Florida Star

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249082 F20090524_AACQHE 00197.jpg 23af7036d69dba288d8bb382b6d96ba366590c16b64dcc308829a82fa78469ef4dbb1877
42812 F20090524_AACQHF 00197.QC.jpg 7acba6296f23ec0795cc64720552328b7f3e12886ce6140340755f2f3a3af45aaf002de9
11629 F20090524_AACQHG 00197thm.jpg 93601987370f1a49828293a67b561f3f56d36fbebf4731c6e702c3237cd5154d3b7dfe8f


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Shooting Negro Woman Solan I

'I Believed A Racist Murder Try

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ilL 14-M. 3 SITIIIIT IPIIl II, lilt 15 CENTS

Gets Bonanza Spot Sosiotor WasAccowodatioes :


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DMC Treatment 1..... Nichols By CewKrttw' Tt LHfMM. Dipt. of ,a Md date tilt rvklleaccoaodatloa ipoaacr II

OfftM 'Inhuman'The Trial Brkgsfisticuffs TALLAHASSEE- The Florida State Advisory 1Ap lilt, kill la

Committee on civil Rights has recommendedthe
death of a Negro Jaxon qf a brain Department Of Defense shut down Tyn4.\11 in,froo'.Ieo.liltlaore'a4tk ., a DMOrrat -

hemorrhage after being lent to the City PHILADftTHU-(Af*?)- Air Force Base If Panama City businesses nl.trtet, Mok, ".assue
Jail as a "drunk" case from. Cuval. Medical rilttCMffo cnptcd it refuse to serve Negro;servicemen. ,
. . of the atamckratbatktra
Center I Is being seen by citizens as the type the oobtsiltotnt trial Tko reeoMcadatloa MO, P l 1eurnT .
of callous treatment meted out to Neoro Of cuipMdtd AMR II shop side la a .1..-,... report oa Civil lltMftf ke of a rtetat .. .apaned ..
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likes cads the ,
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need for an official investigation. of the The flitlc battle, o laaklBttoii- U a Haaaepeeck and ktlai shot.. todtiw.

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periodically Md oppooloi. act.... M Mt tko verbal dael Md tko (UP-. ,,,.... ckeclc, CeoMalty .....Uall' Uc 1.. toe MtcdMt pl jMtelll till ....'| lo tkiMM

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pilot ...., 1:10: ..o.MM leader ef the trcokOprlot .p N15 cU OM ... .-|||.. Marco project Isle apeclal, oapkaalo, oo po OCM|.. Itaal. ofM.|voaaalait d.td.4bat. .U wield'

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ko ..". Backer MO deed Presided Nil o. ekariM of a.. led okoaoaao<.dto ccoooolc. life, a The Cnaoeclly fMleroelll of ike .h... RvcrylMlMpp Nil''IM tk. ...lc OMUW,

oo arrival ot tko Me- Botekok his op.ltc ....1... ocrc this pcracodo too cat,. nitc CBowoalty preJMldccliacd provide atrvlteoto ., | | lee aklrkdcprlvcc / setlee are... sl.hles. .

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New SfMtMStfffat rur'.", laUdltloo Uoflrctrptaeopol ...../ ,.... .d...... .ellco alai lltcc ofdCMcracy .,... ellkla' the ...,.. this ,h", la lo k. uan1M4..4 Ito It,/..
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to study tic tko civil. ladlctoeotattr. less fcr t.... lo rlaoMC .< la tie ..aI.. crafu, CM ef ulr .rn.... olato.
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lag klO ..... etOOeaUto Over tkc fear, ..tae.Iept.ebar. ....., Rv JocooMocncd The .....1..* airs .It., Coordlaallatfooolttco. MM VToM Killed irVWorVfllBy hi.
cke.c4. itself two ...a aa oooaccl forUM Itwbo .....,....',cer. la ....."* rv0rd Arm II
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t by o husk .....t., la tko f ..- Actiii'Ori literary crIIU, ... rlcklc orcMlcalleeaeklok tlaaslaas is'V' a jai...>Mie out cacroltd lint dtcrte "rdr le
04001.d lime Vetoed IkeCoMdl
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n- .fate of Tb1IMw. lie fatal Wotloeof. Mca
tt-yoar old M "..* sails Of fOOl fOlkOtnodotu. ,s hssiftOf .t roillaa at Scrikovotom of PwdetslsdIrgMsal.5e ... to Mo oa.- trill f., IM elteotd I. cooed .....,. bell h

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taco.y 04 I.L 101... Ur Mtmc: ooo old home bus coed b, literary cites at Ike. orkM ...... pellet ....n. Kl lattlttlo'c Tr al of toil.| had hems
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tko ....u.*. .. TM blue sere spec* OlCelotoocot. ,.c. lo cerreollyMl HCCOM i e, less.r1IellesbedsN. to lie Souls. ., IMdoctor4
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no officer* soil they send. by *ac.oklyoeojoole .. ..| OMfkt, e report ** sth told tkeo tokcMcftt rrlo f.r Mo .o..ovlo a. Rico oo4Caller .Tkla .side. shod ucOlO M ...., ,.. d.y<,lleProodo o soiled arce its ........ ruled Velio lelOMOMlMl
dlplooocy !. eases llofd.
I recovered lie
e .M-eellber i. tlt low, ., .......... Pose olc Md stsl1J tOprteoro
.. ,u. tko aroo- onv ood .5.4 N.o .. tko
picket to ..... .. .., 1area11 dtovoto. IIMICtp.. oacMid I 0.s's5.bselis lore r ell.ot .-....loolJI .Mellal.toper a rallaool dtroa <
to* eauwtlof OM e ct- bees pomlllodoajMi refvoo OMOUM I N eotoklloto t. Mot eouuiMile Md ,. loiclll*
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..,.* bbl a L511 M ar.t ..... o.e .r.etdod .... oeee hs SeffelM ......... ...... IA+sI .. It of H.l .. woolly ., with lie

fi bb. libel !. to 'per Vole* Pops P.OMO one bed OMOtttodM swab .o Imvery I/IftHII1" ........ IW We. uta ,.... foyo ,..,U IIreel. ot tercet lo prepare s

otoollo. loottor. ......rrt..........flM S UUc ilo tfo Mo sects well4 *...... ... IK* |.**4..te,ll l.4 ......M.........". iii tile. oao Moaiod of dofeoM,

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-- -

I j jriiiiii ,. r '

Pill 2 mt wtis UTIIIIT ma 11. 1m



NEWS fAys The Economics of Political Racism

.'aIlU.bid tr The Florid Ittr Pabllcblai Co. Unfairly the brunt of the blue for
conflict in the South falls dlrectljr .
**>br of AARocUtRd Men rr racial
and solely on the head and shoulders

me i. suttm _,..... Ei of the politic lane who by words and deeds

or lack of sound Judgement set up unten-

Alibi E. IUL...,..-- m UK* / .. able situations which precipitate racial

nil IGITU__tattta 1.1I1f violence.
They face the tv cameras, new reportersand

Hill IFF1CC I WIT; % I photographers and are praised and condemned -
for their actions actually

IUI Mticrlit tu<......hui Elr.li 4-1712* their action are dictated by the desireto

please the mjority of their electorate.

Miitlif Auras: fron whom they get the rotes

to attain and maintain elective -

,P.. .I. In 511, Jicksuiilli 1, Florida offices and the polit-

HI1MI miCE coeconomic power structure
I fro. who they obtain their I
iM 11 H a.... Hm 3771128 campaign funds vitally oecea -

airy to 'huatle' votes.
nvnacairna lAta .. The BanJetteJallaces and other
ORS Tear, M.00 Half hour, 14.00 : .. acting
political are
NlU4 to rot An,..,* la the United status -Jcras either :under orders or what they will get

Subscription pi abl* la tdvuoeMd for then the most votes and the most campaign -
$ Okdt or 'toB r Order to: _
funds. The real blame lies on the

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX Ml Q heads of the polltico-econoale power structure

Jacksonville 1, Florida 1 1UNITY which foots the campaign bills and

sets the tone racial and otb.r.I..tor

the politicians who seek and hold elective #

Difftfc At Dtvtl IMkd C....r offices. ,

In recent issues of two major Florida '
Is Result Of CalUesiass
s dally papers a list of the politie6-eco-
'Awl Shtil.1 Bi ImstiiiUd ," .'" noilc power .truct.ure..bleb dominates

.. Florida state politics was published con- ,
> The death of a Jacksonville I Negro nan slating of 102 names.

fron a brain hemorrhage after attendantssent NEEDED It Is this group with possible other additional -

him to city Jail without examinationas persons who are to blaae for

a use of drunkeness Is a stark exampleof the racial conflict in Florida for It is

the casual If not callous and inhuman they who set the policies for the elected

tr.at .nt'oft.n, accorded Negro patients officials not only in racial utters but

seeking medical attention at I Ouval Medical Your WeeklyHoroscope other issues as well.

Center. During the racial crises, police officers

As the story goes, the hapless victim, ayearold and Renters of both races who happen to be

nan, was first noticed sitting' in the streets, regardless of their Mission.

In a wheel, chair In the emergency room of Guide are expendable like soldiers So. if

the county hospital. An hour and a half lives are lost or injuries occur it is

later a doctor In the emergency room, who always fro the ranks of those In the lower

did not even take time to examine the nan econoalc group of both races,as the hler-

had someone call the city police to get By PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH archry of the poll Uco.eeonadc power structure

that drunk' out of the emergency room, will realize that even though they takeno

according to police Sgts. E.R. Deyo and chances on getting killed or injured

J.M. Parker. ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR personally,such conflicts which they either

The nan was roved! from the hospital and advocate or peralt the elective officialsto

lodged In Jail. They said when he arrivedat instigate is bad for business and hurts

the Jail he appeared so drunk he could BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL thea financially, even though they Might

not ew k. Later when a jail attendant have so Much .oneyaa not to feel it;

found that the nan appeared sick he was Rut the aaaller business sent who to their "

sent back to the hospital, but was dead on AMIS NO MATtl NOW AOVANCIO TO 01 fRITTV 110 AT are also expendable, feels to a degree,

arrival.It Born March 21st thru YOU IOIAI MAT SUM TO tries, VOU SHOULD II 81 RIAOV TO TAIL IUC that they sight lose their entire lifesavings

would appear that a doctor: at a hospital April 19thDo you 0. VOU I NT IM ATI I, MARINI, ITIAOT HIA01AT.TNI Cltl IN ITRIOI' ANO TO or eventually be forced out of
would show a little more humanenessthan TMff SHOULD HOT 01 PCR HI II NOTNINO' IIKI business because of the severe loss of
THC MIIITANCI or Pull STINT or vou *t
to dispatch a person to jail as a YOU MiniD to OMrT| AtAV (1N.IOTICI 01 TMMINAT ION AND A trade which always follows serious racial
im .. luiiMit .AI. IOU CiruiN|||. WMAT YOU
'orunk' without first examining' him and ,. A RIVAIO roe ,. .IT' or PUMOII TO disturbances.
confirming to some degree of assurance CONICIIMTI0UI MIDI, ,CAy "YOU TO INS 01* Continued racial disturbances will ovmtually -
that 'the patient Is suffering frOM the tQI/w s'.1"\10. couteMIITIC into *o AH. THIII AI , effects of alcohol I lanj to SI INTlUfO. |MOll ; 1uoPAss1ous.wst omit 'wt OU4 Tits ,.NAT. you MINT or TOUR MATERIAL' AI of theae-Mevbers-ol'thrToliticoNSConoMle 'j
eyou *M. P'VK en Ilk Al I-IRITUAL *tl*
Moreover, It seems that even cases of / ..1It"i""o.. MUIT CUITIVATI MOn. Af.TMll power, structure sad then and only then
.. ....., ,
alcoholism very often warrant some sort YOU "" H>V| A CMANCS TO sSeOuslY OROM" 'MOv'e'." rAMfctYOU will they bring the politicians into line.
er vim' it TMC oirri,
of medical attention.The IKCIHUITV ALONe toiieirt) vou. POSITION\ MAT Alto INTAIlcum In Florida,tat time Is close at band when

\fact Is that a citizen has died as a TNll. MMOtAL INITI" ,, IN TNt COILS AND TO .IN- 'i NO roMi. IITUU.a. CU.TIII or YOUR MIINOI, the economy of the state will'be so seriously -

result of sheer carelessness and gross tire AM UKIir TO lUll YOUR PLAtt ,m TNIruMc. .., M* lAITtrui WArt It'lCIAllV, Twos AND WHO AltPLOU.otCINE .. daaaged. to adversely affecteven

neglect of medical duty Jt Is a case that I ATCM CHI MIIIM Of You om MTUICCTUAi AND ADOPTING, A f0AM.. ) IN the highest levels of this group to such
calls, for Investigation and discipliningof ronil MAT CON.TMIOUTI Or TNtirT Ado' IAVINII an extent that they will be shocked into

the doctor and attendant responsiblefor HISNlf |MUM.ATIVI Al MUCH 70 you TO Mina, VOW Will AOHIMWITMOUT CNANOIO CICUMTANCII" orderingiShe:; politician to-rmrie their
Twill iivn. It
such unprofessional' action. ..and whilewe AND INTIMITINS JOI 01 40YMCII, Al |MO H. TNI ,,'.ell''"'. IN racial policies' and-work to 'Ike" end that
are at I It, It Might, be well I that hospital rnoMitiM Momcr row 1000 Will AMO MNIMIITVOr 40IS.1t6l sit TOO 01 PLY INVOkVIO Negroes will have the sane rights aa one-
authorities IcoK Into the matter of Taut ANO tAIM riltNOI ales of this country,who have killed their
TO *
why people waiting In pain art permittedto TMI'' tHDtayts (ZsTNI.570i2'. MINIS IN IITUATIONlMOM sons, such a* Oeraans Italians, Japanese
sit for hours without medical attention 8COBPIOBora Kusaiaas and Cubans.
while doctors and nurses move about the .1144-Bl Oct. 24th thru II AOll TO IITRICATI The econcoy of Florida ia More vulnerablethan

corridor as leisurely' as people waitingfor s-ro-et-ts-l3.a. July Nov. 22ad vouinr. any other Southern state. TouristsfroM

an eclipse of the sun. Ion 33rd thru the Northern and Eastern states ate \
TAURUS Aug. 22nd Twill All AOOITIONAiSAOHNS s-4o-s5-t I 3-3414$ the number one source of money ia the

Ion April 20th thru AIMIMIMTI two HAIL a"'Cttv' .ccn Florida economic structure. Continuous
Tlit Y's Way uay 20th UP V9U, Pall SOUl
NOT ITT HIM IIACNI0 MAY AQUARIUS racial conflicts have tarnished the Florida

Tx CAT TO OITAIN roueMIAMT'I CAUSE "IOU TO 01 ON TNl'joi soon fORTVNI ANO RAVINSTNC lorD J. 20th thru mass to Make it less Inviting to tou -
Pllim II TO INITIAO or OHMS OUT Peb. llthIVINTI rlsts. Certainly the insulting tirades of
The public school system ia Duval countyis tnIL""' "".
till TNI ,III.HI CON AND IN j 0V I NO VOUlflir.SuT the Augustine Mayor calling Northernerslike
la trouble and Its sad there
w say.but AN 'INflUINtlAl rIINSMAV
.. TNt MAHI INMIVISII NAPPY Al IU Mrs. Milcom Psabody'Carpetbagging
are far too few parents who are concerned Cvot ir TNIM all A rieMSAmi ... TO 01 0. IWCM IM.OrTMCI II riATINO. A IAMI a. TNI kill rOITVMATIONCI 1c.1....." is not designed to help the
enough to find out where the trouble liea.Ia ROIC I* AIIIMS you TO ,
AiriCTI INS, ANO TNt ANTIC) CM COliC IN Mlil. tourist trade.Possibly .
1942 the Priorities Committee of the SIN TNt T0 ROIITIOM. 0*
MAV UTAH rOIITIVlANitti P ATIS *IOAI|| 10 IN.tcSHs .. SON ll'ICTI. AND SOMSSUWIIIIM. the Most miserable AchillesHeel
Oomnualty Development Program found that- r HIT i it tote MIIIVI vow
0 i tNt Dime* TNAT vow CAN ItVflOMMINTS of the Florida CcoooMy is the Citrus
"Of all the baste the MAIL tAINtS tNIOIIIMMiiiTOdowo
problems facing
kiwis you All AMIS, IT ilk Arroie TO roitioIOK All SUl TS II' M YOUR and Para Products Industry,plans have bees
community, the greatest by far is to 1m- irroiT AID ., ..,. .
sets NOT HIM THAI YOU or vovo r iiAiun. Nope y. $ AND IN ia the Making for soMtlae to picket all

prove the level of education eiu NAVE Ore Te "iT A MMIITIC emu MAY ACMIIVIMINTI. YOU Will "I YOU TO INYIIIOM TNt the dais supermarkets ia the Major cities
provided in the .elementary and MAVI TI ei vt.v CAAiruvAIMT *
roe MflNITI MIUITI. Ala IS ITAVII err MN vouliriAin RICTION THAT 'OUI like New Tork. Chicago. Philadelphia" etc.
secondary schools administered veu IOURCIS or
tI roinMirr TNAT rear riiiTionA IIIITIMCI II Due TO TMIIMONTXV. who carry Florida Citrus mad Fan Products.
I by the Duval County Board of NrMATIONJ, It'UIAUVNIN
it NOT Cut Te it M. S IMreiii IN TMOIICONCII TMII Cat ITIUIOMC then this orgaalsed boycott of these .
Public Instruction, TMIV ROII ANVTNtlATI
..... ... WITNIMVOU
Peoria roe ".r TINS "IO TNt VlTAlkATUIC Florida Products are carried oat. those
The inferior financial support TO NAPPY HI
TINS' KtOulS MT II At. ir WHAT VM AM CAUllM YeN TO SOUIT who have investments the CSt.JadaatrJ
clout local school system, ia teas "TM |HOI|'tNA".l
other Lewis Te iiA.tt eiTMouTITA twylse TO &CCCW\.... TNt riAiiouiTv erACMIIVIM sad large scale faring will suffer tremendous
HAftOUVt .
COIIIatr.ODItb those ia ALLIES IZ7TN.OTNi.LoaaIsmtN
vou losses, when the Major Markets for
debatsble. | TIM' AH TN| MO
Florida eoeU. .. is lOt $40-11..14-7)-l
MITUM TNAT Mal itOBMINI Out TMIV INOVISMOV their products dry BO. Many will go late
Our children must tail their place ia a
111/. &10 it AIIOWS TO ,... baaknvtcy.aloBg with banks Mortgage eon-
world BOW directed by science and tech
Ion ... 23rl Dm .ATI iSM S Mkl VII*.. paaies.cltns proeesslsg plants aadothera
nology..ladu.tl'1w.U follow good education. a-eo-u.'I-7WU BAOinARlCS
who have heavy lavestaata la these ladns-
There la no alternative." Ion Nov. 23rd tara

As a member of the Bootstrap Board lorD lay 31st Urn AJ| |t*|. Dec. 21st teo.I>ts7eiaPISCES tries.
After tAo daaage is dale sad people
of I have to call rite MIKttRY RITR. Maay
Directors. aa June 21stTMII ciAiiv 'SYORISLI Pee
are tart flaaaclally mad others lose their
these facts to your attention.(1) If something JOINT mtvMI AMI "'C SIAOIM IIMI tit i |fOuARTII
U... efforts mad huge ot
great tome
Is DOt done about the problem.everysecoadary IAIT aoatie Cult llvlie*..INT Or tel ft*. TOM Ml illllVTe Bore ,.'. 19th tara
will be upended to try to repair tkedaaage.
school la oval County will lose CONTAIN.. Its MU INAJIIor JICTI toot dC CUll TO rio TNAT vj AH varca SOUOS

accreditation by" rxtster of It... (2) Com- succiiiii Are tve vow MIAOT. VM CM AT till .,It,.. tONCTNIMIIMMTIAt .
MV RI.AI floC .*..- Ask aay merchant and "' .11... w. which
ditiona bad that of students nun, ificiAiiv MI tile *|ACM TINTATMIAOHIXNtt ro* TMC OOTI.
ao 401
,..*. roe A SIMM.C MOMNTAI ia the Most harmful 10.'.. .......... a Negro
do not finish high I OOl.(3) Devil County TOW MAti riiieoii TMOWAIUI ,|Tn TMII tie er vwu* OOJICTIHI. ..
te ec ro.* sitting dos mating a sandwich or a
sectors are scoring lover each year oa ( TO LIt VnlMtTOMt .... A*| ...... !%V,.ttO adv tilt tMOMVS MT M.VIACT .
IS 'Y tit ITARS IM YOU race riot.
college placement tests. ,iei INITIAO or I* VOV f\A*| M Af AIM rMNIIMR M i.TVCtIII

Poor education means: maeploywat. poor losses Tee MIPPL5. are il'*l T'.| ri.H .|. .*TMV HC..UI OwllT V.SCIITM51CS.r-o r''ktikkMtANO IT Oil PAST TillS WEEK

living staadards.aAd oftea leads to a life Olrfsts's151 "C"t| T.AfOllk TAIlt MTU NUT MMTMOHM fut ARC OMNIM OA*|
MAV say si eisc teTA K1I 1*. lt4V-A -M UtMtJi. HU sg fmt-
of crime.A ruMIM tie CVlt tiM"*v will itfeoieme IWVIITU TS IMISMIV.
.". MMklll VOM MMCa Mel. wee e..t a? Jets ttllM iota la
.. ..... ,...... .a ..>I MH NrreU
WAV eiA iei verOAMuiATI III UR
good tisapie of the role of edmcatioa
".,. AITCMATIH.TM .*t.. la tAtrti ...1..... .s .... ea tao allisets.
Sell CWNCHTIiAMi .....*. cs"eu ONCI .. MHO .!*.! tO CASatTM
is round ia Ue report of the U... Den rt- vow atilt WI souenAMV 4. .. .w ...
> HIM tie Ate eTM $-II. PvT art hue s .. NI04 IM TM *"*XSARRfM
neat of labor. The yearly earalacsat %
average ,,, u itsf-tM AMsw
.., ., we MtMIIITATI mtM.* 1Eis.p.1
iioect" Ceec4s.u.WAV AAIM MtlllONI. MTUT Ii w1ZV... nun "' ,...
people tthjleaa: Uaa an Itn grade e.s- Own' tea rMU .
te Alt VOt tM wt-tw u. |i>eVrftj ef
M (... .. YBM ae .n *i MU i* ese ve *t d1+rtC1. CWT It
satin ttWJ.00: wiUlthfrade e4ve.tinn.i3.TM cu..., AIMCIATI r4evicc tie tomtit 1&..... All**
.... re M CAoirvk MTCAKM lies veasitPMaII.at / A !.!.,. IS ?Met tMO) ARC R..MRtte
; iota grade e4 cati... ,I.lit: nick swiss seats Atrii i*. wernu ...*]**. ,r..*.i .tU
cat* MCA_M orTM M .... ..... CARITRilll M vets
sctooltrsde.te./ I*. W; 11 years of colle ... H eiuiHSkv Si. VM mtwUitwRMt .f SlMvlM OAT rwrwm ae4 guy

... ......: college trsdtate. W.174. semis WITAU IS ...Mists.. tMT 7- ..WWM+ P51M5.3.teaai.lg.aeaTt esttl. tit OUT *.... sirt RU..... aa- CM vies ..,......., WM worm la cr...., atf,
The Gomamtee feels that immediate
action cam t* taken newkye ltahle 11Ng4isrnenCAMCtt LIBIABora '** te is* veoRCitt ac* >rU M tm-.m...rr .r ......... ia CM atey -

rtvalwatlon and rtmsaesenent of allIs ..i>t. Bed tars test vee fee ISIS ....' .r 5524.. ...... wf _..... wt

.rawer* Btvsl+ Canty. If this Is demo. .4 Nr11 Oct. .H ,FJkhRIt'NN111.m .".OVt51.Mt9.A .....

kf IMI. w should kavs eaomtk money te Des' i d ... .... 2154 illnial. ....., at. 1HI-tIt1..1. Pie raJeatW krI
.* mactnla atewt Isis problem. hIm ir TM. Pact NUNS Hta 1Il.iEi ........

I .
mum mil 11. mi rum nu rwu PACE 3

. Famed Unit In Final Rehearsal Sessions

r ,fj lJI 'u Gate CityDECLARES

WAR. o

.. .
'. .. '
J '... .. .. ....' .... ,. L. .. "r'.I"-" ;.
,! '!C" \ ;
;.:., ,. .. .' .: :,.;.M" '. ,. .,' ''* '' ':.., ",.JI,, ON BEDDING & CARPET PRICES!
I : :; '' ; : : 1''' '. '. ... ,
."' io ....w: .." MOST AMAZING BEDDING ,
\.:" ).. !,, : ,:. .. .. :tt ', .f. & CARPET OFFERS
... '' .. .. ,
N j' /.I ,: -Ik'i'; ,}! ;;; ..,, I" ,\
," :
..<';:'f/:',. :' IJ"f Il "" INNIISPRINO

}Wi 1o; .1" ; i:, } ,j: 7' ril) !;{;,tJ.I tJ.\; 17 MATTRESSES NNIR110tN0 = S14ZJ!

( *


iva ANNUAL rusEfTATXOR: ot tho *.. ttutoa inn lyapboaio Bud tn bo hold. Friday aifht, April

34 at 0'clock la Civic Aadltorloa uadar tae dlractloa of Kama 0. cTarlla, bud director, Pro- . ,
I caada tro. tha affair will blip defray xp.a..s for tbs iroap which till play at tha tori fa Pa*
117 34-2S. Tickata My be obtaiaad fro. band sad faculty aeabera and iron tha bud paraote club ALL NEW (MATERIAL!
aponaora of the ooacart.

Top Riled Slinlon Symphonic Band Sorority Completes Final Plans f' IMMEDIATE DELIVERY :

Set For April 24th Amoil Concert I In. For Eastern Regional Confab t COIL THE 721-14155

.."l .. Stantoa Senior High School gyaphoaleBaad SLUMBER
.which rlllrappur U:Bpriac Coacan on m na u....... &I..... of the Natloaal Itorority of NUMBERS EL 5-3431
Plat Delta Kappa, "no t ach.r'a Noa] la Our Chanf*
daM April 24 at"1:15 piss U the civic C..ter.lau ,
baaa rated"AA tor flfUta conaacutlva ,..ra tag world, .111 hiitilitfit the ....1011. at UairKaatara IB Galaes\'111o HI 29111iATI

by tae Florida Aaaoclation of Bud Dlractora. thin Kailoaal Ooafaraaca ooataaiaf at. U. La .
tll. OoDdia Hot.J la Atlwtio City Na. ".r... M April . .
balm hichtat rttlni. that..CM....b..tra.d.Tbip ................. 10. It, 12. .......... ...\.I
laclvdia thafollowlai broad bafora 100,000 Mill Hilda 0. iryant.aaatara Anita tbarhardt.On .
aajor cateloriaa -. ,.raoll at Coaearta, regional ; Harchiai, coa football IBM ate. Ala rector racaatiy set April U, a paaal of
cart and Uht ftadint. do. lOt laclia. thaparadaa with Boron hUitta Nub fortiia ."..... froNo.ard .
....b.ra of the bud la which tbs aid Jalia Ooaaa raiioaal Dalvoralty till and FAMOUS SEMINOLE COMBINATION TWINS
bar, ooaalateatly e t- bud haa also atvaarad.Twice foa f..lIc. co. ba praawtad. Simlnli Combination 1."US.s..aoo.
callad oa u tadivldualbu1g has At dIO: p... Mtardty, 55988
d aa.a aroup.Dutin foraod before croup o.er par-tI.OOlt.'tai. .chairaaa. and their coaitt the banqvat will N bald :,. |19.90--Jest 1-..........4i,_hilt ky 511995M.
a to CMpltta pi ana .* f* wrer al Fan'*
the pasty ......./" .. at:tai faaoaa forthlaooiftraaco which la the Caatlllaa fbudado lodr I l....*. Wit" T. 1.. LN..Iy
year tha band baa p.,- Cater arM 1. effloara uttclpat..111 ROD.
Tho baaiaat will bo _
bathalanaat aw bald.
ATI cm luoatT met *
Iota Chapter of At. followed by a cabaret 5 1Wk 88
lulls City Haw Jar party aid lanes at tho HOTEL SPECIAL CITY
..,. Noataia Chuer.II. Club Marloa. MettNtt.1I4 ha sp.in. ...r.1 II.. GATE
..bawa workiac ardoualy .... .,..., *Troee
Vets UrgedTo
for wtatba plaaaiai
J.rrt.>a.: r1 for the .111"... aaa .
,,TrHer .1... and tho aatar* Nome "",.',0 l.r Too Ce.> At.....ta Mlt

tar-.t II'-. -"- .tD.a.----...-.. Beneficiaries' ,dUTI CITYt PAA40UI CUHTIft/ TOP RUGRIOT

national affleer. dele A roatlao littar froi I .mas I MllI I StlINIiS
,U.. lid corers ., UN a tataraa who asks tae TMa Wash 0-r.lf II t.tf, S 99 cop
II ehuitera of the lef Cesab4eiieg
r era _..loa. Vitaraaa AdaialatratlMa I Miwo.Iv o.N II ku. .1::
gushes coaoarilaihla
Oa Prlday .II'IoAprU laaaraaca ,,,..J.. I
IO.IN4 tha ..UtI con
; t....... will ba h.ld at that ho had feriatlaato TWIN FOAM 85IM
: aaa his brlda of a
kid tiao the, aiaca* I MMIIIITI 129

t Una of tha la loa will Had pair,aa. dlad baaaflilary altlottchaaia .......II+.H v..a 0.t. Clt/i 4)w* I00a ....tl.,..., /hi........

hold #.Ir ...1.... oaaaloa of .....ncl&rJ.n. .r..... ..".tl..e 'h 1 d.eat./.r sh.d.o. s.4A.
shill tha vlilttailiaita
mother or her sister? will gather la slats could lao GR|Af bi irilT Wk. .t|Irt' to .1 D..... 1.11." G.IOa H'IM" A4H

BOTH tMJOY VOUTMTUU MTWUUAOKIMe" )NAM COLOOJWMJwr tkacaatlllaa tool for baoi paid. to his oaalthyalatar. Se 1p-4W II tap leg" Mitt is...4 Groan, ....,..., Onan, W...-

a cord party, tftat, cfeta N*. lalf' ., I.M. WWf, ., S.1,. .It.r c...
....i UMMfcita <.......' I d1gw.M .. '.3. Otaaoa, Offlearia ,... f12Lfl. Lw '10.00
per alp.Os S ".,,,",4 .,,, I. /. Gt.4,... 9
.....M Y iii.....W.... I*..a M chart, TA offlia. 1.4Ir/.. ., ,_ ., t/M.ly sLow
ir.fMr. .Iwirt w, &lie.w .................... ftatardaj April 11.. Jicktcavlll. polatodoat R. bt e1tt.Ny 159 ,Y11ic gag..... . ..
... : ;
M NM rid r-u.d.b.,eLn..w IM4 ,.t..I. Hihtbita .
:. .r a ..Iv.. d..wrr ....IIw ./lh.. .1 dJa- shire are laaai
....... ..,...... d .g.tot*tq.S. IIka Ilia wlthaalaobarall
play aad sorer Iryaat
IdiomrGordons will ,roaiaaattho ...* .b*.....* of, ....CNll/e L.... fag7 Mr
the '.11'" of ss
JAI r lie ..01.... ....h.. sat rul to lisp thlr Ktftl $p I.I TWIM. S 195 'CII.1 Yd.

.,..,... At tai ha.... a..,. baaafUlary 11 11.0.1 1..111. .1. .11100. 88
-........-............K NA w. lad ..UIO will bo ,. data ., ''.'" '*. JUST A FEW MILL ENIS
gloss by error Jiaalla Vataraaa shield. writ
Ion, oaf,,... chair
.aa; serer, bialltaa I tk.rla.Mfachara ofIota. which to tht. lisp?A ..tilll... tvlr to DANISH STYU DEN LOUNCIS LEFT IN YAKS SIZES.,.

; Charlao I. "a.. Iaswaaei to paroe.t&WiNearohl (it* their .'..s "' :=:.=: ALL AT SAYINGS FROM
way ...*., of Atloatlfn fill .... oad palltyMbar .

r ..u..t t4acallM aa ...lu th* -- r-.q-I ..-...
Gin aad Board of "...; Ale old .dao bfUUryllatlaia. =- 20% !II 50 l.

blaai f. "irt'prlatlpal ,..... ..
I't4I Ae11.I1. ......,'".Aid
of 4tlaatla city 1._ ... .I' '
or .....! aad tat lai *- U will .1, otataraa $ (" ..........tie, sbP..
a baa t.rp.ileethe 59
p-rtat...... of the ate old batoflilary Nf jw rut murttttt. N UH JWL t WfD t!
lulls City Pabllo
Changingof u llotlai by N.disg! bioolirwfllo
sef Ie I.. no useless
I oatr of the
will M follooad byattld .U ItatUd .. well aaa
the GuardWUclidlid1tUCfioli .... oalaotator Ns- a *. boaoflalary
will Ricer ...t .t/N h

... tJnd
( )

CNWT WL SMITH nu 01 .. ... ., HP n
.- .
f.1t h.A./.p p .Ir io ed. d. .s4 ae Fe..1
CotdcM\-. 61 l.U fKf Palace IJ
r' ...... ... .... .
toomt a royal l rftoV.<' IN .Ilt7. ... INN. + /a.Wb." .
riiM la blurs Ik* Our ** of*die Gwdbecaare too till M t.ld la flau a.ro. ease ... frt.aU .. ....vwt. II IUH a...ue...ACaw I., If 19
a h.wo EhW W.qsIt ao.< lo Ca Ul II aad Net OM .. .MH. taO.tt.d

Calcite t.cc.: ew cow 176, tf ..o irfr Mtbtf I
...... AJnMlCl Corvot Iran astsstttf -o.a ttatbt RsetMagat
fluted Ilia ,salable +RSr ....pored gtfp 2+r tTleretgr
,io ftrtoola. TlII.Go.do. way stieseesp --.
MiotlkaflafcaciM .....ata ..-aI Pttr$ PUS

ti oi..+ .. ........ ,,wane ....a eta Naa'iti. lretatJ
srna P ..-mc.-
the oWw IICImCt i-. gut anOW P1- Gate City
0,1 bt omen*
tMaVy...*cow/d.lesw tasrA u.. ..... gars ggatnasuwar.
.. .
CxoWi Low dot..bet. l4tT**.*.e. hews *.o4ltl.oo ......, ......**.. ..,....labo

.cHf b. fW.< s..... ... of o ball.. Maw o.*Jio. of .1.r
pan tta stdeergal0 .Mto .*. ..._... wa .fMiiano at .mreviweaaPal
AMA ..i.",.." pra*.lo to |.....-..UI.. MATTRESS AND CARPET WORKS
gsaa M o.ot a.tNa.a.... Ptmt oV oIM1Pfl.

.ar.q..w an y Ollr.O M N Ier..a ....._. .... .......,.. 11(4 m. WAUWT STRMTSWAXII

I..... ........ ....... tIP .. ..It.. twuwaHy 1fy4.. Cer. AHMI&-'". IWYtnIty AveI..tv.. .

Mil II till I
4 fUll{II SUI PAlm

. .u! Stork Prt. N. KocSbB Jr.
Committee Launches Plant __ u Hot t21
Gets, Ajsijied
Mr. sad Rra. ArtkirJonklaa
J ; id] nilaoltBtrttt To Hawaii
; Boy A iradaato 0' Bortbotittn Nth LOOISK GUINT AID
Mr. and Ira itaatthtoaty Nigh School Dr. Hunter R. BatttnAlto dallftrad the ktyattt
$ address sad laatallod offleora at the annaal IBtallatlon -
; 4123 less.. Prt Rithaaltl kkmltrieJ
Clr. r. Banqutt. of flu ,..&111I1 Club lae. n*
+ AvVNNkpe. Ap.N e.ji n Apt 10A; r. she rtetitly
F / 4 lattrlado too of the w.
Boy. flBlabtd his bests affair .M bold IB the
M1f dorado Cub last Batarday Ofoalu; oltb llll.
S Mr. and Mrt. Joatpk I, Roblaaoa ser iig aa toaatMBtar
..reli; 1324 Priaea St. The Bt.1 ly laitallad officers art; Many Davis,

oirt.Mr secretary; Proddla faait, aiilttut secretary:
mid Mrt. tllliaaAltiaadtr Tboiaa Hart. fUanclU crrtar7;".ttiani.l Mart,

; 121 ....... tr..srerPrank ftmrttty, business Banactr. ; Ihotl.ordtlloy .
Btrttt; oirl.Mr Bialataat NalBBsa anator; WtllliRoblBBOB

public relations CbBlPBBB; Jobs tack,
sad Mrt. Moans .
custodlamPllllu; folia, tgt-at-arai; mid UonirdAtvatar
Murray; 1S1T '. 3rd "t.;
01 M. dttpltla.Tbo .
Mr. aid Ira. wrliktTbowaa history of the Vonatlaaa Club., gives by Prank
I __ ..... _
; 4132 Trtntot Ckwrtaar revealed the fact that It U oao of the
a.C1ICI1' Urn NurthinHUra Talnnt MIN "' r..IUI' Jimophint cltvtlBnd, Mrs, Lola Bcbtl). Mrs Br Drift! Boy, oldttt social clubs IB the city, hatlm boaa orlanlsail -
1111"." MM .It outlined', the .nrl$ UH acts to t>u Diet Orttn awl Jaa.t Owtriiht. Btaadlaf fro lift Mr. aad Mra ArtkirHUlMBi \ InV and oontlnuoualy active ilnct that

II pri'Ki'ntml In thn fuoullj nhow oa April ;0 'IB the aro tht eo-ckalratn, ill"bur Muffin and Mrt Rvtlya : 2140 Dokro U...'!tI. ,raup' lrlo aetlfltlM have touched
ntlniiil' lariilxtrluM. MiiaNira( coated frnt Itft art jbrfira Drlvt; tirl. silent phases. of ooMunttr Ufa, but tilt major

wlllln OuHluy, Intern; Mrs, Ku*I a Pierce, lira aphtita" .has been on youth, with aaBltttaea to

rrrtnlnlif, MoUt.ti 1i 'fie Itoyi' Ptrontal Hoao.
the ..... ilth The V..
AMBI anaati enjoying "
ROYAL ART STUCK) ) at fort Oordan Battanattoa present Included Mr and .1''. Johnnie
I \\ [ Weddings \\ OB. .has. been mist wiud Davit; Mr. sad Irt. Ttioaaa Vytri; Mr. and Hrt.
to the Nmllan Itltndt. Prank Cooper, Mr. and Mra. Prank Courtney; Mr. and

-; Ku it liiicti Prices \ "I. Moaltri it the Mrt. John wash; UMlaa Henna; Mr aid Hrt.
sos or Mrs Alberta Lute I, Itakoa; Mr sad Hrt.
Leonard Attator;
pun can Boo iptnetr, JllRuekaan Orotbo' Strut, 34. Allot Mao AadoraoR,
Noaltrlt, 9ii Pearce Slavic bolt; >r. tad Mrt. lotus lattor; .r. 'and
Rt. 19 and oMla JIll"01111I'. mi 3403
I..""1I11-hln-lrHI-CI.1{ Pboonli An, 3$. .trtft.Gitiwiy. Hra. datkanld ,Nears; Praddlo Pavati: Bra. tllllt
Julia Bt
AaiirteuN Harroll 1710 41 aad Mil Tlaotby. P. 10..., 1937
HACK i IIIH com P. hit Rtrott, II. d..rod R. Rrotfl, mi MI. B. 7th ,1. 23 and Barracks J. Itobinaon; sad Vboalar Sal lay.Rjltla .

I Htrhurt Lta Jtnklna, Rtrttt n. Mamas .1111.... S48 *. ..... .... .... .... .
SEPIAI.IEj ( 2902 P Mtrtct, 20 and ...... Botttrd, 1141Ptvla Utll street U. Aiiirirsiry Sit
rr B, Niton of Watblnitoa, Do C. MB la the
Otntva Brooks, 5TOIruriwtton lit", 21 and Boss Dock lllltaatt 110 BT J. R IRVINO BR.
j Qvility PbolognphjClOICIEMEIIIXSMOCim city recently! to hit bar parmta, Mr. and .,..
M., 1'. Lot Carttr 1(22 Jobatoi Jtfftrton
at 31 aid Barracks
? Catttay 1131 Paul T. Bennett *r. of 1(36 Pest Plftn Btratt.
Void Sinn Jr., 1033 street, 21 Ortta L.
Orlffla, ill aid Ita ABillltry of
I trivia la a graduate of Howard Onltanlty aal Itoiployad
Burly HI..,::12 and 11II1 rl." Johnnla Raddlek, 1590f Ituart Btrttt, 12. I
Vtttrent of world tar la till Capitol CSt,.
Pklil EL 4.1114 Ann tllllaan HOB 21th It., 23 aad C.tXA., lie.'ill eels.brats .

Its first annl. .... .... .... ....

,ersary Saturday AprilII
at the Joseph H. Ptarl Htefcty .aa hotttta than Rtvlnattaa Hrldit

Jama eo....I tr Center, Club set hat Mattrday ovaalat la bar KUwoodAvtnua

PEPSI COLA Onaithal and 13th Sta. bout.
$ The program 111 burls Ifcrotlu willlaat waa guest playar.Hlih .

,850OOO Shopng Sum Bt :z:00 ,.*. All ....bfn.n scorers for the avoalac lire Ooraldlaa Nil
BOTTLERSFPREE .. expected to bo pro* Hard. "Patty Ollllard, ud Nan. Lovotto. Pauline
seat IB full valforo, Davis quallfltd for the conaolr'.lon a ard.Knjoylnt .

Veterans of aorld tar I, the party sere Barbara Harper, KMtlttOtor

tkolr tlvta and their aDorlt BwaottDorothy. Oliver Ran Platcbtr

/ dtpmdmU are cordiallylavitad Ana Moaroo, and Colaatlao Nlcka.
PEPSI to celebrate
with at, sad Jots our 5551 5555 ...I ..ss
Barracka. Appllcatlona '
mar to atcurtd from Coaaandtr 'Tht annual. 'Cotlllioa'aponaortd BTtbo. locaTaKv"
...R. Irvine. *r. tern of lets Phi Bttt sorority praYed to ... one
of the interesting social ovonta of the past ,a.kand. -
or any of the officers
affair held Prides ..&I. la the
tad ...b.,. of the Barraeki. The ass "
Puval Coots Artery.
__ Junior Dobataataa aakltf their bow iaelvdod patsy
Iko plorlda state Dopartatat -
;err ,.'EPSI till bt rtprtMBttd Ana Raraaa, Barbara taut, .Haadra U Bmca, Anita

.kgr SUto o-bids "Carr. Rivera V. Carter, Jaalet Col...., Rvau
1 tlllUa koblaaoa of P. Cruel Patricia Portty( Margaret P. lID,..",
rti PIIPSI lario PI a. and frltnda ValtocirfiruBwaOlorta boot :'Jae S True Otlior Jules Harrla. Jttalo Harrli "
The AoillUnr rill herepr.s..tod
Sandra M. "Matt Itnaatk Mao Kolatadorf, nrtadt 1
by Hra.
/ 1 :IIr-E1trxJr; Myrtle L. Rchttaaoa, T. aatlm IrUtlao Araataad, Qitlda 0. Brov, !

( :s' PEPSI atata ProatdBBt. of Mariartt CkMhaadoyco M. Oraat MoClaadDa.

? H,t Payraa kick, aad Mary Aaa i.atiaalt, Menus Medals Carolyn
a f 'oCl.. .. Prtddla Mao Mlteball. Cdaiaa Itonan
other Barracka arabtrt.
r 4 __ A special iBTltatioa KrtlMt alellardaol....&. Busy, aaequaltao Robla .

has ben titoadtd to BOB, Joaa P. Hhlpp, Cyatbla Bttllltit'; larva
PEPslIww Jaekaoavlllo'a Haraa Taylor, .MaadlBO Pubs. Oaraldiao *rlHt, Sandra
Orabo Joan Cooper, Sarah Joaa BOB, Jaoqatlya B.toblatoa .
D Barracks 2KB aid Bar
+ a- \ racks 451. Irtat trliht hat C. ailllaat Md 0...
dolya>> .. .n....
.. + ; 1 PEP81


PttPSi Tb Conty CMmlssloi Nuts

_._ _ I ....... With Experience

: _
I..led ..,k



10IRS8SPlOlNIMOrtHY iii WQ18SEF8P1CIAL MorganIktrkt

c..S..Hf. .


MIl..... fill An ExperiencedPublic

INpn .. ftI'tH' AYEMTSMHtlVoMlIToEAAtlAtaftMP mnMNAMHIJtBI 10_ TII..... 111 lIfT IBTtfICItBl' 1 1MOFT
1T14 f..IO rtIIIN' fIIIl'
($3I,1t1J1TM) Servant
SUntlllMlll1 1 AID JJU'rlvtUil' MPrtIIIIPMUI _.en ........,.........,..
M w tr..Mw r.e w rev ara.elr "'".. ......... ... IIINM .. w. .Vw w r........errs,.....dct ..,..... nttdaer Mores

tM$0 atir.sear is4 It sae IM r..re s5ulei Mel-r.M =:=.':.ar M.se. =---r.--: = Oe.M.sa... Dignlfied-Respected CoaDU ea.taaloetrtbtrle

.. "" -........", ""'" .... ....,.. ... ..... 4p.aw Md ..... ..+.... 10 r \ I
W M' ;t -w.'kIOl ......;Bw.w eo s

Sewed U Sto4e' Stuft. tits 49e

Pr..t" estsI1 meat ( UMb Tiftetil kitH

EUNDR1DS b"IU OITIIIJGIWID WortH eat*&&..... .1 t JMPktk u.ruwaJ AikikyPmited

Tables | rta S4tIt Pals
FLORIDA If W3! "' ''' IM.kt a Bm llh'a ft'
c-,./w......P BO> OIB oM TOM Mao .I&edead. ..* M kMfttrm l kwaace
IlK YOn SLY OF eMtartSILteo $1IMlI WlI 1WIII.1 I era p1r. IN aw w .... w w1run
WILT .o a.4....t>..S eau oa..has rS Capaales .le iikrlee

.... Be........./pees,h hn4. net W.a.l a* l*, BMM tr an B Moaawkta kcaiMta.MM .
HI l ift ... ...... .. .. "M tr*,It...Pwt OM BMBM|OMaa .
.... .,..... .,_..... ....... .L'K I>..Man...... press......ir IN (M at.ColiBaOHB ewe I.. .... otJactMMB%f ft Baa e10G,JaKa... We C_.tee .taru fletcher $eheahwloced
.... .. <... 9...
rn.etU1 at* XlyaBiH tKl 41...r t e e ..rw .?.seas e..... wn ere N.*1 o..d '.,-1 g..-.'t.>4ri.....>.rtiitBiin_._. mirirrt...._ bee Streets II Mid S
BMO...H.....ot PtowOM'M,aa M nr =:-==-... ::
a pM. M ...- 51 feet ..1 w. eM $4Iel ....

EASY II EmJll1fW wr.tIS our tttIll St. 11...Ilse IL MIl

Prey fKHlIi..1 .tecIiee. fer Pies. Fepa SekelN7d
/ .site r w...ew..a+ce s ._ ee ..c eo...... w..r Arowawre r too* ..o..oava OWMM.... ...* *' e_

I .a' fa& MR

., I t J"':';; O::::Io.r" -.r--

I t T

I mil II 1S14. FlItllA SUI PAPERS PAtE 5

-t House Of God Beth elehem. Missionary Leader Delivers .Annual I Address District Schedules West Union Observes
Stile '
Assembly Baptist Churchh 11th Anniversary FetDistrict e! Women's Day

Sluts April | let. Era*at illllaa.
i 27 of Nt. Annual Hoaen'a Dar will
: Tin State Aaseably of aaaociat sinister atBethelehes I. Ararat Baptist Churchill be observed in teat Union"

I: the House of God will Baptist observe its nthannlvtraary Baptist Church, May 17
lit underway Monday, Church. 6th and Madison Sunday at throughout the day with
April 20th at .... Sta. till be ordained
10 la ) p. a. lit the church Mra. Nora S. white a*
Crescent city, Bishop. Sunday during the H a. audltorlur with Deacon general chairman and Mr*.
! J. Plttcb.r announced. L Anderaon service. with he A. J ; A.LHall. preildln Eleanor Bowena co-
The patter.
session till close A program has been ar chairman.
on &I II dl1, April 28th. District 7 mill sell' t ranged. Among Die participant The trustees, PulpitAid
the prelate continued. dinners Saturday la the 1 Board Usher Board 3
,2 are Mr*. Alice
Bishop pi etcher It toss of Mrs. Susie and District
: Burrough. Mra Vera S will sect>
ben in and around Jack also Sunday after church sat and the Union Gospel morning service.Districts .
onrllle, Arlington and The fount Adult Choir I linger Arthur tooan fellowthip

nearby ana, u well aa sill sponsor an entr 1111 preside at the con feting will be at J p, ".
st. Auguatla and Palate taloatnt at the none of 1 sole Rev. J. A. wrlgbt of

ia attend the closing Mr. and Mrs. Illllaa The annual sermon will Palatka till deliver the

dar aa sell aa Ui. other Reese, 627 I. 10th St. be delivered ty Rev. P:. emon.All lnglng group
services beginning at 8 p... Murray All districts and ushers wilt aerve.Diatrlct .
On the final day a Sunday School bciloa at and auilllarlea la the ll will pr..
bus 9': 30 .. I. .ltb Deacon
will be at the city have been Invltrd. sent Mra. Mattie Bloum
j church located at illS Rigen Buyer,Mra. Marie In a musical rec'tal I
b. 27th St. to pickup lllianaoa aid Mr*. : ;L New Bethel' To following the evening
<*Jbrs and friend Sadie Pedi in chare, tervlce.

Roundtrlp admission( for Mornlm worthIp starts Terminate RallyThe The Sunday Hchool and
adilts till be $2.50".. at 11 o'clock. The fellowship BTU Departments will ob-
half far for children service till beheld Pellowthlp (tally servo a joint anniveraarypontorlng .
under 12 yean of ac'. at 3 p.a. recently launched at bee a Rainbow Tea
\ Dinners will be servedon BTU at S p... and the ,I Bethel AMR': Chimh, will April .'.. from 4 until 6
the church (round.. evening service at 8 o' terminate during the' 1'.s.Fully.
In attendance 1th presiding clock Th. senior choir ornlng service I May 3. Pay will bo observed
Blahop Pletcher and Usher Board 3 will "Need' to serve aa group May 3 throughout '

sill be Bishop J. I. Jenkins serve throughout the day captnlaa are: Ollt P. the ...,.
overseer; Plder 8. with Mr*. Della Branson JU lI." SKRS10N- *r*. II.B. Miller uf Jacknonvllle and crtm Cove ft>rln-a, president of the Mlaftlonury > Jarkaon. Rev C>*. To**
J. 'Jackion, preildlag and Horace Bruaaon in 'Society to the Pmitremtlve Hui..tlat Mate Convention of Florida la shim delivering her ton, Mr*. J nle Mblnnon, Christian Club
elder and Slcer J. .. chart. lit: annual ifMrcftK' during t'io funvvatlon' recent Jubilee Hessian la Orlando In Mt. PleaiantRif Mr*. Patella. Baapaoa, i
Tanrer secretary. Rev H. L. Herod will >li lit nmrch' winter I....t church to !Slilloh BaptUt. Other shorn are Ura J.C. Won, wife of the Mr*. Ills barren .rn. Meets Sunday I
The public ia cordially have chart of the service M-n: invited to all iwrvlce May 3 at < p.*. Urn. la interest of the to prvHlik-nt' of Ito MlnlNtirN 'h"l1 ant IVacuna group Others *ro Mr*. J.J. Dupree, Tunpa, recording Mae Thorpe, Or*. Asst.B. scaling of the loyal
Abyssinia Baptist en's DI1.Returns. Ki-rntary; Mr. %!> &> "' '..|'iAm, lid Iv Glide' aawlatant recording avcretary: sod Mra. Pearl Ihidwon ftneed, M,.. Mary R, Pali Christian Club
Oliver ire, Alene fan III he "held Suaday
Juckmnvlll>. In tsckrrouo'L'
Church News To City lion, era. C.V. Sorehead April If tit at 3 30 r..,
The 28th anniversary of era Maide ". Avellhe Mra. Ruth Alaton nurtoaBellasi in tilt hose of Sister
Woodliwi Presbyterian Ml. Moriah Installation Services
Abrailnla Baptist Church of Fftr.rtell Avenue bas Baby Contest and Mr. ., llllle. Bass Hill, "}' CI".IIIII I
and 'the 14th of Her, B.U returned to the city Church Holes Mt Moriah Mapttftt. and Rev. J. Milton. Mae June. Street Ira, Mary. Dliuo,

Wynn pastor sill tent after attending the Slated For Church In a. tth M. Plrat John. noi'tlrt.ledseaday. The *'"Ie.. "Sunday will prialdent, announced.
IY UN!1 M ,1m" $0.'am.hw.
nat* Ainday. funeral of a relative la acheduliag sightly trill 22. .Include baptist. at the All aesber are re
la South Carolina. Pee It." nadgrr."' ixmielRCtat. I II ', *, The punted to attend alar
..First Born A vll I) IN the laatallatlon a rvlc<>**- < j eor hlp
Uy art apart If the tptil 20 thritagh :2T- > : and Pe,, r.H. Rev. Mr, Tot_> win des matters of utaoat laportanee .
f'ruulnll IIr lli" drat United. prcxhjurtkn ft*. for Rev. J. I. Utrahall Hartley, PrlrsiOr IUp I liter the ..r..., till be dlic -
rnL.iV pl tt> Imhy will fi'alurn .1'..' n oraanlMitlun faiMMlluwn milk a nuabtr of the t tat ***d.,
final. uf Ihi-lfcilir ONIll'Hl linlteil. prvchy* Clt,' pnla.at .UIter *- Thursday prll) 3J,

tlllfh |III ..lo+rlult'.l Irrlwi rhiiroh, tu ,seer *. *ccoap.*. | ed bythrir Rev J.C. Rua-crs, Maces HOLLEY'S :1
tt b.* hell THKMilafnMil uni ii f the arftftMliiw chol U. .sabers dnnla Baptlvt.Prldv. :
April ?! In Plntt ..hl|> Ulnnrrn that sad congregations con Arrll 2Re,,
Horn Temple. ( :)> a. haw ever hers placed on ducting the services Ler.r CUvtnn. Plrat BARBECUE
eon r"I xt rldvr A iPteahytrlss '. .;wklch tea lion 1aMI"l, F,v,
V > e table i* the Mean .r +a will begin at B IAIIEC.EICIICIIN
..e. "".1. M. ThotuaUrtlat.iev.
Hill fill II tllr. vulva'sdays ;...
The priuraa, underHiiiinNnrohlp The ( D.". Grahaa SUP
history, schedules of **r*
of luster 411 who have ticket vice follow: Mt. Ararat Baptist and
Rosetta Chem, will 1)0 Rev, Brianl. It ram's SUCH PHI
tu sell, please sake Mosday. April } tk.
hlKhlliJitixl with. Hinter goer reports aa early Rev R. L. aa|th. first Rap lit. PHI UK
......., evening. April
Shirley perry avrvlngaa ..
aa possible TlanUy "tht. Rev A.
:.. Rev, -. p. Tovng, '
mistress of cere- Mrs Barter lilatr will D. Reed. It. Plvaiaat ,m t
3 You .W.lll ,Neyer Be. don.1..* and Mrr' AlbertaLatllaor be clM4if Uje.lajttrlafe ,,"' *ptlat aad tev. I. '. Tahenacl' Baptist" noujrtll. tltnl-sPiIUSIS1 1 t

'Unemployed As A Registered Barber'' era...... the ..u.le frw the J,,/tAol.., r.g. ....ll. Mar, ...4.> April 11. I 2111 II., 'Mucrlii.
artist" tAt cloalag ser
baby., ll.t.Tuesday.
!1..* of tk. arala 1
j broil! Now slating groups till In* *er'ap! aervlte to 1.11. April :21 Rev. Rev vier.,.J,will fealwr J.,.... li L', s
J Jane lock
elude the Blvea
Special tI.. t* blue Ik L. HcOuees, TakeraacleBaptist r
JACKSONVILLEBARBER a and Gospel ,dIG... Baptist and Rev A. J, II
feUowahlp C llaer.rturca ; Pv r. Hal la, U7I11t11 '
HugbeeRt LISA
k ptlst.
Traveling Star*. and school beaus good Khepkerd Baalist I st
COLLEGE INC. nl sdda .. II
other. Md h. .11. I
at I: .... 1U '.Y.
630 DAVIS, ST at Beaver The public la lavlted.Refretaseata Niger, aurerllleadeat.I .
.. .
till be chine. The anralacrak
: 111% Air Cn.iliiiilFlIIIIA served followlag tae .. .1. service begla ." ,-/-j; -'- _"8 IWJLLLJJJxi

"CISIInU pn>f ,.... at 10: II a... II... ,. .
'aoe elll fetltereaaate. tat
-------- .. The tn choirs : L : n

__ .111 awrfort the nervlr* .
with Mia Me Mttkees
v. st the *rga*. .
430 :
iy t
Tk* Teeth and Chit .: ; \ .u
dr.a'a "ear 4ll **ettasday
1124 W.
.. !
at I a. .111I '
I .,.. Pre4 l n. Detie, -
1 lKlTi@Rs 1Zf 1/ April Olrl : lb"N
20 lreMt st, : > \
FYI 111 sad Iretalr* sill 1 ...1. )
.... i
at I P-a. < \
April tl. Plder CL. \ \ 1 \

AT PREMIER ARE THE Je .t aad hearse lath t N ,
DAYS Idurdtoaj will direct \ \
GREATEST DAYS!! eid-.... prayer ..,,111, \ 1

nartday, tk* ns4l \ i ,
11. sad tetalaUr rMlr \
ells "'.*,*. st B ".*.
19 .... ,.D. fllao ssd
NECK BONES .. rider U I. ,..,.... Jr, -

$ eel* delegates ,. tkePreefcylery r
PORK BRAINS 8... that eel Is

.,.... Tkvrsday

PIC TAILS' 7 1M. /Pill i6. \ fir. v i 1 1b

k e. w w.w1
.Sorvkes .

Brut Ot rote It.... IU"eI ._...,.... ....r.._ ....e
5 es* ass ... ... ....
KIDNEYSLEAN .- iietISIeS Oasis, su ;

1..... IfC. AU Lonstaste .. ...'.:
WHITE BACON 4 ... tt.'u"' .......", LESS THAN HALF OF WHAT
o.c..,., 4Gs sers. ('i.a TWIN! or FULL

837 =: COILS


... see w en Tartan O&'UU Slit NAYIB6ls r 10. U11NNATTs
AlAI COVNTtT = =..t..w,..:-..: / r$ Alw w..t& $S.j1T i iI

SMOKE SAISA8E 2 ... --.5-_.Mr_aen- 88
-- S
w1Ae-- 1.a.
- I Isr
SMOKED : - -
C ;, =oren.-.=.w-.= '
Zl 1 .._ .
fRYERS -- -
PICNICtwfr -&MII81eW-...... L,.... I

n l''a .....ieevs ..........
err .err shut Day Ste fb.3l.VM73

Z..IAI :-r"fC= AC1OH liens TM IAIUtU.1 LYATiOS4 .
SUGAR 4.AII $1 e wr w .r a -..
r' ,
li l- 6
.. ....-- 1 0 EASY CREDIT
MB.rmE, JELLY 3lMM ':: & ---.....,.. OPBNTOTHCPUSUCII
"'Hii'JJrlU.iJj. I I ISATU11Ay

nc ja wm wf+IHViii eiiiiu 4 f

.1 4 ev.Y 4 .nAn9 iuw

.1 ; I IKEN

St. Matthew Baptist Committee's Activities Aids Fundr' Grant's Choir 3 MI. Salem Baptist

Slates Sunday Events Anniversary Program Church News

OPENS Services at Bt. Matthew Final preparation are Regular worship services -
Baptist Church of hick being conpleted by Choir will begin. with
Rev. George A. Price is 3 of Grant Memorial AMP: Sunday School at 9.30:
pastor will begin at Church for observance ..I. ; the superintendentin
SATURDAY 9: 30 .... and till be of its 60th Anniversary charge.
folio ted with Consecration scheduled for Monday, Morning service begins
of the choirs April 30th at 7:35: r... at II .... and evening
ORANGE PARK and ushers at IONS: a... in the church sudltorlut. service at 6 p...
at which tl.e the young The public ia extended
adults .111 serve along ',4 Mrs. Alia illiaM II a cordial invitation to
Kennel Club with Usher Hoard No. I. general chairmen and is attend all servlces.Rev
The pastor till deliverthe being assisted by Miss j.Oj. Rogers, paator.
.'. i.
senmn. r. f', ''IiI'\IiI\ Pill Sispson.' -
r t One of till 1 sport ant

events of the day till ,
1 + ,Ii
take place at 3 p. s. ) f
then the Chorus of Deaf -
and Mind School Of St. "
1 i.ti i. Augustine! is presented
In a recital In the I
audltorlinof. the church. FAVORITE ffm
The schedule of District WHOLE RED SNAPPER, Lb.
firoup Meetings is ., 59C
as follow: --7TTr MANGROVE SNAPPERS Lb.
w .'
District ( will sect, SPECKLED TROUT Lb.

with Mr*. JUlie talker
at 3:10:: p.s.District. -wawa..._.*'_N ft* NM t''r...,

4 .111 "*- _.M..CM U.d...MM...|M*...*IM,.. Ml.*. C*t.
NMible at the hone of
Mr*. L. Hughes :1711
Stuart Kt. on Sunday at SHEEPSNOSE . . LB. 35c
4 ".*. BLUEFISH Lb. 32cDRUM| Lb. 29c

District S till con WHITNING ... 39c
BEACH .* u.
vcne with Mr. and Mr*.
Phillip Levy, 1044 est MULLET ROE
L 27th fit. nt 3:10: p.*. MEDIUM MULlET i"i BUT 5 Law 1"
Winner LIEGE MULLET ia. 29'
-- -
,.... .. ". flCHnuX --The above trio of rd..r KNIGHT ;.. the recipients of scholarships following results of several recent civic activities > *u. 43CI ,row I.OILI'
aponsored hy the Sarah Anne Greene Scholarship !Fund ceaprlaed of a STANDARD OYSTERS Pt. 60e Pt. $1.15

-Invites You To Listen To- group of civic-Minded coaiunlty Men.iionoreva from left are Beverly 7. With
.. Arthur Mae Perioiaon and Susie. Perguiioa. Janice Mitbla (left), daughter of Mr SHOW and DANCE
BIG BAND Md Hrn.Pnvid Mathis served a. coordinator of the SACfif' Palrland Content which
was won by Jaaes Hamond, sponsored ty Mrs. Claudia Burrla with Joseph K.
uodH, runnerup being. supported by Hra. 1..G. Qencrlght. Third place winner, featuringJACKIE
"DANCE PARTY"Nifktly Gregory QiMliign nan directed by Ulan Oelphine TT+omaa. Misp amher are: Urn.U .
'. Jr 0. Ot>nrlKht, rounder,."iui, Mm. llliellna dinner, Mrs. Arthur '..r.teUII'ln. -
Mrn. Janle B. Pppernon, Mrs Claudia Rurrls, Miss tuclndn Stewart Mrs
11:30: 'til 12:00: I 'i Minnie Crockett Urn Geneva Palner, Mrs. Marie McKeever, Mrs endulyn Ml-

lard Mrs Ii'th.rI.IIBRI' Mrs. Arvllla Cumlnga and Miss Delphlne Tnunas. '
Sitiriir I.1.. 'III 12 p..1.
Miss lUUtt, Jean KiBwtndM: (Photo by Raerson)
was :Aril prlxo winner at --

1400 WRHC 1400 the Prc'U' that Ten held BinDS SpecialsSet D & B SchoolTo Slanton'54 Grads
Rumluy April II In the
Joe JlUle's OnMunlty Cm For Recital Feature Called To Heeling !
trr. The livers Specials, Recital It was announced that J.C. DavisOrchestra
WOOLWORTH'SDOWNTOWN The i"vttil wag' npunmtred popular Jacksonville| SundayA the Stanton High School
I., the "nuvei ('uunl, l.uncft- gospel nintlng group recital featiring Claaa of 10J4 till bold
run A_>rlal (w.. will be featured In a young talent from the a meeting Sunday April This Sat. Nite
Mln FilmindN, duurhter recital at thit ApuntulloPaiU r 11111 School of St. Migui- 19.The
STORE of Mrs turn fUkmndn of Church lUll Duvln8t tine till be presented session In scbed DUVALARMORY
I this City, till also ,'. Sunday night Aj>vii Kunday April 19 at 3: aled to be held In tbe
310 MtU SUCHHOUBBWIVBB attend U.. Florida State 19,' at B p... p.s. Is .M. Matthew Itap- eetlng room of _town
Convention to 'bo held| iaPpnmicula The evenj la being tilt Church, 78tb andlIonerl. 10.' inn La1 rg onrjjttood .JACUIIIUQlI
.,. Re,. George Ave. and till
florid. IpOllaou" t..1 t
paVrll hI Mrs. '
DBLIQHT AdvM.ee Tickets u.fIo Door
A. : .
34. cilia lord silk the coopiration > pester begin at 5 p.*
The progra Is being All ncnbors of the TlcktU on sale: .11"0414 Mule Stare Rroid ann
( ,{J ENAMELWARE The trip la doing npun of Kef Pmeatt. .
I; ; aural .hy llolley's Illr.A. Mtbray, pastor .f the held ia benefit of Oil* graduating class are Ashley ii-cort "" ',411 fortyUi She Llvtrt ReooreVi
V- .?.e. church. trict T. urged to attendt 204 Laura Ii Ottf**} Showing CHItr.
Carter's funeral Hone -

Mosri <(ftfRT 2M C. Toddy" Central) Life his more than
7tM "r. ue A'.!,. 9.
,.... .....-..- ., ,, wmvdvoes.111' .IHCLUOI MM., linen* cvotio $2'. MWkM worth ef life taserMce hi force.

Atsau1. I Oauasfte a 9-:
t1 (' :., I
) 4U..01lll0' Cup 4 HOST

I""C;.,'( j'J or tivti o'nt MO' loua"mtsoi. IIIITI'l U"a- Wfew you purchase insurance from Central, I'--L ;

B ", ... alai wag Ht 01 IK rUI.
;,' tin f I MC II lIT. dollar does triple-faty. : ((1)) it
I.', ',1Ii 1k : ." ...... year provides -

SAVf vp rRtflulorly 521 TNCOOO*! rvni, 1M4 I4TM !t. IIO Aeslt 5.wusv.ves with i
I. SUI| your family protection security ,
isavH 01vino -
A. 8 Cup Percolator
eiri. ..... Unit
(Vv.,1 D4a''Tri, tivcntia it furnishes and
((2)) difnified reMiientlve .
.. Large Double BoilerC. 77 "*'iDC.,iie or oTxia tontoeiwt ntt
mil MB IA/1aDe. IMUS for cklldrei
Covered Windsor Pot w"'. 'U wars ..11 ".a.n' |job opportunity year ,

"11..'"at Pass.tla1. .

(Covered sauce pan Kb M.rm.....CHatu.. IDHo and ((3)) ,It offers you when needed, i r'

round dish also available)
pan "U,i Bt. OHO .>niiU. .
ready cash through mortgage
0auo '''I.I 10'0I1. IIUI.tc. -*.
SHIER MUH ..... ... ..m! ass HOst
StAMUSS NYLONS or a T.ia tono.m. .Htun .
*5 5 tt'IiIO..rw-I" which to save er secure a comfortable

i '1 ftrle ......., ...\ .....c.. BILL Ie savour
I..tt M 1.e..brt C1/
I' '*"r. II a-... ............ heave fer your family. ilsss ui tli itt iliicirs it Ciitnl
..-... .\6.11. I a.a.. "II .... H. 10S
K.MI Boas "U A.est .... lit, lisiruci Cupiij. (lilt u rigid)
IS. $i uoivoe1 I1CVVH' I Fit year 'r..I.. n.11.. work
"v'"I'. t ..... linn harp, Ir., liiei lifictir; Irs.

CMiiH UMivl we' are$InLet"1'ho.p''9'. ei three fronts ky purchasing year IBsirnce hull I. Slut, Jicntirj-Trmint;_

r'U" tlttlCII SILL ..1At H' Ihvi I. Oasis 'rullnl.
I .... !""M** l lMl. needs from
Cathay SIPTiSTOdlao.
.. lust Urn km m ujn nifHilWti
SILL LaSITISS. 1011JlttM II Mill IN tip tl Hf KMltttlltl.

|t. .U Ullt

.1 Z r tLAStK ORAtfS tat a n 4tu Sits"LYs/a5'I.! ida$..Lit t aauas9S OF FLOHDA

? ., 4 !emI .*.
a mtt'ir ..CI 51C.eletmS .

h 1es .d d t atttrtHtVlCtt Awl ,-...
kacL ..U...... ,aat5iL, Ida. .
; '1 1I '. e 51M Mre at k.'a II"> .. IIU at The Friendly ,

I itS) .... S& aev .is WT.Cst1Ae COII'IIY't,
I .eJttst pdYat+.. .
ewe's.Melee 'r
, ,, .... IMT L"
"" A' t
S a m St.. .!" 4ra11r Uhftt. L:. kid ht ill ad Fealty Cove rake ;}Yr
.... I adwK. a NSONS :
..... ,
IlaI"4l JtM.. tk.I1.le. .," ," ,.'./!, "\'
\'G4M MGHfM Jo...." aI'S....S.vwta + ;,. '," .. .' ... 4 '
..- ,
.. t INN '1IIIif "" !
.4.5115/1 aa1enIT "r p '
__ w., Mil( ***. Sle1/tt SILL r
M sswlalc...

, i

" ,. .,,1" .:, "" ,"", .' { -:

... -

I : )


Negroes Drop 3 Hiwiiiiis Science Major Explains Project B. U. Students Rally Hurt Attack Fatal Soprano Refuses

... .,
School Boycoll Testily For ,. To College's Aid To Former Hill Bid From Miss.

W TTLR ROCK Ark. .., ;' BIRMINGHAM. Ala. Ina
Rights Bill JACKSON -- (AMP) -.
( AW) Negro leaders effort\ to help solve Women's Clnb Preiy
8 wed I ah
soprano BlriltNltsson
have "indefinitelypomponed" the library **.da at
the first WASHINGTON; (AMP) CHICAGO ( ANP) I ant eeek be-
Miles College, student
AMithcrn anti -HVKregatton Three Hani tana traveledto P S' w at Boston Vnlvertlty Mr*. Irene McCoy Oalte, ease eke latest of a

school Washington recently $15 civic leader and nuab r of entertainer
boycott. have collotttd acre
kt their em expense to eivtl right leader who have refused to per
net fur
sacs April. than 3, 000 book and
The exprena their support died htre lilt week only for here befor Jim
boycott wan halted bope to solicit another
for a strong civil s three months after the cm audience.
shun the Little Rock ten 1, 000 before the drive
School Hoard conceded right bill. Haitila .nd* la May, death of her Husband An Internationally
silk Democratic Senator Harris B. an attorney. famous slnylK star
a five-point aurro- The drive II helmsponsored
Daniel k. Inouy an- 'V Mrs McCoy suffered a Mitts Nlltson canceled
snt.Thu by the 0>>II",

action bad beenoiled noun eed. .. ... .:.. of Liberal Art Student fatal heart attack at cheiluled, concert appearance -
Tie ... .. here. telling
Hospital Her
trio. Including two : Mercy
by the Councilon .. ... : Council at BostonUniversity.
Coaaunlly Affair clvrcyafn sees the Rev. : rites were held at the sponsors she could

and the !Student' Nimvici- AhariiMi K, Alaska pastor 0 .r Ii.t /;;. Alfred Feldatn of Bethel AMC: Church Mon not appear unless tile
Xawalahtn : April 6. concert were Integrnted.
lent Coordinating C..- Congregational .. Brook line,Maaaachuaet
alttee, (K.NCC) to protect Church Honoliln; the .. ,. president of the Student A Uree-tla president Stan 'The Man'

.toll"n..lu" la Rev Larrnce "ft. Jones. ., Coundl said that his of the National Assn.of Musical of baseball

school deitogregatlnnIt lluwill) Conference of the ,' .. group hope to help ai- Colored t....' Clubs fan, and no* director

killed Church of and toner president of of th President'
ern. ttrUt. '' ..AIi .. levttt Mile Colle..' .
Along the aureeaeaU and Charles S. Campbell ,no;. ".. :;;oo' library p rub lea by col the ChirniM Council of phylral" I fitness progru '
a teacher at the Lellekua 4,11{ Negro Orgnnltatlona, and the ""...tllIII.."
reached the Puard'ssalonity leetiM of
by variety
his acllOol..ahl.... VAN HUH BUT BY-PASS-Sobby V. arrest (right), of Baton Rotixv, U. ...".* a 11'1. Gaines waa It the television show, were

vote sin thepr Ouhu. Dean Kandall, atfrertlllai manager of Hoaeyvell, ptHiior of the AftC-lV ahm' text forefront of amity ch 11rl..ta aaong Individual and
<*lHi' that all pupils.Is satins| I* the only bur
"Rclence All Stara" .ho* astronauts may avoid Van Allen hell radiation hen actionaatlonally group refualni to '
The "'II were Introduced appear
l a given nrhiml wmld laalon. Fort-vat 18, a Cr."....n majoring year liberal art col-
to launched fro earth on future apace and locally on show. hero beCue -
be eliKlblit' fur acllclties ,- Ren. Mansfield leg available to most,.
Senate Majority Leader In physics and mathematics at Dlllard Ualvenlty Nee Orl..na.III doon- She WUH anon. the lead'Pr. of racial teg re*
and nncanlxallon of the i,000 Negroyoungsters
atrate on tk* shoe his atard-lnntn Rcleace pair reject, which! recreates lIlIr htt III lation.
by Sell mimic and who
llhout racial! quallfl- grnllusteeach
later the Van Allen belt, and explain by the **. of a magnet and iron ftlllhM how nldered to be the first
art with lluwairatvi
rations nail that iu>i>ll- year from Piningham's Rights Fighting
circular !hnrthtoouth Me
the outer auaonphrr radiation belt tons a par civil march
casts: for "conlral ad- Coneresencn, Thomas IT Negro high right onlaaMitto
tern with at either end through hlch future astronauts may escape the
lilxtrull" / P. Clll and spark .M.Miilnuaaicu. schools. It produce In 141, and Priest Dies
danier of ticeaatve radiation la launch.. Bobby's eiperlamt I* the second ,
said Is' hcltttfd. withijl Allen .> aht par cent of theIty'n 1114.1, spoke for minority (A/'IPJ'/ .
In hlttory to validate by lMlatloa the filled Van theory that a po t r NPI WI-fANS
.. rights before the United
Aim whUIt In Cashingtun *
regard' tu The e Negro teachers
race A 10-yrar phJ tl tal or
fun radiation belt encircles the earth.
Riurd alas agreed to re- the three paid an and fortyftv percent Nations dual case to an end for
official call at the In the civic field she
tiult Negroes for VUCIMV of the elty'n Negro Father Modrlque A. Auelalrk '

tics In a<.lalnllrallvipllHllionH. > white MOUMP und, visited Floor Collapses Ju A & M Students leads Team school principal. wan chairman of the ..>. wu, toner p*.*

"All .ph ass's .Ith Attorney General Boton Unlvernlty uf un' Auilltary of the tor of M. Peter ClnverRuaan

of InHtructlui. In Robert Kennedy Dating Funeral, To Precision Squad ROTC Title i t l flclnl have offered tofu Negro MancipationAuthority Catholic Church

Llttlt puck vutatlonalNehuilH Before departing, the RICHMOND. V.. .. nil ah the atudeatgroup that tied In Mirevrptirt. ....

sill he con nun visited the crave ( ANP) .- A crowd ofI PORT RUCKm. 4l*.-Cdeta frua the tl..rl of the late president Reserve Officer. Training Corps drill Progrea at McCoralck
truck labeled "llra
slotted ass a ili'MvrctitttMlhmlx. : 500 .t..41" Ike "here after guttering t
the hoard nald.Kpilkmain .. John ,. KcntMly at Aril First Baptlnt Church tea* MM the Squad Precision "rill TM IIV here In ohlle" In collect Place I last year, and .a.* toss far 10 year. He

ion the mt ton craetrry.Teacher here last reek tensing tho recent ItM annual Cimpetlllt drill sect ..f hulk at itemialtiirlm.Itwikii ,,..Id"'t of the .....II.a ltpei| Into the deep

Council Mid KNCf 11.111' Promised the floor of the ...- the Rlith fc-ntaent, Perahln titles...._............_...._._ ._ will ala bo accerleil United Guild of church tile of KMwiud Oirli-l CUM after being sine'
n n uu u u
lain the Imjrmtt 11111 bn tlbul to collapse, tress private km with cfrebral, h.wirrhage -
The trophy eat presented of John Davis C4t :M,t.
here Politically she
clII In the Bnnlunrn
trailed If the aurrornlM With Pope creating a cm era 1 scene. en la 1054. He neverregatnnl
Audience to the drill tea |6th Bireei.pnrt Uudor- erved on a hi>ulg advlaury -
Peesas slaking to .
arc nut I ,pie- of bedlam and panic a* anelalsneas.
mt.. ... DTTROIT (APP) A funeral service ..re leader, C/Bit. Victor 0.Holaaa dal.; and Chtrle* n /'" pnrllrtpale. .In the drive board iturlti tilt rather Ainltlr I III bent

.t..rr trip tu the Holy Land of Jacksonville freshman, art major for Hoover tdnlRltlratlond
contact NtldtRobrla
$- Ihun :'f or UHIII bellg conducted for a rratabered by hln p*'
aft"1".1t and audience by Major General Clifton lent Pals Vn*. /1111 uf Btrbtr 1kItimit ass vlcechtlrsanf I
Rvck'N -.rg puMIcnrluHil popular local minister or rlahimer U Bhreveportfnr .
pupils nut at- ellh hope Paul VI at the mho ram ayaterloualyunlrred y-a Kana. ooaaiandiMt, U. .ra.lnrh|I. 1\1 rk". Sin at the Toosere tke Illinois Cltlgen hula ullrrlng seratHi

Kid claMMM. with while Vatlcun/ and Creek Patriarch ) last Good Frit B. Army At let Ion School eat 1441 h xtrt-fl Va 1'01 III lt>ry, 140 Play AtatuBund fur Plsenhower and. Slum" and kin. effort on behalf ,

children.: The .tlt..1| akarlan at Op ma day followlM the aaaual Turk City Piston, Ma**. In It" of civil rights,
are the great events U banquet held here U
I* the end, the rites
lateby the (Mediate future for the. Officer Lake
for the Rev. GeorgeSmith rtumu
Lodie. Cadet presented
h :n ctlbcrl.kvrUhrr, '11. a
ruupa oho had
.''Tin. school at a)(wiltlirotrnl high achool teacher ,..tor... two church the tropbjr to Dr. FLOUR 390
here George t. Core Jr. preldet -
would have lie,., had to be trans
of PAJTU. o* the .
A Negro. Asher tae non
marked tilt first buy- Plot IB
ferred to nearby
run prutmtlM' Hihimlpgregallo II fir. and Mr.. Gilbert Baptist Church. Three ROTC drill teen's returato S Pit'

rifttrr. ef ihlM.Tenn.. tilt PAMU cwpus. Pre
In tan |..noon were treated ata .hU.. c.remesiei PlalaK
sam selected M a saber *
Mouth. PrhiHil Mytult.have local hospital after t
ere keld I* Noetrd
of Cathulle pilgrimage
been held In NeTurk. .
helm knocked data In p
.. Mall, ROTC headquarter, *, "
of priests and lay*
.* koalas; fMbrldKe, tilt .elet at first Bap hll thug
fri* lithium rto till, Aaof th eon than QUANTITY srtcuis GOOD
Maryland Oilcawu. Ch.a list march j
visit the' "Mollyrather" 210 BPTC etude. coed RIGHTS IISIRVID THROUGH SATURDAY fj j
tar P..II"I..la and Tummy Pollock. a free
fI!. Louis. MlMMMirj. at the Vatican. photographer described. spoiters sad Any ad 1M ImL .., ..
r visor at the Aray Aviation mil riciti lutirrr
the paste and .ea.aI ;
Center t>r the onevpUtlvdrlll 55.00'.s
S cieltftxDORMER confusion this Bay.
ere Mts.Pay.
Chureh .bell. *./erlailM Aatida Beyd of SHORnPs I '' ),o.t

lights et'reflvdiltt PoMseols. 'Via* B01T" PEAS Lpt Ont'
and. all these .
for ItI' at FloridaAM -
people mere nmslsi a- and C/Cspt. Job nuu''s IISUII
round tilt street Then Cay***, Port Pierce. ll. (

fire .a...** drove *p Cadet ooaaaader of Ue 49C :
t.cwvAd and police es.e aid U* Coop say C.,, the pAMUch.pier cA# Jewel 2 lie 29

bells kept o* .ol*.." of Ue MsllonalSetlely

Aothr' .,**,.*.*., of perthltiBlfle Lwit" I PiUM.":SOD ruin r"".,M...i....,

Mrs. Nil** Joaaso. ae e. .. ." \,. III. I.

rrtaryof tie pint Baptist Meabert ef tile *rla*> {ft
Clltrdl. meld: IUITW
ei.miss t.a* Included:
r "The church, sam so Cadet Nolaa, a |ualr SITU

rs crodH that people *ertasdlni 'ajar I*| U atbeatlle,

m out em the ... *f ifs Mat*ah. I TOMATOESI .ITIDE 890I'(I'

5 tips M.l5.., !. Bprt

.l4*.*ly the flier unit Jscksostlll; 1 X) (Mliwit j'L

If the real)ale b.|as Rottld Joe. seo.ore, C Llaor1'
Shale **d these
standing there rat ..t. ajorlif I* pelltKil f"'"elf .t 1 1:1: v
4 A Peep Ie leeked are.sd cttace, the .,...... : /IIO.DO seat fe MM

.f Mrs, M>II. crry eeoc MM
fro ft* treat, a4 then' > e/lf.CO ci bet f>w
120 Booth Btrt, sy*
out low Pmitt .ddeily. evenbedy. MSyelllai "N'h. !MHNM tHI IUIIRKE
tens Mad; Jars Mitt, ..
shorlii sadpedoag .t.. .... f 39
Mpaeewr. ** ,
Mt Ue dM ,.. ... 111.t M
sa/.t, U* sea ef Iu. ........
Dice ... a I.t f
hells *>ltk, 141 B. '.

r psilt .U Crt. hv.*.t.*4, run KIII
n. rl. ..e. eltl imo
'.Lo "' -, Plaint Bey ache rt ileiaider, se- SKIt CHII KIHT mitt tI''
sire, jerli I* pell NICK KXtiSmiMM
list paster, ,,......., tl eel ail ..*. ek*
ere Jest flwlf ee*
sakes II* boa elU his
the arcle>"*t ..."...
rFEIIRELLDiamonds lev, Baifh ace f.,ad brother Albert a. HUM
Alsurder. II3 GibbsPrice
abet .4 etsffed lae >
.. U the heel of SHRIMP 39
Mass Lse1 M. ..kee f C
kit he..mi, a feekesrt tllltai ac...* major'
,.wm a+s. 1 rv. ,r a ,onus rwes kefsre B* .se 11 M. in.
yAdw mOe" r eve ewe Mlasl, tt. *.. .rr
Owm. em M
em ,err user
we' ma ...4l4 .. *
lead .
m *
[L s P-aAt1A m sa397 ppmbS3 *. Mil I. .*!**.*.
FrtoarWASH ..r.t It. Itlll H..l A,..*.. c;
tt' 27
Perrl**. SHRIMP
AIM Sensed "arlet, ..

*.*.... |r....,....,. SAIEI

CAR n_ h. et.'.t. Ue .. etgory 11. ar'f!) ) ,

f.lr1t 'U.I. I

I. IIU Street, flail,

lfES ::, t.teMMll .1....*.,

epWMre, ItJ".*. UdrtfllM

UIII sad b.ll.l.| SWIFTS PREMIUM '

Vg* TV*) M* .**.'n.lle*, .*. .,

rauaCopW-!* r.l. "**" Mr*. ....... P. Unpkt -

YOU SAVE o fjafflgu.TREnluBE. Street*, tN Plat fleets Sse Cltp..s Q V F Zl K C ZI T *

amq 4L Ball, frwMa .

1IIJIf1. is ..,.aJ.fl

dimes, .M .f BrOJlBrN 5.Cfrtstlu .

i Co ,.... JIM
.*.... f..tl.

PSr is fuel s, fr*..... iO"UNDSTW.'w

eetL eslM 4Mj.r. .. 79

: I __ L8.F .

1141 KZNQS ROAD a. r


,,,,' '"

,\ Ii

Negroes WorshipAt Many Races Spark College's Activities INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY

: would you likea '_..-.. ,....-.-- ".. ,

Ik* Joseph...................Proprietor
job that starts as I. St. Aignstiio Stute and Jefferson Streets ,EL 8-943J

high as $100 a week- ST. JWaiSTIIW (Ate) -
Light Negroes who appeared t
before U. dooro WICK Til UE III
climbs to $130 a week of the all-tli it* Grace s
Methodiet Cbirch, were -? II fOil Seek The Boat Doctor
peril U.d to enter and ffben Tour Doctor Pracrlba
with real security? 00
participate In the oer alt Experienced Pbanadata
vlcfi here Statftr, According to Tour Doctor
without Incident Tie Ordera. Ps tree Only The Beat
Or. Co L Black
week before, however asimilar Quality Drapr
You want a ci i' M'vic" position the moil secure Proprietor
,'>b 'in the *ond No 'I',keg or layoff to cut your group *o* tuned
arc>.rp*. Plenty of'.1'* benefits, too-8 paid hot' owojr. 3 KEOISTaUD FHARlAClSTS TO SEXVK TOO \
at- year as many *i &weeks paid v,c"'ion... Evidently the attitude i
pa'1 tick It.ve..catty retirement .liberal, pention of the pastor, the Mr.
/ *. few if any print butintttet can match John all had ooeeUiing Coaaetlca lubber Good Candies Sundrlo
Civil Service for portunitx,. security and income. .
to do with the adait _. PU8CKIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DI3.IYEREDLilly's -
Who'i eligible, F You my be if you are between tie tone** of tilt Negro -- -- ---
ages of 18 S5 and t U. S. Citizen and have at 'leasta group, lor. Gill bad IlULTJ.UClAL-IJIII races and aationalltleo are r.pr**.ttd on tilt camps of
grammar school, education How do you ..1.civil. atattd publicly at tilt Olbb Junior College la It Peteratura: swag students and faculty leakera. Drug Store
service tlOnT Take test How do best
pos you prepare
They are, frog hit Negro aUdoat froa Saraaota, fit. illllu
yourself' for the Compel ton', Tide Keys homoktudy early vlaitatlon that Love, white
training program Its fast. fun easy and bo ems 'tot la iccord lattniotor of physics, a native of Tallahassee; Jorge Arena, Cuban student ISO KINKS HAD EL 3-I27S
economical No more than cigarette, money' t month with the action" by fro taapa; Hra. Tbea Biyder language Instructor free OersanyAfrican; student
and we'n finance, you church: ushers la turning Hilda George of Monrovia, Liberia, tett Africa; and lira. Marie shoo, Chinese .
UNO ton mil LIST or CIVIL SERVICE the Negroes a..,. art instructor. GJC! Photo by L.U Bollard
.. Open FvenlnRa Til 9 00 P.M.
OPENINGS IN YOU AREA NOW The group was led by
the Rev wllllti Had labor Dept. Reports I Instructor Jurist Who Stirred

aon.paitor of the united Women DomesticsAre Receives Grant Interracial Controrercy R. S. EVANS
Church, UiBMburi,to**. TALLAHASSEE .. A
= It in reported that ViiisfaiagWMHMOTOM graduate aaaiitantiblp Dies IB Cleveland 'J&rkMnvllle''* Matt Recommended Dealer
Q Y- they were first turned (/NP) for study toward tilt
::::: :: CLEVELAND' (ANP) 3RD & MAIN
o any fro the church by Negro women are son ,and doctoral degree In bio A Cleveland Probate
: Key Training Service Dept. B Jan; Pla. ushers who alaaaed a son getting away from cbealatry at tilt Uni Court Judge whose ruling LtYnur OLD CAR Make the Down Payment
425 Banttt Bank 81 dg. Phone 1542351IMMt door in their faeeo. the old'tise Job patternof vanity of Pittsburgh against tilt adoption ofa

I Later another door woo day tort In bone, has been awarded Franklin white girl by a nil 83 PLYM. BELVEDERE .. .... ... ..$I09t.If'
j sterrr.ooelis opened ud the croup aa maids, cleaning wow Haallton, a Florida couple stirred a national it':\ .40,0 -AIL Mesa _JUlIO. cnt
Ilf ..all was .h.r.d to the sen, .to.. according to AM Dnlveriity>/ senior controversy in 1(62 61 FORD Y.I AIR CONDITION ... ..$1285!
t front of the church net U.L from Quincy, Pla. Ho
461 Ate Ou NA I 1",, a Labor depart.a died of a hut attackat 62 Ford, V-8 . . $1995
_....J study entitled
-- Poapano AUTO
Beach Pla., -ATLL
"Negro wonen Corkers barib. = ,:lt.i ='rr'r' tY1

In i960." September to study during recently.He tan Judge. Leonard 63 Falcon' 2-Dr . .$1595

The report, announcedby tilt aeadwic year Frost, who tt* otbcrtl 50 FORD. V-R .. . ..,. .. .". .S 99*
Secretary of Labor 1164-65. .Wx+R utttD *APN. R RwT/41 t.sm.ill. UOCM.
aa a hardworking -
V. "HUM '1ft.. says A 1MO graduate of Carter and dlatln 62 Corvair . . . $1295
tbtt "tbe aajor trend -Parra.ore High gulahed jurist.Judge Ar'ym...... RAfNt A NAtRR
. S In the shift of ..plo,. School Dtailtoa la 511 PONTIAC 4-CR. HTOP .... ....v. .$ W5
Frost bad been .,, Am.'w.ne..ves '
eat pattern for tilt ooo of Br. and !Mr*. u. U "" .rr.
i'I Negro vacationing with bin 51 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE H'TOP . ..SIMS
tc.en workers la away V rd.ll Hamilton 928 .. site and daughter! Donna 50 CHEV. 2-DOOR R&H . ..o..S tn
from till traditional Clark Street, Qulncy.He .
Lou 22, in Florida at
0 hose service type of la a saber of the
tilt DOWN
I -I tuggeatlon of his NOTHING
work, and reflect re* PAW Hen a Senate Alpha doctors since be was
cent pins In employment Kappa tm National Honor dltcbargvd troD Cleve- 54 Chevrolet 2-Door .. .s....M45M
and educational atttua" Society, the student Iud Clinic Hospital, OMimoblleW ...$145
In addition the survey Concrete, the Chemistry 57 Ford VTon Pickup ..$5W
discloses that "tbero Clab. and the Pan-Hel- March 26. He bad entered ftt Chevrolet Snort Coupe V-B .. ......Si3
the clinic after be- 57 Plymouth Wagon, 1-Ownrr Nice I...15.5
baa been a drop" lathe leale Council, He la coning ill in Ma ch... n Plymouth Sport Coup V4 ..(, $595
peroentaga of Negro also'e member of Phi Ale rmniTwurh. .
ber .
!57 Ford v.a. $
tot a workers la taming Beta Sigma Fraternity,
r. and factory occupation, Jae.
a' I and a resulting increase
la the clerical.
prof.*.! *al and aaleo

ITS ocwpatloaa, and la eervice' ."

,,. 101 HARRIS UOMlstD-.nthuIIOltlc! dedicoted UocJonWp I boueebold.work ether team
In the of
development Port facilities.
The figure presented

101 HARRIS ACCOM'LlSHID-.lth the <" 4raM'", .f the by the study show that ETS

,legislative Mfton! necessary ..,r.l.tlon .. osfoalliS the Retro tilt masher aaiei of rose employed II per S UPER f

Jackionvill fort Authority' which trendi .t the throihold f cent la 160 or 2.Sail*
I full port development' with Itt new industry end. new (Lbs. I lion. To print bowoe QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED

I IOE HARRIS PKOMISID-vigorous application of knowltdgt bold from go workers percent dropped U 1140.to SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY Al EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B .

I ond t tp rl.nc. to provido much needed roods. I 41 pereeat la 1IM

101 HARRIS ACCOM'LlSHlo-.llh the plan ho offered the aid .to II percent la1MO. FANCY SLICED SUGAR CURED SMOKEDPICNICS

r f rtotott rood building program for city county In the history On tilt other head

I FlorJo"o.$25,000,000.00 In Mcono'ary .ft" feeder ro.4 onitru. I among tilt clerical
Ion .1.14, under_.,. tort era, the percentage BEEF LIVER
0 f Negro MOMA roe fro
101 HARRIS PROM HID-to work diligently for planned con.structlvt 1 percent la 1140 to I

zoning of Duvol County to protect the intorttts of oil I percenta 1MO The
cltittnt arid provide a firm foundation' growth. study noted that greater SMALL
I I aaabera of Negro awiea 29 29
101 HARRIS ACCOMPLISHED-.steblished the first Institu. are sos eaaloyed labaabltg LB. 4 SIZE
t rlonel. ioi lw| In Florida. Create! on 11 member Z.ning Advil, retail trade.oedleal .

.ry 1M'''. Provided funds for the Dowel County Zoalfltj beard.M and other health
I I Services public arils. QUAKER BEACON
., ttratloa aid la ao.*
-__ p.... of the eipaadlaganufaetarlag
-- RR ladettry.Stadeits .


I Continue full time dedication to the duties of Commissioner__ I Policy Charged

O I AUW! 5 LB. BAG 29
of Duval County tKtrting enthusiastic leadership. QUART 5
tALUIIAIIR a.... < e
I Continue vigorous action In providing boulevards od super I la tk* policy regardiagbeating

roods repovlng ond upgrading secondary roods end com far aader
munity streets providing adequate dromoge end other gradtato atadeata aeroataeaaeed Itait S to. iM JJ M ir Bin Inl, if.tr Hart HI iitl n.H it lift .fii< suit

I Importont Improvements to create o better way of life. II Oaltertity at riorldaMR nil

Continu Intense' Interest in children of Duval County by I set or Actlat peas ofItadeata
U. S. GOOf) ICHJW) STEAK u. 7ft
providing sidewalks, playgrounds ond recreational facilities. sue. 1111... .
The ebaaga fron the
Continue diligent efforts in cooperation with the Citizens oMtr pates to tilt PKG.

I Advisory Board end the Jacksonville Duvol County Area trimester or*tea la reapooalblo -
Planning Board for planned Constructive toning of DuvolCounty for a shift URGE JUICY LEMONS mil 25{

I to protect the "interest of ell citizens end provide o II la the geaeral policy.tbo .
firm foundation for growth. .... of ........ F AI
Continue P"OQ',1n full realization of o Duvol, / I County' port tb* third SUGAR CURE SMQKB(
provide the' climate for Industry" end create needed jobs. I trloeater, boglanlaiairtl IACON slim 39<

Full COO f'otlOl'ilh' other experienced persomel and sleet $1. bo said all
I oderiradtate otaoenta
ed officials keeping Duvol County moving forward
bo reolred to
I ......M w.."... line la ealnersltyder.ltetles SUET TOMATOES i m CM 10*
.. lag MaaaM
la .......*. OalvadertraJoote
KEEP MCf WITH PROGRESS atadeata Tetlehseee' I


b satins dlataaoo .... b.
eaaaatetf. ] tees iMa ngtlotion. -

all .dargradfeat* a**>

COMMISSIONER District I IVOTI ,dents. arraag haws their loan atd lano ItSTIRNIfam JIC""'. 2f Cm.m

: a n that tbof olll bo 25
':1' COUNt v able I* lice on the '

.. esl.... ......... ptl$ run Ami 'miy 25e
i $ a4 %A.esa tee. ,
{ '
I I If f I \ I,

f t

"j. .. ,\ '!.>:',.AI'.\
--- -


IH flORIDA sin PAPERS mi i
1&111111 Arm ii, ____ _


ocr ---

A Awards Highlights Annual Fete Orlando
ft M listnctorRicilm .. Ceremony Groups

Grail : Raising World

I.'l: \ .. Fair Money
TAUARAMR Mill .. ; ,.
Ovwdoly [. KBlttt If .,.-., :. ..
I !nlr_ tL1jJjb
tractor U MtbMatlci I -
I I ."r ,
.t florid AMOBlvtni. : \ ORLANDO Jars I.
ty TillikMiM, ,.. 11NIIS1hA ,.r...; illn.n. director nf ,the
., .y. .
km ..nrdl41011&1. Jones HI ah IItbo.,.) UnnilI I.
.. ., .... ,,',Ii" .
!lots. Poiidatloi .. buss rilnlni .1.n1'v
.. .rv. '11. : .
rut to ittood s ..., :.. .' 1. ;;.' .' ... . these dill' to help" nut
Iiitttit for Colin .C. ,. (, "i: ';..1. 't' W.,. I I&it ben of kl. twul prrptr

TM ktn of ProiMetlnMwttr : t :: 'a to trofpt a .ttnulko
.. ? filch of ...' t:1i nor .
MatftmtlM. ft ts liitl* '- t w: Tti. last l h, trcn Inltc4 .
tat till b* hid JUM ..r.R motel: -: T -.I' ,.9... :- hUll' for Or*. (Umkilph Nonita. cltr C/Ppl. Tucwnncoll 1'. ".|il>.n., lIOI'hll'| to rtrtlclrnt In
11 tkrouk Jot, SI, tt orv.riMt CU,, rfe, uthHr L. ".tll.., fr "N.ttn five MtMt 15 OOMHI 'Talus lTrlty, .K.. Mr. Tiitlna T. arts, arttu director' vr ivhlle .rtUtlonn: and P/Curti LnutuT. IS It, and, IT. KpourktMitud '
Orliui, La. Npmktrk, "'1"lor. fn... 0>lrl", r.cvlv*' folirtutlon, I", nMn. II. Tliortx* by RitnjIIUn 11"1"11'
A satin of Inutlck, director uf ihlMMloii, and r... ordit. Fontil. Rulllrr athletic .Ilrvctor..cuaoh '. tilt Jill Sand.
>., tin Kaiikt itdwckttr s 4lnnn ". (Jake) Oalfirr. |>rvM>aU HOTC PrvHlwun rlll I '..rll to 1 C. Pfe. HiN.il- AMorUtlo sad the
of Mr. and KM.AMU cell]| fu pbtH Jr. of P nw' ntjr, r/N't. "' 111m. fu pl ill of Jurknonvlllr ri. faculty and daft nf'
C. Rn 1 slit, 2400 eel". ROTC !Klf)* Tea l.tttor true PC. roll hlttoll. .*(|ttnt director of Jones. Hit'* hlln' Iwnrhiildrl
Latent Strut.m puhlle/ rolatlOllIl and lUn-ctor of MporU lufonMlon. .nlct. IH>Mn. iltli MTC' a to send. the html
MP ward ct.ler Tint Ladl...'. l. C/LI. Col.( Ititrrr R. Muor, ""i>r.l kU the I.L dtp** U the ""tlCahda". cmlot Award for ROTC NiiMer Camp Tr lilim. On his loll l *nr > .
.."...th. froa Fort ..>. Aiuiula "Ruyd PwmtroU, 'NU ROTC fur 1504" aid' Mr., PrarJ I. O.irt, Ill Mm I is irwUijiv nf
Ulliy State Collets .If* of the unl rr.lt>'. 'itrvoliMit. MiilollrutMiant rabid I U Hi. wrtm.UMiktnii Florida A4M 'n"..,."",
and the I... dir .. still lair MOM U....... OuUtwirtliig, Cadet A-urd far ROTC Cdt CountwrrrllU Under his direction, tk<

th* UM field trOll At. V OmiHuiy$ U. II,.. Mull I.. Purr of "tlnton."*siw, N.C. FrvMtnturuf Joni Hi MM school land
lists ttol malty. A. s- w the trophy tn "/ *flt. Monry I.. Ktrpp I I. trrlmm a, kIIn.I.i TitltoJuk'KiVtmnlneiMiiin kw p" rtor...d totally
her of Della lips tttuororltv. ., iiiu ntmuiklly amtrHwtm the tn'i"liy, fur the .vint.vlurliU. at cry "hII' rdUlou>>
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Tune WAME Home Of The World's


4 Champion Disc Jockey


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tkn-f' ywtm Ml riurlilNTwi ta.d.Isatus. "(4a'? .rcu.. C*.

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m I." .MlkFHlr) Rrrrlvist amnia tlalcsas.. Trilsaco ROT" .rds1.. snit on""ra.hU. true pro.prmrr.

li'Mchrm. Thcj ore VIM. err, fn.. left-. U.I".II Vitn. Dr II. ....a.. rtt r*>*. n>nml*>
l.i.rvtl I./phi.' ..h.trmrhrM Isltna r/N Hut, rinrrtirr 'nI...... jHnlur foe[ V. tt Pall 'burin
/KM ftrkiNil, **l MM, 17,
*d., and VI MMKNlpkt. CIt.'an.. ClMipiois' Rise, Mini liwi Miftr e,. IIIIEI
aulrl..A' fill Tiltcist Set Aun.osatoc.v.tt. MOP ..... > ,artr Trtlat
HiMfUiM IM.| I 1lst... /.t. .*,.
h.. V.. Tar IslshtI .. rte'rt I irri-*x.*..["i*'' Hlik school. trad or
I .. "rr TORI-( AMP) Tko to_ nlli, .*.t ...
r. hl..rt'd rl .r aMil fall .f .t- WflMMTn : foods R>|IUk, till
MlMAnlii .
*| ptirt v UrjtBUIr
llftktttlckt cktMplei' Starts Ti Sent In trail, turtles Mlaryirlt
(Vllmr. ....-,. .11|| ,
lkrri> d4! thrlr/ ...d.-,. lira. Jack *f Ororila 27 V*. 27TM Ar. Cm i UI..I.U "... ,yy
rrm.ta.le ....rh.IEIp true J Poverty to trait* HI 42)0 MM aid forttar. sad baeb ,, ..". Cila ex f.4.1lJ 1 uu i. run... y
.U pearly toll k* I..*
IIUI tend .. our of to due,
office 1.1,. ryiiit .....1 arl,.... t", s.so/er, DONT
HUT INStrnVMT ACV CY ko* liSped I
rrtarll.. mod I eRadish. Mid. of t>oila. U bepri.sled dslvdskeo.e .. .
see toofl* hoer o* f t Seem Wto *
drl u u,. ea "lit'/ TelaIglu. Art .t" .MfM4d) or ni4 .... soy 4kr iflran toMIM ;
tarts ....1. trlt*. ...... oirtartdovtn.tr
J" "'''''. P.O. MO. "'"' ....,...,. /.. till nuo LUll DAY
1171. Jickwdtlll I.Plorlte. pace ho* Ja this S .Illlo* "dollar. Smite First? hwrme way

)497 t4or1re.1 1tMnw. Waal NE 1.333t Ifkk, INU
t IUoo Ptortb"N 2'11I A--. Opal ala ....JA U6U

'. .r .f t.rlt's
SOO M YOUR SOCIAL Art CUB NEWS Sre.4as.tlse. ...",
I'1 UII e.tl..eve N..rtx
The Hlaml l Florida "-1s will! pub
i amm 6ovaEwa .list. your' M'Ciil lad club fiio..intf(

picture .1 Mil, -- free of Char .'.'.'' .,1.,.r e
lit Its tlr' tnKbfat the tfttt for
tea, party or fashion I iio. or chat
have you.
.Nio. and pictures should' ritch our
office' not later than 'u..aoo-. -. FratftiSEE Jetdm /ref NIT

Seed Ins la MM! IWt SNr

738 IW TIM Aft Pbsee 3n-1 lS




o ........ 1w r.A.r
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C .... ... hs4f

t:::.1tm..eN'V WAME1260

o .tees Sir (.......


M Tki Wn4 .

WMBM I Htor "Hot Lint" NIGhtly." At 11 p. m. ;:.

..... ..."I ,
With *VkA i W. tanaa A.. MA A L Brax-nnri .i JI
*rWllr *rW Pl *J > ilrwBI 0 f*yF"B'r
.; .... RIll and..... p If11II rdletl. he

- .
!-1::; ; : ::::'-' -- '
I" if. ; I
MII 11 ... jlt. ..., I f nil III sill NPEII -stt.11ftijir 1e, !H4 S
----- -- -
I Sto sO.-Site For Market li Negro Are I

VISIT pith *uj of tat! C iBiltjr'o Itadtripntiiac .a- lot for 000 1.000 cars t
full ..oofid.oc.II a caraival a" wltk ";
CITY OF JACKSONVILLE'S tit plumed operation" pear ridoo ote. for -f= Jir 1 1s
: b/ the iBitdlato parbuf kiddies ,lu'ulcaloll.'Dd '
: roerratloB aDd i SI :
of CUM A. Bad art
.=- .."i.t
Clan >. atock mro mtrova other fttturta. ... ..
FREE MUNICIPAL I I Z' 0 0 supporters of '!d. Mtrktt Local BtrebntB la y .. ':f, "
Place, lie., IIIIIOIIDC.' bins the interior or : :
nit tat .ale of stock oittrlor booths OB a 11 LLLEw. 61
The Most Outstanding Zoological Exhibit In the Southeast iclo iT.lr to Repress .ttklbaila to display .w..,.ww. .m w w...
.111 bo cloud tat on their sans, thai tlltlaatln ; JS t:2: !!! .:=; -::tC'"'..:...'E.".=. ::. n
April JOta M ,la111ed.TII. rent, llibta, c- If.
... .
SEE JACKSONVILLE'S turktt ritct will .tt"r attdtdla -* 14 :'.:xzst: o1M.: : .=.:= TIMMf
teen open bid to coa addition to lletaita '
tractors for ecnatrao taavraaeo and other! .a- IG ;:If Mm |0T
MODERN GROWING ZOO ties of till tots ahop pease burlap Btenal "Z-t M 11: :": IJr:."C
pin aarktt U tdp.oodAces. t 17 I"I"L"!' !! $4
.. : '' .lx
..' s MaiaoilaOartftaa M.1sub Plies will far :\C i ioI&l';:;.:'
tad it it 01p oBplorBtBt for at Ot.r..N..1.. ..--. --..Y.-. .
otid that the tots lout WONtTO ssuterAsupeni.ors In.t..... ...... '
facility will bo ready aad oploroawttkif. Raters Yew.Urt Nu...
AND HAIITATS MODERN REFRESHMENT STAND AMUSEMENT for operation IB 10* N4r"V........".Iwt Tt WfciWltk '".
duo.n .
laoauior to ibop- HIT CUE
Pill waters Will house owcwa( Morrai: Reed to teao 'f.t.rl'.' A Sty!.
bootbi dloplariif orirjr to taro for ,oar ,
GIFT SHOP FREE PARKING tblOl tO Mt, year tBd enildraorPtotoooatal Nitr I
BIO IB Oil UPBBIITOlidoor lilT la BOW opta. Lotto of

... (Opti Every Diy- 1:00 .... To Smut) rounding otnictan.the Bon lar that otto.Ion and cnn la oar

80,000 wear foot Pentecostal Nursery
trnetaro, will b* a 1797 IcQaado It. 1S4-4 TSIMPEIIU

Patent Medicines Ooinetlcs ,
All Leading Hair Preparation
Cor. CROW AND AfHLEY EL 4-2139

; : One Stop Shopping For All

I .........w_.rya.LM .......
..-a......s..e r.s......,. Your Photographic NeedsEMERSON'S

say' '
W1nning. 1817 N. MYRTLE AVE
f- .- SEAr BO RTES.11..1Rf SPIN svmr 12-1 rtm 354-3212
P.rent..A1I this Is yours for 600 per child. M ML1 eJ./M


Minimum 10 children, maximum 30 children per party. ftt ......'.NIMMI.......w?,.11.rued.*t MiMIt.,L.My.A.d HI IMIMNVHll..........
2677 W. BEAVER, JSRl: : *. EV 8.2633 .
, By reservation only. .Call PO 5-6900
I.IR RIxiur NN.1:1\IN.t11.V It f4lar+\IoAE
MM IV IDIH UI,'" ss/111' MX M Wi,Uf/!<. *
I fiHlthH IttlH Mill N.11\
t r n t. lliLSpttiK-4paFri.lbtliMIIL7ni.) !

IV ?
SMALL -- --


.6 3 ,
. ,U \ TROUT 55' u:'
t "

""""" link Prlci lids Itrlill 4 LIS. FOR $1
f. J

RCff Till ,

To t ; l. fair I .with i Faircloth I I

,110 lied f

"Class Room Days" are Mondays through Fridays during Earl
..". !
the School year. On those days, we extend to school Nit
.*/< | l
groups a special price of 15< each for ,Id... (Sorry, we Oil asa : I FairclothAntnwy y

cannot extend these rates to any group on Saturdays, Sundays 1 GtHrIl ,

official holidays, or during summer school vacations. .A.Me&11, (ilniss liIki lorersasat
rm N 'laws
NOTEi To reach the Zoo, .....

'c Mill... < I I' I lairs I lilrlfFikcU.il
take Expressway north from downtown..a ten minute ride.

ra's Etta
4' 'r )

rl r CITY COMMISSION Graduals' Uiifirsilf il, Florida law Sd..1"

j HAYDON BURNS DALLAS L. THOMASMayor.Commissioner Dinctor 01 Dade Cnilf Sir Assiciilioi'

t' <, Commissioner Eerier ....., ol Fla. -Sir Assiciitiii

C..llln (for Ceislililiouli Recision
Safety Departments Finance, Parks, and Zoo

Neesbsr .1 ... 1MB UiUliltrt

,t : lea tr il HitMHt Ifs123 .illi i
.: Utilities Commissioner '' .
; Thta u Htllislt HfMllHv Prera..
.. .

LOUIS, H. RITTER ..,. .. ..,-", ,.al CLAUDE SMITH /1 FeircUtfc I '
CommissionerHighways CommissionerHeallh.Sanltatlon Atttmy I.....,

''r. '* : hIn.., ....... ..It.. "

Airports, Sewers..' -I" _CatU.IUI Ll&P1 __P4. ..L adli. '''

., ,---- -... -......., --..........-..-- -
-', ,, lrt.J. jI L


fITIIIIT Mill 11. 1SI4 RUlli STAI tAPEU fiJE 11

Distaffers Conduct Relentless Onslaught On Lane's Records I




r 1

r rye; "'yr



orz.g: m.-T11I>!t'I ftiarktait MtlM at Trow ItoilUc LOAM pttloaa Bditwood Av... ooporiMthlK Press (rapt). (Center Camel Llf Uaaranet'o tao tics left are: Viola Jtokloa Hiulo ...II...

\.I tumtum are trees coaprUUx the '.1.'. low* _Ida .M olll every Tv*,tay al_M. Cbapttltlon U (e.pt, ),.rbara filllaai, Juitt lalto. and Marian Runs irpel-Cbla' 5 flattIU fro left are: I
t ass and orMuraili'rlti I* forwitti Mill tho aluU'a! action U over At I left are sobers of HolI.'' Paml Aitatla, rilMbtk Strands (Ca|>t.), larva McCoy, Pat ftarr. and Claudia .Junta. Major Tan .
IIIIr.41 quintet, awcly true left: Pat Bull, Laura

I County's Roller Derby Events 'Casters' Ready Programsr Jax Suns 1964 Baseball Schedule .

Set Saturday. For N'Western ATMnjj ROAD GAira3H3KO

......,.,..,....1 tkrcn tlooHdurlMK .Ill b } ymtn.
the ruts clrrmbwluntil 1 Tie fcneriUmt ..' i t'/'art- ( n.e IJtI21: 1'r,1N.. '.IOhl.1I( /IkitfaUjtramao
til Mu brus rr. official x N(1'i 6f "
III award a hlld. : Toronto>> IMJ-M '
i.f the larval ......
trophy to the ten I""erll) "tchta'
County. |ii-p$ .rt.i-.l tf
cosn111si| the seal "y. Toronto 21.lOht.3IIII: ( ) Atlaatatt
'urrftatliiB sure the roUtu, sad they tillIwi """).4 lajfftloAtlanta
lint 1 IhAuL 1 for launch*
present rlhhun to 11.1" :0.21 JlfHt; M-l-4 bictarrad
Ini uf the heralded first thins place cla! 23.23.(f1.34P) (blsehsa .'.Teht( ) alsNws
Roller llrebjr events
airs U irmdi cyst. 2Son.H Ktcbsoad 22.23.2..25 linn.
aided to get aadurvayftalnrdiu
Sweats for the buy MdKlrlft 1 h 1 29.21.:$( i1) ((51 "JdlM'.rMI'
) ..nt.., April
dUUIonx. till Urludi ;; 10-11 -fhl. 2t-SO al.awa.
II at III .... i* Northtcnlrrn'H -
*: n.ueDt'IU") Toronto
pnviil. untilmirtraik. 100 yard daub, k .IU 1..1'.11.11 ftyrama. JIM.: 1.3 tblssbss.

nktln, 440 yard relay, "').(,")'21r) Mochalr ,.. (111)'0(1) 5tchsrsd
toe ud) air ml I crKkaliTM
100 yard balloon akat. .,-1'.11 lit tan I* all 35 yard shuttle rca .IlLY: ..1.... Atlanta 30-IM1
areas uf txival rviaalyIII obstacle state aid 10.11'12(11) tIehs" ,s4 11.U.U.2tQIo( TuroaUxatr
!M> Hlalbl tu
other,, av'ptatarrra / 1s.Ile 1.I. Cbloalaia 7l2J .<
pstlifrste} .-- Tkri.fLt.LIIeruly: ..award HL UTAH OAW JULT JO
er M r Ti I\I.l *.
0' Ouaty Casslasloserssr.ly IIAUOWTT
Tb'rr III |M. Mllrull reals-. dial,... .11I11. Auourr-, : a...... 5ochaat.r MiraonaoNtfalo ,
''a ties rharsedeoslrstasts
lob Parra.lateh.r a 'fIOII". : M (tit) 11"101"
lorjtia, imfcrrrtt i IMI'I.-M tlsttalo,
slsstos rhar.i-d rdrrIre's )
sail sicituoratirts .. end C.I. Autos. 1t.1"" CR) lorooto )!.)>-XI lit!1) Toronto r
sill W no kawl to Mtkotkc u.n.M.21 IIc.uad .. '*
snN fur lwit ."I'dll prea..liK :II... (II) 11s1sebss. Ami ..!..(.)1 f tolwtrsily .
wi rUcJ,..llL t ,...... U,lint a' '('II.e 1&11'-1 .. .
.trtb.. ........ ... .
4> 1Wr -- '
F.._ .. v._ c .. _I.J..... It _.' ,..41 1!."[(. "..,.'**". -=1 .JAaU..1I;I

NOT (lte) dowiM ftMblo N a4r; l*> .. .. loads. Say T Own Ant. MMTI

lULU AII limn ; V, : Off. aokdaya. sad """diuhl.)U past) TiJO ,.. double ...'..,. 'M:

( AHICE a AII AMAHS IF lifE I .'a' Annual I Date Set lift H HHfSOUMAMTICO "'

Pinr.Ti-a .uffe+Isk=:$1c1/ 1114'1-111. teaaal! Oraaio .loan* riaaalo till Mk4 N,V. tlVl.lH
1 1Dl.co bens M AaUHay, IhNMlwr. I. Tko ,..,.* MM aUlD J.... IH-MI M .
Need M.fta?
OolttMlty KattUra sill U pttl.. stalaatsrela.I a.reutt0. M41HM
( .>. [jcjkuHfl V\ '
MV. UUt. Mf has -
N-IIMH nNu....t. sluice. IvktiMa. N.'.
U. sot-Ole". ,..., I. s TU Mrtataatera bib *>lff (left) sad Jw Cara...,. aro Uo klC .
heal, b .,.r. ...,,,.. .. U Pec-TY. N4 .k.a.UII 1!a..,. for the third .tral kt .**...,.*, till
t... to k.al tk* sink \i\\/lvX7\ / tw ai la darrll>o tk* actlM for S5C-TY's ',..J., Uo,.. a..*...|" .MM
C aad U* alii... hat than \ \J Vf / .. ..t.,., sad *Mdajr Iftvmwa, Urtlt< (.t.,..., April II, and cvatlattai ,
( la M pill far taa she \ ivetf J ( will Iwdty, Oct. 4. illstantpjllb
t Uo lisp are la herd lark fc. 4tmViA) jA .
oil f 'to..* 'W ace u'. ITBBLit it fay tM DM I Navo Ito to To TMn 1v Get
1JtiA5. just add friends and serve
(Oil Visit CM attn row sir wet OMMTIM T.KI LOW PRICES
1110 out er Tel |ai*''/IVIUM.. Mitr tat "' .". TO Sin lipitrlif
[111 Mt TM CIIMIIO TO ......
II lid
{ ............1' .' rot do.*t kv U ftd (ft tar Aif

f OHM Tda", **' II Pleas no CM tM Did Is lir lilf" InliifiIIS k
hoe 1 dwa a MH ties I la 'M ..ralM aalll DRUG STORE NEEDS

( tI al ..,... HUT Till II 44CIPMIUI.f Hirlli 11111Wskb

f t-v. It"'"d U kr ... her alM42 Trade lit tee Mlikfcorfcotd Oral It.,.

( HI H MM Hfif *. 1 tot! C oc nu. nr Atrt wcv 1lJI.II lOW LOCAL AP1M.

< ( Tab ...,.., bas ... ..1 U serer .T >.... ( Se ..........*,/*. nil all BocUfo Pr* crl tl
f ant aid Sissy ... Mrlk.. talk I kl*.ka jr
'..r.. M Step I sad leN 1M his ..!!. a!a Dixie Pharmacy
with .see. Kf. UBU ,!.n larty Bars end 111-34.1/
Cglorvp ._!*. A .1..... lamp chore I* iltto (
( fr... Vo Uo eau to healed ttroaok 1M piece ( I IH2 HHI btl tt lyrtti# AttInilts" ( J IJ

fit 1M lord as &AIII's pw.red
r-a.. II S r.... nose 1'0' 11-aa nail SH7-H I IJ

R.. LttU ..... .. te ban I
C test bet ...,. UT TW nm. UTEI ui mum
[ Uoti<< .....,* tar To It* CI-H-

.... . .y.YV Mil IT HI SIHCB IN13II2

j ....... N#S M '
I ..... .... I. s doss

II I I. odds. .sblfs.t.
I. carts II a" stead
I I oK27N aTRAt7301t

II-24 II

.---.... s

\ Man's Days $ +

Are Numbered

'9a**.! Gays of* M-

sypM a Hoer B*..JI. aid Nf YW Vtldidnh E4onr pIIt. 1M.... t4 happen whew MIA M M4&iii.ky
Sue Co* $9 ...,. Mao
\ y c..w.r tWI tMlWI
lot IMO u., toilVrll / its tstT : proKKeaadrl

h ..,.. Lady Al.n Its.bl ..01.-k'rfwdGUtelll........&me I bo.ts.insy. tltdht4lwtrm

U Gt by war .. t..I. .i.tl..tit, II lf III u.y IlarM their Miedo.snarl .
r.OarM .... M
I r aKM sr stw.Iwrb ta.1t...slrs.w salrsll9 M..r a

," rill I. Its tale MMM4 .

Mil M MM* ,**. &- ... lit tIIe.rty. ...
.Moo tot 0M0.J Naaa .. .. .
toe L 1'IsebAb,
ass -


..ff at iii,1est .. -R-"

{J 1Ir., ..


,4 ,

---' -
--:. -:'" .. :- l. .. .. .. ., I.. .. t" .., 1 ,. .J. "J1J. 1
1 '

L .. "tl'f

PME 12 rum sru rmis JITIIIAT Hill II, 1114

Ml. Plsg" khednlesAppuciatioe Fll RENT HIM ni KNTParaiabed. UN Ill KIT
latrodicligI . ",.. BOOM Apt. Ckll.wti. 471 I, lltb It.on .
IJT I. Cbarea It. bt llacc.ni. IMIX1.Pvraiahed. 100. for .arr." '01111,.
appreciation teitlaoBlal Ml IENTPeralaktd hitches ll li| roo bet I
will bo(Iron April rocs sear baa Slacle aaa or told watar. lii.M per
24 at B P..., la Boberta u.... SOI Caroline It, lady lot ft told tater. ....am ipirM.iL.tn42.
It. Plaiab All Choreb, IL-4MU. 2121 toodlMd .t. After < ,..
Atlaatlo "Beach U booor
of relic R. 'kite lr.,
state prealdent of the

s sMr layaea'i Orianliatlon, TIRE
llth Kpiaoopal District
cad ,.... Mclntoah lr.,
,ice preeldent of the
Btato Layaoa'a Oriaal*
; *
satloa aad Prealdeat of
the Lilt Plorida Con- CITY
tinsel L.,..' a Oriaal


I The Market Place BtMOOM 431 w. ,lew TWIN swiT.Ntw OUIWC.. | Super Special

A Rivolnlioi For Rifilllsg" WATIK rURNIIMID.VPUT .


What is the Market Place ? Fit SALE

1HK NAUCT PLACE. Inc., Ii a totally Inteiratod Bacaar la wnlcb! .,n than 100
separate and indlTldual business ooncorae till offer for I.lt alaoit orery* SIIIU Cusili 670-15 $195

thin i possible to Hat, leer, or "... SINO MACHI lie, flo ZACI.MAKU Blk.Tube
till be attracttrely dlaplayod lo Booth*
MERCHWID1W of e ery dtierlptlon Has e.L NCl9
leaaed to reputable Buaineeaaen where the pungent aroaa of foods will later $46, o* DCLMILI "." Type Ph.. Tn .
slog]. with the colorful arrantwent of the latest faabiona ia teariii apparel CU AflUMl $7 MONTHL1TMVMCWTt.
and the fragrance of ewtio porfueee and freah cut floton.Under ally stripedcanopt.e CALL 35,.".... With Re a
eurrouidlnf Market Place tanl.rs will unit freed" fruit and YI|.. WILL, ML. NO OeilCUION.CHKO .
tabltf. ftenrieee offered the public till bo auaeroaa, well II a Beauty ftaloa,
Barber !!Shop Laundroaat Sioe Repair, Tailoring, fteployaant. Placement, Photo )'ourCredltla
Developing and Portrait fttudlo and aany otnora TURNER ApprovedItrr Diamond Safetylux

TO BATIVT the palate, dolielotiily prepared food will bo offered by afteral On The 1'Rr.sEMT O\K or Tubeless IlIlJck.oU.I.
THISG ct/.u1T rim*
barbeene, paatriei, pies ice area and
restaurants serving entcki burgers KEN KNIGHTSHOWCASE 600.13 . . . . . . 12.74
oonf.cttonerl... Pooda ..., bo oontuitd Inelde the preaiaea, or at the outdoor UT I&IClIIl CONMH
plonio area. Btvertiea of all deeerlptlona .111 be avallablr: also Hardware, lr1lm 650.13 ,. . ... ... . . 13.63
I Hone Purniahlaie, Auto Kupplln, Heeordi, Groceries, Meats, Fish, Pooltry, 2. Wit( 700.13 . of . . . . . 13.93
Clot erg and n>oe*. IM: I.M. JDKBATCIIKKEl tttt11 750.14 . . . . . . 13.64

How does the Market Place operate? I.Liuautm AMHIW IIPII1$ 800.14 . . . . . . 15.40
4 850..14 . . . . . . 17.47
MVtXtT PUCK will be open to fthoppero bMletJljr, fro Hiurnday throuih !Hunday, Iftntnt IrIII 650.15 13.68
frai 11:00: .... until 11:M P.O. [ mi CAI KfYEM FREE! .00..5 . . . . . : 18.20

MAMtrr PLACt will hut booths to any Mtrchant on a weekly baala.TIUKAUFT Brake Inspectian 670.15 . . . . . 13.89
710.15 . . . 15.42
PLACt will uarantee the quality of all Nerehojidlae aold an well M Late (Model Profit. End Check A sues r. waw..s.
Ys. T.. t..b... 5..1..1 .......
the competitive prleea

r mwrr PLACE till I furnlali ".('urlt, Protection for both Merchant and Oonaui.er
on the preMltea, CADILLACLeonid TIRECLTBrakoLInin"tgs :

TllR: APPAIM of tilt Corporation,will bo .onrll.d by a Board of Directors, .
CltUT AVI. roar '** HIMM t *'' TO I.MSHOEBOX
laitially coapoatd of four Niroe and three thitei with reooMenJatlona fro
the Advieory /*ard imposed of Hiiro leaders' the CMewnltjr. 5."NN.
..,..,.. .. ,,
What does the Market Place offer to the community? I $1995 Sl095 ". r.r"I.eN.N.rr.t A..w IIN II e.N.Ti/e M. I

L1 fie Market Place offers the Negro CowMinlty an equal opportunity II ownership, CALL PIEMIEI MEATS
.MM.Mt, and la enplojraent, In what pronlaea" to I lo the leadlni Retail Outlet M..1 pee ..:.......... i7/5.ttn,. =w -NNM* ,.. ...1.P ......11.5
la the area.Nalf of Uie stock U iielni offered eieluelrely to the Meira public H4-.... Kr. i.r c- "" .
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will be "hili 111II t od. OPIN ( vf'RY DAY > A M Til ) f Mi

In adilltlon to nhopplnn 1I''to., the Market. flare 1 will offer ate r..tlol and
*h'rtaln''I' for the entire ...u,.

' What does the Market Place offer the investor?

TJie Market Place tnvetiira are Mnit offered ten (3) typ.a .. ntoekt 1t&I PAIR NYWN HOSE 1 i .
_. ',' .1 I I _II. M.'
i I CUM A. nitNun (V\ tln_ HUck) .
Pvrfhnne price of either floes of -tll.111 bo ".00 per "fI.. (Mlalaii
purchrwe 10 ....,...). Thursday,

3. flaan 1 a.. Prefcrrcil Mock (QuarantMil bluest) at a 19 per nnniM. rate.THIn Fridays -
I* the' first pulOlo ittforlnii ft' the! stock

Results of survey Saturday I

t 11".1 IIIII'DIII'nd1fsly.l aitaljala tke 1. .Hilly ilea heal ruwvlrtKani the rrwlta .have be n f road ti hi ofervhelalaclyIn rN'ATI
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The, nrmme' ne nia pfUII'1 M"T unfiNour "",. W" NXOW Dtvnrow via tu*
1.1'? Rita, h..wt.e, fIIYI tIM un R''Il'I'L a""1.,, PM+.M 'lH1Q' IMYIditltitTm.TOt1 .
U S 3 alb
Market Place. Ine.
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Jacksonville Plo,'" 1 SPECIAL!

1 (sete..N Irla Carnation -,.. sad ettmitUf' back to L.'.... Almost! 10,000t.sr. ; PAY
f'ft of eiKwUtf arwu with partial for 1.000 care.) y tTACXEO awIO

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11:10 : L/TTLt CE1YTi"'
WWT It J4CKVN pa.. trtto Preoldeal _
: .'n Crary OsFt1el
C... WONT ckairwaa of A4vle ry Board tt.Dt p

i I Te orary -.1.. ... Office: %MM )04. .Itoavall Twaele Bid*. piq $sSYATr01s.Ai V M11y
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410 Bread lit'"'. Jacaeoattllo. PlertaaPtct

bar Off Ala d Mall la tttt Oed $12 O $IAct b1. th.r Loa t
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urn pt.WP. ic. FAMOUS UAN
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UBiniUltD' W4W TOE aoTMTiU OP Bia.lt Of PliCajDA

I............................... .......... ...........do herwtr o.fc..rtkoto PAY
p.rds..11.r of ekarwo of QMIM or Preferred ft" *cI of 4rkH PI....
lac. Pvrtfca piss to N ..... per akare (lalwM parokaM loa (U a ar.e).
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