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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

u f t'K' l1BRaRY\ .,: >J.1b< "V'e'I'

HISTORIC\ llnirerst World
U' .

'Bishop Ball Laymen Case Goes To Jpdicial Council In M. vuruwry.w Omineu111e, t1S .

* *.* *



. JL . . eeeeeole

U. S. Court Strikes- Down Injunction I

Against Picketing By Protest Groups.,: \I II I

* * *

Grandfather Bound o...For Murder c Grandchild IS CENTS !



I' (' k xrw IN JOB TRAINING ''i I

*. *'% * Racial DUcrhNliatlei Blamed

w Incest Is Hinted School Systems, Labor Mm

und. .taJidinr''

that Negroes art not iptctad to apply

In Murder CaseA and would not be Included If thay aouiht

places In apprenticeship training progress

In Florida was described in a report by
M-year-old Jacksonville mn was bound the Florida Advisory Oomnltttt to the U.B.

ortr for grand Jury action by Justice of ........__,....4nn. nn. Plvll. Rlshta.. ._
the Peace -- -- -- -- --
Bryan in connection with eeeeeeeeeeeeee.eeA
the alleged murder of 'Tht study, first publlaked traitor
( a baby born to his pliabtK eoa

NUtCCR: HCAUNO IB UM photo Bt left John P. Veils with back to camera. U ..1 as ho tat IB Jue- mentally retarded daughter. _ in a lilt survey la Ut Mi.I area biased
. . .
tic of the Peace Sarah Ir'..'. court llateaim to ttitiaony llnkiai his tth the murder of .hit. TIlt action ease follow- of florid! racial prob- the. falUrt of Mtirota

I daufhter's Bee-bora babe. At left, rear, it his brother and other relatives edge cave daaailni teetlony lap "tarsal Wedaeidayafternoos oils condition leai, la lacltded Is a. to peaotrat the plaablKladuatry

against hi.. The photo at right above feeble-Blnded Carrie "ll Delia M aha .M carried out Of before ooro NIOLICT BCKN 15B-pait volume of rt ta a "racial
roleaaad till week
courtroom at the tod of tin harlot la vhieh tells (horn U insert upper l ftvie bound over for n r'a jury who hoard a Over tilt years her ooodttita > on port apprantieeehtpproiraMIB I character defect," which.

the grand jury on cbertea of eurder. parade of witataattdticrlbe baa become aad "fee vllllai to
pro. eight Staten sad ths
tilt atoaichalckMlai ireiilvely soul to B District of Coluabla.Intervltvt pioneer," ssd "..,.

Coert's Curb AME Flfbt insets iavolv- pout that aha ,ro... conducted by tvtr11 ta lalalai adsliiloa .
Nichols' Trial Set tai tilt ktlllai sad loudly at tkreo Blautttatervila the Coaalttee to th. trades ft.ooatr.ctor .

May Affect To Be < Aired' h rill of s baby sad aad does act related Advisory tat total abaeac also Maaedisferior .

alleged aeiual relations speak, bit It II said aeloolial for
For JdHuary 27th of Ntiroea la tratalaipropaaa
Miny AreasOCALA !I. Miami aid bit.lilt... Joka dauihter.P.:. tells aha tan hoar.Aaldt lavolvlai' 1,000 the' ifeitait *f Ntiraplaakiai

A U.S. Court'sruling from the ateieaIBB la .
Dads tout
judicial Officers sal truattts waa OBTueadar story af depravitythat Cosallttt atttd
tannin court ts- fouad'-ita
The trial of paiptadtd couaaal which reversed of It. Paul AM march' Jan, U la hia males a Ban the ThsCbealttM: '" that tb* BlMl area rep*
Junctloae Mtlnit Hit of diecrisiaatloa -
pro. All Bishop c. Ward the hose preset
church trial court of Jaekioavlllt hats st tIeast 4th8t. reteaUttveefU Faders
rsndfathtr of bit
tnt picketing will la tie hale
BB- aKproatlceihlp
Rlchols, postponed from by a ,.. vott.Tht bass notified that tilt after Belifcbort ttldHoaloldeDet. lOa, boa bt UlUUtro herein .f Apprtatttehlp -
doabtedly have a f r traallag *
DtoMbtrtill get wderley church teen ( ts. ,.Aan"r .
costandtd coaplalat lavlvli other tDIII.. Md trail U(. al*
( are aapetta
reaching effect
on areaaMcti
li the "I.
neve tees enjoin bare Jan 31 .The the Judicial OIB. .1iholtrt.st/all.: .w tad ',e, .Barber -lit .--. proiraai' tba.ib ft.tlai isle a
niea'Of Uil'ard"brPlblU
frear0tei'dttwnetfV", ,15t.lasreb.s5 is eel n* Illegally formed ..,. B.J. liaise rowlfll'' tair ard a use &W There' ll *tr.| ladlcatloa 1111 aatloaal aatidlMerlatiatlea
charged with the si. ia that. it included baby eryln sad laatrvctioa aadla stilt
trans naaell St. Au...- cut of the fend overpaying eat leeal welfare order
btultsost sal siisapproprlatioi B. DOt tO ht ...t". tells Ia'., the MberBhlp. sad jobaaliaaeats
It tarrylai abate testified
tsctaalvt saber.skip sad tilt ,
tea, '.llalll...., u city tad taeatyaivaciee ,f labor stesiy
of ort tat elaiatd an alttraauatrttd duet will be heard and t shovel.yrs. bavt atdected list .11. hi ptrsoaally
tell u Ocala Md Mtrloo
than whose ia Ue tsal art*.
County where tho hearing 1)00.000. laattad of a by the Judicial Council Wells soils fth their ..U.., IB ,10.of had heard ateuMtioat st
.. _
till iltlltatloat -
The alleged tobtialt* principal who llrl testified that
hi Id. ta pros of the AKK church th* fact that the dlaoriaiaatloa. ht hut
tit V.8. District Court mart from the church's neat and ready tt act. audit Perry B. Jackass, abs ... a....... by the girl ell nut lone from art 0 tattaraliyrelated lord U. to be betel CM

Judge Bryan aiapioa first tpltcopal (district The vote woald hart prealdeat of the Jadi- erlet of the baby atar- achoolt..started bavlsibtbiea..eeatlaued to" apprentleeealptralilai 5, baeed M Mttara ttherUaa

Wednesday stud flat the ) reportedly took htta ,., supportl Its slat Coaatll side tilt day might Jas. It, t* are reporttrilalai,11 ra.aired ar ttaalteri "

iijuietion issued Dec. place during are Bid- church trial verdict If aaaouaetseat etattai abortly after the babe deterlente aeatallyhilt tal repent badtrosld.r''

20 by Jnvealle Jedio USO'i wh.. Mlehola ass the proper person had that th* aatttr Bill ht ... bora Bat. had ken '.!fare tktekl anted, "that diatrialatlts ttel, II, tfTallahatttt
s Bssbor of Ut Board of been seated, It weetlalatd. tabs the 17>year*eld lid vatprtiaait Is th Ian .list lintel as
tt ,
toils Mejreri eieliit .us- BP a aetla of lets .f.. Bade t. the
llahops. the and talltd her ne ilallcr bohavurU Chains II Ut Pltrlda
Ito pickets ,1.1It.dCOII.Ut.tloBlI Covad which w||| wily lidttatte tkat
Tilt district iBctsdtstMttra But la tar. Ut quad he held oa Taeeday aadledneaday ....ball4 to tall Its the the oea41tteaa that si* Ut oUer," AdvisorCosmltt**. OUeraeaber
toss of freedom of ptBaaylvaals.Dolavuro. rtaattl eoaacll of tht ,.L t aid Bat baby had arrlvtd. iht Itttd la this fully .",...taU". *f tb* Uclidti I...

speech freedom of ss. Net Tort aad general eoafcranco which Who Colonial Hotel said her humid rrt rare 10.,1 u.l, .ver. Dole Ceusty Board fPaella wnay' fin Jaabaosvlllt..

SMbly sad the right to tie ... fefltod Btatta. Beets stir, fear years IB llaai. tested .her fro ealllaitht looked by leeel spew laitnitUa teetl- Vie Cbtlraait. Tlla

pttitioa for rtdrsss of .. ia Matd la 42 Is. apatt hit acquittal la Last Tveeday, attoracjra polio, t* take th* lee. fled that Negrese wall 'lips >lMl. letrtUry.ftatabtrttft .

irlevancee.JsdfS dictMBta sad oaa uaSBcetitfil 1110, raltd bt we* for the Offitera aid yoaod mother ssd child Board ApprovisTriit.irs ,teelv truths IB Utkllltd >ia>e.lUCoaatttee

lapaOB also la havlai guilty sad suspended him tratttes who filed a.o..t..n t. the hoealtal.ht stilts Mil If : II Ale r.II..*

j said nat 1s ,SohU.. them ,...1.... before as a blahop. ia Clrcalt ism that abwtly Of I liens tire i Mffilatnbr hip Tralalai the
both ... PtaatylvsslsIvptrlor Court after daybreak tall *f Heir Itudeattt HtMrablaBtaalt
the 0.*. Coaatltatloa. Polio Clinics aiilaat stator mail ara am
the iBjuactloa attempted aad taprtaoCoarta. Ball aid let, liaise took ,lilt ....lion baby. Seed PrbciilsAesreal.1 Mt if ...psnatiIM. ? Mlltdd. Chair

to >M ",.. pacer ofUs Opea SubtlyOBBP asked the. soon to vlth- aad eat tatilde$ with ., .. There teted tobt sat Pubs ,...... ....
T-o itlts..oat situ It kt rtttrtid lattrtattyheaded. proaotltt* eoaaldvra.l bull,
stat to tsforet ib** hold raliB la the Job litmsft, ....,.,
asking for as Mooustlai r Action utrusfere *f prla- thai "eire itsdeBtt,
Bats ah
private, dltcrialutorypractice Batter tt ptralt the amid Braaer Ptr Par-
of the allegedly sl..- Sited bla what bt bad .1... at tlibt ..ir* eves abta trailed, geld
t bt sired ... .1t.1...,*.
of bMlsttitsla Persons who were walls case tad .cb.*li ... tottlettdodaeaday M.
tag faadi, aid oatcrtaiaal sew with th* child be lit placed it job* .,tal.
Marta county aad thocttr to rectl-t Utlr Type HZ possibly It Uhf brlorereUf Bering a .et11 D,. kltb tl Boewa tad
of ocaia. brought by tilt labia oral acelat hit bodies of Ue told her It sac ease *f .f Ut petal the rifts .... I4*.,. trahsB.l .
Cbaicb art ptadUf.Tho her hats..e. Cotaty
Praaciae 1ocIlc' of Bmday, will have tttlr charch.ev. Board tf Btaol Traetteo.eaieadar .

Tap. .ttor.., for the ,.... Bosty fro tIK.000 tstlsttts to Sisal tpptrtaslty for hums ia aceaeed 1wetCapt.said. 55115ablttsd B. B.ihlttiBktea sties re- Mlaliial Trips-Up

plalatiffs.siiaaed ., sa tuass of 1200.000 Us above typo this ... of havtM Illegally lastratted strlhisthe. wilted ta ut .....eI'" I
tie court. nllai byststlai day at Its follstlsfschool th* Biraetlatloaal Ira JlMl Balftrd,
soeordlsi to tht tharchsad
lafaat ta lbs teal tidtak Ow WifHtsstsl
"This la s Ut district at- a which will hopoa Bask t* chaaieth detective t* ft forcer prlaelpal at MaL
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lead pvrrlt fret S. C. Cbrcli
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th. Af BlMlplls byarpoiatlM IMCfit let***.** CMrab BM
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ism da,..* tta 4re_ sad *.. *""mU 'Israeli hIs a**, f.f. It use hnw.bt sat Uettb letlii Btl.r.e, tltB ( voted to lileirat U.
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pitr ) < .mini _tits vorit SATIMAT UNIT 25, 1K4 ITHK

FLORIDA: NEWS STAR .,. 'Politics As UsualIT

hbUllltit bjr The Florida Star PabliMia*'Co. 0
The year 1964 will be aD important one
.br of AiAocUUd
> UNTO Pr.oV'S : for all American citizens In that it is a

QIC i. mmUTS6N ....._....... [k I I'e II II presidential election year. It is even acre
important to Negroes in that the outcome of
E. lli;.Jm Eon \qi the presidential election la November will

IOIA mm determine whether Negroes will be able to
_._ 1811'
: hold made
the gains they hare In civil
rights and equal opportunities or make fur *
: ther progress in these zieios.

llll JTiiCflil And.....Pbil Ell;. 4.HHMiiliif As an election year takes on
added significance for the people -
( Mim: of Florida who in addition
r to Toting for a Democratic or
P. .. In Sal, /Jitkmvilli 1, FUrlii Republican president oust also

MIAMI, OFFICE elect a U.S. Senator and its 12
renrMcntatlves of the U.S.CoD-
731 M art I... fttii HUMS' gross.

I. must elect s Governor and a SIIIPIDC
.8U88CHIPTIOK RATrS cabinet composed of Secretary of State Comptroller

Os. Tear, 18.(0 z HIlt Tsar ".00 Oomissloner of Agriculture. State

Milled to Too Aity h'" ia th 001t.d states Treasurer Attorney General, State Superintendent .
of Public Instruction. State Attorney
Bnbseriptloa parable la Advtice for 4th Judicial
I Circuit (headquartered
tad Chick or Money Order to
I in Jacksonville), State Railroad and Public
FLORIDA STAR -P. 0. BOX 661 Utilities Commissioner and Beaters of the
state House of Representatives.Then .
Jacksonville 1, Florida '
there are She various offices In-

i volvint county commissioners, county Judges,
National YMCA Week sheriffs.justices of the peace constables
_... civil service board members school board
whlm'w. ...
The total oT "*eeka" and "Days" .r.; members, tax collector and'tax assessor.,

approaches. are supposed infinity.to observe Some each of these year can almost be L._ ".... .._.. _n_ .. _.__ .__._..,___,_..' ,_. throughout It is vitally the nation Important and particularly that Negroes Florida

fairly called ridiculous But there is a TIE rusii lilT ir jetituiiu become registered voters and then exercise -
goodly number which deserve the fullest recognitionarid the right to vote. The reason every

Nations YMCA Week, January single Negro of voting age in Florida should
19-26, is most certainly one of this honorable register and vote is that the men and women

company who are elected to the various federal
There are more than 1800 T' s across this Your Weekly state and county offices' are the ones who
broad land of ours. and in only 20 years will call the plays that will govern the

the membership has doubled and reached the course of our lives. So, it is up to us to
record figure of 3880000. Some 000,000 see that fair and just people who are not
volunteer leidera--over 100 for each pro. Horoscope Guide poisoned with segregation and other un-
fessions. worker--today direct clubs and American principles are elected.
groups, serve on boards and
raise funds commutes, .................
secure new members, and enable
the YMCA to carry out its tasks for Over the week-end there has been a stir of
the very modest tees charged its members.. y FAILO Tke ASTROLOGER voter registration activity in Duval. At

WIld do the r s offer? The answer Is: least two groups have set up headquarters.It .
Many things thich a..hour lives healthier WHICH ARE YOUR is hoped that other groups will get into
happier and more meaningful. Among them: DAYS FOR the act. Better still, a great deal couldbe

The father-son movement; health and phys accomplished if the various groups would
teal fitness. work; the promotion of water BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL combine their efforts to get the Job done.
safety; sports and athletics; service to Meantime, remember to return your voter
members of the armed services; educational --Y-- registration cards to the Supervisor of
courses covering a wide variety of fields; AllIS Registration before Jan. 31, Those who fail
and so on down a lengthy and distinguished Born March 21st thru to return the cards sent to then will hay
list. And" many of its activities were the April 18th WIN, YOUR POCXITIOOI is SAND THtM. YOU WILL, NAY to make a special trip to register all over
result the organisation's\ inventiveness 7307717973I stain After reading this elect yourself
and pioneering.The CANCFRBorn committee to remind
three friends today to
YMCA offers programs for all members June 22nd thru 0106513",11elmLIBRA return their registration cards.
.of the family. Its purpose is to serve any TO CHAn A Nl* COUIIK July 22nd C4IIIPATI. THIM Persons who have recently become 21 years

person regardless of his ability to pay. Moat |IN XIfN| tITH" TMCRI All VIHT POSITI ..;...ra.Sfpt. 23rd .thro ON VINTURII THAT ARItUBJICT of age are especially urged .to .register-,:
and no one ia turned away' because of lack YOU II 'Illl AND AMU* INOICATIOHI OONIN4 THIS 1 "' Oct. 23rd TO TNt WHIM OFCHANCI. cause then are the young adults whose lives
of finances. No organisation more thoroughly Hogs ouicrivii riTHJUHTM LAIT OUAITIN THAT WILL/ will be affected by the men and women who
deserves a Week in Its honor, ITIll IIOINI' MA(| MUCH till' CICI .ALl THE IISNI POINT TO are elected to offices in Florida. So, here

The local YMCA is currently conducting a MION, 'IN VOUM SUN USD. IIONl tHIN THlr All TNI IIIRARiilTV' OP TMIN4 WG-77-IWWZ7 again, thla .writer; is urging anyone who
drive for funds for a building and swimming 'YOU NAVE Till COlTINUCPA IHARIO IV YOUR OTHISHAir. OKI ITANO 0* MOTMUiirom CAPRICORN will read this column to remind .. no. urge
pool for the youngsters of Jacksonville.\ It CI THAT NOTHING DON'T onvi mmTHI THII LAST OUAHTINCOMII Bora Dec. 22nd thruJao. .- every 21-year-old who has not registered
is a drive that deserves support of every PUT 0000 CAN COME OUT OF HISHtATl All 'ICY 0OTHIMIII TO ITS' TIRM | rNCIO Iflth to do so now and become a real MAN or
Did A DIO UN- ... MWC OMAN.' .
Duval citizen HATIVI 'I HATPIN) TOVOU. GooD NESS nOM AIM, 0*

curtailment of prayer la schools, the need MIIHTCNIIM' '' AT THI Oil"" 0' THUS AN ASRIIMIRTIMOUIO MOtrtCTS, worked To Help Ywtfc
principles loons grester. MOT PKfVtNT YOU rIM ACcirTlN MUHM.il TO SURMOUNT", II-' SLIM MARITAL CAUSE POll OPTIMUM' ANOINTHUIIAM. Citizens evaluating the improvements and
SUPPORT YOUR YMCA FUND DRIVE THIM nl THI IOU THI DATI CAN MIIT iu PARTNIRJMIP rrARI, lilT DO NOT progress accomplished in Duval daring the
mum CAUII TO,MICH PAOIIIMS 'INVOIVINSKINirOCl RISMOlKs'or TNI OSJIC- MARC TMl Ml.IT All Or AOVAMCINS put (our years will readily admit that Lea
YOU Ml 010''CATeD. MO 'IN-lAtl MI TONS THAT MAY II RAIKOiv TH| OATH 1a- Merrott. member of the Board of County eo..1ulO11.r. .-
What Your Dimes Can OUITI lllllV' TO ADO U'OUR MIMMRS or Tic rMiiYea ,
BuyThat 1-' -77-'''''4-ei7 TAILISHIO' POI) ACTION AS .. District 3 played an important
OTHII oirricuiTiti' MIOOLIIOMI, riitNoi. THIS COULD eilATt VIRYOIITURSINS role in all of it.

is more pitiful than a child born TAURUS f-8..1I-.wa' 1 YOUR riNANCti come si COMPklCA.TIONI. Possessed with a pleasing personality,

with some crippling defect? that is more Bon April 20tb thru LtO "N RATHIR. MICAAIOUIS4API YOU IIIOCM SO Morrtt4s regarded by his colleagues U one
worth while than a cause whose purpose Is May 20th Ion July 2Jrd thru rORCIN YOU* MANO.PIRMAPI MOMS MIN VM AOMIRI 1 0 of the most cooperative men oa the board.
to prevent and to 'find cures for the 600 Aug. 22fldTMI AlAINIT' YOUR Till CONttRVATIVC 'LAlliMO Commissioner.Merrett.demonstrated his keen
kinds of environmental and hereditary detests LOVI MAJCII THC WKiS" MAIOUN0 PRIIIURII THAT t lUC rtuiNii.BCOKPIO. PRACTICIS THAT HAS and active interest In children of the tort -

of the central nervous system and Out" IT CAN ...10 1 1 IN. IIIRTIO ON YOUI MAVC s-eo-aa-1 I-U-3II HIM tlU-TMOUSNT' eU em!ty by the efforts be has made to pro
skeletal structure which ire known' to exist? ClliTI MANV COMPLICATIONS fOCIITWOR TIN TO RIACM AND SAIL M PAST IS- vide recreational facilities;,in the dis
These Questions, and their obvious answers FOR THOU mo A"I tills MAXIMUM) POrt OU- Ion Oct. 24th tara PIRIIRCI.AQUAIIUL. tract for which he Is responsible. -

art most pertinent now,For. during January KIT r.n e' rsivioutTIM II INS Till LAST OUAITII. Nov 22adMIVISIII 1-101).11-11.-111 I. is er41to4 vttkbtJKlii

the National Foundation-March of Dimes la TIt, OIMCT 99MINI BUT YOU MAVl. TMI AllllTV sic SISAP rtnlstfoa'islMbsstitll I
conducting Us annual drive for funds. The Oil All AOVINTUllIOMI TO tAi THIM orr OR TO roiNTMiNTi orrtN ACT ASIISNtOITI Bon Jan. 20th thou dlMosds at
organisation la still coaetrstd with the, IICITINI' ON. TNt 'iNCMAtt voui IARNINIIft TO TNt PIRtOMlMO Fib llth sslltia tloaoaterythool.
polio problem which was the reason for its $J5rgiwt IT till' Cwt Mr .I'>|NT IMII YOU ARC AtUI THAT TKIV snrlstta, LMrrottrtrk. a
\\ creaUon tat now, due to the wonders of 011I aN 1JII"n tirrmirAIMCT CAN AMORO TO il ttmi.OUI. MUST OX ANSI IIRICTI9MIT Till PAIL PACI IS SACS ". foratrly
, tat vaccine t .his been largely WH TH| lAy or IT AitAYI II MOil MT TO TMlll CMOIIMIIITINATION. TO NORMAl CAUIINI YOU know as tMosa Park.Md .
solv.d. So the emphasis baa been shifted ICCHONINS' COMC$. ir vow ABVIIAKI TO ARRIVI ATMllNOlV THIS HIM* T* SLIP WP" TCUR 0.. IN* Rifts rays .....1
to birth fect9-aad its overall philosophy CAM Ttutr OTXUI TO PILL UHOIRITAMUNIS T* II 5N1IS51114CII- IIAVOM TO III V* WITM talc tu profit tits
is found In the telling phrase ',... voua seers mm YOU MI 11111l114w7$5110110Ti "U:>> *v CONTSASICTOSVAIPICTI IT. At LOMB At THIS |( '1..c n.
man ...ou AIM, IOU PAY con 1 1 Bit | COURT I W|CM tNTAIllIRIAT "MI" THAT rRoriTASic. von MI NOT ,.. fcltftu larnt IsMiimi

That do your dices buy? 'To* list ia impressive. VIIITINS 10.1.' THIlACtl ttfpiii M* A LOS til IIIPINS yogi IMOTIKI iiniv TO irris ANYItRIOUl with dn-oit
For oa* thing they help to pay III TN| iwn YOU Or VALWAIll TI.... YOU,* IN. TUIMIIl OSJICTIONI. YOU art play ecsIsMit aida
for research and special treatment center IONS MIMIIS AIOVV, TARE IRIATIIT nrricviTv. MAT '''''!Mil IT II Pal T* CAN COUNT M Soul tow ksk....U com is

I 70 in ..ber, which art located ia more Tiil meiliar .KAU. II ,IN. TSVINI T* Cillo YflUROW' MCIMONI oll T* riTITOSI T* II M THUS midst MtitrtctUi at
than M of the MUoa'fc 13 medical schools TIM TO MimT rue- VINCI' TH| THIS$ PAitTV ir rests stress voua C.... Ten A* MU. men it T A. safes ram nvtreami.DoHe .
..sods of&. schools ban two For another Tint WITH vog ,.nflOI.wo Till BOUNINIII' 0, TMI' iVI TOOL, Sri HAT NAVE T* TIM SRIAni CAUTION ON Ma term U eoaaUiUstr .
e fe* Balk Institute for Biological turtles ... lAy fMlttlL TO AN |P|. TOUR PART T* Pelvis salsa intmSdMol
sea recently opened la Ban Ditto sad ia in -t Nit i-co-s-s Wt-M IIM I* YOU I)ri A*) TICS flOM IITTINI ON was Mrtiis.*! tenhr.
h f fca* process of ooaplttloa For a third 111111 PRtPMI TO stall OUT M SNAP ON V0,. .. tae rasmusa
; there is a very real hop last research fers Hay list UnJoa + VIROO A Mt *''1. ir VM emOM.V ., Us ParteU Reee
Sara S-IO-J7-JM3-4I7
sad *!ftrl..t will ptr&aaa fairly soon, list Asg. Hri ton LIT tIC, THIM" Ml !" la sew ssa its
produce an omnibus vaccine that will pro- ago t. Ma4TM MANY M. HAT. M W1UIMT PltCItBonPt ally baseball .in.s4

tect against all the virus**. Tt4 IMIVIMAil WO PAY | PIIION IllS W.. *.IVC YOU A MAN* ,IN *. ma tanTMlll wlU 11."..,. Com LJ Mmttt
'To live u TWIN' T* mi You retTMtIS MI MARINO, AT NAJ55b1w15M0$3q1713 this tits set Joveslls court II nUt and
OBI more statistic there art U TOg HAT || AT It*! CASM I& IM
*M till
411100 ASVANTMI MlA parking facilities aroaad' the courthouse
casts arthritis s4 rtewatlsvcrlppll&t
d "T T* anm.*T vs MACH TMI IMC *.s rte WHOM) All IICIlilNT art rct4< its ecooapllaftaeet will bo dtts
atonUlng. the .
asai people *.. lariHiHtt viTMtMMM VOU NAVE ONIV ilVl 'ISVua UOXnallOBonlbv. MINI"*** T* tIT tVSOMll1C to Us sfferts of LM
of this country. And yow+ .**. ao to kelp VVl BKTIMI.YBU HIAIT. If MgltMAK tM tan VOONll .MO T* S|. the coalloBir Merrett working' tiU.
fro Us
this various 41striet -.
scours SXUIH MUT*. M- | MO IINII T* AUOtitcota Be*. Hit MASMBNT. Ml UMOIIiMMi *.
Bo give row dists-glv then, If jrtw c.. NtuftNm T* Mn IT* SIT ,1.ft.. HI veva irr Ale
aoui hAiaveg Tills ITATUISilCCIIMI .. ...,. M fccurtry' volunteer .
by the aaadfal.your. .a T firt.M si.*elf.
v* MMI IAHIIII & tort T* 4 PA4TIMor .....,..... |.Ke iv i*
TMC SAY*, Inca seta MS MMTIAIN emu voted tor Us ptysest ef te paid
THI* lest mla T* ""nvVV : HIM MSSIKI TKAV ( C-III'VI .
IMIRUITT violas MAS ttMINS V* N WltRTMC VM (... "P IIVIMTMIII -, .PrNlma, *. VM I.MTCM f 1,.*.. to b. oa duty vita tie vola4ir

VAIM T14pIt WMIk HMO re* ..**..*.*, imVMX .*. .. 041. Mtm a .*.. Fir Bait M A safety mater
vote IT MOM em <*.. TwC II h'.... |r VM 14111 is serves as a masher of the Is
N wtmi ... VM MAC T i 'N'M' TSSS., *?******.
.r MUI AM* Las ueeoT hi *AV ISM ..,. Yee sal nomilMV II vm" Tat caiAT M .r mNmfilTM *. Jmrtaerity s4 finetleaa M a. Bmfttr ef tae
. emmmmmmmmBm* sans III 1M ttWlt ,CM it VII rtiwAtmWMBI ,." im MUMMI a VMM* >ias*. trio I*, Pasantal BBS Beard.aur .
VM will IM* *inisHN
atn MOwsetms s1 w ..T r* M. Ma* .a mv VM CM *IAIVVvw
1! counts am M *'IMIM' ass t* .1* TM| Tl.* .*..Ireg, T\ T* _C MTU IT* bws ..... -. 11114. 511411 far all jnumr aer eesle
HSVt IBMNWITV M. Vrts artftltg totasrs rte votto
J i
AUrtM t* tat miTMM tleew MT VM CM M T* suit ieck .""
rregister viet *f *iM ian* aauuys Varafc *f Me**,. tiateff W 64
.. lima *
fi else, .MAvt austt* vm i* wtMti *v mss *t mess lWatt. TlstHE ... t''.... '
trey MM VM cai .- *M mto* a eteeial attlele ** tais4M SB*
sees IattutsIMs aaIV t MM* A4AISIV esla1.
*141414...*.V IT t*ftaa TIMIV 1sT m atM .....u me .,...."....... MS VM vim v*. vrv .**....,...i BAtABB* tarn *r atla ase e irtra khan
i* JMV .t nacr a* ...... Se mat vaavavMJMM ***** i.. at* lob. te*. *** see HH awekI -

... .. .. teat M >tMloo Itea* rf Sf HI f sea+/a.


1 0 ry T Hj l

I .,\ I''

IJIilMT IMIAIT 25 Ml ., :. aMIDA STAR was Ptt ''J

I -- Silver ATInivoriar Celebrants Eureka Lodge

r 4 Announces Recent

? Election Resells

Careka Lodge NO. 91
r, 4iW ,kl ? sf A,, a M. announces the
.fsllc-wlni eebers were
elected officers duriai
the unaal fete held laDeo
( Daniel Had- 't
too, 33. I ornblpfal ....
tern Illustrious Walter
c ; tills 33, senior Garden.lllnatrio ;
.a Cody Brew
ter. Junior '.rd..; .
John Dsv) Secretary; A.
L 1101.... 'Treaaarer;
R... K.T. 'UU..Cbap.1I.1.:111..trlO8. -
: Vashini

toe William, 32, Re.
Appointed Win:
Brothers Julius Brua

son, Senior Deacon,
Jest L, Brota. Junior ,
Discos .p. Oordon r
Nirahell, L.". tllllaM, Mr and Mrs. Those (center) with Bride's Punts

Tyler J, A. Waahliitoa.Beiior Miss Theodora Tarver Exchanges Vows, I
Sta-eard; boa

PMK: CSLBSufH: fiie reventaoIlAay eeaoon WM Btudlaf fro"' left: Mrs. bottle Jtllher*{ Ira.Vlrilala Seeks Junior Stetard. With A/1C Thomas During Holidays
ushered Sa auspiciously by aeabers of the bal_ Mctiters.Mrs. Hail Weldro ,Mr*. Florence The iBatallttloa cere
Garden Circle ebb celebrated their 25th anniversary Jackson Mrs. Mary Pcrter, Mrs,. Ulllaa,NaMlilea.. tony via eoaduoted by The January 2 civil cerenoay unities Mine Theodora !Tarver the-daughter of Mr.
la the retiree of Mr. aad Mrs. ..D. Sweet, Mrs. Leona Jenkins and urn. Minaret Hall. Other Illustrious J. B. Brad and Ira, ,Richard L. Tarver Jr., 103) f. :26th St., and Alraan Pint CI... Eddie I
14C5 I. Btb Stre.t- Mra. Virilnla Neuters Sward esbcra an: Urn. List Morris. Mra. Sal Me Harris.Mra. lord. 3}, Deputy' Breed .. Those non of Mr. and Mrs Willis DOOM la .wedlock was cllaaied with anlapreaatve
chalraan.and Mra. Mary Porter MStied by ae bers Bans Chits Mra. Lola Dn.a'tllt. Mrs Marie Mutter Tb. nest repilarCMnunieatlon reception held for the couple la the base of the brld.*.,oareatn
proved thwselves ideal hostesses for their ....roll. will beheld Sunday Jan. S at 3 p.*.
Arirett. Mra. Juts Wlatly, In. Addle Reaberry.Mra. e e e e e e e e e e
nests, Meabers shown seated fro left are: Km.Rster Monday Jan. 37 at The bride wearlnc a
Prances Mlddlebrook ... Mra. Rosa Miller. Travis II II lit. Mr. sad thin city
Jackson in. Dsna Abratuw, lira Willie Tar I P.". la the Masonic town designed by Mra.
(Royal Art Studio Photo) and Mra John Dill, Mr. aid Mra. taeraeawatts
vln Krt. Annie CtrtwrltM and Mrs. t ola L .son. Null, 111 Jeffereon It. Jlelen Hubert ;of' ,Jack
--- Mra. Nanty Bradford ,
o "'''' .... .. _. "sonville& wore a peau de Mrs. Horotky
Mrs. Ruth Harris sad Frailer Mr and Mra.Henan .
Paine Alumni sole creation with Mrs psanle Brooks wllllana and Mn.JoonaUM. .
= SOCIALLY SPEAKING = Chantllly hot Ulatied Relatives sad friends Johns m.
Meet Set with sequin pearlaflowerdealinedj '
of the irooa included.: The celebrnnte were UereoipltnUi

For Jan. 25th The J.... Potlera of BTI2 Cleveland' Road are will bV. furnished by the AM Choral; -Paaeable under ,M .boll I dll length Her Mr. ..'d Ire ElijahJohnaou with ...."'.
All nlutml and former ,.. veil Mr and Nra sad useful 12 n.. They
floating oa pink clouds, inspired by little Bte* t.fU" 4rectioi of Yetis Mltoh.ll. and aequln crowei).
students of Paine Cole pbane who arrived Sunday January IB at Brewter i iHoapital. J : \ II" "'.c.' .,e e. ," '" ..The sto.., -0 la Andrew Lovett brothers* hoaeyaooaed la South
lei, are requested to and .' altar; Mra. Pastel til Plorlds before leaviai
All's well site both Mo daughter. \';: ... i :" c stationed with tie AirPoree
attend the ...UU Unas Mrs Ethel wtl for Rapid City, S.D.
Barbara Harper and Jennie hors were meets when la south Dakota.wore .
. . lisas, Miss IhlrleyThoaaa where
faturuu: Jen. 25 at 1 Catherine Jackson entertained the Deuce Circle dree*} they will nake "
uniform sisters, all of their hone,
II." In the lose of lira. Ridge and hint phu,. la Jacknonvllle and (*. e Hrf dejm{ Ba urday evenlni, is her Jsre.<'RoidVnnorlaa < Out) ;of town uejja It*
Etta Lee Brooke, 1539
nurroundlni area all 1 eniaio in their fnvorfte blew. eluded Mr. and Mnu Wil
Midland Street. lanes nut Pride*. January 31, at 1:00: P.', nt Sche]],Irene Aleiuder, lOt Evelyn Silly lie 0. Mllotk of Bar
Sbld.eU who nave an Wilder Recreation Center Third aDd Mt,1.Herein N;.a. Mra i winners' ol Club prises. Jessie Pesrsqualified toe, "irendpareMe of I Weddings I I
failed to slit
yet Streeta. A aaaaoth bridge and uhlat party will be for the nest ...rel. the bride, Lln' a D..jpnee. .
the Club an heist givena to sponsored by Oens Brides Club apearheaded by Marie .. Miriam Bumey,, Mildred Christopher, Jereihs Din* .' later Tr, ntw,
ipeelal Invitation McClala lid with the assistance of Interested kins.. Marie Mcllwvef Beujal) Joyaer toll Isiardl ,LJ.it, Mr end.Mra; Beteac.
attend Saturday nitbt'snesting ,' *' ) Will KobUioo Jr. Ju Jsslei tray, 331 ..
local cI U UDI. Capers Braa will supervise thV'Prises wSue. and Ithel Pooell'Vere'aaoni other ushers present n, couch, u."
and say contact .. Navy; Mr. and IIIr'. Harepert Beach, Pla., 23 sad Mil Stats SI? 31.Jaaaa .
.ra. A.K.: Olrardeau. e e e Cason,
will be a.ard.d for blab scores in both / is.
president' 1223 '. 13 tb the bridge aad whist ooateats, and door prices The Kaperettes Brian Club held its repler aeet Clenny; Ins Mettle Ca* Beach. ,la.. 33.MiUoa tea, D.C., 33 aid Pa*
Street. will be an' ears attraction. lag nt 1191 .. 2Bta Street oa January II with sot, Oluetee, aunt, Messes, Jr. slons Asa Theapsoa,
Pollotlai Saturday's Proceeds from the event will benefit Edward Inters Miss Mam Davie as koatees. Local relatives sad 4003 Rhode Island (Court 1144 Hoca the St. 33.Johasli .
eetlai a social hoar College, sad supporters of the isstitutioa are After three reside of bridge a delicious r....' friends of the bride la 20 sad Linda J. Airs tdwards, Jag
baa been planned and a ... HIT 1V, lad St.. II
enjoyed. eluded Its Alee D.
.111 be aenred. V/orkUf hard to sake it the .. .t ever Such, Pis 41 sal
luncheon 'I" r..:;, Mrs. Vlvlsn Moore II rat litley, Mrsl .Idltb.Breada Biniel lets, 1134Orotas ... I. ,et.., Jag
A teke* of rwaeabreeeewas'seel'Mre? WsnfeJne '. . . 'b'tfte.ir/.rM5111.' ) fill IMS. necoad prize; Mias an< Sharon Tar St? 3T and Car "Beaca, ,a.. 31 ;
oQu... C.' Jenklaa. third ,rl... Its Rudrne Witaojj 'en.Mev.. roil Readersoa, 1341 t JSMI N. tilt lOIRo.
Sally the Bother who la of 111.use She of the II I,... Jenny Btynen of ...U.toe, D.C., aunt of ,qualified for Us booby prise lid Mra. Josephine as* Mrs Steve lUll It 31.Illlle IM St.. 33 sad DorothyJ
club's ....". urn.Pranetae Hue Ullienthal was neat piper at last Bat :Cleveland won Ue meat ,rI... Also ,,....t aa love Isaac Orayson andother '. Lee I. haul Rolersea, lot) Heisa
MeaberKat ,antsy*a tieetlai of graph Brides Club tbe iroup nest was Ira. Pleat Aleiaader. ....,. present Mrs, BerthaOtay.on 3fT| Robt C. leaver Dr. Street, II.
Uct. .. ,. !. aid OeaaI! Mae BellaV 3034 OatIs
lit with Willie Mae Smart. were Ire Shellle .1111. Mrs. ..ttl.IIo. Mrs Dorothy Jeff frelow,
Mecray Bllva Rata Parrttt Rather .1__.. and Mary Duaaa were coaery Mra. vlvtsn Noire, Ira Isdyse 'It..., Bay lock III re, Airy po. I3M Ellis Hoed, II.Prselaail St? 4. aid Ethel Lee
fon.rly'of nil city, recipients of prises.Otters ..... Urralse Little, Muses (kie* |. "..... nod well, Mr. and Mrs, A.oaheight Dlmle, Jr., Ooodo, Ill toektoa It.,
la tow eaployed by Saarts Prosier Mam tavia. Mr aad .,.. 314 .. State at, 31 and r.
Mleai'a Deptrtaeat of enjoylai the evealniattae
IKreatton and la reidlt 'Street residence were Catherine Burns. Miry L.

In thut cityun fresher, dandle Bards, It.l,. Jasnln. tlitahethJonea.
Corlae Keaaedy Hitel Llllieathal and
SHE nun Olsabeth Birrie.MKA .

She tipalrlif . . FINAL

Of. Air Kill
..."r...... al| event that is aniioualyawaited INVENTORY IAL E'
Ilu MI tatatssMS by .local dU..... Activities InsiadePounder
Day, Pebnary t. A arsim will be ire*
flirl.i Alien lasted M the tea flight Show. .: II ..*. ftisleATTENTION CLEARANCE

LICENSEDHAIRDRESSERS groin gal Czi'e flew (Carpel and st,1' SI.OI' I

; s a.t

.t, '

Ita.....rhkhI 0

w lei t; r Xst
M..., ...., 0, ryYl st

.. 1OQ'.11. SHrp


d r
Mr '}

IsdU+.. CItr ......b1,

: : FC.t'N;


311 W. WvMl 2pf.|' ......lh ..... Al .....---- Aho..a iu

.f rtf Y.*r M4)dMriM ..tt-f 17.*>. UftfHi Yd+ Nt.4 = -='::".:::'.::

35 MONTHS TO PAY1COMf -' wow. wA.rw' w nee Are.::r:::. :

Ce"4 hw ..- .... I1 w ....

= 'RIZIII 1 ftltl1f111ITSI( IN M CALL 72M**
W WlU. M 9U T | l A IIIIHIIZE.-. Ms := 1
..1IIf..1t11l1 I Iee AfM ro. .,.. ...

[ tICAeO'S ..'SA IWI I31ldli. ) vat. l fUGiHI AUt) ;

'HIM unni' m.tTBfft.tmtHiutom ea co rmts OH ten MOC Ljat tf/
... 'III 1iaEt FACT, *./ lf! top

k*g rNMte

1 ..... ... .IItUJl" u UNtvnsrrY ILVO. NPA ft

.-NM + HK Cf ATUKTK KV.. 4



r r J. )I ((I I I

PiCE 4 F/IIIA mi pmts SITIIJJY mm 25. m

Mother MidwayGardner To Observe Seeing Eye Installation ServiceSt. Sunday'

I Witlians !Hvptlals Luke Class Program Gets Underway Molber Midair

Baptist Church

Hold' Etaing Impressive Rites Sunday School will open Readies SeRdiy's

.t 9:30 B.M. Sundayunder lutillatioi Felt
United la holy ...tri.011 .stained active *.-
of the
supervision -
at Mi Ml on De berehlp la the Jaoksci171- --
16, newly elected superintendent Its la 1 t '
urn the Rev. A. A.IiU'PrllldlaIIU4.r A' 4f { r rn
Brother PereClanett
and teacher anti :
of the lest Pals Beach 7 1 d a
The Deacon will lead / ,ter 1
District and Publisher
devotions prior to the 9ir
of the photo News, aid A
11 ..*, Boning worahlp.
Mr*. Oerlleve B. Gardner -
Choir 1 and Usher Board
retired teacher
1 will ..".. Rev. M.J.
prnainent la the educa- t
Trovell. pastor) will
t bail all d religion -
conduct the ..IIIOD."w1lt.r } : ,
affair of JackaonTllle. tea under the f
Pla. who
exchanged von
auspice of the Deacon
and ring before Bishop and Deaconess will beginat

fftiliu P. Bill Sr. 4 ,.'. Sunday in the t
Prodding Prelate of the church audltoriuM. Deacon -

llth Eplecopil District fill chapter of the Walker Jackson 1.ro. *

or the MR Church. United Church Rouen and .,.. chairman and
Mr*, ftlllua, who hasserved
the National Sorority of will be assisted by Mr*. 4
Final plan were completed -
State Directorof
Doris L.
Hutching co
Phi Delta Kappa.
this week for
Paally Lift Pducatloa alr..a.
Rev. HUlaabeginning
for the AMR: Church forth the installation Sunday
his tenth year a* pre- The procrM :
put several yean, of the All seeing Rye
Scripture Rev Henry
siding elder of the rest
envied a* president of yd, la the recently constructed
Pate Beach District recently Prldgei; prayer, Rev, EdicatloaBuilding
the Missionary Societyof celebrated Ha Trowel, introduction of 3 rrhCa4 fir i
Mt. Zlon AMR: church at Mother Midway -
of which she h.i bean a both anniversary la the mistress of ceremonies .....,..-, AMI Church lie,. J.
long-ttai weabor and an Itinerate ministry of Kra. Pent Bank. Welcome CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH elected officer for its 11.,1... Mr*. Myrtle Jones, Mra. _till Johnaon 'I. 7 nee, pastor announced. -

an officer of tjie, Mialonary his church. address, Mr*. Prik recently organited Christian Leadenhip Class which MrCarol lendrlck,Mra.Mule waldron and Brother .

,. Bocltty of the Join the 1984 March of Clark.Response, Mrs Susie I* exceeding ..berelal, eipectttlona under the direction Charles Scrlvea, lentos Griffth and Deacon AngrouaJackaon. The program sill get

Punt Florida conference. Dice to fight arthritic btlton solo, Jonah of the pastor, Rev. R.L. Jones who la conducting Similar elaaae are being held at Central, underway promptly at

Slit In Mediate pant and thy rheuaitle diseases Lawrence;; reading, Mr*. the ,rou... The sew officer are: Mr*. but the present one la the largest of its type or- 3 II.'. with Rev.. Z.L.

president of the Duvnl which afflict Carrie Plnkney; solo 01 a M. Caesar, president; Miss Geneva Raaberry.ecretary ganlied to date. Other classes will be scheduled Tyrna, pastor of New

county: Retired fracture' upward' of 11, 000, 000 Kr'. rizener, election, ; Mrs, riorlne Quarteraan treasurer. later. 'The Cliaa iMberahlp boob are open to all Hope AMP Church who a*
Association and bal txnple In this country. the Jackaon sinter Members Include Mr.Bertha Torrence, .,.. Katharine interested Chrlitlao (Photo by Emerson: ) principal speaker who

,will be Introduced by

I Group Schedules Recital Here Board Slales Rev. K.I. Koraaa of

.. -,.. ... Rene s Rapt lit Church.
l ..., Anniversary FeteThe

tQLai'APJLPJ4C ti burcb. ew Trustee Board of program Other will featuring include the:

ra4'a. Mt Olive Baptist Choir and ushers of

Church will observe its Mother Midway and Male

ar' Abyssinia Baptist Church will observe joint fel- 4th:! amlveriary Sunday Chores and ushers of

lowahip service Sunday at 2 P." with Choir 1 and Jan. 26 at 3 p... la the New Hope Fountain Chapel

2 and the Ushers serving the "..t..". B.L. lynn, church auditoiiu hit Churches; Rev. E.T.
pastor announced. 'Bit Church' youth will Beet Rev. George .. Price Illliaaa of Morning

with the pastor Saturday at 4 p.*. to letup or* pastor of St. Matthew Star Pree Will Baptist
ganlsatlon of the group. Baptiit will deliver the Deacon J.C. Harris of
anal""'1'7 address and Mt. Olive Primitive Bap

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... will be accompanied by tilt: Rev. I.. ". CUB-

"p. a.: -t bin choir and congregation. logs, et Onion Baptiat -
Districts of Bethlehea Baptist Churcb will hold a ; Mre. A.D. well,

aaa Meting Sunday at 3:30 p... under sponsorship Pra ra. participant Mother Midway; I,..

of Dlatrld I. A prop will be highlighted. will Include Mra. tl- Anna Eyrd.Grant MMorial

District 3 will cell dinner Saturday at the hoi vlala Levy. ,Mra. .the Rev. 3.,. Young Palace

of Deacon and Mr*, tlllla Bugga 1344 *. 20th St. Lang Mra Lola lebb.Mra. AMt; McShee Pearson,

District 7 will sell plea tht.rday fro. the bone del M. Robert. Grant Meworlal.

'> T & of Mra. Bull Brown 764 Court A. Miss Gloria illllaai.Mlaa *
Phylla Levy and GO TO
--- -r
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Mill Janice Salth.
VIGIL RATED la oolNilat and cultural circle will Include, the classics el' elaaalca traditional Deacon Jaaea ebb, arolr. CHURCHtMtejMQai
I the Savannah State College Men's Glee Club will; and popular selections, and an enjoyable Bishop f.P. Ball eccoaptaled by ministers and .. cbsfr....

conduct recital here Sunday, Jan. 38 at 3 P.a. pro.,.. la promised susie lover of all age 1.,.... will attend the Meeting of the General

in Darnell Cookaaa achool'a audltorlua. I.... Planning on attending the outstanding ".at. Board of the ANC Church Jan. 2729' In Cincinnati,

Thawjpaon Jr., eonduetnr.! _The' ,roup'_* r.yttI Ohio. Bishop Ball 1* chau man of the Coaaiiilon tl C' en tel'
County Officials Will Feature Fountain on Evangel lea.
I Woodlawn Chapel ,tI. ,.." -" .

Precinct Meeting January 27th Presbyterian AME ChurchRev ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Mvth A.c and dQM1 ?hQ.IHlj. 4 4( I IClleln

onuniy cuMiaiioner c. Church Rev. I, R:, Norm S
K. Btuke of District 2 host pastor Church Notes ,.I. Jones, pastor, Bethel Baptist Institutional Church opened. its eI J

and other county COBB|*. important matters relating choir of 1* urging all ..be,. who special revival services Tuesday at Caroline and M BL tal .... n | QOM
stoners and 0"...... to eonmnlty I.. Tie Young have failed to pay their 'Nogaa St*. Rev. Robert M. 'Illaon pastor an* ;.. Ca 9
loodlawa United Proaby Mer /CmI Saact, JS IL tl ,
will feature the Joint |rovenent till be discussed > tense Church will make Mortgage due on tli to Bounced the ",..k of Sunday" revival will close .....M nAIl ITVUdaOietieflHatiEisiJSOLCa, % I

letting of Precinct and a full at- Its debut. Sunday,January kindly do *o during U* on Peb 14.Mv. ill BOB and ministers of the church CAM

42>b and 42-A Monday, ten dunce of all ...bln 26 at the Morning worship > coaiig Sunday. are concreting the'aeriaa of evangelistic services .\
J.. 37 at I p, .. I* I* dill red. aervice. nil choir I Sunday School will op on nightly with a national! evangelist featuring MULLET ROI.MdVirjUKUlLET .

PalUdelrhii Baptist * It asked to Met at the activities Sunday at .:110 the service each light. The public la livited. :*. WT S ..a *!** :

a.., with the luperli WBITC: MULLET MXUBGI s r ..*. Sri '
T.." few' I Hive h Co To Town To tot church Saturday, January tendent and instructors ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... KUUIT 2fu.
2t at I: 30 p... for a u.

LOW peclal rehearsal for upervUlag.l..rlaa.IUlddIcIl"The pastor Choir 1 of Pint tlaotty Baptist Church will presuet _lilt e'ai ..rr..aeWa :Ii
this aervlee. The choir ,
will be In charge of the stewardess aad taker toke the McCall Singers and tb* Christian Air J3t u. I

regular Sunday Horsing at. their posts by Sunday at B ,.L la the church aadltortia. Choir -- wrmMSM *

0* Tour U.up aervtce. 11:30: o'cloc:1.: The term 1 will apoaaor the sal of dialers Satarday at SEA NS ... Ie 'JL/,
II:U II.I. fro tb* hoae of Mra. Mary aaraea, im. .. 4e
MUG!! STORE NEEDS Church School will be- will.. k* deem at that 1696 I. 38th St. 'The Starlight Gospel Stagers will .MURK. .was 29c ...... ........ ,_ ...
\ gl* Sunday, Jaanry 25at tie ..__ a WIOIY'II.' .... .... v.
be presented la an after service nualcaJe Sunday,
Trade HU Toir Neighhuifcood Ont nor ISO..L: with T. Y. Mr*. Lllllaa Ualeli T. ..... .e a.... r..w ,
president of the Male B. Peb. I tader the aawplce of Usher Board 1. SftC1U11IIVT ..=:as a........
tt nu bm ANT PRICW ADV. w rmw'" IXJCAL PAPIJAa Huger, Mperlatendant la uaitmtiaATAUCNICOIA ar am '- u. at
chine. The Morning lor JIM Mlaloan Society, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .
Pellver-tc also Pill All Doctor Prescriptions ship service will begin 1* requtlg Mbort and -Wkk TlMlTM*.......|..r..... .;

at 10:31: .... with the iavlttag frioaaa to .... SHCU! OYSTERSnawi&PettsI Vu"t"uat '6s'wwa
Tabernacle Baptist Cfcarch 903 Daloa St., will
Dixie Pharmacy Youth choir la charge. teed the pregraa which"
.. bed obeervaace of its aaaiveraary Pah. 3 with ... -- II
.". Fred D. Davis will will bests at 4 p. Sui .
laliter aad their ouagregatioaa of the city on*)- .\
serve at. the piano. All day I* the cktrck aadltortai. >
\\m ttfiNtet IjrtriPhut Nru s dactlig the lightly services. Rev. '.1. Teen.
parents, gaardliaa,
t\\ Hjli 5' iMiMT visitors and friends are She preldt .f tt* ACtLease. oat paator. District I will ell diners Satin
day la the chare kltch*. tettaalag at IS e/ clock
asked to please come la ,.....Ul ..
TINE bert sad frieal .f the .ooa.lev.. for those who JtlitIk 1 1uI
Ym tIMT IIUI Mi TEtEtw Sunday. and aapeort UU
... e. ... ... ... ... ... e. '
rows choir U their ef- eetlag while sets ..., .',',
IIUS IT III STILE forti.Tveaday. way Suaday at I .... la mtllI'11'
Jiatary 31, the cktrek .*.ltorlaa.Pareate ..,.. Price sad ale St. Matthew BtftUtCMrck
the Caaacel chair aadteitalaiter an reatided to mgr'st.oi elll vorehip la Mt. Olive Ba*.

I chair will sad their wklldrei to tilt Ckirck BeaMy at 3 .... aeeoapealed by ttt -

\ rehearse la the ckarck the meeting aid adults Youth Choir. 'The service I* belag __red by the -IIt'-. "" ,

: ttt.00i.iw te'keaday.Jaaaary are lavlted. Trustee Board. 'The loath Baker Board will aeetSatarday a

39, llder Lloyd ... T .... ....,II warn at 3:30 .... !. the thurth..N ran
K. Peareoa. Sr. ail pea. chip will k. preceded by eN ace ... see eN see ...

to* Mack ... Mayo will It-iiMt. soil service 'The Jaaler choir *f feet tales Baptist Charck 3

eoaduct Mid-week Prayer by the *.'D. ...... .ill meet Satarday at J:'0 p.*. Uatrlct II will

service U the cattreae .111 k* giver at ,: III. meet Sm+t at 3 .... wttt Daaoa sad Ira. Jails

reee of till She vies cMiraea e( the Doctor tilt Verttoat Bd. Blatrtet I* will et

ctwrtk at 7:30 *... ttaate Beard U Mekiag survey at KM *.*. U the BOCK *f Daaooa *a4 Mra.laader .

Tae followtag ckatget large tamest .( MI S Prleater. 3113 hiM) $L Tie ..traa. MalU. -

haws beeo Md 1014 the ken LIlt frlMtekitw4ay ." will sect Bandy at t:N p... t* the hose

tI cotters *f tk* church: ** serrtt1** MI other .f .... tlllye P. twaala. 3111 ..._ ..

Lloyd M. Pearao, Jr. MtivttlM U Ne Oat

clerk of ....I.., O.T.IllUaa. Mkri **.e aearer ten ROYAL AIT S1WiO

Ji T ..r..* of getter M tt* UreTi C.f.MI .
Tntee ".L Salley.flMMlal the sink eatenis 511 urn sum
Her mother
or her sister? a."w,. J.
UM Patricia M.JMt.tie .r/er BPV H MH tit ,
IMmt m mt TmmB ix.teATumAL400aasS itinlefe Cot.OArush. I. ........ treMarer.tke pMgt ......r eta 1 f MIS

.rk. kM i weakly .. aa4 ... P... *.**. fills tills
.pee....tile....._ AIM..t mess sheet see tailed sip JDIM I* sensed .. Mlar.. '4"
hs d.d+ee uh.1 N store.ewr ale M dw8 seIa Plaak. This sheet will
par.. ....._Las1..r .k.wy h.Arr.lee Kre.ttar .**.1U1. KM 1* IlKi I WIE CKHSCTIiTUE
lb gnrr.a wed k* releated ...,.,. I meeker if Pv uu't ft***] M h kH gaga.tW llB yeas

Lsesne. Siren MBapely.dssMe11 1r Please plums .MMMeveata ...> Teeth t t. ft-HMkJ past 9f BMJ fca.b Putt
see sM .. gad ittatkMMt
M ,
:J : % B... I, C. Ale.. Vise JMM. MI r.4.lwvtatlara. ...., ......... dad mtAlale dttriahmg rmr tlilel. .

"': 1. =:ar cadet as later .kttedaaaway mI. .- ... .B sIill la eiils Palm .
r II tint .
ped-Nl'91iL llass.l'
e........................................... the Bales U U to M :T M a 4.MM -
...... ------

r., I Ir

1- { j )

UTIIIIT lilim 21. '1114 FIOIIIA SIll PAPERS nil I I

2 Jax Music- Stars' Slate Telecast Eye Surgeon Congratulated Following Appointment Peace Corps

Slates Visit To
Majors WinNat'l Revis Islts A & M

Honors TALLAHA8SFPTh laportanet A & M Campus
>> of donating or
TDC80N. Art. --'Two willing one'a tyti to an"eye TAUAHA8SCr'>*Neeibert ofa
tideate trot Florida bank" for lit U ti r q,4 Peace Corps tees from
AcM University, Talla- con eat traaaplaata .aaunderacored tathtBitoo, D. C? -111'
hue to, Fla. made kit at Florida visit the Florida AIM
Logy hart turing the AtM Oatveraw-remtly University ...pu. Jan*
aiaual convention If by a attlonally famous vary 23.25.

Ktpp Kappa Pit lid fill 10 opbthaltologict, and PAMU i. /During the visit, PUU
Beta lie.., sit least shout } students will receive
honorary frattraltlea for : J xJ: During a recent visit z interpretation of tilt

arehlBg. tad coactrtbuid 'to tht caapua of U.uduralllllh record number of or.

Bahera.Choata aha portunltiea for Peace
fron anoaiAtudonta mater, Dr, Thomas C.
Corpt service la 10(4.la .
froa S3 BejornlligeN Jones cited: a personal addition,the visitors
and satverstflea experience to point up
will supply general information -
throughout the .,' the value of cornel for to atudtatt
Ormdjttatea! the two trMiaplantatloa sod faculty darlns
PAMU atrchlng bud .... A graduate of Florida group and Individual
bora had the dlatiattloa A. and M, University
eonferrnctB, lecture
of of 1S43 Dr. Jontt has
balBn ho out a and cluawooa vlelte.
Croup of three Mtbora achieved aatlonalproataence A .
Peace Corps Inform.tloa '
of their rice to be for hia
LOVfLT Dlakam Carroll tar of Broadway a "NO Cnt.rIII be
cheated for placement Itrl...," gveata with Danny Kayo on 'lbs Danny' aklll la rerfcrttti the Ponteneter Oeneral John A. flroaouaki (r lghleongratulattaMtBry L, Olioa oa manned dally from 1:00:

la the convention Kayo 11I0'" oa CBS-TV fodnoiday" Jan. 29. la alto delietate eye opera* his appointment' u special! assistant to Assistant Poataaattr General FrederickC .. .. to 10: 00 p.". 'II
ajeiihnale (net tar one) dltlon to elnglng two. aorta and a duet with Danny, ties of oorneal trana- BeleaCltft. Dixon a former veteran letter carrier la considered on. of the pup Student Ualoa
burnt and concert bud. Mlaa Carroll alto shoes a delightful flair toroo..d >plantation.> Graduated the aatlon' top Department aithorltlea. Building.
Pitch particlpeat II from Mtbtrry Medical f
In a hoipltal sketch ai a nurse trying tooalain Any orgtataation j
both hand. wen and I- College in 194, he O"ortultl.s II Govt. Given Attorneys Call "
to a confuted expectant father what a new- group or club, oa or
tinted for placeteat in born baby la. serves aa aa ophthal
three, bond*. Th. florid '. urologist at the provident At Florida Manorial Ga. Law IllegalATLANTA off-eaep., wishing to '
A, and M. Ualvtraltyrrprmintativea Former A & M Thespian To Pursue Hospital and three Sonlers (OA.Attorneysfor have a ptict Corps>>
ST. AUQUSTINC-lf haven't had your Happyletter"yet repreientttlvt speak and
Richard integrated hospitals eighteen Savannah
Lot Bnldon and Milton Career Following Army Service in the Biltlaore, Md. you ought to take the very aeit U.S. Negroes argued before tII.GlorI" aaewer cueetloat may

ttjrlvoNter Jones both 'ASHnaTOH---Henry: L. DUon. Jr. SO. Poet. area Civil such! Service ass the eian adrleogiven that roll...around..................e Bupreat Court asks t.ll1..lIr arraagtatata, Cunalaghaa by
of Ja ikaoarilit, Office DcpurtaicBt eaployo relations expert hay In January, l>8t, Dr. here that the ttatt antt
achieved high placement born promoted to a new special etalataat'a Jonea, a former PASO senior students of flovernaeat Jobs, tr.II,... law it unocn at JJMOJO, extension
at Florida Meierlal Colin throughout the United 41] aa early aa .ilbit. .
IK thvae ba.dlt The, ponltlon whore ho will handle personnel auttiraaffuctlng Rattler ouarterback, atltutlonal Atlanta police -
Colder a sealer at the bulk of tilt Dcperttonfa 595. GGO 0" featured la a national hero last week by States, are refusing te .
Ten. thouaand such Jobs _hit| this aptelal
rosy, ajorlaf la latrumnatal > (.(rloyra Put ...t.r General John A. Gronou klannounced. '.'111.. for Regional Mcrultlai Of' arrest altIn detoaetra
tlcer H.Z. He COB sell were banded out to Peace Yrpa laforaatioa
tunic, played his performance of a tore ualeaa a reitaurant
in the tuba ,,'ctloa, Mr, Dixon, who moves relstions' coteiueea ana corneal transplant, At who la t'ourlag the faults of the ei.. last owner takes out a warrant effort it primarily for
and JoneS, junior, fro hla a..tintent aaaa boards and will advtae Plorjda A. and N. he Itat.'. colleges oa behalf year alone, McDonnell college UPHoII.....
hla of Civil i pointed out. and graduate atudenti
adalalatrativo official OB matters per- tilt Ser- ,
njorlui la instrumental related that recently Atlanta Chief of Police
of the Department'sbard talntag to negotiation.alateaaace 'Ie,' Atlanta of flee. Olven at frequent In* It la also Bleed to
amnle, performed la tk. the oaaa oa whoa be Herbert Jenkiaa sold
French horn lIoct hili. of Appenla and Review sad .a. perforated the cpera A "nippy' letter" MO tervala at .jor root reatauraat ownera ... the provide general isforsslion *
terrretattoa of labor Council eiplalaedla offices throughout the to tall iattrtttedptraoaa
in the Bureau of
The PASO aludeala'achlevoemat ticn telephoaed his to lae to sake police: 'ooe.e
.. agreeaeata what the Civil Service state, this sass la .
personnel, will nerve cov.rinsrules la the BOB
sac noteworthy say that aha had Jut lit rescue them Me
la view of the Special Assistant. to the working condition' acquired her first job call tilt oae It aenda scheduled: aa follow for said ownera la easy caiee ualty, The Peace Corp
etc. He will work out to all who paiaeiaaa the near future1: March
Aaelataat Poataaater Plane to train at*
fact that naoac the la IT years.'tier have refused to preie
in close cooperation beglnnlag "te 21, April II, Hay 14, .
General for Operatlona, proilaately. 1,000 volanteera
schools rfprrwntfd. 10 eyes had kept tate after polite sale
with the Bureau of Per- are happy to isor.you" / Applications auat be .
PrvUorick C. Selen who this auMer to
per ctntof the MnIciNia her from being em arrests
had fro 10 to 19 year baa Jurisdiction over eoaael' Deputy Aa. plaid" the ophthalaoloiitat eto. turned to II one date eoath Clarence, May ft eld, defeat serve la Africa, Asia
ai stint poet caster The Oovernaent eaployaent prior eiam
the dy-to-day work of AMrlea.
and Latin
yearn of uporltnet.Tbln eiplalaed e attorney la tilt
the General for Industrial recruiter part leu* The toots are free, aothere
bulk of the
Included :T had Savannah told the
par adding that nee tyea everything to mecca
Rolatioaa aa well lady urgid collegeaealora .
forro-ooe! of the I Largest aa
coat of the feaalei given the oaaa n sow and to loea high court the aatltretapaaa ...
to take tilt 'aln nothing" .
civilian work forceala with the Bureau ofOporattoa.
and 61 per coat of the leaae on life. lae pined THMAearlce
the nation. .' laatalla Federal Service Entrance he added '
alttN la attendance at rolloe"l his gradua rjtalnatioa, _which when Information and 'rpU..atl.1 la INO after Southeldt
tho conference.Roth "Tho net special aa* tloai Kanegetent 01- lion from Meharry, he. tlt-lta betas ia .aloaititutloaal w om.eeee
since aa aa forms art
Florida A. and M.Uaiveralty alataat ia for Operations' v lstos served la general medical > opts door to a aide available from colleges, lit vat ......,.Mierk -
baadaaea *leader widely-known n', Showdown Predicted practice for eight range of some 10 aorta or Civil Service loarda. heist used to taforttdtacrtalaatloa hiM ......N. =
to tif the natlon -
dfHcrlbi'd their partlcl yeara before lit was able ,
pntlon la the convvntlonn capital aa well to reallie'hla dress
aa a rococonod authority For Mississippi .
'..ionte band aa their of atudyingfortpeelall
'ar.jestt' :.. ".ylgslxxj.i la say areta of the JACKSON. MISS.-A workerfor subs in ophthalmology.
eaployee relatioaa
11'''''.#; ,
field," Mr. Oronouaklaotnd. the Student Nonviolent GJC's AlrlcnOstw
Coordinating co.* I
J..IE.S HIU PralalBS tilt appolat' Ittoe (SNCC) said a RenlnsWorWwW.paldty

Pr> "Tv'1" ryrpT root oat aa "highly in.val.tble "anovdcwn" lUll the
"IS *. Anli)'y.jaa. PI.. ," Mr. lelea federal aovtraoaat elll I ST. PtTOU&HO-Africaa
For ...'''IUII", Call said" Mr. Piioa sill be aeeeaaary before Mlea- co-ed Hilda Oeorgeo9 USER MARKEt
". .1-4053 represent his oa labor 1..lwlIll perttt Urge Olbba Junior College It
ushers of .Negroes to tilt eubjeet of aa ever
sot... .... pictorial dlaplay. QUANTITY RIGH S Pt SERVED t
Open :.,nines Til '.00 Pit SXCC worker Robert Moses The sophomore mimes

testified before the student It btlai toot SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B
R. ,S. EVANS Mltelaalppl Advisory Coei- lighted a phoUgrephiidlaplay
Ittet to the Halted Is Moarevla, LI'
JaduoavUltl Meat Recommended Dealer stiles Ceaaltttoa ta bent, Seat Africa. by FRESH

3RD & MAINLet Civil llgate. the V. laforaatloBAgency. WESTERN CENTER CUT
It charged vldeecreedditcrlBlaatton .
Tour OLD CAK Make tine Down tytntnt
Rifles coroaatiea ai
aid la*
ttaldatioa of Negro vo- .mat Itbbt Juator College PORKROAST
Cadiifac.$399JCOUPE poj(
62 tore la the state Tat CM received with
lateraattoaal eatnaataaa
DXYILLt SNCC worker aald the .
sad offletalatf the MM-
r---: ice i ..::.toe A ="S e see w'a.'M" federal goveraaent aaat roots office tf tkt IMAOMtacted
...,_.ntM see fuv.eeuecri decide If it elli) ea* '
force lame coca U the the .aaklagtoaOfiA .

60 T-BIRD .. .... $1795 etteat tf aeadlag troops>> tfflce for aero e. CHOPS

Factory sir,power,looks like s DeW GCf1: late the state after tails aadslttarettfthe
arced rider fired late evil .,.. IlluteUJaaethaidltdUttaelga

61 FORD"GALAXEV.$1295ewre Negro hoses la S athtUiattalppI -

).M......N' ate.60FORD2DRV. >> last .... A eat for the aealagtoa 29 LB.59
8 mat key eat ""... office. LB. *
. ,$995 la tie ahootlag.Oalf Hilda Is the tfeeghtertf
.eTAI*Tlt.a* eee.wa loarevl
..21 of the wotlag a retired
61 CORY AIR MOmA .$1495 h.".
........-.1.-acanesee ate Setrtee U Mlatlaalpal -
art registered tttrttatrdlas PURELARD JIM DANDYGRITS
RAMBLER 4-DR ,$995
to tilt 0,"
-- It teas itil
62 PONT: BONNEVIW: $2595 Civil UghU OoMleilaaIASKETIAU .
ta. J. *... tU eldW
VH A("W..*..tNttV ,
................. Hill

fill m...., fray CIIHU aair u Itte

IS ....tHo M ..... a* 3 L8.19J. LI.1 o .

BMB. Meeae eaa pet l' ee ,. 't

ebw.tot.. act urn un IM M iM UN v Ml 'lH4 aNr Lilli HI ild U.N ir w/i N1wW

ebB msnt

It till Ml r.. eff. It u. s. soot am STEAl u, U$ m Amis

It.. at several oeaUet .

>.,.. ...... Mta....
eta. aereet ..'I... MdKNZK flOZfM HUNS

....... of eteslsatestalipw'asial
tet a it erf. MllMN. TfMftl HilMM II U. ,H.IOt

Tee OM teeer ass grer

lair a* Mtler IM e....
bees er IIInf cr.d. ad IELMONTI TOMATO CATSUP n u. vn 15e '

nee .,.
--. ..

.9nmstfeO gn lUll 'A' SIKH BACON t u. mtm.CAMfMUS 3'C if i

SCNIIIUr.1 rotm n. ii
...... aw.. i

I ----1-* UBTMT tje. us are***) j
IWH. Wttt talil.. .
M t..ei, dt>.... He**. I
t'' : pea ..... SMie* STIM.Prwe .
R'/ .IIcbH .
Fit. t SMsHil CtIttt er
per BM SlMe4e tl. 1M

r *rfaV-* J hiss S.... fideaa Mdml it e.u MOW I1IACN H MUM. 2ft "

PIi IW a cy

+ts fe AI ie..d Wto Cols life* *fet alp .. M, .. ,. UWY IOC fOOl nm MM 17C 35C




i j! f-' <\ *)" I'. /I I i!




I Instrumentalists Rated Tops New Provident MB Church Weds In Home I

____ Attendance for last reared .nber.They are: PRONE 191-5371
Sunday .aa 410 worabipera Sister Blanche Willis, Ii"I
with one joiner 2371 Nff 88tb st. ; Sister hwN d
a f t, and the attendance at Rosa Sbqlla 1780 Hff
Bible elaaa totaling 15 75th St. : Slater Jessie i r. ;: Alex Auto Clinic
.bln.Tb. N, Porth 1631 Nt 6th
Baptist Ministers Court; Sister Settle Aitinatic ail Standard Traisiissiti Repaired
ra Council till convene In Carter 10SS NW 60thSt
this church every ; Slater Rebecca Mitir liifr.iTm His
Wednesday at 11 a... during Jordan. 471 N* llth St. 'k'
." ,.
1003 Utb ATI. Mitni. Florida
t tbs south of and Sitter Josephine rt _J
y January There Is such Brow.UJi NW' Sib Court.
to be learned from the MM. CAMPBI31.
I study of the Bible.
With tows repeated
"All d let us not be
> The pastor. Rev c.J. weary In well doing: Por the hose of her parents,
Burney, requested that in due season we shall Mr. and Mrs. Willie The Management Of
all usb.fl. Choir 2 and .
reap It.. faint not." Davis 786 NW 51 Street.
congregation accompany Annie became
Miss Lee Davis -
Galatlana 6:9:
him to Nee lit. Baptist the bride of Rev. LONGSHOREMEN'SBAR
Church I. 23rd St. Grace Presbyterian Clennls Campbell, of
--' HUleahednoftday. night, Port Lauderdale last AND LOUNGE
LJNORATULATRD---Whits! Richard Lee Bolden, holding the tab at the left looks January 22. Church News Saturday evening.
OBDr. Willis Poster head of the Department of Muklo and director of bands A District Tea, sponsored Condolences to Mrs. 102 NV Itb STREET
a t Plorlds MM University Tallahassee, congratulates: Milton Sylvester Jones, by the Seaboard Spero Coklne. whose husband NorthwestYMCA
holding the Preach horn, on bit participation. a delegate from PAMtTi D. ta Association, will I convene Pugene Cokiae, Extends A War Welcome
Iota chspttr of Kappa Kappa Pal National Honorary Band Fraternity to the nationalconclave st Greater Net pound on Monday morning Center And Invites Too To The
held In Tucson at the of Arizona. l.th.I'.apUat Best Of Eater
University Both Bolden and Jones Church January 20. The pastor TF H PANOC STUPID/ Very
achieved the distlncltion of auditioning and earning plsceseat In the conten Opa Locba 8unday.Jan.22. and BMbera eipresa de>psynpathy The TtCVs Little Teen tslnsent. la A ,Pew
tion'a sysphonlc band which la Please eoatlaae to Weeks We Are OpeningOur
was presented a concert aa the concluding feature to Mra. foklne. Dunce Studio opens its
k of the convention. (Photo Fillysu) visit the sick and be- Sunday) Is Youth Sunday. doors again on Saturday, Blue Room Patio
The youth will be In ,.b. 1 at tbs Northwest (Along With Something

Tune WAME Home Of The World's charge of the morning YWCA Center 5100 M Special.80 Bring Tour i. "
service and we are harpyto 21st Ave. Mrs. Evelyn PMlly And Friends For
1 have as our guest Stllwell will Instruct An Enjoyable Evening.
spanker Miss Cynthia clssses In Ballet end
Champion Disc Jockey : J ; Maynor an outstanding Tap beglbMng at 10 a.. "OKHT L NICT J MtWGB
\ student at Northwestern Girls and Boys, aged 3
I ,.*, ... High School. through 12 years may Jack Martii UI... Clark, Rikert Lanier
The youth will also participate. For further
participate the evening information, call the Jill! ki ii hud ti tin tit kist itJtnice.

service.Negro Center, 834-2651.

\i Associate JudgeOPA Young people, plan now
I to attend the Roller
LOCXA The 'story
of the year" here la Skating Party at the
that of the late 1963 Hialeah Roller Rink on
appointment of James .. Thursday, January 30th.
The Rink Bus Ill leave
Matthews Associate
as fro the Northwest YMCA ( i inie
Municipal Judge of the I
Municipal Court ,of the Center, st 630: p. ..
? ODO ( skaters will be returned I
city of Lock
i to the Center. )
new associate
:H available
Tickets art
I Municipal judge of this
Municipality locatednear from any eo-fd: Club lee-
( bet or at the T Center.
= MUsl. la a lUll
graduate of PlorHa M"IInIY.nU1' There till fee adults
chaperoning the group.
II College of
Kicky IN Law The first member of Call the Center for
'' .his race to be so further Isfoneetion.
Holder of World1 .
'j Broadcasting rdCbmtlnuous honored in Ore Locks Magazine Cites q M

236: Hours M "
Constance Motley ,<

111'1 TOM -- Ft ceeatAgasiae

toiler Ray AlfolZO Mozellt last week cited cwff
Conatanoe. Baker Motley, rf
associate counsel 'NAACP
Legal Decease Pond, as
t the Aaeriesa to watch
I a la the field of race re-
latlona la 186i lING SIZE
Mrs Motley, attorney :
for James Meredith enJ a ,
host. of other historic t

rlvil rights eases, .- ', !
holds the number two sdlalatrative -- -- .'
kMI poet st tbs
,sod which represented : I Spotlight. ProdocJ' .
10,48) demonstrators la
JUMP NATTtnS' 1963. I:' t Of The WeekWMBM
he aUf history with his Amosi other distil
i-- recent "'poIDUI.t.n. gal(bed cttiiess cited \
of .
soon Mr end Mrs
by Pageant are Dr. John
I Robert Matthews of 1J]! P. Mmill. ..cUd.., a 1
I Sovth Boulevard Streetla leader Is the field of
Tallahassee C.h... kldeey traaiplaatatloa KM, nr a g
judge is serried to the
forcer Miss ....a L. '
Wllllass of Orlando, s ,
FrMklia !tea Bukle ''me vi V' a e o Fre4 HMH less irsduats of Ptortda '

ABC Is the field ef 1b8.Be.S
.business. edsialatretloe. Setv\ni heOSouth
A swaher ef Alpha Phi

: Alpha Prateralty, Judge

SEE AND HEAR THESE Matthews Uat." .la lth actively a ....aCts ..-. WE SPECIALIZE IN: STEAKS SEAFOODS

t et elvt sad stherergaslsatteaa.

i : these. are: the RoMls
CeMf.tte of the Dade GO ALONG WITH IT

Cousty OosNraalty Rele-
tines Bosrex nsrite BarAasscistUMi.
hit Coast,
BIT Ase.cl.tbsa. national SHEPPARD IROS. DRIVEINNFormerly

>sottatios sf OaU-
aats CMMll wf _flu Jack's Drlv .ln
("C'A), Opt Locks Touch

WAME1260 pMsdstlss.OsrssrUles IwteeeeotaAwaenistboa M"'..

1MCA: Teeth 1302 No W. Sot. Strut
-"raUe fob *f Ms

,, MIAMI. Wilier JUs Qmiti 24 HOUR SERVICE

x4'Hear "Het lint" Nightly At 11 p. m.v ,\ TO MC rwuc xes oat MO .... .MI rcf. TO elect no JLw
erzt a GeED LOW m r ow eatticj tilL m aaba aa.el.alerl
;: WIC. DeMht W Jonas & HreM L $ a n en 3a9etiko..

ewrett 8I'UPfI8 >mum n !iRR? TOOt' .r. A
1' mi i "


,. -
-i- -
-- -

q .

I t 1 -

I s I I'

tiTHinv iiMtiBv ic mi n.w,:..
.. .. nil. .rmrtt. .tier.... i.
--- "- -- --

Mrs. While Skied Programing Committee Readies For Big Event Mrs. baa D. Jell lilliii Plaiilng Session. > Masonic Official

As Condi's ._ Karkeiing Specialist '
'\JW"-' '''' '' !I Issues Call To
Speaker Siiday Yisils Jai Area

District Deputy. MM. One of tbe nation' beat All I I Masonic Groups
Annie I. wtaitt will give known arketlnc apeclallsts -
the principal address Mr. EM* D, Bell, District Deputy GrandMaster
Sunday during tu 36thanniversary arrived 1* the city ..,.- ., J. F. Bradford f
33rd. of the prliee Hall
observance day to personally contact
Masons, A. F and A.M. of
of the Orange Blossom leader of various (
'Florida It requesting
Council of Past DutchUr businesses and social
all Masons, Eastern Star
Ruler a; 1:30 p... II agencies carrying her
Auiiliarlei to meet
Ribs Audltorlua. 112 I.Duval Product. j:1I _
street. Mrs. Bell, who e regional 1 .v
The first District IBPOF. headquarter 1*
of t Official 1* a member located la Atlanta la
of Pride of Fountain
Youth Teap1e. St. Angus-
tine she till be introduced -
by Hri. Alice I.

Card Daughter Ruler of ----
Ocean Front Temple READY FOR K1CKOFF Rev. Ian don U Illllaaa .r

Fernandlna Beach. (rllllt),dlaln.. and co-chat rain, Mr. Mary Often
Guests will Include Joe discuss plans for this year' massive countjtlde
H. James sr. Dr. LeroyC. arch of Dlnea campaign which rill get underway ia
Ervln. Edward J. Norm I the very near bt.,.. Rev. lllllan la presidentof
and Leon Gonzalez. -......... -- the InternattoealLongshoremen'sA.societion for t-\:
The program will feature FIIML PLANNING SESSION --- Members of the Gen Bride Club along with Frof. MRS. I.. BOJ. the port of Jacksonville and Mra. Oreen I* a faculty :
the Maceo Choral Cbarle L. .UI1.... Administrative Assistant and Coordinator of both the special Mrketlm representative member of A.L.L..I. School. (Royal Art Photo) \
Group conducted by Mrs. even leg and summer sdiool at Board Rater College nap final plan for the for the Pet .
T.'. Dorrell and Mrs. Jan. 18 Benefit Bridge and Rust tournament which will be held Friday light Milk Co., a position Gateway Entertains Officers 7. I
rnaie Mao Pryor. the Jan. 31 at 6 P.". in Rilder Recreation Center Third and Mt. Reran its A which she has held for a ,. .J
pride of Maceo Temple 188 $1.00 inner Board Mrs. Margaret warded winners in the various conpetltive catetories.Proceeds from the affair She i* equally well known Stiff of Departnent Auitliiry ..,Off+elel Issues Call
Costello, presi will be turned over to Etc to aid student activitle,9to fro*"left are:Frof. U Jacksonville anoit a Gateway Barracks 3131 ; Mr*. Louise
dent. The Violet rioter llllamf, Mrs. Geneva. th eel er.oochat nan) and COM vice president,.bose legion of friends from and Ladle 4uilllary, Lloyd Past Department SunJ\yf Jiin 26 at 3 f, nat .
of the Temple la lacharco 1711 Jefferson St. residence was used for the meeting; Mr*. Marl B. Media, all Mike of life. Veteran of world nr I President of AuitllaryMrs. : urh.Mother Midway AMR
of decorations.Contestants project dial man and Mra.Lol Avery RandallG president Club and player Herdailyroutine evolve flared host to State Derartnent > rstelle rilson, and Ch
The Masons till
for the la this area are cordially Invited Royal Art. Photo ) around personal contact Officer of Departernt. Oilef of Staff super
vaunted most popular elth physician, social Veteran of loud tar I J.s. Irvine, 8r. who It vise spiritual serviceIn
punt daughter ruler with Alumni Officipl Rev. BarnesTo groups, the seem, radio of U.S.A. Inc. nervineas also Commander of Gateeay. the Installation of
St. Matthew co-hosts the Arch tladow All
sere JUrne .
the .Inner to to crowned and televlaioa media ,
at the clone of the eventan Will Address business concern, public Barracks 3(06 and Jacksonville The officers of Am- Beelnc Rye is the
'Vis' Orange Blossom Hampton Alumni Address Baptist Church health agencies local Barrnek 411. 111." ems Installed church' recently com'
Council" are: Oliver a leaders, relative to benefits The occasion was the separately by Its Wilson pleted Kriycatlnn "Betiding
Taylor Jr.,
Instillation at its 1463 Vm Buren St,
of officers
Usher Board
Pride of Naceo'n derived ssslsted by Mrs,
Mrs. Director of Aluanl affair Smdey ill b* observed throve location.
Grace Young Pride of the useofher for 1961 and the d,Jlea- Lloyd, The men were In*
at Hampton Instl- Rev D. B. Barnes, pastor youth Day .1 U Ira lion of
Pouotaln of Youth n Mrs. tute, will meet with the of Sweet field Baptist Mack serving *. supervisor chile here IIn.Bell 1* Color Charters and stalled by Past Commander TWO DUCKS
Ball McOlrt. Nottece Jacksonville Haepton sad Mr*. Holsendorf house guMtofold pleads Lloyd.Colors>> and Charters
Church will be principal The Ptat Department Will itch, YouA
Tc.p In'. I rD. Pearl '11. Club at 6:00: ,. .. on speaker Sunday, directing Usher Mrs. B.L Oolnea, nu mss rerreented were dedicated Jointlyby Member OfN
son; University. Ira Friday. Jan. 2.. la the Pea C hen Usher Board Board activities. Venus Bt.sad Mr. and Irs. by Past Pint CuMsnder Lloyd, A. A C P.
C..d.r Harlem'
Gladys ford, Ocean hove of Mr*. ForrestineDonalson 2 of Central CMC CllllrchIPOIIlOralt.a'r..V.hnU. At 1:30 ..*., Sunday Marshal Brown Jr., 2313 Lloyd, past Chief J.of L11"Mrs, tllson and Mr*, Jere 1Mdrt"" Tighe 1 ,
Front' Ira. A. I. Card 1654 Tyler It. n e School till get underway Janette 8U
and '.,,01 J'. Mrs rdlthMountain. The Friday sight neetincwlll Tea at 2 .... la the hone with Superintendent
be a continuation of Mr.sod Mrs Ruben Bar- R. Johnson and staff 1.
At 2 1'..., the Council of a series of planning sett. $34 Remain St. charge. The 10: 43 *.m. I 2,
sill hold Hi business eaaioaa for local Hemptonlans Program partlclpaata Conseerstlo of the FAB
IIc'"lun., with Mm. Flliabeth In preparation sill Include Mr*. Daisy Choir sad Usher Boar
Debose, Loyal for the Founder Day alker, Mrs. [sale Mae will be conducted by LII.,1I'or. .
Daukhtrr Ruler and Mrs. observance at Cbenecer Thona, Ira Henrietta In. George A.
Bernice Puxh. program Methodist Church on ,.... May Days K.N. Benjamin Frlee. f i
chulnnufl, presiding.Trichologists. 1$. sit! Dr. .. .. Stewart J UMr I ACTlYlna 19f
To .*:the principal I The Floral Club will -
epeaker* and the appearance sponsor it* tlster Tu I
Meet Sunday of the Hanpto from I until I '... U Specials Quantity
L1Nir' i PLIAK
Institute Choir on March: the hone of its president ,
Trlcholoclsts Rcautl- 01111I>II1 re00cm"e
el...' Leacue No.3' 26 It the Jacksonville Irs Ethel irlcht149B Good Through Saturday Rights Reserved

will meet SIDeh,. Jan.3B. Civic auditorium.CoMlttee \ .. .'." 'Y4; Mitchell St. '' .... ,
at 4 p.ela the hues chain appointed I : 1? ':> :.; Mr*. Ida ahellsjM el II
of Urn. Ulna Mcthlte. at the last .i..., be the principal speaker
2344 Dftwl rrlve. meeting Uclndedfcouclne. ,\ ; ( Mrs. Th.r* '. Donald, iiirr Mwcri mci riwi nw 'A' CIIUJmi
The Miss Delores Mddell. .' : litre** of eereaoile
president Mrs
CIU lei Jackson In '0. 'publicity. 'Joah' '/ .. ssd Mr*. lanai Mar- MAYONNAISE ROASTING CHKXMS
Williams organizational : } ball will with OIL
questing a full .ber- ; ; appear ,
ship attendance since coatacts.Mr Retells .,..,. ., the other srocrms prim
ushers of utmost h. 'llllMMcllilck.tertalserat ... i, '" .i clpaU.Deexwnes. OCA
portnnee will be dlseniised. Mr*. Rebecca 'foJ. J : Board 1 sill ? II M".
Martla. ticket j vn..' .. hold It. Boathlv" Mttlsc jjj-y IHllt sK4IIQI ,
diatrlbutio. Mr*. Forrestlae I,.. Myrtle Shoot** .t 130: ,. .. I* nl- Ilaomrall IgwY tau' y. 14\
Doaalsoa, placard ...Pratra OairmenMr church ..eitorlm* with 39* m .Y Vu
distribution Mr*. U,ln Phillip,
EARN BIG M>ttfY. *. Lai or Ihite Rev. 49C
"Jo*" *||Us*, sponsor Sanford Smith Md Other. ,presldtst preildUr.B1U _
...1.. end ad*. Mrs.Johststln Mr. Myrtle ,Skoote. program will Beet *t I::30
DRIVE A Tas+C host dial nan and reporter p... wit Mr*. Al lilt, ., I nun tw.oo
ease*. Ira Joyce ....- tated. I. Roblasoa. director ,. Noel 1000 sots
on. Officer and ..be,* of BresUUc.District.
NEW DEAL All >tap to.I an*, supporter the ponsori6 orgaslutlM I r.il mpoanr MfiiH1q tNt Hill
*f _..,tol. Md are: a Get Acsualtted TeaSudny 9

CABI! ,eremto of stalest Mr*. Aaale R. Leele Pet 16 fro I IKE aHtfUUM I. C. .
presently enrolled at preeldwit. Taoew Lester sail1:30: ,... U the ."A
Maatte are wind t* Jr., vice president Mlenths *. hose of Mr. aid I,..
A.ly 1115 lilts+ M. participate I* theseMUvitlt beater wooed vice Clyde "hlM. 1443 I. IWJt IKIH

*. ""14..'; Mr*. Lell Pled St., Desco ,.C. TOMATOES
Bronlig. r..r'I..ee- tlUl**, Dlllrlet leader. r pits rusts filII

I rotary Hills N. Burke, COFFEE I MJ CH
flamMtal *ecretaryEddleBnton ; A Pre>Vilel|** Tee POTATOES
ill N held rider the
,'al.; Thomas 225
4 Lewi, ...1..** ...*..r. astolee of Oaher Boar 11 u. 211.1K.
s. Mr*. .. taraett. advisor I from I Mill I ,.*. 29C
4' esd It,. i.e. Flascan. .me day Pe b. 6 I* the $ '
,..t.o,. hoe of Mil Ida &gets, 39
The public 1* invited.m 113 Bailey St.. Mrs. tAtl1 11t sIn 111I 1310.1K
e eI tarns .. IlrklM. .l*
..,. Lwrt Nt.K.+Vt71OD I TISSUE:
I ..-fershlp etch TeerFamily a ,net. rec. mama. MEAL r 1

wily .d BriagFrlecd. h, 1111 rK'I'
I a ...

j HV. TtMmu "" 29C era .i. 4
.. :
T .....- .

Aea+ew lit A6 Aga tI Lft, Ir
... :.. I.!i.r:T.:so -I 1IIIIH1 SIll nu en rlc lw IIICIt fU. HIN Asrlrt

S !:.. .:: 55 BACOMII. FRYERS
=--.=::.."':,,-.: :-,;; ROUND
eawa..w -
-..-.......-....... 49C

==;:-z:::=: == STEAK Ktsstl A *

*::* ==::.*-== f-.r:pMl-wStmZZZflSf == 67 27
l> A-- pram NAM lIKE
... .... .... .. ......- 1$.
15 ,.1-- .... n u. Rl13L
,;", Yam Te LM..i Toll t.:::.--.J:

H ........,.--....--.... 77 10
: IAMI ee.r ea e.uemrwal sere. w .ern a tar

1 masse gran
*w ..*.* :, moss |0jfr
"DANCE PARTY"IJL M,.,,, ...e.r.,-...
::.c- *"1Ir-=
z ..__ ._ *MVo
..... 1 e ,. 11. =me.ea.e:::.\::: a...ear.-.r-..n eui :ae: -.. HUN IN HU*

: ... f .. ft |A .1 ,.mama sase.em :seen fI.. / N. 39VI

Rg* pWrn pwl VM VlM'"HV

1481 ,WiK+ 14N It ..... To k ..... ......
Ia.., ....... meat 7. .. ..

.- I

.. ,;. '

J f' I\ t
I v I

MCE i mini mi rmo UTlIlAI jaaitT 25. i UU

II A & M Suffers Heided : FAKU High Joins
ToIIafcasteo News
r) i" "fiT %&:Gm> *']
National Body FAMO HIOP S LATEST' PAfc- Br* Is the latest fad

TALLAHASSEE The round tb* high schools of Tallahassee, particularly
Florida AM University Visits Southland' Wonder land PAID Riga. I don't know what they call

'I High School it oat of 'it, but they *ay It tats your ability to observe
nearly 4,000 setondary While they stag sa trtlsg, yet purely Juvenile
school enrolled la the chaat and Bake obviounovme*nts you But
1M3-M National Student "catch" soBCthlss they are doing that 1* rarely
Traffic Safety Prop at, noticed.' Even the pros don't sake the right observation -
according to tie .National on the flrat go around. Ton see they
CoBBlaaion: oa Safety coat their toe or finger wall chanting, and
Education of the National I II I- "...b.t...." or tt tat end of the chant theyoand
Education Association their knees or fold their an very unnoticeably -

1201 Ittb Street, N.I., 0.l r Chancs are yon will gneaa everything,
waablngton, D.C.Particlpatiag but the right one for several U..*. The following
schools 1* one Faults Fitzgerald ud 01.*. "Can yon
represent all of theM catch ToBBy Have you played or beard about Tceaay?
states and the District .l 1 1S ''01, you know" she laid '11". the little boy,

of OolaBbla.>> say boy, la this mew game who ruse yon inaan
At FAMe nigh, Bra. trying to gt yow to It*'observant would you like

Willie Pearl Porter, to play ToBBy with met okay, let' try. Tory
school nurse, in in ---- starts oa the little finger then b* goes Ilk
charge of the program o' till, mining troll one finger to the other. Toaay
which it destined to aid Tory, Tommy, Tony, cops Tommy, Tommy, oops
MM STAFFERS HEADED AWLf high school groups as Tory, Tory, To.,. Oh not You almost bad it.
CoBBendationa have bB they devote their ner- COB on. Try gln. It's really fun. Tommy,
.. qpr* Jr., president of lien to a critical 10eial mi FRIEZE HIT MUM, 7001-Alnoat at.--atruck this troop of Florid MIl ToBBy..... ....."
Tallahassee, from Dr. John concern--the safety University student tt Tallahassee surveys the icicle-laden fountain la a XX2XXXUXXXXXXXXXXIXXXXXUX
of university services, r and well-being of our "University quadrangle ono nornlns shortly' after the Southeast felt the inpact DEWS ITEMS:-Th* Florida Star will print mews

and AEA conference chairmen .cltlcena.In of chllllni wintry blast that mad the weather a prima sews topic throughoutthe about your club, church, civic organizations,
I of the trio of AMU tuff the spring, participation nation. Patsy Patterson of Vest Pals Beach left teat the chilled: water birth, death, marriages and any community pro
for their service M ; schools will submit with a gloved-finger. While Charyleno Long of Marlaana. Pi.., and Lena Hill 'of ject. Drop your news is the Ball toy Box 254J I.A.S
Annual Conference of the reports of their activities Monroe, da., bold palace* of the bog icicle broken fro the fountain Alice Tallahassee or call 222.3025 any day after 4 P."
p I, altos of the O'&A. ( to, the reviewof laldron, feat Pals Beach, and Marcus SB! 1th of Miami, look on in aaaxnent. WE OBfOtAL' MICSIONAXT BOaETf sponsored the lie -
educator coaltteetia slonsry bphsela Day Sunday January 211, 1984.Frograaa .
eacb atate. Outntand-' A Ex FAMUan for the entire day were very Interacting.
Why Doesn't & M's Music Dept. Schedules -
ins proirann will be Tilt was t candle light service at 7:30 p...
Have Negroes recognized nationally Jazz Concert For Votaries Visits Campus Sifter Nevada Beaaley acted M Mistress of Cere -

with the awarding of TALLAHASSCE-Thurday, January 30 tt .:00 p.m. T/IXWASSEX/ A toner Bony and generally the ltd!** took over sister
Some years ago the plagues and certifl- la Leo Hall AuIU to rill..tII. commit)**Jazxauelc- Florida AIM UniversityROTC Steele offered the prayrud sister Naoal Flawing
DUPONT ran for city politico"s cater, lover will have an opportunity to hear an out cadet colonel, now welcomed visitors and Bad tilt annouoce.ents.Greetings .
the full support'of the Corbin Tosses trading program now being readied hy the Florida 2nd St. Charles F Hob CB troll Sister Althea ChavlaaadSlator
of Tallahassee We AM University musical encrabl delgnatd at recently visited tile Dorothy Clack gave the occasion.
against him front His Hat IntoCommission the Stag Band or Concert-Dane Jazz Orcbeatra. PASO dettchient. A 1963 Slater .. Cooper Introduced the speaker who was
he had a B.8. Degree The' Stag Bond ensemble ................, gradaat of the FAMO non other than sister Dorothy Holmes who did a
I Society he belonged to, Race under the direction of ROTC Cadet Corp Lt. fin job. sisters Carrie Rosa and lisle Strong
i Ister.Last year Atlanta TALLAHWarE then\ the faynan 'D. Mlcken, .*.- the music 1* in the Hobbs completed the lifted the offering. Then there ire mart by
I Manager ran for City polls open February Is, ber of th* rAW Department popular vein with an Basic Infantry Officers' Sister Tenpl Ford. President of the General Missionary -
I assume he had the full In Tallahassee, the of Music faculty, effort being Bad not Orientation Course, port Society. Rev. Steel offered the Bene
ers"Alain we did not nM Curtis Corbln 'willappear baa been coended by only to concentrate on honing, a*. with diction. Ire tease of the program non "'ill them.
about him, but he was on the ballot the great Count Baal aa the concertlslng ofmodem honor*. After completingthe Train tb-.Use the." RfrhBnti were icrved.
r tive However, neither He believe in equality one of the finest jazz jazz susie but to bade course he Attended Weekly prayer meeting 1* held at Bethel each
won. banda in the country. perform this type of the Airborne Tuesday from 7:30: P.s. to 5:30: p...
on nil level for all
It 'was said that these .en. Ills platform In Recently, while the music 'tt its very School and was selected WOW DNT-fie: young people will b* In charge of
late Interest and to let centered around lowering fanou jazs band leader bt. Consequently aa an honor graduate of the *rvlce*. Rev Henry M. Steel will conduct
I Structure" know that stasis Tallahaaaee, set students may exploit Airborne Chas Number 12at services throughout th* day Young Steele 1* a
I and that they had better bets of the rAW Stage their talent in the Port 1111I la.. student *t Moreoonae in Atlanta He in dynMle; and
or we'll get a little Band fit in oa jai *..- various treat of arranging While at FAMO.Lt. Hob should b* an inspiration to young and old alike.
our city governnent, sins with the Bail aggregation eiteaporlz- waa the cadet battalion Tom'l l .ism a treat If you don't, attend tt least
representation and rehearsed tloa (ad-llbblns), and eosaiander t member of one of the services.MISSIONART .
Corbin is running and under Count' baton. jazz ensemble pi.a/lag. the football tea of IOIIIIROPn. OMeral Missionary

era" say ,they are not At Florida AM, along Nit Thursday evening's which he use selected Society is spoasorisg a workshop fro. a a. .. to
It Is being said that with other musical concert will provide "th most valuable B P.B. January 23, 1M4. Everyone i* invited to
la this election. .that t. organisation, such aa unique eipoiur for Jazz pla/er" la 1935. a ...- attend.' Bring your lunche and Iwt'i have a grand
I that a "good" white i the Marching 100 &.- enthusiasts to hear some ber of kappa Alpha Pal get togthr.
If Curtis doesn't run.. phoaio and Concert Sends excellent music la the Fraternity, and a aubr
ported by a "white Choral Socletj.ROTC Band moods of each Jazz of other campus organisations. TALLAHASSEE NTS MANTEL
split the vote and and Bran and Percussion '.rea t." ts Count .
white nan. that Corbin b..bl...tile Stag Band Baal, stag Kenton, Lt. Hobbs, a dlatlagulabed TH Em Ctth JrffiH Tki FLHIDI Sill

.that he la neither provide a laboratory Quincy loses, Woody Herat military graduate Apply 2J17 SIN
surance nan nor experience for students an, Duke Ellington accepted a Regular IT rm 222-3625
cialite CURTIS COWIH la till media of, Jan Maystrd Frguaos and) Army coMlaslon ia tile
Those things are utility rates, netting music.Stage. may others. The concert Military police Corp lUIITIOIS MEN III VINEN
Band Director will be open to the upon graduation. R* ispresently International Maaoaa a Eaatera Star i*
else too.
thing Important
up Biracial Coaalttee,
looking for with leaderahlp abilityto
of Tallahassee. Mlcken point out, that public visiting laTallabaaaee person
wn betutlfylni all city
with his bead up ..U. la their communities.If .
City Commissioner, and : park Includlag public State Music Educators' Clinic
wife, the toner Miss you tr* honest hard worklig aad later
why can't he stimulate rtrocfl, cutting down Acclaimed Successful Event Barbara Joyatr of *ted is a bright financial future writ:
people downtown to think on truancy problem, Crystal River prior to Ittmatlontl P. A.M. Mona Easton
TALLAHASSEE highlight of the Florid Sttt
equiliiltg eplojBntopportvattlM '
ferent now??? There is his departure to bit ttetgaaeat Stan
election we are sure of for all Nutie Educators Aaaoclatlon aeeting bar January It lermasy.Georgian 2101 Orttlot Avanu. DwU S
Corbin in not an"Ideal r r'oll' oa the city U-ll was till anneal clltle concert Thursday Detroit 7. Michigan
level and equalising evenias la Lee Hall Auditorium Joins
Tb eoacert featured ..................
Iwav..rmrsl5ar.reeeri.i.arm .. fair treatment for til
by: city law offlclala. 'lens Trots Artl.tll,1t conpeoyltg. Concerto Excrpt FAMU Faculty STO PFALlINONOW !
Mr. Corbln baa bees a talented voeslandintruaental *. from flrelg' TAUHAflsa .. Carl Eugene
preUatlig the llvlni trio of ... 'Toacerto In A list Nadron. product HAIR c
16," by M..* In... ;
condition of kin fellow ben of the FAMU lisle Q) oftheiacoa. son, publicaid .
pitao soloist; and parochial schools "
citizens la Leon County D.part..t. Neabere of "estker's"SAVE
Tchaikovsky s 'TbcrtoMo. aid former Bbr of the _
for years but k. baa the group are Miss Charlott t
1. B Flat ainor" faculties at Fort Valley
Just decided to try to Oil. aid Ira.
i. Robert, pianists. "y Mra. Robert, piano Stat med Albany State "
do sow*thing about the*. IT
Me wants aid deserves tad Mrs, Rebecca w. soloist. alleges hen joind the
the support of all the Steel. BCUO topreno. The concert was sided Florida AM University

citizens of Tallahmaee.KUZZIN'S Part one through four with a group of three modem foreign leagues .A, n_ ....... ..r ...
1sa.aaaaSae. spirituals. put, **ve*. faculty tail trimester ... ...
..name-ale s.---was au w w of the prosreu Included: .r -r h4 .-air
Handd'a "Art Dl Po' melodies: vy Father as II Itttrietor .. SI ,.,... set a..ls ...
,--- -- ---------- ------ lta froa "..d.- Took a LI.IIt.to Manaey; ,"'"*. I..,....It't A. aware a.r1 ...
ena." ile.'s Got the whole .. ......................
I .iato, ant by are. A mauve of Mecca the .... .... .
I MUSIC BOX lorld i* Ml. Haad." -- e Len' .dnA
1 Steel*.with rise lutes yotBff .tnotor attBVd ....... ... air
: YOUR RECORD HEADQUARTERS t. accompanist. Motart'a goad. **d" 11" om. th* St. Peter Clever .. aim .. _..-.. ....,..
1i "Ah t You Jlral'j. kits Jesus Gaul sat School and mesa graduated
327 'K rth Macomb Street AT LIAOINI( COIMmc COUNTLRsI
; Maa, .'," lilt Chop 11.'.'>'III Mr*. Steel.with Mrt. fro Macoa'a Ballard sir ew...i awe'larf T's..sues lIP
i GOSPEL BLUES POP JAZZ i Tfoctirs" Op. tl. c> Robert taacccvpsBlit. 1.4Ioa Nigh School I* : : ':' N.awmeeaIanMe.ee.s.mEsthei's
liner cola performed caned the a.A. degree
I 45 s LPtJ II by Lisa Oilee; 'Pac.. THE PEOPLE from MorehotM: Collegelalt Beauty Aids / -:.
Face Ito Pie ironVertl'a SPEAK OUTI St.
I ,, n KUZZIN'S FAN CLUB! I 'Tt Forga del -

I Dial' 224.4SU I Deetlae"by atr*. steele .
I 1 Personal
ran-51 R em1 iml a1 alai ml -mil a1-eel-aml mete- --eel-me m1. with Ira. Roberta M. till SNOIWIFI



.. .....-.... .......--
------- --
=--=--: '::::.::;;,.,,: ::::
..--..-,,-..-..- -, 50c
- --
r..s -
;: .
= se e;
|. ton! r.t..S. MTMI lieu
I. rnnnn hi..*.....i su **. na sir.anm ,+11II

.\ ', .. \' 'I r ra

.. 1 1T



\ : :: : ,. OOSTELAWES


Beef at its Best aN' KA1ARET



r t f I

SiTltllY .I1IBAI1 25. 1SS4 rietui mi 'WEI mu

I County Recreation Department Reschedules Roller DerbyARamaTwice -

I Hurdles. Another Barrier. Talus Inks

Hayes- Ties Short Dash. MarkLOS .1 Pro Contract Postponed

AMGELKS -- The ut eockly-predicted TALWAS8EE Jla Tullit. .

'world' fastest knell that ho would break the 62. 204-poiad Events Scheduled

," Bob Hayes added' W 100-yard nlnt-aecond Quarterback of the

another distinction to barrier thla year during Florida MM University

his already incrediblelist the Olympic Games lo Rattlers has stgatd a For February 1 1st
of feats here last, professional football

Saturday when bo tied Another Floridian John contract with the world lain, for the tteoad cltair. .. Bob Harris.

the oft-equtlled world's fennel of Miami bolderof champion Chicago Rears consecutive week, csusedpoetpoataest Lea .Merrett Fletcher

60-yard dub record of 5* the world's outdoor of the National Football of the pa- Morgan aad O.K. Stokes

'.0 seconds during the polo vault standard of } U..... val County of Recreation have proalted to be on

fifth annual Los Angeles 17-fttt TSUI'S, 1 K American inch broke la- Tbe 23-,." old What, Departaeat'a Roller bend to award ribbon to
Invitations Track and BOB HATES door Bark of M-feet 0'{ art major was drafted Derby--A-lass at North the respective first

Field Meet. dash mark of ',2 secondsby : while another ai a future choice by western High'a sos pared three place wlnnera and
The brilliant Florida a tenth of a second IoU Oeleee and tilt Rears la 12. He track thus cassias De* the haadsoae trophies.

A&N junior who shattered last surer in St. Louis Mlealen. third led the Rattlers la pithiest officials to ta be gives by Radio
tie for
the world's 100-yard Mo., confidently-bot Tan at 1361. F passing, total offense ttt BeUrdey sensing Station SOBS and the
and posting last tea Feb. 1 aa the new data Recreatloa" Department.illla .

Gaither Cites BOB. Coach George Hilaa for tbe activity. Martin. popular
Tenn. A & I Cagers Edge
deejay at SOBS will
hat Indicated that ht Tbe aoratag lens pro

New Grid Role Canisius In Final Period Drive _itw *Wb : will use halfback Tulllt as a defenalve range graa will of nests set ap for a wide boy a aonlea.Tho serve .as aaster of cere-

TALLAHASSEE Florida BUFFALO N.T.-B1.I Bobby Efeoada and' little Bill Tallls will iota ..- and girls raaglas ta ago evicts art open to

AH University's Coach Bradley teased up to live Tennessee State aet Rattlers tlllle oallaore trop I years and rider roller iktttrt oa teountywtdt

Jake Giither applaudedthe burners a 18'" ooae-fror babied victory om Ca* and Itllle Leo when be through 16 ye art.Duval basil and the

new football rule nltiit College five hire last Saturday ..Ilbt.e goes to the Btara' Couaty Coat It* first portloa of the

announced by the NCAA .- Rhonda wheeled around ....................... training caap this stoners Jallta lar,... program will get underway
Coaaltttfe promptly at 10 s,..
Rules laatweek.
the key for 29 saw a desperate Flak .r tuaaer.TALLAHA88KK.

point to lead the way University rally fall

'1 aa well pleasedwith to the Bit Blues' tblrd short as Kentucky State ARTHUR ASHE JR., the first aeaber of his race to Gallimore's "Greatest Thrill" I

tho decision of the win of the week, but riwed tbe Bulldogs 88- ooewote with the U.S. Davis Cup tenals teas, brokesoother

NCAA Rule CoMi ttee." Bradle,' lout range 74 in the opening ..... barrier last week -hen ke ranked among the -- 'I, were la after gtttlsg foot ball.1

be said. Adding, be string suite overhauled The contest Barked the top 10 la the Man'a Singles Division of the United greatest thrill and most past the Packers." he 'It was the flat defesstve -

said: 'It's a coapro Canlslu 34-10 hairtlve. return of Johnny Me* States Lava Tennis Association the, Oil time
eicltlag moment of the said nescrlblas his27yard pity of the
alee for coaches who lead for the eleventh Lrndon.TcnnMset State's ...'. singles champion of the American Tenets AI.IOc1aUoa. past foothill messes touchdown ran, liars that beat the

wanted to return to free win In fifteen starts foraer senior, as bead was lI.t.d No. I by the 08LTA ratlsgoovalttee. was ay 27-yard TD gallop he said: "1... going .Hew fork Giants la the

and unlimited substitution Lost Monday sight the coach of Kentucky State. A native of Sid aond, Va. the 20-'.... "
\ against the Sties lay for a first down ot a thaaploashlp gaae,
and those who smallest man on the With McLendoa watchingthe old Aahe Is a junior at VOA. Packers, eulpptdIllle third and use at teat Ion. dttlartd the Bears'
favored a rule that 5-8 senior leLudol.coacb.d
teas guard Otlltore, tilt I jwaptd a pile ef flashy back. 'Vur plans
would force coaches to tbe Hunter led Southern's
Bradley paced BigBlues'
Cobras Cage Mastery
fine running back of the Packers, saw aa erasing were to get to Y. A.
use players who could with 2) points as Jaguars 9741 at latermisslon. *
world chaaploa Chicago ud went all the way." I. Uhf the Qltatt'
play both offense and Coach Harold Hunter' Southern's
Voloslj. 106- 76
ly Defeitk.1 Bears. The leans morn II.,, quartsrhsch."Tbe Man
defense crew ,snapped a tbr.. coach Richard lack, was
The ei-Mttltr great allaort figures that woa the lane 1410.
The new rule permits game Jim by cracking also couched by McUndoa DAYTONA BEACH-fllbst Junior College eoitlauedto
was spilling before his knees will be la Other OKRittltrtvlsltlag
coaches to und in aa Southern llllnola 93* and served as his ee* aelitala its ...tt" of other junior colleges
aearly 10 boosters at a top shops by the sad of here were
any aa 11 players at It ia Crbondilt.wtllle aistaat at Tennessee la the basketball world bj tuning back Voluala
dlaitr for the ei- this ._er. .He had both halfback lob Pareaoreof
any tine the clock laatopptd. Porter lid id* State, lid be assisted County Co-auntty CoU.... 108-79. here recently.
send second IB addition. .. to. giving .UU.hUUUUU................. Rattlers It pro' ball laces operated oa .e- the It. tests Cardlatlt -
They can << moods shared the Hunter for a year before
paint averages.Volusia'm vliltlig lore it Plorldt -- slag the II aeaaot, hslfbtek At
in two players at anytime scoring sport with 23 taking over the Jaguars'eage the Cobras a 3-0 FJCAA
Frank Hit 4aM Pnlvenlty. 055 order to sake fro Frailer tad halfback
chill took game highpoint According to Oallaore, football you moat have Htwrltt Discs of the
The All coach said end of the first half doubleheader was billedas a 5-2 over-all record,
honors with a the Green Bey gaae was, .... re. love for U* Denver Broaeos, aid
staple application of Bradley bit a pair of a 'coaches' boas this marked the 40th
total of 32 polite. Helot the big ems for the gate, pottttlality, tad tackle Peter Livlsgitoaat
would sad For- ooa.. because Tennessee's victory la 42 JC
the sew rile charity tosses gases
Volusla rolling lathe Bears ".. figured weLl good eoMklag." be ,llowed. wheel tag. test, ,.. ,
eliminate the confusion ter scored with a book bead coach Hunter for the Cobrat Tbt na
first halt by teaaIng 011, fool playComissioi of the Batted L"U"
of the old rule to as the bas u er sounded and his aasistastRichard tion' a only JC teas to
with Barnet faahUgtoa -
coaches and officials. to lire Ttontsste a 41* Miller like bo nuked for three consecutive to prodioe 12 of Billet Tiitiy, Rut.ckh lltlll Gill

Coaches can use their 44 la ten last on sargiLSouthern'Illiaoir Southern's head coach years ."..

two wild cards to get Bas Hack and aaalstaat John the XJCU's top tea of. -Voluala'a olata.Adaas. 43 first bait Projects I. Various Arm Top litlig1HA

specialists la the game lukis.ledlanky Lloyd Brows were McLosdoa Pensive tests, the Cobras and Hunter were an-ft. Oaaeaadrreleased .reek later Pita CoaalesloaMaclset

he pointed Stovall made It a trained. have lost oaly to
at time
any Jilt w potent for' Olbbaicoriag II ttrkeyt taII Comely ta Jaaiiry lull Hilt latht

out. cllff-haaier throughoutthe Mickey Wright Rooeewlt JC (1960), and 3S of the Cobras iiltiitlag a pregraaIB to restore at wild birds flaal football retort -

.It plan to continue second half. Ittook"Porter's Haartoa Ie ('IHJ), This 14 polsts. Ad... scored that area, woordUgiger I ht Northeast ftegloaa Mrs of tie HAM llll

with our p resent"syeU'a juap to Readies For year,two Air Force tease 22 Foists before fcailtg Iraitley .oodaoi.tobediled Aeditltatl releases .rti football at aeon, Htssls*

of three balanced knot the game with two whipped tbt Cobras. Mac It Ue But fit i weeks
out it the first half. tippl toeettoasl College
units" be said. "Weatteapt minutes and 29 seconds Golf Action Dill did It ",11. aad Nester 14 polats andCiptala Ooodsoa said. greiit of ..................... Delta Devils lite Baa.Itilitippl .

to develop rtatlalsi lad he Iced 'Ted Bundti McCoy eked oat t 79-77' Curtis Inkston't I beat aid I tr I fobklers ease parts of the teaatyla 1. "......

specialists for each the tut with B pair of trees golfers compete victory last week 13 were the till be releaeed U suitable ter ttr>tyt, tit felleeisg ratligtaoM
.salt The Rsttlers' charity throws with less Coach: Korean Jackeoa'a Iou la spite of tht fait thai
la fllibe site tidily tepiritedtreat small
for the first tine oa"Shell's cogs mmefftasive alleges lathe
three salts have been than a minute to play ffttdtrfal plat-it ted guards were aachlatry daring ta the ...t,. Tbo Boat left beta artttatfor satire sables: fifth
Baaed after their Last Thirsday sight tat shooting beroet ta ialtlal s ....., of ,.....
world of Oolf" tau the second hal f. release was viewedby IB the wiles la ttaapaaelig
aotto-- "Blood Sweat week porter wore out the hat been Ue case many a .t istereetedaportaaea. The atteapted reetorsttMof
Mickey .,..U. probablythe with aa average
Iud Tears.* nets in I...' a Little tlaea tala teeeoa.Jasper State VisitedBy ne Iteer slid. tirkeyt by ifetockttg
...blr one distaff 174.1 yards per gate,
I la 17 .Nustertie I 10" freeb- U taU.'" 5s.
Coach neither la serving Oarden peering will prebsbly be
golfer IB Ue world, opposes Rare Species mi thlrtyflrit. (list)
his third ten oa points to pace the Brigltte V area got, a sa guard from St. sad tree .1"1..... It '.'.", hat It jtitl- IB ".. total .u....,

the anise Committee of Hunter-coacbid crer to arousing Petersburg, and RsyAdaai From The AIr tail.Ooodsoa. Hed ay tie bet thai ttt
Teesells load
best at Prilrltttee
one of Europe s ,
the American Football I1J-I4 declsloB the I'll" St. furtbtr stated, ..... Coaaty area inhabit
CUbe de Golf do IstorUIB TALLANAStn itrangeelsitars la time passlai of
Coaches Astoclstios over Batoej RougeLoulsl Petersburg tophtaore Twrltyt tied It rt* rep reeettt ttt Iw
aoaetlae feast dime
portsgsl. The filmed fly to tat rated ,
The AFCA can only recnmead ....baa.d Soetbtra Uilvenlty. guard, totted la M and Florida' ttoellii are trapped lyCaaalisloa gent staple trial of eau
It-hole, Bedel-play Mtcb especially da Ttiai sVMtkera rtted ..
22 pouts respectively tUtktd tsrkey bill k'
rales or peraeaasl fro .
new will be televised IB rise Ue witter aoatae, sad h..... Ittlt |].
changes la rules to the The Tenateeeelottbtragaae color M "IC-" Sueday.Jaa. to aalitili their 20 The latest af theee area did oaatala largo Is Plertda.

ICU Rules Coceltttt was till eeeoad part 21 (I.I .. .. EST) A & T Hugs feathered tourists it a tortes poteUtleas. bat
for actloa. of a dowbleheedir. which wild for virjeee reaaoai iro CALL Po 4.4511 FOR
with a... ..ra.... Bad twaa tptadltg the

corn Rogers as toms.. S1-SO Clot lea enter oa Lake SvataoleIB sot tvalUblt feroabllibaatlig. Pt4W4l fWl MUVIIYIMM
Hey art trapped
ts to re. Us Apilachee tlld*
Will Til UE III
llfe.... Ares It the early ao-tUg tad
Ilse fright, receatly .. .
I Ladles Ofl Norfolk Stilt, sealed la Jitkita bought. by at rpl arc U Itreletitd
Ton Seek the Beat teeterthta elected to the
I II Hall of ,.... Is Ctitty.Aoeordlai. OB their let
TOOT Doctor Presefbe.' pat a nt.... t. e. The "
n....-u.. wlaser of a. Att College AI.... last to tayao fcrIV. ratio ktfcre light fall.
get Experl.i
PbaraMlsta U." WooefiOpta Cftaa* week avtaged aa earlier tlldllft Mtiogltl Ceaalnlei llelegUU LL SEASONS ICE a l FUlL' CQ
..Accor believe. tit lilClit U
At Beef klooalla sad wee the defeat by edgtsg the lame ssd fresh Islet ........ An o "........ .'L. rMovcti
.. Oaly last Pith Cooalttlti, the I
Ladies' POA
Or. ...r. Mast hitch Kite CtllegtSpartaas
Osa1141/t+ it ....... Witch till ClemHUN
Proprietor r1. year fer the fourth ".10. la t teas to be twhlitllag

flaw she attired 14 CIAA Basketball ,... .... However, ., . ..

totnaaeatl It 1MI sad hers at the Chirlti dot It the esrlieeo tf I. REV. LAMAR
Mama PHARMACIST TO snvi TOO the bird It bat beet toIttelblt 117 M
woa t total of .11...-* Moort ''''111_. I C

A COHPLETt LIMI Of LGZh see rttordi oa the Here that 1. 000 fit. to ttttbllib HiUI III Illllllui .

.....' eireolt. tree foetus ne bird I 2I < (
Ooeaetlee < Ceadla uadrte Belt eltateeed ,.. tllffbister
For tat fourth straight It gray It ttltr lad ; "ICI N mm trC tilt
a tight defes*
very largo with aa eat! JI
pear she wee Beth the sire straggle wiles tee '

fare Trophy let beet the lead haste ..... ailed weighs of IIpeuadt | Lie lot tafferUrlUI*
.. of .
tad .
Store a '
Drug oootlaMorai* Sal tttEaharlaa 11-tlatt U tat Hill Seed .......
oil ,..t. The vltl
Award for tip sews slashes ., play over 2111ItOI [ 40 UT. ...... awl Iso

ol fer ef the ..... sir It a jtfitllo tr II ..
The CtMteti Power
nrM a* Vlnttlast (
l 111? IlltS lUI U 1-1171 ..-...It ud all aetttUia 11
Miss nrttfet baa she hid detested tie lot If Prayer, laarti*

tare sect at the ... tgglet U Htrftlk the Itt tie* flaoaotaaill Beetle)*! Isle BO loeo lo lilt lit cliff
.1 d.Then .
.... oaatoar titles la ... be fa re, jotted off two pout ..... ...... ii's ... C,tad tat till**. ... .....
sicN a,
tasty* aad It the ",. to aa >! lead tad bell la Amities I. Odd MMfMtlIt CUM ply fer lie** M

rttt OM 11th .....'. It tftroaHh Met of ... II Pill tweet torts II all aataa4 r has t.*p lit li lard lost
a.....' ....,.... (ht first Massa. fat the ...tll.. mess -- AT' N 14 *V I ere to see If*.

,ta B |.*.tlM tutor at the ant rare oslauljr latfifi: .
and.... a taorttn rally
Vf oittMt tn....., t-H- W
4 the Uslea Cpei dIn t4 sued tho lap it swam lease art iboftotoot I 01 cleft CM+ III' ,herr tw1 .....".. UIU

pleesaip1 Mr MUtt tea-fMitU at 1M eel ef flytM o4 .. .e .eiideeceoee {*N tvt II n*, IMAM miM.. He" fill "tl' 7s

t P,..... the half Wind ol 21 .lag MH* of all Perthiterlttt Man's. Days (tic MI T<*( Ajmii it am.f (
Distil it a UI1,. re- II .
lavwiloMtpMdsallt topafOwM
tart ..... lylti tear ne AlII. teat antedftr flight *fttl Mo lot Are Numbered. today. tad l L$l acs The Da/lMMd. rg

,.,tl.I. itlattltoeoet. 0oo. attt LId lift Oitlste4 it IM Kilo '.*.'. .... IFS Isis 1 B>. fiareitwff..ollOtM afi44 .UlC

It ht unto !. Mo hall .att. aehrrw per Mir, SMM aroof laIM Mro4" Peels .. for H || ...... PlMf fWI If JAOMWUI.f .

tree-Used filrtayt.levated feoel tMbeted a .. ...> 4 lef baa tlW (
LEARN A TRADE bens ttrtB iromml tea IM Tovrt ors laws a* ta
at' severely IaN end Mrlat .....,. Ibo Arttli elFilo Mdrirolf ftf Hot Totr tirtiUair MI IBB BOT lINt I II. I MM C
...".,14 '''.'. 14 ..
o nag tart af>... ,
tarti' UtlWW titter to fir Itl.,. Ho
Sli Skirt llsy'
ta Uses ma* af' tart nod ..I.... is) s lPtlltloai ( Mo aaartof lama. Bean M I* war W Mrs. (
florid 3.1KW
heather UH irttttiiimaalt tit.... tteltHO* aoatb u WW JfWaWtTHnaf f sank aad Haaf ... I .*.... 144 I .|**.. r
li MifKtil .salt) ir. orolo to4 Bf | flalae for
lie a* .... ... tt. lisle feM ills i 0r. M lime f .. Isis for Its oMio *. ,
ten ..... sw)4 ftAaral ,... '
For i uuimE1ACKSQMYILLE wild deli. FT* It M. latt. oltft trot*. U*. URM ..... Jests bye aa4I
IM.U.S fill U whoblttlso4 ..
I I lossy ..... a M4 loelf sass lo lite* C

.Sent.... aall lo .... RtePtt1..35 ; 'freer *e* too aao I* lal4 tar*.* IM ar (
MJ ,...
IsTeW m1105 Ind sN .. tlI s .........,..... f
MMH COIL[lE IMC SOW*9 fllflM ,.. .*. W::=:. -.Ulm- 1I. rlstf.idB61t | rtealU M 9 <*r fhM. P9 told *

...,..iki 0.511.. .cI,.. '
$30 DAVIS ST. et BteverIISISIimiE it111i/ J MM. UawM. ........ b loaloro
$055.. ITCft. 1511 4,5s'rla (
.- I Htf LMI sMW
IlK Aft e.......... .sw ....,......grd.. SAVINGS BONDS tMlf. fatter 4af* Is tte ,

I1lftll 4.d..v'1. gtMSS.... sac,, > M s.. w

SMC I*** l.*r.a I II.


{ 'f'j' j TT'a

ME 19Tuesday rLH11i sill PIPED SlTlltlY JIIIIII 15. IHeIi
Muling About PeooleMn. 1 I Lionel' l ine' Still, Is Stilled l First Bom -Hotting '

I Johnalt M. Beard, tires during the Chrltt-
The Klrerlt Chrlttiti
and Baringt Cltb will Toner Juon, BO* rttldrat > all o U"a,.. To Nightly' Services
of Dttrolt. KJeb., She reported Mule
tt baring
ant Itottday. Jan. 21 at Mother
lift tbt oily Catherine Ander
Thursday ta tajoytblt ttty la the Nortbtttt
S p.i, la tile hoi of ses of PaUla
orelm after city It
visiting city. Mrs Beard waa unity ...
Mre. Oltatha $Banders, 'bar Bother, broth, socoepn f tel by her ton, tcrt for sv. holding nightly Peat a-
: nil W. lilt St. slates and costal urvtces.lundaythrough
otter vela Cliff tan. .ottb when
.............. Club. IDO. _Fro,d 8aturday--at
Hooleninay Rehearsal Slated Pi rat Ion Teiplt, B2Sf.
1%. nnutl eleotion of It bat e
Girl Scout Cadtttit .. Monroe St. Elder A.
and troop leaders who bare. officers of tilt Bt .pp..r.
reglattrtd for tilt Hooteotnay fabeduled for tit Benedict Ladies Attilllary attloitlly Mill putor. announced.
(Ural Air StitiOD, art urged to attend tile toon No. 120 Kaigbtt of Huptoa. tad The leetlogtt which
reaearesl session tt tor Saturday. JIB. 21 at 12 Bt Jobs will be held trt here la tsrt tt 8 p. .. will

o'clock noon In Bt.PauI ADI Church,13th sad Myrtle, SundeyJan. 10 tt 4 p... torlna continue through Sunday.
Mrs J.E. Davis scout ...outh.. aDDOUlO.d.BLVIR la Hafr 1 Funeral Row night Peb. 1.
ti/dltorlui. .. ... .

I,.. Georgia Collins '' ANI \ 'T
( '
W' 1
pretldent, it urging all I
\ [ ST. SL\fOODS\ .eettrs to ttttnd. .}

.. . i
..TNI MrUrt uiONT*r.MAHtt-.roil kUIMT*wee..M" MtKMMVIUIM SM/Mtf... BEAVER Aft EV ( 2631 spent tbt recent boll
2677 W.
days IB tUtti tltb her M I 't
M tale W.MV. ./ *e *- dtugbttra tad children rw'iltil SV4'' J,4'
j.-M.. Mrt Mlldrta talker and L r WHET APUTMERTS

Ttart.Pit I M SpcWf-CiM Fit I Sat M M+ft II I rJL Mrs. Henrietta OawsoaJonet "JAOCSXVILU'I
*o is ta laatruo- FINEST

-BEAVER Sf. SEAFOOD DOOD IT AGAIN tor tt Liberty City Bitenttrr 11 _,........... --or: Z tO. W ,...$11.5) ML.
School ';'';;'" ATilt FUR> ISHIP RISIDIMT4U
SHRIMP'BLUES Mrs. Dtwtoa) reported LIONEb 8.- SAM Ditoo Ro..

hiring I wonderful tit*. Me. 26. flrtita of Colin Co. 7 reported to t call tt O 91757. OfOSin DOUOIAS)
LIMIT L$. DiJLIVI CQi 4 u. 'I00 The .. Wednesday. afternoon tilt oar of the dwelling ANOUIIN !2)4DOL.
city's old inset), was reluctant to allow an larretifttlon IT'S NEW'
CIVIL la the bulldlai'i tttlo. Howerer, discovery cf the
LOWERSKy boring the In the Attlo resulted In Itt being retired IT'S 11111 lEI!

.. $419 r..... SERVICE j Itt .... Brown waa booked la city jail on a charge .14' "OiM"/ BIwD OIL.ZIII'
?, I EACH Ky Wt* 691LI.. aid to also of loonahlae and tee released under ':SO bond. "'5t "(\ B.u10INCr.ot l
for ..S2. BOTH JTEMS $3.00
noxiN : JOBSOuELiriTIMI (Photo by Prwraonl
Club tad
TROUT TURTLE J I which seen ca. KX305.:"F.:*. c...*. ST4.
Meeting Fund Raisina Jan. 31st
will bt TIOX rcnou: 2t.L834oU.I .
19ctll -
:;:NA LI. 49' STEAKS To Train and Now Women for I aorthwett Urban leagne, headquartered ceeeWlly) la this roiunity. -
civilervice I la Hew York ca..ersJillIII
$ HUT lUll ZxtmlnationiPayuHljhu I mi.'S City.
puss CLAW CAS ..lAT. ... ..........' ".J-J-f 1,20 Lewis J, Carter Paecu* /
HUH CLAW CIAS riNCIII .. ..... ..MPMCMIII. tire Director of the
KINO CIAI 11.0..J.kt. ... ., ...aKING $92 MAID Jobs. local league, Indicate EARN BIG MONEY. sAlt or "i ANAS'' HMO 0108141.I4JG .
: ttt .;;'t4.e";
Cl to 10 [ 'S01401405 ON TI80t.IN1,
LNt .. . .a |." PM KIN TO START Fart "" that further Inebriation
pertaining to the fund 'LOOIt-?AWLU. RPNTAL.RI.

FPISM CAUGHT SUCH WMITINQ . LI. Ole aft, YOUR MIIINT JOS issued shortly also aprospectus USED VALUES IH HCH MUE1s
L..... WEST COAST HOt MULLET 4. 4 lit. $1.00 I KNIT TRAININO. U.f.CITI1 ,
To MS tk will be itdt available NEW DEAL sIN. ., ArP9PNIC SPHMTR' ,.\\It-
UUCI KID lASS 01 BAKINO ... .LI. IS. I vas ron ONLY.PULL.INPO0NATION., I. Tlckttt '-. soon to girt the cttlfunery LiTtt. Emr, MAMMONR,
I soon v0U1HM.I, IMP ADOMII TOUT 210 Lost of Jacknonrllle THOMAS, AND LOlltI" $23.00
-![* [! lit WBWJ flU MfT SPEtWl- I CABI I
hat IM tut*.. OM M W.I MMIMMID I TlAlIIlIIO BV.I N.Y. a closer look at local I II' Den E*SY TU.... OtN Lt*.
IMCKIO SHAD riuin' ..... "' .isIMOKIO re f
A ificiAi meeiNMTteM Kin PL*. I MASTER BARBER .. 359637.Hughes .
IJI8E SMem SiIiMP...HfIT n&M THE aYEN II........................... I BARSER SHOT, I

FRESH SMOKED CAR.1-0 RIIS lb.PQu I IT. Oil )uTI."........... I EL 1'17. AM [
meeiNMTTeM' ueiM v < I Cmwelljiif
I LI ScONII' *' .
I CITY................"." ; EDGEWOODMOTO

PLUM CAUGHT CAUGHT SMIIttMUBIKH DIUM LI. 29''C I II I STATI.........."........ ... "I..t.. : ::1'"' COUP fill) tint
q.".."..525.......n.. :
HUH CAUGHT MO INAPPU U. Mt Pw0.1..u....... NEW BEAUTY "' ,, ,... ..'. Inv Spa Fir lisiitssCliH Plymouth & Valiant

BAROER tJ1uN0e It "" aN CnfsrtiWiXlclHlttlS Slllliii -
AT 0. >324S (
Ktw t Usd lij KM

BEST VAHTEO I I I II It i lay, 111r Mull

__ t> SALESLADY. UXJ1BC. CATTFl-: PerreN ,.,.....

BUY tIT HAVE. .,3u Director 5111 KINGS, IDA
1411, MAIN.' / Drbm Lrtme aeco pll htenta BS.mi\ Uinni an 1211 SAN MARCO UTI.
_. and future pale.
rag tit further states that PRIME PO 5S4Hfbrsii J5J-2I24
HAS Two tilt cited to which the
league ''acksIhBlt. Call I. IIbr OeSaotntfona.F
FOR RENT. t can sprats uc-

Nt I '


tosEwooo t\
Of CALL Ml. ) .
1 lItI110f TI

sun eel
Yw COM Mrfw Mile,

00.751 r THAT COST* *,.... 2x5,030.130 Mt. OwER sAri SAL
-.c.. D. CARR ..AL TOIl! utt .MAIN. Stint PHONE' *
Jergens 3U-X04. .


U4Wtle1nu i CoiuMticM ROUND

.- Soapfor All-Uadlra. Hair rrep rntlorw SALE '



Ut JoTh ......-.... ....-..Prn.rl .tor WlleleMIt lOX STEAKS 'nofw4si,
-.- e ........ a S....... I... C ,.... BOX Of 49
.o Iht. and Joffrrw Strt.tn Fl 6943: .......,. .c. ... sh 10 -



LI. 2Sc LL 29c

Limit 1 bag per customer at this LOW PRICE
LIW.. rvA, TT teAH*

r STEWIHG HENS 2 mA 1 00

51..IMMT M i Mars e>4 ttj i iniwocrr


w r0 BACON 3 Ln 1 ooBOATLOAD

Ja.c "f'f'f'f' N-ri eH4
.ge/e peel Aeaw Lr rIU$ sale SALEBANANAS
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IIewMTwwthbea+"I"i r .wer..wree.tar04 0Aresw
.., Aa.ee Lee aw l ..... .. Sc
1 Tim Ii-lif III Silirln

\\r: IPsNM Levee I WesMNIPA1 Goliath and the "SINS ofAPYLON"

4.1015 elWns tKll I" TN in itM sut N MI nU. ON Ild. t.T' .