Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF

ef Science from Virginia State November 10, at ':15 in the- SBOWITMES- STOM HOURS MON. THRU fll. 9 le 9-SAT 9 t. -
the Master of Ed: P.M.
College and auditorium of the church. FrL 11:00
ucatlce from FAMU. Young will be featured at the 5511 SOtrtEL DRIVEA.. Sat. 9:00: P.11.
Be is a recipient olIN BrOUI and Phone; 76JK557S59MOSunday FREE PARKING AFAYETTE
organ piano and on the f a
/tar he Amy CommeadaUoa
accordion. Mr lull will slug. Show .4
De Goc CoId8ct Mdai
guests will be Misses ,
fee Korea Presidential Doris and: Dclores Harris.Mrs. RADIO ELECTRONICS
Citation, the Vietnamese Medal 'Ml* .Ml Dace
Dorothy W. Green U rh"rmin.Ke SeH.r"
ef Bow lid of the Combattpfo.
C.A. Weaver
. BAtaairymaa. .... ,There MfHt.U.pastor.. .,


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fiTHPU.. OCTOiEi 12. IKI

4 STAI rams

- Callahan's Second Baptist Will Host Emanuel Progressive BaptiSt.. Association. 'I'

Religion And Race Holy Church Of Elder: Jenkins' turns Soil For New Building Varied, Usitriil' Pre- ,lr..S-

living God Plus .Festers Oct. M2Qss I

the tine new members elected to Observing Dial DayThe ssffsxOctober 8Ipt1st Assoc from
the American tectloo at the World Methodist Council by It* cl the D.J.Jones as host pastor
executive committee. In session In the Finnish ea.p1ta11ut Roy Church of the Living 16 to 10, with Rev
month were Bishops Prince A. Taylor Jr., Princeton, N.J., Cod No. t, 1993 Tulee Street, Rev. J.W. Johnson Is moderlor. -' be in charge.
and S. Trowea Nagbe, Sr., Monrovia, LIberia. b addition, the will observe Dual Day Sunday, .' Mrs Sarah U Rice Is At S p.m., Mrs. Rice, ,
executive comm'ttee approved the lIetho41st'Chllrch of Kenya October IS, at 11 a.m. ,president of the women. president, will deliver. her
for membership In the World Methodist Council.: Devotional will be led by the I: Mis A Joint board meeting wfll be annual address. The election
Whosoever Will Prayer Band. tiy bled on October 16 at 5:30.: The of officers will follow, in the
VIDEO DEBUT Evangelist E.M Mark will be theme will be "The Church's Women's Departmeat.
CHICAGO (NPl) Greater St. John's Baptist Church, speaker and win be accom Role la a Changing WoiM." At 4:30: p.m. Rev. Johnson.
pastored by the Rev William A. Johnson, nude its television panied by the IS Christian Club. Scriptural emphasis will be will deliver hit annual
debut recently, when the Chlcagoland Church Boor opened its Mrs. Ella Williams will sing.) placed on the thought, "Never- address. The election of officers -
10th season over WGN-TY at 11 a.m The church will also be .Others appearing will be the the les., The Foundation: of God from the Men's Department -
the site for a second broadcast, this Sunday October IS. The Queen of Harmony Singers, Sondeth Sure." The theme song win follow. At 8:301M
event also marks the Z8th anniversary of Rev. Johnson's tenor Ms. Clara Rim, Mrs. M. Matthew will be "Hold To God's Unchanging ministers' wives and Deacons'
u pastor of the church. Mrs. Elite B. Adams, !.. : Rand." wives wUl demonstrate, with
Mrs. E.M. Anderson, Mrs. The pre-convenUon program Mrs. Norman and Mrs. Barney
RACISM HIT Mary Books and Mrs. A. Col- win be given by the entertaining In charge.
NEW YORK (NPC: Thomas F. Bock, television writer, tins, acting pastor. .1 church. Saturday at 9 a.m. leadership
father of 11, and a Roman Catholic layman in Morrlstown N.J. At S p.m. the devotions win Mrs Susie C. Holley Is president classes will be held. The Memorial -
has written a 10-page letter to his bishop, expressing vigorous be led by Freddie Brown and ot the Women's State Service with ladles la
dissatisfaction with "the apathy and Impotency" of the church George Brown Elder Mack t Convention, tuilllary to the charge will taLl place at 10
In general and the Paterson Diocese in particular. He noted Larkins will be the guest speak ...... 'Wf General State Convention Mrs. a.m. All Memorial Committees
that tot several years, "1 harbored serious misgivings coocernlng er. Elder lion Davis will sing. ......7' _.. .. ..' Estie B. Jackson Is president win be la charge. Rev. Joe
the church's apathy to the racial Issues that confront The Bostonettes will also sing. ;it of the Women's Convention,au- Calhoun win deliver the ser
this nation and our church." He noted that he had withdrawn two Others will be Robert Williams, i 'y Hilary to tie Seaboard Association. mon.
of his children from the Bayley Ellard Catholic High School, Protestor Robert Blalock and 43 4fI At 2 p.m. tilt young people
Madison, because "only one black st.dent.wu enrolled there Elijah Jones, James Bryant and ...e.,......... ...-.-. .. The response to the program will be in charge- Mrs. Sarah
last year, and three&.Uncu1sbe4btack people who had addressed Deacon Jessie Tbompam. h' ,<, I-- .. .... .. will come from Deacon C.H. Jones ls directress.! Mrs Jones
the assembled students on racial harmony and Justice were At 7:30: p.m.'devotional* win The enthusiastic aid smOlaf persons shown above are members and officers and Junior Smith and Mrs M.M. Harrisof will be assisted by two matrons,
assaulted with thrown cupcakes and Invectives." be led by Mrs. C. Alexander members ot the United Rouse of Prayer For All People Wbo,under the aggressive leadership the parent body. Mrs. A. walker and Mrs.
and Lewis Jones. Elder F.M. of Elder A. Jenkins, stand on "new ground", where a new church complex will be built. Elder On Thursday morning from Pulse Benr).
RECRUITMENT HEAD Coleman will be speaker Mrs. Jenkins ls seen with the spadepreparlngtotura the son. The new building will be at Pearl and I a.m. to 10 sm, the leadership The Red Circle, the Sunshine
ATLANTA -(NPI)-The Rev. A.L. Norris, formerly of New Ruby Singleton will sing, u North Streets and will accommodate more than 500 worshippers. It will b* completely modem. training class will be held Band the Crusader Boys, Mrs
Orleans, has returned to his alma miter, Gammon Theological will the Traveling Stars and Bishop Walter McCuOough ls leader. Farther plans for th* church will be announced through Mrs. lisle J. Johnson Is D. Porter, Mrs. D. Johnson
Seminary, la the role of director of the office of recruitment.A the Gospel Angels. Other par the FLORIDA STAR columns. Bob Smith Pboto directress. Mrs. Georgia Dixoo. and Mrs. D. Bright are la
graduate of Dfllard University U well,he served for two years tiotmnti' will be Mrs Willie will be teacher. The Bible Hour charge. 'Remember the B.W.
as president of the Johnson-CarroUton Community, Council, aDf.ieoD;;; Fred Brown, Rev. I.H. Hartley Will Preside Mrs. Ethel Bmisfer begins at 11:30 ara.,with Rev. Williams Trophy" is the theme.
New Orleans. Mrs T. Smith, Mrs. Mints L. Normal la charge. Consecration An churches are asked to sup
Goodmu, Mrs. M.G. Satin and services will be led by the port their young people The
Mrs. Ethel Jones. Elder J.8. Over letkiiy liitlst Sessleu Gives Concert moderator. winner last year received a
Collins Is pastor. At 1:30 Thursday a 15mlauteworship scholarship to Florida
Rev. B.R. Hartley win preside over the 75th annual session of period win be heldA
: Memorial
A.M.E. College'
Does Coca-Cola tilt which scheduled to mit at Mt, At SI.. ,fill
Mew SI, James A.H.E.. Bethany Baptist Association : thirty-minute business session Sunday School btc\nIat 9.35:
Ararat Baptist Church Rev. D.J. Graham,pastor, from October Mr.' Ethel Davenport Ban will b* held with Mrs. with the superintendents
have the taste WORM'S 2S,to 17. slater, widely-known gospel Rice, president la charge charge. The B.W. Williams
Holds This will be Dr. Hartley's- visitors sad officials woo usexpected. singer, will be presented by Time win be given to the recognition Trophy and Scholarship will
initial appearance moderator t the Women's Day Committee of new workers u4 Ie be awarded at 11 a.m At S:30
you never get tired of? DIY la November during U bAal session. Oa Tuesday mning.October of St. Pail AMC Church, Sun- the presentation of officers and the laymta meet At 3.33 Rev.
The leader will be assisted XX. the choirs of the church toy,October W, at .p.m Mrs. chairmen. J.H. Jackson will deliver the
New St. James AME: Chorea by Rev. C.B. Dalley, Rev. a will present a welcome program wuhemena Hon will accompany' Mrs. Johnson will chair a closing sermon.!
Is it always refreshing? will celebrate Womea' Day T. McCaU and Sev. E A. Simpson Mrs Dorothy Burroughs Mrs. Bannister. discussion of the theme tor Mrs. Louise W. Williams Is
on November 10.CouneUwixnau vice mctorators. of Bethel Baptist will respond Assisting Mrs.Davenport will the meeting. Participants will .u charge of public relations
Sallye Mauls Rev. George Price, pastor of to the presentations. be the Toaettest a group that be Mrs. D.J. Jones Mrs. F. and cat be reached at ISM.
will be the guest speaker. Rt,. St Matthews Missionary Baptist The Women's MlsstoaaryDrpuinuAU has mad a nan* tor Itself la Smith, Mrs. Y. ragas, Mrs. West 31st Street, Jacksonville.
Do things better A.D. Harris pastor. Councilwoman Church, will deliver the win be ta charge music circles. Addle' Hayes, Mrs. R. Nelson,
go Mathls rub presented Introductory sermon on Wednesday on October 14. Mr,.M.L.Joba- Princess Naomi will be narrator. Mrs. Louise W. Williams,Mrs.. Mateo Temple 1 1S6
by Mrs Charles Brooks, li at 11 a.m son Is senior presldeat. Mrs. E. Sheffield. Mrs.M.Derryhin
with Coke baron Mrs. Willie L. Smith, The "Orthodoxy Hour," atwhich Carolyn Beset I* Jailer Mrs. Bannister will presenther Mrs. c.!. William ud Ruth Memorial Service
Matron of Temple Chapter No time Rev. Dalley. Rev. ptetl aDt. The ashen lad th* latest recording "The Luke. Has
after Coke after Coke? 60, will be guest soloist.Mrs. Simpson and Rev. McCall will laymen ton be la sslaa Friday Great Big Singing Jubilee": ,sad The Wra n's., Bu.r w'.u be The Daughter Ruler ot Pride
Battle Wry Is General be beard, promises to be one morning. The youth and sm.U Tree at Last" the latter a hosted by the ladles of Second of Maew Tempi No. IM tau
rhairmaa for the day. Mrs. of the highlights of the session. children will be ta sef sloaSaturday. trout: to the tale Dr. Media Baptist from 8 to I p.... announced a memorial service

". ..,. .....__0.-iff0..1'0 -......, LrMtte Briggs sco-cbalrmaa. be The "Moderator's afternoon Hour"std will will Luther King On Friday morning at I am, Sunday, October IS, at 1:33,at
_"Mr ...M.*_C r Sloan,Ate*rv*.Mr.10011uwH Mrs. Harris will be pastor for Friday Churches are urged to give The Friendly Bolt and Hottest MlsU Study and Education the Elks Home,7B West Duval
tbe day. Mrs. En Cuyton will be the occasion for the first the young people the opportunity Club Juniors will s rv*. Leadership classes will begin Street. Members ton be la full
be coordinator of activities. address by.Rer. Hartley. to parUcll. *. Sponsors are Mr*.Rosa Aiklas Jointly. .la the afternoon the,' tegatis.8yau'wmbgb'served
<" I Mrs. Ottytoo Is principal ot, President Suns otttts Progressive Mrs. ,Alb.cta: WllUaas'iiacbyge lid Mrs..AUc Jngnm. .... women win be it charte. Mrs for those not attending.!
George Washington Carve ,BapttAifitaUrCcftMallat rf publicity.-AU mt-: A.C.Ctaodter is pastor. Jones'will preside) The combined 'Mrs. Battle James Tt Daughter
4 Elementary School wfll 'also' speak.. ReTs also lap ar* open to the, public.. ...' ***.***: woraMp committee will Ruler.
-- president of the National Bap- -
St. Stepkea's'Wean's till Contention of America. .
Plans have been completed
t Diy for entertaining the hosts, of EARNING and LEARNING

d r 'teen The announced following for activities St.Stephea'sAME have Soloist Hoys & Girls Can. Make Money

Church, Sunday, October n
13, Annual Fashion Show, 3.30:
Hundreds 01 Floridi Stir Newsboys .;
p.m.; October 10, Klckoft Pro- .
gram October SO to S7. outlining .
of programs leading; to Are EARNING From $1. to $10.00 Weekly '
.. ... ,Women's Day i, _
-- ---- ------ -----
Among participants la these Aid LEARNING to do business ,
You know it. It's your best attain will be; Mrs Alma j'
Plnkney. Mrs. Gwendolyn
refreshment buy. Moat, Mrs.Essie Mason,Mrs. I YOUNGSTERS.! If yoi are smart and f,, ; '
Marion Whitehead. Mrs. Ethel

M D.strickler Baaatster, Protestor, Mrs.Matthew Katy wilt 10. earn .dour own money Ibis is theY ;, .

McCoy Mrs. Lucll Mot and
.Mrs. Geneva Wueeltr. lo do it. ; ..
Corr COIcesst8snrrn.a The pastor Rev. JjS. Johnson'

Is Incapacitated.Snibew {: 2 PARENTS! Yoir child .may lot iced /. "
tauwwe.w+r. .c..teIi+Ca> r vecluooiile&ttnjCq Singers Will '

Mr*. Ethel Bannister gospel money bit, tin tririiiQ gibed as i newsboy I"
At MI. Morlala ,
Appear singer, will be presented by the :.,.
Womu's Day Committee of St ,,,
The Sunbeam SplrltualSlngeri Paul AMY Church la concert he siccessfil ii liter lite.
will appear at the Mt. Vortah Sunday, October 20, at 8 p.m. will help hia to
AME Church 99 Oak Street,
Mrs. WUhemeoa HIll will se.company

wllgilluiiiuLIggf Rev.Sunday J.W.afternoon Jones In a pastor musical MRS. ETHEL Mrs. Bannister.D. BANXSTEBKen Many of the Mst siccessfil' .. were ':

prWomen's Day Is October 27. ... .. Newsboys ': .

-fat Z'eacoa.eS Stall A Route Anywhere Yoi live I.Ii Florida

M- wt

A A44T men aeao rtl tlrpAw CALL/e SNOW

.' 011 mAl asuvs Next To Diana SVip It'll Pit Yn Ii lisinsv '

Do you have questions about' the biggest FILL OUT THIS COUPON TODAY : w
Crisis our nation has ever "
faced, the' racial crisis? .. ;
Do you have suggestions you'd like .'S.. ,
Specie.1 ,...
to make
to the
Black and the White JLDA STAR-tSU Moneriet Road, Jacksonville,Ftor'lda r
leadership about how to solve it? Yt.NNNN ;
Do you want to hear Hum Hair wits
other .. ...... /;
----- -- --- --
ordinary citizens ask .. eL
people John FIRST NAME LAST NAME ii: ,
Lindsay and Stokely Carmichael and f. k j '
what sort $14.88 \c : .
of answers Jhey come up
with? Make yourself heard and hear it-

all on NIGHT CALL, the- new, nation litri.iciu Til Nil ,ADDRESS STREET, t NUMBER PHONE NO.

wide telephone call-in show.

Send my child SO copies of th* FLORIDA STAR on
: P.N..TO .
\AfpLpii:3o 12.-30AJ.: '
Afro credit 'to start aim ia 11.s I..ss. I will pay the
If IxnUHoiday Tlraifk Frilly WigIs FLORIDA STAR 15? for each copy h* sells. Those

Cell Cilliet that art not sold, 1 will return- and will. DOt b,* \
212-749-3311 required to pay for unsold espies
The United! Methodist Church ffiri. If Tit "Jrjrun Yy e lekSIGNATURE
Released in cooperation with the : I

National Council ot Churches ... .
.National Catholic Office for Radioed Televir wis. .. $19.95 if: -. .. OF PARENT GUARDIAN' i. .1l.

Florida Council of Churches' .'. "-'. -1\I :.' .. l.. .. .ti. :: ;'''l-,'' '. M.'ICE .>'. "t< kg .. .,


.' ..t p. .'i".Jttt."w."" rof.. .,

; ... a M r .. .

e ........(. .. ...... .
.. !i.I.. .. ..... .. 'l .' ,, .LOA 1..y""' --- : d. -

> I .


I White Baptist Ministers Rebel Against Convention's New Booklet On Religion I

St. TlMM Baptist_Wiaiirs Ffefct Leant Ahtri 'AbutIsak


I .. < Which Has !..i SRI

'BETHLEHEM BAPTBTt Rev W.L. Wailams, ptstor. Address: I the great Southern Baptist Convention, u June, INN, passed ,
MIS Madison Street resolutions as to the relationship of the church to an mea. The

Sunday School begins at 9:30: with Superintendent E. Sawyer lacharge. convention resolved to "accept every Christian u a brother
The morning worship begins at 11 t.m. KIT. William*, .beloved in the Lord, and to welcome to the fellowship of faith
church and, worship every person. Irrespective of race or class. "
members and the choir will gene at tW: for Atlantic
Beach where Ihey! will serve at lit PUgah AYE Church. The To add further impjrt to its church publication resulted a

BTU meet at S p.m. The evening service begins at I p.m. The t 1 decision, the convention reeeatly the cancellation of torn sub
young adult choir and Usher Board No. 2 will em throughout Issued a booklet, scriptions.Rev. .
the day. All districts will[ hart a Joint anniversary on October possibly controversial! "We
Harold Thompnon.pastorof
17. Her. S.L.,Badger will be the principal speaker. Bold These Truths. These
booklets have been sent to all Clearvlew Baptist Clnu'cIa"St. ,

TABERNACLE BAPTIST INSTITUTIONAL: : 903 East Union Street -Ii 1i Southern. Baptist ministers.They Petersburg, said, "I donl
believe the Lord Intended for
A rainbow wedding will take place Sunday at 4 p.m. Practice must make up their minds
different races to mil. The
wOl be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at the church. The young people u to bow to use the Information.The .
races can work together u
meet at 5JO p.m. The teachers meeting It Wednesday at 145. subtitle Is "An American
brothers in Christ, but ttshouldn't ,,
Dilemma and that relates to
Prayer meeting Is Wednesday at 7:30. All districts will meet ,
Sunday afternoon at J.JO: p m. In the church auditorium the American race problem and go to the point of
to the role of the church In Intermingling churches. Tail
FIRST BORN TEMPLE: Address: 125 West Monroe Street : 1N- r social action. booklet is trying to lore Integration t'

Sunday School begins at 10 a.m., with Minister McQueen lacharge. ;1 1 Rev Foy Valentin, secretary but churches cent *
The morning worship begins at 11 I..., with devotions oft!,. Christian Life Commission work that way I'd never turn
led by the missionaries. An appointee win preach. The TPCW t tr deplored slowness with from a Negro who wanted 10 ''
meets at SJO: p.m. Mrs Margaret Johnson Is president. The which the Negro has pro- bow Christ, but I'd morn-
Grant will This booklet la mend that he find a church
evening worship begins at 7 p.m Missionary W. gressed. *
preside all day. designed for help la that area. among his own peopU.M Ht
B Is divided Into six lessons contended that Negroes go to,

EMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH: Rev S.L. Badger. Address Ml sections. Sections concern the whit churches to test Integra" '
Forest Street. Negro la American history tloa. .
The teachers and Prayer meeting win be Tuesday at the usual poverty, open housing and Rev. Earl Edlngton, First
boar with the pastor and officers In charge. On Wednesday Choir segregation, race relations and Baptist, St Petersburg, smyss
No. 2 will rehearse all p.m. On Thursday at noonday the prayer the Bible. integration Is not the theme t
serrlce wW held southern whit la 0( the booklet "It Is a fair
be u well u the monthly conference, at the The Baptist
church.; The male chorus will rehearse at 740 Sunday School sin batty about race relations.A presentation of an sides of ,
begins at ':10 with Mrs. Mamie Fields and Deacon George picture of the late Dr.Martin the luuet"he said. .;.
Smith la charge; The lesson will be renewed by u appointee.Consecration ____. Luther King on the back of a .......
Is administered at 10:50 a.m. The morning worship Hundred: of churchgoers :.werepresent at toett Thomas Baptist 1* second from ltfL-. oad' from to;* right Is Mrs P. Clayton .
begins at 11 a.m. with the deacons charge of dovoUooals. The Chu-ch on September 21 to witness the crowning' cermons: rot and standing by her Is Mrs. Green with Baby Carolyn Douglas. GREATERJACKSONVILLE ;
hand of fellowship be glrea to new members. Holy Comraimlon the.King and Queen Contest between Rev aDd Mrs..W.C. Neal first la her class u a winner The Pulpit Aid Board sponsored FAIR -
services begin at 2tO P.. with Ret. Badger delivering the "King" W.C. Neal Is center right. the picture. "Queen" W.C. the affair. Mrs. Clayton Is president Rev. Na11a pastor of
message. Choirs No. 1 and No. 2 and Usher Board Boards No. land Neal is at his left Rev Green. on the far toft Mrs. L. Bowers tilt church.

No. 2 will "".. Mrs. Marlon Carter and C.B. Fisher will mil III. ICT. 1111 II S M.
be la charge of mns'e. The Romeom1DIs.nle. will be obserred
on Ottoter &'3.The sermon till be dailmed by Ret. Badger. Secoid .....lIsl Chick ,Oitl.nsSchedileFer Great Memorial Speaker GATOR BOWL COLISEUMShrine
At J p.m. Rev.Mi.Floney will speak.Rev. B.L. Wynn of Abyssinia
Baptist will speak In the "n1D(. Two Anniversaries I Ribbon Cutting Ceremcey-7 P.M.
Shrine Concert 7:30 P.M. Fltwvrks I P.M.

GREATER SraTFIELD BAPTIST Rtr. D.B. Barnes, pastor. Second Baptist Church will be the scene, from Novembe S to .
Address: IMS Harrison Street November 11, of Joint anniversaries, the Ultboflllt church Itself Ii 11 fElTIU lAYS
aDd the tenth of to Rev James Carl ,
pastor, Sams.
The church YWc.1tbrat.I1IMt1I1euaDdlbt tenth of the .pastor Tltlltl ICT. 21ft
from The theme of this historic visiting congregations and out
November 4 to 11. Ministers and congregations of various
churches will appear. Sunday. School begins at t.JO, with RalfordMcKionon congregation will be "We've standing ministers: as well u t. NIITIlIEuA'SIIIATESi I
superintendent, la charge. The erenlng servk begins Come This Far By Filth"Under wen-known Jaions In government t5
at 5JO with Rev. Barnes dellverine bath major sermons. The D. the leadership of Rev. and civic Uf*. FAMILY
B. Barnes Choir and Junior Choir, along with the usher board and Sams much bal been don In Serving on the a.unl'PIt.AaIAc I
Junior tuber will serve during toe day. WlUls: L. Young.omsklan the area of soul winning Stress Committee ant General INIEITAINMEMIIAITIII
will balp charge of a sIcc. Coosecratloa of all choirs has been placed on the total Chairman, Mrs. Emma L.
and mshers will take place la the Prayer Room with Rer. Dennis man la the crises of the told. Feather Co-chairman, Deacon i''t' wrm-icT. 11 1 11 '
Dr. Sams has kaslsed the Alexander Heard Chairman
Eaton la charge, at 10.50 a.m.COLOSS1ANS mi;> ;
Deed for higher education and Programs, Mrs. Vivian A his horN "Oldie"juNnE
training for mating the demands Chester; Co-chalrmu of Pro .. '
BAPTIST Rev RJ. Crawford, pastor. Address: IER ICT. 21 21
1154 Wed 31st Street of today. Consequently, grams Clark Wright! Chairman t '
Sunday School begins at I.M with the s Mrtntendent and teachers a definitely unbiased and ... of M as I e, Albert Bend tr- 11t at TV Fame

la charg The moraine worship begins at 11 a.m. The vnlng prejudiced approach toward son; Co-chairmaa of Music J linT LILLY II
worship begins at I p...Rev.Crawford win deliver both sermons. solving problems has been apart CharUsMaxwen.Chalrtnaa r J. Clown
Choir Nth 1 and Usher Board No. I will serve throughout the day. of the church's philosophy. of Printing Com Caeshns *
On October 14 Ite,.. Crawford and the church, will worship! with The.".. ,-tq program will. mitt**. Deacon Thomas WTlsoej j rilEIIIKS EXIIIITS flU SHIS.
testate singers,singing groups, Co-chalnuB of Rioting Com'maa Mule ,**"
the Mt. Pteasant Baptist Church.Prayer service will be held.. .every' \ ;iv.ti, Jonnj Rivers' Diving Art
Tuesday night at ,:JO. >< J- ?k --' mobs;Arthtb&1d 'PrttCbt.tp.IJ r/ltt .x ,Free Prformanes iMl4wayy'DallyILIE
Frleiilp'feapfe's of decoraUoos, Lwloas' Mrs. B.L. Carry win b* the speaker for the second annual l "
MACEDONIA BAPTSTi Rer. .Wilbur Burgess pastor. Address: Chester; Co-chairman of Women's Day Tea at Grant Memorial AXE Church, Sunday HISS SUIT .,CHn iliA'
3JJ3 Franklin Street. Women's Diy Decorations, David Roontr; October IS, at 4 p.m. Dr. A, Joapeh Rtddlck 1s pastor of the
Rev. Burgtss was called to Maredxia at the list conference. Chairman of Reception Committee church. Th unique affair will be held on the site d the new
Rev. and Mrs. Surges begin serving Sunday.The mblster comes Sii. Mrs. L C. Johnson; church ground. All are Invited. A. Paul Crawford Photo
.Scheduled For
from.the JuUngtoo Baptist Church of Loretta Fla Servkes at Chairman of Special Lighting
the church begin with the Sunday School: at 1.30: with Nathaniel and Signs Deacon George W. 1
Singleton and his staff of teachers la charge. Rev. Burgess will Street Friendly, will Tempi observe, Women's Morrlstetn; Co-c III I r III II. Gmt M/aerial SMasers TV i
give the review The consecration service begins at 10.4S a.m. Deacon Louis Ttrl'1f chairman A B
October 13 with the
Day on New Grinds Tti
with the pastor la charge. Music will be furnished by Choirs No. Sunday school opening at 10 I." of Courtesy Cochairman.Mr UN Mrs. StereoRENTAL
2 and No. 4 with James Kitchen and others at the instruments.Usher LuclU Scott Edward Waars College Glee
will be Social
Mrs. H. Sharp guest Made, Jokes: General Mrs. Bessl L. Canty :
Board N o. 2 will serve. Deaconess Board No. 1 will m.*t sisjMrlntendent\ Guest teachers ; Rom Demoustratloa Agent for Club>> and the United Choirs of i
after the morning W rahp.! At 3 p.m. the Missionary Society will will be Mrs. Alice Taylor Mrs. Secretary, Mrs. LU11 Johnson Duval County will be the pat Grant Memorial AME Church,
Chairman of Mrs.
celebrate the 37th year of Its founder. Mis. R. Cook, and the Dora KsUo and Mis. Ltmde History, speaker tends 13. along with tilt Walt Chorus
slxtyelghts of the society. Music will be furnished by Choir. No. Brlnson. Miss Margaret Black- Gladys Vaught; Co-chairman, when Grant Memorial Aidchurch of lilt church. ,
4 and Rev. William Barker associate aa..I1Iattrt.! will:: deliver the bear will be secretary. The Mrs. Anal Huff. WUbora sponsor lilt second Th chairman of tilt Hostess
sermon. BTPU begins at 8.30 with Mrs. It.!.. Polite la charge gueral review will com from And Mrs. Beatrice annual Pre-Womaa'a Day Tea Commute Is Mrs. Katie
The special feature wlUbvglvM' Er.IIUoDII and Rev. Barker. Sb Chester Aboer Stripling assisted Mm..
Mrs. E. WUsoo. at tilt MW church site, Flagg .Graves, by 1
Ball lacks
Mr Roberta
The Bible drill will be given by Mrs. Beanie Merchant The Roes Asqae Emma H. Morgan
D. 'otlo.al leaders for Snmlar Deacon K. Thomas ttreet and Kings Road 'rtOID [605 West 45th St. Phone 764-9591
evening worship begins at 1.30 with consecration. Both Ruth Poole.
major the morning s e r v 1 s e will ClenlandRaimo 4 to I p..
Deacon D.
sermons will be delivered by Re,. Burgess. Ou Monday night be Mrs Ruth J t1Ioa and Mrs. Mrs.Taylor Alezlna Johnson Mrs, CantyM address will b. Sunday School will meet at
the Macedjnla Christian Aid Society via Deacon James Mellon ,L. Brlnson, Mrs. Dorothy the feature of tilt vnlng. ':10 aje With A.V. Rose,
la charge will nuet On Tuesday night at 7:30 the Mrs Ruby Morilssette and officers incharg
prayer Samul and others will sing. Others who will participate superintendent ,
K.D. Britt and DMCOO L. Halt Grand New: 1968 1 Vs and
meeting Is held Ou Wednesday si I p.m Choir No. 1 and M",. 3 Mrs JesslsBlackshear will Introduce Williams b* Mrs. Estelle McKlsskk, *. Superintendent Role Is StereosDsllvsry
Alberta J.
will rehearse, On Thursday at ':J() the teachers will meat and the speaker, Mrs. Z. Mrs Mrs. Charlotte Stewart, Th asking that Interested persons
Bible study will be tutored Ou Friday Bight Choirs No. 2 and Stripling. Remarks win b*mad chairman of publicity. give old newspapers la me paper Wltfcli Th. H.ir
4 will rehearse. District Wo 4 will meet with Gloria Merchant, by Mrs. Louis Griffin. Grouter New Ittkel driv for new songbois forth -
MIl Franklin. Mrs. Bessie Merchant Is reporter. In the afternoon, at 4 p.m.. liptlstCfltketts 11IDIia11ebooL i

Mt. Tiber liptlst Chirck tilt....,FaithTempleChoirwill. Other participants will Dill Diy Suzy conference Th* fourth will b qtarlrly* observed flU Itllltll

tit the Hous of Prayer by Faith, Sunday. Th business session II CICIII CIECIi
Plus Two AiihrtrsirltsMt tilt BaUSlIlerl-1Ir1.Peterson, Greater New Bethel Baptist Church, 1na Mattos Avenue, win will be Monday night All boardsand
Th Huventry Fir* Gospel re celebrate Its annual Dual Day Sunday October 13. wUh services clubs art expected to mak

Tabor Rev H.T. Ovrstrst will marks. TIlt AI&bt..mee beatna thrOUCUW tilt cla1. written and financial reports.
Baptist Church pastor, All mint
with t5 EUaubeth W.F. Foster elder i it riitiiiE
> presiding
bold the fifty-first anniversary celebration of the church and at I p.m. Th Gospel Echoes Services will 'begin crmoals. Mrs. ,
the thirteenth anniversary celebration of ae,. Overs'reet and others will partklpat.< Sunday School at .JO.. Mrs. ,Smith will deliver the welcome of the South Jacksonville
beginning October 14, at I p.m when St Mark Baptist! Church Mrs Jean Randolph! will introduce M.E. Patterson will be peat address, with the response district, will deliver the day's
Rev. William L&verb, pastor and the Mt Vernon Baptist Church tilt speaker, Mrs. C. superintendent. Guest teachers'will coming from Mrs. Pauline .sermons. Dr A.JosepnReddtck1 t
Rev McCall, pastor open the week services with preaching Allbritton. 1Ir.Sails Kelter,, be Miss Amelia Barbary, Bright. Mrs. Gusi P. Gray is pastor.
and lnfln*, Is chairman. The acting pastor Miss Nadine Wright and Miss will be guest soloist
Pew Hartsfieldt Harlstleld and Mrs,.
will be Mrs. Victor Brlnson. Mrs.
On Tuesday, October 15, Mt pastor will be present en October Mrs. C.&. Smith wlU be th* also
will sing.
Elder D. J. Brlnson Is pastor. : Jewel Rainey !
Lilly Baptist Church, Rv.U 17. On October 13. Mt Mrs Rosa Stephens of West HELP ELECT AN EXPERIENCED

Grant, pastor will be Stag Baptist, Rev. Lane pastor New Betel. A.H.E. Union Baptist wlllb* toe guest
presaat. On October 10 FrIendskip wlU b* present .

BelstRev.Remuimith Rev, Regular services will be held. Plus $Service Thai offering will be taken by LYNWOOD
and Evergreen Baptist on October 20. Mrs. Mama Bell Harris, Mrs.
H.H.,Wright, pastor will par- On October 21, Bethel of toe New Bethel A.M E. Casr'ch Irene LM, Mrs. Gertrude
t1c1pa South Sid. Re,. David Johnson win observe Sunday services harry and Mr..Gladys Hender
St. Mark of Nw Berlin, Rv. and EmE Baptist, rROBERTS
pastor with Rev. E. Jones preaching lOlL Mrs. gladys Wright will
Jones pastor and LUO Rock Rev. S. L. Badger, u yeti u at both services.Sunday mate ot natlClal. Mrs. Jeter
B ptlst. Rv. W, C. Mitchell West Friendship Baptist Re,. school begins at ':11 Moore will iprss appTKla-i .

Peoples R. L. Wilson putor,w1U pirtlclpate. with Superintendent 0. F. Don tiara TOCONSOLIDATED
Yong .. aldson in charg Th morning The Youth Hour will be told
All services win b e 11 n at services will begin at 11 a m. at 3 p.m. Mrs Jospehln*Moor*
Uifoi Will MeetThe I p.m. with the young adult choir serv- Is chairman. The Youth Choir CITY COUNCIL

Mt. Morieh A.M.E.'s ing. Supervisors are: Mrs. M.- of the Holy Temple Church
tour Peoples' Union A. Jones Mrs. J. Balky and of God In Christ will sing. ON 000115-
win be lIIittS".October U, Woaei'sDayWHl Mrs RaU/th A.C.E.Fellow- Miss Brenda Alberta will lead ,
at 3 p.m., at First ]Bora Church hip win meet at 9 p.m with devotions. Miss Veronica Phillips Orl a Friend Who Has Protected Welfare PrograsMu
No. 2. Elder Flax Boward.pastor. Be Held October 27 Mrs. B. J. Portia In charg MRS. C.SMITH mistress of ceremonies, Your Dun County Budget Comraisstoii
The TUlmarettes will The evening worship will begin win be Introduced: by Miss Josephine -
Mt Marian A.M.E. Church tilt Wad will
tit hosts. There are B groups at 1:20.Special pastor for y. Moor Mrs. Mary e LYNWOOD ROBERTS Went To Tallahassee to Battle lot
99 Oak Street, Rev. J. W.Jones to the morningservk*
In this oloo. Mrs. bs Harris vii hold its Women's projects will b* sponsored preside will In Sanders will grtogtn welcome More Money for Dural Medical Center
pastor Mrs. Ada Brown b*
is president. Chuck McCUla la on October 12 and 19.
Mrs. Marion Wilson will sing
Day Anniversary on Sunday.October with
charge of devotions along
reporter. 27.On .. Th church. Is located at Tyler Mrs. WUU*Ma*RMS*and Mrs.Ardi Mrs. Loan glob of Folkston, Pledges Full Co-operatloa In Building Better School Program for An Amt Cafldret
Norse Of God Sunday October 1J,toe Sunday and Third.Mt. Ma Diaglurty. Bethlehem Ga, will alsoslog.. Mrs. Kale
school opus at 9 JO, with Ararat Uiilli Baptist Chorea's Usher Afivitton wiU be tilt principal C FORCAREFVLSPENDINGOFOimTAZMONEYONDERCOKSOUDATEDCOYERNMEMT
Feast Mrs. hellos Bryant la charg Board No. 3 will serv*. speaker, representing the
Closes Amal The morning service at U I... Celefcfilioi Mrs. Angela McBride'winb* Chorea of God b Christ of tilt- Tell York FrlH.s Aboil.,. i
Tb*' Boise of God, 1 1Mharry. win feature a religious service Choir No. 1 of Mt Ararat tilt put musklan. 1 Choir .Tube We
will hold the closing conducted by tilt Junior churchdepartment Baptist Church will celebrate of St Matthew Baptist. East "D.will b* In charge at
of the Fast of tilt Hamston for Women's Day. tilt 49th anniversary October: 14 .Sid*, win sing Mr*. Beul MS p.m. Deacon Andrew LYNWOOD : ROBERTS
October It, beginning at Mrs. Mary Nealy supervisor.Mrs. at I p.m. in tilt church auditorium. Mason -win gin tilt mission .Thomas will lead devotions. '
11 .... Bishop Dottan Folk Lemon Rtddlek lid Th public is Invited. prayer Mrs. R. Smith will read Deacon J.D. Norris win be' ItMcrtt piu fwd Alt -
U pastor. Mrs. B.L. Brown Mrs. Agnes Jones will sponsor Rv. Dallas J. Graham Ispastor. tilt .Scriptures. Mrs. JessU master of crmonls. DMMQ ,

U reporter, a pew rally. Ellis win serve u mistress of CONTINUED ON PAGE 7 ',!


} : 4

...: ...:-. ". :., 1:.', y" .t. .. 0' I'. .; .0'-. I-a" .......t.J.-' ...'...\ji", ...: ./ .: ., WataN.Jo +........;' ..z..1 ". -.. _l i '. ; .::.. .. : .;.*-ft.->*1..v : -a' -,-'itf.-------I-"----- ;:_1 *' 'r-J---' -i- >-'. jj:

.. '. ', 4 .. ., '. .. '. ', ,
1it.'. .

lilY KIHH 12, mi.
$All ,
r ,m i on firm ---

; t"


Pibllsbed by the Florida Star Publishing Company "
-Ire ? WSNCa4 }



the war In Vietnam Isn't the top
\ I It is becoming my clear that
\ campaign\ Wilt Neither is crime, law and order or lDOaUoa.l
In tills elecUOD campatp &a one that-

NEGRO PREMlMCERNATIONAL" ; some candidatesminantcateratoo but none meatlons out load-lear.

We w havetogobackag\>' many years to find an electorate
'ai frightened and insecure u the present one. Back ID nn,

'President Franklin D. Roosevelt -

EIIC I. SlMrSIN..IANAfilNfi EIITII told a frightened nation:Ift '
"' only thing w* have tofear I r

HIM VIITEN..CIICIIATIIN is fear Itself." Those words
..fA1 bear repeating today.
What people are afraid of, of
2323 MINCIIEF MAI is social change The _

;:world coarse is getting increasingly\ __
MINE 3541712 MAILING AIIIESS complex; people find It hard to __

4" I understand the new attitudes of _I __

P.I. IIX 4 their children, or the new assertiveness -
SSI IACKSINTILLE, FLIIIIA r of black citizens I

who were silent sifferers for
32211 re k rr too long -
We :hare to understand too, that much of insecurity that

5111 MIAMI IfflCE 5111 .... '7tl" LIE haunts so many otherwise status. well-off middle class people Is due
to their newly-won
Barely a generation ago the parents of today's affluent middle
PURE 7513171SUBSCRIPTIONS classes were standing on unemp'oyment lines or were employed

In relief projects like WPA, PWA and others during the Depress
RATES t sion. And many who get so worked up because of welfare grants
One Year, $12.00 Half Year, $7.00 to black mothers conveniently! forget that the welfare checks

Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States their own mothers/ got thirty\ years ago kept them alive and enabled .

Subscription payable in Advance them to go to scbooL
tt took the war and economic boom time since then to put\ most
Send Cheak or Money Order to: i Americans Into the middle elm.The government tort darn black

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 slums to make way for expressways that rmsned whit people out

JACKSONVILLE.FLO1.IDA SttOl, y of the central cities, and the government lent them moJM1111d
Insured their mortgages so they could create a suburban dream

WHEN IS PROTEST.. DISSENT OR A RIOT world income Into, culture which or black education.people could not move regardless of their

Some of these same people are now screaming about governmat.
spend( on poverty, but they didn't era down the handouts :hat
The News Medii licreise helped put them Into the middle class, and they are,,' returning

any of the money they are still gettingfrom government sources.
Nuro EIIipiyeteet YOUR Their beef isat really about government spending\ ,but government
WeeklyHOROSCOPE spending on today's poor and no measures to help .croe'lIId

A new law forbid advertisement from mentioning other minorities reach the same middle class status they've Just

sex and race In seeking prospective employees The In. attained.\
tent of the law Is honorable but It has created problemsfor And that's the tear that Is gripping H many |*opU Iodiys8o

employers who want to Increase the number of their : t GUIDE ,.a.- long U blacks art confined to ghettos, rendered powerless and
Negro employees. t dependent, many people feel secure and even superior.
One watches with Interest the number of Negro Jour* .\1 ,2- But once they see a black family aao'fIDIlDto a neighborhood;

nalists being employed by the big dailies In Florida Ten. I Ineuee. : : a black child at school with their kids, a blacksupervIsM. on

and many other states In the Southeastern regIon .: ly PAI10 The ASTROLOGER :. the lob they feel their status is threatened
In this respect Tennessee leads the pack In term of the I Its Irrational fear, even a hysterical reaction, but it exists
number of sad some candidates for office are shrewdly appealing It. Law
Negro the
newspaper employees, according to
Southern Education Reporting Service. I and order and en(me la the streets become tie great code phrasts
WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS that gather the Insecure around safe Issues. Few talk about
Tennessee reported 10 full-time news office staffers
I Justice, without which there can be no tow and order.
and nine other employes For Instance The Nashville
Crowds cheer when George Wallace talks about running over
Tennessean has four Negro llllera-a '. .
religion news FOR
demonstrators la his car, or letting the police loose on anyone
a photographer a and reader.
reporter a copy
not of approved color or political opinions.
In second place comes our own state. Florida with Some of the statemeaU I've beard la recent vets snu U ala

eight lira with permanent six. Negrp staffers followed. by North Caro BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL kind of neo-fascism that represents a sick element la our

political\ life. It's time our political leaders stopped catering to
Only Mississippi, and-we expected this, and Louisiana ,_ --. .'eF I.i the tearful and the apprehensive,aad started to appeal to the best
were found to have no desegregation on their newspaper ... ".W, ':V,; *< I3IK14 *t>:1 la .atf tbR jfrcjnt,,generous people of good,wlllwtwwlUw&n&nd
suns, ... v, A J I "" ". l I"'r.. b, C'': t: r' e fr cfctnurn ..b' that changing tilt' social and tconoaM system that
Although ;this rapid increase the employment of' 'AllR go forth on ,ostova voyagerd CIMICIIRNn oppresses a tenth of the population will bereft: all Am icui.
Negroes the newspaper field occurred: within the last intellectual discovery. Ton

three yean a few papers have had black newsmen for :1.I..JtfLC'' will taeonaltr doubting SIN I.23r' he.22H AS IT LOOKS FROM HERE
periods up to 17 years. %J tt.. Tnomasta everywhere but ITS 124t' UN. 1111There's ,

This should encourage more of our youth to go into Try everything We seldom to be expected. No help wanted. Friends'who a new day. If you think BT JAMES LEWS:
Journalism. If so, we warn them that a mastery of good realise how many things versa i M 11 11 51 5i22il !
haveteen color
art truly worthy of the name wW that some of your friends The racial complex is a concocted Idiosyncrasy
English grammar and spelling is a must. do until we art faced with the scrupulously refuse to become behaving ratter queerly that makes human reasoning mythical, It behooves me to

necessity of having to do item Involved in marital controversies. for quite some time past you wonder what some Caucasians would do If they knew that Jesus
Many tare U\C1\E\ \
persons field of entered The tact that they maybe piobably art right,They maybe Christ was a black man. Maybe that's the reason the Jews dart:
entirely endeavorand
asked by one partner or the making strange marriages,. worship him. Then, on the other band some of them are black
Mere Tkn At Mikes A. Mn nave succeeded la master- JILT 22d'' other to intercede should not harboring peculiar philosophies too
the Its U be
tag techniques and essential It
b reverse a convince them to change their, or Just simply being 1 an reminded! of a Joke told to me by friend la Florida. Be
From time to time we have heard the statement, w.bcJw else's far beyond their or tt for source each of wonder to note that minds |g this COIIDtd1oII. !D, thoroughly m JI I er 10 II about said a prominent\ Negro actor was visiting la England. He passed

"we should give youth time to grow up." This declara anyone It is ssaalial expectations to form a be step taken forward the first puce U would not be everything.\ Ho matter bow u Englishman with a huge Newfoundland: dog on a leash. He
you may slipping back
lion has truth two.. fair sorely tempted may be to asked the "W 41 kind of is thatrThe
some in It but not the whole truth. partnership to achieve ultimate tt Uot too difficult to to ask them to do so since you Englishman. dog
We have no faith in this idea. A boy becomes a man aims give tile possibility realty. is define, U so often is the case, they give them the benefit of some Englishman' replied, "He's put Wager and part ..o.b."
when he starts to think and act like a man and not at serious consideration. Jupiter retrograde ercury making things going could be the first ones to be sober Canricornlaa advice, restrain The actor nonchalantly replied, "Ob,he's kin to both of us then?"

any certain time The law sa\s one is a man when he conjunction Pluto Indicates that that way. So be prepared appear blamed when things do not workout the urge B will not be The Englishman didn't resent It, because perhaps be would

reaches 21 years, but some individuals are still boys at future prosperity 01 security when you are called to TIll crisis if there is one, heeded and may even be resented rather be aa s ob. than a nigger.
tift y. upon Is apt to come to a bead on the unity it Is solicited. la the 1950s, I was covering the International Surgeon's
,may depend on personal and give aa accounting: of things that
We admit that when one reaches 21 his education Joint efforts exerted la the, wen believed to be done andover 15th ICta. But the desirability And this Is not likely to be Convention la Chicago and had the privilege to dine win a
and maturity have had a chance to develop and broaden. present. 'This should be the with. Steal a march on of not airing U beyond the confines the cast. Wt often have to. prominent Minneapolis' surgeon (white, of German descent), to
Age does not make the man but rather experience and mala topic of conversation. would -be tormentors by of your own intimate surfoundings watch loved ones rushing headlong interview him relative to some technical phases of the profession. .

the desire to be a man. 'The possibility clan edrangs.med Boring out la advance Just is. also tT tflirlS Into trouble without, being His guests were a native German surgeon and his wife.As .
: In some states looms large and tt able to ,lift a finger to nekj "we were dining the guests came up to the table. My host
a youth can't vote until he reaches a may what possibly could be brought rW W ITM. 583
certain age. often 21. May be caused by a clash of interests. and them. Any attempt to do so asked them to be seated and Join us. The woman reluctantlyhesitated
we say some youth are ready BD, byb vingantmagimdinplan
to vote at fourteen of afl would, only hasten their flight because: on either side of the table: lilt would have
years Remember the of ready to provide 1I*
age ,and precipitate the actual been seated next to me. My friend doctor looked at her onerously
early American 1.100 U .1g .
pioneer periods. Many of these sa in factory answers or solutions SClIPII
boys event that we would like to '
and "On has little off
exclaimed Just a black but it won rub
were at thirteen
men and
fourteen ? I .* M 'l'j'- h. u'.in ISIS ICT. prevent on fOIIl"

IIiNCIPJIL 24tl NIL 22H 7 '- 40, M 11-71-749 had The lost woman her appetite.shyly embarrassed, sat down caution/, but she

2111 MIY2111Seek ullfrin Make tt big As long U one Back la IMS a friend! and I were driving from Los Angeles to
takes the pains of wishing for IlltUISIUN Washington, D.C.. via Texas. On the outskirts otSweetwater. we
AlctfetlThe Reid Killer, stability. Despite tardoubts 22H1 All. Uti anything at au. there 1s little noticed a roadside eat stand
that may be crossing point wasting tae effort on a JAN.21th We stopped walked up to the counter and ordered two schooners
Surveys or studies repeatedly have indicated that it .your IIIJDd, or that may intentionally Ask why.11 nbt entirely satis trifle tt it is not going to be FEI. llti of beer. We were served without question After we had finished\

doesn't pay to drink intoxicants while driving, but some be pot there,lose should fled with services given or granted, there is nothing lost It all depends It has occurred and paid for the beer,the waiter slammed both glasses la a metal
learn. have its say. Where ills absent, obtained, or with the.lack of If tt is Just well
people never yon may as time and again that the homespun ;Container, breaking them into pities.
The use of alcohol by driven and pedestrians, too happiness will also be lacking. personal progress In any d.- receive all that yon can handle.. phfce ty of the man lathe My fried looked at me kastodahmedwbal ordered two more.
leads deaths and total of at least 800,000 A person alone will not nave sired direction there mudeeuurty Thus 1s.a period when couples' ,
to some 25.000 a street Is worth more than After we finished each pair the.vaster broke them right!. in front
be tt
much Incentive to strive a reason
crashes each year" says a Transportation Department very should draw closely together4specially tile considered opinions of a of us, never saying one word
study. The report, which was required by the 1966 High bud for even the simplest Joysin lor one that It will 11 have muck to be sought e when they both speak roomful of experts despite\ the I couldn't drink but six, my friend five tt amused. us to see
half of the drivers life tt the right one comes may deeper the language of love. B wouldbe bow stupid people be
way Safety Act says that more than general belief. ,And why DOt! can over the color complex
than is the
killed in single-vehicle crashes had been drinking It, along give your heart u even. tt anabU apparent to on surface. a matter mutual protection Those who concent rate too much During my death-bed interview with the late Senator BUbo of
of with
chance making a iVtfltlTUt come a .
: up
concludes that alcohol the largest single factor in traffic that could change present plausible answer all by yourselfand .u well u Inspiration to discuss on one specific subject cu.btco.t ,, Mississippi at the Touro Hospital New Orleans tm 1947. 1 asked
everything and to agree the Senator "Do
deaths. one-track minded. you really Negroes are Inferior to
la time tt
existence to a more meaningful.one. good may beat
home and on basic paints and policies, Other who live lift U whites?"
When one imbibes heavily he should go This whole cutter again cu.UJ to seek guidance as comes,
sleep it off. By doing this he may save his very own' U accentuated by contradictory elsewhere. No matter how raw 4TO -..M.15'. 36 gel and mix freely with Individuals He answered "No, it's not a mental or physical inferiority,
all shades of viewpoints but a cultural and habltual difference but 1 if dpolWca1l4aCCUI.
life. representing use for my
this the Leo
i seta of aspects on the lID may rub pride it
Does he stay at home No, indeed. You encounter, would be preferable to keeping\ SUI1TAIIISMil. often become: nature's1 _
these fellows football in cafes buses and, philosophers What is important "For instance I see a prominent-looking Negro dressed in a
at games, on B U .'Utt57* on traveling in the same old
everywhere they ought not to be. rut and simply getting nowhere.I ., NOV.23rd to many may, to ....erou''Aqaarlul. $ZOO suit driving a new Cadillac a ".000 diamond cia hi*
appear to be a finger, riG owns a 150,000 home and a prosperous undertaking
IEC. 2st.]
i1fllt'y'' I -. li ts-ss-tu colossal fraud. bIa1Deu.
Something's new. There' III "I turn around and see a poor peckerwood
barefooted riding
This Week la Neirt Hlstsry 21st ; I Jiit gist\ 111(1 your change notice that of must late,.one.. come that has to <.. fo -71-55-U4 a peckerwood.male.. shirt be tors is ,better who can than eat Ottti5aer-ndhe nothing but I tell this

Work la blessing. What 1swfong IK.2Jr believes me.
mi William Still who directed the UDderCfOllDd1ia1lr0a41a to do with friends aid-ipant-| When election time '
October, : with having to labor? comes around .. goons vote for me. Wbea .
Philadelphia was born. {History Is full of precedents : < SIN..22II sores in particular. Those you PISCES. .that Wager gets that much money, he ain't thinking about no ,
of races long vanished Its a favor. Nobody likes to known for a long timemay It, .. voting/'.
October, 1(97: Elijah liuhammtd, leader of tht Muslims In have plans Interfered with nor be taking on DeW perlOlll1WaI Mal. BUbo, way nas n Negro I
because. they did not have to and lltl 2lti Powell daughter who tse4 to aIDe Ii
UJB., bora Elijah Polls, la Georgia. struggle in order to survive. being subjected to what appearto la becoming unpredictable Clayton i cllJarQ cor Ia Mew York.Her Mmeli TIIIreaa
be needless delays But look many ways. Others, Bold tilt trump. Those of yon Bar matter vu a ltecro
TIll worst evils to be found woman whom BUbo dit.'bee
Frederick Douglass appointed minister to are used to
October I 1819. newly
acquire; art of an who have the say-so regarding be
today within tht nations where back on the put and try to wag attendlog the thlversity aI Ykhlgu when
be received
a1tL entirely different make-up than tile earning and 01 his
'tne good We Is a reality rather recollect when similar circumstances spending Doctor d laws degree.

1 October I 1S42: Ethiopia the oldest independent nation la than a slogan or 1Dctat1,.. Individually had to be coped with. those accustomed.to whom In you nave grown money have a powerful trump: Tcik7, .sa lOa accepts. Ia u JaIl baJf11ate ADd her malber
TM may then realise that whatever many ways,they card that can be and to check b pee &liter 01 'Mr. obA" who
Africa, becomes SOta member of the United Nations under tile westebaWledwhenwe win be far more entertaining the unrestrained ways family 0 a Negro aiaDacu BUbo s
happened to bold ,acre pecaa grove ID
yon Pbplaville
and up
leadership of Emperor Halle SeUasit. art working vying, then could have been a blessing than ever, and art likely to members or associates It These 1DCJdeJIta give tile picture. M1u
facing eaoroosscba1tengss/!I, draw into the foolhardiness ci tilt
yon strange and advanced should be brought out rtlactantly color
in disguise. This Is the view very aDd It to show
.even if we are not exactly: aware eooplexx bow stupid people CIA be aDd
October 10. 1'55: The UJ.SiOr.m.Coerladsrdthllbtnnlyd tab at circles where your own and only la cast of
should present punish\
Alabama to admit Aatbtrtne lAIC, and Polly Myers, who bad of the fact: at the moment Tnt you confronted with situations that Intellect can be highly dims, absolute j urgency, not only, to faa b1acl. themselves to prove white .sa biter'i'' ;i

been denied entrance to tht,university la 195 because (they story of Columbus and tile discovery hamper and restrict. Jupiter Wed. Do not resist for It II'JIUI maintain harmony but in cast he always beta shown that black 'i
were Negrost.October and subsequent develop* of life, one that could prove that aa' even more pressing comes to dress clothes aDd Is superior to white when It
meat of America provide excellent to be a genuine domobllea-so I'. taking l for
turning point need arises laths future .rrutt4 that bt same rlucln..UOD
It, 1492: Pietro Alonso, "U N1&ro"be Negro), was examples of tht correctness "which yon cannot(afford to miss If l's IRlUea to tile coiit ci tile
cot .the pilots on Christopher Columbia' voyage to America. of this belief Bead It and t.- 66, -IS .11. U (34 1-.)0 .44 ir9.48S '1 *'JO15 -J4-W-7M .from::re m I Ntcro. ADd that's the way It locks

J j
1> t

.:.. .... '
-- --
-- -- ---- -



St. Stipkei's Wtnii's Diy CilntoEvtits SLrMattiew WHIM'S Dar leaders Friendly Westside' 175 Ministers Cither Fr sac

I' Will Faitira. Ciiicilam Mitkls p r Union .Announces. Tr.llili Ceififc !I. Wisctuta

St. Stephen's Ala: Church, FlfthandDavis8treetswlll sponsorS CONTINUED FROM PACK Special'.Heeling ATLANTA,Ga.-Dortat the week September IS.I?, IN' si

fashion show oo Sunday October II, at 3.30: p.m. featuring Church, 1934 West Ninth, at Ip spa the American Baptist Assembly Green Lake,. Wisconsin, one
many of the city's outstanding models, musicians tad stylists. ,m., Monday, October 21.Mrs., The Friendly West Side Union hundred seventy-five Black pastors from the 15 tartest cities
Models win be: llri."'Corlne Male Chorus meots for a special in the United States met In the annual seminar of the Ministers 1
old twin girls o! Mr. and Mrs. Mary Singleton will speak. M rehearsal andbnilnessconference Leadership Training
Program of the Southern Christian
Waters Gladys CrappsAadrey Other Leadership
Louis J. Ha'lFe11.DnaaDdDa.'JdParter. wlll'M
Jones on October 12.at 7 Conference of which the Dr. Ralph David
Kin Charlene Taylor.Mrs. Sinai Abernathy
and Kim Victor ForestMarshall present. Mrs. Dora Brown Is lathe maUTnnlt of Mt. a present.
Ron Johnson
lilts Catherine

Day C. Genwrifht, Catherine Johnson Johnson son of Mrs.hair president Baptist Church; 1551 L* Street. Rev T.T. Rogers Jr., graduate ,,colonts+tlaa," "Black Man la
Robert McLendea and Allen lifted Sunbeam Rev. Benjamin Jtt'rlOIIlane of C r 01 If Theological Politics," Federal programs,
stylist will exotic hairstyles Singers
Clarke. present to pastor. Mrs.CatherlneW. Seminary 1960 and with experience Generation Gap Poverty;
Children modeling will be: of 1'lter4a11D4 today;' The Sunbeam Sykes, 'lbom..Dow aDd Ja mi' in both urban end Violence in the Life of the
and will present his own orl- Gospel Singerswill
Maxim M. Rarveywillbelncbarge.7begroup soother pastorates describesthe nation and the whole question
S. Shnmad, learn and ,
llnal creations. Be 1s a senior gin an after-service program
will hold its second
Marvette HoweU, to months Ministers Leadership of Black Power.
at New Stanton Senior Rich la Mt. Moriah Baptist
rr anniversary Monday evening, David Abernathy
Training Program as designed The Dr. Ralph
School and a member of the Church, 1953 West NlnthStreet
November II, In the main auditorium to re-define the of the of Southern
Contestant' president
United Presbyterian Church. for District No. 2. Deacon E. a
_t of Mt. Sinai at 7.4: Jp.m. Black Church structure Christian Leadership Conference -.
Mrs. Marian wbltehead disc Stern Is leader.Rev.H.L.Herod
Joseph P. ,Lens: is president.Sonlight .- positive programs In Black described the ministersIn
.Jockey, will serve narrator. Is pastor. Mrs. Addle Andrews, left above and Miss Gloria Motley right churches, alleviate the attendance as "Prophets of
Mrs. EthelBrenportBenmlahr above, are chairman and co-chairman respectively of the annualWomen's Pallbearers problems in the ghetto and to Protest" whose task It ls to
will direct the church door Kenny MemorialMrs. Day celebration at St. Matthew AME Church, 2072 develop the kind of Black pastor Interpret God's will and make
prises. This is an annual pre- Commonwealth, during the Tooth Hour at 3 p.m. Women's Day
who will carry on the work of the church relevant In the life
sontatlon of the Diana Storesat A. Collins will have will be held on October 20 with other services during the day., No. 58 In AnniversarySunlight Dr. Martin Lather King Jr. o! modern man.
St. Stephen charge" of the service at the Outstanding talent and speakers win appear.Rev.Eugene MobleyIs .
and ultimately "Redeem the Rev. Rodgers feels that It maybe
Pallbearers unit No.
The Junior Fashlonettes Kenny Memorial Rouse of Prayer pastor. "
58 wW celebrate its anniversary Soul of America. necessary for Black pastors
Models and Hostess Club win 40 Pawls Avenue Service
The major emphasis of the to disavow relation with
be the guest hostess troop.The begins at 7:30 p.m. and wW on October 13,at 3p.m. any
supervisor and the Hostess run through October IS. Rev. at Mt. Slnal Baptist Church, workshops and addresses were organised religion as it exists
Your Good Health urban problems especially: as In this country at the present
Sixth and Ue
Club of the church will serve, J.K. Jackson.Is pastor.
with Mrs. Maggie Slmms U Rev. Lane will read the Scriptare. they relate to the Black communities time In order to enable the
of the cities. Christian church to recreatethe
chairman.The Mrs. Fannie Reed will be
PSORIASIS .concentration and disappear Lecturers dealt with the kind of Christ Ian comntinlty
II Concert of ceremonies. Mrs.
women will present the It Is estimated that several completely daring sleep. "Possibilities of Urban and tellowshipwhlcbchaacterb -
casual Kickoff: Tea Sunday million persons have psoriasis, The victim often has a dull Willie Ma, Williams will give Ministries," "Politics of De lied the early church.
October 20, In the tdJC&uoaatbuI14IDl \ a chronic akin disease theaua .tlPrtl.loa.dulllot1 'a mental the welcome Mrs.Theresa Hall
of the church. Mrs.Katye of which Is unknown. Although .deficiency but to a lack of will respond. Ffank Bush will
t Stickler will be soloist this disease Is not fatal, mobility ci: facial muscles. The slat and Mrs Essie M. Me-
for the event Speakers will be the large shiny scale' art speech ls likely to be slow Duffle will give a reading Mrs. Medic.Service.
Clansel Brown of the Urban unsightly and a cause of embarrassment and monotonous and the gait, Willie Lee Tanner will sing,and
MISS DEOMIA PORTS League Mrs Janie Johnson : to the victims. These shuffling. The disease Is slowly Mrs. Linda Waters will rea .
Mrs. Battle DU and Robert C. scales are most commonly seen progressive but Is not fatal. Mrs. FlortDt Wilcox president,

Kiss .Deldra UShaOe Portia Williams, panelists. The i on the scalp, elbows, knees and Prevalence of this disease appears will nuke remarks,
.is a .uw..Mias Woman's quesUo-asd-answer period, hips but may occur anywhere. to be Increasing, doe la llls
Day" contestant at New Bethel will be conducted by Mrs. Spontaneous Improvementoften part to the fact that a temporary SCLC Official HIT
AME Church Illas Portia lethe Geneva Wheeler. The public Is occurs la summer as a form of palsy la some persons
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Invited result of both warmth and Is brought oo by taking certain Ordered By DoctorsTo FAMILY filllPSIEIIII6
Dale Portls She Is enrolled Professor Mathew McCoy of sunlight. Improvement eaa drugs, notably, traaqulUsers. s
kindergarten. Miss Portls U Mt. Ararat Baptist Church,musician be .1tt throughout the vest The drags used to treat Parklasonism -,
the granddaughter of Rev and and soloist, will appear a sun lamp b tact, are many sad varied Take ReslCIDCAOOCNPIJ'l'btR. ,
Mrs EUsba! Jones. Other eon In a recital on October 10 at I:,: moat victims prefer to ue a and a victim often has to try .. j CIYEUCEmmu
Instants are Miss Tandra Mai- I p.m. In the main auditorium if lamp at home la summer rather several different.d.-ug= to find ) .
,, Jesse U Jackson national
and Miss Zandra Gilbert h "* di
bury 0 the than expos their akin lesions one that gives him the best
The contest will close October Activity Wek begins on :" :: on a public beach. results.: rector Operation Breadbasket,
20 at 3 October SO and ends October has been ordered by dxtorsto
p.m. Many dttterentdrvgn have beea la reeeat years, surgical
27, Worna's Day. Mrs Geneva wed la the treatment of this treatment has been found to take a two month rest after fiUPT IEUTEIT
Wheeler Is chairman of the disease sad meet of them an benefit a group of cuet.u,' 'it was learned he Is srterlng
.J> I from mMnoucleosts, a blood
program committee. Mrs. I I found to work well oa some selected: patients. This consists
Mabel_ Jones Is co-chairman. MRS. ALICE BURROUGHS persons bet not on others;so the of destroying a small area lA' affliction. that can lead to leukemia. OFFICE IIIISUK ,
fcev. J.S. Johnson pastor, 1s problem of the Individual ls to the braID by beat, Injection .
I Indisposed at his home. The Royal Rouse of Windsor, find the one that works best with alcohol or by treesing.la The only aatld>tes to mononucleosis "- : 11 MM: :
The Phltos will nutt oo Friday of Mt. Olive AME Church will for him. the hands of surgeons well are sleep and rest,
algM, October 11, at I p.m.. present Mrs Alice Burroughs The old standby coal tar ointment versed la the fretting method, said Rev. Jackson, who has
\ In the home Mrs Audrey Jones, gospel singer\ and a memberof has the disadvantages of the results have beta excellent of coav'Alned about frequent boots SAT. ARI SIMATlliAM II
309 West Itm Street. They the choir, in a recltalSandir, being messy and staining the A finely-pointed' probe cube listlessness The ministertermed
1, went oo a sumovtr vacation October 20. at 7.30 p.m., la the clothing bat It works. It enhances called: to a subfreetlngtemperautre his ailment "an extreme : Tl 3PH: .
after a social hoar la (he bone church auditorium, Mrs. Ruby the healing effect of mad applied briefly to the case of tired blood
I'I : of W.. Catherine Jones After .HtrD oa will serve as:narrator. sunlight and 1s BOW available exact ana to be destroyed. growing out of an "attenuated'
vacation they resumed their The concert ls la the Interestof la aa improved traeless 'With this method, the danger period exhaustion
antics and held ttelr first mwt- the Queen's Day observanceon stainless form. of Injuring normal areas IsHreatly Rev. Jackson said tour attacks
log In the home of Mrs.Mildred October 27. Mrs Mattie C. Other preparations that reduced. of himThe powmwla have weakened BOB SMITH V t

Bailey. They are making plea Campbell will compete for the contain salicylic add and sulfur With modern treatment, physiotherapy ,
for tall activities. All members honor of the Queen from CM } beea found to work well aid various cIvU rights leader, who
will attend the n* tlnf.Fttdaylght House of Windsor. eve scalp.: A newcomer U >mechanlral aids, most victimscan recently became la ordained :
October 2S. A p..-Rs1- the field U a cream that cars for themselves. Any minister has recently been FASHION STUDIO'i
'I t low,'. party will be given U,, Patter contains cortisone. 'thing that decreases or eliminates ,J lading boycotty of At P stores, ,
t which accused of to
are talllni
... the BOOM of Mrs.Mt.r1OGft1te-' This product tires the best their depeadeaceoa :
.' 'j retfUl to
".Jj e I, bead, X041 Baldwla..Ths e public results whs a U is wed with ethers helps to keep ap their black workertr agreements vpfrada 2422 N. Xjllll All ; '
Is Invited one of the tar olat eats.Amlaopterla morale and adds to their enjoy 7(1:3211
and mrthotraxale are meat of life .* ** ,0(

Mts Katrlna Curt U one of SoittsUe WIYHM advisable only la the treatment --- ------- tt

fair gins comiMUng for the of very seven cases ands t

I title/ -Little MU Womea'sDay4 Has Mu's DIY rWa only den. strict medial super* / EDGEWOOD
sponsored by the New t
Bethel AME Charch. Katrlna1s Wayman Chapel A. M. C. Recently has bees foeod that
I the daugtfer of Mr. std Mrs. church, SouthSide.will observe diet can be aa Important factor AYE B STORE
WUbur Casoa, 17M West llth Men's Day oo Sunday October la treatment Normal persons 1
Street. She U a first trader t.startlagwltbthegud$, eUaimate taarlae. andamiao OPEN
at Richard L. Brown Elementary school at I.M. Rev.A JosephReddickofGraatMemorlal acid, but persons win psoriasis MARKS y
cannot do so. SUPER ,,, .
School. The contest will I
close on Sunday, October 20, A.M.E.: will speak la the morning -. Since this amino acid 1s found I A.M. III '.1.
at 1 p.m service. 'RTV.C.I. SMITH ta mast foods of animal origin ,-&&'" ..
Rev Allen Weaver of Or- those who have psoriasis domuch J
Ciircl Of Christ lull will preach la the afteraeon Rev. C.E. Smith is pastor better If they avoid beef
at I Dm. Rev. A..C. of the Greater New Bethel Baptist lamb pork eggs and dairyproducts '"
bnaxuef or M. rsu A:.... Church 7921 Mattox. come victims how
Will Serve Tea Jacksonville, will preach at when Sunday October 13,Dual' ever, consider that seek treatment ROYAL RICEIIEAtr' II

The Cared. of Christ Written '.13. Other guests will participate Dar will be held.Giesl Is worse Ctaa the disease. 1 1PKG

la Haven MM 1tJD(. Road, during the day. PALSY
will sponsor a tea S s a d a y, William R. Drayton, Sr., Is Speaker Parkinsonlsm, also called Co
October: U, from 4 to ,.m. chalrmaa. Olin Robinson 1s co- paralysis sgltans or shaking. ..
Elder Thomas Brown Is put<<. chairman.Captalaa. r- palsy, affects over t half mil "
A e a 1 4 a e program has are Mary Ball, lion persons la this country. CLOROX
been plataed. Sponsors are Peter Smith Bc Siagletary, The cause 1s unknown but ,
Mother D. L. BlaUey sad Otis Robinson tad Otties Barnes. heredity 1s believed to be a .t
Mother Emu McClentoa. Mrs pastor.. Eugene G.ArsoldSr. t factor.
Roaena P. Middletoo Is chorea ., will bepastor-tor-the'dvt,' la some victims: the diseaseis "
I reporter. ..,. G W. Smith U pastor. a result of aa attack of "

Mt. Arirti leftist Ctwrch virus fever, early encephalitis la life.or brats Recent I i FIA. 61AIE A srlll

evidence has beet produced
showing that a deficiency of EGGS
Nests Fie Asstciitiii
magnesium or aa essential en-

I The East Florida and Bethany Baptist Associating will convene syme may be a cause.
la Its 75th annual session with the Mt Ararat Baptist Church The onset usually occurs between 1A1.,9LD1T
October 22 to 37. Tuesday through Sunday. A large number of the ages of 4560. The
utataDd1.lll ministers and la/ people will be, la attendance. disease characterised by
: "Ooward. Christian Soldiers 1be'14oderaloi's Boar win tremors erf the hands, legs and ONE WT7H i'.0Q
la a World Crisis" lathetheme. Mftiiigtit the afternoon session i. head. These can be controlled* OR MO E OND31. p
I for a few seconds by" Intense '
Selected discussants' Qa Saturday morning and ale )
will be heard dairy. The orthodoxy noon the children and youth cff WESSON II

period win be supenrlMd workers will be participating. 'SHERIFF AMERSOM>> .'' Greater. New BettelCOUTDiUED .
by Rev. 0.T. McCall Rev. C. The sessions will be further
B. Daiky and Rev. Ill Simp. highlighted by the appearance Sheriff Loclous D.Amerson,of FROM PAGE 9 FART InAm.IS i 11 OIL
lOlL Each minister Is wen of choirs and musical agate Macon County, Ala, will be the i
Informed la the doctrinal field. sations and by singers. The principal, speaker at the fallb Thomas Haywood will give the .4 11. III 4' ; :
Other outstanding ministersand will close Sunday after- a a q a e t sponsored by welcome address, with the response 24IrIITiLE:
bymea will participate. meting the Women's Day Committee of coming from D esc oaRoblason. .' i
The civic lures will be aired Mt Zion A.M E. Church, Rev. Royal Tabermaele's. Til CUP
bFloca1laJ1ML :' Chapel Charles E. Torn,pastor. The Male Chorus will slog. Deacoa tWess01l
The host church win present banquet will be held at the Heart Robert Prator will sing.Deacon PORK I BEANS air CAI' q7d ,
a welcome program Tuesday A.H.E. Church of Jacksonville motel on October Merritt Taylor of FOZksoq Ca,
at 7:30 p.m., with choirs and 2l<, at I p... will speak. Rev. C.&. Smith'
other trrf? Will Ci Ilk tie will make closing remarks. HITS .

Department Oa WW wW lhe'Mlmlterfal be.ta full celebrate Allen Chapel Womea's AME Day Church onSua-will IIIENDSWP PUNITIVE BAPTIST TOMATO CATSJIF 2i II. liTTLE 35. 'OR LIMIT MOOE OUEWTTH FOOD ORDER 33.00

charge." Rev. B.H. Hartley,moderator. ,
assisted by Rev day, October 27, according tea Sunday School begins at 1.43 a.m. Mrs.. Leaster Smith will be
Dalky Rev. Simpson and Rev. release from the office of the la charge. The morning service begins at 11:30 s.m. Devotional
McCall, will be ta charge., pastor.. Rev. J.C. Banoermaa. services win be led by Deacon Winston Ware and by Deacoa FANCY SELECTED TENDER SLICED
Rev. W.M. Hill, moderator Mrs. Willis Mae Shlgss will Joseph MePbersoa. Rev. H. Robinson, pastor will preach.

emeritus, will also play a prominent .be generalehairrau.Yrs.hots Gamble will eo-chair-: District No. I will meet at 4 p.m. at the church. Deacon Joseph BEEF L11 R lb.49C
role ta proceedings. McPherson Is leader. pS IRCKTfCCH.DPS
..... Acting pastor will be Mrs.
will be devoted to
the Thursday Womea's Mlssioaary Velma Bannermaa. Mrs.MarTa 'Greater New Hope Plans CtI..r....
win be
Department OnFriday J.sad Sampson Mrs. Rosa L. Gatsoa Greater New Hops AME of the Charch:: of God la Christ FAJKT $SLICE '
District Ushers Union win be Church's annual Women's Day Mrs. Evallaa Wiggins is

'u charge. treasurer Captains,for the day will be will be October 20. Tirana, kin Shirley Jenkins I I'CUI
The Laymea'VBFotijeriood .1Il;. Fannie Williams Mrs; Services will begin with the co-ehtrmu. The pastor 1 LI. 49 : ,
will appear on the ageada.Head- M. Maseke, Mrs. EaraltsTookes Sunday School at ':10 a-m. The for the day win be Mrs. Z.L. BACON 79' :. .
Its activities an Mrs. M.L Mr S. Daisy Brown;: morning worship service at Tyras.tyrYasyyorelllzs ,il. u.
'Herod ushers, and George 11 a..., will feature a message Z.L. i: ***
Walker, the laymea per at.I CONTINUED CM PAGE.14. by.Evangelist Mary Christopher will participate On t a.epro aa. .$

,', J

-;" .. ,,. ,,,. ,
..:. 0. .. ........ "" .... .: .: -' '" '.L.L_ .e




! .

. .

I .

. :........ A.....................

- '
" Hick Wenei Entiislistlc Abut : t o

"-, The Nitiral Leek li Hilr Style .. 0fJ-

'f. Fashion macuines report that many chic Black women are .
d adopting the "i ahlral look" In hair fashions. There are even Haver* enetttou afoul
.9 } "natural-look" wig available. It's a great boon if you have a /inuor Mia etiquette
r' busy schedule according to The Clairol 1Utut.. grooming ud Uuereaa.
;: Care Is at a minimum. That) or extensive setting Dec.....". -
,1 should not be misinterpreted To control a carl to make It
. j ,.' hfr u a '.,,011 and wooly" look. shadow the cheekllne, a generous
"Hair still has to be cut and squirt of the creme rinse
shaped to the most flattering will provide the restraint when ';\
silhouette to frame your wound upon a roller and let .
features and your total form,"' dry in place.
says Walter Fontaine of Coif Kiss Washington finds her new
Camp New York City hair fashion suitable for all 1
The frequency of the haircut occasions and to wear with all Q. I fpeot a weekend with
t depends upon how quickly your types of clothes. She "I r but (M fries who lives
J '.hair crows: On the average,- like the look... '. really. apart hi ny soother tow, sod MM. thank
alter the Initial cot, a trlnrshould of my personality. r you to her and to her mother
be done about every five who I left Do I hive le writes
to six weeks, U you want to think you Mote too?
look well-groomed at all times BEST LEG FORWARDLeg
( A. Yet. Always write a note
i ee Mr. Fontaine uses ft combination L
grooming often takesa .: : to your hostess when you'vebeen
of techniques with scissors back seat to other beauty a guest In her home. Of,
clippers and a special long business because some course, this doeint apply' to
Ap I 'J,. comb. He also recommends a women are under the mistaken your fat friend who stays overnight
T! slight deepening of the hair Impression that It's at your place M much M
color every four weeks with a more Important to put their you do at hers. But on any
hair color bath. best fact rorward.'The woman ; occasion when you're a form
who makes the best appearance invited always follow
One of the great advantages ally guest
however, la likelyto I
with note. Try to
i up a
of this hairstyle La that hair can be on her toes when it mention a particularly delightful
be shampooed frequently with comes to every detail of all
t no thought to straightening or grooming, Including legs. incident while that you there. enjoyed
special settings, according to This fall, when fashionsfocus L you were
Cindy Washington a fashionableand attention below the f / Q. f. a lees-ter with dry
tt active career girl, who Is knee, Remington offers a \... ilia I have le ..4 oils to mj
'grooming aid that will help Aim and you ess imagine what
a secretary In the Public Re1aUOIII' '
t you step forward with complete 4t tab don to the bed Itoess sad
ClalroLln -
Department I assurance-the '" _',
LftdjrGoLlghtly M temper. If there anyway
AK the Summer she goes swimming electrlo_shaver. ,--- to manage dry akin, wkkot .
without a hacking cap Patterned after the famous tilt nightly face creamy
rinses her hair oat, combs It Remington shavers for o'' t. ; .. r< ,
this ladles model has A. Sure! You don't need to
men ,
Into place with I light sprayingof
Hair So New and U'. ready. a highly efficient shaving ..........,I .'.' I : give the bed linens an oil treat.,
ment If smooth on a good
head that provides faster,
For those who have found their t .
clover, more gentle shaving. ". lanolin-rich cream (upward
hair a little out of condition or Additional grooming conveniences .. '..,1. ..... .. ......", 1a circular strokes only, please).
those who color their hair, the are a light built '.'' ': '" Then like a long holds pot-
gentlest of Clalrol Shampoo, Into the shaver to lIIumlnawdlfficulttoe. .? 'J ..Mot' '..,Q. wale shower. The beat will
the Blue Shampoo! will offer .. areas, a .c' open your porn allowing the
The Black woman is tuning change la hair styles. The trena a most effective lather that handy slide action switch to '" oil to seep into your akin.After
poems to be tarardJlM r&banllcd. Majy preparations are now washes out easily. Combing adjust from leg to underarm -- the shower, apart the towel
oa the market for use In the correct styling and maintenance tangles out after ft shampoo shaving" and a dazzling patterned SOUS 8TTLE-Pretty Anna Con displays the new Utantuly pattern in fashionable Proton on your face and we Kleenex
of the real-hair lot., Miss Cindy Washington, shown in the is a snap after a few squirts of fabrlo case thatmakes dlflnenrare. Chantilly is an exquisite design leaves and flowers in avocado on a bone white missile UHUM to wipe off the
I'!'picture, find that special straightening special settings are Hair So New, spray-on creme fashionable the' LadyGoLlghtlyas It Is ef background. The dinner plate has a wide rim wWi rich paneling. Accessories are in avocado. cream with firm upward itroket.
l lICIt -.ciw y. Continental Features Photo rinse. There straightening. ficient. NP Features as Chantilly is one of IS new patterns Introdxed this fall by the Proton Dinnerwar division of Finish" with a ipUvh" of cold
Vistron Corporation. They now offer nearly SO different patterns. Prolon melamlne dinnerware water to close your pom. Follow
this with
and cracking, and colors wont ever fade. A' a light applicationof
is guaranteed against breakage,
dripping cream again wiped off with
YOUR DOLLAR 45-plece set of service for eight of: is modestly priced at *M.91. Prolon patternsare iKtun. Enough will remain to
(I. available wherever good dinnerware Is sold. moisturize your skin but your
pillow caM will uy freth.

A IUYS MORE AT Football weekends prolong the ready to elL cado green napkins, the threw in (Fm, "You. Yews. .1 5.4DjCerny"
-n III 'picnic: season at tailgate ptcnlct Fill the bucks with picnic fare antique told and the beef in Perwasblue II ... bokst .w
gain in popularity each fall Station Pack a variety of undkhet-ham. Each football fan can help 'INMJ byglrer sal Hi.,
t YOUR UNNBt .wagon ownm lIhtr'trltft4' and threw:roast beef**your ftvorittt. himself to hit favorite. 1_...., reoMaunlef *
"'; k..., -'u.' .i.... !. fv*.o4.l fl'p oil uftDtf dium, an'tede: Kteenci dinner four: Matching Keens cocktail nap. girli to ttfif mU-tttnt. Send.
parking lot, pkma itvlore the Ihii thwsandwkhe klm,"VoWnicntly dlirouble.. hold'-yaw-.wel.ur..Ie"OilUfIUIie. -
QUANTITY FOOD STORE"" i game are instant-tunches. The lan,, easy' IdennDcation Wrap the nap- aLa,,,s, keeping the beverages In- Cerny".. Dr tlrl_...,.
RIGHTS RfSFRVCDCIPUIM tale comet down' the food it tins, practical yet pretty, aroundthe tide icy cold or steaming hot. Aiwber,p.CL rh Cor4.r,tie..
r brought out and football fans art tandwkhet-the ham in avo N".'', WI. 9f9tt1

, 21 st'' ANNIVERSARY 'SALE "Sgsr-lig t" toititf Stieil SPECIAL!!

) : 59

HAMS simJIIFT nl1l0l lI.'49 .

I "Snir Bifit",' K Perk liii Sliced SPECIALI!

CHUCK PI(11i1 ROAST u. 49* 6A PORKCHOPS D.68'c


mini sucti ,


11. 390 MORE FOOD ORDERSUGAR, The store ,that


APPLES FUCT 39 ; cares about you! Mixed NutS ...". Can 79c

: 4 IB. BAG N....., 0.-.

Ill THAT FEI tANE Margarine 2'-,3Tc Wesson. Oil M.,!! 39 eAU

GRAPES 2 LIS. 29, ."". -vT" Hail In lit $S.M Irhr id.. CTnrillis

Cream Cheese ...31c
Ui PUE menuOreo !
CUSP CIEEH a rt.k e.

..LIYgj'iiEL] H EAD 19' Cookies .... P' 45c Mayonnaise ,T. 49<

11 a.if, Cnckw Uy r f....MCake .

Mixes 2ieyoa.Pigs< .69c ) SMCIAU HISH lED GA. SWEET .
S3.00 OR MORE ORDE1 Mr key ip.ri.B

1: 1: Aan.p.Prune. M.wat Juice a Q" .. 43 ipdaa POTATOES449c

14Jt#, Cheese Dinners 2 ytd L'kgL 39c
tWt-Fty ffw. 4-aH fKkt Att)
47 w- Bathroom Tissue 10 101 Peck 79c ,

SSal Tissue 2 oot. gcsafNy
/ .ped.M lb. leg (

..wartaets' Dinner Napkins 2 7S<:t. Pegs 69c UD on GOLDEN DEUCIOUS SPECWI

SUPER SUDS' :DIRIPttMsyesy B1.ECTRA 57t "' APPLES 4 49c

lI., Monogram Brooms tech M.39: '-



HI.. IU '4' 3 lis.: '1.4f PRICES It, THIS AD AlE THROUGH Od 12


'-I I lp,




I .. here's the "TiW'lQ' meal f piswg? and creative cookery =

'Flner Of Mitae

Baked Cheeie.Apple RolUUpt A Main Sardine friza'is
Piicrits Mfc A Nd CiiSinrt f just one of th* delectable
treat. featured In a lie" roe*
cooking ipe book which baa Just
IOIALII Diner ftilicicltsPaacakes
ICOTt As been Issued by th* Bureau

G STAFF breakfast and Insist being of Commercial Fisheries)
hintsIT : many come for upon
Main Sardln Coun
; and the *
ASSISTANT sacred the mate they come off the griddle. Dot act seaStbeeseApple cil. Called "Flavor of
tton-TJpsI They come for hock or for 1st*) "
also Includes
(} 'Bak Maine, the book -
;fat"g CAINATION MOMt SUVlCt DIUCTOI sapper and eu be mad ahead of time. Most aecomaodtttafl: aa Interesting article

When ready for actoal serving and 1 cap chees. sad mixsmooth. on the catching and canningof
yoi OH tack pancake with Make It wit pancakesand this nutritious little fish.
Please the family! with hearty Short Ribs and Gravy. canoed apple state, spiced roll op while L Store ontfl' The book. may be obtainedby
They will! like this stick-to-the-ribs entree. Evaporated anarpened with grated _CIa ready to.... writing the Superintendent
milk makes the gravy smooth and lump-free. rind, and roll 9. Toaa place b a saucepan mix apple sure of Document, U.S.
Serve the ribs and vegetables with warm, crusty rolls the pancake rolls two layers lemon rind tinier salt aad __, Government Printing Office,
.for a meal tbat is sure! to please. deep, ts a haMng dish with batter. Beat; stir la eomstarcn Washington, D.C. 20402.

grated cheese on top of each dissolved In a little cold water MAINE SARDINE PIZZA

layer and slide Into the ant 'or Met.. Cook aDd stir otermoderate 3 cans (J" or 4 ounce
heat ail slightly each) Maine sardine
to boat. They coat oat floating '
tttckeaed. Unroll pancakwi, 2 packages (14 to 15*
CM delicious aroma of apples ,
spread with filling and roll 1 ti ounces each) cheesepitta
and the tas- -
spices chase op alien; place la shallow casMrole -
: clans apple thug so hot Its aDd sprinkle with r.- 1 package (4 ounce) shredded -
almost at the tattle, and the hat ing I/I cup cheese. Bate Mozzarella cheese

pancakes themslres 'IftI4lJ1c1 la a moderately hot oven, 400 Drain sardines. Prepare
light rater DM mated cheese. decrees, 20 minutes. Bern not pizza crust according to
Bern with u extra bowl of with extra cheese and fining package directions. Cover
the hot apple sauce to spoon fates 4 serrlncs. crust with .lICe. Top with
em. ADd nor of the crated Variation la Bator:For extra L.L sardines. Sprinkle cheesesover
cheese, too, If yot wish.. heartiness and flavor add to pitta. Bake In a hot
: An most simple be elegant* crisp enabled Pancakes have teen lifted from the lowly status of the sklUet and i breakfast They have now oven, 425* f., for 20 to 25
a pancake dish hat CIa serve fining 1/1 cap .ham or been associated with the covrmets' recipe for dessert Here U a simple, yet very tasty, minutes or until crust browns
1/4 chopped
as a'llght bat testy man dish bacon, cup pancake-apple combination which Is sore to wia favor with every One does not need to and cheese melts. Makes 6
4-5 cooked sliced sassaces. ego
for tech or super, u a star : be expert at It Farley Inc., Photo servings. (NP Features. )

performer OB a buffet.

SAVt,4t, B
t caps packaged pancake mix
(Makes 4 serving) teat

4 pound ,shod ribs of beef 4 urrotsl' 1/4 cnp milk .
/4 cups (10'AoOUnc.un) 1 cup diced mtbc 1-1/4 dps 1 .
beef broth 1 cup reserved meat Kites 1-1/1 cops shredded sharp
1 Ustpoon sift 2 tablespoons flour Cheese
V4 harpoon pepper 1 cup undiMH Camrtlon 4 cops canned apple nice
V4 t** poon thyme. Evaporated I teaspoons grated lemon rind&

1 bay lest 1 tetipoon Worcter hlre 1/4 teaspoon frond ginger the
and Graded
1 cup diced onion Mtice Pinch salt Inspected by

4 celery tops t tablespoons batter
1 tahkspoon eorastarch United of
States Agriculture
Place rib meat Me down In 13x9x2-lnch baking pan. Combine ml; eggs> ftflj milk OO ST01ltlS Department
Bake uncovered In hot oven 425F.) 45 minutes. Drain off

all fat. Add broth salt pepper,thyme bay leaf onion and
celery tops. Cover with aluminum foil. Reduce heat to If ,Ireskfast came/sea.-I misses........................
1 S50T. Continue baking hour IS minutes or until meat I*
.tender. Slice carrot lengthwise. Add carrot and rutabagathe Is A .Itre Peanut Butter..89'erw.seem
lilt 30 minutes of baking time. Remove meat and vegetable 01
to platter and keep warm. Discard celery and bay If b.kf.I.av... your
leaf. Reserve 1 cup Juice with aa little fat as poulble. family yawning, maybe 1\'. Oil
Slowly stir Juice Into flour In aaucepan. Add undiluted time you gave them breakfast Cooking i s

Carnation Evaporated Milk Worcestershire and salt If with M English aoceol. ..e..rI.ws.suss.eare.ia.eeM+e.
needed. Cook over medium heat until thickened, stirring Even th* Most hardenedbreakfastskippers
will Had <
constantly. Serve with meat and vegetables. Astor Coffee. 49CeJTe
It bard to resist a .
English muffin toasted to *
Serve the family a casserole with special flavor. The golden brows, buttered sad
home economists at Carnation Company suggest served tap _. .... '.Offer Mixes4/l.. Ate: F.II..5'e
Cheesy Beans 'n Dumplings. A spicy mixture of meat Jam, Jelly I or hooey for those i. .t>e : t 1.01 \ I I SAl AD OKWesson

and beans Is topped with cheesy dumpling Serve it who Ilk* 10..b.Uteb.iscld.atslly .....tar FrillJiff..4/l. Iwi.;Hrs3/I.
,. BO
with .fresh fruit and nuts for an easy meal that.wUl, sod family Oil. 39
how you your '
1 pleaal} .gnp 1J1.11t}! '!. "" ..., .,,, .. ,,11k, their EsgUsh muffles. J.C fli xes3/1. k &Se".e..e5)I.: ) .
....' >plat '*r fa oy, ,..'&1, n. ,
that they're doubly delicious. TIWIIS.e..eee4/1e i : jf; .. .
.v If you split them for toasting ..... ...4$1.w. .

by geatly pulling them apart ...-......- sse..es1a -..-....................
with your finger or' a fork .. Ne..... ..r I w ...... .
J W-* MUM*
which to create toast hill to perfection.English and valley. NIA N/N[' LIIL SJSMaA (Ma/MBI .MI"r; Arrow Deterant4'.,

muffins at.acruaiou I .
a ,for coffee CHUCK rarROAST j '_. .saeuss .5Lsw.ey.eIMee a.rowe 541a0. LA.a+eMw

breaks, lunch, Ua sad dinner 59'
r. too. And If you're tiredof ROAST STEAKCojdJPower.
putting hamburgers on the .
same old blah-tasting buns,
you'll b* happily surprised
what" M English accent ones (Margarine.8l. .
do for a hamburger. Try 49 :
nestling your next burger on T .
toasted Thomas' English I 1 ''
a 3' i
muffin and .....u.'b.. dif : : 4/I.m."IHiI.s,

ference. (NP .Feature 4) WiJliSW4e: .::: U 'RIME...$i1eS9e

CHCtSY BCANS N DUMPLINGS BEFORE THE GAME e iiCr.3. :03e nms............ w

(Makes 6 to 8 servings) S e e. e
Bow's this for a lift prs-giae
1 pound ground chuck 1 cup (*-ounccan) aosrlstuBeot for the football POLY .'
%.cup chopped onion tomato sauce has: Beef Brisket B&rBaaJurpt-B4 on '! ... 11III PASTb.Aled
2 tablsapoons flour 1 cup (4 ounce*) shrsdosd homemade Oalon FRENCH

*>{ ....poon..1t & cup Cheddar corn chees meal. Buns.HAMBCBGEB. SHORT Ora9e
'4% teaspoons chili powder '
cup flour ONION BUNS :
lye undiluted Carnation
cope 2 teaspoons baking powder ... FRYtlUICE
Evaporated Milk 1 attire try ,rare
1 OB* warm water (IN t* RIBS
>V| .wars (I lSV4unc* wet "latHS
).chid bean
S Ubtssp.*** MOT
vPlaoa ground chuck and onion In large aklllet Cook over 4 east New Biaaukkt
medium heat until chuck 1s browned. Stir occasionally to tililirptm laettsl missed. 49; 6
break up meat. Drain off excess fat Stir In the X table .- !89
spoons flour. y t,apooa salt:and chill powder. Slowly
In largo mixer bowl. dissolve
add.lcnp undiluted Carnation Evaporated
yeast m water. Add sugar and
chill beans and tomato sauce. Mix welL Simmer slowly 10 half the New Blsqulck. Beat 2rniniites

minute.,Stir In >/. cap chess Place in 2.quart cauerolf. medium speed on SJCMTt OMVta-HUCa COOP ream OCTOSH IIHARlF.SfOOH
Combine com meal the 2/9 cup flour baking powder'/nd mlxsr. sciraplng t"aDd boa

revaluing,.V. toaspoon salt Stir In remaining.1/J cup tom of bowl strokes frequently, or 100 PRODUCE
band. Add
vlforou by ..
Carnation and remaining Vi cup cheese. Blend tarougWy.Spoon remaining New squirt sad sea. : PUHHOSlAPPLES

around edges of chili filled caserole.pike in moderate the onion; blend wall with Rrtek..s.eee .5f,Ie retetas 11':0 "e
:oven (m',.) 15 minutes or until dumplings are spoon Scraps batter tram aids 5 69
of bowL Cover with cloth;; tot -
Raisin Bread For Good Sandwiches rise double in warm about place 10 minutes.(N') until Stir .L...ns..12/,. CIIry."e.:4/3.. ..

down by beating 99 stroke
.., .. Drop death by spoonful hI :0 Aw. IMINnvvS A!'
.. < ..... w ..... i*
..... r. .4, '. forming U mound. about 3
",- .\ f inches apart onto greased bake ;
tag beet. With floured finger*, hiiiNs. 4. W OvomtaWrs 5/394
flatten mound mto round i [ OK A1GRAPES
about H inch thick. Let rile
in III1IMI&warm. place (IS') tar 40 FROZEN FOOD BARGAINS ,

Heat oven to 400. Bake IS t.
IS ioedcs or unta browned. nt : '
ii/I. Berriis.e.3/,
WbU hot, brush top of bin .,

I,4 shortening.BEET BBUKCT BAR Make-BQ l Meet ; K ll5I. a.Hb :.;.;JM7E !; _

4. n niiiii'niniiisMiii
....... heat mrisheVt DIXIANA
\ ...1peiea salty
.. i"ri't: tw(1 w wiw w.we! 'I.i e' COLLARD GAHNS
.. vcahep we..w Nw.+. ..M .v Nwlr wu w.r..N w.a MUSTARD GftHNS ,

V. aq aae1, ...... ..... .. TURNIPS WMOTSinnDixie

tablesyssei WetvsstenAinttmct 1 oxu.TttR 1 xcerriiias 1 T"x: t.

\Vt tsaspeao Uqvld ..... }.. e...w t Sear
51." .-...... v sod a ., w. CtlU/orIlIG ROHM Advuory Board- -fliotoRsisia 1 hay kaf.cnoBMedBub '' t wti e lYae sow 01L Ned.w..N w w.e 'u sows.tai .1"11w.N. wr.I er .. e c Wa' + 1
bread i* *o wnatlle.. your and many way to ue It for Ve kaseew pepper Nwwr./e h f
''thqa* last buy day'of summer. Stack raisin o-.s: a triple surface of brisket with
decker: club sandwich, make open face **. alt. Place in baking dish
Served wlUvs bowl of hotor, cold: aoup. you have a aatUfylng l33 1b2-1D.: stir together nmalnlng -
luncheon or upper." IngndisnU; pour over for'uS choice BeefS'flllj '
Dod forget raisin bread for brsakfact Toast It. then spread btlakst. Cover with foil; braise shop
with butter. honey and a lade cinnamon for a quick coffee cake. B we oven a ..... Boos dl- e3RQaN :
Sliced raisin bread readily available at food store everywhere, onally acmes grataSens IDbamburpr mTAMPm
but you my want to keep loaf m to* freezer to prevent rim buns. U |. II eery.r ,, -
II1DI out.t' .....


4,' :- ''I' 4
-... .r .' s .Y. .y. .... ... .ft", ,)'",. _&..... ... ...- ;I":.;">0 -. &_ ,,.. ".." ..., .r.. .-. ...l..r.- ....:.oi.r>:;.......r.;>.

;j- : '.. { ---- --, .- -,. ': . . .

ir- : h I

pistil. --- ITU WHS SHUNT, MTJIEI 13, HMEitfrtiiiMe.it ?i i

-. .
... .
-.. ,. '. .

'" \ r ,,..., "..: >...' i. .. .
j.. -. ,... I .
.. ... ".. 1.I
.JIf'ISi I. t '
I \ Ie' \ : -
.I I \ 1 "

tt t .
) t ; t
'.''{v ,...


I lives Aid CriesBy 'Soul" Brothers Soulin' With


NEW YORK-(NPI)-Inter- ST. LOUIS (NPI) -Death
nationally-famous lees wrote finis to the career of
tnmpetict Lonls Armstrong Chicago taltTisloo producer r. tl 1. HOLLYWOOD "It was aVery The auto accident symbolized
was hospitalised for un John Williams, 60,when be sac- -. k Good Year." That's the a"fresh start" In life.
determined causes recently and combed from a heart attack 1'z title of one of the tongs recorded "After getting myself
was eonsegr.atlyforced to recently. Williams was producer v t by Loll Bawls It also expresses* together 1 started to observe
forego a lacratlre engagement of the ReY. John Ware's his ",.ry-da1I.ttltude. other people In the entertain'
at the Etitern States Exposition! Old Ship of Zion program, the : ". bad that attitude since meat business," he said. "1
'at Springfield, Mass. spokes* Big Bill Rill Rhythm and Blues 1958, when I almost bad no asked myself, 'What are the
mta said UM 8-year.oldArm. Show and the Gatemuath Moore good years at all," be ingredients that successful
strong wit hospitalized"an Show which appeared on WCIU- : more entertainers use to be sac
examination and tests," but be TV, Channel 2$, Chicago, ;: : Be was involved In a serious cessfuir "
refused to give farther details automobile accident. Be decided that be needed
"Satchmo" was expected to be AVOIDS SURGERY '1 was pronounced dead atone competent people to help
released &borU,. KRONBEtG: West Germany_ point," be slit "I stayedin manage his career He alto
BLACK POWER COMEDY (NPI) Singer-entertainer f'' "! a coma for fire days. bad needed self-confidence.
NEW TOOK (NPI)-"Big Sammy Darts, Jr.,may not hare amnesia for almost twom ;lhJ. "found that 'positive think
Tim Back Whitea b I Ie t- to undergo surgery after an. I only remembered the songs. ing' was the answer," be said
power comedy that grew oat of After being reported in London Because of that, they put me "if I don't have confidence IDeS
the Los Angeles Watts riot, to be all set to fact the knife back on the road.. I came to onstage faith la myself, bow can I come
will bare its premier at toe for removal of a DOGma'.lpaDt in HoDandale, Florida. and ask others to have faith
Village Sooth Theater Worem- tumor Davis was reported later I'll never forget the loor,'Over .tome?"
ber It. The show' written by to bar recovered to the point and Over Again. The bass Or* thing Loa learned:aot to do,
Joseph Dote Tvottl, Is current where an operation would not .stager saw what was happening was rest on hit uorels.'la the
enjoying a .successful be necessary. Re was on aeon- to me..He grabbed me a.odWde words of 0Dt otb1a soap."'111.,
na la Lot Angeles -cert tour recently. 'Yeah, baby, you're all right*" doot give medals to,esterda,'*
1 II Life la what Lou's singing heroes."
Your professional beautician all about, as may be tented "People sit around and talk
when be appears on "Soul", of what they used to do," be
knows the answer... a fall-boor musical variety said. That's aQ right. But what
'special featuring an all-Negro are you going to do DOW? They
cast lbowculJlltbe eont.atp'r'art say, 'Rememberwhen..7'isay
j Can your hair be damaged r music and humor of the 'Thata cool but it ain't pottln5no
4 Ami'lcan Negro to be colorcast bread on the table now' !"
from brushing alone? on the NBC Television Loa Bawls sings about life'
Network Thursday, October 17. problems- nd answers
"I asked 'Had I died "I know wtat I'm talking
.... myself ,
All hair becomes damaged from exposure to sun and natural "tern*R -1I0en starTaT _..:.J IJ what could nave been sild about aboa'V* be said. "I've paid my
elements. Certain'greasy compounds many chemicals. Improperly "Soul"-etoll boar) and Ittpsey Russell are among: the Negro mule And humor-to be colorcast on NBC.TY Thursday. mcr Loa recalls. "What did dues, I've suffered.Many others
used also take their toil..,not to mention simple attempts inui cal-speclatdeslgnedtostovcase! October 17. Loa Rawla mean? 'Till then- have done that, tox I feel I'm
at beautifying the hair with any brush not made of nothing! I do a number now' making It because the timing
natural bristles. The results art brittleness breakage, dry and Fitter Aid Soi Dlahann Carroll The Problems of Ufe.' Some waa right! and I wu r..s. ,. Ban
dull looking hair. of the lyrics are.'You can only fen into place gradually. I
Your professional beautician knows how artificial bristles Organize Close take out what you put In II- told Capitol t dldat: want to ben
actually brush away I great deal of the lubricants" of the hair that' lifer That says it alll" 'overnight star Ovenlgbt
that give It body lustre and protection.And trained beauticians HOLLYWOOD: At one point op over something that happened Lou WAS r&1It411 Chicago by start don't make u."
claim that nothing beats Clalrot cwnJWon* Beauty Pack Treat. ia the conversation, Dlahann that I'll lie there 'til bit grandaufter since be war What does "Soul" men to
ment for overcoming britttenett dryness and breakage... Carroll suram. U all tIP with put midalitt.flan I say to sine mouths old. They lived on Lou Rawla
!leaving hair lively I and easy to manage, condition' Is an aaty-to-' good-humored twinkle "Eat myself '1 think I'll organize $5$ a month.! He began singing "Truth!r" be said. "I disagree
work-wttth trees which can even be applied during a Chtmlcal! a.mplJ.: live clean, drink lots the closet.' That's what I do. in the church choir wheabe was with those who say that white
straightening retouch to prevent drying of hair that has been of water- :Sut up, and du your By three o'clock I'll finally seven "to nave ran and get people cant have 'Sod!' tt'l
previously relaxed condition Is the ultimate repairing deep- workl"! fall asleep" through the church service." like sayln no wttte people nave
down damage. And when time Is a factor for their customers That'a bow ber day goes. But Diahann complaining He attended Danbar KlgaSchool ever beta poor or bad bard
hairdressers turn to new Ctalrol Hair Dew-the lotion conditioner Dtahana pta op at six and, by ''W aeD I was approached about than with }11 la hit pocket and Urn*. People oa Park Avenue
that penetrates so fast many think of It as an Instant even is at the stud+o reporting,. the Tole, I WU asked U ,1,II.t4. one good suit, be Joined toPtlgtm have the blues, loo.Sod meaaa"Trr
conditioner.-When applied regularly by your beautician, Clalrol for work on ;"Julia" U",TV any desire or objection work- Travelers,'a ails. % >..U-e* r....that U
Hair Dew adds body softens and gives a glowing new look i to erica wtiich atari her la the tag la a weekly TV serIes," gospel gron He also served sincere, ..1I.. rtllLol with
your hair that many friends will notice and admire. title role over the NBC Television aha: sild. "I 1 wanted todosxne- with the Slot Airborne naIaD, out facade
Damage can come from using brushes with artificial bristles. MFNM Network. thing interesting.: I had no objections. maUng JJJumri
But damage to every woman's hair comes from so many other "We're here 'til seven Moo- The biggest problem
causes that all human hair (Including wigs) needs to be revitalized days through Fridays she was moving from New York Research Chemist
periodically. Visit your professional beautician and ask said. to California."
this expert to check the condition of your hair. Marc Copagt, featured as Corey Baker, fatherless son or Julia "Soo1I' nw. w go even later. NIftY bit biggest problem Is
Only your professional beautician knows the answer for sure. Baker, rehearses scene that Include bis real father,JoUn Copage, 1 try to bt in bed by IOW lad: find ng time for other Interests.
CO***.....IMF t>owwaa e&.1rtI11IO. .N in "1,11&" oa NBC-TV Tuesday October 15 John plays Army .!'m >'M of those whose nerves "My time Is taken up being
I buddy of the late Captain Baker. Affect their sleep I can be ao mother working and looking
tired but I may be all keyed house "
after the said Dlahann
.. .... I II ,
"' r e ee .
tr. r.r.vans.YYtilYe a:11CITY1 Mvea-ytar-oid daughter "UI -
I Nt'\1,\\11twm\ 'i!. manage to read a book' It M1 I
feats like a majjr lecollli 1&I1-
FLASH But Dickens manages even

this-- lowly. v4J
vftu, VwVVVYfr "I've been on one book since
the first of June." aha: said h

t.: discussing ber inter etu. "I'm
5180 NW 7th AVENUE : not mjh of U outdoor person,
: Dr. WeltersWonderful although I thought I would have

I: -) :1, l. '-r.._, bad> some for a few tennis lessons
I 'lei. by now I thinkmy favorite
free time activity 1s miuic.I .
--.NEW J.1 Tooth Powder buy\ anything that fascinatesme
My ears and bead are open
to Much of
new things today'smule
".-;;"-'i/ \, % A GtOO TREAT inllilli At Tur Fmriti Prig Stin irStifL is very good Many of '.

'SIR LUNCH '0 LOT' u are surprised that the Ron Taylor conducts aa experiment with a light scattering instrument
quality has changed so. In this at Ramble Oil ft
SHlrilS III Si Ink Fir' It Refining Company's research and
respect, the advent of The engineering affiliate la Linden,14.1. Taylor, a research chemist
FRIED CHICKEN Beatles was moat important." for the Humble affiliate, serves Whiz spare time aa a volunteer
Dlahana! finds various constructive tutor for disadvantaged children la nearby Newark
outlets around the

1 '. DINNER 3 Paten *" OttUM COLE SLAM ROLLS'" 07./ She home organises when ahe't closets"up-tight., takes" 'Research CkinistCrtitis FerMili

2. BOX ol 9 Pieces of Cklckti 21 10 PARK RIDE .cooks"There's inventory, of her clothes, or For AHlif NiriyYtiiisttrsNEWARK

: something about the
3. BUCKET of 15 Pieces of ckickin 375 mud that suds to organize" N.J. Take sit or seven disadvantaged children.
fromNORTHSIDE she sold. "I doo't find Joy in add some topical discussions and them mil wale some simile-
chemistry l erlmeots.
running a vacuum cleaner This la the successful formula aad eight grades. ,met ooce
4. BARREL of 21 Pieces of ckuku 4 9S though-1 never feel that des that Ron Taylor Discovered.. a week for two hours la abasement

2 ECESCHICKEN peratsr' a volunteer tutor tor the Child storeroom at the association's
ruirif /o. SI does enjoy"good friends,
: .
Service WM'ng
5. -PACK Association of Newark
ROLLS fork your car et NorfJuWe MJtiJt good food good wine and lovely Taylor la a research chemist "M&JJ of these chUdrea have

a bug to oil/ Iht surroundings."1 find in that "Dlahann for Humble Oil t Refining CollIIUT" ao father image with which they
.- ,tstr-\::: :: \ added. peace research and engineering can relate and my fuactloawaj
". e aUWa1t in Linden. Mj to serve u a cross between a
_..aII1\ ..,' a MIAMI DOLPHINSAND She also finds meaning in the father and "
.., ,. "I wanted to get involved in a brother Taylor
\ .......:;" ':I'I' \ ............. writings of Eric .frOmM and tutorial work, and I d,dat: care said."I never tollowedaleasoB

.... "' :..... ......... ...... 'Karl ninger's'Man whom 1 tutored" Taylor said. plaa. I wouldhavean) experiment
"I "
\"" .... .,... lOt wanted to help chlldresback but U would come after we
... ....... ." ,.', s" UNIV. OF MIAMIHOMEGAMES. Against Klmsttf near me for' and white dlacocaed correct
.,. .. .....' ...... ,.. years," she said "I gave ,who needed aomeone events and
... .... to act as a spur to give them grfces.
: .
." :, -
.s.fill" copies to friends. That &DelFromm'
....- .... ... ,. .. impetma. Aa a tutor he made a number
: ,
"'" .. ....--... ,............ ,.. ends parking problems / 'The Art of Loving;' While giving a series of Op- of discoveries' that shatter torn
.. 'meant
,. things to me. The books
,. ... .1'o" .... ... portaottya-bdastry lecturesat : stereotypes sbutdinadras.
;!;.." ...... ." .... ands fighting!; traffic are almost a cliche now,but they the Seventh Avenue School taged chlldrea."Tbe .
...-- were new then."
..... parking 'let amply ligMed. SCCWoad Newark Taylor made iavUriet Idea that they are IsIs-
e&i r,.. d er Taut S your cor police proofedKORTHSIDE"fr artist Dlahann from does the not separate the concerning the needs for volaa- capable of leaning becaaae of
tact OUT Idp ". being. ter tutors. Be was referred to low aptitude U eatirely
think that whatever I
am aaan the Child Service ".WI.H"'" incorrect," be said "Their
r.i i. i nn i i 11 OTiTi'iTnm'mTi n rrr*i TM 111 u artist la a reflection of my usoe1a.UA:8-a1roqla': a sltaatloB at home or at school
growth u a person," she said. series of coaasela'' bower, la tack
.iiiis. i griuri- thai they
i COUPON GOOD "I hope au..1fowUI will be probably will
constant. families who have financial, never have the
social or marital problems" optical of a college education.
I- SHOPPING CENTER Taylor said "The children I "We have to ffl"qltte their
I :FOR :20$ OFF ON PURCHASE i worked with came from theM thinking even though their alt-;
+' ."ike CINriX .clvlrr- SfVE TJ I) FIGHT families. The young p.opl..tt. Tattoo u dilated with other
selected: oa the pasts of their concerns I found that these
OF CHICKEN DINNER NW.27hAVf,4l79th5T. { geoer: aptitude and represented youngsters .get old at it very
; the first such group at CSA" early age."You ,

,: it i t tt 111 in. ." ,. ,.. .. ,. ..,.'. ,. MStlto Taylor's student were mostly gala the acceptance of
from Newark's Central Ward these children by not condet
and la the fifth sixth, seventh

.I Y 1

.' I.


Human Relations Council Scores "Victimizing Of Negro In News And Broadcasts"! I

tAr, COLLEGE STUDENT SPEAKS I IBT Hick aerial for Cmcil Abe SippertsMevemeM ,

| ',- "" ,' Planning BCC Swimming Pool


IIr The Human Relations Council of Greater Jacksonville John
want understand ,
If : to
yon your neighbor and yourself
consider the psychological called October 23 R. Shelly, president, has made two strong recommendations
process "projection") by
relating to the status of the Negro to Jacksonville, one cooderalnt -
which we ascribe to
oar own feelings about r
ourselves William Greaves resumes as desegregation'. the other touching noon the reDortoriaL

When ,we, feel compelled to crusade against others, out own executive producer of NET'S Under the signature of John Its September 17,1968 meetingthe
"Black 10 If n I" when the letter
faults are usually what we are H. Shelley, president, a Human Relations Council
erltlcltlng montly magazine of the air hat forwarded on September
was of Greater Jacksonville voted
Of all
course Is
fault-finding not projection. There are times
its fifth program Wednesday .8 to 10 pivotal organisations
unanimously a formal resolution
when criticism can hare
a constructive effect, both on the critic .
and on the object of his criticism October 23. or outstanding\ officials, decrying endorsing\ the recent report
But most flngerpointlng Is fruitless Greaves, who U also a host the "continuing practiced of the South Florida School Desegregation .
self-destructive. Besides
for special sequences on thf the news and public Information Consulting Center
It confuses Issues. We seem to be launching a mighty monthly magazine of the alf, media ot Jacksonville In for the accelerated desegregation
battle'agaiost Injustice, for example, wben we are really only
ourselves has had a diversified career Identifying race in the reporting of Duval County Public
defending against our self-loathing. u a filmmaker and actor. He :14L.4 of crimes and criminal acts Schools. We urge the School
Race relations abound with the process 6?projecUon. In fact, 1
was co-producer, director, ONLY when the criminal or Board to implement its recommendations
a serious study of Afro-American
history could almost be based
cameraman, and editor of lawbreaker to a Negro. This at once .
on the things black and white people about each other.
One of race-relations say NETs cr I tI u 117-aeela1me4 practice, discontinued in other The Council pointed to lb.Board' 2
example .t
Is the
projection view among documentary "Still a Brother: cities and areas of the United using every possible
some inclined.white people that Negroes are by nature criminally Inside the Negro Middle Class. States, to patently unfair, tactic of delay "The bt-racial I

.At present, Mr. Greaves Is : serves no useful purpose, and Human Relations Council, as ,
What be true
really may about black people Is not at Issue. ::
completing his first feature il to DOt to the bests interests of mown In the letter, "has been'
Whites are merely projecting their own guilt when they accuse film He is also relations.We I
preparing human or comm intty concerned for with
Negroes of "criminality." For the slavery and segregation whitepeople \: many years e
half-hour film the "lIDtm.lOJalIIeI"
on 'i to discontinue
: ; } urge you the painfully slow pace of .
perpetrated were criminally cruel In the extreme-and for Newsweek and Immediately this victimltailoa desegregation It believes that
the most vicious white racist, deep in his heart knows that. 3
will soon undertake a series s.x of the Negro and, as you do to school: desegregation and
The more recent "law and order" cry Is a modern variant on Afro-American and African a
on births
reporting quality education are Inextricably
the of social ,
Besides charge Negro criminality history of the educational. '! marriages, athletic and connected, and that the
advancing themselves politically candidates who capl: division of Columbia Pictures. "" events, eliminate all mention future of the new City of Jacksonville "s,
Wise on "law and order" hysteria are but projecting their own Greaves has been aa tode Y'" of race. We firmly believe that will be ..,.rl1l11D1te4
guilt over the unlawful and disorderly way the black man was pendent filmaker since 194: this action win rreatllimproy. until school desegregation and x

brought here In chains and made to slave in a strange land torso His credits include the Broad Betnune-Cootmaa College's student body, alumni and faculty have been assured by Frank the climate of the entire com quality education' are attained." J

IIWIlletll. way production of"Lost In the Barnes, shown above, that the aUonaUy-known school should have swimming poi by June munity." Communications were for:
Tie slatement that black people are oversexed another pro Stars" and the film "Lost of 1969, provided that $25,000 can be put In the treasury by April. Barnes, principal of Camp The other letter, directed to warded to: Florida Publishing r

)jection. That meAt American Negroes have some white ancestry Boundaries. bell Junior High School, and alumni president,to her* turning over to Mrs. Elsie Keys, alumni Mr. MC. Harden, Chairman, Company, Channel 4, Chanael jj
is testimony to the fact that black women have been sexually A native of New York City secretary, several hundred dollars to cash and more than $1,000 to pledges Others at the of the Duval County Board of

exploited by white men for centuries. he attended City College of New meeting were John Dickerson vice president; Edward Rodrfcues, treasurer; Flora Faulkner, Instruction reads, to part "At CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 r
If anyone was "oversexed," it was the Southern plantation York and the New School for chaplain; Mrs.Sandra Pierce, reporter. and Horace Kill, parilamemt rlan. {
owner and other whites who saw both free labor and sexual Social Research. Be currently Martin Gross Photo SISTER BESSIE t

availability la their black servants. lives In Manhattan with his wife _
The view that Negro men are given to raping white women, and their three children. She will read your entire life..past,present and I
Twentieth Century
likewise, projects the Southern white man's literal rape of futurr She asks DO questions but will tell you" I
black womanhood and virtual rape of black manhood for several what you want to know, giving dates and facts of -
centuries. eMs Uiitrfiktfs 9 T'" r iyV .business, love, health and family affairWill r

And the statement that the relaxation of racial barriers will help you find lost art. Tells you whom yon will

lead to Interracial marriage is but a defense against the fact Bits Wife Deed marry and when. U the one you love ls true, what '. 4
that there never were any sexual barriers in the South between to do to be successful.Will reunite the separated, j

white Ben and defenseless black women. locate absent friends and relative, and cause,\
to fact, the whole edifice of Southern segregation a psychological Is Peer Eltlcs happiness between man and wife. Helps makeup )

sense-amounts to a massive attempt to cover t? lovers' qjarrels. T.l1Ilf sickness and bad '
guilty feelings over the tact that the Southern way of life has ST. LOUIS -The handling be of 1e luck are natural enemies, or If there Is u evil' t
"Integrated" white men and black women la the most exploitative dad bodies caa no longer ,influence. Does not ten to please you.but will kU the truth. DaS
racial basis
debasing way possible. tolerated oa a executive, visit will repay you for disappointments la all others. She.nt'read

Another charge made against the Negro is that he Is laxy and Richard Risk, Com your life like aa open book, but also help you out of your A
does Ml "11R himself up by his bootstraps." as other groups director of the Missouri told TROUBLES. Como and see why you are so unhappy, when e
supposedly have done Here, again, what black people door mission on Rights, a .everything seems to go wrong Why be sad and downhearted g
US at
don't dots not at Issue. .more than persons sick and,worried when you caa be helped and everything made h
The real problem is the white nun's unconscious: guilty meeting at the Caase-Park clear by consulting THIS GIFTED MEDIUM. Everybody wel ncom.
feelings about the restrictions be has long wed to hold black Hotel here. The meeting was ? .. NO MAIL ANSWERED. I make no house calls. Don't 4
Arnold of
people down. His guilt transferred away from the while man arranged by Charles mistake the address. SISTER BESSIE II located north of

to produce "Negro laalness." the State Board of Embalmers. : Callahan oa UJ. II, I/, mite from City of Callahaa Florida. a

For a black person in the South tote aggressive and resource andFuneral Directors."There Phones 179itSOWATCH II
ful, until recently, amounted to''btmVRlltJ'6tmc.ctHrlollldlarp must be a complete FOR HERSIGN IN FflOXTOP HOUSE Across the attest'from ,
the racial referral .,a-
end to
tut could be lodged against him. B was often U occasion tern said the executive. SPORTSMAN MOrEL It

for a lynching. "Woite, funeral directors often Open daily from 8am. to 10 p.m., including Sundays. .
How trunk It I Is, then that whitea accuse Negroes of being"lasy" refer Negro families to Negro THIS CUPPING ENTinXS.YOU TO A$5.00 READING tor $1.00 1/1
white demanding that they be that wayl y ep
families to Negro funeral directors
Another aspect of the "Uiinets" charge 1s that U projects while Negro morticians ..aI
the white nun's' unconscious knowledge that he 1s the "w 5wvs&
do the same to white
being dependent black labor to do his work for him.
one, on dirty A
... Such referrals
The CfesiMe*".,ekarg*against Negroes, furlhermw.,project ;', t .. !NI aMt
the Southern whit man's recognition that his whole Southern wayofllfelslary. tbf'MI/souri'Ptaalc Accotnodattooa. : CKCACO (LDA)=The abort gray. Twunttet* Century, Is a futtrtolk musical organ1uU ..' I d
." Act Em asking the They play a new kind of music which Is neither Jau nor hard rock. Jimmy TUlnun, seated ritro' i !1

Illiteracy 1s high both among Southern Negroes and Southern race of "the dead person violates calls it "middle mule Bill Howell, center, feels that it "controlled violence. At any ucing 1

whites, u a result of the oligarchic structure Southern society the law. rate, considerable study was put Into their preparation. Their debut record will be on a Bora <
which long kept the entire region behind the rest of the nation The HutcbcBS Mortuary Label this fall. They are, from the left: Wade Shelby, lead guitar and ,vocalist TUlman and

educationally, culturally, and technologically. Florissant, Mo. bad refused HowelL Sonny Seals, tenor sa; and Dave Matthews, ban guitar and vocals In this picture, Benchmark.Seagrams

Yet, the projective charge continues to be made: "Negroesare accept soldier the Major body GeserilChuleeCan of a Negro theywereappearlng. in Chicago's Mother Blues, a showcase for top talent. ;
lacy." Lee Dale Associates ,
J the UOted States Army

'jectl Racists n. To-iota hear black white racists and whiten tell It, all especially blacks hate gives whites to pro and; filed Mobility suit Command against the laSt mortuary.Louis Wisklitei, Stile Negro Tikes HELP rIGHT CANCER WITHA Premium Bourbon... ,

black racists, correspondingly, accuse all whites of bigotry.
Police brutality charge It seems, are almost Invariably Risk called for fIIDf'l141r.d.toward lead li Lleitemt Governor Rice The men who make Benchmark Bourbon are a rare -

lodged by people who are the most brutal themselves And the ors louse their discrimination.Influence fahaapaaas breed of crafttmen.They have the will to do a better

white hippies who accused the Chicago police of abusing them eliminating PASCO Wash. Politicians to the State of Washington were : job. And the skill In their hands to make It happen.

were themselves guilty of harassing, provoking, and bruUllilog thrown into a state of shock, so to speak, last week, when a \
the policemen.The Unit Head "dreamer", a "Pied Piper", and above all, a Negro Arthur The quality of these men U a rewarding thing to Bnd

people who are hardest on the Negro appear to be those who Fletcher, not oolywoo the COPnomlnatlon lieutenant governor r.a these days.So U the quality of the Bourboh they make.

art bed in this country only recently and do tot yet feel secure. to the primary election, but almost thoroughly reversed the a
'Their rejection of black people 1s really only a projection of theory of race by carrying every county to the state. Measure your Bourbon against it

their unconsrlous self-depreciation.What It was Fletcher who Initiated His present project: to a coop BRAND NEW : .".
does this all meat That we tend to say things about 'I'TALLAHASSEE a ghetto self-help program for cruise effort, a shopping 1968 VW .
others that really apply to ourselves. This produces confusion
the GOP "black capitalism"program center, purchased by dimes anddollars
and hatred. But we need not degrade ourselves' and others within the state. of interested persons. Lady Bug : "aNy ,
through fingerpolntlng.By More startling still to the fact service station has been completed
asking ourselves, "why do I want to say that?" when we \
and other to tooperation.
that only one person of every work SEDANAUTOMATIC :
feel compelled to slur someone, we can replace our projective 50 to the state to a Negro. J
tendencies with aa understanding of ourselves and our fellow A union. rU
However Fletcher, It seems credit and a supermarket r
IUD. was the "only guy' 'who daredhays are oa the way.Fletcher .i
a dream. He came out calls this effort"..tel equity.\ .

1,500 Ntjro StiititsStHiFiiilists high and dry win a phenomenal The victor was elected to the p j.ia a

victory BUI Maacey, by* Pasco City Council a year ago "
dropUne pilot and, when approached sad has launched a self-help @J :' ",I ..
Fla.T' said: "This means project to a white community
Aiieuced Industrial Education Division of that we can put race on the of Spokane. Other cooperativeshave 'j i

the School of Technology at shelf u a political factor to been planned on drawing CatlinGriffin- :
Names of 1.500'HmU1Dal1QIllllbe fifth National Achievement, Florida AIM University to BOW Washington State" boards.

Scholarship program for outstanding Negro students were' headed by Dr. Samuel Russell, Although Fletcher could not Fletcher to a member of a : '
announced recently by John U. Stalnaker, president of the a 1930 graduate of FAMU give a basic reason for his special minority group formed : I Ij

National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Some 900 of the students Dr. Russell has been employed success, WasUngtoniaas have u aa advisory body for Richard :
will wn Achievement Scholarships worth at least *Iooo each. to the Tffritkmil-tf ttnVtI y"of Volkswagen =
Implied that the presence of a M. Nixon. However, he con
They were selected iron over country, eaca of six geographic FAMUslnce be was graduated responsible Negro on the ballot eludes by saying: "We need NC. r 1I }

SI.OOO Negro students 'who participated regions tM umlflmUetspos from the institution. The new might appeal to the voters. to usher. the two-pary system : 1250 EAST ttli ST. .. .
from more than 4,500 portloaal to its Negro school: baa three divisions, In. Fletcher, of.course faces a back Into the Negro community
'schools nationwide. Among population. dflftrl ertiKitlry industrial have 354-9093 rI j
battle. Republicans held where there to some competi U
students requesting Achieve Every semifinalist who be technology, and the technical: major offices one time to Uyears. lion for the Negro vote" I _L !;" .. It a .t i

meat Program consideration comes a finalist will be institute division. -
the Mmifinalists were the considered for one of the 150 Prior to assuming his new Governor Dan Evans inferred

highest scorers: la their regionson National Achievement $1,000 position Dr. Russell was assistant that he also backed the Negro's. WHEN YOU ARE ash
the National Merit Scholar, Ech irtMpf u well u for the director of the candidacy. Lieutenant Governor III ,

skip Qualifying Test, four-year Achievement VocaUoaaI-TtdmIcaIlDat1tu1t. John A. Cherberg seekinga You Seek The Best Doc ,
administered last February.SemifinaUsts Scholarships provided by He received.his. doctorate from l li
fourth term to the office, has tor. when Your Doctor''
who advance to the University of Pennsylvaniaand '
sponsors.Winners tmpbasiaed that It to not
fiMiift standing art considered of the National specialized: to vocational matter of race. Fletcher feel .Prescribes, Get Experienced

for Achievement Scholarships. Achievement $1,000 Scholar. 'industrial, industrial arts, and that be will garner sufficient Pharmacists Jo II

Semifiaalists become finalistsby ships will receive $1,000 upon technical education.: votes for reelection the November Fill Prescriptions According

receiving the endorsement enrollment in college and may to 1952, Dr. Russell made a 5 voting. To your ,Doctor's
of_their acJaoo1I: ,tf MB*|-f pfHjr spend the funds u required to study of trade and industrial Fletcher has refused poverty "Orders. i I
_inin Hn\ sod providing meet college expenses.Winners hicitloB to Florida, and to r I *. '
aid and scoffs at urban .
program I. vu. OD11 Toe Beat C. '
formation about their achieve c, four-year sponsored 154. conducted aa on-the-spot renewal. His East Pasco: Cooperative B. BLACK
menU stud interests. The IMf Achievement Scholarships re study: of the printing Industry Association Quality Drugs: Proprietor
,Achievement Scholarship' celte $250 to $1.500 a to Baghdad Iraq White to
f Into This
winners will be announced next depending on their individual Bt.&bda41111t5S55aDdlt5&5'7be three was ;,3 Registered Pharmacists'To-Serve Your
March need for eachof the four years was assistant director of the begun nearly years ago.

Rosters giving the names of at college. Baghdad Technical Institute. .... ... ( 'cIkIR- .
enlflaaUsts and some 1,000 Negro stsdentscompete Dr. Russell was a Muter

cnmuienVd students& (those who simultaneously in the Achieve lUlU to the US. Army CHICAGO O.POEddle
scored lost below seminnalist meat Program and the National during World War 0,and served Williams, a former "fellow"in c.o..Uci g lubber floods Candies. '-

level) will be sent to all accredited Merit Scholarship Program, to the Pacific Theater of Operations the Amerlcaa Political

colleges anduniversities. toth of which are administeredby where he received combat Science Association: program Sundries.,

These ,rosters NMSC, but miy not be award stars for his service. recently Joined the small circle

help colleges locate talented ed f h"1! by both. Be attended the University of of Negroes holding top administrative 7qy
Negro students, according 'o The Achievement Program Pennsylvania on a teaching positions at major 'PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED-

Mrs Stalnaker.To was created by a $7 minion fellow froa tbeSostbera colleges. He was named assistant "1 1SI7 IIN.S I.AI 35312.1Lilly's
keep the semiflnaUst group Ford Foundation grant to NK C Fellowship Fund and a teaching vice president to charge i

representative of outstanding. to 1'.1' asslstaatshlp from the' of public affairs at the University Store ,Jmyli B tntnm a sew Ka"idry a.ut/1eM$udeM,KySltlllIY .k.bo.u k"Yep%Iv.ea 1
crotDta throughout the ******. University of Pennsylvania Chicago.. Drig

r I .

i ..


\ .
L' .: w ._' : b.. ,. "1 ,u'.t. ". ...10.1. ., -- '\ ,,' J \" .' J,"-

T T''T .


1pIE 12 au mm mnt., icniti 12._1111II ..

Florida _A&M Swamps Feeble South Carolina State College With 25-3 Score I

Fans Jammed Yankee Stadiim :100 Rifles" Rattlers' Gerald Whit SMtcfcwFnatle .'

11 For Graatbliai-Morian Thriller L-T--r fl .- 'Which Lid.. Te TescMewaTALLAHASSEE

NEW: yontllty.f'ur lhous.ind, two hundred and four fans : I -Ken Riley threw one touchdown pass and ran
Jammrf into' Pinker Stadlnm last Saturday for the first invitational : for two Saturday sight! to lead the Florida AIM Rattlers to aZ5I
Football Classic for the twnfflt of tlwSlrwt Academy victory over Sooth Carollm State College.

That C4,2M fans saw'a close whose team handled the publicity. The elusive Riley proved to line Riley then hit split end

ftjid, tight battle between two of Tickets'lold like wildfire. be too much for the Bulldogs Melvin Jones for the score.
the nation's raostpwrfulfot- What happened? One thing was as be scrambled all over the Jones made a leaping one-hand

ball teams, GramWIng and Grambtlng's phenomenal field dodging would-be tacklers catch to nuke the score 6-0,
Morgan. The gate receipts ex. record-CO players to the pros with Us scramble. He completed with 2.04 left in the first
ceedeJ 3200,000. since (he foitles. Twenty-twa 11 passes is. tl attemptsfor quarter.

This was the first time In II GramMlng alumni are now In 164 yards and scored on Midway of the second quarter,
years that Si> many cam,' to the pros, with Notre Dame onlyin I runs of 11 and one yards. MM punter DewJtt Anderson
Yank. Stadium for a college the lead A documentary, s 1 For the first seven minutes ported 59 yards to sec' eight

fo.rtball garni'. produced by Howard Cosell of of the game, neither team could yard line Three plays later,
The gamp was for a goidpurpose. ABC, winner of a TV Emmy:: I: more the ball. Then Rattler the Bulldogs had to punt out

Part of the mool'1w1ngo helped, Grambllng's record Is + defensive guard Gerald White but could only manage a 23

for street academies. Part: outstanding. Last season recovered a Bulldog fumble on yard punt and the Rattlers were
will be put Into ghetto scholarship 29!>> scouts came to one game, the AAU 33 yard line. in Bulldog territory at the 32
fund for 200 or more kid*. 23 to another\ with the average- It was the first o! two rumbles yard line. The Rattlers were
A great dial of the credit for being 12. Pros drafted 34 players -: v t. that White would recover that held foe three plays and then
the game goes to William Car- from the 12-team Southeastern h I, :2q would lead to totrhArwns for field goal specialist Horace

i tit, son of a Ghanlan Ivory and Conference, tops In k the Rattlers. Lovett kicked a 40 yard field
rubber trader,who kept thinking America They took 31 from t In 10 plays,the Rattlers moved goal to male it 100.
of a ghetto-aid program the eight-team Southwestern the ball to the Bulldog II yard Less than two minutes after
J Last spring, In MlantaCurti6met Athletic Conference, of which
u. the field coat White recovered
{ with three top Negrot Grambllng is a member. Alctn CtHttJitttrs his second fumble at the Bun
I football coaches, Jake Gaither Morgan, to), stands high. The 10 line.
; of FAMU, Eddie Robinson, team had not lost a game since dog yard
: Jackson After a loss of one yard Riley
: Grambllng, and Earl Banks, 1965Grambllng's
swept left end for a yard
+: ex-Iowa All-America, of first string and the Rattlers
Morgan. The committee finally quarterback: James Harris, State With SctrtLORUA.N led scoring 17-0 at ran halftime
,j cVtloVJ on a name, Football suffered a shin ,Injury. He was
The on the scoreboard -
Bulldogs got
) Coaches Foundation United I need in the last minute and- Mist -The Jackson *

i States District Judge A. Leon tip, tip, sip, away the Tigers: State College Tigers In the third kicked quarter 37 when
{ Hlgglnbo'ham: : Jr., of Pennsyl* went, with 37 seconds left. suffered their second defeat of James Terry a yard

vanU and Richard H. Griebel, Robinson did not want a field the 195$ season at the 1IudI'cI,. field goal FAMU
Ballantlne president, said the goal. Robinson said, "A man Burt Reynolds as Yaqd Joe and Jim Brown as Lyedecker la "100 direction of' Tom Cries and produced; by Marvin Scbwarts for Alcorn to the tune of 10-1. It In the fourth quarter,allowedthe
company would back any deficit. has got to go with what be Rifles' The wide screen color film also stars Raquel Welch,"* 20th Century Fax Photo by Federico GrasSPORTS was Just too much Marvin played control! ball and nine
There is no deficit. There is believes Fernanda Lamas, Dan O'Herlihr and Hans Gudegast, under the 'Wtqks to Oscar Martin, for Bulldogs only plays.
J an overplus. It was estimatedthat GrambJlng's! "Hall of Fume" Jackson State Ninety. six of the Rattlers 154

90 per cent of the crowd Is striking Willie Davis,Packers Jesse Owens Praises Olympics Per With the gradaattoa of It rating yards halfback came in Hubert the last
was black. In spite of doubts, ; Ernie Lftdd and Buck PARADEBY players from the '17 crew, the quarter as
to the Buchanan, Chiefs Willie Tigers are experiencing "Re* Gem and fullback Junes Owens
I response plan was ; I
Of la
universally enthusiastic, Brown, Raiders; Frank Cornish Proportion Nejroes Contests 'building Pfclns. rWiled the Bulldog line with
long gains.
according to Tom Richmond, and Roosevelt Taylor Bears To open the first quarter of
RADNOR, Pa. Former Olympic athlete Jesse Ovens Mid REWARDED play, Alcora won the toss and GIna was the leading ground

F FIREAUTO LIFE GROUP today that American Negroes have reason tote proud of the high BOSTON (!NPQ) Bill Russell player-coach: of the Boston elected to receive,Leroy Byars gainer for A&M with 105 yards
j proportion of blacks who will represent the U.Bfa the upcoming Celtics recently received a boost in salary fromI50OOOto returned to the 43-yard line. in 21 carries. He also caught
Olympic Games in Mexico City five for 64
i INSURANCE $ZOOOOO a year, after leading the Celtics la recapturing the With 10.01 left In the quarter, passes yards.
Owens, writing in the cuiveutIssue "Tbe Olympics: Is a place Can Next Saturday night FAMO
National Basketball Association's title last season. The boost Roy r.ortdfrocatwoyardl
of TV Guide where people live, work, and tabs on conference foe Ala
MaIt&ntOclober included In record contract RusseO out after IS plays, with David
was a $400,000
11-21 I 5 Aid two-year ,
Liililitjlistut .. 12, aid many blacks break bread together} It has signed with the Celts.I Hartley adding the FAT to pot hems A&M la Bragg Stadium.
nave become heroes In America The Rattlers are BOW 2-0 and
r I the Braves on the board 70.
Citingi because of their athletic success. I RETURNS Jackson State kicked Alcoro", the Bulldogs 02.

"Because of their I I MIAMI (NPQ% to marked contrast to his mode of travel nod recovered aaAtcorafumMe Rifif GuloyardPlaces

II Tit Silt SI.22 riliif. great adal.vementlt deal of good they've for done themselves a during the glory days la the prise ring Kid Gavilaa, former on the Braves 49-yard line.
J-State tailed to the ban
< welterweight! champion, returned to the United States recently move
and the people around; i as a common refugee from his native Cuba.The "K-e-e-d", who and Anon took possession of (I. Ribaul

.Suclal lass a 1 off them.the I'm not la favor of cutting- I was welter' king from 1991 to 1954, is now 42, half blind and the ball on their own 4 L On

have.one area of understanding j troubled with muocalar pains. Me Is also reportedly "br,*' third and four at the SO, State SwiM Tryouts
Negroes IIn a
w assessed 19 yards for grab
Fir MilitirrLn fists to be proud of the d:rpropocttonate -. [ SETMAAiCb blng the face mart. Akora Regina .Gilayard, a
'a percentage of blackathletes registered AAU urtmrair.
failed to after 10
a Kenya (1(1'1)1C.es1Ja'i Klpcbog Kelno recently
: erperteoasIdlvislos
representing the UJB placed forth la the
1500 J-State held. Jackson State
Owens ran the meters event In the fastest time ever at 1,000 feet as
lain wrfes.Watch I above sea level. His time was 3 minutes, 39.9 seconds, theequln.IeAt .took the ball at their 15, but of t.fUt, ,-
yard freestyle and third la the
1 I of a sub-four minute mile of 3579.: Kelno is Keuya'stap after several plays, J- tate hundred
This I long-distance running star and one of the world's leadingcompetitors. punted: to Alcoa as the Braves one RlbauU Jimlor, yard breaststrokeat
Fir I received and High School!
liiinti Irliirs BUI Jones I a 15-yard penalty the Soua: Side
CALL BILL JONESPAY Clown put the ball in play at their 15* R.
C Ial *
JESSE: : OWENS BRAINS BRAWN .. yard line. The first garter,
YoucPEi T IS GOOD WHILE YOU DRIVE 13- 4I- 72* brought about tremendous understanding ,* BAL'mIOOI-fI'l112I the Uorpa8We College 6IdbaD1!i ''ended,' with.:Alcora',' out front,.r, swimming"""* two'rr'tp..."
team 11'. a cue of brains versus brawn. Seven members of the' ,-0..
ICHD CITY' 21 14 54 and cooperation in team, for example, made the dean's Honor Roll for outstanding To open the second quarter
mSURANCE AGENCY racial matters, so I don't think scholarship in the classroom. The Bears had Si-game winning J-Stae took over at the Akora ;

1 J the pride which our black streak going Into their clash with Gambling College in Yankee 39, and a U-yar4pea1lt1I1O'fOd I .
JOl .
Purl SI. athletes have In tb.msel".Ddtheir
Phone 356.7851 Stadium, New York City, recently the ball to the IS of Alcora. I 1of-
will allow them
country to
2 State
After four tries gambled -:
1 I III do United anything States to In embarrass the DENIES THREAT and failed to score, and Akora : ,

"socoupicuous CHICAGO (NPl) Eighty-one-year-old Avery Bnudage; took over on their 14. : .
world he
a arena, continued.
33 15 American-bora p.-esldunt of the lnternnetlantlOlymptc Commttee Jackson State fumbled,at their .
recalling the Intolerance
I 37 and Alcora recovered. AI- ,.
recently denied threatening 11 Negro members of the : t
and Jewish
43 IS 21 Negro athletes US. Olympic team to the Olympic Games la Mexico City witha corn's qaarterbaek. Weeks .
faced in the 1936 In
I Sometimes Re's lp.Sometlmes) Berlin said Hitler's games acUOIII'1n "quick trip home", If they participated la any protest demonstrations raced 32 yards to the J-Sute .4
r the The 5 Franklin Roberts plaoeed
'He's during games. threat was alluded to Ins \
down He Adds Subtracts 1re4 them to
.s even greaterheights. Brave f +
speech Bnmdage made before the National Press Club in over for the second tally,
fie works it all .
Washington on September 17. Toe games win be held Ocotober and David Hadley added the
"Mauy of the youngsters com --
V u-n. PAT to pun Alcora farther out
21- 51 -13 peting this year dont realise front 14,0, with ,:01 remaining .

COMING ATTRACTIONS the directed kind toward of hospitality us But that throughthe was bother Of Pre Star Tryi! Te in In the eight second tries quarter.J-State gave up t

1 efforts of athletes beforeme Alcorn at the REGINA GUINTARD
the ball to Ti&'trtSt.
4S 22-111 and mea who competed la Shake PrehUats Of Nare Alcoa bunched a drive, sheeted in the '.Peurs*
my own day, we paved the way but Big SUB Killer set Alcorn
for the opportunities which By R1CHA3D'E. MOORE burg Junior Olympics and .la.
back 11 yards to halt the driveat
MAN'S DAYSNUM.EIED many young men have today; in the Jacksonville Nary AAU
\ the 48. OD a fourth and '
: schools in business, and on GREENSBORO, N.C. The biggest problem that Mrs Doug :'seventh situation Richard
athletic teams Westmorland has is not trying establish a name B Is trying ,Umpkla passed tollfordClaa- Last Simmer" Rcgiaa swam w
S'qIl' "I say to these boys today who to live up to on*. toe for eight yards to keep the tbtJa..W.ldoaJO

.are considering public protest Being: the brother! of a pro State la Memorial Stadium the Tigers alive. But David, oabraachTMCAteam
Qrso against their own country that football sUr Ian, easy. "It's October 12I Bsdley Intercepted a Lampkia and won several events.
S"ra they would DOt only be hurting just a challenge I have to face ," Joseph Pauline, a w 1 m m 1 a g
'Man's Days are Numb rtd.". doat: want to be like my pass to halt the Tigers once coach at the Johnson BranchY
themselves, but they might lathe said Westmoreland .
who will brother said Westmoreland.
Health and Fortune Can Be again- After several plays,the
t end aid our strongest competition start la the M C A. said Regina shows
It Yours When You Know Your Aggies' defensive6ecoadary ( Just want to be Doug and half ended U-o, Alcora.
riyQ4lier great promise as a swimmer.
lr tag Lucky Days. Russia be said against Norfolk make it on my ors"Doug's To open the second half, J- The
lady formerly attended
brother Dickie starred
State's Matthew liudsoa

I 'Litcky Colors, eu WE TAKE DEALS OTHERS REFUSE for A4T a law years back. Be received the Akora kick-off... aad George. Mi, Herman Washington Elementary Carver
is now a cornerback with the-
Send $%.00 for Ne Credit was dawned at his own one-yard
your Waiting- Approved Spot! Miami Ddpblas.Dong School. Last year sae was
II Horoscope Guide for AS LOW AS line. After a Si-yard pant. Al graduated from the Forest
made U clear that he
con took over at J-State's 3S. Hills
OCTOBER $S195 down doesn't shun any advice from After three efforts, Alcora's: Last Elementary School.
summer Rectcr.aIJ.W
I his brother. "D o, get me Willie Ray placed a perfect for the State Junior Olympics,
Fill la the blank below and wrong" be said. "He can and punt on States one, and with a la track
mail to ZODIAC, Post Office 65 BUICK RIVIERA $2395 does teach me a lot. I watch bad snap from center, akora competing la the SO
3 . and 75 yard ... At present
i: Box 1171, Jacksonville, Fa. Al* CONDITKWID.' AND ONI Of OUR CLEawEST. him every chance I get I try ,scored a safety to set the lead Cent is the youngest member
to pattern myself after the at 16-0 with LOS left in the
i 65 FORD GALAXIE 500 .trying
tr"t r NAME 1 $995 good things be does." third qiarter. The Braves out for the Blbaill
I I OOOH basketball team. Regina lsU.To ..
HARDTOP. STICK IHIH. UN Westmoreland said he Is
STREET pa- the kick-off
j L4l t-jiioiu cotruv.ua IMI cut.tuuu uui< u MOW.u,, u*, uiui v.i.is. JDATE OF BIRTH.eaf 64 CADILLAC SEDAN DEVILLE $1795 tkularly Impressed with b1sbrother' J-State recovered but faded to Regina round out her activities.,

-- -- -- WINS? CONTROL. AIR CONO WAY SEAT ELECTRIC, quickness. "He is tab advantage of the break. Ishktagdsxinglasa.
at.the Johnson Branch YMCA
real fast and has sore hands.. J-State ,
came to life with :50
I 67 MERCURY COUGAR $2195 I have Oder Mrs.. Bernice: Jackson.
only average speed but 'left in the third quarter,George
piclcin? bet V.., ""liD. R1H.66TORONADO. I can catch pretty good. I am Gibson, sophomore defensive She resides with her parents

y you $2995 working on my ability to drop back, from Vicksburg picked Mr.S764 and Cleveland Mrs Julias Road Guuyard' ,
:back aDd cover receivers. off a Weeks pass and raced:
All' COMO"
: :,.u W"W lmi: Cf'J.1
A native of Charlotte West-: IS yards for the first Jackson
greyhound 68 CHEVY IMPALA SPORT CPE $2995 'moreland Is a sophomore and State score. The try for the

"... AUTOMATIC. RIM. AIR CONDITION. FACTORY w.... shows signs of becoming a point afterwards was not good Jilts GuItyrd

68 PONTIAC TEMPEST CPE $2995.rM.mourofRRj&Y101" topnotch performer for the and the third quarter ended
Aggies. "Be has shown. improvement 18-6 u favor of Alcoa Lists S..i.EInI
">*" mu......
la oar ore-season Alcorn: opened the final quarter
racing 66 BUICK LESABRE, $1995 drills" said Homsby Howell. of play and marched to J-State's Toils Hitch

U :bot"luo IT oe ili xEp.ppwi Mass IE rf' l AATs The defensive new coach.secondary is 15, but a 15-yard penalty and.aa lilies Guinyard lost his semifinal
Intentional groandiag call: match to Gordon BUylockla
68 PONTIAC CATALINA $3395vlilTO'Vv expected to be one of the Aggies' stopped Akora short of the the D i v a 1 County Tennis

,ILICT WINDOWS. All l CONDITION FACTORY strong points against the Spar mark. After several plays, the Cia a mpl onshipsbut
tans. Besides Westmoreland, Braves marched from J-State's week at Boooe Park.
67 CHEVROLET BEL AIR $2195 defenders will consist of veterans 41 and scored on a Weeks to Guinyard reached the semifinal '

a XowIRU( iEEA1Nh.AI'" COMDITIONf RADIO 4 HI ATIR. Merl Code Carl Yates, Oscar Martin pass good for round by defeatinf Frank

e We Take DealsWher.Others Refute and Wendell B ,tee. 20 yards, and Hadtey added the Tart and Charles Brock.Gain-\

/ 1 1 a Credit Approved On Spot 'The. game till be a real tut PAT to make the score SJ4wtta yard competed in the senior 45 .
for AZ,?. u'the Spartaas have 'ltlleft to play division. other local tennis enthusiasts .
one of their strongest teams Aleora eoulduf stop, with S.44remaining. participating la the
la recent years. Mew coach Martin scored on a men's singes were Liclous

POST TIME.SPM SAT. MATINEES-1:30 Cart Maddof Inherited* two of It-yard aerial from Weeks, Alberti! and Bee Davis, in Jhe
& MAIN the CUA'a finest players la' Badley added his fourth PAT seniors. All three are numbers .
flanker, Bill Murphy and fullback of the afternoon. Tkelalscon
of tao Ua
El"4.131 OPEN: \.M.IL 4-1312 ItedStatea
TIl1q0 ,Larry Jamts. I I'f !two Akan "J"" atel. Lawn Tennis Association.y;


1'( N
.' "

. ,- . -

-, ""r' N "
I' ,.. ," .,.. "

SITIIIIY, ICTllEi 12 ''IMi STIJ PAns mt:]U

-,-- The JecksNyi'---e jet --- ""O.LW..H s

i t ** ,, >/t/f I I




: V On the fa.hloM mceme, here'' mote!

; ,

!JloIr'4'. N

1'rt; r

f.. A 1 r ? ;
The Bethime-Cookmaa CoUtfe Wildcats luorneyed to Gar&1 ,
where they faced the Rams of Albany State College,Satirday, Variety of men flee gaallld ,
October 5. The Wildcats kicked oft their IH1 season by
valloplnc the Morris Brown Wolverines 47-. Playlnc before a
record: openlnj crowd of more than four thouand tans, the DRESS SHIRTS
Wildcats piled up a 1M lards tubing while bolding the Wolverines
to 43 yards. Last year's leading scorer, Alfred forward,
above, called the 'Jacksonville Jet by his teammates, scored Pima cotton broadcloths
four of the Wildcats seven touchdowns. Hayward, Who is said to 1
oxford cloths with
bare the potentials o( becomlnc one of Bethane-Cookmaa's or con
finest romtnctoacks, accounted for 2) points, more than half tour tailoring for perfect
of his total 47 points last season. Tbe talented Jacksonville fit, neat appearance. Box r
sophomore, wbo holds Bethme-Cookmsa's field pel record pleated hack gives roomy / g
with a 45-rarder, U a versatile athlete who tamed down two comfort. Favorite cotter e 1 I
professional baseball contracts to play college football. 1
White, stripex. Sanfor t;

(zed*. Slue 14-15. ,
GramblingTexasBattle Boy9 school and leisure '

Nov. 2 Will zel WASHABlE COAT I,

.. s IIUI ,,

Be Sports TightHOUSTON SWEATER CLASSIC v ...::. ,

Wbea Texas'Soothers entertains GramUInf %Y 1
College U the Astrodome on Movembw 2, the host Tigers' will 4
be trying to stretch their adrantace over ooe of the bed-kooea 'a Say goodbye to cleaning "
small collate schools in the country. I bus.. this smart acrylic ,

amWq has tmmed oat U Last .season.GramUlnc rolled .. sweater b washablo '. / ,, '
professional football players, to Its third slralttt loopcrowa: won't shrink or stretch out
but TSU holds the odjo la theByearold podia a brilliant '.1 wan-lost 1 of shape! V-neck coat 399 The Uk of the tmrtlemeckSWEATER
series b twvea the mark and cUmazlnc its season: sweater with suede dla- .
two scbooU. The leder stands: with a 11-tl win over Florida f mood emblems. Blue,red
at 10 wins,$ fosses aad 2 tie AIM U the Orance Blossom ; L b black.Cambridge.8 to 18. SETS
U favor lit the Hoastoobasedschool. Classic ,
Most esperts look for
CranbUnf Is ,OB a vlaninc CrambUnc to have trouble re.' '
streak, ll wnu. 'The met 0(, peattnc this flusqd tab Texas' '
S w otoge
Coach EdUe fefeinsoa have won Soathera as one Vtbebloesr' "f 'rt \
&the last tw? years and have stembllac blocks -for. >h ,x;?< I ,SS, "neck pullover
tone oo to the Southwesteri GrambUnc to ct over. $: 'e Cardigan. lo&turtle1I"uO
Athletic Conference Champion*' Gambling Coach Eddie Robin- Fashion color
ship. Tesas Soitheri has 'son Is ontertnc his Stth seasonat Men's, youths'
asailly played tilt bridesmaidrole. & the Loulslaaa school and his
record of 174 worm, M losses ...korl.leere -.,.. knit TOPSiJZO
In mi, CrambUnc rolled over and 11 ties puts him la tile
TSO 50-0 and the IMO cane saper-eoaeh" class. *
was even worse, CrambUnf, Clifford "Jack" Flat Is la his IIN-lON.SHIRTS A
TSU. 0. But the Tifers had, fourth season U head football : k.
&their share of lopsided wins. coach at Texas Soothers.Since ,
In UST, the Scoreboard read eomtac to Houston from Edward .' ,
r '
luxury Lnil silos inacliiitcush ...
flu 89, Gramlllnc 14. Waters College Jacksonville: ,
Most of the canes have beta Florida: hail bu put the T1rtr. \\- V cola and stay DD ; stt}
klch-Korlac affairs, only two In kiP par In their bid for in iJwjx-1) rticLet collar. 3 i
shutouts have beta recorded. the SWAC tlUe.TSO' Chokcell nlltC' hanJoltC' ,
This year's contest seems to. defensive wnits have colors, S.a L-XL 1 1 ;
fit the moU. TSU retarns the< 4 ea atop the Uacoe statistics AlJr- i
conference's top passer David the past two seasons and this
JUys.It's year's crew ironic that Ma/s halls be the best yet Add the explosive -r '
from Biton Rouge, U., and pubis eomtfrntion of STRETCH ,
Cramblinc's campas 1s within David Mays to Kenny Burroughs SOCKS
a hundred mites of that city. and yon can see why this maybe .5
Ken & is Hays' favor- TSlTs year U the SWAC.GrambUajs's S
tte targets The *-.; US poems ... j.ac9 as a- guaranteed to irrar X year!
split end broke Bob Hat"apr1Dt small collage football: power lb.:, t J l 1
records whlU schoolboy U to one 'S ; a I
a eat be traced: part '
la Florida.Defensively man, Coach Win Robinson.Tbe .
TSU has beta tileIWAC' quiet! leader of GruabUDt. 11 ) S
leader. the past two football tortsnes for the _
years. And Coach Clifford past years,Robinson acknow- 79r
Paal's headbooters an led by ledged u a fine inspirational
two-Urn AU-Amerlcaa Ernest leader u weU u a brilliant ,
Calloway. A..., 260 pound football tactician. _
middle cuard CaHoway anchors His players have COM on to
the Tier forward wall oa d-, the professional ranks to star. t ineae front
tense and has pro scoots drool- J \Vu4xvixtli'* KUiinuitrcs wrri! TKI! Gueplulitl' T |Mall Rich-looking
Inc. His nickname: ..C nHeadhumt.r. 8eli..CON. *nUcd heel> lIldmdl.II.'I.I\\'llld"ld'f'Cfur'
." ., ,efl 3 lean! Soup elastic top outim, wxiiro fit Mild 01111(011withiNit ( WOOL SWEATERS
The came should provide anexcellent WIN' tuiKKiiiK avers. HUl. ImAin, fluirMul.navy,
IncenUveforTSUhead AI.... A&M, "Ilk.... <).ic sic iit. IIIIJ.10.I ., in liiiu wt/('. fit* I 1115.A .
coach Clifford "Jack" Pail
The yang mentor has chalked li 6. Bowl' The big knits. SportingFOOTWEAR
H wins for such powers as favorites with tuedo and _
Florida AAV and Tennessee Sports (tans and folks who, lOT. OKtY cable stitched front. vCaL II ,
All. simply like to"co aomtp1ac." neck, sued buttons. -
Kickoff time is $:oo p.m., will be happy to know that they 5' S .
Saturday November 2. la the ear aWl look forward to thai MAIM SALES FLOOR rl, coffee, green S. .

AstrodoBe. 'amid ---.r oosmai Col-2 ... ...
The Sovthwtctera Athletic .-.,onortd Gator Bowl
Conference Is a relatively new Classic. The cane is scheduled Great for rain or.,,,.,,......, ..!
leapM aad to classed as betas for Saturday. October 26, with W..1-aerylle-aIp es
composed of small collects... .Alabama AAU as opponents. MS
but eouMnt It by the SPORT MEl '
pros.you prove The Bethuns recently Gator B w1 lather Cola- J CUT STYLE
White the Sovtheastara eo."rtoee .- jntifo9
of the Afro-American Oxford-rtyled'with ( '
total library
led the mttaa to .
Players pkke41&the but AFL- life IntnniFt BaiMhgbmteOproirsis the neck and sleeves, elastic :
reports oo
NFL eoabla draft with M of the waist Water repellant
tcbodalod ovent Reports
Players, the SWAC wax right publicity ticket sales parade Dacron polyester and cot. g21 F '
behind with JLCranbUacalooe
contributed I draftees.Grambllac and cited bovine u laterosted committees Indi-aid ton. Oyster.Sizes -M-L ;

Players order. has pro U contracts former tnthttiastic expressed community.their Many happlnoss ''....1. mad .Ark'. H.alk'a bAike/Mil ;

BOW, but other &WAC schools persons that Bsthime-Cookman' IIIrlltrl ? !'" untlyeasUai
are qalckly catchinf to that IS lw WSJ .AF Soft tons
ftcvre. frees Bay defeasivs president Dr. Richard Moore/ ASK ABUT \\. with

tad Byhimn Willie and Davis tackles Ernie and K.C.InM Back Chiefdefeaalve head Dr.A.Included..x-James."Dr.Knight Green:. Andrew,T.Y.*s.RoUnson.i Thomas AraoUa;i l, LAYAWAY PLAN S... .. .. =;r t"'OpockC'tLlleathtrtonn.Men's and )'OUths' S- I.L,.

Williams Ernest ;, Miss.Gertrude .
the Uat"of CrambUnc alomnlla L. Styles. Dr. J.LE. NO CAMYW6 CHAR6ES:, HKhriding cotton yaw,.aI'upSturdy I cotton.li war It cut
the pro ranks. Scott Jarnao Hair William ptt,_' k 1.Liis.Tlikk high lo Mipport. Rubber lot, STIK 1HISenv.pCT' 'c
Host people refer totheSWAC J ""hionlntolc.\Vbite.U.2. ,
Hathankl DavU,Virgil MM. AN FM.,
as the naHon's toughest small- Hayes ." 11.1.11'1' '.1
Bawkins, and Mrs.. Louise G. I
,copes conference audit's easy ud. --"I I I 1.1..11. fJ i.
tone why YOUR MONEY'S WORTH MORE AT J"a"atrf"
,, _"".'" WOOL wORTN is .


4 .>

; '''\..,c.' i .1.io.clOL.! ; ."; :IMii,... (. Y.iI.! }: 'f. ;
"It io"; ''
.-.-...;. ._ ---- -- -- -

'.' '" '
: .,.,. .. .
I .f, .., 11't -,- .. ...
( 1



Morehouse Has Research Chemist "Breakthrough" Commercial New .Socitl Gunbliii Ceicfc Mined. Member.

f I Sports Fiesta I Helps YoungstersCONTINUED 1 Security OfficeWe Of Kedsk. Celleie Divisin.

I 'Coach Eddie Robinson of Gramtllng
.:Morehouse College kicked oft ROCHESTER N.Y. -
Ita athletic year with an All- FROM PAGE 10eendlng know that many people in College is part of a M-man committee selected to pick the
Sports Jamboree sponsored by or talking down to them. this area are delaying the re- first Kodak- College Division All-America football team.
the Atlanta Morehouse Club in I structured ray class as a fun jeeipt of disability Insurance William D Murray, executive >Colo4o *hoot of Mines.
the Matador Room of Paschal's thing -something not like cheeks to which they are director of the American Foot- District 7-Benny E11 e n d e r,
Motor Hotel last wtk.Mr.William school-.so they would be re- a r. entitled James H. Mlddleton ball Coaches' Association announced Arkansas State University;
M. Nix, director of Placement ceptive. The discipline problem has reported. the committee headedby Tracy Norwood, Northeastern
and toastmaster: for the did not exist. Mlddleton, officer In charge of Ted Dunn, coach of Spring (OUa) State College Wally
occasion, presented the 196869 -' The children grasp conceptsbut the Carver Station Social field (Mais)College.. Bnlllngton, Ablllne (Texas)
varsity teams: of golf track, fall to retain them, Taylor Security Office Is urging all Coaches appointed Include: Christian College.
swimming, cross-country, saud disabled workers self-em District 1-Roger Robinson District &Rowan, San Francisco -
baseball and football Coach "Being exposed is one thing O r4 ployed people to file applicationfor Cortland (New York ) State (Calif.) State College:
Arthur McAfee spoke of basketball but If the exposure is not constant social security disability College; Don Russell Wesleyan -, Paul Durham Llnfleld(Oregon .
prospects Coach Henry there will be low payment when they first (Mass.) University; Jim I College; Don CoreuSlDDIeCO
Darlington announced the retention. My problem w.\I1 Just realise they may meet the requirements Ostendarp, Amherst(Massy (Calif.)State College
Maroon Tiger captains as Jesse did not have the time 1 needed for payment. College. Edwards was twice named Kodak
Rowe offensive backfield; to be toally effective" Disability benefits can be paidto District t-Keith Piper, Den College Division Coach-of-
Franklin Huff, offensive line; Although the classes took place e. workers and self-employed slam (Ohio) University,George; the-Tear. Glnn Osteodarp El-
Vincent MI1'Jre. defensive line; In the evenings attendance was people who are unable to work Uakrls, Temple (Ptnn.) University lender and CoryeU are former
and George Satterwhlte defensive excellent, according to Taylor due to either a physical or Bob Mitten,West Chester nominees.
-! backfield. The Tigers "Some of the children bad to mental Illness that will keep (Perm)State College.
will field one of their largest take two buses across Newark, them out of work for at least District J-JlmSf Tens,North HiMiiKelitioisCeincil
teams with the offensive line but they came rain or shine.' months. Middleton added that Carolina College; Cass
averaging 216 pounds aid the After a relationship was established "in addition to being disabledthe Ramsey, Emory and Henry I Scares
defensive line averaging 223 I, that the training was disabled person who became (Tenn.) College, Cally Cult
pounds not a typical classroom disabled after age 21 needs 5 Presbyterian couua Carolina) CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11
situation, the children began. to years of work credits under College. 12, Chairman Community Re
FIR SUE ask countless questions 4 social security out of toe 10- District 4-Jack Clayton lations Commission City of
Famished 12 rooms, 2 1/2 "Once the children realised : year period ending at the time Northwestern (La) State Col-' Jacksonville, Chairman US.
bahI. also cottage In rear, that this was a free-floating be became disabled. For a per lege; Eddie Robinson Gramb- Commission on Civil Rights
steam heat. Goad corner location type thing they bad plenty of son disabled before age 21 less ling (La.) College: John Bell, Chairman Florida Commission
for large family Income, questions" Taylor said"When than 5 years of work credits East Tennessee State College on Civil Rights, Resident,
or both Owner being transf. It came to experiments, the _. Is required." District 6-Ralph Clan, Jacksonville Ministerial As-
256-254) only thing I Insisted on was Y Payment monthly disability South Dakota State College,IvanShotteL sociatlon. Mayor, City of Jacksonville
care in handling the M1Yq benefits cannot be made for Northwest Missouri .
I chemicals." E1 the first months of disability Sate College, Frits Brennecke,


.Take IMPROVED NATURE: 216 W, cave: St. Furnished or Looking For A lob?

i. down TABLETS feeUn,for that that keeps tired yon from run Unfurnished t location.Excellent$50,09 t condition $50,00 :

enjoying life. mo. X11

100 Tablets $3.00; ZOO Tablets JFOLATO1 HIGBEE. t > \;
'5.00. $1.00 deposit on COD's. Realtors .,,

Pept.EMPIRE Chicago FSL., Illinois PRODUCTS 8937 60626 N. Broadway SALES 1-35/..-6433 217 W, ForsythSt. Can't L rliiii A job: .,


I VETERANS! Someone with WANTED established creditto _. _- -- t CAN'YOU GET IN? LET'S SEE. 7.71 I.. '.t
take up payments on Singer Model Richard Roundtree is shown between takes of the Dew S*>rtme Btary Products TV .
"0 MONEY DOWN Golden-Sew Auto ZIc-ZtI.Does commercials The omm"relal..fiflt to advertise products vtclaitrety for use by Negroes 9
everything No aU a ell m tD I. major ptlme-time television was seen October lID New York, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia What we are looking for are workers -- able.

FORA 3 OR 4 needed. Makes fancy' patterns and Washington. bodied serious, sensible young members of '

buttonholes Balance $41.50.blind Just hems take etc op For Diahann minority groups, who can tackle a job and
payments $S per month. Free POSITION OPEN $stick wit! it.
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I skill with hands or some mechanical
'"Start'Toar Own import Butl- Curriculum Program, Day tad knack, are good. Everything about you, your

.ness, AroShop, tie/' Service Night Staffs and Start Setting Development up In- I willingness to work; your energy; a little ex
Send flOW for
KIN. ers" containing Dames and addresses everything will be going for you
of nearly 203 African

DIll ON FHA Exporters: prodjcts: exported QUALIFICATION: Masters'DegreeExperience APPRENTICESHIP
mall rates
customs requirements .
.- 1 UIS.VUlCAN etc.J1D. Currleulem I In Administration \ TRAINING' MAYBE THIS IS FOR.YOU. ,

1 Enterprises punning: with elementary, secondary OFFERS i MAYBE NOTBUT
INC. '.0. DOS ewe and/or adult I \ YOU'LL NEVER KNOW UNLESS .
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I HI 7H3US I of leadership ability, 1I I AN YOU FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF

FHINGE: BENEFITS: Annual| !' I OPPORTUNITY If someone told you that you could t get a job
and Sick Leave; Blue Cross- 'I ;
Blue Shield Credit Union mem that pays $4 to $5 an hour, or more year

bership. .Social Security after year, what would you say?

I Industrialisation Center Opportunities Ins. L I WELL, HERE'S THE BIG r.r.r NEWS!!!!!

DOSS US Julia Street. Ph. 254.76)1..

FOR RENT LiJ j Trio Jax Urban.League now has a now set.

20) Lafayette rm Duplex. '': I Elli up which aims to get young minority group
Dtahana Carroll la and ofteo douat
gets at six fee morning
Water t IJ&htl1DcllaC1l4 $$1.00 Trades Unions
into the
members Building ,
mo. all asleep til past midnight DOW .that *Ws starring"Julia"on
I FO-AND t HIGBEE the NBC Television Network where they can travel the road to permanent,
,Realtors as carpenters electricians
high-paid jobs
254-64IS 217W, ForsytoSt. Allen Chapel Wildcats TickleKtiticky E
--- t plumbers painters, etc.
I plete .H.pplM center. clot by.
I Si MOTEL Will Celebrate TOM Au
LINCOLN ESTATES $Ivate This Is How Works a e r. I
12 rooms ban $5.00 CONTINUED FROM PACE 7
7130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE: 765-1615 16 rooms semi-private 4.00 The Bethon-CookmaaColege
Mrs. Uveala Squire,Mrs. Lee Wildcats 1-0 tor the season,
Day time (semi-private) $3.00
Weekly Rate (plus tax) V. Calvin Mrs. OfeU White, will take on the Kentucky Stale The union members who hold lifetime cardsas
J ELECT Mrs. Geneva BUkeaty, Mrs. College Eleven tn Frankfort painters plumbers etc., all became skill.
Uadle Johnson, Mrs Pearl Saturday October U. A
TOMMY DGEIOOD MOTOR CHIT Major and Mrs. Doris Alley The totted Butbune-Co kmaa ed by being admitted to the union as Appren

INTEGRATED The chairman of the program College Wildcats rammed 1 tices. As soon as they got their apprenticeship
1 GAYCOUNCILMAN 5911 US.1.Cor.Edge wood Ave. committee will be Mrs. Willl* across II points la the first JIf 1
:Phone: 764-OOOS-Always Open M. SUm- Mrs. Shlr&r Wil, half and went oa to drown II AIIV rating, they started learning their craft by
1. -, \ llama will head the finance Albany State's Rams 13-0 IBt
committee and Mrs. LouiseChappell gootbail game la Georgia I working on an actual job site fob four-to-five

AT LARGE BATTERY TlllllE 1? will be Is charge ofbeaut Saturday Bight Cask I Ie kWcClatnn' days a week under an experienced craftsman,
/ Ification.Communion Wildcats were la
,: GROUP4 J..r.--. : NO MORE THE LIFE BATTERY OP YOUR:TKOULEFOR : CAn: service will be command the whole game E and attending classes in a particular trade at

VOTE COUNTY WIDE held Sunday with Rev. Banner Alfred Hayward a Jackson- night.
:' WANA.nOJtALLY. maD preaching.Communion will vibe sophomore ltd the
I :, t. be administered to the sick andahtlM BethuBt-Cookmaa College As an Apprentice you, a trainee will get a
GUARANTEES NEW LIFE FOR ea Friday afternoons attack rushing for 151 el the
OLD 3ATTEI.IEs, LOIJCEU 1JF I preceding communion Sunday Wildcats S41 yards ground tool. starting wage of aboutJUflftf liThen.as

Tommy Gay offers. FOU NEW PAT'fEi\r.s is the furore. oa while u eight scoring yard two run touchdowns and a six you learn more, you get regular pay increases

I i. YATES IIST. Fit SUE yard pass from MD1orCllUt.r.baet. until you reach the full pay,wage of a crafts
dewis of rout-
415 miEYUNI AYE; Conf. i cro. at au WI5th st. logs. The two touchdowns man..
.. SINCERE HONEST REPRESENTATION doing very good business the boosted Bayward's scoring total
'v 353- f46 year aroind. Beer license, to 41 points la two games as
SOUND Good location Ream for sell compared to his season total CoRfict' :. The Jacksonville Urbei lei ie
ing-tate two other businesses 'of 41 points last year rhea be .

TOWARD GOVERNMENT SPENDING 2 III. All IRICK For Information call J55-8MJ, .. led department.the Wildcats the scoring 829 Peer! & Stile U "Person

SUPPORT OF GUARANTEED MILLAGE TOWN HOUSES Hllrells---75t Willie Benjamin.from Belle atlOpouadfullback Glade also

LIMITATIONS f scored two Betkua-CoAmaa
Range & Iii es.$2.50 College toBChdowns. ,

Refrigerator The strong Wildcat defensive Other Jobs Opei For Miles & Pennies 18-45
16 yards rushing aDd five first
SIN IIH! COUEGEJNC downs. The defense known as
IMPROVED SUPPORT OF POLICE & "Tanks' Terrors" for Coach

FIRE PROTECTION II "StEAT" PUN S3I liiis St. 355.3I4inri Lloyd Tank" Johnson has allowed -
(1 la two
-. only yards. Now With PROJECT ASSIST-ACTION
lirlirlif '
I DEMOCRAT FHAVULCAN Leading the Wildcats dennslTt .i.
I alit wu Winston Hack a middle .

I I. J. WC.7N3 LACH MONDAY with guard 10 unassisted from: Marietta tides, Ga.and, Registration., Hours : 9:00 a.m. to l': Or p.m.

I. It lEI .KNKIT II ""*..* fife assists.
Monday through Friday
lUll Ml. Staring the defensive spotlight ,
763 3479 was Alvin Wyatt, Jacksonville, .. ., Co'J;,
PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT who Intercepted tour passes for Y .
a school board .,'
.S' d ;" 'i. ? <':..sd. :.

.\ .r:


L J .1 : t .

r' J .,;'. .' -.I. .!. ... ..r .., '- .1.... a ........: "'.. u4.", ........a.d. ..;,...ri.k.. .. anti. .,_ .:: ,. ._ ...,si

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090414_AAAAJP INGEST_TIME 2009-04-14T09:41:18Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00785
FILE SIZE 856369 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090414_AAASEL PATH 00518.jp2 PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 aa60c37c801bf108899eb394fb1afd2dSHA-1 962440e277e21e3ed4eb3ecf87f228385911955c
6899345 F20090414_AAASHI 00530.tif a4509a611f469af55fd39d7d29d89dd710538920fc91f31e8764be08e2c9ca87a71641c7
1058812 F20090414_AAASEM 00518.jpg 9723bdfafa9cecc7e85b43ff9c3cae4790d31c6a8e91aac5665e7296161f866bf67167d8
31303 F20090414_AAASHJ 00530.txt f4bf70da572cd59d805eb9a39b21521514a2b69e43e584df1cf2708e83ffe4c106f77654
126552 F20090414_AAASEN 00518.QC.jpg 7acc5d13ad00bf44d40bf646d39419f53c097f37a2addf6d7d2d163e7a6b143b289ef340
6848049 F20090414_AAASEO 00518.tif 2abd2454d5fea6a1baa13a60ca261b3c47863a5a95f64a618fb6f2fd4d9d62b497451f81
29960 F20090414_AAASHK 00530thm.jpg b8fcfd661d3811396b2915e17e2547aeb470b1f5c16d307b6fa2abdb7f5855a259b68494
36430 F20090414_AAASEP 00518.txt 702c87f622c75b2b0f9dfee08caf2001c4c1a55c3010cb2b52e55c2255216c15d097fe36
19713 F20090414_AAASHL 1968101201.xml FULL 6f59ac3d6f1f03ce3270ca590aa648d8bda204980d84afce70ce90d15be5c11e3c542a09BROKEN_LINK 0517.jp20518.jp20519.jp20520.jp20521.jp20522.jp20523.jp20524.jp20525.jp20526.jp20527.jp20528.jp20529.jp20530.jp20517.txt0518.txt0519.txt0520.txt0521.txt0522.txt0523.txt0524.txt0525.txt0526.txt0527.txt0528.txt0529.txt0530.txt0517.tif0518.tif0519.tif0520.tif0521.tif0522.tif0523.tif0524.tif0525.tif0526.tif0527.tif0528.tif0529.tif0530.tif0517.jpg0518.jpg0519.jpg0520.jpg0521.jpg0522.jpg0523.jpg0524.jpg0525.jpg0526.jpg0527.jpg0528.jpg0529.jpg0530.jpg
30354 F20090414_AAASEQ 00518thm.jpg b75c48338186020ec0af53f2611ba302e4db1b72a5918fe76f93f194e44e754fa2cd5900
871053 F20090414_AAASER 00519.jp2 d50fa0d43b1d01435b12af06ce7b29a4e7f1f40fb0d0297363038d35009e249a53f19484
1125744 F20090414_AAASES 00519.jpg c78a9de427d21e150a724d993a914fcae9e1f773f18aa4e93c6f2a949d46070df54b8e33
24426 F20090414_AAASHO UF00028362_00785.mets a5649daa48921b0be29edda2051973064caa919647ea77f602deda6dd2806c6b21feeb7b
131100 F20090414_AAASET 00519.QC.jpg 45ccb3dace03b23ed19aa20f838eef8a367c183504e5f1c0ce37c64ef4673db8801f0a16
6968237 F20090414_AAASEU 00519.tif 9b409b6c8387d4c4f7a07498e481fa3c67d64de29737faccd5ce81701ee1be593ce20b78
45417 F20090414_AAASEV 00519.txt 8b83f7c87ee5182fb6c8b24fa22033a464b4ddd05c630630cc80f41d15ca9a4e281c8751
28709 F20090414_AAASHR UF00028362_00785.xml 30688f572eda8180f98ecacc8e74ccae3519d0366940cefb0291f42eb1d1b512759226cc
30057 F20090414_AAASEW 00519thm.jpg 45813852f457ad1002a4a6cb5c2e6475131c630c50fb2c6752d285fbe843fd92af33ea2c
854958 F20090414_AAASEX 00520.jp2 ccf4fa1befa582158434497c2f0fa06aeb9dd3ba39a0b1c01fb756c0611015d368363077
31320 F20090414_AAASGA 00524thm.jpg 2b18a2746cfb6550078d2add28df792e6b17e07657a21819640f44d304c8acb325adb208
1106603 F20090414_AAASEY 00520.jpg 7db7ca5b7fdde3a73e1b0318de682822c5393d552363684cdc39f59e53b1bde7de8f661b
872258 F20090414_AAASGB 00525.jp2 41e3f9f15c148b2a175eb6168f0ced4bc259505ac4aa6d23269f845fd72a6ee7fccf94ab
131082 F20090414_AAASEZ 00520.QC.jpg e3aa601b0fb83212983725a67cac6ab769b7854d515b55f4167c2185b4a3f8bff8660c14
1024593 F20090414_AAASGC 00525.jpg 5c8f5443f1ac38fee7b63f936ee199bdfab22902f5c249827fd776977caa39345887b97b
127194 F20090414_AAASGD 00525.QC.jpg 6d3f2f4aecfd3a0c632a223c8cf9efe671723ea8cd253136f54cddc319e0a4b11fc49a67
6968695 F20090414_AAASGE 00525.tif d586305ddd58c1c58822da39b72c703476153ed498a1893fc3982f6e6e3da1b6f58af1fc
30244 F20090414_AAASGF 00525.txt 5cc75b3f581a51ab9ce0dd293f8640545c7eca2382393aea49e6aba388dacb2eeca98542
30221 F20090414_AAASGG 00525thm.jpg 20ea10209c90fe750aa3e05813f3dbdd169f90ff1605a533c8939a66bc3ac12c8aa77ceb
876208 F20090414_AAASGH 00526.jp2 7fa1117fd51e77931df55f40d01c2eb51a44a7d4d3dffcb8bf6017ea6a2b9fce03451693
1019347 F20090414_AAASGI 00526.jpg 32cff5c2876341999d08127fe0f20b66964274c087284e108c8b0b527ac827fe54b18c9c
121552 F20090414_AAASGJ 00526.QC.jpg bdcd478d77f9a49c5da791a1f6d79a735a5490063aca68afba9f9929b11a2ffccda0ad35
7009537 F20090414_AAASGK 00526.tif ab15ace04d3a9a8eb62fd1c26803c2cc41acab7d20ed0894770bb53334280fe918a9d3d1
41228 F20090414_AAASGL 00526.txt 39a423bcf12aaee518ac8c7dcfd9df2b9491d9640bac234eca6128d293c6162939d3a3ba
28953 F20090414_AAASGM 00526thm.jpg a62e06d10a7a9c00d5709814c7396e48423342e8600df9823a660fbe6502a2377a92e929
840619 F20090414_AAASGN 00527.jp2 efe69c4930299e564b54f2824348cab7f17c885c4b5a05f6d2e6ac0d03f5427d69ee6ae8
1145672 F20090414_AAASGO 00527.jpg df4533ec80076b3b77b0166255e833b185aae2ea3e9bca7528ccf4e95d17acd535f537c1
133466 F20090414_AAASGP 00527.QC.jpg ddab487bdeccdfc0d615537d2c05e726a69a6d1815e77f97277cfcd0b208d8ca58b25832
6718349 F20090414_AAASGQ 00527.tif 392984b602e87e6d9a97edd7c1c54ea0cc6c993324cf6c6391314e0728d37c2117ee677d
43022 F20090414_AAASGR 00527.txt 2253acbd636c2c730234df5790541bc79fef71890e521cb0593d7a8de03268411a4d6312
30549 F20090414_AAASGS 00527thm.jpg 54018b5a35cb7623890ba01a90618434a7888431692da2aa37a225723f36bd73adab5e08
870385 F20090414_AAASGT 00528.jp2 acf553c474ed6cf238f7ed21178171a50fe5e31d33638e3ddfbecdb590f8c3791f90fbcb
6831548 F20090414_AAASFA 00520.tif 9d705fa55eb112ca9bed264d2665df0da8ae04d6a30a08f78de7136e83de11100830a49f
1127360 F20090414_AAASGU 00528.jpg b35990dd1bd2f237492d0f56bcda1ced8784bb4c90c9c564eca28dd61582c315b36035ad
32019 F20090414_AAASFB 00520.txt d5316c328fcff0e41d70f7915a50ae0b95fcb0527ab92efa249b9fad66a98da7bd60e5a6
130759 F20090414_AAASGV 00528.QC.jpg 0bd25b2d04e96f3ed9b216f9c54108001c15f9462c1e8a0307f9e6d64f4f79ef9bae0d9a
30859 F20090414_AAASFC 00520thm.jpg bb1267fed7689c78b05e6bf968481ffc9d38746acc1f60079e324e4ef2a18c2fbea74dd9
6956447 F20090414_AAASGW 00528.tif 6fdad2515909dcc14e893c012d1cdf28083946915a7e33194e880359c614539fae306dcb
862054 F20090414_AAASFD 00521.jp2 0091bc73ccebadc742ae91eaa5b19a7e35911c27737a0e5ecb9ec3bc4ace22174e0b0e97
51174 F20090414_AAASGX 00528.txt 98b5ab1975c3e881e716eb1d99fcd2cb71d68994ca722dbe8d0f72ec798de4122a2ccb01
1130498 F20090414_AAASFE 00521.jpg ec8973c21f9b1f4790eb2e959a3e700d1a0737bf4cc6a84dcc1832088de3e92dc746fed0
30030 F20090414_AAASGY 00528thm.jpg 0045ad4271f7ee2764c122e6440f4d0d903668ae8bb168ebdacd9a8f6fa621508b52bf49
131938 F20090414_AAASFF 00521.QC.jpg 14e2ed9bc0291d666d11d38f5c0b35367ba88ff86b14efdfbab41bb2c211be72efcfbef0
849546 F20090414_AAASGZ 00529.jp2 638e36a7ccda604cfb8e70a15235cb1e77a6999461759fb2b71f274c1969351fafbf1134
6890079 F20090414_AAASFG 00521.tif 89e3979b4c01e83fb602aa44550a0c229dc5cde9c48f8a577d1bb67c7333e0c85aa1a7d4
38991 F20090414_AAASFH 00521.txt f29a3aad1ded19c69d33bdea95f77824513ea684984d7c98e39c88b57757d95d60203fe9
31234 F20090414_AAASFI 00521thm.jpg 9fd780fa1f66b30c46fdf0e3f1a0403cc3bae481b2b2ea89e02adcf11cf30348ec580be8
847932 F20090414_AAASFJ 00522.jp2 958330e2b6205e50b8d596fc0f7ff7a28c387395a7fbc843da7bf94673bff9418eb80d49
1169192 F20090414_AAASFK 00522.jpg 672695a1506488344b7b502b16bd93779316c15223d7efe525b1c59b4ff74bfa2833b981
133843 F20090414_AAASFL 00522.QC.jpg d9876dc0c531e6128813ee81a219dcc4006ae65e82190065fe02acacbf3760e7989f873a
6780555 F20090414_AAASFM 00522.tif c6c6467d3d2d43cd505f462717cba12b18067852c2d78d4d23e895493dd8a0796ddb2544
49297 F20090414_AAASFN 00522.txt 2a88ca4c7301b302439f6a3d72ac9d31322d15eb4021e7c4a780e323130cde79ca6407bc
30781 F20090414_AAASFO 00522thm.jpg 7a61caaea01f6c86bb92e0c6f220740c7e1a626d45da0b60da72b10f99238ef75dba30db
860202 F20090414_AAASFP 00523.jp2 780dc7fa3b83e1c07833ab5248f072fe1392741b349377b13cf1c009663002e23cc68da2
1157600 F20090414_AAASFQ 00523.jpg 9c49462d6aee59b2dc8385d547d39c062a7447836f5c5328953d94d319bd1f59bc4b090e
135831 F20090414_AAASFR 00523.QC.jpg f0b10ec60c5df816a28ec07df23175924b84fcc5558ec5fa3000aebaa96b4aac3f86d83f
6881561 F20090414_AAASFS 00523.tif 41f06131fa3ee7954abce04ace3550b515b6a0177c251e7e01f26f5db4c5f974ee308486
39368 F20090414_AAASFT 00523.txt 7af84ee3a3bd3c030ebde23fcb66a5e43ccdba3263d98dfdc31f9df68201bd5fc15a4dbf
31335 F20090414_AAASFU 00523thm.jpg a657f5b52e37d0b50843526ca8642a2076709fe6f3630d606382227ac4cda4aed3dc95cf
862382 F20090414_AAASFV 00524.jp2 ab757dbd06134f3bf7e2e6898b28da3052f12972641404bad77655c9c62106f4b9991dba
1034500 F20090414_AAASFW 00524.jpg 1ba1ea393be8a8c25b54919204511d1ec84e5d9ff4fe9d9b51f2b358214e4fa66c4a0579
128345 F20090414_AAASFX 00524.QC.jpg 6c3d511abce62f74df5fa494c1e3ee8c4f715588ed29a819d4211966f5e2381fcf3e94ce
1056121 F20090414_AAASHA 00529.jpg 54f693d856217ecb96ce5358ccea9d5dff4dc1ce1bee96efe9a8cde367cbfb8e316acdd9
6890108 F20090414_AAASFY 00524.tif 044d72eb6bcd82355442fc2695921d312724ed324ddcbb19b7d170ca1a62f8462a45f57a
856374 F20090414_AAASEF 00517.jp2 1e8beb76dcf6005653553717cdbb9cddc751cabf2b148207fc6f3723760ab9c30fa383c9
128674 F20090414_AAASHB 00529.QC.jpg 3834f527a3b9d7fcfd6c64225c3d7c39efb4f2eb69f5955a2502b5f787ff1351417702e5
26614 F20090414_AAASFZ 00524.txt 2e45505099e6a6451a04ea3cc452ea8ec27c57a4977a9879f793dd644ce4c3e20903cc4f
1110194 F20090414_AAASEG 00517.jpg 665c034ccf06bf9fcf7e0fa612628537a40ca45b1711e5f09d591895a72856fe8146410b
6792889 F20090414_AAASHC 00529.tif 070ac4f6dd65144c14f7c6a78672e528154fff4cdb7a7c5bada563cf355b2989c568e8d0
22438 F20090414_AAASHD 00529.txt f528549d9bfe72d3bd54095cabc16211d53e8b93b218c04a83d9fc7378da4ec6654009ce
131013 F20090414_AAASEH 00517.QC.jpg b0e91c67cfc706e50b92262e629865cc6a0df36ecac11c2303e1d43b510cb601114c5dc1
31218 F20090414_AAASHE 00529thm.jpg e9b5040666d76eb1bcbca1492ff800414c81f7ead606fa662e062ff98bba055ad2fe6e17
6841355 F20090414_AAASEI 00517.tif 80d8e0ddf9737ba0cb62c0e00fef195e791e32d210e3d70d195f97a3ccc14ed1adcb94c0
863242 F20090414_AAASHF 00530.jp2 452927340e813ff027edd8edb2e5351299c944f9d548bdd2589c94c037303fd9e13185a8
45100 F20090414_AAASEJ 00517.txt 112ba05e410cccd376c750d8f3be2f91dea616d17d77ef14d93d45a230038c0e4a68ddf1
1078439 F20090414_AAASHG 00530.jpg acbfee86c8b09a774e36d028aafb1db87b9612622190ab033e04e3a31afba9232ef7ae1a
31074 F20090414_AAASEK 00517thm.jpg 67d3ddbd1a28db5a4bb4507205165507a15d8eaf1deb01daae4b720ad27f15f58bf4ad85
126460 F20090414_AAASHH 00530.QC.jpg c0d2ab829e2bbc62dd216138e5a2cfc19c139eda40585b0a2c906f74bd640f6bd0930081

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200785datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 5, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007850740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 5, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 5, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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WASHINGTON Ne Deal f t.A" "N'D

cab d.lms aDd Safety Cabdrivers M YOUTH, WOMAN
tilt first Nero, the j
latter wt lt., both groups num.

bert of tit, Truth Drivers,
Warehousemen and Htlptrt,
Local 619. u amtutt of tbtTeamsltrs 1

win, la tbt m.ottof :
Novtmbtr vote for
membership U titter the aforementioned HELDINMURD E.RS'16Yr.

union or IB tbt TutDrlvtrs

Union, AFL-CIO affiliatt. -,

*.{ + .. ....!H" # # .

Washington, main office of tbt i Yutl.Aid Hespifil Neal..
National Labor Relations i'
Board, twelve of a rmlatloa ; NAACPMay Help
recently through a salt, tbat.. Welrrr lelieves Nero
Local (IX U as'ag separate r

contrails matttr of tor d

with federal Ore A l6-yttt-old boy was placed:,
lion than 130 drivers will bt to tin Juvenile Shelter and POUT HURON, Mich. Tbt

privileged to vote, ttt majority transferred lute to bit Boys' staid little town< Port Huron, I

vote winning.Botb \ Parental Rome, where be wnjbtld 'In School Boycott Mich., on Lake Huron, to tbe i iac.Dt

computes are operated WASSWGTCW' United States Civil Service Commission Oa&Jrmnioh. Macy, Jrj.. j pending a homicide Investigation of a dispute between tbe I
fay tilt came owners, according Circuit Court tilt local boI ItaI
dacasws civil service with WUliaa E. Fowler{ Jr. to tbe fatal shooting .
to tilt 1fLRB. Vice programs ,. newly-appointed Executive.; 'of a -year-old maa Sunday. ,;..... \dltpaU'onr black children attending scbooJ to the and tbt white tuber of a black"son" t.
Chairman of the
Interagracy AdrieogOrvu ,and with Mrs, Peggy. Griffiths, successor ;
Union mat
Tbt TMnu::Itt ** Idated Boylan-Havtn building reached a crucial point .
to Fowler.lr. u a member of tbt Board of A night '+
Appeals Review Executive Director Nkbotaj Saturday
$ argumentrtsalted -
tateed that epanto contracts Wtdotsday after the Duval County School Board turned down a Tht central character of the -I
J. Oganovic lo*s pa Tbe bteragtacy Advisory Group of directors of* to tbt of U-
compiaed personnel Jailing a
ware l to order\ because "..-, proposal to transfer tbt studeote to anotbt buJding. dispute to a dut-ttlmud baby ,
gregaiion was Inherent in tad co"ruaut agencies, advises the Commission as lo Federal Pwsoonel programs, Fowler,1 .yearold: womu who was held and one-half vtarsold
n rtOecUoa of tilt history of Jr., will alto direct the Office of Comrilimts And fill serve u tbt Commltsio's: ; 'to the fatal stabbing other Superintendent Ish! Brant of tht ation At present tht continuing .boy, who two was born to Mrs,
Opportunity officer. Mrs. Griffith was trauttrrtd ta tie Comm'tiioa from tbt Pn'OMtlt. husband.f4a Duet Cooty; Board of PublicInittBCtloa education program DIe la wbicb white to
comnjjulty Damasthkt a.awotal
,r fvacUoa." ...... they' DtrWoqo>, tbt.,Veteran JUtoUatotyattaa y x., fajitU*,, > CommUeloa PbotaJtcklt ", >Ashley Strati' resident .mt'anotherImpasst '.tutlry'ot\ Fvlda ,to*boutodto c... "'*'' .Frank bosplUU Mrs., J>amas, ;., .
, iwa.'viol to tbe. leg Monday U'' whet by a 3-3 vote," the BeAmaJSclooU' '
this .
Tbt bek with Funk
board fired .. divorced from
... ... kicked overboard of
;:, :t' : bt lured 'tettk'tnd tbt tbe board a Tat natter fraatporttogtbt
tatemeat t. -We find no. merit Dtmatchkt at the time of tbt.
to this contention through Its ItliMttn: Re rklicrrs :Seta) Mete's Boulevard, tad a West Side proposal by tilt educator that pupils would men taking about .
chairman Frank : woman went to tbe;Daft .... par ante of complaining! students ro.tII1r4l"or them 17 boIr.ac. Frank. Dtmtschke Part
to the area Involving the Boy Ian- to Brant with ilttltexpense
dull Center for treatment for cording ,
and nuabtrs Gerald &ornrod Huron claims to tbt father.Damuchkt .
Giver ,
Advice Raven annex bt transferred to Central Adult School
ft u unexpected bullet wound
Howard Jenkins. Jt. was successful
Evidence: U sufficient: In'this WM Keel Ntirt Vtttr HMW According to Patrolman G.C. Aanlt Btamoa Elementary. was ruled out because of a aft week. Circuit Coal

cast, aid tilt MLBS officials ly U.S.UIII Royal And L.G. Taylor DIe SchooL playground area problem. Ualford I, Strtettr refused to
DETaOTT Jackie Robinson boyj dote Dame was not This week parents announced Mrs Eddie Steward tad Woadtll -
to warrant Us being strstgMentd ,u-all1ttt.t advisor,politician aad cbaagt: the dlvorct decree and
out. "Tbe fact, tbat the Negro NtU-ot-Ptmer, lashed out at the Republican Krty to the revealed, shot Leroy alobley, t boycott of tbe annex to tbe Holmes had lilted for let the "fatter" keep the baby

parties' employer and talon Motor City ltd charged that tbe GOP hierarchy held a secret caoosVtLLE.It: Florida (0)9 Jtes Court after Uobley Matthew A. Gilbert Junior approval of tbt superintendent'ssuggestion. with his second: wife and other

ay not hart aUld tbt racial parity to Nor York recently and sought way for keeping the schoal superintendents txpect had allegedly struck the. mother Gent Stokes, one children.
segregation dots not nuke Its Negro voter away from tilt polls on November 8, General their schools to benefit from of tbe teenager. The boy went of the board dissenters, made Further confusion was added
Election to his m Der't home at ItURlchardJoa frequent references to the ,
perpetuation less Invidious Day.Roblnsou Federal funds to tin future when Dr D.W. Martin, hospital ,
United States! District Court'eahaactm
said the NLRB office, "aad the was to DetroU with, Robinson matt these remarks to tbe face of strong laws ana Road tad obtained against the board's suptrlntendont, said be believed
omit factors argad u report- Hubert Humphrey to tbt tot trest while flying to Detroit with tbeHumpVey dlrtellvtsoodisogrecitlaiLthey I a es-callbtr pistoL Be returned ; that a Negropatltnt,considered
later with tilt pistol and watted t building u annex on tbt Gilbert
aaaeparttlottnltrtellrwtM of lilt Democratic nominatloa delegation for the tbe superintendents, will school tocomptttat, fathered the child.
In tbt segregation" for the pmWancy of Humphrey. World ....ie.. He said thal.1IurOrma"OD bavt to start selling tht idea tor Uobley. Tae two tussled lilt grounds.to Interim roa't than toO TIlt boy Scott was to their
This will bt tilt first Umt came from a to their commwltlts aad leave over the gun. .home for a short Umt after

IDs drtrtrs baft voted u a anit.Ji.6 NAACP ExecitiveIlists reliable source.. their plash offices for awhile.Dr. struck TIlt gun tilt fired victim, A single UoUey shot to students to bavt tbe tarot Tabernacle attttdaalcatstr DamiKhke married Joy, bisprtstnt !
send wift. Ht was later
"They're going to taUl- Gregory Anrlg director
the chest: according to the officers. Baptist Church, taught b1
transferred to foster home.:
( Dlricts tans into the black community\ of Equal Edxatlon Opportunity Uoblty, who was struck substitute and volunteer letbtrt
Slewiess to keep peope home,"' uA the of the Uulted States Department shortly after 1.20 a.m. Sunday. According Mrs,Stewa-d Authorities tbe county roueme
foster homo located told
leader Roblasoi,predicted of Ed'jcation, warneddrtUatyient
the of children
Te AviMRice was dead on arrival at Duval parents many
City him the child's welfare was
!I. Rflits Moves failurt of such a poet According and apparently disobedient educators Medical Center. have said they will not send
his responsibility.Dama .
to Robinson, Bumphreystands that agreeing to not
their children to
In tbe BoylanHavenAs
second iaUUty a ltab-
t good chance of winning enough. On.' r S3 of Flor14+'. ,hkt then went to court;
tt stands now there are
bat Mrs.Geneva Warren 1S94
Pitteris NEW YOSK ,
Roy WUkins 87 counties have submitted"acceptable" His lawyer contended: that a
titcatlvt dirtctor of the plans for. West nad Street, was booked: several possible developments. ffiM bora within nine BKxrthiof :
chairman to tbt county Jail Saturday after Tae first to that a loner fl.
NAACP and of the
to offspring
"ratolly non-discriminatory" MAYOU HANS TANZLEK _._ _. a dlvorct tbt legal
the death of btr -- --- --
TI.WPA- Chlted StattsDlstrkt Conference on Civil Rights has.warned school .,.ttma. Further said husband ..;.calls school "cblJIII Dt" of the other
.. Jadea Joseph both major parties tbat Dr. Anrlg counties and boards! Nathaniel Warrtn, 44, from Senior a ._ Tae .tbtr" said "1 accept
HIP School
Lieb, last week baodad down "unless hurt Is a rededlcatioo.:; will not bt permitted to. bos'children stab round contending Scott u my ova child"
that tbt
decision, tantamnmt to a directive to the principle! of integration," to order to perpetuate Warren was dead on arrival building.. to unfit (91'.Ildet. Officials of the American
Partnts at the
to tilt City of Petersburg there will matt a "crisis that .' at port Medical Center at Civil Liberties Union came to
making It Immndlately can tear this nation apart" segregation.This must be done said About 11.39 p.m. Saturday.An Tuesday board meeting agieed tbe man's 'aid The case was
selling ,
that the of tbe BeaDwa'ba1JdID
literal for the Police "For better or worse, we are tilt much would argument to said to have use retimed by the Michigan
u one
Department to assign patrolmen one nation and one people," sell director bonds for schools led to tbe fatality. The coupltquarr.1ec1fab'OIIIolthelrbom. ( would serve during the r Appeals Court to Circuit Court

to duties and to work to areas said tilt leader whose organisation Sptaklag here before tbt> .. emergency. However tbe board far the full bearing btld toSeptember.
nixed the
on tbe Mils oC race. agmber 111 national, er1nteDdeDla" fall After tin stabbing Mrs.Warrtn proposal. : When the child was
Tat decfalon farther matte religious;labor,fraternal professional county meeting. Dr. Anrlg called this said she tried to treat the decision Superintendent Brant said his brought into court bt cried,

tt plain that men shall be no and civil rights selling a "public relations ef injured> IIW.EupDt WAS reached after u "1 want to set my daddy.

reference to race on applications groins. Continuing, ht emphasised ". fort"_ on, the part of ta era. Mytenor M, living at objective appraisal o! the sltuMftlcolfl The questions asked concern.

in ttt future.Tals "We shall 'solve our \ tendents. He pointed out that Dr. 600 ..West Ashley Street, wastreated IfJriMAUVTJI DAVIES ed the nationality of the baby.
strikinf and hlstotleal problems together or together at the Center for a The "father" classified him
Uoyd, Henderson, director of X Bodyguard
.ma, spearhead
dlslon: may weUbavt an affect we shall enter a new era of civil: rights enforcement for U-c lbtr pistol bullet wound boycott u a Caucasian He sajd he

on tbe. prejudiced moves of social disorder tad disintegration. JACKIE: ROBQSON tht Department of Education, to tOt back Patrolman I.". school boycott ouy be called looks mo-e like an Indian.'Presently .-

police departments !U other ." the same overwhelming>WporZleft has warDed tbat funds win be Smith reported that Mytenor for the parents of tbe discriminated ,, tbe, child to still
states in left Judge L>eb'e WUkins said tbat Integration Pr.aJdeDUobDIoDrect1'1d cut off to September 1969 U was crossing the Boulevard at Gels Prisoi Tem eastslda pupils tt was with the second mother and

enjoining was preceded by a Is based. on a demand by tbt to 1964, if Negroes otto plans cannot be presented Tenth Street whew tai struck learned ,tbat Marvin Davits, with Damaschke but may bt
ruling of tilt same nature by poor that tilt poor be allowed Robinson farther tmphaslted. ceptable to the department./. by a bullet fired from amassing. state president of the National removed to a foster home, a
tbt United States District Conrt to ". their poverty" bl full Taylor and Lttaytttebavt car, For Shootwg Association for the Advancement Negro borneUniversity
"Any black man who has tNoateen.tor Baker
of Appeals. Taut ruling called and equal participation to tht the future of the- already lost fund because tat last Injury Involved Mrs., of Colored People was

for tbt discontinuance of discrimination major must advanced, economic United States has to out. and of their refusal to comply. Dr. Julia Lockwood 1231 West 14th due to Jacksonville Thursday Of
within tbe depart social aDd Street. Mrs. Lockwood saidsht NEW Y03K Robert X, t
poUtkaI1DIU.UODI : work and make lire Mr. Henderson mentioned a Negro to confer with the eastslde
ment.Gtvtog. of America Humphrey to elected presi 'school to Taylor which should was walking borne after her bodyguard for the late Malcolm parents group concerning a Florida President
consideration to 'J'btorp.W.at1oDbeUnutbat brother caught a taxicab; at X, was sentenced to 19 to 23 *
pro- dent." Robinson said Nixon to bt mired Bt said that x01)1poi / massive plan of action to protest
gessjaade since tbe Appeals the people of tbe slums must be tattt-b1ac1t. Be said that Thurmond ; cent of southern schools! about < a.m. She felt a stinging years to prison for the fatal the deplorable conditions under Keeps 'Dixie1'

,i recommendation, Jadge Ueb encouraged to control their own to the worst "racist" to can be considered to tilt J1&bt'ol sensation to her leg loofcedand shooting! to 1965, of a Brooklyn which black children are required
told Chief Harold Smith to re- economic institutions. Bow- Integration. saw blood. Mrs Lockwood who resident. to attend school.
America. Be continued "The
organist police patrols and ever, the members say that election of Nixon would bt death Some school systems have took a cab to the Duval Medical Vincent D. DamIaDI Smith may Another possible development There to no baa on the singing

areas to accord with tbt new nothing to gained by tbe to the MarVt-and the Jews agreed voluntarily to proceed Center, was treated and released. cpead tbe manslaugher term to that the old Bgrha-Rtrtt of "Dixie" at the University of
acceptance cast-off concurrently with tbrerseparate Florida Dr. O'Conntll told tbt
rultof. Negroes' should know It .too." Be said with Integration. building may bt condemned by
Flagrant ltd prejudiced dls- parts of tbe white man's affluence. 20 to 40 year terms. Consolidated government. press that students can "1'1&,
be could not understand howNew
' elimination to the police ranks York's Rockefeller can .Mew. kirns Parish ChirftelWM One term Involves the shooting During tour of the ramshackle U, sing U, whistle it or hum
pas brought. to light when,i. Integration, to tbt opinion of. support Nixon. Robinson also of three detectives >to 1967 who building last Wednesday Mayor U." This to to dJ-ect contrast:
through Attortty James 'YiWDI. Infers that the overwhelming criticised Senator Edward attempted to stop him to traffic Bans Tansler described the 10 the directive of Dr.'Henry

Sanrterlm, Negro pnllcemmand majority of tbe poor W. Brooke Negro for support- DdHiU Predicts tor a violation. He left the state situation at the t0-Ctlldtan King Stanford of the Dhlvtrslryof
officers sought to bring pressve black and white can find relief tog Nixon., but was apprehended to Ohio. : to Matthew W. Gilbert Miami who ordered a discontinuance
npoo tbe adamant depart to tbt political and economic Stkkups make ap the other .as "disgusting" of the use of the
Robinson with the
was Republican
meat so as to remove me stigma mainstream ,of aocw,. That Party until the Nixon NEW OaLEANS (NFITao Louisiana Advancement convictions. J.abct1r be cotld: take'action song on'tbt campus .by .DtOd
of partiality.Smith claimed that 1 does not mean that any race DO"'I''tIOll' Association: a civic sndpolitical orpnl &--CarltonH.Pecot, Smith shot RoosevtU Hendrlx to condemn tbt building Tans k ;
.tbt department never sought to. most deny Us Identity.Wilktos 'president ltd Rev. Avery Alexander director-has accused the on a Brooklyn street to June ler said, "tt looks condemnible O'Conntll felt that we should

place Kegroes to segregated was speaking at a HELP FIGHT CANCER WITH Orleans Parish School Board of deliberate discrimination to of 1963 for talking with a girl ,to .... but I dont think U to ,never reach tilt point where I'I'm .
IIC GDI. "Color", said Smith, meeting called to ",urt tbe hiring tad dismissal of back teachers to tilt Integrated who was with tbe! former Black .necessary for me ,to act tin the "playing of Dixie", or any
".... no. significaact: at, all." polarisation." A CHECKUP'AND A CHECK organisation. 1IuUJa. dependently. **" other song would be banned.


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"lt.t'\. .
,......1> ..-. SIT III IT. JCTIIEI 12. 1KJWdrlNews
\ STill
_ _on 2 e

r' II Digest NAACP Hours lorry tody, Jr. Dr: George Gore FAMU' President Talk



Regents hI ih
-(NPi.--Not all Is serene among the ranks j
of tbs rvllnt white Nationalist! party In South Africa. In the two w TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -In.
years Prime Minister Balthazar J. Vo rater has headed the I .r George W. Gore, Jr., retired
;party he has been fighting to, eep.a dissident faction Inline.The a president ot Florida AIM University
opposition United Party 'sees In this split In forces a and new president- .
chance to regain power. Blacks look upon It u the prelude to a emeritus was presented a
breakup which will allow them to overthrow the regime of.white plaque of appreciation and a
. supremacy and gala some weighty say-so In governing resolution in honor ot his t
th services by the Florida Board
of Regents.
COURT?? "This is the finest day in my:
(Ilpplne President Ferdinand E.Marcos life," said Dr.Gore,after being
to put the current dispute our who has I presented the plaque by Regents
lore the International Court d Jostle Board. Chairman Chester H.
led by 109,'In persons became Ferguson during a brief ceremony 1 ..7fh
federation In 1963, which pot together ) at tile Regent* meeting
awak. Singapore dropped oat two years her recently. YIa I
UIpptiiei claim the Island, once British Dr. Gore said: "I did my best. Y
y owned by Solos, who are now Filipino : wish I could have don better.
Of course, any place where you
have been for over 11 years,
BEELECTEOIKABWS ITS almost Ilk*tear Ing yourself
Zambia (NPl)-The constituencies: of Kabwe and '1 bore to more
JUvlngstone like the way their black mayors hare been officiating r1 urn be a consultant to tile
paring the past year Thos, In both Instances, voters reelected university and help In any way
their mayors for another term In Kabwe,Councillor Llmande \ possible without lie dd"l r.
tat returned to office for his third term.Councillor Wamolwang dal I: There's one thing 1 don't want
Slyambango also won re-election In Llringstone.He Is the second to do and that's meddle." .mr-eppo
black mayor the town has bad l' Dr. Gore said that he felt that Dr. BeD.1a, L. Perry n.ecenlta tam), with former president Dr.
tt was time tor him to step Florida Mill UDlftralt1. the Florida Board fJ Regents

ANOTHER COUNTRY Shown above, riot Is Berry Gordy,Jr.,founder and president of the Motown Record Carport down u president and seek George W.Dr.Gore Gore. It.U. nr daring presided-emerltut ot FUM Be
SAIBBURY-NPI-Rhodeattanother country where white 'Hen, who received reentry the NAACP Award of the Year at a gala affair In the New York a slower pace. He said he felt meetlDC. to from
settlers are finding: It Increasingly difficult each day to keep the Hilton Hotel. Barry Gray 11 making presentation.Gordy was lauded U the leading creative that U was in the best Interests was In Tallahassee:
black man down. Despite a recent by the country's appeals business man of the year. He was cited u head of the business complex for helping raise ot his health. the Regents.
court that the government of Premier Ian Smith Is legal some .Negro business to an all-time high! The "Motown Sound" Is Internationally known. The award H* returned to his hometown
74 members of the ruling Rhodeslan Front Party split from the reads: "As businessman of the year, for his outstanding ability and devotion to duty and the in Nashville, Temp WIle he
arty because Smith was not doing enough to force a "white sense of pride which he brought to the Black Community-presented by the NAACP." plans to do some consultant
.supremacy"constitution down the throats of both black and.white, work with other institutions aadsome CIVIL RIGHTS
opponents of government writing. Dr. Gore came
1 Takes Time For Fishing to FAMU from Mashvffl where ROUNDUP
ROUGH TIME be served u dean Tennessee ) .
FRANKFURT-aNPQ-( IAqIoIdS.Sen&bor of Senegal ,' '$" State University for nearly two By NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL:
had a rough time recently when he arrived In West Germany i" .decades.:
to receive a peace prise from the Frankfurt Book Fair. Members .., ( Chairman Ferguson said: "No
of the German Socialist Student Association std. a demonstration single man ot his race has madea "NO-BLUFFING" picketed by demonstrators who
around St. Paul's Church In protest to the Senegalesechief : more lasting and continuing NEW YORK-(HPT)-Black don't believe be represents
of state's ese of troops to quell students demonstrations ," contribution\ to uplifting of his action groups hare been given cause or aspirations. ot black
in Dakar earlier this year. people opportunities to Map training guldtdeslgaedtoSharpen people ",lIort. Joyce
I I themselves than George W. their negotiating skills. Kennedy a spokesmaa for the

Believes Proper Food Will Deter Rioters A Gore, Jr. Among De masnl's Donl bluff recommenatlou and- group said pickets were ecpKlally ..
: ,
r------- WItlasrrecent
CHICAGO (!NPi) A Detroit nation's unemployable dropouts .11lr Leader( know what yoor talking about disturbed column by de-
physician believes the pro who can easily be Influenced to before negollatlag. Th* newspaper
per medicines nutrients, and take part In riots. The physical Scholarship, Education, and 'Dt ICiDC dmoastratorshChicago
supplements, can be used to charges that the Federal Food Net Jelled !I. Defense Fund for Racial Equality daring the Demonatk
keep potential rioters out ofrouble. aDd Drug administration has, -. biracial crOlC -U distributing National Coaventloa
-( Dr. Henry Turkel aVradjate for 10 years, blocked general th* gild aid -Itinerant profiloaalagUators.
: of the University use of "0" ,..rltsdrup.which Ceek eondjctlng workshops In an ."
at Michigan medical school, he believes could ft used to CBa.GO.-ocPI-A: effort to show black leaders
contend* that the mentally re make productive cUliens' out ot of aorantcd battery against "when to negotiate how to .*- Aetn CisultyAppelits
FeW are a large part of the would-be-rioters BUckstooe Ranger Vt leader gotlate the strategy to be used,
Eugene Balrston was dropped and the matakes tote avoided Hero

because stale officials didn't
SEAFOOD CENTER want him nut to Cook County JUST A"MISTAKE-? To Office
)all, where be might stir op ALTAMOWTE8PH1HCJNPQ Tip
144 N. MYRTLE AVC PH. EL 5-W61 trouble. ( -A group ot white beat
TMri e e wIftMf _M ..t 4t b. .ry pn*-Svl Ihtrt'l .t.WITS. t. Criminal Court ledge Mel R, a black youth teas unrecognl- AAarsonbaebeaappoldedasslstaat Coon.-
.wI..N.I SHfM4 C.",., Jlgantl said DM charge arising able pulp) tithe mtataba beet M.
secretary group
("(tOtl""" of the beating ot fellow prl- b* had bee Intimate with a
tONOIMMUKHttH "('I.e : division, at Aetna Un aid
O flfc TROUT 69 V Its a rare moment of peaceful contemplation for avid fisherman Hubert H. Humphrey.Since oner lathe Jail was dropped whit officials tnag seemed ctrL Coolly more Casualty.PetttiiQ. '
wiiico4M < Ib. ''I .campaigning for thepruldellC1dotaa'"'Ylmd time for fishing the Democrat! presMeoUalnominee u a convMlMC I* th* jtaU.HalrstofU became widely kaow,
oonord that t toss saightb-*
.,- ,UUIU1 Q J; CMFJSK -. --- took..advantage of.a brie{ visit to Us,Wavtrty. Mk a* summer bohto. :. will Uhe.: < has concurrent'w.terms MnlDl of S to akked'up over the beating cI u his. capacity U adatdetratit. -'

TM *..!... W"CttotI t. SID IAlt ta.49e --- U rears I*StaiwlU penitentiary. McNeil Simmons: IS, than tk*. oooralatoe ,U.th? VlerGERARD
Seitben University Pisses Official' Oilliies tact that a near-lynching .hataken <
45C To face the new charge, Hair place. Sheriff Pl rMUllot
*W>OCUMVWW Owr N.. h. ae. Job Opportunities
l shoo would have to b* trans a Republican, teemed
th94 sew np.l Prairie View I.! Dizzy Pict Lawrence .
111 *4C1Ud.IUiDaeI.tti I For Fla. Youth hued to County pit while his Coiaty(
59'11f.ayWINININPIttvh! BATON GOUGE La. (NPI) Southern University ran and Fla. A lawyers pt-.pared his detent Swottord, a Democratic
BOCA SATOM, pro- seeking re-election making
H., yw tn4 lk. dtixwv* >..( ? fUlt.f (r.m Miti Oil passed Prairie stew dirty frustrated the Pu lra' offensive ject to' acquaint high school As slat officials did not want the Call public to,embarras
MN.rs Or**.Pcniry,rtil 4r.C.N.(> .<15S-02II with a defense which showed no mercy and ruled the skies isgabbing counselors with youth career th* yar-old-gangladr .... That Simmons had*utter4
u the Jaguars buns: ;a convincing there the charge was
oft six wayward push, opportunities: has been developed multiple compound skull
drubbing the Texans in University Stadiumrecently. missed.Patiick.
Sft-0 on
Warren H. Shirley,
by assistantatata's fracture fora"rselalOftenleibe
A. Toll
Prairie View her associate dean ot attorney, charged that dldol commit was not apparently -
came claw..t Florida AIM
'You Seek The Best Doc gnbtittp after an CJPtILIDIIO-1 IS.nl Jaguars Ut Scoreboard charge University,for IBMA lI&1ratce..u.. t leader of prlsonars at issue.
When Your Doctor' triumph over Jackson State for t ,-0 held was reaponsibl
tor. in the first quarter one-day workshop was FOUND GUILTY
Prescribes Get Experienced while the Jaguars had droppedUs lead added IS points In the' 'at IBM's Boca Raton facilities everal riots U the Jail this FORT HOOD Tu.-(NPQ- r1President's

Pharmacists Jo R opener to Tens South'Be., third, then wrapped up Us first and was designed to acquaint yam. Five black soldiers ban teed

Fill Prescriptions According ylctory,of the season with six the counselors with the Job Whiney Young found guilty ot refusing to obey M. PETERSON.
Doctor's WEAR IT NATURAL or more In the fourth.. .opportunities which their u Army order relating to pos- youth moUvaUon
To Your
Jaguar defensive back James. sUdeats may someday be. Wats Confab Oi stbl antt-rlot dty at tilt Democratic program dead lt 6-61 when
mad life miserable also intended
Order BlackweU qualified. B was National Contention' Aetna
ke was on "loaa" from
I. use Only Th.* Best. .C. E. BLACKProprietor Drr Uitky iMkUf.lulr I hwU 4tfll.Hra.I for Panther pLUlra, u bed to encourage students through Race Trouble They art Pic. Rega11dT1omp'sae to the Plans for Progress program.
Quality Drugs: yaw-'p ..a- down three for a total counselors, to tatt advantage NEW YOiut-CHPO! -Whitaey SI, of Detroit; Pvt. Donald .
NAR DRRUI'HIu aPOYADLAah TT yards. Mel mount and the educational. opportunities Young, National UrbU Lea Bias SI, ot Oakland Cott; A gradoat ot the Onlwsityot
S Registered Pllar.loilt.'To.8.r.. You linebackers Harold McCllnton being offered them. gue ewcutrt director, has Specialist 9 Rudolph De:!. SO.of Connecticut Peteroo Joined
ktl..blkll ki... and Sheldon Demand Joined the Steralllember. ot the IBM called tot t special White Roles Detroit; Pic.Chirks Ar line Aetnain 196?. Be served ucolor
......... atrdNt M .etrky.M....-q..-&.. act by snagging one each. staff outlined their'erperlenceIn conference oathegrowulng' It. of Jacksonville. l'Ia.a andPvt. analyst and asslstant -
..........A COMPLETE LINE OP- lair. ....... Willie (Plea,- candidates for lobs h..h systems
Quarterback finding .
and the SUre
..".", aU"'., ... filet between th*police &0. ofGreeovUle supervisor, ccotialdata
e.rabd t cane) Johason hurled CM .William G. Owens, IBM ,ID. black omen. nth. Th clvll.. 8.C. All forfeited processing departmeotand
Cosmetics Rubber Goods candles A......*.*l.ill t..r.tic. .y.. touchdown and hU on all ot tdoaen ployment-placement manager, ;right leader urged each of the |U pay a month for sis months named administrator computer
Iaa 19 attempts for a total. oi1M eiplalned to the counselors what (Presidential ranrtnlitts in WI and were reduced to the lowest service department in IMS.
Sundries. MURRAY'SHAIR yards. the firm blots for in seeling. 'year's election to publiclypledge Army rank. Suswell was senlUooed Be Joined the group division
DRESSING ACT,employees. that he will call sack a to three saoams confinement test year attar eomp1 tang his
POMADECallM MEWS DEADLINE conference U & means dproving "im ; the others, to six Plans for Progress service.
Says New York
CALLED FOR AND -' M uUt.dk.1IM.r"1.rkw.k
PRESCRIPTIONS and betterlng 1IOIItbI' edhnme*
forces -
=!('.tk*hM>DMdM my to|= Mailed news should :be in police Peterson is a trustee of the
iso KINGS lOaD 35382)5Lilly's Om.rl..1 Trial tie druf E.M< the office by IS noon on Govenieit Staid pol le.-cmwunlty iw Cuamnity Renewal Teamaa\
= boa M MURHAVS toiay.MUKtirS 1 Utlons. Such a conference, be HOME PICKETED Health Car Facilities Foundation
Store SUPCIIOR PROOOCTS CO. J Hire More Negroes. said would also taU up th* HEW TORK: (NPQ -. The of Greater Hartford, and
Drug 4M CUrioHt Aso.Dittos, Ibcklpi 41201 serious question of pollc law horn of Roy Wilkins NAACP a director ot Big Brothers ofHartford.
HEW YORK (MPO) The lessness." executive secretary has been "
city should hire more Negro

.TutsdQ.iDl tad means Puerto of averting Rids firemen attacks u on tSEARS CHECKS WITH FAMU

firemen who respond to alarms t
la the slums That Is the refommvmhtto" -
I ot William H. v

Booth, chairman city's commission I, V
toy i lag II peer Mien on Human Rights, who I
} suggested that physical: and*ducaUonal .
Ha. .salmi filii CI.JIU be t
........ Aso 104.4(11ha1das reqairemeats ee / {
eased to attract mar Negroesand ) l r
u. L n. ... an.>.ti Puerto Ricans to both the 1111 ,
Fir,and Police departments.' '
i )f ,


.y t(: YOUR OWN H M 354..6746. .

"t c;: $npram'sBYO I JILL NICK I

There's nothing quite so oIAX : .3IENNMA

smooth as Seagram's V.O.- .*:.

The Smooth Canadian.1R ,. MOOS G$p pY '64VSALES

Nom''! 8t I!
Iai essay c6ia1 fractions to III lal6M bJ..aww.u .'
Seagra.m'sV.O, Canadian > 34 nt1 Q5bn : OFFICE at continued bolstering of tile scholarship fund. Mammoth bssioeu..hale, In&idtlll1I become that fJ ttoe.

Known by the company it keeps. Jolt DIVISION" A 20th ST. EXP. importance ci eakoitshtp for the tIPtd&J1J gifted U wet U tar three mill'pI'1yUeced awart"oI but the
taleDtec1 who cannot witkoutfinanclalassista.
PAR goer 'Ibe.Se1s.R FCUIdaUce '
CMUHM R'I-I taut gr Kitcm: wuiot tu mil Ova NJ now.twiut MIUUI COMWH.ors. a representative. UA Robbins U presenting here tu. the new preaJdeDt cI norlda, throb UII'
University, 'I'a11 aute. tott Perry Jr..a cheek. |1,1ao.oo FAMU I'IIoto


.,1 ;" lv1uT'' L/TE"0? ]

4;.I ... P
_ l' .... .J'Jl ...., ... b". .. ." '1'{ ,-.. '. l.L. :"" -'"' "
... -

- -
- -


Jthsu. Inick! YMCA YMCA Activities WtQDNG& ; BELLS' I

., ..- .
Offers Ladies Slimiistfcs Class f'I
Willie B. Jones, illS Logan Herbert B. Johnson, 1557 W.

America's! females are btsoi-Jngwlie concerned about physical .r :I } / ,.. ; St.1 24 and beam Crumblcy,. 30th St., 31 and Ruby U Ltr*

fitness J\ 860 W. Ashley St., 28. kins, 1599 W. 15th St., 22.
and weight problems, therefore, the Johnson Branch _, ,t ... ... \ ;
YMCA plans to do something about it by offering a Ladles' .,.- : r
IllmnacUci Class each Tuesday and Wednesday. The classes Vernon F. Holmes, 14SS W/ Bernard C. Slams, 640 Pippin -

began' September. 24-25 7KM: p.m. at the branch, 5700 Cleveland 10th St., 21 and Villa T. Ful- St:, 28 and Jean Crawford.,
Road. cher, 2211 WU.adt., 18. lilt W. 26th St., 24.

Ream, cabinets, ewreycles, grace and posture through Its : Ti Q Israel McC.ulr.ZllllJppla Buster T. Alexander 1248
roller vibrator will be offered each
massagera; movements
belts Isometric springs.health Saturday at 9OOa.m.7blscluestarted Rd, 22 and Willie J. Claire. Pippin St., 24 and Millie Sneed,
272 Pettiford D-. 1$. '
walkers and many other September 21. In 722 W. Beaver st., 26.

uchlnes of exercise art addition to Ballet there will be Ronnie B. Jones, )13 Magnolia
Larry C. Wilson, 763 W.
available'for .... classes In tap and modern Jan Church St., 21 and Clorlsteen St., 18 and Mary L. Cohen, 313
Ballet, one of the fine arts dance. The classes are under
Walker, 763 W. Church St., Magnolia St., 18.Receives.
that displays beauty, poise, the tutorship of Mrs. B.V. 22.

Jackson, certified Instructor of. Grant

E4icitit.ilKING dance.Instructional and Recreational Virgil B. Redding, 1638 W.
Stud St., 22 and WilhelmenaC.
offered at Johnson
Tennis are Williams, 618 W. BeaverSt.
Relydlp Branch. The Davis Cup may ., 21. a
soon rest In the United States

due to the great play of such
FELLOWSHIPS Joe Sharpe, Jr., 1931 McLeanRd
BOSTON (NP0 Boston tennis stars U Arthur Ashe 22 and Doris J. Sparrow,
University baa awarded first and Clark Craebner. Therefore 4824 Amos St, 23.
parents should send children
two Martin LatherK1ncFeDow-
ship to Hansel Henry of Baltimore to the Johnson Branch YMCA Lonnie J.Johnson,2709 Flora \

Md. and Mrs. Nancy each Saturday morning at 9.00 dale Dr., 23 and Mary M. Williams -

Robinson, Hatches, Miss, for a.ra. to learn of tennis the basic and develop fundamentals Activities at the-Johnson'YMCA are alMnelnslve. Above is a offered on Saturdays at 9 a.m. There are classes in tap and 2709 Florafele Dr., 23.

post-graduate studies( In tbeo- skills that they have already scene from one of the classes for young ladles. Ballet, one of modem Jan dances also. Mrs. B.V. Jackson ls the certified
Ion and sociology. Henry Is airadaate the fine instructor of dance in Bob Smith Photo Glenn E. Alexander) Alton +,
State acquired. Tennis classes are arts displays beauty poise, grace_and posture. It Is : charge. 111
of Morgan ---- -- m., M and Dorothy Kleck-
College: and Mrs Robinson was taught by Willie Smith one of ley, 2165 W. Uib St., 22.
graduated from Tougaloo Col the tennis greats in the Florida Holmes-Fulcher

tege The fellowship-! honor Dr. area. CALENDAR EVENTSPride Theodore R Slmpton. lODE ) '',

King an alumn. of Boston Become economical and save ;).. Shrike Ave., 18 and Mary E .
University, for furthering the the family extra dollars by :'f" Frailer, 8123 Thrasher Ave MBS PAULA JAMES
learning to sew at Johnson of Macao Circle will "
your meet
Ideal of peace and freedom ; ., Thursday, 19. Miss Paula James, shown
tldeacs. Branch: Family YMCA with October 10, In the home of
through ooo-
classes for beginners and advanced .. ; Pride of Maceo Temple No. Mrs Sadie Alexander 1149 above, aBethuae-Cookmancoed.
James Parker, 1769 W. 12th from Daytona Beach, was the::
offered each III, IBPOE will meet October
KING MEDICAL GRANTS members East Union Street Mrs.CoraLee
St 19 and A. Wallace
'q 17 at the Elks Home 712 West Begins recipient recently of a Howard
CHICAGO (lCPI) Three Thursday, 7.00: p.m. at branch. Harmon WiD" -bostees. 1227 W. 3rd St., 19. "
Dr. Martin Lather King Jr.. Classes are Instructed by QulUa fA Duval, at 8 p.m. Mrs. Rattle Mrs. Nellie Bran Is president. Thnrman Education Trust grant
fellowships totaling $6,000 have Jones, noted tailor of the Jack' L James Is Daughter Ruler of 1416.00. This win coverMiss
James cost of tuition tot
been* awarded, to Joseph: PP sonville area. Daughter Queea B. Williams! Lily White
Thornton of Chicago; Robert E. For aUitloul'1IIIormaUoa Is reporter.A.L Ladles Of Leisure her first academic year. The
Brunette suburban Marwood, needed, please call the Johnson Lily White Lodge No. 173 will Trust operates from Fro:

and James O. Lowdry, Coving*. Branch YMCA at 76S-U89. Lewis Club hold Its W1teaSroday,0tober Hold Anihrersiry elSDC and" U beaded by Dr.
Howard Thurmam a spring
ton.. Ky, by the Associated ,:, 13, at the Veteran's Center, .
Physicians of Cook Costly Delta SIMs, "The A L. Lewis Coub of the 1509 Kings Road, from 4 to The Ladies, of Leisure Social speaker at the Daytona Beach
school. Dr. Tfaurmaa Is himselfnative
Hospital of Chicago for the p Mt Olive AME Church wUl 6 p.lD. The public 1s invited and Saving Club will celebrate'

study of medicine at Mehairy Mora meet SonoVty with Mrs. Mattie Mrs. Rosa Summers Is president. Its anniversary on October 21, a Daytona Beach Miss
Sposor attendant MIll
James was an to
Medical College, Nashville, R. Sapp, 1226 Odessa Street, Miss Shirley Still is beginning at 6 p.m. at Mt.Olive Campbell Senior High IA
Tens. The of the AP at 4.30pm vice
president. Primitive Baptist, Fourth and
rants Is to stodtit Daytona Beach, vice presidentof
( Health Plus
An Clubs are Invited
ate Cam the honor society and a 1966
wilh potential for medi* *lias Ladles Auxiliary Millie Is
Mrs. King president.
senior class secretary.
CUll. The Jacksonville Alumnae ;. Mrs. Loreatha L. Bush Is re- *
The Camela! Ladles Cold win plan to major
The Ladles Auxiliary to Gate
Chapter of the Delta Sigma oj t porter. .:
NEW PSEXY Theta Sorority ls sponsoring meet Tuesday night, October way Barracks No. 3131,
CHARLOTTEI'c.-KPI- IU third annual Fall Mental 15, with Mrs W. Cummlngs, Veterans of World War Mo. 1,

The board of trustees Johnson Health Series. In cooperationwith '"./. 750 Barnett, with Mrs. Louise will hold the regular meeting REMEMBER CLEOPATRA?
C. Smith University baa elected the Doval County Mental Mrs Juanlta Fulcber announces the eagagementandapproachinr Graham as co-hostess. The. on October 12 at 2 p.m. The
Dr. Lionel Nersom c* Wichita Health Association.This marriage of her daughter. Mist WiUaYvonne Fulcberto Vernon mwHlng begins at ':30 pra. books for 1969 are open for the The Ancient African Beauty

Falls, Tesas, to succeed Dr. series of programs will Frailer Bolas, son of thins Gloria Frailer Best The marriage Mrs. A.M. Hart tog Up.-esWrnt. paying of does. The election of eel a......N.'W ...w Mlle...,

Rates P. Perry u the eighth b-gU on October 14 and con will be at 1 p m. Sunday October 13, la Mt Olive Primitive officers win be held on November IwM'...II....W.IM........NNh lOt... .......-, .v.
president of the 101-yeu.old wire oo October 21-26 and on Baptist Church Fourth and Myrtle The reception win follow fee ,Zeta Arnicas 9. The Building Drive U ova,-..... .-.., /w.. ,
university. Board chair mas Dr. Noveatr 419. ceremonies. The brlde-ttect and her fiance are graduates or on. Members are urged to re* M*!,.ttt.-r-: : tea.,.
James E. Allen of Mew York The first session U a general Mew Stanton Senior High SchooL He 1s also gradate of the The Zeta Amkae win presentthe member the, tooUpoeed: Dls* CM...m M Mif-i N/.11.1, ... 1M. n IM h.dw1. .. r.raN art w. I
termed Dr. ",.IOCI Maa ablea'alal.tulor Introduction and a discussion Florida Technical College. Friends of boaIla.mWti are invited Frailer Sisters aa after ninth remains open until ,IKCUIeiitCM. >) tnm -*.t*.Lr.M/MMII I ..: ==.:::.::=: ...y1Mq
.._ .
.... ,
ad aotndKhobar noon of music at the Lewis ... (* _II-
p cemlr 31, Wl.Lincoln MM p win a b.qM.c
WHAT ME.TTALHEALTH, Branch Center: of the YWCA .. -[s. Mttllf t.UK tar Ui" ...., .. ... ., ... .
tad' said he brings to led by Jack Johnson. Zeta Phi t iota DlVftl 4tt4a. .. Civic """'. ': '"'i""L &., "', '', ...I.....111.ICrll..... ..."....
the Johns* Smith presidency"a The other Include Sunday, October 11,at 4 p.m. 111. eeccit/ ca CMtMM INlisiit \:: "': : Is -1
programs M) t.e / IA.si .. r:.. :' ,
rich aid varied back Nine Aleui MM4 = :: a MNIpe.n.wtlv.l
Civic Club
Dr. Mewaomvtsgraduated Pansy Blossom The Lincoln ......., een... s41 K"" .w I. -
ground. from LlneotiIMvers'fy BETWEEN CHILDHOOD AND. Serers ,Assist t Heels SHI meet at the lit. Morlah BaptistCONTINUED .' / on the blue and gold packages! .
ADULTHOOD, conducted by : ? -
Blossom PACE .
The NIJ"- 7 .
4 t ON
JefnrsouCKy.Mo ; Mrs; Matan 'W&11tri; Family: Zeta Phi Bite's Jacksonvillechapter The Duval Coudy.StaatoaVocational I
ud earned the ,,:D. \e Consultant for the Exceptional Beta Alpha z.u. was Licensed Practical

sociology and anthropology Child Program; WHAT ABOUT strongly commradid recently Nurse Alumnae. will meet ,

from Washington University. DRINKING AND DRUGS, lei by for the interest the sorors took Friday, October 25, at I p.m.,
William Carter, a pharnutlst; in the matter of: voters registration In the home of the president, memo AT

FAMU Dra 'ate the fourth station will d al with U Dun) County. Mr*. Wll.1oa.lUaWuUl.. 2068

six Education THE FACTS OF The sorority felt that t good A coot has been planned. NOW
LIFE SEX EDUCATION AND dim should assjme the responsibility All aclln members are ex* 111kDIN; IlYD. ANOTkER
Receives U.S.
MENTAL HEALTH.Mi s.Lynne tor voting In local peeled to bring memijeri This

Galloway of the Planned Parent and national elections Regist 1* membership drive token

Cerihat Award hood Association will deliver ring, therefore, wa. Import, of appreciation will be given the r
this lecture. Tite fifth and final ant. member bringing the largest R

TALLAHASSEE. Ftt-Grants program win be a play entitled The Social Action Comm tta number memUrs.. D'

have bass awarded to all nvm.btrs THE DAY THE SKY WENT TO of the Sorority enthusiastically 0
with and
of the Florida AAM SCHOOL. Joined the Jaycees

University faculty for professional All the sessions win be con win the League CJl.WOlD fA YWCA Sponsors
Improvemtit on the dieted at the Myrtle Avenue Voter In the mo'ille registration df0hO

doctoral level through Branch Library at ';30 pm. units. For two successive Sewing Class WithMrUveilheAs

University Faculty Develop with the exception of the final weekends the members carried Grd

malt Grant.: p.-0-ram the play, which will out their assigned ddles.Members *_ Held
The grant was initiated by the be presented at the Hard* who were sworn lau Openinqr
Florida Board otRegents u u Burns Library aod-tortum oa: deputy supenrlso.;*' and Mrs. Elmore T. Avellhe will LAFAYETTE '
Geneva teach a dx-week sewing class Safe
November 19,1M1at7:30p.m. workers were: Sorors WHILE
Incentive for the faculty o! the b'
ualveraltles in the State Wheeler, Gloria: Brooks, Mar at the YWCA Branch MX West HIGH INTENSITY LAMP '' ;

of Florida Fubloo tha Filmore, Eleanor Davis, Eighth Street. THEY LAST!
University System Fair '
their techniques Emily Nicholson,,Jessie" Meise The class will be conducted R.S. 3.95 .
to Improve
Earltne An ck. Anita Garner, every Monday and Thursday jja 1
for three
skills. The .
grants are listed
tit -It" or two semesters By Alphw Johnnie B. Moor and Georgia from 1-' p.m. beginning October t'..... EMERGENCY
leave Sloan. Archonlans participatingwere 7 and ending November 14. Willi Hi..o" .
currently on
from Persons FAMU and Institutions For Odober 28 Dorothy Williams Marie Early registration win assure twi/tA
Streets and Marion Kelly. your getting Into the class.
where they are studying an Gamma 17 j
Rho Omega Chapter g-O FLASHLIGHT
Archer assistant
Beverly B ,
of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority $ '
of farm mechanics
professor ,
win present the fabulous Ebony
Ohio State. Herbert Beacham.latetrial ,
arts Instructor high Fashion Fair again this year. e4I V !5hm'itJ I

school.. University of Missouri The show will feature 11 of the = Sale Price .
nation' top>> models wearing
Mrs. overly !l. Barber assistant e
1a11tL the latest fashions from all overthe ( f
processor of and ceJl _
world. (111(1 willdPAESENIS
physical education, Columbia:: 'fJIe' 979114U LAFAYETTE
The date 1s October 28. Theplace !:
Uaiversity; Mrs. Hills Owls Is the auditorium of[ the o *-
associate professor CJl.Ie.a- George Washington HoteL .Iirlg.dArmtd.ndslel46ft.nrd I. 1 r. I t riterion
tary edjratloo, Uiuversity of Benefltting from the 2 Cold.FmHUd lamp Shod/ *end Ami W' .1f1.- -' \1!.
program :} -
CJt1aboma James M. Kvy lot*
assocUte professor of history, win be the 1oI'or1tJ'11dIoIar.IhIp c::; I
program Its Testing and HI4MWXU
Duke University and GeraldF. : 12 TRANSISTOR
Study Skills Clinic art it*Shoes V-
Hooper, associate professor for the. Needy Project. AM.fMPDCKETRADIO 1
ef art, Pennsylvania State Tickets; for the Fair may be EJf 60 WATT AM.FM STEREO

Uaiversity.WillitJetkhu. obtained from members of the ',w.rtll Hi-Fj Phono System

Sorority and at the door. Plan "Too Much r .. t't'a.
now to attend this top social Monkey Business? ..".. ,..,.,11I, the UfytM. U-iOOT tO-Wi-H I.M-Jlal. AM.du"fMJl

hued i affair Mrs. E;:J. Joaes is btthy! .r"ta.lveewith 4lC.Iftt'eSCT.natery17D I,

Fashion Fair Chairman Mrs t Complete Syttom Indvdttio '
Officer N.R. White, baslleus. can be Ufoy-tto U SOOT AM-TM Sitroo iwiwr-th.
/evelep.eat '
reached at 3544265. Mrs. C. Fred 2d"b Isle' r ) lied oO-Wott tohdto1f AM-f M tMr.o rtctnor wo :

TALLAHASSEE lieutenant P. Thompson Is publicity dl.* $plke F ,Ain ant butt Employs Ipoce.9. technology !Including 95You .
Med output Iromliton and.tclutiv*front :
Colooel.retired Willie Jenkins, rector 'TOLES E end roar panel ape output (ockt. Compkto with I ,1
Jr.. has bees named develop->> tmulalod wolnut groin cabin, $265 .
meat officer tat Florida AIM, 9E sa o Corrord ......, 40 Mlt-l I 4-Sp eel Automatic : ;

:president according_of to the Dr.schooL B.LJ.. Perry Feitared li Hisicil 1 Turrrtoblo"1Ift.e on wmulolod black UotUr bon wish :, j

Colonel JeoUns U native of o rVk ra>a Via AC-3 Diamond Stylus Stem Cor. :.
Day Spring Baptist Church's CompUl*with wrtit itrop
fridge ini.gr.t.dDwtomotkkv.h
Petersburg,_ Va..Be served for Croup 1 of Choir Mo. 4<< will IE1.111 1.12' .orphono,ond bottory, o 2 Xntarion 50" 2-Woy lookthttf Spottr Syvm :
11 years In ttte Army and re* present Willie Young, and *' >- >'l.olucn r woof.and 4"rwocttr for wide ( Save 48"M .

tired last sum...t. Robert (Singing) Sams, In a { -tr: Enclowrt tmnntd o.110L"M oM four MiUul noiMtet :
Reg. $12.99lidntong.brichr.prodedioe.oihdioe. leI
The retiree holds the Bachelor musical. extravaganza Sunday,