Florida Star

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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Full Text
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ttlL Benefit For The Elderly

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) -Worst Fire In History
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yra. nIt FXKVICC FATS DTP Jualoas p. HatUows art (eostsr), receives this wetk then a croup of church officer Itksly that there Mrs Police Sook
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coifsMlsos ,. Oeeeurt leak ... la rnlto tkPlodn Is asrid tkst lafsbniary tko siMlpllii byrsMpokitlsd kls My M the dn if llid'a. aliri
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suites .n.....', 11IAnt (W) All .o.. Rbort n. Carts olwlowra f, .M.! la glliabotb la of .*...-.... fst ". tlalao la aitsssd sf
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.. /rear. starts At ,.. Isms Md M Oat The a.* Is* nee set MfMtalisa es.ladel yard ,....,.. to ,., a lla ksriso tall aa4 ail 111 .. fMpla bete.. MOIOal ataor pals sill 1It ,,_

/tat 'I... tti shoed ralatiaa M pwHiaMd .... sal u tko aala atMta reeltatlee.1111lade nOstrstkm peer II OM lie saint t. ...... '. rrswMlod Ito the April liasd July It at
critics 1eetieeleee any treeslad af Ionia rapsriasats. ... ea/cat U else .a.-4 eel list >sr1....t.M../W see Mrryta 1 M. tog laltiralty.r .
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t" 'J tH AQ", I


THE PLOI9IDA; STAR Politics As UsualIT


Pufliabed by The norloVBtar PuUlrtlnf to

H.br of AA.oclAt.l K tro PiW' Lards RIGhtS ISk Force

.... V
tiC I. JIWJH_Jag Enter V
task force
Organized labor's civil rights

AirSM L USE................Jim Eft* "will do much toward helping to eliminate *
race bias" AFL-CIO Vice PresidentA.
.Mill INTER _Ctalitiii .ml rMIN
? Phillip Randolph declared In a network
radio Interview.
OFFICE I PUNT: '-"socio-economic labor invention, "'

2323 Hiicrlif tnl.M..Hon M7I2 asserted Randolph will work at the local
ELf.il ,
level throughout the nation to

Mail ig AUnss: arouse, awaken, inform and ad-
1ae' trade unionists in their
P. I In 511 Jicksiiiilli/ 1
fluUt struggle to eliminate racial IJJ
HUH! IFFICE ;-, V preJudice.
''; ZtV Appearing on the public service -
'131 :-ii 3fl ATI. Phil 3771B25 progra. LABOR NEWS COM.FEMNCE .

over the i mutual; : broadcasting SIIIPWN

SUBSCRIPTION KATES 1. system Randolph, president of the
0.. Tiar lOb HIlt Tttr, ".00).r Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, noted
ailed to tn An-wher la the O.it.d Btatei that "the unions are not responsible for
all of the discrimination In the, country"
Subscription parable IB Advises and called on religious groups as well as
Saa" cbocl or Homy Order to: business and industry to join In this en-

FLORIDA STAR P. 0. BOX Ml deavor.
Jacksonville 1 Florida Randolph praised AFL-CIO President George I IMeany
s recent civil rights address to the ]

delegates attending labor Fifth COnstI-
J fcy V"* ROYAL THIEYER tutional Convention New York last Month.It .

was, said Randolph, "complete, com -
The action oArgentina in ann nln, that plete, eo tehenshe, positive and without
it will annul contracts aide with foreign reservations."

oil companies, prlaarlly American, withoutany Observing that some trade unionists ....'
firm promise of adequate indemnity, la PEACE PLAN FIt TIt. lUll, HUE CIIIL IJSITS LAW FADES "that equal opportunity for employment

another example of irsIol' *J Icy on the part 4: to Nero workers nay endanger the security

of a government. of jobs for white worker," Randolph emphasized -
The United States government is deeply labor's stake in the success of
concerned. Efforts by a high U.S. official civil rights. "No white worker IN tecure
to settle the matter fairly cane to littleor In his rights"Randolph declared, "until

nothing. The AP reports that "An authoritative Your black worker are secure in their rights.
U. S. said 'failure WeeklyHoroscope
source that Randolph suggested that AFL-CIO leaders
by the Argentine government to act within
such as Meany and Reuther go into conaunl-
the concept of the U.S. position clue harm ties and "urge the central bodies to assume
this cllmatefor foreign capital and with
it the Alliance for Progress.' Guide and to reccgnlre their Doral obligation -

Neither the Alliance for Progress, nor to fight for the elimination of race
any other organlzatlon produce any bias against the workers." This approach,

thing except more disunity if governments Randolph said, would be "eminently constructive.

turn aents.their ly PARLOR The ASTROLOGERWHICH Randolph."called for a domestic Marshall

corned have spent $391 Million in Argen-i, Plan to assist all underprivileged,

tlna.They have developed her oil resources, ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS, FOR Just Negroes--ln achieving a position

.to the advantage of all.Thl1 believed that "higher up in the economic scale of decency ,
the freely-made contracts would! le fulfilled BUSINESS and security." -
on. the part of all the signatory Randolph was questioned by Kenneth Jacobson -

partlftx. of the st, Louis Post-Dispatch and
The news reports also say that the Argentine 1THIICO"O Howard Norton of the Baltimore Sun.let's .
government holds that its actionIs Sit, PAVORI MIIINI. SUN, MOON, rLJI'O' AND YOU WILL PING THAT
legal, and if the companies are dissatisfied Born March 21st thru told YOU PAIN WHIM YOU AND VINUI VIMAflOHIHIRAL0 OTHERS WILL' ACCEPT VOUR
they can go to court One can April 19th .riAIN POSITIVE IN YOUR Nt* IIRTH 0URINO"" UADERSMIP.REMUNtRApON. Talk Politics

imagine what would happen then The litigation YOU INIW "III HIM TIINKINO, WHINE YOU OFF THE PINS HALO OP tIll KEEP UP

would, in all probability, be drawn LIMinill TOOAT. WATCH fIT ANY 'OISI" Pttll- MONTH YOJR PIRIONALITYII WITH VOUR PROPUCTIVITV, by Norman F.. JOHOHMlfttortr
out Indefinitely, And the chance of fair OUT rOR VlfLATIONI OfNO MUM OR PIRIONAk AND. PARAMOUNT OURIN4 TMtrupo Out IT MAY 1C will TO' *! Btcktroundot Tic N..ro" 1W P"UUcw"

1". ladeuni location would be frsJl indeed LAw.-JAYAlsIN0, pa,,. r AMI iv iiNif pr f" .II, ," !fii AGAIN AN It,VJU-: SLOW DOiN' THt "TlMPdWHINIVCR rre-Clvll... Ira 'of_ ", t*. ,"
There can be no stability iif the' world, eke ILLtsauv {o IRON Move PORtADO CON- SICUNI THI APPROVAL OP YOU Pct(. THAT The Negro entered 'rC>I tHe...b.AIIi" ,In" ..

no fair chance to better understanding ON. TMII/ it NOT I eoobTl riKNTLV DUll IN' TH| PIES MANY.". THE WEAN AND TEAR ONE from the very'Moment :0 slaves were broujht; ",

cooperation between nations, unless treaties MI TO AMUI ITHAUTMOHITIII. SHIN YOU NAVI 1000 SUP VOl* VITAl RIIEP.VII ANt ashoro nt Jamestown, Va. in 1610. From
contracts and agreements are keptto You tin' PCITIM IN AWARINIII, t50674| $ HAVINI AOVERII CONSI'OUENCII. that day up until the present tiw> and as
the letter, COMI IN {[COND. AVOID/ INTUITION, AND IN MAN SCORPIOBora long as America retains the Democratic
TNI TiNomer TO ixTRAVAIANCC TINS THAT CAN II UIIO 'IN Oct. 24th thru form of government the Negro has teen. It&,
tNICH YOU INCRIAIINS. INCOMl AND NOT. 22nd 3.4O a.44f1-3ga' and will continue to be indelibly and! deeply -
THE PRESIDENT tOUlC KIMCT lATt ON. PMSTKI. infused into the body politic.
ClVI VOUM OUR THE liNt CHAN8I PIR10NAIITY II ASlLITltl AQUARIUSBorn For the first 244 years of his sojourn

lEMA liDS ECONOMYIn : FIT or VOUR lIlT U' TAt 2-00-11-19-291' INTO AIIITI DU- Jan. 20th thru in America.the political role of the Nocro
TNI MONTH DA.S TO LEO RINjO' TIE( PINS lire WHIN Feb. itch was passive but volatile. As a slave he

the vast welter of news and speculation A aon. You tin PINOINVIITMINT Born Juli 23rd thai SUN AND JUPITIR ARITRIATINO had no power to vote or actively participate
that surrounded President Lyndon MOil THAN Au,? 22nd YOU RINOIY. Pe.. A nut YOU ACOUIRIOURINO in politicsbut because of the growthof

Johnson first days and weeks in office, ODTH YOU M4ILI.' THIRI ARI TRAPPICINARkl MOST ANVTHINO YOU AT, THIS MONTH CAN Slavery as all 'Institution and the sociological -

one statement of his. of potentially gre.t $-30'4614pa13eTAURUS AND NAIAROI TO TIMPT TO DO PINANCIAUVOR HELP PROMOTI VOUR CAHElR economic and political iiillcatlona -
significance, all have been widely over II AVOIOID. THI MATNIR IN A IUIINIII lAY AN D INCNIAIt, VOURCMANCIt of Slavery the Negro became apolitical
looked. DURINI TMI MONTH CAN II TON SUCCESS ANO pawn to a degree which eventually
Speaking before a joint session of Con Born April 20th thru TIMES IT CAN loUD TO ,A IUCCIIIPUL IP YOU ARt ACNIIVIMENT.' You CAN bought about the secession of Sou .
gre>M, he wade it unequivocally clear that May 20th IIIIOUI "'UTADI'IIU* IlklR* TO PLAN, ORISINATI.INMOVATt AIN SOCIAL PRIOERMENT0URINO them States from the Union which wan the

he Mans to press for Maximum economy in II.... TRY TO RIMAINC AND ADKR[ TMI ItCONO SEES direct cause of the Civil war
the operation of the government. His avowed YOU ectAN TMI Nt* YfAftI IRPUL. COINS' WHAT TO IOMC RIN' OP KMIOUIC lOll" AND ONES ",. Out Fven before the captain of the Dutib Man

purpose la to get a dollar worthof WI I TM MANY AOVANTACtl.OTMMI YOU CAN TO SEEP LOINS YOU ADC MRRINI MASS AND: TO MERCURY'I INPLUINCI 0' War landed the cargo of what was toMeenlth.
value in return for each public dollar AI LOOIIN TO ANO 'IN A POSITIVE PRAMIOP PAST ANO OTMtM Ml niL OUR''* THE IICONO MAkPOP start of slave trade in America,
spent YOU ro* TNt DECISIONS MINO. THIS ii NOT there *ere, those on shore who protestedthe
This la not just a matter of lip serviceto AID. tu'tiviioM "I 'YOUR MONTH POR TA, IMINVINTORV ACHIIVIMfNTI. PILL RATMIR INOIClllVI lea! of slaves being brought upon

a prlnci l.. The new President Implemented UTHIII till PIMOKD TO MtKINS VITAL 1-70-4..tWs-'n AIOUT MONEY AND TIME American soil whose protest gained Momentum -
it with action, ia the form of orders .MAT YOU liNt ADO 00. DICIIIONI, IR IIIINO UPIMPORTANT SAGlnWUS MATTE*!, IN MANY WAYS through the yearn into a powerful
and directives to both government agenciesand MflOVMINT MATTIU TtNO MATTIRI TOO TNID" CAN II VOUR HIT force. This Anti-Slaviry force eventually
concerns doing business with the government TO TAil' un lea TIll INNI05LY. Born Now. 23rd thru MONTH IN WMl TIMC. TMIIPERIOD generated the heat which brought mUmt a

whlfh, in effect, demand a strict BlTTIR. W AT ... WITH TMI KCON0 Dec. VII 21st, PAVOR CALLS POR LIAOIR showdown on the question cllmaijng, in the
accountIr8 of all costs and the asking of Ml Plow. YOU lAt VIA S-40-77-1J-M7 MAMIAU, iNie.CytM. Civil Tar which was supposed to end for
reductions where possible.This II Jim MOVINI INTCIOOIACAC VIRdO TIM NOTIONAL IF''YOU APPIAR CALM all time the question of legalized slavery.The .
does not Mean that government spending fOCUl AXO CAN Born Aug. 23rd thru TOUR CNII0RIN. AND .SITU ITHNIICII ON THE IURPACI. YOU THIS MAY Negro and his status aa a slave exerted -
will be anything other than huge Indeed II ACHIIVIO. MONEY MAT. Sept. 22nd M0 NIPNKI. DO It ItlTMINl' INSIDE such a strong force on the political -

if tie space race intensifies, it TIM ill MMIM KH YOU NOT 10 OVtAMAlO |M TMIIMATTIR II NOT NAPPY IITUATIONPOR destiny of this young Nation that be,
say substantially increase. But It Mr. MUCH MTUi ONCI YOU M| You TINI TO ICMIIVI OP THI MIMIIRI OP till the Negro is directly responsible for
Johnson has his way, the governaent will INTO TNt SCIONS ru w TNIt MONTH, WISE St VMIII 0URINS TOE '1IIIILY. the two party system of government which

watch its spending with a much sore analytical JANUISY.7.504413.42PSa. M CPU MINO, IN. "o'OO17.7WI7PISCES has existed for aver a cenUry. for priorto
WIS.w01K eiRieo. Tot "
.,.. AIINI IN ONLY AIIVI SECOND HALO OP ..*''''"VfAVOH the birth of the Republican Party in
WAND CONVENTIONAL ||. INORT'OIITANCITRAVU.MPlTAt. thru Upon, liaconnlr in 1854. which/ was orga|
GEMINI ""1011. WWII VOW AYlie Born Feb.
MO MANUAL lied to font a political vehicle ti pro
OUR mmuouAi POVERTY Born May 21at thru OHIO AN0 RU.OR| AN8RtMAIN APRItUIII. IROTMtll arch 20th test slavery being Introduced in !>*. newly

June 21st RATNta POSITIVE IIITIRI INS JOINT ANOtOOPIRATIVI TNI I II A PROPITAIlt created states, there wa.. 1* esl tmrt

,, The editor of the Grove Clty.Ohlo Record TAMUV wArnif, HottnaA IN ALL YOU tMPIIS.,1AI IPfllTIITHIN MONTH PO* THE lltP.IM several at"*.. I 011 Ural ".rti,.. I>
expresses long overdue crltlclta of our tin AIICTIOTNROUMOVT AH OPtN TO I0..l ICC I IlL TNt NM| AN0COMMUNITY. 'I."". BUIINIII CAN ItIRPAN0I0) The Republican party became the polltlcal -

educational system which with all its de tWit MO manila for more tax Money, la failing woefully ANS twill CAN it ROME tiu. KIT THIS coma itIIPINIIVI. PuRCMAtll AR| u, CON and two short years later they had
MO.,1-' .....
PaiiNiiNieAX '
in one of its most vital functions, rallied enough strength to eater a candidate
He says: "it la an ironic wrinkle la the NCI' nu IliINTS PANTICUVAHV R..AI6.IN CAPRICORN PERIOD.. A IMONTllTACt ia the nee for the Presidency. Their

American pattern that in the Midst of an* THE VttllS AN. euINl VM| M4NTN.AtTMHlY. Born Dec. 22nd thru VACATION OUe1M.cwt standard bearer John C. Fremont was defeated -

parallel material wealth, there la In. riuRTM un.. YOu TINS YOU CAN SIT Jan. UthTCK IICONO 04 >l0 EIR by. Democrat James Buchanan but out
telltctaal poverty. Survey upon surrey, of the campaign came Abraham Lincoln who
.* AT T.l TIPS IS MWCM HlfATll.p -
study after study hare dramatically demon actively es=:?tgned for Frtmoat u4 gained'
atrated WITK I PEOPLE THAN PtOM a un- "" AIIKIATIS SITS SPINS flU SAPPINESS MOIOMMCI. suds stature that he became Ue Republican
our youth art woefully ignorant of
the Yell III' llOf Tl TMITI. 505511.10.831. toE ASPECTS SOvlMinaT STROM M..I.MERCURY. nomlaee ia IMO and 'M first Republican
most fundamental concepts of the rune*
IICO S .!!1. ....
THUI il A w asuee a-8421' Ass ft TOAIPICTI
tionlig of a successful free
enterprise |VR. DO NIT P|.w ITTOUHIkP
tcaocy."BUdenta. LIBRABorn (cantUmed seat week)
by the hundreds of thousands Sept. 23rd Un
art being graduated into the competition Oct. 23rd Kt PAST IllS _
of tie Market place without even a basic IP .T145.. AT THC1M4 YOU IMWdlATt IMIROW* Jawlt7 .. las*lt.w,ltc efa4tl. r rORAK| PI* 0DL4Kt.INDIIItIT. ,
4 nflderttaniJlng of Ue vital incentive role )...IO..U.t7-t3.tt7 TtM. ."t CtTAItT .. "MT M' 1415SILl M Olwmwaa U ...2. .....* iae..4wec -
LI055 ANrvaiitMiM .
t of profit Ue promise of automation and -*.i CMMT 'IMh II CM SISCSI.LY. ,... how tots mtt tte 1..evsat It J.ew.s -
: Job wimaftalo: of Ue resooaslblliUwa of Bora June 22nd tor*. Atn i. THVI THIS OIAMC AUIMV YOU.TMI .1 GS.AI 1aM. I
1\1'! INlTIATIVt It 1 1JAN.
beta later and RATl 1'"l I* CPflCT ft> .
t July 32otf lift PAM.*| laCIAL .., amcM alga tnew was ef
I. tM31ae
A nation that has produced Ue finest
Yen ii it i" AT vow AC.II.IIM MW evw> HIM, 5w/Nu. CI .r. .A.C Tl M IV WIT RTW4l |- OeUlly ..w fey taw V.S. !
free tAteetten system Ue world ana knows riM!** Set MAT wouiIt LUln TMSMSH a c..- SNIP Aa .ait%i.Mi.i.At | ..,. YON SILL MACE JSawir7 I. iM3-fle .....I..U.. Prse1..Uaa..
aadaafwrUi its atr..U by neglecting MM Me M MAT TNt Tel MONTH coM a re 5 "''''III'' PMIMIIMM fr..tM Ue 1X.55 WM teamed. ae PretOw4V Ye'p'5m '
MMNITv 5tTt15II NT se
I, tiM vital traditional "ale ofa free ,.leBla IWAt |Ml.T| VN SITE IN
.. OTni.l1t MMMAN1 A.CNMITA5.g ., Tl A
, alec* their tladaa to their pro HIM A.TICI ATIa CM ........ .... stAftme OAT. iee ANY "IC.-nn,!."* sa55At, ...?-......mia MN.*.. wtr.Ut. sliaKMr.awIIUctea 1
..., ACTV4UV CW < TO "A||. LNME MSW ......... 8 s'44ea7ls: ....... .! *.._ awrata.4U Mlr'

I' ---Ii 4I ,
-, -- .-- ..,...._--*-_.- ...

.... -, ,-,==.. .. -. = .
-- -
-. -
.1'.1'r 1"-
I ,; I '


; Fla Jax Annual Dane Sparkles Yuia>tlde ....on'. Feasilvitles '

6dolf/ ?% '
,\,<, '. '" .

Kith LOOKS GUI/HARD ,. = '; (J ;' 1''r:' ; ;' .1J: ". ;
; : : ; .. I
Socially Speaking this *aa oat of ttt baalaittaaoat 1 > :' ; : ''' '' 'f" \ :
ever for sosIal-ooisciovs. party-ioUi' :: i..I.;: ::.,, ', ,' .. -.''',':.>,. ,, :'.;" -
.tjjJ: '
Juons.A :
Banal, Tb. Plajas Cub lae. laaachtd to. \ I- '. ." ",.""fi.I; _

tlTltlti wtu t tonal banealtbratUi their ; ,,: .;IIi'! "y a, ; ,
': >1 r
.Thirty-Third; AulTtriary. Exhibition Hall la Civic 'I. ;,)" ; : : Sa .

Auditorial provided a lover Mttlic for tilt affair \ ,, !It' !1I1lrfl : :; ; 1

acclalatd by guests M OBI of the Boat to- ( J \ !; I : :

Joyablo duett the bart ever atttadtd.Actually ; ir(In I\ !
/: I. ',
the ataoaphtrt tta oat of inltty pro* : ,'" tlr"\i'i.;\ "
'J "
vldtai an opportunity for 'tld frianda" to *.. \ ;; ; ': '":' '1 :'

Mutle mi tlanl.... by Al Donalm S Joa,U| bud ', ,- ", \",,''.\" ...,, .
Charles BIBBMBI Is prttldtat of Ut Flajai Clib. : '.li'. _

. . . t ,.,,, -
Another annual affair rattd hlih OB the Ittt of : i eb
Holiday tatirttlaaiat n> Kappa Alpha Pal Pra i.; ; -.... '",
ttrBltya OIdatau laU. ", '. ;. i ..
; .. \ :! ., ;. .. ,,:-\1/1'.,/.. ":,
/ "'Ii. ;
Ibis yeses event .u ndt lIOn colorful by UhandaoM ." :
rod blaitra won by ..bora of tat fra .
\ >" :
: :'"
ternity. "",

Proceeds fro. till daact will bt Mod for nchoUr ..' .
ships for deservislocal blab aehool traduatM. .." ImwEnAr4 -. GAY EVENT __ This ye r'i Flo-Jax annual l after hristoas

Al DovalBa Band fnralahtd wale for this OC- Bill was igiln the social highlight of the season with
caaloa also thick *aa btld list Friday alcht II \ ;"'t scores of socialites from all' parts of the state In at-

the Dural Anory. t\ '' ..' $I. tendanceIn the photo at leftFla-Jax presidentCharlei

4 ,0- Simmons, (Cat microphone ) IB Been welcoming guests at

. . . t ., _oI' .r. ., Ken Knight popular radio and TV personality who served

S ,i. \ .... at master of ceremonies stands by.Below Dr.W.W. Schell
Adult Clubs of till A.!.. Isis Braach rrCA provided ..It { ,.. \ ,- "t prominent socialite physician Is seen drinking a toast ito

tbs first daw dues of the CariaUaa Rae I. "( ., : :". A' his wife, Mrs. Vanorlan Schell. In the photo above

10:&. The treat btiu at 11:SJ last Friday tvtnitf % _t ..,' .. F. ,. Hr. and Mrs. Charles Simmons are seen with Or. and Mrs

sod tittntd into the see boars oo Satarday\ son t'Ii-! : Jean Downing ( he's a Fla-Jaxon too) smile with satia-
lot. L 'r" _'oJ'f." factlon as guests enjoy ::: *velry.

The dan dues btld4a the rvatle ..ttll, of
Hack'a Half Dollar Ranch taa atttndtd by a capacity Vets Slate Club Observes Annual Holiday Function. WEDDING

crotd. Oitata danced to till wodtrflil male Annual Election BELLS
l '
of the "3" Notes, JackaoBTlllt'B own fait t ,.i : -
The Oitttay keracka ; Norris K, Andtraoa,
cllnblOK band chides the lovely dtooratloaa the 4 4f. ., ,
lilt and Ladlti Auitllary 'I" ....., ., 15J: Rvtrirtta: Au. 20
Staaonal ataoaphtrt w. anhanctd by the blaring )-
till bold their 1M4tltctloa iI'.J1.It tad Oraet L. ftnaa, 1931Harrlaon
tin la tbt buct flrtplact.Hra. 1'1.
of officers elr..t, II.

. . . Sa ta rda, January 4th at N/- ( r Ntthaaltl OlTtnt, IUt
:2 p. .. la the Ktt Jot I, toil It 30 and

R. 3.... Coemunlly Caster Bharon I. Gull 11S4 I,
r ana It Hana of Haw fork City .aa la the Snathal sad nib
Knt mrttt. Udotrhua .
I city aa guest of her sister aad brother-la-lu.Mr. Btrttta.Btabtra. Joaft 7JO

end Bra. SUes Ltrlat. *r. of test Nlatb art rtqatattd Van hUll at. 31 and

Stn.t.I to bt prtttnt and otr. Jttal.* I. Ruabla. USO
I The Lariat MM also 010 red by a bit fro Officers to bo elected R, 31th Bt 3J.

their dauihttr, Mra. 1.01I1. Caapptl of Pee hobo art CoMiBdtr, It. Viet gaits did. sond, Jr. .

Coaaaadtr Jr. VietCoanaadtr dog rlorl.1s, Ave 3} and
:t . . . . Qitrttr Jtantttt Oren 1033 F.A .

.aiattr Caaolala, Judge 1 .M.y nrttt, 30.Chtrllt .
Oana too beta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Sorority Adrocatt. aad othtrt.Tht Lit Itlklaaofl"" ,

lae., ktld amis-Boon Viitr la tht boat of tlltt ladles till elect HlMl rla. 31 and Al>

beth heals honoring plea Calboaa, forest dies a "..lde', senior Viet t Ionic I, ores liit

of lOa. at Florida AM tfcivtrilty. Bin Calhoun Prttldtat, Jaalor VietPrttldtit City, "0. 31

baa accptttd the poaltloa of dtanofwoata at Bterttary dli wrf pars T, Alhtrit,
Hotard Oalftrtlty laabltitoa,.. D.C., bleb she aid othtrt. r v w I Ftrnanrtlnt Stark PIT.y .
ill .. la Buddy .r.... Uaady Coo- .Mra aid .. ...' Br .1 .
M t January. Farm BVWT'" *b an'of Vst.tydi .alit! w lt 'r. itrt >> Mrs, B, ;. 1I.4Jft' .JtJ' ..
Miss Calhota clatter itBbtr of Oana Ibo Data* MIlder of Harao Barracka tided Ut Banqatt Root 6f iark'i Malt Dbl) Rancb.pn Bltr. Ir. and art. D. Tiller, Br .sd! brs, .. III'y>' 'Yllllfntlrll:':"!fl Mm Mk alf
Otnptar. taatalltd only elected officers at the 3101 .111 o OB diet the Thursday aitfit Mtk abta Tkt UdiM fed ROM Clib Iron Mr. and Mrs D. kalnU.. Br, and Bra J, An
affair. Officially placed lato office ttrt:kith tltctloa. for Ut ...All observed Iti anaial for lltrby vr, tad Bra. J, Crosby, Bra, A. Naraoa. MUallt ...e_. Jl and
party an afprKlatl ate
se.bers eill bt
C. Soloaon bailltua; Jells Hauard. satl*bul- able to taMes of sabers and Tkt Mrs '.ll ardlOl. Bri. I. Find My, BrN COrttn, fits B, Bllthtll. seal

1 tot, fetid* site, "...t...; Alas Daottla.aati vote.. ., hat oily Uott nfeol at lades tlU a site '.,ivttu.lIb of tatty banqnit dlahta board wH Its. n. John*..., Mrs ... IUII_., N,... I. Bllltr Palo Pearl' Fla.. :1\

irauttttut; Babtl trlabt, tMloctaaAld; Bta- paid HB tabtrablp' btrtrMta.Btabtn and rtttU ..dI. ... lifts and .,.. K, trlikt, Bri. I. Ad.... Mrs 5. Jarkaea Alfred F. "......'". *3,
for 1M4 till bt. able |
brook flaaaclal secretary; Lllllaa Autos.epts- bold offlet.Bwbtro lucid to Illtlif twrr fnnil<4.>..d t>| the J-Nottt. Br.. I.: DtMry Br. sad Ire P. Buiita, i. Tore Acura M. 2a ad 0r'1,.
toltaa,0ract: Boarot. bodtaua. Annie ft. Bllllaaa, rate tad J. Aartttr. (Royalrt Btidlndelivery tty..teiT ) dint L..., ..tt. idol FalrfiMtrrrl. > I
of otttr Barracaa .
phllackttr. ; Btttyt ........ batlatu .aaatVlnlala .; : .II
Bat Ma. oattodlaa. Nona ft. Shltt. reporter are livltod to atttadaid Milton HoodVacatioab9 ".... o. Bili| '. rtM. i*

to Ivy Lit sod Barbara ftoblaaoa, par!la* all forld tar ttttrail Here nett S nhl I.., 33 cud

tBtarlaa. who art sot lIt Otl'U 1.. B.|....11I1.,

Miss Calboaa taa the rtclpltat of aaay )lottly sabers art tapiclallylirlttd With FimllyBlltoa I Srro U\ I. 91r4 ,It,....,. 31.
to bt prtttat to
lift trw her acrority alattrt att for thtontlvta. that Bood tU laces Rat ",.,*. I4I t.liib .
Charttr ntnbtrt of the local chapter prtttat Included .h.., sad promttr of ft :11 M4 J"MilyiiP .

Lou 1 at Bhtffltld. VlTlaa In-rao, AldoalaBtabnok. .s ar.IbIa..tn.Ni.t.rill bt ttrnd.Sattrdny Nt. Tort City rttaratd or and Irs. AlktrtAMtta. Br nad Bri. Jahaayfort Hit'! 1)34 I. :1l.t

tote ftobtrtt Mildred ft. bltt.lllia to bit aattTt kM taBvadii ; 'UI Firiitat. ; 1(11 t, 3l h. m Br ail tr. u. ,S
January lltkla
beth Jatala. ), fxxtabtr 3ttb I.,. koyBr.. Orafcan, 3000
Dr. Lea tartly baallraa of Ptlta tilt eats tf Ut ..* for .
Kappa CfctiaCbapttr seta dayt.Br.
vr. tad Brt. Messy tad Bri Dttlll
Ctrtn Apt. I. "k
lallabatatt, aa also a nttt at Ut tf* .ttallitloa of offlctn.Faat Hood hat solo |sits I roo". )14 PrlMt n. i flag: 3130 'U... It. Br aid Brn Riff[ TIW WttW
fair ataortai HUt CalboM. > Bartlty la Pro CMBotndtr and Bra. 'SWfiction
a attt for klattlr. II r.Kf.. Boy
JmM, (HI I.
fttaor of Physical Bdueatloa at FMO.Fllabttb Marian J. Lloyd of Ira Blact btlai la tilt big and Irs. BtltlatMy .r aid Ire Ji. MI' Po..llU'f h Reve.1s1

"011'". Johnny n art, Fraacta Johaaon, date flu till boos city, bt bit tttta aayfaahltt ; 11)4letbslse,.. Ofttllj till FltldlCtirt Roy.,. A.sreeVT9 1'')....., "If e
band tad Bra
tI conduct ttt It* ,
fl s toe.
Caralya Ultr.Utlla Stands and Cntllla t1dpelOtI tallatloa and dedicate ahatt la Bat Die.vr.. ; kty.Br. pesos; till f, : l4o. I Mrt' v.

W" aaoai ttbtr abtra prtamt. Ut Colon aad.nu'"" fork to capacity at. tad Ire. taller aid Ire, .IttMltMttart Clrl, PwSuiotfll

The irott It nUlai piss for ".[* ...k" A btfftt listless .111 -i'J "rlo; flit Opine It.. Ml 1(1, Fort

tditdiltd for Ftbnary ,.!>, 194.5s kt a iptcli ....tort.AJ gtr/, O.<<,.. fla.} Soy
Br, *id Bri. LttiTlMiat
I Mtnaeaofnarld Hr I' tad Ifs. ttrty
I. 111 ,. 101k Bt.
Moos. JIM irdtila ... .
I art a..te' to t.I t-
brat o ltk
ss. ceanatdtrrtla
The .,rU. Aerie hose of tbt Theodore &Ha... state'1.Hs sad Ire, .....?.MOollltMt I,. aid Bri 'IMIiIM
na at K..otU. r.c.sber.eetlsg of L'All ten .; III fttlVllM ; 3111 tritftrd pi ', ?,.

triage CIsh.y1'sdltiosal. .s-evins' l UifN Btrttt ...,. I.,.
ChrtttMO rtrr..t..Uhl. It. aad in. Fklllltirdkt. Br aid Its lilikBlttktll

.."r+r< ma ft b-t tl rally dMorattd tablt. Ft5IMIr bt.rt.lud HI e. I3tkII 3101 palsies. ,
.*btra of Ut dab e.&'tltt.t" la a hlifcly nor Blrlvf o r4>i .,t. 31 '1'I.

,.UU,. bridge ....1.. atllt theft salt ntttcbatttd The Boatt.lftiftttlftly Leases ltd Ire Jei.sr.rp..s Br tad Irs Illtlt.
Mdtr tbtlryttra ,..It,, '21' lobelia
over cocktail. : IWI 5. lied : '
.. ........ actlTltlta sill street Btyea ,
Bridge prlttt sire a ard d OadltTlllimildrod St+e.t. B" r
the anaail Chtueteseperry
FtttrtM. and Flortac Tirc.,. .....
la the .... of
puddle idle sad Miss Batx Btttart pal I ft H for I
Bra. Itli rtlllaa, 1411 Center
pest arl.... Miss B4aa Cullo... s special cattt Brady Btrvtt.Tkt .. ytttf

at Ut .*.U... rt tltd a lovely lift r.... Utbetttaa. ,
k nw tat ctlorMlydtcoraUd .,.# tI #, ;(1t. t *
she alas .sted loess U each oat
tbroa"ital lat I. I. A.. .. .. A. "I
et-ton pest.Partlelpast holiday i lf and the Ma I Los 4 -
tacla4 Btadaoto titles 0. Inn., ..all... lalta ISIS a ...'u'" Ju MEDIUM MUUIT

Uclllt a art. KM BrtU. Sails T1J1I*. Ulan bait Itrktr sad all tftbt .1....., and bat par -SIUT 5'tw 1.00
Btk lads, vtldrtd F Peteras Batta Btaotnct, flilact.Bra. tlclpattd/ la tail of

and TUtaa BMlaaalU Br. sad ...... !.... Tenet; B. L. Carter *iiIttdtrtd this, 90 bat IrattlMUiMDMft URGI ROC MULLIT u 29<

tr. sad ..... "Pals. Ilteb I1. Ira. Jess _..I,..,. a b...tI rei U. Stole .flee WHITE MULLET ROE 1 .. ... 59e

Ira Jttt.. Peon Irs Frtddlt Mtat Br*. ..,... birthday lift sad 'u ,,,.. aid M PDIlt SALT MULLET Rot u l?<

Hlc>ar apt; Dr. sad era .. Jesus BrMOt; fr. aadBra. sloe tbs If",.u} of saiisriog.
Jerry Itaard: Bltt tea tal..., lies BtU rtltrat of kit tttr lo lee
sea balm "I'MP .lie I .It
Btttart of ....... T....; Bra. Carrall BtrtM tfBaaafllU. tkt day ,,,a. Br. moil katMrruSiH boss SHRIMP' I. KEN KNI6HT

TtaM ..*.; It. sad Bra. BN I... .fBtrkltr. B..." nad ttttl tf ky wen ,..,. seas .... "'aS
Call.ft rt I a. ..,.. Bwtt .f le.st..s It. glassed gills aad t tatct ... M citt use Md
ttltttt; sad Br. n>.trt of ,.....Ia, ".,Ua al tattrttdt eel ,tlllbtftlly .*... Bait, f.*.. Bat -- I .... ...... u. Invites You To Listen To-
dwtlaatra.Bbtlo .:;::. _5 rr!C -- ..... Jii1a a .
. . . . *t/tyd ky
allBlact. U ttt ell/, tr. :
age Hi IAN
t*. ..it rte.lartttlx ie*d till N Ut pest GUWI ,.....
is bens TaMOrt" the old and 'Me.. 1M ... Btt | trt tf BY*, ...,.. .. sleds.W
.... ... t* tact nad t*."..... lisp rar ra Bay It .*. decided W aa sg ...... HACH ,.......... 3'c "DANCE PARTY" .

: Rational usual 0.. otttlai tint Is F.f tta* lt. k. kt WHtTHtNO *- .. ...... L'-

J t. BMtty. Jtt. a itS till M ttt *M.t of Br .
... .
a au'.e s v at' .w.
MItiIgeStlytltM F.. IB tko .... ofBra. MH B, Sets Pawl* rp.WWLL .gast ..... \\m II UN; .'
M VOMWIWBB Lawss'is, Ml tee of BttttM dltaIr. : ... tYJTW ..-c. jlere. .
} ,. MtB MtottBra. Btd IB see ... .nMifiMIliWKA4A .,..,"" 11 III ZIW4,1. I t a 111 II JL i

SAVERS BONDS Oasis Brt.*-tr It Sloped IB .*. Tort CIO > eel CTwucremm rts31 It. sf ft.u.i.
U. S.
aiMs the ovtnUdhPS.c '". 05.Bl*...t l t fftjttl trd .r tawttn P1.1 'IJ1 1490 WINO HI ":l?l'


9 ,

.v _. -' h.
-- _.._ --

u_ - .:< ..

: : j : \ 1101


..Churches Observed Traditional Watch Night Services I

, ** ***** ******* ** *.*** ******

i: Playground Group Won Citywide Honors During Holidays
, r. .r,j
I W!

I } 9 j Lr- r

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II"" /
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I" I

TULETIDC SEASOIf PEUONIPIED, : ID typical fashion, ..b.rt of Blaoal Jobatoa p1.y(round tula ,Of tko )6-craft claaa itnbtrt deist decorations itlcb eoaalattd of trcatha. door decorations,.

brought eltyvldt rtcognltlon to the facility AM thty captured first hooort la the Jtx Dtpartatot Cbrlttatt tree ornavmta, coBttrpltcoa, vlndot decorations mod otter pi*'** of holiday art. la photo

of Rtortttloa'B aonnal Ttlttldt Dtcoratloat ooattit bold during till bo11daya' Hwloi park la right la Ira. Bryant again wltk first brine wlantra li too &l plajirounf annual conteat.ETAX I

etolor photo fiJ Dlrtctor Carl too Bryant nd hit rift, Still Bryant, u.1Ited", participating .... ( photos bj Alien! fitucka

,I perm dlaplay Xaat ecrtagtt. union .on tint prix:.. la'fit_left MM. Bryant U ahora,,tit* a portion

11 Witch Ntt (_ell n, Services Fs.ut.I I. Chapel| Socialite's .D thter Bishop ElectedTo Woodlawn

la t tndltloaal aanntr. K.I. Noraaa spoke fwaIialah 'Was ...C.rIJtened'Here National Council I IIe Presbyterian
churches throtuhout tilt 1: 18. WWw News l1 I1Qburc1J etu Church Notes

.heuoD' U. arta eon* *.. . services' for San day Recently I PHIL DELPH U. PA.' Church School 0111 bt-

dacttd iptelal Match BUNGHINC SPIRITUAL CEN till bt ob..r"4i Kern Yon fflabusb la' The tltctloa Of It. livlilllu gin Sunday, January 9,
ItUht .."10" Wtdntadayltjit ttr: ..."10" betas at hot daughter of tr. and Jacobs lalja.atolor .
,tbtlrn ual order, In.r. ,. ser Addison pastor and officers of Kt.Blnal at 9:30: a. a. lUll f.V.
fltb the Blaltttraeonduotln t' p. *. with Rtv Sarah Mr*. Suutl Voa tlnbutb prelate of the
.t. Jones, paator, anBounetd. .- Baptist Church .111 bold the notthly conference Huier Suptrla Undent,
the atraoaa.AMOI flea fond AMB Zion Church, 6bo
r. Johoaot, pattor Zeta Olbion. aa
ta chart Tht aoralnforablp
will -
session Friday alght. Choir 1 rehearse
ttott boldlni atr dtllvtrtai the Jackaonvlllt socialite, of the TlCfprftidMtUOf
ttnnn.BIirmtLO IUDd.lehool vlll OPI:8acthIU. : at 6:45: p... The Junior Usher Hoard will service betlna
sits trt the follow.hi .'. . '.. celebrant during abaptltaal the !Natloaal Covntll
: .. tt o-JO .... sect Saturday at 1.5: ,.'. Kabtaraal and t butt at 10:55: .... .Ith Rrv.P. .
aacraatnt of Chare h.a ellaaitd
net Kernel AMI.:: Feats BAPTIBT: The ...db.. tuptrlatmdtattt B'M ."tlnj of the Touth Choir will get underway D. lllaon. pastor
Sunday Dec. 22 la 8t. tbs aetUltloa of tbodBoalnaton
ursine adults to
lot vadtrvay at B p... descoss.ere U eharit see Church Saturday at J. 45 p.*. preaching the assuage
Pius Catholic at thetrl.aaialtr.etisi'of
Sill of d."tJolli..bfcll that there till >t a tad atrviac the con
dtpartBtntal ,of.
itartod'.at 9' P.ISB- : .V. goodly atttadaaet of God parents. itaadtai .,.......................... aunton. Both choirs .IU
flolala IB
vtttlni tilt
'church .. D. ...',*,.... paator.apokt chlldrtn sad adult 4. the body.<< support the rite tlth
tt I 'p:* Nt la the ascend .... Choirs of It. Tabor Baptlat Charcb till sect for
j . . fro. the teat Rev, JOBOI lt'ikltiall C.R. Stanoan Jr.. at
choirs, attMrdttata her of tbt, dtnoalaatloa Joint rehearsal Friday night. These raps: .111
load the
"Tht Buapy that organ.
BT. BTlTFrN/ AIP.:lit"te.. Lads to Kttrnal Joy" and uahtra to bt oa band to bold till coavtttdpoat. serve during the daylimj a.rl..... of tventa. Toa TIle Vat ted choir formally .

I b..... at' tilt malarboor .ee. .eIf for the II a... Co...- The first tat Dr. secretion service will toil* lot '0: U ..... to btft the senior slash
I .ltb all choirs and AbMt Cltotat Jackson, >lloa d by the aertwa. Holy CoMunloBtarhtdulrd
VtJWON BtpTim; Btrv oratloa ..,,101. The han been reaaated the
I .board.r.os.5.In dtlivtrtd h. ud the by vices b.,.. at 10 .... .pastor sill, deliver then r' '1 +Ir she tat honored by the. for S p.a.Btrvlcta. Chancel Choir and till

$1,. ,J,I, Johan" m, paa with Rev G.T. McCnlln' Bttttit at 11: JO. Holy. Rational Council of ... ,..,....................... be called hereafter
I tor. pastor, la charge, Al CoMualoa .111 bt adBlalittrtd ire WOMB at Ua 1B51 1 "Tht Chancel Choir" .

', . choirs sad unhtrBtrvod. at both tajor sissies aa till church for Sunday tt It. Olive Pri.itlve Bat The ttatnlnater Choir,

t services sad friends arttlcoM coin of the yrsr.alabop.Maly tltt Cbarcb till set uadtrny aitbSuad4: School tad tie Cbaactl choir
rain TIMOTHY BAPT1CT': e..9 to til ttrvlctt.At ta his to the poet .. ,III rvh.a rlleJ Jnturday.
( at ':30 ..., lth Deacon Jason Barf tad .tnc.
\ Pro*la tat alolattrt of 4 p.s.. Rtv. Jontali aa enviable record. a January 4.la the fvl...
CHURCH OP GOD '."ATE ton ..,.nt'.II,. Coattcratloa service till I stare
f tht cltP'BtrtlelpaUd la rtquiitlai that tbeIIt..d. Uu....... HO la tit chip hall. ., church
\.. TEMPLE Bishop J.1. for tares site. Its.s at 11:00: o'clock, follotlai. hlcb dvrotlona undo'r l
tl.'sirvleei toppcrttdbjr Ntabltt 8r., prttidlaitul and Btttardttaualoa oldest protttttatkiabto at B:00 p.a., ,niofrftlahlat
and dlr 1q t,14Rlchardsoa pit pf ,prrf*|
the choir and,,,, ",. r1t'tt lf4 3kte'd1J'gio +enrbes v. )"' M ;' Jl!t :\"o\.Ih11'. Mr. and Mra.Biiart Uttrlta., .'ta* ttaart' "' it. w rah la; )1oOt.Cos.Yal.e..111. be "IIII.JI\.reli; at to dlncvltbtbent
..e. J. .t1If;" aaidPTotfflhlss Coss chnr, .
'Ii'v'1betYttb'1b1: < Llvlagttoa, Bra.Aljrt I p.*. Btv. ..T. Ovtrttrttt pastor .01 4..II"r t'o ,'It'l1If'
IT. MARTS'B,' MPTIBT at V,p.; nl: ..d teat '. toJ tht tick and 0. Roberts and. Or St. Paul the servos, COM, to the rehenritalKttarday

(Booth aldt)* Red; J,' -' tI....,partlolpatloa by abutiat. .. .at B; 00 ,...
C. Barney, pinto of It. tht tialattra with a,I!. Davis, chtlram of and Mra., J.Ala. Bttwt ofOsdsden AME Church .............................. Tht tventtc tenp'tl,MI
Calvary Baptltt Church Elder .'.'. Nttbltt '.. the Bttiardt Board' anbouaett Dr. Von Buah la a ...- alto tilt Tenth Cfntp,
and Btv. J.... 111 lit.utor. charge of' pulpit ttrvlet. that all class ber of tat faculty at : -.1" services 1 till final prtparatloaa by tbtMtthodiatTouth relic. '111' sect tt s mil T

dtllvtrtd the . 4 leaders should contact AAT College, Greensboro, opta alto Ihiaday School ship of BMatattr Ittbodltt Cburcb for their Jan. ..a. Monday IB t hem I>.....**
ttraona tpporttd by .i. church ...b.r. dtllnqutat Ii.C. ,.t 1:30: ) a.". witJt Robert 23 recite art bel., ooapltttd. The prra ntatloa tuary of the durrklirit'

Choir 2 ...'d Dnhtr BoardAriei HI.:, Sates l .Biptijt IB their church Bishop ladle Glbtot latkt Wool ford atrvlag aaaaporlattndoi sill bt held la use Church audltorl" loctttd at Fred D. Davis 'III! they
2. a\(tndanet and'a.t that aattraaltraadaothtr. : <, sad Sa- Clay Md Anblay (ta. Miss .Uada But taatlaitoa laprtaldtat for this wotp.Tbt .
. Church News ? baby't ., the .
they art tbirntd to the .acton la chugs fct*. apoaaorlat onanlzatlon.Bteoatly director klrhnlT.

: I BAPTIST H B.JOp. : forth, ttrvlett for fold.A BJ. Blake pastor, ......................,,.. Hadlty of North-
... tbs deacons wart Mt. Balsa art tt follow IS-altatt song set Girl I Scouts Set .ill revise the Ittaca. elected officers of the Baptist Mlnlattra Mttra Rich School ill!

In charge of dtvotloaa : Viet -U1 prtettd the ;'Co.ller.Uo. service Brotherhood art: Rev B.L. Jones, prtaldtat; Btv prtatat the ebon In naaalcal
thick trt rollo'.. bya Sunday Bchoo, BtOi; 1 p. *. Sunday atrvlot Re istririei grin will betas .t 1O4: a... K.R. lisps s. hat vice prttlttat; Btv. V.M. Bart recital In the

ttattnoaUl 11I1'910', oralia wrikhlp. 11:00 The prttcblai' rill, bt- Girl Boo,tBaoY"K> nltB la the upper aodltorlw. hey, 2ad vice prttidoat; BtT. C.C. fMaltla. recording -, oodlava Silted Prtmby-
Choir I tad 2 served and service at its at 1: 14. Choir 1 sad Saber Board tartan Church January
tvoataf ................. Of 8U Pail AM Ourchooarpltttd secretary: Btf. A.P. CI.... flaaacialtoerotaryBt
.. 1 111 atm -tu prof.
'n<< the paatnr, B.*. __ plant for thtlrti *. ft... lanes, oitcntlvt ooonUaatoryM II at 7:30 The

eal.relistratiosThYre.lraft.rfauoa A.... Grtoa BlalatVll atttht, ecaaolt. -" '.. ,. ,.*. ,IoM.corrtapoadlB aocrttary:: Mv. .... Church 'la located at

dftvt. deliver. Rev the serums,..1.Ii.> '. ..."MtltUat rtoordai atertttry; .... R.V. Cleveland Md Voodlnm.
''Hai ttltbrttloa of rant, trtaatrtr; a.,. George Price dtvotloaIttdtr. All aisle lovers art
aa bit teat, "OoA'l; asked to ease oat and
their tnaual party. Mra.Irwt flood PI._"." / bur this flat gross.The .

sages, scat ci- Tie Allta Qrlatlaa iii" ....................... church la -trklan
1114 K. fAll t t1H1rY tevtlvt, snatosso.4teslstratlea desist .Uafrt till atttat bard to flush paylaa
for till '
I e.a. Krtalic Mr for Itt see pipe organ.Nesce .
varloar groups till beheld clot highs at,T ...., Go To Church the thatch I*
YON dartai thtlr rtgularMtily CoBMBloa 111 bo a<. .
MtBthlailU c dualaappttl.
.,.U.,. seder
lalnttrtd at both Mr please "eotw
the tellotlai schedules: SundayPresiding
leoa. out and at"
hip ta ow
Cadttttt, ttdattday.Jan. '
1 tt t .... Girl financial drift.AXT .

OPEN TODA NEW YEARS Stotta Jailers aid Elders' Council Plans

'to......n.radIQ. I... IO rAt STUMOSIS

B at 4 p.a. ,All ttBbtra ,One Day Orlando Conference I1TIS SHEET
FOR Y SHOPPING CON VI WE NCI Yk0 elate U Mil oooklta '
this year Mat brlagwltUa '{,O"AI'IDO-Ihtao.' Btlllaa P. Ball. A.I.B. Pro .., Rt tf kMt. PricesPills
aldlG I.Mp tf Pltrldt till! preside U.
FLA. GRAD A ooattttt .f "Self pier
sad sad ilrl Mt dill plaaltf coafvrMct ... Presiding BldtraOoMcll. ClllfMslMif

PICNICS alit pirate bt rtgltttrtd to Ibr the MB there U Plorlda. M ...... .Ihli. ktIfc..cllk

Oaks ordtra.Ca4 lay JaAutry Ith! at Jt. Shin AMK t crab White 811C:I I
I .ttta tlablBt. to tOIl at Bryan Streets itrt. ..,. Jat>.t A. *all.r.IB _
,"U..1. tile Ptb. bttt pester sad Rtv. *.r. tlllltat la Boat SnlltlltI

LI. Ilk Mtottttaa Mat "'Tae.la..Uw..r. ittf tb.0rlaad> Dlttrttt..UhhhUOhUO............... o IIi" Pheleyi s
29 bring. Utlr rest a trst .. lay Btttlti
25 CL fo aid sill ao lie '.111 brla t. OrlaatV rtaalkt .a..n U CRI HIUD1S
espected t* ottllat
sere this a t hot tat d
a tract Ml la Ua Bootaa
Plata for tit ,11
taty -,.. '....n of tie cbtrcb. U UtH
Ottftrttet: hlth till
bleb till
this tMladta uo le.denMr..s.tts *
sect U la 'Iacl..
PrttldlM lldtra.
FLAGA ooaeladH.About .
100 Blnltttra. ems wdelesste aatl. .'1 HI Til IK ILL
Ii addltlM tM blahm.
It.. tttb
ChartS aad |" Utdtra It steeled t. oatllM t foab I BVi Ike Bttt BU4% rt

BLACKEYE ople and Biaeloaarp sass, Prot rt* for. CbrtatltaBttfwrdtblr. ilttlttt [ *a ,.. DIe Presertl.r

both stilt tad jtattr.AttoadlH M. '
JOWLSLI. .n. Illlt Mae ItCltndM. also .|U b4tltttM Cva..ttlM Md Cbtrcbttttatlta MtA MtI.sed Pbsrseastp.
finer Jives' for the i is I., IMtaflt
U at-
PEAS see a resident tf RttTor BltvtBtb OlaetrU Bit .fd5t5,;iI roe Only 1t .ea.t'
10 Itad tie ....... CM Br. C.r. Black
City U vlaltlaiItb ,..... tf tM CMrob.TM trlct. B...... ., theapetta.ee PtprttttrC9BPI.BTI "all" ......
her titter, WIn.
/ .' tbtplBMdaa
T1fTH OUT-T0N4VIIN Ulllo Allot at TM .. ..ells tll MMt
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.. of .. ....... PTt-tdSaKldtr 1 Msait taA. ......... TII tBMyt 1111
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MAKI REF SAlE! w Ut tlaltttrt
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MUCK( STEAKS : 4ft bit blttep ftr urn ... aloha U orlMd MTwtdap Penal. IItMw IsP 5* 6a... Oardrles
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,TOKE STEAKS lie the ....
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J ) f TSilBilAY

rii.lil SUI PAPERS mi 5
IMIIIT 4, 1K4 _

I Tennis Fever Mounts Aid Given Stork Makes Tigers' Cop. Title -.1. I

Della Negroes ,::19th Visit ToMinister's .1 -I-I !

nahiitoa area residents PHILADfU'IIU' (AleP) -
..re liked to contribute "Sir Stork U it
food, clothing stranger to the born. of
and toy to Mlitiuirduolta Rev Isaac X. Patterson,
4r' legrota who faced 111. of ,.. oa. .However 1rF
I bl.aktr-tb.1I usual the fanou visitor to

holiday season because ,Mrs. Mary PattirioaHovekber
they have registered 15, caused
to vote. quite k stir la the 4w
slater I* never ay Teadon-Darby area sties a
Cro f.
for the Delta .teiro. He delivered the couple' 4. A '
work la cotton country, lick offspring.The .
r which eeaa he ia .ntaploytd baby, a boy tipped
Eros November!' the scale it leveapound
to March. and tea ounce
In the pat, he has Rev. Patterson wa* rt> p
r Hinged to ct throughthe Gently appointed pastor
tinier through welfare "of. nt. Zion AMC Church -- -- --
ia Darby TIll couple
pay-itBt and participation nay
in tb.,;A celebrate their 2Jth M.WOCOH rl-Wled by the Hu, the hck.Ulbh) Edward Water thlnclada captartd
-' -- _._ ". "'P'I"ar'Io.ItoI _._ federal coriwdltlei pro- 'II\ wedding anniversary last the Boutatuteni Athletic Conference Relays boated by Bavannah State College.Rneeltag
/' : era. April with their M trot left are: Ulysses Thotae, niUle London Louis Hill and uses
EPAMtn BT tat above sestet the port of teens received a big tooitdurlng the Prtd Foe, the State children*alne boys and Clart rt MI ding fro left: Johnny Hooks, trainer; Preddlt Jonea, John Love,
recent 'Thanksgiving holiday season under the auspices of the Johnon Branch welfare Conltaloner .,Uht it rl a-adding a Bobby) Grover and Julius Muck holrtlrg champlmnlp trophy; Jaae Butler Janea
TMCA. Player-Coach Julius Gulnyard (kneeling left) Pied Schell ana Jinny recently sent out, with lively apirkl! to tilt Oooden and Athletic MrK-tor-tmck coach Clifford (Jack) Paul
Walker supported by Mr*. Mary Lane (left), Miss Mary irahan and MM. Mabtl 140,000 welfare check occialon. One) child Udeid.
Steward,featircdthetouraaamt which ma enthusiastically aupportiC bj juiilir throughout the ttate, a Negro Taxpayers Aid Wallace's Junket

teceut and adult partlcitenta. eireiatloniat ranphlethe Negro Ballerina MONTOOMIRT. Ala. -- The tour of Net fnglmd ia Boiton.plu Mailer
wrote entitled "In- (WP) Negro taxpayers college caapuaea by Gar, one fro* Providence..
Airlines Ordered Powell Calls Off Madison Pisses tergrntlon Means Atalgatlon 10, Debuts With In Alibaaa have bees lallace: and his efnclal A Check totalling $2

To Reinstate Islands Junket Weak Rights Bill ,. ." Oklahoma Ballet called upon to foot the party coat the ittt of U..IS 'wa* Iwe4 to the
Although oat of thePelts bill for Pow Oeorse Alabut ".'''.:.. Sheraton Plaia Hotel in
Negro Stewardess WASHINGTON (AMP) .MM1TW, *ll. (WP) counties have OKLAHOMA ClT,'(ANP! )-.-A Rallact'k hat apredlng Biggest lies of tI10ltoa,
Vidiaon'i city council ....... ......
"'Tllinuo( *" (ANP) -- A Without explanation last week adopted an .1 god up for the. cultural tad civic tour. up /North.! D enact was the hotel bill e
'Chicago Rer. Adwi Clayton Powll Federal coarodltlti pro- Ylrat" was achieved
pretty 11 rl'
tfnwKj ban chalked up called off the pro holiday ordinance discrimination stitch bana rran, Lefjore Couaty' hire December\ when, t Continuos Equal Employment Program
in houIng -
another victor, Mar. junket to Puerto supervisors have even petite Negro girl danced
carloyittt' and
lend' Ililte, who traged a Rico and the ,Virgin refuted to do that. with the Oklahoma) City
four-year b.Ult'to win Iiland When it was coeiiodatton.The cf public. ic- 'The result li that 111I' Civic Ballet ia. tilt perforaance -

a Joh ,a" u stewardess sade public Just a few Negroes are without food of tke group'
for Nnrth et Airline day 'before, Republican neinure was approved and clothing lOll. Christmas concert' ''ft,

only to be dl(charted in the Home WIre quick five hour after neiilon.a storey The ,The caaipalgn was eon- Nutcracker,:: Suite" Ballet,
tflgbt months later for to call it a "OIrh tau vote on adoption of the Ducted U aevertl nortbrn .- at the Municipal Audi
alleged Inefficiency, shopping tour at public title to provide torlut. ,
has hfurt ruturnpil to carnal' ordinance cia tied 11t fond clothing and toy*. Ten-year-(I Tina Maria I
< and broken by the
lliidil tItUIi. Vtrt .>. Poi ci<>iran McBride, daughter of Mr.
vote of Medics NamedTo
Mayor Henry and Mra. Bervli McBride
According to reliable of the House Pducation
ourcv-. Him stilts, 29. and Labor Com It tee Reynolda.The houaltg section of $25,000 Posts had auditioned for k role 'IA

.*. reinstated aa a clelted that a tour-"' ., the ordinance bid ttlr- NPR TOPE (AMP) -- with the Civic Ballet -
stewardess through the visit to Puerto Rico and red up the controveryand Dr. Kay R. ru".I1.eo.,1I.1oan group several seeks ago JAMES P. HUCHD VICTOR: B. PHILIPS ROBERT B. LAN MORUB A. Stray
effort of the Michigan the Virgin Inland wa* was Wie subject of of hoapl- The concert u. one tf Thong POUR have been appointed a* personnel assistants In the u.., Dt-
Pair plo-nent Practieca needed urgently to check tale, hit week an* the oklahoia City lyt-
debate which lasted partial of Agriculture to help further equal eaploytent opportunity.
Commission The into MM rrctlen down until 12: JO .... Several nounced the appointments phony aerlen. Mr, Hughes, a graduate of Tuakegee. has served with the Boll Cotr*
Provident Comlttee on then. amendments were Bade. of two proclnent doctor Tina Maria a tot aid vat Ion Service U Jack eon and. .NaahvllU,Term?since I.... Mr. Ptllltpa,
Fqunl l>ploy *nt Opportunity Powell apparently bowedto II $25, 000-a- directors ballet sinful of VvoantChkouttka
Aa changed, the ordinance year an Olilliho ,trult.rred from OsW foonnnlc Reeearch service to Agriculture -
m4 the Airline pressure fro both of the radiologyand and. Nigel
baa homing dlacrltinttlon SUbllliatloa and Ooniervatlon fervlee. He received his trail-
sides of the Houe.Pint Terekho of the Chouteeu-
Pteward nil Steward- except it pathology aervleest lag tt Ungatoa and Oblations state University Mr, Lane CM to Agriculture
Republican Co- Ttrtkhov Actdeiy of
eanr, Aaaocl.tloninter rental unit of np to Harlti ho-pltal, fro the Agency for International 1Ie"lopelllt.flnra U Mtadtrtoa,
alit.. who fourth
ftaber Ballet It a
national vigorously questioned four tparttenta ihere tt. Joseph P. Thomhlll at the It. N.C., ht hold degree* tree A and T, and Aaerlein Untverilty, 'r,
The MreeMnt .e. re- chief of the radiation grade pupil
till validity of the *o- the owner occupies 011'.parta.at Martin dt Porrei Cttht- SIM, k fbnr school teacher In hi* nitlvt Philadelphia I* a irad-
ported) the results of )urn, dudered they were and except In therapy deptrtnent of 1 U school lire watt et Llaooln! Unlveralty, (UBCA Photo)
direct negotiation with the Ralitr Potadatlta _
boycettlf the trt" .&1. or rental of single
, him bfflcial of lorth- 'TIt 1'*' H' a good feebly unit*. hospital Is !- Angele

.e.tv.UrU"...' Clirlt.u rtlrnt for Epidemic Breedereon ,I -......-.......
".t'telblll aid Putlrwpytnd sole people! ,'"' consented _____ __ _
attorneys tor'th. ".,. John M. Athbroek
ALftfit, tad filed (R-Onio.) 'There 1* lore
cokplalat with -the prttttt thin. r .aon behind
Michigan pppc and tho It."
Preiideit'i Co.eltte Hep Peter Prelinihayen
charilai Northwttt Jr., of Nee Jersey,
with dticriklaatlon inctploytent. ranting klnority leader
said he received an 1,-
The .ldellt'l Coaittt vltitlon to join tht QUANTITY RICH 5 V j
ass called In be group over the telephone '
ease Northweat hold fro I cofiltti staff
overwent contract ai.ltiat.P.CPI. .

Michigan PTPC iiiatd, aa Ainbrook said they knew J

order reqalrlig Northwest of 10 vitil bi lii"* WESTERN CENTER CUTPORK I CENTER CUT WHITEBACON
I, to halt dlcriila- which mild r* tir* the
tins U U* flight operation eoMlttee to viilt tktRlctlyn
and to place I1lIn41
Miss thitt 1* It* nest tit by tit, .
stewardess clu*. Duocratit cetiltttt
Durin her _lo.ot. sabers slated to |0 on
attorneys for the ALMA the trip .e Ued that
cltittd u their eon- they bad second thought CHOPS
pleiat, Miss white wasregeirsd abet it
to take ..*. '
rose tests tot live to
ether stewardesses and 25

was otherwise clKMal- 1 RpydGwn. HOW LONG t The above i u a |en*.reeaUptlced L.B. 59 IB.
sated *.aUt beeauee *f JCok art chick has gcie tin, for the tt tee j
her net by NortheeitAirlliea .oetk* tt t recently eon itrvctel tre) Cootiu
IM. School He brotet sewer pipe I* located 1 MtddeM
tke_bore* lstri..d_ e eat sa.v BALLARDFLOUR WESSON

Remains In Jail

those who iD! ATA5TA CA.-A rT'y*.r-tll tdltr tllllter 1* OILPINT
Itlll belkt held. Ik M AtlenU Jill.Tb .
tl1kmlJl Succeed Pryt Aiktek Jttet has beat It
e jail here asses Bret .7k. elderly aUl.,., a
itlvt BttrglM Mt llvltg U Ion Bbnl ( 1U.
t '" tat jailed .Mere tale ...., tttu he ud tteirt
a k PKa 39 10
"' "J tollegt Mtcett* tried u litegratt all. C
+ "
t : r ,. I 1. kilt Pint .*n., Ckirdi *f AtltnU.
Sts bell BM lt. eel kt .)t...*. The Castes It
I ..... tee ktlllas. its *e.*eral, tt) et ether or ttt Bt I'll' H .. ,511 W Hfl .W r/a IteM HI fit JJ.H ir wfi, ,M trlt

,,.. greet shoal!

".; ,. TM w, B.vt Tt It Tc trees 1. Bet U. s. GOO QUI STEAK 'U. 65* YEllOW


tai Oa Test


trade Ria few MtMe4 tra ..area

,+ 4 nit not ""tr first **. H foot UK&. ,..*. HOOI BLEACH K c HUM 2fttl .,

.. tetieerk'.. nil All PwtJfk Pntwfcjtt..

Dixie Pharmacy mm /m mu mmIELMONTE M. Ht 3ft ) u. m

tBxrg BM ai M teW f totf t e estM of UK Bv M at If* taw TOMATO CATSUP U It Mls 15e

>., rt tsMif ftps'ttjif+ I tikes lifrt 1-ISll-1I 150r 1

'-'I spxpd a. t S. rgawr IPJceLi CAIMt NOME MEAt ( ', it m. 2SC
d 'H THI U. T, iiKt IN mum.
( ta *r1t t I
lair pep-arrhwoe/e/ rs Kill If HI IfHC

- ---....- -

'. -'-- : n __...w...... .._... ..

I :- :tH'T iIKE \

FIMIH SUI WEB WMMT *"*" t, 1114

\ LBJ Deplores Inquiry Sought TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA NEWS All. Sheriff Defies Social Security Facts

,.lIot Hurdles Into Tens Racial U. .5, Court Order

SOJlX Ala (NIP) Q. Z collect 171.00 fora ay own aoclal ttcurltyrtoord. .
iArlUNOTON (AMP) Educational Gap Robinson leads Brains Behind Strategists' A week after a federal My husband ittt 140 a month tree hit own

Pretldeat John dtclftirtd Tts. -- The ._...........t.td..rt.LSI'.., .,..... court rtfoitd to allow rtcord. An I dot aaythlai troD bit social security
Ifttt tttk that It DALLAS Assault On Fuller Pities County officials
II tttltr to buy a inSr educational tip between'Negro to subpoena records of A. *a this case, no. since your own record pays
to oallat la tbianted and white students CHICAGO (ARP) A the student RoafloltatCoordinatiBi you a higher benefit than your ...bud" record

itrrlett tbta It say btcoBt tilt subject serious philosophical would you collect your 0... Too cannot collect

ll to register tad of a study la 1884 ta a club occurred list week the mAstiff county Coulttto..0I froa both but only fro the ont that paya the

qualify ftt a fottr. direst malt of a bra a auBberof, leading licit or and four pellet- the higher btotfit.

*1by should .t sake It letter wrltttn to tilt civil rights leaders r I lea atlstd tilt records Q. I'. a widow, $$. My huibaad was drawing till
Texas CoBftltalon 01Miibtr launch a bitter nttac
difficult for ptoplt to of the 'oninlzitlon sad a Booth disability payment at bit (..tb.. Bow such
.?" bt Education by the oo '.1. Puller, perhaps M
uk" "Why' lost controversial arrttttd 10 persons la a social security cm I draw at 127 Alto, bow such
Southwttt Regional Office *
aboald a BIB have to series of rftldt. could I draw if until
all buiinitio. I wilt 1'.15 to put la aywldDw
of the Rational At* Negro
oily pttb provided for
ten : The polictttn broke clam'
aoelatloB for the Ad. .
.!. to 10 tad tight Into 'Trctdon Hon."** A. ro.' JJ Itt lOur full widow* benefit at 12. '
Palter cosmetics
of Color.d'IOPIl ft
kit a difficult viDceaeat
for I
Ain to and vote?" Btnoficturtr. 1* on* of a ttrtt-rooi apartment In your can. this will bt S8L 20. Thin la no cut'
used to bout OICC work Jn a wldow i b..nt.t 62. Tot lit 82.1 per coat,
the satin's wealthiest
Johnson also tiprttttd Clarence A. Laws, NAIL
the h,. tbtt by attttprtni regional itcrtttry, lastweek Negro but ID*...to tad era here, tBd "cot- 'of your buibud'a monthly payment whether you'rt ",
pltttly wrtcltd" It, 62 or IS. /''"
ft eoattliutlontlfondBoat sale public a hit developed a nttionide -
according to ont BNCC 'Q. I worked under Ctrl Sinrlctatan air base'duttcg /
a 01lth.... the litter trot Lee Locfcwood door to door sales
"ll tai will ban bin of taco, chalraia of force that makes bit wjrktr.flllio. world tar Il.lbm I retire can I draw Civilservice "

ratified by Ut required 'TOO' la Ucla Mr. Lock probably till largest "Niro 1 S C. Robtrtton, 24 retirement and social security
who was arrested in aa A. Yes Ton can collect from both It you* ftworktd
tbre.-fourths of the wood Hid !bt would bo. .", I01.r. '
earlier raid of the srcc loot enough alder ttcb. Too raa find oat
'tfttti to to the Led by Jickia ftohtanoo
happy present
; office said sheriff It you'll get Civil service retirement It you'll
AId bt said bo wit coBtliiion the NAACP't vie prctidtBt of a New s
James c. Clark toro a write to the Civil Service Ooaailiiion, tnhlnctoa,
"deeply ooB trotd" re meet that tilt state Tork restaurant chain, : 'D.C.
telephone from the will
t that less than two group sake ".. url the crmeltB of Pallor
e thirds of those Aserip sessions txulnition of tt* the strongest jet """- .. and pushed ENCC worker GOSSIP OF THE LOTS
else of voting BIO etttbillou the quality of oduca expressed bj Nests VIVES OP ORANGE BLOSSOM CLASSIC COACTCS--.rt. James Auitln,21. against
Sadie Otithir, center, wife of Florida MM Dai a window. HOU.ROOD-AIfP-8. Davis jr.
In presidential tin now available to leaders who feel thatPall.r'i Prink Slnttra.
elections.Meanebile. Negroes and other philosophy !. "tlst,'. Coach A.S. (like) Oaltbir, Tallahassee Robertson said sheriff Dean Martin Nelson Rlddlt't orcbtttrt, and other

IB Mitt, tlnorlty groups, and to harmful to" the emit of plot a corsage on Mrt. Vtitrlct Hurt wife of Clark told Austin ".. big nintalnUie oatertalnaeat world raised $70,000for I

Alt., a Negro 'voter ap- provide a single ttand (Negro freedoa The Moriaa'a Coach Id Hurt only .Negro trick coach have been after" you for the support of civil rights organizations it
la the 1964 Olympics contingent slated for tilt a long tint.
llotnt ttttlfltd bt no and of high education Courier newspaper chain their recent Santa Monica Civic Auditorium show.
told bt would have to for all oitlitni aa of which Puller\ it owner trip to Tokyo. Looking oo art: Mrt Fannie Hill The officers alto confiscated Anions the distinguished tutitt were civil rlc l>ti :
.wits of Moritn'a coat Ttlatdio Rill lift; Mrt.Jifoli materials and leader ..,.
acquire till signature .quickly aa po.nit. regularly tiprttttd hit Martin Luther king and many civic and
of a rtiltttrtd voter Mr Lock.ood' Ittttrwn Tilt that tat! liftlta JOOM, wlft of Morian'a Coach Ralph Jones, affidavits from the office cotnunlty Ittdtrt.DtTit I i i

before bit application la reply to Mr.' ions under which Negroes ttooad from right:: and Mra. Cult Btnkt.wift of tiles, lBcludlni.ji tad bit "(ing" are always a tip you eta i

U tlleoi CountyH-ouId LiwV Ittttr of Now M. labor are largely Coach Karl Smoke of IorIII.\Io.\ large oiiBbtr tf leaflets bet on. The show wu terrific; the .crowd wit Berry I
bt approvtd. thin Mr LttV IttttrWM self tooted. B. It particularly (Photo by Jettt Nipper) promoting a selective and everyone hid a grand tltt.

The IMro,LOIlllSe Brown, sale public, bit PO disdainful of buying ctBpiip in semi cam IN CPIUTOALSMttzotoprtno

laid bt tied twice to itloi was supported the ability o= Initiation Nicks, 5 Players Long Takes Over The raids were kicked Grace Brunbry'a itar shone brighter

rtiiittr tad was na- editorially by the to help .Negroes 1ftprovt .off alter pellet arrested then ever ia her finale of Negro spirituals during
Cited Nationally As Talladegi Prexy two .Negroes Louise
iieotirtul on both CillH laralni dual and their liatat. .. her PbilhtrBonle appearance here rtcently.

Jr.... Ht said be was the weekly Rit Tribune._ f ATON ROUGE Ll.ARP -- TALLADCOA Ala .,..;;. Johnson 21. and David Her entire repertoire featuring auprtae artistry
told bo would bawl to leader ,Confers With ( ) -- in ft Major' (UP) or. Herman H. Murray, 24, oa a itrttt and great depth wit pleasing to a responsive audience -

obtain the signature of Help ScheduledFor football development Long director of the corner ia downtown StilL .

rtiltttrtd voter on White House Aide last week, Illllia J. net relations dtpart They were charged with tilt Dian.,' hilarious iniiittd-cartooa feature,

Ua tppllottltB .tl.thonih Jobless Heroes WASHINGTON The pro- (Billy) Nicks, coach of tat, United Church of distributing literature 'Tlit Sword in tilt Stone" tithe newest act i.,'i .
bt testified bt Idea t of tilt Mliifeeippt Prairie View College, Christ, bteiao the ninth allegedly calling for Bent in this fitld. lined in brlllltnt Technicolor -
fold the board bt bait NB.WAUHP: (ANP) State Conference of Soutbwttttra Athletic president of TtlltdtiaColltit Selma .Negroes to boycott !. currently stowing ia Lot ftnieltt.'

to rtiltttnd Negro TO- the chief titoutivo' of- the NAACP has penonallylubBltttd Conference ch nplonthlp Jan 1. stores here because of It took 300 artittt and artisans waking it a

fin.Nt flotrt of 32: coapanitt : to tilt Mitt ttui, wit named "Cotch Dr. Loni.T llidti 9$. segregation Tbttt two, tttti, over three years to make the flJa. If all
said bt asked OBIjrtilitcrtd last week foratd tilt House bit views of the Ttar" fire along with the other the
on the aa Hartford school of M* drawings had been male! by one artist It would
white Mlltiiktt Voluntary civil rights situation of bit Pitbtr players eight trrrittd la the bav tekeo
ptrtoa llilon 'U, aad Onl bin 42 years, wcrkiai around the
to sign bit application squat Btployitat Opportunity Mltiliilppi. were named to the District verity of Michigan .49. raids son charged nadir clock.

tut hi ell rlt"..'. council to Dr. Aaron Henry ti, iat It Rational Association brings to his a.. position Section SI. Title 14 of

Bus line Agrees deal with*'taployatit ho hourc rteta'.y la of Intercollegiate a wealth of eon tko Code of Alaball. Ink Pro Pact
probleaa of .RtirotB.Tbt Clark said:
closed Atblttlet football .
ati OB with tact and oiptrionet.H TALWIAsU--Lillis Cliriniton. former
fo Hire Negroes couiel ) tBcludei The haadbllla read: Florida
President Johnion' All-A *rlci telL t.( an author a lie AIM University littler tickle.
bit limed
a ro-
-- Aft,) -. oat of tbi aria a special ftttltttat Coach Nicks tad the 001' t Buy Stirtntlon -
111I: YOU ( on titer, a tralatd rt- fetiloail football contract to play for the Denver"
The City CMBltaioa oalaaaa largest ..,191" ". 01 ,11 rlibtt, Lit five Prairie View play ittrch wprkir, a mediator Broncos of the American bill Letfue. :

lights ftaaounood Manutactuting.banking, whit, reporting on the art were atltettd by tpiotl la. race relations; for Secretary Trains The toner All-llAC tackle am Join three of .

.oust wttk that Itftway publUhUl, breeUi, la- probltM "Rtrrott face in of coaches. of thediatriet iO.'toa4.i,"; bit kid Stewardess Job toner Rattlers :it Heaver. ,They art halfback *
I rtellstee., a baa aurmet i4 other ladua- this hird-eort tttU:of : t : I I 4t Psbl f""P oneibllify.rn Frazier AN.!: I I'
t.Uhel..rtH Dlioa .
and 'Itf <<. .. '
*' miss are rtprtiMttd. Prairie For Airlines :
bid .
llat, agreed .- atirtiatloo. The Un vitw the recd rtlitlonidtpirtfttit. Oentonl
irttilvily to seek .No Elder filter, president Dr. Hoary stated at the players were aiatd to aid each CLEVELAND .- (AIf') I .

.rOl." and ambers of of lea power, lac. tadchalrata olott of the atttiai the offensive teas All- ivmtr bit directed a Patricia Alexander Sfoot -
'ptttr Hiorlty groups attaployta. of the council, that bit confidence la ABtrlca of the district coBftrtncc oa bu.. relations -7, 110-pouad. 21yearold Watch This Clown
laid at a press con President Jobaton't at* Tbttt other colored ; which brouiht cltftlaadatcrtttry

"The urtiitat tat ftrtnot at Allli-Cbil tltudt toward civil schools placed representatives Blether nationally lint week wit SEE PACE J

"reached through the con Btra Manufacturtai Co. rights bid been rttf oa the Die known speakers tad col. well oa her way to

'lllatioa services of auditorium that the flntd. "fbiltay dlt trick ttiBt: Ita, atudtata.Mrt. aatlafylai her IU.' .
tilt OOBlllllOB, the DUB council noon lied employment eutaloat with Mr. White southern' Dil-tritty LOG i. the toner bltlon wbta she was .nffRrr r.w w.L w sr r r w li

line, the Congress of bouilii aid did not lift M a eurt- Or Mb llm. 'Ttui South- tnrlttta. Shivery of selected fcr bottttttrttatai
Racial Fdttillty and the education at serious all for the lilt of can, Jackson College, Atlantt and a Tllhd.i.BOn starting

worktr'a Defense itiiut.Tht problems for alaorltyiroupa. Mississippi I believe Arktaaaa AMaN and been a tttchtr la January 22, by Trial-

put calls for the that the heart of the llty. the public tdiool ijrtttB world Airliatt.Mitt .

,..edaat. blrlni of as AdBlaiitritioa it ribt: of Natbflllt. lor. Alexander cur
I Negroes bt Mid.la Metro Moves Nearer Iblr of yttrt.Catholics testis employed by till

',,11I11I ton to attmdlf Tnoratoa Realty cooptay
To U.S.WABMllWTON judges tip
Personal a U rlibtt" tot Find babbled with delight

ftrmct sponsored by tilt C NIP) Burial Place For wbta ale. receive tIttttr
National Youth. Councils A Stnttt Judlcliry nb.tu.ut. of acceptant

r VALUE LABELS of Mtrlet, Dr. Henry .. last week ap. ,Refused Metro 61 fro rUt ,1
..ajaau e.as.aw as p -- w w.q w w.. w
51? atttadtd a irtvttidttaorltl roved the noaiiitloft of Asked why. tile airline

t i SPECIAL SALE! 1jst service for A. Leos HtiilabotbM. Jr HAMMOND lad, -- boittta carter appeals

.... .. President Ktnaedy at the at a federal judge for ARtiroCatholloaoldlor ao auch to her rte replied 'A fF WHAT S ffAPPO1) 10 l f MnN INn IMI
... '."....11\1..... rut.... 11'1.IW. I .. .Mns. ,
'..... ... -, floe of the confer****. the Eastern District of fro Gary who was rt* : *
( ':':,. ':,':,:'-:"'::::-..::..., '::'::: A wreath WM alto"placed ptnaiylvula.millabotbifi. fintdi burial U two prl "II1 oitltlai. adweaturosa V

: .... ,"; ;: ":.r::. .=:: 50c ta tilt grave of Mliilt who late vattly owned ctMttrlttU cbaailai. and
I ::. ... 'i.'w' "" "- -
Hot aid CllBBtttowatblpa
: Has p.b.s. ilppi Pltld fttarttaryNtditr last year eau appointed with travel ill over the
). atuooa ,.it****.*, ruu rail tin am r",.. by President Vtantdy u was fiatllybarltd some, and a chance to
a member of the f."- la a Catholic Blip BfttlBI mew ptDplt.I .
r-----------------------I sac Ptdtrtl Trade CotmlMloa ptrlta ctatttry ia MMOftd. love iwoplt.

N btcuo alto at Tat" daughter o(
I KUZZIN'S' MUSIC BOX I tirt tine the nut Ntiro Pfc Mack Mitchell Jr. Hra. Pdith U......,.

: YOUR RECORD HEADQUARTERS : o tr to serve ott a; was btrltd at the ft. took prtllalaary trailh -

3 7 North Micomb Street qaial4idical Itd.UI' Hoalct't Church the for tilt boitttt Job TEEM
regulatory agency. M*. Patrick A. Midas. at the. McCoaatll'a prep

I GOSPEL BLUES POP JAZZ I : Prior to hit dtttb tit: offJcUUm.MItCbtll. soatol ftr Airline 1
2$ tilt BOBof Tralalai
late President aaatdMUilabotbaa
' 1 i I 45s LPs IIt sad aaotbtr Mrt. Prntitlat Mlt Ski la a iradtatt ofrotftftllo

Pblltdtlpklit.Joaa. : sell, of Gary did at nigh tebotl
It I join WZZ/N'S FAN CLUB! : nor-
1 gee Davis who It white. the At.,.,,-, Botptttl.portMoatb tad a toner attotat at
ChI 2244IsrAmsssavwwwmasasS.wwwUsrm.w..eg. fa. .".nlt,.
'I I to tint at judges for Cfeie State L

.- tbt Easters district.E r Tin

TH (in tol .it Tie RIMS SIll

.AIi all NM IT 0m M2N2S"SAVE


I HAIR l } 4 .

8fkel'S 4t

; N TwtI.


....... ....... ..... .. -... tailiwptAl
.:r.-e Va/r+ .....d r 1l ..... ...
et": Ip ....... eab ..... ..
...... .. ........ hq ..
t. I. wdwa ed....erw w/ ...Pww......e
.... ..... Ua 1 e h." .........
ray, e1.alA e/la.. .... KUZZIN'S GOSPELAIRESKUUIN'S
., t ........-..-................

11 nil li i - luftt* t m + t>* tEsthir -**>a>:

Beef at its Best I '..* tle.a 9r.M
Btwjty AWl / :A KAIAR2TI


-rut --.rw...

-- '-
.- --- .
-- '
I < }I ). J JriQEIIl -, J J'm -

snntiiY iiinitr i. mi STAB, PAPERS J



I "Hurricane Boys" Prove Boys Will Be Girls ? Dr. Edmonds Tipped Negro Appointed

Associate JudgeOPA
For It(al'l Committee
TALL VI A.Cltln ur 8.KMdolrh LOCHA A nltntft-
; rd.ond bud cant "flrit" here tt
7Thi of the .p.rtl..t of the rtetnt appolntvtnt
Spuch and Dri.t .triorida of J.... I. Matthtva aiAaaoetatt
AtM UnUtriltjf. M.,leipal
hat b.,n ....d to the Judge of the Municipal
e'utral' Btlictlon POP- Court of tbt city of
-Jtt.. of the NattonilHi Opa Lockn.Tbt .
i .i ,
Unt..rsity .trt Pestle a.. aaaoelattunlelpal
,11. judge |a a
Annbuaee..n\ of the 1>M iraduatt of tnt
I fW profMwra rrolat* Florida an VnlvtrnltyCollut
rent to tht coMlttM sas of Law. Ht latht
mode by" C Robert Kass, nut wibtr of hla
UttT rlt7 of Dfltttr, rart to be ao bonortd
IIUoII&l I coordlnttor" la Opa Locki.According .
Th. National U.tr.riltj to Atty.
t Theatre rllt hal Is' ThMia Mllltr Jtnklai
.i lIlOred If the National dean of tilt rAMU Co.....
'i s a Cultural Center ..snhlns'ems of L.., Atty. Hatthtta
f y t D.C.i the AM r I cm la rot of f"tr thin 10
National Thatr and persona of Negro ttbnUorliln
And... and tht An.rlcaa tho hatt ktn"ao
Rducatlonal: Tntatrt AntocUtlon. bonortd la thttatlrt '
Msth"sats the
lilt TS ,..u."
THE fEOPLESPEAK Tbt Ippol.,..., of '
JudtMnlp tan author titd
OUT! by a rtiolitlon nnnntd
and adDDltd. !tI,.b."r 11

Tune WAME Home Of The World's

: Champion Disc Jockey

r i7l.Il ;

1 :ht \. g,. y .e T T'tH

________- L



Kicky let

it I M.l..I"'l" .
rondttatlni 5 tc.M
r= 771 contlanttaBitkit Noarsr
4 7Yi.. .

r _

Brolkir Bitfrukta Alita MlltKl

,1 'ti1:

r Ci-

M 7

TRUTH The' person tiio rephrased the
r saying'boys will ti toy** to read, ,
'boy* nil' I te (Irlt'Hutt. have hno n I L.T: r-- I
hat, he or she .as talking about. I
Mlail's 'Hurricane Bo,.' Club' have __
certainly given soil truth to the

observation.The Florida. Star eiuaht the Hurricane 11 _
Boys during their annual Halloween ,-
frolic at the Knight Beat ::1
Club.and the remits are aho"n
above Sone of the oat .e1/-kno.n '
entertainers are Berbers of the JetM II.t'S.. Frt4 KMH

club' hleh U addition' to their
annual frolicoften' give assistance,

A In to the.orth top, picture causes.' lift ere: R.ul'OJ/

Mario, Charles' Johnioa, CeorOsPat- SEE AND HEAR THESE
ter on, Eeony Dyes, sad. 0, walker. ,
At top right is Kelsan. dclng a
eruct S
At botto left Klyde" Klllens/" (center
) i onsor of the, "" 'lc... Boys .
Club ahlcr. (.rfo,.. at the annual RADIO STARSWANE1260
hallo"een frolic Is seen with Mlco
left fawwa llelo
Blanco dancer
and Bobbr Narahall ,
lING sIZB Knight Beat N.C. Adaeslotos

w) M rew S9QAI MI cm I m

," -- The' Niaal florlda meter .III Juk-
lint yo.r social and club ne.s..andplctwres
as .efl>'.. free of charee
S.Mlt" "rla.d/ let the 'Star annc,,>.Ct the date for *T MIAMI,
tea, party or fashlo show or .h.t
01 Tki WefitWMBM have sow* '*. ,
Maws and pictures should reach our i/ : t j
office' not later than T.esdajooe.SM '
; Moor "Hot line" Nightly At 11 p. 'm.
If.rf f.o' ,.. n.M: k S
,: 'I \ With DonM W. J....ttt3A&: HroM w L. .rayiiort. :
... ... {
.... 'fbiIII 11 11II JkH Aft HUM 11-iIs I '" >IIL \

.-....::...,su.:.::: .:,_'::: u_ ___:___________ _.::__"..:_____ ----.-..-,---.---.----..---".-----.------,-- --- ,,:' : __ ._ __________----:_.:. ___ .__ ': :_u.L_: ._..J1/,:. __

-- .
q'd .
( ... 'i 1 '

I ,) -- t ti I


t \ ; 'i Bethune's Wildcats Won 3.u Come From Behind Jax Classic I

Civic Leaders Cited Slur Gets Victory Skein Remains Untarnished Top Triumvirate!

r'j i Sweet Reve.i.

1'ARIBANPOft.adrowned Mr U renrJ

..-.1441"11", &

campion Sugar icy loldl-

lOa redeemed his popn- i.l ) r'! ., .. Ot c i 4fl _
laxity here last teak, $1

toon ba soundly muOi.

Anaad Vanned of Italy

i IB a 10-round boat la

the falala dee Bporta. 1 7s ?
a4 4l33
'two scathe previously 80

Robinson Oil of the

4i i tori d' 'ao* admiral eth,
bEnt.> BW T I I imv "'
Ittaa here, taa roundly PAotrD f noma 1.OI.i but one game la aft Iaetto -

.- .. booed la the sue arena slate Coach Jack Panl'a 1961 Edward Raters
CONGRATULATIONS If then ba received unpopular College 'Tigers rolled over SEAC opposition seisingly

II..aodMrs., (tattle Jem decision over + ..r ai till paced by their above trio of captains
Vanuecl a part*ti.e .w 6. ', ,Ivery Black (left), Jackaonvllle, al1-conference
are Cotncllnan being congratulatedby teasel fighter.Svpr'a. .... ,_ ._. .....w_ .... ,and and toner Northwestern product: Illlla .im-
ds found October:
Sharpe during dedicatory ed. Therefore pri was ba order* REPEAT 'atPOIIWICI-CoI.cII Cy MoClalran'a Bettune Tigers when they caaa fron behind to tin the conCooknan sons, all*conference back from Lake city and
sereliee of the Joe test 34."/ thus keeping their three victory Charles Grover of tit halfback and former Gilbert
ad his aeoonda to arrange flldcata reenacted their pat two ,lIr.' year .
Jatea 110,000 Couunlty a rematch aa quickly aa parfonaacaa of the Jax Classic with Benedict'a au, untarniihed. Peetther.Teachers'
and Recreation Center at
possible, and this was Cop Ex.Rattlers
OrunthU and Hurst 8te. dona MAA Nines Miami 'Flash' Cited

Councilman Sharp was la tilt renatch last Cage Tourney Pace Chi Bears
alto lauded aDd pre* All .AKTA-MP-I..d
Conference by
week, Robinson delighted CHICAGO Two toner
seated with a handsome tlllle Carry who top.
4,000 Frenchaen aa ba Florida UM University
placque la having pioneered cored with 28 point.
tore into Vaaaeel fro Teams Rattlers were key rly-
for the project .
-sale Teachers
bell and ere la leading tb.Cblc.o
Ue opening pro
alone with vetloua eo.- lU-UVILlF The Hid- college defeated Miles
eaeded to lire him athorough Mere to the
leadera, western Athletic Aeaoolatlon
unity Mayor
shellacking college, 70-81, In the testers Division chanplonehlp -
Haydon Barn gave the bald Ita anneal ti title to tin the
r cue
w in the .National
dedication over the 10-round n.ute.banter bald at the
address and meeting
ba coal cia' t lOta annual Georgia In Football League this
County Cosatsstoo.raPletcher Holiday Inn on rest Pod
I'I I Morgan end knock his opponent out. Arinue tournaaaat vltatlooel in Basketball the More- year
Infre* f Halfback mile Gall-
Knockouts come
other public and frater- It was decided that house
Quently to the 45-year- [ collage gyaaaaluabera sore returned to bla
ail officials featured dates for the conference hit teek.Cnroata .
I la the erotraa.LEI'S .. old sugar Kay, a veteran baakatball tournament previous for after
-- --- to the title
of I having carter on both
of more than 22 years till ba Feb 24-2S at'Tennessee fflnatoa-Salen
WE IEPAII ring warfare,these daya.Ha kneel. Qtllaore was Ullcod
Prarlt Viet college, the
bock. I'll
bat JOlt his speed w.,. electedfor aa a running
and much defending champion and lie Lee u. put"r
She lipilrlif and atulna
nest year nd it was
four-time tournament
tackle, plays on the
of his punching power
decided that next year' a fBear
_tinner ".81 la tile *
unit.Gtllaora .
If AM Bled ma trainer and advisor *
tiaeting will be at a
Oeorge Oalnaford ...1.Unall. and Tlak and Lea till
date in
Is fir OMIT NjiwaMS DOW baa a stock answer correspondent university, 1077, In ba seen on national
LouUTllle, with
for reporter: Hobln* gym .......a:.. tile quarterflaala.. telerlilon. December 39,
Fluids AfHH Kentucky Itata acting December: Clark college tm third when the Beers rIll the
n_ son la not! retiring aa Mot Officer arc RB. MOST VALUABLE PLATER-Bobby Pelt (center), Florida AIM University halfback place consolation honors Net York Oianta for the

Atwood, Kentucky ;w.. voted the "noit outstanding player" of the Rattlers In the first annual by topping Prarle Viet National Football League

State, president; John Jackaonvllle Claaalo by the Gator Bowl working preet. The Miami sophomore ia a close contest 76* ebupionablp ben I-
MAGNOLIA GARn&Vh) FIRST HUM WORE: < Alston Central State raced 14 yards for the Rattler1 firstTDeed
puabed through the Terse louUI.ra.thil"n1tl 7$. Soldier Field.
:!ry, Vloe-preildent; A. r. line for the PAT.: Th. Texan defeated the Rtttltra, 30-14. Pictured

J : Tullan Jr. Lincoln hare with Felt are: Charles I, Mitt Hi left director of special market

Mer Von'sPharmacy University, aaeretary activities, Royal Crown Cola Company Columbus, Ga.; Rattler Coach Jack 01 IMPERIAL, SMIIIESPattTtMedlcln

s ) traaaarar; Victor K. tber; Ton Carl ton, manager ayrup-ialea, lid Ralph Colbert vice president for : CosmtlcK

Parrlab, Louisville, aalea, both of the Royal Crow Bottling Company, Jackaonvlll The trophy ,vas I
All- Hair PrcpurutionH
t LearUng
eoaalialoner and Parl I.
donated by the local "RC" bottler.Panthers :
Clan ton, III, TaaneiaeaPtata I Cor. BROAD AND ASHLVl EL; <*215 D

director of pub- Gained Finals

halt .
''I Z7 fist Eifiwutf l'tN'Ur"'It""fnr"1iif"Wtll' + An all conference foot ---

.- ball-ten .a s..d with -
,,- Priorl, IH offensive ud defensive Open Evenings 1U 11.00 I'JoL

Vi rick D| I Wlnr Free .unite. The teeny OffenIvaIBdalllllaai -
fbltf. R: EVANS
lilt Asscrtant If PitMt MitlciHS/ Kentucky State; Maurice

CiSRitlcs Jirirlr. CMfictlntryDial McDonald, 'Toatxeeetite "Jl JOnvUle'l Man Recommended Dealer" .,\

J / flejltb,; Central Tacklet-Lirry,Mate itAr 3RD & MAINLet
Dial PO 3-413J or PO 3-1582 ;
OairdfRobert Peed, Your OLD CAR Make; the Down Payment
I. P. J H rl*, Rat Phsrw / 'Tennessee State; Kelvin THE WORLD BXST l\mf
Joiea, Kentucky state;
>:, Ray toodea, Lincoln; 63 FORD V.s HTOP.$2395.:

", Cemter-O.rald talker ,,,.l-?.a,a,nr...,..,.
Lincoln; Quarterback i iMaroht 89 FORD CONVERTIBLE: .s MJM

Date Boon*. 'TenaaaieeBtite rORD,. A"nOC'4-DR. RANCH WAGON. .... ..$1165

: Nsltbecks.stllii 19 FORD V- .
tlt tl ; .. a 2 DOOR .$793
LlDool.l1U' .n a.un.
neat, ,
Mitchell, TeineiteeKtate .2 OLnS p.on.. .*,.a*"CONvrRTIBLI".. f r.. ...... .....ntS

I Fullback..Doy 60 OUM DYN. M .DR HARDTOP ...,.$1393

Brow Dr..I"wlleI..Otl'IIarl'er., Central .state 61 rVvroTruTURA,..r..r..... $PT. CPI .$IMJ
RU 08UP; Although tfefendU eha pa Murray High Bull Dogs of St. Augustine
reatral Statei 63 PONT. BONN. 2-dr. HT $3395
napped up the Northeast Florida dan A.toumi.ent'finals 10." over Gilbert'
Maurice 1I000llDIII,TIM" tewa __.rue. wee,
** ices
Fighting, Pan there, the Mar. tourney in .Net Stanton gyn wan one of the beat U CUEVROLIT V4 .$113"
tee -Lerry
: attended with the Mat keenly fought gases aaoag the competitors witnessed here 17 DODOK HARDTOP .$593UFORDV4
Young; Kentucky state; during the put several year Coach J.B. Daya tens ateat over their Ouval .
\ LEARN A TRADE Semi Carter, TennetaeeDtata foes to a county ckwplonthtp, Royal Art Photo ) .$ :43
; Middle Og MKlltce 61 FORD OALAXIF.. 4-DR Vs ?.. ..... $1513!
.N? .i .Ot.
rw..e n..n.w
la Six Short Months Tilt LI..II..k.r'M.rold Davis, Lincoln; Trophies Retired During CeremonY' 62 CAD CPE $3395

I Will Be BENEflCIAl Roblnaon, Lincoln: ; Jobs .. .. .... __ &11-- .

Thorne, rentrel ante,
a Corner J..k.reldHlltoa X

Kentucky .tat.:

see Mate; PafetUePogrrtaytm.

630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver lebert h... K.*tueky H All AFFAIRS IF LIFE

tatMlcktag reeUUatStephen

,'JI I IA1usIRIILLE'ItUS$111' Bailey, Kentucky .
Art Tom Mtferiagsick.Need
.it, Rate.b .
b See mgt UAU.Advice.. baa is S

!" Edward Waters tie a..."". Fewer t*

I Cottegen beat If Prayer e>..,..*

tees la heal tie sick
we ... tt* at1l... tat there
t 'L .
1 Y la a. aiu far laoaeaao she

they are U bard ledr't

e_ U see mgr

'Co ...
Ji Oat VIIIT CMI aggr raw set 'I e.tiiM T KI

Jf 1---: 1; ace awl .r rut |a.*ag amv. Htt v'c* HIM TOiu
f I ....., -=" 1o.t&A&r..Y *M... TK cai ma t a era,
AtAUK RmRBfott aJI t"i player awaraa placed ta ca
aaraataad U help or ate't bate U KCbMTaday. -
f aetttlon by altnal aatta of worth fanllta MT College tr......... North
wad U Bleu Ba Day tot MdOf
Carolina Callage at Burba, loe.N Vatteralty, aaktagtaa, 0.C., M.,..ae .
V 4.,. a meet fit a la Ue anus mill
College Atlanta. C*., have been retired. The Bell-Satle Tropty. err tear
t* at aigit. F1MT nit M jaoaoaviut.f.
...... Ue tap. prlie la Ue IhaakHltUg alaaalr featartag HAjTa rivals AtTaad
iaaat. la bee ee. ww at
HOC. .M retired, ay WC after tkre..oet-.taker .... The ArcherlannallTrt
'hy |...It... U Ue lotart-Maraajeaao tlaaale aaa retired by Messed" tajoh M42 HI HHS fiH HNf H. 1 Id

ton Ue I.,. -ct" eoateet Urea Uses 4arUc.Ua flv....ra that Ue smart Take' twMrter tea, a*. .-5 .. wanes */ ....

RASKITIAll SCHEBHLElictonft was ,. o>.,etltia. n* high trepnlea aad player awards tare ..*p4)rtH by Brief sod heap B*. t .n'" tall I ....,.

bottler at Burba sad lre.at.arv ..t'., and AUnaU .. and taabUgtM. Patti aa Blew t sad leer *ar Mg tote ataa

B.C. In ton peeel. abort. ..... left MT .r.ald.... 1\:'. Aae el ft Meter with ....... BIT. Ugutl gtt*. |*>ty .*. aa4

:I .In I Jull CifrBw 1.1. .Ro'-11 HOC ,,........ Or. fanael Praetor ......* B.B. ......n. trfiawwra batUUda la., a* *.. a Ue*.. la_M tears la at***
trwa. ft a %*. ..a a* heeled tenet ube *.t.eeg
State CtRfffiIn. *., KC aI taa I rteldwl, Onrbaav and MT titan prteldwt. emard C. s%..-
.In 1 II Aftui the Ur *a4an. UBBWa RNemrer le.5e.I...
I .. blll. Cbarlette. tt*. Te Bull-Cute: Tr ply prier U Ita betas ton, -.. iyICC rt..tt. ta I a.ra.MBT. ..
11 Ute hhvsK nt tn...... Inserted "... .. Tatage, rta.U AaT athletic director,

,meat tat a taa Hag slayer ..,.". .. *".. b a....-.ra, ta. (rta) left c.,. LAw Cwfwtaw Ta Bet to
Teat List laanca.
Office Bell ..,..,. ntT ajiaHerWcft. and Behest 0.1.,,.., KC nainnct, while MOejMrterback ....' .
Edward Waters
Tkki4s (Hi Sale At College Last tar 1* its
D...... Ibex.s, le-a en froei ,.,.

i\\ : m

< _.f'Wif '
.. _
___ n__

.1 fi I I

It. ,


I Circa 1963 Was An Eventful Year For Performers And SpectatorsJoined

Jax Suns Top-Figure Spark Tourney Top Pilfer '30 Claims I

U r it
"' .r. lohasonAnother

of the 008.
.ualt,'. beloved sport

a stalwart passed beyond
the treat divide hers
.: h h ttdoesday oralai,

t .. .., August 7 when C.P. John
on, a netiaan poet and
';' .r the city's unofficial
I \ \ (. : f .atter of cereionle
'" died foliating a brief
q:, t'i1 'It Jhi period of eonfineieat
; 't
L U a local hospital.

/'-. tI "Vh.A fr Cora In Albany Oa. the
--- --
Aprlir : August: son of an Km Presiding
Ilder. C. ,. attended
AU. and
Dl AN EFFORT to add .ore offensive and defeaaive r r
? 4 a Richardson who Edward waters College
power to his struggling Son' teas the late aanatr 'tf FR paced
Ben Gerathty brought a pair of highly re- Jackson College to tilt
larded Cleveland farmhand into the fold outfielders 2014 29th annual OrantBloaaoa
4 4
Classic win
Tony fuhlmton (left) and Bill fill leas, Florida MM in Dec-fiber over,
Bat It Just ....d to be destined that the Suns 4 ,1M2. and wa the gases
would never retch the peak they assoied during oat valuable player

their .Initial 198J season was set ect.d to pl ay with

Gained Nat'l the College All-Star
Spotlight during tlHt annual charity

affair last August la

AIM Grid Tipped

--- .
I .a.P.
ud its proalnsat la
.:t- ports circles, here *.
....... lout with Jl. llttlns,
-reBruary; m **i* *** ***' ai ***vamim aamBrmafiti MammjmMIAMI'S .
GUESTS The 1963 running of the Norh-Suth self tourr-ty held Feb. II-U.t Klaa.'a teat Gardner (Nip) Sass aId

View Country Club, dm BOB of U.> greatest awes in sports and the other art. Caught by the lens ''JI others.rrlor. .
sea during a fairwtya session wet. tllll Davis and John Roaeboro of the L.A. Poditra; tr Noraaa Ukl to ccilst to.
Jaffe, rued eye surgeon and club saber: Norris UwaakU general contractor. ; Jack Mackey. ...at.Vl" Jackaonvllle, he had

Club pro; Harry Markowitt, owner-operator of Blears Haaptoo House; Maury 1111.,L.*. Dndtera.Infielder *a attended Morris Broa
bolder of the major leagues aJMiae stolen bun record; Dr Baa MlvUt, retired sur College and had taught
I OD and lest View aeaber; and Jim (Junior) GUI lea of the Dodfers. school la Georgia sad
April: Mississippi He also
CONCZA1VLATIONSt-lillt.e! HcCullough (captain) of j ..:...i coached tat various

the Edward Water College IOU teas which vat the Tigers' Basked In Cage Spotlight tbt t- .. !- school sports teams dv
national intercollegiate IOU chaaplonahlp durliii. rl,. thoae Milinwntt, ,
last April's Fla. AIM taaes.preaenta the chaapion I '.. '" mil In Jacksonville
hip trophy to EWC President f.B. Stewart (right) Mr. Johnson becais leBendiry -

while Coach (Kip) Greco looks on. t BOB PARtNOK:, fllsNyrvaalat through his
(Photo by Baker) back with participation la social
Florida Art's 1912 Rat religious. civic tad po-
Trophy For Brains ,,1 f rat tiers' aacklnc, eas se. lilies! fuaetlo of
lected to play elth the virytat degrees of

,V t college All'Btirs da. structure,
rim Auttst'. tatasl his aoiMpva humor
charity l... with the ekftker recorded la his
1o pro la Chicto. "Kportln It Up"
r sports colts la tk*
World's Fastest t BTW, or aa oceaiiioealll
of sietrd prose
won for his the title of
soil iairettte, win
...f Cf hiue.a bjtsrrted
and svlily read.
+ t la the local ,,,... -
t '1 A 4>.< 5
mi Art Church, .tit
AM. lOta flat rite

___ eat attended by a Uttoaf
rrteadt tree all.
I Jesse etlkt *f I.(*.
1 MW'D OOCII-ioll ,lives. ComBiBaltHovru
->- -iI...naeesa1r, ___ e product *f Ji andflerlda
Dec ea ben AM dash a4 Sporliffliol Death,

LIXI COACH Pet Griffin (right), of the PAW tat .football Ur, .,..,.. kanb!
tiers football teas, accepts fro Robert J. Brow UeMiiUef the worlsfaeteet The lto U>.Mtra IttteaMOTtMlty
prealricat of BaC Associates of Nigh Port North ..*.. about Usskosleer 1M Mocked to
Caroliaa, trophy preaeated by the '.1. fooltorUCoapiuy iL epee. ke re* ears of the Marsh I
of Mew York City, to till PAW rUder tea I.I seoosd ktat to ,*Mli| ., Joteph D.
elth the highest acadenie staadlit. n* pre break Ue eorirs 100 (' .11.) Stele, sreol*
teatatloa was Bade at a breakfast sponsored ins arch; UN desk rvwrd at Ue sent *Mrt.**.ii aad alt*
anally by the Cool earth Oonpany for the PAW foot OONr IIICI"'ftDII/-AltM./ riddled by a* rls. Coach TIM Bar to*'* Edward liters Tilers' oats h. 21 MIl/ Net Is It. acer toM aty leader*
ball'... and Officials durlut Ue Orange Beaaoti squad coupled aa B-2 woe. IMS record: to gals the rwaertep spot la theM:..' JkwUeeetfra AID low...
Classic Festival la hail Florida Recipient Robert letle Coaferwnc leabera sheen froi left are: Coarfc Mrtoa taffora' Thoeoape, Jacksonville; Jerry ...., WfIIIers/ /
Brown (no relation! ) star tackle of Flint Ballard Poapano Beachi Johnny "r..... Nee Tort Ctty) Jake OrlM.tt, Jackeoavllls; Millie BI,*....,
City, Florida, suffered lajarle. la M earlier Lake City; rbarle Graver Jacksoavllle; baklel ftoblaeo. Jack .f UJ*. ticker 'IU I..*. Md Colt LM proCksrllsBUIbrd AII.a.I4e'CMI'J-' )

tM which: prevented his fro* receiving the award Bobby (41r"' ''. both fro* LeiiBftoa.. and'till I aw toll*MM, Lake Ctly Jerry Bulltrd wet mte4 tilltow..t' .
placed fifth sad Is* II
la "1110O. cost valuable! player. (....to.., w.t')
der, sliU 1* U* reeealToeay
J.aoo0pw totrsa*
Nat'l Collegiate Champs:: Pepsi-Cola Sparked Gigantic Observance seat at U. toakeUII' /

'_'- S9--r dIo.---. =MII ._ *.altl.|..l Course. IIf
fN larded .......U.III *
r to eta 1400 *f U*
.000 Mr" *..
T rM


If 71? :. 21

4 I ..110 Nux..s
A dative ef .*... ho,
I I M! a tr**i.e ., re.'
$ heave CMI..*'. Proeha
55117.It Iadreldf4 U J.*..... I

Y a.WtgtWfi1 U 22.M. till. far 21 yeasts

s s_. ...*.* tt'e e..eellees (ads I dOeegkr
.. I.' dee

,lypMrilr .. *..., sMeil
Be .....u all sre sd

r..I. .nunr_

U-U-U................. i

Mon'i Days

Are NumberedTIM'S
n m ju Pe..l>C Ptnut POCTJDB* Uwarf tatr CblietV. Gel f Tarn .... MlteaaJ h.er .
-- -t r
B....u... 1$. flr../...* JOMH C. tee Oar ""_0.. Maertst tinend. Dsr. tr* Nees .
U U* MMlty rag they WL Ue VatiMsl C lle.lte .........c daring tte.aaaaal ..,** Malls wed Per
.. .
of ..
ittutfa Mil re.r.eIIs program see i ead Jtl> 21a
Plerioa UM aMrt t"nast la Nil....... B.*.ra free left ares .. .
CM laera We OUay ..l UttM aaW
I A* M* Gall Part HU seedy ... 0 PMU arUtlHlUl gag Ue deplane
Alfred taatneld Every Its.. OMO (Uy) .e ea. .>.*** )see aad Itille .... ....*. WM tarn Baktef, aapenlaer of are mutts I* sage rN.lvU| ?*. it.. Tier ....., III MMMH uryesfeed /
Calls*.*. Tke Time Retested Tease aMtkert, BeUMC. u... vu CarcllM Ue ae4. sc lacier tlrlt MftaeJI. sa.,!*..!, lret"y fn. Jess MM.. ........ tMky C.lri It*. till llMl hub

State Let tat cMtiawisUf trei.i.Jlrs' a re*I teat of lag r.,.,-ea'. ........ C*. etllc B.K. ff** ...all .east*.' cod U.M br year Msis1rNm.new u4Isved

_ I t1W. SITS 4 (M Estltttitat.NGTZyg (seated), ffaUsa t. ........*. is./gsg diets, yexreallt *>t"ta.it aegis. Brame .... brJaRAIL t. ..it'oui,... II*.
_14 lisle .
tsar s4 ttllla ttatt* ,...,., |lafir.*al airiest last '
(UP) Caact Bill Xtea *.. (Regal Mtrt .MI. PMts. nil u u. use hi" 1.*..r Ct....* Clay
Pew' players, tart .tUs. .1 tars ,..,. M Had pastes. .. alt ..... si Mil u isur. FRet f.*.*dtf .lll. Fl*.
ae ... ...,. Re Q.o ...es bee we* else. lest I* ae4 fins rawer Sc'iilSIIlJ.aW. Truck Shots To Nlgarli' tf n.. .*. .Ie Jeaess- M la hail Pfc fee.e ;
alieltiiaril of startatltasts IP, s4 tied tars. aa4 best .kty lltaaell. >* nil i,, runt, .tl.e Bali.
lag aeit ... UU .> .- tlly. *.r *M
... ..* retired far U* f tMl.'.e wtat ** ......lag .. a eat. UMB ey.lg+*rt, Sled 1... ......... ......,.. TWO BUCKS
year Ue Js
M tea lad M a4t> sd .a,
h 4aklM fMtMlt ?. seas elta S It..f pex Carte tHavNr Mules Rub aMl tkw a4 u. Mirped rum .. ..*.. TeA
tea latreaae la t**tU a4HMe Re.rttlaet I
.Uc* .. tart aM UeHi salary, *M ailed ... Pwese ...... Sasi Ie aUf Uteri at easIsle "ll* le4 II Mir .f tea I* a Bit ses.eluses tel1E GIf4 $.A.A Haute C.* Ot P.
.. .,...
Ie .
gases uu ...... tofUltslf was a*< e*. Mr* M'lsg fn- teed 'u" MAN free Iran Sa. lilt AIM At I'r-Wew r\ft\

_.,0___._,_.__..h__i.4..__ ._-- _._-- .. _._-_.. _-_. --- _.. -_-'",,_. ____.__'"_ u ___ .- -- _- _..... -_._- -

t ['.


PNACTICALLtr NI SUE. GUI T"'' Negro Golf Pro CHIPS OFF THE BLOCKS Seminoles Hold Church Grevps-

AIOHA..I. Out B. 3.9942. Hired By PGA The year cue to an end and it was a last eventful and have resolved to mart it la the spinal cord 'Years End Keeling Start Drive

LOS wears (AMP) one.. Regerldeas of bow aucb progress was sails of the major ministers BO that they Call let sole
Ml UUUN'UIINIIHU Harold Donovan. Negro or bow many gay things happened, tilt untlselr backbone. Tbs Seminole Culture IR ERployracntCHICAGO
.1'CHIN. UN golfer, was recently death of the beloved John Pltzgersld Kennedy cast Gus Tones resolves to lose fifty pounds 20 that Club held its Deceeber tea,
ruBNIlMO moots MM ft '!1'" hired >. an assistant a gloom OB all the country. Per lOll reason ma be can really become tilt suave cat be would liketo meeting la the lovely Jews and Protestants
OH (INOLI MAN. 3545339. professional at the tho the offlcli) period of BOH ruing baa come to a lw and so that be can coapete with Bovua and hose of Mrs. Aaa tirche have Joined ia a broad
HWXIEl' llTEl lectern Golf Course by close, the pall ia still over the land and amy off Alvln J.... Bibbllni Snail resolves to let youth as hostess and Mrs. fair-employment program
7pr1"tvTN. rvr-r POOH, the professional OolfsrsAssoelatlafrthere. OB just couldn't get the arUteaf spirit.But life bare Its day and step down wills be la still cheap Alice i. .Martin co- for church-ma institutions
T-IH{ .. Aehnrg-Ju. pin goes on and "So note it be"The rather Ulan let the wolves get bU. bos tsss. ia this ar...
:>or Ressrvations. CelT The W..Un Avenue dub usual flood of new year's resolutions also The boll. the digit brat ees resolve to straighten Holiday house visits The progrsai is bused o.I..UhUoul .
H. -408._ MS tilt last bold-out IB appsar. There are aaay of us who sake the for np and fly right with the two sets of rules, were planned among the hiring
tilt fight aghast discrimination the tie of breaking then. There art SOBS resolutions CDS for dowatow tad one tor out blrt. fttr "22'' members with invited sad promotion by reason
NCI'TW MIPSTV at couat,. which we think many people make aDd want fell, aaay of the speculators melted never to gueats. of ability not race or
) MS wk-John lilting owned coif courses hers to keep aecret These are the ones ws are coins try baikiai for themstlvts Mala. Bell bops aDd Mrs tycbs Introduced other dlaerlBlnstlon.It .
Ticket 'ent-lM>N A icy, All County clubs were to steal fro the tick of their Kinds and publish other people working downtown resolve to knot tbs guest speaker Mrs. also pledges parti r
'210 t"AVB.Westhury: ; ordered to admit Negro We'll start off with one rmsy folk er- Mklfag their seller l.fcre Baking a p'lay. One bellman Iraa Bryaat, who bald clpatlag raatitatlona to

-!" .,.__ pro by J. S, 1004. or this week, "I'll buy a heavy overcoat as soon as baan't gottm paid for a pre-Chrlstmas bit yet. each usher spellbound seek oat sabers of .! .
UK IN IAIDSaOAtanD lose 'oU,' franchise the stores open."; Kip Sass bas reaovled that May gas and Mrs. Say resolve to Bake ears that SB she delivered her nority groups and ancouroae -
rights, this will t" bis last trek down the si ale.He plansto the voter registration renewal cards art na.iled aessags.Mrs them
N.T LIVI-I to apply
According to MtuleHttbBtBy open a marriage counsellag service. tit will back! into the office of the supervisor of regia Bryant is a music for jobs.
AID Jobs tSISS wk'i president of explain the pitfalls of carriage to young grooms tration. teacher ia the Duval Approval has been given
Para advanced., lifer; tilt MllltBflt Golf A.. L I. Noraaa, Joe Pauline td. others ia the officeof Prince Matt aDd Darnell Butler resolve to five County School .,.t... the.program: ty the Catholic
radiation, the Commlab Lou Utter "have' resolved to atop paving it up and let BOB of the young fellows take over Her talk was about a recent
Agaaey lyabrook, N.y.. nest pro Archdiocese: of Otl
Jut of tilt sidewalks that art covered every ties. it rains the play boy department.Jake Negro artist who
organisttion the
case Chicago Board
iUHD will be the task of and to pave SOBS streets where the people live In- Oalther resolves not to let Robert Hayes bee... famous overnight., of Rabbis and tbs ChurchPederatioa
BEAUTV OCDATOKI ft BASH'S securing Jobs la all stead of BOSS of the outlying ar.... play Loud football let alone ttckllag still after so to spssk. Hiss Leontyao of (trailer
Nil HOtLVWCO BEAUtVBAMM g public pro shops) and The waitresses In the Tropicana and other spots the 19(4 Olympics.very/ time tilt 'apeedester, was Price. Chicago ferrying oat
necking a change In thePGA's resolve to give the custoaera a little sore .ncr tackled mashers of tbs Olyaple coaching staff Miss Leoatys Price upon the ia
UoNM-622 W. prograa Chicago
vice and the managers resolve to do score Banaging would groin and bide their faces* that one unlucky leaving hose to seek her 11
Mil MU.WEII f111NNOLMAf0.3.3245or44.9714. constitution ted fortune, found'it Conference OB Be
and less bookkeeping.Bill tackle could have dashed to bits, America's after
!! b7-laes. 1 igloo Mil Race iCOU).
.., hopes for track studying for a aaaber of
Btswart and Bishop Ball resolve to bury aupreaaey. The CCU fair employ.mat .
INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY the batchtt or either put oa the gloves and fight Perhaps we had too ends egg-sog or aaybe these jars when she was selected program cater oa
it out so that the college can roll oa. The IB/BSD are only pipe drtaaj bet wouldn't it be alee if to slag at tbs coesjlttlng Institutions
M"F. C H A N I CON DUTY of tbs AIr Church have taught one mile of steel some of these resolutions could bionic realities Met la i960. She also "to a policy of hiringand

Ike Joseph ........... ......PmjirMor8ttt sang In Porgy and Bess.
Negro Elected Canada's First Kemonstntioa In Meet Preparation She also made several upgrading employee.,
:< and JeffiTM'i' Streetn Fl 6.9432(1IiaIUIUS appearances oa stag, TV solely on the criterionof
(UUaaLl-Hlll north fro Toronto, de- Scheduled Jan 7lh At New Stanton sad IB other plays. ability to perform

MEN AND lUlU MATTAWA' Canada -- fett_d-by a vote of The. family dinner table, a subject of special Another one of Leon the repaired work: to
latent.iona MaBoat a Eastern Stars IB (AMP) -- A Kaitiaa-born 641 to 485-the "a wlio interest to future hoaeaaksrs, Bamtly tesn*age tID"',.pride sad Joy was seekoat persona of
looking for persona with leadership ability' physician bscase bad been mayor for the girls, .U1 be the center of attention durlai a bar visit back to bar sinorlty group, to inform .
to bead up units In their eosmunltUs.tf Canada's first Negro past fire ,u,.. Dr. mat cookery demonstration on January 7.at 10 a.m boaetova She said thus of this noa
you are hnn..Ht, bard working and IB* mayor recently, Monestiae said be ,la 'in the HOBO Iconoalca Dept. Of Hew e tan too. "This first M! hours dlscrittBstor) 11 icy
ttreated Ins bright financial future write: Dr. 8P. Hone-tine, 52, proud of being mayor The educational pro put back home was the aDd to encourage them
International P. a A.M. Masons'* System the,, only adult Negro in .and Just SB proud of gran, ?"Portralta boss responsibility it happiest of ny entire to become applicants toraployaeat.
tars this sntllpulpand-paper fbetng Csoada's first He-. rood," will be conducted la to bay and prepareit life. Her bone folk wel ."
2101 flratlot Avenue, Dept, 5 manufacturing center tyro 'lI1or. ".lIt I nope by Mrs Kattte McSwaia, for the i table," coned her graciously. The CCU: is distributing
Detroit 7, Michigan sops 200 miles straight 1 won't bs the laat. a graduate boas econn. Mrs. McSwalB sad. eaployaeat aaalyalaforaa
mist sow serving with * for tee by institutions *

HUNT CALIFORNIA the national Live Stock
...ellI..t Board. Chicago. I
PEACHES ''tlt aa the center 1NJJ"COta
,0 t the meal, ia aa important
f Kilns ir Sliced subject to those 2 OPEIATHS WANTED ,

2 2 OPEMTOftS WANTED. CUB VM uaeiir iu.e.. Hunr m UCMOMVHLI

4 fir I.UU BAcon*12A4 CAVil. 354-.... un W. SLAVER w'=: r.r IV '.26))
Specials Quantity f WILEY APJiTMENTS r. Ian 7* Ian All Ow ,,..4d c.- 4 r.y
.Ughts Reserved JAOtSNVHU'l:
Good Through Saturday FINEST' Ikn'i I IA bld+ -.,pii fill U.9ta 1 set k t'...,

2 BO. a* A-Tf 11.90 *LY,
, .e.a.wawanww NEW YEAR OFF WITH A BLAST
r Miae..2414' .
SAy")OlCCO Rp.H. .

1."1/\ SIIlUfl CHANNEL ,,4 ft-1757.' ,OPPOIITE CDUSLAIANOCBMN WEDIBM SHRIMP .... ... ... L,. c
f ram SCHOOL,
LflL nee MUlLET
SUGARfaHBF'1[ NEW DEll CAB DRIYEU EDGE WOOD' nisuu soe 4-ur1 t"
uvlMAIHt StOWN $505
8M htimtCltM
tit i Puns i :: Unit( t Plim 5 AIM MINT MtNl".4JYf HOU- Ig 411111 Mirg gr.*. JftmtlJVC tOtl

:a .k' SUO ClUT a' :::; pith $5.00 5 Ihs.Sr ;: JOBS Ml C.f rtiWiIlCtHltt.J

HI ''M Irder SIZE _ir Ron food order :

JJJJIIIII"U\\\\\\\\SI\\ '-----w \\\\\\ Men SECURITY and WomenTo lay, tat ir MntiSS11 -: T cLA rana REV.as TEMPEL anemia .""

JJJJIIIIJ"U'l Train Now For 'Advice All ANW.el _
civil ServiceExunlnatloni ,. :'Y::..
1 IIM6S IlilIS. Aw ./:-LlI'' -r=,

.rJ Per u High u 1 lad E-twct AnPIIIE 5 ::::. ;:-s::
.... 5S
FEATUREITEMS $92! PI S-8411 =- -Mrw.--."..:-rRt :-..:.;.

.... .
rte WIU 1 e. earw.rebwrrag
TO stair IloiWORDER
Jitbwiftt 60
.u.....*. school teuca.., .-W;:ran W ==.,p w;:.,:
lr TION USUALLY lU'lCIINT 13. -15: Tn'"sr":jSiri'V,,, :r iMur& r-.111.1
-i ** -.- -r.Y 67
sit vows -aiUKT Jot w --M Y Lan, -r IanN wr
Ff!! L W wl-Y.r
MILE 114''"'''.
U.I.CTI| pa .peel- M say ems e.
JOlt ONLY IS -" "- '" 72
2:. :
fOB lull iNrORMATIO, .E::;- :.;: .: rr.r.r.Yt : l.: -

01 UMWUBIUMMiBWIC ttS tom ...., .
UIE-IITI 26 --..---..-
TMtnisfl sav. _elan ..
t1osNr Sa.rvmja N -a a..w
s: .11 429 BantTT NT'i.' note SUM r men
RA.Nepal. CI r.awrrr,.,wrw'" -
iWt 1 flmiitti 15.00 IT manic is. .side ...................... FUELbNi ..- ': : : r=.=
ten/ rii iiirL.irL.
94 ST. OB Run........ ...... rwr a_..
=':r: "''t.\" -
lIE mu CITY............... ...... ....r.TJihr**mj! 14M
41 ::::=::
StAft......... 'h .... ...
;:: MAYONNAISE cart 3905 Ace..$(... eblyd a l-
PHM........... a flS3
Ikult t Pltni witk $5.80 H mn lend eider I Spit M i Gad G 11,. Tape) GMrnttn

till 1111 ...." T. mice YMT Lest NttBra.

I SMAll KJUll IAI I Q!( SUE IM i STRAND Udry NMwaWa Surt To Was "

SPARE RIBS "IIr ", I"" .00 mini. SHUT


SIn lEst If I till NM knit .. S. !
COFFEE t era "" .

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.sun P1E1ll I ..
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tam TM ftllct1STEAK I """ ., .N AM
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IT'Y Iii w.n tld '.

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BANANAS dtafe load 11 i ttU Vatsr

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31 1k, 10* I.Il Vtfto IIII IttttfJ ntH N 4IW

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