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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

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Probe Shootings. !fn f FIk.liami i i Bars; Teachers .AssociationVVWWVV May.. V,. ...ill.. .FIMS"i i


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Bios Collegians Gain Nat'l Spotlight Til 1MI.. 4 SkHIIAT Wll 25, 1114 15 CENTS

Hit I In Fla. ..... ----or

By U.S. Govt.


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tki ,.Id of the Justin ,

Dipirtiiot'i civil EMBEZZLEMENT

rights dlvisloa noted

that five couatlu la
-- -

Florida II.li Monc tlihtontktra lleonatlia . . . Bishop Ward D. Nichols Cwwiddla

'Neiroei ardlacrialnit4 ititt wkor I r Former Judge Moves Ewbeiilement Of $100f800

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rel.aiid Tutiday.Bark. i To Revive Talks MIILADELMIIA-A."i1'-Afttr) months of del t

Barak.11. th. lay, po tponf.cnta and controvercey in his &.

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hair But itt.4 ti, On Rights lard Nichols 'ss convicted here hat reek

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bias Uo Florida Hat- ry. r c Mfdintely terned the verdict a "trsveaty '
Beftpite the uncalled for besting of s
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Transit Co. bus driver and the breaking of
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aDd Flasi.r itorood.aftir of
Ntdiola i oas
kifori th. fcKJXWITlOH at Uo 23rd .National Coavoition of the TIC' of Uo tM, hid la perpetrated by youth gangs, Jacksonville cent, Nichols
Ttirlii legal co aioIon >
Cloriland Ohio April 20-24. eaa ilTin wbvri of the Otbba Junior COllftoSt. returned to some seablsnce of a jary of 10 coast
Noise Appropriation fold its .
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tb. 1117 civil rights 'It Ibis. (verdict) '
Police Probe eoavrliid of seas too roM. ... Nkkk
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.. INI at Ue ass of II started kiatlif aid Recreation Park Dedication Set .lit** laat rnb,. sap* V,.. cool act, eroteaala If sea .rllieallccband did awl c*0.l>rtb

tor the alarlac of a 70- bloklai bio. ported by II of It* a*. oald .. bat. fal!|.ailrlklii sigh MlwfiillMa tree |a.- Involved,

yMr.ld bite finer.la At ills lat.oortUit- In Isadore SingUton'i Honor ire ..ok.r*. Ibo. r.. ble ktid eetk illild. Ills. Me la ibo !.... j

a brief filed march toa I* rtportH u have Poathuuiua Aurd aUlas Nan sad seal. ,."..it.Tb la ekorib "... *MIaillilra / Plelrlet, Altiraeyr

M la the I." taunt ofAppoalo attMptfd to disc bio. rrnelnfftt county and city officials and .lI*kro .1..... to ro ,.",. MI ...rt., U* PMIFplsesl ...... ll.ff..l alaw re-
tar tk. Fifth na oats lad la ,lie *aIn .,...... aid firryoitUo nt t kstrs ,..M list b" b4. IIMM /
friends of the late civic leader IsadoreKlnileton ".".."** aunt *ltbi|
.. atnido for Uo C It'I. ...,....
pre ra. ,. "hili .
Circuit tbo HAAC baa affidavit/ f prila'
will conrerio on lleo. fart risjr* lid at tt* Mill of tko
'. tkrovib a ortt ..... ... blllod M.' Foro r Ctrrolt Jidio OMlm p.ssarlvasla.. dice ...,..l l4i. (So.
'' ground at X p. *. fir the dedicatory ......... Sere lo ....
of haWao .".., fist It dU<* ra...'.* balUt errsnce hleh .111 retail U the mailing IIIIlM) I. ......, Mattor .. N ,..llttlo itrwt '.h..". ..* reel MdH 'cr dories Ik* trial

his orlilaal ..'I.U.. otrlklai its la the of the facility after Xr. tJ1ngletrwl *y. at last o..' lldMli. ofU a4d d. IS. Nw .aalsd ....... lalolaa Ibit be sass

bo ft..... rapt old of tbo vast.Le. >....,. of Uo ...., n...._..........!......u.. talc "'.t 1... 1 st rasl.u1a ,,**... ,. olio. roe ..*tr. s **..., ef. hissed la favor .f
... .. baa ,.. the molotlea obUb salst ... .
NAACP: otloraiya costal a proirwi a irli( le Ibo lo Sllbo.
.. .. ..
.n. ported bat Sod
that Oobb ." distil a heohed la cooaty Jail ...I.U.. a* of !.**.. .....dH'''..., ",... ditto..! sere either
at Lif o .blcbla .tro a oor ., aJobol
first degree ..,. olll .laclid the M. sod oorMMlM I* kAIM. "Mo.. Peace
fair trial II I..,... aador a Makd or IIMraw
.,Ia,.. I* d... om as bio 1r*.".
sere secluded fro ". larder ban. hU....': tie ooly "*.. h, sass Hill. Ally AJ .
Ies .... UoOotal n. tft.olo II ilioaald
grad .d petit Jails sad fovoootUo), to. palls| tbo racial pre..... *M .*>*0j Slffl, ,....... Until BiasEnds"Kia''
Cooaty '.,u',." of .. to ktto laid dwoIT
that latlctod .d eo*. AtlACLT 10 KtCtltllllM iser.stles tooard ..< t, "*.. pastor, or o based Mldi solved. ft of able ..". Ib* U". M' lo lien

vlcUd bio. List a cw .....,., ., It. Anntbirtlot Tbo bold ..,. .. Ibo I N,
of tie aftor .. M il"et U awldIbo
foMloa *M fon4 fro. Tlootbf Josh> pUtl.a hasi&.....r..yef pirt of ....*.' r.*.- IM altora frail bvtt taiLorsr.rr NMwatsihalvia

blot tad that tie OM, 2*. .f 20M M Stb "r. ......'M. "r. tithe. believer tobao ttctle. 1scSrw ...i*.,..( the Iel.t-Clti.

orlctail .."......... It. la hug bold oo a Buster I. .."".....; M *..1........at.ts.l NAACP Meets Casts fist. i/ ....... .here
bite larr filled to ..Mlt u .rdr latMtlntloa .... .tJ.., "'''. putrlct < dM l.. In. tV y .. last rw....", sae aUlol.a.t

rtialtlaifro bid ...fro Svi.9ii At II" JrJ pu'ala.d
raise tbo ...uuu... i. P* il rooitya oiomtlto Art TrtMftTtJST
laoaw sales ..,. bests aa a*.a.t rtloay, r-......., I.. ..".H bloat IBltaimiir.s $ to t.e..tr.rla !.
April IT stbrsu.I Ia.. First Baptist ..H71V.-AI ISO ....,...u.>*
to tbo *.*e Md this dr- *'*'''' *'. in. iiryllMlitoo : fl.... I. filoo, earn eol *

rlved his of tto rlchtto 79 M 1Kb AOMO.Uatd .!.. ef IUboMroo Cbarloo e, ft.*4.l| Md lid..1.....M.... r.rasel..ef Shelf paste .,.*". lo y1erl.tMlll
M critical ooox I latrodoctlooef IeWf1 .. Pay/.. aid atiory. the all ,..... SeuNere u.Is. .
eMoa.1. tae ,...11 of : .... S.*rM A. F lltutor .< |OM. Of |.. |OfMll.*. ..
ditto oo ,
.. .
After Cobb ... eoaJrt |.*...,,...o Lit, Aloe reolsalod sg ..
lbs ifcMUM tadOMt t.Toll of II. woiuoSiHUt *. sore l...!rdU ll ....' of Ibesoolber
iu Ill foroo sateMuJedg. I
.d by Uo all .tilejiry t bo *dtrtloa, lay, Iasi. fborcb. elll ... br oto if..tared
2d. .M laU .
,.. UlfM. t. loriiy.rtle Pees o. state titIslIe.Lae.eli
Md .,.- isol.cue.tir. MUseeN a..hlr MM fro lotMlle Merlol-.
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oortU coital.Cit .. lad of Ise 1 s '1 fd* ,
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of bio a.ther.Tli tse' ryas Uo gas ot eroiroo I t, ...... baud. J.It.e /.Sri oiaKr*. ..... 10 the stn sawet /
roilaatoly I o. o, lllllOM UB. La.'sprstwt. flue. dt teetasr. ibo ,i* chaet.r of IM .. Fit.l area.rarest eiai_ alter MtM vas rtIts ....,..... .J asd
cai. mss fooibttkreotb (....*..>.. fMH bO I**** ,lMfbbM .
JorbiM rw rt dly -- .. .t.pt.. .. .
Isla tasdsa IAn's Ito
Uo hurts ofUla Gets dtot..lsd. tae..tr.a 4.r/sd ill'.M
Slayer TAI Netter
|a. the vlctlo plirli _.t 1.81.4s. sttasswf lo IM br* H.e ***. ef
"' aM altloalely lut teal fr.,. ta* M' acre .1111.. I... ... .
card ottb frt *. free" Is Ja h
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appealed I. tit I. .. 20 Yew* Tim tie nr MO tv. e r ..,. asters r.I.-- M4 his .**i tt. ..
llbrorliit Mfro4 ..
a. 23c tae '. "'U. Mdrsset ...,.u. sad l .*
.aprwe Cart kr lID tsssa sl of Tlviest..Nis lets M jesus of ass.
M BaUbt. tbo 1Ttfodla *llty Uleaoor /a0 ........ situ' atatlsl lie)
fooeral ..e.d tabort .. thaleelassie
blot. Jabs.
tint slot otporootlyatrtbU .*o..4'd.ir*. ales. It herd bcollthe .Lrofrstof It... .* .* .,gualaseSI.
L. hrt.r ad I4JCTlarta "I" 51.1.h sin ..t.s.Apt
lie sta.M
I.IM1st M order masse, ttvilib. ,f leadwsrlelad
fraild t obere, stolid, 1$. *U.. ... ...IIM |o
Atom of tsel.e tit eo o eie
old* of So ...., IBM- II. of tiT ttlol hiss La....'+M .... I. At I Mia, said bio
.......11. sad Uoo. if ........*. lie .
tag bio bt tat tkea.J.sawIil.wdhi M. sas ustsw/ '' te old
"*.a uo .... Mr*** .;J.r aasasai. ales 1M Cie: bspr.vst/sd leolll .... Olll4oo .......past lal Swat .U' ''
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2y *r ovl to Mi..tl.d so f..ltoM sill tooor4 ibo M
4Msssd tk villas .srIi ad ..
Omrt .
bato tired tee sere .. tof.. SMW by Cl" / .*00'* fMUtrfl e1 It tie p Maialo Mid Iboltaird sushi .. las.* by Ib.*
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trial, tboAStT ,
for S r
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lose ot slat oo uotrtM alt ,.... fTM 9ft f.rUe i
filed 1M a ortt dl Utlooa tleS... ..' F5' a r* ib l**.l*.4I .M.. MtllM
.. Si ... .tells lo mot ..... MotMAUaio to ass yoaoloUe > euiltr .d.... ...' .deaac.** l efC f
I hey. cites MOttlO*
I." Motntt CMMt u0..ts1s. Mays lie d.,.....t ... of .......,...* ......1.la/ 1.ltat plMH to ,r.**.... Nt *.*ro4 foMlo.Mdotb.r .. --.
1.10" girl.. 1M ......t a. emit 'W'.n .rto d.altf **ra4 olttNi4 pM/e.. tse.*. viii'1.evw.er t.l S ,o JotMtle eeort sad ..... ., Naal 14ssJ/y

trttt start d Uo4 tb. t1 ... MtAettp ..... oVgro e.r*.r IS soviet ef .s 4SrtlaSesuc ltsPshasp I. w M. heed "If .. PS civil ,....

ortt ..... bo loft tt. CM Us ... f ...... oloflet. .. flat' H CS fsslse _..#., iii ,....... .lsra./........
stud MtIflo4 ,.".., ee. . toll ,.w.




!!Ct2 fUIIIA STA! PAPERS SiTiiliT tPIH 25, 1MCoaaiDlty _


i" :
24th it ta* r qo.it of Mayor Butts, u a
ribllthid. by Th* florid Star Fobllabile Co. poop of rMpoulbllo aaa ooaenraod dtlieaa, ltJiot .

"MMber of AiaoclaUd mero. Prou" A ipooaoriBlp of an* fonnuiMtal or appolatUcMtbority

to act U tbs titoroat of the ntirocoNMualtr

EUC I. SIKPSII- ....Kittf! [iirAmil .. Xre ia trjlag to riatoro eorwuteatlM. bo

tMoi tko racu and brtai forth aolatioaa to CON-
E, WISE....._.........Km IK tar !':j- J' ...!tj problMa thlch (... rise ,to tlolinci ta*

ItUA I6ITEN.._..Ckcot.tiii I.ller :,.:-. ..:..' ?'l'I preceding ....do

CDMmalt iMdira, oatatudlaf baalaaaa and pro.
Mill CFflCE & MIT212. ,._10Dal mm. rapoadd to the call to tbla IT.gent -

Hiitfiit iiii..PiHt Elgin 4,1112' public Mrtlei. pattlii Mid Much important
work for the Mr enelal tub of the Community

Msi big *Uress: tolatloM ODMltt I. *f coodrill, representing
lids segments of th* ooMnattr. without regard to

,. I. III 511, lieksnvilli 1, Flirih race, color or cr4 lit dow butter end for*.

elated s atatMMt--PrMb]* and Ooiliitttlacfortl
"MIAMI IFFICEl 1* clear tens the will know ID all tovarda

II 3f. all. Isis 3771025.UURBCHfTKH which the Committal must work ibis M* March 2..

M7W With this ... ama of wri.qr, which the current

Ono Tar, t*.00 Halt ttar, 14.00 racial tensions 1* JackaoaTlllo itlll Jutifl, acoHltt

Mailed to Ion Any"hr* In. tilt United State .* M* designated to obtala'th benefit of
Subscription parable In advance till iiprlMea of other cities tarovchont the

Send Check or toney Order to: III country which bar dealt with or aoltid alallarproblMa.
At tb* SMI tiM, another coMttto aa
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 54 1 tIi gives till siailoa of kiarlic upriiiloii of tho

Jacksonville I. Florida / } ....r.l public (HOP BabccMltt). These CON

Mitt.. hit both eoBclidtd their aailanaHti and

.ad* their reports to the full committee on April

New DhtMsIois Ai Jtoericin Dilemai 10th.

The American Negro should not be asked, roll of bop*,and with xpctatloa of aoao MCCW,

"(That In It you want?' It nust be as. tmati aa iBplMMtatloa coaaitt waa diiiiaatid on
. suspd he Manta the BIMH things that every I --,,_ JIE'S April 10th with th. specific aailcnint to brine

'1 nthnr American wants. about throne "rtaaoa and priaMlon" certain
, Thin IN one of the fundamental concepts Fit PICSERTIU III IIJIICE', A MALI pals hlch other coMlttMl hire tackled but failed

I needed in Inprovrornt of race relation in to 'aolt. Using inch sw ida sad attceiatlonacathirid

the United States. In the opinion of Bter throieh the two iubeoMlttieathia I.-

lint Tucker, executive director of the plMintatloa coaaittii BM ba at work line

Urban League of Washingtun D.C. He addressed April 10. However I t too ha failed at the IMO

the student body of Hampton In. Your point other inch committees hat failed to tit:
statute on "New OlBjensions in the Aa ri* Weekly the aacertala ecoooNle futon faclae those builBIII .

can D II IIIft.." .* ia th* area of public accowaodatlona if
lie Intel progress should be Pleasured for racial barrier art lovirod. iho "econoNlc facti

Negro not in terns of how far he has cone oMlff", at least for th* MMMt, wclcB heavily

In 100 years, but, rather of how fast we Horoscope Guide'By on inch baal...... and ... to leave little rooM

ore Moving to closft the gap between the for oonceaiiona. even for tbs proprietor who 1*

opportunities for Negro American andother must sensitive to fuadMMtal busts riehta. Sucks

American the currant problem la JackMatill, aDd it
Mr. Tucker believesand we mint concur. PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH appllM with equal fore on the Keen buiUeaaaueateriic

that Negroes Must be included to a greater to whit trad. Racial restrictions are

extent in the decision Making process of BO roipeetor of pirioa is tho area of Public
governaent. ARE YOUR LUCKY ,DAYS FOR AecoModatloM.

tie declared: ""e ust end the preoch I
Rut this doea sot Mai that rliht and justice,
went of tolerance. It has" been s pcrpet BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES reawB end ptrauailca swat aeceiaarlly fail, or
untiir of the status quo. If we believe in
that progress la lapoailbl Oa th* ooatrary It
tho equality of Man, It Is necessary to up. 10114 fNphaalte the axoiltr of a direct .pp tiT
wt the status quo."
Ccrtnln factors pose genuine obstacles to the |..nl public to kelp tilt CoMualty*

in the path of the Negro s progress toward CANCER IIC TO Tit AND riNMCC TAIIANI WHO, MAVl MAOC UTTNCII < latlona CbMltt OMOMtrate to thoie _11.....

acceptance and asslMllntlon. One is the Born March 21at thru Born June 22nd thru; NCI INTCMRIIII COM* WINOS TO CAKVC is the area of public aecoa cdatlona that the

oniM of slavery, which Makes the American April Wh July 22nd ricniv ov 'OUIUL't3).71IWloo437 Tills NICMI IN TIC WOUlB(2STN,26TN "economic faetiofll(." caa b* chaaetd by a
Negro less, 00 MOT Mil TO '"L'IT YOU MAY saws LIVID AND ( ). MANY Twills
acceptable than the Allan or ooNNualty d.t.nis.dtopresnve s good repNtatloa. :
THC timid' or TOUR M.",,, IY tNANCI BUT IT '
the native African. Another factor 11th. a ooNMalty ditiralaed to ollslaat racial dii*
____ .f oncrntratlcn .oZ.Jearaoa in.s4o..atat.aand .-.en lire. oit"mervtas"7sr"s1 01 autiNiti at*t'" it TPCMOI 9 II THOU ,WHO AIC MOMT.TO ""tat tt 'z:;!o 1.uH1. tCl-. t.Ub..fiifiT .
specific' cnmunltles where they out- TNAT row irrOATt Ion flept. 23rd thru CA'ITAklll ON THIS: f .. : a .qll 't1l\r rnr.nrif'IU'\IU.. !
pusher the white Alt NOT IN VAIN, BCfAIC to ita budding >
population The high TNOttOr Oct. 23rd ass: ajPOMnilty\ dvtfralaed promote
TO al .1II1" U. .
/ rum.3tOO22ieftt3l2
visibility of the Negro Is another hands Or THC INCIINATION, TO TNIII 'I LITTLC DOUBT eooooMle and nltaral potantlal.Me we CMdo.
YOU ewe MAVC "!!
cap toward his assiMilation, the speakersaid. pmt 'THC masts AMOUNT DIY[ U' JUlY, SHIN VOUAM TIC You AIC HIM. lui- nt oaly with th* stroae aapport of pablleopliioo.
/ MACHIN* TMC POINT The silent voice of tho nat Mjorlty 01
JICTIO TO *o.iirw.. ritiIUIII -
There la need ice pending civil rights Twill FtMOMAl ,IH'TIA. 'MIN fJCCCII II AITINS Plow sots WITNOWT/' CAPRICORN. ooMrad citizens must be beardl
legislation, but believes thla will only flit PaST PUSH' ON voua AND WITHIN SHUT. Born Dec. 22nd tin: .
be vehicle. Other Till Cal IKIIV TOATcle PAP, TO Mil ,INTO TOUT TNCMAll Jill. Wh0C to believe JackMBtlll Is' tired of her racialatneilea.
one agencies required to>> WITH TNt
TIC MIIIM or "AP. THC IVNAI *NAI| t. beliiv* bar citizens bate iron
advance the .
Negro's statue are: education, WITH ... or TIC MIINOIOr ...It TO TAIL WCCCII .
two MONTH .n
the force of religion and the Negro's UlMD 'IN DUIINO' tilt oarr of the tension MO! tho toraoll end tae bit
preparation to take of A wissi| MMUNI ATIVI ICNINO ,II HI AUTHOIITY. Watt 0* AISOCIATC tenet of this trade Md wnlii .tried.. I*
advantage openinghphurtunities. IN WHOM '011.1.. VOUIwMotCMCAina IT TO THC
'0. THC miir THAT IMC tho sue of simple fairaMi, ee be]lev* Aaerlcanihat
A COIIr 'OIIICI. run CITCNT or ,out .!.
say rot IICOMITION ANDOIIATI wore important Uiai to do ttaa to fiht
Pa01I Ipe HONORI NA| II INClIMIO. each otker is tko struts Md set rice acalaatrace.
"South Won't Come Of. Age Until Tit ASIANS WNO NAVlTwmio Tit CNTIf OFJU'ITII least MCOUIIt TO THC BO NO* tltMl TO BC lion It la U..'(*red racial INN touietl TO IllMi.HATC |M>ORTANT .IN TMC IWroiB"
THCli INDIAVKI' INTO soul IMANItTH .f fatlca Md that la Its. plaM .. grout ..ialltyof
Rill IN Nil CIIICTo5.0.0111I2344l. NOUIC 1L tONMIrui Tit MONITART plo MINT Or VOU MATIIIAL AtIII to all alMviae to oaoh
Rights It P0md'McGll! opportoaity ra << penoahia
IVMIOI. or A .. .. .f her ova perMalt pritate: prsfere.ces.t54gy0R .
of until the civil TAURUS II(VICC MATTIII.ttO44.ia32.ll4. [. IKK cDiaiMiTT immoral coiannn. MMW
age Congress passes AitnouoH you CUL.TlII. i or YOU riiiNot '
thru ,
Ion April ooutitat4 ..... ttla report lad. appeal U
rights bill. Ralph UcOlll famed publisherand
aay the citiSM of Data CoMt*. ,
a leading advocate of equal rights July AM. |MOMI ON YOU INS INCAMBLC .
told a crowd of nearly 1,000 Vanderbilt ton 23rd tam .
1. reaffirm oar ...ttioa.. that 'xtU llliprt
University last week.Mrtill Aug. 2>dCMCIlnC .
la editor and publisher of the At* Till till Poisons CON> ....." MlfT AtC. THlll lltll. .aeloN la th* ..I, miens lit nick the racial

lanta eon...,Uutton. CIMIO JuSt silt IT II. NOT OC AllOMS TO COtOITOUN I-40-44.II-M-M4 s4O4I1315.141AQUARIUS PrOklMBBt jKknBtlll MS Md MOOJlBWMl*
"The Civil Rights bill won't solve such. Cvm ir twill AI A rtwNicATivi JUDMMINT' NO |''|i v4 and ...-1 to all permi 10 abide by Md MP-

It' a no panacea. But It will give a legal AiriCTi THAT VOW TO That A riNANCIAlSIM SCORPIOBora pert ....1..** to eke IBM .r city, stile MdMtlaa.
Oct. 24th thru Bon J_. 20to this
basis for guaranteeing civil rights to all MAT HITAtO MtlTIVtANttl THAT 11 NOT ICAUVIMIIIO .
Ptb 18thHArrv
Nov. 22nd
or "". Mtoicv
Americana XcQIll aald. .
ON THC .unOh vowmir rut orSINOlNl 2. titMwt afflniag or denying tM va]laity of U*
As for the controversial public accoa* MINTI You<< AN| "'11I. IT Twill Alt AOSITIOIIII1IIPIt1IVI ctCNti, ac win OaaelMlOM Md M MMM..u... of th. tart Sab*

Modttlona section of the bill McOlll declared sell MOT lUll THAT VOWWilt ATTACNMCNTIUNT11 AirtcTiOAOIIN At Ml Ills PBWTIMATCem CMaittM Report, M ralMa tbs *Mtoth* ....
: MAV( tOM. TO WAIT ue tool 'NVIOUIaooa .. ..
CM Colt i .s. mils Md Ute general public M a sours *f ..*
"All It provtdeafor la a Man who la eon irlsltt ""'LT,. A TO II Ice,. MIT roiTvNC AMO r.,lN. Sows .*ac.... Ma aovcUN tertal for ...It. .......1. *f IdeM Md tiepoiato *-
stilt TIC OTNCR riIMNIM.lt
elaaa and orderly and aa Astrlean.who OAT o. orroiTvuiTv TMATII ... A THC wit POI ctiN MOICHIINO >"|,.... BinilMCNTt *f pmeM fiMi all cults *f lit throaakMt '.
should not be refused service la a public HOT DUI TO 01 0|. IULe1LLINI ""L.....". 41 sue TB LIP tow Ibis _IU.
restaurant just because of the color of PlaTo ro" A nit ton .IN MMIAM may M IICITINO N IlILYIltILL MOCt IIV'NIOM MB ...

his \111." Till movia<< MT it H* tit, IT cells Ivy ac riATi'''' A lAMcaaoit HC TAI V* CNtlllM. till I. a* are lock cltlM .. rrallj .....r sis
I OHO 10 IIA.M WITMOWTiir4 till lot TO 1C Ml, IN AIUNO ton TO BIIICTION That Tell wen MStiMlMB Md MUtMM WMTM pMWMB *f Bdlffomt

Ntf ro likm At flrt IIttHI ro"VII' THAT MAT aiVOVSI wowi .*.. ........ ..lit... tow aciiitc vou i ont. Sal. prattle ar ...... that deals Mal i/Nh

MINT TO VMCITUI Matt CAINIO TNIIVONloitooioui t-INI-I..I. taalty to pry peso keel Mlely M .!.*. ;
01 M... labor Report SltwiTk I a-ao-u-IWWU .| W*.A.a K ...... crroiT. YOU WillNAV MBACjMlVIMtNTI. PISCES 4. t* urge that ..,1.It tb* peat tM weeks UMIMBM
QCM1MI Bon Ptbx. tlU Un M dlMMOd By tMM Md OflMlMtlMSUrMeJkMt
TI ac ti.t CMcrvi
Ion May 21st tan s.4o.eIIls.1StsVZ North 28U paved CMaty MI that SB ar NfwrwPTlday.
March 144 laaaa. of the Department ....., VOWS IMOCII 0*
lay let (tam ......
Juae 21stfsltms R00 pay. ) each PISpIwesl.alests
of Labor Monthly Labor Rev let* has aoa>* iNroNMtTio*. 'ac'ILLY DO MT BUM MC *CB
to U. l.. .
Ion ABC. Sri unity .u. Carl".
interesting information about the status tmCr,.- Mott tin .. .. TMCV eon ANT IWM Pe. A |.mStt most .
of eaplttr eat* aesplC9tatNr color u4 .... last s111.Ttv alt .... '. Had 'TMCATI TB NA* t Ml.. It ttw HIM va ac .*.*.> My awaMUM .iI1MIlt BAT raa,

for men. la the eaplejwat-wiesplojTHnt AAf still t.TI.|.. VWWOotaiT Vow Mt .i.o IT MCCI. tills ..tit INBUHNOASVCAlllll IB Bt TC ITM IN VVNB .. It ..... to all BTMM M41s, pushe effle,

ratio a total of d4T30,000sereeeploJs4 TIN TO acM |AO. TO MAYS A 'MITMtla JCT0TN|. CIT MS rwvrilllKNTA is tk. city .r jMkMwtin ... In'aI .".a, Ie
and 3.Ml 000 unemployed rite percent of .._a AM M" ... .. MMirvt OAOIO TO WNMHTMBIN IT ... their lanMM t* brlsg.bset awe *rf.tidal" .

the elite labor force WM ummlejed durlag TWIT Ml CJITI MT tofLa5SITI1P1151114 talus T lOVCTNINO ON tekO N IIetMIAllnlllea MAT NOT *l Will TOmm rMiealti** *r aCM.a, of this or ...

that loath. against nine percent .f the HIM VWW MAtC tAOMCa.a wNitii .tww Mel Mar MMittow; M toaw. u* Mt ffeettt.. aaw*
moa-shlte. for woaaa, only five percent of ...." OATVIW TM M* '. split iiimcttI. Bon HOT. 23rt! tin .B "..* tOIMATIVf.BMW Mr* Set Mjy ar tt* ffarta of this *r BMW

the aalta woe*** sere ..*.lay4 agalaatroaialy CAMlt V" CAN lOuH (. .,. Ties ,", I.. DBC. 21st tw M.t MT aovwraNttlTATC .'.Uar-.*.. ..,.si M u .ants ta* amtlaMa

.. 12. S percent .f the .Negro .-*.. |VA" TMM IKIMiVat 01/Ills va PILL trtcaTNI .ITM IHKtOt ICTOO* Most ...,.,.., II Mt **** gr ..... ..... -4 ......... WM ell

la addltlea. tk. report discloses tat N ..""IL"', k. lay St LIT or INC NIOIWNAS OIABIM IINCC TIM IAITewAoitw. TB AM VOW renewal a* fees MMtnatlM etfIarta Mtaa Mrto

Negro families elderly faalllts sad tutu a Icuwsls Lt m.tc i. O.MW vaAtoia VM m i nut cu.i IT MtoeiATrro* M k iBBUSt. BMMy MtMM tM rMM Its lads

families with aaaMl incomes a4r ".080 .... KMH I tilt Maia .. Bia"v aw .... Ta ma Test vow all ABtlCC s1|ten M..VBM awMMltyt stem hi...** Md Ji.ti.e fer &JI,

art less likely to oeem aa attoantllt aad a* me ,*uv o.ov.. Slat IP.." "... it ta full lit..IMS awMiMiMaciKNViAt oiuiMuv 5154 VMBMULB

art ta ware dtt4e4at upon public 'nuport.u. ... .. an. Ua price of traaalt fart MO rK *MTIOM .W.. *< lies 4IWIM W. situ TIM ae VON* I5.4CT/553. fT, ea CMsica am a.

..,. played a chief. part la the rising taut ..M" Mn VWMA t wt .ia or nnMNiCM M tw na m'wL. Mt ". ..... eta VCWACIVT oc. .
April .... ...........us.
......, Hi.**. slot II W. the deaaad for ? It l."a-CI* h 4MtMil iMAtt VMCia WCAS.smia tee, tMW lilt ClTWCMIiVIM at VBW TAIC tms.IISIO5IT. le.asanp.z..Hst,
.,.., MWMT M4 ptJiUatM, ..4 to CMe4 MB** 9*.
\ trout outside .t rub tan aaa fallen.Vma M****. *.a o.riw CON *> e tttt.cca .
aifectad 4afly by U* rlilM fane |Tt>CTIt SMMtlVIOftS.It twit sot a.c.i Ni MMOan April .. ................l tetlMwt of "'lidj *

art to tk. ia* income trap .............. WAV silt ac KNti. \. WIITIS M 1.r1 1511.. 1.ie..1.......... masr. ........ CWf.tMf firm kf BVBrM* CMVr

UTIII1T Mill 25, t Slid i FIORIDI: STll 'UUS. ,.1.

. Vets Organization Celebrates Its First Anniversary ,I

}eoJ f? :n -

.. a as.
1th LO1I5X GUINTARDnili / '.:4." .

".-.d Nad Florid a edueetor oonveaUtU 'f iN
Mlul. Many laportant! itep will be aide for
the laproveaent of educatloa U florid and the \ d t
nation. However _..lIer. Ut schedule wet provide

for recrtatlon, for ss Ml teach kao,.
"All work lid no play .lien Jack a dull boy."

LlkcwU for the Jill*. Ho, .. feel eertil that
the annual ball will be Mcee fttl.IniBor .
Bitrloue ".".Dnal flounty will be repre-
'Mttd quite e.U at the florid State Teachera

As.rtl.tlon both wlU dltiattiuA.id lay .ebtn.

................. K. R M

Oceaninnally I Ml lp up QB iBportant ItM. suds
M the Venetian Banquet" aentloned la Uit u..k's

cnluM., I nculected to nation that Curtis Taylor,
hcluvcd huNiaenwiM and a aoiber ef the VMettaat

Club rvcelved a eltttloa for twelve year coa*
tlnuouM affllUttna with the group.
.................... -
A very rrfri-shlnn and oajoyible affair held re V SAUL LWtiCMINQ r-- nth national state sad etttr proalient official torn 1't' are, foreground: Drprtamt CMmandtr tlllaa Rnbtnaon

centIy nil the Kprlin Dance Klven by Club Broa.Kihlhltion la attendance Oateway Barracks No. 3131 and Its salutary celebrated It* Ouirttrwaiter Arch Miclntyre 8U Dlitrlct r a.and"r Clifford K. imp md "Pe
: 'Hall of CJ.lc Audi tort IB provided e first anniversary before a capacity attendance last Saturday afternoon la Joe partaent Adjutant Albert H. Hellaiutn. Rtnmltni. true left: Mrs. ,*Mme. Roblnwin
lovely netting; fur U..hall lIIelt".hallrooa 1 It J. 1.... OMualty: Center llth and Grunthal *U. A Prviraa woe featured anda national pr >elilent; Mrs Myrtle I.. Rch.m.rn, IVpirtumt president, Mr*, orareKlaael I

Hi-lf WM I nit M adilltlunal air of mchanteent by full count dinner .u itrttd, to the sore than 200 world gar 1 veterana ,. drpartamt. efcretirytrvaiurrr. Mri. Albert Hellainn and Mr*. tllllMRoklnaon.
II,. beautiful ducnratlonn and the Nnrxeoua Bowna their wlvea, children and Kunti.In photo left last Coanindfr J.K. Irvtni Sr. ("Royal Art Studio Photo)
.. (fifth froe left) and his staff are shorn In Uckiround viililni officials
torn by the ladlf To my that the affair *

ss" nilnrfu, BN a xprln dance should be, would
bo rilrincly aortal.AN Stintoa To Stage School SdaeHIeS Proud Moment Beach TripThe EWC Hosts Club To Stage

,wn havt Unnn NO ashy tlaon la the pant weilitnci'fl
Topes Social and School Faculty Record Hop
Ui and, wi>rc nrvatly atovcd, the Captious Ainil Concert
Mule of Alvln lyivnlnK'ft band.rtuli Ddicetka RlteiSHtlIJ 1 1j Ravlm clibUipon orl The Pilwerd eater Cel-$ Ci.. attired M you say
Friday Night a trip to ..,Itan Inch ...
"-ru,,"' officer and autbtrnhlp mater II lose D.psrtt.sts of .111 be the t" whtn
f> .,irlw; '| .f: 1.11I PiMilInn, primldmt; W.C. IIIU., Pollotlni In the pronto April 26 Saturday night April Haaaaltlea and loelitKleacea the Oiteway Title and

vc? pr<'"|ili O.P. Plilrlx'r fUunclal awretary; JWIM rumor HUH tchoor tilt cnlteu* faculty it Record Mop Friday" night I ,
for the New HoaatNeman ltd sad Myrtle
KyBphoalc& Rand which proftielonil April 34 ..tI/ o'clock U
currcHiMindlRK Hicrntary; JaaoM R. Birrli, trossarer Rleamtary School S p.a. Ills and Myrtle the first
; R.U Hullcr, buNlami annancr. ; J.J. Huaoond, will present Un annual will be held Bushy, 1:11: p. .. Klnta Road dinner aeettn of tilt the Lonihorea" e Cub
,, concert PrNay alibi, la Hoipl- en Mirlke Au"nue.rrlendi .
Pomp Irewater
"I.-.t-arns; .tt talker churl"Un; It. Cnpoluifl April 21. at 4 d e1od.Th. and Myrtle, 5:30: pea year
April 24 at I.tip.: *. U ? tai Nall.Speaker and the i n rl
; N.r. 'Iadlry; M.I. cxtrno: '..1. JonkU: A. dedicatory eenteee lima Road and Pavla, Dlnlni
N. "1\...," Lila; a."r.tI NoClellin: lt". ulUbjr: Civic *urli,*. l'4 for the event public are cordially ins
will be held la eke : ; 4th and flails,
HUB ..mni<>; l.<...*rd l..bln"'lII: '.I. Khcllaon; K.l. latrodactloa to Act 5:00 ... 'ra..& Lent eiecvttve tiled to OMpete for the
lth and
csfeterla.ftdinol : ; (Davis,
1 l._ "lid,-tuu; 11.1. tlmcitt: Clarence Jaekmm; III, Lohnurli, *saner; IItIrerUtlftd.t.Iall .: IS; Florida live and director of tilt aoct valqwe attire,
A !tacrrd Salute, t,.0il; Council Rowe I.h.tlo. danclm and other ele
John MunriM*;, anil JHBOM MrNr1IM1' Of
ftrBBt.wlll be .....* Union, t: >JO> .
Toccnto and Pane In l D. .... Jacianvllle.Annai spits of fun and food
................... Minor Bach: Pmtaconi .r for Ski oce...... Tickets say be cured the faculty an*. fellowship ableks. .
The Incri'iMnn |Ni|>alrlly if II,.- fl.Nr) .IP.gth Orgies; Plncil'e cave, Othero speak IncUJeMr at each bus itop.Stork hers present. were: iilter r roe I led for the entireevmtni.
ball .. girls lalford L T, l NITCMCU: CAMflKLLJickeonvllle .
NHWN IB liw> lM mar rvMmt recently by Meadeleeoha; liter Not f.: Harris, Social .
stoats at Deb Bynm'a t>rln. iVmer. mission Prelude. and principal of the school; ( ), one of Mr. and MM MirryCeepert Mclea e; Mre. riaa R. MM Clara ftlnilvtoa,

... must l .':r.... that It U i* "rle .H. cnance.ruidivi toner, Creston; *m,H7 Dr.....J..t..t,Irvln dlrecur I. Boott..ofRducatloa. the AIM eeabtre of Plerlda HIT I. ltd laor, raillaaj. ; Dr. "... ...t. Mr*. IlaUruMln
...................... for *oo<1wnil| ", alter. : Charles M. ROTC Street, fllrl. Jaaca A. ':.r,, d.ia of *. eecretary *nd
la a Chinese Tnnple let Cadet MrpMen recently Mr. aid MM Oitirlatiei laitructloa; John M, Mrs Paale M. Milk. reporter
dm, Ketelhy rivals the.RearlnePurter Johaeoi. Jr. ckdraaaof Cvealtiloned li. V. .. till epla the
: I4TI R, 23rdStreet Rays, ckilreia, Departawit
mut,,, MarlkB I* frrry, end Vrraal Me* tile board ef "' ''11'IlIItl'llctloli Any second lleuteeaate, disco. anil will play ittendtea -
New Tort
air 1. ef "Hueanltlea
Or ...,.. uiiit plaivr aura &.. ,nrtdi club set ; Dr. Rush L 'Dai hit IOU bar pinned ; fawrlte euabertupoa
Suite, Mioltaa; The Mr. and Mre. oe.rgewith Or eilllaa ft Iteeart,
I last Mluriliw" ititilmuCmithwlnr wan biwtnm.MliM tlcoi, ,t.. ckalraaa en by his anther Mrs, .
Rlanor. March rilanre or ; 34S4 LanttiaAveaee. prealdeat Mre Dorothy' requetl.tm
.Pivry wan Uir n>clpi .' of the' .ii.,t price, of the Board of Tneteettlltlaa 1".1" Carbel| darks ;
Colourl Maey March U* toy. L. Caliber chalraaa,
tells/ elute prlm" sirs awardnl la ourrlio Jock T. harper III""' ''- recant iraduatloa eiercUte <
foM.Proceeiii. Mr. sad Mre. CMrle Departaeit ef loelelId
IN w*
aNy Alntil KrrlvrB, and Manse alkrr. visor of FI .o.atary at the valveritty.
ylvmtrr AwMaril, 7.*las ".......... Krrtl iboaan, Cent .111 "nalld froei the u eon'help* school, Caw.ibrll wan a ...btr of Murray lilt. t. 33ad tote; Charles ... illHMI OOMHTlin N.Y LIVC. IN
Street toy.Mr ...., Meala
UiU Avery, awl athryn JbibUMM wrrr rang other defray eipenae ef the Mistress of ('tJre-tlIt.| Sea stantoa Sealer HUh MAID '0". iis-m M
B..I..TH of Ui elub parlUlpallat .. Mm ...this. Santa llt,tlunt play at the ichool dallcatioa School Class ef | CO. and Mra, fa..e.l.tOl DliUlon; MlaelidU *. pass apvaeess Mattel
....0 ,j at, ue orlf..,* rlr ,In .111 ... 1.J.Uh.ell.: A3,... L. /Nipper Photo) ; 1140 cut,Pewhattaatreet Cvttna.N. tin.fcitllok. frill, s i4Mri.ay ... .. btac' 1Y 1-0011. N.T,'
Mew fork City May J4. Rlley, School Ceordlia* .
100% HUMAN HAIR 3*. Additional revenuela tor.
ejected te ..... fnthe Teachers and pupil' lairadee
'. :d: !) WIGS BY ANDRE' School Ciilcesstorlds eee taroetk, ill
.r plr CuMittrebeaded till participate OB the
.", 'Io..M....'.,._, Faye by Praak II.... prows,
toa. tauten'a laid Pi* A special latltitleala
1111' \ Call 398.3371 r...&'. Club, Mrs t.M. eiteaded te tbe OPEN IRBATS 1E I PM
55 ._."" M .,'.JlClJ Mchantooa, preeldeat, pablle te .U.... The SOLID CEDAR
sips" MOW!.._ Aa.ar.a aiw I* KfoBunrlii. the eteat.The school I* leeeted 1141Praicli
e.-...d taw .....
,..,ral public leI street leer tbe
POE-ST AUFFEB WIG STUDIO I ur'rd te attend ibis corner ef fliath "...... Jjmmmm

lal; fta I" tows bye fie M.. RUB*.) (MarCO ever>ln kedferrdte 4 guided leer ef the
neat Tlrkrte any beebuiaed school pleat till be 111'5c'

from land Pi conducted far tII... deilhe woiiti ucHf WCICHT WIIAIU rvTXC
real, .t......, sad te Sea Ue build- ,
facaltf acwjher., t.g.lOYAL. I
would you likea & r '

n F c'a,. t ,
job that starts as ART STUCK) Ie A I I It

sis IATIS nun

high as IOO a week- Mir IN it "'.u4"leu

climbs to 130 a week 11'ITlisstsfsriy4rsepst11lsILACR rim cms tr t- ._

with real secllrity?CO t inn enii

1>m east a Otll *nlcr peeltkM, the gust *
mrr >*,.. la U<> .r... .. etrlkee .r lay* Pbotogreghst111CIISIH'INIS1ICIU1 ,1 t

pits .. nt tear lac.f..Plety ef .."a ( (

benefits, ...... pill kellf.yeaytr..ae
wry a* eeete paid tictl........ elckIntf. 'less U MH4 S. H
..earlyHI,..)...".liberal ....1... 21 ,

fr., If ..,, private ...1....,. tat situ TftmHII.....e KA I If" w/days/u
Civil .Strut* fer emrtaalty, eenrlt a4U r cc ro
...,, Down-SZ2S ItIo4 c... ..... .
Weeklyel l..d. .i.. ...:. ka s'. :.... S3995

Ilr/, Hldblenea a*, t* If Pea are ...... bs,. MisVU 1... TV te4 ........ lilt tt 04' ... l'a

U. .,.. ef |.>ll a.d e .... eltltee sad \ "'VICE..4 'Aln. .......... c.... !**..... il.0 HWN 1f1.. AN AHMT
.*.. at tot ,r...' sChoOl edB*.tlM.M and P....... kte ye* "H a Civil P nlre .*IU st'Tri.a .> .;1
....Jaw d. ye. beet prepare ,wars f firit. fr
fs.p+tf t...,... types ......tor trata'ias MAGIC CHEFgasranic .
,ft..*. It's tar f.*.. May aM eee* .e
awilralt *. rare Ike .1..,.... a**.y s

......... *e*II ,.....e yea.st .

puts jro
.a *o. PHI tats Of cw* /ftumccI

aFtarartt w vows MU, .... :

V.Y wc1 Of 1\-/ U


in cooking
ley TrtlwtM Sertlte last* t Jas, h. your
"> Mrett leak .! ..-. h.. ..t.1I1
I' *t*
I .,.",
.. '-' .... ... .. ... ..
I Ml? IT I rtp*>*.. flU. 111I ....... ... ...... 1.,1It SIIMWM/
I ... ..,. .........
I.a aw sI aM I11 T.avaipyi ....... ..... w WI .- '

'I... ....ws..a..n.sn. f....=-'i'.. S 150DAViS. . ,
1Si -M.. .assnIe ] i iof
I. ..._ ,tMw'. 'e e fIJaA w
......a ......... ..
trail cams tai }

- -

nn 4 nittii mi runs UTiRDIT UIII 25, 1114

Im resslve Program Marks New School's Dedication. Exercises


# .p.fsfN S 3

4 b Cfr



S r+, syS : tt4c

"r 'Asl

() t

4 I It

-- ,
-11 -
__ -a ,_ f'I.. "'_ _. .'Vr ; n'-_
HKH.IOITFJ by a MiriM of lnfrir-.il n"KM.e.. hy an array of prowlnent speakers, Inpressive exercises MC Church pie principal npeaker for the ...t and iran introduced by Hra. Grace B flolonnn. Other

narked tha dedication of Uio New Rufus '. Puns 'Blenentery School last Sunday afternoon before a pro 11M participants Inelnded .... 1.?. Poster of It. Zion AMR Church; Urn. Cornelia Prtnt, PTA vice

capacity turnout of parent, faculty ..b.,., and ,Ullt.. In photo lift Monroe Pattersoa, the president; >ra. Olio.. T. Hatheva, Mrs. toll Tel fair, school chorus director; Rev. ,,0. Wilson ofbooil.

ndHNil'n PTA proMldont, and Inh Brant superintendent of the Duvnl County Hoard of Public Instrae* ... United Prosbyterlan. Church; Mrs Beltna Payne, widow of the late Rufus K. Payne; Cornelius

lion, Unr brief romrkN. Crater tin shows portion of Interested audience nun] County CoBslsiloaer taltk, Mr*. Dorothy card, president of Pajme's Mothers Club. School official tho were aaoni
|L'. Hermit of DlMtrlet 2 thank all ,.,1101111 who had a hand In the planning and ultlwate oottpletlo the plntfora meats included A.K. stokes, fillln 7. Harper Dr. Andre A. Robinson sad Mrs. RdnaBell.

nf lh! ultra undnm facility. At .trN' right, Duval County COMlssloner lob urns of DUtriet 1 Holt principal Roosevelt D. Madison served as taster of cereaonlea and MS aaslsted by Mrs.

ClltII""atul.t"lI all concerned for i "iwod Job, well ....n.." Rev B.J. lllllui pastor of lit. Olive R.L. Barney program dial.., and Mrs. D.T. Mathera, publicity chalraaa. (Royal Art Studio Photos)

SlMlM Vocational' I Friendship Group Mother Midway CARTER'S Sisters Prepare Rei. H. L. Herrod CommissionedLT. Church Union

AtnotHices Activities Schedules Event :for College Careers Set To SpeakAt Meets SundayThe
AME ChurchThe FUHOALHOME r Apostolic Pat tll
Hart11 acquired outsteadlsf BethlehemRev. Church will boat
rnll ,nnlIII n
fttenlon V
The dpncunesses of
ElMOIH TXOW.f, 1090 ". acad.Blc records -
MI, KIMMI| | rl"I -, c"'r" Prlondnhlp Prlnltlv City wide Choirs ST. N.U I.rodII I seating Sunday, April
MoMog ou as students
AMI. at
minim cal $ tN'! ftundsyat Rajitlut Ch. rell. wlndle Union .111 present n 14. Sunvivons/ mciuoc, Central Rich School conduct the service in 36th at 3 P.n.Participating .
,."h'If"| benefit pro gran Sunday Bethlehen Baptist tburcb churches
4 p..n. $In the and Aonri ,struts will OCVOTIO VIM, Mac.Loulit Mobile, Ala two sls
udlturluw celebrate their ....1. April 38 nt 3 p... In May 3 in Interest of will include the Interdoninntlonal -
TMOMMI 2 sons. lets, Dorothy Reishvr
Thin .1 III I I IN' the flintpvinl Ternary ftuaday. the auditorium of the the 1011.' s Day celebration Revival
sTt1-con MO' A MOST nod Barbara Jean Rensborare
llnti'il for thn Ie,. J.N. nlion and church and sponaored Cuter of Green Cove
or oTNin niLAfivct *''o ..... preparationsDOWTW
riou'",. ,'n' rut rn ilar. ...b.,. of Ml. Olive Choir I, went friend Falcons, |NTa .(NT eel ... by Its ladle lllllMS. r SprisgsNt.
Other ncllvlllw I an: Prlnltlve/ Ra|>tl t church "njp Bsptiat; Choir 2, Mini IN 1.r. OtIVl' M(. The junior district ell I + .. Salem Baptist
Honliir dm ploy, mill render servlen at Mt. Olive BtaflU.t. Unloa MO.'AL 'AIIII. .ponaor nn entertain-

Muy :28: m*I'"r wor>,Mp I 3 p.m., In Interest of Coonunlty' Choir 2; .......... slut Saturday nt the tiaiB PAttST (Jack Church News
I'. Pail AMR Gospel church. District T elU! nonville), was recently Regular worship .
Buy' :at, l *y tuirlm "'<''>' the anniversary, Mat. LILLII DILL S.M, services
tint CNurrli; innlorClMM HID ftcrviee* will bo- Chorus; Rverson Baptist IS ttmtir ST.0110 Vnn' ( : !rt sponsor nn entertainment cownlisioied n second .111 bests with
nUhl Junr LCiNMi'Mrisx'nt. din ltli the g.adaySchool Choir I; Bt, Pail NJr.I 14. SUII,..0.. 'incite/ ; nt T p.n.District 4 wm!! lleotenaat U.S. A ray Sunday School nt D:30:

Juno 3; .ltd Urn Rosa Choir I and Male Chonu/ a DCVOTIP HUMMO.NONMI I I sponsor an outlac May during graduation eter ..... tho superintendent

ritlit .."$Itlltlul. Ire Anliloy a* gustMpwrlntrndeit. In addition to other fkfn uoTMin. rTNtn, :2 to the wo.The cisea it Florida All la charge.

All fonei'r nra'', The groups. habit iiiTtni *.. F.a A'a a+ nervicea flunday be University for ROTC ca* horning service beting
parent mud frl 1..rt* nfIke It ...., service nerann The public 1 la Invited MOTNint A y r lln with the Sunday deta who selected the at U a.'. and evening;
KrailiiatlM; claimhsvi .111 bw delivered by Rev, ...t. Jones la host *. School nt 1:30: a.n.. Any ii a career. Hens iMrvlco at I ,."
10..0e1Ma *ll
> beer 1 INV ILI.d to RPV, N. Rubins,.,pastor, pnator. TIVII MO rnitnes, ITCIMCNT ,I- wi tit Deacon Rugene Raw* a ...b.r of New The public la entailed
Ntts..d the NrtlthlICN. lily yet, Mm. M. fllllttoa I hn to. senior High n cordial Invitation to
IA '
M 01 IN
and Mrs ladle ,.d4 IIcbar. School's Class of 1900. attend all ,,"Ice.."',.
(Xivi MiMoniti Pan.
........... ... (Jesse L. Nipper Photo) ".q. Iolr,.., pnstor.
The noralac service
Mm. Ron m THOM S. I
99)7 C\n St. AuovtTini" beilns at II o'clock, Welcome To The New YorkWORLD'S
The districts eau meetvini
Roes, OKD Afiil 17. RBeHVRttf
& IALPllII.JJ.ALTE-- ill be' held nt 3
.v.s..e."M a M. fnrtherln their FAIR
with District I In
toTeD OMMNTIII; ..... L(- education their treatirudsother p.

Had fa Faffii of THIS NO** HeY S niTcni, Bra. L.A. charge Tie till of begins the prof nt ran.S SpiN fur tin tijifitf

AND MANY OTxin wanoemeILTVII fin ef Jacksonville. in-
o'rliKk nnd the eveniniervlc
tie sifkts ill ittiiitiis ii In Titk Cilj
| MO ftllNBI.rutCMl termed the STAR thin nt I o' clocll.n. .

of Thousands a dDtFaThem un leIS ..IliSI seek. Junior choir sad. kit .n't, target .tie tills kit km

MIL* n IlM '.tI. Dorothy, accordlif to usher board sill servo

sn\lllOa. IN jot r.oPILTa"'UCL rat Blns,> conplcted throughout" the day with While now fornulstlni plans for your trip, order
He I 14011011. high school aid .. en. Mrs. Gladys Carroll incharie your supply of assorted colored world Pair scenic

CHUKM. InTinwinT ellt .. of the ...Ie. Tho post cards.
.I n*01 in fT NiCMOtaiCI lemons .111 be delivered
*TI.T. In the eonfort of your hone, stamp end address
1 M uruUful fur the hundreds ef letter fron> per t by Rev.A. Anderses, pan
.......... cards to relatives, friends sad -lOr"ra.
WON .155.5( praise/ for knylnj the ,roeL... I wadewii flMM flMM.It? C4HOON.MttllTT to,.

I roll and they .he IeTe>e tea year MO.I *, SlID A,..ll Antioch To Host then vliltlii the World's Pair Jut writ your

II. Suivivoni 'inckuoi .essai* Oa the card and. drop them in n Mil hot.1doHS .

m f.ralef.1 for the thowsnndn of telephone calls DIv TI9 .,IU, Mni.SULIC 4 I Florida Memorial '
and rvM ,r fttn,nof thos. *trw or* on the streets Galls a .",. f Y1.R I Day Sunday ), 11.15 3-doMnn; (3.IS
.Ho. are proud vf Bt for ny ilendfast devotion toN (Postage included)
.. 100 AltO "TNin .11A71 VII I
philosophy which cross no cud Jscksoivltlo The District Ushers
as.slso.i. Ioitsat Without d.iay..ad
N yonr order todnyl
fnturiNPnw Onion. Military to the i
+ MOXMCI Cast Florida aid Bethany MAN-MART ,

4 ir... In nor office duo to the equal tut Ion pro "....... i Baptist Ajaoclation.wlll (World's Fair Department
...., Its )
sr.l end prriMmrei of Mrhlni rlowtlon keep ne P mill
Mat AUlNt \
t/ from rr-Ppondlnc. properly to my frlendn and inpr 190 S 1.utt ST. in* \ fiends ...rUl Day Post, Office Box it
'"rtfr.. j April M it 3 p... InAnttoch
.. .. Mnu 10. fuaVIOOSI ; Baptist Oereh.n Jamaica 2, New York
The Tat Ueeiuor of Dual County holds Ue fit ef I IdA i. BRMMDR. progrsn is btlai arranged
Mil, Leuvtti *
"'use wenern, MAU. and. UXO 1* hi* handn.Mt sited U moth Men sill for the affair
T..a., I IIITII ItaoTMl f
nledntte In .ker enter* .IU Mtitandlii clvle
> ren revs U. fomloMre M profitable to the .. ass a MOIT .I int allege U the near and relldeu p.nan all*
It grerAr. Stall ....0".. aii. {.tare. Barters Jena, tie nppsarU .n the
... rnit. $. 'UN. *
} to in II yearn of M*. ,n.'... k I
... .... tM retirees the wldoe* can IKVICII tiLL It tilt e i
The .i. the aged, iradsnt* fr. several sisal in,f s
It and other *. 11..1.10.UI ALL lee. their Mil IT 11,0. tTv l"t two,,,, in ...... end ha. will nlnc/nader *>.|i.
,,*,., trofldrd. the Ui et wet are doe Mt wreck i |. TM! ''''!.' CNtflkt eel her stilt M U* .electleni for the 55.

It t.... I NI5e0t., 'III .1 all save coal Mrs gin canton and Dr. R.B "' !
.. t. ..,. Otl0t h.usalaL
HtlMl. year the ,rill..., .f \
It Tows carried couples, struggllsg to h y home. PAM, Tt* alitern tr* thedenten the .11... will sins hospeaker.

rear a fsnlly, In the face *f ...U.. lifUtlon. .. *f ire. nil** a .
.Ill b. relied Vy tai program that tails t* ... DA To.Pr..ntMay bell .....,.

tl... .onildertlon their yrohl***, w. 1-Musical

It ...h..., *.eetl| U l*..te I. a favwrahl' til The third assail .is 'ell ''ltcd' CtHttl'
ciliate will Mt tare to algal CVneity Ml ,,.,,*. .. peed It* Ul cabs MUt :

Mr. job. If late *. walaf roved I.... they will. *!. sbse ,an.. "f.* ,. '

ted are hlntitr than they are I* otter are**. .. ..... *t Oe4lM .*.. I. \ "
It ... I lint .*.*.!. Uf | J JJ
I Jel* ny prayers with yon that sMtl*isj) hyw* .t I ,...

tents. dlitwrttwn of Fists will Mt rvll Ii Tk. w5 vttt tMttnI \nmmmKmmmmitimnaaMCO.

the* b.ar..f doubt .l ..1\1.\ ... ... Ills Ml .*... PAN TROUT 2S

It I have Mt ..."... *y faith I* yew I* II arontrowr Sts/._ a.... ...noM.IIU. WIM Own SAM u a-
., raises. BU4tier
as hw MM U M, Tveether M wtll Mt fall. ..
It .......,. Ctrl Salle,. tANM'Wm
....... 'I"n a. MeIIllut.
VL tJJ $d1. Baa. t"WHOLE u. III mI1'NelarrS

r.,.. *.... VUilaM.tylv :: Ik 59c I

.*ler ...... l..*r L Yen T. Listen To1III .

UttU ranlU.rtM ,
__ 11 PIII1IIJI ,'lh.If: .. .lkt..... ..... LFr HIIff "

*.... te rteoUM MIl oM h'ia 1ft I
C IIrM" ...11,. NII5PN MMt 1II'

RALPH N. WALTER.V M Dea ....... .. IA.e M ms "DANCE PARTY":;
.- I..... *r.4n /

I .MO. Slit to tt*. Utowr IIcMft l1H': .. IZHSattNsf .f
.f IM easts ants

'\.. : .& ....,... .ir/ .III to *Mtate4 .If .n IMI '.a'r I '.a. '!11 12 p... )
'J.-u ....., ItMrlM. .. ttklltUt .. .1Ii : "

tllrre. +galtlsa....5. tow UttiM l* *> -... 0m5ItL'.. r a 1411 WIle 1411"
1. ... ... .... -

1 ,


A & M Mathematic Instructor'sWork Guest Starring Sunday On "Bonanza" Hawaiian Feast Climaxes

Is Nationally Lauded <."IIi1I.' A & M's Home Economics Program

TALL," flEr.--* Havallai Luau .aa presented by I
MIpEAPOLI4, linn -.fir. Israel A. Mover, bead of jirY
the D,'partaest of NatheeatlCM at Florida MtHUnlvvralty. students In the Advanced. Food Management claaa at
the Florida UN Unlverilty nepartdent of Note
In in attendant this seek at the
KconoBlca to crap up the year* actlvltlti here
sprint conference for directors of the pert last eerk. .......................1
BWilal ctfttfru of the Minnesota Natheaatica and
A Polynesian setting island green salad, and
Science Teaching Project (NINNQIAST: ). The con
conference IN being man created for the luau an aaaortaient of tropical
held hero on the eaapua of '
the University of Mlnnraota.A M In the Pcrry-Palte Buildin deaaerta completed the

talk on "SucceuMfvl ........................ i cifitorlua math luau menu teaerta included
project hen cited Prof + colorful and Native ; aieet LelUnl
Operation of NT Fleoentanr ra
Mathematics Inntl- Clover aa having "ope HtvallMi pineapple' deco banana creaa tarts.Hllwi

rated one of the Boatucceaaful ra t Ion recorded Valley plmapplt cake
.u glriMi hero
Inti tII tea Naeallan music cay quarca.. Tfthltian\ coconut -
early in the m'C'k hy the
for elementary schoolteachers BuuBuua, floral decora- anow hnlla and Aloho-
autlxButlcH department | -
ia the United lions and li>laUnder cherry tarts

kcuO. State." the direction of Mmbera of the clana In
An Invitation to Kpcur:
Thin year .111 lark Dr.Clover -mac fir. ('nrl'lC.. Hargur, chart of the food ru-
on the may la shirk he
fifth ..1....- Mbrra of the mimes pre raratloi mere. rally M.
h IlK operated Njtlnnalftrleace
atlca Institute con pared a menu conititlnt Bryant af Savannah Qa .
Puundat kmNponaurrd -
ducted In the pint five of: tropical punch .*rved Beatrice Nail, Tallahaa

ButhfButiCHInHtltutrit yearn on M ASP (rant, ', -" 111'11 .r In pineapples thicken see; *:lla Robinson feb
I in* eitniMlnlto
an d hid second at S1 1 1111111/1111/1 1aaf Royal Hani Ian in coconut ter.. Jacquellar 4, tiiHM -
Dr. Glover UN a roc ,
Plorldit AMI HP conducted 1/ 1 ihelli, Polynesian spareribs *, Irookavllle andSettle .
null of u University atMinn.wlla v
the first three at Mile Bay Julio, irlihUrunnellM
Prairie..* State A&* shrimp milk i.eet and The Department of Ikiae
uf bill cork i
College, thfre he taw 1:11/1/1/y//1111.1'p1)t aour and Pele" sauce, Kconoilca at Plorlda

at Plorlila AAM.Pr. formerly a professor of . -.. .. ..- .._.. okikl rice sued Aft M, headed by OrClUlta .
PUII I C. RimiiihliiiM' ,
a.thr iUlc UTML PUJUPICCA s Ue strong, underlylni current Negro singer aunlvt prejudice, then loss bit his UllanI banana lalklkl\ A. Pord ia a

silt heals thn Mlnni-vaHt" In Ravtav nlnht, April Vf's ahoilai of ..Bonaiwa11hlch own reaponalhUHy In improved relations ten a.. ....I. potato, irrrnpea unit of the nlveralty'a8ch

sill I Kumt star famed singer>actor "IIIla nard and Mlia Hirtnan portray rolea of the Negro milk later cheat- >ol of Atrlcultirt

W1EN 100 AlE III Marshall and Nnfn talented Kna: Hartaan. Hit Carts family she befriend the iln,er then he Ii aui- nut. Pnlyneelan fruit and Mums Kroaoilca: II f

riBhtilthHoaaDw Blocker) help the proalaeat peeled of being a runaway .1...... salad 'Outrl...'" aa nick Dr. ('.,, talker U

II Tun Sock The Bout Pnctor murIel relUhea, Maul dean,

shin Tour Poctor Prescribes Reputed Girabling FAMU's Leap Year Fashions Juoi Elected

'Gel i trcordlnii F.lpl'flmc-ed lo Tour Pharmacists nnctoraOnl I Cur Pays S65,000 Fascinate 3-Show Audiences President 01 INDEPENDENT Oil COMPANY

'<'rn. te Hue Only The lIrat.Prlll'rl..r A & M Association
Dr. (.
Quality Drug U. S. In fine TIlLU1* ACLlalaatin.luoknta : I I activity of the pear for

.. III clothing and I I IlUi Until* cla..... at plort* TALLAHA8DPP -- Nathaniel Ike In''f'h...................Proprietor ;
Inll. -- (ANP -
MAMM04D ) Iraley. ann of
VJI University *aa a I iho itHled'tea Tear's
:3 RKGHTOW: !' HIAWACIRTS TO MRV: YOU Prod T. Mackey. reputed Fallen "cope.** ..................... Mr. and IIr. Mono Jacks tote nnd Jffffrnon Ntreeta FL "*9432HOLLEY'S

A rOMPLKT LINK OP kingpin of policy opera son COT Davis atrret.Jackaoivllle .
Directed by pr. hu trrrK: Ann Larklnt ems -
Cosmetics Rubber nMnU Candles Rumlrle hams I* Cary, lid. L. Klttlea milk the a.miatsace .- pin styled dress, Joyce! la the
tllI."III the poser of ... President of the ]
of Mra Mailnt MrCtoy. formal, 'Iriht'smade"
PwsrRipTiONs rAtun roll AND DILIVRRrDLilly's .
the court last sick and Plorlda AM
K. 0.ma, the ahoo .aapreavnted and Mrrs.ll| Roy llft".nU '
paid a $65,000 fine !I. BUdent Ouftrntvnt BARBECUEIIIUIean
klna Aa
In thee etc St. Pfterahun at
Drug Store proud. by a feok .* part of his noutmcn
first at I:4) ,.... the
fur evading Mire than
second at 7:33 pm. and ( [

1)07 RINDS ROAD U 3-1278 $710,000: ia tncmM latenover the third at I: 11 p... ... ISA-N MoN.........5.0 IVI..e

a flvf-yi-nr period. limit mtaMiilay. ...........er.rd.........., ..
Muckry ..ald. fine of

BAVIH[ ST. SMOOlS.m. [ ( ) I for SO. 000 the rims colt It of J,his 000 tie serving nth folloclnf Theresa aa narrator Nitric Vd a... saYi .. S '

,1..MIM..e.e..aH" ./K.Naa11 tr'd. nlch sac for sure .1,..". and t*..ir far .AWIU'd. (I Mt><..U'YNRlt11'O1A11EA f1II.
..., ..,... ,..'.., ">0" '" ... this aeven merit sad rata ere preatnted:: \ '
I lilt St. Mmilifm. '
2677 W. BEAVER 'IStW EV 82633IX lH ilvcd 1,000 pane uftranncrlpt Cvleatlno Healy, ftilacy 9 \

and 70 cite a "\ ..-plnk. dress elthflyaeay -'K SEA-BO WINES 2.Mini u "
.111. 1111 //:11' rUN.lravN ella m/1R ..
IM ails Vi.I'K. AM WMIIftU ., II....,.. .tIII. The flap eaa cipel Rosa /OMiwM ..... I.ii.dIft\/ t.
-Kfl 'tr'/ n III ll.., Iarsu M ir>\.if>f"t llml"* |.ix'''r.l by U."-. OietrietJltdao Glee Hadlan, bloiiaon 1471 1111 N. ,
Gt't1r/l' N. .r J.IIAPJ5R
Ibsrt.rrf.IJit. SrcdA-lKllrlt Sat lift ) IM .Ifl. on March 24 A-llae aklrt Aim Lar'
kiss, Veal Pale Beach,
LARGE 7QCJ FRliM lEACH aouorr also matracrdHmkry a novel eeeMt titled

SHRIMP / WHITING 39\k.L Jail but ti thru live years noke) in.
Michael, Jackenavllle, .
; .'i a .Id.ii-.*vii federalretaliation
lEbltll.f 'CQe LAICC KOI w. beige coat milk t....-
I* urdorla
rUe dreaa, Ji"yce HcOny,
SHRIMP Jjl MUUETUISH 25'L.... the policy chlrttala la Orlando, rey aid told
pay the US. 000 tor; an
fllM CUT CAUGHT ... .. plated up.Thtodla: Brwwi.JackaiiBHIU .
April d .dll. HO
FISHSTEAKS 59 C later eitenrfod the IIrad.I care-d"M MAtttC YQUANTII'
ratable, Pale. Juhnaon
II I line to April B, afterlackey's
Oracevllle. In, kite
MIM&A m Wit tie 1PICMILIDSNAPPER attorneys appealed costume _It. AltaaeaaeChMtnat '
the action to HIGHTS: RESEIWtD
59't. TROUT 55' U.'I.'r1.'L UfO D.* $. 1th circuit Tallakaaaet,

Comet of Appeal aad 'the nee ktal afcolor" SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AI EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B
THIS rnlu finally to the 0. .. ; (, ,1 HIM,
FRESH CAUGHT OAT LOAD BEACH apreae Courtlewfver Tal'......., "'0.' oa
the g''''''.. codaapreee
TROUT 4it$1 c.art. apteldttmmrff n. ravit 'Tallahassee, BREAKFASTBACON
penalty ",U.*. or.ie>tMi,rlit ....
.. IBM Mil; 12els.| BraOB >
d .
arkey Had I' .1h.U" -
h' U pay Mill MI, Pastel

the .n.DOO fll.. H* tree A-llie.: ".cf Bl.>

made It jest ISla.tei, BdBi.OalMivllU. carter
Gorrfw Powell Sub Office -..... .*. 4e'dle| .. <... girl on..... Md Bally.

,... U.. a caikler. Bradley, A lack*.. i..,.1.1I
HW By J. P. Sere IIJII check for ISS.OO cod /..per dr.n.OttorBodeli.
a I
tlllrrln,l 1\'l'J1f'l1 .flo I h knlai tI1 wing JUIIM lio. 000 ,... Tr....ry laclieed: 1 L8. Doian 15 It

tlinmth rnufnrt ilth hid dating the ttt bard milk tU B... Pic Poaa. all, play wiMedoy .'. CELLO PKQ. In Carton 'TliH
he crtrd ..,. MAtJ..r of the f>rvnl Cnuntjr met Owrt eluk'. etc ,. as al ks.rt", 'N

grimy. announced that! he U. seeking to fUe u a setae silk lid MI iHI SS.M if Mfl ,M evtit, Ml 1M. $St.M it sue ,frtf IfHf

serve M Justice. of the frnef at the Judge .. ...r bad lild aid irey played

Itfi nifttrlrt. the inwt tans hell 17 :Mrs tlreateMd U Mt lackeyin lien; odle" .11..'...,

'arab 1\1')''''. Jail U atart ervlit .I oMIt, Ala. MieallM GOLD MEDAL

Popptll I reeleeal eff oat tit time a' the prlit. Ciltetlit inly,

% al r.Mty elace |.ll ....U... a ..lIul..t....,

-.. kt attended p.MIt S.H Dedicates "MMtlTv salllas' fjGlsDPER
ate 1 aid kiilneiieckoel. .... Pleas-la. Out-mw

,,.....* that Arts Beiib, ttrrr .11* :
a. Jut,. of ". react BiildiifJot pa eta aid ftyrl ,.!.. pjia
Mill ....... irtifla.ireei .
keel!! deal PIIUT
-(A-Th. a.. _
JVttUCeeeeritlta sad m-U1 "u feral irnit :
Jot D-lockefeller, Jr., ..!S
'llPlttl.. ,.'
,gal .. Plat Art. MldUiMUtAfelliM 4H il. -
4 milk trUltttleia CtlJen t..... Ptak "rtlyped lfe..' .
'. sad lull- .......; ".... ails, -
eta dedicated tt P:00
....... litereeled Talla....... kin for
lat ,... .a Madly11111 e L0'
..! ... lalll Ml lltt $JMif 39 45lt
eel fart tf .., ,..u It. M ted sits ,aJHI _

.d t., i_It,. Je" D. t..kif.ltrIrd MCI .M situ ,,

.!...e MI .f Ulatt fiN HillS,

Pl+rM11 un treat all "Ith OM > otllftltJ' MlUitkriflit.paliMtkt T# III .......til ent,)*i
that titizeas codas late ftA. RAH 'A' !HCMS' Ite
r' ptrt civil rle-l* T/e.t'1 HvT.AWI **<*<' Hissti i HIII n.UTTIKI .

the f, t Court ....,",. leeae It lit eXlMttryMdrtM. It' 'HtiPSE P0-f.. ...'.....

Pall P.L M>. ...".

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\ T KIN Ht S. 100I CUll STEAK .; j t 11. '5

=:.=.eyp..w, a. :'_. "sty, JJ! i"'
rOITTIMl -.- -' YftiOWOMCmS' id. M ISCn.
..... wa ....m..rrIs'
/ IPX.BMIWInm. -. ..05.-.. '
-...-aAMN. ..arum/-see-- ,':" f e'"

Awe r '
---- .-.-- .-. INTEl CUT POCK MOPS ..- v I SI*

;= :::: ,
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war.e /

...-== NOtWKH ASf K IN/ Mini M 21 Rue IK r 4ft

.-..ms..e.. im --w-o.-

W ---t--n.z. =-.: mm AU WHITE SffOf WISM in wnuFAIM 10C

M .:rem _
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...... .a: .!!: = NOUS nOZM PUpfT PIES mil MCI WHT tit sir 25CFt1UA' a..;

> q ,

,. ( --


2nd BaptistChurch Woodlawn's ChoirsTo Popular Youth Group Schedules Annual Event

Services Support Riles
The young people of Mttrtij ew
Second Baptist Church w L.N. PEAR.' )N. SR. k .

will serve la major c.- Tile Youth Choir, with
.. frad D. Davis, Matthew Baptist
paetle throughout the Combined choirs of St.
dv Sunday The program pianist and the senior Church will present a recital Sunday: nightdo
I acting held la eonnactloa choir with Miss sue the church auditorium. The 100-voice
with Youth Seek l Matthew, organist till group will bo conducted under the direc-
.hi* will climax Sunday render service for the tion of prof. Clifford Davis nationally
10.95 .... .
service Sunday
of the National
10i a special pr "mta- renowned former director
Lion featuring the in Woodla Presbyterian Baptist Convention. All choirs are scheduled -
ebnrua of Florida Manorial Canrcb. /Rev '.D. to meet for rehearsal Friday night.
College.Services Wilson, pastor will deliver The public is invited to Sunday program.
for Sunday semen sees..e..ee.
will begin with the llua. The Church School be ahd tilling Workers clubsof
i The V.F. Toting
Ulna at 0.30: ...., with tV
day School at 9': 30 I... Tabernacle Baptist Church will meet
Coaaaeratlon aervlcaafor Superintendent T.Y. Sunday at 3:30: p.m. in the home of Mrs.
deacons, deaconess Huger in charge. Florence Kayto,2228 Tyler St.Dinners will
Sunday, the ,.
pal and
aeii, uahon and choir be sold Saturday beginning at 12 o'clock
will bo hid at 10: 45 spans, active volcanic noon. :4rs. Queen Akins is serving as general -
a.e. group, who participate chairman for the annual May 17th \0-
la all church progress, 9
Morning nrnhlp begins observance.
at 4 1 o'clock. Baptist will sponsor a musical Day ........wee......
Training Union till beheld tea in the fallownhlp rn.Tabor Baptist Church's committees have
at hall, froa 4 to 8 p.a. Homecoming Day observance
1:45: P".l'ftd completed plans for the
Monday at 4 .. ,
evening services will P. the scheduled for Sunday with a daylong -
"bruin at T P.a.Wiwkly Girl Scouts and Brownlm series of featured events. Friends,
will .,et. Reitncaday/ ,
activities: will forner members and the general public are
include Kit 'OPr.,., of rider L.N. Pearson sr. .w invited to share In the exercises.
faith lieu" TUCK day and Deacon Hack L. Hares .......m..5e.e...

night ut T P.. .. Deacon will conduct the aid- --- v. .... ____ The Junior Department of First New 71on

II... Jurkma sill open 730 week: p.prayer., In service the conference at- ANNIVERSARY: m* --- Sunday night, April 28 will Angelical and other ootataadlac gospel organ!* Baptist Church planning an outing to the
the devotion are tin.. I1 known Shift cation Jacksonville Too Saturday. Buses will leave
rooa.Ml bu red letter day for the !Specials Mr Thela Edward will serve aa Dean
>,. J.C. Sass, the MMtnr Youth Gospel croup which lll celebrate Ita eighth of Hostesses and amberof the New Stanton Junior the church at 4:30: ft... District 3 will
til I conduct the ,. Calvary Women unniveraaiy beginning 8: 30 o'clock in Mt. Ararat High School craduatlnc class of 1964 will bofueata.tlllle sell fish dinners Saturday from the hone
BlhU period, Tim aonUily Unptlat Church Ann... Saluting the honorees will l.tI.Ill conduct pro,,_ highlights and of Mrs. Fthel Anderson, 1520 Illinois St.
IWNlflltH* meting sill Appoint Annual lio such popular groups a* the Lattlaore, CJ J nn Ira Lillie Mae flalth' will five the occasion. Mra. starting at noontime. District will meet
bo hold at 1.:10 .... Tho, Women's Day GroupsAnnual Cl'ft,Travel leg Star, PxceUlor: Celestial) Honn* Inez Kivena 1* director of the celebranta. Sunday at 4:30: p.m. in the home of Mrs.
Sunday/ Srhtui" + ) Officer pen Chritianir, Starlight, Gospel Cruaader, (Royal Art Studio Photo) Sylvia Jenkins, 15<>1 V. 17th St. District
and Tflachor Council lumen's pay sill! 4 meets Sunday at 3 p.m. in the church.
elll sect rrldior night b" observed In Mt. Calvary Fountain w.e..ee..ee..w

at 7 ".'. RnfitUt church May Chapel Spearheaded_ h. __ __ __ Annual Sales Campaign : ra. Luc 1 If Sultans is sponsoring Rev.
L.C. Chanter/ till/ ripen 21 throughout the day H.L. Herod as speaker during the May 1
the mooting, CM. Vauxht arm Mini to Mr*. Carolyn AME Church 'r service In Bethlehem Baptist Church. The
will IN In <*iur..' of IJIII Burner, nmorul dud rman., jf w.t.r program is one of the series of events leadIng -
businaseparind,;, ands Other iifflcrr are:Mm III Davis, chain of. up to the annual lomen'n Day observance
-,. 4.C. Sse will conduct RoNHln/ Hall poster for the fttevurd Board announced JRr An entertain"'ent' program Is being
the Kit In uliuljr.Amiliiry the day; Mrs, Susie M. that the Board planned for Saturday by the Junior Districtin
Pierce ill celebrate It* 47th n. 7 hss completed
Mr* Helen B. the church. District
SlatesA..lnrur Williams Mrs, birdie Anntvermiry Observance rI plans for a 7 p.m. program. A =May 2 outingto
Cruise, Mr*. lee Mul- Sunday, April 28th be- the Jacksonville Zoo In being scheduled
ginning at 3 ., la
drew and HIM Hurl Allen p. the by District f. ...
Fete Church audltorlua. |........msees
cu.ch""' 1/11; Mr*.
Penis ,dollr.Uc'1 All wards of the city Rev.Fmest Williams will deliver the sermon

Final plane mere cplttiil < .' thai ,....; Ira, Mildred and the public are Invited when the Pulpit Aid Board of Allen
this/ ..'t'li for the ailllaa, floral; Mrs Chapel AME Church observes its anniversary
rUhlk. Anniversary bNeman Daisy Can,1.I stirring On Pride night April Sunday at 4 p.m. at the church. Sunday
uf the LadleNAailllary ciHMlttof; Mr*. Ounul 34th. fountain1 a youth a services will begin with Sunday Schoolat
Iki, :3s of the Gray, flaaate.; MlaaOvmdolyn -III present a fashion : 9:30: a.m. with ors Amanda Gay and
IIIt..ma.lulI" ii'"II"III'rll' llolaun, Miss review under *innai>rhlp o. 1J.: L.a: 11.. teachers supervising.: Rev B.J. Franklin,
...', AMMiClatlun hick. Brenda Wells, Miss Be- of the Misses Helen L. VICTORY MILES The above trio ol 01 rt Scouts representing Troops 31t, 228 pastor, will deliver the 11 .... sermon.
Price and Dorothy J. Evening worship will get underway at 6 p.m.
sill bi held Sunday links' Juckwm (iiurtfuynawltUf and :113 cf Ht. Ararat Baptist Church woe over all competition durlni the recent *
April 34 al1 |I'... la Ml.Vermin ; Mm. MarxarrtMlllrr Kla. aanual Girl Scouts Cookie aale Mrs J.It: Davis, scouting eiecu e..a.e.e..eee
nui>ll Id rhurrk, trraMircp Mrs Old and new atyllana tine annoanced. Cheryl Hull, (left), the daughter of Mr and Mrs, Billy lull Joint anniversary celebrations of the
sill bll featured for the :; School; and BTU of test Union Baptist
Rrr T.n. MrCsll, bout Creole Tkreadcraft: 8JJ H. Lincoln Ct. add 123 boxes for a total of an. DO to sin first place Sunday
I -I! p ustur. r ai-crrlary wd Mra H.L. presentation which. Mbeiavir bIlllONf'CllerH la ..cft.ry of her troop |a a member of Mt Ararat'a Junior Church will he highlighted Sunday during a
.4cte>d la"b*; Rsinbow 'Tes'ln t"e."tlaedlon Building.
Mra, Ratio Strickland Nolaan, rl'/1orl.r. Usher Board. Oweodolyrr Taylor. sold 103 boas to collect til. 80. ..' la the
half of the ciHinft tuna. Choirs 1 and 2will meet Friday 'at 1:10::
KUiwl 1I.h| and others A Hwa. a r>wjr tea till i niece of Mra Ola Mae Scott and ale attend Mt. Arcrat and Go,. Carvvr School.
An evening nf enjoyment Choir 1 will sell pies Saturday.
H ell1 alKkllrfit I tko pro bi 11111111 JIll r.// May :3 In Diane lip 111I1, 7)3 N. Lincoln Ct.. sold 17 boxes tor a $41, 50 total. She lathe p.m.
i. promised and the Youth Committee will hold a car wash project -
ftr- the. I"r wiilitorlui nflhl daughter of Mrs, Ivery Slraona, ia a five year veteran of scouting, attend
ii.... IHthllp J.Intltfil. I > rhurrh. public la lavited. Nt. Heraan ItleMatary School: and attends Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. Saturday at 1541 r. 2nd St.The Junior
Choir will rehearse Saturday at :.1:30: p.m.
************************** (Allen Stuck Photo ) .e..ee......ewe wee

lea ScheduledBy Joint Anniversir'r .......... The Red Circle Girls of Abyssinia BAptist

Church will sect Saturday at 4 p.m. Choir
CoHMty Needs. . .{ MI. Calvary Services Planned GO TO :1 will present a tea Sunday at S (I... In
the church's lower auditorium. A program
District No. t tMra. For West Union CHURCH will be featured Joint fellowship services

BOB HARRIS Bernice Green will! The Sunday School and ........... will be held at Mt. Ararat Baptist
Church Sunday at 2:30 .
bt the IIIlIt spanker ken STD of West Dnloa ,.,. p.
Cwttty CemnlsskMrDbtrkt District t .f Mt. Calvary tilt Ourck lll observe
Initial| Church presents a Joint annlveraary Sunday
I Guest Tea ...d.,. at 4 p.... la tko
1 April :. fro 4 until s ckarch. A ralabo tea 534 CASSt1
b r p. a, la the hose of Mr. will be Held la the oducatioaal .

Young Aggressive and Mrs rt>rate Johnson, building 1124 W. BEATER
403 .. 17lk Street.Prora The yea..k coaalttee
.. highlights lll will apoaaor a car ak.
3 lOtliieN2 t9siM
Alert. Vigorous...: be featured by the felDevotloa Saturday at 1S4I I, )all
Ioelag: St.The jualor choir mill 191
Deacon Willie .eet for rehearsal at
jDuvol Needs a ManjTo 3:30: a.a.Dtttrlct.
Adaa Intredvictle
narrator Mr*- Helen mcMi11ss B till aeetSaaday
continue working : aarntor. Ira.Mjrtla at 3 p... M
Mooteai .welcome the hose of M,.. A. WUlla LARGE EGGS H 371r

for More Primary Mr, tlltle Mae '!Tkoaic .. tO>8 1. Uth St.
District twill seer lathe
reepoaae. Mra. lies IA.GUM"Ae4*$"
Wright. solo II,., Man hose of Mra. Nellie IMOKSO
f And Secondary Roads. c Milton trliht. htrodu. Cork". 1744 Mcflu 4e St. FRYERS PICNICS
iOB HARRIS ties of neaker, MraS aid District 14 sects
More ImprovementsSchool c .il. Mme Pleree.HM felleelai till aoralaiaervice
c at-li Mra CMaaadra Sunday, LL 25 29C
Sidewalks COUNTYCOMMISSIONER c Heal Jatktoa. ; Baker" Beard 1 will
r....'.|, Hatter Clifford sponsor a sreealeaf tea
( IIt\111l11. iatrodMttle of taw av fro 4 to. ,....
Recreational Sites cc ..ela. teaaetk I We.11055t4. at Uo Ao>ra street OMuatty DOLLAR i DAYS
cc No**_*, GKEATEST DAYS!!

Boat Launching Sites DISTRICT 1 POll

c "Photojrapliy With A Style" 3

As Citify Cownlsstaer I CHOPS us. $

rou VAil

Bob Horns HIS Worked To: RIBS..I. 4L$.

Resurface 160 miles of' streets tueonsucioMsuf

and roads from 1961 to 1963 cc . us.

( ewes P1A.n

lilt: Fro IMI ti IKI Hi] 21it cites cc STEWNifi' HENS 2 fOI $1

teals i4 tttiils vets rmrtH" ( One Stop Shopping For All AVwVWt POS 2.. 14XTeSUl,

( Your Photographic Needs PXOZW MAN ""A" TVtKEY PATS

Coistnct Park for HulictapH CMUni "t TURKEY
-" Wtmt 4 ....
>"" EMutsofl's PHOTO swnv TURKEY IMS 4 UK.TUHKEY .

Nfc Seri Sfrttiis For IrstM 1817 N. MYRTLE AVE TAILS S UK.TUfytCT 51

i,4 hid .... "', $0s ,ys" It A", r.iM hit HiCKS ..., .... S UK.HI .

.... .y.yy .y yy. y tlm .... .et M .MM MM H Hit H tllMIl tPALE

-. ... mm

1 ; )


Scout 'PraisesMccovey's Chapter Aids Grand Lodge Hosts Orlando Coeds Jobs Awaiting Congressmen DiggsTo

Power 1' ".1 ,' : ; :. ... .......... Pre Med StudyIs Qualified Persons, Address CoalabHOUSTON. '

MRS"" *. Aria. AccordIn Accepted Audience Told Conu...... Charles C.

to San Pranctico iLOVNTSTOIN "The Dim of Nichiiat vlll$
01 ant*' cant Hank opportunities that await be among the principal
ORLANDO Mr. and atrt.
trturr. Maya U probably yon today are nt- speakers at the llth
Theodore Hose Sr., of
the 'ureeteiit.' Cepeda limited Dr. Lee I. annual National Aaaoel
112 Lake Mann Drive Weat
the ..,at dangerous hitter .:fu.. professor of allot of Market Dev.l-
have beet notified that ,
but "ben It tout agricultural science at opera here May 11-16
their daughter MissClean
to fihrcr power you have Florida MM University alter Archey.named elective
ram S. Rose, baa beeaaccepted
to take III lie McCnvey. told a group of kith director at-
for admission
Chile eitulllB tilt school students here at nounced.Dina .
to the clan of 168 at
power hlttiai of left Hayha Milk School duo will address the
the Nee York University
fielder Willie McCorcjr ring itt annual CareerDay. conference banquet ot
School of Hedlclhe. Notl'fiestiom !
tko National League't Friday, May 15, where
en received
co-hranerun ditiiplon for ik "Jobt are available several national firma
here iron Dr. Saul J.
US:!. Sauer thinks that tad are cat tint fOr per will be presented awards -
fnrber, acting dean of
with fccCnvoy: In the lineup lOll who are qualifiedto for their pirtlctpttion -
the .elloo!.
| the Qiantn nit the 1t fill that," he It and contribution
r A product of Orlando'sJones
sent cxplonlve NL tea pointed out. He tan introduced to the Metro
High School Miss
ii the rent quarter by David John ttrket.
Rose In a mentor at cR'elusive
century. ton, principal of May Theme of the convention
Sarah Lawrence
Ho Mild Out with Maya hae Hlih. Tilt visiting till be "OTportunltlet
College, BroaiTllle, N.I.
Cepede and MeTnvcy I* consultants acre presented tnd reapoaatbtlttlrt
A pre-atdlolne major
Inn lineup backed by to the facultyand Confronting Market Deveiopera -
the till irtduttt ItJune
olJllt point tial lnccm R ttudent body, It Rapidly

I II tho lineup the Ciunta -' ,Changing .Titee._+"_._
outrank the iNxlurr' nf r=
the late 40. which '
Jackie Robinson ay

CuBpiuiol. and Duke
!Snider' In the linuir- CAR STANDARD

Negro GivenAppointment A.L. n.fXIin' : rnvrni, No. 13. city was one--of the Edwards, put treaaurer ntandlni fro left: Mra. Ij J -a; OIL CO.

host orKanixationa hien kichllihted the April Gertrude Hatcher, Mra. rlomle tlllie Mra. Leolt WASH COURTESYCARDS

20-23 newsmen' of the 1101' rahipful) Union Grand Harris Ira. Mr the A. Qlpion, Mra. ltdyth Aawel.Mra .

toil,*, Royal Arch Masons of Florida ia Masonic Mary P. Lola, Mra. Julia Oa"' i, Mra. Coatlla With This At"

To West Point wple here. Officer Mated fro left are: Mra. Hartley. Other tiMbert are Mra tlllie M. Thorpe And Fill Up Get PYch..t-1S Gel.r mm HONOREDYOU

LOS ANa-:i..S (AIf'l ) Johnnie M frown, treasurer, Mra. Edna R. Cnl- Mra. table Polite, put tatron Mrs latbellelahan SAVE APPROX lOe PER GAL. _
Hinny L. Rubin ton, IT, hour aiialatant matron; Hri. Faso t. Klrkland Mra. viola *lth. Ire palsy Johnson Mm. Mil OMIR GOOD ONLY AT KINO'S lOAD STORI
Nettle Haley, Mra. Louise Brown, Mra. Joanna Jack-
u student at Harbor matron; VrM, Josephine Bryaat put Mtrn; Ira .
junior Cu1le"o', ban bwn J.im.11 ttlHunfinancial secretary; and Mra. Nellie ton, Mra. ..... ,.n. Mra. Merle Polite, tad Mrt.

notified of bin appoint- -- Julia liarrim.Secretary. ______

"i-nt ti Acadiwy* teat Point thin awth.Hilltury Gibbs Among 3 U. S. Junior Colleges 01 Stile Advises w

Rhinnn a txMtltpit of Selected To Head Nationwide Study'
Ciing. Augustus. r. II..- Security Group To Prociri LicensesTNLAIIIVFRecretaryotNtate j
ST. PVmsmjRGHMie' Junior College U one of
IH also honorgradluntw
a Inn an
there predominantly Negro Inttttutiona selected ft* Adams rtnladod

trim. Jordanhigh ti> participate la a nation-vide study of student all private Inveatlietlve, ..tdl...., guard aid

Jordan.School.At hpri. ho personnel pru.r... ....._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._ patrol tceacte which have not let acquired a
state lleeaae that they are practicing their
..Int.ln I a kind Dr. John L. Reuben Junior colln ,IIId hit
Nchiilantlc .,er"II. President of Gihb.RN. iaatltutlon .10., with profeaaton Illegally. .

Crane Junior College of Ratltatlti that there
Illinois and Utica JC say possibly be aa many run ICtlEII

of Mississippi are at 100 such tieieletatlll LETTUCE
uallceaaed, Adawtried
fining\ e among 50 by laatltttlonatelrcted 10 Junior that they contact L
t 2lirn
W.. college leadert for It- the Office of Secretary : 29
;ff: I 1 elation it the teo-year of gluts Itawdlately lorflrMP' 0 !

study that made rrilntrntlotj or 1
d' wwr: .:.."';,,:: poaalble by t eta treat off be ttbject ii r Milt lee n... RIPS
: ....- M- : provided by the lie It 191TOMATOIS -
J 104.ooo from the ar'meals
;' .....--.. It tleteteanor punien I
: ''t.::::: .:-.or:: :: York.furpoae. able by t fine .f tp le I
: J
II iES-JE: := Clilt tutu
., v..i .::I-A r.--: .... '71J ef tilt study 11,000 tr laprleofittatf
I w awn'aqua a.r w ww r It to ttabllah nldelltet e tp tt see year trf '""
MUfttl Mill IIUHI .
t.s=- "e---r-- n for tpprtitnl nt4] operate a private ifveatliattvt HEY'
.c--: '-C' ::
j --- ..
= .
c. eatrbtaa,
... fevflop..tl of atidettprraottel
26 ::..', ":=-..:. 77 preirttt It Itard or patrol aieacyeltaout
.. .:. state llcetae COFFEE
the mist decade,
_as iv aw.a Uu Adam lOt...
':':.-:..:"':' : -': ':; rolltelti the cot lae ,
) Tit Chapter 413. II ,.
17 ;.: : : ::. __ ...'X' .. fentce Ubbt will partldpnte florid Rtatttet) pro S U GAR
::;:-: :-; --.f:.- It eooperntlvereaearoh vldlai for the llcetaluaad +

raar.w..w..... :f trojectt, both ..,.nl.loe tf private lire

&I .... t:;'G-+ese bag and ikort-tera Itvettliatlve nil I

Tt larten Tear Utt Mafu .. that any be reotettedky patrol netclet beans
H n Wy sa..r.I low ?. Mn .. project director Man effective tt July 1,

Raises.It's IMS.tltce.
that tlte, tot 11.39

IM rrlvttt ttvettllttare \
live and ..i rd sg.a d ee
bees ItcainH by

the tecretary ef It ate.VJut LIaN i
fair with Fairclotk ee are '.....a III, '
. .
cartels that U.,. are s Its sl.H
elect aaafeer ef M..... till

operating without tb1required. .. WITH U.CO OR MORI 1 ar Irn
EarlFaircloth Adaat said "Thle labene FOOD ORDIR . ISSI
"t ky Uc f set
that each eeek ee eee'
!!...< recette isue UK PLATE I'e erNr
erection fpM Ilt eje4teictee '

._, *ireililerel <
...,tlter a. ;
Attorney GeMrol tell tt ..PPlleitleeer

f t* s/eesmed CHEER

(for (fairness Ii government' letcl.t,* 39C
'.....les It tilt 11M
lateral flU ehlcb ha"

upholding .Ik i laws w 4toeM .*......ter .. LIii I tH Wli vfttff
.. their tttti ...*r
tall lw dwell ...,,,t .ftt4 fttff ,e 53C

iilirpreliii' laws fairly isle _rn.. l..edlstelI.lair.s ,

cat k. te<. Del Monte Sale kimIl

.liter U ttr eats ef
flee It the Itil*
Ftkdotfc FictiGridiile Cwrlttl It Tsllreeee. MltEl CMW ITTIC 0 WHIT 35 suet IJI

C it tees 'll. !

University of florida law School tfnee ..aI..,. me COIN CHI ,,
..,t....t fits aee*., Stilt N1

Director of/ Dade Conly. Bar Assocfatloi Heal, ,.

hktlt Mtyor Pays ( IUKIPEAS 2 : 39C Il.M a airs

former member ol f la. "Bar Association Lid. tc.hn" f eruMdlizi

Committee for Cuslili.ioial ..,111.. trrkDiT (w. *..

ftkltift Ka AaV Ant"..V fAIA*
l l ptWVw t >
Member of ,the 196) ltislainloader ...t ... toned owe'

aloe U U. NtrettCktftir menu NIUI
tf ... .s K1.
if. musical. 'for 125 illiii the t....l |...allte.ttt I Itlnti tons

kit ftMMI life ....*' 11 N.
university sapsisiea proprees. ib/p, nei seminal Itle HAM 3 HKI Wf 6 $1

.... I. tam we.I It.nt Pt{.

FiIrcl.tbAttu tiM't tlllk M.t.l M Page GIlA

v.ft ?te.drer 9W es.LZJ.-. HMCA* turn

I.wm. mu P iae stN MIliIA "'" >., H et

f....... II...., IfllIl..., : l pgPe.w, 3 Facef Ire SI

... .... .... gsrww. !exceed

'f! *" ,
.. .
.. -.. .
." ,

'' '
!1 r
FAQ I "Hf''ltv''= FDon't SUI uhs SITIIliT lUlL 25. 1KII

Reports Aliski's FlorMq, MmrffllFm&fer's AIIOIICISAIIIII Businessman

I ; Be Misled t tt Negroes Forgotten AW Dey Progrn SpearheadsAid LET'S ELECTS.X .

AJIdDRAGf ( ) .
Saturday April 25 To Victim
Although .Illicit Of -
t About Yoi I tort bye bun trittra ST. AOODUTWt( -Tb. (even I tI..lOOIId annual Pounder Thanks to grocer George
O. the Good Friday Day progm) of Florida I.orlal tgtwlllbt hold TooDu'a Interest la ala GENE
Homestead ExemptionYour earthquake tblch rocked ia Anderaoa Mall Chapel o n the eaapua here, at 10 fellonta the,'t a

Alaska little attention baa a... Saturday, April J3, the..office.......of.......P....Parytar....... ort than eves chance F
I Present Tax Assessor t ..a given la tilt press announced. Oat a ictia of diabete STOKES
to the approiiaattly Aluaal and friend fro for the oceaaioa thick Bay receive auchaeeded -
Is To FOOL You
Trying aid
7,000 Neirota who rwtdfla .aar etloaa of tat will feature u addreaa necessary SUPERMARKET
the 49tb gta%..Alaska for a la to retail Mployaeat -
state and region art ti by OUt D. Jags, ..1.-
About Losing Your and to take 11004 w. SIAVIR
baa a total population .
I t petted to bt oa caapia tot Agency Director of
Homestead ExemptionWhile of U5. 000. the Uro-AII.rlo. LU.Iu.ruet society his rightful place la YOUR OFFICIAL

Company la ...'M"
'"" Toil Don't Hart To do To Tom To Get loa..'. who operates HEADQUARTERS FOR
( charge of the Kfttt Want

I in unfair keeping )' ,y ft I t LOW PRICES Dlttrict and ford Manager of greeting of the Mud will Myrtle a .,iroetty leaned AM.that store and Edward lltbBt. at Henry BEEF Western SIDES LI. 39'PORK

lax structure'M bt mended visitors Earnest M, of 1498 I.
t t On your Attorney D.r. Ptrtlaaof 14th St. had lilt right LOINS L. :- LI: 49'PIG
foot aapvtattd aa the
Protect .; I Jacksonville, oa behalf ,...It of aa optratio* H /off..tl 39'
DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade of the WC facvlty; rtaaltiai fm Diabetes PORK :: :
Your Homes O.t. Knotltt president
I t Pith your Neighborhood Drug Store of the Aluaot Aaioeia CITATO"U".D vet
tloa and president of
plorida ebb
It Del h".I.also fill all Doctor* Prescriptions ;
I and J.... Halt for the 11004 W. HAVER IV .1469
Your Children
t t Dixie Pharmacy Student Rev J.body H. Hcilitick,
Vote for pastor of the Pint Bap-

1312 Kills lid it Mjrtli Anise tint,Church till offer ct the Augustine is.- .r.r.I Grand OpeningApril

I Raymond David t tt Pliiis ELfii 5517-11 vocation and prayer, sad

.... the eolltit choir .(!!
--- -
Tax Assessor present Htndtra 'Kal' > 24 25 26
.I ,
MT Till LI.IT.fiTER All TELUIKE1111AT111flU Ulullan" .d Ilchter'
Puld Pail AJy, <-' "
t t "In the Betfnnlai" among '

___ 4II other offerlsp.A !M.DANY Z.

1' lJUGS i ,
pr ilia furtaer into \
the ,leU". background, y
Touaan leaned that If .... -
Lamest dlapeoat vitk ,. ."
his crutches, he toaldbecoae
able tn work
regularly itbout the ,
$ handicap Till HEW KINtS IIU it MIICIIEF

Ala scant tHat 101119.
Free Cok. at Banner Pood Store sent door
not, a onuhej.j; an artificial -
Free rifts for everybody'
bt atcurtd.replaceaent Towson must upon I Prce sausage. dog .ltli every 2 haaburitr.
Pre imuiball 'ltli each 90* order.
I further iavtttlcatloo
also acctrtalatd coat OPEN DAILY 11 ..m. To 11 p.m.
N of the llab would totalIJSO
1i : .
Per the past two seeks PHONE 768-8901
C e
patroaa of Toiaan'a
tort have been atkini Of EN FOR BUSINESS
donation lato a sealed
box bleb rests upon
: oat of the store counter

.Neither of the two aeakavt
any idea w to bow JIM DANDY CHEESEBURGER.
... "_ ....*
such money has bees onlItettd. -
bit both art
tiitt ctrtaii that the

r 24-MO. GUARANTEE aaouat its coal.tidlfldialii it far. abort of JIM DANDY HOT DOG 15{

Protection! epe "'''. Itrvkt *f ...ply nylon group FISH BURGER 30<
now .t Wordi .low Ml. pfktl, Rufigtd nylon, wltkiig to iota tkiibaaMltalraa

and flgMt ....'.d sod) n' Iilur. 4."'....Tejo project say
tarry their coatrlbw- SHRIMP BURGER 40{
Steed rwkatf for .long wear, mort rovW-lrt. tl'.' to foiaaa'a

.w 4r1MMe." .. Deep r.td-flt't'tt! St.cti.e, 0 roc try daily fro" 10.. JIM DANDY SAUSAGE DOG 35<
days through tattrtfayt.Deaatioaa
.. I_ wd i i fw. s5 wn N the Mouit illl to BAR B-Q SANDWICH 45t
... -- ... deeply. appreciated, Tot-

:: u.H IS' ..,..., "..t' IS'IS' Baa _daded.hfll FRENCH FRIES 1 15
'gad IAN U aid to
11N asset 11.Njr
hot. ip aoaotlBM to .hie"tntlolora.
/ d'ad IS' ,.... 11.51p ."lilt *it MILK SHAKES 20<
4.. ,r+.....w Soup..6ad..+p.d.d tl.s..r. art they Plea a aaa trtbtlllMB
ke la red; COFFEE 10
] : tkea kt la tttardly, $
RIVERSIDE AIR CUSHION ytlltt; tkii ho lahtattt.
thltt; .... beit COCA. OLA SPRITE
loyal MM; ales hela GRAPE ORANGE
1640. GUARANTEE I..r...... greeI .
1 10181 1
.. oily .kea kt ti
bonus la N eolorJeea. ro* IWTANT" soviet oum n MOMI AIL OROHUI) 'n oot

ffivtrtloiMtUAII 999*

VAtANTtl .. .. .o .. R---4-- .

.., .d r ......ew ,
.Nd M .. Fine Way To Run A School System!
1,aw.erw. i.w. '.10-'.
1 1211. lLACIW ALL t l

I, s..w..ie..a..,.. nittim Nsw Scktol li OMt Graveyard

J mow'"..."... en 'nus TAX AND tuD' .;f". .t",
4 e.w...ann...

1 r' t t tt





SIRVICtTRANSMISSION ittt111/-' n ........., ".
S"00gk tr gp, .t rt-pO r .t few t l

MOTOR Wn prU. AIfNIId .nhcafeaft. ...... Ala 10 tit ._tl, -.. It. ..... tcbaol;
TUNMJF ; I ..Tpethd1(1wlilo Slb.ev IaIft.om .
1fali IrOr s good.....a life.. o..rwcl'Olldt4' f1'OII tkt first It i. tVTVHVM. .
fej tWvMat IkOUM.
MONIY DOWN MtroBRlaro/lit
I After t.UM .omtks the # .,.1W bMid Ut he BCbOOl. TM VtMtl UUl fdSKMl SlMTSl*
tM4..t tai Brut twit sale fJu> ttr ts '...oti.ikit
elM tt v .. iUc 1U fleetkai tla.
t mi* man TX.. warn K tnaar MeII' oat amxtniPM

tar h> a iiet..*.....rwa. l

tt ...... .....
..I. 1' ..... -1. _-- -' -

lUlL ?S. mi mini STAR unI net !



Top Award For Publication 16 A & M ROTC Corpsmen Get Top Student Publication Ii

Second Lieutenants' Commissions

TAUAHATOR-U. Col. Albert J. Parker recently
announced that 16 cadets of the Plorld AM Vail 1
varsity Reserve Of f lcn' Tralnlnt Corp .n otw
Itilontd second lltuttnuti, Saturday, April
II. during the university eoMehCMwit nrcl Mla

the a.. Health uidPhytlci lducatlon bulldlii.

Colonel Rui.' Ittr.eoMMdlnt officer Plorl -
Sector QMBMKI Jack ton rllle, pit. presented the
oonlMion as repreienutlve of the co..andisg
General IV 0.8. Any Corp.. CapUU Cephu 8. .
Rltodra, adjutant, of Apalachicola, I.lIttr.dtilt
oath of office. .......................
Cadet Lt. l..hlntoaSuekei aaalined to the Military

rnitt KXCTUm Ill'll. 0ml Hnjnr, nci.tytur. to a. of Milton .t Polite Corps; Cadet Lt. ..._.. -.. _. .---- .. .. ,-
designated I dlitlt- Col. tlllle P. Pant Jr.
JIT: anaxlae. und aaaoelate editor, CBONTMMMln matched lllttry ir du> and C.d.t C ft. Hltdtell v8TVr lTS NATO TO "TO'. nor''-Florida AM University *tud nt* recently MH to WHO'S wo AMINO
Now York City presents m aard for the all and assigned to the H. Campbell both of RVDF7ITS M Ajiratcw courara AND \imimmm m aho.n here tlth !Dr. George C. nre Jr., president
I Ht'iO. All-Aruund Tvarbook" tAt Freddie Frederick Corp of Artillery la Jacksonville Any In* during a banquet held la their honor. Mom seated, left to rljht.are Juliette Saunders, Key Veat,
editor "f THP LAKATOt. student yearbook of GlbbaIllich copetltton silk dlitlRfiiltlied telltinice Corp, Cadet Jens Coodard Miami, Merle J, Alford, "...; Dr. tor. Qlaly (Vary Orals: Clarence lloU*, .dl on .
.. ftrnmil. M.' ....hrw fII. at the annual a.ard alllttry ata Lt. fourteen Hctllllwa and Gcenfaiyn Marshall Stark, Standing l left to right, ar.: Jothaa Callln, BlnlniltiM, Ala; pnyl -
lincaiim or the 14th Annual iBtcrarholmtle Press dents ttom More than 240 of Tallahassee and CadetLt. lie Johnaon Niul, diarlee 'ya<1.r, Jacksonville; illlard Matson, bbrliti, John roll, pt. Pierce;
.!',,,.IIMI..,,, at Hnrld Alli>l*>mlty.IANUD Talhh"4'f'. ..
other college*, lalveraltlea Horace KaltM" .f Or- Jacqueline J. Illllaae, Dad City, Barbara Ullla Jirkaonvtll. Fletcher 01bun, LakrlanJl Ratty
IEI' and allltary land), Medical Service Hardla, At. Petersburg: Franklin HaalHoa' Quln ,. Penelope Jon., JitrkiwnvlUt; and MvtU Hollo
Hewn Reporter TrciDM I IEIP IIITEIOfIce I acfcooU. he MM selected Corp. Cadet Capt. .JohnA. pan. mister Nrk.
Nigh school and or Help, Typing, far a regular Any *Ppolntaeat. > C ynon of Port Pierre
*OBU onllciio. Must. be ;' secretarial, toad URilltnk Cadet Lt. (Darlle Henry Officers Hold Executive Session Snnnir. Study
mood la DId Sail. till drive car. Other cadets COD.... of Jackaoatill and Cadet
rala. ALerting salary Cork II MUI. trite:. stoned and ainUatd latke Lt. Huraee ahltnel4 mm VKM SUMMER GRANT -
Crate |itcr t.t. Press. Interstate P.O. Boa followini brandifa; of flour Haves. *l0d. .i+t. Joseph P. OUt, MMCl.
P.a But 1171. JickMintlllo 1171. Jacksonville I.Florid. Cadet Lt. Col. Barry B. to the Corps ot Artillery ate professor II the
.. PlorlJ. AAH Unlvrnlty" &
1. Pl College of IM kM been
.*.r de4 t a Ford po...Rd.<

Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion ties ptllotikln scant.
ts-aid for tu sisal r
of IIM, nil II th
tooid II a series of
aaslatasoe lraeta f.rMr
0\ ....' 0 I, $1I4.ii a III r.....* teacher
5 'r.IIIII' rroir ,U the
: Disc Jockey .
MK> M Of ".100 **tk.Prof .
J otbbf. a .alive of
Bldgley, Md. ... fontrIII .
\ reni.deal 0'ph t lade)phi a.

., .
t brrirfM ctwrra: tin AOVKM Vise! fr.nt;;;: Them, T':iT.III.-I I : slat.1

advisor of the ".. HoM iik'1'1'? totrlr and iH-l IUl U .IM KoomxlM NkdtlMi <
for the mi .( rUtlita. U ptmt.ir:.|ih..4 tU icily l elected UU tfflr -
.r dunes tk' recent MIA' d&Ali ftla'"c a i Fiends '.N V lvr.",. Bested
Hiv : left to rUM, are'HrM J. Htn>k#..., tkjuU......lth MOQ|, Lies 0., >fMl-.
) ; mldenlrele.teth.ti. > 4rw-mVfc! : r!f4Jt aJlnMI. h Mm l Lake fU"
: TIC. president. ", .u.. A.; C* *IU A.1')0..., faUr>Keslor Hl" Behest.Oowlds .-
< vice Dr...ld<..t. HMtlM C; Aloes M. finer, UkM.* 11111II Idioal.0*to
City, vice president. ttlo. I. VMdlMi, left to rliht. .r': c.tktrlM' I.
m Joel, "Jones Nigh school Orlando, klitorlm %.rr.ll fe heels, nml, Major
Nlifc ndvool Part I m., MM lM Reboot, (UliMilll. treasurer.. IU. tlnwM; 0". / Rekool D.as/ak MprlM. ..".u,,; JMtlyn, .. 8.U.,. tUwU Rich'
Wall, TtllikM. ytrllMMltrlM. M4 l.ry tlltibttH r.tklmrt Mes.e Hlc. U4y 4urtM M I1|-
eo1, Meta. ,fllrt..,. .Bolo II, rill,... ...! term at the ...
P YsrI <*|**rlly Ikkoolf
v kt Posture Pageant Scheduled TWO BUCKS u., .*.", M I* p.r-
Wttt Mete. roj
A"' """h,f fir mull cell tonrtf tie
May 1 -7 At Miami Beach NAAC'P''fill" > LL 10 degree,

grolker" KIT a'$ lll ut Kuril i 'lot leI'en ,.,,,,'
lUll KACN Posture ,.. ..,h.,. tf.p.rt.Mt .,.. stateside, ....u- Mini I Lies Vtttr Ci.Awtwo .
4 ties (Ht M4.r .iy Bay I t. pick Pl.rU.'. .iiryIt ",H. IflVKf M* *
.a lee for4| Foliate Pageant. t P..,.
Nmerslli, ....., till ea.rei 1 U... "U'L'gtsl.3.eeeg....e...
t..U"e' lily fer Dr. 7f..l Cites .fOrla stpleN
.r ....tnth .f at )'4f*" 4n. State ''*teel
ktllol. .... .....,. ...1,... ...4 n .ajrll, fn Stint Ii dm TMIT
4 Bide fer SS Mr .u. ., the PCCI II Isdleld. ..*. ntN **,. e4iMl
kltk. seise eves a ... aeelNleechten. 4-IJOI OM OitMM
seders r..t *.Iiimleeehtag ell tltl 1..1 e."+ Q, t a ep. c.4 CI f alit
.solder.. lIste t. (k"M t..lf

Iidr1et az scald lets If a ....,. eel repr..estshICmOpatitsl ( HIP IMHI
Tk. eeateel N II" tk, flr*( .*(! Dl r orlr, S*4. lr*..r, fwSpetlltkl
oUer .r e.rld'sRr..lei.tlsg '&" 1'''' 'rise hats, !. My eklefc .... teed 5.51c wan Mee.
Beeerd f psalm IryaatMr h. pretldsed CI,.. M4.N.
Isle.a part
i$ Co*t!..... Iberirfttkfii .
'er.,,..' ,..
m..tl-/.mg pant,., .ar .
.....,.. kt Iko Pt,ride C..*" II "N.l.*.
Aeeet/a. r MiMi iii ...M au ..
Chlrecra.tla .. .r. prepses ..a",
1: ties. ",., !. e IU ... tint seeS U to** .*Nease ....... 1 Ul .... Vri.M4 Pntficl
IM.I P..,,,. 8.11. deem sa 1..1. A J.WII.
I. M! Belch fr tk.
$' f.f .
j ,. frt fr 8....1... lime "uh. TM .... . 01 III Week
Mm FrtdSEE HUH j*.... sellpreel' *|M .ut. .a..., UM

<.!! *f Ik. llfOMtU.., M" cc *. U. .....*' Sedans. law .......... WMBMSlIlIlI1
chi/silo.. .u ill.IA. ale !. Mr,, e.$*, teasel loch salad hili

.. a. ,. ,.... .- irU tfUi it. ... lie AIM'.lit .,..........
tt.. M a. i**.riM.* t.UUM ...! M h.!.*. *r. ftl... !T>TML W ,tltlisTeMi
AND HEAR THESE .I aid peas .. cad 'M .... a I i S.?i. J.dg-
leeltb.'sad hasty M 'ff II laced se ,....'re
Mil, k....,. ,.....
sell.1.a .a... He a rf' ,.,......., ..| .*..*

.. .." 4erT.et peelereeA /M eseiM. .
..... ales leatiAl .,... add t..1
RADIO STARS .M !e"" Ml. to**.- "eI.tl.ee M eel,ll rIs.
.... fit&. .11I cider es..
Last peer'e P/erlde a....... w ....".111 NeeS... Sew
..... ..,..,.... I.,. .. e/a a .paler *rru _. .
Suet ,$.r of CltwU .., ,...... I'.. Medical sa-
eater, ",.u.. etSfemur. ad.IeesIN. Ibis.si4 e legal sir pedp
ad ....., sad ...*IN. ...... .. U.pile. 1aeA4a.adaedud, /
WAME1260wAlw .a./ ap ...! (l. I** ., ./*...., andeewT ,,
I!..*... Bw1ss4.BrA..y.
fl..JI>ujk. i.. eetil
a....Asiv lyresM .
LOSE \'GW ......unNC
.Mama. /0 ACO his kwar. ....
lase. w pr8 leMrf tBrM Mesh -se.rlw ....
......... t. mwerar w caw ..W g..., III .
Iwo I/ ......
t .
.... p... Ails PAYIke

i Hear "Net UM" NigKHy At 11 p..1111' FInt hid Af1117 .I

WHfc DeaeM W. ....... A HtreM L. Rr "*' J. M.+Persai ii Aemrflrlr 1llsr N 141 dlurdYvlMd ,
.. f1tt, "s .
t 4..,....=. ns Assui,,iywii4s ...M "MU

'' .

--. -

F PI 19 r nUllA mi tit in SATBIIIT Mill 25, lilt

1 Blossoming Artist Wins Award1iir I

VISIT 1 _-i .*'-"............ z.
ii" I ;' -



The Most Outstanding Zoological Exhibit in the SoutheastSEE .







F ;

(Open) Every Dy. 8:00 .... To Sviset)

... aim'.4 a. _

1 ROBOT PORRr TOt. Jr., ihoM abort wltb hit dli- sponsored annually by May-Cuhtn'a and the Duva
L'f r r I, play at Nay-Cohen' In tko recant Sailor Art 4.ardExhibit Art Teachers Association Other Sea Stanton Art
Al was awarded 1100.00 cull for first hoa- students 'ho partteip'ted In the Senior Art Award I
orable ...tiOD. !Robert la the son of Hr. and Mr*. exhibit" sore Harry Johnson, "lIIUdllcltardlOn and
Robert forreater and it a craduatlnc senior at Kenneth tat... "fII. llilri'd( Haapton heads New
He stanton Senior High School. The ihlbit itHI. Stantoa' Art Departomt.

.. .
!.J_ r T4 Tabor Sets District Completes library Week Judges In May Redbook

Homecoming Day Sunday Tea Plans Tire Mneep ..,.t'r-..",
Ir"y.A HiUhola and .Xiyr unit fnc M white J *iill-
ARE YOU PLANNING A BIRTHDAY PARTY? Services. Sunday A croup of tat clt,'. Jo.rph p. Marron fusser TIH r HH'fr tit,.it ihi/' iniliri-
proolatat lay and ro-
chief librarian, Jack dual ruin rn flnr Miiy'!:mrial!
Uloat Itadvra will sir""riM.READ.
SEE OUR NEW BIRTHDAY; HOUSE ttoaecoalni Pay will be ftitar th Outtt Tea onvlllf Polite Librtr
rate Judges for the Li*
obatrved *uad j In Mt.
laaaod for Sunday,
Parentt.J\ll Tabor Rap tlat Church brnrV vrrk roapetltloa
this Is yours for 600 per child- April 3d fro. 4 until .
throughout tut cia,.PUN., at fuflf Tolbrrt KIeaentary <
d under the
CAKE-ICE CREAM.. FAVORS.. eabera aad tri.sds auspice hool.
of District lor Mt.
I f have been Invited tAt at.ten4 Price bw>", contributed wna un
Calvary Baptlat Church.Mrs. .
by Mrs Qilnhola and Mra.
RIDES Kyrtla flhoot*,pro- Phyllis) (loll, Inokaoblle
Th service Amifcty be vn ten ourchlldl'lll7
I. cllla1 relll. anootMCfdthla
tin with. the Sunday librarian for the Public
Minimum 10 children, maximum 30 children per party. Moor at .:10 .... 'The .*!. Librarywill be presented
II a... aenrlce will be Mr. sad Mra. HGr.eoJohnooo to wrl ten of the beat
By reservation only. .Call PO 0-G9OO 'eon lC'" by Second "Hap of 401 I. |7th book r,,lf" In 3th and
It. sill he hosts for dth, Ird Met 4th
tilt Chunk ef the 1IeIU& iroupa
: 'pT lef.Joha P. .I..... alnl tho event at their rl and second itradc.Tcackera .
deae. and the public
at the school
t tttr will deliver the Tlio |Niiciiiiil| find Ii'ruuI
ae..... ".1 001I., DeaOM la iavited.Mra.. who are sorting in cooperation IllIIrrII \'c'II iif |IN.. 'nt1ll1l11
Jams Rirr; raepoaae; Alberta Johaannla with Mra. tal trim .ypssilr.4,1..d| the
cords of appreclatioa district president tee McRan. school II* (Ivil KiKliU Ui( o W.IMIIO> (!
i -1' ) ...?. R.I. Oftrttrwt, and Deamo tlllla. Snloan ..brarUa are: Mrs; *:..PArfiwa eliildrrn rrprrnrnl n
la district leader.M ,nlllll""I1... groun4..,1'.r
,..tor. Mra. .I.' Madry,
w ,. .... Rill la tII.lIo.t mlNl.'r.4iiiuiing.;" '
At 1:11 p.... dlM.r ,utor. IIr. R. ThoopMOH, Ira.
will I be stM.d at the I.J. PillionMrs{ M
cbu rdl.At I ,.... >.*. Club Note Overatroet. Miss. ,.D.
J.v. JchaMM and ..b.rt ella, urn r.C, Jones,
of Philadelphia Baptitt The Ooldea Lists Club Mlaa ""... Johnitone, Mina
Church till coadaet .ill ...t Buodty, April Jiff Leo Rodgers, Irl.r. UAYREDBO
th. Mrrte. Other vlti Id at 4 o'clock with .to'.' Turner Nra. M.n. k
tins groups fir the Mrs. I... reklea at ..n. Cannon, Mrt.
1 service arc: ,.?. J.t. her I0t: raveraoa It. _... Caah.Mra. C... Johns On sale
1I I Iu Jon** of CoMoalty .*,- retldenco, All officers son, If.. M.D. ila lad at your newsstand
list Church and ...blnad sad aeahera are urged Ira A.r.. lama. now
I to be preaeat.
bother ttn ButUr
of the MR C8srd4Nostb.
aid. lto.*, an. I.
Owma.U .
1 .... Set. fetid
r Jofcttoa of Mhel lap Cmty (...lssl.. Needs

'tut Church aotthtld.
... ....er. _III have ....Mil With Exptrtact
charge of tt. atrrie
Iii sole. 0.... OtarltaTtmiaa.

"Class Room Days" are Mondays through Fridays during
Dr. J.... To CettftctCoiNretce

the School year. On these days, we extend to schoolgroups Friday

> Or. f.;. JOM pmld-
a special of 15 rides. lat elder .f the north
price { each for (Sorry, we taoaflllo Wt Ola .

trUU tilt ft\ the
cannot extend these rates to any group on Saturdays, Sundays ...... Mtrttrly wag
r...... Friday attht. e_" c-ksleHl'

official holidays, or during summer school vacations.. April M la tottor ...-
way Ml Charea, an. r. F IAn
a. .10.... ,."er. aaa District 5

NOTES To reach the Zoo, .In.aac*..d..... la r. iMt.
'i *" lat the attaaduto of

take Expressway north from downtown..a ten minute ride. adi hoard sad auitlary
... ergs that all OMc >
nd. hav written ... Public ServantDignifiedRespected

,......al ..mortahaad. ea flttcktr Morgan
: iiaiaret
CITY COMMISSION Or. M" till trtath oa"utrlct S
aril. both Mjor a.r.
taN laadar aad Clare" Stnt4 it SMt Sftift 194549ttliAKiiiju
t.,. aM I Nod toarda .
HAYDON BURNS DALLAS L. THOMASMayor.Commissionor I cad ] sad ether do. PrtMW ) X im. ,... Israel
..na.," seas.. till
Commissioner ..,.. throMhoot the WMe4 !f titiMlitoMt I tt In btmsvarPfe M.rityPreeldod
Safety Departments Finance, Parks, and Zoo rothar ..'u. ttlllau TiWj 'f<< Mt Paris
will vroooat tho laat
aid Ckolro.... to hidti t t.+ aoeaes Itt kubt. I IliltiiC'
rt ltal at I .... T'bs' C.
r J. DILLON KENNEDY palAte .. lartUd.aadafo ... It J

......... .illanay
Utilities Commissioner psi with ..dof Ittitf tb Ceailiiiei .km fMcWrW $wi.De .
.....1 at tlO: a... ,
,". .oratai ....'". II:. ... aci, MO Sktttf I teNKrict, S
a.$4 Nealal Prattaa.
LOUIS H. RITTER CLAUDE SMITH $1NM.r: stWs MPate. Flat .1asrE1 .. eM .. ....

... 3 ', .. t:N pis.do SrI. iipotio *y IFNI'
Commissioner ,,. CommissionerHealtti.Seinttetlon 111.*** a. hv fired vnnfwrlVTC
H. aoir i ottt .....
tt whale .... ahg at NUHNo1 liciIts ,tor Pie! 1 9fv9V Sctw.litiM'

Highways, Airports, Sewers a .,ea... 1M poblheto .
j f' j t 'it. f/I' i

e 1..L .-\

mil 2.5. IH4' ntiiiA MI ,Iful! a1

Gr..UII's Tfaclads Set Softballers Prep For Big Game Pillirsoi Denies liters Eie/cisi' \\

Now World Relay !record Ending Bigots Rights To Hazzard

BATCH ROOGR:, LaAVPOrsabllad Colllgl ran Loner wrld kavylktehaaptoa Lot Angela Ltktrt of
the 440-yard rainy oily to-tenth seconds off naalai out on the Nesters tuition) of I t ;
the orld'a record ftatardty Bight la the Pelican a Mint .1 U. bietedneighbor. the National nketi:>tlAim.
ftUt Ultra at ftouthira unlverslty po.U..fO.2 .by selling his last each .ta reported
second" to MtahllKh a. ass .*._!_ record._ n___ ll-roo40,000 Yonkers
Tim flying quartet of ........................ (N.Y.) bontt trail of to UCLA'a be hot oa treat the

Donald .'_"... titian the tilt of trice Cantos No, silo Lloyd Pat- All-Anerlcaa aad play
Stebblna, '0"'. RIM- Buddlt Htdkt. tenon eaphatleally. Heat mater, alt Htnard.
data, and Dos Own Kcnntth Noel and George replying to>> a qut.
The Lacers sere reported
levered the tie la the H ail ost-d..llsi lion resulting from a
ready to eier
440 relay for the IIIfMII Hovtkrra.rtiaa at at earn.t la the New York die their territorial
tips U too hjri>. Prlditf" anthers took> Its Post Biapaptn, Quotlai rights to Hatxtrd, eho
afternoon I* the pre- third rely trophy Sheathe --- him aa saying lit plannedto this pact season led
llnltiry trial, the ill relay team ran r tell the house la the the Iruln to the M*.
TUern rlppod home in a bllnUrlBk 1: 10.' UNto ..qTitilIhO forcer all htt* area tlonal collegiate 4th-
40. 3, the second t|." set still wither. anrtllcaa sad sore because "No hUe Aatn, chtaplon
UU neaaun that they rvlwra mark one wanted to play with ...1p.
had pentad the tIm vita Ratters unlcr ltyflalaklag If children." Patterson Coach Fred Schtu of
e tick bad that listed la a close and kit site, Sandra, the Laker la believed
awing, nil of the ii> atcoad a* tidy ..,. have four children tq be planning to rebuilt *
U',,,'. relay uniu.Grtabllna caught la 1: 12.2. silk 'Ta not naming.. U' a the Lacers, aadperhtpa
also net a Grubll..' 3: U.' att only for peraotal reasons bring la arc
air aitt recant in the tins Laos third place 1. that I have put ., blood, melt ta "Rinsed
He-yard relay cub than R till torrid net. bout up for sale," to aid Ilgta B..ylor.ho .
lilt .f Metdovit.SUN.UH. Runnlaa on the "< ,aiwtdnle mdOMIM ItnUlnr. ti-n southern fI",1I11 potltlon. practically
Jutting tu a ails relay team care "Of court, there la throcihout the season,
retard Mattering i: 23.. Charles kite, OrtUBarrett. seas prejudice II the and jerry test, ,liltaIIara..hontf
elocklan. eranlna the Hubert Stevens neighborhood like seat ,.
l:5J.S sit by Ton ant. tc-alry Rlactvun. llbborhoortt.. But dy However tehtua. did
iilkem. In 1963: Tae Jirair avoided aabutout cite has trade t frtenitttk not dlaclete. hit.. real
Posit bin Unlwrnlty'N jj lilt trophy. several willt. phil aa he left for

Richard RIM am< lUckm.: relays vbcn they .oa : : protiotTaking!' a batting practice best during a tralalai aeaaloa are a fee ....b.ra.f fantUta la toe t.lgk. the Oly-ple trials at
J ar",. J"lnii! In the the dUtaaeo "tilUy relay the ialat rjraald Softball T-, skid will officially open the season Katarday aliht, Nay 2 boyhood and the school .,. .I"",,' aTrtlty
bri pall.' tifnrel rVnirdbreaker with rrrd Miss. hm they fact the highly touted Jai School la raa at Myrtle tvtnat Rail Park Proceeds fron the boa beet ever backeardaregtrdltf in rouU,..
** an they Mary Bru... PtrrrlDotN / line will lit used to enhtae the clahfa. hospital building| fttad. ho.a In foreground are: lla Ma* our chli d,....'' Meantime. It ..* dlacluaeJ -
<*"l.toll IIIII'd sue spat .
sorbs; U Ue. blab map turning U.. rtlotwia- Ionic LH "I told ay alf thtt to receive
lleivln, Out da ,need Malt Uvra .11tll" aeabera are Lois Meal, .... Battlea, labia
and I In the tin.| list ri- 10:30.0.: Crook, Rachel ".U.r), illle Lone ""I.... Jessie Mae. Nranltk. Mr; Carolyn llrtrlc.nelorea Davis, she idiould he friendly treataett tot hi* ,.,
"ItrUnill.ROJ.II Sunpla Gets Catherine Johnson .mid KatU Hayilen. Coaches art sunk Nntley, first U...; aad Del.,.. rtlno/, third Ith anyone ski tttfrleadly Jured k...a. Doctor
one of the top base Cun nfftelala till b. Alfred Oennoa, Leroy Cog aad Carltoa BryanU three Klai illl announce to her," the hop ,. get hln, back
huh Jumpers In the nu CHcIa.. Ned the cuntent. stitch till get unih" >rMy at I o' clock (total Art Studio Photo) Post quoted pttteraoa into A-| ahap tor sent
thin lulay, mtun-d aver further 'ltft one c.t NlanVm.
the liar .t ,' ii)' fur PtIILN.W'U' ,Nt") "friendly. | tried. It
Eistside Midgets Cozzle RessellTo Ode Mttsee'sTrade Olympic Hopidl,
the HM.nrt tl.e tklNuraiMia. Juhnay Sanpln. star J lilt didn't en 11."
a just kirk. : """laMbln tiMi Biilnklnii .k'- The Pmtalde rltrtrot.iidoiMtl Aid U. S. Yilee Pattertnn boigkt tilt Beats
tllllaa .
loblatoa aadPrup
laM kin near lip lop lantliitat fcn,"r kalfbark and c< a aldget and nitut* u INI fur 1140 ,
nuiklnrM. stile furni-r Maryland Rt.(r Junior softball trt. Irota.rocapttlak. Of'llpk Cffers At Lew EbbWTHOIT 000. He renortedly pat OhZCAOOAMP'-..Aserla I
JtMkma, (962: MIA slant iiri'kt, nixirti'd tu tae The I'uall cmpetcd. It for tile .ASP 'Th e It 'r fr sale tat ra' high hurdles track
;:...i .dI...."."in, |m>re hU Philadelphia' Insists the annual Jnk.."*tll!* IIhl.l i ete are Tnay Htevardaad III dai..n' raaal Una Mrs dtf.art Chicago It *, far sale for .."...fill.IIoOlnrlt.*
I rot*: pi.lire RUle RI. fiMtliall tins m>rlmi' rrrralluo ivrtrlavrl' Nctard. McCee, Peal ell prnhahly, till M Card I a all once obitliedalnoat 1130.000, lot of Ibis fall bas. a left
I Iwn rt-rwrd of 84.t 4Ydart trill II.* ......> Iwtt ....-, rlnygMutd Lassie. shirts the Juniors are Booker picked along .'lth .....' a ihole teas of 130.000 including the le| three Barter. of
last year i. he otter (Ming nUa/ il an aKpnlnl hewn (km..,. T. Hayes tad Resold sate Bill Bui'tla, U help football i>hu,. I., tio'y.tr parish d,. lack shorter than his"
braved the slit Itt sOP CUd era, rating The foil 01111. boys Jtcknaa. represent V.". ba.l..t- filllacl 0111. HaU, preclatlaa .110...... rlgkt. according to a
'.. f"N.. prrUllnt.. r.I.l.r.1111 the Gnablijig SweepsTo ball la the Circle la Ikea cctal' r'd the Classes CoilllBI profit ., Nayea ,In".
Tri.. 5uuiLrrp' nn a Pimple mill relate totkP tit*: Anno Brown, "tsn.ild Aiolker 5WAC Tokyo nest fall rhony lest feared r.** U. la tk* April /a...* of
d iyll I Ipr. .1:30. a ledakiss I at the J.stssnnBersus rtnvlnga, aiictlar as,. In its back I* tke sass, The dimes VtldiMi Jba sum RhurHagaalne,
print medley relay start ..f the reacts, .Brace ........". KnnaldQualataaer. Diamond Title Aril I Isaac noe on the "-HoMVfr alac leaving Branch tlKM alll .beat. that' seals, the Ilyee.r >
tun ..f the ..U...'" hl NatliWHil r ml Ixl I lan Calvin III- PIN' BLOPP, Ark. s rev 51 sdg. ,lit Redhi, rda siay a... lilt fuurtk nest of teaaltlatlraetloa *.ld tlt-r, sled feel
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liar IUI.. rrr tif Ik the! RiK-krU, c..anldrrrd JiiMi'b Davis. ticker T. tainted Orao coach Dave 'tr tk an Ua ..|.1.. Raw The cltwea ace for belnara ( I* mid/ U N ton
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BUY ON BUDGET TERMS..TAKE MONTHS TO PAY! j'r 4 She liiiriif Call 134-M01..

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