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874166 F20090414_AAAOWP 00394.jp2 ac3670015c39e8bc215e6468dcd768717e990632852313541ab61f7884add4c3c248262a
129256 F20090414_AAAOZL 00406.QC.jpg 93f6b9fc34c239b31d9aeddb175f542fd95a5b05abaef191cf26e835e680b02d730a0f6d
1078177 F20090414_AAAOWQ 00394.jpg ad8b2f57676722f20c86d0b58a8b4750ede1dd968ae0fed75995bac93aa43483fde0f43d
6884003 F20090414_AAAOZM 00406.tif 81ae46e1a621260d7b49e4f9541ffc6a8b0569595bb490c8be72480c7a64f3f5029faeae

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200776datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 3, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007760740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 3, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 3, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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eats tad ctttaeae ta QM art oftx tegratloa ta eater tea aad ptash Ar... BaU Part aadpnfwted Mm then rttrrtaf. p. trades* Other interests of tile
r bert school,who,with Aitoraty ''restaurants,ta swtmmlagpools local black pen ta 1M(. : t- ..J "S Fund Involve modal city plaaBlng -
Bart M. IaIIIIIoaU their and ta other areas of education.Bower ta Taaipt, abed t year a"'% rock tt&rowtIC tadlte use d tteMolotot I. rent, supptemeatlag tadlegislation.
'lawyer pat a block ta the ntac* ,, with flits advisory corking VM kept at a minima. by tile ao-caa !dnnodtea jBCkSOBVUte families ban Completed the Bummer session Of the Jolla tttCy I C New York Ctty and
hlaery. d the Dml Board last book at hand and wtth the dlree.. teatwr d Tampa's signo district. who wen later" -. preschool educational entsrtor, deaf and bard-of-beartag children tad their parents, la Us school problems will also
,year. I.; compUtatng (bat ta-. tin of Judge UeCtta U a or rtr Leo I aroe.caU lttWWUH. J.M 'I'fr' \ J,. -",., _..a.4 J.bI &b9Yt >>'cttn..Kr,. IublA.WalIrHO'wortA"' af al/lltU- dosR"t -Jtal." .
.'' laWn in irTrnirr. *- .......... 1h8I1a .... 'Yes11a'' lsEee-le. tat'aeoath dA att NN= t4 4tMa'ft ... '....:Nary.. The two spent fps warmer ,toying Ai the elide;...s frog Jlecbeglb. were 1'bt ,,"CJI JiIIO tiw ve_.. -4*
' tegvsln 4ysAothervtyofperpetaeltagsefrefatiaBVtthia with a strontoWisloB-To lategrtte Ump r':.' o( tat. ..wdarprrrlkMt Taw ta JackmrOteTuaptSt. ,-, Mra. Patrlda Ca.uaoII and Oaa&Mtr.SllerfJt, I IIZ''J'" bid and Mr. Doaild E; Brewer, ftOoTrae NttkMl Urban Uacue. .
or not to tntegrate' ? To .. Prttrrtwt itoml or kiln avW.? \4r., and her, son Donald, also I I/I years okL"The course listed, all weeks. Children,. will'' receive $400,080. II "January'of -
._ thte Deep South state.TM nm n' barriers or not? To To bt .., tile black oJa vbo booted dow Rap Browi atrartl invite to reed lips tad talk AU art suffering from profound bearing lasses; The Clinic wu 1M7 UcOorge Bundy,
report, carefully pUnoed' follow the advice or not? mouths tee art aot too happy today bacaw*they were made a lot founded by Mrs. Spencer Tracy M years ago because of the natal deafness of her son John Foundation President,a a I d,
tad worded, leans oo stone unturned Following are some. of the of promises' which they BOW IM Mayor Baaa Tauter ku tatted ft has aerved mort thin Z7.000 families la SO states tad 101 foreign countries.,The bathers "SUoeatty'ndn, ta a growteg
for what may well be a buIa recommsndsticas. to kMp. Lad they lOW ntttat test Coraraor claude Kirk's .also attended classes lad taugbi their children, under supervision.kMtrts Dumber of cities, the services
revolution ta processea ta the Matthew Gilbert should ba dtecontlBMd tppMraac at lilt Myrtle Anaoa Part ftI part c< tla publicity of the NAACP and the Urban
State of Florida, which has experienced U a high school Bs faaUd-v aimed at Mdaf tile second lid. oa UM JUyaMlrtapnaUttttlal League are ta growing demand
eeooasgtogmorwlt remodeling. Just as was the contention tlctet. : Rereilscrep.iicies Man Shoots KnifeWielder' ta strengthening community*
tattfraUoa la other areas,em of the oppoenets but A ,r. of'1h boy cfl tile blab" bar" gottea Jobi'payiac lair \ gultatloa and ielf-helpstiorts.
ployment ta dowatowa *"". year, would continue segregation. aalartei, but aotttac conpartd wlta tile aalartet tt.GJEQ tile Their struggle for full opportunity
The Center saggestsaaewfftpypAMriM OC tad tilt otter poUttcally lacplrad city Jobs paJ to tile caoatatow. / for all Negroes ta ta
WM Cutlree'' : high ertinnl naar Some of tilt suave I ban talUd to txprwMd a testing of Following a large sense the struggle dais
the Scott Elementary School and not They {"! tilt, bar daM tilt biddtag of lilt white power \ of ua for the viability of tilt
tile Kirby$mith Junior High atractur 'Ia ChI aamt maaaar that tile Negro "facte Toou" American city and the society
Itttle AllIstCity's School. ,The educational park, danced to lilt white mars tuna tad raealnd t Sew en&l1blSa Ami lid! Reports Over Woman, tt large."
such u exists ta New York ttttra. Roma cf than wto faal that Rap Browa Mta telllaf tt Ilia wham Other grants have been aa t.
Letters would be desirable, and nudes it L," tay they feel UU traltora.Their only conaolattoa ta that CJEO, ship hu been The au...' Crusade Against
Include an three, providing for they f.U. at that time, they wen doing "ta right ttLlng/' rocked from aide to side recently Tracedy stalked Flag Street Tuesday night A maa.apparently Poverty will receive IIS.1W,
MIAMI BEACH -ReT. Ralph instruction day and night. After The "White Bat Boys of Tanpa ban aipmaad slaUarmlaciTtacs seems to"be getting back furious with anger went to the apartment of a young man where to provide interim support lot
David Aberaathy, .director of Us closing Gilbert'should be abut tea rote they pIaJed ta baiplafto curb v1o3. sis on nee keel.Handey his former girl friend was, dragged her from the apartment the CUlteas Advocate Center,
the Southern Christian leadership 0II'IUte41Dto a Junior high with tile dear City. And rightly see 1'IItwere dioad. TU grow eight of tb1a week elected per- tad then turned on the resident of the apartment with a bUt, a newly formed orgaaisatloatavestigating -
Conference, announced a smaller student body.Senior was pot oa tile payroll but thrown oO after tU was quiet; and maaeot officers were according to police. ways to provide advocate -
with the
ta Miami this week tbat be will nigh school students should go' since ttea, at lead. two of tilt "White Hate1 ban bees plied ta reconstituted a meeting board of newaly director The man whom be attacked, mas and followed Laura with ItaU. .services for private
raters to St. Petersbvg taPlneUaa to Jackson Senior High Technical for oaa trims or UC ItO'' according to police records, around the apartment groups with grievances against
County nest week, High should be closed sad Negro leaders, tile so-ealted "boys cif tile blocks", tile flegro *. \ former fired a .U caliber rifle. A .. B was them Lauray the ftdtralptnllDtIItI.
where be will continue helping students sent to the new school. Prep tad may of tile people who war cooctraad with keeping Dr. W.W. ScheQ.Jr.'lICct.deellua. the knife wielder fired, according to police. He The Southern Educating Con-
tit former garbages workers Butler should ba completely re don cored ta JackaoBTUte are and satisfied with tilt condtUona setting President. Workman, who Poatmas.ter. -* ta thud' bringing death. was booked ta the city and)nil ont terence hoc..will receive 'M,
who were fired to regain their modelled to specifications. The that coatiaaa to WIt ta till city that has baaa recently daiktod who win, continue Leon C.Uuray.H.slot Flagg murder charge wu,. 000 toward meeting the operational
Jobs.Ret.. transferral te not to be Immediate tile "Bold Maw Ctty." resigned, Street aDd Charity Thomas, Monday pightheldwtthoutbood.Detectlre'Sergeant expenses "of the civilrights .
President.Oneyear R .
Abemathy, who spent zo but Paxoa and Lee Jazooa bad baaa gins tilt Ddarsaadlag; two JeU"1IOt that as U, till Spires Street, werewalking newspaper, The South-' :
days ta Jail ta Washington should help ta the Interim. three to lour City swimming poor would be ray: for aaa by officers Paul, formerly down the stairway of.Lenny's Matthew and Investigator W.R. era Courier. The staff ta mostly .
during the Poor Peoples eacampmeat A new elementary school bu this year. Tat, ta till sxmawr of iMi only tile Jefferson Pool acting are: apartment Just before Geiger made the reports. of Negro and was started by a :1
Yice Preslded George
then, daring an been suggested for the area oa till aorta aide of tile city ta ta oparttioa. The horrttU sight First -Second Yke; Pred ':30 p..... Tueaday. Donald At press time the Identity group of white Harvard Crimson

taterrtew ta the Founttlabteaa bounded by State, fiaiaes, Mate'\ of yoaagcters cllmbiag tIP till walls of tile pool to get In, white dent IxBgworth, Patricia Corded Brackett 30, elM Moncrlet the rifle had not been ascer alumni tt ta a weekly publication ;
Hotel, headqaartera of the and First Substandard buildings tile Springfield Park Pool raatalas Ute, aarapalrad after mora ; and Ed Balluce, Village, approached them. tained. tad ta elective ta tilt ;
Hepubllcaa national Conren- ta the process of Integration than three yearn K doaanl taU a doctorate ta psychology to Secretary Treasurer.Others ,. 'Brackett, says the police record Information It gives. It was
tic did not designate the day. must be ra Attendance range that tile Springfield Park Pool ta befog kept ta a state Joining. them ara; chased Mrs no..... Cattle aided by Ford's Foundation ta.
He led a group of some 90 or tones purt be ftilfli1 from rf disrepair ta order to keel tile races separated. CouncUwomaa Sally Mathia She eluded him and went Into white 1967 'I
more persona ta a complaint "deteriorated" Long! Branch JacksoBTllte hu many alamaats. that what throve Into tile pot Paul Hahan. consolidated Erector .; Lauraystpartment. Brackett, The Education Development
d..outraUoa'duIpecI to tad Blocker elementary. of race relations constitute tile stew for racial outburst tad of child serrices, repre- angered,,kicked ta the door toe Aunts Mare Center of Cambridge, .......
dramatise, the needs of poor schools. Barest. officials Lauray's apartment. caught will receive S325.000, toward
Schools ta the put have beennumbered recreational seating torerameat the production of t short television
knocked her
people. Aside from till lack of Jobs, tilt scarcity :Weadell BMmes tad 0. D. Mrs. Thomas,
The leader amid he would lead from 1 to 100, ta the. facilities, minimal tra.ID1AIl&e111tSeIlor Negroes tad till tact and proceeded to drag her downthe Y-.Ien course on racial conflict .,
this demonstration only U it Interest Negroes. Above that, who helped keep don racial unit feel that they Barksdate, represeatlag'prlvate stairs. ta America entitled One
that and R NPI A
groups organicaUoBS, a y. WASHINGTON ( ) -
ta necessary.'Be said he was schools have been numbered for: were wed, there are several other situations that aggravate Theodore Lee and L. C. Williams Laoray, armed with the rifle, white couple ta suburban Arlington Nation: Indivisible? (May- 7.
not sure U to the trend of the whites. This somewhat subtle lilt racial atmosphere of JacksoaTlUe. representing lower-In. later appeared at the. foot of Va., have become the max

desauaitriMon. He ,.iid. say, CONTINUED: ON PAGE 14 To Be Conttoaed come areas. the stairs. foater parents of four black CORE TraiM
be bad recetndeomfortrnt let of Mrs. Tho-
however that Brackett go
Willie .
NEXT nu: District 9 Motley resigned youngsters.Mr. .

those leading..the..nac.local efloris tram SergtantRitirei8MSGT. I BLACK MEM BLACKED OUT OF BUSINESS Johnny G.after Robinson lilt will election.take To Florida State are.and providing Mrs. Barney a home Bohaata for Ni..riis ''FerLb /
: *******
that he will- receive. strong, his plant He was second ta the Sharon, 12, tad three brothers

WPM Rev. Abtr ,thy was ta'St. _t Fanaar 5.... Wat Stea Far Mel I recent election. David, 9, Charles, 7.an&Thomas
Dr. Schell said that discrepancies 4. The Bohanans s ao,. FARMDiGDALE L'JL-(NPQ
week be ,
Petersburg a ago had been found ta tile have two children of their own.Bradley
that be would MEW -' Rev. Adam recently. Fourteen young black people
pre retire assaraace tf City Manager LyaaAndrews'iiid Cbrtoa Powell stm minutedsoloa A show-cause order,submitted summer Head Start program. 4, tad Marlbeth. I are taking part ta a program
not eompgr.Uhtheir from New .York, will get by Powell's attorney,Henry This Included an Inadequate mootIII! l 014. ta '%!ack leadership" being
Williams, r number of children's: field trips For Love of Children (FLOC).
demands. He made It .. a new chance oa ate eo tsaptc JX. lilt conducted by the Long Island
.wort decision, according to signature of Appeals tad a deplorable state physical a private organisation, acted CORE chapter : *
plain thin ander 4etutrAndrews a recent release from the New Judge Stanley Fald. ly ta several centers. A report I U intermediary between the During the 10-week pilot pro-
"could expect
la hell. ate bands." i2k r York State Court ciFwtU Appeals. Powell was cited tor contempt from Sandy Frucher, United District of Columbia Department cram, the youths will lout
before excluded from States Research Corporation,; of Public Welfare and
The St. Petersburg slteatioakte : was put ta contempt being .y Y. about Negro history tad
drawn fire for several of court more thaa-ivo years Congress ta W7." Although which ta renmplng GJE0! saidj .the BoIwIau. business administration..
weeks The ,ago when he refused to pay bter reelected be did not etala ... sensjtlTiry training Islbeteg .. Mr.. Bohanan, who hu been The leadership program ta
Andrews BOW.has. adamantly city manager re-, a shad r Judgment,won by a his sett ta June of that year carried on ta the second --..: teaching ta aa Arlington Head being bald because: "we discovered
fwd to, consider retiringwitfcoot Harlem woman BOW 70, who be won the Democratic aomtaattoa tern of the staff. This Unrobes SAMUEL L, ROBERTS Start program, said bar loss thai there ,weren't
redress, and under a/ -r- sued him for listing her as a for the November election.Tfle Intense weekend discussions at .Samuel L. Roberta, teacher of of contact with the Head Start enough young black leaders to
blanket approval, the men A., CRATMON. JR. "Bag Woman.". Powell hop- : attttt politiciaaaadBtinH print retreats such as the. mathematics at Matthew'.Gilbert children at night and on week show t the way" to better bous
dlacba rted. The mea were tired.UM 8M/Sergeant Albert Chatmon scotched over lad around New star has been more than J+gayiIn Jacksoorine ,University campas. Junior-Senior HlghSchooV ends. prompted her to favor log aad Jobs, according to Mel
Jr. SOB of 1Ir; and Mrs Albert York fntil given more freedom the Interim.He has lectured Speak-outs are pUanedforeach ] has been selected u a participant the foster parentship. Jackson former Long Island
y.Many :
outstanding Negroes Chatmon, Sr. First by a Hew York Justice to allow at colleges and universities. district, also. Elected: ta the In-Servlce Institute "It would be better to ban CORE director, who started the
with rcStreretired him to IaDd Sa tilt city. Helms He has returned ta triumph ta GJEO members will preside. ta Mathematics sponsored by see: tuU-time children, rather project.The -
ban stood the fired Halted
men.; the '
A search II'now on for the"hicbest thaa eight p.rt-ttme,"she said.ta live
been "exiled" ta Simla many other areas. Only the University of Florida at CORE eoatlgeat
These include .lawmakers,* States Air Force on July 31,
NAACP aurhortttes and pro- ta ceremonies at EgUa Air Powell even spoke.to his ba expressed the opinion caliber person"toas- Galneavllte. The Institute wilT erpUlnlng why she and bar and studies at 'Alumni lull I
.mend Negro and white workers, Force Base after tl years of. congregation at Abyssinia that Dr. King's assassination seas the ExecuUre Directorship begin ta September and continue' husband took ta the foster State University Agriculturaland .
'from out of town. active servke. Baptist, founded by his father, was.aot the work of one ..... _according to Dr. Schell sr' for .three. trimesters. children. Technical College t

'. 1 1f

"'it... /f f
Q -\

.4. : ..f .. ". ii;>'t < ':. ,,' I

:; 4 ...... : .i... ,,,. ,. .L :. ...;..:Jtkhhetrsiy
.. .
,, ,11i.i.u ,1f.. \ :.. .aJ." e\l +YiYJ bJ1 4 '" -
:: : : A tir.. .. ;r_ _iIf; .1.l" f.. A '" &:4 A ... & -...

-: ,..


National Organization Ten Who Overcame rotE COLLEGE STUDfflr SNAKS '-


Seeks Removal of Stigma BY DORB BROWN

At the recent national meeting of the National Congress of I NgQtd PR DITF.RNAT14NALDNorceiwblch
Colored Parents and Teachers la Wilmington, N.C., the contention I V Is a tragedy for some and a liberation for
adopted a resolution supporting educational and civic groups becoming: tocreaslngly prevalent la the American way.
n toe to that Negro principals and teachers arc the undoing 1Ji.4
fight assure ci life; Yet, we couUnae: to )1IQd1t 2SSSffl
In and faculty Integration process* of .,.
ml eliminated the school backward I way reminiscent of the days ,
The following resolution was* and matured Individual
grated Chambers.
seat to President L. B. John- to desperately necessary to '- Anyone who hU been through a divorce will tell you how' utterly

faD, pepartment of Health, Education carry on community and national iJ DOIIItUIea1 the proceedings are. .
and Welfare and gover- leadership responsibilities : Regardless ci the state 1D which JOG lire. divorce II granted

Mrs: and State Superintendents. In the future. : ODIJ lMIc&ut one ci the partteshas committed "erlme" aplnat.De D
of certain states: After discussing the existence otber. The divorce 11 thuS' Ole punishment meted out to the.
The first object of the Parent of this situation in many states -.1\
Teacher Association Is to promote at the 42nd Annual Conventionof Ya I For two people simply to go into court and say they DO longer
the welfare children and the NatlamlCoogressaf Col ; It wish to be married amounts to eoUusta' against Ole law.So .
youth In the home, school ored Parents and Teachers,the 3 \ what happens, In an but contested divorces, is that the' '
church, and community, It was enclosed resolution was unanimously two "&cree to dtagree"; that 11, one places charges usually '
brought to our attention that the passed with the hope that a %M poked tIP) apJDst the other, who does Dot challenge: them.,1ben JtJ
Negro children: and youth were those responsible would see tbe: Ole shag divorce 11 granted t ,
Toeing frustrated by the lost of need of correcting and stoppingthis J RO'If' ,'ci course: peepl' do wrong tfI1np ID oiirrlages that Iq,
principals and administrators practice. tw .astraJ. parties are"wrCIIII!'ADd Ole vktlmsof
with whom they could $Identify. 4c their wrooagdotgssare their on ch11dren,wIIoeu't fight bact..
fly,, felt that the Negro child But the cause ti marital failure U seldom one spouse's offense
Is being made tofeelthat when* Alabama, State against the other. Divorces are usually sought because: e
white child enters school,a Negro Husbands and wires cant: get along with one another.. .J:

prlnclpslwbobuWencom College Gets 1,040 They meet more likeable partners j.
patent suddenly becomes demoted Neurotic marriages cave la on themselves. d
displaced, transferred or Alabama State College received :Yet, weeontlmwtotreatdhorceuapunlshment for a "crime.".
otherwise removed from the on Friday morning, a If a nun is dying Is our primary concert to punish hMtofl
p1 I:1peJshJp.: $1,040 scholarship from Colonlel -. filling to live? No, we try' to heal the patient And.If halite.rt
Children and youth who a r e and Mrs.James W.Caskeyof r can't: be saved, we bury him.. n
discriminated against or otherwise the United States Air Force So should It be In the case of a divorce, which represents the s
thwarted In their early According to Col. Caskey.who.. fatal sickness of a marriage, Just as a terminal cancer: ,causes ft
developmental years seldom. If Is currently stationed at Maxwell a person's death. '}
ear, can: become the happy, Air Force Base la Montgomery M our culture sees things differently. BecaaH'marriage Is,
self assured, personally Inte-' and his wife, the viewed as a concession to human passions, we think of divorce
scholarship Is established u aa attempt to escape from pay tug a price for sexual pleasure.t.

DOES AIR POLLUTION der "Rocco Fund,J". former Tresolini Political Scholarship .' ...T4. '. Uiis.<-.!.'. I )1' i_'lrh.1 t > 1rt t 1i11 i' t'.>tiJi Dr. Jams D. Fiber Heates J!

WRITCTE YOUR SKIN? Science Professor of Government and Head of THEY OVERCAME-The tact: .. above eleven teenagers Thomps m's Academy la Boston, Mass, Alfreda Howard Philadelphia I

::-JrtM Irw.' w.e r.p s Iu the at Lehigh Department University in Bethlehem are going to collage Is not news, but''g ifacts that they are the Community College; Betty Jets Wilson, NortheasteraChristiaa Atlanta Life Meti _...a ra.,>M....Met-.frit.,*.CM....,1N tlAS Pa.Colonel. products of a Philadelphia child plae! *4tsacy and that twelve College and Michael Johnson, Oklahoma Christian
-,4 w .A..wn... Maur car. and Mrs. Caskey re1 .. more college bound children are not shown makes very happy College. Third row' : Netty Young, Philadelphia 'Community President Norris B. Herndoo Medical (Association The'
e1rrIUI.Mw..Il..Ig M.pwr SimiMm.. u.'c wttwtW .. .... I Baled that for many heirs they news. Twenty-three young people from Women's Christian College; Karen Jones, Oklahoma ,Christiaa College; William and the Board of Directors of Omega Pal Phi Fraternity and
(..MUM.- tmwwt -:*.cwotltilM,A*H MUM wtt!'I have been Interested la the educational Alliance a Philadelphia child placing agency,win attend a cross Vincent Yale University; Robert 'Ue Williams, Boston University the Atlanta Life Insurance a member of the Warren. Memorial
-Will '.=" ettiCI CMM. of Negro section of American colleges and universities this tan. Standing ; Lawrence Collins Temple University and Leonard Company recently named Dr. Methodls Church.
.Intett.tr..m- ttrtfICIII S4 aAA.l".1....."..... IM-f.1IeteI ..,' boys: and development hope from time to happily on the steps of the Institution are Top row' : Lewis Stevenson, Philadelphia Community College. Even though young James D. Palmer as Medical Atlanta Ufe Insurance: Company
ftitf Mil4 fcy tW.0"'. StttM Wwfw.. others to Islam, educational director for Women's Christian Alliance people have been going to college from Women's Christian Director To succeed the late operating eleven states,
tip._) M leI I heat Mtt ntt rtl.. "r'drtiMittie.lit n.. llf time contribute to encourage to the Fund. The Arlene Fountain, to attend Northeastern Community College Alliance during Its fUly-year history, never.have so many gone D. H.L. Lang who, prior to gives regular employment to
',,1elhv.vp'pmwiNIt' "Win. -IHC also stated that the and Urs. Sarah 8. Collins forty-three year executive director at one time. Us untimely death on Jane JO, upwards of WOO men and womea
nilMUM M* tta >hMn : imr Caskeys of Women's Christian Alliance. Second row' Frank Warner, 196$, had served as the Director and cooperates annually with the
Is for an area young
IMH Iwe''.MWar...... It "ClMrw..trtckltt MDltri nmmt( scholarship -- of Medical Department of Federal and Local Youth Program -
e... w"MrM.1.. wt ta..N het. maL CSU Graduate Nime Atlanta Life Insurance Company la providing! Jobs for boys
Wes I. mAnty al"at..k aAAl.tM'"4 LIJ Mar
ton* f n. *.t nk : Meth rd Sag for 14 years. and girls who are attending
**( !11 "...IN mt"i'.." ..a.npUln
Dr. Palmer, bora la Sunter high schools and colleges lathe
NOTICENEKS Scholarship Nero To 5th -,..".t.>- S.C., was graduated from Flsk Atlanta areas under the Youth
CIT MtAr).Tf>TOEPROTtCTIOH Walter Rlchardsou-a June fi i University la 1904 and from Me- Opportunity campaign.:

of Central State University Orcrt Coed harry Medical: College a 1J54.. The Atlanta Life, through the
HEADLINE graduate
IN:aJxfur X<57w."tT Ivih (CSU) has woe a fun From 1954 to 1956 he did his years has shown great Interest
:e.rr.r tiw emq.. tbl sit.Mte. 'w' 1:M P.M, Tuesdays brought to. the two-week WASHINGTONpr"lde I .t' Internship and residency la Internal la the general progress of the
< scholarship
r* Mr*.I* I* MV, PMJMlri.jra to the office Johnson Is said to be considering Medicine at Jersey City people and economy of the At.
Mtf.iMtit YM should mail Mondays by Choral Workshop sponsored by the appointment of Atlanta.
Medical Center. From 1951 to ilanta community by. IIIYe.uacmid
.... .. New fork ,
M 0M eh/ A e M, Itsoon. the State U University HoUowell ,
Donald U ,'
attorney I960 Dr. Palmer served ss of its funds la selected
at t Blnghamtoa beginning August to be the first Negro Judge la securities business churches
,U. Major la the Air Force ata.UoDe4 ,
The U Intended to history on the Deep-South Fifth at Tachlkawa, Japan.He and homes.la .
forge si selection anywhere' The workshop
Circuit UJ. Court of Appeals.The taught later at Setoa Hall 1949, the Atlanta Lit *
give promising JOUDCordIeltraI.Dd
Federal Bureaa of Investigation
choral conductors u opportunity la Jersey City while J completing established a aoacontributoryemployeewelfare
for and has begun aa Intensive als specialty tralDlnllllll. plan, which
to perform
BROADLOOMCARPET musicians background check of Mr.RoUoweU ,1. tendllltdk1Dt.Hepractktdattile provides sickness a a.
:with professional
to the
preliminary i Veterans Administration disability benefits, retirement
staff and resourcersonneU
appointment. Informed sources. Income and life insurance .
4p ;, Hospital,, Tuskegee before be group
Richardson M, U a native of said. Pi I entered private practice of for aQ its employees. Aad
UassUon Ohio and has per The (0-year-old Atlantis W dF Medicine.la 'Atlanta,:ra 1941, recently, t Ia CoctIpeaJ, atIC"
I .. bas director of the EEmdolm.d misted the Security to: Us empleyees >
frequently at civic and with Dr.GweneotyuMaaalagsss
i .AMTKS l() Slur T FROM formed ranimisslods C6'4 \ .
He lsaAssbaritone. als partner it95HunterSUeet, wtttoutcostaotpltaU:
f\ Id1oIII.
All'T 1 fPUIAIION YOU CAN Of FIND ONI rettgloas six-stale both*,
$.W. :1 autos and enlarged Croup In
eiders region ,
knows as"Your Group
Dr. Palmer, married a a d .t&fUCt.
Insurance: Protection Plan"
father of a son. Ualsoa Wctur-:
w Atlanta This phi provides also for the
> <> ot IIMNANU >n siuct reoM er at the University '
.School of Social Work, a member 'Atlanta Life employees dependents
WHEN YOU ARE III 1. 1 of the Fulton County Medical its minimum cost to
Atlanta Medical the employees.
You Seek The Doc .
.i Association. The National
tor. Ihen Your Doctor

Fresoribes, Get Eiperl- r M.r. College
lanced Pharmacists Jo _

Fill Prescriptions According Predicts Most PUs) I

To Your DoctoraOrders. ? -
WAREHOUSE t' MOTHER AND SOW-Close U the word for DUhaaa Carroll who Morehouse College ranks first both among Georgia tour-rear

We Use Only The Belt, .C.. E. BLACK stars la the title role of "Julia" and Mare Copage who Is colleges: and among- predominantly Negro four-year- coI1.pi18:
19th & Main St. 3535978 Quality Drugs: Proprietor featured as her son Corey la the aew half-hour situation comedy the production of alumni who have received PaD decr, "
series that bows on the NBC Television Network next fall U According to data gathered by doctorates between 1920 and.

3 Registered Pharmacists To ,Serve YourA color oa Tuesdays (130-1 p.m. PT ETj 7.30-1. p.m. CT). the Survey of Earned Doctor: 1966. For this period More-
ales la DOCTORATE RECIPIENTS .. house tops predominantly. Negro
Does DMHHM Carrot! IS "Jllil" FROM UNITED four-year colleges with 119
Coca-Cola .... ... ..
COMPLETE LINEfOP. .... STATES UNIVERSITIES(1967),.academic doctorates earned by
Morehouse leads our-year colleges alumni, Fut University 1s la
have the taste Cos.etlcs Rubber floods Candles Every Titsfcy M NK Screw la Georgia la the number second place with n,and Hampton
of academic doctorates earnedby Institute Is la third place
Dlahana Carroll was a winos eves before she won the titleNBC alumni between 1920 ''|with '
tired of? anti N.
you never get Sundries ot "Julia" the I Television 'I
role on Network's series. 19M. For this period MOI" The doctoral data gives above.
Miss Carroll as Julia Baker Lifetimewhere she became house leads Georgia four-year do not Include figures for universities
-PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELI VEB- plays a 26-year-old beauty, the first girl to wlnthree weeks colleges with hcademlc doc offering the PhJD.degree
Is it always refreshing? 1907 KINDS ROAD 53.$273Lilly's widow of SB Air Force captain ta a row. Oa (the strength of tames earned by alumni,Agnes and other doctorates.
killed la Vietnam, who triesto these victories, Diahana was Scott College 1s la second place DOCTORATES RECIPIENTS
I make a new life for herself booked into the Latin Quarter vita 79, and Georgia Is la third trot UNITED STATES UNIVERSITIES -
Drug Store In the big city with the couple's for a week and was held over place vita 71.Information. the sixth of a sere.'
Do things go better stz-year-old son, Corey. Julia for tour. A lolbw-np triumphat la this publication ,of reports released by the Office .
Is a registered nurse. Giro's oa the opposite coast 'also reveals that Morehouse of Scientific Personnel of
with Coke The coveted Julia role Is by established her as a tap nightclub leads predominantly' Negro the National Research Council
no means Miss Carroll's first attraction. four-year colleges la the production la Washington, D.C. provides
Your professional beautician triumph She also appeared on "The of holders of academic" detailed information oa doctor: *
after Coke after Coke._ ? knows the answer. .. For her efforts u a.nightclubsinger : Strollla' Twenties" "The at education la the UaitedStates.
-. 'her bread-and-butter during recent Financial
Danny Nays Show, "The Judy years.
profession-Cue Magazine Garland Show" and other Chicago Black support for this survey was

/IlIA taol.dw s..1nwlw..w w r.lvuwn"aptlaa4"W.r.paaaAW.s..h.' named her "Entertainer ot the ,variety series before tvalJlI.dram&Uc supplied Jointly by the National
-EaCj.14125 i' Year." In "Naked City" to Media Plea Science Foundation and the United
Should woman < When she braved Broadway wIn the Emmy .,""|" HIMI, States Office of Education;
as the star of Rlchudgodjart Really rolling now the Diahana Medic Center
Big .... ...
be a blonde? "Mo Strings, she won a Tony Carroll career moved Into both 1
Award. motion pictures and recording. CBlC GO-l'fPl-TtD' black African Peqpta
And when she tried television, Film credits Include "Porgyand doctors have a medical: pro. 'f
la aa episode of "Naked Ctty/' Bess," "Paris Blues," the bIeaa. '
Blonde hair Is beautiful for those women whose natural color she won u Emmy nomination.Dtahann .. recently released "Hurry Sundown They want to build a medical Gel Set For Festival

t Ing It flatters. But not everyone should be a blonde. la fact, has been a and her latest, "The center la Eagievood area, US l<_'4
Expert beauticians know that complexion and hair color must winner since she was 10. Split" but a white maa Mt lllto build Great Family Reunion' Is the
iq complement each other to glamorize and bring out all the natural : Bon in the Bronx, N.T., "Porn and Be.." also 1s the a parking lot Is competingwith theme of the forthcoming Fesn
... beauty that was meant to be..They also know that very daughter of subway conductor: title ot one of Miss Carroll's them for the land they want to Ural of African Peoples,set fob
coarse and dark hair often Is resistant to drastic color changes. her early life was comfortableand albums. Others Include "Dia .acquire. August 29 through September
-....... :. However there's no doubt about slightly ,lighter hair adding excitement happy. For as.long u she bans Carroll sings Herald To dramatise their position, 1 at the Los Angeles Collseunt
to a woman's appearance. And hairdressers know can remember, she wanted to Aries Songs" and "Beat Beat the doctors went to the urban The festival, which win sot
s:. there Is no better product to add a whole new appeal to every be a eager This led to her Forward." renewal site, where they told have political or ideologicalovertones
: woman's look than Miss Oalrol halrcolonng-extra rich Creml" acceptance at the High Schoolof As for the woman behind the passers-by about the proposed win embrace ttp
Formula. or new extra easy Shampoo formula. Music and Art and aftercra.suatlOD credits and trophies Butane medical: center and gave out music dances, rituals, fas. *

...;!.:.::_--_....._-----; ;...::.....::.:.-. Both Miss Clairol products lighten and color at once, com' New York University. CarroU-Uke Julia Baker U medical and dental advice. ion, foods, and art of the bade
Dining/ vibrant new color with the natural pigment of the hair.So the mother of a pre-tener, "Everybody says they want nations ot Africa,' the Carib-
You know it. It's your best even those shades that look blonde on white hair (Cas shownton There, she considered a non- daughter Susaaae OttlUe 7.' store black ImslnftstniBii"said bean, Ud the Americans., 1 t
most color selection charts) give a variety of flattering red-to- singing career, but not for long. Miss Carroll, presently single Dr. Herbert Odom a dentist la addition to the events at
golden brown shades on women whose hair was black to begin She auditioned for showman Lou has a July 17 birthday stands and spnttsmaa for the group, the coliseum several other
refreshment buy Walters'' aII-lfeeroren."Jass 5'9 S'." and weighs around which has submitted a bid of Parties and performances win
'with.Beauty salons are equipped to answer questions and help lain: ." Nothing came of the 120 pounds. M.7M for the land. be held la various parts of Los
with hair color selection. Depend on your hairdresser to have show, but something came of Her weakaesses Exotic "We get a group of black Angeles. The activities will be
II the professional skills and the total family of fine Clalrol products the ..d I t1 OL Walters hailed perfumes\ and hot baths. professionals able to do something similar to the Lineal Mardl
to make every woman's experience with halrcolorlng completely DUhann u "the greatest natural about It,and there's a good Gras of New Orleans.
personal and glamorous. Should you be a blonde? if you talent Pve seen la 19 NEWS DEADLINE chases we woat be able to... Following the festival,some of
dont really know, ask your expert hairdresser. years. 1:30 P...., Tuesdays broughtto You try to do something for .the participating 11'
i The showman got her a spot stab
.1" the office. the commmiyandhayosfnd: singly tour the
.CUM Inc.W7 United
iaaalncwtwwllgartecpatwIFO. ? | byt IackaavtlkBo Co: CourtMyofCUIroIlM? oa Dennis James'. talent competition You should mall Mondays by yourself ta competition with a. to give benefit performances
,-' ': :...' .:-:'":' .. 't'" show' "Chance of a IX mono.'sig. white man's parking lat." for sponsoring
,... groups..
t :M .;{



: j\. ',' -} II/'i. .- ,. .''':".....J ,_ .l "', .

i t' ..- -- -. .>...... -... "-, --. \.."" ._J' A.L__ ,, _, -.. H :.r : ,,..." .. altOfa'.Ys. .. 1 .
A _
11AY uaa: .y





. Howred Nishville ly WomiR Demo Medic Heeds Pieces Jetty Street Troth*To 'OJVey-Street Htptiils [ Wedding :Bells: ] ''I'IHerlDU

WASHINGTON, D.C. Dr. Dorothy L. Brown, a physklan of -. ,
Kasnvflle tad a member of the state legislature,bat been named M.A. Obey Lee Prlester,1024 W. Jonathan Reid, 1228 W. Dual i
as one of nine "Woman Doers of 1968" by the Democratic Union St., 21 and Rosetta King St., 21 and Frances J. Scott, ,
National Committee. The award win be presented at the,Democratic Miss Betty Jean Streeter and 1S23 W. Ut Herman St., 17. miW.DnvalSt, 17.

Conrention in Chicago.; Mr. Mack Arthur Olrey were ,
Willte Ernest Griffin,917 Minnie Johnnie Thornton Jr. 1844
In Joined In holy ,
announcing winners
the state to acquire the ground meet
Mrs Hale Boos chairman of t July 12 at 1038 Oakley St., 23 and Jessie Ann Oliver E. 22nd St., 24 and Rosemary
at the foot CapltoUHUl; .
; 1 1960 W. 5th St., 17. Butler 5728 Brail Are 21.
the panel of Judges, said: bill making the observance of. with Rev. U.J. Trowell officia ,. :
"Ibese women hare demon Week mandatoryIn hog
Negro History The bride wore white Empire Paul Alexander Barrier, 920 Emanuel 8. Thomas 715 W;
strated la
their schools and
continuing Tennessee ; a W. Beaver St., 38 and Evora Duval St. 18 and Lillie D..
>street length dress of white I
contributions to their Development
families bill State Human
their communities and the, creating Commission ,as a crepe with long pointed sleeves r .: Porter, 920 W. Beaver St., 32. Grier, 1101 Julia St., 18.

nation, the Importance of.womanpower platform for minority groups made of lace, with a lace panel ,
John Wesley White 725 East mice L. Battle 1153 Com-
In In the back The bodice was ,
today'aworldaM set forth their views.
to made of lace. She wore a barred 4th St., 81 and Perrlne Williams munity Ct., 21 and Mary A.
nowhere Is It more important "Reared In an orphanage In \\t
than. the United States." Troy, New York until the age of seeded pearls attachedto tw Roper, 722 E..4th St., 49. Uanlgault, 1S62 W. 6th St., 22.
white net. The
veil of
Dr. Brown was nominated by of IS Dr. Brown's ambition
Austin 4936 Vermont
Tyrone Jr. 766W. :
bouquet consisted of white car- Rodolpbus Hodges, ,
Women's Clab of the doctor at the
to become a began
nations with a white orchid in Rd.,,19 and Brenda Joyce Jackson Church St., 26 and Mercedes
Democratic of five when she had a
age the center, secured by a long 'l 691S W. Virginia Are., 19. Brooks 728 W, Monroe St., 19.
Committee. The text of the tonsillectomy. She quit school ,
statement on Dr. Brown from at 13 to become maid worked white ribbon. .
Urs. Ross, maid, of honor, Jimmy Frank Williams 1105 Willie A. PanlhUl, 8108 Waxwing -
the Women's DMsion of the to to finish school
democratic National Committee and earn received money a scholarship to wore a short creation: of blue Kiss Betty JeanStreeter,daughter of Mrs.LobrStreeter and of thelate Ur. Dove Streeter, was1 Canal St., 24 and Millie Mae << AYe., 22 and Annie L. j

follows: Bennett College Greensboro crepe with a' flair panel an married to Ur. Mack Arthur Direr, son of Ur. and Urs. Hubert Olvey of Eufaula, Ala The Uontlgue 2059 Commonwealth McKenxy, 8219 Siskins Ave, .,
bodice of silver took 12 1968 at 1038 A..., 21.Elijah 19.
"Dr. Dorothy L. Brown ofNashyi M.C. She studied medicine at Empire wedding place on July Oakley Street Photo By DO3 SMITH

le, Tenn, was selected Ueharry Medial College la Chantilly lace scooped neckline Watts 645 Jessie St. James L. Daniels 1503 W.

for her achievements U an Nashville and Interned Harlem. sleeveless.white Her accessories Her Herohes of Jericho Royal Vftgttads AMome Banojet 22 and Rhgenla, Ruby Baldwin, 8th St., 23 and Thelma U.
were pearls.
Cereal 1569 8th St.
elected official. A surgeon. Dr. W. 21.
Brown, was elected to the Tennessee -. "Dr. Brown Is the only Negro headpiece was made of blue End Successful Meet =The Royal Vagabonds has announced 9 P.... and win be followed by 1238 E. Union St., 18.
Boost of Representa- woman general surgeon In the comb covered with blue net; the annual installation the dinner. The committee la Harold E. Blgham, 7227 Fer-

,fives In 1966, the first Negro southern area of the United The bouquet...of pink car The twelfth Annual Uid-Snm- banquet, to be held Friday, charge 1s composed of MT. Charles. 22nd Timothy St 20 and Watts 1272W. nandlna Ave,20 and Ruth Johns,
woman elected to the Tennessee States. She was the first Negro nations. mer lastltite of the Most August 16, at the Holiday Davis, R. SITU and 8. Williams Orajean 2036 Morehouse Rd., 19.
State Legislature and the only, woman to become chief resident John H. Ross, friend of the Worshipful Union of the Grand House. chairman of'the Social Glenn! 1459 E. Uth'St., 18.

woman la the House of Repre- In surgery, and the third groom, was beat man. Willie Court of the Heroines of Jertcho. Cocktails will be arvedst, Committee.
seatatlres. Negro woman to become a fellow Alfred UcLaughlln was ring- working under tae_
"Three bills IntroducedbyDr.Brown of the American College of bearer. The reception: followed Protective Most WorshipfulUnion
la the 1967 session of Surgeons. She Is chief of the wedding.Mr.and Urs.Olrey of the Grand Lodge, was

the legislature were passed: a surgery at Riverside Hospital, will live In Jacksonville. held recently la Ocala: Fla. OPEN FRIDAYS

tin honoring two white women ,clinical professor of surgery The session opened with .the
%ho campaigned years ago, for at Ueharry Medical College Till HisseeaasJoin registration of delegate. The DAVIS, 5 'TIL 9 PM
and attending surgeon at G.W. Inspirational hoar was <

Hubbard Hospital, Nashville In Marriage conducted by Heroine Sylvia nW 135 Broad St 353 5791
Pekrtki 1..he. Memorial and Metropolitan Byrd At the close President
General Hospitals." TALLAHASSEE. Fla. Andrea Deputy A.M. Frailer openedthe

HeWs '11.dle.; "One of the single women Frances: Jones was wed Deputies' Council. Dinner
to be allowed to adopt a child to Wilbert R. Alexander and the board meeting followed.-
la the State of Tennessee, she recently In a garden ceremony Grand .Uost Ancient Matron
For Yew 1968PALATKA has aa 11-year-old daughter, at the home of the bride's Last Johnson and Grand Venerable ';

-The Joe Purcell Lola Denise"Iota aunt, Urs. Sue Kelker Russell Patron mastrlous EJ>.
Drive Tallahassee. Gibson, thirty-third degree
of 3113 Partridge
Chapter of the American "
1s the mason, presided. Heroine Rosa
The bride
Legion, No. 171, and Us Auxiliary Phis Will
Jenkins the
held a Joint Installation daughter of Urs. Jacqueline It;. presided over
Kelker Jones and of the late education board.
of cakes at the Bert Hodge Held 3fth Meet II the evening-tne Welcome
Douglas Jail... She Is a graduate
Post No. 45 reeebUr.PUt .
Strangers Baptist Church was
of Florida AIM University.
CommlriderSbepardper. host A banquet followed the
10-14 .
formed the ceremonies Commander
A followed J
service. workshop
The 1s the son of Mrs
King was Sergcantnl- *T. LOUIS CWQ .:. Iota Maggie groom Alexander and the late \t .Ii. Satkrd&y. Grand .'. tat+lygle I rwt ,
Arms. The fifth district Phi Lambda sorority's 39th Robert Alexander of Tallahas' 'Iron and Grand Patron International
President of. the ladies was annual convention will be held see. He attended FAUU and GMJUCJaale Canon

also present. Sergesnt.atArma August 1Od41n this city, with played professional basketball presiding. Appearing at the
Officers Installed were: Alpha Zeta chapter u hostess.Urs. with the Harlem Globe Trotters. workshop were Heroine M.Bud-
Urs. Flosses Uahalla Evans, national son, Court lOJr Heroine Martha N 1
Following a wedding trip touring
Spell; Chaplain, Urs.Leola Edward president, will preside at the CagUstu Court IMj Heroine
the Eastera section of the United
; Historian& Mrs.Rose Lee convention, whose theme will States. Ur. and Urs.Alexander. ATc7MkknsBCBA,secretary "
James; Treasurer,' Urs. Ethel be "Creative Action:: In leadership Heroin Bertha JIwrJ.1I.1aJU;:
will reside la Rochester N.T. '
Smith Secretary Urs. Annie If 1 OUILTID SOFA AND CHAIR FEA.
Secretary In Cltlsenshlp, la Education where be Is empkyed by the Heroine LUllaa Howard Court / "1' TURES SOFT, LUXURIOUS POLY.
Purcell Corresponding
la Business." Eutmu Kodak Company 249; Heroine LUsle Newby. ? s S. FOAM ATTACHED PILLOW BACK,
; ,Urs. Etta Uae Allen; The organisation founded ID'19Z' Heroine Ethel Johnson, Court .. REVERSIBLE ZIPPEREO FOAMCUSHIONS 522995
Second Vice-president; Urs. has more thai 100 ... 333; Heroine A.U. Frailer, .it AND ARM CAPS u
Basle UcPhersoor First Vice- ,chapters and about 1,000 membe 'I Court t06. The next session t CHOICE OF POPULAR'COLORS M

President ,Urs. Alberta Swin > la 6S cities* Delwttl-'Ii. r.aeWill''Bece will be U fit Petersburg, according ; MaMg U" LeMJMJeJe SUMS+ ., j/SOAV!.NAIIL'. 4
dell President Mrs. Carrie "
to aa announcement by
B. Chlsholm. Mrs Chlsholm Jixoa Plans Return .a Basis Grand Court Historlaa Heroine
expressed thanks presented
Uaybell Taylor.
Miss DeloresThurmaa
the lift. Installing officer with a After N.Y. Journey daughter of Ur. and :******' i ,, tt } :i '

Present also were: Urs. Virginia Mrs John ;Thurmaa and Mr.
Dr. Gore Will
Carl.President; 1Ir,. Cora Blake, mother-in- Julius Damps,'son of Ur. and
Ue Leader Urs. Mary Hark Is, law of Ur*. Agnes Williams Mrs John Damps, will be mar !

Urs. Phillips. 10'.. U a r y Vho left the city Sunday to visit rid Saturday afternoon,August Guest
Bates, Urs. Man B. Louis, her sister and brother-in-law. 10. at 4 p.m., at Ut. Olive
and others Dr. and Urs. Robert Holland AWE Church. Jacksonville. Areception TALLAHASSEE, F1a.-A Testimonial -

More thai fifty were present la New Yak City, will returnto will follow at the Programand Reception

The merry which was served Jacksonville T\lel4a1mon. YWCA honoring retiring Dr. ?

after the Installation, was pre., ing. George W. Gore, Jr., has beea
pared by Miss Barbara JeanPeacock planned for August 20, by the :
daughter of Mr; and Lily While Court TaJIattsseeai Gets faculty and staff the students
and the alumni of Flo Ida I
Urs. Robert Peacock and Miss ;
Wistrea D. Edward, daughter m\m\ Hertz Award Agricultural and U e ell a n 1 c a 1University. T'I

Ur. and Urs. Edward. Wits Tea Is August 18 i if1ndea
Wintry also played. TALLAHASSEE Fla. This program and reception MCMTA
Lily White Royal Court No. Beverly T. Moss bas been comes as a climax to 11 years ------

Pride Of Maceo 131 will have the annual tea awarded the William Herts of service u president : ; ;
Sunday, Augtst 18, la the scholarship for the 1968-69 of FAUU. The testimonial program RIVAL SERIES
Meets August 15 Blodgett Home Auditorium from school term. will be held at 7:00 p.... 4

Pride Uaceo Temple No. 186 4 to 6 p.m. Woodrow Cars of Ulss Moss Ins native of The_ reception will be held by Ba.sseit; :

IBPOE of W will meet August Jacksonville will be featured. Miami and the daughter of Urs. Immediately following the by Bmett 1
Urs. Emma Dennis Yates is Alma Streeter, 1073 N.W. 83rd program la the Grand Ball Never before ha such an opportunity bun offered the I
15 at 712 West Duval St. at I Aooaa. Andre. Italian Provincial&-the secret to dining room beauty .In RIVAL Collection ? Contemporary ityltng by ....U. The Imivhi
Fannie Dunbar
p.m. Urs. Haiti I. James Is 5-Mirpnn jirs. Sh 4 and Is The Is Invited Genoa Cherry finith on Cherry veneer and elected hardwood Tavern Walnut on walnut wren and w tied hardwood or i
a soph more general public
Williams 1s co-chairman. Mr,.
Daughter Ruler Queen B. Williams with matching Micarta IRI high prcuure laminated plank! top Decor Mahogany on African mahogany venter*,and elected hardwoods + :
1s reporter. Pearl Washington Is president. majoring In Accounting. to afl of these activities,. available on table and ImuUted wood carved effect Graceful Easy care with matching Micarta high pressure laminatedplastic i
toot Gtnerouily; tiled piece to live you load of Moragetpace :
** **, ***** ** *** **> a.n.a. decorative moulding, applied! beading on all door and Picture frame mouldmst lend accent to the top drawer. !
drawer, antiqued fast finished hardware and cushioned chair Plate' glass mirror reflect your good tate.

Kappa. .. Dupes Presut Plaque 149'5 i
---------- M -
.. !
\ ,
t. If. .. .

", pJ. ." .,.r'.ll'f' ,' .\t'I. 13 8 PHILCO i

I lI
l' ,

3 3r 1 I------ NO NO-FROST '

\ ,


\ .- ._ +

,- -' .11 0 .. SUWTt .e rhttce Dairy bar Doer
; .
I It FIRST rams with "See thnj"" .
___ I : Lift out '
wM: e H Mt.llbt.etIretMleedi tr.-: ::. toe

c r r-- b. } Bottle SheheteFuOwMtkaorcalal '
*Fi.tr Storif* DoerStunt
w -.,, *
? r.max -' i stead ViftUbltCritaarkoMa

.. : maWTH
r .' utta NI neST '/( MM


( I '''; S : DOWN -'I

rt S5 d
..g" '!{, "i'I" ONLY DELIVERS
.- (
Ifvdsl 14aoe A .

.. "

'f." : ;: ):

rTALLAHASSEK'-' Fla.-Newly-Initiated- members of Theta Iota JIb,... admiring the plaque are: Q-r) ..1. Sectary, Malta; OUR owNFINANCING I

e Chapter of Kappa Delta PI present the local chapter founder Joyce FlUyav St. Petersburg Dr. Gore; Marian Id. Dean
plaque during the summer initiation ceremony and dinner. Dr. Miami; Fred Fuller Tampa; Tbemla Lewis Jacksonville. Back .

c.eorce'oW.. Gore Jr:' (center), chapter founder and retiring row (I.r) W.J. Brown, Cantonment and Oennis Walker Winter.
president,ft Florida AIM University displays the plaque. Neo Hayes

,. .. ,.. J ". t r 'f. : ,, .'. .. ,t
e j" t ,: '> ': ,' : Ji ;, 'I!M ': $."" ) r1' : }j. 1\ .1'-1-/ xi

.. \ ,. ..! .. '., -.i ; ,1'. ",1, oaa; .!.t \ I '. .1.i t t.! : ,1 'W'iti, u'' n41 <.:" : : "

.m>1. ,' .." ,; . ... . r

r :

mm 'in.
PICE 4 sin PAPERS Simon mi

I Negro Minister, Will Highlight Jehovah's 'Witnesses' Thursday Afternoon Meet I

...... Meets

Filth Temple's. ThirdAiuIversary Witnesses Prepare For Convention ." ...... Thirty-Six httfrim

I I ( Hive Always Enfteized. IMty I

Is '
'L Wore than 12,000 Jehovah's Witnesses will Invade Jacksonville

oo August 15 for a District Meeting which, according to those
The third anniversary of the Women of Faith ,
IL7L to be of the largest in Us history.
la charge mar prove one
1$39 East 21st wU be Jld Sunday. : : .
Guests will participate Howard, Mrs Catherine Good-3 "i The convention,which will hold The Witnesses contend that

throughout the day. Sunday man and Mrs. Terna M. BarreU. j .. .,..i'' ,( all meetings In the Coliseum, the dark skin comes from the,
; will through August 11. and Ethiopians
School begins at 10 a.m., with ." t run Egyptians
Mrs. Dorothy Samuel u Guest Consecration services win be 5:; Several Negro ministers will mighty people who lived In Africa
T k ty ": ti prominent parts in the where the Negro originated
s'p play
Superintendent Mrs Victory supervised by Mrs. Den DarTint. : .
\ convention ?
The lived In Asia
win from ; J } Fipy: deliberations. The Canaanltes ,
Br1i are will be Guest 8ecretary. < Greetings come .
Guest t listed arcMissionary : Mrs. Amerces Spencer. The : .. '. Is, and always has been, In In Palestine near the Israel-

Pauline Bright, pest soloist will be Mrs. Connie I tegrated. The Interest of the. ites. ,
been Important. reflect the.
Mrs. Serena Sallett, Mrs. Baker. The Ensemble Gospel family has The conventions
Luella Robinson, Mrs Mary Singers will be peat musicians. Therefore, entire family. units application: of Bible principlesin

A. Bailey and Mrs Peggy Morrison. M r" I Ztnoviona r kr' tt ,attend these sessions.On the lives Thursday, according to Al less of nationality, skin coloror
The Guest Reviewer will. Stripling win Introduce the
be Mrs. Francis Brown. speaker Mrs. Missionary t l, len T. Poole, of Jacksonville appearance, they emphasise

The morning worship begins at Dorothy Randolph. Missionary PJ. Portee.Cirta1UoUnlster, the oneness of relationships.
12 boon. Missionary Louise Helen Watson win bring the will deliver a convincing message The Coliseum Is located. at

Griffith and Mrs. Orlene Row. .> lpeCiallD'fUat1ca. "What Are You Doing 1145 East Adams Street.Speaker. j
with Your Life?/ This will be
and Mrs. j
art wUl lead the devotlonals. Mrs. Luella Jackson
Ushers will be Mrs. Orlene Lucille Emanuel win band the an afternoon meetinc.CD i

offertory.At Thursday enDlnratlp.1D., ,
Christine J.H. Johnson, Jr.. will directa
4 Miss .
MM p.m., '
entitled JUnc'
Vereen win be In charge of the symposium
fi "
ushers. Miss Gwendolyn Mer- the Divided Household. John-

Pin Anniversary tell will be In charge and Mrs. Ira Dean has oversight of 18 Northern

The Men
Church will hold Men's ies. Miss Retha Matnls will congregations, said, "We want

Day oo August U. It.v. Jones sing. Miss Lillian Eady: Miss to do more than Just give our

Is Chairman. .Charles Reed 1s Norma Stripling Miss Clover people an emotional charge that
Co-chairman. Many guests Jackson and Miss Christine will last only until they get H

visitors and speakers will be .Barrel win sing. borne, but we want to show them

present for the occasion.J Miss Joyce M. Jordan win introduce a patten that can be used by

the speaker, Miss Theresa all members of the family

J PALMER'S"SKIN West The offertory win When Jehovah's Witnesses open their mammoth convention at roles. The convention Is completely Integrated and emphasizes throughout Other Negro the year.ministers" on the

be taken by Mrs. Amerces the Jacksonville Coliseum oo August 15 Leroy Sward, Ernest the oneness of man.Jaxons. program will be A.W.Washington .

I'1 SUCCESS"OINTMENT Spencer la .the .evening worship, at I Vickers Edmund Roper and J.H. Johnson will play prominent,' Waver oss,Ga,WJl.Davis,

p..., Mrs. Vera M. Barren On Witnesses' Staff a Circuit minister, and N.J
who will deliver a Sun
a en wr.It"site Rue m will usher. Mrs. Moaefl Swain
TOW. Ml KMMt W apse ... ., address "Pur.
MITITW r ,' day morning on
M TN *VI1rrn"n mwu. n. and Mrs. Margarett win be In CHURCH NEWS % "JIf. rp"eJ4s } for
AI. uw met mi wu NUB m.fMMn charge of devotlonals. Mrs. r sue the Things Making
,t Peace." BRUCE E. GRIFFJCJebonll'
tn MCCUT e tiot Gertrude Bowman will sing.
... q kT..iIS 11 er Poole said Jehovah's Witnesses
i "Y"11 Witnesses District
"'" ..to .......11 Mrs. Dorothy Fisher will present COLOSS1AMS BAPTISt have had a
: :' -.:.'i'I&sr. 'grinw'a .- the speaker Missionary Sunday School begins at 9.30 with the superintendent and teachers problem with never segregation.really "All Manager Bruce E. Griffin will
'I to. '" .. MOyMNN Virginia Stewart The offertory la charge. The morning worship begins at 11 a.ra. The speak Sunday, August II, at
the efforts to achieve better
: a
fart wn WMM4 rabO NnNNt.. kM Iwt* k ... will be taken by Mr.Grace evening worship begins at 6 p.m. Choir No. 1 and Usher Board between the'races the Coliseum on "Man's Rule
I T nderstaodlBg
MaIK MNMNI MrMe.....-. MaW.&. The final reports win No. 1 will serve throughout the day. The Christian Ladles' and About to Give Way to God's
: = come from Mrs. Bertie Young. Serving Society will celebrate their second anniversary August "are advantageous Rule." The convention will end
D'U44C I- rug helpful, he said, "but regardless -
: oz sew aria Officers for the day win be 12 In the church at 8 p.m. Rev. W.L. Cantor will speak. Prayer of the methods used on August IS. The theme ls*
<< you "
J RMOMT_: tut !._. on pen* Mrs. Lucille Dunn Chairman; service will be on Tuesday 730. Rev. R.I. Crawford Is pas' can't legislate love, understanding "Good News for An Nations.
Miss Lorlne Mathis, Cochairman AU meetings areopen to the
UT KUHHM ntOTUTIM and true Christian
,,., ; Miss Bertie M. Young, public. No collections will betake.
: :-..::. ( =,-:= 4 brotherhood. That comes from
.. .... Secretary Mrs men Darrlng, ..
.... -- ; ST. PAUL BAPTIST the heart. This Is why we have
.!i'..= Acting Pastor.' Elder Amos M.Darrlng Rev, Edward: E. Taylor Is minister. On August 13 the pastor 1 +k
: .......... ..... -. is pastor. requests all officers and members to accompany him to lit; solved love the each problem other,from becausewe the Jerusalem Baptist Men

Morlah A.M.E. Church, for night .."Ic'. Services at the I heart-4t'. genuine and
;church Sunday will be as usual, with Sunday School beginningat t lasting." He referred to Acts List Annual Diy

930. Superintendent Edward Jefferson will be la charge. He 17.2: "And be made out of

KuI of will be assisted by the regular staff members. appointee one man every nation of men to Jerusalem pastorcalibrate
will review the lesson. a morning worship begins at 10:45 Rev R.W. Jackson,
Mr. and Mrs. AUM T. Poole, e JJ West Sixteenth Street. Jacksonville dwell on the entire surface with the consecration. Choir No. 2 and the Choral Group wWMf'f' Men's Day Sunday:
73ih4 "
the the
staff earth.
I have been appointed to the headquarters of the Continuing, with
E throughout the day. The Junior Usher Board will serve leader said "The conventions ue1abont.prorram.
Watcbtower Convention of Jehovah Witnesses. Allen 1s working ,
also. B.T.U. begins at S.4S: with Sam Byrts la charge, assisted will begin with the SIIIIda,School
of Jehovah's Witnesses
with the News Service and his wife, Malaley, 1s encourage
: bJ.the pastor and others>The evening worship Department ;with Deacon James Bryant as
*rRev'Taylor the application of Blbl
FUHtftM assigned with the Rooming Atcommodatlons Department': _
t I ,. begins at Sp JR. The pastor will deliver both massages, Prayer I I 'principles: U the lives of people.: Guest Superintendent. The ksMO -
UDfAt Meeting will be hold at 1.p.nOtle pastor and mefaberi will J ; The >fathering aTJacksonvilleColisua :willi I be)'tylrn4. "ty" ..Rev.
'M .*Ii : A M E Cm" David Johnson. '
i J leave later for Mt.: Morlah A.M.E. Church. The Brands-* I 1s no exception. B 1s
ference U held each Thursday bight before the Third ? an actual demonstration of how The morning worship will

I Individual Service ibeglnning at I,p.m. All officers, .auxiliaries members are: PrtflHtfts Far 70th A.wal people ,
f CONTINUED ON PAGE t. and from ail walks '
AVAILABLE TO EVXRYONE Johnson la charge. 1beSoutb.alde
)U. Morlah Church
{ REGARDLESSDF; District Dar St. Miffbew's Biplisl will launch: out on the celebration of 70 years of history together U peace and music throughout win the day.furnish
; .llarmOll '."
( within Imposing agenda of activities beginning oo August ) The
morning will be
: 'FINANCIAL CONDITION Dual 11 and ending on August II. Poole U urging that citizens
Ottltal For Plus Day The edifice gallons and official setups. attend the Bible discourse: : Sunday Rev. Frank Jones present was constructed -
I 'LADY ATTENDANTS st.. Matthew Baptist, Rev. under the leadership Dr. E. Motfley and St. Matthews August, at 9 p.ra.Bruce: Chapel A.M.E. Church
Secoirf lIst George A. Pr1c: Pastor will A.M.E., and Rev. N. Me- E. Griffin, district manager Rev. J.W.Marshall, pastor of
4 STAFF ORGANIST ., Dual and Union Community of the Witnesses will Baptist ,
observe the Annual Day Cray speak
la 1919 by Rev. C.C. Simmons.
{ CONDITIONED' Secmd Baptist Church: 85t Sunday. August U. The last mortgage was A.M.E., will be present oo Friday oo "Man's Rule About to Give win speak at night The service

i' 1 BURIAL SHIPPINGCREMATION Kings Road.. Rev J.C. Sams, Mrs. Ruth E. Golden 1s General : burned under the administration August 16. Way to God's Rule" Seats are begins at 7 pjn. Deacon Fred
: pastor will observe District Chalrmaq James Dawk- Mrs. Fannie Bradford and the free. No collection ls taken.This Barley and Deacon BUllngtoa
Day Sunday Ins Is Co-Chairman. Masonic Family will present may be one of the largestof win lead devotional Rev.
elder Jacksonville
a presiding of the
: NIGHT Meetings will be held la various Sunday School Rill begin at District on Sunday, August 11, at 3.30 << the conventions. Delegatesare Arthur McCrary will give t eavocado.

: homes, beginning at 4 p.m. 9.19 with consecration. Mrs. expected from 27 states Ricardo Jackson
On at 1.90 Rev.
C ,Ambulance Other activities will be U Rosa Lee Glbbs will be guest 11. : p.m.St. and ) foreign countries. This win bring the welcome.: address.
A.C. Chandler of St.
pastor <<
usual. Rev. Sams will reviewthe Superintendent. Mrs. Willie F. Paul Church Stephea'sCompletes will be one A.M.E. accompanied :
lesson and deliver the meet Committee workers are Dea-
1LQ.1.I'I major Dennis of West Union Baptist rags.
sermans.Consecratioo by general church Plans The eon Hlrman Water, Chairman;
: will be guest Reviewer.The Witnesses recognize the
win Rev. R.A. King
I for the deacons, deaconesses,, morning service begins appear.Chapel A.M.E. problems of race. But, their Deacon Joseph Thomas, Cochairman -
Payne accompanied
4115AYE"e" ushers and for the choir: will be at 11 a.m., with Mrs. 0.8. by his church setup,will For Big AnniversaryThe belief Is that all men came Alvin Brown George

at 10.49. The morning worship Price serving as Pastor. Mrs be on the same long awaited anniversary from Adam. They also believe Massey, and others. Rev R.W..

I ARNEIT P. ROGERS l.F.D.: will begin at 11 a... The Baptist Rosa Lee, State President of the On Monday August program.12, at I of st. Stephen's A.M.E. Church that, since Noah and his family Jackson 1s pastor.

Training Union will meet at Junior Missionary Society of p.IL..Dr. J.C. Sams and congregation will get under way Sunday,August were the only ones to survivethe
9:45. The evening worship begins East Florida and the Bethany
at 7 p.m. Weekly actlvltes Association, will speak. Mrs Church and Rev. G.L. Allen Till preside. "All men are created equal."
will Include the Prayer of Faith Ruth B. Wise of Bethel Baptist and Community Baptist will Assisting la the morning will The encyclopedia says, "Man ,A.M.E. AntOMces

Hour at 7 Tuesday.The Institution Church: will be' share the pulpit Choirs, officials be Mt Morale Baptist Church's Is a single biological species.

Sunday School Officers and 'soloist members will be present Choirs, Mrs. WUmer Darrell, They refer to Noah's pronouncement Women's Day
Teachers Council will be Friday Rev. W.L. Williams, pastor of SMloh. Baptist, Deacon Leroy la Genesis 9.23.

I at 7 p.m. The Training Union Bethlehem Baptist will speakat On August 11 at t p.m., Rev. Mallory' Mt Calvary Baptist, "Let him become the lowestslave According to Mrs Thelna

Department under the night, at 7. p.m. Rev. Price E.E. Taylor, St. Paul Baptist Mrs. Cole Walters, Jerusalem to his brother." Richardson: the Women's Day
direction of Mrs. R.H.' Morris- will be assisted by the deacons. 'Church accompanied tj his Baptist, Mrs. Aretha Joan- at Union Community A.M.E.

sett, will promote a study William Cherry of Mt. Bethel church: will be present and will son, Grant Memorial A.M.E., Mt. VtTMlleftist Church will be Sunday, October

: course from August 19 to 23. will be guest soloist share honors with Rev. Williams Louis J.HowellWoodianPre- n.
1J Guest Instructors from the Other participants will be Mrs "Bethel! Institutional sbyterian, M r .. Earths Mc- His Plans have been virtually com
Florida State Baptist Convention Little Rock pleted for the day Mrs Richardson
:i1111 Ethel Carnegie, and Rev.W.R.McJC1ukODWeclDtadarAacust .- Gout, Mrs. Audrey Jones
i wUl participate. .Church: Baptist Church: ; Mrs. Dorothy : 14 at Mrs. Willie J. Stephens a a d 1s chairman. Mrs.
workers are welcome. Burrough, Bethel Institutional: Mrs. Thelma Ray. AMhrtrswy ,Florida James win be charge
I p.m., Rev. A.F.Cummlngs of
i 0 Mrs. Banish Greene Mt. Aral << Re*. H4. Herod pastor West Union The 99th
M47WMU MDtO TgUfHOM CAL W allOW webs Baptist, Rev. FW. anniversary of the
A Celebrates"REV.C.WtWHrrTEN, rat Baptist; JJ3. Mt. Jones of Mt Moral Baptist wfll preach. founding of ML Vernon co-worker Mrs. Ruby Clawsco.
t Bethel Baptist; Rarford 1.1.KiD..110II. FountalaChapel Rev. JJ5. 'Johnson pastor of Church Baptist Miss Evelyn Clawsoo will be
A.M.E. will and the
011 W1.u L1S&VS f Sweetfleld Baptist and bring greetings. st. Stephen's, will extend the Invitation anniversary Chairman of the TagCqmmlttee
: officiate la the service.Thursday of the li.,. G.T. McCall
E pastor
and Mrs. will be
Warn Smith Mt. Ararat BaptistChurch. Mrs. Mary Nealey will Louise Grim
night, August 19 of the church, will begin
: sing. The Offering will betakenby Chairman ,: Do you Have questions about the big-" will Rev. witness the presence' of<< 'W.L.' Lunar, Mrs Rebecca extend Monday night August U, and '. These charge: of the programwill
Callahan B.H. Hartley of Friendly through August II.
Cbrch Quinn andMrMri be Mrs. Juanita Greta and
lira: Pauline
lest crisis our nation has ever Scott
Baptist Church, Rev. 8.L. Badger Rev. McCall has listed the following
Mrs. Willie N.
: Daniels. Rev
faced: the''racial crisis? of Emanuel Baptist Church participants .
Holds Awitls : Monday Is
CJL Tfllls win bring ob : It Do you have suggestions you'd like: 'and Rev. AJ. Reddick of Grant servations.Theevening. Greater ML Zlon Grove Baptist,

; to make to the Black and the White: CALLAHAN Fla.= Rev. C. Memorial A.M.E. AH will be service will be in Rev. R.B. Brooks; Zion Hope ******
W. Whltten, pastor of the Greater accompanied: .by ,their congreMiiistws' Baptist ChurchRet E.R.Simp
the hands of the Brunswick Baptist -
I leadership about how to solve it?
son Tuesday Abyssinia
Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Church of Brunswick Gs, ; Baptist Christian Woaaew'Serving
y' Do you want to hear what other Church, will celebrate his tlf i WivesAaioiace ,The East Bethany.BapUst Women's Church, Rev. B.L. Wynn; West

I ordinary citizens ask peopleJohn tenth year as pastor in conjunction Convention wfll present Union Baptist uchRev.A.F.

Lindsay and Stokely Carmichael and with 94 years of the Meeting pageant Dr. A.C. Madry sagerioteadent Cummings Wednesday, First Groif ,MeetsThe
i church: Itself. Timothy Baptist, Rev. R.L.
a what sort of answers they come UPI Sfnlcu"W begin on Friday Mrs.; Claudine I. Williams win <.
R with? !Hake yourself heard and hear it I: night, August 9. Rev. J. Gardner preside over a meeting of<< the School, ,Rev. W.M. Hill; Thursday, Mt Society will observe the

I all on NIGHT CALL, the 'new, nationwide and his congregation from Baptist Ministers Wives Al- Mt.. Olive Priwiive Tabor Baptist Church, B r T. second anniversary Monday IBColosslans
telephone call-in show. Ploy, Fla,, will be present;*i Uance Monday August 19, at B.. T.Ovecstreet;Friendly Bap. night, August 12, at Ip.BL.
Deacon T. Mitchell, Leader of 8.30 p.m., la the home of Rev.and Plus Hei's DayThe tlst. Rev. B.H..Hartley Fri. Baptist Church,

I ;: "II.T', 12:30:: A.M. District S," will be host On Mrs. SJf. Gatson, 3639 da,. Antioch: Baptist, Rev.; J.J. Rev.The R.J. Crawford Is pastor.
W"'R' HC'138 Sunday evening at I p.m., Rev. Freeman. Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist 1.0. e s; st. Marys Baptist speaker for the occasion.
a Tknih Friiiy : Whltten and Rev S.S. Richo.- This win be the last meeting Church will have its annual Church, Southslde Rev. J.M. .will be Rev G.L. Glanton, pastor

S Call Cillict 212-749-3311; of pastor of Friendship Yulee, before the September vacation. Men's Day on Sunday, August Bryant. of New Mt. Olive Baptist
Rev. C.W. pastor
Whltten guests of kt 7-, The last meeting" held In It. W.M. Cannon of the Mt: Each minister win be accompanied The Chorus of the Foundation'Chapel
II The United.Methodist Church the Greater Mt. Pleasant Bap-* Deacon Roy Jones Lea .the home of<< Rev. and Mrs. D. 'Sinai BapUst Church win be thenmorning by Us choirs, ushers A.M.E. Church and

Released la cooperation with the list Church of CaUahan, will, On August 12, St.. Paul Baptist J. Jones 1531 West 10th St., speaker. Guest soloist congregations. Services will Choir No. 1 of Mt MorJah

r. National Council Z National Catholic Office for Radio and Television service at the church, along pastor and Daysprlng Bap: President Williams has asked musical will M given at night William S. Hunter will serve as ; Mrs. Fannie
Florida Council of Churches with the Mm year of the church: all to be present for the makingof Marshall will be Program
",; '. lid, Rev C.A. W.aver., Jack featuring the Mt Olive Church chairman. Mrs. Lois Hips Is
Itself. Se"kq will be August sonville. will serve for District << plans for the Alliance's ant thorns William Buster Is Program Chairman. Rev.G.T. Chairman and Mrs. Carrie

j 941p.m. 7. Deacon Roy Jones Is Lead., niversary.. Chairman.' McCall pastor. .People Founder.r .will be honored. as

..+.1iti i :dt?' PIW. 4V.4{ .... I.I w

LL I i e .

y.::...--.....-- ... ..-- ---....... __. A ,_J ... ,
';'' .,.... .. .. ......-

'" : ," ," ..' .. '
.' .
> I ;. ; .


: AUGUST 10, 1968 ,STAR ,PAPERS' lAC( 1.

National Primitive Baptist Convention : WOOLWORTH'S I

Opens in T aliahasseeOn August 18 DOWNTOWN Summer STORE Cloaranc 300 HOGAN* SALE STREET


D.B. Birnes ladies Celebrate, f1'o-iron raNon-colton blend 1I I.



Y. n'' I I

',I' .

\ '.. \tl'i,;/ 8



/: tOur

.aK: ,."" .':1/' .'.. r'' ."c;.;..,,':." own 'famous quality

4 .... ...ot'. -" ... -

Tte' D.B. Barnes Club of Sweetfleld Baptist Church, 136S Holsey. First Vice .President; Mrs. Mattie PoUkx, Pester; SEAMLESS NYLONS
I 'Harrison; will celebrate the ninth anniversary Monday night. SIr.. Viola Tate, President; SIr i. Rosle Lee Grant, Treasurer I y
I August 19, at the church with a unique prO t.m. Members and Mrs. Doris Gray. Not shown are Mrs. Mary Ann Grant t lyGe
I shown In the picture above are, from the left Mrs. PrlsclllaHolsey Mrs. Ruby Jones and Mrs. Lassie Johnson. Rev D.B. Barnes / +
r Sheer beauties!
financial Secretary; Mrs. inert Holsey; Mrs. Virginia II pastor of the church. ..gy / Filmy '
,clear knits and sheerlace 2 .Ie
mesh dress nylons! Now at ,
I St. Mary PrtaHfve Church .
CHURCH NEWS a savings! Suntone, rose- "r.

tone, tatipetone. 8X"--11. ",.. Cffr ,,;r.

CONTINUED; FROM PACE WHI Receive fist Miitfea.

:'asked to mate reports. All who hare DOt made membership the .lilt Annual Session of the National Primitive Baptist
reports and building fund reports are asked to do so during the Convention of the U.S.A. Is hereby summoned to meet by the
conference The Church Is located at 17>l Winton Drive.. of Miami Florida la
General President Rev. P.D. Braatley ,
EMANUEL BAPTIST Tallahassee, Florida, August 11-15 198, at the St Mary
Primitive Baptist Church,. 454 West Call Street
..On Tuesday, the Teachers Meeting and the Prayer Meeting ----- ----c---- 4
will be held at 7 p.m., with the pastor and officers charge. The many departments of the meet Tuesday, August M, at V y
Choirs No. 1 and No. X will rehearse Jointly on Wednesday at General Convention have many 10:00 a.m. The host pastor and '
I p.m. On Thursday D a1 prayer serrlces will be held a t spiritual, educational, and cultural church have a very fin Welcoming rY
the church monthly'conference will be at the uual hour. activities planned for each Program planned for e + *rry

Sunday School begins at 9:30 with Mrs. Mamie Fields. aid Deacon person's development The Monday, August 19 at 1:00; p.....
George Smith la charge. The' lesson will be reviewed by UawolDl. Women's Congress, under the I

.. Consecration Is held at 10:50.: The "OI'1I1DI..me, presidency of Mrs E.C. Rays Rav. McKtelck Q
begins 11 11 a.ra., with the deacons la charge. Fellowship will of Charlotte, N.C., will be discussing AL.
be given la the morning. The Holy Communion service begins' the theme "Increasing
at t:30 with Rev. 8.L. Badger, pastor, delivering the message the Fruits of Righteousness." Gust Minister
Choirs No. 1 and No. 1 wiU senre. Mrs. Marian Carter hill The Young People's Congress, + r t
be in charge of the music along with C.B. Fisher. with Mrs J.J. Perklas of FK .. .
Dallas Texas will be looking DrysprkiRev. -
1Dtocllrhhn Youth la a '
McKlssick minister
R. ,
Sunday School begins at 9:30 with Assistant Superintendent Modem Society Stand Up." of Bethel Baptist Church, will ._.
IDea Scott presiding. The' lesson wUl be reviewed by aa appointee.The The Sunday School CongressRev. at
be guest speaker Sunday,
morning derotlons begin at 11 a...., with Deacons if. R.H. Frailer Charlotte, .
N.C. presiding, will be unraveling 1:30 P.B., at Dayspring Bap- VALU ssn 0
Sims and Eugene Calboun la charge. Choir No.Jand Usher when Districts 1.V uey
Board No.' 1 win serve throughout the day.At 4 p.... The Home the theme "God Is No' tat..1-1.11 Church II, and 16 viiibold ,., .. .
Mission1 "win' bold the la church Fallue Even In a Space /r.'" .. -.
Society / monthly meeting the a Jots program.** $ r 4.99 e: '"
auditorium. Evening service begins at I p.m. On Monday The Ucher'sCongress.wlthMr. and pB
Other-services will be as usual.
.night'the church will worship with the.Unity of Faith Church. Willie C. Campbell of Pensa- The Sunday School will begin ._._.... .... Solid print.. .
Prayer Meeting is Tuesday. On Wednesday at 9 p.m.. Choir cola presiding win be discus
at 9:30 with Superintendent
No.- t On Choir sing ooE .eu" Service In the
rehearses Thursday night No. 1 rehearses.Rev.
Edward Bentaone In
Wl.. Rogers II pastor. Mrs. C. Sampson is reporter. The Present Age- Through Usher by others. At charge 11a.m.,,assisted theregular TERRY BATH TOWELSEnjoy
church Is located at It!1 West 17th St. Boards"
Each pastor Is urged to see Sunday service begins.
TABERNACLE BAPTIST that his church and aU auxin- Rev Waver will preach.Choir
No. 4 will be In charge of the savings on fluffy,
aries. at this 1 *
Sunday School begins at 9:30 a...., Superintendent Bessie are represented
music. Mrs. W.M. Williams combed cotton terry tow '
Solomon In charge. The lesson will be reviewed by Miss tattler great convention. this year Is At 77
and S.L. Davis win direct els. Pink blue .
banner ,
scheduled to be our
Jackson. The morning devotions beginat 11 a.m. I ev. W.E. 845 the B.T.U.wlfl meet
: p.m., .
Young, will deliver the message. All youth choirs will rehearse with Mrs. Gladys Crapps, ____47l ...IIWssh
Wednesday at 5:30. The teachers' meeting will be at The Sunday School Congress Chairman. presiding.1. group Ciotti, ReL29e _j3e JaW mi34x46"
'$:45. The prayer meeting will be at 7:30. District No. 10 II opens officially Monday,August ftj4tln f4 the Bible Readers Y

sponsoring t Baby Contest Sunday at S p.... Mrs lain Brown 19, at .:00 a.m. Registration Leader will assist. At 'I p.lII., 1F ..... .. .-. rMj
will be on August II for the
Is president Deacon MOM Brows Is leader. Sunday School Congress. tile evening worship begins.

The Board of Directors win Rev. Weaver will speak.Ushers
Board! No. I will serve. X
Holy Communion win beadmlnlsteredSunday at 11 a.m. and at 5p.m. Trl-Sunday will be August SS.
Rev. R J. Arnold Is pastor. The senior choir will serve Ritas Hlf Services will be held at 9:30,

Mrs. Bremsoa Is pianist and director. Sunday School begins 11 a... S p.m., and 7 p....
eat >:30 a.m. Julius. Howell Is superintendent revival meeting Girl 'Rev. an& Mrs Stephen ca: p. 1 Ir
.win begin August IS and end on August II.. Hmrri bell of Detroit will be put

speakers. Music will come from

GREATER Rev. D. B.SWEETFIELD Barnes Pastor.BAPTIST..'. Day will be celebrated on ly Metfeeiists the Peoples'Female Choir Chorus and the from Young tte

August 2$ and will feature the appearance o f guest speakers, Sheila Yvette Fleming gradat : Male Chorus. All young people
officials and musicians. Lorensa Williams Is general chair itJT.rs'
Mrs. ".L. BigginsIs
.to of William Bales High win Mrve. 1IItk'
..... Members are asked to pay their pledges to captains or School, Jacksonville, who win. thtlrT" WWII Ptttmaa

to Secretary J. W. Anderson or Deacon Rufus SptDCtr.1en1cU'SIIDda be a treshmu at BettUIIII- ook.; will be Co-chairman.. Mrs. V. s.ke.ira..
with the School at $:30 with the Assistant-
begin Sunday man College In September, has W. Galney. S.L Davis, Mrs.
Superintendent, W.O Sinclair, and teachers In charge. The' bees awarded a National Carswen and Mrs. F.T.Johnson
morning'service begins at 11 a.m. The evening service begins Methodist Scholarship by the will assist CITTN NESSES
at 5:30. Rev D.B. Barnes win deliver both major sermons. Board Education.of The Methodist On August 19 B TaUnt and
The D.B. Barnes Choir and the Junior Choir will stag. 'The D. Church. Fashion Show wfil be sponsored

.B. Barnes Ushers and the Junior Ushers will serve during the National Methodist Scholar, by tile young people in the dining
day. Saturday, at S p.m.,the Junior Choir win meet la rehearsal. ship Awards cover tuition and area Mrs. I.W. Meteor Is
Willie L. Young Is director.:Prayer meeting will be held Tier fees op to $500 and are granted reporter. Rev Cyrus A. Water
day at 7:30. Toe Bible Study Is Wednesday at 7 p.m.,with Ret. on the basis of superior academic Is pastor. Keg. 2.1
D.B. Barnes u teacher. Choir No. I holds rehearsal Wednesday steading, leadership 9fen 1OO% cotton...
at 745. with W.L. Young as _Iclaa. Choir No. 1 win rehearse ies' ; AM 311
ability, active churchmanship Yom.Poo
Thursday at 7:45 with Mrs. Nlmmlt MM Bines U and, ,
character, personality,
muslftao. Church address Is 1365 Harrison. SPORT SHIRTSWash
need. Moot
About BOO such awards-an UtieiWH

BETHLEHEMP'I'ST given annually by the Methodist Unloawlll
The church located 1615 Madl- The Young People's
Rev. W.L. Williams pastor. Education and Its
Board of August
son St. Sunday School begins at 9:15. Guest Day will observedby scholarship suet Sunday afternoon : 'n wear styles with reg.
the Sunday School. Guest teachers will be pretest The aatloawlde Mora than 11, at 3 P..., at Ephesiaa s ular or button down collars.:
a.BoIu Mission program 9,000'Nmtiaoal Baptist Church 3rd and StafferStreets. from handsome 7
morning service begins at 11 meeting MetBOdlstScbolar-1 Choose- stripes
''wfll be at a p.... Choir No. 1 will sponsor a Gospel Tea in the Rev.W. Ban pastor. a f exciting plaids or new novelty
'ships have been since
basement of the church: from X to 4 p.m. Districts No. 3 andS Little Lily Sea, 10 yearsof textures. Each and every one''24
the was starts? Jn
will meet at B p.m.. The evening service begins at 1 p.m. 1945.program age, win to la Charge Lfly is B great buy at Woolworth'slow
8' Daakl
Usher Board No2 and the YOllllCJ.du1tCbolr win serve through Funds for the support of National is a student Little at Tens the Williams low special price, Come
out the day Rev. W.L. Williams will be In charge services. Methodist Scholarships School guestsoloist. choose yours from top colors

,The revival begins on August II.Mrs.Vivian Wilson Is reporter. are received from local three years. Teat old is will the be daughter including olive blue, red tan

jlucEDOmAP'I'ST Methodist churches on the basis '01 Marsha Williams and tile .e ttWseak.w.ar and allow,Sizes S, M. L. .
( of a church'-wlM offering on .Norms
dtugbter of Mr a.
Sunday School begins at tso with Nathaniel Singleton and teachers the grs
Methodist, Student Day,
Ia charge. The lesson will be reviewed by an appointee. D. Williams. CLOSE OUT
la June.
second.8unday organise to
This Union was
Consecration and devotional services will begin at 10:45 with
the deacons In charge. Choirs No. I and No. 4, James Kitchen First CeriiHi promote. tile talent of tte JODJICp.apII. Is F..i'....I., !.earl. 'I CttUry"
Mrs. lass Harrison
Directing will participate. Usher Board No. twill serve. The .
sermon will be delivered by the.pastor Rev. German Sweet president Miss Cynthia Jackson rli.asTSTS' IIIIL PATENT
'Water, Florida. Deaconess Board! No. 1 will meet after morning Plus Dill Diy Is secretary. Mrs. Alberta

worship.The ftY.P.U.hoar win teglnat SM with M.L. Polite First Corinth Baptist CWch Utimorc Is pianist BarnardMeCkUa NESSES 17

in' dar .. The evening worship begins at JO. The sermon' win celebrate Dual Day Sunday Is reporter. ,-S' Cpl I.

will be delivered by Rev. German. Oa Monday night the Chrisma at the church. Duval and Mad!.. Elder McClihi Wil lJs..asIt a It.1t 'r. ;
Aid Society will meet at7pja.On Tuesday light the regular SOB, Rev. W.L. Jones, pastor. I
prayer meeting and Bible Study will be held. Choirs rehearM :ass; Ella Perry Wise of West HoU Revfcftl Here '23Ymlmtf '

"'. Wednesday and Fridays. Mrs. ....Merchant Is reporter. Union will speak la morning' Elder L.M. McClala former I 177 TEE SHIRTS, ,,,4 FOR 1.QO 1
at 11 .... Rev. AMa Jones will -(>.
BOLSEY O.M.E. speak at S pja. and Rev. J. gospel singer Bad musiclaa 2... ...riAlI
The Stewardess Board No; S Is sponsoring a guest tea Sunday M. Hautton at 5:45.Westswill JacksonvUle, BOW pastor of tteEsaaaael the new look Courtrte z..SHDrwy 2 FOR 87 Hick' HM.
at the church from 9 to 7 pja. Regular services begin with the participate throughout the day Pentecostal Church of London soot, A'Uncf, flats are all comfort
Sunday School at ':10 with Mrs/Blrtfaa Griffin sad leeches s Incharge. Mrs. Carrie. Coleman and Deacon PftHartefrala, will- be m revival Yet w.4u. Plods or solids In cushioned Inside, all styleon CoolfrvoritewahMauyP.k: st..loss Jtnl" l hives
( The lessee win be.reviewed the pastor or ulIJp01I t. L. Lewis win be CO 'At 11 a.a. the pastor wfll preach. Stewardess Board Mo. 1 win Aagust 13, at tile Mt Sinai heel:Black.'I 9 I/I to I Eng Irregulars S-M-L-XL. Flits ebb SflMSWOOLWORTH'S
Wet at 4 PoII-J! at the home of Mrs.Sarah Coley, 1157 East Ras.ALP Pentecostal o.arehU"-W.at _-_,.. -w.....".....
.Third Street Ill.. Eva Mae Gilbert Is'Secretary. Rev. Dave FIGHT CANCER WITH list Street Services will be You MONfYf WORTH MC MAT
.McEMa Is pastor. The church is located at Third and Franklin A CHECKUP AND A CHECK' nightly and win begliat I p.....
.. .
Strtets. Elder: L. Spark is pastor.


\ LA A ___ a. 'A __ _____ __ ____ & S _

, ',.
a "'



THE FLORIDA t-I STAR lase' MEWS, ';:, \ ,. x4r. "THE POOR, ,. ..'' / f .. tY/; ",'-, ;',1"!-tft i5L.,-,, .. '. t10-BE> EOOA!]

: (r;' t. FAMILIES OF MISS. ''I..II''''

I Published by the.Florlda'Star PnbUs-lnf tumfwr. :.:: : NEED CLOTHING f By WHITNEY M.YOOJKJ.BLACK .,


MEMBER "' .......H'I.. "'4tl'.,1P'.f,1 i :a 4 'J&ENEROUSLYMAIL
A recent television documentary: black soldier In AmerkUarrvingfavletnambodldtheynreafymn .
TO that black oca
: NEGRO DD"& D"' 'OTONAL..4'E i 'i; e la till AmericanRevolution

v Fu ?
:", ": Tes, they did; and In every WIT this country has tm fought too.;

',...!..'.J ,. .....;, .. "it. ''- Americans weren't always wry happy abort It titter b the
-I' .t. : .f::J\ 19th Century they wouldn't even let Negroes ..uat. sad only pot
II ::, OlJ5 guns la their bands because tt seemed to be the only way to

ERIC 0. SIMPSON NANASINUr EIUSNRILDA 114-6 tJ9i. iJ1 defeat And la the the enemy.two World Wars '

.. : i." wefe fought la this century,
r ERA v often !
black soldiers were
IOOTEN CIICSLATIIN IAIAH i. x' limited to segregated labor
f..I O""" :battalions. UM Korean War
2323 MONCIIEF IOAI MillELGIN : : OJ < :;was the first to haft Integrated I

-t ., ,::1 j.c"t 'fighting units and their success I
.1 surprised a lot of bigot who!
I 4-6782 '- MAIlllfi *IIBIIrr
,t were against It. I IWhta
< slaveholdmg America I Ifoocht
P.O. BOX 599 JACKS 0 .'IIl.r Fllllll I.If. for its Independence from I
England under the banner oil
., '
y, 32201 1 ; ,, ... bt "all mm are created equal,"|
George Washington banned
MIAMI I OFFICE I 5011 N.I. ill, 11E.T rl.. ,. Negro taUstments. Dot when It became: trident that white
1i colonists weren't too Interested la their Um for
: : rUklnf
PHONE 751-3179 :1 1 :" t \ Independence, Washington did an' abod face and ordered the
d\ 6> arming of black.....
a Abort 8,000 fought la the Revolution Some were heroes. We
I. toe Year, $12.00Half Year, .704 .: :':'tIII ',,,: hart all leaned abort the boots Battle of Danker IUD,bat
Mailed to You Anywhere in the tnited-Nieves. ;, c; ','. how many schools. the fad that when the British commander
ri Subscription payable in Adraace ,), Major Pttcalra stood up to 1IoaI"1b.da,1I ours," be was shotdad

Send Cheek or Money Order Co: .r. 1, by Peter Salem, a black man?
fa fI There were other battles, other heroes, bat school cklldrea
never hear abort them. 'I'be.War. of lilt's most famous battle
Jacksonville 1. Florida ,. f was the battle of New Orleans won by Andrew Jackson. Bat how
E many people know that Jackson, short of soldiers, recruited two
"CAN DO"' companies of black volunteers who played a crucial part la his
=' PD!$ Y-WiSE Oft nwmmt. ..<. victory

.. .One-fourth of tile naval crews lathe famous battles oa the Great
Df Very often politicians and gorermeatal I- WI. --- --,.. Lakes were black. Captain Hirer Perry whose fame was won
; la these battles later wrote "1 hart yet to lara that the color
officials attempt to impress citieeat".w1Uttbe : ,.
of a maa's skin caa affect a maa's qualifications or usefulness.
idea that they must save thw, tax. : : That's a lesson still to be learned by a lot of Americans Including
payers money. And the action of big braas ; YOUR WeeklyHOROSCOPE some employers.Em .

makes this argument seem feasible. ).. J. Lincoln was against arming buck men la the Civil War,

A case in point is that of the Metro....:: I but ooce be pv the order, be realized (bat his 200,000 black
troops saved the Ualon. Twenty-one black soldiers and sailors
Government (Nashville, Tenn. ) wlrtftiit; : *' i won the Medal
: Congressional of Honor In that war, and 17,300
reduced many of the services of the boarw, GUIDE < gave their lives for freedom.
of education.. An original and:;a'e",/ TOIl would never know tt from the history books or from the
school '.budget came in for the tri"ia s,;" Western movies, out when the cavalry came riding to defend
: settlers from Indlaa chances the horsemen
: attacks are
Something had to be eliminated to make : ; : were
tlmj.v ly PAILO The ASTROLOGER black. Abort one out of fire horse soldiers U the Old West
budget realistic so that the c1 tI' .' "* were Negroes.

school operate in the black. : t i '. Black men fought at Caa Juan Bill the World War I battlefields
.; la France, and oa both front la World War 0. n..apWe4a
Of 'all the trimmings this one WM
WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS lot of blood la defense of their country and through It all they
foolish. Preschool classes for deaf children .
fought lithe hope that their I&crltk..OI&l4 ears them the
3 to 6 years, had their funds crtttoffgt: .' '" y1 rights other Americans simply took for granted.
to the tune of 20000. These .cbl1"'.' FOR That's why we cant fall the veteran returning from Vietnam.
were being trained by the Bill filkersM The Urbaa League Is doing Its part by helping 2.000 veteransa
mono to find housing. Jobs, and get back Into school BIt the
Hearing ,and Speech Center. *rTftat sacrifice these mea have made make It Imperative for this
the budget trimmers were iooraaf ';j BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL country to male a special effort to bring equality to these
of ttkrtlM: determined young men-aid to all who shut
of was |the importance Hw t j jIIMI are out sake system.
tralnlnk of deaf kids earlier tbu't1aat.. .- b: B* V : ;
' w II'I''''' 'o/w rn 't v.'w''--. _. ... e
of the average child. During the preschool; .-- 1\ '

and period words, ,deaf and children in this are way taught they. :ar cpnetpt-. .mr-' ','* '111EMINICI. SinNIINF. CAMldlN THINGS NEGROES CAH DO FOR' THBGEIVESWe

pared tp begin school when they ue ,s k: IIIN SEC

years old. Without this preschoolraia.t ? ,Wl, IfllL 19TIV 22NI JUT J2NI 23IP. 22NI UN. 1ITI are very definitely aware of the

ing a deaf child is not ready 'tortss ". .Malays to night. What held Remember, la time.. be &' Ubrans Lira the same.The more thing trials and tribulations under which Negroes
the first grade along with the tJtl{> msst'ft* act previous quarter to trap the unwary are asked quest changes the more tt Is till must go in ghetto or slum living.But .
child .. .....,.Lw It BhvwlM for this one.aa a* abundant during thl .live or same, according to the ups we know also that they can do much
For saving $20,000the Metro School 10Vt ..'M fttrls*. moment forM if not more so, than they and tt may be pointed out that eveatf for themselves if they would.
", e**.*M. aMoclates to get a proposition made during
wert. TU means way to keep You have beard about rats citing the
has been foolish enough to think1 the-.. tile has beea
previous quarter
lljawsM M precut and future from
t clot a watch on one's emotional digging babies
111 t lialmm,sal| revised, dressed up,or covered small children of ghetto
deaf children denied languaff :tTEtl h *adopt a program reactions as on the & away
will not be handicapped in tle r; +blsR M. lie mod effective ot others to shroud their act.foss and to keep with gilt the dangers Inherent livers. And we have no ,doubt that it is
........ ..i carried out. and intentions. People the duration tailat up has sot changed one true. But what can be said for tenantswho
lion tn .1II .. ta the agenda Importance who show op art old hands lota. Many thing are tiered la will live in a rat-infested house for
-" w. r *... ...attei cf correct.stg social circles or vacation thing and it the name of friendship, but gels
4 eepstistJa weaknesses and .sorts, may be worthy to be too U not always a guarantee that years? ,
GUN CONTROL AND NUflCWWe tsti**-**%stg a stronger bast cultivating assiduously la alert on there Is no duplicity Involved. fell the parents of these children who
,. ireslwMBh to operate. This I* to advance the ,r"tet. to believe The surest claim to safety and 'live in houses infested by rats ought to
recall that Drew Pearson- prwdixe4trouble I.*. .4MM. Artans with the success marriage, son In whom. stability can be made by the have some pride. Certainly they could buy
j MK C.sy fruitful yearsLF <4< ao ,11 11 .. $ and who .Capricorn who depend sole*
which the proposed merryH 1.say he .DI.bIed tourisdemmsatlonhhrr a life ly oa their wits, instincts and pest-ridding chemicals and clear' their
trol bill would hare in passiac tbiif. II.I' r The .Ulim YiDI faith in experience rather than oa the homes of rats forever. Good rat poison is
Congress. Pearson could if fce traatedrta,"'" the/ them to have misleading., slogans, or pro really not expensive and a little efforton
say: "I told you so." by e* k *as ajs.i s h at p t a t d JILT la M. paganda of most who have the part of parents could achieve won-
something to ...u.I .
Like is true of other issues /: olk 4 watt til M certainty contrlbuttIs 2211 IIS. 1ITI 15.31.656. ders.
t ... Mir ISM (he uerspu- 80 I) II .'64 426
confuse them with irrelevant thlaklBg.;J*" ,r a frtYw.ta.llwt.M You're not behind. Events We read of one family which was living ina

Registration does not meaa coaflM.tMM 10.:1.391' the ata-tt.....*will not \ / 1. IllilllS bouse where weeds had taken over' at

nor restriction in the use of goat. lt&:'" in interest pastime either.a* bathdt There u.IIIIIIJ 22RI MM UM.MII waist-hlgh growth. The family had nine

merely means that such weapons, will *>- Ill jaunts walking around (fl. un children But how could a large family
1 : ,brought
registered with the proper: authorities Ut ,.. favorite parks and *or the Keep parrying It may be a like this sit idly by and let the weeds
is now true of automobiles c rtaia. ki4* r : In tnl interested Inhlghermlndedpnr.suits *(especially sort of a CUM that allies as take over?

drugs etc. liall.fniM.DIfacuttlesofa or educations eour.. soil be knock well U competition are playing To remedy the latter situation, a little
Consequently, there will be
Cars, trucks and motorcycles are Te>*l.-Jytered. i J MmWaal ehancteroRea underMtvanbrougbtaboutbymm- need to feel left out while O .demanding would be taw to gain be an only advantage.a battle of B wits may parental guidance an.' one or two cheap

but no owner is afraid of confUcm-1) lip' er parteenUp mlsunderm art p1lIn.Atmc arou&d stand which could turn into a show tools could solve the problem. Nine child

it Ion. The only ones who can't own autC80- 40 ....... order to make any- world. The amt 61"A for this would of force during the coming fen could do a hale of a job eh, boy?
biles are persons who for one reason or' ....... tf traaalUoa smooth regarding Insuring.the.l""& < bit of good quarter. The Aquarians who
tht hfHtlt aDd r
f f f
another should -not drive. The only ones .a.a...anmfulmsdeslrabU'to have to be taken pol.by one la.every know exactly what the stakes
who could not own guns legally would b.. to ttuatorteiy fair la dealing all And don't allow anyone, must art, and who are qualified bJuper"DC'

, those people who have demonstrated,iBitb. *,.4 'a1M wA amaa.wuwrbI. Joy wear sacrtttee be worthwhile eat in the name of friendship. ,to. good. mart of every often account of themselves to give the, should best BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HIREIn

; past their fitness to own guns. Tf! n ; prevail before the end of the
To show how irrelevant p.oplplc&.j or flattery. back up the math Be especially alert to
some k M .U.u tbe future.sTa of seeing the truth la all 1968, some 75 million voters will be
be, listen to what some opponent* ;of'lW'' f'e'w'"N 11- .7.67021ST majesty is enhanced on disciplinary parry underhanded tactics OBtht electing
a president
and toward llth. Success, U only momentary president,
new gun proposals have said. They pqt,(. &*.< Itth.
: be deemed caa be on your site congressmen governors legislators and
'I 10 112. SB -
in a class along with rocks, butclwr.1)\ + II'"y oa the Itth.I ., local officials-thousands all' told., The
knives, letter openers bricks, twofcy.lfour t .
DI t 'IICIII1I It. .51, 441 10. 21.12.79 N9 people are hiring all these men and women
etc. claiming they are deadly *e.'> IE Ito run governmental affairs
pons. We can't go'along with this'kind oft a hart like beauty unrtsf Al(. risers { with tax money'aken
''rulfawe., tbt same Job '23ID : {' from all of us. it is important
reasoning: because whoever heard of a UPI 22JIII HOY. 'therefore
that the
slat.al 1 aver again can be* voter use his very best
robber holding up a' bank with, a .brUfc. +,.....' ar.MI + maw This nov Keep them dark. There 1rU1 lnt Mil. 2110Think Judgement in weeding out officials who
letter opener or butcher knife? of
In talking about the" proposed;narlew.lwt'; 'r.tm> *4'iwirttumi have beta Wastes vntil Ideal by mow too some mort. The realisation ability in handling
us keep our remarks''directed" to tin teal}f, ........WtiiH from either or clearly outlined and & or groups that there is aprobtemot public funds and expenditures economical'
,BWJ fej salsa up oa rut, tow brought to YWI.1Iu act of youngsters la somewhat handicapping ly.Public
issue instead of s ert1c1alltl .. av atcjats, and to utilise lection thin may not be better be Ire certainly U there. Brt officials need public support and
raM 1 'nuettM la an entirely ible to do until tbe last quart their emotions it fUll is not clear U to how
; This Week :li .. HMery 're+mt as* novel manner, because of confusing or intellectual to go abort tackling tt, let understanding in working out answers- to
.' ';..gg.gg. mve/saa old friendtaafuviBgta. live elements that keep how the latter alont providing the corrtctwol* problems war, unemployment-
Aug. C, 1951 Edgar T.Bousseao.Kegrowar. ; ...iwmmBmlrnlWorld '.......... 11II Sa lid oat. CD th1ar th.tan causes that,, rtloa This. Indicates that the flation riots taxes strikes breakdowns
War D,died In Mew York.,.,.,, '- ,* f Ml***..ssj( or country, for lid last be eawldered reject offhand mental processes must be prod in law and order etc. Money alone won't
-.v l 'nx:< carried oat. Is IMc. ded until they really come
c .lst_MIl+ who woaU Ute them more up solve these problems.
Aug. 11,'1171 JohnIUtsajnoi JohjisoiieompaMreX via ist .,* feeimu.festtsr taaa to receive avlaiee solidatloa of atafUud faglttirUns with something wortht Je. No and It takes thinking
Yoke and Slog" was bora In Jacksonville: Via, ,- .' R ear be Any u long Je base; but much subtlety ideals which half or mystical measure will planning-not Just spending No saying
as a ant overdone,to talk even secrecy may be .. unerringly do since only the most practical is more appropriate today than the ,old
Aug.11. mi Second U. Paul : Mitchell .. Important favors ones hats the slightest chance one. "if
G. wse,0y1 UIV $ ** to low m.1a World War D. -t ,,t.y'\11II.... compart with granted or received u '. this con' .of working. For those who are deserve it. it's up to the to
-.' ... I". mslus* ..... !bather they U they art not given ,. and everyone sot much closer unrierstiratingand watch their public people ,
Aug: U, 1922 OM home of Frederick K' CueaoplpdoeaN'r .publicity which would should the teamwork. appear to be the servants--that's what

national memorial'shrlnt by National met from their valat.. on ,the Itth. essentials. they still are-and they need the help
Womea. "' ..I.IOJ S .10 13.. II -39..' 11.13.317 7'.40 W 11-11.129 and opinions of their
4r .' "'" ry ,_. -
f 4\. e

I ."t. I,:)i, ,It't employers.'j"
f J1.. .. .: frNK-SfE RE L
4 '
: Vft- I y
" b li Y::;:_ t. ..7i1.- .-, "- -. '. .' -'. .:.. : "

7" "" ," : .. .. ..f"7': ....,. '> .."'". ._ .FQW'l: ;<,.. .,;":'. .. -r''''' .' .:.'''".._ f''.<<- ''"''1.? '!IIII'I.I'ft''!" > '. }!,..c- '.' r..t." ... "" ,

$Alii.", MUST 10, IMt 'STJIIl; ; PAPERS USE 1 1T

Ga.., ,State Employment Agency Bows To NAACP Victory Against Job "Promises" I

Rochester Urban League In Business, '
PmrM Defuse
? World News DigsstBy
;: ; '

agreed to Mm all potential : Tlt JTVASKTLA, Finland-(im)-The lied SO years win witness
creed or color. r h T;:' f' "great economic and political changes" declared President
ThU unprecedented agreement Kenneth Katmda grew out the state agency by tot NAACP adding that "if it wasn't for Africa's cheap raw
Legal Defense and Education the market It provides, the technological economic revelations
al Fond be. (LDF) In that ban taken place la Europe would not haw bee u
Attorney Howard Moore, a a great u,they art today"
LDF cooperating attorney,filed' '
salt In U.S. District Court on FIRST OPERATION .
behalf <0t33-yesr-oldNegroRo-< FORT LAMT-(NPI)-Chad,toe large landlocked: independent
bert Anftony. nation la Central Africa, located some Z.OOO miles from e
The suit was the first tm Atlantic coast, has received Its first World Bank Group program,
filed against a state employment in the form of a M.1 million credit to improve tU international.
agency, attorney Moore road network. The project Involves a ftvt-ytar highway malatenanct
said, and thtrtsolUng conciliating of tl1 ; program, designed to cover some 2,300 milts by 1111.

.,agreement is expected to
LONDON (NPI) Talks about Africans and tilt problem
Werk-Shrfy they will have with tot shift from tot pound sterling to the
.decimal system, what about Britain By 1975, Britain wttt have4
Wild) converted all weights! and measures to toe metric system, with.
Phms the pounds shillings and pence scheduled to be transformed Into

::._ decimals beginning Febrary,1r71.
Help N. rees como UNDER
to MEXICO CITY (NPI)Wonder what It feels like to have a
GREENSBORO, NC. -Tit city sink under your feet? According to Salvador Nora, a local
quickest path into tot tope ranks historian, Mexico City baa sunk about SI feet since Its founding
nay to comblDaUoawork-at.1 feet below. That's not much over tilt period of four and a half
programs begun white. la col << centuries, but what If It dropped that much la 441 home?
lect. "
That was tht general! vtewshed HOLDOUT
by educators and re-1 TRAINING Harold Mars (left), who will be lug hiring and administration procedures necessary to ra'Caman TOKYO -NPQ)- Plans to develop a common market among
prtstntativts of<< scat of<< the << toe takes notes on employee, Inc, one of 'I1'trallDdepeDdeDt Inner-city businesses Asian and Pacific nations art being opposed by Japan ont of<< fir
nation's top industries at a' procedures with Kodat'. Ed Plant. A video tape made possible through Rochester Business Opportunities Corporation. principals that would figure la such a union. Japan... the
three-day conference on Co-: << interview session Mars told Is shown on the It will be owned Initially by the Urban Leapt of common market Idea u threatening Us position u a trading
optratlTt Education held last "?:/Mara U participating la aa tight-week lau* Rochester and win service cameras and .small appliances.- by creating aa exclusive and closed bloc a tile Pacific
week at .AAT State University. t l '& at Kodak to kern some of the Interview., Kodak will be aa Initial customer. a tea
"Co-op programs nay to
specially relevant to black students << i-
: ;
,," said Charles W.TODtJ,
manger of<< minority relations
for tot bop John been Corporation r .
la Moline, miaoU A. '
"w. art at tilt bottom of<< the e4 'Il
tcooomle ladder, but with coopprograms t Jte ..' .
4 .
'" '.. ,
,tilt lack no longer u txcnst for not getting << :
a college degree. The coop GFive it '
protrtmewli1soderwrNthe t ); \ ,. ../
cost Outlined at tilt conference '
wen programs la which tilt << Sytobol. .
students cotatiat etady la tile << : Yk I i ., c
classroom with periods

training.Gr.1! ; yV Symbol' &Method of: Making $Money. ,' hr: :\., .:;' ''' .. ., ,

....* Gels << ':1. *. Buy LIVE FIVE savings!) certificates I 110 W. :;* ",..i" \S'" '; 1"': fl:\fr;:.;.; :!; "Ai.: ':. .' .

." '. J3VAJJ r .. V Y1 t At all Barnett Banks. .11 ..t ..... ...-....?,",(il;, .' '" ;.. -on_ \ ,.:.,. .., '.. .
; FWH '
$57,000 ;"' "M.'t "",,", "' "''' '''''l -jf **.J'<** eef J.f ; ',Ii'alt.. f.;' ,
GR&MBUNO, La. -Gram 0 .. :- -l'.I ; ,|iH tWtf" ,, !t' \
<< ,
..,\ f lit ,1.W
Ulng College has beta mrdtd ,. -. .. ,. ". .,
a grant of<< a "Brookhavta Semester ; I' } BlBNETT7 :' .. .
Pracr.." for students and ; 7 '':
1 .J ;.' r ...t" ., t ,., ,... :. .. .
facatty members by t. t : mTsoeLwixorJAerrmonwLL t '. ,J. .,' .. ,
.k ,, ,, .; tn' \ i ;
National Scienct Foundation, ,. 'IM .
'Washington D.C. t' WUMM HU. eAMNtlt CANK/IMI IAN Date eMNtll tANK 'j .
." .
1 '
< ; n
.. Dr. Amos P. Kennedy, bead of t'I ; it.} insured /, .IN KIOIIlCV..../..<. *f |H| IT,'AUOUtTINl MAf IONAI 'ANI ...' ,
tilt chemistry department, will -up to $15.000 "---..---- ; ,; .-'
direct the project. .
The overall objective' plaa Is to improve the general ''''' each Barnett Bank guaranteed maximum'. .r.' : 1
5% interest rate : ; .
1ml scientific achievement .J ; """""'--- __> :
d ;I ___ \ '' ,
at ,
la developing most cases colleges the common ,", can for five years : ; 1

element la tilt problem Is a : b.ytilhdrawn. c for. .
deficiency la modern researchand 't at end of!. ,, : 1
teaching faculties and la m 00-day period g owth''I4 "
from 'iJA" ;,'
highly trained teaching pernsamel r or !) ; .'
according" to Jabs T. ; $25., .up 6 : .I..Jl ).
: .
Wilson deputy director ftfflnmi Science Foundation. \ .& .
., I'
L 1'_.... t:, ...:. .1.L:.t.! I,1 /r .A.

A&T Professor .,1 :-

As # j.j7 '

HOUSTON-Professor Gerard .

who wants modern architecture .J ,,,. .,
u his opinion, even toe greatest << .
modern architects ban designed -' : L )1. '! -
4 ;
meal buildings which << ,
art functionally perfect but ,
emotionally cold. On this list, "
:, : .
to would Include Frank Lloyd ; +! I .
., ,
'%1a. 'l,.

; At .

.. : ', ; ('J.. ,-.. .., :.. I ;

: .';... "
I.. I'

T%: '. ::1 !' '"i a

'' :. i ikjfaA
<< ,

<< :

( 'Li '

Wright, most famous modern architects, and LudwlghUas
van der Roto perhaps
test Ifiaown u co-archttect for .'
tilt Searram Building la ICes
TorkCily.Archlttcturally. <<
speaking or lageneral.
Professor<< Gray feels,
the effort most be made to
changt treads la modern living ,
which cater to maa's body white. w .
neglecting the soul
A, resident of Greensboro, << toCt. '
North Carolina Professor<< Gray << .

Is a registered architect, a ,r..i
member .'
sing Board associate proles'sor
of<< architectural engineer Ing ..,
at the Agricultural and Ttchai- ,

J\1 1j

; :' ;} : ; >' ''';' ,'-j; :' ;
f, ifrni i' 2 : 1 W
: >>
t .
.k1A .J 'fij i : ., ,. iuliilil. lld. ;'I;li' .
,, h :, : '._. :! ;, ..:'' <' .J t' AP 1+kj.eb i ; : '1.
:. : ., :
w < .. ::: :: of-.ea y l.S 1. 11 X1.111.11 ] w

,"" w'.w sqr,s ...... 1 .,- .' ,-, ._,



i:::::::: FEMININEAustine .. ,' -e-


La Ifa The lady Who Is Well Belted .

:This Fall Will Be the ,Best

fashion pattern NEW YORK A season of separates is on the my and no
accessory win be more vital to that smart "pulled together'.
look than the leather belt. .?
Add the right belt In the right fashion sport deep fringe or
leather to a body-shirt worn multi-colored beading.
t with pants. A cashmere button Maintaining their popularityare
braided and string
down sweater tacked into a narrow
belts, now tied at waist rather
pleated sklrt..or a gathered
the hip. These include
than riding
\" shirt and blouse teamed with

;. Instant cropped Coordination Jacket. The, result predictsLeather styles plaited spaghetti-thin leather-and-chaln leather
f Industries of America. belts (worn singly or in pairs),
Most belts an now back at and heavy leather cut-oat i
the waist where they started. shapes alternating with brass ,
.. 1u Checking widths yotfll find that rings or coins. Slipping one of I
they run from the string belt these handsome belts around -
1 to four-inchers with most In the waist of a dress. sold with '
the one to CIIIeudaba1I1Dc1aca1ecor1. a self-fabric or plastic belt //1 '
TextaraUy American glres the dress added fashion
belt leathers feature a full range distinction. '
of finishes:grained and smooth To enhance elegant daytime or
after-fire costumes, there artstunning
leathers; antiqued and waxy available 1
embossed and dressy belts
leathers; suede
Loot for,
In luscious leathers.
real patent leathers, brushed
and harness leathers. silky suedes,striking embossed
To supply the "finishing leathers patent and antiqued eti j
i/f touch" between shirt or sweater patent leathers J Jewel-dotted
/ and skirt the best-totted leathers and "hair-on" calf
look Is established with a one leathers stenciled with animal
to one-and-a-half inch leather markings.
: ;
style with brass or self-leather
buckle on the large side. The Nwlfrom London BrlUla'e
sporty leathers-.waxy and Common Cold Research Center
antiqued, harness-hair* the pooh-poohs the hot-lemon-jnlee-
edge with this type of outfit, for-VIUmln-C approach to curing
No. R-234 except when accessorising a cold. They sty it do snt work.
A the ruffled shirt. There, a softlather Instead, they suggest relaxing In
Sites 10-11 a hot bath,taking aspirin,going to ',\
sash wide
--J.\ or very
bed,and keeping warm.
leather belt
smooth patent
Send One Dollar for pattern plus 5 cents for postage,in cash or coordinate or
would welLAs
check.No Sumps.. For First.Class mailing,send 15 cents extra. Add Skeins of raw silk are derummed
One Dollar if you with NEW AUSTINE LA MAR PATTERN BOOK nallheads trim peril or metallt1a2l.hooks by boiling In a soap solution which
f selection of Fashion Including ALL or polo-belt removes the natural coating of
High designs
are often used. Sometimes a rrfcfo (silk glue or gelatin),thus
bat< your newspaper), Box 1615, G.PX), New York N.Y. 10001. Print or other decoration. ., '
name address, PATTERN NUMBER AND SIZ hooked in back-replaces the '
:MART two-plece dress with cropped, middy look bodice. foiag- buckle. ******* lJ- I'
oust lines art slimming' as well as a foil) for the pocket flaps. Wrap your waist la a colorful needs ; -
Spaced stitching odds a distinctive note. For cottons, silks, crushable suede or grained Oily be soaped and v -
rinsed twiet time wash
every you
sneer wools.Prk
leather sash. For a dressyeffect
fact. Then It with witch
'1. R.234 II available In sixes 10, 12, 14, 18. 18. Sire 14 the ends may be goldtasseud. hazel your to tighten up any large pores.
takes 2H yards of 44 inch fabric. Standard. body measurements Other sashes, part of
for.size 14, arc: Dust 34. Waist 28 Hips 30. the new Indian uprising in ********

+ 4 aei2tJ


.. .


The slight upsweep by Franceses And Alba" for Valentino give on the nock and otters a modicum of relief for the wearer. one
t A FOOD STORE" freshness to: the profile, relieves the discomfiture: of tresses can to one's own stylists.

.. Your Hslr Is Exactly What Freshness to Coiffure

'tAV10RNIA: TlOltsOI SEEDLESS You Try To Mike It PortrayExciting

:}: : GRAPES it. 25t as bummer is to you, U can be downright wicked to
your hair. Take some sun, add a little salty sea or cholorlnated
:: mi IU, lirE pool sprinkle in some sand and balmy breezes, and suddenlyyou ; -",
;( -
U can be plagued with too much unruly hair. "- \
i! TOMATOES CHICK He The belt advice is to heed UNCURL. The new short curlyhairstyles I .j'_
the old adage "An ounce alprenDtlOD. art worth consideration ,
} EfU-cuu ... NOW! To check but the curls should be ) ---
5 ; nun mi urn nntujl ,your hair for the signs of sum. casual and well-sty led. r'
mar damage ask your self these In hot weather shampoo your
CANTALOUPES questions Is your hair desert hair more frequently since dust,' ... 11- .. <
dry, difficult to comb or brush?, perspiration and humidity com* \ / ...
1 3.n"felllESTEIN Have you stretched the straight bins with oil-hair buildup,hairspray -......,
i HUIU enlng scene too tar?; Do you and dirt to keep hair from \ I (( \ )
A.fVrutv have split tnds- something only looking its shining tost Use a
I ICEIEH l II '116 football teams want?. Has it shampoo for Dinted Lair like ... >::;.Ir
oxa PLEAS, reached the breaking point too Chirol's Green SIwI p .Since J-
liinrua ISFOOOQRl>ER often; Is your hair bereft of you might not have time to
I 1(11' 1ft body too limp to handle?, Does suds and rinse so often, u
even the sun fall to put a Instant shampoo that works With
shine to your hair?. a spray-brush-go action,,1s
wiuiirE Hopefully\ you'll answer "no" good to us* in-between regular
to all because you cared enough abam.DooI.
BANANAS u. lOt to take the proper ounces of
prevention.; And here they are.: '
Beauty authority Gilds van
VIKUIA I.S. Rl. 1 IlliTE Prepare your hair for 1UlDJDtr'tI Sand of New York firmly believes
a with a professional trim to )"
that the beat beauty aid for ailing
POTATOES 11. 10 FOR3ft SUP .. ( ) do away with over-processed, skin, whatever the cause,Is plentyof
dry or brittle cods If you have soap and water. And the beat
I ,trouble with manageability way to apply this beauty aid is by
during humid times, a shorter means of a Ions sudsy soak in a. For that virtually unbearable hrat-the frcch'colgura it Just
SWIFT riEMIUCHUCK haircut may be your answer. tub. It cleanses all your skin, relaxes the thing Olivlero of Italy has offered this one. The windblown
S .U'IEI'uSRe' F Don't overlook relaxing it with nerves, and aids circulation. effect f is easy to achieve. The result is superb.


ll. at.UM1T 1 WITH $' FOOD ORDER ci'

rill HEElSfcllK II. '
i C \\
HMl4H r )


I MITIINmu eiEEi smi \HAM SLICES goo rroettik



HUE &SlU1.1 .c *MONEYSAVING ,ti'
,JI .
/ '
:' $: wej"- # SPECIALS


3 !' ; -

HIP 6 9 iao f ooo.ELECTRI Q"OR 3113' 9 .. &GREEN .u
: : sTAM s.,, ;%.



f } "I iiiw., ,

,' .. '. ,. .. }'i: ; '.t'. ., _
'4 '! L J! >1i : .J. .. .. ..., '" .
< "; .k-
.............. '.L.-..t"'M-. .1 =-. L.'40.. 'L.\ _... "4. J.71ftl.a. J{..='"_ t ..

'. '1't"' ',. ,T !,>'''''\.-''' \' ., .. <''''';'TP''U;. ,"'fW'1',;: '.<;T't' ....'I<" ,<": r'I" J'-vr: ;: 'J'J:: i T"'. ,""'W't: ,': -" (' ,M ''!'':' '

SATURDAY,*,AUGU T; 1D,1iH *< STAp PAPERS .PAtt'f ., aA9


..T.,..'"..T." ..Y '..o,.,........_" 'f I,. ere t' S .J,the "tow"3 'to meal 9 f Jannillg.nd? 'creative ..tkc'y t.....*:.*.*.*.' .....,..

.. ... _, Picnic ':Chicken' In The Bag _
t J l p _h hI

";.Never A Dull '"Eating Moment"OYM .. .

.. ,....
Gl e/ Spirfcliig Frail

fried ChkkMlev Cheese Bread ilGre'" Fifty PMcakest

EI New BtoqutekI 1 egg :t *. epanted
hasps. ..DIM aaHS Wt rope aflk S medium peaches 1 cop isms .
.. .. .* papHkaI 't. I
: sliced strawberriesI
(' >H New ** cap
"f ;I* teaspoon pepperlableepoona cups Blenvick I tablespoons salad oQ. .f1
aalad *0 Heap shredded natural caps btaeberrie I cope Blaqulck
by ithl. Moore tJi-t( a pouad broOertrywenlcBM. Sharp Mdar cheese I caps melon ban I

c t p. Heat oven to'ssG'. Q ease loaf! I median banana tablespoon sugar
V cup BBflk Mix* yolk, milk and oil
-Exploring lamb gg ;
cookery means finding quick delicious paD xSx3 toche In ravlli I Imixer 1 bottle (1 pint I ounce)
meals that Beat oven to 43S Shake New blend in Blaqulck and nigar.
can easy on the budget too. Learning to eook
bowl, beat tow"speed. pink sparkling caawbatraps
lamb Is Blaqulck. salt, egg oa Beat egg white until st'T but
a skill that many home-maker ban overlooks*, bat plPrtka'IIDd
the mild flavor of lamb lends itself to all sort of seasoning bag. Add milk. New Blsqulck\ .) Juice not dry. Fold gently Into Bla
., the gourmet finds it bl"dl.11 with wines t. t and them Into oblong baking lid and cheese; beat H minute at Peel peaches and slice Into quick mixture. 'Spoon batter'
are many delicious money-saving. dishes to.be mad with tho ,Inch**. Dip chicken\host Into medium speed until blended. bowl. Cover peach slices with onto hot griddle. Turn'when
different cat. t milk; drain. Shake a to 4 piece Pour batter Into prepared pan.:! strawberries, blueberries and bubble appear and before
The Up-whole or half roasted and served with mint jelly at a time to bag to coat thor Bate 1 .... Cool slightly.Cut' melon ball.Cover bowl tightly they break. Make 15 to M pancake '
is an all-time favorite. Roast should be cooked in a low 100828 oughly. Place chicken akin side Into H-mch. slice. Bread can I and chill. Just before serving *.
degree oven to reduce shrinkage and assure juiciness andte1Idern. down to single layer'III on.. be cooled thoroughly wrapped;; peel and slice bananas Into SAUSAGE BALL SYRUP
..*., Dont oy.reook-lt'l at peak flavor when cooked Bake II to M minutes then and refrigerated ,fruit mixture Pour grape juice .
to medium stage with delicate pink tinge on the Insld For turn and bake IS minutes 11oaI. overnighLHakes over fruit; serve in mall Form H pound balk pork **u.. chickens (a.Y. to I pound "I' teaspoon dried tarragon
etch ,
) eat Into
variety; make a barbecue' elate using mint jelly for either longer or sow chicken II dishes. I to II servings ace Into H tech bans Place in serving piece leave
Indoor or outdoor cooked rrasta or chop tender..4 eerrtng.; ,To, griflCaeeM Bread Sye.adn" MAPLE WHIP skillet; cook over medium heat. 1 heWs (II os.)barbecue sauce
SaouUer resale can be boned and then rolled or staffed. Tessa Caps Cut*out stems unto" t slice generoucly with about 10 minute, turning ,... Combine chicken pieces barbecue MUM and' tarragon In a
Especially good with a rait.,.just add pineapple chunks or of chOJed medium tomato**.. butter.' Rxeneemble loaf; In small mixer bowl, cream H quently.Drain on paper. towel food wrap size Baggies plastle bag Secure with tie band. Re
tidbit, cranberries or orange sections to year regular bread Cut etch tomato Into sixth, wrap In heavy-duty aluminum cup soft butter Beat to 1 cupmapl.fta'Ol"l4.1JfUP In saucepan,heat sausage balls frigerate at lean 4 hours turning plastic bag over leveral time
stuffing. The breast Is another Inexpensive cut-good stuffed cutting towtthto H hick of foil. Grill i to 4 Inches tram gradu. and 1V4 cup maple-flavored to coat chicken, evenly with the marinade. Grill chicken over
or excellent la stew and carries. Neck thett or .ta.ka arc bottom Spread, out Bootlona; hot coal 10 minute on 1II.Beat on high speed until syrup to boiling Serve adom' hot coals until crisp and brown turning to brown both side
easy,to prepare In braised dishes "...... Fin with potato aalad.. 1Ide. eacheA smooth. Makes about lye cap*. pancake Make lye rape. (about t hour Drizzle from'time to time with any marinade
left in the plastic bag Serves 6 .
to i.croquetlelUse
;Here's a good recipe to make with lamb dankerLAMB
Kaffeeklatsch With Pecari.Bread
> BUNDLES4lMHkfcwln Corn I Flake Carrot, Muffins
'.. hrttM Ne..Mau.wetuwkw For Spring Breakfast
$I.M::::1&.aJ I II
'Purchase'meaty lamb shanks each sufficient! for 1 aervfng.
Trim off excess f st Place each on large square of heavy duty
foil..Brash with steak saoca. Add the'vegetable*-whole if
they are email, cat In halve or quarter If larger. Divide +
them among the packages and sprinkle each serving witheeaaonlngn. f
Seal foil to make tight packages and place on :t t'"Coffee f
shallow pan. Bake In 125*F oven 1H hoar Serve package*
on plates, letting each person open his own. Vegctablea maybe +
varied to suit family tastea. (Serves 4)) v e


'Ever wonder what else t* do with that package of split
peas on your pantry sholf_besides making soup? Well her
are a couple of Ideas for party dips that are and differ*'
tasty t
aft Both are based en a thick,cooked pure o pea. t
First,yon' make the PEA PUREE with this red pelCrisp t
''ye ft'aL.l e..p.t I rp.s
,.,e.MsMaw- I=w l II

( diced' salt pork In fry pan. Bring water to boil la #+ n Ipd,
cooking pan, add the split peas aad salt pork. Reduce bate Leftovers ,nO
and simmer until peas are tender. Drain, reserving H n pwear. !
U ever In doubt a* to what to do with leftover' ham, there are
with the remaining
Plat peas sad salt pork, along
croquette The recipe her .. 'exceptional.. After frying 'M
Ingredient*Ind the H of wsur In blender and blend to
cap and Inspire frlendline just about any time, any: croquette,lop with cheese slices and place in broiler until cheese,
smoothness. In place of a blender the ralxtur cam pressed where. Even such a warm and welcome tradition needn't become U melted 110'(
through a sieve or rtcer. commonplace not with the Intriguing good tast of
TAN-Ullsleg Dip-Combine pea pure with mayonnaise! ., this pecan bread thou m the Hordes Kitchen It1* mad lnexpenaivelr >; llam f Crequctlc j; P
using more pare thai mayonnaise, to achieve dip consistency. with liutascolorful nonfat dry milk. Accompany tablespoons. margarine y teaspoon grated onion
Season to taste with Worcestershire sauce, onion juice with preserve* or more simply with margarine: and J b S tabltepoons com starch 1 egg l
and.crisp bacon bits Dip will be light ton U color. cream cheeee., I : \ >iw urc
: 14 teaspoon pepper I tablespoon water runt
I CREAMY Creamy Dip-Combine split pea pare with M Lee Star Pecan Bread 4
1 cup milk lap One dry bread enmbsI
equal portion of cream cheeee, adding sour necessary (Umku ewe tg i s*-** .../)
to achlevo "dip* consistency. Season to lastmsite onion S-l/t "g.alftocI an.,.".. t cap Bordee'* Instant cups ground ce krd haasiyt Ooh oil, for frying .tbA
Juice and crisp bacon bit. Dip it creamy la color. noafst dry milk, Carrot-Cora Flake Mafflat Ubtapoona chopped ,(about | euarl) ,..t
1 cap sugar sifted pander Mossarrlla cheese stripe _
1 teaspoon aalt 1 cupnsatan II, cup teaspoons baking powder V J egg .UaUn 1 teepees Irmos Juice ,,optional),
cup buterormargurle,
S teu.MUDC I well' beaten
FICNIC NOTES egg It. teaspoon salt .... jneltod, Melt. margarine In saucepan. glad In corn starch and pepper
i.Keep food chilled aorouto' to pteUa by fming food wrap alas powder 1 cap naelr chopped. UCQ"! baking pods 1 cup finely shredded raw Remove from heal. Gradually add milk mixing until smooth. ,f
Baggies* plaatla bag with Ice.cube Seaus-bst wUh tte band. fpecan s14 cup brown packed carrot Cook over medium heat, ttlrring cons antly.until ewes -, ,
Suck bag of food around Ice fuse -, In a large sips mixing bowl sift together flour, sugar, ..1t. i cup ***_reline 1H cup*corn dukes;fN+had canal to boll and boll 1 minute Remove from heal.Mix In ham,'
aetM C baking powder and oonfat dry milk. SUr water Into to auk Itop parsley lemon jute and onion. Chill,w
htyl t '-r r ecx*. Aid jn and chopped stubs to i f topM ,-or /Waaoda.IftStlT',' '; rf banv tuat i i Wau*.Roll croquette*
lt R'adingkn t p.dseon beatsa. r W. .;
i i r t".o 1 ...,..r.i ... .,8& purer and ralJns, C and bral; 1 ;
11 ,-tt "'" i'...r y|BffrBltell Ai aBMaB******* B> bitter or msrgsrinn and rairpt.Add Jo eggs dry; I inaWdient slichtli t s .rc-et f ..'W. '
0 pa.BakeIf Vcaederate Wfj ovea t Hoar. *r aatSl *T cabs \ Just until! an ia.r.cU.nU"a" .. tenVn Meanwhile pour earn oU Into 1t1U'da"r or tkllet filling
: .
shoe -'n.d Fold ...
IB battered U fasssrela.: 1ft
Attvsoj..pp1. 1 quart Sprinkleoa teeter wooden Inserted ...
or pick to center eome out t. Let oqual! amount at batter into It erased utensil H MIL Heat over medium heat to Jt> degree F. or
oomblnod ester and cinnamon. t thin slices from ball of cool U pan 10 minute Turn cake out of muffin pans (2V4 s 1V5 until
paat carefully peel Inches). bake In hot I-lnch cub of bread turns brown In 40 second or UM
oven (400'F unlit
chilled dies Place circtaa of ) done, le to minutes,
cream dough. overlapping dough
I off paper. Cool thoroughly." If desired, servo with cream cheese Yield. 11 muffin- electric frypan following manufacturer directions Fry croquette
fruit lake at 425 F. for U to 40 minute, until
ever. or pastry or margarine. In hot oil until gulden brown, about t minute.
I r
.. .





'9 A.M. TO "P.M.I I t




l at.nhi1' BLEACH 'k; II

t I I ,

drier i WttHsic rood ORDER % ALITMI' 15o J:, The store.',that .

\ \ m IB LI.
cares about you! : 2111.

Iu ate ._ ;': .




.98 : OQc
CAN ? r
II. ll


COFFEE 2 ii,.tu 99c


: :

1['. SIZE 25 c OLEO i Ili.. ETERGENT TNT, PRO.



40 .:.. '. .. {6 JUICE '
.;.' _. !'-t" 100ru. 6 PAIN cm. i iz. cm ACES, M HIS 11 IK

Hill : ; .. < I i/N/NIT w HIir ,
: $100f i

lICE q,: .'': =:....., LEMON PIES 3 1IES WKIHX STILE

MM HUH* !* ..rf :.,,. : y... EHdl. liftTOMATOB.... nata GOLDEN. ',; : ,- MN V. '4STI 'ST.THMMM .

: ;), ( i. ::'15t 59c
3ft ,7 -. .
MEAL s ti,v -..' SWT.CORN10uu.
.'. ,...... ?, SATURDAY, IKIST II,



t, \,
i.. ...... ', '.. 41 '........ .. "
..tJ.tlM7.Tl1Seb. & ;& a .1f91Zw eC' ', .Ytlet ,.,". '. .N' : >'.l M." ..:-.c.- ..1Ifi..I.o/':" I :-" )< ,-,1j.

'." ', iII. ;, /. ', '... .... -. ,
, t' 1;' ''', "iT" .J.


-..' ...., : -
.! :-- ,, : -
: .
.. f.
I .
\ "
-"'" \ -

\\./I.' .. 1 'r. \ \1/ r \i\ At.I .

"\ : \ -. : iMftee ,! -
\\1' ii\ / '- ;.
I '
.. I A ) !' ';

._ .. f ...-- .. .. ".
\; "
:' '_ r _

eee e ilfil i PNONI 7tU.2JteCOOPER'S., Atlanta's "Themes And Artists' Circle


V......." Are Best' Members By EARL Actors CALLOWAY of America

1 dt BURGERCffSTLE Pick Up And Delivery, Service_ A:'new., and perhaps, a much needed star,on the radio and tele- stirred Kansas City (Kan.) recently --
with an electrifying
"* N.w. 14T" .TIIIIT rliloo horizon hall from Atlanta, on t news ahoy, which began performance
GEO. WI. LIA"' ,. "' .,. MIAMI PLOllfDA July 21, a show caned "Utemes and Variation." B U unique of James Bsldwin's"Tbs
., L la that, at the momentthere U none other lib It. U Is directed Amen Corner.
Lawrence C. Wilson sponsor
by a personality whom Atlanta rerlewer praises to the .
LINOLIUM ALL elite .Xernona Clayton is the woman. of the event, was exceptionally
AVENUE well-pleased because of the reception
, I-Ifj. ,5780 NW 7th 8PECULB' This' shows takes place from, vant to be on her show If U and the professional
... alit 8.93 mil 12956X9 6:30 to 7 00 on WAGA-TV. At should become a series" Cray communication of the Chfcaeo-
; \ 'Je' 3.10 UX1S 1399 .lads Zernona Clayton Community says it most be a success.Mrs. based company. Wilson IIIe4 the
Affairs Coordinator for Clayton velletmlpped. cultural event to raise funds for 1
I' ) LINOLEUM CITY Atlanta's Model Cities Pro- She. an AKA, a member of the the establishment of a new or
'lt) t"i Ni". 1) SPECIAL .'CA( To Your..*W Sin cram, has patterned the mosaic Vptowi Business and Profess pulsation to be known as the
I : so that there Is A beauty of pre stonal Women's UmcheonClub, Bnalneu-labor AdvisoryC
Cushioned A
.. ARMSTRONG Floor Mow
-, $2.00 Yard. sentation. The of July AdrfsoryCom.mlttee -,
\ ''IUTftrl1'I program State Uanpover o e a e 11 for Minority
I : "". /, I'"'t ...1 IIILI'II 9":11. OIl.,Alm4* ISIS N.W: TTM AV",. MIAMI 21, focused attention on the ,. for Georgia, KAACPand Employees.Cast .
I : SIR LUNCH '0 LOT' MANAO' reroai ; of the national Association oft for the production
Market Developers. The Late included Veloy Stlnson In the
Edward T. Clayton, her has principal role of Sister Margaret
I' FRIED CHICKEN T>oiTt. Lose Ydur .,HafUse !' band, was founder of the Atlanta Barbara EWaoa.1mJde1Smith.
Voice and former editor of the Candy Rill,Paul Turner,
Jet Macatlne. She is complete Judith William Gregory Harper

1.. ..DINNER.. 3 PIECES oatCltEM rsP1Rw$ 97 YAl'S SUPER-CM) Inc a book oo the life of Mrs. Bernard Sheppard, and
Coretta Klnf She 1s a member .Jean Whltmore. Organist and

2. IOX el 9 Pious of Chicks 2'0I Hair of the Ebeneser Baptist Churchof musical arranger was Leroy
. Conditioner Atlanta and directress of, Dudley, Jerry Jones 1s producerand
choirs for Mt. Morton Baptist director with Raymond

I 3. BUCKET -ol is Pious! of ciicku 375 3 Months Sipplr-Oary $1.50 and Church.Variations.And, she" U "'I1Ie... Louis and u stage assistant manager.to the director -

\L 4. BARREL of 21 Pious elS.SNACK.PACK2"1'1"010"Uicku 495 Order Direct ****** Negro Musicians

!' 6geI ..1y Miami Convention
LLS J.CIratMti'f lenty Cwttr Meet In Chicago

I Clubs face Boycott CHICACtf (If PI) ..: The

.....u u ,.. 45th annual convention of the
po ... ........ e 9954 N.W.1SIh Are. Hi.L f Iii. MIAMI-Four clubs U Miami National Association of Negro
..--" :.......,p _y_ 'EJ were tarpts for boycotts U they Mislclaas, toe., win open
,.. ZERMONA CLAYTON wed bias when the great Republican August 11 at the Center for
.. :. Che satisfactions convention came to Continuing Education.
.- ... :: : successes and failures,
...... ..... HARVEYSWIGS the anxieties, of Atlanta ton. Tty are the Indian Creek During the weeklong session,
,\.- ...::: ............... s"t .. tt described how middle- Club. La Gorse, The Bath! and the organization will observe
.-- ..... ...., made their The Surf Cfub. its 49th anniversary and launch
..... .:". .:. .... .,.. class Negroes have
...!.. ..... .. ,. ,.. neighborhoods into one of At Art Teltalbaum, regional director a yearlong observance proclaimed -
.. ..............,.. ; lanta's most bes d8al. That of the Anti-DefamaUon u "The Golden Jubilee
T' jei... ........ .... ,. } program included Dr.Benjamin League of B'Nal BTlta, made Year" marking CO years of
r '
..... ........ -- LATIN Mays, President Emeritus of the suRestloot Ray Bliss, musical and cultural progress.The .
4419 NW 17 Ave
..--.' .. ...,-..--' Atlanta University, Cecil Alexander National Chairman, replied that observance will end August
\ TAKI architect and Chairman be would do all in his power to 1969 with a "Jubilee"
W1I OUT Miami. Fla of Mayor Ivan Allen's prevent such a-happenlnc. observance St. Louis.
33142Wholesale Rousing Resources Committee Nixon 1s a member of the Bal- Theodore Charles Stone.Is. theorpntzatlon'
, and two children from the lacai I tusrol Golf Club of Mew Jersey. acting national
,program "ReuUA-JCld." Rep eaeutalive Pepper belongs president, ,and John ,C. Webb
\ THIS COUPON GOOD .: .Mrs. Clayton Is the first HeTm to the La Gores Club of Miami. is executive secretary.
.' .. .
'P.r tt! -> woman to reach this- W d t -
MRS. I IOrtfir KARY I in radio and television. TrudyeHaynes
FOR 20t OFF ON PURCHASE was for a few months a 'lJ1
Diitct..Ni As Slows. weather forecaster In Detroit :Mz PHONE 759.IH7AL'S
Etta Moten Bamett has
ti PiciBn.JII: 100 % Hinii liii In Chicago. program waters..

OF CHICKEN DINNER Mrs. Clayton according: to UPHOLSTERY
A $7S.9S Yilii for Oily 518.95 Dick Gray of the Atlanta Journal ., ..
ttetaeiittttii itttiintitttttti ittiittitn is Just what the show :
3tf-MM-ll 6it Smart Order Niw iECOUTORSU
...... needed He said tt should be
the "biggest thing to hit local
I .'..;.OEDEE LIST... television since the ":iolll V.o. TIHIJIT, HOS M.I. 711 IYEIDE
-. ...-" 8ory.
Gray continues. "She's enchanting MANAGER MIAMI FLORIDA 33127
KAMIIDDRESS ; thats ail you can ay.
You could use all adjectives:
you can think Intelligent, *** ARCADE KIDDIE SHOP'S ***
witty, adorable. She's capUated -
i :mr- ;- .. ZIP- ---STATE I everybody the whole station. t 19th BIRTHDAY SALE i
And she knows everybody.'
OLORS:. Blk Oft Blk -Bra. -Auburn- You wouldn't believe the big *
Jl Other Colors A.dd OO..J5end order only, we pay
name personalities, areas SALE OF
i postan..C.OJ Too Fay Postage Check your color by-.X Or of American public We, who *
tend hair Sample. .* SUMMER VALUESI! *






.* *

V 1 v + l 'Ie** KIDDIE SHOP*

a.N.41M IMTHIMtAJIO """"' *.**** ** ** ** **** *



Look tike a "living dell" In
this crisp eyelet lace trimmed "

i Frank Williams swim suit, with the "peek*. c \

bee" back. This cheery, ,
checked cotton come In lcc
And His Racketeers' cream color of luscious lime; \ +
.. pretty pink, beautiful blue.

r Slau 30 to 36. ,

o.j OF TE1STTtES t' .

j 'Soul .Stuff .. 'Do Right. Man',' 'I Feel My, Love Coming Down'. LOW, LOW PRiai

t '. 1.-
I : >, : 1.
; :
: Appearing Nightly

i b
t .N W Fli Uf SIR "

CORNER 5th' & ,3rd Ave. Miami.. ha.a' MM FlleWj :a' .
,"" sa x.MUM AYE. m FEE Z PIaoM tU'Vtt

V ,

'OJI. .'.. .: tti. ./ .., .. ..."" ,.' I h' t ..,.;::.... f .j \, :, .: : ''-i: \& \ u : : ', lt. ,

:.., '" .' t. '




I Dallas'J Nieman-Marcus And Minneapolis; Whites Boost Support ,For Negroes, .. .t II

_.___ ii_ _ii. : -.4- *

|WATIAL.ROflNDUP. Woolworth VP' For Day _.. 'Nie.gu. MIcis D I..e'ErMleruKt !

b + Et 4! "

TEACHER OF SLATES k !' t' 'c."Mi'-.' DALLAS-(NPO-forte by white people 14 two cities are

Y P ( +R 1 1.> '\ t .doing wonders for the black man's economic development
NEWARK R. 1.-KPI.i contributor 'Ir.
known: to the, ; ,
history of the Negro died last week at the age of 124.<< Hart- t"1'.', II. .,,$, : la Dallas, Stanley Marcus, The Dallas firm,how..er.was

maa. H. Brown bora a slave on a Louisiana cotta plantation President of the prestigious doing more than to follow the

added his bit to Negro history by teaching other. slaves / Nlemaa-Marcus specialty' rules. 11 was lending Its distinguished -
and freedmen! how to read and write ''%0 < store has adopted a policy of name to Job equality
; r requiring its suppliers of goods -end thus becoming a pacesetter
ENROLLMENT RISE .' ". and services to follow fair' employment for racial advancement '
( ,, ,\,,, practices. among Southern companies 'f
CJIlCAGO.-KPl-Aceord1Dr to a preliminary report issued J ,' And in MtoapcWirbitesub But the South was not the only-

by the American Auoctation dMedicalcollert.more Negroes : J ., urbanites started a"buy black" place where whites were doing
will be entering medical schools this fall: than haw en b campaign designed to help Nero their bit for the economic advancement

tered since 1963. The report, basing Its conclusions on c merchants. of black people :
Information supplied by 90 of 101 medial.schools, says Upshot of UM Dallas action In Minneapolis Peter Meyer-
some JOG Negro students will be \ was to bring the influence of 43
starting their training this hoff, a former New Yorker,.
fall, a SO per cent Increase over the total of.Jhe put five } } / the nU.bonlftemu-llarcua has originated a "buy black"program
years. firm to bear on employment
that has mushroom
equality ia the city that has long
y' among white suburbanites, j
NROTCPRAIRIE: been associated with segregation -
The Meyerhoff family has amow
and conservative than 1,200 lists of Nej I

VIEW, Tex.-{ Pr).P ralrle View JAM college \ politics. gro business, tradesmen, anaprofessional
Marcus sent this letter to the f f
baa launched a training
program future naval officers, people t
In what .Is the first new naval ROTC unit m the nation In the manufacturers of fashion goods persons mostly on requests

but 22 years. The NROTC unit beet with 24 cadets, who and accessories all to'IICOIIIpUJ' As a result, several Negro
qualified from a field of more than 100. four Texas stores: area businesses report increased !
"In the fudorereronidratberdo
One black-
U.S: SfideitsReceive America May Become which business Is actively with and a sincerely company- owned grocery store is averaging
10-15 deliveries a day to
pursuing a policy of equalopportunity white suburbanites.
Offer Still More Non-While
than to continue to Mertrboff called his project

East WASHINGTON la 11 rear'America ;4do business" with one which is "acceptance with a smile behind -*

For Trip will be more segregated Dot. It. Not nice thoughts. It's
then BOW. That U the Marcus added:"Wire not sayIng action It.. not legislated fronabove.
NAIROBI (Nfl) A two-
that we're not going to do
opinion revealed recently by a not a Supreme cowl
boar flight from Du es Salaam any business with suppliers that
President Jotatfcn'sNational decision or aa open-houslni
to Nairobi 1, via Mombasa may. report by don't have equal-opportunity "
Urban law
Commission oa .
have provided a small opening programs. But la cases where hi
did start *
Problems. Why Meyerhoff
:In the wall of hostility and supicloa -. we've had any options, we favor
that divides the United The report says that between ..... .. ......- '" the ones with these programs." program?
1960 and INS non-whites win The suburbanite said he wai
States aDd ma1D1aD4 ChID& become more concentrated la CHCAOO-WUliam:: G. Ben, eeBter, of Chicago, won the desk of : J. Fell, the regional sates m:aget: ccs- Nleman-Uarcus, he noted,has watching the funeral of Dr!

On the East African Airways cities and la suburbia ar... "Executive For A toy" award la competition via assistant -, doted a sales netting with the other contest winners. "not militantly gone out with Martin Luther King Jr., whea
Comet 4 Jet flight, u Interracial There may be "apartheid." managers of more thai 200 stores la the. Narta Central Tbe day's activities concluded with a dinner meeting atwhich 'a police force to verify their the Idea came to him. Meyer

group of.30 students and Non-white populations will region of the F. W. Woolworth Co. Woolworth officials emphaalted the opportunities foradvancement statements. We believe that the had, who bad never beea In*

4eacbers from American University Jump la large cities.This mesas Mr. Dell who began hit career with Yool1rar '. .1I.r. la the company's rapidly expending organisation. best enforcement is the manu toned la civil-rights actl*.

Washington D.c.. of that cities wfll become ago, placed first May wtica Woolworth conducts management training program to facturer's competitors. They'll rules before, described himself -
chatted amiably with a party course teas white and Increasingly brought UM IS top>> salesrem headquarters develop executives needed to staff the organ!tat ton that 1s be the first to tell us If he's as "the kind of guy who

of 10 Communist Chinese technicians darker In eomplerlnn.The la Chicago: where they occupied the chairs of merchandise opening many new stores stocked with extensive lines of not telling the truth." roots for the team that's be-
returning borne from majority cities managers, the management' training director and quality chandla. Including fashion wearables and major According to Marcus, the Me-
1 a project la Taatanla. only Washington D.C. and ON personnel director. appliances. OB his left Is R. W. Markham, third place win- man-Marcus policy has met ,CONTINUED! PAGE 14iffl
now are ,
The Chinese were favorably: Newark Xol.1..ltt. As Uw contest winner Mr. Bell did a day's work at Uw Mr and, on his right U G, G. Wicks, second: place winner. general acceptance and compliance
Impressed by the'presence of within the manufacturing -

Afro-Americas VS.. group that is youths on a roaDdtIIt.arld la the- Cllls Disassieg The Scalier Noire Scheels Shire Only company.two or three suppliers, f

tour of Africa and "mainly local ones, said itwasn't

Axle For lewOrderCASJBJBISW II HUD's Allecatieit our business what they ii
Pinning red Mao Tse-tutfg did But over an, the results

rein (which. CsaslM WASHINGTON College Housing baa funds set aside by the have tees good" he added.

to baffle KenyaImmigration fUWnBTBrt iWH United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, la asking Us suppliers to

officials), the Chinese United States Representative HUD, during 1961. make It possible for 45,072 students oa low fair-employment 101-1

urged them to organise Charks K. Bennett of Jacksonville campuses la 46 stales, D.C and Puerto Rico, to have new living Nlemaa-Marcus adopted t rill I Ii.ar'kdrit
a student tour of Red Chta*. accommodations. federal policy-outlined U Executive i
will sponsor a seminar on Central State University WU- AI toss lei j rail tL
They streaously denied that Law and Order on Friday, Allocations to predominantlyNegro berforce $1,660,000; Wk- Order llMI-requirlng SMI ...*.... a... ram
their Communist goverameatU August I.bt at 9JOa.m. schools follow: force University WUbcrforce, equal opportunity among 0ml IriFadG.
setting to prevent all friendly la the GoogeW MlngioaHotel Alabama State College$1.500, $!IJW,000. suppliers of companies selling i CM L Ilk tt. 1II.UIIMartini

exchanges with the U.s.A., dsW1te The subject will be -Crime and 000; Selma University $500, \!LIIfaasge, Orangeburg, to Washington.

Us avowed hostility to Jtvetfle Delinquency." 000. T- B.C., $1,00.000 Benedict Col- .
many VS. government policies. Charles 'I.; Simmons; Jr., Florid AIM. $2,000,000.) ... ;
+ t U g e, Co .. ..QIO.*- 1 :t 1' 11. S..d. 'J't
-TbeU.S.uafreretty we.ugives Chairman: : tf'CH'JacUoavtBe' Morebouse College, Georgia Yoorhees 'Junior College, Denmark .
aa address la Peking to Civil Service Board and secretary 1100000. 1205000. -
and the Chinese lad A 1 New Or' '
DUlard University
of the Afro-Amerkaa e
Lane Jackson Tens
College ?
to maker full report of QM BB-. Company, will leans $820,000.Livingston $1,350,000. ,

expected Slno-Amerleaa cuss "Two Elements;; : Poverty College, Salisbury, Bishop>> Colle eDaZlu Texas
meeting rhea they reached. I land Race Relations. Darryl N.C.,1 $590,000'Shaw University ChristianCollsp
$2,000.000: Jarvls i ia if ii ik ir iw
China forthtl.rput. Ways McIntyre,Lee High School WASHINGTON, D.C. The leading federal official the field Raleigh. $1,715,000! ; WinstonSalem Hawklas, $90 OOO; i
The Americans graduate, will speak on "TheGeneration State College,$460, West Virginia State College ,
bade a fond farewell to theChlaeaeatNalrobtalrport The of corrections, Mvrl I. Alexander, Director of the 0J. Bureau 000. ,
Gap. Parks Very of Prisons, will deliver UM luncheon speech at the Seminar ooUw .. Institute. $1,979,000.

where the Chinese boarded a Reverend Robert Ray EpiscopalCathedral tad Order OB Friday. August I, at UM George Washington
watting flight : dean of St. John's Hotel la'Jacksonville, Florida beginning at 9JO ..... The 1DI.n. iT BW T'fl K TO TBUN TO .U

.Peking, and prfommisedtomsAievery ), wfll speak on "Role announcement was made by U.s. Representative Charles E.Dennett I I It
of the Church In fl&ht1D.CCrIJu.
of of the Seminar Uw and
Jacksonville spoBsor OB
effort to visit Communist
Sidney Friend,principal Order. Co- aaIor of UM lrlf- a' meeting Is UM Jacksonville
China la the near future. wfllspeak LO'W'PRICES
of Terry Parker High, Juntas Chamber of Commerce. ""Mrrl Alexander Is UM number

Nero. College oa "School Challenge la one person la the United Stales U tilt corrections field, having
and Juvenile
Crime served la UM Federal Prlsoa Serrlce for nor than 10 years."
.** Mrs.Lyle Vernle 1m- Dennett sail "0. will add a treat deal to our Uw and Order 'DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade

Fund Meeting'I..IeaI i mediate put president of tilt ..1IL1Dar. watch I will bring together Interested citizens to discuss:
of the
League of Women Voters Crime and Juvenile Delinquency What Can We Do About U
city, and president of the Jacksonville,. "
ll U. Florida League win discuss: with Your Neighborhood Drug Store
Civil f""I Home RapouIbWtJ
NEW YORK Morethau PAPERS. We deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescriptions.
N.Y.- u It relates to a safe society.W. :
200 representatives of the National Mark r.Jt. A.aIataDtD1rec- $17,000,000 A&T U.

Alumni Council of t k e tor of the Federal Bureau of Investigation -
United hero College Funds are win deliver t a e
to attend theCo orU's Dixie
expected Pharmac
keynote address at 9JO.
Annual Coafereace
The luncheon speech at 12:19 Budget 'Request
1-1 la
scheduled for February
p.m., win be gins bJ Mitt S. t
New Orleans aaaouaeed Alexander, Director of the UA 1312 KINGS IBM IT HTIHE
Clarence Cope the Fund's: National ,
Director of Alumni ActtvlUes. Bureau of Prison Washington' ..
Approved By Board
D.C.Co-sponsor of the Seminar on Pyre 353'55I a
The theme of the conference Is. 4.
Law and Order Is the Jacksonville -'
"Operatic Y-O-U a ad Junior Chamber of Com PAY TIIl LICIT, MATER ANBTELEPBBM I II

UNCF," said Mr. Cope. Workshops = merce. Arnold Trill president Trustees Approve Istreasefa II I
and dlscusalns
) groups of the Jaycees, .Is chairman of
win meet to develop ways In the Advisory Committee for the Fir BILLS AT BBI STIlE
which UM alumni can assist the StWert Feet Itef
Seminar. Members are:
UNCF Its appeal for Make it
ta .annual perfect
Charles E. Brooks principal
funds.Highlighting: Harold 'His AIT State University Bard Trustees recently: ap
New StaDtoaWcbScbool
the February conference James; B. proved budget requests la excess of $17 million to be pre- :
will be the crowning of Clark attorney! seated to the North Carolina General Assembly next year., SEAFOOD CENTER

Miss UNCF. who will be a representative McAfee, president Jacksonville The proposed budget calls for itbrlal services and expansion Pi)
Area Chamber of Commerce MTKTlf AVE PH Il 4 III'
of the UNCF college IIatII1a.CoUIeIlwOllll.l aa out lay of more thai 17 of services in student publications. .
; Mrs sally B. ,, million for ..
.eontrttwttoos the largest per year operations
Ward 3JobnW.RaDdal ,
amount to the Fund's 1961 ap Jacksonvllte and $10,363,000 for capita Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy president 1M fie CATfSM I
peal. Last year's winner was* Crime. Chairman Prevention Committee Improvements. Amax UM who was commended by '; {MAKERS sAritit C I
Miss Carol Ana Osgood a L. proposed new facilities are the trustees for "contributions .. 69
freshman from Bethu -Cook- and Mrs. Mary Ward Pre-school laboratory $430- be had nude towards the continued mmspssr roc
Councflwomaa C $ !
maa College, Daytona Beach. Singleton, 000; Physics and physical scljence growth and development 39 ,
Fto 2. building *1.400,000: Administration at the University" reported aa
The UNCF Alamni Council hasmany ***** i"M tflilVl'igj enrollment of lttl students ..a III. .-
chapters throughout the '$iOOOO; Fin arts building summer school, the largest In MIll T FlI II C
United States. Membership is Training Center $440,000; Social science twlldmg recent: years. He announced the IlKf m slut 59 roc I
to graduates and former $985,000 Green house and admission freshman SHYER DRUM luei niiiM
opea ; 1,3M ....
.. "
students of colleges and universities Is Hit For Bias horticulture facilities, $210- students for the oil semester. w.. wY "w .
affiliated with the 000; Horning for married students F i' tttit'
$sCbv. !
'UNCF and others who are Interested GLIIiEBYiLLE-The: Sudani.Training and faculty $290.000. STEAK FILLET t1&. rl.S

a helping the UNCF,. Center here .is discriminating -: The University Is also requesting GramUing College ,
.. ,.. .. ....
C kUS a r"as w. 80
Those who are unable to contact according to the $1,130,000 for an addition S' 1
aa Alumni. Council chanter Gainesville HM"*** PtfrtVt to the physical education, Starts Big DrireGBAMBLING CRABMEAT lb. '

near their borne are asked .Advisory Board, a U-racial health and recreation facility. '. OTITIII
to write to Mr..Cope at DNCF uatt. The remainder of the- request La. Grab: $1.25 Flat $1.50
National Headquarters, 55 East Nell' Butler Is bead of the- Is for renovations of existing'bufldlngx ling College which has undergone : 1 he ......M1 he ,lie I S il

12nd Street New York N.Y. board. Be reported last week cape Improvements rapid growth and transition -
10022 that Negro employees have been land purchase and replacement over the put quarter of a unums, ,

Tbe United Negro College bypassed promotion lafavor of instructional. and century Is about to launch Into .likKffi. urn 'CM.** '3 I I IN.| M, .75c .i'j' ;
affiliate of U ,a mammoth building programthat ; uw lM4 r .
Fund aa predominantly of whites who w.rtqt.llfta.\, laboratory equipment. -t....: rs. '
Negro colleges and and that the proportion of Negro Tbe action was taken at a will Increase the iastltu- Urt*' 1.10 St. 1
universities now conducting employees to that of white special can meeting of the ,'tion's real estate valuation' by ; SHRIMP I M.1.00k F'.ii 'J

its 25th annual appeal for fI IdI. is out of kilter. Board held at the University. 'some tt per cent. AI.!
Proceeds are distributed. to the Butter pouted out that there The trustees also approved Included la UM expansion area FRESH POMPANO == 1.10 I Mb. 'I

., member institutions to expand are 39 white supervisors, two an Increase IB student fees by $t mlllloB classroom building 'SNerl's Extra *ry( the perfect mriM j, .,
&Dd..0Yt curriculum and lab Be coaaplaiBBd that they $52 per year for needed Improvements :, two DfttJ&bt.atorJcIorll11-, KINGFISH STEAKS ..

faculty, bolster scholarships, are not getting fairness u to In student services, .torles .and 'an addition to the SPANISH MACKEREL I 49c turns MTIUUI COMMIT a.ie.11: no,unuua swats nisuanui. WIlL.. i
Increase library properties. promotions. Including foal.berth and Juh !existing Student Union Building.; t1 v "' "


:...,; j, .. } ; j'
1.1 ; .. .. : '' ""'..tIi J' ,'..,.; "., ., :....11 ,.,_.. ,., .. ".t. '",. ., ,{. L, .. ,
',.\. J.I II./.. oJ.! : ...,. .,.t._. ei4n. ."-:. ."'yi. 4n' : \&."- .ii_" __ __ "__1'.1_, 6.6 t :;_.a_ .t1. < -t. : & .

.' ., '. .' ., ; ;. ,. .. '. .. ,. .. ..
: .. .
,' ',; _. .
'h ". .' r ''"''.\\. '.' '>J\!,". "'' ",;, r'. .. \' ''' .. 'i"-..."'-" ". ..,;"IIII"1). ,,""' ..,..... >'. "," ". "''I' ',' ,'''''' '

.. '

r' IV";,'. J';


Stadium Axkc' Bills'' Award" Bit jOI; Scnes! '

I Grambling-Morgan Tussle in Yankee \

In September May Revive Big Team 'TraditionFootball

Special Will Astre Gaits' p r.

Awards' Gina

leiefit NY Urban Loifia

College and Morgan State of leEI For Goes WorkThe I (
NEW YORK, N.Y. Grambling ... ,
Baltimore, opponents at Yankee Stadium here on September 28, 'By DICIt WOUY Astro Gents M..'* Club,
stir a New York retool of Intercollegiate football: which '
may at the banquet 27 made
on July
In recentrears
to the professional
has played a secondary role game plans for the fourth year before 11j
Times. the clew topu water quietly M our
according to the New York guide's Pole pierced
akin glided over the shallow tidal flats of content Keys and the large group totaling more than
The 'Times said the present the New York Yankee outlets lays of the 10 o'clock sun pierced our thin cotton shirts deposit 400 persons at the William. ,
plan Is to match two strong by the Mew York Jayeeea fog their considerable beat into our shoulder blades. We bad. Raines High School a w .,
Negro college teams here each through retail stores and by been out ea hour straining our polarold-shielded eyes to sea Toe Astro Gents ..presented
season under the sponsorship the New York Urban League. through the white brilliance of the u&Ught M It flatbed off one awards to many IndWdoals fort
of the Football Coaches Foundation. which blue waters that held our quarry. This is the way you to tor.
Morgan State, beginsIts I the field
outstanding activity
permit blinking, squinting, trying to tee beneath the surfiaca'R j
The latter Is a new or. season with a 26-game win to detect that deep bellied blue and silver form mucking grass.: .or sports. Outstanding player,
ganLutlon founded by three ning streak, and Grambllng, roots for a meal of crab and ihrbnp. Unless the waters are really., v.most valuable>> '
famous coaches, Jake GaIther are not natural rirals. shallow then the fish "tall" and give themselves away. mothers of players wero honor-
,of Florida ,"M. Eddie Sant They last met la 1947 when Then It you are lucky, you get doe enough to lay in a bait'' ed. Championship' awards. were
easier than bonettsh and the
Lucky Indeed permit spook
son of Grambllng star
Tank Younger was a on also given
scrape of a pole on coral end they're gone and yours left squint"
Banks of Morgan State. the Louisiana eleven. Younger Ing again la the bright sunlight. WOBS Dee Jay Johnny Shaw
The Morgan-Crambllng game was the first Grambllng alumnus Our problem was to get close without spooking the flan. Than "presented the winning coach
will benefit the Street Academy to make good la the professional the.real work: would begin because we bad elected to fly cast -"Eugene. White with an award,
j program of the New York Urban ranks. Be starred for and there Is no more troubletome -' u the Most Outstanding Coach.fc L
League. The 11 Street Aca- the Los Angelas Rams, and --- fish In salt water fly fishIng r Coach White presented Claude :'
demies In the city work to scores of Grambllng players than the permit. Ke-S Sharp with an award is the Most
and than
"prepare school dropout, 18 to hare followed him Into the pros. boneflth bluer and tougher when he's feeding the Valuable Player
21 years-of-age, for college. Among the most notable of the s on the bottom be seldom looks President Julius Bacon gays
j I The goal Is to ecU out Yankee actlre ones are Willie Davis -z away for other food hardly the history of the club and (fold
Stadium's 62,000 seats. The of the Green Bay Packers; ever for a fly. of Us operation for the past ,
I benefits would provide school- Roosevelt Taylor of the Chicago -_ I took full advantage of my four yean la Jacksonville.
Inc for 400 students In the Bears; Willie Young of the reel backing capacity a eating nylon S Many young football plajers

Street Academies. The most New York Giants, and Buck line HOT with 100 yards of received awards as champions.The .
expensive tickets are designed Buchanan of the Kansas City 30 pound test BonnyL If I' 1968-69 Pop Warner Foot-
for tax-deductible block. buying ,Chiefs. 7; wen fortunate to get Mr. Permit tan registration will begin at
by corporaU a. Morgan points with pride to y= to n for my pink shrimp 4 p.m. Saturday, August 10, at
safe nine.foot, tr4
Tickets will be sold through of the Clereland By my
Leroy Kelly .'1-eeuon Conolon :9839 rod would give me the backbone Scott. Park Meeting House. AH
Browns, the leading ground- needed for his long runs and bard hitting. boys ages 12 to 14 may Join.
I WI WAIt' gainer the National Football We had Just slid put a grassy hassock when we caught sight "4J
l AUTORADIATORS League last season. of them. About 40 yards off sU to eight dusky tails breaking the Harlem Q"Hs'5'lrt } -
The coaches, Robinson and surface, moving slowly and heading across our point. We judged
we had time to draw within 90 yards of where they'd pass.
; Banks, say their teams can Hardly making a ripple, we poled to our destination and I layout TnhlH !,,
play competitively with any intercollegiate my first fly In advance of the feeders and It began to sink as
( team la the softly as I hoped It would. I.
c.wNR.... .11.AN"sI nation. They believe they hare The school was Just getting to the fly when t began the retrieve SeptemberTie r
51195' several future professionals oa In slow, fOOt-Ong Jerks If anything causes a permit to hit a fly
I I .. u.. ANIi... their usa It's the oompetiUv Instinct at work In a feeding schoot Three oft Harlem Queens Basket-
.Nlww......... squads e lead Slab Ignored the fly. Another Jerk, as number four passed tall Team will open their Wl-
:MlIf, M< NIN.S and then, wham, number five tore out of the school with my fly 69 training camp oa September
fcs- ****** In his Jaw. '.
16 la Wisconsin. The HarlemQueens
Within seconds the school bad disappeared but I bad troubleIn
ARLINGTON Yule Is Pittsburg my hands. Uy line was down to the backing the rod tip had will play approximatelyISO
RADIATOR gone low to the water. Getting the handle under my forearm I engagements coast to coast,
Mil MAICNICK m-lltt took command of the rod and set a firm drar. 1 oouldnt afford during the 19(1-69 season with
Pirates Pitch Leader to give him alack because I knew the Inside of his mouth was as play commencing la October
the a a taut line might be all ifto
S Bob Yale of the Pittsburgh Wit was keeping the book la his month through April. Girls tgts
MAIN STREET Pirages Is the only major- I an hour with him. I could feel him bang his head on the 21, with previous basketball-
RADIATOR league pitcher to lead his club bottomwas trying to throw out the book He was big and deep when experience aid good moral
MAIM A' '... 7eMI Ia la victories during each of the t brought him to the side of the boat background are welcome to tryout
Uy eyes burned from the elan of the sun off the water and my for the team. Interested'
,+R1 Lip.!al lut four seasons, according .shirt was black with perspiration. When we dropped him la the
J.Mole SaN G.e.RI s:::.,.; to aa article la the current bottom of the boat the book fill out of his mouth and I wondered girls may contact Dempsey
Issue SPORT maguine. If had caught him or be bed come willingly the end Just to Borland at U6 Buns Drive, _
my book at me. Rocktoa, minute 61072.

-- ---I

I r--- Schwobllt Clothes proudly presents Vr .\ ;

I Belief Styles 1111'-11- x :

Ia'P The Mire Gents Men's Quo held u awardsbanwt oe July n at William Raises High School
Many awards were made before more than 400 persons. WODS Dee Jay .Johnny Shaw Is see,
In the top picture presenting the Club's highest Coach Award to Coach Eugene White. Coach
White Is shown la the center picture presenting the Host Valuable Player Award to Claude
I ..r -- I Sharp. In the bottom picture, at the left. Is Al frailer banquet Award speaker Second from
,l .I.. --' .. .} ,. It tI the left U Julius Bacon, then vice-president Joe Bailey shd Dee Jay Johnny Shaw.
4:' ftM.f.t-, f. '". ." Photos' by Bob Smith

: '" 11 I Alcorn Coed Captures
1 Gate City Golf Toiney

SUITS dreuing-up Dish In Miss. Meet
jSc.hs'obilVcollege-faihioned include vests for

> or dressing-down: as the occasion dictates. ,Choose from glen plaids, I LOKUXN, }Qq, -(CNPQMlldrette May Produce New Chiep
Netter, Alcora'MMColleges
I' hopsocks, windowpane checks, stripes, solids and multicolor sensational speed GREENSBORO, M.C.-There may definitely be s Dew fhsmriloaof
i' the Sixth Annual Gate City Opea Golf Tournament scheduled
merchant with and
.weaves in fine all-wool worsteds and blends. Your favorite, beauty, captured the grace 100-meter here for August II aDd September 1. That is, U Lee Elder does

,;, ,shades of olive, blue, brown, among others. Traditional. I and tOO-meter dash at the ISM not show up for the tournament
AAU Women's Junior National Elder, one of the top>> Negro Park Golf Association tad the
3t styling with a look of todayl > ,< Outdoor Track and Field players la the game, la BOW oa Greensboro Recreation Department

..: 'championships, held here rep the PGA tour. He woe the Gate the tovraamtat will

L 4s >' .. ". .;'. t(1 \1a I centry. City Opea the first Ore times feature' M holes of play (or
A new record was set la the tt was held. professionals and amateurs.
100-meter u Netters cracked With or without Elder, this Beading the list of entries
4 : the tape at 1 LI on a rainy year's tourney, to be played for this year's tournament are
: : I track followed by Karen Denn oa the GUlespte Park course, Junior Walker and Curtis Slf.
SPORT' COATS vibrant. with 1M. la the 200-meter.the promises plenty of thrills and ford, beta>> of Los Aageles.
In it's color i golds, fleet-footed Miss Heifer. J,000 in prize money. Walker Is a topnotch player

blues, browns, olives and many others in conventional scooted la at H.I Sponsored by the Gtllesple who has already won the 'W1I-
stoB-Sslem and Ashevllle
jacket styling and the popular blazers (both single- I tournaments. Sltford Is the

and double-breasted). Flannels, hopsacks, and many I R.S. EVANS nephew of Charlie Slflord, one
of the leading players la the
other fine fabrics II PGA. Ace Jim Black of

,", .;., 3rd & MAIN Charlotte tournament.will also pay lathe

EL443SI:: :: OPF.NTILL.9:30: PM.. EL.4-8382. Pros from the Greensboro

: 68 CHEVY IMPALA SPORT CPE.$2995 area will laclade George
I I TOAD RsN. Ale cowonloNlAtloal wAa, Lo etle, Murphy Street
Name! your-preference SLACKS and youtt findititSchwobilh 68 *B +- OOR ...... ......... ...... .....$<<95I William Whites, and James
.... .
wnll.telu.. ;. racy w.u.M
Handsome Dacron 2r DITNMEDLOADEO Spraill. la the amateur play
: practical, polyesterand RAMBLER 77 0, ALMOST NEW ... .. .$695 favorites include Joe Ards,Dr,
worsteds mini-patterned:l to with solid TlffraSA l0"Ep, : "*" IfU.'".. PACTORT *ASIA*
couple Slmpkins, and Harry
I' ,
i : PRIX .13795
blazers rough-and-tumble to few. l lee
1 poplins; name a | er't...ft.AUt COMOirWNiO. FACTORY WMtAMTY. JUIT Officers of the spoasorlng association

Lots of,them.are permanent-press' -=never !need ironing, a real 68 PONTIAC, BONNEVILLE .$3995 are Dr Simpklss,
mon y. and time-taverl All colors sizes, :.,, .1 .66 PONTIAC sANPTO.: BONNEVILLE .$2395 president president Arthur Joe Ant Cilbreath rice
T 1 R.... 2." AIR $OM IT10N, VINY\.' IN1I.101. THE WDRRI ; ,
.r F CW ffi LET BtL AIR ... '.. ... ..... .$2195 treasurer and Robert Evans.,

j Suits from 'S7" Sport Coats from 3S" Slacks: from ***. J JI 63 66 CHEVY RAMBLER SPORT CROSS COUPE COUNTRY.WGN.,.i-.... ..*$1995Ma 595 SimpUns Gate said City that Opea the will field be lathe

.- Vt A4ITOATMPOWER TSIklNO. ,AIR CONDITION. limited to 100 players. He said
67 PONTIAC CATALINA ...$2895 that entry blanks and the fee
Also a complete stcfon,of Jackets, Sweaters Sport Shirts
I AIR CONDITIOM, ELEC. should be returned to ChesterL.
Dress Shirt Raincoats Ties Belts' Socks Underwear .fe.I 66 bf.Ds'M B\U\ ; .
; 'I !' "! I acoi'uIo''iieaili. : ioiloEae Bradley 116 Ron Arenas,
.66 1 Y D +8 LTD n ........... ......... Greensboro N.C. -'
I CARrLIKE .. tall MlLII. Ala
OR' N10P Till: .. .tIt ONL!

ii; 66 }0(1DITjWAI r VENroR ...........,.$2195 Fus Final liftKASSArMNPIMJonel ,
A Oreo Name ta
I I 62 Bm Kro 'k Y ... :.:..:.ZZ:.. .5 595. .in,.
[ OVER 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM! ing Borne Bamp",Hampton and
We Take Deals Where Others Refuse his band of Inner Circle musicians -
Credit Approved On Spot! have the fans at the Paradise -
'iI J J. .1.1t I II stand Casino "flying

high during the last setradtysof
\ R. S. EVANS3rd his two-week run at the sight

I I spot So enraptured by the Damp
I DOWtyTOWN CEDAR HILLS STORE RECENCY brand of musk are the taaa that

!,t I 10N. LAURA STlIIT'CIDAI HILLS IHOrflNCCINTIR RtCINCY SQUAll .... 'MAIN the clamor has gone ap for his
k CHARGE I ITI I CFfN TIL e OMN 10.TO ..... holdover for another two weeks.
FRIDAY NIGHT Of EN 10 TO t tVIRY DAY WIRY PI V" :.J Ham, began the engagement!
err else es.0es ups u9 e.IsRle.LL EL 4-8381 OPEN TILL 9:30: P.M EL 44382 'I .July 14.

-T'. 'i>>F. ..:: "," .. ,f

: __ ,': ',,_ c', "", ." : > .
tl ,

.. ..

,13 :,

BGC, Southern Conference Champ, Will! .Play 20-Game Schedule Against, Migtrties :I

****** '

Tel essee '''TI.rWhS Hank ,Aaron i is Atlanta's; .topt And Tips'. Saver Iowa 'Stite's J. k McCMreaCeacfc, He..

; t Unit Added Mere Gluts Te 'Tee.
1 1int" : ,
For !!!lit '. !.
Are RwKJy OlywpksNASHVILLE \ ,. .- The Bethune-Cookman College Wildcats basketball team, de
< \ ; "tt Dories Deal! fending Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Champions,

Olympic Gold Medal tbmer. Wyomia Tyaa, "' .. will play ft twenty ((20)) game schedule according to Athletic

paced tht the TIgerbelles u they tarred node about their '" Director and Headcoach Jack McClairea. McClalren announced

readiness for the Olympic tryouts late next month br turning ". ..-' AMES, Iowa council-of The Iowa powe.Stau. the addition of many new opponents for the coming season la-

in peak performance daring the televised Tennessee State '; ". athletic eluding the strong Baldwin-Wallace capers of Ohio, nearby

UD1Ttrl1tJ, ,Staged Olympic Deralapotnt Meet la WJ., Bate :, .j University Ames, last week, Stetson University, DeUnd; Rollins College of Winter Park
Stadium. 4 refused to accede to Negro student -; and Florida Southern College Lakeland.
., A i demands that a Negro coach '
More than 1,000 shower- recordwblcb holder Tyus for 75 yards1 should be added Immediately to, The Wildcats made a clean Carolina State College,Daytona

th1JmedbometoneusawwIIo Tyas, kept DM crowd on Its feet.. the football staff. However as a sweep last year by finishing Beach, January 25, Ft Valley
Till receive ber first la the conference and winning State College, Daytona Beach ,
decree In After that Tyns broke the tape sort of panacea, the Council did ,
the August Commencement win to 11.2 seconds. Wetter cot a. promise to consider a qualified the conference title during January 27; Collins College,'

both the 100 and 200 Century food hand for her 11.5 second Negro coach for appointment lathe the Taskegee playoffs.! Despite Winter Park, January 2S, and,

Meter Races with ease,running place. Both girls were clocked r < future. the glory of a championship Alabama State College, Montgomery -;

before her university fans for at 11.2 winning their trial The Council, through a letter, and national ratings, Bethune- Ala., January 11. :
tbe first time, the Georela. IIeata. A, said that giving In to student demands Cookman College 1s expected In February the Wildcats will

bona Cindereaite, Tyas, Jelled Temple-coached high Jumper' would negate previous show even greater form next take on Lemoyne College,Mem-j
the 100 Just one-tenth of a Eleanor Montgomery who has tt'Li' commitments ucI'endanger year, for the team lost only plus; Tennessee, February I;

second over the world's record already met t eOlymplebelgid, academic freedom. one regular performer, Carl Tuskegee Institute Tnskegee8Alabama
and was clocked nine-tenths of did not compete. Miss Montgomery Further the Council' said,"We Fuller a S'S"ceoterwho signed February 8,For Val-"}

a second off the world's mark is nursing a jammed feel that a greater representation with the Los Angeles Stara of ley State College, Fort Valley

for the 200. kneo. of all minority groups is the American Basketball Association. Georgia February 10; Florida2

The' rain-dampened crowd' "I did not want to take any desirable la academic departments .' Southern College Lakeland;/: }

rare TIgerbelles Tyas, Una chances with my knee," Montgomery u well u la athletics. Next year 6'8" Johnnie Allen,< February 12; Florida AAM Uni-/'

MorrU art Mattllene Render a confessed. "I want to be However It rejects the thesis who holds the school scoring versify, Daytona Beach,

standing o nth* for their I. Z. ready that Is In good physical that this be accomplished under record, will return along with February 15; Saint Leo College,.

S, 200 meter finish that closed shape for both the AAUOutdoor conditions of confrontation and thirteen ((13) veterans and some Dade City, February 1'1; t h e?

the 10-mnt women's meet lathe Women Track and Field Championships duress." top prep school prospects. The SIAC Tournament, February 27?,

remodeled 11,000-seat stafflum. and the Olympic Try- Several members of the black evidence indicates that Coach and will continue through March .

This was coach EdwardS. .oats text month." athletic group have threatened Jack McClalren will know what 1, Tuskegee Alabama.rrn ,b
Temple's first opportunity. to Temple's Madeline u nning ATLANTA Popular Bank Aaroa, star right fielder for', the: Atlanta: Braves baseball team to resign. A Saturday release to do with the material. His I ....
vlsjts with four his
of youngtansas they point out Ms picture on ft "Tops A Tips" saver sheet .
show cif his record In BethuneCookman
Internationally won the quarter miles In a said thatwinie Muldrew Chicago seven years at I aBRAND W51a
'' prior to ft recent Braves-San Francisco Giants game plated at Atlanta Stadium, in which Hank .i,
known speedsters before the breete bat pulled out of the half- and Don Craves of& College, where
hit his 600th career homerun." Bnatbecame No.8 on the aH-tlme list of bomerna .
homefolks u more than a de major league he earned twelve (U) letters In I ,
mile la which -she holds lb.World's : rule, planned to torn in their
cade."B. record. hitters, including his former teammate: Eddie Matthews,MelOtt, Ted Williams, Jimmy Foxx, resignations because of dis football, basketball and track lathe .
Mickey Mantle Willie Mays and the Babe Ruth with 714 .
was a good mt.r meet TIlt rumba: leader round-trippers. "Tops ATips" agreements.The early 50's, is an amazing mI
director Temple explained.! Is played with Coca-Cola caps featuring players ftad game-winning tips underneath. 1)0 wins 41 defeats including
"IwoaJdD't Javetta Connie Traragliante University'of Iowa has over .
The idea of the 1s to match the
game tips to the spaces provided on the saver sheet and
like: to stare another 8emo Track Club, popular Buff, hired a special Negrocounselor a visitation championship NEW :
complete the plays Indicated.
also matched
are the sheet Prices
bit. Important car son because Mo, 129; Jin Conner Wabash for completed sheets be obtained from loyal Coca-Cola up on to work with black Itadenta,baa la 196 when be was elected ,
may participating BoWer
ITs much too nerve-racking. Valley Tract Club, Ottarbela, agreed to review Its housing "Conference Coach of the : 1968 VW
But next year we will state lot, 11-1 Connie Peterson, policy for athletics and has said Year", that honor was repeated .

several smaller meets daring mini Track Cub, University Winner Takes All that It cannot accede to the more earlier this year when he was
the teuo4" Illinois, Urbaaa, 10-1. startling request. The Council: named "The 1968 Tournament. SEDAN'i7sss '..T

Sixty-tit athletes reprecent- .Discus Carol Moseke Me feels that the bead coach must Coach of the Year."

Ing 14 elite competed the fire braska Track Club, 14I4 I/*; be allowed the limit of discretion. The scheduled contests are the : : I

ramlnf and fire field events Sharon Sbepherd.0eergla Dr. Mahlstede chairman Oel T. Tournament in Atlanta ,

were designed to get u many Sonthwestern College 1M-1/2; of the Council, said that they Georgia December S, 6, and DIUVUID '
IN t.n.
girl u possible toIDMtOrmpiC -. Raaee Kletchka, Nebraska: must remain with the area of 7; Saint Leo College, Daytona .
, standards and was one of Track dab In... promises made to John Majors, Beach, December 1); Stetson : lil IIM SMlf./ If DI|! J JViJ

four Olympic development Loot Jump- Wlflye Whit, ;';. formerly of Tennessee, now at University filial December
meets stated across the cow, Mayor Daley's Tooth Foundation Iowa. 14; Tuskegee Institute, Daytona Ii; r-

try. Chicago's WOlye B. While Chicago, !'-' I/I; Mar- Beach, December 16; Baldwin- ;
out-dueled TlgerUUe Martha.Wataoa than Watson, Tennessee AAI ..... Miami Girl Qualifies Wallace: Daytona Beach, December

for the lone Jump gold State 1M,Audrey Reedeemar,. \ II and Florida Memorial : Catlin- ;. i

by ,fire and one-half Inches, 'Tennessee AAI State, !?-'. '. For AAU Meet College,St. Augustine December .
bat her 19-foot-nlne-aad-ooe. '400-Meter a.a. Madeline 1./ ... 19. In January 1969,Florida ,. Griffin. ;

half Inch leap was short of met Manning Tennessee Ail Stab POPULAR BLUFF Mo. Memorial College Daytona .

.20-foot 10-tach leap need to- 64.7J Diana bight,anattacbeoV Joyce Tinker of Miami finished Beach, January 4; Lemoyne I ,. Volkswagen .,

meet Olympic standards Houston Texas, :(99.7 Linda, second la the 200-meter dash College Daytona Beach, January D I
la one race, the 100 meter Mayfield, Mayor Daky, :$I..4? and third la the 100-meters 7; South Carolina State INC jj

finals, the crowd got theirIDGWJ" 100-Meter but 11',. ala j "' Saturday AAU tight la the National College Oraageburg,B.C.,January |'2JO lAST Sth ST.JIS4.909S

'. worth. Alcove AAM Tyns, Tennessee A 4 I State, \ -- Junior Woaefs track 11; AlabamaState College, 3
College's Mlldrette Netter 'dU; Mlldrette Netter, Alcora ,,;: "LI" Y Ht and field meet. Daytona Beach, January 1); 3l.L.i.t.P.a |
The IS-year-old qualified for ,
matched strides with world's CONTINUED ON PAGE 14iSports Florida AIM University Tallahassee N.! j
the AAU Women's meet aIDea.war 20 South
: ;/: I Colo. August 14. -

t Parade f tt": WJltheAf1irJ J Getting music to sound right in a *

q '1&1: flown -> ligfddlo1s' >matter of getting: .
I S j
perfect balance of elements teeThe 1


-<.. Visaer of the 168 Pepsi-Cols International Golf.Tournament is Mr.Veraon Terry, i rn same'thing: I expect? applies

;.De Grace, Md., whose 160 score proved the best among the 129 entrants la the 6-hole men's 11'N'e2': to getting a great gin..a perfect
FELTS DAYWASm$1vN tourney.=Presenting the award U ("left) Mr. Garnet J. Cevarlty, the Government Administrative:
(SPQ -Pels of BrasO, the InteraaUooally- Officer for Freeport and (right) Mr. Chris Conner of Pepsi-Cola Company'which provided balance of eiements..dryness.

famous: soccer star, had another of his great starring afteraooas the trophies. Held at the Kings Inn ft Golf Club: July 2-9 la Freeport, the Grand Bahamas, the works.That's what I find inGordon's
recently. Pels scored two goals oa powerful free kicks, sad was this; sixth annual edition of the, Pepsi-Cola Golf Tournament attracted 900 people:: from: )i
the star pUymaker throughout the contest, u he led the touring states across the United Stales I Gin"

Santos of Braall to a 1-1 victory over the Washington! Whips of the ... j

North Americas Professional Soccer: League. The legendary Spirts Ifafutri Hopes lisibill 1k -.,; J Roy f.#Otl. ton D..M. /N.nt.tl/Mutte Director..,...". a. BO <... toe.car rMN f
Pee has scored more goal II professional soccer thus any Riles n&en'1 ,ergs _'I"n. ._..., mtnntr tt 'otouu" ftunOttian
lull CIIO /IIIi.MdntetNf1OltM .
1I1H2111s114 iKHUiiti. ncordlni w"N.oi M c* Htconn.Content
other player la the history of the game. "\ ,- .
Fir Cite Toward hicks Upset Directedly zv5 :=

Blues" of Tennessee State NEW YORK Reader response to Sports Dlustrated's line vwI
team la the Blues Black Athlete -A Shameful Story" by Jack Olsea Indicates that Mny Farts Sometimes He's Sometimes
Unlrerslty will host the Bishop College
28 d Tennessee's alne- the magazine's purpose la polishing the five-part series,which He's Down He AddsSubtracts. *
November as part
Homecoming Game The tlmi-baoredsportcf 'Hf works U all around.
Homa- 198 football schedule. The site of exploded the Idea that black racism Is not a problem sports

game'bIiMu.". onme. will be the aewlr-remodeld 16.000- may have bleD served'-, according. to aa editorial in Sports Baseball may, like everything
$Illustrated this week else, got a revamping, thanks 31-112-1!
seat W.J. Bale Stadium.n.Blue.cpeamesasonegal ash Ken- __
tacky State, September 21. "We now dare to hope," says* patalton of practice field duties to the clvlllu populace. Accordleg CQkMa ATTRACTIONS' -
the editorial ken the basis of doom them to pipe courses or ', to the sews, thisRevolution

BARRED the quality as well U the quantity put them tar behind their fellow will be beaded by M -111- 345 I

,CHICAGO-(NPQ-A witness reported that group of Negro of the reader null,that such students. The NCAA has NO the maa who buys the ticket
a change not only 1s possible \rule that ant"rl1t1caD- and does the ,tWn(. Years ago
12 from using anumoecnptM says a
youths,, reaaging la age from I to was prohibited MAN'S
tt was done by the big player DAYSNUMBERED
baseball diamond la GaUly Park recently whet but Is under way and SI Itself not guarantee a scholarship Stengel

police Interceded oa'behalf of a group of whites aslag the same proposes some first steps for ,athlete a fair chance at a degree by Babe Ruth, Casey
effective change la our colleges ft has NO rule that says the and others.
park. According to a widen d the area, a group of whites had -
In 1983. the civilians committee
and universities scholastic problems of the athlete A
previously approached the young Negroes aDd told them they ealended '
would have to vacate the playing field because the whites had a Sport, says the 1DIpI1De.cannot arc the sole concern of the strike cone "Man's Days are Numbered.1
clew all the nation's the athletic establishment or and gave pitchers more efficiency Health and .Fortune Can Be
permit to use the facility. "B semms to ..,' the resident said, up I
"that this sort of thug could be handled la a tatter way." ghetto problems, but "it surely posts a "KEEP OFF" alga for while reducing the Tours When You Know Your
caD start right BOW to cleanup the academic community. Any batting potential so that the Lucky Days.Lucky.

its*owe house" aDd make of university or college can establish American League has trouble 9

DROPOUT GRID Sladtsm'wDi be the of every Negro athlete a messenger such programs alwilL" getting a .300 bitter oaltsclubt;
NPR Yankee scene
NEW YORK ( ) Colors
Suggestions are la order. One etc.
from the white world to u professional sports, the
a grldiroa clash between GramhUag College and Morgan SbuColleges Send $%.00 for
Js that the pitcher's mound be your
the ghetto bearing the word editors add,' stamping out
Saturday September 28, for the benefit of the Street,
moved further back and perhaps! HQrOlCCI&or?! ,
Academy Program of the Urbaa League. R.c.Iptsfromtbm gam 3hat la this field at least, racism Is not only the right
lowered to the Some
will be used to provide hauls for 400 dropouts who. art la a black man is recognized asa thing to do, bat Vince ground. AUGUST
want bitterfor
a permanent pitch
mom that up101ta&G bas Lombard has demonstrated
for ,
street academies college.
training la the storefront
been replaced by human consideration I spectacularly that it 1s the efficient Boa-hitters. Since 196) the rUt y 1D thTblank below and

and that equality .Is thing to do and, moreover top of the shoulders has been 'taaQ to'ZODIAC, Post Office
OLYMPIC 0.1.SPOKANE CM.en M toLondon.
more thus Just a word..." its good business. :the guideline for strikes., Box 1171 .
Wash-(NPQ-The boycott claM 1968 Olympicsby Jacksonville, Fla. Inilvtd l69.Iff
Ancient shows that .
; history
Defining Sports fQlustrated's la both professional and tht swat tsar to tngltnt.
black athletes Is according to Imes Evan, Saa Jose State
Ruth started the first revolution America, end(he en.
purpose la publishing the Olsen amateur sports. SI adds black' .
College's 400-meter world record: holder, tat a protest win be NAME
with his home Asa
tinfsbeduamletesmost running.
said "We voted the boycott at the series, the editor!say j "Ata men who are STREET --- __
made at the Evaas oa
Olympic trials game.la Los Angeles last month, and It ...almost time of pervasive racial be given opportunities u result, a livelier ball was DATE OF BIRTH ...-...,, riNKTM sea sammaz .wamarMtsMrj KB...."-.-..at
crisis la America we fett there coaches or la their administrative produced. Then, there were t
unanimous that we go.-but It also was 100 per cent that we make homeruns galore. Khmer eves I
no longer was room for the drxturetm ,
some kind of protest at the pores"CAGER ci said that "homerun hitters '
complacency that until now has last installment the MORE FUN MORE ACTION BIGGER PAYOFFS
ekaraeterlsed the world of series appeared la the July drive Cadillacs. MacPhall, in
TURNS RECRUITER the false 29 Issue of SI letters from the first official night pm
DETROIT-(MPT)-Earl F. Floyd former Detroit Plata and sport. By exposing ; in history In 193S made history.
has become national y...qJtJ iofu 00 which: that complacency readers number nearly a l'
Syracuse National basketball star BOW
Stengel popularized platooning : <
based believed thousand-the greatest )
was we
for Dodge Car and Track DMatoa, IJNj@
personal manager after becoming manager of the .
we might open a way toward response to say article: or olJ.
Chrysler Motors Corporation. Lloyd who is also well known. Yanks la 1949.1'bueame relief ,
correction dsomsogtheabusesto series SI has presented la its '
a radloaadvldeocoiameatator dllUUtbl11l'ft11t1.lI. alumnus ,pitching '
which the black athlete has fourteen-year publishing
of West Virginia State College. beea subjected." the series history. The balk of the letters ** ** '

TAKES TEKNB' CROWN they write, was intended as a"first has bees SrornblbutSlpolntn Robinson in AIR-CONDITIONED
step, a beginning" out that approval or disapprovalwas Floyd .
BAYERFORD, Pa.-(NPQ-Arthur AIM of Richmond has his ;
The next step, SI Is not of primary concern to
says ,
ups and downs la the amateur tennis battles,but recently was his COMFORT
action by the universities and the magailne. Most Important Goes To Red Sox ,
"up" whea he won the meWs singles title la the 69th annualPwasyrnaia '
colleges Aid to athletes Inmost the editors feel, is that the e.J!
Ian teoate chunptasblp." Earlier A she had failed MONDAY THRO SATURDAY ,4
mall Floyd Robinson Oakland A's .
schools Is governed by reader largely was ,
to last the third-round play m the National Clay Courts :
past the stern rues of the National thoughtful and deeply concerned left-handed pinch hitter will
Patrtelo Coraejo$
by Ts.si
Tourney, being Collegiate Athletic Association, and that action already has pby for the Boston Red Sox! a ADMISSION toe fan razor) ?

beta taken .useverallocalttles.Only He Is II years old and has hit a \UXUUOUS, All COHMTIONID CiUftHOUMrjj !
CAREER' THREAT ". tJw' NCAA rules do NOT hours after the first article more than?.300 three times la IMED.:& d01L

lEWTORK-NPo-Aa ailing throwlngelbow may eat short forbid the extension of scholarships appeared a poop la Kansas Ida,major league career. His fl tlir SPT[ : I. 'ftjUltfTil'taittttu
ar-oldeslcbrd the
the baseball career of Elaine Howard, .
BEYOND eligibility, nor most recent hitting was in 1964.
qty was formed to try to
Boston Red Sox. tt seems it's a recurrence of aa old ailment he do they forbid the provision of correct some of the ills sad According toManagerDlckWallama '
had while with the ,Tanks a boas spar oa which surgery was "frock KENNEL CLUB I
; Bowever Howard that If expert unsellag and tutoring since men similar groups have Robinson will be a pinch I ) ; i
aadertakea to relieve the says |
service for athletes-black or formed in,other cities. bitter but also may be used for
he U bead win aaother surgkal treatment,he would ratter,ojdt :
white whose
Inadequate pre- playing other wise. ,-- .' ." ,


wliWi'- ',_ ,ew ,mr .. 'S ;

,: '

II : :
.._ .. .. .' -'" .' ;, <., t.;., :: \,. .,' .' ,,, ,, : : ." A"' '; ," j
e. } '.& "j"; ;! i ), 1';;11'''''.', < : ''" ,, ,. (.....")ii",
.; .,, : ; r, { : Y ( --0. .J:,
-- ----- "

\ .. .. / .. .. .. ., .. ...'... .. .. ... ... .. ... ... ..,.. ..,......'.. ... .. .... .. .. .. ..'.\. .. . vv.vv" .. It ". ". '...'-.. ..''. .. ','0, .. v ,, .. '.. ." ". t. ...' '.,; ." '. ., .. v'', ., v .. .. .. ', ''."' .

r'1 I ::'ti:::


: .Furn.ISO room.FIR Prefers RENT couple BOOTH FOR RENT NOW ON SALE Nieman-Marcis Deputy Honored Pallbearers. Liberian-American. Planning

.or single lacy 854-7510. Plan Heeling "-
r Myrtle Avenue Beauty Shop. Dr...King's Pictures Now On Sale' Demands
MOTEL Phone 356-3338. tailed stock .of 8X10s now The Pallbearers Society No.
:12: rooms, print batt J5.TO Oft hand. $1.98 with frame. FROM PAGE.11hind. 18 win meet Monday at 7 p.m..
18 rooms semi-private $4.00 FIRM. APT. FOR RENT PREMIER MEAT STORE CONTINUED la the Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist
Day Urn (semi-private) $3.00 EDGEWOODAVEVETERANS: ." Church's basement, Myrtle
Weekly Rate (plus tax) Furnished or Unfurnished Effect of his program Is to: and Fourth. Mrs. Ella Rusff
'Apartment for rent. Excellent offset despair 4hd frustration. to president 4
EDtEWOOD MOTOR COURT condition A location$65.00 Mo. black businessmen who
Phone !
INTEGRATED have. In the past, found tt.In Zeta Phi Betas

U.S.1 Ca.Edgevood Are. creasingly difficult to make
5911 .
' Phone: 764-0003-Always Open RAPID NO MONEY DOWN ends meet. "Heel' August 11 '6th ti rt,
A sign of the program's success I
I TV SERVICE. FOR A 3 OR .40 is its asoptionby the Urban 1
fOR MEN AND WOMEH ague as part of.Its activities,. % 'I of CHICAGO"New Dimensions-(NPl)-A theme The

OF ALL AGES TV Service calls $3.00: BEDROOM, Forward Look" will pervade
Take New IMPROVED MATURE Financing Available Tennessee, Tiger belles the 48th annual\ national boule'convention
;TABLETS for that tired rim RhDDelJ53-8834 ,ALL ,BJICK HOME C.ONTJNUED FROM p.tG11s' -r:, ( ) of the Zeta Phi
'Beta Sorority, Inc., which con
down feeUnctbatteepsoutromDjoJ1nC life. HOUSE FOR SALENO ON LARGE LOT IN AIM College :11.5; Mattdene MRS. ESSIE H. CAMPBELL; vanes In Sherman House Hotel
Tennessee All, tll.6. .
100 Tablets $3.00; 200 Tablets Render Mrs. Essie H. Campbell of August 11.15.Cohostess
BEAUTIFUL Shot Put Carol Moseke national
500. $1.00 deposit on COD's.EMPIRE QUALIFY 1332 West Steele Street has with the
Nebraska Track Club 44-1 1/4; Is local Zeta
PRODUCTS SALES 1319 Carter St., 2 bd. rms., CARVER PINES! Sharon Shepherd, Georgia served as Deputy for 12 yearsof Tan Zeta, of which Mrs.
Dept. FS, 5937 N. Broadway the Pallbearers Grand Union
Chicago, Dints 60626 frame, near bus lines, on quiet Southwestern, 43-11/2; Connie Societies of the Jacksonville' Barbara Jones,Chicago, 11 be4chairing t
street Will APPLIANCES
repair as needed FRIGIDAmE
Call o ,Travagliante,Semo Track Club District Mrs. Campbell was
355-8494. the business sessions
J9-S1/-.. -
presented a beautiful corsage
Hlglf Estelle BaskerTiUe win be Mrs. Mildred Carter
f Jump -
in the 70U anniversary la the:
NOW 2 TOOTHACHE All, 5-4; Frances Bush, recent Grand Lodge Session la.: Bradham, Im.natlonal'crud
Doll' 1eMr+ let OIA-Jn. M Neal Itt..n" : DOWN ON FHA Staten Island Atlantic Club,,New, Tampa. Mr."elrtD II.Hawkins,. baslleos Jacksonville Fla.,
'IOftJ: IArosaee .teotMeM ': TERMS.VULCAN York, .1-4; Connie Peterson.. while Mrs..Ida B. King chairman -
HOMES M iwii tw 111 Grand President reappolnted
,tin inllllm' N-N.Oaklal.da .p"tntlit mini Track Club, 5-!. Mrs. Rests Campbell Deputy.Mrs. national executive board,
.": ,1Mrlrord tn-H ,...0.r" INC.TEL. 80-Meter Hurdles MamieRalllns Campbell is a member of Gary, Ind., win preside over
WALL TO WALL t......*.*....\., Mayor Daley's Youth Mt. Olive AJI.E.: Church, a the executive sessions.
ore.jel J ""- .i' 10-7 Carmen: for the boule
=. 1..3419j Foundation ; member of Choir No. 1, a Keynote speaker "
CARPE1IN&FR1GiDAl Smith, Atoms Track Club, Is Mrs: Elisabeth D. Koontt,
member of ES. No. Iof
Brooklyn N.Y..11.1; Dora a soror from Salisbury N.C., The Honorable S. Edward Peal, Ambassador of laberla'aMthe
RE, APPLIANCES Agar Atoms Track Club, the erolDe.cll.rkboandllalso who "recently was Installed as Honorable Michael V, DiSalle, former Governor of Ohio
j 11:8.: .. amemberotthe&l4awltClap. the first black,woman to bead and presently Chairman of the Board of Paramount International -
I )MONTH ATTBmOHltlARENCEFLIITTFirMtly I qtr.. F '800-Meter Run-FrancieKra- Deputy Campbell Is President the III1Jl1C11-m mber National Cola Corp., extend the traditional handshake during the
I $J85JO her, Mlchlgammes Aaa Arbor of Lodge No. 224., Education'Association.Serving announcement that the U.s. Mint will produce the 1968. Liberia
, I Mkh., 2.09.6; C h s.r y I u co-marshals of the howls cola sets. The deadline for accepting orders Is September
: : FriA-YA ,Toussaint, Atoms Track Club arc Mrs Bertha Flihugh and 30. Details may be obtained by writing Paramount International
2:10.8; Marilyn Bastion, Police Miss Billie Robinson, both of Cola Corp., Englewood, Ohio.
If, stiff jliigs; IARIER Athletic Club, N.Y., 2.11.3. Shirley Harris Will Chicago. Mrs. Ressye Scott

SLOP 200 Meter Dub Womla Studaven national boule pub Dr. King Honored Grenada Gels First
VULCAN Tyns All, :23.6; Una Morris Be Birthday Guest Heist Is handling public relations -
j At All, :23.9; Mattilene Render, for the convention
in licitid All. -.24.4. Here And AbroadNEW Woman As Governor

l INC.7S84479. WASHINGTON EST ATE 'S BARBER SHOP FOR till Shirley Harris, graduate of Friendship Unit DELHI, India Dr. Dr. Hilda Byaoe Is the first
1 ,Bethnne-Cookmaa College,win Martin Luther King, Jr.; will woman governor of a British.Commoawealth .
$412' Siitil Brit 7111421 409 Lafayette 5 rm. Duplex :elebraje her birthday on Plans Sunday Tea be honored on a stamp chosen country. A

I $5800 Mo. Phone 359-3301. tagust 9. She win be given aArty Services win 'be as usual at by India. This will make Its practicing physic tan and motherof
by friends and re atlas. Friendship Primitive Baptist appearance In about Liberia two teen-age sons, she was
I WIG PARTIES Miss Harris Is band director Church District No. 1 will The Republic of has sworn In recently as governorof
Hiircits-.-75* Get a free wlglet for having a at one of the high schools in meet at 4 p.m. Choir No. 1 already printed stamps me-. Grenada, aa Island II the
BUU a H ME iy69 I wig party.Phone 765-4(22. Jackson County.She Is a graduate win J sponsor a Spiritual Tea morlalltlng the late civil rights British West ladles
f Free tssts..$2.50JathHlIIll of Northwestern Junior- at 1018 Forest, the home of water Windwards.
MAKE.THE MOVE IISTRIBITIR WANTEB1 Senior High School and Is th Mrs Ceraldlne Eagle. Rev H. Dr.The King new was$2,000,000 a Nobel laureate.library
daughter of'Mr and Mrs.
SOLD TO FINER LIVING For Afro-Am Natural Hair Norman Harris Jacksonville. both Robinson sermons., pastor, will deliver planned for the Riverside City roan
Sheen Write Afro-Am PjO. College will alsocommcmorate
JILL NICK !IM443 BARBER COUKUHC. 96, Edison Center, Miami, I IDol the memory of the late Dr.
Florida. King by its name.
0.Y 31EIRIOM 131, Bills St. 3551W/ i AN NEW I
p Birlirln RICK HOMES Veterans Federation

SALES OFFICE Thaff Mel I ban the Amu '
fast DIVISION & aothST. CXP, ANBWCLASSBTARTSONE:3646746 for superior. tonic tablets Ito Calls Special MeetingThe ; P.
EACHMONDAY all the things you want Vt
' : do. Box of $0. $1.00.Satisfaction : Jacksonville Chapter No.
MITE: CLASSES START guaranteed or Money Back 1 of the Federation of All

\ ;I P4ijRK SEPT. 68 For:Mea and\ Women Voters of the VJSJiwill have 4

ENROLL NIL: P.O. BoxMO.Dept.X a special call mttU Monday
lndtena evening at 7.30 p.m., at 1509
.. ....coy, ,
3 ft 4 bedivom plans with 1,1 ft, Kings Road. Prospective members .
2 bath end garo,.. are urged to Join. For Information -

i Modem schools, churches and a complete call Commander JJS. MBS
EARNING and LEARNING shopping center dose by. Irving,8r.Barracks. Aa announcement Mi '

LINCOLN released by E.W. Coven,,
ESTATES Auxiliary
president, Edgevood Coot,
I & Girls Can Maka 7130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE' Inc., relating to the promotion -
Boys Money 0'0'j : 765-1685 Plans Meet Saturday of Mrs. Mlsha Brown*
j from the position of Housekeeper -
The Ladles Auxiliary to Gateway to Day Manager
Hundreds 01 Florida Star Newsboys Barracks No. 3131 of the which became effective -
v Veterans of World War No. 1 August 1.Mrs.Prowl!
Are EARNING From $1. to $10,00 Weekly NEW ADULT CLASSES will hold their regular meeting started with"tdgewood",35unit :
Saturday August 10, at the '' motel six (6))months ago

And, LEARNING to do business .;'r.. ... Sdrtiii Sept. 3, 1KB 1:08: ., PM Barracks The Social 1509 Committee Kings Road.will and friends has here.made many, new.

ENROLL NOW! sponsor a benefit affair during Having attended local

YOUNGSTERS! If you are smart and the da,. ____ schools, LaVUla and A. L..
Lewis Jr. High Stanton
,. .,' Hispitil Ails ,tins ,

want to earn your own money this Is' the 4' -, Cashier-SailS Clitl and APT.cold water.FOR Adults RENTHot only. High.known Mrs.to residents Brown is la well the

way 'to do if. Kiidirnrtii Tiicler's Aide ,No docs. Call 354.1504. her Jacksonville success In area her who new position. wish.

Group and Individual Instruction MOTEL FOR SALE
: Your child nay not need Buyers opportunity--modern
tf Center
11-unlt motel, 3 Bdr. home, Consulting
bal the .; 'Trumpet-Drums 4 acres 500 ,ft on VJS 1Pb.
j Honey,, training. gained as i .newsboy -SaxophoneFluteOboeTromboneViola' .n -IUt ; CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

.French HornTheoryStrlns notation should be dlarOO' .

jwill help bin to be: successful in 1 liter liti: ? BassTubaViolinCello FOR' SALE says of integration the report without In the regardtoa Interest

311 t 313 W. 6th St. Four

: Many of the men were, .:', Apartment building in excellent included race.to Gilbert's remodeling,the
most successful Bolden's College condition. Furniture report engineeredbyDr.Steele
; In Sales Price-$14,500. of Miami,averredthat"It would

Newsboys ? :1816 W. 20th Street I Registrar 356-6461 Terms available. appear unwise to invest upwards
....111,.... of 31.5 and emerge with a still
.1111.11111 E. L. Johnson, Acting President Realtors undersized site aa' under
Start A Route ,Anywhere You live In Florida. 354-M35 317 W. ForSyth slrable site location and a set
buildings that were Inadequate -
**S IW M es S e e es ss* ss
I 3Ht l'.,. k4i | Join l Bob s.hts i iet Family l Plan w--1 I senior for high either program a first or a Junior class.

high school program.A new high'
i 0 ,\ J: 1 .Family Group Pictures, In Breadth I school, a a alternative senior,
Wi'll Pit Yau li Bullish ;. has teen suggested near Ocean
; '
a ? I Color way and would phase out the senior
hst : Taking Living And Discount Too.
FILL 4 I high program at Gilbert..
THIS s '
.: impact the
... ... I however, might lead to a later
-1:' "Select ,
The Jacksonville's
Best Leading"biker
: .tIIIi: 1 : larger white scho pqJIIJaUoL.
(r I The report doubts whether, at:

: I I present, an children are Uing,,
FLORiDA STAR-2323 Moncrlet Road, Jacksonville,Florida i,;..: i Q a.A'I' I Board Pictures q Sinner VeddiiisWeddiii I treated to equal.the Center's This was function.to aa aa1aver

..... ..4,.I.: a 'e. I I to assist school systems as they!:
------ : :
------- --- : Receptions move voluntarily or by court; :
FIRST ooWT NAME ,. J. Passion 'Pictoits I I order to desegregation T h k:/;:
Duval School Board is under-:
",''' I e ..1; I Print ClibsBowl'iit '' Clib Auiversaries I order from the United States* ;
I District Court. The report,::;
ADDRESS, STREET, &. NUMBER PHONE NO. ,,: praised efforts out of the county;::
.' tit "11 .i I leans Ball Pitlires I,f As the committee traveled:'
about It noted that "At the same;
\ Seod my child 20 copies of the FLORIDA STAR on f I time there were some sections.: :;'

I .'credit to, start him la business. I will pay the .... .. .'. ,. ,I l where there seemed to be ft;
FLORIDA: STAR 15? for each copy he sells. Those t much deeper question than.;
that are, not sold i Iwillreturnandwillnotbe ., 1 .. IF It'IS' IMPORTANT TRUST YOUR PICTURES ONLY I, whether the schools were segregated -:
required to pay for unsold copies. I -* question whether::: ''
's' ). .: WITH A PROFESSIONAL :PHOTOGRAPHER the housing, the ea-:*:
:/: :" I riornment
) was live place,1.;
; "': for cbldrreea to :
; ;: r dtl-:;
', .; ;.;: 1. ': SIGNATURE OF PARENT.OR: GUARDIAN.I ,}*,, ( .'. 1f ,BOB SMITH FASHION STUDIOULJLJuiliHt I I sear regardless of tomorrow odrace'Rerltklsed to be reared-.;::'*

x local taxpayers for not giving:

.. ,-- .vi.iJlL'4' I.l2JJ._I I enough money for operating' a ::
-- ,7" < quality program =:

f \; "1 ',:w:..:' ,t 1, '-:". '

.. ,'.. ... ,:", 'J ,."- -'''-0 "AL- ., .,.,t. .. ....." A-/.u."L 1'. .1';