntbtrwftrMe nee the 4 Mar epMt4ftrttr wWWw wBwwSBW- v 9VVR-

coajr, tel.,..... Seri that ..."41tttrw game ef Stir pas ....': ....l leer< sad sale enld' IMf.* ....".. P.M MaaU
.lt., cacti UWrUew ewtlag.rVt .1..*.. sod sew **>re ... 4o ... awottwc etr the .iced lae .ltllonlwwiwd teieae leeial
..... awhile at..detea. canruu i IlR .... ye.ts..er. ae- lobe bt bMpine .n aa llflcnlee laced wo efe U a' II..... Ptlllen .. Ibis seat IH Jose it aMe sad Je.U Hs ......
were Jwlnd ,... .. sl/*..*, her Md ... IfUl ., ...14 e. ** .. *tree wya semi after pretrtc .rytwr .ele>e de> en tl e .
'frw Uw... t..t.ll.w.wmd M>rn lnl grew frwwi U' lMid Wt.Coif. ,.."... ef oil Jttl. lit W.... M a ...nsd eta tatti 4 wiia Is.Pcb. let ef IM ..*.., etl
Jersey City s.*. wi. I He.F.KM. grve.MA nrttndbM. H fcMMM af lacha. lies ,..'11., .dbe.ease.
Ir. w.erew spew coat dlre.t.rc alt. ails| her n < cc .. .
el a *, r eli a < ..* .1.ilIsh be placidlac
4MT. bsMse.r ewe aawwtra af U* le* Powell ,. ...... .
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lisle rtlttrttelttnt ceJ _., ef ta. Tie slltt. f oeteewes. /.*
r..u .. hail etl te hire oaf s "*......lf all ., *.!,. Hell Suet1d
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pass I the
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ewirl |ne* y. pleaded silly
twprwew ... M three
.. ltalatat bIsSr eoeuiti
Is artnc NM teeth
tN psldleeept' I settee ,..1....... Utw has. ordered U. wrest Ibe sort ercer .. "7 clays which If.1M tnt until 'dec ... tie ""H.'. all .f (. HU.a. Ateeeselibu.eel _..,.
repealHly ftlltl fa see la Ib-ir piin else lees lees |e..11'tied
.. eW.at rlcklaa4
Ut tttrw wilt ebb Inter aewwd .e mass Mrpeeialset .since a .*...ee jteeo- ,., enbyott was lit ea.4.The .1! .. 14 llai lies ..
be a+.t saIw ........ before aalag her pre'seat C egrtne..a seat ....If' bin fepIM Ire. ...1,. attl|. vltlle c ac tMl ... .eeela..e his bees .1....
Iea.Ie If re .
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f.stke. peat tl wins .CJaa Maul ,,.... anldtaefe
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ntr, .... S.o toesse.t WMB } bat wtaYwd ewe* IM tfM tC Mlleellitie
w4 netr period .....t eon ..05.44UI. tabdo MI........ | ee- e.eds eI' labN. M S rM tws.
will fwlle tat .st' .. Sets | a4vraIn edUce ef die erdt |.*., f.,. a4c Ce. n4IM ut ftve Mla
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..... gma wf Ispww/dlear ...t tedlae ft4fM bledM-a; .


',- ,. ,

-- -

ICE 2 \ VltllMi, nit rims I SITillU Mar II, |1114)

THE FLORIDA STAR Politics As Usual

IT EtC I. SI.I.Spiclo"l .

Published by Tb* Florida BUr MbliiblBi Co.
'Mbar of Aaaoctatad Macro rrw*" Labor'Dept.. Assistant

EPIC I. WS.N-_.......HaailiBf Editor Discusses Negroes' Economic Plight

UYJJI E. VISE...............Jnrj Eftar dOil1'NS1 A''V' '. 1 Into April 23 address before the regional
conference of the National Association for
HIM IMTEK......CtoldiH Eager the Advancement of Colored People in St.

Louis Mo. Arthur A. Chspln. Special Assistant
BAH IffiCE I PUNT: to the Secretary of Labor told his

2323 KiicrUI In.......,.... Elfli 4-1712 /.'r7u7G audience in part:
.r Then the Labor Department prepared the

alllil &I'rlss: Manpower Report to the President in March:

HRErk just past. which the President then submitted
P. I. In 511, Jicksinilli 1, Flir!"! to Congress;-it -took a--

good hard look at the economicgap
between the white and nonwhite -

131 If 3f< Alt. Ibis 3)71,25RUBSCRtrnQN ) k population. Let me quoteto II.r

you from this report:
MTOOn ) "The notable advances in Nero -

Year, M..00. Half Tr,'14.00 :" civtl richta.. education.
Hal lad to Tea An,..,. la thy. UnltJ( Btata occupational distribution: SIMPSON

Subscription payabl la advance +' housing and earnings have led to a widespread

Mod Lack or fbaty Order to: msusption that the economic gap,

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX Ml between them and the white population of

Jacksonville 1, Florida n the country Is consistently narrowing.Such
an assumption Ignores the ecomlc progressof
the white population which has been even

more rapid than that of the Negro in the

President Johnson Lauds Role r past decade. An s result, the differences":
between the two racial groups have not only

By Late Mary McLeod Bethune t... failed tn narrow but have actually widened
MI in such major areas as housing, ircone,
tASHIWOTON.-(ANP--Tht memory of Miry and unemployment Only in education is t

McLeod Bethune'*and ethic close association 'N the gap narrowing and the full rewards of

with her-case rush ing back to Preil- 'MUST 60 DEEPER this development hive yet to be reaped.' *

dent Johnson last week when be recalled her "In other words both racial groups have

effort to Improve conditions for women in mode economic progress. But the white

the Armed Forces. group his iide faster progress. And the

The President spoke glowingly of this to.markable result is a widening! g-".
Metro woman in remarks at the Your; WeeklyHoroscope I 1n relation to his white counterpart.

White House before some 00 women who ton the Negro is falling farther and farther

the Defense Advisory Committee on Rosen in hell Ind. During the fifties the average

the Fenrlces (DACD1ITS). Income of the Negro male 11'roved xubxtan-

The primary responsibility DACQVIT8 : GuideBy tlally.For every dollar he earned in 1949,

is to inform the American women that not he earned $1.75 In 1054. Rut the white

only in civilian government" .services but male, running eheed of the Negro, ran M

in the Military services, too, can they little fanter. Mille the Negro wan earning
find rewarding careers in professional and PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH SI in 1449, his white counterpart corned
technical areas such as scientists en. SI.00; in 151 for every 81.75 earned toy

glneers, mathematicians, administrators the Negro the white male earned .20.

accountants teachers, lawyers, linguists ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR "President Johnson In his message to

nurses, dieticians and therapists.In Congress on March 1'7. concerning TliF... BARON
speaking of the role Mrs. Bethune pnvnrrr: cited six major categories "f
played in paving the way for better positions BUSINESS; LOVE TRAVEL the poor. lie named a*, the fourth cate

for all women President Johnsot .- gory, "Minority. Group Menbers.* On. amy

reminisced ARIES : well reflect that his other five cste
'I was reminded this morning of a touch. Born! March 21st thru 3"I"7436t' 240.00.1546.50' CAPRICORK gnrlfft should well have bent labeled ill -
friends of mine had. CANCER; ", LIBRA Born! Dec. 22nd thru children
ing eiperlence two April Itth norlty Group ....n'or they are
Born Jurie :22nd tbru, Born 23rd thru Jen lAth
Mrs. Bethune was meeting with General YOU NAYo 10 MNV CON Jolly 22nd of poverty, thorn hypasafd' by Industrial
Marshall one time during the war. iTRuctivf roicn MOM Oct. 23rd AtTMOUftM CONVATI' change.rural f.lPl1tell. fatherless fashion
"She got up and asked to be excused" be* HUM' TO OMW DUI'MTNll PACTIAk CONSISt0 TMI racvioul OUAITI II BINIRAllV CONdDfRCOAI and the ....d. The President pointed nut

cause she had to goMary McLeod Bethune, OUMTII TNT YOU ATIONI' oicl WpUlO UNOIDLII.tvmv ..Ali' MUST" WAVE MIN IWCUINT YOU 'rORTlll TNt that there IK a ftntwtantlal wwwit of the
you know was a very able and very prominent Will HINt N> ONI TO IN4 IN MANY MtriCTI HUT IT TINT II NEAR SHIN YOU pnor In thin country who need not ,",".xle

Negro" woman who was a great edu ac{III'I| A IOMII. over the complicated! ) rcomimlCH of povrrty.They .

Bator and exercised a' great Influence on 10 .u.... Toys IOMMATINTMUIIAIlTic TO THIS, ONI. YOU CANULII TO' Py)LrU\. YPU" TAUfMIIIION are the minority .rnllp.ptll.r.rnru-,"
MAT at
my life. j i. tiarll/I.. .otei scats TOaiCM 1 INa'OVESy t'o\' ',&., ,$000IISPULPINNC0L IN.X4H. TMIIMIAMI the equations' are nUpler. They are hired

"She worked very closely with me several a MI* NiaM BUT 10 TO 0..11&.01. Tut tltMtNtlOf COUP* OB ( AMANDONmaanMcarYOU taut paid Ira, and fired first."
years in the Federal government She asked CUITOMAAY PRUWTMCt,
ells IK-IMII, Utlllt
General Marshall to excuse her because YOU All fROIItl TNAMTIMPATION. AND RICOMINa IOMOHATMORC 'J. IHlfttit
orriiovici km.
o* HI' AND POI-IOUI ru- ., Siys
nhe had to go see the president and someone Tm joa .u...."..... YOU fl.N TUM.IT MAY BC on,....I OARINA TO MILPIVtNTI
asked her what was she going to seethe OPU.. UNDER PAVORARLIADvStucm T* UNINO AtPIAOAINt
President forPresident Roosevelt ,, '.OMOttMM A4.U Y. M BIVfNirtMNCt MOOT tNt 1000 TAT NA ATTENTION Net EllrWi" To RH hi Fkrkli

whose picture hangs over there I VI I IT It THAT YOU ,. 'IN MATUtlTMAT roTUNt THAT. OVIMILMI TO TNt INOI-

"She said '1' going to see him stout M RV( TO Mil OB tCOUHIWNIN CONChRN YOU ,.*. yOu TO MIVINT BICOMINI VISUALS MO MAY AIAINUM Far IIItIeHl ... (...111....
in the services and about letting TO SCRIP YOU
letting, thes do something besides the TO YOU. YO JtvwOT It *TltlH..lY IKN ANO ,INOIVIUjAil BMO AMALATI .ITM TAlll *l RIPITITIONI J.ses"Jiof "..... n..ocraUo State 01 n_
trivial details and the clerks and the OvmiOM OWL \m iIIPtCTIB YOUR INI1INCTI kUlAKt, RUDY TO iinoufOMIN4 NAT HIM TO _aIldCDMldat, for D.. ucratla .U""aJ OrrltErr

minor Job That wide quite an Impression, CHICM COWL S AIDING' YtiU IN YOU* OUSt sITUATIONs| | MA t UTTVl KICMN.AMCI .M for riorH.. IRS Jeweled blast tt bin up.pmmt .

that she was going tn see the President. aOVIN THE OflMIMt 1 Off Porn motitoai ONO foMil. TO VHS fACTI. rjltotl I.aseuIL
meeting again "Tlllott aao. .U said JM... s 1. t rll-
"The next day they were Two IIMIHCMT Divn.eeMint t.JO77.I5IIIPVCUKPIO rr Irs
in this consulting group and Mrs. Bethune THAT MY CMA 'i ,00.U..1)3: 3-110011.! I 144e-351 sable Mdtr florid !.. tn offnr hUiirir for ....1111. -

got up and asked to be eicused. and said TMI count or row n ri, efnct. Mr. tn iMiT>U his not nt4 labs

she was sorry, but she had to go and seethe July Bon Oct. 24th thru AQUARIUS Stale .r r.uIa' lbIt. requires that a
23rd thru
President again. 4.to-"4.t7.No..., Born 22nd 20th thru cltUttj. err,,1.. himself f-r office nut have
Bon Jan.
"They .said 'what are you going to see TAURUS j YOU Nibs .0 MANY r AC- Feb. 11th "ol..! U I ..rr>J .leetl.rl.| "
him fur the second dayf She ,said "I am Born April :.Oth f morn YOU Cl' PIOetlCallt TOM IN YOUR ravoa TMAT TNI I TWITS OUAITII II J.t. OOIIU....., "If tlMTe U snss lonpkolt !lit

going to get the answer/ and evidentlythe HDota .*ITI VdUB 0N TICHTMltlYI YOU twouia at wici TO NOT iimv TO ai i* .ear sletlna h"d psis-Ito trwasl.mt*o vasrole.

answer was a good one because here WITH ROTS U"'"ui' MOfxutt YOU BO RUT TARE Pull AOVINIS1 0* en-no' ev TM rMvioulOM Ms......., .., c\noIIO to

you are and I 'see a good many majors and m YOUR$ioi. aTHHOUII Tf NOT TO Ov15001.. TMl*. TMIBI IIIMI TO A| IT II IIAIIY TO *i M, is ,.. for Mr pub .
colonels all the We auuMiM ro( ..*.. YOU MAIM CONCEal II IITTH eouiT TMATntjn 1f! 1 't .fn U.
over place. are very II CONTAIN A| MANY M PIB- eew. U* ItMb
proud of It. < roBTuMi AM IIMIIITM NAPS MOIL rOITUMATCIIMI .. trnmtkaiird..
(The President was referring to the number TIE arrAin AMACTlYITIII TNAT All ll raociibiN bate "taI CM4 -

of women military officer who were ere TMI .a t er CONT, lawteraoiain MO 10M (NO THAT* JUIT YOU Of *IY AIIOCIATII IN YRU. rvoa.ClOII .. .. dat0.** k. ....... "r Mi>.

sent at the Ihlte House reception which IN tour, i LIPS At| IOINI TO MAtlNI. IT IM-ORTMT SiltS, for Ulneme.......,. *...
honored the women on the o.r''I'c"l.orl' AND 'IN TMC IIPR. in or .tr OUT er TMM IMOUIITM iniNTiAi Pot YOU ..OTT ATHN TO IMTMTAMT B- t.4 la ...- nrt4 riteM4 -

committee). YOU* Lun eif' i. YOU ( MINI .IT BOUftM, ail'iAf am OIIINTMNTI. stint' MATTIII, MUITIBYOU "lssj' ...... U....MI ..., are "esaJ Ifl'"$ 1
MI me anna MIVINOY LlAYt TM IIAMB.INIP aiiouKii A.* seMATIYII tllilM .. t.... office I* 'I".... M CMMItlfer
At TWIT TIMl'iat| A*
.UO.M MOT1 "/0" IM TMIIIMANOI MlCONTtNT U allot ser public efflCM U ....... a
TO ACMIIVI .auf ta icoMOMIC YOUAHir *ITMruMllMINa ,,,.. MV VU PABTICUIMciacvMtTAMCii .-ekery t| the ..*..*.,. ef UrMi IltlcJ ufportiiUte '
Teacher Good StartThe T* YOU, BUT
lntogratonA l 0'Tt' M|( ) TO Iluai *- YOU MUtT AiM MANS C/1 Twl INSPI l* Te l.- ... wwtsrs UU Mr state !0 pith
MAT vow TACI TNt PULL "*tuCer p
lOIN *
I\-!\ at Visa i. ...",n. Hi"l TI II YOU saSS luc INS MA.TIIIAL JM *.Ut 4 .., Nat the tM*xrmtle CnalttM
lKt ..*.0.. TN( | -.. |Tii ITBIN4I MICN .....*,.
overwhelming decision of the Florida coma UN* YOU AT .... POSTS iiAaii TNATVMOM.I mk.re tkrMRte U. state hate lUlc.tH Ukl
AstoclatIont integrate Its membership tooe ,. N{ vi IOMI- UTVI OATt. IT *OUiO M V..,*,. HI jlCf that ttt* are ....*.. ..fe..4H kv ... kra*

is a long-delayed logical step In e.i OY YOU* ii M MOCAH *i ainruv AM .."..... ..fOoSSO..M-MS MAT cauteMuNjMTirite .ta attvet kr B..*.**U .. take e"rf ....,... .

the wake of slow but growing school late CMC YOU MIN YOU INS ,. r*.MT At ABOUTauiiNin ..... THAT YU WIt Po aut grattoa over the state. .TTIM-T t* M TO* PAST ta etnciH WlnAQU.Ion Mil* U> *t Ml T..t e* ....1.... .r Iced problems *r U* M..le laU .

Teachers both. white and Negro have the aye TO "II". CMtUiailN CAM AM4 TO BfVOTt lIOn *tv. i3rt IAn .PP/flat *l|.*,*'''.', .1M4 lUUatiat' these trakl... *<0"r .*.
same education problems and ehoald meet tot *..\. ..' 1seUt AMat er veu* Viol INS AT.TINMAN I fee. 2lat UtM.aal4 Joe.. *-iae ... U loss h..rs
them. in malU Certainly more pertinent .Matt ,.., fiMt.OIK TO YOU sell TIll iiiaiiiTiii orKMMITaATlN4YawHIU| .>>-U.') }m .f ...* .. 1.0111ee rclatratlaa la the s.weentleParts

la-service opportunities will become avail A** tMB ...... U n.rl4a;*. bat wiled UN totke ....... .
able to the Negro teachers at this organi ; .1)421 AMT AI raawiiM CUBIMITMII PIICIIIon. Patti ... l Ua Err It UM rwpoct It -.nn

laU,,' level over the state.A INS 7.wo-a.1).,...,.. Pease A| ion MMIM ..... 1U Un MttMallf. tJllatt aM.**|t ..... laf.rrla. ..

serious effect is being made to mrgredeeducattom mora May jm can VIRtOtore VM| '.U. MM! hi laM 20ta ass If'"*" a that a. ar. .rullnll "... ad
of the Negro la Florida. lit June list ir YM MA.I rAine veM ,..,le Hlltlcall. e4 that ketil slsal.Saa4.r .
TM .M..f ... veiMiaat :>> Au,. lard ur roil *e 1005 55 51051.NU111l .
yoager children, especially suffer wader via "| AT a CMClVtlMVM !e. tee ........t. *f PUrle Mt ef Ut.eilftMIAt' .
.. It&t. 2 1d Isles M* Bt9va -
thehaadlcapthat 1m school. they are at- i t TM a*IN uITU. 00115 TMC P1St M.MtS.
.M TMB ass MTee OASIS'S tempting to lean about a see culture, tomuch PP YOU MAb/ All MV IMItV V* Jae. 1511 M I* .5y **| kite 05554 .IUt Mr
CMANCII Poe los T* NAVE ve 5151 IMM AMMAil.
.. .
of which they are stranger. This' of LIP f/NS MMS v.eelutIal. LIT VMI BMf MIIMVMWVIYIM .. *IU..a tkiM.W.t tk. atata. a4 IBM Ue
...... Savll ail Tm I...... talc V. AUMTAIM
I course. is because the same culture.aU.I *IV-lt .."fill swat M* M CM *.l|.l* TMII SILL MBMWMV a MflMITI MS pistols M bat .... ..*.... Me wltlMte BM!*.
I to their tIW n. YOV Tit I f M* JIMa iieiaie 1111114 T* MO, TM CM **re v* I M Mt test that M k*.* kM tm Ian tot test
aPS.1 TM A|
em he f THAT
The students till N mo better educated MM IT *|4MM M IMIIIIVIaaOMt UM in aUI*.. *. *.....
HIM V* i v'545 OYMa.IM. ,... ems |.. A... M' Tt T.M *.*. Me AMIM are mallac ald> Mt r
them their teachers sad remember, we are SIN r .0.......,. chafes i* *.TItt.IVT MS IM- is CMMB-ATItM It le v ...* UM I all I ke MJ..,.. M mr f l*

referring to a statewide ttmtlom.ratmer Its ... |ciaieer*f MMIMT4MIAV ,- **.te ItaiCKV av TOaiAii **.'C. ve MM* ..r WKB4MTlft ..k fast a b*.lMT U* flaelM e-cnce to heed set ..U.... Eal.a .-

than Jut Hade po ate alone,TAere I.. too. .., MAtl t* til tow r, IWNTI M .*M* M*. mete cu*,t se acneait s t.s. ..****,:* ...d tomes 1f I M Mt ala -
u fM
the practical fact that better education 4 M TMI CaVkblkl ITS. .t> a iinu *.*1 P1.11*. dials
M I* t< i in sct a.e eMiMitf itatat, 0115501. iMTtwMMAaiil ** *, I ml to ass a IM-AM
ells sake. both students.. teachers stromg TMf *IH* ....., *.* MI set teM MMUTYM VfMIMtYtM*. IMS kl* part* etrta*."
lit T I: t'I
M eo e jci
rr factor la oar state's ecoaomle life I". .. .HA MINIM*rt YM beta tMtMMlMNrt M. Vf N esNia'....... Se OMlalM ala rMrta. J.M MMwt... *1 mwevtog
ta.V Ml -!
them tmcjr! move bees able to be. VNA SOt Tells.S.a'e ee MTTI*. MV*'%* ?.... ,. .AM*. VM< et****. 4CTCAi.. III..... M* to toke. MM ....... ttltoUlleiMllUr ......I4 I'S
al. I* **. fee ,.'a action is EMS test till SMII ee *..., ..
ta lrylsg. Slob... Twists CM. *e vevmlfjbt04v.bjk.9a.HM ae551r11..N.1wI. .. rM tor lads Ml toM the e '11,
plaids has ..... the. first tte. eee$, M3I5 ttti05Aa1Sa ..... O0 ....u.. ........ M. 055 t1Ier05 .Ws .M ....( BMMiMMITlH.Y -aftUea, I r let f... .... t. .f a .....*..
wise t*+.*.rs' tm the. deep Boot "UU .M SMMLBMt ....
troop to "( .... ciwe ... mi A*, 1ti.1e. lardrM.c5mH be Ilaewd M 5a.e1 ...
adult Nefvei teaefcer* tG .eleraltip. l.1*II'a.. ewlL 1 tw. i.115...ti..54.5als wetM tm Ms raw. aim m Mttttm.1 ........*...**

J .
< to S

i 1 t, ......... ..J,,, .
-- -- --- -

lilY 11.. mi Fli.lH Jill PAPERS PIn 3

. Annual I Presentation I Broke Previous Records .

__ _

CA YMCA DOwti tci tb

y 1r

tit 1
r ;:

r, tau tl 4xi

__ .. r t 4 a:1:

---- -- -

MttKT: PWSBmTION: of the annual Jaaa taldoa Meson Branch TMCA'a BoyV Nlht, USA *itra* nsaanUrtalnad Ton** 71 fair of lutes I. Payne Baatary School, the ...1, crowtJ Queen for 1X4 1* hon *lth
I n capacity ttadanc* \IIutfllO.r.* li the Little Thaitr:* of th. Cltla Aadltoriu. her court fti* U the dauiht of Mr*. UI H. T lfalr, a saber of tilt Pay i,* School faculty In I

Oriy-t, aoabara and buddies J'OIUI'II'lOh.1 rpratli all .1..tarJ ud J.tlor kith schools of photo lift art ..ibr* of lit Jackaontlll '111I tar, featuring a aclntlllatlni dane nxitln I

tb* Duvtl *jata Br* nt4 a wide variety of skits, 101'". stoup ilailot ooavdy and doe .."" M *bra of tile A.U Leis School conduct a crowd pl.u.]
replete with proUaalonal poll. tad vcrr. 1T,, aoa of th* 10.011 *ho"',above *r.: Center, says V (Royal) Art Studio Photo I\I

New Stanton High Announces .BIRTHS Cental j- Events "I 0:R-.... R
'j'Commencement Slate Ir. and Mrs. John I. la support of the !'. IInSn till b* held '\ r"r

Season Mack: ISM Broadway AT*. tnlT* P tlat Cue May II at St. St pha : .zD ,n )

N.* Atutoa'a Janlor9nlor Pro. slttod for Girl. Unit the .ritr Mot AUK Charts. Proaha .' !: -,-. Pea"CCp

Friday alibi la Diml County Armory will off Mr. aid Mra. Arthur pUll Aiilllary *tl) lai roots to house (i\ 1'.ANNIVRSARY :.' r: ",, ;
Id ally launch Cononcweot activities aeoordlat Wane; Ull f.. Xtk .St.. praiaet Ui assail ta f. diit) are requested SPECiAl ,I ."

to Principal Char)** a Brooks and Mr*. I.L' Kill. Girl. Sunday, May IT from 4 to call rJ.i. Alden. -.saw ; ,
coordinator of senior clasi actlrltl. Mr. and Mra. Ooori* ..- until I ,... U. th. 110II I U57 Oroth It. ..., .. r ,
kla, M2I Pottier Drive pltal if trlTBttvt
Hit L.R. Sol own and I -
I.H.. grayaoa ar* fae 31, .toiler Vpr St. 1Qr. will ellBii .National Furors of nt OaptvrKta 0 ,
city coordinators la 8t pbaa A.M.K. Ckarcb; Mr. and Mr*. Jolla lutes hospital tk ace : Phi B.ta "ororlty, D

chart* of U. ,roe. Jna* |. Ktalor ClaaaNlfht. 4224 Katama Drift; Boy tlTltlt. Inc. .111 l .Mt 1* r rial
Other actlTltl. Uelvd ; June 5. ABBBB Mr. tad Mr*. noir ,"i I ar ....to. "Fatsrday, o .

.: A report to tin Alimal Day Obatrranea, GrUn_. piT Brooklyn, Pride of kacvo TatiploNIM + Day 14 at I .... la tb* .;$I!:.
school and faculty by Jna 4. School CI,ita 910' .tll I sponsor a pieS boa of Moron LlllUa "HOUDAY IN EUROPE RECORD ALBUMS. ;T
the awlor wIIo want to for All stueS..ta.Jun. Mr. and Mra. Juha Jor- kit* Tn lunAcy, May Hlrpard, 2IS2 lreu. -
Chicano wltk that*Club.Tnl 7, Senior *.ehttl and don: IJ9J,t, 23rd Bt, It at, 3 p..., at PlkaRtt. 7h* Sorority till apoa PRACTICAL FOREIGN LANGUAGE INSTRUCTIONS* -

report will be side Juno 7, 5:00.p..., COft- Girl. 712 *. Neal It. or a Hobo pane Prlday STEREO MUSIC"luggage
Tfcaraday omlnf la the .ncnat,.. Civic AM* Mr. and Mr*. Ja..a Cai.p In obitrvaac of It* May 2* at CHital (MuatyAnory.

audltorlw.Th ditorlwi.Th II.U. 3320 Mnart It. 43rd annlvtraary. 4 Or9-'| rcA J. o
National Honor Bocltty coMM: nc Mit 10_. Ctrl. era has .bees plaaaod IviM yo f P

Installation Pro- .r for tilt Class of .44 Mr. and Mr*. far Prank and frakat *I1I4 )Ne. llta'ltu Nlshldtoel's

I,.,.., id.: daaliatlon will b* Or. Job J. Its. 703 Arch m.; Girl be atrvtd. Kr.. Dorothy'Js OJ") Club sill)
for umbra aDd band Hick, a iradiat of Mr. aid 'Mr*. 'Oll"rJobaaoa .*|*1"lOr" nd Mr*.111b i I Itai Its BB*..) cues MOTOROLAPOBTABliSTEREffHIGHflOEtlTY

tud 'atMaj JO.: Anne Rtanton' ..Me eurrmtlyacrtlai ; 1111 Suadlal Rattle 1.1... la Dank-. Bert Mooch. Hay 25m

nay Proiraa' May 23, u pr* H.nt of Drive; Ol rl. tn Ruler, the school v4ltarltM,

10:60 ....; par..'. Ap- till U. Louts Hlaaoarl Mr. and Mr.. .Johail Mra Alpha M. Ivor,, dl. I I I
predation Nliht My Board of Prtueatloa ands River; 2d33 .MBiy Ama .*e**.* of Rprlsi"/4 rector aii.o.tc.... The

22, 8:00 ,...; central.tMlaatioa. / pastor of the ValoaHmnrlal PrlTt, 10,. will" I'u a,*td by proiraa till fnalar

May 31; MtthodlatOrarcath Mr. and Mr*. Lear 111 ,.,U. of pliPor Clatalr. aplMl*.h.) T ...Aa..D.NA. -
Asses Glee Club R.cttai .. .rt.fkirlii. law; Mil Vtrtxaa M. School May II at |I30 .lIt'rfl4. pnplr end JM thinSTEREO .
May 25 Ajnaphonle th. ananal a)** p... durlM lilt achool'. Pushers Out artUtaIII ... ".

Hud lessee for torlif at obaraacf till on* Iqr.WEDDING May Pay pottlval. The :I. Btidtnt froo. vies L V XJ
P phtala.till. be on those May 0ahug Bad oj.*** .
pair May 21-30; Dai ti. Cr., |-Oeit/. Arhoolof HI-FI
4 34,cj.F.ri ..? (oner. atadonta aid rad- BELLS coolest, aM ether f l*> .' D.w.a. ,. Tbp rncrrl,
30. Renter matins: Icy Isles who sided thlr Plttchtr ,,*... Jr.. .laar* will'" ,h' slit aid. flRiatlai .fU ; :

education darlai 114. Ju II.. PI.., 21 sod ntH.MliaMattl. .r.wp'a trip &. lin- r 5 ...--'J
1134 134. 1>44. | >4MdClBMOf Ptlla Bro.', .1... II\Jrlt. pirTa J

14. ....., PI*. It. KMMt, a *> %; ;
., .f) : r '
: "11' Prraoa she. finished Ja... Karri, ..4 *. Ittt .,.....,. *f Plorldt 101k .*.h.,.*" : *. I
u au M ne .. ftUntm amiss the years Ueot Cort. .l cadIs "'If. school| of send .f tbo valiant Ladles. -

: .*.........---0 -0.n -... .It. ';. rtitloavd above should ", A. i.sl. 2133Uaola alai, ill) bo tilt mlppwk !Roesaid %tla. .* flak MOTOROLA

.t* .M1.__, Il..f .7, roatart lira. Allen. Count nmt. 41. r ekes the ell'' .III .N observed BMinlar,
H, .-.y I-.1... saw.-,--- -. Crlfria of the raallah.drparUfflt Y.mlll ao.',,,,.. 1411 pro(*..loal Mr 11'. at May 11al4p.ti la J.. CLOCK'RADIO

,-_ _-_...N..i.,.../-.. .' of N"*. Ktiw Bancli Drto. 21 asA t.ad the Ht.,,,.*, M. Jaa..* 0....., ("...* P

...e--,s.w...-.e .wmini. : loa aa BOOB a* po* *i
-_a.M tlLDVtlKI_e.M. ....---i1.r : ell.).. P.. 21. Irl4ep his. Mra. Globs PnUI'' ONLY 29
.w.r Alfred A. 'IN" ,407t" situ, May Id al 7 p '. I iI
pmtrtM dirwtor wdMr
... la coMMtlai aboutthe .. .
--w #. -.
COIIIUIIOIIIf tMtallvo whululf Ot, 31 ad Bitty la ar.*nUr rsf.t.rls." *. Curs "Moor I* tilt -......
*.If TN ea.fUY.M '. M.o f rry. 3404 I. tit II lab1' ..|.*,. .
.... .... of eoH.aeBt a. 11 ritn/ ,..l"' *l t.+&!.i2 ( *<
toe r trwt, M. apse tits flth a sew.n l s t LIi' '
Prlarlpal 0,16, Glides ti' "
a..s. sc1.w. : tltltlt .
;::. .. : Twin 6 tptBKG**
.. brooks atttfd thai b* ".tII.l., 101I1.,. 1000TarllBf service tauidar alaM, at Tb* Patted M***. *f a'H 44.tlv. b 1t141t
.. .."11 isstlut/.ssl ... 10 watts ... ........_ ....., ..
-. .I..Lr_ _a .yee I ..*.. and the sabers of his A**. d4 sad Prayer fr All ,1. rI, ." set I."l rob.r /e
new s..w r e..t ', staff sere '1..... 1U Mary R .....N. 1000Urllai Bptlt fbrrb, tbPlrld la plaa.lud| .. .*II*| Mrb/ehesep.'bIs..es'k.II/ .12..44es )..f(*.*.H."*.'*"l W
-It _--. w.-. M nil .t the arnw. MBt* **,. si. IU.. Ledge lit Little Tl"t lldM te./.e ...... ...'.... ...... .. bells suns I hi lets

_-. .1.4---n.--M see .aiV and ctttplttod thus laSh' W ..U". Jr., bilt of pt.nl *Mdjr, May 17. sr ass .ta.. .4fH4 p.yiM p.eed.a..e.. .. 9 984 )'"|t M .....,.-\Nt
far 3122 1e.s.-ilcre .....r.. a H I* It. 7111 sees).1aI. .III I**** **abai aad deal ar4MV MM.s.4 we..l.b..-. !**. MMOTOROLA, ,1144 ei.A.eN 1

f U **d Ills P. Baler, .. May |7.2. *llbtk Usd1. .... at II )/ |."sA.e wtM. at .tad sir .Ian..*pM mmnla*. A n srhMte .....IIIOfI..,./,.5.54

.n *. Llaeata foft, tr... r.I.'h. I* .... Mrs. 0.l.rla ,...*" 1.4.1

II. attMdMt*. Tb. .,.e i s e kiss |* Ib* .p....,,

Ase.ltl.ld. OsplistOseuh -d.e6.T o...-..i,.* 9THIO PHONO

/ ..; .... sl sIN a trip CAR
196 o HUMAN HAW U tb* AM MUrdv *IUtr Mee e.4 ..1...
r' I
.I 1-. .LI. w..S. IV ANDIE' .*prltl.. !. lat. lees e....y.aas.7ed.a It.......$
tb. <*.rrb *t It .... -.e. .._.N
.......,.. .... .."urrII. TIOtH* Bar b. .*UI*.4 ..II.... ........ __ .. .
Modes w a-hues fPM ,... INMdy ......., -Ns--- ...... 29M.

Call .( ..3371 ......,* *f Mr*.*" Alee. ,, 1811 --
nnW' ..... Ur// TUMIfat
$5 ....... wlff-IIOf so'..
...... Mew/..ee.es--..
.15"""- ., r_ ...... The I.seisr' sos/k1/. FHOIKCAIBMINIIMCHAIR u-CItIMII

NC-ST11mI .. S1'IIII ...tlf *f Ib. Ullr
**. .*.. .....* .. BMHI .. StCWfiM Yip ... Ie11/
ll.. flb. Mr., Mary 169
TW ,.*.*. I* tb. Me a4 iodine ....MyM ,........*. pr*.ld..t, -3 :) SAYINGS ,
< .*V|seat,aI....,.*strut *ffit. MI Gal III b. held per 2* *lirM ..... g1..
'ent" et .:1 13tb II.,..,. !bCale. on.>iyII .*.. I. bedside I.' a .e"trs '
p MAW eet11"b pla/et. ...sale
...e alrlrt ."1'" I* ".!. P.. ClHf C.at.f, plMl ...dMlar "..." INAitNt ssA -" ,..
....... prli' >4., ......1.. ail ..,....... 7h. ML JMfWm T Ts rm H >...r. *r* 500 .. 0 94 .....,........ ..sille4

.....ya pr.tr. ..||. 1st .saeri.lp .t aU timkttittotnea r...**ld .. brlif p... rI r lases ..... .... .......-u...
It* ....nr' of fir**. |*|*'*4 MlflM farloplay. ...... ... ... .eae.e .....,... ..
till B* ,.ld t* Plat rr snit aM tensile a.
wet I* Csa.lss II ... .*.4It. W II t... h fin..e4 The paU fapbr .s.-at. rMIir/AM. "...., $1a ...

If tee ..ffw ..... lll b. II MesA ... .. ...4 N 4 ..wIru

CQIBI in was m mi Gee..AHtin4i amtnt su.....,. Msod MdirsasrMMStl .. I.. paaso.Leslertep 5. p_ .... u A1i
"' R
esao PtMSS sRat4 1Y1.5t1aas
$ .... "tt"cotiff' roUel" fro. s.1t MdtiAM smtleass asAerrtwa Ml M INKl-rN! BTH T WOTM [WITWfw
R/.000.00 C|+ la t30.00G.00 **)""..*
.anKTTivjrrr/ Uri' tWrrttRrT 1itC4Tlf'r'wIR7iu snn... NesUN Pots 1lwafirlrarn. / free ib* ./e.s/.* ......w............ ....yWtr.1...
.. .... ..
s -
i sail
1'J7TP'II ...,...... ...... wsae.
e eoauwtnwi: mritu.am A'r1 -.me M1selrsi Mtsrrl.. 9tssatls ..*.f.. pee .ia*. R rrotis of JH t A.M. 'TIL < P.M. 9 c
r1S.A i ..- GDII.-
; 1M IIII' I.t.r..t e.t1. .
.... __ MAdtsws saw e.e.pe..tr
L.u. a
Otr ..,,,.....&"" till 4. ..rr? Tottlalll .. I* .**.I M ye.bo. lee ..:.
To Tea .rMr ,... ....!.*. ..., .....,. hot-el y.es..seeaa. -
...... aeflhelsS
I ... s ep/boss eeselBred -
.. .... .
Oar rMllf Crcm flwM ", ", 9ft pis.O -
st w w ., hip. so.es ......s el 4i..aea ... .... .
""r. .*...r .u aU"'t'Mor IW Ib..1s t Ito* *I| *. OMI
sod .......... ItrMl42Or sasll* Yeete+ 'f
.....,. ... ..... ff Ilse
21 fwr' .t A4.1New,4. ..... p.... ow.arfd pes4f.e Ia l.......11... .
llse.lqe4. 1.
.t. oap II
CftdVr O.. hUa .... M .... M l M .. *..1 \ *>t{ 1k .
tr saw./ d.un .
....adra4 t.-U..U IMteth. Ann
> B. F. Goodrich Stores
ft. REX eniTMpdb *... .nUMe eIlI.
.s 107 BWI n.t< Meal. ........ -.. ............ .......,
.rwcit Of f to** itoi>.l4* toMerli /
5w1 i..... ...- |Wll J !t .... dP.N LH 4V AfAM ST.. 11J3 N. MArN tit Mir
R A.iifl ..... K d.J JSlittiil




Mat 4 Sill mils SITIII1T 111 II. UK

I! ; Fourth Anniversary Celebrants West Union CARTER'S

Plans Annual
}4 Women's Day FUNERAL HOME

Annual wo....' Day will WILIV Cornt. 1336
b* observed May IT.
ldon Johnson Branch YMCA la prelag Sut Iron 'INCLUOI' oc-
f The Jot throughout tb* day latest
VOTED 1.11 ,
r forward la It* Bulldln Drive and la pottlat U.pror. Oaloa Baptist
before the public.
Cbareh. E. PARKER; SON W.F
Mr*. TolndH. chtabtr, an attorsey-at-la. and The officer art Mr*. Corrgi Sn.t 5 tnp.CMIlDftEtf .

sitter to the I* s eitcutltt secretary Thomas B. Nona S. Iblt. chi r. 1 SREat-Os AND"
Htrgrare, till deliver the address at the annual .
Ileaoor lb.
aanMra. *, aND A HOIT OF OTNEtlOKKOtlNa
meeting and reoognltioa service for caapalng worker co-chah-aan; Mra. Vera IELATlvn NO'

Sunday May IT. secretary; Mra. riltNOI.' FUNERAL IEVICEI *.
The affair will b* hid at 1:00 ,... la tilt Bath Solotan. finance
Aadltorin.Mr .
Little Theatre of Civic chairman; Mra. Bin kv. ..........
ctMbr la aa alunua of ,..,toG Institute School
Perry Baa day italic' FORO Alice
and Tale ttoivtrtlty Iou School she la a amber chairman; Mra. Ross B.lcer. .
834 4. CHURCH ST.
of the Michigan Bar Aocltlon national Mall co-chalraaa
". ; May 7. 5u VIVOf INCLUDE .
1 Merchant Association and Aierlcan, Maaiaat Aodatloa. *- Mra. Beatrice tvaaa, A DEVOTED DAUGM.Tt .
1I She Is rice prtcidmt, director of pert morning service chair
I .onn.], of Davidson Brothers lac., Detroit man; Hr! *. Lillian C. 6 CKANOCM '
Michigan. she Is sfflllattil vita aany civic orgulxatlona -
Bell co-chalraan; Mr*. 4 OREAt-6RANDCNILDutNi
aad she 1* a aeaber of Delta sigma A.C. Cooper BTU obalraa -
Theta Sorority and Eta Phi Beta Sorority
tilt public to bear Mra.Chtaber .
Tie YMCA la inviting
Dennis evening service
apeak.la ell dr....; Mia iCvelynBodlaoa WAS MADE 'IX MT.
connection with its building eaapalga the
youth of tilt city art finally getting aa opportunity Mra. O.T. Flanders. ...........
to sake a large contribution. I think Oil
souvenir program; Miss CLYDE H'U". 2113 f.3RD .
.. .... I* quit prop.r aa they will b* primary recipient Sandra
---- ---- ---- -- -- ---- --- -- Cummings, cot ST. DIED MAY S. <)JR-

PROGRAM READIED All club and friends of the Alice Thomas and OUt Tho.... Stated fro lift: of YMCA benefit band chairman; Miss L. II. VIVO** INCLUDE ntOTNERI,
The J-Notta and Tb Keynotes, two local
Dukes and Duchess Social and Saving Club are in. Mra. Minnie Griffin, Mra. Mary Houston Mra. Clara Rich hospitality: Mr*. ENOCH JAMtCOW4Y .
with 5 strong appeal to young antic lovers will
vlttd to their Fourth Anniversary observance which Davis and Mrs ivory Si nan. Other aeiber an L 1. Sawjtoa, oo-chair- AND CEOROE HAOAMI 3
pity for a benefit dance Thursday, flay 21, la tb.
ttkee place Monday, my II at I p... la Trinity Mrs.B.tty Brown Charlie Cooper, Mra. Lottl Dt. Duvl County _nor,. Procd will benefit tht .*.; Mr*. L. Cuaalag. AUNTS AND OTMfR SOR- I
Baptist Church Rev. C.J, Crosby, pattor. Meabr boat, Salter Curtis, Mr*. Thtlaa Harris, John YMCA. tag; Mr*. M. Cuaalag' 10W.III RELATIVEI AND

landing froM left arc: JAM. Scott, Mri. Cult OiMaebrond, Mra. Annlt Laurlt tllaon, Mra. Mule tag and publicity ell at r- FRIENOI.' FUNERAL SERVICES

'Bright Mrs. Barbara Ukln', MM Diana Scott, H.I1. Albert Marshall, Mr*. Mllrtd Lot and Miss ... ... ... ... ... aaa end Mr*. Tettl WILL K MELD AT 4 '

Mrs. Mary tttcott Mri. LouU forroit Mri. 1I1r'J1M Barbara Richardson. (Faertoo Studio Photo) Bell. co-cbalniM. .M. !SATURDAY IN THE

Let TrU tales Bridge Club held itt Twentieth Chircii Irtofs AlRURY USTHOBIIT OURCM.

t. Salem I Church Nursery Top Executive To AddressY's Anniversary celebration lat Saturday evening, ata A spring Tea la ch.d- INTERMENT WILL liE MADCIN
meeting held In tht boat of The Slapkin Jone vied under the inspires MT. OLIVE MTMORIALPAHK. : "
Church Plans
Benefit Recognition Program HereOn 625 wt light' Street. of Micktat Court TT. .

Regular worahlp "r. A social for benefitof of the nation'a top business executives and The ttelv members attending th. Meeting and Heroines of Jericho Sunday Dorado's Slate

vices for Mt gala Baptlat Sbltld'a Church ttorn.y, Mr*. Toland Chasbirs will be the bearing the history of the organization Included May IT at 4 p.". la
Church located .t miraery' baby contest mils speaker Sunday Airing Johnson Branch TMCA's five charter .b.n: Ruth M. Srooa, Unona St. Stephen/ AMFChurch'' Beach Trip

22nd and Myrtle Avenue, will b* held Saturday, recognition program for T caapalgn worker Tit Britt Lillian Blnglttoa Florence 111 eon, and dlniagroc. 4 "Hayride" to New

till bil with Sundny Mar II at I p... at the event will get IInclerwal tt p.*. la Civic Audi Dorlt Avery Jone. Berlin Beach under the
School at $::10 ....; the bo*)* of Mr and Mra.Jane tor lu*. ............................ The club, orginlxed la 144 la tilt boat of Choir 1 of Mt. Vernon sponsorship of the farad -
uperlntendwit la cbarg plortnc tiluon it noted for its enjoyable and Church in planning .
Hlghtower, 1752 Mrs. Chaabere! la the Taoaaa B. Hargrav Jr. Baptist ) Social and Savings
Noising terrlc begins Myrtle Avtnnt stir of till TMCA' *, The principal aptaktreiecutlve chaining debutante ball I.. a R.isbo. Tea and Chit will take place
at 11 ..*. and tvming Aa the elib'a color are red and whit, Doris .
Oases till b. featured Pineapple lip for Sunday
secretary, i.
vie president la
worship at. 0_._. Tuesday, May I* at t:00:
charge of personnel for used these color la her decorative ache**, including May IT at 4 p. .. p...
th. bug birthday cake. la the rducatIon build
Davidson Brother. lie., Transportation will
which operate Federal Miritret Tlltoa ... the Ion gueat player participating ing. Mra. Father Lee leave Jefferson HI. .and
ta the eventful Meeting. "vies ree.h.1I a IIIU. and Mr*. Flair '
Depart cent Stores and Court *> The public I*
4 baa beadauartera la De lovely gift fro the boat**. Thompson are heading invited.
1I incredible trait Mlcb. High scorers la. the brides session were Lillian the prograa cnaalttet.

A tttlvt of knoivillt Mngleton, Florence lloa, tnd V inert an Schtll.
Lei Trtlxt hales officer and ..b rhlp roster
Tenn. Mr* Chaaber
1* coaprlMd of Florence IU.on. prtldnt; Vivian

Ktterwhltvlc prealdent; Ruth Broone, recording

SUMMER SKIRT SALE secretary, Doris Jones correapondtig secretary,

Lillian Singleton financial secretary Vanortan"chell

treaaurer; Carolrn Miller huslnsse sans
(' pPA ger.Ruth: Nonnr.'lnon* Britt Kleenor 0.y; (Coatnl

Jones: Margaret Sutton; and Owendolya "cbell.Movltg .
88 f"i 'I ;
$ ;; a, ..I 4't. i.ictsres were Mttto of the "lilt.t .
) ... ... ... ... ...

2 for $7 00 .,,1,. 0lla wan hostess when pens Bridge club
L ,
act Friday evening .t the Johnny Wheeler**.

Virginia At ford. VUlan Lewla, Gwmdolya Stewart

and Iraa Murray w.r aueit player Th. latter

Famous Name Brand qualified for tie gust ,ril..

CatherU Jckon, Alvenla Scrlvea, and Geneva L
; All art Dacron & Pima Cotton
t ... toLwr: OAMVWgraduated wheeler wr wlnatrt of dab prlaet.Mtrlt Me

All were $6.991" our regular stock iron Manpto raia won the door print.Sylvttttr Her mother or her sister?

In*t Itvte and Tale IIDI.| Iolur..Loll Avtry Lillian Davis
; SOME W/FU.L LININGS veralty Law School fol- Marian talker Myrtl "!ihoM. ...1.. Johaoa and

A 1 HIP I STITCHES I fI'".. DACRON POLYESTER louts which she prae* Kathryn Roblaaon sere among other awibera enjoylaa. w....... y..M nM lln>............ul....AVfmlMr
t A.I Hurt PIMA' COTTON held law ta Norfolk. tie Meeting. ........M..... l.. Rive arm .dl,. lot dull..rIP w
SHEATHS slits. ft 9ft 18 Yen for sit ,.ar.. Due >. iMir IHMM MI Ih*b_.a....... tM......>.
SEAT LINED PETITES 6 to 14 ... ... ... ... ... es u.. ..__mod ......... G.h4_'.
rise that tlae, she lwrb.a. ,.'..wy ........... and eawyi4i. lit
taaght concert cat law pa4sl. /low'. "o. I oIC""..M. hwy.caoRu .
Only Vogue could bring you these fir* beautifully dttoiled tkirtt' from ., tk* Norfolk dlvUloa The bl-aoathly utetlti tl Ktvltt Sriac. Cub /: /'

a Qrfot maker ot this low, low value Cocked price and 'tn loti of of Vlrglala State Col wa* held Saturday event ( la. th* fkirket Drive hose 1'0""" '"

colors too: I.... of Naa Fletcher. All sea .,. of the clb sire pet a'
BLUE WHITE MINT Mra.I**Chartttra anvlg to JohN Detroit the Harper, Oeraldla Milliard. Doris Bennett e..v.... c......,.ase O._ ....K.__ .. .

"'U.1.* w.... recipients af Ub priaea.Sara .
BLACK GOLD 6 LILAC BEIGE Detroit No (li Ct>Ml *. and
sloe where she served Lovetle, Aaa Moarot, Ptna Lee Oworg, Dorothy
fwlMtla Mlet. Nopaa white, pearl hockey
aa aa assistant to the'
JUST ARRIVED FROM ITALY. ,{ attshbtraood carva and patsy Oil Hard were also present for tat ...t*

sloe 41,h'o.. la 1M3. Ia,. om
our 1- she beoa.e affiliated Cb.lr [3 l3mmRJ'
Fiskioi-0-Rini hiild.i llle
SACHETDOLLS .c:: with Davldaoa Du,. a* A waMr faahlaa ash
vltt pretldeat.Mt .
bolds Mwereklpwith hair style *h.. will lit T* Obsinri 1.1.tsir COOL' COMFORT '

the Mlchliaa B.rAiMdatUa presented by tie woes
re board *f af byalala Baptist laf Phlladelpal
Cbarck Ibiaday, May IT ., Baptltt Chardi till observe '
*, lgrrtt A.r dlrcUr af Called Coa- PticerI
G MMlty Service.. Ratltaat < J:" ..*. ta the caarckaadlttrUa. Its aaalvtraaryay
hit'' Retail Merchaata Aa- Mr*. Apes JO at I p.*.. ta the

bociatloa.Drtrolt ...*... itlttr will servo aaaarraUr. chtrch aadltarlaa.Tht .
.I sees Vttert. tie Frogman teat Church af led
i AACF.. sad advlaar tar tarn will V* tin...*. glue ,...1. Choir will

R.lter-rotd BelchtorhoodCeamUoa by abyttlalt't MaltChorvt. strv. ad ether chain 20.lnch2.Speed
la the tilt htv. beta
loath Cater. < Ira. Uula M- -
Clltr. .u. ,aaaJofca ...".. tt at t." A ,

Mr*. (hankers I* the *** Md Mule tl pragraa Baa beta arrwawd -

1 life *f It*. ,... C. II.. h. Sir tae ecerte.. Portobl.

Cktabtr who p actor* It.

1h Jtha'a. They Prttkyttrlaa1h his ta r.. LOOKING FOR A BETTER JOB ? Electric

..Uldm.Me rwM 'WIt POll
htlda wiejk.r*>l* emu ...yt +< poKiTtnpA M** A om:\ IIMle Fan

with Nit ...*. Ttttararity Fein trtMat Jib wall ,,...L.,. Mall

.. aids ata Ibis .**.. far trio list tf civil **rvii*

.a.rmry saber of tuMa ...U.... ill' tlck .* *aa true ,...Ier

B.,..H,. trtialtd It a prtvat aoa*.l >wt4 t*> ir.- 15
ptftM anbltUaa eon end muse far tint sets

Club tiN **aa4a.tlaa.

R VYU nun tin TIttDtlalw

tie rWf ex M A., .""... Olaaer ...........' ,.r.ily.ani.d. hum w.a M Soma Q.iwc,

*y.r* f I *<* ill ,..tar. ttt birthday m TtATurn svrtct t*... I hawr4uig ....d ...... It V L spuw-t Meow sad

*f tat laatrttlHall 411 Smut ***., tie*. n..t n4.lln Ian pm.sms.mlel igalleml drewlM he sasbsetsl.......
m n.,.... 11&......... Slip .... Sr 1 ....

tl >.. eartMlbtMnaat .C.......................................
.. af 'ttla.alItavltal CW Fey O w.flfy Cues i..e Af If rest

.... U Br.wattr ..........................- ............
..r.,,,,.. 1ft.. 10WIITOIII MY 11M II"

steles Alawjk.* ***.!. M wise..............V.i .........-w..... .. ft f UTiHl .....
ties It tvMMftae th*

.w*.t, ir*. ailtdaj I. I.141............*...-........i... .......- K H t s +f tinflllial I'
.ra.ti ta trttldtal at .
tie raa4aaUta>, s..... ,. I

--- --


, 0 0 .1 ._i! -.. = ifII.I Ii ..


StTHBIT WAY II_ litl 11111U SIll 5

roister Si fin. Increase ReportedIn Cited DurinG Annual Event Social Security FadsQ.

Elects Officers ".........
'!!I. Brewster Methodist Food Poisoning I! I I son' I be retiring for a few years yet, but

Hospital Medical Staffset Helefnl Hints, 'L ,I, ea:1 would like to get ny age proved ahead of tilt
'onu night Mir 4, The state Board of How can I do than
tad elected officersfor Health today reported A, If you don't have any old record of your age
till coning ,.er. The 3M oases of fool H! t\ you can get one from the Census Department. can
newly elected officers poisoning ao far this help you with this if JOII' 11 cone In to the district -:;

will tab office on June year against 196 to Uk& office, -
1 for a ont-yetr ter.. date last year and Q. what do you sean when you tell aonebody they're '
Those elected were: waned that the anther currently insured .;
Dr. Charles A. Hud, can increase with wan w A. It scans that you have credit for one and a ;
Jr., president: Dr. weather unless proper wrE bait years out of the last three If a worker j
Suu l c. Atkinson,viceprMldent precautions are taken. dies, we can pay a Imp sum It he la currentlyinsured.
tad president AL Morrison jr. director if he leaves children we can pay benefits I
elect; aDd Dr. Daniel of the board a to tires if he died currently insured *e can t

Uurv. ..c,.ta r.r. Division of Sanitation, also pay his widow If all.' taking care of the :I
Dr. r. Hardy Bowen baa said cost foods spoil 4 Lr- children le cannot however, DIY reMr.....nt
benefits or disability benefits to a worker who )
been president of the ore quickly la hot
Medical Stiff for the weather when away frot r la only currently Insured. "'. sending you a booklet "

put to years.Dr. refrigeration, adding T tF It explains hoe you get fully insured how ; s

Bowen said "I t 10.. tools can b com you get currently insured' and which benefits.
has been t rill honor contMiaated by rapidly pay you under each. t
and privilege to serve Bultlplylnc bacteria Is Q. I'. over 6} and run a snail sorcery store. Do I j

tt president for these five or all boors." N : TE have to give up sy store to collect ay social

past two year. and I On outings he suggested security retirement payaenta? I
t -- A. Iou don't have to sell It. If that's what
a. grateful for the active that food be thoroughly _,_ ti you 1
participation end chilled la the refrigerator seen. If you turn the operation and BMiagment of

loyal support renderedto at hone, then put the business over completely to a paid sanager,
... In a portable icebox ".'d consider you retired troll the business and
'I si especially with plenty of Ice. pay you retirement checks. Emetine a *an till
turn the business to his wife but
pleased for the patients If you're Baking over *n paper
aandwlehea take the ... '' only on paper. In that cane, ee Ain't consider his
served at BreisterMethodist .. JIIIIt.of". .. 1'I"J=.z'II'
Hospital in- fixings along under refrigeration ,IIE..: _-: _" ;' *. ,.. .J 1 __ u..: retired. Keep in slnd 110....,, that even If you

,..lIcb ts the hospital and sake theaandwlehea LKTTQtMCI of Florida Mesortal College for the hers yang those shown,, left, are rue's athletK A>n't retire true the business, ee sight still he ,f
baa ml received fUll Just before 163-61 school year are shown following preaen- director rwrsm t. Martla, Louis Jenkins (3rd tree able to pay you ease of your retirement checks I

three-year accreditation ...lth.. If you want tation of awards at the ."hool' annual Athletic "" ptaln of the Lions, and Jaaea Patterson, It would depend on your hunlnoaa profit. ., .

Vj the Joint CowslsilonOB potato salad, keep the Banquet held on caapua May I, U ands went to IS trio .:sptaln ((4th Pros left, Pictured center UBeabera Negro Teacher Gets
Accreditation of dressing sealed and the of the 'tlona" tanketbill team, with aa Mm atlierlne" rrancls. director of physical edu ,0,nnA Grant'
Hospitals. hospital eggs and potatoes separated additional 7 awards being s de to track tea seacat'n for seen, Appointed To II
and Bit the, salad Given Atlanta U.
having tbr"1.araccredltatloD
World's Fair Stall
la tilt at the last slnnte," Blind Woman Magazine Praises Guest Artist Georgia Native MitrFAPOLI". Minn. -- AHWl itrP)

highest indication of be aald. possible. Operates Own All Negro Concern T Sets PrecedentS ( ArP, -- one of Mtnne Atlanti"ehuol tntv'r.it,
"As near aa
quality service In ... tif ."1'1,1) *,.rk
'IIIINaro CAlCI') aot. .t dlstlniiilahfttelenfliUn
stick to canned and novm, bbl ( )
Beauty Shop
hospitals throughootAserlct.1 bottled food and open la a recent edition ol f>r, nard C. til II MS, school tfBit tone just rwivi-4 a InWl :'.
these Jut before eating LAKELAND (ASP) the McGraw-Hill publication associate rrofeetor of ers, Ira Mary. Jackson ( grant fn e, ehc fin tdrew"
Other business at the Patrons and friends ol agricultural Konnslra Fllla has added another a tarfaj of the I'll'
waterwwlon or otherfruit Flectroalcs Mtgag -
setting vas routine end Mrs. Aslolee R. Caaon rvrtftmt"' iifhitllh.
Ohio state university. honor to let gr"singlist rib'
will be better lac, frank ritsan.writer
Included tilt ssual con dessert than pastries, Barrel at her and point for McOrsvHlUtorld f and a recent thirtyeararpointee of distinct toes. ration mid ii...irur.. fur I
Ittee report to her aa a living ei- 1r"lhHllllrll Is
The rhIM
especially any with Ness extends ..a.IIIIIIf1td tn the Nntlonal / prominent Upper J
Youth Choir aspic of the adage Hfari'1
AurloiltvMl Advisory' N liMletful authortetcher dodos thenoa.h'aic
t oM
trees filling. Carrots prlase to Denver "! I
"where tbtr. a will attended his recently' attended rear Ipn4' 'rh
9 -
Escape Collapse and celery store well. ," a up-and casing all
there's a way i The, mala.I .
flret settles with the nrlttatln so" nnhounepd ,
A nuaber of foods can Negro electronics: fire,
Of Severely baa dl carped .l I* PT spun. rAtlaals rlrmat
Church Ceiling be frozen put In the pointing out that No* .Al. body herr last mesh to sa one eUht
visually to Ue extent w gft VBVBVmQMsBv T study and Bake ".eater teachers" ire. "Pltlll"/ '
tASMNOTON (tfP) portable icebox lid groea are asking their .. recite I
Twenty dilldren.sesbers will be thawed by picnic of being legally conaldered -. own opportunities al! :; SPOTLIGHTED Harry sen,lallona fir solving leclM Pros elesealarytearhera till rnvrr'INr rtmtfiral "f
Bflafonte lll be
blind Mrs. ( guest .
tkeIHIIM sM rr.m'|
fare rmhlrB throughout jriifMKlltflt
of t youth choir at New Una." the I- _11'11. corpora I
Birth Baptist Church Custard-filled pastry son operstes Ulol..' tlon, artist SA NBC! TV a hot MlllaM. the" tlr.t itatea tu dmnaslrate rtMlMTKhlr' WHlxrwtt
Beauty Bar at 411 nmithBaatadeia 'lell Telephone/ Hour" al the New Trkfnrlif nrenheolg ha..11'/ 111",
to the
here, have practical la one of the most cos- The corporation which tripe nerve 4111
knowledge of the old son source of food pot Circle Is operates an electronics color prograt Tuesday, :3).ea fowlMtxn, la arpiitirt a fair la rr atitfarMn '" etc'v"p 5.111's
suing that "111 union aoaiag but processed akelaad a popular lint ., 5J'JS Guile, May ,t. This will be of !foil law< there la strength." pests, especially kaw. beauty shop pitroalred Street, *"snuf rturert an Belsfonte'a forth anrearaace nee edut st.-J itSenanah the Mr Mrs, PR I IVIS.I nllnw. .ai.i' r.r
by 10.'. who watt the en thevuslcal lit will teach three C tudc ta"
Recently, while singingt can be daageroas. RJFBT* la-ounce electronic device fishe'Ilego
latest la hair ., .. series
he hymn, ",e are toe of food poi sosiag, The Beauty far. ,11.which that tends ml anautostttle ev4 rhlo' W ,ee hllr .n.lfI". ,
lolcll.n.ta at the which nay beoose evident
KOR ts .t"\
has bees la operation.
e birch they oatdldtbeeaelvea almost Immediately or about two yean, siloprovides resciers tn lost .rrt
la spirit two or three days < ...kd Haaea, or ts
-. .......,.. ._\sestev far the1celling "-'leter/ladails' toed hag tall ctre.shaeriooa service aad IB parties lust In wtln>r>

fell in. a nd often.severe other beauty treatnaaU.Mrs see ar.... The device t
fortunately only minor Diarrhea. Death Is rare
Invented by OrvllleSlaugkter
glen. operates the eaa
Injuries were sustained but the lllaest em be
sent and attractive shop Jr. corpora SUPERs'MA tKETS ,
by a few of the children. very ante and violent Is a renovated portion tins president.Ontvpft .

Tif her bone, |MNl al.,., entire

t $75.000 Grant ly ef Negroes, (>Alrhtencospasaes QUANTITY IIGHflMillVID'
the bares of
ssall pleat will shoe'
To Atlanta U. .
the way ts "re eppsrtsslty
ATLANTA (W) -- The for siiorttfgroups U. S. GOOD WESTERN CENTER CUTPORK
School of Library -er- "
the eiiMlsiarticle
vice at Atlasts diversity relate 0"IhuU.

Is putties Istr .". It chaise CHUCK i
bryr Mediate effect a seep U "cnnvlaced that Ne

regrae to provide ire ...1.... see will
qualified llbrsrlsaafer latest Is diaper bail
colleges, schools aeaea as skilled Me,

sod libraries throughoutthe trees !fan.r beci>.*. a..re CHOPS
COlli..". ss the re IMUM" ROAST

salt of recelvlag t The saiailae ,..t..
1211.000 grant fro* the Loresso PraMls, had of

lottefeller fowadaUss the rim's sales w.it

recently, tee, sa etyleg fAst ehratrale LB. 59
Is saHOBSclsf the start .ee flalah. their L8..39
sf the i>r......,fI,. ssfm saves they silt ',,.*
r. Clesewt. preiHest.ItlaaUOalversity .
tide t ,..lor stilled
I salt kelp I fat I-alpha. er I
that the rise's are ,. HERSHEY'S
ether electros lea tire, LARGE PKO. '--
be seed the library
They are cadet so ebitlilies >
servlfe rr*,rt. ever s tt is fer theWANTED
t three-year ,.rt.!. 1r,1. eL.1..

i U(3AR

4 0 6 LB. 'II

lAND NUDID MAY "'*) 39'ti't
: lAG
25 ._-. .

S .,. in iSM it lift .IttJit + astir


..,Ist" d D...sr..
BAUARD FLOUR i 11. rn 4fC
JAMES J. A"'I"U'_ 0 I L




Kin's ttis b nfknMt Ill. 'n irk II teNisa t CO iMIeWj! I. } IAN

Se wi.. k-but ...., h ....' hr17 alii J HAS SERVED TIMESflfwt JWCY liMOHS '. l lfti 10* ,

tt eerlrs b e. ease ..." ".spreeKw t .,. ;
0... It ewe M.d ..... eet1e J "
....... c..-bawd nano ........
I i n ,.,..... Hk *
OeweeMA Beene Co I'll
M s aeaesIEWARD
for ton **. ..** TWI.14..r t tawws LOST" MIT1SPTK : HI sub,, \ 43C ti u, NittlP

4* ?
*.. BUBSM....
--a..---..... St Ift1'IA' ...4NTMlQlN ... MAPte.adi. .
.. ...,..... ........d miOWSO JLSK u. 1G
eaewewet ...teres w e.



I IChiTcfc

HIE. I' ,Jill PAFEIJ UnlllY MIT i1. 18S4_

BriefsCllftooat YoodllWnPnshyterlan Annual Observance Plant' Completed Philadelphia Choir St. ThomaL
'I ''1:' (' :' Ijlli,.,. : ',... :.:.rr to Observe Fete To Observe

Paatttrad the program and the (bptlCntadtrs. 'r;:'':;. Jt, pI, }" ,.,., .' *< Choir I of Philadelphia Women's Day
sponsored Monday Bight .. -T "
: Baptiat Church baa completed -
Bur 4 b1 Mrt. Jessie I.Pootaaa ,.
.' ,', plans for its St. Thomas Baptist
la lit. Versos
.". J.L. Coleman, associate 30th aaaivtrsary ob- Church will obaerv its
Baptist Church sirs Na, PEARSON. Sft
pastor of Shiloh strvanct scheduled for annual fow.en' a Day celebration
bert tagraa, pianist;
In. toils Psrklat, Metropolitan Baptist Church school begins Wednesday night. May Sunday May 17

Barrator Irs. Eva Jordan Church will bt tie at .'. 30 a... suaday.wlth 20 at 8 o'clock la the beginning with Sunday

aid Mrs. LaaattallUlta IX ..*, BO rein g service T.V. Huger auptriatan church auditorium. School and Mra. Ida

.. speaker Suaday daring dint la tan*. Rtf. P. The program follows: Scott aa go eat superb
tbs annual Men's Dan (b- D. IllaoB pastor, will Processional combined tendent.
service at Bt. Matthew begin the Morning 119 r- Choirs, craning hymn: Teachers will be:

Church aducatloa boards, Baptist Church 2tht. ship service at 10: II prayer, Rev. P. f. ftomnseriptBrt. Mrs. Uicllt Bo"n.'".

fritBds and the public aDd Moacrlaf id.BBtltdft a.m. lie till be supportedby a.,. .Jot sylvls dbbs, Mrs. Sarah

are lavttad Buds, parson, Stttt the choir site Miss Calhoun;selectionOiurch Clayton Mrs. Lois Cain

Mar if to Ctatral CHI Conference of Branches Bat Matthtwa at the of God State Teaplr. Mrs. Florida lest Mrs.Virginia .

Church at t p.a. for the and bead of the Jts or tan. It,. ffilaoa believes Introduction of mistress Mack Mrs.

SOtli anniversary program Branch of the NAACP in pod aiming of ceremonies, I,.. Carrie Holloway, The

of tbt Board o* Carl ttlaatdaeatloa. .ill ba the tvanlng fret all the choir of Louise Barney filllaas lesson will b* reviewedby

Mrs Geneva worship aptaktr.Mra. the church, will see to by Mrs. wiihelnlala Mr*. Victoria Ferre 11.
H1W an. JONRB will be the principal speaker Sunday May IT at :t ." when Mt. Towason welcome, Mr .
P. tbttltr will b* the it that all visitors ; KDRSIIIPCooaecratlon
55 Sinai Holiness Church Eld rl.M. Spark, pastor, ctltbrlttaitaannual Ibma'sDay Annie Pearl Griffia.rtspoaat MORNING
apaalar. Mrs. Tunics side ao wtlcoat,
art observance, lire C. U Franklin, chairman and Mrt. .J.L. Vickers, cochairman till beginat
Coktr is a rector and Nathaniel Davis. a that they will not only Mrt. Rose 10: 45, IVvotlonnl* at
announctl A varied and interesting prograa will be centered around the
Mrs. "fat Noreen pro member of Mt. %101 AMP dome seen asttndtd a Ophelia Roberts; selections 11 clock with Mr*.
and the general
speaker's Friends public art invited. .
sldaat will preId Church will bt tie special invitation but ,'1.. toe Methodist victoria: Robinson and

.S.Aland oralai worship hour will bt ready to come Mrs.. Bessie Grant tad Zion Hop Baptist St. Mr*. Sadie Hall con
speaker Bands, daring hmievtr an opportunity St Stephen Boards Baptist Choir Matthew Baptist and ducting. Organ prelude;

Baptist Church tbs annual WOMB'S' Day prtttata ititlf. Announce Sunday To Feature Schedules Tea Redeem Baptiat choirs procesulonal.nll choirs.

Bwtttwater, Pill observe program at Bt. TboaaaBaptlat The Adult Communicant retpertlvelv. call t,; ."rshlp. Mrs R.
its aaaval town's Par Cbvreh. Miss Clans will ba held Bun- Evening Program MI. Sinai Recital I bt Deacon the speaker Let Bryant Sundaywhen will reading, Mr*. LillieBell C. Real: scripture.

program Sun day,May 17 lllllt I, MDaford.wlll day from 9.30: B.B. to Deaconess Board 3 and Allen; aelection I22nd: Psalp., selection,
Mia Cl wen tin* Higb- Choir 3 of Second
Mrs. C. lousy Is chair- be goat speaker during 10:00: .... The Youth District 9 of Mt. slur Mt. Sinai Rart: hi. St. choir; mission and
tour the Ilpel P.choe.and Baptist church prtaentaita
man and Mrs. P..M. lashiBitoa the tooth program at :I choir will rehearse apt s.t Church will pre John Baptiat. Orange chant UKliern.nelrctinn: ,
e Mra. Ola Laurence annual Tea from J: 30
is cochairman.Miss p.m. Mrs. LllliaB Knoi Sunday at < p.*. with sent wellknonn soprano, Park; Mt. Ararat Snptlat. choir; nnnounce.ent*..
will furnish musical until 5:30: P'", la the
Mt. Bethel Baptist
D. O. fuel will is cntral chairman. Mrs. Fred D. Davit. di- Mr*. Berate Grant la a Mr*. Barbara Jarknon.VelciHic .
feature Sunday then thtSteward Home of Mr*. Annie, L. invitation
e serve as youth chairman.Mrs. I rector. Monday May 18 recital Sunday, My :24 to I'.. Annlr M..
Board and Stewardess Huff 1883 ,. 34th St.
Plans have bees com- Girl Scouts and Brownies at 7 ".". In the church Joiner, offering. TatuB.; renponmWri! !
1 of Itt. Other feature
plated for the annual will ...t.t 4.00: p... .urU tori us.Mrs. program Cleveland frUht and A. Mildred S. IIH..,. olirtlifl.
Stephen AMP Church p recent will include. : R. Stripling Jr. Booker ;
C. Perry will bs -o-'*o'a Day etltbratioB Tuesday at. 7:30 p.*. an anniversary pau'.r. Grant will b* supported Selection,congregation: T. Patterson, Deacon choirs, offrrUirv,
tbs Bsrnlag worship will meet. wednesday by rholr 2 with .
Youth .
slated for obstrvane. rat Minnie flu-kln*,
.. trot until
4 0 p.m. scripture, the drdPaala. : Charlie whetstone, prenentatinn -
speaker when the tom* BBBday, May IT at Mt. Children and Touth which she serves aa one Mr*. Rlanrhi* hol l erd,
ia the church and prayer, uctlllob.t *, ..,.. Bertha
of Bmlah Baptist Cud Carmel Baptist Cbtrcb. CoMuaicant classes .111 toriui- Miss Betty Ford and'
Given; introduction Rrackett.: remarks v r*.
etltbratt '01..' 1 Day 1500 Harrison St. Mra. bt held at 6 p.*. and at Mra Fartha MeOowan of mistress of ionanna 'Oiartrman president Sri. Betty Fdwari! ;

oa Suaday, May 24, Mrs Ruts Willlaaa is chairman TJO: ,.'. the Mld-wek .fdU"I.II.n. v r*. t.C.
sill preside over the ccrcwKMlM at/1l. JuanltaPrloater and Rev. f. '.
I. Dupe, prtsldtat sad .,.. Bertha! At- prayer service will bt progra which follows hy Mrn. UwraI Johnson paatnr. Neal ; Burst soloist .
announced, TBS program conduct by Eld r '.e.
union i* cochairman.55I 4ri Kiurte nirlekler.introikirllnn .
Opening selection St Campbell welcome) The Church of God Rtati
will bt .lnOIll o.d. Altiandtr and Deacon
of Hpt-aker,
Stephen choirs; scrip address, Mra. Annie L. Temple choir will iwrvr /
55. Betty L, James.Hot Mr. *. Herbert Gay.Wnkcr. .
tore retell Huff: Mr .
Mrs. response. and Bt. Thorna Baptist
Slog Hill Baptist Mt. ".1. toman,spsak, antrgy alone, tut Snail. Lord's Prayer; Ouprn ". Wllllwa.Cueit Church choir: will bogiits. Mr!. Nuthnnlil
fflatar. directed energy. ia the Davis .nilii\ Mri.. Butt i *
Church ;
or fit, til 11* ttaton Miss Inca Johnson *e soloist Mr*. .
will host the pledge Pay secret of accomplish- Msa. Ftrlrkli-r, Inflation t.iJulneri .
Jr., and Mra Outfit lection rholra. Mrs Alice Pay Maxwell; read.tIn.
of the Pro,,,.- tat. Sister Cohen Sets / *; nil. 'ulydcr.rnlo .
Pal it Cray will feature Cora I eon art!. alttrea .. Mr*. Beatrice
live Baptist Mats Con- the program Sunday, May of cf rriannle*; elooo Jock mm.: introduction of Anniversary Plans f vUllor; reimrku,

tendon oa Tuesday, May IT at :t p.a. skein tkadtacona Bethel Women Mrs. .Made Taylor reKpniiw apeaker. Mrs. Naomi With s nunher nf thecity's Mr*. I.III inn n. Knotchalnnn

II. The program Is being and 'rutl'otZiol 'M"*.. Vincle all Orle; address, PatonBryant ewtmtadinewsr.1groups I und .,,,. l.r

bald relative to the Nope Bartiat observe Set Annual Day lid**; acilt, fit,*, HtrrBlartt. ; solo Mrn. MMwtll having! Muted Heal, pan. In r for Ihe

radltatloa of Florida their lUll analvtrtary. / prearntatlons, that they will pnrtlcl da. hinicllrllonrlillotlfic I .

Manorial Call.', HI. Annual totaon's Day will Occa*! !((. 1.5. Rr* URtt iVITofit.featured Mr*. Fi-thur PimUrlght.rewarka. pate on the program, .IK Phi | rn'

Augustine.ease.. b* observed In Mt. elena; west anlolilVI HoJolHt' by the "r...- Rt4er| KitMctta Cohm. on* KriM. fur I hi' Vnulh ohnrrvunee .
Bethel Bnrtlst Church serve Mrs, Manic 'llnon 1. ihlrh lioclnnl /
M Hl'untoMri"; dent. Mr*. Madle JncK; Mounted this weak that
A Hair Style and 8um. >*rPaabloas May IT throughout the tires,, Oooptl Prhoeit. 'alraan of DrnrnnpimtV'iird offering and hrnedle- her Sth anniversary el bnervaiiri :1 !,.tt. I

Havlag rtstatly rt- anew .under the day with urn i.A ..!.,..MtM Leila Floyd; ;x und Hrn rlnMMlr tlon. will h.> crlrhralid rrelinlc: Mliw .."., turned from a trip a- auspices of the women ThuMM a* wtlng paMorOthtr solo. Mr, Ole Uwrmc this lii. nintrlct 9'nprinM The public U Invited ; Mirlrlurc, Hiss
broad Aln Bradford and officers I are: .. ,
of Abyaalala Btptlat ,oferln., MtC.. tilt Ian nlTnnrnn Cnmlvn .h.'hnw.r; enter: .
the Bradford Uaitrawill Church will bt bald Sun I'.. Rosa Let fllbhs.general ;'flrown Mrs. HrVellaPauliw. ffniiHvl Grant, Program To Aid Miss' r"lr..1I.t'a' ;

present a concert day May r?;atj: 30 1',.. chnlrmsa. Mrs. Ida PL*- a..I.r' Iff f\jlI\rl sad, Florida Memorial hunl. "!;we'1 hour nfProw.
/-"' ."" iT IB ManualtTwit ia the church auditorium' Maggl dheh run, cn-iliitir n .Ina IlAr'fI.rt'Mrv! wwnnStls. *.ft.,..** J..i."I la t"".."...1 ('* ..r
410 Broad "". eaplalnc. Mr*. BT ALnFKTA IIJJ Uri ..
r Mra. Asses. alktr will an, iraarka, IIr..IIi!,' Ida is's'.. un |nvlt lnn tuI r mist re'"" iif rrrrrn'n/" / ..
Also nppotirtsg un thtprogmm vlb,l.nili "ih/ <*II. Mrn. hii tii-ral ruhllr. The Pnigreiwlvfl Baptist
serve at narrator.OIL : ,1'hllnniliT Riskin.
sill be the Ivy .>>nllli...* O'Mval' atflRfV Mini
cowl IIIth,. Mm. CornLee
statetConventlna .
will Ill
Ktmlra M.
liv MHM
L.W. llo nurd, e< inn
.. nrab C.f..tlde bnl'il'ltw;
All Mm Singers Mi .Kiev, Mrs. Frances", Ml* pastor 'PPP.Mickens Day Program, at 7I..* m Miss rill,,,.
.eai. tl. LnrraiseCohMMrs. CourtsPlans'.Annual ,Name Soloists Hill !Baptist Church !bums; renp.iBKe. HHyhv | .

l.f'EIe'"I COMPANY# ltlw JimPMMr Mra. G. A. rrlcr. site later llavra, im *'# |'|. t + ...-.* Bradley, note, :

\I F ell" N I C an' UT'Y *. Lllllt 1..... Mr*. Teaslth nf the pant n r of At The arrllai In belie a 1-..., tvPh 4!v Miss ttlllr Hue Brnil- I
I Leslie Lee Jom-n Br". held. la .
Smithy Rurtist Church ciwiifftli.a elth ford. rradlMR. Miss
lit Joseph..................proprietor | UN ir<,,r>i* hhvintNvfl tin-luf Mar !!nat
Ruth 111,11. Mr*. Annie a> rli'tH. IrtrkrN* and" 11111I! Martha VIIII the acerolltalM prn- *' 10 p.s.m Kirnl /trtl' A. ''""llIlnn; ... -

fltnft> and Jafferscn fttrttta FL 54411 Lee Hud end. Mra. MmMohlKV Onirt 11 71 Mt'ritlncn ofJfrUbo MM pa td.d: Waterntnrfrat eras amt Florida MoanriUnille Sum Tinrlr, ItS: '. ttmn irr1.h. "M. YulhnmlrlJmrkn..e .

win nbnrrv and wellknowatnntraltn .p, St. AuvII"n.>. .r m. rir A. 11111. Inlrmhirtlna

Its annul tl' AunrtiVMny *. till he The stair body has P i..r.GritupH. .. f HiM-whrr Miss IllllrNnfiinl l i
sanest mlolMa tt>m St. underwrlllra the awnuatnf shirk I rri.trpnNalKrd .I'jr Visa Br-r .
| from 4 until I 4r
... la the tll"I". reuse Matthew present its" 175.000 of the vamps to appear "a irti'lliHr.r, .Ieo.l

of Nt. d| tHra tins IM-voIr* ralcad fI' H' aeedeil. far IhechtMl's the pPicrn .rrThe : Vim lilts Purr, rm.llna,

.. Somas concert swsdaysight repiirt.Under > Iprtlalo Miss PAean.n Hires; N .lu.
rbMnh uftft and i .,1. nlvn ,
130 C SSAt +ll rerlw, My )4 la the the leadrrohlpuf Gonpel a ffhin-n, yirst| 1I1".1On Blt0.rrn; !ltmMlM .

124 W. 6EAYER the "renr'ne thll.s churrh atHJIInrliM... rmf.r. lee lee, J.r. SMS, Born rhnrwM 3, 'lI"u rd / MU ,. Povftlnlnn;

I 3101 EMcRSOtIiss 1tY.... lRVtk kiU.ii. *r,- tllffonl! Pavi ...laltr .*- renrral president.. and Specials, rir. .| ,nun,' *ifr""(11". Miss Khi-rlv
wale and tl Bev. Maw Ann a>. i.uml Him SriinkiAll '
Alrnoaem Trt>wtaaMtatrea ,,r It' reefmf. I." rhalr- Mat Char.", flue Jubilee -
waa t s eel
1t,1" .trut/vU'.n/ of let emnuanted. sam nf the state Pd.- ftUirr., fit...,."I (; 1.1,.; wkmoliilKPml .

i1c1110111 n of w-rea.etrs Pva| aim Misled rational (bard. a program TruvtlUg Stars ".IIIt... iif "|nl turn. Mlm

DIM t/S Mrs Daisy J.fcm..u. b.t that 7>*.. TftunpiMM, an ha been arrant** <.lB.er.. First Rum Jin re Adams. rr*.rk*.

II i I Mrs Ivnry tee mwelernr oautaftdlag roratl for the all-..., awl lag.tl rh"m. 1Mesvealr Sinai Lureiha Hal I.
till feature aeveraln OIi.tlll4l. ,Mtsosali chairman Miss l l.mlha
Mrs Meets Plr* Oi...pi.Jer
THIS IS A REPEAT RYDEMAND "',"n. '..11......... 1U\ | '. ir,...t al ..! *. .* will aihewr as thrprngra lasers The'slillmge.rlrra .. rtwliKt.. -rtalr.mi,

*e.*t. tnlll.: suer' d wrt.> tae pmgra. till mi....t tho. r1'lrltmmSina. M4 Miss Sandra M. Illfvralag -

Maw tat,. readlac, krt trbntrmd far the PtMveraJ day. .. winter trninl ,,.- .1rsI .....rIIal rsaaa .

Aumsel ......1..114I. weeks have bees Maay aeaher e f the rleaA.m. Md He Hill worship will
POPULAR j "Halo Mr*. Alkertharltr bell Prlday eights Nartbat District 'istira. set wndirrwftV. at T p.*.*

lendtai ere T.IB o'rlttrh la the will lots other leader Other creeps are radially with Br... Uxll Comaad -

WI APOIOMM 101 HUIN OUT Of lOMt 0> INS ITIM LAST Lucy Qraat ; *.!.. U church a..diurla. sad Iran warless aeettM lavllM In tale sires I'''. S."rth*.

WKK-THtttfOlt WAll IIPUTIN4 THIS SAU SO IVlKTONl bert N.4rr.M: r.*..1.. tht remise Friday. at tke _!..*. part nn the prgra; .....,. fwdwrilaa.The .

MAY TAM ADVANTAM OP TNUI LOW LOW MICH. uri. lacy later *..1.. Bight. It. ..UII..' sinter nm M14.Mr rfcnir will prit"t

HIM t1..I Mae "Bf'; Choir '.2.' and 4 will Royal Palm *, tare Ii,.... ells| m casual*> em title.

.tfrrlacRn : "lid". rar' tontine the weedy *... serve a* antre** ml The cnll..Ie ... ell,."

>_; wiU. Mann JarfcI sios Mtll Ut oeeert Sets Meeting c..I'. Mrs ....' Julia*** elll
PiCNICS 27C Qsvts amllseel ...,... sm a.rr t..r.
e.. Readies. Mtsc Sarah The p klt I* t.,......
.' Chlwradw director All new her* f the
.ia Laaty; a.lo, toes n*
hd Palm rhrUtlaa
Paly ,',*...hh.Hi ofwialtlag taphaalted that all
tlagera fro letal Club art araed t. b.
marts U.
preset *A SB |*r.naatateetlat
L.,..''- Rich. tharcket mad areapaart
*..*.*y at Jt
C All .Mtmtatu <' t tilt rdlally
23 city art Invite, else ..till tko toes.btacd .... Mrw. Mary Blues,
FRYERS trpa .... If .,..1. it, .*B.rid.
LB. A hamlet .f ..
lauretted sr erle*
Midway tar. bees ahwld *. uPrtdhy
will b* raffled .ff aMt

.L WUTEN $AR I.SPARERIBSLL. ittteaj Fran faiaeace algat'a at 1':3D reheanalproaaHly wclettr a aortal tatertad will
,.1' tie baalataa
a* fl***> is Ut else
45 aft J t. .hence. r.ttor as ,..111I1.. .tttlatlOYMAKTSMK.

.tIk !mattes rlJoy wtCburrb.raa

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tr.*ra) t'II''ftl1O

LOOK WHAT 291 WU BUY! .t tilt MK tbSe. $ aR mlle JH urn SINn
til) It. yrecrwa 4*
You Will Never
(Tide' lee Be
r"laressat ..... It 1MN Prim

The rt.iara>rd 0' fe 11eT1 cmsIlICl VePTITd As AEirell KyIslrnhakr

.Phi TAILS .",... will prwcMtoUer q .

C sin 4 eat *'-wet !JtMtUukInItt-.. New .

HOC MAWS LIL n. Jaaitr fWr. .t*
IWwn eili Mn' drr'e


TIHfS9tmm paths,.It aaart twHIallylavttH la J -' 630 DAVIS ST. at Btaver

*VU t .!*..*. *41:.M ......S-...ISlt1IIItsPks nil llr CiiHIiniliitisiiiim. .

m mm. UN N wn n ciuiii 4 tie. H MIN fU1l11ILU11A



KIT II, ill riniu tin runi net ;

1 Refusal To Register Negro Cbarges Historical Event Youth Wages Flaw Memorial Alumni I Day

Brutality IB Gallant Fight To Feature Noted BatsoIT

Negro In Against Lukemia 111111\111 Fabian
Hotel P CasePLORf1C'R
..... AVOUSTXNt --- Jeuee mil. noted Americas lasso

TAMPA .- tAN') -- aid an alumnus of Florida Memorial College hire,
8.Co- Guard Timpani art applauding eill return to tbe campus to present a special
Disrupts Confab A 44yesroldSegrpsboot11th
the gallant battle that concert OB till occasion of Aluaal Day, Saturday,
enotloa it O.S.
a 12-year-old Plant. City Kay If, It baa been announced by John L. Jackson,
1ft ORLEANS (W) months of active dutyin District Court here boy la vestal .,aI.., itcrttatr of the FMC Alumni Aisociitioa,
The refuial of the local the Pacific la orld last week, aa be related I. the dread ilieiM leukeala Accompanyin Ball at
hoe a white farmer pll.tol'.Upped "aroused ttnpeitoui applause -
Roosevelt hotel to grunt tar II--enter the hotel ia a local hospital. the piano will be Jona-
and seat for his beautiful.aad .
accommodation to Col. to attend hominess and Urn Brlee. Hall la dlitingttlahed -
Otho Van Fill, is-yter- social function held by his bleeding Into till Herold Green, son of by the exceptional wonderful aliging.
field to work during a Tbe Jaaea Hall concert
I old Negro colander of the group but he could Mrs Opal C. Green, versatility and .
U7th artillery New not then.Gov. period uhea be held hlain broughtto 111 be held oa caepuiat
sleep Plant City was range of his voice,
National Guard ocktfelltr vas peonage oa hi I farm the hospital March IBia which music critics have Too p... aid will

\\th. up a tempest to told of tbe dlicrlalaa- The testimony of Hal coma ant Bear death.' variously classified aaBane. be followed Rent.br a ball lathe
last week when tion Incident by MaJ. Roy McKeaile against Slice that time, how Ban Baritone,
New fork and Puerto Oca. Alaerln C. O'Hara Robert Houltrlo Cook i tver, be has rallied and sad Baaio Cantaitt.Pollowtag LBJ Considers

Ricen delegations to the head of New Ion divl- 41. came ai slavery ....1 I bon "remarkable his gradua- Appointing More

Adjutant General association sloe of military aid charges etre pressed HOcriTiU tlM9D1W Reverend tlllam J, Ha,- courage.. accordHg to Lion frcm Plorida Memorial

pulled out of naval affairs.O'Hara against Cook. The case n, Cr1&aU. secretary of the Foreign Mission his attending rbyitctia.Dr. where be already Nigro Ambassador

the neetlag, ud the V. laid the group ... being prosecuted by Board of the National Baptlat Convention, USA? Joan Dumoli. doe far u soloist with

I S. Defense department sac briefed before they 0.8. Atty. Clyde Robla- Inc., and "illIM H. Ruff Acting Director General One of seven childrenof the coU...'. A. Cop pel- PIT1'NIVItIll (Lisp) -

lipped Its anti-die- catered the hotel and SOB.NcKtaile. National Public Health Service of Liberia, the well-known plaat la Choir. Hall took a Pre eld tat Lyndoi B.

crimleation rule on active gas told Van lad could said Cook alga document treniferrUg the Carrie V, fjtr Me- City resident Harold B. A. Degree at Southern Johaion la ell"telnlll'

" duty officers attending not stay at tilt botel. first, bad his Jailed oa mortal hospital la Monrovia to the Liberian Oovernmtnt II.. bed the disease for University and aa ...... several Negroes for

any session of Tile group protested a charge of aelllag ltaeaala till transfer (from left) are, a year ahem admitted to degree from AdtlpblaUalverilty ambaiaadertal" pests

the convention.The that, among other to Up parts from a ear oa J. Doaien Richards Mtoraey General; Dr J.a.Falco..r. tbe hospital, be eat reportedly IB Oardea add other major appolat

.hoi* thing itarted Sea York state policy which betcCenale: ) till supervisor eat. African Missions and la the lut City N.'. end., according to 0.Meaatn .

hen Van rxtl u a menbr prevented thin from oeed aoaey to Coot Thus Dr. '.R. Scarborough, e-dv$ior, National Public stases of his illness, This gas tolloeed bysridtate Voir>" .11.

of the New fork participating la activities be got him to promise Health Service.Former comnonly known aa cancer work at tilt lira, Militant ..tr.-
to work at the farm
delegation to th. Adjutants conducted undera of tilt blood. An attendant Sherwood school of tary of state for
long Cook wanted Trains First
as to :
Central aftaociatloV. policy of racial Film at the hospital told Music Chicago ...dNan..t. African afftlra,
found that too segregation ao he could get out of Negro Policeman a local weekly lewinan ... Ual .pity, tllllana made the die

hotel refund to honor the official replied Jail. Cook then paid his Comic Broke that the yoaagiter win la rvenatcfl. Ill .....- cloeure at the 10th annual
MAW 8FACH Imp) -
that of the advance that hotel policy for bond.HcKenile weak tad his
part Faces Operation Jenee t. Snltb.the first very recovery ently be itudled n hunan right dinnerof
reservations which pertained bade Negro paying gueata. testified thatbe to. date has beta aniit-rupll of Aleiand- the ntt hur...h branch
Negro the ...
on Nle .daroHt'I
to ,111. When the twice went back to CHICAGO (AU) "....1..." er Rlpaia" former I lend CIt the RAATP.Thel'nlted .
Airman force, has
Washington the farm to work afterbe begun
delegation learned of Aging conic Btepln Pet- Dr. Dunoli. Hirold'.a lag Baieo of the Metro- state "aoe
14 weeks of training at
this they leaedlately Graduates From wan released because obit who made a fortune the Metro police physician told the newaBM > polltaa Opera, and ,ltkRoble has leo Negro Mbiaan*
be muted to be with Acadmy.Beach .
ailed ao,. Nelson la Hollywood chile play- : "barold II a very Lieioa diet don Clifton wharloi t.
Rockefeller and told bit Specialists School his wife, who etlll remained Imp "'<1ee referred to aaVaele Police ChiefRocky mart and alert hH' Unit iked muild pedagogue Norway end e rcrr Cook
of the altuatlon. He there as a la Tom eh" tad Poeerinee laid baa sheen reearkable
of Nee York. In Niger.
Amarillo Tei. Air- ("with :35, was one of
proeptly ordered the borer. stereotyped, was boepltallaed ability to recover with la a recent Nee York wild aw maid the etatedepartMBt
inn Third Claaa RonnieL. two men mho
reorultnrnt -
Sara HcKeoite
delegation ho**. Mrs. hen last seek the aid of transfusions performance of Mounorg- bad argedpredwlaitely
Immediately! following laablngtoB, son of his two atepeoas. Henry ". gas seriously ill leata out of Of coerce whtre there sky*a '...rla Onudoaoff Negro mllegra -
and L. It
Mr. Hra. George applicant
a. "loiletary, IS
this the Puerto linen ia Cook County Hospital la life, there la 'hnpt. Hill sass the role ofPlarnn tfl prepare atu
lonhlngton of 1080 Madison snlth usa formerly
Cbtrlee fiiagletary, IS. a
adjutant general a staff mattering from a Pro- Only tine will anner and lit acclaimed iifiu Miter fist rUfh"
St. Jackaonvllle, guard at the
testified that when" MoKenzie -
checked out. and the dew baa graduated from the refused to work elate gland disorder, our hopes by critics for having 'Ulff.
fence department orderedall whldi doctors said ml aMneceaaltate
technical trainmgcoerse Cook attacked him witb a
active duty Military abdoelaalaurgery.
persunel to renal eay for V.K. Air gun.McKenslo. SWH 11StI11g11'
Force adelalatritiveapectallata laid Cook told
from fuaetlun at the Despite a IT alllleafortuie
hotel. The only pretlng : at Amarillo bin, -rou' ... manna work be reportedlymade ;

they could participate" AW. Tea.tlrean or !'. going to kill la Hollywood FLOURS

In vas held at the .,all In.ton. now you," and would have Pet chit vas said to beaear ,..
proficient la the preparation killed him bet ,
a ray* a Camp.Loloy Johnaon. really broke when he entered -'.
of Air force correapoodence would not fire. : .)
The active duty officers the gun the hospital I here, t
checked into and. reports, .1 ea.. begging him mot to short gas icon funda, IIS .

another hotel. mill be aaalgned. to meof to kill me," acid Me- that one Chicago colie- ;" "

Maj. Con. Pd.lB llrywond the More than 2JO tenxle. He added that ahl-.""" lyoaitat SPECIALS GOOO 'X1.i It "lib."J11'

adjutant ifaeral of installations eorld-elde Cook "grabbed the tun out what emitted to a THROUGH SATURDAY -.q
Maine and aannclatloii( there Air Force combat 'by the barrel and began fI..chl KW fir him. 14 j f.ItI

president disclosed he aid support unite are hitting me over the Said Lynn:

cam uvartr of the artcrtV baaed.The ...4." Me said that "...Petcblt. tbe wing ,.. '11, L t.If 1'vs I'I.'

a tort r'tsy l of the airman la a graduate after the pistol whip fumed screen conlt. ,la t au -. ".eMe

.hl and aBUed that' of "New NaaHip ping be went beck'beeauae aerioualy III sad JTia* riuifyokandSkcp t

other state adjutants- School. be wee seared of .|., out of ru... In

gone mlre ale,. Fund Gets Grant Cook. card 41 at couaty Mn.pl-

Rack in Newark. N.J. Charge Kin ,.1. Ne'e a beehive
Van fbl toll an AV: rev NMTON. loss -- The ....t guy. atlll .... his CORN 8 3 CLOROX
United Negro College uu %
porter at the airport. TareateuedPiero ken awns of humor, end.
fund which a*11 at a i:
that "I gum you tumid could uie cheer--and ... I't' .....,
eulleicei In the United .
laid t -00.Iffr
ul that I eaa acteell help. .
fled the delegation decided States hn been. a'oirded PetrMl give bye age ; / HALF IALLIN PWTII _
$ 000 great '
a J. NATftllTOCHr. La. -- '
te cone back at 1) wbea be entered ,
from the ftiytag. Company CANP-4 Negro orchestra : F
.0... tilt boaeltal. 11II..",,
Recouatlag his .1- pouadatton. lac.. Items was prevented from Or. 0.orie Slake eedl- LIMIT I1NE
announced today hy at white high
la Nut Orleans plnyteg a
pcrlcnce cal dlreeter of the .
Robert P. Vac.. ',uld.- here last WITH f f.M
school dance
-. j
aa a sector of the IT- hospital, aald be ....... 4 .
man Ne Tort delu"oa, tine prealdrnt.Thla eeek, after about 11 so ,..... be ...... rOOPOIDIIIU _' ......
Van f\.11II14 the hotel eiirke lie 12th men Identified by .,... nearer te ').

refaaed to .nU hatn omaocutlve Jeer tile Megro tatora as members of tbe The comedian, ehoaeeleenevlag
college fund baa Ku Kiel Klan dared then
occupy a roam. el- laiy.
been UK recipient .' attnyte to leave their ear. Mearrrata "
though a reservation carry roles dree ntmegpreteets FWIIH Him ntfNIKI RGO SALE -
bad been made. h him fouadatlea 'I'III&'lIONIm wen' made.Ae flea a.. NAACP

II.... .1..U- m reaelt. tbe ..- sad other civil rlihte

The hotel said It watl' ly eere grants te the steles from Villa .....,.. allied In ... 1A11 FtAlttlt S
let the nn aitloiilgeardanM National rend for MHI Platte, ...., ml lee ted f tin iciest sight Mia 7 $1 I ISWRTBNNG M ,

eho served lathe cat Mucatlen, the Icwi their 1100 fee wit hoe t .tub acts ttal be made CMS 1i KE Ins

guird let ever 2t toilet Poundatlon mad pitting a note,and left.Tbe clee to II ml 11 lee dollars

year lacladlag 41 tie Rational Peed. sea vie Ureatem.4 free bla nevleroles. ..IIK nt tw inGUfoM
tilt ...a...a were mew .

masked bet eere U..- Me did not emtlala dial lEANS POS

tined by atectaUrs M bepe>e>ed to Ue fortaof,
Klatere.Dem acett t. say that be MINI NMI Ml HCI1

Carr prlaclral lived high He said. be
.f the hi* setsI. meld ore lilt salts seed ( IDLE COllI+I LIMAS

..... .
be tbe emtltlaaate silt .
live lo a Mlo ,

; 'r te feared lest elelee because. -Hepiveiied .erveiU Retealtr, Pettbll tffflO MIX OR MATCH

,, M 4tli U pay .._. ..n".. hIs algbUlebreleo e
1 *Ili Ilii Ream ..... here played M mligles.dMtian4 < 7 $1
4 at stellar das tee la war. Kit the file Me 9WtTTM
the peat .IU.., lactewt. -
It ekidb bo trfirtof tie soh a t W7As

gi'vlta' typo Se.ro. aset' !. *'ct er s md
1\. ..... went e*. Msebetaled. bitrtttat to

M s lees I blteo., ,...,. to bsnmlbio. UIU HIM '111BEBSBEY'S
,... .161..., emMeled .

Its regmlar proven sad Tbo SAP. ,....&1, ,..>
ilayed fines ,..... their efceela eeitelrvlele
piped late the bet.a. of PICNKSSHRIiT
W 1 twee ...r tt.sl east
heir bd reeled BBdor

rwt.a. ..... b.



4 11 too sees tto ffMtftote .
Ma ...* *.*.** rrxMWrtbmt

m mmiImrfcftf i let .......... Pfcofoaetetoo C

1 ..* fdU
You To Listen Tom Mr. C s. gM eta' .....IMlltflMfllctirtttc. to. pas Wf 1M Met UoPlL C+

hsriemr ,
IAMB Well 1 rov-tI

.J a.g1aPglrP1P ,. .. ".. "' IIBIPIII Web$lS8r4 0. M.+ ..

a t> ia s r Mhs4O.

"DANCE PARTY"l ,....... .ebaef ea4o CM<<. sekiwc( 4
PP....P fBMs hag .LSi Pl.s JIll BsLJ'!'fIll"V .,
) 11)1: 'tf 12:" t' e '

Sl4...H t J... tH It ,..u.14MWUIC1 Lilly's Drug SjtriMM % SMO' Ot lit 4gc -,: 39CSATUTAT

?e00 01 e e *

# men MM M 'H1H



PACE I rlOtllk SUI Wilt SITIItiY MAT lie ISM



----- -

. FAMuans Host Guests Famed Playwright Lauds A &M Lauds A & Ms Program iI

Group's Redition Of His Play iv .

TAMPA-A florid MM University Militant pro V \t ww' J

I t 1: R feeeor of ipeeeh ud draae, Mri. Irene tdaonde, I

,..-.. ." ud. members of a student group under br dlrec I'I.t wIt
t y t- lion ny have laltlited a a** trend for future
productions of Archibald MicLelab'i Pulitzer ,

Prlre-tlnnlni play, "JIn .'.'" .............. .......

TMPI tor the First it 'tilt masterpiece of
Annual Florida Poetry our tint." After hearing -

Festival held on the the Florida MM students -

cavui of the University read a scene fro*

of south Florida, NICLelth hit play, MacLtiih said:
9 beard the student "I learned toBttblnt
group fro Florida AIM about myself sad about

read a scene from I piece of work of ay
"J.I. in allegorical own. This It something
play In verse bated on which I sever learned

the Old Te U. Bt't Book before and which bad
vuumamBmtmmmmmmHm', i.ii- iiBiiiiamamumm of Job. never crossed BJ ..Iad.I -
f TKNNESXANS FCTFD--Two proBlnwt Naibvlllt educators, en rout* ROB* froB tproftiilonil The play, which won saw a reading ptrforBancc GOTtXAL VISITS PAMU ::::-L Gen Albert Vitton II, commanding general of y t ,

meeting la MiMl, were ftttd recently .t T'allahaiiee'i Suntbin awards H the beet play of sections of 3rd 0.8. Amy, port McPherson Ga., was a recent visitor to the Reserve Offlctrt -
Manor by Mri. Own *, Oor..Jr., wife of the president of Florida MM tlnlvirity of the iBsa tenon and "J. 8." done by young Training Corps unit tt Florida A&M University rtlltbaiiee. shown

Pictured here are the guests of honor and tot of the other guests who the hither Prize for actors fro Florida MM, b.rt. chatting with Dr. George f. Gore Jr., president of the university
iewbled for the dinner party'f.tieg the TenneiMMf. From left are: tilburL. 1958, was called 'one and t suddenly realized the litter office, jen. Watson Dressed "great titlifictlon" with the
Sate, M iittnt professor .t. agriculture tt FAMU and his ion; Mrs Cirri of the eaormbl work as I litttntd to the progress of the unit under tat leadership of Lt. Col. Albert J. Parker, PMS.

Denney, state luptrviior) of education, Niihvllli! who was house guest of the of the century as verse, that that it the way The 3rd Arty coBnandlng general also tttted that be wu "highly iBpreiied"
Gores. III,.. oore; Dr. Charity Hue, masher of the faculty of Tennessee MI it 4.1 and II spiritual that play ought to bt with Dr. Gores cooperation In the development of the allitiry science pro

But University, A.L. IIdddirector or initltutlonil studies it Florida MM inquiry," by critic produced. It ought to gTM at Florida AM.Miamlon .

Mr.. Johnnie Cue Slake, iiilstiAt professor la the Department of En ill eh at Crooks Atklnon. Poet bo produced tt t playplayed
PAMU mil Mrs. Bit. Mr. and I,.. Kld4 art the brother-in-Iaw and sister of John
Clardl by The
_Dr. ttance. hailed It Ntgrott Seeks Decal SupportFor Police
holt thing takes perspective

I Parents Charged Auto Crash 'Queen' Janita Gets Support I resonance, it and takes tiibre on Demo CoftmHteewonHm Post

With Baby's Trial 3 !ices From Friends 'round The World that to By Bind it does Mrs. Nancy frann of Miami is serklng the Reports
not otherwise have. I
tlMal"ried1st of National Democratic Corn
Fatal SealingA A cir b.fieved travellia4'et "" was enormously moved wdInitnicted. itteewonan in the May 2A neccrul primnry UNKNOWN !ROM
n'I'" old seller $ high rata of : ..." run-off. eec.ewese.e... SALES TRIO

and her 20-year old tttd tent out of con. :4 During their Initial Mr*. Fvant who ii the A trio of driver-salea-

eo.oll.l.. husband bare trol and overturned ln> )." "reader tlllltn" prtlentatioa wife of Brig. Gen.ral men for a local liquor
been booked In county toes ciail, III tall U, \\I" of the scenes Arthur Pavans hi* served dlitrlbutini Co. reported
Jill and charged with illlig.ill) three of 4 from ".1.1. the ttu- as City Manager of fMPS. being robbed by

the death of the woaan't Hi:occupant*, It war u t' i,.. dent. fro FAMU were unaware Mini WM president of an unknown armed bandit

11-Bonth old daughter reported. t.. r w that the author the Democratic women's lilt Saturday

The tot her,Miry Prances Dud from the crash. was In Ue audience. In Club of Florida, cow Henry Lee Mttbli. 25.

Colttoo and ..L. Davis, ,tIIIl ell recurred at 3 p... t.. ,' X 1. 7", .I IJ'a. review of the Poetry chtlraan, Ktnntriy-John- of 3510 NW 20th Bt. told
both of 31723 ,1 115th .t Pill Drive Md. bth.Wid 'I fr Festival ".nta,". .odor. ton Campaign. In Florida police he was bicklnc

A'lIIu.ba" been charted lOftth. Avenue itPlorldi .: HoffMan, of tilt Tatpt t delegate to the WhiteN hit truck Into the wire I

with tint degree sunder city emit ..,. \ .i Tribune laid the FAMU oait Conference on home when a Negro Dale,
In tilt tailing of Irtndi Otis CTHnl, 40, Lucille choral reading progratii Foreign Aid and a Democratic NANCY FVAN 33 to :30 yean of age,
Co II tOil who died May Tat Penile, 40, ltd Bobble "tkt flnttt per' Executive CoMltteeoB inch recognition, alto bout 5 feet, 6 Inches
t result of the reported Omnli, 17, ill of 530 formaco of this type by for four yean.It to bring the National in height md weighingapproilnitely

betting, report M 6th Terrace. HOI- ;. college students this ticking the support Democratic Convention to 135
d 110 101lld. e lead : reviewer- hat everheard. of Democratic ComltteeBM Florida in 1966" petidi drew a 32
Both performances and Coealtteewoatnit A highly qualified person caliber pistol on hlB,
by the group-- Duval County Mm..van Mr*. Fvant itudltd tiwl hl. up in the truck
SUQULIUBUJCSiAUI the scenes from oJ. It." hit pledged to at taabltgton ttoivtrilty and took Its dri'tr
Md choral readligi of work "to obtilt lore and the University of pouch
j:oo '.." ::11II ..*. 'JAT t AU! D'I 1V1
.r Ungtton ...
by llul. ,
r bows political recognition Mltal Md It regarded The bandit then matted
I:00 I....1:00 I.*. .nerq'CAIav: .uchcNrH0 IRA MccAIJ.
1" .... Dylan Thomas Md T.'. for Florida and the *Bploytwt it but suited for tilt 01 two other truck
cm: e.'.-11:00 MUM IU1"II'IMLL .ma' ,n.bllIIl'III \
/ I Illot received standing that goes with pott. being driven by Albert
II:on N. 5:50: p... 'imuM PA" t .miw BIRVIiinennimnf \ ;4."' ii vttloni,.
\ Jnklioa, 33, of 1611 Nt
i:M p...-T:M p.*. R.I l1/A loan i ? :. ,.. '" Expani Ion Plans /Approved
r. r ,'.d .6. v of: "' 1 Seth Rt. and B wuel 111-
1:M p."..':oo ,.'. 'onwn.CAuvm uvnuwo, m M* ____ _,_
turn JWIT Hail, 21, of 3)31 Hi
"11:11II: p....13:on M. .lIr.IIltAnl1l wo. *,row VAUnMONMT
310 Terrace and dupll'
.. XAilAAflKlMcki fro nor than 30 of 50 stated
"I M9HT"WM 6T nN tIInI...., lirA I .....!3 .. of the United Atatti and fro cities rto.nilt cated the incident.

'1wa.'MM.nlt J. ......| MINUrei* !:*J........t ',... Iran, Orttct and Oentny soared to a total of It I. believed that
,1)13.06 to sake a queen of tiny Jaalta Marie Pord Ue eaeprct WM driving
"1f\CII\I'M f ""n..W1I. C4IJAUU:1, ats .1:00: e.t. sad a late crta coloredMtrctry.
: In the 1164 Annual Baby Contest ipontored .here
4:0(1: p... aid 5:06: ,.'. '.der 1'i: .
recently by the John 0. Ill ley Klenenttry School
mpoas aunw .nq.unm: ITI"Ij'-.1 WjNQTf..I:0e: p.m. Parent'Teacher Aiwclatloa,, ................... MRR IUL''IUDImI.

L1 iT II..1IM'MIft JU ('_...IO III."1:10 I.. Julia daughter of Mr. tpottortd her Pattlyeaberi sucon) ROMTOWill

sad ire Jaeet R, Ford end friend were It Lit !Scott, 34.
AtUPAt Ir. en tpoitortd Sa ,,,,ro.. It
"\ s their tot'trlbttloii of 1790 'in Slit St. I an tHiUrday
law: ....!:on .... "*14' ... Ira Ue .(tool
6:M .....!J:M p.*. ..O'WrH, CttAMN MCVOUMOIU fcCAU by tilt fifth grade tr her to top the that .he eat iligged and
I:eo a ,..1:00 .... WTTOMU MM. ittT ashen kick her brother J.... total tf tlott ruutrupnd robbed! by an unkauvnim N.

1:00: .p....-.:M p... mm PUTT.** .trim* imtI heard lord Jr. lit ttooid place tiner.Padra while MlowUni beer
Ml p.'....:M p... MM .MX ..* 11,1144" K'WII I.ber. leery crtdt It L. lieu dugtur from hit truck
B.B.-I3.00: .. VmtCATtfN W. WW4 WUMfnno the school wu reprt- of Mr, wd I,.. DtttnItat h Scott Mid that after

ii nmf*.wrm t"J.DIa' ala.) :..:M sad 4'Mp ...ted by a child tao of TallahiMte.Tallabauiu F' ht tan hit Md knocked

.L M. I;M ,,.. i was the clio I.. of .!.< Elected doe by bin MMllaM.tkt .
; hers of the elaet !la'volwed. robber took arrroijittly .

am&I !, see grate, To Stv Ml, Govl. PadTAUJHtflUt TOT omaAU tf u. '1.ride fttttt DeptrUent tf I tducatlM revive MteprltUtilted IPO U M1U fn.

twiat ".,....t.. the that .lll can for adds Hot tf two see lit coati kttidiigi for Silks hit pocket
11:110 .,..f;11I'I .... na I&.UIIR"l
: d....
jwlor Collet*, "t. Pete".,.. Stow with Collet. President Dr. Jots I. R.- Reporting that the It*
|:M ,.a..u!00 a.., tOBM.. CU.IVW htVPUWO IM erCMXt
pads which ,..
bert (third. fro left) i I art: Charlie Chick Chord itttor ef *.".,.. Dr. tee tccured it xt
:" '... t.::1. ." MiCATicN lint W.A v.aLaa
p Suet plite liter aere. ....,.... UtlttMt DI rotor, Mvltloa if COBMIatttry : ilty Jr. College, ..4"John 3>Ad Aft. eM Hit Bt. .
till 1 p.*.-6:41 p.* '..IC.... ... OKU. .or PtMIMI .. ud a IM ttvligt the vlctle maid Ue
Potter architect. By J ,"). Olbbt It ttie. have a pltttly air eaPhtU MtillMt -
:41 ,....rM: p.., *.,.,. fill PMT "tf lV. 01' PVmiD4i. h
bold were raised by ..*> ,dlUoBtd pleat valied atCeremon .. to t3 .!ilia.Highlights. < by Ut. Hllard) fled Muth he.
:.* ......:M p." onti! HIM Pa+'0. DltnIIIll'It here of hr fully sad UI' a bar Itcited It
.:M >.e.'II:*0 L '1*M OtWN WW Ma TKN the fifth craleri the .hIIU,._
)r Annual Event ,

.. I......g nvrra on MI* MiailiNaip I I

I ...'11 OH lutr mil
III.UAIIT aim' mw hPreto

Mother Re!....'. Uv
reliable ire 11),... ,
P... ,u.a.". H.MoUeft It.t
.......... '- ,
n nr n.nIoIL li Mw
Helper, sealed,
TaMat women .r girl.Cat|
Jr. It the I"IJ
h,. ....un.
.*....*... elected vice preeteettf
Mai ... part tt.e Mtt th* Florida AM Ihii.vertlty .
hI. tstera ItBMtt .ru,. Hltt It.... _ft,..

F.ae.M h.ehMg ads verb Carlbt fcilttM. tit Atettltlltt |
e ends Iw bwld.Ilene rail .... D... Ill .-MU. jttlvr. Bijtrlig ithlolety r x a
..N..e.N.Sar0aer ht tt
demhlta ....... fall tttive
f "'lIhl....
i .
iigr.McesueI Mr*. irtat. pi 4 Mk
.Mi4e ......... .it taptt trgailia.t 55.gtnda
lsaeo WI....... mamas, 16 tt 14) |e.,. lot at ttnitaUea u-
old live Re tint th*
tt It.thlldrta. PtrikitgRintt. .. .
light heteeMft Mtinrcith, -rug "'" rwlh ..eiiileMejtet a ,..,.;1:1: ret*ee. t..l: .
J Md Itttlt emmtisi.literate. Alpha Phi Altta Pra. nru ....*. ...,<. held U Uetr hMiwt r. ..iita red hpiMMtlml .. Planes : S.III.i.l Pre'n''
'; ... Call Mr*. ttrtUy the MatlttalAeeMltlle tM tfary taesertare PN... ......IU.. tLaN..I
....... M0 MM1. ftr Ue a5. tug em,"".,.b. d Bt U 4 CwttfU .Bt h<. %RM*. .r lairt M sal All *.6l. B>l..**I 01, Ui WitkWMBM
,........ tf Celtre4Peerle. offal r ws mgt ect1ac dtrMhtrM
ellis.Wanalills Tba 0sdamt. 1Mef rec.|.4f. eatOs are
l .lilt II'.f, 1111tiwall .. the ht*.e.tIt ord u',s....... .. ,,an..e ..r U .. "..to.. eait rtt t. Len t. rtgit .
let heard tf sure J..eSI v ...,... atfu.nti4it \. *.... Uif lt I1-. ilrr
di4/rdiiI' 3.h.. 11111. ttrt .. ttt*.U awn
Cog Be U alto a JIM Ply aw ..eme ..*.... Ti!. .**< ta4 Mee ewer air
-:1'P probItmI, too u.*.*.. r left f th "...it t..tr Coed;feh.d Co ins. tPWM hr Pt11ta) ...
&....", ..|..re. M.?, Ctrt, ... em' r esaM


'. 1he' nlll'l 'c' .

SiTltllT 1 II, SUE PAPERS ,. ( 9

II I I 1 r r rJ

--' '" -
I 1

Reunion Of FAMUans Prominent Baha'is Feature Group Gets Surprise Visit I

I In Miami .
Programs Area

Bibs', la la till Worth Mlaal area recently hard
II aptaltra froa the Sunahla Stat capital and U* 6- Y
naUotft 6th, *...*.&1 a series of 1aII.i.orl.he
I llluatrattd lectures ........ ...............

Pros Delta "..cUo.. Sailor Citizens Club
Alaika, tit of tile U.S. .ith Mr*. Olive Ali
Aray' a cold atatktr .. d.r. director and
,..ti.. SToaadt, Ton t.BauniarUr Mra. Georgia Nelson,
Jr., tbodoolorvd .*.ber of the board and
slides of acat cbalnan of the Senior y V I i

la Alaska When' at, his Cltlien*' irovip la
cite nd thir, fin sons charge.
a- lava lived at BahVi The AlaakM, lIa1Ia'l alaa r
s "I>loa.*n" since 1I5T.Mr poke and shored hit r r
I *. Th laa T. Oorhaa slides at rte First
trot Tallahassee, spots Church of North Minnie
0111.* ..h' i world CoBriatlonal, paatorad
I Faith, teeing llliitratd by Vie II... Jack Salth.Mr .
eta VIm WITH HOPS Darini tile rc.ot neetlng of th* Florida But TacbrtAatoclatlon chart atlk-terad la *. Oorhaa '''011.,
la Mlaal aaoy Florida AtM- Calraity aluani had M opportunity to aura P1JI Iilanda. Mra.Oorhaa ailn the Fiji Island CITW BT AtAHD-iINNlNQ rtVfWdlT rrhlhld rlilh PiilM ..rr Pri 't
?i*. tile PAMU Cxtlblt of Graduate School actl ltlee and hit with Oraduat 1* actiai dlrc illk-tcremed chart, at Innlni playtrlcht roniratulatr Mrs, Irm tt'lmmrtn. l"Unt prof.mr in
School faculty aabra. Pictured her, thr. FAMUaa chat site Dr. JMMD.Keck tor of public relation a flreaid la the bore lbs Florida MM Unl .r.lt, 'Vpartaunt' uf Vrh and praum, IUI.III.-1 unnirniRoland 1 ,, I
had of tit Dpartant of Ouldanc, and Dr. Tlya 8. Martin, h.id of at Plorlda AMI Datrl of Mr*. alpha Sawyer InOpaUcka Benson of Miami, on tilt rmdlttw I b, rAm' "ri'Morn' th.',,, rI' irnup
tat Dpartaat of Education, third froa the left. Tb* ah.ai.hlt to right ty. and at the of MacLlah'a. Play, "J,a," t>-, partPtnn resented" thai "It >wmhl 1.1 i I.r |>iv
arc Nra. Chrlatin >. Vaught, acoad froa left a.L. IUt and N.Fd., i860 J.... Thy a*, a Bah.' 1 .aba.1 Sunday School dared aa a play plajre.1) l by'leerwee." prndurrd $ri>nl.n, In |4M$, u ...* ,>
who vorks !. the .r... of culdanc and *cinc* at till Madison Tralnlas School froa Ma. Spanish Hot aeetlni la till boa of cards at tilt Nat play of the M** Madison: Mra. Dorothy' C. Paul iteond trot right who la candidate for the dura, vas a nt at Mr. and art Harold During their prraiatlon of 'C'I'II' fr\'a the !'Jur for nNliiil-< .'>'11I |'|->rnU
H.U., at PAW a teacher of acl nc' and aathvaatlca at ThoU Hi* School.D.- North Mltal'a Grass Ou Inyard rare unarar* that the author. sea In the Midi cure,
Punlak Sprints; and Rob.rt lei II. M.Ed., 1961 aaaUtant principal at. Mlaai'a Acres Nnrtry, item' -
phjllla .atly Klwantary School Mr*. Oorbaa vas inset

Hobo Dance Set lever Brothers Charges Hoover .p ester bou,at. a ta lahr Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion

By A & M StafferTAILAHASSGt !'I Aids Racists To. Buaiartar Jr.
Promotes Specialist poke and shored alldf
M*shan A.XP. at tb. Jaa** K.: eottCoMunltjr
of till Plorlda MM Unt NP tOCK N.T. Hugh Center, under
The Chaln w of the *tu-
varsity faculty WOMB'SClab N. Gregory ha been pro dent Nonviolent' Coordlaatinc the auspices of th* ;
will prtieat their Disc Jockey
noted to andatant pro Comltt (MC'C), ,;
annual Hobo Dane onSaturday la tile
duct aanair
John Lana said think Grace Presbyterian
May 16. trot Pood Division of lever ..
10 p... natll 3 a.... Brother panyaccord* pdrel Bureau PI rector ofIKveatlcation Cfcnrci New

at tile Dad Strt Ccm- la| to an announcant J. Cdiar Hoo'.r.l.
unity Catr. by Pra at L. thltniy Jr. ....r.ly seeking appro "Aak and Vo. "II ...
According to aa aa* airtttlni Tic prvnictont rrlatlona" and "ilvtn c.lve," Uk 11.9: .111b
aoaaca ot by Mr*. tilt dlvlnloa. The
I at d lid coafort to tb* topic for tilt
Blanch B. lic.... pie' Foods RivUlon ..,kit. racial la charilMroaaualttt oratal Miwoa Sunday.
aldat. th* Saturday the COllI''''''. aarcarlner have lafll- May 17th. 'Tor Those
Night Twisters trot fay shortening. ditrt top'pings tasted the civil rlihta Mho are nitlai for aa ,
j ere**, Oa., will b* fa and pancake *,,,.,.. .0'_"t. Opportunity," Ht. :W-II:
lured *ntrtalnr
ells be the talt set'
Captures Audience Attention :' vice the.., accordlat toBe
.1' *. f.P. Seer pal.r.Orac .
I J t"" _' la rlehrtlt/

the au>*a'a Day Carnival
1'> Prlday and '*trU*> of
"<<" this ..*, 'N" It Iba

proald for a....*r* of N
the" entire family and. a
prizes .III b* ardvd

R .'lzhts.t t o' elec' o* bolts

r.il.st.g stday'aaoralm i

service. Mr*. V.
? P. ,."..11 sill| apeakta
tb* eases .. the ftrotta BIT a Atlanta KflrH

caarca true th* tajct,
loch *f tb* toa.a latM c,4 -
prwhytwlM OwrA.

A & M Officials Nh .

Attend Meeting I-1.

w If
nmi IA(7t753: ...
efi F, Nfl af ta. .....htr.-
tit staff of PUrldtAaB
PalterIty ..r* la Wryly lH
tttaadM her at tb*
, .. &.., .1 lend' III 1
,."..... MOt .- >/ly tllllaa lee-;...y, Jatr.,tr .. Ik. D..artMllt .t Fiends r* *tt isolate*M..ltUa.f tie*fCallet I .,..... "..... s.eecdgt'
Age at riartda .*. Dalrrlty, '..1111..*.., adjusts the aoclltoa *f M *f u* .* sad Catrl wfhlir 2$ a......... .If' '
.II Hlatlai la ar ...-.aa tnbo. arratly .. *t.ttbltl) la U. t.rI.'"* Nail lies and U* Plarldt 1UMdttlM '
I Art allry oa the PAW ca.... n. aft.. at Prl4a Ass slated .. .. dls, .*.. .f OatUtltUleililrar
rude Bay 16. I* Mrs .cI.: ... '. rant ...**. *.itiblt Nt U I* lOt '*r sad A4at
tint tla U M show to the r*llc. s. aaa *art* rrwtly WUi *ai>UHla *!.<. Offltrt. bill ttta
the NIt.I..... Art Ptl.al Mko. at the local talla***.. p4.rl lUfltM. B4.a SM lilt el.
and Loan A.M grow la rte 1M6flarlda "r, ...,.. t. 6ara it,.
AM Art realty ... la *alc Me tiklMtH and said several *lo.aad rldat ., riarldaA Jet. .* fred K4* ins
afro b4 tan pieces dM.*a for thai ;.4la.. Mt *f Urr ailrU*, la the
M. sister f
recant CMtaiaonry oattra Art Mo a,.**.,*. la '.11....... ay Man' a4 .....11.a tb*
the t.wya. Art P..aadtl... I'.. Icliaaty It a sauce ., '.11.*..... and *a. aaaalll** *f I
lye PlMlda
....a.. alU hirers free U* Jtwal Ua.la I... fttkMt aM Pltrtaa AM pal- OilUtM AaaNlatlMf

rlU. served adCalrHla. at aad*-. SEE AND HEAR THESE
cater .f a Paul '1-
deter wiL' YotJ! >a.rnn I.ICE8JBY1CS GO TO taal aa '?alaaa *f
PBBT pawu.ct MS&CT. u* M.*Itc ....,.n...'....eNiwly
saws I.s11 tat IM .san tsrW .S'u N ..** .4w.
... w ..... r7 dbar. a..., .. CHURCH
:'t=;7..... OrfiilielUiken
... HLK>)t UMK DAY mr fiiidrnto

hnitI rH1lI..n.. Apwiy lily. Tyiitt, To Neil
rur1tl.. (... laEMllat.
sen ....... te Awn. Maarf Ml iUUS1TA drtva tar.n TIM IhJrd sales *f u*
3tseo...+ILw A.a.aa.Oa.UcU -J(A 44411]; '* U .i.... trlla s*. / af aalt4 .**.ra
Ittoratalt. ..,. B.i ,..*,..... aa...*.... WAME1260
lilt J....aAU I, .
.1'M' soott m m m .111 lld Seeder.
PUrlda.Iff Bar it at 10.s. tt n
The Nli l FIoH $ 3tir ..11 ,..- II rlaa tlattMtrr ....
lisa lair Mdat, sad eltl/ .. s-Isd IiIII 1M .... k. flat au... UNata If

jlctartt .s ..II -- !,.. of t"'O'. ......,...". .....c. nlre.19 | *...*. MIAMI
tat 'Sta,' *..o.ac. ilo.eor* for U ..,.,.... Iregra.s "v ::
t... iifti or fatiloa .'"! rain+UI-.......... trMlfH a*I tt* ;.d/ W

San JOt. -.... **MI It :HvlMdL &. .\ :
flet.roftlet .. sboud tId o.r ..... j.t iii/<
tad Ieeus I. t I* At 11
.ot foist ells TllSId&Se1001eSaid WMI It MFIflO ,. tM ar4.Mt, tllll Hear "Hot u". Nightly p. m.

1M k ,IW fh*t star t... zr..* *.... 6... I. ....... a"r s.r
Ml1 101 JON ouI
.t. 4,1. Silt* I* *Ml .
m wr nw. iff ,.. :I7-IS area I h. CM cr s..! ....,. ./1 4 ',=1 a


_. .-




Barracks 6ro1 1kI'' ... to '*t.grain leadersPROullADim Prominent Speakers To Feature Tiger s !Major Victory ,> IallGUm.An

Met! Saturday. SI. Matthew'S Men's Diy Program

0.y l." IRVING BR. !
fi Rntltdgt Pearson, president of the Jai Branch
The Gateway Barracks
SAX and attt conference of brancbta tf the Aa
11131 Md Ledlea Auxiliary -
aodatlog, and Ban L.Q. Coltaaa, aaaociatt .- r-----r
of Veterans of rri E Jr[. e attr of shlloh Metropolitan Baptist Churci, will :
world war I of DBA too., be the apaaktra Sunday '
during do anaaal .. tlay
till ...t Saturday May
observance at St. Matthew saotlat Church ter. _

16 at 2 p... In Jot H. George A. Price, Auto;. ......?..........?.i 5..

Janet coaauntty Center, jz; w Mr. Feartoa will give roy 1\11\ tt. Deacon UC.iggina .

13tfe ind Orunthel Sta. the address during. the will proaldt.

All atabera art requested 11 .... service mod Her.Coltaaa .
r Otis John so a of Second
ud urged to attend. will feature the
Baptist and Robert Bates
Business before the evening program which
of will
De-spring auporrlae -
house Will bt the tltC begins at 7 p.m.Activities during offering.

tlOD Of delegates tO will cat The service will close

the state convention underway with Sunday with remarks by tko

to bt btld la Orlaafc la School at 8:30: .... with serving cbalraaa and

June. All paid op .tt. Deacon Ronald Johnson, pastor who will alto

hers for II" will bt general superintendent give the doxology and R .r

eligible to run for and Deacon I..Go Cbataaa, benediction.

tlectlon. Two special gnat superintendent from Re?. met will la*
buses will bo providedfor M Mt.Ararat Baptist Church, IW were la order this week from 3dward -
f .r. '. trodaeo the speaker haters Athletic Director-Coach Clifford:
the oiportttloD supervising laatrae
of deltgattt, tad ata I r, tlon. Johnny Fowltr of during tilt 7 P... atr ."' '(Jack) Paul, left to star sprinter dent Bur
:.. Ronald Alto sod the Misses tleanor White vice lid Clareate. feels .
bn will travel at reduced (foreground, It. Calvary Baptist roughs who showed U. to the hatlon'o beat
rate Mary Ana Salta and Conic levy, standing froa left, art youth leaders of the Boatlck will, servo aa by. 'oopplac> .the 100-yard dash null la the ro

Quartaraaettr Jpes tFD-and Bible School progress which iota underway Sunday eight, Miy 24 at I master of ttrtaoaita. east 3
Lang will bt oa band to x>clock la Holy Tsbernacje.nh and Pearce Sta. Prominent aethers of the clergy The program follows: big track Burroigha won the event la a spectacular *

take orders for caps, mod lay sorters will feature the week long nightly obeervancee. The public iaInvited. Ottottoat, OeacoaaBlllia 10:0: .ICO.". ta other events" UC' C.

pint, and ties for those Soloaoa sad Van Zachary placed second la the J aval la throw; Larry

where wishing to order Diggers; call to war Davis wal third la the running high J nap;and A.J.

thai for tie convention. A & M AlMinl Noted Basso Holy Tabernacle's ship, Dtaooa ,.1.. Kirk Lawaoa took a fourth pi act la the 440-yard run.

Coaaander Irving will Neil 23 land; organ 'rth4.proc..loa.l .; Burroughs' sow the Booker issblagtoa trophy
Meeting, Miy Returns To Annual Convention LjRuTTJ9Cl
read the special citation Halo C. Del ring of"Frarle View placed second sad J.

issued to Gateway Reported aa highly me Fta.J Memorial Planned For May 18 Chorus;responsive read. Guy of Southern D. .was behind Burroughs, 4
cental, the Jai Florida log selection; chorea; Royal Art studio Photo)
Barrieka for its AM Alumni chapter met James .Hall noted ThttPUandIIbit School introduction of Meter .<

above quota oabortbip recently at the Vagabond American baaao, and ao sessions will launch the : .. of ceremonies; welcome, Glee Club
turned IB at the Dt- ,'..
annual convention
Club with a goodly at* alumnus of Florida .,- I Charles BneedL _,
ptrttenn Inspection last tendance of officers and serial college, It. Holy Tabernacle Tettple, Kelectioa chorus; To Stage lED'J

eetlng. The membership tabert present.Jae Augustine, will present (tb and Pearce Sta. Bun alssloa offering:;: an* Annual Recital
drift la itlll oa, howam day. May 34 at 8 p.m., I
Beach school tim'cipal a special concert OB the aoaaeeaeata, Raymond
I and there will bo baa been New Stanton Mgh'a Glee
it announced.
riaado Hi 1 Hard 'oaapaa, highlighting Holsandorf, sole, l, Skis lipiiriiiOf
'i special award for the Deacon Beaford Oold Club will stage its annual
presented several ideas Alumnus ray, ftaturday, siren; iatroductloa of
Barracks with the largest for betterment of re- May It. The concert will talth will bo) ia chargeof : FBARSOH speaker; speaker; sole, recital Monday, t Ail Kill
attendance at the May 29 at 8 p.a. la the
devotions will
for the Church review the
lationa betweea the take place at 7 o'clock1T H.U Nalren: invitationto
Departaent Contention. leiaon. school auditorium, Mra.
opening night session.Apostle
local aluml chapter IIIdCOII.IIIU joiners, pastor; offering Is Sir
All World liar Vttaraaa, R.U Davis will Deacon ..1:. Patterson Alpha H. Moore director

wlvee, dependents and under, which advlataeat. werotaken be present for Monday, elll serve a* aaater of Primer, latae and Paul KplreyJoe Ben. announced. I lily llSilMfMS I

friends art cordially night'a' tervleoa.Nightly ceremonies and Deacon Featured soloists will
halter fblto. tree nett.
invited to atttnd our event follow: J.T. Price will give of include Patricia Bryant FlIIIBI ME
meetings and 10 with aster, presented a Acknowledgement Gloria I.,.. Henry Lawrence *
Miss U Leary, 1\ieaday the wel cone address and '
financial and Chapter visitors; remarks by the
ua to Orlando la Junt. president Jtontalee Davit II tilt' chairman; Mary occasion, Deacon '.It. chairaaa and pastor; and Anita Carr

Church Dedication preiided. Alt tII, Wednndayi: Ronald Heard of Second SdptisteilJ doxology and benediction. The program developedfor

white, Thursday and Miss |) introduce tb.apeek.r. Deacon '.L. Kirkland this special recital -.
Scheduled 24 Tie neit regular eel NEWPURE
May accordlag to
be Rleanor: white, Pridarnight. ia chairman and Deacon
Dedicatory services'for Mra. Noore.wlll consistof
dy. Other program high
T.C. Wiggins la the oo*
till True Church of Aieaaay content th med, llghta will he featuredby classics, selections OIL
IB the Vagabond chairaaa. Rev. George
God III Unity, Baldwin, 'Youth of Today," will the Malt Chorus, fro Broadway musicals
Of fl and seers 4 Price It the
oars art pastor
will bo held during day oilman the nightly pro- Raymond Halzendorf, Lt- sacred liturgy andspirituals. STATIONAVAILABLE
urged to be "lIn t.Don't .
'long .
activities Sunday, .r... Contestants are

May 24, Rider ft. Strong, JWHHALLla Miss Corlne levy and Ml... St. Pi.s' MissionThe Will ContinueIng The diet Club of New

pastor, announced.Rev. Vote On Kleanor White. The .Inner Parish Mission now Stanton baa performed

Trlpp will dt. IntegrationQu..tion the evening, la the will lItero..1d queen la progress at Bt Pius jadgtaeat about la this community for TO THE
Heckeeher real '.1.... A personcan
.liter tilt dedication 0/matorlnn. for tilt 1M4-B5 Convention Catholli Church 1470 many of the churches

sermon during tilt II On Hall first won fame u and mill I 'lit crowned I. nth It. will continue forget the clear. and for business and

a... aervlce. rrleada Straw Ballot soloist with Florida by Apostle Davis, through Sunday, logical tescblags of civic organitatlona The RIGHTMAN
Christ which He preached
and the leneral public "Mortal'a A. Coppella It announced atadtatt who comprise I
May 26 Sunday .ora I.. .aer- May 24 wma
when He walked thoearth.
Choir. After taking d.
iattted Lm.. : this have ably
are cordially vices at 11:30: elll this w*el.ftev. group
.....d sties Southern tlniveratty feature Minister Hooefvelt (Fr. >)> Alvin WillBe reprtaeattd city
A mission la gearedto
f and Adelphla Davli.ttht pulpit. IIf the ItedfttrtioniatFathera and state la waehligton

6nta Pull Seeks Off k. University la New Tort, Sunday nighta tenon la conductingthe bring one a feet down D.C.; Richmond Virginia
I Hall worked aa artiat- oa solid earth and from Thl la a top bualmaa
by Apostle II.to. Davis mission which starts : OrantelMrg. aoath
.. that atart to 'build a opportunity. Tht rightman
HeW Btf I P BilMBBI pupil aader AleiaaderKlpnla will its Second week oa Sun Carolina, at the Fred
B y ere s..Ia\ ,BP1 jBBH toner letxllagbaaao I cllaai the com spiritual II I.. rlthr11IU..1I can have training
ventton.Convention. day. May 17 waning Touts Susie financial aid and eonplrtt -
Gordon Poppoll who I. known to hearty JBXOM sent oa to say .
with the Metro
mrrrhandialne aaaurtance.
: officers and The flail week of CliP, tilt Bahaaaa,
through contact with him! during the time poll tan Opera. that oae' apirltaal Miami aDd at aaay institutions TIM business

he served M manager of the Duval Count Its Bt. Auguatlat concert teachers are: lift hat to be built oa of higher and profit potential artractllrnt.

Armory announced that he aA seeking to at Florid MemorralCollege Mtalattr Roosevelt the teachings of oar Call or write
leamlai la the atatt.
Minister today to:
serve ia Justice of the Peace of the sponsored by Davit Robert. Divine Savior. The graaj has received I

11th District the pout: now held by Mrs, the FUC National AJ...1 L. Jonea, toaeona Ben- During the morning aer superior rallaia la all I P.o. BOX 2157lACK80NVuu
ford GoI..lt'III'. 'raver ,FLA.
,Ie.. there will bt a
S.rah "Aryan." 'f Aaaoclatloa, presents a Raley and the Misses district and state fea- OR C\IA 1361331m
Holy Maaa followed by a '
i Yoppell raft opportunity for
a resident tf tlwala
hlte Corlaolevy
abort 'but laportaat sermon *
,' tan County tltce 1MB aluemi aadaualcloveragenerally. and Mary Ana Ailt th. each day, ':;':--h': ;; ....."-1E1
where attended pubittekto Adult ad* '
>e '
The publlo la lavlte r-
laaloa will be $1..10, The public la Invited
| 'aad baalattaacbotl -. '
: '
I students 11.00. aa d there art .. ;
q promises that
;: Justice of the Peace r charge 'I
I' Recital' To FettiriHrs. 1
Mt. Colvaryi I J tNEDs t .
yt. J" til Ideal PAl BLY."IJt1STt7 I
\ I wad WOCtT withal Bessie Grail St.t. YocsfieaalAasooces : I I'f

: 1... .,... Beetle drat will 1 i Prepares ForWomen's Aclifilies ,

j Cooptratlta with or b. presented la a SEARCY

Itatiitlont sad tadlvldeals ualcal refltal May 1''i Day '..lor Class Flay,
at 1 ... l. tie audl- REV (Ft.) BUlnn
2t. lester
lattrtattd la P. May Worship. Sit YS ,
\ Annual :
tM* .11 I ..CMdwctlai Mission
the ..1 fart of oar youth tortes. of Mt. sisal Ba* bt May )|. Day Bprtag Bp* .
May )4th telct dally aervtcws7a.a. aad oar cotjraalty.Poppell Hat Church. rot' ghoul tilt lay la la the woralag and list Church SealerClaaa
Aa years'' algbt. lice fc
will tr*>Bt tU tth| the dignity this ."...taU.. l.I Mt. Calvary Baptlat 7: ::10 each '..sing. will Coaaefteaeat Jaat 3;
Church nt theme m T o THE SCHOOL
for bt for all tea, worried
and respect that Cltixena coalng Into buss sponsored by Pea Civic ."Uorl'.. I
the etlelratloa It. and simile sad those tf I
the J.P. Court deaerve. tosses hard 2, gels, BOABD26T7W. DBT.5"
The Need of .
Paid Pel, Ar by District t. Bra. la ChrtatlaaVtata /high ocboot agea.Aceordlag lAd IUMAetaeatie. ACI nn.",vii cne .-.toll as e
ante tllaoa Ira, a Divided to PathetIilltsO
sad '. ''' 14. a sissies la stlrrlsiartkta. Mtwn ,,1
FtoaaloRhlM are pro < -
A tea will be. emteortdI tat time far a person II reeerfa. 41
sI desks
la lattrtat ef the tat walaeaf the rer eel, 1 ..U.,..
oaatrvaact to rtetaatat
Ttlaoar fealurw aplrltaalalaeetea a Sunday fret lift atcordlas to First flee offer., Cash BEAVER( SI. S fOODS

aad aoaga t J iiO te 1:30 ,... i, the yardstick lit down eaech tr .weep weer te:

with ... of th t ttt lacer aadltortit att by Christ. Fttinaaom. itM< M., M asMe maeee. awes.,.ae u.eOemnsw
aataro tho htrek. 'tla..*.**.t s. ...u,', Mpa ----s w rues r+rer ---
....... ..I oit.r rrte.OL.rp'm. atagtat groups of tbhur Proceeds Nt west oa to ae thata
.h aurportlas BraBraat. till benefit Dlitrtcta peen tea get ..la.dep felon pea>ls.e. aWry.at BEAVER eK [VI263Sr

: I ... 4. A .., ova' .
prxrva bleeder la
Other pastel will mad t vt*r > Me <" irrn
.4. eeaossevnew I bo preaeated.HIIUS. i* oLi M4 MI* d"amer.r nilcoat .J''U. mmTs -
issue will .....,.
'P.'fllrl'"y With A Std"One .t.fIt t k 11.adA-IBH H 11st Hi IU.? t JL

; .

eM4 .t hie. PAnM wolcnn ooeatmcs BtfSMOlMMTS.W.HEAM
hushed I
4 ..'\ Y eaen, Aa tSADINQ lUll rUTAJHTIONSAND $sf AA
N -, R'V\ Asian n. t-U' n
,_" \\ ,\r- DUM 4 m. J
". harp r. 1
r...,. _. --r:
HOLliY'S :
.. OemtQ --CArt

A'.to' en....o.aeaswvlr CQcy tffCJEUD 5tcu.

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:t.--: eit7 ensued".. 11 her aimed t II .........- ,em. Ce

e" kehis ..ems'e IttFsttcn I' / .,.. .. SHIfIIMIU 2CuL

rmrw I{< r J J Stop Shopping For All 1...Wean

'- ......... .." I Y
'" 1.
: A
;:" m t I \ Your Photographic N..d.soN'S 'Hg 1gg'MtII' 1i

S F- III 11IEA14 : .
.. ""
g.A-, 'jar BUr I .- PHOTO SUPPLY

ire Ale ...... ......., N. 1 HIt Stem Misatls ., 1617 N. MYRTLE AVE L9 THTAJU M4 I 'L9. L-- 'littL

I '"
UsAtPttget ;;
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Qn If ,.. sand flee e.... MN oeeee \. f. Ips Sa4t j ...tsestrkN ....
sort tmawgr-sat so.ancteitS \,\ OTimtmt u ..
t 14H left N. JM-W FT. .llia, >f.

........., ...

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mum in 11, 1114 FLIIIII STII MPEM rite 11
r M

s. C Tents Yellow Jackets Write New Records Into Book While Retaining Title Gaither Adds

Chb To Face --,, ... ... ....,..9. 3 Cllilclois

YMCA Team 1j' 'Aj'y, tl6 To Aawjal Staff

Support by aavaralfontr M t 11
platen ado held TALLAHASSFt -- Three
hays beta
persons added
atloaal colltilattranklac.
the Qruitbarf to tilt Florida of the
Florida MM
(a. a ) Ttnalt dab University
Football and
it acktdaltd to matt
tN Jokes buck nCA : r w Coacblat Cllate to beheld
hen June 15-I..
dab baro darns the 1-
latttr part of lay I Cltale director lake
Julius Oalnyard playtr : Oalthtr anaoaaetd that
coach mouMd. \ j wM R coachtt Hilt Broke of
WUcoatla and .Nathaniel
The iatadtrt art
etattrtd aroaad Carl 'Trai" Fowll of Cutter -

rill!..., 1944 Aatrlcaa HUh. Miami hate
been added to the football
Ttaala Aisoelatloa
flcult,. Ht also
Junior ala glee ckaaplon;
aonounctd the aaalni of
Frank Ballty aid ATAluator
Garland Flaholattr of
singles cfaMpioa.
1115. 0 lt thorp* University
aa ellalclaa for tilt
flllltBi aid Bailey
baakttball atctlon
}oa the ATA junior
The football section
doubles ckMpioaiklp la
.111 be held from Hoa
s a day, June 1J, to Ion
IP 1947. chile a ata-
Thursday, June H. The
dkat at Howard Dal.ttralty.tllllaM -
basketball section. bo
flat Thursday afttnooaand
tko ATA Intercollegiate
illicit Frl day at noon
tit Is.Other.
other cllalelana atr>
turn seekers, Pop --
Luis aa oatataadlatathlttt 'SIINC .ADS ON FARADS .Horu.e.tern's C/bjrnt Loaiatortk (top photo left), (hit): Jacktta' Jla., Cvaaa Jolatd tie li ortala by racklai the old MO-yard hiss on the 14 faculty
whllo atttadlaiHaaptoa tba ...t'. hide polat MD, la shoo tnalai the 120-ardlo. biirdlta. ThtcUaaytrtplothrtattr rei.,.' itcoad I... Jacktta' Kanatth rroa2Sa! anchort !f1r' to another rlrlorr art: John Rriditr, hd

Institute ton lao lOG the UO-arclbllb hurdles and placed third latbtahot* la the 440-yard rolaya.Offletala: Curtis Miranda of the amntortnt tiuval county eoadi.iavylor jnlvtmlty;

....n.l mloaal cb .- put. yellow Jacktta Jaata Brooks la abo n copptag tko 100-ysrd dub flaala la Dtptrtamt of Itcrtatloa. Miss Lass m""hU .tr, director, Jarktcwtlllt "Orpart Oontr Jonta, heed coarn,
spectacular (.. U... James Croo... through tilt air ttth' the Ualvtnilty of Oklahooa/ ; .
plo'aikipi lid Htary .w. '0'" sent of Rtcrtatlon.X Coach JUny.Johntoa and Hra. Clans pavla of lie Ja Pr(<,.
greatest of ".." la capterlat till pole vault at II fttt. Dotilaa Andtraoa'a. lie Hickey, head coach,
(Rank) HcCaU. toner of "(fNtion. Photos by Haurttt fill IMS anl O lea Btuckit >
football aid track Harold srlttoa'a trMmdoua.htavt 1&1 lid Bla first place la tile ahotpat. Botto Ualvtralty of North
Carollaa, Ray Orivta,

B.C.great'state fallo College atttadlai, Coisemlioiisls Jaei FovOMtI 0MMr .head coach Vnlvtrttty
Jackets Smash of Florida.:diarllt, Tats,
have alto soy rationaltitlaa. Will Bi Hoiored
"head coach Pnlvtraltyof
!I. Alrfforco -- The
OCAU-Plorlda' out- Del lieu; Mill "'t"....
dlag All BMbara tMa art of the public la- standing ooattrratloaUtaalUacalabthoaortd- Titles TnrMyHAW. Foe In Track till play .bead coach Florida

Otraaay Air. gate oa Htato University: Tony
school laatractora la .
aid their efforts .
Htann.kMd fnarh, Nil MIHcRlaUy
south Carol la.. according darlai ..(.. sea Second Class KmatttL. Stttlai a prtctdtat la ttrtd 5t; Anderson, 14.; aialaat /
HUh School.
to Oulayard tho la According to Toaay N...- illaoa of Jackaoavlllt. a spectacular .....,. aad Suites Voeatloaal, ,. of
'Niles, Ohio, lid Dais
a chit frlaad aid ham president, Florida Fla, recently Nortllt..,.'. thlaolada 11 polnti r..tlh.lI. "rums head coarh, Fur
fervor aaaoeiato of Ut tlldllfa Ftdtratloa the participated la tile coatlaatd to doalattt 100 IUD DARN due lal) trly|
group.Eiptcttd. ODMtrvattoa Avarda Fro ekaaptoaiklp boilaitouraaatat tilt coaaty'a track! aid 1. J. Santa. 2. I. .Hayes
to rtprtaoat ana bell wdtr the aaaplcta > for tie V.I. field rttltloa for 9, J. Bohlaaoa 4. L. W 1' ;
tilt local T teas of the Fodtratloa Air Foreta la KurortU8ATT tilt third straight year Handlty, S. t. Joata,
are AM lalktr. Hoary aad apoaaortd by tilt ( ) at Hahn AB fltr- by coiiplilaf' a rte rd> 930 YARD tum I SPEAK OUT!

Duffels Itlllt Baltk Hears aottwck Fomrtatlon, 'any.Alraan. breaking 100 pol ta tocaptart 1. Kdtard Hues' Adder* .

aid Oalayard Bugles use lattlattd la I9S7 I flloa aoa of .tGI ftldu t* h'a for :2. Joati, Undid i,..
sod doubles ..tcla. till and aaaually rtooiaUtti Hra. VltiM. 0. Hodges of aaaaal rtiloatl tratk .11,. stubs, 3. "u... benln js Till:co r.Y.

bt playtd. those lidltldvala that 1012 nltr 8t. Jackaoitlltt and field trata apoa- lIart.,.'.*.tI...., 4. UrryHytra '
contribute the soot toward ftatht la the eo red bJ tII. oval Ooaaty Gilbert, .. .Cul- : S. EVANS
Vote eoiatrrlat Florida .tltir.tlht ch... Htla Depart eat of Rtcrtatloa. bent ,r..hlhilOIl/

'a aatoral rtaoureta.TICK at air pollctaaa la Hfaathllt, thick tllllo Toe 3RD S MAIN
I the 30.th lialttotaMalattnaaco Hlekardaoa'a chart*.
.'. Squadron at atlllilac their altraodtra !sold ThoPM. NifUittr W.Need OMer Carl
Ot..Mighty Him Trufel
KENNELCHAMPIONSHIP \ Hulas Otraav.Tht ..,ht.' ttadla .. ,,, I. fetid ..libAarftrtoa / AIR SPORT COUtt.....I56T' 133
TO .:.11 ." dress la a Ira hl' to toed a4vaatait. aye, ]. Thfodor | yea ..."... "....
BROW 'L H ate of itt KtaatoaKMltrHltfi their awMtlontl alddltdlatttco Clark
NIGHT. tl! UxnaH, 4. Dente. ] $795
school end
I raaatr, JlMqrFtaaa allied I U>at.MO .
atat i n Me T uv t M
and forcer atad-at atRdcard
a III a see earl
\ haters coil,... laU tht record bona byranalai I. Ji aw Tsui Ktaaa.3.HUN tathtrFtwaoa ..UlrALA.. v4.HTpr.J.i..... J

Oiant Jackaoavlllt. the sg0.yard I. Anwld. *ll* t
l His wi f.. .,,1'. la tilt ,.. la 2'S.: 1 lass, .. ...hlat.aMl T'Bird AC $3S9S

dwrfittr\ of 9r. and Hra. NOT Btantoa Nlh plactdatetad l B. Carl u.ik.r.Neerecord '
0. Frocttr of 425 *. by totallaa I0 roil ,. ..,s tea C'OWYIJIT.nemeses. .-. .
Pailt Utll .t.. !Fort ,..ru. pouts Cllbtrt rttlt. .
f Jai mi MILK *;* Cadillac AC $2595
-f]nr1 .4l--- I. ktaattb mfd., ail : ,
Tea tort Nave To Oo>> To Itoaa Tt Itt btrt. 3. CbtrlJt seals, BOJCincVIlIE COKVUT1BU: liSU

"',,.,.,.. I. lalttrFlM.
N"RI G "RASO ...."I GUt Ollbtrt 4. Bobby 63 FORD XL $2595

IT P.UU IILJTJEr: IECfRNSg: LOW PRICESon usher, .',N'ttattra, I, ...,rI SJn1'1.' ..
| B.DOOH own:: ...itm.
Jerry ....t.,. wdrt. 0"
...* --..*t ..rue

>StASON MICH TO OATH on |. lit rt ...it.ID.ia.arur 3. AtKkr. Bonnovillo Coo $3395
I. VittallAaal, 4.
:5,146-Ih DRUG STORE KEEPS OMbtn.roe Impala Coupo .$2695

t n i OBI SlIP .,.. .U't. ..au.t......
I HIGH UST < NICHTSi Trait Cult far Rtlchbtrhood 1In. Stan .. ...t.",.,. ..'.,t. Ys. De JrfOP, X.ItJCI..U'"

'1,9342 "il ac SILL WJT IffY PIIC1R 4W IN rout UXULran, a AadtiaMi, 4.BF4UN4I Htas/... IMIBi's v. Convert. $2595
I. P ll.tr." alao nil all tocUr Frttrl,tlooa ri>l1I Impola

< -st.sIs .,. roB. ..w su.
roe swrriDAILY Dixie 'Pharmacy Bllb>rt. 4. Aadrrar.Is. .
DOUILC: . 45 ;,75m '
AMI If MAT IM TD tt it iI

HIGH QUINIEU: . *30T '205* UI2 lilts Rail It IfrtPlHlt Item I. 0..*LMf. J..arU AIsle, MnrUtMtt ." t.,

neist 3s fU' IMur ugh I.s-sn-N I. Ctrltta ........, 4.

r.1'M ..II..... !. Illlf
Srystl toUI
Till a,e t i. IM i.cn sis.mY 11 oacn'Nacunr
ntm i>mair. toa tog a rcioci 1MrA. PIT TNI tlHI. IIUI |H UUPIMC tuo mmtr Is
505 ...V ,.. AMI'\I"M ,M.... M ir IOWTHMT i. 0. taaftnb. .>rth> it
taee.Ivuavl MTOMC tM MMOUi Kill IT HI stilE proper
...t..., J. HtUiMltlraM. e

Slashes.lisp *W to call for

I. If'.....J. .. tftoa.t. '
w.. CMart, .. Vd. &) by name

dl* .atft*.r, .. HMO

tan, .tat..*. Elfk'sh Pubs?

.;;y tar ,,II

..,.. C...... I. Liras ,I
......... 1 ...,.. "!.

tli... .. Mtbtaltlrtoa. "' 1 eseselen ./ Piing ...,., M'e
...,. ,.. ii,,. seal rdrA.A.aen
.. itsq. ItftC' w pt GwJs'" '.
Mm ........... .,..... ..... JsB..

d.IrAuu ,iJittt...aaatirtLJi ...., fc... .tt.. a Pl
tai ...1.l.N 1t1 >....,

.... r...".., Bit*

ft*. e..cse/ .......,. f y"(I%.",...
.ur.ay ....... ........... ....ifad ..tasks N
.t..., t.d ttrdl a I* /bw.. Ie It N t 1

M tr- .4d od M .*.. **..,*,)tot rasa ,
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held W tM Ittlrltoa fun My .! e

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Popped Gaining SupportFor Aunt AffairI. "Woman Worker's Patience Negro Solon lilt! Afro Eiewlirc'j Bcqcesl Aids

Results In Huge Wage Boost Fli. Memorial's Student Frond

DIst. 11 J. P. Post Cbrgod With
WoWIIlfG'DI-<_)_if Tr a woman cm be ncoiiMd IT.ADClJlmfl-II accordance with the final wither

Gordon R. Poppell who cm Justice of the .. ... I. Of taking "a great .leap forward," Mre. .Charlotte Plot To Kill I I I of the late Unit Dargaa Errln of JlCklOlIYUh.ra. ,
Peace Sarah Bryan a bard race for the Motoa Rnbbard mat bo elected an the number ont .. heirs have presented to Florida Memorial ColItga -
d : ....................... '
District II JP post is pining support for ( ') ,' ,' : ample.Lota ( Senator, hen a check Baking possible establishment of
) :., .\' : than a weak eeutire duties and r.sponsibiiities .* a 112.900 ttatt loan fund, President R.f. Pure
his election In the May 26 primaries.fopp .. ago BVU.TIMO, Md. A .Negro -
.ll who>> MO 4.117 e .. \ ..... .'.. Cbarlottt dared a Mall the waa member of the Vary year ban 1IUIDIIIIHd. .......................

votes to Judge Bryan' I of dimity. office la the larger eetabllahjitBt performing and the 16w land tbute>> of legatee, Tendering the beoutttIB tired an Cbaimaa herl"
',O.J is t.)l.known to An increasing naabtr of : of Mre.Katie alary she was getting.Miaiasters baa been charged with s ceremony OB canpua tun.

Jaxoaa for bit polite, citizens art expressing \. .,/, .; '. .'. Louchhela, a deputy at'aiatant Head the attempted nrdtr of art Errla'a daagbttraad Irvin alto held the

gentlemanly qualities the feeling that they ", < ....'" Secretary of a negro state senator, two 10... Mra. poet of Dean of the
which bt extends to all are convinced that a : ,.. ..J.. state'for eoaanaity ef- Projldsat's Call Ira. Vorda P. Welcome able ErflB Ebtrbart Sunday School Dnlon of
with whoa ho his COD ...of PoPP.U.. caliber ., falra. froa bin dlttrlct. first Negro dental Jacksonville, embracing
tact.A will fair Jtttt and At a .. 6 level, Krt. Delegate Ernest D. hygienist la Florida Btthtl Baptist,. Ht.
...... .. .... .. .. / .".. .. ,( Hubbard sade less For Lea..n.lpJlAlJlYlLLI Prank w. .
World War II vtttraaaad humus to all who momsto soap Tonai, tl, la oat of Erria. sr.
a longtime resident the JP court. llnntra" of the Florida than the two secretaries (NIP) flue BOB who have been rica president and auditor

of Jackeonvlllt, Popptll The foxier Davel Armory AftN University elections who alt la the spacious IB a draaatle response indicted by the grand of the Afro-Awtrican

served ti manager of manager it tttkinf the for King nod.Quten..of outer officer of Mra.Louchhela. to President Johnson's. Jury William 0'0on- Ufa Insurance Company :

the Puval county Armory post which ledge Sarah Orange and Oren bare urgiat call for moral mel city attoraty. tail and Dr. Leroy C. Irvin

from 194S to Ju. 1M4 Bryan baa held for about actual congrntulationt. Last Wednesday, In leadership by the curia 1081"' bond will bt denti st.Their s

during which tint many 20 years.Fla. The new Orange and Ortea another of his apeo a group of 130 .Naabvllloarea fixed at 1'20.4'00. btaddtd. deceased father

gospel) singing groups Jolts nobility are Owtadolya tacularandoiaaaal press r.llIlolII leaders, became the first full I
performers, clubs, duct A&M Ana Oliver of Tallahassee conferences held on the representing all faiths In. Welcome, 4.. the tlaa agent ef the Afro

and concert guottt have t ntalor majoring" Iii,. House lawn, Proai- marched three sills la first Negro woman to whoa It was founded In

eon to know him al a Nationwide Effort la mathematics, and dent Johnson announced sear BO-dtgree Uapera- bt elected to tbs state 1>01, giving 51 years

contldtratt adalalatra To Schools Tboaaa J. Bianona of appoiatatat of Mra. tort to the MttropolltaaCourtboaet senate ''wan slightly o f service to the

tor who exerted every .Upgrade iMhlngtoi, D.C. aa Hubbard! to the poet of here. wounded by two bollttt coBoany, where bt nerved

effort to make everyone TALLAHASSEE -- The advanced sophomore, deputy assistant ttcrt The iBpretnlTO larch April 10 at abt alighted aa first flee president
majoring la physical tary' of ttttt for.publie -, and oaahltr nt the tint
comfortable Mid providethan .bar
Florida AM University cum an the nteond cp from ear. .
with auplo proteo it ono of II casters at education. Recently affaira.Tbia town rtttaortat .. two .. lilt 11 the heel as BIB passing. -
crOWDed in elaborate la a big jimp fro L.D. WIN
an Louis Irvin was a
tion. colleges and universities dais op.nedlt. facilities and back. The lacldtatit
Nlckneaed "tht perfect in 11 ttattt participating coronation ceremony nt Isms than _.OOOIur. to ...,ro... Meanwhile believed to have bad staunch friend of Zion AMR. u. Paul AMR,
,.nU ...n" Poppelfttupporttrt in a million the Orange and Green .This daughter, ota fas'ousfather demonstrations Itt orldnal planning Florida Memorial College and Ebenertr MR Church.
Ball they will reign will now had while the ins Mutton '
nard hit dollar project steed at department here seared the end of oa ,.b. 20. Oa larch Dr. Ervin'a bequest'
a of high integrity during Ult.". her own and wan under the presidency to Florida Mcanrlaf College
II .an upgrading the science their second week 21. during tilt day a *
hoattt and mi Bathoaatica curriculum (Jesse L. Nipper Photo) eoMand atalaryaoarini The narching religious men tried to force his of the late Baking possible

capable of dispensing in the nation'sschools. I\U" MUIICA $17.What MO sakes per year Ira.. Hub- leaders were led by way Into Bra. ttlooat't Nathan H. collier and the establishment pf a

Justice in an ataoaphtrt UAuntul.s bard"* Rabkl Randall Falk of boat, but her aortaaaforctd remained ao after this student loan fund will
a appointatat all
thesore gratifying and The Temple aad the ROT.Saa his to Itavobnrrtdly. office was assumed by be n greet boon to our
IncuBbent President Pur-
young people, and
naming to this reporter Dodaoa. pastor of we
it that less than CalTary Methodist ra. Welcome was year. trust that othera.will
.. a
All three of Frvla'nehlldrtn follow his "
the eiMple
month ago I was In her Church. No incidents treated following
office "rantint and marred the aarcb.The shooting, by her hatband attendedFlorida President Puryenr stated

ru..." about tilt oi. religious leaders who la a phynlclna. Baptist Academy la necepting tilt donation.

I reading.carried several"The Nashville signs Teenager Freed now Florida. ManorialColltgt. .

Youth To Conduct For sore than hit n MAY
Patttrn la Brotbtr 26th
.ood".......dU. Clergy Oi Firing At century. Rrln served
Brlttish Symphonf aa n traattt of Bethel
Ofpott Diacrialaation. Policeman Institutional. Baptlat
ijo DETROIT (Air) A Shortly after BOOB Church, Jacksonville VOTEMAY
21-year-old honor trad they pouted solemnly on
brief deliberation by which he jolted In 1107.
00 the Detroit the omrthouae steps and
s anti of Ooa
a Crlalnal Court Jury After 20 yearn. chairman
tervatory of Music received held a truer atrrict. 26th
1 Tuesday resulted la a of trusties, ht reFive -
flr a signal bonor The ministers then presented It-ytar old youth being
list week whoa. be was Mayor Beverly
MONTH declared lanocont of an HIT
toons ru
aotlfltd that bt bad Brilv with a four-point assault to warder a
bees chosen to conduct program for civil rights with iioyat t oa Rite rraike4 room,
local police a revolver
the Royal Liverpool in .Nashville: chargt.Pollowiag llfll Cleveland Bir.t,
pbllbaraonle and Man 1. Conplttt the integration .n. t 025.APtllMCNT.
n 15minutesession
e b ester sysphosyorchestras of all gradea in -
I 1 I I during a teo- the public schools without the jurors'verdict Lisa fit RENT Eli IERTOnnd
found NcArthur
( room.hot water
week ooeoert'.eries further\ dtlay. lynch, 11. of 7J7 w. Ctlia4-Mlt. kimo fnrttlr*.
England, Is J.... 2. Take all ftaaiblotttpt Church $t. innocent of CkrlulU, lr..l "ftkJKIM.

I1' James Prnaltr Jr toward the paaaagt firing a revolver nt lEi ... ,"a t. tttt .,.,
who was oat of thtyoutgeet of t public acooModa Patrolaaa Ntnry i. TW HillS on n. .1"1..
graduates of tloan ordinance, in. Te HI ek-Jnhr UltlatUkeU
/ Hionolaon wd bin riding
'" the Detroit ODMtrntorywaa >> anrlag .ee... to nil eoevMlon. Patrolman J. it-UK A.rac,

ont of select pubtlo aeeoBBOdatioat 11:. 'Jeffero whon they :210 !Foal "' ..,, WrutNr-, fit SALE

1 group of bums eoadne throughout tilt attro* attempted to -".UOI n.f. Attend Hut eng *Umlore. a
tort free thrpMliniit poll tan area for every t4l t. A-kUy at
the do fendaatoa 1.
Cltinea. IIIHIRwt Call RL 4-l I.FII .
the world eeleetH for place Prank
B, provide adequate The Incident took ; Otrr.ti>ni .-,...,,,
the bract of conductIni
HWfl THC TIME la step" up la ,,1,. )'OUr yen for color "to kttchen, or Itun.Unr public recreation fa at silver and Stoond18ta. N.. nnuiwoon Juun a
Apphtncti! glowing colors ft dry wrath frijidelrt! ApptitMtt. Better the 10rl..fIOI. or* cllltlea oa a desegregated at :40: ...? reports van* IJIIIQCotU w. MI.1.. Sill

the semi" prict as rYhiM! Make 44 hurry,don'I milt these Vllutl'VAWE.PACKED l lsus ebtatiaa The Royal bas/s, replacingor atated.During Call nr. I. *a4r.na at taatlle'a.aimj
Liverpool Pbilbarmalemoeiety witness stud inter
'k J-IJ4S .r n. ..*''..
wblob selected renovating existing ttatinony by Ut protfcutlon. Nmehine. t/s-Zs''
Prailtr la patroalied. awiaolas pooh where !Hlehelaoa said Nit. ,. .aul4M II..'.... rMr.tltrkla. ,

} by many British eltl-r aectttary. that .... My rich started HIP linn HM b.l.se..f

;e FKWMIRC SPACE-SAVER! seas, h.dl... ca.... 4. Desegregate the offices to flee from the acont.bo A .fUlil 'U'OII TO M'ntl S4t, .r rvlUkl' part,

o.Urge U h. tep Iretier tbnt"' fietmtetoiiaeieitnfMt. Elisabeth 11.i and staffs of all fired a van Ing slat A ..|Ht 'IH An ",. eta ....... u ....tkl,
/ Metropolitan ,our.- and lynch then ttrntd COOt S'L at,. *fPlV IN pta. aU. nil ISIltM.Will .

o .....* CMI newer lee fretd iMttt, ...tll ageaclea Including and returned the flro.Hlcbolaon 'Utolt,'. a COUfll. /tan.201Lae eel. nn ehllaslsm.coLqPUI. .
cum. ewtt.t the staff of said bo ticbaagtd .
MwMlh. vegewl.. Myeitor.De at tngsasc II.Ot
i FREENEW fleatral Ronpltal several shots ..
RTtwr .
,ihttf sapeg dent lies MIl Vijwlee
earliest possible
) eAtfat, CtVlsjAM the mien Nrrlch whoa bt ,.r. hip 111111
: souse I, arled AwtrlMur-,
arouad atwtrtlbulldlngn.
sued '
._.- DEALWASKWAX >eee Reporter. tralaee Iteleeitt ..., MelelOn
M M 5 tMtIIJtMB. I U. S. Court Mash achool grad oraoae **..retlv. luwmi Sly"
said bt
4MnawkMJDAYSONUYl. $1 000 The patrolman ..I h... Meat .be- 1 ....... ..... rw'*. efcrrkr
control the
'.dtri St.' youth finally who dropped bin good la Engtiab. Will 'e *mi .......r i-: iijtm.Ityr. .

train. Btartlag salary Mrmtr*.*r 4.elrle. .
' With Fill. .. The youth bad four
, Up g
'All. Appeals ballot wounda.Although Write latentate Frees et t.*r..t...
P.O. Boa 1171. lichens Pe..t evllwry.IITICC.
OF 15 or Mjrltfca was tile .l .Ffartda.spieius.
MU C LRANW--Cb.misg
treed oa the first
r NEW 3r FRlCltAlH More Gallons hero ledneadey, the ,."-, charge which carried t

RANCEATftUOfiETPRiCEI Circuit Court of Appeal .ul_ of SO year I.. rnenrwi' KIVWM u M ....

OF Gas.At la deciding whether a prltttatat If f.... Elsa. hlr .........'1... er.tM ., Atyl/st/ ..met,
,a Pe.eitla ImmtUd, n..,."lea la retetttd federal district court guilty aa charged bt a styled. ...... ntirfleeea M1ss, |I4. enIs'| -t.
It lee. awlt ea let. nboald take over Jurlediction .4 la. U.to.n T. .. *
k .
Tiro'N TubeKMGSRD sill facto musts of eeev a Mlal> tte byPIMM.
411I ..............,.,., _.
r ...., ....... snrs.rieww.tMe W of the St. *u. potty larony tad 'n..... ..kltr' salt style, p.... .. ....11. ...tlcklltrre.
anew .e..t. '-i>i nma anew mere M1 ...u.. slit rlghtncaaea. lag late aa. MtMeMItUooBBtt ......,..U.H.'IGPU I Ilea tma,
an_ ........ a foleay.Tbo Ibm .,... iita tin I U.. M4 ... ir I PIMM

oaao we* trIM .before U. ... ,."". Bt*. ..* >... tall .*""" *. If..to
r Crlulaal CurtJudge I I unWOSOlYKESTATKHtfS s..
$1 000 lane a. hider
4ew'ss.MMDAYS r ta 'Jeed thter Jr.

1 ONUY1C1AKT "" Mahalia ScoresIn
1 a' 7.1 I. IIIIIC STtEE1jfir
-- Twin Billing --
'" STVm SPiED nttftlBAHtE ATTNT10ePANCR&$ Of atiCAsalattrnatlenally! C PP J -

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TUB! !a""at's' ':...........'.,...... A.......Trial eta tm M raM.InRoAKERS teat ...." |B ...... the a +

portrait boraelf. ad

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t sorbs small $1 000 tnatlralleej boblad
the Mtrlaaa Canter -
FLOUNDER: OKCOO HUTS .e. <9utCKito c ...s.&r-. fell Tear .Ncrt L .....s Jane a..wa et
1 DAY$ ONLV1IRQAD etsbbor". ar grB laCalta
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