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1091814 F20090414_AAAFMT 00031.jpg 7683184b5c864599865fe91d680f274cc06cd19001a0ca78db202d75ca1b81ab2ddd2a07
129044 F20090414_AAAFMU 00031.QC.jpg 5e49797e9ce6baac3cb1cc2124b6afb34906fcdcf1898ea9431ae7aac184e64e9b7ecf0f
6716145 F20090414_AAAFMV 00031.tif c0b81ab65ebdf8e762af488f22c819fc9318989f9c569e43416fc795c15c17b1cb9cdc24
37861 F20090414_AAAFMW 00031.txt d2e42d3fd96e594adbe63923effd9102c8965cd62082c5738cecef5e013e96c67e00456b

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200750datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 13, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007500740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 13, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 13, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
'i (.1IjpI.! ; 0" "' .' .,
0 '
"" o.' "':" 1"11' ,

I '7)* .; .

I 1kIMsf'sity of Flo. .

GelnesYl.Je.. F''.. 'P1 IJ Mfrroin
f i lof \. NIST4R .

.. Florida Supreme Court Rejects Black Voices Bid For Freedom

ilillt fc *.* *_ ** ** *


hu ** ** *.

Florida State- CancelsPoweIISQeecht} 11 ijCARMICHAEL



...... .
:, 17 M; 41 SATOIIU IMOm 20, 1961r IS

... ............ ...... ...... .... ..; ..... ..... ........ ......... ...... .a... ...... ...... ...... ..... Ribault Bridge Scene Of Casualty Ex-Solon Will.
""**'**""-* **- """**"""*""'""*" *" ** s

-_ School l .Boards ;Are t- Giving In!) Visit Florida r rAnd :

.--"'- ___ a..r.Yr5"Y......i,.. .._.... i
),. 4. :+ ..*:.. .*... \


r i highest University institutions one of of the learning state's ,I

laid aside all concern for.free
dom of speech civil rights
Black' Power and, lectures
i 1 when, early this week an announcement -

i iS FIRE BOMBED. was made that A-
dam Clayton Powell will not be
permitted to speak on the cam-
pas according to original
... .*.. *.... .*.. ..>. .X.. .4... At. the feme time, almost coincidently -.

Stiff Ruling; Of with that directive
Judge's RefusalTo Jidges Point came the announcement that
the school had planned a forum
HEW Forces Plan To Lower Court based on the subject, "The Negro -
On A White Campus., This
was to be a regional workshop>>

For ComplianceTALLAHASSEE Grant Bond As First Means and is'Michigan a coooeratlve state University enterprisewith

It was in session this week
Many Florida Federal District Court Judge
However Florida State University
counties are now racing to Seen As "Unusual"GAINESVILLE G.' Harold Carswell has ordered does not want Powell,
deadline Gainesville civil
make the desegregation that two one of America's most power-
September 1969,according rights workers be released
ful .
the James T. Campbell, The home of Circuit Judge J.CJWkins was from Jail on $500 bond unless J .t t 'b4'A place and the convincing .ra. to b
associate superintendent of bombed Tuesday, according: to the Jurist, because of his refusal from Circuit Court Judge university on his already -
to set bond for Jailed rights leaders Irvin Dawkins and well-planned and elaborate
schools. However said the James C. Adklns can show sufficient -
school official, some counties Mrs. Carol Thomas strong critics of the local police department reasons for denying them itinerary and of colleges, universities
higher schools of
may still have extreme difficulty and the grand Jury decisions.: ball on contempt, of court con learning. Powell is a college
meeting the directive. Judge Adklns said Thursday of "Black Voices", had threatened victions. .y s.A 4a graduate several degrees.
Last fall.when Florida schools that be will not change his ruling
to burn local buildings if The ei-solon announced his
and has not been
104.511 Nerro pupils
spend frightened
they were not freed. Their attorneys plans last week in Los Angeles
(-1 decision the SupremeCourt
by the two homemade a
and white attended bombs
689,447 pupils -
have contended that where be
which of the State of Florida spoke to a crowd
desegregated schools were thrown into his home
their debts have been violated of than
more 8,000 on
ball for Irvin l1f power
But, according to the report21,925 while his wife and beWlr.away Adkins refusal to grant appeal Tuesday refused civil rights and the position of
/ other were still in racially on a IJt 1Dc.ncaremeDt. Dawkins, a Negro, and Mrs '
bond In a case that does not involve the Negro In America's move-
segregated schools. About The two Jailed writers authors Carole Thomas the wife of a .
Is in legal
a felony regarded : ments. Powell told the cheering
tJS2 teachers of a total circles U high unusual.The University of Florida professor i UCLA crowd that the time has
ol 82.800 were,assigned to NAACP Wilts. boUIJaUeUorr'IU1'Uerl-
was setteeed for eotteeaptas for
I schools where the majority of pair tied ofla..anc1 govvlwa IIIt.The' i I come fighting a battle. He
a result of alleged InTlama- later
high court, with the exception of reiterated that thought, ,
the pupils represented a different '
race.Following. Negroes Paid tory remarks which appeared Justice Alto Adams,voted plea* i telling America' that the Negrois .
the desegregationorder to a publication' ,. "Black from the fefense attorneys on just about "worn out with ,
implementation of which ST. PETERSBURG-. Flo- Voices". Tuesday. dillydallytog"
Judged Adklns action In toe Wil in Los'Angeles the self-
rida NAACP through the state to reports
has been speeded up because However according:
director Marvin Davies, an attorney case is seen by many as prejudicial exiled New Yorker now a resident
of the refusal of the HEW to the dental Issued without '
said Tuesday that an and discriminatory of Blmlnl, spoke of his
allocate funds to stubborn and a statement from the .
uncooperative counties a attempt would be made to delay when consideration Is given to Jurists give the defense attorney plans to speak before college
the fact that Mrs. Candy Moss- all over the nation as
construction of the inter- groups
change has been noted. a possible way out. They
For example in one middle- state No. 1 -/ extentlon of the icy and her nephewftcQentsof will have a chance to carry their ANOTHER ACCIDENT Two cars collided last Sunday_ afternoon, Jan. 14 on the Barrow a part of a M-college listing.
state He said also that he would be
were granted
site north Florida county only highway here if the city and bond when held case to the Court of Appeals.Mrs. Ribault River Bridge -which has been the scene of several fatal near-fatal accidents
on a of
state refuse to charge in the State of Florida April.
one teacher and 212 pupils were guarantee satisfactory of Thomas was sentenced to over the years. In this Instance one car remained on the road on the right side of the bridge
alleged murder the woman'smillionaire State University has
in a desegregation situation. relocations for display four months and Dawkins to six while the other, with its driver at the wheel, plunged Into the river below. Cleroy Wright, z6
husband. vetoed for his
families.In : plans -
This year, in the same county months for contempt of court of 6007 Flicker Ave. shown below awaiting medical attention was extricated from the totally any that
K Negroes teachers and 20 a news conference Attorney following their distribution of wrecked car by passersby. Wright is reported recovering from serious injuries Leavie Powell on this campus.week
white teachers, u well u...'100 Davies said that they feel that College literature critical of the grand Thomas 26, of 1806 Meharry Ave. the driver of the other car suffered minor injuries. a Summit Just Conference suggested of all
students of both races, clearedthe the responsibility for housing Jury: and of the Gainesville
situation. However only those who would be without Heads COllfessShortcolllllgs police department and Ore department -
one white child was enrolled in homes lies with the state and At that time Circuit
a formerly all-Negrp school the city. Three hundren families Judge A.C. Adklns denied the \
and all other schools were 100 would need "decent places balL The North Florida District"'Front Meeting'GetsSupport Victim PlannedTo
per cent Negro.: to go" be said. Court of Appeals upheld Judge
The "freedom of choice"proposition At press time Negro residents TALLAHASSEE, FLA.-Flori- Adkins; decision. '
has added difficulty had not heard from the city or da AIM University was host to United States District Court Go To Chard
to the problems of desegregation tile state, according to Davies' Negro educators institutions Judge Harold Carswell refused From All
says Dr. CampbeltThls and were, therefore, quite concerned of higher learning from Florida to hear an appeal from the at- Before Shootlif
has resulted in the increasing Assistant City Manager Georgia and Alabama recently moneys because he said, aU ) ev Ys
enrollment of Negro students Dan Davidson said that in information along with members of their remedies in the lower A loan Street woman, Mlnnk
!In formerly all-white schools office had been set up the SoutbtraRpooEeSucat1oaa1: courts had not been exhausted. Rights LeadersWASHINGTON Washington 149$ Logan Street. ,
and In the closing of some Negro in the city hall and would be Board and discussed the board's Orlando Attorney James Russ 72 years of age died Sunday
schools. In one of two instances staffed on Tuesday and Thursday report on "The Negro and Higher represented the pair. Russ January 14. from a bullet wound
parents have persuaded from 10 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. Education In the South." contended that the right to ball in her back. Just a few minutes
the local school board to Don Crane of the Office of the The Florida Board Regents, is a basic right, unless it can Negro leaders here have announced plans for before she would have beet
continue the all-Negro school. State Road Board, said it would the Florida State Departmentof be proven that the appellants are, the organization of a massive Black Front, which will mobilize picked up by friends who wen '
In conclusion' Dr. Campbell take some time for a relocation Education, and Florida State dangerous or might flee.He said, all Negroes in the capital city. Stokely Carmichael, outspoken to take her to church. .r
says "Both Negro and white assistance office to be set University were also represented this case did not present such rights leader world traveler and strong kJlowerad'lcate.. Sam Washington, her husband,
teacher have displayed the up. However be said, the United at the all day conference. evidence. is said to have prooded local leaders Into action. 88 years of age with one leg
-greatest reluctance to teach in States Bureau of Public The majority of the educators Assistant Attorney General At a special,and closed meetIng of Dr. King Sterling Tucker was arrested and charged with
schools which their race isin Roads has taken no final actionon agreed with and supported the George Georglefl argued against In Washington, recently: Executive: of; the Washington homicide by detecU,...A death
the minority. Some counties the matter. No efforts have SREB's report, but argued that accepting bail, saying Carmichael emphasized that all Urban League Marion Barry dealing weapon was found in his ADAM CLAYTON' POWELL
have been unable to meet federal been made to acquire property the report should not be restricted that nothing had been presentedto Negro setups small or large oIl'rlce. Inc., Nathan Hare and pocket. Detective Sergeant K. leaders !in the Civil Rights
requirements, for faculty Crane sa14.AttorDtr to Negro institutions warrant their rele....H.told should get together pressure Black Power advocate, who was 0. Helsabeck assigned to the Movement He also said that
desegregation." Davies said that the but Include all institutions of the attorneys that they should. Carmichael was not vocative fired from Howard University. ease said that a .32 caliber Martin Luthur King is revisingsome I
city housing programs shouldbe higher learning in the south. not have gone to the First District about the meeting but did say Stress has been placed on bullet was the cause of death. of his philosophy of approaches '
the "middle man" in the deliberations. Nearly all of the members Court of Appeals first Nit was beautiful meetlng.Yoa door-to-door campaigning Following the tragic Sabbath : to solutions. He suggested -
.,;::NC Dentist Is He urged city and present agreed that "money"was Among alleged inflammatory would have been proud of black Members felt that the Washington Day incident Washington call', that the conference could
state representatives to get together the main problem of pre- writings made was the one stating people. We were really tacether. meeting was more effective his granddaughter Joyce Wilder be held on his southern retreatat
domiantly Negro institutions that the Gainesville police ." 4528 Frlden Drive and'
with real estate brokersand thai the in Newark; New Blmlnl.
IN Riming For bankers to assure Negro and thafpatch up funds"should department Is "Klan infested." The group called together by Jersey, last one year a:more complete asked her to come over to look As the Star went to press no'
families opportunities to relocate. be made available to meet the the leader included' all organi and effective agenda could after Mrs. Washington. word had been received as to
temporary and long range needs rations He is director of the be carried out through complete According to police reports ffaether Adam Clayton PowellFlorida .
GovernorshipCHARLOTTE Davies was equally as forceful of the Negro student in higher\ SiprensNnnsNew Student Nonviolent Coordinating cooperation here. Washington fired the pistol after tan speak at State University -
in his conclusion: "If this education. Committee.. A steering committee The spirit of the meeting was Mrs. Washington, during a dispute or, perhaps even visit
NCDr.. Reginald isn't done, we have no alternative Arbor Days York:The Supremes will was formed to work out alive. One participants said be hit him over the bead with Florida Stat University even
Hawkins, Negro dentist and but to hold up 1-4. portray three nuns who arrive details. was pleased to discover that an unbrella. through invited.Enters .
civil rights worker has enteredthe The leader said be would talk For many years Florida had to set up a hospital and become C.Summer Stone former edi- "Carmlchael is a human The victim was dead on admittance
governor's race in the stated with local officials first At two Arbor Days-- observed pawns In a struggle between tor of the Afro-American in being." at the Duval Medical Clinic. Campaign
North Carolina the same time the city of St. by the public schools the other the tibia chief and scheming Washington, is on the steering Washington was takenjrom .
This is the first time in history 'Petersburg is using the cod by the State Federation of Gar- land developer ln"The Con. committee. Among others mentioned his home and lodgedfiT ,Jail. INDIANOJ.A, MSS/-NPr ,
of the state that a Negro enforcement program to prevent dell Clubs. In 194S, however vert" This takes place Friday are: Rev Walter Faun- HELP Mrs. Wilder and Estella Jones, Carver Randle has become the I
has ran for such a post Dr. the moving of substandard the Florida LegUhttvr adopted night, Fanuar 12, between troy vice chairman of the Dis> friends of the elderly 1 couple first Negro candidate for mayor -
Hawkins filed on Saturday.Jan- housing from the 1-4 route.This the third Friday in January as 7.30 and 8:SO, PST and 6:3010730CST. trict of Columbia City Council, FIGHT CANCER arrived Just after the 30 shooting in this small Mississippi

uary M.Colonel. is designed to eliminate slums. Florida's official'.Arbor Day. : and Washington representativeThe and called the police community. _____ ._ ___

I -J.f Gi I1e''ffiilttiii: : a'IIO I MiI Ai I E cll;; Hi'-h- :::1

.W., ...:..s -! ... ii..r.3r.r.nwstaw w....ww_ _+s' rAi..rrvn+a..waa4V..o..d.._ +.5&j'Vii t. j. .4Jf J...-__ .._ *JlJ .TUlt ..dalft.. W.....>......Jfa;_->.J-..._.........,..a.--, .. W .t.>....... .. >*.< t-.. li lt T>iilial
Harold B. Haciiman, dozen high school bands in pre- school bands. They include:Pa- following high\ school bands Pop Warner game will feature Lamonlca and Denver's Len ,Sponsoring Jacksonville view of the entire playing field
director emeritus of the University game festivities and the fab10us laths, Florida High School;Rls- from Jacksonville:Terry Parker Stratford Coon and the Dawson the league's two top : Charities will open several Is possible even from the bowl
of Florida Bands, will Florida AMI Marching100put- icy High School, Brunswick, Sr. High School AndrewJackson Arlington (Jacksonville ) Pop passers, will be favored to win ticket windows and all gates at, teats on the ends.. .
direct the combined pre-game ting on a special halftime chow Georgia; BunneU, Florida High Sr. High School, New Warner League.! The young their fifth of the series. the Gator Bowl at 11 a..... Because 'Ticket cost are $5 and $I.
show bands in the National Anthem for Stadium tau aDd a national School; Baldwin, Florida, Stanton Sr. High School. Mat, sters' game will also have a The East has New York's pas ofthe large capacity of the Profits will go to needy causes
at the Gator Bowl for the TV audience (NBC). The game Florida Jr.-Sr. High School;' thew W. G1IbertS..JU lSChoo1. halftime show. sing wizard Joe Namath at the stadium and the easy access toil In the area Jacksonville Charities -
AFL All-Star game Sunday will be blacked out on TV to Baker County High School, and William Rams HigbSchooL The ALF East-West All-Stars helm and three of his regular from several directions the founded In 1955,sponsored
January 21. stations within a 100-mile radius Macclenny Florida; Clay Jr.- There will aisobe post-gam will clash in their seventh annual Jet receiverswithMiami's Bob sponsors expect to sell several even NFL pre-ceason games lathe
The game, which will featurethe of Jacksonville however. Sr. High School, Green Cove band concert and u I intersectional bout, the kickoff at 1:30 Griese only freshman to play thousand tickets at the gate to Gator Bowl between 1959 and
AFL .East and West Ana *" pre-game show win feats Springs Florida; Hastings Pop Warner football game quarter- regularly at quarterback,in re- fans in neighboring counties. Into 961. -
Stars, will have more,than s more than a dozen highS Florida High School; and the following, the AIl-6tar game. backed byeGklaod's' Daryle serve. new completed bowl, a good *** **


K. .

'. S '1 .

,:!;;t.f'. : :t ,i.t ,;.' ..... ,. .".. '. :'" '. .1" 1100 ......J,1,. -,;, .- ,."..t.
: .. A .. .- "' ''' '

:-.-..-- '

.. ... Jf/fJ' "
r ..,..Kw: M e' .1 :;{ n'A V'" dIll t i



THM FLORIDA "' ; 88 Equal ,


Published by the Florida Star Publishing CompanyMEMBE'R I Past actions by the federal government are responsible

for many of our present housing problems. Government policy
actually helped to create racial ghettos, and its inaction
.' created a shortage of housing for low and moderate income

/I1/DDLE I ET4SS families.
Now there are signs that the government will take steps to

GRO" P 'IoNAI(; correct some of the errors of the past.
Thr Urban Renewal Administration, for example, refused to
approve 99 applications for renewal projects because they
didn't provide slum dwellers. At the same time, it approved
projects .expanding housing for the poor.
ERIC 0. SIMPSON .-- Mniiiii EfcMtir .-..- And the Cabinetlevel Housing and Urban Development
'; r-' Department, headed by Robert Weaver, announced new rules
for low-income projects which will help to break up the the
IILJA' WOOTEN -. Circilitin Miniir'' ghetto.

Generally, when a city is planning a low-income bousing pro
site in the ghetto. This Insures
ject It picks a
r4 f! WELL F7NANt ED
2323 tfoncrief Road Jhni Elfli 4-8712 ; F PLANNCQ PROGRAM that the Negro poor will stay out of ':',
It also lends : :
: nately areas. ; :
Miiliil AUnssP.i. :saw ,7 OFBLACKPRODRlEI7fNJPWT7IJNTHEQI1ETTO.. support to segregatio. ::::
a Under the new rules, any city predoml-II' ::::
in 598 lichtiiilllt Flirih 32211 R: .. a project won't get federal aid :::.
-r .. +f mits an alternate site outside :.
or proves that none exists. This will :.:::
MIAMI. IFFICE Income tenanta their choice of housing opportunities :
,'- I ,'. and will force cities to plan for balanced distribution ::.
Phi 751-3879 of housing. ::::
Another new rule relates to tenants selection. Most cities :.:
SUBSCRIPTION RATES have all Negro projects and all-white ones.In at least one city, ::::
One Year, $8.00 Half Year, $5.00 two such projects face each other across a street, white on :
Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States one side, Negroes on the other. :::
Subscription payable in advance Now applicants will be part of a city-wide pool and
able to apply to segregated projects. When.the
Send Check Order to i
or Money : w name come to the top of the list, he'll have to take
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 : Q Ject which has a vacancy. If, after three offers of WCYdf"

Jacksonville., f, Florida he still turns them all down, he'll Just have to go to
tom of the lists. In that way, HUD plans to break up
patterns of segregation in government-aided projects. '

Middleton High SchoolA MUST CLOSE THE GAP IN THE BLACK REVOLT! segregated These two housing steps win patterns go a long gorced way on towards the Negro breaking poor.up Past the

-----------.--- --- -- practices created the ghetto to make up for yesterday's mistakes

Disastrous RepeatIt t --- t and to extend of choice to all Americans.
One of the federal agencies which has done the most help

camp as a surprize when the Middleton YOUR segregate housing patterns, the Federal Housing Adminis
High School was recently destroyed by fire I Weekly \ tration, Is also moving to help minority groups secure better
housing. The FHA once refused mortgages to Negroes mov.Ing
and left in the ruins damages amounting to into white neighborhoods.

$250,000 This was the second time that the The FHA took a survey last summer and found that since, '
school was burned---the first disaster. oc- f HOROSCOPE GUIDE 1962 only three percent of new homes in subdlvidlons Insured
cured in March 1940. It' was rebuilt in 1943. I' by federal guarantees bad been sold to Negroes. Because of
the general this, the agency has told its offices to make a greater effortto
This is going to disrupt
t provide housing for minority groups, "or else." A top
scheduling of the school program because J By PABLO The ASTROLOGER j FHA official said its employees should move In this field,
the students will meet in the annex whichwas they should step aside.

not burned by fire Students will be I Even the Federal Trade Commission is getting into the act.
double sessions according to the j It recently took some Virginia apartment owners to court
placed on t
because they didn't mention in their advertisements that they
Superintendent, sold only to whites. If this policy Is extended to cover biased
Many speculations have, been made as to the t 1 landlords it could do a lot to break down housing segregation.
cause of fires at school buildings across FOR I ITs good to see federal agencies moving like this. They have

the nation. In Tampa, the Middleton fire the skill and the power to make democracy real for millions
I' BUSINESS -, LOVE TRAVEL who are discriminated against on racial grounds. Quiet for
was the second school fire in the city with t.
too and their
long they are finally acting they are showing
in one week. It has been rumored that the determination to serve all Americans, not Just those with the

fire was the work of arsonists. I--- --=---....--------- ----- -,..---. --;." approved skin color.
Mayor Dick Greco has ordered a special CAPRICORN- Ibis is Just a beginning however. The government will haveto
watch at all area schools by policemen. And ARIES CANCER LIBRA do a lot more to provide open occupl.llCylor all American ,
citizens, and it will have to undertake massive construction
we hope that some plan; can be made for con- BORN MUCH BORN Jill' BORN SEPT. BORN DEC. needed to end the shortage of housing for low and moderate Income
tinued guarding of all schools in Tampaandit families
might be a good idea' to incorporate the :21n APRIL 19th. 2Z" JULY tI', 23r.( -. OCT. 23r 22i JAN. I9tlIPs
Makt a distinction. 'FrCendlyadylce Go by plan. Although the moment Do the groundwork. Should you worth trying. The more
A Poor
school guards at all
practice of having Image Created In
to mature
can have immense val start something new be in quest of gains" achieve Capricornlans may eel
schools in every state. ue on occasion, but not always. has passed, the time to go ahead merits of lifelong companion, a growing longing to move into Handling Of Dead
Last fall several fires occurred withinone When it comes to Joint economics and carry out previous' call on all known talents and' living quarters that are comfortable Enemy

month in various areas where schools Interests, it is more pru- ly made plans has not. You hidden resources to establish perhaps old-fashioned, Those of us who have viewed television
have many excellent planetary the setting for eventual success. and in isolated surroundings.
dent to follow the course.that newscasts observed dead
officials how
were located in Tennessee Some you know to be best for the vibrations going for you, and There still are many obstacles It may be possible to find sucha the bodies of
suggested that a system'of hiving some famU.lJIdperaonalpurpose.. they will also provide plesant standing in the way, but place, at bar gin prices to boot. North Vietnamese' troops were being hand
janitors on duty both night and day. In the Good sense is returning most if unexpected surprises. Cash you can break them down intln& Spread the word around and see ling. .
in' wherever possible ,from through constant andtnrouC1 how long it will take for some United States '
long run, this might be the less expensive part of the world or it should recruits were picking up the
protect that were started alone undermining tactics.You .pne to come up with Just the
what is
placing known as "the by their hands and feet tossing"them
for school system.
our or Jointly, sometime the past. may need to have friends right offer. Some who may be
kybatucgrInge" in the
School guards will become a must in the shadows Good habits and inner in a scacked up heap as though they
of oblivion. It'. a food living must be cultivated allies on your side when building up fears, and
very near future if the trend of school for the world for it has been or adhered to so as to spirits tend to sag.A firm stand who Just refuse to believe in were butchered hogs or sacks of saw dust.
fires increase. proven time and again that extremes keep in the pink and to uphold must be maintained in the laced miracles, will be completely We don't doubt but that our enemy is hand
.. of any description will high morale. Cancerlans who renewed! attempts to reach handicapped In making any attempts ling the bodies of United States servicemen
not work for any length of time. are in love with their work you through deep(eellngs or apparent in their own behalf. It in the -
With Be prepared for the obtain stimulation. Those who tendencies to take a mo- has been proven time and again same manner or even worse.
Man Loses Bout t .unexpected
WhiskeyA whether it be a new Job or the are not should get busy seekinga netary risk. It is not easy for that individuals invite things The dead enemy bodies are the remains of
suUden entrance of romance in change before they reach a everyone to live up to budgetary to happen, or not to happen, humans. Some mother loved everyone of them

foolish whiskey bet by a Tampa man in to life on the 19th. But refuse level of hopelessness. limitations or to have a purely by their state' of mind. at one time, prayed for their return home,
4-50-33-14-56'1 bankders lair for the management 8- 90 44-17 765
to -
Rabbit Foot Bar led to his death when he compromise in matters that of funds and assets. But and suffered great mental anguish. Even
affect the bank
account or basic LEO SA6ITTARUSBORN
wagered he could consume a fifth of.whis- security alms. it certainly is worthwhile to though they are dead Benas well as our

key, 'but he lost his life several hours. 9-70-99-16- BORN JULY23riAUG. learn., NOV.23r enemy our lack ,of respect for the dead can

later. TAURUS 9702215653SCORPIO. do no more harm to them.Yet this can hurt

The man, Roy Lee Flourney, was found dead 22ndThe ,< DEC. 21st and destroy our soliders as a mental image

in his apartment after winning the bet BORN APRIL same goes This period Make another stab. There are for the world to see.
could be a carbon copy of the BORN OCT. some very unusual people,ideas We defeat the
from a couple of friends, 20th MAY 20th may enemy in due time, but
previous insofar or developments for
one going
as employment you
The terms of the bet was that Flourney Dec slons that are the products'of and economic interest are 2.4tMOT. 22M right at the very start. It may think of men that we and our enemy send

could drink a "whole" fifth of liquor sound thinking and wisdomare concerned. The only difference It's your life. We naturally all be a question d obtaining the. back home as animals who have a thirst to
"without stopping. The contestant did the ones with which no one maybe that should advice from learn something from the say wisest counsel, information or kill and a grudge to settle. Maybe the

Just that, and'the next morning he was can find fault. Guard status, you/ mate or other intimates- ings writings or actions of the an unexpected break.Resist So- winner will be in a sense the loser too.
reputation, and creditrating may echo what has been writ- people whom we encounter Incur called friendly advice to take
found dead. well for they are bound to ten in these We must honor the dead, -or else we can
mean pages. And it may brief but exciting existence. things easy, when you know
An autopsy indicated that the drinker more to you than most anything be time- for those of you who And yet, in the middle of crowdswe that striving Is the only thing label ourselves on the level with beast of
died as a result of over-Indulging in al- else. A few Ttureans may be have perferred single bliss up remain truly alone with our that will get you to the top. prey which devour the enemy and leave the
cholic bervage.The toying with the idea of seeking till not to consider marriage in throughts problems and aspi- You no doubt have many men bones to decay in exposure
life of the drinker was entirely in a Job or their fortunes in other order to stabilize the remaining rations. It is neither possible tal reservations about life and Americans generally have for the-'
a respect
lands. It may be possible to years. Temporary emotional -, not permissible to dump our 'society general, but It is not
his own hand, and he cut short his life obtain both and life companionto ties can begin to pall, in dilemmas in the laps of strangers always the most prudent move dead such as taking off the hit in the

tremendously by his own predestinationsince boot. Unlnjulred love or sl- time, and cause you to reach or relative alike. By the to let it be generally known. presence of the dead, stopping automobiles .,
he. was just 23 years old. miuar (" appomtmentcoutaunderlle the conclusion that they really same' token, you cannot allow Live in a private world where to let a funeral pass, and so on. .-
must mod- taw decision to take sucha lead nowhere. And there such others to claim exception to where you can think as you
counsel warnsBat.. we use Let the and:
Wise : us revere honored dead friend
step in order to gain a fresh a thing as wanting home where this rule which appears to be please Just so long as you do ,
eration in all things, be' it eating, drink- start in life. Friends can be a one can find repose and loving hean, sent. It is possible that not get lost in it. This is one foe alike !

ing, or smoking, .But'. so"many men disre- great source of Joy, but there companionship. someone may except you to pay of the dangers that can: be con .
gard the advise, only to meet an impendingdoom. may be someone who could talk for his or her mistakes or jured up by individuals who
behind your back or otherwise shortcomings. Your answer have over developed Imagina- 10 This Week In Negro '
give trouble. This type of per VIRGO should be in the negative for nations or who are hypersen
We have read about men winning pieeatingcontests son is not worth worrying over, .the sake of mutual protection. sitive. .... ..

pancake tournaments, and hot-dog BORN AUG. 5 50 -.7'1-1'1-101" 7-80-88-13-777 Jan. 14, 19O'l Jamaican earthquake occured.
round robins Many were made awfully sick GEMINI 23rl SEPT. 22H AQUARIUS PISCES

afterwards but most of :them survived. Yet Mull it over.Despite the rather Jan. 14, 1923 Bishop Benjamin T.Tanner AME church lead-

several times, the contestant developedfood BORN MAY serious dilemmas that keep injecting BORN JAN. BORN FEB. der died.

poisoning, cramps in the digestive 21st JUNE -21st themselves into the picture 20th FEB. 18thfhey 13th MAR. 20th Jan. 15, 1881. Dean Willaim Pkkens, author and NAACP field
there is much to make secretary was born in Anderson county in South
ailments following their ,
tracks and other
Keep plugging. Many things do life worth living. Maybe it' way Is clear. The best Save the situation The way for Carolina.
eating folly. take time. U you have not quit of" domestic 'and renewing amicable discussionsis
is because of them tha t public relations
drinker has his reward, but was reached final conclusion, there you wide It Jan. 15, 1941 Prof A.LArcher.
The Tampa learn how to appreciate peo- will be your s to enjoy open. may be a matter president, Morehouse college
death worth the prize he won. How foolishcan sill 1 are a few days at your ple and the circumstances that as long as you keep wild ideas of making a little concessionhere Atlanta Ga., died.
disposal to put on the finishing keep to reach down to earth. And the or there and not allowing
goading the
yon signs
a man get? Jan. 16 1955
touches. The openings that pride to stand in the Andrew M. Bradley
heights of one's greatest creative that point the way to success wa.AYoid Negro to serve in
are created this quarter may possibilities. There is and material wellbelng are nu- keeping any resentments pent up Pennsylvania governor's a cabinet, named to
even* be better than those of much that can be done to step meroud and easy to read.Trouble for they would soon find* way post secretary of property and supplies.Jan. .
... .. ... ... ... the previous period offering a up educational processes that lies in wait in the form to emerge to the surface once
wider selection from which to' will stand you or the younger of so-called expert or friendly again at an even less opportune n, 1941 Henry "Hammering Hank" Armstrong, only
; HELP FIGHT CANCER WITH make a choice. But there always : generation in good stead. One advice from individuals moment. It Is vital for may Pis- fighter to hold three fistic titles simultaneously,

remain a nagging feeling of the main difficulties is to who either are grossly misInformed clans to deflect negative or insidious -, reared.
that something is wrong in domestic keep mind or out to benefit at influence that are con-
i A CHECKUP AND CHECK and public relations.You especially your teward romwandering locales that yor expense. It is not easy to stantly bombarlng their con- Jan. 18, 186'1 John Mercer Langston became the first Negro to
be right in assuming only look greater than the home throw out one's illusslon but scious from metaphlsal as well practice law before the U.AjSupreme Court.
that this may Jeoparditethe results .pastures. It could be a big mistake it is absolutely necessary when as earthly sources. Ambition, Jan. 18
which you have so valiantly to force changes without self-Interest or preservationenter too can be a great disrupter 1858 Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, first doctor to perform -
'tried to obtain. really knowing why. the picture. of both sides. But when it is under a successful heart operation was born iDh
:J 9o 33.14.097' : strict control.. Pennsylvania He also '
4 60 88 -16 223 7-30-55-19-343 helped found Provident
5 -40 68 -.18 .109 hospital ChJcaco. '

.... Ia
/1';; ... .::

1 i
I .

." ...

"' ", ""3 "' ,,. .! .',"V ,.", i""I'1"1.." -....-....:: '- .""f..j''r. :..'P'1"- '1>" -: ... ; ;-. (;.:-; ",;; -:;: ::....-.; ...,. ..;;. .,_. T\". ";''''". .7,.. .' .i' "" 'f' _. "..;. C.;' :- ... ... 7




I ,YWCA Branch Holds Election of Officers For Year Featured On Program

Mice Tea A Siccess Voters League MeetsIn

St. Petersburg ',

Florida Voters League, Inc.,
will meet Saturday at the Sad-
dler's Hotels 619 Church. Plans
will be made or organize slates
for the National conventions of!
1968. AH Negroelected officials
of Florida ire Invited. Several
subjects of Importance will be
director.discussed. Norman E. Jones Is 9

t.I ,, Golden Dreamers

..., .
\u Meet On Monday

The Golden Dream Social and
Savings Club will meet Monday
night January 22, at 8 p. .
t t h fw. 1 m.,. at the home of Mr. John Member.' of the well known Cox: Dance group were guests on the recent Ualbory recital.
Garner, 2178 West 18th. The They are directed by Miss PrlsclUa, Jones.'A.Paul Crawford Photo. 1 __
president is asking all members '
/ to be present.The election : Please Help Fight Cancer ----
tJ ,4. of officers will take place.

VIOHr HOIKS '\111"llo\,11I11r"lIa\9.30! \. \1. 9.30 I'1.. 1111'.1111\011I19.30 \ \1, 'Iii 6 I'1.. te

Another A.Paul Crawford photo shows members of the Usher James Reed, Mrs. M.L.Mnrphy: Donald Stirrup, Mra.Albertna,
I Board No. 4 of 1ft. Olive Primitive Baptist Church daring the Foster, Rev Eugene Jones, Mrs. Gerome Weston and Mrs. I
Farmers Day Tea. They are from left; Mrs.Julia Walker! Mr. Anna Lewis.

Mrs. George Jenkins Will Be Jdxons Receive

Chairman For Future Agenda Service Honors

The 25th Annual Meeting of the YWCA A.L. Lewis Brand BELLS From The OEOTwo
was held Tuesday, at the Central Auditorium (a dinner meetIng -
). Mrs. Geom Jenkins. branch chairman. nraeMariInstalled community leaders were
as officers for 1968 Isadore Dixon, 959 Broad St. the first to receive the

were ond Vice: Mrs.Chairman J.E. Bradford.Mrs.Jesse; lists Bradford were was: Housing moderator' Mrs.Pane Robert Steele 36 and Court Irere, 27.Daughtry,117, among recently vice Award established of the Office UrbanSer-of Economic I Sears |I.Our Greatest 2 Day

Isaac; Recording Secretary, Baker; Leadership Mrs. .Opportunity, Sargent .
Mrs. Raleigh James; Corre- Dewey Wells; What's New for Frederick Bernard McCoy, Shrlvery Director of OEO, announced :
sponding Secretary, Mrs. Women and Girls, Mrs James 2107 W. 45th St., 22 and Mary today.
Johnnie DaIa.Miu Shannon; Economic Opportuni- Margaret Matthews,5710 Mon- This honor is for those indlvt*:
Ruth Prescott,Associate UesMlss Margaret Nlxon.Mrs. crief Road, 23. duals and organisations"whose Washer and Dryer Sale !
Executive Director installed Golden Smith conducted meditation. dedicated efforts to alleviate the
Richard Dlx 1599 W. 22nd St.
officers. problems of the poor io Am-
The report of the Nominating Mrs. Madgellne Peters, condensed 23 and Joyce Carol WrighL2121 erica' cities have helped
Committee was read by Mrs. the minutes 1967.Tbe Flag Street 23. create a better life for our cl i- ALL BRAND NEW AND FULLY GUARANTEED
Gilbert JrlfOn. Elected to the Annual report of the Branch tens," according to the award.
branch Committee on Administration YWCA was given by Mrs. Jenkins. Henry James Crier, 8142 New The Individuals the Jacksonville -
for a three year term Kings Road,24 and Joann Rose- who were cited with
are: Mrs. Rbeuben Butler,Mrs. Remarks were made by Miss mood, 339 W. Orange St., 19. these awards included W. Gordon No Money Down No Trade-In Needed !
McKinley Genwrlght Mrs.M.E. Jean FUess, Executive Director Bunch and Robert L. C.
Johnson, Mrs. George Jenkins ; Mrs. William a Lockwood, Carl Lamar Williams, 2050Jernlgan Williams.
and Mrs. Henry Mathews. The Y s President, and Mrs. Flor- Road, 20 and Ella Bunch has brought together "'t .: ,
Nominating Committee for 1968 ence J. Dixon, Branch Director Louise FuUon, 2144 Martin St., many diverse groups around -i'o'
is u follows: Mrs. Bradford, who brought the meeting to a 19. Jacksonville leading them an to"work
Mrs. James from Branch Com- close Alpbonson Joshua, 1848 West together for more effective ...
mittee, Mrs. Lee Bryant Mrs. The Committee on the Annual 19tb St., 20 and Delores Ann which will enlarge -
programs '
i iette
Ann Mcintosh and Mrs. Griffin Meeting was u follows: Mrs. Wltherspoon,1144 Grothe St.,18. educational and em- j\ri ::
from Membership at Large. Paul Owens, Chairman; Mrs. ployment cgs ortunltles. Williams I 1tttltlJ LJ [ :1
Mrs D.W.Perkl spaid trlbuU Henry S. Gordon; Mrs. Henry Robert Smith, 1008 W. Church has been very attire in
to deceased members. A mem- Mathews; Mrs.:Frank Jones and St., 22 and Yvonne Delores Wilson organizing a community betterment -
1 1tJ
orial, floral tribute, was paid to Miss Irma Covlogton.SeNii 671 Van Buren St., 23. program wMch has had
the late Mrs. Edith Taylor by far-reaching benefits all over t 1 113to \( # ;aw It3w
her sister, Mrs. Alexander Matthew Curtis Green, 1211 the area. \
Clubs 27
Skinner. Pippin st., and Willie BeU In presenting there Urban Ser-

Retiring members from the Jarrell, 1312 Jessie St., 2.. vice Awards Sargent Shrlver Low Price Kenmorc Fully Automatic Dig i Family Size Kenmorc Speed
Branch Committee were a- Hold' Gilt Petty John Dee said, "Amerr.a's most difficult
1630 24th
Poop, W.
warded YWCA Wringer Washers Kenmorc Washers Kenmore Washer Washer
pins by Mrs. St., 24th and Mary Jane Crooms challenge is in the city and you 2-Cycle
Jenkins. They were for six The Semi-Civic Social Club 1550 W. 24th SL 19. have met it by working In the *
years,Mrs.GoldenSmltbThree and the Chtt-Chat Social Savings city to help improve the quality 869 899 8119, 8139
yearsMrs. D.W. Perklni.Urs. Clubbeldasuccessfulholi- Robert Davis, 4968 Paris Ave. of urban life. Awards can never
Gilbert Griffin Mrs. R. Lean- day party at the Buster Ford 58 and Doretha Clark, 4968 Paris repay you for this unselfish 3 vine agitator, porcelain Built-in lint filter, 6 tan 6 gene agitator and built-in Surety lid ..lIr 6 vane
der Jones. For second periodol.ae"Jee cafeteria. Ave 39. dication to the welfare of your finished tub. 8 wringer poi agitator, porcelain finUhedwath |lint ri|It cor. Safety twitch, agitator and built-in linttionawithiatetyrelrue
totaling 9 years aa Mrs. Leila Singleton' played ? fellow man, but they do affirm basket Safety lid. d|M> porcelain finuhrd tub. filler. >oTradeNeeded!
award went to Mrs. P. G. Santa, as weU u Mrs. Edith Prelton Rush McLeod, 2204 deep appreciation for your workin
Aarons. Jones, Mrs. Dorothy Bailmore W. 14th SL, 20 and Olatha FeU- behalf of the poor."
The highlight of the meeting and Mrs. Queen James. Gifts cia Butler, 2217 Flag SL, 18. Dr. Ralph A Phelps,Jr.South-
was a panel "The Climate for were exchanged.The next meeting east Regional Director of OEO None Sold To Dealers. .Quantities Limited!
Change in the YWCA". Mrs. will fce January 22 in the Arthur Shelton McGruder, in Atlanta said that all of the
home of Mrs. Lucalssie Williams 1610 W. 30th St., 20 and Rita honored were nominated by
Darnell HighStudents ISM West 13th St. The Carsedla Jackson, 1451 W.20th CEO's Regional Office on the
Bible terse begins with A.Mrs. SL, 11.Theo.. basis of their efforts to help
Are Elnora Small is president. Hoosevelt Dykes, 1354 the poor In their own com-
Evergreen Ave., *1 and Roiena munities. Awards went to War
Dahlia Garden Mae Lewis, 3924 Davis St., 46. on Poverty Agencies, workers,
Top Musicians volunteers and supporters in
Henry Lee Weathers, 1825 over 300 American titles
Clubs To Have
Two of DarneU-Cookmanfs
Francis Ave. Atlantic Beach
: ,
Junior High school musicians Woodson School I
Fla., 22 and Cynthia Marie
travelled to Daytona Beach last Big Program Rhone, 1829 Francis Ave., Atlantic II
week where attended the I
they Beach, Fla., 11. Plans Student Show
music clinic u part of the All- The' Dahlia Garden Circle win
State Honors Band. celebrate the twenty-eighth anniversary Thomas' Stanley Richardson, Carter C. Woodson school's #9148 #rlll \5I.Jr i IJI8IU _
Gwenetta Mcintyre, one of the February 8 at the 911 W.ChurchSt.zZ&DeSShlrle, PTA will present a variety Mill
.young ladies, placed second in Club Center, 344 West Seventeenth Martin, 735 Ct., C., 19. show, "The Upbeat Showcase,"
trie band. Doretha Wilson placedfourth. Friday night February 9 in the Kenmore 3TemperaKenmore Cycle Lowest Price Ever! Heat Plus "Air Only"
All presidents and Circle Former Jaxons cafetorlum. Washer Automatic Washer
Gwenetta is the daughter of members are invited,as well as Many outstanding artists of ture Kenmore Dryers Kenmore Dryers
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mclntyre. the public.Refreshments will be Visit RelativesMrs. the city will be featured, including 8149* 8169* *
Miss Mclntyre was noted the served. The special feature will the Raines Combo.small 859 879
most outstanding Junior in the be the Tournament of Roses display Helen C. Malone and her admission charge will help this
lChoollastear.Shtalsoplacedtirst by members of the Circle too Charles were'h&UdayYirfl-> benefit program..The show begins Porcelain finUhed banket, 6 3 temperature and 6.vane Handy lotd-a-door. safety Lotd-a-door and automaticvane
in the county for band ho Mrs. G.C. Vaught is program tore here u the guest of their at 7:30. Ruth Kirkland is agitator, built-in lint agitator, safety lid ,twitch door ,switch heal, and air timer.. Dig I4-Ib. capacity
nors. Doretha is in the bass chairman; Mrs. Gertrude Stafford mother and grandmother, Mrs reporter. filter, safety switch; lint filter, 4 cycles only telling Buy Now! Safely door. No .Trade ...
clarinet section as a leader in banquet chairman Mrs. Octavia Chandler,'514 Jessie Needed!
her'band. Queen B. Williams is president. Street. Stanton Vocation
-- -- -

Miss Mafcory Presents -- Plans Fashion Fete No Phone, Mail or C.O.I: )' Accepted) I

Parents and teachers of Stanton -
'c, Vocation are sponsoring
a fashion show on Sunday, January -
Z8. from 4 to 6 p.m., in
the schoo 1 auditorium. There'
is a.door donation.
Proceeds: will be used to send .
delegates: the state meeting
Y y. in February Miss Mophella
Golden'is'chairman. Mrs. Lucille ;:
Harper.'11 co-chairman.
Ben Durham, Jr., is school

T principal.Owens. Ladies #7862 11031

"Heat and Air Only" Kenmore with j
6-Temperature 3Kerimore Washer

e : Club Plans Kenmore Dryers Permanent Press Cycle Cycle Kenmore Dryer Dryer Combinations

: *89* {
i First Confab 109 129* 8299*

Top mounted lint
The Owens Ladles Club will Joad-t-door, 2 1C'fC't'n. 2 cycles 3 temperature, top Safety door twitch, interior Wash and dry In ".Ihe .
tempera. mounted lint
bold the first meeting of the lure:. Dryer slop, when door makes tcreen, load-a- light, porcelain finish top.epace with this electric drying
handy thelf. End ol model.
tl year lathe home of Mrs. Mary door I is opened. cycle tignal. 6 heatt., No Trade Needed!
Los Flanders, 3224 Franklin. *Available in Fernandma Beach Arlington PJata and Downtown
UM Valorle UaJbory was presented In her amual recital at New Bethel AUK Sunday. Mrs. AWe Lee Jordan will be
Some of the participants ebon In the picture above. Mrs BIrdIe Malbory la at the left hostess It is very importnt SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE D01NT01N2IWlc.lB.rS. ARUNCWNPLau
Miss Percllllu Jones is next. The young lady in the centerkit Mattory, by whom she that all members attend Saturday Satisfaction Guaranteed or Sears i iUAll ,! VTlirluigiMT252UJ .
,stands Carmen )felly. Chlquatta Blake and AVM Smith, honoree, are also in the pJct re. at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Emma Your Money Back Open 9;301... 'nl 9;30 ,
Miss Jones is director of the Cox Dance Croup. A. Paul Crawford Photo. Melton is reporter. kOLIll<.K AND It). .... ,' ..m.. opaat,3o.'Utt3op.Tai salII'.l.'Ulap.; ., .



J L \ 4 tW

," .'._ : ,110.1, ... ::..
--- -

J .' '- _,.," .____.n' . __ "
.nn" _' ." .m. -"- -' ,

r PU.F: i. STAR ,:p-n.n.::: n"n. nn.n:0'::: : ::::: : 191:

I Progressive Baptist Convention Set For St. Louis Jan. 24-25 I

Extra Sessions Precede Mister Mls..s Lay Sweetfield's Coinerstone

Annual Summer ConventionProgressive --

Pastors of St. Louis and their friends will be host !' a _gttlflfrrM o a, .... i.c ... ,
to the January Extra Session of the Progressive National Baptist ._ '
.. iI
Convention, Wednesday and Thursday, January 24, and 25.' ; i .4
The pastors of St. Louis wlll-to serve th Conv l Uoh. The ..C1"I
present a Pre-Convention Mu- work of the Convention has more

steal on Tuesday Evening the than tripled since a part-time .. -
23rd. The Sessions will be held executive secretary was elect- -
at the Christ Pilgrim Rest Bap- ed In 1963. n ,
list Church, 1341 N. Kingshlgh- Messengers to the Extra Ses- I..
way boulevard with Dr, E.R. slon will hear Dan Moseley oi
Williams, host pastor. New York appeal to their mem Ir ; 1 r.
President Gardner C.Tayloi ber churches for life member- t.
of Brooklyn, N.Y. has direct- ships in the NAACP. Sermons
ed the executive secretary, Dr. will be delivered by Rev. H. J.7
L.V.Booth of Ohio, to issue W.Watson, Oakland, Calif., and
the Call to all pastors and Rev. Oble Rush, East St.Louis,. J
friends of the convention to m.There will be workshops ana
respond to the theme: "Ste- Committee meetings held dur
wardship Growth Through Dy- ing the two-day meeting. The 6
namlc Action." Pastors will final and closing sermon will
be asked to Join the voluntary be delivered by Dr. Gardner
I monthly support plan, and make C. Taylor, PrgsldentoftheCon-
larger gifts to the work of For- vention.. The public Is invited

elgn Mission.There _'_ ..... -' <4,
will be a definite effort '
to Implement the President's Rev. Lambert'sBirthday -lJ. ::' ."', >'rf. :tf.'
; '
.. ". : :: ... i,.,. ..",: ..
." ,.
land for
to purchase ,
.. ,1It
program : t.. .<:,. "
a headquarters. It is also Party __. .___ ..'fr f''l._'_:k ::- _. '. _
felt that with the Executive Secretary --On Sunday i ;January 14, Master Masons made official the laying of the cornerstone of Sweet- pies read the scripture. The Invocation was given by J.C.Rogers.. District Deputy Henry
aspiring to succeed Dr. Planned For ChurchThe field Baptist church Rev. DJi.Barnes pastor, by gathering at the attractive edifice for their Simmons presented the Occasion. J.M.Hazelton lined a hymn, and R.L.Jones presented the
Taylor In the office of presi- ceremony. Rev. G.T.McCall, Most Worshipful Master, presided. Sweetfleld Church a has been speaker, Rev. Weaver J.Crosby gave the call to Discipleship. The offering was supervised
dency In September 1968, there annual birthday program pastored by Rev. Barnes for 10 years. New programs have been Inflated. The church has extended by N.B.Williams, J.UOllver and b E. Carder Deputy Simmons presided over the historic
will be a growing demand for a for Rev R.L. Lambert will be its Influence Into the community. G.T.McCall was master ceremonies. W.s.Peo.Church laying of the cornerstone.-A. Paul Crawford Photo.
full-time executive secretary January 21 at the True Church i .
of God In Unity, Twelfth and
Davison Streets, at 8 p.m. Madame Serving Choir At Tear .

New Bethel The Spiritual Rosa Grace Challengers Is pastor.of [( Ne I

Brunswick are scheduled to ape "
AME Closes pear. Johnny Shaw, disc Jock SECOND BETHEL BAPTIST. iI'o ,1.1
ey, will be guest speaker. Miss Sunday School begins at 9:30: t.m. under the direction I ._ -
Budget DayNew Marion Whitehead win also act Homer Sinclair. The morning service begins at 11 a.m. with _
as mistress of ceremonies.Mrs. the pastor, Rev. W.H.Lipton, delivering the sermon. Choirs .
Gertrude Thlgpen will be and Usher Boards No. 1 and 2 will serve. The church Is located { y
Bethel AME Church, honored. The Georgia Super at 1542 Pasco. r
Third and Tyler, will terminate Gospel Express will be guest.
its annual Budget Day on Mrs. Alice Hunter Is chair man. MT. SALEM BAPTIST
Sunday, January 21. Rev. Jones Sunday .chooll. at 9:30 a.m. with Associate Superintendent
Is pastor. This event will be Elder Davis And toes Scott in charge.The lesson will be reviewed by the pastor.
highlighted by the participation The morning devotions begin at 11 a.m. with Deacons Freddy
of class leaders, officers and Singers ScheduleBig Neal and Eugene Calhoun In charge Usher Board No. I and
the excellent team of the mens' Choir No. 1 will serve. The sermons will be delivered by the
day committee, charled by Arthur Anniversary pastor, Rev. Rogers or his appointee. The Deacon Board
Mitchel andEdmondSneed. Elder Mose Davis and the and the Trustee Board will present a program at 3:30 p.m.
Emphasis has been placed on meeting is held. Choir No. 1 rehearses
Davis Spiritual Singers will observe On Tuesday night prayer .
the class leaders pew rally. the sixth annlersary, on Friday Night. The church Is located .at 1281

Each leader will sit with his i Sunday night, January 21, at West 22 street. Rev. W.O.Rogers, pastor.
or ber class, and later the entire 8 p.m. In the Elk auditorium .
congregation will share aa 711 West DuvaL The Sunday NEW MOUNT OLIVE BAPTIST
old fashioned fellowship. Morning Prayer Band will be Communion will be given at 3 p.m. every third Sunday. The
Mrs. Lillian Alston, originator In charge of the devotional ser evening hour will be given to various auxiliaries for their
of the Idea will be hoe will with the Sunday
vice. All singers and groupsare programs. The day's worship begin i
teas for the day. Prizes and Invited. Elder Davis is pas school at 9:30 ,m. The superintendent will be In charp. The
token awards will be given tor. lesson will be reviewed by the pastor, Rev. W.UGlanton. .
Frank Donaldson, superintendent The morning worship begins at 11 a.m. with consecration and Above are members of the Serving Choir No. 1 ot Friendship flea was held in the lower auditor him and was sponsored by Usher :
of .the Sunday School Is Second Baptist devotions conducted by the deacons. The covenant will follow at Primitive Baptist Church which helped with the Farmers' Day. Board No. 4 The J..Dl.lonpastor of Mt. Olive Primitive
now home, from the hospitaland t p.m. The combined choirs will serve alongwlth Usher Boar Tea at Mt. OUve Primitive Baptist Church recently This gala Baptist Church,Is standing at the right-A.Paul Crawford
wtll'p Utlctpate. P.J.W11- Holds Revival No. I The public Is lnvlte&U Photo.
hams has served In the interimof Second Bethel Baptist Church

his absence Mrs, Malanle will begin 10 weeks of revival FIRST CORINTH BAPTIST
Jones, wife of the pastor, has Sunday. Services will be held Services begin with the Sunday school at LID sm. with the Dr. Reddick To Macedonia Simpson Methodist's New
successfully sponsored a benefit on Thursday Friday and Sun superintendent In charge. Both sermons will be delivered by the
dinner for the baby contestfor nlghtsbeglnnlng with January pastor. Communion will be administered at 3:45: p.m. Rev. w.
Give Sermon On Deacons Are
men's day. 31. L. Jones is pastor. Scout Trowp Has Service

NEW REDEEM BAPTIST Difficult Days Set For Fete The newly organized Boy Scout Troup number 170 of Slmp-
WHEN YOU ARE HI Sunday school berins at 9:30: with Deacon Eunice Dunson In sin Methodist Church, Kings Road and Cleveland street,
charge. The lesson!, will be reviewed by the pastor. Rev. E.1. During the 10:45 service at Greater Macedonia Baptist Rev. S.S.Robtnsoq, Jr. ministers will observe the serviced
You seek The Best Doctor Norman. Morning worship Is at U a.m with the deacons In Grant Memorial AME Church, Church's deacon board will celebrate Installation and charter presentation Sunday, January 21,
Usher Board No.3 will seve {throughout their anniversary on at he eleven o'clock morning worship.
When Your Doctor charge Choir Nat and Dr. Reddick will preach from
Fannie JacksonIn chargeAt Sunday January 28. Deacon The pastor Rev.Robinson,will scouting. Greeting will be given
Mrs. ,
?rescrjtes. Get Experienced the day. Mr.the day. the Theme: "What to do with
3 p.m. District No. 8 and No. 7 will meet. Districts 0. Sand Difficult Days" and at 6.:J$ James Melton Is president. deliver the installation sermon, by islac Berry, Committee
Pharmacists II 6 will meet at 4:40.: BTU will begin at S p.m. The evenIng p.m.he will exhaust the theme: Services at the church begin with choir No. 1, directed by Chairman of Organizations.
According to Your worship begins at 6 p.m. Both sermons will be deliveredby "Will you be made Whole"? with the Sunday school: at 9:30: Carter T.Lewis, rendering the Sharing In the service will be
Doctor'8 Orders Ie- 1 the pastor, Rev. Norman. Prayer meeting Is Tuesday nightat Choir No.3 and Usher Board with Deacon Singleton: and music. James M. Sloan, District Roosevelt Paige and James G.
Use Only The Best 7:30 and Is followed by Bible Study.Choir No. I will rehearse No.3 will serve throughout the teachers In charge The Sunday will give the charge, with Morgan, Jr. Scoutmaster of the
Quality Drugs Thursday night at 8 p.m.at the church.The church Is located at day. morning service begins at Victor Norman, a local scout newly organized troupe All are
10:45 with the deacons In master, giving the history of invited.
: charge.
C. E. BLACK. Proprietor 1614 30th. Sunday Church School will convene
at 9:30 a.m., with A. V. Music will be furnsibed by
1 fte-jjistered Pharmacists TO serve YouA MT. SALEM BAPTIST Rose and his staff of officers. and Choirs No. 1 and 3 with Mrs
..... .... COMPLETE LINE OF.. ... ....... Sunday School begins at 9:30: with Associate SuperintendentMrs. teachers in charge.Immediately Hattie Bess at the console.Us- Mt. Moriah Is I In Memoriam
toes Scott in charge. The lesson will be reviewed by the her Boards No. 1 and 2 will
at the close of the
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candles sundries pastor. The morning devotions will be led by Deacons Freddy service the Presidents Council serve. Planning For

Neal and Eugene Calhoun. Usher Board No.l and Choir No.1 recently organized, will meet District No. 5 will meet after
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDlilly's will serve throughout the day. Botu sermons will be deliveredby with Mrs. Prlscllla Wilson, the morning service. Meetings
the his The deacons and trustees will Quarterly Meet
pastor or appointee. presiding. Business of vital Importance of other districts are as follows
Store present a program at 3:30.: The evening service begins at 6 p.m. : will be discussed. : District No. 1 in the
Drug Choir No.3 rehearses Monday night. Prayer meeting Is Tuesday All are Invited to the "House home of Mrs.Georgia Matthewj President Elder W. F. Foster
night and Choir I'. rehearsal Thursday night. Rev. W.O. on Jennings Street, at 3 p.m.; of the South Jacksonville District ..
of the church
Prayer" friendly
1 1507 Kim RId 353-127 Rogers Is pastor. The church Is located at 12(1 West 22nd. to all of these, services. District No. 2 in the home oiMr. of the AME Church, will
Mrs. Catherine Sampson is reporter.ST. and Mrs, Wallace Butler, conduct the first quarterly conference ,
1422 East 28th; District No. 3 at the Mount Moriah t .
PAUL BAPTIST Temple In the borne of Mrs. AlUe Lee Church Friday night, January
Sunday School begins at 9:30 with Dec Edward Jefferson, Garvln, 1521 East 21st street; 19, and will preach Sunday at
Howell superintendent, in charge. The lesson will be reviewed by the Will Have Fete District No. 6 in the home of both services.
Funeral pastor Rev. E. E. Taylor. The morning service begins at Fust Born Temple ,will_observe 'Deacon and Mrs. Clarence Jar- Officers are expected to make
10:45 with devotions. The call to worship willbe at 11 a.m. The Pastoral Day Sunday at tell on 27th street. reports. The Junior choirs and
evening worship begins at 6 p.m. with Rev. Taylor In charge. the building,, 825 West Monroe. BYPU will be at 5:30: with ushers will serve in the night
The youth choir and ushers will serve throughout day. Rev. Elder A.H111 is pastor.The Sunday Mrs. M.L.Polite in charge.The service. Sunday school will be at
Home Taylor will deliver both sermons. The church Is located at 716 school meets at 10 ajn., evening worship will begin at 9:45: with thesundayschoolsup.erbatendent .
Stonewall. with Deacon M.McQueen In 6:30. Both major sermons will Mrs. P. Bryant SAUL JORDAN
charge. be delivered by the pastor,Rev. and staff in charge. At 11 a.m., Mr. Saul Jordan,whodee...-
5879 MoBcrief' Road FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH Deacons will be In charge of J.C.Rogerc, or his appointee. the presiding elder will speak ed on January U, 1961. Gone
Sunday School'begins at 9.30wihSuperintendenlArthur: ( Brpwn the morning devotions. The Weekly activities Include: At 6:3Dqm.,the closing sermon but not forgotten.We loved you
In charge The morning worship begins at 1} a.m. The pastor, UPCW meets at 5:30 p.m., Prayer meeting, Tuesday, 7:30 will be delivered by the pre but God loved you Best.
24 Heir A'-'I..clSenlcl Rev. Remus Smith, will preach. Choir No.l will serve through. with Mrs. Margaret Johnson Bible Study,.follows; Choir rehearsals siding elder.Lewis Bessie L. Jordan, wife and
out the day, as well as Usher Board No.1 and No.!. In the evening presiding. The evening worship Wednesday and Fri. Memorial AME Church Children.
service, at 6 p.m., the Pulpit Aid Board will meet after the begins at 7:30 and will feature day. The church Is located at Rev. Isaac Gundy pastor,will be
service. Mrs. L. Colllngs is president.On January at 3 p.m., .a sermon by the pastor. 3333 Franklin.' Mrs. Bessie at the church soon. The Gospel
District No.3 will hold its monthly meeting In the borne of Mr. Merchant is reporter. Crusaders with Rufus Major as BUY U.S.
'.Serving All faiths and Mrs. Reddick. Deacon John Wilson Is leader. Usher Board manager will be presented.
: No.3 will meet on January 21 with Mrs.Dorothy Kendrick 6516 Voices of JerusalemWill Chorl Nat will pre&net a musical -' ,
Ribault. Mrs. Dorothy Kendrick Is president Usher Board No. Mt Olive Primitive program. SAVING BONDS
location 3 will meet Sunday morning after service. Rev. R. Smith, pastor Appear In SongsThe
The church is located on New King's Road. Baptist Holds Tea -
Sunday school begins at 9:30 with the superintendent and give a program Monday nightat
teachers In charge. The morning worship begins at U a.m. 8 p.m. at the First Born Olive Usher Primitive Board No.Baptist 4 of the church Mt. Elected Head of ITCHINGSKIN
Temple 825 Monroe West. All
the ,
evening worship at 6 p.m. The pastor, Rev. R.J.Craw
presented the annual Farmers
ford will speak at both servkes. Choir No. 1 and Usher Board singers are welcome.Mrs. Rosetta -
Day Tea Sunday from 4 to 6 Church
No.. 1 will serve throughout the day. District No. 1 will meetat Cohen is sponsor. p. CouncilATLANTIC SCAUNG
tile churcfi at 5 Prayer service wllfbe Tuesday at m.Mt.
p.m. Ushers
Esther Olive's Usher Board
Queen No.
Aiik Parting Facilities .7:30 p.m. On Tuesday District 2 will hold Its meeting at 5 p.m. 3 served. The Choir CITY-Rev. Harry SKIN
No. ;;. Williams of
In the auditorium. Trinidad Jamaica
Announce Anniversarj,r, 1 of Friendship Primitive was a was elected chairman IRRITATEDSKIN

76S-2054 .MT. MORIAH BAPTIST guest. Phillip Alack Is president of the North American Area
765-6664 -
Sunday school will be' at 9:30 with Superintendent Dewhltt Usher 'Board No. 1 of Queen of the usher txdrd. Rev. Council of the World Alliance
Maddox In charge. In the morning service the sermon will be Esther Church of God In Unity J.MJlxon pastor. of Reformed Churches.He MIMETS"SKIN SUCCESS"OINTHWT.
l.F.D. delivered by the pastor Rev. H.L.Herod. At 3 p.m. the communion will observe the thirteenth anniversary Other participants were:Marvin is the first Negro to bead Relieves Itching. Scaling and
Lewis J. Howell will be administered with deacons in charge. The at the church, 1747 Teal, Union Community the council, comprising 13 Pre- Irritation of Psoriasis.
sermon will be delivered by the pastor. Choir No. 1 and Usher McQuade, on January 28. AME Church; Male chorus, Mt. byterlan and Reformed Churches DilLY it* IB. courtil
II w
Understanding Service With Board No. 1 will serve throughout the day. At 8 p.m. Deacon Bishop M. Baker will speak.He Olive Primitive Baptist; Miss with a total membership Csize sytinirucie
Nathaniel Jackson and the Celestial Gospel Singers will give is pastor of the Church of vera Waddell, Mrs. T.B.Mc- of 10 million people in the UjS. GET HEAD-TO.TOE
the Living God. Mr.D.M.Barman Call, First Corinth Baptist; Canada and PROTECTION
a program. Mrs. Ora L. Jones is sponsor. Rev. H.L.Herod the Caribbean. au IM '.M-Klln. (om, MdkMIM
Is president Mrs.F.Sweet Mrs. Patty Johnson, First Corinth Rev. Williams N "WIN IIKCtM* Kit*. II twit
; is
a minister
DioiUy And Distinction pastor. Mrs. H.L.Herod will be mistress of ceremonies at tetliM xkilf II I",." (trim thit.M..
** ** the musical. secretary and Elder A. Buckers Baptist, speakers. A report with the United Church of Jamaica '"".*'* ,.."j"0. _......_.
r t f ir t ir'fiiftifHjui pastor. on contestants was made. and Grand Cayman. RuMriDUNVCCUJ' IMF.'".


l 4

. ........ .: .1... .j & ....: .. ..: .L ..:& ... ... ... M .. ... & ... .. ... & & & & & ... &

. . ., I .


I Negro Press International Lists 10 Big Events Of Year I

. .
News Release Service Charts

Black Women Of

Significant U.S. Happenings

...'- ... .. CHICAGO-The Negro Press Internatioal, one among Ame
Atlanta Join ... ,
.. 1
Rankin ; rica's
.G.IitIIl; .'f leading Negro news agencies, in release to the Florida
Y Star, has listed 10 of the most significant events of li67, Is-
solar as the Negro concerned.The events are not listed u to
.._ time, sequence or relative
yJ significance.
Peace Brigade To DCATLANTA .. ......:"'''
.J : 1. The interracial wedding of The world's beaV'Welghtcham-

4.J Guy Smith to Peggy Rusk, plan was kayoed outside the
Ga,-,A group of prominent Negro women In Atlanta i' p+ daughter of Secretary of State ring after maklngantl-draft
has begun to organize for unity among black women in -f..J: 1""J"'" ".......-.... Dean Rusk. The wedding was marks in a country supposedly

support of world peace efforts, Including the Jeanette Rankin ............ ...... $ handled fairly be the mass guranteeing its citizens freedom
Brigade which will hold a peace demonstration In Washington' ta media, and mixed marriages of speech.

D.C., on January 15. ::: :'. became a little less of a natioal 7. The New Politics convention

Some of the Negro women will should now come together to bugaboo in Chicago, which showed
'go with other Atlanta women to build a powerful force againstthis =:: 2. The Negro in the Vietnamwar. : that the race problem must be
Washington, where a mass tragic war in Vietnam. +.. J arcF Because of the Negro fight dealt with successfully before
gathering of women for peace The American military mach y .5R i : lag man's valor in the Asian any major breakthrough In politics
r Black man's Image
conflict the -
will Join Miss Rankin in a marchto ine Is sending fine young black'and enhanced.Returning or leadership can be achi
has been
Congress and meetings with whit e men to kill and be eYed.
congregational leaders which killed without any Justification, servicemen may play key 8. The fall of Adam Ctty-
they will demand an end to the and at the same time the American roles in the civil rights sturg- ton Powell, Jr., Once the high
war In Vietnam. Miss Rankin political and economic gle back home. est elected Negro official, be l
is neglecting the mil 3. The election of two mayors declined in political influence
was the first woman elected to system Carl Stokes in ,
Congress and cast her first vote lions of poverty-stricken families .. of Cleveland major cities and Richard HatcherIn while continuing to be a symbol
u a U.s.Representative against of these same young men.I of black resistance.
World War I. believe that Negro and white Gary. Both men have problem 9. The appointment of Thor

In a statement the black women servicemen should be fighting cities to administer, and dood Marshall as the first Negro
of Atlanta said: "It is time for racism and poverty homeland the eyes of the world are on Supreme Court Justice.Thisin
must work to L their evey action. NPPs view the
black women throughout this that we women + was crown-
nation to unite In a determined bring them home. It Is Just u 4. The Rev. James Groppi'sleadership Ing achievement of the year
effort to the rapidly important for us to march for of open-housing 10. President Johnson's appointment
oppose Milwaukee. Dr. Crop.pi'
in Washington as it was to of Walter Washington .
growing American Involvementin peace
EI t
continued evidence
actions are
for freedom In Montgomery f K the first
march f u Negro mayor
a vicious and unjust war in I MI white Involvement In
Vietnam. We who have workedso Alabama, and so many C r "6'b, L II of at of Washington, D.C., moving
the civil rights struggle a
hard for Freedom for our other places in th.courseorthe'clvU the district toward self-rale.
seeking to
time when some are
movement. Peace
people In America must do rights battle
make Its "Negro only"
and Freedom are Inseparable
everything possible stop
war which Is draining away the galas. War and oppression art __ tl'W1I".__ __._ 5. H.Rap Brown's continuation 'cI 'i'lr.-:1l V'.O
lives of our young men and deepening inseparabld evils." Master Sergeant Earl A. Jackson,' left, Is decorated with the ton earned the medal for heroism at the voluntary risk of his of his predecessorStok.lytar-the "es :. .j
the problems of povertyand The Atlanta black women who United States Air Force Airman's Medal at Charleston AFB, life while serving in Vietnam. He Is now with the Field Maine)> mlchael's war against r
racism. One action we support endorsed today's statement Include South Carolina, by Colonel Henry P. Jens, deputy commander tenance squadron at Charleston. He Is the son of Mrs. Ramona tablishment.identified Both with SNCC the lead sle- .jj;
Is the Jeanettee Rankin : Mrs. Martin Luther King for material in the 437th Military Alrllfe Wing.Sergeant Jack- Griffin of Lake Wales, Fla. ers were -j
Brigade march for Peace in ,Jr., Mrs. Benjamin E. Mays, ._... U.s. Air Force Photo fan "Burn baby unrest burn"l had been but r.
the flame of
Washington January 15. Mrs. Xernona Clayton, Miss ignited before their arrivalon J ,BRAND NEW R
FEOC Bendix Avionics Has long
The Atlanta group praised a Bernice Reagon, Mrs. Hosea Murderers Of FAMED ORCHESTRA racial
scene. '
Williams Mrs.Howard Creecy ;
'similar group of black womenin 1968 VW .
Muhammad All's decline.
Harlem and greed with Miss Mrs. Christine Farris, Mrs. 6. : .'
Agreed To Hire
Rights Workers More
Ruby Dee, the noted stage and Frances Allison, Mrs. Laura Negroes ,5 SEDAN ..
Brown, Miss Jean JacksonMrs.Brig AT
TV actresswho has said u PERFORM
Will "Drink
spokesman for the Harlem Cabe, Miss Linda Housch Are Still Free FT. LAUDERDALE, Fia.-Under a program Initiated by the Fod.e s.,-. : :

group: "Negro mothers must Miss June Wall,Miss Ruth Mason Technical Assistance Division of the U.s. Equal Employment 1764'ClUVUIO

become Involved In working to Mrs. Lithe Hunter, Mrs. JACKSON, Miss -(NN>- Opportunity Commission, the Bendlx Avionics Division is act A&T UNIVERSITY 'I. .
end the war In Vietnam becuae Dorothy Lockhart, Mrs. Ralph Seven white men remain free on ively recruiting personnel for its new Ft. Lauderdale plant IN JAXI r

their sons represent 22 per cent D. Abernathy, Mrs. Rosemary bond after being sentenced to from the city's 20,000 Negroes.For CREMSTORO, N.C.-The Chicago r 1 '. -Tut. A'....f'.t.. -I

'of the dead, while they get only handing, Mrs.Andrew J.Young prison terms in the 1964 slayIng the first time evening Interviews William J. Wilson, was one of Little Symphony, conducted r'
two per cent of the 'bread'... Mrs. Dorothy Cotton, Mrs. of three civil rights workers were conducted at a the local Negro representatives) by Thor Johnson,will appear ii'w,
The Negro volunteers for the Martin Luther King, Sr., Dr. high school In the Negro community present at the December 4 In concert at ALT State University I
army at a greater rate and enlists Elsie Edmondson, Mrs. R. H. U. S. District Judge Harold with candidates con meeting between the EEOC and Sunday, January 14 at :
for longer stints because Dorsey, Mrs. Harriet Adams, Cox, In sentencing them from tacted through minority media Bendlx management. Also present 6 p.m. Catlin.Griffin-
opportunity: in the army for Mrs. Gertrude E. Anderson, three to 10 years, allowed them and local leaders. The project Were Rev George, Robert The program, scheduled for .
equality and Jobs is greater than Miss Jean BUllngslea, Mrs. to remain tree on bond pendingan out of the EEOCU "new Harris (a conciliator from Harrison Auditorium, is a tea- :
J.W.E. Bowen Miss Dora McDonald grows EEOC's Atlanta Regional Office annual ;
In civilian life-what a terrible appeal ottheconvlctiontothe plants" program,In which companies tur of die University's .
tragedy for our democracyP"The Miss Freddie Hill,Miss Fifth U. S. Circuit Court of Ap opening new plants are ), Mrs Dallle Paine, Guidance Lyceum Series. .
Atlanta group urged black Addle Ringfield,Mrs.Molly Ly- peals. approached by the Technical Director of Attucks IUgh Now making their seventh tour Volkswagen r

women In all other communities man, Miss Claudette Mathew, Reputed Ku Klux Klan leader Assistance staff and helped to School, Mrs. Gloria Robinson of of the United States, Johnson 6 .IHCJlWO .r

to unite in similar local groups Miss Ruth Hampton. Samuel H. Bowers, Jr., and develop techniques increasing the Neighborhood Opportjnlty and the Chicago Little Symphony EAST Sth $T.
against the war. Alton Wayne Roberts, a former minority hiring. A project Center, and Dr. Von Much, have presented more than 175 WINE
Mrs. Martin Luther King, Jr., Judge Labels Meridian nightclub bouncer, similar to that ot the Bendlx editor of the FLORIDA SPUR, concerts. The group has' been ,. 354-9093 J

a national co-chairman of the drew the maximum federal pen Corporation Is now planned In which publlcitrd the project In hailed as one of the nation'sfinest k ..Ii... m ...

Jeanette Rankin Brigade and Middle alty, 10 years on a conspiracy Springfield, Mo., later this .. the Negro community. chamber orchestras.
member of the Atlanta group of Negro month
cT a
Negro women said she Is con- seven were convicted of The uenmx Avionics pianrs ENROLL IN I
tactlnt other Pluto women Class Faults. conspiring to violate the Constitutional present tie employees Include I
,.around the nation about the antl rights of civil rights
35 Negroes, all at the production
war campaign. She added that Speaking In Richmond, Va., workers James Chaney, Meridian level; its projected personnel BOLDEN'S ADULT CUSSES ,
"the women of America can and before the 53rd Anniversary ; and Michael Schwerner needs Involve over 1,000
Concalve of Phi Beta Sigma and Andrew Goodman, New new employees. At a December

Ohio University Fraternity, keynote speaker York. 4 meeting between EEOCs STARTING FEBRUARY
Judge Joseph Roulhau of Akron As murder Is not a federal T.!. Officer Henry Ford and .J3 -

Ohio, treated his audience rlme, except on government Donald L. Heffner, director of
Pledges To Give of over 800 to a rousing critique property, the seven men were the plant's Industrial Relations
of the Negrq middle convicted on a federal conspiracy Department, plans were made to 1

Chance class. cbarp.American. supply 100 applications for Jobs '. '
Nearoes "We have defaulted on our at all levels to be distributed
--- --- -
NEW YORMNP1)>NAACP official responsibilities," excalimed Dental within the Negro community.
have mixed feelings aboutan Judge Roulhac, "leaving ourless Supervised by the Reverend II .
fortunate brothers at the Samuel W. George President of
agreement made with Ohio Unit Seeks ,
State University which guarantees mercy of big city machines the Ft. Lauderdale NAACP, the
and unfulfilled governmental
140 for Negroes applications were distributed
promises. More For Field local schoolschurches
at university construction pro through ,
Roulhac, a successful Ohio
community centers and publicized
jects. Republican, who recenUy woo a CraCAGCMNPO"Wanted.; '
about on radio and in the local .
While they are happy More vr
heavily contested seated on the Negro denysts.That's
Wednesday evening
the Job breakthrough, NAACP the press. '1
Akron Municipal Court Bench the sign put up by e'r I. '
January110, Interviews e
beads that the state and federal American Dental association, .e
asked the fraternity's 23.000 held at Dlllard High School, Ft. / e e ( e
have not enforced Job
agencies which noted that only one out
members to "start providing
Lauderdale, for those who submitted
equality. the necessary leadership thaj of 50 of the nation's dentists applications. sDUlards >

would free Negroes in all walks, is black. Expressing concern Guidance Director
New. Manpower of life from the continuing and over the lack of Negroes enterIng ,

pervasive confinement of racial the profession, the ass
Has Nine
Money ComesTo discrimination in America ciation's monthly also noted the Georgia Renter Toes, Thor, Fri.. 8 To 10 P...
today Most of us assembled number of Negro dentists Is de- .
here tonight," continued clining. *

FloridaArea Roulhac, have made our markin Morehouse Rates AT .ANTA- The state of COURSES .

ATL NTA- A Manpower Development the world, and against great Georgia now has nine Negroesin
and Training Act odds, but that only means that Phi Beta the House Representatives..
project for Florida,costing$61 we must work harder to include Kappa They are:Rev JJ3.Grler.Mrs.
684 in Federal MDTA funds, the millions of unskilledand ATLANTAMorehouse Col- Grace Hamilton, Attorney Julian !? '

has been approved by U.S.Se jobless Negroes in our future lege last week installed chap Bond, John Hood, H.C. flSPITALAIDECLASSL [. CASHIER SALES CLERK CLASSFNESSMANAGENENTCLASS
cretary of Labor W. WilliardWirti plans." ter of Phi Beta Kappa.Dr. Daugherty, William Alexander ]
and Secretary of Health, He advised that, "There must Benjamin Mays, president Richard Dent, Albert Thompson
Education and Welfare John W. be a recommitment to involv- of Morehouse,conducted the ce and Ben Brown.
Gardner, according to William ment on the local level. .Start remony. Charter members Dent is from Augusta. Thompson '

,JJ. Norwood,regional manpower in your bousehold"be urged. were installed bv Dr. Mays.: is from Columbus. KINDERGARTEN COURSE
e administrator here. At the. end) of his speech, 1 [J TEACHER

The Duval project County, to Board be conductedby of Public Judge an Roulhac award by was the presentedwith Fraternlty. !5 YOU DON'T HAVE. TO GO TO TOWN TO GET

Instruction at Jacksonville, .
will train 40 clerk typists for LOW PRICESDRUG TRAIN FOR

27 weeks, total cost 64,413 Federal :
portion $61,684. Vietnam Vets HOSPITAL AND CLINICS ;;

Since the beginning of the STORE NEEDSTrade

all MDTA institutional trainees, Complain OfDiscrimination with Your }
obtained employment after training ighborhood Drug Store !
75 percent were
time; otlutcootact.The Fed PAPERS We deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescrip.

eral State public employment 1 .
offices have the responsibility ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF \
YORKMany returning tions.Dixie
of finding Jobs for the trainees Vietnam veterans are being met John H. Bolden, President, B.S. M.S. M.Ed. ED.S. Bertha M.

upon satisfactory completion Em with indifference, hostility and Pharmacy Bolden, Vice President B.S. Elzie L. Johnson, Dean of the

of the interested MDTA courses.in recruiting employment difficulties, according Faculty, B.S. N. A. E. whitfield, Registrar, B.S. Rebecca y.
plovers to a special report in: Head Aide Dept RN. Richard L. Bolden,
do so Thompson, Hospital "
MDTA graduates may 'the forthcoming TIME.; I 1302 ,KINGS ROAD 1T MYRTLE .
through the Florida State Employment I Administrative Asst. B.S.BoUeiTs.
'Richard Parish 22, an Air Cavalry
service. rifleman wounded by PHONES ELGIN '
Since 1962,'when the Act went sharpnel. turning to Michigan 5-5597-98 Collate

into effect, more than 10,500 as a civilian, "the Negro high "r. alp: .i '.

approved institutional to projects train more have been than 600 pass school physical graduate examinations was unable at to PAY YOUR .LIGHT, WATER AND 1816 W. 20lh Street ., r V r t.
in ,
600.000 people either Cadllae Motors or Detroit ,
occupations. The MDTA Is Department administered < Edison, and reluctantly Registrar 356.,6465
by the :
of Labor and Health, began drawing disability pay. TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE-

Education and Welfare. *


I, f f....

':: .JI..;,.." ;. '::.:.' ..:.. A. __ a. 1. .. .J'1 :''::''-

.. ... _. -_. -._-- -------_._-- .----.... .
-- -- ---- --. -. ------.-----_. ---- .y- -


JANUARY 20, 1961!


:: : : :

-LlEM'1 I N INE Ie ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

oscvline Derivative Fashion At A Simple Way Is Best Way

Al j h* Z"t Glance q '" L


Negro Designer,Louise Glkes,
with Joe Fouts,has a new ven-

j ture.in the Dubbed Budget priced"Beautiful($50-$100)Stuff") I I !fs
collection, is a short fir ly even- ,rT
ing dress in white organdie and
chocolate crepe.. Some of the
duds unique evening things sell '
for $200 and$600in such placesas "
ft the Fancy at Henri Ben- ./ V j-L O
del Louise and Joe began with ;
$5 remnants pieced fashionablyinto

Furs patchwork are going scarfs.to be long... ?
E-\ coats, capes and dresses .In
I Leo Kilter's custom collection
are fitted coats with on-even
L hemlines. In Cray Russian
\r\ Broadtail. A fish tall black \
.T slinky grown Is in leopard. .
Leather "belts", along plaid
T (belged and white)coat of Mink,
by Relss and Barlilo
Christian Dior's body coat of 1, .
; Black Russian Broadtail, has
a chln-up collar.
Fur dresses,with compainlon
; coats are the in costumes., a
Flash combo, by Luis Estevei
; r for Radley-turquolse mink shift
# skinny gray Russian Broadtail
coat, lined In turquoise mink.
Pearly Indian Broadtail by
Betty Yokova, in a tiny dress, "' l
pleated skirt and a long-belted -
Something new--the shirt coat
Muriel Reader at Monarch, Is
brown melton, youthfully cut
(close to the body),belted, col-
lar buttoned down In bras.,witt
easy moving skirt
I Head coverings for night will
jW glitter and glitter, crystals
beads, ribbons and Det..puk-
ling fanciful crystals and beads Most women agree that simple hairstyles are best Easy to care for,they prove especially
on headbands of velvet; wisps, practical during the season when hats are the order of the day.Remembers too,hats often
black point d'esprlt studded cause scalp prespiratlon and hair may have to be shampoosed more often. If this Is so,use,
y e rt y with tiny mirrors and sequined gentle baby shampoo for shining results.-Pnoto Mark Public Relations Council,Inc..
JI Y{ L '' A Jauar prlng pantsuit, tent Sunday Pie Is luscious, Good
coat in printed velveteenchaln
belted In the back, and chocolate I package (3 1/2 oc.) Jell-O 3 egg whites It's an all-time great pie. A
t brown fitted claque coat Lemon Pudding APle Filling 1 envelop Dream Whip Whipped luscious,lemoo-y filling. Puffs
ti 4 ti are among the unusual designs envelop unflavored gelatin Topping Mix of whipped topping Easy to do,
col I cup sugar 1 bake fluted 9 Inch pie shell, eoowith Jell-O. Pudding and
in Valetlne's rainwear
( K: I_..- ... a dtvK _. ... __;.-_.o..r.; ._ lection. Z V4 cups water cooled Dream Whip.So why wait?Make
'10! :. YORK- Reed, 18, Los Angeles beauty Is anataer a plays h sleek dacron and cotton ehampray body shirt,?a derivative 2 tablesjjxis! lemon Juice Combine pie filling mix, gelatin It today There's nothing better,
I Seventeen Magazine's choices for Is January special.: Miss ci Cardltfs man eternise.Shaped In the back, tipping leggy rAl: sugar 1/4 cup of the wa- than Sunday Pie on Sunday. Unless -
Reed biking with models at the Stewart Model Agency,dls- .up the front,replete with burmel scud and core bracelet,the I teaspoon grated lemon rind ter and the lemon Juice In sauce ITS Sunday Pie Monday
outfit's coat is about$9.00. l tJ? Opoon butter pan. Blend in egg yolks; add through Saturday.

...... -


, ''


: : -N\UNDAY;: 9 A.M. TO 6PM. C' 1 :; LB."SUPERRIGHT". 48'flic



0 LB 39 The store that PORK LOINScares

FLA. GRADE "A" about you! '





3 LE3. CAN 1-LB 490 QUART

PKG. 490HUB : :
LIMIT 1 WITH$5.00 "







PIES 1-LB 8-OZ 39C



STORE 3000 W. 45th STREET


t .

... ..... .. .. .... ,, . .. ,
,' '. .' . ..... ... .. .. . .. L .. .. .. .. .. 1 1EAU

., ." _,,, .n . . .h. .. . "

: 1

JANUARY 10. 1968 STAR PAPERS __ ______ PAGE 7

I here's the "how" for creative cookery Matter of Precaution

Ground Beef A Must With Wine TMrx '

,. Have 1

qp9 M rT
ties For
than the ne .
1 I'r fashions for T/ ,
l sexy and
a collection
and handbags '
a man's head I 1?' S !
z tlon
With F. 4 a
r the fashion :
list s are

ports merica.Leather it .
weight, h 'aterl
now as pliant t i
any fabric, III'A'
created into
skirt a
rant pouch.

shes natural ed line-up smooth in range the waxy 14'i

there, with ::
nique I{ tweet ;
for, an
Dew leather. ; .

out and beautifully cparpness.

white at most

.. R rr" t :.: ir :

t'rap Flake or r r'

yt rap
J JI CnunbeV l
: ; cup rat '
aa y
Yt rap at any time,but they art never more important uw oomemam
I t m rap",hlte.y scrub with a mild,antibacterial soap containing bexachlrophene pre-
trMpoon and.should .be: a part of the kitchen routine again before eating.
ttd t Yt traflpoon cream or lactic -
I J4 toanpoon almond flavorlncy

j' ffw cup teaspoon brown vanilla*uf r flavoringy ;-nn [ BUY U.S. v MGn BONDS' ] r.nnmAo.Ao.Ao.

j't' Ao. Ao. Ao. ""


''" -
-" -=- + I I :BUYS MORE

Ground beef, seasoned wuii IMIU MM wine, maces an especially wine.,.The rest of the wine.In the bottle Is senred u a mealtime
flavroable meat loaf when topped with mushrooms beverage:Burgundy or another of the California dry red '
I onions 'pimiento:end parsley cooked separtely In addittonal wtnea. Is. a,good choice. for,bot- cooking-and drinking..Photo byEdelnun : ,, QUANTITY SPECIALS GOOD ,. FOOD 'STO.RE"RIGHTS t' .

Good For StadyIMI' -

I 7.porno'briery LIMIT ONE PLEASE
t tllri karoo.H 29o
I!"lempoo.'a.kKlapoo.KIIK 5 LB.
o. i ,{ S % _Ia.
.." "r 1 cio "faille,rrtkt4KlcatpooolkyaM .
:4' 1 2 2 rapt ran I II salty pom1 broik.Klal.. ) .......
4 .....
I' re. .. ....
\ 2 c. (II poono1.adl.) wkoWp '
a MIoM,hold
i 7f" ckopp***Imo pankylla 69
: :
i .Mad.., COFFEE : ,
., n kcoa. tat c o.ij1he bio BMitUrpfer atrvbe : .\ .1 .OZ.: JAR

:::1; P b .f tot ......... Mak turkeykrolk .
: "..d.k., sad
: |Uunl ky hi plactaf. ..,.. ....Ia.. MOCO-
,: "'..{nova Hck was.AM I onloa. ,
k..,....Mil,.fWP Mfc >n L Co -
: .,: .r ... aloes. lae ) koun.Slrabk LIMIT $5.00'
,: ..MMUT. bray Return loMunpu
sal duc. lo 2 TIDE 59c
:' broth-. r cup OR MORE FOOD OlDER' GIANT

+ 1 Cut bMoa bio husk pten*. luSqwl
: 'l,4 o. ....Ia.. Uulck, urea, r
try bMoo; over wdiuiui. beat ....
o r .1 pips Reuwv sal drab ou paperloeUu NENTURKEYS
:. !'I. Rewnro.Mil GOLD CREST "
locelker flour, *alt aad per '
; per Roll turkey piece*b Hour uUilura > .I2UU/
t.; t ,coaibc eack; piece Ikorougkly.Browa .' : : 29cSWEET
1 piece*b Ike bosh lal tutubf AVG. .
I .. p lo browu aU lUei.Aid talks IB. 'IB.. '
,' ' : .
: kcal sal limner lor I bur -
M jf" .
5.p '....,0':7 ",,&, 't' __ Add cr fat.canou.,40 .Ia.oolou. .a4 or .kocou... turkey Stovo 'RASHER SLICEDBACON DASH .
: .. pksworder.. luat before saw
Coffee,Float';;smooth and Creamy,'with its good coffee flavor is a great beverage lor the ;'..tprUkle.wlik. cbopped panky.Accoaipau .' 11390FLA. :DETERGENT
wkk cooked'
study session break,'It is made with Instant pudding, Instant decaffeinated coffee, and whipped, < Make* I irvb(*.. freraoodkM. -
non-dairy topping;Credit Birds Eye Cool Whip Non-dairy. .
\i laYlr .

\, :FRYERS' :t,27pFRESH ; 0" 00. .. <.. -
to' '0 .
,(n',, IO .' WESTERN '' JOY. ... 0' .: .::': ..0. 0 .. .0.' 490

: 3 DOWI1, w. : ;" .:. .. GIANT
: : 'I SPARE .RIBS :.49C' : \ ... .
: : : .0 ." "" ,' .' :. '. ,

'SWIFT ,IYfMI01l'4.HUt[.. t' ,'. .... .. .
.1,I t7. ROG 11OatSa ROAST' :' 11.49* '

ii .

t 390

'4 BEETS 303. CLASS ,,,'

/ ,. ,e. :-- SHORTENING 3 lie 49*.
/ "





'':' -., ,"" I .' ,.o, .:... ._ ,. 'o! :'..uJIJMu. :" '>d--. tJSATURDAY




,. _. _.
-- --


Sammy Davis, Nipsy Russell, Add Fifth Dimension. end Johnny Rivers { World NewsDAR 1

To Highlighting Of Miami Niteries

ES SALAAM-(NPI-A study of the Maul tribesmen in
MIAMI BEACH, Fla.-Sorry folks, but Miami Beach: isn't __ l Kenya and Tanzania, by a research: team from Northwestern
keeping its cool: these winter days.The weather's warm and the University Medical: school has disclosed: that the Masai possess
entertainment! warmer along these palm-dotted shores. 'c a unique genetic: trait which: suppresses the production of
Celebrities are headlining all three nine-hole links. __ 'serum cholesterol. In other words, they needn't worry about
the shows, the horses are running Sightseeing through the season __ becoming overweight and prone to heart attacks: because of eating
for the biggest stakes of the is done by bus, boat and blimp, __ fatty foods.NEARING .
season, and records: are falling with flights on the latter of 20 _
in the Metropolitan Miami Fish- minutes and tours on surface: END
ing Tournament. trips from a few hours to all.

Looking around now, the da,. All major attractions: In the T UNITED NATIONS (NPI) With the tiny Pacific: island of Nauru
visitor will run into such names area are visited. --Ak ''I,1a gaining Its independence: the smallest nation in the
as Buddy Greco: Bill Dana, VI- Fishing may be arranged at any I' world on January 31, 1968, the works of the UN Trusteeship
vienne Delia Chiesa, Sammy of several docks along the bay-, .. Council: seems heading for the end. With Nauru out of the way,
Davis, Howard Keel and Eddie front, Includes: Gulf Stream tro- erw+ 1 j11 ? there will be left only the territories of New Guinea-Administered
Fisher, to name a few on the lllng, drift fishing over the reefs t by Alstralla, and the Trust Territory of the Pacific: Islands
night club: scene.: Coming soon and light tackle: sport In the bay -US. No date has been set for the Independence of the remaining -
will be Frank Sinatra, Edle and Inlets. Four anglers are accommodated :- territories
Adams, Myron Cohen, Jack: on the trolling ]1 :LL i'
Carter, Allta Kashi!, Sam Le- craft at about $50 a half-day.- | DEATH OF DEPLOMAT
venson, Connie Francis: and A half-day drift excursion: can: I ENDINBURGH, Scotland-NP)- amb1an diplomat Jeremiah
Nipsy Russell. At the Carillon be obtained for as little as Kabanganlka Mulenga, a former labor union official: who servedas
"A Mod, Mod Whirl" and at $3.75 per person. tj 1w v, Y in ail councellor in the Zambian mission in Congo-Kinshasa, died
the San Soucl"The Horse reservations for ac-
Crazy Advance
I recently at the age of 47 in Western General hospital. He is
Cabaret" accent should be madeat
: revue type commodatlons _
survived by a wife and four children.:
shows. this season If at all practical :-
On the concert: : stage the Greater : to save time In finding 1 i 1 NEW TECHNIQUE
Miami Philharmonic: fea- lodgings.

tures Miami Robert Beach: Merrill auditorium in the oh HAIFA, Isarel-(NPI)-A new technique which: may make it
SeeTelevision feasible to change: sea water Into fresh water has been reportedby
January 28 and Claudlo Array'on Negroes
scientists at Technlon: ,the Israel Institute of Technology: The
1) while th'-Mlaml
February technique is said to cut thecost: of building and operating distillation
Beach: Symphony presents Irene As plants, and thus lowering the cost of making fresh
PattI Salwa Ken RobInson
Merrlge -
water by 25-to-30 cent
and Russell Christopher Bias 1 per
In "An Evening of Rodgers andRammersteln" Stopgap APPLICATION

February 11.
Opera lovers will have "The RADNOR, Pa.-'tbi Amerlcaa':
Masked Ball" January 24 and Negro is looking to television UNITED NATlOm-NPI-Wlthln three days after gaining Its
"Die Fledermaus"February 21 to serve u a leader and catalyst I IJ iTurafng Independence: from Britain, South Yemao-formerly the Federation
E-1: of South Arabta-ennouncedthat: It plans to apply for membership
I I' In the same auditorium, where la promoting better race
, the Variety Club's "Show of relations and acceptance.: : But ,T-.. r>--* lrAMCjHHMHk wJ NMeKBMMraWMkttaM...-.,- .., .., .... -- In the world body. When officially: accepted: South Ye-
Shows" will gather most of the thus far the medium has tailed on a Los Angeles nightclub: audience is the Fifth Dimension about traveling performers will be re-telecast: Sunday, Jan. .me D, will raise the membership rolls of the UN to MS

night club: talent for a super to achieve this goal, a prominent the rock group featured on television with Johnny. _Rivers 21, from 4 to 5 p.m. on ABC.The special was produced by ABC BERKELEY, CALIF:-Man and the African: ape ire descendants
show February 5. Negro broadcasting: the Woody Herman Band and the Bartok Circus: Hunt in News-Photo by Carl Byoir and Associates. of a common ancestor: small chimpanzee-like animal
At Hialeah the horses will run ecutive: said today."Television "One-Night Stands." The B.F.Goodrich Company color specialArtists' who lived no more than five million years ago and survived because -
for the Royal Palm, Palm Is doing a Jot to : of Its ability to swing from branch to branch in searchfor
Beach, Jasmine and Bahamas Improve the Negro Image, but food. That Is the newest theory of evolution;; contained
stakes, all $25,000 events,January not nearly enough," George Aretka Sweeps Polls study report published in the Journal Science by Drs. Vincent
24, 17, 29 and 21, for the Norforda Westinghouse Circle m.sarlch: and Sllan C. Wilson biochemists at the Universityof
$50,000 Seminole Handicap of Broadcasting Co. executive, California. The new theory is said to revise earlier claims
February J. The track's: two says In the TV Guide Magazine that the common ancestry: of man, gorillas and chimpanzees
$100,000 purses, the Widener of January. Norford also coordinates The unprecedented: vocal mastery of soprano'Leontyne Princeis 'dates back 30 million years
.aodlb.Flamingotrescbeduleq activities: of the Broadcast heard in RCA Victor's: second volume, "PrlmaDonna" LM/
jior'Tebruary: 17 and March 2. Skills Bank,designed get -2966. featuring great arias from Handel to Puccini.: COMMON MARKETNAIROBIWhile
f Along with all-star musicaland more Negroes Into the Industry. Inane swe.plnlstrolte of discrimination and human Injustice England is having difficulty: gaining entry
racing: presentations, the "When all of television's good : genius, Miss Price: demonstrates : u witnessed in her into the European Common Market, and Israel has com up
Miami Beach vacationer: also deeds for Negroes are lumped a command of style race: and how passionate bru- with a proposal for a similar group for the Middle East,
has jal slat at the Miami fronton together, they are still so Inflntteclmal which encompasses the baro- tality has been Imposed upon the three East African: Independent nations of Kenya, Ugana
the mainland greyhound they are almost lost in que vitality of Handel "Care the Innocent, Miss Price: sings and Tanzania have Inaugurated a trade blco known as the East
racing: at the Miami Beach: Kennel the over-all big picture.ICs not slave," the meticulous: and re- the'title role of Puccini's: famous African: Community, a step toward a common market organization .
Club and a wide choice of enough for television merely to of the British Em-'
: flnded classclsm: of Mozart's Opera "Madame Butterfly" of the type they enjoyed as a part
.holiday doings from golf to reflect the existing Negro subculture recitative: and aria from "Don plre. Similar groups are already in existence North Africa

sightseeing.For In Its drama programs. Giovanni", "Don Ottavlo son with a degree of personal affinity --Algeria, Libya, Morocco:: and Tunisia in Central African
golf there are three municipal Television can: and must use Its mota and "or sl1 cbll: .'ono- In Victor's: recording: : Republic:, Chad, Gabon, Congo-Kinshasa and among 12
courses, Bayshore and persaslveness art power to re" from Act 1, the poetic 'LM/LCS 6160. nations West Africa.Johnnie .
Normandy Shores, each: with create a new acceptance: among might of German romanticism: "Erich: Lelnsdorf, musical director
complete clubhouse facilities whites of the Negro and new
: : a : Boston Symphony
in the recitative and aria from Or-
regulation IS-bol* layouts, awareness on the part of the Negro Von Weber's opera, "Der cnestra 'conducts the opwera M :
practice: putting greens and himself of his own ability Freisehutz" Wit sable +t
driving ranges, and the par- and potential," Norford sailrHOHC der Schlummer": and "Lelselelse. chestra conducts the opera with ., l-4. Ann's
." principal: soloists, in addition to v
OX I. PMONK OX 1.0111 The culminating ecstacy: : of Italian Miss Price: tenor Richard

"A. UVIM .t.vic. Pox VM. LIVIN*" operatic: splendor found In Rosalind: meuo soprano in with Shopping Center
Versi's "Sleepwalking Scene" Ellas, and Phil
RANGE FUNERAL HOE\ from Act IV of "Macbeth": with ip Mearo.

737 N. W. 17TH AVKNUB assistance: fran meuo-soprano
Corinna Verzza and Robert El
ow". ..... M.ao". Hage bass, Is expertly sung by Headlines
Her opulent and sonorous vocal Heavy Fighting 2994 N.W. 46th St.

resources: stlmulat new interest New York- Joe Frazier, unbeaten Aretha Franklin, Atlantic hit-maker, has Just completed her

rrf t A PI'CI'i1EIl'J liiHt is in Boko's rarely performed heavy weight, and Bus greatest year In the record business, has swept every popularity -
opera "Mefistofele" lithe ter Mathls will scramble on poll in the industry. Her list of awards for 1967 Includes
: AUTO INSURANCE SERVICE 15% DOWPI aria "U altra nette Intondc February 23 in Madison Square very trade magazine popularity poll, the NATRA (National Groceries.Meats-YeQefables

> SH2I t'a CITY fw* 01 MT): al mare" from Act m. Garden. The top ticket: price: Association of Television and Radio Announcers) Award
rUBUITYP miCJU DAMAGE N.W. 7th AYE & salt ST. Debussy's aria, "Air de Lia: is $30 Frazier will get thir and the Bill Gavin Year End Awards. Miss Franklin won the

, W ?? ritlMO >, I. _:JIII.t.Ut: ): Uannee en vain" from "L En- ty-two and one bald per cent: NATRA award as the Best Fenake Singer of the Year in the ,
.rant Prodigue, "has the Impas Mathls twenty-two and one half summer of 1967. The organization also named her recording
stoned anquich: of Liz over her per cent. of "Respect" as the Best Single Record the Year and her album BEER t VINE TO 60 :
missing son as Miss Price cud: Parathionl I "I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You" as Best 1
dies the lyrical: and colorful: Arcadia-: e trial of fruit Album of the Year
French t texture. She paces: well picker: James Richardson: father
6917661i the mounting dramatic: climax: of seven children: who died ProllotedHOLLYWOOD _\ free Deli!". Pkoie 634-9156 ):

in Giordano's aria,"La mamma of parathion poisoning,will take Ronnie Granger BeachSborts ,
morta" from Act III of "An. place: on June 10, 1968, and may who has been in charge
. drea Chendler." may take three weeks. The of RIB promotion activities: Your professional beautician
Her Intrepretatlon Zandonal attorney coud:
for the midwest for Capitol
aria, "Paolo, dateml pace": attorney could not be reached.: Records: Distributing Corp.hasbeen knows the answer .. i:
from the opera Franceses: : Da Cassius named Singles Sales and

Rimnl" has poetic: sensibility Miami The American: Civil Promotion Manager.

and imagination. The heart Liberties Union will fight In his new position Granger MIAMI BEACH Fla.--The Can hair be
stricken anguish of a mother's for Casslus Caly. He was convicted : wlU direct: the activities: of Florida Board of your damagedfrom
grief for her dean son has Conservation,
last June because he CRDC's singles promotion
: : refused
now is offering citations for exceptional
the expressive color and essence to be inducted Into the efforts of the entire CRDCpro- fish taken anywhere brushing, alone? ;
of tragic: pathos in "Sen-
armed forces.: Attorney Charles motion team In sales and pro-
Based citation
state. on length -
za mamma, e bimbo, tu setmorte" Moo :
from the realism of fish raiyte from an 18-lncb All hairbecorpes/ damaged from exposure to sun and natural
les Morgan, Jr.,* will lead the
prmpano to sailfish of 72 inches Certain
Puccini. greasy compounds and
: barristers in the battle. Clay many chemicals, Im-
Having been acquainted with was after his refusal. or more. properly used, also take their toll..not to mention simple i Attempts .
4 M deposed Although there can: be no way at beautifying the hair with any brush not made.of
to obtain absolutely accurate: : tles. The results are brittleness'
/ Announcing The 6rud Opening Of figures, various reasonably reliable SSling hair, breakage,. dry and
indices: show Miami I Your professional beautician knows how artificial bristles;1

neJJJ Beach enjoyed a 12 per cent gainin actually brush away a great deal of the "lubricants" of the hair
%tfoW nciat4h& Wtr visitors during the 1967 autumn that give It body, lustre and protection. And trained beauticians'claim
as compared to the previous that nothing beats Clairol' condition* Beauty Pack
& Treat
fan. ment for overcoming brittleness, dryness and

tit lzti of?/ 6wauencMt call; leaving hair lively and easy to manage. condition breakage Is an easy.to-;;
Switches Mo Honey I work-with creme which can even be applied during a chemical
& BATTLE! IN FOREST straightening retouch to prevent drying of hair that has beep

There is a never ending fightin i previously relaxed. condition' the ultimate In repairing
TI-I 11 i down damage. And, when time is a factor for their customers"
Down 1.25 PerfWeek/ the forest for moisture, nuitrients > I ,
turn to new Clairol Hair Dew
-the lotion .
sunlight. And ofen corks(
RONNIE GRAN 'as not, the victor is an undesirable tioner that penetrates so fast many think of it as an Instant
motion of single records, pop weed tree which: crowds: conditioner When applied regularly by your beautician Clairol
.. RIB and the label's recently: Hair Dew adds body, softens and gives a glowing
.out a valuable slash pine. In new look to
"W/idre/ service begins and never enrfj" ..e{ li Til I.T. firiitIcpirtieit acquired "Hot Biscuit: Disc: Com scrub oak for Instance: newly your hair that many' friends will notice and admire.

,. Stare pan)'" Une.Granpr planted pine seedlings wouldn't Damage can eome from using brushes with artificial bristles..
Three locations Joined CRDC in October But damage to woman's hair
rt ,, every comes from
loner you: have a chance: U forest management so many other
s S (. flitler' 1965, as District: Promo didn't provide an equalizer causes that all human including wigs) needs to bari
tion Man, Ri Bin Atlanta,Geor i vitalized periodically. Visit your '
Simi i f Fliriti such as pre-plant site professional beautician anct ask
Mio.l Opo-loc1o ,
'. 1 Corrine gia. In 1966 be was promotedto preparation or chemical: : her- this expert to check the condition of your hair.
nl.1 311.315! his present position withCROC'S becides: to reduced unwanted 'I Only your professional beautician knows the answer for sure
Chicago: branch.
competitive growth. C urWvskcIlmI1

t 1

.': '. .. .. ,
L L 'LLL. L. ,L' L a.. _



B. Bethune Wildcats And Allen Yellowjackets Tangle February 6 I

Parade) Chamberlain Is FAMU Alumni On Raiders' Team Both Schools Rate Tops

[ Sports -

Tops In Salary
In Basketball Points In ScoresThe

| In Basketball Bethune-Cookman College Wildcats of Daytona Beach,

11 f I IN SPOTLIGHT 4 will play the Allen university Yellowjacks of Columbia, S.C.
Big Salaries are the thing In f- In the new (3,000 capacity) Wilfred T. Roberts Sports Arena

|i 5 GRAMBLING, La.-Grambling College, its president, Dr. basketball these days. In Sarasota, Tuesday evening, February 6 at 8 p.m., accordIn -

,' Ralph W. E. Jones, and football coach, Eddie Robinson, will Wilt Chamberlain Is reportedto to Athletic Director Jack McClairen.

4' have their hour In the television spotlight on the eve of the Super get an annual of $250,000. Two former area prep stars teams have won 104 games against -
Bowl game. A documentary on the school's rise in popularity probably the highest. Bin Russell are starters with the Allen University 39 setbacks, Including

f for pro team candidates will be aired that night, as a prelude to of the Celtics Is reportedto Yellowjackets. Arthur one Conference Championship

f the Super Bowl's appearance of ex-Grambllng grldders Willie receive about $150,000. Johnson formerly of Booker and one 'RAfA regional title.
j Davis, Green Bay Packers and Willie Brown Oakland Jimmy Walker of the Detroit Nell Nel-
1 Raiders. team gets $250,000 for four High, Sarasota, adn That participated In the NAIA
son of Lincoln Memorial, Pal- 'National Tournament at Kan-
L .
Cassie RusseU the same w a
metto, are both regular sas .City in 1965.
amount for three
years. 3si players accordingto
outstanding ,
NEW YORK-The man about whom it has consistently said But, according to records, the Allen officials.The .
was the best fighter "pound for pound" that this century has largest contract salary Is that of ; '-' \ : Bethune-Cookman Col- WatchThis

seen has made it to boxing's Hall of Fame. Sugar Ray Robinson, $500,000 paid by the Knicks to lege Wildcats are currently un- Clown
47-year-old ex-welterweight and five-times middleweight Bill Bradley, for four years. defeated the SIAC Conference

I champions, was elected last week by 223 votes of a world-wide Ebony magulne reports that, averaging 106 points per game '34 24 89
of 152 NBA players, 76 are Negroes
panel of sports writers and sportcasters. Sugar retired from The WUdcatshaveserveral '
fistic December The ABA has about 57 61-80-45
wars on 10, 19&5. rp standing performers. Johnny
percent of Negro players Allen, 6'8" forward from Del-
BIAS IN GRID CARDSST. Teams with the largest Dumber school \
The Knicks and The ray Beach,holds the ne J
record of 684 points set In his
LOUIS-Charges of discrimination within the ranks of the baltimore Bullets, NBA, aDd freshman year. Allen Is currently ;

SL Louis Cardinals football team were aired last week In a two ABA the New Jersey Americans Although the Oakland Raiders did not win they had two of the most powerful men In football on the top scorer In the .

page list of grievances given coach Charley Winner. The grievances each with eight players., their team last week. No 35 was Hewrltt Dixon, the other Carleton Oats, 85. Dixon is 26 years SIAC Conference.He was named '

were compiled during an early three-hour meeting just old, 6-1, an offensive back. Htras Oakland's no. three runner and then broke into the starting earlier this year to the NAIA \
prier to the team's final game In New York. lineup. When the team fought Kansas City helped make score 3413. He is a native of Lacross, ALL American Team. He has

UCLA Florida, but lives In Alachua, Florida, with his wife and family Oats Is 25. He is 8-', quick shot more than 200 points In 41 50 11
ALL THE BIG NAMES aggressive. He was a standout for FAMU where. In his senior year, he was the all-league sel 9 games this season and Is hitting -

ection. He was born in Polklnghorne Florida and now lives |ID Tampa with his family at a 30.2 clip 33 99 11

NEW YORK Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia 76ers was I Also outstanding with the Wildcats Sometimes He's Up,Sometimes
the sole eager to be unanimously selected for the National Bruins Is Carl Fuller a 6'9" center -
Thud Comes To Trial Bob Foster Is He's Down, He Adds,Subtracts,
Basketball Association All Star game,but that does not mean be Spencer from St. Augustine. Fuller He works it all around
is all alone among the big names In the game to be picked. The holds the SIAC Conference record -

game, which will be played January 23, will see such other Take February 6 For Drunk Driving Trying To Get with 60 points In a single 41 56 19.cOJ.IING
standouts on the East squat with Chamberlain,,as Jerry Lucas, game ATTRACTIONS
Oscar Robertson, Sam Jones, BIll RusselLand HalGreer;while Head Coach McClairen express -
the western continent will field Bob Boozer,Elgin Bayler, Nate Heavyweight Boxer.Thad Spencer, charged with drunk driving happiness over the face that
Thurmond and Walt Haztard. Journey will come to court on February 6 In the Riverside, California, Top Approval his team Is playing In the Sarasota 13 4 199MAN'S
municipal court. He will remain fr.ee on $345 bond until that He "1 know
area. says,
POLE VAULTER time. He was arrested In December by a California Highway his Bob Foster of want New the York and I speak for the many graduatesof DAYSNUMBERED
LOS ANGELESCollege butetball's manager heavyweight -
both schools In that area,
attraction In championship title. For
WASHINGTON-\nother new star being born In the sports greatest Spencer Is rated at the moment ry won a split decision. many years he who will be very glad to see
a the Brains of
Held Is Peter Chen, a senior at American University, who will many year, as No.lhavyweigbtboxer' But, says, Spencer, "I wantto contender. He Is stl1NolLeoo- their alma maters In action."
UCLA are on a weekend a series
be competing the pole vault In the CYO Indoor track meet, to take the deposed Cassius fight Clay. That'll settle tender in the 175 Obnddl lsloo.H. One of the outstanding young
of out of town that will
National Guard armory, Friday. Chen's best leap so far has take them to Houston's trips fabulous Clay's place on the boxing who's the best. After all, I'm feels that Dick Tiger Is coaches In the Southeast, Jack "Man's Days are Numbered:."

been 16 feet, two Inches. The vaulter was Penn Relays champion Astrodome and to New York'sMadison throne. Clay, however, Is still the world fastest boxer. He trying to avoid clash with him. McClairen Is In his seventh year Health and Fortun Can Be
and AU-American in the NCAA college division In 1966. No. 1 with the British Boxing meant by that, fastest with his Foster is wary of runarounds. u Head Coach and Athletic Director Yours When Yon Know Your

Unbeaten Square la 44 Garden.conse tAlvigames Association Spencer will be la hands for be said Clay Is fast- So, he did-the Moore. Retook Jack' earned u letters Lucky Days
Oakland 3 with the est with hlifeet. In football, basketball letters
Vocational and only 16 shy of the on the matter to the fourth estate. and track Colors etc.
Engineers Wreck winner facing Jimmy Ellis Foster has not lost In football, basketball Lucky ,
in fouryears
national collegiate record set -
at Bethune-Cookman lnt the early Send $2.00 for your
scheduled to fight Jerry QuarryIn Turner
by the University of San Francisco Willie He won six of seven fifties. He gained AU-Amerl- Horoscope Guide for
semifinal match for the
Pine Foresters Sport Hopes In the era of Bill Russell a flights ly Knockouts In 1967. un honors In football and set
title later.Spencer's. '
the Brains open the tour. Loses to Graines He sent Eddie Cotton In to re- several conference records In
The Vocational Engineers are now non-conference champs at Berkeley Saturday. Is said to have changed Willie Turner, one of the tirement. TracUField. JANUARY

in basketball, having won the game against Pine Forest of Q Is a Pacific 8 Conference from what It was a year or soago. world's fastest humans lost After a tour of duty with the Fill
Edward Waters In the blank below and
Callahan, with a score of 76-64. The team began outscoring game. Then egotism seemed to recently when Billy the second half when it set a score of UCLA will be at Stanford,then signed by the Pittsburgh Stee- mall to ZODIAC, Post Office
th e Foresters In up have taken over. However, ac- nosed out all competitors In an
returns to Its own Pauley Pavilion Box 1171, Jacksonville, Fta.
26-9. cording to his own words, ten Olympic tryout In San Francisco. lers of the National Football
Thursday night against College WhipsClafliH League where he had six outstanding -
Jones made
Four Engineers led the scoring 9J-80. Glover of Fernandlna Portland for the only remaining rounds with Doug "- NAME
Jimmy Wimberly alone led scored 40 points him realise that there Is nothing Halnes, sharing honors with seasons until be was STREET
home In .
game January.The -----
with 22 markers Another Saturday night game contest was an Interesting like training. "That fight was Bib Hayes, S.9 second runner, Team sidelined with a knee Injury.In DATE OF-BIRTH----- -

The Pine Forest players were starred the Raines Vlklns,who struggle between UCLA'S Lew the turning point In my career, easily beat the other runners seven seasons his cage

led by Johnny Green,who amassed won over Stanton by a score of Alclndor an on the Bears' BobPresteyrLevat said the barrel-ebelterft&bler. Lee Evans set a record of f
a total of 30 points. The Stanton started slowly Spencer's career dates back 48.5 In the 600.Southern. ORANGEBURG, S.CAfter
1-1 Is the lISUoo'l -
to his amateur After three being tied at halftime, t-32,
Engineer are 10-4 ov.rall.'Ibey' to ahead days.
managed forge ,i most highly publicised
played against Anderson but not quite enough. Officials 1 star. Presley, 6-10, Is en routeto years of fight be maintains an Cagers Edward 57 points Waters In College the final pouredin 20
record. He
Tuesday night In a Gateway Six impressive fought
Bell and Durham.
were breaking all scoring record.
Conference Battle. Pine For 90 times and won 83 times.He Whip Grambling minutes to dump Claflin here

rest woo the Junior varsity turned pro at 17 and now last week 8974.
title bv''s score of 47-41. Of Loimle Khttz's Pointing And has a record of 35-5 with 13 Southern Unvlerslty'i basket- Philip Montgomery led the

officials ,were Johnson Daniels. knockouts. He won the California bailers beat Grambllng recently: Jacksonville Fla. club with
Willie Wilson and the Butlerl- Boxing Championship on by a score of Jaguar Jasper 22 points Teammate Ron Paten -
Ted Campbell's Work Won Out found 33 points. chipped in with ZOo
Ues fomented Lincoln: of April 26, 1965. The be went

Gainesville with a close scored before the State Wthletic Commission -
GREENSBORO, N.C.-A&i'rlalR1Dl offense perked and the '
6359. Wilson's shrewness and received permission -

. .and ability to pick up on un- fees reeled off two Important CIAA basketball wins over the to break its contract with 10W COST'rice

molested shot brought him 22 his manager, Walter Mlnskoff

points. He Is 64. Uncorking their best offensive Bears with ease. At that time be said be was

1\ At first Butler was behind. By and defensive show of the season The Aggies rolled to a 26-13 not getting enough.For one fightbe Of Yoir w l!
maneuvering Butler was-able the Aggies rolled past lead the first 10 minutes of the received $600. He went Into lifting Homo

1! hold Lincoln: until Jones and the Livingstone, 108-67. Earlier, game with Lonnie Klutt pacing another field for a brief spell,

others could come out of the oUT used strong Inside game the attack. Kluttt hit on five of car washing. Then, when be "YOU ROME IS OUR CONCFRN"

I dark. Officials were Montgomery to down Johnson C. Smith, 66- his six first tries and two cane back, be lost a 10-round

and Houston. 55, in the Greensboro Coliseum. foul shots for 12 points In the decision to "Biff Train" Lin Scof, CirpotU TircfcisDeis
J Down in Fernandian Beach the AJLT pounced on the helpless period.At coln. His record then became .
Peck Wolves beat Matthew Gilbert and 4-1 I, and be defeated Jones.
Bears from the beginning this point, Irvin began substituting And Genial
of Jacksonville until the bit He did not give but went
by a score there was no letup but Daryle Cherryand up
In fo r serious tralnin. That tTflh1l
ter end.
6-7 Vernon Walker kept
jugoi Bowl Was The Aggies' chief" fepsIeweapon AlTs running game moving. enabled tu; a to beat the formidable Additions Ae Our Specialties:

in the rout was 6-6 Lon The Aggies were out frontS3-32 l.nle Terrell. The
nit Kluttt who pumped in 23 Spencer-Quarry battle will decide -
at balftlme.Wittnearly. We Will Finance To
Well PopulatedBy points and Joined with his hefty a half a dozeD of the winner for the fight
teammate Ted Campbell In dominating its players crippled by fluAI with Ellis, holder of the WBA

the rebounding In the was bard pressed to down the title. 7 Years
: Race Players game. spunky Golden Bulls. The Ag Spencer believes that be will
A former All-Army performer close win and will not have to go
gas broke open the game CALL 3915)17.
NEW ORLEANS- I of In the Sugar In adjusting to AtPs running final two 'rint-fight, be said,should bring
was plenty sugar to one point In the Capitol Construction Co.
Bowl contestes during the game. But last night he minutes. the fight to a' quick end. He WE TAKE DEALS OTHERS. REFUSE

1 past weeks, but most of it was seemed sure of himself u be The two teams were tied four says his opponent Is not experienced. ,as.MUSTANG vs- .. ,* '? $1395
I brown hit on 10 to 15 shots from the. although, A' ,1$ .
0 sugar.athletes competed in floor and added five if nine times In the managed half,to take a The fighter referrd to Floyd -- t.5 CUEVROLE'f IMPALA .. .. .. .$1895'Ooll
I of the free throws. He played only 30 Patterson u old and pointedto CON8tTIONIO AYpE7 O,
every minutes of the game. 30-27 halftime lead, mostly on his vlrtory over Quarry, In 11 CL1y1b,1pU Ulflls)1tYlp1[ ;'. .. RMN
spectacular except
those on the water,in boats. It was In the ball handlingthat the fine scoring effort of Adams smooth a few of the late rounds of that SEAFOOD 1 n 'E \ :OtTIONEOt X WA.{RANiNRAOHIO
operating guard Soapy CE.PLE41 MMBLER6,1 2-DR :
Lt. Arthur Ashe second seed- the Aggies showed the match last October,when Quar- 67 : .$1895
in downing .
ed AmA-lcan tennis player woo greatest improvement -
and managed to knot .
Led sub- JLESSIRKS! llSSlln
Livingstone. by .
the singles tennis championship
the count again at n-S7 with .
Nicki Pubs fourth seeded stitute Nathan Pettus and Carl CHEV IMPAA1 SPORT COUPENypue.$219. $ 95
over 14.45 remaining in the game. The man born with! the gift/: ;REOBRASS' 490 66 .
player from Yugoslavia. Hubbard, oUT raced past the D. I
Holm- Freshman Bobby Brooker hit Rev Roosevelt Franklin of Macon 66 FORD STATION WAGON .HU .. $1995
Ashe also teamed with
two points to give oUT a lead
Georgia. It Is through '
berg to win the doubles tennis Gibbs High Takes the Aggies held for the rest of that I can remove all evil conditions 66 BULK USABREU4-DR. H'TOP. $2395

championship of the tourney. the game. some questions you may JUMIO 65 Bu Y CK E WILDCAT> DITIONED. $1995
This was the first time any Clearwater Game Adams was high point man for
wish to know. \\l TIONED.
Negro had ever competed In oUT with 17 points. He was SHRIMP LB$1-30 67 ifbYX-lXXiE"JJ8NO(! . .$2695

a Sugar Bowl tennis match. CLEARWATER Gibbs High followed by Campbell will 13 DO YOU NEED MONEY? OLDS AIR SWIVlXUf 1 ,'. "A0'' NEATER """"

.':"Other brought the brown su- Clearwater recently with ascore points and George Mack with E MY SICKNESS NATURAL? MEDIUM 66 DELTA 88 .. . .. .. .', 2595

.:'gar to the bowl namely the relay of 6252. A capacity U points Art Davis scored 15 CAN MY HUSBAND' STOP 67 C,1HEVROLE TRIMPTED..EURERCLEAN.TIFOWlS .$2695
came from Southern Uni- witnesses the battle. Golden Bulls. .
v crowd points for the DRINKING?' LB $1.10 RADIO a NEAT.LINA

'-Willie versity Davenport In the 440 In relay the,high and Norman scoring 22.Stevenson points. He was started aid-, CAN MY LOVE ONES BE RETURNED SHRIMP 67 f> NTIA C i'CATAio: ".CWAUANTY.. ..?: .. .... .$27V5
buries Vince Matthews from ed by Joe Newton and Dwight 63 v tKSW . .. .. .. 79S
Johnson C. Smith was first In TNI II A ONE OWNER AN UET LIKE NEW.
Randolph. They call me the (Rootman). WHITINGS .". 35C 65 BUIK 225 ELECTRA $2395
T"4he 440 dash. He balls from made Gibbs a record -
The victory
Grid But I am only a servant of God. LOADED AND LIKE NEW
'.New York. Third In this event of 7SZ in the PinelUs Dinner Honoree because God Is the answer to 65 OpNpTIAC BONNEVILLE .. . $2295
tas Robert Johnson of North conference.: Gibbs won the BIRMINGHAM, Ala.-(NPI)- all life's probelma. I am the :/bLOADEDR = EWIRMENTt AIR CONOlTlONlo.

'L! uelan xe junior varsity game 87-S3 as Tbe seventeenth annual cavalcade Kind of all Day Prophet Send MEAT $1.35ORYSTERPT.$1.25 63 PLYMOUTH VALIAN'l'. .. $ 595
<:J Gene Reed scored 26 points. of sports was held here LB. IPOOH M'TOP, AUTOMAT RADIO a
) Three Negroes were members for i our special selected Bible 57 FORD $95 62 VALIANT I $19S:
rsof Lamar Tech, Texas winners recently. Dr. Charles Daniel ,.erae To be readon SPECIAL STANDARD
0"of the mile relay. They were Tampa Pros To Henry, director of the health '>, OVER 108 CARS TO CHOOSE FtOMWe
division of Grambllng, was the Send a self-addressed stamp.
.Waverly Thomas Henry Bar- ,
Tale Dealt Where Others Retutf
:trTlson, and Randy Clewls. Jim Be HonoredThe speaker. ed envelope and $2.00 for Bible
Coach Leroy Smith, bead foot Credit Approved On Spoil
,_,Green, University of Kentucky verses and spiritual Message
,.' ''was winner of the 100 yard dish,' banquet I* for .Hegro *''- ball coach of Tuskegee, was You will receive Bible verses I SPECKLED,

..folfewed! in second place by John Americans, past professional honored u the "College Coach .by return maU. R.S.EVANS3rd
!Clark,fast Texas State. players from Tampa will be held of the Year. More than 700 SEND TO: ROUT 69C

Perry Wallace.flrst Negro in on January 27 In the Sweden persons attended. James W. Rev. Roosevelt Franklin LB.

:,SEC play, was given fine men- House Restaurant. Bailey, Sr., Is president of the 630 Morrow Avenuepaeon ft MAINEL
Jtlon u player the Vander- Guest speaker will be Donald Birmingham Grid Forecastersand Georgia 3101
on .
/bllt asdketball team. Fouss, assistant football coach Bernard director E.and Jackson coordinator.Is program I specialise in all cue: work. ROLL MULLETi. .35C 4-8)81 OPEN. TILL: 9:10 P.M. IL 48311.IIUAIY
at Purdue University. bone area code:912-743-6475. ,i,





b. ... .J h.Lx\,,..(...leL tra.> ew.tY-aVx..Y; ; .,.' -.1 ,......M_ ..'e Y u }>.:I .:.-.;. "' es..u'.t I:""..;, ".>kIoI'., .. I '" nut:. "..... .'




PAGE 10 STAR PAPERS. llTIJHiT'llHMI 20, 1968 ,

CHRISTMAS LAYAWAYSLEFT FOR SALE Dayspring Installs Officers Palatka News

UNCLAIMED-Pay bal' 5027 Dostie Drive.4534 Fridenrive. _
ance. Easy term .New Zlg-Zag H.O. Warren, Inc., Bkr. 9 0 I
sewing machine, $40. New 1398-9611." Would some member of<< your family like to learn to read
Walnut console comb. stereo- ""r and write? We have a teacher at the Community Action Center -

radio, $68. Phone: 353-1946. I FOR RENT 1122 Madison street. The class is FREE.
A-l WAREHOUSE> 1606 Main Would yon like to Improve ,the homemaking department..
Unfurnished house, $77.00 per The First Aid will be offered
Street "your reading, writing, or arithmetic course
4441 Friden Drive H.O.
month. skills? Come In add talk on January 25, in the St.
HAVING A PROBLEM Warrell Inc., Bkr. 398-9611. with us about it. All are free. It will be given each Thursday

EVERY DAY OF FOR SALE Could you get a better Job if evening for six sessions.

you could read better, write
YOUR LIFE? Beach Motel and Restaurant.Beer better, and do arithmetic bet-
License On Main Streetto ter? We may be able to help.
Many seem smaller once they Watet. American Beach. Come to the Community Action
are understood. Let me try to Price below evaluate Must Sell. j& Center 1122 Madison Street. Mrs..L.N.OsgoodandW.JJSea-
help you with your Personal For Information Call 354-9881. > bury, counselors at the
problems Confidential AirMan We will be happy to serve you, School attended -
tral Academy High
Easy Terms
postage to this country, your family and your friends.
the Tri-CountyGuldante
Office hours 8:30 until
: : a.m.
25?. .Association Meet January 12,
5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
OMEGA IfiME MPRIVEMENTErvlng Phone-328-2773 or 328- at St. Augustine High School,
Dept FSN r a.r 2774. St. Augustine. The theme of
Box 29, Mutzenburg, C. P. Construction Home 1m- y the meeting was "The Use Of
South Africa 'irovement: two houses can be The Life Career Game in HelpIng
bougiit; in city, low down payment ZETAS PLAN MEET Students .Develop Compe-
; house repairs no money Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. tencies in Future Decision Ma
THE POWER OF PRAYER down. We loan money on houses will observe Founders' Day king.

so that you want lose them.Cash- Sunday, January 21, at n a.m. The Life Career Game refersto
CULDREN DO YOU NEEC .money If needed Located at the Bethel AMC Church. The the use of simulation Is a
HELP? Or has Cud chen you ,1210, 1/2 Davis St. 354-8703. Palatka chapter is Zeta Mu medium by which the studentis
everything you need. In any Zeta brought into contact with his

case, write me, The mar. who The sorority was organized future enviornment. The general ,
knows all things are possible THE POWER OF PRAYER :. .. *t Howard University on 1920. feeling is that if elements

with God. Write your wishes to I Waited Patiently For The F--__.'\.04 \ "" ; 'oroo-' ..... Five ladles pioneered the venture of future life could be simulated
me. Ciod's message Is free.Seld Lord And He Inclined Unto Me On January 14, Day Sprint Church, at 7 p.m., held the Insulation weaver stands in the center of the pulpit.) One choir of the after receiving encoura- Into some system or technkm
only 10 cents for postage.W. ; Is John McGraw ordained deacon A.Paul gement from Charles Robert
and Heard My Cry Crawford Photo Taylor and Langston Taylor. the components of that future
C. Service box 494-6., Do you need God's Guidance? Thus Zeta Pen Beta, along with environment, they could not only
Send for Prayer Cloth-
Detroit, Michigan 48204. your Phi Beta Sigma, became the be exposed to some of the rail-
Send Sarah Dawkins
I Also send your Blrthdate- Allen U Choir Will
first brother-sister fraternal ties of the future, but also learn
HELP WANTED MALE your.ContributionsRev. Mother McDonald, P4Box TV Star And Poster Child setup. Membership in Zeta Phi to deal with them Le. get some

5187, Jacksonville, Fla\ Sing At St. StephenThe Court MeetsSarah Beta runs the gamut from me- practice In decision making.
Young Man who can use camera. dicine to fine arts. The soro- Counselors from the Tri-
Driver's license Full time. pastor of St. Stephen's Dawkins Court D of J 69 rity also contributes to worthy County area, after being fa-
will hold its regular meetingSTuesday enterprises. Mrs Evelyn Also mlliarited with the mechanics
AME Church, Rev. 3S Johnson
I ISABELLA OF PARIS. officers and members will again afternoon, January 22, Uon serves as baslleus for of<< the game,divided themselves
HELP WANTED at 4:30 p.m., at the Masonic f'i
the local Edna Into
That's Mel I have the Amas- present to music enthusiasts AU chapter. Mrs teams and played the game
'Temple, 410 Broad Street. K. Pinkney is reporter for the with the assistance of State Department -
tonic tablets of the city the Alien ""
FEMALE TYPISTSMust tng superior pep members are urged to be
for all the things you want to do. University Choir, director by present and on time. All dues < -r- do 60 WPM, accurately Box of 30, $1.00. Satisfaction Professor Hunter, Columbia will be accepted. Hate Jackson HOMEMMSlMJCOUfSE and students from the St.
Good In Spelling and English., guaranteed or Money Back For University graduate MAM. Augustine High School After-
Good pay Ins. etc. Apply Men.and Women. This aggregation hails from '.. The Putnam County Chapterof wards, strengths of the simulation
Columbia $.C. and will present ",'.< .' << the American Red Cross had technique an coordination
FLORIDA STAR P.O. Box 230, Dept. S., a varied program if_mu- CALLAHAN, FLA. 1 4 ; !: 'it \ Its first graduation program of the technique with decf-

sic. The Budget Board 13TH I MONCRIEF RD. Gary, Indiana church, with Mrs. Genwrlght Holy Communion will beheldat .. Junior College. Central Academy were held. To culminate the activities
u chairman is spearheading the Greater Mr. Pleasant l 4' High School had four a direct distance call
No Phone Calls! the appearance of the singers.The Baptist Church,CallahanRev. representatives, two studentsand through the facilities MOTEL program will be at 3 p. C.W. Whitten, pastor, Sunday, f r '.' two Instructors. Toe students Southern Bell Telephone Com-
ALL I m. Sunday, January 26. JamesS. at 3 p.m. Other services will Ii were Miss Jeffle Lee pany was put through to Dr.
OTIS REDDINGDIE"Firsthand Genwrlght Is coordinator.The include Sunday School at 9:30: Asia and Miss Shirley Dumas. Varenhorst, to Implement our '
report of man who 12 rooms, Private bath $5.0d church is located at Fifth and Morning Worship at U. Instructors were Mrs. B.M. work and to further acqulant
witnessed death of 'soul! man 18 rooms Semiprivate$4,00 and Davis. All are Invited. You arelnvlted to worship with Barnes, of the academy health up with the technique involved.

DICK. GREGORY IS BROKEHe PAY 0 RATE43:50 or 2 persons), _".: Tabernacle Baptist us.Choirs 1 and 2
put his money where his EDGEWOOD MOTOR COURlINTEGRATED Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church,.
mouth was.Talanted comic gave And Pastor will hold their business meet-
a fortune in money to fight ing Saturday evening at 6p.m. .. Receives InstructionMrs.
civil rights and Jeopardised his ,C9U U.s.,Cor.Edpwood Ave. Observes Anniversary Deacon Tnelma Wright, pre- -

life. Gregory, who normally Phone 764.0003-AlwaysOpen.|1 Toe nt" W. .:Young and Tabernacle sident, is asking all membersto trDon .
Mitchell TV Star In iRONSIDETandlKS March of Dimes
weighed 160 lax, went on rut Baptist Institutional be present if possible. Fol- / "
and went down to lOb 1bI.IHO'S Church will observe their anniversary lowing the meeting, the taped Poster Child Timmy Fun appeal for your contribution to the :
FOfi MEN AND WOKEN on Sunday, February First Sunday Services will be fight against birth defects.Timmy represents the 250,000 babies .
born with birth defects in the United States. More,
heard the refreshment every year .
BUGGING TOUt during '
OF All AGES, Other services are as plannedd.Sunday'school than 1,000 different birth detects have been identified.Birth defects I "'Q.IIt f ..
All types of "snoop" gadgets Tike New IMPROVED NATUftfi begins 'at 9.30: hour.YWCA's Group research by funds, treatmentproteuloatlandpubtkeducatlonaresupported raised In March of' Dimes. I'
ate being sold to rob you and TABLETS with Mrs. Hessie Solomon, superintendent .

love your privacy affairs.and New expose twists your in"bugs" enjoying down feeling for that that keeps tired you from run lesion will be,reviewed In charge.by Mrs.The Resumes Meetings Savings Club Will Friendly Westside / r: ?

are being discovered life funetta Wynn. The pastor will Union Will t
daily 45.00.100 Tablets$1.00 $3.00; 200 Tablets deliver the morning sermon. Tb Informal Discussion Groupof Meet SaturdayThe .. J.11
deposit on COD'S Meet Sunday .
These and many other Interesting EMPIRE All adult choirs will sing.UsherBoard ,<< the Branch YWCA will resume :
.. ,
PRODUCTS A SALES Les Celebretes Soro ;
stories and features are No. 3 will serve. Youth meetings Thursday,Jan The Friendly Westside Union
FS ; "; L- '"
Dept. :
found in February N. Broadway choirs rehearse Tuesday at 5 nary 25, at 10.30 a.m.Members Frat Social and Savings Club will meet Sunday at 2:45: at the J ,
l Chicago, Illinois 60626 p.m. Prayer meeting Is Tuesday ,who have attended are Invited, will meet In the home '
SEPIA MAGAZINE at 7:30. The Missionary t to return. Anyone who has a topic Earllne Lockett, 7332 Beetle Davis. The Rev H.... Weather r
CIRCULATIONMan meeting will be in the home ofUrs. Alice Whltfield, 725 East to present same U Invited to at 8 p.m. Nathaniel Roulhac, ers are asked to be present. Flora M. Gamble receives Instruction from Miss V.L
HER SEXUAL PAST to work part time. Able to 3rd Thursday,beglnntngat 7.30. attend. president, is asking all mem.' The choral class and choir
threatened to ruin her Read "1 work all day Friday. Driver's This is a new avenue for open bers to be present. the church, u well as Usher ka, u part of the progress curriculum the Center.

Married My Fiance's Best license Good references. APT. FOR RENT discussion on existing situations. CE HourIs Board No.3 will serve. Deacon
Friend" in the February issueof Fellowship Leroy Molten will be In charge.Mr. .
HEP Magatlne. Now at yourIII' REPORTERTrainee. t Rooms 812 Clay St. $65.00a Alback is president. Sells Tells Story Of Man
month. Phone 7644006. Sorority HoldsInstallation Scheduled For ,
In Same issueyou'll
stand. the Must be good inEflgllsh.
find "Heartbreak and Apply Grant MemorialThe Evangelist Goom
Nightmares," a story of what : Of The Soul Man Is Dead
young love and unleashed passion FLORIDA STAR CE Fellowship Hour will Presides ThursdayAn

can lead to. ........." Officers be Sunday, January 21, at the
Don't miss these two thrilling 13TH t MONCRIEFNo ( .'Lt'1 Gamma Rho Omega Chapterof Grant Memorial AME Church, upper room revival now Millions mourned when the body of singer Otis Redding was
stories February HEP. 'l' :: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorolty at 3 p.m. Dr. Joseph A.Reddlck in progress at 1916 Meharry taken from 40 feet of cold lake water after his plane crashedIn
Phone Calls! held its installation of officerson is pastor. avenue, and will continue Lake Monowa, Wisconsin. Sepia gives a first-hand report
e 4 January 17 in the home of Discussion will be in the formof through February t. the sole survivor, Ben Cauley,in the February, issue, with pictures -
The prayer and tarry service of his seat in death. This
1 Theodore 1905 sub- Redding still strapped to plane
Mrs. Eddlng, a panel debate on the
Is featured. On Thursday nights unchallenged idol of millions was suddenly snatched from life u
FOR SALE North Myrtle. ject, "Are the Hippies Hurting
\W local charter Evangelist Jura Goom presides. if by some gigantic hand of fate which envied him his talent and
Mrs. V.O. Ingram, Christian Religion/
Fasting Is observed at 12
I, INTEGRATED MOTEL & RESTAURANT. member, and, national life Preparation is being made for at 1517 31st, noon accomplishq\eats.
member of the sorority, installed the Christmas party. Miss CE
LOCATED AT NORTH CITY LIMITS ON U.S. HIGH- the following; Naslleus, will be crowned during this

14 Modern units with T.V., W.W. Carpets an8 room phones. keys, J.W.HaztardGram- secretary. Harry Williams is
40 seat modern restaurant completely equlpped.Sefious- Furnished Apt. matues Miss Sadie Bryant.An-; president and Alexander Cottrell -
5 Free
tI-Grammateus Mrs. Eulene
ness of owner forces the sale of this money maker. Land alone district president.
Furnished Apartment for rent Jones Tamlochus Mrs Gilbert -
Is worth the asking price of$105,000.00.Downpayment of $35,00( ; ,
near busline and Shopping Cen- Solomon. A In
required Owner will consider trade for real estate. Bo .
*< tei CallS54-4409.NoChUdren. And: Eplstoleus, Mrs. Mal- *
9142, Jacksonville 32208. come Sessions; Financial Secretary **** GRAPHIC ARTS ;

Mrs. Theodore Jones ARMY .
,'' ITMICMT tOMION WHIIKV.N MOOT.anus, OLD"CHART DIIT.co..IDUItVIUE.KY. I St., Hodegos, Miss Barbara Robinson i
; Philacter, Mrs. Arnold RESERVE Tape Punching :
Grant; Parliamentarian Mrs.

; Nathaniel, Mrs Davis, Wesley; Business Johnson Manager ;- ** **** Varityping :

Ttek-tock..tick'tock... I Custodian, Mrs. R.H.Pearson o-o
and Publcl Relations Director Headliner Composition

the Bourbon that '[ Mrs. Capers Thompson. UNfURN. APIS.

didritvatch' the clock! DICK GREGORY IS BROKE,! 817 Julia St. 4 rm $4. Good Paying Jobs n .

Talented comedian put his 1409 Jefferson 3 rm. $55.
t money where his mouth was in 1528 Mt. Herman 4 rm. $43. Open For Women

M his fight for civil rights. Not 1614 Tyler St. 4 rm. $42.50 '
,OLD CHARTER only did he give a fortune in 1504 Wlndle St. 4 rm. $47. Trained 'In
money for the cause,but he also 230 Watts St. 4 rm. $47.
placed his very life in jeopardy 1134 W. 5th St. 3 rm. $36. Graphic Arts
Kentuckys'Finest Bourbon when he fasted for more than 30 1482 W. 18th St. 4 rm. $60.
days and lost 50 Ibs. 1599 W. 3rd St. 4 rm. {57.50 For women who can type 50

7 old Also featured:"Flunk Dick and (INFORM. IIISES words P.M. Age 19 to 35
years Jane," and enlightening article .
(A Course that normally
-, that tells why Negroes.are ex* 816 Rushing St. 3 rm. $35.
-eluded from American textbooks 787 E. 57th St. 3 rm. $40.: costs over $500. )'
; "Who's Bugging You,"
Apply Today Fill Out
the shocking article that lets you FOLAND t H1GBEE
In on the "big steal" of your Realtors Blank And MailRUSSWORM .

privacy, exposes your love life 354-8435 317 W. ForsythI I INSTITUTE
and makes it harder to get -

worthwhile Jobs. Along the entertainment P.O. Box '1171 Jacksonville Fla.
line,Sepia presents ,
Ernie Freeman: Man with a Record UPSTAIRS DUPLEX
; School for Strippers- NAME -AgePhone--
where the girls go to learn how 5 rm. Unfurnished $53,00

I I to 'take It of1';;and Carlton Furnished $58.00 ADDRESS CITY-
9 Johnson's long, hard fight for Elec. t Water Furn. Call
fame, in "Portrait fo a 3593301.



-'t i.ebet IJ I

L r? a -



w-. .

Eli's Hottest Australian A&T Univ. Launches Scholarship Program Willie WeedRecipieat

Fire Ravaged Is FastestHvaeM GREBORO' N.C.- new scholarship will be held by a selection Of
program for high school committee in 17 different citiesIn
Acres NowThe seniors with) talent In music, North Carolina and Virginia,,. New kitiifj
110,000 dance, art and drama was although students from other
One of the most destructiveforest world's fastest human ii launched this week by All T State states are also eligible,for the Willie Wood of the Green pay
fires In Florida history now Derek Clayton of Austra, University.The scholarships.Dr. Packers was honored by the
occured In 1956 In Columbiaand lie Just recently he covered program Is being directed Williams said that successful Touchdown Club last Saturday
Baker Counties,originating 26 miles, 385 yards, at by'lr. F.A.Williams, director contestants will be eligible as the local boy who makes
from Pin Hook swamp. 110,000acres Fukuoka, Japan, in oing minutes of planning and development at for up to a full scholar good by the outstanding contribution
much of this prime and 36.4<< seconds. The fas the University.. ship at A&T. He said that the to sports." He was,
timber, were ravished In a test human did not seem fati According to Dr. Williams, a 1968 awards will announced chosen for the Arch McDonald
24 hour period. gued. m th-long series of auditions shortly after the auditions. Achievement Award.iiuIiiFi"i. .
.. .- 1
_, --r-
Eii: '

., .

---- --- r= i

5Q Excellent Stores Servicing Your Every'Shopping Need Sine, 1959

You'll find your favorite stores, all conveniently grouped together, at Gateway Shopping _
Center's busy strip. There's plenty of free parking and stores conveniently grouped togetherto ,Six alt easily around this Viking table which measures 36 x : '
service your every shopping need. Add tot Is-Fabulous Gateway strip a brand new air conditioned 60" when Its 12-Inch leaf Is In place. Self-edged table top and
mall and you'll agree that Gateway is the ultimate in shopping convenience. You reach
Gateway by exiting on the North Expressway at Golfair Blvd. or Lem Turner Road. Shop Greater matching, laminated chair backs are Melamine Plastic. Chairs -
Gateway Shopping Center, Jacksonville's largest most complete shopping center, with 80 are upholstered In a supported vinyl. Set Includes table, one
'One stores at 44th Street and Norwood Avenue. -
12-Inch leaf, 6 chairs. $000.00
R 118"REG. 4


7K. Decorator Dinette

Table has no-mar plastic top,
6 poly-foam plastic 4888seUedge
padded chairs, all In rich,
warm chrome tones.

RtG. $59.95'A

dining set tfiat will be a constant pleasure to have, use, live

Self-edged table top of Melamine Plastic extends from a.

42" In diameter to an oval 42 x 60". Chair batks are

InV chrome finish tubing, and upholstery Is vinyl over

-_ -. ; a s, Set consists of table, plus one lS-inch leaf, and four

..;:, e w .. tOOO 00 Aft

REG. $119.95


A bold new world of shopping pleasure awaits you at Gateway Shopping Center's fabulous new ntl
air conditioned mall. Mall entrances are.: BY WARDS. BETWEEN PENNEY'S AND LEVY'S
Jacksonville's finest stores In this outstanding new shopping addition to Gateway. Add to this ANY CHOICE OF
the 50 fine stores adjoining the mall, and you have Greater Gateway Shopping Center..Jack-
sonvllle's largest most complete shopping center at 44th and Norwood Avenue

10. _

Gateway Shopping Center'sOld '

Fashioned Bargain Days pl i a. { ..

Gateway Shopping Center,44th ties with proceeds going to good old fashioned fun and old timely

St. at Norwood Ave Is featuring causes. The best costumed bargains Gateway Shopping

unheard of bupIDs,entertainment sales personnel will receive Center's Old Fashioned Bargain -

this Thursday through cash prices Judging tor this Daysman event you can't rti

Saturday, January 18-20. event will be held la Gateway'snew afford to mlss..tll this weekend $78"A /j' Ole! With richly carved
a chairs and
It's an event you can't Word air conditioned mall at '
to miss and one that you will 2 p.m. on Thursday, January PAGE CETASAUPUNGOF OF THIS NEWSPAPERAND THE 9995compart

long remember I 18th Everyone Is Invited. FANTASTIC BARGAINS YOU : at 1110

Many of the sidewalk booths Be Gateway's guest for a fabulous WILL GET AT GATEWAY ALL
r" This Is 611< dlnetU with 60 Inch .
wipe: operated by local char 1- weekend filled with good THIS WEEKEND! 1 e UbU. featuring removable leaf.
ari Handtome black frames an accented
Lots of Funand EntertainmentAt by sculptured tope on uH chain.
455 Table U U-edec1 la matching

I I Gateway Shopping CenterYou'll V s N pUitfe. rrril1f vatu.1 .

see unusual o U- on the Wurlilzer concert ties throughout Gateway

fashioned costumes worn by organ (all three da)' sandl..l.nings..Gate.a Thursday and Friday even.ings -

strip and Saturday from :
Gateway store personnel ) on hy
fashioned sidewalk sell next to Bell Furniture) and 2 til 4 P.M. as well as many' 7 PC. DELUXE -

ing of fantastic bargains. 1 by CarrieCucklerof Kelly's old fashioned display s, and -

cartons of colas old fash- Arlington Piano Co. (Gate- most of all, bonafide old TABLE HAS

ioned priced at 15f a carton way's new airconditionedmall fashioned bargains in all of TOP WITH SEIF-EDGED

with a Gateway receipt. ), the "Southern Expo- the Gateway Shopping Cen

your favorites expertly sure" Barber Shop Quartet ter stores. CHAIRS ARE TAILORED

played by Shelman Masce ingingy ourold time fa\or-
-.. Dr. Sanford Ariold AND DURABILITY ;4

AT University Gets Garrettwill Located In Gateway .

Grant On Linguistics Stir INJacksoariDe! Dr. Sanford Arnold, optometrist -
GREENSBORO, N.C.- ALT or eye doctor is now
located In his new office In
State University has been awarded -
the Shopping Center
a $40,000 grant by theULOffice Gateway ,
SIM<< B. Norwood avenue.
of Education con-
MIke Garrett will be one of the Dr.J Arn 14'S'1! office in this
duct an experimental institute top stars when the All-Stai air conditioned mall
in modern
for advanced study
Games takes place in Jackson 1s available to bus lines and
linguistics at the university ,
vllle on January 2L if on a main thoroughbre.
next .
summer.In His coach says bell a magnl- Prompt and courteous attentionis 4
making said ficient back. Garrett has been given to all patients. The
Lewis C. Dowdy
one of the best pass receiversin latest in optometry is being
institute will be designed .
new the teaching the league. fe: caught <46< offered by Dr. Arnold.Dr. cil1 e GUARANTElb.SATISfACTION" .
to Improve
in 1961 for 261 yards. Arnold Invites all to
of In the secondary
consult with him for treatment.
schools by providing an opportunity .
teachers of high '
for .
schools teachers. to undertake Woman Succeeds Mayor As Top. Official :
advanced study In the English
SPRINGFIELD. Otio-NPD by follow city commissioners to PHONE 765.4445 furniture .
Themcourse will be offeredat First, a Negro Mayor. And now succeed Henry.She will serve
ALT from June I to July a woman mayor. two years.
19. Dr. Dowdy said the participants This- city has capped RobertC. Unlike Cleveland's Carl B. 44th AND NORWOOD AVE..IN THE... 'GATEW Y' d.
will primarily be college Henry's selection as the first Stokes and Gary's Richard G. :
teachers who instruct methods Negro mayor of a large Amer- Hatcher, who won city-wide TO '9P.M.SHOPPNG
courses, although application ican city by naming the first elections, Springfield's mayorsare OPEN DAILY 10 A.M. LSUNDAY
from English language- woman mayor in its history. chosen by the city commissioners 1 TO 6 P.M. CENTER 'f i
arts supervisors will also be She ls airs. Betty Brunt,wife .
considered for the Institute. of a dentist who was elected !

-. '


\ "

'-'- ,,'" j :.:..d _"-c_ ..!- .",. .. __.. : 1" .JJ.; ...: .... I'f"!'"...__."" _.;,L "..a.: '..j.. "'clI.! ... > ".I\Io ..:... 4 ", _I.;.... ,.
-- -- --- -- -

/J '



: : FOLLOW: the, CM TO ,

p '


I S; ASRI'DNID': : ;

.' Ii RE ,04 /ti c -01 jf s.IARa: : AIN x,





m.LOOSE If mllON lUll MAYS'Ictal ST0010ALLSTl1E

MEn IKSamC1 SlOP CO. PLAITS PlitrLCNIUNENiU1IMERICAN UUMITtIars Here's A Few Fantastic BuysYou'll




IESTADUlT tR[lOCI SlOP' Says 44? on white glare-tree Fiat plat*' aWl mirrors! UuQes sJl-weelber coats with '
UTIUTCUTRAIN It N'ALCIENOIOCS: ( Dabs 60 or 100-watt. Every.sUe and style. J akxMt Unlncs. Slses I'.".. IS.
m. ('s 1.11 muSTS WALSISNDEREPAINNAIIY lon1-Ret. 1,1.41 FrootTwSCompere 6-H-$1L90TROM
HENNA SIIOP WIIIII DIII pe6pDeO1 clbwtNlet ." tOE\SR PS, .
LOW 1I01IIS PAINTS,, t t.unT uioex 1.00 i blbtei rtfcrenet-m lad MIUS SHOES UlDSna JlllltS and 1IoUdaJ ,aportntU'',Du$0%Oft
cbQdrtn boob, .
Jam SCOTT 1m JUIIITlIlIrl t.ra-robe. '
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port buts. ,. pun three ashtrays.
Values to$19.00.
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I CALM ICOf SHOP IIIITEm"MALI tela" II' it- 1 y; ,1 ,+ 1 V

f Beautiful wool coats, famous ..
Keek Jackets
Antique Draptt' make suits,casual,daytime and *:
UNIT SHOP PiltUKIOSIEIT ceWnc ete ace. : eoctall dresses, ,I n.O-'lUI> (
IIY FAIT LOOT nllln U. 7.R |. $4.44 '
KMOYEI[ SHOES mill MeAl SIDES "Women's premium leather '
: Eotlrt stock of maitri,sport Replar Permanent $15.00.6! classic loafiers;Cordovan 'r'
I coats and an vtatlMr coats.XSOQ. experienced stylists.WINNPE JlaW11G.tO. on.SUM B to 10, AAA,Ie.B.or c


WOOL SALE.S.MUrscklrts Ready!Barbecued,Chicken Old Fashioned _'Fantastic,
t and pants. Dyed to match sad 4fEachCAMPBELL'S CRAB TAbLtl'
.septrates. 1 yards 11.00. :
1/1 PrIce .
Al'S MEN'S SHOP Children's shoes., Brokenslses. Bulky Sweaters.:Orion,,wool U
Salts (OM frottti) n..... .Vila $7.99. novelty or classic cardigans.
Values to$50PARKIANE $197 and 14 47 WHS$4 to 40.

HOSIERY AIII.... ".wtose., "
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OVer 70 stylMo* r 30 shades;;", .' CLEARANqEfSALSl; Dresses FLOWER'S BY LISA
U slats and lengths. and- w. '* 8ALB1 Trees ,
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FRETS: DOCh1Ac to bu1 f Juktrelister Zentth Vamut Color )Y0VM C ttCk CiMiAfflsf
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prices WU1 bst1 JOV,"Cl" bg.-
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i 9i I4\-- GATEWAY '



: .\ zfJOn .

, '.

"': 44lh Street at NORWOOD AVE.


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