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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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of f\A H\STOR\ J, IUab.N117

Statewide Drive For 265,000 Negroes 'Kicks Off. ; .y oiit oAO raRACE. .z







III .IIII, 41 mill" mllll! .II, 1114. 10 (
.. . ... .

Joint. Grou s .P.u..hln..g. Registration Drive .

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Pair Cited For Attenptiig Foiwof Ruts LoiJor's HOMO

To liflioBco State Witness Rifled; Author Fko-lovoM l

A couple under investigation for attemptire -

to influence key state witness were As Ktcists1 Renew Rash Acts
cited for conte.pt Thursday Morning sad )
have been ordered to fact Criminal Court I\1tQd.IL&tS.12UJ1t! I ,.
trial Tuesday.(! Jan. 18 at 2 p... .....".... ST. AUGUSTINE (Special) roUowln I

Pff.Ddaata ta the ae* Jadio Baa 0. Taatlar an all>too>brlef ispusviolence ...In
lion arc CaUarlao aad Jr. for bar!at fraadtnt erupted Mains Negro rights corkers here-
Nary McHtlr of 1214 ly tried to aoetra a Saturday, Feb. S in this nation's oldest
Buick Are.who. had parportatfly II,7M hoao loprovfoantloaa city hen the hose of s forcer NAACP official .
boot lavolvtd Ira *as riddled with buckshot narrowly
'la coat act a vlth a Tl Lkcsos.QIMOl cluing his wife and suspected arson fire

old. state tttBia la apesd mEATS ravaged the hoie, of another Negro whose .....

larceny cMt. Johaaoa ttatifltdTbaraday children are attending .'fonwr sll* hltt.leaeusry wrao WOM' .:.. bees tf the nireatatatlm ef studs. chili lid tlvle orialutla.hi* 101IIOI'
Rival County SolicitorRdvard anralai that . . ..
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tbo.9 uaJ Cltlioaa lailatratloa Cooilttao art dos hart ft.lowUi a regal ilaaalsf
Booth tb.caat..pt
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and her baabaad a,. Bb. olll ono she played I.a4tartlot IfTSaaltSt. ttis tl. Unfit Itliuftrtllttt .... Coned Iran, .- UII') -
portatly etttepled to fork U,.." slabs, la at erlila *4 ., .%... toe cblldr la Iftttordttoiod icdilMurr A. dwl4. the IMS voiced ....

dray bar ,*... II la ctvle sroofo aid labor lepltooatatloa tie, art alte atttadltiMl relic rtldoy.fte. 44 Iso addrtat Aria l > fo? Paine ttltfbttttparalart .
belle'sher Skill alas to troaato fottrrotlaUatloa sic,... Curt .te..... .,.... .....a. ... t and arrest.the tart ... lot iwatody.laffaltsattrt eilbe na.
slipped .'( ..>'. <*. ta varttaa of lay It. MM. fated by fire of tikacoB .tallod .aBalla. kUf eauN. used titbit the tailMlb
.aa tales "..... they arfao of the ototo.no "no tttb aatlvoraarypratrao crlsla.Mtottooa's f .Jews sc.i'seui tie aid tlltiid two fit.,.. tit ttairttdlaUrltl Mttfdltl 40 MaOMMff.lt
...14.Ofnotra. afttlas olll' till orlctaatt .U,. Ul faded itllty tf opiriltri.Coltottod the Chirlft It ash ktftiMt
fartbtr .oatl Mid la tbo At,...trlaa Is ladlaoe fawn ../. lime ttaUd abt board trot d.,re. Mrdt for at tvltoatooot 4r.at bout tirrylai seed ky tkorla A.

u ,.. that ovld.aeofiMt taoaraaoo SBlIdtai .... juo ttrb city a4 tar ttoy oa the atrott tbe plittl tlaylts tf OM ...J" H aa**. U,.. loris M.t too .. Sfod, ,.,"... taoMrelal .
4 at tb. adoae at 111 tact tales aadta Is tbs Sport Artaa.Loo at shot !I:" '... aal JaM( Nell Tlttlt. It as addled Mcblat tad taM atIdkod I.-,...., eaiattr ftrfortfaora
deed d the t..>M oaadrassod a< fd4fd ,. HI la ...1... II Sill bo ... lo.4Us ... of U* .,.,..., ef a Jattlrituro '.",.......1' ll.llfaoalla ttMlHl | tf itaalM.SlUtlt bell '.1......
} sear 11 a bl*t.To S ,....,." Oopaay,
" e.ddy sro.a4 MdtbrMS A ,...red ......, at rooa the fotatry fit kla-t lod Alt Swlca.A MOM ttrtot.ftlltt fat l.lo.iMf 004 ... litofntoJ Led told .".... so<
o.o deep wNis d ti. pbite oft U as at* tbt reed** ftttorl, abort hoe totof .. told Tltllf (sited by Sbtrlff ,. lie Mote art .. She
rtjdeat of tbo I .>.. tin I* D. IS.oyllag. rip l.. for Oil pans claw then *M a fla** "death tao. M Is* ro. tt.l4Mt ..... ..* ,""-(atfttxoral )-* ells ten Mtra4 8" ...
n5.1 faa.d. e* lie ollluot lu tloalar brooooaoi. It of fire la tt> rwar i W salt ef bHt| tot la ttlillAMO.. sad vies stores koto .... betas ffofcitad by Uo
body. a'*iUao dMttat ok* sill I* IN first OMof few Mere toe of tit the sttd dirloi ...! toffs ou ralA4tbe ....,..., Ia.to4o4 She, ......,. Sitar s toe
The offlMre said they a.. been loodiai tbotavatca ...... tlrwlt t.lotltfM fear' tblldrta are j iroMary" .C..$ If lM4. taoitlti ..... at Mild boo to .Ac* So- .. OUffttfl iralattisoftod. .
felted t* f to4 aauraaltb fat *|_ltortaaltlto It.- for a troao ... .1.,..... m etlldrr )'.'." aad ..u. till CharI at Attsotebtp reels ftr apse klrlasatd his will bHtt
..... K h,siwe shat la that tlM .. tht a ..... ao4 tore amen .. HIlt a* M51N the trial otltk > oo-iallfd s>llta.Mfoe Mtrtoar titles t. u.rbidsill tblttoofrturt.
.... ......, Ott,. iastmn 1_'.... QS.. 1M new strotti -... tayao* .... ....... IUtI'7Uf kt II.'.
... ... I. .. .. ... .. .. ...
-' -. -
sp 9qpVqptVlV' VV -w f -

D n't'B! ,' A Do Re .. .Your Only' .i Hopo.ls To Register i And Vote IIi}

\" \I;, I tt
\. \\.1
., ..... .. \ .
, t v f. J. vtt. .-. ''''',. ,_..., :t. **jir! A4Jt ,
':::!:..; ::: 1. \ ,:1l"" tE!, L ,,1w;'B ftyT4 fc a* ..

------ - -

r wnaI I

LACE now. sw mm tiimu KHIUT II, mi

THE FLORIDA STAR % Politics As UsualIT
; : ::
NEWS .. ,0 t'PubllAIle .. :,' .' ; ; .1 ;:

by T1* Florid MAT htbllRhins" Co ; The state-wide drive for additional Neel'Oyoi.ra

%.ber of NXcUtd "!"O"'t ..tI/I., Is being spearheaded by the Florida

with the Duvsl Citizens Registration
tIC I. SliPSM,.,..,,.. K.ifiRfAmil tti ,' 'Committee heading up the effort in Duval

(. FIST.J111rs tierKlU ( County has got off to n good start. About
2,000 new names have been put on the books

mm......-.Ctoirtitl HisgtTt since they were opened.
Supervisor of Registration Fleming Bowden .

MAIN InlCE Mm: and .his staff have been doing a fine

232 KmHtl I. .. fob and, is in the past. his staff is helnful -
...... ... lf.li 4-J7I2 -
and; t-urteo;; ; to all. Bo'-1
Aas of
r den has been at the bel
H.lliil Aiirtss: "
'paE55101y the registration snip for about

.. I. In 511, Jieksiiiilli 1, fliriiX 20 years, that I can recall I IIIII i
.. a and has always striven to do
A M 4 an efficient job even in cases

731 Rf lit b=. fkni 3J71D2J where his activities- **v* been
stifled due to lack --or runas. em-sun

ftOlgCRIrTlON MTM How well I recall asking that the hooka

I Om Year *OO Half fI.,. 14.00 4 be brought out into the precincts and getting .
the answer: "I would be willing to
Mailed to Ton An .b. | tilt Unlttd!
> rn a States Mr. Bowden'
dc it if I had the funds.
AobNcriptioR gable* IB Advaac x.w.tf ft&sistant. Bob Mallard presented a survey
Rood! Check or Monty Order to: which showed that Duval County was out of

step by not having brought out its books
and therefore was not getting its potential
Jacksonville 1, Florida registration..and it was on the, strengthof

the survey that the County Commission
Plus For Progress Mpre Conwiifed M approved the appropriation of 118,000 to

have the books brought to the precincts.It .

To Job la/eprel/ aa, Public CM Help is hoped that at the close of the
registration period on April 4, there will

Something wonderfully remarkable la,hap be about 40,000 registered Negro voters in

finning in tho srea of equal employment opportunities Duval County and a total of 265.000 throughout

for Negroes and minorities the state.
which van emphatically emphasized last 11th 265.000 Negroes registered the candidates *

took at a meeting of leading government of for state offices will have to

flelsln and tup loader of the nation' Your Weekly make up their minds to do more than give

'. irxliiMtrien. lip service. the' first matter is that of

The loader* of Industry represented more some of the state jobs that Secretary of

than 119 of the major cooperations in the State Tom Adams Secretary Agriculture

United States who have plcdgpd to carry Horoscope Guide Doyle Conner and Treasurer J. Edwin Larson

out program of eqfal emplayeatn oppor can dispense.
tunity. Adams has placed 2 Negroes Ralph Maul-

The government officials Included thoPrrnidrnt tsby and Archie liter while Conner has

of tile United States who still 7 PABLO Tie ASTROLOGER placed one in what appears to be an errand

hoed his own Committee on Equal Fmploy- boy position.Of .

,', ont Opportunity. Secretary of Labor .. course the candidates for governorcan
Wlllnrd llrtx, Secretary- Commerce Lu- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR just as well make up their minds that

'.. thor II. IMuPH, a former governor of North if they hope to get the Negroes' support

Carolina and Hobart Taylor Jr. a Negro BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL this time they are going tc have to tellus
and ixprutlvn ytc-chalr. of the COM- something about jobs and some appointments -

mlttw.Thoy .. on some of those boards and commissions -

wit last wcrk nt the Mayflower hotelIn ARIES: TNt: ITRINOTM AND INIINUITY RUN ACROSS A PARALLIl! TROUBLI CITTIN4 ALONG for some of us.

n Mcminnr on Plant for Proitrenn which Bom March 21st thru AT YOUR COMMAND. SITUATION YOUR PRIIND' WITH AISOCIATfl AND MEM
the moment it that
seems some Negro
panloN and which allows companion "to tlM'T II CONIUITIO IN TNt .
leaders have not decided which candidateto
foraiulHtn individual plans to extend e* BC CHI' WIN 'IV YOU IM' PROVtMCNT II Due IN .TNCNftft EVENT THAT YOU ,It I. THAT for
quality of opportunity to all employees fuucs ittT THIV IWCltlL ruiuRt. YOUR ROUSTS AND tIAK. support governor.
Burns who is
Haydon generally
as the front runner, is goingto
N'Krtifi land every right to feel Mat the > TN'ltl "II BETTER OP YOU. CAPRICORNBorn
Plans Tor Pro,,",'" program torn more than LITTLE I or MUCM, CONII.ouiNCt + Dec. 22nd thru need the Negro vote more
MGI STEAl 00-08-14-7S-3S4 than ever, because there are
18 month In confusion and suspicion ,
ngu IIKUV TO Tumi .
wan juMt another r'buck'' and vela CArt CE R.. '" "''t A 't t' Jan. 19th some good MD, chopping at the
p, op UP WUKt "IVINA YOU f PREW!S1tR A COMPORTAILI AND I pork chop and 'the pork liuuwrs'
oration collaborated In by government "official MOlt TIM TO LOON INTO Born June 22nd thru ,. IBRABum 1HOMI. II IlitNTIAl ,vote prior to i960. Burns relied
and big business. TOUW riNANCUL, ArMIM July; 22nd Sept. 23rd thru
FIN got Negro vote to
'. NIP lament and real efforts had ever been YOU NAY fill TlMfTIO. TO A mi, ACCI.PTARCI orTNI Oct. 23rd
ARt MORI OR LIII IN- keep him in as Mayor but lathe
extended before by the Federal government MVIM Yoga SAYS Of DO STARK RIALITICI OF
CLINID TO BICOMI LOONY last governor's race he was let down
: and his business to give the Negro "an INS THINOI BUT IT WILL THE 1IMCI SILL ARM YOU COMPOSED CURINI
KIN TMCV LIVI ALONI ORHO by Negroes, particularly la Duval, but
: honest chance" in his own country and TAKE MORI PldNNINa TNNleiiMa WITH TNC PROPIR soluTION THIS THIRD OUARTCR AND
BCLIIVI THAT TNIY won about 42 percent support when he
there was no reason to believe that be- ., TO COMIif WITH, TO YOUR PROILIMS. SITTER AILC TO MARI TNCPINC ran
All NOT IIINO APPRCCIATCO. for mayor in 1962.
: nrvolence<< was overwhelming the nowin TNt RIGHT TtCHNIOUII.' You it tM TO Ri rtvqRioBY DIITINCTIONI THAT
MIAIURII TO CRIATI Burns probably would have gotten better
: splto of the government preachments of ALLOW ION OIUAYI IN STRONG IACKINO PROM
TNI PROP!* CONDITION support from Negroes in the last Mayor's
:! sincerity. TRANSIT AND INARLIO COMMUNICATION INPLUINTIAl QUMTIRI juotl PIOPLI ir Twill' POW GRCATIR' COMFOITw0 race if he had done a little more for Negro
But things are really different now As AND fROVIDtALTIRNATI AND tNt LOYALTY OP
FAMILY HARMONY SHOULD KIMMCDIATCIV citizens. More than likely, he wouldbe
.: original sceptics along with every other MIAN TO covPINIATt > LOVING" PRItNOI. AL. CNARACTIRI. MARE
APPLIIDWHtN in a much better position now if h* bad
Negro<< we believe that Negroes must h.lp roe TNtM., TNOU8H, TM|II ARC AMONG NO CONCIISIONI TO THOU TNI CIRCUMITANCII PIR cade some bold moves for Negroes
: the and the that YOU Mon VtLUAIll A|.
141 companies
". s-M-ZZ..I..73-83I MO NAVE NOTHING BUT IM' MIT. No doubt Burns feels the other candidates -
: sits, TNIY IMOULO n
have now signed Plan For Progress
Culls OR VAOUI PPOMIICI B4O.771Z44847REMSTtRI .haven t done anything for Negroes
He committee s objectives. WCJSTCT'TAURUS TO OPPIR. IT APPEALS and is counting on his old friends. He
tlth-v-i President and the government THAT TNt TRUTH II in IN- I might suddenly discover that his friends

standing firm on their directives for equal Bom April 20th thru INCLINATION TO 10 BACROH BINS TO DAM ON YOU AND DARIUSBorn have left bin while he was down the state,
employment opportunitiesand with 141 compmles THAT YOU WILL PINALLVAMI
May 20thIt Jan. 20th Uni wooing the cracker barrel vote. There ia
so far pledgingtodo tore thaw Just VI AT TNI RI III' CON- 18th one thing that candidates can no longerk>
'what Is required of them, it remains forNegroes TO A RIAHNlll SHOULD U ClUIIONI. YOU WILL HAVE Feb and that la to take old friends for granted.The .
to intensify their efforts In WOULD at A VASTI or "N\Y SUPPS15IID. tO CONTINUE TO WATCH
THIS SOULS BI AN DIAL younger politicians are not bound to
seeing to it that both the government and TINt TO TY TO DRUM UPUIIMtlB YOUR MONCY IIIOIN4
70..6e11..sa.4IttGI BHIRI TIM TO Tall UP NIWITVDIII anybody. Me are looking for progress for
private Industry live up to their pledges. WNN TMIRIIIN'T ISTOINGOLIAII UP AND TO INIAIIIN our people.
Negroes should seek petition for which ANT TO at MAO. STtIt, ANY [ II*

they are qualified and if a refusal re* THIS n A fiRioo OUINTMl LtOBora FOCI THEY 4ROV a PCM. ANY PURIUITI YOUR' 'INTILLICT TMATIATIIPT . .

mutely suggests that discrimination is the M)0IITIR) IIAIONININ July 23rd thru I-ao-u-It-H- ASPIRATIONS UNLESS The man who is expected to give Burns a
reason, everybody In government from the THINGS' CAN uo Aug. 22nd VAL difficult time in Duval County is Senator
President on downshould be told about it. 00'N IOMtlN T' tlVI UP. fIG! nu I You John Mat them. HI will definitely -
UTKIIt TNt HOUR COMPOST TNROUtH. PRAYIRNlll Oct. 24ta tiara 4 TWAIN ON VOUR POWIT* ia Duval, w he is sure to
THAT ARC tin 'U LCt. OTNIRI NIVtR 119TNII Nov. 22nd BOM, THIRI II NO MHO attract the silk stocking


IMORT VACATION. Till TNI HI MOSt tANIIKl TO SITTING riD UP WITH TNIlurriTiNi at this time, bow h* will

Because he received threatening telephone tHAT IttMt TO II DOMIN4 IVIR or TNI TWO PROCI NAVE. attN IUIJICTIB CO* IN CONTACT WITH the factors involved. One -lUftRIII

'calls, Robert Scott a S0-ymold brick- voss rootiTiri ,....U a DURII YOU NAY DICIOtBTO a.. RIABV TO STAN YOU CIALLV' DIAR THOU ONll WMO RCIIOI IIP* then being the nUMb death of Isadora I

mason who recently was elected at council. ,,,RITU N 'lu.Ce. COMniu UTIlltl. VOtf 'RI IITTIN4 'IW A FCC LICKS LOCATION.PCCISTW Singleton, one of his staunch !s1 portars.
AT 4
man at Lilt..",florlda. resigned. As he puts > you TO Rtcoemn, BOUND TO RICIIVC A IUR.ITMTIAV. OP YOIIn.... IHOULSCNABLl There ia no doubt this man Man watchiag -
it, "I was afraid not to resign." IT AND ARRItl AT A.ir.IHITI soil Tl VOURMORAil YOU TO RIVIICVOUR wo.u-1WW11 and nest be coasldered good long

la the campaign for this office, the Negro collnu.,.... TNI AI LONG A| YOUR IITIMATI OP "".. shot.

brlckaaion finished third in a field of PI.-IICUL. MCTURC II INTUITION All IHOUVINCIRI. IILP VPRO.. MMIM IT Tin ... for Baydon Bans to match ia Sea

nine candidates, where the top three men IONISHAT, ClOUOIO a..o YOU win not lAiua POI Tolls, paioii P18CRS ator Fred 'S Ed' .DI k1DIOII,' who is na-

on. And when he reported the threats upon VOW SILL Heel TO Rlt a Dt lAOIN IN !UP ORT|*| AND A.|.CIATII TO I* lara Feb.. 19th thrvkarch slng second to Buns right now. Dickinsonis

his life. Robert Scott received foil protection CUM CHICK ON TMIM ONCI PI.Pt UNOIRITMt L IIIW' ''. OK OP YOU* 20th a native of lest Palm Beodk. There is

fro the town lid the Bradford County SIO77I$4ICRGI3TERI THAT TOO ARC BUM MOT. INITIAL ITCPI t. II .. IT WMOUlJ K COMPORT ao doubt he will got a good vote ia South

sheriff of Met. VtTIB IY NIGH IIIK.I AMD TARt* TIARB IICURITY INS PIB VOW T* ales Florida and lest Florida could very easily
The Mayor of Lawtey said after receiving a MNUINC MIIRC TO CON.VRIBwTC ace ICOCor/C. ITAIILITYM THAT YOU Nile NOT II* grab off a few big precincts ia Duval.

Scott's resignation "X didn't waat to encourage tOMCTMINI *ORTNWNllI | vie Bl TO TIMtIN WIN PICT MVTNINI OUT *PT while Burma and Matthews are slagging at
.:; him to stay in the office because S MINI Tl tN| sot ti ..1tJ IRPINBITWRII ace each other.Blcklasoa.
:); It something happened I wouldn't want to lIOn June nay 31at 21at thru ITS \/IlIA" 1....'."." IPICULATin HNISsaa317.$4143. S ewe tOIl VM| PPORTUNITVTO ran fourth ia the last governor

? : 94 responsible." >-71744 $- CLA UP NIILICTIBCMII. *a race and did act make a big showing

The people of Lawtty a town of 1.000 in THOU 01 You tMW NAY. KIT '* II m mNMMY ia Duval, but ... it' ia considered that
northeast Florida, should bow their beads HARM* A VITAL iiiton RtclSTICT /1IG11T01IAGITtAlIOI HOUR IW MO MMVATIBN he did act make a strong pitch either iatha

in shame. There should be BO easily because MAY CON TMI TI-I err TO Y 1100 ). DO NOT TNIMTMAT white or Ue colored: anu," received
there are about 140 Negro registered voters IMIT? IT MORI VNOoge.- Born .,. 23rd Urn Ion Nov. 23rd tan TMII WOUL BC VIRHJWARTI votes aaivaleat to the effort pat forth.TO .

: while 104 art white. If 1,000 cittieaabltck .- IV. |V II mi RNOR
.' and white-cannot live together in PACT TNAT T5| I..IVI"M* Mklir THAI hUI |T MAY II BOMIMIW pnn it inav T* MVHC
i; peace sad barsoay. certainly we can't I.- 4il *"0 MA | MAC V.t II IvCM a THIN* AI "i''o tlTMiN toll TNT II CtITMTLV : .> CAII. ft.PLl. MT V*

:,;*: pact large-popelated metropolitan centers Nest HI If All! Ill T.IRUtrmilMI evil MATTIR II MT IB.( C Ul.N. TM TW ISIS TNCMIUVII BITTIWevRlM vote
to be better in this reapect. vIAlS .IC IMOXRVION. If.... wnPR4TIN PALL > *.. IP TOUR *0lJHIJ I CM MAIII MSTM

... soot son fairly ud legally U'. position v.i OWLS HIT CtIIl" VIM u. A1A15| MN VOW Tw NR VMCVARC moSt INL.IBMTINIWflKIMI .
>' the city council nod he also had a moral TS RIACM TNIor escs.CL1 sv pSePIaselAL. All 0T.IW V0..a HNI MNIPIT A. .._

right to hold tale office ia a coamaltj BUCCIII. IN T.I .... 5OOuMaICI Ivlst.c1. YOM VIM Tn viNj _s COM *.**, TNMBMM KT1RA- countsregister

where he lived and paid taxes. It COWLS .! INTIRClYMUVIVC ..., .... t1IC eTO ...""ai,v t. WIV 4 SLAM TMT SILL Tl*.l IR) T.ll* SABICBKISF0M

Lavtey citizens amat lean that freedom TS ,BDMIV TS a SatIN T Ml| MINT, T4T NMI IV fAIII Pt* 155 '..L..III.
to hold office and live la peace ia ssjrwmuealty MAIM e f f...iiuie
seat ht aaarad among all citUtaa ... h"UN $n.$ er are 'COdLI LEAST .NHM. iw TNI fW'WtI 3 1.44.14-E7-7St

aithoat retard to raca. F/e.t/55 NCI s/Ts ILL Sill IV 4 |W !. **, yew win 'U IMC '

..... -- ...
-- -. .._ ..----- ..

--" ----" '---" --' '" ---- ""--------- -

I :. : ,. : : .::' .: .:... . .\".. .: : .T.T.|wv !,; I ,..U

HtH1aY..rr IO151 n. 1Ut-.A.-- rutiu sm rmu '.e.c: '. .:'. ..-.rrirt i.1-.-: u-s- ?iwm- 3
.: : 1. .' k

BIRTHS DA Student" L Heads State Body ; 'ILODISE '' "FRL, .

Ir. and Nrs Robert : ?

Burke: Hit Khttncr StBo .t :
ir anal I urn Preston ;; ,;.." \ ". .
tint**: P.OO boa 263. :, \ i : .. ...k" tot off to a wonderful start Jut '
I : iJ'i"
(fit. .ar1*. Ga ) Roy. .' //i"; ;;Al : ;, : ;, Sunday oralai with the appearance of Gaaa Rho wvMurs 'OHL
Mr. and urn Ml ford i,.. .' } j\:( \:!;(': 1wi. ";'i.i,11.1,1':; \";; ( d'' 0l Chapter on a local television program The .

Irnwn; 912 R. Hon rot' .,i .t././I llf.j b.\b.'m IN; .lj; ;\\, l."I: :; Ken knight Sho. Important functions of Alpha Kappa couPosDOWNTOWNCOUPON 'I
lvt. '
Street Boy 0' ; j.ii'::!! > iI /t'' ). (;';j' ;;:< Sorority on both tat local and National levels mere II

Vr and Mm Sinclair : :1'y .., explained to vlever*.*>o war alao entertained with :
,, '
til kin RtH' flo ': ., Intplrlng vocal wale by tat AKA Choral Bnaeablt. =
cox. > erPlace. J -
: ; / :, ; /; :, I.
} :: Included VeraDavit. I
; Boy.Mf t\; : :.'! P'. Speaker on the Pounders' Day Proem SALE!
; and Mrw Clarence '." .;f. :r1.1\t.. !i KiUlla IcKUalck. Ruth C. Boloaoa Ala
Cnlllni, 1209 t, 28th \ 1. ''.:;}Iq"rlt:t ', Daniels, and Iris Raoi. The musical group under 'SPECialS a. SIt IITI COUPONS ONLY a
Street;. Girl : ;'i;';" ,;;, the direction of Tells Mitchell vaa comprised of
Mr'l..cJ. Urn 'Uhl ..t Luella McBride, Jane loan, lUllyvonne Runtll { : : l'J.m; ,

',' Outlda lute Louise Sheffield and = ;
Milton l: T2$ Court 0. But Mathews ,
BOJMr. Vaada ,MatCh l. Nona .. tblte. was mistress of :
."' and IrA: wylt etreaonles.... '
iitc Jit., ... observed Tuetday\ evening lathe ." :' iV
'" : 200! Palnffti Sisterhood sight \. .
Art 1'Girl.: Asa -,,' Lutaid Drive hose of tte Salosoo onea'. AnnieR. .\.- "
----" ) /
Mr. and l Mm Billie .11It.... Virginia MatBlS, ,'Barbara! RobUton .t. \. ,,
CONQftATU.TICns--Ronald illla., ljft.,) vwber .f tk* James faldoq,;Johftoa'
BO M.; 1040 Jeftftl st. / .Julia Husard. ,Betty* Sesilons, and aeabert of the
of the National Soeletj.Plorlda AIM Vnlverelty High ficbool.Ttllt s .
I chapter Honor .
Boj: .. >ants '0' the
Chortl n>ie be, eere, tartet ( program
Mr. and Nrx fllll.D .. htssee, look on. at Matthew H. Ettaraa. principal of Ut rjucTHlgs'School. which .deluded /.depiestiom\ services.... All members
Clarence Anderson of Don ( Anderson High School Jacksonville,
congratulate at
( Jstter I.
vls: 1170 "* Beaver of tt>*jltterttood partioip.teb'tathe, event ;
newly) elected president of the *tat* high School.honor society orgaqtiatloa .
Tnri-eti Olri L Rutt'; Solomon
: I Officer* of th* local chapter,t are; C. .
Mr, Ami Mm. Allen which act last weekend on the PAMU tfa. \I.., Also looking art: Ntttlt Alti- btneuvjulia f. Msiardaatibaslleus;
seder, Jerkins High School Perry PI a.1.:. Secretary and Bobble Dim. Marshall ; t M I t .I.If *
fatt. 1750 Pwrn "'I.. ; paeldm nlte, crvtaatuea\ AI.. C. Daniels anti .::1//. *> P3H' I.
Girl.Mr./ HUh School Plant City, treaaurtr .BllIj Pete, fjonea. NUh School, Orlando :mrr.atessLillian Alston, Cplttoleut.. Mabel B.

and, II tII. Leroy tfio was elected vice president of the organisation. It not atom. .'rliht., TMieuchos; Aldoata ,.."roo'. fln.telal '. '\f:

Jniklaii.; 22! Magnolia '. ecretar,;Grac. Monroe hodegust Anile R. fill tana,

Street( ; Ctrl Edward Waters ReleasesDean's phllackter; Barbara Roblasoa, parliamentarian;

Mr. and<<1 Mm. BcrncHtMonlKiiiiTj. Btt t ye Sessions, business manager Vlrtlll.llaUlI.,
4210: Omens List; Honor Roll, cvatodtaa, and Nona ft. Chile reporter; to Ivy

'Axiiuci Buj. The pall Semester has 37. Ehtrley Ford 3.6,; Leaf. r

Mr. and Mta. HI'rjl C.Napoleon. Just been coapleted Frederick D. Harper Members of the ca tltte plannlat the ...' ae -

; 2101 fiHtauntUtreit Records filed In the 3.6;B4 ttj R. Holxendorf tUttlet.vtktch are still la progress, Include Nona

Girl.Gateway. RiKlttrar's Office ftioe 3,6; Booker T. Hunt write Annie R. .1111.... kilts Mitchell, JirilnlaMathls ... '
.. CLIP CIIPlI-r-.1'l
.Clu'bTo that It cam a successful :t.5, 'Olorln Jean Boan. >. Ouelds White, Bettye Howard, But Ann Mat 'It ,

one for many student 3.9.; ;' Irene Jenkins.. the**. .aid Lillian Rob IDaol. .. : FIRST QUALITY I '
Meet Feb. Ulh The honor roll ( 'B"Averaie S.I; farlene Lnerenoa,;

11., Cute*? Civic and ) contain 3. '. Major" H. May, S:A- i : e........................ ,. SEAMLESS NYLONS

Racial Club oil I r' aret'In forty-tli student The Lauretta McPhall 1.5;;

the hoao' of Mrs, Lima I<> Dtan' List studentsresistered'for Sara '$; Neal 3. S.: Bett; .. 'The PTA and faculty of Retconnett school located ;
Colr.an of 8214 BuncVlef a, full J. Patterson ; I. S.' 4. Morse Afeeue, will honor Mra. Helen ROIII I* an COUPON s
claws load who earned Reed; S. Bowl, Feb. 17. .at 7:30 .. FtheB. event to on : ;:: R.g SOt =
P.a.Mm.. an 'A" or f \ plus Pen J. Rice 3. S.; p.a. Mrs. ,Rout recently depleted 12 ye.ri service <
average ,his tentyej > tinifiedL.:: :. : ...... school
Liberia bailey of JUl-ej. :\' : -w-I aa principal of the '
Roadwus : ht stedesta. Bettlp R, Smith, ; CUP" CIUPINSt
7145 North kings
hotttetut of the last Too follo*|*| top,honor Clifford Smith & ALICE GIYThie oat .........e..e.e

rtlniu delicious* re- .tuI.Il1lh. mtabira: of Marvin fllll***.' i iChrrlell the' bevy of model ad.o' .
bass was mewed; and thv/ Diaa': List; Billie :" 'tI\t.\ it.. :' i,1h1'.appear..1attbets0 i"t"Joeep; *I"*U* brewed la from tashUiton, D.C. recently -
J. Anderson 3. 5. ,Susie .. fasbioa shoe an d I ,,'
everyone reported having and ttarolttle for a brief period of restation! after coapletlsi "Ii
a .Miitirful tlae.NrM.C. L. Raker: 3.1. Marvin T. 3.'. danc under tilt .u.pIOtI 5 requlreaents for the doctorate dire frost. > '\ 1'I ;
3.I P. Calm of the TrleboloilatBeautician .I .
Blnck. ; Mary Aaerioaa University '
lnglcton. preil
dent that all hens 3. 5. Prtnetnl *' League Loci I His toner Edward eaters faculty esker, ltotescjilac r ,.,'
oas Bother
Alexander, '. .", j
Shirley ;
tehstlne. $ Friday night, ,eb. 21 I -
tie and 3.s; GeorgeChamplosl at Howard OliversIty la the departments ofphytlcs '
present on rddle L. Allen ; fro I .s. nntlt (T) tlk :
3.8, Barbara p and education o
tlw.Mr Sherry I one. 3, 0.: : I
Chrltle, I.'S: James Audltorln. 712 t, hi,.' atanetio personality scads his visit to '
f Cummings, *ec- 3.0 \\
',,1.,1'7', 'Urn !P.M. flalth, Clarke. 2r5. 'Uont L. Brant.lejt Benton 1.2;; ,,.. street. Jacimonvillearefreshinm treat for his many hi..... .fr 'i1tI111 1t' 1\\ at
Cue.. : 1 !Ruth DevyUin l "
reporter., } ; ,BMnklej. 3.3; Gateway ,Barracks .......,,................ .: .\ ,
Bruce," 3, 3: ."/ '
jl f.rjI.ll]:rj J 1 CO.bl.f I. Ii; Kicksofl AnfflialMenbirsktp The JacksMvil 'lit.* eere entertained tip 'HIS, C/lilt'! ll"l
Davis, 3.2; recently la the keaeefne Releferd McOrtffe,
.Penal, I. 1. : Drive Mrs. R.B Roblssos. Ms as* president of the oruluUo. *
''IOAZ of Florida DUca, 3.2, George By J. Irving .. presided ever tae business. aessUs.Projects I BEDSPREADS

roe 3.0.; Annl* the apoaaored by the group la 1MI were re* '
Plane for
1..1; BrenJ current annual ataber* stewed by tae group as a* aid to lapnviai SUM dy rl..i Rope IZ" 5

u ,JaclcseaYille'sp 1.0; Shirley J, ship drive the largest the arrest ysar.Mrs WITH $2OO =
1.4; .Sandra L. la the history of tilt Vlninla C. Bray mss guest it the teiltlperiod COUPON

oily Proffessfoial School 1.1; Harriett onasicstion were kicked *f ti's misting '-cu, Illl MfH Ii
3,1, Oneder "Hunt ; off this eeek by ef> Mra. OUt Olrardea Mrs. Do I. Perkins, Irs. Jes-

f TIICE, mm, -' uupim cuimn Verna Jacknoa, I.0. fleer sad seekers afOatsesy aid Best Ira tart f. Jebasot. sad Mrs L.J CIIP ciirmBMLASTICI,
M* Jo.... ,. ai; Barracks *e, tte were present at tie Beetles.Prlesde .
TMMIOIC. TtlMPET ,- IIBMS -' luhn, 3.0.: Sandra JtU'P 3141 and its A illlS7.Vetersss ,.
'f I.t; tlllie \ S..e...............
ssd deperd* ,
AECHIIONTill CHUB liNIO I. L Joyce McOee, ; isle of tor Id tar I art ::1
la at the Clsvslaad bad hose af i
f Mete Bla, 3.0; I dropped = CRAPES I
eligible for Beabersklp to eitead belated '
Oar 10111 3.0.; Vivian ( ;, Tae Illi B. lovers, Monday svealat x
> 1' Chn tllllsa sad tk* 390.000 strong blrUday wishes to Mr. Slower, *a.ac Mrthda/ e
1.4. eabersklp la ..,1., as ,.., No limit'Rip
MMday hit I.
Anal M. lie maw *
." .:mat iilifiii1, pnlissfnal' usiciiisSclnl allo attempt to brut tae honoree. f'
sea, s.e, *** The affair was enjoyed highly by" beta\ 66' S
the easy beaeflta es sad his neet. .
: 1,1. .
IIXI stiliits ili l.li 'fir credits joyed by IU aeabert to
( Bindertoa 3.4. I aoaaabern are belaiarpedtojola ........................ 1j =

,, : Fir i, "lallll'fll"'ill' StthtntiM I BulU.1 Roa 3.0.L. Joke..lth. Its formes. : 50
I.t; BridieClsb .
la all message ta kit Mrs Uvette was kestee ebes levlsetl
Phone 388-3252 Kllttketk .*| Buddies eocralsi tat Mt last urdar .vealafUber "al.'Ioe'
3. Prace Byke.
tt ,
drlv*. OMwadr Irvln boa*. ..
2818 3. 3. I liT WITH COUPON
Herchal St. Jacksonville Jose r. Terry ;
: .ilte' "'. *1* a* dyoa As a aoaUsMtioa af a lag eetsblltaed/ prsctle. ..
Tltdtle, 3.2; "' aad yea seed .*." Valeatlse lifts were escheated, _Clip. CIIPINW
Chits, t. I, ... .
M* further stated "k Paalls Davis, Kera .. till, Emma Lee teorieaad -
fllllsas, 1.4. I
a Bddy to a Buddy sal Oarstby Oliver were ratlplsatsaf brlda prlaee.OUer .
A. Illsoa, I.0,
Snag S a.abr to e*'t' ....n pretest a..I.... Bsrbsrt Rtrper,
Bltsell 3.1.
the aoaradeeklp. mod BM. Pearl Me ,
riiht. 3 ft Joyce
ahse' 3. 1. Barak spas teal eel tire of car "
e' vv,. ofN Clyde ttthery. ,. Uliart
Clara T. Bllkerm. Oataeay Btfrsck mate ........................
ad Myrtl Ford 3 every first mad tiled ,
Batordsy at S ,... i* 1t ,
MAil nu' Joe M. J*..* COBMtltf Oaaierted efforts art UU| eels by Me* ttaaieaBiH

IGe I1IJtIIGI eater, IIU. and Ortfttal. Cebool'a Ih. Clab Percale t* send lat Sloe raw
BLCI 1TDt' Ash to ae ferl/s Pair la Bee Tnt City for per* ><

........ la tae Plsrtte Paellllaa Swly W. II aad
...*.. I. The drive stlsts *f allMtiti ...eboeaofaN .

Jm Center tradiai aiaspaUaiislIfy Sir tbaaader* :
tl! atltisi *7 tae trip bp tt* .....,.

... tIJ ., Taa lee ftaataa. 41. am order tt* lr* tl. efAlpaa x .
M. terse baa ally reret4 the >.*...111
to .....**. past app.araa<. a4 leeeJIy, UPM**

Ml ta. *'*"It o* Hewitt af M.bUVirilal*.
tARGfSHHMF $110Ili!\\m aatk. Caret.... The taaasa*. aad *4 .e frad 'sfidfaatt
li. I '
BMlaal Caa*.
MfOIUMSHKIMf n..s..w. al< Dasara art aa4 I* live beds ar ataapa to *.. tta 1M' cww

t.L.J ..... r.... ben af tie ale lab ., Clod ,.,..,.. l*.elpla I

mtm ail be ...... PERCALE. .DlNANTS'
taI 6t t W tlrattora .f tae drive thin edit a4 April Ur f
.r rnwvsaacrernaf ... ..,., ... Ittel B. ........ a4 If a.*tl* Is ""JtC .

aia....,. 20' i

se ..a e..................... = It ti.it n, .

You To Ltttn To- 14UL&IT $01w wnn > cowonIKS
fHts 1
Bali tma el'ga.er T*. Valet ketiatraltoa Mice It aalatoi BMMMU* I ;

". dell,. alt MIl ara*.< an A..... all Lord ..- OiM CHPMMy I

:II" ll AN* .' 1PARTY'1 BOB _me. CUI CITUflM M30C BffllttBUD V.* __ !
TBBB set awn . -
... '
.N N.ee.eN.N.N.Saturday r < ""fANr: < a

-QANcE .... .... .
mtse di.aL '" J If J Call Meeting

IUI 1* ,tII.' .,,1a.. 'r_ 8dTlat aa4 aerter* tt tee Ja beam .f Ue a*. DOWNTOWNONLY
1tt ( = '1 .... W2!:! It. a aWn.suf IsaaaJ AIIUM. at PtaJ. .lete. ail I bid ttetrf

S_ i. Pia 'It 11.,.. STANeA e'YSr1i ft. iIs .a.Jaf seed to| ....rrrl ., 6... u Wlaef B- '

!,., ?...11.11 -N- raaUaaOMfer.fcHB 1
...e-16: > aft.*B Mt aM tt* yearly MtltllM altdleemeeed. / be
1499 WXNC 1401 ,.....
ill ..,* ale tried to b .

I _L1.. ''t. -.- ,,,......-. ......, .. --.
--- -- -

:: : .._ ... .. ......

rr.i' I

> SJTBIHY rimm 15 'mr
'; .: ,. :" : : ric-Rim m PIFEIS

I.j Se.ryir".Club i l : .HonorjS..eJ t Sales Staff Prepared For Annual Project Methodist ChurchesConducing Bethany' Asm.:

World T ..Meet Fob/1 1 1In 19
t Meets Friday For School's .Mothers"The .,"'t, .... ,

fiorvlr Social and The PTA of A. ... Lewis :; Prayer Day FridayThe Green Cove

I Saving Club .111 meet School. .11 present a 1"i't' A world Day of Fraycr The One-Day ffeaalon of

Friday at I: 30 p.*. Sweetheart Tea in honor seder auspices uf the the Fast Florida and Be..
I In the him of Mrs.i of thoir htiai-rtoa United Church Women an than Aaptiat Association.

I I Runic Rtx-ltiin. Ill 0111'11' mothers ftintlny fro 4 auxiliary of tho National RCV. .... Hill, moderator
*a Street U 8 p..., In thu Mchrmlaudltoriu Council of Churches: ,
will suet Wedneaday Feb.
I The club met In the *. .ill conduct teanlonFriday 19 at the First Baptist
I home of Mr*. MTUB Rot U this tiP.. the throughout the
Church Green Covo, Florida
with the proMldcnt.Mr sinners III tilt homeroom nation.
tlirilton, prvftldlnif.Sevml mnthrra contest: will Itsrru.nivl Aaong the local with the First African
Church. Rev. UMJoaea.
Baptist _
activities ',
"ru churches scheduled to
pastor a* laoat.VarloUA..lllhtlrll .
discussed and dinner The winning mothers' bold observance are:
Merced by the himti-NK thin year an Mr*. Aim t b 'I F.beneer Methodist at and
4 people will appear
Valentine Fele nrown. Mm. Vlrnini S p... Mt. Murlah AMR.
throughout ,the
the proxraa
horns and Mr*. Futrllo 11..a. Grant Moaorlal

Is Planned By Clayton, rrrrpfu'ntlngUo AMF. 11 a...; Ith Street day.Rev.. R.R.: Simpsonof
follitwIiiK 'iKMvrnnMUrn. IfCA. 10:30: a. ., ; Brew-
Smart Set Baptiat Church ,
The Zion Dupe
NttMl Horns, grave' ater Hospital, 2: tS II.'.
The Kauri Set RuclllClub Hlx; Mm Johnn lo fowartgriMli W.aun Chapel AMF. 2:45: and Rev. C.B. Dailey of

rill| sponsor i hI unit II n. Del- ,1 ,,, : P. .. New Bethel AMR First Baptist Church. will
deliver the aeraona.Rev.
Valentine party Friday (thiiila Grruni', Krwlu nil. Church, 12 o' clods, Mra.
). Each, rlnK sill bv Simpson will apeakIn
iKht In the hoar iif Norwood Phelps speaker
/lrM. KKthiT: Dunnon represented< .h, Hn M : caber of World Missions the morning and.the.
Dailey will be heard
I Oil:!: Crux I I"r Sin-el. oilier .0 CoMltalon; Greater
P w '"5' in the evening. Rev. R.H.
,. Pane AMPT:30 p.a.
II Musical Musical Tea 1 Wlliwn, will serve aa alternate
w _., Alno at Edward Water '
fie Senior of mission and education. is 1+11 I Collude 11 ....; Long aln later. >'

,, Missionary II,.. Juan It.. Armstrong, K hq v .A Yi'rJ : Branch F.leaentiry Rev. A..J. Hughes will
11I1c 'l,,group 3, of Second f Missions
11 ttrvlng at chalraaaoftheprograt .... give the report
Bap tint" Church I* School. 9:30: ; Dar
committee and Rev. Dr. It.L. Fury ear
making preparation fur BollCookaan School
their 'Tan CdMiuiikuiit* Mr*. Rosetta Hoi den, 11 a.a.The will deliver the add/eaa

Musical T ." im Sundry, social coiMltttv chairman '.jrt. \ '-- '.::1:1I1-: or children'a: service on Education.

February l8. trim :3 to 5 and Mm. Mary Ann SETTING WEIR SIGHTS on t new sales record this from left are: Patricia Johnioi.Brenda Jackson, Darlene will be held at 5 fl.... During. the afternoon session -

P".. In the auditorium Flander, chairman of year, aeahert of Olrl Scout Troop313 of Mt.Ararat Wiggins, Pamela Lawrence, Denise Waahlntton in New Bethel AMF.. the Rev. c.C. Dan-
of the church. oiratlona. Mm.. Annie lUptUt Church are completing preparation for the Elizabeth Moore and( Sandra PstU.Standln, fro left: Church. REGISTER! lela will give the inspirational -

The affair In 'being L. Huff la president of annual 1964 Cookie Sale which will get. underway in Cecelia Johnaon.Sheryl H.n. Vonclll Sanders Sandra talk.
HlxmHdrH in the interest _the widely. the very near future. The public' cooperation it Baker Patty Brinaon Gloria til ion. Oorln Oanlela Brother Joe May The Pre 01 den t' I Report

being sought In the organisation' main project and Helen Scrlven. .1''. Annie Mae Henry and Mra. .. Heads Sunday Hour will alto be held

which plays a major share In underwrUtm activities Melvin art the troop leadert. Mra. J.E.!: Davis la the Mra. M.L. Johnson will
'jf the nationwide Girl Boouta organization. Kneeling Council FJiecuttre.!: (Photo br Dieraon) Program Here peak for the Senior-Wo-

[3IiI3E3E3 Brother Joe May,' .en'a District Convention /

St. Matthew Baptist First Timothy Woodlawn Sweelfield ShtesScholarship 'Thunderbolt of the and Mra. Rena Owen, will
Id-Went" will bo featured make the report for the

To Present Baptist Church Presbyterian TeaA on program Sundayat Junior Woien.
WEEKENDiJittfi Scholarship Tea will 8:30: In the Willie Jackson will be
Choir I of PInt Timothy Church Notes II. ?
fJ Mrs leon Bland RnptlKt Church will be sponsored Feb. 23 at Masonic Temple, 410 heard ia behalf of the

Unfier Hoard 2 of St. pn'Hrnt the Diiio Juhl- BY ,14.N. PPARSON GR. :3 p.a.. in Sweetfield Broad St., and ajmnaorcd Youth Departteat. Mrt.
Woodlawn United Baptist Church by Mra. 'lit I Bannla- Mary K. Heard will represent -
Matthew Baptlat Church lea Slngcrn in in after The by Mm. be a
will t present I fa. Leon II!.,Ice program Sundayat Presbyterian Church D.B. Bathes and Deacon tor. the Ughera.and George
Bland It a rot IRloum 8 p... in the church built no the corner of Saa ffllllaa in interest Other visiting group .Walker the Layaen't Bro-
Cleveland and Woodlawn of the George 0. Suner will be the SpiritualFive therhood.
duets Feb. :23: at 3 p.*., auditorium,
In the church audltoriua. The choirs" find Bottom, Rods to be a friend toman Scholarship Fund sass of Chicago, III., Ale ander Heard will apeak
THESE PRICES (009 have been ankod to accompany n beacon light to lliary to the General and Prof. O. J.. Carterof : for the District Baptist
those who tossed liddrlen State Baptist Convention Tens.Local Training Union and I.G.
Deacon Floyd L, Kirkland the pastor to are Son Antonio
FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY ONLY has taked all unto Union Comunlty AMr on the rough teat Mra. Barnes, coordinator groups will In' Patterson will report for

Meet following the Church Friday night to of torrowt and dlaap elude the Celestial the Sunday School Depart

morning aervlce Sunday conduct service in the point Kent* and eapeclnl The Sunday School will Singer, Holyllghta and .eo t.
complete plant forth church and ttnniveratry. ly t welcome haven for sponsor the Mew Bethel """""'..* The choirs and ushej't of
to REGISTER'Missionary !
WHITEWARE SPECIALSI annual ..n' Day Choirs 2 those who are vUltlni A." Chorus Sunday tt7IS Zion Hope Baptlat frturch
Wtertritlon. Deacon T.C. and 3 and Other Board I to find a church bo... : p. ... In interest Society will serve In the mooning
liNn "Pleka The services Sunday in of the achool. The re- and the theirs and ushers
; mill
i:,W .bras It co'ch ei.man. serve Tea
.. \.t...:.. ... .... ,>Y II ,," .,'S WatMet, l' tll ....trtda.1& Tb holy Communion curries oodlawn FreabyterlaaChurcji dtapttoa rally will Plans Calendar of First Baptiat and Bethel
StJtwli,, 11.:.... ,.. ," tai\ hose of *tIYlM eoartiietedBundor will .beIn with terminate March 22. The Sarah McOlnnlt Missionary Baptist Church will serve

s"r't' SUI, "'U ; ;; Deacon John, Fhllllp ; at 8 p... Fellowship the fbiircb School at District 7 will Beet Society ban ,wt during the .vnlngv 1MesemvM I

( ) .. ) t ..\1"\. isles I. Slat at? tt service, will beheld 9:30: .... with Superintendent Saturday tt 5 p.... It the Calendar Tea for 1
(1.11) .
for mew tethert.Notacetlif T. V. Huger IBchane. the church: dining root.. April.
",. 4 p.m. nIW "-' .
The Sarah, Allen contestis
District 4 will meet Day) will Abyssinia BoardTo
tt 4 p... In the hot also be observed Sunday The 'morning service t yearly tvent and ASTHMAnt
begins at 10.55: 0' c lock. Tea will b. held In connection -
6 fir 88 : of Demean I.J. Bata, thntchout the day Mra.Mtttlt Sponsor
with the tea. The nt
with the candlelight
,.> 11808 p. Slat Street. Smith will be Owner Board 3 of Abyttlntt Smuts hens...*.
District 8 will meet the soloist tt II ...., service and opening of Baptist Church' contestants are vying .......OgOTme m CeaaeealUYC
for top honors tad a
Altar Bible. The Chan-
in the home of Mri.Mercedea and Mrt. Susie Kewbtrrytt will sponsor a pineapple -
to the General Conference -
eel and Westminster
Lackland. 1339: 8 | .". Official for spiritual Sip
which la .ached- :
Choirs will with
I W. 2Jth St., and fill the observance are: Mra.Thelta serve Sunday at 3:30: p.*., latke
) I.I. Lln-n
lied In Cincinnati Ohio CUARAimpD i
II'| ta Sue Matthew at .
tract 1 .eats It the Illlltti, M home of Robert Me*
PIECE, GOODS hose of Mra A. Ferry, Hazel Moultrle md Mra. g est or,III lot. Rey. F. Ktever. 3502 StewartSt. In May. The contestants MAID )0" ,,tS.UI wk.
are Mrs, Ophelia Tot
4140 Loekhtrt Dr. at Bent Thompson Di| Wilson, pastor will Mrt. Georgia Stokes Fart tdvanced. Mai loryAgency.
ton and Mra Vivian '!!
deliver the
COTTH MUS lEMXiNTS' 4, p.... sill to the apeaker. I
< REG''STERIlaspir.tloaal! Jhe. youth of the church: 11... Lyabrook 'Nrl.

: REGISTER! will meet at 8 ,.*. .

$, West Union PngramsHomecomlno Tea with. Mri. '.D. Davit la

29NYLONS Set For Jerusalem chtrie. on Feb. ...
( Day llder W.C. Aleiander and 830 CASSAi
Yard The Inlpl ratio..' Hour Deacon Betty Jatea will

0110011. Pv will be Tea will be pmtnted deduct the prayer, er.. 1614 W. BEAYER
obaerved Sunday it West ,.b. 23 la JeruaaloaBaptlat tic It tae conference -

lit lot Baptist Ckirch Church taat- root at 7:30: p.t.Thun- bOtATt/NS TSEtTE /

hick till be .t prelude side beilntitf at 3.30: day. Feb. 20. the Chan- 101

to the opettti of the P.a eel tad Metttliater
clinch aid ptttor' t The program la: Selection Choir will rehearie latke

anniversary, choir; terlptare, Fellowtklp Hall of ROUND OR SIRLOINSTEAKSE59
FUll FASHION The obimtnce will beheld Ret. J.f. JOBM: prayer the church tt 8:00: p..,,
NelaoB Great; ..Iectlo.. and Thursday sight
,... 17-Ii Attrleat weep
(IHEC3UIS) Lei lot Feat 111 choir welcome Mra then after at 8:00: p...

till be meat durln UM Rabjr Howell; reapoate.; At Ue coacloalot of t

1: monist .,.U,. ..lG. titroduetioa of rather leaitky scones
world11 Day .f Prayer peaker, Mra. MtdellaeJotet a frleid whispered te

> 33 wm to held Friday tt ; tpeaker. I. C. .kit telikbor U church LA.'...OI..A..sad ..... SMOKtO

Piir 10 ...., .ky the tit.tlotary Brows;; telection, choir; it the series
aocUti. etoenatlota, Mra. Ce flalabed. t Mltaelibbortboithtfilly FRYERS PICNICSu.29c "H

t The bard of CkrlttlmBiitttlot celia .,..: offertn.Beraot replied. '

will teettitariay Sat dt tad others; 'No. ., frletd, the
..."Ie'toa.Re freabteat. 25c
at\8 *... Tktrtiteit preicher ia flushed tie
IIhU tu will be tensed Io110tt. tot the series tow wat

beard, Usher. Board 1 the pus.,... be worked tat It oar PORKCHOPSr

BIKDSEYE aid District I pillmeet IIImI STtJII uses HEW STG1t

Ud'' .il.l Sat lim Ii Pli.r the torilai tetchy..following.,Ic.. 'wk .. C-t . 3 us. $

Kctsnxt fOlIC SPARS

JI.56 2nd Baptist Grotp RIBS.1 T1UOGCT US.

b PtiJMl )Aasicak tUCtft OK SUI

The Sealer NlMlmo8oel *

IOYS JEANS .t7. Orot 2. SeeoK BACON. . 3 US.

..,tlU Chick, till s F
tivaeat Itt TM themes 4-
1 II IHCI 1 PlC.ltS eat Mv.feal Tea aatiejfrot SOli.IA6. 1 00STEWING

) I to I ,.... U tti POTATOES
low., Mdlterttt tf tti
Sins 4 ItJ133
t kwck.Tto LEARN A TRADE uaw Mt means

tfeit U it lturat Ii Sit Meat That HENS 2 role $1 OQ
tf .t..1.. tad >*.' Skit! s
A .M4Iw..eealt..
cities, srt. Itatttttr
.ttret| It cktlrtatf TURKEY NECKS 6 LBS.THMIY
"'"ilia" .
the trtfTM cteittt* Fir i LifETIME

"" ''NTIH-MMN 11 HMSKM. ,...I,.. BMetU lcsl VMcttl TURKEY WINGS -" '''' 3 LBS. $

I fri lC'ts mum sad ire Barr u. TURKEY LEGS 1 \ 3 LaS. 1IHT
'. riaadert 4e..rttlMittolnat COilESE EN{. PARTS
Tiislif llri Sitit.il ara. Ante 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver
I. ft II proudest .(

i n U. Mtlely.MBtSTDH. 1H1 Air CMlltluilticuiiiiiu.
I K R :F b 'S riinii VMS Th In Irma .w II n wig

f If I

.. .. ..,
-- -- -- -- --.L'


HTItHT FtlllitT 15. Ilil FIIIIII Sill urns MK S

Afahistrotlea's IllS Fight Ambitious YouthFollows 2 Youths SfiBteaced To Dla I Nimble Nines Jailed Riahtt Maps '64 Plans

Besulbed ly Hebtrt lifter In Await Pordoa .,ioard's Decision J. D. Jackson Worker SeeksKennedy's Son. Johnson

Father's .To Silos Stalls Aid ATLANTA (CAMP -
.brt of the
cmCACMP.Attt. Robert Taylor jr.. oiecotlv -
Florida State Pardon Board hart until ... ,, RATTIIEBURa II... A During the 1944 lesslos
vlce-caeiraaa of the President Committee for March -
DIBCN. I 11.1. la outs of the Osorgia Oeueral
11 to whit Nw Tork .
ponder this highly controvariaai **aJailed
Rqaal EJnployaent Opportunity eloquently described
atandlaf aehleTeaenta question:. CseeSCSSe...-.... here baa asked Aaaeably, Atlanta's
the OVm ena fight tO Md OeplOyneot bias ll a Robert Ii ola. ..
C. 18. laaorln soould tt* state eiecut. Plorida Medical Center Attorney Oeoeral Robert Senator Leroy Johaaoa
frank Md factual speech.t the laatallatloa banquetof early and fast two "...-... youth COB Ia dlacusslng the fat : P. Keaaedy to nose to first Negro elected to
tbo Coot County PnyBiolsas' Association kr aloof a road his father vlcted ,' th* Georgia legislature
last .**k.Tirlor ..................... of anrderfRecently of the two toys at a re- attloabari to dfadbla.
already baa traveled. la alaoat 100
rather yearibaa --
diacriaiaatloa ia onploy tkairestl >, Dent """lIlbarda..U.1o I..i.
we* the principal sent by tins under contract Tae father Robert K. with this pro*V I &,. Rryant la reported Oscar Chase, IS, of Indicated that k*
speaker at the baaqeet.which vita the gdveraeat. Poises, who works at loa la a abort Pardoi i;.'to have said that the loa ;t : Queens Net Tort, asked plaaa to introduce and
climaxed a year of lo cited several the Ease Reeearck Center Board ...u.,. ,. Parri 5 Intelligence of th* two Kennedy la a toUgraafroa be identified with all
spirited activities U lastsneeefcgr both sear here, is a civic Bryant end the other fbu r and their age gar his i the Jail to ooae to legislation that benefit
enforcoaant I II .
Ut fields of aedlclae and leader and currently la nesters of the board de'. cause for noncan.t Rattlssbari to defendbin. e GIorI....
ud civil rights tor the used perratsloa chairs of the 21-..- tided to give thenielvei.' Returning to the state
association, at the plush ere soooessfnlly by ber North' Edison Hayor aCoaaltteo three aoatks to null iover ABC Bowing To (Chase a worker fer tbeStadeat legislature for bl*
the ooBBlttee. I* was introdeeed -
for re eolationof second
Ratal Continental. v', i Noavtoleat Co- tens the sopho-
by Att,. PennyFelker racial pro bleu posed The case iavolvee DaiWilkias. sore solon brings to
Taylor chief aiecutiv Pressure ordlnstlag Coaaltte
of Chlcaco. I From Dixie:> i !\ *
officer for the coaaitteo by arbaa r.s.eal. He 1T. and ToaaiiVee (BNCC) was arrested wheak this session a record
not headed by President Other highlights of the went to work after Illliaae, 18. botl' NEW TORK (ANP) wasters Else a.- entered the Negro saw his introduce three f
Lyndon: .. Johnson, gave a banquet were the Ustsllatlon radaatloa hoe high Negro fan laborers whc> Th ColuebU Broadcasting lion of Huable Oil a Defining waiting roOD la a Hat- bill last year, one of
detailed tot highly iatsrestiag of officers address the'resident's school ia Elisabeth, chopped their way into> Rjr.ten la bowing to Conpany baa aaaed tiesburt bus statioa. Hs which was precedeatsetting -
report OB tie New Jersey, .his native the hose of aa elderly' EouUiera opposition to Joseph D. Jackson to tbe was charged with la that it was
policies and wrk of tie presentation of sent city, but later Banaied white couple oa the out-' lattgrstloa and dropping heating-oil sales staff "breach of tbe peace"sod signed Into lee, another
award to a aoaber of
c Mltte. IB its deter to attend. New Tork University skirts of Tallahassee th iBBtiOB tO stamp out persvas: iaeladlai 10 Rutgers and night of January 19.19S1 lest aide Television trict. A 1X3 graduate of Tale la eoaalttee debate.
doctors and two attoneys, the Vaasachvsetts Institute Aroused around nldnlgkt' social worker drsaa A 19<0 graduate of Rent La* School Chit has and th* last which. Is

Filler Pays More she are successfullypresslBf of T-chaoloiy. by the noise of the ue, series soon, the show's' State University, Mr. bees doing legal research eipected to be Introduced '
a salt la Illinois The. BOB vent directly the couple atteapted to producer disclosed lest Jackson was proaoted to for 8MCC. H* was again tats eesslon -
Tin'1 sl! Million courts to end tilt Eros Edison Hlb School repulse the invaders of week. sales represeatttive ia Hsttlesburg. to gather ia a revised fora.Seaator .
barring of Negro doctors to Cornell Universitylast their bo... The Johaaon'
boys chili accepting an award trOll his previous post laforsattoa on the cans
For Biildiig iron tie staffs of a BUB. Pall oo a 4-year knocked the 75-year-old first proposal which
for one of the ss an office Militant of The r oo Lied PorreatCouaty
CHICAGO (AW) 8.B. ber of Chlcaco hospitals. alter C. ToaileScholarship. wife unconscious and beat .bo.' s pro IMS, ""0 at Huable'a Waihlagtoa reglatrar. Lyad would lacreaae the re-
Puller the Chic nocoaactles Installed u the Uooalng A* the sonof the 94-year-old husbandeith Hiding Pisco. trot the District .beadqaartera.He baa hoes eoavloted of tlreaoat benefits ef
tycoon and president of the asscciatloa aa eaployee of Csso a tree lino. Antl-De feast Ion Leagueof Joined the coapaayI fatliag to obey a theses la the PaltoaCouaty
aewspsper publisher udIIlrob..d was Dr. Charles L. Research lid dclneerincOoapany Then the two youth. weal .. rUb, "Jewish a tk* Diatrlot ofColuetia federal court order coe area was approvedby
the Booth Wllliaas, of C21ICIIO.I chief scientific seised between IJ.OOO service orgaalsatloa, in 1991. ptlllag .his to cease the dlgatioa to
Center department store REglSTWIOpporlnilies I affiliate of Huable and U.aoo in cash and producer David Susiklnd Mr. Jackson was carried dtscrlslaatlig agataatproaptotlv which It was preeentod
several .oaths MO, has 011 a Reflalm Coapany n d. said the show Is being In 1991 to the foraeralsa Negro hen last ..._. A weekprevlouely
BOW bought the building and Its parent firs, The woaaa regained consciousness dropped because 2tSouthera rally Lao 11. Tho p- ,ot.n.n. United StstssSuprea ke presented
housing the store. At Hind For Standard Oil Coapany the nest son affiliates ion of South Carolina. Court refused to before Mayer. Ivan. Allen
The South Center building ( .New Jersey ), gNoise. lag sad auaaoaed help canceled their shoeing Mr. Jackion'a eel 11&I.pol. revise his ease of his proposal for Intro-
a tbr.e-story ooaerelsl More Librarians had the opportunity ties the ..llbb&n. She of It la opposition to .hilt ia eff, ctivelBdl January 9, IM4.trvusts ducttos of a local public -
bulldlas has to eta a Teaileacnolarahlp aid her husband *er* its iategrated ceetSusekiad tely. A washer of man> eccoaaodstloB kill

been sold to Puller for CHICAn (ANP) A providing subsequently hoiplul* referred particularly the kappa Alpha Pal Another right worker before the naseably,
tl,1ST.000. It sac disclosed aatlonwlde effort encouraging be ranked ia the top lied and the husband to the role Fraternity he also be. Jailed la Nattleibarg sine lie tlectloa to
by Oeorge I. Bore yoaii two-flftha of his kith died oa February S. played. IB the shoe by"a louts to the "Natloaal tor ">>o.lIalOi ef ...r.coUo' the state senate, Atty.
..P. jr. presidest of BOB and yeses to eater school class and as accepted The two youths were Negro actreee" Association of Harkotlag and two traffic Joknsoa baa traveled
Noisy ft Postee, Inc. the library profeetloa by one of the quickly arrested after preeuaably Cecily Tyson. Developers and the U.S. vlelatloas, bas ladl over 200,000 sties to.
sole real estate broker has received added tapetas schools on the. proiraa police were alerted. They "A Negro actress was Arty Reserve He was cited h* will stay be. falflll requests to
IB the transaction. by aa saaovaceaeat of the Teailo Foundation. were tried for sunder aa Integrated weber of graduated troD high .tad bars also. 8NCCworksr speak. During his tears
The bslldlag which of scholarship aid troy These are Harvard sad convicted II Hay, tbe eoapany" aid In school la lelliville Peter 9toer, 25, h* baa urged lacreasedMegro
coat alas 230.000 square the R.I. flleoa Foundation Cornell I. I.r. Rice 1962. The trial Judge ber role, argued frequently lid eau bora la last of Berlin Peaasylvsnla. voter regletrstteaad
feet of ccsnnrciBl space Inc., of New fork and Tulae.vhile sentenced then to death. with ber white Liverpool, Ohio.. flasd 14.90 oa sack of partlslpatloa la
.as conceived by the to Aaerleaa Library Assoclatloa till father In Ia Septeaber of nil cater ",..UacI sail RCGISTUtTWO' tk* traffic cues Tues. roUt Ie. He .ass .bees SB
late Harry M. ffcgleateln accredited his spare tlae becaae year, both boy appealedto They dOl.& Ilk that day, Jaauary H, after outspoken critic of racial
!. 1.21 aa the first library schools.Dr. a licensed pilot sod the Stat Pardon Board doe there" ke ssld. BUCKS the 'aarcotUa" charge Mgregetloa and.
coaaercinl center for Frederick H. tags flew light planes oat to count their death. Tbs skew stars Oeorge Will Mike v,.) ia* dropped, said k* baa ebelleaied. Negro
the Metro popnUtloa of asa, president, of ALA of airports at "...ark.I..Uhl. eateace to life la* C. Scott, who portrays A Member Of Bill stun ia Jill k*. youth to tales tilt level
the area. The building and director of the Obi- and sourest I prleooMat.Beceaee. s social worker.RCGirrtM N. A. A C P. eaua "1 aa tired ofHattleakvri of their aabllloaa and
sal convicted la 193*. varsity of Hichlna New Jersey, the son wasoutstanding their plea Join Iht f ree Vm FlgM polite .has aaplratloaa.QUANTITY .

The bulldlsc presently Libraries, aide aa enaounceaeat darlai high we-e based partly oa their, T.ttia v"te s$1F5.' Rfj/tTRU '
eoataias seven stores, ef the fouryearHf school la a different low Intelligence levels
94 dUce salts aad lilacs Scholar' field of ,po n.. In his stale officials had. the
11.000 square feet of ship procreei dnrlai the junior year at Edison two istervleeed Ay s
loft space.Puller aaaaal Midwinter ...U., he becsse NlddleseiCoaaty psychiatrist troD tbe
BOW owner lid of ALA here This Is the lad Central
president of Puller Products third tine the founds- Jersey broad jiap chase
Ccapaay, said befl ties Has side the pies, sad be sucoesefelly Crash KillsInvestigator

SB ut..I".odlralsaUoa scholarships availableto defeadod both IRKEY
,ro.,*. ALA accredited titles la his sealorysr. E R M

REGt Slat library schools, car setting a new
rent 1$ aoabeilBg 98. The record la the Couatyeet. MWHNOTON.' W. Vs. -"
promo will eaoaat to He *as cap t a la of (W) Dirttss 0. Pettenon. RICH S V
.I the Idlaoa Nigh track Clevelend Ohio
B proiraa of assistance
ia escees of US.000. ,.... REGISTER! based special squat for SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT E0GEWOOD AND AVENUE B

XGI5TOITOB the U. a Treasury Oept.we .
Miss. Expels
fatally lajnred ia U. S.
DOB*k pave 'To Oo 'TO foes To Get Another Pistol highway crash "here last CENTER CUT WHITEBACON
awe I.

LOW PRICES Carrying: Student of N.lajarle died la a saatalaed hospital CHUCK

when, his car failed to
OXPORO, Hies --
aegotlate a curve <
<* Tsar (WT) Tbs Uslverelty aaPatteraoa
eee threes
of Mlsslssirpl .has eau
tit as ta* auto careeaedout
DRUG STORE NEEDS pelled Oil stadeat and of coatrol Iste sseaheakMat. 'IOASTL8.
placed another on probation
for poseeeeloa according to
Trade Witt Tour Neighborhood Dreg Store pelfee.
of pistols oa the caaP
1C BILL PST Alit PRICBB ADy.a TOUt LOCAL ,.... .s.Chsap. Patterson according to
to 01 im.fw also nil all Doctors tseacriptioaaDixie fussy, gkalmaa Chief ...., lives .,.,..- 39 LB 25WESSON
of tholtsJest Judicial of Uo ClMelesd Istelllgtate .
Pharmacy Council sasoasced the
ked eerked aader
eetl e. The cause!1 U *
state 1919 sad
1N2 ItHt I tin at .,rUt ftrtHlPlHlt dleclpllsery two sees sere hi separateIncidents. ,. Tke IB Investigates specieUsed ROYAL LONG GRAhNRKE

(lli 5.5311I1PAY' Teraey said.Naaee of tu crlalaal case. sad eagerlag
*f tk* tndent
*. lived etch his elfe.Lorrals !
were net diKleced.
*. .., their
Till LICIT, f IUI III UUPIHC The the rudest seeosd etpelledess ., tbe three iklldrea la tk* .

BUS AT III SUM year to be eipelled for Shaker Helgkt Issues
f the ale
...11' a rletel at 01* .
in*. rata 1rYR f ucl ratI' t Large
24oi. SlxtJ. 29 3 L B. PKG.J. 33

M' Tee .*".ria.I,.*
Rood Advice

.** Meter Serf. She *** J. S. 6009 M STEAK
the ...*...*. ,.." te tl. 5ft KRAfT
Mal If PnrW. use.aten
U heal Ue slet sad tie

pity let ties. she Isle s
tier are U br lest a4ttf APPLE PIA 1. CIIIIT lass mi 2ftAIIN
I *e.* U eel Motor

..,. t ,
O< witir c* set TW ire tIC onkriTat our. : HOME
a* TK lM..t atntM. MO" t 4 ..,. ft Mf as **4 MEAL s u. m 25TITTY

cat-nJ" .* ouuMrast
..i to kelp or yen OW, .**. ta ray. Cwaw

Tda,. toVlI MOM 0* *r ye* a di __ T dare r'' cxoaEK & rarriN MISCUITS J 25lim > .
a east fm I II tM arats aatll it at .lajkt.P1WT II .Tw
T n Jd YD.LL U.to4 1* fer .mB
M ac t. nilllt mill C.I. South
Seek fw tto Uo ata. -.. tM M. ..... was !.-., 0HER6ENT 1111ii MIS 2?<
gage aad tkr tea*. 4 Moaeed locktare I* .!..

...... tM .*. er *e Beale4 deed t*. pe-w ef tM MUTUAL BUILDRS(
laid sod dKotev aja-yc p-tvero. .M-eateed r.-.li. 1Me. ,

II 1 ***. /bees 17f.Mta I I KMTHERN RUTAIA6AS u it
-.q. ....... II gweesew 3S7-C511 ,

tat N... 39CI
ter ..... tune. lit ... rue BT1MATB AHTTWf !

(tel Ti itm ten ItIIII J U. MADE 'A' lEI 11M EnS ",. "u cellos 43$

- ... ....0.-_ t. ___ ". .r r... ............ .\o/.Ijif I"" "" '. .,),....11<.;1;..


.. 's :
'" -

;;c 7 : nitlli _KM PAPERS MTiillT FEIIIUMS, HM

J s I

A$ i

WANE wants you to be their
VALENTINE SWEETHEART. Sociology Mead Citation Honorees II

.. Send your name, address and a picture, F Schedules ..... _
...' .: and maybe you 11 be / ?I burt1thiwen's I Heavy
'. :; She will receive TALLAHASSEE -- Dr. _
a free Starjett wig block and stand -
Day> program at An Titravsgwza Tern' Charles 0, smith beadof
flowers perfume, candy Mt. Olivette Baptist In the auditorium of toe Florida Ail University
a night on the town for our queen and Church, Sunday, February Trinity W Churchunder Department) of
her esccrt 19, will feature Rev. H. the sponsorship of Stc*. Sociology, has a busy _
enter now and naybe you' 11 win Laurie, of Temps.tutst II ardess Board No, L will schedule of speakingenmtemeats
speaker. highlight the celebratloa from now
,..r All entries must be postmarked no later The public It Invited of the church through the end of the
than Feb. 11 All entries becnme the to COB and bring a Thirteenth Anniversary. current second tri TJ w _
property of I..A.M.E, Radio. friend.WtTfvvVVVVV .. Runday, February 18 mester. _
The church located at Greatly in demand to ,
.! 511 HW 4th Street la.vltes live intsrpretatlon to
M 0
i V
a1r ; the public to at. current social trdnds.affecting .L
tend this activitywhich the South and .
till be held fro the nation today, Dr. r
\ STOP AND SAVE MARKET 4:00: to 6.00 P... Smith 1m slated to appear '
An interesting program on a symposium h _
1. planned for this occasion February XI at a Conference -
31 N.V Jill( STIEET which will feature on Safety, survival ,. t. ...... _
:. m II n. r..J, Cowsen, end Sanity, sponsored CIVIL HOSTS FlOITBSof Florida were honored during the recent Delta Qbldsa Ball
..ryA' YILDA MILK of Alabama, as principal by the Florida Institute sponsored by the St. Petersburg Alumnae Chapter: of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority,
: : HALF speaker for Continuing Inc. Those cited were from left, Mrs. John Chenault of Bradenton; Dr Robert I
WUI illS CIOPII CULMS Mrs. Illlle M. prison, University studies in Mailing of St. Augustine; Mrs. Samutl Admas, St. Petersburg; and David Lark Ins,
., chairman Rev. C.C. Cowsen St. Petersburg. Site of Clearwater (OJC; staff photo by_ Lw Ballard )
I : QOO WQ mOOiOOOOIi o.2 OOOQQL_ pastor. the conference will be
> the new rICUR.oD-th-
Bay, formerly the U.S. NAACP's Newest Miami Socially

Tune! WAME Home Of The World'sChampion Maritime Base.Participating. with the life staler
evening of Duplicate
FAMI professor in the klB OS>ON,JALUCA-mP)- was enjoyedby I
'symposium, entitled"Developing tte Prime Minister of Jamaica a well-attended meeting of the Sunshine '
Keynote sir Meander Bum State Duplicate Bridge Club Inc., last
Disc Saturday evening I at Carver YMCA.
Jockey Concepts, will be.: tsMate.becsmt a life member
; ,', At a business meeting
David 3. Busskind rabbi of the NAACP when he preceedlng play.
... ..,'.s'tl.-I" ;; Temple Beth-tl. St. accepted a old life membership President Albert F. Reamer, reviewed the
'.,"" ;!J.t... ,Petersburg; end Paul B. lapel pin ud a club's successful Thanksgiving dinner, held
." Yr Jobnscn, state attorney, life membership plaque is In the beautiful hone of Mrs. Ann Lindsey
.r..r i, T..... a brief ceremony at his Packard, 1 1367 NW 07 Street recently./
.. to"t.. On March 13, Dr. Smith Ministry here, last week In a bid to create Interest In the absorbing -
." will appear as Men t The pin was presented to game of Duplicate Bridge, the club
Day speaker at the New Sir AJeianderby the Amerl- has opened its membership to.qualified
Bethel Baptist Church, can Ambassador to Jamaica, bridge-lovers.
Lake City, Fla. Program till lam Doherty, and the
chairman for the Lake plaque by Col la Cromwell,, ,
City event is CharlesF NAACP field secretary. PURE ISM37I
Parnell. I
j :


: \./ Standard TrauBJjjiii Iff tin!
I, ,.,',, 511 I.': Stk STIEET PNKE Fl 3 JIM I r
Mater lat Iritis Tin IFs ,
\ : II LYNN, PUP.MliBl '
lau .... lltk In. Kiwi Florida ';

Nkkf lee Florida
Holder uf world'sIroadesstlni '
; Record Moire g'UJ4J. !FJaJua & !Pd cSupjJJuy.o. Svmise lar 1;
3M CoitUtoas
riSH mimom MAMS .**
..,'K IasylL/news. IN..OTlOID'8, StoreFREE
& Package
.:' saeoaw T.oL'
'1M" lay A.tazo Mu HKm 3103 Grand Avenue I
i' Phone 448-3625 DELIVERY
vtmrromt WlL....*
wy 400 N.W. 6th\ Streetj
mi Ft 7-2254


1.1/.11' ewe's I iltfM.sW J JOHNSON ARTIE end JACK ,".


IBM. 1 .... II I MPflrJ .

.. Pima. W ..,

,,' 1'I II. 1M..t .... Flldda
; .t.
-. ,
! -
I _
j .. .... .. ,
II MM a w. "v tt West M. ***** fie **

I ,', freallk kIN Nerkie "..11'1"1.. FM IONTesNTLL .......,....,.......
! *N .sve. wwrss.oesaea.oa. y.
Awn lass
Mv muiei YU 34346CVIMNCC 9fiNGSI7
pow count e 11 '11101II" Uti. .*... rw oiiOM
j-jSEE M. bvoftct rr xNct. Smc farwt. Ulr POS $ wee
AND HEAR THESE r\MnaeiMi QI..... IMOMI Tw MI*ilCt., 'ML Cx-
ucrims Me Ntconiv ....a. "* WWITS "' 1CTtt.

..... ." > t iocwcevts AMNT Snug iwr pro alas to ...

Free. ItJftSftfttlUit Ytinbie Is. Pies

j. ", tt" kntkIu.. mal li m .WN Leo tiPirtj

a Pi*. Ta .nsy

i NAME1260i ,..., ,

: w 1.... Ian leI. tee. TWs'P.J r... J,. ,

SiotUflt Pre lid

.,.1.:., } : 24*, MM. It a.&. tt S PJB. H Sir ..'. Gl Tit WH '

i- .,? .. ,

-r-. a Z' Hear,/"Hot line" Nightly At. 11 p. m.WWT ".., .. m H M HFMt. .... rwn.Fm WMBM

.' a Des MItI W.. Jdnts & HireM L Brtynen I ; ,..,tf' .
[ Mss Obis. her Ply i.r Illilli a


:,.j't't':"'_ .. ',P/Lq ,.. -.:._ ,. .. ..: aks; --<- ....- -.......-- ---.._____ ___.... ___---_- -..

-- -- .--- -'--" -. -. -.

I : .

FEitlUT tt4 tlHIBI UPEtS' PILL 'w

Trinpitist Kirl Alphas' Salute Local Citizenry During Their Auspicious Annual Awards Dinner Observance rum OIL co. '

Over SegngitioH FOR HINT. JulY COM-ITN| :
Haw 3 BAY StRVlCI.
Cancels Show \} STATION WITH t UfTft

IOn than 4,000 whit ft CUVUANOANOTMIR "'
persons were kept TWO BAT Stuvict:
waiting for 40 KlnoUs STATION AT 5609 Monomer/
elites before being RO. Pair DCAICR TRAININCALL '

told the "hot was Kta 'r ; MR. MATHII AT
a ? +?
off." after trunpetlet w 338-7331.
Al Blrt cancelled hit

appearance at a March of YfF Hughes Corswell
Dives benefit show here
last week over the
I Mir fill tin
laaa of segregated

avatiif. Plymouth & Valiant
The cancelled appearanca I
of the Hlrt :'
s Salesman -
band only a few hours '
before the show was to tl r ,
tart .was the second L IA : t Nil I Itsd HIT KM

to bit this citadel of

j aggregation recently. : ."i-* t Powell Plllfh

The other eaae when ..
'WI .'" ", 0
"". i. '
stars of the nationalTV :w. J ,
\ 4 4; 1211 SAN Mm IIVI.
stow Bonnnsa can '. d" .,;.... (
celled personal appearance '., 3SS-2i24 ,

here because \ .
I ,,_ .a.AARIl6
I audience 'before ;Vhlcb Call He rot .
they were to appear CITATIONS Dpellon Lubda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Prate re Ity of while Dr. BattenIte and Dr. Downing look on, Pr. Shaw I* Dean of PI* .w.' Dawautraltona.

I were to be aegregated. Jackaoovllle suspiciously cited nu. rou* local citizens for outstanding coaamnlty graduate acbool.
the services during the past year, the annual event taking place Tueaway ntiht.Jan. Bottom hR.Or.H. juea Greene, outgoing president recelvea special appreciation EDGE WOOD
wire After from receiving the cbalraaa 21 during an Installation Banquet In Club Eldorado Dr. H. Janea Greene, Chapter award froa newly elected president, .... J.C. Downing. Dr. Jerry hard receives mm COURT
president served n* aaater of ceree>oalea and Dr. J.C. Downing preaented the Junior Cltlieo'a Award. Dr. J.I.K, Scott, Kdttcatloat Duval County Defender T.
of the Tom Cultural loo students' andArtistic awards on behalf of the Honor end Awards Coaulttee. chaired by Dr. H.K. Satter- Edith Austin, Poateriag of Cowaualty Relation; Atty. L.J. Itlaw Jr., Alpha'a Kw I fen fir taitmntf

white. In top photo left, John Rntledge receive Senior Cltisen'a Award fro Dr. Moat Pronlaiag. BTAICa new editorAlyton E. *ie, Press Award. Jai Poataaater
Intoned Coaalttee.Hlrt Do1acud Peter Roblaaon the Humanities citation. Urn. J.C. Downiai receive J.E tortnan Jr. received the Pottering of Cownuntty Understanding; Caper Brad- Clean eemIEtgI
tbat be Alpha' Plrat Lady of the Tear award fro Atty. teander J. Shaw H. Duval (011II u. baa. Alpha'a Man of the Tear; Mra. Charles K. Jane. Alpha a life of the Tear ,
Solicitor Edward I. !Booth la honored for Poiterlni Coawmnity understanding: Dr. and Mra. Joan 3 auldint, Alph,' a Sweetheart of U e Year, REGISTER( Rlctaitttsq
racial incident
feared -
a Leander J. haw Ir., Atty. Leander J. haw H..father and aoa--dlaplay! nwardn (Photo by Royal Art Studio)
at tbe March of Ink ir Hull,

DiM benefit and cancelled Slain Aldernaa's Where Inqenuity Gaither Leads
out. In using Singer TinghtHin
Sill KIMS 1111
the fear of an Incident TALLAHASfirp -- Coach
All He Knows, Sell Won Yet Paid Off
By Jake Qatther of the
a* an entice, girt MECHANIC ON DUTY II. 1 fyfffftf III

said: Says Sinatra' CHICAGO (AHP) .1 : Florida AUJnlt.raU, Ike Joseph..................Proprietor.
not going to In- Rattlers In the winning PURE PI 5.HM
Nil TOW-(A.1P)-By his The Negro bloc In the .
suit anyone'a latelll eat coach In football State and Jefferson Streets RL 00432
own adnlailon, sister Chicago city council I iKlsmiHi.riEsi FIST I
and I didn' t
fence say ,
Prank Sinatra was back up to full
know tbe auditorium was
everything be know about strength last week I :
being Mgrtgtted.
singing from a Metrooofttreca. after George Colllaa
segregated'!'*. played audience before allover won by an amazing 12 to 1111ARTNOR '' PIIK sieiLiEiROAST
By the sale token ate one vote the right to
Louisiana and tbe
baa also been the favorite occupy the vacant neat '
of ud a strong influence of Beajanln f. Lewis : :
REGISTER! on such other who warn slats last Pen. e O I ,
treat singers a* the late A veteran ward politician O A 'o.u.
AvtaactSPItlALS ,
EAUTIFUL' Billy Holllday.Nat" Ring) Collins who baa '
Cole and Bobby fltort.Over been acting cowatttee- ".
MANTES the years her fan have san of the powerful RICHARDSON lu.my MCImmi It 29C
BCJUTV OcRATont a DMMRS ushered la nlllloa meet aide ward since
New HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY 4BAIKKR She la Mabel Mercer ... L.wla' aaiaaalnatlon At hat ,ear' Dvval) SILTS 11$11I11 SATISIATFLtli's

who first gained acclaln last Pb. 21, polled County Science Pair
uouNci 22 W. AwanCxl :
at Brlcktop' algbtelab 12.18 vote to his Arthur" Rlfkardaonv a. $11111IAN1111111
AT Q. 3-324 or a 4.1774.11Ur (owned. by Arleaa-bora Republican opponent'a Northweetera High Bckool lUSH .
Ada 8.lth) la Paris lathe .... junior, waa the first COFFEE SWEET PEAS
IPMTVERTSnrcsr' early 1130', and Collins, U, now will recipient of the J ; -
a JU
+ntJJ:'a celebrated her Both anal Join all other Negro al Irving E. Scott Science 5$1 0
nrcsr' veraary aaan wntertaUt dense la the 50 ...ber Award. 'This award la the .
here last week. council They are ill highest prize offered a
2 10. *M AfTS.-SH.90 WO.Y.
y SATES FutniSMiO-RfSIMNT Recently. Sinatra wrote Haw Harvey, Charles, secondary school atuiVit 1 II, sae fAI
MER.-24I4 SAN Olico Ro.FT. .. of her: Chem, Ralph Hetealfe. at Ue fair. It consists tS
91757. O OSITI DDUCLAIANCUIIOM ) label Mercer taught Meverytalag Robert Miller lenaeth of a three foot Trophy Fo
: SCHOOL. I know." Campbell and Claude t. which ,..'III at the 40b telelar
B. Holes. users school for on. 1 J9Q

IMPEIIIL SHIIIES Collie waa used acting year lid a replica of Site L _

'' Patent Medicines OosMtics coMltteenin July this trophy. 1* give to
'a 8. 196]. succeeding Lewis the atndeat.Laat LIMIT/ I fil.ti WITH 19.00 o* Wolf foooOM VITA IS.00Flu.
All Leading Hair Preparations
la that poet after the year, la addition Fooo note
ward waa riled by a to tbe above. Richardno _
white regency la the WM stein a tatyfve nisiSTRAWfBHHES 24 et.
ROYAL ART STUDIO Interim period. Me baa dollar savings bond lid
been In Dwaocratle poll- a talrty> flv dollar
515 IIIIS SHEET tic for IT yeara.bavlaftnrted gift certificate.Rlchardaoa Lane 25CMITN

In the C2IIJ ward took tedollara !'fits
Iriir Riw it Idlcd Prices 394
an a helper wader the and aeveatyflveceata
', PIIII cuss late atate *.*. filllu and .... seethe y.00 all Alawc P00, OaotsI.

'\ l"hlhalsr..iltCrllfSC"saun (lot cia,) Coaaorn. In1IM. work to Wild his prlaw.wlnalag ,

Collies anted to project. si"Pi* .
t IIIU Cllll the 2Mb ward aa a preelct Autoctrt This year :
captain and can hundred of students are
SEPIATIIEQiilily eluted the ward .rgllatloa > preparing projects that POTATOES :, $

Pkelogrifks surlier In they hope t* nter la t 1 T
It,.. Collla aid his the Slita Aaaial tMvalCowaty
ClIICI U-In 1111S-SiClllS .. hrdlss, bv one Scleace Pair tM 'r
sos levla. 2. This laCol hid at the ..,a., S
Phil EL 4-1114 MM' first attempt Artery ,......." 2T-J.

at p"Jlc office. should II eha rd 10., or 1 9 fILIAM

RtftJTWI 'eoel other MorthvteteraNIC
now IK Pepsi -* Stbocl tndet wla FLOUR

Servkes' tot bare la the aecondary IHHfl IlllCHUCK
excess dlvlalea U. h IM II
for those wile III Souse SieviCl Wes *.. Scott ward Trwpay will f14 AI4IN

... 'ItTIIIII' c-c.. tau ,.aU at Merlheeaten STEAK Yctf lti4
IliIkJ.. e*.i ., tie AH* LOUI for ....., f.*r. If title fllltl fWI S Its. II t1. 39POTATOES

,fate $[..." rorMoutr*, do** not tepees the trwhy I "
$4.co a' .sr'
Ca. ZeTS. *coMcri. tart: will ga I* another I' 59
0. 3.MQ2 Sane Stwvict rhael for Me ,tar. ; It.. eo. oeHe ., "
1OC : 1'IISbl IA1IAI4M


CALL PO 4.4511 FOR : .' TISSUE 49 .

4 hi PactF1T1
COA'- =



$ Ill n riff


I f '

11 II.$3TISUT 39 5/ sum t

..... Mtercxiaca

8MlCG eeir siicco knit
row mac i ou-ax rotA"lb.

I "10.., 2

__.....aorrrks .. I *cd.f Mo fl 1 1108
!!I'I. !!:-:. r fbsdSt. .'.oa two

--_. -- _. .. ... ... J. ----- _

,...._."1'.,." ., ... H' :., ): liii
-- "

If" . '" ,. 'I. .... .

fi" I


\\MQ HEALER ADVISORffn YES, WE All TALKPRO 'Pinch Hits' For Husband A & M's Musical
Interns Featured
W' .
By Marcus H. Boolware E : tALLAHASSEE-lutn-
YN SOFFEItN-SICK-REED ADVICE ? The' tern 'fro tempore" tomes fto/q. I the mental masie interns et
Latin waning"for the tine bein ;' Thus x Florida AM VOh.nJtlIa.d
tee Mr Sinn fAT Bin .hM till IIod...... Km to in a club. 'pro tempore" may, be used when ,......- "their day" last
heal by .,,,. Ouaraateee to teal tie sick u4 the chairman, cr "chair- J
we say, .tesaporar1 Friday when the PAHU
.IU... tat there li I' pit for tboM "who kao tbe- "
man pro tempore. Department of Made
are It herd luck sad doa't co. to see ttSTU PAT.aateed .,
.- featured the In a -..
to help you.
M1Y L I, phonic Band Concert In
SINE DIE 4 Lee Hall AdUo rllll.
READ HAT BIKERS JAY ABOUT SISTEI FAY. "Sine die" comes from the Latin meaning Conducting tilt 1964

'lb.ve M bard lick Band contest Literaturethat
"without naming day., Permanent'oran-
''1 M* Mtoeetstfal !. sad been'.*., coil u' izations adjourn"sine die," tbat is they correspond with

t l ..rrl... ad aeparated fl..." for.rtaur..re.for : adjourn without saying, when they will meet their classification of
.; -ear.. Gee visit I iald sot hold slob, again. It is not necessary to name the their assigned schools

y ..iu sum MI .eI.. but ODe visit| to'uait next meeting tine for this is stated in the interns gave oat*

are beck to..tbtt..1II 'a and I .bare s atedr the club s constitution.On standing performances.
I .try aapp*.\* Job sad feellsf fU.." the other hand a temporary organ. Interns and the nut-

nation must adjourn "naming the day for
IhM are'but a fee that hue b... keeled sad helped ben they conducted included *
the next meeting. For example "11r : Charles Milton,
bjt mm PAT, There ere tko.iasd of other that *
Chairman I move that we adjourn to meet Lakeland. Fla.. "con
save bees helped by Sinn PAT. So coos today TO fryr
again on FridayNovember 6at 8:00 p.m.* k1 ducting Weber. 'Trayer
aorruv may lit too lit. ftaaber if there I* OO help vu etrtk It CM b* lowed tbrougk our' Healer, _...::::::IIrJ/UIW.tIffOilLY... '1I "I'.t' "" --.r--101.- 1'i ., ,,--- and March;" Ktnaeth
DELIVERS ADOUSS: -art. Willie Pearl Porter iastractor is health and safety Belcher. Jacksonville
$inn PAT. Hi* bushy| by the sand of Ood. sew w a. r se.w7rB r
education and school nurse at the Florida MM University High School is pictured Ashes'Concert Suite"
tin HOUSC It OPEN DAILY 1IfN 7 IN THC MORNING UNTIL 9 addressing a luncheon meeting of delegates to the recent state honor society Movements I and 1 1;Clayton
conference hosted la Tallahassee by meabers! of the Jives Weldoo Johnsonchapter Miller South! Norfolk.
TO HWOVl THE SlCKNESf AND HARD LUCK. of the National Honor Society Mrs. Porter substituted as guest speakerfor Va., Cordon's

PAT IIU. HEAL YOU r her husband Dr. Gilbert Porter executive secretary of the Florida State "Appal achlaa tantu,";
Hut; pour ejwj\ .111 see your heart .111 believe, aim Teachers Association who was unable to be present Shorn seated in front of Franklin Major Midst

your lucky dxyn Md amtor mF the speaker's podia, left to right are: Mrs W.... Stuart, sponsor of the Grun llD'. "An Amerl

'. tucaled I* ftllihMM. Florida oa Must 90 piles! Lincoln High School honor society Tallahassee; Mrs. C.K. Griffin dlscuaaion can Seen," fibeylorJaaea

Rant jaekMiBvlll Nyy) liar Hayes Super Market leader rAW High; Matthew H. Estaras, ,principal PAMU High Edward Hollfield Jscksonvllle,

LeNtil for 1k.. Hud Buss Look for the nit Noise. vice president of the boat chapter; Aleann Alston treasurer of the host chapter Q nek's 'Tarls and He

ta*.i>,r: Bism* PAT sakes no kow calla ; Ronald IllllM. president of the host chapter and Mrs. Delore ,G. McQiee, lena."

.., .'. rb.... 224-6012 .r"ea ---u.- .Oe sponsor of the Jaaes Wei don Johnson chapter at PAMU High Also, Robert Wheeler
Leidzen's '
Tampa 5 TirstSwsdish
,,, FAMU Inslruclor Rhapsody; "
Jacksonville Attorney Keynotes .
..' Jothan Ctllln. Blraing-
t ,;,-, Annual High School Leadership Confab To Present PaperAt II... Ala. Hcteth's

1: is your name TAOAHASSEE/ -fllthlli&Uof the fourth Annual Leadership Nat'l Confab Barbara"Chant till and IMS Jebllo; Jacksonville ;"

; ; :: : Seminar for High School Students held January TALLAHASfiEE research RlaakyKorsakov -

24-2S by the Pre-Legal Society of Florida article, entitled "111. s "The Tsar's
: AIM University was an oratorical contest Keynote of Bride;" Elliot Wlnkler,

: : .i the book ? speaker of the two-day seminar event was Atty. O1.lcal1adlcaUoD Turkey o* ;(QII.rcu" Ue- Jacksonville, Borer'
: ; .: in Mast D. Jackson of Jacksonville, Fla. "Ariann i 'and Mil ton
vls) in Florl-
: : First place winner In ............e,........ ca'tfelll Northveit be presentedby Jones,, "..ek.onllh..UU. ,

the oratorical contest for participation went Dr.CJ arlllc. B. Owens, f us* ".,*.U, J."

wss Barbara Bradwell of tOI! Willie B. Young professor of agronomy at The PAMU smsle interns
','" e.' Orlffla Junior High Pint Forest High Cat- ere supervised by Le*
,. tf . . . . ,JI School Tallahassee.Sadie I aIIlD; Llnton Johnson to Florida members AtM of Univeralty.the Weed nard C. Boie. Ihcsiaa B.

Dickersoaofj.Lm Btkar Ac....'. Punts Society of America on Lyle and Basel A.
';fi Lee High Wild wood, and Oorda; and Url Brooks February 12 In Chicago, Floyd assistant band
? Darnell
Cecelia Mathiaof
Let Wildwood. directors.
J.RE. High .
I Cooknaa Junior High Marilyn Hoi If 11 d Data ia the artclle
Jacksonville, tied for received the Pro-legal Clinic Schedule
You can't vote second place. Third were obtained from ex-
pioneer award
Society periments Initiated in
TiI: .4N4PI'rF The 20th
place was
for her role in the desegregation 1993 and termlssted ia .
f. if you're notregistered Forehand of CarterParraore annual Florida AW university
of Tallahassee's 1962. The article will Football andBaskttbsll
High. Quincy, and forasr all- later in Weeds
3( r4h f honorable mentions went appear Coaching
1av' $:: to Constance McPadden, white Leon High School ths Journal of the Weed Clinic till be held

'9( r.h rlffla Junior High, She is one of three Ne Society of A.erca. her June 1519.Brings .
: 9c: When you graduate from high school, thiy Tallahassee and Anthony groes now attending Leo.
put your name in the school yearbook. High.
of Washington
When you hawakphon.lnstalled> ,they Schools represented iaatUndsAC Out
put your name in the telephone book. Junior High. Fensacola.rdward at the sessions

But you and only you-can get your harot Moll field. rAIl were:Oeorie Waehington Full, Rich
S S In the most important book of aU-the) roll High, Tallahassee L.C.Sheraaa Carver High; tee ,

of Registered Voter of your pnc1nc&-the! CarterParraore wahltchka; Fine Forest HAIRBEAUTY
"Election Book." High Qulncy; and '
High C..hbll; PAlO
And if you're not In the book you ought Arthur Teele. PAMU His*. Hlah Tall aha****; Leo
to be. Tallahasaee. were sued Hits 'TallahaiM; Baker
Because"you'.not registered you can't outstanding part iclpats Academy. Punt Oorda:
J'.w get In the pone come Election Day. during the sealnar. Carter-Psrra.oreQulacy, .1t+

.;' You can't even volt for dog catcher- Awards of recognition Waahlngtoa Junior High,
much lets mayor,councilman,congressman, Peasacola; J.R.B. Lee
senate-, or president unless your name II Nigh, Wlldwood: Mima

in the book. Teachers' Assecltliea Junior RIII\.Tal I ally...;
i You don't even have the right to complain and Darn ll-Cookaaa Junior -
unless you're registered and vote. To Hear FAMU High. Jackaoavllle.
t' 80 don't cut yourself out of this year's key
lection. Get your name In the book. A lot Science Professor
of your friends and neighbors art already

YOU'VE MARRIED MOVED OR listed there. If you know of ont who Isn't, JdI>lll0. 118&- r. Id- Trimester Schedale n
IF take him with you when you go to register gar 0. Cpps. professor

COME OF AGE SINCE THE LAST on U -Roll' of Honor of Americana. And of aoelology at Florida Set For School Grads
at polls
ELECTION read fhls"e you MIl Oslverslty TslJa- ..clears away .,
hassee, will preseat a TAUAHASSO.FLA-'Hi* dandruff worries

MKIttKveak if Y M hail p ei PIRtf VOTSISI If ya haw paper here dsrlag the school stsdeats who Ind-

., vtrurfy......reMrd pause. pee seder A.ve your.. sel.bcsI.d dy MM the par..-.etorttoiiK 2bMth.. 'sr Be sure annual leetiag of the sated at the end of thefirst
tttMagain dr Peer y Me.UI be II by KhMtamD Associatloa or Social semester can complete
:: 5' 5. lie pure you \I tH yew mane U tea ..i.a.* Teachers at a full "....tlr
taMried MHM" ta ta Ibe"
keel MIIIII.... OP TNI AtMWM you're registered! Jackson State Col leg*.on of college work before TH lit Tim Oi WRFI
$OVIilllfyestesavrd ,oln-_ >*wr VUCMkw -. April 24. seat September by ta*
... .
M "IN *
'. few were.*tae 11'"ywwiiirt:..., .olwre eV..tered yew tow you raa rate. > Dr. Cpps' paper 1sackeduled ,teriag Florida All Dai
have I* vtfUtw OOIN9 AVAV ItlCTIONDA to be presentedat varsity la the third
',; .J Make*Ht*y.ut nrw addi r. V V.te anty AbaeUB.IW REGISTER the Ugh School gee trimester. April 14."
tola the aal) *. 320 fAST BAY STREET
i\ tics of the eoafereace ..... .. Thorp, director -
Court HouseRyistrotioa
a County
rider the chairmanship of adsiasloat smd
of Dr. Ante Oayle. professor records at FA3Q. declared ,

.. Books Are Opea Daily 1:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Until April 14, Florida of AM edvcatloa University.at ..Hit-rear here kith this school week.

A prolific writer and graduates will lave UNto 1-4-1-1
,: NOTICEI I NOTICE I I.loeks book reviewer Dr. &psearreatly rest SB from the first

has three article .....",* ears aoaemoaey. It Yter
... Will Be Broagil To Your bigbtatad 1 Predict On Tke Following Dales: la the process 'm.... sad b*

of nbl leatioa.They an: ready t* eater college 1*

i: Fob. 19, 20, 21, 22 'fray 940 A.M. to 12,90: MOM and 1: P.M. to 6P.M. : *elatic of ef Istll Mothet'aCaployneat .- la prll.. polities" Thorpestated. eat

.', Tessa
-, taa Perfonaaco of Hoars Oat the third trimester
', ;' Oslleg .h..'.." .... give the atsdesu
t ylV. ,Special Night Registration (At Courthouse));:, ':'t Stela FroUems |.HIe. the o Uvaleat .1 a MIsm flL

.,. ,S.. ,",., '" d. la pr4). (Otaatboraart *.te'* tort wader
: : :, \ ,' Irwla tats sad L.Isd .- the set academlt ,J.. KUZZIN'S GOSPElAIRES

'' Aidaoe.) aot la effect la Florida
\, lherty, f... 20' .....6 jf) P.M.1$ 940 P.M':' ..' t 'lffct tpta Hegrt atttt taatltttleaa sfilgher
Dllt-B>awal t.rfonsMf learalag.leglatratltm; KUZZIN'S JAZZARAMAKUZZIN'S

".. Anticipated Coaoari-,
for ue
; y4'' ; "it
( .rsHy Feb. 21..6 IO P.M. ''t 940 P.M\t.: sot wttt White sod eit third semester meglam ta
1ljf.' Other ....,....** Joenalt KABARET
April M.
: ." ; ahMraal sad SttlalFerchtltg
*. Ills (taprwaa
; ,For Registration Information Call I I ). (Ce-Mther. amIrwta r-----------ss-s er..aua..B II
: lata aid Let aadAselsM.
Florida Star Registration Centerv' .
., Effects tf late tf
J r. ... liMrlaeater ead TtttVa.
t" J27 North Mjcoorb Street
\ 1 ; 't EL 4.8880 ihMtral Uatrwctloatta

: litre**!** tf Its I GOSPEL BLUES POP JAZZ I II
.... 'IV ( Milton Hardrick Director. tlllty ta Recrt .B,*."
.r : JowvAjefSMUl ISSBM.IN4 45s IPs I

I M. -. MI siAl hit... "" V..ers ....... C1rk r 'hJiik .....(..la art press fret). lata.(Of I Joifa< XUZZJf/S fM CLUB I

J.ft B.hiaa.*. aad .. I o1P
r iicisuiiuc mini *wiP.1 .---------o.RiN..r------J

..... .. .
". to
...._ ..:::...: '
-- -

-'- '

mtllll 1 15. 1MI : rtiMi tm PAPS;

Liston's Inactivity Sports World Figures Receive Annual Citations No Prejudice l

In Racing j

Says Jockey ;

CHICAGO -- RaclBg's
Clay's Favor
newest "Oo Idea 807" ,
....,, wr J
32-year-old Robert Me-
MIAMI BEACH For Bonny bee at. heavyweightchampion. rtl r Cindy, declares In a detailed -.

Team tat nag experts profile IB the

have bees saying that a To locate a match la February leao of Fbony 4

fighter, especially a which Sonny a ataalaa iftilat that there is

heavyweight, can b* BO ram tested last on* BO facial prejudice In
better thai his activity. most co back to 1MO for horse racing.

Za otter words, mat his fight with Eddie 7-he sport li wide ','
corrodes a lector's ..c.... It west II #tr open for Negroes now,"

skills. And Bonn/ Listen rounds and Llatoa won, tilt young jockey nay*.
will ba a rusty champion: bat Haehea'a shifty "1'" gotten all tilt :i,

when B* hazards hit style dlaaayed and disturbed shots I was entitled to.

crown against CwalvaCiv hla.Jtany 10 fir. ':

In Contention Hall art of the .. '
opialoathat ) -- - The 108.( pound scrapper

here February 25th. Clay a younger naa Ka-PACK AND PANTJinS 100X nONO' C .Ul ROHOP.IKS Oeorge B.Tapa aeer Award" of th* Atlanta Dally torld-apoaaored sports group, froa Atlantic City, N.J. ., :
TIle record speaks for and precociously attar Bear" HalM. owner-coach of tilt Chicago Bear, aad 111 wbtl Nicks was the daba coaoh-of-tke-year and hi* chaaplonahip until tort than $10. ',

itself whether the aa a ring novr, la linn J. ''11111" Nicks, bead football coach at Prnrl View AM teas the rclplnt of 'The I.A. Scott, U, enorlal Trophy. roar 000 last year M MI HPprentlc -

cynics decry it aa a quicker aid nor College, Texas seen center, left lid right are top honoree forth bear atari received the "friends" nod The honoree. tree left *. He beconr tjosraeynan

publicity gimmick or panllai thaa klachen 28th. annual All-Cporta Jaaboree of The 100ft 'rone Q. held, art Charles tviaa, Atlanta, Georgia; Bill tad, Nashvlll, Tennaa Jockey onFeb.

aot. In the past tare van at the tin*. Today last Friday sight in Atlanta. Georgia HalM received ''nt. Plo **; Mill Qalleor, St. Augustine, Florida; and Larry Morris 11.Trnlntr.

years, Liatoa has Sonny la four year REGISTER! CGrinbling1 Decttar, Georgia. REGISTER) George f. Ho*

fofiht only two completed older. Inactivity certainly well says llcCurdj la n

round la that dotsn't help, tat Prexy, MI..I Expctsliecord:; Field Glbbs Hikes Rosie Browi "'atlaral" who "can't
.;pas. Clay has the combination of age .lii.ntardo*. Hoelt

boxed 90 completed and Inactivity sakes It Coach Featured For Merlfc-Swrtfc Golf Teiriey Is Feted By likens the ycungntrr to

roaada. it la, for a cIoab1..barrtltel factor li Nil'l" l HigiziieGMMBLINO Cd8 Aertli Ifaacd rddlf Arcane
Sonny, a total of four ..th* simple nechan- MOT tOll.IU.-'DI.' anaaal North-SovU Golf>> Tournaaent HometownersCHARLOrnaVILLK. Hobby will succeed

flint. the last three lea of reflex actioa La. ((8PB- will b* held February 34-38 over the bwutlfulaad IT. FCTEKS8UM. Pli VA.- because h* .has had a

which didn't finish th* which function beat when CIAL) -- Every else challeailac Miami IIPrI....Plorida. Golf>> Court, The lill'-' Junior Colin (ANF' )-- .*.* Brown good urbr 111,1 nil. Ho-

first round. Caaalta a nan baa bees boxing 1IM when Coach Fred it vas announced her thla.week by Dr. Ira Davis, Cobra boot their has alwajra been adalrdty veil says la the artl-

has had IT tights durlif regularly aid over Hobdy moved his desk into Miami civic leadertoo hd the tonraanata planalni basketball scones hla hoaetown frtnda ,cle.McQirtty.

that period. la fact alnaabl distances. tbe cage cnbbybol at ooanitt**. ................ average to 17 potata and supporters, but last it a likeable

Llston' a relative Idle- Clay now has It. No on* Cranbllai College, the The eonpaay which has Mitt* secretary, It laipctd per tan* by reiisterlai week they reaffirmed youngster, willing to
aeaa cover virtually b Tiger have bees th* that the ten nor* victories re- tb.trtIlr.tlon for his
can sure Llatoa has. bun assoclatvd with tt* approaching listen and leans, the
th* entire stat of In the past other closest bet to a Bar tronotlon alnc It sowed tovnanent will ceatly.Th In gloving terns profile inlnta nut III'

Cl.,' profeaaioaalcarver. champloas have paid thing In basketball from Jackaoavlll to Blast play the largest field lath Cobras defeated The star tack!* of the i rod. his first mount In

Unbeaten Caaaian this prto Fat nay b.* la eight seasons lit BMconplUd ten year MO, will I stain history of the arly- Lincoln Juaior College New York Slants football August" lags at Atlantic

and itnderion only to preparing another surprise an Incredible apoaaor the "*.t. A sc anon ". Applications la Fort Fierce, 10013. teas case hon to n I City flnlfthliw n",.t to

pro appearances when package. 30S-32 won-loan record featare of the partial and laqutrtes ar* beta and Bfai*.l nn early rovalni welcome as last atop! Bell For tun a.He .

REGISTER) REGI$1tR1Stlt.'s la the tough loathweatera patlon will b* a bolclaa .received.&' a ,iuartera-lOM at the tonraa- loll to Orlando's McCoy friend feted hln at n I ant his flret tlnnrrat

Conference. ooateat to be held AF by defeating then IaI& buffet dinner boated bylocal flardrn IItlh that
aa Nf 2nd Av*., Hlanl. Florin
Fresh Witer Fkk1IiwpreveiNuts Hobdy bM con one MAI a project of the company'sBoleisOne .... 3J1I. Petersburg Catarday real estate broker I October but tn rfrnbcr.Mt .

national title and four tJ." 'The soft Indloatlona are that sort by a 104-IS score. t. Anther larbovr and back t"t Howell for

New Ptie. Off PAC cbaaploaskipswile drink tint will also spa of the! well-knoea COA- tilt victories boosted Mrs(arbour at tilt Utopia 'mum training-

''rAU.AIWISB--f'Jorida' fr.h water fishma are developing ale aaallcollege sot the amateur trophies circuit pros will be oa th* Cobraa record to Clab.arbour. Last year Mcfurdy tin

already befiaalai to reap ion benefits troll th* All-Aaericaaa for th* toIIrat,. hand to compete for tat! 10-3 and It sailed the expressed the the JuchycmplonM\ /,.
sixth. and ....." games
I. aaad
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fishing inprovnaeat prosrana oxpand, according RECISTIPI____ REal ntRl
to A.D. Aldrich, director: dan and Fresh later era of America Host lit hU. 'Real** and Jut wanted I t. ever rlA at Mlwel'm

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Fishing Inprovanaat are presently belig ooh fectloalst. h* seems to FRtSSBUM. FU.-Tt* Florida Jualor College tin ray a coafrae la gratitude for chat
Act of 1M3 provides for alder ed. laprov hi* handicraft Athletic Association elll ,stage Its third game aid It noted th* h* has semi to cwt city
on Increase of on* eoacbea elate that .. third straight ...-
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His current Craabllag criers la the confermMIU
Inprovontat of Florida'a eurr Lek*, V-C Chrtatiai Fierce of th* Aaaocla- College, Fanaaa
club (I'-I) Is a dllly n 7-0 record II'Id
ties .. City; and faahlagton JC
.1 water flchla lecreatloa Area and Sad 'o.t..t rnrr PLUS aril $LOIINIHTS
clad the ......
The Tigers ld tilt .. ap tnl
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In rnpoitiat on the prors die Creek kcratlom Area Moor 0,....... elll be lath
I: RAIA sad lOA In sunk silk a home ERIE' OIOJJrnOS
scoring .
boat t., IBMSialaat
< of the first sit Panoo Oowty, Lake ".*. tilt .it. of Ibis year1
aad field Llnetla. Gibbsvu hILL a.i 1fcw acsi
percentagea -
I sooths of th* fishing Inpiova sine; Rillsborongh Cow Rr, touraaweat chick will IUIl'TtRiSIHMk' .
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Bt proiran Aldrich Ploaaant drove Area; Pin I lit held February M-21. Season
aatlonally in tae tills la Ilia with
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said the Cowlssloa has .. County Lake Tarponand I .eve teams are II'
boaadlng with I. 101. IC'O record. They *oa la
Tickets Olfind
approved 23 fish naoaieat Lake Benlaele; Ala* pected to participate
Their.141 flld foal till silk a R,1 record.
.. areas la tw.lv shoe Coati Orange Lake, la th* toanaaeat. T\ ey Again By Suns
percentage baa laced Tl., sere also teraat .
oatla.Aaothr 47 ..naIUI'S Lak* Lochloos sad Lak 1 I are: Olbh JC It,
p7li c e.atonr* In fan Th* young fans of Ot* .. CBB M in U and
M..naa; Dill Caaty.Jwalper Ft,rhan; Ranptos JC.
creasing amber "II.I Jackaoavlll taaa will 'II
Bay Lake Rant Deal; Uaeola JC, Fort
Sill ICPAIE ; I keeping the team on Its bo happy to learn that In tarnlai back Uaoala
ROM Coaaty Lake 1"11..10' JC Lee>
\ traditloaal perch la tb* |'. stsdent paw laa JC, Coach horses Jackeon1 .
Sill Eipilidf' oaffk**. Approved bat not 1 bare: bleats JC. trRCCJITCR '
the 1....* rac*. gal. oa sale fr the a charges had four
if Air lid official at this lice aro 1 Oraabllai has scored ',| seaaoatThla players rlai 20

lime Cypress Lai* la Is- 1.124 pouts for torrid Cits' Teem terrific baa*be 1 1bargala polite or nor*. tayaood

I Is Sir hip lisiiissIIS dim River..Uke tweryw lOLl ...ra.*. IB see available flies ... th. scorlai $
fetch Late. aad Lake g* _
AU-Anrlcsa Hills'leed. 3 Players at the Baseball park pack with II points, 5 YJ.1AMt( flHANCIHt'*"
soils In th CanpUMdlai
Flifl.i AIIIII a 0-10 star *r Office, lilt I. Dowel Buena labia baited It *
arc* of day Cbnaty -
ainltado sad a teas Set CH.Hrtis8ATTONA $t. (tb* orsai doer and Captain Cartla MM!. fc MEMBER Of

isa.*r in those iatssglbles on th* Devil N. sloe), eta sad Jasper Heater s *
llEl TH ill IIITo assry KACN Three Thla pus good frirnadsUad e each aired 20 polats.onald +_ CHAMIER OF *

for dkanplcnablp basket* .. bera of the aethaee- Best fer all Clark ... blab ._

Seek The Beat Doctor ball la the owUtandlsiladivtdaal Cooker College Football atdt* .In .e'1 totb am fr Uacoln with SI COMMERCEr *

II I ben Tour Doctor Prcrlkat prfornr. tan r*,.l7.4 laG...,. Mt Of IT, .Tile. polite *

lsptincd PhamadsU He baa aeered III lt week fr o.ttaad- fibres oat to sheet Th. Cobras had a slim fc CALLOAYWNTOIIUW

..Acoorti., to Tour Doctor palate for s n.' aver tag gridiron play darlagth *%* per iso. chin* 0 ...*, half-tU* ld *

Dr. C.L Hack Ordera. I. DM Only !:IIt..tProprl.tor sic and retrieved 437 feet feotNII sea< ... yoa fled Triple A asalaat Uaovln 1C, bet S-4H7 ,..

Mlty outs rebonnda.Wtka IImI S1Dtf on. Tn* lltdcst had s ....rUI..*.' for tkl* sacred It points la the ._ .
'-2 r'eord for seaaeeplsy ,.
'F/MfrOTIC price WTUbeU **cod half to *llaihtb
aid aatll the "" FREE *
|* off ratty victory n.
a ttonrauD pn/ueuam/ 10 eaw no/ Ibis Ckwi44lllt flail week of play Ie4tb
April Slat. ...*....., TM Bkany IM prodaetdother +
A COMPLETE 10111 OP sail olleges *fth sea by tho fall park ,aarlt af SO PlAiei 4'

Coenetlc lebber foods Csndl twndrlMPttKftlPTIOKi nation as n ..' Office or un II at plt ..*,.,.. Aden ... .. RTAMP$ +

CALLED POI AID DBLirtUDLilly's 17 71 .24 fenalv allt. The flaalf II3-4I07. la* peck *<*la oath as -IE MM fro M e Van U"
*..rt abalttd by iUI mJti: ..... Icatfr .' ft.sea, .. .......e ....... .. fll'
J last ** +_ .. ... ..... ,., .... ..-,
H.I.I.A. o *k. Scorer la Jt **. play** .*,*. 1ft
Drug Store .. tt* allocate third Top H", ... .....I.. towedla .
J I la U* Pities ononcfcMlt <.' TALUMAistc lobby 34.4lran.

lean M. Jes Pelt. a jester halfback Oar lalryk' J
IM?. ItS till -. Cl M27I f 2 College (.!..>)> 14 with fro Nlaol. led the IM tie BMCoy tees

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Opna v..... TB' f.00 fjt 241-74-344 .....4. ;,fell oltb M polsln IIGflT f

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R S. EVANS .*..u.*. Re's Sees cite: Jerry lie

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II 0Lnl IT SI. JrI'OP' .......... fiflOM la U. *.I. '.C Jerri
...- 'I' Jay" I. ,.,
eo CHlYIIOtIT J.DIl .,M. .. ......... Are Numbered" r :
_._OM *.**... Day* ere .... R Cr/. seat *.titnadl.lIl
ni 1.ra.w..uT. BAOC HIT vorom: TMft Nr4" Health smd Prtnno .*na't nlg with

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*.*_tM \* fee.* paid eel ,'N 7r
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Nf. lady there It*.
t1 (011'1'1. iun ....... .......tl.M Seed fi.00 >r pwroraoaiii a. I' Jll-Aaerli
-- .* 44al. no**. Segue
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e.e.r ... Pill I* U* husk kiss I.
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...- --- tiDe B*< In/.Jem.e .1w.m ::;'
II CITT10g.IST IWUA ax.-n ..........., .11J* L nft4a.BtHfifl belidswr'.e.
-.- -.--. s_ aJdeafee *
ii J'OIID. C0 y"ha.Z .. .,........ IN.e I- beet for th. MUceie
N CR'I. dBALA t $ kiw.a ........ ..., nil Sealer Whisk ..
-- .edhpe>C..kaM ,
.. ,.. ..... ............. --- I..*.. ....... sees.sa c*.. Beef at its Best

... MS tee r. 'I'.GI rCCr

- ..... -.... ..-...- -._*'.., -' .....,' "f...;. \' ,,".... J .'2C.... / _' ., ..",,I.. I.J.SITIUIT '!\\t. '

. "M "



I a

:i Get th 2nd Tire r ,

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!1.i i t. i' .' ; : S I

FLAT AREA Boat ItJ pupils ttteadlniArllKtoa '
EltMotary School Ho. 12$ .112b.4.ry
happy shin that rtldi appears to b* e d.IC)"tvMteliod .
tin forccround) till be a ..ootbl, wr
/ faced pity art penlttlng the pupil to laJulf*
\ k /y Il1 la basketball vollvyball and other outdoor" !.'"
Thinks to ttw efforts of Oouatj OoMl* loa.r Bob
f Rams l (left), his fttlo Co.li lon.r 'Ua Ktr'
rltt rittchtr Moriao, Julian farrtn lad C.K.
Stokes, till pity area will be completed tacadajr,
II I r.b. 18, ..atier ptmittln.

, Til SUE
! TRANDDulli 1I.4.. 'POHTUC, I ibN l. "!5a": H.T.
, P.B.P.S. It. t( Gooo CON
I 1 1I FiitiriStirttii DITlON..3OOII..
fit SUE
Sid!! e PC. DINiw i ti+. SaT a toooC.
$ 1k I! I RANGE. I03B ScuivtN $1. I IN.Ooi .
LAST 2 DAYS dhl1 a raw :usT wsa.: 0-i::;:: RE AT 1033 SCHIVM ST3I .
I hi J ,
,1t' HOT Doa STAND aCn.
/ 4 i (! alt w. teHicr ST,
t'' ft.fI.I 1 ,'} ; CALL f RANK.. EL,'4!9303.

*; 4I
Ro .ry Stir ,



Th Ior Intrel1.fvbb.P KEN KNIGHT''

thourand.5} ....--
etsll In11.e SHOWCASE
;- 1:11: u. slll.r

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1! )_1 !,1jI) IfKIKMCMMtfCB

Y. . IIlI UPI I MT' The lecoNI T1rs &* e'.1 :
'.. ; u ,. .
rr" & :' &70.15_ Tui_'.trJelllaokwd_ I ,4. .a.oa w .
:{ .1ft...tOM ,. NO LIMIT GUARANTEE 1.70-15 TIIM."e WI\IteWd .11.15 s.eb
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=./::::/Nd :: .W. .INNM.M.N. .. ea ....gb.NIn.s +......
i. ,..._._..O.... ."IIIIft..... $).Ii,.0-M nn1..b. .N NwMn..n n.&...__ .....1......-.,.....
& t IY \ Choose your own tt'rMI ,.. ..........
! : T w rlr..w. .OVAMNTII r-e: ; O &D d" b 1 e... ] ,, ', 1\11 a.1( 'N ',', ftn-MikLTgnMl .,.NL I2 lit.t1M 1&.I..If...
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fhatq? I" oil ..w o/ r0aMAAL noMuacisiump ..


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.- 3 ....11' ;r N. \\riU I


) Wheel Alignment 1 1wI **** *** STEMSTUMfOAT
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Outdoor Thermometer
s_.. C-0-.e .r.rs n. 1.lw.
, 10 slcms OFr..1w QQt SUCH Me
Illustrated WHITING u. L.iJ WHmHG.Lb.0w ,..,

w ,S Hard Edition Cover CLAW SW...t.' ...w0N .........."..N'
5 'w wl* $_. t 'IU'
5 5 3- 1 Regutarb.1 ..Cab Mr.NTt UA r1le-0..= .:: ::..:.:.:.:.:.............:...
1 M.. 1 :::CIAS pAW1,4114e.. GweMAUAN .
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