Florida Star

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6132191 F20090524_AACPOW 00135.tif 807202f548acd448187541f82f4bb51c2c3be5ad7c467024b6350a37018a04830bef8964
6105957 F20090524_AACPOX 00136.tif 8f8fc25e4e37a05d5e29a258021525dd583ff9f6df45bb03a3afb35348f2eac3f7e68817
753105 F20090524_AACPQA 00141.jp2 50517cf8ae9c97025b6faefb15b1fe146caf39f2269d61ac5ff728fb8cd65a490546d757
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776390 F20090524_AACPQB 00142.jp2 232e63c2ae446678b3ecbf47fae09d9d5ace6ef601a53b1b9c22b47c5a19ba65103aa51c
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43719 F20090524_AACPQO 00136.QC.jpg 091d84168a6e0a76d58b5d0d5e3c1eecf7d043440c6a0242bfba1f9b8861ddeda755a6af
11814 F20090524_AACPQP 00136thm.jpg 7fa801eda90d828cac9fad961250a45e87273562d89f717eb546dd4d43b55855002ac293
281319 F20090524_AACPQQ 00137.jpg be1a898fd1ea8fe57ce03c99b74c028fb51d558cabdb2e955c40fc2cd89e684d18a31331
50064 F20090524_AACPQR 00137.QC.jpg 3bf7cf4843ef08add6b135311a1f5a4df5b7dc032b4485a26bbf2f539ca147f1197b1f5a
13239 F20090524_AACPQS 00137thm.jpg 3eeab66b47b9e878baed014ecc2a404de8b238b4266f499ca934ed30cf1ea4371d34cdb3


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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pull Cruise Judge posted a ...... pro for their paraata addHa bMoo MB carried .. t tart of "paao last i It AUGU0TIIH(*ffet Knilaad "hl' UtiroMd
HUB .. Taatlor it seat day bMlKfrtalo. ; Ootobor no ilaalaal.
llalaary bead.talvlac oorro rtl aad Iroolotolit i
hlte Hlnltttra and eon I nary ,
appealed to the
eight PtlMO
Tiooday B '.Off"rot booooHMdayaUrMtb
prollalaaryboarlai to lataroVo II*
Born to. of 4MI. >fMt vadara, .'",. 5..L mifaBa. Court Stith art eiptcted to arrive here fitiidajr to con
Boad. U II.,..,. been Uo I.e. hid. oraratlM aid laid, pjoadaya UU *... dMllaod. U ra- du utt .' Prayer PlIirlMit" .la.d at eMlng'
Coe laeleast Md PMt lit oblldroo Mro ton
"Natloet'sOldest '
MdCtbo. racial taailoni In tb.lt the
through rrldayo; _
.. lewd theft speed
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am. MO feud r11ifor 114.4. bo added lotaNafOMlyi DafMao fwd attoraayab4 11.-- -- CU, seers.d tbal sue, P.el|
the DM. II kllllBi ti61 S1'P1 !. ...11.... lioala* 10 AW I timof 'praaaallat FrolM* CbapoM of loibtryMOO. .
et Alfred Dilates Jr., Firs Victim Destitute .1..'. MBYoiatUa IBM lad ......!.., Jo Ave Ittt. Cotbolle aadJoolab will bo la okorta.

IB. of IJ4I CalrlB It. ._----: I* ....'.1 Where a,a. ....rob bishop, U. bell ;............, sic of the partialpalltf ,

at ab.*t r 44 ,... oat ". ',j '' ,- ; y y sine relief weld bo .. ., OM* llto. at 4(1 .. tbo greet will aaak ........ wo aa
( ...,,,.... heal
e wltb
side uo fa pot U* teas tto oarriaf* peeled lo latlodoAaftaral /
stud Bt Oa sad JoCkMBStrottB .:. VOSY ..U.... ..! B0taior ...,. Md Mllo. aJ.rwo 0.11..., InatmiCalMrally

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tMtteMy a.".. --. ;. "..h. rollof obooldttof 4 b.aliaaao. .o, ., roily.C6ISTI.
daaad by the proooMtbMdUoloood '. \, b. foruof oUorrlol* I 1N Pil"/ ,...o lo bwUiapWMrad *'

that siren. .to* aaaiaot by ... ..> by the ....
sees cat .. the faa ,..I..t Ja.taao City .....". Mil tf UOtoolbar Scktl liligrilloi

Diet. dleelaytaf s .It tl..*. ,...... iwlal loadtMklp
caliber Haul aUtla*. Ml Airport Aouorlty, e.t.... fwod.4 byP TO Coffins ,U Ala

Vat a* M clear the CI.M8ICS tA1i. 1 CbBtiMUl sissies Use.Tlalliaf. bans tether. tag .
.,,...." .. ( Millers It, I* ....... tar tfUo utirAl.-p nwrd
lag !!.* bMdo lash I ) ..".... af .....1 laItirptlta -
thus teraoae at Uo were ten si d Lee 0.1 U.a ...,.... U... Md UoIlllaoio Shstsa CMA4tt II portlflpMlt tillJola oat tittradlart

.ewe scattered "mo li. of 42' ...,.. ... Coatral loll lesser it root tie mare nu. akaa tie ...l.praM lv.
u Mid to have fired teary Mo ..... ad alta tIlL polloo ratorlH Car sates M Ta!lab aaa a a Cert dMllttd totMBldor
..a lat uo air o4 .. ... icing opoAMrH by Manuer
>|fo. a. 10. M. fl"l Appolifitlaoio toll end lb oooatoaJlod e ttbo.l award
Celt Md slier
rhea fired dodo the .fill ftlodyotto Lose law ,a. Soar
of fort bloat doaairo
OU*.*,UB Mist etrtb Md s tutor of sill.S ha -'I P) Ire, a*. IM too,.... Iff t. ...11 rle-lt .,...... .
Ut HMtOO t* ttO lath ......,. Sit Agnate .. Cbaatoot lo lie aalat It. at C*.M| I tlooa.Oo a-MCT lot," pafaiM fwdatUfMia

of tko bMd.rro ......... .....! 5)1.s ?- nrat o..aMr of bar ra.. ..., ,.... .U'''' attbo fallabMaoo oar* ....,..
OM ortf iBoJIyobaffBod +as. 44. BAkdObMOMtiM -I hUHMi! .. ad her e*n h,., at rt.. I1 else .. M ...o a ..,". oltbo OMB..,. .".,.. It bot| ttrfalad olttlllii MMtataool
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oltb eo 4* iMdUH it. ffol* barely 0 M* 4 oitt iilob ro c...., tbo wise bit oo.4Taw. .
<**T.* sender, tat the tMoaoi Meted a HMt ... iot all of tout p> .O.OM. o*.a tire do* lall.w. Carroll use *ola > dlHrlottotlot) IBM* ttt 5.5. lu Cirtalt

Jarf ..... MB avIUy 'hoed a, Uo OoMto cavern/ Salt ... room..U,. Crt. RMof Md the resides II sa It..tes tbo rear tf tbofMlllty U Uo BUM of florid fears ef Appeals Ittltll

eel a 1...t eta.,.* a f ......*. of ft oo.tilboroM ilildns *ro sue ..fl.g i slat rolatlroo ol let I ..,.. .u..... e-cr opar*..aad fro. ...",...* boad OOOOldortM.... BMMltef
laoafttoN ni71191I -.... area 'IY'IM hoc," ,...,.. Itf, C.T< ".... u. NLi11TiMT

. d



', of IUCI 2''' IIU

THE FLORIDA STAR Politics As Usual


Pnbllahtd by The Plorids star Publishing Co. doubt that many office holdersin
There 11 no
.ber of Associated Negro Preas"EKIC 4'1 several sections of the atate are glee

fact that they are being returned -

.. .SlMUeX............ HeatlH! Etitit ful over to the office without opposition. In DU-

LITTON E. VISE...................Km EfttorIILOU ? val, for instance, something like 19 elected -
officials are unopposed in a range of

1BBIEK.........drtclatiei Maaftt -. .5.Y 42 elective posts; in St. John' County
eight incumbents went in without contests

MAIN OFFICE I PUNT: But what does this mean? Most of the unopposed -

2323 Kucrlil till......Pbon Elfli 4-1712 officials-- like to flatter themselves

that the reason they are not1

MiitiiC Address: tested is because they* re con-I

II such good Jobs. That nay be I Idwi'ldl1ng
P. 0, In 511, licksiifilli J, FlirUi in some cases: but it also must

MIAMI OFFICE be admitted that there could be .

several other reasons for _this I
131 HI 3rl Ail. Pkiu 37)1025 of interest in polltl- SI1tPSOd1

: .
SUBSCRIPTION RATES One big deterrent to seeking political of.

Ont Tear, at.00 Half tear, $4.00 fice is the high cost to the hopefuls. And

Mailed to Yon Anywhere IB the United States when we see the land deals and other financial

Subscription payable in advance flnaglings in hich some of our elected .

Send Cb.ck or Monty Order to: 411. officials are Involved, it is easy to

office seekers are willing to
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 see why some
themselves elec
"UP spend so much money to get
Jacksonville 1, Florida
ted. j.iiy
,' and tom:
Then. too. it may be that mmYllen

Dewoastration By Regitrek gll.1. en who might be willing to work for a better
community and a better nation have Just be-

Ihether one approves of demonstrations or III'R cone .disgusted with this "dirty political I

not there is no denying that they serve business" the deception and denegoguery
", """ -- ,
to focus attention on certain anti-riclil I I that has become so prevalent in the U.S.

situations and, in many cases, have, indirectly 1111IINi Ill JEAilNESS FOI TIE Kill"Your There is no doubt that such chicanery exists

brought remedies to unsavory con in government, but I shudder to think

ditions.It what would happen to this country and this
laoenteble that In these United States- I state if men and women who yearn for Jus-

the country that professes leadership in tice.erjuality and decent living would sur -

democracy -- Negro citizens have to resortto Weekly render their rights to a handful of professional -

sit-ins, wade-lna. ly-lns, marches and politico.
the like to secure the common rights and

privileges to which they are entitled as
citizens.One Horoscope GuideBy LET'S TALK POLITICS

would think that public officials and By NOMA1 t. JONES

business operators who are responsible for The Politic of Kconoalce

the continuance of discriminatory practices At Intervals M till break the continuity of this

would attempt to rectify then before they PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH tries to discuss current events of such broad interest -

bring on demonstrations and sometimes racial to the central public and to the Negro and

violence. Good business sense or political which have deep political implications. Such dlaeuaalona. -

know-how would tell anyone to be aware of ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR w. hops, will serve the purpose' of point-

the old ade;;.: ",. stitch in time saves lot out that politics ia ort practical than aca-

nine." BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL dfilc and is ao deeply infused into the economic
Unfortunately. most of Florida's elected lift of every citizen, that no'citizen affordto

officials are prone to regard the Negro lino re thr political aetivlti-n of every level

citizen as some sort of step-child to whom ITS OIIArrOINTMINTI, ao core than they Can ignore utility bill, rentor
ARIES: riION. This
he feels no binding obligation; but, occasionally Born March 21st thru HAVI M 'INOIRICT SIARIN4' WIATMIR OR OTHRIII. rtagt note, or poetry bill.
tosses him few crumbs to TMII. MOtlYli IMOUkD
a stop April 19th ON THC oivtkoMCNT The economic plight of a hue percentage ofABtrlfe.fi
hint from "wh Ininl"! This old but or OUITI rCASIILI rARTICU NOT DAMPEN rilTIVITItl
none- YOUR *. hu Ian roved aoatwhat macs the late
the lens depraved political pattern of using You NAVE ronciruiIMONAUTT IITI.I'IIO'U'IO"I"TU. LAItY CHIN TMIRI ALSO THAT ARC ICMIDUktO TO rranklin! D. Roosevelt nede hla fanouiidelcaratlon
the Negro as a pawn la still practiced by AND ISIS TAKI PkACt WITHIN Tot in the early yf a ancerwtag -

some diabolical men to satisfy their yen tOMITIMCI' CAUIII YOU TO 283792' TO K tXTRACUD. NOM[ no-third of the Nation tlnn ill

for political office or to perpetuate then fOHOIT THAT THIS MAr REGISTER. 7-10-3( J-t 6-45-713' 6-50-88-13-69-851 housed ill -clothed and ill-frd. and

in offices that yield them handsome returns AftOUIC RtlCHnKNTI AMONG Instituted noveninent reform to In-
one way or mother. YOUR CIO HIT AtlOCIATII.0r CANCER ---t.P101 STIR! --- REGISTER .JI ...... ,....-......i.--' .1Idlt'. Itf' inch
.- '''Y' '' lf'IT"'JlTtld =21rd'tnrtf !Tt rArnicoRW V -
'1Ie' toolFlorida 'ot"MIr"'ft1""t\U.1tIlt' !rt.Yll' 'UtTI'dut- ['" a"'YIRV''SrfC f At" ( ettlxcna.Prwildpnt.
* 22nd Born Sept. 23rd thru Born Dec. 22nd thru
can demonstrate very effectively.It Oct. 23rd Jan J9th Lyndnn". Johnson III. -
is "demonstration By Registration. IIX AND INS TNt IICNiriCANT INTRVor pouncing his declaration of War wi
Ve urge that every Negro citizen who has costs INVOkVIO IN AC. SATURN INTO YOUR IVCNTI or tIlt peraan t |Islvrrty stat sthoL.m11n I rrl

reached the age of 21 stare a one-nan demonstration OUHINt, THCAPMOMIATtrtHIKV IOIAR .TM MOUIt AT TNIcioti MOUIt INTO YOUR. lOkAR SIN MONTH ICANT tmciAkkv POe of the Nation d.ellN In a pr'-...rpenunent ...
registering to vote In the coming COULD VIHV Will or TMI MIVIOUIOUADTIR CAPNICOSNIANI AI A poverty states that one -
May elections. He believe that the moat aiCOMI Till MAIN IONS SHOULD INOICATf' IIDIRIO. A VIRV IICNiri- tMOki. ii THI INTRV orINTRV HORMAJI' jaw fifth, of till Nation deflln 111. per-
effective of demonstration is that OF CONTINTION tfTIIN A MOMENT Or DlC III 011. entlntten 1 he
type CANT IVINT IN YOUR klFt. or SATUR IN TMIIR3RD aunt state of poverty no if then
which we stage, first at the Registrar's courtTN( AMIHT OfCOMTMOMIIC THIS it SOUND TO AFFECT YOU GILL HAVI TO TAI IORIATtR lotus HOUSI.NOf OfI TWILL fairly accurate, active and anit.ful legislationOs

office and then at the polls on May 5 andMay MOULD HOVfl YOUR 'kONO-RANOt rkANt.rMikOM'Hiti IT kllUN Tot riNANCIAL this question baa had s tretaoadima effect on
19 when we vote out undesirable of slays ALL eilCUltlONI, I I MO THI *rTITUOII TOUR PAINS TO MIIIRYI rRIIIURC THAT tilt economic wlfare and bare eilntence of a "''..,
flcUlft end vote in people who assure us DIMINIIHINO' INS THetA Or ASSOCIATES OROTMIRI IV AOO'TINI MORI TIMriRATI !NAI IIIN IIIRTIO riR TMI I large proportion of American Cltlnco

of better social ..economic privileges, or Mont ginloui' CONII- WITH WHOM YOU MAIITI. YOUR OU- PAST YIAR OR 10 BUT WILL (ten In the fact of the fact that Mil* very /lame
QUillen. YOU WOULD DO NAYS CkOlI CONTACTI. proportion of the Nation ia eilatlai under these
IU TO RttLIH THAT you (YIN it YOU rill .IM. circumstances of abject poverty there la a very
CAN COUNT ON CPItlOt, rikkto TO Rovom lout ASSOCIATIONS. YOU WILL .iron* political bloc oontiauoualy! caging car for

AILS MOO rOMTUNl, |tflciAiiv > Coat Or MOtOON, YOU YOU COULD FIND YOU"ln'OCIIII .I tOMITNAT MOSt MATURtANO the red vet Ion and elimination of relief .....U"'*

No done*tic problem has been given more CHIN YOU ronci WOULD Ot unlit AOVIHO MANOiCArrto ivRIITRICTIVI CONSIRVATIVt IN YOUR upon _Ide. hr.. percutageottblapnvertyetrlrkem

intensive attentlon--ln government in THI Mllkl. TO MAIL YOUR MOVII ONLY 'INFLUENCES TMI NII NO. Bv TNt PAM group depends for jest tilt barest of survival.
business, among the labor organizations, 4-11-7)'c24 I'A' OICTATIO IV CIRCUS TOMN, YOU MAY WILLINGLY In tie .....U.. the polltlciaai thr elveil and
and in the minds of the public at large ITANCII CAITIR SILL RIITRICT YOUR TRAvtkl their ataoclatta chile deer-la the high oust of
COMFORT' Plow TM| "0ilOtl .
than the }asues and problems surrounding PEG,STEM' NAVE ITS .1I"'OIIlT..IIi. rtlttf ...Mm, apply an entirely different yard-

employment and unemployment Kvery conceivable TAURUtiBnna ) IN MINOR ltICTI. COMrtNIATIO rOR 6302214.47812REGISTER' stick of neanureneat to dtttralat their o.. dear
solution has been nffered.fros April 20th thru 61t13f ., poverty, aa Gas evidenced hy tb V.., ftnwtorfron

massive retraining programs for displaced flay 20th won.32415 AQUARIUS Florida, George Mather
RtGt STIR! Born Jan. 20th thru
workers to the unions' Campaign for a Ai.THOUGH INS CAIINOA LEO Feb. 18th In .....rl.' tie qu..Uon. fcromdit *P hy the la*

shorter work week wlthom reduction in ANNOUNCES THI INO OreiNTIR Born July 23rd thru REGISTERS. vwtiiaticn late the political Uflnene of tabbyahtr. ..

P\\. IT 0011 NOTNtcitiAiir Aug. 32nd:: SCORPIOBorn MANY or you HAVE dnposed former Secretary of Ut U.S. ....,..
This dilemma is the direct and obvious rokiot THAT oct 24th thru LIARNIO VIRV VAiUAlLl Mathers justified his 'tennomlc' relatloniihlptlth
You INJOY lime
resultof the technological revolutionthat TNt TinrinATUH tikiCNTiailV Or ATTRACTION tstCINTN Nov. 32ndTMIRI LESIONS OUR IN* THC PAST labor and his former aide by cltlag that both had

has been taking !place in this/ country C0*0PIIATI. M AND CAIUR livii ii roiinikiTvTNAT YIAR AND A HALF.t you families and core badly Is seed of flnaaclslsld.hlch .

at an accelerating pure, MOT .( TOO MAITT About JUST THE RUNT 0rORTUNJTY YOU. YOU CANNOT DO FULL MAVI TAItN TMCM<< IIRIOUILV. is **y he helped. the on the riarlda Uadpronetional

A significant contribution to the) dlscunsion IHIDOINQ' WAM CLOTNI..... TO CLAIM TNIiroTkltMT JUITICt, TO SOCIAL. ANBfROrilllONAk You RILL II OIMOIIO deal.
/ was made very recently by U J, I IT II MATUDAi rot TNt OIMAJIOIIfMOUT TO ADOPT IAVINI AN* Rohhy Baker Cal drailai s "'.000 nnn-.nl salary
Rathbone.chnirtmn of the board of Standard IACIII TO tlt-iAt T"CI' WAY TOY CANS TMROUON Tot .. DnAtINO. 101oI(.." rRuOAi "... TMII SILL and Us side was betas paid. 111,590 aaa.ally alleoall

011 Conpany (New Jersey). Ills basic theme ? me ouTfiT ON CAITIR CkOTMtl AND OliriRTYouetikr. YOUR TOO MAVIkV 04 YOUR It- 'i AOVANTAOIOUI'' roe ALL ont tf taxpayers pod etsNee aa ovejyv.ehsoes

is this: That the dynamic changes taking CUT IT IOItD5I1111110. WITH A stilts, or VITAL ININY.VOU CONCIRNIO.IN |(M CASIS even In taerlca any my .....1.' *.ch sal*

place In our society impost upon us two MUD INS AOvlCI Or TM.I VOW iimiIMAIINATION MAY II WAV MAVI TO LIMIT IT WILL HIM MA*.|R TO antes bold not by any stretch of Ut iaMU.tl a.*

educational requirement, a general upgrading lATMttKM AM 0 Will AC* Alit TO ACNIIVI TN_ YOUR ACTIVITIII TO tot Hit ur Tot INCOMC: TO .. Is dirt need, eves elta a lOll' sad ,mtafanily ,
of skills among our working popu- COOIN.IT. r"INOIN MONIVTO WITHOUT ITRAININt mpnorUD
latlon.and adaptability. Rathbone spokeat n..ANCt TNt ACOUltl- IONS TO TNt ..|A YOUR.IMINT. IMPORTANT TO VOU Asa TOt CUITOMIO. You CAN MAMw > ease the point lOre pertlsout, any Regra In
..o11 WNO DI'INO ON VOU.MIRVOUl TMI tirrtatNCc cNtatTHIRI that lacoat bracket fro ..... not only
the Annual Honors Convocation of Marshall ties 0' AAtK ANO AC* 0'' I IT IIIMI elite In very
University there he WM awarded the citieaiit it AHO A NOT TO MAIARt tNt TINIIONI COV10 li 011'. IV uviftt rare, ... Is n national Celebrity u4 rtrtalaty

honorary degree of Doctor of Science. And OTINTIAV iovai or ncoao 1.. ON TMI NiiN'4vi THAT'Mlilau.it alt Tel IITTIR Or you Mat tMRItOLV AN. lAnINLV Is Mt looked epos na an object ef ,/ty. .*. !.

the meat of what he had to say is found AMONI MIMIIM' 0 rTMI INCIISl'4 troo aissn MtN VOU riRIIIT ONMOII THAN you tit IN direly I. seed of fliaaclal help ta naiatain bin
In his ailiresa title Mluman Talent Pwlsv.18077I. via Ann vtAe.tAiTicu1.4.Y family.Ihia .
the crest Inut.-nt." '''0./1.1./ IATINONAIITI Is not _I. this Is not netetlonnl. this
.. '
) ,57 ON M4MR NOLISTI.745l14l4 II
The first of the tIC o educational require- IHOWkt' AOO fCISTCRIPISCES Is a very eonnnn tinnple ., Ut. lease arable relationship

rneflta. an he sees It, la the upgrading of OCVINI $ ?1arcl 'Cute 14Th bttten polltlca and oanoeatn nick

skills In the country's working population Bore May 2iat thru ST'DI'VIIGO' 2..01t S-W-141 Born Mb. I9ta thm baiftns ".r'1 Oaf n.ny tine n .., U every ell

specifically: "The percentage of Junt 2Utreit SCCISTtKt8AQITTAR118 Marta 20th tea ..u.... reolarlty. The only astlasaVIlaa

unskilled jobs In our labor force la going ,' Born Aug. 33rd thru teat.i ._.. this panlolar sviltlea-oeonatiic -
down and the percentage of highly skilled i TNAT TOM SAYS Sept. 22ad Ion MOT, 33rd thru 1 VIRV. IMPORTANTLANITAR Istlonabi In tht g1 aLJ. nnoMt ., noaey wived.

professional and technical Jobs is goingup. Tact ntCI' UV AND *MAtf 7 A VIRV |N* tTAI T raCTO te. 21at IVtNT MAI KIN au nf vnlch brlaga ni, bach b ..r Mbjett .ntter. -

That la ont reason why .it la so very STILL i tMiaiM me.eeniT IN YOWR ANt **TI"I YOU CANJ It tuRI THAT Tot ,AtiAi| or SATVRNINTO that Un Segro Is a* devtly Involve In Hi*

Important today for each student tostay Tint to ittimeout Lots eaetaan Tel riMi,,iNi MIMRIRI or vown SILO M4.? a Itlcn M n na la U Cater ed b.U. sill ...t tLe
in school and college and to learn to .*.. MrneAsvi.Ttttv n TI Its SATs ..... i.Ti tvnMVtW ....
up NICtll'TV KCAMVIA. 11 MOWllHOi Wilt II and: n flab ban M "ln tn nbtaln teed "r
tht llmltofhU or her actual potential." alt twiTt an Tt TIM iwrriciiNTt St1ONSI KOjPII 1 IS oeoo 1I54 515N1TViTS ARC Ml LIAIkV TtSANION ....t... Ys *.....*n seat .II In the *s.a nfNlltlen

And he supports\ his view with aomw litres- TAil VOW M MS 101 ACteiT Ml IT TMMMM Tt THINO. SOD **.. tal ac- vote MisnieI be tOtals .... far eaitttSt ,
| saTHta TM ec- --... vtM anc lIMOS
sire figures, About 70 per cent of thtski' Toll eneiAHv (11.1111. tesT 55 sits
led trades in American manufacturing C' | MATMt or 'It' ,nit). II Civil M Nt
I we*AM ,.... .tC..iiVI .. TMIIt s5IlCITIM.You .
la the year POO do sot talat today. 1'. PalItlu THAT CtwiS MYtU .... re T 4 Mirf4i Tt \ .l
chances art that a large proportion oftoda.J' .t MAIIs1I4.l'. 1\oUC w, SI Vt AL.M MSlM Tt V4,.C ... 'Ii.. \"..t.. .,':.
110Io..11II OA<< tell JICTIOMI .
tvniMTMII ....".. ..*! TessIll.
akllla will btcomt obsolete U. the laiT ....,... r' w"'IC 15 ally nv AI > I
ietttiiuiiTte .
.011 tlre'l 15151' IIC" ...... ...* T I
shorter period t.t".a no* and the year invite tester SILL *.T M M* .

3000. This meaaa that by the t I.. a ... na or Tot tMi.A 1'" 051.# It .AV It A.tiaw TO .It*. nil M **. klOklt "' 1114.11/7/. Tea T IVMAVt L--..
eiiiis MIS eaMn
I ct
reaches middle age the specialized skill s.051 ... 1 1 tAMt Mer .4r *,>. OICtMlM .
N1Pa55Tl0I re* w4ITashi. I"-CI o
ht studied when young may have beta super Mess 15PL5I5TIsi. r., | .t.<> IS M IKITI-
.cn. wM
setfed by a basically differ** t.ehaaolop. 'T" s1wl0 INTv.Ma .,., T.*T PISISILI.Slats. .
WAV || Ttetxtt$ to a, .
..1 .
sus 'J"- alrw .... MV. SILL trrin ISI trop M.sail .... N

,,1, .1 4 > \ -


mtei 21. 1114 + FLIIIIA STII rum PI;E 3

New SfiitoR's Concert t Proceeds Complete Annual Program Plans_I Lily White Lodge YMCA's Membership Drive Passes

lo Help Defray World Fair Tour .; 161 Lily thite Slates Lodge 111 Tea.11I) Halfway Mark Of $2>,400.00 Goal

An all out effort t> underway to fill the cltlo present Ua annual Sprint 'Toe 1964 YMCA Membership Enrollment and Sunning

audltorlua to capacity for the Annual Sprint Concert Tea Sunday, Mar. 22 froa Pool Drive moved Into high tear ta over 500 persons

to b. glvea, the New Stanton Staler High b1 HVV t., p. '. In the Tenth have Joined or sale contribution this year

School Symphonic Band oa Friday, April 24, at cy Center 28th and Chase A total of ''ao.025.00 has been.pledged........or...paid.....on..
/:1S: p... ....................... t 8U. on a coal 0 00.

Local cltlsens and those All Major points of Program features till L... Artrett Member- Norton hold a commanding -

of the nearby coaaunltie historical Interest will J be furnished by the fol ship Chairman, and ten lead with 44 memberships -

are urged to be vittted la the two .Yy t e ,l3 4 ..pobs lowing.Qptnlnf: dell P. Homes, General reported and 93
purchase tickets and attend cities aentloned. Tie- f ilt l 1 4ty selection;grayer, Campaign CIa Ii nil, are runs to their credit.

thia year*a event katt for the concert Miss Caraen Adams; scripture urging all wrkert to Not counted out of the
I h. purchased troD tells Floyd; Iftroduotloa
which la scheduled to be may continue their special race however Is Latler -
one of the belt ever cabers of the New Stanton of atttreti efforts until the goal Williams and his on

finished by the orient- Senior High School of cereaonlea.Mitt Willie It retched Wendell cos teg TICS White 801
Mae. Motley alttrett of
Rand parent Club faculty ; '
nation of youthful ausi Holmes tttted 'I. are This division has re
ceremonies, Mr*. Celethi
clan*. members, and ..- about half nay and the ported a total of 31
bars and members of the Mott, welcome Mrs Jut-
The entire faculty, administration enthusltsaof the various memberships and scored
band and at local aeeondary alta Greet; response, '
and student team members la very 60 runt.
Mra. Rarth NcOoian.
achoola.Gateway Ush." He concluded by Individual honors In
of K tan ton
body New
Solo Miss Lei It Floyd;
have taken the positionthat Barracks saying "II th continued the (fourth report went
reading, Mrt. Janle 0.
deteratatttoa ee shall to Mrt. Crat word and
the will

croup represent Cannon, selection, Mt.
the local citizenry Meets Saturday A reach our goal by April Lawrence V. Jones, Ira,
Olive Trio; reading Mrs,
3. hick It the deadline word wit the evening
before millions of visitors -
BT J.S. IRVINO GR. Pearl George, solos, Clarence
daily at the 01hlbltlon -" L ,- .__1" for the final re high producer and Lawrence
Pelder and ,
to be held In Gateway Barracks No, Al'lNlmlSAQ' m scwmn Officers and Mbon of the o.i.v. civic Club win PJ port. Jones was the

*New York May 2528. 3131 will bold Itt celebrate their annual Anniversary Spriai Tea Sunday Mir, 22 from aattl 6 till Ian*, brief address, Of the fourteen dlvl- fourth team member to

The ousalttee in chance regular aeal-aoathly P.M. la the TWCA. A special proiria will highlight ,the event Shown front row Mrs a.II. Johnson Grand tlont that makeup the be a double quota buster

of tho selection of the session Saturday at 2 hit are: Mr*. Nasherlno &Seallton vice president; Brs. Annette Collier, presl- Deputy resarka Mrs, American and National by reporting 20 member
P. .. In Joe H. Jtaet dent Mrs. Essie Mae Joann Joale Kelly, president Leagues, Henry Daniels,
various group selectedthe ; Jones, trey urer.; Mrs. Taylor Mrs. Klla till Joh.. .hips,,
New Stanton Senior Community Center IJth son, lira. Cleaetlne McCloud. lusltess. Manager; Mils Bertha Martin secretary 42 B Voters manager of the IMCAOlsnts The top Individuals lathe

HUh !school; Rand on a and Crunthal Stt. All Back row from left: Mlaa .rdh. PlfBalng financial secretary; lIa. Wllat Jean has the lead elth total C tap aim: >re

Baxls autierior rating cabers are requestedto KlrkUod, reporter Other members are Mr*. Sylvia Levy, chaplain; Mrs Kllta League To MeetThe t total of 73 ...ber. Mrs Vivian 0. Iniraa,

I over a period of year attend and to cone beth loans business canager; and Mra. Myrtle Hall. Other organizatlona: and the regular monthly ships reported and 99 Mrs Mortense tllllam

ia every category of prepared to pay their central public are Invited. a..ttni er the Voter runt scored. Hit class Gray, Thorn sa J. Bryer

evaluation.The 1984 dues since the League of Precinct 42-R. rival In the National Jot Bailey Miss

trip a* proposed period of trace Is Curtain Call will be held Monday League la rseklel I.Irraot. Gwendolyn Randolph,
will include several night Mar 23 tt Io'clock Alby D. Crlssom.lawrence
of educationaltours close. It Philadelphia This Croup has reported V. Junes, Mrs Kama L.
phases .....-
of all I
Cooperation #
la Washington, D. t I Raft I at Church 34 memberships and scored Moran and Mrs. Doris H.

C. and New Turk City. bera ia needed.Arrancraeata. : 'n Die annual election orolUe.ra 14 runs It .as FteklelBryants' Brown. All hive excellent -

for our t alll be held teaa that ton chances to win the

Plans initial anniversary Pro + M and the president, the It the cteslnt day of top prime hlrh I. a
Group grew will be discussedand the. 19<3 rice and hit
Rev P..r. Norman la requesting > television let donatedby
coapleted.Cnaaander teaa captain are pullInt -
the attendanceof a local businessfirm
Dinner J.S. Irving la valiant effort
all aeahera.All up a .
4r. will :rake plans, 1 1t
persons desirous to catch the front The fifth report aeet
The,Matron Council of fur .s A!
Hay nprlBK Baptist and preparation<< I 1I of becoalm ambera are running 01 ants, 11111 b* heldoa PTl
other much needed activities -
Church will present a All vpteranHwho I I cordially Itvltedtott* Over In the Americas day, March :20 at I: 00

faMhlnaette dinner tend. League, the YMCA lanheet P. a. at the Johnson
not connected.
March 23 at "II.... In themselves .Itb our CHORUS PRINCIPALS, leralene Mocker ( I.fU. Oiarlen Taylor, Jackie Calvin Postal Groups under the Inspired Branch YMCA.

the church dining f'H.. do and eniJolyii Rwanlgan are awing the Darnell Cookaan school'a, studentrtlsts leadership of Clifford AtGISmU
aritanlcatlua may 110
line of the latent during Saturday'a ..>et- who wjll feature la the annual concert scheduled for Primly night Mar, 30 at To Merge '-

fMhluarf fur spring and S r."> In the Little Theatre of Civic Auditorium Mrs I.', Askew, director'

surer ,will t.' featured. announced. (liar lent) and Otendolyn are two of the aaln character In the "30 Sessions Saturday
Miss Sirens Lan inchal Auxiliary Minute with Carmen" segment of the presentation. Tickets may be obtained from The Jacka>tvllie Brandt I S'1'o1Jdelivery I IIt. I

raun of the event. the Choral ,......t..n. Ivery '''1'1I011,' pmldcontlflr.) '.C .Msdry It the I<<'hool'. of the National Alliance

ReGI!$Tf.R! Meets Saturday prlncliial.Enaiuel. of !Portal Raployeea till

held Itt hit hi jolat
W LAUVINIA Ut IJJF.7. Schedules Fleming Chapter
Members session 11.tll.
.r. and Mrs. Reuse a"d Mri. willies
Gateway. Barracks Auiillsry Spiritual Tea Will Present 17 Saturday. MerchUlaltt Platt; 42TI McOtnlel flreet 120 Court ,. .
3111 uf world PIN Easter Play I'.., la Wilder Park
Dr. .
; Boy Blodgett HOB* ; "'"
War I veteran will meet> Lily White lodge 174 la Tea Sunday Recreation Center ,
Pull "Trial. Death tidResurrection. r. and In. Clarence Mr and Mra. Clyde Mel
Thcoi'hllui M. w,
Saturday at 2 p. .. la sponsoring a Spiritual' n till feature
ti ream P. Donald The terewoity
Plies. 25$ Tell Street, IM.' 1230 t. 3rd Bt
1aIC 1 .... 43 a Biblical
32.l: New
: Joe H. .James Cosaunity Tea Sun cia, March 59. ,III the speaker when prtientttlon of a
P.cd' ur.t play, will be Olrl. Apt 3, Buy.Mr. .
and ethel pre
M. l. : .
Center. ti\r from s-1 e.a. it 812I. tit. M. '|1..111'rt.i ., certificate to the (Ui-
't Mr. tad Mrs tallerOardaeri lilt ,,.. Jtaes BPooli. ,
.... setted by the ToutgPeople's
New KU .
.rr MllidXV. kmraoaaeeT'lklt \ ... Daie..RIIeNL. ..,, .IV ptoamQrs.ita.Rat. lush,. arsbolftlm lacreased .
.,j..'...-."1ih.iur. HIS lp art Best and 2020 Man*r 1st IIU ButrltaBtretti
itch .Nelson will
I be
Kunddir Tea fro 4 bit! I teoperitleabeteeea
Adults ,Road: Boy, I 801Mr ...
P. 37th Kl. 2 e aid Toting Prldsy,
agenda <*f laportantaatter the speaker nd all 4 P.B. It the boa afKrs. the local unit
Julia -. Knllcy, U:5 *', March 2t--Pala ftindsy- Mr. tad Mrs, lirliiPresht sad Mrs 8a.el
will be dis- Lodges of the orianlM- .
Cusrello Hartley, It crap I lance with ac'
:28th! !trrrl.' 19. ID raanuel Baptlit : 1442 t, Zed It. : Parley; lot 1011, Rl
cussed and \ rtasscted tins and the public arel e M w. virgliia lit. ties tlretdjr lake ky
Praxlrr, Church under the direction Olrl I : |01.
Ub.'rt Lee and plan will be cna- livlted. Mr*. Pat ton lathe Mrs Donald It a aea 'National dlstrltt mad .
and of Its PlotseThoate Mr. tsd Ira Albert Mr and Mri. Jaaee Nutlit
713 Score Ft. :
plated for the or.Uoe'n ..",- prugraa chalrasnWoodlawi her of Dwsprlat Bsptlitr local branches' and Au.illsriee ,.
lokltsea., 1104 Mod ; 1110 Cord Ave ,
.luirl/ run. yto' Huld*
first anniversary "'*rcti where she.. serves la eloseljr
win turret. 17 The rut will Include: ltla.d Dr., 9. Boy, Olrl.
scheduled here on April Slates' and the Bettor Cabins orklti groups
Riial "..,III. 1090a'" |- 18. waiter "Mlth ma Jesus Boar and In Buterout

nary pt. 44 and Marian of Nazareth; Charles Easier Egg HutSuperiat.ad..t I __
At that time the National other tar........ Me
t. Ihilm 2402:: LantMiaAvcntr Mill Pontlui Pilate: D 19 WEST ADAMS
president Saris T.V, Itt member of eke
:11. die-tnict John Hifterry, KlBoa Huger of Woodlava HaltedPresbyterlia faculty' ef Mary WcteodBetkute L WWOODSAN JOB
,n.. II. !Faith. 100A W. Peter; wise. Ardell
officials as well Chsreh Pleaettiry IIACM PLAZA
Church Ft. :32 tndKstherinit as delu st.s will be oa Butler, narrator has taaotaced that the School. 4I
thltaey, 1437W. Joyce BurnsPatricia Kirk I GAT[WAY-.44sh end NowwdBOY'S
hand for the suspicious Church Reboot will present Mri. Past w and
.. :20th! !turret, 36.REGISTER occasion Virgil tad Miss A. its annual Patter it the Chapler's.eorthJMKros 1

Btsrke, will play the Igg observance March 29 and Mrs, P4nt B.tlkovt .
roles of 'ar, Mother
'.b.,. .have bees asked la the pregraacbtlraat
of Jesns. Wary, wife of to donate eggs for the fir ......,' sores
Clears., and Mary Magdalene.
Patter tgg .Mutt, t. IIGISTVt''

BoJTT Je.. will be portrayedby opus "''DAY 'TIL/

Lou tad Berry Baywood. ROYAL ART STUCK

Boa thirty people 9fM.
will fell lew jeaat to m urn nun

tke cress oa OolgotbtHill. lr.tr, lit at hand "rlcaspills

\ Charles. Pltf and tilter CAIISiiui J5r0/. ..,IWOd' LoIG4 ah5pe.nes\ '

Jrr [ PMltM wilt be of. '''1,1'1-' 1I11r-1'1It1-CI I 9F o u no rwen't 1+04"IOIICI'

rt 01,. af Boas soldi era twit m toot *.,gfcy and Con "

ewrlii the nd limos i HUE CHII t neot 'rr'''' All In

) tad Death scesies, ,a,.... fI"OI' nee fob,<* Do'

V. BarasMlt will be a1of 11111110'111I ( tns,.e. S.r.uche.. C e t t e n

the dUclplee ..lal.- PhlogrlhCIiKIISIUIIIISStCIUS 'I-, Coeds and ei ws S+ceonpee

lag tto body of Christ horn I to 16 end

HI Un11. Cecil B. Plaber will kela i : Wsced been '

.,.", tees charge ef ..... red Pill n I Mill "' '
ItiU PMEITiutz sowed effects BeslerCbelr 3" 0. 18"

r- 1 will fart I ikbitkgretil .. -..... .
PlTElT' wells /

fettarttf .1,. Rely. i SAOwn N LpM/

lu ly*.. .Over .> ....." N ew a eetA l .i.
tad ." I"
?pblr ewe ay, .
ne BalUaJah
mill tllMi the .,.., I V en
Bis. Denim M ack ellltin. J ;

*ted .. Uved
the terld."

..., ..... Badger,/ pas* lurid., 1 ;,eioah

'AIIOUS fUIIDAllllrTA& PY1/I. ] ,.e4" Set, .... give fleaitgreaart J ebw., NO.e

br5tea II.....pvwrmA,r... ew-.-. ... *. ; end ttwteol

,... e.w w."" a ..... ..... s5. ..,.e.re5,1t Rill star = I

,....,y 9re od Ss.far ... ....... T 11111 14 10.911

mew av..... ale malts aiAn... sued a ... Returns To City / / 1111AVAILA

....... ...,.. ....., ..t.II' "' .
IGUAII fOI' I3 M1pa Ir.. tawvislt r Mar- :1'.::2 t. II.t IN MMITt

less\ .. atteaaX tie
faaartl ef her BraUef Her mother or her sister?

1 IIIL i lit "II I ... I.h'ra....... t. IOftIIIUOf 10MwYt. ,tooCOLOII ETON SUITS
.u..... a tnnUetltltit
*. B.. ,..."'" 4 setie Wesae.ws _s ....-ee.....r. ........ ''d
I Wa ata A ee.... a* gwe... B*ti a* Ml w For LUllo BoysSlTUU1
., ClOSS tw. .kar.In. .
Med "*. ... .............
..,...... a Birver M"tL-J!Nd Fro ,:z.r JI ".... y.5... Of hAc It aye e/ ".,."

real estate huger, e.. a.- tre B.., n*..*..m4 ,<. j> ..-.... ape IWtft 'ockoct"'
215 lA'I' STREET S ..U..f OkB a. iw: .p ._4. .eta 2011A. tda ew9pr

Bra traaes BM MMfslB" < 7 fb-;: ; .et ', yIn pmt. II bA NUZH .

W .... ...

irlM BtttlsiU l. UMrrttea. .A"

J ..........---............-.-... .., ,


I MTIilM UllCi 21. 1JJ4
Hootenanny Mt. Ararat Springhill Board Bethlehem CARTER'S _

Slated FridayAt Men Schedule Slates Observance Baptist Church FUNERAL HOME

MY. B.L. Badger, ,... For Sunday District 7 till laptrTM ROOItmr WUH''III.ON t: + !
featuring -
gala Hootininny
Edward Caters tor of taaoatl Baptist Utter Boar'
the Harris ,U t., Church, till be tilt II bill Botlrt Church: will tttlBf BUBdiy at t,?... MAKCtt 6. SURVIVOM IN-
Golden 11IbU..,J..uaJ.., ..torihlp speaker then observe It* anniversary la the churches dual a OIVOTEO tirg: ,
y+f the I'B of lit. Ararat Sunday at "} P... with At jualor Choir sects Acts ANN/II B. W4SMINOTON I ;
xt McCall gospel
the Tonatttti, Clifton Baptist Church observes Rt*. f. Anderson of Redeem Pride Bt /:104: !\,... Mrs 1 OAVCMTIH 2 SON! AIIIDIIAIf'f'

tad other groups, till annual MM' Day Bundajr, Baptist Church M VlVlBB C1ls,n. 126J OTHIit 101lll0llNO MELA
DlahtlIar. Mar. 22. ala Bptaktr. Mn C.C. Steele dr. will bOlt tlVIl AND FRIENDIN.. >
be held
It,. Irntit Murray till Brow IB the bOlt pus the MltlBB Of the Matrons TgMCNr WAI MADt' I IN MT.
o'clock laKdttrd
20th t IIS: deliver the seraon during Friday at 1.90: ,." OUI VI (&MITIV
latin ColltgfAudltorliM. tor. .. ,.,...
the evening atrvlct.REGISTER A ...UII of the Red
.". Anderson till bt DEACON NUCUl KlNt. t 1442jirrimoN
-REGISTER) ) Circle Girls till beheld
t introductd by B Mill, ST. ouo MARCH RECONDITIONEDFURS
/ 4i u Bad Hri. Clara lliltea fliturdiy. taster 16. SUBVIVOKI I INCLUOI A
IMPEIIU SONIIIES rehearsal till bt held
till introduce the Bit tlVOTCD Win, MM. LlTTIg
Patent Medicine Cosmetics tress of ceremonies, iturdiy, at 4 P... Antattrtalaatat KING| 2 DAUOHTIM, 3 IONS TO IE SOLD

All Leadlci Hair Preparation Mn. Margaret JuBln. till beheld AND A HOlT Of OTHl ION SECOND NAND USED

Cor. BROAD AND ASHLKY EL 42159 Hit following art pros Saturday IIb.. BOtlNA/ RELATIVES AND Km U tht. tUmr of thrir"
ir. participant: boat of Mrs, PraacttBrown. FUNERAL KRVICII tun Purrtrri ram lime la
tint CPA "Muck". wtUi tow nn.
134 I. State It.SUld.
Procession, nihtra .
: atItetloo
WILL It ANNOUNCED. ruled for fram Munutt. Bp<<
choir; icrip- .,' I attlTltlti ......... roe .tan bora eanMimrd alanes
till bedl tlth Sunday group tl new ind r coed
tare. Rtr. C.C. Brown; JAMES WAITtl. 1121 PA- band ward fun which will bo
... For The Best In Clothes For praytr.Dttcoii. 'louverwelcome Retool tit ':Iq Deacon I. Sawyer, Mrs.
address, Kin SURVIVOR* INCLUDE 2 OAUCM- a tvrd muskrat Mole.
KEN KNIGHT Boys & Young Men Dtllah Scott; cola Miss Marie IllllakaoR, and TERI.I, fON,SEVERAL GRANDCHILDREN for mty look ll like 5. Thmt new but Mulrtirnjr br.UUM .
Mra. Sadie Ptdd -
J. Jackson, solo, Mr*. lup.r.'hhl.
AND OTHER IOR- > taw? Have beta fwd

Invites You To Listen To- Marie Brown rion Hart till lOWING RELATIVES.. FUNERALlCRVICt5 wrd mUll br Fur totaled wards Mtond wiknowi hand It
Shop tit Church.
d 2 IIlrt WILL SE ANNOUN rou want to bur tnr el thpupbutRln
firing, Charles Spencer lit !lid.,.., at 11 a.*. at HI tnnc early to
ind Alvin Hall; serving District 1 attta after "see.. nmkr You ymir enl wlrrUon.hive a tarn vas
RIG lAND choir Choir 2 of ornlnt itrrict. Dinnerswill """ ,1ft..... itolni I* ehnwr
:.. The ALIIRT WHITE, 1630 w. .
Boys' Shop dim M dl'fdm1i. d)rdkttwknl.
b told by the Deaconesses -
rrlnghtll .. .
: ; "lnl. MARCH 7. dvfd Bnnli-rrl sal
: ,
DANCE PARTY"Nlffctly usher Board 3 of Re- following om- hmui h rtr 'In Ihf natural
A 01.
SURVIVORS INCLUDE mink tetra Mh tn the shod
deal; guest, Board 2 of log torihlp. and Sidle Idiot Mnt lire
29 W. DUVAL ST. Grace Baptist Citron.Mn. Bro till Bttt at S P... VOTED tirE" MRS. IDA Air tmdiirt' \ tahrlrd" I* how
with evening worship WHITE 1 STEPSON AND OTHER emmtnr ft miin at knpnvd
11:30: 'IU 12:04: r. Davis li pro fur*. fnllin tee trlmmlniu
scheduled for 6 P... RELATIVES AND SORROWING and nwl\ A drimMt nil
The Store Exclusively For Boys & in* director and George I INTERMENT WAiMADIIIIIMT.OLIVI hold Urttrty. Mt rtniadi
'. Satrrlit' I ,.I. 'til lip..1. "np ncir li president of Serving various services MIENDS. tad 19 o'er alas ,flnil
till bt the Junior Choir CEMETERY
the anniversary cili- ........... NOW M'MICIXCI"IONAL'
1400 WRHC 1400 [ Young Men.........To She 40 bruit. tad Uahtra Rev, A. VALUES
REGISTER' Anderson, pastor, till "". W .V,., I t (Mfrr' ere
deliver the atraoaa during lEI YOU HAH km M f e trr KfpmmMfimTV ,

the atrtlctt. Mn. .. fun irt M ale ttgpotntr
'I., TO $IS WK.-JOH lilTING Clrinrn" ud unrra. ...
1. t. Gladys Carroll la the TICKETS IINT-MIM AGENCY :r.N Prirl It. M dill-
director of wile. plir dill!. S M a m US.*)
210 Post AVI. WllTtultY, ,m. Plwn EL UI11.II .
Confined With Illness N.Y.

.....,., Elder J.M.. Tarnr, pus
.Ii' tor of the louse of God,

., announces that the following ell CC I elt te,
iMbtra art confined I. '
VouwmitI to their homes -.;. ". ,-4A.J. ". ,. ,

with lllntia and bt !surging M rtl, 'Avt_ and'Adam, 'P"o e t 146ti
: their fritnda to
visit this: 45c
\1' 'j BEACH WHITNING r rCL u.
..1. Morgan, 1111 N.

". 10th strttt: Sister Pin- BLUE OCEAN BREAM beard I :;"t,29c

kit Balth, 2163 Mara mi PERCH nsb W hoe tin bbs Vm 49emmm
Ct.; Charlie BlM, 4747
.. Avenue B.: aad Sister ? -"'rWir u. lie

Cheryl Colaaa, 2511 ATTMTMN Mat MlttNiri

taataaa Ave., MignolltOirdtnt. Fresh CHOWDER CLAMS ... 89c
ISAac I. CUFIT CHs 't' 39c 4

,I t -'''-. 4aeaisu.ierviOs.MotZT &i1 tT k" -
"r. .
'public Bookkeeping Sir-
......unAIIlml 99C
rice till CIfMer 111$1 ? 39c
EL 6-6X2 EL ,-uu

3323 Nirtl Myrtti An. URN SHRIMP La. girl.. 35c
BUCK In lASS ...
: Tm Cese, .... Lea.
t flJjffl : 1341 Nest 24tk. it

Add a bright

look to yourBering
I ., t .....-

bli with Lift

wquuv1T e strldt't whiny
sew 'I8P'1'1'

S uppers art die ofaparkllag

I j' Bond jubileepatest.A

flared throat

adda Dec aih-

loa lattrtattOthiBBBOOtb
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.. ':
5I .. puap. A trla
J.. CQ w bttl......aad

I a88tC 00 1 laltfit"adda 1 a 1 as of

aoftaess.tlth .
; "' 1 .

r t PM1IQ.L IIItllTmt a abl e
ajhair: bit yellowAoey
i dais pi..,.....
'a clip blseCar. ,
.1u1.....altO /

"safe.as. sham poping ....J.III. Sa ,

di A *****. Iw II". llloalSt.It. .
B Siesta

II KU.f : /
R kour beauticianVreGommends'itl f

,}V \ {'

.... t'a
: t. C
\ (
1I\t'\ ", .
; j A s
___ it .' "
'" .
:'.w.... .\ ( '
',: 1 ". trl '
;M1 l

.. ;&If" crest revert In rata or beat t '
,:' j, tPISTILS
-- ,
.. .-:... .t cool from start to tl&b

512." ,

IiEb IUCI au. IIItE -"

S auaaaNeateSt' SIO."

Suit CIIH nwui nrniuu ,

S1 -


211 W.A.le.e.r. .t3Tt...Jeaee_
ONLY AT YOUR AUTIG I .. ae..AT A PASO YOU CAN AI-POHB I,I .iS911.a........rc.....Pa..g NS Myra

'. ...'. ......._. __ ____ h -_. ,_. -- - .. I .' .. .


I ,t \,

SATIIIIT MAICI 21 1114 n.illA mi
I PiPtlJ __ UK S

Mayor Dawson Valued Employee! Gets Promoted Fla.I A & M Premier Becomes NAACP life Member

Accused By I As State BARBADOS test iBdltl done durlnglta 53 pests .

Barbados' Premier, Errol "Tht Attociitlon" ht
TALUHAasn Florida
Barrot.btt been prtttnttd said "has made such/ anlapact
Chicago Officials I qualified as a candidate
with a pitaut tyaboliilng on the society of
fttprtttatatlfta from
that ht Is a lift awbtr the Vatttd Stattt that
CHICAGO -- (ANP) of considerable civil
-- I
of tbt National Atsoeiatlta civil
rights hilt first
Angry charges of poll.ticking months.. IB the county seat
for tilt Advancement place, both at a subject
tin build at tattt coa...
of COlored People, of debate and as a aatttr
Mayor kicktrd J. Daltyud 'Site first masher of his Prtttatttloaof plaque of concern In the dl1-to-
Congrtatsu ill 11 r race to qualify for thttttt sans"s
wai made htrt recently by day relationships of the
L. Dawioa IB the City >
Noise of Rtprt
Colin (croawtll NAACP Antrlcan people,
Council last week by ,
atntatltts froa lanes field ,
secretary Mr. Barrow Mid that in
two al d.nu, oat a Htiro -
Jesse J. MoCrary At a part of the brief the United "ttttt, the
tilt other whttt,
of Ocala .111 seek the
ceremony which took place onfttnth of the population
la the appointment of a stat now htld by Rep 111- at Government Htadquar which had prrrloutlybttn
Negro attorney to the
Iles O'II.IU, Ocala.
ten Pricier Barro cads aubntrgtd had ad-
Chicago Chit Service NcCrary, M, Is the
BOB a short speech In which nnctd sort "tbrouth the
Coaittilon. of Rev sad Mrs. JttitMcCriry ht pUlled the Astoei activities of the NAACP ,
Although Atty. Qutatla 115 South MjrtltBtrttt at Ion for the work i It had than through any' other
J. Ooodwln Ibo was ocaia. Ht la a factor.M ,
sponsored by Dawson and product of the public '\

appoint by Oalty, u schools of Marlon County It'* that Happy Time of the Year ;;
approved BI a aiabtr of ; and was iradutttd la II))

tbt commission oa a 40-6 __.._ froa Howard Acadtay Oral a.
vote by tat Council the ;;.. Oraduattd from Florida

two aldtratn, both outspoken H06EA SMALL (right), a rtttran splay of Daylight Grocery Co for the past AM with the B.S. degree !ipp.owOLRtA's|

civil rights advocates II ytart Hilts happily after having been notified by I.H. Idwarda, Daylight la political science la ... .....
mounted strong Grocery prttidtat.thtt be has bees, promoted aaaagtr of the chain1 siatr ipso bt enrolled la tilt
challenges oa the floor market loctttd at Broad and First sti., while Miss Jessie Oiasi, rtfltatly PAW College of Ut la

of the chwbtr.Aldtrata promoted to the coapaay'a cleric I. staff looks on. Mr Edwards prtttnttd the fepttatwr, 18/J.McCrary .
Charles Chtw, ktys to the store to Manager flaall Hit Monday Saall Joined the coup any duringhis says bit reasons

Jr. Ibo split with youth (Royal Art sltdlo Photo ) for ...Ua, office art
other Negro aldermen to .
--- -------- embodied la bit desire
support the second Faculty Members Facts "to itt the Btttt of
Social Securty
Chicago school boycott Florida grow."

recently, said there Attend Upon qmlifylag, btsttttd
are persons bttttr Meetings Q. Hot < such trouble H I la with the Oovtreatatt : "1' II fill btlltvt -
qualified (than knight stats ban bad a said off and oa for the past tour that the stets of America9* Headquarter
$T. pnrasBuw
sod that there should bt years uid have never made a report.A. Florida possesses the
and national professional *
no qutttlon of politics atttlngt draw representatives A. You' rewired to report your maid for avtrycaltndBr potential for btcotlag a for Hundred and Hundred

la such SB appolatatat.Kalght from dlbba quarter (a thrtt-aonth period btglealng truly irttt ttttt. And S.
bid adaltttd with tnt first of Jaly and October -
junior College,rclnUl. January, April hilt tt (Florldliti) of Candle, Toy,
earlier to the press )|you paid her 150.00 la cash ..... As your
that ht lacked civil college A oat day history session ttachtrsas of report* are late, you will hart to pay a penalty. Awards Given y ta. Party doodle
service experience.Alderman The ae lilt will dtttnd oa the amount of taut you
atttndtd by social Beal ., ,
M StodeitsPMNCTTOH. ,
LIOn Dtspret; 0. This nit also corns bablltt.nla..rd. 4
science personnel Leo
who Is white but at out ..11.
Ballard and lilllM Mot M.J. This
Use was described as Q. My Iflth.r la II and gets a check from the
ltyt The session eau week two Florida MMVnlwrtlty
the "btst Negro aldtrla Vtttran'a Adalalatratlon. Ht paid la to social
..' the couhcll because held last seek at the during the tar chin ht corked at the tblpyard, ttud nts vet'

of his coast sat Unlwrsttyof Florida laGalatsvlllt. for thkes. ytart. Nt says that bt caa't let to among ttvdtats fro..1OII1.t Easter Baskets '
3)1 eoU....
attack oa anything that vial security "because BO ont It allowtd to get l. ,
ssseks of segregation Mrs. Oirysttllt ttwart two government cbtcks. Is this right and universities II the
and his support for head of the business A. HO. Your Father It losing money every awithr toted ttttM end. Canada Specially Made "i i

civil rlftbtt stMOrtt, department atttndtj a There |(.110 such rule about govtrnatat cbtcks.Ht who core sotiflrd tf a- 1
ont day business administration Awards by Dr. Hans Ri.>..ii>
point blank that should set In touch with our office right to Please Children
Goodwin *s Hot qusllfltd. artlcula- away, Many people eta and do lost mosey because hurt, aatlonsl director' ),
." lion s*tinii at tilt I'nl- they do not ask ui about their rights. It' not of tilt toodrow IllnoaNttlonsl
v".ltJ lit tooth Fla.RCWSTW wise to'' depend on tilt advise of your neighbors FtllowihlpFoiadattoa. gc
R rei I STIR' .
or frltmta on a aatttr this l t>ortant.QUANTITY .
The rnu spplleaNtatcr '
nullflrd that they '
had brta sccoritH" BBNonnrsbtt .
r Mention ,.
, ward by the Fnuailtli 298
J. In T...,..\I tt".. fan a
ltewlilp, for iss4-/J.
Tt", 'lionuttrrtfin'. ....1. se't i.m/' Preieier thsm'evrt. wankel'. III

arc, Prmelnr'. 4 many sheprc sod sin:. l's d'li hI
I sUPE R A. Jones a sealer 1 1.wr ah.IJ. T"-" hs/ui. ".... wry
psychology 1&111' fr>* to .nt' .hdkl.y Iresi" .11&I fun.i .
'" J ad n'n,II l I I., and Janus
RIGHTS RESERVED t. fofldtril, a hlnturyajor

fr>* Mlsnt.

Mintltm twarikit

FLA.. tills 'N" oiMprtltliM.T ,

flaaatlsl resources \
tt our dlwi"' "*!
art not willAlttd." Pr.loiwnliwi .
>l polttH" tut -
.sad It Is, tk.rorwd "-A- 4' & NAMI....
lepesslbie| t* stsrd

Smal| Sizes ftllttphlps t* all .... GOODIES ,
farv trtls th4t>lalt. .. faorr DSIER .
: 19 29 that those r*

rv LB. y ILl. C relvlsg "......,.".. rem. 1 ... .= ......4ee 19c 1 1I
Ii|o. cnMrwfillMI say I'V
|M> euaiHrr4 fur alters
..t. ...,..* fr.,. ositersit.e j ::. ,=, I t/.19

,.. ethersources ,

a lint ., their =.. ... 19c t
HOODBLEACH ...... fields .( sl..4r, =: t

sad their omsreradss10e.llegea N..w.e ,.,..d. ,
I 39c
|| .BM B... sect .11-pal I seas.
tf tt* tease tfacaovlt sr.'h..uie

la Ik* Cs//N ::' ::', 59c
Aisles and .........," '

39 19 ft...,s af tee emedroeSlice. ,tit ....... tIII4 ewe' 8c /

3 LB. Can Gallon listed. F.fall ll<*tblpi tsltlos are ...........ea.. .... .. ... 9..

Left m till $S.H ir uri |H| "
.t tttlr, .lf., at sell ..",.. < .
I M a ship.td af II|, MOa soh
U. S. GOOD CLUB STEAK n. 65( ad Itt s4.sty allt< .1 .mET z.ra. : ,

acts, flsstr Is the rtR,.,.... /rent J.,.,.
104. tat.tltl.a ere
.l ...... frt ever II tool

McXEMZK FROZEN CUT OKRA MI 'ilL 25* YElLOW 0011... -+ "'. mrttatisa l'i t rreon 2':
: Mtl tf MlOlUgtt 'IN'cY
OM10NS as 4 aalttrtl, M.dlvrll 3 9
I thee the '.1'.'
IGOIIII tstta t4 fas***. .
NIT NiAlO WWf 1St. f c. 39< reGr 1TUt'si .. 49' .

i I I sow./ ..... a ..btrbh dl w
: Ise
jm ... !
iMOtKKMM ....
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-. ... -"" ,
im GUll RK s ti. PII. 5f< W IHf (iN tit+ ... ,.. .--" "- -,

1:1'1 .(

i ".,."aaWJI ft yalHtt> '
If MaiWAr \

VITAL fOOl Ami JIll mitt I'C Iu.MI Islamic -

mar .w w MM x
fct i M ir IMWsTWI

'TtfSA 1 1icmj 170 a r BaWrWim Downtown Store
: ,
EATWEll TW T 2Z j i

\ m Mm RH.JJI1IH aaiPhilips

Call *. ** .........+arb

-, L a JMm < .. ..de

i FLIIIBI SIll rmu : ,,' MTHIITI "ttltl "' H.

I lily White lodge Class Slates Mother Midway Quartet Slated Top Honors

j Meets March 23 Rummage Sale AME Church 11 1

, A full attendance orcabers I bunb. e

la requested by All-Day Bat rfay The stttt Rally watch

officials of Lib Kbit A rump salt to benefit was organised recently,
lodge 317 which till persons of all ages will terminate Sunday, Plrst Timothy Bap tlat'a Deacons and Deaconess
hold Its regular monthly will bs held all-day Mar. 22 with the fol- Boards will hold joint anniversary service Son

...Un.londa1. March 23 Saturday at 1184 ff. owing captains lid co- !!.;; day, Mar. 23 at I p... la the thirds eudUorl*.
at 7:20 o'clock li Beaver ft., It pas announced captlaaa representing The Loath Districts will melt Sunday following
Trinity Baptist Chare Joint ftllowshlp service will
this ",k. respective states: ,01'll1IlOnbip.
Plans will center around Bargains In clothing, Florida, Mra. Josephine be held Sunday at 2:30: p... In Emanuel Baptist

which the take Grand place Assembly April shoes, and furnishing Thoaaa and A.C. tells; ;' Church. .................
are praised at nominal Georgia Mrs.Ann U Pracltr .t..
22-26 la Tampa Pla.Basti prices under the auspicesof and Mra.Mlnalt Pitt- A revision la the schedule disclosed .hat Pals
to the grand the Ana Dorsey Sunday .aa; 8. Carolina Mrs. ;(. Sunday worship at Bethel Baptist Inatltutlonal

Asssably will la... School Class of Peeler C.C Armstrong and ..A. ,... \\'Itf,; : Church will begin at B p... instead of the usual I
State nd Jefferson Its Memorial Methodist Benton; Altbaaa, Kra.L. ;... ... 11 o'clock hour. Rev. R.H. til son, pastor, will
at 0:30: p...,Apfll 22nd. Church. .'. Henderson and Cvtr deliver his sermon from the tbefe, "A Time for

Round trip tickets cost- Orgultationafaalllt heart Ulllaaa.Tht Cheering."
lug 10.50 lay bt ... sad individuals art urged captains will be ....................

cured from Mri Loud la to take advantage of the assisted by elsss lead- .

Price president; Mr*. fantastic barialat.Ml. trs. Each member is asked According to Superintendent T.Y. Huger, a traditional
Isabel It Bailey,. trans to pay 15 for the District Easter Eu Hunt will conducted at food-

portatlon chairman, or t. Salem'Announces Conference and 14 law DnltedPreibyterlan Church for amberof the
froa ...b.,. of tilt for till budttt year '84. church school on Monday, Mar. 30. All members are

Lodge,, REGISTER! Services Each board and auxiliary requested to bring memorial flowers to the church

y Emanuel: I la expected to pay t20. on Easter Sunday.
worship services for The pastor, Rev, J.'. ......................
It. Salt Baptist Church
Baptist Church located Jones Is depending upon The Heroines of Jericho will observe Pals Sundayon
at 22nd and
' Itn....L. Sync, pastorof each member, board and Masonic Temple's 5th floor auditorium beginningat
I/ begin
/ AfiysilBla Baptist with Sunday School at auxiliary to asks Mar. rat ALL ROUND excellence la the ptrforaact of their duties, ..- 3: IS p.a., Deputy A.M. Prazler announced. Ill

Church, will deliver the 9:30: .... with Superintendent 22 a red Ittttr day by bens of Troop 17J of Second Baptist Church, will receive the tI.bo'1"Scout members are required to bt In cowplete UIIU",..
straoj) during tilt joist Gerald Nelson reporting claims to till award during the Court of Honor scheduled for ftdneaday at Bo All fellow organlration are invited. Rev. I.'I.

serrto.s Sunday at 2:30: la ebu,.. Hit lesson, state captains, leaders clock la the church pnturt honorees fro left art: Huestoa Jackson Kenneth Jones of Comuolty Baptist Church will be the
II.', 3n nstnuil Baptist or church stcrttary.Rtv Brocklnghaa Douglas Hall and Michael Porrtattr. An apeaker. ,
"Two Men Two Deitl- A.C. Siaaons is the It'saooutaaattr. _.. ..... ...
Church, I.E. Norman of Redeem .....uu..uUUUUA.... ..... .
8.U BadgerIs III." will bt reviewedby (Royal Art Studio fhoto )
host pastor. tht Baptist Church and. Umber Board I of MacuJonla Baptist Church will
pastor MT. '.4- ..
The :'junior Choir will Rogers.Morning. Re*. N. McCray of Union WoodlawB Mt. observe its anniversary March 30 at 8 p... in the .
rehearse Friday at 9.30: Coaaualty All Church J o I a I church audltorlin. The unit will hold a tea Sunday I

P.M. 'and Choir 1 will .... At 3 service P.M., a pre-11 along with their choirs, Church Notes'nr Dept. Elects Slate I I Held Deaconess froa' 4-8 p.* The Board will also sell dinners
rehearse at I p... Raster ushers and congregations, By Sunday fro the hone of Mra. Josephine filllaa .
program will bt During its annual election
L N rtAroM, Sit
Rehearsal for the Malt will be at Mother Midwayla
presented to benefit the of officers held Si4ersA
Mack L.
Chart's Is slated for the interest of the Hayes, whojoll.d Dorcas ,
Stone Drive Curtis recently, Miss Florence
Saturday at 7:30: P.", Rogers In chart states of Georgia and Church the hire Presbyterian sometime Johnson became new pre- joint ....lon'',by the Season's prettiest look
Ulller.lJoard 1 and 3 has South! Carolina, at the
Council and
Evening service sldent of Mt. Ararat ,
begins had ,, .
ago tilt invisible ,, ? 1"
progressed its annivsr- state rally terainttee. I ,
at 6 Dorcas Sisters vtas held
p.i. Baptist Chvrch'a Youth
ties of friendship, love
sary :for Monday, March Many other friends will
In tilt hone Mrs,
The public Is lulled to Departaent. Mrs L.[, oj
Mr. Hayes
23 at" 8 be here at this was '
II.' A program time
Idtlla tilsonv
atttnd all .. 10TTScrlven
.nle. '. made superintendent' Bland Installed officers
will highlight tilt ob- Members art argtd to attend ,ij. Imes '
Also St. 0ti
t.q.< Rogers, pastor receiving posts afad was
asrvmnce. the Church School He .
REGISTER! all of Sunday services followed by ft ..
I were: the1
orgsnittd one of the
aad activities.
Miss winnont Lang, view meeting during Twidty,
lAY-A-WAY FOR EASTER till Sunday School and In strongest the history church! of schools the president, Miss Joan of this week In the
ACT League will bold a boat of Mra. raestRdsards
church Lang, secretary: Miss
Boys Suits joist featuring program local at talent 3 p.... tttchtrt milk at 8. such Olin Sandra Towers, Militant Avenus. 1141 ,Myrtle:

secretary Miss Joan j
Pearson, Mr. and Mra
aunt or rowers
.. -Fowler J financial secretary : Presidents Lois Call
C.L. James, Mrs C.
Sties 1 Ito 20 Sunday School will Oplll'at : Him MargartttaLovett sad f.M. Pricier arc

f30: .... with I. e. Alexander,.Do lIue,. Ir.Mrs.and Dorothy Mra. reporter, and president of the re' Y a ,
$6.95 to $19.95 Hart and Instructors Mrs. A.Bill tho treasurer. apectlvt or<tloni,
supervising. Moraine worship Bennett Kri. OphtllaRaailtonMn. 4

IN liCIIN lUllS I MTU. I. gets underway at II 0.1. Hillman ...... ............. ; ,
.,.. Ire Fdtth: R. Me
Tht pastor will I de. '
"flEC" lit Its Vitl lad Silt. liver the serwon.Reva. Oruder, Miss Dorothy SHOWROOM a
Borroughs' and others.Mr. I
and : .
Girl Dresses will head the services Hayes showed signs
starting at 1-30: p... of having awiulae qualification l oo
of a deacon e BARS -AND BACKBARJe :
Slits 1 to 14 StttmHTIOKJ REGISTER! sn IIr was ordained as a SHOWCASES J. ,, ,' ,l.,. : .. .

li IIIU I PASTELS lit frig lei.X1.98 deacon and proved faithful J : The
trip Official Camel to that/\ office. e COUNTERS e Rider, a Mart fashion choice: Reign mud AnHr"

to $10.95 Mrs. Rliit Cook, president Church..School.. begins e WALLCASES e. *ctltor. Slacked heel
at 9: 30 Aundu.si tb
of Lily ihltt Lodge T.V Huger auperlattn' > : ALL m[ SIOIIGW UMPUS u siisiwi'ii! ufmcs A. $14.95 ,
174 and a member of Macedonia -
dent la ,..

Broadway Dept. Store la ooifintd napttst with Church tlliitaa worship 10:53.: Ret.will P.O.begla Morning Wilson at : GEORGE DORO FIXTURE C.( ; : WALK( OVER BOOTERY

la Brewster Hospital. 102 FLORIDA AVI. It I-4IS1
will preach t..... atraoa.
HUB $I. IL Mill 23 W. ADAMS
Members and friends nay The Chancel and teatlaattr ....................
laU htr. J
Caoras will
support the rite with

lies But Matthews at the .k ,

orgaa. 4c pi
All who art doaatlag

d30 C SSAi wens for the aaaaal
Raster wee but Mnnday,
1124 W. 9UYERltKITlIRl at 4 P.m. please brims
boiled. Youth and children pkll
Tttlrt / choir will rehearse
with Ire Pred D. Davis
Sunday at 5 II.', Monday
tht Girl Scoot will

meet at 4 p... ednet.dajrider >

BIG DOLLAR DAY SALE will and Deacon lead I. prayer Olli G. Nirgravt Pearson nenlctla

PORK CHOPS Leek Whit 'I- Will Buy! the co.'.nu, room
at 7:30: ,.*. Thursday,,

S ,. ee SlicedBACON 1 YOUR tile Boy Scouts will meet
at I d clot!.

CI10ICK .- MGIS1tIt: L:""
r '
It gird CIa, lit .e, .. : ., AntMle. <4l ..... M pUy to th*.*.*,*
BEEF LIVER e a bw.ey. we seO.e.eowi e1 II'- c.r-. borwe
h- A..aette ice MM bedrNal Mess II'-
fl.. J. trwalVaUtaldEU taw t* ifc* eww.1 Mrs. G..e eipUMi. *.
BRISKET STEW f IEIU '*>4 *4 caste v* keep he en C..*'Xio*.
3 wee ......" c.- Is tilt ....
Isle IIHEI .m *..* vc MM 0 roe Sowed. ..... ewe
SMei.rd bosses IM Mime ?wed _
p a.aqua MtM
till twvvr toss lair ia II ........a..' tSfSO smut weaN el.a.rltCtpl ..
HAM HOCKS U M wtMt... a* *ca. .* "" '. ._,,, '- -.. ...

mew ..,... CM pmt It watia
Perl M l..l LIS aa ..... r Tl

TONGUEWHITE tor IOM uitaaotaj -----

F. I I ClllAT18n JAfUJl[-....,
a It will met "t eff. II 1 f
siege a* several Mala*. I t..a

Maws .h..... Mtklat.saa .w I'M--- -w e.y.-,w.-J.. w c-a burm..r_ IS.'S..............M
SPARERIBS ;==:-.M..m e.w..w.w. t. N4. .====paw er .....Sam
lerwaaeat wavlag.tarllaa gym.-I= .w- soartW M ...._ I t.I ...........tatllee 11m
tARMOUtl ,4Lbs.e. $ e* etrelakiwlsIre.eitt.e :.M ....... C -.- .m a.. M m T CM Mwm em w. w i'esI.Mla......- K e....ww-sa.....-

take II wff.TM .
cam tttergray IMS wWtvWWWn
arwtSfiT &SffiMraif
MEATS 4 PkCJ. eILA. flCCvVnldnty 114 cueeese.r.d
hair M alter alwt

TT BRAND mwiN we a or bop ..-a. IUCI the Year, has 17 jKinptiMic 1. 5-:,.=-::.

HENS 2 Hens (lAY,, 5 Lbs.T) Far aura aua.IDPCUMIT. I suu
RM.IqSpos. Every vnjt' one a Cam r tion bbyl ::, .......................m
6f.t. "A" lessee Twitf ..... 10lisdr ,
LEGS A. Cw.ea aM alma ISllr.t at ..,.G4.'s.km..iwa ad&sMlt'ge1es ....ss+s........
3 UN. teas MT nnirat tin Nulls rtanauM VW..r said ..... a wa>- a ware-bv Lap said tmm.lif ..... .."" ....
......t Batty .........-....M t1.Ttt'n.' rrv Ta t*fe4 lay.aa .....oJ'OIL smsises e..r' ..=
WINGS e e e e 3 UK. e c/amon: lee aa <1r .tHM IApras.r, t III INS aw ....... his awvtiMlpcrIrfx as NrA c..IiM N t4lt'f same -p J .1 eat oesae..n'.ums .
label, Cklert. *e b.es is Ws.hig.em. DC TW ksfcy.AasjHwtaK ts 1H.l a- W..cA....ie
NECKS . 6 Lh. _limit.. A aimirbifm mew b. it e sues MTM fr--"" _.. Oamstisaiun as.setr.rg0'IJtaUru .
Iw't 4 *. llm$.i Chute ........... Le..yry..e .et..........Sasmina.. emr--=::..ararar
I Pflee per wa 11." plat iMI aged es.s........ M lbw llee.s helps.hsdm is the bun. ............,.
...... Ace.Ui6 ., 1we ........ a.cw..,.. Ad ...........__eM.........a..... .......awe CIIIIL
STEAK !H tSd 69: .#tasfc Aww as..mere ka wV L ...*. Is, 1.ed....t. taut eeryj.

IPIAK PMM.\CY ...." ..... ----......

VAIN HE HI lIMIt Sill M HIT TlClllltl 4 bn li .hi. t BL 1'

.w., .w .h.+w...., ...ar..+.,..-.t... w ..+L. .. w .,x". .


,------ -

'.tf1\' __'" FlIllDa SUI PIPERS mi 7

I HM "'ftefessei ;FAMU Speaker Emphasizes Clinician Take .'Panel> ","__-' Break _____ YES, WE ALL TALK

Receives Fori ,New Role For Negro Youth "N.'. 11' .i' ." ." Easter Speech
"" I Br Marcus H. Sou 1"a're
Mllovibfenor. '6f t leap'"tAUJUUSSW I \. In developing the Easter 81)eech.117 not

\ '... discuss the arrest and three trials of
take hit place la aa Africa of tko aalatat h- i : ,
Jesus In
t <'ii1 tents of Roman and Jewish laws.
tart la that of ,nparlalI.P'O youth to attt the I I ) ..
Blaflo standard competition of a aoo-atirtfattdocltty. /.!!t. f: /" I I, The speaker sight also trace the events and
,' : >: '\ 1 happenings during the last week of the life
\ ; .t'JhL
Dr. Xtaatth I. Clark ;professor of ;' :j J ii of Jesus Finally, a third approach wouldbe
psychology, city College of Kttr fork, rtcntly to talk about Good Frldiiv-.emphasizing

told a Florida Oaldaaco Conference ndltnct ; \ j\, '\"' r. "' 1" 1 j that the Jews who cried 'Cruc it, Him"
Florida UX Onivtralty. ..................... '
say," aaatrttd the ( I. i 1 were not the sage crowd thAt said "Ho-
Tht :
of conflict lattaalflcatloB sad resist.sate aptaker' who served u a 1. ',. ; : : ;: ,sannah to the King" as Christ rode Into

: social >claaet consultant ,. .. ( : Jerusalem on a Donkey
la the iaheristimmediacy iiI' J. '
for the national 1 \' ,', If '."\ '.r!. ." ,' '" \ Then a speaker light show how, even In
of tilt .Nttor '
Annotation for tilt Ad- ... \'e ,: .:!' ,I Kv! t death, Christ bore Himself so nobly as a
and '
a dtaaadi which the vanctatnt of Colored ... ",, "V'" 'f 1'f, ., .... King The dying criminal had faith In the
Btthoda .
tfraaatlo .
Ptoplt daring the faaoaa ".f; Master and asked Jesus to ri'mtvniwr, him then
ht la BOW using to obtain
I he
desegregation came to Paradise
his goals, natttr cant,
Bro a Tt. Topeka from If you wanted to pursue n :- i.-ch on Good
Btandably obscure some
nor. BCQHFKTAILWAS6CP which tko use Supreot r Friday, you could discuss tiu various virtues -
of tilt profoiadhoaaa
AlfonaolloSet probltat ort involved Court school deaegrtIttloo .. ... of the pain tree and hat it symbolized -

Btalataat pro la vakUt the traaaitloa decltloa ttttaitd."Thtr't CLINICAL: ASSOCIATION rSTK Dr. H. (Bjartoa young, I.D.. ,..Do, professor of In connection with .'."qlL Upon request -

tensor of law, la the froa a racially atirt art the protect awro anatomy at Howard Uniwtlty, third from: the rlitit hold the attention of the writer will pro;':ui,' peechea for

Florida MM University gated to a non-atjrt- loot of mediocrity, a group of medical mm and educators with account of kU recent tiperleuctt la Easter.

College of Las baa gated society,' Dr. Inferiority, apathy and medicine la India and the tar tait. Pictured lltttnlni during a reception given
empty posturing la pilOt 1 aad .. Gore Open Krtnlngs Til 0,90 f M
bees atardtd a Ford Clark atattd.Author by ire. George Jr., for vitttora to the Florida A&N University

Pottudatloa Ptllowtklp of auBtrona corks of solid achltrtaeit," laical Association tad university adalnlatratort end their lutttt, Ire. left

of tT.lOb for tt dy oa child psychology and bt pointed oat. Thtttprottetjont to right: Dr. I. Perry trap professor soil chairman of the Department of Ptdiatrlca. .

towvd the' /.8. L,..degneat widely quoted and la de- will hart Kcharry Medical College, Naahvlllt, Ttnn.; Dr. Ore; Dr. John Y. Oieault R. S. EVANS3RD

Columbia Dalvora'U Band aaaooniultinf psychologist to disappear aa the Sarasota; Dr. !CIUII". H hUton. D.C.; Dr. Melvin 0. Ala ton, head of the

during the 1'.4-6S the speaker Negro seeks to save and School of Education, Florida MM.; and Dr, Samuel Baths Ph.O dapUlaHiUU & MAIN

academic ,..r. continued: "It la ay btclaatOBort his segregated Miller Hoapltal and Health Center, University of florid, OUnttvlUt
A latlrt of Tallahu belief that whtaltht past itatutt (Jesse L. Nipper Photo ) We Need Older Curs
see. HcGhtt ... ht recipient cries of anfiUah of' thtBtfrtfatloalit Driver Education Confab Stresses Will Give Mighty High Trades
of oat of about have subsided HEN Till HE III

seven such ftllowthlpa at they eventually Home Stability As Basic Problem 63 Pont. Bonne. Cou ..'o .$3195
award each jest for will because they mat Ton Heck Hit Best Doctor

doctoral stud la till then the .Negro hiaatlf Jason II Speaker P Phew Your Doctor Prttcrlbea 64 5Tov,Impala Coi '.' ,,$2995
area of Jarltprudtict ,am be confronted llth TAILAHA8S $tabtllt4 la the home "'is basic to Get Experienced Pharaacltta ye' "i.it'e.svu'ne

at Coluabla tnlrertlty. hit own loa.r moieties, keeping; tbt prob)*.a of ,...-.|. drl",. at e.inisu. : .Acoordlni to Tour Doctor1 co CAHill. AI',. roSVJRTIIU. ,, : : .'::il! :,
*> ITWM| IM" ft .It 1 '"
,.110.. of the Ford his cohflfeti, aad his ., This was the eoactntua of one of the key Ordtra. to Vat Only The Mat .
Dr. Co L Slack GO CADII"( 'UEl'\\'oun .Sltll,,
Fouidatloa program are challenges, at ht dares speakers during the Driver Educatloa Coaftrtact Quality Drum ."1 Awwl_. w
selected la tile baste really to move Into a held Jilt week at Florida MH University UDder Proprietor 62 CADILLAC COUP J }' $2995

of their potential tobtcoBt society of open cot pe- the apoaiorahlp of the state Department of Cdu ,' .
S RFQUTWro P1IAWUCI8T9' TO SFXVC' TOO '.:\'r.r'.UI \ ..r 1
OBtataadlattttchtra tition. It will then bo cation. TboBtt D. Bailer.. auDtrlattndtat. ("AOIlI.A(' .
la letil tduca- clear that the problems The 'attitude of tilt'te..r. ..............e.e.... A COMPLETE LINE OF ct* inrv''''.n63FordGalnxio"bt CONViRnnili ,T:601A

tlon.Attorney. of adjaatlai to change when ht starts tudei. Cosmetics .. Rubber Goods Candles "sundries '1t ) ,$2295!
McGhtV ttt art not only difficultfor driving art dtttralatd The role of the tdn PRESCRIPTIOM8 CALirD FOR ANDLilly's tlf11VItUD M tmiMHi.*.l''NltllTI .
graduated froa ttfc rAW whites but la even by his basic emotional cator la driver education 63' scud Coup X i $'595:

High school AIIt II, Bore laaldloua ways art security patterns aa Itt see tiaderaoortd by (IHCJIKV: V.IIMP llTOPSKi, !LMf.M .
1941. and received the palaful end difficult la tarly childhood: sod Dr. '.1. Coaba, t,.cla. Drug Store r.jou)4.NT ro \'r.l"'W i i b !l1f63 );\
LL I. degree. troD the for .Ntirota.Tht modified by later ti- Hat la atoondaiy education. Chov. hnPC11:1 C\
:: : ; .'. t. $ :.tili5
Florida AaN College ot wells of a segregated trllllC:', 'Srlveettr L. ;' Division of Educational .
IIIK Illl II 3 till
1111, -
Law IB 193$. REGISTER f society art not Ie..Ie,. fAMJ! instructor Services State

only daaailai to the In automotive ttohnoloo Department of Education.Or .
1U Negro but they art protective and associate professor Cbtiba who delivered
tie debilitatiasRl1l In driver and safety an address on Trl nr .1f I,
education atattd.Ht Educatloa" Potential

"" pointed oat flat Coatribatlona to General COFFEE'K sims

IIMPI1 alto batit to the tew Objectives of len '"," I
t ewe-ae.wAdrke aitr'a eaotloaal ..- stated: CIU'' nut

AM.ee ee Urn cult art: "tht attl "Tltt purpose of educatloa 1 lI. ,

r,;:..... .. l 1 todet of hit parents and la the American 59"

erne their frlwada, the at* hDO cuel--(1) ..lfrtlatloaa. ell I SPICIALS COOD QUANTITY 494"MI'

S t.,. ::;. '" =.."-:.: i SS tltadti bf.frlajtfr ttlltjratjogp1 JlII..n.. THROUGH SATURDAY RIGHTS ftlSIRVID

w.i'-c.--I'I.'::::..iR... iroup and, tht behavior ()). cl'Tt. re- I ./5.00 RrY UC! ttlllf

-.......--... M It tipeeta of him, his 'J1)III.UU1. (f) tcono- ot) MOIC rooa oDin
..._w- atlf-coartpt at a rtapoattble alt efficiency: and (S)
_. '!-- .---- .
--- -"t--c weber of thtcoMwalty the laptratlvt seeds of
UtM>=-=-.::S* mtf C ST: ff5.CzJf3=S-5 67 or aa a ptraoa youth all related directly I
=_ _"
mho II lOt respected to. .tilt obJtcttMttttabllahtd
c..NmR.eem sea mu-use me
IS by either the IB oar
t2. :. -to:::.=..; ._.,:.:. peer or adult grape sad driver tdtcttloa pro-

.. his aIf aaderttandlai, era*.
H .eew..r.a.e.er..r..rr..w
MB.Hg.I BMWBIA BW.fWM to taBMARer. 77 shy ht feels end bebavettht
M way lit, dot and thy A & M Stiffen
see pacer r--
30 ... :: posse 105e' other perm Ala react lo
Oi Honor
t ='":iJr:.": his aa th ey do."TeBacra S eF

37 _._ ___ ._ 14r kavtapeclalatirtftha Society' Groups
=-: :.'\=;.'.". :. f_-.. end weahaetteala
a.me of r mr e. .. their optratl tf aear. HAMPTON INSTITUTE -
42 ::::
.rw..ww N ." fret Ittilty Three sectors of the

41' rG, :...... .f' said. 'Thtlr strengths Florida AaV ValftraKyadtlalttratltt
la their, phyalealebtrteterltllct staff
T* Better Tear List ....*. art
'3 Ufhy P....ee I snee r. wlm K mad aad facalty will ftae
their ..ak.....* art IBaaowltdit tics la official eaparl
tad attl- ties here dtrlni Iketertead
Of larch 14'$.
.=oao=..a.a.a..a.aoa.QIi she Alpha. Kappa M *.. : twill -

Ii IS YOUR HOME SICK ? o bolds toartatloa tltaal its Nose ZIti the t.tety.HB....* 't-O. SUGAR CATSUP 1.u.. kcrta

to laatltatt ,...,... JliS.iJ.rs lts2JC!

Ii Call "Dr> Perryman H D q Three atltatl tfflcta AR 11II1 'N 1U

art held by Alpha tarps st .rs PEAS
I. members from PASO 3
S 'HOUSE DOCTOR 0 secretary-treaeerer, Or ... l' r, -Slr.co. 11(11 e

Surge t. Ogre Jr., P*.* ''sort ewe r,.; ..cotsssUt

o &G. a I tent of Florldt ea*; 4 LAS I

n .y g ttttevtlta teirtltry tWEUH fllHS SIHII' :

c: *..W Dr. Lacy .... A<.te,
Ota KariaQtopt head of the DtMHatttf PICNICS "

c/: ff 0 ........; sad tirt fG
tor of publicity Jo,1 HAIlS
O ** C*w- f. Riley bead of tat 'S .:,', Can

D...... '. ...... D D. artawat tf .1...". C I. : elf f
>; Other offlctrt tf tkt
o ct3&5fi: .dSJ aatitaal homer t..ltlyart 1 Lt lIlTS 1s'AK

e : prttldett Or.

e REMODEL a REPAIR m ADD ON Theme of FrttatB phi leeoph, prffttatr : : SUI[ 3

n of Home SI Tines flMthera t lrrtlty : ii, 29C HITS
All Types ImprovementsALUMINUM ....,.., via prt o

1.reln taee/.eee.rg silent uteri ariaa,
; Lecbseeres AWIU.. aJ trrlB I'.., t......, "UH'S CLEUHHI nucPOTATOCS E'Rttt 3
U AWNINGS L"P"t Atlanta: ......., ttlary. ,,
a... A44.... eaarr... tdltb ptrktr.atte : :

D 30M. t1.tUf3ems...... Klhlla.a n >o lattltatt, t4bltttrlaw : KHTER Can

c..pata Med..sOr9e. i I.,. esters
..... .........
OFF SUM, ,....... e.el ai7laa4 ..,. ttll< *., .tI.IUlA ww Ui?
I : .
a. .. A... Prlat.tt .....
""" N HI ter
Alpha tppa la IMcatyttt & lUll m S
I 1 at ever at se!-
I..c$3": : !..*. .. MlttrtlllMtttrt ..
i / I. S. N 1
-r ft prwwltt a4ttt k SlUtS
assaste h/A e4550'iAp

a "- sans-seat genmtnrlIr amlmg ........ TATOES OLEO
:I. i I HRUr ,"u ft. shatters art att-
M lived .. renege ft** r A'1

PE'uCO. I Ic 9aeee law Mlesere ae I ..
= Ilc.g: !
f florid aM fn. Fart Ie
Iaa4 U ,...*. :
tae.olyrend 1t.ee.ti.s.e, OpnrMo4 1f4g Amarlf mere 1W Fltrlda Mrs .**. ,, 1tX .OO

.. E.a/M 1911 IVIHIHH Avc .,. i.BIN J ttt tt Al.... ta p* M.an *. :;II" lAte,
.. ..,.. iat If > tItIfIIaSATRR'RAY
'.'...'._.'._._... .' 4, time ........ ,- 'w

....... .. ... .'_ _. __. .._ _.. '. .. __ .. . _' . .. N ." ''''-' N' .

r I .

SITIIUT Mltti 21, 1114
mt rmii
ctl r .N .. -

S -

i is


.... _. ,
--'-- -- -- -Jllll'f" I -

GoHhsr Slates Training Maine Collegians I I Visit FMC Gets National Appointment
I Spring __ ._. ______
.. COUMBIA, Mo.-Or. coon f, Gore Jr. ,..Idlllt
For '64 Rattlers' Grid Machine ; of Florida AK University, has been appointed to
; ':!, servo as a member of tilt Coaaltte oa federal
TAIL. HASSBICFFondaof MAl IS Rattlers began 30 days tfJ'"i: t Legislation of the Association of State Uni *raitlea -
pro-Miion trtiolni I hero Jut w tk. The two ; and Land-Grant CoU...*.
hour-a day sessions will bi held Monday, Tuesday, ;
and Friday fro 4:00: to ere ::::00: p... \,1" Beach Sues HELP WANTED
....................... Office Blip, Typing,
are going to t- Ilk to Uk a wait-and Llston FightSupporters scrtarikl, rood In

gin preparing for an- lit volley on friihua English, drlt car.
other sucetisful ..*. and ntw player
.. : fork in Mlial. Writs:
son, announced Head Halfback! Bob Hayes, *
d MIAMI BEACH (NI') Interstate, '.0. 101U'U
Conch'Mo'" aal tber. TbtPsttJers the tainted sprint _
The city of Plait Beach Jack.>n111 1,
flnlibtd the tar, and several other suit' Florida.
his Old a $10.000
'83 snon with a fart football players hue I -
against Championshir
8-2-0 record. been excused fro spring
sports, Inc. pn? oteri
Coraettlni further, the drills to pirtlelpit HIP VARTEB

r Aac1:>oicb Hid: In sprint sports, tad .+. ,i'r ..r..r.... ......_ ... -- =r.dvar..w..r..rtw..w1, rP' of Floyd the Patterson Sonny Llstos-hem tint Reporter Train**
.r. buss 14 Arthur Robinson nay nisi. High school grad ot.OM .
teitht cbeaplonshlFfilht
pliytri trot tht 'II sprint drills because oolli Must b*.
that liner case
quid, nil include our of his playing bnkt food SI Kaillah. till
ort her In March, 19113-
top outrttrbtck and our ball after tilt football trail. BtartlBc salary
The city wiuiti to col-
Ho, ) it>d, which posse 11011 'frit Interstate Press
lest the rent it
lerjcue probes to ourJlu"II..ttack.llpeohl "Tbr Is a strong w"l >.a Box 1171, Jacksonville
promised for the
: -,, poMlblllty that w* will Mach Cbnventlon .1, Florida
ly In dejth.7b laprov on our I-3-0
tfiluitton of record of last year, at
prsoinl will play a lout .. hop to inyway. ulpull !:3 STAR
vital rent In the overtil ."
fia.. of our spring Th Mttleri play the i
propan .. ire intlcl- ... on onnts this fills i tNDAlfO IHVIOCIllllllllll
PI till a iprlni cant they did list fill.
crlatli* but no dst Thy dropped close eon nntn. ALINGWXT 'TIRES WTATTO BMKFSAQXISTO
Has fe*.., Mt thus fir."It tests tO TBBSS AlII ) FRONT WHEELSTOIN BALANCED

II too tirly for Ftat University, 14-13, teN/t.ON a u"c u" seAas a MUfFL.I.I
._ to' nek. my predletlon Is Nanhvill and a 30-14 FftfiM MAINE TO rfCRIDA Bat. College, Lnlaton, Mewrial; and Dr. George floldat, New Tort City, 1N.Ne .1"..... t..11..CCIIIO..II
or comwnU about thriller to Teas Southra Main and their faculty escort, who recently paid Bates faculty ..ber who accowpalned the croup. ,W. 7.K AVI. 'In.Sill MIAMI" 00. fLA.
our /ronh recrutt,.,. In lack 101I,1 U'o a ...k'. visit to Florida Manorial ColUi. >t. Center froe left: Alice Branch and Sandra Kendrick
Augustine. are shoes Inspecting the Old Bli of Fir.' Rear fro left: David tilliaoi, corning Starting home
LOT II MMK BALLOTS Market, one of the objects of interest visited ".Y. ; Clifford Goodall, Portland, Me.; Ruii>i>llBrlaion a new ?

GUM AMTEED NY.; .UVMN I ..forCITIZENSHIP during their tour of the Bittern's oldest city, In and Norman' Bowie, Baco Me, Peter D .( CM s.vt YOU ....Q ON rUNNITUNC AHO m.thCit.
I MAID jom I3VI53 sit a foreground fro lift ir*: Janet McEaefern, Ann 'rrico, 'aro, ".n. ; and Franklin loss, FMC. FMC' (Use vou HVINCJ roe a st oNo //mans.)
Feat ADVANCIO. MAUORV Arbor, Mich,. Bennie Messenger, Reno, "n, RT, students will I repay the hit this aeeter.
AGUC';, \'I"q!l. N.Y, Ottl U '"t, director of Mlillou Life, Florida (Florida Manorial Photo ) .Alexander Furniture Exchange


t OTEL MARY ELIZABETH I Cry Will Distinguished lawyers To FeilursAniuil : LI

.) A & M Law CoiYOCition
f.J- J NAIA Spot I
/ Presents ? TALL : -Th* 11th Annual Inatituteof the Florida 3C12 II. 2111IE Alts t :
MM University College of Law, Icb.duh4..rcla. tJ.0
GUIIIILua, L a, -- .
& : JAZZ AT r ITS SWIHCIHSfST (iPF.C11L) The Crwbllni 30-31, will feature u its two principal speakers, 4 1712 I"i" ... ..
rl| ra nubdued hap th* Hoa. Ninan R. Caaclo, attorseyienefal of II'HY All SELL : _
less Dlllard University, the Coawjoaecalth of Puerto Rico, and Atty. Can*!
Featuring "
106-19, Moidiy night to Carrlnton Marr, advisor on political and lent .
Si attai r.the United Btatea Million to the United 5411 SHEET TIll sIPCONVt.ti.11
.( The Nool Crvi Trio, Nightly mint the e-K NU4 throne IBnintrlrt Nations ...................... topsG5Pff

Attjr..0..iralCanclowl! will be two JickMinvIll
The Cochtoll Fred HobHy'a rid and
f ";r.;' In Leveeee1e black employed deliver the keynote ad- lawyers. Atty. Leand J.Ih. F onr AND' !lAca.

'5 :AA And The Iii. hut> Of cnifthUi ogres fwt break and a dress Frtdiy emrnln, .. Jr., Duval County I-S. ,,,.00. SCAT Cnvte.;.
,;., .%' ; ; March 20. at 10 a... at public defender, and $16.95u 9% DiscounteInI
patrolled the boards
JONES a ooablBdalKunvriity Atty, Alfred *. Taylor, talc AD.j' ,
.WHY Aid His A steadily eirout to
and Collet* of Law conno- aaaiatant la the rraval ; "'" 'I" '". *'1' N. W, ...I'
l ,4 their 2thttctory la ,eat ton la Lee Hall Audi- County toile t tor'. of. ra.NOlaco C..a'.... HI, AM I, II A,
CONTINENTALS In Pa 38 8.ea.OruOUai. tort um.Atty. .. Their late 1981appolatnent
felted 111 I. Marr will b* the to the Duvil DON'T LOSE YOUR DRIVE1 UCCNSE
Je lard,. 90-74, Utirdv institute ba qut speaker public defender's and tr.RVice nUT INSURANCE AGENCY.*.WMMT
audit"" and chimed NUA Saturday ertaini, March solicitor's staffs set a push test ar lit Mcs >Mr oVH*** leases stem
BIRDLANDN.W.I. district honors for the 31. precedent In northern Ali '"" swawindii.. or rvU4 laac My other Bftwcy to
a fourth tine/ In five ". ... of the laatltat, .... Slats *l ........

yeara la the bit of lntitrtlon of Justice M.ws J1LID SAMX DAY

\S >42 SECOND AVENUE P three A dlMpp4intli series, crowd tor ,both II tll1 apakrs.provide topic '" h Senrioo Firtl ImrMOoJ497 Ag..ey

.f 1600 witched tile bit The iBitltat, which ..... '
iciest of I lory.Im also serves aa a ''110.*. ... Noobc ?tk A...... ftfiani. NH
coaiii" activity for t Jor k.evt 27tl AVCMC.Op.-Loda ,...h4A 44612

"I Mftir ti.Suvict College of Law aliaai, '-

1'40IllU'FMTITil MO will attract la. graduate a seeker aa ofFAMV '. "jI tf{ ........ GOOD FRIEND SHOP

tt5llllte1. +AeeNiM.wtu '' visitors to the cusp.. r ( b, t WEST FUGLE STREET
,b,1/r' aad as partleipiata OB
the aa. MIAMI. rtOtOA
A proiraa. 4AoII. i
SimS Ti Jim TM will b* JMM .. tll"1

27 $.L, HTM Avl. Cut recently appointed oal. Beautiful Dresses For The,
HI 4-1JOJ 2OS. OLD cipal Judge at C*-Look ATTT. lAMa
I fl'E'2 I IMONT Qjt\.u "1b, c.L: a: ..un APpesrisg os the prog Florida for th* year.

Atty fftaw, th* son of
Dr. .....M J. .... den
.f the Qraduat Bchool at

IIi' Florida Ul, reeelved
Its law degree fro*) No* -
art University waahUstoo .

$ <95< D.C. B* formerly
I 9 ta(tit U the FAMJ Col -

Arty, Taylor U a grad -
war. ells sate of T.ak*.** laatl* 3 for $3.99
BAL. 2 fRONT TIRES tiro aid terser high

\. I.i' ., school principal In Mis $11.00 sock
si.slhs.d Florida. M*
1 received his law decree
1AWGN FRONT END t.... th* Oilterilty, ofBMUera
; CalltoraU.TIM .. LADIES DRESSES 2 for $11.00
4 .i
CARl ANO ctriy
&.: .'l', \ iMtlttUMl $5.99 each
( f a* atlali8 Iild ,

: PACK WHEELS ";;'J' atl*.al preiraa ter
.. .,
tk. Krveo* of U..
latorwAtlo ,. lewjerm,
jad.*i, law tcners. DRESSES S1.97up

CHECK BRAKE UNEINO f, ..... sod !.,... ...*
obese of the UitlUtowill Linger Specials.

N held .. the Moot
IIIWIMPSI HALFjVARTi teeth .*.. U ,.. PAL rums 3MI* juuffi 2 / SIM\

K i Kn., .. ...... t1fn".rwa.> .M tail' Q.IIP. .!.U*. *at Ntldlst.Atts4M U* ln-. u .n's S1.N liUUIfS Z / S'.M'

1M ..11-" tl-&ty 11..1 P.sty... stltsle U open U U*
.. PAUtlS $1.11.SLIMS. SI.N
pinltw. totofMttM *
11-"tt W ..... from eM hMf safl.sl, aniM the iMUtat tat "

*. .. eb .a.*. ky wrltddK.U CIIIIIEIS SUM Si.ll
1M It., ...
f tllllMa, '"C'''
I lit thine tt1.tote t-a'' ,*tlmaw' ItaaM MUlerMit HOSIERY

> .a, dew of aho 0.l.
1 '***....... *ukMvnn 4 I -t (... .lUe, J1.Ha AMWlewnltr. Seamless. Nylons 3 for 1.00
.........ce.aw.e...... I
A/vOaewrt.........-. s..e",. ,ce..A s R -

, I

H r-- ,

Students Given Biven's Specials Internationally Famed Group Scheduled Here St. Matthew Mrs. Bnrroigks

'Break' Through Are Programing _- Baptist Church Will I I I Fiilin'

Ticket Sales The Junior Depart.."
Special Events which sects every third Mt. Sisal Recital
thanks to the Sew
sera will bo a apaelalbaaaflt Satarday of the. eonth Mn. Allot BarroBtb
teioral Mrst.r. lobe
sterns oa Monday roceatly held its aaaaal will to presented la a
Modaro and hit .,-
aliht.March art at olected of officers Ntilo rcetttl Sunday
side selesea, 1tudsts -
tko loft"" a first bra' with tko following a.rvtai avealu March Jlth at
li local
Toaplo oa Cnlon Street oa the slate: 1 o'clock la the audi
loadlBi ip to Milor This progress to la tko KayaoBd Pierce, proal tortes Of tkO Mt. Sisal
will be aa* interest of till Blvea'sSpool oldest; LlBdy Kay, vice baptist Ckarcb. Tble
tkorlaad to
purchaseb.a.on alt Pro-anal venaryobaervaaeo president, Debora Sklpp, affair la sponsored by
ticket to all
which la to secretaryirenda; Thoau, tko Oeoritt State group
of tko Bon hose
saaee bo bald oa taster Sandy aaalatait secretary: of the frS State Rally,
for a aero ".00. sight at tat! TrluaphMolllaaaa Brenda" Haley, ekaplata; leidlts the state of
Athletic dlrecton ...400101a.
Church to art llorta Pierce, treacarer; Georgia are Mrt. Irene
.. la all of the
lavltlBi each aad ovary lands Taylor reporter Parker Mrs Bealstr
schools toting IB the
oao to attoad both af- Deacon Roiald Jokaioala brows and Mri. Addle
of "oatildo
falra.Tbaro. tbo leader. Btff.Ska.
111..1."art preteatly will be a prepot Choir 2 will rehearse till bo joined by

aiding tko atudeota at tko 2nd Corlatk Bap- at its regular tlao Prl- her dnihtor Roilya a

deelroaa of purebBiiai tilt Church day.Mrt, Jessie Pricier, teller of NortkeeitcraHltli
the aeaacn tickets stbdtrBftaraooa ANNUAL OCNCOtT TOO la Florida 'by the latorutloaally bred Raaptoa Institute Choir till eaa la Jack
This IM4 Oraathal St. will School and t ...ber
proiraa eon villa Thursday larch JI at I .... la Civil Aadltorlia under the auspices of the Jackaoavlllo
Bethel PlansHomecoming will feature cbarlatto boat the Monday March of the school. chores.Iaetrss.atallsts .
Chapter of ...,tOl'. National Aluaal Aiaoclatloa. Advance ticket ales indicate that a capacity at-
V. Brow aad tko Blvon'a 2trd aeettai of District will
tendance of i.ilo lovers aaat little audltortua. The Choir
will fill the I0 Theatre facility of the '
Specials Louise livens Tat 1:50: ,.'.1\. floral kt Mn. Catkertie Sykea
CALL/RAN/ Bethel AMI will appear before audiences la Florida AM teat Pals Beach sad Sisal oa Mar. 33, 14, and 1) Noted
proaldeot.Sunday Club will sect with Mrs tad Cue f. Shoot ea,
Church of Callehaa. till director, Dr. tllllaa B. Stooey, PM.D.t and tko wtitaadlni group are shows la the above photo. RCSISTW!
sight fee group Lucille Sutler oa w, li prertouc years,
observe It* loaOMBlaiSunday will bt tt bishop L.T. Ed Solllvii Is 22nd Stroet. oat U the alaitiiirovea
.lae Sunday School Thoapaoa'a Church 1906Morakoaao faftrlllHr Rituras. Director K.D. McFirlii ADBOBKIS Dimmers till bo told of the church

under Superintendent J. load. REGISTER! Alter HUT Yurs Now StHtea s Symphonic Bud Roster Co Chilrnu Of all-day Saturday at the will acooarany Mri 'Bur
H.. McXBliht 1* scheduled
NAACP IV SkowmroM residence cf Mra. Oeral rouib, rportln her
to boila at 1:45.: m raid St. StiphiD Choirs X.D. McParlli. director of the New Staatoa Sealer -rd Sullivan disc Taylor 423S wtl- this' year elll be Choir,

worship tervltti Prtpin For Pre rsa Nigh School Sympboclo sand which till appear la the famed colit tot It. A Fats Sunday 2 deep with other
tart at 11M and .". April bee Tea will Inert of the church.
Clvta C=tsr M Prides, 24 at Bl: ,.1. slat and television be apoaaoredky
J.C. Burney, aaeaborofaa l.aSor choirs of St.Stapkaa released a tentative Hat of band ...Dora tko'' are S.C. has agreed District t froa t.' Mrt Barrouib has appeared .
4 Suaday SoftoolaupenhtoBdeat Alt Ckareh till la dally practice sessions vlelai for the honor of eltb to .... it the partotaie, tkrouihitit tho
sere Sassy Davit
of It, hold a apaolal rehearsal. 1)11 w. nth St. Mn city iliiin. faalllarhywni
appearIM la this year a C ..
Calvary Baptlit Church Friday aliht la prepare .!.!.....UUUUU&UUU................. Jr. Past Coast oo- rvelyt Mnrda, net t, and artrttailn ar
Tko rooter folletttPlccolo chi r. of tko
Jackeoovllle. till do tics for the sass choirs Henry lard, Hwy Hoi- NAACPnationwide IOU St. till host a tasted aid celled for
Carol eloaedclr
-* Roes,
Hm tko ataaaio.At praaaatatloa aloai with comb spring Tea seder tkoaaiplaea her oily.
I ,... ..,. II.T. the Tooth Choir oo taster Aurora Dow; Plitelr Tro bono*>Naap Dawson, nit televtalna apec' of choir I. IIfCI: mt'LEARN '
aeet WkltoBreBda ...... tacular
oa Hay Id Icy
Otoratreot. pester ofHt. Sunday dent at T o'clock. ., > Orrla Mitchell Btekatltttirt .
1 field Olidra Batter meat trltht Illklia, NAq tiecutttoaecretary
labor Baptlat Church Durlai tko 11 a... service -
aloai with .bit choirs oa factor Sunday, white, License Mill latklBitoa Bit,' Jlaiale.Saapaon anttoaacod this.

ushers ud Juice Lesley, rtlllaaVlllarla Radolpk BlandItl wed,
wishers till tko choirs will also fan .
.have coaplato ebaria tab background susie to Rita. Jackson' : Baaael wllllaaa; Serving. aa feet Coit .r'a
of aertleoa the youth croup. Oboe-Alpha ..St,. tot lass Troabocie-Coy BlBi; co-d!&1"11I for the to t

Bettooo tko BonlBf end The genera) public It CPOWN PKINRPollewlai .,"VOIf1 asses Aleinder, Fucllah' .ruphontafBm.rd Mac hour rroiraai la okatr

aftenooa services, bo* lamed to :&UIII..1IoU of a period of Mom Larry MatthetatClarlaetNeraaa. key, tiihlattoB HaNson, vance of tilt 10th anal

llaaltf at 1:10 P. ", tko antes Sunday event. sway ,.ar., feted blaeatlniireoiipoier D. Mo uses'JeusisisAlelsn4er Ternary of the v. ,.
dlaaara till bo served Mrs Alice Melatoab will and re- Pirlla, Mlekaol Skef. butler: Soueerhoaee- HUP roue Churl dectalonla

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Bethel pastor and set the, ho evoati. Prlaec fatarford baa Saaadra Christie HunterSattoreklto .11.... Carl Jbnee ",... tint ca*... are Nina Lees
bora. retaraed to Jacksonville Sataellaaklaitoa leaaekree, Nireoartfortl Norse and Steve Allen

All toner aaabari of Board Sots there .ho till feature a Melvtt 11... r, Cltatoa OTOOM, Tfco pre r.. IU i>rl.t*

Baikal and rtiidaoti of Banker of rabllt ar lath .UOI.Alllert Smith, Charles .&&tai; n.ia vto .... la .....1.... Ho.u rrOardea A TRADE

Callahaa art ariad to Sunday Tea ..UU... .oaald Strjeant, Reno lln-Ronald Blaadlai, New York City, .
,..U" the old .dub A aattve of Nee Tork M.1..Aqll U. Patteraoa, PfrcuMloa--Nertane *,al' and Uo /*r rta Arena.U. It Sit Shotl Moilks 'Tkit

with ua, tad of oairaooui Dakar. Board 4 of .t. City, Mr laterford bo* narvla List, tvoaae lace loin Crete, CherHe inspire

..say friends art eipoetad Ararat baptist Church e .e aeoaatated with streets, fay lards Orson, carves Puaeaa > A>nn* otbern win have Will Bi BENEFICIAL

aad will bo wel hare eoapleted pi ana for Jaekaoavllle ekea ho Aleiaader Stewart, Carl baud Joaea.: cured to 'n'lIr.1I the For i LIFETIME

nosed aa awal. tko tea which they will ,.. aaaliaed to Coop Narrta.Koaaeth Brocklai* arloha and KeUa>..niTltATI ataratadded rmira
Member, tko data is'irides sponsor saaday' la tko llandlii during torlder ton, Oeerte Bill, JolltnSlnaoaa tar: Tyopaat"RaytK are skinny rattler, Kf- JACKSONVILLEIAUE

March, 22, at hose of Mra. Oortrado II.Duriag. ten !Marrla. tint.Proceeda. Ion lrsS', OMO! t Davis l

iBotkal AM* nmrch.CBlIa- Davis, T1S-A. Venue Man hit off'doty bass clarlaetJeroBt trot the concert lit? ",... PredrlO larch COLLEGE INC.

han aoralai and after Ct. ..".. he 'rll.ar.' aaaa Calhoun, toaald Beltoa, will be aaed to Olorla Pester, not pinUi -

aooa. ROGI STEAL . .IlfUTP I I. oo tcrtalaer la Arnold Sttlllai, Pours help defray the ......... the lead la tko offIrvadi 830 DAVIS ST at Bauer ?

THE TWO-IN-ONC HAT several ....., mainly .... CIarlaetAl Boooo; of the beada" trip to kit. "In elite 1H% Air Ciillllnitfmi.mmu
the "' npef'treretbrooib BaeaooaBiniard. As.rlce554 Carry
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his eel one and! Adrtaaao MeParlla, .Na f lr fill May :*21. Moore tho will I NC
j'e ,.i rleaalat' atyle. be be- than Sadeoa, Charles -

iwo a local tints Toetoa; BarlUae Saiorhonela > -

along lootl suite *.jtoa Barley; '
,1rii lo vr.. Alto Macphose'-. Alfred PAIR NYLON HOSE j ,

Mr, taterford said! b* illeoa. lobert Neaaltk, 1'1' "t.., Ii .' ...',t I' '. !II' '''

recently aliaed a net Boaald parrli, DeatttMilitoah

i contract .a tit rill I titS ; Teaor Sato.pkono Thursday,
leeordn for tko eeoood ......& H rley..Jo",;
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IHII tiTUI NAT IB 'OKA Pot Limn. it Till
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1117 ,ITIUC HUH, of the taneahc feetoM Alfred .m...., Jeeerh '

with Jna Mcflbaw and bio .MorrteoB Antis lilacs, PATTINAi S

Coifetala' tko Puce Julie NtteklBMB, fd.
W I I"Di B.d.la ward. t till ate, locate

yeire note by, Mr, McCload, Pence slurp,
....".,. baa torkodeltb III'Clmt' 1 SPECIAL! ; TAY

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iretta aa un STIR REPAIR :TAClfca 1t1 tl ?
Charlie (Tardblrd. ) Parker
Md Al Nlbbltr Me Slot lipilrlii fl:o +e. "

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"'I .IV I'') ,,.. 4PU'E

11 ) FLIIIII Ml ,nns UTillAY Blii 21. 1SI4

Moore laloradli Clay Cooper Prexy, Officially Opens Annual Cage Tourney WESTCOAST SPORTUGHTByUO. "
I Accident. Title FightIn '
Davis data .u.BOO Met Pros One
IAN DIEQO. Calif. -
Tight-fad Dodgers
t P goer world helltll...,- The .lkfl ? LOS AJIOEUS' -(AJ ')-Thet Buzsia Bawl lit", M

weight champion Archie LONDON England -- proving that her a major league all the way..Tt'
and a friend were retting (ANP) London promoter tom'J h reported IU.BOO pact ht shelled oat to hit tow
r ooafortably (a a lo- Jack Soloaona last week far F '- '1 f. HM Mjor league batting chMploa Tommy Davis
oil hoipltei following ;i tilt other day proves this poht... It
was reported to bt ,. ay aeaory
their lajurltt la a till). negotiating with Caaaioa ,, i % !;''y t.1.fr3, ,1 'f' ti!a;.. c tt. t, ,Jt'?- ,.P L- i.. serves 10 correctly, Jackie Robinson didn't make
ft fy'+ {"i' IjII 1f
car he ad on collision i i any more tbu tbtt....
Clay and his managers iaao ;
here last Saturday. ''r ( I criticized tbe
attempt to lineup a once Dodgert for the low salaries
Moore of But Diego return bout, possibly they mod to pay their stare. But fro the way
and hit coaptaloa for tilt title bitwem Buzzlt it puilnc oat tbooo dear old dollar these
Charles Payne. 34, of the newly crowned heavyweight I'--- } days, BO all will be able to rap them oa this
l' 'Toledo miowere riding champion and xa, score any .on...TOMI Devla'rew pact represents

.j la the car-Moore taaARCHIE Hoary Cooper of Britain If; a IIS.000 ralao. At this rate, I wonldn't be aurpriatd -
if Maori till dido .
The report gained come up with bio reported

aoaantna when it was request for $65.000.
5 How god4 ia DOA'a fait Razzard? la theopfsionofthe
alto reported that Clay
bad replied 10 Mlaai, pros, Iat'. the boat college basketball player
ria. ,tbat bt mold fight in the cou tl7..Hazzard was the only player naaed
w. t tf Cooper again "if it' a n oa all sine ballot by the NB4 coaches for ill

the right price" American honor, and cue within ono vote of an
tinanlnoua first tea HI lOtion. .
Clay and Cooper
Willis Redl, the bit 6-10 boy from GraablloR
British Empire Heavyweight r
cbaapioa set ._ill! A collie, the Loa Angeles Lakers art reportedlyhigh

last June 13 1X3 boo OETTINO DNDCRfAT Clifford Paul (uaderatath underway when he threw out tbe tint ball for the on, ended la a four-way" tie with Michigan'

'Tb Lip" won a fifth arrow), Director of Athletics at Edward, Caters opening gaae.of the annual sue ,baaketball tour- Carols Rutaol for a second team berth. .Collis
round technical knock- College, and newly elected president of the South- oey boated by Albany Outs College, Albany, Oa. Nicholson, 'Iruhl Ina' a fine PH nan, says Read 1*
air out. Re beat Cooper to eastern Athletic Conference, officially got thinga REGISTtRI'! the beat ia the Iwt-.But until I see ReH I will
L .. have to alone alto the "".' selection ,
;to. w. .. each a bloody pulp that go a of P alt

MOORR: the referee waa forced l Metcrifa NWRM! Hazzard for thla dlatlnctlon.
."J'O rt III Okay to atop the fight. However Ex-Ofywf Champ To Aid Orphans Moat taaeball observers' believe Don Buforrt, one
driving when it of the guttleat little football era Ur ever had,
was in the fourth To Center
track drivenby Sports Group LWIBVttM!: (ANP Aald bu the inside track to the Aterlcm Leamie'a rookie
by a car round Clay laid be got )- a torrent of words that
Pvt, Eddie Wallace careless and Cooper CHICAGO-(ANP--Poniir Oljraplc star Ralph ..t- flowed fro bia"'lip" at a "fanily" luncheon of the year, honors ..TiM Chicago white Box are no

IT? 19, of Btarby CUP tagged him with a left calf, not a Chicago city councilaan, la aaong a ia hit Donor here last week, heavyweight champion high oa the ex-Trojan two-nporta player that tbrv
Pendleton. Wallace, who hood while "1 war off 10-'&II group of sports, business and political and Caaajna Clay offered to stage a boxing benefit for peddled Nellie Pox to make root for him at third
eaa the lone occupant of balance," labor personalities appointed Mayor Richard J, the gin orphaned children of ex-boxer Rndell base Pox had teen a afar for the nil Ron for 14years.

bit car wee unhurt. Infuriated Clay who Daley to a special conaittee to consider the pro- Stitch. .
The former title waa not seriously hurt petal of building a modern dosed. all-aportt arena fttitch.who like Clay was a native of Loulivllle, I believe little Don it minx to sake it Me, but
bolder a car plunged txctpt from the daaage here .................. drowned ia 1960 trying to rescue a friend fro the there' are a fre baseball men win: think the LosAngeles ,

down a 10-foot ...ballk..lIItt dose to bit pride, Betealfe, who starred .0study to probe the following Ohio River He was at the peak of hit career and Angela my hire ia young "iek "tlwfaon/ ,the

following the collialoo. stormed off bit tool for .Harqutttt. university area: .,a leading challenger for the welterweight title. Venice High choo] flyer a jeans" mm to challenge
Ia the fifth to cat and the U.S. Olympic team I. The criteria of location Hit children, ranging in ages fro four to 12, Ruford for top honor
(Moore: and his ooeipaalon Cooper to ribbons But daring his track aDd for the BOW arena were orphaned when Bra.Stitch was killed recently. Aa a speed boy, Mepnon lice beet cocparrd to the
curs takes to boo to'"'. on 'tot strength of the field careerjoined other 2. The economic abets Clay aa loquacious aa ever, didn't say when he Dodgera *llle) vla..4a 4 hlttlntt prowct tin

Hospital and were reported knockdown, Cooper end members of the cowaittteIB and the alternative aaea would like 'to stage the benefit, but he aaldbia has been labeled another Tnio Bunk tin I* also

to good condition bit tan age r, /la picks, its first act ot adopt of Coalakey Park and Wrlg- plant sight Include an exhibition between him and a wrist hitter. 'REGISTER''

'd.,1 h back and lei hopes to gala a return ing a resolution aakiif ley Field, the respective hit brother, Rudy. : '
Too Don' Hare To Oo To Tom To Get
iajuriti bout with Clay the mayor to have those hoses of the White Boi Attending the luncheon boated for Caaalua by bit
WCISTWf WSISTERI actually conducting the and Cuba, ia the event aponaorlag group, were members of his family,

the two baseball tea*a Virtually the entire Clay clan, MayorCovgerofLoulavllla LOW PRICES
aide use of the proposed and Louisville boxing commissioner

arena. Bob Innl,who represented Gov.Edward T, Breathltt .
I I. The feaalblllty'oftuch ; Mayor Oowgef and Evans Joined others la offering On Tour

a atructure, .he OongratulationstoClayCuslue himself was in high
Civic econoay. rft spirits and a talkative mood Ho rhyaed his dethroned DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade
The mayor baa tald.that foe, Bonny Listen in aarcaaa with these

SECTIONALS ON SALE! the proposed all-weather worda: ''IIr.. 11 a ton Raised No Pool Bonny StayedOn With Your Neighborhood Drug'hors
stadium should not be The Stool."
gad for bJfjt:)! public.BeeidtaNetcalft REGISTER! Deliver. also fill all Doctor1! ,a Preacriptlona
itrviof on tb. -. U.. ..

'sS' David nclade aItrtteiaBreti-: ) ... ; CALL PO 4-4511 FOR Dixie Pharmacyiri

BkletaakUtt ,
'1M2 'IIIIS at. Mrrlri AHHI
1'r x A' w t (theater' ): corporation, J
and coaalttte cnairaaa;
kits tlili 5S5J7HNT'TWI
Tblllp wrigley, owner aDd
president of tilt Cuba; .1

of Arthur the Whit Allyn,Boi.president George I TALL i SEASONS ICE & FUEL CO. LIu1. NAii1 AM mmm .

Halaa, owner-coach' of the t 5883 NORWOOD AVE. STWCARD OIL PRODUCTS MILS AT MHt STIlE

Chicago bare football.

tear; Philip' Clarke, Jr,,
iavettaent banker; Hoatr
Hargrafe1.,' Jr., Chicago
Jaaior Association of

.Comerce: ; Char lea Murphy,
architect: Michael McDermott -
Save ever 20"; .,,'4 Piece ALLIEDThe '
secti.nelr. M\4\ ,"" building come \ ,
cushions Stltct' From, 1 beautiful four. .Colon fabrics new for tnly I ; ,"S14995 tractor and lilllaa A. .
tee, pretldeat of

Ckltago rtdtratloa of.
Labor RtttlJTCTI

P .... 'Ii SPEED QUEENWORLDS, )MOST Stito's Deer

;1Jj" TROUBLE FREE WASHERS, Pape let ion Uitfepte, Concrete Finish... .

Shows IngettALLNtsrt \
'\' "De' 1:PUncf: Capacity MARBLEALLA
.. r I 0 rt Ita'.
1 4 Automat washer
A, .' white tall deer population
I ra i with guaranteed cvatlauea to tipaadoa
cleaning action In wildlife aaaaieaeatareaa PERMANENT EXTERIOK _
ashen ia spite of eaeroacalag ..
trylt' moit .
trouble frit. ,

C \ 'i- O- additional tato slider.aeceaa... area roads, .

I FREE SERVICE sad lacrtaaed baatlai ewaea OLD ......* belk .*.t

preaaare. Tat deer pope* ...vr. .. i am.i s.w s < ..... NIW ....<.ae ..., amiCOMfUTUV 1
latioa l "r g a+'ta o MAIItMNANCI can_ s-to....rue
'It'i oa ,lorI4. %-
MA"U.AU w..w .. ........ .....
; FULL m YEAR wildlife aaaaitttatareaa w a M04TUMICONOMrCAL. .At....... s
baa iaereaaed tins ..... ..w r ...s ...... -,
/ WARRANTY o M.Ve..M..d..en's'y N .
aa estimated 11,110 la "
COrMEIi== ....
/Mwr w.
:0:11 to mil ixrtaiiMCiIIWINt UH to 81,000.1911, \ hew anift,ta ONleawtiful ........ w sw"...,..ew.w wan aaw -.-
\ : Mara.aft accordiai to a report el. YiAlWrtw /af/1ti0M" suwActa ... rrs w e.-w'e' rww ....r -.U
r ,
cotwtled by Blekard p. sans ran g4 .-. ., '_ Mew.srti..e.eo .u IUIUM'NCS >>o.owu .......
P\ UoOUBLI ".rt... Qaae B.nat..*at -. ..-... ........ ....... ... ....- ..
......, III ..
DI thl.., 0.e aid fr tJi :. t"h 2i wen.t' .
later Hah Owalaaloa.At .

WAIL the deer popalatlea,
lacreaeea, aa. dbea Ueaaatal ,UM1 ..... HeAt.

, harveat Tie -
.'''' ...
,N"-.. harveet of tin Decorator

WK7 deer skews aa la create %. .r...

.f lit aver tie 1140 ...-- yMl1NfwR

{ Y the Of 1.101. wan the _-.-. .. ::w-
I> '4 repent ladicatta Maaal ...-- -. --
{ tatrta la ta. ... .
I t 5 harveat .! legal back forever! ....

deer tae. aaraia ef latrtaaa = .

baa detllaedaaaeatly TU.MI'n' PlOOf ritiftoofALLIED
aad say leal
J.-I ........ -I ....,J.r..--
.,,,,,,, DELIVERS ease a levellag off ,la +
......" banter presser tr a r "..... y e -... ., c....... /Ie csgk R. a

thIS 10"94 fern.ty lilt wringer wOth.r wth double rani ale* when ta poreluiMigroeth

tub and 2-) born of ti or Ma.ArpresIestslp,
ire 0. 0.r 0"11 lIl'HlltMD'1'15" )!. Ne

-- ,"' rte aa a+ate4 a>.r ea
w .IIMYS the state aaageteat
-: l ( t It. ( "
'TN. t .Me areas GeN s tbe less,
M Mouths aeaaaa,




JITII.IT KilCI Zt 1, 1114 HUH. SIM rmt .1 PASt ,"
-- -----

Athletic Competition Approved. Between Dade .NegrolWhite Schools I IIntegrated

Set Defending Champs Prep For All Corners .,: .' ,''-' lattlers' Open

Play .,",: '\I...


:for Coming Fall 1, ', Baseball Slate
--- -

OAlHISYILLt --- Did ---v.ld r.tloB gives Dad i Against State

County Negro and hit* by tilt PHSAALt .

schools wets officially fall Dade reQuested tfadiL
l .LILtTAiLAHAssr' Simmons has bees
given tilt green light aDd was gives
1 ski tted fro third bu
compete athletically ptrlloa to conduct a
agaiart AW* Rattler will own to first bM to replace
oat another outfall countywide track and
it was announced'Satarday. field at Bttderwblch dfB** of their Southra Johnny Cotaon and O1It-
fielder Champion ham
both Negro aid whit
I ba moved behind the
At the request of Dulls.p.rlat.ad.at schools would compete. Conference
I baseball championship plate to replace Harvey
of Th* Tat la scheduled
School, Joe lull a 10tlon tl'U ttdatiday through hen this week against Coot r.
o paaaed the '..C1I- Friday this week at tilt Fort Yalley Stat .rll',1 Pushes
College Wildcat ,.\\\PIt. 0a Hay**, and
eoaaitte lllaal-Dade
of tilt Junior Rip
Florida HI* School ictlvitlea > School track.NEGROES: Th* Rittlara *oa aafiaibitloB Ural Lee hat ba
from the to th* pitching
"approving Dad' 17 INVITED Teap All-ltara laatBitarday 'lit. tally lead the

schools to schedule The FHSAA aaadd itsbylaws r ., lbahlad & flingero and
Bass with Metro sabers earlier la the r the two-hit pitching of t.U.b111UlD,
wl MM gel (((IfO) Dos
'of th* Florida Interscholastic year to allot Negro ),. Mill, ,e-r\
Athletic A** schools an opportunity' last' apflai, ,paced Vfea ap.rre' ) Raft
attack with the Zone 6 i efitUat '1001; Doles
societies to Join the Florida Ride .
Ut wk' inline 1* School Activities Association ftnr..*MCr Of the tit*. )" ,'\ ",. Bryant
left Older Pail Crea1 o 0). 11>
second special oon- and to copt '
for its various title. who led the ,All: battert The Rattler were 18-.
with a $$3 average tat IB loop play and 18-.

World's Fastest Hwrn Rifel amiNO THK' CHECK LIGHT Hater of all they Nose director and coach of the teas, and CovatyOoMl year, eolltd three overall They dropped
.U".,.. during the '83 season aad boasting a JO-1 lonr* Bob Harrla, La Hrrtt and Fletcher hit la tour tripa to two |.aa. 3-1 and 3-2,

U. S. Team's Top ThiicldJIIAMI won, lot record the Panther of the parental Morun. The Ho>*' Hose i* conducted under the *upcrvtiioa the put. Th* HatUera' to Oriablln. ia the
AuocliUoB of
Boy*' HOM officially tot their training sessions of Co..I.'oner Mtrrett. An expaaitveiprov had Haiti.Coacb National

-Competing against winds averaging underway recently: under the watchful ya of vil *ent proirta U BOW being carrl.d on at Costa tattles intercollegiate At-
at flraabMm -
MM's tint Duval County Board of County CoMiialonra. the facility. <( than niles hour Fit.
ore seven per till la La.Tro"ers.
Shown standing fro left arr Oosell Vareer, Boya' a* many
Fob Hayes, the world's fastest dashnan oaldr fcia infield Eater

was stjiledonhis last Saturday's assaulton ClHf IjamC' catcher Carl Champion
the 100 and 220-yard dash record but TU Eves A & M Relaysyard v Biw SUUaaMi wntmni ntm first sacker, 1b* y siaBOM 25th Amil

the Jet-like Jacksonville native Is regarded Pre, For MM second sacker, T,d

by experts as being the most like TALLAH4S8KC Th* door mart of is: 12.0 lathe dirt to t. 1. Taylor, third ba.*.an.flraat .
Cage Tourney'
ly American to win three gold medals this Tia UIVtVILLI.-Iuaa., '
Southern Dalverclty onetll relay each Hayes and Ori ty R lth, Talbott. and Hal
year- during the Olynplc Games In Tokyo. Titers, one of ...eo.dto its runner this year Otorila'a Beach Nigh Mela or Cart Hill at C,11rA00: Abe Caper
yiar were
Despite the wind lI..r.-. Cueeeeeeeeeee..... School beloaea the first
the beat all-arouad Arlaoaa Mat in th* are back fro the tSFABU .lIorta t t.,. the fastest Mela- fahvlom Harl*.
r Itr. Hayes easily wonboth fetted record bolder Hen,], track and field taws outdoor one-nil relay quirtet that ran prep scholars qualifiedfor iafldd la college b*.eball. Olobetrottere hiss hn
the 20th running of
the 100 aDd 220
vmta bfla .. wHit yard la Carr ia their only meeting,, in the country Ire running lut year with aclocking th*. 40 4 440-yard relay th* National Nigh School Hall Metes, Taylor signed for the j5U time
Jut heading Past for the lilt prla(. FAMU coach and talbott art to play la Chtaaiw:
year. : of 370. Tie
considered slow clocking, Bektball Tou.....'
Hayes could aid 0.8.hopi. Florid tt. University Dick HIM la fadac a Freshmen. spectacular AlMtarbktball
of t.4 la the 100 and 21.Sia Stan Wright foursome ran March II 20, and 21 ilTeaaeaae
with a third told .medal,I Delay to be et.iH here problem of picking ho ".. him a teas silk citrafMania,
a 3: 14 0 la the VMI Slit Ualter
the 220.
If b* anchor the tank i during tile tnnnitl Cprlag more sprinters fro a Bpd,' h. said "Ourcltthiai pa April lit at CJil",o
that Gorses Jilt onth .
tki* to put records, the gyn.The
I 400-Bter teaB.Expected Sports Carnival Hircb group of fo.r to COM should b* tadtua.L4 .
to lri tb II door
NH8BT which baa
unbeaten Hayes la *.a.peete4 to propel the n-2. The relay will plet kin 'Inttr'.lh stronger nil eprlag, by such stellar
nnaer la that cat** t..d..d.* ago aa a
to win tile 220 told
toner Matthew I. Gilbert! be run March 2ft with the relay squad. It should .b* more power rlbrr* aa Meadowlark.
medal gory. l7>tM prep school dribble *
due to having d* trial and Hayes b* eitrfldedia awl at th l iM .
star to first place wins finale .t Bay plat "MM M oa ".tII08.
Florida AW Bob Hay** derby and bal beoowe '
-- tOO .... and all final the ion and" 1 270yardli were last ,.ar. Out tile sensational Trotttr
in addition to Carr,
are la the event'
top aa a.tee th.*-dial hoop
toutbera! C.l Uornl.'. John at 1:00: p.'. traction. The Jackwavllle << "*)" by s pair of I. 4 festival haa predated fielder !lack Itepp and will be matched iiUiat
HoklBi their first w>- sprinters. till It Co.' .ote *r-Mtfllder Krae some Of U* lltlftl'B
ASTHMA ;II U but;IICAA chaaploaLarry Junior hold world Coerce of athletes like
1 Quettad ww wader rearm c. here the Tigersfro. Indoor record for "0 fats and T J. Nil from New fork Tanke.'s'lain. tllklaa Cam hit the boat finest college and pro

I .erns. w we rMe suspension from Stanford Moisten TeiM (g. t) sad <0 yarddI Tiny Sr'etbero. Mawr If._ tall for .*," feearneal playr

l-- Ir................ I ud Kit AdMi of Furdu will wnoDunter tough op- ( .,). lit.baa towered ----
>.MM glgmeeW..1..m real tift" firs a flH of the barrier forth* 100Wtlcb >-
19 t"'I, 1..1.11': k
Matbera Dnlreraitir' an" .. DSALE

Crown Bowling Lanes tenet Florida Ml I'Jllt: _. TlllslClews TIRELT'

era la defeadiairelay PHt' $4IS342N513
chMftieaa and wan

Major Taft Cummings edged Jiy 12 polat by

: tines toBthera IB the
Manager Is OfferingThe I tketra"' AtkletlcCoafertace CITY

Track cad.
Following Field ChaTi .*alp Meet 1 4I LAST DAYS !

last aprl. I I
SPECIALS Fan eflai th* ,..U relay

will *e., for the 75-IZ-15 ALL SIZES AT THE SAME LOW I PRICE
Every Sunday From first tie la Tall,fta.- H JH '2"
., ,
id-foot pole M It- .
10100 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. era end hl.. j..rera of sweet ..* He** I' CUARANTIIMy.

the ."...toot Caliber. 00BtlBfl ..' a doss "
bwl25t Par 6m ,
TW Gerald Pratt Ban H* add, **ktrt. 100% NYLON 4 'MtOUK

cleared the bar at II H* work It all awwad rOLlCYTIRES
Monday Is Ladies Night LAMING ATTkACncwi f W
feet nd I* eiptcterf to : -. 5
clear IT feet .Nib re the 1-21-N 0" ,.. ).. *...*_* .......
swans I* "'r. .................
who woe tb* hit Jump Man's Days ;
here hit eltklearaat t '. ..",._.... _
GAMES FOR $1.00 year 1 .. <0"p' 0/ "
( of CIV*.elll Are4 .. ,'" '":" ... .:.
be challenged by two r ".aa'B Pa** are Mobr4" :. .. ..:--::..: ....

AN 1..... mtiMMfS Bowl ." J...*,*. Chilies CM Health I. ,.i ad,. "Po.rte .- I k -.' ..f'.."......._.. ',. ' niMbM M to* .rtn.14
For 35< Por ...: I I .f ,.... *Hrth.m.Th TB la** lr Leeky 95 KOA0 HAZARD
Bay*, tacky Coerce Rte GUARAHTIIV9MIW;

l II Ogee ...... I.*y.provide relay the ewue. errlat thrilla seal 1100 tor tear : s.e:vw. :t ... .' ........"_, N..eV.?
K.r *ee\ p l aide (or .
wed '
wrests FUU cord TW ''' '' -
:.=. .::. :: :
We are in need of 'league ha*. had th* UF relay Pitch c,;'.....:;:; "::
Fill .. U bleak bele "'" n,.
quartets. la Ihe world .44-II 110-14 I .......'.. I lilt ...
**d Ball U 1DMAC Ft ::: ::0'.: :!:-: 4NOI
bowlers (mien & women) forth* rt flee fr* .*. || toO.)I.
: 'offiM sost1Jack...- ) PiG14, :". <.:-. :< tff
The FlrldUB ted
r : ''' '
....... ._ ... ...
ttlle i. Florid. 7to.U .,0." 1M 0
check at the desk for further tb. beat lice ado. f) IB "><>*._fijfJf> '
.Mar *".. 7 I 0.It r:.. :;: ..... .
tile 44f *ard relay laVI ...... 0.1' : .;:J: ...,f..4M
< M*
Information! n. Tiger ._ ., .... ..
were .
STNg3T ,00.IS '"
...,. .... ., .. ........ MMBMt ...
...*d with 40 S, FUU a IeKe.Nee ia.eM "(we MIll N am 1 .. .. .
,... ..... It.. :.... *M Jit.--
(IIISU CIII IHII HUT ) vac a 4.. 1 I* IMt ae M. or ltr.at----- see a ee eeeaee eMm me a. .....w.waA. I.6.. p.rwm ,.. ;MUMM. (;. 'r.w.>.-M, >*.,,."*.aa*

,...* **t a "rld ... NtDay

-! HYIONWHITfWAlL |II.U.U o mtt M t +Msl. fekiUClJC jUAMANTIjt

.......t ia,...Ae "' : .... ....'..:.
I.' were: ._. -...-.... .1... ,I,.""
.... ... ...
..-..... ..... ..
-- -
I e, -- .... ......... ..

z., .. ... .r'-.... .
....... 115 ..
:: ,
.....' ti- ...... ,..
'Y.5. .... Item' w z';.: t't..r::

e1r, '- Ms =M.s.ssa. w ...




SUB m% NYLON ..'.-.., ..,.....-_ ......-.....
AlHU** :1-

= wu 11111 9!

',,,M \.w ,1/ii : 13

h SPORT N Mil : TIRMSwsss

Beef at its Best KIM *H11" :



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f,'; r.. nr 1-t .... .. .. .<. .. 0 .

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illliPl< sui Was SITIIIU ami zi 1, mi
PKE 12

IITEIBuury "Senrltei'"

OruuTORt A BARICRINtw SOUND Sin I(It ron p_
;0 e1 L tIGI422... Aoatytxt CAMCS, ITC. ALPS loUD
1111 Fll LENT M,. 9'1AItI1 Sr:SYIcIIOUBwQUTS, .
AT a 32430* 0.4-I774.
K c.fie httEe EASt'ER VALUES 'ft Dark BATH.M4C ST. ATR. EL 3-5902! SouND SmiCI

5on pD@ Nil. Oft CO.

aoo p Gt RQpR "Quuye-Jt" H* #019 Ao,1'n! Has FOR RENT.Two Siimci JuST COMPLITIN:STATIONS'' Ice Joseph MECHANIC.............ON......DUTY.proprietor

NIl SlAY Soviet State and Jefferson Streets EL 69432
.9911000 t CLIVtLANO. HOLLEY'S
( 1 -ti CALL M*. MATHI"! AT
w.r a errwl. 3M-I331.


II fit
KEN KNIGHT Ri. 1 2ith St.! MiierliHi. r




3.99La11.ov1eNtHralreoNaRltuNilnaaaeotbll -aL tka flax aotol v, jta,.bl Kl4MOnly IT NOW APEARING
Only :=
/. :, M-lm M4 'wttoa eottaa ifaMM.wr..awl lEI DElL CAI' DltVEtS At The C!Ill Eldorado
Oi sos 1 t sear 2.99
M.; &E.otl a(elldi Ton 11 Enjoy Visiting GENE WHITE
f blind.Fuhkm diUili;motif,Mvifll IIIIbroId.r1.I d11i W.d Tsalq taLe1,
I Little or M Ironlni! itMtM.Favorite' Boson T-.14.Grant. IIIEWOODMOTOI it tii irja

,",= .Mi1".-. COURT HILidy
=. ,
\ -WW .......
_.... ..,_ 1141.LN/ ClfH Mrf CMfertlMfKfcttmtttt lUdi-Bonfloi

Reuonable Rates t-: | Reed isckson-Drains

=r'w.I.I.." .4 Grant own Brand lij, WHk ir Mull 'a ruiBARBARA

TV Lounge Open HORNE

Enlifliinlng You TRIO
FOR VI. t 1" Efcrnri[ An
Fri. Sit. San. Niles 9.30 Ualll


...",,, brand ,,,"",WI '"""'BIt, Fkriii nwim .VV ..........
iti IrtryiMni bet ntkn inik rto.. -, lui '
BUSY BEAVER CHILDREN'S tNN nndIf\ Mbar put*all iuk pill III,.,.WM. REV. LAMAR
..iwhip,iMU-wtr IVhMi IMI I*Iht urtniil.k lt)9 MARTINIPLANII
eolll'tI1, lad IIt'ItI alt iNnlMal. ...... IukUN.w IEIIEI Ml IBTISOIi
\'IIIJI.M.1owy.wtlN enpe NMIl.
pit, l 1t'1IIer I"..n .*. nwar maiff tjrl** M IL1111ASecretary i ; UVICE M Ml AliAlll IF LIFE
|iipnw wgriimiMliii*'whwlTi intt" lofavmii Oitnti,Mdlrlrt77
.*quttity miiMili.h hnntoi R ,
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I,.1fti'vtrli and koyiKunly Or
r atIN' 'Of"lllbr" tomIOftoftI' 2 9 9 RIM Advice
,inri|wwtm.,wtriMVW Only 9h1 5.99 StenographerAppllOMt I lot BIT. t. IAl. U* III
.I ; ;i"; ,
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mist bt .kl. to ky 'ra,.,. 0..,... \IWS f// *
.. take di't.tlo .t III'wrdiptr rt i to ant tk* iirk wVlfKy / / t
1 suite ta4 type M ..ordapor C ud tbs lllu.. h' than \ \ 3IJ *
I gluts. tjrpt bailMNi U ii pit) for tkoi ''kn' V-> welt W. *
IttUrt U .pprar.4 ( raMt Inns tl-jr a,. ii lard lick tttot1i&n '
IOYS' COTTON SHORT SLEEVEPENNLEIGH' ip ...tttl r.,.rt.. fartjrplli. MI .,-t sus to '" in. Vfl&ILJnlipP (
M< .0..... Mil LAtWh
tli.. Aeenrxjp lrcrUtliw. .... (
\ SOCKS for ,EASTER tjrpUc mi ..!.. (AND OUT Of INC iNSANfinUM." HELP THt yiHC TO *(
UliUi noordll" MumtUl.it
Ovtnntdtoklp or Joel dno't bay. to po y (
o rInMulb+ ITIp ...... Only IOYS' DRESS SHIRT .. lie 'hla iek .l end* f COM TodM. foll'lI MOM Eke DM To* Did *
Letk.N ...... NbI ,lilt iltk epsrtoeea"or.p.el.llud ,. Opt* t W' i...'trio 1 U tfc*'.oraUs Mt|
I .en ert.. *citt. mMpVbM k bo.laiss WIt C 1It .,.IIt. PIUT Till I" JACIROKTIUI,
!h f!,1 I .i-htM* WMt. 1 1.00 I..11 Ite.o/t.pbll or Ieantulll f **.. .....,. Ufit4 In kr.o*. kiM UtH42
( 1! 4stlu IlllM 0'
{, 1&1111I.lit.,.104. I Nttl.. Only 1.99 4 Boitki tiptrttut r.gslyd. .> Rfl IflUS MM thru N. I Ikrtk 4(

I ( T.U IMicrUf boa a... >/.a U e..n., uf ...... (
"'WI. aW4red. *ottai Only I f yo. .*tt the ...." r.- rtrf Md a/.u Ma t "crlk. ilk > kUckir (
iNe? tbrlg I ...... ( ..
.1' u. are sliltaeI. Mortk M II." t M4 look for bbl .u. iM w
nttrCxmNim I With fc Wear.,.Dacron III" to Orl". fi>rl4. sick trait, m. 'uuia iiti lull MIN u. *
!! M* 1f 1 1.00 / poljeiter*cotton. Ptrmt- .... (
Slid t rt M* t* flirH C hot bosh A III. luck ckn t* al.s
l fl ttf. IMN I MIt nmt eollaf stay short 'ter '.0. Has 1ITI JMk- { 'ret. lot to* CM k.. baled UroMk U* poser (
4 MNkb ilHvei. in iian I to al.Grant's ..*>tltt. Plarlte. (A* *.Ml .i tk* Urt ..< KV. UMT. prvn...,.. ... j
.....,'..1r ..1..1 (* rN tU U >1> *f.. ,110II. PO V t301 -
MARTIN I,,., UIU OwrMtM To Allots '
Own Brand ( feM' Lost IUUrUeky ..
MilTlfi MARIETTA ( sawn Sort To fill t .






t March 19 20 21
Tillmdofloniirttrlri blend aI"'JOIH *lat, ,
'TwoIom,',ldt r.\urte plaid)Jacket";" solid stinks
rrt or the ws'art'1)s1nt" eoloraN ."


Solid cob sluts hawha.rtbe1t A

.IuUl opt, "''y to99DOWNTOWN ei

h'oftt potbtl,curti.


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