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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

rLOIIIA, Aya $

I :__ ) PKY LIBRARY P4unvu .

I i n':::" .s Council To Push For PuVliriccomadations Law

_- -, .It ... .... ... .



- - ** * * *- * *



* *
Court laird
VII U-RI. 51 SATIUAT MAICI 14, ISM 15 CENTS' Branch Promises Stepped-Up Actionup ,

AME COUNCIL RULES /D for TALLAHASSEE Denies cleatacy by Plea-four ll.u Nt. *

4 groea sentenced to hoe
death. la the flaridaaUotrle

chair la two

isolated canes, wr
TRUSTEES ILLEGAL tuned dom by the State

uprta* Court tad tk* e

Pardon | ii'.r..peetS-
(See Editorial on Page 2)

s ,. Paul Trustees Group Marches Dewitowi lyOn Prldny, larch I, the f
State III,,..* Court upheld

Election BarredThe Protesting CoiicH's Fiilvro for Alfred the death Addtrly pttalty, 3$.

and John Scary Roberta,

hassle over the alleged levying of To N.e BI-Rfldfll Greo? 31. for the 1111 al tying

excessive membership dues which resultedIn of fort Lauderdale

a feud between the trustees and the pastor Following failure of the City Council 7k grocer ItaJ lid a Canpbell

of Jacksonville's St. Paul Atffi Church Tuesday night to pave the way for establishment i during a robbery

and developed Into .charges being brought otl biracial caawlttee at the request Attorneys for the. pair

against Bishop ..f. Ball took a new turn of a Jax ranch NAACP cooralttae, the ....4 the court to tara

this week when the Judicial Council gave organization atepped-up its downtown pro- r rmirma aald their coavlctlaaaoa

Its ruling this week on charges brought test action lertnendajr by parading :100-awai- the grounds that th*

against Rev. R.J. Blaine hen for an antl-oegregatlon ally site did sot prove tb*

The Judicial Council It la further ;dJud.ed Idled,. N. Pearson,' w w e defendants were at the

on real, in Mlanl he.rel by this Couacll that president of both the Vaivralty and Amherst scene of the aria sad
the coaplalata against those persons who were local branch and atat- College .t.ldllt.allu. their sights" on breaking racial segregation target tt Borneor/a Cafe also that aoafaaaloaar .
bees la the forefront of tells (loft), and hotel Robert Byer the Jai Broach ef
-.11.1.. who was Trustees of the St. Paul .Id* organisation, told the NAACP conducted a secured without
charged with Illegally All Church on Dectabtr the group that the pace ortufalsthe ,.1- ISO-amber arch fednMday afternoon U dontoi Jnciaaavlll. During the rally their peralaatta,

ousting members of the I, 1991 are still the of deaonttratioaa will grlaage.'The M Market It., Rutledg .II. /'11'IOII. ttttt president .f the NUCT M| b4 of th* Adder II argued that He-

trustee board,Depending legal trustier of the bt tocretttd until ill group will b* Jag Branch told kit ll1h..,. that daoaatratloaa would oootlau Mill r .UlMgrtgatioa Irons Mr ayattwtlcal

the church treasurer and until their. successors vtttlgea of racial dla- supervised by several M JacknonvlJlo, has beaM elialaaUd. RCOISTOII ly endued frog the
the aeerottry of the New England rellgloat grand Jury bat the court
.1ected. ii accord. crlalnatloa la the city -
steward board and leaders *o ill attea pt. aid that the fat that
removing hat been erased -T.p WriterTo
aac with the Discipline vsrleuuddoelsatlosnl Florida
their asses fro to contact Cwmiiissk* aa, Mtgro wee oa the
of the AMIC Church, and 6T AOaiSHM! *a at' leaders
till authorized algaa that the Traainrer. C.A tempt to contact local Address panel .UUit4 thee-

tar card. at the Bar tlllil, and flunc 0>>* city official ell take herec aa effort to EWC feat cUlavedaaaday
Pushes PublicAccoMadotieiis
utt Nttloaal Baal for .Uh. ...ht. II. e. place. herd larch 2321hen. araaa present. racial lioa"t th* fardoa

%rwwwa ,th..dsz 'a...cbecItai Ckwfttra, hold.the legal .*t d.ata fro hew strife be* .....1acY1l.IU'. apojrtadltor Beard refused ..***.*,
account.tht title to their ret pee* laglatd ColUgea will TM atudenttTrra at tk* Jackie Law plea far taa' NetPcyouths .j
Council ruled that tlv. offices until thy forego their tatter vacatioaa thud to b* th* sun vlllt Jouraal, and ..* Na tlUiaa, II,

th* ,",ported electionof ors replaced la the. to conduct a orgaalaatloa which of the ranking seabed tad Tons La* ttlllwa.
gatloa f
Uf eating
visited Albany, Oa. HUH ( ) llth place
trustees hold Burial manner prescribed by the prayer pllgriaaga to of kit profettloa lathe IT both of TalUkaaaa.
than half of gas ba eipetttd
... aetrpolltta ea
last .r. ear *- a
the Month of Jaanary, Ollc IpIlD'." this city, nation till be tk* despltoo., .",,"' .
I' has also baa Dada eo",, voluntary bail |* Dade
1964 la Dull lid void with regard to the follovlag the fivedayattMpt learned that repreeta principal speller during atlag plates dtgr County," the .011III U'. Informing the Board that
for the reason that Re- trustees locking the by th* group to Edward water College'san.u.l the lee latallliaaaaaotltata
tire Knrland a sated, a drialtlv retort
of lee
apondtat (Rev. liaise) doors of the church to abridge coamalcttloaabetieea and coaaual AllSporta Baa fublif seoonedstlons does sot Lee pua .( the pair
major net
adalta that oa the night the rtcta. the tell Thursday night, eatasllly then is
keep the pastor out of nations media will ae* la seeded to toaplete sable that progressive
the election ma ached- the cbarck--a. Miter students will join the the students sadtheir gird 11 at I .'.Iu' tat process *f breaking Dad Coaaty could any belay alaoat awroaa.Wllklkg .
old to be hld..k ad la Ita statewide coapony la Brtr Mill. sad fllllaaa
nick was atttled by a NAACr Itadtrt la their Dlalag down the rae barrier la longer aoaatManta th*
Joined the meeting Circuit Court order a* Good Friday march oa to florid real Driver, chairman those that atlll pra ladlgalty sad laaall were aenleaeed to death

without"holding the electir. galaat the tratteea. the Tallahassee pllgriaag lcd STEAlPosths.Us of the Athletic CoMlt:: lice Mireittloa, This blab grgtla artatUg rr the curler .f aa

Council au fir*. Although th* enact tee. aaaoaaotd Thursday la then taeatta *f a planes forces .. elderly Negr Tallahaa

The Council held also The body deacrlbed It usher of atadeatc Mr that the prof.ru, el' r*.eat report her by 10 Per teat of wr cltl see stare pratar>

that Rev Blala could at "flagraat ail outrageous ..... at participating i, ,c,, :J" the f I or I da Council oauaaa Ices," th* report sill A* board elm tau, tot.ryaal .
not prevent charges fro eOl'.ct" by colleges baa bee r- MlatUat, IUd,11 atttrltd 11scull said a. *.. ....

hung placed with till those who ". *ght to veiled It has beta Award Slitsi{ 'rt, .. fraaklla 111- ba "a all ad* turbid vr Irylag t*
Presiding liter ...I.at the lund that Harvard re Mb a deeilies glia <.
fro .
prevent ptttor realise" laadltgatioaal
sass, wise prMldeat *f
hia beeaaa be did mot tierclalag his duties for 51111"1 the council' said she aoavoatioaa fet aide'a lavaatlgattaabad

preside at tk* aeotltg by fore and vUUace bade Coaaty U b* abUt that It lists
Top NAACP ... could peak tk* BtreCaaalatlaa "
of the Official Board. lad locust the church MLAMDO The lat t sit II la lie per II... the pal. r dltIeedillllaat
pttt a
The Council directedthat Itador $ ., -. terser
doora." h. sell a 9*
lat tatd.Prof
Offlclil WM pabll aadtlaa -t'P.
president af the Plorlda r .
PrtaldlagClderA. M It stands sow, intoned .. fllllaa a 1which
Bichardoo should within church Voter L...... will b* 1 se.Sr. Resigns awltwsllly the aabe
*** art *f Speak Here .. tllllM.
10 dart fro the r.a- the opinion that I... honored poatbaaoaal/ UlaL Over Ceil...'. tag .!*.. h......
Bltcfctl, U
derlag *f th* epialoaproatat liaise I* not MporHt Bt..Paul. J!t tt gkOlMtr the Letant with the pr** soul'ell's .. '1, ,..... daab boy..

th* charges to conduct ..nlc..... B. carrMt, M atatlM of a P!..... aaaoaad eieeatlve dirt Rights Policy the pool rtalraialaay
tor, resells
th* Judicial COM it tee also that chocka written dual director f lAD to kl* aid*. *t thabMutt HUMum caargtaidlMrtalaaUrf MI tiers," Ik*

of UeAaaoal Cbafereaic. by the ptrtoot Mad Mtk brioche. will address a allMiiag th* this week *f Ice Mil prMtlati .*.. Bald

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state au..,._ ".nl'. said fer tM BUtelgllatar aaMly, board _.lra.a .n..M pr ecelwere.Ire.dl ..n" .14..... 'Tk* ThiiksiMl
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office attltttd by ayes ...,..*..*.. theeespwete fan pjarlMCaty Jelly ,./re.. c Mol.* It per MI werenegresaled adalalatratlM. laid a
depot sheriffs and a Mr* gettltgrae aad It. Pt,*,.- misers e.g. tua** ft* leery bud a1 lie N'flub.
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.' .
PICE 1 ,1 ', riiiiiisTiirmis

THE FLORIDA STAR Politics As Usual


MblUhtd by TIlt Florida etar PnbUtbliK Co. ",.,. .... again it appears that the Negro is

'VwBbRr of Associated NRCTO fiWEUC / being made*the political football Florida -

politics which of courseis nothingnew
I. SIHWImSN --- .. Uit&: for Florida or most of the country for

E. USE................Jim EdIts that matter.
The Negro, it seems, is the perennial football .

Illll ICm ..--...CrcBlitUi Banff in American history'It started as far

back as 1849 when the ffllmot Proviso to outlaw

Him OFFICE I PUNT: t r I slavery In new states was

2323 Mncrltl ..d.......>in Elfji 41712 Introduced during the adnlnlsvt '
rat ion. of James K.Polk. He has

Miillif JUriss: been continuously footballed I

around in numerous issues Involving

P. .. In 511, licksiuilli 1, FlirUi his existence, starting ;

with his freedom from slavery SIMPSON
through enactment of the lynch law, then

731 >f 3d, In. Phil 3771825BOB8CRIFTIOH school desegregation and to the current
debate over the civil rights law.

RATES In by-gone years the Issues pertaining

ODR TORT. edo Half Tear ".00 to race brought positive declarations:
a politician was positively for or positively
Nsil.d to Too Aa/wbor IB th* Daltid tat*
against extending this or that rightto

SabiorfptloB payRblR lo Advtae the Negro. But as men broadened in 1n.telllenceand
Stpd Check or Montjr Ordir to: the venom of race prejudice

weakened or declined with the years we
found more politicians taking the middle
Jacksonville I, FlpridaIfnciil road if they lacked the fortitude or the

1 r ability to see the right of the Negro's

(...Iltl. Needs / demand for full citizenship.
Is foot-
I sense that the Negro being

Reid ... Met City Blessiif i balled around In the Florida governor's
. race in a strnnge way. It appearsthat the

In recent weeks we. have been hearing quitea Negro vote Is being written off In much

bit of noise about relatively nothing, the same manner that a presidential can

when you get right down to the issue. The didate will write off a state and not ao

noise that was being raised had to do with AN AIUNDANCE OF POVERTY much campaigning in it, because he feels

the official appointment of a biracial committee that the state's vote wouldn't affect him

to help iron out the racial problem one way or the other.

that exist in Jacksonville.Last : Starting with Haydon Burn.Jacksonville's

Tuesday night, the Issue cane to a mayor. . head when representatives of the local NAACP Your WeeklyHoroscope porters will tell you they 1on t understand

and Ministerial groups appeared before the what he's doing..that he's sting like

City Council asking that a biracial committee he doesn't want their support.

be named by the elected officials Prom the Bud Dickinson CAmp we have reports

The.<.*ppeal was nude to the Council after Guide that they are "planning" to'do

Efforts to get the Mayor of the city to. some campaigning for the Negro vote, butI

take action. have seen no evidence whatever.

Without a doubt It Is to be regreted that Senator ott'hn8 come out with criticism

Mayor'Bums did not see fit to Inspire the PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH of the civil right bill declaring it lit

formation of such a committee several years By soemthlnic designed to fool Ncprocs. This

ago, when the idea was suggested by former is to be expected of Kelly who IK known

Governor Leroy Collins or even followingthe ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR to be quite outspoken on IHHIICR. The fnct,

racial outbreak In August of 1960. remain that he has not mn lo Any effort ".to,,

There are many who believe that Mayor TRAVELARIES comnunlcntP or ret his idenH over to Nojsroen. -
Burns' failure to act along such lines nay BUSINESS .. '

have been political stratagem.; but by the Neither linn Fred B. Knrl of Dnytonn or

sane token, there are just as many who John F. MntthriAfl mnn" n positive pIfclr'for
feel that the outcry for the naming of a CANCERBorn I ; e-152 the Negro vote.
lied committee at this tine also has Its Born March 21st thru June 22nd thru 5-10-33-17-87-5'I;JRESISTCRI Robert King llluli.mn.vor of Ntnil, han Just

political overtones, April 19th July 22nd REGISiTS' nacle some effort. Ho npokr1 hcforn n hand.
ffe say that this noise for a biracial committee THC PROSPECT. or IIT. THE PACE IN YOUR SOCIAL" CAPRICORNBorn ful of Nrizrorn while in Jacksonville about
LIBRA Dec. 22nd thru
Is "relatively about nothing"* because TIN YOUR MONIY',1 WORTH CIRCltt II lUNG 1 STEPPED Sept. 23rd thru three week ago Nit h' could 1 hOVE lindl n
a biracial committee appointed by OR TNt PROPER COMFIN1A. UP AND TMlt" MIANt IINOTATIONt > Born. Jon. lOtnW0 larger nurfirnro luUrrIvnnc(' nrrnn fwnti -
h'V.t Oct. 23rd OUT TNC PROPER
Mayor Burns, the City Council or anybody To1rot YOUR GALLS AND 1NC0N REte1Yi5S. NOTNINO, ""' had I>en mnde.
else will have no official or leea.1 powerIn iiRYim' All At IRIOHTAt rOR PARTIES AND This isjimo nubernntorial/ randiflntennrc
matters Involving hospital desegregation, ,vC.. YOU Mutt D9 THE LUC. YOU SHOULD II GAINED IV CREATING COM.PLICATION lit TO rOLLO TO lIT plovlnu IH certnln to Imckflre, and
job or job training opportunities or any YOU tHARt SY PUIHIN8vouRttir GLAD Or THE OPPORTUNITYTO EVERYTHING LINED: UP rOR after' the first priRiury l 1M ovor, IMlrl' thnn
of the other discriminatory situations that TO THE rout. II INTR40UCIO TO I1IIT. THC RIG CHANGES YOU ARE one of them will he wanting tu kirk t*>rmnelven -
exist In Jacksonville.A slip ABREAST or THE PERSONS WHO ARC I INTIRIITINO CONHM' A"It; YOU MAY. in the |11III\tM for ,plnvInK it.
biracial committee -- regardless who ATIlt TRINOI AND TICH- AND TAN A MINI THE NATURAL TREND OFTHINOI RI DItlROU Of CITAR.LI9HIN4 Mont of the overnor oMpirnntN are pitching -

names It .. can only hear the problem, try ,..GUll, LOll II. NO TIME TO YOU. THI I COULD II THE LESS PRO HI* PHILOSOPHYTMAT hard for the hite vote n'llrli "tnndHnt ,
to arrive. at solution and attempt to get 'IN CATCHING' UP MMIM YOU THC GREAT CHANCI roR TNt YOUR AP. 5555051<< IN KttPINOITH a whopping 1. 511. 55R liocii'iso the Nopro
the persons responsible for the existenceof FIND YOUNCLAT A pitAOvADTAtl. UNMARRIIO TO CIT AC- POINTED 60ALI. THERE YOUR PRACTICAL voters total n nenurr! 107,510.: If m wt of

those undemocratic situations to rectify 1'1411 MAY |N- OUAINTIO SITS THEIR NATURI. IT MAY AltO the white vote IN divided nmnni four ran-
then. As a matter of fact,who knows that it TAIN BROADENING THE BASE rUTURC MATE OILING A AtE THAT All LllRANt" II YOUR ,INTENTION TO didnteM----1n. ''''',hll, Ihrf'l', four nrdernn --.-

night not be better that the Mayor or the or YOU EDUCATION on 01.TAIINO NIW AND PROMIIINtt TURN CAN MADE ADJUSTMENTS IN IPIOII" TO THIS OBTAIN WORinfURTMIR MAT it undoiilitedly will .- v-hlle the Mourn
Council does not appoint a committee because ADDITIONAL' 19 THEIR IIIITINCI.' YOU vote 'IH ,dissipated nt letxt I.*" of the
Council .. "III HAVE TO II CARIfUl lowing cnndlrlntcHarr colnc to reillx.e: that
could be .. for political reason .. stacked YOU TO OUAlirvRHIRI NOT TO MltTAII ,INMTUA- IT It THEIR: ttCURITY MviTiRict. THERE itLITTlt if they hid about onl'-third of the Neuro

members who would just play around with the THI tTANDAROt ADCHIOH lION rOR TM| NIAl TH I NI.11IW"41 THAT It AT ITARC. OOURT THAT THE vote, they would be In the rnn off'forgovernor.

problems, imillNCI LIVING It .
It is our feeling that It would be far f.10-77-1.W5-I7S 540.86.1545008nEGIS1ERI AN EDUCATION IN I ITSIir. AN of today, there IN no candidate who

better to have a voluntary biracial committee LEO could rightfully hone to get .10 percent of

compelled of men and women who stand RCGISTCRI, Born July :23rd: thru SCORPIO 7tO11Bt7t1 the Nem vote in Puval Rude. IIIIUlMinv

for right and justice and are dedicated to TAURUSBorn Aug. 231(2r Barn Oct. 24th thru REGISTER1AQUARIUS Broword or Fneamlila: nut even th! 'hoe
the principles of peace, --unityChristianity April 20th thru Nov. :22nd N>y'"' in their nre- ". Tho two men .ho pet

and drnocracy. The desire on the part of May 20th | *f DID NOT NAVE TOME TMI SCORPIO 'HO NAVE Born Jan. 2tith thru the Negro votes are Rolnc to hnve to campaign *

men of good will to work for full citixenahip ALL IHOUIO MOCIIO A<. oirrioiLTitt/ ONCI IN A BITS PT1 TS 'II THI ppb. 18th for It. "'nd let there he no doubt

rights of every nan will do more to CORDINC- YOUR OltlRttI HIU, IT WOULD NOT II DATE loll A PNOJItTlO WITH emiopMtm '0\- about itthe Negro vote 1* point; to ht+ the

get' the job done than the mere blessing of N YOUR .IY AtlOCIA.TiONi. NATURAL TH|| MOULD NOT' UNION SILL NAVE RUN LOIN THC PATTIRN: YOU deciding fnrtnr In the 1J1I."t Inn of which
the Council or the Mayor.e BUT YOU UIT NOT RITARO YOU NOTICIAUVrio MMCIIN4 TO NAVE CMOUNTHIt NAVE ANTICIPAtlO. OR mm Roe into the second prlmarieN.RrGI"Tt .
recall that a committee composed of ...- T All TOO MUCH rORRANTIO OUARTtR fOR THtRITUAll. VERY NIARLY 10, THIRtIt
torn of the Chamber of Commerce and several At THESE All INDIVIDUAL ClRTAIN ICONO NO NEED ro* YOU TO REGISTER. !
Negro professional and business men functioned MHO CANNOT THAT SHOULD PiiAit AH SIC IINiriTt &II TO 1CetiiYio MOLD itci. ADDITIONALtICNt

for the past two years, The editor.of CAR TO III OTNIRt flOII AiLiANdtOr 0' rAYO ARLC OP*

group and we recall that following the lunch till RltORT TO OUT Of YOUR NONE II RIADY TO tHOU.O YOUR MATIRIAL AND RCIBINTIAL ri1uh'
counter desegregation, the group negotiatedfor TRICIIRV 0* ANY OTHt II TNt ADDED RtPONltIllTlCI. INTIRIITt AH
the employment of Negroes in downtown MIANt' TO CREATE TROUHt.I A IIflu...... SEVEN TO YOU MO YOUR
stores, the hiring of others by Western IIPlCIAiiY RATCnrui. YATIO RY ANY IOIALIITICOltltNI. tTMOINt It I'MIY RUT ClOIItT '0" .... THESE countsregister
Flectrlc and was Instrumental in securing TO MIYINT ANYTHIN4 0* YOUR PRIIINCIIt Rt IONS At THESE It It MMITNINt, "r A RATMIRcoNrutiN .

clerical jobs for Negroes with downtown THIS tOlT MO COMIX LOVE AND 1000 RILL ON CHAIACTCR.CAUtlNS .
fir.arIt lots IIDIt 'iT IMOULI
is true that the Chamber sponsored CLOSE To YOU. THIS MATa DUi YOU SHOULD NOT II TOO UMlCUlTTO about TOUSA.ILITI

group did not work aa fast aa many of the A CALL ON YOUR TNIANO ELIMINATE IT. TO CURT o" AN
AIM wot* "I''IN' AITI.TUIIt ,
Negro members felt that it should have CAIN RIIOURCII 10 THAT OTMIRt MAYMltlAAl 4.30.86141479RCGISTER AMI Tl OUt .OU'...
worked, but the fact la that It did some HUP A WORTHY CAVIC. .
good. ,The only regret Is that its white stOS5Z31' tee NltMMANOIDNItt. Z7O$5IWW7SfltG OUR PAST THIS WEEK

members lacked the fortitude to take a bold STtJII ",.
stand to move forward to acquire a democratic CftlSTWQCXIN1 t-W-80-1844- SAGITTARIUS '
.ocl.t,. But this 1s a situationthat IIIII' % tot*a7..ao.rt a.... MM. tum4 UM p,U.
31at thru Ktcisrtm lion Feb. 19th thru "
exists la many, many parts of the Born May tert CMrUr IN "... MM bora. U Mortk Csr.lIaa.Marc
:itt VIRGOBorn lorD No,. 23rd thru larch 20tatURINCRS
country. Men. and women art afraid to standup June |*. |t|)..|tMfe .r rrit1l TsAs'u.d
23rd thru NA'| flOTM
.' h' YOU NAY! most Aug. DFC. 21st
for democracy: they are afraid of tolng ort URN JOO at.... U tnm.Kuxm .
criticized by their neighbors u, |S -tiniM Mnr4 MMtt, wtUt, ...
aadthelr YOUR PRIIINT ALTHOUGH if erTiN it RIAVY .',".. UP IN I>MOR i* W.*AR' r.. euioANCC <
friends.It ten U IR4....IIR. 14.rck .
la a calamity that the chamber group .' i1. lM|..**>etlM of tko CM.tltRtl_ MfUP
disbanded but let us hop we will wait until Cb. .raU SlRtt*.
Pelt te tiv BACK arm 155 SAPID| tTRIMIr TM Ail T l PRIPARA.TIM PIOPLI Rouie ee URI-
another racial outburst occurs to ten IT COWL It TMAT mtfca II, laN-or. r rrj J HM .( Q,.... .rH
another biracial committee act neee.ssarIly LIT Imam kMUt, .. k.r. '.11__ .
"'T. TMIRC' it NOAURM. Tl.t TO IIMR."ttiiiir. MATIR trriClINCT Ml* WAN, Lilt .ISTRItlROttL
bleated by tat Mayor or the Council III PL ANN IN* PAS THIS YOV AtiIMPILlta tVCCItt. AiL that VMMAYI 1C MASK IY MIN matte IJ. |TtljRU taRaatr IRIR Mt tilt
but rather blessed by God working la men .. ...... ..e. MlU L'bfMt
.Nom At LOM At YOU asf Te TA'| YOURRIWTPA tlARnl IN TutTM MATIMt Ailll IP C --. .

of toodwin.Otr ae MVN T''IATttMPTt PLACC ..l. vw *AYt S.N| *V Itiitav TIN Halt A MART COw tree U. ia*"-0 rin .fe glows ,. .11.1 ...

WiKkncWftd CllixiisIB lOU.'I.n eP .151.11?. .'V' VM< '1ve1T,,,,, R|. T* CCHC i. 5"'t'f f ANION R.. It All* Inte U UM CM r.4.rRta <,.,. .... L.. '1"" .

Me te ANTICIAM ulROiUTt **0 MM IIAi If PHI Set? MNIUICTI Illtll SITS M KTIYIINTVITION. .r4 *Rl ,.. U... ....... .. MctUM

1990. eight million Antricaas were ia 'AT' ".... ST N/1110 **** tat HIT PLACID ...."n. YIN Oou%D 50, TAN. Saw RI rcm 15. *TN -all niURT reset... Moat t.tt

affect, disfranchised. Tey could act vote AkllilNTt A MOtVIMMRTANT S Alt tat t.IIACALIIMf IllTATI T* MtUltl ITWH taTNaI INKI VM. ..,.... >R- UtTMtlMW ... sill to M .......as

for Frtaldeat. atbmarddayt1,151oi Post a' ta HA.|TAIYI TS .IITlMultMTut YW OWN h* A44INITRLl e* PSOS/TISU ..... 'U .... .. pla .f a IIqN .1......

stressed la a editorial 'I''T It l.l .*...n TIUSI/LP acC"u. DNP11I ,,t T.ATT TIC Silt Of KCMOSCI.TrIS marts !' lll.-11ry L'enle Jas a. was ....

An American Heritage Foaadatloa .V tATWRN IHT. >owe M* VIRMANtlUlt S5. St- .At Dew CMC w *. **i. MT. .C *lt. lti..4 tr r U. .((!(. ., ........ .r .........

study is the authority for the flgsre. 1M Otis ""'N.WNtI THAT TIMY Mo a flUT M( PLKI IN V WR SISAAI. SESaaNISS I.YT U. rwU .U.B Mf 3 MM C a.NCl1TDt' .-|.

The reason for this la that owe election *< r* nY RUT m's a0 ,.(. IY *T'|Rt *. MAT .TMtS1 55" ,....
In have not kt up wife aodera mobility W1-lM N" riu 5UPIICIIItV HOT ic TOO rRUNHY 5-30.64-155. 11II St>R!


. .


r -

laid 14, 1554 flllllA( STAR PAPERS J nit 3

Liicola AinooicesGridsitioa Surprise; i Birthday I Party Celebrants I -OaruIICo-okmll I -

Exercises ........._ IrJ.. __ Is Selling Finil eI )eui f?

Ttt graduating class ol! V Plans For Concert

Uaoola Buslasss According to Mra. R.P.
.. & GDI NT AR D
conduct its data r Aakee. director tilt

llht tierclaca March :20 % Darnell Cookaan bores pith biota of spring all around It la only natural
at LlDcola lull. be- la undirgoing final rehearsal that fashions should data our aajor thoughts. Wo

Itnnlnt at 8 p... + preparations far can almost see the Kilter Parade forcing at the
The activity .111 mark Its Friday night, March otter end of the block, and .e are told that the
the first of three II.CthiU. 20 concert In Civic jacket dress will be "the tllln," this season ant

.. scheduled for .... AadltorUi.lacladed that navy till) be 'the color." As usual, all eyes
this claaa. The affair cA I la the! outatandisg will be oa the little one a.
111 be under direction array of etc e .

of J. A. Browa tun Nora R, White has just returned fro a flight to
,. ..
Mrs. I. Ford M pro .KY Chicago there she attended a meeting of the Nominating
IFM chalraaa. t CoMlttee of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. *1to

The partial address a .eating Pas held last Saturday, for the purposeof
will bt give by Mra. electing the elate of officers for the Souls.
Gertrude H. Harrlioa. 1 : .S il Two members fro each of the sorority's atnereglons

All patrons and friends vine In attendance to perfora apeciflo tasks in
of the school bat been preparation for the Bowl.to be held in Philadelphia

invited to attend.Coeaescs.ent z!'' la Auguat.
till beheld The coaalttee resided ti the Sheraton-Chicago
IB Hi. Ararat Baptist Hotel. Homer the atetla tan held at the Alpha

Church,it re* 22 at MA_ ,wlr, Kappa Alpha International Office In Chicago.
1 P"., Dr. tlllitB B. The other representative trOll the South Atlantic
Stuart prtildint at legion tas Otto fill lass of Benedict College, Columbia

tdvard liters College, South Carolina. Meatier, White and WUllaaa

Ill deliver the add .J RUM ).. PRIDOKN tin elected the noalnstlng coaalttee at the 1B62
re... dent taint are Iou L. Boule held IB Detroit. Their account of the trip
Tat candidates for Alverla Jones, Indicated a mat enjoyable te.k-end.
. .
dlploaaa are: Annie Kenneth Hart and Otea
Sheppard Betty Jenkins HOSTED: Rufus Coffee (shown center la background. ,) eat the surprised recipient of a auaptvoua The Greater Taara Chamber of Cbamrce la spreadingthe
Evelyn Kirkland. Barbara birthday party tendered by his wife, Mra. Marie B. Coffee (standing on bin left) held recently la "..loom. Mat" for ..lb.,. of Kappa Alpha Pal
Steeting Gertrude Her their' palatial residence located at 1428 t. 26th St. A large attendance of friends were on hand to Prateralty tho till be atttndlag a ...th, U.that
riaoB. Shirley Sharp tlah the honoree aany-happyreturna of the day and to ahower hla tlti gifts A tasty toilet luncheon City March 27-21, 1164. The occasion elll be the
Joan Hilton, ArbtllaCaw. van aenred. Attendee Included Mr. and Mra. r.A. Pombes Mra. Earth Fields Prleaoa George Mr, and 14th Annual Southern ilonal" Conclave to be held
George Hut ley, U.- Mrs. Billie J. Waters Noah L. Anderson ire Lula Hicks Mra. Margaret Howell Mri. Geraldine Den at the Hllliboro Hotel.
Loris Collier Pertelfaahlagtoa. BOB, Mr. and Mrs Oliver Thomaa Miss Rosa Randolph, Jiaay L Brow Marvin Brow, Mrs. Louise DMtry Several aeabera of The Jackaonvlllt Alumni Chapterare
Henrietta D. Robinson A.R.: Kearse, Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Miss Ella Johnson Miss llarp.fl'rhlOll. James C. Stephana eipected to attend the nesting la Tampa
haute Carl Johnson Miss Annie Anderson Mra. Sarah Riley,. Mr. and Mrs Clifford Jtffera, Mra. Katie Richardson e e e .

Majore Sauadera, Jaaie and Mrs. Ernes Brooks. (Photo hy thenon) w Doris Bennett eaa guest player th.n KllisUth Jones
Marshall Jaaio Harris 1 entertained Lea Elltte Bridge Clab last Friday

Johnnie Andr.... Geneva Teacher-O-Rama Famed LeaderTo I evening la her 'eat Eighth Street iI II..
Bryant Barbara fllllamei, Marine Jacksoa, Vernal McCone and Irma Murray

Betty Maya, Catherine Set For Blocker Direct ere recipients of club 'rl....
p e e e
Richardson LocusDavis Hampton Choir WeddingsLeroy
Itloiae: Rogers, A Tescher-O-Rsas will The Band and Glee Club of New 11 an ton High Schoolare
Clifford Hllllard be presented IB Isaiah til 11.. S. Etonty.pn.D. cells ALVTRTA Gordon JDNKfl carrying oa aeparat drives to sponsor their

James walker Joyce Blocker Rleaeatary .ill direct the Inter Sheppard, ITU The veil respective groups to the acrid a Pair. Cltlaena are
Hunter, Dorothy Ford School Auditorium Mondayat nationally faioua Rsmp- Illinois St. 21 and Beach PI a. 12 and graa el 11 feature pro-the urged to support thee,
Harriett Porda. Arthur I p. .. This is the ton Institute choir la Betty Jean Neal 1J47 Johnnie M. Singleton, The Glee Club la under the direction of" Alpha N.
Burns Ida Pord and Lou SBBual teacher talent recital at the Jacksonville Harrison street 24. J U. Beach, PI a, 21 Moore and la solicitln trading stops la aa effortto

Ann Bailey. show AiCD' is presentedby Civic Auditorium Clean. T. Taylor 2ST2NcCby freest J. Martin, 1101 have the trip undererlttea by a fire. Forest
REGISTER! Mabera of the face I. on. March 20. at 5:00: p. Blvd. 26 and RoseM. R, Grant St. 20 and embers of the Olee Club, patrons, lid friends art

Cook BIB'j Concert .. Wright, 2582 Suaalt OvendolyB Bythwod, 1011 arged to sat Up the group
ty.featured oa the program The recipient of the At. 21. Own thai St. 20. The Band It under the direction Keraaa McParlla.Sirpporttrt .

To Feature Herat ill! be the 'Heat lee." Bachelor of Music Degree Cl\aa. 8. tunes, Sit N Thoaaa\ J. Johnaos, 1122Mlllls of tht school srtllkttist urged to aaatat
led l by Mrs. D. F. Taylor froa BlralaghM. conservatory Myrtle Are 18 aad Je* Lane, 29 end Vlr* this group IB lit efforts to ettala a trip to the
Strings OR Progrun and hootenanny" Mrs. the Bachelor ef nette white' 1 319 N. elate Mae Byrd, It. World a Pair i iS
D.P. Richardson Music Degree frog Tale Myrtle, is, Augustine Pis., 24.Noraaa e e e e e
The Mt, Heraaa String University the Master Henry Crocker 1)11raltaer McPaddea. 4101 The .I.... lildoa Johnaoa Branch YMCA la U itssan.otb
Other" popular acts 111
Orchestra .!!! appear oa Include: "dials Gang", of Arts Degree fro It. |9 sad Loc "''rt Dr. 21 and eoaitruclit drive and plans to begin mill

ellCDokaan'B tint Mrs. a Johnson 'rail- Harvard University, and Barbara Ann Brow 1521 Alaa Jean Clark, 1101 a summing pool tnlch' la baldy needed U our sits
annual orchestra concert Ill Moody Pield" and the Ph.D. Degree fro. 1. Mb Kt. II. lockksrt"' Drive, II. All sitUeee art oriel to aupport this drive, as
10' March 31 at II p.... la Dancing at the Patio" the University of loss Ned Jackson, 114 Venue Jlasle Lee McKlaaey, 1\. TMTA faallltlst art .,,'hll1. tt everyone.Thoaaa .
-w.r-aN eahoel audi torlun. Dr. stoaey' teaching Kt. 41 and Peru L. 1 131. '. IU BU T1 end C. Nargra. Is su. tlt director tf the
The croup till be maklai Miss Dorothy Jones and experience lacladea twin Met, t*10 Venus St.. :20. Plakey Lee Bell 11)1a. inwrw" HellI.a. Branch YMCA: and Julius) Jones la prograa director.Brltge .
its first public appearance Oeendolya"SheltOB at Minnesota state Pranklla L Ellis sib Itb Street, 47.Lester .., seal-tlassUa, C i e s e e

since the opening sad'Kitty Oretal Gritty Oertel Collsii.Central Nlsaourt 4th Kit. Ju Mach 21 Richardson 1251I. spiritual and pepalarttlottloa. and ehltt plijtra art Itferaed that the

of the net achool. School, 1.1" ...Ofta Taleat UO", State College and Call sad Betty Ice leeks, Hth St. 2$ sad fat.repers.d toursaaeat eched.led for lard 21 kst bees post
Other groups appearing Fdela Math eve.According. forai| State College. 121 4th Ave, S. Jat Merrlaa J. Matthees, peed bemuse of difficulties over vkloh the. group
oa the program are: John He baa published articles leach IT 1112 Apt 4, Illlaola .had 10 toatrtl A date U early April bat beet telotted .
F.. Ponl'a String Orches to tilt la the! American Vernon U Slaaoas, USW. Street, 21. for the tovrnuieat and till bt released at
ire Porest Park String P.C. as, Mrs Organist and la DispoaonMagaxiaes 27th St. IS 'and Jesse A. Martin, 1904 noon as plus art eoaplttvd.Pries.s .
Scarborough thisyear's
Orchestra and special ; eat awarded a dirvls V. Joseph' 1121Vpdturch Indices St. 21 and e e e e e e
event will
scent will be the vide fun and pro fellowship la Musicalcoapoaitloath Ave. IT. Ruby A. Joaea, 1417 t. r sill bt pleased tt learn that Joshes t,
Darnel I*n>>>okmaa "Revtntb talnaent acre than all eater Helen fa, Lee Jones, Jai 21th Street I). (JtakHlllaaa) ku bee released trOll several eeelskoeplUl

Grade Vocal l cable. teacher talent shots other Wurlltier Pousdatloa of eosflseaesl cad hat tensed Bit plied laUe .
h>abera of it. Htraun that have been Taos, Net Meiicossd eon '''11 st a riddle."
orchestra are: Althea presented has lade a any prtfet I e e. e ee e
by the Blocker Y-
Day Kdythe Dwight The Blocker faculty.'I.htra. aloaal appearaacea as a < ] Our Ml lee .,..,,tattler" D.". Celllsitoa,
Thyra Pettoa, 'Deborah ," dancers,slBgars pianist sad barpsl S' ports Itferaatloa Plrttttr tt '1.. Aa. tst noel
Oarroa, drol Henderaoa, tad other sets are la cbordlat. Mil asilcaleoapoaltlOBf deservedly tiled rtiestl along elth ttbtr lisle
Freddie JohaaoB Nancy practice sessloaa dally iaelade leaders by Ut Tarns tilt, Bay M Jets bit aasyfrleads
Let-lea Sandra Llabrtc. for this cork for ay.phoaywMdIsd / la adding tar tiprtttlos ftr d got.'Jsk
'a n. Levis Debbie Me* eitravsgaais. ,.1.'.', piano Mr and Mrs IMlysesPetty owjrenrf ODNPON tell base
Ta, Cheryl ..., RiekieR.ddich Tickets stay be secured Marttt, 'piano sad ; IMS Nsrdee St Apt. t hi.Mrr sill sttt end greupIsterpoUtioss.
froa deniers of the and lobertMoatgoaery.
tv Ira
Deborah *
scale for deed .
dons MCI mal RSIITTNNf0ITtNI/ / !
faculty. REGt STUn Br. < .. III4 Mo-
Staadfltld. Tickets for tkla event aa Mrs .doh't. Per tae past anatH, the
.... Cobalt St. Sir,
do/lellllens ay be ptrchaaed froaaeabers. ; Palrfai St., DC artlttt live beet
,f the local Boy 'Mr. add Mrs Otis tdersolai late sire rehear
Williams. NEGI 3TIN It chapter of the ftatltatlBsaptom .r. gad Mrs Charlie Doeglas; 211 tla It,, *a I masons cad Itla
BALLOTS AlBMl Atsoda Caraoa; |2M I. Plates.) .1 rl. tipeeled list tie 9a
ccI tloa. Street; atrl, Mr. end Mrs, layaosdperm
Berth 20 preseatttltatill
tT1.CtIHt .
I I xcirrrarZetat I Mr end Mrs Albert am w. Slat st; bt ettstssflsg,
CITIZENSHIP Baa, 1124 f. Mth St. aJ,. since( tie Civic At4lItrltt .
Plan M.Mr.. Mr. sad Bra Willie settlsg till
and Ire Robert tells; 4211 UikbtrtPrlve Ideal
IK9EPEKDWT OIL COMPWMICNANIC provide aa aellltibsckgrMad
Book ReviewA Baker; 21 H ...edre* ;' fc,. ter proper

ON DUTY book retie. elll bo Cent; Bas Mr, aad Mrs, presto ll"tiig. sad aeotMtUaltffetlt

Ikt Joseph' ...................Proprietor reseated by the ZeteAalcse. Mr. and Mrs. DuislColter Celastlat; 1424 I. 13thstreet ,... perftttstatlsg
101 Dora St. Boy, trraageaottt
Stat. and Jefferson Streets CL: 69432i aeilllsry to Sirs Br. end Mrs. illllt Mra. 4ae teat laved.KftlttU ,
BeU Alibi fats Chatter. .rlffla Till lather
Br aad Mrs. Jake HCaaU <'
Zeta Pal Beta Sorority.
street; Blrl. *
; UN I. list St
IM.. ataday fret 4 to f
pa.. U ,lit test life JWJ Lists
Breach pebllt Library, lAY-A-WAI// fOR EASTER
t" sad MarrteoB SU. Honor Students}

Pestered partltlpMt The ,.u..... etsdeete Boys Suits
.111 be Mien Vary J. BfPbersom.
Base less Hated as
librarian ef
....r roll students let
the """I'. Irsacbpsbllt Skit 1 It 20
the Third-Ill

.111 b.'library..U..t4 She by period: .. 4.' averMM $6.95 to $19.95II

U ran ff.f. heels.1kreriss .
pt .1. Ssi tb.
tug, When
of tat feat
S.... Iarl a. t-T; P.,b... IICIII lUIIS I lUllS
(Uila*.. 17.Royal. "71. In fit fill lid Silt.
... '...1. ML Dues U KEN KHISHT
pro*re* chai revs. ire Palm
A 1st. SUM. Its fvelytPUreaee. Girl Dnssis
L. toosmtraea.Otatfaaabsra Invites You To Listen To-
Meeting Sunday
arr Bra.Uola Skis 1 14 SfkftM
mother her sister ... .
Her or ? Mra. CvftitttrtAltt. the retalareetieg meetblt
I,.. LelaCoarlsey. of tie Rips InNS ii urn i rinus ... ffir tJU.$1.9a 116 IAHD
em ouerr vtamen*.eeaftrmaa 4wr-ot..... oaaatfilwae.
are AriaPeteraet Pal CarlallM ClIII .

,......Me.........era ...... B n. BlUleMllhertM be '. !. a...., to $10.95 I "DANCE PARTY"
bar e1r1. en.... It ate eras L. r Y enut In. B ela link It.. I::1. p.s
bur ,....en sen teyi.uy. s......., Mra Mat L Lee. ..... Ilk later. lsteOarlee. >
III 1M........ fM""'" 1j r Mettle Ca....11. In. Store tl .
a.._ h-i emit It....,.sad....... III .. I47T... St. Ifetrfway Dipt. R.... 1IJI: 12.
-pra.1, sa...ve eawy ere N hey.ass. aws*_rlt. Stale... Ire All nub.n art .nU .< 11 U
sortie ....... Mrs attend ....* .... Mf 1141,11" ,i. H-
ff lie. .*.*.*>. aa4 sra .111 be disease ira 1400 WINC 1400UTnlIY f
......... prlMtlla hub Vary Mia. |".u..t .inn. iifiui -
_. en.esie.ss-cep Mae....ea ru w I1tG1I7Df stated, '1CIVSIs. .

-"h. q ,rYwv '1, a '- '" . . .. .

t' I I, T

.... '9 I FLIllfil tUl MPEIS UTIIIAT MUCI ii, !tni

U Concorns Continue To Spark Current YMCA Drive I _ _

1 r,
Y 7Y'
4 4"
1, 1 1Ifii"t {.
jslF I v
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W #

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j .

MIIUC SUPPORT FROM PROHSWICNAL LCADCRI HAl MAQIICD A STALDUTC, thtlll.OOO toil annual leaborahlp left) look on. Thanks to public contribution, the Ys progrucenter( pUJ), baa been greatly enhanced

drive at J.... "sldon Johnson Branch YMCA continued to receive the bulk of Its support fro buslnst during aftar-school hour and woekenda. Dr, chess H. Lewis, president of Atro-Aserican Life insurance

I eonoornM ind Mill van lovcl groups, it was learned this ...11. The ultlstte gosl'e purpose to oonitruot Co.and: Mr*. Mary Beticb Afro vice preaident. wade large personal contribution whloh Vas later followed

I a Noruly ,*od.d Missing. pool Ii presently bogged down a bit over th. ".000 mark and u urgeaappwal ii by appreciable support teas Afro's ..plo,.. which has presently totaled over 11,000. ladepeadeaaife Iq I

bo In* amJo thin week to onliit tho support of persona la higher tt|. level bracket.Latett to nose to nurance Co. waa the only other underwriter to join the sponsoring group to date Hargrave atatad. Mrs.

tht ,f roNuoo this week was ,,.al,, Nests, whoss general isnsgir Abdul Aikew (photo lift a tr... Busch is also Aaaoolato Suatalning Chainan on the r a bojurd. Royal Art Studio Qiotoa.. )

rltiit., (iroHontu JtJ YMCA oiooutlvo isoretary Thoaaa Margrave with a .....bl. chock wnils Joba Abraaa REGISTFJtl REGISTERI REGISTERI

Midway Orginlzts National Concern Aniail Homemakers Sluice Show CARTER'S Jax Golfer St. Matthew Baptist Church

For State Rilly Plans I Clinic'tllt.JluUaiml Slated To Bt Jtsl I Ii History Adds To LaurelsIn

FUNERAL HOME ..ad.,'. services will organliationa. the will
A MHt Inlly.iirKunlMuil i Scheduled for its tth annual staging, the MOBO
MM, THILM III Wants- 2 Tourneys begin with Sunday School be Inttodueed by Mrs
by '111/'hi AMP Church to A nltlonal aanufMturerof ikoro' Service Shoe according to Ito founder
1\1 SON, lli. Mvmi AVI.01 ID at 1:30: .... with Superintendent Gwendolyn J. Chandler, a
roles 1 this huilftitt fiiniln.., beautician' pro- sponsor, AdrlBA (Ion) Knliht will bo bigger and MARCH I. Sunvivoni I IN- Urn. Mailno 11..1"", Ronald Johnson co worker 11I".. Ret ha M.

IN In pro"ri'HH and will duota-No.Trui Of eJ",. better tnli/ year during its tiree nightly presentations CLUDI A DIVOTCO HUtSANO, 1134 Caipus It., one of and staff of teacher Lang will serve aa

'tcralnnto Mnrch :32. land, Ohio-till conduct 1"21'In_i BU"!.County AjBory.. e JIROMC Wtm| *lW4( DAUOH- the nation's top saateur directing actlvltlee. .lsreis of cereaonlea.
Tim V'lwIi'fH HrwriorMuurn. : B 'froo clinic/ for AB in put ycBra.coior. | gel fern, continued her The lesion will be, Others on tbs proiraa
their respective
oa pro Tins, 2 IONS AND A MOlT
: ful, crowd-pleu lnp 01 outstanding perforBincen
JiiKrplilni1" Thimiw roiUUrod bcautiolitna ducts to as intirtetedpubllo. or OTMin SOMOWINO nut- "Pilot Judged by will bo Mrs. Caroline
curtain,Mm. 4.P. toll*. In tbo North florldi blbltlon booth dliplBjr* TI,vII AND rniiNOt. TUNtnAi. recently when she ei- Jesus," John 11:23-3): : Hasutoad, Mrs. R. lily,

ou-ouiialiiamirs.la; ", urn.Annld : area Tuesday, March IT fag the Utiot In hose Adalastoa is free sad itnvieis WILL si ANNOUNCIO. celled in two tournn- The Consecration of Mr*. Mary R. Mealy, Mrs.
Froxlur, euiUIn' from 9:00: B.B. until I appliances .sd' fbrnhsh* the general public Is state held annually Ip choir and ushers will Laurina Wllaon aid
Urn. Mlnnlu Plttnuui in Rika Auditorium Inn, hose COB*t ruction tilt state.
cociuitaln p.' : begin st 10:45: I.'. several others. Mrs.
/ ftmth Cunillnu T12 '. !Mal It. mad ripBlr t..,.,.., Ijivited.Flocidlan Entering the 2nd Annual Choir 1 and the Young Louise Mangrove is the
? I
Mr*. Mil AnMtrimi, captain ,' BllBCO tetnetOln, foods, putrid, BBdbovtrBioi Gets Southern Golf Aenoola- Adult Choir will nerve District prssldeat
311 w, UNION ST. Duo
; Mm Mary A. don eoBpany president Hra. B hose ooono Savings A..n.Manag.r' 'tlon'e Mid-tlntsr Open throughout the day.slong District 4 will observe
MUCH I. Sunvivoni' IN-
tun, PO'Ciirtttln; Ala Chrtstino Jenkins, president stem diBonitntlon wo in Tampa on ,.b. Utll..r. with Usher Board 1. The Its Pals Sunday Tea at
bunt, Mrs Laura J. .. of the National expected tO once agile Post CLUDI .. Mearea received her
M.,. tTHit C, COLLINI, pastor, Rev Qeorgo A. 4 p. March 12nd
"Inch,"..,n, cui>Ul ,r"r- Nile team ABSOCiatlOB please hundreds of cap MOBILE -- H. LoroyDavis COLL Price, will deliver the church personage,

\hurt tlllluiM on-Cap- Bill a staff Of trBiBOd the r.noula.MI, who ha bn sleeted FATHER IIVIRAL, AUNTI.UNCLII CRNIIT INK AND r. ",t seraon. 1111 I. 27th St. Mra. 0.

Uln technician tilt bO OB annually rim on tttond* Banner of the now Oulf .. price will servo as
A MOlT or OTNin soseceii0'ecLaruvil niNOAY' S MOTI10S
phaiilft lION been hand to Instruct and Ini the lout Institution. Federal lavlnga and Loan director.
,p 1 nand im this ninth 'BNOiimtrul train beauticians in AaaoclatioB of Mobile. Deaconess Board 1 will Deacon I.J. Bass, leader .
"'d..t month bjr low :teOBBlqUOt. tAU Of interest tO Bit .... The aanounceieat same ( .AI MADI PARK I IN MT. J PI"IIlIIta Spring Tea of choir .. will con
Otivl MiMoniAL ,
tho rhurcb officials.v bOBUtltllBB are; b.r".t tao holly' this I, aadtjthia week by Henry/) at JUO p.... la tbs duct a rre'Bpriag'mBip
Tilt p.nti>'r. haa B ked urged'.to come prepsrsd y..r> .BB la the put ..' Davooporte, Aasoels ti \ Youth Cuter, 21th and March 22 la the hsaw

all ..,.burn. 'to support" to>> cork, Mr. ,ulistelBBdvlsed lucky ticket holders ties presideat.Divla JOHNNY III HATNII, 1741) Chase cts. with Mrs. of the president, Nra.Rvelya .
the ninth irtlvltlmi' RtRlJTWIHI. will '.00.. the re..lptsst. a active of -., Oeorge serving aa apoa- Kdaonda, 11M f10th
fltGl inn! of hundreds of Apopks Plorlds, la theM. Sunvivoni' INCLUDI ADIVOTID a or.
St. frooi 4 until S
I. Salem free prime lightly and win, Mnt KOIA Lit ...... District I will present .

Group Plant Announces Sirvlctsorrtlp o. the fugal ..,at' HAVNlll' A OAUOHTIn, Mn|. Mrs Olga L. Bradhaa aa p. .
A.L. Plealag Chapter
showing, will hops to Breaker during the St.Patrick' .
MnletB for Mt.Sal. MOlT or OTNtn tonnowiNSrillNBI. Mo 45 till 'bold its
Dinner beooM swBrdees of tko Day Tea be-
.. Baptist Church lo- (NTinMINT mat Pals' Suaday Tea Maroh
grand prince. stick dosing at 3:30: p.s. la
The Malms Council of cited Bt Und Md Myrtle usually assist of B t MADI IN MT.( OLIVI MI. the hose of Deacon and 22 fra 1:30: sat 11 5:70:

nay MprlnR Baptist. Au. ,.lll belts with refrigerator, freeser. MONIAL PARK. Mra. Floyd L. Kirkland ,." la the how of Mrs.

Chunk vlll prtiost e undty IIohooS at I:10.... Urge cooking ,..... a .... MAXINC MtJUtZS 132 t. ISth fltreet.Mr Cornelia Nartley.'duo

t Bshloaotto dlinor$ tlth RuporlBtiBdiBt television set and other MM. Blltlt MiTCHlLL, .tinning a A Habit *. Bradhaa la librarlaa w, Virginia street.
...March it at p..., UJh 0.ra14 Nelson ti ctitrio.1k prism hose turl1.al. 7 JJ MINN H ST. 01 10 MARCH first trophy of the year at lllder Park Mrs. Ida a Calhon laprograa

\*' cbiWbitllnlni\ MM. lesson till be r.chimed .. National aid local 4. Sunvivoni INCLUOI A by wlsaiai second place Library and ia a usher ckalraaa and

UI""O r IbO. llttltfashions by I,.. lub.r.J. ....tac,.,,,. will bYe snoTHtn, NANR Binnv AND la the Pint Night. of many wellkaoM Civic Mra. ISM I. Kirkland isIs

fur sprlsi and Calhoun experienced staff .... OTNin niLATIVII AND OTHinrniiNOi Ihs then west oa to tbs worthy Matroa.

I Iu..r,.U' lit fts lured.itjlsr.JlvoriaLBBs Morn In i wrihlMlTM I... here supervlslsi the BvjniAL man MADI Mlaal for the nth ... RC8ISTCKI r RC6ISTDII

Itf pastor, I.T, tQ various booths, giving IN MT, OLIVE MlMOniAL seal North-loath Oolftcuraisent

dbttnui .of tilt event Rogers will deliver tilt lets tree Baaples and PAIM.Optpel. bald fob.

IIt OI lsm'l l morning ........ h'lll iBpartlsi iaforsttis: RecitalA 14-11 at Mimi BpriBgs ROYAL ART STUDIO)

wonlilp Bt I ,.., RISTERIGisilthall : I Country Club.and eoa-
L.. DAVIS Compel Recital fea- petlai agaiaat foreaostwoaea

_.>atat. tunas the Mt. Sales golfer of the ... Iriir RII it ItlKilPfUts
.>_e_0_.ss 1e. sss of Mrs. Julia A. Choir I. Suet lornOoepel

Davis BBS! the late The flvo lion von the ekaaploaship rim cuis
0 YOUR HOME SICK ? alter ,Davis, of la the first night
IS A. ir.
0 helms and others will
Apopka. placed third la the lI.h. 1.1111.1 thlsU
bo reseated a\iaday sightat verall standings.
Ho was B Illi graduate I clock U Lions of Mrs. I..,..' collectionf met t HUE etui
Call"Dr."PerrymanH.D.HQUSB .f Nisireford High "jifea Mastrsth Tccplo, trophies
lehool, filter ark.fieri ., 1111 Myrtle Amoe. sea latomeya HPIITIIEQnlily
... It .*,.*. his Mother .... Ntrrlagtoaan held la Florida
DOCTOR Mew Jereoy Chicago and Pltttogripls'
.... Degree IB ButlseesAdsinlstratloa lev. I." Rarria are other coarse throughout,

.. aid UTltUi frieads sad the the BBtiOB Bight easily cnln IS-I(I tlllS-stCIJLS
BeoMSJlSB st Plorlaa AIMQiltsrslty
sacral pwhlls.Other IIEGIITDUSpeuerttg /
sub the
I. sad for the aecespllth- Phil U 4.1114
TN .eats of
Sunday aay eeaaa
pait eight years has
hoes eaployed U varioussspaoltlM board I of Mt. golfer la tile eeeatrytotal.
at PAW. Ararat laptlst Church

1/ Married to the forserrvt will spossor a Tea .... "Gttt oed. elttef

I r 1 Cam t. Martla *f Host day trot 4-1 .... U the ATNMAear. 1:

It- ..... I I isssry Alabaaa, tko hose of Mrs. Olllo Mao I I "
,. ,.,, .:"A' Devisee will sake their .".,..., till I. lUll er e. ... .. .
il'" .
: ....
: hose at TIO lelllagtoaU Itreet. Inn Awwi.el A-W s A.oAA sec"eger.m
M ;:--.J -y S Mobile. Tao public Is laYSt". br..m bLS.srl r .M..e.b ILUI OCEAN IREAM 's. 2CIii1TE

.ItIM DIL R_ a ADD ON Ralsrai 1z ... feet ..1M w""-:. NeAsere.

Tea Doa*t Mat T* *. to Tow To tot KM aMb MMwui vo eu....

D All Types of Home Improvements JJ Dill Diy Plus WHITNING.WTS u. 1SelfIX'LV

In lilt ........-1. II
ALUMINUM .tt" lAd...... n Uidtrviy At LOW PRICES 01 JU1Clf'DI

O C.rtrtRs tMhScng. ALUMINUMHREEMt &.Me. ..... a.s .. 4
CtwmiryAtaaal hptlst
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aAI. ee7A,
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CIa ....
O 30% KlreVeM Me. toOrd Baal 04 obsenaaee !!!.Ct'J- .. 99atai'

L Daai c."..... I will bo held. IRU6 STORE NEEDS .. .... .... .. II
o OM .... --
:Nimt hbntt .:= la Coinslty battlatChsrcb. saw u huh

D AI...... A*.lBiNH nil MtihlaadAre .. Trade titt Tear I.lghbsi .o4 tn* Men wr, trim cuw& ..'bl e. eft
.. Lint II U. ..-
NTtfllMlClUfiRLBT ,.tIe c..." m eu MKt Are nJCIIIlJI.I3I1'Ca t OL riOsllnr. ..

0 -- I........ $311 I oat The Us SOB day.nil have It .It aI..all all Bwctei'B mocrtstloBB --=--...... .....,. 1st Ni .: II

aMfIa. ......tees Skate tt the leraleiw ",ryr
,... .......... D .rBlpt aid tho Smug Dixie Pharmacy ar .1.!::W".a

U wtNlwS. ......- IMII wiAio pstple will preside at .........
rift ESTIMATE CBltKtniLY CtTMFERRYMAN'S B .... The w....) will
IM2 lint tHl 11 Bfrth louse .. .
haws ehsrio ., thoiMlsi V mew Y II

::: Mrwsweiloei BtI lei (t1i S.34111-" ---Mat1R sot:

t p... 1wa( 1ft. coma 'I-
The services Said
CO.IIC'il se.'
i Reese 0..4-11.. tests with Us BasdefIsbMl lit TNI Uti,. 11111 JtH Hltflrttwu ...... -.uT .b4kI ::

I, 4SN ,1919 RVU at I: It ,,i.CSltTtK .
u HI SIHC as
'_.1.'. ? .


IMIIIH MUCK 14, 1114 FUIIDA SUI ranas PltC 5

I New Officers Elected At GJC DBVB'S| Sckool Sftrieats Conioct Composer Completes Works I

.,. ,," .
::' Cokrfil{ ScleflM Fair PreseBtolfoa

.( ,":111e..V. Gilbert Uttaln* Top apot_
.f y y41F yr
0ns hundred eighty-five. inhibits .*re dh sped
at th* Ruth Annual Until Couaty Science rl1r.i .
qQ:: Thooaaada of stidents from t..nty-thr.e Dual
County school participated tn the. event. Again
this year, Matthew f. 111 bert.l\1Ib School carried
< avay th* greatest nunter of honor They were again
,.. r followed by Horthweetem and New B tan ton High
| School. lest Jacksonville Mesentery School son t
tile highest nunber of honors la the elementary
-achool diviaioa.

,' 1 Student. fro Matthew ices, abs .edt transparent -
Gilbert won four sections and
;\. \ tSsperiors, two lace ounted then for study.
tlenU., nnd all Honorable! Pros her snpllag.Ssndra
Mentions, Northwestern found that teeth II"

.. students wo* two Superiors t racted from older
1I /. five Excellent snd patients were sore ''SORO hr.
,. Y ....... ..
j: 1- .. ;c ,: four Honorable I.tlon.. trnspar Her project

NFt or'IC'r.JL\--I"or" the Student Council .t Glbba Junior College, St. Petersburg, lest Jachaoavlll title' us Teeth Varl SOUOJLID FOR PUHHCAT10H' Loss her at work arrangins a amslcal composition,
Fla Include: Aaron Crahas of St. Petersburg, teooad from right president: and clasaea: won two Superiors .Uon ,Ub age, Waynsnd 0. Mlcken, asaUtant. professor in the Florida AtM University Departmentof
I Leonard Romlrex of Gainesville vie president. The co-eds, all freshseo sere one lacellant snd Prunes were preeented Music, la the author of two composition that have been placed on th* It"
'elected to nerve M Mlaa GJC and ettendsnts.They are: Gwendolyn Samuels of Anal two Honorable Uentlon friday evening during publication schedule of Boosey and Hawk" **, fill York City, international male
tilt award at
Hton.Ala.attendant.Ophella; Pore, Nil SIC and Narva Brown (seated) attendant. George Kelly and Myrtle progran publishing firs. The ooaposltloos "Sarahande" and "Boyrree," adapted for
weaver -'hDwn Adult which tin Dr. Mahloa' C.ltJIan. .
School sophosores, won .,.. dean qf Florida use by woodwind groups, are suitable for chamber concert proiraaareligions
EWC Bethune-Cookmon Saluted A & M Citilil City the school AW Vllhoral tJ.. College repertoires, contest or festival music recital and/or concert repertoirehi*
top *eco dry and convocatlo
school level or college and profession level muslcalne asseohly
Along With Private Colleges Set Community Week aiard, with Noa-Pithogentc their inhibit of made Arts the and inspirational Sciences school level or college and professions level musicians and asaembly 1 convocation -

program The young compoter.a active of Springfield 111 has the A.R.
PlIILNnPIIU-'n1. Atlantic Refining Company has issueda TALLAH.vsN: in a recent Mold They aid a de* ddrtss degree from Springfield Junior College and the bachelor1 and matter's of music
24-psno llluHtratod booklet honoring 20 privately seating, the tint* tailed study of sold, Other schools' tinning education degrees from Mlllikln University Decstur 111 (Photo by Plllyeu )
honor Oakland
naiMMl! Ni'Kni coll rite* und unlvonltlt beUeen Pennaylviinlu veraity Advisory Council their structure, reproduction were
und Florida, A foreword to the look let, 30,000 of Florida AaM \Unlverai and classification rUnentary.on Honorable
cnpliM of which wure printed said that publication ty set achinery In action with such crea Mention, Forest Partone Baltimore Pisses
Lenten Sermons
icellent' NAACP Protests
pufd l trlhuto to "UiuMo c"UullolI.nll universities hone for the launchingof ttvlty and draiatic *p- ; Long nranch
,rich tradition. |>luc<-n tliom' among thu Nation honored a unique denonatra peal they displayed on* Kicellent: ; Douglas Civil Rights BillIALTUIOIIIAIC'A
wid faleturlo. InHtttutlixm uf higher learning-" tlon in cooperation be* thirty-one non-pathogen Anderson one Buperlor; Interrupt Program Goldwiler AlticlfsPORTBnWW
,1 ......................... tmen ..to III and 10 sn." le molds la par culture Weaonnett, one Ricel watereddown .
Included in the booklet cluded la the booklet The council, in consul with voluminous lent, one Honorable Mention DRTROITAtlilategr.tion ( clvll right ".11.-*..ator
I entitled "The private The foreword added: Litton tUb pr. George note and plates, they ; Susie P, Tolbert leader .". Mar ordlue banning racial Barry Ooldwater denunciation
O>11.,K* and. the Atlantic flien President Lincoln I, Gore Ju president plained. their procedures os ricellent, two tla Luther. King, Jr., of discrimination in educational of civil right
Community," ire: At- Issued the historic of the university, They received the Honorable Mentions; Atlantaelll Interrupt his facllltlea mm* demonstrstlons has broughtshirp '
louts. University, On.MiniIt Mancipation Proclaaa designated tilt seek of J. Irving .. scott Award Jacksonvlll Beach one civil rlghtscaspaisn this ploymenti place of en- protest from th*

llcKt. Orettin- tlon 100 yearn MO, the April 1.10 aa ",AIIV hlch included a per- Superior; Itarnell Cook- month to deliver two ten tertalnmentretail" stores Portsmouth. NAACP branch
bore ".C.I BothunwOiukaM newly-freed ."...1. of Co nuBlty seek" The petual trophy which till inn, one superior and ten srmon at tk* Cen and places of public ac Campelgnlngforth Preal
0,111'1111. Dutllna the uti all' populace eekloni coMunity> remain in their school three Honorable Men. tra Methodist church hereon comodatlon *** passed dentlal nomination id the
notch pin. Claflln was faced wlth the civic celebration till, for one year, a replies lions; Richard L. Brown March lJ-30. last seek by tilt Bait I* Republican prlsary In New
College Orannburg. S. stern realisation of be narked by a series' of the trophy for U..- one Superior\ one Honor Rev, King, president of more City Council Haapshlr, the Arlioia
'C ; Clark College. At. cetlai the challengesof of dally proiraas selves, and twentyflv able Mention, J.... Del the southern Christian The measure received t Senator charged U an address
j 1 tats Oa ; Kdward lift a* responsible ..pllul at II the activities dollar ear bond, don Johnson, one Honorable Leadership Conference, I. to I vote after aa U Keene on March.
"Water College, Jackiwnville cltl ena of the United of Florida MM winner of the top awardon Mention, John '. will follow the Rev.ltlph) equal housing provision 4, that the sponsor of
Pla Hampton States." It continued."Thus : University; In its relationship the elenentary level Lord, Oil Ricelleat: ; W, Sockman famous radio 'aa ellmUated tad *l .Civil rights demotitra
Institute leiapton Va private Negro with the Talla- .r Mr*. Lope & Levey's Mary McLeod Bethune, preacher of .New York into mptlon were granted totaverns lions "dlaor their
., 'dnurd Unvcr lly, tnnh-) college! began to spring hawee coMiunity.; third grade class st one ricellent, George the Central Church beauty shop, csuso, default' their
: mitten, D C Interdenominational IP to seat this need All ...b.n of tile S.P, Livingston School wnsnlngton Carver one pulpit. Rev, BDCIMM will barber shops, funeral, leadership, **d defame
Theologl I tlth faltering steps at council and persons The etllbit featured Superior, REGISTERI pent on March II. hones and ....ter&.*. thlsnstloa." MGlSTtIU'I
cal CUtter Atlanta, Ca first then Jnstltu serving on co..1 tte.. step in tk* production
Johnson C filth Uni tlona have grown and for the "PAMU CoMuattjrweek" ; and processing of cotton.
Vt-rHlty, Charlotte. N prospered and today celebration are and the products that
r ; Lincoln University, flrsly hold the torch scheduled to Met Monday ar* naauftctured (ro.

Oxford Pa ; LIvUKtoneCol of lesralni.'Floridians. March 1. at.7 p.*. CIO t toll.1'1. project title
lew. Mal hbur". N C Cottonlsnd
as U.S.A.
in the Orange Roosi on
.. _...nutria Steen College, In the PAMU e....*. This entire third trade WllIJ$
Atlanta, On ; MorehouneCollege. Council neeibera and clans will b. gives an ,
Armed Services I
Atlanta. Ca edacstloial tour to
other Indivlduala spear*
Pulse Colle Augusta, MARKEt
; Mariaelaad Btedloe.Hi SUPER
HOtLOMW APR N.Ie-Air* heading pinna for the
Ga.. St Paul'a College, .,
final County CUasroom -
an Plrst Class John N.llllaM celenration; Include: the r
Lawrenccvllle, Va IthIlUltiu" jr., sos of Mr. Rev, Pr. D.M. Brooke, Teachers Association -
College. and Mrs John H. illlaaia8r. / the Rev. I.r.. Cot, Mrs. awarded plaque to QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
,lUleltdi N C how Dal of nUt St., the top laterwfdlat M.
1734 i. Dorothy Holies, Mr* Ira
vemlty. RaleUh. N C ; JackaoavlUe. Pla., Puss Clark ..I. Thosiu, I",. trant and the top jialor SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B,
.p.I... Cullego. At.lints high school eatraat.
arrived here for duty with Pearl Core, Mrs Nell
? Ca. and TurtegeeHwtUito. a Tactical Air Command Narrla Dr. C. A. I'Vrd.Corn.1I1I1 These sesrd seat to a LEAN Se
AlaFbotogrnphs group project fron taart
Ullt. Speed. .Inert
of the pre Airman till lame, M air Jones, Mr*. Myrtle Tay Pop Urtngston entitled C1I CK
aldenta of each of the Danger Trltel The
craft electrician, came lor. Mrs. Rose Caarbell
Institution, together pupils etudled. the ..* .
hero fro an aaaiiaaeat Mrs. M.J. thervan, Mrs.
.1th caapva and da.** sects beessse the
AB Praaee. ..
at Chaumont Kve Msnalng. Dr. T. .
room! scenes, and back The airman ia a graduateof Cooper the .... M.o. Unites lavade their
ground sketch. for all school. Iwple of th
itaatoa Ugh Ichool. Mile*. Mr*. '.1. Btronf,
the schools sere la- termite grate were dlploed. *- ?
terser I
Kin elf la the Mrs. Horteaa IUe. R. ROASTHERSHEY'S
RtCI STEIl! Blllle J. Mobley.mm .. Ponpey, Ira roily ; Blaier of the
top Junior high school
..1. Laerence, Dr. Jaste Hud
--- -------

:................... I sos, Aaron Oslae. Mrs. Nigh plaqu Sekoel's*M Nonhetst.rn tasdr
tI. Perkla. N.t. LB
: lander Dr. It.'. Iffer Dsri/sg.Sndrs's project 39
: Illsstrated. the LB
: STORE FUTURE CUARANCI os, Mr*. Mottle pope, that eeetr Is s tooth u
Mrs. '.1. Steele J.O. .
melt tf After
o lotal.,. Or c C.A Moore a M*
BARS AND BACKBARS and Dr. 1.11. Bsker.XCISTOtl pllttlss and grliilsi '
." several tooth eseplesfro GIANT PACKAGE
*) patients of vsrto-s


/ : in HI jut"" sums IT .TUM ama os CALL P04-45H FORl

,, Jf'' 49
UI\; ;
$99999999999999999999. 102 nOIIDA AVL It 1-41)1 g 'J 'C A,. OL, : L.A .I7' ,-

I ff SEASONS ICE: &. FUEL CO. LIIIII S Hi tkt JJ.H ir uri f led ir.tr,. l.it! NI rill. fl.M it uri fin4 irlir


open L enlitp'Tn 100 r.x. U. S. 6000 m STEAK U. 5.e UeS. rV 1POTATOiS


.Jacttortavs Mad 1seommsrd.d Deals" MdCENZIE FROZEN GREENS

3RD6MAIN CtlUIIS. THWJ WmittJll/ It '11. 10$
tIT a OLD CAX Mi UM Don fnvamnt
INF / 1
: 63T-Bird$3695

r ""1.M.':1'1LV.'r..r.-- KTTY CROCKER I PUffIN IUSCUITS J ass 25*

: 62 Ford V-8 2'Door . .$1595

v1 r M
. $1595 j
it fOR%) cojrvtJtTiviti ',. ... .s tt$ AICO GQiBEN IANTAM COIN M en 10T g
art....... )mTTmVfVtt LEARN A TRADE
yggTj BOOTflYIUJe -----------I lit
.- ar a.e.sal "..**
eo J'OItD I-DOOR. Y-I. ....... '" l It Sli tarl' Knits flit

II e mTtSTOv! ear./ .., err*- -.'-.-.--., ..w....JUII Will IfJACKSONYIUE IfIfICWfN JIISM FORK ROAST *:, .i ti. 21(

I ti rSrfuc Mn ZYUli II'TCP .......SUMM i lNnllll w
mgaMrvrtnu: ..............113.

1 5irTSoc. MIl ..........
.,. 0 COmTfAXS1W OCmt, UX ............ IAMU cotLIII FLOW s 11. ,u. 47$ p
110 UMILIII 4.- ........... ... II(.
N1'1C"nI81& rcr ltrs ra ,...,.,.. 4MM 830 DAVIC ST. ftH tecvtf .35
CXfTVOtXT.A GOOD CM .........! M H U' I" (;
MTO'XJ... ..... .............. I INS Uf CttlMtHllim.iimu CUTEI OIT PORK CHOPS u. SftlAUAt


. "' ",," ... .....I'.rI..J .. ,

"" +,. 'i

-'-- ,

n: .t mfl
I. 'I I
nut mm mi rmis uiimr kmi 'H,

III Progressive Baptists Ready Plans To Convene In 5-Dav! Orlando Convention I I II.

- ---- - -

I... Grant Memorial Church Schedules Asbury Church Jax*' Dr. J.C Sams To Preside

Annual Women's Day ObservanceFinal Tp Officiate At Jubilee Fete1'i -- Plans Women'sDay Over Baptists Jubilee SessionsBy

plans were completed this week for the annual ALBERTA J. WILLIAMS

fcoen'a Day observance Sunday, larch IS at Grant ..- Fete Sunday A considerable number of Jsxooa and other Baptist

aortal AMR Church Mra. lather Milton, genera chair- 'Tbe !Role of WoBen IB figures true other sections of this and other stalls

an, announced Rev. T.8. Johnson ia hat paator. In.i this Changing forld" will participate ia the activities of the Col den
i i T.8. Johniion will be DM tor of the day. will be the underlying Parent body of the
I TheM for tJIIIeanent ................... these Jubilee session the Progreaalvo
when the
Sunday Baptist State Convention of Florida, and the varied
in, "Spiritual Strength of tin of speaker; speaker; woaen of Aabury AMR
I sessions of seven of its Auil liar lea,when the con -
Christian town" selection, Mra. Clara T.tllkeraon Church, and
Day PhylllaSta.
vane with the flilloh Baptist Church the Rev C.J.
Speaker for the II .... ; invitation, Rev. Sunday March 151th Jackaon. alnlster at Orlando, March 1722.
lira.Al bert. R. Zandera, fit, .. ........ ... .
worship will be Mra Nathaniel Paul Slater F* .. Bell Heading the group will .... ......
Davis a member AMEappeal Mra. Halo serving M pastor of the wales la the third gen -
.. San, Bethel Baptist be the Rev. J.C. Sass, of
of Mt. Zion AME Church She ; day. Rev. Freddie P. .ral vice president of
sill .te introduced by Mra. Mrs Nellie Cook OrooM, Bell la hoat pastor.Events Jacksonville, who la the the organization.
St. Paul AMB ..,.. IiI general president of the
Grace P. Went, of BethelBaptist ; will get underway P.J. Bryant of Lake
Merrill Ararat State Organization, and
InatltntionalChurch. and with Sunday School ales la vice president
'n. P.tfwlaa: Levy, St. Matthew at B.: 30 a... following also the pastor of Second'Baptht. of the LayBaa Brotherhood,
Church, and the
Other program activities, Baptist; observations which the 11-30: ..!!I. of which R M. Davis, of
will Include: I,.. Blonde Matthews, morning worship will National vice president Baptist Convention of the- Jacksonville la president

; Processional, choir; call Slapsoa Methodist; ackijovledgesmit 'feature Mother Lula of Aaerlca. Mra. Viola Johnson, also

i to worship, Mra. T.8. Johnson *. of vialtora. Mra.RBBB Britt aa principal Others to be in attend- from this city, la the

; opening hymn Mra H. Morgan; remarks, apeaker.Prograsi. t recording secretary of
I : Vine; ford, It. Olive AWE C CI general chairman Milton; participants : the State Ushers Union

I Church; invocation Miss doxology and benediction, will include: ,. Mra. Idella filllaBa of
R Rev. T.fi. Johnson Opening hymn; invocation "",. I'I. Ta*+a, la its president
I Mrs T.S JOalOIliI ]I Ester nan Rev. H.H. Robinson
I 7,., Irvin; : of
again preside overthrtavrn*' selection, Mt.. Zion ; Bradenton, la the
JURIUX CfXKniUNTS: The above officers of the state Progressive Baptist COB AMP rt chairman -
,ing program which will In* vention till be among the vanguard of florid and out of state leaden and laywoeonvorlng ,I Choir: acriptare, Mrs, of the State Evangelical
I 'elude the following feature on Orlando Mar. 17-22 to observe the organ tuition*a Jubilee convention. Lillle M. Howard; solo, Board and also holds
o II>y: Shown top photo fro left arc: Rev. H.H. Robinson of Jacksonville and Bradenton Mra. Queen Plliabeth the National ChainaanRhlpMra.

Processional, choir; call chalraan of the state and national evanicellatical board; Ira. Roberta A. Hall Moore, ..1 ecUOD, Sister fIt. M.M. faren of Bowling -
to worahip Mra. Johnson; Jacksonville, vice president of the Junior 'oaten'a convention and Rev. J.B. Adams, Marl Allen; latroduc- i Green. '1.? la tfie<<
I opening hymn, Mri'Louise Belle Glide, dmlriwn of the Education Board. Bottom rot froa left: Rev B. Field, Hon of speaker, Slater .. -, I General Director of the
,I Johnson, Orant Memorial' : Lake tales, third general vice president; Mra. Viola Johnson, Jacksonville, re- Jessie H. Jenkins; ..- DR. J. Co SAM Children Convention
Invocation, Mrs Ruth John cording secretary, Ushers' Union; and P.J. Bryant, Lake files, vice president lection. Choir, response .State President Rev. J.B. AdaM of Belle

::1 aonCentral Baptlat; acrlpture Laymen Brotherhood. Shlloh Baptist Church, Rev. C.J. Jackson, parlor, will hoe.Slater Maple white remarks inC will I be Mm. II. B.

Ira, Jeantee Bcott the convention. REGISTER! slater Bell Millar of Green Cove
Secqnd Baptist; decalogue; doxology and benediction. Springs and Jacksonville,

II Mrs Verdi Rider: Mother Woodliwi Slates Simpson Club Sets Christian Endeavor Rev Bell. president of the Senior f1'A
11 Midway;.laalonary offering, Evening worship will Woaen Convention; 0. *. f,
I,.. Rather Milton; guest Easter Egg Haul Sunday MusicaleThe Meets Sunday begin at 3:00: r.'. with Scott, Jacksonville, s;.

I MM. T.S. JOIN CN soloist, Mrs Caallla Pe_ The Chrlatian Endeavor Miss A.B. Anderson aa president of the Sunday

..Paator of the Day ten, First Raptiat.Readinn Superintendent T. v, March Calendar club Hour Jacksonville's speaker. She will be School Department. Mr. _
I subject (lumen), 'Huger of toodlawn united of Simpson Methodist popular religious Youth Introduced by Miss Rosebud y r
Oreatha Johnson, grant Me*'MiSs, Cheryl ""I.., Central) Presbyterian Church, Church. ..,.. Wllaa Irving program has scheduled 'Klttlea. .

mortal) scripture, Mra. baptist; solo, Mra. Peters; has announced that the chairman, ham copleted ita March Program for The program will also
Vivian Caupbell, Day Bprlai invitation, Rov T.S. John- Church School will present > IU plans for the afternoon falter Memorial AMF include:

Baptist; decalogue Mrs son, Triiwh !llollnea) *; Mra.Odifttlne Its annual Faster of music, which Zion en Sunday March IS Order of aervlceslater '
j Ohlah' Bhehee Orant Me* Mutt.nilloh Metropolitan Fu observance March 29. rill be held Sunday at at 3 P... Rev. R.L. Marie Allen; selection
I; mortal: Bleslonary offering, 3: 30 p..., in the church Sister
Baptist; MUM Maggie Members have been naked Rogers In hOlt pastor lentil Randolph, .l
Kelliw, Grant Neorial; to donate eggs for the udltoriuB.' All Beetera and this group has been scripture, Bra. Josephine "

eaptalaV reports, Mrs Foster Cg Hunt. born In March have been participants in the pro Thoaas, Mother Midway; .
Agnes A. Walker co-chsir .. The Church School Sunday asked to alt ia the graB el ace 1982. solo, Mrs flllle Ran .

'man; bnnedlotion, Rev T. begins at B'30: ..*? March pew.Appearing Youth of fleers are ae- dolph; solo, Mrs, Z.p.Jennings \
r e B. Johnson. RCGISTFR, with the superintendent on the pro lected for each quarter ; remarks and

Waycross Singers in charge. The turning gram will be: Darnell ia the year and are of benediction.The .. ,,,,:.
w service begins at 10:8): Cookaan Chorus, under tidally la charge of pastor, Rev p. D.Idl.ben 1" MR*. HANNAH B. MILLER

Set, Recital For o'clock iitb Rev P.D. direction of Mr*. Ruby the program for that and friends 'f, Glade Florida, la the
t lilaoa, pastor i* Askew, Miss Benny L.. period under the guidance wish to express their Chairmen of the Education
Bethel, BaptistThe charge. The! Chancel and Irving Ira. Alice Bur of adult directors appreciation to all who Board.

ftharon-llannnattee weaUinater" Choirs will rough. Mrs, Nettle Durban who, follow the activities participated In contri The ....t.hIll opeaVednaaday
of Ue Bblloh Baptlat reader the Basle with Mra Motile ,'. behind the IC..... butlag to and Baking the IllS. II.N. NARRRf aoralaa>wtb

Church of WaycroM, Oa., Miss 'Sue Matthewa aa Rick Archie pray, Mum The president la eape- event aa outatandlng Scott will be active on a Joist assembly, sad

sill appear Sunday, guest organist.The Roaale Carter I, McDonald dally desirous of the success. coacludlag. a aajor committee during close with the NaBBotbMiaa
March 15 in a Kong youth will meet and Mrs Lillian youth being preaent for Hay God bless each and the week, and will also ion Hour Sunday after
Feast lit the Second Sunday at 6 p.... with Shannon. Beajaala p.Irvlai this eoath program it everyone of Tot" beta charge of the State none

.- Bethel. Baptist Church on Mra Fred I D. Davis in will serve aa order to aaalat In the Georgia Group wide Sunday School: on Sun All Msalona will be open
MRS HBTHBR MILTON charge. aster of ceremonies and election of the president day
Pasco Street (FaeUlde; ), to the public.
.General Quinn at 7 r... March II, Rider Ophelia choir 3 will reader ae* for the following To Appear Af Mrs R.A. Hall, Jacksonville -

Ire RUM B HHlearn. ,, It, Prlfada are cordially Hamilton and Deaeoa lectloaa. RtciSTWIMissionary quarter. New Itrasiten Fell ia the vice preai4 Rev. Crosby
Paul AMK':; occasion Mraloae Invited to hear them Helen Tony will conduct CircleTo The program will feature --- To Feature

B. ItHIM) lit. Pail| .h, the old and nee. the Bid-week prayer the youth choir offaltira The Shiloh Baptist
AMI; ..u... eoiolat, Mrs. favorites of Gospel service In the conference Sponsor RecitalThe Memorial and Church of fa-cross. Oa., w Anniversary FeteRev.
at 7:30: solos froB other will appear OB the 40th C.J. Crosby, .
Clara T, tllkeraoa.Anaounceoeata ipirituala end folk rocs p. Mat tie B. Coleman groupa pastor
uaic.. .. aa well aa a dlscusalon Anniversary Program of of Trinity BaptlatChurch
; iatrodue* REGISTER, REGISTER! Circle of the. Missionary
of the Chrlatlaa fa* the. Greater "New Jeriaa till be the
Society will present
Season topic for Marchby h. Baptist Church and principal speaker Sunday
110 rtb. .ra' a ,Staler
the' young people. 3Jth Anniversary of the when. the whosoever' fill
Wl HONOR ALL DUVAL COUNTY High school Chorus sunday -
NOTICE'' It a recital at Ret McCray: chairman Rev. '.A.I.d aa raa Prayer Band observes ita
WELFARE AID AND CHICKS Central CMC Church, 10TJ of the scholarship' fund, tor 01 Sunday, March ISat 15th anniversary at 3:30
Davit It Tilt prograBwill la requestlag all per I P.B.Appiarlag. ,.'. la TrlaUy Baptist
aott litere-ted ia aa* on the ,ro- Church
get itderway at..
7 1'. ". slating it the special graB will be the Gospel, Mra Retell Jones of
drive for this years Chorea of the church and Oraat Memorial Church
The repitolre will It-
130 CASSAI scholarship to Bake the II." Hose Choir. The till serve aa mistress
elude eoapoaltloaa by
themselves known to his officers saber board 1 of cereBoalea for theprogram
1124 W. BAYER such reaowaed eoapoieraa
Mach Immediately folloelagthe sad 2 along with the which will high
Haydt.PCI .'
t twAtels to IreJuu and others, rognauVemoB Klag.teel coagregatioa will be laattendance light Rev lade Criptare
.,.. Mary stalling laaponaoriag appoltted COB at the Joist ..W. DCOTT: and Rev I.I.. Marry u
fereace rreatdeat of e UbratloB.Tbe dent of the Junior lames snares featarea.

Wise Bretda the Tolioa eveat|; A.e" ,. lasses for Ue aemoa will .be delivered Convent loa, of whlca Mrs The cboir 'aad taker
the All cherub, has glvea by Re*. M. M. Agnes L. Deaa, la the board will serve.
orgaalsstloa'a pre his eadoraeaett of the Iou, Bhlleh Baptist president.Rev. Mra. AI....
Ideal' end Wesley 1.
BIG DOLLAR DAY SALE Rev B.C.flaeagaa .
j la the hit program and will recog Church Greater lee S. Field, of Lake Preeitfeat of tilt apoa
I pastor. REGISTER. alaw It at the official Jerusalem it located OB REGISTER aorlag orgaalaatloa,
snares) of his depart State and Raahiag Street .
PORK CHOPS LttkWhal'I"Wlllluyl It It It.. Be,. W. A. Hack ....tOl'.
comas kit MrB.
Ebb If S ctl RCCIJTCT!

BACONBEEF YOUR J. Braaer a U.>.. First TimothyTo
Scott To Speak

BEEFSAUSAGE 3rd Blfl WEEK IM CIIHEI At St. StephenDr. Holy Communion
till sever any hair U U
mesh If 'mmeked Amt Msdry, BtaeralckalriM
M BlBBtea. Na pact m
for the Pwtyr Mal e._ao. will haedalaiatered
.*., Aaywe
CM pmt || MaaB
Be* Day ebeervaaee Itt
sttday at
BEEF TONGUE 1 et .. Itephea AK altc,,' ,.... ... First TlBothyBoptlat

BRISKET STEW 3 LDS.HAMv ItU MOT atloDtaM KM BAIB ham ...01.... that Dr. GIn try ..,.

J.I.I. Bcott. oaalatattaapervUer L). ....tat Boator, mad
It will set rib eft. U of edaeatlea. Mtoeuto raaiaten It s

HOCKS stars M ...W&I ...... Ill M the speaker at chart All tow Mat era

*-M.a Grade A TwAev MaB...la.ae. tall lei. the tl ..... service will receive the right BUY DIRECT

WINGS eta. t.aeraaaeet watlag.rllag BtKaj and RitlecgeNBTMB. hag et fellewueip.Du. .
.. .* atreJgateaiMIraaxatM local aa4 state Be.H t till paw LOCAL MANUFACTURER
DRUMSTICKS FOR tales It aft. Ares. ideut of the MJUCP, ..I the CIA ...peliagera e_.I nma.y Aw.w1

WHITE BACON TM ... ..", aa* graj will speak fer the U a MalaalHOltlY'S greened e.siue.ee
.VMtttBervlee. prawn at I ,... eeeereem.
Sup M Miter bee "... TBIUSTOIt .
been .r hew ....... BJKKBtanUCR. _R>Y,1lCry''" =-_.-; Moss

CUM emd e..pY.

-..... .IW dell lit 171.m 1 rir

STEAKS 1O1OOT t+as lit a1rtrr* tlTMNUEHMMUKY I

........ ..... lAlliCNi

qcn-= stew u prw.tNM _, __
lab). Otaen: a:.... t..r Stan

STEAK :: SM&Rdwgld e..*. s;t 6t Sties Meat Bewe....... ..eel..0edia. 1a$3.55.. trees else, ..-a row MBS CHICXSI-Bflf t aRt t--( rTUSFta11c

Ho. I Pto. 226tH

IITa HE HI HIM SHI H HIT T! cum I UI aP 64 teL. (Ik: St. MoftcrUftewl Mott4" bd to 178Klip

.4'-i _e3J4+.J.t.t L.u.i.L.LU, J . w.. t ,.- _. "
: : :: ;: : : : : : : : : : ': : ; :
* -
": : :" ": ": "- '"" "' '''' '''' '' ''''' -- ---


I ,
To at

HUM 11. mi.- mum STII pnus. _n_ Pier 7

I Graduates Find Opportunities Attorney Fills lax Singer Dedication To Study Pays.Off Korean WinsScholarship t

*mm i a M ibmi mm ft .
a ...-A... _l J' mtmm I tmm M Mmmae .ilis100 At
State Vacancy To Appear ..

OWVCk.: 00 10. (AW) .L' HamptonHAMPTON
Mack Straw Tr'Jir.
Denver attorney.jiliaacC Institute, Va.Nae8up .- y

Moor, has been appolited A DUVB County tile Sic., sophomore

to fill the teacher will cake a student at Maasptoa lastltnt -

vacancy created la the much-anticipated cpr- fro Seoul. Korea,

Colorado Stat UiKla* tic debut an the national today received: a$::110 check

tare by the death of CBS television pro' aa wiener of the m4

Robert C. Rhone. former arTED MACK AND TH* Reynolds Alnataaa prlte
Denver Democratic representative for architectural (tu*
v I
Saturday, Mar. 14. 3: JO- r dents.The .
Moor. St, la married 4:00: p... on un.-r-l.- presentation was aide ,'I
and tile father of two vision 4 1ft Jaeksobvlllt. ? In Ogden Antltorlna by

children.: He baa served vt Louis P. Whittoiir' salearepreaeatatlve )

two tens previously a* jr*. Verdelle Norman. fAT of the IUy

representative and lost 1(11 west 16tli street, q nolia Metala Coapany.Th .

the third attempt by 200 li a iraduat of Florida student prize, which

vote. AM and the University la adoialatered by tba

He dill not canvas forth of Souther* California. American Institute of Archltects .

,. appointment but was She U preaeatly at .!.- la for the

drafted becavae the sectary resource ...10 "beat original design

party felt that was the listrvetor at Carvmr, of a building component
mot suitable man forth estcoanet and Pay a* HOME It Rdlwn New Jersey for a holiday Robert C. Holm., IS, whoa fine la aluailBua.1'

poal UOD. An active School. ft.* record at Edlaon High helped his win a taller C. Teail Scholarship at Kla la la his aeeoid
precinct captain.: Atty. Cornell. aoeB over kl* college program with kl> mother and his father who la year at Hampton Inatitvtr
JAMES: AND RFGINA Crswlej, of Her operatic atndy.KM. .
Norfolk Va., aid Moon was a *>od friend --.. a senior technician at the Caao Research Center and active la civic: affalra. and employed part'ttse
graduates of Norfolk Division of Virginia StateCollege jhlr '
and co-worker of the by a Newport New archt
I art Peace Corps Volunteers teaching la lat Robert C. Rhone." YES, WE ALL TALK 10 SelectedFor tect.
Owerri 11:. Nigeria. They! art shown in traditional
Nigerian dre.*. Rejlaterl former FAHUii Toting bv Acclamation By Marcus H. Boultare Should his eatry he ads
AIIFJCAAST. Jadted tko beat In the
Voting hi acclamation has down to
cone us
Student Council Sinsotaas Provide Features Founders fro the ancient Spartans. Their sinner of maifimmo.Fit-Ten national ward of SS.000 competition would be a

Scholarships for Diy ProgrinTALUHASSFF toting wan as follows: the people being of Floridaa Nat junior divided equally between
Elections Held together some selected persons were lockedup coll. .. basketball play'era bl''ltHlllptaft Institute.Th .

ST. pnRKBJFO.: Pia Gibbs Griduiles Dr. La- In a room near the place of electionso we r> gives spot oa prlM will be pr*.
ST. PETOLSHJUn: na.-Rf. Kail D. Lwffall Jr. contrived that they could neither see nor the NCAA's All Tournucent *
A a rum Graham of St. Muted during the American
Petersburg and norothylyre ginning la June annual ofproedmen'a Hoarltal be It.n. but could only hear the noise of tea following their Inatlttte of Architect's
sch'ol arch ips worth 1500 Wiuhlncton. D.C. was the assembly without. Flections, as were p.roraanctllnlute..'"'a
II f r.raaneUn a hunch convention In Wia.lPlotides *
each, will bo awarded two the principal speaker host affairs were decided by the people. tournament RGISTrRI .
were top, winner in the May .. RCCISTtHf: ;
recent. Gtudont council outstanding graduates of Sunday evening March 8, This done the competitors (candidates)
Gibbs Junior college, It at S o'clock, at the were brought in and.
flection*, presented all together WHEN YOUR k.l1!" nJ
was announced: this week. Florida A** University NO MAN
OratiM a frenhwen but one after another by lot. and passedin SKIN CRIES.
Miss 01 ore* Stelnecke Annual rounders' nay .?,Operatic) slaier order through the assembly without speak.trig .. ?' .Y/
science njor rf*> graduated
of Sarasota, Florid, Vesper rroiram la Lee tUIlYl'II neWI'' 1I111'! If"VU?111II".A.Tn1atl
with honor fro under the direction of a word. e. .w..w rwa N
Hall Auditorium :::.: = :=',. :
announced this week thataho W )Wrvxym MtlWM > _W jBj **** !> ?*
local Ciblm High School Dr. Leffall. Henry Harlot. baa Those who were locked up had writing tab -........-....5hM".- --- t -.
and who :: 1 : :.\
her mother willprovide I reDR
won tbo election for fund for. panned many yen and lets in which they recorded and marked I.lurim...,.. .....A.MtkiA'mml IKM.I-..';;"..''T ,u..ac''' .i; ....i'j..... .
president of the Student scholarship In honor of she has pertovaedauaerous each shout by its loudness, without knowing wwi sun .. /....!.. .... i.OVOi.101 e/..._*|.1.OMPk.B...>.lM.IM IOM.m
., .. .. ..
time In the er Nnl MMW< W ese
Council. her father Um late Stephen in favor of which candidate each of them .Ie.>..."..*., H "-r"-
Dove, a rrl'slaw metal Jackaonvllle area. Bra.Norman was, made but .< < *. illw (fMl MOM tonn* N |.HM. MOM.....Nwy.N: :::: W__
Rtelneeke, wealtl>ySarasota merely that they came first, wen MM e..Y'.Nlew.w..N N|F '
., .
_. . ..
till sing a selection nNlae MlMilKmtnfutf** w. '"
science major and "
an second third I end .... ... .. _...
citizen. so forth. II.- M tWOtaH. *Mw. a 'N ere:III lie -en
outstanding graduate of by Verdi iniitumBE .'-'t NM ewNN' awl .... GooCr....
The scholarships will be s.t' )1181110| au found to have the most and loud.
Peck Hlph School can Many of the top talentla .
awarded each year to scclaaationsw.sdeclared senator duly "KIN.SUCCESS. :
elected *' "Nian Cibbs 'junior college graduate shoe buaUeaa today elected.
JC" sir 1984-6S. found their first sue-
hoar* In need of financial .
Other officer elected cess on tilt ANATFtlkNOW.
assistance, and who bv .
ere: Leonard Rosins of Prank Slistra, .
indicated: their d.ter.ination *
Calaeiivllle, ,1000.rell. Tepees Rrer, Pat
to become teacher
dent; Mtrva IIrown of .IIPrtftr..u loose and Connie Francisare

Tamp, urcretary.: ; and will to to a few who mad their '
Patricia: Donaldson of step to face 01 this sumui
*ara ot* kith'' school trail .
8t. Pete. trea IIIIt.... =. p rot ran' I
LrppALL rack act .la Introduced
nile i. firm Senrices by host Ted Mack .In a

sewed: the R.*, dfireefrum brief informal later

public lAocMiwTax. Bookkeeping Service-Notary Service. SOUKD Sdiyici ron aD.1 pww la 1.41..an" view and then preaeatad U PPWAN11iT SPECIALS MlIlINd p III 10 .

vnTlt/Ne OANCI, B the M D. degree from the to the vltlmat Jary LIMIT ) a/IS.OO ::

Gases lie. Ak.o LOUD I Howard University Col- tko vllai. psblle.Votlai IIH1S lESUKI SMIIUT 0* Ml fOOB MM*
EL: "-'::112 O.3-IS4I
9aan 1tICI'OII il.uoutti. lete of Medicine II la done "ro.-

3323 RtTtk Mails in. Qiscesrs: > RECORD Nora, ETC. 19J1. Is the BOB of Mr*. the salt' by the viewer DRUMMER BOY

m last m. n EL 3-J902 SOUND Siavici MarUiaUffallofOuiney.H and the wiener come

laternrd at Homer 0. back tor a sewed ape

W.eterl i W ltrtel W fed 1 1M 1b Phllllr Hospital. St. pearaaee and sore come

Lewis, It)., from 1MJ to petition. The from?* re- ; Beef Sale i
WSJ. Siva' 1ISS, .he kaa pestles their victories: 1. ;i 1 .

served .. .. assistantreddest over a J.**.. period

la nursery at keeoae eligible tor RIB J
,,.e .dl'* Hospital Mid tko real fisals keldaaaaally

.la tk* acme capacity at la New forkCity.

tile District of Columbia .

'Central 110..1 hi... well I,.. Mortal was BO* STEAK flU .IT

is mentor reddest. la leetod to appear Eros

ss retry at ". ...'.. ever 1,000 acts sdl- CHUCK ROAST

Prom 1197 to (111 aa a tloaod la Jsckftottlllela ROUND STEAK
lf( senior fellow la .
I' December. ftcciSTOtf
11\\\ / ,. ..
Do You Know This artery at the Memorial'
llean-t.tterli Cancer Miles listnctorKvCtlV'S

The Reward Is Yows When Stotyfoq At... Center In .... fork City, .
and from 1110 to 1161.
EMERSON'S PHOTO SUPPLY t* served with the real Feli. rshlp

taptala, v.". Any Pe<
1817 N. MYRTLE AVE serves, a* chief of tk* Dr.''''' Perrttt, Cbalr
.M of tko Dlflsloa ofRHMBltloa
(. era! rilcal *e..
of Milos Col 1:169C'
tlM.V.S. Amy NMpltal,
Phone 364-3212 let ..,...... Alabama,
la MM tea. Oeromiy. kaa accemtod appolsUetlas :
A* Blatt professor
Pwlbrltftt Uctaror laTeatklBf
YY.YVVV..Y.Y Of ..,..." la the Seward tail labPortia II a 79

Dalverdty Collet aad
REV. LAMAR ( Umasac, la Bra L.
assistant. director of .
lUfbr ire tees e( MarchPeceaber
111111 111 limn tile tamor shale st M4. Sack
C CC 'r...*..' r..pltat
c Aim n ALL AWIIS IF lifE alBC 1MJ. be ... km .studies ward. aro tekolarB aide to eat IB

Are Tom SmfferlacSick* c I.reetpi.t Pro of FdaatttlPomrn tko Oca/leo ...1e.. madman .wbjocuby CNI lll! nui riH JWIHJ ifUf IMtttf a M9t
-c tk. .... Davo/taoat of
heed Advice? Award Is }IM. H* SHRIMPSHU
Wale.1. OWWMfatle OtO ROAST
C See UV. LAMAS. She ,.. 1, ( bocaoo dlpleoste of tko boat MMtry* and M 49 lL29t PEACHESti

j the Sl.eivea Fewer t* ( the America Boar oflnry
wader tko terse of tk*
teal ewer vied |'. tf l.ad .
ky Prayer **
f Filkrlikt-Mayt All of AMD mmt o*** rru
teee te heal tk* stet cc IB a wish.? of tko C. ,t. HIM WlBANANAS 12)).

( amd tko allla tat these cc fldlo*cklnrilcal ..* This T4 amlatauat. I. at tiJO( CO i Lue hear 1Ot

( !. *. pit fer the, she : tlet,. tko M edict! ..* 4 eIM11
Uopalverslty of Coara
kmew kd lw* cletr of ** Wet rf et *fCOlBBklB.
tWy are 1* ( .
a federal ...tI"..... AFT tinTISSUE
MM w>r 4I M to *.. star IkelttlMsledttal isWIh
c at PortaleM, the .. S
tis1. ....dent lee avdUo SUE
( Amer1cmMw.loal A** Ul of the Btoto of COB-
Oat vim CM slip vau Sir tsg an riM Saks ered.... atftfrtmt F. nfC[IT'P'
< l>o ev* tt vrg I..,.e 'tnuH. NCI Tug kiss VS K

|tar a.e n( cimia$ r. ....*. twill I" lit III

sr.....teedUbelp ., see don't few .. >vladay. ( P ,111ittL1

CIIM fWll 1n..*o tko Bay tee Md low
foot .
( no S eS aster
.r. 1ov. .*.. rrMlUtte ....... sail boa Tar Sector rrmrlbMPSMCUPTMM INK

C is *t ...... nut list is jKisoavios. ( set 1aIert.... named. tract
&I / ax'1.00N
f ft**. iMmr.. Umud .. Mr ... bm MW CC .....,... he Test wcMre -

MQ' M MM ...f b 1 ... are t L tend 0e..... '9e t/.. Ilin1J 1e S.tFs.gri saes COffEE

( Tsar MMtrtef a.. ages U owner W B*- ( ear Arai.II Snag

f eritf Md Slew S.. I"r halt I blacks 1fIHU1 \ t1tt

meets M tins I aM l cS tM bag *in. Bljawin cr. f ...,aro n.wltts TloNtRi! .

*..... ... uaus gives l.ty Base and r.c A CSSPLiITL 1,11 SCMe.et1an M1
C lass ..... I....... toi> .*... I* flew SUGAR I u. 5%
....., ..... .
CM4J. .
[ tree. hisses. .. bo heated ....*.W tko ..... ( Errb1 24
...... CAUM ... Me Nt 'JIiA
of for UHam. aB.. skit a prwew .< ].SHeLilly's

weans a* I .... waPO S .mBfMT cc I 'JII1Ia r.Frof e/yS.00M ,Ir. '

.. a..a ......... ,. Ise.ere cr.cc Drug Start III. """ -1ft

tBOt. .M. > emH ',... M01e Mw1 .....

taeti ...... sure *!* t Mrs t llM PlfMIl I M Ms.ID
mi MM MM+ H 3.MM */| ..QO.. **.. Nee qse ..
,... ..c,

.. .I'" .
-w. "
-1 Wan aAs y''''', '_' :.tr...... .......:..;...:...: .:..:..,}..'

.-_ ..

r r' : .

USE nisi. mi mIll lImn Mica H, ISM

-' "" "
1] ? -" '
,I. '. 'T "jiW.,. *11 1-';

1 1

e ..>. ,. '
i. .

.,..,,,.., ....., .... ...., ".. :. .: _.,. ..,

E. IIELirs Other Cassias r Famed Greup Schedules! Concert A p P earance This Week
"' -- '
r7. I

MIAMI (ANP) -- Pro Itli 11
: :
REPAIRS the Hitleth. Track ,n,..sA.rvie. -I Ii
TMI FINUT Smvice AT TNI tedncaday, Feb.
RIGHT Pmct 2', the day after the
1L WORK OJAftWTOO Caaalaa Clajr-Sonnjr
MA/oi AND MINOI/ MOTOR tlatoa rent la the i e
'Miaul Bead ,
OvIRNAULf convention
TItANIM'UIONI' RCAR liot the followlai WM ral v ruil
1 131' M.'. 54t't Strut aaad: ;
they asked con
Plmi.: 751-1301 UMPtuounly"" had Cuaaluartr
hail!, lorih baa ton T /Nobody'!?

Starting a new homo ?
( You i yiN6S' FOR A HCONO NoNrvi e.)

I Alexander Furniture Exchange

YK rFAW' .
--- --
j X12 N.W iltk Aw luI 8 M0( Of BOUND Shown ban are aaaben of the Florida AaM OaUereltyitaia French horn aectlon, at the aitrtM left art: Charlea Johnaon, loeallat. Tills,
I H ,4-1712 ,, bud anieable-conoert jass orcbaatra tka 'Ken of Boned" Maabara of baaaaa; Jam B. roe Tarpon "rlnia; trnaat L. tllllaM, Shell Herbert A.
the aixreititlon art scheduled to be praaaotad Prlday iTialni, Much 20, at I tells (lead), Daola;; Justus Frazier JackaoBTllla; George I. Oaakln Deer field; Ii
J VE NT ARI Ml o'clock In a concert at Orlandoa Jones High Bchool. Pro left to right, la the and Wllllaa B. Langley, Jackaonvtlla. Ii the tuba or baaa born section abown
I behind the French horn, are flay Hanahaw Sarawak, da.; and Btsuel Jones of J
j Neal Joins Galnaavllla. The aaiapboaa section center front includes fro left: Jaekaon
Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion Lever Brothers Crrrfordbarltoie lu boal.t. QalaeaTllla; Roy TollUer, tenor auafhona (eualo
copyist), Tests City, Taiu; Btlaon leeks, alto (lead soloist), Haw BayrnaBaacb
; Wtird B. Lassos, alto *u (soloist), Orlando; .and Robert Mack, tenor
aaiapboaa (soloist). Greenville, S.C. Standing la fajaand 0. Mlckana aualcal
Disc Jockey dlraetor. la the trombone section second row, left to richt, art: Abrabaa
Bessie !Palrar Beach; Robert Franklin, ft. Lauderdale; George Sell, Jackaon
:;' villa; Illlla Vllllua, lead, Plant'City; Elliot llnklar had JackaoaTllla ;
I -w Mlltoa Jones Jackaoavllla; and Louie fiihlnctoa, luC City Shown In' thatruapat
aactloo third row, left to right its: Grover Dollar soloist ,'''"-
cola: Arthur Hlddlatoa Riviera Beach; Jaaaa Clllaoa Rocky Mount ".C.:Clay -
\ too Millar Norfolk Va.; Ktoaatb Belcher, had Jackaonvlllat Alfred woodraff
/ laad Orlando; Danny B. Davis lead JackaonTllla; and Jo than CaJUaa, soloist
r arraaiar and librarian Blralitfta, Ala. Shown left to right la the parcua
lion anarabla araClyda: Howard (to-toa,8aTannib QB.J; rblllp,Hayward (cyabal),
4 Myrtla Mick 8.C.; Robert ffhtalar' (tl bal.i), Taaoa; ffliylor Jaaaa (tyapanl).
S ;+ JackaoaTllla Charles Bwaatlm (t08.to.'Opa'Loclll; Bobby Roberta (clavaa),
NW row i.-flerbm JackaoBTll'la; and Barren Bryant (aamcaa), Tallabaaaaa. The rhythm section
Real, fonarly director shoes at tilt aitraaa right Ueladaa: Mra. Blanche I.II Icll"" ,phroo: Franklin
''t'tI w hn'p of Barketiai raaearch for D.MaJordruaa, Mliail; George cjtea, bongos, Jackaootllle, ; and Rudy Alkala, baaa,
Chock Pull 0' Nuta. baa Port Arttttf, T. : Pboto hr
been appolatad to the
Household Product Dllaioa '
of Later Brothers
I Coapaay aa aa aaalataat 1
I product aanaieraccordlB : '
to aa announceaaat. by C, ,1
t. Palaer a .erd sadlsiag
IM sassier for tat! dirt j
lion which units the
U Holder of bride coapany'B .oata' deter .i'j'
Broadcaitiai Record rests aad other bo...- +
22 CoBtUttOtti Hours bold products
Mr. Neal jolaad Later
Brothers last October

Si 1 Bntbir Riv Alfew. t K nl! aad had been temporarily
aaaliaad to tat! field
sales force. Before air*
rim two r..,. with Chock
Pull 0 Nuts, ha bad beaaaaaoelatad
with two>> Mew
tort advertatai aiwBdaaYoaai :
a Bablcaa end
Batten. Barton Dentin
Oaborao la tartoaaBarketiai s
research ear .
act t lea, _
A iraduata of both |ar "
: t Yard Collet tad tbs Mar $
yard Graduate BaalaeaaBchool
with aa A.B.d er** ',
la oooaoBlea end aa M.B.A. '
-i---- la ...1.... adalalatra .

i WE .liCE I A fI'w
Hear la a PM of tilt File ..
can M trada la :

Fra iiifl' jerda. Birkli I ..na.II..I.s Fred HMU 81 BUICK .

coavert really HIM WOO
$399 ..
Today Oely a

ee DESOTO Dr. 1.-

SEE AND HEAR THESE tatto BOO TinaToday ala.AU ...

Oily 51 W. ..
62 OLD'SA e0t' dal
I sat,
RADIO STARS Seed Traaaportatloa$ .

a car far oaly if* .a.t

Cb '
WAME1260 '&.

mi .... ntft in "<. I '

i MIAMI : sin SHEET l

(I'. 'r"i.& M .:",t.f.'b' .4/ ," 7r? ,- ss.rt..es...
: .I ,......, ""l. '\. ," J ..u. f',, .___ C.wm
Hear Hot line" Nightly Xrn.p. l llt.OO. ( :
It. : " ''fl" 1)I)\ With Donald Wf: Jef. db,rHaFOId L. 9&&SX: ***, r .r t11W ,.. I.
Mb'+k ," /, :, .".j .... ...-.... .. .. .
, l' ''IQ.ef'' Y Ie........ O.ues... s .


, ( t

r! ttttttttJ: I1J .; !t-t: : f";' ';":" "' '''- "iMtBB&w*Wf|*'4**** %- :Z::|.(UBaBlBB** *> -':--t'f.: ... ;;:;;. = "1.-::' ..... ..vier.-,..'. ,a- ,.........:....:.__n_

.- 'I'' I

I 1 :

11I..11 ami H, mi 1LlIU SUI mils- ninI ; 1



Club News Entertains Islands' Jazz Buffs 9 Negroes .Reading' Campaign Plans I ft
_____._ _
Mm. Rally: lUthtl of Hit .IIIIJ 10 t till lit.'>ftaohamt With 1
Training !
848 NV 30th 6t till hid ," Tbs .
public IiInU. .
the dlNCUiuloft it tiltItah'l .... AdaiBiloi li L A. Angels 1 r, r 1k'qtr f'
I Ctnlir, I3TI Ni/ '
.., and thtrt till be q I -
) Avo., I p... I\&nda1, no oclUctloo Ukn.HUDSON'S ,,' PALM" llrZNOAt?) a ',' ?
March IS ;!A'toul of tlifct NCTOM I. I .

.-.. :;.,'reported! bon for apriag r
raising tlth the Loa
Asi.l.s Aaitlt listcask r .ee sr.v rot x a Mar,;.,q V J1'i 1

SRHVICE .. .I.L..11 .
ar a
Pour of the flue MTtlth ..,. .. .
Automotive Spoclaliitt)! tilt rartit, club at ........, !Iw
18 m. la .feat Lnratlon .
1111 ono tin* or Mothtr 4..
No W.a6 It. Mw 62Ut1.
clap the mi CMptiia,
Tommy Hudson, Owner
Thty MM relief ao.
Julio NiwnoutTUl4trBobptrry.
third .taa.a. 11
milt Torrti and first
x baMan Charity' D...,
Tht rMtlalti fourtoat
are first battaiiOurltt
--- -
OUTITMDmo .IA1 Ti$r- dtia (App).) III tOUt 'pit* acquisition ViBton.from caster Uti Hi*
tsred'b.r., U oat of tilt
outatendiaJean piaaiita fork fuk...' Mchaoad
la tilt nahaaaa.Ooniidtrtd out of tilt bttt .
jail rtlata -
fan club, rookie cut*
tht Islands ban produetd ht ti currently fielder tick ftlBMcn. up -- --- ...._- ... -....--.-..
at tbs Port Montapi leant Hotel la Nassau,
II. plays la a COB bo Nth Dents Donild oa, .battltt, frot HMUI ovtfltldtrVie lAPPING inunor UltUl tlaaa for a ttln up a rtoord'breaiini ...b.r-
Aatonitty froa as.llsan
and Itrtlt Lord Jr., druaMtr. fie MB of tr. and hip eaapaiia drift vas projtoud hit cock by the T locals Club tf Ut. North I
Putrto Moo and
Mra. Robert Rlllott of Hnklit Hill, Nassau, lIt, 1ett-banded pltokirDanny ; east TtCA Center itattd tree left are: Mrt. Caroljra Kollud, proiria dl. I
Providtaet Island Rlllott was .radu.t.d la 1111 Rhu froa Taoose..biro rector; KM. Lull fllllMt, prttidtat) "10 tdlth Hihliitoa, Mra Itttriet
fro florid MM Daivtnity, thtrt ht earned tht Cot and Mra. Aaurta Roberts, atu4lai. MM. Illlt P. illiaM, '(not above),
lit eoaplltd II*
,i Jr.I baiiitlor of arts la ooMltttt thairaan. (Johatoa of Sisal mots)
J fJe ( t 11>1 dtirtt aajorlnt in 11I.10.I 1 record Md a I,II ,at.tT' .

I ln Series Niw ProildinciMtaktrt
Th..plan'l __ M. B. Church
tf N.. frot t- far III..",. M $tturdayiht
Once Mtiiloatry. Kaptitt till ant bt in, hit
Church' till observe '0' office on bet dip foreoBtultitlti
y ...'a on tund r March 12 ntllfurthtr
aecordlii to aa ,.. rwtlet Ht till
.ou......, by Mri.Clwdla bt available tor 'oi.ttl*
anion reporter titlont alit widtrt aa
for the tlwnh. ..,.
cell M aon each
j flit .a.reeti..Iaea of ttdnttilajr froe I .... to r
KING SIZE till .hrd art turkUidtllmtly II .... '
jI to ensure thtauMtta
I ef the ""'r.. m LilT
UM Dtvotioaal attlvt> Tilt church clerk rt*
.... Itta will bt U tbt ports the lotUi| KI
... -- thtrit tf ..... tbtptnalaia here M bollem tht
nth luti
S Alehatlllit
Spotlight Product the talents of Ifs llutht itlllt
tht skein aid otk.rttltiiti mi I, !. II I&.j i I,..
j. V 01 Thi WiekWMBM MOM ihvlUr, UlO N.'.
It. C.J. lurity, pane 71 ll.l Its Jessie I. -

w J. Ll'IF.fI'.A' .. A7s. ._4 : !}',''ioN.JIIIiJ'''' tot Iw Uutd a tall to Porch' 1111 fl." I Ct.,

I : ",.Id. Olllird, toaaaada ..h..." ti II s... nta a.... la Iris nk, tk. pup ,all...t.**...n tt bt U ate Mra., bills 10 It.Carter I Its, 1038NW Xfbtt f
Priact Illlaat., to soar ...' II protttt lit, ll closes by TfeMaiM Trc p. IllJaf Mortb Dads MIA for lbs tHrall .a Jordan, 471 N. I,
ttialOPENING f MrM+i Athena. the "toata Cor .. Tenth !Matteatl haul ttltbrttloa tf
tt of lath" Mtriartt tt ohool U arvMat at tht toalmMry it It. JtiirhiBtnroM
1 .. .... ; Sri
t'B .
J ill. Ctdroa Andr..., and Jr... MeOoaba. tht Nurtt OrwitU *rti Catftrtait ."a.II.1II at bell at tae .. a Day till.... I ct.Hra ..
J Jtilct .,1..; aid ttt attendant, Janet .odd., II.. diuia Ualftnity la '11II.. ku also tittad M ttt Ckarlilet.HIT .
tivltaUM tt Utpv.lt. *
I U iota tkt N.I, 11 It.. Its
SPECIALS twcrtiaUtat
J gl I1 .1 STARAUTO .Jail hit Hmr d GO TOCHURCH 0_"",.,. MUh iMidtri, lees IT,
lUll aw mi rwr.....................C 1 C AuTHO'III lllVICI MPPMTI ..., itraty bit IB* CHrlitlM Mirttil' MBT
SERVICE i B Wl... ttlt bMMM tftht Jobtihii, ||. II.'. II
IC ir MTILITE SPIN KIN ......JU j 'MINT CMO.UTO OI VIOIniiniuii f IITIll/ ll.l'H*.,Iill... aov H..t*litrtftrt (It. aid 01'h.l 1. Parish"
wnotMTil '44 N,I, itKrwt.

SIll mi luuenis HCa. *LIMMM' 'TIWJ !NOTATCO MAKES:
AOUUSTtO run NHULS MoNaD tttfM$ la Strn TH

( 'llrl) ... .. 1.11 /sa"?,... a TUMI u.. ......* mwrruattNOIMI 17 lily, Pits "C. CHI
s.t.....ae ale A........... HI 4.1)01 Mil Olt f v gP 'el!
SIAIEI IEU ICUUIITS..Jie .... ..... ....vt. TIT'llll MMMI .., rui, altta ,. Cast a t-ua


rmmncilEimSHt 49
I 6Hops '

1 T A R T.

SIX-TUT IW.IIIJ... .... S.II: ip I. Just li! Time For ......





9 4gHil Yttr Cie A s.s
Good For, One ,
Phi Ns v

Free Gift When
Then You Have A Look At

You Shop SameranAutomotive The Pretty Thing We Have

Inc. C. .ua cad lr .4
.(. For You To Wear In ThM




AU .... AnHiW* At Bedi 8tr*. t


4621 N.W. 27th Ave.PM. A Siiui

... a3i4408e TODAY

>>0 "W. StIl 4t.'heels MIAMI, FLA.I .



...... .. ",j'\f' ;' <1, ..". ,
'f' ... ,
.. .1- '
'; ; -:"' ''':''''_ j J: ';.....: ;" ',,, . 'I. .

I- I LlIj. '

p 1

".. 11... ruiiii sin mm UTHIAT HIICI 14.--I miReww -.. -

Swera-to Consultants Confer During Program BreakI S.C. Slam WbB

I _-'''-! -.. II '. .....w.&Ir -
As USIA Chief 1st ToerneyIB

r.wRING'roIlAI'IP( ) ;1Pr : I 11-Yaors

T.Rowan, :Jt-yer-od) bra* ____ TVSlEGIU! IIKTITDTR
.r prl.-elnnli journa
Ala. -- (AU) -- the
Hat and author ... sworn South Carolina Ktate
In lent Friday aa director College Pulldoga defeated -
of the (/I.ft.Information Florida AAM 912 -
Agency lie thus l. the $ here Satardaj night
first Negro to hold this to win its first South-
t2I.OOO-a-ycar: pout and era Intercollegiate
succeeds. Uo veteran heeeOMMcntatnr Athletic Conference

FAw.rellt. Mur- ,i l tournament chaaplonablp
rot, who rcHlgned tr ro- + W.e since 1943.
itlMied from Jung surgery. Paced by Priest Jackson -
The KtotriiiglncerffionlMCM who led all acorrra
three days. after Ro with 25 points, the
mn'N Mirprliilngly quick Bulldog took an early
Confirmation by the fi nateKnrnlgn lead and<< rolled steadily

Relations COM '--=- to victory without being
mlttuo, and tbs entire I'ULTA"iT4 anti! cm fen!on attending the 1Kb annual Florida Guidance Conference and NrkRoaebud Bruton.mildance consultant Griffin junior High School, Tallahaaace overtaken
fewatn. ?,??,,.,,.irl recently hy Florida At* Unlveralty are shown holding an informal chat In pig rliilt fro left, Dr Back converses, with Dr, Harold Cottlnghaa, In the consolation gM
The tttmtft ninalttco had luring it IlIlul'l-brollk] In photo left from left are: Mra. Ruby Gainer. Penaacola, head of the Florida State University Departaent of Guidance prealdent-elect of here Saturday, AI.b...
first chance it Rosen and Kovorly' Iwan, MpcclalliU In guidance, Florida State Education Association, Talla- the American Personnel and Guidance Association, Tallahassee; Dr. Kenneth .. State college, Montgomery -
qtiirkljr mm satisfied that licuweeflr; Purl C !Kelly professor of education, ayne State University, Detroit; Clark. Psychology Department, City College, N.t.; and Dr. be cuss the rUM nan for '!>, J n fork, iirnfffHHiir of education and bead of the Guidance Department. FAHU; president of Florida A&M University (Photo by Flllyau) Clark, S4-M. for third
the job. place honors.

KUZZIN'S MUSIC BOX A pair of clean. white State's Only Negro VeterinarianHas D.C. CollingtonIs Careers In Atomic Energy Field

YOUR RECORD HEADQUARTERS !loroe make a .o.mn-.' Cited With Cited
Are By AEC Director
; 327 .,North Macomb Street i-.t any age from 3 on up-. Modern Lab, Fine Practice Other Floridians,
reel like ft lady, and ODTOSA' -The first and only licensed Metro veterl TAiLAHAfigfT"- u *roue career opportunities with
GOSPEL, BLUES POP JAZZ therefore look like a narlan to practice in the state of Florida la Dr. the Atoale .CoaaUaloa. were oatllaed recentlyat
tact. Bo. whether your Raleigh H. Allen. a 194S graduate of Florida AMUnivermy Florida Ua University by a representative of
45s LPs bite gloves are leatheror Tallahaaaee. ..................... the ARC Savannah River Operations Office at Allen,
K.C. ...................
Join; KUZZIN'S FAN CLUB ( fabric, do suds the I Dr. Allen, who earned MM with a dual Major
CXel 224-4816 out, after every wearing. his B. 8. decree free la biology and wricul .. Many opportunities for open to persons with the
j tnre, recently nosed persons eltb>> background M.S. degree in beilnet
'I into kin gleaning, new and eiperlenee la the adalalatration, public
veterinary services physical acelence, .the- adnlatratlon. aid the
bull.I linn in this Central aatlci,accounting,business liberal arta.Negroes.
is your name Florida ouaminitjr. Tie adnlnlatration, public
ore location la across. adaiolatratlon and aecre Hired
tarUl science are available -
Gunk Highway true bin
o reMidcnce. rfiere he ha to C.T. Marsh, deputy director .
practiced previously
the book ? far one and i>ne-half 0.C, ODLUNCTDNPOUT of organlgatlon SFIMA. ALA.-Tw leaders -
.ln of the .ftelma
years la the otlllty IIYFTS Members and Personnel at the Aa- voter
vannah River office. reglatratloa drive have
of tie 110...
roe of the Pal. City Pike
'.,. Following! his graduation Lodge recently cited Persons with the n.*. qualified to run for
ter's degree fro liberal city council altloaala
."'." ., . S I . . ere.t be taught fro rlculture Florida MM in, David assistant r. CoIIURton director of arts colleges It the above the March IT Democratic

J Hated areas My qualify prl.".
t : the Veteran* Program public relation and
vocational Inntnic- aa aeleeteea for 12 to IS There are Jamea C Oil*
Y aa a director! of sports information -
tor. four years later he at Florida AMIUnlwrMt additional study in tilt deraleeve, a teacher at
earned the degree of ;, AEC a nuclear englartrUginternablpa. Lutheran Acadeny, and

You can't Doctor of VcterlnarrModleUe The prmfiitetlon of a the Reverend Frederick
vote D. Reese, paator, of Ma-
trOll niAffee plaque honoring Oil ling. Liberal arts college appllcanta -
Institute In 19M.f with the B.S. degree cedoala Raptlat Church.
4i ton for bin ndilrvciwnU
if you're notregistered >r. Allen van employed and contribution In the la the physical They are the first
C by the veterinary tie- field of public relations sciences and eathuatics Negroes to seek public
qualify for the nine Office ia Selna since
partaent to teach ta and aporta, In for* nay
the n.ld of pathology nation mia. a feature of month>> Internships at the aecon.tnactioa.
school after his graduation the citation ART a Oak Ridge Nationa 1 Sorters from the Student .
When you graduate from high they pruiri
put your name in the school yearbook. fro 'ftabeiee, Later he The program. ia cblch Laboratory Nonviolent Coordinating *
When yoy have a telephone totalled they want Into private pfac other local pvraona were Technical internships' are'> Committee' (AMCC)
put your name i tn the telephone book. lice la North Dakota cited for their KIll...- cyst to applicants with ,began a voter registration -
But you and only you-can let your name hemming one of two Heir eata and contribution the M.H.. degree la engineering drive her In 1M2.
t In the moat important book of afl-the roll oei In private la tile ar... of education phyaicn cfeealatry Only .9% ef the votlag
or Registered Voter of your precinct-the veterinary practice tn guidance and re- lAd Metallurgy.Maaageaient age Negroes la Dallas
"Election Book." the state at that ti... llgioa was a feature ot Internship I County are registered
And if you're not in the book you ought In 1M1. be Miit. before tilt dedication of the ef nnth durations are votes

to be. the Florida Kate Board PALM CITY TIM If At
Decauae&If you're not ref laUred,you can't of Veterlsaryamiaera BOOK founded and COll- Brings Out
let in the poUa come Election Day, tad paaaed the board P iled by Roaaa B,
You can't even 'volt for dog catcher- eiaataatloa, beeoalai Roberta.Colllagtba. Full, Rich
much.lee.mayor,councilman corifreteinan, the unnablne Mate'a a forcerDunbar
aenator, or preeident-unite* your name to High Kcboolteacber HAIRBEAUTY
first licensed Metro
in the book.
la i product of
doctor veterinarynedlclne.
You don't even have the right to complain the Port Mjera' public
unless you're registered and YOU. .
cboa h. He baa n.badl.lor" .
80 don't cut yourself out of t! ytar'g key 1fce nO.po..d veterinarian .
a degree free
eletttona. Get your name in the book. A lot baa a practice
of your frienda and neighbors are already that catera to each Clara College and ban
OR listed theN. If you know of one who ien't, doneatle pets aa dogs done farther study tn f
If YOU'VE ,MARRIfD, MOVED. take him with you when you to to rtgiettr and gate.TWO the Held of Jonnallae '
COOP" AGE SINCE" TH LAST, on thia "Roll olllO Ol" of Americana.: And at Syracuse University,
$ -M'U"'OU'Uhe poUa! The sos of are. RoileCDlllngtoa
ELECTION.. reWrM ; BUCKSWin >> of 2T32 Leaon
M... Yoy Street, Port !Krera, be drel
MHtMl K'.e if y-u hud '"'". /"J'o.TI'i'tfi"| have! ; AMembtfOr .baa served aa aaaiataat ..
---'II i ........11..*.>r' ..**' mZ.IwSfitcs ....\.'. I', S H A. A C. P. ,
,doI'IWf'tw..tWet. p' B ., ,
e sureyou're /olt.. ,, Predbdm ridM! tics'
a al
I r.w.sr> yaw ai'BWw ,i
JI ":: : '- i* '-. gjiill: : registered'! .a s.eml a emeIkg at esa ......
,-"I w '"I MM9
..uu----- oK"fcTiirii! i"'J5l
e.diKi wA.ee y.... ...clears >away
flan.r.e the,.rvtiM i .ly W..... \'d. Isuw yew sea..... ;, ". w
I Jell .p-l__ tr ....."add"..see'" -0a OAT| VMenwlru AWAY-IIIC1ION-., ....... REGISTER AT dandryff worries
: M.M tub fever I "ww ... ..... 320 EAST BAY STREET

County Court HOUM

i r, j t

l. ;
< RefllstrtliM Book An Open Dally,
) ::
; ''I .', .
., "

::''f $:30 A.H !to S:3e p.M. Until April, 1 14, Tfc III Tkw k WKFB

1' ,

;' J ,)(NOTICE I I J, NOTIC'EEr61,I I' 1.1;
',' ,
A f' "f ,
r- "
\ "
t \\ i", : 'I,> .\.
\ "- x A i. .

Special Night Registration (At Courthouse' ) j;'

Tuesday Match 1 11..6:00 P.M. to 9.40 P.M.

Tuesday Hircl. 24......6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Ts
w .

7 t frFor ..Registration, Information Cells NIWI PENlIIAI.F-ttIAIITS

Florida Star Registration Center 1tit .Km'sttt> ..... mINas'" rehe i.Sthree II ....

't uiddt k-.e.t ....,II...eI. Party...

"'t ," EL 4.8880 KUZZIN'S GOSPELAIRES ie-lit. stevittp ... eve Itsfullyy artsnl

' ',;' Milton Hardrick Director Now ,hs'......

tf.... ,',.. KUZZIN'S JAZZARAMAK far tim wto AnkI ,...,

join Tb.110tIf4A StAR ..._ ItM V..ers. Haftliie twvwwwf! Oak. 6tept. w... eonu..CA .erw+ew.ww.N

ucniiiitu mint ZZtN'S ICAIARET ............._-- ee.w.a.w _...
-+ --...."IiI'pin n e.


--, '" '" ,. .., .



1I lUlU 14. l4 1 neini SUI PAPEIS MU nI

I Negroes Named To All-America Cage: Team By Basketball Writers I

Negro Stars' Absence Ctge Turn 4 EatereJ SIAC Russell Seventh

Could Wreck U. S. Sophomore Named

Olympic Team's Hopes In 16 Years

NKV TOUR-Tlire* outstanding Negro collegianWalt
:JIK"" Vnsn Picture
.UlIr" sin have *icllcnt linked a withering worM Haimd of UCLA, Dave 8 tall worth of tlehlta and
yk* II' hat sight chances of .ak- Indoor 400-yard relay Cattle Russell of Michigan have been. sated to

h pprn to t.IIeU.R. ins tho IPM.coupled record. Look Magaxlnt't tllft-**,. All-Aerlca t..II. picked by
rtinnlr track mid field
silk their Mainland Twxy basis the United States Raakttball Writer AjiaoeiatlM.
Irnn'ii hopes trrr Ihr .......a 5 I e...........
la the country s !lpllt.t -- Y
Ic".st.k' The All America selections
rnttntln not F 1n '
this tl.--Ia the baekeourt.
being nxrit h, Nmnipxerr Bade through thbaaketball "
Ruaatll "III the
hurdles and RarlentRm shots
carried Into the trlttrt'
i has jet to face a to average nearly 25
rank of war rarrrnt 'IIln.-*... voting onnlt
peer In the .eight*. points a game. and
track and field stars e vtiY tee (representing each
In baokethnll. mate1!. brilliantly bal.nc.d.II1..rollld ,
.hn _l III nrri-Kml this of the else NCAA dla-
If you can the falterHaxrards akllla tomatch'the
niuntnr. Jurln' the 1964Ol.Y trlcti). terc announced .
1111. Reeds, agaxla
.pic cars pterting this week in Look HIM
CaM Runnel. tallyJgncnen deelartd. "Hut aoatInprtntlvt
In Octuhrr In Tnkvn? -"i slut, .
and John Ttvwfi- art his poUt
If N"arn H|win purrs Hasurd M Stall w>rth
sons art connldcred top and dependability, aa-
folio the sere unanimous choices
HURumtl. uffunrr
cams the collegians In mint mAt TOUIKCT' florlda AM Untventty'a cage tea entered the annual unu'al even la tod?'*
U the balloting Cua-
Olympic rhnploatkl : .111 vie for spots, oa Southern lateroolltilat Athletic Conference tournMMit .. a "dark hor.." for ultra-taleattd tophoorti. -
: 1)ltfpld and Hhouldrrfui ill can the { n..tbol'ho.lu t tClle
the basketball tea. tile first time I. I decadt, Kit Rattler "S" hadan Jl-$ league record MMibtra .
p to purtlrlpnlP In And .with Negroes' holding of the l 63-" tea are: Mated left to rlcht.-Mlrkey ,.Ihc't ft. Knot Ry.: III tht 16- StarCII.red
the Internal tonal year history of the
the renter aJoring nifodore All., Tillakaaaje; Kd_ard cress. Orlando; Wllllt Collier teat Pals
> Look tens to win AltAttrlca
A-unUI I
Cnm Civil Rlid>UIHKUOH
of outstanding clunlflcntlona Beach, Robert Hart In. Ooluabua. Ga., Rddle tlllleaa, Bradenton; and tllllt Jen-. honon.IIn..rel ly
arc itottl.'JHh.Halted -
on the amateur klna.Ne Tort N.T. lack roe left to rl ht--Jaaea Bell, Neptune N.J.; .Utlnfatui -

States n.uldVirr busing leans, thin nation SykM, Unett, Ala., Perker leeks Tallahaaaet.: John Crlaa, Montdal r. N. Look gas.. ctttd by Girl Accuser
: piiKlljr thrum In the.t4.r1 a* "an ticltlnitiamnlt"
thus lemming undisputed r' can least afford to J.; Freddie talker tit lea. Ii.!. and La.renct Stead Cabrldt. Maaa.Photo of "11I authentic 1U.mI. Ohio (ASP) -

l have Its athlete become ( by Plllyat) team tt Larry Jones, Unlvtrnlty
of aered In the man a
the *nrld idi> truck and prerequisite to being of Toltdo basketball

"lid rhunplonHhlp to \i' 'I current. civil rliatahaanlt. Baseball Lvid Joins niMid All-A erlca tntay. cartala ass reinstated I
; League iMt ...11 after ht had
gur iTHlthlli' lip c<>. ., ..: RCGISTCR! The UCLA Rrtilaa, although
pctltur. the Soviet .- lacking height bees suspended, tot mire
Union.I Fimed'Holiday Stltrlll Field have "eohttloa dl.> than Month bocoia of
I Schedules Meetings a ta lavolveaeat It
Iw.IIIWIQ Latent star tilled to mars essence:'
--- -- '- -- OB Ice Slated of tht auto raclii *+mPlon the oegailat Obll".d.t'l'll. paternity charges

i Ttir Ncim a1,-lit.1&1' dmtln BOA MATRShaalc UJ Oldba. titcutlvtaecretary Jackaonvllle Clipper, drivers of the could have .teem The charita *.,.

mt-.at this trtt- talents the for ColiseumHere of the aarmct Jai Kings, Cavallera orld to .a 11SI at a impossible without Haa- dropped by the. young I>.

Inn--la led bj Jarknonvlllf foursome would aim are J.(hon Baseball league, and Arlington Cuba. driver for tilt aptctacu- gard'a IHtaiMaa to .an and jnata sane Mt

*!! nut Robert (n.ih) duty on the 400 and 1600 announced Monday tbat last year, the League tar KpBRINa 12 HOUR WMJRWCC tailor his t ic ept tonal cleared HarrJl"rtU.:
8-ftoa\ ; arch Uth till be tat ball handling dribbling rtftrtt U DMtatlt Re'
Hvi, the 'Borld'a relay ewets.WT ttptrltnctd one of lit RACK Saturday,
fastest huaan" < io In laternatlonally-faMd deadline data for any finest ....0.. .Ith March Jlat la out of and raa big. to Coach 1 atloaa (Court curd

fiprrtrd to lest all MAINSTATS' Holiday On let will r rt< tea tlahlai to join competition being keen Allrl ea' a oat famous lOad,... a tea deilgaV'talltorta btrt.Joa. .
lit a'tattniloa
cnarm+ In thf 100 art IT. tent Its new 19th Rdl the League thla year and, hundreda of tans ..- and heroic big car oval ( reported via
9-j,Ird. and the 200Mrm DeapltP a series of lion ia Jackaoavllla meekly oeetlnia of the j eying the '...lId pilot., Qraaya "Tiny Look "/a oat of that lifted U time for kit

dallh I'll. Hayes 41 bill JlO tat.u U. BU' Collaeu for tight 10-eUb loop. are btlnc series ....d on diamonds Luad, halllai fro rapidly' lacrtatlaga to participate U the

hold the rarld' 100 John Thoaai ta still thorn, larch 17-22. held every Monday night located la till *ajor ero...? utll Carolina .,. breed of vlr !rocktta last t.o taoM

and 60-jurd daub a ark* the top rvanlai highs; The popular nhov open at I o'clock la wilder areas of the county "11", aa ht U know. tuoioa the blend ahoot of the season and this

at A. I and ft. 0 seconds. Juaper and U being bard its annual atop la till Recrtatlot Center This ,'U'a ....nn officially to thousands of hIs tang Ut. ipttd sad height in** Mm a chance U bf

".".eU'"It; pressed by California' 10,000'itat Coliseum OIdb..atat.d. gtta iader ay and frltnda skyrocketed Mil enough u play any erne the greatest' scorer
la tb t.
Art aoi. !StateHrnry Cent Johnson.Ralph math a colorful faatovlng Member ttaaa already Sunday afternoon April to fat slit his 1911 OM Ir the three poltloaa -
N bad 1,314 polala U
farr and the U.K. Aray'tPiuil "oa t 01. first 'Sho.tle OnBreadtay Include the Jackaoavlll SU.tJid another tucceaa- tin of the DtjrUattoo" post corner or
an to break the 27-foot Beach Police less than three ataooaaf
Vlklao, la eontoapleted.
rraytoa ore M- spectacular program Mel STPI
peeled ta push Hayes to barrier lends tht and moves into two. and Atlantic Beach Start, KEGIITWI I ctapttltloa
-- -- -- --
tie. Hilt.la running broad Juapera one-half heart of family Wtataltft Colta, hag
although Maya bolds tht19M Pdeard Olanta, fluabeaaBrave
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hurdles entertataaeot that la-
Indoor title; *, Brooklyn Incas, TIUCILOAISALE
Haves Jones ia untie'fated troduce tilt stars tad.
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Ella Gilbert
and all apectacalar production
awot |ta distaff thlaclada. >
Raaa Roirra.Vila aid doient of
lltllaM, Arl.... lth Coach ltd other act. 111-11-351

State: Adolph p:.a..r, T.ple.a rdlth McOuirt A hoatef ...coa.r.. la- 2 CITY

Southern Calif. : Don yoala Tyaa, Vlvtaa elude lush .Nakajlaa,
..,.hr. Pblladelphlaaad lroa and Vlvlaa Dual tb ta., Japntattaprt 5 I LAST 3
Charlie ,. all bafjag gold medal
May of 1' ** of tilt toe

York qaarttt uf a of hard-to-beat 400-a>ttf* "honor hatlai" potent receitly lala tatab after .abarlag tart.Ith other tilt tttabllahtd spotlight I 14-n-44 t I ALL SIZES AT THE:i SAME LOW I PRICE

MARCH 17-22-JAX COLISEUM Beautiful pageaitry, )3-111-11 '

,......_l....*Ct*.m. 1141 L A -.. eolorfil =SB-
a. Doow..... .... P---- cotata, Bpattttae Nt*. ap 100% NYLON -
Pan Mal 0.d.w....Caws..MMer ew- breatb-taklai listing bosetises It'a does zTIRES

.r. ,.". :IIU bad.ot aea tad I. adds, aabtraett CY
'. MOItRIS/ CtiALFEN...... '!Pi ( glamroua clrlfnaktvp lit torkt It all aroiadCOMWO 4 '_

/ / WORLD FAMOUS the Kvealig copuy, akoca artacbtdulet' ATnUCTlONB y;r rgjaosWMKMANfMlf

97 11 SI
; Tueaday, March

11 through Battrday.arcb .................
21 at I ,. ., Man's Days
Htllatei art '1..... ::J.t--.
/ ON ICE ...
... 1M for Saturday, March IIat Are Numbered :':\: =.:
OF 1964 ttJrfgrl 110: p... and *t *... ....'* Day art Hitbe :o::.:... .

_' day, March 32 at I sad ...41' lealU and Peruse 5 .........-

A I ,.*. all te.u art rettrved CM Be Tours ttta MAD HAIAIOUAUpfTII

I .U. 1.-1'" __ ,..It ,,1 tad sell for ,.. Rat* leer litkr9tyi. "

It 11.H5..eI5-33 II 17.iv0. 12.M and ta.90.Chlldre Ucty Coltrt RU.
L l IV.N..1MOWI1 ..... It3l.PM. aq .n Mwa...
I. .MAnN.a, I1, '.K Mder U t|111 land li* ferpwrorot :299 L .. ..
.k = UI bt Adolttod belt .. -
i IL peat price oc side lor ,
to Ut 2.JO: p... and 1 Mar* 130. y ....=. ...,
l s.M rlw. 1 1 P1 ,.... ,... Mtlaeet ..I,. MOo,. ....-..
Mree'::::" h. I r as ..=.: r.er. fill U Ut Wash ..I.. : -.1' : : !1,..
Tickets *., H porchafed aad Mil U 2DWAC Peat :., t.:1.
Tickets also on saleat fro u* OMIoew Of fit* ioi II7I.I.dlD.- 11 mlt ::.- w ..

Civic Auditorium and till K. Mat It. ., .m. .. n rl4*. 1t.1
cur Ut cooattr at UtCltlt II. .

Homing Park Box Offices.All Audlttrlt. cole /- .Il' : ....nii MirwCVfTOMM

seats reservedIn *MO *r ticket of n. URE&tSTUt BTIrTT! aware.MMiasr w Iah+4r........ fur 1+.m4 trlra. ran U .
'onf.oq .N1a./.g ,.IL foil or e. .aa +

Jacksonville lIsaL.. far SPECIAL !II! UTtHACTIONOUAtAKTH

1 i ... 0 JIM .1... MLOC

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Beef at its Best "SW


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,I PACE 12 .- fllllU sui PAPERS SiTIEIAT MARCN 14. 1SI4

PURE Oil( CO. CHIPS OFF THE BLOCKS County Official Praises Program .


FOR RENT. JUST Count meNrw Filth fend becorra If It till' t Use force to
ocracy, they woul da''t need to teach any course
3 BAY St Iv ICE ear irttn etaln Twill MM be the day for the in acboola. After a while it will be ua-Aaerlcaa
STATION I WITH 2 I IFTt and Irish when It
to turn dance Jig
sky an
green for black and chit aalaals to bit or Mat.
OW FXTRA LARIE LOT AT COM up. It la also the birthday of HUzonner. Jane Brown cue through and picked up another
EBMOOO a CLEVELAND WiZMimer' to kiTe bolt
TU laid that plan *
local Musician.The walling aaa crabbed
ANOTHER TWO BAY SC.RVICC: hip load of'...rockl ant to him fro the old fro) the J-Notes. Many people thought that Moo
STATION! Ai 5609 MoNCmerRD sod. If fee ta to becoa governor of Florida he.
'a* only a bliss shouter and a clown but viewer
PAID DEALER TRAINING may need Mr than Just one load of sJiearocks.They of the I en might hot know better.Chlco'
Cut MR. MATH is AT may have to mend over the Blarney Stone and a waxed like a aaater crooner the other day.H even
356.7331.IATRI holt 'paaael' of Leprecuna to do hit political had the right note.
work. This 1* no Irish Joke Loyal supporter of Edward Caters College wilt have its athletic
AMERICA the Mayor,* tlll ratting on all to Mk aore. banquet nest week. A local sport ediotr will deliver
HI Is tlll maintaining the aUto quo In the siaia address. Coach Jack Paul I* really
Oi Thl Jacksonville and the status QUo II far fro Utopia. asking good la college ranks. 'There were those A t ,..aE S
KEN City Council toad the ball right back In hi* who called his a "Hash la the pan" when he wa*
lap and a* they say In checkers, ouraov*Mayor at woodbine, but tie youthful coach has awl the
SHOWCASE Burna". Incidentally, It does not take a week of "eat their words". The Tiger football tea 1*
hearings and leial opinion for thi to appointan ready to move Into the big tiM.Blydea .
J:00: I.M. $01011CIANNEI advisory coMitt on ''Th. Eradication of Geiger Is a proud pop. His daughter 1* Li4P-

4 Female PI***", "Better Antl-8oeeln Retula- only la llth grad but she has copped two prise
tlonn"or anything els*. They just do U, so *hy in the annual science fair. On that subject,Mdle
SpnsirH' ly the fuss over '111 ol** Civil Itllh t.. A* for Mr. Marshall and the Stanton High Science staff ha
/I taU!Dill. w. hear that he Investigated the barnyard plsoned big things. They will conduct a seminar
NEW DEAL CAI MYERS because the chicken! had "red" cob*. If for student this Spring. Noted persons In the
heand, his fellow practiced a little acre de> field will talk to the itudent.
The bond lu ilaalek 1* back making the rounds.
They are busy getting people to register for the
I CAR BROKEN HUI> ies Catswellriir airport bond deal. Seems Ilk they need 42 .!!. '

;} DOWN? lion to build a jt age airport everybody ha a -..... "....-- T
(fill tiBi bond issue la wind for everything. Book will go ETHTRDUP!: ACTIONI! Duval Count CouUslooer V.Uai Herrttataatlai( at eltlwe
to the precincts for registration.They right),following a recent Inspection at the Boys' Parental Hone (Eaatalde), praised
& f, are calling Cooper"Barber" Brown "1111'0"'. la Ao of all
+ Plymouth & Valiant the overall athletic and recreation proems now proirea expansion
'1, \ A couple) of houses la Brown' neighborhood caught 'I
'. facilities 1* presently being carried out at the Hem under Coalloner Merrettf; a
HOUSE NEED SltlSBII oa fir and Brown dashed to the rescue. The popular supervision. IItOIll! at left Is Docell Varner, director of the Boy.' Ho...
barber almost burned up. For true, be I* (Royal Art Studio Photo)
burning for Bum.
REPAIR? : Nw I Used lip KM Tia being ruMred that anew weekly) paper will appear < REGISTER!

"Pea. ,..."'" r'r on the scene MOO. Certain people feel that Annual Event Calendared

Pf ewtII rt.aui their sues aren't la the STAR enough ao they are TALLAHASSEE-Th* 14th annual Florida MIl University FOR RENT I
"-. TRADE YOUR go lag to get a paper of their own. TU also ru- Spring Sports Carnival will be held March 27-
moral that since tilt papers have been giving a 2S. The event ii invitational and oovpetitlon will FURNISHED ROOMS HOT WTR.
f i CARl! 1211 SAN MARCO BLIP..d. certain cburchaaa a fit over !'ils alsdolngs, h* and be la track and field, baseball, golf and tennis. 518 W. ASHLEY.IMPERIAL .
big heir plan to support the new paper ao that the I
0 351-2024 "right thing" will appear la print. Rumor ba REGISTER! SUNDRIES

It thatadsfunct newspaperwil coa* alive agala.
FIX I U P Call Me for OsMutratlona
On the newspaper kick members of the fully of MOM fiR LENT Patent Medicines Cosmetics
the late Poacher L. Taylor formally pronounced the rnl |tHCD ROOMS. X2| CU- All Leading Hair PreparationsCor.
@; You'll Enjoy Visiting Florida Tattler" dead. The really felt that the kAND ST. EL 9-0295 BROAD AND ASHLEY EL 42159
.Tattler"' wa* Poacher and that Porcher was the
EDGE WOOD Tattler". Bo they decided that they both shouldbe ROOM FOR IElrF'UIINIIHID

Interred together. A* we said before, there are ROOM MAN THE TWO-IN-ONE HAT
ONE Payment CAN DO it all! MOTOR COURT on
mini thing we enjoy because Poacher and his Tat COuPIz. CALL EL 45414. -.- 'Vil
CIlH IM CftrKtlMl tier began to crusade for the year ago. Bo we .
sadly ay "30" to the MS and his paper.I \ ,
'64 FORD Falcon '43'*** '4n: Usbesettes. would like to take a wee bit of this space to APARTMENT., 1762 WEST II TIt .
'M '860 thank the any folk who lent sea. word of cheer, ':. .?.. .
Chevy Impala arf :'". 8&0* Reasonable Rates ST. EL 4.1511.APllrllEIT !
flower called and those
or who dropped In for a
56 OLDSMOBILE MO .... '34 ,, hi, wish ir Until' visit while I was confined. I aa glad that ay FIR RENT
friend realize that I aa very such like the Chi ]I" '
10$ 'ft": TV Lounge
.... ... rtmNISMED ROOM KI TCH. a P
seee; tend a* *y (flower wall I ell saell) the.sad ) .
ATM. $11.50 CALL
5S11 KINCS UII they did just that. May God bless all of you. WKLY.
u.s. 1 1" EJfMttt1 Are la vital this media to express ay thank, I hop THIS LITTLE HAT IN POLKA DoT LINEN is THE
AND SALES CO. roe realise that I don't intend to leave anyone APARTMENT FM RENT LATEST FASHION fOR TOUR COMINGS GOINGS OR
13 JO Wir leaver Sr Fh JS4',4iI} NEWLY
.. ,.... ,, RIM. THE

EL 5-4673. 110 MYRTLE AVENIE



.. LVMSROOK, N.Y. /, It!AM ANN. eE Life
AArwAFen I= ---I
NEW TORE NAILS M./ALY..r..rw.r./

To Its ..-..Jo.. wAiTiNtt 5 .. .. ; 55
. TICKETS SENT-MBM AGENCY =::...".';::.=...-.-::...:..r\..:.;.

210 POST AVI., wineurr, e..r.Aek....--.... 60
N.Y. t"-=::::::'"-": ':
: 5';:=": : : c:I::=- ==
SHOW 1. 5=_**jrffijTc": 5.-..ltfr??_-- 47MI

AITEI eau TemM TUW-eau we MY-N
15 .. .
t.2 .:. :.: .. .. .: n
TARO MAN TO TAN( CANE or to: ._: __......:.

765-0230. *UCUOTU* MV -.MM

; THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY ANTEI H /lets eta MAN n Etuewawa moans 10tr


.a..A- N7L1."lt'Kt
DOOR OPENS LouNcc-CtS. bur =w se' ----..._..'--.
March CAU (**. MLDRIO OIINOUI 42 sWNYw.w NoM
,. 19 20 21 sswam
AT a. "s4S: 011 a. .m4. ....w- 41
6:00 C.M. #1r. fnafwl. GttruttMTt

LEI'S SIRE REPAIR Rattan Taw .bit (bran.Udky .
NiMaWs & r* T. Wtatuut "
i I' Sill lipilrlif


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25 1.1EAYER K

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lwtt4d. a SlIt REEIEIg-4u ftll SIr.Ian ,la.,Pt


Grind Prizes 1I2J .. KfiHfl III. WlifTAlL OUt WKIAI Of TWI WHK

lnolul*> HIP IANTE1 -
feYlahl Ce.gW
Atria ..!>. "tM.aMratartal. 101 MDAs
... iat SHAD 3mi I
Ttte.. H*>m. As UAJUatt 53cma.r
d tlaa. drive ear :>..* :. ija>.:c, MiJTUMtOAT VHMfrlHHtafNorr Yo
Cut la Waal tm*:
tatmtate, P." tot IAmC.Sf..a,
if?). Je*.evUU I. tlsffW:4t

IteH.5 HIP fAITEl ,

Sean aa.rter Tr4se :it:3tliE3t
data a''Ma treads
caw aatlt. Bal Maa4
la btlle till ..ON OMMHT

,..... *a.rtlllg amUry ,
of Prizes T. Bt QVM Away ffrtta la'.... tt Ptuee ="L&3tliiii! ta. st

\ ..a .*a tm, JmMs, .
al villa L ""'''.

.!-'.. __ u_ _ _._ .__ ._"':- ,J"'. .'M' & 'iI. ...1 L L