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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
m_ .___ "
I" : : 1 Yo -


JuJlSIH' ,
r I t'.lens. ot nod' I

: II' Jt\ltJrJ." J.

: 2nd Mass Polio Vaccine Dosage Schedurd11dax ; / lit

. . . . . . . . . .



* *.* . ,. = = * * *



J Parents Stay * * * *. * T.I 11-.'. 42 mum amit u, 1114 15 CENTS

Fa to re S it-Ins County Gives EWC $25,000


1 Aufuatlne ttcnafera.. who

i lav lees under custodyfor ADMITSj

the last five- Month

for hiving participated

in ft Johns County tltIn GRANDSON j

*. w.ro released fro

I State refer school .- ... ... ... .... .... ... .... .... ....
Tuesday on orders frtfB Head Blow;

,F the Mat Cabinet. "' : Get Your "
"I'll Kill Y
The four two toys and ,t. Caused Death 0 I
: to drill hod ben held

in state ndioola at Marl- Of VaccineSunday
anna and Ocala nine Baby Boy Billy Ball Vows

August Prior to that .. ...., The grsndtatherofaser.
tlao. they had btcn held born baby boy whose body
Ball of Bishop Ball
I, Illlla "BiUy" son
was uncovered by city,
In Rt. Johns County "
t Jail. f ........ ., .hocltlde detective li a 'The Neil County Hedl> issued a deathly threat to the publisherof

K Atty. Farl M. Johnson I hallow grave, has eon cat Society I* irilni the Florldi Star last Wednesday night
then he vowed that he would kill Erie 0,
all to tale the
of Jacksonville who had towed to tht baby1 murder persons

reprtucnttd the children and wl bt arraiagedttdntadty second In the series of Simpson several wltntasea.youni
three labia oral vaccine In the presence
at the request of till J... 12 at .on"I'll kill Erie
dosages la the ilianttceffsDstvt Bill warned sl p : you
NAACP. petitioned the 1 .... U Feces lushes
HAPTT KMBIT Dr. WilllM B. Stewart, president of Edward later College U against polio Simpson> ,you lousy If you put iy fathers ,
Cabinet at the request Strah Irysn'a coirt.JCW "
of the youtha' parent seen bolding a check for 123.000 which ma presented to hit by baall.tolll lob Suaday. I... It. picture In your paper.as..e.again. .........
Harris on behalf of tat Board of County CoMtaslontrs. The Moult: U part of I The free dosages will : -
for their release last The threat was eodtl.
WO.000 appropriation the school will receive trot the County for the year. sea be adalalatered It all the ,
Prlday.Juhnsot eitiidt dittoed Young Ban evident' sac
with President Stewart art CoMlssloatrs Bob Harrla Julian tirrea. Plttchir pnblle sltaeittry .
who contendedthat tours II llBraoB was incensed ever rtporti
Morgan. LM Nerrltt and Eric 0. Stepson, Plorlda star publisher, who worked ,IOtll.r school from MO until
be didn't want the earls\ te let isle his carried li tit Florida
Negro loader to secure the appropriation. (fcoyil Art Photo) I P... follotlni the
children rtltMtd.beCUUMI car itttr btiii abusedby tar
cone era liii a. series
it could prevent aat procedure eoadwcted lilt inside the club of I
ehariM filed aitlnal.
I .' Ratting I court ruling City, Coeity Officers""'" up Salt SeeksTo last NoveBber when aott II I* walled to let taU the elder Ball la IM-

OB tho tatter of ball 421.000 rrioat were kit it the lat lht
for Jiventle, Mid the Youthful Armed Robbery GIll liven tile TIM I IB rootBlapaoi, fwd ever tit 1'In. tfeaterp

I ajor point of I.... Erase unity dosages lad te
Gucctasful eoBbiitd if- Identified by the ,Ie. gems | duet.la .
t ,'. -111 be settled *en the Suadar' dosage. totordltg the oapaaltd ,
torts by city Md eouaty Elsa of the. holdup. lonnie a rttMi itiattr
\. u.S. RipreM Court rule Jaw unto reesut offictndurlsg Coiaty Dettcttvs Bit ,''PicketlR* laa to>> county aedl* ly tee prt..ttUn'! silt flied' tialiit. I

... on whether atatt tr.k- Uc Illlla. JLWMIM .-. .. .T -*i<', 1'PMtT'I'I.tllt.:
,..r;:' "-thM a-..r..sd"W past wewk and aft seeking to em .. tnUUI auilgstlta till ItllvtB r) Md offfetr tf at...PM! M,.*

enforce racial teirciatlon. .,.0 af asset till laiHoBitidePettetiveCapt. Church"' charged this the. ,
retailed la I. A. Pord B Marion County baa i beplcketlsg ,
tuidty, larch 1 ',
sill.| till BMrltaef \
Ut arrest learned that WM geld till p "
for Type r I.
< iBilsdlMfillir
children ert ar tffeisei
The ofiliyottataoef f one of Utuaptcti west la federal court I.L vklttiaito nd Dr. Jobs i, Fisher
j rented July 23 for re- to aioevBt for
UtiJuveilltt was here by ittorteyi for Tharsdatoi. /, director of tit "vie.tery .
I fusing to hue the IB > leads collected 01 lie
pltnalii enItavlai IS Negro children silttlaiu said ever Polio" ....
.i of a M Auguatint a 1frt behalf.
*"a '
prf '
:jp4.ltb"ifill. five 0 *U.Ktceatly.. adaltttd trlkUf ,.t.., said that the
restaurant there M015Nm Ont .1It,.. skill tl*
held BBWITT PtMtylvanlaaad a Mattes tit ..,.., ever Ut l.adaeslif tral ....... stresses
they were conducting a up sine buses and break waited for !!. at County Jsve.lir'coeni Its ...\, aidthe tl. Uportssst tilt PJorld star did net

sit-in dICI't.tloa. hut three local schools. tail lose where. It ass judge ordered till youths carried tit body oral vaeela' M tiles Hit I* pretltui' IMM

the* the jsvtnllt Judge 'It. ..w. iMdall aad also picked up. The youUi t cease plsbetl.gd..osetratlose fm his UM .. Fourth one though a pities has says that tl* 111 tovitiated

offered to release the Patrolman Aaguatua Jontarrested was wearing against It. hose to a short die reoetvsd polls ractlitInjfCttoas a prtvlilta tf

children to the custodyof a juvenile fol- .t.1I Ocala bualMM concern Ueet e. Moaerlef.. end lbs DlMlplli. which

their parent If they lowing a holdup at 0.1. taken tree .MtMd dtfeadMt la tillIIU burled the victim| || ( Nt added that lit Balk provided that "U

would keep the youths Buadrlt at a MitoBordurlni sere .*rltt Juvealle shallow iravt.OCNBOM. vacclat ".... te.,.. select the soul espsrl.,
oonstra-- *CV t. P I All tiled ud ..illfe4tlderi
froai further!
NlaU sadMyrtle U* Court Judge Uli M UCPOITUCItWT nary .....U, aid rtttlrtt >
tint, till parents, at 0. I. ..- 0. Mytri Jr! CouatyProMCtttr l tttr kttt, .t tie Olllitt Cospas. Md ef lb. k.it
UM, ,.r.... to Neal shills and Oar let oral .IIaU.'" for tht !
that T h a ,.- dries hold r..CI. ".h : Karlltr reports dl- lat tit till taitls
agree with the SUM*** 4ay sight t up. Police nut L C. U**. closed that '.11.' daat u- provides Isstlii "retectlo nude, who are U tie eftls..f Prnldlaiildir
sift far proBotlo "
tloo. J... f to Bald for rem: Ocili City 'r.... ttr gave birth U the ud ftrtlflssperaoa ,

Theft Probe crack the further U- IDtARvtstlsttlta uttr Fred irli aid baby list lobar" U her a agalaat. belaga el. i btivty li Itlii prtdisthlih litre- Tbs charts read: 'that I
the Mid ,... Itn has
., Modes Couaty sheriff
series of art: 'Ira. ftdtei'i holt. B elm her* poll racclat iirrlar. diced .. Florida lilrdrirs. .
Nets IRerd.rSespect I client* REED f. lobi..... II. WM f.ilrd Dug til 11 B. told IVMlcldt Oet. lit. older people ire roteatlal stepson 14 vitiated the shoes prtvllB -
f sold Pli l
which! lad bees tailsplace St.; Chsrlta Btattt The itavlalat, was filed P.A. Onbtr ead 1.C. Bar u"h/ aid BtttinIttttsi p'
ariasged a
Hare slice 10""". n, mi I. wbBt. ly ittoraeya "lie)see her that they beard tit should tale Ut ,...... till td B flee la Hit l. aaPtllttd -
police reported. .. Leroy Reed 1?. 109 'o4r...... Tasp a. Me* baby irylM Md later sat I. trd.r tt trtttittlildm. BMttltlBt and II. Seehe
floe over "neon.l.etlc.tlos, Kill OlBlB, aid prrsl..t .,*'..*..1.... I. '.
The trrttt led to the I. Meal .ti MdUclilEdward rut Sell.oleo his let* It Mlt1ade4.Alca. tM Mdel le .dllCIt

of a BlcftlBi .p tf Ut other *. IB. 1441 '. 33rdIt. Joseph Batcher, DaytoasBeach. tfrnUi tit baby sad a .... ease do.atloss.s tkts.*slbllltlM$ tflilr s Bill ef Jr.tit. M South Prtildtiikldtr JBC.

theft east this week by Mapects who wen Uttr hovel. They ..U" tttritd tit tart tf tit ak... .,..11I. PltlrUI tf the

two city detectives la* 10.. 31-.1.tee keaeral "IIU art set Tie tilllsltr ud tM
Tragedy Leaves last Pltrlta cMfmae
Family 1 Destitute J
resulted la the street later titlttt Ut ...,. tlltlttd, say .*.! ,. ..,1.| sure lavlitlo .f the AM flesh' that
.f a am sated ftritttlMU gesture M tit port .f
TOM tun anAt 'team* ..WI., the Mid *.F. tall, Jr.,
Ii the fatal tw detectives Mid l>t public till It eel-
la sot the semi
shoot I ai tf M elderly useda Itlvln Itmdertrltt
tall later totUtted Sells tlflM4 Md pelt. f
.M hero last BaUrday, totU tf lardprtstUi
.. tie tit tool that U fled User, at Bavin ,

police rtprt4.Held tit ..11.. grasp alert MttrlalB.Coert bees M Elder lees these or

ftr U* lavestlp- U. ear 0 ioU ww ad, Cider rtildiaiIllla .
,los U tit teeth tf ". oS ...... Hits sags
.. t4lUs dlls I.. tie l." trrM, ,
talph R. Male 7s. tf ..,. rrttttd ... held
1111' *f quid Beatfltrlda
.. .
1) t. llth I* sot.rim lust ScbeolSysNoi's
for livtttlcatlMi puiag c.*rrae.aad .
lurk Ta.ag. ... same.ddms I tit Isle ....1....' !. Uey hither ll>H. ..
a* the victim.OOXXOIO ': .
Ut .*... Polkyit lilt I* ptsstsitl .. ,

: IMOR WtFTDtttttivr M slant lace keee H/tUultrly MtalaadtiillfllBllta

uti, i.e. filed .fltt tit *....?. evil** M il 5 elnluF BALL ... II *4Bd

tarber sad r.*. .,.M' Cited ..l raUai, the federal see tin drlilliifrlead .r: that I* IM a

said It*** etc arrested Lawyer sews tf a,H.lB .,al| a*.4ld SltptMSl repeat/a ftr rlwliM.

I? lit. J.C BoatarlsMaad Amai Leaders a l..., tft dMltltl *.)llt| BtfrlBllllt ilcisd. I fail ..12

BkUlMf I. the ttp .....11 ten Mod OMtty shies || He. Kttt tftllik k..B toll.. tailor, the
block tf .. Aahley it. MRS tMt Mete lit* loaN. .f r*.||t ItttrtfIM Espies. replied tU. t.P. tall a4 thaiI
LMs ilgglsahas.Jr .
tfcljt they were tavtetl* yen ttallM all Mere t*. Tit litter walled IM Mt Mgi4a II
.Its .Me steed tat ..U.,.* "af ..J" *** fee III ta aid united partlttiMl la atftralbarrtM
atl4 a elate rtatsaj
.f "MarlsV Ten Ort- .*.* Route leashes aretttliatd ....1' at tall I.Ia..4 IraclFI */*
raat theft .tttrt.Mtwrtiht .,...., Tt.< ..' If I* .*irtVe 1M till *a.ltd eelsn' e \
Oakinsaid tat tolled Staten Jsa4rCtaa lt 1M MIN ,...* 1eM tf tl* |..**. ,.,.,. Negro Gets

tier heart a tar -, tf taMer. tn l. win .....1.. .. ....111.. t. UlllM I
retie iliMUl .I.
that TtMt eta 'satedtot If nu HOT / ", "hid "*.... Ut lttt ef ir*. Bsry tabtitte it nil The ttititit *rtlatltd puce relied by tit .tor***, 111 lilt Pun City Post :

....ta...* .. Uty tghlaad Av.. last ". .'. aced Ut .*.0 ef her til 'MUI4. lahf aid lift .sloe.iluaids.. U Ue soya .... M strt.t 0.a,t af d...." tall Ieladed.

.. a. taUtrltM caU*. ef ecsptl Mt riddle Florida lad IM BM*. >tr.a* Ul I* "
thUdrta dMtttett. .
flee .
.*. TtBM *tM.lM es Ut BwUer lee efe we* Btt""!CI, *. '
la tf ttUitd are .,. JUu ....*. Ut .*4 PiBMf 14 beet BUt dlta"btftrt
Ut streetItmag are ......* attend draw! oe asset of the t Athens, a r.'ld
ttla kMtr fr full i
told Ut .....* tat STAVB ra n *. idi ties U ttttr IItc The er.l_r* f>w f*ft ariPatrld .f >H tip dMildtlM.at a ...... i.I.Vis ttart It let*** |....lll.M lM4ar. *t. r;:

lift rest M eta tit *. M. II* JM* Mt t.: UM. M* fc CyatW. mae I Md Patrtca ... f.r dtBtirtittUi It. "lId" n* fe**. IBM the first aMbir efI ''tt +

sir orated far ......tI.I .rMB "'thlt. to aid lit family ottt Met ttttllai BMtf t4 ftrtiurt MyMUtt % tl Miuattl tM Pr.ideSI1eaNy lit ...**... HI Ut *.VllMard uisur't |....N* sea .. w. te b* *.*Uidt !l
.... M4 setartM St.. jMhtMvllf .1" ii att..lMtl H.".rsel*. 111 Ill
all*** Thy also rttrtrtd UlllM trail. Hit Mein "' 111. for Ut Federal T ... a sits ,*.! uses I*
... Uat U federal ....IIN "
pit intrla teal "* ) t Ittlt ."rs*
tit alleged tM B4MM4 I* the fill
assl.slee: Let gold.
..art ltd *. Leo far led 4Ut4 tall I'
carder ....... e n Membership Increase .its lessee ii .......le. t INdIa ,irl tad Tree Ctt l Se f
IB I......., ut tttt* ftr slag **... wfally
taltbrt.....h_. f* ..-.......... It* leadership u tetetbecfcU. *l.il risate Btl1tl} efIBBt ..., .U.d t* I...rrt U tttlH Mt IB Ut ".. **. tf .." lee .lore tall esc a. } f

taalt M ijtrtt* JMtirmsft Ot IUtttal M* attics. for the .4MeMBt ef Ctltrwd Yet e Bar tt.I Obae ben **d tM flrtlr .d M lerte seeige' le ... ltl .l/ci .. >. .

U* (trek..* by .. ... .. .*.. ... tMwiMlwtr tl e
ant t. MMt4 Lao IWf-otlllM U e B f seed If ,.... JwMiia rrUtt. a ttll
U callbr rs.elder.tewR. CMnUte secretary tat tltltoe regNled at Ut a*** taU/i BMB*) .**ttejJM. i Federal rt|lttrf mee.e.iS IBM. NtttldU aid Ci'
......... r.
... .fet y
tees, ft, a Intel ef Ias.. etafcett a* ef M.


----- "' ,- =- L ...._ ....

--- .

I(' ,. I (I')' tFAEE \ I

2 .." .. :.. 1111111 i STU &PW MTIHAT liliiiT It, 1 IH4

, THE FLORIDA .T i .. .,.r .....r .; Politics As Usual

, 0

t. ftbliibtd '*j Ibo florid Bti Pnblliblni Oo Last Monday morning the Bond of County

: tiMber of A..ocl>t.l WtfTP Prooe*' Jbaalssioners beard a report froa Bob Mai
\ lard the assistant to the Supervisor of

QIC I. SKPSBI- ta&UTS6N k Registration, who was asking that the cos-
appropriation of $18.000
mission request an
. E. USE .....-...--Km Utorillii to facilitate.bringing tbe registrationbooks

HBTEN_...-.tMOOn Eager Into the precincts.
Mallard's surrey shoved that Dural County 1

MAIN OFFICE I PUN: had the lowest percentage of registered
big counties, and. was
roters of the fire
2323 Mmrlil ..d........... El ill 4i7i2Mtlliif !Y1/, the only county among the that bad not gone

4w ti + beyond office registration to register

Mints: s voters. Pinellas. Broward and Hills

P. 0. In 511, IttksiiTilli 1, Flirlii : ( i. J4jQRLbNF / boro or Into bad sections taken Its of books its counties either throughout and aunicl

MIAMI OFFICE $ E CEIlt pall U ea.
The County I"nlllftlt..tm m bodY -. on the Tec
7H II W in. file HlliliSUBSOIPTION conendation of Commissioner. Bob

Harris -- Toted unanimously to
approve the request for the funds
OB. Tear, 18.00Relf Thar ".00 gaM1- Coaaisslon.
froa the Budget II f
Ilsih d to Ton Anytbiro. la tbo Osittd SUto. Later Monday afternoon the

a'. ffibierlptlca njible la Adnae..d Budget Commission approved the
Cboek or Honey Order to appropriation which will sake
[ It possible to bring the registration -

/oLi STAR P. 0. BOX 561 books into the preS IPSN

sonvllle 1. World 1 elncts -- all of the voting precincts --
from Feb. 19 to Feb. 22. inclusive.The .
ATeO bringing of the books into the precincts
A Hack Of A WI' TeA ha is something many of us have been

Scud hoping andworklng for over a long periodBut

SystaMlllllllflllll for a long tine Bob Mallard cried that

Raw Sewage Runs On School Groind RATIIIS the Supervisor's office did not have the
TIE LOPE OF TIE REV money to carry out the operation...

While Authorities Fiddle Around For a time It seemed that the Idea of

getting the Registration Books brought into
task of getting a sewer repaired/
on the precincts was a lost cause, especiallyIn
campus of the recently occupied view of the fact that the county budge-
Junior High School Your
Weekly tears seemed very reluctant to approve such
strangely reminiscent of the kids game

cJ/Jed /Sutton, button, who's got the expenditure.Bone of our astute Negro politicians all

No one seemed to know Just hose but the idea of getting tbe county
gave up
responsibility' i It was to repair the broken Guide '
sewer line. Horoscope to 'bring out the books' and started lookingto

Two weeks before the ways. of getting outside money to conduct I
school closed for '
about that
a registration drive. .. But acre
the Christmas holidays, a member of the later. j
school staff contacted Or. Jean C. Down-
Ing, Chairman' of a Special) PTA committeeof ly PABLO The ASTROLOGER One Negro politician well-known for his

the school Dr. Downing In turn contacted gassyness told a group of civic workers attending -

the Florida State Board of Health. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR a CIO-AFL Committee on Political
Persona at the State Board of Health advised Education meeting in Atlanta: This can'tbe

the dentist to contact the City did (sic)."

Board of Health When Dr. Downing called BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL The very unclasslcal and obviously ungrammatical -

the City Board of Health, he was told that statement cue fro the gassy

the problem I was the responsibility/ of the politician after Elcee R. Lucas announcedlast
Saturday at the AFL-CIO COPE conference
City Sewer Department. Yes, you guessed
It the Sewer on voter registration that Duval Negro
Department told him that AR1K8
since the sewer line/ was on school property Born March 21st thru TION, You SHOULD PINS YOU IMOUkO MAIL SNOUT ktNTI THAT YOU MAYS leaders were expecting County officials to

*to call the school board.A April 19th voui Akk i ii linn onPOUT tOW OP OIKOUMOIO ATTITUDII NIOklCTIO tit THAT TOU appropriate funds for the afore mentioned
member of the school board maintenance or TINS TOIVALU.TI
department went out. to the school andobserved' FAIT ACCOMPLI ACTION Till IWI, APPklll I TO PINS VOU tAV. torn t1OSSW4111 .................
the situation. He commented MINT WO YOU acts OF

that 1//re''o''l'\tt..tt.the contractor..'ls did tSY1wUa70'not complete!, ...*the raobservers' ,.....,COIN....***mm** .w'IN 1.u'i.Ar THE FU.tliiunsm .TO It. VOU It....,IIVALl...AL POf MAtINS OU tl MMC T* VOW OP YOU.IXItTINt.'"I SOLUTION f.0IlIMI column is attended now obvious the that CII-AFL the COPE writer conferencelast of this .

CkOII- MAY Lit ,
looked at the while' WITH OTHU
pipe It
Jan. 11 where the delegates
merrily spewed out ;filth and disease 'UIIIT, Joel, 'iNirtAo or LY AND TO OUAIO AOAINITIUMPIIIII THE MAAIIAOI vows, PII Dee. 22nd thru .
germs and specially invited guests met for a con-
on the school canpus. CAIIOSINS 'in ilL'.PITY, TeAseL CON. NAPS Or Tilt INS OP Jn. 18 tbTHIH
IITIONI MAY NOT ALtAYI1C MONTH ro* OTHIII WHO fab on ways and means of increasing voter
On Thursday, of last week, Dr. Downing YOU IMOUIO TANS POIITIVC |is NO NIIO TOM
registration in the South.
and other PTA members had a conferencewith ITS I TO AScreTAiwyou* ''TI N YOU PUTURI PRO*
School Superintendent Ish Brant Vhen MOIMCTI Or MNOINIIMITMIM TRIPS UNtIL THUS MATH 01 PAMikv, OI.M. MV MOII THAN. AIAN. The conference brought together union
,. IT MAY II TO leaders and civic workers froa all parts
they Informed the superintendent of the MOM MITIO' TO 0"IINO IT AkTOMTMI. .
PI CIINn,. BINIPIT riOM TO MAKl Tat PIIITAOVAMCII Florida Georgia and South Carolina. Congressaan
problem he Immediately got on the telephone YOU, MOet IITRAVAtANTMIINOI TNII/ II NOT IIACTkV A
lULL MOMINTI TO CATCHUP TOMIO A IICONClklATlON Claude Pepper of Florida and Con-
All -
and made several calls Finally till NOT You TIME POM POIITIVI/ ACTION
AVI. ON VOU lOOKIttPINI SINCe You Ml gressaan Charles Veltner of Georgia were
school architect assumed responsibilityand OUT TMII IMOUkO NOT PIC'
COIN TMROUIM speakers at the ...tin .
assured the superintendent/ that TINT You PROM 1 IMPROVINOTNI '
541-77-1'..,...521 YOU MAY II IN OIIATNIIO The conference closed leaving no doubt isanyone's
per his request the sewer would be fixed QUALITY OP YouR
1f033.n OP APPICTION ANDUNOIRITANDINI mind that it is only through registration
before school opened on January 0.When PkMI TMOUOM AOOITIONAkINOUIttV '
and voting will the American
the STAR went to press the pipe was YOU AND *IIIANCM.THI .
IMOUkO PUT P5/DI 01OTMI people -- and especially working peopleand
still Maiy parents remember the Pine RNOtklDOI o* 15005.
Ion April 20th thru ..
LBO CONIIDtRATIOMl A.list. minority groups secure good governmeat -
Forest School Incident when hundreds of NATION YOU NOt AduIII
Mar 20th 23rd thru .
Bon July and the rights to which they are en
students were stricken.Health authorities WILL PINO ITI PROM
TMI TIMI POP YOU TO Aug. 22nd 2-5O4-12-33-15I! PLACE WHIN TMI titled.
placed the blame on contamination from a
Taft UP TNI MINI AOAINII A scaT OP MIOtlNTII working class Aaericans .- whether blackor
worker or turkey salad The STAR Investigated POI YOU TO 101POItAlO
Nat TNINC it NO ... LULL NAY II IXPICTIO, white .- can only hope to secure the
and found open privies near the ONCE AM' IN.
ION ., You IMOULI IITlOMconi OIVINI'' YOU IITIA TIMI TO right of collective bargaining, wage hour
school plus dump heaps years ago
the STAR called attention to the locationof ILiI to IT TOP CATCH UP ON NIOklCTIOCNOMI SCORPIO 3a0221149anAQUARIUS laws that allow MD tQ,Ilve decently and
YOU. TMI OCLAYI TO MICN IP You iTiik Born Oct. 24th thru adequate old age pension legislation by
the then New forest Park School. This
You wave MtN NAY III Mil MOMtNTI" AT Nov. 22ad
elementary school was constructed adjacent MIVIOUH.V voting for men and women who will stand up
to the city dump and Incinerator. It la lUIJCCTia NAT NOW II A voul DISPOSAL APTII IT tOMtTIMII II MASS In the Congress and the U.S. Senate for

ties to make the school officials atop MINI V TNt FAITSKIAkOIUOATIONt THAT, You MAY VII v wtkkuouku rot YOU TO UNOIIITANO Born Jan. 20th thru such vitally needed legislation.
'IN niTruk" PU*
All AllO SHY YouR K Mss' M OPTINeo fib. lath
playing owes with the health of our children. CATCH I HI UP SPIN YOU. IHITI' 0* IMIAIR ON A ASR,. TMII MAY, IN ....................
bill IP DtCIOACM 'A""
Last school year the attention of the, 0* YOU VAlUAOkl tiNt, CAUV IPIIINN| AND THAT VOU IMOIIONI '!_ IICTIO JOSS THAT NAVI A There ir no doubt that a few persons from
STAR was called to stagnant" water standingIn TINOINCV TO ACCUMUkATIAMD
twit SILL AIM PROVIOIPlIAIANT MINTAkkV UPklPTIN 00* COM TOO OPUN INVOkVoi Florida who went to the conference hoping
the rear of the Isaiah Blocker Cafe- iNTIUVtllNICN TAIN ALL tat IIUNTIAkIWrOMMATtOM THAT YOU AII niNeMl MONOPOklll YouR TIMI to get their hands on some of the COPE funds
tori _. The principal stated that ho had AT MOMCNTI ..... YOU MAYS
ANO MAKl TMINICIIIAtV to conduct voter registration
"U SNOUkS NOTMill. OLIO 0V PAktl ""LOIO- were greatly
reached the and of his The water la MOII INPOITANT TNINM TO
rope MIANOIMINTI disappointed. Duval
''''11. AkTMOUOH TNIIIII people are aaon them
still standing oven thou.. health departments >*. AN VNIIPICTIS ii.PINOITURI .
TO AVOID OIIAPPOINTMtNTIAT LITTLE OOUIT THAT especially since one of the Duval group
and school officials have been Informed ,,- .tC.U-IWt-Ha IOMC kATl ..,.. VOUN OtkeiTIWO PIIINOI MAY ,INTIRPtll made such a disgraceful display of loudneas

COULD 00 MVCN Tff CklANAIAV HIM AMOTNt* PMJICT YOU coupled with pugnacityin the suite of oat
The school' board can use condemnation 74043177sa41Ylnao fort OP TNt CON Nay |IN VII. OUT YOU the organization' top ...
proceed' parcel of land they iMOUkl NOT ,OS. IT TOO
Whenethey fllHINX rviiON, yOu tiLL NAYS Te Tom can take it froa this soraer that COTleia't
so desire. build Negro plantaoftlmea Bon May 21st thru kIT BOM VOU HIIIVlPIMT SUCH TI NIAIT VIES. IT about to send any cola Sa Here to
land which Is unusable for anything CONTIIIOTII TO .u.
June 21st AND PBOVIH TNINICtllAAV those folk who save been making the big
also' Is pressed Into service for a lorD Ant. 23rd tam o.000RAUK5t. IVtNTUAk Peace OP MINI, pitch until the top COPE officials surrey
school. Schools at 33rd and Pearce and the YOU SILL MINI TO II ON AN* PlNANCIAk nMlklTV. "
1 Sept. 22ad TNII" II NOT AN IAITTNiNe the scene and see who a doiag what and sowthey're
1 Forest Park are built on old dua&a. The team tets ALL tit TIKITe POI SCORPIOI TOoe Tae kIMITATIOMI ON VOU* doing it. And another thing, if sad
1' new Mount Herman School I now under construction titp AIIIAIT er Tilt ITt vtv IMPOITANT TO PIIIONAk PIIIOOM AllMM
OUT TNCN tt AU NAYS then financial assistance la provided. It
la being' squeezed In t tight Dies ANO SUIINIIITIINBS. ivtkOP PookPi P .". TO MARI IICIPTIONI AT TO it kirTio vttvNONTkV. sill t* for tie bare necessities. There

space between the old cemetery and the Oats yew AIItAiikv TIM Seta YOU M STMCtliMPkivie ON I TINT 0. ANOTNl*. won't be a lot of extra cash so that one
t Expressway.And g.Z.iI-5.44. or two persons could siphon off soae for
wish THAT veu Silos WICK MT ON OAlkV kA1011.
while we're on the aubjact *a sac.I I1543411SAOITTARIU _.l.. .
somebody would till us what's holding up tat WIMS, All 1010 TO iNll II PAITICWkAkT
.; the auto mechanics workshop. The class begin Skew, You .....I NOT ... Tlttl OP PkACIltMlM He best ttlsg for Coral Coantiaas to do
PISCES If ttey really wait to contribute to the
i since last September but aa of this lag m MMINO MIITIVIOICIIIMI me use ftp T0 kl.MAOHMIIV .
Bon "h. lath tan "advaaesaeat oar coaaaatlty la to poK
IkKTtlltl.TT '
hose ANO
to workbenches MfllllONAk -
week the electric attachments .
Marsh li end do the job ten lag people registered
"have not been hooked up, the tool- OUIIIII MATW4tCS II IMItlPINMIkt, Bon NOT. SlI tl tan oa a voltateer bails, Ustead of sitting
boards for hanging too I a have not been installed Paws swt./at CtULY Pill AN I Stags NAIAIOIMMk Dec Hit Out TO IITftOIIAIIWCwrr salting fcr a windfall.

not art there any lockers for TMtV AW MJ*| IV | AktAfl SI II. Yew HIM Te lave sMANT Tell ... M*.I Nye

students clothes. Ye CM go on end Mat a Yew oe test er yews welt MO AIL HlllSklPtKHlTIONl IMPMTMT VtNTuetSON kin CONTACT WITH rev

doion more thlaga that art laeklng. ,....... TMI NiusikiTver ASAINIT. *IS Till net that viviMoukO OMCITIC MO PwokiC M.IT. TH!
This la a heck of a wy to run t achool, vena wtiMkv ANO MAPS TAIIM eitnoerVTM MT euMi veva- tKI..I 1NAa e4SNAS1.

1 t.*. Pail masts COMIMSiw |* Spa YWI MAT IlL,' WITH PITTT MTAIIOe lit M. M' IT ISI
tMOIICts" einiNoSIWONetl MASS a PHOMIIIM' It.., .."... TWIT CM MTlMt.WAITINe I.M INS ITS PAI Ulleetag 'e tee test of tie Id HIM Jaaa

vote AU. Ml ?*... IN T Nil II SlltCTIONl.TWV .S SHOT .".. tW aw eiscene ra-.......! Mretfer ef (JMttwatrwea ef Bo***!

your TO UPS TMIMS MUOH Pse T.I MATTIIST tact IT is HHMTIA4.TO anil t*) e H .. Prerttat fraaaaat"Me
..... ....... tell
h. WAV SI TMI INS m&t at ALIT oat. fagot ceeettT THIS ovtt.IIOMT Kate of the Dole B.*sate was In.aplrIi .

., a l I NT!It IT! OP moSI ve .*IVIT a tov oaxfttola on atooty tllatsaUonof

AS Mil ... AkiepnMSiT rMtTMts straio .TitM m UserUlAtttaa maid nrrortj art tae aott

.countsregister Wt eu.STU.4.$00.M11.U..41 i a yews MINO.te VOW _"' 1. VON cease. for ia moo4 oooeatloaal .ff< IDft J Ias nM7 ceaatnetlTe. We la eeiK will
..ut Mt m *. iiCtUbT wet nit TO atepeMO OMM all that
3A NttTMjN) TO SAM ,.. OTMIB PMTT WMIISttn .o CM to otillM sagest is to coojatrr

Son $s$. tir4tkr reiiMOkT eesmats.74p.aA.la.ia sal tte eoacma for Mia froero*.
.. t11at. la Pt aw IS ec. TNM TS TM| ilMlT. VMM

t ..... ITS reeeA o .... Oct. .rd Aiio siecettt T ife

I >

.. u __ __ __ __,._ -- -oM _....-.;.......... -

....1 =::::... -... ,-- -' ,- ',Jo._ ------

: r ,

1.5(1 I

S.TIII.V UWM It 1K3 flllllJl SUI HPHS P 3 .

Stage Successful I Annual I FeteL'1kiIt Sixth Annual Fair Scheduled_ _ _
BIRTHSMr. _.__.. ,,__ e. ... ...... .. _,,.,. n
ft. Slitb Annual Duval la frat to the general Pair. 'The top Junior sad
Bad Mra. .lUaaar CWBty Selene Pair till public. savor high school pro*
Battle; 1727 I. llth. to" bald rrtday and Bator- Any Duel County public J tot. till ooa"t* for
St. Boy. 'day Pabnary 2B and 29atSnydamaaorlal school student who de berths at Ua Ninth An-
I r. aid Ira. Cull Anory. ;'sire. say prepare an *i- anal PloridBtatSclaea
Jams; 1230 HcOohnla St. Per tie put thr year :.hlblt for the aclaaeafair. Pair to h* bald at th*
Bojr. the fair baa barn bald latk Individual schools Jickaoavlll Chit Aadltorlm -
Hr. aid Mrs. Troy graaaelua of J.... till have an allalaatton April 24.
Canady. 809 Court 0. ,Idon Johaaoa Jaalor 'fair prior to Pbnary
\ Boy. Hill School. This y.ar IS to dtrala the best Masder ..... A.. I

Mr. tad ire. Ja... tko lit baa been ohaaitd project la each *cnool.Th I ASTHMA !

Sampson; 2809 Saturn to provide larger diapla) *.. top eihibtt till -- ... ...... '
Av*. ; Boy n arM aid sore tlat for ba 01 display at till tit I IIf.
Mr)> and Ira. Haroldau.r k h'!1 11 paUla tllIl... 'the fair Daval County Seine ....,...Mull I
A.slir 119rt.rs sr 1e tseat
; 11)8 Bptarlai' !
St.;- Girl.
I Il
Mr. and Ira. Tbo... .

Roper; nil tlleoi St. .
Boy /:, .
Mr. and Mra. MtnaltAldtraaa ,, .

; 12S6 8. SJnd ... DOWNTOWN ONLYvJH8111 l ;
Street; Ctrl.Mr. i
and '''. Nathaniel
Rigg; 492S Moncrlef Rd. .
; I : .
Girl. .',. ,,. /,{ ,..4. f.' .". "'" 'f'.IIJ '
r. aad Mrs Joba 1f' /
Raves; 1918 8. 24th St. ,
01 ll.
Mr. and Mr>. Jobert ii
Taylor; 1030 .. 2Stb St. : T HOLIDAY CfLElllMTS--In. BtatU Collins treaaurer; Mra Juaalta Joan. Ir..hIIh JOB**,
Girl. 1318 1. 19th St. boated officer, aenber sad chtplala. Standing frra left: lira. B.atric.81$* I
Mr. and Ira. flllUa meets' of the Democratic lb...' LUlU"10. of ooi. Mra. Just talker. Ira. Lola> Praaa Mra. to* I S i YLONS
irliht; 3311 Japoaica tat organisation'a aeabera abown aeattd fro Itft bert Hall Mr*. Nasal Allan Mra. Mtttl Beer,
Road; Boy. arc Mra. Am B. McOee. president; Mra. Marian JffrUe. Ira. lati Bias, and Mn. Mabel T. Parker. (let J

Se. . flaaaclal.. secretary; Mrs. Julia L Brooke story this pat). (Royal Art Stidlo Photo) ti

SOCIALLY SPEAKING Showtime To FeilonBroadwiy UT /
I' ': Shows Hits

LOUISE QUINYARDUadergraduaf Popular aoaga trot foarHdiffemt

AKA'a tra entertained during tilt cast art product of Cavil County high achool*. ); Broadway wale '
Holldaya by Ruth C. Soloaon aid Nona R. .hit*. oils till b* fea tared la 'NEW LOv

aoUtr and daughter who art both ..btrs of the .... ... ... ... ... ... "!lints.*", tb* variety .
local graihiat cllIlPttr.I 'it shoe which till b* pre-
I Activities Included gMiea, Ufonal "chit-chat" Guaaa Rio Oaega Chapter of Alpab Kappa Alpha Sorority {seated 'by the PAMU Playsaber. -

I alaglag of sorority song, and exchange of id... lac. 1* enacting; plans for "!'AU" ,..II)(. to :. oa January 11ader :
about sorority affaire.CM b* obaerved Pebnary 915. the aaapleea of PRICES
f prliea tare won by Dorothy Port Barbara "AKA" leek actlvitl till laelada a Pouadm Net Btaatoa IssUe High it
111 11 MI, and Sidney Wnlte. Alan Daniel conducted Day Program fluoday. Pebruary t, with a achedaledtppearanc School Tbs perforaaae
Banes, aaalated by Louise Sheffield Anal Ruth on the KM Kaight Show siaterhood" till b* bald la U* local '
Wllllaai, Culllt: Tho.r on. June Sloan and Ouelda Clvlo Aadltorlua ..der, '
Might on Tveaday, Pebruary II la till Luaald Drive Onto 4 U M iu Buparwl buytnf pnr tevrlitf you man
White. boa of Praacea Joa**: a bridge toaraaaaat t OB tbs direction of Dr. value yorbt 9s kin;money.N.v dewd Ia IM knll'
Undergraduate preaent Included Betty Richardson Thursday, Pebraary 13; and Youth Day oa Satardajr Randolph $t undo aaalatd
ting myynt* 1Mr1yo it poaaibU for OranU t/ftvo #u S* very uza
aad Veraell Pttttrt of Cema Theta Chapter, Haaptoa Pebruary lit*. by his production atatf ,
tint tb Mt.t style.,1M f.hbn dt ,
sr$ a
Institute; Sidney White of Delta taabda Chapter, Ruth C. Boloaoa Baailwi of U* local chapter aa IB addltl to buns a
Delatar State College, Cora Bodiaoa, Lynda Rar bounced that the neit regular ...time of the group and obaervlBi tb* Play ahar fot''w hich 1'1180 ii tsmo jt j en .r pr $

giant Betty Davla. Barbara llllaaa. Bashes), till be held TttMday. January 29. a:00 p..., at till aakira render a varietyof t I
Karen Itagri. and Roberta Bacon of Beta Alpha Chap A.t.. Lewi Branch YtCA. Coapletloa of plans for Bualcal aelectloaa, f

ter. Plorlda MM Vaiverelty; Barbara Bugs Jaoquelyn "AKA" leek till be foremost oa tb. ........ local"patroaa aid ort tics QiIAUT EPA
Madry, Dorothy Port and Cleamn Watkins of fill lit llghtd lallateolag
... ... ... ... see ...
PI Chap .r, Plak Dalveralty. Miss Port and Hiss to "OettlBg
Watkins were gueataof Jacquelyn and Marilyn Madry. to tnot Ton" froa tat
Special guests tar 1983 Scholarship tianera Daisy Ollliant taa hostess to vlatta Bridg tlag and I'to Roger C 44t
Jacquelyn Stripling and Rosalyn Cooper of Pain Club laat Saturday whea the troop Itt la a regular and ._.ntll.; '....,.-

CotJ ,!!-.,andJetldsJkw U.ds.ralty..re.p.atively,, bl...tIIlJ BMaion.Oeraldla tla*" frtm 'fofg mad w.... 's. ,,. rn.wP'Ny'' ./
Milliard, Barbara Harper Nona bite, le...'by Oeorg Oeriaeia; : i (WU E 1.6e)
... ... ... ... ... ... and Pearl lackey tere recipient of prl.... 'eoU"0" by Roger \
partlclpaata lacladed Ana Moaro. Baa Pltcker and ._*...t.I.mad *Vld F Tlwt 4 un yrwuM1. to (n./snt.iofio at your lavMll
Another enjoyable seat of the recent Holidays *aa Dora ,....U. Dorothy Oilier Cltlaa IlIe... Toe Peer Rear The' m.." afallb w his t'. p.e.on.lly sighy u, Paturing mir
the cocktail party given by Ua Kill* Bridge Club, ...11. Oeori Paallaa Davla sad Sarah Lovett by taagatoa ..*..... N.. B-T-K IT-I' f H Amafl*. Talks
held la the Ninth Street boss of Iraa Murray, Tb* tea**. dales ro*- .
Participant Inciaded Jonathan and Vena KcCone; e.s ... ... ..s s.. ... U... sad draaa aa preated *- oar vim'sa

'111 b. Bretlagtoa; Aaai B. Mlaatee; Dr. C.B. Areatha Jehaaoa, la this frtaeoatai
Jessie Pear. Claudia Rurrla
McIntosh; Anne McIntosh; Leroy and Rlltabeth Jon*; Virgule MaUia, Margaret Starhe. Haiti Btoeart proaaatatloa marspsrfor.ed
Geneva _..lIr; OJorlda Brook; Richard Roby!) Sr. ... lilll Ma* B tart were peat players ba Lola by tb* 'h-
.. Rdvard Henderson; and Alveaia Bcrlven. Awery eatertalaed .... Bridge Clab last Prldayvealag. aaktrt dark tb* reeeatCurvpeaa Ow

... ... ... ... --. ... Top g.*., .sard..ers prssested alao. Tear abr tat
bel),. Oalvla and Alteala Scrivaa tore MOa, tla slues mars .itre.ely a (Vlflll St<) F .
... llgh IB their pral*** .
Nee Stanton High School it again traatiag the coaaanlty nero of clab. .prl.. e 5 5 5 5 after viewlag ..... Dr. N..a.rm ritA Pale aylwet! Chun the !nail thai I le
to a production by tilt faaoia PAMU Play- Bdaaad ba* stated seer nIsM Sw 05 b /MMBnWl| tUttU a w lost WlMMtpMlf WlMMff gwlapiAAIurHa.114.
alert Oulld-UU tine It .'Ello.tI..." a varietjrahow. ad ear*.tla that .. rriq.a.e.w t se uIM plain. $411. .
Leroy Leila .f Philadelphia apaat tb* Holiday laU
Jaekaoavlll Civic Asdltcrltai. Jaavjiry 21, at tla" till thrill sad
.:00 P.M. la till tla and ,lac.. State, rlittlag relative la Jackaoavilla. Day Might. the local Mules AMYtMWaMlYwOnly57 i
tons leach, teat Pall Beach, aad Two nil her
I aa happy to la fora ay reader that "Bhottlae"taa of U*art ma ar this
preiwted by Ue PAHQ group la drop during a b* sans nt *f bit snails Ira IIr,.". Jut year a pratatloa

Ito aoatha tOlr.... that several ....re of the Birthday Party Honor *f 'tlapl/ ...,.11"*. \k cOiMto

Paraoa dlrig delis
sass bate beea lavitvdaad
arged t. .".....

Beets ia ....... cmE E7$
6 Tt.bt. any M bUiad ,
Personal TRIAi tree say caber *f U* U***Magi. "... nyVwy N ty hey, fW 41fi>Hy aUe*. I
In 8taUB staff aadfaealty. .( MM ru.wk.My. set t1elWf .metw )a ( b.dg.4-Lowy a,.
oral p aJraf Army rw a.irl.ml.wk a a.. P d II, Mk M Ns 8*
Black tltaet
1.FElIELL ItA.MIS:1; say b. *rd...4 f raw) mad
D.... rwtamr ThewCCrwt.S .
t' h weoxhis. watch Hv ,... o.y. N ,..,',. recd ,J at tae aeaaol
!; cattplrttry .....w-htunt for caoyUv \

s ire!.... &tlftl' Ilffids

'ht.- ygr171wd ELGIN : J/,1 Sluts ...111 nO.

CaleHdarr Watch fill For JH. 1 It '

oaauaea J.S. tt lad
..::.s.w. A
<.,.*., tarrMta mi
--- feteraM of Brll Was
... .. a.w w arson I.
e. -
....i. ............ ..... .. n .Ill MId IU taaUllatka
t.'it. ....aw ... ...... ..r .f of f loan II.....,. Ja*
:trj ,, .1:. =a..-. .... ....- sir, II. at i;II .... .ltt
I. /M L Jaaea Ow-
wally C"'*'. usa aaraataal .

R..rewwt.aw. PIa 1C .......... bi ... tM tease frta abM Blmte.Hial .
.rd A.*at tdkall lanai ber Mrttelaf party latataNay latllatiM laU -.*
5 I. tie ,.1... of ar' paraata. tr, mad .MUffU raa4wa. -

Mrs 9.9. t.*.,. ItM Jeff ara**) St.So. ft... *f tto jMtaMVlllos JOIN GRANTS SOUTHERN
( Starr Pass 12) .nMt* .f l. Ban fare 1

.0e a.w slice fast .... art Sib M**
HaMpton Alumni. Meets Friday trltt c.......,. c.i.

n. j*.k*.*in* less LIlt ./sr.4r4w .f aad" taap .. Iii Mall af af REGION SWEEPSTAKES !
a.....,....ra aad Ar! a4a.
t M Cl., till at alt 'r** Mel ,...*.ereaV
aa. _t e..utse. M ,... .. Pride,, > .dJH awl a Pets _apr**.tlat tb. atatofeMrtaeet
._ WM This im mnwm SPOUTS nmr
a .errMI.a Jaa. It .. tb. boo a* l' *t tb. ll.,l .,*. rill N put
air a. rout es ism .. .. .."'..... taa desiustletK B>.>.rto., ftaoaadar gaf*
_4//vPJw/ r s..rwa.r M s..a..u e..4 e..e a.a. MM tylar St. < ...... i f BMP lied .. 3. !lira paH tapatVait ON DISPLAY DOWNTOWN COURTESYOF
..... .4/aavea e.uIIU, 40 ...*a..d.... aty. aiaf aftuftra.
tee Prltaf s/dl..t* pm0 r ,....t MasrIi. "
9 rs.ers s..tt.satta.r s..e..e t.i.e.ttee I* sail b* a ..tlaae> at tdte C11.p Iprep. .. ...... U.r4 af BrvHUlluj BROOKS MOTORS
.... .. ......
lice of a .*rla *fpleaaiiM .. al hues /1st ; state ,
) ...*li far tba ...., 1nNtua. 8a.. PTal aal. fra.yrtlo B*.Jt.r .*. on f**. fa ...... )M aria M. "B 4ata4 I* ..,. ..
.>*SiI.< ..,..,... of e. ..,v 0. aa' ...... U ..l........ e f o Y._... 0raataf SM.8Er!{ Yle/> 8te190A.DOWNTOWN .
lee iMHaa) IaatltUtaalr far g.otat, of tat arum .si ..",.. .a.fej PMtPrald

a* ..... ia ttatartao. alaaal eta silv.r .Nerlasl ..t .f Vbf I' twill< : ** *' >!
1..l1 Seta Mt1. t. ftflorr... Mr..* ......." Ira. moils !

tar t** Afaaml Affair at Dlaa*. .ftlaaaVM. ,
t ,... N.ads ell. slap Mites, .5J I.'W fUaa sill ....... STORE ONLY I
t Ut
s a
9 lMta4a ar9.,.". tflt ... .. ... : "

.(\/ :
-- u --

... "' ......."... ...... ......,...... .... '''' "'y+." """' ,,",," .- ," .. .. ... -."-. "._ 'F' ," "
-- ;
; \ "

; V 1t't 4 t I

|,.... _I __ __MMM tat 1. 1 1. Bt >.MiBgliBijaiJtBji '

I r I *. .'* .* .* .* : Club I Ushers In New Year With Joyous Annual I Party .* .* .* .* .* I

Mart,. Wilson A. Hart, C.P. taldrop Ira Sandra
RKCOTOINO LAST TERN M asset the club* I most Me .,.. UnlaoJohnaon
Davla.Mr. aid MM hbaea .Brown Jr..
rl cnssfal sine Its hating organlced the l LAS Brld* Fletcher Allen sad Mra. bath & Ttetua
tries CUb altered. ia the Me. Tear by feting mm- Bottom photo right: Mra. Cna Alexander M. Hoi
: b.ra sad fuesta Jurist s Joyous annual party held 001I''". Ir. and Hra. L. Jobnnon and Mr. sad Mra. C.
IB CUb Eldorado.A wide variety ofdnllcacloa) graced t. RicbardaoB. Boyal Art Stadlo Photos)
the baaonet hoard Bad the vela Interlude win to .
hated by _et... Men bent IB top photo art, front
lw;: (roe left: Mm. Alice l.Mnck, Mr*. Mtliss bare YES, WE ALL TALK
tli*. Mrs. Frances ThursUn, in. Nettle Inter and
ira. Doris Tailor. lack row fro left: Mrs.Anait I. Lecture Forum
'pats'.t,' Mrn. Cnestlse Thompson, Mr*. Louise "011II11"1. I 5r &jr MARCUS H. BOLf ARE
poem rmt Alexander Mrn. Azlt Nortoa and Mrt. For the proper decorum in a lectureforumwe
With ft, tavia C.ter,1& frws left: ire Annie wish to mention some of the rules. A
.: Butler, Mr sad Mra. llahaai McClellan, Ira. rthtlThotaa lecture-forua is a form of discussion in
Nra. banana Kill, Illlie tins Mr. Bad which a lecturer lives a talk on soae topic
Mrs, P.D. Allan, Ira. treestine Thompson and Jobs under the guidance of a moderator. Followingthe
McUurta. Center photo right: Louis link*. Nra. lecture there is a discussion period
I 0111. Newton, Mrs. Annie. Nclatosh, Mr*. Annie P.Clllto. during which the members of the audience ask
.. Alton Adaas, Mrs. Genera Ad.... Ira. With k'r the speaker questions and often the listen

H. awls, ,red 'Turner, Mrs Alice L. Hack Mra. + ers state opinions. -
..laB Howard Cleveland Ohio. Brie O. ,
* *
, J J4 Bottom pig left.: Mra. Nettle Brytor, Mra. Christine ..J -


r ,

'aY w
I ,' ; \ : j{ IY
.' '

( .

", + r.
1. I

g} l
b Y Y h.rw Kr,

ry MLA




----- --- -------

Drive OpensD. Women Edocilor Deftest' Finds lateirti.e Attack SUrtedOa Hiss. Sheriff Promises Court Shrine Assists

C. SctoltvlllNCTON Named To U St.lf increases Ho! To Halt Poling Registration NAACP Fad
: Schools
Of Mississippi's Nis BW The Indium
An action Micb. Board Nil TOM The NAACP JAOGON. 1188.-Deputy Sheriff Andre P. Snith of roptian Arable Order of
,'entrain started b; PUNT. Bleb (ANF) total Defense Fund too HOOBTON' -Tb. tide of school inteiretloa, flowed Holmes coat, told s Federal Judge January 4 he Nobles of the Myatie

:. ...IIIJIa\ CORK last Oov. George bend( last tinned Ut staff .."..* lint week toward the South'a last outpost........: ..Mlasiaaippl. .......- would put up no '.atuabliBl blocta'* to Negro *oUaa. -. (Prince Hall) Shrine
Anoint; ended thrn RonFranklin -' risk appolitoit fir Mil sloe last week with. ape ,* ....*................... started the new year
win Unlversl' dred Patty with to the potataeat of_,,Charles Attorney Derrick Bell sunwer of tsastos'tbat' ;. : ,u, :o s ..with a S3.163.*0contrlUt4 *
1"Mm"pa' 'tl'U t..I\I..d..fT.." ",'e laevltablrtarlse .!II I h 1a1dhe'l; ad ,boa\" net. bet apomp .... \.
!lrct"board"ereontrol"at >> Meaty 'Jo.. ., jr. ofCh of the NAACP Legal i)>e- would "J to the NAACP Legal
qualified applicants Insure Mlehitan University. lea so, BB aa associate tease teed asked 0.8 should September be fused to lot Intros' pay register tt dons BB bo Defense Fund
start lnr I. February.Ptlll Dr. Snlth laenortl eouasel.AnaoBBceaeat. Piftb Circuit Court of amid target nonth.IroBlcally their poll tines IB his ... ahertff. A Metro foe Charlen Dtrgan, nation
pending however.in tlM.ntary con wat cads Appeals' hero to consider CarrollKeaeyntta county since KM becaaao catloaal teacher testified al director of the
a ease sgalaat 13 sultaat. for the Flint by Jack Oretnbert diroe* aa early Judgeneat la sad Reese of a' '1.lsunderatse dlB|." Smith told hit to Prince Hall Masonic lAd *
CORK: .*.betr. arreatpf Public Schools. tor-counsel tf the Fund, behalf of el Metro students Den lee hen, children Be aaldbomderatood that ",.t the boll oat of Research. and Educa
for "unlawful "t,,'* TM appolattent. tffoo who said that Attoraey seeking adalasloii of murdered NAACP Field no NefroeateroreiUttrod II.,," whta the teacher tlon ,.. for the
/I' 'when they aat-'" nt tbtKChlMt Ute Immediately, reOB JOOOB la a product" of the to preseatly all white Secretary Medgar Cvers voters ta the county and tried to pay his poll Ehriaera said the annual
) tfflOt. Among 1 red senate COB.fIran soled Chicago Flrt tfBjotera schools la Jackson, led the list of Jackson therefore none should pay tax. gift la another tipren
those srrrsted durlatthi tloa. Right limbers Rogera, Btraybon Biloil and Lake Coaaty.Mississippi. plaintiffs. poll Ui The testimony cane at a aloe of the concern of
> curd wan Julius ears aaaed to the board and HIt' Also aoekjai desegregated AvhlteMlnaUtlppi newspaper bearing on a Justice Do all branches.. of Prince
Ho bIOI, Chat rasa tfcbalrtoa for teraa of varylstleattb The young tttoraey completed Bell srguid that adnla* education opportunity editor testified parttent request for .. Hall ....oar'.
of Uahlsgton to assure COB uBdertraduatestudy ales duties the curreat are IlIlrl' dale had told the HolnnCoanty laJvBctioa aiaiaat la* The preaeatatloa was
COIN, Me BtbatQueatly tlnulty She will nerve at the Universityof school year would cave Vines and Tbomnn Bailey Board of supervisors tltldatloa of potential ado Jointly to JackOroeabert.
was acquitted', two years.d Qlc.... Ho atteadedtht Mlaslsslppl "froat the whose father Samuel la Itll Negroes Metro voters .. Holtes director
College tf Law of Bailey la thief plala- County. counsel. Constance Baker
the University UU.0. list Parish tiff la tilt salt which Leslie u.-S hen t RCC! field aecre Motley, naaociatt ooua
... could tad Jim crow ten took 17 Negroes to aol aid Dr. Joha w.
Jones served oa the to It Loalsiu.aRs public transportation Hewed For the Nolan County Cotn Davis special director
rI rf ,,'!.at' .. Council ofrnMMsltf la that Btate. !lout to mister to vote teacher laforaatloa and
I OrgantsaMnppthlcb istfrs Iktrfls The three school sells Miami s Dciirille OB April 10. 1163 they .security all of the
M )IUM MULLET dirttta ttttirights It. JOStTN. La ibe were filed la Mississippi were set by alt armed Puad's staff.Acconpanyisf .
tctlvltlet uChicago. recent "...tratl.. of Federal Court derlag ran Ton (UP) hitooenAokept all bat Mr. Tarps
"a1BUT; 5 tea M.OO Mo .hat alttapNiallaed II negroes la Teases March and June of last Last BOOK I visited the tto Eros oaterlBf tkeballdiaft. nor the Honorable Noble
URGE RO MULLET u 29c la Negro Pariah, ceded an era la year by Jack Touat sad Pereiaa root at the JSSMB Harold Johnston ,
WHITE MULLET ROE 1 59eu. ..".. probleae ta at which. sore Ltulalaaaparishes B. Jtaa Rees, cooperating Plus "04.1.to .hoar ....- Accordlai tt Ue 1M1 trend .ter.PrlDc' Hall
"e. u. associate editor tf NEW hid BO Metro attorneys of lie VII.... nee zoo la Civil lights commission Masons of New Tort, til-
SALT'MULLET ROE 89c V'linum TWOWfT MAAA registrants state 1102. Ut Legal Defeatt Fund her first sight elM report on votlnt. Uort lisa & Ulpatrlck, Lees
ZlNVa poUtlo whence Not at least none Me* These aotloaa tort da to.Mo art I.TIT ..U.. ago berry. Alfred C. FleMs.leaaotb .
'; IL I( lEA lAM :"mme,"IB.WAJ&UWS .. peblieotlea.ssssssss. trees art retlstsred la later dlsnlssed by a sore the little .'aro.. .. Noises Coanty. A. toaao and
every pariah.Hetlntratlea. Mississippi district girl that I hOI may Only 41 art registered aster P. Jackaoa, all
of tko toart Jodge tbotala. years BIO, bat BOW a votera. Baaoaie leM.,..
Froun u. 89 mat MAN la aald to II Negroes cat aaaoas edpBbliely tamed that the MetropUlatiffa yonai lady catered and
show. tp aotetiaet ta bistrue by the rila* bad not rt prettier, abe waa, hoe.
LOCAL CAUCNI eolete."Jut that. trar. I.'. Kobtraoa sad seated traaafert la accordance over still the dntlfal now its Pepsi
art theyt then a ana la ,oatl,... by" COM Field with the State and tavohle little Una.koldlac ,
u. rtbelllota. be U red; Secretary basis Moore, Pupil Flaeeuient .... her Bother s
gs Wag U. I,. rhea It la ....r.I', wbt for ever a year baa Legal Defense Attorney bead aa when. I first fr those who III

AMt.MM1CIIU"WIllI fttt'..........Iw" ..... ytlltt rhea kt Utoaest coordinated CDBs a woterroglstratloa this moved tt the Court set the (..U,.
aM.L tYSTMt ..a TtiCM '1"'ty..r.a white: tbta hela tsajpalga laBtttbtaatora tf Appeals where Bell The yonaatat eatrtalBor > WllkYJ1llJlt
loyal, hint: whet. his LetS...... ptlattd out that Metro over to pjay in Ue
.. WI u Beh.US latiperlaBcet. graa.let The caapalia reeeatly parcels bad act rt* Persia loco. Leslie I .aatccoapMlod =
STANDARD OYSTUJVi ft. kWlKTOYJTHi taly tbta ht Is tat oateaded tt TttaatParlab quested transfer bwcttatHlaaiaalpfl by Ue Bail

Plot $I.so be lag It ht colorless, tbort. moore aaBitaod MbooU arttoatltttly Mews ortbMtrv with
! .......1 COM T MPont Jim crow Mat .10.... her ,.... j-
I workera.YH That, even it their rt* MBCb and straits, Mplaao
f quest tort .,..... Mar M
their children would be ABeat her nags were
Ii .hI 1teIr. OM Of TMM! ? effected nit woi '.... fl ".." fr..>n
spell little trttreet ...et slOe ..*"." .1
I L ,., ., __ tot the MltataalppI .No. Ieliese,. else Art My
L iwaeu+. H, CMOCM IMPORTANT TO YOU tcMualty.Jnca aasblae:. and "Alea*
............ ........... a tins
II' ', f AS A VOTER .,......,.. dirwttor aadBi** KM Time ....*'
''l- sseu eseseu ev Millet
I j' : J.s no wt.a. FVtaiea aaaOl RETURN Kt1PAm 7 ......, of .. Deal all tell sag eltb "fttt
',i t j' SI Defuses had sad COB lag aad not<<* twrntk
s m ..... Piker MoUey, ..- lies VtttM la wked-.
I ; IHWRTAXT I'OTIAC IMVRMATIO ....'.-......1. art ofMaatl sled far oaM..*ata at
II.f ", :, ,; a ta Ut cate*. tko Otatt lilt Hotel laplert
j nf' ''''''' '",," ". ... tUlai tt waBftor
'" Mi Just f .- p r.: ,r I> ,:" _1 ...... aid biPIASIuIkA Ms .lee. at the
if ,. Pemlna ***, and at Ian
;I 1111 ACT StreetJathuillli "." ..., islet
I The ttttiat aid bur t
fli.I .... are designed bytcbtol
<111 \.".... loot her ....... rwonai ajt bj tkt mml btr ta ftt*

"I MCHT ro J.'OT61r ', tor.Jttee.. B wvtnrfatrttltilnahNH.steal '
PRo9 Tom
:, : 1 11 //If I jr: ; ,' < 1" her plaalattttcb 1 HaMM. *.... tHnt latt... TtwvMAn.
H &drwn t ,ttd.Hd. CwnI' r08.w r !'j?*i bM boo m UMtittntj w
; far .. net Itroan w a tslL weibl. Arilto
., Is It t gtdmttt Ibtah,...-.,..... .watg.r
j Whit An Yti VtaM.1 hft its V. t ttttfMMi ew.... ---.. ---- --

.. ,, .
:: -- -:..; # -
-- --

'. _, d' '

I > ,I IFree I


Tdilion tonnes Offered Veteran Employe Honored

Science, M itheoitics Tuckers JANUARY

IUMPTDN innimt, va.--Hate ton Institute ku ,.. ? _
ctlvod a pant of 191.400 tics the (Utloaal ScltoctPouadatloa F f _
for tupport of a tuamtr lattltatt fOr
bid) school teachers of telnet aad aathttatlct
President JtmtK. Holland uoooaeti. d
Hit eight ....' ooa rat ........................ II

will bt otr..... from too mattes teachers for !acreutsg .
IS to An mat I, BBdtr the. ttcbalealpottotlal
dlMctioa of Dr. Victor of the aatloa.
Pltlda, chain of till Three ooirtta till bt
dtpartatat of aataralteltnett. offered la Cktatttry,
it will ra> Mathtaatlct and Phyalca. 4 41
phaalst the rttpoBatblllty Teachers alp lac BP for
of telnet and ..t..... tto aubj act-Bat tar war-
ass till tan credit forfour TtIT'
Fire Negro Union atttattr boara.

The Institute till aeetpt -
Officer For Urging 4S participants _

Non Whites To Wribdrn' 'selected. Gaited foes Btattt.ttrouiboattkt APplleanta .._.... CLEARANCEi

ILWAUKEI (Ann) mat bold a baccalaureate HH
fOU--QDlJ'atlhUo. art in order for lanes C. Ntttoi (center standing)
A Negro union officer degree la .bo ku achieved over 4S years service titb National Dlttllltrt. Ht joined the
las suspended fro hit science and mathematics ooapaay aa a boy of IS and ia not bead of the paaaangtr dlvttloa of tilt ootpana '
duties last reek because from aa accredited tae traffic departaant.
ht advocated that all ttltatloa. Tbty must alto Occasion via a dinner of tbd 23-year ChIt lIoDOrSDIIIII. M.. fork employees who
Negro members secede bt taiaitd ta teaching achieved that many jeers of service during 1963.
trot district council subjects la this ar... kr. Nt.aoa la surrounded by company top taautttnt( -(Uft to rllbt):-..tMdlCerl ,,-
tI, American Federation Application blank say Ores)q, vice president ta charge of transportation and John K. Bttnlrtb.
of StattCounty aid be secured by writing Dr. president, and ebalraaa tf the board. Bated: Joaaph p. McNaaara. vice president
Municipal Enploytt. Victor H.Plalda. Boi 6031Haavtoa la charge of industrial relations, Ramsey Joalia, trtaaartr, and Mark DtTtaty,
H. la .ti u. faker a Institute Maap vice president and ooaptrolltr.IB .
draftsman In the city ton, Va. The deadline for a ttrttt of dinners over the neat month, the company till honor S2 wployttt
tnilnetrlec dtpartatfnt. applications la Primary Pith 25-jcar service records attained during 19(3. ki.b rahlp la the 2S-yvar Club
The executive board of* ISo BOW total 647.Registratioa '
the union't local 12)8 City Auditoriums n __ _

follovlni impended JollA kU; fro tilt Barriers Broken Dates Set Geraldine WiiHingtoa Finds Herself

mater of the 1963 NINOTON Tkt U.S.
btrtainlai coamittttthlcb BuprdM Court ruled last At Gibbs College President Johnson's Secretary Flying

( It atlll Intact seek that Nat Orleans
because the taloa'a must allot Negroes to Registration OH To LBJ! Ranch Before Ceding Her Breath
negotiations Pith the utilize its tualelpalaudltorlnn. second ...at.r at Olbba
city have coat Into Junior College will take ASHINBTON (AMP) Christens Day, 1963 vat BROAD AT ADAMS
tilt date for an official debut for an American 11.ro .-
fact finding); cbatnaa The victory Pas won by piece Monday tad Tuesday ,
girl who did not too until Otc 23. that she
kf the 1964 bargainingcommitteedel.gate attorneys of the NAACP Jaaaary 27-21 It
'a* to become probably the tint Negro and ont of
to Legal Dtfntt Fund, A.P. at announced this wttk.Mttt
tilt district council Tartaud and Crntat Mortal Esther Harris, three private atortttri fnr the President of
delegate to the Mil both of .dew Orltana. rtilttrtr. said application the Dalttd states, his Ttiat far. AT MEWSOM'S YOU
taktt County Labor Trouble arose then Ho* art BOW being rem For Geraldine Mlttlm- Gerry at she It kao,,n
Council and delegate to race C. Bran of the local ctlvtd for admission to ton B statuesque u.rold -, by her iattaatti, *.t
I ait
en an.
the labor council'a cottlttM NAACP chapter atttapttd the CcUtt and prt- doing her routine whltt
on political tdu to severe the registration by Bail lift hat taken OB whirlwind House duties for Prilldtatlal -
cation (COPT). audit or lot for a otttlac.Nt till eoatlaat until proportion since aatltttnt Bill
till death of JPt last OF BETTER
Bftktr'M tuitrvntion la Pas dented despite January Slat. Hoybtr, late aoaday, .
subject to apnrovll by the fact that the '111 t.CI Last day for rtilatra Nev 22. OB Christmas Dto. 33, then the Prttldtat -
the aabtraklp of local U..u' Councils bad tioa or chaait of pro- Day the President Iltrod himself, la*
123(1: at a ottttic Jan btta permitted to tat Iran la ttdattday, her to the press formed her that she cat
21. tilt fuilit I... February, during ftttlvltlt oa going tltk his to .r

Philadelphia and than. oa lETTER PIIICEEASY
to alt Tease raach.
Gerry, still not knotlM -
bat to make of It

.'......... '4 all WIt boot and told t1.' _._ ::" ':: '. '
her mother, Mra, Dorothy -" ''-'
wklttlntta that the ,
President had cud, tad
this packed her btat lid \
SU E R loft titb tht prttldtatlal > TERMS
party by ktllttpttr -

Noise to Aadrttt Air
Force bttt there they NO FINANCE CHARGES

sorry Iklttiaitoa it ashy
GRADE 'A' SLICEDBACON Btdttt tad Mattaalai -
yttai wtaaa ...
btttB her itvtraatatearttr TWIN SI'/i: ATTRACTIVE 9.1'JECE

titb the VtttraaaAdalalatratUa 1I0LIIYWOOD TABLE DINING ROOM

after aat left Vlnlaia
State ttllHtUptttrtbtfc. >
IB 19M. 539. 53. s169.I
Pros there, she. sorted .
1 LB. CELLO PKG. IB see ptkllt bttlthttttltt aewsUnues YAt75a5. .....s5M .nu DAl5r$Y..gi$
.G ROAST of the A|...". NI Naeeecf geeosci.c..e. MNll Met N11MAae
_uu aeoenrea...... PUnIC TaoFRENCII
for ItttrtatltatlDtvtltpMBt
at ...,..
tart t* Itlpk Dvt6tB, DELUXE EARLY
:: 27 39c tko ease tt the tkltt PROVINCIAL INNERSPRING AMERICAN
LB Mowit Mirth after hem
eldest ItBBtdy ..aslnegwated BEDROOM MATTRESSES BEDROOM
U INI. vr I

DaactB tat B top ,ran!' 5189. 529. 5129.
WESSON VITAL FOOD APPLE Itotlal attltttBt toir,

leased,. "watt...... TWIN a Mw11 MVK1. ......
After the prttldMt .M ,AlIA H' 'AMe'm.1 neu.eI
billed. If Moyktf seen mnnrt...601. NU..( MfuslI sa
OIL JELLYLARGE U the Stile Mttat at B
tlttttt u prttldtttJobatta.
Prtvltttly" bt
J-: tao depots dlrttttr tf SOFAS BEDROOM SOFA BEDS
24 OZ. BK5 20 OZ.TUMBLER. 1 A the Ptttt Otrpo t.....
19 IB wmmt ...., largest

.. BOTtLE jfSMOKEI "' 1".'. Paste forftdl 5159. 599. s69.I .

lllll HI ikl 1 HJI ir MM .del erto r.ety.errl'e ..."U.. ottvpl t hu 4MIC WIIff1I....cat Munn putt
I d0A.e(uIwMeg a .UCI CJIIIf saes su N'
...itt the ttrk IBitvtiwMot
TYPTSi SMa IAeeea aM 9601,MaaerlCOWRFUL
PICNICS u. 27* uim APPLES of .*...**+.b.rbo
bat been ...s..r.. I*
CURVED Comfortable
of prtatlMaad
the fttrtta

....... ,semis Htr Ast ,. Ittry CHAIRS SOFAS ROCKERS
'. "UU.".., otrta ft*
0// FAW* NOISE mm PUNT PIS for *>..,... PI.t/sg
Offl... 99.s13 9.X22
hULL Ktfl. icy Large Sbe 2f .tee nittltitto. WMb .
n IB Limas U ""en Ni.rf asses fiat .u rag Ass IAMag.
Ml far Arfn.Trve Inns NAee gvsssMy arrsqaNeOgae.e4l
e.osdt/ *
M...... 1 awe user c;run NS.65II Ifs!
( '
( VAN CAMP POll & lUllS 2-11 u. tin 25* ,Cat,. .etteed.d...............Co.."*

tt.... IB ".otbtse and
tl"'IE hi* .... la sea......
Ull 3u.w 35* "I,, tilt of Ut 9.9. MOAD AT ADAMSNEWSOM'S
mien. galestIM /.

'jjM r ... I
CABIN HOME MEAl s u. m W tl. III MUCUVDf.T.BA1 uralu

/.... f||.U| e$.

35C far* Bdt.tt4. I all try

ire S. iOO Om STEAK it 45* *!."/, Lyabrtb. ..'.


-- -- -- -- "n
- -


f.' .. ,, 1 Y

PUE I y fUll" mi rmts 'l TlgDIY umiT 1 11, mi- .

fJ Order. Conducts Annual I Fete League Observes Group's Recial I Programmed- I

Aural Affair

1 w ta cos of Its scat .aoceasfnlly >
." otaged annual

social events to date,
the Deaoncratle ....'

League observed ita an*

naal New Tear s party in
the bone of Mrs, Bessie
/: Collins 1911 W. iptb

"I' It. for sa appreciablentteadaaco
I; of ushers
sad guests.
I, A bountiful variety of

; delicacies were served
I baffet-styls and the .i ( i

I II I social interlsde f..-

treed the playing of __
recorded addreeeee by

the lata President John
II P. Kennedy _

Quest Included:

Mra. MMle Martin, Mrs.

I Mary Jones, Mrs. Llsile

Harris, Mra.. Ratn Cars
Ll--J rots, 'Mrs, Annie Oaablo, SPONSORS The Crusaders Ooapel singers will present a Battle of Songs Sunday
Mrs. Marie 'HcKiever Mrs night at I o'clock in Maaoale Teaple. 410 Broad .,. A nuaber of top-ranking local

L Illlio M. Reed, Mrs groupa will highlight the pro gran and the public )a cordially invited. Members. of

C.tll..... leech, Mrs. the sponsoring group shown above are Prank Butler, Charles Harvey, L.ur.I"'or.
I IN A SOLEMN let Inpresslvs eeronony. last lIeII. Teaplo Lodge J40 PIAM held It* annual election of officers Joyce Oanble, Ira. Ruby Evana Brooke and Willie i. Cooks.Milfon .

at the T- lt.'eahd fro left arc Lloyd N. Pearson Jr., paatatster, secretary; lllllo fioloaon Illaoa, ifs MaragortGriffia

I senior Harden: Irneal Pierce worshipful Raster; Willlea Ellison, Junior Wsrden. standing fro left: Mra. 8. Woodbury Hood Eajoyed

Charlie Bhue-an., George Hunt, treuurerLsngston; Shaw, Junior Steward; Joe Prtr-. Tiler: Robert Slappey. aid Mrs. Ills I.

Robert Harlry, Senior Stward; lilllM curler Cbaplaia and Jaaee Jackson Junior Detoon. Other leathers Jones. Vacation Here I DEATHS I ItottS.

1 are Albert '.rl'1. Joaeptr Johnson I.... Lane and San Thoaaa, paaUiateri; Marion Boone Robert Brow dub nenbers sot>> shown ,

Eddie Bojrkin Clarence Cunnlnghaa, John roiorthHAlbert Oarrin Mile Oibba, Ernest D. Jackson J... la the official photograph Retinas To NYC
Damn Albert Hilton, Douglas McQueen, Curtis Palaore, Leander Bhaw Jr., Jaaes I* 8tepbmeDaTe Terry. were:

Albert silks and Carl Tonne. (Royal I Art Studio Photo) Mra. label T. Parker, BCUIM WILLIAMS. I 1705 RELATIVES AND FRIENDS. FUNERAL

Mrs. Clara Austin, Mrs W. ISM Sr. DIED JAN. 2. Sun- SERVICES L BE ANNOUKCED. .

\ Fountain Chapel) Virginia Union Grad AppointedTo Woodlawn Will Baehaaaa, Mrs t; YI WItS I INCLUDE A DEVOTED HUSSNO. ... .. .. .. ?
Jlaale Ia Davis Mra.Mra. .
AME Church Presbyterians Executive Staff PresbyterianChurch Mabel Breedon, Mro. DAUWTCKS AND A HOST OF OTHER DIED JAN. 9. SURVIVORS INCLUDE -
Hannah Hollnsn, Mra.Illlla SOMOWINS' RELATIVES. AND
Rev, ,
NEW YOU, NT-Rev. It. Paul L. hops of Los An- Moles lUll Stevens, FRIENDS.
tor, la urging class ,far .. SPENCER TI+SON SPENCER!
leaders and ..btrs to tiles, California has been appointed to the ei* Mrs. Mildred Csde, Mra.. s .. II Ce CC ROBERT L. BAKER, JAMES L.
ecntlre stiff of the Department. of Interpretation Br L.N. PPARSON, SR.Th Elizabeth Colllaa. JAMES BROWN, 754 W. ADAMSST.
get out the nenbersblp SPENCER AND THOMAS BAKER,
by ooBtaetlai those who and ftmrdablp of the United Preabytoriaa Qiiirch, !Music Dt PI mill t of Alao, Mra. Jute Mae DIED JAN. 6. SURVIVORS SEVERAL AUNTS uNCLES, AND

IIn.' t DBA. Woodlawa Presbyterian JenkinsMrs. Edna Lads, INCLUDE A DEVOTED 11'1. MtS.
beea to church
Mother Midway Church will sponsor tll.Nortb..t.rl Mra. Jessie White, Mrs. ZELLA MAE BROWN I DAUCMTER
for 'O.UJ.II..to/ start Dr. Rpps, who will atkehie FRIENDS.' FINAL RITES WILL BE
., Juniors.slor Lillian '!Tnoapson Mra. 3 SONS AND A HOST OF OTHER
attending regularly headquarters' at the AME ChurchThe MADE IN LUOOWICI GA.
r- scats Inttrcharch Center here High School Margaret Button Mra. SORROWINS, RELATIVES AND .. .. .. .. ..
following order of Chorus in a Musical Pete Mildred Kelly In. Wars FRIENDS.. FUNERAL SERVICES
They are requested to till be of
one eight see Miss jAcauELYN A. CALDMU ,
services will prevail in the fellowship Hall dell Matthews, Mra. WILL BE ANNOUNCED.
start the Off Mint retaries to .
year aerve tb.dellOlliuUOI Sunday at Mother Midway of the church located Elizabeth aliens, Mra. .. .. .. .. .. 634W. CMJRCH ST. DIED J N.
by belie to church every \'. synods andprn.bytsrlss IvMILTON 10. SURVIVORS INCLUDE HER
AMR!: Church, according to at Cleveland and Wood- Louise Wiggles, Mrs JAKE BrNT 818 W. ADAMS
in their ins
MOTHER, t< and to also attend. other terpretitiog and stewardship Rev J.w. Jones, pastor: lawn Roads Sundry talker and Mrs. Evelyailliaas. ST< DIED JAN. 5. SURVIVORS FATHER, CLARENCE CALDWELL ,
activities. efforts Sunday School starts at January 19 at 7:30: p... INCLUDE A DEVOTED WIFE, MiS.
.: 90_ ass with Brother It vas through the
Sunday School begin at
p, wi)( be specificallyrespoasibl FRIENDS. FUNERAL SERVICES
9:30: .... elth. Superintendent for urban I.c.., Hart and teachers nedluai of .. Olin Pearson Masonic RitesScheduled HOOD I SON AND MANY OTHER GRIEVING WILL BE ANNOUNCED.:
supervising. Rev. R.M. that the. Music De- Porter Jason Mlltoa
D. Jones and stewardship and will have
Bhat, orgained iaister partaeat of the church For Hood ban returned to bit
.rrhha' OIL
teachers lU regional) oversight over INDEPENDENT COMPANY
was able to set this hone in
of Lake Shore Baptist Stoma, N.t.
All youths are Urged tethe
the synods and pretty Church, will deliver the very fine choir at this Mother Midway after having been the MECHANIC ON DUTY
and "'
proapt DO "
More adults Beeped Lenin of Ohio and SteAl senon with the Junior U... Tralaed under the recipient of a round ofparties Ike Joseph ........... ......Proprietor
art l-. According to Is,. J.W.,
direction of ProfessorRichard
ditriag the
Choir and Ushers .r. re-
to assist }i increaaisi Dr. fpps: has served aa T. Htdley this Jones pastor, and Mrs, eat ho lid,.. State and Jeff?rh,.r Streets El 69432
the Sunday Schoo 1'. ...:?"paster of the.l..l.h.'r'bthrlan e' At" *... at...,.. aaaStewardess choral greep la sot "'.1. Anderaoa presidentof 1I..U.U.. aay re- '
ir'r'nm"tM at It Church ia U. 'J, W. Jones'Clat;; '
Boarde I will known. ae one of the best latlTM ud frieada who>> ROYAL ART STUDIO
A service viiipr.o.d
ion Loa An sties, which he or the high schools the Prince Hall Masonic ,
sect la regular session anong ado his stay here verypleaaant
Iveniai worship ftanlsed in. 194<, The eon fully will hive chargeof
of the city. The MusleOepartaeat 51S IITIS .IttETWer
iron 7 until 7:18 Rvealas service will get .0. then .
I p.a.Tuesday's ireittlon began with 23 services Jaa.
lad.r'., at I p.m. with of tae church Sunday be lag bin Ood pareats,
I' prayer sutingvI11 charter ushers and has 36 In Mother Midway Rtf at iHjeH Prices
la this
start at 7.30: : the pastor Rev. J. f.Joses presenting Mr. sod ,ra. Ralph Lea,
p.s. since frown to a nenber- under the direction of
choral it aa effort run cmsIUCK
; supported by group
and Class seating will Mr. and Mra. Ralph Lee,
of than
ship more>> 700. J.E. Bradford District
to complete the
Choir 1 and Usher Board
be held at .. Choirs reburials Ho received his educa- conducting the purchase of oar new Deputy Grand Muter at Mrs. Grace Bateau, and l.ri..F.u' in ffs-Ctrs
I, sere
till be held tics at Virginia Onion vice. Church organ Hence wo 3 p... nlecea; sad ,others who I'll t HUE CILIIJEfllTHE
Vedneaday at 7: 30. Rev, bI".raltllIorfolll; KMI The above Baaed officials escorted bin to the
J The Stewards, Claaa are asking all nenbera,
If Jonti is issuing a villa College, Knoiville, ...der., Missionaries visitors, anile lovers, will bo In direct bone of his ,sisters,
pedal call ...U.. Tuna, sad at Pittsburgh- mipervlaloa of the Mrs. Man-ran Slsgletoa,
and Stewardess will those dwelling ia the Quality Photograph
for those eabera at Xeoia Thfoloilcal Seal laaeilate aurroundiagn installation ef the All Mra. M. Hood Davis.Mr. .

I that ,I... I* aura 'and airy, Pittsburgh Pa. serve.during asjor services. of the church and Seeing Eye which will beset Mood wwa also guest CHiCIES..I(1IIII-HCWS$

attend friends to please cone In the Arch Window soloist at Day Spring

and bring an offering to above the eatraaoe of Baptist Church, .... C. Dial El HH4

I help us In oir deter the door leadlat to the A. weaver, paator.Aaoag .
staid drive to pay off front 'eatraaeo of the the naay friends

830 CASSAI this ladebtaeaa of our Edueatioa Bwlldiag.Prlenda who helped nde his stay MIEN Til Lit III

r r'i organ Competent lab.,. and ...ber. of pleasant accordlag to
1 1124 w. mm will be oa the doors to the Masonic family are Mr, Rood were the fol.loti" II Ton seek fee Beat Lector -

1 facilitate seating the tamed to this special Ira. :Daisy Pord. Mrs.Itkel than Your Doctor Preacrlbeo.

18UTI8N Tl audience, All are eked ereioay which will D. Banalster, Mrs.vwrnell Get bperl
urn 191 to one asd enjoy aaevening feature .... X.L. Tyras. Hover Mr. and ..Aeconttai to Tour Doc to As
pastor' of Mew Mope All
of specialwaeio.
Ir. lalpn Low, Mra. ,. Dr. C.r. BlaekProprietor Urd.n.e..OII1'ft. less
'i Church dellverlas the Anderson 10.... aadvarloaa feallty Drag .
Church School till begin iaaptutieaal address asdbuaiBMS .
Sunday at 1.10: ..., together wjth, the Halo 1 y
superintendent T.V.' Chorus aid U..n eonlsg tendered Mr. I nasnxiD prtAUSAasw n snvt too ,"

... M..., In charge The fron New Mope sad Pous- Rood cenalstod of dials A COMPLETE LINK OP ,

Noraltg woreaip will begin Isis Chapel Ant ehercheareepeetlvely and cocktail partial, CoenwUcn lubber Owfe Cendiea ,
at 10: M .... with wwy other with toadrteaPWBCMniOHS
BUM seelag tripe .
the pastor I... P. D, ellknown persona will CALLED POI AID DkUVE aLiy's >>
.r. and Mra. J. trier
WESTERN BEEF SALE Wilson bringing the he featured oa the pro sad ethers.St. .
...sage, aupported by Iran !
; D1RKCT FROM Till WEST Drug Store
the two clio Ira with theguest
Plus haul Wes
Jostat 0'11
U.I.Gov ORAO0A1 Mlsa ,
1 Wt. too* SAVE UP TO 15c A POUNDA'rIc.4'.00 See Matthews organist, at the Waist Joseph Methodist and Mra. ,Vivian J. 1:;)... HI? IIIIS Mil (l
Church will eolebratoIta nro caeiraea. and see

BEEF HINDS NOW Crag orgaa The Youth Choir will ...... foooa'n Day Lttsan -

1\ 1 r..n.ad.., at 0:00: on Sunday Pebrsary 3.
: SpeUsr hr the noraIsg Edward Waters
\ ; p.,. with Mrs Fred D.
IT, TUSPICNICS rRSJR ... pjii yL- Davis, plaalst. The worship aervteeawill 2.1271'J

r II'OU8 tu-CUM.A.sal.t.. UW1I riA. CtADI "It." Chased, sad teetntastarChelrn be Its SakunarlMskten.

LAKE HENS till rebeareeTaesday. ..,... ofRyderebad. 1& liA

; FRYERS January II at ladle
Mnalo will be finished
.::00 p.s.GO.
i "s-291 by tbo Mortkwoatern
1U. _
L. 29 LI.25c ** TOCHURCH ....*..aler.tieo ashtart ___

the direction of !'
kick,. '''1.,.
MV.NAKI BEEF SALE! Art>Ge La. Its AJeem ax ajej


\ ....YHYIUM. .... paLL+

....vttYLUN Pats tl.




..1 TURKEY NICKS f..tgEAT. 4 US. 22 JBHWI JUM C.... 1 lacbi,," "'"& ,

TURKEY Wi$S 3 US.TUftOTLItS frt 1 FliiUi Imriti dam
51 ..,.tILL .
3 LIS.t .

TURKEY TAIL +Vn tif I US. 4 Satattil suit tail.{. /ntu.,..

t ittl Hi IN btt1 .i.. N Wt H ttml. 4 ?lIhk SI We M ... rf waters CiXf !.*.. .,.. 11 I

\\ ...

i ...:... &....' t.--, :......_, .. _.. "', .--..., -

- ..--..- .-. .. -,..-----.---.-::.::::..-. --'::;;:: :::..: ------..':: .' .----r-: .. . . .. ..... l' : ... .....

; I

UIBUT II. 1K4 Fliliil' STIi MHK rUE I .

Minister Is Ousted From Church; St. Matthew ''Scheduled For Jax Bob Harris Youngest Conalssloitr' :

Baptist ChurchSunday Is Inspiration To Yoeag Poopltahen .
Sought Accounting Methods ; District 1 Count? Comissloner Bob Karris preJeatw a cbtek.

School really for (23.000 County Appropriation to Edward Waters Colin last.
a.1YILMD, OHIO-(AfCP/ )-Bitter reaentnent, sad a Day will be observed lednesdaj before the student body! they all cheered wildly.
'growing spirit of revolt characterise tile ettl Feb. let I:JO .... with .w....._......>'........*.
'tude of tilt aggregation of Cleveland" Church of Ssperiateadeat Ronald They were cheering bee Inproveaeat IB Duval of drainage and another
cause of the ..II.f.lIaUcb
The Living Ood, which recently received notice of Johaaoa aid staff In """"' County. Re in responsiblefor I sues of Ueroveddralaege.
the removal of its pastor .... lllliM Carr. charge. All parents have ; cane aa a great resurfacing lOll 51nlleaofrotda .
._.nono......_.ononoon...........0._.. been asked to aceompanw ': surprise froi the Bishop to everybody oa down. and streets Indeed,the students ...

ushers IIId officers fictive nlalatera la the their children to the. I Aid they lire cheeriag opening and grading 0.79 inspired that a yoeas',
of tot church the only deoo.laatioa.Youths. classes. :9 1; because It wan obvious .. of nee roads. progressive nan It a sane
oat of lit denoainatloa Set District 4 will sect ., : that a young nn was In his efforts to In- her of the County 'CM.

.."ID, tile Clevelandarea Sunday at 4 p.n. with :" asking the presentation. prove living eoaditioaaIn sissies work lag for the

had petitioned For Monthly ..... Sarah Price in tiI.rtlld..ce. Bob Harris is the youngest Duval Coaaty led &bin lap roves eat of the gatlreeenaealty

tmuUaoualy for the retnra .1704 N. MyrtleAvenue. .aa oa the County ConIsslon bring about the iaatallationof la the true
Stephen FeteSt. : .... '
of their 'I.I..1..1 BOM 133: allee of
pastor who District S will .. "' and in probably sense democracy
case baro gig yearn ago sect Sunday at 4 p... '", ','t' .,.!...',. :. the youngest awn holding -... -sus .-.... .
Stephen lilt Church'a \.. .. '
to rescue the congregation with Deacon lanes Keys f, an elective office la 'r .? ; 1
fro noathiy loath Day observance H" ." t I If' f" I
sear aak- leader. at 1977 Leonard ." ,
featured Duval County. He was bora A". J. ..I-t: 'Ii,' .
OB daylong -
ruptcy and bund It Into a Circle South. DistrictS .. .. .. la Shady Grove, Florida ;1" I
a progressive body with schedule of eveata will neet Sunday at oa July 7.1(31. and graduated -
for Soaday.Jsn. 19. elll ,.,
idaalai Influence la 3:30 in the hone
: p.n. fron Leo High and
highlight the talents .
of / .
the coBHuatty. of its president Mra. Jones Bualaean College.
They charge that re- three talented youth Louise Hargrove. 2222 I. TRIMINDOOS SOrsTTLt SHOt COMING: The nee, permanent Aa a youag nan, Harris
.oral of their pastor during the 11 a,*. service Cdgeeood Au.i.. with hair raluer. Bofatyle, will be introduced to progressive and like

springs fro his efforts ; proiran director its leader Deacon Fled all licensed beaatlclaaa In tilt Jacksonville area our recently lartyredPrealdeat

to force officials of Jaaea Generlght announ U Kirkland In charge. by the Epic profeaalonal Products Divisioa The ,John r. lea
the church'a ut hall ced. Rev. J.S. Johaaoa lathe District > will sect Gillette Oonpany. The revolttloaary product pro aedy.is deeply literested

easenbly to adopt. Modernttboda pastor Sunday at 4 p... la the sally aveeplag the country will bedenoaatrsted by la the education of you th-*
of accounting ia Misses Julian L. McIntosh church'a Choir Rco with top stylist Helen Mart lass of Chicago. The 8of which la undoubtedly,

the budliag of church and Uverae Hill Deacon Vaa Drlgger. style I'.. will be held) at the Little Theatre the reason he worked ao

faads.Aa acconpanled by Janice loader aspervielsg. Jachaoaville Civic AadltorUa. lit) last Adaaa hard with fellow con

secretary of tat Harris, "ill play a flute District 9 with Deacon Street, Monday, January n, at 1 p... sharp Free laaioaers to secure the k
aadltiac connlttee of duet. The two auslclana J.J. price, director tickets can be obtained from: Jasoa Beauty Supply appropriation.Recognising .

the church'a 13th Quad-. are nenbera of St. Ste- will hold n special Oonpany JOt Broad Street; or call SM-40M. the heed forlacreaalag .

,.a.hl Aaaeably, held phra'n Youth Departaent. ..,U.. of District 1 tilt votiig
in Oaaha. ia Oct. 1(62 Miss He In tosh la the following .Dd,,'. norn- r.
Top Stile' dacitors Plan population it Duvtl County
Rev. Carr culled attea- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. hag worship. All BMbera
Harris wee iaatrueatal -
ties to tile cottlnuiof '.1. McIntosh and la a are urged to attend
To Attend Conference AI Gibbs la letting the
Ninth Grade student at
taUnt of the satires since Inportaat natters
regi s trat ion books brought
body to balance its ac- Darnell Cooknan Junior will be dlscnised. Mra. ST. PrmsBORO-'Top official of Florida1 Negro
out Into the precincts
collate year after year High School.no la a ..- A.M. Roblaaoa la prenldent. Institutions ef higher learning will cone to St. throughovt the count;.

and indicated that aaao berof the school'a .arch- Petersburg Jaaaary 19 (or a Beetlag of the Florida He side tbe motion forunenisous
al reports were and concert bends and ia Mra. Willie Huey la request Council of laatitatloaa of Higher Education.
"*aiu questionable also a leader la the lag that all Miaaionariea ......................... approval by the
Olbba Junior College board of coaBtsiloaera ...
inaccurate sod unbalanced. Flute section.The resale after President Dr. John I. Include a review of all to provide "1.000 to
grsnddsogterotars. PROGRESS Coanlaalonar Bob Harris, proireaalvecounty
ills COM It- Suaday noralag
Reakert. head of the facets of lOt lastltu- carry out the precinct
tee also noted tilt Lola Hill Miss Hill la a for a brief neetlag. Council announced thin ties including data relating reglatratlta project.Harris official presents check for IM.OOOUtdwaN
failure of officers junior at New Staaton The flora Club will waters Collate President Dr. illlian t. Stewart'
week that tilt neetlsg to the adelnl- has chalked
up an
hand1la( church funds to here she serves with the sponsor a Seasonal Tea assuring him tbat soother check of aalallar. seat
.111 be held at OtbbaJuaior s tret Ion. anaalag record for road
provide for bonding aa nsrchint sad concert fro. 4 until 6 p. .. College sad presidents will be ooalni la My.t .

required bjr tile constitution bands. Bandar la the hone of fron II neaberlastltutloaa
sad by-lacs of Little Mary Kathy Bromla Its president Mra. will be

the Asses bly. tilt daughter of Mr. Ethel fright 141* present NESCAFE
then church officials and Mrs. Frank K. Brown. Mltchel St. Mra. D.P. Dr. Renbert also die (

tacludiai Chief Bishop The child prodigy began Doaald will serve aa eloaed that the one day INSTANT

'.c. Scott of Oklaboaa singing aId reciting at alatreaa of cereawalea. session of the Couacll

City; Vice Chief Bishop the ago of two-years sad Usher Board 1 la ,h.- will H highlighted by /l1 COFFEE
I. L Or.... of Cinclnaati. baa Bade frequent ap- sing to stage its annual talks to be given by

then fiaaaeial pearances.In Valentine Tea Feb. t In lilllan Cecil Ooldea.Coord .
secretary, and Treasurer UU and 1963. her the hone of Miss Eloise la star of Certlfication -
L.H Duos of chicago etc Ml rot Birth grade vocabulary Lewis 59J5 Brady St.Mrs. Services for the

failed to nova for cor- benefited the Louie Brown laprogran State Departawat of F.dn- Specials Quantity I 790

rection of these abuses, national Youth Department chat ruas. catloa; and, Dr. Karl 11.

Rev. Carr taltiated a of tilt Church of Christ The pastor Rev. George J. Mcorath. riecutlvo Good Through Saturday Rights I Reserved ilMT, i ./ eooe
frittea In Heaven, when
petltloaaad reejaaendatloa A. Price, ia reqneetiag Officer for the lastl-
''l at the. Viet. ii..l aha won the natioaal tbat Choir 1.Usher Board Ute'of Higher Education moat coon e6a

, convention ia Oct. 196) .,...'. contest two yearnrunalng. 1 and congregation ac. hackers college, cwiars(
at ...phl.. call let for eoapaay bin to Duos CoiartlaOalveraity.Ooidea S'-r
the passage of legiala- Ibl Rhoada Mitchell la Progressive Baptist will discuss
tine to conpel officials a ...tIer4If .Nee St. Jaws Church to conduct sere with the ndnialatratore CHKKffl HQ001 III ,

to _taU their accountsfor Mil Church sod the daughter vice la the laatallatlon new treads In teachercertification.
audit to a certified of Mr. lad Urn. .I... of Its pastor Rev, S. "Tbepreseatatloa H

public aceoaataat U Mitchell.A Is napeetnl CREAM Of MUSHROOM IUCIII
prior to the holding of dysaaio speaker, aha Lon.Gibbs Selected neaalagfal to
the lfe4 convention.Sabsequentlyi attends Northwesters High teacher tralalag laetltatlone -

... .r. School I whore. she la najorlag Test' Cuter By because Florida I'f'
of lea Carra church la the ocr departeat. ..,tlU..U.. ru.". VEGETABLE
charge, their pastor was She elll deliver U.S. lislitileIT. liens revised : .:N/
ousted fren his pulpit Lincoln's KnaacipatloaProeianatlon PITRRSIORO -- be leg
and appoiated to the Address. Daniel U ftaffleeean heeled," Dr. Reabertanil.

natioaal evaaiellstlcdepartneat. roU..lllllOIIPhUol of of Ohio State .Oalveral Re added that McM.e awr,.
a mtaf aaalgnaest high school.MUs Mitchell tya College of Cduca- deaaa sad ,restore ef WUT nisi SUCHSTRAWMftlfS
generally accorded ,h.. farther study at ties baa picked Slbbe teacher education prograaa -

silai aid last Oklahoma State College. Jester College to aid In wilt alee be pre-

the ....10....& of n neat .te hear Golden SUGAR 1 t
Dr. Mcflrath, terser 0.
'I IMrMIIU SIRIIIES proposed fer the VtlHi byglese State test S. CcemUaleear ef deeatlea S It*. t M //,
Patent Medicine Cownetica aid aa later
Amid Forces IIIUt.h."alor
aatUaelly bOWl author sift
All-Leadins Hair Prcpantiona- eollsgo stueeatarepresestlag :
41 ef and ....U"I analyst 490
Core BROAD AND AEHLKT > EL 4O18C will oetllae te Ute adnlnlstratora -
Plorlda'a n ....U...
a study .. $1.00
.1. states. Africa, sad
.111 direct fer UeCarnegie I in rum
the District ef Colawbtewtll
Cerporstlon. uF$9.CO.s MKfooe
be gives Ue tee,
will levelveurs ..01.
Tie etad7
the results ., which
l ..... ard8afwU, .gre
will be weed by the Dal*
unit,' I Bureau ef : sue IIUI. vI1tu'1 CWHee
deeatieasl Reeearch ..
; senile Cer nerelagparteses. Sill lipililifIf RIB STEAK

III III. 59giMi1

ISJI k to MyII INilers. II 690 ., 113. 1 .

FNtidi' A.ueNV. moo/ feet dept.,


Fr o9 ....M aewn.nAelwr .

titIIff _.. -- SHANK rnriovi 3'$
.- ""
... -!
..- ........... ,:It ...-: I ,
r ....

S. :.., :: ? WHOU OR' WTT PORTION n. 45
-- ":
: :
Z' "
-r. r .:r:_

f sss.r-.c------.wr.-....err s ewe OUTER SUBS
... .w a. ......!ltttIf1I ? 89.
.::=r= -z t

u i==::"'-.==...... :n-d 47
--, .
KEN IIWIITtiivKM ..::.
ear waive,..... ss ese...M 1.1. 11 I

You To Listen To' IS 13 S g S.1ZM -l-... ..":: 72 hill 'IIHI 11I11POTATOES
... c.: .. :IZH i COjU".IA.J:1: :

ehsIo..re.eeer.w..e.le.rr. JJ !
116 RAMP -.w.w bras ewe ens a hr.. I PEASe

are era- gash
-_ 9P IIt.u I.

flDANCE PARTY"ilk :n:-.:-.:..iv--; :J1 r-.: 11 us. 23r)

17 .. -= ___ 14 I 29*

|... H ItMbftg =-Tere ua.a-...r;S'
saws e.a.
l IA Vtt M1411 N =.iae.e HSt ; 330 fIJ. f mI. CMIwmo

N !MT. f
Rr, r..I '.BreMrBS

WKMC 1416 ..... Twr Lett -.. tic

Lar. ..... **.. T. Wte .... ..

---- .. -- b"' J._ H_ -...

112: '" T ..:- : .. : '. '.. ,-_. ...:,. : ,...' '. '. -.-/ --- -_--- ....- .. ..._-- 'I'" --.- .. ,

, li: ;' j




I.I I I.! Davis-Campbell I I Human Rotations I

!Popular Official Feted I Top Students Cited

_____ __ __. __ Wedding Plans Council Schedules

I f Mr. and Mrs. Willie Jan. 18lh Confab

Davis '.
786 N Beth Citizens Interested labitter

Street, announces the and
forthcoming Marriage of
N w living are
their daughter. Annie
invited to a setting
1 Las to I... Chassis
sponsored by the Florida
Caapbell of Ft. Leader-
Council of Hunan Relatloai -
dale the aon of Mra.
Saturday, Jan.
II !Rosa Orabaa of ft. ....
II at 10. in Toby'sCafeteria.
I Lauderdale and CalviaCaapbell 2885 EW 8th

of Clayton Street. -

Georgia ..
.... An ineipensive lunch
The bride elect is
I eeii will be availablefor
graduate of Lincoln High
all attendeea.
h School I In Tallahassee.
Tb. seminar la being
She attended Walkers
planned relative to the
Business College in
Jan. 28 elections and
u Jacksonville sad com*
the Claaghton Asendaent
pl.ted studies at the
111 be oiplalned by
Nightingale College in
Paul O'Neill end Martin INITIATES FIVE--A quintet of neophytes of Florida AM University's chapter of
DFAN AT FARFWFU PARTY- *lss Edna M. Cslhoun, toner associate dean of student! Ml Ml.
Pine Atty Elisabeth Kappa Delta PI, national honorary society for education majors, la pictured here
: in charge of sown at FlorMe. AM University, Tallahassee,opens one of the gifts The tedding date his
VerrlcJ, Mini's leading shortly after their recent initiation. Shown, from left to right, are: Bertha I
preernted her ai fete la H'UIIlor don
a recentarn.1P testis ilrla' been set for Saturday
,. Urban Re- Gordon, Lakeland. Eras Badger, Jacksonville Handeraon, Ft Lauderdale
authority on ; ; Henry ;
tory The occaition narked the foraer FAMU dean of woajon'a hat week on the canpua January 18. 1964, at
I' usual will discuss its Ruby Thompson, Taapa and Sarah Willitas.Mlsal. Jesse L. Photo
; ( Nipper )
prior to Imvlag to aanuae a eiallar position at Howard University in Waah 5 p... in the hone of

niton, D.C. looklig on a* Dean Calhoun Millniljr adalres the gift are, left to the bride' parents.The need and Fdvla Tucker, YWCA News
Fiecutlve Director of Baha'is Complete Roundup
rliht: Barbara Jean Seniors of Florida Ciijr, Ma., Martha kesss of Tallahaaiee family Invites allfriends .
and Dorothy Rally of rt. Laudrrdale. (Jesse L. Nipper Photo) to attend. ,f the Urban Renewal Coaisslon Religious Tea PlansA The Advisory Coaaittee of the Northwest I we A Center
will discuss resettlement -
invitee its ambers and friends to attend the

probleas. World Religion Day annual Night of au... This la a recreational evening -
Tune WAME Home Of The World's
Vital and penetrating tea .111 be sponsored by for adults only to be held on Friday, January

qu M tlone will be the Bsha'ia of Miami ..
"" 24th at 8 P. la the Activities Building Mrs.
'". covered during' a question from 3 to S p... Sunday, Addle IllII lOn, Projects Chain. proalaea an entertaining
and answer period January 19 it the hone evening for all.

,, Champion Disc Jockey from the floor.aeetlngtbeae of Mra Doris Appleton, 000-000-000-000-000--000-000

Saturday's 478 U.K. Beth IItr..t.carroll YMCA "THH' TOORS")
"Miami lust
Hoeppoer of Sea The Northwest YWCA Center is beginning a new feature

have torate.an"Informed Flee- Ranch lakes, Broward prograa for teenagers called "Teen '!bun" .

County, will speak and This will consist of trips to various places within

Dade Youth Council Mrs. Allyno Oulnyard, the state and Blainl. Everglades National Park is

librarian at Holaea the destination of the first trip to take place on

Showing ProgressThe Elementary School, will Saturday Feb. 8th. Tao fee is $.. &0 for the one

ct4' f + .,. be coalman for thin day trip by chartered bus.Iatsrested persons should

F T Council is gratefulto event, The subject tor regUter well in advenes as the group is Halted to

: A its ambers and say this nesting will be.: )> and to young people in junior high school! through
frlenda who have donatedso "
Mity in Religion. 20 yrs.Csll your T Center for further Intonation
generously of their World Religion Day wan 6J4-MM.
tine and resources ID instituted to inform the
000 OOO 000 OOO-OOO-<)KX> OOO-
s the interest of the public that all divinely
Jonas people at Youth
revealed religiona Girls 7-J2 'r...., take part ia the Tiny Teen "
Hall.All of these ef> eaaoate from the sane Olrle 712 ,rs. nay take part la the Tliy teen lTlae'
I forts made a pleasant Sod, exalt the sass
prograa at the Northeast YWCA Center 5100 NW21st
holiday: season at the
ideals and
Ave. There will be sis Saturdays of fun, beginning

Hall. aDd are successive eipresslons Jan. Uth from 10:00 a... 12 noon. Activities -
The Sweethearts of of Ood's will
will laclsds gases, sewingcookingcrafts ,
Roses sponsored a very for aaohind.
and) singing. Tao fee ia 1100 plus fICA aoaberahip.ooo .
lovely Ckrlstaas .
part, taha'la believe that
-ooo ooo ooo Mrs. Mary McKensie siadeit when nil people rtcogit -
Nick lee
y possible. for each M this, .. will
The Northeast YWCA Center is sponsoring a
Holder of worldaroadoastiRg child to receive a gift .It.... the end of conflicts -
Skating Party at the HlaI.ab Roller Rink, 100 W.29th .
Record of a wrist watch. The between Ideologies
St., Hialeah on Thursday January 30th from
336 Continuous Hours Christaas reaper 8sr nations races,
vise was directed by ".': JO p.,. The Rink 11I.11111; leave the C..ter.t
creeds and clasaea.New
Rev. Wllliaa easy Me 6:90: ,... Tickets are end sod nay bo obtalaed at

Is cotMided for his Providence the Center or boa Co-Id' Club aeabera.Plan sow to

Btotber Ray AIfOItZD Mozen .any hours of untiring Baptist ChurchAnd attend this activity.Skatee may be rented at the

service during the past Riah for IS*. Call the Center for additional la-
abideth faith
DOW fonation 634-26)1.
year hope, charity, theaethree
i.Y? to The the Council School says LuacfcroooAaaoclation thanks ; but the greatestof An Open letter To Businessmen

these is charity Sirs:
the Las
I Cor. III: U. If yon have a bualaoso that caa aaploy a 17-year-
Aatias Club and Links,
The Lord Blessed as old boy at sack hours as to allow bin to attend
} Inc. These wade
and we had a the time school and .work or It yea know of suet a Job or
It possible for t piano
throvghoat the day Sun if yes caa give aaployiest that would allow. to

1 to be paresises' for day Let .. continue laprayer re-eater achoolplease contact ss. Nathaaiel Jo...
Youth Hall The Cwinetlta
I } V Boi-iectarlaa aidoapolltleiJ for the sick and 4)1 RW 14th Street.I .

tie shut ins also those aa Interested ia atteodlag school day, lite....
: and baa
the that irs grieved over I played football (Booker t. lip School, I was
its ajor, purpoie.
the lees of their love No. 20 .. the 'U taai.ttank .
# d general telf art of Dade
Coaaty Teuth. The asjMtivea -
are: to develoeaadaalatalt : >sep ia Nathaniel JoaeeSofstyte

I r conditions mind January n.,. the # # .. ".., -.,#1_ # .. _.
1 favorable to the sore) ehirck will accoaasay

aid physical welfare the pastor to the Mt.

of youth[ to farther lion Baptist Cbarch In. Show

; ...k.. the Dade CeaatyItlseaa $olooov, pastor la Rlaleah. -

to knowledge of .

prekless of its ..,. Moard "...p.. Is
franklin JordM Buikli i uar' B e e [Fred' KIMI ye.t.. in seed of U pinto of JANUARY 20 It 00 p.m.

The p.'UI it wt4 teapport blood. lOll nay oaks your

f the Dade OoaatyCw.cH .0..'.... to JacksonMeoorlal

for Teeth by Its Blood Beak U in the New EvergladesRoom

.e..berahl oat psrtUl- the aaae of Howard

SEE AND HEAR THESE tattoo U its efforts. I...,.. .....'er. yes of the

are always "1.... to

t Hell WaitsJSecretarial all of oar aervleea.W.kh EYEIG1AIESHOTEL-

? f RADIO STARSWAME1260 "Tooa food ia aooan.tag 11 ut ah.t U-bo This dm Third fid Blscayit Blvd.MIi.iI .

p 1u. sae. shorttaad.

work U fuss!. Gin
tiu tUncatlais.irlU !, FlorWi

Florida SttT. P. p-

Soi Ml.Jsckscavlllo SEC Pill Ufitat


((1 M2M
nt stria PIlE HI'J I

MIAMIHear J JOHNSON 72T1 N.W. 2nd Ave.. Miami '


t 1'
., PAil Et PMmIfs PL 92766

: "Hot Line" Nightly Al 11 p. m. Its' 1 IJL. all MLha ,

4' .; With, Donald W. Jones & Harold L. Braynon oaay Kaawnt wavai o 1> S dliitiM ucotsio KJurncuxs OILY !

11. .. ... .... AIIII I" # # ,

I It
a,r "




utiisfi uainT 1 11, W4 fllllli Ill MKU USE Illoiters


iI I i

Mfike Record '63 Rill Top 11 Ofliciils Collier DATA 'N' CHATTED

CHICAGO Aim-Fro*) Hollyeood to Harlu-tell here

C1TT: ___ontr* harvested u estlanted III wo an la the first days ota bright BM ah lay year. ."

deer 000 tsrkeys, ud 349 koga oa tk* .... sad For several yearn, at this ties of tilt 'lit.,' Hyear.
Yeah ietr isb Cso-lulos's sit audit. BUM I have gone out on a llab to predict thing ,

cut areas la NorthMit Florida during th* 1VO64hnotUi 4' that would or would not happen durlni the ooalas

.eaaoa.iocordlii to Redcoat saaat.r. Brutley AL onthe.. They nay us brings deem-but apparently
Ooodeoa. ...................... this Is not alwaya 10.lee..... although I have SOB- V

Goods Mid, 'Tills 1* sos till reaala open u... erred la ay predictions, hero I go .'.1.....

a record kill, and n- through February 23. tI.upt : e So.-say tine dories the. year, you cu 'sae ...If'G
fleets the laereaao ti IB tilt .aaaieaotareai. !\ this flub and send .. a 'tuibllni. or better

Oar pod.Uo.*. D..rpopulation All wildlife still, just drop a note and say... "ah bat I you were
have bees aatageaeat arias la mash aialsl", First however let .. wish you a

atudily liertuUi li aortkoait Florida Happy Mew Tearl'
Florida for several closed to initial OB .........................

yean, while nail ear January ft. Aallla,0c. '.... Ninny tllooa will sake It even bluer la pic-

populations an dined elm $8tlakatck. and tart this its has 01 records. Really I u overnightSMUtloi.

to fluctuate yearly, depending Lak Butler areas till ,:, .., tko taloated Capitol Record star will
spas th. nccM be opea for sprlai \ ears a lot of lettuce IB frost of tho code cu-

of br.dloi and lettingas. gobbler ....0. fro 'Y. .: erne if her acreea test la u Indication of her

rest tb* previous arch 31 thronb ; J \ potutla And the Uae Is right. .Meter be fore bare
year.Better In enforce- April, 12.Hoodlums. .." tilt 'Iron Brethren" .had it so good IB the TVUduatry.
eat protoetloB ud laor Make Just tale a look at your too see sorer

aa.d public supportfor .... you will see what 1 ....
iM Ian ban also : ..1 ..........................

been iaportut factors Family Flee Mild Jual will agnlB Bah* acre ..adU.... Many

It prodielii wro ....:' dos' to real lie how close ho ere to '.aI U..* the

Ooodsoa further stated White District oceae la ouch the sue BAAS, that Shuck. dli before
that tko suceees ofveil leering "11I1. Bitter Earth."
sad squirrel hooton ST. LOUIS (AMP) .........................
la Boat areas baa laada of young whit hoilliaai Reading fro left to rlgkt: Lana Davis Tulia. Oklaboaa, end CO-CkalrBaa of Matloanl Drbaa Lagu Pout bo turprlied If Chubby Checker coves to
forced Metro
b.., tbc but la racist ,mail, to teaporarlly a Soutboni Regional Advisory CbweUttee. ihltnc. '011II', Jr., Kiecvtlve Director, Matlonal Or ban. Harlu (la Hollud) ud sets np ....*.**.1.| sea

yean.Qull. abandon 1U bone la League, fflatkrop Bockefeller NIL Executive Board ud Co-Chains. of NUL Bottheri Begloaal Advts* ho ads that laterantlonal beauty Iitruo .,IU-
and igjilrrel t.aDtari's > all-white suburban ory Cbulttee; Dr. Hollls Price Fnsldut, lupkii, Tennessee Urban League ud aeaber of NOL sir from teas ud frluds alike at oae" folloeiii -

Death Jeaalus hero last Southern Regional Advisory CoemltUe; Rev. J.A. BcDanlsl, Ciecutlve Director Nee dis Vibes Leagne. tko bethroUal rsoro.ut.bis side Checker

week by stoolsi the 110.... retail the eel.... .ho received U Wrope.e1 .

Is' RatedAccidental ud bile harassing local police the t.ll1-stood Army Man Urban League A&M Demonstration School Accepted latch 'for another. .11111.1e1111 taa face OB e111/115 the "Itch HlllernhowH

the of the Not Net Leslie DUMB pleas to leave! OB tko
by local hrueh president of the HAACFcharged. Sues Club Organizes Southern IB Southern Accreditation ASSR.TM1AHAB8B contrary, eke will contliue to receive tko stir
Advisory Group billing she deserves '"III'''' along with Bitch."
official laqulry lato President Morris NUKfQU. V*. (ASP' ) -The Florida Ain Qalvtrclty Duoa* But If the Bastro'i present piaaa ask oat, Rise
tko death of 'Blu** NAACP ATLANTA daruc: D. strstlo High" School tsoaof M secondary schools with
denuded that A Negro Aral officer U Dfgaas will have U share the spotlight a
OMO" Dinah tashlagtOBhero Headorsoa St. toils Coaaty police smug the Ooldea Tri co lesas, Director la the state of Florida adaltted to the SoutheraAssoctstloa "."")...t'l the opposite ses. 1 Bight .........
roeeatly ended Southera Retloosl Officeof of Cbllegea aid Seeoadary Schools at
} matte Motor hotel ,beGold. Sot
list week ibis tbs lose SBpt. Col. Rnyaoad I. .. Key Club and tilt Matloaal Urban the recent ,..,.n' aeetlag bald IB Heapkla./ ao> ..............................
County: Mdlcal uaalar. oailey asitiaed guards League, einousoed tk* cording to word received her by Bathe .. Cetera,
heteeu No
at the hose to protect lotel ....' Herbert MakuB Carroll will divide ker lice *
orgulsatlo of a Soutk- N.NHNNNINN
announced following u the fully because 3..- .1...... for 373.000 prliclpal.Cstaru. Tort ud Beilco City.Aad act Jest because she. laves
Mtopar, tba' the singer tide Advisory CoMltte received word till OIU.... MorehouuOolleg
died fro u accldMtal lid police had dose character each, clatBlag was defsaedwbu hia ...., tb* o-ebalrMi. Of tilt idBlMtOM Of the *, Tallndega Col- the wen cl.last 11111/1.e..1.1e/e.11 el ....5/111.

overdoes of >erbltu- little or lothlBf to ship of flBthrop Rockfllr. *- FAX Ouoaatritlu High leg ud Florida BtatoQatverilty .
safeiesrd tko fealty. be was turned aay Dorothy Dejdrldie ud thai O.11... tree SMFre -
rates. Rorriltos.Arkansas School fro Nor***) Blob ,
fro the Ooldea Key nub.Tb elsa probably will Bertft to tko altar when her
.... Idward Sawndwskl. David Tboapsoa. 3t. a ud Leo Devls chain. It th* FloridaoouttU * *"""
Ooldea Key club liB dlvoreo true jack Dealeoa koooBU flesh
tko oiulBor, said it crate operator at nearby TB Isa. Oklakoia t* .. CoMleelo oaSeoondary ,
appeared :all ftshlagtc) Scott Air Force pass private social club lathe spearhead th. eipuetoaof Moo I. *f lbs Find e1N1e..e.s.lee.e.eleeleeeee I
Ooldu Triangle.Ct. Hat ud Paris Colt will lastly give their ....,
took tko plllo by Bla- ud his wife, t.U". the Orbu League progru Southera Assoclilioa *f
Tueey F. Bart la. College aid 1M.tr .d their ....u... dugkior Cootie (Carol Cole)
tako. de:::oo that roTlst buds IB th* South. Secondary
.tat lose* at Ft. Le* till ted that yoesg BM ski now demise eke ovugaoeel
Tko titeraatlosallyfaaous of skits roedlee IBsttOBOblle Th* formation of thus School ir. Prick i5kalr.a s tth
filed .It la Salted outgrowth *f tb Sculf '"".'111,, theirs will be the ....... of
slip, aid ro- drove re. coMlttee la tk* *
State District Court far the social (... theetrteal) ...s.oale.eeeeueee.eeeeeeee..e.
cordial star u* fouad pestedly put tketrkoBO *f two tin* BdttcaUoa at Florida your
dead IB bar Detroit .... threw stoics aadflrocracken lalatii that b* obtained held it larock Fan sad Stat Dblveralty. W foses A A11'sol .
by kor kuband. Detroit ud cureedud .....raIIl' la the Huphla Tennessee during The PAW Dewistrstlea A.nae" whit star who IM* U Ibis eoeatryfroo

Llea'a football tar harassed ekes soils club last July ... IM3. which brought High School. ekltk tae sWTM Ih Its rop*. will try Utal>it a tot who would. b*

Dick (111.11& Trail) ..... Jem"lag* police stood b,. ahoeed up a few day together a ill er".- boss ipprvd by th* libelled. a negro her. SM till say Ski I* doing
later with to gweeta. lectioof MS then ".- So it her a AsieelatUa Ibis tor publish ,....... but these who kayo

SOD) M YOUR SOCIAL M) CUB MWS Oat Its Btuley petlttoa..h.states.... fro ud whit leaden toes slues IM. halides wt lc bra her for years. knee better.Alluls .

of t'. club piers issue fiBprerlai gredee .*vu tII..q It
H Slid, Confab"
Th. Mlaal Florida Star will publish refused to let his la.Sluaoea tie volutsrypartlitpatloB A faculty of U tuch n

your social and club HBS--andPlcturss this was ...- of ... 1* plyd *t the 1 1isaae.ee SI FkTBuhVM dMrd Payee if Ukbo. Juler Oil
as veil! -- free of chsros. .. hol.BradesU.
.coned tho petition era leaders la working St.". ulduu loBtrtoeBtwuuoai those .tteadlasth
Let the 'Star' announce till date for states sad k* all out iclitlut IB localeos.usitles *f tt* ca..l III ........ a..ePsl
tea party or fashion ,how or what N 1 e.5e1. eMYMe....... Fourth AaMsJ OtaferuM M Pereoaallty at tat
tuned little .,. to problwiMtrlkwtlai bleb Settee at BlateratMy
... ... .
Sei* sew tee Caret Oslrenlty of Flertde Jusary f>|l.kt .
have you. Tbs petition euoteeClasuaa t* tilt ua. or duoaeir- .
NBS and pictures should reach our ss isrlsg: "IcsMot reel of Negro** of th* lies *cb *| fr Florid

office not later than Tuesdaynoon. silos you Begree leglo 'Ass Cnveriltyi etc I PRINTS POINT THE WAY TO HAPPY SUMMER SEWING I

M Kews To I MiMi FlerUi te to g* out 1. th* risk AltkMgh th* Illtlstlaterut deals IB lbs ached. *fIdutatiM.

becMse if I did everybody *f this e lt- are uoeees* leae eeU .... OM full skin el NIS..dSee ....
leek eeUg. lea
738 NW Third AH PbeM m-1 2SI out there could setup tee sill be u develop filly purlM .liege itch T1..k.g M.* .....,.* dMeJU (Nee sir ht u uwewM so uVeotM. ....,* s**. w fcrieen sled
and walk out. aad it also t* trgtbeslngth 'vest" IB .... *f tb* **- OH'. ,.... .|... MOJ). A a eaoo sense ........ ... of ..*....... Ad M *.y
la th* ease silk ay tn.tree ......* tlu'B lUdlll iBStlt. *'Wi sulfl STM. ... fuse .. ..lie le en ...... o ,._,.. MUM elrf ..... "....." le
wtulng pool. a4 progrue .f M neatly these *f higher '.- (W b.dit. )LLN kf e* -$- ". ... .ldk i It.,,. ale 11M tf' die alees ..MUBMM >
1 doe t Pace what it eperitlei rbu &.t.. lice M*.rdlii t* Br) piM -J she ...... she .leto .... u. like e.4 .** Ul *.. lit poll be*.
...Tbe elsa s.it..l..*..* aVei .. a bells to a..U Fre.**.*. Mete wb.a>.....
1* about yea ill. Th. ... *f the loI thn BeItoa. tttarii. sees *f lee *e tve-e4 Geibe.e4 ....... Fef>.fS ihel ... ass sad eleeali***.. Ties
whit people Wt out Its a ..,*"..* ..n...* aid Mlvinl. *M "'''. eh.skirt ce. I* fewwe. ftW leo lit .... .ie\ 5 ,. ..to.C.J.hV ro s..Ibusee. el .o.m..
t. sees silk you orMctills oultte aid will Neat tie M* betas tttudedby |.*Fired U CM ..... .._el ........* s.wlkee N .... p.sc....
la'Ilt7c with ye*. It hooch silk th* staff PAW High ira.it.* \. ....,... eU. ehbt *.I4| e..fMs silk *pri i oM !.*...
I let yes la there tb* .f tk* BstlMil .rbBLeagse'i IM|**.: tk. Di I,,"I tyf 5 ... t..*.. M W beh.In .......y..WbeSfeMd.i fe4MI

club wilt have U abut ...n.,. I.. '. ......... Oilverti'yf gM k... bM of BUI **MH N...... 515751 Tb* poeoJfoiol.......> seen*.apse**..) *
.. Iseeuli, istrBSlcbUs teeb seed a**e.U..
ja Of fit* at At lut* tt e. 5i *.Uea is dMtel. (M flllev
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Coast Guard 1,1",1 ..U.... Brbaa State Oil leg*. N 1M...a.L.e'"w...-- ( eke dellp.led sew dt. W |M.. The
blurt. ...... beard thleofiity. Kui .-. ... a ... Nt vase JekI ...eve ho W. M.......,........ M peteex
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..... .... __ 5t.NI. .IUf be* *.. PIe4 was.es 5pelrs ........

The M.iitMiil Of eoMMet fUee bee eise.F ........... ........ "" ....
.U e hoee *e* of ......| pp.. te. .. ate. a IMV geeedaSM.
u.....* ..... CW fi.... ..... OIl *TtJ..l
} LONGSHOREMEN'SIAR LMpa ...... *.. Lee.enk. ...., .Mad II p........,sires see
5 lef* *.... .U.a .. peen ... asd -
..rsfeNtif1t lilt,.,. Fef .... BUM *. ........ lee ... .. ....._
AMI LOUNGE ..w..4. era ..... .... hear isur..... _
extl fle eM be*apts.ed..eN..l.a.. Nit.*M.
112 if in sum

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peeved aie*. TW etM ...
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I t OttC. FoBeet i* |..
FISHM .... is WJ,. TM !M*.
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I' .Nee llrtf Iteffl a> Nark keel I. s:R ... M ..... apw I.
tI ffct WMkWMBM UNITED STATBS 0 .......... 4 5 .....
OO&'X'OUAD ii SMS, M MM a* ins I*
k a1)rN) It l1F1. lit 1ft >II -'Ie.,., ... wef MM
w. IBM u euueuJ IM> Th. ...... e., hi ...
k i Ili heat aditaag Slks tM.*. OIlUI! ( 1.1. ....., ..... .".... Sick S3 ....* sect s... ..*.
i* .....* *.4 *., M BMB4M
IW. tattle. Miami; '2, Flo/ .I t.-.t ; rise:: II. elf M ..sillewi*. ** fi*>
fill Ill..... U..... .red. sir been/..



..-.- '- ,
-A'j -

''j ; 1 '4 :


J Gathering Of The Clan

x .r Music Educators Schedule
A. R. Giylei

Joint' Meeting At Ma. A & M
Plus To Attend
TALLAHASSEE>e Florida Am University campus

I 2 Nat'l Confabs will be the seen Thursday through Saturday January
1 fI iror IS, IT and 16, of the 1984 Annual Florida State rj

'AIJ. IIASSF.! Dr. Ann Music Educators Association Clinic. Meld wider the

i\ Richardson Osyles, joint sponsorship of the Florida State Music Educators -
Florida AIM University Association and the Music Departeat of

professor of education, Florida MM, the clinic 1* expected to attract
will plsy an active roll several hundred choral directors band directors J
ID tilt proceedings of string teachers and public school music classnxM :

two national educational teachers fro schools throughout the state j_____ Y
groups that meet at the ..............
and senior high school
Conrad Hilton Hotel Elementary! schoolJuniorhigh
choral directors and .!..
Chicago, 111., on Feb. school senior high
20, 21, and 22. school and college tntary Susie classroom

Dr. GajrlM. been invited teachers snd directors teacher will comprisethe 1-
to participate on of public school music

) : -GREATS$ IN MUSIC" -Three big names la the music world got together recentlyon the program of the Annual choral (vocal, choir and choir.Te.ch.rlIII bring

the campus of Florida AIM University. Tallahassee, during a recent concert Conference of the glee club) Susie and instrumental their performing instru-

t played here by Count Basle's band. Pictured left to right are: Dr. William P. Association of Student (band and ents.to the clinic to
Poster director of the laternationitlly famed Florida Mil University Marching teaching, during which orchestra) music are the
make the duc.traUon
Band,considered one of the greatest aarcbing and precision formation aggregations she will work with persons for who) the up
band and string en- Mr. and Hill
to the world; Count Basle, famous Jazz pianist and band leader; Noble Slssle Slater M. Josetts of st. clinic is specifically Mrs.
embl Instrumental
In addition
1 Internationally known composer and band leader; and Noble Elssle Jr., a studentat Johns College of Cleveland planned. music teach ,freddie-Hill' Nuptials Highlight
'I FAMU, with whom his famous father.. visiting at the time of the Basle band's Ohio She will Student participation Recent
and band director
era Capitol Season
City Holiday
t concert. (Jesse L. Nipper Photo) work with the St. Johns in the clinic will con *
_ will bring their Instruments -
College professor on silt of choral and In- TALLAHASSEE... Mary Alta Freddie of lake

1 1 2 Papers Released By A & M Professor presentation of the atriMtntal groups frost to The clinic Florida missions AMIUniversity Charles La., became the bride of Florida AfcM University -
l topic 'Tr edict ion of elementary Junior and track_ coach Richard Arnold (Dick) Hill oa
I Yule Vocational Technical Instructors Readiness! for Teaching color high schools. They choir and Saturday, December 28. at the St. Eugene Catholic
as Measured by Performance will serve as otawnatration Symphonic Band will also Church In Tallahassee ...................
TAILAHASEFK: Two re of SCHOOL SHOP Magazineand serve for demonstrations
'oently-published articles of "A Summary Re resting and useful to in Internship:' media by clinician. an d si gb t-readlng The couple was wed in a of Yonkers, ft.I. He was
by a Florida Aft*& port .Th President' them, to their parents, Dr. ,Oayles will also and. consultant, Junior literature session simple nupital mass performed graduated in 19(0 from
University professor Panel on Vocational Fducutlon and to other student" take an active part in at 1:00: p.m. by Southern University with

should prove of interestand ," in the Septem The article five detailed the program of the National Social Security FactsQ. Father Balthazar of the the B.8. degree la physical "

vwue to vocational- ber- ctobe r, 1963, issue and easy-to- society of College St. Eugene Church. For education and track

technical iaatructors of the Florida State follow direction for Teachers of Education the ceremony, the church and earned the M.S. degree -
,.' malting a double-page which convenes at I'm 45 and have worked under modal security for
and persons active in Tuch. AIiOC hUonBULLr.TIN altar was, banked withferns from the 0nivarsity
the .. the 10 I have heart trouble and have bad ,
the field of Industrial hectograph, MM place and U. past years. and white chrysanthemums. of Buffalo, where be baa
education In SCHOOL SHOP, Prof. The summary report on She was appointed by I the .ae of my kidneys taken out. Can I get disability also done postgraduatework.
education 1 chairmn of that organization check for myself and ., wife
Samuel r.. lIulII.ll.1 an.soclete Russell describes thehectograph vocational Given in marriage by .
j to local A. If can't do kind of work and If disability -
serve as your
device valuable for the insights you any
u a
professor of industrial her father ill ton Freddie Mrs. Hill who was graduated
education at that 'ever; shop can It gives into membership chairman at i. expected to be permanent, you would prob- of Lake Charles, the from Southern in
the need for Florida AM Universityfor Tour wife mul ctI' t unless she's 61.I'm
"a preparation ably qualify.
I Florida AlII. is the use He rays it Is bride ore a Jeweled, 1963 with the B.S. decree
I i author of a piece on device which students in of youth for employment the 163-64 academic assuming you don't have any young children. It you gold "pillboi- type hut in physical education

: "The lloetoirnph" In woodworking can make In areas of year do, and If you qualify, then we could make payvenU, with short gold veil and health and recreation,

the December, 1961.: IsRua that will prove Inte Industrial education.KUZZIN'S A&M Receives to them and your wife too even though she's under a white aatin-trlmmed formerly served aa assistant -

; --- --- -- -- --------- 62. gown of whit crepe director of recreation
rI $52,000 Grant' For Q. My husband was a railroad man and la drawing a '
fashioned with an empire for the Community
disability pension. Can I count him aa a dependent
1x Science Teachers draw-atring ...satUne.8be Workers' Association -
MUSIC BOX A. If you're asking for Income tat purposes you carried a bridal
la Nevburgn, N.T.
x 1 YOUR RECORD HEADQUARTERS : TALLAHASfiFF $52,000grant should ask the InternalrBevenue Service. If you're bouquetof white and gold Shortly after ner marriag -
frost the National asking for social security purposes, it depends on
321 North Micomb Street carnations and roses and here she assumednew .
I I Science foundation to con- how much support he gets from you When you' re 62 matching gold mesh
wore duties a* directorof
I GOSPEL BLUES POP JAZZ I duct a summer institute in he could get dependent husband's payments on your ling pump and short the recently remodelec
Barth Science, Otology social security account It be got one-bait his total
I 45s LPs Bi Meterology, and Soil support fro you during the 12: months before you are gloves.Mr. Galther Community Center
Hill U the son of
62. Of course, he'd have to be 62 before be can be in Tallahassee.
J Join KUZZIN'S FAN CLUB! I Science for high school Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hill
science teachers has been paid.

I' Died 2U48U nIT I received by Dr.C.I. Owens, 'emftmgeran.a.s r.-w rD
----- - --- ---- --- "professor of agronomy at mutism[ BATS IANTEITil

Florida AaN OnUerslty.ne ._ Ctrl Cut S.'N FIHI9A STAR

.. '
1 Hi} 201? OWH If |*tM 222-302J I'' q
1 'I11

EEPetsornil I


sn or moo ----sham.
t /--asaes w caw -

IIU__N HI...IIVI.b....._.lllf.,.cf.. ,.'I.. .,._' beer.... -...N...
:':..=:::.::.-::MY..N.M.:d ,1N :..,:
I II : The lit Three 0* WRFB
... _... ..._.. '_.._, _.-10I -
...- ....-.. .... "_d ........_ow. ......
-. "* WM ""UJ"""'
: .i,m1'vill'u'i'ix";
L k ... ml r..... POSTPAID win
I J. anjoo Tii h.MM, meets ru cur sox

I ....,..

\ 0.iI7L e SiD pFALlINI'NDW .,j e

iaatitite la h. II ,
1'h t tended for teacher of HAIR ;cr. :

science who have had 1-C-1-1 !

: little or 10 formal ""esther's"SAVE .- t I
\ training la these fields. It TqrI
Participant la the Institute ;

h are expected to IT
I COM from high school .eT
throughout the United

Utes.. A total of 36 MVWT It ......> -'........ e., -'... aIIUsstt. --
persons .111 I b* admitted -d.,1_ .. ..., ......tile
to the sessions.Aecordiag ot.e .. alb by dame "P ........ ... fit
d.ebd... s..e ... adre slim rim
II III to Dr. Owens, I .....-and aisr d.men-........Lewd
'the science are calms M- .- ..., rare ale's b.eMv ...
scheduled to .* taught' I. --. .... a.Mr. ..... Mire KUZZIN'S GOSPELAIRESKUZZIN'S
tilt habitats. art d.- ran......."Msm .1 c..... Nrv.

Igied to provide intellectual AT UAXXMQ COSMETIC COUNHMr

r background.. .... eww...........-'VM It".w*II eo tar JAZZARAMA
I sen sr a ea IN. 0" car ...... r.Esther's .
ertcheat so that the :.::::- .. .
teachers lavolvwd tM acquire I KUZZIN'S KABARET
Beauty Aids / ; r.
Ue klad ef ....,-

etadlsg.that tea b* *oteffectively
aUI.... 1* -

Uelr classrooms. n.

*o.r..* will b* geared to

belting Ue partlclpatlsgteacher '\

TAKES CARNATIONAND be os). broader

ad ore e.e,.t.nt la
taI_. important area *faclew.ce I

PLENTY OF IT- Dr. Owns teachleg.aamomaeai this .

week that Utemti seraoma. -
..s* .*. qaalltr, asp
TO BUILD A BOY LIKE THIS eels fbr stipends It U

ITS nor sal" plea 'd U..

tepee..* .t FWM, bMTd.oohe4teciMUatll.

rt'i the ntf. V'tam+n 0 m Clt'ftltlOfI that Mp put ten *

muscle 'In hig mnvit. the strength in hit fnp and ten b* paid fur set .t the w
stipend. Tie Isattute.flaaaed .
lpattlt In hit imital CarnatKm nat tone the ViUmm \
fer '!". ......
Dot ordinary n ttk' hot every doubt nth drop) tv*> Ill betas M '.. 14 I

rtcher HMO s*..t. w 4>oi* milk No woMtf, that It the tllite should" b* ..,..
Ml Icier UM rwbnryIKIMi.
healthy tam iy' ""IIIt"Mt" salt to admit Qj\ best : I
Nrom dial g
mast 110 atsy on.ell through/ cMdhooj, sam .,tesw further is Sera ilea dNsa)d
I..._....-.._..........'- ....e.1a..u I__ 6mt Uelr iMMrtM bBr. .
Co.. ..... Dt rotor

Ir i. :' fmnm florid Ml Hm erne*bl..ngty.TzIlaw.ee.P1e.tMtltmt".. Beef at its BestII !

1 t Utftl.

.,d \ . -
': _. -"
.1. JJ j"

--- -- '
.; ';; -".:,-
... .

) k JUIIUK 1e 'I


I County Sponsoring Roller Skating Events Saturday At Northwestern I

FMC Lloa Sports Series Marching 100 Captivates Nation I

All Age EventsAt Rates 8th Evlog-xe A&M's

lUlU To hold>> B professional CBS-ttltvlatd National with the aid of his assistant Sourly A. Hllliaio of

IB Nation Raked Hayes football crowd Football Ltaiue Playoff band director, the Florida AtM University -
Northwestern IBM between the Cleveland DtpartBtat of
BT. ADOCSTWE salter of sore thaa SBvOO : Dr. till P. Foster
NcDonial, OBO of Florida TAU.AHAS5EI The ..- spellbound during I full- Brotaa and the director of the FAMO Health and Physical Edu-

.o aortal CoU. ..' tlon'a sports scribes 10-alaita aircblBB bud Qrooa Bay. Facbtro, Bun- Bad, lau orange Bowl catloa.slnet.
and oriaaltatloai COB day, January .. the band a Jan.
Slated Saturday Lions was rated Btb top half-tl.ti show ia anBChitrtatBt lint and televisionviewers
basketball scorer among tines to "heap honors Of BO Mill Tbt incomparable 1)3- IB scheduled B prforBi.nct. coacritn

upon Florida AU Cnl- proportion, bat to bold piece rAW Marching Band minutes of creative latory Btttatta of all
the smaller colleges of
Postponed list Saturday Radio action WOBS will
vtrslty'a brilllaat roaowntd at "' aarch hinds bare poured Into
that crowd la the prtclaloi Btrchlai,
the nation u of Deo. 28, same
to is.cle.eat
BoraiBi present the tens trophy
track star Bob Hayes, stands after tilt for Ingest aid playliitttband superb music Intricate tbo Florida-AM Depart-
accordlii to a bulletin game
wtatbtr. the with Illllt .ar- >>
Deejay aa ttt new year be(Int. a poit-liot show It la the land." rot formations and an lottedBueviTtrt sent of Mualo and Officeof .,
the National ;
Roller Derby nadir sponsorship tin, caster of acre.monies released by
The 21: >year old Jacksonville "mil BCMtblai .I..'.' close tO 20 BlBBttt Of during a bilf Public Rtlatlona.laatytir
of the Dnval conducting the Collegiate AtblttieBureau.
Oil Topping co-(
Junior wit
This was tbt oonctntti exposure tin pageant entitled
County Depart Dt of Ho- announcing. owner of the New Tork
active of Braadford, BBBtd Florida'a aaatturatblttt of of Ucla II and fact aiM iag prtiaat tbottvideotaped "Hlllall, t. Of the
crtatfoa for contestants Dubai Board of Cemaissinners' A Yankees, waa ao ispressed -
of the
year by during roboaraala > "
here last weekend con Marching Hundred and
ranging ia age brackets ehtlraan Julian Florida McDoBial firstplayed wltb the bandaptrforaaact
the University Club of Saturday,the
sensing tilt appearanceof dirfsi a pott-iBt show
basketball at
under I through 16 years warren and OonUaloneraBob at tile IMS
and ftttd the
Httal ia
day before the .
Florida AIM Unl- gas.The which featured spirited
0'Irl.. Hip,of Buwanntt,
will recently pared out- Harris Le Htrrttt, Fro-Flayotf Bowl i..t
duFoat Flaia Hotel laMlaal
Fro-Flayoff Bowl
unU, freed Vtrchint duCt routines to such
doer track. Flttcbtr Morgan and C.K. Florida.A be tried to arrange
lie ranked second that
Hundred" which was gal blacked out local( 'popular tunes u "Alti
The wldtrtait of Harris will bo oa band staler aad .I..tenIrad.at. Htrchlai Hundred' -
1 for the
tllra l featured ai an. added at* ly, was ttltctat through andtrB K.ttlat Band"
at bare,
erects Is open to roller to make tao awards pre- atTartet
will be plying bit final traction for tile Orange. 210 stations by tb.Colnbla and "Soul Boas Nova." t appearance
skaters froo Dural atntttiona. BtadluB.!
la then the Lions owl crowd during the BroadeattiaiByatto. The bands choreography
County and ribbon will The general public IBBI
be awarded to-Inner of invited to this first clashed wise the Edward .it directed by Kin Rattlers'Coaches
Fiiherraei Advised
first three places la outstanding event of latin Tlftrt. la a boat-

ucla tttnt by tilt Ot* the new year sponsored coaiai oaeoBBtor oa Attend

partBmt. of Recreation. by the Duval County Dt> Florida IItIIOf I&1'. campus Catches Hay Negro PrepsEligible N.Y. Meeting

arttat of Rtcrtatlon. Jnuary 11.
This was likewise be the Improve Sport Ittt TOW CITY N.t. -

LIVING WITH SPORTSIS final gun for Lion Captain Florida flahtrataartrt For Jtkt Otltbtr ttblttte

Louis Jtiklnt of minded that some of their director and hef.4 foot
BOB UOftSil catches ball coach Florida
Jacksonville, who alaoirtduttti caa advance research at
CASSIUS .CLAY? froa FiC at tilt national poll Of 11 a statewide pro Aid University, ltd a
by Charles J. Livingston aid-yoar. the AAO track aad field Ira to develop and improve State Body delegation of five
CHICAGO-(ANP-Aa the deadline (Peb. 25)
'.1. Hirtla coaches>> till itarirCoBBtatlai their aport. Rattler conches to the
nears for Casslus City to make his reckless I ton i. 01 bit style For this cooperation official stated MOB public schools for child ABtrietn rootball

deadline and premature gaable against Sonny la aa article under the they alto receive token day that Negro high" schools rea" It bad beta seamed Coaches AtaoclatloB1
Liston for the richest prize in fisticuffs ...., Ccfers topic 'YhaaploRB whoa cash 1III..te for COBtributloii are BOW tliiiblt to jobs that all principals bad annual convention bold

the heavyweight championship of the world-- lave art the leer Its to B coa thobttbtrato all-shite been notified of tilt here ittt tttk at the

the talkative Louisville fighter appears to CityA Flavor" tile Jut try tlaulu study of fresh Florida Hlih Bcbool Actlrltlta cban|.. Hottt Coaaodort.

be growing progressively less vocal about three day in'itlon of .. 1N4. Sports Illustrated aad lilt water flab habits tatoclatloo. 1dat.., no Negro school The faaoua FAHO coach

the punishment be says he will Inflict on Jacksonville It being said: by the Florida Board of The AitoclatioB'o ti* bat aide application to sat at tile wtniert'

the "8il Ugly Bear." wactd by a trio of hat "Doapito a wobbling Coaitrvitloa and the ooutltt ttcrtttry, Floyd join the FMRA. Most of table dull the annual

It Bight be that Casslus, the selfstyledring high school basketball bowlegged style Mat was Florida ass end Freshwater Lay said an Mtnitaint to the .Htiro schools art swards banquet and attended 1

prophet poet and propagandist. teams which bit the a source of cons tal t ..* Flab CoMliiloi. B the body's by-lses now the atttlai of
Btoberi of tilt Florldelnten.cboolestlc
busy with his training grind. However in beach here Thursday btrratiatit to his project sponsored by the allows Ntiro hide schools AtblttieAaaoclatlon. the AFCA Rules CotAlt

the past this almost needless Inconvenience nit with till list of coaches, Robert Lee JOB. killS t. Irtwln CM the opportunity to join t... The coaches>> voted

for the self-professed "greatest" n..loutohllllac. Hayes twice rat tie pmy.no. FHSAA. Lay said Ut new and rtltttd to the NCAA
At to how ..., Negro
"tost fist has
fighter never Sattrday. 100 I. '.1, one-tenth of stets incite are ruling tat bromktoit Roles Cooaltttt their
stopped him from stepping up the flow of his OB Thursday sight, a second fitttr thai still la need of flab last Saturday steer bo tchoolf-lf tnyoliht detlro to return to tree
IWAA U lit h, of
verbal blasts against his opponents as ring Stantoa faced Caner, Fraak Budd1a world tassel for the IN) ScblltB bad conferred with atf jolt a and unttatttd aubatltatlca -
lllltellhUOII,.lilt. tiwabtt*
tine approaches. But there seems to be a WatbiBitoa clashed with record. A auioular, Jl* Florida ISOO.OOO Fishing era) Dade County school la '... Oalther Ittertlai
noticeable difference in his approach to Gilbert and Nortkwootera leer old Jailor, Rtytila Darby which ended August officials It OalMtvlllt.Aeeordlai ship la the body round his third tent

LI.tonthe brutuish heavyweight champion teed off attlait Douglas alto a llihtalBffaat IK and bad been worth to Lay, tile autoaatttally bar tile M the Rules CDMlttoo.Atttadlni .
school tree coopttInililatt
thy AnlllflOD.AAellrlOl played 220-yard BU and t star trim |*9 to 110.009 during change. was sale .Ittt the BtttUlfroa
Could it be that Clay is growing apprehensive boat to the ttttoo. I halfback at Florida PAM the Dtrby period October when the word'whltt" ether Negro Florida AtM sere

and becoming Bore realistic of the with Gilbert hosting where bt led the teas no fish are valuablefor waa rtaovtdfra schools stale a FHMA Fete Oruf tl., head Jilt

mammoth task he faces as well as what Friday aifbt's gases, la too rI.,. He say' play research however, the byltwt In order relies prohibits atb aad difttiilM coach;

Listen Bight do to him as a reward fcr Mi the order of play till professional football despite the close of the for the sew rullii to Idle ttrtltltatltitnlatt aonWMAoeaUrt.ThtFIAAIlBot HUM} Tooktt, tackle

bragging? include IttblBitoa a- ekes his days it ntoittur prtit tot..t.OeUI.u. road ''TrlatltalB all eoarn; Costa Rtttlee. end
Clay is a prideful young Man He wantsto Itlnit Aadtnoa, Stanton tprlBttr art sanctioned. ootcb.aod: Robert MUIBI,

win the heavyweight chatplonshlp. ButI versus Nortbwttttraaad over**but sot before bt State Caiers1Me WLIp by tat FHSAA. BBtlataal atthtltld
.. ... ... It It alto belltTtd that
tturfcft'miiM.rthif night hav*bit the boat ,UU.,. baa a so at Ut Olyaplt eoatb.Agglu.
ten off sore than he can chew. facial Carvtr.DurlBf print record this year Hf"I. .rs/5-5 the at..daMt alght led
Mirny .. Root V
For several reasons, however Clay cannot Sattrday'B flaal la Tokyo." to tatry ef tliM seine ,.

afford to display 1thln, but confidencethat round at Stu too.Gilbert NMikII LM--Agtt.. .*.. 1111. Porter paced Tent.otitt schools la Dado aid Brat- Slid 92 6?
he can "take Litton" the ponderous playa Nortbwotttni. Car Moss To CsIobrslsAsmirerserr State Daivertlty tigers it they trowtttdadiurray and eotatlot, The fire ,

fistic assaulter. It light be better to vtr battlto AadtrtoB aadsttatoa AI Hiklaadera >l-.1.. lease Little 0ard Ntire tcktols. IB Dtdt flW>Tt-aoiO.) N.C. ft.A4T .

say that Clay is trying to reassure hli* facet traditloatl last Friday aliht to poet tttlr tlcbta oil of tie fro laps, Carver North (roll.. 4 ales last

self about his Inflated talents rival WaablaitoB. Sibriig KICIS 1taIOI. ................. tut era, Booker T* waahliitoa < seal bounced back I tto ti

So Casslus can be expected to let off a TIle local schools ttt a list txo stlrlluon. .., the Mlblaadtra ttltt. Sottkera Jtoi.r't tad North D..., tM its cols by shipping *

few More verbal blasts at Sonny. But from prectdeat lest jeer ekes Loadoa, railaad.loai tree Jaehetatlllo ucla, Richard uoa./ ," Broeard baa Altuckt, DU- tbs virililiBltto

here on in I believe his boasting will have they turned back all considered Ut MB* Illinois .1.. by Mack and Ctaik Nestorplayed lard aid II...". II ly, College Trojaat, fMl.Is .

a hollow ring. efforts of tbt Itfadtn crossed ekaeplea road lsteretrloa, OrtybooBdFerttr for Itattckytatfa Aa Ittri'totaly trick a CIA batkttbiltTJM

During his heyday former heavyweight champion by oUaltf. all (.... ..- raetai driver sot rem took ittriii coach /Aay HeLtitoa Beet latlidlii Neiro sad played here it ...

Joe Louis net several speedy pugilistswho rill U/ three days of tired troD active road briers tttb II polltl ekes the fiaedlift white .e...... aid tpoB Cbarlto Mute .'...*!M.

were supposed to out box and "outrun" play despite tbo liaol't raetai. pi OBI to Peters while sribclii ft* lee- act tar was at forth tortd by Ut FHIAA. bat A bli t factor la Ill elt

hi. But once Joe planted one of his bombs schools odt of 1u s te Bobrlai cadet a tee boMda.Bll Bobby gdtoadtOB NUn state "'II.... already beet ttbtdtlodfor gas the atMlti dtftitotbrowa

on their kisser and flattened their bread to the local 20 derma title. At aaatetr tf the .od the teorUl with 4g Coil OM toad ... Dado. by the Au'''.

basket" they were virtually finished. "The the toer-year spas of Itlrllil Moat Ante Bat the ,...'. first tee Leidtt't iitltttit ..

save will happen to Clay. this BtlBttt aaautl COB laiTeaw B.M.A.B.T. ) bt bushels and sided the Tfwottto State ekes the

petit Ua.sou baa rvowtattd s lUrtln trial, Nth M points KCtadoa-tOBCb Ail Bar CALL PO 4-4511 FORMUVIMYI
Mil Bid the bll'lldltea
Ton Ooa't Mto To So To ton T. Got poultice I. tie facedItbrlu Oils B filleeart
Servks U leer Ifdaraaeo prose trot the tpealii their tbroo'ttralibt PROMPT .IIIL

Race Bittrdiytrtb gus Cad Rirtld HoiUfa MIA Bttloaal cat crows.Dwrtif .
LOW PRICES ... suvici Pee *iVIITIIIM Hit. Cbtntra (BO? ,.t.> this sue period

DMCII, Beet Silk effltlil drivers bad duo*ltd the o trtIMI Cooes Master on McLet-
Cams, ire. Ant Lout ( ) M Nlghlud.resilk loaf i frtobBBS COM!.
OB fear jet ... .. .. entry,
"IM.PI guys ros ewszTl. till be oat of tkt atthltfly R:0: Btlll ,...... Cotm ..... \LL SEASONS ICE'FU LCami
HUG STORE NEEDS C\IIaJn.: Nicene.l, Ire.a Sued totes ro.. lag IB Ut first bo If.
vnoi lan ttwvict. tar ears.Fitt Coat rot I It| both book C. lletnl Mctweee *'t e IUMSUP 9>t n *>tn

Trade liD TOOT HHekbattood Dm store abotiait at tie board. 'ttttr'ji set- ..

WE WILL tKsrt ANT ..1tIII1I1Y. W Total LOCAL FATWB.o Witch Ibis el... laUr att totally tans basin towed Ut rug IT. mtuscso ntibbo ...............

r.Uortt alto Fill All potters rrwocrlttlano ct-N-51 I, tallt SebrlM rotdratiM with of M skull fro JwBlor 0>>11... Or REV. LAMAR
the geld todbMlod U
eoorto bees efttetroves brat' added tie BtllUoaCol
N-ill-W dliMttrtvt ter 71 rtbMBdo before. tie It it Jester vtroityBtdfWOMOtlB'e luau 111 mis.
Dixie Pharmacy ..... btttttt brushes final tblttlt, BMklBI'IBS

1 I with the ,..,.., lit TbO III .1... bM OM "...' Ctllti* tetbtlr lUlU M in imiu ir lift t

1X2 lilts .... M KfrtH Anm 5 JI w. ...I.U..t nod wan OB tilt rood ...1.., Hit ef fltlltt
".... rtitlttloM ash r*tAm lilloolo bofororttonloi te push tbtlr ........ Art Tow ..ffirUrti.i.
nuu I.nn-II '
ILall 2It Maaaltal filliret bo tf .... record te Peer tictat.e Noel Adfltet c

has Bide sports put Little .*rde., norodif' lltltlt OM M- c
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PI' TNt UMT fiUI Ml TUlPHtE' -iH-It Boadllste for Ue pot ,...." S. fir s jtlttMtorit feet ( the toMiteo ,..., It c

Hill AT HI STHC -212. tee jean, otter Milt bteletbelldanalshesler the C'..,.. irottttdStlllttB kit by ,,.,u, teem (
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sc..tiam lI s mp.ti. Itallai hilt Pig Mint ItttMkyttau j (
as Ita. .. aid ttttiMte ( tad its allies. bat IbefO
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It BO rill far net' she
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tired tote the UM ,
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will IrtJ* te the faawiiU f ...,.itodt.kelp Of rw oWl hess .. pafhMettday
Art NwmbtridHys >> ser .UI'lit ileot 8 kUkil! s,... ( tall EweTh.. Pal lee 'U (

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"* Is Ue world, Mss .. 6110 II el ..gar. Fist Till l. Jaciso ilUl.M cc
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LEARN A TRADE CM B. Ten tats rrmn l.."....... ...LC. Mat ColltffPt .
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let tees leer tselfayw
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I' h 5li SWfl Kotlki. ft*. .. tutor Colors ttt. see. af eoeVwlUd ears tins *ftrMU *sbe falwwrj 10 .... .....l4Uaae-axHB\a t'cll... fast Bwatrttf Mss H-l U weed of **. c
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GAVNI ST. at .,." -A .IPHMaMlMKSS ,...oa 1 ...-.... "-'"' "" .....All.tgid IBM Mat talaro.UaV t '

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d PACE 1 12 flORJDA JHI WEB SATllliY HMIIT 11. 1K4

'i, FURNISHED APT. APT.fOI 1778 LENT SPIRES 'I Marriage Announced_ People About CHIPS OFF THE BLOCKS I Ilab

Along oner Jazona who if Mid oetalde and I ela't whistling ailed np sod eaaaad aa exploaloa. Tin alA ruaorad

F C Timed the city daring Diiie. Jack Prod Cane IB with a hang aid he that those touty* ole RAACTara planted .*.dlli.
\I the recent holidays were sans ball.... If JOB ace a) brother all drain ap both of the teats ears and thus provided sparks to

I Beverly and Anthony and Mkiii It down U. road and ke ah't tot oa a light the UDder or waa it the lure of that filthy
nuanCE Clark, children of Mr. trip it Just do..'t hive 0... Any soul with a lucre, that devilish green stuff Note to Bharaanwbara
SALE OF PIANOS AND OR9ANS.HUOE > 1 and Mre. Anthony Clark ooat bad It OB this week. vr JOt are 'Yar 111' t aothlag compared

( SAVINGS ON TNAD[*INS, e Itr who are residing in New Bad a call froa Carolyn RlJey, liner Jackaoavllle to politics laDnval".

FLOOR-SAMPLES, RENTa-Rt- York City where they resident aid ah. la ia Ion with Net lort. The, lento re Singleton "Mr. ......I-QJ'" Jolaa the Hat

I' TURNS, AND DbtOKSTRATORS, are presently attending aha loves everything bat the weather there Bar of fallow in the bolPl tal. Bla riM dife't put his
: USED VALUES IN SUCH MAKES acfaeol. aeotlaeoti were acboad by rraddla Brown tkea lit there it was a Baity little Tire like fellow. Zany

I AS SUINWAV. WINTER, BALDWIN They are the niece and called this we*.They all ban ay _atb1. la act la oa the road to recovery and hopes to ba oat

I ACROSONIC, SOHMER, .HUR- nephew) of Mra. Tbelna I M looking for the long beadlea I one wore.Nope. BOOB,
LITTER, EITIV HAMMOND, Walker aad Mra. Johnnie I aa not going to seat then North to friends .ptkerebut There la a art TV' allow called 'Car 84 Where Ar*

THOMAS, AND LOWftEV. 125.00 M. talker of teat 11th I ea going to pot the oa .,al1 r. Yoa'" People la Jack eon villa are aoadirlag where
r own. EASY urns OIN Mm, Street. Oar BIB fillla falla la back la circulation. "Big la that anoh heralded state Inveetlgating coaailtte

NIGHTS TIL 9 P.M. . .. Daddy" bad to take It aaiy for a spell during the which ia supposed to bat oat the la-betweeae sad
, CANNON MlIIC| G).,40 W. Diva. Carter holiday period. The aedlce give bla a good inca- then that aia't like they are aappoaed to be U the
v sea Ethel M.
ST., 3539637. over and .. ia aa fine aa ever acbool LIlt year we bad a abootlag betweea folk
her aaddaughterinlaw.
la rliltlng son
Bui Kltcblaia, atblatle director and had foot. which aaackad ef juicy gossip, this auaaer we
Nn.IRO Mre. Snoe! 0. Jail announced the Bar Mn. JIBM H. Cheater la ball coach of the eilbart Panthers la oa the sick beard ether talk which consisted of
t CIVIL rule of her daughter Aviary toll Janea to Rooatvelt New York City. She iaeipectlng Hit. "Kltcb" li till lo the hospital bat IB OB and Jut a week ago rich goaalp started around aa .
the Bead ferry Hughes, forcer Java and hid coach other ahootlag. This fatal. 'Tbara
f"I Brow the eon of Mr and Mn. R. Raihlag of Day to seat with one waa Bay not
I SERVICEJOBS tool leldl. Pail ...bera and friends are Invited other foraer Jaiooa of Stone high li Melbourne bad to COB to tow to be a fire ia oar school .,.t. but there la plentyof

I to the reception which will be held Jan. 25 at Club while there. atttad the fours of his .rlll other this week. woke along the twilight aet.Let'a face. it
fl: dorkdo. Me dldn't.know that Jaroaa slagletery "aa la the tII.n.. a little meat the 1 Rooaevelt Hotel but the
OIVZ UFmlO ml aatata business until ba let it be know that awoke>> did thb killing.
SECURITY : VANTEDBtAJTT Miss Aiest Sckell Is Hairy ba was buying lawjrere aort...... I. bate always Quiitlae Mitchell la now in New York and raporta

I Men and Women OPERATORS ft BARItRS. Celetrrtlca considered his one of our Boat versatile business say that aha lid Jackie 111 eon are aUiag ateetanale.
To Train Now For Dorlig 16th llrtkday ... Little tlllla la also up there la the land
I :: Civil Servic.xanination.. 'The palatial residence of Dr. and Kr,. I.I. Bcbell Boys la the post office are till bavtai their of lea and enow. Gene White, R.L. Mitchell and the
I aNl lIt L.OuHCI-eu W. ASHLEY aimed with associates their daughter, AaeitBebell troubles. The big bait that sang tore expecting! to boys are hitting tblnga off at the laterla 1o i..
Pay u High u
I CALL MRS. MILDRED OIISHOLM' lilt Saturday DlllIt,tII. event being ia honorof cove off ircuad the holidays la all ovar. The happy That'a the coo spot la the rear of the El Dorado.
I $92H AT a 3-32450' Q. 49774. her 16th birthday. taoioBe side up and are happy again day ,".,. Too J-ltoteB art still swinging at Reader Reit. The
Those ia attendance Included Roberta, Cheryl Biapaon Ob yea, one frail of a popular Bea-aboat-towa woke bo,. cane off the road and.Ilka cooling at boa*.
\ ITU 10 START Dierdre) B ttnlte, Vic Ba one aero lag to quatloa about raftranea FTOB the teat
YOUR OVN IOSINEU! : up Ba a Want roses ewe froa Billy Moore;
RAMMAR SCHOOL IDUCA. Janice Akery Alva Birnitt kie flcrlvan,Sandra Ba th, to bar dearly baloTil Maybe I will tall the hole be a atlll whaling..Tei Flaaaenta and Freddie Bill
Drive New Deal Cab and
TlON USUALLY luriCICNT, YOU decide a bow such Cheryl Colbert. Ivy BoloacnJeyBolaBtone. truth boat aoaa of the folk now and really get art also Baking the grade la a big ..,. Freddie laOB
KEEP YOUR fRIStNT JOI you Jo Aaa Taylor .. aOndirwood
want to earn If you're Patricia Crawford. ViaiaCrcapton cussed out. I u quit aura that the aadaa hi just several sides with leroy Vinegar and group..
WHILE TRAINING.' U.S.CITI-' Jaclta teaver.Leelle .
26 or older, have profssclonal Marilyn aDd trying to Bake herself feel good because her coworkcra Gene Oonialea bit the sawdust trail lilt week to
, LENS ONLY Beaaoa
Carolyn Orlikell, Janice Bay have jllad bar about bar sort popularbutte' try his luck. Hope k* rakes his way lab the big
POW FULL INfORMATION, I driving eiperlence, -
!Butt Davis Butt Louis
Frink.Rain- UB
Dims Nancy I hope.Nave *.
END YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS T0| a chiuffeur'a llcenae, a
I KR 'HUINW3 SOU good ..ret, and character ell Oadaon, Motor Hill Carter Hath an 11 Davis, you .HI the caw color brochure that la ad- All of the high school set la kicking: about this

425 BARNETT NAT'L record get down to New Pare Harris, l1alll. Marries Tbadd Doriey, Bheraan Galas vertlilif tile Cdgawood Lounge. Oar Baa logo la course called "Aaericanlan ".... Coanmain". I

SAW BLDO.JACKKNVILLI Deal BOW while there are cartha Nicks For Floyd, Rentaea doing bleitlf ap brow aa saunter, eacee, P.a. DIB agree with the kids that it ii a taste of tine. If
Oalnea Earl
Yams liar-
fLA, till a few CAba available. tia Mil Hard. Jo Ann Irving and all around good aaa Friday for "Tba tola". they have a ....ter to Rite Ay not give thin a

.......... Drive: for .New Deal day or Stella Ivy, Dorothy lie, Richard Holcoa tlllle Haywood, Nearly one hundradoddyaara ago a gust by the use little Bore Keadlag. litlig or Vlthaetlo. All

ST. OR ROUTE..... night full or part ti... Jooe DelorlB Olraaaa Shirley r Henry Carl, Jones C. of Illllaa T. Sharaia said "far la ball".Ba cap they need to keep tbea oa till been la a good coaraala
Lane, Jackson It off .... Aaericu and the need to
Toil U like the work AND pad by Birching through Georgia to the History BOB deaoeracypracticed
the song I IHI Louis, Millie Mask Vaida Marvin and Melvia King. Before beading for the aaa ba baroN Atlanta. Well at boae. How can they pat their besets ia

STATE.....,..,.,.. Maws Harriett McNeil. Larry Matbewi, JoeephMcRoy the havoc li Atlanta OB the day Bbnvaa lit off the a marie rhea la every paper they see instances
: Acs.SEX... .. Mil CAI CWWIM Marilyn McClala Joyce- peter Rhoalao fire wan nothing ooaparad to what Bay have happened where the legislator who sponsored the bill baa

I PHONC................ lya Rleki, Carolyi ,.- David) Bargent HnnterBatterwhlta ia Atlanta lilt sturdy bad not cool hacllbt.r- Bade u-Aaerieaa atterancea Uh '.tate' Rightoeta.
< Kins U. EL 4-1S11 torsos, Deborah Rich Jr., Victor ,. ."

.J little Roberts Sarah BolOBOB Juea ttafford.. The DiaUar Hotel waa alaoit the setting for the lell.bhrT. waa right when ba laid" 'Toa cea't

second battle of Atlanta. In fact Jobs Uaahai and keep a Ban la the ditch galas yea stay down there
tJ HaydoB !Bum tore ooollag la Florida while their lid bold hla." our schools are all la a ditch ,.-

tl I reproaeatatlvee tern aboat to sake war en neutral awe they have bean trying to hold OB la the ditch.
1 1If ground Yes, yn, gaioJlaa and printer Ink alaoat
I ; by JAY JAY
I FIR SUE -Notice-




LEWIS.IIIMFII. IN FLORIDA, NO MONEY DOWN, Vackeonvllle'i Mat Pecwirntmltd Dealer

*. 19TH ST. ON BUI LINES. A MEEK AT NOME--REQUIREMENT-' Let Tour OLD CAB Mans the Down Payment
NEATLY rum. FM, 35663D1.MUST!
MR. NED, I'.0. BOX S61 56 T-BIRD.


,fR TTlN rvrey roaM 60 T-BIRD.$1795
i. ".tstrnt. 'n '.AIIII-1u, Fl*. EDGEWOODMOTM
For Reiervatloaa, CillFL Factory air power,took like a new out

9-4029 COUKT SffifiaftV.i:
61 FORD .5129
GUARANTEEDDe REV 1ft"" Fit luintsCIlU use M AOsea....
'To MS ....10be felting 60 FORD 2-DR. V-S . .$ 995
Luxe Champion Ticket *..t..... Agey BJbi CllrfittatilIICtHtltR An5MAS.a sea eeua......

210 ron Ave.jlMtbury, 62 CORVAgMONZA. $1595


11 IH ir Mull 60 RAMBLER 4-DR . .$ 795
5111 nits mil PRIX $3395
P T" I qua new w ....., w ee 1ft Mere BB.w.flST.

TREAD 2 BO RM APTS.-t1 t.5D WKLY II 1 lit**** Its
DESIGN Mc*..2414 SAN DlEao No.* rim PI s..i4n
Plug tu end trad -ui tin o J mM tin ell!. your or FL 9.1757.OWOSITE' DMM.U
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TREAD VM IIIIMT Mime IMMtT M HtttUttlUta.xMxri
Maaoaa Rietera Stars lalooklag ......
r.,at*r. *ay iK it.nn>t.*
TUBELESS WIDTH h \ fur penoaa with leederahlt ability 2677 W. BEAVER J25 7 IV 82631I
t. head M BBlti la their eowaaltlea.
\ ,...... w a... I ...!..; li ... .... (. MliaiJdaULftBlMi e
If yea are boniest. bard worklag and Interested ... ... 914 ..... .-. N.rr N ,..... -a'-
\ iBBbriakt flaeatlel future write: ......

NO EXTRA CHARGE Same mtenaUoaal F. a A.L Baaoaa a CutenBtara -tan tot alt frai J U.Is? f JL

for slime trim WHITEWALLS TREAD \ 2101 Bratlat Aware DepU I BUY IK ST E SEAFOODS DOOD IT AGAI1
\ Detroit 1. BlehlgaSTRAND
DEPTH MCBWMSHfllMP .::c.:. era 4t'Frsli

NO EXTRA CHARGE FIRESTONE Mint lUTIlE AyiinhlitU Oyikrt .* ....

TIRES F.14 IJIItn =:rT. 'Mi
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( NO EXTRA CHARGE "" f'.' DOUBLE GUARANTEE """'- .--. 1ftK.lU TRI iT "'.C:. -L:* 4Ti

for MOUNTING I Our............ nrnirt* trr t.. ..-' G0UATHf 9..8t ifili
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