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133970 F20090414_AAAONV 00382.QC.jpg 9bdbef3b8134a2a04d9f08019412877f8121dc65df048d48dcd3fee945f16849ea7ce792
6818451 F20090414_AAAONW 00382.tif 14b1d18041a9ba8dcfefbc83b4ae651ac28ce4949549526fb6f0be703a3b944647a14fc8
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30620 F20090414_AAAONY 00382thm.jpg e9fb5cfc5d885db5829c3483bff716e22bc8a451dfc2d576838b3b191a737e7679756af7
30208 F20090414_AAAOPB 00387.txt 200e8abd125f0a59c04c932bb1fc423e16bfe420f0b583226077236213cbccbece7de8f3
855578 F20090414_AAAONZ 00383.jp2 bf2eee887dbc2b0de157aa8fffc71f7c7986a32fed3f32287dc2f877e371959b83c74b62
28959 F20090414_AAAOPC 00387thm.jpg 58303958bb656e7c01c0fffbc9aa9fe1618bd1917a82a2f734cf3954eb1280fd23c2c9c3
867924 F20090414_AAAOPD 00388.jp2 749eb0b910047820504257c7967cb546353f5b753ab0b8403d0153349d2995177c6edfee

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200775datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 27, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007750740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 27, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 27, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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I, 'Ii. II ..,.. \ 1"\ ,. l'iI' ... ..

*SB! HBI BMBBfflWHllW1IHTiffg8raa| F l ''l'T w fflrPfrMfffl rfrlrnf P"3mli-rffiiff A if, "->Y""f'm' ---"- -"" ...,. ? _. _
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. a l wnt.....tllr .
FNe'fr, !,
, LG. y t

{ 1 ........,... ,.,.,.,. t



i .:..".:.. .:.. _
"' ''' t'.
\ *** 't'r :

Slokes 'Stands The Supremos Endorse HHHiF ,ii II MB. II SATURDAY, AlfiOST 3, 1SCI 20 Cent*".,",' dl

****i lp* *** *' _. ___ __ .. ** *** ai_. _

Firm In Face t ':: l

Criticisms .:.. -..... .....-. .,.#...... '- .
Of ... **
... ****
, CLEVELAND Mayor Carl
. Stokes, Cleveland's first Negro '
mayor 'd one of UM largest U S. COURT HITSNEGRO

,American labeling d cities the deaths, countered ofpalkf the :

meta U the recent racial flare-

ups Massacre"u "by afteg'that his

recall of the other white NEWS BAN I

poUceraei from tile strift-tora'
Metro areas, mort than seven ;
square miles, .ue411W1J mort'
llTCS. -- *.# # ..... --
''''. ''' ''' ''' .
Mayor, Stokes action drew Negro lorrnalsDispense
strong critlclsa from bon Negroes Will .
Negro CouncilmenWho
black and white eltlsens. How.ertr .
the CUT'S bead said they ,
would "bar walktd Into a Fight TacticsOf
slaughter." Polks C'ltf'BlackwIU'I'apporhd Voted Says Tribunal
theMaor" iF iFft Tax
announcement Old GuardMIAMIThe
g by say NSW ORLEANS-Florida Hegro -
luff that tile officers would ban
'bees mowed down" by BUck seating d the temporarily may be able;
Florida delegation to tht National Criticised at so, breadlegropaDWh10
t<<-tItwltUd,. Tat dead officersvtrtlfuaeralliad Severely newspapers'and
t this week Republk Convention la
Mayor Stokes attended.BhukwtU ,..; .. : Miami will bt contested before this may become a pernua-''
said (bat < tilt Credentials Committee according The $99 4 million budget calling for about a $00-per-month tnt directive, since the United
further .;;.-.. to Attorney LW. ..h";". garbage and sewage tax which the Consolidated City Council States Fifth Cutout Court of
police should bar been glad is rather I1pS cUt that, la the upper right corner of tile pkturt abort Is the one word { Williams. He .. chairman a adopted last Tuesday night 1s arousing many tempers among .Appeals reversed, on Jury U.Wt .
"Unum" part of tile motto of tht American nation Tht_.' Internationally-known grow? called Concerned Negro eitlsens la Jacksonville. the decision cia Federal
:, and trIY.Uecll1nc'trl, bare gives fuU support to the campaign of H. Humphrey, Viet' RtpttbUcans for Florida. Healluded District Court at Jacksonville
President, la Us bid for the Presidency on lilt Democratic ticket. Tbtst singing ttworUrs to the d Tnt garbage and toilet. tax ,toilet) tax wert Oscar Taylor which court ruled that Death
; are; 'right, Diana Ross, left, Mary Wilson, and center, Cindy Birdsong. VktPrtsident ..'picketing.Wllljami. possibility c.( some refer to the latter) who represents 75 per cent Row Inmate Herman '.Jaeksa ,;
; 1 received enthusiastically the support d the Supremes at bit prtcedent-shattering press toad grDtflofX.W.WILLLIMS Is seen by many u placing*I Negro district and Earl M. Jr.. bad not shows that tilt .:
A aa additional.tax burden on Johnson elected atlarge.Tht .
conference U New Tort.Poor .' Florida System was not
r poor people living within tht Chairman of tilt Christian .out of bounds when U refused

M.siiO.nst. present Choose tty bf whom art MegrWs.Tht Lucas, o.&I4ht swotted ; gro journal }
: 15 budget WM adopted: aftermore both Johnson and Taylor U Jackson has been la'nrtsfeuto
Brooke Listed than two bobs of discussion among those who art highlycritical seven years, sentenced lad
by I vote. of II for lad d tile two councilman .comrkttd for tape; Only rt-
ForGJEO-One' S against.Those Injjartknlar., : ;jcently be complained that he
Quits For Top Honor. who voted against tile. Lucas, a cousin of Taylor, was y ."fttt">*"* f>y refusedhis
y budget were Mrs. Mary Singleton Issued the following statement request to subscribe toa Negro
The Greater Jacksonville Economic Opportmlty'sa of time la American-For the first Mrs. SaD,. Mathls. Jake "I should like to commend newspaper namely the
last Saturday wu enthusiastically both by those running time History the Vii' Codbolt, Jot Guinea, Johnny the six members of tht Consolidated Pittsburgh Courier and to national
only sines the days of
for seats the 1s Sanders and Bill Basford who Council. .who showed such
on -mmtae board and by those who responded Abraham Ltncola magatlnes as Ebony
to the can, from GJEO' for"'P" completing Board.organisaW.Ulit Is also a senator,wIllpYI10DtI a Megro,who was out d the city but sent a through their Tote that they had and Sepia.u .
Uoa. the .. letter stating councilman the interest of the people whom 1M7 the Flertda Prison
( two
< major conventions
1 E. Motley, according Felix While; District &L nancy Into order. Tne Megro who they represented art authority said that such mifaclnes -
to Mrs. Richard L. Miller, MU; District S, Walter W. Anderson That man Is Senator Edward Toted" for the budget calling for mostly poor people-..who can would J Jeopardise
election co-ordinator withdrew ; District 4, George William Brooks 41 first Me- ..."t. to, tnt Juat 1 the 0 and 1" (garbage. and ill afford u uMitlt1"! tax on security through articles on
'due to the pruv'I: Longworth; District B, Wtlllt meeting la Orlando and vI'ero -' their meager Incomes. I dt- racial treats and ....
my business and other.community Motley, District I, Doris. representation on the Henry Harley plate >the action of tht highhanded Accordingly at Jhe hearing
MAJOR CARL STORES activities."Motley later Grtssett District 7, Marvb delegaUonTHt said, "W6 were new power structurt held laA year, It was revealed
they were mot seat la earlier revealed he wu not aware of E/ Scott, Jr.; Dlstrkt t, Edith ) offered aa honorary aerceutatuma" Suffers crowd, especially Earl Johnson that tilt authorities were allowing -
He emphasised,, "They would tilt time Involved In carrying ,Jackson. District I, Rev. E. poa1t.IoIlAda limited Fatal and Oscar Taylor who feel that the Negro Inmates to read
oe dead today! Be said be out tilt duties of the vast orpntntinn W. Maynard. District 10. Nathaniel Dumber of passes for each >the poor of this county dontfount. magazine potilsbedbywtlleoc.gtniI2t1I.5 ; -
was confidentially told of a plot Bowevtr bt did say Jennings Dlstrkt 11, convention .... & Heart AttackHenry : ." Among them art
to destroy all nile policemen that be will continue to "de,. Theodore Lee, Jr. District It, Attorney Williams said they When reached by telephone and Sports Illustrated They were
on sight.OB myself to my community lAd Lewis Johnson, District II, consider this as tote..... He Barley, among Jack Informed d reaction la tilt also permitted to subscribe to
Monday Safety Director to solving tilt problems of the .. Johnson; District 14, said be has been authorised toewatut sonville's first Negro policemen community to his voting tor tht their ova hometown rDlll.
Joseph, McManamon, Mayor poor." Motley outdistanced. U Alice Mack Turner, 15trletll, tilt seating of tht lilywhltt died earlier this week at budget, Earl M. Johnson said The Court said, la essence:
Stokes sad Frank Schaefer at other rsMt ale. la order to R.L. Williams. delegation btfort tile his home, at the age of 48. The hi was not surprised. "Although -.alapr1aoaloMl
jt PoU" wia first place. More than 1J5 persons rte Crtdtnftf CwftHM. policeman, who lived at ISM\ Johnson said be voted for tilt many rights sad privileges, the
metFtoMdfK.sirppolk. griev- The winners wert notified of for these offices. They will become According to tilt leader, tilt Hurst Street had been suffering budget because the new government courts still hart duty of '"pro
1DCeI. their election Sunday by Mrs part d a committee cf group will file a protest with from a tied CCIIId1t1oa. He is starting its first year titling tile prisoner from unlawful
BUck Nationalists were con.altered Martha C. McCoy acting CJEO 43 directors, according to Mrs. the committee and will ask was on sick leave at Jhe time of virtually bankrupt and the and onerous treatment :
responaible for much Executive Director Mrs He- Tombs ,. tht committee to name u at- %ls passing. He was aa 11yearBENRT council was forced to find new that of Itself adds: punitive'measures
d the trouble. military type Cay said that mort than 5,000 election was typical la lure delegates on the Florida t pr sources of revenue. He said to those legally meted j
machine gun with a trlpoiwas persons In the did sections Its makeup d all elections slats .....If. Von D. Mlaell', 1 ;. the garbage and sewer tax 1san out by the court" A final decision
found bat disappeared. Fred' tile city responded by voting. Enthusiasm was Ugh Employees d Fort Landerdale, John W.. ; experiment that will provide U swatted.
"Ahmed" Emu, a J'faUoDa11It"ader The League d Women Voters of the GJEO helpedln every SENATOR EDWARD BROOKE. Stamns and Minnie ass of 1 the needed revenue but It Is felt
was charged with assisted, and techniques area. Local businessmen loaned .' West Palm Heat Waymoa A, that taxpayers will get some Retires .
murder. B was be who bossiest were directed by representatives ears. Tabulating was according Cfo' senator from Massachosetts. Evans and Imo H. Dukes of, ft. relief In the near future.He .
the Bt will serve utempora.rJ' Roberts of Riviera said tht new tax .Is "no
that, bad not his pa tailed to d the Tatted States to accepted pro Miami, '
fire be would shot several Research and Development cedures. All of this was done chairman d theGrand Beach, E.H. Johnson of Or- ''f real discrimination" because
policemen dead. Corporation of Mew York, with la the light of the tact that Old Party Convention In undo, and Virus T. Harmon :.' I living beyond the present city
The National BroadcastingCompany full eooptralloa from the GJEO was faced with a discontinuance Miami la tile Deep South next and A.L, Boyton of St. Peters limits "I have to pay for garbage '
tomrfr'ntil also that Atlanta offkt. of tends unless reorganisation wiek However" this Is only one burg. collection and when my

two d its broadcasters were New directors are District 1, could bt achieved Jkls "FUsta. 1961 Attorney Thurman L, Dodsonof septic tank goes bad 1 have to
Bt was elected the
u is tilt to it have tt
Washington attorney. pay repair or
were beaten beaten Sunday.while They filming said they aa litvn Feels HHH Is listCheictSsys first Negro Attorney" General ,"11 Is our sincere belief," said, cleaned or whatever Is necessary. : .
in the Bay State. Four years Williams "that tilt Republican ."
incident la the patrol and were ear beats and at later the Humphrey Is Fair later M per cent of tile white Party would bt guilty of tilt. Johnson said the tax win be
voters pat Urn la as the first .
Fifth District police ItaU a. worst type of racism Imaginable on the landlords and home-,
One Cleveland pollcemsa resigned LOS AMGEftES VIce President Hubert H. Humphrey not Negro Senator sloes Recon. if it stands Idly by and' owners. When It was suggested
;la bitterness, writing oar* has the support of the Supremes and the most vocative struction. allows tile Florida Republican HARItETveteranof to him that the landlords win
Senator Brooks has not ,
."I am so angered and confuted sanport of its leader Diana Ross he has the outspoken support I em-' Party with Us lily-white delegation pass on tilt tax to tht poor
that cannot set myself as a ofa'Soul Brother." the leading Soul Brother of_America to.day.JAMF -.. >pbaslstd race, rather has he to host the aatIouIY.JItJoL" con 'I tilt Jacksonville tenant by increasing his not,
pointed to ability and achievement Bs said Mlaell will Police Department. Barley was Johnson said, "I dont think
useful police officer." Police BROWN.
: recent hits. _
u wen to rapport. Bt
coordinate plans for mass demonstrations hors la Kline S.C.. but lived pop"to
demanded edit pay. Some baa tame Brown who really became tile
Brown put tilt enthusiasm has Ignored the term of "Uncle
lad picketing la most of Us" years la tile city. the anger over the new tax
refused to travel U twomansquads star of the show electrified his "
Into Us espousing of ,
Ton. Brooke feels that Us
aa coocernedNegro Be was a member of then hints that
in the East Side. They the CUll of Humphrey for the audience when he said, "Be duty Is to an of the state sad front other', :Baptist Church and was one oftht politicians were wHl support Negro the recall .SGT. LC. LOBFCEO.
finally agreed OB three-maa Presidency that be puts latohls cause lam a black man I beUett'la -' opposes any kind of violence.Tht joiotra 'Sergeant LC/ .
states.. six Negro patrolmen received petition being circulated Carey a .....
saws tt.like It U.fBVVottotal .
tnterntioulybornlaw. Into tile membership of .ford, SOB of Mrs
for a recall d Mayor Ball LUlia B.
Mayor Stokes was the object "He's my man," said Brown to sell you down maker has travelled widely. Bt Rockefeller 'OuilcKnickerbocker the formerly segregated Fraternal Tangier's election. Only about Lord 144 Dallwood Avtaat.
d much abut. Be was Jeered the river at -
whose tunes, repeated many any time. Be has been a kind d roving '
peace Order d Police. Survivors 4,600 signatures art requiredto Veteran of World War U
on television. Tat dry ordi may times on a gives theme, aid that the man who would mmt ffff tTi Be has tvCn managed Club are Mrs. Alma JI/ lay,- have a recall election. 'add the Korean War, has ....
DUCt against abuse was read look after black
have been memorised millions bitterthis
by people to stand out the
against tired
Jr from the
widow; two sons, Henry ,. The overnight uproar over the United States-
oaths air.Mayor .cI18 admirers lAd they have been looked after : I
strong popularity of Senator MEW TORK Governor ...
LindaDiana Army after tl
and Ungston; daughter new tax has given rise to the ytara of active '
Stokes, however apparently those la the ".. I
'countless t"mrTMn of put De.a en
Robert M. Kennedy':
son Rockefeller of New
remained all of Jacksonville: ; a idea of getting up a petition for serrke He served la. taly.
within the ''
who go to see him perform:; dorse. And from the riotous B has been rumored that Senator Tort resigned this week from Jacksonville France North
Some brother: Wilson Barley, a recall election of both Ear I Japan
realms of understanding.
Brown chose Humphrey at a applause Brown received, tours
Brooke stands tnaposltioa. the Knickerbocker Club becaustof ; four sisters, Mrs Johnson and Oscar Taylor. and on three U Korea
stores reopened. He lilted a reception for the VP la Watts. others wert oldie same rani of. to become a cabinet member If Its failure to change admis-i Ethel Wallace and Mrs. Bea-
eitywide liquor baa and pulled More than 700 children wertthere mIDd.' a Republican becomes .President. sum policies which allegedly trice Langley, Jacksonville; Something New
back National Guardsmen from guests at a summer Tht candidate said that he :
Bt might ma stand a lead to CI1acr1ID1IIatIaD: against Mrs Lyre Smith, Detroit and
the rioting East Side. Then he camp, and thnatinls of ethers.llsmpmrey .wants to see the Negro have Us; chance of being a Vke.Presidential minorities.Bt Miss Laura Barley, South T1LflHAS&Eg-gifarf flon- number of contUs'whkh hart"been
pored Negro otfieerh in, as-. so Impressed own businesses from banks to candidate. made this announcement Carolina. Funeral services l Improrement.. plans for tour certified by Chrlstiaa's office '
/Uted..by !500 black'cWuu..' Brown that the two went Into service stations sad "his own Senator Brooke has taken various outside Us Harlem beadfjairt- be today, Thursday August 1, counties which were approved to recelwJLTIO per teacher -
amlu4reI1nIac'.to a a less strenuous version of tilt piece of property"Then Brown positions oa the. Vietnam era. Bt said at would decide at 4 p.m. at Second Baptist by State School Superintendent, unit as part of the 1103
calm J, perllapl.dla. toogaloos sad then did a short and he toot tarns at a famous .IUDaU a. I.. on a cast-to-cast basis u toother Church, with TIlt Dallas Graham Floyd Christian. million allocated: for tile pro
(tarbed by Its owa eltinens.. tore from one of.the.singer's CONTINUED ON PAGE B; ****** c1IIbI..a .,' Funeral Hoot in charge.. Tht approval brings to I) the gram by tht Legislatvfc*

.-. t r

< 'l'
; '
""f. .4 ,t' 'I :.... .. it : ",, ( '.. .1 '
: ; : ," 1,<' .
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; (
'.. ..."'lj1; ;>>., ;Lt .,_,j'<. !: i* -" ,,- ,:ls;1L Jt. 6t+h .. ,..... h'-. iIi .it'i .; i ,.
6 _' 0 -- ................

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rue. 2,




XTTHG THE ClJNSERVAT/VE SOUTHERN BLOC.IT'S' UP TOCONGRES5" WLe SE-FAT Americans are the richest freest spending group of people
MEMBER NIJDrI..fIHTWICARTED! COHGRE5$- TfA4SSAH CNUGHTCNlD .RTYPROGRAM 'T'JW WILL. llnthe world. But we Somehow cant afford to clean up our air
PUT FRt:SH HeAT A1D HILl INTO THE: STOMACH OF THE ADO and water, provide Jobs for the Jobless and get our mall oa
NEGRO THAT micNENS WE THIGH AND.sHRTENS: THE BREATH." T* Postmaster General mecca announced that Saturday
i s+w.rMVrNaar rarvntrP
... .mall services will be cut back ]
: ; ? this Fan, home mall deliveries
I 1\\ I.I 1 ',oo Saturday will be eliminated.This .
I. I -. : is going to cause la-
y. -... .:- convenience for an awful lot of

ERIC, 6. SIMMON IIRABIHC EDITH; l" -" ..r people especially! to those of us
who remember when the
'f t' _.
,used to be delivered twlceaday.
:HILDA I VOOl.i-CIRCOUTION: MANAfiEI But aside from the uconvenl
ence Involved, It shows how
short-sighted this nation Is...*
'2323 MONCIIEF ROAD PRONE :stead ot pinching pennies oa a]
mall system which Is alrll4J'poor ]
ELFIN 4-0702: :MULING ADDRESSP.O. la comparison to that of. .
.l other countries, why don't. expand J&patt1JIcapIoJtt
-S mea to work. -.
101 SSI lACiSIII.UE FA Reslotimg-twice-any deliveries and expanding Saturday services -
32201 could create Jobs for many thousands of the unemployed
B doesn't make sense to spend money on all sorts of relief pro'

MIAMI i OFFICE 'SOU N.I. JIR AYE. Q VEN RE EII ES 111.0PE / create grams for decent the unemployed Jobs, providing when dignity an expanded and a man regular service paycheck could

I PHONE 151.3111SUBSCRIPTIONS for people now oa the unemployment rolls. Everybody beDIm *
, Ode Year through faster mall service. "
RATES ; N -- And the malls aren't the only area of public service that's

te Year $12.00'Half Year, $7.00 started Hospital administrators are constantly complaining
labout the need for more attendants nurses aides, sad other
United StatesSubscription
Hailed to You Anywhere In the at / stiff Here Is aa area where unemployed men and women can

payable In Advance i V r I be put to work, doing various important )Jobs which require only:
Send Check or Money Order to: 4t. a moderate amount of training

FLORIDA STAR .- P.O. BOX 599 Pollution: is yet another area which needs manpower We always
da hear a lot of talk about water pollution. Streams that people
used to fish Just a few years ago are now foul and polluted.

HOW LONG WILL CONGRESS 'AVOID AND EVADE" Ending pollution win require massive sewer-buildIg and pipe*
Lying programs. Such programs could put many thousands: of
1- Len to work, men who would need'no special"skills I or training.I
THE WORLD OF IUSWESS !: j-- -- -.A'':: And everyone would benefit from clean water.i .
The schools are finding that enrollment growing while there
S Is a teacher shortage. But teachers could be helped by non
Anyone who 'think that business is'a 1 I professional assistants la the classroom-neighborhood! mothers

stereotyped Institution that never changes YOUR WeeklyHOROSCOPE who may not have teaching degrees but who know kids and could

Is something of a rental Rip Van Winkle take a lot of the pressure off teachers la overcrowded class-
roan The schools would benefit, and many Jobs would be
For those who wish to do so, the quickestway 0 created.
t6 sweep out';cobwebs of misconception .. If this country'...1..B"tIIIIIc. It needs diy-care centers where

Is to look through soae bf the current GUIDE ;j:'" working lr.,could leave their children while they go to work.

business magazines which In themselvesbear .We have paid less attention to this Important area than nearly
little resemblance to the stuffy every major country ia the world. A nationwide day care center
U program could help working mothers, give their kids a real
periodicals of former times. A late Issueof By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER Head Start program, and put thousands of women to work. at the'
one of these Distribution Manager 'centers
t. I
might be called typical.t has one sectionon ,:xk, A.4 Out cities are badly U need of rebuilding. Rotting tenements
International > are more than Just eyesores-they are terrible places ia which
Items"bniJLnjLigivThis'sectlonhas new'1 world trade WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS ,, families live la overcrowded, ratlnfested apartments.A massive
Interesting homebuUdtng program could do more thaa Just solve the boating'
centers, U.S. business ,development effortsIn shortage for low and moderate income families. B could also

Australia, and on advances In various FOR create enough good-paying Jobs to end unemployment altogether.
countries the new art of containerization These are Just a very few areas where public needs are DOt
being met and where public services are 1DI equat.. Just about
r.foi' sh Then there
overseas! paeats. everyone agrees that we need better mall service better hospi

are pages of advertisements that emphasizethe BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL tale, better schools and day care centers, and better bousing.a .
worldwide Interests of today1 we can get a national commitment to achieve these goals we
businessman. will also end unemployment- which keeps nearly half the
'1l'7 I/OelIIOIII --. Itwfrd1IIII'v4. ---- ectle.la
q. : sjaettos either out of which
-- --- .-- -- -- lobs onion lobs are bedeattf

new railroads Tnere and-brlda"CODCePt are will also speed,,feature the.,by movement trtfcles which the-U.JS.of uu goods: wuo" : ::; A1IES10RN ;, C NEEA\';:**l..HMi1't; : F' ]1 ACRIIII;j-:"\e a theft-tl r'r f -S. "; f e'- } '1 f a..

between Europe and the Orient. Streamlinedunit LORCI RUIN JW22KI BORHlS.fJ.23RO HIM IEC.22m .

trains will pick up cargoes from JUT :, APRIL 1ST! Jill) 22U OCT. 238ft UN. nu SHE DID ALL THINGS WELLIt

ships at ocean ports and carry them across Be glad but be careful. White Choose right Some c ncet- Don't talk tapis who dont That's done, is done. Capri-
there Is mock to be said Intans eornians who hare beta going
tans who have
the continent ,for trans-shipment. One arrived at a look going of*
article tells about another adaptation of of enjoying the good life, Jock oa the road to the futtrr whentidop not: alms through a transitory stage had is indeed regrettable that a patronof
there certain limitations pt themselves
always art accustomed
the unit train that. will very likely soon to be otmsr sd. its so whether many be to hard tab put the to decide ot the most pleasant kind. to the Idea of settling the children's theater chorally speak-

be 'highballing perishable foods from easy to tab a chance and lose, left turn. One is the right,way*or tosuccess log Those can who.offend speak others without think furnish don to a permanent way of ing and the humanities has departed from
or -
coast to coast In record,.Uae-thus cutting to ears deeply but unwisely. and all the advant.am them with material tor. life, B is possible that may us almost surprisingly and certainly unexpectedly. -
This does not: slgnlly In the and have earned a vacation should .Mrs. Irene Edmonds wife of Dr.
privileges ,
the consumer a grocS'fs>tful.. ,Another fears go along gossip that will boomerang? be takes
least that true lore does not with now or very shortly
tt. The'other is the pith This the kind of a mootrwhea S. Randolph Edmonds at Florida AIM University -
ture In ('Distribution Manager" tells of exist, but that it Bust be pursued of speculation js in order to be back la time
new techniques In packaging and labeling with reason and not by,, Involvement witl losesdeippntotmsnt emotional. and one and you should suspect every, for,the pressure of work or died last week.

developed by a major 'chain store through the heart alone. Arlans who lsadligtoadadsod. olute assurance everything has..pea responsCblUUes that may start We will miss her for the good that she

Improved merchandise ordering and handlingThe decide oa choosing a helpmate! The difficult days .wheathe that there U no cause for tt. th.mounting Rufus once again next mon did for the molding of the lives of )'o"nlpeople's
should pick one who really helps choke Is involved
world of business has Indeed becomea being pressed 2-40-11 -26 H In schemes theater and her artistry in
and not: osw who Just wants home could be the Jrd -711 or friendships that
colorful world and today a business pub- to be helped. This Is more or tt may yet be possible to are potential threats to ores directing the speech chorus of the FAMU

lications do a terrific job of bringing tens the pattern that will prevail straddle the question ia order J\CI\ pnf. Up, financial' status,and complete Plarmaker's Guild To see and hear the
during the whole month peace of mind. This Is a
that color to life. to via time for deep and remunerative chorus of voices of young men and women
furnishing Allans win situation that could last wen
their necessary cues. 1 70 ..-17-93.804 reflection. 24TI .i,.. 22NI until the end of August, caning who were trained by her was a thing of

V10 -11 -.11 JI-J44 Keep right on.Just because one for constant vigUancji and jby. Never have we seen any choric group

JU has.a host of old friends does determination to keep. free of perform any better and the group speakers -
not mean that is no DOSSfbUity < compramistog ft... had
therf a finesee which held,, the attentionof
RIOTING A CONTINUED THREAT ...rNJJill.2111 IOU IILY22NI of making new ones. M -4S.49-tO patrons and listeners.
This is the time ot life when *
TO DOMESTIC PEACEThe -111 JOTI Alt, 1 IJTI conditions are almost perfect ftttRII Mrs. Edmonds. a veteran teacher at FAMU

Heat easy. Those who have Distance lends charm.Sometimes -. for engaging social and cuQ lORM 'J. took delight in her work and it had to
to.more,leak away hum t). tt is necessary to leave pursuits and allowing them to, .._ reach the level of perfection. That is why
of family, er otherwise make togo home for a while la order to lead where they may,even marriage '2111' -' FEJ, till'' her productions with the children's theater -
rioting Cleveland
Negroes long fresh start ia life win have come back to tt refreshed and for those who are single. Be knowing It Is all right to brought back
ago even with Negro mayor goes to show through the usual period of able to appreciate more this There may be some deep-rooted wish when we know what It memories of our childhood.
how futile it is to think that any so-cal loneliness, sett-pity or at- ever its comforts and advant prejudices in this connection is we desire and are pretty sue Hundreds of FAMU graduates residing in
tHIiut coepklatioa,The first There are Indications that which should be looked into. have the state and elsewhere will
led Negro leader can control all militant ages. of our chances to tt gras miss her for
couatemove Is to adopt a new many Leos would do themselves Future interests may require ted. In cases where it takes touching their lives.
They be
groups. For a long while white them out and the
power philosophy that will make existence and their families a world ot rooting sooner somebody else to bring the
structure expected it. 'Yeep your people and tts ordeals more good logo oc'a1oog the better. This is not going event about there are subtle and women for master s touch and the

under control" they told presidents of bearable. And, of course the voyage' alone or enmasse, and to be a snap but it seems as ways of hinting until, somehow laying. of her hand on their shoulders.
predominantly-Negro college at one stage desirability of inlarglng social to find out for themselves the U the quest for future development >> the idea is put across. As she joins that innumerable host
asd club circles should not be and happiness requires
shape the rest of the world Brusqueness or making demands which
in our history.It overlooked The signs,that present is in. that the whole matter shouldbe la no uncertain terms sooner qr later we all must join,

is regrettable Jhat there has been circumstances will pare ''J $0 It ._ 952" 309.mo studied thoroughly and anew will have the opposite effect. May the Almighty comfort her with 'Come
sp touch waste of our natural and human the war to neater understanding sound chirtftd. It also especially if the person who ye blessed of my Father." '
'resources by these tlare-ups, Millions of and successes in the may be -uari by the has to furnish the cash or what-
future visible to mature of your occupation or
are enough
flU Is involved happens to beat
dollars in lost of property have foolishly '
be seen by those gifted with prefesslon.60M7185507. a rather pround and Imperious
gone down the drain in this manner. If any insight and foresight' BORN' m. nature.
S -*to M .72-25-126" Sltl. JACKSONVILLE..WHAT NEXT?
human group needs to learn respect for 2310 _21XDtts 1-20-44 f .'IICZOO.P1scEs
conservation of physical and human resources always there. No matter SASITTAtjBS

certainly Negroes do. ,.YIII\y\ where Vlrgoans stay or travel, lail.li y.' In one stroke as it, were. Mayor Hans G. .

The Cleveland Mayor had to use the resources JUT- TINE worry aide One usually cannot is run right away along from 2JRD Drc: jir ., JOAN .111, Tanzler appointed two Negroes to high city
of. the and National 21JTFfeM positions. They came surprisingly -'
police Guard overnight
It no mater how carefully pre> Pick a alga goal.. Sagltarians 1.111 Hi.. 2QTIIf
.. "deeply
for there was no other way. For a long paratlaos are made to that are now riding high or arevan' and have the impact of a positive
traauUtty life.
rotted that troubling your may per.
i time yet there will be no other way to of mind the physical' effect. The only thing Is and to oa the way to doing so. sons allow themselves to be civil rights gain. :

maintain order and, peace. wen-being or the discharge otIttfficutt recognise to attempt It to at eliminate its source it.Some This Is one reason why they :Influenced by what other might Harold Gibson Jr. for two years Executive -
duties should be thoroughly gh/MtM DOt stint when aa add- think. Or they are afraid to ,
Director df the
Too often certain individuals have been who still have Tf*>t"*> coming Eartha White -Nursing
itloial effort has to be madeor
before It tradition that has,
investigated to break a
assigned roles as leaders but no followers dip la tor a permanent stay. had better..to It before rather the last lap has to be run. been observed la the family Home has taken the. position jf
appointed them. For this to than after they depart so as Theres danger particularly tar back Administrative Assistant to the Mayor
very reason The tang to do may be consult to be enabled to enjoy their or community as ascaa
they have little ,influence in' the areas" of aa oM friend or, better pleasures undiluted. Also make anjoog the younger people end be remembered. The trouble one of the highest positions in the local
'mass human control. stllL a prefMsioaalcounselorwho certain that physical condition drop out practically on the with Wa sort of thinking government.
really knows prather than what may have bees are- is that tt simply does not: fit
For a long time have pondered ,leaves nothing to be desiredbefore Second. B.L. Canty has
we over guesses. Due can lead to the sounding success Dismiss such ia this modern space or atomic been named t6. the
the purpose of the guerilla type militant ether, so leave ao door ma- engaging to which in urban strenuousactlrltes people notions and reinforce the deter regardless' The teen-ager of today motor pool post in the new municipal

groups. It seems that they have power to -.tit the major purpose become unaccustomed. The Sew III1DaUoIa to allOW nothing In- of the tact that their structure. As motor Pool office Director,
hu bees achieved.. Most of you eluding perlOGl11Dc1bWOIII or ideas may be noddled and their Canty will
but not to earn $14.500
destroy construct Maybe thesemilitant who may be Ued don bJ press Annually He IB
are too t-"rv-M' and real. handicaps, to cause you to throw .tactics most unwise or Impractical to take office "
log duties should be philosophical in October.
radicals function as a 'pro .
Idle to arM a.Jae1Mlpt..1IIak- a possible brllllantfutareaway. may be trying to
perty-destroyertbreatr'technique: in tagtt that mack easier to find and find comfort in the This Is a problem that maybe convey this message to. us.iatheir We wish that these two citizens will
that turn to have
gaining indirectly. certain' rights. aspired hmn eat la more ways this fun thought wttl come their : with you for. .a. good.part of owablaarreway. ,reap bountiful, harvest from their' municipal -
tbI aOIItb. .
I '
p -10. -7.rM.m stewardship r
.for. :,10 U .22-4,'. sit I IQ ..! s 9099, .ft-1f-42.

Sea l i

.. ___. .._ _. .. ,
; ....' I. ..._ ... _.. ... '.. t'L ... "' ... ., -
AL LA --................. "'L ... L&A _&...& ...& ... __

r .


Mary Ann Smith Shirley Tirver Pigletls Club Digest Gives JU Announces Mrs. Marian Glover

rW iJJ !t !J Weds Leroy McCoyMiss Becomes erldeOn Elects Staff $75,000 For Student Body Gets High RatingsMrs.

Mary Ana Smith, daughter 24A A TermA Mutes P. Glover was
.. Pigletts For
- ""'"" -.. August new club, the was College Fund Number
of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur U honored with a surprise birthday
organised Mrs.
Allen on July by
St. B. Oflord 635 Odestt Jim London, 1122 Davis St., Smith, became the bride of Catholic service, at 1 P.B., M. H. Frasier. Miss Lynda the Reader's Digest'Foundation total of 1,251 students Is enrolled party recently by her sister
1145PacettlSt.,20., 22 and Lorine Johnson, Davis]I 68 and St.Abneda 45. Davis, 1122 Mr. Leroy McCoy la a June Sunday August 24, at St Ptas Walker was chosen u president contributed 175.000 this in Jacksonville University's and brother-in-law' Mr. and
Miss Dene Glenn was week to selected colleges of eight-week summer Mrs. Epps Brown,in their home
.x Miss the United Negro College Fund. session Registrar .Lea Bar- at 839 Rushing Street
named Vice-President.
James W. Jr. 141 Samuel
Follies Clark 7260 Mark St.
.T The gift Is the second Install nett reported today.Falltime The of Mrs. Brown Mr.
.Louisiana St., 18 and Jettle A. ;III.IId Brenda J. Porter 61515 Juanlta Sherman Is Secretary son
students those
ment oa an endowed scholar ship Al. B. Brown a professional
Walthour and Miss Geneva Green Is ,
1415 Louisiana St., I Strawflower PL 17.
taking six semester hours
17. Treasurer. program established by the caterer, flew down from Chica
Reader's Digest Foundation in more of studies during the summer He assisted '
A hobo party WIll be held on go. was by Mrs.-
James Jones Jr. 1447 W. 8th
August 8 at the Pig Parlor 1967. The program Is tobe con session, number773whtie' Willie Mae Bowling of New
Kenneth A. Hirers, 2151 BartI I St., 29 and Glenton Raise, 651 478 are classified
u part-time
tinued through 1970.This year'sInstallment Brunswick M.J. niece of De''ODOre.
Ian Stuart. Prises will be ,
St. 19 Linda
ridge and D. ]N. Lincoln Ct.. 30. students. A total of 197 students
represents the ..
awarded. Members and officers
Wbeaton, 2177 Kingston St., 20.
is enrolled in division -
largest contributions received evening Pink and were accentuated -
are: Chaplain, VonvenlymWaler green
Elaine FordMarries ; Sick: Committee, Renetta by the Fund so far in 1968. classes. colors. A center pieceset
Robert Scott, 2238 W. 17th Harris and Ann Lewis Miscellaneous : Only the Interest on the endowment In total enrollment, men outnumber cif a green rind water
(In be used for women by a slim mar.gln857 melon.made into a basket and
St., 39 and Lora P. Holmes, Treasurer, Yvonne may
to 594 .
men women.A
1517 Blue St., 31. W a I k e r; Parliamentarians, scholarship purposes. EachtoUere' ,fitted) with fruits of the sea
Rattle taster, HetenOark mar use Its share tithe breakdown by class shows son. A pink tulle bow was attached
Robert B. Grooms, 1022 W. Early gilt Cheeks, Carletha Adtiasou Interest for one or more the following: freshman, 136; to the handle. The birthday
206 284
28th St., 21 and Nadine Bell, Mr. and Mrs. William Anthony and Leestar Harris. scholarship awards per year senior 256, and; Junior, ; cake was set on a small
llMMcContbeSt.l i I Ford (Busterannoamcedrecently 9. according to Its own discre: ; post graduate dais at the end of the table.
( those enrolled In JVs
ii Including
i week the engagement of AMVttS Plan First tion. The menu included tn.ty,
Master of Arts in
Rudolph Terry, 815 Tyler St., I their daughter Elaine Carolyn, MART ANN SMITH SHIRLEY TARVER The scholarship program Is ) 258. Teaching program barbecue and a variety of other'.
26 and Gwendolyn E. Lincoln: I to Marine Sergeant H. Claveon Annual Benefit Ball bat one of the Reader's Digest Duval foods, candy and cocktails.
1619 Logan St 21.: :Edmond of Oklahoma City, wedding at the Holy Tabemcte Catholic Church will finalise 'Foundation's several activities: County residents Dumber Mrs. Atwinie Mack and Mrs.
I Okla. 1676 West >th. Bishop R.L.' the Joining U man and wife of Post 93 of the Veterans of la support of the United Nero 1,072; students attending Kathleen Agnew furnished !the
Jones, pastor of the church, Miss Shirley A. Tarver and K;. College FInd. For the put eight JU for the first time number
Alfred L. Wesley, 2819 N. The wedding will be Friday World War n. Korea and Vietnam flowers. Mrs. EDt B. Riley
Myrtle Art, 18 and Audrey L. morning, August 2, at 10 a.m., officiated at the late evening Alfred H. Feagia. will hold the first annual 'years, the Foundation has contributed 214. Dormitory students number and Mrs. Christine Campbell
.Thorpe 1025 Palmetto St., 18. la MarIDeCorpCl apet8elder- nuptials. The bride is a member Miss Tanrer's engagement ban at the Duval Armory on a grant xrt $4,000 for a, $2.We assisted Mrs. Brown with the
lOG Han; Arlington, Va., The of the Holy Tabernacle: was announced this week by her August 16. Door prises will be creative writing contest opento summer session, which: guests.
Chdrch: and Is secretary: of the mother Mrs. Oracle B. Scott. an students attending schools ends August 23, will be followed
Wallace T. Day. 2018 Benedict newlyweds will fly home and a given.*James C. Bailey Is Com- Among guests present wens
church, u well u superintendent Miss Tarver attended Matthew affiliated with the Fund. First by the regular 1968 fall semes-
will be mender Mr. and Mrs James Mills,
: Rd., 24 and Evelyn E.Gibson wedding reception given
of the Bible School. W. Gilbert High School and the winners also ter. Registration for the fall
place were given
Mr. and Mrs. Will Mttchel
In their honor la Buster's ,
2050 Benedict: Rd, 25. Mrs. Is also ..... classes will be held Wednesday -
Ford's Ballroom, 938 East Union McCoy a teaching Florida Junior College. The trip to New York and Washing Mr. and Mrs. Frank Donaldson,
missionary.; The bride Is a Thursday, and F rid a y,
Jacksonville. bride-to-be is a member of the American legion ton. Jr.. Mrs. Gertrude Harrison.
Willie T. Chance Jr. 734 ,
Elaine Is a member of Mt. graduate of New Stanton Senior Tabernacle: Baptist Church.She In addition to the scholarship September 4 to 6, from 9 a.m. Mrs. Ahrillle Mack, Mr. .Jota
Church St. 3.
and Betty
High School of the class of is also the daughter of Mr. and writing contests contributions to 7 p.m..1da day in toe wisher Donaldson, Mrs. Kathleen Agnew
Olive A.M.E. Church and
Adams 2836 Mars St. 21. a product
of Oakland and Matthew 1966 and a former student of Ulysses Tuner and the goddaughter Post Plans Meet the Reader's Digest Gymnasium. Classes begin Mrs.Ester Ransoms,hits
James Whiffleld, 3J18 DaTls :Gilbert schools and of Florida the Florida Junior College. of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Foundation has made aa mire-. Monday September 9. Estella DOUM. Mrs. Ella B.
St., 22 and Brenda Joyce: Paris, AiM University. She 1s presently Mrs. McCoy Is BOW attending Lee Stodemlre. August 2nd striated contribution tothe United Riley Mrs. Mable Davis, Mrs.
un Newcomb St., 19. taking advanced studies the Florida Technical: College. Mr. Feagia was graduated Negro College Fond each Joins HusbandIn Guile Lee, Mrs. Christine
at Howard University, Washington A reception followed the cere from New Stanton Senior High Jacksonville Post, No.meetFriday 197. year since the Fund's Inception CaliforniaMr. Campbell Mrs. Edith 0. imineI' -
George Washington Barnes D. C. where they will monies. and attended st. Peter's Junior American Legion, will In 1944. Mrs. Rosa Lee Barnes
2651 Crawford St., 24 and MarCO reside. College and the Florida Junior tight at 8 Imporat the The United NegroCollege Fund and Mrs. Frank Betha's Mrs. Minnie Davis, Mr. MOM

Veleria Jones, Portal, Ga., Claveon, SOB of Mr. and BRING YOUR NEWS College at Jacksonville. Re 1s a Post Home. the Aa State Department official Is a federation of 36 Independent daughter Miss,Pinkie A.Delhi" Leis;; Mrs. Versa Dixon,
20. Mrs. H. Edmond of Oklahoma member of the St.Plus Catholic from accredited: senior colleges and '1595 West 19th, left the city Mr. Moses Freeman/.

City Is stationed la Arlington, TO THE flORID STAR Church. .membership win be present drive >is n.tIlSl.also la universities seeking financialsupport : SVDdar.July 21. to Jolaber hus James Fowler Mr.K.D.Janes,
Hilton Mungin Jr., 743 West Va. AU friends of the eonple<< The weddlngreceptlofl Witt follow ; wniard Morris Is through U annual nationwide r Jackson, who Is Mr. Wallace Tinman. Mr.
25th St., 26 and Christine Me- are 1afUe4.I 2323 MONCRIEF RD. at Tabernacle Baptist progress appeal. This year's serving la the Navy at LongBeach Cleveland Pogh Mr. Al Brow
Kethan, Fayettevllle, N.Q,19.; Church 903 East Union._ commander, goal is $8.1 million. Calif. and Mrs. Willie Mae Bowl
Samuel Howard, 714 Minnie
St., 44 and Louis Smith 1205
,West Beam st.. >3. WE DO

Church Robert St.Donaldson, 49 and,Clyde 1007 West Byrd Dill 5 d:ursiUure': : FINANCINGPhilcoFord O OURDEBONAIR. AND CANE GENUINE WEAVE ACCENTS PECAN VENEERS

Fleming 939 W. Union St., 33. US Brood St. 35J-S791 ,

Paul Quincy Haynes,Washing' '
ton, Ga., 37 and Retha Lee Buchanan 25th ANNIVERSARY SALE! i
2240 W. 26th St., 35. .

Sidney Eugene Lomaa, Saa
Diego, Calif.. 40 and Eloise
Pills, 1980 Marport Road, Atlantic -
Beach., F1orida. 27.

Ressle Daniels

And Ronald Lain


Are NewlywedsMiss .

Resale Laveroe Daniels,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Enoch

Bill Daniels, was married to I
Ronald Lalng SOB of Mr. and ,

Mrs. Vincent Wag July 20 U '
the Second Baptist Qmrch.Rev. Crofted[genuine Pecan venter*
J.C. Same oI e1ated.
Mrs. Esther James played the a' $26995 wfth Hlst/nctfve/ cane-wen9e accent..

tradlUonal wedding marches.
Mrs. Mildred Marti sang "0 .
Promise Me. i .
Mediterranean grew* features pecan' veneers
'The church decorated with
was with high pressure, stain resistant( .t.,. Chair '
large baskets of yellow chrysantnemnms NO FROST Value: heck bed with tapered post, each panel with cane .
and white g1rtlfll "
w.nt.LI"e Double or Triple Dresser, duarpreef
flanked with green palms. drawers, framed plate mirror with cane weave S 95
Tnebrlde chose floor-length 15.8 cu.ft.,capacity accents at top. Quality construction and styling 199SEALY
gown with aa A-Jine skirt of im. 131'b.F at budget prices only
Big reezer
ported organza and "- .aabroldered -
Triple dresser, mirror and bed
Aleneon lice.The empire
bodice featured portrait neckline -

long sleeves that tapered
the wrist, and a removable
First 30-inch-wide
court train that fastened at the

shoulders with self bon. "Slde-by-SIde"
Given la marriage by her 7q QUILTED MATTRESS
father, the bride chose u her ONLY #

maid of honor Mill Palette FEATURE VAIUEI $QQQ95 g, AND BOX SPRING
Brlsbon, Il1aaaL| Bridesmaidswere o I
Mrs. Willie Mae Empera.' y Satin like covers In blue and

tor and Mrs. Mary Ana Richardson ram.M sMa y white panels, quilted( t. assure
Jacksonville.. They Mnhy skid long comfortable use. Medium

wore empire gowns of green and.yellow .tp A II FrM firm mattress and match
. \ and veils of matching u-
Frier Ing sturdy lour Spring,
lusion. They carried bouquet* wea.m aouNS .F".u.... air vents and turn handles."Sleeping $7995
and ;
of majestic green yellow I f.. 4
carnations. ?,u? .en a Scaly I.I U
.Anton Keene served u the o.IIII like sleeping en a cloud.
groom's best men Ushers were' I[_PHiLcajm, | tYnp Sanuw
troll Johnson and James are

Forest. Dap-Shelf Storage Doors Vegetable Crlspers Two Fast- -" arrdG
Following'the wedding ceremony Freeze Ice Cube Trays a Phllco Power Saver a Only 65H high, .....Imll7
the receptjoD: was held 30 wide, 28%- deep no larger thaivnany" cu.ft. models!
in the home of the bride.>> The Priced wfttt TredI. t I
bride's table was overlaid with 3ls2AGFI C C I IE 'P'

an organdy rattle cover and a -
white table cloth of embroidered -
linen. White candles m e Famous Magic Chef gas ranges make cookIng "r

candelabra illuminated table, ejukk, easy and cleanse" well as ece-

with the exquisitely tiered wedding ... pilot. lights. Large
cake. Refreshment tallies all and broiler' lifetime

with t silver bowl of punch and -.- burners with porcelain. drip pans. '
.arrangements of ivy and pompoms. '

I I 4'
The couple will reside at 1520

West 25th Street. Jacksonville. "

Vagabond Club 1 : $16995INsr 1ir

Chooses StaffThe ; __

. Vagabond din at its, '.-.' t( .4WD WITH FREE TANK OF CAS

rep1ar.tIDe., elected. .
officers. ew I

R.They McGTlfl.Vice-presldeaO are: President Bother! ,_ :r OPEN FRIDAYS TIL 9 P.M.DAVIS .

Brother D. L. Lairs Secretary '

,' Brother A. Clark; AssIstant -
Secretary Brother M.T.Davis Handsome traditional 2 piece suite, quilted severs

Brooks; Treasurer, Brother R.' ---f over solid foam tests end stacks. Loose cushion backpillow fJfS 5umitures
Chaplain, Brother P. 259 \
.... Douglass SaTgeaatatarms. and T cushions seers. White end Cold, Geld :
Brother S. Williams 135 Brood St. 3535791r ;.
Sofa fir Choir
Parliamentarian aid Jade. Similar to tcrure.' *
Brother F. I
Cask. -. .

...,' :' ", r. -r.. 1 ,

... ( '

j ... r ..... S oi4 \\, ,
.... \I. '. .,'- "". J'',' \I t>''"'.,,,. Tj'4. ."'..:'.....'.t<.\ ".'<"<"..'f.. 1

.... .

\ IMt.
., '

II. Pleasant, Callahan, Celebrates 95th Year of Founding-15th of Pastor'I

". -
I Christ The World's Social
Hope Will.
Rev. C.W. Whine
., ---
: ) ',,, ', .-
| ,.', Honored By Visiting Groins

CHURCH OF CHRIST WRITTEN IN HEAVEN CALLAHAN Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Callahan, will
celebrate Its 95th anniversary beginning Sunday, August 4,
Sunday School opens at 10 a.m., wlthSuperlntendentEmma McClendon -
la chart. Deacon Lang C. Franklin win be the adult combining that anniversary with the w11lsbegin fifteenth.Rev. .
teacher la chart At 12 noon Elder THomas Brown, pastor win C.W. Whitten Is pastor.. Services at 8 pja.,

speak. He win also speak In the evening. Choir No. 1 Till serve; nightly.On of District 5 Deacon
throughout the day. Professor H.M. Green will be In charge of Sunday night August 4, '
music. Usher Board Na 1 will sem all day. At 6:30 the Y.P.C.W. .Behtel A.M.E. of Callahan,Rev.WJ T. Mitchell, leader.
will meet. Mrs Luclle Council Is president. Evening worship >. Young, pastor will be in On Sunday evening August 11
I Matthew
at 3 St. Baptist
begins at 7:30. Communion will be g1yen.OnTaesday at noon the charge. On Monday Bight p.m.,
Church Band The Is Invited. August 5 Mt Charity Baptist Church, Folkston, Ga. Rev. C.
Prayer meets In the Upper Room. public sntl
.,Mrs.Ann West Church, BUlard. Rev. R. B. W. Whitten, Pastor Friendship
Is president. On Tuesday evening at 7 30 S.S. Rkho
I the Rome Missions and the Prayer meetlDgare held The Sunday Brooks pastor and the Church Baptist, Rev. ,
School lesson will be discussed by Deacon Franklin The pastor of God by Faith, Callahan, Elder pastor will be guests of District
will review the lesson A question period Is featured. Mrs. Frank Townsend, pastor 6, Deacon Robert R.JonesIs ,
Era Ricks is president. On Thursday night the tarry serrice will have charge of services. leader.On .
takes place On Friday night Choir No. 1 will hold a rehearsalwith Mrs. Willie M. Lawrence will Monday night, August 12,
st. Paul Baptist Baldwin, Rev.
the Instructor R. Green, In charge. Mrs E. M. Brown Is give the telcomeaddressMrs. ,
president On Wednesday night Choir No. Z and Usher Board No. Elisabeth TIsdale, words of &L. Baker pastor and Dayspring -

I 2 will meet at 8 p.m., for rehearsal with Henry Wynn u musician. appreciation. District 1,Deacon Baptist, JactonvlnRev. .
Deacon L.C. Franklin will be In cbarre.'lbe SunshlDe Band 8.L. Roberts, leader,will serve C.A. Weaver pastor, win
District 7 Deacon
serve for ,
will meet Wednesday night. as host.
TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH On Tuesday night, August 6, Roy Jones Is leader. ,
Sunday School begins at 9:30 with Mrs Resale Solomon, superintendent Greater Mt. Pleasant,combined night Following, August the 12, refreshmentswill Monday
choirs, and the chorus under the
In charge. Deacon Mose Brown win renew the be served.Each church that
lesson. At 11 am:; the morning serrlce begins. Her. W.E. -4 direction of Mmes. Williams in time
) failed to reply should
Young will deliver the message The Senior Male Chorus and .r and B.A.W. Carter will conduct attend the service of hlscholceRev. ,
Usher Board No. 1 will ""e. Communion will be administered services Each auxiliary win .
; C.W. ChtttenpastorMrs.C.W.
'at 5 p.m. The Teachers' Meeting will be at 7:SO. The Youth y make reports. Blue
Choir will rehearse at 5:30. On Wednesday from 8:IS the Choir S On Wednesday night, August, secretary.
rehearsal held. Men's Day will be observed on Sunday August First Baptist of SL Mary's,
18, beginning with the Sunday School. L.V. Jones Is Chairman. Ga, Rev. CJ. Striven, pastor East Florida Bethany
C. Reed Is Co-chairman. E. Allen Is Secretary of Finance and .... win participate. District 4, ,
Treasurer. J Deacon W, Williams leader, BaplistUshers: Convene

Sunday School begins at 9 ..m. Rer. Jones win preach at 11 ;r Thursday night, August 8, The East Florida and Bethany

/ a.m. Holy Communion will be observed Participating poops First Baptist Church Tales, Baptist District Ushers Union
> ', will be the Senior Choir, the Usher Board, the Stewards and the : .' ... !Rev. D.V. Singletary pastor. will have a one-day session

i Stewardesses. The young people win meet with Mrs Beverly ., .... ... District: 4, Deacon T. Wright, Thursday August 8, In St.Thomas
3 i Portia at I p... Plans have been made for Women' Day. Leaders leader, will be host Baptist Church, Rev. W C..
are Mrs Queen Braton, Mrs. Rattle Nesbitt and Mrs. ".L. On Friday night August 9, Neal pastor. The session begins
Cooper. committee of 50 captains will assist Mrs. Melanie Harper's Chapel, Finer, Fla Tat 9:30 a.m., with the theme
Jones Is chairman of the Program Committee. The church Is ,, '. e Rev. J. Gardner, pastor, will ,being announced by Rev A J.
located at Third and Tyler Streets. Hughes
.- A panel discussion will follow
Sunday School begins at 9:30 with Mrs. Inet,assistant superintendent Mrs. Cohen Will at 2 p.m. The ushers' workshop
In charge. The morning service begins at 11 .... will be at 8 p.m. Rev.
Deacons It. Sims and Eugene Calhoun win be In charge. The I ., Hold Anniversary .George Price of St. Matthew's,
combined choirs, along with Usher Board No. 1, will serve '). Baptist will be in charge All
throughout the day. The pastor will deliver both sermons. Holy Mrs. Rosetta Cohen will celebrate are Invited.

Communion will be administered at 3 p.m. with the pastor w, 4r her twelfth anniversary'as
associate ministers, and deacons, In. charge. On Monday eightchoir a gospel singer oa August Written In Heaven
No. I rehearses. On Tuesday night Prayer Meeting will 7, at 8:30, at First Born Temple
be bell On Thursday tight Choir No. 1 rehearses Rev. W.L. 82$ Monroe St. Elder A. Hill thurch Plans MeetThe

Rogers Is pastor. Mr. C. Samps&'IsePoder.' The church Is ....... .---.. ..lfI;;.....' Is pastor. Church of Christ Written
located at 1281 West 22nd. Central Metropolitan C.M.E. Church, Rev. ".C. Merrlweather Sarah D. Washington of Mt Zlon A.M.E.: Church Is speaking. Among many other groups and In Heaven Sunday School convention "
.CONTINUED ON PAfig I JJU pastor paid much attention when,during the annual Women's Day In the otter picture, leaders Is. the study of the theme of the persons appearing win be Choir win be held August 21
services, stress was paid on the role Christ u a Social Rope. value of Christ as a Social Hope are seen. Photos By A. Paul No. 1 of First Born Temple, to August n at Greta,

: 1 Two views from the services are shown.; In the one above Mrs, _.._Crawford... _._.._ Mrs.The Gospel Traveling CdatDaDd-Stars, Florida. This win Include Tallahassee
Louise and Jacksonville.-
Progressive Units Buried InArlington Viola Stuart der Thomas Brown win be the
Baptist ,Holy Ghost main speaker. Elder D.P. Mil-,

a Episcopal Church Iner Is superintendent of the
Conclude Enthusiastic MeetThe Sisters HoveAnniversary 'diocese Mrs.; Roseau P. Mldffleton -

Chief Petty Officer Charlie is church reporter. '
Progressive Baptist State Sunday School and Baptist Train- Scrubs, retired son of Mr. Banks In New Areas
log Union Convention auxiliary to the Progressive Baptist State and Mrs. H.O Jackson, died Men's Day Held
A Convention of Florida, closed one of Us greatest .sessions at, SAM ANTONIO- Tuu-NPI la the .Naval Hospital on:July i LOS,ANCZLCS=Lov'lneomeareas -
is, L e' 1a the Zion B.r Baptist ChurchThe ,-Rev* BJl. Simpson,, pastor. nof i t.n. Sisters of,The Rolf! Ghost U ria Portsmouth Va; BfterJan tit the tteifed States will I, ';:: Atllle* ,Chapel -
errpn Immaculate :
history-making meeting Tampa was reelected vice- aadMary extended llmess. He is survived pry from 'a' banking'plan of .k at.if7 t) ,wm l'Eiee.biated\ i
was highlighted by Urge attendance president of the Sunday School celebrated the anniversary by his parents, his wife, the Episcopal Church, accordIng at Allen Chapel A. M. K. on
r excellent programs Department. Rev. W.R. Love of the founding of the religious Rosella Scruggs, sisters, to the Rev. Canon Nicholas Sunday, August 11. Plans are
\ high worship periods strong lace of lakeland remains attecod congregation recently with a Mrs. Matte R. Jones and Mrs. Louletsls of the Los Angeles BOW under way for a state
A Mxr MM uwo nunm*CALL M SHOWoitvnMiuun study courses, and other deliberations vke js eaideot. eon-celebrated mass at theMotbtnoue. Hattie, J. Benjunlay and broCHiRLtJE diocese. Rally Rev. J. C. Bannermat
of Inspiration and in Miss Margaret Dawsoa of 300 YuccaStreet.1b. Canon Kouletsls disclosed that: Is the faster. .
the of Kingdom mass was followed by a
way Building. .Tampa was reelected recording the church's executive council
e All officers were reelected. secretary Rev. R.L. Floy of dinner. has re-hveded f C5 0001athreraIaorItygrosp
G.W. Scott enters upon his Sarasota remains as financial The Most Rev. Robert Lncey, bilks and IN MEMORIAM

twenty-..COld year as president secretary. Mrs Agnes L. Dean: STD ArchbltnnpoiSan Antonio, savings and loins associations
Do you have questions, aboutMhe ia of the Sunday School 'of Sehring was returned as corresponding presided. The principal in Los Angeles. The church,
,Feat crisis our nttKMiBs ever Department Rev. Leon T. secretary. celebrant was the Most Rev according to the prelate, hopes
faced, the racial crisis? Freeman of Bartow was seated Rev J.C. foray remains as Stephen A. Leven, Ph.D.. Y.G. to allow banks in Negro or
for the tenth year as leaderof auxiliary to the Archbishop of
treaurer. Others reelected Wxkaa Amerlcaa
Do you have suggestions a d'Uke.. the BrU. Rev G.W. Mitchell are Mrs. Mary C, Whltehurst, San Antonio. The Very Rev. increase their capital for buslMCS rl t
to make to the BlacV white
vicar for
Sanford, director of music; John Qatnl wan OM1 and home loans to people
leadership about how to solve it? PALMER'S"SKIN Mrs. E.S. Hargrett, t 15Odar. religious, delivered the la those particular vicinities.

Do you want' to hear what other SUCCESS" assistant director of: musk; sermon
I Rev OJ>. Williams, Belle The congregation was foundedon
citizens ask f '
ordinary peopleJohn
OINTMENT the site of what is BOW StPeter '
of the
Lindsay and Stokely Carmichael and'what ma en rut mm mo- raw m Glade Baptist, Training vice-president Union Department Claver Academy oa the. j. .; : I' i ;: IN MEMORIAHu
TOw*. .Miunti MM UUM w KMHta and Nolan _
Live Oak
sort of answers they come up (M etru.rufuar HUM MI ; Rev. Isidore Edwards, comer of ,'. -<,<; loving memory of our
with? Hake yourself heard and bear it u m vest mi vet Mua m.Hum Fort Myers, second vice-pre Streets. In 1893, Mother widow Margaret ,:,\, "''1:' -.":' .,.:' dear mother and grandmother -
Murphy, recently <1
vw wear IWTNOIT aided Mrs. Lola Campbell,
allan NIGHT CALL, the new, nationwide ; ImtHM sale ; : Mrs. Elisabeth
MUMS w McMiii -r d ed, with a fairly ample SCRUGGS
.0 ** In**. 1 MMM* HUM. Sebrtng. recording secretary; fort Cross Who left Us 1 year
; telephone call-in show. iu+m fttkmr *.*. t It saw. M* "rs. -Esttlle Dlckson Avon decided to devote her tiers, Harry L. Jackson; Sr., God alone
I MOM* ntratVw Mt MMk > wealth and remaining of Santa Anita 4>"f. wen ago July 311967.
years as as
A.II. .. ... wM.M Park financial secretary Mrs. ;
lA/DLIP1130; P-M-T. 12:30: hM m MUKHU ; knows how we miss her.
her life to the cause which Solomon Scruggs DunceUon
cLaeanMq < M
M war Winter Park
L.A. Bollard of
If r\nUHiiir ....... ran* ,M ... W< M fcMMwt seemed to her to be the most Fla. The deceased was in the Never shall her memory
Frill ..
Thriith a. krtMiM *tub*d ew k corresponding secretary Mrs. lade. She died as she lived,
worthwhile at that time.
1 NMnen M.M. Fowler, Tampa, United States Navy for two Earnest Garrta. Jr. departed
Call Cillict 212-749-3311; 0If.44c I tttiMfMi treasurer. Her choice was that of the years. He attended local schools everyone's friend. this life ,
July W7.
uz. l u mat Signed Mr. and Mrs. William 31,1
The United Methodist Church ItONOMT Ill Itt Oil MM Ml And Rev.: Stephens, Fort dlsadvantaged Negro and Mexican and received the Purple Heart J. Cross, Mr. Emmltt We love you But God love's
Released in cooperation with the SET MIAMlTOf rtOHCTKm Kyers, dean of the workshop. population. She founded St. He was funerallsed on July HIn Cross-Children, Mrs. you Best Sleep on.-Sleep
National Council of Churches Rev. Mac J. Peter Claver Academy to help Portsmouth Va., and was
Williams Tampa on And
mix* tMMciM* II Mamie Gibson-G r and- take Your Rest
National Catholic Office for Radio and Television : *UM Mcuti.. =. :: assistant dean; Alexander educate the youth of the Negro burled la Arlington National daughter Mrs., Lena and Signed Mr. and Mrs Ear
kiftMMM Y MI
TIM sCes.w..a
< -.... ... population and she sent members with full
Florida Cornell of Churches s..ri. Heard Jacksonville, state director Nancy hiss Brown, friends. nest Garvln, Sr., brothers,
"r .
l1 Jun wccreeU tj of BTU Methods. of the newly-founded congregation honors The family home is at and Sisters
The next session will be held to help educate the 1235 Grothe Street Jacksonville -

at Friendship Missionary Baptist Mexican youths Mexico Florida.

r JoiN J l dS m Fatnlly Plan Now-j 1 Fort pastor UTerI, during Rev.the I.month Edwards apostolate From ,such of a the beginning Sisters the of' HsuE atPDAit .

of July U. 1969. The Holy Ghost has spread to
several dioceses in many
Family Group Pictures In Breadth *** ** states. Thousands of San Robert Blalock
Antonio's and the country's

\ I: Taking Living Color And Discount Too. Rev. Richardson.Will. leading graduates cltlsens of St. Peter are Claver either Plans AnniversaryProfessor FUNERNL:

Speak At Grant: AME Academy, or have attended the Robert Blalock win

"Select' The Best Jacksonville's Leading" school at some time during their, celebrate Us third anniversary ,. .
? .- Dr. A. Richardson, former school vears. as a gospel pianist singer and *f
Class Leader Steward, Trustee From the Motherhouse, the director Sunday nlghtAgusut4.. .
.1 I I II and local preacher, returns sisters, now numbering more at 8.30 at the Revelation Baptist "Individual Service
Sinner WeddiifSNetflit than 250, continue the good Church Fourth and Evergreen AVAILABLE TO
I.s,,, :Burl PictiresPissurt to Grant Memorial aftermon EVKRYONBREGAftDLESS .
1 work of the founder without
Eutai Local
than thirty years as pastor and e. talent t :
I I consideration to the race or win. Rev C.L. TeltalrjLs : OF '
II now Presiding Elder of the West ; appear.
I I: Pictures ----i' Reception Jacksonville District to deliver creed of the students.Bishop .pastor. '
I the sermon at 11:00 a.m. Worship .
Ie I period, supported by the l. Scott
( '
Cfii Auhersiries
t ''PrTute CliksTeiffls United Choirs and Ushers of CARDS OF THANKSWe ) LADY ATTENDANT*;

; t I the church. Allen May 'Choose a ( '.STAPP.OIGANJST.
I At 9:30 a.m. Sunday Church the' members of the t AIR, CONDITIONED
1 B"nll Baby Pictures School win convene with A.V. Home Office family of the deceased Matilda BURIAL.
Rose, superintendent, together Guess, take this means of u- S SHIPPING
with his staff of officers and Bishop L. Scott ADen,one of the the loyal sincere & throes CREMATION
I teachers, la charge.At eleven bishops appointed tor the expressed ;CALL DAY OR NIGHT
I IF' IT IS I IMPORTANT TRUST YOUR PICTURES ONLY'I I the 6:45 p'm. Vesper Service -,, Southeast District of the tfcltod condelences and messages,
the pastor Dr. A. Joseph Methodist Church may live la written and vocal, and for .' ,AmbulanceARHETT
I I Reddick, win preach from the. either KnoxvUle or Chattanota. every kindness of the smallest

I WITH A PROFESSIONAL .,PHOTOGRAPHER) I t theme "Open Windows" < B5bap.4J1ela...been assigned nature, for our beloved 5i ..g4cIl
I I JLU choir members and Ushers' to the RolstoB area of the I mother'and sister.Words can-: '

t win partake of the Holy Eucha-' church,. I Bat really express out patttude. -, .,
t : BOB.SMITH FASHION STUDIO I rid during the evening worship" : These bishops will serve for We' can: simply, say,. 4atfVl 11_"
I period. at least four years. They retireat aaksl.Clcned..' "* ,
I Holy Communion will be ad '. They may serve 11 years Mrs Louise Webb ., P." ROGERS L FD.: ; .
Ju .r W! hL_ :m .LlAt ; a ministered. both services. ta CM area before transferring. Family. ; '.. : E


V 'i .- .. i .

.. .' ; j, ,., .. 0 .:<......- .; a a\ .........._'.L -'. ... d..1..J...j..J.J ........"..... '...'.i. ..: : ., : ,.Go "' v' ot """' .'

J "."

r- ucu"1-1

WORMY, mifsi 3, 1 mi STAR PAPERS

om ,

I Triple Day Will Be Held at Dayspring Baptist Sunday, August 24 I

************ \ -

Church News Bethany E' Florida Units And Scenes From Baptist Convention Dr. Pauline Campbell Will Be

Guest Speaker' In The Morning
Plan Unique Confab
EMANUEL: BAPTIST T" Dayspring Baptist Church Rev Cyrus Weaver pastor win

Teachers' meeting and Prayer meeting Till be Tuesday with On August' I an 'EItra- ..y celebrate Triple Day on Sunday, August 24, and win htgllght
officers la charge On Wednesday Choir No. 3 will rehearseat Session of the East Florida the enthusiasm with the appearance of Dr. Pauline Campbell u
and Bethany Baptist Association the morning speaker and that of her husband Dr. Stephen
p.m. Choir No. t will rehearse at 8 Thursday at noon
p.m. .will be held at the St. Thomas Dynamo) Campbell at night
Prayer service is held at the church. Usher Board No. 1 will
meet at I p.m.Choirs liar 1 and t win rehearse Jointly at 10 a.m. NeaL Baptist Church, Rev W.C. Tripel Day involves the participation Is a teacher la the school aye-

Sunday School begins at 9:30: a.m. with Urs. Mamie Fields and Mi's' *pastor.K. Beard of the women, the 1.tern Jiolds many offices in local,'
Deacon Smith Mary president mea, and the young people state and national orgaafalions. -
George In charge. Consecration: Is at 10:50: um.
Rev. ,
The B.H. Hartley. ft i separately. Each group given She is
an active worker
morning worship begins at 11 a.m. with the deacons
charge. BTU moderator. Rev. W.C. Neal will i aa opportunity for service. la her church Russell Street
begins at 5 p.m. with Deacon James Phillips in ,
be host .
charge. The evening worship begins at 6:30. pastor."Responsibility for DeJ Mrs. Minnie Lee Brown is >Baptist, where Her. Campben
Chairman for the Women.Their
Is pastor. Several children are
NEW REDEEM BAPTIST pendable and Efficient Usher service will begin at 11 a.m.: coDege graduates.

All women are asked to remain after service Sunday orderto Ing" will be the topic for the 'Mr.. Termel W. Gable)' and Services at the church will
make day. Rev. A.J. Hughes, pastor Mrs. M.K. Carswell will serve lead toward August 24.
for Sunday
plans Women's Day. This will be in October. The of the St. John ,
revival meeting begins Monday Bight at I p.m. Sunday School Will be the.keynote speaker u Co-chairman. Mrs. Camp Communion will be observed
begins at 9.30 with Deacon Eunice Dunson In charge. The lesion lien win speak at this service. -Re,. Weaver win be assisted
':30 At 10:30
will be reviewed by the pastor Ret. NormaL The morning will am.be a.m. a panel Mrs. Cyrus A. Weaver will by ministers and deacons iff
presented with Mrs.Garner .
worship begins at 11 a.m. with the deacons In charge. Choir serve u pastor for the morn the evening worship. Music wfll

No. 2 and Usher Board will sera throughout the day, with Mrs. u Mable moderator.Danbar will ing. Miss L.G. Johnson will be be la charge of S.L. Davis;

Mrs. Fannie Jackson in charge of music District No. I will discuss the "' secretary. Mrs. Lola R. Mabew )- Mrs. R.P. Askew and Mrs W.

meet at 3 p.m..The Rome Missions will meet at 330. Deaconess Qualifications of subject the Christian, !be h h. will be treasurer M. Wfllis. W.L.SmithwfllcomJ

Board No. 1 will meet at 4:30 p.m. All meetings will be held! Usher. Mrs. Viola Johnson Mrs. F.T. Johnson will supervise plete the ritual with the singIng -
.at the church.'lbuYeIl1Dcworship bepuat 1 p.m. Both sermons wm speak the the young people. Willie of "Does Jesus Care?"
will be delivered by the pastor. of the Usher on to the"Relationship PhUlmaa win be Chairman tot Sunday School wfll begla':30
Congregation. -
." Mrs. Ada Bostlck win }: the men, S.L. Davis Co-chair with Edward Bethon iaeharge,
JERUSALEM BAPTIST man Robert Mallard win be associated by c 1cers. Rev.
be beard "Rewards
Rev. R.W. Jackson, pastor 2935 Old St.Augustine Road. Sunday Through Service.on Grace treasurer. Mrs. E.W. Mataor' Weaver will speak at 11 am.

School begins at 9:30.The morning worship begins at 11 a.m., the The afternoon period will be is Chairman of Publicity. Choir No. 2 will sing. At 4:45
evening service at 6 p.m. On Tuesday at 1:30 the Tooth ban The young people will give a the consecration will be held
prayer service. On Wednesday at I p.m. Bible Study Is featured. highlighted Hour "by with a /Demonstration Mrs. M.K. literary program la the after- la the upper room, led by Deacon '
Communion Is every fourth Sunday. Sunday, August 4, at 3 p.m., Beard In The sessions noon. James Web. B.T.U will be.
District No. 7 will celebrate Its anniversary la the church. will close with Mrs. Campbell holds the doc- held at B.-4S: with Mrs. Gladys
Rev. G.A.
Deacon H.L. Waters is leader. Men's Day will be August 11. st. Matthew Missionary Bap tor of philosophy from WayneState Crapes presiding
Deacon : University Detroit. Abe
W.M. Toombs reporter. fist delivering the sermon at : ,

7:30. Choirs and official or.gantratioos *
ALLANDALE MISSIONARY BAPTBT will be present.Th Mt. Moriah AME Church

Sunday School begins at 10 a.ra. The Boning service begins at public Is Invited.Evangelist.
11 a.m. Service will also be at 7 p.m., with visiting deacons In Lists Anniversary Workers
charge. On Wednesday at t p.m. choir rehearsal will be held. ,

Rev. V.W.G. TUley Is pastor. Mrs. Tllley Is reporter. The Telfair From August 11 to August II Mt Moriah A.ME. Church, Rev.

church is located at 1597 West 24th. J.W. Jones Pastor will be busy with the anniversary. Regular

MACEDONIA BAPTIST Plans 10 Day Revival services Committees will continue appointed also.for this

A special effort will be sponsored by the Deacon Board No. I vast undertaking aces: thin Dagger Mrs. Callle Me-

Saturday at the home of Deacon and Mrs. .James Milton, 3419 Evangelist Helen Teltalr will Roster of Ministers: Mrs. Call, Mrs. ,Lash Ma Dye,

Phoenix. Sunday School begins at ':30 with the Superintendent, conduct a 10-nlgbt revival : Odessa Lane, Mrs. Alice J. .MM rs. L.G. boss, Mrs. Maggie
John E. Singleton, and his staff of teachers, In charge. The meeting beginning with August S Mack, Mrs. Geneva Palmer Hamilton -and Mrs. Ophelia
morning service begins at 10.45: with consecration devotions at the St. Timothy House of I : Mrs. Calvin Reddick Mrs. Op Meddleton and Mrs. WilhemenaDimbar.

la charge of Deacon Melton. Choirs No. 1 add No. 3 will sing, Prayer Richardson Road, S. tells Meddleton, Mrs. Janie .

with Professor Wallace Miss serving Usher Board No. I will The Angels of Mercy will sing Johnson and Mrs. L.M. Jones. Decoration:: Mrs.Lenor Red,

serve. Rev. M.... Smith, pastor of Mew .Hop Baptist, Selma., Bightly, accompanied by Professor Finance Committee MoflisFetton dick, Mrs. Anger Jones Mr,.,
Ala., will speak. The Holy Communion service will begin at Robert'L. Blaloekv Mrs. Clara Jackson Retells Alexander Mrs.Carrie

4:45. Rev. Smith will speak and administer the communion, Services will begin at 7)0.Miss ; .Daniel Bryant, Sr., Calvin Redkk Mrs. Wit Me hail

assisted by other ministers and by the deacon board. On Tuesday Loretta Myles Is secretary and t ; f i < Mrs. Alice Mack, Mrs. Mrs Margret Williams and

aight weekly prayer meeting and Bible Study are bell On reporter. Gertrude F. Mora Mrs. Mrs. Mercedes Grayer. .
Wednesday Bight Choirs No. I'and No. 3 will rehearse. On Francis Brooks Walter ."'"".' Correspondence: Mrs.Odessa

Thursday at BOOB the Missionary Society will conduct prayermeeting. St. Thomas Mrs. Barbara J. Robinson:; 'l&Dt. Mrs. Alice J. Mack,Rev.

On Friday Bight, Choirs No. 2 and No. 4 will rehears. Program Commute Rev. J. Rutty Shanks M..t. Bertha
Mrs. Bessie Merchant Is reporter. W. Jones Mrs. Mary Nealey
Plans Communion Sabb, Mn. Annie McCord,Mrs.
Mrs. Delores Jackson, Clara. Madeline Mayas and Mrs. Es-
COL SUNS BAPTBT'Sunday Jackson, Mrs. Alberta Reid' flue Bannister.

School begins at 9.30 with the superintendent and Services Sun. _. Mrs. Carolyn Carswell, andJames Church Members And Sponsors
teachers la charge. The morning worship begins at 11 .
a.m. I. JoII.IIIoG.rood ,
Communion Holy Communion will be administered Tb Wrt Asms Session of the Progressive Baptist State today school and Baptist Training and Adds: Mrs Gertrude
service at I
begins p.m. Rev. RJ. Crawford Committee Mrs. Pauline
pastor will deliver both sermons. Choir No. 1 and Usher Board Sunday at 3 p.m. at .Union Convention was held at Zion Hope Baptist Church, Rev. E.R.Simpson pastor Tb ,F. Morse Mrs.Nettle Jennings
Mrs MargretRlce
No. I will serve aO day. The Christian Ladles St Thomas Baptist Church. them was "Onward Christian Soldiers. This enthusiastic convention drew visitors and delegates Bryant Mrs. Carolyn CarswtU. Mrs!
Serving Society Mrs..
Mrs Jennings
will celebrate fn second Rev. W.C. Meal,' pastor win from the state and from other ar... Training classes were held during the convention. UUl U, Cutllfl, Mr. ogee*
*; anniversary August 12 lathe
on Mrs.En ,
deliver the aid ad- ... Hilton the Johndelegates Mary Rlgglns, Motley.Mrs. Alexander.M 'f' s." 'Frances
church. Prayer service will at message In tbe morning service 'UIt Tuesday of the opening F.O. of St. ton'Mrs
begin Tuesday 7:30.The church Is Katrlnia Alexander
., Brooks! and Mrs. Christine Arooll
located at 1154 West 31st .minister the Lord's Supper., Progressive Baptist Church of Tampa spoke. The other picturesPAUL ., Margret Buttler. -
Associate ministers will assist and guests. CRAWFORD. .
Ways And Means: Mrs Ore-

Sunday School begins at .:so, with the st erlmteodeot. Deacon Jehovah's Witnesses Seek Witnesses ed' Housing "el@li"f
Cambridge la charge. The lesson win be re vie wed' by the pastor, Sizzling summer appliance value.
Rev. Glanton. The morning service begins at 11 am. with the -' .--c: -:- .
.deacons la charge of devotions Mrs. N. Limber will be in More Roosts For Delegates 1. :. 't',': ;;t', Best buy in years!
j "
charge of music. The evening services will begla at 1.30. A' : .
Work at Wakhtonr Convention headquarters Is taking on an ,f J' .
Pretty Bat Tea will be Sunday at 4 pja TIlt Robinson Sisters "
accelerated pac according to J.H. Johnson Jr.,circuit minister .
will sing Other participants will be Mrs.P.Cole, Mrs. Everson. and official la the rooming accommodations department "'1.' ;\i. > PbllCo Ford
Bra: w.u., Davis,'rL Loac.Bats win be allan by Mrs. 801m...- t.ft .. ,'....ilft., :
"The requests are beyond our
The revival meeting begins August at 730.Rev. M.C.C1a.DtoIIJ it will give them aa opportunity "' ,
moderator of the Southeast Alabama Conference will speak expectations Johaiga aa1d. to see the bold new look which : ., < 4 ".
"If the present rate continue .
w* are tiling on here In Jacksonville Featu Value
win doubt have to .Is.
we no sr "
ftCOND BAPTBT be said. \
Holy' Communion Service will be held at the Second ItaptlstChurch our figures expected beyond" the original The convention highlight will,

Sunday at I p.m. Rev. James Carl gaps, pastor will 12,000 Several hundred volunteer be the pibrtc BiEle lecture $15.00 Cash

administer the solemn rites. Be win be assisted by the associate workers are busy calling at the Sunday afternoon at 3 pm.- I ONLY
minlctenand deacoosof the church. TIIt..nlcenW begin with Bruce E. Glffln, district minister
homes of the people listing additional 12.00 Per Month
the Sunday School at 9.30. The lesson will be reviewed' by the Ie co..m 0 41 a U 0... will speak on the subject"Man's

pastor. The consecration rites for the deacons, deaconesses, "This has proven to be a very Rule About to Give
ushers and for the choir win be .held at 10:45: a.m. The morning satisfactory way of solving the Way to God's Rule. TIlt public

worship begins at 11 a.m. The BTU will meet at 4.43. TIlt problem," Johnson Many Is Invited and no collectionsare Philco Automatic washer
Prayer of Faith Boor Is at 7 TIlt taken
Tuesday p.m. Sunday Officers .people have aa extra room and
and Teachers' Council: will be Friday at 7 ... .
p. art happy to rent It to these *. **. ** *.
0 0 0 '
Christian delegates" Watchtower Convention Rooming Accommodations officials Joseph -

FRIENDSHIP PRDOnVE BAPTIST There lain daunt about it, H. Johnson, Jr., left, and Gordon J. Hoce, right, art
Oa Friday night the monthly conference will be tell Sunday a major convention like this Excuses And CrimesBy coordinating their efforts to car for tilt needs of the 12,000

School win be at 9.30, with Mrs. Leader Smith, superintendent, one does a great deal.for the delegates expected for the "Good Mews For All Nations'

la charge. The morning service begins at 11:30. The evening economy of a dry. Rev. J. Johnson Convention slated for the Jacksonville Coliseum August 15.1$.
service begins at S p.m. Be,. H. Robinson, pastor win speakat Officials at the Convention Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Boos art assisting their husbands at

both services. Visitors Bureau said it really ii.,.JJ5. Johnson,pastor of St it* convention office.

helps. George Toot executive Stephen AME Church Fifth and
,St. Siesta's AME Gets vice-president said the four-' Davis, has submitted the following New Bethel AME's Swdiy,

day conveatloa Jehovah's article which has been

Set for Aiiisl August 11St. Witnesses, August 15-11 win called "Excuses and Crimes. School Department Has Tea
represent a tine boost to the Excuses and crimes are as-

Stephen AILS: Church's anahersary program for fee new Greater Jacksonville economy. old as man. The first man God; New Bethel AME Church's Sunday School department, with

edifice will get underway Sunday, August 11, according to Rev. "We base these figures on* made gave the first excuse Gen.' Superintendent F.F. Donation Sr., .la charge celebrated: a

J.8. Johnson, pastor. what the avenge delegate 3: 10-12 and his first son Departmental Patriotic Tea:'recently, with each. of the four Permanent Prtf
The new building, taking placed are: Mt Vernon Baptist First spends," Tobl said. "Som Committed the first crime. departments presenting patriotic numbers.
the old one, is located.at Corinth Baptist Mt Tabor Bap-' groups spend more than From those days until now, -.r. Loclle G. >4rm< tils ttli way cloteupcits -
Ftfth and Davis tint Enamel Baptist, First others,' b* said but it averages not one person has made 004 Participants : Jfeature/L ici ommciui t*
Coleman Choir. P *T<* Baptist Other participants were: Mrs.Mary ..
Rev. H.L. Herod radlospat* oat." penny profit out of the excuse
; New Zloa Baptist,Central CME, Church Minnie Davis.Rev. Robinson Mrs. Sallle
er of WOBS pastor of Mt FouBtala A.IIE. Central Baptist, The Witnesses quit often U* and :rime business., All 0( the Mrs. ,
Miss Miss Marls Thorps
Vivian Johnson
itnrto ) Baptist Church,, will Woodlawa Presbyterian Zloa la the family vacation with attending world's woks and suffering cav Williams '
speak la the morning. A will Bop Baptist the convention so art find their origin In these two Verona Mitchell Miss Judith CONTINUED ON PAGE 1

be introduced by Mrs. Tbelau Also: 8et"., Baptist, Mt around for a longer Urn than world-wide businessesexcuses McBride Mrs. Bt..rl1lort1a.Miss
Ray. The guest soloist for the Calvary Baptistjund Rev.Ahta Just the days of the convention. ( and crime). Miss Terothy Harris
morning will be Mrs. Mary Leonard Jags During the history of the Coliseum The world history Is the Jacqueline Jones. DOES AIR POLLUTION

Nsal Mrs. Mealy Is widely The welcome address will be there have been numer world's judgment God has. The Beginners and Cradle Roll IRRITATE YOUR SKIN?
bows concert One of the destined the End la the Department, Mrs. Queen Bra-
) many as a pea by Miss Charles Taylor.The large gatherings. begin
ton!. superintendent presented Wit iruM, I'taw' 1M tUwr HlWM totM
artist and as a radio and Junior Church,directed*? largest was the 1964 meeting ning. By reading history, we A CM rlM havoc Mitt ttlii "*<
:television singer. Deacon Le- of Jehovah's Witnesses which can learn what the past has been Tne Birthday of Oar Land. ccoKUMlo DclluU skin.*y wen UKmrrt .
Mr. and Mrs Wittoa Blake Katrina Ca- ...t .*** _-.II, MiUby Urn
Troy Mallory win give 'the will be host to the following exceeded 12000. Aa attendance but only God can tell what the Participants were CM b CWM TTIUU4..SlMlltlWf' .MotCllMM4 r00E1 w lit
lavocatioa. Rev. Alberta of more thM that this time win future will bring forth. say Roderick Williams Va- blatbh.ds M> MKMtr. Cdw., bus I
churches sad win sponsor a tut ifftumct ( < *pl"!o nit,*
lode in
Zaaders will be mistress ofjceremonies. bazaar on Friday night Mt mate this year's gathering the la every age and generationGod Malbory Participants: "Will a'.Frf rwrt"crumr attics oMI CIEAM* f ALMll I ll I tlciti

.. Zion AME Mt Olive AME. ,largest OB record. has. sent forth mea with. the Children's Department .. < Cfttn. cMUlilM, tile nil.. Special Permanent a Water Saver
..... ..
"The .
WrFly Ila.aoelstsl
Otters appearing will be Mrs. Grant Memorial AME,St. PastAME [ "All in all it will be a On prophetic :.voices to'1DttJPl'et which" presented Sharon Flag Brutoa efIIcW .t..11at.d war. aaaq1..0adSd Press Cycle. e Flex-a-wash Agitator
Louise Barren boost the of the darkness were "s.M a : local. M.Wtory =
Corlne Waters, for the community Tobljsald. meaning
Bethlehem Baptist, ... ...,
; 'Bkodie Jowl, Babara Cason, It .dle.1 prop.rtla ,11 Automatic washes clothes
Mrs.'Fauliae Qalllaa and Union Community AME New St. "With so many delegates through which they were passing I /scs.i1.d W IM. pnb"ia.d de_ e
others.At James, Mew Bop Aid;. Fays- coming from other states (29) and wan them of the Impending and the Youth Choir of New 1"a: our ::-nJ: :;';:1;= Power Soak sparkling clean :

3 p.m a popular singing Chapel AME St Peter's AME danger of the future. BetheL UM toalra c" .. ........ 26%" wide
Automatic Only
; The Adult has ImUa1.a. It 1_.draw, ..... ,
aggregation from Brunswick, AME: church of the Master' Pride Of Sunshine' Read the history of the four Department as tNII ..._....... ....r<. ..
"Oa., win appear.At Bethel Peptlst Etw PttnM Auf fallen World Empires and you superintendent, Mrs. Nellie r.,1de.to raMvlM kiKkkuM.. a.oothll0n. Filter-Dispenser
7 p... the East Florida and Dayspring, Baptist TB* Plans Gala Outing will find that SIR was the underlying DiUard. Mrs. Charlotte Cue I 51::N1sis secci IthaILIUI I PHILCD .

Bethany Women's Association, public Is touted. Mrs. Sarah Ta Pride of Sunshine Order, cause of their downfall. presented tilt speaker, Mrs., "

Mrs. Ladle MoteL president, Best will give the welcome Eastern Star Chapter No. 170. First, the Babylonian; second; Helen T. Hawkins, who paid GET HIAD-TO-TOE
.wUl present the Passion Pa address OB Friday aight will sponsor a trip to the Golden the Meado-Parsiaus; third, the tribute to the late Dr. Martin PROTECTION PATS TV
new Officers are: Mrs. Jeaol Yee Bead Lake 8atarda)'. August 10. Grecians and fourth,.the Roman Latter King Jr. The Htt tlM UCCtU1'tfMMCtlHf(MM. It*. 4ICUM(I"Win
feature the Sincere Crockett, geaeral-chalrmaa! ; Mrs. Matte r ""nn Is Chair Empire. Cole wa Choir sang TIlt youth I ...... It hg.b. ..IMF. u th.t.iaa MMty baths ass.Nt. L" SAtES & .

Prayer meeting, will take place Mrs. s..u.1'WII-oidlntor; .... Mrs. Hatti P. Robinson, The present-day struggle for Department Miss Jacqueline, paWinllas w ski' Is odor.M _. ..a.IAISUI... .persew.t SERVICE
oo Monday alghd'AuKud 9. Mrs. L.G Geawrlgbt, advisor;, Is Worthy Matron Mrs.Odessa' world supremacy and to buUd .Jones, superintendent presented 1115 $1KCU$" SW.ails. c' IJ

Churches invited to participate '**:*-* ** McGriff Is reporter. .. ,CiaNT'fltttON PAGE 4 ." Mrs."Whenever J.G. ISayAmerltca. Brooks was.- a tIN elw a Gold IN...... 1 HM ttS H., ))53- 25r

t. I..' f .
i \. ,
,' '. S. i ''' 1::. 1.. .. 1. ,,', ..' .,' t.1k. '\ ..,' 4 '
.. .
a ie. : t.-i"
\' < .1
: L ; L LL __ L L LLLL_ __ ..... '- '- ,-' '- .................>- ,0 ''' '" _





tidies it Ml. Hope A.M..E. New Hope Men Men's DIY Al Ml. Hope A.H.E. Church

ji Celebrate In -- .TL: ;u ,

C +'iME Night Service

Mew Hope A.ME,Church celebrated
I ; Men's Day on July 21.
Rev Z.L. True Is pastor.Willie
Aaron was Chairman. 8.W. I\:
.Drayton was Co-chalrmao.Rev. :.'
J.M. Robinson spoke In''
the 1OI'DInI"nk..Other participants
were Rev.Nectar Bat
ties Royal Tabernacle 1Ia1e'M _
Deacon L. Hicks, Frank d1IrIDC day. Rn. Z.L. TJnI II JIUtor.
M.E hIQCk celebrated the annual Men's Day were present
Thompson, Deacon George Tucker recently. 'An enthusiastic sermon was delivered by Her. J.M. Willie Aaron was Ch1Uman. 8.W.BDra PAUL Coc.ba1rRobtnsoD -
Mt. Salem Baptist and Photo CRAWFORD
in the morning service. Guest teachers aDd officials: mss
Deacon W. Stroy, Beulah Baptist

, Captains Church.for the day were: Bishop Hatcher Robert Williams Central C.M.E. Church

I Many of the lady members and guests of Mt Rope A. !. Church were present recently Mansfield Code", Willie Aaron Celebrates Women's Day
for the celebration of Men's Day, Rev. A.L. Tyro Is puI tor of the church. cRAWFORD :.ir., Samuel Drayton, Tyrone Announces News Leads Citizens In MetrapotitanC.MECburchrecentlyheldWomen'sDay.
1 Photo By A. PAUL Henry' Ran Central
and guest were present. Davis, William The theme "'l'be' Church of Christ is the World's Social
Johnnie Griffin, Willie Morris,
Istac Brorn' Theodore' Dnbose Of A.M.E. MeetBishop New Projects Rope and the Sole Promise of Pea ,e." .
Dr. 0. Maxwell Retires Sgt. Lmisford, and Robert Jackson Jr. C ests1I'ere'present throughout Wright, Mt. Calvary Baptist.Other .
Clay :
. I of the Finance Com and Mrs. E.C. Hatc Self-help Important to the the day Mrs. liable Me- participants were Choir
Retired Will Members Attorney :Ernest her will be in charge of the West Jacksonville Association ogre of West Onion Baptist No.4, Central C.M.E., Miss
'mittee were Johnnie Williams 59th annual session of the State for a Better Community. Its Church was Guest Superintendent Jacquelyn Johnson: Mrs.
Teach In Texas Johnson Issac Brown, and: Freddie Jones., Sunday School, Allen Christian founder, Robert L.C.WllUams, in the Sunday School. Mrs. Theresa' Johnson Prlncle, Miss
Kirkland was Endeavor and: Missionary MeetIngs has been able to garner considerable Banish H. Covlngton was Guest Charlene L. Jones, Miss Maggie

Sergeant LC. Lunsford, 944, ,Guest Deacon Superintendent Floyd of the Sunday which begin Monday at cooperation. Citizens Reviewer and was presented by, 0. Perry, II r .. Shirley.
DeHwood Avenue, ft veteran of School. Other guests were Edward Waters College. are beginning to respond. Mrs. CJ). Brown. Others participating Baker, Church of God and: Mrs.
World War D and of the Korean Joe Pearce, A.W. Cotrell Willie More than 3,000 delegates are. People are beginning to see that were: Mrs. Clemen Dorothy Lucas: Perkins, Mt.
War has retired from the Baker, R" Herbert Wilson expected to Reverend clean yards must be cleaned by tine Brown Mrs. liable MeInrjre Sinai Baptist
Army, after M years of active' Ronald: Brown and: Donald The Right Hatcher work and effort.A Miss Charlene Jones, .
service Brown. bas announced that consecration month-long cleanup drive is Miss Patricia Wright and. Mrs. **** **
The retiree saw service in services win be held Moo- now on in the area bounded by Florence Loiter
Italy, France North Africa, Mt. Moriah Plans day evening at 8 p.m., at St. Forest, St. Augustine Road and Other Sunday School guest New Bethel' A.M.E.
Japan and In Korea. His medals Paul A.M.E. Church, Rer. A.C. several other streets. The enthusiasm teachers were: Mrs. Llnconlafiargeant

and awards Include the Combat Communion Service Chandler pastor. however,Is not limited Bethel Baptist Institutional CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8
Bishop Henry W. Murphof Los .to that area. However, residents
Infantryman Badge, Good Conduct ; Mrs. Dannette Williams Miss loose Jones, Miss
I MedaL Seven Clusters, T of the area will continue Ebenezer Methodist; Segenla Jones Wilbur -Casonj
Communion rites will be administered until 26. More definitely -
World War D Campaign MedaL August Mrs. Carol Slack, Riverside Mrs. Marian Wagner,.Mrs. W*,
::1 MedaL Japan National at Mt. Mortal they will cover the area Mrs. Renetta Vaughn
Vlctorjr 4 l>- Baptist; M. Thorpe and: Mrs. Eloulse
Defense Medal European North; A.M.E. Church, 99 Oak Street, bounded by Inwood Terrace, Daysprlng Baptist and Mrs.Es- Fletcher.
! Sunday at both ..nlua.-4Q Emerson Hnedrlcks, Wright, .
African Service Medal wtthFive telle Norman, Ebeneter Methodist. The' Fuh1o+ ttullode1lDc&D4
.; School official staff In charge Jemlgan East Florida Coast
Bronse Stars, Presidential Unit I Saving Club and: Rev.. EUsha
Citation and Koren Presidential The morning worship begins at Railroad tracks. Mrs. Sarah D. Washington of
Jones hostesses and
11 .... Communion will, be Williams is most enthusiastic were host
Unit Citation. Mt. Zion A.M.E. was the mornIng Guests were served from four
given the sick I.D4.ua at: about the idea. Plans were mapped .
He was presented the Army speaker. Other participants tables. Appropriate decorations
I p.m. The church anniversary for further activities last
Commendation Medal for In the morning service were: were used. The Children's De
Meritorious Achievement in his program will be August 11 to week when Dr. E.R. Smith, cityhealth Epbeslan Seventh DayAdrentlst partment's table feat edawbite
last assignment u Operation II. Rev. J.W. Jones 1s pastor. officer, contacted Dr. Church Choir, Mrs. Theresa cake u a center pieces with
Sergeant and: Truckmaster of f'P Patricia Cowdery,acting director Aaron Simpson M. E.; M r r. miniature Statue of Liberty Wthe.
the nth Transportation Company District No. 2 of the Duval County Health Mary Gibson, Church of God In center. On the ( .of that
Dr. O. Clay Maxwell, one of the most outstanding figures the Department They contacted op
at Fort Sam Houston Sarah
Christ Mrs. J.B. Seymour -
National Convention Will Meet Soon Hank Green of the State Board ; were a marching band and: boy
Baptist ULA.,1ne., setup and: a top figure Tens. Mt. Zion A.M.E.j Mrs. and
: girl scouts. Mrs. W.M.
in the matter of Christian Education has of Health Andes Eradication
retired from the presidency He has served on three duty Aegypti Rum D. White First New Mt
of the National Sunday School and: Baptist Training Union. at Sam Houston. During District No. 2 of St Luke Program and H.J. Jones Thorpe was in charge" of plans
tours, Zion Baptist Mrs.Mable Jones,
Dr. Maxwell Is pastor a church ia New York and formerly pas- this time he attended StPhillip's Baptist Church will meet Sunday of the Southslde Clvlc.Assocla- St. Stephen A.M.Ei; Mrs. Etta Robinson.and was assisted by Mrs Mary

toned Ii SL Louis. t College.On August 4, at the home of E. C. HATCE a Uoo A- Brooks, Mrs Pinkie Johnson *
the District Mother Mrs.Mary James R. sanitation .t.
retiring,Sergeant Lunsford Angeles will deliver the sermon Rankln Abyssinia Baptist Mrs. Mag;
accepted a position with the Jones, 8S7 West 11th St. at 4 on Monday night Bishop director of the County, said be Smith, Emanoel; Baptist- Soloist
I BUY U. S. SAVING BONDS I- San Antonio Independent School p m. Mrs. M. Still Is president, G. Dewey Robinson of hopes that the project will be Mrs. Beatrice Copeland, West
1 District. He will spend Week"btrewtdJhtsfamlly. M. Armstead, Leader and Rev Washington win deliver the keynote only a beginning of the self help Union Baptist; Mrs. K a 11 e
MJ. Trowen is ** of that needed.
pastor. sermon Tuesday morning campaigns are Hughes, SL P.I. Catholic
at 10 a-rn-atSt.: .A.MJE.. Church; Mrs. Irma J. Sanders,
Church, Rev. .1.1. Johnson is Excuses And Crimes Murchlson Temple C.M.E.;.
pastor. Miss Rhonda Mitchell, soloist;;'
{, "YOUR DOLLARr1r'FIiR Rev J.B. Blacknell,State Director CONTINUED FROM PAGE Mrs. Johnnie ,Byrd, Mt Zion
of Religious Education,
'A.M.E.J Mrs. Evelyn Stewart
ft fifth World.E Dp1re Is between
announced that classes will be
the free and: slave worlds St Phillips Episcopal; Mrs.
ui.rn'n'ri MORE ATYOUR' on the easns Edward (Democracy and Communism). Mary Dennis and Mrs. E.V.

g Communism cannot win because Color, Cbalrmaaand: Cochairman : -
U: > tt. bu' left God out M the specttvtly.. 'r '
IANNEITFOOD equation. Communism does not' A musical program was givenat
d ,. recognize the sovereignty of 5 p.m. Participants were: NsJMA&YilELET
RIGNS STORE" God, therefore It cannot win; Mrs. OQle Williams, New Bethel
RESERVED but Christian democracy can A.M.E.. and Mrs. Mam
go by In default. America has
l' the greatest ideal of democracy CHURCH NOTES
in the world, but unless .
I OETERGE111'F,1'O.gANE we make our ideal u actuality, BOLSEY C. M. E. CHUTCHHolsey Mrs. Mary Neeley. will be soloist
our democracy will become a U the morning services at
t I mockery and our country will C.M.E.. Rev. Dave st. Stephen A.M.E. Church on
drift into anarchy. McElvln. pastor. Services U Sunday, August 11, when the
Do not follow any leadership usual. The Stewardess Board church celebrates the anniversary
that advocates violence To do will sponsor a tea Sunday,. of the new structure at
SChA1kWain KX shows lust: about as much'aebse August 11, from 8 to 7 p..: Fifth and Davis Streets.Deaconesses .
College. u a man going to put out Mrs. Eva Mae Gilbert is sec
I a blaze of fire with ft bucket
Mrs. Oretba T. Hatcher. retary.
of gasoline. Overcome evil with Will
Episcopal Supervisor, will preside
SUGAR GT, Thursday at St. Stephen good and kill hate with lore FIRST BORN
Do not make an for J'OII'
A.M.E., when all the women enemy Meet August 8
of the district will be present will never need him, but you First Born, 625 lIoaroe'St..
assisted will always need a friend. Elder A.H111. pastor Services'
Mrs. Hatcher will be The Citywide Deaconesses wlQ
11 BAG Mrs. Mary Louise Jennings Christianity 1s one in Christ will be u usual,
S by and Christ in all Christianity meet August I at I p.m. at St.
I: State President of the Missionary John
Baptist Church 740 Brl-
Society, and Mrs. LillianM. xMer
creed or philosophy. It is the Road. lira.Edna Gordon,
t Pkkett State President of
the Ministers Wives Alliance. life of Christ infused in the Bethlehem Baptist, Rev. W.L", president .

The youth will be in charge life of Christian believers. Williams, Hit Madison Street. Callow a Plans
on Wednesday. RtY.A1YIDJODt.'wWpre.Ide.IIr. Christ Is not divided. He has Services u usual. Rev. W.L. ,
.. W.E.A.Har- regard for personality hot because Williams will preach. Mrs. Helping RockefellerNEW
ris will direct of what you are, but what' Vivian Wilson U reporter.ST. .

Rev. JJt. Campbell will give you cu become. : YORK --Cab CaOoway,
CAM l6. Jesus said "I the the PAUL
am Way, BAPTBTSt. Bishop F.D.
of the
,t the "Commitment" sermon on Washington
tI I Friday at noon. Honorary Doer Truth 14 8-11.and Truth the Life". st. John be Paul Baptist Rev. E. E. Church of God In Christ James
: can never
L 'WnS.oo oRa4oR6 tor of Divinity degrees will be Taylor, pastor. 5738 Wlnton Farmer, formerly director of
1 1l' ORDER, conferred on Reverends Y.B. changed: or destroyed. CORE and Omar Ahmed a
"The truth of God shall still Drive. Services will be u usual. fames :
Bruce, Pensacola; A.H.Hunter, This will be the second associate Malcolm aXe
Quincy; J.R. Campbell Winter endure And firm His promise stand. service for the congregation' are members of the Black.Independents -
Haven S. Andrews Ocala J. and DemocratsBID
BAKERITESHORTENING ; in the new church home. Rev.
Believing soul rest
D. George, Tampa; J.B. Blake, may se Taylor will deliver both ser ( ), a group which is espousing
I BEABT1F8L UPEPEACHES West Palm Beach; Charles E. mons. the cause of Governor

I IB.: 3 ** 39 ?, Toston, Jacksonville In His Almighty Hand Nelson Rockefeller.


3 IB

CALIFORNIA touciots sum ROSA .

PLUMS 10.3 fOR. 19..,. 1




GRAPES lI. 25 <
c' n sines'Iw
( *
t 5 TO 7 IBS. 39
IB.. .




I I BACON 49 *I :

\ ." .- i" ,.. SPECIALS ,

HOLE OIJISLE39c ;. \ _

: I TO 11 LBS., VJ/: "'
rV J 'IU-, ".


,. l' .

J. ... ., .. .. .....,. .. ., .. '_'" ......... ., ...., ,. ..oJ'. "';" .! ... ", ... .. f"_ .. "co' ,,. ... .
... .
: "- &i'1". J. '.. ''''''': .... it A.! ;.L
c .. ......-...... '''A ''' 1L. ... .. ......L....... ...' .. .. .. .. .. __ ..........::..

.7 ',r' .",,'11>' ''''' off; '' '. '


**** here's the "tew"; to: meal planning: and s: creative cookery ;;;; I
i I ******** ** ** } *** *****

Here Are Recipes That Are

Bake-Off 20 Contest Will Apples And Cheese-Yuml, Yuml

I Sure To Quench That ThirstAbout I

,Provide Total Of $25,000Just
the only way to keep cool these days Is by having that
u ctyUt change from mini to midi and short-cropped thirst quencher, one that Is easy to make. The recipes here are
hair to curls, so Bake-Off 20 takes on an eicltlne new look sire to meet with the problem.
in prises.Three CALJFOR BRANDY S<5WRT ,1 teaspoon water
I grand prlie winners wilt 2 ounces of Cognac :Juice of 1/2 lemon
be named at this year's event Each entry must be submittedIn 1 tablespoon powdered sugar 2 ounces of Cognac
And what fortunes I Champions only one of the three categories 1 teaspoon raspberry syrup '2 Ice cubes
in convenience mix, flour and and mailed III. f i 'r. t s e: tr i Club soda 1 tablespoon Port Wine
refrigerated fresh dough divisions ,,separate envelope. Shake rigorously with cracked Club sodaDissolve
- will each receive $10- lee, serve highball glasses, powdered sugar la
000. Aa additional $15,000 will topping off with club soda. Add water and Juke of lemon. Add
be awarded to one of these # .. some bits and pieces of summer Cognac, Ice, club soda and sUr.
three winners u best of the Add "Twist" To Rr } fruit-pineapple, strawberries, ,Float a tablespoon of port wine.
Bake- Off, for a total of peaches.. A dash of nutmeg for ,extra
.$25,000. Your Barbecue ': .1 taste.
Alone with the three champ BRANDY SMASH
ions, a runner-up named In each J T r EMl i L : : r Bl NDt stING
r division will win $2,000. A lump sugar
s $2,500 Junior award will be Club soda r teaspoon of powdered sugar
given to the best cook between [ 1' 2 ounces of Cognac 1 teaspoon of water
s .the ages of 12 and II. : Fresh mint Juke of 1/2 lemon
- Actually, all the 100 finalists ..- i Muddle lump of sugar with'1ounce 2 ounces of Cognac
r at the Bake-Off February 9- ]; ; : of club soda and a few 2 lee cubes
:.: 11, 15U, win be winners. Each i ; sprigs of green mint. Use an Dissolve sugar la water and
, will receive ad Americana P. -' old fashioned glass. Add a cube the Juice of lemon. Serve laaa
7 oven rage from General Electric ; : of Ice and stir, decorating with fashioned glass,and stir.
$100 cash and an ex r.J. a cherry and a slice of orange. Our British cousins add a twistof
pebse-paid trip to AUanta'Ca.r f'i.f'.n'j: 'Top off with a piece of lemon _lemon!: peel.Baking.
site of the 20th Bake-Off.Headquarters peeL
for the Bake-Off) win 'j ;:.
be Atlanta's new Regency Hyatt Here a treat new twist tram r>;ti.7;... DXDU
Boose. the Pennsylvania Dutch country '-
This year for the first time for your nut barbecue ..1.l{.". CampfireBreads
.s hot preueli That's the way ..J., Flu, flip, sangaree, smash,
contestants will not be
required themselves sling and squirtAt
the pretzel bakers ... _
9 to submit an official entry blank eat prcUeU) The trick U to first glance, these mightbe .
with the recipe. to put the pretsela oa a pan or \\L Sure Shot Sam's racing se.lectlons -
s Entry roles and blanks will piece of toll where there stay for tomorrow. But
be available In late August from oven hot and eat them with by'61tgCkOckVt
they're really some suggestions
111 a variety simple flip
local General Electric dealers
pretzel bakers Just dip them la for cool and refreshing drinks
11 or by writing to Pillsbury, Boot mustard straight from the Jar). daring the hot days at hand. BtrmiSE BISCUIT BALLS
to 699, Minneapolis, Minn.,55460. For the barbecue 11.1I11'- So, flip your flues, smash 40 1 cup Btsqulck and U'
Ir In food stores they can befouls how about Juicy hamburters, I your sangarees, and sling along cup _tn. Place dough on
In the refrigerated fresh dough mini-dots (to be picked up In piece of aluminum foil; pat
y .with squirt-here are a handful
Cut dough
the fingers and dunked and Into 1-Inch square
- section: of the dairy case, laPUlsbury eaten) with fresh roasted of thirst quenching potables for Into 3x1.Inch stripe Wrap each
le floor sacks, or wherever ears of com and crispy cold: 4L: $,.ra, :4 patio parties and barbecue strip around l-tnch cube oC
iJt Pillsbury convenience. radishes and tomatoes Thick bashes. process American cheese, completely
i 1'Ii mixes are sold. slices of tomato are delicious seeming chsin. rn-
It Entries win be aeceptedSept. and Juicy with the hamburgers. LM BRANDY FIZZ pointed end of peeled mea
stick In cheese ball rotate
Dips are Simple
" 1-OcL 25, 19M, at Pillsbury
For the hot dot and pretatls.use slowly over hot coals or campfire -
'Juice of lemon
(I. Bake-Off, Box 409 D. Mlnneapolls catsup,chiu sauce or must .' I minutes or until evenly
* dmr 1 teaspoon powdered sugar 1 ....
Minn. 55460.y tard as a dip and use the browned. Make
This year for the first time same for spreadlnc on the 2 ounces of Cognac rulED Whit
contestants will NOT be required Iwnbu".,. Or make sock-It- Add to t shaker filled withcracked Seals and clean small tame
to submit an official tome hot sauce In advance and lee, strata Into highball .Ash, such as &trout perch, sun-
use It for any and an puipoeee i ash or crapptaa:; remove head
blank with the
entry at the barbecue-It has al\fo If you wish. Dip fish to wateror
Contestants may submit, la- delicious flavor. ,L1I? VA? milk.Sprinkle with salt andshotisolniiln
stead: Rock.HT.Me amass BRANDY >> Blsqulck. Ualt
(1)) The appropriate qualifying, Mash I cup of cooked red heavy skillet toHtnch
material for the recipe category kidney teens and beat Into 1 egg depth. Try ash over
(word 'PUlsbory front them: I teaspoon chive (froasa 1 teaspoon pwdered sugar medium heat about 10 minutes
or dried). W taaspoon salt a n4
1 1/2 ounce of Cognac or untfl foWen brown, turning
the front of flour sack or from dash Saran minced, 3 drops
the .refrigerated fresh dough tabasco. Vt teaspoon char: powder 1 teaspoons of sweet cream once. Serve Imuosdtswyayt.tnenn.n
label or boxtcp from convenience and enouth sour cream to Shake wen with cracked Ice. 's Survival Kit for
mix) with make a smooth dip. __ J ... .' [ Pour Into regular glass. Top man only I cup Blaqtdck m
together L. ---or u- r! w...4....---. -- .:: ') ::"!!LII small plate bat Also some
off with
(2)) A plain sheet (a) of paper ,VWE TEa btaatinl Wsshls toB DeUclow apple there's a and you have uelegaatdesset service-anrlatkaof 0.e classic grated nutmeg. shortening, sail and pepper.
oa which should be printed or meets spread fiavore4wkttwlBe and cruncky bits of apple.Serve cheese, fruit and wine. It fits well la any dies isr mean,or servesadmiralty All-day taker la ate crowdlJU.HM
typed:Name,, address, recipe, TO GET A GOOD JOB OET 'w00GtAc 2A11Cs&m hiMh whk* they
;,l\wlth yarlety of crisp cracker a.as4s>sss of.CaltforaU Pirt, tor retreakmenl&eJHPl t photo'. 1 amend
lid category for the eatry smb- ;,l' GOOD EDUCATION T quWI afteraooaryftytainc in thelrTKkVl. *. hen ... .
1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar e4 in lu foil, wrapper.



cae SUPTcR MAR K J .

r. ,? A.M. :TO 6 .P.M.P .


AR 4 g.t cy


:1- PillSBURY ''d ., HUCK
,x.T-. "\ : 3
9 Q
FLOUR :' The that OAST 48C
.. ";" s IB. BAG store ONE II .
r ... : '.
J, )t" __ ;',f '; cares about you!

be. "" ... .
!!jo; f' .
ea SLICED) aye : .t ; .. )

{ .>. .:'. ... -.;,. DETERGENT|( (LDT 1 "'lTa $5.00 FOOD ORDEH EXCLUDING CKARETTES)
i | [
: '" '
! BACON T ..1.' t '. :: 49' 89C SHOP AT 'YOOR : AlP:

: > .I
.. .. JOOO I. 45tb ST.
- ( '- ..'" PRICES IN THIS AD


29 ,All 1ST 9

: ulquoL| WITH |$ FQOD oaDza IIli. BAG .. /! m



Ul.CTi.: ,
EGGS 001.1. i 27t) TUNA ,K( CAN 5 FIR $1.00 .
( AlP


PIES 5 B Ole m:. 79T 39 \ eRR
mm !

l DYERS :J. ;: ; EB2q* =' 98c
.'fo -4"
"" : ( ?' -
oj :

KEF ;', ',! j# .;..;, ., 3 PII' IASIIEifshoo> .

roJ inn. '_ ."" :-r: .0. 39 I II PRePUCE IIJIIEI



. \
..: >. .' : <

.. .-7._: ., .. tS., . .. .. . .. .. ...... ..... .. .. .. .. .. :TT TTTTT

I i-


-. "., ...
.. .

i L 'j' r L 1r-j I )\ r':"7, LL-) -' \;\\ ,_ ',-.:

J. m.A. _. .MO' _. .

f. .,_ ... '_' .
.' ._. .. ." ,- ..- .'-- -

Honored As A Judne er The Artists' Circle I

X Your professional beautician .- .
'" .. ... '. The ceDtlemaD1t d1nc before stepping stone to stardom fora
knows the
my desk Introduced himself u black actress named Caroline
Stepln Fetchlt, the first black Snowden, Step related bat his
." movie stir I He had come to characterization of "s it pin
I, ... express: dissatisfaction over the Fetchlt" walked off with the
II; i\ recent Ylsual history of the show. .
Should every woman '. .. "l. Negro In Americas films from Fetchlt said, "Critics should
the times whenlbegan
t"Uncle Tom's Cabin" through consider
be a blonde? ''ne Birth of a Nation" and a my struggle against the W1a1t.1pD' .
host of Jolly darkles, cmllln'Aint Injustice. The white men
! I. n. .. : Jemimas and Shufflln' had a monstrous superiority
i complex. Hollywood in those.
Blonde hair Is beautiful for those women whose natural color. ty t Stepla Fetchlt was more segregated than
Fetchlt claims that the restoring days
Ing It flatters. But not everyone should be a blonde. ; of these films gave a Georgia under th..tin.A Negro
Expert beauticians know that complexion and hair color must
distorted Image of Us Hollywood couldn't do nothing straight,
complement each other to glamorize and bring out all the nat \ career, achievements and only comedy. I did more acting
ural beauty that was meant to be. They also know that
very ; y the good relations he created u a comedian than,Sidney
coarse and dark hair often Is resistant to drastic color changes. ,,
Americans, especially P.<
However, there's no doubt about slightly lighter hair adding ex 'black among Afro-Americans of that ?iP.r t e5tMo mason
citement to a woman's appearance. And hairdressers know picture star yon ever had. n...,
there Is no better product to add a whole new appeal to everywoman's f.w f bygone I vat shocked generation to lean that be made me the first Negro' 'to
look than Miss Clairol halrcoloring-extra rich Creme fe:; was 74 old because he receive first class universal
Formula or new extra easy Shampoo Formula. doesn't years look his He was citizenship, and setan example.Negroes .
Both Miss Clairol products lighten and color at once, combining (' III ,. hurt, although he age.tried to bide don't really appreciate
vibrant new color with the natural pigment of the hair.So 1 1 Us feelings.The me, because they dont really' .
even those shades that look blonde on white hair (as shown on ; CBS know what it was like."

most color selection charts) give a variety of flattering red.to- r' program by Xerox on dla sponsored Bill With a broad smile,be added,

golden brown shades on women whose hair was black to begin ) Crosby as host,showed portions "1 was motion the first Negro star.Hollywood I
with, picture
t from Fetchlfs movies There
Beauty salons are equipped to answer questions and help were scenes of a nary Ignorant, was allowed and welcomed Into
with hair color selection. Depend on your hairdresser to have easily scared or stupid IndlTidnal places where no Hegrobadbeeipermitted
the professional skills and the total family of fine Clairol prod before.Idid my share
Publishers Association honored Roy Times NAPA Tke' >Presldent Joha H. Morphy m MIJe, being "good nigger. and
ucts to make every woman's experience with haircolorlng com- National Newspaper ; Comedian Stepla Fetchlt Is la creating understanding
:!:fIOI'IIllnd glamorous. Should you be a blonde? If you Kohler, center, Manager, Special Projects) Public Relations Afro-Aaerlcaa Chain. MNPA president; Mrs. Eleanor LoHoo' asking that t Colombia Broad helping to change people's attitudes *
donl really Kr.tw, ask your expert hairdresser. Department, of the Gulf Oil Corporation at their recent convention Sengstacke Publications, Chairman rf KNPA'a Merit Awards Company equal In those days. _
casting provide
.CUM.....IM7 Oogrtoiypf ava uo. In New York City Mr. Kohler was honored for Us several Committee, and Frank Stanley Editor, Louisville Defender, time to present counter newt People need "moral decay"to
years of activity! u a judge In the NNPA competition. From left HNPA General Contention Chairman. Tbe award was made follow- given of him la the recent keep them from becoming self-
Miami tag a Gulf-sponsored dinner at which Clifford Aleiander,Director and to draw them
to right In the above picture are: Garth Reeves, Editor, television special "Black righteous
of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, spoke America." closer to their equally Imperfect -

I Step's first movie vehicle was fellow men..
"In Old Kentucky," a silent
Morjifiu.se Will film directed by John U.StahlIn HELP FIGHT CANCER WITHA
Gold in Your HARVEYSWIGS the MGkf studios la 192S.Tbe CHECKUP AND A CHECK
I Get Dormitories movie was to have been a

Mouth? 1.W fT.1' 'Iott' :-;.., Through Funding PMONI ,p.ausCOOPER'S

j .- .... The Department of Housing REUPHOLSJERY
\ f..i
4419 NW 17 Ave
Dr. Welters and Urban Development has approved i
ELTE the reservation
i 100,000 la College Housing Lou Pick Up And Delivery Service
Wonderful Miami Fla 33141Wholesale Funds for the construction of tAo $4yp.oh" .
two dormitories at Uorehouse 010. WlW".... Me..'. M e... nil"

I College, according to a recent
Tooth Powder 1 : announcement by U.s.Senators '
Richard Russell and Herman Mew AM veto CAMMTO*.. HIM

/. v I i. H ; .. Talmadge. let Georgia. UNOCCVM. ALL' still .
MRS. HARVSOitir DM new dormitories will accommodate 8P5CUl; '
110 students each lXII'S I" lUll, 1I..S..j
Dirtcl ,....ir ,JrSIm' I n and will be served by a connecting .UI a.GO' *,"' "" "imi; IUS/,

Grit Free & Pure II Piclire.JII 100 % Hinn lilt lounge Including a snack LINOLEUM CITY .
bar and other modern facilities. .. \
M'PS COIO IN VOtlTH ElTRAHIGHLY POLISHfD A HJ.S5 tills Fir Oily S18.S5 In commenting on the new SPECIAL Cut To Yoor Room$1atARIoIS'mOHG _**
buildings, Dr. Hugh M.Qoster,
Get Smart Orhr NiwOIDEI President Cusljloned Floor Now ,$200A Tara, ,Ig.
....... of Uorehouse College ..
said ""IbI two dormitories .., SLtw.j ,... .
.... LIST..... will enable ICorehouse ........., .w.,.,...Ava... MIAMI
College provide much-needed
1 :. accommodations for a rapidly
NAME Increasing student body Last
i year, more than 100 out-of- i5z PRONE 7591807AL'S .
; ADDRESS -- town students had to live In the
city because dormitory accommodations unarnwaC
CITY= were unavailable." UPHOLSTERY
--- vSTATE- .
Dr. Gloater also stated that .
\ COLORS;. Elk Off Elk -Bra.-Auburn- the two new dormitories are :
Al Other Colors Ad4 10.00..Jtnd money order only, we pay put of a projected) four-dormi.
postare..C.OJ You Pay Postage Check your color by-X Or tory complex which the college
send Hair Sample. hopes to complete la the near Al TRESYANT,
future tfjj N,.. 7||. InNaE

MANurl ,MIAMI. flUIU' 33127

qn't Lose Your Hob"



? Hair Conditioner

fl N 3 Hoilks S it-Oir $1.50

Order Direct

Ititty Cttttf

9954 MYW 2h AIL Mari Fli.

h l B<

,ID,,; m\J11J\ I .1 6.94 *** ARCADE
,) \ KIDDIE SHOP'S ***
1, \\' W'1./ .
:\ ,.I' ;,
( 'f 19th
\ ..w look like a "Ifvlns dor In *
this eriip eyelet lace trimmed --
swim suit, with the "p.eki. A STOREWIDE SALE OF J

Frank WilliamsAnd bee" back. This cheery, SUMMER
checked cotton comes In ko* VALUESI! *

cream colon of (Ivtdetis lime, DRESSES INFANT TO SIZE 14 *

His Rocketeers pretty pink, beautiful blue.sLzssSor.S4. BOYS' SUITS INFANT TO SIZE 12 *




"Soul .s'tuff'. "Do Bight, Man*: "I Feel Hy .Love Coming' Down' .
.:.t 1 V .
'': ; Appearing Nightly T V *
.t.; ., .**
.is a rs
s .r- -r r- k f *

COWER' ,Stfi &. 3rd Ave. ; Miami, Fla.. ** **i v **i*aeuue* **as Rcone*r **NMIAMI_ **.**.'.

U ,
'j 4 .

',. ..J..w' .....r.r. .liit..j/.> ". t' .'" ,, ....M....... .J.Jo;,, w. .1&.....:) .u ..1. .., ..-. "'...... '...... .:"' '. .. -'j' ',,,, ,,"" ._ ......., ,- 4..,,;, .. J.L-- ,.......-. """-- _,.-:.,,-,'. -.. -.l' -WJ.-'. ,.f ,- '\I," -':. '..




,..:._._. .

/!- :: : Wilkins Points,, To The Subject Is Whiskbrooms, Pasco NAACP'Says wVU/v auayBBaj.. wwr"j

CIVIL. RIGHTS Need Of Corrections .. .S."pirt 1 AtofI

.,, City DiscriminatesNEW
BROOKLYN-Two major Industries l ,
t 1'r
,ROUNDUP, have provided equipment PORT,RICKEY-=Tie vWMi IfvVSMf
NEGR5 to assist la the development l'l : } Pasco County NAACP last week SAVANNAH Gs A recent
By P3ESS INTERNATIONAL of under-achieving youthat <( '"
alleged that the downtown re survey conducted by the Savannah
OPER& M N. PLUG UP Boys High and JHS 117 In >,, ir" 'creation center of the'Dade Housing Authority among
Brooklyn as part of an NAACP : residents of the city's low la-
ic : Ii IiIt City Recreation Department is
NEW' RK-NPI -A continuing Deed for "correctly leg sponsored program Chester : J. "'.'>' practicing discrimination. A come public housing projects) .
Incof .
islation'" to pine q> loopholes In existing laws regarding the Electronic Chester Conn.Laboratories has insttlted"didaccess" ,,1; .1, :; mixed group of eight students, reveals that 61 per cent d Negro
: tt was said, was refused admittance tenants preferred assignment .
civil fights movement, was pictured by Roy Wilkins, NAACP and '
executive director In a talk over Station WINS, recently. Radio Station: WINS equipment has i recently. The NAACP to projects without
Questioned about the report of the National Advisory Com provided of .. if\ said the excuse was (hat all regard to race, whereas only
ten ift'
taped recordings great I
mission on Ctvll Disorders, the "hot summer" possibility, .. : ,. .t' students must have membership per cent of the wiftt tenants'
Negroes.The ; :' cards. Tbe organisation countered Toted lor'rtafed
and Black; Power, be noted "The broad objectives of the NAACP called ,> .1. housing.
program .. this by saying that only The survey conducted under
civil rlgbts movement has been embodied In general legislation "Youth '
Development through '
\, Negroes are required, to have guise at..a "freedonfofcnolce" -:
-4n a housing provision Just passed, In education; Personal Incentives," was .. '
model cities, rent supplement-bat we still have health and cards, and cannot get them. plan drew boat from
School .
pioneered at Boys High One student said that Dade W.W. Law, president of the
welfare and the administration of Justice, which are veryImportant
and In bola
areas" now operates City Recreation Director local branch of the National
Brooklyn and Manhattan win ,1 Lamar Watson said he would Association for the Advance-}
CHANGE funding from Title lot the Elementary close down before he would In- meat of Colored People."Tat:
and Secondary Education tegrate. White students In the NAACP"he saUL, "11 thoroughly
the Act group without cards were later disgusted 'wltt the variousunsavory
EVANSTON.mNPIAJa ordinance which replaces ,
The baste dial-access equipment
city's community relations, commission with a newstronger admitted The NAACP plans aaInvestigation. attempts to discredit:
permits the central storage
board, was approved last week by the city council's vote :the legitimate,rights of mmorlty -
of a vast library of recorded: ,. "
of 1'-0. Caned the Evanston Roman Relations commission, lectures: dialogues and other : ., '". pt... Peyton Place Will Law people.commended "those
the new 15-mtn body will be armed with the power to subpoena spoken materials. A student .'.' -' per-
who had the
sons courage
witnesses and documents: for public bearings.
wishing to hear a particular tape '
stand up aid honestly talk back
LIFE PLUS FIVE may telephone the dial-access 6 Add More NegroesThe to the housing alltlaorltJ'Ia1red
center and have his request hands" and characterised the
'HATTIESBDRG (NPI) Two 30-month sentences, to honored. NEW YORK WHBKBROOMS were the center of attention as officials of the F.W. Woolworth notorious,much maligned, survey u "aot worthy of tt*.,
ran consecutively: 'have been added to the life sentence Great Negroes whose biographies Company placed an order with the Negro-owned Friendly-Leader Manufacturing Company of even takea-to-coart, Peyton paper) It Is written oa."I
given BIDy Roy Pitts, 13-year-old former KKK member are BOW available include High Point, North Carolina. .G.J. Johnson (left), Woolworth's housewares buyer, placed the fPlace will have Negroes as Overall, 89 per cent at the.
for his'put In'the conspiracy that lid to the firebombdeath Benjamin Bameker, "start-up" order with Dr. Perry P. Little (center), board chairman, and Lather H. Raleigh performers soon. Percy Ro-. tenants of both racea.voted for
of Vernoa Dahmer In January of 1966. Pitts had been Daniel Hale Williams, Freder Sr., vice president and manager, of the Friendly-Leader Company drignes, 'Canadian actor well continued segregation..w1M
given a 'life term in prison on the murder charge. Twelve let Douglass, George Washington -- known to the New York stage "freedom of choice"plan.However ,
others and be were Indicted by the state on charges of murder Carver, Paul Lawrence and to television, has taken
white residents the
and; arson.DYiiANiTE. Dauber, Jan Ernst Mattelgler, Poor People Want) St. Lewis Readies For over the role of Dr. Harry prosegregaUoa, among vote was tt percent

Charles C. Spauldlng, W. C. Miles, a neurosurgeoa
l Among Negroes only 17
: BLAST Randy, Charles Drew, and Harriet To Stay In Virginia OpeNiNi Of SmrmirketST. Ruby Dee, known for years per cent voted for, this plat
Tubmaa. Each of these is 'lor her ability and the wife The latter voted 61 per tenths
BOWUNQ GREEN Ky NPl-Tbe latest Negro religions covered in a half-hoar taped WASHINGTON Poor Refugees LOUT Central'City Foods, a grass-roots venture, of Ossle Davis, will appear la assignment toaayproject wham
edilice to be the Target of a four-stick dynamite bomb is recording from the WINS "The have set their sights the St. Louts community Is getting set for the opening of Its October In the role of the vacancies exist Irrespective of
the small, frame rural Mount Hebrew Presbyterian church.AH Great Ones" series. on Dunn Lorlng, Van, about ,first new supermarket doctor's wife Glyna Turmaa whether the project is either
experience U the general manager
the windows were blown out. Extensive damage done to miles outside Washington, ; will be their teenage. son. "
"The opening will take place "white" or "black.
to the ceiling and puplt. area. The church is used one* a Woetwerth'sBroom for their new Poor People's la November" James Hurt, market.ol'His.salary. range .
monthUAMARONECK,- village. The had belongs townuua '
rot, who said they .Chairman of the Board, said,' be from $11,000 to $15OOOYltb MODERN T.V..'SERVICE
"but we have a time-table to
N. Y.-NPl-Tbe memory of the late Dr. Order are welcome. "I told them if and a bonus plan." ALL MAKCU AND MODELS UCMVICCD III"AIIIIO.
Martin Lather has the keep, now we're ready Hurt urged any person who opeN MON .... .
King, Jr., ben perpetuated the Martin county says you can stay: r "I. .00..7,00
tire the Vice President who '
Latter Xing Jr.. Community Center, a youth center built Helps Nero Just go on out.there, said Cass will be the manager of opera, feels he has the necessary .AV. eon, ...... ..00
byan interracial group.with Us own labor and money. The roL tions" qualification to contact his local -

building. formally dedicated last week, formerly boned the NEW YORK-The .Wool. This tiny group remained la Central City Foods'first store Urban League or John Manns FREE PICK Up AND DELIVERY
Strait Gate Youth Center. Its Include and white after Dr at the Urban League of St. &
and users Negro worth Company has announced Virginia Abtmathy Is being built in a mid-city Louis at 4401 Fair Avenue, St *>...,. SBS-OS.. aaoa N. ", y ,... AVe.
youths adults from Mamaroneck Urchmont Harrison called aa end to the tumultuous :
and Scarsdale today placing of a large order urban renewal area, and has .Louis Missouri, 63113. lot ROBINSON,M...,,' "IACRCONVILLK. fLA
communities. Resurrection ,
for whiskbrooms with the City. Involved a large portion of the :
Manufacturing The group wants to solicit, black .
Friendly-Leader community."We
"'Commerce, HonoreeDr. Company of High Point,. building materials from campaign have sold about $163,000 NIL Receives
NjC., as part of ts program to sympathisers and construct worth of stock at $10.00 per
meet tents on Carrol's share and will reach
help Negro-ownedrms soon our
the seeds national retailers.. 'property. Jay William's., .a goal of $200,000 U operating $13,000 Fuel
Woolworth's first order for leader of the dissident group, capital" Hurt said.

whiskbrooms from the North said many of the demonstratorshave Broad community support has For New Study
Carolina firm was tailored to no home. to which they beea a key to Central City n.e CM .....TM., NC.CROAKIRS -
fit the company's existing production caa rulers He said most of them TO 4I' background. The National Business League,, IU. ? White T"t Ib.A'M 3gc'
.J capabilities, tt WIll be are from the Couth and were "B Us become so well-known (the W year private Negro .... ....
stepped op to supply toO Woolworth .' evicted whim they' lift -for already," Hurt remarked,"that business and economic development r- r..
stores on the Eastern Washington whoever becomes our Vice President association founded by sea $NAP/na
Seaboard. win be a community Booker T. Washington la too, WHITING Ib. 39C I ';oar 1. sgCLM.K.d

The company will be placed la Schikrs Get figure Immediately.." _' had Just received a research ..... r'i, f .
Woolwortb's automatic reordering The St. Louis Urban League grant from the Small Business
system to meet'the Awards From has bee working closely with Administration of $11,000 to Clue MOM Ul tUCN

.eoatJD.m, demand for these : the Central City Foods staff study the .receptivity: of busiJaess 1 FLOUNDERWN..d..Jb.. ;59e
Items, It was reported by John) oq fining some (0 available Jooa0job training for :I'
E. Stromenger. Vice-President 1 NAAtT '(. NI pi I rtUMs 'Ii thebes super :'pot ml a! entrepreneurs aad WIIIIt.N "
for ; market. An Intensive '..
merchandising. employment mangers CR BME r : i.I
'ta'td "Woolworth ts working with ATLANTA, Ga, The announcement drive will begin la Sep NBL President Berkeley< ,
several Negro-owned companies of high school tember for these openings. Burrell upon receiving grant hunts '
la a continuing seniors, Margaret Peterson "But rlgbt now," Hurt said explained It as follows: "1 is I.$..L..SrPln? -$ 001..... f

to help la the 'prograat Cato and Ulllaa Virginia ""we're looking all over t h e a heartening breaking of new ... ..
packaging product Jones as college scholarship country for the right mu tomanage .UIN.'
qualityand ground. SBA has thus aow;
Richard Y. Moore president of the of Bethune-Cookmaa Beach Area Oamber Collegeand uniformity of products tomeet winners, was made at the recent' the operation.'l'htlper. taken the lead In the study and .IRtTT JOT .a"j$1 I .SHAD! ROE M 75cAa.a.s
a long-time member Daytona our requirements for convention of the National As- son will have experience Inmost the \ ........
of training
design on job
of Commerce awarded a silver "Charger" award asa
** satiation for the Advancement
large-scale Mr. phases of supermarket
top recruiter during the Chamber of Commerce's Optra marketing, of Colored held la Atlantic for entrepreneurs, particular! dw ep.I.i e/the heal >)tup ke.e
Stromenger' reported. management and will have had
Be is shown for the Negro and other minority ,.40 ..
lion CHARGE membership and fund: campaign. as; '
He said the City. Tbe scholarshipswere SHRI I ....
Negro-owned "
members. Bur reU pointed .. 'WeL .
.he displays the award with Barney Bamhart (center! another Coea-ol.. IJI.
would provided by Mf"
Cad tt to hire
necessary out that report of the la
and David ( ) CHARGE chairman.
recruiter right
top Freer, additional employees to meet ISA; u part of a program Ella Fitzgerald bor Department to House Subcommittee FRESH :::: 1.10 lb.
the high-volume aeeds, of designed to locate and assist No. 8, November
COLLEGE STUDENTS SPEAKS Woolworth's nationwide mat* Negro students through local. 1967 outlined how the several KINGFISH c S .. 590SPAHISHMACKERlL -
THE. kiting distribution system. level channels. Gets Chairmanship agencies had DO place for a
BT BROWN Dr. Perry P. Little board Miss Cato, of I Cottage street program to provide Negroes ." .....49c
NEGRO PRES INTERNATIONALWhat chairman of the FrlendlpL.ader -, Mt Venue, Ohio, was a prominent Ella Fitzgerald.. accepted with access to a "real piece
Manufacturing Company, member of the youth the Honorary Chairmanship of of the action U mangers"
a degraded, crime-rid church congregations singing complimentedWoolworth for choir at lit.Venoa IUPScbooI. the newly formed MARTIN "This is a most welcome gap
, den nation we live in-or so "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" thprovided : assistance" She plans to use her scholarshipfor LUTHER ICING FOUNDATIONwith filler," be stated. ..It can help
.we're told. The streets aren't And it is the boldness at to. and voiced the hope the stair of nursing at Cap- Headquarters in Washington turn black power into green Does Coca-Cola
safe; racial strife threaten to day's black activists is demanding that other Negro-owned companies ltd UnirersityWuhhngtary D.C. The purpose of the power. Others could wen follow,
destroy our domestic traoQulll- ot asking-for a better can be slmllary aided., Miss Jones, 651 Front Street, .organisation is to accomplished SBA's lead."
ty, and the crime rate keeps deal, that offers hope for u "If many Negro-owned firms lock Pa., will enter MacMur projects in the field The study:and program design Have the taste.
shooting up, up, apt' eventual solution to this na. can be helped to gear their production ray College, Jacksonville, Hi. .,of race relations. project will be completed
'This nation is in such sad tion's racial ins. to large-scale: requirements U a premedical student. Her b memorial of the Id1mtI1pudDc by October 1968 and WIll be you never get tired of?
shape that Presidential contender Some eight,'years ago I r.. of national merchandisers major activities at William of Dr. King, Ells has I performed though the network of
of It should have a significant Pea Senior High School In ;( 10 local National
Richard M. Nixon plans member watching a group Just recorded a song which she Business
to make a major campaign issue sit-ins at a Southera eatery and effect on Negro employ York, Included student: government composed la dedication to Dr. Project Outreach offices In
out of crime a the streets. thinking "Bow aobUlWnai I purity meat." Dr. Little said. and the school paper. Martin Luther King, Jr. cities coast to.coast Project Is it always refreshing?.
The aid scholarship
The Ancient ArabIc Order of and dedication there must Great Negroes Are college With words, and music byEUa Outreach, a National Business,
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine be in their souls to withstand program was established Jointly -..song is titled, "It's Up League Omcl of Economic Opportunity -
and the Daughters of the their white tormentors' abuse by the NAACP and Coca-Cola To You And To ...." Arrangedby Economic Development
In kind!" Computer SubjectsNEW LEA, sponsor of the program, Administration Do things better
American Revolution are opia without responding for Benny Carter, the tune will supported go
.arms about the ".."I.u.' Now, I'm glad that .the days of YdfoK Although the qualified alga school students grad. be released U a single ,by program offers management .
ness" taking over the country.:. civil-rights "purity" are over. major legislative goals have wLes..Tbe the winning scholarship received the Capitol Records shortly. training aid other'technical assistance with Coke
Never mind theshriners' aHwalle With an due respect to the bees enacted into law there bait of board examinations on .AU proceeds from the record to'ghetto smaUbusinessmen.
policy or the DAR's exclusion sit-ins aDd their eTimtr 11**" may be a CCIII DII1DIIMd for : leadershipabilltles.financlal college foubUshlng and recording: : after Coke after ?
of Marian Anderson .meats they were,retrospect, "corrective legislation," Roy ,need and the desire to rolality) will be turned overpy .
front Constitution Baa. The too saintly and angelic to be Wilkins executive director of a college, edur t on. Ella Fltsgerald to the Mar- CHARGE ACCOUNT) tAt lit --'! --!

malt thing, according to these, for real. the National Association for pursue Student screening assistance tu Luther King Foundation for _ab. plan. ,Catholic DigestJuno. -
paragons of,virtue, Is the nation's They probably had no choice the Advancement of Colored for the selection of the recipients use la their man1tar1u pro- wI/M CGrnenl it".MI wuaNrnel..r.ire _
lKreasingMinuioralltywaad'dUfepJd but to -turn the other cheek." People, said hertla a recent: was provided by the Jects. r-- ;
for the old but their way was morally la> radio Interview. FJfH< *1 Scholarship Service --
cherished values.-. _. tartar being excelled by tinttorlkrtghtea He made this point la a program and Fund for Negro Students. 'III.Ili'T fi run '
im IH
TI si TI
aIIIuIi'll of today's civil-.
But"watt a .mor.. broadcast over Station Candidates are located by local \
.Wt$" may lOt be as bad as rights activists who seek lobs WINB .the aU...." station la NAACP branches and .
it's lid: And -"moralitymay '< lOt devils, act angels, bdbe1ap. New Tort City. Questioned by registered with this Agency.
not be u tensible. as if s 1 aewsmea Staa Scott sad Jack LOW.PRICES
cracked up to be. Aa older morality" would Srnee, Mr. Wilkins commended Union
The advocates of "law: and demand that people always be oa the report of the National Virginia I
order" never seem to under self-cffaciag sad humbly obedient Advisory Commission oa Civil
stand that authority and rules to whatever proclaimed Disorders, the possibility of a Library Aided DRUG) STORE NEEDS!
eel lOt ends la themselves to be "coo t1Med authority." "hot" summer/'Usckpower," ; \ -
but have the function of contributing (This, presumably, includes tact developments at the 59th Mrs. Verdelle T.'Bradley, 11-
to the public's welfare slavery and segregation.) annual NAACP convention la brarlaa at Virginia Union Trade with 'your Neighborhood Drug Stars

sd........ ,Another ancient morality turns Atlanta City last monty. University, has announced that WE WILL 'MEET ANY PRICES ADV., IN YOUR LOCAL .
These people forget that the this apslde down by blindly "The broad objectives of the a grant of St.ttl from the CAPERS. Wf deUver. We also dill all Doctors Prescriptions. tar
very "law and order" they resisting "constituted" author civil rights movement," be United States Department of I 4 ':; '...
venerate has kept' the blackman ity" simply because tt Is there. said, "nave bees embodied la Health. Education and v/elfare, .

locked la slavery and segregation Devil worship and "black! general legislation' s housing has been awarded. : 'w..www'wr-rr rwMwMw.w.-rMwnM...-., w M wwwyrr,.J,
for ISO years and that ......" are examples of this.) provision which has Just Virginia Union qualified for Dixie Pharmacy > '' '
the very Negro respectability But real morality Is different.B beea passed u apart of the a basic grant of $5,000, and YOU knowit, It's.yourbtst
they demand has made It. Ifffr .ass realise *.* potentialities : Crrtl Rights Act of 19U. Ho thus Is eligible for the supplemental '
prtffMt.for racial exploitation,. and achieve his ova also cited the education. Model $3,657. refreshment buy. .
wasdm 1312
aril dUcrimlaatioa to continueunchallenged. ,isalvatioa. Perceiving that Cities aad_ supplementbUIs. This ade possible 11..iS' IIII AT MTITIE .
people are neither devils nor, However he added, ".. through Title n-A of the Higher
But It is precisely the threat angels,I real morality recog: still have health and welfare Education Act of ",.Addition i Mill 3535517MY

of Negrrf disorder that has destroyed'Jim 'sues that humans.have needsto lid the adaUaistratloa of al library ,materials will be ti .... ,*... ...

:: _Crow aad given be met Justice, which are. very, impor-; acquired as. a.. result. of. .this r." Till LICIT; lAtER AU'.h ." '1<'." F'.., .
the 'black ... at'least token t Aad it regards the fulfillment tilt areas. grant. I II ? # ,.t ;..... >* &; W;
...iahiseoadttloas; of ,(hose seeds as moreCONTINUED ,Ho waned that "... may discover n made a gin of 60 albums .' "' ",, i. 1 .ti.

OM.Watts riot has done more' ,bDportaDt tam.pumobdleXI ON PACK 12 some loopholes" that will to tat university's. recording ;,, :.TEIEPMIEJILU :.IT..III: sTIIE." : ;t: '\..".....'t.'I.into III..AnorlgMYMC i4 pd..r..r '
for black people than a,hundred. require legislation. library. I ,


4, .'

t' ;t 6 ;:. .

.. ....,, .. ... ,-.;. : ri .. .L ,. .j ". : ,,'. t( .,. ,. }" '.. ,
_, '';!lr A 'v.A&A A..A" . -- -- .AA

'.... . . .... .. .". .. .. .. .. .'j. . ..- .. . .. .,.

f-I ,; -11

lICE SUI PAPlt s.Tnmr. IDGUST 3. Itsl

II n Jack Olsen Sports Illustrated, Says St. Louis Cardinals Are Fighting Prejudice I I ICmls

'Insisted Last Year's Fort Valley Stale Swimming lean

1 HoBston's Astrodome Gets

Trebles Were Not Bluest 1
I ..If'i'iJ Tilts
NEW YORK Deep thinkers on racial prejudice who try to Set For Professional
figure oat what U uniquely rotten with the St. Louis Card1Da1aFooCbI1l I
Professional football makes Its debut In Houston's Astrodome
team are wasting their time, sty Jack Olsea la Sport I.c.
= f lIJId Raiders'
,Thursday night, and the AFL'a championship
Illustrated this week In the last (fifth) Installment of his copyrighted -
entertain the Baltimore Colt Saturday night in key game m t the.
series, "Hie Black Athlete-A Shameful Story. This r ..
AFL The Oilersslated /
week Olsen deal ezcluslrely with the trouble of the St. Louis first weekend of pre-season competition.
team and, although be spare none of the ugly detail of how It to play all their home games la the airconditionedHouston
'. will face the Redskin la one of four
has been on the Cards, be Insists the substance of the racism .....' arena, Washington
I there Is the same throughout most of the League. In fact, be inter-league AFL-NFL contests. Others Include Baltimore at '
Indicate, the Cards'' Rerdntt m" last season maybe Oakland and San Francisco at San Diego, Saturday night, and .,
Detroit at Buffalo, Monday night Cincinnati enters the AFL ..
siren them a headstart on change:
picture playing host to Kansa City Saturday night
"me \U'Q1DI.JI art wor1llll demeaning the Negroer ., ( ,
hard and fruitfully on their Just) complaint On the other A total'crt 11 pre-teason con- 'receptions leadership last year

racial problem," be writes, band, be point out, since then tests on an over-all AFL elate, with 11. George Daney,University
"and though the situation they a very real effort at apology tf. 'J of three dozen will be'Inter- Texas at El Paso and Moa
bare Is probably slightly worse* and change has been Instituted ; ,\ league contests. The ''pre.11 .- Moorman, Texas .AIM, first*
than that on any other NFL by Coaches Charley Winner and '..polDt" will be used on an 'round draft picks, expected to
team, It Is not so much worse Chuck Drull Inter-league games, with tilt 'f ght It out for starting right
that the rest can be sanctimonious The Negro Cardinal team kick for the eldrt-potd shelved juard slot, win miss. game
f about St Louis. "Prejudice members today say that Drolls, In favor of going for the one- because of AD-Star parttctpa' ,'

1 Is too common a commodity whom they blamed for setting ,., pointer by rushing or passing tion. a.
In professional football a racist tone and for being from the 1-yard line. This replaces Saturday: August 1, San FranCisco '
routine, expected," becontinues. permlsslre with the white racist the 1-point option play (NFL) meets San Diego,

'Almoutenq team, players, may truly hare beetnneware t. used la inter-league pret. San Diego Stadium, I p.m.J

for example, has a cell of of Ms beharlor.A .... season competition.The Chargers will play every otter '
white racists like the one on Willis Crelllbaw tol4 01aea: V4 AFLs pre-season campaign major-league pro football team

the Cardinals, one that geographical "He may not eren bare known .. will extend through tn California la pre-s' asoa. b _

origin do not what be wu doing. After all, :;.,: September'I.'Bcstc; Denver inter-league play last years
explain." be dldnl go around calling ;a Miami and Mew Tort are not Chargers dropped decisions to ''

When the Card fettering people 'nigger' or "black boy.! in action over the first weekj Steelers and Lions, but
racist .. end. In their bows next Weekend t
erupted He may Jut bare thought be \ > ''' went on toflne WesternDivUtoc
.eason and was reported In was treating the Negroes to ,4 :, Dearer will entertain effort In AFL race In which
the newspapers, the Cards' the usual way. He may hart '' Cincinnati and Boston will their late-season record was
front office Insisted the mount been treating Negroes like this tff travel to New Orleans In Sat- 1-1-1, before four straight.
tin was only a molehill for so long that It became a \ zyc iA. .vrday night games. Miami will losses caused them to finish

defended eoadWIfper'OI1DIl. habit with him. But now that ,.....,, # play a Sunday afternoon game I'1 IDtr.", toRalders.SanDiego
and managed to get the story u WI'". let him know about It ", with Buffalo in Rochester and has, excellent runnlng attack
"phased out" of the public eye, we think M'U' eJaup. Be-* v the Jet will clash with Houston with second-year men Dick Post
according to Olsen. Bowerer changed already." on the Astroturf Monday night and Brad Rubbert (No. 4 and Sla
be reports, the truth was far Coach Winner told Olsen be Paul Brown, boss of the Ben league), Paul Lowe,((17' yard* "'

more damaging than press win not tolerate any further The swimming team of the Fort TaUey College,Fort Valley, G*., varsity football star, swimmer and track man. He has been- gals isIs the only new coaching shy of career 5,000); Gen',
reports Indicated,and the Card racial abuse by players or 1* rapidly becoming more and more aggressive.The above picture most Instrumental la Initiating a S1AC swimming team at the face the league. San Diego, Foster 'Jim Allison and RearSmith. '
ode a fundamental error by CONTINUED ON PACE 12 shows some of the better swimmers,members of the team. They school. R* also serves as bead track coach and as asaistant and Kansas City are the only Super-receiver LaaceAhrorth '
are: from left, Harold William, Willie Iron, Jerry Ellison, line coach for the "Wildcats. Its la now taking graduate work two club which have known will be II year old
MackleU Hunter, Larry Thomas' Esco Hall and Alvin MItcheU. In Durham, North Carolina. Fort Valley Photo only one bead coach la tile day of contest Lance, Ironically
j WHEN YOU ARE ILL They are coached by Robert E. Blount, a former iloreboose Ight prrvloos year ri league was No. I draft by 49er
acunty. Both Sid CUlmaa and
Too Seek The Best Doe- half-doxen year ago. Missed ,

j tor. When Tour Doctor: JeaN Farrow Wins FltiMIn ShoofiHf Fleets i iy Buster Mathis Shows 'championships Haut Stram bare'with won their Leagu respectlr played three game Injured last la t h year r. tad;

rretcrlbei, Oat Eiperl- i clubs. { yard

'(enced Pharmacist = o II D.C. And Heads To 1 I Plymouth Are Beattie Glove Lesson (NFL Saturday) meet, August Oakland 1, Baltimore at Oak* for made! Sib better straight than season 1,000, rookie
Pill Prescription Ac- back
jdefenstre p DktFukyNo.
Playing In Washington D.C.Greater Junior TJSLTA Tournament. IT. PAUL, Miss Buster land-Almeda County Stadium,
wording To Tour Doctor' U6 draft pick from Boston U.,
Juan Farrow toot
another toward Mauls 1p.m.
giant step
being the Mo. 1 won a serenlh-round Imade three laterceptlon
Order' :.. Ranked. Under It Boy tingle player In the Middle AtlanticHairing" ladiaaaoval technical knockout over Jim 'Give or tale a few yards, Saints la rookie
La... T."I. .1__' ''_ against gaunt!
We Beit. Beattie last Interceptions and completions
Dee Only Tit* C. E. BLACK -- Thursday. last week. 49er mast make
ion the MALTA win DETROIT Plymoeth' Its A this could bare been the match*
Quality Drug*. .. 4Hiui! Proprietor play la Philadelphia and straight left from Mathl decision on whether to with''
Championship last w.ek1lNor. Richmond are Paul Furrow Uanal Trouble Shooting Contest sank the Beattl chip. Referee up 1 la last January Super Bowl go

3 Registered Phanaclst To Serve Too folk and tilt Greater Washing Mike Doyle, Dana Rugneburger, will again be held la Indiana- Tom DrlscoU stopped the fight Daryle lamonlca, who led m Job quarterback Brodl or George this Yin
ton Junior U5LTA Tournament Richard Martin, Dana Netting.: polls la the spring of 1969. at 1H giving Mathis his 25th' Raider to AFL crown (11.1 Potential, year '
I In Washington this week, Juan ham, David William Glees I. White, general rictory la. 16 professional record and 4U point) will top-Oight ruonlnr
....... XiWlllard
r-A COMPLETE LINE OP. has two leg on the No. 1 rantIng The team will complete la the manager' of Chrysler-Plymouth fights.| Only serea bare gone ate start his second season la Oak \ and Joss present David Crow., ti
i sewed op and will play lathe New Jersey championships Domed said recently. dUUnc Lad Mo lack of receivers for Lou
Cosmetics Rubber flood Candle Home Beneficial Junior Invitational and return to Richmond, put of Detroit for the Mathis lost on March 4 to Jo Daryl In Bill Miller (who j after of Dare Parks out to Saints,
I t Tournament la Rich: Virginia for A.TJL Junior Mal dad time thus year the INI Fratter. A state money record caught a pair la Super Bowl playing option was i
raond, Virginia, next Week. tional Boys &.DdG1r1a Odder 1114 National Final were conducted was set last. week. The total against Greet Bay) Fred BUtt- severe blow. Park ka*
Sundries.IPTIONS. To win the Greater D.C. -U-U singles anddoubUs .last June II on the track of the wastU64Slll.S01amoDey. nlkotf Billy Cannon, lteOid. averaged 60 reception last

i ..,..-. Tournament Juan defeated;0 and mired doubles champion indUMpfji:! Motor Speedway, ., 1 Mathis. from Bunion BartIor, year man Warren Well and 'three Masons despite sub-paa.s
CALLED FOR AND DEUVCRED1107 -' : I r Robert' Verona.li.t-&; 44 alb of tilt war Id'*most popular 'but now punches from New Tork Hewrttt Dixon. Dixon and Put 67.
Zschery Bates, '-&, $-tj Du Entries cloAugustat 6 1 automobile not:A inlet l of 19*,I'City. Btmstak provide past one Moad.r.. ',

1 r. KIMCS 1041 553-127 Grief 6-li: 6-1; Eric Buy,6-1: p.m. Send entries to O.tt Wai top auto mechanic students two ranaiag punch. Tom 1 !.NFL...or1a18ta4b&m) meets at War. :
1 6-0; and Bob Barnes 6-1: I.C. kit, 1001 Fifth Street Lynch representing 60 states pert Beating aU..,.. defenslr*1 I p.m.
for the Earl LloydRemembeS' BUll **eklag their first"::,
Lilly's Drag Store championship. Juan burg Va. ,' cipated.I tackle and clam Daniels Oak*' ,
I teamed with Joe Sheri of D.C. I have decided to hold the land' first 1,000-yard per 'cross-orer" victory after two:
I Iii to win the doubles champion* *** contest at Indianapolis. again | { Sports former will miss opening gam close setbacks at bands of NFL
| rivals last (lost to Lion
ship. next year because the 1961 and probably wont to year
R.S. EVANS3rd Other players on the team who Former Chicago U. final were tile most success J Earl Uoyd, Detroit, former ipyu regular t umi. '. ty t points). Tear frankly,
ii fan we'.. em had," Mr. White Detroit Piston and SyracuseNatiooal Both bare foot Injuries, But* j girded aa "rebuildUic" one by

Head Talks SportsDr. aid "It was a very rerarking tff tt*all stadrand__, fug from the all-star game last 1
& MAIN Robert Vtaynard Hutchlns.. I experience for tilt contestants. forsMr assistant January and Daniels from the 1 snob draft Immediate picks u help Harea from'
: w.'.. .
never before received Miami game last year.Eldridg '
once the youngest president | Moses and Richard Trapp.(re*
so favorable Dickey
many comment Not 1 draft
EL4-HWI:: I OPEN TIM, 9.-W;: P.M. EL 44382 ifl'( of a unlrerslty la America from tilt boy and their Instructors. from Tennessee St&te. will get salvers/: ) and Max Anderson
outstanding scholar lecturer ." (runnier back). Neither Jackie's
r.a 1'R 1RD "DOOR a look at flanker spot It, 1 ,
..505 and writer, feels that most paid No .Kemp or Tom Flare were
date has been boss
reToJSWSVi.100'0: \ WITH ISUIPMiNT. FACT. WM. set for the Raider AM Davis, "El
athletes, whit or black, should 1969 ppftnAin jj quarterback Jut?
68 event; although there ors drldp will be a wide receiver ,
770. ALMOST .
NEW $2695 pot to college. and to .
go year injuries receiver
Indications, that It win b* th for a whlle"Despuebototficlmportitee ,
n fiffKSStW.tt. roue.1e1"Ns.'ACtoly WARRAN.M j Hun lit li yfa/ truzir The eminent scholar many largest slate the Nattoaal I of and ;might have contributed. An
rft.NTUc game
GRAND PRIX .ism = years ago, as chancellor of the Powell missed six Bobby -
f\NN.WI MI. All (0fI0ITION'.. 'AC'OIIY WAIIAN", "un U Sitsots lei & M tt. Final were started la 1961. strength of opposition Davis ,
tt% PONTIAC .... M...... A... m-4111 University of Chicago, kicked "We bare already received Insists newcomer prospects 1 Crockett was out entire;
BONNEVILLE CONOITMN.'ACTDSyWCS Dunt lei rod CiM Intercollegiate football off the doseas of IsgvlrlesfroEtschools season. Tight end Paul Costa
VAVO'' "'''. WINDDWAIR ; get long look la this one.Baltimore's .
campus more than a generation underwent ankle surgery month
L Irk
I1MUI which would Ilk* toparticipate all-time r
6fi passing;
PONTIAr BONNEVILLE .$2395 ago. He has several striking- ago and will not be available-
''' IN1e.M. TNI in tilt program for record bolder John Unltas,ms-
67 FHfcVIfT6LKTf> ; n&LKAm" :: '. .:SMI views on the situation.Dr. tilt first Urn next year" Mr. rails his magic la Oakland for (early portion of pre-season. :
Vf.gf jfTgMMTK. AIR CONMTIOMP. UDIO t HIATIR. OM Hutchlns says that thereIs White said ,"We will make Drat time. Dallas holds pro Keith Lincoln should spark at.,

83 RAMBLER: CROSS COUNTRY WGN. .$ 595 WI 11"1' no significant difference between -' every effort to accomodate records for TO passes, yardage ,tart Vet back led e lib 'm
66 C1IBVY: SPORT COUPE .$1995- AUTORADIATORS the treatment of ath1tteJ.or them." EARL LLOYD completions attempt) and| i rushing and receiving year.
ply toAtlcouli MIMINe. AIR, CONDITION. any race. He points to a kind 'This year com 100,000 auto- baa been named National Per* consecutive games In which he| \Detroit made massive spring,
67 PONTIAC'CATALINA .$2895 of revolution which might breakout mechanic, students In about sass Relations Manager for has thrown TO passes. Coltsrecordholding trade WIth Los Angeles to obtain
NIW' AIR CONOIIION. iLiC. WINOOwc among students who will re* | Bin Munson at quarterback .
68 btDS" R\LE\ 98 : 1,000 schools participated la Dodge Car and Truck Division receiver ,
U. .V I "N. VINYL I00 AND IIII O. LOADIO.$2685 fuse to support football games. ltter-cliu eoI- etItloa to of Chrysler Motor He will Raymond Berry has retired butUnltas giving up among others Mitt

66WSSirSrteB'lo .LINI'NEW. ... .. .. .... .$2195 I $119 95 5 .:l'tt'.'J He say that the Influence of represent their school as be recruiting for Dodge, for has plenty of targets ,Plum;, Greg Landry rookie
CAI athletic does not
extend far quarterback
ONtY Ilea MILEL All ; prospect
..... .. .... Trouble Shooters Those who training and employment of Timmy Brown was.,
M PONT1AC VENTURA .. ...Ike. beyond the recreational. He prow Lion's top draft pick Earl Me"
.$2195 .Ie .... made the team competed in grams. Lloyd holds a as disappointment He was ;
t POO* MTO !. ._.... that Black Cullonch
63 CHEVY I 1)\ STATION WAGON .AIR.,.COND....,..,.$ 695 p... ... flpIoo. cays more resentful because athlete of their art 76 regional contests in which of Science degree from.West counted on to lend a band laallaround ISC should slper bolster-eollegiat: from

62 BUICK, A HONEY .. ..,. ,.$ 595 lack of preparation and of. ..winner were,.. chosen for the Virginia State College. He offense. Tom Matte after receiving;
OVER 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROMI! ARLINGTONRADIATOR heavier academic finals at h' ftII P'" II. worked several years earlier Tony Lorick, principal ball[ to corps passing up chance
burden In
We Take Deals Where Other Refuse He TIle 1961 IIU10aal e1Iamp1oaa for| Dodge and later for the carriers. compete Olympia Both
Credit Approved On SpatsR.S.EVANS! 1411 MAKCHICK said that If athletes cannot lath* two divisions were Junes Converse Rubber Company as a Saturday, August 1, Kansas j Involved In AU-Star (a me.
JJI-lin get enough money to go to 1 Oddity la 67 was Detroit
Forbl .
and Stanley choirs, of sales and promotion representattr City meets Cincinnati, at Kip' ,
school they should not go. Galena Park (has)IUpSQool, *. Be 1* also well known pert Stadium, I p.m. having rootlss-dyear on d-
I MAIN STREET ; among vocaUaoeledoutossh- u a commentator on radio and Pro football returns to Queen fens (Mel Farr) and defense
RADIATOR *f*fafm" *\ dents, and Peter Miller and telecasts of it-trail events. City after a lapse of a quarter (Urn BarMy Latter tied for .'

i MAIN AT 4W tLNIIr.r..R Daniel Fowler of GreenaUla Mr. and Mr. Lloyd bar two> century Paul Brown back la NFL' Interception led with 10.
,.f i 3rd & MAIN 40 : Senior High School Cincinnati-,- children. pile after lapse of fir years Game to be played are:
I ; Saturday, Aleut lO-Clncln-2
sLIN Ohio, 11 the Industrial art Wd< ... Brown developed strut f natl at '
Denver I
I I ? diu. of 'i>.ii pt ifi-iiift club la both p.m.; Kansas
EL 4-ftttl'
.OPEN TILL 9:30 P.M. EL 44382. Participating team* at tile Norton And'Brown AAFC and NFL In bU 40a andthrough City at Mianesota (NFL), |apm
BRAND NEW f final .; Boston at Mew Orleans
slated la college Ws. His path will U
t; acho1a.rahSIJI. prises, trophies a difficult one since two or tare* (NFLX I p.m.; Saa Diego at
MORE FUN1 MORE ACTION BIGGER PAYOFFS' ,. .1941 YVllrSEDAN. and training aid for their Joke On Studies Victories la Initial year is coa-. Oakland, t p... .
schools worth 100000. Wflll Barton and Gates Brown L sldered good for any eipanslon IAugust ll-Uaml at

: Trouble Shooter compete to of tilt Tiger were speaking; club., Biggest development J Buffalo Rochester, N.Y.yhas .
*.* who can most rapidly and at a high -school In Detroit, Bengal training season ; 2am'Yaodty f

..RtlIClf'l; $,171150.D : accurately restore a ear to according to an article lathe i been fusion of Frank Buncom, at August 11-flew Tork
; perfect running order after a! current Issue SPORT maga- Sherrlll Beadrfck and Diasked s Houston. I p.m.,

... series of 14I malfunctions sine, when a youngster I Brabham lato colle.l"1IDebactIDc
L ID IN1AX| bar been deliberately placed Brows 'What: did you take i unit John Stof a Jerry Grote Of. ,

'-nutt wu.M.J>.; at -. la the engines. !la high school: couple of draft selection In
in AIR-CONDITIONED -: Partlclpatjag schools. Bator Brown'could answer, deal with Miami) will quarter. Nets Recorded :
Plymouth dealeraandthe Barton Interjected, kidding d.,. back club. Warren MeVee will ,
COMFORT I Chrysler-Plymouth Division "When Gate*was la high school, start! at flaaker. : .
POll-8'15: aponsor tilt contests to encourage be took arithmetic, geography r .receiver* Include Rod ski Bolter;
RAINorCUA 'MONDAY TRIO SATOIDAY l Catline atadaota to COD DIIt and overcoats' find tight end Bob Ttany Cro '
: their education In. auto mechanics 'playing 4layharighomeRlvertront until d dM Nor York Meta L ... crt
.'MEYDOWUi'AST,<; 2 RACES OWWSU. '. Griffin and pursue a career laIn Yule Is PMfsburg Stadium completed two active major-leagaera(tb* '
,, ;i IVBY ACI ADMISSION to* fax rAIXMO tttt ff-tM for 1970 sexton. K.C.ha third- other 1* Ed Artokslat) '
.. Ti .luxuuous Am coNomoNto ouaHouaDtUjtmta t VolkswenINC. '. 19 year, 11.000 Trouble Pirates Pilch, Leader best record league b\st year bad two 100-gaae season* with
.NUflluS.FT.21 Shoottnf! participants, bar been (9-5). Hank Strum kicking off below JOO a ncu. according
w T -, placed in full Bob), Veal of tilt Pittsburgh ninth to an article
or part-time employment a T&ipi a* bead coach la the current
la the ;:Pirages 1* tilt only major Attractive Issue of SPORT .
automobile backfield for (d'ef
;i250 lAtT, ltdST.; ; .league,1 pitcher to lead, macaxiae.
: club
Beach industry. A surrey has shown 1 laeladea Lea Dawsoa at C"- hit 411 la 1964 and'.
KENNELCLUB SJ4.909)M that: 63 per cent of tile fi-iM- 'j la victories during each of tile' o arterback, MlkeOarrettano) JS 1& IN'I 1& cUred CCIItrut .
a t the tut fast.seasons, accordingj-j his
14tomlsttbel4c.hotn McCliatoa u raaalar .JOO average
< :
to article la tilt
bLV :1j aa current \backs and Otis Taylor atflanker. tt* first hill of ate 196114.*
j Issue SPORT maga.me.. { Taylor tied for TD tJODa1 r.-&ae tcbedal.. '

"I ,. I ; V ,
r'r t.I J,
1 \

.J.' L->... .'r L L ,....:: -'..- -.- ... .., .. .. .. .0- .. '0. ,..... .. ... .-.. .. .. ......... .........'L'1.. '- ...-. '-_.::"-1. ....."" ....



I Grambling And Morgan State Prepare For Charity Game In. NY On September 28 I

60,000 Fms Are ExpectedTo Sports-Politics And Vice-Versa, ;

SP its Parade

I Help Support The Game tf

NEW YORK- Grambling and Morgan State, two Negro college feY NEGfcO PRESS INTERNATIONAL
footban powers Wbo guard their reputations like feudal lords IT
win pity"a charity._ |UM here September 21 In Yankee Stadium I lit Jul,
to help students in, vhepettoThe .

tame Football sponsored Jointly "Superman" Taylor Is typical TO BOSTON COACH- (NPI) Sharpshooter, Sam' Jones of the world
the CoachesFoundation
by and P. BUin rot the kind of grldder who champions Boston Celtics, National Baketball Association, will
tine stars for the Louisiana School. become basketball coach and athletic director of Federal City
and Industry's Sons Newark new, N.testimonial& as partof He .tuds .1I'.llhs 35 College, a new' Washington (D.C.) school, sometime after the
pounds, and blocks and tackles close of the 1968-69 Celtics campaign.: "Dead-eye Jones";as
to good neighborllness. with relish some of his fans call him, has teamed with K.C. Jones to fora
Morgan former coached by Earl Coach Robinson labels him ", the "Jones Boys" duo as they help lead the Celtics to several
Banks In.AJllerleuraard University of super star of the future." eT k j world champions. K.C. previously left the Celtics to coach..
Iowa ,while Grambling was earning e, e
astute, Eddie Robinson, who Itself -,
a niche in pro ranks, SUGGEST NEGRO COACH
leaves Grambllnc little mentor.la to chance. Is the Morgan State proved Itself Irresistible AMES;, la. (NPI)- The eventual appointment of a Negro to
and immovable oa the football coaching staff at Iowa State University was virtually
mating announcement the college scene assured after an ad hoc (special) committee recommended the
at an elsboratinerscoaterence The Bears hare piled up aa appointment and the school president, Dr. W. Robert Parks,
reception held at Toot Shore's.market unbeaten string of 26 games, r gave his tacit approval, saying "It would make good sense to
Bill Cortls manner of and eoncetmbly could be beaded have some black coaches in our athletic programs. The com-,
derelopment for P. Ballantlne for a fourth straight Sy mitten, which Investigated complaints by Iowa's Negro students: '
and Sons, and the energising unscathed campaign. that "no Negroes were on the coaching staff"also recommended
fore behind the contest,pointed Admittedly the talent 1s then aggressive recruiting of black coaches in other sports/1:
out that public awareness and and few coaches can match
public concern precipitated Beak,' dedication and drl... TOUGH SCHEDULE
action and made this historic After witching'the Morgan DAYTONA BEACH ,Fla (NPI) The Bethnhe-Cookmaa
sports milestone possible. coach weld his squad Into a Wildcats will play a rugged eight-game,home-and-away schedule
It is the first major attraction close-knit family giving 100 -'L during their 1968 football season. Toe schedule Includes the
featuring Negro college teams per, cent effort at all timer ii curtain raiser against Morris Brown College Atlanta: ,September'
in New York City. With chic one writer observed that 28, and the Homecoming Game against South Carolina State,
groups, industry and city "facing this club Is similar to College, Orangeburg.
officials working in close partnership playing Russian roulette with
efforts are being made a loaded pistol.

to lure 60,000 fans Into Yankee "yT will beat you any way ,,; SISTER IESSIE
Stadiun to help underprivileged can." -
stadents who otherwise might Like Grumbling the Bears She will nafyour entire life-past, present and]
be abandoned hopelessness hare won three straight Central future. She asks no questions but will ten you!
and despair. Intercollegiate Athletic Conference what you want to know, giving date and facts of I
Proceeds will be. channelled titles.Grambling foulness love, health and family affairs. Will I
Into educational facilities called Is a member of thestrong help,you find lost art TELL you whom you whit|
Street Academies presently Southwestern Athletic BUt Brlal is mating his point,tt seems,ash* taJti'Wa Omaha Kugea McCarthy. candidate for the Presidency the Democratic marry and when. If the one you love Is true, what
operating In Harlem under auspices Conference, labeled by many as Technical High School athletes about the qualifications Senator ticket.. Briggs ls defensive end of the Washington Redskins. to do'to successful Will reunite the separated,](f

of the New York Urban "the nation's toughest small- jlocate absent friends' and relatives, and cause]
League. Tennis Star inns between man and wife. Make up lover's I IIquarrels
A number of major corporations In the recent A L-NFL combined Thanksgiving Will Tie ; Tens, If sickness and bad lock are] :'
hare assumed ;natural enemies, evil influence and bed luck;,poe*
sponsorroiel draft. Southeastern Crown "
Takes toot tell to please but win tell the troth. One visit will
la the actual operation. Conference schools, headed by Tennessee And Bishop you, repay
Including IBM, First NationalCity the University of Alabama, led SA HAVERFORD Pa. Arthur said may go la for professional yon for disappointments In aU others. I not only read your lift
Bank URocbe McCaf the nation with U players *e" NASHVILLE Yes I Virginia there will be the traditional gnat tennis ace, only al tennis. like aa open book, but 1 also help you out of your TROUBLES.
frey and McCan, Inc. adver- followed by the SWAC Thanksgiving Day, Homecoming Football game at Tennessee Negro la the field la such a Labs Is said to have bit tops Come! and see wbyjrou are so unhappy, when everything seems
Using'agency. Catenae Corp with 131. Tto Big Tea (II), State University. this year, according to Athletic Director capacity won the Pennsylvania la playing. He was everpower- to go wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted, sick and worried
oration, and unloa Carbide. Law Tennis Sunday when' yon can be held and everything made clear by consult*
Pacific Eight (II), and Western Howard c. Gentry.Dallasbased CbampSOIIIbIp ug from every standpoint His
As nearly every football tu Athletic Coaiereace (24)), Bishop College ties to SM the Big Blues la at the Merlon Cricket Club, service was superb, accounting :Ing THB! GIFTED MEDlVXl Everybody welcome. NO MAIL
knows, CrambUng College has Rlessen.Tto for :ANSWERED. I make no house calls. Don't mistake the address: ;
unfrocking 17 His
trailed la that order.Iacomptnblt Inked a three-year contract that their ova' aewlynsodeld16,000set Marty aces. powerful drive
atldencliliellbrow respectability Leroy Kelly will brlag Coach Dwight' stadium. score was I.), '.1, 6-J put pressure oa Riessea. His SHYER BESSIE .II located north 0(.Ca1lahu on 679-lzio UJMJ..
mile from of CALLAHAN Florida. Phone ;
as one of the nation's winner of two straight NFL Fisher's team to NashvilleThanksgiving At tilt same Urns, Athletic -VletorJ. service was so powerful and so ,1/2- City ,
most prolific producers of rushlag crowns; Roosevelt Day this year and Director Gentry announced that Ashe Is America's No.2 rank- accurate that Riessea was completely WATCH FOR HER SIGN m FRONT OF MOTELOpen BOISE

professional fo droll players. Brown former New York star retire November 14,1970.Gentry for the first time la tto university's ad player He Is a member of off guard. He broke- Across the Street from SPORTSMAN ,
Only Notre Dame has surpassed Giant coach the Davis Cup team. RiesseaIs his dally 8 a... to 10 p.m., Including Sundays
and currently a ; who shelled out <4,000-< history. fans will to, .through opponent's service.
the Louisiana ttIIooIla' Robert Wade Pittsburgh Steel- hoocb to get a Homecoming able to boy a seat for a gams. ranked No. S. Russia, It is Ihb5.C1RMrQ.ENTSjt: ;TdU TO A $5, READ.WOfor |x.;.|

the number of graduates tolling ers; and latter Kansas game this year, will send to Instead of Just purchasing admission .
m the American and National City Chela, are Morgan's Big Blues to the Big-D la 1969. to the contest :
Football Leg*.. biggest contributions to pro lbs addition of Bishop brings The 1968 home games sched- .
TweAtJ.Tlctrs. hare football.No John A. MerrltKoactodBig islet .
signed pro contracts for the reasonable observer would Bines' season's schedule to Sept 21-Xentucky State, 7SO .
list season. attempt to mialmlae their nine games. This win give Ubometo.a .p.m.; tat,; B- Texas Southern .last Gall"
By NCAA standards, Gramb- achievements.: / U fire.opportunlGeorfii -., 7:10 ,.... Ito,. M.1ostleriiLWnrstty1:60 *
ling and Morgan" State qualify as. ."" "" ,"" '.. '-or Jt..J Nor. t-ef y z v q 41N1 /
small schools, bat slM is a iNterscholfsficGwnes Morris Rrowst ODp.m.tHov. I< _
matter of football emphasis.By t-eishop College(Hqmecom-! 1' r "
any other athletic criteria fog,1d10: Po" + : i iI
for Schwobilt'sSummerClearanceSale
they compare favorably with At FVSC A |nst 2-3 Games away schedule 1st
big-time football fouSr.( ... Sept Uar SOBS College,
Grambling stalwarts hare putstrength This year the Georgia InterscholasUc Assoclatl.n AU-$ it IM p-m.; Oct It-Grambling,
.their.speed, else and Football and Basketball games will be held at The ...A1 Valley 7:90 p....; Oct. 26-FlorldaAIM.
Jo such good use la the AFL State College August S-S. Members tithe teams an outstanding 1:00 p.m.
and NFL that stories about them seniors la the conference nominated! by coaches throughout .
seem slightly exaggerated.ExTiger ins IWt. Taylor leads Philly
at their
superlatives The An-tar Basketban teams Jonathan WUUams of Rlstoy"High ilAM
Davis)Jobs ,u defenslre pros Include captain.Willie Green win be composed of fifteen School will be bead coach With A Big Shutout
members each making.. the
West team. Ulysses
for the
Day Packers Buck Buchannaa
; -
East and West Divisions. 64 Houston
and Ernie Ladd Kansas City class of '60 Marshall, class of banged out three doubles and ENTIRE SUMMER
Roy Robinson : School of Perry
County High
Chiefs Willie Young and Willie Jackson hurled. a three-
; Larry
at the Peter G. AppUng High and John Singleton of 8taley .. ..
Williams New York Giants; will hit shutout recently to lead the
School Macon Georgia School la Americas will
Lake Howell Philadelphia High Philadelphia. Phillies to a .-0
serve u head coach for the round out the coaching staff. STOCK REDUCED
Eagles Mike HoweUandCUOoB the Atlanta Braves.Jackson .-
; East Team. Life L. Jenkins The football game will be victory over
McNeiL Cleveland Browns of Carver High, Dawsoa, Georgia played under the lights Saturday posted his 10th victory

Taylor Frank Brown,ComlshandRoosevelt Chicago Bears; Willie The, win game coach win the get West underway Team. beginning Wildcat Stadium at 1:00: p.m. at the against shutout of 12 his losses National and tilt Leaguecareer 17th' Suits Sport coats! Slacks!

paWMRalderaGoldleSellers Friday night! at 1:00: p.m. lathe
aid Memiah Wllsos, Advanced
college gymnasium.
Center Broncos; iJD. Garrett tickets are oa sale at Watch
and James Griffith: CtnclnnaUBengals Jacksonville Nets'
Runt High School In Fort Valley,
; and Norman Darts, Houston County High School This Clown with, groups at } .
Baltimore Colts. :
Perry Pearl Stephens High
Eight Schedule Of Events I
Grambling graduates
School la Warner Robins D.F. I
fradratim who hare knownrecent glory Douglas High Schoo la bijg*- Federal Employees !Night 51 14.'l1.

and will try their semi, Crawford County High Friday, August 2, Rochester
luck in the play-tor-pay ranks School Roberta and the Health (Double header) starting at 6 23-421-11

this fall. and Physical Education Building p.m. Employees from IRS,
Sophomore tackle Bemis at the Fort Valley State Corps of Engineers, Social,

** ***** College. Security, FAA VA, ERA Post
The AU"t If Football team Office and others, will Join is w s'I
,TENNIS TURNABOUT will be composed of highly- in the fun. Between game entertainment '
rated ...... Two teams ofU from Federal \. '
Playing in the UJS.L.T.A. National members each will make op Agency. !
*12 and 14 fhimp1flTt' the East and West teams. Stockholders Night, Saturday ssts4-i1,
two outstanding A.T.A. players Harold Pearson, of Ethel Right August S, Rochester 740. OFF
were eliminated in the under U High School In UGrange win Former Stockholders of Com I-4S-13 '
event. Johnson was defeated by spearhead the East team..ort. munity-owned baseball (Jai .
Jorge Maartura, Yanesula, lag with Urn win be Rudolph Suns) win to la attendance..One Sometimes He's Utl,Sometimes
South America I-!, 1-6 7-9. ipmfM!*, class of '93. BuIlt lucky stockholder win receivea .He's Don. He Aads;Subtracts,
Johnson led 5In third set High School of Fort VaUey and trip for two to the 1968 SBfWpckiUaJJaroubd. .
before bowing out. Juan LeeLand Mangrum, ecus of World Series opening two
Farrows inexperience,beat him ''61, Carver High .School ofMonroe. games, courtesy of the New 241II411'3iI (NOT All;SIZES)

la his first round match when York Met*.
be lost crucial points Miss Jacksonville Fashion' tQATiBAcnosIN14
on his repeatedly fore court errors to Lee Ralph Boston Says Show Bee Beckclab Wight,Sunday -311 alto iWucf/on on SHIRTS, TIES, SUMMER HATS and SWIM WEAR rh

Mimi of Coral Gables Florida August 4. Rochester, TM:
'.1, 61. 'America Is Home Contestants for Miss Jackson-
VlUe Contest will present Montgomery :: WAN'S' DAYSNUMIERED .

'CONSOLATK1* 'Ralph Boston does not agree Ward Fashion Show at :. Spear. .raep parmsMM-prnu Slacks r.dviced t. 495
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some 7:00 p.m. The girls will escort ,
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Dan Vale mole. world record la the long Jump omitted for i .50 discount on1 Yours .When You Know' Your; N. charge for olterattom except en Vi-pHc .,..,pI. Cuffs free on 1"t.on B- '
and candidate for meats, but small. will. be mod for alterations.Seny .
Fort Worth, Texas, 6-0, 6-1 a the third the purchase of two regular 1I z. charge other
United States Olympic team, at. adult admist-.
also defeated Jay !Evert Chat priced general
tanooga. Tennessee, <-*, '-I, the age of 29. sloe tickets. 1
6-Q to reach send finals to He said that everybody 1* Lions Club Night Monday, Lucky "C' jour
Jumping oa Alclndor for Us August S. Rochester 7:90. Send |2.00
pay.Mike Bar, JlJ.&llJaD4Part,
television remark Boston said toco Guide lorAUGUST
U., Lions Club members through"
Juai Farrow'defeated Robert- Negroes helped bund this coun-' 'out Duval County are selling >vt ..' E 1 ChprpiI0y'm' : .
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tickets .
French, McotgomeqAS.,6-0. special priced for this w Iti.
6-3 and> Roland Baumgardner., likes, said the athlete the Negroes game. Profits from tile sal go Ffl*: 14 t&. blink'below' and ... .... ,.,
wants to share la thechanges. ,
I.1. to Lions Club Sight Conserve .. "
Corpus Christi Tau Boston ;. mair to-ZODIAC, Post Ofdce .
"- also defeated Jerry Weln- simply'doessot. lion program. Box( 1171, ..JaetaoanUt1a..1 y'" J
adler, Mobile, Ala., 'II.a, .enjoy being second class. The amazing J-Mets go oa the &; DOWIJTOtfN .. d CJfrAK HIW STOM '">.' Rt15ENCYb' e ; .f
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reach finals when he1 road August 6 through the 11 !Iwo: IBi '
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win,meet Gary Taxmon, Mil1vaukee. 'i- CIa apply for the same Job and. with Baftalo: and Toledo. They ET '.1 I..14'.,.*. .10 H.OWN LAUU.ITUIT'.caoAl Tit 5 : ,- HIUI CCNTW INOPPINO' .:-J: .RSCINCY OriMtOTOt. .SQVAM, .. *.> ." ,/.f":4 1I"!;' ) vt.. w
(in. Then ls a possibility -- .here M equal chance of getting return to Vottsoa Park August PATU.lRtII._,-,---.-. TrtiDAr_ MIGHT ortH'to TO t sVHir oar.3wIaY PA, -' > U'.1: ,
.of an an Negro Um s. So"1ti1 U to face the Buffalo Bison. .


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iI WI6S PARTIES RAPIDTV BOOTH FOR RENT Cards Insisted :frown Feels ;Jacksonville ; ;

, Get a free motet tor having a CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
wlc party. Phone 765-4822 SERVICETV 2 Myrtle Avenue Beauty.Shop.. Student Speaks Soldier
Phone 358-3338.: refrain, "So good." Humphrey \
APT. FOR RENT Service alls. $'.00 I coaches, that be wfll talk Itover left, amid cheers,and with the \:
Rot and eold water.Adults 6bly, Financing Available WATERFRONT HOMES with aa offender first,bat backing of OM of America's top Hugh ItltiliSFOOT
Mo dop. Call 354-1504... 53-81st MOTEL FOR SALE if It persists be win get rid, entertainers, civil rights to rulSs"aDd regulations that
opportnutq-modetn of him. helpers, and a cltlten-for Los may make people miserable and BENNING, Ga. ''A .
I Buyers keep them under the thumb
WALL TO WALL Angeles Ton Rail
1l-mdt motel, 3 Bdr. home,< One of the most dramatic and of some dictator. .Jacksonville soldier, Private
SAN Humphrey, la Washington, accused
NEW ironic the cases Robert C. has excelled
4 acres 500 ft. on U.S. 1;p. among I'm glad that many churchmen Furlough,
r CARPETINGFRfGIDA1RE I'IIL.'l8'nt Described Is that of Defensive Richard Nlionxrf dO bte- ham stopped seeing the church la trot' of three tests administered -
APPLIANCES Tickle Sam SQas who had one talk and pointed to his own record 'u u escape from the world's to trainees daring,
been known u "Chncl's & ." In his battle for the Negro
begun to
r1 NOL OR SALEDr Coach Chuck Drew had brought n recblmic
= rears past. At a rally, also and social
$$85.00 MONTH ,.King's PlcturesriowOnSale': Silas alone,bad taught and pro la Los Angeles, Humphrey.said advancement as
Limited stock of SXlOs now tected him, bad given him hi*, propercoxerns
for the House of
that "Boos won't drlre me from
bo hand, $1.98 with frame.PREMIER f rd-siUug tackle Job oar awhite -
I'm that church Issootherworldly
FHAVAVULCAN Negro sections. Although happy
TS1QRE.EDGEWOOD [ until Saas wu named to
I Pro : forced to discontinue a speech act as it used,
lbs Bowl Team la .196$
A.B. he "1 { be and Is Increasingly taking
and stories cam back from there OB Monday, said, flo! ,
was a good crowd and It was ''into account man's animal
I Miami that "he bad been out
34 bedroom plant with I,1%,
2 both and garage. HOUSE fOR SAlE( [chasing white girls.",Silas began enthusiastic, but IS to 25 persons 'deTclopment., as well as his' spiritual

Md".m schools, churches end a com* to suffer constant taxing : decided to disrupt the 'Theses are steps forward not
plefe shopping center close by. INC. NO QUALIFY he was directly Interrogated meeting. I don't think they represented backward. At last we are using
1319 Carter St., 2 bd. rms., by Drills about the reports and the black community.He morality to earn man, rather
then, after a slight ,was
LINCOLN ESTATES 768-3'W frame, near bus lines, on quiet benched for nearly a year Injury before. Ch11 also Pease" "Councils lor than using people u "cannon
street. Will repair as needed. his fodder"for a morality that maybe
7130 RICHARDSON ROAD PHONE; 765.1685 ; recovering Job as atartIDI'tactle.
I Call 355-8494. 1 i. ****** only a highfaluting cover-up
.Lfor oppre" m. ,

'. ZIG ZA&Makesleslgns,hews ,
'on bartons, makes button boles,

NATIONAL BANK of JACKS' CeONVlLF! MARINE NATIARINE per etc.monU1.l'IIooelSS-IHSU1-Pay balance $43. at $8.:

time Will show at your home, I
no obligation. A-l Sewing Mac-
IAL BANK of JACKSOrJACKSONVILLE \ NATIONAL BL / bine Co., 1600 .Main..Street

", .. '. .'...:\.J. BANK of JACKONVILLE HOUSE FOR SALENO the final phases o/baslccoanbat
7 ; 'f training at the UjB.Army Training
k QUALIFY enter Infantry
"Pvt Furlough's score of 69
746S and 7462 Birdies Road
MARINE ti'q M are both available now. Each of a possible 94 target bits
has I bd. rms:;with large lot. during marksmanship qualification
with the lilt rifle and
Take 11.1 South to McUrTla...
MARINE NMAW/ 497 of a Possible GOO points'oa
RATIONALi turn left This Is about miles
the physical combat proficiency
L sooth of downtown. Can 355
test,contributed to lab
!tN. being selected out atandlagtrainee
g of Company B, 10th
SOLID STATE STElE Battalion,nod Brigade. .
According to the citation, Pvt
IBANK NO L BANIONVI s Santo. COMBINATION, Uul Furlough demonstrated "HI equalities
;t-speed changer, dial speak< and attribute. whichetempllfy -'
.era, auto., turn off., almost the Americas
JACKS : rEt new. Pay balance of $U." or soldier. His performance,* of
: "" '' : '$I. per'month. Peace 353-1946, duties and desire to acqtart I
last for Credit Manage.Tim the knowledge and experience,
NATI 'deliver without obligation. AlCenter. necessary to become a qualifiedsoldier
SERVICE' 'Mute 1606 ?ala .StISABELLA were aa Insplratloa to
r .. "his fellow trainees."
:.: OF PARIS, During rifle marksmanship Instruction .
4' .' the trainee learns:
That's Met I bare the Amai- the different firing positions'.
:: lug superior tonic tablets, pep and encounters: the "pop-up"
1 for all the things yon want to target-ae dark silhouette*
I I :: CHARGEon 40. Box of so. $1.00.Satisfactloo which measures his firing skUU
guaranteed or Money Back Placed at distances from 70 to'
: ,For: Men and! Women. 300 meters, the targets art'
P.O. BoxtMDptX ceotralTf-coGtrolled. They appear ,
,4 {: "-t.: Gary,Imtan. and disappear la varied
times and .

) \ ,r\\Ij,:> "Personal Checking Accounts; : MOTEL .Individually-scored PCPT consists event of five*-

J, H : 12 rooms; private bath ".ocr one-milt run, 40-yard low
\ : II rooms semi-private $4.00 crawl rua-dodge-Jitmp, maa-
;{ minimum balance of Day time (semi-private) $3.00 carry TM horizontal ladder.
a ,
; maintaining Weekly Rate (plus tax) These events have bees carefully -
chases to demonstrate the

EOSEWOOD MOTOR ,CHIT most slgalflcaat areas of
strength and stamina accessary
.1" INTEGRATED to the tntantrymaa.
1''i .r. ; (911 u.s.1,Cor.E4rtwoodA". The Training Center *a *..-
.;, i. Ibne:764.0003Ahn7Open tabllshed at Fort Hosing OB
i ;j lmI\ September 11, 1965, U4 since
fQR II EN AND WOMEN December 1965... graduatedmore
tbaa 115,000 IOldl.u
OF ILL ARES, from basic combat training.
Fort Beaming has other functions
eke New IMPROVED MATURE ; boats other units. Yet,
\ (TABLETS for ,that tired run
H'H Its basic mtuioq making better
)Son feeling.that keeps you fromMjoylnglife. dominates.combat Infantrymen still

I 1100 Tablets$>.00; tOO Tablets Pvt Furlough,son cdMa. and
$5.00. $1.00 deposit oe COD'S. Mrs. David Furlough. 4114
.. EMPIRE PRODUCTS SALES Lockhart Dr., was graduated
: ; "
:,, 1 '. Dept.CUctgofllloota FS 8937 N. Broadway I from Jacksonville's William M.Raines .
G06ZSVETERANSU High School la 1967.
-!- Following completion of baste
... i. combat training Pvt Furlough
V was promoted to pay pa.4eII'
> under u Army policy pro
dIE NO MONEY DOWN Tiling Incentive to out&tI.D41JIC

m'm''o ,,.j:.jij' FOR A 3 OR 4 to trainees.Md.Aberdeen, for Be specialised has Proving. bees Grounds training.Hdreets'.75 assigned..

j.. : BEDROOM,
: j All ,HICK ROME : (tI

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: I
Jmy_--It.M.... $ '-5.eloa.vw,rM4..t Tie Jjcksmifle .

Barber College, Inc.


S ,!. MARINE : NAf/BANKi. MIN' 630 Diiris Street ,



BANK ofMARINF :JULIA ..t_DUVAL; .:., ,, : ., IN(. Inn
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