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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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I I I ') lib. Ii

Tampa Surgeon Becomes Area's First Negro On Ameri!ii.t::.:;:: = ::::. I

. '


FIGHT TO O},UT .6 I 5 H. 0. t :::8.A.LtL

* * * *



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Nafl Prefren ilL IMI. 2 SAUIIAT Will II, lilt 15 CENTS
Cites Outgoing Official

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Action .111 wt underway

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aaUaael voluntary John ; BY COURT

....I..en' and nkllle ,
search tmitraB, L'-.let

parlor eiecutlveaerretary ; * * * Partaer Gives ProbitiesFollawlag
uf the Jai
Urban League announced laymen Cell Special Meat Pair's Coavlctloi

Thursday llrraan. ,M. 8.*.tt, ass a* r'a To Study Now ChargasAgainst Motion for In.. trial "A denied this

suet ale rector of theAtlastebased seek and Fin Sliver, HA, an officer of
Narioaal Bishop W. F. Ball the Stiver Cnnntructlon Co., :nu: Myrtle

Office of the National Avenue Hunt rferve I nil months ti) four
Urbua 1.i-ague oil be la / (I rrrnlrtent Ft-lli N. hlte, rruiC'fnt' of year prison tore fir fnudentljr attnnptlni"

JackwtavHIe April 11 "4 the eleventh fplncopil District Laynen'wOrginlMtlon to loon I.,'fIlS to *n elderly retired N.-
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thniiiA I/* IJUi to awl : nr f iro on a hone improvement'( loan.
nub I lural tMlnuK, ladaiitry of the organisation en Friday April 17.t Harold Nlleetrail ataaaoclat 'I. a a a a

and novrineeattin ,| 10 14 n.at..st Ptrrhrnn...A.M.P........Church..... ...At.. : afflcl tf It turned tt that tIe
.Ult-la" ,er uallDlaa- the ow the paper me t tort

*, operation and Elected Ujr officer, tk* L.,.", Onanlsa Pas, sea sage Mr tt.TIS parablet
goals o( the voluntary laclMtflni Conference 't lon elude a aucceaaor. 11 eso tao tonthly' tt 10
ppijrct. carter cot 01 it net and Local It WIll pointed out that five yearn per cent laterett.VIOW .

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THE FLORIDA STAR Politics As Usual


Pibllahod br tte Florida star r-abl lining. Co Presided Asks Soit.en Biplisfs
YeNbor of Aao l.td Rim ProW I

10 Sipport Civil RKjkts lejisliliom'

ERIC |. SIMPSIR.- ....M>ugIK Efitr
President Johnson told a leadership -

AL nil [. IKE.......__.._..Jrn Uk of the Southern Baptist Contention

IILU MI11EN.Chtlrtte M1Igg Wednesday that "no croup of Christians
in civil
has a greater responsibility

-MAIN OFFICE i ruii rights than Southern Baptists "
rj I I The president said that

2323 Mticjlit II........P.III ElIII 4.HirMiiliif t ti elimination of racial .

nation was the Boat

Him. : i/ challenge that we face th'l

P. I. ,In 511, 1uksei,IHs 1, Fliriii' ov g1Y f J Over the President 150 Baptist in the leaders Rose

MIAMI irncE \ den of the White House.
President asked the ministers

731 If 3f. An. Pint 3171125 for their help. He said: SIMPSON

"Help us to pass this civil rights bill
and establish a foundation upon which we
On. Tear Half Tr M.M
can build a house of freedom
Nailed. to To. Anr.b.w la tile Halted/ State "
can dwell.
subscription pyabl In advAaco
A partial text of the President's address
Send Cack or Mont? Order to: f
I follows :
PLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 581 : Lincoln proclaimed as a national faith

Jacksonville 1, FloridaThe that right makes might. Surely this is so,

and surely if we are to complete the greet

unfinished work of our society, spiritual

beliefs from which social actions spring

Y's Way nal.must be the strongest weapon in our arse-

By TIIOMAS B. HARCRAVE JR. WS 'The moat critical challenge that we

Last week a subcommittee of the New Community face today is the struggle to free men

Relations committee held hearings TIE IIUIRfi IP TIE SLEEVES" free them from the bondage of discrimination -

at the Juvenile Court in order to give all and prejudice This Administrationis

citizens a chance to express their opinionon doing everything it possibly can to

ways to reduce racial tension in our win that struggle

ccnmunity. "'e are going to pass the civil rights

As I waited to testify, there were two Your Weekly'Horoscope billbut our efforts alone are not enough.I .

men standing in the corridor who had just am proud to say that In this cause some
completed their testimony One could not
of our strongest allies are religious
help but hear their conversation which
leaders who are encouraging elected officials
centered around the well worn theme that
Guide to do what is right. But more must
"our "
freedoms are being taken away.
be done, and no group of Christians has a
These men, like many
greater responsibility in civil rights
than Southern Baptists.
pening in America or todl1JustlJ By PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH "Your people are part of the power
They see the ,
structure in many convunities of our land.
revolution I
ss some
The leaders of states and ,cities and towns
evil would conspiracy.It ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR are la your congregations and they sit
never dawn on then that In a democracy
there on your board. Their attitudes are
no majority free to stand on the
neck of the confirmed or changed by the sermons you
minority. A.Philip Randolph BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES
preach and by the lessons you write and by
sunned it up well when he stated 'lira.Nurph .
.. the examples that set.
property rights do not Includethe
"In the long struggle for religious
right to humiliate me because of the ...
have been
liberty. Baptists prophet Your
color of skin." CAPRICORNBorn
MHOO forebears have suffered few
Born Murcb 21st thru as others have
Americans today must learn that along April 19th till NOT II TOO HARSH .... L1S AND WIlLriMT Dec 22nd tin; suffered and their suffering was not In ;
with 1
our many freedoms, democracy recog' Jm. 19th
vain This cause too, of human dignity, I
niter the
Inner dignity of all men Democracy YOU MVf INOUOH
this of human
5-00-22-16-IS-af cause rights demands prophets
requires the protecting and promoting INITINTN' ,. .
in our time men of compassion and
of the personality of every man, YOU T9 W OUT Nil puS
CANCERBorn 7-10-33-IW4-7IJ LUILV TO HINO YOU MUCH.rauuu..ce. truth unafraid of the consequences of
woman and child regardless of race, coloror TUNES WHIN THI Out YOUaliI .
June 22nd thru YOU till fulfilling their faith
creed It calls for equality of all riiiiNTiv
IN poji July 22nd > LIBRA riNO THAT YOU Alt annor "There are preachers and there are
persons before the law sad finally in-, NOT iw TO '
mriu YOU f. 'v".puree Sept. 23rd thru "'OMO PAR MOM' THAN teachers of injustice and dissension and
eludes the, right '
of all citizens
to oppose- MCDI.-IT' ii ouiVc
'0"- T /II JOIT At IMPORTANT Oct. 23rd YOU oiiiivio roiilui.rTMt diatruct at work in America this very
their government in a peaceful manner. II III THAT ,A **IATNUMIII
TO MAR[ A 0000 IN'III.
LOVI AND CLOT COL hour. They are attempting to thwart the
Many Americans today know more about the or you rotimTHINTI LION IN YOUR INTIMATICiian [."UIICI CAN M MUCH LAIOIATION {
or THE ONt realization of our highest Ideals. There
dynamics of communism than the dynamicsof THAT ,
Ale IN IC'
NONE PLEASANT WIN YOU CLOSEST TO those back the rising
YOU till HILT are who seek to turn -
Democracy. For them, every democratic 'YANG MO ro HICM TNIiNTIIKITtO '
YOU TO MAITIN CERTAIN tide of human hope by noting half-
principle is qualified by the words"shit.The r-AITIII .11I linn or YOU ACOUANTACE / / oi NOTOIIITY. or voui oirricuiTiii, truths and untruths wherever they find

root.There are ,crying peace peace,
American Revolution has
of leSS.
., SINUOUS 09 .
COMMNIATION tin. our or voui NAY ruiiuiT or lift ANO NAPriNIII A MOST ruiriiiiNo
peace, where there Is no peace.
done a real service to America because black
'Help as to answer them with truth and
men have gained faith In
a new the American
way of life for they know that it with action. Help us to pans this civil
sail ANO TO ItMOVI THICAUIII IN YOU riltONAl ANOrwiiY IIAIOINO TNt roiiiOIIITV > foundationupon
bill and establish
rights a
be a reality for all people. white
build house of freedom
Americana which we can a
who have taken their freedom
far granted now realise that they tco where all men can dwell. Help UK, when
Must "Cultivate the skills that make this bill has been passed to leal ill of
In this land Into
freedom operational." tour people great a new
Indeed, we are on the road to a new birth fellowship.Let .
Lit IT 01 NOM. ISO tin ui TO IT THAT
of freedom for all the people and by all 540-44-15.71.621 1->>-1",4)-43I the seta of everyone, In government
the people. and out. let all that wa do proclaim that
IN Tile MAIM or roiIOTTIN 4.60.551I75455SCORPIO nation
AQUARIUS righteousness does exalt the

Stato'i Alarming Cancer Incidence Born April 20th thru THINS11.3044175413/. Born J... 20th thru

Shows Need Of All-Out Support May 20th $ Born Oct. 24th thru feb. lath
During the year of 1063. a total of 4053 ONCI YOU NA.I on* Born July 23rd thru Nov. 22nd WITH MUCUI'VI"I''"

deaths were recocde1for all of Duval Coun ClvtUI TNt NATUM orTNI Aug. 22nd MTMWAOI A Mt SN All

ty. Of this total more than 16 percent, .'01"1..., YOU WliSI TNII IHOULO M A IATHI .. OILAVI MAY OCCU TO Ass been considerable talk In the

or ell persona died from) cancer Still IIUIMIO TO YOU IONM Nil! YOU! iioNiriCMT MONTH roi slip YOU IN luiMNtc SOS cattle producing area concerning Imported

The provisional information was obtainedfrm COM sits IT. YOU tlUriNAUV OIIINO1 01 NIIOMOOII TO THE SCOIMOI' WHO NAVIMNALLV A "Itt. TIle TIVTN or beef. Aad this is a matter that needs

the 1913 Vital Statistic Report of the Ruth. TWIT YOU wow YOU Now YOU IMOUIOIMNI IICIHO TO VIN.TwM tNt MATTII COULD it THAT clarification.

Florida State Board of Health and the com till. NAVI TO (ALL ON YOU MONty WHAT AlONO TN| MATI- TNII Alt NKIIIAIV TO Ie have a voracious national appetite for

pllatlon of cancer facilities was issued viva roiNc IINII or YOU 00 ,IN VOUN OtN NOM| MONIAL rATN YOU NAVI live MOM TIN roi iiriciAiiv hamburgers and hot dogs --the nation's

this week In a speed report made by the CAUTION INITIO ., II VOUN MIIONAV CONCIINANI SONS rillNOI. .... MAY ......tLl ei.YllOrMtNTI huge teenage population which has increased -

state office of the Flor'Ma Division of MIVINI miiv ON TNIWIIINT NOT TMAT or MIA.TIVII TARS A SIN vut or TMIIOIVILOrWINT T* OMIATII hy 10 million since 1953. sees to

the American Cancer Society In Tampa. or TOM noIONAIITV 01 IN'iAfl ON<| ASS NM. MAYttnMTT I VOWl IU. JUIT MrATIINT that. And these succulent products require

This special report also disclosed that 10 ATTAIN VOUNCNOU YOU NAVl AtlllTIO YOWIIIONTI TO OIIIUAOI YOU MO AUOt IVtNTI that Is ham M maanfacterlng-style beef

the death rate fro cancer Is still on the .* otmmii. IT YOU till III INS TAAINI. Pot FINAL TO DICTATE tNt 0OC 0' from cows and bulls. But domestic production

Increase, fro Tlli deaths in 1910 to a IIINl IIIII4UI MOM Civil THAT ,..'''' tilloitcevii 5,1g. BUT YIU Ail THE TOUT ACTIONl AND YIU of this beef has dropped from 27 pound

Proyl.tond'tot.l of 8nO deaths la 1963. THIS IAV ON, v eoCIII THAT Mirif ONE OMO WAS TO LIAI till HAVl NO CAUII MllUIIIIUlNT per capita la 1955 to 14 pound lat years

Total deaths recorded fro Florida statewide MOM Hitiv AM Ye MI- till THAT YOU SITS YOU LIU AID, (0511eviNTLY HIMTI. .. d.dl.eor practically 50 per eMt......

during 1M4 waa SS,943. MIT. CICUMTACII TOrilMIIN MATH ....IC'. TN| TN| ONLY. .... AI IONS A| YOU MO YOU* u Herrell De eraff.president of the American

According to a Society spokesman, an estimated YOU OITM TH| INTIY or UN euAiirne TO NMI .TNI* HALO NAVI rwiiieIN Meat Isatltete polata owt. we swat

17.000 Dew eases of cancer will develop IIAOI INITIA 0* TITIMTO ,.". ...J'I TNt riNAi MCIIIONI.CAOinARICS VH| I Ml IIMCTION. import substantial avaatltea of the beef.

la the state during the coming twelvemonths. CAMl YOU 0*
Based oa past estimates. most prevalent -10-1'--55.6/-197 Miviewi euMTii) MAILSIlIln .0 10. YOU till MAVIitTAMiioie to altersatlve foods.

mew cases will possibly occur as A MAM nil orriitTill a IOWNOI Moreover Mr. DeCraff eepaaaltea that

follows: cancer of the colon sad rectam. .* MI'ONIIVIROO > loB Nov 23rd thru ..... ro* A ITAOII M* current beef Imports are a relatively

2390 I'. eases: lung 1100: breast Ion May 2Ut thru I....n. Dec JUt SVISIILIN. PUtI.5IT00.13156311. Simon factor them It comes to effect.

1TOO; uterus 1400; prostate 1100; stanch June JUt wo..tt-IW.ft ) cattle ,rle... He proposes these taut

790; leukemia 900. You tin ".'. AI YOU PISCES steps for cattlemea watch he believes .

It la lot our lateatloa to alarm eltl A IICMT ..... Ate ISMMiiu oo ...*... THAT .I"11I. Ben ,." 1IU tsars scull help to silts the carreat price

seas with theee somber statistics the IN T.I cm er Sots Aug. 23rd tan ritlNtlt till k.
, spokesman said, bat we do feel strosgly sank CniNIMI ...e WAY Sept. VSATx ,.TN0 TNAN TM eve ealllag old and barren cots; quit over

that the geaeral public should be made ,M* ...AT THIS II M1CII. CYFAN.'NIIR .1"'" .'. MM II TM TtwC ,. MTfeMTwt..Itw fattening ef cattle la feed lots; avoid
aware of the serious threat of the disease.All tm or X101I1 eancaed arketlaga
silT Ml MM MH 00 1If'1.*. mi TM .-, **YTO vow* cat. ; support eapaaded beef
of as would face the faeta. We should ,**uv wtM.*. IN ."'u INTO .OM* Sells UN MT A-evNO Tat Caw II5.NII MO late 011' iTO romotloa pregraaa directed toward com

taw about cancer* I ..,.. danger atgaale.e CANS IT MAY 01 Ml TOtl silt. K,,l,,0 T*| M|. HTITIM e* .ft.u IllCtll WA.I MTNl swmors.Oae .

should realise that regalar health AM. erCATIIM MILS V0. YIAVl OWAtTI. Seats .....t""' TlUT 7'551$?. MOITIMI IMAI Twit Ml more of lie polata deserves wide

checkups Bay detect cancer early enough M PM'1S110s1LPWSINITI. INAOII YM TO I..A.0veua I. TO IMCAMATI ,... NOW YMTtlNe T.IO0WM reeo lUoe. Trade la a two-way street >e
that prompt meatiest caa be SAN re* ie*....4tlNMINO. .<
so proper
TNIM istITTU tiles. All VM CAM rMN ,1\1II MN. TINS sOulS sell large ejaaatltlea of tallow .r.....
a4e sad help sate live*. Y.tf WAY COM
10V., T.4T a let IIIOACAI .*. Is.PII'IN IwSN M4 TO e 't* hides and variety meats abroad, as well
feriai the Al...rle.. Cancer Society 1M4 SINS tells NP .,....
CMTTia II SIMS CUM. ('I 0* TM |A4I|* .oaf IOOIIITIONS orItatM as other tan products 10, as the h.
educational and tad-relate trua4...,*, NOt 1 1 0* .**|(.. PAl
ei too mi SI. ."eT .as II Mii MIN .... *rI "ICH CSMie MIITMVII 10..... Zoos Register pats it, aaattlag
eu be 1" ted about cancer sad what t.doshout .. WIN IN V-| weeds YOOMN
.AT MANY er VON will Y|* TO (AY **r a ex If I_0TANCITO off Ue Imports would lavlte retaliatleaagalast
,It. 'II our hope that all eltliaacaaeer s YOW. Sill MO
lOUlO tm INTIMLV M* 11,1551 lo., VNAT it YW ...* *OV OCCIMTOKMtYOw as, aad Tse tern Belt farmer
education literature SAS.|. M. lN tlltM' ,
sill obta Pats IN TM ISIS AMYU ...,.. a.. ,*oe. tii 55045501 t scull ee cwttlag his WN* Uraat." ........
.!tell I. reliable without cost and hat TN || .4Y Ills CONIIMIAOll -
| TO COM. TNOH .f VM NSMitt .5A?.. TO OwtCUI-
they eUI feoatrlbate to the fwadralilagit TIM TO A..
er..cSt Ue Society cancer same 5'. e0/sstaSS \IIIC V.l.- SOa .V spssi 51.5. htD 61-11.55.ai'f' s.iD-A4-tN4.a1 1 ICSISCSee.00 ......

trol r can be espaaded sail latea vIsslt BNVtaMt, ABO tWIW "".... tt IITM4IW *.l
III. M VIP w.t5, .
I1UM I the year ahead. w/S tMniC11os' ..



I 1 Couple Exchange VowiNIIPTIAI.M WEDDING

Andre.St.BELLS.Scott 33 and 662 0 tn-t.llth ... ::::::::. .. eI Mth LOUISE :: ....::::::::. a. t I IPhi

doll L. lu...,. 5JJw.
{ ttth St. :.. lets ftliaa rr t.rnltr. IB*. CM take prldt in cent AKA leek actlTltlta which fndluctd a tele
I a 1 chard Scott, 1241 the success of its 50th ftouthtrn Ret lontl Cbnftrtnc tttd Poundcrt Day proirm.
Mart It. 29 and Sharltt "held' tn Jtrktonvlllt Ittt .tck'Md.Jtcktonvlllt An Inportant ph... of tilt utrtlnc ... the ttnal-
P. Kohl 6J45 rlt.trt society ass Ih.1I an opportunity to nation of the IOrorlt,' "("IYII KUhtt Mallbtf"
'w Avenue, 32. .wt viattlni Slpaa and their .hfl at tn Uforaal contest, thtrtln .e hri of this iroup tollclttdIttttrt
r J..... L. Bartlty, Jr. i dance htld Saturday trtnini at this rnml County fro friends to bt tent to COatrtit la connection
5176 Lent Stan ltd. 32 Araory. 'Ih music .aa oadtrful and the Inforaalat with Civil Right leililatlon. Civil Mtfita
t and Rubel Brintoa. 121 o.phert did Such toward tacourailnt iu* ta to sill alto bt the ..In order of builntat durlni the
ahi t1 0 ell A,..,11I. IS. enjoy thma.lealn; fact, M Moh to that they Sere month of April hen mashers .111 solicit wntrlbutlont '
Chat. 0. Peterson, 8030Btyaar reluctant to depart hm the dance tndtd. fbr the NAACP.V .
St. 33 sad foniritulatlont and thanks to local M0ut..R. .
... ... ... ...
f Meredith P. yoiiitana,. ... ... ... ...
SOU Buy tar St.. IS. -
TTit Lincoln: dolt said Country Club provided the
Roy C. CUtna. 1011 I. :. Harris ins toaataaster tt the itdwrd tttra ettln 4for the ot recent meeting. of Let til tea
Cleveland ,,,. :: and
cn11e.A11 -Rpurts banquet held recently. in the Brlil e Club Marine Jackma ."( l"ttea*.
Plottlt J.rf"IIO..1131" Bre.ter Methodist Hotplttl IHnlnt 1Ioota. Vrmaf' Joyner ant Alvcnli. Striven ..'lIl\III\n. prlrt
I. 13th Strttt. 31.
2031 I Jack Htlrtton, sports filter, of tht' JacktonvlU 'tnnert.
Jtrry lanai
Journal *a* principal speaker for till ocrailon.. Hta Lou A,ery. Ann McIntOKh.Pllrtbeth R. Jones, Annie
29th St. 7i and AnaaM.
Introduced by our o.n less editor, Al ltt.. ft.II lilt.., and Marie McClala sere Mona ten her*
thetltr. rltrural..tG. Other panUlpantton tilt procrta lnclul, Difford pr....'" t.
... 48. : J. Paul AtMttto Director and football catch ..tt ... ... ... ...
Henan Itoat 11J7Reaver ri.\t F.i.ard liters (011.* and president of the Southeautfrn Ass.1ttOptrtsa< this .Jarl,1I1. It anilouv
2 '" k ,f\(,; 5t... :S9 And iin for Athletic ConferenceTuonan, .... (Urton, 1'1I'1. ly .Matting l.fta Phi Beta Mrorlly'a annual Cotllllon .
dells I. John noa,
...i Irnl education Instructor and btnkt sit retch it .
I' \ tcheJuleil to I. held In tht naval County
: 1. Beaver Rt. 4]
,.. r.' IIt1l1ll,. 1911 F'daard1&1..rt College.; Paul Prim, riialrnir of therap A/WQrt'rld.", eventna..7he ('rll"IOI.tl'. '\>1II
"ltOll't. 3. tad : ttilrtle: roMlttrt; Jattt A. Rupy, IVji- the Youth in Orbit", a proitnui' hiwortnii local) youth,
J I r Dorothy Major 2SS4 Colli-ip,nr PrrMtMittiM| I. *te.art.; furies alii .. held) ftmda.* evanliF.This, 'WC'A'tn.>
4 ...... 17. L. 1111 1111I.. titolnlttrttlv tMlttant to the rresident ventton Tea all) be held at the Y mwduy afttmoun.
; Calvin lilt.
". ". All lot f. II a,... nettyt ""Ott. and Verde) Jake*. The Federated Garden Circlea 34th Annual Kprln
i '. ; e Prank. Church Patttrton.St. 39 and Ra(' athlrtet honored. tt the hnmjuet included J*.eRutler rioter !Anus IU be held Vrll It in (be auriltorliM

;' Mircha Ann Curry SIT I very Black Ttantld Ptvlt, Uelvln Pilot of talkert Ihialnena r),lleps, located on the corner

t Y t. church Ft.. ::'e. :Nithaniel Clover, and Otto ""trlfklun.l AllOmferonc of Ninth Street. said Myrtle Avenue.ROYAL.
football. electloi; and" Jerry ftlll h rll. .
Mlllt P. Lyons
Axsoinrrn: Allmrermce t..iaUiHMa ...I'Uon.) STUCK)
-- Itirlim Itprunxlve crnwny held ftmday, AI'rllI In Leonard Circle ,.. 34 ART
'.'Hi. Union I\.lhl; I rlmrcli VI KM l.txxlr Dciwnrr. the duuiihtcr of Mr. 11/I.1 l Urn.N.iUiuni Brltht,
und L.
Natty ... ... ... ...
| '| Ikimi-r, UIJOtloMrlMick: : IL. IHTIWP tho hrlk> of ',t. Jack M. THHM.W. .. |1M) Lmnard Circle 'K. sis urn SHEET(
,the, N.h fif Mr andra.. Kylvi-nCcr Ttinopwin, "'. 4 .. .
ruMlmm pmUor ..
: ( iiiririiiiiiir' ; The iinn. ** !* imniiiN' rixtlihni 1971 t. laid Rt.Uurlna: : the r'1U'1I Melvin Hapann.. itlft t1.1th .
rarity held an Intermtlnt .e.ttn. recently In the
Ini| ,| |..lIu.I"| Ihs rsrriny, the couple I ri-celwl tuiny beautiful oiut unr'ul and Leolatlllluaii. rim cms
t. 12:! .
|10'M> of Mr. and Mca. T. Harper, ttemlanet Ptrtle
trIM maid,' sirs wcorili'd mini'r ,u* frltill I htlllll" fro u'ht"t'll and Irll'lrI. \,.... 19119 e. lath ri vm. Julia HtXNard 'llll Mao Green Lnlll" I. I diridaalsIa.iiyinnsCtrlsILACS.
l. Hn"' |iMin |III Mufliwiiil III'. V rt ftirl-n, r.... (KM Menlo I\y A. Aluc-IIII tII 11I1 h'tt. :r. l Iktrden.. wit Mary lltri'er *.rvH as honteinwa I

Prtnk R. Tanltla. Jr.. i WII1E Cllll
Mpnrtt for the 1.,10",1Int.rfllt. > held It P""i*
I 1tfO"RJ Les Petite Irene 131 a. ;39lh Ft. :S and micnla, rlurldu ..r. .heard ihirln the iMatneai .nl >.
nm-ndnljn P. Burr iwaLmtaa ,,1'.1.l Mm. Ruth flnlomn Mr*. Ptwcet Jntinmta, Its
II ". delivery Amies To Sponsor Ktrcet :.. Ankle R.'1111.) .., Mr*, Alms pnntvla Mil Mr., "Norn' Quill Photographs
Jack *. Th...i>tin, 1971 R. lilte .ere Me.ate... local ""' a err drllMhtmlto "
Fashion Tea Sunday 1. ;dad it. :21 nnd"LtdMe learn that OoMt WM nient rervlvtd. th. iir.>n.1 l tUICIUllBlllltJJOCIUJfhn [

M. Do..n"r. SH.'O 'llnlly- place ..*rd Air the pictorial fihtMl tf lit re El 4-IIM
tith nnul rr T r lI.**
Mr, Mid lint.' Ail i* "Urn "atal. 1"70 I'lIh."t. hack Road, |4.
halt reached. o>. ''"-
/Id I. |I17 a. 1Mb v l. .riivi'r Prier; /HII". "
Taln... l.lrl; :mil t1y). Mr. and urn. J | *.linwiill. > turn thin week, the .Lea
Mr. Mini IIr... Kll.iTi ; 711: Km k nl ail rvtll AlIII'II till mane

Wi..ui.; Vi:\ii'rnHf n.eirk ".I'rlY"i."cirl.,., IN .Ir annual SprlnnPatJilun
. ", mid Mra O.iVl'l R(4JMr. 'il- wid Tea Sunday
71M R ullniadmnr I hr.lnnln. at 4 r.., la
Mr. and Mm. tarnnK"l use NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
the asdlturlss of the
; tl. 4. Ih.a 41J R. air) .
.I HlV. Mr. tnd Xrn. rufu Uro-."Iu. Life lanuruncp

Mr. smut Mm. Oi.rlrn J..hnnt>a; 5A1) ynny O>*pany, '
I I Mm. T.ll. Culbrrt .111 h by
narrate. the event stitch
h" Girl slit ft-ature the Ml**.." CHEROKEE
Janlcr Akery Leitltrmllry. .

Larlrlta Oalrlt,
Adrlanais UrParlla sad. l FURNITURE INC.
Vickie HrrlTi a* nuvati
, xlelii.Officer. U ,
j and "ftberanf b I
f the ppananrint .,...,.
l atviJatlr. M500,000"

taltot, preal- '
deal; Pay Mtrrlt" vice STOCK
P ret Id*Hi : Cheryl ftlbert. r
tecretary. Aatatfrtell.
n.nhl..f,. REDUCTION

tarp; Muritl) Tho ptoa, !
treaaurtr; Maila Otdtr PRICK SALE

ood, ,.,oUu. Llttt
Lists. and Jaalc tvalty, IjI I Open Til 9
bttltett ......ra; !..
kerta Visas, rarllaMt. t /1" V FridayWhite

,,I... Atrort Of',
klrlty Lee/e PltrdrtDttltrikltt Safin bedroom furniture, ) with o ,.." FAMOUS
aad Perils 6.ffcrmr dtco'o vt f,3tur, .CCAAL, BLUE: "
MlilltN.Mrt. YELLOW, end PINK (c'ot-Qftfl! unpt you r" atoll

C.M. Harrit, Mrt..C. choj( Irttantly wh.nw91 you wtlltf| IRAND r ii'l5s.
NOW! PEPSI HALFQUARTSNow '. '11.. ... .,.. A,
II I NIl art the "*h.,.. .

hiss P..I... IY IILItYiNO '. r
......... TWO BUCKS Y ;
'for thost who think young I

I win A M."wbeeYOy
eiewrota torm'"t ,
,.ornu._....a.c.aoss, .S voas ..PII-coLA H A.ACP.ins .
a"C,5..rl.CNN It'4 ...lac.a.t / eke FrWtm fit*' I ,
545,05* M .. '
It win ray bars : la

'\tt \t \tt'ttttt. s I. .natCtlltiUEM


IM CtlHEltut

1tt t...r rw lint it II

I. at..... .. 9..s. wan.

.. ..... .. ..! II wK

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na tat tt ali UHM
tilt t.i n* .tt. If

t'tN' .t.,. M t inns) _.....

VALUE ......1....*. ..I..... '

N' .... ..,....*I ....... DOUBLE DRESSER & MIRRORGTMIft

.*...., *r tirtlt'1..... .
,,...>.>.... UM it .(f. MATCHING fltCES

I FAIR tet ttt ..... ttr trtrktir srr .... t.Mr p.. ,n.n
M tvtlef ... Mob A[ ft*
bliss is ... ...... ILd Mew .NTSH c..r W II Jt
S6 9 0 0
-. ... traMUMM

'f't -- ..., 1111 fettr CMM .
tllt/f3t1/ .. ( nil anv

..r..n nfsetr9r stir >*x nu A* noTV.
rasa-. .....

tcretl_ ... w ....... \\ IIOI.LSAM I'HK I.S r.
.. ...... 0.-- sins ..

.... ...... .... .....
/Itt ....... Chi .

ICE fill. .-tY

: s m5 .. 14 .... RL



, Spring Project Plant Completed 17th, Anniversary Set Young Minister

= .-.. L&1 'II.. 7.L.. :. '7 ....- By Cental's Board 2 Will Feature

l r I ___ Usher Board 2 of Central )lit Born Service

r ,rf OH( Church, has lit Minister Levi Balth,
observance of Ita 17thautveraair forterly of tay oro...
The Junior Oiolr of Bethlehea Baptlet Church till program for Os. and preaeitly a
hold its rehearsal session Prldsy at 5': JO p.*. Hit !bI.d.,. April It at resident of Jackeonvllle .
Matron till I mt at 1:30: p... In the hose of Mr*. S ,. .. la the Church till deliver the

Aisle Brown, 764 Court .*. MM Alice Creech till > 'rlr,S .. rr 7 ,1 y; h x I I BditorltM. ssraoa Saturday April
,J. ,
hOlt... entertslnaent under the auspices of the r rt I The pro ,,,. till include U at 8 p... la firstBorn
Junior District Saturday at 6 p... at her 1110 : Teswl, S25 .. Monroe
Medlo St. residence. Processional choirs St. Cider A. Rill,
aDd ub.,.; selection, paator.Dodleatlu.
................... aervlng choir; prayer, hlMaelf to
sill Davis: icrlpture

Choir I of Pint Nt Won Baptist Chare ttl rohear. Rev.. Sanford with; *.-
.. Prlday at 1:10: p... District 4 1* Pith t 1 r lectloa, St. '181' *
Mia of dlnnars beginninget13 Vela gospel chorus; Introdoctloa -

Saturday la the hoaa of Mra. Mary .till* ,1 of aarrator,
Court'. District I' T.. la scheduled" at w n. Myrtle Sbootea:
Sunday In the church. narrator, Mrs I.D. MeLeod -
..leo.., Mra.
.................. Ernest C. tatt.Reaponae .
Mra Iraa L.
Oinlr 1 of First Tlnthy Baptist Charon Mathls; solo Clarence

fist. dinner Prldny at 4 p.... at the her Si : Polder; reading, Mra.
Th...1.! a *llllw, U4S '. 77th At. A tea till also Mary Leavy; offering
tin prewontod "Sunday! at 4 p... by the (rot* la the, To. Kelaon and A. Scott;
how of Mr. Hare Nnultrla, 118S I. SOU fit. Ma remarks Advisor Mr*, Miiasm' SMITH
trlet: till sect tlth the pestor.Rev. R.L. Aitth I. L. Barnett; Introduction the alnlstry at an early
II1Inll" follotln earning tnrshlp. PROGRAM 11N0P MAT At (tt recent ...UII held M.newond, Ura. IbelM Hover, refreahMenta chairMan of ...IIer.. Mr*. ago, the youth clercawi
tlth I,.. Annie 0. Jones, 2161 Collate Circle, ; Btandloc fro left: Mrs Loaiae Baker, Mra. A. R. Lewis; announce baa ton for blMself
...................... I "Hoath, The Las Bonlte 0.... %>elal and Savings Annie t Jones, treasurer; I,.. Patella line Mra. Menta, Mra. Julia Long- hundreds of spiritual
Club coipleted plane for the nit of dID..,. Bettye Ovens, secretary; Mra. Juanlta B. Mathla, to rtb.Reaarks. followers through'his
ftc,, ,papas. J. Irahiss, pastor of Mt. Ararat Rap scheduled fir Saturday, April II from U a... president, I,.. Ida Holconb, vice president; Mra. President dynaMle and forceful
list Hiurch, till bo tho wpeaker during the 11th until at Mra. Mathla' Oust House, 1205
I JeaalePurdy, reporter, and .,*.Clth.r", 'Tucker' Philip Albakk Serviagboard a tone r.
*nnlvi>rry oI.s wince of the .rothriood) of Cltl- Houston At. ...11.,. seated fro left are: I,.. principal secretary Mra. Dorothy Thoaklaa (not Usher ;Board of The observance ia
t,,ns r.JuItlulld" April 20th at ) p".. la the 2.0 Katharine Ratcl Iff, twain.. manager; I,.. 171..- shown), ha neat regular meting till be held First Corinth Baptist being conducted under

Y.srtb Cnnler 28U und Chain Btront tine Murphy, critic, I,.. Nadine Tlaaon, I,.. "Sunday, April 12 at 6 p... with Nra. Ida Holooab guest board, Drier Board: the sponsorship of .'
Annie lank, linking fund treaaurer; I,.. Ouaale
........................ 1734 university At. Royal Art Studio Photo 2 of Zion Hop Baptist Sister Rosetta Cohenin
Cburch, closing marks the current church

Tim QiwirKn A. Price Club .111 titan a Pretty Hat Bryant Academy PU Service Awards Celebrants and benediction Rev. .. fund drive
Tug "numbiy at 4 p... In the Yuuth Tenter, 20th and C, Planigan, boat paa The public la Invited
(lies, IIl11. Prorun participant till Include Mr*. Schedules BanquetThe to share In the apt ritual -

MuKHlx Aaron, Mis Barbara Clayton, Mr.. CarrieOonlun Bryant AcaiteMy tor.Gores Showered observance.
Mr*. "tin: Brook, Mm. Ow n P.T.A.tlll hold It's
(nual >
MU PhylU l.vy, Miss Brenda llury, Ml.* Violet ) Banquet on April With Messages,

Tayliir, Mm. Liicllo Duwkln, Mr*. 'Junl talker, II, at 7:30: "..". In the Gifts At Fla. A & M UPSET SKIN
Mr*. CliurlvM Jonn. Mr*. rvelyn Kdward, Mr..
l.oulMu Hargrove, Mr*. Theresa P. ponald, Mr*. school cafetorluM. Thethtwe TALLAHASSEE Blnceedneaday a_..w.sw Mr .. am .. ..
of the occmlonla April 1. a -, .mdMMM./....._1.
Clara Kilth, Mr*. Julia Turner. ,. --,_
"BrlrtKlnn the niqihetteon / steady .tr... ,of ,lifts o..._ ray MMMSS.M5.NM .
..._ ....... ., .
...................... the School and and congratulatory seas M...... ..._IM.H...M-/N-.
the Co..unlty.," The ,.,..... M..... ...... MN ...,
have been asking
sages N .M.1 M..5?
I nlill, r t of Abyssinia Bui'llt Church till I present participant are: their way to the office -..." .-MMaMt....5..M.ML..4- w. M ...
a Pretty Mat T"II t of Mr*. Msl'lv'' Mall, 2M3 fhiMlt Ht. Rev. Annette Bridge; guest Jr. president of _t/N..M.-- .h...lW.... -
I Joe TriMMM, .r,,.' Mlnxcll Clark Mr*. Annie Bell soloists. Mrs, illlle Florida SAM University.To Ml LOVELIER.._ M tot COMPLEXION

mil, Mr*. Hurturol trlnht, Mr*. llnlrn Pclli, Sessions. Mrs. Ilia start off the dsy M..'ie tea raeTieneHMM .
MIM Untie Price, tr*. Vera Nil, Mr*. Gladys Phil. Moto and Mrs. Mllilred that ..rll.d..th beginning ,. "u.M$44... 4444 h.w.MICMM 5..44 r.W M-M.atart. .
I Him, Mr*. hmnl 111I.1.> | Mr*. Sadie Clbunn, Mr*. rhatnan; occutlon, Mr.. E' of his iSth I MT. IMIMtlMN,._.._.._
1I''IItorlalohl'',, reading, .MM M- ..-.....-.... tea,
/ Miwlit raitc, Mr*. Veronica Molotay.Mra.] Prance year at Florida AtM his MVI
Mr.. Barbara" Rums Mi 544d- I. 5.w M .
tiltchurf, and Mr*. .Mdro| l NrKnlitht till teas staff preaented one -
Peck Highs coMho till I 1r :. == :-.= :=
lure prusra aetivil's.1r dozen Aaerlcan Beautyroae 44 M 4415451 .1M
furnish the Mualc. ,- .
at -
to the univsrsity's I..LrNV
..................... I The peaker *| U 'be president, -.....--...... j
Mr*. filftH' 1'hustna ,
'....IIIIIc..L.fl': / Mt (...* of th.nprrshylejlan to''I ..i........ Iaatz4eter at,, u.j. tI
+ aim's or""lutt""f$ annuaurdl that. MI ...Mpdlnnrr Ie Peck n(** RCiool) .. The< -
till 'h' served gundny at toodlam Un lie.lPriliyti ,11".1 l puhllo la 'la- ,Sell 'lc d CehteJt'
>rlan Church: follvelnn iKtrnlaK *,rhlp. vlted.Dyval I
f ,, ,

L MyrtJ, .=. Gild A >mi Fh*" f L ,..t:1:

************************** ;;;:;; -
-- -

County Neids REDS U. 35 . .
BEACH WHITNING .., )tL. 39c i
MmIIMSIIfMP oua.iwwr'r: llien' K" U. 19c

BOB HARRIS ueei iNaiM* u. n.to
i' ... lACK SEA t lASS u. &

IOUl.tilS8t --
Covtty CowRlssrOBorIktrkt lj -rwe." ...-... III "r' mm ..=:IL 1.11
CITATION BOtraun-: for eswplarly service and devotion to duty, ptraoaell
of Jai rilirl Health and Life laauraac till be cited durlai aoralai service FHCUB ia. SIJ5 $4M59E. S9eOUIlUiS ..
1 r Sunday la Bethel "' Inatltatioaal church. Rev Robert R. Silica, pastor, :c.it. '
till *ta a II.,.ar service pi* o* J.T. Utrtace, Manager (seated aecoad fro _c ...n...
Young Aggressive leftMl: Cllltlcbl,. Randall aaalataat Manager Mra. Rachel Moatgoaery, calla u 7 79c mam u. He.MULLET
ler, and Bra. .. SiMaoaa, debit Maaaier, all receiving 10 year ,III. Other Rot
peraoanel MM till be U att_fence are Mr*. M.I Cottrell, Mra .... 14w1J'd1. IBDIv* ELLtT .SI lIlT I 1. *
AI.rt. Vigorous lAd Mra.
Duval Needs a Man DIP ftIIDOM N vow uruni WON Woodlava u sal,4 ... sscl I ....IMMa_ =..:t He

C U. S. SAVIMS IGNIS PrtjlfyleriCkirck STANDARD OYSTERS V4 ft. 60c Pt. $1.15'Ut

to continue working w C Notes

C 6,1S. PCAXflON 8R.
C (for More Primary C The Called Presbyterian sTOttf Names SPeci Pltrcllese I IDORMEY

C toaea'a Orgtttiatloa laapoaaorlag
; And Secondary Roads ( 'k a rellotahlp > R
dliair .....,. after
BOB HARRIS 110 rail I tonhlp service.Mrs. .
; More Improvements CC CC tllea M. ."...

COUNTYCOMMISSIONER prat dent of the orgaal 11't
r School Sidewalks atlaa la aaklag all
C ,'1 .....,. *f this iroapU
Recreational Sites C see, ttth her BMiday.le .
C .4UUIy after chard)

DISTRICT 1 aervlee, All ,tr.... waleaasw
Boat Launching Sites C aelllag tleketa far O015

C these c...,. are aaaed (Vpt
C to asks their report
As C..sltI.r.
C ..**, after ckarth.Caarch .
fcbe*! heglaa
lob Mink HM Worked To: C a t t.. II .... oltaperliteadeat 10 .'.-bay, ,a".wwlpe
....,,. .......a,.
C .. ... ..... .. ...
T V, M +
.. .......... ....
C Beger la charge. noraiai _.....r..5rr
Resurface 160 miles of' streets C 4 .* .anal* service

...... .t if: II a,. ..
tlth MAe 11.11".. of
and roads from 1961 to 1963 C ...1.. aM th* ,......

C KIN KNMNT cleaal .art*.

kts. ; fra .m .u m ..., 21 lilts C C -1m..a You To tlttm To"DANCE U tat. Ta teat.*greet choir till sad w.Diamonds .r

slot tub sra Pre4 ..
tI tM1 fit *4wrTrCtistncl i*
C art ...,. a4 .*...
lea till sett ,1s..
( ate
"n Pork kr Nudicwri CkilttH PARTY"'IN d .... .......", 1Ut-
prarer aervtt 41-

( I1H: '.. 12.NSfrtHlH : Petted ht liter .1.1
Ilk R..... fHb fer ItMII ( *rt.r .. ..... BjrUath

C I ,... 'HI It I... ...,.... ......,. .
tJ.a...* .4 sswteea.rR.trs .
Mid ..,. Ye.t .
( ..II NRwrss atS
t .y. .. . .v..v. . 14M WISK 1401 ..


I J I I -r i.-,.,

SHIIMI mil n, UU flillli STAR MHKmmnmmm 'U 5I

I Concert Group Completes Final Rehearsal Session I
.. n_ ._ .. .._ __
NIR 1 _



,. f a

$ t I e t v + r .

\ 7

I ;4- :



j 1j 1

----....---.. ........ -----:::;; .' .,w ../Mk w--- _.._r.'_ ,_. ">r-- -_. -._'-_ _
Tim nARNhLL-rooiUAl. Junior HIKh sclnml Ruml .111 bo i presented la concert on Prldw Prtl, 10 at std effect) till she be & klchllcht.
8:00: |I'... in the I.I lllr Tlii-airr fir tile Jitrkwtnvlllt elf Auditorial: Hr.. %>nm Iblt", director, Tile concliidliti selection T.ter Sctuwll"" by f. Van weber\ .rrM|. IIIIIN1111N1. Sln*lrtiry, cUrlnH: section l leader Mil Bmtl. CkptU. I
Oiii> of lh> 'lIlllr..IIIII.'IllIn.. .UI IMI "A '"xurt pratlvil" cuniilliM wed .rrunitpJ 'by CUIr I. John .
The Tru p.t Trio till b festered l "Tru p ti Hid" *t the Rand Concert It the Little tflutrt
HI.,. Clair Jolinmm IIHM nvlrctril port l.rae fir four rivreMiiutUv Ki/urt cuimiMltlun and tau car. .
of the rule .
Auditorial on April 10 t 0:00: p.
fully tranxrrllM'il dim fur 'hu prwnl slug rUlIC"e" b-uiil. rtmt '"'U"III the Allrrru tine the Pl,, 6rSinriTlo
Aololiu .re: Alfred raters, a ....Ior tru.|).t player aim hM ifcm M tictllMt/ job I is UI,.. ,UrI
( Nit. n. olilib Irish to I hiiin| >nlnii section .11 the rrnmdi "..In.| Kit-Ill <.UchUulk."
of itudy. Ht else tmt ilia co-captatn l of the bond. Robert lllion, a junior trumpet player *w *tri .
.TI'" tullo.s( DIM InllrU" "Av VITIM." The lisle) 11'1" the Flrt Mnvraitit the XyvlKmy No.
". us * 41 (Jii|>ltrr> brlses" the| lit-tlmi tn u uli-hllc! and el.'.uiit ninrlimlim.
'So.ln NittlmiN are i'liv s-.t| |., H..IHTI lllwMi, Mfn-il, tutor, 11.11 Hi.lmt, J.'tI "lest, CmrlU Hull tea, able pro,,... I la tto )..,. of study. "Tnitptti Hid" ... rlltm by Harold -litera end adapted
I niwii-r "" 11I11. tarn-n ""11t... lU-ni.inl Riwi' '1. Frr J Rclull mill' filtmi Lee, fro Robert *rliu *nn, ". ... students till bt fttturtd U other atltctlona. Trktts i",y tit purchased
('cc rllllr"rl".h T>1<. M-, n lirllllunt arch In then *Uini IJlun hj frlr Oster)list (11.1111 a pyraTPr1F fr. any ..her! of Lice Rand rar..nts* Club or at the BctMiol, (Photo by tatrmn)

: Tour help liilUMiliiH Released From Hospital \ lesser NuKldsK1'wt yaw. : ......", __, Committee Launches Plans Annual Date Set
e...h lI.h, ......, Ihww ,
JclB the Te"1 CMMCLtlia U. (RprcUI-.Fonifr) Crumbliest cult
Italy ihvm" I. four lmtk yae.lar.uus | IirtOrr tilt Nortkttnttrn TUmt "ffcot roBiltl muU."' Annual Orall"t NOM.. ria..', sill) bt
l A c I'r.erns (TW) f this Coach *... Corner an old timer ho hid "kU teams I ......1.or iltrttlM.TWf II I
U kom u It oiitllRtd the "rli>yt acts to brrttraUd bell ktrt en Mturdw, preMhtr. I. The florid MIlUn..I.
1114 Marl'hl of ma?* *t"Mrulll""ii torn resort In the Ul tnenllesh.a he l| Ike pbsull.bsrr mhl lUtnM-t
returned to hU desk a. toll h.. tuhtr.r sft.r.prneltna UliKMH l ttTIIK wSlKKfiusiness U the r'(Mlty phe. 01 April 20 U the ., R.ttlcr..Ill .U pitted ...1.l .ttyit*
Find I M>ii In 'lIt.oII IIo""U.I. .h.-I.A.A.nr will h.lp hi.' ,... sis MI ihrarn1 school esf.toris.. to-b..II.... oplmnst.s .

'; .....strength the __I "_ Di ire ctO.ty I
,. ,
for your ;[
The Firms Listed Below Are '
Recommended As Reputable

WorshipTHIS Establishments Specializing
WEEK Services and Products -SUER


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5.011 sly ............. e-. FLA.
rim: (L 4 1S7I Pao' '"0'0 s 'leo Plus. : El MI3I U. S. GOODCHUCK GRADE "A" FRESH


The CosBty Comrission Needs nun I11113MA1 M. run

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: Re-elect A i i us sad .......IIMPliii ROAST
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:' : District 5 hiss ItH m BIi

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plop, "..eu e n. dl.tfel

Servant 1111 ,_ Mli 15 6 LB. BAG 15 I ::

(ttl-, : .Dfgnified.R'tpected c iclrt.r fl.tcttr: worm A 4fl f.(l.RKwH....!1.. Stud t. 411 1'1. M .... (!IN w Hfl .IN! xNr Lid S is. ... S.N ir md, ltd ttdstN.

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itll.rass. c nt. S. COOl RED STEAK t/ 5'$
Send it, SUti 5tH 1545 49 ........., "rap. Mr l.rtpIl ww PLATEMuroIINuisE

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..d Picnic Tales ,far SI.4o arts 1010111A'
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11th AME District Laymen's Officials Say Constitution Supports Elections Stand

Laymen's Officers AnnounceOrganization's St. Matthew Spring Musicale Celebrants Fashions ThemedBy

ChurchSunday ItHIJ ... Grant's Choir 3
Baptist I i- ak; Roo. r ; HH..U.I.U.
Official StandIn A & M Group
will Ie obeervas nod Anniversary Program
an oiclusivo article sent to the STAR this raaily Day. MvOeorie r ;
week, two top officials: of the Pleventh Eplaoopal) A. Price pastor, Final preparations are TALUHASSEK PTear's
AMP: District of the AMR Church, stated the Layacn's announced being completed by Choir Fashion Scope"
Orwinl ration' official stand regarding election of Activities will begin I of Grant Memorial Alt is the these of a student

officer according 13 tU constitution: with Sunday School at Church for observance fashion show were
wlah to take thin Method to Inform the mem- situ children of Us 60th Anniversary scheduled for Cednesdayevening
9:30: a I. <<: '
horn of the Heventh: Episcopal District of the having been reanetted i :r 2 2i' scheduled for Monday, April S, by
A.M.S1.: Church that the constitution of the Lsymen's to brim their parent April 20th at 7:35: pin ... students M,. clothing and
Omunimton pmilfa s systematic method for the will attend elaiaeaunder the church ..udlto tutU classes in.the

election of its orficnn, including the president the aupertlaloa rln. Department o f lose Eco-
and l vice! prnslilwit."ArairdlnK of Deacon Ronald John :; Mrs. Alma IllllaM is aoaics at Florida A&M
to the constitution of the L..en'lI' eon, auperlntendent ;; general chain and is University
11: OriutnlMtlon.PotU N.rM .o and Prince At 10: 45, Cbnaecratloa being assisted by Miss Two showings of sab-
,d J. McIntosh Sr. were cli ees.d Au the will he conducted foi Ella 511pllOII,co ehajr- ions were held in the
I laymen of the rtovrnth: tylacopal Ma- choirs and uihera choli man Hose Economics Lounge,
(I trict at the Annual mooting held In 2 and Usher Board 2 will -) Already assigned to appear Perry-Paige Building on
IftOO to till office of president anti serve during the two on the proirm are: the PAMU caapna. The
/ feuppctlvely, for a Miss Aretha Johnson
vice president ajar services The pastor first showing was at
tin of 4 yonrit." Our tor of office will deliver tht Mrs. Yvonne talker 6:45: p. 5. and the
j will not expire until the annual Beet morning worship aeraon t / t wllkersoi, Harry L. second at 7:25 p...
'1117. 'Int which will Iw hold In July, 1904. t; + ;i Mumin Marie B. Mitchell The student. represented
'Therefaru, *n aru Indwd happy to reimsur our SUNDAY 8 MFTTIN08 Mrs Marilyn classes under
111ft' friend Ihroiinlmut tho district,*** Inquired, District S will awe Burns, Maxine lllllaas, the supervision of Dr.
liy" 1iliiilwno and tnliNtrnsm relative "1' 41 at 4 p.*. In" the boas and Mrs. Priscilla ill- C.H Kitties and Mrs.

'In till action, taken liy Bishop III* r' A of Mrs. Hattie Robert.,: : son Maslne Owens of the I Departsent -
HIM, rrniiklln. null, tliut mt Intend! Uikiii 1r I' 1582 *. :"?nd Street iL professor Carter C. of HOBO'Economics
> our onnllMimt: l tlpvinlh: Fjoiscopalstrictm- April 19th In the hoof .. aster of ccreoniea
lirarlnn! the xritul state of FJorl'Ita' Mrs jsnle talker
tut,I lint ftiihiwu IIIJIIIII"11" shall nerve 3061 w. 45th Street
In our official rapacity. until MUCH tuner Board 1 will meet BUY TODAY!

tliai' UN Inn l.nll'n'lIlr"Mnhlatllln C NTltWI Immediately fullowlniornlag t', ., 1' rr .
1111"IN inir wirriMMor. service :
''Be further affirm that according: to the lay District 7 will present : ., .. THDS CAR
HI'M ninul' Ifiition, nu Imllvilual liirludinii n pri1- the I Din student
frna St. AuIll.tln.81ntt. -, PROGRAM K'ADIQ Ju HI tens. Specials a youthful draaatlc-goipel I
stillest! niMlmp of, the 4.M ". Oiurih lien the nu* croup
.,, April nth st 3 will stage their annual Bprlng Muslcale-.Tea Sunday. beginning at 4
Iliorlly l'i mipiilnt a lavmui 'h> nn office In the p. P.I. at the
I....' Oruunl/iitlon' whiii UM proccifcirt' for filling I In a pro,,... Comiunlty (Mouse on Acorn Et. Mrs. Llllle Mae Salth will serve ss Mistress of g is HOT. .
cercMonleji and Miss Cl me tine Klghtower" will be
muh mi nfflri IM priHcrllml by Constitutional The floral Club willf guest soloist Ctaminlty of
/..use.r s \} in charge of everlni s rleI.III..1I traders will present freezings and the public la invited Serving f
IIIall'd: : worship starting at of refrcHhnenta will hichllght the social Interlude. Miss Louisa livens la the '

Pel II N. Wilt 7:30: o'clock. The speaker group's president .J'

MM Willie Griffin, .
P.J. MilntoMh 'r. \
Services I is an ardent umber Tea Scheduled Barracks PreparesFor Mother Midway .' '
1 L )
viMIi:,IDA riK fn. AAII Mt. Salem Baptist worker polite nt'MUlst fthlloh Church Metro By Ml. Calvary Visitation AME ChurchTrustees t

I RAMV( Mr: Ainn LOUD Church News District 01 Top OfficialsBY rites will be
No. 1 tMrs.
lltolN. 'It!ll VO| (OHOMMJUITf,'
Ronular worship set Sunday Tea observed during dllJloDiIfn'I'
OrjMCini:,, rtcnwiHms, ftc Bernice Green will t 8. IIIVINO ER.Oattiay .
/ will with '
VICAN begin '' Sunday and all .. ;
I I H :3* SiMiHII Mrs. 11.0. Wright of bi the Barracks No .
p'nz StnviciLEO'S Kundsy flchool at ttO: : guest speaker when trustees. ushers class ::. -
the 12th Hour Prayer District :3111 and Its Auillisry
IIIIIllIrlntmrll'n&& 1 of Mt Calvary
"I., the leaders and Usher Board
SHOE IEMII linn(110. | will feature null, I lit Church are undergoing sit-out wI
In charge. presents 2 serving Rev. J...
I Sloe Ilillrilf, MurnlnR HITJen begins the ft'lrltua Tea AindayAirll a Quest Tea Sunday, preparations for celebration Jones pastor, announced IN I S!. ES...
u fro. 4 until 6 April :. frnaj 4 until sIs of Its first
... and nvrnlngNvrvlci
at II a The pastor la requesting
01 Aar| Kill nt 6 p.'. |<.1. In the hose of Mrs ,', In the home of Mr. anniversary alated torlIatud. that ill aeabtra
Thn public la ritnulfd A. Halsden, MM I. 10th and Mm.. Isiroc Johnson ..,. April 18 at' .set with{ bin PLYMOUTH-VALIANT.PllCtS START AT
at the
If fir liilussMS fttrtu :3 PI. In Joe H. James
ilf 401: I. 17th Street.PntgrsM .
a cordial lavltatlon to close of the u a...
Eel low ormnlutlonslunl Ciwaiinlty Center, Crun- $170700
highlights will
attend all services I It, service to organize for
Fliiih Ainu the public in he featured thai and 13th Streets .
are. by the following *
".q. '11I1I'rli.. IIIIlIfAr the annual Men'a Day ob + rtiui
I vlfH.4S .. / : Tee departmental of. TAX
Devotion/ Deacon Willie flrUla. and delegates aervanceDtR. C YOU CAN GET A HOT

Adams; Introduction! of fro unit throughout' OF fFRVlCt PLYMOUTH DEAL HERE:
ha1 RALPH N. WALTER ; narriitor. MrsMyrtls attendance. and a Sunday School begins at HUGHES CARSWCLL

lllloot,.; welcome, blanket Invitation to 9:30:: a... with S.C, 'Hart
Mrs. tlllle Mae Thossr; world Jar 1 veterans superintendent and Inatruetora Your Full Time Salesman
I c.Had the Faith of Tens response Mrs lies widow and dependents Is auptrvialsg.

Wright solo Mrs. Nsm being Issued. Morning service starts --Oi:2.ll! !

Hilton Wright; Introduction The anniversary pro' at 11 a.I. with the pastor
b..: of Thousands and of speaker, Mrs. grsa will have a twofold to deliver the sere

usle Mae Pierce purpose since its son Ivitilai. service and '!90wll'p4mottll
Also, solo Mrs Cas- will be tied I* with elsss leaders reports
He Did Not Fail Them! the Barracks' and Auil-
sandra Neat Jackaoa.; will be held jointly>> atpa .
reading, Master Clifford llary'a current aeaher- 9 1111 t.v -- t'"" 'we9' iew pHONIERYERSuJZS
.." ,4 hip drive now betas ....... ..... sri rinrourff nm 159.2014
NcCMik Introduction ..rUtlt. ; The public la alsayawelcoae BADE TODAY
I 1'11I uratpful for the hundreds of letters tree perM mm* wlM praise" .. for keeping the proalsea I aide raps benefit leglslstlaa
"II" I run anil they .1.cJH twit years tyro Ira, Henry Mabell Is now before OJIIar....
rograa director: Mrs Current members are

A rtM t an grsteful for the thousMnita of teleVhoa nits Alberta Johnson, district expected to coaplett
payment I of>> their 1914eabersnlp 130 CST
m! wen greet Inn*of thos* strangers OR the streets rr 'WIlt Macon Willie
*'ha krr proud of su for *y steadfast devotion>> to "Rulws, district leader dues before
April 18th 1124 W.
elf philosophy which leans w muck to Jscksonvllle'sfuture / BUYER

j r It Prvasurra In sty office du. to the equalisation pro- M
ttm rot
I stew and pressures of serklsg re-election keep I'It II seek The Best Doctor
? f"'lII respondtsg properly to 111 friends sad sup.porters. Ikea. Your Doctor Prescribe
Bet liperiejicad PbaraaeistaAccordia PtA. GRADE Alt
It | to Your Doctors

The Tan Assessor of Dual Couaty holds Us fats of Dr. C.I. HsehProtrletar Orders. We CM Only The Best
It "now* owaers.' SMALL and LARGE U bis hands. MMe Quality I Drags

ran cases the foreclosures so profitable to>> the
It 'r....,. i 3 RSMSTIMD PHARMACISTS 'TO saw TOO .

The sanslosed, the aged, the retirees, the si/dot a Cosset lea A .eO"LITI1111 Rtbaer Boodt CudlM' OP. SudrieaPltSCRIPTIOM SMOKED PICNICS 29''
aid others OR filed houses, will ALL keep their CALLED POR AND CHltniO -
I homes, provided too tag strict a re does not wreck i

It Uisn.Youag. 0 Lilly's Drug Store HEAIQIAITEIS FOR TillEY PARTS

It sealed eoaples, straggllsg to bay a hove, PRESN PttoLlvo 0RADE'A'I

tear t fully IR the fats of MMtisg Istlstlos. .. Ull IIIIS Illl .
(I J 1271
J It Ill bo raised by R tai program that falls to l.- DRUMSTICKS I 00
dado coaslotratUa .
of their prsklea .

It P10214 GLADE 4 lit
Ivstssss, seeking to heals IR a favorable tat 51

If chaste, sill Mt seas to oval eo." sad ,rol.. .
sari Jobs U tines oo aatatroved laaoa Uoy will !

e4 are ....., them they _are U other I,.... .
t' rttSM noun
I Jolt M pray era with ywiro that ...U.. byaterla __
dtstsrtlst of task alii Rot prtvlal IR
r It the.. boars of doubt a*4 oM........ a 19 1

I bate Mt wavered My filth U yew IR oo great
oo veers ban toe. U .*. Twetbeea'e til MI fall.MRtortly .
TAILS 229"

I II You Will N..., I Be RHPl
s t w.. Viia teEe. As A 11.111..t hs.rEr.II NECKS M00FKSH

M New



630 DAVIS ST. at BetvtP1IU


fllllll HHI M Hi BMH HJf || wn n CIIIIIl 4

_L' .- -" 't1t.1. 1 -4" ... ""L. J' .....-...-....,.. ..c.t.. ... I' -: _.- "" _" ..... ._ __. ,,_ ......."' .,...........


mil 11, 19(4 fLllllA STAB PIPERS nn 7

Churchman Expresses Community Support Pays-Off Reopening Of Vi.-::- Miss, Legislature Pastor 99 WeTs, .

Dismay Over Civil Schools Sought Pisses law To Minister 56

ASHINQTON' The National DETROIT (AN' ') -+ 'J'IoLouhlanabo
Rights Bill Apathy
Association for Curb Picketing nI liistem
HASIINGTOM (ANP) the Advancement of of the Universal Natotk

One of the Nation' e Colored People has In'lJf.MIa.-n. Mlilaalppl *- Temple, becane man and
lending churchmen tl- i agile asked the United state Leila' wife in CI ,..01111. performed .

pressed dliinay at the States Supreme Court to lature haa passed ".11 by n fellow-

uppriftltlon, he haa encountering order the re-openU of enenency bU I"intended sinister here last. a-eel,
from within public schools in Prince to curb civil rights activity tad the results In m

him own church toward Rdvard County, VI.. on throughout the restatement the ,lit'
the Church cunpaiwi an integrated baa is, state. proverb you1 re never
to enlist I support forth Arcuint the case before The Plate !Senate unan- to old. etc.

v pending civil ti t- the high court her re laously pissed, as did The groom. the Rev.
rights hll 1. '. cently. NAACP General the. House, an 'act.o Joel C. Illllaa It 99

Or. Ben Xohr Hertmter, Counsel Robert L. Carter prohibit. unlawful plekit- years old and this la
of New York City. pre said the tlae had leg of state buildings his fourth aarriate

H | dent of the United a cone to end the I1-year courthouses, public The bride Is S6, and
Church of rhrUt. led old school suit by reQulrlnt streets and tldevalka" itt her third venture
ore than ono hundred tilt opening ort on April a.I Into matrimony

ministers, officinU NKWINC: GOAL Having reached Ut US.000 mark announe.... At left is the roofed picnic area, with h public tchooln in

and lay people of his thin week with but $3,000 remaining to be obtainedon the a lan and tennia courts receiving active it' that county which have Open Evenings: Til 9.00 P.M.

Church In visits. on its current .ttllhfrllhlp..I..ID. pool drive, the tention. Harirtve stated that the all-out drive been closed for nearly
Capital Hill to buttonhole James If 1 don Johnson Brunch rICA launched its improving will be couplet in the near future five years in order to R. S. EVANS

Senators in nup|>ort program by moving in equipment this eek, 1 Royal Art Studio Photo avert courtordereddesegregation.
of the bill. ThwmH lUrmve! Jr., the Y* s Executive: Secretary, He asked
Jirkwnvllle'a! Most Recommended Dealer"
Rut in a uneven before for an order to reopen

one if the missions of the schools by Septe- 3RD & MAIN
Woman RetiresAs Vets' Fact Sheet
bIN Church which net. Runs Noted Chemist Dr. Percy Julian her, 1"114.

last murk in HashlnKbin. Now On Sale The AMT chief counsel I rl Your OLD CAR MAke the Down Payment

Dr. llcrtmtcr
"I thought i knew since tit! 1984 edition of VA schools ms unconstitutional B? Austin H t y$2395
of the iii'i'oaitlon w., Mississippi To Devote Entire Tine To ResearchOAK Fact Sheet IS-I. nonsuch as they M1N t1M'1..1'4M 11.1y
would encounter federal Benefits forVetersa w" ordered closed 1\ BMW .--
nameof EidLSi'tEZaARXSIMLR FlRX. III.--(A.iP-J> Percy L. Julian in* Bclvd :
the unriMkwin.ihlini-Hii r. andlkpc'ndenta"Is solely na a device to 63 Ply. . . $1995
of thiiMi who do not rent. Hi...-Th. tcrnatlonally fa oui chemist closed one chapterand now on sale tt the evade the desegregation wet metetnc., sass tnatiMi. MIV !. m
to rive racial Justice first Necro! woman to run opened another in hia llluatroua. career last U.S./ ttvernacnt Printing decree
63 Pont. Bonneville
fur week ,lien he reltred aa president. of the JullanLaboratorles $2995
CnnKress fro
hut I hud nn rmcrptloni : MlicMuMppl Office In laahlntton, D. The Constitution, hi '
eio'ec sta anvmiaTin. II. M\' aM M
told i ea.- Inc., in Franklin Park III? and C. said, sight not. requirethe
the depth of
bigotry prejudice. un- pilKR ncetinxhere tonight Laboratories Julian fw .....co. to devote Mi full This booklet lists ill' states to establish 63 Ford FL. v-a. . $1795

lirulhiTl. I In.'1111. hatred he anted to "..'0 tine and energies to research. ................... anion benefits avsllshle public education. ihce- s.itmam.n.
to IlIIIblnlltlln to right to U.S. veterans, once undertaken, 64 CheSS Sports $2995
:tml 111 .lll that nlHUItliln. Tie mnounc mt of his deal' of blindness. ea ever .
th"> hearts ofIMI the wronaa" done N f- Plain elltlblllty re- thin service cannot be riwTW< S.M retirement aa head of Dr. Julian baa also
grows 'goy the incumbent", qui rf'lrnt. for veteran. abandoned In one area
i1 III'.. even within the the two manufacturing houn active In civic and B3 Oiov. Imp. Convert. $2595
II '<' if the united 2ml Congressional nin firms liearlnc. hia name civil rights effort and or their dependents and of the stile. thlle It t nrivrv tan inrt a .t.emir,

("hunt nf Phrlitt." treat Cnnrrfiixiiui. Retire* was side by the. Kalth. once loHhoil out at. "op- describes the nature of is continued elsewhere 63 Ford XL Coupe $2495
MTititlro male WilttrnDKliw. the benefits and there In the state, lit: contended .
asked Mm
lie : canpiiipli Kline A French Lahora- patently .tll-s.aninipoople" .."Naatir N.Nwismuts
( ) application should beade .
mini count themselves lories of Philadelphia who rely solely
IIhllllllllrl'l' first. 60 Chov. V.a Imp. $1395
l l'ullll'I'rll of of which the ..11111.11L.hllratorlu on education tij solve Joining with Mr. Carter .
Neuro roman candidate A single be In srueftt is t time ate* tmnMttie am nfvs
copy say
Ji-hui ttirlxt hiiixir such
: were nubHlillsrlP racist proble. But he
for Congress told the purchased fro the friend of the court gas 62FordF.L
lilt It'rn'1I1I .
*. s lth. Kline has not escni'ed controverny. .
Th. ffimiiiim leu'ler- rally her platform ran ft French pu relumed the printing office for 15cents. V. ". "ullcltor OenernlArchibald liwmi M Men*, a sau ,,. .,. i

link alit, of thffact" uchl, .vU< "JUBtlfe to- Julian laboratories in The irsndson of anAlshufti Criminations or Coi who tired 59 Olds! 2-Dr. H'top $1095
cIa for all MUnlniiIpplWIM. .
Indlviduils the cloalm orII.
that hi M ChuVrh Franklin. Park tail, Meilco "' ) .Ia...f'r. Jiil 1 hit desiring *> _*> __-
Ci-nrrul hud, vnltil I copies In quantity say school an "eiperlaentIn
Synod March 22, 181. for 63, us born In Mont-
Km. Finnic'ash 'lluner. :, ,It
t.ln discount rates, Ignorance
at UK Mrnnlul mochas I $:, 3311. 000 In cash but m>-M ry. Ala, 01 April
IT, c.t'Rulewllle, imull-
111II I I JulY bi iwtulillxJi n kept Dr. Julltn an their il. 1N>. He .aa graduated -
fI..111I run la the June
I'culled' fhiir'ili nl Christ. president I The Julian with the A. I. de- '
2 MlmtlNttlppI Demo'Am
ciwi'iilgn lot RIA"'IJIIII' rims produce steroid tree and Phi Beta KnrPa r
t Ire :3"cw. anti ..inr ''H<:na1't.U'l"'t.'I: t'1rsp.igll
Dim. N!.' srowth and In "*20. and In
; .." .tI lilt slice nIl UU en
Christ h.u nillHtiil' itself drugs used in treatseatuf 121 received the _.11. ,
In this great arthritis and other degree fro Harvard University / 1 I GREEN BEANS
to her. "lit said she
'nii> rirlNi| > fir the Imil Urn (I red fro Jobs' inn_atur, diseases He received hiaPh. [Ii ,
till nil t coos 11u'. rl' can I" ism i.mlkc'ctier cull Kliurernilier In 1949. chile he MSdirector .ft. fro the University I III TREED
no turn Inn liuik." liivauKO nil' trust. | of research tar of Vienna. A atria.
'n-wuil critlfirm- the Ollddcn CouponIB In In I. SPICIALS GOOD
Ik <
titj'riflrf .t.j. r'iv.\ J RIGMT$ Ir VKtNjn P
tion rti-r thrlfal: 'Wuit'l I:::dime rag ul gored Ul reiilii. Chicago he wag Inter USlaVIr) THROUGH/ SATURDAY, ci

'litciil i-tiuri'lH-K'hjil: tail tcr In Indlanola (Runflui national acclaim then Bonks Hire ittlED tlEAR
r tI"l ul '.1! H talc) HflV >r County home of he d"w loped a curt I none ..- CIISCI
: >. (K)0 mi fur l'i the diealcal co ound called ..." m1A11
Hi-nutur lout 0. Rant-. 75 NegroesUT.
t'ui>ili.n. In the past luiiiltln I .,.t1..hf'f. 1991. CoajHUMd 'J, a rare drug : SHORTENING .::1."""
thri'f untun, he until used in the successful! .
101\00 1 I he d.uaa.lna:,., .' C. "4 treatment of arthritis. LOU IK. .Ho. The s\\ "1 I R'$3.00 S fT PEAS
;,,,",.;. "II!)::;;: .\: iJTinrJ ibi ewer, deveiopla Uecertlaoa Jefferson lank t Trust SE, y want rc.a o.am riucii iimuinttiv
Co. hired five NegroesMatch
coslscaiiblarcc .
.huyr. uffic/a11y,.. tie- ..w ......1 a ....,....1 ....! ilk''cisn r." drug I* but 10, thus _dill a gt3Ot', SURE RIPEJ MIX
'r'rLh..h. opento w rk oil.... '. .lii. 1"1...... ems of nr. Julias' It. Louis COU pinple, uf all rlll'.-... IfI ,f ci kt viii y.'srIV.. I.e major IICC'IIIIrlbh..h' narked by .....'.d. of X OR
.",'I'llI' ninth* h..w. nut I I ship .11, ml.'ai.d ...salt .1r He la also noted for arrests of sosiiolestd.cosststorm PEACHES "
;. ". -t d sob /1 w.mJ.llp 11 II MATCH
Imn wit iw'lIt rncnurtiitf his previous '
.. discovery lailde and
.. ...1101 aueu, :ce p.cm.hqNbLLfY
wc'N/ idticel. of a way to syntheslM outside the bank sad the RITENERSNET'R

: the stale and feailehorennM aeatenclai of II of the \
S' which eaaliled trap's leaders fro (0 4 I "i SI "' $1 11J
ph-rlans to '..1'10't. day to a year in jail. I ;
BARBECUE ... ..b lance to protectall The uneasily. lost Briansterse SUGAR Sill Cu purr, I

eipeetant IIOtlle,. were for ntept .
llltECBtlCIICREN ..".fIO ..
fro loss of their un. If tn tsjuactlM lowed 5 II. 49 west Oft .-0.
[ IECFJUCll bare bshles thronhsr last Asisst by Kate
t- ; ntaeo s abortles. Circa 11 Jedie llckatlftcott. RAT
II_ PHI This "....... jt by D,. The IIOOU .lead- llaett .1 4e1 "/''.00

PUT 'IJISCIIU.UltlT.S Julian also aided lathe ere were II jail fre '

rtrerlaeata treat January II Mtll' Card

( .. eat ef cancer.iMrlag 2 whim t 'U..-,.... 'en'peelCHUCKROAST
HcurrHi. 4 ferld lar It.Or. peel .f the v.$. Clr-

1 2tl. St., MiierliIi. I. .l .. also developed emit Court .f Appeals.
I cneelrtl feua freed tie aedlt ae-
1.MntU 1 know a* >... peal ef their ka aaeerest
which earn need t* erltt. tkln

1171 lint N. 1si+t .cae, ....11.. .d ell haste, five ef them were
fires !. crack landiaftand bad M Ue alcfeet line
.... eaa Isetrs- In treat .f the bait.fkea 394III

...... In ...11. the PreeitMt Jokaeo* I,.
llv. ef ........ .fInerKaa ease bert ea tuna?,
airmen aadsailers 14 fer Ue tltr't J0 oth

ssd ems, ef MrartlilrM.JJSt naleeraarf taletralle*.
aamt this i 4 M.lMlt. Oust tlctetsfrvteeted.
tlee be ala '...1.... /

a eratbeslied drat It tie ...11. ef Uetasvaln. IN/ UII III
c a11N $" s.eetlseIa., ..,* tie Yletreee
I ..d eateneltely .. ..*.rel )... tt ROAST ROASTRAtt
the U....., .f liesteas ether it. &" .1. balt

am eye disease Jet Ue Jeffer"e. Mss
'.*..*alble rer I treat ,.*. ... alasent.Yw .

I" 39CI

VALUEltr.h.e w. to Tb kifif ....."

1N, If Cute
2% Ml I HI (HII

Via tat firniiff&t A. ig SPAII IRS

taggr+ ,
iff riM
___ c1111 ciiN

"it.erel C.r" C s CtOtOA 39C

..cifr ,,1'PLUTID


, A' r/w ti A (IV/5.00 ti+1 wed

9W Mega

$1 $ : : i 9 r1 JM.MI ore. AI Nf S, Itt .

j .- ." ..

1 i I


Science Society Initiate t I t ,

". 12 New Student I Faculty Members

TAILAHASSPE-Initiatlon ceremonies tot new members r
of the Florida Spat los Chapter of Pi a.... RAas YW
Mu National Social Science Society were held Thursday .

April 2 at. 5:45: p... in the Moot Court ROOM
of tho Florida MM University Collect of Lat.
The ctreaonlo sire ......e......... .... '
followed I by till chap and three seniors tho
ter1 a Annual Honor Banquet till graduate on April

at > |>.', in the II.
University Ciiaaon with Three oytitaidlnf
I Ia Ir
Professor Rohert H. faculty members who ,
Smith sponsor, in have aaalftattd their
charge of arrangcaentft.CuMt interest and respect
speaker at the for acholtrahlp la the

Banquet was Dr. JaaeaGoMChwendtr soda sciences art: Dr.
.. associate M. Lucia James, dirt-

professor tf nnclolngy, tor of the Curriculum .. :
Florida Mate tlnlvor Laboratory, Samuel f. '

Mty.who was Introducedby Russell, associate professor m ,
Dr. Edgar: 0. Fpp, and at*lit ant f. :
professor of sociology director of the VocatlonalTechnical f : :

tit Florida AM / Inatl
-- .
Selected from tate and
among< Joseph 4.
the students and faculty June, Malntant pro.rfInt PUTS traWD; CONCERTS Tot Florida MM University symphonic Bud presented ben of the Hyaplionls Rand include these Florid* localities: Jacksonville OrLando *

of the IInrhl I sciences of history. two concerts during the past I..klnd. Saturday afternoon, April 4th at 2 p.*. I test Palm Beach, rnandlna Reach, Pcnaacola, Stuart, Miami, Florence
for (HitHtunittng xrhnlnr- Now amaher Include: and Sunday evening, April 5, at 6 o'clock. Scene of the performances was Ma Villa, Tampa, Montletllo, uatla. Palmetto, Caineavllle, New toyrna Beach, Tar-
ship, und high moral Robert n. nrlgKx.Hifilor, Hall Audltorlua.Conductor of the fowphonic Rand, Dr. lllllaa P. poster, foner- pon Springs Arcadia, Dun I a, Lakeland, Ilnter HavenFort Lauderdale, Plant
rhum I IT, the new Pi John V.: Collins. ad- ly of Kansas CityKan., was aaalatod l by hoard C. Bowit, foratrly of Bit Sandy\ City, pelray Beach Gifford and Opa-Locka. Heabera alto cOle from: New Orleans
Gnanit' Mu honorees in- vinrnl wpliuaxtrp, J"'tume Tens: Samuel A. Floyd, formerly of Arcadia, and Thoaaa t. LIlt, formerly of and Shreveport La., Texas City and Port Arthur, Ten... Coluabux, Atlanta and
rI Mile four advanced l I.. DuvU Junior 1)11) Rlrainiihta, Ala., and former hand director at Hungtrford High School in linttr Savannah, r.... Norfolk Vs., Greenville, R.C.I: Rocky Mount, N.C.; Blralnuhun,
soifimures," t., JuniorsMiami worth 01 Hoy, junior; Park, rla., and the council Training School of Nona, Ala. Hometown of .ea- Ala.. Went Hartford Conn.; and Memphis, Tenn. (Photo by Fillyau)
June (lilacs ,rr..II'l1llr.

Lau lower Ci. I Rimnl'l\ l.. Talc Mid,ItUKint wlvincotlimphiMMirii ... Adult Education Speaker Distinguished Guests Hosted By FAMUans Hampton Receives
Auiiiotmn, Smvicc AIIII'PAItTS
shim, lulvuiicril mirhci* Scholarship Grants

rI""1' !11'n.!SlIAKI-rNINfi.I or;*. turn: H. lllluiM TALLAIIAKRFF. Charles U, Raitb, head of thtDfpurtaimt
WIPING tenlor 'unit IOOHPVI) t of Sociology at Florida UM University For Cornell U.
vii hams advanced. cave an informal talk on "Problmm of Pe- 1
I hi {tins Ti Jem TfsP1T,1 IM ptin*" rr. vclopliK Program of Adult Fducutl: fur All Population HAMPTON INSTITUTF
27'',*. Avt. TALL Other umber art: "BopicntM" before the Adult education Coffee Va. Marking the first
III 4-2J05 2054 OLD 1.1"yil. Hlatih, Thoaiui I. Dull at Florldu State University Monday, March step in a newly conceived
nmiN nUt CAU. rr MMJ nonibt, Pulsar 0. 1'lrlt.: 2.1. program of
friendly relationship
bettoen Cornell tlnl

ural ty and Hampton
Institute II the annnuneeaent -

Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion scholarships that of $JOO 10

M each ire offered to
k. T 1 f Haut.t.m: u'l tut'1 gc.Q t
ty" 'oafplor itu t
for attendance at Cor'

Disc Jockey : .*Jw1 nell'this ,.*.r.u.aer session

....X ......./ .,,-.11-. -;--_.. The announcement Will
made by President
FR5T1VI MOOD Atty. Caratl Carriagton Mart, standing, legal counsel to the
Jerome H. 'Holland at aartttng
United States Mission to the United Natlona, New York N.T., looks on aa Atty. !
-- :ct''JE' ".. Cen. Hiraa R. Cancio of Puerto. Rico atteapta to lend a tropical touch 'to 'the faculty. of the Haapton, ..
.'' ,, \ ; attire of Atty. Thoaaa Miller Jenkins, dean of the Florida UK University
r College of law. Mra. Jenkins, seated center, ee"i .' .louAI ly to enjoy the Faculty atabtra say
apply their credit
: \i.\\\ Joke during the dance which was ont of the nodal hUhllahta of the recent either toward doctoral
_\ > llth Annual College of Law Institute at the Tallahassee achool. Edwin M.
dtgree or say study
Thorpe, director of the FAMU, Office of Adaiaalona and Records, and Mra. Thorpe
poat -doctoral dln-
give the photographer their tailing approval during the tropical hat acent.Dean .
and Mrs Jenkins art formerly of Boston, ....1\..., and IIf.lT wndl lira..:".Thorpe, '. ,..",. r '
The aelectlon of applleanta -
art former residents of Charlotte, N.C., wiitrt bath sire employed at Johnson
C. Faith Unlvertity. II,.. Thorpe la a ...b.r of a proalnent Metphia "ens., till be made
family. (Photo by Fillyau) first from the facultyIf
there art additional
Posture Pageant Scheduled Glbbs Piety Attended unclaimed cholarablp
...be,. of this ,lIr' *

May 1 7 At Miami Beach Junior/CoHetes Confab graduating class will be
issued to IIIPI,
fiT. PHTtt+RURO-Dr.
MIAMI BFATH Posture displaces pulchritude la Farther fora of cooperation
a Joha t. Reabtrt, Prtal
11r- the emphasis. department when atatttldt coapetl between the
dent of Oibb Junior
tloa gets under way May t to pick Florida' catty two institutions art la
College, 600
was anions
la Ut torld Posture Pageant the process of develop
college adalalatratora ...t. These hell d. a
Natvrally beauty atllleoaattbat will stage local contests and faculty aaabert who
oily torollt.t.tll to choose their attended the 44th annual faculty tichang between
lrtH BIT AHwo MtitllKicky of the Judll'b.Uot. ota reprtttatatlveiatirtlag convention of the After* thftnoolt and poulbl..tad..t .
ticbaagtt, ia >
Good poatwrt the first week caa Association of Junior
iota for 60 per c,.,. la lay wklek Go *. Col h..., The atttlag, solving aUeable who group..olld.p.n'
of atadeat
thick mesas tvta a Farrta try tat baa pro scheduled (tom March
semester oa
aodtra Cleopatra, with elalaed 'Ttrrtct '0.- 3D-April 2 at the _rlcaaa .
_. alotckiag shoulders, tart tee*" la Florida.Teaaloa Motel la Rat Har either citrm.IEIP

: could tare ap a loaer. till aaaat the hour, Fla. aarktd the lUlU
The mated to aaat first week la June whta first annual aettlag of llewa Reporter Tnl."
flerlda'a Visa Poster area wirers ooavwrge oaMlaal the Association to b* 4tajk school grad tr,

j 'h..." la part of a leach far tilt held la Florida.. sole CDI It... Matt b*.
atatb. ltag prtgraaaaoaaortd state flaalt. The .... Tht 400 delegates ta good la bgllak till
by the Florida shine state tlaatr them the meeting represented trala. toartlag uteri
LeiSolder Chiropractic Aiaocla sows oa to the ...Uo.II. .- 411 public sad 372 prl trite littrttatt Press

y ties tylag la with Matltaal la Denver, Colo..la tat Jaalar colleges P,0. son mi. Jacks'
i at songs Posture seek, as". alta 30.000 ctadeat villa t. Plartaa.
Uoado..leeor. May l.7.Jr. Girls eattrlai Ua oca
.M Cost/asoss Itoirt Carl ,. Kottlaa. < ptUUoa mast at btttwea.ha SKID) M VOUR SOCIAL MO) CUB i 11M
af Jack ..ill.. prtal- a of I"U. Jd<- *
Till Hunt' Florida' ittr will pub- '
dot af tilt >}0-aeaberorgaalgatloa lag la based ea aottart
lists your social and club ta.- -and.
Y sans Ua ClOt beauty, poise, .
'.If! 1fnltlil idea It la focus at tea- ,.,...allt, sad talttlOtaact pictures II cell l | .. tree of chars
( ), Ltt tile 'Star' anocunet tilt date fort :
ties oa Ut taportaac
a, party or fashion show or hat
Dr. ortoa said seal
af pool pos a n t. gctd ?
".Ull. ..*. hearty aawell. societies a* edit aa Save you.
letdiA: free Kmi the PGA will ffer coa News and pictures should retch our

Yea atlaaa ewe a atr. tee Uat a aa .....rt.IUto office not later than Tuttday.foon

aoct alta carmt r*.uraa ./a a aaabtr afarlita Send News To Man! Florida St$*
...', also htaltkyaadkappy. raagitg fraackolarablM.
r ." said bs.1 ... tab, a4aattaga 738 IW Third Art Pbeee 3171025Brings
i SEE AND HEAR THESE ... beads, t. trapkltt. .

last ,ur' Fltrldalaatr. clttklag and
t*., ...-... Mar l sggae.IEIP. Out
i lartt Tucker af Clear . .
..,.... _toU.. la butt Full, Rich
p.atara a4 busty a4aa IIIHI

.. RADIO) STARS a. .* .... tba.Upflaalltu soles Mtl.. Tn.... HAIRBEAUTY
U tb aarUtoatetlUta. aacratartat. ...4 latailltfe.

drive tar,
.r. Travis Crtta af ark ta ....I. trtta:
Oladm, state sestet Jkttratatt, ..I. tag
dll,....... aMlarltyat un 114."UI I-
WAME1260 Ua rUt t* IMI't" flarlte.gaagMaa .
sat .....u.. Haaftaral

_n a.w.fd1 MITI&'I LICE'8

..... r, A&NCT.. .... 4 M
acme kst w pt. rash SeS drlnrlb -- ....
E MIAMI taaftawfetf .*.+a. mm- aa aaaat gfjavry tomftmm
,1 alpVakaa.4rt .

..... .... .... MYSenile

1" Hoar "Hot Lint Nightly At 11 p. nil* FInIII1I.a...., '. .

'iJii With DMMM W.' Jones 4 HroW. L Seayweli > $ats.. Till A--, Mrrsl M f4'u ...dr>rars artlPigl .

._ 1OsML... 2M Msawr Ojp '4>dU _HA 4ftU


..L .... ... "


SITItliT Will 11. 1H4 noun sui rwu PACE I

Miami Instructor Seeks Voters' Drive "First lady" Appreciation Week Fete Set

Teachers Association Post WANTED
Veteran OffleltlTaking Pays. Off For Greater Bethel's Rev. Cousin

advantage of the rut experience gained In HI AMI A 3-ieek COKE!: OutitandUf Ultr and their congregation 100
10 yearn .. the recording tecretary fort hi Florida voter mlatratlon drive sill join la the presentations and enooalua to Newsboys

State Teachera Association Mr*. Marian Harris in Dado County, which Reverend K.A. Cousin, the illustrious pastor of Viiklj Silliif

Mill!nOli. teacher of .Noelnl studied Booker T. Includes tilt Miami area, Oreater' Bethel _...". Church, April 13-20: In a
WHMhinntun/ Illich School, Must, It bidding Air the has added 2100 'Metro full seek of appreciation held to attest to11..

office of I'rollldl'CIt.ol ect of..PATA.............. ratlatraatt to the high esteem In hlch Rev Cousin ia held In thla Florida Star
Holding leadonhlp > ... .
po roll. So annonscedCORE area ..... .............
Kit ion* in various or- progressive progroB of Pteld Secretaryfeldon proaoted for. dual event lll be held in

Kunl ration*, Mrs AI 1/1. FftTA are anoai the Rougegu ..bobtad.d purpose' the activate the evenlag In the sale Friday I Seteler1It

nan bill developed a degree plan revealed ny Vra. the canralvi.Since are apearheaded by the auditorljiBCoutla .
of talent and re- Shannon for implementation
Rouieau started for Bishop Club,
source which can he of working on voter registration sparked by the ardent
untold value to the of- Fndo.ed with the In-
In this area In president Mrs. Fannie
flee, the has served AH tonulty to propel youth September 1982, tilt Jemlgan and Slant ell>
state chit nan of the I Into varied professions, >> .
total nuaber of Negro elaher, Aprearlng April
Coaalttee of 100 for fill leaderxhlp roles registrants In the county II through 18 elll be
two local liaison In her church on tell
baa risen from 90,000 Ulster and their congregatlona \-
fur TFPft CciMlttce of aa In tho entire AMR .
to 42000. "About 4 2% aa follow:
FSTA. a tIC.hc'r of the Connection; and, engage
of the potential Negro Rev Purd S. "wn. Mt
registration and steering In regular classroom vote ta noe regla- Tabor Baptist Church.

cnBBlttco fur the .duties are marks of tired, he aald. He Rev ,. O. Brent It",
annual cOIIontlun.5111111nllll ,11.rDunded and purposeful
praised county official
Israel Bethel alii'tl lIt
.. ..
In t cannon, for Baking availablevoter Church Rev. ThedfordJohnaon
hitting target at Mrs Fhmnon han been
any rflht ration aubatatlona St. John Bar
the llao. the recipient of the
Muae In all area of tilt Church and the
FT4 service plaque, the
Striving to au'llfy and '
the countj. Tblrty-elght .
Visa fcjn.while C/lt Reverend Edward t.Grall.
Barry B. Moore,
: of the test,
I'liumd the priwait JI".. 1981 sots Year
and cited such aub-atatlona ere of RIverelde.M.J., and 1111 le P Faust Jr.. right/ .., Mt. Zion Millet
of communication hoUccnPSTA van a* a .
established of hlch of Jacknonvllle, look ChurchA apeclal musical
and ,," career teacher In 1950. oa era Pearl m. Ck>r., site
grass rout 12 ere la Negro nelihbnrhood of President George I. 00,. Jr. of Florida MM tribute featuring dint*
At present she In pur-
c.nstltuency, necking to
llalveratty place and outstanding aollit
suing prufeKRlonal Mlrancownt a je eled coronet on the head
strengthen and defend at the I'nlvemlty Five organizations Including of Mia Pay Aaanda Boyd, of penaacoUi "1'1ROTC" la the Miami area elll
teacher coB|>ctrnry and the Florida for 19d]-... The coronation of the 'IOTequC'l'n be presented Friday,
nf Miami
continuing Inn vast Council of the AFLCIOJoined ?e
Active In professlaanslorganizatioas w. a feature of the recent ROTC Rail given April IT.vnnen
Tallahassee'sDobb's Mm COR" In the CUBpalin t>y the nit advanced cadets of the Florid UMRenerve of Oreater Bethel ,
... vhlch included Officer Traialna Corp and the Coasts for
Shannon In a.life I.
ideapread leaflet dintrl Bishop Club, under the
HHSeD.s.gr.glt.s her Tnclll'rot:nf the Axwirlull'in American; uaratovr but limn and organisa Anniversary fete Planned By YWCA capable direction of

tion of car pnola. Mr*. Cherry .. Meyer KING SIZE
nf Nalloiiul
All- Another aprla aarka participate, The these

TALL AH A"srt: -- Thetiotih Nurlatlm "f Jill"110111"' Talepa Teacher the cad of till tint. of National YMCA leek elll lante-Miuter preaeat Tea a 11M"debit'". .

"'UIII' Restaurant, Ady"'rin!\ ; CM'A. and year of activities at t( and of this occasion laThe
ln-re several CORP ..... aim the ISPA Jiwrnul lit Elect Church the Nnrtheeet. Center of tlCA nolong To lag Christian Touth of

him acre arrested for tic Am,C'I.Ulllu'. Her In Women OfficerTAMPA the Steal tlCA At avery tou Mr*. Stanley tilt greater Miami area. I -
The youth elll aerve a*
sitting last Nuva.....r building rrfirmentittlveto fitting ".. during Rledron put president
kUK oVm.*rcitattd/ fallow-; the Dade (Lusty Clan* Mra, Dorothy' National YetA se.... Ue of the Ml.! tCA. elllbe milestone ta tilt flue Spolllghl Prodatl

Inn 1I".ta rat lunll him tatTalluhaMHce roon Teachers Annoclatlon r.. Harann van recently first Anniversary Celnbratloa i the .,.aller. Ira, leadership tklrk haabeat
arober of the elected to the position given by tkn Rev, !
1 CORY Uedual i till be held Dorothy I. Rd.ardaa 01 Ue WeekWMBM
Coualn and bee oveealyelfe
..In...., Mid th ClaKornoa Teacher Doe of enorenpondlni aecre- Pith a dinner on Tbura the annlveraary dtalraan
ri'nttsiriint chain' regions farlernt of Nf'A and the tar of the Tami'. Oiartor day evening April Utk: and encourage all to Mrs. Mary Coualn.

supervisor.prvlo Null until Muncll fur the of the Uilted lurch at 6; :W pas. Penal 1* reaervatUn to TIle eveat .111 be 'held
la the loser audlt..rlu loBin, tfiUM becoming "the
Uncial JltudleltoflllllllNll
1111, rentnurunU her i* fare of the ,
.',' first of her MMber and Needs nf .f the church tree 4 on
cam race V> be ,
oVlhtm ,
In the sir, train Invited I .n Ceslter "" lUll ,...All otter .., r
trrBlaalii nut opranl for PKTA Pmililentrerl' | elected to that post the T CA are tu 9100 ""tiJUt Are. JJ\l' : lklalfw, f hir"Ms


ft: ,....

r !tt/r'Rphs t d&IM!1 J 'n .... ... .. ........ .a \.,I..-;. "" ..
B'ng'' Or'Men/on' / This Ad For J f;


On Each New 1964 Buick Sold. Come In end

see) thecomplete


JT l e think if ) line

of lukks/tedayl

you re serIous ly: ,tom S 4395 00 .

interested in a new

car, you can't help '

getting serious about u .





win IIUD

'CR .. THElN.i. .
_: ... ." __ 'mIlA t'DOCS .PO ss earn

.5',1 tt $4514''

.o-._. '''



/ "" 2H1 S.W. Ith St., Miami HI4-1111. .



"' ...- .... ... -- '''-.- .......... ..._...... ......... ... .. .. .. -.. ., < .

,,, I
II, FUIIII sin PlnlS SATIIIM Hftll 11, 1H< ,
State's Progressive Baptists

j : Does J Jacksonville Need A New Airport) Close Successful Jubilee Session I

I ; ., The parent body and its aavan aniillarlas eloaad
.',\ \ their greatest eoavantloB li history during 1U
( I I'I recent Jubilee observance la Orlando.All .
11 :) sessions .,.................,....
;. '" recently
'. .
l heralded atttndanca bj
ant Mra. Gro-
,.-.. :!. ..
both claror and lay venla Lafftt Baraaota

; : YES bin. financial atcrttary.Mra. .
The initial .tttlni Burnea U Evtrttt: .
tot undtrvay with a tall Belle Glade, treasurer;
'I represented amalcala Mra. Alafaya Mattel,
rC featuring choral iroupi Jackaonvlllt mate director -
fro the host city tad ; Miss Andt Boat
churches fro. several 111I, Orlando chorister;
other oouunltlta.Ret. lid Mra. *.L. Diana,
A.J. Hughes Jack- balnea city, councilor.The .
Responsible authorities have aonvllla, was ID charge out annual ...*
f of the groups ud MM. aion will h held nut
Mary Whltthurit of Sanford March at Greater lon
L aaalattd by other Baptist Church Tampa,
acooapaalata, supported 1th the Rev '.H. Calhoun -
t the dlol r.. aa boat paator
agreed that (meson's presentfacilities Eerrlcca highlighted

each d.partuatad- fMC Student
dresses, subjects discussed -
I J' and choral ort,
I wtrt all excellently Gets Elected To
I are woefully liadecpiate..... don.
Not. orthy increases to National Post
and cducatloat -
missionary ST. AtKJUSTlW JasonHale
R. ) departmental ,a junior at Florida
budgets received *nthuaiaatic Memorial Collate here,

Industrial development with its warehouses and dense smoke pralae. ha tern elected national -
rising Into the skies creates serious hazards to landing Among the major features organizational vice president of
\ aircraft. Alpha !Kappa Mu Honor
\ 'aa the resetting of society, at the 28th
the Junior 101en'l De- annual convention held
Jacksonville must meet the challenge of the air ate In joining other Florida cities In building a safe, modern partin t' atructurf.PRESIDfKT at Hampton University
new airport. This will add another great chapter In the Jacksonville story of progress.
tF;-F3.* TED March :3828:: I t nan been
announced by Mra. a.'.
State convention general
Puryear, faculty artvi -
president In. J.C
.. .-r to the Alpha Phi
S. 'as rftltcted to
chopttrof. AXM at FMC
hit 15th CODl.cIIUnt.r.
.r Bnidm I Hale and Mra.
and Mra. H.B.
the Florida
Miller taa returned to Puryear
H .....'rhl CnllouP drlf
her poit for the 12th
gallon lnrlu'" Hnor4
tilt aa president
Senior toBcn'a Ot'II.rt. Holdin.Ruthrnla HtnlnRar -
mt. nod Jnurw Tucker!
i Rev. C.*. Divaon of all Juniors '- nc.
Htlnea City sea elevated Hair VIM named to the
to secretary, thus rem honor noflrty last
placing the lat. Or 'Nnvrahir" stile the n-
J.A. fnrt.int. maiming three wrrrtappul
A.L. rx'Mi. 0 f Wbrlnn at a rrrraunvhold
outi-olnn/ prenl- la the FMC' chapel
deotgftR:. JualorjjiMjjan \ ..J.aI/LIL! ;/ _
prtoeatett j. }HfDutiful \ cme u the AlpliJ
placque and 1 other Kappa Mu convratlnn,
(Ifta.Nr tilth tall tendril liy
.lj tlrctodofftceni slice ISO dpmalMriTrrwrntln | >
the Junior VUBWI a croup 41 n.II..jtI"I ,
art: 'UK 'Tnatlvi 1larll-l
Tampa Mr*.. Roaa Lee, Avon alum for the f\c"hnhr.) "
- Miami v fark. pffoidrht.; VrK/ 1' A,( ron,mrl t
Mtna Qienn, lack"OIl- fir OKMIUfK! INI this Ih....
Uhf vice president; nn1 ..anH presented the
c t .-" Mra. Virginia K. Hall Innrrit
Tampa recontlnc ccre--
"" I
tat"; Miss "0>roUiy ioU, THE k'EOl'LKSPEAK

xMZXXIIAP0111 t. PttvrHliuri.. !- _.aaaiat-- : OUT .
--- -- -- --

For Experienced Negro Grocer

For Sale -
Established Grocery ,Market Doing

lit telMss IB 100%' Metro Area

Selling -

A CoBiIete LiMWiies

Beer, Meats

,----- All Modern Equipment

Huge, Beautiful Store -

Tallahassee Minneapolis call 03-5506


': Wo trftlOpptrtwltJ

11 1\ Fey lieu I rnBljOfj 'HSH.IAVR .


", \ .......,......_.... !ACt_.'
'J' po. ,_t..-.' _- .
2677 W.lEA VER ..::: .. 1.16JJ

I .... ..
fM .. "JRI" "" fO. Mfl M M
,,. wIA"..1....... .
: ,.
n Tkn; K I Lag tuoA-lm M I U. tm 11,..11 t



Pis l..e+t

';: :, Proposed New Municipal Airport NikMfcnf 7Clli"C 1

''r' ihtftttJ f. STCAMIOATWHITING (
liutln tlfl li sort ill liltS ttrthtsill" il' insect 'IMSM lirHft M titmtiti K_itlf U ilntis fra'd4stns. Jxh..iDt WHITING \

Keep Pace With Progress \ 4KCTO 39: 29C..

.""t.' .4-. : t" ", UYt slat Sl51 1 'ISH CUT (
.. '. ; 'to' IISUIS( stains*
t ..JN'
Yot. YES TUESDAY 1"1114
01 I\.CW'f N I"t ,
NATOoiALA1 69 t

___... i i'j
N. enetlewrN

. tLtE

,. .... .... .......--. .. .. .. .. .It. ,,
"' >- .. : .
1 ,,_... ----..---......--,----.. -" w-- w. ,,

; f
mil 11, ns4 rilllDI STU PAPERS BABE 11

Gaither Blending County Steps.Up Sports Program Scoots Eye JIGERAMA

A & M Tooraoy

Power Finesse I TALLAHASSFRlevee: Festival of *

of tile 20 aajor leaiu i Stars ; <

baseball tttat sent
With '64 Rattlers ,:, swats on a two-day. alttlon Featuring <
to watch tk. three- ic In Person (
teas round robin baatI -
TALLAlIA.'II'F.---TIIe |9 4Plorlda I field general! no.llart I I I ball tourney here at ; JERRY BUTLER <

AfcM VnlverKlty Played" behindTullla | Florida UM University <
Rattles crM tea will fall and la cell qualified I II cat ra,. the Spring Sport
be geared to a power for the Job. The I Carnival recently MAJOR LANCED

attack fcuturln pulllnutaiardn rot>l.. III fieldingade- The Rattler won tII.'OUI'll..lIt. *
and HOBO flncMe. ( ( K
quate atbatltutes for a 31record. HMHMHMHMHMIM
Iliad Coach Jake flaltheraald Southern Unl ( )
Hart.llllePmell. 1'e''
I '''41 have been .. aaa third verity of Raton House, I < GENE ?
orklru all
spring onan la. was second with a
In line behind Tullla
iffrnnl Inolatlon record of ten tins and : CHANDLER
series and f,... all In- and Hart. He la slated one loss. Ftlllaitn Col-
hint Ions it should t.e for the No. :1 npot but lee of Tuarslooaa, Ala (DUKE OF EM|

hl.Jilr: rffrrtlvr-" faoen strong competition was third ( BARBARA
lilt aildHhad' 1 to trite red nhlrta ftlroyMorand :
F*"U defeated Ftlllaantalce
hate None variations, from Oral, Rudy .w c LEWIS
6-3 and '-4, The
la our off mmIIPCMINH Jnataon from Jacksonville Rattier and Jtmiar Cat ( (POPPT IIVEIk
of the sire of Mir winii'Uti and yearling Anthony .
ha i' the l.r'\I'1 l Meiander of Mel. ll I I&i1 split ins sinning.ltll the the Florid flrntlaw [The DRIFTERS ;

team a. have ever bad. liourne. Aleiandrr re e-1 amt drorplM ; (SlYE THE ...
e..h..d the "noKt outstanding -
The linn avcnii.' "n around the second content to 'fc
2:10: iMiuti'lN from end Inml. freKhann" aard. the LiHilalanlana3.. ( )

i i. Til'; backs will .I The Cola tattered out a c TheIMPRESSIONS
candidates out """" -.; "V-
are "" "III ;" :IiIJ:
a''rrnrr nearly 190IMMindM. IT. ) victory over the
." to replace, the loan of PROGRAM OUTLINE: tkivtl couaty Supervisor of .Recreation, Alec 0. Cook (seated renter), ltd Intent Them (
The RittlliTM .n"1 :0 capable punting perforaeil recreation chatter Curtis I Miranda seated on hU rltfit and toys Parental Hoae, Director titan Vtr-
lo'ute md tei
reprm'rented ((11'S KUII6IT) +
IIIU'IIII' HfirlnK IralnlimriTctitlf. by mills Half nor, outline Initial plans toward the launchlac the '.{ iio-leapi county Softball league, whll during the tuurnnseat -
I fluids CulthrrihitrrlliiHl luickN ':iiumc and 1 PrHdir u te.. officials and representatives look on. Tie conferrnrr wall held last Thursday nltiit sack In the vrrrNIrk itilnkoff.Him PATTY LABELL
the 30 tiijrH nf Johnston (no relation) Roy Parental Hose Audltorlua. Looklnc on froa left are George anhlntton, Amthern Male HI- Francisco ?

pre fall ilrtlla UK nut INfiiitor are vying for the Job Huts; arniT Raiter Pout Office Guard; Rddle Griffin. Vargas Pizzas theta Nathaniel IUII""I, P. 'Hill M
*. ,.." liud iooi| situ red whirl Jnh ny a.Xiardn.; Sultana Mitchell r-fivallrr ('leaners; Anderson hue., V.p. rjiefa; Cornell Tarver, Hi-Hat Angels, Jack anfnrd, ( BLUEBELLS (
Hilrll.| linly i of it.l Mykea' fullback, and Joseph' Johnson, 0. Cleaner; Horace Nlion, Spot Rite Meaner. ant Carl (Clark Night IIr.",.. The lances
City Chief (
nri>, and I lie I.,,,, hit John KUIWIII, oniUTlio CruiHt Fruit League tourney till jet actlvltlet undrnur, fulloitni which the teams. .111 i*> Into action Lloyd Brown, tnohlantonRenitt.rm ; (InN TIC lUll) (

n-al liitrdj" he i )lnt""l urmt severe loss onhue for the record Ox* meld Royal Art Mndlo Photo) Paul Cwpbell, I BOB & EARL (
out. "!. didn't IIIWB line in at anal Alfred .
Cincinnati R.ellI. JulianHuron. (IIIIIEII SNUFFLE
(MtiMon has iso equal
Mirlim niimml( as' got Roseboro CommissionersApprove Ne. fork Beta,
In iiiiiiKh HcrlPMiiiilnK toiMriilnntc returning thla fall.llo- Hayes LeadsA Herev Harrla. Detroit SAM & DAVE

our 1''r"1 evTr ArtJiur, Paul Itiil'InMin laHhlncton. Carl Bone Chip Countywide There; Fit "r.tt, lk sash h. mark on wwe nrl- Bleacher Red PHI; "'...t ChwidlerClevelmd .
at limits planned| for the tort Oats, and Andri vm nnni -- The world ProgrM & M TrackmenInto ) IniUana; |>annyMeaedei. Saturday (
coalnK ""WII'"." "h It II run' ret the Jobikmf. ..hllllrll.n I Lou An ite I enpudgrra Setting its nights on Raltlaor&
Faxim will !'<. the the comfort of patrons, April 11th *
CitlUirr lust 10 Iftlir- received an offivi -
Oriole and Paul FI,"' ..*
new fare nt the flaiikn. the c*>ualy CuanlaalenMunday DUVALCOUNTY
> lve--ilt>fenslve 13 Meets
"tit OAIi>lp< ctM :A III set ""lIIItOIilit..,
taints lists full. Doploriait ruin UrKav, a 0-1: :III! burl taut meet shin item approved Installation *

Jim TullU at pound tackle, haa liecnKhlflcd tiiinKinrrd that first of hleachera for Till.AIM*' *'F" RobHayea ""..t. Relays. Tuakete Will Recruit Negroes

iUrl crl luick any In In Kuard. III"' II string catcher John 27 of Its baeiatl dla- tilt l'lfU' a Institute, Ala, hey A.'. Wake Forest Coach
tr'..ntk.as U"k. talus Join 4 24J-H>iind ('Utird Rmtrtmrti has been "l dell mends l under IIU'" talon Hi fled sprInter testis 111M' Conference Chaplonnhlp ARMORY

gas n trlii llinai wi.!.. In OleaauH Jordan and n ed l .|th a done chip of the County Depart + tilt Plorlda MM I'nl All Meta, Oa.. Tells Alumni Group
.... another 0-pound: guard .ent of Recreation.A track and fieldtea .. UKlVIU.IC: Shootings $2.50
did mast iir tiniu|' lnil/ In Mil rldit knee varsity May N. Cnllaeua .I. ,
sash ,IHIlllllC.. In ,..t..rlln Robert Rrurn.Sak It u. also reported letter fro Recre .t Into U outdoor Uw An r lo*. edit, tnai sht than the Advance

*nili- hart la the Nu. that Ruiieboro I h also at Ion Deftartaeat Kuper "I meets this sprint. MW 23, California R.ltia .. slander .head coach $3.00At
suffering fnxa an at 1'0' '|aor Onale Peel dine Deacrlbed aa a Mild tdto, Calif. lilt Tate told take
I rll, of hi* right think closed It til take anne teas altk plenty of Hay 3V-30. N. A. 1. Cbaa- Purest College aluanl at Door

ausclea received a*'.irnwilt ". ISO, transferred fro depth by. It. coach. plti*.blp, lists Fall, a meeting her that he Tickets Sold k
ALUMINUM of MI Injury lawti the eiintlB'ent fund to | Dirk Hill the PAMU South Dakota; lay 21 III recruit "Negro play" .
n jM>an<.. complete iBalallattoa -- tkmelada to* the Oeorila ntttrtct fttittAVTieet ,I ert ...tllt, they Ilk. At (
The dlacovery of the of the bleartier It or lot. Ebony Records
SCREENS Plorlda Athletic 'labimvllslieaal Atlanta. Oa, .
hili alUfnt taut seek I'ollowl" emotion hyft I
In Hlaalaad
June ft, CuaplM iBVltS'tlnnU
ere uttrlhatedlirttem during I loner Hob Harris
at ,
were atcoad to Opton Calif. tow |h..' t Nave To flu To Tow To 01
a M."hh t'll1I11I1. the board .a.| otalyVMlaalon'B
Southern In Natloaal D,
11 12.
:11 SPRING, $320 Roxebiro and H. ua.te4. jo ( tl\\-.t June
their can relay litre ft. Federal loa OaH>l""a- .
SPECIAL Ionic rardlnala catcher ( assistance LOW PRICES
Harrh :A. The aeit eel skip Canada, Oregon
MlCuttnn .
TU McCarver.Poseboro la allo
aeetrla tile
E.pe.C\collotoM Seam. It the Pelican mat Relay Jane II. :rO, N. C. A.ACkaatloatklp. .
> Mode Aluminum Scrn DnortB ski .m.- cation.According. ., leathern tlverilty. Nl.ttOreio
) Cinlcvn Mode Aluminum Scr** Peck End'oiues& Pack R..ScrHnlno Ca"rane|I a an I h. Iktititeri tloaer Harris, there
I*., Friday and atr- NtlltBtl Uti Ck**."latklp. >
Pill ISTIMATIV NO OILIGATIONM&HSCREENCO. first airing catcher fen are BO ..atlas accoawdttloaa DRUG STORE NEEDS
day, din 11 10-11 Inhere I'tlvtrtl-
the past all. year "Illkare at the:parka, Other seta scheduled ty. Me. kruBMlck, R.J. ;
hla churns tided for parcels sties. for tile reaalslki mess Jab 1-4, V.I. Oly.pliealplatl Trade Sill Tour Nelahtnrhead f>ng Store
911 N. M OUrr AVL IV '4120SATOIDAY by Dung ea.tilt and Reline yo.*|tlra Bad sun t..U.e: April |l, Trills laa- aR tin not ANT mrm *nv. 11! YOIJIII UOCAL rtmpeiivtr.

mokl Jeff TorbnrfcH tuna lattrealed IB the bulb Camilla 'tat. dolls island N.. Itrk .. I ,i* tit nil all )tor1, ,,..rIUOl.
"..", r. loaebor laeipertetl athletlt procraaa.Hsztnl .
IsvtUtloaal. Oranieburt.R.C. and ....t..h' IMI. d.S. .
duty ..h.rlly to ret after in tae!. .Kf. April 21. PMS R*' Olyapl Trials Dixie Pharmacy

SEASON f"LttSI sesw.n's cpealaf ..<.. lay!! Pklladerrkli.. Pa. <( .
Top Player h' 1-3, Tttkei I* Calif
. NITS! Tigers Switch .n TOII -- Tie save i im iiiit iii it */MIPlnit a"H'

Britoi To .kick Btnck terror IB INDEPENDENT Oil COMPANY" title 5SIMI
atl GIll rkaarloB WUft
...... ,
Left Field CU' opToaeata all*e.< HKCHANIC: ON PUTT

LW1.4 -- after pie,- BOB long'..alt HaiaaH-- Ike Jo.eph.-"....................rroprUtor 'HI tits!. ililh HI 1IKPIHImis
las kte selected
IM eemi.nfl.ld.la.. r.rI PI.., of tkvfeartaullai ." Lute and J.tterson Mf..t. ft 4-2 IT 111 nut
j era, Wily
.1.,....' Ni
mtMi |a heist stilted .
art r.cth"1Ie ..at.d
to left field, the ot-
*.ard ,,.. tk. V.t.lettall lee<

roll this seek Tigers. aaa.. eed inters Uaoclatloa / We Know What It Takes Ti Satisfy Car Buyers

ratMi, .he Injured kit
Jacksonville" fa/C lub rl"M .... darlai t cwl-

l/aft..ttb ,.!I. ...- Wild His CI. TRUE-IN ALLOWANCE
POST TIME g O-aOCIU-0 Mco.H Newly. *4 ...'g .. First: HIGHER
till ,. i.JT, ka .."r UUItSU
bee tie ...< .I.te. N. FOR THEIR PRESENT CAR- I ; ,

labelAf ahlftH U .... IS U
Far r., CM Os.t n sin SO 1t.\l.F.U: 1 .1.tfKSON'VINI: .E CAN "
'at \tt' K \t 'tt \tt .a* .klalaed tram tie I C

\ "11..1. "1111... .
'\f't ratM It !. **.lett I I m TIIADi: THOM tREVROI.ETIIi.

..,*.*..t ltk 'h''''
't.1t sunnier Cktrll Dresses i 2 Aik anyone oho has lxHI lal' 11""U'. It* t4MI*

sal the at in fill glee UIIUIII KZIZZS?

at. Coro ..,.rtelllr tt.
'\ rent lie ..... 31 41 Second: LOW COMPETITIVE NEW CAR PRICESON

f't la. tall U tilt tale ...IMS .*,. s.
:\ klB BOB IB. U l.*r. Msttla tees deer

3t'f' the left field .,.... it" *d<.. esbtrsits NE1 RPuEK I\ .IA<'KSVIIJK HAS A HKTTKN
parti Altrly tie f..M I. *.rti II all sensed
sad lie dlttaatet ese CDBOM ,nun! : _
't tae t* fttt !.!. tk* u..n-II -
Ir..1 lUetcra .Itl.st THHK rHKVKOI.KT.
.... Itt* ilk4 1111.I .-> eee.e...e

Man's Days

'" I Ctitr0 Tops Arc Numb.r.d Why Don't You

...... ....
... toy *r*
1t eser. A#;;' Trio *r4"' Plaits t4 ,.,. TAKE THAT

IBM tag .. 'M" mama
1tt icniMt*. t, c Tee I*** fee, toilpHy r ) $100 RIDE TO

-wbr* *f U. t.Ire Urtf Color* It*. r'r
1f' Chile** 0..11.. lea' W DsN far peer ( TNr Thto Wotk I Emf-Yeu'll Save Money.

t sty:. .......all see ......... talk flit
..l st e4 "rap',1.,,,. ynf/
,I la tie JUT r.I...* nil u a* heel ki..
.uIee M lk...r tll- B4 Mil I* _tC. f*.4fa THOR

1t1t ....../i. Sine tap ttm *. tos irtu****.*' ..! .

Neel e.Me.. iitWMflt etit1 I. fed 4 ......--
........: .i'I .. ::11 111: 711 REACH
I.an1i.R, ,etas /..<.seaa4

: I I 1 Sane .*.l.. iiI4 | .atirr JACUOHYIIJ.I lEACH, FLA. KV0.SiUlI1I .
.. ...,.. Diets w _


I II I ,

I I. f

: > 12 fUll II SIll PlPIII $1111111 &PIll 11. ltd

.... ... ..
Fll RENT IOIM fOU HljT EWC Hosts 15th Annual Track YMCA Youths Braajicins
i i'' A See aplnet piano, II per water. B. |....(. 1 .......... And Field Tourney Saturday ScheduleAnnual Pin Style Show
..Wlh, fill keyliNiriU caoletf
DYE IN HUBS Clideneen of the Edward Satins Tigers will host
flaUkea." Try before FOB\ SUE ShowPreparatioss And Duce
GUARANTEED N.Y. LIVE-IN the 15th annual Soitheaattra AtMetle Conference .
3 ton huy. payBitnta apply onpurehane. 1JlmJ+ Track ...t April 11. at th. Nortowtatern Athletic for the The Cltywlde Beavticiais -
I Opm Moa. a "1. MAID JOil. I95-S95 0.* Jiijif Cusili riel d. ........................ annual praaaotatiaa of Aaaoclatloa are
I, until ft p....Cunnitn Poole rue ACVANCIO. MALI.OItY the f el(Joa Branch TMCA
LrNinoox N.Y. SEWING MACHINE Z14-14. Bit prel lalaarlea oil) defending SoatbtaateraConferenctChaoplon uadertolBf blaaa for
Cu to I. aunt, U3.fNl31.
----.. MAKll BUTTON HOLIf.MNCV DEW YORK MAIDS be run It 9:tO a.., and Edward Boya varletrNichtHtTuela their gala Hair style
STITCHING. HAl IALANCED the final. will b. sta4.d latars Col lei* and underway for the wvot S9in: 'D4 DuCi achednled
IMPERIAL SONHIESPatent |48, on RCLIABLC PARTY To In 11II..0.. WAITING at MO: p.". Saturday runnar-up Claflla College aebtdalod for Friday Monday.' April llth at

I Medicines Cosmetics CAN ASSUME J1' MONTHLY TICKETS I YNr.VM) AGENCY afttmoon.la of Oranfeburc, night, April IT la Civic I ,.*. at PJka but 712

All Leading Hair PreparationsCor. PAYMENTS CALL 3531946. 21'0 PosT AvE. WEITBuaY aakiai the announcement Sautil Carolina However, Avdltorlia'a Little teat IXnral Strttt.An .

DRCMD AND ASHLEY( FL 4-2159. WILL DEL. NO OBLIGATION./ 'N.Y. Tiger athletic the touchtat coapetltloB Theatre. lBBOvatia feature
I director Clifford (Jack) may very wall ooaa fro The repltoiro will In- of the hair style shoe
I Paul stated that the Albany State College or ,duds dances solos, will bt the featuringof
I tatty Hats Included th. wen laproved Morris skits and a wide varietyof aodala who will display -

'0.. of the top track Collate tblaelada of acts with approii colffurta Bade
\ teams la the Southern "" .tr, Month Carol iI. attly 200 Grajr-T Clubs famous by tltaabtth

Colleaiatt ranka Edward wattre bo a*tint expected to artlclpfte. Taylor and othera.
1 Headlnc the Hat art oaa of the flaaat track School clubs taking part This will ba followed

tees la. tha aaall col- la the shoe will Include by a jour.., to Loadoa

\ .. ... Itllclrclll.Ulbe11II111 : Gray-Ta from then oo to too European
.iw for their third Lontbraoch, Mary HcLeodBtthuat continent. and a visit
fur straight Confaraneo with Prlacaaa Grace of
I Richard L. arowlCan.r.'orut ,
crown. Monaco for a sight la
DEALWASHWAX The Tiger will III lad Puke Block.r, Monte Carlo. Mra. Jackie

t a by Oene Burroughe, defending John E., Ford Rut Jack Keaaedy will alao bt
} 9 conference 100 aonrlllt, cat Jackton- vial tad.

\" yard dash and 220 yard flllt.Alao.Mancrltf. The public la cordially

; ,a 1.. dull chuploa and Fred- Oakland, Invited to wand a pleasant -
0 With Fill Up die Jones, conference Rufus R.: Fame Pine evening of entertalnaent .

hurdle and pole vault Forest and Built 11'. and fun which
Of 15 or chaapion. Th. Tilt,.' Tolbert.'s' will also include

hopes have bean brightened Advisors are: Eddie modeling of the latest
\'R Z 1'M I More GallonsOf b1 the parforaancaa Brown, Willlaa Cannon IB wig weaning and _ft.

: of Clyda Zackery recent James C. Smith, Mra. T. style detDnatratlona.

Gas. AtTire'N winner of the J"'.- V. Randall, vita Minnie

I lie at the Florida MM Baldwin, lira Marian Church Club

Tube Relay*, and thr high Court, Mra. Gloria
Beef at its Best Y. 4iOY1a IN jumping. of frtabaaaLevie Port,Ira. Naoal R. Orlfflru Completes Pretty
1161 KINGS RD. carle (8'6" In. J.C. Cartr.II. .

Trophlea placquea and .' Porothj Lan,. Hit Tel Program

Individual awards .111 Also, Hra. Lola Moses,
The George A. Price
ssgg.as lI bo liven to wlnntra of glide Johnson, obert
Club of St. Matthew Baptlat -
the track and flald e- L. Plovers, Mra. V.r- ,
SHOP FRIDAYS$ venta. I.. .....cler., Miss Christina Church, cosplertedplans

I 9 MAGIC CHEF gas range Clifford (Jack) Paul, Norahead. Allen T. for their Prttty
Til P.M. Hat Tea prtatatattoa
Athletic Director of (Ed- will !..., Lawrence V.
slated for Sunday, fro
ward 'at.,. Col lea.,la Holaet.Mra. Edith Divla,
4 until 6 p... la the
director of the meat. Miss Gwendolyn Robinson,
.- SALEM MAPLE puts Mra. F.H. Cook and ..... Youth Center, 2.tn and
Trinity Districts Llaooyatr ward.Variety Cheat Rtrttta.
,Mrs, F.daa B. Calhoua
Wuh Genuine MIC/RTO TOPS rokits sculls Aid Annul Show aDd Mra. Paaoola Mopkiaa. ..

(iiK! miolrlxii Not hormctl by fjrvokC, 01'R f\-A i Women's Day Goals will serve aa Judiea.Mra .
c..K I.C.N.rrpttIGS ur H.N.+ch..ld olkolp'a, 10000LOf C/ Staging Set, / AU..... fright,
Districts of Trinity At I New Slinlon owaar.oparator of Tht
Baptist Church, Re*. C. Top of the Mop Beauty
'i A variety shoe, "Ac
in your cooking J. Crosby, pastor are tually SwlBila" will, Shop will model hairstyles
atailai a aaabar of bt prtttattd la tha arranged by Mra.falhoua. .
project In an all-out ptktr ax>4 New .
auditorium New It. -
effort to aid the an- will laclada Mra. JohBv
toa Monday, April 20.
ModernAutomatic aaal toaen' Day ob- alt M. Browa, Mra. Mary
Stltettd talent will
.. ". Levis and othera.
IL tnUrtala tat aidltaetwjm
.'. "' 1 On Monday sight April musical daaelaiaad Modeling hats .111 bt
.. .. .. .( .C1 lltk. District 8 will vocal susb.rs.B Ira. Maggie Aaron, Mra.
&. preaant Choir 9 of Zion Etta Brooke, Mra. Owtadoyacbaadler. -
aadra Cooper aid
"( '" '..I- .. r., Hope Baptist Church la a Mra.
!Ut) be
recital btilaalac at Janis talker Mra. Luella .
tiara to cut aptllaOftr
7 JO o'clock. .
: Daeklaa, Mra.Charlea
-- tile aadttact
= :. -
District 5 will also Joss Mra.
; !!! apoaaor a Pat tally with rtadltloaa of the h.l,. Idwardt. Irs
; 1.f latttt popalar aoait.
altted tor Sunday April Thtrtaa Doaald. Mra.
11 Tile program wot Id lOt
19th at I: JO ,.a. 0.. Louise Rarcrovo. Mra.
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