Florida Star

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286985 F20090524_AACPGJ 00106.jpg 44dc746b75cc39ff61fc7f34c5fbc670e7ab30fc4af223c41050e05151c3312df7dfeef0


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Gets Top U.S.Appointment.


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) Md Agriculture Officer

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civil rights .t.
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mad ether cltli.at laIIM I. ,.... 44, tfIII ... ..............*....... a Mperier sow
.* firUtr charged over tM yeses bi* .. loth It. !. UoM. -ft. policy operator ___. _.
tlst fort Ut Civil war." aproolatat .ectdwy.ohlcb liltfltld'bad .w. ,... Atard, Md eats
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: ,. Uo llokop Buckler, 41. baaJoUd the Itadlai otptrMta by lain.re .U... sec ,tI..... rides ordered It ro !I. Sh.otlR|
Uo City of MlOtpartotat for the 1e,. I". aot4aitloa bMdaed bwedialtlytut ,
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lottod at Uo AaaaalCoafortaoo of r.tll ityaad for "ua...t- Ue Malliffcbltf ash late OMferoeceeltt itt i sue bell at Of $c......,.
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ever u Uo AtCMOtMtaad rtlatltat .(..t. It MBMMMM treat aide of aleeatottry trrle t. Ithtea ,r. by tae eetrt.On SLABS--A lyttrold
the Soorottry to .by Lee trice, lopertaat eati. ttoct. path'se'hegltellssdrd
the tlikop** kitfc.t.aay director, fetch Ufadatlta u..u..aI erlatnutleesl'I rile MMttMln tra. a ajooUato, II. OM '
..... flute ealdbeaetltod Tax Assessor's Staff
nmt.t mus .
till teaitit oftritlai fol
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a meeker of .UO ..d
... aM by MUM* hat l mules aboatllMl or, moire oaa a It. talpb t. .lit. Tl, r lotlM a Moolln talifcbM
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of ale Art ... oil! out direct tart la UM eta twill ..lit. OM repertod to Ills te its statics trttatatbot .
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..U.al'r..t..Ua.. elected frotldMt.aittoto ; OMdllltt) U JMUMrial m..
miitloao of tie MtllMlpllaa bead by a caliber .11 ea, act lea M pj
to attract tea sad tktAhtlltlMlit .
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peeler of St. Peel Aft scenes uaablaitoe had of role U Ueor ..* ..a4la.lt, ftdattdty.IM .
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........ ** tie ..., civil llteCMBttlUft. altwUf'* eMUM ........1..,." 111 ads p.altl...**etl MM ..rt. At Issues lo t*.l Ut ..
battle u MM llfrbop .. .. that marks to I' fa tolai loll ta hiker MM tte awtrlabelleftd Ian U MlllB falta. ft. end iafoM Ne- tics IN roaatiff VykattaM
stall bi boo otUlod.tbtr ..... lie Protlitet eat late Gob to ,.. snip Jell ...., bred to be Ueaeatfua M. yi.t. BfUi ....... mf Alt ...eNd ) pees II ba.t. f.l.
*.I.m.1I'&ca- ails Me ttatee'>e't 5 slues Uo eater sees, papaw vial ta ClreeM tn to* policyefterta M IvUK* l jaja.fBMr. ad all. 14Nil/M otf bUk tto y. u.rMHtlCM
fee eeobe BM dual. beo te to tMBtMM* a.tel ..,..' sorters. bet ghat bleb,
tellm..m mmslrom >t.w si/eal M sviasa bees -- t1e5 .I. CM Bel .414 u flail

tAiE" 4If." .' \ nltlu STAI >..m. SITIIIATrEIIIIW 2!. miTHK : .
I. '

FLORIDA STAR. Politics As Usual ;


Publish by The florid Mar PuUlulDf Co, I- : ID \ \ Negro Democrats Want In

ItMbtr of AMocUted Negro 'r..."

It was with considerable interest that

QIC I. SUtrSM--KanfiBf Efitt: Metro members of the Duval County Demo-

UTSIR E. VISE...............Jets Etit* critic Executive Committee read of the .111-
lug of a slate of delegates loyal to Preal-

lUll VMTEN.....Ctalitiii Maqn dent Lyndon B. Johnson and the current

democratic adalnistratlon. This year FloridlY -

Kim imtE I PUNT: will select 56 delegates to the National -

: '*JH Motorist II........,>flii Eltii 41712Uiiliif conTention with SI ,ote.. The slate
was filed by state Democratic chairman warren -

Address: ; Goodrich of Bradenton.
Several factors provoked Negro democratic

P. I. In 511, hcksiitilli 1 1. Florid leaders especially In Counties which have

A registration. Protests were
heavy Metro
MIAMI IFFICE loudest In Duval County which Is In the

131) IV )ri An Pbui 3771025 midst of a mammoth registration drive. One

spokesman stated, "In 1956 and 1960, Florida

BUBBCftlFTION BATB8 was in the Republican column.Duval!: County

Oat Tear, '',00 Half Tear, M,00 went Democratic in 1960 solely because
the 20 odd thousand Negro democratic voters
Nailed to Ton Anyvaere ta the Baited State. -
followed the party ticket.

Bobecrlptloa payable, la Advance He added: "1. have in our possession,
Bead Cheek or Monty Order to: +1 material sent out by our county chairman,

Richard D. Barker, In
he openly supported the
Jacksonville 1, Florida lican ticket. He openly

the state officials' In the Itl

.Nih Of The Metro k.i..r campaign. You can ,
amazement at seeing Ur.

listed as a convention
WASHINGTON (AlfP) -If you are a Negro nee, loyal to the National S if :,

"breadwinner" (head of a family) the Party Slate."

chances are that you are unemployed, with AN AHEIICAN IMACE Other comments centered around the lack of
little chance of finding employment lack
lines of communication between party chair
skills for modern-day employment and are
man Barker and Negro precinct leaders. Ne rt
deficient in reading and writing.
democrats also deplore the lack of
You, the Negro 'breadwinner' fora the gro
meetings. As far as they know, Du
hard core of America' poverty-stricken and Your
WeeklyHoroscope val county nominees for convention slots
artide tlned to remain so--along with your
were filled either by chairman Barker or at
children and, their chlldren--unless real
FEDERAL assistance is placed at your disposal lily-white caucuses.The .
final allegation of Negro demos
unfettered by the bureaucratic red- Guidely
around rumor's of a "deal" between
tape so prevalent in almost every endeavor
the two factions of the local Democratic
ealnatlng from this lovely city on the Potomac.
Executive Committee. It is widely known
that of white democrat ions have
a group
If it is any consolation, the President of
PAIIO The ASTROLOGERWHICH openly opposed the long time' conservative
the United States, himself, knows exactlyhow ,
county chairman. Former county solictor
and downtrodden --and said
poor you are
Lacy Mahon and county clerk John P. King
so in a recent report entitled "Family ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR
were both active in the attempt to wrest
Breadwinners- Their Special Training Nee "J.
control from Barker. But. observers
party as
Will the report revealed little to the
Negro that he did not already know about BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES pointed out, Urs. Xing, and Mrs.
Mahon listed the slate with
were on along
himself, the report has special merit in _
that it reflects the keen awareness of the
A veteran Negro democrat summed the feelings
President concerning the non-chite "have- HOI.I r AM i iv TO piacuii.REGISTER OPPO I Ti.O. YOU PROOUC. Alt LACXINO 'IN THII RtSPKT. .
of the when he stated "we are
Born March Slat thru group
not. of America. 2..e0-4.4-13.52-U4 TIME irrORTI ARt NOT .
democrats in name only." Negroes are expected
April 19th
The report which was prepared for the President IIINO' OVIRLOOKIO. YOU
Thief ANt MANY UNMCDICTAILI ) s-1459-12-47-019 1 to support the party but the party
by the U.S. Department of Labor emphaalxea SHOULD lOON REACH TNt
FACTO HI RIOMIO- CANCERBorn PEG,STEM I does not recognize them as democrats. Thereis
that those non-white breadwinnerswho POINT' WMIRI THIY MAY
June 22nd thru not a Negro in a policy making position
working lower paid and MAKt ALL TMI OirPIRtNCI CAPRICORNBom
are are occupy ..
July anywhere in the party organization. We are
less skilled jobs. fIGI.'IMOMAYI, ICCURITY Dec.
Non-whit breadwinners, said the report, 'INCIOCNCf Of IIAIONALAILMIRTI THI MtookiNO or NIIWOMI '111 MIN9. Jan. 19thi11tU excluded from all party meetings, official

on LAvorri 11 atlATIVIS Oil 'INI and unofficial.
constituted nine percent of all family heads 3-CO-3J-IS-69-WI II A TCNDfNCV DURINO -
APT TO If MTMM MICH" AH IHOULO NOT OK ft*. Several years ago, the Republican Party
held than one-fourth of '
In 1960, but more ( rk \4 THt MRIT" OUARTIR :
AOMOHUMIX4. ONI AND All MITTIO. TO PRtMRYl MARHO ?RPGI / named Negro alternates to their" national"con.ention.Democrats
all service and unskilled jobs and less T1TRPL1RA TO VUMP TO CONCLUSIONS
than four percent of all white-collar Jobs TO UK l TNIIN TIMC/ 'AJHTll.TMHI .'., .MpN 1T .,...,.. *H,.wOU..iKctjtL"AtiON' J ( -- OR TO MAXI OUICK/ tllCI- have Negro 'committee

It you area, non-white married man betweenthe AAI aCARIK |1551| ti..,I, THOU lor a>8.pt. 23rd thru lIONS CONTRARY" TO YOUR members, but in no higher positions.Eric .

axes of 20 and 24you fall in the category CATIOWI Of TNt COMINC OP YOU MO NAYS 'INTCNT Oct. 23rd CUSTOMARY PROCIDURIS.. 0. Simpson, editor of the Florida Star,

of those men with the highest rate of TREK 01. STUINeTNCN TOUR | N| TO TAKI LOU''OI' YOU SIISLRALLY All NOT THIS .10 APT TO RIIULT ran for the post of State Committeeman from

unemployment 11,2 percent In 1962. MONITAIty POSITION IN ANY SHOUT TRIPI WOULD 00 TNt 'KINO OP PINION WHOJMMIOIATILV 'IN IRMR OP JUOeCMIHT, the second district.It .

In contrU tyour white counterpart's unemployment lAY TNAT you CAN. TunWIU WILL TO KITAOUIH PLIII Orp VOROI TMAT ..HOULO NOT Is expected that several Negroes will

rat was only 4.8 percent in INtlMDtN A IITTKMIUNC LATIR OATI AA ITART- 'THC HAMOLI. MN OTNIRIoicoMt II SAID. OR LITTCRI THAT register for state-at-large convention

1962 or neumTYITNIN |INS. POINT TO LlfltN Till oirricuLT. BUT IHOULO NIVIR HAVI OIINRITTIN lots. They may also oppose "one slot"election

For non-white women who "breadwinners," YOU A| THC MONTH RIMS THAT ARI OIINI' AC. YOU MUIT IXPICT tNt DO NOT TIAVIL of slates such as the one 'introduced
CMOS ITI UNCINTAIN WAY.itecirrcNi OURINO' THI by Mr. Goodrich.
the picture is even more\ dismal. A releaseon CCNTUATIO PRIIIURII ON YOU TO II CHIN TNt OFFICIAL' Rt-

. the report worded it this way, t->>-I"'I W38 WHOLI 'U,00. CONIIOIRVOURSIkr ORIATIR THAN THOII TO PORT AOVIII AGAINST' IT e e e e

Non-white women with family responsibilities / YOU NAY[ OTHIRRtAtoNi FlopsIt

have an extremely high unemployment 'YOU OUSINIII ON PROrilllONAl STRINOTHIN TO IILIIVI THAT la to be regretted that the precinct

rat compared with others In the labor RIOUIRIMtNTI, YOUR OITIRMINATION' TO IT MOULD II HAIAROOUl registration did not accomplish more than it

fore. Their Inability to secure employment TAURUSBora PRIVINT YOU PROM INOUIOINO RIMAIN. CALM AND COL- OR SIMPLY A WAITI OP did in increasing registration Recently

affects a considerable amount of April 20th thru IN OTMS PUROUITI ItCTtO NO MATTER WHATANYIOOY TIMI AND INIRIV. YOU appointed Supervisor of aeal.tratloD.Rob.rt

children because many of these women have May 20tbEMoTlOIU BOLITIR YOUR. MOMl SAYS OR 501lC011INS114$. CAM otvt. YOUR IARNIST Mallard said his office had expected at

sol reponsiblllty for the support of !. STORM MAY AND SOCIAL TIPS.b404e1B7 "-1 A TT INT ION TO PROJECTS least 25.000 to 30,000 citizens to take advantage ,

their families." 3-n40 THAT WILL PROVIGI HOU- of the opportunity to register in
The report completely dispels any illusions REG!STWI SINS THAT IS MORI COMPORTAILI. their own neighborhoods.
"well-off Negroes hav* about their edu IIAVIMS YOU SOMKMATIMMIN. 8CORFIOBorn Mallard reported that 10,309 persons registered -
Oct. 24th thru
catlonal status and .standing, as a group or THIRC is IIOTI..II.Y July CO,. 22nd s..o.u.l a..o-ee4 of which 7.012 were white, 3.297
cl.... Born 23rd thru were Negroes. Those figures indicate that
for expansion of training Aug. 22nd TNt AfPAIRS OP YOUR fccisrcm
The report.oall1 a larger percentage of Negroes registeredthan
and retraining protrami, ".s well u literacy TAXI i root or YOU PIR.SONAL PRIINOS ANO OTMIRI WITH AQUARIUSBorn whites, la proportion to population.The .
education for breadwinners whoa skills AND JOINT PIMANCII MOM YOU NAVl PARINTAL" Jan. 20th thru Supervisor pointed out that display

have become obsolete, or ,who cannot Qualify 'IT louie MOT A |I' R040IA4. MA.SUIIS 00 ROMANTIC Till' IHOULOPROVIDI Feb. llth ads listing the registration centers wend
r i' for existing prograns because of reading and ICCMT anaUT WIRI 'fOUC" MI NICIItARV POR INOUON IIC ITI.MUt" IP YOU CAN IIIRT Cow published la the dally papers for seven

nlt1"" / tficl.cl." Till COMMON tILPARI ANOSICURITV rCR YOU AND YOUR PLITI SILP.CONTROL OU- days. The Florida Star -. as a community '
'is WHEN theseprofmas APPLY 'INTIMATII' roll Till 1"T. RIM' TMII RATNIR TURRULWT -
\ Tbs simple Question now are THIM.TMIRC service -- carried messages urging citizens
lliajKI, M PMTICUlMkTtAir .
.. ,
coitus If they are already In existence MI WRY OIITU| PlRIT OUMTIR, YOU' to register during the period the books
tWK arc they and .HOW. really, do you Will MOT 01 INS. IIONt, THAT ALL II WINK THAT YOU WILL I. CM LOn PORRARO TO A were oat without listing the precincts

,: those Negro "breadwinners" who need the Alt, 10 riNISM.. AllOMO MOT AS IT SMOULD 1t.TM/1. Jot PIACI ANO 1"OU.I.I- NAPPY ANO PROIPIROUS" and the Negro public responded In larger
, get into them? IIIIAC OPP PION rII'IIIOI' OMOULB numbers than whites la proportion to popu-
All CMONIC SOIIIP- .,. YOU COULD OINIPIT STIP ACflUIAt IOMITMINO' THAT lation. and that Is as indication that
Negro public responds to lathe
t lit en mo TMRIVI on aessages
: GASOLINE TAXEI MORE MtlH eilCONO. IN 01'1111.IDIII.I'S OILS OP THOU MO All IUPIRVIIION IIP OP LILT TtmuemTO PROM Ml Ml sOulS OC CMCCXCD, Negro press, la larger numbers than


Alltltlll. TO T\RM YOURAPPAIes ,
No similarly necessary product la the- country Sill TO TRUIT- s..eo-as-t 7s34101S1E111 *k/wr7 is. IWT-Tie ......DSme line ... a.Mtfcr < .

is taxed at a rate even apporacalag that Rip sm' tw EM!!* nrnmt. Caarlee Bam mt Jereat .
on gasoline, says a special report oa gasoline Ion lay 2lut 2lstJUMIKO tare TNI! touts PRI Mot. no use MM tint nutlua t. ...-
taxes lath* February issue of the .Humble TINT ANY PURTMl 01- Ion MOT. 23rd tan Born Fob.PISCES Wth thru Ue. a elevate totem peaMylvaala aad mar>rl.ad
article says the average of combined 5CC, ANe. 'L.un u. march 20th Pihmr IMtti-HUary Lwry *M IaN kj tolasme
state and federal taxes oa gasoline Coati MOW IN PO'CI.IOU 7-ao.u-n-l7-rtS UP*I A*At| TMAT MAit YOU AM IN OMt OP YOUR k eltvo tr a Mb at .4s. AIJD. \.

to five times the excise tax rat that la MAY at no TO stum : TNt PMHLV MAY. IN PMT, IT AM I WIN YOU AM APT ,....., lMPTM f1c* BoMJaa. viatorena -

applied to luxuries such aa fura.Jewelry THAT YW MAYS a HICTICMCMTH VIRGO II DUe TO tat It...... TO PAY TMt AC:10 WOROO .4..-je rsaI.t. Gt4 at MC 71 la Wftektactoe.Petnarr .

perfume, silverware, sad entertainment."The AHEA5 Or YOU. This Ion Aug. 23rd torsSept. OP VMl VOUM4IO OmiATIOMj till AM CUTTMO TO TNt 2&. im-Ptriiiele "tea" M,I..... J

oil industry has always supported OIL II taut OMIV ,IM SOru 22odCYttYONI OR WprtRIMCtl OYtRMl WIlY OMI I MO lUlU s M.* Ua at aavtoe. ..., *.... l..*toa Lath
adeQ ate road, end it agrees that fuel M twit hut 1U1" ... TO NAYS CM SMOW.O TMt ,.. OIPrtRlNTLV PROM 'H. tats U I.Mt.iPkn.ry ,

taxes should be used to baUd and aalatair Till l, CONCIMIO. CM* IOU OOMO M ILk A| tairr NOME oe CMIU.TMIK YOU WIll NAYS TO PIMAMCMMT SATINTOIILP 220 ni>"*.,.. .....(.**.fins Ia _

than" the Humble publication ..,.. "It Piivtai AM* *T'tas !IN VPI. If YOU CM WlTM.ST IS mooMi MR MA.IOMIM AM* ,rwt..... OMO ton ta Vtrdala. :: *
also believe that a good highway system AUHOaiTV Maw Net 01 .0 TNt MOCtS THAT a.* TNt ORWTINOOP MITMINS.
benefits more people than the highway user "L'I' slat TNt .AY Mea OUt aioociaTl coMCtiiiOMt. OUT IT COMMTI-
himself. For example, it aid national defense IVIMTIST CONCIIIIM.Yov .M| OURIMO THIS Pill IIMTUiaV TO Of MTCCTI TOMS MC NOT illOVV TO your votes i

opens up new ,areas create new valBM. WIn MOT IMMMCIvout OUMTIR. YW will MAftIITTLI MMTIi TMtn slot ITAMS ov iMiinv IMUIVM

lower traaaportatloa costa expedite* ajTuni PMoncrs ovaifutlM tilt TO MRRYAMWT. Oil |0t RAT.IR ||. Mt MA..M YM. OMMJ -_ '

aseatlal Mnlc.ud benefits every clUI. TO CMAM'| T5t YM tim 0* VOUO PlOtlYt *NOM M|. YOU 94U.O IV OM* *OMRTO

sea many other. "**< Per ta*** reasons eta or ,.,.". Ti.*S lMl PMT OY MITRAIMIMa VOW SMOOi WTIIIH TNt M AU-OMT. VIOMT YMce countsregister

it is ..tar'tooct kiibwaj user taxea MOT APT TO K WW _lOll TO 01 OYIRLYCaiTICAi. lsUN1e1 Te MAI1 IOU! -* t*. lwaiT otvVM

to few, 'UM entire et of hlafcwja." MUM HTna a MOMS, isP It von PAIL. wiles room' Cwt ITT > WOtIT Of IT.IlgiesInl. .

amy HO*!. tjtftafc that faaolla taxes all Id ALLY VKIM VM Ml VO 00 TMIS, W* CAW IInev .* aiM OtOUlM OMI ATOIPiOWATT "... t. "'
10 into totMUMl' a4 mleUUia streets MIS/5. M Less tuT. v* self a aioitoTiat TO HIT TMtPWMTOUt .

**4 i4. ,tit* artfel eeatia***. sin' raooians Pea 'I o* otocaWMMT tee 15 15151 wre' ::

s .

, r" .

I ,.:\. I IMtiiii

FEiiaiT 21 m ritiip* sm PIPERS > rwjLOOISia

DA Schedules Ready To Launch Annual Project Hampton First Plan Pre Easter

t21 Family Faa NightThe __ I Choice AmongH.S. Fashion ShowThe
!? Lilac Ladies elll
third wnual SeniorsThe
state their. annual Pre-
Pulp Pun Night will JtckaoBvlllt Haap
Patter Pa hloa Show and
aVIRIAID ton Club will relent the
bo held at Douglas
Tea Sunday at 1:10: r.l.
Kvon though thla ia .lightly off the beaten pat* Anderaoa Hlih School Haapton Institute Choir in Brwtttr Cafeteria
for thus coluan I IIIIlt pay tribute to the ... arch ) at T: 10 P. ., la recital on March Mt Models ftlturlil tie
I p... la the Llttl.Th.tr. .
Actlvltlea have benplaaaed
world Heavyweight BoiUit Champion Cassias Bar latest spring faahiott
of the Jacktoa
ctlllua Clay, who hat left no adjective unused for adults will Include Puth Ynl.d. .
vllle Civic Auditorium.
that dMcribo.hU favorably. He has loot ackaow- and children Including The .., Theresa Mackey,
ledced"that ho wW'the greatest" 'prettleet,'' badalntoa, ahuffle- Institute Choir Mae Lillltl. talth, BonieeHiilat
'boll and wonderfuldeHcriptiona. board table tenala, force at Marilyn
to *Qiit beautiful, other the poll.-. tlnce 1870. llaian,
My cotwent la that ho won the crown volleyball paddle two Francis dives, narharariver .
years after the I
and I lI< ItyaodoHty first of court*. sad other guy.The MV I foundUi. The Hampton label Burden and Paul
highlight Of the Singers were first or Clark.
.... .... .... .... evening will btaphjri- ; Itnlitd under the di. Mlllclr...' models sill I
leal fitness tad a rtctiei of Thomas P.
9 ". be Prank R. Curtis, 4 :
Penaer when the
Myrtle Turner entertained Lea Pleura witiat'Clubrecently. { square daaclii ex group will it ...tol. Cynthia J'
face had Rornlta Rierrard Dclorea Bo.- hibitioa by DA's ale went on a fund-rtltlm It.Ie.. Qwendolyn "...
tour in the North to
vc11. ,and Marjorie Alvarcn an meet player '. entary children ton, Charleae Taylor' ,i
raise money for Virginia
Prim were won by Jesuits Wyatt. first place; The elesestar7Children Hall the tint Marilyn Thorpe, Nell, 1.1
Helen Crlncft second place; and Rcrnlta;Sherrard have coa Patricia A. ttaton and /!/t:tothers.
su est prim.uo plated a .h- ...h E'#
.. .. The choir lau been for 1.1 i
lori prcaent were Doria ';coU; Bttello Me- unit ia physical fit- '- -- -- Ira, noulah Icrltl Ian
KtxMlck.; Pay linltm Cornelia Oroe; Dinnette How ..... The Blent activities untie la having dl* .111 nerve aa atrrator i
PROGRAM OmPUrrro Officer and aeabera of TricholotltU Dew ticiana League rectors of kith caliber
ell; Itornthy Dunlin, and, Barbara Walker.Rurtmra will be under Door rrliut will be teardetl i
lAIcal SI lilt Sunday completed plant for their annual Paahionetta-Dance scheduled throughout its hlttory.In .
hiker till be the seat IaIIlltt'IIII"Ie the direction of Mra. and refrenhavntaIII .
M.J. Pauline. for Friday night, Peb. 28 ia Elks Auditorium 71J .. Duval St. Activttlea 1113 the late Dr.
.... .... .... .... will let underway promptly at p p.*. Members shown seated from left are* ire. a. Nathaniel Dett who be aerved.
Complimentary refreshments
will be Myrtle Kohn. second vice president, Mra. Ola Mae Taylor corresponding aecre ... aa Internationally TrichologistsComplete I II I

,". | 0, ftilva and Thelaa Greene were guest play served to all uetta. tary; Mra. Minnie Ue Alexander purllaa-ntarlaa.: Mra. Callle Jarkaon.prtal known coopoter and ar- Annual

ore "m Doric Bennett entertained KtvlnctteaBrlibin There will be no admission dent; and Milt .Rote Telfair third vice president Standing fro left: Mra. ranter of folk and re*

Club.1IN'llara it was an Gloria Fowler, Mra. Vdwlnt: Henry, atalitant ....In..* aananer, Mra Cleeale Illloui music took over Fete Program

Hurper sac first in the bridge session; bounced.Paaily. Jenkins, first vice president Mra jerry Bryant BrevarJ financial secretary; direction of the choir. MeotKra and associated.

Unlay Gllllanl., second; Nun Pletaher.. third. Eaale Pun Night iaa Mra. Lila Anthony, recording aecrtttry, Mra. Eddie L. $roen. ait at araa: Under tie letderahlp the groups aligned with Trleholo'lata -
Rllvu placed first In the went cttenory.taraldtno np-clal project of and Mra. Doretha Mack. Other a..brt are Ira Rttaa Lewis, treasurer; Mra. run choir achieved national ReDutieia-a

<< llllllard.nua L. Ooorite Paulino Davis the Party Oases Classes Barnea, business manager: Mr*. Leila Rrnokiaa, chaplain; Mr*. MarcrlU Nelson proaU-nee and won an Lemuo Local III havtvmpleteii

Ann.MrMinM\rura Lovc.tte. Nona Milt, and Dorothy and the Physical Education Mrs wilaa MeHe, artltt dutntan. outstanding. reputationfor plains for the

Oliver were uM nit ..born preiiont.Word troupe of Mra.M (Royal Art Studio Photo) eutlleace ia per MMnith annual. Pnnhlon-

S .... .... .... .... .J. Pwllne romance etta-r Rce slated for/
Aa hot of the music
Cookmin Slates Prldty might at 0 p.t/
uVpartamt and directorof
ban cote fro the New RtantonOleo Club Annuli ConcertIn the choir, Dr. Deft
Parent Orranlxatlon$ that the drive .la still onto took the choir on a tuoceaaful -
KpiNiHor the Alee Cluh'H trip to the WorldaPair. Civic Auditorium preWorld war II

Tho Kroup maul have 2.000 books of steeps r: Ruropnan: Tour
by April 1. i ttIdit..MICti2! The choir yea also for A

Mrs Alpha II. Moore director of the Glee Club i1 Ruth the r-mira Ii- unite IR having on its

In fumed IN that any kind of atn-p Bay he used, ready selected and re- roster tnprano DovthyMtnor i
SMI. McrctianU Plaid, or any others loner soy ketraala belai carried who' .Mae tlaeelalitd

hers pf the Glee Club are especially urged to under re ular schedule<< iattrnttlontl

surpirt' the drlvo. plane for ..111.. the faae at a concert ar*

Friday alibi lurch Nth tlat.
.... .... .... .... annual Itaraell CookoaaCboru Performing before royal

la Civic Auditortua ) t.blelents.uslliens,
Came Parsons sac hostess when the Cotlllloa the most out- and autla lover of many I'

flub art rwntlr.vvelyn ttaadlat la history It Kuropeu couttrltt, the luPiAilVltll'
.ttIlk-eta Model
walker and Pvle Alexander received prlneu bust undertakes by choir established Mlattrnttloatl
for outstanding perfontanct la the whlit rounds. I,.. R.p Askew edortlllreetor mace for IB rib Mlterlua. Tilf
the ..II.... Included li faunal Street
Other sobers present Included Viola Munroe.Mar* ,
Jorlo RllMore.llortenHe Brown, With Woaton ......i.rlllt1in Coapoiltlo by I.. Its nay tours etre per Him mrIta Martin,
RMilha, Oln HJalahothM. and Joe.phlne .* 1 mortal entipoeen'.Oeorie foraneei it Caraelge reprettntlti Mra. libel I
tthlaitcVi' Nigh Pith* I
Cleveland. ; lust aid others willfetture Hall dee Ion; Syapboty
loa leauty shores, It I
10.oii/ te* with Nail bastes; Library tf'Conirttt
.... .... .... .... Caries by Arthur Jecktoa Htkltiton D. tit af tke awatrtitnl
C.M eduettloMliattltutloatlatht attrictlvt bevy tf
sad May Voa gibe, later
Mrnaa. Jlnran' a bone ,on PhelpsItr.et provided ..: :/ perted. .by the else, lea ...,. salute she mitt 1''r

c Ut.**ttU" when GeM Bridge Club. et laat ftatur' ? gp MIP teal. day evening. Marian talker waa hoateaa. h E "irlh.h. o* the ABC rad{ttfeork ....t, .!MIr' durlif lit

Martha L.Perry and Helen Ibncy were neat play the ytirt, for the limited style Ml hair. fithtta.

era with the latter quallfytna for the guest Dantll Cookaia bee College Fund end it the piece.. af tht Prides
prlM.MyrtU. been nted outaUadlilla Ctloilil. ilillMiburiChrlitMt ilihl titraviMia

". .... and Marie McClaia were sarong wlaem llttrttt$ nl state proirat.Tht .

C of club ,rill... ftylvetter Roaaard woe the festivals which reetlted .,..., llreetor tftht

door prIw. la Hi BtvlM reeeivelatrett choir. Or, ill MM L
'.J.. johnMO.Kathyria Roblama Geneva theeler .. aperlerr I. BUaty, eat appollUI

Catherine Thuo>at, and Alventa Scrlvea sire atnnicafcera J tlaitre USe,tatbtrNl, after I

In attendaaco.Ann : I, aenua, pretl- lUtlinlMlu. himself.
tin sin IIMII
lit tf the tchotl'a .t a lecher it state
.... .... .... .... '
..11.... la Mltteirland
lir. and .Mra.; Arthur urrintoa poactrln Choral Pa- nil liilrli'

VOW\ EPOKI.1 Mr. and Mrs Arthur Ctrrlmton wets united In holy ,..t.' oratsatloa! tall ItiMtoti.
la .II Mlnate ...1.rt.lloct'LeI Plitea Bridge matrimony, at the /sburjr Methodist Church lashlnitcn, D.C. on .Ivaatt atalaaltatlckttt The ,e*.trii tromp If lif Kill'
Club. lut Prlday ereala* at the Lleeoln Holt and may be leitrtlfrot will tot at I'CO ,,..
undajr, February 18.
Country Clab.ftnnnit The brldt la the fomcr Miss Christine Vtrntttt Hardy dtuihter of ,lilt ....." tr at Prldar, ,... II. la the It lir lilf litliits
'U 10. eat meat player. the school, .home tf Mrs a.,.,fI I..
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Hard, iishlncton, D.C and the iroo 10 riirlh linn
Mario McClaUaadfJlRabetb Jones wits reciploata }. the son of Mr.and Mrs. Arthur Douglas 'Carrlofton (New York City *101111. *' Minis. 1081 Dense
of club aearda.

Johnnie Mitchell. AM Nclatoeh. A!veal a series, Floridians Altud

Venal Morons, Bern Ice Meaoenoa, laslawjaciaon, ATTENTION ALL LOT OWNERS IN DUVAL AREA! I IH
and Iris Murray lOre MOM ..b.,. participatUi Wedding li D.C.

la Un Met lai.MArtfe .
U'ltIIl1Ol', Do e.-.r. TIH III '
.... .... .... .... sad Mra. Chrlatopber A.
lard:. WathlaiUM. D.C., 1 THISifOMECANBnoURSCAU ,,

31 baa bee deal mated as the eat* for t has aaaoaaced tht .ar. IF TH HE Mill.I .
brldit and whisk toareaaeat that sill M 41fJereat" rh,. of their daughter,

Actually, all b.Mdje Ml Whist play era Chrlttlte Vtrtette, tt IIIBy '
are urged to participate la this tourataeat retard Arthur Carrlaitea' 01 WRITE TO-DAY fOi COMPLETE DETAI1J\

le.a of their proflcleacy !. the gram for lee Terh City. FM*

the prim will. to Ue most valuable over gives, ne bride had at her l' t, 'I' \'" j

lad they My uallfy for door ,rt... tdi till ail tf ....,. Mia Car ff1't.r. {, \ .

be eipally a. valuable. sea McOlll tf Mo Verb a.r

,roc..... fro the Uinaveat sill bandit the City ail btettaa oat : ..... I Ir ___
Devil Voter R.gletrstioa Drive tit toura.a.at tetth ...,.. of Wa.. : '\ .... I'.f-

.ill .e held la the tot Janus CoMuaity Costar.T Isites. D C.
alftt M| eruthal Street- A receptloa ftllteelt
no tMnaaeat director haa laforoed m. that the Omega f.l Phi t

there till deflaltely lOt be ajqrMIe". ,I.,rla<. Prateralty 15,55 eaBarvard r-.- r

The touraaot.it wilt U ooa4u ICt" U relay faehloa, Street, .... .......

valeh seaaa that there ell be all trlsoo aad a AaM| the Mttf-Utei

grand pries !. the obit divitioa. The .peelftfItoao peats sttatlsgtbsnd. : t

to bo eeerted ell bo aoAMated later.no Slag eere: ..... will I.* L f

touraaaeat ....11t.. "..11.. that the P. neetaea Ml MI, Ze .
toaraoMt ell be eajeyaale. Strttferd, Coattctltat ; 1

Ira bale B. hiss of Ii... to otpoctH U booa 'n.""/ aa loltoo.aaiaetrHle.Plerlla RL44ii -ill

bed to Moist sits Ute UoreanotOil ; Mra. Bit

M. Allan Ml Mr*. tetrict *-
I to EPEHm COMPAIYMECHAMIC A. loam. hot tfPalatha.

n.,...; Pre.Ads.tts .

Ik4 Jqtuph-...-.........fpoprlttor iris Center. bU if

Eats td ?,ffir>o Straits EL .:-.n Pert Ma. >" .lertey.Mr .
Ml ',..Atu., Allee.ir. '
NOLIEY'S sad lev Jtraey; Sr.alr .
Allan Mlhva.CarrUctMMl.
II ..,.., ..
.... all tf flo. r.,.. LOOK AT THISECaatoo IIAT1II+ESI 1 Tilt It Jell sea tf the say atfltt tt ....55fr
IAIIEC1ECMICXW ,tlllf .'''..
Ian ,,,a. tr. Ml tram. .... ,. a home that shire .
taw .. Barty Ml Mil lallt* ....,...u Ceo.ret. Slash .. ... ...... lit ..... tf a ...... H4dti.llfMUo .

JIM ...n... all ef ..".... fall sad Meet ClMOt.. Ample tl..... o.

blfiI BEEf reM .,.....,*. i.e., al issue ...,..|.*. ttllllf ,.#..C".... III* Ml CONST.AU

: IHB I .1-(01IE( WT 5Meier .... .... ..... Me*}* lldlat items N.r* I* ..,.rale SUUf .*.* FRISCO .
LIe lsss ...isd Ifiloo IU i.f.ea.
s et> Ml Mr. Ml ira.Arair .
ID., I *>. 2. paid all tf ,, kills 11,5 a.. &II"'I"U,, (Itches d.lis.te'Lsstrise

.iib St.. ",",'ef Mes to 1.WI118M PhtlsIsllAts. Pers71..5aiv terraii* flairs. Tili fill )'f ;.jA" fr 1
al.- ... 'r, net.* Hilt. t. liar ..*/gs. 0



.a .. ,_. .. .. '-"
: .
........ .0. -- .
"- w _....._._ :;,. '

_ nit't : nllill Ml PAPERS SllIIDIY mum 21,

| Commissioner Harris And PTA Members Cited During "Bob Harris" Day Observance I

LMI BTBBTlWinjMn TBM IBSBmBimiBn BinBlBl f *

I t ;
t rr.ir .

t 1
I '



Grace Baptist

Church News

Annual fusion'* pay .111bo
ohnorved March IS la
Oraco Bop tint au rch.
Offlcord arc: Mrs V. -- IR

Clark chairman; Mrt.Idnlla A
... .
Jackson co- a ..401" '. --
chi"11I1; rrogruis con-
nit loo. Mm. V.J. Breaker CITATIONS IB recognttlon laaloner" Bob Harris of PTA for -64' And, Scout 64 Edward Waters College McPheraon, Mr. and Mr*. shoes portion of ittendee H. J ',ner. foner Arlington -

rhitirmin; Mrs M&rlfffflllius. for his constant District I tlth a Bob leader and PTA sesberIsaiah yearbook for Arlington PTA Mr*. Kara Bryant, *. Photo right, Co*- ,principal now.
Mrs tilt M. availability, sincere Harris Day last Sunday Bartley, winnerof school principal) Joseph president CoMlaaloner ,Uiioner Harris shown principal of lute E.
tilliM. Mrn. Ratty efforts resulting in the afternoon in the school the Mr. PTA of "4' Bailey, platfons guestsand Bob Harris, Kra. Mildred addressing audience. Toblert school was one

\\rr i; fjnunca HH, flout coepletltlon of severs! auditorium. Also ill a t.d honor. In photo left: pre,,.. participants Dallas Mr*. Loretta Other proirai feature of the guests Mr*. Sara

t forts. Put Ion, chut: nun; COBunity. bettersent during the program were CoMlsiloner Harris frog left are: Horace fllljasi} *, progrM chslraa were furnished by Mr*. Bryant PTA president,
II"' I/iulfto 1 fluxion. Mr*. project, the PTA of PTA ..ben, Mr*. -Vlrlan receives on behalf of hits Sr., foner PTA and ltreof ceremonies Alice Boston, solo; it. provided.Koyal .
'PUMA M. Ootnln. Mm. Arlington Elesentary Harris, vie president, Ouvl Board of County president; Rev J.R. ; and school Prin- Zion MotbodUt Male ( ArtKtudlo Photos)
cited Duval County Con who won the vwnted'Mrs.Hostesses Co.lssloner*, the 1M3- Greene (rear Rev. I. cipal ley.Third photo
Union 0. Hi nit lot on; ); Chorus, Mrs. Aldonia REGISTER?
I haantlfliatlnn, urn
I Lurlunii J".OA. Mr*. Jax AirmanIs Entertain Committee Issues New Hope Sets DA Registering Seminoles' Meet i

I, Puth Hoard; tags Mr*. Promoted Club It cirers Crz lair
PllVulioth Mcr/ rlck, Report Meeting Call Holy RitesThe Students For March 2nd
Albums pounton HACMU AFBHA.-JMC* Mr*. Pudynt Vaton was B-CC Concert Rae J. Brandt a LlqaM
lIIrI'; prances AUK tin. C.Davis) of Jacksonville. hostess to the Raperettcm Holy Couun I era will Adult ClassesThe During their reguUrontbly EMI OENNA

cni'talnit" uro: Mrn.Cor '1.., has been promoted Bridge Club on Mia O.L. Style be adalnlatersd In New Meeting scheduled -
Inn Tl l.lllf1l1l. Mrs to staff sergeant In thUnited February I.PoIIOlinl program ehalnan, has Hop AMR Church Sunday Evening Adult Division for Monday, Mar. 2 NAIL COlORER
of Douglas Anderson '
Sollltt Golden Mr*. State Air force. an enjoyable called aMbers of the during the nornlig and HI eh School is continuingregistration .t' '.*. in the bore till cover gray Italr U 10
1I..lJh I / ChoHtcr HIM The sergeant a grad ''IIIIInol brJdICll.'a d.- Mary IcL.od Bethune evening services. for thesecond of Mr*. ethel: Pierce to 20 Blautte. No pack. NoCM.
OlMluV. ItlliMM. Mr*. uatt of fttanton Senior llelou repeat was Circle to meet Monday Tie Mraon will be delivered 1234:! Davia M. the Anyone CaD put it on
Tiitrl M. Itolil 1 niton and Itigh.. School, 1 II the eon served between the boar of by Rev. %.1.. MMCstor accordingto .. Coainole Culture Club it bOIl.
Mrs ik'lrt JuckKon.Mr of Mr and Mr*. Glenn R. winning prigs were:. 2 end S P.".. to COM Titus. pastor principal Theodore will welcone the return WILL !NOT TOW HAH
Davis of 1707 .. 17th Miss Myrtle Turner, Other services will begin Montgomery.
II.... ftlnglctnn plete report for the of it* president who REDOtai!
Courses in Bade Fdues-
rotmrtnr and Nocrctnrx! St., JleklOuUI.. first: Mr*. Mattie Mont reclUl.Tito with tile Sunday has been confined to It will act rub off it
tics Junior High Review
losiory, second; Mr*. coMltteo will be school at 9:30: as. ,
Senior High Review Beginning her hose with 1 linen*. stay o* several Booth..
Bhellle willlsM, third; available It the stated with J.R. Henderson and .
Mr* Violet Lavender
and Advanced hwpookaie bstbisi.
Mr*. Ountldlne iisrgrave hour at tie residence teacher IB chaste.
will be co JioateM to
vuot Mia. Msrvs Davit of Mr*. Madelyn' Jones, The ACP League will Clothing 'Typing, Shorthand Mr*. Pierce. sun ptrisstst wavlai.curllai .
OPINING SPECIALS qualified for the booblsprlao IJJ7 Davis "t., to re- begin at S p. ... with sad Music are of- or itralihtealaiIroBnothlBi

celve report on pof- Miss Rita Jackson pre. fered. tats it off.,
Member I'Irtl..t' were: IOn and ads for the siding. Choir 1 and Registration for this EDGEWOODMOTOR Toe cam cover aay' gray.
Fhellle wllllaM Usher Board 1 will pro.,.. is held fro. 7
Mr* Betbune-Cookiaa College serve hair ao setter how stub'
FREEFREE Mr*.. Vlvlu Moore Mr*. Choir recital.The throughout the day, and until Thursday 10 p..sight. Tuesday and COURT horn or how caused.' ...d.t.
'udyne\ Matson Mr. 1.0- Choir 1 will Met Monday
recital has beenscheduled KMT .
will continue throughout Cpu Fir humus ,. !BUCI.KHOtMVL.
ralne Llttlea, Mr*. for March a st 7:30: P.".. for the school ,.ar. Kit .
Marlaa Plovers, 'MU* rehear**!. Cl>** and
at 7:30 P.... in lbe.r If additional Informs- TOUOUNODPDoes
Queen 11:. Jenkls Miss .... Methodist teacher aeetlsg 'Tueadayst Cleat tat tafortalliKickmttes
tide li needed contact
Davis and Mia Myrtle Miss Style has ..- ':30 ,...t and Choir NOT iNmrtui tin
the school during the
2 Ptrwwnt tsvlat
rehearses ttturdsy at
Turner Guest present
'. nouced that all reports day.
-L. were Mrs dertldiisHartravea suit be la by ':30 p... lay, leek ir Hulk CAUTION: : Use aa directed, ,.
Mr*. Barbara ,I p..I *da7 In order a* hilt!. Color. Slac},
'. Manliault and IIh..D <" tqpr(11st.d; !. the 5J1I KIKES 1111 Dtrh Brow, lilies Brow.
loris 'van. protrw.Co I Price p.r boa M.M piss,
GO deliveryMr.
NEW RCA TV.FOR RCCISTCMIMrs. .a It tee sieabers IJ. 1 1" EtfmiM in Pvdoral Tai.
Ire: fers. M. .10....
Pmt To Serve Mrs. Ada Lee, Mrs. PHONE PO 5-S4S3 DIXIE PHARMACY

CAR OR HOW Claudia Karris Mrs. and Mr*. George Mr. and Mr*. John! Muck, lacksolydlt Hertti
With Grot's Women I 1395 Kits M lai. Fla.BiI1 .
1tallie Bald l, sad ieaton; 1463 Irldier 230 Mversld Ave?; Boy

1 JUST V8I YOUR FHON1 Mrs. Flies Rich Perryof Ralph A. .... $t., Apt. t; Girl Mr. and Mrs. "111U
Mr. and Mr*. Joseph Mitchell 331 Belford

HOME 354-8224 Church feet will Union serve Baptist a* Detra Belcher Ilrkland. MIT Fveraoa St.; Boy. ( ( $$1. SEAF000STwa (

suet euperlateaient Youth Day Street; Olrl. Mr. and Mrs Lewis
loen'a Mr. and Mr*. King Jhef- Jolly; 2/07>> PlasdersStreet
;,CAR. 354-5442 Day for the celebration annual March Program Speaker field, 124 .. 30th St. ; ; Oirl.Mr. .,LAlCU'....rY M.NM.N Pro,,,Md..avMc..reueL.Igr. A 'rr...$...,..-l M.

,(, IS In Grant Metorlal Miss Cetra .Belcher Girl. and Mrs. '.r. 2677 W. BEAVER -T :& EV 8-2633

AMP Church eeordln student at Net Staaton Mr. Md Mr*. David Amstrong. Tlraaaa; 42 "tut ley N.AtUntie ; c-.I.I.. ,....-H:, IA.L,.....". A....e.r.
to Miss Theresa lest, Mist School ill be : 1489 Florida ( Beach '1.. } ,;.. ... ....Iw _/_.',...w.M r"..C...
EXAMPLES: y .west speaker for the Avenue, 110,. Oirl.
chains tee for* of the the,ooweit-Busday procra. Trained Por Mr. aid Mr*. Ir..*& Mr. tad Mr* A. C. Itaa.r frl I W. _-_ti F frL I M. (rn ?&.I."T f.H.

1964 XL 500Air school .."Ice.It spoaaored by Glover: till Davis ,t.; Loch it; 400S Palrfai Mn.p Ie..."...,....A.I 4..,..,..u

fondl UonP4,Ml.30 down and HI.M month The '.'day tchool the youth usher boardsof Olrl. Street; Girl OUR JPICUL
Lesson 'Tilate' Judged St. Matthew Baptist Mr. lid Mr*. '.MondNtywood Mr. sad Mrs <*..!. URGE MEDIEht ai c
1964 FORD FALCON by Jeeua." will be reviewed Church lilt sad Mos ; SS3S tah'lrr. Battle; $10 PslMtto SHRIMP 79 9 SHRIMP ? oJPRISH !
by Mr*. Dorothy criof. ,i Boy. Street; Boy u
} down and $ I.OS month
M. tin lass of It Paul The pro,,.. is ached1 -
1964 IMPALA la the church **
Atr tondttlontd..II down Bitd 171.H meat* torl .. t. 55c 59c'

/.ins TV Olm Awiy with Each Cu Sold CALL PO 4.4511 FOR Mew P... C... a..h, KINO MACKIKIL


Free CarportWITH J1 r CO .... .J.iL- \ r"? dj LIVI MAINILOBSTERS GREEN nucatoa,LOBSTERS hall ROIl"


ICE a FUEL CO = $141.cl. .,',-"* u. W8 .


IWO Plymouth, air eondlUontd $1091 Pt. 9fe I IPt. M l' 5k .... 1SCCW .

1>U'OUunoblle, aJr COIIdl\lorIt4 $"$ Boys Suits Eli Inti _
Pans ClAW teas MIAV .. ....."... .. .LL in*
1'5J Plymouth (clnn) MMIN Pane WIMTI CSAS MUV .. .' ... ..1a. !"!
.::. :::.: .
] Crmndft Wagon lit eorxUUonai SUM Sills 1 I* 20 aiwc case case&. .,.l ISA i.e.*..C"t es. .ML .".m. ...... .

IHO Ford.run pritt MSI c..+.... I... '. ..u f t.u
AUMAM IMC Casa MIAT;14:*. Sues .. lie
$6.95 $19.95
INI !ikon.lull pi k5 m to
FlESH uat spa IMtIIIR 35c
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IR cum lUllS i urns"nit"

OldunobU S10dowa.D4nonUiItttDrSoto \ in Hi win lack silt. KEN KNIGHT flESH 11Tt1 UtfISH u. 4Se
$10 dcrm.| 3 Mm thWOteturj

11M I ode' 'IO dean,iNi$O Math Girl Drtssis lMIlIE.un 4 La 1.11
rnvHea You To Listen To-
|W down,14 meat IIIPU ::: .III .
cc_ to1K
Ski 1 to 14 5..Nee

!1 ire ft5 0,5 ties lie IANI RiE SIll 4Ic
essay + NTK$141111E t mm VM M* in*. IPB B AJHI La. .

$1.98 to $10.95in 'DANCE PARTY" -.-....ni..inn.-5 ra...Kt a..aa..PRS. .
..... >.** numLARU &a.
r=: -::. = .u..ftI.
Det. Stan 111:11: 'It Itl1SJIIftIt .
I ML H 12 .... SMOUD LOISTR MlAT lb .

PHONE 3S4-M4 111 ma $1. u Mitt ....H..uu-s-Q.eaten ttHens. 1A. ..... 7

141ft WEMC 1480
cum Atciitm .mini

r _n_ FEItim _M., USA l noun mi ains ______ ____ M5E 5

- Randolph Exposes Welcome Mat For Famed Group Copeland Gets ......._ Support For Rights Organization I

_. ..."'-"" ........,. Assistant's Post
:Right To Work law

". At Brewster
-iA&a1ltGTo4., Fftll IPKago.bb. 1
t Robert
Nordhan. attelaltrator -
dlr.ctor of
brie civil right of Ir..t.r
Methodist Hospital takes
pleasure In aaaouactag t
.. the appolatnent of

I'ubhltCa. Harold L, Copeland a*

) a mutant adnlnlatrator
of Brewater. Mr. Cop*,
land has lined *a ad

IdJaIDb. president of. Inlatratlv aaaistaat
for th* put two years
the Brotherhood of Slp-
ins car Porttn tad dOt iT at Breatr. Th* ap-

preldt of the An i polntnent will b* ffo- C isLP ______
the March 1.
CIO Mid k* had biIbfoned { i'
The appoint baa had a 1 r ,
such ipurloa
claim were hung cir. wide background in buaiH -
a. and la aaaoclattoa
colatd by 'rllbttowork" *
Ut advocate I*. with the University of
Indiana Hospital at Isdlaaapolla
\ -
Oklahoma la a devious,
attenpt to capture the .
Bgro vote on a pro prior to coalag to Brew ...

pond ..eo ltlat lo the stir Jones NAACP Sir Alexander Bustaaaat. Prime

&,tate' a constitution."I Copeland will be re' the plaque signifying that lit It n pald-ID'full

taut every GIlt of' sponslbl* for the non sedation for the Advancement of Colored People 'P'I I

our people to knot that' e pfoT'aalonal departaents recently by NAACP Field Secretary Cwlln Cronwell (

this It s. onitroa t Including Pnglattrlag. la the U.S. Aabaaaador to Jamaica,111lla. Dohrty, '
falsehood.." Randolph Housekeeping. Dietary,

said., Laundry and Pharnacy, Night Train Gets
Randolph said that Instead In addition, lit will Social Security FactsQ.

of providl-g civil serve s* Dial nan of the lions' LawyersTo

rights, the so-called Conaittt for tilt D.- Hoi such longer will)) I get njr social security Handle Estate
rlght-to-work" lav isa PUSEXTS ST 'I4ONT ORCHESTRA Dr.Ptr Hraaa AdUr.smsle director and con Yllorlt'llt of an Adnlal- It started back in 194$. I II M years old.
DETROIT: -- (A"IP) Tb*
denial of civil rights doctor of the Baltimore Symphony Orcheatra, second fro. left checks progrnna atratlve Policy Manual A. ro.MI get your checks an long as you lice Ce husband of th. late

and a threat "to the for the presentation of the Cued I.pbnle( group at Florida AIM University H* rill also sery a* have !plenty of p ptopl) over 100 year old who get Bluea Que.." Dinah

democratic rights of !during a recent perfornaac at the Tallahaaae institution. Looking on art 8tl the Budget Officer for aonthly ('h.C'h. fe hope you will get yours for """ ill Iton, Dick (Night
alt sorters" son lIe.kl. of New Parma Beach Fla., a junior instrunental nualo major, left; the inatltutlon'a J. S can: year to co... .
Train) Lane of the D*
He charted thl' the Dr. Ill MM P. Poster head of the PANU Department of Mule; and Leaard Bowl nillion dollar annual Q. My doctor any he's not sure I'. disabled enouji, troit Lions football

"rl ght-to-cork" law sxaiber of the Music Department and assistant band director operating budget. He la to let disability p pajrMit, what should I de?
t'u. obtained the services -/
is backed by "segre (Photo by rilljau) a graduate of the Butler A. You can put U your data then you can get your of the teas"-/

gationist forces" who I'nlveralty la Indlanapo* doctor to send us a report about your condition. lawyer to handle tI*

seek "to destroy our Gregory, Pal Try Fire Victims Billed Judge ,Deals I la, Indiana and I* activ ''' 11 use this along with other Information to ollk.a probation of her estate,
la th* Downtown
bard-woo fight of collective decision in your tI'"
tne Associated
bargalilig." Double Integration In Nail Cemetery White Coed Lion*' Club, th. Chair Q. I get a disability check every .ninth you wrote learned I lilt NegroPresa seek

He urged Oklahoma Heiress CLCVFLA -- (AN f) nan of the Official n* that It will be rut off In October becm-M 1got
Stiff Fine Lane, Ml** Washington's
to vote againstthe pm SLUPP, Ark, lass funeral service Board of The PoreatvlewMethodlat a job. It I should get disabled again lat.r on, eighth hu-hand, retained

"rlght-to-work" (AW) -- Comedian Dick far the sis, ...bun of l2UUJIL Church lid would I I be able to start up my check, th. t...' lawyer after
proposal In defense of Gregory was arreated the Theotla D9ton ATLANTA (AMP) A1I."old several hospital oranl' A. Yes but you will have to sake a new clale. If Lions' owner, Vllllan

"the Institution% of hers last week after lit fanlly. 2311 r, S3th whit co-ed lions including tile we find you dtssbleyou won't' have d. wait alturntha Clay ford, one of the

collective bargaining bad teued with a whit St. who perished la a attending ftpellaaa Col. Jackaonvlll Hospitals, nest Us for your checks to atart. principal heir to the

which has *ad* posslbli integrationist in attempting fiery bier labeled a* leg her a* an exchange Council the Northeast Q.fkiea aortal security still pay i luaip-sua death utonbll fortune,

higher wages, better the double ODe of Clvlad stude.it. froa Connecticut Florida Hospital Aa. payment when a aster dies placed thou at Mck' *

working conditions and tstegratlon of a truck worst boa f'res, were college last week was sod sties, tilt Jackaoavllle A. '*., It la paid to the wldiw or oi oto..r who disposal!,

greater job security." stop lunch counter n* held .t hi Calvery Bap- severely punished by a Hospitals Pduestional was living with the worker' dies he died. If there Miss isNhlagton'n

whit Integratloslst' List Oiurch, Knoavllle, local judge. who also Program, inc. 11 no widow or .lcIt,.., who lived with the wrrker. estate la believed to

REGI STER! waa also arrested.In Teon. Fattrdsy, with sentenced a whit professor and the local chaptvr of It is pa 14 to the peraun who pus till funeral 1111 I. .. eftul d"l U.. *hn

-court following, his the lev. ". H. Poster to 20 day In Hospital ptarasciits Under MM* conditions It can he paid direct to the reportedly left no of

Clergynin Calls arrest, Gregory and Illseolotegratlontit pastor, offlctstiniMrs. Jail for criticisingKontMrn Noel sty funeral hone, flit axial It ran be |I. |}JS. flclal ell| ||

..11.II. Vera Dodson, court
.. Its co-cd ulna| MordonraJaer
Hsnstn, ) d.d. griuitaather.with Bryant
Segregation Sin full innocent to charges' Keys and Mr*. Barbara of Mat Greenwich

of creating a disturbance Morgan, fie. to Cleveland P.. I. drew the unusual
and refusing te and nceonranld stiff penalty of ".000
high Anglican churchsa
leave a place of business the reaalaa of the sli fin sad a nosths la
told worshippers at the
when asked by the back to Knoiville. Jail lid 12 ...th. In n
St. Philip fplscopalebfcreh
;s anairwcnt. The vlettna, Mrs. public work cap fro
her last week
Hansen Is narrled to a Dorothy Dotsoa. 31 ; Julie nurwood Py*, ,ha
that segregation Is sinful -
and has so rightful Negro civil righta workr adolya.. I), Larry **t her appeal bond at

place la the ClarhU.a.colicia. of Arkansas, where 12 Llad. 10. Theotls. 11 b,000.
they live In defianceof Jr., 3. sad terry 9, The Jailed rrofe. nf
Laid, is Sinful) th stat ..IdSout" **r. interred in the was Kelvin Drlnner, :1. QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED

.. '* "tradition" national ....t.r' inKaotvlll who teaches hi*lory .t
rector of Bryan the II ral.aII.CtII.dul Gr. ., ualnst rac* nit Ing. *. '1".. Dotaon Bpellnan. H* Vdetlr SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B
Gregory has taken part was cirectlag another angered Jjidg Py* *"'*..
In m gland.a2td .
In protest dewoaatration child. lit appeared a* a character .
in 4 series tllatt'I' U. S. GOOD FRESH BOSTON BUTT
li dUll stretching usan.hlle( Lt. Pdward wttseaa for ills
a1 .....10..
fro Chicago, chin Krsnlng. Cleveland fir alktr and crltlelstd4oth
..rl" ,ot Lent** ser
h. lives, to Qrreawood inveatlgatlng inlt, .rn court
vje** at 1&. Philips
lias. He staged .bin placed the possible Miss talker use fined .. CHUCKROAST PORK
Oat wises be in a visitor
Jut previous protest .. and Jailed for Violating
and >''stranger e. of lie fir to .)
cwat r1" he wouldry 4W-at rat loo la Atlanta levity *lr'ng. The Georgia' antl-treer
your against a restaurant ,bvlldlag division according law while. Joining *
It try to content OB
eblch refused to Bert to fdiard Kauer', group of Negroes la
segregation. outside lb.church. p
II. gros a city lar.ctor, stated staging t alt-la dewonatratloa ROASTXINI

aut,the RigtlaH caurekaTan At the leach couaterher that there were several I. a downtown
said flrnly. 'any *. flregory sad las "; violation Hated a- restaurant that ha te

thought of seiregstlon sea sere dfygArkansss .. gainst th* Illd IdI... a (favortt target .f
sntl-nlilsg rule The 011I.1'.1'4 Mack I8tgratloalt. ( LEAR
1$ the ,rlatlas church
U .. utter and coplU as well as iegregstloaI 71, welliaown in was, School Offers LL 39 33c

.9..... bu.I..". ,,;. 1rclea. stated .b* Negro History LB.
bought tilt building
1 otcirrw1 REGISTER! less than a yesr ale UK lUll (MT) -
fr III. ON. That the Th* Cwptoa Adult School WESSON GIANT PACKAGE
bwlldlng .bad sew wooc last weh Mid It* ",.t "
yv.v vv.v.***.*
espied for th. better ...* In n.gr* Mistery,

REV. LAMAR part of three year, lawbt by Artbar Pria *, t\

-tc sad tbst the horse had a. *.rht.* dt tl OIL TIDE
i 111111 in limn I
been btslned after schools. I* the later

; UIICE[ n m &JUIIS! If lift drnglng UiroBgh Probate. prlM ScbMl District

leers fr a leagth cording t* frlicetb ,

ok Arm Tow ""erl..aid'.4 tl*.. CatlMted ..**,. *('\*** presides a

'. -.. Advice? .t. 111,200, fnctnnl bsotgre.slarrless PINT 15 594
) f t II" trLVfn .
ie' iii UT. UUUg. tt. bee P ( C

( tie eeg-ci'.. Per I-

beat by Prayer, .wer... CC Evtnua TU 'M fJC llait tit) fill liter
lid HI sill SS.II ir sere (Ml titer in S.H ir MTI
tee I* b.al tea II,.
**4 the all la*. bt tk.,. ( R. S. EVANS

I* .* tit) fr ...*. wk. ( U. S. 6XH( ) III STEAK n. 59( FRfSH GREEN
k*..w iwy III I* bard lar ar SKi3Ur C -;*kc rUl* g Mat tonrrmmA Ortkr*

t awl I-.t *>.. to ere UII..IMI. S5a ( 3RD &JulA1j
( '2 ." .... ........ ....... Jjtt, FU. GRADE 'A'SMALL EGGS in n dim 37McKMZK <
,CI visit CM all von eve "I g.etr.a lat KgN e..eMlp.

out Cl tee |.ta*| .,....... N. e tog HIMDt is ii POJTT1AC 1DR. jITOfMTOT. ........... S2tf ,
irr MB ,... cairrtr r* 1.iC ( /
| U tDtt4'. 2-D1i .......... 12J" ; -
Caste to..I.r! f.s base to III ( ..ewe.I. Mi4.

CM ,...,. Tew II Hew ,,, DM tee MdAH C C1IRIItOZIT.-. ..... Z.DIl .. ........ ., eaa FROZEN CUT OKRA PUS. 25( f .

T eve i _* riM a t* ta* .**!.. way Q'Lrn..U'T BACK 4JT aIC1roa' ..tm JU A

-tc( it .' nltwt. PlUT Tim in jantoatiUB.U4 ( ronliiARfyrof s
.. .... L- ,.... U M'* bow *J ( ". '-11I-

fIHI n UK MM+ Ntr N. I Id ( 9POPD! ..Y..ew"DOoR an. -y-.,-.. ....... ......... ItS IVOfiY SOAP raSOKAl SIZE 'HIS 19(

........ ..... ... 7g-S t* *-..ee ./ *.... Caw II C'OnAIW...-WONPA.a .' ..,11491I. a

11M2 ... Ntw ,.. I slab with l ki..i. C M .ucJt.1Jlt 9a/L/ At7TO WT'OP' ...,.... 1ft

ta M MM 1 1M lass fef Mg eslt. ela < U ronuc.. i,.f _Ky for' vtiu trrop ..Utt 1 CIOIGIA III CUT mm HANS i JIJ cu 10<

.**... In. tJbaal gl*.. fsrir *.,. .*d M OLDSHOS.U COCrt ,IJmU
., !..*>. A M4 !..*, .ar* I* give C CR'YJOUT! TMPALA '
tnt"rI.. ...ams
!fvwv. Tel gee err I.. heeled' taewess ... 1ce/e -.. ... ---

!lit tft* .....g ..* gJr iAwr. a ,"""--"-'.t..trs.da II CNRYte01tf.. .IMPAlA nxc. '...12555 LB.JITIIIU .
g --- lOYAl lONG GRANd RICE 311/i 33
II' t.... PbMP9 >IK4L II I'OIID c rtvTTiJ&z. .. ''u. ..' m *
ee -
an. <*UA tanraaitean b "'tIe" q ()flY. LNYPALA a xfTta .* '....U'5
9_ Leer "fat ,.. -- 5CTi
( Les saae.e Ta ..a."l'Y : B yauoo i ,o*. JAB .............. 1101 VITAl fOOl Ami XUY n iz. unui 19C

y y ** Y ., y.. .,


rriiB.iY 9|, us. '"O no mi STII UPEIS t tWoodliwn + JUtJtnuI !

I: Presbyterian Gospel Echoes, W. Jai District Founder's Day Celebrant fla.-0i. Primitive Magnolia Boptiif

Church Notes Bivens Specials, NissioRiriesHolding II Baptist Convention.. Church N'tW

If L. .. Piarsn Schedule Recital Conference A Dates AiiooicedDATTORA The lath BBBlttTBarjf' | (|:>
Of Magnolia iBBtlB, },,, ,,
The Gospel Echoes and LAtrn -- Missionaries I BCAOI Some '' ,JIll
I' Family Night win be Blrena Special of the Hit Jackaoavlllt 4k14l t.OOO delegates till Church and I.,. ji, ?.>",,
assisted f
observed Friday night by .ellkiowaalntlni District of the last P gather hen fir the 63rd People. putor.' Bill
February 28 at 7:30: p. Florida Conference MIC 'annul Plarlda-Otorila begin sandy. a.t 3 Bea.,
In the food hili will feature group a gospel Church are presently Prlaltlve State Bap t lit with Rev. R.J.; Crwftird

United Presbyterian songs recital Thursday, holding a three-day conference } Convention scheduled for of EllBBbita Baptist
Church at Cleveland and la Mt. Zloa Abet Marco 120.President. Chuck, Eaatport, Bad
March 12 at 8.30
: IB
Woodlatn Road It will First Bora Temple, 121 Church here lev. '.J. I M.'. Miles Rev. K. Nonaa aod BMBH

I' be in the ton of a .. Monroe at. inter Mctolfbt, boat paator. Bald the five-day aetBloa bin of Redeeej Baptist ..
kitchen Shower. le Invite Rev. A. R. Richardson, till sect at .Net Church la charge, of. ,
neb family to be Presiding Elder, Zion Primitive Baptist the aervict.hbeday ,
I praaant. The coBfaraaca cot Church vita Rev. C.ttltaker at I .'...t!

I Church School till begin underway ffedaaaday, Peb. aa boat paator.Rtv. J.M. Dies) of Mt. 4u.

Sunday at 9:30: .... 28 and will and Friday i Mile la putor of Primitive Baptltt, r
with T.V Huier.auperfn sight, Peb. 28.Mra the Philadelphia Primitive Rev. H. Rivera OfwWTSt. 1

taodant 1* chine The Roveaa Hughes, a Baptist Church ID4ICUII Mark Baptist,"'

morning worship tervlce Beater of New St. James data of students more, will coedect'th

till beiln at 10:69: .... AMR Church Jackaonvllltla at Florida AaH Oilverilty service.vTuesday

with key P.P.! wilson, presiding over the la Tallabaaae. light
pastor delivering the three-day event. la calllnc tilt meeting UJ. Lee of Lewis hR'
aaaaia, supported br Program participants of the coavtatloa. Rtv. mortal AMt; Rev.'.

the Chancel and ...t. for tilt Friday, event Miles said: "ia order LaYlllt of St. Mark.BSPpa.w,

loatar choirs with will Include: PREXT HONORED President .... Stewart, of Edward Later Collate, wu--honorad that the Florida State tilt and Rtv. ....., ..11
Kin But Mattbewt, guest Devotion, ,Rev VlrlaaIllllia Primitive _tilt of Kphetlaa Baptist
I during the 9th Pounder' Day celebration of the Colli,.. On behalf of Sunday, "
_6..I.t.._N'_.' *, Mra Aainda faculty aad School and TrtlalatUnion will hive charft.edaetday .
SISTCR ROSETTA roan atudanta.Godfrey P. Van Mater Dean of Student 'Personnel pre .
Youth will sect Sunday, ..'ro.,. Director Anderson Mra. Julia anted tbt President with a chime clock. Dean Van Meter praised Dr. Stewart Coatrttt say get sight Ret I
at 8 p.m. All ...lIb.raof Tanner and Mrs. Ida for his "adBlnlatratlvt orcaalced aa lit forthby a.... Body of SoMtr.ovilla .
Rosetta Cohen sponsor, acuaen", eraonal atnetlaa", sad "educational ? I
the Children'i choir Scott, selections Dli- the Baptist lid
.lracl.." constitution Rev,
announead. during Dr. Stewart a 14 brilliant years of aebleve.ent"aad I
art asked to be praiant tract Chorna; chorister stated that all tuperlateodiati of I.L. S.Ub"ot first- -
Tilt event which It admiration, respect and love prompted the Mill token fro. the
Mra. Fred 0. Davis till balm programmed IB Mra. Ethel Davenport Oolltflt (Photo by Baker) sunday schools and presidents Timothy Baptist *IIJJ .: I
ba In charge of the behalf 'of the First Baoalatar; 'solo Mra. of tralalai conduct the, ttrvfce.

auitc. Born' Trustee Board Jetty Jtckaoa. unions art hereby celledto Each Blalsttr tllj.aceoaptaltd ..\bsq 1.z1

The captains of the was originally scheduled Introduction of speaker Carter's_ Funeral Home Mother Anderson Sets Second Baptist meet to get orcanlsed by hla
various districts are Mrt. L, Kennedy, supervisor at the state convention choirs and .embers "
for Monday sight March
asked to please eon 9th. but was chanted to ; speaker Mra. A.0. IBiiiiirus) Penfjcojlal ServicesMother Church NewsHoly la Daytona) oa Friday REGISTER? .
Plata their friendship 11111 MI; offertory, Mra.Eatall ROMI WILD/ AMI, 1828 w. afternoon, March 20. at '_ .
March 12 la order not
visitations this week, Blaine, Mra. C. 3RD ST. 0110 FtlftUAHY 21. Catherine Anderson Communion service 8:00 o'clock at the FellowshipBaptist .
to conflict with a previously ; ;
Certain conference till Toaton, Mra. ..r.. relder.II SURVIVOR INCLUDE DEVOTED of Panaaa City will will be held la Second church. This ortanlcatloaal "
: :
bttlrj Monday Mid-teek arranged services r.. 8. E. Serena Mra.R.L. tin, Mm. VERIICWlLtlAMJt conduct Pentaooata! 81,- Baptist Church Sunday ttl:4 meeting la being Church|
at First Born.
: prh r r service till ba Oraaa, Mr*. ROM & / Moved, MRS vices nightly betlnnlntMOWER : p.a., with Rev. J. 'called by State Soperlattndtat 11"llI1d1J'
All singing troupe art I. I'f... ...
j conducted Wednesday, cordially Invited to Tour I- CORA Srccili 4 DAUGHTERS, a. C. Bate, pastor, In Thomas Euiutlt. B order'of set ,

la the conference room participate In the rro- Remarks, Hav. A. I. 9 SONS AND ANO.T Of OTHER charge assisted by the by the orders of President vices will get underway I
of tba church by elder Richardson, presiding SORROWINO" RELATIVES AND office rt. Mllet. The cabinet with Sunday School 'at 'v-
and the public la
J.B. Derby and Deacon Invited.iris lder; presentation of fRUNOi. FUNERAL SERVICES The fellowship service will bt present I::30 a.*. at Fellowship .,' .

r lien N. Green at visitors, Mra. Luella WILL SC MNOUMCED. will be liven at 2: 11p. orsu\ nine the COllar.... Baptist Church: 1414 Lena

7:30: I. *, On Thursday REGISTER! Morrlaoo; doxology, and FVT'I ... The services begin For this year, 1884. all St., Rev. ad. Nam11L
Chancel and.'eetalaiter Missionary benediction, with till Sunday School .SuDd., Schools and ton, pastor offlclatta

cholra till rehearse In New Mt Olive Mra. Albert Handera. ''I tt 9:30: ...., with C.M.Vwtht training unions w4H ... Mra. O.R. Hamilton and.
DAVID SIVMONS, lOll W. port to the the laatructora will .. :' .
the fallow Hall it till and L.C. Cheater 0."" a Coatreia -
Church at 8 p... Baptist ChurchThe Ht. Olive PreparesFor DUVAL ST. 0110 FEtRUARr la clI.".. at naual.' pcniat Sunday School actlvltlcB. "u

Touth are the Trustees Gospel Trotters 17. SURVIVORS INCLUDE t'i.2L The morning service begins All Sunday Schools and "N'

of the future. Ooipel Ringers till feature Men's Day rOUR NEPHEWS, ONI cud at 11 o'clock. The training unions art The Deacons will conduct 'l
an after-ssrvice AND OTHER RELATIVES AND pastor .111 review the nratd to have their the devotions leading *' ..h
i lit Born Youth recital Sundays March 1 Annual 111I'. Day will MIENDS iNTtRMENT WAS i' I IA Sunday School lemon."Mary superintendents ooJ presidents to aornlat worship at'11' ". I'

Council Plans night In New Mt Olive ba observed March I MAO[ IN MT.01.1 YI MEMORIAL Martha, and preient.Pallbearers. .... Rev. Hamilton till < "'i
Raptlat Church. throughout the day la CEMETERY, Lazarus" and deliver deliver the .'1'1IOII. ""

3-Day Meeting !'undl,' tctlvltlea New Mt. Olive Baptist . the sermons for the 224 At 3 P.B., Prealdeat UV.
I OIu rel..1 th Deacon Jerry Ill coi will preside .,
state Youth Council mill begin with Sunday AL'UT'GILlUT major atrvlcta.Tht Meeting
1018 w.
Set .
preeldent, Miss Alice School at 9': 30 am.; Lint and Levi ftiaaona., CHURCH ST., DIED FEBRUARY DEMON BTU will be hid tt8:4a over the regular BIO MB
Ntwtaon of Orlando will oralni worship, 11 .. aa chairaaa and co : r..., with Mra. R. For March 4thThe sin rveniat worship ....':'
chairman.Speakara. 14. SURVIVORS INCLUDE A Temple No. 2. 1459 .. ,,
preside during FirstBorn ; evening worship, EON H. Morrlaaette and line at e p... with tht" "
ClLaCRTl Onion
St. Cider Plai '
Temple No.3'a 8:10 rl will ba Rev. Alexander Heard IBChute. regular bimonthly sermon to be preached by' '
t-day Youth aeetint The two Major services a. .. Combs Rev I. A HOST Or AND Howard paator. The evenut *...- .meeting of Pallbearers the paator.Holy OoMialoa111 -
OW "
SORROWINO All Christians and those
I which till ba held 11t' will be delivered by: the Rate and Rer. N.L. Patterson '10. la at 7 o'clock. Union lodge 224: till beheld bt ad'i.'t''ed.oJ-.
AND MltNOS. wishing to re-snter till
< the Teapla located at acting pastor Rev, Curtis INTERMENT The cotbined choirs, wednemJmjr, March 4 lowing the Itnlce..A i.i'.
IN flock .
1461 I. Onion It. Tel fair. Choir 1 and The Male Chorus, under OLIVE, MEMORIAL tEMtTtsV.e '" nlthtly art urged services to .U..dt' and under dlrtctloa of Mr*. at 7:30 p.*. lajUiofdccatloa ee.btrR-arw ntlf d 1s3b4;
Friday Mir. 8 through Usher Hoard 1 will serve till direction. of David r "f to feel aid receive tilt O.C. Vatiht assisted. Bulldlat of "t. la attendance.On .

the Ith. The alib.tly throughout the day abort will render tat e e spiritual. .....,.. Mother by Charles T. Maxwell Stephen AMP rthureh.Mrs. Saturday,>'r bV -ta\
meetings will dart at Friends and the cwieral wale for the x>rnlna MRS. LtiiA I j. Hosts, Anderson tried. will aiat aad Usher Omits H." Campbell well-balsnced dlaaen wH' |

I d o1oc.. public art cordially la- and evening services 342 FRUIT COVE ROAD. AnniversaryFete Board 1 till serve for president |a urging bo told. fro Uit liMe tJLMr
Other church youth sited to share IB ..UIICthUh. and the taitilde Malt "MANDARIN DIED FEBRUARY the Sunday and Tuesday all ....ber" to attract *. L.V. Ill eo i, 1804

oriatliatlona of the .. Chorus till serve for 14. SURVIVORS I I INCLUDE PlannedThe hilt services the first aad third I rook 11. Road. Persona

city and the public are REGISTER tilt afternoon torihlp. rout SONS.NORMAN MATHER Greater Grant Meao- The weekly aetlvltlttInclude tedntnday alht of tho wishing .lan.-co.U..:
-cordially Invited. REGISTER) COLL is AND ESCHOU Notts rill club of Grant the prayer of month business Hwnlm.Rualaemi fl.OO each .to bt de
AND OTHER RELATIVES AND Henrial UK Church will faith hour Tuesday at of toiit !.. livered art reouonted to..
I MIINOS. INTIRMINT WAS observe Its 19th analvemry 1 '.'. The fluaday School portanct will bo dl*. call ,..-.Zl2. .. .
IMADC IN MY.OLlvlo1MOI'IAL Sunday at 3 p... officers lid teachers Slued and noted anoadariai 'ol1owllllip'l doers...
CEMtTERY.MNl. la the loser salt of council till meet Friday thou tlteii. Met forever opera to .ltr*.' .

c sAt the church at T ,... coacltded. _Iper.. fir; '
*. Mra. J.'. Jones will bt REGISTER! REGISTER! .
\ 11124 w. BEArERt Foul FREEMAN, 1842 REGI/SIT R! "r;'
the speaker for the
occaaioa -
iacsne*:nttaet Other ottataad
Far VOTED soRSi CAL FREEMAN tog talent till participate Wkra
calf en a
on the protra Tsa />
Aa lavltatloa baa bees
RELATIVE AND rtllNDS, extended to other Claba WHY PAY RENT1H4 la r/ut
and ortMtlutlona I.-the
BIG DOLLAR. DAY SALE OLIVE MEMORIAL CEMETERY. .#ity to .U."... In ail Uw u S10 Per irU



BACON YOUR Mir Kit it. ItttctJ Prices


; GROUND BEEF t 1..11 1I111s-f l aN Ilr-$teas-titles (.'" -: ... .; :', 1't\:: !

'r SAUSAGE faili M Ss eked 3rd hick I MME CllllsmiTiic f. "., ... .. ........t.\

\ BEEF TONGUE 3 IIQ Quilt, Photographs, !: -_____. N ) 4. i1a.e. .4 ,i_.__ _. ': 1..J T : ,



We're proud to mtroduct our raw btow- COMMUNITY UNirmaVCONVINIINCCS J4J
fate.0.... A Turiey
ItMly des WINGS LO S N h
villt' Nee >S quokty comtrxiction o( ill

DRUMSTICKS bett... bwh to tea ond paced to lilt 0..,. SIiIIIiII PIlI .j;.t .t
WHITE BACON fondly con oHo d o hon.a of its own e t *lIfIIIlISIMII '. '
Tnttt Poses heM ro BexJfOOftt, one tile "."

a1 been o lovtV large to1? room. d* iftgo PBic InI I Jt

GOLD MEDAL $ *.o end .,cNm.iih JO CC rangt And t 12 a lilt Lers61i1tE 1 p :'f' '

It a rtfrtgcrovor. GtamM
9 ltrr iso .
3 loon. TW __of eor "vction it of told


|i Sit Short Hulks That \ d;

GRAPE FULL Will Be BEWfKUl Ix\r' AS :!1

for inrni(\ 'I
I.i..4\ LOW AS d s s3&i1)iiuJthll

COUESi NI{. ijrbjllts

APPLE ONLY- 630 DAVIS ST. at leaver )

IH% llr CulitliMl ....=:=. ,

ATM TIt IU UIHI SHI H HIT 11 CWCl 4 auniiiiu. FUIIII v___ es si7e..., ..


.f I It

I- __ .4 \ iiCITMSRIY' /"_ r

J 1 :


I > httqa TO Tour Daytona Kick.Off Sets New Record Club Celebrates Annual Visit To President's Hone I

The Loyal Friends Lowe financial sec-
t 4
til? iK/eLodge! 211.II"i'PdricWi the general public are ngwrs at the following dial Club re t1l1. Mrs. Connie

trip to iavlted. lira. Cvm Nelson points: .rn, ('. Norris u home'B.: recording nee-
I ....,i D l'a.. h", Sunday.arch president announced. IUO flrothe, 8 ....; head during the Mrs. R.: Brooke,
8'mtld Meads aid Buses till pickup pus 22>> $. Pint, .:30; 2323HUhland. tlon meeting in the ..;. Mrs Sylvia
Him .1 I 40 .... S Naaha. treasurer.
----- ---


....... ... ,......
.. --- "' 4PAcIK'SIETTG _a_ "f'3110.._ .... ;.m.'I

Spirited competition among mcmberahlp enrollment and swimming pool drive teams R. DuiitU Solomon Jones fir., rddle Brown Clifford N. Norton. its Irlene P. Alback truest UWilson.
nparVwJ the annual kickoff dinner of the James Weldon Johnson Branch TIC with its largest attend Harold Kfnnerl. Thomas Crompton Ritklel I. Bryant, Mrs. Vlr.lallliaUla. falter H. White,
IDee 'oi workers totaled the highest number of memberships coral: led in the history of the project. Edward Robinson and Herbert Torrcncf. Other top leaders art Dr. Co a. II elDte all, associate chairman; I
Urging SUM 12$ members to reach the challenge for youth vas weadell p. Hoi...,general chalrmwn. Dr. R.H. ,..hiD,ton. sustaining chairman; and Mrs. Mary Betach Militant sustaining cbalraan. la
and several other sptukers. Top division leader in the first report was Ezekiel I. Brunt of center photo General Chairman Holmes (speaking), ii flanked by Henry .. Daniels and Mr a. Sail
.the National League's Dodger Division and Clifford N. Norton of the Yankee Division of the American B. UuthU, division hlI"l ,.. PU at right shows overall acme of activities
Leaim': Among the U division leaders present and shown In photo left were: Latlmtr till!us. Henry (Royal Art Studio Photos ) .

A & 11.Den rapped Althea Cited Urban League's Nat'l Goals Beverage Depl. Minister Faces Guests Hosted By ClubThe

For Progral. Address New York's Top Explained To Local Supporters law EnforcementShows Loss Of Job Gladiola
Club holding Us regular session
|tr. Mahloa Clifton Sharp Rise
ttatiuj 'Dean of the Col- Athlete Of Century In Jacksonville recently, Nelson C. Jackson, associate 1.atl1Ll11JI recently in the hone of Mrs Sarwh Dims with Mrs

lene of Arts nod Set director for proiraMlnt of the National TALUHASSFK:..Law fnforcfwent Shore Darts as CO-lIo.h., served a tasty re
MOV,(Tlfrtda AnM V III. Urban League held in the auditorium of the Jode*; actlvltyofthe ALBANY. Ga. A Southwest put during the social Interlude vhleh followedthe
pendent Life Iniuraace Company
verslty, till deliver Althea Gibson retired ....................... Mate leverage Depart hilt Negro Assisting with the serving of refreahaents"
the Mdress ,nt tie- He told the Integrated meat took a sharp rise II, an active
Awards Program of the. llMbltdon and' U. S. national audience that althoughmuch employment help for during January, com participant in the Mrs. Sallie Norman, Mrt. nelna McKeaaoa, and /
WII. n .ID. these Mrs. Nellie Orooaw.
ftiith.AMiual luval County bun been heard and persons pared to the previous anti-segregation drive
Iterance Fair. ThprulCl'H tennis champion was will bo heard in tilt IW'OWr.1t OOIICK month while tai collections here, han hem notifiedhe Quests to the affair wore Mrs Ida Davis Ira
prevented an sward aa Martha Matthews, and John IIIlh,.
till be hold intho .future about rUlitn.and ii being moved from The a..t meeting
sajder Araory at tho "Now York AtbJ et. picket and dca niitra* To help provide quail cant showed increase a 31.$0per hit job at the Albany will be held Wednesday nt 8:30: P." in Us bone
aver a
'Itt.Brv. Friday' fcb. 28. of the Century" at a tics.... there meat be an fled manpower for theetp.nding similar period Marine corps Supply of Mrs Badle Johnson, 1117 I. lath $t.Also .
one year
needs of industry *
benefit dinner sponsored' Included
recent visitors Howard
A nalivv nf Brunswick. Increasing awareness of ngo. Center. among was
and business the
by Nassau County Chapterof Dawaoa.
Ca., l\rr! rtianuy received men und women of colorto
the National Nstionsl Urban Leniuo
Ma nfJuncu education atnilU.nl surer to PTA meetingsanJ
tine for the received n lane grantto
Help of Retarded
;\\, University and' to the voter rcgla*
the. UniyerHity of NlcbiM Children here t rut Ion office alao. It carry out n nation
last well. al project in which the
.. in only tbrouitfi partlcl
Jacksonvlll affiliate r1d
Dr. Jthnacy holds ac.-. Tho award wan' presented tuition in these many as-
participate to
temhjp in..thu Anerictin by aportscuntor<< Howard rivet or connunlty life vldw n mammoth pool pro of I'-&C"'I MtliINIIE84er
Teacher AHHociation Coach to the amillRtUthea. that the barriers of
riurlda Acsdcay of Vl ....r..atlcoo'will be qualified Negroes for '
e.cclli und Pli.. Pi Phi Miss Olioos, now ana broken down join across die country. It II,

and Alpha phi Alpha !golfer, i a current lie pointed out that EDUCATION nSKTIAI.In l', LIAAS Far ewe 39
fraternities. ,He is ly a community relation thrnugn contlnuwl nego* his discourse Mr. RCANTITr SPECIALS IN Y
listed, In African Men representative tlntluus that progress Jackson also spoke directly i
"f,Scions. Vbu's! Who in for the Ward Baking will bu made to sue to the members HUTS immiHIE TIII..I UTVIIIT VfGHAKESM.RKIIM
American Pducatlnn and Company, prodacer of moMtfully eliminate dlscrlnlnttion ef the New ntsnton High
tbo1 slhe, in the South! Tip Top Bread from mil ftckool Choral Creep [ RITE till lUll
ud Routhvmt. Broun of community" life /lllttl 49 39
that will make cities SHORTENING LIMIt 11153.00 3 C RICE 3 us.

like Jacknonvlllo and
---ItSPepsi : ON Mot coos dace. ERs.
others across this

country successful with .. s. r 1
fattiest whommm race relation. a
ill The speaker supported POTATOESI
tMT JJlM1I bin ststements by
citing statistics which

shoved that Negroes In ERSIEr's 11 us.39CfUSI

the coumualty, on the nNl1.hON TIDE
whole received only
half the Income of SUGAR

whiten! cad added that IIJ'( IUtlCAHAGI
whites .iwcceosfully com
r J a-ON
pleted 10 8 yearn of .Tell U. orywhich
school lag while :Negroes
completed only 8 year. tssg two selection a l.es.59
rY Jackson continued by s durlii the pro* ilAliLtMtt
stating that tit tf the gram, Me ....II.I"Ctit. n. 5
.I.It. clvlllsn labor .. to remain U school 5 n s, w/57.00 LIMIT Ifl.OO.
o* MO
nt nil costs nml carry
force In Jacksonville,
o Mont eooo o.ot. ,roe. esei s
held unskilled, semiskilled the. message to their
sad service students, for It Is

type jobs which wow Id en., when yowngiter
sifter more and more have ndequnt educationsthat
aa automation iscreseed.This they will be able urn t J.siniCOFFEE
segment tf thtm'opwlstltt to get Jibs U the JOJ.; sIT HiKlURM
world' sf toI .... Eb9
) must have I""
work, and he lighted He state that tkeatienal Y""v I STEAK

the Orbam Leafwes re. Crban tesgu I. LIMIT. I w/tf.OO ee spat root ..
spostibillty 1m this Is eottlsutsg to make .DI''r

ores, as one that meet contact with the Ml(bestgovernment 'r\
comeera Itself with re. officers,
training programs for school Mferlstemdestsend IEEF /e"r
this the prlmtlpsls ofscmoels.
group tr
to FIA cant "
utillintltm mf try to get
-.........-.r ether mechsnlsm that ssy the best tenthers mad SHORT RMSIICIHT sali1 PItII Rut

Mir..- .........p..--mi.. ..tjaam..---... will provide Iawedlate the meet .....u.. for FRYERS
yewagwters who have bees
denied tkeeo bads es<

Clirlcil Jobs OpiB For Negroes sent Isle. HUUI I 39 ll
'(To ft* CbmcMmt .,1& Ned) HAIR 27 ,
Ilill Lt, I It. \'
I. Oak Ridge Prhrtfe Irtdos4ry
Cape ... Knptoi First I

For Qualified Men And Women -:
Cloici 0"HI...
lev Triton Cetrsesft SMHENIACON
:''i School StifersA. j Illl

., Offered tech m1Vllt> ?A.am ...
,tM Initltete ess $1
JtiieY Setier SecrttafSNietreiler the first ..htl.e tf t3

L..k1 M maeI senior.vtlsg .

: College far Peal Ml ted..Iat'I Megrm,* '
Chit Typist ships fer the ..mlsgt .
..... year M..,....
MM Card Puck OfenlerAteliistrtliei to Celll Ba"ls. rests' =- M $

Ins tf ...... can HMmi 290
1111455 .ere were" .... ..aen MIX .N' MATCH I us.
... .
listed .Ua U* ,
l4ckkafd j strelef shied mm siawnl OB*
tf Uelr ......... Utht

< em qealltr for a food ptyUi job It IiDRtMK tMpttlllti per VEGHAIUkWOiKXWWOOWl

tf."I' Dada tto TrlnwtUr flu Dv or 'UU cdsIarwNgs. mi
All ...mdmmt. semt.tlsg
: cull or trttt tor tv Uttrrlttr
]; I till to r..lrw4 B* ... CREAM Of IMKMOOM

: :_ 1$. eneverttlM 1at.r'e.dlettal.
bmtUtt&mm Ilill
.1 cc
: ""
',..r.. ttstt tilt I
u ,.
/. y ft*! In I W It. lalteefjNf. fl It.b ?...a.. A tiled .f III 6 : M'49i

mar tm*...HII.'.*.,. .
Phat 351-H2f 7II-HM ....'... fee mttm dm ..

.. ell#.. IUTI4tI'ItEIRIART
.. Y.S. "<- "
- ;';';;;', -




I y 7 _

fAMUans Entertain Annual Association Guests In President's Manor r

T.qsr t'' ____

ir j rtt I, __ ct

j$4e .. / t


j ? 'hr r. r1 L. .EV1Ti.
MaeM.Yliit6r -, ... s w.as c:..p.' .- -I '--\
II\! ,... ___
RWPITV" ---- Among thulI' Pr, ',>>n<- "' a rtnv-jit.ion ,icivin w Or. and Mr.. George W, Cure Jr., it tbelrrl'IIIII.rll rector of the health center at Albany State College, Albany Go. Standing fro left: Mrs. II. tunningFfferson. +Os

kuriHhini' Munnion UK MIIHM. ui. Florida MIIIIII\lHrHlll I: were Clinical AsitocUUon aenbors, Rev L G. Miles, acting/ dean of students at AIM; Mrs. Jennie Murphy, Mill Dormitory COWl ':" -
thrlr KUi-HtH, silnlniNiriii' IItrlGI'r" oi mi' unJv 'rnifv and their '
wivim and husbands In
photo left selor, Dr. M.C til lisas, Tallahassee Mrs. George t. Gore Jr.. hostess; Or. UR. Hampton Ocil l
tr< Uft an Urn Alui P. ftilth oI l TU *"IH ", Ale ; Mrs. UH.R. Foote Mrs U.R. Partridge, and Mra.J Mrs. ,iS
<< ;
W: .ln Tn) 111'1'c> all 'f Tall IIh.,,"!!.., nr faith; chief of the Nouro pHyrhiatry. Veterans' Admlnlttratlon .. ,
: ; : ,
|1I1I"'lIal.| l TuMk ii'i.a Mr. ninrpi' 'inn tnr uf aitnlnHlonn and reco/ds at PAMU and
J Mr.
PAMUliuMln ( of the buffet
service from left are: Mrs, Bobbie Primus Heath Mrs. Ivy Fuller, registered nurse1!
'/ N ",iurii iii'r. Cuitir Pit: seated !
iron lift: Mm. Babbitt Primus Heath public health rune of
Pensacola Mrs lilliam
; P.
Poster executive secretary of the PAMU Clinical Associstlon and Dr,
Dfytiviu, .1Iw'h. Mr*. Rinlei J. Rurgrne (hiui of PAMU firhool of Naming, end Mrs. Gwendolyn Martin di' ster, head of the Departamt of Muaie. (Photos bgr Jesse U Nipper 'fII."h1

.1) MIAMI DEATHS Fla. Memorial Gets Gibbs Paper Gets YWCA News

Annual Gulf Grant Top Regional Award ,1t....
HOUSE. OF ALBERISMm WI Din tun, Fie.1nter .

lury Nun Jordan ......... ST AIGUSrtNP, A sub 8AVANMAH.: Ga -- Thu 'A 'claaa in Modern Jazz Dane will be held,_ ft

70M Nrmh PI. Pii Htantial grant in- aid f GibtAonlan,stuck nt nowt- ;Saturdaya Eros 12:30: to 1:10: p... This t .* *' s
Irks. I\I; itvY (
has been me eived by paper of Giblet Junior course till begin Februnrv
10. Mifttle Pi-url .Povoe, Saturday 29th at the
: isLNrIrrh 21. *lfe.thrr a '
cluiwlittrj: MIU:{ Jordw,.>,pusull+ 3 iuu{tI h IU'1I ';.I'(f florid$ .* Deport Collect :TTij'fr Collepv (St. PeterAhurx. Worthiest fiCA Center. 5100 11 list ..A't.1;(
*"n. ArrumtmicntA" 'lnqo.1-. :. k'tnn, "1, "jllll'r, |j here"..fro a the Gulf oilfcforpuruion. Flu, ), wn top honors ut I' Mrs. Evelyn Ftlltell d is the instructor.Any ,
I'c'lll.' < '" l"1rt < ; President the 13th' Annual ftmthurnFfKlonwl interested teenager, Toy or girl are invited .
;< 1 1 .
: Ri;; furyear baa an Press Institute to attend. Call the Center for further In
'. .... .. ;.1
.t. .......... '. f.ffnt"d" held last eeek on the 'fo'1IIUolI. 8J.-:: $I.
V 'Th Gulf .il
f ( J grant la particuUrly canpui of Savannah
., $J J t-
lire'Radlet( Jl. Nrlwin,. Mhlt. CtirienrMeagerF \ welcome at PUte Cvl.leflll.( J. I l4 I ,r, o Y.TF131IWC' !. n .I 4P?
r '' : :
H. this<< ttae.ivOr ; ; ..t. }i ,
: 'I9tll' RI.' peji.JO. tarp ear ':i. The rtet i>aper. ooipetin -
Key. V.C. "Rulsoh gQ40.N f11'M .1 Ol" Ave.Charle, Feb." declared. as it is ,: tor fur Uie. first tlaJr The Senior' High T-Teen Cub till sponsor a record

'bUMlmnd, ] daughter, 1 Mil lire hoped that it sill "serve rt A the FaSrtaniii, Insti dance on ftaturdsy February 29th iron 710 p...at {
-'tr9'1' parents. chape f
dun a..brolh'rll. 1 "I"f ; e'' ia an incentive to Pile's' I I.t /ze lute. MrbedJ a superior the Korth estJ C\ Center. Miss Daisy Myrlek is
trr, FJnsl) rite in* orlp'' 'v Ir1ri held, Peh" threw constituent .utl ( \ ,' rail glt 211. \ t. ': .
; Y wn '
lUptlst Convent inn! top junior college sees- 'I'-' < '.

,- .1', IA kpYT.j" .' .e',. which ta joint ....ion 'fsrer$ |n seven south- Jtl nc+ 11r1iAGn,r"LLADV. riir ,.
54th SIIEET[ [ 1 :'" TRIM I 'HOPSARl .in taxpu recently es trn, It 'U.. The an. "1ft1..4rN'w ') 1' \ f" .J
.' pledged to raise J203. no Dce* ar of the Olbb- There srPUtUy soa, msilwile places for the
aO"V"I .fI'' of. real Everglades trip ()ft',8atb, d..M"ch: Hth. The
: 000 by May 31. .itl\ an't rating ms suds srouj
., .. :
(j IiY', .; ...r"..:",":* toned... 61" full(I.' flen- Ity elites, icott. In- ill' )leave the Center at > a.a. and return about

1- Int..O '. .t>A r I t1JaJ.o'! \) tOOOrptists, *.tltut.. Pirec: r,*'" tonalld ,}' ipQ: p... The event promises to b*. an ,ficltini

$16.95up.. 'IA. .J,. i I'Kr"4.' ", .- to rcelve. ,, .t1 J-}. doy'a: trip.'so sign up now. Call Ut.28I'tot'.ht.l
7 Mtit"rt As. ; : \ I ."?O, t pct T Jstonwyad It,.",, OOT&1UDINQ CAItffiR The IMt Nstlaabohhshtery ward fur tVe oollcgr,,;'t e.In- forest ion.

1" .1..ieee \ '. :, POuoktlofisl., e23. Atird syeibufle ot top achievement tithe ., wore three. MudoU tIIQ
.V N- w 10 "" .
,.,,.,, "
1' C".iI%"' neo field of engineering. were in
1. 104"1" \ .a presented to Florida .flavajjnsh ACE
) .: riortda Me. .<*r1I1 in Poser and Light Company president tlcflrefor Smith dele.-a ee''to 'tips.. Press, I \ ,DISCOUNT" HOUSE

". .,. .... one or two prl IW'h'"orld (left) it the Florida Engineering AGe l.t1' annual In'luhtT" tJ ...r., :

Starting a new.. home i q'11 see to recto banquet here
': to itraward. tho Mean Ar our T Granger (right, dean of the Unlve Palates Sellers, fashionand
l 1M' .' ivt4yy11aplg01eyw+rae_i Lo 1rrle4If' .;', pvper: + tjhs'if.hi'ar- nlty of Tmn..I,.'. College of Fnglneerlng, society editor; and from U5.J5 IRONS )24.SS
cUl Clew ,I"'.t;11x"n h,,l,pi;1 .. / /! C.ht4ssw. if hi' PAT. .
it .t at. sponsor of the annual sward Dean Granger praised poreattu Cadlia,
Y* T ; fl.I. ltd An. PL S1511
11 'Alexandert1 Furniture > tuna .Reitch.toythe the xchonge roar are part of a beconlngtheutility' The college

t "JJ --r-' ...(:.. '. ;" total award of mere than dent In 1839 and Us first and only coalman sprMi judged and aeeapaperaa secluded OPENING SPECIALS

_. -II! "- I1T.JOO rtUtrlbttUd this of the Uwrdli &eM. Alaa cited .u tile eiecutlirea by the staff ef the eiecutjve -

"- :!:t' .-.... ;..,_, f aonth hf the osif'otitorCorettolt role in helping bring sill Ions of dollar it net edlttr of the AC t AUTOLITE SPARK PLUGS..,--. Sir I

I "I ,-, ".":--; ..... 'l '11. .':-\S.. to roUeitsn :M lads-' industry to Florida over .the;"a.... The oereconles Savannah NevaPress.Mlor BONDED BRAKE SHOES ((2 Iheal Set) 2. 97
pendent heirs the
at Cmglides Hotel sere lieU ta conjunction College publics*
3012 N.W.,21tk. t 'nn .-. .. ( 1 1 | ':P utatel., as part ofGutr' sigh observance of HUtcral biglaeers '''L tion swards, went .t. ((4 Meets.*} 5. 94
..... .
... r. .fi .
"E'C.UIl' i. ,
ClaTlla Collt, Qtllll. SHOCKS :
HOST CARS.... 3.87 a
n .
WE[ SELL a.u ""J ink prieraa.T. ; burg, a. c. "eng Virginia'
MT/fXI About Mlamlans State Coll eg*. Petera- VISTA WASH I lAX -_ ', .99;

t. AIEUO'S Albert F. ....*r (left ton to attend the funeral burg. Va. High acaool SIMONIZBOOYSHEEN-....-.:....;' lr
I Thursday site for Nc. fata uacle, 11111.. sad e lew at dry pu. 1llaSloe JOHNSON
Trwli ... .r., tar da, teat ta

I. t"'lm OENCTS. ULTO' He till retart( to this schools la AtlaAta. '1. PRESTON CARfAX 1.2i S

Af1 RSn,1 .- "" Ity on Monday ,Albany. Ca sad ....- LYKNU RADIATOR PRODUCTS .... ... ,. 49. f"t"
r(IU, 'uw I t ar, tat Miami leis Mower CiAvTHOtHIO voile Teal, A-tlllnt.) Flit Flick JM I lie9 task "4 ;

R/aq't "Act StRV 'Cl i',.' VENTILATED COOL CUSHION JL, hJi' 9
U WRKIII QjMANm'f' Piet, 'C\& guJua &- cAt .sW SEAT .
tai ue iei. MIN" Mc TOe I BELTS _,L_ 2. II
ygat1LCZieS.SaaatYie11M \ ;- .
I ISM cease HAMSTinSa "
I PIUTUaar. ireiCr,0,0te ._ 2,65
Taivv,'Slew. are 1'1.. City 12 t 15 Inca

t .. } K.lf. 5
rkMi 151 b s.*. wtt art. ', '" CAR BUTLER _. .t _
: -!301 141 4-JJOS 20M i, Phone 440-3625 --.:..- 1. va

Mi.i, rtirili Cit\.t- 4f OH.I r( f1.' vtaifoe s.'011(1! T to PIECE FLOOR MAT-..:.- -L11 1:97! a

> '" ORE PIECE1 FULL-FRONT MAT,_.._: 2.67c
-. trim'4. iiMHi R: : R. TAYLOR$ PRIVATE Drrtcnvt. BOOSTER CABLES ....._-, ... I .66

eeeo .w. lane .9 wise Meun.ee., "'..... CHROME'AIR; CLEANERS ;

Meuseee irfVMAM >
..fas.oeesswes sues HUBCAPS BATTERY CHARGERS ..

1; k lOb.. 15. YU 3'4T46tMiOI'ICg '.4 STICK SHIFT CCHVCRHON, KITS
Aittmtic Ml, JlJiiir TrusBistUi
Rifiiiil sea ClNu tit !Pi5i'e' Vir. Alltlcl 'a..ou
.MOS. Oivoea t CvtMkCt STOIC Ftreot tAlr0e.4a IMO
Miter Ih hats Tin ls PvkikaeTMC (1,"... IMCMC Tn .I'ate. lash Coiittf -

lING '... Arto ll: 'I.. 'u icc. MTtsnvf Fwincna. SAMARANAUTOMOTIVE
SIZE till K.I. Uti. An. Mite) FltrUa
UNl'Itt..U M"t.. Snag yea arble a to M.


Paw n ?.22i4FM ,""

... ( TERNATOR ,v
-- .All Items AnlUbl At Both

.Spotlight. Product JOHNSONOF ,r'1ewA,,, unsu.Cs i 'et i) .
MI IPec, trlevla st.aira -, 463S N.W. 27th Ave.
01 Tae Week e nwut
j mm[ Palm rowa weirs Phen. 635-84O

\ .I"'WMBM.r1! II "yd t ,. 'to I 11.M atRO awned f ,.a 6260 S.W"lth l.- St.

.. '. 1 t/ v; ) ,Petes Ios SIsUq 635.6159tlir s ,"'"a '6634742

w $irt, ftridtr ) ; tl.111'1 .. rna K 1hg, N AUTOMOTIVE PARTS & ACCESSOtlfS'w aau



. FEHCW 2) W4 riuiii sin rwis I, "1'' PACE I IUK

II MAIDS (Crowded Secretory Of Stole Yon Adams Warrant Cliches Preiy Coach Tott Don t Han To Oo 'To Town 'To Get

AWtllD N.Y. LlVa>I Sebrlng Ficiig Up With Minister
Seeks Re-4lctia To Office Is HatlonilNigiziRo
MAID. Job. 135-$$$ .k. saI1tG-aae.Ol'lula.: LOW PRICESOn
and For Second Tine Feature
director Alee 01Mna -
Par advuted. Mellor y TALLAHAfiSCK Announcing that bt la seeking re-
bas announced that Itctloa to the office bt BOW holds Secretary of TOLTDO (AMP) A ORAMBLINQ. La. --
AI Ljabrock Hrt. . . .
97. due to tat ovtrwhtlalairtqnttti State To. Adaa Said: .. arrant filed IT years (AMP) Presldent-Coirh On
for starting 'It la with treat taronaoii tat atatt ar In Alabaaa has *.'. Jones of OraabltmColltge
ISM I. nun position IB tile world pleasure that I announce who art wllllai to aa- caught up with the lev.lobtrt la oit of 71tuoceaaful DRUG STORE NEEDS
IBOOM Tu Service-Notary faaota Sebrlai 11 lour tile filial today (?...- .... posltioa of re- Lee Porter fort baseball tad
Endurance Race,the usual aponslhllltT on behalf the track mentors
Mbllo Bookkeeping Str- day Ptbraary II) d ayqualifyiai aecoad tint offering trade With Tour Neighborhood Drug Store
tlca.BielaH. 85 car starting field papers aa a of oar political ef- Rev Porter 51. was ideas, tips and techniques '
world be Increased to candidate forta. In addition to arrested la tilt current
for rt-elec hen
a fugitive
oa -
gI )oUt! eo Deliver it also fill all Doctora Prescriptions
5323 Kertl MjrtH An. 70 starters for Ute tion aa your Secretaryof warrant from Alabama issue of till Coaching
Saturday March 21at state. froa such bt fled Clinic published byPrenticeHill
13 rich tort and tore tato- the highest calllai. r prison.la rnglewood Cliffs. N.J.

mobile IIDllfactuera.relllulll and I Mild like to taba 1152 Rev. Porter.. Ht discussed "I dn" on
1302 lid lush
Riifs it Mrrtli
!'Servicesou.s that a eta> this opportnalty to ti- arrested la Cleveland oa Pitching for Chaarlonahlp -

\ AO- alas position at the press My deep arpreclatloa .4 the sane warrant, butt Conch Ing" la the Nuts Elii 5.5511-11
VUt'"IfG DANCES BALL Stbrlai Enduro. lives to the people of I ..J bID Oov. Prank J. aptcltl wrung srorta\
tfMCi; tic ALSO LOUD their product unllalttd Florida for the privilege Lauiche refused to alga issue of the monthly
9EMD !ic VICt FO*BANQUETS.OHCIRTS renown, the 19<4 field of serving them titraditloa .papers. sgiitae.Conchea PAT Y9BI LI 1T. MA1EI AMI JunIOR
RECORD: HOPS ETC. baa been. forced to to- since January 1MI la After aa tight-Month offered thoughtsand
E1.mZ. SOUND SERVICE crease Its flied 10:00a. : this Itat.' a aweondhi AI. stay in Jail bt was trends on technician IILIS AT 101 ST8IE
Lt Maaa atart. ill tut constitutional freed. He la pastor of aDd strategy oa A poal-
Not only lithe starting office. TGM ADAMS the Gaidei of Oethseaane tion-by-position btsla.
;PUK on co. grid already filled, but "la requesting the oar state district co Church of Christ a aaall hell consultant led enteJl
Hit'Tto SERtict STATIONS aanj eager lesser known 'people to r.... till. ordinate, I' Mlatalnaa church oa the wtstaldt. .his tea to the NCM or

FoVm. JUST COMPLITIN8 automobile racing car mandate for servile, active organisationla Sew porter has lived NAn national tournniMnt .-....i/14.,. ... #0 .,. ,. '" ""'" ,.
,NEW 3 BAT StRVICC entries art oa the rt- I l*o.ld like to call every area of Pla. here for about two or won attte high school '
let at point oat. that M tlI. AVIt "4 Ado", tho". ( 4 !4t ll
STATION wi TH 2 LIFTS aenrt Hat In the hopt attention to ay record yetra He kai had no Chaaplonahlpa la 19 S.Oraahllni .
oar concept of the re- nil teed It'd ..,..as IAd .. ... ......... paws Lts.Cl. .
ON. FKTHA LARGE LOT AT that lat minute practice la office for tilt actions record of other arreets. woo the MM ........ .... Snip hi .raA a ...... ,...- t.hh.d M
FOKEWOOO a CLEVELAND accidents cad ttchanlcal of the put are sponslblllties ef a H. ma "apprehended after area seven title and van .,ray d.. ... ... ...We ..d ......._ G.+ .. ...
Aiowt TWO BAY SERVICE fallurta say porhaps the most accurate caapalia ten differs he applied for a truck runntrt-up In tile national -_,.aa.w
' T TIOH AT 5609 MoNC_ilfRO.PID opw a starting petition yardstick fordetorwlnlni perhaps fro cost for driver's job with the toumaent. NOTE PUCK mil trim thi taklsll..49c<
/ HAUR: TRAINING. la their class the ptr tt thick of such an city of Toledo.A routine The national duct III011' \Aa" CAN .......I!! : W.- ew...a
TALL Mi. tot A TH II AT Jim Hall lAd Hap Sharp forotnct la the futureof ortsaliatloa ant la check by polio. ua- ship eluded coach'1. wHITNIN .iN'k..\ 'L JSc
356-7331. wealthy Ttita sports- any "nan, terms of being a t po-. covered the longstanding Jones, but chnaploarfilp' KEY WEST GRUNTS LL 32eM
.ta and auto racial '"luring tbt JUt three rary alignment of r.opl.band.d warrant. quality hat sot.Slnot :, | SHRIMP T**** '"*' Jikl)>e
together Jut be- OIMIM" s e *eSPECIAL
/drivers, hart shelved years, a aunher of siini He escaped. from 111 by world .ar II hue
Hughes Carsweliliii the Chevy poured Chap fletn t tattraalchmitra tore aa election for Prison In Moatgoaery Tigers have eoaptltd aJJ rOI THS UNTIlf SKiSOKI

parcel! racing csrs that hnvo been made the solo purpose of Ala. ,.b, 9, .1941 -$8 won-loss record ."'X'I."Oil Af.4TCII'6V
fill tint sere almost unable to within the Office of Itttlni votei."la while serving an '-to.10 and Irapbllai'" stars nave CtnIIM MUCH OURS ''te.; 39e 4 I
aakt the starting line Secretary of State, cotclaaloa, let year burglary aeateactlaposed received worn than $300 DIW IHtUNW stall MM ...
Plymouth & Valiant uP. die to atria tent design bleb, I feel have con' tie say that the last 17 la 1939: 000 in houses iron am Qmttf. js-. IAN JfcW
rul!.A..,lAd ..I tcIII :!* trlhuted substantially months which 1 have beeprivileged aajor let we teams, "M A" N""fewti; 11 N. 99Q
ia ..ilt0 Dan Ouwfcr last 39e
Inlll HAN
Silisui to new and last minute toward achlevlai our to serve at Orawbllni has won ttirrt
designed road racing goal of creater economy your Secretary of State allow up sometimes 111111 straight aouthetatrrn URGI '
true Colors. But what 1 u
power plants. and efficiency have been tile busiestand conference ehatploahlpa SHRIMP U,
In I Ort Air KM "Since aaaouiclni .r cost meaningful. ota are theft When a man Is ,
A pair of clean white Intention last "fteptewher a 1 It.. I cherish the rebellious, be It red; The astute Oraabllng MEDIUM 690 .. SKAI a. IeItun.
Powell Plymouth loves makes a woaaa- 1' to run for reelection opportunity to continue, ekes ht Is cowardly couch la also tile subject SHRIMP I L3.
of any we from 3 oa up- as your Secretaryof this service and, with yellow; ekes ht Is of a apeclal feature ., uiseveRtu
feel like a lady, and State I a. plevatd the help. of ..., friends honest whltt; when he in the currant Issue SfImJ u. Me LL SkSTtWISI
1211 SAN MARCO BLVD. therefore look like a to report that we have throughout the state Is loyal, blue; when he of Collegiate leap- nestle Stews
lady, fio, whether your It laeiperlenctd irteaat Cltf QJM He He
aadt much proireea la wt art fully prepared ball official publlctttliet it. u
351-2124 tiltt gloves art leather our coatlaulai program to wait a timorous e..- only when ht It of the Anerleus Maoelatlon > ,........ua
Call I .. for DmmtraUOM or fabric do suds the.ou waft to expand. the team of palga to achieve this I baring Is he colorless. of College l CATFISH I" 49ct3.I ...MAmln...i...,,:' Ie
-- -
r every wearlBn. caaunity 1eadera goal Baseball Coaches.


I 1 I '



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._ $AUTYSWITCH I .-. \/
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%dabQe TV
.ItNNew.M frtdl6 t.7_ dl.TI
ROLLOUT SOElZtdl;;S.I... ft. 'rosn fs.. I

MIM*< nAn, ICs STO AC ltN..lii3y WfMHt. A Mal TWflVI fOUNW

1. Ip If ,..... SHOWS A WAR, HMHT PICTUilU

SU-KeUT SHlC.VH .<.. ft CwMwriUwie : I ITCHfe CIRCUIT 1fM. OUAUNTHOOR un


- - -
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GHQHl Store .. & 1oIr0i EL 40471SAIUUT )

-'. .
-- -P' .

I. f .


., '. Features, .Founder's Day Programs Negroes Hired-'_ Cited For Distinguished Service I Ik

I :\ ,; ,\ By Okla. Ban ,

SHJIA.! ALA.-Two lead. r .
ors of the Selaa vote
registration drive ban
s qualified to run for
city council positions
to tht March 17 Demo

critic prlaary. ,
iy' yt J
There art Jeaee L oil-

deriJeevt, a teacher at .
S li. l ,Y Lutheran Academy, ud
the Reverend Frederick
D. Reese, pastor of MacadooU -

Baptist Church ,,.
t s.y
They art the first 1 yf4
Negroes to seek public
office la Selaa ilnctRtooaatnetloa .
rowans' ren ARTISTS-nrte sailor music ajor. u tnt pioride MIl University .
Department of Music were featured la u laitruaeotal trio on the program of the Porkers trot the Student .
I recent Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Pounder Day held In Lie Hall Auditorium, Nonviolent Coordinating -
Shown here from, left to right, art: Karen Bunt of Jacksonville, Cora Bodiaon CoMltttt (SNCC)
I of Jacktonvllle, and Barbara Gilbert of Stuart, Ma. (James L. Nipper Photo) began a voter registration I
drive here la 1M2.
--- r---- --- ---------I
r Only .9% of the voting

I KUZZIN'S. MUSIC BOX rr age Negroes in Dallaa ._.
-- -- ---
County art registered ---
: YOU RECORD HEADQUARTERS : voter PLAYMAKER8 CXTtD- Thtat members of the Plorlda Hat loris .lhOll. Tallabaaatt, Mam Pieze Miami; De-

327 North Macomb Street. eeeeeeeee University Plaraakera recently received individual loris Mitchell, Tallahaaaee; Marie Hadlty, TboeiMTlllt .
citations of merit from Secretary of the Any Crru Ga. ; Barbara filllaae, Miami, Kathryn Snted.Tallahaaatt .
i GOSPEL BLUES POP JAZZ. i ir ALLOTSfor Vance In recognition of their effort aa "goodlll ; and Lena Hill, Miami Standing left
II" aabaadora." Lilt year the croup toured Europe for to light art: Dr. Edaonda; Cleaent Career, Del air.
45s LPs rI B two months under the direction of Dr. S.Randolph M.J..Kaymrd; Dunnell, Miami; Richard Sparka Ocala;
Join KUZZIN'S FAN CLUB! Ednonda head of the rAW Department of Speech and Ira. Rebecca f. Steele, director of the Florida,
,. I ." Pictured here art aember of the croup which MM University Cholr.vho served aa musical directorof
I .. r
entertained American 01'a with rendition of Lane the croup abroad; Michael DuncanOpa: LockaDavidHelper :
N aim_----s----s.rw--.rams--- aton Hughes' "$81.pl Heavenly" and Dr. Li onds' Ocala; Ronald Thpapeon, Miami, Henry Jefferson .
original variety shoes, "Showtlaa." Shown seated Miami; and Samuel Danlelt. Miami '
I left to right, art: prance lounc, OP a Locka, tie* (Jesse L. Nipper Photo I )

\ ) your name Clark DebatersTo A & M Credit Union Is Inspiring Peace Corps

Face U, Of Fla. Exams Set
'I Success Story Spanning 29 Years
-- $
AttJUm-Clart col h.e' s
\ Debating Tea last weekend MJ.AJUSSEE inspiring success story in dollars For Saturday

in the book ? btcase the first and cents waa enacted here recently during the 29th
ST. AUlI1mNPlae..t.te.u
: croup fro a Negro col- Annual Meeting of the Florida Mil Onlvenlty **- ,
... for volunteers to
J .,. to conpttt on the plo, pederal Credit Union.
....................... serve overaeee la tit U.S.
campus of The Unlveraltyof pith J.I.I. Lee Jr. ,
.. ...... ., Peace Corps will Jbt offered
.r. I South Carolina. The president and chairman School who gave aa address -

., . .. . .a, .. ., ., .. defcatora ton drat place of the board of directors on the subject Collect at here Plorlda at 1:30 Memorial p....

.. I .In the Onl,,,.It,'. fifth preilllng, the "Credit Unions Have a Saturday, Peb. 32 Registrar *
Annual Caaellla Tourna credit union highlighted Serial; Rellpo".l bill tJ." Thoaaa C. Park baa
I eat and a Clark student its annual meeting with Another feature of the announced.

was awarded the reports to its neaber eetlig waa the awarding Volunteers Mat bt Aaeri-
trophy aa "Beat Speak Reports Included the of door prices to these
.. cam citlttat. Marriedcouples
M I f- You can't vote tr" at the tournaaent.Jacqueline following: board of persons; The Rev, are eligible If
tennttt of directory j,. ,Luther cent A. Johnson tint '
1* "> both qualify aad have ao
: a *. L' t ;
if you're notregistered. Loudvlllt Kentucky, a Thomas; treasurer, Mr*. prize; F.. .. tallact, dependents under 18.
frllhuII, and llllaa nut K. Rvtitll; credit second Mr*. L. Beatrice College students taking

.. l' Cordon, a sophomore of committee,& Dr. L.r. Clarke, third; and Miss the test may bt assigned
Atlanta, represented nrtn; supervisory conait Ttielaa Glenn fourth. fotlottai' graduation
Clark In the cross ex* tee. Robert Hall end
When you paduaU from )Klh school 1. they} though deirttti art not required
alnttlon tourptatnt ,education coeatttee,
put your namo )In the school yearbook.When centered ..round'red.raJ Mrs, Outride Simmons Says Housewife. for all proJ ect..
I have tttophont inatalltd,they : V; The mama art mon-cu.-
you thh'i'jfducaUolI 'V '
for a Many'of the PAMU
9( put your name In the telephone book. guarantee petitive, and there la
for qualified faculty and staff *tockholdsra Drowned 'Self'
no filed ptitlac score,
But you and only you-can get your name
T In the moat important book of kU-tht roll high school graduates acre accn puiedh Dr. park pointed out.
of RegSatertd Voters of your precinct-the Recently returned trOll ; their children also ,run Mich. (W) At present! there art over
"Election Book." ; "i. Harvard Valreratt aharehnlritr la the in- The body of Mra. Mabel 7,000 Peace Corps vole.

/ toand if)011',. not in the book you ought tournament tktre they" titwtlonaf credit Icon. M last week wa* here at lIOn la 46 ooun-
l won four and lost four union.In found floating la the tries In Latin America,
Because: ,if you're not registered,you can't debatea Miss Itaattt the report if Itotreasurerpub.lttnl Pllni II River. It la belirvpd Asia and Africa. Aeoiig
get in the polls come Election Day. and Gordon eon their l byMr then| the woaaa then are teachers, end
You can't even vote for dog catcher- tint place for affirmative ..*. H.T. Stokes, tre", tint tier own life. ne.r*, nurses, fant.,.,
much'lees mayor councilman,congressman debaUII,.ft. first urer, Mr*. Rue/ K, run- Her tau bud Stanley, doctor, sociologists
aerator, or pretidtnt-unleat your name lain place in negative debates .U.IIt.nt trca urrr tnld nolle, abe had recreation worker, and
the book. tent to Deory tfnlvenlty.alao and Mr*. Martha Mayo, limn under treatment fornarvovaatea other over 300 aklll
You don't even have the right to complain of Atlanta. credit union nuiBucrwbera aid aa cablCrlPIl 1* all,
-unl.. you're registered and vote. The Clark debatoran acre informed. emotional tondltlna end An additional S.OOO Peace
So don't cut yourself out of this year'a key
that the Florida AM .
early had to compete that several weed BRO Corp worker till M a*
electiont. Gtt your name in the book. A lot '
ti of your friend and neiihbora are already against a former member University cr.dltInion she had hinted at taking aimed for tralnlm this
of tilt Clark tea.RobertAnderson haa total aaaeta of her life. auer.Pvrther.
Uated there If you know of one who lan't
IF YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED, take him with you when you |0 to ",liter rto- traaa*' ..I..T.II and total According to the polio info rait ion may *
COME OF AGE SINCE THE LAST on thia "Roll of Honor" of Americanoaid f erred from Clark left liabilities of $. 147. report, Mm, Mean*' hua. bt had f KM the RegUtrar1 .
then-we'll ate )'ou.t the pout! year to become oat of ftl. band aeakentd to (lad office at Florida Me finial
ELECTION. read this the first Negroes at The The credit males wHlch her cent froe their hia College, t.Acutiae, or
Oalvtraity ef loath has a .eeberaklp of sheet 9: M a... and reported direct from the peace
5saltl S's*.w yw had'". fIRST yonlll It Jell have did not I.149.called 104 see
Carolina, participate her aliaa. Corps, taahlaitoa. H.C.
vle i-l,r.gWe. ..JuiM re"f ectewnled *eve II* Mrtk.MMI >
... MM*, you have te dyinrelhlMleUekMiCe. Be sureyou're U Ue debates members daring the part_
.**..,*. MU liMit your UyouwUI l be SI rm by EI.VIIaaFried la the because 0 rill.) ...", year. Slate Ue orM .. .. ---- --
MMe: w M iaythe b e.g'I yee one of We aattoa'aaoataacetaafa > tioa 29 years ago, itI, '
book) peiMsias o. Tilt 'MI' registered end tta'elytraveled las dose or ,'r.
OVNI It" e mevtdm OIlWllt fw ''the -I" 1M11 t..... Clu"' lllton dollara worth
wee the p"lwely preeiwet. .hew..\ ,..you. .. IVY'.. yw e.a ...to debaters till 1 compete at of buaiaeaa la loaa*.
.. ,. ....... COINS AWAY IlKTION
UBtTtraltyHhU Pelloac the aervlagf
I Make adds DAY Vice ....- ,Abeam' REGISTER AT Florida State
II /a the ease M.il yea'I '" ...I.... I 320'EAST BAY STREET watt state btcoalac refrehaeat, Mra,

County Court House the first ,Negro Oertha flits save s re
competitors oaaaoutheraaeirtiattd port oa the ....J ooji-
)c'I l::'" '. *V' *' 1-;. i tr erectly altos of Ue Florida
; r a
; 1RegislnlloB segregated collect CM Credit Cnioa Leases held
t. : : ': Them they mill aote at Meet leacft.Mathew I
Books pea
ArrOpen Daily'
i ,, new fork oa three |. Retire. m.aiiiwallcawwasr .--------
'\ "
'vr" : .
dlffereet eccaatoaa teeoaptte rrlaelpal of the PAMO
4t ,1 a,alaat teams Mien School Introduced
?....... it toanaeentt at rook. the speaker J.J. tit-
.1:30: A.M. to 5:30: P.M. Until April 14, lyi tad City Colleges chill..ar.4tsr at TH III tine 0. WRFft (

ir ;.* \ 11 Md ,Hew Teat Oalverelty. the Cilveralty flgh
<< 1.V"; L: (

': : ,t. NOTICEI I NOTICE I 'J 1"".Er tJ /

Brings Out
\ '. 'f.! '" I '. ):"
ii 'If' \ 1" \
,. of \ Full, Rich
Special Night Registration (At Courthouse) '

i 1..11II
Ticsdiy March 3..6:00 P.ti to 9:00 P.M. .'

+- '
\, Taisdiy Muck 10.6:00 P.M. to; 9:00 P.M. ,

'J For Registration Information Callsn trIMe

.. 'edo
S .
Florida Star Registration Center' fk

a x '
4rb w4n,
El 4.8880 ,j

Milton Hardfick, Director

Jeia'ne FLORIDA STAR h..alien DrWt# Yoheteets ile 'C1e1.'?&. ; :... f.j; .' away KUZZIN'S JAZZARAMA

IICISII'I. fllllll


UTIII1Y fEllan' 2S, 1K4 II rtiwi mi PAPERS J.t PACE 11

Hayes' Topples 60- Yard Dash Record Globetrotters Scheduled Here WednesdayWhite I

Division Cage Champ Eye New Horizons Sox Sign Famed Attractions Headed Here" _.

- .
'-' I t J IMr.th Fox ReplacementCHICAGO

T' 'Vl/ {
< '
/ -- (lAHPi --
:. :
Chicago White Sot officials -

last week signed

the Ban they have selected 4

to replace second

. baseman Nellie Foi, the

team's former "MightyMite.


Me 1* Negro Don Buford 0 p

one of the most highly'

regarded rookies to jola

the SOl team in a loaftime.

The InternationalLeague's

Rookie of the

Tear and Most Valuable

Player la USJ, au torei' a

r. credentials are impres
t a wd
it alve. They include: .
The IL batting dumplon- ANNUAL AJTEAMNCK MBUC Dlmtitlve oveer-coaca Abe Saperatela d a way totower

ship tlth aa average of over hit Internationally famed Harlem globetrotters Meadowlark Lemon, Ten

J5", leader it rasa Harrison and Connie Mawklns (left to right), who will hoed the salary scheduled

r scored ilth 114.: hits, to play the Atlantic City Sea Dull Wednesday,March: 4 at I P... la Jan Coliseum I

,I J4rS 309: doubles, 51, e.> <2 1m addition to the top case attractions equally famed entertainers Cab Calloway

stolen banes, {2. and one*If tied dancer Peg Leg Dates and group will feature halftlao festivities.

ii Sixth Try Brings Grid D0itfc- UriedJax Jets Training Slate I

FAMUan World TAMPA '1.. Police The Jackaonvlll 100

here art Investigating Jets will begin sprint
_ __ .
--- --
tie possibility that t training March T and S,
ETC CITY CHAMPIONSHIP Coached by Willie toy game ."n... U Capt. Alphoaso Siam, averaging Dash Record former high school football beginning it It a.m.,

'!Thomas tile Rlmond Johnson Recreation Center Tsdpolem1 12-polnts-per-gaae. wss 'voted the teaat moat valuable star found shot to ti tk* little Avenue

basketball team romped roughshod over all player. Seated fro left are: 'Thoaaa Grt_. death early Friday more- Hall Part.

competition to cop tie divisional basketball title Jerome NlioaJohnny Iron, Dot Williams, Al ,Prater urn" YORK -- Jscksos- of Nebraakt. Green, a lag, Valentin tray, may Co-owners Robert Burke, /

ud .1\1 engage in tb. city championship series filbert Olbaoa. Standing from left: Coach 'Thoaaa vllle's Robert (Bob) see sprint sensation have beet t victim of nigllah fcOtee and .... /

thin week Toe SJ cagera trounced Forest Park. Joe Ronald Cummlaga Franklin Taylor Capt. Alpkonao Hayes, who thrives on rat a,5 outdoor..100 mast violence that has "''''*.and "loses Small

H. James. and Honcrief Villagers tiice each and Swain, Gary Karris Michael Jackson, Charles Green coupetit like t duck last year while rep resentlng recently erupted Is the twatnenn manasers, jolt

lllder once, holding sll.tesmato a 10-polnt-per and SJ Recreation Director Carl ton ."",t. loves .ester lived up to Seattle High Tamp area. the teas msnsger, tu-
U. title of the school. gene hits In Inviting
The body of 'a ,oltb.tutaU" ,
'wor Jd' fattest II.- Hayes, who credited the Interested ball players
Tenn. Tigerbelles' Break 'AIIIII. Globetrotters Slate Ideatlfieaat
man" her Saturday, competition of Pesderud to attend the practice

2' World Indoor Records March 4 Setto IB Coliseum when be blasted the Cries with alilag' that loe of ,UtearoldJtllva .,. of TilLaftallt and tryout for berths
world I, 0-aecond 60- his' to break the world ot tk* club
UX)I8VIU.lt-Kdoard: S. Temple-coached freshaao OIICAOO-It ... 37 years BIO that Abe Baperateii.t yard duh barrier la the nark laid he realised fltrtet. Tampa The'season will heats
ymola Tyus nerved notice/ on the track world aa fellow who baa netted fortune from basketball vis band early Friday
a Itunnlng time of I. '- he had made a good start Raster Monday, March'
she dhd set mrld record her first morning at the corner of
equaled a new
out of Chics with an unknown and undlatla*
tune to seconds during the National when he lie Fender and 28,when the Jets cross
time the boards her last Saturday night at Milt aid St Ile'. McCray
on cut shed negro basketball team he chose to call Ue AAU Trick lid Orson at his elbow. bat with the Sunbeam
the fourth annual running of the Mason-DtsonGres. Harlem Globetrotters. .......e..J.....J.... .had beet shot tlrotgh
Field Meet tl Madison Stating that Sstirday't" Graves, whose only de
Tennessee State University flying freshman formed It 12 eouatrlet. the ...... ne father of
Today you'll have to Square Csrten. nest would be hit last feat last year *a* at
Tyus equaled a Juit-set 7.' new urld's record In drew 75,000 for t simile two children$ he eta a
Change two of those Despite .hsvlng. tied the Induor race for the seaman th* hand of the Jets
the,,TO yard dub later trail heat and blistered the game U Berlin Olympic former tttr ad ot the ,
word for the Globetrotters
1 Hayes said .he m>iUOIOM Manner thus It eipectlng -
same (distance tlth a J-second finals setting a nee Stadlta, played before Bias Mitt School foot.
world?i record. ......................... are moat assuredly JO.000 U alOcleJlDlero.Iralll la trat ot the hall team.Aeeordltg. t yo Ag, nndfset
known and dlatlngulsbed- 440 and 110-yard relays team this year a*
TeasMte With Me Gut reopened Gases lut year. and attracted to polio
undoubtedly the ..oridsmoat "before turning to the hi. 'u.tough potential
the Tlg.rbelles' Ttmmie Davis fro M.&ll on wtltg lathe report, there bad beet
successful professional 100 add 330,.,. dashes schedule this eeeioa,
assault on the .record Frederick. Md. tipped Roil Bowl at PHS< t ,.... t outbreak of
team It any .portTb.11 which mill conclude the milk aut* opponent istk
by cracking the old 'I.' Tlgerbelle Dunn at the be her It dem. Calif.Saper.teim. vtolttf. ttotg Ttapttewagert.
outdoor penticolt haste
Beanos. ,
tape in the 70-yard ud the The violence
mark for the 70 set by
style and class to play Hayes alto stated that lidlitipotla Clown,
lima Rudolph la 1961 hurdles but shaved 0,.- Trotters have toured erupted her Ue tretedIII -
tilt Atlantic City Sea h. mould toss cose.strots Irwaswlck/ Redial ,d.,
and equaled,\ by Hcdulrtla tenth of a second oft aaay sectors of the Puiday what t sang
Culls U the Jackaoavill oa tilt Olympic la Mdetut and .
199}. HISS ,NcGutre, the .or'd's mark Inelnnlng. Isdasday world under the '1'UI1OfoaliiI' It teenagers ... broken .,
Coliseum, and ifter finish1sg .
Tokyo elhsra.ADVANCE
the H-D Canes' defending Ml** Davis '.1 of tk* 0.., StateDepartnvat. UR IB the Marylssd/ Av*. _
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stage for Hiss but second place tilt ad proaottsg--is the visit to NOSCAW, soviet Birds, Gull left, I gt| fight ...

to shave another tenth! Squalled the old '.2 ....U. They've also reported ..t.... Nigr SAVINGS
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off the time It the record. flvefootlbreeltchflrebsll played It r.d-do.insted o1TRi g NoEl sad whit* rests fret

finals. Tiitrcutles Mc- Coach Temple confessed knows the Btlnrli.' loiaiilt, I CHItM Gk.uTAWINltJg the Collet Rill end a* s 1

Qairt and Tyna paired after the Diets, "ee Poland, Czechoslovakia jsce.t (ehltl) MM ..
ld over.
math Lorraine Dunn and feel gratified that the wo< It ltd oat Hongsry tail. ttgoilivli ac-Mwtta6 It LOOM Moveli tiojMtt ot GLOBE

Vivian Browa to post a girl could do so mill Tear be' year th before wlldlyenthwilas.tit P1orlfa| was III,** Wad It reel.Thurtdsy .
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lay. The Templecoacbedfoirsoae have a lot of hard work .. dollar .,,'lItr.. t* creep before they Ole".!' hour after twa. abased *f tllltltltlte

erased the ahead of us because this the MirleaGlobetrotters corm wall, TMr were set Sunday, "'h." :&I. while tttdettt fro

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Tot Seek ne Best Doctor
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Ikea Tour Doctor Prescribe all ever the world.T vies occiilin, U.pot..1 *
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CosMtlc Rubber Ooodi Csadle SwJdrle HUM, 1114 his "I
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PRtlcR1PTI0N$ CALLKB AMDLilly's Da.nnn
Th terser M ttkew .. FIFTY CENTS
AI ivlir. any tit It PI.rda stare It fMthtll

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Days Adl'


***** Days are SWBh 4

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MII P.rElir< CM* Then Lucky PACES ":;"

..m Ilifit mtlI .*,.. Lady Oslr tut .
1.54 2."
__.. 181 lead 12.. S rw.*r

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Big I DayS SATURDAY- .itiaj tor the "IdM of mrchla b.ior. cosiap
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$S DILJYIRS : lUll, Percy Bryant, .Kirklad anjl} M Jot
Chrtttopbtr, the father of Otoria tnd.tKlJv wr
Curt Toon j 'T lip claa art coaflatd to Brnattr. Illldrtdfttddtaiaad
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90-DAY JHVICIt After a whirl wind courtship, Otis ffBaanfa anTwnnt
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Lawn and Rant Food 'IT'S A TERRIFIC BUY OB the atrry 10 round for bpth Itloada ...IalhtE!
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I I Special Purchase Richard "Dick" ,..iller.b-"a.: .juat r"Ar\< I

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9 BlHIM, M. ICT. 1038 Ej3.
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TUBELESS SUE ....$ ROOM"' ".'''In
STU..D. Hot Dot STAND ft
COIJ"LE ONLY. Cat A .ft.
pW r T p ..... 880 CAt,. 641 W. AlHilv ST.
= 1 rush JtO ....,. fl 3W4,2rtr !
r.1 .:: .4leas-. CAIN MAM. EL 49303. | P.M.
ij =ac.r.: :=. klMlfl' MX.llDOmeiiL
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.. (choice of narrow or wide)
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Molded libber Car Mats HIND FfitMn MUM CriIttATLS.. WATf tUMN19/N..

CkPluI.f..lets. Any Size, tilt) CHI: r.V.4- 230 MRV !1643MMtw"\ 1". III' M .
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FDR Office Help TjrplM.NtcriUrUl. '..sQ JMiitt..
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Rsgllak dries car. 2 .. 'M ..:I.S| ) .. r.
I Custom Pork II MiMl. trite w.vtN F.'SH'-At''...,.
H.avyduty, door-to-door floor mots. *
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! it_ 99- r -- r ....---.-..-. ... AT 0. 3-3245! 0* 0.4-1774. '

I 1t: "'"= "t= WITH YOUR TXADMN Till I -,,---- *.x.III -P ---_... 1"1.;; SIIIIIES .

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