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53618 F20090414_AAAFFG 00013.txt 4a42e3dfe841175936f27cfeb177e5a7d944e9f00b55c342d426ae1edbf53072925106eb
30244 F20090414_AAAFFH 00013thm.jpg 3b8c2433ed58e282245e28e914e9011fbcd30155d74e562893626257675dfb2700a49fc8
839492 F20090414_AAAFFI 00014.jp2 6ff29a77fe2f36f9e9c871ba4bfdc135e8899b8a6dc9310b6c3fbe023ec2fdc9d0e0ccb2
1055374 F20090414_AAAFFJ 00014.jpg 944427f603d050ceb26112973a39728d9025b22daa5d81c76d9db8c86917c24f476697f2

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200749datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 6, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007490740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 6, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 6, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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* ** *
** Flo.
--- of
\. ., ,

Garti f i RiiiJtiIiIR eaDRg ] Caln0svlllt.Flo.SATURDAY .

_... .IIaIIIIV\t .
; -w"
* ,*,** ** '
1sRlXctO IVASrtraipNVOL



* *.

Four Greats Salute School 11 NO. 39 JANUARY 13, 1968 T C

r ... 1 * v anidEAMUDeanLoses r f
,., I, : !IIiS
.. t
: ]: .JjJI-i.1j
Jtf .
'r. ; } .
$ t : ,:.:, ; "\; t * *. **v* *
'''r" ..... : )

\I, "1: '" ., .. r "" ,4i\{.!: ,.", 5 STORE BURNINGS

." ,11. .


.,.. ., f. ..... ?f "f-

Dr. Boykin Judge's Refusal To John E. Ford ..

Will Return To Teacher RobbedIn

,: I Post As TeacherTAL..AllASSEE Grant Appeal Bonds Classroom \.

An elementary school teacher
i /
Dr. LeanderS. was faced by a Negro teenager
Boykin, strong critic of the Stirring Violence in her room at John E. Ford
modus operandi of Negro col. School on Tuesday, was threatened I
leges, who, ID t burning address GAINESVILLE and robbed of $14OO.8er
prediction that would in
Florida Memorial College has received strong from the 1s second from the left, lire Harry Bclafonte next, with Judge In Cairo: Ca., beforea Gainesville unless two civic rights leaders burnings occur credit card was taken, as well
tour smiling Individuals in the above picture, all widely known. Donald Wheeler Jones Miami's first full-time Negro Jurist,at civic club, did some straight bonds seemed to be \ are granted appeal as her car and house keys
reality, .
I This picture was occasioned by a reception given at the school the right. This reception Is one of the many affairs leading to from the shoulder talking, has, Since the "BlackVo1ce"'pub.- gradually Mrs Katherine McClaln'
recently, at which Harry BeUfonteagreedtobea member of the the relocation of the school in Miami in September. alter a period of suspension, lication Issued its warning that saying "We of SNCC consider charges that at about 4 p.m., t
National Advisory Board. Miami's Commissioner Alhalle Range Photo By Jerry Carver Public Relations been removed from the deanship the city is "really going to ourselves neither morally nor young man came into her roomat
of academic affairs at John E. Ford SchooL He ordered -
burn" there have been at least legally bound to obey laws which
Poor Service In Ex-Solon Leaves Exile Plans Rev. Cleage Florida AIM University, according five fires which police attributed were made by a group of racist her to give him her pocketbook -
to the president Dr. to arson. oulaws." lie was armed with a
iCeorge W.Core. There were four fires on Monday Aid for the two has been proRV1M large rock and seemed In a
Two Areas Lead! Visit To fla. On Talking Spree Money ..,-. threatening mood. :
Spurns .Dr. Doykln will remain In his at white business In Negro McClaln admonished with
post u full-time professor of areas. A furniture store and a f Mrs.
To Investigation IXB ANGELES-Adam Clayton Powell llterablly "wowed" "With Strings"DETROIT the school to which be came grocery sustained several him, but"he began striking her I
.as Angeles when be came out of voluntary retirement in 1958. Dr. Doykln Is widely thousands of dollars In ] about the head and face.
On January 19 an open meeting Jmlnl: and walked the streets of the Angel City to shake handsw known u an educator through age dam-I j Mrs. McClaln was taken to the
will be held concerning the 'tb his Soul Brothers and to engage in a series of College The Ford Foundation out the South. Tuesday morning Methodist Hospital by her husband .:

collection at garbage In Magnolia speaking engag-mects.' ._ Jus been told to no uncer-4 ,IK poclUon! of protasNppays. put out a blue at a local store. : wutreate4tor,. ,
Gardens and In Floradale. Powell was 'mobbed by admirers anyone. Stand up and speak out tale terms that Us proferred $19,000 per year. 'A bottle of flaming liquid.-. | abrasions and lacerations on the
The matter of a franchise will who roared and screamed boldly Cod's name" grant of $100,000 to the Federation 'The dean cam.llltonationwide commonly known as a fire eyes, nose, mouth and Jaw. She ,
be discussed and an attempt blew whistles and cheered, As to his expulsion from congressional For Self Determination .circles of publicity when be told bomb-had been tossed throughthe her was later treated by Dr. Fletc
will be made to complete tile\ every time be yelled "Fight ranksbe said"You designed to help the Detroit a Cairo,' fie, audience Negro window of "Our Acre of The teacher's is In the
formation of t plan for relieving TogethetThen, the New see what they're trying to do tome Negro, 1s not welcomeand colleges are 'not turning out Diamonds" store causing $100 rear of the school room building.The
the present situation. AU Yorker walked the streets of ? U they can do that to me- will not be accepted. dynamic tjegro leaders lie further damage.A children bad home.
gone Npone
persons Interested in the collection Watt, admonishing his worshippers they can do it to you John Rev Albert Cleage forceful added fuel to the fire when Federal Judeg last week refused beard her screams for help.She
of garbage on a com to"Keep the Faith" Jones." He called Governor Reagan advocate of Black Power pre be said that FAMU-s College to release Irvin Dawkins said the victim told her that if
merlcal basis will be permitted "I have come here," said the a "nice actor" In the field sldent and director of the organization of Education Is not preparing and Mrs. Carole Thomas from (I, she did not let go of the pursehe
their plans. of told newsmen that administrative the Alachua County Jail because \
to present dynamic ex-congressman," total poverty.Powell Negro principals for would cut her.Both feU to the
The Magnolia Garbage Service to my soul brothers and was heroed wherever Ford has attached too many Jobs In large high of conviction of contempt of floor in the struggle He threat.
Negro-operated and la- sould sisters. On day history be wwitand required police sec strings to its proposed gift. schools. court and allegedly! inflam-i Coed her again but later left
franchised, has been the object going to record that the second urif,. This matching fund offer was Dr. Gore stated that Dr.Boy matory and prejudicing remarks -I Ie
of numerous complaints by residents civil wai and the beginning of the While there Powell said be made through the New Detroit kin's ouster was recommend in their' publication DAWTONS Man Walks Into
in the area, whoi said black revolution was born knows something and just may Committee ed by the faculty's professional "Black Power/ .vlded
by the American Civil
that service has been Irregular here." tell it."U This committee 1s a type of relations committee. Last fall Judge G. Harold Carrswtll,
blue ribbon setup appointed who handed the decision down Liberties Union $"' rs. Thomas, i Car On HighwayAnd
and uncertain. They complained The speaker delivered his they fool around with me, a student group made a pro- white went I
; a strike
on hunger
that garbage was not collected messages from a pickup truck ril blow the whistle,. said the by Governor George Romney test after the address.According said that state and court remedies
protesting refusal of bond.-She
for two or more weeks at a time.. before starting to walk.He said ex-legislator. He did not bother to reports mem.pen should be sought before has been sentenced to tour Loses Life
James R. Rankln, county dir- "The eyes of black Africa, to name his targets. His tour of the Cairo group 1m- efforts are made In federal months 'in Dawkins
ector of health service,reported brown Asia and even white will bring him to the state oi mediately protested. re- courts for the release of the A of Jail white to six. A Jacksonville man lost his
group sympathizers
the unsanitary conditions of Europe are focused upon people Florida and will continue marks. Dr. Boykin was later two. is life at a rallraod crossing near
the areas. Rankle, along with like us. We are the salt of the through Easter. There is a war burned In effigy. The Board of A pamplet, like an open letter, only fasting when the two, vowing to stop Callahan when be was struck
Neal Cury, operator of a franchised earth" rant for his arrest in New York Regents was asked to investi was circulated to Circuit Judge are released by a car at about 9 o'clock
servke,went. Into the two Continuing before Mi spellbound State. U was issued by a Judge rt gate. Neither Dr. Boyklns nor James C. Adklns Jr., and They were with reported the to be associated of earlier in the week
localities. Rankin pronounced bearers, be said "Don'tbe who charged him with contempof Dr. Core would release a statement State's Attorney Ted Duncan, Florida. University John Stephen Hart, 1156 West
the area conditions u health ashamed of anything that baa court for avoiding payment of Dr. Boykin is said to have stating, "This place you call 23rd, was pronounced dead before
hazards. Curl had offered to happened.) Don't be afraid of a civil libel Judgment. given the president. Gainesville, your white town,is Chicago Banks the ambulance: in which be
service the area with one truck, t lo, The student committee up in really going to burn." had been placed reached the
without cost. Last Monday he Shoplifting Bullets And arms, contended that Dr. Boy- A late release of the pam hospital.
applied for an amendment which kin bad in mind 'reducing the phlet said "all white stores In Promote Women According to Nassau Deputy
would extend his collections status of FAMU. This would, the black community are hereby Sheriff Nell Bayne. Hart parked .
those areas,with the prospect of Robbery Highlight Week End they said, contribute to the nullification closed until bond is granted CHICAGO-{NPI)--.--Mrs. his car across U.S. highway -
gaining between two and four REV. ALBERT CLEAGE of the multitude of to Jack Dawkins. We urge the (Catherine J. Shelton and Mrs 1. near the Cray Gables
thousand customers. Attempted robbery, shoplifting, shooting and malicious misWet degree given graduates, over cooperation' of .all cltltens. Jiunlta C. Porter became the Grocery Store, three miles
Attorney Arthur Milam, lawyer were recorded on the police books earlier this week. an4 .Detroit's Mayor Jerome the years. SNCC came into prominence,, first Negro women to be named tout b of Callahan He then
for the Waste Control of The C.K. Liquor Store, 647 9 led to the firing of a .22 Cavanagh and is supposed t tc, Dr. Boykin came to the schoolin bank officers in this city whet crossed the road to ask about
Florida, Tucker Fletcher president North Myrtle was held up at caliber revolver.Herbert Lod- work toward rehabilitation in 1958. In 1964 be became dean Rap Brown Seaway National Bank appointed directions to Jacksonville
said his company purchased about 12:30 a.m., January 9 bya son who lives there, said that physical surroundings/ and race of academic affairs.At :them as assistant cashiers. Later according to the Sheriff,
the Magnolia System man wielding a .38 caliber Geneva White and an unnamed relations press time Professor Boy- Hides In UN Both began work 'for Seaway Hart was seen walking back to
from its owner and intendea pistol. The holdup maD was described person threatened to shoot. Rev. Cleage a strong believer kin refused to discuss the sit on its first day business,January bis car,hesitating the median
continue collections. Each cu.tomer u 21 to 23 years of Lodson was shot in the leg. in separatism, one who uation. Some faculty members 21965. strip
would be charged $%,00 age and wearing a white Jacket preaches it from the pulpit of offered the theory thaDr.Boy NEW _YORK-ap Brown,
per month. with Jax Utilities written on the ..* the large church he beads,said: kin might finish the school militant Black Power exponent,
Cutys application was to come left side.He wore blue trousers. Malicious Mischief is the term "If the white community is intelligent year and then "leave.tyi special hid inside the Cuban Mission of Spot Photography Spots Spot Cash
up for a bearing on January 22.Milam According to Mr.Canter manager given by police records to damage enough to transfer power studies, At press timeno the United Nations for nearly .
Waste Control attorney. tbemanubdforclo.tbeAarcued which cannot be defined. to the black community so acting successor or successor six hours Wednesday thereby i iI
asked: that the bearing beheld pulling out the pistol.He Mrs Lucie Mae Bynum 1480 that self determination can be had been named to the avoiding arrest by a policeman I
on January 29. Commissioner ordered Canter to open the cash West 22nd. 62 years old says a reality then there will be no position of dean of academic who tried to nab him during !
Bob Harris also suggested that register drawer. Canter ran to that a wild bullet came throughher necessity for a rebellion But. affairs. a pushing incident on the street.
others interested in garbage the back of the store the potential store at about I a.m., on if the white community does not The Southern Regional Education After his six-hour disappearance (
service should attend the bear thief ran the other way on January 9. Mrs. Bynum could do that there will be another Board, a recommendingagency Brown accompanied by a
ing. Myrtle then turned left on find nobody. But she later found rebt>lUon. In the South has recently woman, left in a cab.
Magnolia has an estimated Church. Police car 339 assist the bullet In the screen door. lhat will not be my. fault, that excoriated Negro schools Brown said, "It Is an action
2,000 customers who have contributed ed in thr fruitless'chase. This The ricocheting bullet damagedthe will be your fault.. for the ppor quality of education crush dissent and to crush governments -
to the service. There was recorded as an attempted TV. Mrs. Bynum told the ReY. Cleage alluded to the riot offered and has, in several who dissent from this !
are more than 2,000 who have robbery police that she has been molested of IUtsummerlnDetroltvblcb instances recommended country's policies Nobody is ?i
not. Fletcher said be intends to by teenagers. resulted in 43 deaths,numerous complete reorientation of pro secure in this country.We came
charge $2.00 per month. He ..e injuries, and in devastation beyond grams restudying of libraries in as guests and we serve notice
said Cury would chap more Mixed MarriageSuit description etc. Last winter the School of again that U white people are
under the Cury franchise. The WalgreenDrugStore,5300 Another Negro group the Detroit Nursing at FAMU was repor- going to play Nazis, black folks
Norwood, was the scene of a Filed With Council of Organisations, ted to be unaccredited. ain't goto play Jews"
Chicago May shoplifting) at 3p.m.January 10. Supreme CourtTALLAHASSEE was offered i similar grant The Cuban mission complained
The loot included 3 Tee Shirts by the Foundation. to Secretary-General U Thant
Help Negroes and cosmetic. Jerry Pender- The Florida Joseph L. Hudson, president INDIANS TOO about the behavior of the New
grass a store employee, Supreme Court must decide of J.L. Hudson's Detroit largest York police
With Housing reported seeing the suspectsand whether the mixed marriagelaw department store, chairman WASHINCTONNPINecro Following the incident It was
watched them go through now much disputed,is valid of the committee explained Americans aren't the only group decided that the officer involved
CHICAGO-Better housing without paying for everything. or Invalid. There seems to remain conditions. complaining about the bad effect would obtain ullllUJ&OIIIIII o1&bt'
conditions in this metropolisseem They were arrested by Officer only the formal ruling. Hudson said that the groups of the nation's educational court, chargingBrownwlthbar- MONEY BAGS FLORIDA STAR photographer Bob Smith
to be on the way for its Crawford of the store. The suit filed with the Justices would have to agree to comma/- system on their children. The assment of a police officer a snapped this picture of some of the loot which 3 bandits
Negro population. The Chicago asks that Dade County Judge W. nlcate with each other,.pledge Senate subcommittee on Indian criminal charge. snatched from a store at 8th & Main Thursday morning. A
Conference on Religion and .a F. Blanton be ordered to issue not to use the money for political education has been told that reservations Brown remains under indictment passerby picked up the bags M laid it against a police squad
Race says it will be easier for a marriage license to James purposes, and submit toaud1t1lll..P'ocedurn schools lead the for Inciting to riot and for car while officers pursued the bandits at 45th St. and Ave. B.
Negroes to obtain housing In the An argument at 1139 Julia Van Hook, a Negro; aDd Llane on bow the children to alienation, alcoholism carrying a gun interstate travel Police have arrested one man, Herbert Lee Johnson 19, of 7929Moncrief
suburbs; next year. street in the a.m., of January Peters white, his fiancee. money war spent. and suicide while under Indictment Vllliage in connection with the heist.

j i

.L" .. a. "A A a .. _.....,_ l' .. ... .....:. !J.,' '-" \.1"'_.. ':';; .. ... .. ......, .. ........._- ._-'-- .. -... .

Hi .





Published by the Florida Star Publishing Compa .it s > the oDe problem of the or most po I1ce-communil sensitive areas)'relations in race In the relations ettoUnf-today Is,

.. .. r 'mutely, there are signs I that these relations may be worsenlnc.
,: There have been constant alls for policeman to 'eet toueh"
MEMBER lno-n a and the paperl ha"
Yn La with Negroes b a way or preventing roite
been full 01 reports of lethal Dew weapons which local departments -
Washington,D.C. and some
ar stocking for use In riots.
RNAfOIAIRic laws which could lead to new
GR.Q.P C ei other clUes have enacted new
trend against individual's Constitutional rights.
In addition, there seem to be more people tbaD net f1IIDaaC
around shouting about "crime In tile streets. DIt".1IIortIaud

[ D.JS! IIKlN = -Kaiifiil Editor tlon for crimes and slum committed conditions by Negroes.make

j: breeding grounds for crime, and

[HA IOITEN" --. Clrcilaliu Muiir r e care question that that Negroes it exists.themselves But few Discrlmlna-II I

the victims of such crime. Only j

persons suffer, do the defenders of
{323' KoBcrief Road Phut Elfii 46712Miiliil der" start screami1't.
Surveys of Negro neighborhoods! show that better police protection -
Address is at the top of the list of community needs, but they
i seldom get it. A federal report cited one case where a Negro

hi 599 lichsiiilllt. Florida 32201 man called the police but they never came. Finally, he got the
bright idea of phoalni again, this time saying: "Come quickly,
Negroes are attacking a white man." The police arrive two
MIAMI OFFICE minutes later.

So it is not police protection that Negroes resent. Criminalsand
Phone 751-3879 t k hoodlums should be arrested, no matter what their race

SUBSCRIPTION What police brutality exhlsts, it is not nearly as common as the
RATES 4 practices of stopping and "frisking" Negroes on the streetsor
One Year, $8.00 Half Year, $5.00 making a big thing out of minor traffic violations which

Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States I would go unnoticed among whites.

Subscription payable. in advance Miami's police chief recently called a news conference in

Send Check or Money Order to: which be demonstrated to the whold world the kind of attitudes
which contributes to tensions. The chief said he was arming
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 his officers with shotguns and dogs, and Instituting a shoot to

Jacksonville 1. Florida kill policy. He said he didn't care about charges of brutalitywas

FLIGHT OF CAPITAL FROM COMMUHITY..BUILDER OF GHETTOS ending community relations programs, and tied ghetto
crime to the civil rights movements. His targets are Negro
---- from 15 to 21 of
---- --- youths years age.
Third Heart Operation Offers Hope ---------- ---- Because three white people had been killed In the ghetto, he

i, l't announced this get-tough policy Of course, when Negroes
+ were killed and robbed, there was no such concern.
The media recently printed a photograph of Dr. rtillllp iI t YOUR Weekly This is no way to fight crime. It amounts to a declaration of

Blaiberg, a South African dentis, u be was accompanied f t war on the whole Negro community. It threatens to tore the
by his wife on the way to the operation room shortly before I l ghetto into an armed camr with the equivalent of an occj>ylng
he became the world's third heart patient in Capetown, outh army.

Africa I Miami Isn't Vietnam and the United States isn't Russia. No
The medical listed the South African HOROSCOPE
report patient u jet GUIDE
I democracy can survive when major cities turn tbemseleves into
; ting along fine after his operation. He was isolated to guard concentration camps. We can't allow indlvivual policeman to

against possible infection, and there was no Indication that his become Judge, jury and executioner at the same time.
wife was permitted to see him. j I Greater cooperation between policeman and the
The who By PABLO the ASTROLOGER j community
patient was uesperately ill with heart disease. ,
I, they serve needed. I'm proud of my own bowm town New
waited three weeks for a suitable hear donor after his doctor Rochelle, which has a Police Partners patrol made of
f up
decided to make the transplant. The donor was found whena
some 50 Negro youths, some of whom tried to riot last sum
24yearold factory worker died of a stroke.Dr. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS mer. These kids have responsibility and recognition and
Christian Barnard, now world famous, said his team does .
including the police Is happy with the U
I' patrol. other
not Intend to perform another heart transplant In the near future
police forces spent u much time in tiring to reach
I youngsters -
It Washkansky.will await Interpretations of the cases of Dr. Blalberg and FOR 1 like these, we wouldn't have this problem.

During last summer's riots I with other
The world should thank the for his In Join responsible

surgeon courage performing
BUSINESS leaders to condemn provacattve police actions which threaten
these heart transplants, for twenty years from the I LOVE TRAVEL
I Negro citizens of their rights and to work for better
transplant of body organs may become routine medicine.If .
police and the
people they are paid to
this knowledge can be used widely It will offer new borl-
tons In the of life, heart f____,. __________ _____ ___ \a\ .
preserratloo among patients. r- -- -- '----------- -- ------ ------.


LIBERIA PRESIDENT WILL VISIT U. S. BORN MACH BORN JUNE BORN DEC. This u the time of year when all the' xperts .uok Into their
BORN SEPT. crystal balls and tail the rest of us what !Is going to happen in

President William Tubman of Liberia 1s understood to have 211k APRIL 19th 22id JULY 221 23rd OCT. 23id 22id JAN. 19th In the next twelve months. I don't have any crystal ball, but

accepted an Invitation to visit the United States from Vice Perms ace Courts, Arlans Just listen. There is a tlmep Keep probing. U Is bored anyone who tries to predict what will happen onus race relations
President Humphrey.Mr. who wish to attention Do It quietly. Make no boasts by those should kayo scene in 1968 is faced with a cloudy picture. .
draw to to speak up and a time to I.... \ who that
Humphreys Is representing the United States at the sixth themselves or to' their life's The right 'proporUoo of each carry on without fanfare. human subconscious powers are The coming year could either be the most dangerous decades -
successive presidential Inauguration of Tubman u the chief of accomplishments should not let may be the best bet in getting This could be the surest guaranty many times greater tan those or It could be the most productive since the peak period
the small African nation. The Vice President with his wife, this quarter go by without making and holding the att.nttonolan- of being able to achieve that are ordinarily In use. The of the civil rights movement in 1964-65.
40 friends and staff aides plus 20 newsmen, will spend three some slgnlflncant move in one who appears attractive to fixed purposes without a hitch. Caprlcornlans who agree with The obvious danger point Is this summer. Is the country In,
out of the The opportunity to gain through for another round of urban The conditions which caused
days five-day festivities. that direction This may enable you. While your heart shouldbe this point of view, and who rioting
The Invitation to Mr. Tubman represented a gesture of many to effect a rise in status in it, you art not apt to for' property transactions or to locate think that this theory is especially riots in the put few summers are still there. In some ways
friendship to the veteran 72-year old leader of Liberia whom and incidentally, to Improve get past sessions and experiences the home of your dreams applicable to them, could they are even getting worse. Negro employment, for example,
some officials describe u "America's best friend Africa." the fl.nanclallot toa proportionate when courting or being should not be passed up. But make great strides in coming ls actually rising.
:rut>man has visited the United States on three previous occasions. 'degree Shouts therebe courted. Reason after all U the you will have to be especially upon this truth for themselves This winter has been marked by lots of reports about special
attentive and astute for it could Irs riot training for police and National Guardsmen, but next
any delays they are not best Judge of what 1s right a matter of concentration
When the late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was likely to extend over the 13th. and proper, and what also could take the mOIl unexpected from. and physical education application to nothing has been done to assure that living conditions In the
four times u President of the United States he established a If they do it may be because turn out to be a major blunder There may be something preyIng so u to get the proper ghetto Improve. 1 suppose\ that when warm weather begins In
never-to-be repeated tradition. Indeed the sixth election of of a lack of modesty or self- The best period for reaching secret on lour mind because of the machinery started and functioning the Spring all sorts of crash programs will be thought up,

President Tubman of Liberia In Africa Indicates that he is control or due to the intensive agreements and drawing up, close interests or doings ol avery u it should This future and the usual mobile swimming pools and token summer Job
a good leader. competition that Is ally not to mentloc should be programs will go into action.
being agreements and and drawing ,setref i interests revealing many
May the forthcoming, visit of Mr. Tubman be another land or doings of r But this has never been enough and It won't make
set up against you Even U you up profitable contracts Is the very close ally, not to mentla. of its sevrets to the mor curious certainly
mark In the era of good friendship. feel a growing appetite for the 9th-li9rh" your own. Revelations at this among you providing the the situation any less explosive Pm looking toward March:
good things in life, it Is wiser 50 (819 497 time could have rather serious foresight needed to drap up for an event which could start things moving again That.

.to keep it in check for health's LEO consequences for all long-range plans that will theseders the Presiow Advisory Commission on Civil DIsor-
sake. concern fit and .111 make its formal report Pm hoping that it will not
PATIENCE-IS HARDEST FOR US TO LEARN Overindulgence of any ed. Also pay proper attention you yours.
Just be a post-modern report on what happened last summer
always is a health hazard BORN JULY to your health 520.55.13778SAGITTARUS ,
7 60 S3 15100, right now. but It will give the nation a blueprint for music ..ctloo for
Most of us go through modern life impatiently, only to meeta .:40-M-16-790 I change, (massive)

bitter end with heart attacks, hypertension, and ulcers. TAURUS 23rd-AUG. 22id SCORPIO but U will give the nation a blueprint for massive action for
AU of this happens because we are to Impatient In the pursuits BORN APRIL Why change? It Is often after BORN NOV. change.

of life's activities. we have lost a good thing BORN OCT.Z4th.NOT. Massive action Is what Is needed. I've been calling for a Domestic -
An old Chinese tale says that a certain family was so happy) 20th MAY 20th that we begin to appreciate 23rd DEC. 21st Marshall Plan to do for the ghetoo what we so willing
that for nine generations none of its members left U-except worth. This is exactly what 22id Chip away. Carving out a career ly did for our allies and even to r our former enemies In
ICs human. As realistic and
the daughters who married. The celestial emperor on many may discover, to your regret Power of the mind. Scorpioswho certainly takes not OI1lyUme Westem Europe.
bearing this narrative of such domestic bliss sent an envoy practical u you may consider should you abandon a lucrative understand the strength but effort persistence After the war we put those nations .ack on their feet with
to inquire about the secret. The envoys report revealed that yourself to be will not necessarily occupation for the of the mind over matter will A little bit of luch will often economic aid whicn ran to about J17 billion. But our own poor

all was traceable to the character of "patience." make you Immune toCupid's doubtful blessings of speculaor certainly hold the edge this turn the trick at a stage when sub action bout of them are still waiting for
In our association with other people-whether office school darts. The Taureans other unknown adventures. quarter. And if you possess the everything seems to have failed right here In the LB A.
shop home, society -how often does the loud the who are free to fall in love All the indications point to the added
complaint will not advantage of superior It could be yours,this qua Wiping out slums poverty, and racism should be out number
quick temper, the fretful spirit case friction Injury, and es- that is engage in a romance belief that you never had it so intuitional faculties you may te}'''or 1 in (the course of one priority It law now and never has been. That's why we
ordinary the
trangement. commonplace good to use a political clicheon consider the are in the
yourself equal of month messjn 8 we find
But'ou ourselves. I'm not other
There are school dropouts who are Impatient to be wage- It could trim out to bean the 9th If anyone Is pursuing any person or difficulty. Nevertheless at once and lose must see it thing aren-t important but hen our cities saying harbor
earners on their In the pursuit of wealth business all or nothing affair to fall these the not amoment
own. a career, are It is valuable to by taking advantage misery and oegracuuuu and some of them drive to des
luxuries, or whatever, few men are content to gain them in love not engage in a romance days when he or she would make have loyal friends and allies It has to offer. whatever perate riothng,then there should be no doubt people
Too about what
that is
ordinary or common much haste
slowly. So they rush headlong Into risky schemes and debts most connections Just in case that you more than fir si.
the profitable : can
to acquire them. place. It could turn out to be an fumbling and the fall
meet But
even more valuable in the days your match. Hold on to ore to obtain so far our urban crisis doesn't
the rate the
all affair with desired same priority
Most of us will live longer and more serenely, if we use our or nothing some fond hopes even when developments re as the war In Vietnam
to than today.
patience.: finding themselves walking toward come they are cults .. Should this happen mention such other costly pro-
But happiness as well seem to have a shattering : grams m. me space race The
the altar before realizing protect through no fault of )'our'own, paInM progress or tile. AntIpoverty -
as pocketbook when attempts effect on them. They it bill Ia proof cI tills.
your could
what Is truly happening There very well be that successes
will be The
the President
to demolish both could more fulfilling that first proposea tile i bill last and asked
are many that thiswill come later spring
Preparedness Leads Two have an Important bearing be made. Do not throw cau- after this month when they final- the ones that are greater an are lor about $I bllLuD for the procram. The first response from
}J. are materialized. Congress and
on the future way of life with son to the wind or you will This is more to be relished. Lose any Office political leaders was talk or breaking up tile
To Education happy results for all concern be the loser. not a good moment to travelor thing but keep your faith both 01 Economic Opportunity! whlcha4m1n1steri mosoof 0"
: Promotions to break off WM In tile
loving and friendly War
ed. 4 90 ZZ -17 965 In yourself and others.! 00 Poverty.

8.20; 77.1531 VIRGO ties.1-30-44-13-622 3 80 55 -II UI cutting 1bat was fought off. but It was followed oy talk of drastically:
Promotions for two Negro principals to higher supervisory fered funds. Then various amendments to the bill were of
responsibilities have been approved by the New York City GEMINI BORN AUG. AQUARIUS PISCES reducing the effectiveness uf the nrnmm. Meanwhile
Board of Education. was running out, and cities
over country were
Mrs. Henrietta Percell, principal of PS 21, Brooklyn was 23rd SEPT. 22id BORN J IAN.20th FEB. dropping Finally.a programs or cutting them back for lack or funds.
elected Assl'. ant Superintendent in charge of Local School 21st JUNE 21st. You know why. Frivolity Is not 19th MAR. 20th provides less few weeks ago tile program was passed. It
'. District 13 in BedfordStuyvesant and Brooklyn Heights area Build firmly. The foundation one of your shortcomings as,a FEB. lIt his request funds than the President asked for, even tllough.

of the city.: stones upon which you can buildup rule. But then rules have been Mum's the word. According There is such a strong .emphasis which reduce was tile fir less than Ia needed, and 1t has provisions
Mrs. Lola Bramwell principal of PS the Bronx security for broken before. You could role cI tile poor In '
92. was advanced close allies easily to some exceptional planetary on social public and ., community action programs -
to the post of principal of the Joan of Arcs JHS 118, and loved ones should be put in transfer your interest to a new configurations you should be domestic relations that
Manhattan, 154 West 94th Street. place on the bedrock of thrift, hobby, occupation or person on the right track leading to should make them your principal .
We can be assured that these just on the of the
two educators merited their frugality good management. spur moment. prosperity or securlty.accord- subjects for discussion '
promotions, for they had been weighed thft balance of per- The advantages lie with Ge- Many who are footloose have ,Ing to the age group to which with Interested parties. It ls This Week In .
formanced and more to gain to lose r Negro History j
found genuine and qualified mlnlnas who are regularly as and the excitement you belong Spare no effort and quite possible to reach full understands
Race is not a strong factor mitigating against a person If he well as happily employed, and may well be worth the accept whatever your mate or with everyone willing ... .:
Is well qualified and walks the second, undemanded mile. who have every reason to believe ensuing inconvenlneces. The others have to offer in the way to assume a proper share ofbock the Jan 1, 192Z Col. Charles -
that this status quo will Vlrgoans who are already wed, of collaboration. Youngsters and,responiIfflties Young who once rode horseback
be maintained. Opportunities of however, as acooseque.nce.1beevent who are generally Inclined to But from Ohio to Washington D.C..to prove fitness
various colors may appear in may be a very upsettingone be more selfish should not be financial the moment tb'T ambition and U an army officer, died In Liberia
HELP FIGHT CANCER WITHA surprising u well as conven of leaving some with the task placated by throwing personal, tempers may start steaming step in Jan. 8,1815 More than 500
tional ways. Investing in pro- having to rebuild a new life projects overboard This may and a sudden rupture of friend free Negroes served as soldiersJan
and their Battle cI New
.perty or real estate could fortunes.Chang Orleans.
also apply to certain friends ly ties could be effected. It B, 1492 AJonxo
turn out to be unexpectedly pro ing one partner for another s who expect match Petro navigator with Chrlstoper Columbus
you would not
CHECKUP AND CHECK fitable in due time. Intuition log one partner for another extravant spebxungwnen fv1:1PaD! to become help emotional matters and one start bit Ital when America was discovered, sailed from

is being activated and it may is never a guaranty that you tie means do not permit..,Your flinging recriminations Jan. t 18U Revolt,
give you the benefit of foresight are doing so for the better. generosity is well known, but it to without by sUv *late i laar--- .
care as where
It should be a matter for long{ also has been said that it should they may IaD4.a .
'z -10 'I" -16 953 Jan. t, 1161 The Civil War
"'"n-70-99-14-210 begin 8-40-66-18-567-at !home 40 44 :11- SU, began.

Jan. 9, 1926
Entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. was born.t .

"W'1" ::
t 1

- .
- -- -- -- -- ---- ---

-- ..



Cornelia Ladies Entertain .

i .
t .
J >
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.p I IJ }
l 7 II

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: I ii : : ".... ,.r,. .. ::1

'''' :::

A r I I .. -- -- ::

The Camella Ladles Club holds a Christmas part each and generally enjoy Yuletide festivities. In the picture at the Graham, Mary Lae Wright and Annie Fell Nuisance president Bonnie Frailer, Lois Hagan, Estella Lee, Margaret Costello -::;:
year, at which time they share gifts, greetings at the season, left, above are, Mmes Ruby Garrison, Mayfell Jenkins, Louise The other pictures shows, from left Mmes Gusste Rucker, Eddie Lee Williams, Willie Calway, Joseph Stamps and ::

..__ ___ Pearl Jefferson. A.Paul Crawfod Photos. :;
-r +.. Texaco Gives Tuskegee

4t New Grant In AidDr. : I
James Glass, Jr.,1074 Charles Mood, 127 Caroline Thomas Stanley Richardson,911 I
W. 23rd St., 22 and Etta Mae St., 20 and Rose Mary letter W. Church St, 22 and Shirley L.H.Foster, President of der the Ald-to-Educatlon Program
Wooten, 739 W. 8th St., 19. sat, 117S W. Beaver St., 16. Martin, 735 CL C, 19. Tuskegee Institute, announced of Texaco, Inc .
recently that Tuskegee Institute The grant of $1,500 awarded
Calvin Harris Thomas, 5511 Wlnthon Van Stephen! 2146 John Alexander Stewart, 2047 has again been selected as for the 1967-68 academic
Vernon Rd., 22 and Mary Frances Brooklyn Rd., 21 and Cynthia W. 11 th St. 20 and Juliet one of the privately financed year Is the second such grant
Snead, 713 W. Beaver St., Laverne Gillion, 714 W..OrangeSt Yvonne Dixon, 2219 W. 16th St., colleges In the United States to awarded to Tuskegee Institute
19. IS. 17. receive unrestricted rants un by Texaco. __


r tic 1 IItll"'Itllll It... I 'I "III. .\ It....11', ,d I () : .')).() a.m. "Til I 9:30: () p.m. \\ ,I,,' II 9 : .10() .1.IH. Til t 1 6 p.m.

? Your Dollars Go Further at Scars

tic. J Sears I '' .

: : Hurry Sale Ends

-- fl" ....... I
I 1 7- :!. Sat, January 13th

II' =1 ,
:lit I "'-' ..... l'Y'rl.l: a ... __
In tb picture u snows the third crcqt'oubt.cam.ua Ladles during their recent Christmas ...... cur rl oAr; ". \&
party. They are, left to right; Mmes Lelia Winiams, Christine Dors" guest Ethel Walker, I ,....... __ ,l'M'. -.. t---=: :... -. ... "
Albertha Johnson, Wine, Cummins and Mrs. Marlon Seller, guest.-. Paul Crawofed Photo; : .n ..-; .. ,.d'f. ;: -. .. '
_- C"P..JI f .. .z:
r """'" -- :f' ,

NorthwestArea Local 191 Meets At Edward Waters' I 1\S 1. 11 I : : :::: ;Z !
i I .p : I
wi' '":" -.Qal t !II ;;;:; r. .
Rogers Shop Sat. Sigmas Review ., :T.Ic"-.: .: '.10..... ( _.':'.... .. -- I' ,. '
Club '
Local 191 will meet at the Frat's History / t R ., ., .'t' V .
Rogers Shop on January II at #','J .':: :... .C ,
tiI ... I
: !
ne..u4. t..f'I
7p.m. Gamma PI of Phi Beta ;! t ,
NeedyThe :
O ;:; J1 c.G I
Levy Wilcox, president, and po-
sigma Fraternity, Inc, at Edward 4y ,
Vf1 .. AI J;
Northwest Are. Community Morris Felix, recording secretary Waters College,celebrated BpI" .J ere : : t
.. : 'i :
will the latest ... I
present --.
Ciuo Its :
helped families fifty-fourth anniversary
needy f :
during the bolid.yi.Many Information on developments on January I.The fraternity was '"q ( :' d -';" ''' ;: -k:1: : Ir ':I t

found time roc a picture ...T the from the national office. founded on January I, 1I1f, at :::;;..--- "" \ k.y I J I.. : :
Fiona< Star. Others who were Howard University -- \ z.- i
not In the picture but who helped Friendly Sewing Dr. Andrew Robinson,principal I 1fjt\Pr; b r .:I Rl. I ... y. ) I PW... ::. .
are: ueorge Harris vice- of William M.Raines Senior : '. if ;; ( ..: ,
president; Mrs. Vettie M. Bell, Circle Entertains High School, spoke on"Horizon ) I- __rJ:, :.t !Ttllmn.o'o. !t !; II
chaplain; Mrs. Gladys Nelson Unlimited. His remarks were 1'I.N ,. .!fIHY .. ._c-.u :
ijuncul secretary; Mrs. .Uricia The Friendly Sewing Circle based on the general theme, I I"Every I ., I ,
Stewart. Mrs. Vernal will observe Its annual Festivities Man An Active Sigma' !
IW' 7J
James, reporter, M'M bunlceHariis ; and Dinner, Friday evenIng Man." : FABULOUS SAVINGS! !
January 26. at 7.30 In the l ; .
Irv!" U. Rlchardsuo. ALsora The New Stanton Senior High : :.' ( .
Mrs. Peariene Lockley, Mrs. borne of Mrs. Fowler School chorus was conducted by I \ : C::
Maw Ballrd, Mrs.Nadine Fus 704 West Monroe Street. Soror Alpha Moore of Zeta Phi yy _11I
sett, Mrs. Berneas A. Dixon, The president, Mrs. Ethel B. Beta Sorority. Also Included! 1)
Lawrence Jackson has requested a call Dr. Robinson was presented a
V. Jones Mrs. Lee .
Green and Mrs, Mary 1.. Smith meeting to be held In her home, plaque for being the"Most Outstanding MIS-iMATCIIED I ; %
Wednesday evening, January,
secretary. Sigma in the Field of
at 7:30 p.m. The address is: "
1211 West 18th Street. Education. Members of Zeta SLEEP SETS at 20,50 Off \
Beta Sorority, Inc., were present
BACK HOME from Mu Gamma Chapter, Jumbo Savings! ,-
the undergraudtate unit located
Isaiah Blocker on the college campus. r/iM wivr w. ..

t --I School Has Primitive Baptist'sUshers H4IKTOMATCH'TO ftiNfnRealf

It II t Classes For Adults Tea For Plan Sunday Big % EVERY MATTRESS AND .

i Free oasic adult classes for
and women will be offeredat The church will be the scene
men w r
I the Isalan Blocker Elementary of a tea Sunday, January Board 14. BOX SPRING in OUR STOCKNo
Scnool, 23.15 Dam,following iron 4 to 6 p.m. Usher
the registration. All adults No. 4 will be the sponsor. The

t Interested should register now Friendship Baptist Church Exceptions! Nothing Held Back! Out Go All Our Luxurious
for these enthusiastic classes. chois will sing. MarvITillwU1 V
taught by' qualified teacbecs. read the scriptures. The wel. Innerspring, Foam Latex and Serofoam (polyurethane) Sleep Setsat
You may register on Tuesday come address will come of Mrs.
ADd Thursday nights from 6:30 Alice Thompson.Mrs. Never-Before Low Prices. All 1st Quality Items! Hurry in...
to 9 p.m. Vera Walldell will sing.

The Instruct.re Mrs.Mary Mrs. L.B. McCall will Introduced ,,, r! ) 1 Ne er auch huge wlrttlont EveryiMnafrom.ur.uper. All mattreei and box .prln(* I
A. Godwin Mrs. Carol GulUt the speaker, Mrs. Patty i + ,' /P Your choice of every popular drluse unlu la durable budgetrl SanitUcd' Treated* \
A/C David J. Lucas recently and Mrs. Doris Taylor Johnson. The Male Chorus will Q! 'inane and cotulrurlion. at fente.tk.evlnar. Sear e.clu.l e feature
returned from Vietnam and Is Cusses will inclua. ..eading. sing. The contest will close J
spending the holiday season with Language, Social Studies, Aritnmetic and the winner named. Rev. Tufted lop.Quilled lapel Some m..m.lrhrd..p..1 Some (aer..mplr..ome few
his parents Mr. and Mrs. J.C. and Science. J.MDlioo will make remarks. l Smooth top-they're. all..here really! gigantic reduction. of. kind AU It quality!
Lucas, 4404 Bessie Circle, W. President Alback will speak. 4 I ISOnny.
11 months In Usher Board No. 3 will I'I .rw
Lucas has spent St. Luke Baptist Unit serve. I
NO PuoFA' nutits OR LA YA115 )'S/
the Air Force. v 1
Gateway Barracks NO MONEY DOWN ..Se.r.Ear Payment PUn 'itsy

Jolly, Group SS Entertained At Party Ladies Hold First

District No. 2 of the St. Luke
Clubs Will BeBorden's Baptist Church held the annual Meeting Saturdaday
: Christmas party January 6 at
, the borne of Mr. and Mrs. The Ladies Auxiliary of Gateway f
Guests Charles Freema.,me Twenty- Barracks No. 3131, Veterans
fourth. of World War 1,will bold the t
The Jolly Group Social and first meeting Saturday at{ '
Savings club will meet In the Mac? guests were present The p.m. r '1
All officers and members are kr
home of 11:. and Mrs. Bordens home was beautWllydecorated.
asked to be present and on time.,
on Saturday, January 13, atIMS Rev. Trowell spoke. Mrs. M. You Can't Do Bttkr nan Sean 1 -
The report on the future homed a
West Union. The meeting Stills is president M.Ar instead ,
Is leader. Rev. M J. Trowell 1s the organization will be made.
Mrs. Geneva
will at 8
open p.m.
All chairmen are asked to make
is president pastor. eports. The president asks that Sears

all trustees attend the meeting
G New members are welcome.
Mrs. Elnora Hornby Is president

r "kl .

..' ,....."" '-' ................... .4o..i A'


.. rue 4 SUB nut: SATURDAY i JANUARY 13.

"Church Nevus] Sweelfield I I I Baptist i I II Ministers United AboutRIs'e Are Northwest.. Area Club Hel s ]

NR Lsllxat
IIV, 1
Crime t
church Is located at 1154 West 31st. Rev. R.G.Crawford 4

is pastor. Sunday school begins at 9:30 with superintendent' On Monday, December 18, r
and teachers at their posts. The morning worship beginsat ministers of two major Jacksonville -

11 a.m. and the evening worship at 6 p.m. Choir tyo,l, denominations, took
and Usher Board No. 1 will serve throughout the day.The'1 gii, i note of the high rise of crime
pastor will deliver both sermons. The Thelmarettes wQ : .and drew up a resolution lamenting .e4q. tUl\ ,
be presented in a program after service. Prayer serviceis j this Increase. ;, 11Mi

Tuesday night, at 7:30.: .. The committee has decided rJt
that: The cause of many of these
PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST crimes tems from the illegal .
The church is in the midst of a revival. Services are held sale of narcotics and other forbidden :

from 8 to 10 p.m. every Saturday night at the church, 1663 i ii drugs, especially to r
West 26th St. at Pearce. Evangelist John W. Hughes con- teenagers.

ducts services. Bishlp Oscal Lee Gates is pastor. The publicis } In conclusion, this group of -\ *
Invited. ministers resolved that they _..."....., -- .- !a!
:should give full "cooperationwith Above are members of the Northwest Area community Club, .3
BAPTISTThe ,; all law enforcement agen- an organization which took time out during the holidays to ''
cles for little into someone's else Xmas. They bas- <
the elimination of such bring a Joy gave J
church is located at 613 Pippin. Rev. Jake Ray is
crimes In our city, and those ket of foot to needy families. Shown are members preparing *
Mrs. Leonla Miller is Publicity chairman. Sundayschool
pastor. with Mrs. Claudie M. .. r.rwaw persons responsible for the sale the baskets. Left to right, they are: Dock Bronner, President *
at 9:30 Superlntedent
begins : ... and dtstrtbutlonofnarcotlcsand Mrs. Gladys Bryant, Mrs. Mary L.Smlth, Secretary. 0
; ;
and teachers charge. The lesson topic will be reviewed .
George }' ...... other forbidden drugs be apprei Mrs. Katherine May, Mrs. Geneva Cullln Treasurer, Mrs 0
by the pastor or his with assistant Deacon D.B.pastor.Pollard At and 11 a.m.Robert the -- 0 -.. L.. .:..aa.it. ..._*..ft?.'..x: ....J.- bended and speedily prosecuted. Alice Butler, Leroy Smith. Mr. Johnson of the YMCA is at
morning worship begins Sweetfleld Baptist Church, 1365 Harrison near Fourth, the'Re>. D.B.BarDe.'pastor will be ." Leading members of the the extreme right ."
King in charge of devotions. The pastor will speak at both the scene Sunday afternoon, January 14, at 2:30, of the cornerstone laying by the Masonic committee were: Rev. J. M. 4
services. Chorls Union will hold a mass meeting in the auditorium Family, Crystal Square Lodge, Rev G.T.McCall, Worshipful, and Oakland Lodge, Brother'J. JnhftllNL. t""ft AUF.. -
--- -'- --- --
of the church. At 6 p.m. evening services wJU be Edwards, Worshipful. Brother Henry Simmons is Deputy In charge. Rev. Cyrus Weaver Zioi Planners
scheduled. Choir No.; 1 will be presented in a recital on the first will deliver the message. Choirs No. 1 and No. 2 will sing, as well at the D.B.Barnes Choir. Hope y yF
Sunday in Febraury. The Deacon board will observe it anniversary Usher boards No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 will serve. The public is invited. The edifice was completed yr
on Monday night. Deacons meet also on Monday
night. On Thursday night a business meeting will be held. > lj)67.) Rev Barnes has served for 10 years of the 60-year history of the congregation


MT. SALEM BAPTIST; Macedonia Has Recital Dayspring Church

Sunday school opens at 9:30: a.m. with the assistant superin-
tendent, Mrs. Inez Scott, in charge. The morning service Big Services For Plans Installationof
begins at 11 a.m. with Decaon. a1h 'un and Deacon George
Tucker in charge. Choir No. 3 and Usher Board No. 1 will All Us MembersGreater OfficersDay F

serve. At 3 p.m": Choir No. 3 will be presented in a musical ,
Evening devotions begin at 6 p.m. Both sermons will be Macedonia Baptist Spring Baptist church will
delivered by the pastor or.his appointee Choir No. 3 rehearses Church announces .eerallm- be the scene of the Installation
on Monday night. Bible study Is also featured.; On portant services for the ensuing of officers of all departments

Thursday night Choir No. 1 rehearses. The lurch is locatedat week. f..4 I Sunday night, January 14, beginning l
1281 West Twenty-second. Mrs. C. Sqmpson is reporter. Saturday, January 13,at 12 at 7 p.m. R.v. CyrusA.
Rev. W.O. Rogers is pastor. noon, the Mission Chorus will Weaver Is pastor. / .
meet in the main auditorium.On John McGraw will also be ordained "nt.-f.-
TABERNACLE BAPTIST Sunday, at both services Rev.J. r as deacon. Music will be t..I''III ..
Sunday school oeglns at 9:30' with Mrs. Hassle Solomon C. Rogers or his appointee will given by all senior choirs un-
super& tenoen, in charge. At 11 a.m. toe morning worship preach. th ear direction of Mrs. K. veVe members the planning committee of Zion Hope Baptist Church during the celebration -
begins. He,. W.E.Young pastor, will deuver the message. of the thirty-ninth anniversary of its The celebration
All missionary groups will P. Askew, Sammie L. Davl begins on Sunday )
All choirs will Usher Board No. 2 will
youth sing. serve. meet at 3 p.m. The election of and Mrs. W...Willis. January 14, and ends on Monday, January 22. Rev. JtjSimpson is pastor.
All district will 'meet in the church at 3:30 The night ser i
officers will be he 1d. Mrs.Rule At 11 a.m. Sund./ morning
vice begins at 7 p.m. The teacherr meeting will be Saturuy
at 6 p.m. The church and the pastor will ceivurate their Cook, president, will be In Bishop D. Ward Nichols will
anniversaries on Sunday, February 12. Prayer meeting Is charge. The BYPU meets at 5:30: oellver the message.Music will Master Masons Zion Hope Is Apostolic Church
with Mrs. M.L. Polite, president beglven by Choir No. 4 BTU
every Wednesday at 7:30. Miss Valorle win be
In charge. will begin at 5:45 with Mrs.
Planning For Announces A TeaThe
presented in her annual recital Plan
Laying Of
Sunday School begins at 9:30: at New Bethel AME Church Gladys Crapps In charge.Croup

Missionary Day with NJ.than1eISlnrleton,superIntendent Sunday ladtrs will have charge of Its deaconesses of the ADOS-)
with evening, January 14, at various Hew Cornerstone FoundingZion
:CIT FAST HISSED RELIEF! in charge, along 4 Corner Kelly fifth units. tollc Shllob Holiness church
p.m. a
his devotions will Sunday school at 9:30
staff.Morning begin
grade student at R.V.Danlels with On Sunday, January 14, at 2:30 Hope Baptist Church and will have a tea Sunday, January
ITCHINGBKIN conducted Deacon James
be Edward
Will Be Observed by school, will be the guest reader Benthone Superintendent.nd p.m all Master Muons are cal- its pastor Rev. E.R. Simpson, 14, at 3 p.m. The speaker will'
Melton appointed chairman Mrs. W.M.Mc-
newly The church Is located at Ktlton led to meet at the Sweetfleld will celebrate the thirty-ninth be the pastor of Bethlehem
his Mrs. In The school's
or appointee. charge.
Third and Tyler. The public Baptist Church to assist Crystal anniversary of the church's Temple, tf.uthside.
Hattie Boss will be In chorus will with JamesKenchn
SCALING Missionary Day will be observed in Invited. sing Squat Lodge 523 In the cornerstone founding from Sunday, January The mistress of ceremonies
by Choirs 2 and 4.Prayer at the palno.me .
Sunday at First Born ceremony. Rev D.B. 14, to January 22 inclusive. wilt be Mrs. Clara Brown The
SKIN Temple, 825 Monroe. Elder A, meeting Is every Tuesday lesfuO theme, she *ord' Barnes Is pastor. Rev G.T. Programs have been planned for church Is located at 2202 Thomas
IRRITATEDBKIN Hill will preach, and Missionary night Choir rehearsal every Band of Truth Become Fltsn" will be reviewed McCall Is Most Worshipful each nightMack Court, Southsldt. Elder
W.W.Grant will pre.Ide. Wednesday oif h t.Deaconess by Rev. Weaver. The Master. C. It'k., deacon will H.N.WlUUms Is pastor. The

Other services an listed.Sunday Board No.1 will meet after the Choir Willing Workers Club will meetat On Saturday, January 20, at serve u chairman for the public a invited.
The church Is Will' Install
fAUIErs tKIN ttlCCUT OINTMtNT.. school ls at "10 a.m.'wlth morning service. 4 p.m. Kt the cnurcn. Member 7:30, the Coordinating Com- Planning Committee. Mrs.
located at 3333 Franklin. Mrs.
Relieves .Itching. Scaling and Deacon McQueen superinten .re urged to bring love mutes will meet at the Masonic Nancy Travis will be co-chair
'Irritation ot Ptorlatlt.CETHUDTOTOErROTlCTION. dent. 'tile. morning worship begins t Bessie t Merchant Is reporter. Officers Sunday offerings for the night strvlct. Temple on the sixth floor. man. Mrs. Leola Brown will be St. Paul Ushers
at 11:43.: Devotions will be Mrs. E.W.Malnor Is church re- Recording Secretar .
W.L. Lowder Is chairman: ; The Financial -
'wan. e."r H.
....,II 611x1 at M.",.MKla led by the missionaries. Platform Young 'PeoplesUnion The Band' of Truthchoirl/will portor. Simmons is District Deputy. Secretary will be Deacon Will Meet Soon

preacUJig: will be featuredat bold its Installation Sunday,January Willie Bruce. He will be assisted Usher Board No. 2 of St Paul
3 p.m. The evening worship 14, at 3 p.m. at 1944 by Mrs Ann Stripling. Deacon AM Church will meet Sunday
N win.._.Sa1 w_. .-u. ;t.'::J..elww 11 a./M, begins at 7:30. Evangelist Catherine Plans West Twentieth. Friendship And Robert Hardaway will be January 14, at the church, at
..rwNrMr.1M Ie a 6r11.r.i. M..w-tall'"''' Anderson will speak. Officers to be Installed are: Celebrates treasurer. D e a COD William 4:30 p.m.President.

J.r i1:;,r.r. :.:: ::.:.u,. The revival will close Monday (Gala Songfest President, Mrs. Ida Mae "i- Rev. Smith. Go Pugh will be In charge of advertising M.C.Chamben Is

night January 15. con; Vice-President, .. is. with Miss Florence asking all members to be present
--- Gladys Abney; Secretary, Mrs. To Zion Hope Nelson assisting. at this first meeting of
For Willie Mae Goodman; Assistant Others on the committee are: the year.
Secretary, Mrs. Gloria Phillips Friendship Baptist Church of Mrs. Irma Jean Odom, Mrs.
SHOB5ORES ; Treasurer, Mrs. Mae New King's Road .lth its pastor Ora Lee Nails, Deacon Jack BOLD EN'S
U' Young Peoples Union will Dean Doiiei; Reporter, Mrs. Rev. Remus Smltn, will go Johnson Deacon Luster Mann,,
meet Sunday afternoon,January Mettle Roundtree; Sunshine to Zion Hope Baptist Church Deacon D. Plait, Deacon Roy NEW ADULT CLASSES
\fq 14, at 3 p.m. at the Community Chaplain, Mrs. WIWams; Cho- Sunday at 3 p.m. to help there Moses, Mrs. Lucille Lowery,
Baptist Church, Baker and kus Director, Mrs. Marie u tut celebration of anniversaries ;;0. L. Merritt and Mrs. Fanny 'Starting February 13-
,Decott and will present a program Nealy. for the pastor and for Johnson.
of music featuring gospel Mrs. Louise Nelson will Install Choir No.l as well u for other HOSPITAL AID CLASS

songs. the officers. Princess units. CASHIER
Sale Sales Members of the aggregation Nabmi.ls the leader: ServICes at Frleuoshlp areas Royal Court
are: Artistic Gospel Singers, usual. Sunday school begin PRE-SCHOOL WORKERS'
Camilla Golden Anthonys, at 9:30, with Superintendent Arthur -
Rev. Will
Everyready Gospel Singers, Bannerman 'Brown in charge. The devotional MeetRoyal BUSINESS
Friendly Officers. Harmonious "... services begin at 11 a.
Vanceliers, Harris ?. 'Singer* Calls Board Meeting ... m. with deacons charge. The Court No. 173 will meet Registration:
SAVE Jackson Singers, Latimore Rev E.R. Simpson will celebrate sermon will be delivered by in the lower unit of Grant Memorial .
00 gers, Nathaniel Jackson Octo- of Rev.Allen J.C.Chapel Bannerman AME ,Church pastor, along with ZIon Hope the pastor. The choir will serve Church at 6:30: p.m. TUESrHUR.FRi, 8 toO P.M

vettes, Thelmarettes, Tiny has Baptist Church, of which be Is throughout the dalsher ,. Members are expected to be BOLDEN-S COLLEGE
50 Boyd Singers and Versatile announced an official board pastor, their !1rJ7-niDthannl' \ Board No. 3 will serve present to pay their burial dues. 1816 W Ju;A Street

UP Cherrles.Mrs. Inca Harris is" service meeting,Sunday.following the morning ersary. Toe program begins on during the day. The evening Mrs. Mildred Hills is resldent. K-C-irar 356-6465

president) cnufcn McCean: re- Other Sunday, January 14 and ends on worship begins at- 6pm
porter. Ins usual. weekly activities are u Monday night, January 22. tract No. S wilt cold the monthly I
meeting at 5 p.m. at the' WRITE WRHC
cnurcn Sunday Deacon Robert TODAY
Lodge of Sorrow Will Kendrick is leader. District

Howell Funeral Funeralize M. MclverThe Sunday.5 will also Deacon meet at Ro the art church KeD- Win $25.00 For Your torch

dries U leader. District 5 will
Lodge of Sorrow of Macao: also meet at the, church at Cut ort the
onVie. Lodge No.8, Elks, will be held the same time. Choir No*. 1 rehearses coupon below nt

Home Friday night, January lZ, at 11 Thursday nights at
p.m.Iver., for Brother Marshall- ;130.: write your question. then Mil:.

Funeral rites will be at the Mt. radio
5879 Moncrief Road Olive AME Church Saturday, Mt. Olive Baptist : Ito station WRHC, P. 0.,

January 13, at 1 p.m. Whltting-

j i i, 24 lieu Aafclince Service charge.too Rogers L.E.Funeral Gonzalez Home Is Ex.Q.Is in Plans Mt. Olive InstallationNew Baptist Church Box 2467, Jwboivllle, Fh. I

o will Install officers Sunday at PHONE
In MemoriamIn 3 p.m. at the church. Rev T. : 389-1111
R. Lee will preside. US-RUCTIONS: The WRHC "Mall Box" w1U 'to
attempt ret
$10 Other services are as usual. aD Aawer; to any question
you lave
011 any subject, Such
Serving Faiths as schools
Sunday school begins at 9:30 rents, taxes, city and county government and fO
i allow., with Deacon Rayrus Cambrldp Write
DUSK IIACCS aft charge.. The i lesson will be' your questions below and mall at once. Your questlolf
t ea11N+ Convenient Ia.,11 Tevtewed by Rev. W. Claotoa the answer, alone w1t1l your Dame and address will be
MuUIC I *t pastor. The evening brondcast from time to time
worsulp'begins 00 WRnc
so please print
at 6:30. Choir h .me and address. Write your
: No. 2 as ottD as
Iou like and Iistep.for
VALUES and Usher Board No. 3 serve :lQW' aiswbr onWRHC,1400onyourradlq
your total communt4
to. all day. Miss Win oa orbinwUl ItaUWI, OD 24 hours a da,.

3000 PAIRS OF MOST STYLISH AND I Deacons be at the meets piano.Monday Tit*.,Board at t 7:30.of Station For the WRnc best questing will award each$25.00 week to during the this mailing, RacI1q
of choIce
I The monthly business Wy QUESTION IS: your
taking Facilities will ue Thursday at 750.; 'ite-
combined choirs meet Friday'
at 7:30.

Ut p SHOE 765-6664 76S-2054 Latimore Singers

I Reach 20 Years ,
Lewis J. Howell L.F.D. LEASE PRINT
OMN TONITI Til+ AT memory of our daughter. The children; of the Lattmor MY NAME E---
216 W. Adams St. Mrs. Earlene J. Johns who :Singers will celebrate their -

DOWN TOWN) 3573 St lohns AM. Understanding Service With passed away January 15, 1967 twentieth anniversary Sunday, MY ADDRESS IS--
Philips Hiwa/ Plata (IN AVONOAUI You are not forgotten and DOver -' January 28, at 8 p.m., at Mt. .10' QVesUOIIIs

Tows ( Country 2006 San Marco Blvd. will be. God loved you Ararat Baptist Church, In the & my choice, fttel best, please send $25.00 to the church:
, lilt UNIV. HVO.I) Dianity And Distinction" so be carried you away. Sleep ,annex. r ;
I 1*" | ff f-ifHfnfiifrn1ii0ii0n' d>ii ii< 'on and take your rest. Sign All are Invited. Mrs. Alberta ...

Father mother and Children.' Latimore is supervisor. (PRINT NAME Ii jLAME OF LOCAL CHURCH


,"'"" .




Esso Foundation Gives $30,000To Schenley Helps Shriners Encyclopedia Six Bonding Companies Will ;

Boost Negro College DriveNEW ;-1 1s ri l i ifC Britannica- Qualify Mississippi Winners

YORK-Tie Esso Education Foundation presented a
50,000 operating grant to the United Negro College Fund this ti Racial Study JACKSON MISSSix bonding companies the stite of Mississippi -
week. The presentation was made at the College Fund's national have agreed to bond three Negroes elected to public

headquarters here. WASHINGTON, D.C,-followlng office in the state, in the bee of regusals of many other trig
In the last five years, U.N.C.F. has received $650,000 fromthe companies to n take an Interest in the matter
complaint filed the WashIngton
by -
Esso Foundation, $240,000 In regular grants and $400,000In Bureau of the National Three Negroes will, then, be aid, The Insurance Company of
capital-development funds total Esso gifts to the College Association for the Advancement assured of going Into their new- North American, in Jackson,
Fund passed the mark two Paul Pullen of Nu.
$1,000,000 years ago. of Colored People ly won political: positions. In headed by
..Dr. Stephen J. Wright, president of U.N.C.F., accepted the a Pennsylvania Human Relations ,. the state of Mississippi failure gent and Pullen. Civil Rights
$50,000 check from WiUlam W. Bryan of Houston,senior vice- Commission investigation"found of bond by tantamount to refusal lawyers accompanied them.
president and director of Humble Oil and Refining Company. probable cause" that of the state to permit Pullen refused.

Standard Oil Company (New iversitles, as well as grants to the. race of the prospective that winner to take seat.This Their dilemma reached Ric-
Jersey), parent company o f several major educational organizations purchaser of the :'Encyclopedia might mean, then, that hard Bellman, president of the
Humble, established the Esso such as U.N.C.F. Britannica was inserted 19 winners might be.kept out of same company. He said he had
Education Foundation In 1955 to Since the Esso Foundation was "through the use of numbers office It is to be rememberedthat recently been informed by te-
corrdinate its own gifts to education established twelve years ago It on the confidential registration 160.000.Nerroes. went to legram. Mrs. Lee, Charles
and those of Its dom- has contributed itotal of about fortn." polls in the last election Jones, Coahoma County, and
estic affiliates. Humble Oil, $24,500,000 in educational aid. Elliott MjShirk, executive director most phenomenal the history Matthew Walker, Justice in Is-
'Jersey Standard's largest affiliate In addition to Jersey Standard of the Human Relations of the strife-torn state, and Issaquena County, tackled the U.
is one of the contributors and Humble Oil, supporting affiliates Commission, wrote to J.Fran- elected a total of 22 Negroesto S. Fidelity and Guaranty Company ,
to the Foundation. iucludewoHumblesube cis Pohlhaus. NAACP Washington offices. These offices repre- of Baltimore. They were I
James S. Avery of Humble sidiaries, Esso Production Re- Bureau counsel, that "re- sent great victories but are finally accepted. Other were
has been a national vice chair- search Company, and Humble fS spondents agreed to discontinue not outstanding in themselves.Last rejected.
man of the current U.N.C.F Pipe Line Company, Esso Research this practice tfas effective as of week white insurance Hartford Accident and Indemnity

fund-raising campaign, now and Engineering Company Nov IS, 1967. "He also said!, companies were hedging on the bonded five later. Fidelityand
near the end of its efforts of and Enjay Chemical Com "We greatly appreciate your interest Deposit of Baltimore bond-
the past year to raise $250,000 in having brought this matter. They have actually demanded ed seven.
for the expanding needs of the The $50,000 Esso gxant.and matter to our attention." that that $170,000 be Hartford Accident and Indemnity
Fund's 36 member colleges and other contributions to the annual put up, dollar for dollar No no objection. According ,
universities in eleven Southern U.N.C.F. campaigns helpto Interest could be drawnforfour to Julian S.'Neal, the color of I
states and Ohio. meet the current operating Milwaukee And years. On the contrary, white the skin has made difference..
Avery, who is national coord- of member collegesand victors haw put up nominal
inator of community relationsfor expenses also provide assistance to bonding money and have recelr- ** ****

Humble, also was a vice- scholarship programs. Most of Louisville Get Immediate acceptance.
chairman for the United Negro this financial support is obtain Examples are given of the unjust l ARMY
College Fund drives in 1965and ed by appeals through ap- tactics used here. On December :
. 1966. Bryan and he were proximately 150 College Fund Housing OrdersWASHINGTONNPINousttlg 12 Sylvester Gaines, RESERVE
the Esso Foundation's two elected supervisor, was asked
campaign: centers in nearly that
principal representatives at the many cities from coast to coast for a bond of $18,000. Earlie *** *

presentation of this year's In both 1965 and 1966, donors ordinance: have been approved Lot, constable of Willie .
grant The College Fund was contributed more than in two major cities across the County, needed $ .000. rn.1'11: V. ..
also represented by Mark G. $4,000,000 to the Fund, more nation Thompson, elected Justice of the .
Blrchette, U.M.C.F. vice-pre- than was ever raised in any In a third community, a housing peace needed 2000. Leander ,II tit
sident for administration in addition earlier annual campaign. Since OPPORTUNITY PLUS-Sargent Striver (center), director of the Office of Economic Opportunity law was struck down. MJ1- Monroe, elected constable of e4t
to Dr. Wright. UTN.C.F. was established In participates in the second annual Schenley Industries/ Inc. contribution to the student waukee and Louisville, targetsof Claiborne County,needed a bond .
The nationwide program of the 1945 it has collected aoout aid fund of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine of North and South America recent housing discrimination of $1000. Mrs. Martha Lee, Justice .
Esso Education Foundation for $42,000,000 on behalf of its at the organization's.74th annual convention in Cleveland recently Leon Puryear (right) in the sale and rental of of the peace In Jefferson BRAND NEW
the current academic: year Includes member colleges through the national sales representative for Schenley, presents his company's check for $1,000 to Imperial housing. County, had to post 2000. '1 .
capital and science annual appeals, and another JWflllt" Roscoe C. Washlngon left). Shriver was the principal speaker at the convention Approval of such ordinances They appraoched, with legalWINB !. 1968 VWSEDAN
grants, unrestricted grants and $50,000,000 was raised in two '. where Imperial Potentate Washington presented Schenley with a plaque for being first was a virtual certanlty In two '
special-purpose grants to about campaigns: for capital funds,one subllshed to help college students with limited funds to remain in school Noethern suburbs of Chicago i.

ISO individual colleges and un- of which began in 1963 and Highland Park and Arlington FOlrL* sus'DfLFtk: '.

Texas Negroes raised The results about 33000000.of the 1967 annual Gary's Morals Meanwhile, in Montgomery ;. 176450

fund-raising appeal are expected EDUCATIONAL ROUNDUP county, a wealthy suburb of the ,.
to bring the 22-year total of Face CleanupBy nations capital. Senior Circuit !!t CUIVtMO IN lAIC|
Have Three
Way regular and capital donations to By NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL Judge Katheryn J. Shook declared I -me I the a..rty tt <(* _
U.N.C.F. to between a recently passed open '
Voter Approach $96,000,000 and $97,000,000.The __ New Mayor housing law invalid. A referendum { t /.V) ;.
36 U.N.C.F. colleges represent on open housing win be t: \Y 9

AUSTIN, Tex/-NPI)-Three a combined student enrollment N.C. FIRST GARY, IndXNPD-Thls city's needed, she said.Negro is
organisations are promoting estimated at 37,000., new mayor took a look at prostitues Catlin-

Negro voter registration in the CHAPEL HILL, N.C.-(NPI-JCenneth Spauldlng has become sitting the windows on Heads .
Lone Star State. Urban League the first Negro to be elected president of the University Adams street and didn't like ;' Griffin It
The NAACP is concentrating of North Carolina Law school's first-year class.A cum laude what be saw. .
on registering black people in graduate of Howard University, he plans a programed having So Richard G. Hatcher, con- Gary FiremenGARY Volkswagen .
large cities, while the Com tour the to interracial cerned about the "breakdown
Negro speakers better
country promote "
mittee for Better Voter Participation Head Advises understanding. Thus, be seeks to "break down some of the old 'law and order in the community ;Ind. A Negrohubeen .t I INC I
Is urging both Negroesand and transorm them to ," announced t crackdown by Gary Mayor Richard
myths new realities. : 1250 EAST Sth ;
Hatcher to head the fire department
Mexican-Americans: to re- on vice and crime in the ST
. before the January 31 On InsuranceNEW ITANNAPOL6 Steel City sometimes also call of the city He Is Al- MM MNtNttt. IkCttONVnil NOnOA j I 354-9093 I
the ''peel"' phonso Holiday, Sr., 58. h ,
deadll0e, and
,, "deal" city.
Is YORK-Tbe We insurance Holiday's record Is that of one W.i.i_... ...... I .a
A voter registration drive Conceding that have
Md. (NPI) "'Equal educational "people
business must opportunities"for
move of the top battalion cbelfs. .
also being conducted by the fulfill its promise of Investing all Maryland residents? Forget It. The state constitutional problems" walking down the The new mayor has outlined YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO' 10 TOWN TO'm
East Texas Voters League, a $1 billion In America'sslums convention rejected the idea u it began consideration of an street, the mayor said that the
areas of activity for Improve-
Negro organization in Hunts- "cancer of permissiveness in
if it is to gain the education article for the new state constitution.Such a guarantee (
confluence ment, among them being organized -
Tille. of the people it Is.try- could be a "litigation breeder of the worst sort," said one of crime must be stopped He LOW PRICES
In Texas voters must register the Idea's opponents is looking for a new chief of e rim e,prostitution,
log to'help, Whitney Young, Jt. ,
to housing,
every year, a carry-over told police: clean up the city
from the payment of poll taxes a meeting leading
each year.Southern. insurance executives today SCHOOL ROW DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade
Young executive director of I
the National Urban League, NEW HAVEN Cona.- Ed. said. "For millions of peoole struck a Negro girl sparked a disturbance: at HUlhouse High WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL
m our urban ghettos, belief school closing the place dowoThe ruckuslater spread to nearby -
PAPERS. We deliver We also flU all Doctors
Board Meets la your commitment must wait streets. Four students at the 60 percent Negro school: were Face Lifting Of Your Howe lio s. Prescrip.
until the buildings are up and the injured when groups of black youths roamed through the Institution -
evidence is there" breaking windows and overturning tables Interracial
With FAMU Speaking at the annual meeting fist fights resulted. "YOUR .HOME IS OUR CONCERN"( Dixie
TALLAHASSEE of the Institutite of Life Insurance Pharmacy
in the Waldorf-Astoria JOBLESS PRINCIPALS Roof
'Carports 'Porc as
Southern Regional Education ,
Board is holding a Sub- here, Young said, "They have ATLANTA-NPI-Desegreptlon and school consolidation
Regional Conference on the Florida been lied to, exploited studied are costing Negro priclpals their Jobs in almost every South- his M G.llrallool 1302 KINGS ROAD a J. MYRTLE

AIM University campus: analyzed, lectured threatenedand fa and boarder state.according to the Southern Education Reporting
la the Embassy Room of the Investigated until all the service. Inclty after city,priclpals are reportedly being Additions Ae Our Specialties PHONES ELGIN 5-5597-98 ,
Student Union Building,on January promises and reports"are coming replaced by white counterparts with less experience and educa
8. The purpose of the con- out of their ears. tonal attainment Said Dr.Horace E.Tate,executive secretary,

fefence is tointerpret the statement U. Georgia Teachers and Education Association "There is a We Will Finance Up To PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND
State ,
or report on The Negroand A&T scheme underway in the schools to eliminate every vestige of

higher education in the southto Negro leadership." 7 YearsCALL
trusteespresldentaandtac President Is
ulty from OUR
traditionally Negro .

to colleges others,;to and state to secure boards comments ana C-C Honoree I r :: World NewsBy -I. 398-598

and suggestions about GREENSBORO; N.C.-Declared: Capitol COlstrllctlol'CO..
action programs which are needed in North Carolina, Dr. LewisC.
and possible, and about priortles Dowdy, president of ALT SEAFOOD CENTER

or elements' of total within programs programs.and/ State the Greensboro University, was Chamber cited by of NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALFIRST GIBBS NIGHT CLUBCallahan 144 N MYRTLE AVE PH. EL 4. 1461

Representatives will be here Commerce at Us 90th Anniversary THIS DESK XED AOffS duel..." ....) it A.-dSag ..e.Nkt.
from all predominantly Negro meeting held in the city's OF'68UNITED MI.... p e.0.h. Sep.vlwd. I. kepis. ,..".. ". .. -
colleges in Alabama, Georgia, Fla. 11 P.M. To 3 A.M. (,,... s., |AM" W .... MW jxuuUy JAFUKTA.*! .y she O**.
burfi: Coliseum' lumd HiuJtft, koumw. Ikt vddt lAu nail kappa
end Florida Dr.B.UPerry More than 1,500 persons saw NATIONS-Mauru, a remote eight-square-mile Island COMING Jan. 27 7'kis KM* the ."U* ../. vuA.rn {.*./_: C...e.r,., for Hurt
and Dr. C.UjSmlm will represent Dr. Dowdy receive the cham- in the Pacific ocean,with a population ol3,100.will have the hon Saturday Night, Ii'. uuuurt ..4 tinck ..,: M. vttr..* btlitl* .
FAMU at the conference. ber's coveted Nathanael Green or of being the first new nation. In 1968. The UN Trusteeship

Award, for his leadership in council recommended that the island, 1,300 miles northeast ol LARGE BASS 39e
Portland NAACP the community. Australia ascend to Independence January 31. Because of its Eddie CAKING I LI.

Patkipating in the program size, however, it does not plan to seek membership in the United THIS WEEK'S EXTRA SPECIAL

were Mrs. Carl Sanburg,widowof Nations. LIMITED AMOUNT. In Of SEASON

Pushes UppingIn the late American Poet; 2 ROE SHAD . Ib. 49c

and Mrs, Edward R. Morrow, DECIMALS t widow of the famed broadcasting
Post Office Journalist who was horn LONDON The devaluation of the British pound to $2.40, _
file ''''.u e..lFnwi. L.c.uyPr.dwc.JFLOUNDER
in Greensboro. followed la quick succession by similar action in 16 other
OREG.-Afier a
PORTLAND between Recognition: of Dr. Dowdy countries, pressages a shift to the decimals system of cur- / 59cCINUINI
two-hour LI.
Office Officials and contribution to Greensboro and rency. Already, one of the countries devaluating-Bahamas- "Knock On Wood"'On
Post has set December 21, u the date for its changeover. Among
.NAACP representatives onpro- the state adds to many honors A Saturday Night'Betty KOIIOALOBSTERS
motion of Negro clerks, both he has received. others devaluating are Jamaica, Gyana, Malawi, Gambia, Mauritius . Lb. $1.10
Barbados Chad,Zambia,CongoBrauaDahomeyMorocco -
Albert Hcxfler and
Thomas Postmaster Vickers, president ol Rich Negroes Kenya, Uganda Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana FANCY LIVING $ 00 CLAW MIAT ..II.II
the Portland NAACP TARGET CRABS. DOZ. .., ,....00
agreed that the results were
Aid PoorNegro
"satisfying. The understanding Must GABERONES: Botswana-.I.Ike. many of his counterparts in SPECKLED TROUT . .Lb. 59c

was had reached been picketed.The after the. Post rich people must "re other independent black African at1 aa. Sir Seretse Khama LARGE ROE MULLET . Lb. 35c
Office integrate" with the poor bibs Botswana's president, has become the target of an attempted
discussion: centered on black ghettoes. assasinatlon. Police discovered: that rags blocked an oil filer ., FRESH STEAK FISH . .Lb. 89c
principles for boosting opportunities This opinion came from a Negro dirt had been dumped la the fuel tank of the President's personal CINUINI TANGY APALACHICOLA
for minority groups, businessman S. plane, a Beechcraf Baron. HARRISa SHELL OYSTERS '5.50
clarification of allegedly
: Harris, who was Negroes LAI6I MATPOIT CAUGHT
discriminatory practices by, who have been successful UPGRADING i: WHITE 'SHRIMP ,.. '1.30
postal officials in their upgrading in business. He Is president of Singing

procedures. the Chicago Mutual Insurance: CANBERRA:, Australia 911. status of the elected members CATFISH . . .Lb. 65e
Vickers said the NAACPs Company and was speaking at a t of the House of Assembly la Papus-ttew Guinea has been elevated Can't Last
FRED AND SLIM Dill wily bufiMid Lenur |wrta, bat ok-
main c.efllll promotion of. meeting encouraging prosperour by the Australian government Seven elected memberswill Much, Longer"Admission vioiuly by Ibilr tlM Ibcy .r. roMtoUMun in UM UM art
Negroes on a seniority basis Negroes to become enter- work with department beads and carry out many of the ... Mllng and enjoying prepared ..food. and ....... y..
into noncompetltlve Jobs, and preneurs. normal functions of a minister of state. The seven will also be Adv. 2.50 At Door '3.00FREE rail Mr*. JIM.. our ..U door neighbor M the Frying KUlcav
the establishment of a training alluded to members of ... JS5-M85 prior to coming do.... She' will bate Urtyflik
The Integrated panel the Administrator's Council
have a say .
wndwirh, t ihrtmp dinner or a Uk dinner Killing for
program to upgrade Ne- the need for cooperation by Negro drawing up the territory's budget : TABLES BUS SEIVICE your arrival t .
groes. leaders. -

J.".L I ...

I l,
t .
t..A.. _- ,', .. .. .. "t. .. ... .. '

i . . . . . . .
. .

,PAGE 6 ____ STAR

But Will It here's! the "how" for creative cookery

Come Out

Of Buffet Parties and the Sporting Teens Saving By Sewing i v ItVJ7 .

the Pan? tive stick touch carrot take-sticks toothpicks and olives and ( OUR BUDGET GUID'qO

into a grapefruit.To '
2IPEJl : top off the sporting meal sI \ MEAL PLANNING/

But th'i needn't be the case: let the griddle score a second
today's non-stick coated utensils touchdown. As soon as the last I ,:
eliminate that chance of having sandwich has been taken turn .. ,/ MAJJJJ
half the cake on the rack and off the griddle let it cool: and >j

the other half sticking to the give it a quick swipe with a
pan. Layer cakes muffins damp sponge. Indeed it's U
molds, custards. any item easy as that thanks to its non-
baked in a non-stick coated stick finish. Warm up some '1t. Seventeen Magazine Boosts
aluminum utensil will glide out slices of refrigerated pound cake r
smoothly in one piece. All the l and if you wish top them with a44'awS'b'
new recipes you read about attest ice cream. Negro Girls In Fashions
that many homemakers still Try these recipes for Chili
do their own baking. Cheese Grill and Mexican Fiesta

Cookware manufacturershave r Soup and you'll I have a winnerof NEW YORKFor three outstanding Negro girls, achievement -
found that aluminum the a meal regardless of how
ha* led to recocnition-- In the fashion and beauty pages of
best heat conductor of the vari the game comes out.CHILICHEESE .
ous materials used for utensils p' .national publication.The .
1ysatP In the January "You Mary's Academy Inglewood
is ideal for the non-stick finishes. GRILL girls
Aluminum heats faster and more % lohmed trailer 1'EQ4 ,S' G t s the Reader" Issue of Seventeen graduate, now at U.C.L.A. sophomore
evenly eliminating the hot spots rtt' I Icaipoo chill powder or margarine Magazine, annually devoted to has won achievements
causing burning, scorching and % lenpooM Mil .4 ; !the contributions of talented awards in civics, speech, dra-
sticking. I6 llcr white bread ? h s teens in every field, are: ma and biology. After college
At first the nonstick finishes 16 tlkfi American cheese Kathy Abernthy 18,2301 Vine she wants to "work in public'

appeared only on frying pans X tap pickle' relhh drained street, Denver, Colorado, mo- relations, promoting myself a
enabling the weightconsciouscooks Combine Bwiier.chin powder radMil. ,c} ,,. M' 9 i, r4 1.A leis two sew-lt-yourself outfits product or maybe even a. political
to foods without My ; Y r Spread halt of mixture on one r y '? 01 wool dress candidate."
prepare side of bR... To make each Mud- .44 + .: + + + .: 4f ; a pimento crepe
oil butter margarine or shorten' I 1 It and a long sleeved "peasant"blouse A little arm-chair psychology
wish par one dice of cheese O '
M y 'C :'
Ir'i 4 +
The boom in non-stick < b .55j d
ing. big buffered tide of bread. Top ebb 1 k $ yrd with a dirndl skirt. prompted formerly overweight
cookware came when home' one laMetpoon pickle relhh. OM 4t e w Tracy Reed, 18, of 3609 Oly- Linda Walton, daughter of Mr.
makers found that the coated r{ slIce of cheese and on* tike of plad Drive, Los Angeles, California and Mrs. James Walton, tolose

surfaces made their new utensils NEW YORK (CFN) Now that the football is bread, battered tide down. Spread who poses In a Iron and 20 pounds and go from size 13
so easy to clean. And of remaining batter minor*on ..,.... "I think I
course bakers soon found that here chances are the crowd will bring home fullback-size of each .1MI..klt.. To (trill Mod- back tipped body shirt with a to size seven. psyched
the nonstick finishes allowedfor appetites after the game. An easy answer is a buffet spread etches, art on alomlnom electric :' : earwig dirndl skirt. myself Into thinking I wasn't
riddle 01 JtS'F. Grill MndiHcbea tt Linda Walton, 18,of 2071 Corry fat. And so long u I wasn't
the easy removal of baked that can be planned in advance then organized by the d rt w f: /
S BlI.., e It I did
on each tide. Garnbh Street Memphis Tennesses Is admitting never nay-
goods from pans. youngsters whenever they're ready. Aluminum electric ap with pleura sad cherry lomaioet. 44'a one of ten formerly fat teens thing about It," Now that she's
of sizes and pliances will be a big help. If dctlred. Make I Mndofehet.MEXICAN .
Today a variety who reveal their diet sevretsin 'dUramed down, sports, swimming
shapes of non-stick aluminum To prepare for such a get- sories: an electric aluminum a special beauty feature and volleball,are a major
loaf pans angel cake cook together pick a menu that can Dutch oven and an electric FIESTA SOUP titled "We lost 409 Pounds.'' leisure time Interest cake pans muffin pans be easily assembled-either beforehand aluminum griddle. 2 ca. I IIOM ....e" each) chicks Talented Kathy, daughter of who is a member
sheet and molds are available or on-the-spot. For example When the crowd returns the 2 with eke seep '.\, Mr. and Mrs. O.CJUwroetliy, her local Red Cfost...chapter,
cant .
and toop water fto1f
sandwiches .
Even rolling pins have been soup grilled meal can be assembled in no
I can II posadloauton. drained 1p was valedictorian of her graduating her sbcoo volleyball team and
made with the nonstick would certainly time all.
coatings appeal at Mexican Fiesta
Soup 2 cant 112 I ooncet each! whale ;, .' class at Manual High choir and had role lathe senior
-especially valuable for to appetites whetted by vigorous is a spicy delicious combination ,
keroal corn with plmlenioI School In Denver and nameda play. The S'l" teen who feels
preparing thin flakey pastry. cheering on a brisk fall day that will be ready in about leaipooo. Mil ... ,
On the night before or the ten minutes. Because it's madein X leatpoool Mf.... National Achievement Scholar emphaslng "good bealthrlood"
morning of the game, prepare the electric aluminum Dutch X leatpoofl pepper 't. Now a freshman at Smith is more Important tham counting -
,Glued Carrots Shine Chili Cheese Grill spread and oven the soup is evenly and n In.,... louaiH minced onion. : "'! College in Northampton, Mal calories, also enjoys readIng -
make the sandwiches. Wrap quickly heated and stays piping I lemon, diced p : tacbusetts, she plans to attend and movies.ANSWERS.
them In aluminum foil and store hot automatically for second Set an aluminum. electric Moce- ; i.t graduate school and become a.
in the refrigerator. helpings.At pan al I50F.Combine seep wafer, : l certified public account. "I will

Before leaving tor the game, the same lime the sandwiches lomainet... ,corn and Mh In the user ]i1I. ---- be one of the few women In the for the
Simmer 5 mlnotet. Add .' -
the junior home maker can set can come out of the reran field..but that doesn't botherme
sad minced ..
Slo' ,
the table for the buffet spread refrigerator onto the electric met pepper J .......n. Sane hoi ebb "/!' -i .. she says "It makes me Anguished
Including plates, bowls, napkins, griddle to be toasted to golden leans sheer floating" on lop. Make '" I'\ all the more determined." CookIe
Clan a vrgeHable! lo<< give It eye etc.i and two very vital acces splendor. For an additional fen I terrioi .. :,,,'t.. Tracy, daughter of Mr and
niin>al and on apiwUting flavor.
Irs. David Reed named
To gate cooked vegetable in Do-it-Yourself BreakfastsNEW "Miss Teenage LOS, was Angeles"and Q. I .have |Just bought a MW set ofasstick
Utt own pour dark corn syrup coaled aluminum poll
over the vegetable, dot with YORK- On Saturday and Sunday mornings when everyone in the family gets up at dif became a "Miss Teenage and pa... Do they require a.ypedal
margarine and bake at 400 dffnvs breakfast four five times. The best NEW YORK. Kathy Abertty, 18, Denver, U modeling a sew. America" finalist. The St.
IS minutes. To cook and ferent hours, mothers often fine themselves making or amt
-yourself outfit for Seventeen Magazine's January issue.
frv h dismilve solution? A alrapel yet coursing do-lt-yourselt buffet breakfast.
glan A. Utensils with nonstick linings
bouillon i I: This Is a slmpl -to-itlck blouse and skirt, from a McCall
a chicken cube inI Mom. can ready the Ingredients the night before aDd set the utensils on the kitchen
proper should be washed thoroughly
fabrics Concord retail
of Pour in pattern. Component are produced, J Pre Game
cup boiling water. table the first it la and out the breakfast makings. From then on with the Brunchby
about'tap! light corn' syrup: one up plugs gets print broadcloth, whipcord. Photos courtesy Seventeen, and brushed with cooking oil be
add a pat o( mararinp with 1 griddle hot and automatically maintaining Its set temperature each family member can prepare Jean Ban Publicity: fore being used for the first time.
pound fresh carrots, cut intosmall breakfast to his own taste In Just a minute or so after arriving at the table. Mom can either Bail Oioctet However this does not apply to
sticks Cover and rook over sleep late herself or go on with her morning's activities. tubed cake became
medium and heat cook 10 about l minutes 10, min.Uncover Fried or scramble eggs, all kind of griddle cakes, or French toast are Ideal for this menu. Eat Meat-Keep Neat BRUNCH MENU the batter should pans stick to the!

ute longer or until carrots are With fruit Juice and milk or coffee to round out the breakfast, everyone can'go his ownway Ruhr Delight sides of the pan. For regular
tender and glued and liquid quickly without having bother ed anyone else. U desired, bacon or sausages can be prepared ? Scrambled Em cleaning, this cookware shouldbe
induced. Make 3 lo 4 solving In advance and kept at serving temperature on t warming tray along with bread and rolls. Canadian Bacon or Urn Sheen washed with a dishcloth or

Cherry-Nut Rolls sponge and hot soapy water,
Coffet Milk rinsed well!and dried immediately.A .

Ruby Delight: Strawberry mere rinsing is not enough.
barb astute spooned into frosty Reading tht specific manufaclurrr't -
f td sherbet ilaues. Garnish withpineapple dirtciiont tack
for car of
s chunk silt so that It
j alta over rim of flats.CUERRYNUT pitct of cookwrt it layt the
bta guide

SUPER MARSCEYSc rv Vt cup butter ROLLS Q. Many people' kite axmdlckcoaled
pans especially BOB-
V cup bro.I&ar (packed)
fat cooklag. Is U all right to we
U cup chopped or slivered
I ', almOAda butler or other fats anyway?

Quantity EDGEWOOD-AW!. B, STORE t! J II candled cherries A. Although the nonstick coal
1 package active df''eut ings permit non-fat cooking any
.t Ri=h 4 W'W t SUNDAY 9 A.M. TO 6P.M.. !i cup warm.water In or cooking oil can be used in
DOS lo 11$ ) these pans. Because aluminum

SUGAR CURED SMOKED V/t S cups Blaqulck: conducts heat evenly butter for
tablespoons butler
example melts quickly over low
',i cup brown sugar (packed) heat and
the possibility of burring
,f Yt cup chopped candledcherries will be eliminated. A small
LB. 39 Mixt cup butter. H cup amount of fat or oil may be desired -

brown sugar, tho almonds: divide for flavor or browning.Q. .
among 12 large muffin Care the noa-tlkk coaled poll
cups Add cherry to each. Dissolve and pans withstand dishwasher
'tit'v yeast In warm water. Mix cleaning. ?
U.S. GOOD In Blaqulck. Beat vigorously
A. While non-stick are
Turn onto lightly floured cloth- coatings
covered board Knead until not affected by dishwashers, the
smooth about 20 times. Roll exterior finishes on pots and pans

CHUCK ROAST 49 MS'sNEW ( dough Into oblong less vary; thus it is beat to make sure
t- butter.Spread V with, cup 2 brown tablespoons tions to read before the manufacturer's direr

LB. sugar and tho chopped cher. using each new pieceof
ries. Roll up as for Jolly cookware
roll beginning at wide aide Q. What about cooking pastries

DIXIE CRYSTAL .... .. Seal well by pinching edge bt non-stick pans?
UNIT ONE WITH *r.MM A YORK- Linda Walton, featured in this month's Seventeen Cut pared into muffin 12 slices.cups.Place Cover.in pre Let A. When preparing highly sugared -

OR MORE FOOD ORDER O Magazine, is one of four girls who lost a total of 409 rise in warm place (as') about confections the utensils
SUGAR *: pounds when overweight became a problem. Linda substituted 1 hour. Heat oven to *uo*.Bake should be oiled greased or
I meat and vegetables for calories. Linda quit "eating the IS minutes Invert pan immediately floured each time since dishes
5 LB. BAG 7 things that make you tat." Linda's weight careenedtrom 135 to Mikes on U.r a e k. Serve warm. with lots of sugar tend to adhere

115 pounds. Seventeen PhotoJoan Baer Publicity. even to the special Cmahea.JJ .






LB. 19/a
HENS y ,,. 0o sroa tr



FLA. GRADE 'A' LARGE i: ;'sr-: ,{

EGGS .TMDOMHCNT.. ttvte 37/a

\ : .
\ <
i.s. #1 .:' j r' sr w

POTATOES ;, ,: \; 10 IB. .BAG ,. : 29* 5, \ : ;r: .a.- p S.. ;;'1, *MONEYSAVING

'FRESH GREEK .' W., ,f ', : """ ... s.
5t tr: & ,"
1 > LB. .... ." tSPECIALS
, CAI.AGE.: :'
: .' -.

; BAUARD FLOUR ';.. _'!; :.; s IB. BOX. \, '7' 49* \ : d'9/"

! SUE PUTt :*, :/ ,



t .
\ .
, .. .

c '.,.:l;''. '

_:: : ._ _

..J. .. ..i..J..n..i. . r r .. .. .. .r .. .. .. .H--' .'. "r .. L" 'r .I "P., .r .r ,, ,, LJ, H" '. "



/Justine: La mar fashion pattern :'

FEMININE Ec111usthte ;( ( ft' tt)

'.. New Walnut Cookbook i\ : f' I

La mar fashion pattern .. 1t
Traveling Companion ,lU \

J ,'ft 1,I
A R .,1Jiv.r41
1e '.'

1. Li y ,

.e 4 "

;r a ','

iI." ."
\A ;
C'- .,

ij '\ 1 :r,. 1 1
",* .l.v.t': '
When going off to visit friends or relatives take along a homemade "
treat. This Angel Divinity If the perfect answer. Especially Walnut Rum Torte, an intriguing I le of 200 \ '.
festive because 1t's rolled in the new moist Baker's Cookie Coco rexHpe* in the new cookbook, : : o w'i one Recipe over Gema", .' j
with bit of maraschino The coconut
nut and topped a cherry. This
new recipe book from the Diamond Walnut Kitclien
accent flavor and also the from 'E +
adds a delightful keeps candy some 86 page filled with delectable eating ideas ranging from s
sticking during transit. easy-to-do hors d'oeuvre to scrumptious salad and crunchy
COCONUT ANGEL DIVINITY cookies. There are suggestion! for decorating with walnuts, too, !
and both fashioned culinary beauties to completely modem, :
Y cup light corn syrup Few drops peppermint whip-up-wtth-a.mis dishes. This collection of walnut recipe gem
*/ cups sugar flavoring (optional was made over many year and represents favorites with good ,
% teaspoon salt /i cup chopped nuts cook throughout the country. Copies are available for 60 cent: .
Vt cap water I cup cookie coconut: Send together with your address to Diamond Walnut : j
t egg whites Red and green maraachllii : Recipe Gems, Drpt. A, o":4i4tn& :, Iowa 62732. o ,;.
teaspoons vanilla no cherries cut In piece Walnut Ram Torte
Combine corn syrup, sugar salt and water In saucepan. Cook !'i cup butter 3 teaspoon vanilla o '.: ,
over medium heat attiring constantly, until sugar la dissolved 6 egg white 1% sifted all-purpose :
Continue cooking without stirring until a small amount of Vt teaspoon salt cups R-269
syrup forma a hard ball In cold water (or to a temperature ofS62M. 3 tablespoons powdered 1 cup chopped toasted C :.
augar Diamond Walnut* Sixes Lau
While syrup la cooking, beat egg whites until stiff but not dry. 8 egg yolk Rum Sauce
Then, when temperature la reached syrup slowly over 1 cup granulated sugar
pour smart two piece sheath dress would be a credit to any woman'
egg white beating constantly Beat until,mixture begins to Melt butter; let cool. Deal egg white with salt till soft peaks A wardrobe...with a softly draped bodice over a slightly<< gathered
appear dull and holds its shape. Add vanilla peppermint flavorIng form; gradually, add
powdered sugar and heat till slid but not .
and nut*. Drop from tip of teaspoon Into coconut on wax dry. in separate bowl, beat yolk slightly; add and vanilla lrt.ldf'liin e..pe.l.meor mat jersey.
paper to shape candy Into a ball and to coat with coconut. Decorate beat till thick and creamy Sprinkle flour over sugar white, in; Price 11.00-R.2691..niflbl in sites 10. 12. 14.16.18.Site
with cherries.Make about 7 dozen.Cranberry yolk; gently fold till mixture U half blended. Add butter pour and 11 take* 3V4 yard*of 42 inch fabric. Standard body measurements,
cup 2U walnuts; fold till barely mixed.. Pour into buttered and floured for size 14 are: Bust 34 Waist 26,I lip*36r
or 3-quart: mold (or 10 Inch tube pan); top with remaining
R-268 BreadMake V cup walnuts. Bake at 350 degree 40 minute or till done when '
tested with pick.Cool 10 minutes;add Rum Sauce.To make sauce, Send One Dollar for pattern plus S cent for postage,l In cash or
HIM 10.11 combine Itt cup* granulated sugar lilt cup water, dash salt, check. No Stamp. For First-das mailing<<,send 15 cent extra.Add'One !
1 lonfi grated peel.of '/i orange and V4 lemon Bring mixture to boil; boil Dollar If'ouwlab NEW AUSTINE LA MAR PATTERN BOOK:
10 minute* Cool Stir In V4 to U cup rum or 2 to 3 '
For daytime or after five this elegant!! suit focuses attention at 2 cup flour VJ cup undiluted Carnatte"" extract Make hole In cake with skewer: (noon sauce teaspoona over cake.rum 'oI-C'omplrte election of High Fashion designs Including AU.
back on M 4 .Iuttonrd jatkrl thai Is M .,cl by wraparound skirt. 1 tablespoon baking Cvsporsttd Milk When. sauce la absorbed (about 10 minutes) turn out on serving best-seller. Send to AUSTINE LA MAR Fashion Pattern (named,
Semi-fitted jar'ke4 ha*slandawiy collar.Try sheer wool,wool knit or powder 2 tablespoon melted plate. Makes 10 aemnp. your newspaper), Box 161$. G.P.0. New York N.Y. 10001. Print J.:
heavy silk 1 teaspoon soda butter your full name,address,PATTERN NUMBER AND SIZE. .
Price ll.00-U.268 II available" site 10, 12. It. 16. 18.Site 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup Bounce*can)whole ..
14 lake 3V4 yard of 41 inch fabricMandard: body measurement / cup,sugar cranberry sauce tr/r t'\
Waist lli ,,:16. 2 well beaten eggs Vt cup chopped pecadsV. '
for size 14 arc Bust:.11. 26. "YOUR DOllAR ..
cup cranberry juke) ,

Send One Dollar for pattern,plus 5 cent for postage,(in cash or* Sift dry Ingredients together Combine 1 gas".cranberry Juice BUYS MORE :
check.No Stamp For Fin4-Qa mailing,tend 15 cents extra.Add and undiluted Carnation E\'lIllnI'lIh..1| l Milk. Boat welt wllhrot.ry .
One Dollar if you wish" NEW AUSTINE LA MAR PATTERN BOOK beater. Add melted butter mid beat well. Add rrnn- AT YOUR BANNER .
84-eompkie selection of High Fashion. designs, including ALL berries and pecan and beat gently. Silt cranberry mixture
AUSTIN LA MAR Fashion Pattern, (name of
best-seller Send to Into dry Ingredient" Mix well four Into wellbuttered9x3x3lnch
your newspaper), Box 161$, G.P.O.. New York. N.Y. 10001. Print loaf pan Bake In mmlcrate! oven I3.YI"F,1 SPECIALS GOOD FOOD STORE"RIGHTS ",
your name 55 60 minute Turn nut onto seeding riu'k. Serve bread
either warm ell'cool RESERVED THROUGH 0'
o C-KMC-IYInled .
In l'.e.A'In:






49'CThe C FFEE I










SULTANAMAYONNAISE Umlt One With J 5.00 Or More Food Order JANUARY ROAST LB.49c









., -MOC GREEN lEANS 303 7 fOR

Limit OM With$5.00 Or Moro Food Ort BUSH'S SHOWBoAT WHOLE




'j,, I.r', ,:
-. .ilm I""i ,,,,,,Ji.
...Sf1 -

,;!' .....'9 ... __ .. .. .. ... .. .. 9.... ... ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... ... .. ... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. . . .. .. . .. . ,


-'Ut __ nil PAPERS



4 '

Vashonettes Plan For Hit Miami Society Will Get

[Beach Shorts ]
Tops In Entertainment Life

V """" -
'i." ""
Newest luxury hotel In Nassau Bahamas the Blue Vista \ MIAMI BEACH FLA.-Well, the coconut palms can start
Club was officially opened December 20 with ceremonies attended ii bearing coconuts here again. This winter up to now they've
by government, civic and business leaders. been.producing footballs.' And while it has been tremendously
The Bahamas Ministry of Education has Introudced a counseling exciting and colorful, the time has come for the real season
and guidance program in the secondary schools of New .to show through once more.
Providence Its object is to prepare young people in meetingthe : The Miami Beach holiday stage is featuring top night club
difficulties they experience in the transfer from school to .6. .. acts, concerts with a little circus and opera for variety
work. against background swimming fishing thoroughbred racing
The Bahamas government is launching its first manpower greyhound racing and just plain lazing in the sun.
survey throughout the entire resort archipelago. fr11f For the next 10 weeks every major supper club here will spare
Paradise Island Casino opened December 20, a week after the nothing to put on more lavish entertainment than its competi
formal opening of the adjoining nine-story Paradise Island Hotel tors. "The Masked Ball" will be sung Jan. 24 in Miami Beach
and Villas. The casino's theater and cabaret lounge is featuring f auditorium with internationally known artists in leading roles,
Internationally known performers.The supported by outstanding local choral groups. Rlngling circus
Cunard Line's "Carmania" paid its first call at Nassau, will play in the adjoining Convention ball Jan. 17-21.
Bahamas December 18 to give passengers a day's sightseeing, The Greater Miami Phllarmonic will be heard in the auditoriumJan.
ashore. She was on a voyage from the United Kingdom via 28, Feb. 13, Feb; 25, March 12, and April 9. The Miami
Bermuda to Port Everglades Fla. where she begins a seriesof 1i Beach Symphony in the sajne.3,600 seat building Feb. 11, March
winter cruises. 10 and May 5. Three,legitimate stage companies will be playingIn
Sir Robert Me Alpine A Sons (Bahamas) Ltd.has been awarded the area for the season.
a contract to erect a $3.5 million commercial block of Hialeah Park opens its thoroughbred meeting Wednesday with
offices and shops on Nassau's Bay Street to be completed by a card that includes more than $600,000 in stakes and runs
February 1969. The complex owned by Beaumont, which is through March 2, after which Gulfstream will continue the
under the management of the Trust Company of the Bahamas Florida winter circuit through April 23.
Ltd. The greyhounds are running at Miami Beach Kennel club
The American Museum of Natural History has signed a contractfor where nlchtlv'cards will continue through May 3. Jai alai is
a $267,000 construction program for a research at its available nightly across Biscayne bay at the Miami fronton
Lerner Marine Laboratory at Bimini in the Bahamas. Construction Basketball tans will assembly in Miami Beach Convention hall
will start early In 1968 and be completed in eight for University of Miami 'games against Maryland Jan. 30,
months Florida AIM Feb. 10, Crelghton Feb. 24 and Florida State
The Beach Inn, a 100-room hotel on Paradise Beach will open ..... .....":';:......nt March L The St. Louis Hawks play on the same court against
Aqua-Spectacular, world's Irgest water ski show .... f "f' the Boston Celtics Jan. 25, Los Angeles takers Jan. 28,
.. Philadelphia 76ers Feb. 11 and New York Knickerbockers Feb.
In the bay Star class boats will'sail for the Bacardi Cupat
Entertainment. Hues And Cries After over 100 Hours of rehearsals vasnonettes move Into Williams, Konya rank and"Bobble erne aided in their efa Coral Reef Yacht club Jan. 20-26 and Shark class skipperswill
recording studio to cut "Love" which experts feel will be a forts by producer Leonard Caston (seated at the piano), and have headquarters at the Coconut Grove Sailing club
smash hit for the girls who started out in show business as danBilly Davis, chief artist and rpertolre director for Chess Re- for national competition Fib. 3-4.
STRICKEN yens From left, Yvonne Maury the lead singer, Ernestine cords The personal touch In vacation sports always Is at band in
PHILADELPHIA Internationally famous but controversial Miami Beach where three golf courses and two tennis centersare
singer Paul Rotation last week was stricken with ',a skin In year round operation by the city along with handball
InOamatloo of his legs and was hospitalized in University courts shuffleboard and other park game facilities.
hospital. The 69-vesr old bass baritone became a contriver- Back From Paradise Fashions When all this palls, one always can go fishing. Charter
sal (flgue'in America In thelMOs and 50s because of has boats for blue water trolling drift boats for reef fishing and
outspoken views on civil rights and his administration for outboards for light tackle excitement may be engaged at numerous -

Russia At docks: nearby.Miami .
boat tv show
JACKSONVILLE FLA.- Ken Knlghta native of Daytona
Beach Fla. and a graduate of Hamptoo institute in Virginia, Hosts Tennis Players
bas been credited with hosting one of the most popular television & Glance

show,,in Florida. This show seen Station WFGA-TV, From Thirty-Five Nations
Channel 12, .U wed "Ken Knight Showcase" and features
wrsonllties In the fields of business, education, fraternaland One of the oldest cultural phenomena MIAMI BEACH, FLA.- Some 35 countries send players to
entertainment.BUILDS of the Western world the Orange Bowl Junior Tenol( Championship at Miami
CLUBS Is the welfare between the .Beach every winter making the tournament the largest international -
"establishment" and Its dlststabllshmeni event of Us kind in the world.
CLEVELANDCleveland fold singer! Tedd Browne will turn FiJ
tar Ian
Immpressarto soon when a supper club be is building in coO opponents.
People wen dispute govern The University of Miami's Institute of Marine Sciences located -
abandoned botrthouse in city's ,Cats area is
comjUtri. Browne's Red Dog Saloon will feature fine food and mental policies In the name of Just lout of Miami Beach operates a fleet worth some
entertainment amid quiet decor. high ideals may seem to have $3,000,000 and conducts explorations In tropical waters around
developed something new, but the world. Most of tbecraft: were donated to the indtltute.hmiLtiailH .
POINEERING ARTS MUESUM they have not The cultural
EDWARDSVILLE, ILL.- Internationally famous dancer and conflict between authority and ; ;
1 r : liltii I.
choreograboer Katharine Dunham is pioneering the establishment license Is an old problem of i- ,
of a performing arts museum at Southern Illinois our civilization: dating back to AUTO INSURANCE DOW,.
where she Is a professor in residence The mueum, if approved the rarely Christians' revolt against SERVICEN2LL's CITY (iM* 4_).
by the school's board of trustees will be located at the university's the "powersthatbe" tUlltlIYPHYSIC lDaHAGlI I N,.. 7th AVE. I Slik ST.

East SL Louis (JU.) center tt will be devoted to of And their others day. who merely shake m.-. I SI 22 f IlINC]1ed1 _:..laInnil I'll.
toe continuation of the Dunham method of instruction.
their head in disgust at the

COMBINES:: TALENT BEAUTY hippies draft- rl burnersand
NEW YROK-. BARBARA RANDOLPH Negro actress appearIng oiler dissenters of our Announcing The Grand Opening Of

with Sidney Peltier In Columbia Picture's film "Guess time, ,themselves overlook the
Who's Coming to Dinner," is a young woman who combines dis e s,t a b l 11 s hmentarianism 0fune 41J1io
beauty with talent. She is featured In one of the fastest scene which Is as much a part of *
In the picturedancing act with plenty of hip action. t Western civilitatlon as a regard Wigs, WigletS & w FASHIONS
for "law and order",per
sonal discipline( and other old-
fashioned virtues.Interlaced Switches No Money
Hone O. 1.434) PHONE ox roar with the maintenance .

"A'UvIN..l.vIC. Ins TN. "' "...." of political and religious
controls has long been a cultural Down IUH<< Week

RANGE FUNERAL HOE\ aversion U aU 1orltT.. ..
Western tradition bas It that
8727 N. W. 17TH AVENUC
the people who fight entrenched
M:.ATMALJB RANoe N. PATRICK ltANoa power are more virtuous and +. ..
0"' ..... ...... ............ 'n), li
noble than representatives of nit: TM W.T. firut
............ .....nNu, tt
PYNI.A..N..T established authority. In this 'I :, ;st Dtpirtiut Stirs
vein, the exponents of "romantic -
love," which developed In -:1 y lliYl'f, Jj S E. nttlM'
the Middle Ages, used a pious t "'_ :-.4 !-) i
R ;.} ;' ; MauR
:I' ( r
691-7661 devious 'violations of traditional .. If-J; 8 1..
J sexual' morality to developa Plow 3U-3H5

more "loftz", kind of love.
r And Robin Hood,' despite being
Your professional beautician
a bandit is far more esteemed'tha
,r NASSAU BAHAMAS, EXCLUSIVE-Recent visitors to the sunny tropic isles of the Bahamas n the rich people he pil-' knows the answer. .
were newlyweds Mr. and Mrs Ronald E.. alvln, 505 West 17th St., Jacksonville, who honeymotme4 !laged. 'The 12th century British

at NassaifsSheraton-Brltlsh Colonial Hotel after their Dec. 16 Wedding. outlaw authority Joined law-
rr.iv, breaking with helping the poor-
Can hair be
a combination the Western your damagedfrom

r iE FIGHT CANCER J Chicago Church world admits.appreciates more than it" brushing alone?

Is Bequeathed.. Long before the "nonviolent"dissent
of Dr. Martin Luther
4 King Jr., the Anglican church. All hair becomes damaged from exposure to sun and natural
Money By Pastor In a blaze of righteous glory, elements. Certain greasy compounds and many chemicals, improperly -
broke with the Roman Catholic used also take their toll...not to mention simple attempts
CHICAGO-Mount Calvary Bap church the United States declared at beautifying the hair with any brush not made of
J 7L ; : tist church has been left well its independence from natural bristles. The results are brittleness, breakage dry and
cared for by its young pastor Great Britain, and the abolitionists dull looking hair.
of nine years' standing the warred against the peculiar Your professional beautician knows how artificial bristles
Shopping Center Rev. A. dvard Davis, 38, who institution of slavery.In actually brush away a great deal of the "lubricants" of the hair
'hiakc Irk rni4tt he. i r, died recently.It all these actions the dissenters that give it body lustre and protection. And trained beauticians.
was disclosed after his death were not acting only claim that nothing beats Clairol condition Beauty Pack Treat-
that Re,. Davis made the church interms of their own self-inter ment for overcoming brittleness dryness and breakage. .
call. the beneficiary of a policy covering est. They cited the Western leaving hair lively and easy to manage condition Is an easy-to-
how of Uuwttn&d two parcels of land which world's noble vision of liberty work-with creme which can even be applied during a chemical
2994 N.W. 46th St would practically eliminate the from restraints regarded as straightening retouch to prevent drying of hair that has beeh
institution's Indebtedness. harmful, and sometimes, down previously relaxed. condition is the ultimate in repairing deep-
TJ.4 Rev. Davis also made ample right evlL down damage. And, when time is a factor for,their customers
insurance: rnovlsions for his Were it not for this tradition, hairdressers turn to new Clairol Hair Dew*-the lotion condi-
Groceries'Heais'YegetablesBEER wife and six children. the activities of an Adam Clayton tioner that penetrates so fast many think of it as an Instant
The most ablodlng legacy the Powell would be Incompre conditioner. When applied regularly by your beautician Clairol
young minister lekt was his dynamic benslbje. Hair Dew adds body, softens and gives a glowing new look to
Influence on his congregation. your hair that many friends will notice and admire.
"Wh ,cp service begins and never ends" Damage can come from using brushes with artificial bristles.
Three & WINE TO 60 Among his projects were the But damage to every woman's hair comes from so many other
to serve you: establishment of a U.S. that all human hair
college scholarship ,BUY causes (including wigs) needs to be revitalized -
program for average periodically. Visit your professional beautician and ask
M.o.l Opa-locke Ptrrint students and the planned construction this expert to check the condition of your hair.
.C\ Free Delivery. Phone 634-9156 ,> home. of an old people's SAVING BONDS; Only your professional beautician knows the answer for sure

SCIdrolInc, 1967 Courtesy'Claltollnc. TM

I f .

-- -

om 0' . . .
..m. .

1 I 19.: l lJamaica


Doctor Area, Servicemen ,Serving Their Country I

Owns, Operation Airman 'tyrone G.Daysson of cialist with a unit of the Tac
Mr. and Mrs. James Bently of tlcal Air Command at Shaw>
Watt Bussing Doc tyi + Miami, Is with a unit of the AFB, South Carolina. He Is q!
LOd ANGELES-Or. Thomas Air Force Logistics Commandat 1965 graduate of Miami Norti
W. Matthew has done it mlA. Hill AFB, Utah. He is a western High and attended ,!
After opening Interfaith hospi- graduate of Miami's Northwestern Miami Dade Junior College;
tal in Jamaica. Queens, and High school Airman JoeL His father Samuel Avant, lire(?
starting a bus line there for z Floyd is the sod of Mr. In Center Hill, Fla. Last oa/
local residents convenience. Andrew Floyd and Mrs. Vic* the right Is Private James l>f
the neurosurgelon establish i torla Floyd of Tampa and,harIng .Granger, not in the Air Force' i
Ing three bus lines In Watts. completed basic training but in theArmy Signal School,'
The lines are owned by the at Lackland AFB, is now with Fort Manmouth, N.J. The Id-
National Economic Growth and the Strategic*.Air Command at tenslve training at tb* schoolthe '
Reconstruction organization McCoy AFb Fla. .He Is a 1967 gamut runs of Mcourses.He
which Dr. Matthew heads.A reduction graduate of Mlddleton High i* a graauate of: Mew Stanton
In fares and better bus School. Airman Lee A. Avant, High school Major training Is
services Is promised by the riot a whose mother is Mrs Edith giving those of exceptional
torn area, where transpotatlon Smith of Miami completed work promise in technologies of electronics
is pressing a problem for Job in photograhpy at Lackland AFB of elctronlcs, mete
seekers.. TYRONE G. DAYS JOE L. FtOYD LEE A. AVANt Is.GRANGES and is now a photographic spe orologv.,etc.

r ;
"mnnm.m sor


1 P.M. 'till 6 P.M.ItOOAt ..

i ii ,1 It ;

/ .

,-,., YK ':
.;....." -- -- :



tint f r
I 1 f !

I Ir


rJ, -


\ ; r i' :
< t ..., ., _"' uJ. J Jr
00.Ji. r
'b :
-.4 1" 4 T 3tpt.
afr '
.. :, .''. ;_ "V _. -. p s t .. 'O "I,' .
c. .0//

.. 1- ".',IJ k!"I..;. ''J., ,.}t,,/ .. ;;q; ,; ; = ........ '!



jrv' I: ..
ci .'/ ', .'
./ '


....... --



86"Sofa . . .$283
SEU High Backed Mr. Chair $140
![Ol roe designs a magnificently luxurious room with savings particularly at this once-a-year time. Extravagant Ladies Barrel Chair . .$121

comfort Is yours in a large 86"wood cradled sofa with')pillow backs squashy with polydacron and seat cushions 6" deep in Rubber 'N Ottoman . . ,321

Foam. For real stretching out room there's a high-backed Mr. Chair and its handsome ottoman. The chair has a deep pad back and the 4pc.Total Regular Price $571

same deep seating as the sofa. And with our graceful barrel chair, you'll find sitting ry pretty. NOW

Choose your color theme from our rich array of fabrics, color-coordinated by Selig's interior designers The sofa is covered in a two-

tone texture and the chairs in bright multicolored print on a linen bas.ket.weav For pillows or arm covers, a 1/3 yard of matching S 379ONLY

fabric comes free with each chair and sofa. You saw it advertised in House Beautiful.

$11. A
NO SPOT, JUST BLOT! All Fabrics Protected by SCOTCHQARD Stain Repeller- Stops stains before they start. Resists watery and Individual pieces t sax* MONTH livings

oily stains.

SHOPPING @ Every item is plainly marked with Bell's
everyday low prices. 'No hidden prices
CENTER no matching wits for the best deal. j
44th at t NORWOOD Bell guarantees the price".Vou pay to be 1
OPEN 10 'til 9 the lowest obtainable anywhere, will refund
the difference within thirty days
Monday thru Saturday if any identical item can. be .bought for
furniture I (IIN rORMK PINNIY LOCATION) less anywhere.

PHONE 1 765-4445


1 i

I I \ "

:. . . .


I: Negro Players On St. Louis Cards Complain About Discrimination

Eartha White Community Center Has Plans Big Sugar Ray Is John Roland, Player Leader,

( ,Announces Program For '68 = ; Trouble Is
,j Hall Of Fame Says Long-Lived

The Eartha M. White Community Community Center has'an '!r
to be a part of the 1968 agenda of the
,Bounced new winter recreation programs for 1968, starting Discrimlnatioifseems
67 Nominee Last week a two-page listing
Monday, Julius Culnyard, center director, said that his stall DICK Sfc, Louis Football Cardinals.
By lti'OLFF members of the ball team was signed
of eight, including five students from Edward Waters College, NEW YORKSugar Ray Robinson of grievance by the Negro
will have a for all persons to participate in. t t It seldom f.lIl. Tike a flrit.timer out /Ashing and he generally and submitted to the coarcb, Charley Winner. Empahsls
program rr
; winds up catching the biggest fish the most flub, or both. You the was given to the complaints when Johnny Roland, player
John M. Robinson freshman will be from 6 to 6:30 and for expert, force a grin and attribute his success to "be lnnera luck five-time middleweight,has leader, mentioned that the suspicion of discrimination' has
from Philadelphia, will be In women from 6:30: to 7 p.m, Maybe BO, but It happens too frequently to be entirely coincidental been elected to the Hall of xlsted fo r some time. He said that some of the Negro
charge of Children's physical A shower Is available for Let's take a closer\ look at this so-called "beginners luck" some Fame by the boxing bigwigs. -
ropn of it might rub off. Inviting someone, particularly a novice to go players are unhappy.
fitness classes, dally from 3:30to : baths Now 47 years of age, may
persons wishing following fishing Involves a responsibility on your part for his (comfort safety Winner was In Mobile Ala. bers refused to discuss the
4 p.m. in the children's recreation times called the ring's greatest ,
The center is
programs. opera and success. You're the host Harry. This means you'll probably let
also denied
.room Carolyn Peter ted by the Jacksonville Recreation the "pupil" use your favorite Mitchell or Abu.matlc spinning outfit. puncher, Robinson was chosen at the time of the submitting complaints. They
son, a senior and participant'In department. The department With Just a few minutes practice anyone can get the knack of hand along with Joe Jeannette and of the list and had no comment.He that any pressure had been considered
the recent Debutant Ball,will announces that an ahoy ling this modem fishing gear. Barney Aaron, heavyweight and has a new contract with the as to the firing of an
be incharge of girls' activities The day's fishing spot has been selected with care A phone call lightweight respectively. The team. assistant coach. They simply
contributed financial
and social dancing. Paulette moos to donor the Center on December ( Ti to a reliable and also fishing assures dock you operator of a brings boat and news bait of for good the fishing following conditions latter two are dead. Roland however, said that be asked for a "compromise" in

Malpress a senior, will be in Robinson was chosen by a large the handling of things.
; 27: The money will help In pur* morning. The anticipation and excitement of your guest about his
Bill and
charge of girls' activities story chasing equipment for the first fishing trip Is contagious and you find yourself at lakeside of experts. Voters were Cardinals owners
usual. This time to pick out a dry compiled Stormy Bidwill, In Miami for a
hour from 4 to 4:30.: teams. The Senior somewhat earlier than gives you by Ring Magazine. He
Marva Riley, a Junior will be boys' bas 1 boat, some choice minnows, and spend a few minutes chatting with was chosen by a margin of one National Football League meetIng .
ketball teams won the Johnson tells of little that's been a "hot spot"
He a cove
the proprietor. you
said there was nothing
i ii charge of the children's Branch YMCA Winter another with of vote, receiving 223 votes. He ,
League Roberto Clemente plans for bass. Because of your friend's unfamlllarlty a pair oars unusual about the listings. The
mass game period dally from Championship and placed second UK year at the profession you graciously take over throwing wa the only contemporary pugilist
4.30: to 5 Brenda Mosleya to make the tight polls. emphasized tha t rumors accompany
: p.m. In the YMCA Trournamenl al baseball diamond. After a Underway, you explain ,
sophomore, will assist in last week. the Mitchell spinning outfit, em v, 'fl' Male Baer lost, receiving only I winning. of losing
tour of
personal appearances,
phasising the Importance of the streaks.
mass game periods. Johnny Members of the basketball assisting at clinics and relax tenon drag, and clear ,209 votes.
Thomas will be in charge of squard are Willie at the adjustable A fighter had to be listed on
: Setzler.Glen lag, be had a perfect day Platyl monofilament line.
Johnson YMCA
all activities for Junior and Kleckley, Johnny Thomas.Ran plate for San Juan recently. After shipping oars and lettingthe the ballots. A fighter, in orderto To
senior boys, and Willie dolph.Mc Kiever, Gerald Dow* breeze drift the boat Into be eligible had to be retired
J. Settler will coach tad- ling, Tyrone Brown, John Baker Terrell position, you Instruct your for at least two years. Resume Ladies
Sgt. "crew" on the proper way to
pot basketball. Another requirement was that'
Theodore Hamilton Frank
anchor slow and
drop -
Sinclair Johnson and Hugh! Williams, John Frank, Wilbur Visits Home The "Foot shuffling tamp Is easy.out" \ be would have had to fight with Slimnastic ClassesThe
Brown will assist in Junior and Fields, B. Llncole James you announce warning that fish :1 in the last 35 years Johnson
activities. Julius Guinyard will Brenson, L. Booker and Sin rgeant Eddie Terrel, sun of feel vibrations so the lest you r Robinson made the grade. He JOHN ROLAND Branch YMCA
conduct physical fitness classesfdr clair Johnson. Mrs. Essl ....Smlth,1641 Moocrif move around In the boat, the 'c' retired on December 10, 1965. will begin'the second eight
better. Talk all you want, but ?)I bad not been the target of the weeks SUmnastics Class
men and women from 8 to The Table Tennis team defeated vlluge, was recently in 't He was outpointed by Joey Art discrimination but thata period
foot stampln tackle box alleged
7p.m. daily Classes for men the YMCA 4 to 1 and lost the city tie is a 1965 gradu&M droppln:: or' cher on November 10, 1965, in feeling seemed to be In the Tuesday, January 16, under the

to Jan Navy 3-4 In recent mat of Raines High. He flnlsneu his The lessons continue as you show your friend how to make aure a ten rounder. He font retired4n air on the part of the players.On leadership of Mrs Tbelma
ches. Members of the team are basic training at L-cUand Air' the hook Is sharp by giving It a few strokes with the book hone. December of 1952, still holding Geiger
: other hand Ernie McMillan
top To Bottom Owens Lawrence Charles Force Base Antonio, Texas He The liveliest minnow la hooked carefully Just under the dorsal the middleweight crown. On the The class will meet each Tuesday
Tay II is DOW stationed ht Shaw Air. fin and cast out towards a submerged tree trunk. You hand October 24 1954 be annoudbed who has had seven years and Thursday at 7:30 p.m.
| ,
lor, Wilbur Brown, Richard and the fishing rod to .with the plgsklnners said there in
your companion and start to rig up your own An persons Interested spot
Dell Sports, a leading sports Theodore Hamilton. The centerIs Force Base, South Caroll a. outfit plans for retirement. He barely *
was noISing .0 over bearing that muscle toning o r
choice He Is the son of Jlmmle L. missed the 1955 Hall of Fame. reducing, ,
magazine has made a open Monday through Thurs Suddenly your friend has a fish on and he lets the whole world they could not live with It, Both down another dress
of the 20 top basketball teams day. 3 to 9:30: p.m. Terrell. know It The bend of the rod tell. you the fish Is a big one so you Sugar Ray won the first welterweight McMillan and Roland revealedthat trimming
The list follows raise the anchor and row the boat out Into open water The fight crown in 1946. After site should enroll Immediate
UCLA ; n continues as your "pupil," acting upon your Instructions, handles four defenses be relinquishedit the Negro players helda ly before the class is filled
L the fish perfectly. At last It's In the net and you can both relax. meeting before preparing the Those persons desiring to participate
r nTh; HorizonThe t -l l6.6. You offer congratulations and your friend adopts a grin that would and won the middleweighttitle complaints.At should call 765-3589 or
L UCLA Sports put the Cheshire rat to shame. The fish turns out to be the prize by Jake UMotta In the press time the Negro mem 765-3580 for details.
I. Houston catch of the day, thirteen round at Chicago in
J. Kansas On the way home, you and your friend talk over the day's events February of 1951.He came close
4. Louisville 1967 sports program throughout America has brought and he modestly accepts the theory of "beginners luck. No such to taking the light heavyweightcrown Florida State University
5 Dayton to light the exploits of Negroes in all areas, byt particularly thing) You made your own luck when you got out of your rut and from Joey Maxim on

6. North Carolina In football, basketball and baseball. The Impossibility of abook Going off back your to old fundamentals sloppy, fishing reminded habits you of techniques you June 25, 1952, but collapsed Signs DIY to I. I to Squad..
7. Boston College rhrnnlcllnt all of them Is obvious, because high schools, once followed (closely but have forgotten or discarded for some from beat exhaustion In the
8. Davidson colleges: private schools, business schools and the like, are reason. The trip was well planned. Good tackle In good condition xourteenth round. FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY-Tallahassee, made l history
9. West Virginia Integrating without fanfare. However, we take time here to was used. An early start gave you valuable extra time for further Ring Magazine records fit recently by signing Ernest Coot, 8.' to % football scholar-
10. Syracuse mention a few. attention to details. You bandied the boat In an unselfish way with Robinson fought 202 times. He ship. He came from the Faster Lopez High School Daytona .
best Interests In mind. Basically, a genuine team
U. Nebraska Some of them are: OJSlmp- named, as follows reigning your effort partners accounted for the good day'i fishing And you started a won 175 bouts, 109 by knockouts.He Beach. In the Florida Placement: tests Cook scored "4:6
1%. Tempi son, who helped Southern California world outdoor record holdersat newcomer off the right way. Your Job as a fishing guide was a complete lost 19 and drew In six. of our .499. 1U win be a pre-mld student Last year Cook
13. Princeton round out a M-JSchore the Floridian Hotel on January success. Plan your next trip just as carefully and you can One fight was t 'decision" gained more than .1,000 ,p.rd.I..H1I best try was against St.
14. Virginia Tech Indiana In the Rose Bowl; 23, Alabama bead football forget about "fisherman's luck." tussle_mu. theotnerfnocontesL" .Joseph's Academy of St. Augustine. His mother U a teacher
15. Toledo Tommie Smith, bolder of or coach Paul Bryant will be guest Winifred Graham la the Sooner elementary school of Daytona. Ills father ls
U. Purdue sharer of nine world records) speaker. the chief accountant for Bethune Cookman, and his mother
17. St. John's Lee Evans, San JOlt State, Philadelphia Eagle fullback Is Stationed BUY U.S. SAYING BONDS and father are both Ntthunt alumni. The Florida Seminoles
U. Tulsa setter of t 600 meter, 860 Israel Land and ex-Cincinnati nave added one or two more to their sports teams

19. Tennessee yard play. Reds Pitcher Sammy Ellis art lo Thailand
to. Marquette The San Francisco Examiner leaders of the award tetup.Unf
V 1" 231 Bounds from Ten.aessei .

-ALT, U s graduate- of FLORIDA STAR Home Delivered
Middle Terrace High Ellis lives in Tern Now!

I pie TIME MAGAZINE has chosen

I Mud Hazdlton, through its pro
.scouts, as an All America. He
II might be t.
might be the fifth player of i X
Barton's Union Academy to
make the pro rou.
Deacon Jones is now a name
which to conjure. He was an "

All-Pro In 1966, now operating --p
.U 250 pounds. Last week he .
pointed to what he felt Is his .

greatest year HI' Is rated asa

team player, 110 per cent. Winifred N.Grahara, ton of
HenrlU Still, Bethune man,has Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Graham,
been named by the Atlanta Dally S778 Carver Circle Is now stationed .
World as Defensive Player of in Thailand with the 432nd
i the Year, on the first team, Security Police Graham has
i along with Frailer and Lamar recently been promoted to sergeant \
Hardaway 210 pounder He Is a member of the

I of Atlanta. Philadelphia Baptist Church.
Breadenton had former MJC t
I "
star Marvin Clemons \ .( I
I in a recent l I
tilt as starters for Florida BUY U.S.

Presbyterian in St. Peters

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I Bethune-Cookman Wildcats Are Setting A 100.3-Pace Per GameBritish I

Sports Board Nixes Champion For England Edwards Waters and Bethvne :tJ

Frazier-Mathis Fight--Says Will Tangle For Honors Jan. 1 1The If

Mathis Is Not ,
"Boxing Tops"LONDON Bethune- Cookman Wildcats, undefeated in regular sea-
ENGLANDThe British "' stet play, Is setting a pace of 100.3 per game this season'
Boxing Board of Control
4H Allen from Delray,who was namedto
I" :led by 6'9"foreward,Johnny
said that it will
has recognize the Frazier-Mathis bout, 30.2
the NAIA All American Team an d is averaging per
planned for March 8. The board does not consider Mathis
a six
i the Wildcats have piled up 602 points against oppo-
"suitable conceder yet for the title." Teddy Waltham, secretary Cat
planned earlier to talk with Edwin B. Dooley, New York nenets to'date. ...
Commissioner, as to a solution. The British still recovnlze Allen's 180 Points total gives and are expected to see action ?
Clay as thw world champion and will do so until he is com ,,' him the lead In theWlldcatssc In the next game. ;it
matte to prison. He has ,
ing department. I
attempt bad been made to have
Joe Frailer, unbeaten heavy 84 rebounds
two separate fights. The bouts also pulled down Tommie Smith
weight contender, an d Buster Allen's best game this season
will be seen nationally on te-
Mathis, plus a middleweighttitle levision. was against Fort Valley State
rematch between Entile Frazler, a Philadelphia, has College where he scored 41 Asks Justice .,
Griffith and Nine Benvenuti, been ranked seventh points. Second high scorer for
will battle It out at Madison Magazine an d seventh by by Ring the the Wildcats is John Beach For Athletes :!:'
Garden in March
Square early World Boxing Association. He from Phlldelphla, whohascom-
according to latest press re- has a 19-Q.record, Including 17 piled 143 points for a 23.7 per Tommie Smith possible a:
leases. knockouts. Mathis, not ranked game average. scartch in the coming Angels
The Associated Press made wildcats will play Albany
has a 23-10 record, with 17 The Indoor Invitational on January'
known to the public the deci mockouts. State January 13, AlabamaStateon 9. feels that his complaints are'
sion. Each is 23 years old. January 15, and Edward Waters Justified as to discrimination f
The Frailer -Mathis tussle Frailer was bypassed by WBA I on January 17, at home His wife and be were refused f
will settle the matter of the because be refused to participate ; and will hit the road to take housing In a St. Jose, Calif.,.'.
world championship, accord- in the elimination rour- i on St. Leo College, January area. He considers that a mat
ing to the New York Athletic clpate In elimination tourna- 9, Florida Institute January U; ter of hypocrisy. There are
Commissio. ment to determine a successorto \ Edward Waters College on January other orlvilens be would like.
More than $500,000 will be Cassius Clay The WBA tourney 19, and Albany StateJan- One of them Is the admission
expended by the Carden. Ring- Is nearing completion now. uary 24.Head of Negroes to the New York'
side seats will be tops at 100. Jimmy Ellis will meet the winner : Coach Jack McClarien Athletic Club and admission to
The,(;arden now accommodates of the semifinals In Oakland I 'L says, "The team looks likea campus fraternities. '
20.000. Rumor has It that some Cl- sure bet to be among the leaders Smith has been rated as the
land In the SIAC Conference at greatest runner this side of the
California on February
Veteran A&T 3, a tilt between Thad Spencer the end of the season, If I can Olympics. However it seems
of San Francisco and Jerry The British Boxing Board, through its secretary;has made Is cannot make a decison. The Board also says that Mathis keen the his a health,." that his blast has repercussions.
Players Give Cassius the Is not ready for so important a match. In the above picture Two of toP ball handlers, There are rumors of a
Quarry of Bell flower, Cali (known that it considers Clay as undisputed Heavyweight
fornia. Champion of the 'World and will,there fore, not agree Clay is shown with Joe Louis and with Mathis at a dinner Jerome Hamlet and Owen Harris boycott If that happens( he win ,
Lift To Games. Griffith, a New Yorker, and with the decision to be reach on March 8 at Madislon Square given list year when Clay received the Edward J. Nell trophy has been out since the first continue his efforts to make :
is Buster Mathis 185- tame of the season with In- -
as "Fighter of the Year. At the right ,
Benvenuti, of Italy, meet for Garden when the Frazier-Mathis battle takes place. The the famed 220 In 19 flat.
GREENSBORO, N.C. Improved not.Dell's *pound) boxer, who will be in the ring in March. isprat
until has been
the third time. Griffith 1964. Board has said that, Clay imprisoned or ,
play by ALT basketball play ------
He broke a hand on training and
ers Carl Hubbard and Svlvw-! .'
was replaced by Frazier for the
Choice ,
Adams be
ter "Soapy" may an
Tokyo He
Olympics. won the .
Indication that the
Aggies are
told medal. Dell Magazine has made selections
on the move again.

game After la a hating row, AlT dropped bounced two Albany State of top for basketball the Far West players.Roster Who miles

They are, in addition to Lew more
beating back into Elon the College wta column, 79-M by to Scorches Miss. Shackleford Alclndor Lucius and Mike Allen Warren., Lynn' got

the Winston Salem Holiday State 97-96
Alclndor and Allen are All-
ALBANY'CA. State Americans Warren and Shac-
Albany ,
Adams, who baa been having
balled back from a kelford and Mile Warren. Alclndor
his difficulties this season, Miens at halftime to squeezeout sad Allen are Ail-
,came up>> with 19 points to pace a t'J-,. win
over American Far West Choices
the 'Aggies' attack. It was Valley State College here Dell also has chosen Coach gallon than Enco I'
Soapy beat showing la the at Eodora, Ark. to gala a split John Wooden for what they would per
current campaign. la their two-game nrlng through consider a winning, and InclnclbU -
Hubbard AiPs playmakerfrom Mississippi and Arkansas. team.Negro.
Danville, Va, baa also The night before a slmlllar
shown steady Improvement second bald strek fail short
"We are still not quick enough as the Golden*Rtmi suffered Giants
says Coack Cal Irvin about his their third setback of the season
team." to Moors AiM Guff No
105-09. Extra Nox :
Irvin said he wu encouraged at Greenville, Miss.A Bolster AFL
somewhat by the fine showing blitzing "running, gunning
made against the Christiansby offense with Wilbert Jones.Ted
6-6 Lonnle Klutts who Join Anderson and Howie Harlow Player, ,Rolls
ed the Aggies this season after on the attack the Golden Rams
a sting la the Army. with UZI to play, outscored In the AFL Player roll several
Against Elon, Klutts kept ALT the Mississippi Valley Delta
In the game the first half as 28-13 to take a 74-70 lead tioa. Mobil Pren ium.:1
he pumped In I? pnlnt and rebounded with 9.41 to go In the game. star, Tight End, San Diego;
well. "Kluttt tells me Harlow with 20 points for the 6'4", 220 pounds Arkansas
that he wants to play," said evening pumped In 15 points AWN: FB, IImitt Dixon
Irvin, "and hueems to be eom- In the second half, whlld Jones Oakland, 6'2", 213FlordlaAiM ,.
log around.' and Anderson with 12 a piece First Team Offenslce Players
Although the Aggie whipped In the closing twenty minutes And: Defensive Platoon; T,
,the Christians handily, they had finished with 23 and 14 points Buck Buchanan, Kansas City,
to survive an Elon rally at the respectively 6'7", 280 GrambUng College. Flite Fuel. ,
beginning of the second period Mack Daugnty who banged in On the second team are: Wide Phillips
ALT started out fast In the 22 points, one of his best ef End, Al Denson Denver, 6'2",
first half and moved to an 18- fortsof the season, kept the 208 pounds,Florida.M;Flan
2 lead after seven minutes Rams in the contest. during the ker, Otis Taylor, Kansas City,
Scrappy Elon fought back ana opening stanza. 6'3" 215 Prairie View, Texas
cut the Aggies' margin to 40- Jones sewed up the contest: Defensive; E. Verlon Biggs, 1
36 halftime with a 35 foot hummer with New York, 6'4", 263 Jackson
The Christians kept It closeat 2:06 to play and came tack State College; T.Jim HuntBoI- Sunoco 260 i
the start of the second artharrowed' with a clincher- fast break ton 5'1" 243 Prairie View,

the gap to 46-44 bucket o a a pass from ttar- Corner, Willie Brown,Oakland, Super
with nearly five minutes played. low with 1:34 left in the game. 62", 190, Grambling and Corner
Quick baskets by AIT strong Against the highly touted AI- Speedu Duncan, San Diego
men Ted Campbell and George cord A4M Braves unbeated .$ 10' 180 Jackson State. i

Mack helped to abort Eton's now in seven starts the Rams,
rally. Campbell finished with 1 12 dismal 33 point opening ball WalchThis I
points and 14 rebounds\ Hub- proved costly. Down 54-33 at Shell. and Texaco
bard added 10 points. ball, Bob Raineys Raiders went Clown .
Henry Goedeck lei Elon with to work with a 29 point extort
26 points to come within six points of 41 50 18

the Braves, 77-71
.34 24 89

Last Stanton Minutes Vocational Count-Makes Scores 1 .I.f Sky Chief ?

In a see-saw game during the third and fourtbquarters the
Stanton Vocational High Engineers were ableto go in the closing 9 :
minutes and beat Keller High of Macclenny, 67-64 last

,', '
Friday night. 61-80-45 i*
The Engineers were paced by Belford 0 0 0
Jimmy Wimberly who netted OfficesWaker and Donald. 41 56 79
25 points He was followed by
Sometimes He's Up,Sometimes
Nathaniel' Mur-
Earl and
He's Down He Adds.Subtracts
ray who bad 14 and 12 points, Arkansas AM&N ,
He works it all around.

respectively.High point man for the night 83 4 999

was Arnet Lee who was able Put On Probation ATTRACTIONS Lead-Free Amoco.
to bucket 16 field goals and two COMING

foul shots for a total of 34 points GRAMBUNG., LA. Arkansas 33-99-813
in a losing cause for Keller.In AM&N was placed on probation
the preliminary game, tan- for one year fined $300
ton Jayvees degeated Keller by the Southwestern Athletic MAN'S DAYSNUMBERED 1
4940. Conference during the.smal It's true. Here's proof students.They drove their own cars-sports
Stanton((67) mid-winter meetlngatGramb- We matched Lead-Free AMOCO cars, taxicabs, family sedansregardlessagainst
FG FT T ling College. these premium brands, in 13 sepof make or model. They didn't use test
FGFT T The fine was Imposed for an arate tests with 208 cars, over months of tracks. They drove where you drive on
Wimberly 12 1 25 Incident at Alcorn AIM where "Man's Days are Numbered." mileage runs. The Sports Car Club of all kinds of roads, in all kinds of weather,
14 Health and Fortune Can Be
E.Murray 6 2 Coach Van Johnson pulled his America certified results. This is their through all kinds of traffIC. ,
Wright 0 00 football team off the field In a Yours When You Know Your
Rivers 1 4 6 Lucky Days notarized statement: And Lead-Free AMOCO beat these III
N.Murray 6 0 12McDuffie SWAC Arkansas game.AM&N will not be 'Lead-Frce: AMOCO got more miles brands in miles per gallon.It doubles spark
Colors etc, gallon than these other brands." plug life too. And
0 00 eligible to compete for league Lucky per users report up to
McCoy 3 06 championships in any sport for Send $2.00 for your Why the: tests? We wanted to prove 79,000 miles without muffler replacement AMERICAN
Maddox 1 2 4 one calendar year. Horoscope Guide for that Lead-Free AMOCO can give you more Make your own mileage test with AMOCO
Alcorn AUf and Jackson State mileage. So we didn't: use professional -the only Lead-Free Premium Gasoline in
Keller ($4) also received stiff fines. Both JANUARYFill drivers, or tracks, or test cars. America. Only at American Oil Dealers.
FGFTT schools were censored: for the Our drivers were,everyday motorists Another reason why: "You exoecj
S.Civena 0 0 0 public conduct of coaches in a in the blank below and like: you: housewives, taxi drivers, college more from American and you gej it!*"
A. Lee 16 2 34 game between the two schools. mall to ZODIAC, Post Office
Johnson 4 0 8 The conference also went on Box 1171, Jacksonville Fla.
Jefferson 0 0 0 lettersto
record to write strong AMOCO Super-Premium Gasoline. Certified Lead-Free. The Only Ont.SAtURDAY .
P.Givens 0 0 0 the president of the schools .
West 6 0 12CjGlvens conductor .
Involved concernlngthe
STREETDATE ------ ,-
2 0 4 representatives it athteUtevents. 'n. ,s.
OF --
W.Lee 3 0 6 I It

t t aM

.. ,'e 1sL.. w-t i A_'..',1" '
.dh: .
--- ------ : -

.' . . .



CIRCULATION'Man Palatka News Supremes'Nun On TV

to work part time. Able to

work all day Friday. Driver's J s
,I Ik1
Ucense, Good references. Major Mcleod, Jr., Stands Central AcademyLists


Trainee. Must be good in High In U.S. Army CareerThis ActivitiesFor

English. Apply:
Near FutureHappy

FLORIDA STAR week out outstanding citizen is Major Roger L. Mcleod,
Jr. of the U.S Army. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roger New Year to all the patrons
13TH I MONCRIEF McLeod of 213 North 7th Street. Palatka. parents and friends of

Major McLeod is a graduate subjects contributed most In Central Academy High School. I
No Phone Calls! of Central Academy class of preparing him for his career. Several teachers have been out
1953. He was number two in He said all of them. He seems of school because of Illness.
his class and a honor student. to b e saying get all you can Included are Mrs.AM.Willing-, -
ONE NPR8VEMENT He is married and has three out of each. ham Timothy_ Collier Williebeadnry
children. His wife is the pretty I asked what he considered Mrs. L.N.Osgotid
Drying Construction Home 1m- Mrs. Joy G. Roger of Louisville the high points of his career. Mrs. Goldla Long Adam Bos-'
'provement two houses can bebout Ky. The children are Ricky, He answered without hesitation tick and Mrs, Evelyn Sermon.
in city, low down pay; Cynthia and Rosemod testing the Air Assault Concepts Mrs. .Willlams has been ;\
) house repairs no money Major McLeod tells about with the Eleventh Air out because of Illness in her I
down. We loan money on houses: some of the people and scools Assault Division, prior to if s family
so that you lose them.Cash- that have helped him to reach Vietnam developemtn as the mat Johnny Holey, class of 67,was
money if needed Located the rank of major at age of 29, Air Calvary Division a visitor this week. He is now
.1210. 1/2 Davis St. 3548703. He could be mistaked for a col* The major and his family are with. the Job Corps majoring
lege kid. It is easy to see why spending some time here, after salesmanship at Camp Breckln

THE POWER OF PRAYER be is a major at this age when b Ridge, Monganfield, Kentucky
we look at some of the schools, r ie m'" xi James "Lefty" Turner, former ,
1 Waited PatlenUy' For The he finished and decorations, C.A. Athlete and coach r :

Lord And: He Inclined Unto M{ and citation he has received.He was a visitor last week. Coact t

and Heard My Cry. is a member of St. Mary Turner was the mentor who .
1.-':: : ;: ,.&, -.uII1. I -..., '.
Do you need God's Guidance?' Episcopal Church of Palatka. turned out the state champion' LOS ESTA Cc Mexico Diana Ross, lead singer of"Diana of a specially written bymq"The Lord Helps Those Who Htlp'lbelDSelevs" '
for your Prayer He is member of the Alpha'Phi
Also send Blrthdate-Send a and national second place teamt Ross and The Supremes", concentrates on the dramatic over The program will be aired on NBC-TV Friday,
your a
Contributions- Alpha Fraternity 1111942. tones of a scene about to be shot for the TARZAN TV series, January 12, at 7:30 p.m. EST and marks their first effort in I
your of FAMU. He majored in Miss Jennie Harv ett, a member while members of the cast beam In dramatic the three .
Rev Mother McDonald approvingly. this scene, straight roles by members of the most JIq)
P.O. and education.
social science
of the Junior thss' of 1966-
'Box Jacksonville she Is Joined by Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong in a rendition uar: female vocal group in history.
5187. FlaJ McLeod finished shcool his ten 67 was funeral**; .st Tues-
32207. Photo Courtesy Motown Inc., New York
years in the army Namely
Artillery Basic Course Fort day.The C.A skettall team saw

MOTEL Bliss, Texas and Fort Sin action last week. The boys lost Pre-Confab Sessions Are Dr. Joseph Reddick Plans
OUa; The Ranger school Instrument to Gainesville In the Alachua

ALL ROOMS HEATED Flight Qualification Invitational Tourney and bowIng Scheduled For Hot Springs
Course Fort Knox, Ky.; Helicopter MAJOR MCLEOD to Fessenden 58-59 Friday For First Quarterly MeetDr.
12 rooms, Private bath15.00" SChool Course Fort completing a one year tour ffi night The Girls lost to the
18 rooms Semiprivate$4.00; I Molten Teas Hawk Missile Germany While there he was Beginning With January 24
; 3137.
DAY RATE i$3.90: | Qualification Course Fort, the personal pilot for the Army girls, Joseph A. Keddick, pastor of Grant Memorial AME Churchha

0 or persona) Bliss, Texas;Aru11eryOfficers Air Defense Commander, i H.H.Wrlgtlt, assistant orlncl- NEW YORK-The National Sunday School and Baptist Training announced that the Mm Quarterly Conference of the year
ED6EWOOD MOTOR COURT named the Palatka Union Congress of the Natloal Convention will be obscrveu throughout Sunday, beginning with the Sunday
Career Course FortSUll OUa-. Major General.He pal was by Baptist Inc. will
school at 9 30 with v.Rose and his staff In
Vietnam for seat hold the annual mid-winter : charge
INTEGRATED and Multl-EnglneA1rplao.r IUflcatlo is enrouted to city' Commission to a on confab in the R.C.Woodaud1torlum,
6911 U.s. 1,Cor.Edjewood Are ) i Augsburgs.Ger ly a second tour. As I talked with Palatka Housing Authority. He in Hot Springs, Ark., on January 23, beginning at 9a.m. At 10:45.: a.ra. Dr. F.Foster, presiding Elder of the South
Jacks .ville Board 2 will
No. serve throughout the ca.,.
Phone 764-0003 Always Open Here ar few of the de a- the Major about his plans for was gu ..c speaker on the Founders Many Issues pertinent to the president, will be in charge of The busslness iwsioo of the Conference will be held Moo-*
lions: TU Drones Star, Air this second tour. As I talked 'Da? rtogram, Phi Beta program of the next annual the sessions of the Board of
Metal will three oak leaves with the Major, about plans for Sigma Fraternity at Florida meeting will claim the attentionof Directors and of the Parent day night at 7.30.: Ad departments of the church will make

FOR MEN AND WOMEN ehttiter Nab tl Defense Sere this second. tour of combat duty Memorial College St Augustine every representative. The Body. Dr. Mary O. Ross, pre financial and literary reports. AU are invited.

OF All ACES 0 vice Medal, .i-fnamem Service did not seem' to' 'worried.' .' Monday, January. 1968 Congress meeting will be sident of the Board of the Wo
Medal, Vietnamese Cam- SIGN UP NOTI The C.A.Band Parents sponsored in Chattanooga, Ten., fronJune men's Auxiliary will direct
fake New IMPROVED NATURE palgB Medal and tl. PesldenUal Monday 9:00: a.m.Art, 2:00 a back to school boo 16 to 23 Inclusive. Names and that group's deliberations. Allen
TABLETS for that tired ran Unit Citation p.m. Adult Education, 3:30: with music furnished by. HI, locations of places and classes Jordan will preside over Religion And RaceBACKWARD
down feeling that keeps from White interviewing Major Mc- 5.00 p.m. Tutoring, 'I:3O:00: : Abe and the House Rocker". for the Chattanooga event will the agenda of the Lamen'sOr-
1 enjoying life yon Leon, I asked which teacher p.m. Adult Education, 730pm. A large crowd attended. be given at the Hot Springs ganiiatlon.
100 Tablets $3.00 200 Tablets or teachers helped most doing Creative Writing The FHA will sponsor their meet These boards will hold simultaneous LOOK
45.00. $1.00 deposit; on COD'S. high school days toward' his Tuesday: 10:00a.m.Children's annual Talent Show January 19. More than 2,000 representatives meetings in the facilities -;;

EMPIRE PRODUCTS t SALE career. He said that was hard Story Hour, 10.00 Mothers Hour A very special program U are expected for this nationwide of the National Baptist NEW YORK The year-end report of the World Council of

Dept. FS, 5937 N. Broadway iti say, but he gave credit to Wednesday planned.AU event. Dr. O. Clay Bath Houst at 501 Malvern ave Churches in the United States delivered by Dr. Eugene L.
Chicago Illinois 60G26IAVINS Mrs. Maxwell and Mrs. Osgood Wednesday; 130-330: : p. m. 7th graders enjoyed very Maxwell of Ne York City Is flue. Hot Springs (Special To Smith, executive secretary, noted that, "although 1967 was a
class sponsors. I asked which Welfare Consultant special assembly program preslent. theFlorlda Star by B.H.Logan, year of mounting moral crisis in the United stated, there
i Thursday: 10:00- 11-00: a.m. Tuesday with Mr. Cone, Forest Dr. J.H.Jackson, parent body Convention reporter.) were signer of 'creative newnesses.'*' Part of this "creative
A PROILEM Children's Hour; 10-11:-00 a.m. Ranger Three films were newness" be saw was "a new det.rmloaUOllllltb. Negro community
APARTMENTFOR Mothers hour, 2:5:00 p.m. A- shown Little Smokey the Bear Bayard Rustin to win the good life for its people."
EVERY DAY IF dult Educatlo; 3:30-5:00: : p.m. Ocala National Forest and Paper St. Stephen'sPresents

RENT Tutoring (grades 1-12)) and I. The program was Unveils BlackSeparatism LOOKING AHEADCLEVELANDSlgnlttcsnt

: nil LIFE Uc Unfurnished: 431 West 18tb4 Tutoring (grades 1-12)7:30-9:00: very enjoyable toall,especially Allen
I Many seem smaller once they bedroom. Living Room,Kitchen pm. Adult Education; Friday the 7th grade science students IdeaNEW.YORKCNPQhBlack predictions on what the New Year

are understood. Let me try to and Bathroom- Stove- Refr.Hct .- Turtonlng 3:30: to 5 p.m. under the Instruction of Mr. .separatum will bring were made by two officials of the United Presbyterian
alp you with your Personal WaterSpace Heater $65 Would .some member of your Beetle. for they vlstled the University Choir gives some people Commission on Religion and Race last week.The Rev. Charles
problems. ,Confidential A I r monthly: Call 355-4061 or Apply family like to learn to read Forest Ranger Station In Hol- 'an excuse,"for not trInc"ac. Rawllngs, executive director Commission on Metropolitan Affairs
I Mail postage to this country, 1643 Main StISAIEllA and write Oater_ Florida on last week Allen University's Chorus will cording to Bayard Rustin", dl- Council Churches Greater Cleveland,predicted"the
I .5C. W e have a teacher at the sing in Stephen's AME Church rectorA. Philip Randolph Institute reaction of blacks to areutlonrypoUtcslvictoryln November
liEU Community Action Center-1122 Sunday, January 28, at 3:30 p. Ruth did not say who is llkelytobrlng down the curtain on the American dream Ins
Dept FSN OF PARIS ''I.'I.That'l Madison Street The class Is "Black Power"Jones m., under the sponsorship of these people are, but be charged very violent and tumultuous way."On the other hand, the Rev.
the t ao..
)Box! 29, Mulcenburg, C. P. Mel I I have the Amai- FREE. Bud..t d. Mrs. L.G. tatsorgeYGit9Hberslsa e Edler G. Hawkins, putorot.. Augustine Presbyterian Church,
South Africa tag superior tonic tablets, pep Would you like to Improve Is Out born Gerwrlfht, president. of the tyring to keep In touch With N.- Bronx, N.Y., declared "I think there is going to be a few coalition

for all the things you want to do. your reading, writing, or arithmetic I. go militants by ."outblack- of Negro leadership In view of the political realities we
THE POWER OF PRAYER Box of S3: $1.00. Satisfaction skills? Come in and talk Of NJ Prison This:*. .Johnson is pastor powering the black people" face, in terms of the recent elections in Cleveland and ear,.
guaranteed or Money Back. For with ut about It All of our Internationally .known Discussing the current retreat This suggeyts a kind of political power that can be used in the

CULDREN DO yoU) NEED Men and Women. services are tree NEWARK. (CAP- Nero poet South group Carolina.comes from This Columbia is their, fromthe promotion of racial Integration whole advancement of relationships in America"
I Could you get a better Job playwright Lerol Jones has been Rustin added: "1be
HELP? Or has Cjd glen tenth
need. In youeverything P.O. Box 230, Dept. S., U you could read better, write freed from Trenton State Prison presentation Fifth at*St. Ste.phen's same thing happened after Re OPPOSITION
you any i better and do arithmetic bet pending appeal of his con and Davis.An 'construction Many people kept
write The who
case, me, man Gary, Indian| ter? We'may be able to help. viction for illegal possession elaborate, comprehenslviprogram fighting for reforms until It was SAN FRANCISC- bout a dozen placard-carrying pickets
knows all
things are possljle of
Come to the Commuu'ty Action of weapons during the Newark music has been obvious that what the Negro ringed the site where the cornerstone-laying ceremonies were
with God. Write your wishes to 'tenter Madison Street. race rioting last summer. planned, according to the coordinator needed was 40) acres and a mule being held under the leadership of Archlblshop Lulgi Ralmondl,
me. God's message is free.Send UNFURN, APTS. ..we will U 'lew/I f.\. .., Jones posted $25,000 bond In James S. Genwrlght, That was difficult to bring about, Apostolic Delegate in the UJS., protesting the construction of a
only 10 cents for postage 917 Florida Ave. 5 rm. $54. your fally, and your friends Essex County Court here to who has been successful in 'so people turned their Interest new $8.5 million St. Mary Cathedral.The pickets were demand-

I W. Service, Lox: 494-. 1131 Harrison 4 rm. $40. 5:00 Office hours: 8:30 a.m. until gain his freedom after being bringing the ha group to the city away from the Negro.- Ing that instead, the funds be spent low-income housing for
Detroit Michigan 48204. 337 W. Orange 6 rm. $54. : p.m. Monday through Frl- brought from state prison in over years.Professor the poor. One placard read"We protest cathedral of affluenceand
day. Hunter is
3508 Stuart St. 4 rm. $60. or 328-2114. one; 328.2773Card gray fu-lson attire and shorn He is a graduate of Columbia director Elder Hose Davis unccm'.ern."
1614 Tyler St 4 rm. $43.50 of his familiar beard.
I HELP WANTED MALE 280 Watts St. 4 rm. $47. of Thanks Before be left the courthouse, gamut University.from Songs spirituals will to run opera the Plans AnniversaryElder HCttE OWNERS' HELPWASHINGTON
1599 W. 20th St. 4 rm. $57.50 Jones, an advocate racial separatism -
: Young Man who can use camera. UNFURN. HOUSE. The Family of the Late Deacon donned the African. tic selections Most Davis and t the Davis A drive, labelled "Home Buyers, Inc.," has

: Driver's license Full time. I Mathis Gllyard wishes to style clothing be favors.Sweetlield Singers will observe the been formed by members of the Cooperative Lutheran Parishof
2823 Darrow St 8 rm. $40. express their sincere appreciation Good Hope sixth an err -ry &::* ..*. Washington to help low income families become home own

i for all acts of kindness ganitatlon on 01 '!/ Jaruory: ers. United In the venture are 12 Lutheran Churches the Dis-
HELP WANTED FOLAND t RICHES shown during our bereavement Baptist 21, In the. Elks Autita lam, 712 trict of Columbia. Operating capital for the corporation will

FEMALE TYPISTS Realtors God bless each of you Charity West Du val.. at .. p m. come from contributions, puts five per cent debentures.
r 354-8435 317 W. Forsyth St Signed: Mrs. Leola GUyard' Lists Cornerstone Many, outstanding sing groups
\ Must do 60 WPM, accurately : Family : The Good Hope Charity Club will be present DINNER GUEST

Good in Spelling and English.: held its annual Christmas party The Sunday Morning JTaye
1' Good pay, Ins. etc. Apply: FOR SALE laying Program in the home of tar' and Mrs' Band will have charge of the NEW YORK The Rev. James E. Groppl. Catholic priest and
I Paul Clark, 1336 North Myrtle. devotional The public is invited. civil rights leader Milwaukee, was the guest of honor at the

Ii i FLORIDA STAR INTEGRATED MOTEL & RESTAURANT The January meeting will be A special benefit effort annual fellowship dinner of the NAACP last Monday evening.
The cornerstone laying of the held in the home of Mr. and will be sponsors'1 the Peace Ft Groppl, and a member of the pastoral team of St. BonUace
LOCATED AT NORTH CITY LIMITS ON U.S. HiGH Sweetfleld Baptist Church Sunday Mrs. Zebedee Dupree 903 Community !;.r1tua1 Temple, Church, and advisor to the Milwaukee NAACP Youth Council,
WAY NEAR :PjjOSPflRlOUS NEGRO NEIGHBORHOOD .January 14, at 2:30 p.m. Tyler. New members are welcome 819 West Church on January received a certificate of merit "for success in arousing the
No Phone Calls. 14 Modern units with T.V., W.W. Carpets and room pnones will be solemnized of many local by the leaders.participation Hilry Franklin, president 13. conscience of the nation to the evil of segregated housing"

40 seat modern restaurant completely equippedSeflousTllness The short but Impressive program .
:'jus'l"f' IIESSINGJ of owner forces the sale of this money maker. Land alone. follows.Selection, Discuss Nassau Festivals
,Is worth the askingprice of 10500000.Downpayment of $35.00( Scripture Brother W.S.People;
I The man born with the gin required. Owner will consider trade for real estate.Reply Box Invocation, Brother J. C. Rogers HonoredHarold ,
Rev Roosevelt Franklin of Macon > 9142, Jacksonville 32208.
Selection choirs Occas- .
; ;
It is God
Georgia. through ion -District Deputy Brother Jackson
new Porgram
that I can remove all evil conditions 1l
Henry Simmons; Lining of Director of the James Weldon

wish to,know some questions ma) FREE CANDLE WITH EVERY READING Hymn, Brother J.M. Hazetton; Johnson YMCA and LawrenceV. p
Presentation of Speaker, Bro Jones, new Executive Secretary .
ther R. L. Jones Speaker will be special guestsat.
DO 'YOU NEED MONEY She will read entire life and ;
your -past, present Callto
Brother C. A. Weaver a reception at Fielder's Holiday
IS MY SICKNESS NATURAL? .future. She asks no questions but will tell you
Christian Discipleship Bro- House Restaurant .
CAN MY HUSBAND STOP what you want to know, giving date and facts of on /
'ther C. J. Crosby Offering January 12 at 730.
; ,
DRINKING? love health
business and affairs. Will
Brothers N. a Willsiam J.L.
CAN MY LOVE ONES BE RE help you find lost art TELL you whom you will Oliver and E. Gardner. Deputy 'riI'P
TURNED? marry and when U the one you love is true, what I
I Simmons will be in charge :
to do to be successful. Will reunite the separated, .
They call me the :(footman)), locate absent friends and relatives, and cause
But I am only a servant of God. happiness between man and wile Make up lover's ,.

because God is the answer to quarrels. Tells, if sickness or bad luck is natural
'all life's probelms. I am the enemies evil influence and bad luck. Does '
Kind of all Day Prophet. Send not tell to pleas you, but will tell the truth. One visit will repay r
for my special selected Bible you for disappointments in all others. I not only read your lifelike
'verses. To be read on SPECIAL an open book, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES. 'SICHRISTMAS.
DAYS. Come and see why you are so unhappy when everything seems .-
,Send a self-addressed,stamped to go wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted, sick aDS worried
envelope and $2.00 for Bible when you can be helped and everything made clear by consult
.Verses and spiritual Messages ing THIS GIFTED MEDIUM! Everybody welcom.NOMAlLANS-
You will receive Bible verses WERED. I make no house calls. Don't mistake the address LAYAWAYS I
"by return mail sister bessle Is located north of Callahan on U.s. II; LEFT UNCLAIMED-Pay balance ,, .

SEND TO: 1/2 mile from City of CALLAHAN' Florida,Phone: 879-2250. ,.Easy terms New Zlg-Zag HAROLD JACKSON of music and dance festivals meet for t discussion
"Rev Roosevelt Franklin WATCH FOR HER SIGN IN FRONT OF HOUSE sewing machine, $40. N e w 'NASSAU. B.R1Uu-.l.ead1ne, sponsors holiday Bahamas Police Force Band and the
the Royal
:430 Morrow Avenue Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL Walnut console comb btereo- of programs by the Lucayan Chorale
.Macon, Georgia 31301 Open daily 8 a.m.. to 10 p.m., including Sunday*. ,.radio. $68. Phone: 353-1946. :FIGHT CANCER Nassau Civic Ballet. From left: Mrs.' Lynden O. Plotting, wife of the Premier; Mrs. TurnerB.
wife of the Governor Sir Ralph
Shelton wife of the UJS. Counsul-General, and Lady Grey, ,
I in all case work. ,
specialize THIS CLIPPING ENTILES YOU TO. A $5. READING for $2. A-l WAREHOUSE, 1606 Main .
Phone area code:912-745-6475. Street Grey.
Photo Courtesy Bahamas Bureau

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