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321485 F20090524_AACOGP 00021.jpg 14f62a65ccd4d0b498050e1f0f0d30915d04c8ec15ea25a53157727d3b9a46315b1fe0ba
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17644 F20090524_AACODV 1964011101.xml FULL 8fdc85941645b76bdd2c79fc4d01a01a00794c93d147b9e5662056207fbfedd4e82638a7BROKEN_LINK 0010.jp20011.jp20012.jp20013.jp20014.jp20015.jp20016.jp20017.jp20018.jp20019.jp20020.jp20021.jp20010.txt0011.txt0012.txt0013.txt0014.txt0015.txt0016.txt0017.txt0018.txt0019.txt0020.txt0021.txt0010.tif0011.tif0012.tif0013.tif0014.tif0015.tif0016.tif0017.tif0018.tif0019.tif0020.tif0021.tif0010.jpg0011.jpg0012.jpg0013.jpg0014.jpg0015.jpg0016.jpg0017.jpg0018.jpg0019.jpg0020.jpg0021.jpg
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6178526 F20090524_AACODY 00010.tif db4c3798fb38d1d038704b80b4097af48521acf44c3821b3713115ba49184facebf18498
758500 F20090524_AACOFB 00015.jp2 da0fc704d972ced2a1abe53c508918d9fb2645c39096ccd405ce5232001d70350e9ee3fb
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53729 F20090524_AACOFJ 00010.QC.jpg f3d631a67400e76b370b9057a3b7e4c4237bf063ab8b6ca1b7e4610327292ddc347b72da
13704 F20090524_AACOFK 00010thm.jpg 6fba30488863281c98f1e6f88bfdc5980d6fdae9d4cf1db830d578b2d822e9d5e7a430e7
335948 F20090524_AACOFL 00011.jpg 25fdb07abc1b8db8e9e894bf324e85f3a5b3c624ec9514b9bd0c6ff99d50826d3f8d0aa7
51060 F20090524_AACOFM 00011.QC.jpg de15f9642604d31136c1ba2693bf555469e28afc58f1c90c9c0bf41d4931381be77410b9


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Library toais

I Balriraity MU..of FU.Florida KSS8 Q \ *1 J41 ftY pr FLORIDA HJIO..n "


IIIUWI' nal"l I IVIII-"II liami To Jax Hit Bankers Heavy Successive 3 Weeks

. ... ... ... ... .... .... .
- - - * -
. . . . . . . .



. . .
. . . . ,

Heroric Bellman Given $1,000 Reward I

From Grateful Hotel Fire Survivor

-- - -

** * * * Cites
VII 18-11. 41 J.TIMT IIHAIT 11. 1114 15 CENTS Donor
Fight Believed Demonstrators Face Violence

I Started Over ilL. /1 c. _.. "'IllI I, Hotel Worker'sHeroric Act

YOUTH KILLED FLEEING YOIII.11.- An act of bravery rn

AI ariattat eoatortuOB ltd beyond the call of

teklld it believed I duty during the Etc, 2(

SCENE OF BREAK-IN to have caused the, fatal Roosevelt Hotel fire
shooting of a local school C I .M signally rMotnlied\

teacaor ud the JailliiUhout this w.eh when a Noire

bond of the .l.. bellian MI presented s
. . .
Fife To Had Wml Shtts tide attpfattercQ chtriMof N lift 1I.000fro. a

Burder. iriteful aurvlvor.eetpleat .

Authorities Probing Front Pursuing PeliceneiHit Dud M o result of made of tit cub

lift tu lillian M...
20th birthday of an ttTontlct proved la tho atoaach Md hip io

to bo the end of the lint for the vlctla who tads M. UK*. M, i Bettor bry of 1104 roltlirOrlve
Miami Tot's Death of the faculty at Ran who was OB d tydirlii
died Tuesday from a dun wound fired by a till coallMratloa -
shots Payne ClMMtery) : School
pursuing polletianhoi
Geld without hoed U awl ,
filled to hilt the youth at the scene of a
MIAMI The rlCut 80th Street. eeiee.e.eeeee.e. County Jail i* Virgil I. II.', LiratOBb. viceeheirait
traffic death or. Reports reveal that break ttttnpt. hhfcpro, 8TOf ISTl .. Girth of the board
Dead of gunshot wound T.I. McHoOlnayMrd
three>yB.rold boy bat Mr*. DllliMe sent tbs t 17 aa' 't., etcptethcr the Tic of Rarnett lutloaelKink
U the tack tollotlBC his burglar alara
b* n promised a thorouat tot anJ two other chit bore received i
arrival at Dural Medial ....
call at about 1:31
probe tgr Dad. jUTeaili dreg a"ed four and ait letter Inns Charlie M.
Crater BOBO ll>alaitt Paabloa "w't Shop
autliorltlea it baa beenreported. th rouge the buaythorouchffr at Reeve, preildept of
tn J'rroy after his arrival waaThoaaa Sri Broad St. the Pint Prof Wfnt Co.

In publicly stating, 50 cents true a friend. Lee 10.*. alias n* officers aarprlaodth of saiford, NTK toe

Hie are tolac lato The ehi 1 drea w n *uo' 1boa aa Lee Ball .boa* ad- trio la aa alloy lath OAieetUi that ....br''.
dross ... '1 sled at a mr of the shop Md
this tborouihlj. court until la *akiai theirsay sets of herolia oo
Judge\ let Sheppard lilt fro their boa to 711 I. Devil St. rooalaihouaa. the :you th*'fl and tree the 'It ....- '.. ------- publicly reeotniied tnd

reek said Set Ned Doha the NI 37th Are. dutt- **.B* wha ordered to ANTl>BIOIUCOAnON MMONITRATOR Quiatoa faker, tics that' his. BOM .DO lib-
of the Metro traffic antics but oa their re- Two other crapaaloa of halt by BraatUy. Parker { chains of th* Chapel Mill Pree b. CoMltte, la .ltted for. utloiaititatiBB

boaielde Investigator tara toe boy beciae the rietit Ao ..n latrarmtadoaobariM aald.Althoiih. I, held by a Mite yoith after th* ewer tf t .*.. .

tan looking into lad separated froa the tee of ate tbs officers ..: ireiated eatlai place forced his. t*> *ellt se.soda. I* his letter to Lip**

dents BBrrouadlac the other childrea and bad tMptd brtaklai Md M* tired ttniai shots tt YlIaIL L UIHI.'III (Be Other Photo Pat. ,) toabe Reeve Hid. tilt

h,' death. .to i ied to safely sake trli taro gassy to* tht fleets youth thofafld ...Nell without Bad -ffX Photo- Mabry'a autos tortes
his way to the ceateraafety BradBka.,ZOo Joe** roo*- to Dose to a lUt, tl.. Slid U Mid to hvteald tko fire helped save

If.NfONUUIID: strip.IONORID iretley fired at I.... ... dupln portico hltielf fatlly aid

The boy, calvla 111- *. irabbtd lit back lust of the boa luted as H7Ii. Negro Leaders other 01 th* third

ya HBM.BOII of >ra., Louise All"IN I bare ro...... the Mr.. s' sut st floor with utter dl*.
Allen. Hilll..;.' l'00' .."' tt '...'akowt ,i:IS p.*. "aar'rtlthe ,.ruaa.J.t NtThtartttett 'I. Ml i to; rird for tit (MM'
'> '
'n Seth A>e.; '** killed andlark It the poorly at Aahl7 Md till it*. have warred ta w. IIahw Pints II',' .) tea ptrttttltfety
Jan I after being hit 10th It. "lap,10 t
lifted area bows tat fetid djlai th* pair bcM. Mbrollod Ml had It not
by a car la heap traffic whet paaaerby yelled trot a ballot mid lathe U M ."..., ever boss for tho ..U...'.

at Ml 37th Are. aad'Ciha1 for the boy to stay back tMrly order t the .11. 1. U. bMM *>. bravery May of thottaipaitl

there. However, Itdaahed louse tt 410 I. A* S., ors Bftldtobe NitftW it > For Voter Drive totll hays

Pliyers alto the oaeoaiaitraffl SU Seas takes lMdl* p-ad.wandlgaok'i sde ..,.r bees sites tihoioo

Md ... atruch ship to th* todloal **a. lath It rt,.rtd ta lave iris drive to push voter rilitrttlon cf li ii|"pt.
Hurt Inkers by a ar.Th MUM imtmmat tivMltMll broad retry lit Ssthee.
South) to M 111..1. mm.
boy M* takes to ..u arrested hot Ir. Child"
Jaekaoa Seaorlal Noepi* II.AU. tM tr row Md Hi* tecapMt kicked oft this ee.h la Atlanta when
Oi 32-34-27 aaeeaabed *. Md Mm Allot Mlt poll. tt I...* root tt pact We after paid tho too Negro leaders froi several southern
tat where h* T
"Cuba" tad "Boada" shall hall, 1.. tf 13)1 Swift list Devil St. tea strutted eye the .pat. cities Net for s conftrwict Retinas .
fre tred
fro a
antber playtr bad banker St. '..or4l., t* d.ttlv*. Soalelde Detcetlv Set*. Tb eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetill
aad fra.tard rib oa* riiitritl Office titles
la arrl parts *f Iradaka*, wo. tat ate Ctptait LL a.u..atoe. ,... ratter eel 1.1. Pee tens
PlMiiaf wafer**** Ml* - -
hoar aid l$-.isutes
the ottto rlthlif iron rested alter I* ttt u M data IM IM tt for ...I.t.. II the ltrttHi 11 for ..t. January 11 .., thatetpr

BOB devittitlai kite later.Tittler the sdlal **.ter ti aa upset ittt ,....* ....... It bolas ipttttrtl by at thee0sruvsea
..... about. lit pal
diriai th* past three doatb.
t..... EdtterIs JOB*, MB .*.,.... U WnWm i WVT1I I Mud rtllUtal tit ArVCIO liicitttt CMtttt* t* RrlladltrlijftllMlMd e

It 111.1. Jtekaoavlll .0.d.,t U Jail fttllottaiIII First Moore aaM re srUlb.1 .
am st Mbriilisritrllt
tad Tupa. tilt bakers Released trial OB vairattjthariM Ftr.... Stwly Smila ,.. .....,.
ItUlpal w
w. reported still sdMday
South Carallu.Itflttl .
Eaters AvhiriACBCM. tAtlllpgAIFl7J1ler.dlth .
irony fret the Hit*' From Hospital Ooart.MlUhall I Oils bee
oho last
ttty ..tt..... atirtlaiDe It atlll bU| year Owatyi aeilw U

31, kea It fell, kill for ltftlittiot.KVUSO Alt .. AI.u. MMU..d lit UtOttlM art lieu. ft. [ tint u *

felloeed by IT ot Dee. OManulty ooBcera over AT SCflllRoBleld .." tlrttally ignored .( rotrtlllti tt the low, fa.** ftlrt fr guy ir. *. e
21 Md 13e. JM. .. th* resist lllaeet tf by nit tttd.ti,>artld DslusiU It .a..1 tcavUltprUltill II It wdrtttd tintrral

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----teaPAGE I

I **M I
i 4 UrllUT UmiT 11 IJI4
2 rillllA SIll PAPEIS ,



Publlihtd by Ttw florid star robliiAinc Co: MAGAZINE BOOLD8 REPUBLICANS

-(AKP)-A leading progressive

ERIC I, SIHPSON__..la-tin Utter .. .Republican magazine has called the so-called
Revolt' against civil rights m
UYSM [. VISE.................Jm( Utter flop Ihite and has ,warned that the GOP courts disaster .

IllDA mm.... .Ctailitiil Mantf> with its support of Ooldwater and
Southern Republican segregationists.In .
MAIN OFFICE i PUNT: a devastating article scheduled for release
in the January edition of Advance entitled
2323 HoiCflK. Riii..fit8i. Eltli 4.1112
"The State of The Party: A Reportto
Progressive Republicans" Republicansare
1.11I'10 Alarm: taken to task tor baring no Negroeawtth

P. 0. In 511, lu.siiillli 1, Hirlii voice on its national policy-Baking commit-
MIAMI OFFICE 'The article also chastizes Negroes in Kentucky

who gate great support tc the losing
131 Kf If. ATI. Hill HUMS R -
GOP candidate fa Governor, Louis Noon who,

inSCRIPTION IATI.0. -, it said "stated his entire campaign on
hopes for a white revolt against a public
.. Tear, .e.00 lilt Tear 14.00
acconodations order by the outgoing DOBO
ailed to Ton Arywhere la the Pelted ItateeSabierlptioa cratlc governor.

pajable la Advaaee Although Nunn lost the election .
Bead Cbeek or Money Order to: the Bingazine stated:
I "But he would have lost overwhelmingly 1
FLORIDA STAR P. 0. BOX MlJacksonville if he had not retained
I:: 1, Florida nearly the normal high
Republican percentage of the
U Negro Tote in Louisville. ." I IOf
Resolve Not To Snake la 64 the Ihite Revolt it OCCDIATER

said "In 1963 when the 'revolt was said
Newt ASM. Uffas Toei-ifers to be at its peak it was decisive in virtuAlly -

"Resolved, that I will safeguard ny heart no local elections."
and health by avoiding or dropping the cigarette EIBUIZEI IF HBEI PIIIILEfiEl NATIIRS Advance says the Republican party national
habit. machinery is currently in the hands of
This New Tear 4 resolution was proposed fox well-financed, right wing groups who hare
adoption by teenagers today by the Florida bamboozled the rest of the partyespeclally
and American Heart Associations, which cautioned the noderates-into believing that Ooldwater
Don.amok1n"rOUDe.t.r. that the best Your Weekly 'and his "southern strategy" could win in
method of dealing with the cigarette habit 1964. It adds caustically:
is never, to let it get started in the first "The 1964 election will be decided where
place. the 1960 election was decided and where the
The Association said that young people who Horoscope Guide 1968 election will be decided..in the metropolitan -
smoke should resolve to discontinue cigarettes North. Midwest and test."
: if they persist they run a real risk Referring to Goldwater as the "Repub
that their life-span Bay be shortened due lican Eaperor" says his "southernstrategy"
to heart disease or other serious health ly PAILO The ASTROLOGER (where he hoped to gain the co-
problems. nomination with 300 pledged Southern convention -

"Whether you area teenager or an adult" delegates fro almost lily-white,
said the Association lou; should remember WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR southern state conventions"is not Just
that heavy cigarette smoking may contribute wrong:; it is preposterous."
to or accelerate the development of coronary LOVE TRAVELARIES So intent has the Republican party been in
heart disease or its cotgllcationa. recent years to woo the Segregationists of
studies the South and the right-wing lunatic fringe,
"A number of medical have denon- --- -- JII'
strated a substantial ...qcl.tloo.btt.n it has practically forgotten about America
cigarette smoking and illness and death from Advance.
coronary artery disease," the Association April 10th THE PROIRHI YOU NAYS OWN INABILITY TO STOP CXPIRIINCC MAY HAVE "The .suggestion put a Negro on the
continued. "In those' studies death rates;: YOU INtMY Will HIM IXTIAVAOANT HAIITI.IT' SHOWN YOU, LOWS atroRi presently lily-white Republican National
from heart attacks in middle-aged Ben were: LIMIUIII TODAY. WATCH MADE TO DATI. YOU CAM RIOUIRII" MUCH IILP THIS, THE POLLY OP TRY- Committee has been consistently ignored
found to be 50 to 200 per cent higher among; OUT ron viet' TioKi or SIDESTEP 1 THIS" OAMOIR IT OIICIPLINI TO RIIPYOURMLP 'INS TO ACHIEVE AMYTHINO ,though two Negroes sit on the Democratic
heavy cigarette smokers as compared with THE "-.IAnAU''''', DOING NOTMIM WITHOUT PROM POUOWINO ON A IHOIITRINO.' IT National Committee one as vlce-cbarlman."
non-BBokers and pipe or'cigar smokers. PIMT CONIULTINC YOUR In taken by the magazine there is
"A few of these..,studies 'also offer evidence MATE OR OTWRI WHO S4ARKVOUft : considerable for civil rights legitlktlMLf -
.o on,TMI,i .u NOT A eoooTIMI 'NTUlln.kl.. THIS HIM TO II TNt DISCUSS THE PROS AND support .
_ that illness and death' from coronary 10 Meu| .'It .U.,, '!' ., I VITAL ...J. f"'J I : L'....',11I MOWIAVCJTP teNs OFEANYJ>.r".ucu' ".: oss**.P'>tUe &!> ""But little' effort !
'.'''' artery 'disease decrease significant.among tHORlTIII' YOU WILL 1 COMI .I8-10-7W7I 'M" LEARN.110.77tH4t57 THAT ARC NOW' IN, TNt is Bade to coBBunicate this GOP support
those who have stopped sacking" Mid the ,IN IICGNO. AVOID TMI PIRI.. for civil rights to Negroes and it has
Auoeil Uon. TENDENCY TO UTIIAVAJANCI been downgraded or misrepresented in the
Parents were urged hy the Heart Associationto WHICH. YOU WOUIO nun Born July 23rd thru HCORPIO z..tO..88-tWWM South."
provide an ample for their children i *ea.ON. THis it A DAY Aug. 22nd Born Oct. 24th thru "In the expectation that Goldwater wouldbe
since twice as many high school students MAO POX IXCITtMINT, YOU YOU MAY STILL II AT ho,. 22nd the candidate, or in the determinationto
smoke when both parents smoke as when neither STILL NAYS YOUR MIND' LIKES. AMO ICVINI ATTWPT- AQUARIUS make him the candidate the national
parent smokes, the Association said. ciNnmo ON "I ONURJAI. me TO RIIOIVISIPPIRINCII. PAMIIVLKO NO CM, INCLUOINI' VOUR Born Jan. 20th thru Republican party has concentrated its funds
It is especially important for adults witha IUT HIT TO MTUM" TO Till euioAMCC SELF, CAN ASTIR Till CIR- Feb. 18thCVIN and energies on building a right-wine, almost
high risk of coronary heart disease to TNI IfPORT TOtAHO IUP- Of IOMIONI WHO IIMATUII CUMITANCII THAT 00 NOT IP THI SINIRAL completely white Republican party in
ncted. This group includes those TM( PRACTICAL. CAN II '"VA UULl. YOU OP .HUMAN CONTROL. NOSE TRENDS OR Called "Operation Dixie", Advance stated
with a family history of heart attack or ft-40.77-la.7M47 SHOULD NOT CONIIOIR IT Of YOUR ASSOCIATES WHO' REPORTS" YOU NEED NOT that OOP National Chairaaa 11111am Miller
storks in middle age, high blood pressure, SILOS YOUR tlONITT' TO 'ARC OtlNI,, BIPRIIICO IYAOVtRIITY TAXI THIS Al ACCURATE disclosed that nearly $600,000 has been
high levels of fatty substances in the TAURUS SOLICIT' AND ACCEPt IT. ARC NOSE LIKILY BAROMETERS OP WHAT TO spent on this operation..."
blood And other factors associated with Ron.April 20th thru TMC PAILURf TO MM| ANY TO NEED SYMPATHY ,IN- "'ICT. YUaN TO YOUR The article points out: The Operation is
greatenuironeneae to hardening of the ar- May 20th PRMMII IN THIS OKICTION CLOSEST AOVI$." FOR COMPORT all but lily-white and is unperturbed by
teries. mr, A COULD RtlULT N. AN COULD 00 MUCH TO LIFT AND. RIAIIURANCIMB the fact that some 25,000 new Negro voters
Statiatlcal analysis of existing data indicates II' TO HTUI i IT*AIOMTHI ,IITRANMMINT OR A FINAL TMIIR SPIRITS IY SNOWS YOUR SPIRITS HOOF are being registered every month in the
that cigarette smoking aaaoclatedwith DAY, PARTIOAARIV I Till JOe TO. IIVIRANCC Of Till THAT Of APPICTION AND CONPIDiNCi I. I10TN, IITH). A RATHIROIITVMlNa South"
yearly increase of about 60,000 premature All CklANINI' '' OR II. MAY II NOSE IIIINTIAL EVENT .II NOT The Republican >party seems impressed by
deaths from coronary disease among ICORATINe, YOUR TO YOUR NAPPINIII THAN WADE ANY IAIIII TO the recent boast of National Conltteeaan
American men. This ia approximately equalto A FINS DAY FOR CAIN AND YOU NOW RIAL)II. A lOLAf WALLOW out TO IOLARICLIPtl Tom Stan of Louisiana who claimed he would
the estimated Increase in deaths associated NOME AMINITIII. You ELLIPSE, WARNI. AOAINITATTITUOil aleuT YOURSELF ANO YOUR THAT.., CAlf A get the Republicans two whites for every
with cigarette smoking from all other OR PRACTICES, SHADOW nil THE WORLD 'Hlgra" the Democrats register.
alt PACIT .
CAM 110 TO IXTRtMll.B80MIVI4t9
TOUR If'INI, ....IVIl. AND THAT MAY. II MARMPUL TO AND NW PIM WITHIN YOU Advance said the current GOP national operation
t t'SoblYal Politics 0XT TWINS OTMIRI VON'T YOU JOS PROIPICTI AND THINOI SNOUTS. NOT had demoralized and frustrated prominent
( II eultK TO POINT THIt 3.500-33-19-1,171 I Dl Al CRITICAL' Al TWIT Negro Republican leaders. Many are
by Norman L Jones OUT TO YOU CXTRA CAUTION SAGITTARIUS APPf Al ON TIll IURPACI angry' said the article.
MUtorleal laelcronad of Ue Mearola IM Ik I TRAVItlNI IN Born Nov. 23rd thru t-.
Polltlee NCAVV VRAPPIC, II II. Born VIRGO Aug. 23rd thru Dec. ..21atVM a national public meeting of prominent
fro-Civil tar Ira UIIU, TODAY. Sept 22ndSOKItflt [ IP TWIT SIIAORIC MSCIJSBon Negro Republicans to denounce the Southern
Prom the small group of 20 slaves landedat ..-EaJ3-1'f-e S3GIIII"I WITH YOU, PEOPLE WILL Feb. iflth thru strategy and its proponents. ," disclosedthe
Jamestown Va. in 1618 the number rapidly IIIMI TO 5IOUITI NAVE kOII RIIPICT FOR March 20th article.
increased hy natural birth and the slave OCTItMmtO TO Sill YOU TWIN YW DO NOT v.. TNII. WILL it u UNEVENTFUL Unless Progressive Republicans and moderates -.
trade to reach an estimated 4 million at YOU A SILL' OP eooee THA CILLATI AND STAND OY PIRe' > AT within the party begin to exert their
the outbreak of the Civil far. It waa Inevitable Rom Hay 21st thru COWL IAIILV STAND" A YOU PREVIOUS occiiioNi.tVVI SIR,. aptue IT wNiini own powerful inflaence (they have been too
that as the nunber of slaves increased June 21at CLOSE ,....C"... etc( IP YOU PtIL VNCIR- WITH, veui PARTICULAROILIMMA neutral and too lazy sad too stingy) suggests

in proportion to become n large YOU ARC INCUNIOITMONUV VOUNICLP TMt OINIPIT OP .TAIN INSIDE, VM CANNOT ON IN CATCHERS the magazine, they not only will
percentage of the total population of slave WtA.. A Mllll AT LEAST AMTMIR .n TO APPORO TO W40W IT MLISI UP, WITH YOUR NIOLICTIDCNORII have no voice in the ti convention bat
states that political implications of far pea TRAviiiNe, MOUT AN* CONtlPCR IPPIRI ANO TO YOU All WILL INS TO ac. THIS ALSO ie will contribute to 1DO .major defeat for
reaching consequences would rtsult.&e A WIB4 PO. KIP.IIPRII. eie ,INTO TNIIR ocieiovNOi CIPT. TMC RIM OP FAILURE TIE IIAION FOB eooeeilOiUTIONt the Republican: party la the ?! ,elections.
non-slave states saw their proportionate DON UNOII TOu,'. A|. pea PLAWI OROICtPTIOMLTMOU IN YOUR ATTEMPTS TO OUT, TNII
numbers in Congress being numerically ..ct.. IICIIIONI' NAG OP YOU reeve V4UHILP You TIME, YOU WILL MATE TO ON
overwhelmed by Congressmen* from the slave nee AII IIRUV' TO eieuicnv WHO All eitltIO WITH A cons we einta TO MMCveua RIO TNCM. IP YOU ....'.T.tv PAST TICS KMJwMerr
states aa the slaves were counted ia population ACTIHI. TMIIIII "&.Lo"YlUfI' INTUITION VICeS IN"WN MLVWHIN Y CAW iew" CIRCUM
giving an unfair representation to MA.I. _H*"|| UPON HAY IINII SANSEI AT VON ARt CIRTAIN ITANCtl TO DRINS, WlCM TO l. lilt-Pint aatloeal olMtUa Is Ue
the slave states and thus the slave holding HXOTMHT. IIRVICI MOCAWIR OMCI.TMII 1 u a MM TWIT THAT THEY AM SATES M YOU ATTtNTIOH. IN MTWfRUMIITMIN nut* States MMtttttetn a.U.JRar7 .
states dominated Congreas and could effectively INTIRIITt TODAY Yes CANNOT appeeo TOII FACTS ASS. NOT ON ILLutioni. ...... NIBS .. AI.... .11. eet rte Qtl..
block any legislation favorable tc That II AN INDICATION | A.* VNCII. OAY A atTAiN PAMILV.peaeiiNi SLIME TO It MTTXI late DM *. teerfea .. oomr*< ....... few* It _
the Northern States which relied heavilyon OP SIIIRAIll ACTIVITY IOLAR ICLIPII" PORIHAcoti MI A teuiilCP .P MM.. EMI BUT OP L...
Industry and ran through legislation IUATINO TO RO....n. a eiaAppeiNTMDiTItXATU MEAT CMCIRK.WHIM TNt euARTID MS IT WILL ,...., .. "loGrtl war bs....
favorable to the Southern: states when the CMMTMIP we teeut TO YOUR BOMMTllea COULD IttP VO. AWAICMIONTt. tieuiRC AU. voua PMTI JAaf7 '. I5$.g t muer !. tevta, Jr.. M
economy wan oriented to agriculture based LIPS MRiNe TNt IAHV ,STEIISTO TMI AFF.ISI PUN TO con WITH TM| IeaRl.Jaasar7.
Oft slave later.Conreem : RYIAINS.44017544m. 5100444574414LISRA *....no.- 4.eas AOITATIM.W49 1e. ItM-nilen U ... Tort fen.. first
M from the Northern state wanted .II.U..SI..10W lab, onion U AMrtee.u. .

the cootmniMiAl representation baaed onfromen cjfticetxlorn a t ,:a.r7 U. 1HI:=lr'tt5le esssstt.a ., ....Wl.
only, the Southerners already dominating -- Jon Sett sari thin toe. 24 ttr wv T OMrtlaM ta all IatU riJar7
o.ennat17 refused to accedeto CANCER Oct. >>rtJ JM. tftmfwt 'bns wl* .."** what 15.. Abrsaa UM !.. tie ........,
Born nod 1 thru et re La, vMhm.Jaw .
such dtomtfeU. tot finally yielded to aninfameM
July fill IS MT tat mST Mar Ptepic fey re Sky t wa ei a DM UrewoUleva.
oeetprojiie where for purposes<< of 29ndYM raroRAOii MARTIR epVMt .IAU WITH ........ vevaMPt be Ie ft* U. MW-Dr.. .N..*l MMM. imltateHrtoe -
representation a elaTe wan counted an tferee- NAYS M a uerie.. MWTM. YM WC 'APT AMOCONMNe'lNm.nNi. WM ke le eev r4tr. .f ...... 1a1....". M. .....
fifths of m ... IIMCC iiRNte THAI c... T. M MP iiat ev v.taim ) TNI BAoeia irnu fellow; ales le le4MOV fmrr U. 1t41.". PMT ......... ,r4.Jti.. i*
AId no began taw domination of Congress bySoutherners. ITMT TMIPtIIOMUTI MI SI* MSAY1saS atIr\II... Twv i. at PM vw ve MAE, Ute; wtaa hoED mala Sat taw LL
taMeS on fraud which persistsup Alt Isseavlal Mesa ....... en FISM. M. ISIS eM ..... Pane taral. allot waea ato Jsmaar7. l4. Iftf.J..u I. flu.... mr.
to this day becaaae of the tact that '""' ensvoa, lr.r.a I.... 41...
PSICTIcgB rlMiw *
IN TIt Hie till ,,,,,". BCBIPITpaw |a* 4H> srw
Ue Negro while Bamerlelly giving tat Sonthenr I.ITI ep temPest MOncuiirv. MV encMUMBOTve 1ftCII...jitiM ve" at oily tteai he le J,7 It.. 1/-Ja.ai.a, eerts.r.ae seenK
State a disproportionate amber of Tx nMPTAniNTO CAN IITRACT re 'gISN WIT W4 A.a1lAsit Metal Isbee.lmkss | Jaa .ir it. mi-Pref. LL AP*.r. imitate
I CAM .Mrlaw.. 0.11.au.ete, .. ....
MO *
rera Pi.e ewetv CHTI teas v MIll AUIII, MAaikl IT ateewacis


rj "



I Ge liS' Aoaol Party Highlights Ktecoat Holidays Social Whirl

AN ADM or GUI7T ll ktqilaf with tat rocwt Boll Hra. Lola Avery, Hra. Late Nelson, Ir and Hra.nillai I
diy round of social fuaetloaa pervaded Llaoolji Boltend 5 [ r' ",pS H... and Lake Ralaon.
Country CUb atkklhly popular Des Bridge 5 1. 1 1t (Royal Art Photos by C.J.Biaon)
Club prmattdlta" annual party to a capacity at. ,1GrtOrtJ

tllldlaee of local wd oatof torn gnats and a.ri.ra :
of the apoaoorlBi croup no Unqoot board laeladod
a tasty variety of dalleadoa and beverages and the delivery
odd Inttrlad included danclic. wd. oonoilal atoaphtrt -

>> of ooaaradcrla. Hwbar of the Ooaa Bridge

Club show la top photo froa left arc In. Alvoaia. Mr. sad Hra. tlllla Hr. sad Mra. Robert

ScrtvsoMrs.$73veater Boatard. Ira. Contta Ihoalar.Hra. ; W rri Anderson; 4)21 Det al 1. Bnoott; 223 North' St.;
Loll Avery president; Mra. Series Salter Dr.; Boy Girl.

..... Catherine T. Jackoan, Hra. Myrtle Tboata Bra.Ettfarya ., Mr. sad Hra. Ball ford Hr. and Mra. BrnaittllllMa.
., Bobloaon and Hra. Marl B. HcClaia. lotto. .w : : lies, :leU bora Court: : 8851 Htloa M.
Pit fro ItffHri. Alveoli Scrlvta. t. BvaaallBobiaaon. Girl (Twill).
Hra. Bdrli Madison torair Jaw BOO residing 1 Girl..r.. and Mrs Botart 11I'. sod Hra. PaJl Browa

In MM Tort Cttj.Hr. and Hra. Jaaaa Bennett f Kdtarda; 330 Plato St.; 1144 i. 14tb Strict ;
and Hr. and Mrs Boittll. Caster right: Hra. DIM Boy.Mr.. Girl.

dolya Jones lob tattler, Hr. and Hra. Dillard sad Hra. Lucky Hr. and Mr*. .Jaa.a B.Andoraon .
tree Boston, Haaa.; .ra.'Loll Awry standing: Ir. Millar; >S.0 Begonia 1644 f. 37tkBtratt
aid Hra. Leroy Lets Philadelphia, Pa.; Hra Ira .I Boad;. Olrl. ; Girl.
Hurrar, Hra. trances '.ld.. Hra. Virginia Hathla Mr. tad Hra. Nary Mr. and .rat Can C.
aid Mrs Contra Wttitlir. Bottoa photo left: Hra. Mllty; 274B Btioata Towxblood.; 1343 Palatto

Catherine T. Jackson, T.Y. no..., Hra. Jessie Road Boy. Street; Olrl.Hr .
Pears, Hra. Nyrtia no.... Mr. and Hra. Tong, Mr. and Hra. Charles and Mrs: tMtliyJaaklai
Bentley Calif.. Hra. Ill B. Barlow, sister of Hra. sell,; 64" Trenton Dr. ; 3034 Coaaoa-
Marie B. HcClala, froa Philadelphia, Pa and Hra. i t. ; Girl. tMltk Avenue; Girl.
Maria B. HoClale. BottM right Hra. Edrt Madison,
------ -

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; 7j.b 4, -- --

I . . . S cia i II l I
0 Lo0I6i y- 00 S I NTARDt pea- kin I -e . . . I Weddings I IArt

This sat flaaa at mia fraatteally U eater ap .a la ,... ..... Presses tald**; Miss Hartka &. Parry: Br' sod

sigh Holldw activities, aid aoatttly.Utra aa uU Mrs. tllllM Maths; ir*.. Ill .",1.. *f Pklladal*
.ee.eee.seee bar tao tlll ".t, Alfoaa* ..ta..., Jr.,
h M ad to Ut enjoyable a((air a fist curs pets: lad Toss *f naly. CaI"ralaJ'ra. Jessie
",., 1741 I. ITEM Bt. Jersey City '.J.. II
laid.Attonty. rears: Miss AJlra BaatMaatc Br*. tttil "....,.
IS **d Harlli Beets aid MM MB Jkaa.i,
'ra. Jobs Parntt of till Dvraao Drive thepeetetpBilsdelpbla
of atttlaad, Ohio: ; IU Virtu Mattes .( Mao Tart
... : . . . relatives doting tat Bollaayi, City TllllM Jut,., L?. tboM I,.. PiMloBaa* rtgkl., MH Brady part IM Iris 11M. If.tllll .
Ir. aad Bra. Cecil Col_: li. Jesse Satire,
of See Test City Ira. harts Mitchell *f Itt Tort)
4lpb*... ... Metric lift /. rtriUi At*.,
and Ira. D.f, pubis wtartalaad ttBarrlatan Br. **d .... JMM B Mtt; It. M4 Br. Lek B.l .
. .e..seeee IIIM.. tlrd .!. nMd M .*4 I.U Bolt HIM ..
lives flab oa the ecailaa of their U- sos: ,..,.. Uari Br. Md Bra. Ililla tUii: It.
Sl sot t.l. Bodwt MMtatojjo. 111'1'1
ttallatlM BMtlag.in. .dBra.Cbarta Ok Potlor *ad Br. Mod 'r. B *tllra <
.. ... .
.1. .
M. n.
Vlnlala C. Its, tonally pieced .... ..rn.tal 'n. Ir.. Patttraoa of looark, lee I!!"fty pent .
tell. la| 1aial ald." : ..... LL ...11..*. M aajoyaal visit aitk relatives hers darlai U* . .eeeeele -
president: Hra. T.B. Hwaa, Uo president; Ira.jMalata Cbrlatata Boaaoa, the Ba Virtue. I'. of lest now tt& Pepsi

lest secretary; lr*. 'I lOa a Al.taal.r.flaaailal Thirtieth Streeteeeeeeeeee. Shirley Mllardaf PltUkarpk, .M.ab.i.ttedBra. <
iMrttary: .... L.J. Pa.., traaartnIra. ioU Brlaf ntl 4.ipkl* .*r* potpfkowr
larl .. JoUaoa. reporter aad .,.. Otis '!' .sseeeSte at s bridge ... ..., ,*.'1, Bald t* the Jfarao Artfwewto

tares., parllaaoitartaa.ra. loiaoM Joaaoo Md Part Caltow ........ tofaabUitoa .( Street..* *f tkt Jotoay .**.*.... .
laltnN letr'''. u active sees, tf U. B.C. to M' their sister his Cal beau Other pU lacliM Boris ..... &I,... Btrtf ,
slab aaa present ud participated !. U. atcftaa gifts aaeac senb.rs. Ifto will k* bottaaa at tt. *. Hla Calbaa I* Boaarr sec Seas of Mess.eee. BaUla, ,.rat 'BtCM. Itltaala BrfrtffartM .
/laaary at.Uif af ttt map talktr, Ul ,,,ry, Nestled* lr.ttit*..
In. LL BoUaJM Bad tta give is tor Irartfaata . ee.eeee settee UPtrrr. lilt,.,$ BtartH Sri vs.tir B*.*ard.Ul -- ---.- :'?"'

see Tests Ko lllral,.. attt Bra. Boss PrayMff talltr. BM).! pwiall. Mdflra MM *k. lila y r I
Haooa tMnla M pM a( Moser.e Ir. sad its tint B. fro"r *f .*91 CltladMad ....... Cbl.a.B. Md !/.. AJ.....,.
atrtld tiu a pall .1..., party M lee
e. e. e e. e e. l.af Bay. Aiun y aad Bra. ......,. Be ilff sadat. . . e 1 j
wd Bra. ..Co Pest oar ....t.. 1f
Ill Bariao af Pkllaialpkta pest the put lee Barton ..eI... *ss bMrd .... s party iltMby
. . e . eAsssg In Barray *at*> ta..*** .*" *f IB* Pees,
ewes U U. dty t1altla Bar MUar Ira. ttttlBartM
sell aot.Atuadlap..
af 11M steals heart aid bet sister irto oajoyabl" "*.U..' parties tall.*!** tt* tt arty sets BUMrl Md BMdr ...>
B. BcClala. in. Bathe *M ..... settee adallyirU hales. Dee Mr ..... glow by ttlllM .......
.., Mar rart*.. 4o .' at.. Uyd PtrMt :i
| bar star aad ya oil fled hI' BOM ors at Bt* Va* Bart Btrttt rld... a** IM array .. .
+.n Bddl***. l *otb" Bolder P.sras. r
paaata at use, luaaaaal parttaa beta It a visited U bar Boat BUU MIMI baa*.
abort ..*...*.. Jed t..llnI. Clifford BolMt,
relatives la > U dense her sty aad aaa baaaradat 1Ir. .ssa..sT. anoat* ..ch...4 at.**. Ire til lit SSUIe B** rrd, By If I. U a party line by ir*. lldrad Ire.ae. ttlllaaa. thesis or ....Ia..... ..eei tb* ,...u. Bt ao.: Batort Brew Barry fatM Jed Baul*. Matters
h. Jess Ba*.tU; ft* t. Baooolt ...tut**; Bra.
ad bio..
lata <
& .,... ., TorrMM B< *lb r*
. e e e e e. Ice lathe BUball sties test Ctty .,.. ivies Bay:
It o. Mosaics,
1. B.*ard Bane: The AJtto B.pAttMdlai .....;.. se E1..dttesa.

Sward Da"' a. eat 3:1r ....ia.. sedd '1 e... C . e oil', e e e .
last "1'-1. J-jry S. ad ar* at bees M frt sots Bra. ....,..'. party **ro U. ttlllM ,
U Oair .., ..*. Teafa 'UNC apartMat.Cartta 'till" BaUtaoag Bra Ul Bart.*: nr*. Bart* Bv -
acts; fb* Batti aaBao**; Cortt..JMdalpb; JM .... a4 ...... a iapba< "UIf sties fort MT UBkotty h".seS/. .... M need M $

s. e e. e e e e BMila; Br*. froMM Bal due;ssd Jay tee dhUywd.f *t..IU*g .. BMMtry* ...............* ywe_ ...,. ,sad,ssIs''',Pes ......

I*.!.., lbs inn ...*.. of M.IU.atd-fvt.*. M./.de ,.,... 1letltlM. dn..sAee 1"" Pairs ...
a..... Pf.- ral*at of this rtty ee ee eeee.e e .oy r-o aMMpot.l Br .Mr Mr m*1....a. ., ..",

.H t tM 'fala scot lee Klaltla. hf Matter, ..... M Brtdp* O* ........*.d *.tt *MU1| tony ..< ti.t KowMh. PoMlda **d ftvdr.Barto .. S MIII. MeetCt5.PI ..
Aims B.aAlaa at Ski lea tira B cr K.n. M ...* u.... pest ab* B 0ltry *f Pa*......., B.C.M $ rtOr "'* ,.....-Nt""'" ".... .
rye ..... *. BHunl BiMkoma, *a. a pat ala*. ..--..----
5 ttaiafi ta awlarodla patHs set 0s. tovtud pests seam Br. .4 Bra. ,.. JM. .* > ------ -'"

-- --....... ..:..:........;...;..:...... :_:.__.l...:..:....,. .:. r yt

.:>-.. J r_;_ .

PUf 4 I riHi IIA tm nm nmm iiiiiit 11,_ }MM : .


PTA States taml Two Day Committees Named Many Thanks., Santa Successful Yuletide Dean Sorors Cited

Worbkop fer Fe...**.lea heck For Goild'j Sbowieg Party Completed
Sorer Edna Calhoun Is
I District IV Branch of the Parents ud Teachers Aeoclstion Bpeelal coaaltteeabare By The Gladiolas shown sdnirlng the gift
been Baaed by the
1U hold its annual wort shop*Jan. 17-18 ,+ } presestsd to her by
I New Stanton Senior High t BT CORA
i et Peck Hlih School. Ptmsndlns! Raich.. Owns Rbo Onega Chapter
The opening night's- pro-......................... School staff and faculty Tbs annual ChriatnuParty
gram till it underway. Invited to attead this to direct supervise and 1 1f of the Gladiola of Alpha Eappa Alpha
social affair
SavingClub Sorority at a
.t .:U p... with registration year' conference. .1"" coordinate promotional>> Ladles Social held II her honor
Of delSgttSS Ud Addle! Raeberry i* District activities Involved Inpreeeatlag was held is a
shops) will begin Us IV president and the PAMOPlayiakers beautiful setting in recently. Sorer Calhoun
i Consnislty bu rscently been appointed
following Mnlai>> at .:10 Mrs. Illhslslnn D. ToweonUDlitrlctIVs Oulld on Joe H. Jsnea
o'clock. Sixteen troops insistent January 23 in the dtlcAuditorial. Center during the Tale u Dean at Howard -
Season, thus ending a Onirsrslty,Washington -
to bo la attendance superintendent. .
are expected
# ,
c which In also
w successful ,ear. D.C.
with an. aspic The Plsynakers Guild -
I J gusts the birth place of the
will be seen 'In 'Show- As the various
; source consultants on
Miss Jones Returns
I t hand. U.." a variety ..howud.r arrived they felt the oldest aatloaal Creek-

j' The following persons tbe direction of spirit of Christmas, letter organisation
. I hart yet to bo contacted To SpellraiB Dr. Randolph Ednunds and JA echoing through the established by Negro

\i' with the request to serve his production ataff ry 4t building, ns soft recorded women,
leaders Mite Patricia A. Jones, a tJ ouslc played and nia Calhoun. in her
;, u group lusly: These group of collegl !
Boloson Jonu, .1"" Alice after baring spent the ate thespians appeared n beautiful glitteringtree

IngrsB. Monroe ,Patterson allUde and Nee Tear be ftre ray national and .1 centered on the

Mra. Hannah Hoist. Krs.Jule holidays with her pa- international audiences r stage, completely ear-
Jenkins, and Mrs. rents Mr. and I... during the past several rounded by till gifts for

WllborU Jenkins. fnuusl Hutcbeson in years. Lilt year's per each guest and the mar
Local presidents have Mini ban returned to forasncs of "Blaply GIn 'MTSTOUOD8 DONOR was tendered 21-eontte old Moses A. Maylor when be Christmas sisters pack- fta

ben requested to send Atlanta, Ca. to continue H..l," by Langston discovered a beautiful set of dress under his pee OirlsUiM noning. Meanwhile, ages blued with colorful -

at hut too delegates. her studies at Spsllnu Hughes was acclaimed by an sari of mystery u to the gift's source pervades the residence of his parents, wrappings and ribbons -

Further intonation maybe College. local critics. Mr.end Mrs.I.A. Maylor of (32 V. Onion Bt. However, both parents wish to eipreaatheir added to the beau eP"r
deep appreciation along with Moses for U!? geeturi. ; a s.k.zr'
secured by contacting Other 1983 New Stanton Serving as general generous tidal decorations cads .

'f t Mri. Addle Raebarry orMrs. gradsatea attending cha1..... of the forthcoming Royal Art Studio Photo) sad arruged by Mrs. .

I Edith Taylor. Ip.l1..aItb Miss school-wide activity Airman Jones attic Bailey.All ar.
Mesbsrs are urged to Jones are : Is Mrs, MildredJ. Club News Benbera are urgedto "

watch this paper) for fur Mils Carol Bodit the Haspton' with 11"'. 8. Is Reassigned The Corvair Social and Saving Club recently begin the New Tear ... "..'
ther formation and a daughter of Mr. and P. Butler as co-chair changed their name to the Tahiti Social Club The activities in the bone I ; .

coaplcte progress In the Mrs. tlllle Bodlt; ... Other chairmen are AMARILLO APB, TEX-/Ir oibtts of the Tahiti Social Club have planned of Mrs. Miry Carawtll. : ,:

near future. Mint Joltts McCrsy, the John J. Col..... souve an Third Class Roose-let their, "Annual Get acquainted TI to take place After the business is ." "i r.. ,"

Mr*. Sdltb Taylor President daughter of Mr. and Mrs. air progru: Thomas ..C.Croeptoo Jones Jr. of Jacksonville January 12 1964 fro 4:00: p... to 6:00 p... in transacted the following ._NAN CALHOW

of the Susie t. Rodrlc $11 re. Miami tickets and PI a., in being reassigned the Forest Park Recreation Building.All birthdays will becel.brat.d

Tolbert PTA It general Miss Ruth B.ety, the finance; Mra. I, Bendersproduction to Tyndall APBrla., fol. persons between the ages of IS snd 19 : Mrs. Mary farewell nessage to the

chalrasn of tilt workshop daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Rodell P. lowing bin graduation interested In the organization, are requested Carveil, Mra. AnellaBackaer sorority enbers, was

She lay be oootaoted at Ulysses Baety; Miss Roberts; publicity flog tae technical training please to attend The group la extending an invitation and Mra. Gladys reminded of the year

182 I. llth 8t? EL Gayle ling the daughter, M re. L.N. Vllliass, coarse for Called to all parents interetted. to attend. Mack, 1929 Venus Ave. 1948 when abe and Sorer

J-2318. of Mr. and Mrs. Author ushers end seating; Otto States Air Force Inventory More Information nay be secured tram Krs. Lizzie Coatale Jones represented -

Mrs. Rasbtrry CM fcc King and Miss Pnye Wooden out.ot.tOIlD promotions specialists bare.Ainu Joiner Willie Carley and Mrs. Doris Davis. District Plans Mating the sorority during -
reached by dialing EL Clover the daughter of ; Mrs, A.H. Wilson the' Boole nt Howard
Jones was trained St. Matthew Second
4-1746. or at'1137 Steel Mr. and Mrs Abraham reception; I. Bur to order and account for Baptist District 24 of second University ud now she

Wale Glover. son Bryan, posters and supplies and equipment Baptist Church District Day will be Baptist church will ....tSUad.1 lOll back to Howard not
year these tl.'llalaac.4 delegate but ns
Tbe art ...b.reof na a
group Reid Jackson,
PTA dliplays; through the me of punched Installation rites will observed In second Baptist in the bone ofMrs.
Programs .
In Action. tbe college's freshman Susie; Mra. V.O. JDIf'IIIofJDw.n. card accounting acblaes be conducted Sunday with Church throughout Carrie Black, gob Desn.Quna la
The public li cordially claaa Mrs. 0. Snyder, and electronic data pro tbe pastor Rev OeorgeA. the daysondsy, with the Court P, Blodgette proud of Sorer Calhoun

special ...1.. ceasing eoalpnent. Price in charge, otherServices business neetlngs being Host, at 4 p... with and her achieve
Tickets for this annual held in the various Mra. Alice R. Anderson! many
The airatn, son of Mr. will include
mints ud above all of
.New. Stanton cultural DOOMS beginning at 4 p.. lid Deacon
and Mrs. Roosevelt C. Sunday School at :10: president the service she has
educstlsn presentationare Jones of IttwLobolia It., .,.. with Deacon Ronald Regular services will Thomas Wllliau, leader. rendered to all nanklnd.
r. 6 BOW on salt and nay Jacksonville, graduated Johnson and Instructors begin with the Sunday Mesbera are urged to be
be purchased fro any frog Northwestern High supervising. School at 9.30 .... C. present since businessof The chapter is now
making plus for AKA
enber of the school's School and attended Edward Consecration will beheld M. Vaught andLC. Chester Importance to everyone -
week to be held February
\: staff and faculty. Waters College.Airman >> at 10: 45 .... with will be in charge. will be transacted. !f.IS.
There will not be a Choir 2 and U-Oer Board Tile res tor. Rev J.C.
matinee performance and Rogers 'i serving both major Bans will review the

all patrons art urged to Given New PostIIID'P services The pastor lesson tad will also

purchase their ticketsin will deliver the "J'II deliver the nenons for
advance. AltO API. TEl. -At r-
the .
District 7 will sect major services
nan Third Clans EddieRogers
Sunday at 4 >>... in the Consecration for dea
.' ORDER FUEL '1. is'Velag 6f Jacksonville, ROM of Mrs. Daisy B.Relsry cone deaconesses,ushers
1737 W. 12tb Bt. ud choir will be held, MEDIUM MULLET ,
...- I iIr\'AW,.N.J., following with :toeaeon Karl braeget at 10.S -..it.

L. __ the technical his graduation training from presiding Choir twill Morning worship Begins "SBUT 5 m 1.00

meet Monday night .t 11 s.n.Bsptlst LARGE ROE MULLET La 29c
Her mother or her sister? kE0 course for United States in the bone of its Training union
Air Force J.t aircraft WHITE MULLET ROE 1 ta .... 59e
will be told nt 5.43
Asia Mrs. Anle Robinson rB. >
BOTH ENJOY VOUTH'Vl NATVRAUOOKINa HAIR COtOftWhrtiwr eeaanles here. 1411 W. 22nd St. DistrictS with Mrs R. H. Mor- SALT MULLET ROE vs. 89c
ORr Alraaa Rogers was trained
you west the etcttemml, etc diflVvMtlhull FUEL to naiatala and service will Met Jan. 11 st rlesette and DeseonAletander
slide, M west to five MW Its l.dull fill I p... in the hone of Heard in BU8K8CAB&SS m., 3cSVONg
my halt... .tilt Os the 1 km*.!tmtlns h lw 4or Mltlenglae jet aircraft Mrs Louise Hargrove. charge.
In the famous rod pMk.,.-. ) dfa>''. and aircraft nysteas. 3233 Evening worship beginsat
W. Edgewood Ave
UrUuM. It e.."to apply,and eompWu. laen The alas Is the son of T ffCftflBQUWS \
*parka.three',iwUiitig..! .* to buy .... ud Mrs. E.Q. Rogers with Deacon Floyd L.llrklend. P.B.Choir 2 under the direction Fro..n
c_ is ....... Ill Nixon 1t.. "..onU1. presiding,
tfls ',i; r 1 cote Pftov**llre All SHIMS III A .1 ttssu ud in a graduate of New District 3 will sect of Charles T. LOCAL CAUC11TMAYPOfIT
will end
Maxwell serve
Jen. It at 3 p. In the
.... Staatoa High Icbool.Vote11Ol11 WHITIN6 32o
&.I".".. .. of Mr. and "'". Usher Board 1 will serve ts.
*.<...a...,._.."..M.01"'.e...Si........M. Gronp Willie Huey, 1390 OolfUrBlwd. for the Sunday and Tuea- imsii.tovionMoetta.lv.ATAUCMKOLA .

with Deacoa John day sight services.Fountain WM TW V..e...*....**b*.
Elects Ollicirs
Phillips, prealdiag.Other SWELL SY8HRS T5UCEsin gin
The,J.N. Ill soa Chapter Board 1 will sect Chapel -m; .:

of the National Motor Sunday at 4 p... la the Fiona* DIll iflKins r::: ?.1 u. lie J':
130 CIISSJII Society Stastoa Vocational hose of its president, AME STANDARD OYSTERS V4 Pf. Soc ft. $1.15' :"

Migfe. School Mtrecently 13S3 W. 21th r... Jones, '
1124 YV. 6EAfRs cad elected Pint $1.50
Board 1 will present its tor announced that the
officers for the school annual Valentine Tea Pb.th Church Conference: will

Imr1 nttrn "III. In the bone of Miss end Tuesday. ,J... 14th.nt .

TMs Elected were.rrsnklla : Ploiee Luis, 5113 BrUt o'clock In the

valentine, Avenue. church! sad itorlug. T

realdeat; John Chap St. Luke All officers and BOB*

pelle, vice president; hers are ..,eet.. to be

Bernice lalght. aecre Baptist Church in atteadance durlag

sid lamed Robinson, this final aweting since
1lfI treaaurer.Stndents Holy Coatwnlon will be
: Batters of ntwott in
s cob had Mistaiaed adntniatered Suaday at portance will be discussed p
ssj above average I p... with the pastor,
tad acted upon.8undsys .
rating tree septestertarotia Rev, M.J. Trowell conducting
I services wilt
WESTERN BEEF SAL December wereentertataed the rites. open stth.wsdsy School 5 5
\ by the Ibsorelety Other sen ices will inclnde k
DIRECT FROM THR WEST nt ::10 a.B with
Sunday School nt
$ prior to the recent
U.s. GOV.MADID 30 .... with Superintendent Joneaud
holiday ...... Deacon
A.,.W1 100. SAVE UP TO 15e A KWNDAr*,.,.0o The Society In M9 inUs Walker L. West SB4 In* Adults teachers are also In charge Invited,

I .,nth,. In cksrge
process ef plaaalag
New ta attend the classes
BEEF HINDS. 45L for .tie Isdsetlon service Convenont will be held At II ...., CossKra-
I .,AMe wW for the s'rleg and .I II a... Devetlenn ties service will be forChoirs.
sail will be cesdnctod by
In also aklag plus for
FIXAXCE IT THE PREMIER WAY..i\OTHI\G DOWN!_ n trip to tee state the peter and nol Iud Stewaroess. Men,, StewardsBad

** 0'Now capitol te ,*rttel ..teIn 9aer Board 1 will The ACE League will
SAVE UP TO JOe< A POUND .Lt.1.:: a sjeetinc teat towardrganlslat serve all najer nervises. '
Beet nt t ,... rrles4ead
c39L a. state the Ml *re isvlted. -
I BEEF rgantsatiea.npoaaora Prayer Beetlsg will
/2 WI CVI A special program
: ..AN start Tweed night nt
:.rtU tar Us ..... ay In included en the

FI.\A\CK IT THE PRKUIKR If A r....'.OrHI.W: DOWN IIeon Chatter are ire, .iu.n.-/slock' ud. their I ngendn.The .
al",. L Allen and Irs Wednesdayat OMtre "til present
TtrOKCSIRLCHN Iris L. ...... 7:It ,...
n IS Blunts song ser

}STEAK 69C vie at the etal*. of KEN KNff NT
ROUND WYMAJtTSTWWsis the evening service nt

t p.s. Htvttee You To
Llitcfi To-
urns STKCT
Sew. Jose Is reejeesttsg -

III STEAK 'C Girt 10 At V W C Wt pT* that rare visit
the charts's nlch udnek
RIM ROAST t t59' rim cms In ....n.** y ar: ilC IAN

I a In.. ft. t\tt and eye
i ttNVn l......, AITM ef B..y lfDANCE PARTY"

IUtl1111111SEM111E .ant* same. 441* .*.-
u 10t
CHUCK ROAST t39 rlef. I..nl" the

L ...s>ern will b* deeply __ UJI H ItM:

,....,.. the
,, y
r 00 patients, ht r I .... H U M.

i H SET STav 3 1 ne Oelre will re-

iMI g f UN bears We6nc4ay ntTxM. 14. Witt UMr.r

(\ f kl !H IN I*** HM k WTA ii Iletef. .

\ .. .. .. .. I' .:\,,.. .........,..
.4"' .1l' *!"LA.'d...''II .:..."&.J.-.l.;; : .. .\ '. .:::..::..:":: \ \ \\j.: -.::. "-' .i

L '''' '--' '' '
.. --- '
: : :: : : ---o' ''
, -,. ,

I ) I I ''. 'l

Mujlin Sentenced NAACP {Its 3 Footle Btndils Tourney Winners Receive Awards Negro Astronaut Negro Honed

For Holdup Harder ktb cue Bits Sought By Police .. /-
CLEVELAND. Ohio -- Trainee Riled AID Staff
wmiac, R.J. (.",) ROT SPFINOI. Ark. -- 'J' '
Ralph Davit 33-year-old ( ") Rex Jatwa MM! (ANP) -- Police here "!foi ,' .'c\1: ,
are looking for three t BDtAIDS AIR FORCE BASE IASMMBIW
president of -(ANP-Atty.)
weber of the Black Nualli Rot ; "
awls desperadoes who {,\, .., ; : CALI'ANPTbe Ac* ,
religious croup, weaaentenced Springs chapter of the \ : ; i q"\i'i{;: Eugene R Jackson has
appereatly have what 'i" ). : : : :; aodated Negro ,,.M' 1983 been aaaed attorney advisor -
NAACP said ,
hit ;i'
week 'i,
here list week ,, "I' ... : } ,1( ; .1'-,
that the NAACP would ask they seed to take what ," ,' "' ";i( ,j "''' selection for "Science to the office of
to die la "I'ii '
the electric the federal they want. .:, "' ".;\ \,. '.:.,' ", ."",; ,;"*?.ti", ,. 'tt, i'i'::\{ ; Personality of the Tear1 general council ia the
chair goveraaeatto '' ''' ''
daring the week ''', '; ". '.1,
: ) ,
of January 19. mil dlacrlalaatioa Three husky violent .\\ ;'{:.t'". :" !"''., ,.";, ."/, ", <.,, ,..,..:.".",.\::..'".."""" ."'8. '.Ca>>t. Fdward J. Dwight) Agency for International
Davis wet convicted for bathhouses la hotels WOMB were ought after ,," '. .' ,,\ r.l: )1it; *.l" :, Jr.,-baa just ooapleted Development)
here. they beat lid slashed. his "".-IIOII course at Jackson a terser aupervlalni -
till holdup Murder of Bathhouae two mea OB test Side > the Areotpact Reeetrch attorney for the
Leon Heajlaa. a 69yeerold alone Bathhouse ii''
rot aerchaat of Row already, aretbeoretically streets lilt week. >; :; : ; :! : Pilot school btre. Capt. 13th, ",Ioa.of the National *

Elisabeth, N.J. open to Their methods were the ; Dwight sea the first Negro Labor Relations
sass each tlae Onepowerful to be aaaed an aetroaaut (Board will
specialize ia
"ro" If the plea "
to ;
Davie fa still under woeend.scribed :WE;\ t 1 ;f: (; ( ';'
tor the
another indictment, for the government which I ; : trainee handling legal p robin a
the snider lut January will b! ante to the Justice at 20 to 22 years old ",, ;; .!, .: j ji ,:: _" Space Proiraa of the National connected with the agency
; f.II' 1 '(. "
; .
mad wtariai a light- .' ';.'" .. .' "< \ "" ',' Aeroaeutlcal and
34 of cab driver Joseph and Interior De- ", r' "" ''" ". I Iw office of Material Resources *

Ho Idea, 39, who was 'ful. colored raincoat,grabbed ..,.... 3.'ll Space AdalaiatratloB (!NA which aoper
found shot to death lathe a pedestrian without ; SA). vlata wul de.ld. dittrl
aaae city of the will 10 to tht coura.He warning lid the other ...., Ia completing the course bulbs of Americas pro

bold*DP nurder one day aaldthe bathhouses are two then Joined the which began hit June 17, ducts going la to AID pro

before the HI aer- under federal control. attack during which a I Al T Capt. Dwight posted an 11'..
chaat'B slaying Rice said that Hot knife was used ovtataadlni record. A native The attorney served with

Davit ho attorneys, Spruce Negroet were Mr at vlct li was Chal AMERICAN BRIDGE ASSOCIATION IN A'LAnA-1b. eoathtm teotloB of the American of Kanaaa CityUna., the Chicago 1.1011Labor'

Noraaa J. Abraaa, chief ready to take to the .tr Leggett 14. At Bridge Association held its annual tournament la Atlanta, Oa,, recently, with ht la 30 years old, lid Relations Board la 1980.

couaaal al( fllllaa court or the atreeta" 1:20: ass. he was attacked the University Bridge Club serving at kott. Abort Attorney Maurice Robinson has been IB the 9.S. Air He la a graduate of Tale

'rlab lad been rejectedby ,or to *aie say other by the trio left ABA aatloaal tounaaeat director. lies ton City, and. Mre. Pauline Taylor force elace 1953. He hat Law School, where he re

the defendant bat "peaceful and! creative thrown to the sidewalk right, Detroit, AM vice ,president Croat Lakes region receive top trophies served u jet training in* Mired an u..L degree la19M.

they continued to defend ,-seism'for obtalain aad slashed oa the froa Paul E.X. Brown repreaentlng aa Atlanta Bottling Coapany, while layaan etructor at lilllaaa Airforce .

his after judge ,Rorklot equal rights, partletiarlj right hand and Beck: but 'Tuner president Dnlverelty Bridge Club of Atlanta, looks 01. Trophies were BateChandler, Ark.; Jackson earlier served

bad refuted to allow ia public accommodations was lOt robbed. donated b1 The Bottllai Coapany Atlanta Oe was a B-IT pilot la Japan oa the Coaalitioai oa

Davis) to'act -at his OWl.tton" and! fair eaploy- He was treated and re- aid at Travis Air Baee, Civil Bights, was assistant *

., Bent practice He said leased at Ht. Sinai Itsl111 Lear 10 Top News Stories Of 1963 falrfield. Pas clerk under federal

Tb. rare privilege that no dlicriaiaatloB boapltal. Off kiols Probe Court Justice John
should exist la public A few minutes later, Caacels !
Trip M. Narlea and served with
liven to-a defendantto l..AullIluUol of Prttldeat John P, Remedy
places here, and that the three woman over
Sal Bleie the laaalBitoa'a Labor
question wltntaatt shortly powered Euiene Settler PMCKt..for.'FT.HEt 2--March oa fanhlaitoa
had been liven to Davit, visitor fromCo S-Bcablm of Slsteeath St. Baptist lurch, IIr ANDALUSIA Ali .>' Relatlona Board.
begin acting aa it 2ft a TORE (ANP) -
'but he only used the none did exist. Lea bua. Sleek MutllB leader EliJah aiaghaa (W) Fire lest week Tdnpo Frit's
privilege three tiles Ht was wrtttltd to the 4Aiaatalnatloa of Htdgar were destroyed the ctfettrla
Muhaenad lest seek
Rice told the
aa 32 state and 10 deft pavtatat. kicked and cancelled 1.-CboWlb. at University of Altbaaa0 and library 'of the Mosey Stolen
... Council that tokea bit* what wit to
witaetaea teetl- unacceptable" beatea and suffered a hart bees his first ,- tofK'gro BAdeltbyaaJor advertising ".01.. Bethuae Negro Junior
fled during the trial. bad been! Bade progress la At one time during the 'Convletloa of Ntltoa of II. as..20, raited
? :Una it-.te last ritat abouldtr. Hit condition la two years "out of Alraaa C. Pmaoid oa daaiged the roof of aaadJeUiai
trial. Abraat announced few lontha. was satisfactory retpect" for the late charge* of spying fgalntt Pelted Statet.Attttitaatioa modem 1450, here by till Taapa Alumni
that Davis would tsUfyID .. Chapter of Kappa Alpha Fat
of Sylvaaat Olyapio, rreatdeat 000 mats
President ,
Jobs p
his oin defense, but Temper Hits Gary Mayor !Kennedy, aa Maktaaadfiery to Togo Damage eat tttlttted at fraternity* wee stoles

he auririted the court first lieutenant 10--The Murder of Poat.an IllllaB Moore 9250.000. when thlevea broke late

by refmlni to appear asa Her Pocketbook Places Negro Malcoit X, re.ainedsilent The II-rocs, trice cola the attoaobllt ef Prof.
wltneia la his turca MWHIS (ANP) Ity TOP rnsoNALinB or imStJectM tuiUlni built ia lilt J.I. lockhart, principal

tlon Abraaa told the coat .. Irate eo -Oi Staff hit luiptntion.MuLaeetkd at a result. Of ( I) ed1 ton ef Associated Negro Preee) after fire dtttrcitd an of tht College Rill ..abool.TII. .

Jury that In his 23 13.19 per word to suspended Mai- Oovernaent MM Hilt at er Joao Ke&ytttB ef Kenya earlier structure, burat ear of the widely

years before the bar out two therlff' al1l. DART ltd. (W) cola reeeatly far Sports Jla Browaefdevelaad Browne football teaaEntertattaeat late flexes All fire know educator was parked
Devi "at his most dlf- put lea. Mayor A. Hattia Mats Jt Bide salts from Atdalttit la frost of the Kappa
Bocklnithe aieutlaatloa Cecily Tyaoa of TV atow last
Unit case, adding Depatlea R.N... .Hewlett. reached late the ranks of "110 the sees sad B hUll, when tie thieves
"1'. not sure he wants and. J.L. Coi prosecuted of the U. '. peace Corps President Kennedy teat Side tinker truck! trot wary track.. All ef the money,
a treech here At the oaea Carole Joan Crawford of Jaaalea, ''Ilulori'
to 11 n." rrank Gregory, 4.. OBB for ont of his IttttttppolBtataU tin of the euiptaiieaMuheaeied \ Or* was prttttd late till the ttetptiea of
Many of the witnesses cherie of lapropir naaltg a tervict. 1200 li check tat it aaall
issued Labor A. Ptlllf
a state.seat *
testified they had Been parting sessions Judge 21-year-old architect and mils It lad
laying that Hal- Dr. BeaJaBln Maya, treat dent ef aoore-- Thoeaa Carroll.tuperia* clings
Davis la the vicinityof Paqula attetttd McGregor tad. coBwntty plaoatr to cold house College tendent of the Covlngtoa been collected free COB
rtatrkt did
the nil .reheat a 124 fine and court coat fill a...' post la till reflect the Mutlla tttl Literature Author James Baldtln County public tchotl, ttittata IB the "Mite
hop before and* after Mctr.gor's'wite, rear adaiaiitrttloB' mew lOll half lappa" witeit, sponsored
tube which was regret science Attroaaat Trainee l"ard J. Dwight, Jr laid the tat
the tilling, end the police lint, 45, walked into municipal plea depart covered by laeurtaee. by the local Kappa ante.BEACON .
over the Presides l's
teatlfied that tie the olerk'a office, aeat.NoBBBet,

Spanish tutoMtlt takes picked a( a phoae, B. Rtbjatoa slaying

froa Davis after tlabootiai ,. called someone and said joint the planning department spokes Nohaaaad at the eat Nuhattaa to have J 'I Ij

waa the tint bar hitbind had beet staff at chief
Center It believed
need to kill the vlctla. wrongly fined IB court. planner. Hit appoUtaent that hi say wet cued) or

The police alto found The officers allied peat rounds out the org a ise- ,curtail all other publleippearaBctt
the rut dealer's' wallet her with her hue band and tins of the tttff for Ariel the

IB Cavla') possession, told her the cotlj pay the our,.' year. 10-day oertiag period

whea they arrested his hit floe later it county TWO weeks ago the Mayoraaaed for Mr. ItI...,. which DER MARKET
ahortly after the rriie.itn Jail. Adaa laja>ia.jr., ends on Dee. 31MeaaehUe. U

They testified liter la 21, Cary bon test Phial HaJtaeBae refused J

II sue IEMII court that McOreior'a graduate to a sullen to tell the preee QUANTITY RIGH S S !TV D

wife said : 'Ion post IB till oeptrtaeBt shun Be will lift lal-

Sill Iliilrlif MUts" Roblneoa coaea to Gary cola I'. ...,..10L ReiaficaUd ,
She was gives a,Blilwu. alaott directly fro a he lust Bade SPECIALS ij
flee of II Bite 114 two-year Peace orpa attlgneaat '.p hit tied, or It act (

Is1Nss i court Costs oa a charge la ladtajwhere. ready to like atca aaaaaoaaceaeat. f:
Is Wj
of disorderly cot duct.Iota he deafiMd s ejiielpal .
FLA. 'A'
Nc6rticrt paid et..-:. pTr sad v UlI,'
MS Fluids Anw their rises .V;,',5 n.tl.l area aid Noire Heads t

taught architectural we*

I.EI Yll llT1 alga la ladle' Chandi
JH Stite leird
garb College of Archi
Ton Seek She Beet Doctor tecture. .. HENS.
limon (AN P) ,4
bea Tear Doctor Preecribef He It a griddle efIlllaeli
Perrttt P. flreee, a tr
Get Ixperl'' dPharBMiatl Itttltete tfTeehotology. .*......*. and a a*>Bberef CHOPS
here la
jfSH! ,..Aoeordlai to Tour Doctora 1910 be received abachelor' the lcalai Civil

,".'" Only The Beet ervlee'CoMlttloe el aceMl
Ih.1IOr" la
a degree
Dr. Cf. lee bees elected
Quality DrugvI arc*Hectare tad la Usa '*,
Proprietor 'Tt'eerve ae 111&1, la
,,,"r' i degree tttcleace L..19I
ttt I'''. LB.S9c '
elty/uf. re-
BxasTKia pttARwasTri m saw TOO glue plefaiai. At its regular buelaeeeaeetln f

Il CO. 10 11' '; tint OPCoeetetioe tie fear-e.eer

.. hoard elected Sties toeeeeeed
Rubber mode CeaAe CuadrtetinoKumois iJ'.stn.
IoU H. lessee
CALLED) rca: Ada X.21Ulily's j Soaa4 servile tot A4vertitlag LaaalM attereey, ebeeeten I SOLID

ca.., tell ee tbs .........,

Drug Store f Seaee, etc, Alee Lewd will eoatlate until.
Speaker Service fer u... \ BLEACH OLEO
.....et.uerU.,. Oteee MIftraer acfeUf 4 w

111 VMS HA El M2f 'B eve rd lepe ate ..llffif Jehseaissss'f'Narei
IL .1IHI2-II2JIC BrIll ef '

1911 sad It tilt flretStgre

Edward Waters College CeMlttlta.T to serve. ea tie GALLON \ \/ $ LB. 5 "

--- ..--
.. .. .
.. .. Lid I IN lit MM M MH (... KlN 1M 2 iM SS.H! M Mil M KbiHXHITNilN

.' $ Cly Pest

"Atr, IlL (Ur, TISSUE J let is 23C P I ILL 5 I U I Y
Atty. PreOUl T. Pak;

II, wet ..... to tie FlOwRI
tUff tf tat 5, Mayer legal ifItrteeet a. IEEF LIVER '.t' :: 1$. 2.e

lartla .....
tan ear .. ef tee ref j j"IE
ii''Lea. ,33, (
.... afpolatM Bf Ue mm POTATOES j

term.' left Bats a year

lie sa fiery laalilf \\J Jf

Ce... LAM if'J 3I/J ,35

ever lets sold Att|,

Nr .U Iced e dlfl- { ;.t
IASKETIAU SCNEIMUtt ifs eitbia Me legaltetameat

Uet would AIALA HANKS :
tt w ilaaw HBarlfcl Hate WMgt Jidk did vltt imml ae. ,. II it. m.IAIEIIH 33F

lull, setters It tt* I "
II llttBtl 1stlar rit .......nu.. ,. I 11. 1A1 z
Ili f'
> II ePB Be,.,. Belli wad e
referee Is ....1.1.1r. "'r; ; t U\ SH J .\

ice 22 sa.I lIsle EuizmlhaIs _., fart ten le.tle t .. '... "

*..., f., tae Sirs 'N\'

Sid Al IwrW WtWi Citwtti MMff el uli.i icetes kit te>Mtiertt7* *.v., tar KM PLATE PIAWT WTTRl It H} 25$ ,( \

I na

.;...,' '_ '....... ... _. J' ,' ,' As -ti ,, A '

.._.. -

r I ''t.Fl16f I

IHUIT n imCfjttrcf
I mnii tin rum sunny 2

i Mt. Zion AME Woodlawo

1 Inaugrates Free Presbyterian

:1 //i ) Beta Bus Service Church Notes

: free baa. ler-leei for BT L.R. PCAUON SR.

; forvleoa for nnday at Jertaalaa Baptist Cbnrch ..b.,. and guests baa Director Richard T
i will bull with toady School at 9:30 .... with been laaifratad by Mt. bailey of RortbweitirnJuniorsenior
Keraoe,.Sladetary Mad laatroctora aiparvlalni.Mornlni Zioa ME Chorea<< He-nan High
f wcrthlp'a opaalas sense will bo. dilfveVodby and Beaver Ste. OB tbo School till present the
; ReV. Jake Ray, aailitaat paator. The cloalaiaeraoa wooed aDd fourth Buaday choral group of that -T 4
till be ooidncted by Rev. Jackaoa paator. of each south, U waaaonouoed school Sa a lualcal
Choir I aid Osier Board I will aervo do rial tboajor this week recital January 19, at
aervleea.Dio BOMB will be acbednloraa 'T:31) p... U the Bane
follows: tasty of the Voodlawa

... ... ... ... N. ... ... K8T8IIE. tilted PreabytoriaaCheh -i
R.'bight Dr. 8:40 a.a.Rotbaerelandl.43 located at Cleveland I I
VllllBi Rorkora Slntera till feature a roelta and Voodlawn Roada. :

Sunday at t p.a. U the auditorial of Pint Til* tdcewood-Cleveland 8-48: S \y TIle Korthwaatern Chorus
otby Baptist Church udor the auspices of Choir L Cltreltnd-iHb 8:49 V r li being aponaored by I
Mrs .k1sds,prsuidat of District Its reqaeitlnitbat 49tb-Moncrlef Rd. 8:83MoncrlefOolfair : the Music DepartaoBt of I
all aeaten meet with bar Sunday after Morning 8M: tbo Woodlora CbnrcLender ,1 ,
IOnIlS". Dais St.-Zetb It. 9.01 tilt alertness ud
MoccrleM3rd It. 909: 4 'alMr vigilance of Profeieor

6 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Moncrlef-2 St. 9:09PalrfazDtpreaavay J.H. Argrott, prlBclpal, : AIIIIS.
.:12 the Nortbtoitorn Jr.
I. ..,.. .. School baa beeoae i.j. Bam JR.
Holy Coawalty rata at New Bops Baptist Church, Myrt-Collca 9:17Collota8thnyrtlo9:22: -' ... -. High
Marlitta,, will be adalniitered Sunday at 3:10 P... and Mra Kenneth R. BrlmiHendorsoruBrlggs one of the leading con Miss Iva E, Baker ExchangesVows
9 th and Jef feraoa 9:24: toadori li swabs and
i vlth Rev. D.J, Joaei, pastor, and offltfra laebarioi
All choirs sad sahen will sine sad Rev 4tb and Jeffrraoo 9:28: Celebrate and athletics of tilt With William J. Smith Jr.
Broad and Union ':30 city.
Joan will deliver the iiraoa. Rev. Joan la re*
Marriage In Beautiful Ceremony All aeabera of the Adalat the setting of an lapreaalvc candlelight
; eitlif that the officers aid leaheri aeooipaay IA8TSIDC
church are asked to COM service at Creator Payne AKK Church Friday eight
his to dedicatory aervloea "' .daI sight at RetbaayBaptlit list and Pboonlt t: IS
I Miss Patricia AIM Rfadereoa and Kenneth HiroldBriia and brine a frlond. All Ju. I. at 6 p..., Miss Ira Elisabeth Baker bocaao
i Church Rev. P.U Vllcoi>> paltor.I Jeisli-Plorlda Afs.9:22Florida : were'unlted la Marriage at 4:10: ...., Do* music lovers and aur the bride Df Vllllei fteakaan with Jr., Rev R.A.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... and Onion 9:24: caber 22 li it. Phillip' Episcopal Chirch. Patter rounding areas are especially Ring pastor, officiating during the double-ring
I loss and Dais 9:24: Louis Mitchell<< Of Da-ton*. *MA_ afri-l&ted. invited to Ctr DJ. .......................
I District T. of Bethlehem Baptist Church will sell Church 9:30: The: bride la the chug* ....................,...
: plea all da> Saturday at the boas of Mra. basis Altbonth It la to bo cow oat aad OBJOJ u The bride la the dlll' of the grooa. served aiboataan
I .moss 744 Curt A. la tiepins with the aaaaalMoo' understood that the tar of Robert' L. Render Penaaeola,. Plorida and evening of special pro ter of Mr. and Mra. Vll and Vernon sing
I Day Protraa, aa aatortalaiaat will bo pro abated ...tSOIl.' are ton of this city,and Mra. Mra. Joyce C. Brown of pared anile.Church son Baker 8r., and the Harold VI lion, Ronnie
anted la the bows. of Bra, P. Brown, 124 R. State check points, the bum Vllaa R.Tennant of Ml awl.Tho Loa Aaielee, Californiawere School will be. grog la the BOB of Her. Bell Ernest Dickey,
I St. will' pickup paiaencera groom te the ton of brldeaialda. Misses gin Sunday, January 12 and Mra. flllUa J. Vllllaa Baker Vllion
j Mr.and Mra. Rufus Brlua, Sharon sad Rd-lna Reitar at '::30 a... wltb T.V.'Huger smith of Jackaonvllle. Baker, usher, and B.R.
... ... ... ... ... ... ... all aloof tbeee ,ovt...
I II Sr ef Beauioatt Yeas Valdosta, Georgia wire auporlntondet In Pre- anile Jackaoo served aa ring
I Tbe Methodist Youth Pd'owanlp of Iboneesor Metbodlit Olveo la marriage by her xlower airU. Muter Dan charge Morning worship wai pled by lira. Cu- bearer.
Church, Clay and Aahley Sta., till aponaor GO TOCHURCH father, the bride chose nye Barrister was rln aorrleo will begin at nice Richardson Ernest Out of town guests were
I a Braie recital ledaeaday, Jan 22 at 7:30 P." la couila Miss Carolyn Ren* bearer' 10:SS .... with the pus Dickey, brother-in-law Othello Ronfr oe,Atlanta,
the church audltorlu. Brail aeotloaa froai local denim aa Maid of Honor tor, Rev, ,. D. VllBoapre.chlig "
j The bri def rooa a brother, of the bride sang 0 illiCit of the bride; Mra.
Junior aad.sabot high schools will be featured. Miss Judith Anderioa of Billy kV Brim of I.... the aonoa, Perfect..Love Beatrice .tera.lllhID

.w sot, served aa beetaaa. aupported&: by the Chancel The bride, gives in ton D.C., grandaotherof
,JUXVELl HUE IISUIT :, Leroy Twiip of Taipa sad and, veitainitir choirs marriage by her fitbtr. the irooaj; Mra. Prank
Milton Brown of Dtyton with Miss Matthews, IOU a lovely gown of Irene, Mclntoih Gi.
Beach, fraternity trotters guest organist at tilt Ivory pea do sole and and daughter Annette L.
COFFEE of the grog,ten .11I.,.. ooatrol. Tuesday, Jan. Imported) cheotllly lace, Olvena; Mr. lid Mrs L.
i 1I The bride wore a floor 14, both choirs will rehoarao worn poised over layera J. Stuns Atlanta.
I LIMIT I a length sheath. of Preneb at I: 00 p.r. of starched set sad The grooa graduated
ran 11 appllqned with fodattday. Jan. 19 at bridal taffeta. fro Florida "AM Oalveralty -
I 1'1.1411 W"OO' $119 floral eabroldery with a 7:30 p. .. Elder I.K. The sleeves tappered to aid li presently
A 011 MOIII eutaway reaovahle over Harper and Deacon Myrtle calls lily points and assigned with the air-
FO0D 011011 Specials Quantity skirt that awept into a Poaraoa will direct her aonlded Dior bodice force at Perrln Air Force
IIII. chapel traa.'lb. veil was prayer service la the was enhanced by a lovely Bate, Texan.Mra .
Good Through Saturday Rights Reserved, of seed pearl crown with Conference rooa of the aoallopod aeekllie 8a 1th graduated
doable layer silos II. Cbureb. ,lIId".t, 6:00 embroidered la pearls from Bennett College,
lialoo boufaat. She car p.., tilt Youth! Choir and aeQniaa. Gn.aabor.I.C./ and was
vied white will rehearse with Mrs. The Matron of Honor formerly affiliated with
a bouquet of
MM UK' IAn MT 303 rrtd.D. Davie in tilt
Mri Jaoquollae B. Branch
$1 DO earaatioaa lid white or- the A. L. Lewis
I NUN IIAIIS i ) .' f..r .
\ church. EvenlBg .pen '
MIX NUe Patrlela Butler will be at '
'A The: ,Maid of Honor wore couple .
'r-1. A... Ill 1 1. "It $1 00-- a bellahaped apple groan 'will begin at 7:00 p.a. Miss Iud Tyrus, Miss boae to firlenda at 709 V i
dress of taffeta with a Prayer la not a last Betty Rlobardaon Miss Johnson It.. Denlion,
I MlfNmiCN II oitroaity but a first 'Jnanlta Cog 11 a, Debra
rj' sweetheart neckline<< three I'ln.
mm SITU 1 .r $' 00 quarter length ah.,.. oeeaaity, west Junior bridesmaid
and rocklna I"
aeoonted with a bow lathe Dilpblno R. THE PEOPLE
IIIC1 303 treat, with ..tcU.. flower girl.

t iia HAS B fir .$1.II" 1. .0I' lei ahoea da and wore veil.The bellahapedaalioa bri dee- St Joseph Plans Paul t. with, brother SPEAK OUTI!

pink dresses 1* I Annul Wwnen's Diy
deatleal to theaUdof' Open Imlnp Til 1:00: MI.

I TESETAESH honor with matching shoes Saint Joseph Methodic
I sad veila. They carried Church will celebrate R. S. EVANS
RTENING PlUSHlY'S lIST .atekiag bouquets of its ....aI 10... Day

white anus and poa,.... oa Biaday Pobrnary 2. -Jackjonvllle'i Most Roconunended Dealer
TIDE A roeoptloi was held at Speaker for tile saris
LIMIT I, FLOUR the ehurcX aPartah Hall bit woribip' aervieea 3RD & MAIN
\i aQI. following which the will bo Ira. SukaaarlRakiei Let Tour OLD CAR MOe the Down Payment
rwtH.oo oa Mart 11811 "" 'rU.' I father ..t.,- a native of Tbe World's Best:Buy U t Bllghtlj Vied Cart
H. rooo sofa; -390 tained the wedding battyad Hyderabad, India.

I LIMI' I "$. ) eabera of the family, Paste will bo fanltbod WANT A BARGAIN
\ j 0/. with a diaaer at Ue K'dorado by the MortbwoatornJailorSealer

/ 01 MOIII rooo CIllO LIMIT Law W0.00 011O11I dab. Glee Club 60 FORD 2-DR. V-8 . .$995
IIfiJ\t The bride la a aradnatef wader the direction of ..-ftIo...._Loa
I Col Richard Radley.lira. 62 MONZA
Bethaae-Oookaaa CORVAIIRR .$1595
I I S tl. lego ef Daytoaa leach and Alfota. Arles
U saber of the Alpha aad Ira. Vivian J. Moore nO RAMBLER 4-DR.$795
; JilflSIRLOIN PIEMIIM TISSUE 1 1E KappaAlpha Sorority. She a,. cbalraaa aid ce-
.hair.. tor tile
LlMITIPitAM U splayed ia the It. aoralag 63 FORDV832DRHT.$2395am
School worship aad Miss BbarooMedaoa _
STEAK bade County aye a ran sea Nast
PCU.flTIM tea The troea la a graduate of Uo youth do* 63 PONT. GRAND PRIX $3395
.., It chalraaa of
et Rethaae-Cookiaa R1 l.I.att III-.M M sea was _.s
College sad la a saber the evoaiac vorahlp pro 63 Pont. Bonnev 2-Dr HT 3195
raw $
89C If Omega pal Phi toter .
III HUKISHRIMP alty. le la prooeatly ..t.hIU" The petit la Sat lUd. 59 FORD CONVERT.
A ro optloa for Mr aid
ALI. the ralaateSchool r .. .. _
30 Ad- Mra. .... will follow .
ef Milan - - ,
lalatratlea at AUaatatalveralty the service la the oo
oial hail of Uo church.
Atliata.teorgla. .

1 The eeailo left eahoeeyooaj s
\ sun PHIiii mf trip t. Pen

:\ CHUCK ROAST 450 aadlaaBeaoh. MOTEL
; Royal Art Stadia Photo)

___- *' !Z !MJBftB te Mt. Ski tittblClirci 5113...... ZEST HICWF. HM tens I. J. 1 1r. tIHtir

(1l 1/.
nut m

i. ..na... 1 YF
for I". Sale BajttatCharth. -p zyq
1241 I. III'It.
'I .."sn te hold ...... !I 1W1'ff-1 J
.Jaa. II.' d ,... ..*
aeaaeed Mrs Do Urea

Bright., reporter.The ;

ateiu la la-lted ...-.- 1-
,. attead ibis Mad ell t-
."' .... of" the ward :
U. Saleej woraklpe 1 '.. j
h & -r: rT14 Ii(
J aealo U ae fellow: ;
Bushy School, I: M; ..
flirt PifivH nil (IT Bjenlac wwraejlp U:" ..,. -. ..... <<

sad ....1.. sinus at CN rut .11 HI lit ell.III"

ROUND STEAK t .... ...* bites ft I till VlrtfIfMrtl
sew. ,.%. Bccere U the
fHH NK MtHKI .Meter. tube. .. If If. i III. .Iflt |. ....

280 PItH fl 4.1211

, tOAST 89$ Il 24 KHr SOTKI fiitsMi4Ii RIMS .

4 t. I It ....

..... ... ..... .. .. .. .. .. I... ... 4, ..... ..._ .... .. '. .. .. __ .. 4 ... .

.- I . ... r "

f fMTU. ,

I 1 :

..*! ,Ilium 11. IK4 flDlIU STAR PAPERS I PARk 1Florida

Memorial Schedulel Sit-ins' Demonstrations Successful --IO ...,... -.....

National Teachers' Exams --,-- ....-- -- ,- .. ,- -

I ST. ABG3STIME-Oaly a few dill resale for prospective 1 1o

teachers .bo pi to to take thi Rational
Teacher ExulnaUoni at Florida Manorial Collet FAIRS5TRADE.

here on Fob. 1J to aubalt tour application. 1.,1.ar. ..-
'Tboaai C. Park announced. ......?........
Application form and hlcb art deiltad to \ '
latorattion. bullttlni. .nay dnotttrata
Btttery of
bo obtained fro the tabjact utter in tk* i
roclatrar't office at fields ia which ha maybe :rb I

the collets la It. Aa* assigned 'to tach.Candlatea .
cuitlne. Dr. Park attttd, taklactheCon* iU
and rut b.'cop)std lid son IxaBlaatloa at F1C

sailed ia thou to reach .ill report at 5:20: a.a.oa .
th* Educational Toting ,.b. 1$, begin tak lit.

Service PrtnctoD. H.J., the teat at POD: sad COB
tot later than Jut. n. clad by approximately

ClDdl.dahl will be seat 12:30.: CUT RATE
tickets of adilaaloa ad Penoai takias oa* cr
,Ida, then ot tb. exact two Optional Luau will

location of the tatii report again at the teitlit

seater to which they center at 1:30 P..., sad
should report Dr. Park being the teat at 1:11.: DRUGS

all Candidates taking ho
At the one-dq session such teats ahould conclude

a candidate nay take the by 4:45.Scooters.
CoaHoa>> L xriaatlona.klck

include tests in Profeiiloaal PinAppreciation 809 KINGS RD.

IntOn.ation. Gee;
era! Cultur. Difllth Eipreaaloa. -
and Nonverbal It.A. Sewell. District
Reaeoaiac. Scout rsecntivo, ...
Bounced its aaBaal EL 3-9880
la addtioa. each candidate *
sty take oat or Stouter Buquet of the
two Optional CiMlattioni. Cherokee Dlviiloa of
the North Florida Coua

Cll,Boy Scout of MMrica. .
Sit-ins Reach to b* bald oa TIIII,.. t W. Le MdlltOj!

day sight January 23,
Agreement With at the Darnell Cookaaa
Jr. Nigh School on Datlt)
Street at T:30 p.a.
Dobbs' Chain Reverend S. L. Badger
tD ''r
pastor Ot Faanuel Rap IL

ATLANTA "A letll tilt Church will be the L ; GRANDOPENING

factor ar* Bnt") baa apeaker. The new office .
bees reached between tb* n for 19S4 will be WtIUr

..18.*.*.' of Dobbs installed by Council
House lac. and the ,President Print P.Oaborn. Student Nonviolent Coordinating III. OutatandlBifcnutera I1.
Coaatttee sill be racot* _
( SHCC) aulpeCdlBIdeaoaatratloat niied for their service
that to boys ia the Dittriet.Ecootera ., ..\ r ,

bad cloud 12 rotten : Charles fll- (TOP PHOTO) Jobs R. Levis Chairman of the Student Noavloleat CoordlaitUs Coaalttee BNCC) la i.
runts to the chain, U..., Reverend J. '.?. carried five a Toddle: louse by three Atlanta pol l o.... (II'IC.'C' Photo )

Richard Iata. Dobbs Rillitaa Charles p.Slaaont (LOT PHOTO' )WCC' sorter Roberta taneey dragged into paddy mason by Atlanta polleeaea. WCC Photo)
Souse vie praidat, Jr.. II.T. lIro... (lIC11f! PHOTO Hrt. Lillian Orepory, site of Dick Cretery, It led fron a Toddle louse reatauraat after
confined that an arree. T. R. Rutherford and .her .rr..&. (wcc Pboto)
Bent had been rched. Major R. Bryant are ..-
'te've retched a born of the Banquet CDBnltt While Coed In Simpson Slates

Bent satisfactory," Jobs L..h'agree., Tickets.., for Banket nay Huger Strike TIt!:! MIKUTES Eiw tliilic Mission

8RCC chalrnea aald. lit secured fro. the JACKSON 11... --: 9nf MILK The Florida Coafereaee S

Leafs was arrested at a Bcout Sorties Center (A'PA .It. collet* ... n Knnoellatl Million sill
coed Sacs Idaho Jailedon : :;: :=
Toddle Noun restaurant 821 .. Cdtewod Ave. bold It. leaaloBaatRlnp

., here, ftaodiy. ,December.22, Dr. J.C. Doming a cbartt of perjury sea Methodist Church FREE.FAST'flJCKUP ,
sad spent Chriitpaa In chairman of the Cherokee in a racial case, waa ittbe RACE AND PIACL'Pot t.adyftor ih* Jidfieit January 12"Uu,."" Jan .. .

Jail ltb 23 other Division for tk* PII'two fourth day of a naay! years silk this ski It Itll. A* the .!!.. of sill 17tb and Rev. Cubed i
Hra. Lllllaa Gre.ol'1.U. year lid fleeted huger strike D... trlter a OBI Pentecost A, Jehaaoa, Paitor ofTrlaity
wife of comedian for tb. tblrd tern till 2 O. sass of church people, 4.tUredi appeared'Tkli Peter!. ntbodlit Church AND DELIVERY SERVICE
Dick Oratory, and two preside. Mitt Loll Ckaffee. of supposed Uat the bible that *ich oat sill be Ue mist al.I'
otter deaoaetritori held Palls buck aat Jailed pbraae 'Vraee and Peacebe bytb .,., for theee .."/..., I
S. C. College Weighs after tellln a county sat 0 ,o taa tlnplya prtpbet Je*} and
la jail slues ChriaUaaCT It dldlladeed: look The Coanlttlon II Men*
court Jury ah* .. Jack boaatlfal, spiritual aaif
acre lo released tb rejected Lord use berthIp sad tvaaiellaa, .
KM police nee data oa aalaatlon. Thank Sod *o PrescriptionsAccurately
OB Thuraday. January 2. DrOfPItg Radii Bin hew cot to leers nat bout ",to r...,. "TOJU08I loai elU other s.bera
Oratory bad come to Metro children darliiBBBer 'Ml .f the church are nth I atrelltloa

Atleata to participate OCHBAT.drii ..c.-ANP)........ racial ...01. It It neeb. nor this a u ..". it: tl Mill pst s Bit.It.ht a ear., It Ue
.. lalatatUi. It It aa
5 ""I. .
ia alt-la deaoaitritloaaBleed of riapaotChert
College It nakiti nBtady toe, Itttead .f llhborbood
the rcatiarant Sheriff I. '. oil fey OFFICIAL PROCLAMATni,
at the b.
of potelbllltyof
JCDOattT! II' It. ft
Pviy simile one of tbeoplatlct SAL Promptly
cbaln. and bad auceeededIB inteiratlat sad nay b* said Hit Cbaffet, s Pail produce ORACI lid flour,", elll b* tot*
signed by at.
loaint 12 of the.. 24-yeei-ld. student it Ueed silt lavltatlM
ready to deieirettt fey PFJKX.: Does this not 35. M
Pail ltb the
After tb original 24 meat tpriti, PrtidBt outaloo seatkernCbrlttlai opeae ditatt that Ii by enbera It tb. Pinter
declaration! Discs
arrests, Dobbs louse Marshall T. Steel aaid inn : Collars ban, God lattrrtpttd tit ...' 5 Club to iafltenttla
refuted begat refusing food be. It UNTO VW Mt P/avg.
sorters to prosecharges Dec. II aeeeletter to prophetic "' pubes and ton* 1
iretna t* Filled
Swiss "I ooa't let her MOM OOt TM Patwlu, MOMOM
tftlatt tb* proteotort. alaaal and faalliee ofeUdeate. brltt In the preeeatdlspessalios cbaren nenbert to beoun
wo till UUpnone. TN| Let Jltuleneitf.
Gregory active silk see tbarcn.
Tb* sheriff tald Miss This ace tb. ,
site sad several other Dr. steel said be bad Ood' aekiiniort ,r.. Tae pal of Uee oro pi
clause already bad theao *f 'h neiiit
doaitrator bad p.r. ap.t coaalderabl tint inCMferwet gleam all tb* telapboao nick be, ta a duly ap- Iain silk Feel: aid pastor of ItoptMCkerek
chased stock in Dobbs 1U groups' lid calle tpetified by lao routed Mbeeiftdor, bad 01,4 slurs. tit Bboaad' It,. 1.1. lUdfle
louse, slick also oea lidlTldoela OMeraia U* td, trace did suck noreabaeid It to nab every pereoaIn -
.ad "... loser total to .... rut U proeliln.To FREEY
The Toddle Ibaee chain.S proklont related to IBtecratloa gel my nore." npprotlttt this tbi. ) n lit the .eitbborbood at
X' nil,.. Lewis ..- and flrI... ap- ftn* It vltlted daily by. till, oo mist neater kith r.tgsed.so nltnttraco five ...11., of .*..

fated t. live detail ea nroacbea to U* ,nlll... her. layer aid tte Rev that ltd bad detlaredIn relaa." berth.Froth .
the trw of tb* settlsseat *
Altboeab no subs baa fd lt Hat, enttt chaplain nrophtty that R* Dalloni
Refer* protests For ,Kids'
said beet taken by tk* Board at T.*.al... shish ...Id reply to th. "
ended. DIce of fn."", Or* tttl !. tb* oily litetritediaatitatloa rid' t rejeittei .f ,
they Maid mettle for sill theta "a.*M to BOreaaonble U toe state Cbrle elth 1000bl t. fAVIR ST. SEAF0011SM '-'
this ,
Botbiat less eonplet llkellkood A' / '$...t ,
a 11am Cbaffe. M* boll Pea. 110:1 pliteree the >

Dobbs. iotetratlea float Bttltttber of that by mist af rtn deficits U llM Of a ...... Said. Patter ..flat t* tk* ......toMeS..ran w scales tone UN"1611 a P..S.n..e,...-... ....* Open 10 ...m. .
policy till b* eetaktlebed Her trial ..t. It nottpMtod ..: "Sir TMOV AT Mr ': Iv..un .
.. W.AVII ..
ekereby aiialifled to bo set anil! .(.(t sans, MTIi I MM ITMIII "= C .'
The protests atalatttk auoaato toald b* admitted the seat ten of toartIn ,....._....rue es Sea esI_ M...,...... 1"* t
s.gr.gated ..etlagplace lablltl Tic MfTOOL. ....... to 10 p p.n; S .
to U* College .
r. III'." Ft a. ..tlar..:
began 911U"after sNCCcorkers tb* ear 1..' of racial bocfe 1* utter her tkree "TNI Small Mi (tai hat.trl$.... tygtlSt-1p/Ml d l.t, Sw J 1&II"I.'fAnl .

,Roaortkle Oflata Odlaoe. STOW L"b.drls ..I.... noa It a day." ra.tii} KIM nets ties IT, SfAIOODJ DOLE IT .ACA'
aatportH by aid Pilfer, 'Tbat's laj Nit .U r., cii '|if
Hal tier of ROM Affair. tiI* bo41H Qe ftL a.H .. fee <.... >l. to Nil ttet tit* MfIMlIMIiMP u. .
of Reaya. rw..r FAIR TRADE
..4aervlM Ku. 'U''''... lay. '
tk eon rft : .
snap UllTUI =':= -- .
at a ,..... MTOMPUrUHWTTM After tb* .,..UII...
.. aid ........ of theist : ... i
ROBM she aitln wait AfiittfetoJi men
U. S. SAVINGS BONDS II Meo4 the .!! ..*
rat IOM bites. ..
Posh She.ksd emirs ,y, '1.1'

:= LlllTUI >::". so ..J" .

rutieeno-M.:' VOWOCN IWCffUOT TO YOU -- Ift.UI TOUT toU u. 4k.R1

-:::.i: Re. ::-.. IJ A YOTU- gym, r >N Mfit iilp----
eaua 15ee ..e5114Ii
Jut ea.waa r.-.. .aoa muR.1tWr Ersl ::* 0ur ie I: 'IHI4 DRUGS ;
= QS tav l ...... ,5o I.e lho
PThVT .. .. ,
== gs int a.w. .esq ....
IHPOKTAXTMt 'on c 1:"IOIUI.4TIO.% c-( 11.5510

,1". MMMMU ea .

JHtf .. RUE IM1 45.11 MKKfS! I.
;/; ,. .. $1HIii1 W. .. Atm

1111 AIT Sku.lltks.lYiII. ..... ... t IlI-
.-IN__............. '
Hi.rocn ': .:
., = R WHO
r...e..-a.Pew t1 ft
.....---- .....

rlfO'TfCl' MCHT TO ram ..-...." .-....

,.I.N SMOU_ 'AL'''llttS M.. ..
jdrrrr, atl..aCurd TODAJtYtf ..........-.sere Lh, .."
(tetween Modlioit & Davit)
.,' .......... iaoeere,.a..a ....,

..ot Are .1IIIa, Per 1 # # ,.


""d' itH:>_ ?. u_. '. ..:.._ ---_.,_.

---.. HJJ ,ii.. i i 111 111 111 iii ii i mmtmtMaafmi xmumammm I i i >.. .. -" .... -........,

'.......".. .,... .. . ... ..;.. >..... .. .. "...--w. 4.. .. -- J n lJU .T" ,.. I
\ 1 S'

; i MEt I. .; FLHIIA ST1I PAPEIS SXTIiliT IIHilT It, l lilt'

II .
''f ,---' .... Leaders Back Sen. Johnson Credits Big Boost From ESSO Foundation Africans Sorrowed

''I I ------------, Over News OfJfK'
:, I Negro Candidate African Leadership
NCRPCU. Vt. (ANP' ) -.
-l JONCSBORO. Ark. -
-(/W) Jntll recently
I COOKING HINTS Metro leaders here last everyone met (AMP) -- A southern
\ weds were trying to unite ,, s>tcr white buslaessmaa who
I asked Leroy Johnson, Hoi :.: _.
& Plh their forces behind on* was ia Uganda beD President
I ..
ao u N does it. feel. to be a ten* .
of four Negro candldttes .
i. Kennedy was assassinated -
I *
"OMI ....ultl DlltltTO"/ AU "UITA" atorV :
for the City Council lathe Nov. 22.
'.---------------- 'Then he had to stop and ::::-:. on
February Is packed full of party days, and Cherry city election next tell of his reaction to gave a vivid description
June, in an effort to here last week of the
Custard Meringue is a perfect dessert idea for any being the first Negro elected -
party. Carnation Evaporated Milk, used in the baked assure the election of to the state scastein -M African reaction to the
custard layer, gives more body and richer flavor. one, who would be Nor- Georgia since sensational news.
Topped: with cherries and a light golden meringue, folk' tint ID Modern reocn .Marvin Melton! was in
this dessert will delight one and all.CHIRRT t 11... structioa. Kampala, the capital on
Now when bo walks down
The four candidates are a trade mission for the
the street, people ask:
Robert D. Robertson, Department the
flow Is Africa! ?"
former president of the day of the assassination.
local NAACP and a labor Then it becomes his job .
to enspress into a few Jia
leader, Dr. John w, "we had just finished\
words his reaction .to bit
Capps, physician
; a banquet and were standIng -
brief visit to Rut Africaas
Atty, Joseph A. Jordan, in the hall drinking
,f Jr. and J, D. Speller, a master of the .D.I. coffee when the American
delegation to the 'independence .
a civic leader.
young ambassador made the announcement -
j Robertson was the first celebration for Melton
candidate of any race exotic little Zanzibar, '-- '
to announce Ms candidacy lying in the Indian Ocean A O HEX tor $190,000 from the Isso Education Pbuadation to the toited Negro College said

+ He held a news off the coast of Tanganyika Fund I. la the envelope held by Robert 0. Ooodykooota, right vice preal '1 shall never forget
I Ii check includes the tint of four annual oontrlbctloas( of 1100,000 each which the that moment Half of the
conference last week,
during which he said he Johnson ban one super Foundation has pledged to UUCP's nation-wide Development Fund campaign for $50 group -(ot Africans) immediately

was urged to run for the stive in describing his 11111on,pl.. a $80,000 contribution toward cnrr nt expsnsesof the College Fund's dropped to
! council adventure" of visiting Zaa member schools during the 1963-64 academic year. filllM J. Trent Jr. .left), their knees in prayer
) zlbar Kenya, Tanganyikaand executive director reviews the progress of DNCP campaigns of the last few years never saying a word. The
But local leaders, including -
i those Uganda: ''frs.endouseeSen. with Mr. OoodykooaU Jut before the check: presentation. The United Negro Col* rest of us stood with
In the Johnson' personal lege Fund was the largest recipient of money in this year's program of the Esso bowed bends.Not a muscle
civil rights field, are
observation of Zanzibar Education Pouadation,which is supported by Standard 011 Company (New Jersey sad moved for five minutes.
CUSTARD MIRINOUIMuk endeavoring to work out and the other African countries .s'li of its affiliates...including Humble Oil, chief operating affiliate of Jersey "then they aro II.tll.re
( .(V ervlnci; ) an agreement for the he visited lead bin Standard ia the U. S. 'The lean contributions to UUCP' will help to meet both were tears on the faces
support of I single "
of half of them, Mel
2 eggs 1 cup water candidate. Is to believe the natives of operating and capital expenses of the 12 colleges sad unvisrsitleswth a combined
2 egg yelk 1 ....,.Mi..,./.11I.'I It a Dove these lands are engulfedby 'enrollment of over 25000. which are members of the College Pund. ton said.
apparently designed to
,cap"' ,., 2 cups((22IIe'can) prevent the splitting of a sense of their ownw .' The next morning when
V, ... Mil cherry pie Piling Melton and bin group
national responsibility."The .
1% cup(ilergi! Clift) 2 egg whites toe Negro vote which, .could development African people are lawyers Fice Dish am out Basie, FerrerTo went to breakfast, not
vntfMte1 CARNATION4 Cup sugar a word was said ia a
IVAf ORATID MILK '/. .te.sr..s Mil defeat all four candidates extremely proud, John large dining roc*. 'But
son said. IB Kick-back Scandal Co Star the Africans recognized

as ss Americana and a
INMflMPOUS-(ANP-ihree receiving a total of $38, RED BANE, N.J. -. largo number came and
Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion pronlnent Gary, lad., at* 250 ia 'tickback": woaey (W) Count Basle and stood around us. They
tarneys, two of then Me fran contracting fire tor Mel Perror. two of New stood with bowed beads

I .-.r gross, who were Involvedin services which/ were never Jersey's native eons, for several minutes

a 'llckback" scandal erforeed. The conlsslon will develop a stage ,'Not bin, was said but

Disc Jockey .:; bleb ssst forcer Mayor recommended that the three act for their joint appearance we understood and we
.,; ,. George Cbacharle of that be disbarred. A commission la New Jersey's deeply appreciated their
'. : < city to prison for evading to bear evidence on the )00tb anniversary celebration expressions" Melton

I II federal incoee taxes, charges and lake rscom- at the New York said
last week faced dlsbarnont isolations is expected to world's Pair.
after the Indiana Supreme be named by the Buprsmo The Count was born inthld Benny Taps

Court Disciplinary Cosissioa Court. city, while Ferrer
Nat Cole
filed several 'The three wore linked la was bora ia Elberon,
I charges of corruption in court testimony during the N.J. NCT TOO (kit?) --
office against the. tax trial of Chech aria laHammond Basle and Perrer are Nat King Cole, as guest

The three are Gary City ,lad., federal court now starring with Tony star, sings and plays
Councilman Terry C. Gray, Cbacharla, who pleaded Curtis Natalie Wood, the piano in an Improbably

whose tern expired oa J_. guilty, was sentenced to Henry Fonda and Lauren instrumental
1, 1M4; lenjanln P. ..11lOll a three-year prison ten Bacall in the forthcoming group that Includes Jack

I toner president of and fined $10.000, oa Jan. Warner Bros Benny on the violin oat
the council and Harry IS, 1M1. otlon picture production ,.b. Jack Benny Pro .\
= Pslaos, toner assistant dray, Wilson and Pslmos of "1st, and the Ir.." Tuesday, :2t'ary' "

p city attorney. Cray and were not charged by crlml- ingle Oirl." 21 (9:30-10:00: p. ..
Wilson sro Negro... nil Indlcteent. Government The picture is the PST) oa the CBS Television
The commission charged attorneys charged Technicolor fill verion.of .Network.In .

then with dishonesty, during the trial that thq Helen Ourly his featured solo
I fraud deceit and corruption acted as conducts" or Browse best-selling spots Cole sings "Day
in coaaeetloa with o-betweeas for dtacbarla. book I I. Day Out" and ''*nen
I Pall in Love."

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IURl altU >TH X.I. 3rd AvensN.)li=1. flex


i ...oRet, ..T ..s .

MIAMI ea4 M etJH M moiee .f the PLertta War ..
erem ts atari Ui II ..d.... I till ear tie

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):Hear "Hot Line'1 NIghtly At 11 p. m.' mitre temer fcr *.!('oemles.CT .

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r :

--- -.--.... ...- -----
... -
. l""i

UKIU 11, miHI nun STAt nm: mt i

._ _. __ ._ .

w I
.rl Hw i Ii I

e A.r


Florida Students Win Scholarships! Baha'i
Mallory Horne ...
AppointedHeart "' .
"i"l | rl-.i.J" 'T' i *
rili| 'If'
L..f'.j.--- '.".._ I _. MMafoii- asl aBBBfl ,*&.i:'. IVinale : 1-

Fund Drive Chairman Li January MeetingAnnounced
.er t
r : tt r
Mallory K. Hone of Tallahassee Speaker of the _

florid House of Representative, .baa accepted aj>- '
The lall. I Aaseably of
polntaent as 1964 Chnlrnan of the Florida Heart
North Dade is sponsoringa
fund CMpin. it was announced today fey Henry .. public aeetlag at the

Cooper H.D. of Pt. Lauderdale President of Ue boat of II''. Mrs. f...
Florida Heart Aaaoclatlon. .................... k
Bauagartner 144)1 KB 2nd

Mr. Horn will bead the and surgical correction of Court, North Hi ant. .t B

statewide csapaign la Feb heart deffecta. the problems p... Wednesday January

rnfry to ralae fund to regaining to be sol* 18th. with Hra. Ladaila

support the Heart Aaao wed will require s such Van Boabeek of Durban,

clatlon'a program of research sore intensive inveataent North Caroliaa u .. .

Into the causes of of time, energy and funds. er. Her subject till be
D. Craig Prudence Donathea. Jesse J. Price Althea HcOueeo, Lewis Uand
the tons .
easy heart The Florida Heart Aaaoclatlon. "Tbt Path to World

disease and of bringing u affiliate of WINNERS-Vlanle D.Craig. Prudence Donathaa. Althea Magyars, Lents the coapetitiva scholarship prograa. 'They are tinners of scholarships Catty" 'The patllo la

the results of research the Aaerlcaa Heart Association Bland of Dpi Lock. Jesse J. Price, all of teat Pals Beach are valued at ".100 and MM respectively, each year cordially Invited to at*

to phyalclana and the is the statewide aaonc 41 undergraduate freahaen studying at Howard University under 'Tbe winners of the lM3-" NCEl awards tere tbe ranking students tend.

public. volantary agency spearheading four-year 11.100.r acholarahlpa. Tan grants wire provided aaong S.I3) who took the eiaalaatioa ia :29 states and the District Hra. Val Boabeek was

thlJf last ,ear'. Heart the attack ondlaeases through Howard's National Coapetitive Scholarship CiaslaatloaprogrM. of Coluabia when 42) high schools throughout the nation were born in Vienna Austria

Fund. Campaign ia Florida of the heart and visited by a tea of Howard rapreaeatatlvea. She studied the leieaet
Is all, soar 125 freahaen enrolled at Howard last September under
produced nearly 800000., blood weasels.Sigmas of optics, later becoalag

Mr. Home pointed out that FAMU Time In the first aoaea presidentof
Nat Cole Slated Tea Nassau Company Hires
be !hopes to see Florida Horror aa optical war., ia
.-1rT>". tal'" 'I" 'U. I r.
greatly eiceed this total r ra the United Statea. She ta
in 1984. since the laaenae Bank Proxy For TV SpecialsLOS Negro lawyer a aMber of the Business

: problem of heart disease and Professional toll..'.
OUCAOO-(ANP)-Appo 1 u'*
in. this country requires Club, NAACP, rICA and National
: an. all-out effort in research ( ) M.O. Ferguaan, announcement that Nat sent of John K.Peele Jr., Council of Negro

I sad education. He president of Citizens King Cole baa been aa aaalatant patent counsel oaen. since her retire

I pointed out tbat sore than Savings Bank and Trust signed as aastar ofcereaonleaboat of Bell and Howell sent, are. has devoted all
Co., last week was pre.sented for the Coapany's photo products
[ SOl of all deaths result her tlae to the tetter
the Phi !Beta Hlg- Parch 9th of the group sac annouseed by
i fraa one of the sany brae segarat sent of '11... relation
[of heart dlaeaae. a Fraternity Inc. new hour long ABC-TV J.... B. Toaea counsel and world peace.A .

la addition to this staggering national "Bigger and special "Hollywood tf the Chicago-baaed t* Sana 1 since 1M3 aha

death toll all- Better Business Award." Palace" which replacesthe "''' Itctronlca bualneaa equip baa aervedoathe National

Ions of Aaericans of all The presentation ass Jerry Lull Fhow/ 1 sent and photographic Interracial Oae.alttee.Ut

I. are Incapacitated an. aade at the public setting the King eaergea u tb.dl'PDt.d eoapany African Teaching Cows It-
,..l.lIu been aa eiaalner
of the fraternity's49th hottest TV
ally with a consequent %.d. i tee, and la at (reseatvlsttlM
anniversary contention guest star of 19... with the halted States
ale loss to fannies, ... tilt Boat i era
ioaauaitlee and husieases. at the flak Cnlverslty Aa a result of a recent Patent Office I. ..... states aa a lecturer oa

Chapel. John atriag on ABC-TV of a .. la(ton. D.c., alace grad behalf of the raltk.Bha .
Fonteno Houaton Tet., Cole special produced ia atlag froa North Care
Dr. Cooper stated that -- has traveled ti*
while award cnalraan, said the b&hnd this past .uaser lisa college at DM r has
Major progress baa tenalvely throughout' are
citation.. lade on the -- la 1155.
an unprecedented wave
[ been sade la lose areas rica" Europe and the Bear
I of the heart disease pro basis of the bank preal-' of nail from viewers PAW/ STAFF Manna HAYS TU rw NASSAU OANDBI- ness sobers of the Florida AM At Bell sad Howell he last, Iseludtsi Haifa,

: blaa, such ss high blood dent's outstanding contributions asking for sore of the Oaiveralty Merchiag Band staff were aaoag the party ef F AMU/ana who had tea at will .Oepat.at., matters Israel world ...ter.r

pre sure. rheuaatic fever in the field sane bit the networks, the residence of His Eiccllency; the Governor, Lord Robert Stapledoa and Lady la connection with pho Ue ......1 hi tho
lord got around fut. tagrapble optical
lushness.Presented 8ho1 Idol, during the Tallahaaaee group'a repeat visit to Nasaau. Shown seatedat
For Pieuriptioos to tII.touDtrl' In rapid succession the products of the Photo
a tea table la the Ilfd..f the Soersor'e.alsiu. left to right, are:
oldest Negro gifted singer was signedto ProdueU Oroap.Peela :
banking fire, the cits guest star on nanny Charles S. Slog, coordinator( reoorda and director of baritone bora, troaboas attended Oeorge Coast Guard:1

/ tioa ia awarded as Cltl I.,.'. Yule shoe airing sad tuba sections with the FAMU Marcbisg Band, Raffia' Loadoa, cotrciaattr efaualfl twoa University Us school

*4EDDY'S sena Bank begins pre, pa- Chri stats aight followed library and director of the baa fa taiapboae section Dsvld C.Colllagtoa, Mlle worklag full lice latkeO.B.

rations for celebrating by the Jack Beany show aaalataat director public ralttlosa/. tassel A. Floyd, aaalitsat directorof Patent Office and

60 years ia easinessaest the Nit Adaas shoe and the percuatlon aectloa. received Baoheltr, tf Laws

year. The bank was the Carry Moore shoe all -- degree la MI.

DRUGS founded ia 1904 by three airing ia January sad i
pioneering Negro bual- February' with s neat Drives Trailer Jewish Hospital Couple Seek

asses, J.C. Rapier K.N. spot oa the Judy Garland Stir 181 Iff. 3 Ave Boyd and Prestos Taylor show .waiting for Cole to 600,000 Miles Gives$5OOO To 25,0000.11'1

Fl 39903 say .II..' .Adct1: t1oaall1.
Shrineri For 3 Weeks
the Hag' own TV Negro Our Apartment.
' areclal "Wild la Lor." Accident.

SBO IN YOUR SOCIAL W CUB NEWS/ produced la Canada hit lNm-Md'-a chest NOIIALI e.... .. ST LOVIS-(AMP)-The

the Miami Florida Ster will publish year is betas sueceaa* Bcrrou." .-(AKP-A for the".000 Rstlossl WM presentedto Jeelah (ANP) A Merit filed It. Low 11 Hawks prafaloasl ..

fully ayadleatedthroughout truck driver kai bees a* salt here last week laSuperior basketball ISM
your social and club ne.s--and
Hospital here by Ue to*
the countryby .ard.d too silver dollarsby Coart for $25 sill be wttkoat Ua ser
pictures as eM> -- free of chatoe.Let Arable
cleat Kgmlea
his employer Sere for flea tf star seater Kelav
Deslla. 000 fret
daaagts aatpartaest
the 'Star'
announce the date for
.ellea.e the Or'", Debits tf the testy far tstlatted
drlvlBt ei aa
Cole the ealy beast
tea Negro tw er,
party or fashion show or what
Mjatle arise, dariag aD.C.
bare star ever to Have his Beat year.Perry tesitMdlBi that a rental Urea eeeka as a retail 1
you. llth 1_... boa
News and pictures should reach our owa network TV weekly L Hill, 4L talake had beea dented to Ueahtitast af aa laJ." he suffered
find for u. trlai Ut Order sal Its la a aat agalast the
be see |
aeries several eaa
years ago they art New
office not later than Tuesdaynoon.Send .
baa bees dMllslag eta I fall. He baa a wife Military.Tbt Philadelphia Tiers recently
News To Miami Florida Star ...U... that be alga and sine chlldree.TaeiV check-Ut earth roes I', sad Mrs. Ira baby --ar

for another sacb weekly be 10 this ..tII.', said ".001 oMtribatloa. froa art ateklag slat ta h-at/a Injury ...... ItUt

138 rW Third Are Phone 37M025 a'erles tale year. Now aa be received Ue eaab attke tie Negro shrine group force the |.. ......... Hawks .... >e else

ever the aeteorka are office of .,bb Transfer to the ,..,..,.1or, dla Kelesiar, tt rest tt Utaillsgniff Has..( UNITED STATE

c. all dltkerlsg for tbe here.Twwatfoat. east C41C.r- .. taraarkedfor thee a ,......-.-..U arUret tsrr.tlatralsg aa la* I CO".TGUJLJtD

Hag U star ia a series fat lee drivers reaeaea.Beat .raaa .,.rt..., latbtaeety jired sail, tad JeksBarahlll
of specials throettowttbe selected bla d,1 All see fw.etts-U ..... TrlsltyA foraef f.... I !

year, with UCTVptrttMltrly Aroaad Drlveraf tk".'." eluding Peaver Mayer Tua ...,., They seek Here Slats valveraltyalar hP MY ilhrsllla.udd

iatereatedIs .e also woa Ue drivers' Carrlgaattteae Utsme also a leaperary la wat tat plaguedwith Miami 2 Fla.

IAe ffojoftWikk rotes three years .see* | s). avytr Carrlgaapraised JsMtloai ,,.,.., kla Ut flu h. ..... ,

W Cl...i sill tiltti a .11.... hath the Order fret leatlii any ttaatrable > -
sad the hospital far
tractor stoat lH.", a tpartaeata.r.
their "'Ia. tenltt I*
year beteeea Halat sadseorgte ,. tad irt. Peel,
sad as far west ....U,."
tald that aa cleat IEIISTII IH fH
11 sa Itwt Dr. e. ..... hiss aa .,arta.aiIt
SII MIC lUll director, tf restart* HOTEL TRAINING
setteabtr, whet the
aad laboratories sad
settee sire advertisedli it i tHHOttMS
1IM ttaaer ef Ut pat >?
the Ititl ,aaer.eaby .
Tit Maiageueil. Of tear Medal, Pasted Ut said ill ageatgave UJlSU ElHrCATIOl LITER
."..,. far their help
tau aa artlUallet)
sad delivered" Ut arU* wtlt> eaaaalled* Mil I. C. Sicttt irHH to
tiatJ addreat.

AN! LOUNGE Champion On Tour Of U.S. hiliUl

team.: eaaae-UiP)*. Jet Tet tea. .....' fee* SIIUIMIH III elm

111 re511. SIKH tberwttgbt bMlag eaaaa laa) sad |.... ... ......., Itttl' SflTCIHiH trees lieu

I* the teat Afrleaa title, left htrt last ash
for aa e.t eased tear af Ut CalUd ..... fItI, LUKE fHKHMI KM

.a ass si.eeaa..led a* Cartltt ou..r Set rim irmc tmmu .....
tooklaa forward feet, fir atrld ||ght-t..f.M Uaplat
M'.. Btgt hit ttasalga la the Pelted Matte HI 244 H-1 HI 4744fWIH
JJNG sIZE to a...., all
.111 gala his a add tlllt WM(<<, .fftllKC IIWCHK

oar aid friend
Kilt agljji suaul
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this jeer HIM lift MM WM
.....' liter- Ni
.....t., I* Naves 1M MI tttk' dayrroait.OO

; III totMWsjaaila.il :

5pillii. fro.iciH .11f"-11. ... aL.l JOHNSON ,... for all d.....

$e ......, U lacttijatt t f evv tralaee.

< Tb WHiWMBM -f- .. ,.,. Call rt1.lir. ..,I"te ''lIe. for
Pill b* cat rand toO lift tie best
.N1pa.pI ... eaj tftttrff. your lafonwtlM eaolet M clstatef

of "IN. E'OaE' ....
Mr nm. im .. Cad Qutn FtstU Kxooil
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.,-' ... -.. .
'_ __.i.! .uMiiHn > ..inhaj.. anil.nlnaii,__--: ..._ ..- nSATIHAT

..... ..- J .
... '. ,

\J ,

: ; I I I r

i nit to FLORIDA STAB PAPERS SATDfiUT IMIiiT 11. tli4 .

III f; St. Petersburg" Annual Debutantes BallLGVELY Forty-Two Coeds Make Society Debut In

St. Petersburg's Municipal Pier AuditoriumST.

PETE SBURGFLA.--The largest Debutantes Ball In the

history of the Tampa Bay Area was staged last week In

St. Petersburg's Municipal Pier Auditorium when a tetel

of 112( co-eds were Introduced society by the sponsoringSt.

Petersburg-Tampa Chapter of LinksInc. to highlighttheir
twelfth Debutantes Ball.

"Chrlitite Pantae presented were: Dorothy Aldrldia, jeraldlaa til
? U.... and Cheryl Denise
Johnson, daughter of
was tbe tbn.of the event
which drew u estimated .. Laura Johnson Al- Pride.

2,000 perione. Mre. Mor fredla ffaabingtoa daugb
decal Walker of St. Petersburg ter of Mr. and Mra. Oma- fla. A&M Staffer

and Ira Jacob tar laahlngton; ValerieDenise

KbiteofTaipa headed this Bcrugga, daughter Aids In Religious

year1 BUI which larked of Mr. lid Mra. Bldaer
the first ties an event E.BcraggsHarritt Rotors, |I?abliceionj! Completion

was held bj Negroes at daughter of Mr. and Mra.Marriona .
the $1 Billion pier. Rogers; Nadine
r L .cniss.srkiag the dedication -
The auditoriua was attractively Headeraon daughter of
of a pioneering
decorated in Mr. and Mra. Jeaaa Hen
exaaple of aoclo religious -
holiday colors with king- doD, Sr.; Lorraine
literature by a
CO-EDS___Presented to society duringthe Patricia Holland, Beverly Russ, Nadine Hen- sized toga and aritiflcal Harris, daughter of Mr. Florida All Cnlveralty',

Twelfth Annual Debutantes Ball held In derson Alfredla Washington Carolyn Jen- mow adding to the, decor. and Mra. Jeroae Rtrrla. profaaaor were held here

St. Petersburg at the Municipal Pier by the kins, Harriett Rogers, and Valerie Scruggs. The deba wore the tra- Other St. Petersburg Sunday at the St. Stephen!
Tampa-St. Petersburg Links Inc. were: Also : Harriett Davis, Caledonia Henry, Miry ditlooal formal white Oebutantea were: Talla- Baptlat Church.

Jeanette Scrivens, Barbara Wlnblsh. Sandra BooneMagalene Bryant, Beverly Brown Verna gowns with simple white dega co-ed Regina McLtn Meetln the challenge of

Hull Lorraine Baker, Nancy Paul ornlneHarrrs Teal Cynthia Hardy, and Cheryl Pride. The puma. elbow length white daughter of Mr. and Mra.Jaaea A aisty-yaar
r, Della LeekJoyce Hardin, Olann Williams co-eds represented Gibbs Junior College, kid gloves and a single McLio. risk fresh- History of the Saint

I ( Regina McLIn, Sandra Grayson Jeral- Spellman Tuikegee, Florida A&M, University, atrand of cultured pearl sea Canine Johnson,daughter Stephen Baptist Church a

dine Ml 11 lamsSandra SpencerCynthia Treco, Howard University Flsk West Vl.rolnla Each carried an are bo- of Mr. and Mri. Joseph publication that ...rk.till .

Andrea White, Eleanor Trapp Renee Brady, State, Rhodes Preparatory SchoolUnl versl ty quet of Aaerleaa Beaut Anthony JohnaonBr.; advent of eowatblng

Mary Morris Ina Sparks and Wllhemenla of Florida Hampton institute and Knox- Roses Carolyn Jenkins daughterof new in religious literature -

i \ Clark. Second row: Dorothy Johnson Shirley ville. fit. Petersburg Oibba Mra. Altaaeae Jenkins -the biography of a
I I Williams Claedonla Henry Gwendolyn Tim ( Photo by Ernst. ) Junior College co-ede and Harriett Derie,daughter cemlrIlIUolId.d1..
of IIr..4 Mre. Harold
church located -
cited at the
Dart. both of Tana. MI
Ii Austine La mar Unrbertity: Barbara Ila- aan Road at Paulo in iapraaalve sad 'Trn-

tern TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA NEWS blab ton Howard laatitata DniTeralty.Hup oo-ada. services John ,. IlllUaa lad by the Rev-

A &M Grad Writes Nassau Government Entertains FAMUans Joyce,m I.Rtrdla., and Sandra and Diana Gray tor.The book published by

aonof leat Virginia State
From laos AssfenaRMMit the Joyco-drlaea Preaaof
College. laaaaa City Mo. la
VironANr, Laos Dagger "
Taapa Olbba Junior College the result of collaborata
Harris, a graduateof
." debutantes were: effort oa the part of
tilt Florida MM Unlveraity -
Cynthia Treco. Lorraine Mra. Thelaa ThnratonOorbaa
School of Agriculture
Baker, Beverly Brown, acting director
recently wrote Ehlrlay\ lilliMa, Cynthia of public relations at
",be land
hoe Laos,
Hardy, Gwendolyn Tla, Florida MM tktivaralty ,
of tilt Billion elephants ,
r h Benrly Ruaa.Mary Morris, Tallahaaaee, Fla. and
and the whit" paraaol" Sandra Spencer, tiltteenla the pastor and ....bereof
"Lao to se Bean a Clark. In a marks, the natlonally-proal-

BBall'aatloa outlined Racay Paul, Della Leak, nest Baptist coagregatlon. -
', by raised aoantalna Jeanette Scrlvana, Verna .

bordered \r Thailand on (,, ;c Teal Members of the church
feet, North lid South .' .... Other Tawpa oo-ada were history coaBlttee: worked

Viet Nil on the test, Ileaaor Tr&>>p. Patricia closely with Rev 111llaaa -

I Caabodia borders the Holland Andrea Nlcnon pastor and Mra.Oorhaa .
South and China aid Bur
) White, Mae Princes Boon In the coaplla-
aa border the North the Lee Etta train Caledonia Lira and preparation of
nUt and Buddy Mekong ...
Henry, Magalana Bryant, copy for till book -
t' River running north and born of the' coaaittee
I Kane Brady, Sandra Hull,
L south at point aepanting Yvonne I..".. Beverly Include Mra. Tbelaa M.
Thailand hoe PAW AND NASSAO OOVBKMBn OrPICIAUB RAVI 'f G' 'I'OCInZa-OIIeoltill social highlight 011..., chair.. ; Mra

s Laos, bamboo buts with of tilt recent visit of Florida MIl University official to Naaaau during A pair of clean white Louise Reid and Mra. ,

; grass thatch roots the appearance there of the acbool'a faaoaa .arcb1a: 100", was aa Invitation gloves wakes a 0'11I- II.,.. Ch.laa. Described

ii built oa stilts over to tea at till residence of His Excellency, the Governor, Sir tobert Stapledon of any age fro. 3 on up- aa a landaark la. aocio-

tt I, water, lid U Jungle and Lair It hdoa. Maabera of tie rAW official, staff and faculty faalliea are feel like a lady, and religious literature till
z village, friendly but shown her having tea with the governor and other NMaauvlaaa la the Garden of therefore look like a publlcatioa chronicles
*hy people, the Governora realdeaoe. Seated la the foreground left to right are: Mra. lady So whether your the 60-year history of I
'''ow did I get bent"
George ,. tore Jr., wife of the President of Florida AUI; Hra. H.R Partridge, bite gloves" are leather the nearly .000-ajaabar
Harris, a native of Or*
wife of the PAMU builaeaa aaauer; and Mrs Vllllia P. Poster, wife of the director or fabric do suds theo coagregatioa.TALUIASSEE .
lando, aak*. "..U it
]t after ever weiring.
of PAW..agnific.at marching band. Enjoying their tea la the background ?
No, 15-143 la a loaf story, I aaaployad
left to right, are: Dr. Wllllaa p. Foster Dr. George t. Gore Jr., Mr. Aaa Prtt-
Sizes 13.1$
by International Ills IMTEITil
chard president of the Haaaaa caiptor of Kttania Internationaleponaor of the
Voluntary Service, a
private noa.profit rAW band a appearaao la Hew Providence; Mr. R.R. Partridge, Mia Excellency, Ezra Cub UN TH FIMIH Sill
Sir Robert and aa unidentified guest at the tea
Tnt f.,).Iun._. *"hlrt..'"li new "Ut "It feature the"Jirpot. orianixatloa concerned Awtr 2811 11IH er iea 222-HZ5
.." "collar that roll "hack and trainee Ihe (ece,This U t epaitkln With ee&dlng tBB* Of .Bus Charges Police DepartmentNASHVILLE.
I' |while vulUr that ruulblnri*u wail with ihetkt, ,tweed.Uittired young Ami o a* to work ALLOTS
I, and clubbed f.i.rlcs.l'r)' I Utwlnanl that: Ilk black\ ; and while cr our.... oa coaauaity, Teen.WP -- owned fhilea. B OW !
t red and while fur the.Itrsteful frock thai highlight new detail In SIO FAtlIN"N
; kt cuffed, << eleevee, Md luw pwVet tI'III.|, hie. bvUM front to th* educational agricultural ( ) A special aub- The ...t hi was eUleilaMdiataly LICKS
: webtUne Hk Kunrele Ml ilutiml. hi 61 em.uthly.ruasd the vettt.Prk tad eooaoBlodeveiopetat OQMlttee of Metropolitan after it waa HAIR c
.II No.R-l U U.uiUU" In. ... It 14. 16,la $I.. UUktt project, Council was appointed disclosed that at least ;
4% ).UA. ft .U.Imk febtlo end U lard .l MloJ laWto .t the grtu roots last week to lav 2) police can have been ARE WEAPONS UII
fur contrast 4I.'k.. ftUMdari body mtaiumncaU fwrelae 14 mlTO lovtl. eat gate charges of enaaently aaaiiaed" for Satlters
811"'31 1ipe yo, *
1 M ilvn racial bias la the police to ployee la the police
ORDER wed OM Dotter In cad at check. Ne eiamp eeaiitence hr the united departaeat la job FIRSTCLASSCITIZENSHIP
.. far 3rd date auUInc IS cento IM Uclee deptrtaeat "SAVE
Include' PINt" S cent .StttM AIM for later to patrol- IT"I
"'allln,. A LA MAR Fultloa P. .!n Book *1- eompl\ **ail_ ef HkFwMo. ttloBtl D".lop'I"alO1' ata.Couatilaaa. .

WlgM.. 8.nd to AWT1NE LA MAR rkU Patters, vltk the LaoaOovenaeat ..n.. .. iaS/arwwww.. wea.ssaswaerswewswer.rII "'IAWIor II ......' ... ....... ...- ...
(MUM.( )ear .....,.p" ), Boi 1615, G.P.O.,Nw York 1,N.Y YeUrlBWtin Hunt if appoiated the --d.ilpd w h.. ......e drh
MM your Ml name, .dd..... pettera number and slaw_ aenleei.1 t rol'U' group after II .... N ......... .... ........ ...
I Couaellata Harold Love .d.t-. ........ Iw ........ .... .Ilea
'' r-----------------------I told couaeil'a public II IIsa ...... ...e1a.............,..............
i ,. ....d is., .tai.. ...... bwq ...
', I KUZZIN'S MUSIC BOX I safety eoaalttee that. ....... -+... .1K ........ wIr td.w '
Regroea art betas 1. r r ..-w..w c...-.....,..
I YOUR RECORD HEADQUARTERS II rialaated agalait U '. .
<> I 327 North Macomb Street I II the dtpartaeat.Tbe "I w, ..",:..M..i.w.'ruvt. fl".n. HJO=
tafety eoaaittti.of J M. :*. II-W fc* 4 M *>. l e futtfi
k GOSPEL BLUES POP JAZZ II which, Hunt 1* chair-. ,.' ............... .....r eattAMt iilwi IM..1

I II Baa, act to bear Pel ice Esthes Beauty Aids / ,revs 2y.K r.i.I .
45s LPs Chief ..0. leap aiplata w w esa__ iota w as as eve..a..ne w e..

I Join; KUZZIN'S/ fAN CLUB! I IoI why rtaia officer are
I allowed U* fwlltla
1 mean 1wr private tea of ...Uo.l IS5H persona/
---------_._-_. --- --- Km Os WKfl



I ,--Ne ...,Int..Nt....-...t M\ .........-._.
ST.it.:' tm'M..T l'-'

.. "=:';:: .:.:. .=.=' SOc
\ M.r -\ -
.* .; > '"t1.y
er IHI ...... JiOft'Jue win 1444w
." i. aaaaaaa t.iianiei.e'rutUa rua ..In1. am

II Twr f1l _

.... .

w cop ...srel4

.. [ RI.

S .,.


,' 1:;: Beef at its Best CAfAXETm.

I '-

i'-. ( .._ .. .. -- .)"
...'.. ....... "" *' '" -" = -

----. -. -.. .n. .. .. -. .. .. n.-

r ; : : r ; 1 T ]

sJmi.Y II UI.n > rioiiu silt pmis ( pm

I Jim Brown And Bob Brown Are Highest Paid GridmenCampy

Leads Bob Hayes Does It Again Browns Confront One Another In '64Rookie Conffilssloners Will Present

Hall Of FOBO Ties His Own Sprint Record Handsome Awards To Winners
Tat recently completed Northwestern Kith School

COAL CABLES, Pla. (ASP) Spring cbuplOB paved outdoor track will b* tilt scene of a OB*
Election Bids Robert Hayes launched hlaatlf and Florida AMCalwilty spirited eoapetttlOB Batirday when theDuva.1

oa a spectacular and successful start County Department of Recreation sponsors a wiles
I'CT TOW (ANP) of 1181 oa New lara Day IItn. tying his OWl ef roller skating rents for contestants la ate

Roy Caapaiella, terser world record at .. 1 seconds for tb 100-yard dash bracket fro I and under to 16 and under.

Brooklyn Dodger treat winning tb* 220-yard vat and then leading his 'The DtpartBiat will Nerrett. lAd Pltchr
tad one of baaeball'a rAW teaaattea to victory la the 4-yar4 relay. pre cent the ta trophyto Morgan,

greatest catcher until Kay at' berolca cant during Grady Baltb at 9,6 the group totaling 'The meet will l.t
to autoBoblle accident the first annual 'seconds, and Robert Herrla. the highest nuaber of underway proaptly at 10

ndd alt playing career Orani Bowl Invitation 9.1. polat la coapetltlv a,*, and it expected to
abruptly appeared headed track net at till University Hayes teased with Barrla. events and Radio Station ladBp at Booatlaa.tllll .

to bacons the second !Negro of Hlaal. Salth! aad Joe WilHUB dos will award placoua Mottley, a popular

to be elected to the ,However. Ha,..' world- la winning the to Individual wlsnera.Ribboa deejay at tOM willbe
Hill of "u'.ai the year record tying 1* expected 440-relay la 42.6 aeooada. till b* winner master of ceremonies'

M3 rolled to a flalah. tb be disallowed because 'of th* first three during the ...t.
If elected In the bal. of a tailwind estimated la winalni.tb 220-yard places ta each nmt. Students and adulta

Toting soon by 286 an- at about eight sties aa vent. Maya was Jut Presentation of awards fro all areas of tilt

her of the Baseball boar by tilt four official one-teoth of a second ,' w 111 b* supervised by city and county art lavlted. -
trtttri of Aaerlea. clocker. off tile world record I / the Departaent with the .
Caapy" will join It sight be tbat b* laaccuatoned bleb la hid by Dave Board of County Coaaiaalonera -
Jackie Robinson who to such record Sue, who baa since retired oa hand to make NBA Boasts

currently It the only -saking prfornci from track coaptitloa *- till awards, oaaely, re- 41 Negroes
Retro member of the Rill but afterwards Hayes and la BOW a eeatly elected Board

of r.... was modest about his Miami surgeon sloe Cbalnaa Julian tarry There are 41 Negroes

CMpaaella crippled acaltveaeat, Re ad- clocked Hayes la tilt and Coaalaalonera lob among the 108 basketball

fro the waist down and lttd; "Tb wind 220. which b* a0tlatedla Mauls, C.E. Stokes Le* player la the aatloaal

confined to a wheelchair helped I' I could f..l 20. I aecoada. Sine Basketball Aoclatloa
u a remit of the accident It out tII.re." said Hayes bad about all Cobras' Defeat this meson the January

heads a Hit of In winning the '100-yard 'sties per boar mat behind lane of Ebony aaiaala

distinguished candidates dub, Hayes outdistanced his la the Rosenwald, 65.48 reports la a roundup oa

tbat include such former his coipetltora. Finishing 220.TSU the Heiro'i role li
players u ei-He York second and tblrd Grading. PANAMA CITY RoB basketball,
aid Junior College held
Yankee rifht-hander Red wen two PANO tMBmta,. Kboay says that per-
Grkkkn Get It. PeUrabtri'a Oibb
Rnfflii, terser Cbleaio ctatai wise, professional -
white Box abort atop Clay Falls Junior College to a 20 basketball baa
All A Nod point second half but
Ink Appllni *i Boton lore Negro playera than

Rd loa outfielder Dim Draft Date ORAMBLINO. La. (MP) could lot overcome a 21 any other 1'1.,-for.PI1
polat tint half deficit
OiMaiilo tile luh'oll.tll'
llbur Pryor a 220- aport. It motes that Negro -
formidable aId suffered a .1...
NEW TORE -- (AKP) pound OrabllB collate partUlpatloa lid
hurler Bobo Neweo and athlete lOll to one of the na-
IB typical fashion whose claaarooaaccoBpllahaeata by inch aperitara aa
i-Plttiburft slugger Uo.' highest scoring
lilt 'Chaaberlala Bill
Canlua Clay, the an accepted ,
basketball tt.
Ralph Klar.
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would take the eiMlaattoa llaeaaa also the NFL highly heralded. last season la
f IT* year end mat la Mi.!. named to the IQU ad. lit paid players la the baa driving Jim Brown the JIB MI th* greatest Curtis Bukatoo cap order t. take a coachlnf
bar ba an active However, for a while LItter Jordan, Southern IM clash bead-on la National anaaaed a total of all-around athlete laByraewae tall of th* vliltlai Job at Boston C.11*|..
player no Ion than 20 It appeared that Clay Methodist University, football warfare, .811 yard la eves a history due Cobra, powered the d.- 'E. C. has ill th.
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year aio. Any player who usually "wpacffabout served aa coordinator That was aaaurdluteek rise his collegiate feadlai PJCAA visitation .*v.*,M Cocci toll
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completed .ballot lalectad. thlna. ha4_ otUa every-.kla- sponsored annually by CM 1.. of tile MTU', irouad raiser la foot h dy' draft ..lIolce.ted.luU the Victory.He based tt lean t* hot .,,..
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the college sports information taatera Division signed IT palate and grabbed
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self Into hot water ,, when k* .
while Jli Brown la
Cupanalla'e cred..- with Uncle 8u. H* .aa directors of massive Bob Brown., e-.. reputed adid his colleen careerwith 21 rebosads.reshsas Jose jiad the die
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290-pound Nebraska "lI'd tile, along with Bill
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tine selection (one of All-Aaerlcaaa Cobra blih pouter elthII
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only two player to bo are picked fro players estimated at $yraeiM, polit. The rtd....n Stem lea
accorded the honor) aa but he didn't how up with "B" or better 1123.000 The attaint of e for hlechlnf, loll 'U,.'. S field 'OIS.! UtiU
Bob Praatlaeo College
the Rational League's and at 10, the preee ta* averages who starred la the aacb-0ibt-aftr plots each I railed choice see the No. 1 draft aid tee tree throvelies.
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242 boa runs bit In his mated to bar* his Play ere selected oa the oaey war" between Nebraska lay I,* wearsoat AllArl average for I |.*... .a iptttd, Iboay says

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lines; Pail Cheatort tkre-y..r dial ..,.,tl. Ohio stable star half Rtlie.td wee Eddie tlllM, Kt ice Mir

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DRUG STORE HEEDS Mr tk* blades of tha. who. hiv klibtit rro celery ttta a Cobras prfer.M.* IBtw miss ....,... anal the
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Trade nth Tow RelctiluttMod Dna ,,. .ar..,. 1* th ..*. bellowed t* hews Mil 11& **!!. Obit Stable .

tl niL MXT ANY PIICW ADV. 01 T9Ut' LOCAL 'AP'M.Dellverle Wilci This Claim Tharefer. the otieettoa paid .tt. the late (raleDva fallbaeb, by th* lee yy.., ... ...
u-u-u lteu: Cai th* hli, ebo wt M I..000 for Tort Jet*,aad till Bon,
1. also nil All Doctor PrwwcrlBUox highly axll Bob Brew.b three ,.au. Devil *a* ...,....* halfback by c REV. LAMAR
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Days will ***,et. Is tM !*- I. "Billy"l .ther .*....* .f th*
t Swam toed S.l..* *r yes do *t .*.. t* KBcMtday >
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meter .4 fyoala .h*, frcirlt flee year, 5 .,.,**..*.., !
Are Numbered '...UII.*. .. Bay to Bid
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CMUK HK TWO BUCKS Mat* allege, PMfMl 1161. .,...lI.t. Sir LAW fMftat*** VB l4r (

630 DAVIt ST. at "W"( WMMidhtr*. .. t..,. I* ssOita ttlll Bart. ..,....* t 1wrU* .....,. 'C-

mHI CHfttkHjlicisiimu AII....i Cft Mall ..lie* "- .... Ivv.e ... hi..... thy fiaitwt ftr* 9* PiaryYYyk'Cr
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TEENS: Jon help It
I I New HOLLVWOOO BIAUTYBARKR a T41" w.Aebl7.Jai, Ph.. needed) Jola the TeenAge br JATJAIIta thou colored 00'" tie tors eu shoot and tttyaaaallr
For Rtimatlon, Call Prograa TAP( ) of the a hl-bo-and-a-bl-bo-aaaVaback-to work w* ..t. kit their Bart. OB the subject of cop,
ULPIGL-622 W. AM.IY n. 84025KIW 1084 March if Discs By I doubt If w* tare rdr to to back to work bat hope that the iBTMtlgatlag '1UBBOBBr has

CALL li. Miiwtio OUIHOIM volunteering at oar local ) after 11.-., holldue that old devil ''lhlll'" broaght la really looks at the police deputll.t.

AT EL J-K43 OP & 4-8774. YORK MAIDS National Foundation ant aaar of the hose back to the triad. la fact BUT Bay be able to tell the toll doKtov that the
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.I Booth to urn biforih floor of the Courthouse, ear 'tlnoald" (That's cue Muriel luoa sister of raaline (Irs. Duck)
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APT. FOR RENT I. Davis.ttey.
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Cer. BROAD AND ASHLEY 11 4-1186 Kappa crest sad hi* lay Phi Pil hat. ton aim bet
I Clan Litlaer of'1611ntnw BO poaches. friends are urged to stop by ud see that .b* enjoyed the Kappa danee.ttt .

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and Richmond, V., .1aIIw old friends, led Dan, lubber ford sad Charlie td.
Slits End Jelfernni Streets El 604)2AMIITIODJ CALL 0. 3-5154 Poe first Negro to be lailtad to joie tilt It. Petersburg -
to tbaak his No longer will the red ice truck
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International Si A.M. Haaoie'a Sisters
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Detroit 7, Mloblgu 3-9942 Am S P.M. the br you drink la the "Colored Bar" la the
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I Be: A. Qx>o CITIIEN' rocs liT aw and women loader how dot the proprietor *

WANT MP>U FOR YOUR MQN5Y KEEP YOUR EYE ON BRANTS of the Tralaal Liquor it br. without

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CIVILSERVICE aaa fallow practical daaoeracy br eating at Bob

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RANTS-OWN BRAND BRADFORD Oolls fund and Brewiter Hoapltal.

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Exam1natlonlPauHlrhu tlci Lucas will, ...11,lit ckeonllle group ibo
.RIBBON ; .& will attend a luncheon date sponsored br the mao -

COPE la Atlanta this ueek-.4. The Editor will
92U also attaad. Bigwig la organised later will suet
m ; '1964 WCU 10 ITARTRAMMAR with polltlooM froa all over ta*Booth to dlaeaaa
voting sad ridstratloB.

FULLY AUTOMATIC WASHER TIM* USUALLY SCHOOL luriCIINT/IDUCA. OB the boacfroat, NAACP' and other groups art st

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drive aaoif Aunt Baisaf* oIIS11...'DI. books," are
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$219 2 EAL CM IIM1S

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