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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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w. Women Are Delegates To "Women IM Peace" At NATO

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CENTS .- .- .- .- .- .- . Charges False
U-M. 5 SITIIUT MIT 2. llll 15
Commissioners Aid Local College

STATE TO OPPOSE -'Ir'r TutinoRy Under Oath Gina

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., R the probe of alleged. .
',: payoffs tO Jet POllC

: __: officers by itablir

AME BISHOP'S APPEAL County eonU.kolltttor... this Idatnl,week

/ Me tooth Tuesday filed a

B6ehq. Nichols . . . * ** perjtry chute twUkt
Blanch 1 a llknowi local kmalNkkod -

Files Motion Committee Seeks Calloway .....aa.
Mrs. Jack Siegal for falsely

For New Trial btvliii deated aktU
To Attend Confab
I* ikabllai optrttlota
AIIL"If1.P1I1A. (AMP) Urgent ActionTo
IUIU-fwo Proliant here da** 1111 was
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AMI!; church funds kit a Annuming Initial action lednfudoy, the w, rr
world will b* birch 1L Motley fcllee-
HIM last week elicit Ant Cimmiinity lationn ComittceCRC) Adopted
deletatoa *.. tko toaoaPor Itt his subpoena, wider
Pint ut,. A. Joseph. n rcKolutlnn railing for Immediate deseg
Puce kttekd the oath dealtd bavlai M*
,..a trill announced that hr rcgntlnn of local restaurants' tels.
bye IM4NATO military Mid I I. p obllioprftloto
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Pars Place tko NATO 1 ritlaoa "tftr 111
Jury of seven wucn and ship orrtW" nary election. ooea'o Peace Pore. ".' /-... sad .durlM 111 tad
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Alt, !. a It "I dlO* liner loot befere II s bold step teoorda la ..,...*. des M' oaelklaaoo M Below IIIf81L

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Pre sad sthereft.
Tbo.s. I. ,l oklo. ,.,..u.. of a ... hiss beard IfAsm Pee or Ibo obit at. ,...... .II ewen1s UjketUe la Uoobaraft Tuesday ........ that
Too loo *rd.r.d all ae OMoitt .... .|. Mt ./y aa off.., .. TIIfMn' tb Poad'o eillr* aad. a*.|ety.map l.'kl, 01..,,'. iral*

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s Ck I f...,.,. usual bola.*koo t* Meet ntnrli i..iv .ta.rIf It a ftyiooo.by ..11 bu ......'1.". la wfoortUi $1. llo. I "I'ir.d* plk..**atI

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tste.rot.d ,.rokllfm rootrittlooo ......, fwdruor i0 D. bl t1. ..ed .. ..meldut OM tf terlavo. BAH. .f ...*.*......., .... II**' pseesge. M. .4 lisle ...

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tko otWr II oMtooU My0 on*.rt for ., ,....* .**. oo.lo. the PSI sathsllt/N M. boo JotBod B..*. *..**! .... il*.* lr*. the ...,....... ...,*... Isis 0110.Uel .

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Pw11/., ..IH..... .u.. atft Olll .. II p.*....M Mol*.4etnetUat MMltf, ..... lss. tt. .fieb rdU sic.u.4 a.... tIN yawtl effMlltelo *.Mdtloro,
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. . . . TIIIIIIthr. Year Polo ftty -..***- o FoNHcs As VSM- Oa Fio 2 . . . . .



i v .

---- --- -

THE FLORIDA' STAR ,,'. Politics As UsualIT
: IN "

NEWS :.' !! ,' .' -- ERIC I. SIMPSIR

'''' eVi1; .. 'llfl CIn'DIQ'a tACt
Published by Tht Florida Stir rabllahlag Co. :
:If..J ;. All it tht oa* race that ant ba aaalritd cartfullj. .
"....r of Aaaoelatod Negro rrtao" '. '
t. : j Tins !. M doubt that Mayer Rajdoa Burn

11_ / ANCNfLy 'J is tit ..b., oit caadldatt la the ,.... tat
flit I. .....___ '" EdityALT511 ") /. + iBtABtloasllr or oalatantlonajlj kt .... to havtlioorrtd

N p 3 ;/LH rf tkt disfavor of a anabtr of Negro eltlSB -
E. tlJt ......--Im Elmer y.r ,
aa a result of the oatbrtaka of viol met la
Bill IIITU[ _CtahtitiSIMPS _- ,, ." Jactsoovlll Rowtvtr, It U to bt ooBildtrtd that

vloltact BB a rtB lt of dMOBBtratloaa IB occur.

MIIX irricc i PLAIT; ." 'I-\. ring Bad kBB oecarrtd la other eltlM of the smith

2)21 Mncriil tat......km Clii 4-1712 BB v.ll BB the aorth. Tbs dlfftrnct ta Jackaoa
villt'a outburst IB that tbtro art many who art

Miilii; IMms: of tbs oplaloa that BOB* of It vas politically

....lre4.It .
P. /. In 511, litksniilli 1, Unfit .. #, la aafortaaato tkat auras baa falltn into

V tkt caap of dtooaaclai the public aeooaodatlont
,( f atctloa of the civil right bill. Bat ao art FrdDlctlaaoa

HI RI M Ail., Plss. 3771..SKUMCW.IPTIQN and Scott tally whllt Kobtrt ling High

,' only klata ... opposition to It.
.>; ,
KATRB I doa t bow that Rich bat cbaaplootd any caait
011. Tear, t,.M Half Tear, M.OO for the ....fO. Ho happaat" to bo la aa iris chart
Mailed to Toll Aaywbert la tilt Halted States J the Itadtra aad business ptoplt have liberal attitude .

SubscriptJOB payable ia advaaea about rice bias aid they aocoapliahad

Send Check or ftoney Order to: \ lunch oouattr wad school dtirttloa without

cA Tate away Mlaal Beach of which Mr. High la
Jacksonville 1, Florida
& aot the Mayor Sad row hart a* ratftd a city

aa you' will find anywhtrt,
Jack Rattbtwa baa daoBtratd that ht has a
Stvdeits Tall Of Rich / ///4 quick wit aDd baa tallvwtd the campaign with his

..*. If ho sirs tltettd tovtraor aid

'reIHl" Soviet Uilti carried his flair for ooa-dj to TtJ I"" ..... I ..aaaurt

MiiTiii IK riiii. HI in irrisiiui lit TEAM 1111 his press ooaftranet would rival a Bob Hop

I Ht la a* inch a sgrgatloalat BB anybody
A BMRftKine rdi tor recently returned
NfRni : ,
la the net and la strictly for the old Hat silk
from) a visit tO Russia, Mid that African
stacking aristocracy of Florida.
9. students cnmpltlnod bitterly to him about
Prd Karl la by far tb. lost liberal -candid*te,
metal prejudice in the Soviet Union. Your WeeklyHoroscope apeaklBf out for civil right and denouncing big
biting in the current issue of Look Macs otl'7.at whether ht baa .,. the allghteat chance

sane, editor Rrnest Dunbsr reported that of gettlat Into the aeeond primary 1* a big ques

African students recently have begun carrying tion. For thoat who feel that Boat of tht other

knlvrs tn protect theoselves fro attacks Guide candidate bays earned the right to get a Ns'

l II" RUBS Inn hooligans. .r'd a vo,t. then a vote for Karl would bt a good
Russian hostitlity anllnst African studonts -
protest vote...and that a all.
nunlmr said, has resulted in gang . .

tM-atlntH.aiystftrlous deaths and leneralhorasHRcnt. By PABLO The ASTROLOGER u.s, 6DIATOKla
that tb. U.I. Senator are directly rttpoa

Much of the friction, he wrote, started title for tee paaaag of the civil rights bill

when Russian girls in increasing lumbers WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR currently being debated la tile Senate and Mr.
began dating the Africans. Spesaard Holland la at this tine wonting to kill

Noting that official governucnt and Olla it, I cannot la food conscience recoMend votlag

sninlst party pronouncements warned Russian BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL for hi.. I would have to reglater ay approval of

girls 'about fraternizing with Africans, 1. pauagt of tie bill by voting for Brat ley Odhaa.ATTOICinr .
Dunbir irate: CRtfJUL OP FLORIDA
"Increasingly, Africans Balking about 'CKLOW THAT YOU SHOULD Carl Palrcloth may lOt bays tee background of a
Born March 21st thru {HilI DO NOT II OilCOUDA8IO -
alone were set upon and beaten. Africans COHIICTlV. QUIT INIAIIINS' ON,VOU. tar football claier such aa Jaa* Kyne* has but
April 1MbTMI ABC gout PImP fowiaruiAtMCTI SHIN YOU HIM
tiled Mysteriously in Tlfll ana! Kiev. Any OvIi'ALL riANNINS' 01CONTINUINS his record aa the 1050 chairman of
African who ventured into Moscow's recre- TO I ATHI the Florida CoHottttt for Fair Representation
1011 IN. MOriTAStl. 'UKUlltl tool UM'1.'. YOU irroiTi
"Ulln'lnrl' amusement Center, Gorki Park OUNOtOM fOB POSITIVE his record as a I"
MO' atpopcye You SICILY
risked troubU., but was virtually' certain ""o-4t-l72-f14,1 1 ACTION ABOUND MIDMONTH.THI btrof tee iM3 Leglalaturt, his III1.
tit ho Attacked if he wan with a Anvlit girl. ros.cn THAT CANCER TBINOI MAT HIMIXAtPIIATINHV WAV.4eoi418 work for the public vote oa the

Taking their' cue froth the government's All INeiHIINS' ... INVtNIITV. Born, June 22nd thru ILOW AT 5468CAPRICORN 1123 Billion university tn>anloaprogrw
line, Russian piillce frequently looked away 1 OONflDCS. f.OfOmeat July 22nd PBIIINT BUT tilt Alt art the reaaoaawtart aia>- -1.-
while hooligans attacked a black." HIAOIO IN THE HINT portlaccarl Palrtlotb who live. ia I
.fee.. CM r, tK.t"Airless A.wlii- ftn are INTISISTIN ACTION! OTNII 'MAN 0IiICTION5O3si7a7s53. Born Dec. 22nd thru. laal.

rtvcdyin RusHla with clothes superior in BUT M NOT WHAI O'U' THAT OICTATie IV DAILY $- Jan. 19th DUVAL TAX ASOSaOR)

style and quality tn that worn by the APt10Ys. es T" TO )M's' OCCUSMNCII, YOU INOUll LIBRA YOU SHOULD ,NOT DELAY It IB oar studied oplaioa that Tai Assessor
average r ,let cltlxen and then receiveda TtN"Nl peck Of MVlLOf. TAXI iin AND rimi Born SepU 23rd thru MUD LONIIB IN IATHIB Ralph Walter it ..,.1, eicltlag fear la cltlien I

considerably higher nonthly living *!. it tut t uNOutv.. TIME' iaOH AI Tilt COMi.Youi socialANO Oct. 23rd INI TNI' IITI OP IN'OBMATIOM that they will lose their Moaeatead Kiaaptloa. .*

lownnce than Russian! students also has contributed veu ii 'i ANO vousmnsiiTi PBTIIatN. |, INTI*. < S
to the hostility Dunbtr aald wiu 'it antic IITI KIM TO II .*OMl MUTlMl JOB, IT TARIIfBUfAllTV THAT MAT II IIOUIIID' aort than aarbodjr all.. we need equal aaataaaitat.aot .

"As racial antagonist has sharpened' In IIIVIO IV tAITN UNTIL sips NICIIV AND TNIV "tIiNCI, AND WHIN YOU All BIAOV TO a pita where oat tan with a 190,

the Soviet Union," ht natal in Look, VW AM SU*< THAT THCSgwui lily NAVE A BSIAT MAIM 0111'11I' TO ACCUNUIATITMI LAUNCH PSOJCCTI THAT 000 bo*>. pay* $300 aad a an with a

",rlld". nualiers of African students have ai no 'UP,W I. ON TNt ITMtllTV/ touCAN IAVINII AN! ItlOUBCtj NAVI HIM IN THI Pi AH.NINB $30,000 boss pus the aaat thlag
left tn disgust to* return hose'or to take TAIL UICAU" a. iiflCT IN till eTl THAT All |TI lUll POP A IONS 'alter' a recent to-called tax cat waa 111

scholarship In testera furope. tAINIT. MIlMA ANB MAIN AND VIALS TO CONl. AN .... MAIN. CONTBIIUTO At.. TIMI. THI TIMI KIMI TO, nursed by the _,... OBurt.
Africans whoa I interviewed It OSAtlNI NIAB POB YOU lay David baits tha tai Btraetartaadkaia
Indicated they had decided to make the best IN VOUSriiinoSMiri WITHIN' YOU Guilt. IIIMT TO M ANV.THIN4 TO UNPIIBO lOMt CM AH*IITMIB tor tore and better schools

of the situation In order to get their seal etio, MI aoii at AND VOW NAO BITTIB CUll OIPINITI ABOUT IT. 01 of voua OINMM tktrefort our support puss witk ... DAVID
7-30.15-It-55-731 DUCT or 'CCIO...,. IT
Nile Spiaklif TAURUS" ..''C. veu'Mav NOT JILT CONIIIIIAIllTMOUOHT MV II ONI IP TMI OKI,. I tlll.tht Duval hat kad tooaga of lah Iraat.

In voting against having an Agency of the Born April 20Ut thru SI Sill TO Mill UN. IN THE MIJMTIX, tit IVINTI IN. Your tin For 5 year ket .ailed aro ad, hiding his head
United tUntea guarantee the credit of the MSI20tb ICATNIB COMMON IINIIINOUlt Your MAIN MOBltM IIIMI SUCH At 15 SPUN FAIT II the aaad *. tkogh bt doss lOt Sat to ace

fovlt Union .in their purchase of wheat You MI IONS APT PiNt. SHIN. AN. TIt TO II TO TBV INS. CON OP DESTINY, YOU SHOALS ....t. a happtaltf with oar achoola.: Dull aohotli
INS INOVkW .NIT AHOWVOUIMlf 1001 roatADD TO IT WITH ill-sq/Ippsd, na dos, la case aaaaaltary -
from the United States, Congretaaan falter I MOT 101' SIM UNBIIITSICT VINCI YON MATI OS OTNIBAIIKIATII art oaay
Norbald of Oregon had this to sayt 1 "In Tt fttT INVClVtt CONTiei TNt TO COOP TMIroiicua Std ANTICIPATION BATMII aad aaaardoaa to 1I.1t'tcbool.*

.y opinion, the Soviet Union la getting IN coNTioviniia OB aeVINTVUI .. BITTII TO C*.l WIT. THAT tin .IN. THAN. WITN 01(15.ztooast3a45. art t. traits 'Joke It think CI.... Mill d.*

enough of ,* break In being able to purchase THAT COILS U'. BAVBAII CNIIISIN I* lust ITAIIllTV' .IN TM| 1 S saves a ...... Rt aoald hardly do .or... (Roto i
our wheat subsidized by our tea LIT ,Mrs IllAi aiTUa.TUN TBOUIlll rillNOI.LtO tavl AW9 teals Tl COML.s AQUARIUS watch ay wife get traaaftrrtd to Baldwii)

payers to the tune of about 10 cents t Ceamia veusKiumti I-4o.es-i s-es-14e ai1-1 p.83S Bora Jan. 20th thru mum OMUSSOft DI>!r. I
ia tit tv ttiioNk
bushel without our guaranteeing their rwb. nth Boa Saul.Tb. .
credit thy we should la effect give a BOOS retTuNi SCORPIOBorn YOU HIM TO MAGI II IN oily good roaaoa wt sailS find nor rtcotBaadlag -
Born July 23rd thru thee
levAi AOMIIUTI MI are Oct. 24th
credit card to Russia to purchase our Auc. 22fld TASlN VP SITS tat IIIAOf a vets for Rob Rarrl la that ht baa ..5
riCTIlaiTI CeorsNlIN- Nov. 22nd: sad a job irii the roar fct baa
heat la absolutely beyond M.U CSISTIN4 A NCW WAV 0liri 10. | years
SNIP| LIT THIN alpha YOU *H MITTV ditch served oa tile Cataitialta. Rt has bright miles
tart Ing with lorld far 1 tile tuailaa lUll || NOT U TILL TO IIIS 11011 VTAOU
Government has bad a sorry credit record A| "'I ImWll If MMV" ABOUT Will TOtf ANT TOSS fOVlOW A BOklTABV COUSIIIMICN ANS NAVI PALLS IN WITH. aad silos tf bull road pavlag sad rttarfatlai

and It la na better today, Tht United MM Tl CSMI TNt Oct IwT WII II NOT TNt SOULS It Mill TN| vital THAT THIIPTMl t* Daval, bt baa *.,.. the Uffayera mossy with
.,.." OUT em a ITNIIIICISIAaTMTIWMICN Tt M MAST,. YOU Ma tar-girlts4 work oa tIe tvroaaway aatftority
States will certainly bankrupt itself*. TIPS illllV THAN NOT Tl HAS fBUIHlTV All ITIIIIINTIA4
Ua citizens such foolish stunts M this tlUll II IITTIB A|. you Tt A MAS I.... CVININ HIMINTI. AT sad bt baa voted for tbs aprieprlatloa of 190,000

art not called to n halt." CtA ll.Vl TflU NOT INS Vllll Tl CeNlllllATIVOUl tiNS Lull. M PS*. Tel |... tilt. YOU MAT to IdwaH eaters CallHQ. Ra ysm.gg. fturttalvo.COQttT .

More such forthright tKprtaaloM aa this IITNtlll AM AT till MINI ... NSITI*. fllllONAi 10551"'. YOU NIT II fee CIBTAIN AIVIT COOgJStCH. Hit. I

la laahlsgton art needed.Tki sire flWll BNt wtVAllVAM TO INIUII PLENtY Of SUP. CM TAlg COVNIll Plod) A| Tt OMlTNIB You l'UOIa' tollam
PHI ce."""" Pelt fit tat CIMINI This Ba has ....n... sad baa *.. doing Usahare
M Tit
..S,.,,, RrltlUr YM HIM VI SI via Sips "'N vou SILL ii ,.. ta WHS van a Mill IN TNI I BtBiCTlWNTt far tht *11. aa well aa the Rttjro area*. ..

Pros the looavtllt, Indiana. Standard: iVCIV IN sell ANsN ii..T IN INS "TNIC erTM P.IINSLYNTtmtST IN flU AIIOIUTUV II. baa provided baatball dlaaoad sad stair r.....-

"It la n pity retailers no often have to ,tIll N.tlllAl BvlMlTIIVT Plan Tail TNt AOMIo VOUB HIPAS4. tKIIIIVlITIAIS cue I. |11 TIt II CAM. vw aUaft facillUta for ...... IUC-B ....1..... wo
learn the same lesson over and over again lt.(WAT U* A TillIIIAHINS Pa11AY15IS > suiiaiNsaieouocii ON VIvB IIIVIIIB NAy STILL NAVI TIM TO.l ...... ... a .......,. part sea aotjouta dJffl-

through coat and hardship a ttviiieoa.Tiif W IVPPICIIIt MVIICai INOVB4NCIBMOWkl tT AN AaeiTIONH IP alt ta |.'.*.raa oat t* bat Our little Whit"

"This observation ins made by IdwaH R. IN term loot IT icB M WV A,"|,INTlNI IONONI *. M fBIVINTIS WVKHIBt PINT Tl vail u* fa*) wMPICIINCIII. lalaad. BM* ....fI" public aenrite. t* Utah

Ingle, official of the National Retail rvfttIC NVATIIMI.BMINI Tt in yea edt tnaaaciAi tans PAtl B*..l| art aMaaftAIAIIIT wsainia aye leyalty Bwatort *a4 ft voto tf apprsaiatisa. *

Merchants Aaaoclation. Mr. brie wa ref 3.11L1lak*I _if ama vou Seat tt TwaauSNItlATII Ill TINIINCVTt .
err lag to the importance of newspaper advert MI* vavt iMuiHi MI MIIIATIBN IN alt van war tee conn con.Mionm "

la lag to retail trade." Ion May Slat thra tat tiTTis tr viva VOW* IIVINS ...,tI. M NIBB., 5155. l.-.RoftRarrts

Mia findings sere baaed on n itchy made June ,t., JMNtuld'. THIN ia a PBIPAIIW Tt .a H| MiN .ilk ..."" ".r Mr**.*,
of the results of the Net fork newspaperntrlkt. NISI ia titni wiiMi "C'LI" "", a',... M. cava-iv SIAI Iota sao.a.-1 s..s..cn MAU OP PVBUe IlfTBBCTIOR

It Bas found that there in no m vt INOCI vtgw.UV ,'u'", att'M two NAY toms tUT Tt II BItVBCI risen a. I.......................... -.ned.,.....
substitute for newspaper advertlalag.aad TWINS Tt OBTAIN B|. PSMIS11NAL sue ... 0. Pall"T Tt AU.MS Born Pw*. u U UrnMarch Mat *.*. t. (tea.) MotauVMKT

that without advertising ftt.Ut..1.. amva tilt SILL CMIIN whit ,INTISIIT.VlRfO PABTIIIPAtl IB IV, 20tbTl cotilssloms
tie in a chaotic state as itock needs and Twill IWNCt INS Pncial ..o AHPIKt'TIVI HI.*.............................a.,.... Oebettaplat.
!-ld rT-1 beHi7 {.1Qrt3.1>i.i..1e3sOITTAtws
turnover could be impossible to predict.It Tl Ids atnaav.., CMXKI IIt till B0.. t..................... ... .. .......... L .aaaumncx
it also stressed that wbtn the ndver- III T.| tiaaa TNATItMTwNft or vm PIACI
AVIIINI Vlw IN A Born As(. 2Jr4 tire" Born ROT. X3N Urn .,. .. ..... I............
thing of big stores la absent the tntlrtnbopping II ** S ..............&. a Padrtvta Jr.
HVtTll* S ra..M *Avau )
cosipiti..taelnltni tie little ept. 2. Id Oft*. list slat its, witvts K *.c* list I............_.............e......, I. ilss
t tore-fee the Ml effects. wauit M MTnt .*0.et VM"- .*f| MNW tactile TW Nut ft WuCCIII aT.NAnni PANG Tt .*.! TMC lilt Mss t................ .................. L Uia*

The standard two up u these worts: Tbt ooaaviNt vwwtiiwram ......CU facias voutWV tow aat Bftia4.T4 tf IT Mia V** H.M..rI0 Mat l.............M.* *. site if, vwu MhA,aMM
ultimate loser troll iaaoeoAMtt t4vtrtiatn T.|V lIeNS II rioat.oiftviain iaT .f.. n TtaTATIVt B.atiiMiNT Mss b\....................... jaa...." I. M.dl.sa
it foTws ravtjft.am MAMOia HIMICVlH Bvv M *>*..! MM in w atBtaONit ltst a............... ...
then in the eooawer eke' pays for lost** ctwit ........eMSs L hest)
due to tic turnover, waattnalblib per ASficvius cede. .v_ iNAiivirr t* CBNCUTBATt TWNI lie IN VM ivnoa*. But TAX .....n>. Mat I1...._...............r....... ,. ereaa_
tatin AN* iciw. itIWTIKttl.
M Vt TM| BMOI Vtkftt slit
ittai selllas costs." I. I ATI*"* B-MMHt M tin ..... I.........!.-. r.-.7.-.TM.
0* NSV MBlltT BtmiTI atom. AlVMHiBMBBAITIC ,u'0tC1 ts1e ..._..iUa) a. ft***
The auto principle here is simple ttMt k.If ravliCH twtfTtjatWaV MtVlt ft* OiAMiaAJNt twtavitft HAI sits wMVu vx wit taMrnBH .... a................................., .. .......

people dad t kao. Mat yon bavt to often. tIC a MC. V -.c1 MT HCWCkO B*. UN**!* vt w/S aatiaa tlVVIW IT I'LL.0 fB.lCVt tf *... J................. .. .-* ... .....UsttltA. ....
tad can't Md won't COM seeking It. tnectMfial ..'..... .... .,, ,.
I' q.u> aae limit .IN* Plea flBSV WMB-fW, Osttses. ''''''''.'' sTta/N. Mia- iVtaA..... -"" '* **tJ** **** aM.rrcnnrr ..
rwUillag tad] tat.lllg*.t and esteaslveprrtlsiag '
ft Muttiaieaai aewiMft IV tttl *tt kCttlUttlV saws Palls .. to t.n*.ai IIA a....-.... : r.wrcnaaft,
bad U
fc4\a ;to :oJ .".




I .. Urban League Joins Nat'l Program Stork Note Top Students Take Study Break I

:r :--- Ir.Min .. I. Weddings I j

Keen; 1$13 Plowera A...;
Girl. I
Ir. tad I,.. Otltto KuOtnt SlMoaa, M07Joftenoa. R. Church Street II. I TS
odea; un Treatoa a Bad Utter Jake laatr, ISIS Tal ,
Drift, .. ; 01 rl. I.. Peck J1S1 HcQatdo bat St.,)] and IImOllt
Ir. ud I,.. .eary Street. 23. 1. Salth, 1411 I. IOU
hillier 1167 I. llta Oeo Dowdtll 1113Sea Street SO.
Street: 01rl.r. It.. 23 tad loss Laser 0. Joattoa 4630
u. In. Charles Join iron 913 MyrtlaAvetui rllu ct.,II and Johnnie
Grover; SIS May Street; IL hue Hob la t. 4630 Plyaa
Girt ,Leroy Praiklla, IOU Ct., 27.Danis.
Pearce 8t.. 30 tad Owls
Ir. aid Mrs gory I1IU... 130
Jpderaoa; 731 Court C.; (.Smith, SIJ Anna B, t. 21th It., 20 tad Do* ). "
101. IS. lore Brown 1241 role
Hr. tad Ira. Clarence John N. HcCrlatier.U Ltao, i1.Lick .
>3 .. 321e1 It., 12 and
Korttkoff, 7134
Gem: S3W .. iStft St.;
f Girl. Merry w. Hatcher, 714 Oriole It, TO and Meta
H. Itapltt, 7IJ4 Oriole
y Street 4$.
Reunion At A bk' M hill ,
Pletcker. 143
,_. .
ladle St., 21 tad IMla ,
Jr. i t "r : d ... J'
!- .. ,J P. Altiloe, I3A. Chelsea i
t it.. 17. : .1
; ,
islets L. Kill, 7101
1 \
omcm SANCTION Oriututtoa of t local ateorlai cos.itt..last-Saturday-- f' ) ; Slat!. An. 21 tad ''IIlIUOIIT _" STUniMTS AT FLORIDA AIM -'lth
under tho National Crban Leased nationwide youth proirta wet launched at the ..' 1I ii. Bhlrllie Kllla 7I3SMtttoi their fltiert, the florid AAM Unlvertlty etidottt -
fICA under tbo dlrectloB of MM. IIOMl dark (totted right), Aitocltt DIrector :' A" It. pictured here Indicate that they have a*
of tat National DrbM L....., H.. Tort city tad Lewli Carter III. "' Richard I, Iteretee, ohleved cumulative average of "..0 polttt"**
Executive Director of the Jai Urban Letiuo. Purpote of the national effort "ill ,' 1424 Johnson St., II sad or "etraliht X' for the teeend trimester Heated
be to orianlie all teeaati groups WIder one co... coil to tetip proiraaa to )I Debris SlTlaa 1302 I. left to right' are: Cora Rodltoa, lattrwenttl
coafcit Juvenile. delinquency tunrey educational, recreational Bad aaployaeat t 3rd Street ... susie -Jor of Jtckaonvllle. and parbtra Gilbert ,
opportunities for youth. The TMCA, fICA and HUBM MUtioas Council an col. Aaron z. Carson, 420Jefftrtoa liitruttntal) music major of "tutrt. Kotli Miss
laboratlnc pith the procraa and all other aocle-clvle groups art ItTlted to It. 21 and Hodlton tad Mitt Gilbert art aMbert of Alpha..
live Mtlittace. SteeriBf eoMltteo I.b.ra fro left art: Janice "fluttoa id- PIANIST- HOTS nunvRpoMmi Hn sonoB OwI111'.I&e11tll Kulce Jones, 2601 kappa M, Nttleatl chola tle Honor "toddy
Itrtnnt P. Jones Maoist Schell and Portia HlllUrit world r..>ua JIM pianist' tad Bather of Jaatet Road, 31.CUretoe BtMidlai behind Uieei are 4-polnt students Richard
(Royal Art Studio Photo) the Mitchell-Huff Trl., played la Ttllahttteo at Itaatte. Jr.. L. olden tittnwenttl auile major trot Jadtane'
Plorldt ttM ttalvoretty rteeatly he earn tirprleed 1701 Mollyhtck M.., 26 vllle, Mariarette Ktoket JtcktnnvllU, .&jo.r
Class Of 54 to be greeted by a relative tnd forcer telifcbor and ftellat lilt, 641 Npeoch Correction and Michael Gilbert, Twt, aa-
t21 To Meet SundayGraduate from hit hotetowa, Jaeaaoavllle. Mitchell, etc N. llaoda: court 23. Jor of a..L.. ",. BO lew MM graduated "'1&11 dlf
1 perforaed oa tie fAUD Lye... Sense tlU fllll Arthur Ue J..... 1TOI Unctto,," during the 164 cnoencswent
of New 'tla.too'
? Class of 1934 art uff tad John Rtrrtt (substituting for Charles I. lilt St? U. sad (Photo by Pill ran)
(telti), la pictured her halting -It II his 001111. Gloria McOueea, 1734 t.
11th LOU1SR GUINYARD requested to tttoad a larva Jean Cite, left sad Mrs butte 111.rltft. 43rd Street, 22. VOTE MAY Oth
aeetlnc Buadty May 3 tt
The DuTtl County Chapter of the Aaerleta Cancer Mitt Clark, Ue .....lIt.r of Jeremiah Clark
6 ,.'. la Crown Bowllai tllll P. Ly *'., :||,.
Society It aitU aakiai its appeal to tltlteaa lane.' conference. rooa.Matter of Duiedlt Pit., It a sailor ttjorln la ele- Leottrd Circle N? 34 lipElliL sunnimrciNFs.
to flint cancer "vita t check tad a check-up/' eattry eduettloa tt PUN. Mri. lung, a state
of laportaaca lid L. Irliht, '
Betty rAtr.fr .
At contact per oi for bridge clubs, I ahould Ilka dental hyilealtt fnw Jacksonville\ eta la 7tllfhiute .. ooRMnicsALL
will bo discussed eon HSOLtoaard Circle ,
to sake ta open appeal for ooatrlbutlona fro such to do a distal health ttnrey tt the florida IMIH rr.rrAimiawcnr.
orttalittlont. fortunately, the drive got off to ceralai. the sent classproject. UM Valvertlty Him" School. 3i ruta\n) wn AKOXY n. 4-2iso

a rather sloe tt art,but the sorters are notfthe-
less contclentloui nor energetic la their efforts
to reach the goal that has bean. lit for Ue 1M4Cnttdo.

of these eriaalittloaa which provide seep fat*
cltttltf ettertttttent ee should bo proud to
protoa* a united front la sect a worthy" 011I... REPEAT SELLOUT !
This should bo doibly true because of tko fact

our that tei.Altboith certala. klidt of cancer aro cores oily to 2-DAY

this appeal la belli aide optaly to
provide yos"etth the opportunity to disease Ue
ttter'ia dour aeetliii, Udlrldual letttra ire
betas aeat. to aa aany bridge claba ta .o eta secure
ayes aad addresses of .ember* That If for aoaeretaoa
your club doe lOt receive a letter 'I....
Secures Another Shipment of the Greatest
contact ao pertotally to provide tko aeeetatry
tafbrMtloa.Tho teleeboae number la iei-TJ41.0on
trlbutloni nay bo tent toss or to the Duvtl COwty Living Room Value We Have Ever Offered
chapter of the Pester Caaeer Moctety. Aa bridge

Kappa Alpha Pela aimal Black aad mite Ball lathe .
important social event this eeeh-ead. The affair
ta betas held Friday evenlai la the Decal

CDMty at Chapter Araory apoaaarod ky Jtckeoavllle ties- 2 pc. SOFA-SLEEPER SUITE SLEEPER $

The Jtckeoavllla Alaeial Chapter olll etjoy the
frateralMtloa of flue see ..".,. at tko ball.They .At Near Factory Cost *
art leophytea Clifford Jack Peal, Hoary WAIfl
Daniel, Joseph DuMen, fill lea Huldrov and due
TI..... taltlatlea eoreaoalea sere held for the Met of NYLON or YINELLE towed.I Sefa-SIieper uri Chair ItMI' For
plaited dories the past took.Aboit .
the ball reaoabor ladies aad eatlaaea

that tt la strictly e e Mack e .and.white.Paallao .. FRIDAY lid SATURDAY 2 DAYS ONLY 7tth AHNtVEXSARY SALE SPECIALI!

patlt eta booteaa to the ...Ua. of lerlaettee .
Bridie Cub held Ittt ttardty la her

Calaoaa Street hose ..ICsr
Pearl lackey C.I tlU.. Blek. Dorothy Oliver,
aid Aaa oaroo were roclpleata of ,ri.... :
Barbara Barter, sera U vet to, Daisy 111 Hard, r t
Norma "I t.. pima .... '..r,.. >aa flutter, aid .
Done seaeett were amass other rosters "....t. iL
e e e iii

Lllllaa ails. MO ...t... aad the Cldortdo Cleb
provided the eeltlei .... .., Bridie fish net I :
Prlday evralai. Lydia Meet eta nt player. t
....n peeler tad leans Jehieei sere wag I
'M r. .f....,."
:.t' .. 'd
'" : ,
..../if; T, I
y .;;;. t.oJ :' .


1:' L-- ;
,. ,
t j 1 I.



Her mother or her slater? .

tam 1htav horre. .... u prMrg cot..

her......d.......e...Met.....a-...M.fII.so.....aNo .... MUfMC TIM MOl VALVE WITH WtTK. HUM AT '//W' e.'l,." e II MJC AS HUH AS M4T' .1!

....................eee..,..1....'-1.i.rq.... ...... ....... .. yw vW wo W ale ..* t*..1 Nfr.*fr b<. fa.. e4wn W bee vow .4 eu.M OJa.Ss.y h.. es ...,.., ..... ew s 71.is Ann-*war

IIra.,.. rsera.r s. Mao) 00 *so UM ***.* ** wee 9.++I**d u-e aomm A ......**| ..a.. sad ia.."*f gsMM/Md MN a .sh Mna"e .MIW a t........... 1 4
=; ir soap..mr.ae eJII4 a Serge. gd.+ .W Lw g 0.- Seou q M.MOtive. seer ie .-- qAn'., e+.... ....+4. ... .W y .1..r "4. ed ..i I tt' AM W wos

..,.. w... r assaA f/I .......'. UYI T11Y CIoIItI TU*MWfl.TO PATS

kSi lady ...... fffM TttiH IN I LAMA II NVM. M 11111UC11ILVI.uiuin .



I Stantohians Attending Nat'l Conference Florida A & M Presents DegreesTo Barracks To Meet Stanton VocationalAnnounces

404 Members Of 1963-64 Class With Inspectors ActivitiesSenior

TtfAAHASSEB- Florida MM University presented Tein Saturday Clan Play,
degrees Saturday April 1.. to 404 amber of the May 28 Senior tor ah 1 p.

cleat of 1961-64. Of this nuaher 1SS-13I undergraduates BT LADVIWA MAROUEZAn : May 31, Day Spring Bap-.

I Ir and 20 graduate .tudllltl.-..,. graduated tlat Chircb.; Senior
+ the wd of till first trleeiter D.cber **- iaportant ..tlai of Class eight, June J;

20, 1>6). Qualifying for degrees at the end Gateway Barrack Auxiliary Coaacaceaent. June 3;

of th* second trlittttr were 24. students, 234 1131 coaalitlaiof world Civic Audltorlna.
of who were undergraduate and 12 graduate its war 1 widows and d- All foraer graduates,
vd enU. ......................... pesdests till h* held parent and friend of
A list of those who received BEACN-.Dorthcala A. Saturday at 2 ,... la the graduating clues

degrees follow: Lewis, Archie L Holae; Joe R. Jan** Center I3U hare been Invited to

flAil" -'llll* ..1. CUIMCT-..VlTlan A. Trl- and Omnthal Street attend the acU rl Ut..
Bridie, Jaae .. food- bus Alfredo Itches, Moabcrahip boots rewall

ard. Sarah B. Ml Haas, Pranklia Hailltoa, Marjorie open for everyone connected DA To Present
Bernice Wait, Idles Hal; NARIAMABernetU -* with veteraaa of

Thowpicn. BalJ tan S lth, H. Travis 1'11."" torld tar 1 who wild to May Musicale
r Virginia D. ftanaoa La- HM Jones, Lltzl Bary. Join the orcaalsatloa
verse Don, Baralco ** Pletcber Gibson; auit lit prBt.Conandir The third annual "I*

I !', Miles, Betty J. Milton CLEARSATTR--Dosald) L. 1. IS. Irving Dood It" all ale will-
PBlop A. Jones, Rutledi. Teretha Har- Jr., Quartraaatr JMM cal chow will h* presented

,: .' ..r. Phyllis 3. Job a ion, ion; OREIMViaE.-tilli R. Lang, Chaplain Janus at Douglas Andcr-
'I", ,'111I George ,. art ma. Carolyn J. Waahtaiton, Jaaea L. E. tbb and all Buddies Ion Sigh School May lat

: ", ""f't.\' ... .. Edward. Claudia L. Scurry, Pauline Rivers will be on hand to assist 8 p...
.J Dueheart Iris L. Cnl- laaae Haaptoa Jr.. the Uteri. The show will feature
Marjorie P. Cook, Dorothy J. Gallon; KPT and in OBI hit aid dance
:., ":' :'. : per COB Join on our
"t "' '. ''j "fjI George L. Cupbtll. vra?- -'Jsliette P. efforts to sate ear atep. Claude Holland
rf" Helen H. Barbary Marl 8aundra, George L. organization on. llllon alter Pulton Roland
,' ;!\ <',\ +..6" I"I .
Baker Carl Walker,
) "b J. Alford Cleora 0. Lloyd III. Elprldi ff.Carry strong.Christian.
,:iti"' 'fW '';' '''.: t. : ," : : Alburj. : MlLTON-- hlni- Oceanus Plutllan John
.. t. .I
<'tJ, tAl '' I'i Guides
{ :"
Klrtland. eddl Beau-
TALLANABSFEMarl. tOil J. Sanchez Jr. ,
1 \ ,. '
'\ 11' '-.;4'1::' ib* lr, Qa.... E. febat Aduiti 0. Sancbi. Ann ford, Jaaei tllllaai,

MLP.OATCT rpr.(Mtlai .New Utanton Nigh klloo,' tn* MC Parent Cub (aatd third fro loft) are: ". r. Hannah .. talker L. eawrl.t; tic: OAK. Slate Meeting GylrcaUr Reddlck: Roger

Distributive Education elaaa lift Tueaday for Chi Thoua L. ByniM Nathaniel Henry, Tyrone J. Clart, Harnr L. Taylor, Vas J. Kay M. McOolIuui.TAMPAly Re*. L.O. Iniraa, pr- Hues, Laval Paul In.
1 CliO, Illlnol, to attend the April 29-Nay 2 National Levy Jan,* Jr., CbrlB. Collier, filbert Jones; ",. with Barbara P. Smith .dr Allen .!dent, baa announced Morton Albrltton, Edward
t Leadernhlp Education Club of Aaorlca Con- HUM Ouhart David J. Lucas, Alfr4Peln, An* Barbara J. Smith Ber- Clarenc 5. WiltRobert the next regular ...tia, Jones. Maurice Jones and
;' ferenc which la bwlni held In Hotel Conrad Hilton thong 'Parker tllll J. Gilbert, Ulter with Josh nice ,. Rush, Robert J. Sheeler Betty J. of th. Chrlitlan Ouldei Clarence Phelps will

,. Atttndlai under the aupervialon of DE Coordinator Strauder, Rruestine Punchea, Jerelan K. Mltchner Pareaore, Frederick T. Tiliia, John T. Scott which 1* achduld for appear on the proiraw.Pollotlni .
f Rodell P. Roberts (itandlm II cwntir) and Partha Hick and Catherine D. tlllUi. Hilton Patricia A. Mahoney Evelyn Price, Queen E. Tuesday sight at B o' the program,

t Mra. visas with( of 1884 Baldwin. ,St.. aertary of npiirieon .. MeIlllaaa Miller Cbarll Mack, clock la hi* residence a due will be liven In

Virginia .. Baaul tin aey. Mack C. located at 1702 '. 15th honor of the emit. Music
I DA To Launch GJC Alumnus Lander,fddie Ulratrlck: Hill Nelson Griffith Street. sill be furnished by the
Jr., JoMpbln P. Jones, lenneth Pranklia, Hlldrctb All anabera are urged laterludea. The r! t.>Ueha

MECHANIC: ON DUTY May Day Program Barbara Jefferson, I.,- PUalai Jr. 'to be present slice ben Invited to attend

Ik* Joseph...................Proprietor Receives Grant mood James, Annie D.Jackaon WilllM P. Dandy Julie traiaation of the current the ahow and dance.
The PUaentary Departaent J1.1M. Hoff- L.. Aril.. Hla f.. rally, and plan West Union
Stats and Jefferson Struts EL 69432 of Douilaa AIId.,- .an, Mary L. Henry, Pu- Adams; PORT LWDtRDALTTOMI :-- for the nest project
aoa Nigh School closed Lockbart senior gene Hardln. Marjorie J. Irl"'t.rrancfID1ckh.oa will b* coapltd.An Programs Family Day
it* May Day contest Mnn- Butler, Mule Brota. Phllpart,
rdlllon and phlloaophy enjoyable eeii.gis Paally Day will be observed -
day The May Day pro pan student at Boston Unl- Fait L. Brown, Mary I.Baulkaan :. Sylvia P, Iltell.ll.ntltb1 planned for: officer Sunday throutfioutth '
ia scheduled May 8, at Mattie L. Alt- M. Kelly, Read
and Berber
virally, and a graduateof day In sect Union
which the the wlnnlni Olbb Junior College. ..U. Dolores Bright M. Ashley; BON1PAT-- Mra. Lllll* B. titt Raptlat Church. Program

contestant will be has been twardwd a fellowahlp ..... Dorothy L. Ponda. Ural laproiraw diatnan. The will b* presented ..tudl
presented U a coronation to couplets his prNl8COU"oieaary T. M*.hlrk Jr. ; CRP8TVITV public 11 Ialtd. lervlc
eirewony illkln, Gertrude .. ..
Joye* V. McDonald
Unl- Board of Christian
studies at Boiton \ The
Mr. Dorothy T. 11'1 lilt. vcrilty and alo'to Sunday, Betty D. Reed Novella s. Lit; D rut ATBfACH Gaither Leads Pducatloa .111 .*.t

coordinator of the Prlaiy spend the 1184-81 drool Morris D. pattrioa, ...'' H1* till law.Sarah TALLAHAM .. Couch Saturday at 6 p...
Department ad Mrs aeo..u. M. Patterson tllli.., DorUi of the
... hra' la the ichoaTofTheoloc Jake District U will "*..ttUlIII'
.i Elsie c. Pppra coordinator at Boiton"Unlvtrilty. Llllt .. McTol*. Aycya L. Stile, Joyce A. Mon- Plarlda AkM valremltylittler fcllowlRB the
-.t'l.. of tAt latr-. Th. Pund for C. McComy, Sandra T, rot, Dune M. McOritf; 1* the wlnnlni- orntu .."It., and

11 ''''' ''' f ,.dl at. Departaent .. Till 101 011'011 ,fducatl, Lewis, Gail Kyle, Charlie OPLA.lfO' .-Parleue C.Morn. lit coach la football annual tonea'a Day will

'... .$ 't preened satisfaction of Ino aiarded the fel- Knight, Barbara .. Horn Knight, today b. obHf reed May IT.
__ oOa- Ii the owteoai of the pro'Jtt 'lowahtp.Lockhart. ',I Ini rest, Dorothy M. Deta, Joyce I. Jon*, Malta
and gars word of 1'atteodUi'th Maid* L. cro all J Christopher Hart. Oladya I. Adaaa;
You Will Never Be sipreelatioa to Mia L. Crenhaw, OlfTICTlLO--Jo. r.. ToaMI 00000000

Untftfiloyed As .A.RMlsltrt4 Barber Mildred! ,NcCo*.chat nan Unvrelty" this year How Mary Brown 'Drover ,. Celeitla Perry,
of th* May Day tvtnt.Th 0.Hethodlit a IBOO acholinhlp Natloael L.: BolUr, Daniel L. Rabin M. Byrd Vote For A Working Man 10

Enroll New ttccfiful conteatant l*.bo., OCALA...Oladya A. Gary
and also 11000 grant
la tilt Prl airy a rat "m "' -'OI..J.. Jacob L. Gallon JuaattaD. Harry
for Theo- o
tb Pond
tllllaa A. 0
JACKSONVILLEBARBER DprtMit went stvpamPkelta. toolfork. Aldrlflh; UMlr''Vr
rlu. logical Educatloa.H ,Wilaon, Olivia R. I*.
; Pamela ...Un A. mil Carrie NELSON
COLLEGE INC. Cowart, prince other *a* one of two top ley, Joyo Tboia. N.S. Moiard .- o
: LAKTL: ** 0
oontMtMta .r.:Iltch... r irk la| students 11 the tilatlatna L. Moor. Patricia Justice of Peace
630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver June, 1112 iraduatlaiclaw Roy J. ThoMpklBR.narnthyJ.
R. Nalaor
Davie, Iris Bryant and
Joel Robert P. Ma -
101% air Ciilllllil Oladya Rdaarda, of Oibba JC. R, ...blt. Eleanor L. rla; pour riPRdt--'!!. o Dist. 9 0

.ar .r.JACKBONVILU. R. ataalty Joohebwi
UCIelltllU ILIIi1Am son CapableConrteovsAt
I. lyonn, Joha I. Pen o
ROYAL ART dot Barbara til ana, Chrlilta J, Part. John Your Service
L, lliilai Unda
i -- 51J IIIIS SHUT Booker C. A. Caynua. tliirn PAM- O
J.S. Ia'J MDt. Roo..s.lt Mnlloaia, 24 Hours Daily 0

Elect.... A Food Expert 'I lr.tr Par it lihcil Prices Pk, Dorothy T. Mioa, tllll V. Cl*"laad.PORT ; 0 Paid Pol. Adv.
Harbara 1, Mnaa. MiriamR
run CUlT Lee, lnat II it land. MtnB--Albert Kirklaad. 000000000
John N. All...
MoIc.IAi I .., Vlrilala
le/lllde/ ats4a.ilg4rsHs-club Ray P. .10. ULtNlDALt.rIllCi r.

p. A, Joaatoa, Charlie Coorer. Carolya t. Bo.- to Oo To Town To Get
1 Toa Don t Hv
HAR6RAYESSchool 1 Hair Jr. Alle B, aaa; PA.IAMA CITT-*-"'!

f Board t HrUTIREQfltlil Grail Gaaldta., Rlliabtl Letters P.A, LOW PRICES

Photographs OJd. tllll P. Penal tenstell.,1rllt

Jr. 4a I. Dear,
District 1Cafeterias 1 CllltlES-UIIICS-SlCI1LS ftaadra T. Cw* Ui|*. Mitchell Colon r

Mm U MIX .. CaDbll, Jn'e MBII Sill tS "' .
P. Brot, Richard L. M ..... ..... M.. M STORE NEEDS
( ) .... wM DRUG
Bold**), teaaeU r. **|- -CM -

rrlln Citizens; chin.lNPUaD'scar. -.-.1.r -e,.---. S. ..'.. Trade *lth loin Nelshtorbood Una 0C9
L, 'ti. .- q.e..s
..u.--e.. sit na nrT..Tpucm AUf.11 TOM LOCAL p rnxt
tlb'tins the courage and honesty tn filM t flaws, **!" r. Ray**. -wewe..wr.re w .ea -. -- DIU"r.".1"nn all Itoetoi'B Pre erl,tloaa
'" iHtltttcsl machine that la no w die Clynea Brota; 'IU' -- .....--
hUn orders to the achntl .,.t... -s-P./e
'I It Caters Ira? lair =.....w Dixie Pharmacy
LovtUII tOll'UI"
p19A15. to nave tatpayrr 101 of present. .., I. .,..cC'. L'..'. MM em ems...eten.uS..Se. <:
2.$ Hi I lion dollara food pircha ed annually s lllHI
1312 lilS till It atjrtll
-- ---
b1 Inatalltnp axxlem slates In a..a e. ....- "
school esfet rlau.Hlgher pay for Ell IUU e-a..v-- -a -. -- .. : nl..S mil' SSIMI
b* achieved froai' --a. :
fled trachera can qlll1l-t
aw a 0.e M eM.A. ,
aavlncaof. than on* quarter lilt Clllltl .--M -. .
M -
411 lara. Pe1 .. S'a. PIT THI lien, lUll III KUFIMtmu
.lit *....* tray Ulftal* .. .h.re- .-"n .

The 123 cafeteria managers cla1 not .. 9* *,*.i...Ne psea. *. .... i 11 m sine
authority in reject over-a.ed ba"t ..m.Iq*. M. pet It M

and neat. Therefore, our schools *taw*.
Betting hood supplies that restaurants, In.&. sot ran Mia

hotel and hospitals would not have, tuA+watt
t ill set rah *lf. It

My 25 yeara eiperlene aa a successful ale r M*'t l _I'*. CARWASH HINNMoaca.

restaurant Aerator coajpetlniltalart* ......else. ... a.Ul4.

chains flvea M the "know how' to t. ..*. ..r..*et .avla.tvrllM ,11.

lt lnat*> masts of food and serve your | M tiralakUetMrttla M.4llrf.f COWTEn
children "better a ala.
<4 I" Mr flay gray CMKTREnTuBE
kit a* aattee hM atfeft **- .....NI we

t'Mn elected' on BoaN Malcoln a HtllIS 9. Hariravea Nine or..Int KEN KNIGHT a* ..* ....... 9JO.am Aa4 W Da CM ..*...**-.|S Gel*.aajr .ijJ
public, Kt.isatt'e. .. Mta cooe enr AT it**.t SOAP rrwi
Invftet You To Listen To-
fonnrly ployed hy the "Seaboard ... w

Broad sad 0.8. Oovenwent aa aa ..et BIG BAND WT nwrwi ti"

tilt and auditor Past Director .....' 0atseceytate'
Florida Restaurant Aaaoctatloa. 1M w -,..,..

"DANCE PARTY"Ill.Uf .. |.**i. (* .?.4 lima
rU, Lion. Crandfatherratler.. pelt ..... ...!. am.
tU't. t h.- pee 11M 11." pleat
U t "Sejuar* Deal0 for AX. Ml: 'in MM: f'Mt' $ Vas.liii .

I .'. Mil U I14M ...
Sitiillf PW.-(1
Hear Maleola $. ". .*" oa Cbaaael

t rrldajr M.jr 1 at 10 p." 4t 1161 TKO9CS ROAD EL y..
All .I..It-- WRKC 1400 111.. ... .... ,.


0 ,

t J I 1.. I )


Bethune Announces WinnersIn School Of Education leaders 50 Marchers Social Security FactsQ.

Statewide Proficiency Tests Conduct ServiceFor I was 6S year old last December I have about

DAYTONA BEACII-P1ft.two student represutin6tes William More 6 year of social security work credit I haven't "- ..
worked la two I collect social Mcurityt
high schools la th* Stat of Plorida, COli."fled BINONAMTON. N.T. -- year.Can
A, Ie.. A man your age nd 2 3/. year social
on till campo of Bethune-Cookaan College, boa SO person on April
Saturday April 18,for the annual tt-wid Ebon 2J marched silently from security work credit to qualify. A woman your
; age needs only I quarter (2 years) of social
band-Typing-Bookkeeping Contest. Tbes eont tt* Harpur College to tie
were destined by B-CC to raise the level of /1bks security work credit
proficiency grave of II11 lam Moor Q. My husband worked some on social security job
of bleb school student la th. business to commemorate the first before he died In 1143. I never asked about asocial

arc and to provide an Ucentiv for them to take I anniversary of his security psyment because I understood t
further Interest la the *re*. J murder. It was on April
would get some help when I got old. I till have
Outstanding among the Matthew and-j-L-* I 23. 1963 that 1 Moor, aaesber his account number. Can I get a widow benefit

contest embers wa* Per- Johnson took second and I of Baltimore when I aa 63 years old
vl* Via Neiblt fix* Marshall third place honoron the .' CORK, was shot to death A, Probably. Any widow whoa husband died before

Senior High School Shorthand contest respectively s fl among en Alabama roadside 1957 can get widow' payment if her husband has
la Nut CUI.took first during his 011.-*."
social work
fro Lincoln 11/2: year (S quarter) security
place la the Typing II Part High School of Port Freedom talk across the credit Com to our office three month before

contest st the rite of Pierce, while lUthle south' '011' rt 63. Bring your arritg certificate ando

63.3 net word per mlnates lady and Regenla Sums Ployd Simpson owner ** proof of your age along with your husband's
on s ten minute -- of the chose bul-
ef Jones High School la gun social security number.
test with only six errors Orlando receiving second lttaccord to sn q. I'm $8 years old and disabled to work. I've

on the entire test. Sec and third place la the FBI ballistics checkup- paid two years Into social security. Can I draw

ond plies cent to Carolyn Bookkeeping contest. killed ore never will old age or disability checkst

D. Robinson of Lincoln Other winners were for } com to trill His case A. \No. tOil cent drat retirement benefit until

Memorial High School Typing I, Sherinlts Ann Jwas closed when SBItoeak you art 63 snd< you muat have 4 "4 year social)
in Pslnetto, ltb U.' lass of Dunbar Senior CLASSROOM CDNPEMNCE Fifth graders from PS 16 fa Brooklyn, N.T.: confer County tread security work credit. You don't have to b* my

net word per minute and High School of Port on bow to handle a classroom crisis when they discover that Ont of their member jury failed to indict particular age to tt disability payments' but you

third place to Terry L. tiers. has attacked a teacher, U' a scene from "School Teacher the 'TKipont him last September.Coatraatlng must have five year* work credit during the ten

Jackson of Marshall High Certificate were a- Show of the *eek," Sunday, May ) (10-11 p.s. KST) on NBC TV. Leading the dlscusalon tilt handling year period before you mere dlaabled, You say

with an average of 57.1. varded to all participants It Peg Oorellck, a teacher la the All Day Neighborhood School pro- of tilt Simpson you only have two.

Top honors In the short and first, second Bras, an adjunct of the PS U classroom work. rut with that of "Byron

hand II contest and the third place winners re- d* 1. ..eh It II. Jim

Bookkeeping contest went ceind trophies, The Peck addressing the
Office I
to contestant fro itate-wide contest wae Seeks Doclorile New Bank Gets Clearance walkers at Moor*'* grave

Northwestern Senior' High under the supervision of salt:: "Apparently. Alabama Held J. P. Sarah
By Bryan
School of Mud with tile Business DepartmentOf In Biochemistry From U. S. Court Jurist has failed to advance

norothea Llghtboarn YORK--ANP--rreedo. even .a fir is Gordon Poppe'U who H known to linn Jiuona
Bthun-Cooknan College NE National Bank of New I
TMlAHABStr -- thrnnth rout net with hint' during the time"
taking top honor laShorthand Mr. Alvin R. Reid banking Institution cspltallied' ..tSI.no.aOOrecelnd Mississippi regarding
a new
with over 100 Director; Miss Vivian 0. graduateasslstsntshlp the "go-ahea4" alga fro justice In civil rights he nerved nn mnnapcr of the (Pnvnl County

word per minute and fatts, Co-Director and for study toward the Pederal District Court Judge Kdnund: L. Painter murder cases, "Perk i Armory Announced that he In seeking to 1serve I
doctoral degree In biochemistry Justice or the of the
Shirley Mckenzie taking Test Administrator and prsenal friend of III Pence
here last week to continue Its preparation for a
top honors on the BOOk- Dr. Charles '. Cherry at the University lateiprlng opening. .................... Moor*' *. II editor of 11th niMtrlct. the pout' nnw heldy\ Ors,
keeping contest Sherman' Tent AtiIIID1ttrator. of Pittsburgh the COWlator and a amber Fnrnh nrym.
The bank which II A dlialditit iroupheaded
has been awarded I
a of COIir National __ Poppell, a rr"l
  • nt nfIPuval
    Adopted Former Private Florida .fo\V University headed by II 0-aa by Mnbar McLaurla and
    Action CoMlttee. I'v Count Mnrf I"t!
    board of director called Freedom National j.
    Now senior. \" _shore he allrfl.lcil purl' ipto
    CommandsU.S. Fired
    Poltier Cited franklin Hamilton of even of who ire Ne- Sank subscribers and Singer } school rod liuslni'sii I

    Office Thiiney. will enter the groes--l be located Shareholder Protectivecowlttee. '
    Army For BreachOf school promises that
    .t 273 I. I29th Street anutht to
    Pittsburgh Ps. schoolin secure <
    By N.Y. Mayor IASHINCTON D.C. -- < a* Justice of the Prarrhe
    ( /HP) Lt. Col. PelU September to study near tlghth Avenue It sn Injunction to Contract t will .deal PU1I.V.JIWTIY .
    1s hoped to be open for block the first meetingof
    during the acailrileyear
    L. Goodwin who left
    "n JTGeAmny-A'g')- and YNUAU.Y silk
    NEW yOM.((4.4P)--Th h buslies sometime during the stockholders
    I9M-6S. A i960
    Port Huachuci Aril. Orar !Rumbry, Averlcan .11. ,.
    city recently honored the early days la June. Harlem YICA.However .
    1. 1940 as private, graduate of Carter- Negro s.*so-i">rr no who cooperation sills* 0't
    Osesr-wtnniBg Sidney formation of tk* bank the Injunction
    returned there, to assume Parramor High School "i-aiie history her three lltlnM. and ln,llhialn -
    Palter *. "an ..doptedIOn" began last Miner with denied because the
    HaMlton Is the was
    coamsad of the eon of year ago by becoalsc .UUrrnln!
    and fare his its the Ides of opeilai a court action had been
    post transportation of Mr. and M'*. VerdtU the tint Negro to Mat tIle> *.I rllF.> nf tnir. youth
    highest award In the Hamilton *2S t. ClarkStreet commercial banking Institution Instituted only 34 hours
    fice. the role of Venue In the lunil, our VMwimllv,
    cultural field. Col. Goodwin took his Quincy.Hseilton 1* the Marie pelor to the scheduled Tanner 1I".r. Tannh*.e.er,
    Pol tier, who rose from basic training with Co 0 who has a trade area Already Mar medial McLurla was last week wag accused of rorr.1IIII trent nil with ,the -llfnlty

    poverty to become the 29th Infantry *.,I..at.I. 3.4S cumulative I average, lent tee have purcbiaed one of the original "breach of contract" slid ""I't'"t 'hnt rltlxeim cnsilnd Into t
    first Negro to elm Holly-I 0.000 shares u fjt members of the or"/I.!*
    at Plortda MM .lIer.lit
    the ,
    days when themess IIId dropped from tile the Jr. CiHirf. deserve.paid .
    wood's coveted "Best per share, and an additional IIII group, but waa eubeegeeatly t
    wtgon and suppliesre 11 taklag a MajorIn Richard lagner pMtlvsl ,.,1. A/.,
    Actor" award for his :30.000 share |* ousted by
    pulled by horses chemistry and a minor held her each mummer .
    performance In the movie and. *111... In biology expects to being placed o* sale to the.
    ' ''L11I... of therUld," He was coislsalonedlecond a Uk* three. to four year tile PliIlU..,.* bank will

    received lee Tort's Hsn' lieutenant to earn his pk.D. The' he the only .11 la tile
    del Medallion fro Mayor city I* the ommrtlI
    Italy II un and laWJ ,ssslstsitshlp II ,*.
    Robert warier la a ceremony he passed Itusslsm seeable mtll he has field cost relied by sea
    In City Hall. Ito will own at h..,
    coerces at the ArmyLanguste completed work for
    The sajor describedthe School la Monterey tie degree.Treaserer TO per cent of the total
    Handel medallion as fallf of tilt pwuMen' lock, valued at 11200.
    the highest award the 000.
    He liter attended U* gen ate. Hafllto
    city give la the Par a wklle, howeverIt
    can Amy I a fora at ton School 11 a eber of Alps UPER MA KEt
    cultural fiel t" seed that ,
    and graduated from advwced kiirs" w National Moaor
    replied that for _
    Poltler mini taebash
    public relatloa Society th* Ih..atCOlI
    the city4 award will would be stymied. .
    at the University) ofilscostls. ''''', tk* Chemistry QUANTITY IIOHTf IlltlVIO

    fore his. to a."ralae an actor aytUndarto" He ems PIO. of Joist Club hale and Comaeil.the Pu-N.1'H* I I-* Mystery Angle SPECIALS GOOD 1HRU SUNDAY AT! EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

    Afterwards Poltler van Task Pore I m clr also s ...her *f Phi
    sobbed by teenager task fore I* the Beta lisa bus fra- Surrounds Shooting

    seeking its sstograrh. Pacific. ten ill. U. S. GOOD WESTERN CENTER CUTCHOPS
    TMUHABSn (MIr) -

    ytry tlll **rro****

    the woodlf s whole
    sac eke toll *f belli CHUCK PORK

    hot aida
    by two Negroes

    It's fair with Faircloth white ... U tie moods
    . elf th* trick by-MMsbtMt
    a mile .rr H 20.

    ltd ear Tallahss, eec

    Igbt late I laM wet*. 4ROAST

    A track driver teed
    tie *..*... *w u tkePecsseols
    Street fire
    status her *here*,o. 39 LB.

    '.r...* .....**< ea LB.

    **.**. ",ell carried

    his U ,.U....... tree*

    Attorney Gawral rut .***itt. There JIM DANDYGRITS uMb 4 BLUE PLATE
    efferu **r* being cede

    .. cave Me ..I* ,rM'
    for fitness ii .
    goiennutipioldiog tl *lly severed vigil MAYONNAISEQUART

    the laws Ja .I&H. 4ilt
    trail** *..ltMt I* .
    LM OMMtp alerlff ell y -.

    iilerpreliig laws fairly I la* P, Jey... U-U. 1 5 29

    fled tk* man II ill 6 LB. BAG I
    .. I. deal sr *f

    Falrcloth Facts Tall******. A detailed
    lveetlgtle *f the Va. in .., J.M w Mil iiH irlft tfaft NI teal t$ M if uri (ill ir
    Chairman, fla. Committee For came storys "li
    cede If N*.ll*. his 59t
    S. GOOD IK STEAK 11.
    Fair Representation, 1959 Bftgevr* M Met S ri th *

    It. t.f> I alt* st the

    Director of Ditfi Cosily Bar Assectitloi file *tU.* ald tat VE6ETOLE SHORTENING j lie en 49(

    luck drtevr, I4tlfl4a

    Former member il f la. -Bar Anidillii Pl ..l1l. relied
    IBI I* eel dflelsgI
    IAIUIB FLOUR I 11. '11. 47e
    Committee, for Coislilitfoial Itrhiu **! Ca.llal Elide

    U* Tttla****** t net

    bf ..... .*)..) b* M* e 29
    Hei.er ol I .the 1963 leiislatin ear w.reaaag. eee 1s1 MOOD BLEACH NUT *

    f,.. cUe M side. lie

    leader if niiiinl for M25 1111101niiersily II" .... MUkUf 14e .M ISOIne..m.o MttfMS LOTION SIc im 39C

    npiuln pr'|r''. trt,ir ttld II
    J eisRwe shad ta* ... !cIse 23$
    'I. It HI ,1Ia.. 'Tlele.het VAN CAMP POtX ft KAHSKfW e rA.1t

    YIft FiirclothFffotff ,
    AUtrHy 1..rtI at see Ye sere Stood>
    IN a.*., ten h. ue"

    tillJtr Effkktcyf e.6 y_ is .. -.'lIN
    sad dowse 14 sic f none MRNSw It It tit. lei

    ,. tot. .. Prrs ........ .lli11. -f. wiint


    ,s -S I

    IliE I FLIIIII JTU, _rmis SATlIlU HAT 2, 1H4 j

    Mt. Calvary Seminoles To Hold Barracks Auxiliary Schedules Local Recital __ Brewster Slates Ml. Mona plus

    Meets Saturday Open House Qoirferly Conference
    Prepares For May 4 Meeting

    BT J.I. IRVING SR.Ottttay .r The second quarterly

    Women's Day Ir. Rosa Lit Wlnfltld Barrack 3131 Daring NiH Week conftrenct till be con

    and Mrs. Ruth Mat Taylor ud It* Ladles Auxiliary Brttnttr Mttbodlnt ducted May S la It. Norlnh .
    Annual foam' Day will AMt Chun*. a.,.
    till serve at bottttjdurlnt of Veterans of world hospital an Ictl"part..r 0.
    bt observed my 34throughout .5
    the regular ...t. War I 0.8. A. Inc win 4 la the nation's B. Thorpe, pastor, has
    the day
    ins of tilt Stnlnolt hold its regular joint fifth. largest industry asked all boards to sake
    Calvary Baptist
    Culture Club tltttd for session Saturday May written and financial
    will bold Ogees House
    Church, tilt these for
    tilt celebration 1*, Monday, May 4 at 7 p.n. 2nd at 2': 00 p... at the t1g f 9 durlif the observance reports
    In the hose of the president Joe H. Jane Community of Rational Hospital The services Sunday begin -
    Tat Heed of Christian
    Mrs. C.G. ffil Center, 13th and Gruntbsl week iron May 10 to May with. the Church
    lOin in a
    School at .: 10 ..
    a. .
    HIM, 1790 Dads St. /Streets.Menbrs. 16. Brtwtttr'n record of
    h site Superintendent JohnH.
    tilt president It requesting and friends art health services to the
    A tt will be sponsored
    Jackson in charge.At .
    n full aenbertblp urged to .ttlll d. A lilt. eoBMunlty It .hat served
    la interest of the observance 11 .... the Holy
    atttndanct since chi feature will b* a n ..r.I for slitythrtt years
    Sunday froa .
    final project report, ten of inspectors fro I I outntand- Coaaunloa will bt adalnitttrtd
    represents an
    |:IO to S30: p.n. in
    the annual election of the state Department by the pastor -
    ins contribution to the
    the lour auditorial. of liii
    who will also deliver
    tit ebnreb. Proceeds officers and selection who will inspect the health cart seeds of the
    of delegates for the buddies, and s tn of people of Jackaonvlll the tenons for
    will benefit Districts
    state ...tI'llo Port Auxiliary official Iron the najor services. The
    osslblt the
    will s adt by
    1 and 4. A progrsa (
    Pierce till be Mltcttd. the Stat Department Of till South' outcttndltg combined choirs will
    be prntd. SUNDAY PRKRQ1TATION Acclalnd at ont 1011I.1dr..Uc .0.... Division of
    District I will sponsora All those In arrears will inspect the ladlea group, the Biven Special* will feature a gospel recital Sunday night Christian Service of serve for the corning

    tea following the In payntnt of dues are This inspection is s Mar 3 at 8 o'clock in the House of Ood, Saints of Christ Church of Florida the Methodist Cbnrcb. service under directionof

    aomisg service Sunday urged to sake arrant national IItr..ent of Avenu The local stage, radio and tee wee artists promise to b* at their beet The hospital 1* I...- Mrs. Gertrud Morse

    with Jot Hilton leader .tntt for full paynmt. every Barracks and and. Ira inviting their local following sod the general public to attend and her of the Alerl can and Mrs. Delores Jack

    presiding.Rivivil. The first five t.nb.rt Auxiliary to see that it enjoy. the proar_. Hospital Association, son. Other Board 1 and

    reporting on tin till I. operating up to and is fully accreditedby 2 will serve throughout

    be given prize ttandard. WoodlawnPresbyterian St. Matthew Choirs the Joist CDMlsslonon the day.Choir .
    ScheduledFor All veteran of World CARTER'SFUNERAL Accreditation of 1 and the Morlah

    Fashion 0 Rama far 1, their dependent To Rehearse Friday Hospitals Andrews Board will conduct .
    Greater BeHiaoy HOME the revival hoar
    and friends should attend New CaJn.r.cIt! The Brevsttr story will
    Slated For May Ulh this netting to at S p.a.Choir .
    A District Revlvsl Hoar Notes SMITHCV with prof. r. Clifford bt tnpbsslied during
    "MM. JACKSON, 3 will rehearse
    hear about our effort
    sill be held Sunday at leek beilnnlnc
    The Souls of Abyssinia forne legislation for 1607 LOGAN ST. Olio Davis foraer directorof Hospital Monday at 5 p...; Choir
    BY L.N.
    1 p.s. la Greater PFARSDM. SR. for Sunday, May 10 as In
    Baptist Church will sponsor /va. 24. Sony I von* INCLUDE mile the national 2. tednrsdiy at 8 fl...
    benefit New
    Bethany Baptist Church: greater Church School begins st, Baptist Convention nation concerning activities
    s ftinner Pahlon-0- DCVOTCD DAUGHTER,
    All choirs of the church will also b* given about 9:30; .. .. with T.V. having been appointed In the hospital Mother Midway
    Rana nnd hair style show "Mis. Do 110 THY MERCHANT
    bar been sat III to serve May 17 nt 3:30: : p... in a free but trip to Or- Huger su>>i>rlntennMit I.chrK' t ND-SONCICT-CIIM0- sinister of nutlc nil departments rill b* afforded

    i and Mr*. Victoria Jones the church: nudltoriua.Mr Undo to the State Convention Morning worth It CMIIDKCM AND A MOST or choirs of St. Matthew to the public AME Church

    will serve M litrtu Agnes walker till In June.Luncheon starts nt 10: &I as. orate (00N8| *tl" Baptist Church, Pew through newt released.TV .
    etreaoni The districts will be served. till the Lighting 0'cUldl. Holy Connunlon rlti-x
    of announcements,
    serve at narrator for flats AND '1IIIIfD.. FUN- Oeorie A. Price, pastor. spot
    In tile city have the event. Appeirlngon te hope you will come ... Rev. '.11. wilson HAL stnviccs WILL tc will meet for a combined and a font of Hospital till b* held Sunday during
    bens invited to attend. and enjoy it with us delivering thus ternon. Administrators acheAilid both anjor ser
    ANNOUNCED.CCOKOI rehearsal Friday, May
    progrnn will b* the All,*
    Other services will bt- slnls Malt Chorus, Mrs. Tbos veterans and The Chancel and ............ 1 at 8 P.M. in the for a Radio progm The vices Rev. J. .. Jones,

    lln with the Sunday Lizzie Meulistee, Mail Ladle who plan to join lestninsur choirs till POOL 921 W. church Hidltorlun. annual dUtributlon Clf pastor announced this

    School at 1:30: a. .. Illllaas and Mrs less should do so st once, serve with Miss Rue Mat CHURCH ST. DIED Via/ 7, This till be the carnations to patients week Services will get

    with Buptrinttndent 0.I. Johnson. in tine to order and these st the onnn. SuVIVO INCLUDE A 01- initial plan by Prof. throughout tilt hospital underway at 11 .... and

    Holloaan U eh aria, The sodels are: Mrs. receive ctpt, pin and On Sunday, Roodlswa YOnD MOTHEK.KWS. GUISIEI1AJO Davis to organize a liO- till bt nd on Monday e:30 II." and all choir
    The nrnlRi service belint tie through our Quartermaster United Presbyterian 11. Thursday, May 14 1* ushers. alsiionarlrii.
    Viola McTttr.Mrs. Johnnie *| 3 STEM I 1 '"0. voice choir for st,
    at 11 o'clock with before convention Church will begin It's deiitnated a* Appreciation stewards, claim leaders
    Matthew, and to also lay
    t Mae tllllMi, Mr*. Betty Tote AltO A HOST Of OTMtHHCLMIVES
    the deacons In chant Dnltls Mrs. Marilyn tin*. third year of service ANO ftltNOS.FUNEIAL plan for a Calvactd Day for Brewster and nttwardesa will

    of* the dtvotion. All Butts, Mrs. Lillie Mt* Our goal of 100 .tlb.n to the Cleveland ERVICEI WILLIE pf . $ + choirs and ushers till sill b* a reality by Heikhts.Rltault Heights, observance till btellnaied day, Rev. Jones stated.
    H anil ton, Mrs. Kenneth MELD IN Liven, GA. presented Sunday night,
    serve throughout the Gardner, Mrs. Bernard roll call tin Saturday, Plonitilt, and Magnolia ............. May 24th in the church with the Brew- Activities will begin

    day with Hint larva DshrMrn. Ira* Gardner, Special reman HI on will Gardens sections of CHANT Pnici,2)2t) MIGHT Members of Choirs 1 atr Methodist Hnnpltal with Sunday School at

    Jtnkint In chars of Mrs. Mtllndn Rochester bt given to the 100th greater Jsrknonvlll Avf DUO AMIL 24. through 4 art urgently Auilllary'a Annual Tea 1:10: .... with Brother

    the suwi o.Rev, R,1'". 111 Mrs. Rscktl Butts and ...her The Doodltcn Parish hal SuiVIVOIS INCLUDE IIS-' requested to attend the on Sunday" May 17. Thin R. C. Hart and instructors -

    OUt putor, tll deliver Mr*. Minnie lace art W. Philadelphia Choir outgrowth of the TIll, Mel MAli/II MIT- rehearsal, Prof. Davis occasion in the Auilll- In charge. The 11
    the attain forcer Laura St. Prrskytrlan CMIIL BAOTHEft, PANEL) stated. nry'n fund-relaleg ef a. .. nnrnlng wiirnhlp

    The Holy Cowwnlon service To Observe Fete Church which PICI, AND MAN OTHEISOMOWINt fort In support of the sermon will bo delivered

    will btiin at 1:10a. : Auxiliary PlansAnaiversary was founded In 1170. On I IELATIVEI AND Mt. Sinai hotpltal'a renotatinnprograa by the pastor

    ... with the pastor Inkm Choir lor !Philadelphia Me' .. 1962 the Congregation >> FIINDS.FUNE lltylCES Holiness Church to provide an Oiamntnn for the sick

    *. Fete Baptist Church will observe celebrated it* cull HE ANNOO .CIS. Sets Program Intensive Care Unit for and nhntlas will beginat

    its anniversary tiodus to the George ............ the cart of seriously 4 ,.'. and the final
    The eighth anniversary May 20 at I ,... la the "Retterneit of Our ill patient,
    Abyisliii Sets anhiagton Carver school PETE AKTAN, 8013 DULl service of the day will I
    observance of the Ladies church. nudltorlunTbt when Oiinh .chiN>l and !tAvlNVS. OIEO A tll 26iSutVIVOIS Ntlghhortiood will lie Quality patient care1s be held at 5:30: : "...
    Avatllary 16 .f theletemattonal Church of God the these of I treeltlconnuilty '
    -- C..I01 (tiles' Morning :or..hlr i.'J INCLUDE A Dt- opbaalMd at Brew Chairs 1.2 and :3 will
    Loognhor- Stttt Tenplt Choir will service utter with its personnel,
    held tkly.r MS. FtltA.SCTM sect Friday night MM
    Holy CoMunloa will btadalnlttmd ...' Association will serve, and other choir.is rly in August of 1943 VOTED WirE. pi tuned for Saturday, Board of Director the
    BlVAN 1 In tile church for
    the city kit been ANO MOST May 2 fro 9 until 6.30: .
    Sunday at bt held Sunday, May oodlito moved its services Medical Staff and *uillliry rtktarnal.Kmdny .
    4 p.n In Abytnlnlnantlst 10 at T p... tn Mt. Invited to attend. A to its .*nent or OTNin SOOWINO ELA- p.". in Mt. Sinai Hoi I- irotpn learlaf _
    per May 4 nt B ". .
    Cbtrck with Sew Vemon Itrtlit Church. progran bat been arranged .hove. on the corner of ..*...... net Church 1141 w.2lt their activities for a.,. R. talUcii, pastor.
    I.L. Wynn, pastor and Mr*. Matte Strickland fbr the occMlon Cleveland and toodlatn dtrt. Increased aecoepllnh-
    of Rl, .Pi-Urn Hf Church
    officers In charge All sill bt the! gatttnololit and the public bin been JOHN Win StEEO, 905 Rider L.M. Sports pastor seats of tat highest
    av ST. DIED va 25. ml Rev tllhur '" flU'I"'.
    choirs and akra .111 along with other invited to attend.Dinners service of la rteueitlni tktt standards In patient
    A special SullY I fOil' ma WOE a **o- pastor of Mt. CaravanRaptlst
    serve, oitstindlng artistspartlclpatlsp will lit old thanktgiving will beheld all peron residing feast car*.
    STEED AND Church arenapailnd -
    The ottb. partntnt on the la the dining rooa of of Moncrlef Rd. on The public It Invitedto
    In tile Saactntryt
    HOST or OTHES ion by their
    will.., ..tard., at pros,'., the church My Ith In T ,... ftusdiy. The4 t,[ IO'INt' ItLATIVES ANOMIINOS. Jilt St. tn the deadend visit "" ....t.r during choirs' UMhem and con

    11305... and Choir 4 Prltndn end the gmtnl tnterett of the annlveraary. Reverend prtnklln D. FUNERAL IU- on JOth St be preaeat. open Roses, fleitoesday, gregtliiin. will present

    will rthttnt at 4 ,... public art Invited. Wilson will deliver tilt According to rider Mav II from J:00 to 4:00:
    VICIS BILL ANNOUNCED.. Joint services In the
    edltitloa for tilt oncatltn. Sparks, this will be anorganisational P... to observe your
    -- -- ------- -
    churrh for benefit of
    The servile Jerusalem Baptist meeting "upi tal'. effort for the fttewsrd

    will cllaai with. thee lid every cltlnen In your welfare and every

    tltbrntlon .f tilt Announces Services the arts should feel pit est's welfare directed

    e3o cassATtt24 Lord's 81P".,. Visitors that U>t ...u.. It for to help low get VOTE
    The services
    Sunday In
    their perusal benefit well.
    art eel eon*.
    W. BEAVER 1..111U.t Church: MIT Stl

    Mt. Salem BaptistChurch will begin with the fen-

    day School nt 9:30; n...,
    tociters toZf News with Csll Mannings In

    IYr IOP Regular worahla nr< charge. AS IN THE PAST, YOU CAN COUNT ON
    vice will begin with The atrnlng service

    Sunday School at MO: btglnt at II o'clock

    7 IEEF LIVER lot Whit MH Will Buy ., the superintendentla .Ith Deacons M. ttternn4

    !.seAel *tU4 charge.Morning f. plynn In chargeof ISH BRANTFor
    service begin ..
    the .UOII.. The f
    lAC ON'ROUND YOUR At II .... and *vnlgMrvlc major atraoat will bdcllvtryd

    BEEFSAUSAGE CHOICE at 6 .... by" Pew ....
    The publl I* tltended Jatkaoa. pastor
    Pee.. ee.eebel o vigorous program
    a cordial InvltatlM to Tk* UPS Is scatdslH:

    attend nil ..nIN'.'", at I .. .. tltb art

    WIENERS .., Rog.,.. pastor. Curiae taUf tn "ar,. L of pro,rsssirs,
    IBS. t

    RISKET STEW 3 onscioitleis aid

    HAM ?HOcKS h deiHocratic Ifadership





    ntsN norm eADI'A* 'SCHOOi. MAN


    Mitt .actlN GUM -A. For 8 y HrS Your EkcfMl

    GIZZARDS 4 5 us.ptnNrtoiiM LIS.. -I'' School Svptrtattitat


    New n I ,.....

    ErA NECKS 4 t. tttttt Mlu] tiaiak ,
    J LIS. ajgjantMFwBNCflCA Ywr StfHhittttffit of 5c. sots

    NECK BONES :::; 10 uVNE w..w ns"ue s...e..s.s..rewna-- N.hewee
    .........., sw + su.aeeAwe..ew.wa. AY ..... ....
    "HI Mi WitT t SIN N Will 11 Clllltl 4

    .. ....--



    Demonstrators To Face May 5 Human Rights Citation 57' A & M Students Chicago Unit

    u_ _
    Hoarkigs In St. Aogcstlne Hired By- World's Fair Receives Citation

    ST. AOBUSTttr -- May 8 hu been Mt here u the TALLAHASSEE At the Tallahassee; Alvin K. CHICAOO-(ANP)-Tht lo'
    tentative date of the hearing before County Judge opening date of the lee Pearson, Jtcktonvlll; cal chapter of the National

    Charles C. Mathl for the CUM of 159 persons arrested York forld'a Fair approached Maybtl LIB PlBkttoa. Urban League has
    la recent Raster ...k.d civil rights fednetdc. *.- Port Pierce villl been cited by the parent
    dtBoattraUoo . . . t h elttatat aaoii aoat Rids<< Jr. 8alBvlll body for its out-
    Another Florida AAM University Kenneth Robert. Tallahassee -
    pottponaeot II htaral.art. standing performance In
    likely tlac tile date students retched a fever ; Kirk slapion UU la the arttt of
    Ptabody *charid '
    Indicated it alto the with pitch,Thete art students Tallahatttt; Marcus job development for Ne-
    treipattlii after
    date of the prlaary who bad received word Smith, Miami ; Ntoat croet and use of religious -
    a warning btlac aa a>
    election and attorney Iron Brass Malls lac. Shorter Waal. Charles resources'
    desirable futtt and with
    for the defendant "have that they had beta accepted Tetiu, Riviera Beach; iBtecratlon of the
    indicated that they till conspiracy A 1150 bond at Worldt Fair Frank K. Turner Milton tttffa of flv* major
    tat ttt for neb of the
    Ilk further delay P.d- hoapltaltty aides Richard Rest Jacksonville Chicago bank vas pointed
    loc efforts to itt the three count The FAMU Placement Barbara 11111., out at the league't
    federal courts to liter- 0.8. District Court Bureau directed by the Jtcktonvlll; LucurtltIllltat biggest achlevmmt' ac-

    Ten. Judge Bryant slaptot Rev Clinton C. CunnlBth rttonvllle. cording to the national
    A federal judge la Jack alto refused to atop the M, announced this Debris 111 ton. Tailshiss. onanlittlon'a annual
    St. Aufuttlnt Police D*> ... John I. Wood,
    tonlit refused oa week that S7 more students r rt.
    April 2, to take charge partatat from using fans the Tallthaatee Port Lauderdtlt.Alphonao; The Chicago Urban
    dogs to break ap the caaptt have been I rI all t, Pompano Reach LtIII.u,' Council of Rellllou -
    of tile cues lodged a- desegregation demonstrations AWARD TO NINISTDt--Tht Rev. C.K. Steele ptttor Of FMtHe) Raptttt thatch la
    notified of their Brendt Ind.r.tOll, Leader made a
    .I..t 283 pertooi arrested following an appeal Till' at te*, it congratulated by Dr. George R. Gore Jr. aremdent of Florida accep- ,
    Va. Lawrence Toani.Cuttla stunt for
    lanes Twenty other ttu- public' "openoccupancy
    la civil rights Bad by Mr*. Peabody AkM University, upon receipt of a plaque citing hit to utttandlit contrl hue PlttatnCotU '
    dents reported last week
    .mutratlolll ID St.Auiuttla anl two other NtGotland butloot In the areas of civil and human rlcht The prw> anon was a failure
    that they had .hD been )ndtl*.
    including Mrs churchmen" one of the llth Annual La* Institute sponsored by the FAN! >>these of Law. ThtHer.

    Malcolm Peabody, 72yearold of them a Negro Mr*. M. Steel .*. one of the sponsors of tile recent, "aged Tallahassee' accepted.' "Photography With A Style'
    Thai accepted Included:
    Bother of Massachusetts John Burgess, S3, wife larch on tile State Capitol held to protest the V.I..nau flltbutter on
    felU 0. Bell, DePunlakSprlin.
    Oov. tadicottPeabody. of the HatttchottttiMffracan civil rights legislation la tathlaiton, D.C., and to !f. ;m attention on the
    Once Brown,
    bishop need for tore forthright civil rights action la the ..rata at Florldt. first
    In. Peabody later Mr*. Burgess wa a..** vice president of the Southern Christian Leadership i' iference, headed by Jarkaonvtllt.: tllll J,
    potted a $450 bond wasreleased her of a group taken to Dr. Martin Luther gins, the Rev Mr Steel alto serves .- president of Til If Clark Palatka, Oitrlet
    fro jail laSt. tile county jail.,bel hauee's Inttr-Clvlo Council local civil rights organize J. Davis, JarkKmvtn;
    AutattlBt and returned Marl Davit. Mini
    they refused to leave a
    to her hot laBoitoa Lillie Deopa.Pltnt City:
    segregated motel with Veterans Urged 11 Negro Democratic Candidates nOne
    to ,receive ahtroln oat of them sitting Jlllt.In, HI eh Rprlnci, ,
    *' t .Ico... Richard Sills, Milton, I
    with a big police dog To Use Assigned
    At the sue the laTallahatttt la ttt back teat of the Enter North Carolina Races Elijah Rvana, Tallthaf
    Florida see, Krr.i Frailer Jr
    patrol car. Gl Policy Numbers
    Oo,. Parrit Bryant taldht Palmetto; Natty Orlthat,
    "1. It safe to get IB fNFlfLD, N.C'-Weveti "lOll' have filed for political -
    did to* agree with there with that dog?" Deity or possible error office la Htllfti County and till hliltedOB Pompano Bach; Fred

    Mr*. Petbody't reasons Mrt. Burgess asked when la tile handllBi of their the ballot In the D"O'I"IIrrl. election Henry, Jartamvllle, Stop Shopping For All
    for Jolnlai the St. she tat motioned into 01 Insurance accounts May 30. ........................ Alto Rivllla J... John
    tin, MlM|, George Kelly
    Aipittia detonitra- the police car. The by tile Veterans Ad lnlt- The eight ora and three.rein van III" bee...* of fr Your Photographic Need.EMERSON'S .
    tiont, but that ht rttptcttd > deputy laid It .... tratlon la risked etch are sponsored by of rciMioaie and rhytlcal" Jr. Jacktonvlll In
    lard Langley. Jackson
    her rights to do After tetttflt the MayS tenth by hundred of the H.U h.Iot.n Mow r to. Bryant indicated at date for the .hearing, veteran she fall to use cents, a count..IdsOrgsnisatlon by vot.rrrglatrsrw vlll. Leroy Lloyd Key PHOTO SUPPLY
    the height of tile detunttratloat Mathlt creed to test. Juice Haycock,
    Judge thtlr 01 Inauraact
    which Itcurrrntly and tile fart
    1017 N. MYRTLE AVE
    that ht did transfer the cases of policy number to Idmtl- that the retlitrttlOBbiH'kn Mlejil.Uirlean; wvn nleU,
    nmtictlni an ,
    tot plan to Intervene Bint Juvenile under IT. Peniarola, Llllt Mc-
    fy thfmelvM.1U
    la any way titb the St. to County Court and rt' over flee alllloaveterani intensive vnter rt>ilt* three art open only Dole| "....N Ia. Joyce DM Sn tritlon and !political'tctloa "aturdtft prior
    Atctatlat racial HP* hued the bond of McDonald, CreHvlee,
    on hoi dine GI poItcUi h each
    cmralia la the prlBary and hm 3SI02I2
    IJOO and 1400. This completed and tlth thou- rigidly *.irt.ttd cetera! election, "Kpwr *oa Mrilllltti,

    arralinacat of sands of oases of arc.

    these plus the. 150 per' Identical or sin 1st Tie candldatet art rutnlac -
    VOTE toBt tied IT and over asses, the Individual
    I 1 on a rlntfort of INSTANT
    ho wen arrested la the number assigned to etch food, Freeitna. pad
    MAT Stl the dart bten March policy It the only way Coed norrrt,cnt." 4 MCOFFEE

    28 and April Z.HOLLEY'S of atturlni speedy, atsteuent issued on
    positive Idmtlfleitlon.VetertRi behalf of tht randldttt 139
    trltln the chtrtrd: it

    VA rtiardlai their GI ", aejpiat rrtjtillct.dltrrlKlattlMi I ,
    laatraac* are arced to ,
    BARBECUE MM their policy autberlacladlai at< lintrttrt lI.n.d" : THROUGH SATURDAY RIGHTS RtSfRVCD
    the prefli .,." facet of life U
    UIKCICI letter N.I.V.WUS or. Mtllfti Omitty sad cf- VITA fill APPLE itlitcbe S J.

    IKF to Ideatlfy Mediately. tat I. the suet 110"*fill) 3 I t/ 1 STAKE IICCIIT RiPE IlIun's
    7 their oa aecotit to fashion every cltliM JELlY
    IItllCUI PORK : that tile VA can quickly she resides It the' ntwnly Cltici triii> PEACHES SUGAR

    take the adios they de- stalker h. la tra*
    HIS ( sire or "'IU. t. npfivnl) <"
    d.a la the event that the' till MEDAL llllt :
    PSTATIES rJ. ill clllwnn rritrill.''Of!- 4 51 5 390
    : '' veterta .hat tltltld hi* of their rice t.i .: IK
    HOLUETHi. policy masher, ht 1dftratth ... FLOUR
    Miieriifl tno port t* the tallest r eu "0'
    1 2Kb St., hit service concerted ..rlca IiMKxir _
    .. '' aerial masher and his tnt til tin*** :1oIaJtlhl'
    .to !l1' \; date of birth to enable home prise fonadal: .t 39

    HU Kilts ... bT. ; th* VA to Identify! hit sluice of id. &",If ,, i 5 t n. UULE
    USA scenes I. Ctetr-full Mt. liirrtv

    fill huejta ill colly a riClr'AI' ,I [SHORTENING 49j

    fall netMr nf a-'m-, 14 t I: :: > ID

    ale .
    orr''uUi'r *< i t-t' 'r. e
    The County CennlssloR Needs flllhl trhoolltc.ttJ
    4_c.U. ant nuttnic
    live ,o..r....". .
    ....Mel With Experience A. ld JoktMf, win
    "t111AlIiN nAPHanlJ'
    1 field, filed forth*

    .fflc* .f tttle ..**t'>r POT PIES
    Re-elect "
    fro the Plchlh Die {. 't'

    f trlet. such Itrltd ''-:. ;-- J 1.1..I MilK ran $
    Mtllfti end ..,,.*. era' 8 1
    Flifcktr 4 11I1.( : CIII
    tie: Tte*** Ikfleld ofrtfield .i" Iti i I
    tiled for attt i 1

    ,..,....tath. fit Clmll't: ? :, x. n e M mare 4ttiNEr
    Morgan e tr***. filed for the
    Mallfal Ctttlf geb.el

    read Ure bar tamely .'i r.... r' SA1ET
    .*illM..,. Md mac ) ....... Per ."
    County Cemiissfefter r., ....11 eraserResletnUN.f 6 :, l ills, PICKED TOMATOES

    a..r .*

    I. vote la ctrrtttl, S
    District 5 P E A N 313Fasi

    An ExperiencedPublic t'' Ti c11T1bbrT1NEW 811 MISTED tAe r


    Serv'dnt 2 11. 29r

    CQQlltI flttctfrDignifiedRespected eu..a.IOrMf IbrlU J1 3 t1. X1.11 _' To .roe

    Clitrlct S PURE OIL

    Send U State Sniff IUS .t STATIONAVAILABLE

    roMlri, tslibtislMBMt ol Utile Talbot IslftfJ SWIFTS PREMIUM-

    Wertel .1 l tsl.4Ksh.Hft, cl Jn dprtsswif Aotosity. I TO THE '

    I PraikW Pkfk Tiktts' f her S...fi Ports RIGHTMAN STEAK SALE

    MfCW tea BftWI tfcl trflftll 1 (fSlfMCICe 9L1 CllMm

    .f.!tf !I. JHDtritf
    STEAM ,

    Hi Ctmissta .tern< fUkWr K
    wed 6W Skffti if frMfkl 5 bees. T'ir....r'CMaM' ...c.IftMIW : STEAK LB.

    ... SM1en.t.__
    for \piled .* ctf* Hf tttttr ..... en
    .... .
    All tl IfHiariiit ftJ **
    V1V JFi* 4WfVWwtfV W* 9FW99rtatiliffil Btl BMM MMMlttan&M. :: MOP
    Ca tKXSttt'
    Ptee4iel. f teM* 'to Ptf* l eat: kWfl. ..., ..

    hie 1... ... I P Q CHucit'i AST T .39

    OR tJ1iL l0er 2l a. Jt J Jv


    j i s ) \
    \\ f I


    Sgt. F.L. Smith Floridians Pay Final Respect Gibbs Faculty Language Majors Receive Diplomas Chicago Gets

    Arrives At To Veteran A & M Sfafl' Member Members AttendNatI J I Its Fourth

    New Duty Post .'. '"' ''. .:''I"'fit'r. '..t':". .<".... .<\j { Meetings Negro Priest

    BOMTERBFRO Nether .. 'l .. .,."'n.. < ','!f1. f" '" ". CHICAGO (ASP) -
    (: .I'r, ; ". ..1 ST. PETERSBURG Pro. Re*. Richard C. Wheatley -
    lands-staff Sergeant / ... .. .. .
    1 fesslonal
    Prank L. Faith, son of '.' \' meetings in newly ordained Ro-

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. .. ... r. '.' : ,. :1;" Illinois Nebraska He Men Catholie priest and
    9 York and Mltl.
    Brooks of 1147 W. Fourth .. "."-j Florida, the son of Mr. and Mrs.
    \ ". ."
    Rt., Jacksonville, Fla., .Pi. 1\11';' ...'. .,' .'6.1.I; 1; attracted eight facultyand s Oeorg D. .".U". willing
    has arrived for duty .. 'm"'," I... staff members of > ifs 4'I hi! first Mas her

    with a unit of the U.". ; ) i't .i.i l'{" .. Gibbs Junior College if'it 4 Sunday May 2. at St.
    Air Forces In turop "j" r .. : L.'t. ., : r( during the week of Joacbl church followlug
    AM t. i' April 2024. ,!: his ordinance Thursday
    (USAFK) tt Cup New j f. .IL.. . ""IIJ.. "" .
    ttrdM AB, Netherlands i -. 'W'. "]. .' M.... ,..\ .iji! ; Mr*, .J... Clark, Dean. April 30.
    I' ,
    Sergeant "fttlth an air "j. -- i ''" .. < ... "" r rI.'c" of Instructionaonounced '.,, ', Rev. Iheatley' was ordained *
    policeman previouslyservo ,) ,J' W :* : 'J"" tilt following person : by His rlienc

    .t McCoy AFB.F1 : ..1'. .. Moo' ..t. .y. ', ("f ( u attending tilt Meetings Albert Cardinal Meyer
    Hit new unit support ''::!f.e 'I" \ ; .' '. : C. B. Keen Dean archbishop of Chicago

    the UlAn Minion Of of Students, attendedthe in the Chapel of the I.-
    Mrs. Aierlque BriggsTAaAllA8REE
    providing the major air 50tb annual Meeting maculate Conception at
    She did
    V e was a friend to Many.
    contribution '.". defenseof such to help others to understand to love and to of tilt Association of St. Vary of the Lake
    cOy '
    the NATO trfe.. grow with FAMU." ......................... Collegiate Registrarsand seminary. Muadeleln

    The sergeant graduateof Thus the life of Mrs. counielor Admissions Officer CRAnUATW PROM THE MTARTV:' OP PORKIOI: LANODAGR8 A group of 1(84 graduates 111. His ordination ell-

    Stanton High 8cho61 Aeerique Breckenridge A native of Greens- AACRAO) In On ah..*. N*. of the Florida MM University Department Of Foreign Language poses Mated More than 12 year

    attended the Florid Briggs stitch spanned field Ohio where she braska. He was among proudly with their diplomat. Left to right are Sandra Cummings, Jacksonville, of study for the priest

    Southern' College ei* four decades at Florida received her public More than 700 representatives majoring In French and Spanish; Cna Wiggins, Jacksonville, majoring la 1(!!Danish hood.A .

    tension branch at McCoy AM Unlvenlty, was summed school education Mrs of 600 colleges and German; Fssi Lee Brown Tallahassee majoring la Spanish and French; ties Negro, and the fourth

    Air Force bane during up during funeral Briggs was one of 11 and universities nor F. Johnson test palm Beach majoring In Spanish and French; MM!. Brown of his race to be assigned

    his off-duty hours. services held here 'at Children of the late at the Meeting. Tallahassee, majoring in ftanlsh and French; and Booker C. Peek Jacksonville, to the Chicago
    Hid wife, Rosa la the Bethel Baptist Church Rev and Mrs George Milton P. Hook represented majoring In French and Spanish. Peek received: word shortly before commencement a reb dloe..*. Father

    daughter of Mrs. LillyH. for the toner Florid Breck arid,.. Followingher Olbbs Junior Col. that he had been awarded. a John Hay wJiltney Fellowship for graduate study. The heatley entered Quigley

    Lancaster.of 6112 AT* AIM freshmen woei'iCENTRAL graduation fro leg at the Chicago announcement of his award was received by Jr. leroy H. toodaon chairaan of Preparatory seminary

    'Ionia Road Jacksonville. tilberforce University, Illinois Meeting of the the Florida AM University Department of Foreign Languages. after graduation fro

    Xmla Ohio, where she Annual National Conference (Photo by Flllyau) St. Malachy'" school la

    Majored In builnea education on Higher Education : 19SJ.H was an outstanding -

    We Heed Mulialy To Represent UsLet's she worked in The April 19-22 lion Hope Senior Women Complete Strike CalledBy seminarian both at
    Tnpeka, I... Kansss Meeting attracted More Quigley, and St. I..,' ..

    elect City. Ka*., mid Columbus than 1SOO persona to Plans For 34th Annual Conference Students At Quigley, he received
    Ohio. discuss problems dealing letters in the Art and

    hen the late J. II.". with undergraduate edu Officers and committee leaders of Zion Hope Bap Glee club, and was a

    R. A. (Dick) Lee assumed the presidency cation. tlst Church lUll V. Church ftt., have completed LORMAI4 Miss.AMP4strike eater of the Cardinal
    of Florida AM George L. Brown coordinator plans for the one-day session of the 34th annual for'adul t treat Cathedral Choristers

    MULLALY University in 1924. she of audio. conference of the Senior Wonra' District Convention mint and More social who sing at PontificalHigh

    becMe his first secretary visual aids, was In Ro scheduled for Thursday, May 14 in the freedoM" was reportedly Masses celebratedby
    later cheater New York April staged last week at AJ- Cardinal Meyer at
    and was church, Mrs M.L. Johnson, district president
    House of 20. U. to attend the corn AIM College.According Holy Hae Cathedral.
    elevated to tb.po.ltlonof announced Rev r.R. ftlapson! is the host pastor
    I office B.lIIl111tf.'Ib.after. .,.- NSA's Department of and Rev '.II. Hill I ia the moderator to informant.
    until November Aild1 o.Yhu.1 Instruction ................_._._._._._._._._.._._.n. More than half of the HEM TOW MAI!!
    Representatives ; students of the state To ft} ml, .Jolla
    served Meeting. H* ess one of liltlm
    19J2. she es secretary Activities will get turin the starlight J
    IM.MI.Y PTANM T7:: supported school were Ticket .....t..... Agency
    to two other presidents 4,000 delegate at the underway at 9:30: .... Band and Shepherd Boy
    R"JlrllIlCtn AI.I. the JI'uhplo or nu..1 manly and two acting ...UII ,. with a song service by hour will be featured involved. Ito Post tee? '..tbar,,
    01 (1ulllr IIr creed 'N '.
    rl'lII&r'II" race, '
    presidents of FAMUActln -- Five faculty members the Convention Chorus, with Ml is Aielis Bryant;

    President JuMeB were in Miami to attend following which President president Mrs. Mary -
    Protect your IDlIJITF: : e71F3i'TIN Brag, President til- two different professional Johnson will preside Dsniels director and j

    RC'4.'I1I license t'll fee liam H, Dray JtU..', Meeting. L.O. during the tonal Mrs. Paste H. Brown j Let's Elect A Fill Tim

    Acting President H. Man Harper mathematics la. opening mission at 9:4S: counselor In charge. ,
    tn.tru.nhJ In getting fIu..1fldlllC.1
    lIulhl ens Coasteble.
    sing Ffferson, and Or tractor, attended the o'clock. The day' s final session

    OUI&r.11I George *. Core Jr., who annual Meeting of the Other Morning features will open at 7 p... with ,
    instrumental &II 5ettlne our ne.Javmlle
    Mullah wan ce to Florid MM In19M. Rational Council of will include Introduction devotion led by Mrs. I '1 T '
    Solter Teacher of Mathematics of new workers and FUiel Carnegla of Little I ,: : Vote f fFor
    (\11I' filly finn, Vote For MullntyPeld
    George W. Conoly, eiecutlv which was held April 22- consecration end fellowship Rock Baptist and MM.
    ..,1. Ail,.
    secretary of the 24. : en roll eent of personal Carrie Holloway of
    .. .-.. .=. .; f'y.
    Florida MM University Representing Olbbi and letter orcnnlcation Pint New Zion Baptiat. t .. r |tt

    General Alumni Assocla Junior College *t th* under toe these,
    tlon, pointed out hoe Annual Meeting of the "Raved to Serve. Gilbert GradIs

    Mrs ftrlgge' drive and Florid State Teacher Mra. Anile L. Huff of L.F.BEERBOWER

    personal ambition for Association Meeting "l'eoft4t1lt- will com Reassigned | .
    :: melf.improveeemt. led were: Mrs. .Helen iristit, duct the Bible lesson: t ,

    T her to further her edu lllllaM Motley. Uo Sal' the worship will center

    ducatlonal pursuit lard, and Prank Pierce, ar+1O\IIIdn., ifute talks i
    She received th* .... The aeettag was also by the panelists: and

    degree fro Florida MM held In Miami Beach Mrs, Ills L, Jones of i i t t tt'

    a.. : ."it o* to New York April 21.21.Councilman. St. Jobs Baptist will i
    Honest Just J JI
    University to earn theM Gains use as her subject,
    A. t* guidance and tusdealdeni of the 1 1k'

    counseling. At the time Post By ReelectionRiviera Lord" to be followed f I Iwm btrtsoftt ALL I

    of her passing, she was followed t by whatsoever

    serving I* the Depart- Reach Fie.WP Me Baltk Unto Yen, "
    lint of Student Welfare ( ) Florid flri>t by Mrs. Renalda Jenkins A The People ,

    The ahove l la the mew and Modern coapany aa head counselor of Me Negro to he elected to of Little Rock Baptiat.Tto .
    newest...&Pal. Reach ,IhHII" office building Ithlathoruet stage ,
    lulnn Hall fresh*** telll The Glory of ,
    'located at KO: 13th Rtreet. The company 101I..' s do.1 to 17. Reconstruction Days tin Ood." by ire Susie Mo LACKLAND APR Tel.Alrvun .- At ALL Thus

    al" news it* district offices In Miei t Peneac'ola MrvltUi Mrs Rrlggi dome a tgala.P. josepa L.Walter,
    of Mt Ararat Baa
    Orlando, Lakeland and Rrntenton. The Malcolm CuaaieibaMha MM of Mr. and Mn. Mil
    oe lister Miss
    are t
    tilt Mra. Cither Rost
    I'll ,
    diMpwiy' p n'gram call fur ownership of all Oertr.de M. Breckmrldge. been retined to right of Second Baptist ton McQueen of 1511 f. 10 OB Tb Job

    It* dlitrUt offlre Orefleld.0hloalece; the City Council post 22nd ftt.' Jacksonville
    will feature
    Kllerbe that be has eccpi Fla.Is "being realgaedto Da A Fill
    Charlotte Tie
    Mrs to be fallowed by lasts
    . a MM Beal API. Calif., ,
    of washlagtoi, O.C.ta for the put two year aad the sermon by Rev.

    CENTRAL lire OFFERS FN THI CHJUEWIIWVndprn ltr..U>la*, Mr*. by voter in this North George A. Price, pastor for trslilsg and duty Lm- Paid 101. Adv.
    Pal. aa a supply to.d.lht. --J
    find Attrnrttvp Pollclen fro Besele Breckearldge Church If It. Matthew Baptiat Airman waiters recwtly ..... .....
    Moderator Rill
    M, 000.00 li)| To H50.000.00 will give doming completed Dal ted States
    '\1111.1.$ '? rnC\1IM: arks, and tko Air Port baste Militarytrtialsg
    LIFTWWTCACF offerlagand
    ItrmM'lm1'lr.r.IrNT II.UUT: tfleataeal will closeout her. ,
    A 1941 gradual *f Mat
    CO'JIUN 'TIM IIM'1T41. A.vn
    th* aoraloi aesiloei.He .
    : the '. llbert High
    IIOTIKVttl eeealoii will r*.
    Our 1tf'I'r..utat *f Happy To IBM* at 3 ,. Bcbl be attested
    with Mr*, 4
    I Ilusllre Sets OectroaicM School
    rtpinin, / To You: teal i, aaitk. 3rd vie OfalltheEnglishmen
    In Mlal. Ha.
    QUI niiii fitcsic I cha resident rreelclsg.
    tar the I'rm'f
    Father, U th.r nnd nil OtlldrtnUndtr State preiUeats, Mra. MACH AUHa ACF I1Aeu..u. *

    21 '''lira of Age Sib nlSTRICTIIONUT .... Miller. Rev, J.c. .. stlrrlag LMrtke .... ,
    In urtt Under One Policy lame aid
    Discos .
    *. || ..
    w r.VTarttUPIRILCED r. .|
    New Itnrns AutoMtiCRlly Insured After / ott will the M ii.troducd. who
    rpm. fer **ly I 4Uar, .
    IS Dsym .
    molars will First time ,,.
    .ft t. .
    Branch Office Statewide in hid /e1. an. be ilt.....10... .edits* beeh
    eider tee how
    Florid. Mil AUNwm tie will |. ii.er.vlied ftxiunen erjneiey...... I). many

    by Rra. A.L llaeky****. e. AMIM. .*
    MlM ef B.... ..*. Kf retain PMIS**. furry drink Gordon's?
    tilt ... .
    I srgre tea- a D ..

    \\ .. of tfcem AJ M' Wet that w**

    \ LOOKING FOR A SETTER JOB ? Meet y tar*.To be blt about H,

    Pt.ER !IIDI PCI CordVM'i ta ERfUe! i b4f M&M tbwedrm

    CIVIL _net pvmoM 1&1 0 *am 11." -M II hj ant calt .*! the

    ReM your ,re.t Jeb wkll traUIsg. Mall Vhtt Prttibly

    this ***. for free list *f civil eervleeHltleas l becii %rt brave sheaf.nlweJ .

    fer ehlcft we CM train ,...leytralalag to tmmyet ..edI I

    I* a trtvat *dw*l *.*.tH to *resartsg ...t>>. Cor4oa'a..

    prom o atH4tt*** .. and -- fr civil ...r.uat..u. 1-rU beck Ie AJnaMer
    \ tie .*., C.r.!..'1 .rillsel.
    n ITU m.n:' ion ftAt'lt"aaIlO c.acmBed hij

    X'UJCR wia tort M tt fait Jas Leedow IU ,... ...-
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    in tuscM mutt tlpt. I awl delicate Iliw.s i '

    411 Israeli U** Uc.. ..... II4SIIItl maa" etclul.d sad
    t.dnrlsemrmd M tttb. ..,.

    ltMt............,........A1"............ 3' ...cn.PACE .\.,....

    .fiMl_ s.

    i' a........................e 7f;.......N....

    .A I swans IAsen..n..sowwcawu .m
    #. Offt.....a..........Rf7rrTt.........ttta7fL.... air aim e..Y.ar es..w w w r at rhea w.wr .

    Ileef at its :Best Ds...u....................N ** .*.*...... wee



    t r t.


    SAn II II Mil 2, ISM flHIDA sm urns PALE I



    Kir lUlU We Recommend These Candidates Traditional Exercises Mark Annual Event ION
    Office Help, TJrpIei,
    .aecrttarlal good la For Your Voting Consideration

    Eaillah. dries car I 0.8. SWATOR1A HOUSE Of JC.ft-mIl1'lTAn- JUDGE. JUVKNILK AND

    Ion in Mini grit: Sptaaard C. Holland OHOCP I DOMESTIC) RELATIONS t "" +1+ 1iit
    Interstate P.O. BOI IB Ural ley odhaa<< 13A Ronald M.Ctftlat COURT GROUP No. 1 r r

    1171. JackaonVllle 1.rlorld. 14A David C. dredge 33A Phillip Coaillo
    .. BrAn OOVTKWHSAHaydon Culbraath + w
    15A Henry UDppenborn 34A I. It.
    Burns I3B Nash Russ 33A Ares P. Ooahiaraii t
    Miami hit Mower Ci.Auwoairco IIA Fred Bud Dleklaaon 148 Robert L. fthavla 33B Victor Levine I
    7A Robert K. Hlih
    I SERVICE AND 34B Donald K. Btoit
    SR Frederick B. Karl
    FtItTILI zus.SHa"'EIiINCO.YiUINCO :2
    7B John K.JackMattheesJUDICIAL: No. :2
    ItA Barnard Berman
    3SA Martin Shacbat
    In Stares Ti Senri TII CIRCUIT JUIXffi:: 17A John BonarISA 38B Rufus C. Bundle
    P.A.Mlka Calboun.Jr.
    27 V*. 27 TN Avi. CaLL CROP No. 3
    I9A Daniel Katanauih BOARD OP PUBLIC
    4A Harvtt DuVal
    HI I 4-2305 2056L 0
    OiTU Ro. CUtt 54323Spotlight 411 Robert Znltner 118 Ralph PoetonITR INSTRUCTION AT tARGK
    hill!_ Salth No. :2

    FLORIDA PUBLIC UTILI"roINlAAlllmt 111I Linton TlI.rHOOSF. 404 Robert B. Butler
    41A Jack D Gordon
    Of' lwmnfTAnVm 4Or Aniela All UI _
    9A Phillip R. Brewer c
    GROUP: 32U 4111 Pied RptchtCONRTABUC TO MIAMI" these was wiphaalied fcy" "uonlla Otis D. J..... ftalutatorlnn for F Ca Claaa ot.))
    PH Rklwla Meson
    Leo A. Purlonc, Jr .hc' delivered the addreaa at Florida Memorial Colleif'a 72nd: Foundeia Day ProirM held lest hater *

    r STATE: RWATORniSTMCT 71IIRTFF7r1tl 324 Kenneth H. Mytra21B No. :2 ttj. Cure! James .u Introduce! r-y FMC President Pr. R.I. '11".r. seated rlallt. Photo right shows

    mck Xanlck 47A Ray R. Bradley traditional graveside cereaony her. atuilntta Ins Hill and Janell rlht' laid .r..tllliln Dr. Nathan I
    IIA Charles Rront 48Alllla (Red) Oil. Crtlliera aravt. Dr. Puryear delivered the tribute to the cofoundera Miss "-rill" Mocker" and Dr.
    124 Robert llavtrfltld leapt foil ifr.Gncc .
    GROUP 124A
    1111 Cliff Herrell 47B t.J. "Jack" Kersey
    David Bro..r23A 4IB Joseph A. Toablln Presby term i Northwest YWCA Center Activities MAY 5th
    U.I'. CCNCRRM THIRD Marguerite Krauax
    1r niRTMCT 26A Mary Ana McKenzie BOARD OP PUBLIC Church Services ier.1.11..1'1. 1"11"a needed to blip In the Vote I

    7 11Mocvl 2A tooily Hampton 24R Murray ft. Meyeraon2S8 INSTRUCTION: AT LARGE The sine, tors of ihtNorthavat surer aetl UI.a pro-

    :3A Cluui Pepper'" Ralph 11:. Oattrlt3tR No. I The Coning Qf Tile lIrA Center Ira at the Nortbvtat MAY Slfc

    I Dnhvm Allan P. StaarnaJr. 37A Prances 11:. pryarISA (\III ro rte r." John 16:7: loa Pliklni Club alll "(' ('1'II'n.

    ODVDtNOK Mauley OoodMnStA will be our Sunder More.Ui .begin oa faturdajr. May M..fHeW.ft.rI.!
    50 I ell Polka HOUSE OP RTRfSWTATlVCTGROUP Roderick Knott topic for those de. 2nd. Rule mull sect at Near. llltar, Ira Hnr...
    81'1 H.B. (Ron) Poster : 14 37B Jero e Lanibeln3SR siring transportation& the Ontvr. MOO ,N. 21lt CsIlerMsthe.et$ see. C'll1I' vesper, PlLeud.rdule.

    7D Charles R. Holley 294 Nailnt Raker MaryB Malrlya3M to tilt Bartlet Rally it Ave, at 7:MO '.', sill Mt l-llll. UNIII4I".
    30A Oomt Biting tilt ...........
    Roil .
    Jane B. Rulwrta Orwiit jtmdaytvenlnt 0. On la Utt CUbUadtr.
    Product AT'I'\ItII" GFTIBAL 29R Arthur C. Young cars tilt be Per further Infonn- Lit'.la jab: tall MM.Ntl "i" IU Pen PalrclothH ocxmn moutirp31A **, ... '.OM1.ll ... Il
    !BOARD OP PUBLIC leaving the church at t inn call )4-2<}|. Only > Prefer ** 01 The WeekWMBM James P Kyni T.A. Bichonan INSTRUCTION AT LAROR: $::4J o'tlnell.Thnka ten trays OM partlelpattIn ........... an Iraaipartallaa. Call

    32* Floyd F. Miner NO. 4 to tile neat '*-la .r Oat.Vra. t hUar. Mrs *ckackl" PUBLIC IIF7'FTI1W7tFLeVI each t.fI. ............
    4)4 Gene Davtdaon44A tease la laprovlai tLCLjals-acnta .* pkiLlwla... '''' ''ltl,
    >}rm JVDICIU.riRCUlT ............
    HOUSE': 0. RFPRFRF'ITATIVPB Anna Breaker Mtytra church ittradane tad reek merle Call ira
    GROUP 3 4)R C.T. McCrlauon4iR stoles for the pent feaftntha. All toatn art s..a ted tlakl .h.... wrk, .aalnMcW .....t.

    Mini rfeidi LOA Robert L. Koepptl 20A Creed P.Alderaon.Jr. Gabrielle Nash In the ease of to pirtlrlratt In the ha.*, .IU.r, pod ret. Call ............
    1011 of tilt V -
    lluitblan activities *
    Long 20R Carey Matthew our Lord Jews cent hut Meets Midas. at .......Jajt Ail| araaad can. I des a
    HOO" or RI1'RTUITATIVI1t Honors Set tile fruitful wrk. sen's irtup The atittttlM lUll .>r* OrlAta ",''''' ii, ....*, Card aarkaaatll aaMra.
    GROUP < For Mothers Plans for .0...' pay ............ knwwwrk. TaadtMa,
    SERVICE: FIRST INSUR\NCE AGENCY hat kt... 2JA Murray M.R. Dubbin the o* Monday. May 4tb at ....12.,,
    on fifth eunJwr .
    sane pegb keep tf IH b.aStele else*, HcrMt .L are 3 *. at the V Center >at, la take care al
    tuui San: lIa&ll II hnnHIIJAF. The lster Rselal p. ............
    Its e. .....d se m. Stu asp ec_ sRc.cy Is Mothers Aaaoclatlon will progressing well. Tooth 1100 N. I. )|il At. It husband. soil, Mil drive| ,
    ..... o/ n.wa. Of' R PRy1ts7ITITIVFJIOBOLP CoMtialcaat Classes ira Verwaseat !' aa., Pr.. t* p Mi4klt half alllar ..<

    .. nuo LU rb y-.... '- 11, hold
    ITA TM Rptoctr2TR < ".., la tack aoath Mr. ,... Ikrtai. Aal...,. <..... Call KM, ttalrlitM
    at t.tO ,. at thtJwlah Monday
    niter lelaaGROUP
    Serviee First hjuranoc There till lit aa !1' .,.. Call 1..tl"hUN '.'ill, Narwl.t31.solt.
    Agency HI VBk 01 RRRRRS71TATt VRA Ctiltaral Center Lena ra Joba son ItTttatit
    i: 421 Ltaoi Art lull partaat M,tlai of ill .hl r.... IM' ladle Creel pr|... .............

    3497 North**) ?ih A'couc, Miami SB 54335 2<4 Jack Ml28R Beach ? oriaaliitUaa of tilt !fs QtI_er Vrul.irg, ; ............ .....,.. 'lt.ffawi itrl

    16300 North mnI 2th Ave uc, Opa-LocU ..VA 4-661, Diet Pucker Tickets are availablettom church voadajr at 1.10p. : "aut..,., hot sad boaa.k...*,. Alllit| Llve.Is I alikii, Mrt
    ......,.. .*. la tilt eametesry. sate and f..,1. ore It "."1. Mrt Irattt hw.aet.1r/6.


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    On Each New 1064 Buick Sold Camt In and)

    199 thecomplete

    :, We think if ) line

    't ef Iukkitee1ayl

    you re seriouslyinterested ,'" 4395 00

    in a new ;

    car, you can't help

    getting serious about aSHEEHAN


    ?+ $ 2737u

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    o iru i-ooo grooms conn

    \ ; '- 4514

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    u SAJJI' i-Doot:; com SHEEHAN BUICK .

    1- 3191"

    2N1 1 S..W. tth St., Miimii11

    ,', l ...
    ii -1' b .1

    LACE 11 FLORIDA Jill MKIS_ _

    CONMF3IORATIVK: LIfE IN NUBS O.Ieal Iq Rice NAACP Launches Negro Doctor Editor Supports 2 Negro Cops NegroComing,

    Wl aoAHANmn II.r. uvi-iii For Actor's Post All Out! Drive. Hcydca Bins For Governor Suspended for Into Own

    rive Innortil mnotrs MAID Job. US.... I". .. Against' Lever Corp.ST. On Broadway
    Strew. Mourt .nethoven. Pare Advanced Mellon NCI YORK (Reprinted from the Port Lauderdale spur)
    ,...., aa< Verdi li Agency, Lrtbrook II,r. \rtio' .111 succeed veteran LOUIS 10,--Kt. "Ibert are six Democratic candidates for Helping MOB The Aserlean Negro is
    2] griM gold. Md 16 iriM screen, stage and telt- Louis metropolitan arts Governor of the State of Florida. There are finally coring into his
    Ilh.r.Ja official Merle Tltlon star, Rarlh Btllasy branches of tilt 'National also three Republican candidates for the TAMPA CARP) Because om on Broadny accordIng -
    lated by the A .trUitreanury aa president of Assoeatl: for tilt Ad. governor s race. It will be some tine yet they apparently to the April issue
    Spec!.! offer: LEe s Actor' gutty Assocla- vtnctient of Colored before a Republican governor ill be elec- wanted to bt kind and of Ebony ...uiD..

    old coin SO dollars SUE IEMII tics fPr.d.rick People have launched t ted; possibly not before 1970. Therefore, helpful to s drunk, two This season the .....
    piece, silver 10 dollars 1 I I 0' 11..1, a no-holda-barred site Negroes of the state of Florida should vtttrsn Negro policemen slat says in a special
    .ch. Ideal lift ror tll. Sin lipilriifOf graduate of the Aldrldge the buying campaign concentrate on the election of the best sere recently: suspended roundup sort than 190
    coin collector or musts Players of 8t. Louis wd against the giant Lever candidate for governor in the Democraticrace. hers for five days oa Negro actors and actresses -

    lover, Send e.*h,check or / AIJ Kill the Antrlcaa Negro Brothers aanufaeturiag chants of neglect of bate bund rolesin
    one/ order, upeelfiini 'Theatre of Nee York hM combine The drift i. "The question as to who is the best duty. Broadway production! .
    hick codixiwr desired toy: Is Our the backing of Bell-,. staid at tttlni more candidate is a mutter of opinion Ie note Ironically, tilt case then the season opened

    VRRJMNl: >-qun.LK:, Vienna I Oisinss I The other conttt nt is Negroes on the co-pany s that out of the group of Democratic candidates out of chick the sui September 14, only IS
    llMHFnirtnrfftriitrMiii 113 Oily Pddlt Wtstoa, who it payroll only three stand a possible chanceof ( ntlons grew cat Negroes were. working la
    Austrls..prompt deliverycuariteitd tin well known In the Scores of NAACP voluntttr winning the election for governor'namely, brought to the attention holdover efforts from
    MS riOHIA IVEinCELECT theatrical 00 rid. The workers bar been
    til pottage Hajrdon Burns, Dickinson and Jack Matthews. of higher echelon officials the prntoa..uon.
    ptld. tarry, s nominating 0DIIII1 U. of side of sajor stores and
    who is an admitted liberal, headquarters after Officers that producer art not
    the Kjilty. 0' ..II, who supermarkets is the area
    will be a close runner-up, but Hiapton HcColloucji confining Negroes to
    U Negro,was nominated passiai out handbills
    will not wln."' will get and and Fit Jan townatt.apted productions about Negroes.
    by pttltlon. urging shoppers not to rightly deserves a "Vote of 11 to help a wan .
    tailed to Brothtrs'
    Ballot sire purclisat Lever
    Appreciation'from the Negroes they found sleeping ina "Tbt season ..... to
    JESSE H. LEIGH the sore than 11.000 products.Tnest of Florida. Remember, I said Central Avenue bar. have been narked also
    eaters of the 50-year- include the following -
    an "appreciation vote not a According to a reportof by a willingness on the
    JUSTICE OF THI PEACE old union (which launchtd soaps and dettrl block vote Because, unless a PR UIZELL the CU',tII. officers part of sore and ore
    the fight against Dove
    l : Lax 11 ft-
    candidate la a winner, he cannot help us. sere called to tile bar producer to hire Ne-
    segregation in theatres) bony, Swan, All.Brell.,
    DISTRICT 4 Therefore, we as a group should be prac- to get the Ban out. Instead grots In minor roles
    several seeks ago: Hi Run and
    mo Disk,
    tical about politics and support the best of arresting him; simply to underline the
    Counting of tilt ballotsIn toothpaste:Pepsodent and
    Proven! Ability l candidate out of the three possible winners: for being drunk and producers' belief in
    the organisation'sfirst mrlpt; aargarlnes: !.-
    Continue niwilty In flit .. contested prtsi penal and Good Luck namelyMajor Hajrdon Burns of Jacksonville, sleeping on private Interracial ctitlng,"
    office, dent election is expected Florida. property' the officers the article says.
    Apry shortening; BlrdsRt -
    Tinpor Kerry with Justlct / to b. announced frozen foods, and "All three possible winners are admitted took the nan outside It noted that Negroes
    Paid Pol. Adv May .. Lipton teas and soups. pro-segregationists. So we should support and told him to go none. were cut In such late
    the best nan, as four years Is too long Soon after, the man arrivals as 'Tunny
    to wait for another governor's race to help called headquarters Girl" and 'never Live
    elect a man who will give job appointments accused one of tilt officers Over A Pretzel 'acto,,'.'
    At a state level. of taking 141 Despite the upward

    "I appreciate Mayor Robert King High's fro his pockets. 'Cspt. trend, however, Ebony
    s liberal viewll and his stand on civil rights L.H. lower .said how- notes that actors feel
    "e'e but we are going to act our civil rightsregardless ever, that Investigation casting policies ''autb.
    of Ralph Walter'sTax I. to who is governor What we want shoved that the changed drastically

    'And need moat are jobs such as highway .., was not telling the to allow for even sort
    patrolmen, game wardens, hotel and restaurant truth about the IOU, ust" of Negro talent.
    PROOF Inspectors, agriculture supervisors -
    Favoritism Tax Plan barber and beauty shop Inspectors 1
    - -
    ,as well as appointments on the various

    Assessor Ralph Walter's Homer boards of the state agencies. This Mayor RE.ELICTLONNIEA.SIKES
    r Hajrdon Rums has committed himself to do
    if elected The Negroes of Florida can
    1 e get the above appointments If they support
    t l'I e r { Mayor Haydon Burns and our civil E CONSTABLE 1

    e'T rights will be no problem."I I oirriKT 1
    bt feel that Mayor Haydon Burns will
    make a good governor, building a big industrial I Check the background of your I
    Florida which will mean more
    : jobs for Negroes, I believe that enough II 1 A_ Candidates for Constable

    Negroes in the state of Florida will sup tour candidate with a PROVm, KFCORO OP KX-
    i I II
    port Mayor Haydon Burn' candidacy to help pouitR. iimam Ail' ) rnmwwcit'
    elect him. I believe that he will stand by I Over IS TEAM SF.RVIC: aa your Constable I II
    his commitments tn build bigger and better I fttattwldt Recognition as OUTminiiO!' Law I II

    Florida for all the people in our fair I RnforcMsnt Officer I

    ,tit.. t National Recognition. for Investigation work ,
    "I Intend to work for the election of I ia Solving Capital Of fens*'I Cases

    h Mayor Haydon Burns--wln, lose or drl..- I e Wpurred Passage of worthless tttck Law ia I
    s a simply because I believe that he la the : ( 1991-Aavlng Duval Tax PaytraABuslatas I
    best man who has a great chance to win I mot SAM THOUtAItn OP DOLLARS RACH TPA
    the election. I have no personal ax to rmciwr a ",.... TRAIIH STOP
    grind and am not paid. made a contribution I Actlvt la Youth work A Crlat Preventive i
    to his campaign fund and am proudto I Prograna Paid Pol. Adv. I II

    have helped. When he' s governor, if I - - -. - -

    enough Negroes have helped, he will keep .
    his comltments. IIV. TILMPELA. .

    "It is regrettable that the recent racial t ---

    Incidents in Jacksonville preclpated by a ....III AI."......Life
    with personal grievancesin ::..:: !..=
    number of Negroes r' s.s..r+..- J r -I
    order to embarass and hurt the mayor :.......

    at the height of his campaign for ..oy.rnor. 5 !=o.!:..=:to;:* 55t"I'
    .ace This has caused Negroes to be blinded +:'w =-".., ..: "
    to the Issues invovled and blame Mayor t :.i:-. ;r:
    r. "fait*: in TAX AiHMKor Rulph: .nlt rn nlnttil "HUM >t 4317 McOlrti Bird. Haydon Burn far the trouble when he did -.-.---.e. 60

    In, nn 1C'hlll" oren nvrrlixildri then Ort.ei Rltrr.Assissacfll. the sue thing that I would have done had iS: :.:::=::::. .::':='

    ,300......'1963 CciitY tillS '67.60 I been in his place a* a retaliation for 13 :-::1=-=-'::"--=...=- =.-' .F"-"-_ 67rwr.r
    the under-handed, dirty unfair political w.ti
    tactic being need against him under the Men- sow w me .., -.r
    Compare It With This Negro Home of racial demonstrations. IS .. _, ........_ ... ... -=....._ 72
    guise .w.. -
    E.."b..... 1': .. .a :
    11th reference to the golf course incident -

    and the swimming pool closing in 2. -...n_ea.a..Mt..o..wa.-.e _- ..a-r. 77
    Jacksonvllle.Mayor Haydon Burns has denied
    the responsibility for closing the swimming 30 sane sass ne.a 10i
    h..wty .a a toms
    ahd excerpt fro the minute of
    pool :r-::
    :: "ZS, '
    the meeting of the Recreation Department.June .
    27, 1061. prove that it gas not lee J7 Y. lraea__M r.._.. .veer U
    --. --- -- ---
    who closed the swimming pools. He has also _r.r..r..wew. -- _.- ..ren..w
    satisfied aa explanation of the selling of 42 sow. ..: HU
    the golf course to those who Questionedhim ...w- t1
    en this issue. I am sure that he will lev. Ttmtsel. CearasttetT

    be glad to explain to any other personsinterested lertan Yew tat Net**. HTmnlfl
    s to their satisfaction."A 5) Udkv Nis-Airs Sort Te WIlt
    little cheap sews sheet appeared oa
    -i the streets last week, half.irltten and

    poorly edited supposedly criticising BfAVf ST. SfAfOODS
    wt leader who support Mayor Haydon Bum. I

    merely mentioned this nets sheet beetase yen haeare.....saev M...........
    the CAM'tareatened the "turns Support s........mw Se.mean eU e.ws e..w.ever

    .r*" but a hound dog need not t..r. -2677 W'IAVII eta"..:.. EVIUJJrnImorur

    little fife dog like tit CAM lad their
    This U s modest Negro hw it 1411 lest Ith 8trt t, It U : 1f"'iJ.'V-JrU.tP1! j!
    heet. 1 should warn IBM that % greattateaaM
    kept t4r bjr a pslss>taklDi colored cltiito.ASSISSBUI '
    said 1 not
    once tfeat. may agree
    .SeO.1963 CtHtr Tins >67.(0 with what you say, but I will fight to my I Id >!*..-..M I bt fm 7 n.l '.1. .4,

    death your right to say It -- ... .......
    Mr. lalt.r tells you fc.*H protect your Hoawtt Exeaetion mis CAUGHTSMHPMU.I
    D. ." ..D.
    Yen .11. UVl
    N leer Him m Pitied iMHtnl HWIIHY0t DRUM MAIN S139

    WH! Elect VOTE sushi 2 2fldh UklmMNHf I *


    Roynioid Divid 5 ...... QI't ,I.JI CAUGIfTiJ&a

    J 'sin 5 .c

    Tax Assessor
    r WMSIYANMtr .-.c.NI.. WICUUD

    .. Dull SlHis Fir ,' / ..a....,.. ...., IMIftYIS tsatAfumsm JBBftfTW 55V
    A ftfflATL
    fair Md (,.., Twrtiw > DOn Call 31. 3371w 1P.., Till srfFttBH < CAUGHT frOAT LOAD HACK
    5 __
    Dare M Btlltr kW ts sow ......-Aess....
    ..----.e._ TROUT 4 dL 51

    PrtItcM .1 Ihautud b.,. ........ -

    Hit M. *4. .. s iEl Imml ems di II.Wlg tlsllr UIMISHXIM 7tJc fUIaI IIUM
    I mm 35''ta


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    t'' .A' t ; '

    S.TIll.T HIT 2, 1K4 FlftllA STII PAPEIS PIKE 11

    I Weather Slows Down Bob Hayes Record Attempts Despite Brace Of Wins I


    lady SodbillirsSlile Shares SoUl't Says Clay Applying Keglers Spark Weekly Action On Local Lanes 1 Watch This ClowiIS

    Benin Pressure OB listoiLODISVILU
    i 4) 22
    Slot Saturday' (All?) -

    The way was reportedly 433-11-14,
    Benefit @tto
    being cleared here last I 114II11
    A record ttnoat tf teek to stage a Caaalta

    ports faaa Is expected c City-Sonny Lie ton chatplosshlp i 31 I
    to bo on hand at KyrtltAvenue retatch laLouiavlllt y

    Ballpark Saturday after Clay's 4 5 L:. 7
    sight then tko SchoolMan backers put pressure OB
    and tealnt "h.1 Lie ton and got him to '

    d. softball teats agree to their tens, 1 1 : 712 31 431

    clash in the Mich pobll- Including cancellationof : : ____ So..tlees Ht' UPSo..ti.es
    cited gejat slated to get the contract aadt before _
    see does
    tadertay at d clock. Cattlua ton the
    He adds, subtractsHe
    The School lam art a title last Pcbniaqr.Atoag .
    works it all around
    classy unit cosprlsed ofphysical the tent agreedto
    td. Instructors n.iloll ..,.. of by tilt Litton catp
    ia the Deal public Jacksonville, shared the according to Bill Paver 25 12 IIMan's

    school ayatet. spotlight with other U. aha*,tto.acts as ....., 4*a .................
    They (o late the iuat 8. Olysplc track and of Clay ere: .p
    favorites doe to field teat hopefuls last t Sonny's reinstate- Days

    their having the advantage Saturday them he copped tent by the World Boning Are Numbered

    of being is top both tile 100 and 320 Association The USA, 'IIu' Day art :Hutbe -

    physical condition a* a yard data events during falling to lift Clay's w.- _____ I red" Health and Fortune -
    result of their daily the annual running of title for what It 4lp,, Can. Re Youra then

    actimias.However. the Pent Relays la tinted actions hartful lot Knot Your Lucky

    supporters of Philadelphia Sporting! to boilag. turned to L 0.,.. Lucky Colors Ftc,
    the Quaint Py ret Ida are a cold the Ash Junior Liton and dropped hit
    Send $100 tot yourHoroscope
    telllag the sports public thrilled an attendance froej Its ratings, after Guide fur

    not to sell the of tote 31. ooo.odil fane Sonny had an encounter May

    0.' short lOW that with his superlative ei- with police In Denver. blank brlot
    Pill II till
    they .haft undergone ploy ta. 2. The contract signed Post
    and sail to TODIAP,
    several seeks of strew (Photo by Betsley) by Lie ton and Clay before Office Boa '''I..Iark.'II.III. -
    ova practice Is anticipation last Feb. 25 title .
    I, FlorliU,
    of ,their .....'.. Football TIM Gets bout, be canceled. .
    TOP CONPrriTORS' Mlllane Fuel ftenlrt ten tmtert .r..' t ao ouch coaevraed toward tlimlagchaHplonahlp NAME
    first win this cot let 3. The re-organcation
    Yur's Probation honors this season ae they are toeard etrlving to dn their very beat every Thursday
    Saturday Blent. of laterCeatlnenalPrototions. BTRBTf NH i '>
    BAM FRANCISCO -- night during the "Rally Lee u'a weekly action on spacious Crown Boding Lanea. Crack team mentors
    Proceeds fret the sane Inc., with
    (ASP) Tht National shown from left are: Herein 'illIMC, apontor: Johnny grown, CoriGrant, Cupt MlliM 0111 and rwnoFfOJT BIHT-- ..+-n.
    111 be tlltied by tat Lie ton celling his &0
    Collegiate Athletic Just Konroe. (Royal Art Studio Photo ) Ii'," Day
    Qui I t Py real da toward per cent stock .. the
    Aria last week pitted
    enhancing their current rI re. It tat the disclosure -
    Prairie Viet AIM college Robinson Speaks Giilher
    hospital Bind 4f1 n. that ICP had Hayes

    Florida AtM's fated of Thai' oa probationfor signed tlth Clay for At Sports Dinner Were Inlirviewed
    a year, for cot-
    Rattlers lid till right to promote .
    HOUSTON Ttias -
    Den eon will be the chief pttltf Is tilt National Caaaiue' first tl'ledefenM : ( umpire, and will be assisted Atfoclatlos of Intercolleilate that oatMltlblyenurred IPM.WHEREVER .
    star Jackie Hob U eon, TAILAISAPSrt' Florida
    by Carlton Bryant playoffs last fall.Hovever .(HUM the -BA to at last .Saturday (April 2') AU VII"""It,' Cnirh I
    tad Leroy Coi oa the trtpt to lift "Tht sou the principal speaker .. S. (Jake) Oilther and
    bates.ttllknoaa. only the college Lip ." hosing crom.Heanehlle at an anneal athletic. Robert ( the lorld'a

    deejay Abra- football teat eataffected Lleton laao banquet at Tesaa Aw them ,.., ..1.. Susan) Hayes
    .has till be handling the and the oil, anilou to meet Clay Ualveralty here, Pere interviewed There. llI

    play by play action via sanction was that the he la likely to agreeto etitre outattndlag a th dar "prll 30. at T p.t, '
    .. tIM shall ead Ita regular
    the public address schedule virtually anything fetes and chaaploaahlr h the .riU." rrngret.tr ..
    ten.A season and legal. "All 1 can do Slat school coates were tat\1tUIU''$'. .t
    tell rounded sate is not be p.nltt.d to la eat. sleep will think honored. Gorse Aker, host _
    Raised at the fettrday" participate la any postseason about Clay" said the
    The only Negro baseball 011 t"O..vr''UIO'f' conducted '
    eight spectacle which cotpttitlot. et>chaiep." '1 can't walt player tn beewe s .*.. the Intoned tam .' '"
    till provide enjoyteat Slippery Rock stttt tatll I get kit In the her tf beiebatl's Hall part latent... i-i-i .IMA I II" eh
    the entire fttily college was also put on ----_
    for flag twin of Ftt..
    probation ..d., tat teatstlptlstlos.
    Cobras D.I.a'CI..r..I.r .

    Club Prairie lists Viet Teedteracollege beat Nebraska YOU UVE IN DUVAl COUNTY

    ST. Prm BURO Gibes at Kearney,
    Junior Colh, sotched
    ..11. oa Dec. 7 to advance
    Its third. baseball victory to the f la alt lathe

    of the atatot by NASA playoffs, but

    defeatist the Cleartater lest II-TI to It. John's
    Athletlce. ..1. here University tf College THE BOB HARRIS "OflDpifl

    recently. vllle. II... it the
    Morris Coll lea tat the CtMtlla Row) fottbell

    timing pitcher. Be gave gas at Saerattntt, .....
    tp tae hits chile talk- .win.r
    Calif., the follotltgteek.
    lat Oil sad striking .
    eMIt fotr. r


    11(1( Til liE III

    Toe Seek The BMt Doctor

    II then lour toctor Prescribes
    let I.,.,..,.. ...aruet.... II

    ..AceoNl1.. t. Tour hectors
    Orders te Bet Only Tit Mat .
    Dr. c.1. .d
    Quality Dries
    Proprietor II

    i Rwimow PXAtjucira: '!) deS_ nu .


    CottMtles .....? CMdt Cat diet AncrleePUSCRIPTIOMI I .

    I .

    Lilly's Drug St ors I .

    I II
    IHl IIICI 1111 II Mill


    0prII tveeop r .

    R S. EVANS II ??

    .11I'bM11Df"1&oC tMMMte1 D* lrr- r. UiU Q'JW LA rucr+oks NCJ S Ai'KNGAMS' I'
    f. foC
    3RD&MAINUt I h yrtJrifyevnl" ts1'iKSdww' tefTtag ..

    Your 010 CAR MU U Do.. IMymMu

    I BIIf!: ....
    ntit *a-.>SMBI.nD I .I...................--$1.3-- ...C ,.,.., .......... ......

    r rim &IS tom WT1C ......t1JII. e.n : I + je 13'toa'iat"+Ml. evlC I
    *! roftn
    -J i I'. J e1a41d-....smAN 4I'./. e e woe

    62 Ford. V.8sc .-,-. ..SI1W'UIi 4 ; : -...e 3.,' 4L ,....OtI4-"C _. a'e N 1

    $1595sm. ... .... .. .. ..
    .': 1 ..._ ..I\.tIIICIII.wc .
    63 Fokon: r -. .- ...
    Se. ''It. .; : \
    fORD.1-- -- '- iaa asaa I
    ..aa .-a .ana. .aa '"' Nt .....It ...... ...... c...., .... ....... ,.,.,.. .. ,........ .......... .. ......... .........., ...., I I.Ilr, .. tfCttwttWIMMIMft : tee*****
    . ,$1295 1 ... Iet4te ...... TV fO* $A..... Pbs p.w be ___ tte 'UUIIAClNQ IIAU Ml- COfVSTIUCTWM If Meal i OWAldiitt
    62 Corvair ..- COUNTY: *OA il Ceetvf: ieeteitiet .,....,.., ........... .*4CM ,... ......... ...., .... Re ...... .... ...... .
    -- -0Il II-roP ..... .....' I yes Ibid ....... te: r.wdd" ....*. A..... ) AMt... .e.rlagoon: H R..., o.rew ........ .tea add Ce .I1..sb.
    POJI'TUoC e.-. .-+--- A*>.... IB MsllMiMBligltf. tVfMabtVBMsJ A C>VMklsV Seed fl9 ....... AJSJB it Bk.sttsV AcMtVt.il IB 8........ SalsBi1iMMaf lB $ ..... ftffMf 0 Ag4litMNM Seed 4k ...... lend .
    11 toWnAoC.-.u 1I'TOf' .. .ldlMM PtM tXTtteMirl (MTtenMfMTl TO ATLAMTMC MVO. AND MATPOBT IOAO. PO. NASBrl. e>*e.fb *e et.it e end AiM tiWefe U t CIIeI' ya0i0R ... .. . ...... .. 1)M twMb ft sietmelttj t4 segos.sael. bee etA* Wt VtMt ettAev. /e fc-i eve Of ll/Cr Oat t10/. HAilrS. at lA't. weiss Res -= -**. ktAWL. tiAt .< I
    ; .
    ite1e>< Btatt i a .
    DOWN U .a... t. gsv ztl .. t ..... ., ... ..... I If" OttYBiCT $. !. a..4saso, MAI til tWe4. .... .t.g.Wttetl *t I..M t.tf ..*n e<
    NOTHING aek-vs.hs bbe ho e.stna.nt e4 .... p.e w..ae ...... II ..... c........ ...............

    Chnw1A ...asP ......-......x ...
    N QdoisaA ... ....."........... ,. / '
    .A .Tas. Ftcs- ....... ..,........1
    IN rwl % ..... .
    ""'QIIIIIII." -
    .13. ... i : rirI
    .111N PROGRESS m? S 4 C9V T
    : ....... .. -_ ...




    ANIEIerator Florida Memorial Ceremony MAY 6th
    ; : i iI Beaty d tarbtri VoteMAY VOTE MAY 5th
    ; ed': 'Ctlt't ,
    :J P f: New HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY.. Marks 72nd Founder's Day
    Mmra uxwoR-att /Ashley c.llt
    : "" Anderson ttIt II CDe.ktr SII.-1 El. RITZ
    Call Mr 1. 5th Alt111J1UI
    \ 'M'iJ; \ t,.,..,if;; a tII( )' 9 ('ft ;f 61\, (, J-124 or rt 4-rTM. ST. AOOUSTIIW alunn Cass back to tt* CMPU 11111(1( ISLlII"SINDEY

    t *f Florida Memorial College ber to deliver tt* POITIER FUST lUll TO

    MEDIUM PAN addrea at the Uitltntlon 72nd annual Founder 111
    Jiflll Fll lEST UTfll!

    TROUT LB.35c t Let's cfect..lonafo; I daY HWI'oroiraa.Otis wkloo D. Jaaei took, .place......April......25.............. Tit Van Enunmn STIlT Era Fun!

    salutatorian of FMC' to serve until his death
    SIXES and la 1911-a total of 45
    SPECKLED TROUT . Lb. 59eItarim Claaa of 35, now
    aaalatant agency dl- yean altogether. cSitm&
    Mi*Cw>...*.......N.,. *....U.,.HW. .I $.1''.mewl.LARGE ti N Constable rectorof the Afro-A..rt- <'DOVICTO MIAMI"folJotlBi ,

    SHRIMP ... u, 89c can Inauranco Co* *ay la hi* trllmt .
    MCEPII08 U. 3SetEmsI II 32e DlUII U. He Dist. 4Efficient ehnrfet the Florida to tl*IImc. and aaerl

    MEDIUM SHRIMP wS3.Wic&M: .. 79e hit Coast aDd also rice of the founder, Nf1SON3! ea
    vrlsew ran 4 anager of the Afro' and to Trial dent Pur- throi1le
    3UCK SEA SASS 35c
    SNAPPER Sge &to Miami district office. year, under hoe guidance ant 1(1011' '"

    &e SU GOING VAIIITY/ j Reliable I IIMVID It A native ,10rldhD.J. elate 1950 florida '"DIII'N 1...,.. '!'GJLCUL n71Al1 .
    .... also serves a* Memorial has achieved f."'..1..... 00N.Wau
    FROG BEGS Lt SI.25 COATS L', 35c MCMOri Treasurer of the late- ful) accreditation asa
    I urge my cny friends tn vote and sup 1 grated Frwklla Federal four-year institution
    POMPANO 10 SHAD ROES:M. 59cN.II" port Constable LONNIE 6IKFS with hon Kivlnga and Loan A.. the puller tamed bl* YYYYVYYYVVY.YV..YREV.
    $1 I have had the privilege of nerving as loclatloa la Miaal. R* attiotLon to the deelalon -
    ArOYNT?' STUKflSH as 19c your Deputy Constable for the pant 8 li a 12nd degre Mason to relocate the LAMAR

    MULLET ROE jrenrn. Ills unflfi service entitles a flirlner, vlce-chalraan college In the hail C
    'I" him to itervft one morn year to be en of trueteei at Mt. Zion area HEALER All AIVISOI
    JUT 5
    LARGE MULLET 5 L UL.1. 29' t titled to retirement. 1 1with Baptist Church and active 9e oeh e It to Florida < AIVICE III All AFFAIRS IF un [
    U' Paid Pol. Ad*. la NAtfP. CORK and Meaorlal Coil ego to mows
    ether coMunlty groupa. It slay troD St. Autuitloe | Are Ton BufferinglickNeed w' CC
    Introduced by Florida '
    ------- the apeuerdeclared. Advice? CC
    Menorlal Preildmt .... .
    ( lee atV. LAaAB. Ike saethe P
    Puryeir James paid 'lou dos'0 count here, : :
    ( Ood-OUea Power tu (cl\J4\ J ) C
    tribute to the founderi beoaua of your color" ..... by Prayer fu.rai- t
    of the col".., Miss Jan.* said addrnalnihlwflf (
    tees to
    heal tie itrk
    Sarah A. Mocker and pr. to the atudent
    C sad the all In. but tkere
    Nathan w. Collier 'TIt.,' r.- hurting you CC
    ( I* ao pit for those wke CC
    q&ipAaLL1A&g Miss Blacker IU a cofounder dawmlni your latelll g tl....y are la bard lack MLAIwf WCttUoII
    : \ of one of !'tIC' I Mice. You cln' do your
    ant I I 't eurv to aee Uf.UIIAI. .
    parent Institution, the but h 'Iu Klux utaoi- t (
    : I Florida Baptist AendMyeHabllKhedhyBethel phere. no let'* pack UP. C
    ? Inatltutlonal and move our college to ONI< VIIIT CAN kti YOU orr THE OPERATING Tiia
    Baptist MlMl the Magic City, I AND OUT or THI I INSANE" /IYLUM. HELP Tug BLIND, TO (

    Church In Jackaonvllli. Just* tut u .. can." (in AND THC CIIJ t'IIO TO TALK C

    Dr. Collier taa naed A earn welcome a.alt* f Guaranteed to help or you don't hive to pay (
    a "bouquet" of .,..Id.nt of the Acadwy Florida Memorial In Coat Today. You111 Bless Thi Day You Did
    In line. Hi served 22 MlMi the aprtker ... Open T days a eeek fro I la the aonlai until .'
    j SUMMERTIME DRESSES years la that capacity aertert. ( 10 at lilkt. PIIIT TINE IN ,JACKRONVIILI.. '
    until lilt whin the following the poundera ( Rev Lea,. faceted U her on boo .t (

    school *u relocated InSt Pay address, thi tra- (1442 IEV IKGS MAO Italy Hi. 1 North *

    II taro ties, cloud light fabrics Auguntlai and reaaaed ditloaal proeiailonal ta Hotcritf bu.. M. M>l to'e.rar of lop.erl.t (
    Florida Norkal. I'* bud fro chapel to Md. Missy do. 1 Ncrlb.. l.U I blocks (
    ill NEW and Dr. Collier coatlnuedfllllSIEI irtrvaldc, hre tribute
    North M Missy 1 ud leek for bli .Mt. *lutltk ,
    ea paid by President cross. an. LAW |l... lurky days M< f
    specially priced shift soel! ...so IIISEIIJ Puryear and wreath l.csy ku l.. A biased lickT ektra U ilftifrtt. C

    laid by atadenta Irma You toe eta be belled tkrnik tie poi.ref (
    M pr wk. lflto PlltkerA
    Hill and Janntt Bright. the lord ue LAMTi
    an. prvtr.OutrMted
    ) S .88 free and easy I .. "M ITT31IOOMS nellvirlaa the Invocation reMilU la 1 dv.. Pbone PO J-WOS
    9 for tho ohaer*
    fll IERT KIV. LAMAR Outrutew To Restore
    r ..ne. was the a... 1.11.Mctisslek (
    111 I. Clint atreet. Your Lost Nature.Uckj .
    Q. mni, pastor of Numbers Sure To fin (
    First Baptist Church I
    ''5$ 2 for $19 $2.99 at. Aucuttlne. ".."'VV YVV

    HIM rll'IEIt
    9h rry. ,yiw.yr '
    Ide.l ,eo. fir ..,tI.., y ...
    tr''t..rtkf. Ckrlitli
    r I, ..... .t... f. Ittk It. 1 RALPH N. WALTER
    Call a .MI*.

    $4.99 tfMTMEIT fM IEIT Had the Faith of TenSof

    Your 4)1 w. IJTM' STRCIT.NCf .

    9 II PurehattBeautifully BtMOOM<< .1 I TOfU ESnPtO. Thousands and
    HC'TI'. I"'TU rttllM0.Vn .
    Gift l 1M3 MtiN. $r..o...
    Packa1eJ &AOV(. 7 TO 1 ,.M.ru 44 IfltFaiJThem!

    FREE! SUE --

    strand net Deg staid a I M iratefnl) for the baadred of letter fro per- ..
    .. (41 t. Aiklty at moos mho prali .. for keaplaj tie ,ro...*. I ndem

    , white Patent IfNAa s It" Frost. n. 1.1101 I ram ud they elected; ten ,.ar. a
    I am irat.ful for the Uwaaanda of telephone call
    fN SUE and erea .. ...of Uoae strangers oa U. streets .
    $2.99 aid $4.99 ho are proud of ae tor sy ateadfaat devotioa to
    "rt,1 aid andary ..., ay philosophy. rtldi ..... *o weft: to Jackaoafllla'af .
    feed 1.._. Mil eaUMMU t re.
    ease plate ter twit
    '. bothers 1111 love year.. Asp l* eyaie for rreaaare la ., office ... to the oqiiallsattoa pro-
    lrlI th.ae .r."t prenrlptleai. prletd ira sad prewerea ef ...1" re-eleetloa keep ae
    /' Vucue Values "......... r.r ..,.u. fro retpoadlai properly to ay frleada aad ",- ..
    .*M d-e-IIM. Utlila .. port era.no .
    "' &.. .. p

    EYELETS : NI. ranf eA p s.v.ese Tu Assessor of 0.*al Owoitjr kolda. the '.t. of
    .4 .y 1 Opal. Mop CDt.ORttt It7A ftPf'a boil OMira, OMU Md UMX U kla ....... P
    ... .
    10e wrled Awtrlaa .
    I. CM .... tt* fomlaaare *o profitable to the .
    WHIP CREAM laelidUi May ......1 It .
    LACE ? n' MAY BI YOUR TIME TO WBHP.g ( emrs..ratl01 ,...... why gr..>. r
    I dollar. and ..*. chest
    LINEN >Mr at any V.qui for bu.M ., M.y ..*>r te IUW.M n* ,..I..e4. the *.... tk* retire, the ttdoe

    '' AUTUMN HAZE "jr, ."..,.".... d. Md others .* filed Uoe. .111 ALL ke.* Lisle
    PIQUE annuls le ........* basis, provided U. Ui stricture doe lOt erw
    SEERSUCKER .. It &11-.
    UILIIf p Flirt .II. ..
    DOTTED SWISS IRI1I\ It Te.| trrl4 eetplea, atniillai to by a I...,
    JACKET STYLES PETITES I N II ru SUE mr a faatly la the tee *f Matlai laflatlo.. M

    JSM 4f er alrf. JUNIORS S U IS 'ltlll Slifir tussle It til k. rued by a tu program Uat fall to tailed

    ' b.wka. Mer+ M .*..*. ealae.. Ilfta*. maldmtlo *t their preiIas.. p
    MISSES I 20
    2 PC. er I Pa Bake. k.,..* ..I. reMttlttklai. ,
    CRIPES HASP SIZES aaa .....* *fIII .......*. .. klac t* locate la a fan rule tai
    cllMt. sill sat ... to Oaal Mate Md prld p
    SAILOR STYLES 11\\ N 24V4t ea., .*.r..reliable.. It cutup party .* Mr Jake, If Uie .. _a....ted lead Uey tll

    pay.**!*. tall ....1..d.i .* .*.d or* kler tkM ttey are la Uer are**. p
    ..,...,.>. la
    street ..
    .11 Nl. a* eallietle I .
    Jala y pnyor ttk tn last .u. k,e-
    t.. a C .ttr '......or .
    .* tarts, dliurtlM .f fists elll sat preelals
    frvdeatltl Bidg. 'SsaMsre.
    Sl9 Pr.,1ew tke** leers .f mutt Md Mfaal**.
    ..PUII" Hlb uPI

    u......".$& !!- I laws at ....,... ty fait la 1M ta a* treat
    I....... Ae..aUtdla OiWwU's .. paw .... U .*. 1b.*tk*( Os atll MI fall. p
    II'Jeca aoswtile Beach ...*...,.

    91. O.

    i1i .t9 Sets
    p ss .. .. : ill' cnu On TIMKEN

    flonde'&MU, larde.aublagto.
    at< .,,'_U._ "'01 visit' .r a.,... Pond flcg'1s.
    S $9 Center store w j<*. ..Q. boatel rrlvt

    5- I'Ioa .t.l.Mt itoacrUr paaa LtatoU ratatta. Tan rtM I:H U. SHUT F

    CIIIIEl 4 1 4 I -,
    I Freest Tf la Coopo c"f. "
    Par a rsnt rlr. of lakrmrtb S fNHrsi It
    B Plash rirst P.st1.s.. .'lti *A7 Nrctaat ,- ."!
    203=0333111 CMu .. Nil CH .. 'jDATE