Florida Star

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12447 F20090524_AACPJD 00110thm.jpg 20530132d0be4c33663ca07c2b50e1fb5a1e3c5546c821f30457a73fcb3d5ea1adb54675
317042 F20090524_AACPJE 00111.jpg 1f00ead8a75cd2b7984cedac83391b0f3c8bd787d933614bd491ce2023b503b890973570
51857 F20090524_AACPJF 00111.QC.jpg c609c4259b61d43c63dd744d8e27202bcc859960f45a6a111d203fb4a3ec08997fe43369


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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Miami Police Sergeant Wins Coveted COi. j"' O



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Operation World Fair Sponsors

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...4 a letter to Igor Plmed To CewrtenKt
Jax KKK Associate
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to laojodlately setup aalaterraclsl Civil RI|its FilllbisterBy

advla U tko eoittee city's to Stete's ,U. S. Senters Svsptct Captvred

not relations proble.s.App.ozirtel7 11th veteran civil rights leader, A.
*0lalatarsfive Philip Randolpb slated u the rally speak Following Staktovt
of then ..- y
.. er, Rutledfe H. Pearson, state NAACP president .
.roca votod oa. a reco*-
.oadatioa of ,.. it- announced this week that a statewide *
rights Mtrcb on Tallahassee By Sheriffs
racial CoHltte of tko
wily take place rrlday March. 37. ,
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tsp tko letter. 11 civil rights' bill BOO east bo ended FBI went
The Cooalttoe ... before coairesa, oas la aa earlier. state. Plorlda Sheriff Bureau, and local officer
haired tgr Le,. .Jaaee *. sireed apes darlai a eat, Robert tiiadera *, a 30-year old Indiana L-convict

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Ibo proposal va latrodoeod atste KAMT braaokea secretary for Plorlds, Fob. lb dynaltlni of a Negro oaan' s

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'It la tiM aow Dar aato ..'I.... ofelck totallydoatroyod .,. of tko city body t* at 1900,000 M. to tk* door talc for ,...... of trie* aril testy dee- M.er "
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Hoard fro tko shy pooaeoaioaa.Tk stiles, tko petltloaeracalled It* .,.....r.. Jots .. ...Il4 .kla*', ak* ** la oa .,."1, ..,." .Ilia *f dyiMlle F er fisr

fatter or oar ..,.,. Uiteaa art apoa tfco Iota* err eoMuel tor the bash reportedly. told kle ,. It ititod that acte ef let far fro .*...raM'r
to p"y Uioa a4 oafforiadliaatlea aoatly reatdlai oltk pro kla ",It. body to UMdlatoaapport aid tko preildeat aadprobably eater the heeeo, ne. pretest ...,. set bo -. Is thick ... ,.... PHI

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sere sit .....," tookaata ?. bore, mi IU.., It. racial aaroet.no board olll bo MSUWTff.P. 4aa toro4 5 ..'..u. i*.,1., r.*..,*. ha* verclty kealevtrd. Tbs (APA iPyrldttbcr

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lorlato tbolr 'r....' .eat to Situ ...Ut." _I ClMUfUDIft. utat Irate sad fr b* ilearlp. ld.*tlflable, tk* U... 4l > y*.r14 '..,.
W_ iurefredI. llcbt aay ooataot tie ......... la local depart'eata Heir* oriaaliereiMlado .alioao of tbo fill... ... JMlinshl Its dervllee, after frler. *ll4 ..' o.
( .. artk loetea, ,,..... Ao beard itatod ftrtber, Ik.* "I.....m. received
I. fetka Cut fully at that a..'..*. other loss .11 "" ,. ..*.*.., .
ftfGl ITtJtfIhl Job sad tko tealal of ........r of tho lloalTlaM. n* *tll|, Mcordlaito that for tho Ckrlilla, IcHMdcd I....,**.* fatal ....... o.ad.
Tries SvtcMeTm.'pu. cuss to spa .",..* ; lUkap lulls ,. the lateitlitteri, th. ttst* ..... b* tk* ear "II' felUelti s hero last use ohc* be

-CFIyoir14 t.r... tin trslalaa for ...r* oil, aad Br. Jeaa 0. bad boea .,.nU.. *.. IMI avert of ......., torCM ...,.. by ......, II' .eat to her ,,"h..,
A a. foot Tp* yootk la skilled u..... West, 1M.enII' to* was. sad bad a tho |0vef. *. at N theklatcet covered te. etlcbe of 4* cheek *p M her a

ooaeax eke list smith*. T Safety ; It ooolade4 fey trgtacthe LoMMfd f. Trleotor, capability of ,."...- Is.. ,,'..U.$ ..*",UN 10'.... .

.aa.4 tae mite Too** IrttHr 11M City CteMCll to lee Artist 0...11. tuatooate e. t || ..a.... ., "Tho runt t. orderly .r*. Oovld .*. *.
..u_ of crialaalljrooloatlaf .odlately *detple* la *. IrvUd eablao I...' daily reepoadble, *o..vleotact JU ltd 4H4DCIAHTae h.oidf ma iruit.or .
her 1a their 7I. Pla. /A1erl ....re.f Ike .......tll&. olu. Bra. keel/a or,. RIM alloy oao bused af protect by ..... .5s tally ....Ie
pities oar, reportedly A tbt.s-yesr-.1t girl K8KTCM Job .. err, B.L. tree !. Sisal jail .5 awe. la tko *.,..... p.t sell ....*,.*.. kilo ker to* okildre
ettop *d ooielao last oao tones to aafety ory a4 Praafc L ..*%*. ckariea of .iolatlitk for racial IcotU repro- .a* Mesa t. be a* w. looked .*. '.Ih....
fro t ..Ides LBJ Plorllo bo.. ...s..* 111..1.* Has .... ,.
'M,. s '" Names 1M. ri .... aa ..... to ablatorI tko .u... aho *
torn til*i t* a'..u.. tat her bretter porlchodaad flaoaclad oil bo aOMplUfced. *- !_. report *oMlode4WftlTOH > **." the ,........* llM Ie**.r.....1., test fro her oparUoat aad

r....... no **.**ly aadatttMtlto too other *...,* Negro WomanTo err aald.throat '.... try/apt k* becked 1.. ke** .tIre fell I* th* stress eatIdo.
ya *atr of her hen ..tter" Rights Post I 'to k lo fee 0541,,, la *5 oa* ,........

took aa oror4oo ofUepUspllla bins la a* apart***t Prooldoat Jokaeo* a.- .f ...... absres at Nerved "AAost Courteous Officer" .Nor t* rlihte* kerftot 4e4 o* trrlvol at a
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at 2I lit aha ill 15..1 .I..at
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s o>4 *M ..... la faaklaiu 111Ags. f1.nu. ., ''IN..I .rt.ao bad
,.... .. T**p* .......1 treat. early a.., that k* Sao spsilydins. *..*..ls4 Mpbaol a* .,"",.. for tko *sM of Jaary w tk* Bull odfrof all.oklle UUiralodtko (Mt..... basis slut of IIIIru
.nt... oflirUd tk .".... to faiifirm
a capital uses lit .
Ptaaklo I. hews. Nile bore ,. .
| ortt s.S a** by last A. ||o**.try atoll.30111U .
atoaock ere pared lined t. death oaa of M. 15..1.. to fill ou.k ooaerehlp toM hire area

Tko eras oo*.ootoi ,.*.* Idoard I..,... ,....., o* th* f. I. ......,. mm.ff alotl. M* baood o* 5 letter Ices S lee BsiT501M .fur ..nl.. .1....,
ao ..I., 4**..a4tNT ......< ill of, Ii.. nU M ato CaarlMlo*. .,..... ..,. boo I. t. Mll" 1 fe
. th* wises Of the. Bertha ....... ........ *.** .... Oct .14. .. rtwlaa *f PMU earl.le... naasatlai tk* rV *5 P**. ... kMSkUd *fIk sissiS. .ftor tkeU
ra froo***, a* at*
II. Ndilis fr Saul "..* tips *f ass I* >UoPpl 4a4fre bo.. .*ao4Mai
Tbraaaj t eat tot M O* ..M.b.M.sIl.s Ire4
deg fro U I.
I set
too* lavaltUi tko ,. ,..., official "
I* a* *ot t* .* book .. Plait ,.*, oily dMtrwtto ., ok.
Itoolf. Ap .
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II ..., I* tbo* a /1 **
*** of tOe ftatlaMt C1l
;.1rlisats tartfcro ptrolaopootor ...... 1* 5551 psi'pir Ploal*** ort* ti M .** *...... ao t* tka bwf facility sad It I* b*. tub IM *Pfcirtrldieo
la* tee keta ., Mar *..* *o4 |a* .M ... root t* man bo hi a bM* gas **.. PIN 'VotOMtf HetM toe15.. ta,.'

3y fro..*IM r-.)*. **ro root less M t.t.brOOB.tlaleyOM set boo MOM I ate ..."] ..... M* to* Hahool4 ***aft4 M a* kid 41 (*4 lrd4 .. N ...,.., .......,.. |...4i* laik. iilllh Crlaiaal
..U.' rot*.. iiaiail of .o t.. taalooaaU I.... oaerter* owtoJy. It CMld bow* tier tk* sis fill a* %lral**** .s.i*. ass
f Uo .tuts. .
heir OWNMI, or* .ok..o t Hora4 I < **4 U4 <9ara reed otratt4, I tss14 o* ...* oW ... k* .!....;'.0 .*. |* tkelr bodrooo* pe.tps4 lie *..* -
slid .. I* No* hater* by her rtep* **. Astbontl** M54. $.. SMe.a ... ....... II _.M5 W. 1 11 .ory fop title U ads
tft* r4 Jary sott tsar aaa.*. *. *........ 15.. ... I*' Xttmmu b* t* ***rtl- o4 .arded. te* --He aVr Ibis rfafM.. aftla* beUi I#* IH o* tko I. shy kl* U*. I* |*lI +
IMl oooral *..,.. ..... sill if Its
.*8t*. aCBJlM _fIlM 5,1....., ,...,MI* .... It* ..4 tk* N.h.. pp s a...,. gg30e rMI
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- .. -- w -....._........_.. ._._.__.._ _. ..___ _________ .__ ________ w .. .
.. -n .. {" ,
1 "

I) .1

PACE 2 flllllA .m PlnlS SlTIIIII cmi J, m

THE FLORIDA STAR r. I( ; Politics As Usual:

.. \ '

r'bllM> J.fcy file riorid flu hiBUnlnc Co.,*?* "
**,,,.Mbtr ef AARoc.ttROttroPreit*,'' ft* A recent editorial In the New York 4 LVTimes
called "Failure Up> Front" brings-but several
\ (lit.' I. : ti1F SaN- .11..;,E"'V < Fri; Asa points which are applicable to the Du-

'.- ', UYS.I E. USE..............:...Km Elk 4. }' '",It., val points County to the School fact System.that during The the article recent

': 'IIUI V..UI.........CktilJtlH Mttqif f ': national convention of the American Association
of School Administrators In Atlantic
.' tUlll tWICE I Mill tb.r..as no mention of school
\,., : ,4 City ,

2323 MticrU" lu., ......'...i ([Ail ';C.171Z. .w problems Integration of and slams only among passing total mention of 19 of gen;>the

Nail : eral meetings, 120 section meetings and 30"expert"sessions.The
ug .rw: association's president

P, t. In. 511, JicksuiiUi 1, fluid'KIAMI answered by saying that most of the
association members were not faced with
'' BFflC.i. ii *I' ,. the problems of integration.The "

1311,1" iri ATI *. Piin 37NI25 I L'j Y Sf tll A.S.A. attidude' according to the Times

drives home two facts about leadership in

"w! fiUMCIimON : j American Education:
t RATr.R'j j/
I'1 ., P/I/ yA .1. At best education reacts to the pressures
oat year f .obCmif TMf, ".00 i
1 of society, usually after
Matted to Ton Anwhom In the Halted StateaRufineriptioa t uTH' j the crisis has become acute,

payable lo Advance E rather than taking the initiative

i'fload Check or Money Order tau >? MAN K; to prevent or avert crlaes. II i isediacy
'''ti '- It IA I I tP r Y ti .2.EnD, with the situation
PLORIUATAR P. 0. BOX MlJnctsunvllle ,II already critical, the leader
1, Plnrldo, I ship-at-large falls to grasp
/' the seriousness and the im
of the situation. SIwwrs
St: Louis,! Negro Educations Prograrr I It was the United States Supreme Court decision
of 1954 which served as the dynamic
Is Winning National f Acclaim 1 force to compel the schools to face a social
problem many had chosen to ignore at
Success of a fit LoulH nchool program "TIE IIMITIUE" the local level according to George Brain
which in nix years raised'the general a- of the Baltimore school system. Mr. BrainIs
chievemcnt level of 14,000 Negro elementary one of the few local administrators
pupils to the national norm for white students credited by the New Tork paper with putting
IN gaining countrywide attention.. his finger on the problem The slowness
Called 'Operation Motivation" by its l Your Weekly with which local school systems have con-
author, fir. Samuel Bhepard, Jr. assistant plied with the school integration order is
Nubrrlntondent) in the fit. Louis schooldays- proof of the fact that the school folk had
ton, the program welds teachers, parents refused to recognize the problem or did
and pupils Into an organized effort to stimulate Horoscope Guide not anticipate the court's decision The
reading, better study methods and strong National Education Association could
higher school attendance, s not agree on a resolution urging compliancewith
DnllnrjuOncy and vandalism declined In the the court until their 1961 convention.
slum area whore the program was Introduced S .
writes paul Prlggens in a March Reader's ly PABLO The ASTROLOGER In Duval County there is much talk about

nigcmt article, "Is the N"noQuil in the loss of accreditation by our high
Intelligence and Ability?" WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR schools. Negro patrons fail to see the danger
'Dr. Shepard says, that the accomplishment that is on our doorsteps Most parents
of St.. Louis youngsters glv.H proof of an of school aged children 'are vaguely aware
affirmative 'nnnwor. Also, he points out, BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL county-wide. and state-wide testing pro
as Negroes acquire nkllls through improved gram. A few months ago a local daily used
nchool training they will create better ARIES CANCER Information supplied them hy the Board of
job opportunities fur themsleves and this Public Instruction to point out the superiority
Born, March :21st thru Born June 22nd thru AQUARIUS YOU MAY 01 Rt ACM I NO fO*
in turn will reduce unemployment, welfare April 19thAlTHOUtM July 22nd Born Jan. 20th thru AN AGREEMENT OR CONTRACT of white students over Negro
costs. ,, violence and crime, YOU AM Nor A..FOAO4Na| Feb. 18th THAT WOULD RI EXTREMELY ninth grade students and 12th grade students
educatorwho' : came from an impoverished YOU NAVE. A A PHASE OMEN YOU MAY You CAN DO SOME PERT IINiriCIAk., IT WOULD SI as indicated by the state-wide test
Negro family and wsshed pots and pans to ICPUUTION fM PLUNGING RICOCNIH THE VALUI or CONSTRUCT! ROAR DURING JUDICIOUS TO WAIT UNTIL scores No mention was made of the relative
earn n college education, challenges Negro Mtmono. Mint **mriA EXTENSIVE TRAVEL AND THE SNORT PERIOD Or .Arm THE START' or THE status of the school plants.Also overlooked
boys and girls lo "Quit' crying, Rime above TO TREAD, YOU CAN WISHER IOUCATION.CANCIRIANI PEACE AND OUIIT LIP? TO NCR LUNAR" PHASE TO INSURE "' was the dual system of Instruction
your environment. Ills schools display MCOMItt, .Itl POTENTIAL' or ANY AOI YOU TACKLE DETAILS FOR SUCCESS. YOU MAY SIIOMI in our county which is the real culprit.
pouters which claim "There's' trriCTiviNiii., TUKN THIS" Another by the ,.
prl : a place ....ou.c."I..III ,roll, WHICH YOU WILL NAYS tH T 01. II ATI IFItO survey same paperin regardto -*
fofyoiflnMhe! "' mnnnltr' .:.tryou're prepared -""*u RLRt"'Yt nrooirtcomiMic'" OEFICINIJ 1tN ;III' :' TlTTU TlMt"IATI: MANE WITH UNCERTAIN FINANCIAL' test boob also mentioned only one school
." ADYANTAOt AI MOM AI YOU AIL MIGRATION In the Negro community.
His program schedule teacher visits to PERCEIVE! A ,AYONAILCOPENING. TIME LEAVE vouRaur: FREE FOR Here are some pertinent facts which need
hones. of pupils, counseling conferences tor I |I' You AlII CONDUCT TNIRI AI MANY ALL TMI IMPORTANT Ol. MAKING DANIEL) CHANCtl IN'" 'the attention of negro parents far store
parents, and appearances of teams of successful IM OCUCATI HC80TIATIONS. PEOPLE WHO DREAD FRIDAY VLOPMN1R'THAT' ARE |IN TIC PLACEMENT OR MWAU than any trips by the band and chorus or
St. Louis Negroes before parent 00 NOT LIT INNIMIMMTIOICI THE IJTH. THII CERTAINLY '"orriNO.' You CAN tx.ricT MEN? OF YOUR ASSETS AND Ring and Queen of the May, contests.
groups. The article Is condensed. from The SHAY YOUR McitioNi. .II NOT JUlTiritO. TNII IOMITNIN' or ii". INVIITMINTI. TRAVEL CON l.Less than 10 percent of the senior classof
PTA Magaxlne. siciicr itITMltlP NiriCAMCI' TO New Stanton High School and the other
IVCN MORIIMFMATICAllV iHOUkD n amir senior high schools made scores on the
ict AI IN
Girl Scout Week THAN (VI* COULD MOM rod All r.i. DOMESTIC. IUIINIII ANDriNAMClAI. UNNECESSARY RIM DURING State-wide 12th Grade Test which will enable .
MM YOU tifH. TO IXTMCT SENT.fa0771342eV. SENSE, DESPITE Till WttKIKO.RCdSTOtl. them to enter the State Universitythis
This year Girl Scout Week will be observed Till run aiNtriTi THAT. 10-CAktlO OMINOUS .U-I7.s104* fall. Special permission will be
from March $.Completing 52 years of service UCM TO at 111'010'OUIt CMARACTI or THE DATE granted so that the graduates may enter
the Girl Scout organization continues V AY, REGISTtRI teo.7448.1MS7K6ISTERI I PAMU. Find out why our 12th graders are
to move ahead to meet the changing needaef t-DO-71-1).8..57 SAQIHARIUSBora not measuring up.
today youngsters. Nov 23rd thru : I LIBRA 2. In the areas of science and mathematics
23rd thru
Girl Scout troops aeroas the nation last KGISTCT Dec. 21st PISCESBorn Born Sept. 23rd a revolution has taken place. The
year were organized in four new age levels TAURUS YOU MAYS MANY MORE Peb. 19th thru Oct. 'D.." math Is being taught all the way
1nstudaof the former three. Girls begin Born April* 80th thru MvoMikl 'INDICATIONIOURIN4 March 20th TNI Ll IRANI WHO HAVE through the higher elementary grades. Textbooks
their .scouting experience at age 7 In Brownies May 20th THIS QUARTER TO |III AN ALMOST INIX.rk II M IIIIATIirilD. WITH are not In the Negro schools. Ask
and progress through the Juniors Ca- Own i ni or PEN MINOR RACE YOU 'ur IN YOUR I CARL I MANNER YOU MAT TNII POSITIONS SHOULD your child if he has a 'D.." math book
dettea. and finally the Seniors for girls IMMOIMIMT THAT. STILL; OUIIT row THE SOLUTIONS NOTE THAT Akliii ANO VAITI NO MORE TIM IN and more Important the teacher has not been
19 through n REMAIN. TO II RIUOVIO. TO rIIIN DOMESTIC MOOHDkv ITNIRI MO rtklklO. TO riNOINI' ONE THAT It trained in the new approach to the subject
Prom their earliest days in Brownies, n YOU CAW SPICY MUCH raoikiMi. IN OMRATI lirORI HIM MORE aUITAIkl ANO RIMVNIIATIVI. except in a few cases. Ton should Insist
feeling of being needed is fostered in the SMOOTHER IAIUMI MOM ADDITION, YOU MAY ALSO TO HAVE REVERSED THEIR THIS CAN SI upon a countywide workshop for all teachers.A .
young members and the theme behind scoutingis dOt OH YOU WILL PINS n THE RECIPIENT. or Till ATTITUDE TNtV Ml MORE HIT ACCOMPLISHED sv few rwcurceftd :secondary science teachers have
brought alive in terms of day to day activities IT MUCH MOM UAiTiNe 1000 HISS THAT YOUR THAN IlkklM' TO COM TO SCANNING TAE WANT"' ADS, taken course to prepare the to teach th enew
and sip.riences-.the disposition TO r MIVI, TO roman lAiNfuk (INIIAVO AIIOOM TIRMI." |IT WOULD II ONLY taiTiNt, LETTERS or M>. approach tc science bat the old err of
to' try and the desire to be a worthwhileand AMD TO RESTORE HAPPY *(. TO II RICOINItlDAMO I IINIIIkl TO IIFIOIT rklCATION OR CONtUkTINS money has not allowed the teaching areas
useful'berson of service to others. I ATI'ONI IITH Tuott WHOA RMAROU .IN THI rORM THIS TO THE hILL EXTENT TIC MOM AOtMCItl. TIll to be prepared or equipment and supplies
a..lor'GlrlIeGut. are encouraged to enlarge *I ClOM TO YOUR HIUT. Or A AIM OR PROMOTION.PA or ITS 'OUU'L"' "'. irm COULD at YOUR LUCKY purchased.
their field of, Interest to merge with PAY "t NIIO TO THIluriMTITlOUl MOM SEINe' AN UN. YOU MAY EVEN ai orriRio DAY. YOU souls MOT ITT 3. The lack of subject matter supervision
the' adult world. Pursuing th.lr.lOal of OM 1 1 WNO LUCKY IAV. A| 10 MANY TNt HAS SNICK VOID THE DATI DETER VDU MOM In Negro schools is deplcrable. Principals
giving service, they nay enter did projects CONSIDER I FRIDAY. THE ,IJTHUNLUCIV PEOPLE iikilvi YOU MAY SHOULD DOT Riruil RI. MARINO' THE APPROPSIAT I suspend teachers and reprimand them on
in cooperation with, libraries, hospitals, IN EVERY at. PINS' IT THE MOST roa ''''DLllt'OUI Oil?. MOTES TO ACHIEVE! YOU attitude" and personal habits of behavior -
museums and other Institution IMCT.TKI ONI THAT COMII AVERSION TO but never has n teacher been reprimanded
DURING' THIS QUARTER It rnioo PLACES 1001T.0II- eoiNe to. .r a Nit tUNAS PERIOD is suspended .
Hie:mponilblllty of keeping Girl Scooting or transferred AM to .
alive and vital falls on the voluntary MOM klllkV TO II INIMIINe IMFMAIII ON VOUN AllklTV' 8-00.44-11-$4 PROPITIOUS tOm NOSE 110 lack of knowledge of subject matter or fail,
troop leaden and local scouting organi KQSTtRI( subject UIt. Principals
rations in communities across the country. HIM DM TO PULPILL.M THAT Toe orvtM HAVE INS TO MARI CIRTAINlACRiricn check lesson plans purely to insure canpliance -*

The: ,Girl Scouts of Aaorlca deserve every ..,. uvoie YOU.7to.aaIs. LEO Ret reiRIATIR with kin or her edict bat not, for

. recognition. $. .O-44-IS4h- S..7is Born July 23rd thru ICNCPITI.Sn421115.11. content. Supervisors or the so-called help
)- a ing teachers never check course contest
M6JSTCT: Aug. 22ndMO or.
1, HUMANITY'S SENTRYMarch RCGISTCROIM1N1 CAPRICQMBorn AMO BATMta UNUaUAkMORTUMIVIII IIESI S'I t presentation. Effective teaching is povely
',', DIC. Xtod Uro BCOBPIOBon a personal choice tad it left 09 to the coo
ton 1g/ 2l_t thru, Jan.' 19tkT iMOUklCOMI science of the Individual teacher
by Presidential Proclamation, MOM nrriRiNTIRICTIONI .Oct. 24ta tanrHOT.
Red Croat month. Daring this time Americans Tune 21st .|l| All MM VIRYAROUNS OoNtieia ad This is an election year.Tht mere cataging
will be asked again to lend their support IVIN ir THESE n noTAneiM Pees11Ne' PeSI11LITIIS. OPININOS TO tin YOUR Now THAT YOM ARI OVER of elected personnel will not materiallyaid
to this unique international organisationwhich MAIM Pee Mli ....... '" VM TO PCITUNI 1 tMWMlM. EVER TILE NU*>. VOU CAN SETTLE our children. A complete change in at*
hat done to much to alleviate koaaa tv me THAT THIS n oo ACOVIRIIINOI. INIPIRIN0 IN eitTAMT LANDS |HOMTMt I MM To a Mail .* MkATiti titade both by teachers and by whites to
suffering throughout. world since Itt vena INNII MtkiaeatNiuit .. Ape TO PIDLPILL' H K He arm siesta cut (MtukaiVOUI Negro education It needed. No longer should
at mime avew. MOMI, YOU the term Negro education apply la fervtl
organisation In net.&t V00R MAYNVMOia CkOtta TO MOMS YW HAT TASTE MR HIAtAIRI
great strength of the ted Croat it In SOOTMINS 1NPMiCt, III hems TNI Salt ALII riNe. a VAT ve IN. SRI TNt PURSUIT er outTURI. County. It oaoald be education for Dna
You MeiMkv AVIWNMex ... cltlxeos. In casting year ballot, It is essential -
Itt national locletlii.orginlxed la tot SO |NIVI UAkl CLAIM NANCI Tm vAkMt .rMOMRn. UTIklll! Alt VOVS
countries throughout the world with" a total PRIsms ,. MISS THAT T''l UTH n THIIRkUaY A. lACVOW That TALENTS TO MARE veva that you vote for those who have
membership of sort than 1ST million people. HAttl .*. MC Atmtmvena I" TMII V"'JIUACIAV sdiva CSIS1"T* enITtR Pogitit win .oatINTIMITINI this pBiloacphJ. ,
The League of led Croat Societies, with MIUTIII *NtAOMIVCMNTI. DOSED SILL ri* TMOMMS KOieiTv PeR VOM AN* THE 00 TO !.. "S'
ktadejuarter in a..... 8wltierland.refte- TKV MAY NAVE ein Pamtlt1Ne OTMia MIMRKI er TNIrAMikv. MMI VOW GOATS T* TMIMKOYIRI "
national and erne veu a Mime 5l 5. KtICAAOUOV PLMMID roe wtM vote
teats the organisations M FWIIAV m irnII YOM :1'
ordinatet mutual" efforts for disaster relief a it ATI a eie.eMietimWITH tea Till III PVT,t AC. APT TO SI TK" UCt Mar M *oa.iM. ir aeMAxt .your
HiiNia ta,. YOU TIWJTltS OR MY ,
,' development of programs, and staff tlfl t HT OMI in KMT a ew a irn MMCRMAVOOKVRI
train& lag. aiat SATINS ve veue ... TIll iiiNAt' Main f"I" row TMOM iRe AI TeatNkiwMTCTia .. TOWN IIM.VM .
lien a Batten It ttrlcke by flood tartojuaxo *. eiTwiNSNT ..... v" leuKTIBKC I TART IN f Al|| PISCES TO mmTNI WHM.O SO tVCRYVMNtWITHIN ;!
storm faaiae or acme otter ten of N) aTTWMV TOretci M IMMAIII ea newiMar suMaiiTieni NMIt vote Puts ve Counts
eatattroAht tad needs outside kelp It sy a mow.ew Mfeei -10041 ANI IN. *it. Ch ITS TMI eiewv ('M. "
09901! to'the I........ which tkea contacts TIC vi... ex Ana me.*eklll klOMTtllNe SATIRE TO .. an'U'UIO SITIIMI TO Auee iv veTMt registerr
the societies tfeclfyisg the type of assistance .r tm l PACT TMAT TIT M WTM he ""...* MtAt Ul ,.."c.MWn .
ceceaaan. lithia hours. kelp itoa
UllLWCIrf ev MAMV, PLAtt matt itievwMtc. bps ... 3fd thanSept.
the way, laeludtag food tedleliM.
ted experienced relief ,.,....1.. s........-.,..., Tans-14asa 24 H>AB.

.... ..
----- ---

-.-- -- j

I ) 'tUTII

: I II. N1ICI '1. 1SI4 SUI PAPtlS liE 1 i

-- -----

Outstanding Stud.ntl"Cited YMCA Drive Goes Annual! Concert Principals _
ti!? lito High Gear III.""i"" "

.I rwlal4lilaA ..
It Itt most oolorftleaacaim : ;
LOU IB E a GUl'UAal ia tbs history of .r yr I II
the Janet leldoa Johnaot I ''f
The Mat eventful newt 1* Jackaoavtlle this week ranch TMCA. the second LI II !
'ea,the presence of world-fancy* A. Phillip Bat
report meeting wan another !
lnh. President of Hit Brotheriiood Gt Sleeping Car
anaihlag success with 10tnberthlpi ti
Porters aad Dining Car lotto n.MT. Randolph' reported and i
ataimch Clfll
Rights leader waa accoapaitad by .9 ISOO.OO received fro I
Milton p. webster of Chicago Intcraatloaal VUo I I

President of Sleeping Car Porters and Dining Car worker ; "
J It the National League i
litters, Md B.F. HcUurla of New Tort, Itut.n' t I'
Unary Daniels and his hard
Zone flupervlaor. ni trio topped off their :;
on re hitting i
YMCA Giant puahed
tuna trip fro Mtuil. where they attended a aeetlag : tla.1 1
the World Chatplon YMCA
of The Executive Board of U>. AFL-CIO. They alao .;r,: Dodgers out of first I II
tllll tilt Taipa. I
Place. q
Mr. Randolph net with several civic organisation I
.r. Paalela' Dlvlilot I I
durlig his stay where he noaetlmea gar lecturee.He baa !
Jj reported 31 ieo.bertklpa -
wa* alao. the guest apeaker at aa aaienbly of tat moored 49 runt IlKtODCD nnoni oatetudlag shiest talent lllal I eh

,the senior claim of Mew Stanton High School when hllo Btekiel Bryant dl .ill feature the Friday sight Mar. 23 annual concert

lie delivered jt very Inspiring aieaaaf OB the t.portsnc. .* vliloa hat reported 11Nberthlpt by the Daraill Cooknaa Chorus it Civic Audi

of graduating fro high achool. SOD ItS BJnxnm cnajutatiP plcttred hers tr. Mmbert et t group or Florida and scored torlua till be, top photo from left Lyaette Oal-

Local, reaideata who honored the vlaltora "1thdlnmrWUcM AMI "Unlveralty Delta Sh... Theta moron ud Delta booore during t recent pro 4T runi.In via, Lester tobaon and tllhelnlna Jenkins bottom

and/or: call receptions Included The tram recognizing outstanding scholastic tchieveaieatt of Pel tea and high school the Anerleai L...... row from l.fLLonlu: Oul.._. Brown,and Harriet .

baaud;.HarperH of :3704 Pearce Street "., Cheater seniors In the Talllll..... area Ehowa left to right are Alfreda Blackahetr those YMCA Yankees have a Bpiildlni. Mr*. It.P. Askew is choral director of 1

Matte whites. the .Rollle Mitchell of 619 eat Tallahaaaee, freahaan at Florida MIll; Ceraldlae Oars junior, Port ktyera high* fin hold on first place the progran which till featar elaaaica sent, ,
Klatith: Street and The John Parrotta of 1119 Our- eat acholaatlc average aaong collegiate Dolts, Dorothy kelly. sector iron Port with t total of U n eiber classics pops and apt ritual aelectiona.

hoe Drive.. Lauderdale, presenting the Delta Award to Karen Clarke, senior trOll the Florl'U ships reported tad
'. ',;" ...................... AMI .University High School, Tallahaaaee; and Joyce Caapbtll; manioc fro Lincoln rana acored. the white TERMS: Tour help li .

The Run them Provincial Conclave of Kappa Alpha High School, Tallahassee have a total of 13 n. needed! Jolt the Tees P411 r
141 Ag( Prrgran (TV) of the :
Pal fraternity, lac. will be held ia Tampa March ships and 21 rune a 1914 March of Dines

Z7-28. The HlllaboroMgh Hotel In ,Tup.* sill be the Urban League Cites Saturday Heeling Nenisge AHHKArsr to date.
Teat atandlaga U
official headquarters of the .
The Jacksonville Alumni Chapter will soot March. eanpalga art aa follows:
2 'Insurance
ll.al the' Eldorado Club. Companies; Planned 8f Gateway In the National League MRCHANIC ON DUTYIke

...................... At the Annual Meetingof PInt place.Neary Daalela' Joseph.-.Proprietor'
r YMCA giants; second place
Tbo, Eugene Butler Branch of the Duval County Halt the Jaekaoovllls BT J. 8. laYING at Rteklel Pryast.-TMCA Dodger State and Jefferson Street EL 69432
of the American Cancer Society has announced the Urban League held la tll..lIIltorlu. /
*; third place, Ifre.Y.
naaicft of leader for the 1964 Crusade I. ItUII.UItobluon. of the Independent Gateway barracks 3131
who headlag theCresade has made Life Insurance Veteran of world ,tar 1 I. Mathis, TMCA Reds;

tile tailoring appointments-: Arnolta J. Ill Coapany recently, V.C. will meet Saturday! March. fourth placeRdward Robin- FRI.
loam, flpeclal" CUb (includes Profeaalona). Theodora John..". community civic 7 at the Joseph R. SOB YMCA Braves, fifth
place Eddie
&.. Redding !nuiilaeaaea,, Mra. T.C. Calhoua leader and chalraan of Jaws Coaautlty Cettsrlth Irons TMCA
Unions; Rev. J.C. Sue* Rev. Dalits Graham, and the Atarda CoMltt of and OniDthal Its, Phillies, lath place SAT.
I.". Khlts, YMCA Pirates
at 2:00: ...
RCV.R.J. Will IMS,, Churchea; Cheater thwart George the League presented r
K. Hairs Mra. M. Ralford and tllliaa) R. Stt'lllrt.ftdrlCh cltatlona to The Independent sib aenbera are re- QL; and It cellar lolo.oeJosef

; and.Capera Bradhaai, tllllaa Broadway, ud Life InsuranceCoapaay qUilted to be present In Ue YMCA Anerlcat Cubs. KNOWNI wu1I ONLY
League It
yours Truly Cluba and Organlullona. received by bring a buddy All

..................... Howard Bryan and to orld tar 1 Veterans are sea first place for Clifford i________ __ tI1P1N
Norton YMCA Taakeea
Invited to ;
attend and
The pearce Street hone of The W. Ruaiell Roblaaona *fro-Aeerlr.n Life Insurance -
help ua with air membership second place. Lit I.." P. ,
provided the setting for but Saturday neetlng of Company, recelved ,am.: oLAtJTi oum _a. ? DOWNTOWN !
GOBB Bridge Club. / by Ml.; Burney, drive. RON aaaoiaced the. Illlana, YMCA site sot;
Our state covaaaderIlllan third Bites Ire I. '.
Mra. Robinson'iavlted Bern lee Crlffla and Esther for outstanding aervlcea narrlag of her oaugh"
Robinson will Albaek'a TIC Angela; COUPON SALE
M, Antenna aa guest playera.High In the area of human relit ter Beverly LynaettsOulektorrvla
hit our attttng In fourth Place Merberi 'Torrmf -
aoorera la the bridge session betided Myrtle .
March to take preparetloaa -' Kltt. aoa i TIC Tigers; fifth N SPECIALS M SUE WITI CIIPIHS HIT
The presentation took
and Zelaa
Thomas, Catkeriae Jackson, Johnson. Fylvcater of Mrs pearlls H.Plnkaey. I
for the nttts place, Thoaaa Cronpton'i
Itoaaard was the recipient of the door prl.. place during/ the pro- lilt Steele CIIPIKi
..................... gram when. Nelaoa C, convention to be held Bt the event havlag TaXA ladlana; tilth place. .. '
SIN tussle Battle of New York sac a recent rial- Jackson, Aaaoclate Director in Orlando In J.... is beta tolentlgtd li Harold leaaerly'a YMCA \" t.!,
want to be ready to ettertaln AUtletlct" ) sad It the eel* tf'J,
tor ta Jaeknoavllle 11th. guest of her brother-- frograaalagtrim Deceaber The c..pltart
ls-Ice and slater Mr. and Mra. I.B. Glover of Cbs the New York' officeof his and tilt realdlag with the bar kneel llaoa'a YMCA 'i <' .

I veland.Road. Other Mmbera of Mra. Clover s frail7h the National Urban frleada ho .111 brimwlth'hln bride' anther and step Twlit. which art report .1

vis I ted briefly duriag Mica Battlea stay la* Leagae, challenged the flateiay It father. Mr. aid Ire Ices to date. 'r .

eluded alatera Mra. Annie Mallory of Knoivllle eoaaualty of Jaekaonfills their favnrlU barracks, Broiale Aadersot, 103 The total caapilga hat -.L"'j It. .

TcMieaaea tat Miss Dealva Battle. Of Albany,Ceo nil.Mr.i to sipport (ttprograaa and we want to live wp' I. lesser Itrttt.BIRTHS. produced our 100 ashen -J ',' I ,

aunt Mr... ** *'.U roJ', and KanuH 'Milldry, all of Job Develop- to our ranitatloa, ships and I.COO U pledges < c "I,
of Knoivllle.tllllaa ..at. Fducttion loath We hope tt carry to the aid cal at t seal if y

........1.....e.ee. Inventive, housing sad lose eoaventloi la ors 121.000.

Marrta, basketball coach at Booker .eahIngtot Health and 111 fare. laado our fall quota of .r. and Era. Aelats L.M. Anrettt ...be r

Junior College la Penaacola topped oft ia Ire Martha Horn. Aa- that 100 awnbera.bars All members lejr, fill |. |tb It. chip ..1,..., It nails/ '. ltJL.l-

Jacksonville his returu fro the toureaaent hid aslant chalrnan of the sot reaeeed Girl, et all cltlieaato give .' .
ia Doytona Beach.Mra. noalaatlag coaalttee for INS are naked to dose Ir tad Mrs, r.attt lit YMCA their fill suf
..................... Introduced the follow lag at otee. The larger Pester. ; l<2 Brady Court; part It this drive.

'paa' 'y Joaea of Peaaseola, a former student persons aa mew orbai cur aanbir the sore *V.Vr..
sires at breeder Hoapital eta also a week end League board tenbira, "....,. ee can brlag and Mrs lobule Lily While lodge

visitor Jacksonville.. Hra. Joaea li currently ,Nathaniel Osv//.. JanetBlchardaot to br'.r tfiI' Us letialw- Port. Ir. ; 1141 '. 3 thtreetj
tloa w. here I If taahlag* 211 Plus Iou
enrolled at Florida AIM Dnlveraltjr. Atty. karl "boy.Mr. .
ton to
.- .................... Johnson, Robert Marcua, iacreaae the pen- and Mra Dltl'I..r I
lion of every veteran af': Lily thlte Lodge III
Precut Lett lobertBeawll 3314 Bres Onurt;
The New Btaatoa Glee Club Parents Club>> eoatliuea mid tar I. bat .luted t bliiketlivltttltt
Olrl.r. .
Jane Lewi. Jr.
Its appeal for support from citizens la their ef* For those who Is trines.
aro not .DI lJCLI' ciifiii
ud .... P.O. 'lion.. tad Ire Uot Johi- .
foru to send the Glee dab ,to the World's Pair. ....ra. .. are mile aid tie general publUtt s
son; nt iirru id, fiRST OUAUTY
Juat. realader to keep Ue tradlag stamps coalagia. Brown School then to Jolt with it Boy jilt them IB their :

ltd belt si to alt all trip tt payteae Beach
.......e...?..,..... PTA Schedules ef ... We eat 4s wonder .r. end; 4401 Ire Moacrlef flbertItllit tt ". March 5. i SEAMLESS NYLONS I

Duval CbMtr realdettt are earned h the Voter If every veteran till head irl. Bates sill pick| tteaitageri > w J

Reglatratine Drive ham sot ended. t Ohatlnued support Monthly MeetingThe do kit' part.Dersell. .,.; aid Mrs Joseph at the felletlag WITH COUPON x
of the drive ia seeded CUIisss are also urged to talker lecstleiii |44t
CooknuStriig ; 2107 fair/ai It, 37
'ao .e regletered voters. rvgulir noathly PTA Ore tke It I'00: t.t, Reg 50' =
.................... ft I; boy, an I. First Bt. I: H
...u.. if the 1,1 OrcliiitriAIIOBICIS .r. aid Mrs, lilies
Bridge and anlat players. renlad of the rprlagTotreMant Brown tlenentary school Glass, nil Iwtkaiatrttti 2111 Illkllld. at I ,

.achedaled for March >1 at the Joe Jeses will" bild. Tbindarsvetlig. CoitirlDaraellCbckaas ; oirl.r. I.to .... 1.11' UUlIl

CoavMaity Center' It promises ta be the grand iffalrraf larch Ith at end MM Jeroa
the ...... Details and ,rI... sill he tea I eclock It the achoolaudltorlsn. strict M
tioaed h'''., Tickets will go oa tale this weekend A report by Orchestra. will precept ;' tor.r. I

ltd My bo parehaaed fro Miaa Hilda Posts It the four delegate tt Its first assail aprlagleteert aa S Ire, rlljihJtakliit ffiviCI. yea .,*

tbs Florida Star offlee, 921 Monerlef 14. tie PTA Cotgren held Harsh 31 ttI Il4f .. lib tietniad/ OMCII, but
,... It the schoolsadltsrlis. aeegg, trim Ails Ltwlt.
In Oilaetvill. lilt
He tearaaaeat director bas stoned ne that iir .tj is,. '. hewed
there elll deflaltely not be aar "U'*" play tag. week elll he made. r. M4 irt. Franl 0. ;
... C .c''''. lbjc.et Wt. fre rJjJfI
Ths sill be -
Tae tuaraaaeat will be ooadected is rally faakioa, The Aaao f latls there trOll Pasta; Tll let til/gat .
ablet noise that there .111 .. nil srliee and a this sr rtaslty Uthaaklag lag Its first tsnsaraneetitss Drive boy 0. VpOI SOWM If evict, x

grand priM It the Mist divlalo The atetlfltit tbs general III srgaatgatleaIt

M If b. tMrdH will k. ....<.4 ."w.IIOLLEY'S pebble for tahlic their septeaber.Lb. MARCH 17-22-JAX COLISEUM }I\
reseat teeetheart Tea appearing till' be y..hem en Ne ee tea.e- "1e1.. t
tffalr M MCceaefal.ThstrgMiUtiot the it. Persia itrltiorthtttrt. a w ......... .... ,........
Fw tttt e.>*t..t peen e> i..5..... d
gave Ml.00 Jabs I. a
I. trites tt the elaalaggrades. Fsrrt ud fsrss't Park 4c

I Path witter far* Hag OrtkMtrat.Ipesltl bottticMWORLD JVd e.es. I
chased sotetblti that pest tilt be I FAMOUS ,

sill benefit all tf the the ariell.Csskssevetta

ca...,.,.... Tbs Ae* ct> .,.... real RnSMblt qj

f.smrur. ... 1e51 qactlee ties will fltasis the ....".. by

alaiow/ ... 5llac PCRC repair ef tstlst tictare VIM ftMlst MkltS.

.... ) rove RIBS I M.I-Qf POTAWES screens, rear. flayers. "J.h>* i. 1el4 m. dlrae- ON ICE

... y.. sad pay tbs balance 1e rparent.Its cubed all OR lad4 tMPPEILETN3Iil1AMtS
110. 2 s fifth .*..t.rI.. fat. U sttstd
10I I
The eels reject fer Masters if IN Dtnell t raq1M
e St., 'rtoncrltf Mot t d to (178ngs OeatsM Cnbettrt 11
the year It U hats ** are;

.b4 K (bad tsa-tsde, I glue to- Tltllts. fleAs Brady, / saw Nit I hi S3C Jt

hnaay t'..*. dliiliyas. .eevt Mall Insect nr/w.ag MI+ g. Mfr 11.11,t /M.

ROYAL Ala STOW TalldUrlavlll / (*.. billy. bonus rVwslI.At .wvw.tsl.rr 9v.1 N/ M.6Maa..e.1 H Usll. $1 YDSI
N n.4e st the eldtittet ...U. Pnt7, |/tdlsIlley. a 4

sis liftS nun Vtattl"ttlpebosl Bern t..ler., s,.,re s s a Mel l 1 N /K ( WI1H THIS COUPON u.1
: under U4 s*,.t. T.WMS 'ilaa i, ferwlss ear area 1L s e Jel sans ee '
Irkr kt U Wtc-tf PikP0111 /s tlslst ef Mr. C1...... .*.ds. Jerts U4t.... a ui --- ItlfTWtWHl_

Ids ttt Tickets also, sale
HIS caftlMt lastraeto lost] Title on

Tie delfgites eM its 'rw. .. Brysst Janice
It1liiNlls.T..11-t,. tailed Ua* ,.",.... |tliUeivtlli I.... C.e.t.l/t Mast'1IM. In Jacksonville W T Off AN 1 ( <>

ItlCI t IIITE till last week Barbara Tayler

sere Jseetb JeaiMt, Cell.. ceils rrssls.lUa at Civic Auditorium end
SEFIIIHCP ,resides!, Ira ml %M; ..... Albert DOWNTOWNONLY

h.Uty PhfttrlftsII I.*****. rl"-tr.leest.re I.... Hemlrif Park Box Offices

LHlI I. peal .... .. j ....
1S.ll.-HllJU ..,. MIl ..... d'* gU L "
taOla. .. t All sosts reserved


I ...... A6ILIUTA \.,
:=:.: ,. .6-__......--A .,

. .. .u
.. . own. .... . . . -- _
. . .. .. . -

,'I I V 1 r/1 I

pig.. .,. riiiin sin PIPED SATIIIAT V ttia.% .i.

Annual I Ouval I Schooli1 Science Fair Scores A Smashing J Hit

1 I

mmmtmoM__ amamuamuuaaaaaumuaamaaaaaaK T rsr, waa aamLuat ttm amm mBaaia m aauauumaaaaaaaaamuauuBai


E ;i 110 e .
r .


; ,

.e M'it'

b ., wy {

A.4'. l r


Trltt DAlett TUU1TL3

i' ,; :
IY i -

rrI !'


-r 1



-- ---- -- _u_ __ ______ __ __

PAR rxcrtiwru" Mtu4'ntu and thou instructor htth school division, la shown with hr ",...th 'Tbtln a.l|.ri "tbat Art The Cffteta of Oibkortllia .
11"11' "DuYnl. (County. :XJ-irhcKiU/ npirlttdly ooaptttd Variation with An" projoet. Center pit Oton on Plant Growth and DtvolopaMt" pro division prize ditplayini cycles ia the productionand
tit "" '''1'111. on* of t.hf. mist intortntlni fteitnct Rfllay tad Myrtle hearer of Itutoa Adult School itntttloa taa oat of tilt auatrout top honors won auafaoturt. of cotton end ita bl-products., LP.Lhlalltoa' *.
Pair, In 'the ,,""1./1 Nifywr htntory.feb 21'21 won the annual J. I.L Ruth Trophy with their award by Mttthtw I. Ollbtrt, which for the ttcond conttoutlTt Tyrant Powell aodChtrlM Courtaty !
In miyifcir" trwry. 1* tug photo il.ttl), Andre .tar winaiai "ltoa! >PtUiotnlo Molda" tihiblt. They MM. yMr.nmtartd the most twtrdt.lotto lift winning projtct tu thtatd, "Otaitr Ttnlttt."
linn of Mutlhot t.ailiicrt, top tinner in tht Junior club presented 121. 00 .n bonds. The trophy will Mrs Loll *. Ltwty't third trade data at '.f rhllt.Boat of the hippy award wlantra are ihowa la.photo .

rmla tlth' the school vinntai It three times Uvtnt ton otrrltd off the tint plies .J"'hrr ';r j. ;
-- --- -- -
I .
After Service Felt Program Honoring Guest DayObservance CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME Clio Holmes. KEEP PHIOOM IN YOU PUTUU WITH' .'

Scheduled By New Hep i Bishop Zichiry MRl. Ill* .11111""'. 633W. 24. SOKVIVOH I INCIUOI A WtllknowR JIIOD J U. sswtr4CsLAYAWAY BOHBS I

Two tolUnom ..11 pout BfAVtR s,. DUO>> FlRR I"TU. MM. PlML. Dlit. Dies SrddealyT1 FOR EASTER
Kit*, I. L. Tynu, |r"hlr IlIrkerll,. Mm. LI II I* M.lUtwm DAYTONA MACM Mora* VARY 17. IuNIV01s.IN' UNO I ION, Mm ML* 0..0.-- ... '- .
of HIik.IMI' AMR!: Chireh, tad Mr*. tuetlU laiaarviet ttll'bettn, CtUOI A OAU9HTH, FORD, A NIICI AND IIVNAL .
....- hll .."k'cL. till vrfLrcri'i,.-'r.in.'f"-"'" .,. .t, at| n' .!<>Jl'Mt, .1 fL.L.I ,....; .. MRl.a': OTHR .RU.TIVII. AND Boys Suits
.I.nhcra and trlendn'to the approeUtlfta protraa 'ton A II" Church/with' ..ANPCNUp.RC.l4ANftCMUOMx'ANO' i ...U. railNDI/ INTtRMlNT Pus
UIIClI".n" him to OrantMMiirUI Monday" mint, March 0, the Ooaptl chat> r '" A HCITOTMIR MADE IN MT. OLin MI. Sties 1 to 20
AMR!: Churc Hun honortai llahop P..a. rial. a.*. O.N. Ho.ito,, or lORROtIM RILA* MORI I AC PARK CIMCTIKV,

Uy Mt. I p. ., in anftrr Tuchtry: fuundorpMtorMM piator.wlll have ehvi three and frlrada. $6.95 to '$19.95
nwlpp. All eholrn' o r lit, Jour" Temple, At I II.'. Dr. tlahirdV e s VALMORI Potiii. 103 w.
unit urfirm' urn Ui attund. Moor. pr.atd.8t, of MMI. ANN 11 R. J.CKI9N
: Brooklyn Rood.Mm.
The Mntooa Sunday In B Uiua-rook Coll to, 1430 W. "IITM ST, OlIO -
26. |IN.
New Hop." "Nitln> ..11.1.11.' ttry.*traa.rtr of tilt will be the apothtr.OUwr 'UII&I', 24, lUIVlVOM CIUOI A DIVITID Win, "Flit" In Til fill Eiel Silt.
(Hindu* ftrhnol at MO: .. Youth. Department of ptrtlolpaati art: l"a.UO' A taMOOAUtMTI, MM. MOIINI. POfllll I -t"
m, with ftup'rlnt Rdtat Lore tad Charity M. Leaver, I.L Iambs, Mai. Malt M. IUTIIR. I IIITIR 3 IROTNIRI ANO Girl Drtssts
j.R. iivndi'inon In rtiarit.Rot TtRpltt, Mo will pro otptl choir. Ctapbtll taoTMia, "MO OTMia. HIL.7tvtt ... A MOlT Of OTHia KRROWINOMIATIVII ... ..
Tynm till prtildt, tamer Mich Ownia, Mra.Rvtlya MO MIINDI. INTIH."
Pent s rotdlai eitlaiBUhop AND rmliuos.s Sizes
.t the 11 ..... .."I II', Zachary on .behalf J. trey, dlrto> MINT WAI MADI ,IN MT. 1 'te 14 Svhteei

4t I fl. .. 'ACK t.tHt of tat lady and till tor; Dr. Ma T. Braaoa GUYS' "MIMOtltl 1 "AIIIC. MRl. ANNII GRANT,1I3I' I lUllS li HUE & PASTELS, IM Frity IKI.
with win IIU jaoaaoa. 1pchmru. trader ..1 ,' letter: of tad Allta Chapel Male '. e DAvit ST. DIID MARCH t. .
.. apprtelatloa. Chorus.r ..... Ploy- Mcfinirr( 2807RO. SURVIVOR' ,IWO.UOC OAUWM. ,$1.98 to $10.95
Relic oils FlluiTIT '' Tit, tP... CUIt Mel JACK : .'
,* Sutyivoit' INCLUOI ION, I ION, 3,IIITIRI MOA ---
A MVOTIt MUllM" .,O *nllMcfiairr CA10 mEal
Directory 1 ION, i ITP. ins' railNDI.SAM .......1.' Moontdpuatral Broadway Dtp*. Store

lent IIVIMI aaANi* c .
The Firms Listed Below Are CNIIOIIN' NO A lion OfITMll Smoua KJ/PMAN< 303 Cato .01.....", !poplar.,,. for 111 11111 =T. El Mill
Recommended At Reputable AND raiUDI. fONHl. III. 21. SURVIVORI 'INCIUDC A paths fiiart here for nUll ACeillll InlTu.,1.
sun yttro wore
c e Tharidty at I *... dirlai -
Establishments Specializing I *M| 1 'TI 'IMU"TU.
itavttilt service
Services and Products IITN IT. one PIlmuamy .... rRllNOI. It It. Olive Mtaorlal
Park CMtttry .". T.

SUV PAINT NM mr, m iHlli'i kilt II ktfltyiATE SEIVICE IT.IINKntrlll CAR BROKEN V.Mr.Rairit Molatt, ,rrschU.dtath sea.. '

till lilt Nifty St.JIIK 2211 1. lit Strut HH III" tL DOWN? ..rr.. laaday sight '
IIMI, PRO'. followlai a hrlaf 111
LIT Ml Ill! VOU A til.I "tell" TO Gars"Plait
: El 41)12StIIIEI'S ) I ails suit AND CUT Co ORIWI. PRO. IJr .....
I A ritldnt of 107 t.
Wltl.' AMMaCalt 'Iti,
rim Hi-nil
: llth ft. Ir. Iii...
FLIRTS). '....: PI 122K
wta a resided htro most
1511 I tyftfe AIHH Flint Mini F na 1 11111911411mr NOISE NEED of hit oatlrt lift. It

t i'plowtra for all 0.. 1211 Ilift In lEiiictW REPAIR? tar wit t II ttttru aad ems of alto world a It4

CMica..".Mr.. IU'.a
loaitlat ....
Ttltpaoat la .every t.oa KiKrlil IN .r oflattrMtloatl
u"IIt', Prop. .
.Air Coadltloati ..L CRNltt CAJARTIRMA'N, JR.aot .. Ua'aa rt' *
fki: El 4-J2N; Ml and, Prop Pleat PO 11110 TRADE YOUR .M'. aal_ Local 1401.
Mt Itavtt to ...ra:
rim: SSI-7III Mu
ISAAC I.; ..AfFElUooat CAR) Mn. Ills ibises. tn".ou.r ,
WMNN m TAftN : Irt. Maid 1M"
Tai amtof Notary
Pll. tookitaptM Mr* fiTE MAI! IESTAHW 1111 Hut III! O .NM tot, city eat Mra. CkMRlttltt.
Tallaaattto.titttro .
'lea.lia.aaj. 1121 Ilit lid i MIT CUITOM. TAIIMINOMrilTC .
FIX I' ; coasts tlttltt.irwUtftlaw. .
It 3*till "1rt VlCULItl IN MOM|. ALTIRATIMI iTAikMiMC ..
sad MtMCooUta
332) kite Until Art CAOkllMtHI, OlMlll T* StavlCI YMINOMElME Uttl. HMO.
(00....| Mml. Ill hut Cl 411)1nfKKMTTIfcim
1M4 fut m IIIIIIS JUIA t, : bath of 'al h.......
PRO*. Paints Q. 41111
ether relsttve.sad>
MAIEUCTNMCS aaatroaa fra.... UN INfffMTfcivHM ,
JafKt M MU& samamPMIUOt im lhi Nc4IOMH ftprt (CAM 1 NSfKlJLL !t II! 1.1. ihlttlaittarVRMral

Mt)0 ""' aat .... la chirps.Meeting . You T. Listen T.-iIIC ---
14)1 Hits In Tai t Till WiSXN
MtT COMWMa Art. At .u t1 .
,.MI MMII ar.l Mull or AvtwuC I LA.C.RSi1s.LsLG Iss .. Eels. ........ ...... will at "*
TV AM* ball AffklAKIIat TIM *.,....% IUWRIWTIO.1/ Pku: n t14N Oh. N.y .Idle ':" 'IS'L.N5 ntiUlr N.Den ntolvod uiai

Kit Yog LWIM ... Oll a..MI..toAa SttviMi.IRONlMtMI .. the MM tay ....,. lor.U .
Stw.> II A .,......" < Ol.lVKTdUHIt snun un mmItJe ...OI.U 'II.... ..... > a.*tU| of Ut .aa 'DANCE PARTY

MAIII I IINIII rise. ICtlvlN, P OOP.ftpei ) -l ajW C **A Mtm '..1 ...... ... ,... XB4BMtHtM CJU UfeokcMOfMn.
rM-MI fwwHIIPEI1U le H WWaf *WrW* .
-01011 7SI"7100 SMtrtooUtalttt
Mra. 1Ia,..".. ...... UNITED EASING I 01100.M. ....., 111 U UtII

IIIIIIESPttaot :'tot Car SaxtKam ....... a't' ctrl $ I'J.I.. 1 It IA
taata laar iaaatf.1 A-NO S A !. f ', C" O eP1 M ....... f ,
iodicUoa Oo4Mtle I1ar/ tal ....... web a.rber. m. UtUtttett
All LM&UI Htlr rrtptrttloatCor. Irwrlaa kIls. &aris la tMna4 deb 14. ,- WRNC 14Mf.

BMAO IW MHLKT R. 4-3l tuu..""" .. u.... Is DICIIn.....

... .. ....... ._- --- ...----_. ...--- -

J ..-- .....- .. ... ." .. . "
f 1

I r

; RAICI 1. mi ___ rioniA mi PAPERS PAl 5 t

Orlando Hosts Noted Authority Visits GJC. ___ Husband Locks Florida Memorial Gets Grant !I

State Voters'' ,. -J .U/lZ..t: : .. ::1i? \ : -., Claudia McNeil I

:.1 :, Out II
Of Hone
t league Mar. 14 ;;- .;

Nn TO [-(ANP)- roaday I
; Davis prealdeatFlorida
: actress Claudia Me*
0u1 Voter i
',iVni announces the Nell) la reportedly seeking I
legal separation fro
jUfwajiIetion of plane for '
?tfcw next League nesting her husband, Harlem busi.sessaan *

:'ofM ,held in Orlando Herein McCoy, IT.bo .
she accused locking
14-IS. Raddlra her out of their swank, I ,r i I II I
Hotel on tent Church I home ia fretting teapera i
Street will a be h4 tore while she. .aa clad

quarters fur all ac* Oil, ia a fllaay night I
tivltleft.ItllN '0".
meeting table The lockout reportedlytook

place In the ldt of place on aa early I
the ca.pahll| for & Sunday morning and ei.
Governor Cabinet Posts. v poetd Mia McNeil to the

_".K. fbnwppiM, one lift..KniMt ( hock stares of friends
<>r, state Icglnla- --- -, .--; and neighbor who were o* I
atlve'seets: local and R9 l.sx'IUREROr. Prank Pia.*r of the University of Ylnlnla la ahon' aa ke their way to church She

}Cu.'*ly office proaUMi lectures to atadenta. at Olbba Junior College, St. Petersburg, PI a. Dr. Placer said abe was thoroughly \

i\\*> Uio,*mt, important pent two day on the Florida College campus aa a visiting psychologist: for the hul Hated." FIOUM MEMOMAL College.Bt.. Augustine was among Oft private achoola Uroaghojitth I
;*lIit fUn.* '"?er held ayltt Aaerlcan psychological Aatoclatlon. The Aaaoclatloa seeds leading psychologists: However such nor than oooitry to receive direct grant this nohth fro the Gulf Oil) Corporation'a
!; *Plorldn Voters to Junior colleges throughout the nation to talk to students and faculty .ea* the two-year.old carriage Aid to education Progra I.

1,0'fflln. ben about psychology The .National Science Foundation provides funds for the ia at stake for the talented Participating la the presentation. of the FMC campus and pictured above ire, :

In, pratlftftlly every vialta. (GJC Photo by Leo Ballard) star who won .*- rtoat row, left to right: P.C. Puckett, It. Augustine Oulf Dtttrlbator; r.T. I

county, peen whi-ro Nu* tlona,! acclaim for her Od., Atlanta males representative; I.'. puryear, FMC president; R.L. John ion, !
'era registration ban Second Annul! Alumni i Diy Fete Most Americans kiting in Ue prlae-wlnnlng Jackaonvlll sales manager, Rear: C.t. Wedlock Atlanta; J.D. Sanders, St. An* a
bees play ". Ralala la the
negligible con gvttln. sales repree.native. II
tinuov* roRlNtralloa Scheduled Sunday At BC College Flee Acute Run," in the separation-

drives by League are being affiliate carriedout IMVTONA BEACH The second annual observance of Eye Sight Protons Proceeding She reportedly bill la* GOSSIP OF THE MOVIE LOTS Ibis. School

NAAtT. CORK Del other Atuml Day will be hid at Dthun-OookBan Colin. Tm nut of three American vested her entire' stage NOaT OOI>->(ANF-fiaMy Davis Jr. la the first IltllrltlolHe.rlll
putlt feat and civic Sunday, at 4 P."., March 8th la beautiful Gertrude nto not getting' the ..vlnga of $19,000 into entertainer selected to ptrfora on the Mth An*
Kljuipft" with Much nuc'CI HotchkU Heya Memorial to spel. This year's pro nut out of life because her huaband'n brownstone nual "Oec.," Shoe of the Acadeay of Motion Pie Nears
>KI eras should provide memorable experience for all of vision pn'hlvn, ace house and beauty rarlor tore Arta' and Kciencea, Producer Oeorge (tdn,y announced *
1 scare; registered voters who attend. The Alumni Office) has scheduled some cording to the Northeast In Harlem, which la in ) I lest week. JACKSON U... ...
are urtlctl'Ct to reach of the beat talent ."U,,*'* and ia working over Florida optnoetrie his nan*. After eufferlageveral Marking his second appearance on the award show School Integration careone
tine in preparation for the lame group expected financial setbacks Davis will entertain and .
'3000,000 by the May prl'series to attend ....................... lurUty.: I be an integral part onthe step closer here
with a ntroag A. rlcl.A are tb.hllMI..t In her struggle to the progrwato be ecceed by Jack Leawnn. according last ...11.
oKII I bllit, of 400. 000 la keeping lUll the member of the Board of top, nit Mcxeil reportedly to Sidney" The ultl>talented DAVIS laat appearedon
people In the The U... Circuit Court
helm on the hook for achiml motto "Fntrr To Director, national hid salted away the the 'Oatl" show In 1MO, ...." he sang the
for the
world ttry rack each of Appeal
the atneral election Learn, Depart To Rrv< .' grand secretary of Iota none, a* fiitir insurance awvd-wlaalng aong. '"I all Hopes,"
day solid with diversified Fifth Circuit directedtk
In ,Novoanur.CiuKlldntoH the thoao for thin ohervanc Phi Lambda fiororlty. talnat hardahipa and till He Join a growing roster of stars Including leiItll. DistrictCourt
activity, but do Southern
fur Governor I* "To ServeAn She la wi-11 known an a normal Rroadwny aapogrentfluctuntlona. ) .,,& nUw>n, Gregory Peck and Debbie
not have the vision of Mlatlaalppl to
and other statewide of RaanclpatiKl, finrlfty:' dynamic and provucatlvoaprakcr. Reynolds. All will appear ia person .. preaentera
ahllltlwi/ to perfor nil bear aa NAACP Legal Defenae -
flees are being invltcil Music will on furnlMhcU activities offecientlyor It ass not dlatloaed with the exception of Davl and Lesson Fund aotloa for
tii attnad a special by Mrs VOHMO Lotrey The proiira will ho comfortably however wtiat legal action The "Oacercaat," show bu.I....' bit file splash prelialaarv injinctlon

session hero. members of the U' (formally I with the Station tKW and has perfect vl&.Ircrll"n her |nveatett or tarltal radio television factlttlea of the A*.rl. in three Hlaalaatpplcoanualt
League can. bear their NutliMiully f'.'UM Buyer nil ixTHonft planning to sine If he read share la. the home U till can Broadcaatlag Co the television facilities lea.Begregatlonlata.
views on varloui issues Brothers) and Robert attend are urged l to be line of lettur can s separation, tt* reportedly of the Canadian Broadcasting Co. and the worldwide had

a nit partlrlxnto I In a sillies I 6T UM iicciiai- In the Chapel no later chart la erroneous,oj nat a I* aCatholU by faith and radio network of the Armed Force Radio Ret argued that Mississippi
punUt, vice, startle at 1:00: (MT)
4wetioa and unitwtrperI6d. than J.4J: p. *. I. adequate vision for will therefore probably P. achoola are voluntarily
REGISTER' The adilri'MN' for the Other event, scheduled one activity not be shy away fro an outright Don Murray recently paid a visit to Bonny Lie aeareiated. thereby lafringlni .
sell proirn* will bi for tho day Include say divorce. tOIl' training canp.where the world chaap laid out
for another. And today no coaetlti
WittOtAJUIWW delivered by Mrs Oannrha orahlp at ftteeart a training/ routine for the actor to follow aapnvaretlon
LIVE II with families ttonal rights,
partlei REGISTER I
|<* n 55', whti MTV ena eorlal Methodlat for ki* role In "Th. Sinners
) > N.Y. LIVE-Ih patlag in no shay ace ,
nccrot.ry of tbo Church at II ..*.; tour
MAID John, US-US .1. tlvltl, it I* lot
Roosevelt Savings and ,
nf the campus aadfnundatlon likely that one' eye
Fare advanced. MalloryAOri'cjr.Lyabruek Loan AttMnelatlon nfNlal. .
2:10: ;
will b
adequate for
*h<.'. ln also a
cerawmie at the grave
; ; HiT. all
side of our Foaider Fven. children presumed -

1se' President FBerltue, and to be less likely to 'I Wlu

...,,. .a u u 'w tour of the new preilrnllal have eye problem, do
I reililence, not have completely
t Outing tile progrta, edetfjate 'I'loa, UMRMARKEljgggg
citation will be givento The Aawrieaa OptoMtrlcAKnclatloa .
all principal and ** gave Tear jgggggggjf 4fBEBtff&
'4"" supervisors who are Viilon leek slogan this QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED

1 Beth neCDokan Oollfgetrnduat ear i.. Ton get acre
**. This i* In Oat of Lit. tith Good
keeping.. with the trillion Vlaloa. Families could
of till Alumni A- improve their skill la
oclttloa to ho m.t those their/ activities lid get WESTERN CENTER CUT FRESH j

mho hv "departed to more out of life by

erve." REGISTERICMsrches, kavlag a thorough vlaloa :

Hold hut once*ilatloa a year. at } .:irii; PORK PORKROAST

lilemciil SenicesILIAO Sf01STWGregory' !

-(AKPJ-la a \, n ,yW'rta}- .
special testes eimiae Hits CHOPS !
of Ckrlttlwa worahlp. four ; .r

cbarcbe bald joint later Arkansas Jail ,
;. racial Mrrlce here last de

seek. The coagregatioaawitched '1III1I>>rr. Art.-(AMP)-
congregatloa Tie Health Srtaeat LB 57 LB. 25
.NOWI PEPSI !HALF-QUART iMbwra of Bt. Mark Afrl' man old have t* el***
gas Methodist Episcopal that place ad llafcttt
liNe. 'S BH Bimw fTfMlRH ells VMtfJ IB I9vnHtvtt church, a negro coagre* before he mail an ia

w4b ,,-belt quality. in tewnl I Party" atlooworlppd at First there to .....** It,"
Methodist sketch, eklch BLUE PLATE
Dick Gregory aiee*eracked
k-Mf W MfWiJ from DM bMdy rtea! 1* predoalaaatly wklte
.ner ala rlfraijllo
Mektl. II familiesrepre..etisg SUDS
1 ISO bead here Hiteek. MAYONNAISE
Mew h'f
Ptpd... the da Drove .
ttX t.. .soh r... yow gIr CoBMUitjr Methodist eke" n* teed ad tndlagcedia
.I attended services at St.Jaoe .
tOn\U ev ege.cou erns.. P9I-COU !I Methodist. ckarci. was arrested
Oil.. partlclpatlag la4eMtrtlM
Ooseavorcseoeeaat oaoaeyaepo.urmt.a Tea faalll* fro St. 39 115SUPER
neon et.e.eaAh : the
agalatt PINT
,mrtinn.saw_ C ,. Jasee seat t. Elm .ro.*. GIANT SIZE
.. u_ __ Trweker la*. a **gre.*t**

!' Clerical los Open For 'NoirotsKtiitdy Mtiag Mlttlag place*t br.*... Or.*l u. *H till $S.H ii uri (H. lilt Hilt/ HI ittl JJ.H i( wri .teed situ,. ,

Paebee, Mil Al*.
'11tH.' Oak Ridge Prink l"'sl" bass '". 0* rff* .tall** U. S. tOO CLUB STEAl'u.. 65( ONIONS

"' and fens .... IBM Mar
: : ",For Qualified Men And Women un *f ..**...1"1 made RUTARASAS

1, W Cwses Pasties ".... like alibersl '
1tItitt ." FU. CRAKE A SMALL EGGS, HZ. n emu 37*

t :> fHltrl4 leclede firegery .u fc* talked CARROTS

tel,* with At"..... Mb.
jititf Seilef Secreftryff art !"*** >, .) *f.*led
'11 "*
comm m NfALW SMUMf a:. 3'e
to UvwHlgaU *M.itl.eSt vs
Sl ftiiifef the Jell.
-. .'" 1h. gatla gilled ean.
CM Typist .dttIeee la the jail .***.
I .wm* **4 ..*.1..*..*.*'
ISM Ctrl Fuck Ofinter ,'Th. ,.... IsS r beet NUSBVRY FLOUR s u. '11. 47CHAM <

IN,.. a lter 14V. lteer....
hsltHJ Ad.ieistetl.ePAX ." .r..ery sell .frrI
ir diem ..*/. "it**
Swit" erd "M Hi. *M* caV* setter.
a-,.. hi eMud.er ..4 WANT IOlIII STYLE cot 25*

) ***ry Ml beth se 11 U) uni
lot caw ollr/ for ft too) pvlM jtfc .
mod Alt*
r' 1stW green ) sore est
aside tik. I5rl..ur P1or *
fret to u ... "' lmehl.wStIt. .
GUI or rlte for sa isUrrltv< LB.
.. sa De Jail." ;
est., than ears M Mttlaf VlfETOLI u. UI

,'It' WALKER COLLEGE. .M.. *ja1 .. Millet *..,
\ I II tM ..... 5en"
Ntr1a Jtt t 111 St. (HliifflMi I IAlKk II.
...". .IUMJI', I 1&1I UUN 23f.

rtf' h ,aHI 1H-un ,711-'"' dy11Flf ,, ;



,- ..
-, ,, --- -


.sine. I FLOIIBA SUI P1PEIS UTHHT MiiCI ?. lil4,
u -

I Project Nets Gratifying Results Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist Schedule Local Church Program t I

___ ... 'u_ ...__..b....
,. }f' 1C' :" "" Women Schedule Women's Day Fete
""f 7' :;wr:
final plaaa raachad coaplatioa this week for Ua k
Mt. Olive Prlaltlra Baptlat Church* a annual ....'. C

,',<';-," Day protrwa scheduled for Sunday, March I, Mra.VI .
cay ,. Jtaaa, gaaaral dialraaa, announcad. Rar.
J.M. Discs la boat pastor ....................

Activities will get group, Mra.. Aldoala Joy

adarvay with Sunday set principal la a eoablnad -
School at .:30 ..., with prograa along Uaat.
Mra. Lola Cain serving 01""'', Youth under
u guest aop aria taa dan tMra. the these, 'Tfouth in Ao-
Dot Ha /lord aa 1II..tnl..r tics for Chriatlan Bartloa. -
vorklac la COB-
Junction with the regular Evening worship aanrieaat
school staff 7 ,." ill apoUlatt

During the || a.s..oru- tile lOUD Adult Dapart

Ins worship, Mrs C.B. net supervising program s
Malaoa Guide, Orandorthy hifhllcbta. The North-
Matron of Batha sisters Rita School Dra-
4 '
baa Grand Chapter OB aaddlatlclaa attic Club under tile dlrtetloB f ,
of Mra Morse
at Florida "
AaJMMra. yA + !
Hand will feature renditions -
r in draaatie rev

lilloua soode auppla-

seated with eaglet gees
by the Lincoln Bnaaabla
and soloist Cora Moora. -.IF-, -

4'-I r..ry Other eoBBlttaa chair -
aaa and captains tee
k tp1 aiatlai ..". Jaaaa are:

3, Mra. Georgia M. Cdnrda,
oo-chairaan: Mra. gylria

M. Dixon, paator of the

.. '. dan Mra. Ella: McKaavar.

.. and Mra. Alberta fay,

,,.. ... ,. '
IL lit ". a( the Day; Mra. Ill Ha

____ C." Nalaoa Danlala Mia Jones; general ate- Two mUROM Jai singing groups, the Gospel Echoes end the Rivaaa Specials--

|KV. nwtKLIN a fIMM. paator rf *x>dla.n unitad Presbyteries Church happlljaanrnya r ...Oba.rranoi' a BpaakarValvaralty rotary; ...r.. Elisabeth 8.. ill bead aa array of gospel stagers Thursday Bight March 12 at 8: JO P.". ia

results of Jut frlday'i fully 'Niiht kitchen .bo.., which MS hId at will ba the Hall, aaalataat Otronltaliaati aacratary Pint Bora Temple B2S .. Monroe St. Sponsored by Sister Rosetta Chen>> Uaprograa I
tha amt church auptlmtnt each needed aqulpaant In the inatltutlon'i kitchen. ; ia being staged to benefit Ua church'a Trustee Board. '
I I ifltrlbutloim. sore ride by contraction Bsabira and frianda. This iBltialthana I I Mrs Decide speaker will bring Inane ch.lnlll; _

,''. tit the project wan accl steed highly Bucceaaful by the aponaora. a apirltuallytrich aaa. "chairaan 1'1. Esther, finance 8taphanaco; ..". Second BaptistTo Rev. E.l. Murray First Born ;;

hereon studio Photo) sage trot the tbaaa
A.M. Praslar. sundaySchool Conduct Speaker Sunday
Service Slated
Bother Midway Dual Day Plans New Mt. OliveTo la World tUI.llorra dapartaant,, public; Mra. District Day Re*. E.L. Murray newly

Church Affairs." 11II"0 sill ba Mlatlona.Mra. District Day till ba ordain alalatar of Mt. On account of Ua ladp {-
P ME Underway At Observe Men'sDay Ararat Raptiat Church of Ua
furnished by the MattbavW. triune Albacta, proraa observed Suaday la tbraa-day
'Tliv Rlchnnl/ / Allen club Gilbert Rich school Second will deliver Ua aaraoa Youth prograa taking
Sunday ( ; ..". berths L. Carter Baptlat Church.
and' Cliolr 2 of Midway' Community" Baptist .... decorations; Mra. flat bvalaaaa aaatlnga and install the officers place all day Sunday atPirat

AMY Church ill 'priwcntUrn. Annual Dual Diy ohftcrvMca with final plans coa Leola I. Boloaon, BTU; will ba bald in the of District 2 nt Mt Bon Temple 2.

Gertrude' Honto of will bo bald Pletad coaalttaaa for Mra.Thclaa Harriaaabara; various hones at 4 p.s.Regular Carrel Baptist Church 1459 .. ftjloB St., a.rTlcaa -
It Morliih Air Church tilt annual Man'. Day observance IInSe.II' Sunday at 3:30 P.". at Pirat Born
In Co a tun I ty Bar-tint Mra.Marirat SalU, tan;
]n a dnaatle recital at Nm Mt. Olive begin with the Sunday Devotions will be lad Tempi S8 t, Monroe St.
Church 17IJ Highland and Mra. Maggie Rodgers
pander nhhL In the Ave, April 12 throughout Baptlat Church art In' ,:, lIoapltll I.,. School at :30: .. .. by Deacons Bra*ton LOT a.Nalaon will ba ,bald 'Sundaynight

church! audltorluM. the day riling friends and the Captains are: with C.M. Wight and L. Grant and ,Nathaalal March 8 at 7:30
Also I ) ai-i'i'WlM' will be general public to attend Statrani. '... '-
C. Chester la .
The nan will have 11I'". Ella Pulchar, charia.Ra :
JOY. cod Mrs Pr Mardi', Urn NltdradOantt. activities Sunday, by RTargraaa Raptiat \ will be carried
worship, and the young Mar.I { wMrs. Davis, ..". Roaana Porter will rites Ua laaaoa out
Mrs KaUMin ". purple, will preside at It,. Curtis Talfilr, Mra. Annie .. with, "Tha Man. Bora Blind" Chair 1. and Roberts beginning with Sunday
.Anders nail others. paator.Evtnta. Mt.. Piagab All Church School aonlng
I I P... Tilt oaaa sill MM. Eaaa tllpatrick, end deliver Ua aaraonafor worihlr
.pitilra 1 end :2 t err Mid. will Youth Choir ....
following which
get uadarvay1th the C.C. dlnnar
haa charge of the 11'.. Laaaia Rosier, .,.. aajor cervices
pay will mm -, > "rn. atoning cireaonlen at Sunday School at Mary Levis, Mra. Lucinda The morning service ia Daniali, ,,pastor, will will ba served oa the

.Hattie Halnoa in charge 7 P... 1:30: a. .. ltd Discos Hanrty, ...r.. Uula Grahu at 11 o'clock and BTU give the closing raaarka praaiaaa at nooatiM.M .

1 th enpr aimle.RBT .. The' .."I... aaadaybail Aba Alatoa, aaparlataadant n. _._ and Mni Al vet. LOB-, .at S.: Si P..., with Mra.. .
.I.r. Jones, paator praaldlai along They P. "....
with the Miday dDB.Wocdlawn. R.H. Morrlaaatta sad
r : ill iivt the kith CALL PO 4-4511 FOR
lohol at ":I30 a.a.. a guest official. ....Oaaaral CaairaanCborua Alexander Heard ia
p1. sing rwnnrka. Instructors sill laclada 'vadar the Presbyteriao
dlractloa chart The evening ser PROMPT '"lL. MUVIRYl
Deacon ".L. Planorld, of Miss.Ruth Gregg Miss Church Holes via begins at 7.

..-... tool I. mMS EL UIOI Nan a Claaa: Daacoa Caleb. desire Roberts will baUa BY L.N. PMRaON. St. The weekly activities 4 '-
Cray, toaan'a Claaa; Da* 'J"
guest aololat.At include, the Prayar of ] .
.... UU MAIN JT. U 1.2111CAI con Grover Hagaaa, SailorClaaa > p,.., the ITV Hour On last Sunday, during Faith Hour heads at We .
Daacoa Rafui CBM* tfca
; will praaant the lisle KTolbort Mornlni-aorahlp service 7 ,... and Ua Sunday
'bridge, Jinlor Ch... D.mtary School ..,. p. D. '1 hoe school officers and ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL CO.
The Prlaary Claaa. taach tkrlllad tilt entire
Teachers Council Friday M83 r WOOO AVE. STANDARD OIL PWOJCT3
till be aoBouaead. Ran Gilewif Auxiliary conirtutloa with his at 1 ,...
Clyda Jenkins till rf laaata, "ona Thing You
vice the laaaoa.Rar. Medals Saturday DO Lsck.'Luke ll.lt.SO. : .

Go,. Combs, arJ; >t>C: The regular aail-aoathfy The young rich aaa

far the 11 .... worahlp meeting of Gatavay Ailllary could keep his coaaaad. !
wUI be latrodvcad by ...ta. but could not
"0. IUI, will
Ra*. Talfalr. Other par ba hId Mil his wealth to glra'
Satarday, March
BC36ED DOWN FROM WINTER tlclpaata (111. feature lib .t Joe R. Jaaaa 0..- to the poor and to tol.I. im SI, BEAYth
Deacon Kraaa Gardner datotloa ...u, Center lth aadnutba .. Christ for graatarblaaaiaga 1 uen J

Perk Up at BFQ Service Center ; Rev Talfatr, ) Sta., Mra. Ulla oa earth, and ; ,
order of .aarvlc; sew Mae Hart praaldtat, aaaouacad. Ik tha world to coaa
Complete MAKE JMa laettoB, Malt Choraa; life aTarlaatlag."

occailoa, Dtaeoa RcfssCubrldgE All pushers ar. urged to It*. lilacs atr.aaaad
Wliis{ rtNfttd...................rf.M.IJ taleoaa ad ba present since ama to the tact teat Ua aaaa
Drum turAa dtam.,........... 10.00 draaa.lWaooa rice Oraat: eoaclatatkaprojact, *lc* .0" Thing Tea Do BIG DOLLAR DAY SALE!I
a Fr At suit r..i*.... 2.U aalactlwi. choraa: se.leotln ia aoalaprofrtia alll baGurtastbatmioaa Leer" that faced the

t BrakeyH+rd twt .auW...... 11.00 rr.. .1I.teIa: II lit'lldated. young rich aaa, faaaat Look What'. wlli .. {,
ttJdnllHc $11ft" nIIIM.......... 1.10 invitations and offering "". all taday. Manes PORK CHOPS ,

Plaaaoa OoMittta. iai Coaaaadar I.', tka ....tlo.. the the slab.,$tlced
qQ18 A.. 97.99 Rev A. ,.,t.. lll 4. lr- ass ba saved The aaavar YOU -
wings Sr. 'TUtud Ua Aa-
liver the tanoi irlaiUal.OOrroana Hilary end Christ Bald, no Utiga $
gave aa ataallaat CHOICE
mmtim Neat*****. udvlllba lecture which kick ate lapoaalbla BEEF LIVER
Introduced by Ua pu ,'aa vtdaly applauded follovtas >> with sea ere possible GROUND BEEF
tor.Procrai '.at.r.. ill its with Sod.Church .
I coaplatioa.Oaartanaatar .
ba faraiakad by Discos Jaaaa Lang School begins Peh er$e.ehsJ ..

ItWTANT ORIDT .Oalloa ttnrd: Jaffanoa. raagkt rMtltia sad ...- at ':10 .... Baa day.tb SAUSAGE '" r

Vfth. aMla ....uN. III...... sad tilt chorus ratalatloaa.. citing the .| '>T.,. '..,er. aapartataadaat BEEF TONGUE
irMfI : The ataalai IInle at Aaiiltary ia charge: 3 III
scat aekltfaMta .
s ,... sill highlight Morning worship service
aadpriaaitproaraa.barahlp .
'n. I.... pattaraoirlaclpal II bagtaa at 10-II: ....
a.a kar. Pro .. boots are see Hb lighting af CMdlaa $.hed Very M WEEK
spec ta atary.Ba ecu*
iraa highlights alll ba aid Oaaalag af Altar HAM HOCKSf
provided by Discos ,Ml. sidled 1U world tar I; ...... Rat tilaoa ill I
Vataraaa and aapaadaata .....a....A TataM
Meter Rev. Tel felt, deliver Ua ...... The
.t bath ..... are lalt4 WIN5S LBSs
wlllle white .r Mt. Var toe ebarea choirs ill
... Ra ttat Cbircm; thehale ta jets both thesec's appart Ua rita silk DRUMSTfCKSWHITE '

Caoraa Aaro Jack aid waaa'a arlaaltatlaaa lies SM ..t....... poet FOR5nxmre

.... D..,.. Jarrr Lag IB crier taaaara argaaiaUIt. BACON
la Ua ..
and aloatai raaarka aadb any aaa |Mtk. aad,Ckll4rasa -
.Mdt.tiaa by Rat. T l. fits aaldk bow eta, pew aaalr will Mat IIf &Mllnua

tat,. pla art .....,. at tad 'at S ,... Saaday with c
whisk. baa aaaa
paaaadthraaafe .ra. Prtd 0. Davis taabant
aatlaaal lagla- at soda tadaaaday ;
Iron SIsI.rs'Itdt.1 hUM la Waatiaitaa, Marsh II. Elder HINDS

4 PIERE cw ltBlt :DT ScMfli. t ptT.OJ4.WH' Sraea tiles sad Daaaa

.tl..l.. alll aa laabarg
CW a' tM
Tko tress sisters till J9wo rrwfnH vfOMn. at llda aak A1d0 WWfIe tscstts.ely

.-., >retra. a..., ..",,, I. til. grayer aanla ta UaGMfaraaaa !UP 1'0134 P.11.
ta Ua Cheek at the lists at St. Punt Mt R*.. *t tka.akartk
-" Living .... rtliat a4rawl CtHkraai will review tf. at t> ll t... .....

Your at TraU. Maarsnaa aaday. s.beel ....... Tkaraday,. lank It. AaCUaaal AY'.Wftt3Ml5g1AVA <
Convenient} alt
tilt aarU.lfaU> ',a..,. Jadiad by Ckalr sad tkataaUtMtw /2

lids, A.J. C dj lit Jaaa*." far tta .scat aaalr will
!..F. Gwilrkk Start atll deliver Ua taa*,, tees*s Bay aalabralla ,....... U tta Pallasaklp B.wN

..... .Tha 1ft.,. la laUtamt $. Stet BaaartalMi aWl at tta shah EEF'

at tta lid,,,. Oamfc OMna IL at I ..m. All .** wick
MH W. ADAMS ST. a\rlta. wad traatallatallla In. Utaa Riaa ten, M .... 511. hiss two *TTW* '.

I'' I. Sari!., Uaaaaar. .t list ..... tattliteaar stoke, please ..s.a ta sere := ...
l MAIM *% atll *...dvei.,
1m ST. aarva M -feat
mm .. i1B. M -
'i I
wit e...net...t. I P...

..' ,..... .- .- -.- -.- ...- ak

..+....,.ww -. . . . . .

r -J J. ) P ; ,.!

jimmjuici 7, mi rum l mi nm PALE ?, '.,

Rwcn Grain Ctey May Marry Newsboy Dies Oilmen Tour AU Facility Niinptoi Receives Barnelt Hirnssed i

MOOCOO GUll By Chain letters

M h....'s Grad Daughter .After Falling From Doris Duke Aiding Evers family J

aUCAOO-(AM>)-Officials of $acll"' ttusllma do* 8 StoriesCHICAGO HAMPTON INSTIIUTC. Va.- (AMP) chits letter

nomlMtloa last eek would neither confine nor deny -- (UP) -- I. February X. 1964-A grant asking for persons to I

that swell crowned world heavyweight champion CM Tburmaa Hulttoa, 13- Of $100.000 was recently 'flood the desk' of '

stun Clay BM romantic interests ii a granddaughter year-old newsboy wan t received by Hampton Institute former Oov Roes Barnett
Of their header ?he Honorable" Elijah Muhammad. z with checks t'
$1 to aid
Clay himself van till ......................... fatally injured here t from Doris Duke
,. .
lest week when an elnhtb It. announced t day the family of slain
reams iea In Miami la the It." He ealdbe bad deCided floor gallery fence atone w' by President Jerome M. NAACP leader MedgarIveri :

sloof hit wrest up to become a member of the ll-ator 5011 end. bad already ,

.It "htof1. which he of the Muslin fal th..hlda building of the .huge Kite Cube1 benefactionill prospte<, a, *itlaatedSOOO :

sa nn I"? hook up" the be Mid means peace,if ten South side Robert R. enable the Mutation respoaies early i
orpfj,.and was anavell- studying the rellcloa for Taylor low rent houalnt department of HMpton la* last ee,k. 'I ,

ablefor consent about an eiteaed period Nov project parted from its atttata to improve Its The ,,&\1,., illegal :

the ruior. r.fforta: to no attended period. Now anchorage and gave way I education faflllltlee by postal ,regulations, I

reach the ,lrl' father, be said be la convinced According to a companion by purchasing, ratlonal asset Barnett M trustee

Raymond Rha leff, commander it baa brought bin peace ,J.... Thompson materials and equipment for the cheeks. The \
of the Manila. of alnd. 10 ThurmM WM loonies for the enrichment and foraer racl.t'o"rllor
elite 1 guard, -Ae Fruit Th.or bad been elrculatlni agaliit the fence at Kodernlaatloa of it* pro t ermed the 'action"hiraeqt. '

of Ufae,' were also here long before the time of tho tragedy. ,r.. It will also pro .'.* I
unBueeenaful at ires** CaMtin took the title The youth died en route) vide tuna. for enabling The chin Utter la
u. from Llatoa that the to the hoHpltal. 1"R + x ___ instructor to do further bring distribute
The .oat noitftationa po.t-fighter was Interested TIle Taylor homes, con- a.fR711tOF0UIJ' profusions study throughout the nation

IlIrt,i't, the rumor I* that la Muhammad Kilting of 21 16-atory aid to travel and overaea .

Clay Nought and had been kin. It eM neVer clarified buildings, contains 1
pn.iMK| u ilrl'M- hand which: of Eharteff a 4,413 apartmeatn. It iaaamed ------ HEN TflB UE III
OIL'S MARAQING MfRSStMTATIvn crossed path at Atlanta Diversity, .
la marriage If he won daughters be might event after a former
one of SI accredited Negro colleges and universities, located la 13 atteet
the title. lie did.MaaaebllnClga. bally take Jo the altar. chairman of the Chicago You Seek The Beat Doctor
awarded direct grants under DIf s all to education program Tour guide ma At*
In a High School Juniors Housing authority. COBntructlon lint Osiverwity's Dr. Tilaaa C. Oathran (fourth from left), who received last Ihen Your Doctor Prescribes
ncv ef oratory, on the buildIng Oet tiperlenced Pharmacist c
year a faculty salary auppleatutttlon Grant under another section of Oulfa .du-
confined Mr. Muhammad where the tragedy .According to Your. Doctors
Urged To Apply citlonal aid prograa.Qulf see with Dr. Cotbraa are cI to r); O.K. Hill berry,
'ofticisl'announce- occurred was completed Ord.ra. le Use Only The Best
Philadelphia marketing; Jay Hendrlcks, bailment representative, Watblngtoo, 0, Br, OR Di ark
mi In bin '".""al'" la early'1912, and the Quality DrIp
For Application C.. DanUl 0. teas, public relations, Pittsburgh; Frank Odom (sitting). Sou- Proprietor
In the MuHlIm convention building has been con-
Air Force Academy thorn Union Mien representative, Atlanta; Donald Young *lee representative,
hero that Clay In a mat- r IoU, occupied bytenants .
Plttaburghi. ...*.ra. teas, Young and OAss nlready had personally presented. direct 3 kTCMTWID PHARMACISTS TO StXVT: YOU ." '
(,rr'Muslin. loquacious since that I
V.R. AIR PORCH ACADW, grant checks to official at aoae of the 39 recipient college A O"l.rfl LINE OFComities
CaHIll UII said!: "That INtruni Colo.-Hlnh' school Junior time.Tbe 4
Rubber floods > Candles 5 Sundries
and I a* proud of
Interested la enteringthe Top Actors Co. Star Accidently! Hangs Self PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DKLIVIRCDLilly's .
Integrated Schools I united States Air
Force Academy upon' graduation > HOtSTOI, Mlsa.-(ANP!' ) furve HMllton, 13, ea* '

Pvpils Piss Grades were urged by playing with none baling lire In a barn tear here Drug Store ;
Lieutenant Colonel Fred last week He wrapped a pleceotetre around hi*

Blr.lnllll"'fP) R. Ragland of Jacksonville BtA1Rl., y meek, In a playful attempt to imitate a banging,
Thn first mater In anew to being making Md the bales slipped Too late, it ana for real ISI7 AIMS IBM El 312)1iti.iin )

school IN nlwayHI their plan to apply .then.

tuufthvKt but the Colonel Raul and, an. Air rr'd
Ivit'}Ira rlt pupil who Force reserve officer ,

Inli'uratH thrrt (oral not on active duty.nerveaa ? i .

.hllu mlMMilN )JuHt Krpl.h.wrn Academy liaison officer SUGAR j5 j-; ;
.!ld"! dulls *IMX| In ttaimtat interested '.
... .

Uiflr fl),' unilhi'rM flrnL end "IIItI, ArmlriMiK.piUlit l, at-. candidates Information needing additional on 1 1ffHftI. I : HERSHEY'S81JQAF{ \ i iLIS.

entrance requirement
tiiHllox Criiymunt flitonlurjr 39C ;,
Nchmil' huv hud not Must of Ulft'ud...,' aauthorised .w s.i..., I
ntublti with their i tlrrv. I PllIac"0/ ;
allotted to U.K.
school. w<>rh. IMUht even and'representativea'' IIAITITI SPECIALS 111 ...".00 01 Moat .
i -----
him horn eluded inofficer FoOD OnIm
IIf bM| t limit.1'itrlrln .
number of ."applications .'
HUTCH end received by thee each C Azalea SMoked Ham
JoMi-pblue 'nll'll. utrent w
yeox4ttake* considerabletime ,
'nd: high school
for tb.me.bers of
hro b'ul' MNMt difficulty CURST STARE frock Peter Md Barbara McHair chat
congress to screen r.-
with couple of nub' quests lid select aiml with eerie star Ralph. ..n", duriag ftlaiag of

Jiftn, NH well UN Ktuitnit Qualifying' sa episode abort integration oa The Eleventh RTE
mesa fur en*
n'latliMiM 'n51,15'w5,__-trancv-eiMinationn. the Hour." 'Ib'I'IIhode. .ny Problem* Nave Pro*)***."

Ai'lUmiiit- hlKi7 the colonel e-plaised. will be telecast oa 5'tt tedceadty, March It ENI mm[ POMKOW 39 I j jNG
firm Hind cut passed
all of.his course nnd
San Jose Blvd. Jack-
hue he! 1111 twine h.CI ensvllle, can ,rowlll.cx.pl.t. Secretary 01 Amy Cites WIIOlE arp .libJ
|aratM--hut ,its n
information for
lonely |lute for hie. klgb school guidance Directors, Pirso Bel 01 A & M gild ,fib-:; POITION u. ...,., .

i 5ABHIHCTOH, D.c:.lidlvleual citations of sent I; I.

mmlJ"RllmPlII'UI nearded recently by Reerettry ef the Army Cyrus us, 1 89AItI1El'i
Vance to II members of till Florida AM UniversityPlarmaker : CENTER SIXES u.

,uuo naiu.mru MUM ran in wsuuurPOTt Guild Tall ua.., who leered Europe for
.. ..
KlMCM..,.*..CM, ..MM MM-.... >*. >> uuep. .5..wu. two month
555$ .5,. .1.1.w. us .se .u..MT )lest spring M goodwill aateMd. .
MMr.ene'. : ..=- ,5MIN4 M :.Mse. ...5................5.. fit, Hilt 'A' \ ...
-..e555,1.a..e.,. 5w. -oos.PliIION talented groia, Theatre Aaeoeiatloa, and : e1
i ovsuss
= S .ow ::.=, ....w 551.55., p. ..555 5.. under the direction ofDr the United lervleeOrgMnation ) ,
:::::. : 'M. OM1 =--MNcuem. .. -.5b5..5.55A.. S, paadolpa Fdmoads, FRYERS"
DM Thetrap
5cd.w* w..w.s .55 .c .u e5n ( ) I' a
.=:.= = ,. \
w. ws.e. slip ww heed ef the fAll Depsitmeat !
.._ .. ,_.-555 _:c.1M _. ..._, eattrtaU aem- HUUI[
::-. :. is. 'n.-== w'i.r'J: se.o,5. s of Bpeeeh and Drama lets of the Called 1 25C ::
'.. sponsored It* States Arced poreee laleraiay KIWI U .

!fedSUCCESSe.' overseas trip by the Praaie sad 'HI

Aaerleaa Rdststlosalg Italy with tasgsteaInghea

mmilcal comedy, .' I. S, H I

GiOee=._ =oaoa.-.a.-. "Slmpll H.*.vMlf,'' and {; ," .

Dr. rdaoada ..* erlgl- '. I, TATOtSl"

IS YOUR HOME SICK ? 8 gel'toetlme.variety" skew, 110"'I ; .. .,....

Those reeelflBf awards '"'
11 ,
: 290
leelede five III gr4 '

q Call "Dr. Perryman, H.D. alas ill.: liana Bamoel Pl.paalala.... Lena .

9 'HOUSE DOCTOR .eery Jefferaom mal IUy
a ard .,....11. all ef
Fiesta Del Monte Sale
.G Mail, Other are: Urban

.. Hit lama, a irada
5 i at lag Mier.from lira, cum sine CHKN

M- Ronald Tee.sm, sisal,
Hi 9E f. /ee I .i ..*.a D..... and COIN 303

a-- CkeWmf Peens _...Ope Ucka.tavU .
.i. lelper, Id berry, 6 j
8 c*. Cleeest Caney. pel air, SPINACH
..,. o
>*> >THff'::"-- .I't ..1. t ticked parts,

.' .r" ': ?l :t *t:&>& 'Otala Marie lalley, rll'ff ,.

51 'z.w* + Z ,Z23' B '' ",*..*.UI., ... Be. 14or., \
'I' :r. '
I." RiUbelt. Oeterle CAISIP1 4
gfjlftjOgCL RgArt tllaeai mat lelbrra .me.d (. I
I TalUaaaaer.Pr; ,...,
a AH Types of Home Imprftvemenis I'" ira. Sheila f. lUll UHlI

C Me.l.. flreeUr er the
Fond IWhMWiM" Rapids ut talcersltyCbeir TEAS
CMM eh* tarred a* 303
Rsew AldTitiM1 1_ ended l dlreeter *f the IEITS s..J! ., ..... 5 /

31\A'-. .........'s Dc.... gre.. a.breed.e1 Ctn
....e M.... .
L OEM c."..R1 a / u greet ef 21
Of' .... -- member If Ue Play'islets ciiiriHiiPEACKES IJIfH If
sua., ,...... .::: S"

Aliani._ AAwsigtWT !.Scud 131 ..tearelAfrt ..? tm* .NN4 .

t +t1B $3" ...,.... af 'N flat Ji f'NIl .
::51, *tlssvis.6i1 fteyertaeet mf ..f..., A .j ..
bet dU set e.tveertttem '
..a .5..
,... I.ts./ROt.s .* Jmtml mail.i ;

...,.......-Saaeg 5swnomd all lea fr*. at* lap : COCITAIL
mil MTOUTM t*.WV LT cnrta raatlat .".'111. efMU4
.. M..... UHf IMMI1UUS 303
I I 4" j

.: PEIRYtWI'S CO.IIc.d.mtesrt+'s ALLOTS CM

..u arrOr+ Lane 0..J'-...a ...... 1M4.errv" +m.L B, torCIT.ZENIIW Hid :. I

.... Ifll [Yt iftIN AYL I. I.. Hf v



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-,- .::-_-- .

: .. .. __n... .... -. '- n" .. .. ..-----.. . .. -"
'n. ;
\ '


PiC( I ill 'IPEI' tiTHMT BAICI 7..: '1M4

I Bills Invasion Plans Officially Set Miami Charge!: Union O eratfon'. Growth Phenominal .. f:

.., With

Ii I Pistol Slaying r, iiTiiH:

Adam Pogtl. 43. of 1
244 HI 88th Bt. la
being hId la county
jail on first degree

Border charge for the ,
reported Saturday, Pen It
1 i 22 pistol-slaying of ell 4

another Ban, police re I ++ 1 y
ported. +
IR ',
Reported dead aa a result li c a} GI ,
of the incident IB

Lee Baldwin, 38, of 1MIN
')l .;, :.,, : .. .* .0ta Btrttt

f,\. p'''' Baldwin aid several
t fci
't, friends, according to e. i. R }TMq
reports, tittrtd tile .
PMt 'Tlat Bar 24.. N*

"; ; 62nd Bt. at around B

kJ' ; "'", 10.' ,,,/ p... and up until the
: time of the shooting

.: : } became involved ia
;,., several arguments, with
the Bar' employee,
Although circumstances

; concerning Baldwin's
shooting ..r..' t disclosed .

5' .,'tJ! Pogel U said

.. .,Ii to have confessed to sa/ SUPE f ,SOKV"i

.-- ...... the shooting and turneda x ._._ COMMVTTEEANMJAL .. .. ,
>1 caliber fialth and -' .oo;.-.. .
Veatoa revolver over NFXTINO -- Pictured here art bishltghtsotthe the .lcro toae. Pictured, seated left 19 right.
;I. ,. the first patrol car 20th anneal Batting of tilt florid MM DnlrtmitrCrtdlt are: J.J. Mitchell, faculty Barter. PAMU High;
onion. Members of the Credit Dr. George f. Core Jr.,
------ '- officer to arrive oa CM president of Florida MM
MIAMi dlnuilng m ala-day ln /pocU< i tour of convention facilities In Ml Ml, the scene Itttt., art pictured seated Itft to rlcht, ia the University, 'Mrs. Martha Mayo manager PAMD Credit
"Ifcinwifl Reynold, Crand ICxnltod Ruler of the lapruvad Haiovolmt and Protective top right-hand photo: Cornelius M. Speed PAMU snptrvlsor Union; and Dr.. JUhlon C. Rhaaey. dean of the PAMD
Order lit Elk of the aided, and City of MiMt CUMisaioner fttepehn P. Clark alien of operations; Mrs. Sue I. Russell, w College of Arts and Sciences. At the tot ion left
official hruBonl. Weikiimdsj (rob, 12)) naming Mlaai an the 1964 convention fit TWO BUCKSWill roll supervisor; Mrs. Hortmat I. Stokes office are Robert Ifall.) aoting comptroller and Robert

fur llic, PUn August 22-28 mnvcntlcn./ LouU P. nut, Exalted Ruler of Atlas MekP Yoy manager and assistant coaptroller la the PAMU accounting Ia.ond.Insttuctor, la the- PAM(; Department $f Business
LmlKif I3M MlMl NtwidlDii. left, and l '.0. Perry, Rtate Prosldont and Committee A Member Of department; and t. Luther Thomas, PAMU ffcown gt the bottom right';foreground, left
N. A A C. P.
Chilmwilook on. More DIM 40,000 Rika fun aU! parts of the globe art expected! fan lit "efdom fight' director of libraries; standing. Dr. Lea R. trans to right, are: Carrie:'Johnson, drawiaVlor: door
tit Bltrtirt. .Mlual Metro New Buraui Photo-- head. Department of Agricultural Aciaact, and J. prizes from-the box held br, JoansJaaea'aa' Jack
I.R. Lee Jr., vice president of tilt university.In Cssiibell I loose on. r "' '. f
the top left-band photo, Mr. tee Is shown at
Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion "
Schoolastic Averages ReleasedBy 0 nil Kills. New, trill i l

Florida Memorial Husband Daring
College date for a retrial of

Disc Jockey Te RT.AllClJSTlMI 4 total of M students at florid DinneSpat' archs'sgregatlonlstByroa
De La Becliilth for
\ ; Memorial College here have qualified for tb. Dean's DETROIT ,(WP) An.rlu..t aabuah-sffcylng
the of
List and Honor Roll, on the basis of Scholastic cyei*' dinner
averages maintained during tilt Pall ....ter. Dean. betiees, fir |ad Mrs.fardell NAACP Itsdtrjledgsr t.
Banker C. Cow baa anoovactd. Mclnaia both lerl.wU"' I.t a

Of these, 26 made the Herring Bt. Augustine; 15, ud.dII la.arln'lIarcb 23. _
Dean'a List 1th averages Mtrctdla Arthur,Lake- here last meek 1. r liar Inr timer Ci.
of S. to 4.00. and Ian: Maud Burroagb, ia dead of a at, b soon '
,. another 72 rated the la dcU.bur If; Btrnlct Zipper ia tilt cbtat. Uh4 his .' ) MO
r---- Honor Roll with averages .,., Laktlaad; Boy wife is b.lll"ti.H on PA ATS
FcnliLlrcasSAsrcataa'M' : i
fro* }.. to 3.0. Gritraoa Jaaaica. W.I.f second dtgi-e*.. aurdtr I
This represents a substantial Annie IcO.b... Miaal. cbargty ) ;
..cr.... over Also Vera Mane Boldtn. Police, reconftractlag Tn itms:' Iiv Sent TH

the 64 ttndeata who Lakeland; Aay Anderson, tnt events, said Melanie 27 s.'. 27TM Art. CALL
aids oat lilt or tilt Ocala; Vtntllt Blake r.eturoed boa from work Ill 44J301 I W56 OLD
tther during the prtvious Beaufort, B.C.; Mildred and found his wlftat CUTLER to. Oa a 9-4323
,a ry .....ter. H..tb. Lattty; Bos* 'rtaiiai) lobert' '
j. : On the Dtan' List are Hires, Orlando; Harold Casey, 29.ye.r-old "'toy E. AIELU'SnST

Merisa Brjaoa Johnson, Jones, Baraaota; Baa friend of the girl who,
It. Augustine; Bert 11 da Love Jr., lube; 111liaaC. 1'1 ft. upsttlrs." NUTS JEITICEKPAIRS

arnica, Oaaboa, Canal Mitchell, Jack* hen Mclssia deaaaded 2UPLE1t Gt7VER% MO
Zone; hula I.?. Lash aoavillt; Balathla nor- that him wife fit hi* '
Naassu, Bahaaiaa; Queen risen, Arcadia; Doris some dlantr.sht retorted TIer fintiT SinviCI AT TNCLL
Icky INHolder Boater Towaatad. Pt. Banford Bella Glade, "Toa better fli goer IhllHT Pact
Pierce; Mao James IUUa. Births Stephens Pans ova dlaatr.: Mt the MGR( GUAWNTODM
of World'sBroadcasting ... Tampa; BaattllBrlaaoa City; Betty J. WilllaM.Hiaal .it'i1c1ll".4ls the head j a AND MINOR MO TO a
Record Lakt Walta; ; Dorothy. Heaiagway 9 I p tn.d Ii''p t butcher OvcaMAUls
230 Continuous Hours Aadtra McNtil Tampa; Orlando Janet kalft and stabbed kla MtMisioNiMieRia ENDS
whitt. Taltt: OirthtrLM la the ckest. ', .
Taffit L. 1.11. Pt. ISM l.f. m Strut
[Datla Jacksonville; If convicted of the
Lauderdale; Harriett A.Ira' .
fctnw. KIT AHouo I M nMFrv.U.1 .. Pt. Km; Vary Mary L. Lee Jacksonville charges, Mra. ideals hit: 751-IM1
L. Doster haul Jere- ; Gloria J. Mta. faces lift ia the Noose Kill" ), Ftoritfiamoa
QalaaSTillt; theta of Correction.>>
Itat ,flower laabaaao;
Boldla, ,lIIok.. Lot alt
Pltra Jones Ralyard ; : gabn & J'gtO
Bartow; Oeraldlat Per- Jokaao, lawtey.fst g41g "pJ1.w

..... Mlaal. rid Blapklat. Blaal: "mspOAL Paw- NSM/e/tM/
Bale B. Smith, Hst- ,rcsmusiaa iNasevioiotoBABOSN
Also. Roberta L. MendrtcksMoataoeery. -

Baby<< M. Mitt, .tamp Ala.:; tags.Also Jos.p C .OTt.'es ''0)03) ': Grand TOOL Avenue, ,I
Arcadia Baait 0. (
; .
Mary B. Barata. Paaaa Bpelikts. Mtrlassa.rrtlya Phone 448-3825

City Myra teaser Jack .rlib at. Ou..- VtBlTOBB WtLBOMtm .
aoavillt; Ida K. Pol-
toa; Jaatt,fright, Pt. .
Itcka. Booa; baud ,
n im
Laiderdalt; Jacqaelya
0. DtXart. "'ford, ... ;
Deborah A. Nos eye Jack- R, tilliaaa, Tampa: m ima ncTwa sa 1:
Tfosaa Jokasoa, Bt. ,
aoavillt: ,John P. Phil- ,
Aagw Ut.; Baby" AadirsoaBtottr JOHNSON' :
lips. CkttflMd; MissLsioo..M.eberrylteglasl
lards BtraKUtAathoay.
d ftilacy: ; Bhlrley J OP MIAMI
Mara, It. Aagvstlae;
Bdsard A. BlaadM. Ar- Bell ChlBlty liaise BWBJE taunt). '
B Bradley Brat cave
walls: "". .* Iron W1ib1/i
Bprlags; Lill[. Bell j\
Rawttoraa: tad Jaata L.

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; Loala JtakUa. villt Btaora,
: A. Rkrpar.Kalkoarao .
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Bra... Pal at k a; ; Gloria J. iTERNATO/R /
Laraua Boalssom, CasipValtoa J act... Qitacy: kllia-
; Teroalea' "1...- both A. fcalay, tetettr: ,
look. Bt. Aagatiat;
JacfM B. ''''w. BivtrJtMtlot
Frederick C. 3...... aAnrtcetAi";
: LaU .. ".- a
at. Aatastiaa; ckarle.M. klaa, van Beaekf' BlorU
kid... Lak.1 sad; C. Ucma. AM Pert; c itAii TsiiCd;
t RADIO STARS Baajaaia I..... Ota' **; try B. .u.,. e....

Jaaws 0. ,.'e. Palma Boktit Base, .art.*.; Dma .- 635.61593lir
t..t "..,..I,. "a rt.Ban 1. ....n. PU Laav /llK N IL
*" ....Ie1.. Hal dtrdalt: Btratra ICkMlta

..., Plsrah.eL tr.. pt. Us ard I1t
1 ..... ""...'111.; :
Beolaal BBltt. B4laM< Starting a new. home ?
; WAME -1260 Bart Vrt6kUB MestMoe; Tills. Pie U alllm.PV .
.t r JktatJtaUity.... Jack.ema.lllr Bttn; .... B. Malts, :III tm tt you aowr, t* SMURW M ,"ti' ai.:
Barrs Jell hI..; Brthy tllae.. Mi MM, unwaa *aa a KOM wort,...)
..... ; '1\eetU p ,
At.xGftcl.r' Furnffvra xch
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wtffv MIL sm stun Till UIPCas

1\ '!' >f

( '\ : :.....,. ; ;"" .0 ... tn raot *** Boot*
." .,...... .Scar.Clnell.r .
'i "W"M
t ,: .. : Hear "Hot Line Nightly At 11 p. :. ,: r r .*.* ere.. >B t D DucavnrM l11 tf. 2'18'
1 With Donald W. Jens & HeroW L. $tsyneel I. _.1sr6.M.;.
i vu,..aseeee
'I/r.t a*:... $4.....
rMMAse. ,c.:....... .......of ta.t Iftl

i .. -t'v.... .... .... ."'. ,. I. n ..
.- ... --

'" '4r ..L. ,
----- - -

1 fT > :' 1or

l iinkilt HIM T. "nit mini HAS PAPERS "I[ "

.. ....... .-; ,. -0 ... ..... .
i Tt _
:: -: ,

.J. .. .... .... .


Wallace Foe Pnsbyfirliis To hiss 500,000 -- W Student. Attend SymposiumS -- Froatlan I iBtdrnatteeal I Solectihm

Aids NAACP Find For Arrislid Rights Workers \\ \ Bush For CoBVealfo. She

Jin TOM Alabaia Oovwithout 1\rwlbot. South Proatitrt Sitiraatlonal 90-!4, according to 0.1. -
'.ftIO r IIIor. C.ss I ac..- S will eoirini at Must Illpatrlek, local tea
nn TOM .
.. r tkt tint of a aeries
knotlni lt bu ...'. Kooaay Plaaa July VMtioa Clllal,...
of ptraaaiit "ltU oatpo.t," to
.. dell tilt wry emu hi alvi oatkt
spot aniitanet to then arruttd la civil rltfata
OM till toOl bt tiUbllakid !. Atlaata. Otorila.ni OPENING SPECIALSAC
rlifcti oriwlMtlon DU .........................
put. bM oiitUvtd.UMaiVllt Project kM bin
B. ?sadsra. .adt possible fey tbs llaort Jr.. till ooa.1111oa. I AUTO LITE SPARK PLUGS 53?
raster of ft. :.ud.u NAACP Lout Define) tad '. .....u.. dl* BONDED BRAKE SHOES ((2 thul Sit) 2.8.t. f
Auto (Until .flrvletlaa.tklwww Rdueatlot.it fund lUll rector irittattd a I
dticloMdthit tki financial aid of tkt check for 110,000 to may"y (( WIIllt) ) Sat) S.It '*

the US ,.. Oov. tallact Unlttd FrMfajrUriu Cot Jack Oriinbiri. 'dlrto 1 6 SHOCKS TYPE MOST CARS- J.8f( *
paid for his Btrvlct n' aluloa on Uliiion aad tOfOOVBMl Of the Legal .
applied to Mr toadin' Rice IItf... and KdueatloaalMad. r VISTA WASH I lAX .__._._ ...89? :
$500 lift MMbinhlp. till KIT Oayraad I.U' ': i
SIMONIZ800YJHEEN_.... --,77 C'
'D n ooaalttiint to JOHNSON SPRAYSHINE CARNU._._1,29
It but
this nee proiraa
aaotktr taaiiklo ti* PRESTON C ARW AX ..... .1,2.t" .

pnulon that our church JJm mI -- ..-ber.> of the rlorida MM Iftl-trittr HconoiU* Clib LYKNU RADIATOR ODUCTS _._ ,49 :
btlitm that the Ooapildiaaada less hosts recently to two lilt Indian students dariei I uripoiUa OB lidli'i Ant tI) Kill,. Pill' PlUk Sulir I lisp lock
"ul jostlesb.fon eoBoile system sponsored b* the FAKU onuiuttoa. MMbtri of the bolt group VENTILATED COOL 1&
the tae tor all art pictured vltk the vlilton, both graduate atudinti at Florid State Onivtratty '
Mr. illaon nld. "To who ipokt durUf the lymwiiua. Bon seated, lift to right Ire: MlitVinidiat SEAT BELTS I. II
blllltl leas Mild be Ottibi, Jaoktoavlllt; tenths M. ,Pate Mbiy. ladle; Jobs Coll IB*, SAFETY VISION ..._ L OB
to bI 1&1 tal&II till to Nil Mimi; TMittant 'K. Miavt/ ftMbtr: and Virgil Johnioo, Pubis Oa. Itandini, lift lfiIR SOncr.
shorn .t castles" to be to right in: 'Thesis "Malli Miufort tC.. Jaaia I.)), Tallahuiu, rrtJ.lit! HIGHWAY SAFETY Kit!!_ 1.77
Lord of al). toodioa, lUvaaaak Oai Olllt Ckitaoa Jr., Tupi; in. Joyce Pltl-iu, It. Pi* CAR BUTLER _
Mr. Qrttebin said the ttriburi, Cdmrd Pridtrlck, JickMnvllli; Robert Olalaek Otiimlllt; and til 1.98
"Itcal oitpoit" pro HM ...d., Dilray Reach T0 PIECE FLOOR MAT..._ __ 1,97
tree till make U pot '
Iblt to rttaia a full AIM frosp Atoms LBJ Offers '.Ylrl111 I ONE PIECE FULL FRONT MAT. .2.97
I time attoratr la At* BOOSTER CABLES .99
lanta, she till be able Frtttmiry Confab IWltNQTON (VIP) tki 4Iyiartld local
en to MM late tna other hltaiy M. Tong, iiicu* sill lOt lnvt the
Inns of the South aad ATUNTA. I. florid the director of tilt League piraiiiBtly to CHROME AIR CLEANERS
4 3 rtpmtat .dtfndmtt Utlvll AM Vnlvinlty.TillihM Nitlonil urbia LIIIUIkn accept the poiitloi, KANDY APPLE PAINTS
rights eu.. an. tn rtprtiiBttd ba offered the aid that If kt doss HUB DATTERY CHARGERS
The tutu ) pkut of here atIa.. sectional deputy coinad poet of It till only bt for a STICK SHIFT CONVERSION KITS
till proiria alto calls conference of Alrhi phi the pruldiit'a iitl abort tin ippotataiat
for the aeqvliltloa o( Oaiia Nitloaal lirvlctPritiralty poverty cwpilia. cadet to iiiiit IB uttiii MANY OTHER ACCESSORIES I
a rtdirallafllbnuTiadtkt l .tI1II Section poverty director a. lr tin poverty prairaa off '
rental of officealbs II of the oriiaUitloa tint thriven, director the iroind. :, 'SAMARANAUTOMOTIVE
'IJMG; SIZE kid its uaial atitlii of thi pease Corp. C .
ncy of till pro at iBory Oilvirilty.Plvi lut iiforaid coerces One Adult I One Vottl INC
jest If"out of a riooi ripriiiatatlvta IB uihliitoi believe e e ,
attics that IlYU rl-hti tree PAMITI tarps Delta
.. .... tae kat aot heroes aa ckaptir attiadid DON'T LOSE 'YOU1 WUVIS1 LICINHIERV1CI
: -L latrlcatt specialty and Other ckaptira fro fUT INtVRANCI AGENCY BM W4 All Items AvtlUbli At Both Btortt
that 1.|*1 activity la Florida la .""'Uf. mtn peep.I ant of a*( bees ..... Mvers ..... *W. ,<
Spotlight, Predict the fltld kit auk at ,.. inference ins MMy nrt i>*t.*>dii Of meW p aa atf oHM atncy toOMfteMAtrtoiida.
rooBtd la the last d*. oludid IoU PJM Plorlda 4621 N.W. 27th AWl.. ', ,.1 VPhont -
"" Of The WiikWMBM code. Orttabtn nil State Utlvirttty sped. Hu MR4r1'i fLED SAM DAY
a.l4M fi;
rises u. to tttabllik Iota HtkaifCookBiBColin .
tkir 'ltal Mtpoiti" *. Strvi* First hivriiMS4t7 A...., .6N.....W. t.. St.
7J la other cnetil areas
plwi for the aitioiil
of the teat at funds counties, to be hId Nonkwtd 7lh Avow, hoard NB 54)3) Ph...i 444-4742

KM FtoUi sad Btrtoaatl ptnlt Dtonbir JI-81, 1M4, 11)00 Sonkwort 37tk Avaut. ,OptocU ..NA 44412 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS & ACCESSORIES<<
,.. at Divir Colo.

.' .
V /
t .;:.'k Cern.1 In .ntI
: 1't 1 1"i'f. /!!.

.:' K ,.. ... the I
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We think i if 1 ..... riIs. IHrv

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: tltCTM 4-DOC3H 1 fltUAUM ItOAN '

t M ;: f you re seriously' $4395 *

y interested in a new -

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r car, you. can't help .

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1*"-'getting serious about a


".. $ 2737
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"" r Will HUD

1 TIgEb+l.
;; _MW'.ooo. ifowl covrt

# bl
4514" "
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r -t,


::'. 311". 21 S.N. Ith St., Miami K41N1I'

.'" .H.,..."....\.yII'. .j r yh. ., 1 \


'";..":-"'------.. ... -.....-..............---- .... w - "' .-.. _._-- ---.. ., w_ ---., .---. ... - ,

f i '' -.<** .. f 'f t I

I. icr ? fUiiBi mi MPKJ simiii 1m. i, mi 1

I'n Sectional !Representative* Confer El.. A&M Joins Asiociatlon Completes Annual l Confab \
_________ I
Poetry Seminar

TAMPA -- Florida AM ) .
University will be MOIl,
z. 26 colleges taklna part
In the atatCa Pint Anaaal -

Poetry Festival to rrir y J t tM tb
.. btld hart March sat
the University of
south Florida.
Dr. I. Randolph fd-
ondt, ehalrasa of the
Department of Speech and
Draaa at PAW it ......
arrangements for participation -
of students
from tb. Tailabaaato .
eaapua to the festival.
Faculty .en bora fro

participating iaatltt 'i,( :
tlona .ill carte aa \\
critics when the ttt t. : j' ir4
ATTOD.P1AT COhrnUSCF. Meabera Of tht,Florida AMI OnUverslty Kappa Delta dents road poatry la .. .. .. \ ,'t !fit'')(t 'It +
Chapter ef Alpha Phi Omega National Service Prataralty recently attended tbtiaectional the Categories; road I ; ('? i'
conference of the organization at Kaory University, Atlanta.KUZZIN'S or' a theatre, choral ... 1 ': ';i
i" l,,( .
r' -- ---- ------" --------' u idle I, on sisal J'I ,\,.
poetry, lyric aid narrative
"t". "
"Slaco this event la
: to be a real festivalfor 'I-.
4 ill North Macomb Street. II the pleaaaro of

GOSPEL BLUES POP JAZZ II poetry reading, there aid hearing will bono .........

45 LPs I trophies, plaques or -' &ilJfj'lII1II.icllftif.1..111U.. of to MU Auval Clinic aid IStk Mail Mecttaf of tat
.. $ ., certlfleatea for the Florida MM Wlreralty Cllalc.al Aaaoclatioo are anon :Here. la the top photo, at the loft, Dr. ....
:: Join KUZZIN'S FAN CLUB! I. winners." according to Hutto, Veteran Clinical Aaaoclattoa aoabor frog Balabrldje\ Ga., presents a certificate of award to
ail f4.4116 I' proto Alaa Barrett director .. Maria L. Boat, Instructor la the FAM) Departteot of FbarMcy. la the top right photo, EMuel A.
I of the festival Banks, Ph.D., chaplala.of Hilli.-Mtller Hospital and Health Center, University of Florida CalaeaTlllo -
--- -
--- ---- ----
I la shown delivering the keynote ddr.... Sam. seated left to right, are:Dr. Hntto, .11""Wh.r -
j ton Youni.M.D., Ph.D., professor of nevro-aaatoajr, Howard University, ffaahlaitoa, D.C., meat dial -
., clan and apeakor; !.A. Colby, D.D.a, p ml dm I of the laical Aaaoclatloa, Oalaeavlllo, prealdlag ,'
.'Y and Dr.George t. Gore jr.prealdont of Florida JUM Daiteraity. In the lower left photo, loft to rt ht.,
is your name ; arc: .Mra. Boat Dr. Young, Mra. W.F. Porter, acbool aural a FAMU High .School,TaUab....*, who substituted
for Mra. Theresa HI ton, R.M., Orlando, recipient of another certificate of award; Dr. Hut-
rt toand; L.H.B. Footo.M.D., eiecutlvo'aecrotarjr'treaaurer of the FAMU Clinical Aaaoclattoa TaJh l.....
A.J. Long, M.D., Palatka, recipient of a copy of the'recently published "niatoiy of Florida Agricultural -
t ? \ and Mechanical Ullnult," ,la ahown seated in front of the group In the lower left Photo
> : in the book ', "Pti ; the lower right photo ahowa a group of guest ollalclaaa photographed following the opening aornlnt'taeaaloa.

Members of the group represented the aiedlca, dental,- nuralng, phanacevtlcal, and rellgloue
therapy aectiona of the pull Clinical Aaaoclatlon.

a t j .88 8., ,., -.' .' ..., :. .. ;..8. 8 .' 8 ., .' .88. I Grads Ready For Telecast Educators Articles Gore Reelected

I I. f r ." '
Saying Bank's
.' I' ,t. Are Acceptedfor
/\ Directors' Board

Publication MASHVILU. T Bn. Dr.
You can't vote George '.' Core Jr., proaldeat -
: ..
ALLAH A88KI Fotr of Florida ASH
if you're notregistered article cad a book re- Dalferaity, was reelected -
>r t r 'flew, wrlttear Dr, to the board of
r Anne R, Oajrlea, pro dlrectora of Naabvllle' a
1't't feaaor of education at Cltiteat savings Bank
Florida At* University, aad Trust Coapeny at the
: Whtn you tradiuU from high school, they have been recently ace recent dlawad labile
put your name in the school yoarbook. cet
When you havt telephone inatallad,they A Hat of the artl l..' o1a1. i.. tuUOll.,,,? 1 1 1ligb
put your name in the telephone book. sad >publication for polats la h.;
e But you and only you-can got your name which they are schedulediaekidea history of Aaerlea'a
in the moat Important book of all-tho roll ; "More Kffet oldeat ileiro bask
of Registered Voters of prodnct-tboElection "
I a, Book." your tlte Teaching Through founded'u. "'one-coat
I a Better PI ana Ing," 'THE atvlaga bank" in 1044
And if you're not In the book you ought "'lpOa-
: detailed during
CUEARUO H006K were
lob.t ..
% albllltlea of the Col- the Nth analferaary an.tal .
Bee.UItIC"'n not rogiattrad you can'tgot
in the polcom. Election Day I.,. Superriaor in aatataraahlp atdekholdera'
You can't even vote for dog catcher- Teachiag Pro- ...U.". Aa appeal usa
much loat mayor councilman: concroaaman.. k- I,. ." ecAmiLr rcvtKiOF aide tor. "shower of
.aorutor or prealdont-unitta your name YIn M10RCB EDUCATION deposits" to raise the
the book. AMONQ leOHOFS! : : .IU" .% bank' depoaita listing
You don't even havt the light to complain lions for Better laetructieoal to M Billion la 1....
unleaa )'OU.... rogiatortd and vot. ...tTTS Alt talented trio of turner Florida. PlanaUf !. II acldi Uo. to Dr.
Bo clOD"I'yountlf out of this yoar't key AIM tftlwaltj alngera r"writly aadltloaed and sere High school Teach lag." Gore, these other of.
alKtlona. Get your name fat the book. A lot selected for a fortk>coelag appearance oa the Ted FLORIDA BTATH TTACHnS fleets aid directors
of your friend and neighbors art already Mack Oriilaal Aaatonr Hoar oa the CM television BUI.CTI! ; Adaltlatra- .ere elected for IttV
t : If YOU'VE' MARRIED MOVED OR Uatod thero. If you know of emt who iia't, aetwork. Plctared loft to right area Mra. Far site D.... report: Ifftttlft I.G. Fergiaoa. presl
: rou whf you go to regiator thenla Harris of Ocala choral director and naltlaatnctor itBtrvitt.Techaldiea .
COME Of AGE'SINCE THE LAST'J: .\ Honor" of Amoricana. AndS at the ...,to. Junior College; Mice for HrroriaACollage' deal; I. c. Sheffield
then-we'll tot you at the polla! Mana Tyche.teacher of gtaeral scale at Oaiaeatill laetnetlot.:" tint,rice prealdoat
ELECTION b. ,.acl M. ...'.tl,. ....i't..
a'a tiaoola Junior High School; and Mice Bettjrt 'THE MlOtO HWCATIONAL" chat nun; L I. Blneaoa,

j host Kvw IT y ..u..t.. ... SLUT V TIMI '.C* hew. Stevens, public school await teacher at the teUuaeleaeatarv t1T1U aeooad vice prestdeat.Os .
I vtoMly i.tMff.d sa W per e..Mir..l.. M* both. ( school la Hollywood, '1 a. no group,
... hv. !. day MAT,lit"UM t4 wt'lMi' lie B
gm l fii (Mini1 yw e sure .. ,. call tketielrta tat "Oradtateteelettee.
", .,.11 MMlf IPVMV If"ptf tl ay KUwtftMiU" wheat .b. sIS--a ate aMr cis sMe
:. Mm*. K. Mir* your t\1: al peer Mme i* the ." its taught by Mra. Rebecca t. Steel.,
I """*" *" '* lh* I
Wk7W MIMMM 0. TW AIMIOMOVtltl you're registered! aaalatant profeaaor of vocal avalo at Florida NIl.I

If,.hewe.ev.d {SJJ*JJt (JJM l..-d"'"UeMaIMwfcl Mra. Hurls It till daughter of Mr. sad Mra. Joan
( "'" a.hrreywi ., irowa of 1131 Boeath Street Court BradeatoaFareatt >
hew Sea v
...le .... ywl
aw bow pteVlIIUfIIJI,. r9t\t1" *!..... OOINO AW4T site ION f"" "; of Miss It..., art Mr. aid Mra PkallaM
\ y.u M. .wee tow ever Mraw 9Vt Vote arw(<-.y AbM.. '. ', ..' REGISTER AT tt..L...." Fla: tad Hat tyoht It the daughter
; lot';.h/a tM.b..kt \'t;' I** '1Iot. ,. ,. 320( EAST BAY STREET tf Mr. aid Sri Janet tllllaaa. 111 Jennings
!II'IM' :,.' County Court House ... .
,i Street, Tall .. .. (pfcgto FHlyaYisitlnQ >
.. '
Fla. A&M
"' '
} "
t : 4

.:/' \i. .',{:'. Re 0 lsl t lion i .. .Books An Open; Diiiy .: / f,'>fI None TALUIABHI t tltdlaga-, Dr odt: t rested oat act la with tttabllahtu the tat -suaMrm wNwAwete:

1 tatioaal relatieet .t"Itr pertlaett to the
; ftttr .. the ....,aI II ".. .
t., ...'. ..1.. ,# .. ". .,; } : .UIII tad
I ;> tlettrit CMpaay arrived technical rtcnltitgrocra .1. -

,'. '. i ,'' Zh' ; r 1:30. (At. lo 5:30 P.M. Until April li, 0(. ?+ t '\' tt the FlortJe A4M Medal ate -*. ,.. .. 1Ine ,WKF| ,
canpaa ,
; .. 111\ \ \ V "' ,
,' .. ,. ( A"' k lit
March S.Me
; 'I A,
; tt arttartl tate
;, !J:Si; NOTICE' NOTICE' !1.'x t

,I 011

i .. .- "* ," i ,' Full Rich
\ ,
"t ,, : Special. i liMtlRogistrafion' ll(At Courthouse) ., (
.. _, I. '
.,...._. ", _< ." t. / HAIRBEAUTY
"- .. "" ", !II: ., 1..1..
"*" ldesday Hard 1 1 10.,6N, P.M. to 9:00 P.M. i

:. : .. ,..

, ; r'i Toisdiy Marcie 17......6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. .

.. .
t .
#'" 1
For Registration Information Calls
' t: TelKUZZIN

t Florida Star Registration Center. J' ,_' I JV IlL

I. : ,

r : ; ;: ': ,, ."EL'4.88O -i (' 'S 4 GOSl'l.AtlES

: Director
.. :; t..' i rti c

: 1II fI.IIIASt, 1I II Y..IIS :Erl.Y .. ,!...1k ,"'" ..... ..,. .! lei ZZIN'S KA1AXETr .
,. ) .....t.
tl.t ,


I', .,...

., .

I > > I

I Steppedup Tennis Action Being Programmed At James W. Johnson Branch YMCA

I Preparing' -For.. .!Busy Season_ !_. Llstei WQB Cagtrs Cop City Championship .

Owe Fight

liD ORLIANI Though
road Uatoa loot tkkOOVyOOlCkt D :i ----r

title, kO
helped win OM laportaatstrugglebarring
of thieloaadclrcalt
telecasts troD aoiro*
rated theaters koro Bdii
ether deep south
Tko issue was brovikt
to the prUofliktor'i
atttatloa by RotkU
tolls tie ckalma of
II.. Orleans COM after
aka tad two other COM
.oabor were arrested
during a peaceful diaoa
trail OB at loo-fa state
..., .....,.,>..tr.rNETTEItS -...... "Tour refusal to por-
I sit ahoolat of the fight
Trans oatbotUotB of the Jobntoa truck TICA are preparing for li segregated theaters
tweak elaaaoB Batardty fro. 10 until 12 DOOB and will aekodalo obalJ sags will establish yoa Maa
toarauoDt Sunday at 2:30 P..01II.. Ferry It. Oaarta. the claaaoo sad follotlaf aUtlao ckaaploa la
tmnoy art opoo to players holding YMCA anbtrablpa oaly. Mottoro shorn kaMllaitro the frtadoa struggle,"
loft are: flByorCoach Julius Ovlayard Prod Sebill sad. Jlaaj talker, aid bias tolla u otroa
Standing Eros laft: Mra. nary Laao, Kill Mary Orakaa, ..II.... libel "..ard.
both and Nltoa
to Bonny UatoB ASTTM or ALL TEE BORVn IB aoosc-fro.* seated fro loft aro: fans Orooi, .ra.
(Royal Art Studio Photo) Caaalaa Clay behind ilBBlBi Bun. Tadpole bukotooro of tko Johnny Iron, Don til 11 MB, Al Pr t.r, sod IllbortOlbaoa.
Llitoi decided to take llaoBd JokBBoa toortBtloa Cater von tko city IfBBtflec froa loft teach ttlllB R. ftooi
Jackson Sharing FM's SingletonIs action sodas a ',....t. ehtaploBthlp br defeating Jones it. Cater too oat Ronald CwalBia, PraaklU Taylor, Capt. Alphoaiotala
showing Of the TV t 10caat of three gases ether dropping the tint sotto n-n. Cary Harris Michael Jaokaoa, Charles cress
SEAC's MVP here was shifted Tb* cheap tot tko second iu* by a close 14S1 and U Roerottloa Dlrootor, Ctrl too .".. ,.
SWAC Crown ST. AVGUlfIRI--Job. froa Lo... state tally and th title iiioa it-1L Title holders
Singleton of Plorlda No hater to the auatclpal
aerial CoU...' Lions auditor!... Bbovltl of I
With GramblingJACI80H was rated "Hoot Tali tko TV toloottt at YWCA Schtdvlts

"':" able PI 1.,or" of the StAC segregated theaters oaa
11.1. -- tin and 'QIUI tl7'" Car- Basketball Toaraaaoat bold cancelled la Jackaoa,
(SPECIAL) JBCkBOBSttto ter via the foul roito.ud la At baa,. Oa., ,.b. 21* Miaalaolppl; MoatiOBory Tennis Classes
broke through a Prod Hobdy'a disappointed 22, Coach Ponoa E. Martha Alabaaa ud other deep ,
taut1lll.for..lflll" crew appeared baa announcod. south en I... CORe ...
late Monday sight to haggard and toot tonally The aoloetloa was made tioatl Director Jt... Challenge Matchts
dispose Of OrubllBt.l drained IB the final 11.lnt. by tko participates Con Parser wired Llitoa
'. $. to share tko .. of play. fortaco coaches, sad was congratulations OB his
A aeries
Iouttawtlttrll! Athletic Tko two clubs were followed by proaaotatioa BtBBd.Snishes. sew of tonalBeUtttt ton aatekod illl bofoatarod
Coaforoaet crown with deadlocked 4242 ,at of a trophy to Slaclotoa tot atftr* durlll\ tko!
the Loalalaaa f ito.no halftime. by Albany State proalrtantfllllaa AZTT... March say Saturday 21 sorting afurooon'a activity.
at JBMO MldoaJohntoa
final 'road trip Aansg tilt ootataadlai
lolld., setback sea R. Daaala Jr.At
.'was fraught with perU the ,stood la a row for .tto otM time Il.II.h. .3 was announced Rraack this IMCA. .It.. man plum to see ace LEARN A TRADE

for Gr..blh after the a nib Uili. 8oatn.ni UnlT CIAA RUM rkcgrrussoso. Available for a..."ooBM tics till be Ira Artlha U Six Short Moilhj' Ihil
tar ma 2$ of 24 I .el.A oraltf rooted the Jones HIM Ana tat anaMra
and dilldrta& & be
psychology of failure wtlL 'rt.o Y. Mooro,
Tigers 120101 Saturday N. c. -- class starting at 10' Will I. BmflCIAl '
kuRi our tko Tigers sight t9'end a 14-yoar Mi.oiBi b.ff. at tko ud and Ira. Pumice' Jack .11
a a .dll..1t 12
after the UM loot All. drought. nth Anna el C1AA Mia- .' clocll toes, A 1811) For i LIfETIME "'J
American lllio Rood rue J.,ban had sot slag Ckiaploaikipa fee sill be ckarovllaatractora Tko Clok'a maltyplaytra
Wilbur prutor, lID Mar beaten tbo Tlitra alaoo oltaeeoed tko tinsel la- for bo. are olaaalBi. to JACKSONVILLElAtm

1947.UmiM. dirt dial perfortunoo lathe itnatrB el..... till teJlmj eater tko aanaal twiriwy GiLlIE lEe
Uflonro paced l-- F history of tko Boot.tatoklai walker and JvlUaOulnyard. at Plorlda ARM Match
MWIffMtofdrtfltftrwiASTHMA' Jackson w Jtl :33: pola'a.Praslor North Caroliaiaro 37 2I. 630' DAVIS ST. at Beaver "
awl.bo..llhd lod Oraabllai Salter Nieces The annual lociloa of
I IN* air Cii '
with 23. thrash his My to fluoooforaaco officers olU ko bold Welch This Clams31t1N
OrwbllBccooplotod its Met rooordB.fBrtB Saturday night March t laCIS."Un, noun
regular season with a a safer la at To-clock at Uo toCloMlaad 5
t4liski tha! 23-3: record. architectural oaitaotr Avomo heals 112-41-Fly :
Tbo MA9' wckaHpa CM. : |... began his assaults5 All .participants* bt OptnfvfolntiTUIOOrM.R j
piled 11-3 league CIAA records d.rl' bas.f|do .oD.r* of' theY I .
rocord .I tko first dojr of ...,.- S. EVANS
CraabllBC boo woe or ,.tl.., ..1..1.. the Hotmr. o*. ,.*b.r.hlr'earda J .
-------- Jftckaanrtllo'i Moot Il.eastm.rtdn Oraki"
f shared the title for 100-yard freestyle la arc ovtllablo and
tlaaa dnrUf the past ..MM.bn"lladotoa'', MVP record ttoo la both the ;sa'ho ..tal... Ir.. 7 3RD & MAIN
all ataaoa heats and tko ttaola. .iproirMi dlrtctor. Jvlli 1S-1I-41 Itt Your OLD CAR$Wake tM Down fiyawnt
too was availed oat ,..rIac..t .. eoatlatod kit. roeoriBOttlBC ::10.$.
You Coo t Nave To Oo To Tow ft Get
on tko All VMS PB.. OB tkO I*.' SAYINGS In.ur Ill U JH 63 Pont. Bonnovillo . .$2995 ,
TOM sad oa tko All wooed day of the three .....1... .Mrs oaa WWS 1IIIfII.Mn)A fin..... t

LOW PRICES Tours., Tat. day aoii foot la tko :, Hoary DanUli. who >- .otlo.o Mess deer 63 Ford C. Squire . $2795
A graduate of ttrray II* 20 -,and trees ty ls, both tested JTlMy BaUtr and No adds, aibtrail WMTUWUTT* set "".. MWI ** *.* 1M. i.
School la It. Aocoatlao, la tko beat Md fiaatB.QereleatlM "Jells Ciliynrd.. tie NO sorts It all aroMd
On Tour iailotoa la son la his I. kladonoutloo tatted his whir one Oiling ATIIACTICM 62 Buick ConverUbo! .$1995
aanlor yoar at PMC.PMC of record ratlof d.rlB| tko avillf .
MUG STORE NEEDS *o Lloaa placed third aad eocpttltloa. NMroeattacktd February Colayardataiatd lI-N-1e 63 Ford Calorie "500"' .$2295
la tko tooraaaoati do. tko sraellei tko ,....,., e"..,*.......... ,4 a*.*....,. seas 0 wane,M....
Trade lUll Your ..lghbort>ood Drug store foatlai pays Colloto>> of IllO'yard freestyle, ,.,. by Situatingrrhss/ Man's 63'/i' Ford
./ Days Coupe . .$2695
II wILl HER ART PRICES AW.W TOW LOCAL PAfW.to AofBita by a score ss/sg kj a Btiat flotokor sad illllt. ; e..|...
Dolror. also fill all Doctors Ptoacrlptloaa of II to T4, sad Cdtard tkroo-yardo or No.ordValtorolty'a I.UII. Are Numbered
atoro College of "",- AoroaUkardaoa Other ,.U., players ...' Pay art .eakerod" 63 Chev. Impala Convert. $2695
lllol24T.. but loola la rooord aro JlMf aaUrr. iillio 1 hulk and for LeAMOMV(MB Mtl

', Dixie Pharmacy to lorrla Coll.it, ofwotor tlM.AddltloBBlly. Ss/tkhPapeie PUtrbtr.Cfcarlt. taao Can to Years tkoa 60 Volkswagen . $ 995
..Co. 7.-... a *HrkllM 'ta.I,..".. Too lass leer looty0aya
.J 1 I 1312 I.gs lul at t ,Invite Iii Alas partldpatlai la lt to the 00ordfrofotylo ,......, /MM non oadaatoa Lochy Color It*. to CSSD/1"1F000/ .hl'
w tko r........, ..r la. relay ky Vaplo.r Md too lit poorjoreooopo
flit tIle 5-5UJ-H Taaaak state aad Albany scares Weight hIs tt.. '. *. label Steward OM fetde It r HIOft.--...t.IOI.n.... ........ ,l.. .. ..$740auV
.JIi' Stats, tko littor playing 09 to 5 .",... ascend rated tko top player la .art*
'v- .. host place finish behind tls' tko ...'. ,ltillil... Pill U tko hash "/..
f.TTHt ,UMT VITEI 111 TEUIsI. .. ....,. .
f "Uo U| M MAC otlMPok. earl Dtlarelly. Playoro .t. laBrtl Md ecU U WWAC, Not
B .ILLS 24, MrtUlpatlaitoaai |M.4lBttr, Bt tko 'lralla, la the Cities Sea 1"1.''''..
IT HI Jill. Boaboro ooro .oator ooloJaaUoa ., tko ...t, arcH ChU.... Matches rlllo .. norlda.TTTT .
talaod la, tko StadoatLoooio ooa.koo aad meet of. .ro ro,,oild t. k. N,. .. .. ... ..
"- ottlo tko ooockooaad fields ....1.....' unrest at tko Perry IU
teff otkor' offlolala a|* MeteS MUM tko tltl.t ...... ...". Soodat at -
i' td CC elf t.o.d a roowtloo a tko ''''&.atM.a.. Party I: H ,.*. DUI 0111I.

f ', ,. able U the ,J... lotol. olpaBt I. ...&." fael'ia.d. tl.isVs duel' ... DIll

t..r :.. t.Jam, Fr.-, -
--a..r-r...r.r..w -W ea..5 t
ILUI OCEAN BREAM .,-...... 29c

J P... n111N Igo Ie"I :..-'rr Ntas
.c.L...r.-4r..' M'S......515WHITNIN'G.1
":' la. 35

m Ian .
,. JIlt f'f 01.ITCJI TftK a1RECT
.. ff of.-N *51H.eesd
r .... & *I eseisare
wwr a 9" iJ ..ergt'MF 9! genie eee e
I ... ire ire- OX04402X112.
...... ... .... Ie
iiiiiW lit
CWMTflfll 12IMi
Slrt .. -
'..:.. r.5r

; --..,,. s wee'.n.-
I MI .. 1E1 WSMfM a* 3at

0111 a. as at :

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s as 5.as Beef lest
at its s

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,> . ... *: r

------- -
-- --

F .. (

rm '2 FLIIII STil PAPEIS SITIII1T Hlltl '1. lili
IT'S lEI, Youth Observance Hortbrestera) Band' Primitive Baptist Women's CongressTo famed Holiday

IT'S HAM 1(11oM' Is Sunday Feature Sets Concert Sunday Convene At Daytona Beach '1101' ,Ice Slated

.J2 Al. St. Matthews The Northwestern High
'#'51 "Cut" BRAND INCCNSC G'JafA-ft. Florida and South Oeortla Ota rent loo For .Coliseum,
School Bud will
.$2. BOTH 'ITEMS $3.00, MM Gall Price, I It.- present and toaon'i Cbogreaa of Primitive Baptists will bo aP
NO C.O.D. '1. *.C. SERVICE dent at New Sttnton High Its 7th annual concert hold March I8-2J II Now Zion Prlnltlr Baptist Here 5-Dan 4
Sunday at 4 ,..., la the
CO.. BOX 305, F.S C.P. STATICN. School mil serve M Church Daytona Botch .... 6. ftlt tr. hoot ..111tI' iBtoraatioaallyfaMdRoliday
CCTTOIT2I. MKHIGAN. '!stress of ceriBoalea school cafotorlua, underdlr.ctton.fjulisn ................,......... Oo lea will pro- '
for the youth progress Officers include, lent its BOW 19th Edltloa -
hare chargo of the 3 p.
band ia of theyoungest 1 iA
STRAND Theatre Sunday at 3 ,..., 1pG.to .- ia the one state and II.G. Mlles, general U. ....101. and tilt la JickaonrllloColiteia : ; ;
STUTIR6S1NOAY red by the Tenth president; Mrs Mary P. sisters sires at for eight
Pihor Board in It. has progressed froa a Allen Tallahaiaoo; Wo 3.43 p... A tea will bo .boss. March 1722. I
Matthew Baptist Church Class "D" band to a un' Congress jreoi- presented by tho doatconexie The popular show open ----
ALL NEW THRILLS! Outside Claaa "A" band. Lionel deal; I.... I.,. Brut!rtt sad aiiaiitoro its annual stop ia the :
H. Moore orgaaliod the
The program ia: Introductlon Mini vice president; sires at 4.30 p... 10.000-aoat Colloena
NEVER of Blitreui>> of band in liST with a BOB* Mra. r..I. ,.t.rlOl. At.Petersburg March 20 at It:30 a.au with a colorful faatcovisg k' '
eereaonloa, Mil J. berihlp of 37. The bind second 'ehowtlao
vice .". R.M. Ooodlaa will OB
't. SEEN! Darin, .'....r. Mill participated ia its first proaldoati Mra. A.I. giro the annual aoraon. Broadway spectacular

I Oetra Belcher; nailc.Mt band festival la 1 JS. Prazlor, Jaekaoarillo, The educational action and moves into two and
i ftiaai Youth Choir; The following selections recording secretary and will bo given at the ono-half hours of fullyintortaiBBoat

election, Din Tansy will be render:"'tight Mra. a.r.. Brown. pooaa* .,::30' P.M., .....0It. that introduces -
I Taylor Debra finer, Calvary Overture, Owen* cola, flaaneial tecre- March 21, business ioa the stars and
Nathaniel fyatti Joseph dolyn Leeli, Clarinet t err. .loo** cowl t tee report ensembles which are
J.IIUII..IeUI101aJatoo. soloist '"I nt Suite ia financial report of and the election sod installation foatarod la a now kind
r', solos by Harry Sir* 1raleaug I of the award suing .wrpaper ataff, thoflbbocalaa
Leonard all field
1ISMYEQUwi Cynthia Hughe agents, queen of officers of ice shoe There art
Seta,' ,Ja... Cramer.Caroline .onEugene Snood, Charles contestants, national will bo foaturod. At Us spectacular produetloaa -' of Qlbba JC, It, Petertbnrg dirt wljtb

Tavern/ Ray- Sykoo, Violet Taylor contention, trip conteit- 7:30: ,... tilt State and dotoaa of consultants during B break between sessions of the
send Holzondorf Alpha Jonathan Me Co no. Gwen ant,. bridal aad nine ,chorus will present a other sots 13th Annual Southern Press Institute hId,at 8atBAaah -
Saith. and other. dolyn Levis, Howard Coat..tUltt will bo Bad '.ullc.l. A hoatof newcooera la- State College, last week. Too .tlld.. ire:
"" right, BB Hughe, C. March It at ll ...*.. o lid.. luai Nakajiaa, Eddie Jackion of Orlando. Doroatha Oadllo of Way
.;:' Dnu Mt. Tabor Kill Williaai Cooper, Depsrtm cst. have boon the. tlay JapaaoaofBprooa cross. oa.i| and Doloroa Seller of St. Pto.Pla.

Baptist ChurchOrder Joe Stevens, Freddie Be* asked to bring exhibit Joins Walker of the leo Too oraaaltanta' were Howard Alexander, director
Clain, Ruby Bradley and for the art department.Tbi ihtxlng the spotlight public relations for Virginia State college The
of services Sunday Conieullo Cbrlitopher; ,tbeno ia, 'Vk 0>rla. College Staff with other oitablloboditara. Florida JC Hewapapor vas rated ouperlor'ty judges

at Mt. Tabor Bnptlat SerMiti," Jonathan tines Journey" for the Institute,

.. .COlOIISCOl'f_ Church sill follow the McCbno, student conductor March 19, all 'depart Beautiful pageantry,. NEW Till MillS
regular order Rev H. ; *nquMt," >raaaGrand,11 Bent will I ...bl. to colorful ooatiBoa,
aid T.: emtreet, pastor, solos by J. Me- boar the annual acldrean brt.tII-taUII.kath., EE; TO'|6S ..-,10.. WAITINOTlCKCTI

announced.The Cote, Jacquolyn Ollliird, of the proaldeat, 'Mra. kandaoBi BOB aadglaaouroua UNT-MM AGtNCr

A Paradise. Districts ,1'11 hold Thomas Brown, John David M.P. Allen, state president airia.nrJttwtbo 210 POST Avc., wtiiou,
.. a MM meeting at J p.L lOa, Nathan Neiblt' lad ROT, 'M.d. lilf, coBpany. N.Y, 'j'
whcrolovoIK AI III the church Districts Kennita floloaon. and the national preil i.1.v' ; Evening shoes are IIJTEI SPECiAl
free! + 1, 7 and S .111 hold a {f4 \ Hall imri MAt raici.CABIII .
Also "Cboator, 'II dent, .*,. P.P. Bl'Ulth3& 'ft ; scheduled Tuesday, lurch AMTEI
Joint. session at 3 .". ,: BC uTV SNOW '
1' Overture, solos, J. The deaconess .111 ,! 17 through Saturday, Bf,UTY OMATOUt ft BAMtfas
la the boa of Mra.florlne PHONE PO 8-!h63. .
McCono Willie Codas, larch at
Frieladsbip Prepares 21 B P.B. NEW HOLLYWOOD BEauTY IBAJMJM
Benton 741 N.LInoola "Pea* \ Matinees
Chirloi Sykj art planned
tlnl," ;"AaeriCM Sa* Mtirttrury for Saturday, March 21 .
.r.. Bernice Hoi II day. Into," solos,. Ruby Bradley PfiesdshipBspttst at 2.30: P.". and oa Bun- BOOMS. 13020.1.CAu. MS. MIL DRtll OdSHOLM
president sill be In Harold Oits.llI., Chinch and Rev RaoaBalth }, day March 22 at 1 and nun) STEL .0215, _AT_0. _->:M50_! _J._4-8774._ _

charge of the BPO, aetni Cocas, Oertldli Omit, pastor'will to* B ,.L All seats are reserved mr WUTEI
which will and talkor Col logo Ban appointed MUSE FH RENT
get T. Iron J. Logotto. tin the aaairoriarycolobratloa and sell for Office
1 Dr. P. A. Stokoa FURNISHED Tyilag,
underway at 4)10) P.M. HOUSt. 112.50
State Midwives Monday and ".80. 12.SO and $2.00. aocretarlal good IB
The closing worihip through March 16 Vice Proaidont. Dr. Children under 12 will WXLY. 'CALL PO 97729.
silk be bold at .. da Stokes ooojoa to the col* English drive car..
6 P. Population Drops March 13. Rev H). bo adBittod half priceto
h..'rS ell ia oiperioacola mt FII IEIT orl IB Mlani. Write:
with He Overatroet delivering Mt. Ararat Bap tho 230!: p... and I
1 NRg11MARI1 SM 1RNUYI,1 the loraon. Florida'a aldflf popu- tin; lid .... L,. Oaai public relations aadproaotioaal p... .aU.... only, NICE LARGE MODI KM BOOMS. interstate 1171. P.O. low
litloa decreased to the EAST EIDiFOR'AOuL'rs JtckBonTlll 1,
.41.1/LWIMIYe Cd Mill I.M. Piecing ii ou of Macedonia Prlai- work Ro la Tickets be ONLY '
the church reporter 200...'" la 1M3 for the the Baptist will hare a graduate of Oakwood dinned trOll say the CbliiouB par 'ttONll EL 9-4394. Florida.APHTMEIT .
first time la the state Chu tie.OPEC College.Tho .
1145 P., alias ,
St or
: appointee will FM IERT IELP WiRTEB
over the counter at the
apoaiaoad the public roll NEW 2 Hewn
Civic Andltorl.B, Coll- BOOMS FUMttlSMIO. H. Reporter Trainee
FRIMYS tloat departaent and seam or tlckot office la WATCH ft OATH. 2828 OORIlla school grad or
'J bo ia charge of student downtown Meaning ,.n. LAWN ClRCLI. M*. B MRS 'BOB college Mast be
'TIL 9 P. Il. recruiting sad place- 8. HOPKINS.IfHTMEIT. food in English will
1 I1) Iron,) !>t ( I i V<> neat.Precifttl. No Clues foundIn tnt,. BtartiBf.aalary

FO* ALL 36 MeeIiIt Hiss. Lynching Roe HInes ST, HOT WATCH p.a.rlt'lah.<'nll los 1171. .ck.lDa-

95' THREE ROOMS Officers and residents S BOOMS. CALL Mis. JONCI, Tlllo I. Florida.tfMTMdT ,
31R00M5S279' of Proelnct 3.B are UBBCTT. MIB8.-arlff a .()II'.
BIDROOK tied to attend the reg- Daaiol Jonei said hero LEI'S SHE IEPIII

LIVING ROOM lat ltlal, aeotlagachodulod last wood hi lad failed FH KIT Sill
for Tburadaynight to flad'ia Baste el.." 4 CLIANrue.NISMCO A'T$. liMiriif,

Easy OMlDIMETTCKMOOi Mar. 12 at 7:30 II tho shotgun Haying MO tA"'lr.Z AND 3 DOOMS. II II JIU.50' :till

I 1"\.p ,e o'clock<< ia Row Zloa lap. of Negro who laid. Boon FREE LISTS AND BATCH
reel ;' e tint Church, 7th sad a wblto Baa naoot another $14.50 WKLV.CNILtMN Is Sir lily lisiiusI4S
I ... DarlB eta Retro active la a voter ACCIPTIO. FOil
\ tfi GtoirIrxludt ', registration drive INroeATiONCAu76. Flirih linn

''1' latarrleted a
A i Doobto ,HARLEM lotofpooalo but .....'.
,t DrtsMr with Mirror COB ip wits a thing
lorgtChcttondBookcow yet" tho *.,1 tt aald.HI AVST.( S f AvN fOODS

I II Ii II Til
'' Iturdv Box Spring ._*.."UMMT<*l,.,IM Mneee.Aae.I r..** f-m.*1M.NI..rNM ii/i i 4r-..
and Irvtfrtprlng KNIGHT 1577 W. BEAVER M::.. IV$-2633g
Mottnu, Sprtod, SHOWCASEI.N1J.SNHT
2 PglOwt and FOB RENT JuST OmntriM 141 M xrn.iT u.rnnn*.11:1.111.. TNM rim iW \/.
I 2 LomcB. soar : Niw } B4t Stiricr NIIIlIrnlUIU rau Mrs'A'PRdPE

L upfcrottly for .I.MIEl STATION WITH ILl'" !Ir1.fri. i tat Spt... .. fill s.t.Sa r 11." ,.1.
Ms.P It 1M.... P.P.Ir........M.I.gd
Spiinril by
STATION A T seoi Mowcaigr,

.... M.TMII AT .
3t9o-7at. MEDIUM SHRIMP MHn u. 5'c

1 HBHCAUfNTKOI $Me1 l ,... Cswghf
......S CInwtI ......... 110

'. I fill tlH, COW :-..-::.1.:.':'.-= INAPftI u.


| Su4
Silisin -
cline ad GIIIIWIIIlMtIItt
IncIYd'IIOIa bed wIth' .._,_.,,,... ..... 1

oddcholrlittptobltt. 'N-r I M AMY CA BUM OCIANIIEJUH
cof ftt tobl ond 2 lamps.'S12995. kj, Itt& if lull QQc 'l 1

h..I 'zth lASS u 03 4 Us.

sin tins mi u..... ..... ........ '

mi su m* .". OYSTIIS SHILL
I oflB nffWN Jiff I

in-2U4 piiii n s-iui it. 91.ILj- orn,. .RsPt ....

Call Mo Por DBBMtratloBO. 1. Talda .. -...
tea a/UT ................"", t-eel
= -VT........%... u> iiuV
.& CAM flilBIJ ....?.... K;;CM It: VI
.ae Q..Iw% ea-a.
I =GAl CUW'-.. .....LoqaMMAa --

soul-a'I Ilil:;.t'ts.Nw:.:.:u.a5::

fI Iu.r1ll u. 3k

..111II U" 'ta 4kUIIME

I 1 ties alb

tali I G t. 1.11.r

elMHe 1A. and
I I noW J *
't9 iskt
DHVIIIC iMWWWWIAho --.ale a7Na
32 -* of /=

v In JIASY ECIG11heova :Di Tew Know This Mm? YNN.NN ,L4L LtM

nPV pB HfVN H IWf*> W'ttI:;.,..... "'-... 1IiPeF1I

J' iMiisoN's ,PHOTO swnv Iii 1w
sw..r a.nn ti.

TtRMS0+ 5 f17 :N. MYRTLE AVEPHeiie #1 I

OUR OWN I ---tit

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