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814792 F20090414_AAAEYW 00001.jp2 771acec2cede629635b9dcfc1264aa791226e2bc9f15167d3436e0a1c59be54e8ccd9dd4
1144178 F20090414_AAAEYX 00001.jpg 6622af11176a459325c206c756969fe0398b2f2debb07d0fd317ff54389885da5245cbb0
132103 F20090414_AAAEYY 00001.QC.jpg f20c1b565bdd403aacbb9afd62dde79a4e88916eec49fa66795cddd19276df2c9d7fb0db
6509653 F20090414_AAAEYZ 00001.tif e9cb7d6111c0ba72869b4d148d870332b7b616c3ee7210dde405c3fbd42c289f29785bf3

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200748datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 31, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007480740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 31, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 31, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
... ...... ._...,.."- .. ..... .. .--. ..p. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. ." .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. ...... .r-iV
.' .... t. .. .. ...." ........ .. .. -r. ; '. of. .. .. .. 11 .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .

i \ .. ... T ..
"" .

PKY ''

R e .Ste School o rd sIGilbert High Schemeaf'F' CIBRgRy'HAS t

** ** *' * ,* * *


I'i* .** ** ./' *' *' .

1+ [ Police G6i-e f F KIJ.I ips; GogProQrain i 1

,,, ,



'Galnesrllle,of Fla Fla., :. CONVICT MINUS "SWEATBOX" RECORD

* .1'-

17 00. 38 SATURDAY JANUARY 6, 1968 r C IIfii' Rep Bennett-His Negro First lennie Brooks *

* * Wants

... -- Deeper

: Army l Inflates* GlfHousinplMli; Raiford Check ?

.. .. y '_ ._ -||-","| -rTT1TT1i / L :iTTr> in.i .... ,
,. "' .Jf. *, .. or-
Bennie Brooks, whose rere4slatian .

:tattles of at"sweatbox"confesslonv the prison la Raiford, .
: AWAIT AUTOPSY. Fla., wrath brought of the down UnitedStates the unanimous I

Supreme Court to the extent that
the Judges nullified a confession I
be made and excoriated

': Florida prison officials, may
-k be brought to trail again on

ON TEACHER'S DEATH "enough evidence" without the

confession, according to State
1k Attorney T.E.Duncan, Gaines I

ss..ssGainesville "' ville. .
t 6 Brooks' story made headlines
FOIl I Marshall over the nation He told of the
Play III| Faces Lawyer awful hole Into which two other

men and he. all naked,, were I
Teacher Death Says Educators r thrown, for 35 days with only a
/ hole In the floor as an exit for I
excrement. This story prompted I
Aired In AreaOnly Ignore Mandate the Highest Court,, on December I

18, to rule that the confession

a Medical Examiner Refusal To Grant Bonds Mathew W. Gilbert High School rtkl he made was coerced
autopsy report put to rest Appeal parents and supporters woo a and, therefore no good.
rumors of the possibility of
Immediately following the
when1 1
partial last
fool play in the death of a Jack.. victory
i Court's Indictment the Florida
wills schoolteacher. And Police Brutality Stirs GroupsWhile William United States A. McRae District ordered Judge the The name of Fred C. King Jr. will definitely become part of national history and will be prison authorities set up a -:

Mrs. Margaret Klnsey English recorded in the activities of the annals of Congress for King was appointed last week u a "tour". Inviting newsmen and
a longtime school teacber who Jacksonville remains i I outwardly-but suspiciously Duval efforts County toward school purenasmg boI.r41.o Page Boy to Representatives Charles E. Bennett of Florida. Representative Bennett shattered legislators. The NAACP was offered
lived at 1206 Madlslon St. vat calm Miami has atop The name of New Stanton High to a choice, King has said .
and set up a (log defense program to combat land for an annex to the building southern tradition by naming King. a medal "tour", the excuse"
pronounced dead at Dural Medical racial outbursts which seem imminent Gainesville got the to East that the science of politics interests him and inferred that be might go deeper Into It In later being that plans had tjeen
Center last Friday night message that the city "Is really, going burn" if appeal bonds predominantly Negro Yearn. tfennott u thorn with Kin and expects to give consideration to Negro appointees whenever completed for the earlier in.
Jacksonville.The .
Dee. 29. She had been a teacher are not granted for two civil rls at Northwestern High School board must respond to a southern congressman, having been chosen by- Bennett .4
Circuit Judge J.C. Adklns got tore of the case. "sbow-cause' mandage on January State Agriculture
for several years. Adklns has refused to Conner chairman of the
the warning through the "Black Judge 29.Opponents. ,
City police Investigating the Vole..", a mimeographed set bond, pending an appeal by of the added bulUiog SCLC leader prison's committee,emphaslt
death stated that the woman'shuabend lication. The statement was Issued their attorneys. The refusal is plan contend that the school Klansmen Given ed that nothing could: ] be found to

Louis Anthony English In the publication under the being protested by eight persons board Is hedging and may have Hits At indicate proof of the convict's
said his
wife's cousin and node
heading, "An Open Letter to most of them connected $In inlet spending more money en. Conner "wished
told him that Us wife was asleep Judge Adklns and Ted Duncan with the University of Florida. for high school a different that someone on the Supreme
OB the back steps at home. from Black Voices" Duncan Is They have held a sympathy a-new neighborhood.This Possible Woes Court eouldtavebeenpresent*' I?

When be arrived be took hemp- state tttonwy for the Judicial hunger jrtrDte since midnight order is Amply a slow 10 Years-Stiff Conner said that Brooks charge K,
stairs Into their home but soon district which. Includes Alachua S oda,. :down in the moons of the case 0 MUXC, FI.A. /- According to that be bad been beaten by a j
discovered that
there was DO County. Participants in the strike are and is Intended .by the attor-t u the latest news, the metropolis guard was being checked. '
pulse beat. He called for assistance The statement aid: "If Jack Dr. Marshall Jones, an assistant neys for the plaintiffs to give of Miami is trying to approach "We intend to see that prisoners f,
and the woman was taken Irvin Lee Dawklns) and Carol professor of psychiatry; opportunity>> for further decision. ., a cooling off period, are treated In a humane "
to the county hospital "by a Car (Mrs. Carol Thomas) don't get his wife Beverly; Dr. Paul L.' Bonds Are Made Commissioner of Police Bead- manner" said the Commission fer. I'I
lets Funeral Home
The ambulance. out on bond, you will see what Adams professor psychiatry; 'The hearing will be January 29 icy shotgun and police dogauthority He went on to mention rehabilitation '
police report stated that Is going Ytappen. Mrs. Judith Brown, a resident and 2:30. has gotten some support u one of the alms I
English told Investigating officers "This place you can Gainesville psychiatric asslstant.Mrs. Jane Reese Marshall, plaintiff attorney from the council, and the of the system of corrections. .1'{ I
his wife drank heavily.An .-your white town- Is Hall; and three students, Robert said that the show cause "sentence you to the custody uel H. Bowers, Jr., of,Laurel air is still heavy with the bitterness Florida's Governor Kirk said
autopsy has been perform.. really going to bun,"the statement Shetterly president of the order is based on the August of the attorney general of,the Miss., and Alton Wayne Roberts and criticism. The be would study: Canners report J'
ed but.up to press time Thursday of the United States for 10 former Meridian nightclub commenting. :
said.Dawklns. GalnesbUle chapter 22 ruling of Judge Bryan Simpson. years, commissioner has attempted to before
morning a report had DOt. and Mrs. Thomas American Civil Liberties Un. Judge Simpson ordered said Judge Harold Cox United bouncer to bead the "com explain the dog committee. Duncan who,had not studied the
been Issued by the Medical Examlaer. were sentenced to the Alachua don. Richard Zucker and Dana school board
County Jail Dec. 27 .by Judge Swan. South Florida Dea fpUOQ. son, Mississippi, last week be- by an all-white Jury on Oct. on dogs, is old to have given will be retried because the case h
Meantime, however several. Adklns on charges of contempt Mrs. Thomas and six other Center at Miami u to ways of for e a packed courtroom when ober 20,1967, for the murdersof them outte a prominent part In. U "sustainable without the con I IfeslloD. I
persons in the'area have expressed of court because of their prisoners reportedly are also eradicating vestiges of diserlmlDttlco. be sentenced, with the stiffest three civil rights workers- the policing of the hegro neighborhood ."
belief that the teacher racial activities. Dawklns was on a hunger strike to protest penalty, Klinsnun leader Sam- Michael ScbwernerAndrew here. Headley has coo- Brooks from his prison can
may have died from causes sentenced to six months and the bond refusal. Goodman of New York, and tended that the" dogs can bite has asked for a deeper probe
other than natural impaso Negroder made James Chaney, a Negro, of conditions.
Mrs. Thomas four months In Judge S Poisoned Tots' white U well u Negroes.The into
Jail. Fred King Of quite plain the need of concerted Meridian In 1964. Southern Christian Leadership Conner while visiting the
This is the first time in the In the electric .
The local SCLC. with Levy and unbiased action on the Conference, with James "sweatbox" area, sat
Policy Change Wllcox of Jacksonville president part of the board. He said that Father Wants history of civil rights in the Chapman u head, said earlier chair, Joking, and said
protested. Jerome Born- Stanton Is the school board is, nevertheless state of Mississippi that such a in the week that it would beWd that Supreme Court's decision ,
stein of Orlando, lawyer the trytng to purchase land pronouncement has been made to tell what to expect should a sounded like a report.by a
Began In lily American Civil Liberties Union Capitol Page forthe Gilbert High annexwith Case ClosedARCADIA. even in the face of the earlier dog attack an innocent cW... public: relations firm."
pointed to the unusual na.Pr.sW..I' out having consulted Center.: James Richardson conviction by an a11-wbte Jury. Chapman emphaslted the need Brooks saw some of the visi
Judge Cor facing physical
After Orders A. historic precedent was set The Matthew Gilbert dispute woo of working in terms of causesof According
father of the seven tots threats from time to time meted to a report .by ajounW1It.
Johnson I <&( the South.lest week rhea has long been in the news. died in Octoberrlparl1hloopoi- out In low tones, but with crime, jobs, homes. Brooks' cell was identical .
WASHINGTON More than sRep. Charles E. Bennett. of Many will remember when plaster toning, will, according to his the full force of the Federal However, a Negro minister with the one earlier described
150r00ghohslmu) units previously Plans NorthernBias Jacksonville appointed! IredC*. fell from the telling of one lawyer John Robinson, ask fora Government penaliUes these Rev Tbedford Johnson spoke was wlndowless, bed-
of the of vandalism his
closed JO'Negro servicemen King Jr., 17. a senior of New rooms. dismissal of his case in the men did not expect.: Neither did on property. leu and had a hole. for a toilet.
He said that
Itgi Negro citizens contend that because be exposed
Station School as a Circuit
pageboy of the
across the nation have been they ver promised brand new spring session their relatives friends and con some nootflumns .... is Prison Supervisor Walnrlfht
CrachdownWASUNGTONDlscrlmlnation In the U.S. house of Representatives.
opened la the past six months, school building. 'This would Court. stituents. under threat Church members, attempted to refute Brooks'
says the Department Defense.. The.' case was on docket for a Cecil Price, Neshoba County be has said statement ,While the visitorswere
come from a bond issue.A are scared of approaching
The Defense Department said King the son of Mrs: Myrtle final Tuesday. session in Arcadia in Sheriff, and Billy Wayne Pose the building. in the prison they saw a
northern style will be the target King a business education Instructor by opponents I
Us program mixing persuasion the court of Justice John Justice of Philadelphia, Miss., got six show by prisoners. Brooks Is In
with muscle In the form of of the Johnson administra at Stanton, entered of the school board the original Jurist in the years each. The other: men received But says Commissioner'Headley the "Q" wing of the prison. :
sanctions this
u that piecemeal 'Our are.ow.Utra.IMcI
procedure dogs
tion's efforts In 1968 school last week in Washington ,
achieved ,according page sensational death case., three years each. All Wainwright aid that "alrlol "l| '
: an Increase to federal officials. and will remain there will only slow down segregation. children can pet them
were sentenced to Um.1D a federal steaks will not attention
since of better Richardson, a migrant farm get ,
than 24
July percent also that
Two They say and tails.
areas will receive the between four and six weeks. He prison and pull their ears
from 646,700 to 802, 00. most attention soil earn $397.16 a month.Bennett the proposed addition will not worker S3 years of age was act at our command."
jobs and .. They only
In the number apartment and said. solve problems now facing the suspected, accused ,taken, tc The maximum penalty,following A committee of Negroes was Texas Hotel Has
10 In
conviction Is years .
Justice jailed and finally released -
The ,
trailer units now on "an court
open department will A weD-rounded student King area prison and/or ..900fine.ndel scheduled to meet with the .
after Robinson services
equal opportunity of Defense bss"Secretary Robert_ continue to file suit a&Unst* is Director of Senior activities, ,free, offered to help. the Civil Righslawofle'tu.This trained doc commissioner,To Pay Negro In

McNamara northern firms keeping Negroes cerves the Annual staff: hold Richardson was freed on |7, sensa.Uooallawwurelur. Rev.'Theodore Gibson, Episco-:
Inaugurated a '
last July program In low-paying Jobs.A membership on the varsity bas College Heads 500 bond after which the casecc&nttyysfor rected from Its legal morgue pal minister, said he felt that "Steak Snatch"
lords Miservice federal suit, filed December ketball team, the drama 4utf rrecl to Hillsborough and given new life. the commissioner's language
barring '4, against Bethlehem Steel and the school's famed marchIng Meet At the grand Jury. The However these men will appeal was too strong. He AId the war AUSTIN TEXAS.Emmtt Fisher '
asked the
personnel were by FAMU
to that corporation Is said to be a bend bond continued after the grand to the United States Fifth should be waged on crime in a Negro mathematician at
government change pol
forerunner of action to
come. Circuit Court. generaL the Houston Manned Spacecraft
Jury Indictment. Attorney
icy.At the same u.me. McNamara 'The firm has been accused of Mayor Trailer On CriticismsAngry said he hopes to prepare Bends were raised for Bowers Commissioner Fern lambas Center must be paid $900 actual .,
said the Pentagon would assigning black workers to undesirable an necessary documentsfor and Roberts from $5,000 to ted Headley for "Inflammatory, and exemplary damages by
off-limits to all senkelDeD-place. tasks at its Lackawanna file and will later ask a 'Jl 0,000. Price's bond went from remarks" Commissioner Mba the Carrousel Motor Hotel,Inc.
those (N.T.) plant while giving Adds Educators Negro educators,whose change: c1YeDU8.AttorDe $5 OOO to$6 000 as did Posey. lie Range, gave strong, supped: I; the Brass Ring Club, and the
except already
occupyingsuch better Jobs to white employ schools have been belittled by 16 state cIiargesbavebeeaWed. to the commissioner's program late Robert W. Flynn, manager
units-apartments and es having the same quaJ.1t1ca..tJou. To Job the downgrading report of the Robinson did not plan. .. Three of the men are truck She said her support\ is contingent lot the Brass Ring because
courts to attend th bearing
IraUer let
refusing to la Agenda e Tuesday
Southern Regional Education drivers. All men have been restricted upon unbiased actions Fishef; a guest.'suffered em-
Negro servicemen.
In the school field the Department Board in Atlanta will meet in slnehedUwunothlu; ( to their homes, except which Headley prOlJ1lsecl".Ma ,. harassment by having i steak .
of Isgoing Education and Dr. Andrew Robinson, principal Tallahassee on January t, at more The than the setting of a ttoc-case where Jobs are involved Cox or Clark supported the pro- snatched from his band at idle.
kit the
Black PowerLeaders Wschool. after northern of Raise High School and which time they win devote time grand Jury id warned them that aimless wandering gram. per ID the exclusive Ion,
sat in
It is Id that
Tampa. if?
,districts' practicesvhlch Charles Brooks to dissecting the report. would result In more Many dissenters with the program fisher woo a lust tun verdict
Ar.C.I..I result in classroom se New Stanton High : hhave The Board released report where Richardson his mother is in Byes.Clerelaad Jacksonville. fines and additional five-year appeared at the Commission but the trial court
Biala been appointed tothecommitteeon'Emplymant in September on Negro covegea. sentences. Price according to hearing last Friday. Some found for the defendant. mt
Will be visiting by Mayor Hans 'The educators will study the report Is news, asked for alight sentecne were "target suits." ,wUh-standms the verdict The
Selliig northern, and western school G. Tanzler Jacksonville. on the basis of three recommendations so that he could return home to The grant to the ScuthiChristian ru' Court ef OivU Appeal affirmed
districts to see whether attendance Mayor Tanzler -fief that the : Studying the C this wife and children Three leadership Foundation .the trial court. The Supreme
WAUKEGAN ILL.- Thirteen black power leadej sundered and whether predominantly to the committee flU win raising admission standards at CLEVELAND.41PIPoUce inasmuch as an almost is the fourth within the last and rendered Judgement for
have been seized In narcotics Negro schools are inadequate aid much In the proper allocation Negro Institutions the Southern are investigating the shooting all-woman Jury could reach no.. year to major Negro organisation. Fisher.

raids by federal and state and overcrowed.Violatibns of funds released by the federal states reexaminetheir dual one of Mayor Carl B. Stokes verdict The FBI was also Involved The others were for Fisher was the guest of the ,
.a ofthe government's. government for Job finding.The systems of land grant colleges. top aides. William H. Stein. 43. in the case. programs of the National Urban Ampex Corpontionaad_ I
Among those arrested Uwp desegregation requirements Committee win aid In theo and the University of Florida Stein took office December The government accused the League the National Association -Electronics at a meeting on I
.1laiD"Thomas. Identified by pi will be documented and northern m For Jackscavtveprcgram. llratlons In curricula; That the '1 U Stokes liaison man to tmen of deliberate premeditation for the Advancement telemetry. He was among other
ike u a spokesman for Pro- school district*falling to A part of the action will be the states should consider merging city council, the state legislature tnd maneuvering to,get the of Colore d People, and for a As he was about to be served 1
tectorlghts. a local black power shape up could: ] lose their federal awarding of certificates to businesses or cooperatively linking land and federal governmentagencies men into the bands of a lynch program in Cleveland of the a waiter snatched plate front aa I

froup. funds. taking an active partS grant college programs. mob. The Wan was Involved..", Congress of Racial Equality. h1I hao4 ;. ,

I 1

.... .. .J' _' '_' .... r- y va

; ------.nHn-pp.nHn .nn_ .n. .. .n. no. n. .n. n..n. __ n.n.... n.. -
j'i '

a'. ,

r ir,

PAGE W "'I, 'ji1 [ fr ... STAR PIPERS SATURDAY I JANUARY 6. 1161


NEWS c c/o/ u NiTyflpJ History will remember 1967 as the year of the most men
Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company
riots In the nation's history. The riots which swept the country
after the First World War, and even In the last two or three
summes look like picnics beside Detroit and Newark.
1 M'EMBJ.H .' The situation wasn't helped by press reports which were
sensationalist and neglected to fully explain the Justified an-
ger at Intolerable llcln g conditions which was lit the root NEGRO P RNATIONAt1fOTt'H ; riots. And It wasn't help by Inept police actions which pro'yoted
many riots, or by the Irresponsible "burn, baby, burn"
AC -; crowd who cheered while rioters burned their own neighbor

Many misguided people will look back on the 1967 riots as
:ERIC} 0. SIMPSON -- Miiiiiil Editir being an expression of milltance. But what kind of "militancy"Is

It when innocent people are killed the streets or at their

HILDA .IOOTE.N --. Circilitiii Mniir -i, windows But too? much has already been said

of the year. Despite the
backlash, and the many casualties, I
,2323. Ifoncrief Road Phm Elfii 46712Miiliif some positive elements. aboCa"peets
Some of these were related to the Jots.

AUrus haps for the first time, white
came fully conscious of the hostility and ]
[f.k( Bn 598 lachmillt, Flirl.i 32201 In the ghetto. They could no longer bury
heads In newspapers while their commuter trains sped past the
t ghetto. Now they had to finally see what was happening.
MIAMI OFFICE It wasn't pretty but it was honest and It waft the truth. That's
much better than the old hypocrisy which poisoned efforts at
Pbone 751-3879 change. It's better to have the hate on both sides out In the open

SUBSCRIPTION RATES where It can be dealt with.
Another posldeve element was the realization by our J One Year, $8.00 Half Year, $5.00 business leaders that the widespread riots threatened the futlN

Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States of our nation, and that they bad tohelp eradicate the slums tad

Subscription payable in advance poverty which breed discontent '.
Send ChecTR or Money Order to: The Urban Coalition was formed in midsummer 11'.a brM

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 grouping ers. Many communities formed their own urban coalitions,and
Jacksonville 1, Florida this group win fight for needed legislation and win take steps
A MEANINGFUL RESOLUTION to open up Jobs and housing for minorities.
Some of the measures taken by business leaders are very
Impressive, especially when measured against the indifference
We Must Profit From
Bridge TragedyThe I of the past.The auto companies went Detroit's. ghetto to hire

nation has hardly had time to recover 1I. people who might not otherwise have qualified for jobs. Other
companies built plans in the ghetto The Insurance Industry
from the Silver Bridge tragedy, which occurred YOUR Weekly pledged a billion dollars In investments In the ghetto.

near Pleasant, West Virginia, not With Congress turning Its back on social action,It has become

long ago. Workmen are still clearing the I more necessary than ever for private Interests to pull their
wreckage and searching for bodies, since weight A sign of the times II surely the recent speech by Ar-
Jay President of the Ford Motor Co. in which be caned
(more than a dozen dead persons' bodies re- I. HOROSCOPE GUIDE for aHinegatf a income tax whereby bo family would fan below

:main somewhere in the waters. the poverty line.

The collapse of this bridge has prompteda Another hopeful sign was the election CarlStokes as mayor
of Cleveland and Richard Hatcher u Mayor Wry Never before -
stateside directive in Florida join; By PABLO The, ASTROLOGER
spectT all state bridges to determine their have Negroes been elected tot top positions of such major -
cities, and they did It with the help of votes from enlightenedwhite
safety for vehicle travel. citizens.

Bumper--bumper movement of holiday traffic -' I WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS I Ij The lesson to be drawn from that Is obvious. When Negroes

has been labelled "tailgatlng" by Join with allies from the majority white po daboobehind sound

one imaginative Florida citizen. Tailgating j j men with positive programs, progress will take place.Few d-
FOR cities wert as divided as Cleveland and Gary, yet neither had
certainly cart put on bridge a third
riots. In both cities, Negroes saw a chance for meaningful
more vehicles than would' ordinarily occur I BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL change, and enough whites were willing to work with them for
at any ate time. I 1l
This situation now demands the passage Empty cries of "black power" gave way to meanJ.ncful"peo.

of safety regulations, .. r ple power". That's the way to bring about change.works,
and enforcement new ,---- --- --------------- -:--.
particularly regarding the number of large ARIES CANCER CAPRICORNt and Take InnoTMit all Of oeoole all, 1967 don't wasn't nt killed a rear to be happy about,bat

trailer trucks and the minimum space between LIBRA there were enough post Ives to make us hopeful about 1961,

moving vehicles on our highway BORN MACN2111APRIL BORN JUNE BORN SEPT. BORN DEC. .

bridges.Prevention now will prevent a dozen dis- ISIfc.Be 22i< JULY glad 23id OCT: 23. .22i< IAN tSU Christmas AfterwardsPost LookIn

done with It. Whaievei

asters later. transpires this quarter shouldbe Stuff and nonsense. There ar,t Clear the air. If i life If s no cinch. It takes oof the mad rush shopping for gifts for
Cued and done away with u; so many words said and writ business aIAe ingenuity as well as one's en. the family and friends, 'most of us have
partner displays aMany
quickly as It Is within human ten these days of which '
durance to to
adjust change missed the real of Christmas. Now
stubborn streak purpose
Ingenuity to do world could without.
Our 1968 ResolvesThe so. Occupation no
well-being and associations Cancerlan may be exposed t J from getting something done, conditions or surroundings. after sober reflections, we can take this
use guile rather than Caprlcornlans who find themselves kind of evaluation of the situation. Especially -
the matters weighing most bea- new theories, philosphtesperhaps hod presure
Year's is generally a time In such a predicament
,New season vtly on burdened shoulders.This downright propaganda,Ie to cope with It. It may only when we think of the bills we have
wart have doubt about the
and to take stock of them- no
men women wear you out trying to wry contracted
will not disturb maturedand It looks as if you will have ti o of the task that Is ,
selves and their behavior during the year experienced Allans unduly tax your mental powers to th, all the burdens on tired should facing them.However,with your We recall all .that Christmas has meant to
1967. While this should be a daily task since" they have long since utmost to keep out those thaappear t tin, whether they are In the nature well Known 'capacity for wok us in the past--the family gatherings

men prefer to put it off until this time- learned or should have,to cope to contrary to everything clal manual chores or If finanr along*with great organisational church services we attended and the Bible
and some forget to get Involved in self- with troublesome altuaU a. you stand for. If you already are In this predicament your powers, there Is little doubt stories about the birth] of Jesus that we
One sharp pain at short dura madt or the one In charge 1, "
evaluation at all. lion Is to be preferred to lingering touchy, or even difficult on oc.'It may be time to start finding about you pitching right the In ti"and* beard so ,often But Christmas is not always
making a beginning. By *
the two worst behavioral acts of a way to extrecate yourself a time for memories
Probably ones that nag more than canto try to be more understanding other have finally come to your happy everyone;
1967 were the racial riots and destruction. they hurt. A few may be toying than critical. Each oni; i at the first opportunity. De- help, the Job will-no doubt be 'of Christmas saddened by loss of loved
and the anti-Vietnam demonstrations which with the notion that marriage has come cross to bear an,d rlous methods may succeed finished. Do not get Into any ones in Vietnam and disappointment creep

blocked the entrance to Armed Forces Induction provides a short cut to the fulfillment Ibiscause could be the underly I )I 1-6Q-66-lS-S8S controversies with anybody,Including into our minds, too.
of a great ambition. for gloom and pessimism98044.1670Q u members of the faml- However, let us be thankful that the
centers. While this may be ture, one SCORPIO circle, for they could be rather Alr.lghty God has spared us to witness an-
The racial destruction of property in cities can't expect love to be thrown BORN OCT. violent ones!:;&eompUcaUou.IO other Yuletide
like Detroit and Newark. and its after- In for good measure. It could

math showed the beastly habits of men in. be want.easier to work for what you. LEO 2lt1-NOY. 22H.
motives. -l.-ZZO Education Has A Long History
spite of the so-called just BORN JULY
anti-Vietnam blocking of recruiting
The Shake It oft 11* feeling of
reminds us of the Bible passage: "Ye'en 23rd-AU6. Uii depression that overcomes your Education in some countries has a long
tered not yourselves and they that were BORN APRIL mate, self or both should not AQUARIUS history. For instance Rome and the rest

entering ye kindered, 20th MAY 20th It looks black. Take comfort be allowed to dictate Joint act-' BORN IAN. of to the Italy have 11 universities dating back
and 14th include
Ions. It can be eliminated.by centuries. They -
Negroes, as racial groups must resolve to from, the thought that you are
use less destructive procedures for gaining Don't tear U. It Is a truism not the only one who looking coming closer'together and 2011 FEB. 11th :
that pooling efforts In getting disagreeable The universities of Bologna Ferara
things seldom are as good with apprehension the gathering (1200)) ,
desired ends in the future. Regardless u expected or as bad u fear clouds In fact, this has chores,done rapidly. See it roslly.1t Is post he for (1391) Genoa (1243). Macerta (1290) ,
of how certain citizens object to the ed You could be the And It the methods now Naples (1224)
reaching practically become a way of some Aquarians to start taking Padua (1222). Pavia (1390)),
Vietnam struggle they must remain loyal to point where you are overlj fearful We in this day and ace Your there in use should ar proving be inadequate hesitancy a dim view of prsent events Perugia (1276). Pisa (1338)), Rome (1393)),

the military.In suspicious or Jealous on the own particular concerns may about and no efficacious as well as of the coming ones and Siena (1390.
1968 let our resolves be directed toward 2nd.some This to In turn may Impel have t o do with gainful endeavors seeking ones. A crisis mor rela- While you could not be entirely The person who graduates now from these
crate mountains out
making us more perfect. of molehills with rather tubu- comforts.or certain It will physical not go far dis to ted to health, employment and continued blamed tensions, because turmoil of the institutions feel proud to be a part of a
lent consequences. While dear one should be met squarely great tradition in the pursuit of knowledge
you optimism any to be faced with
in the world It Is not fa Chirac-
and placed in its place. ,
may be emotional a high degree the proper One always cherishes ande
of to
prospect having lay a great heritage
The ,
Individualist This is the kind of a task that ter for you to remain In the
during this the *
period out hope. will
even when strive
more money most Scorpios are well qualified dumps for any length of time. to uphold these long
same or even more be
so, may net returns not
yotfr are necessarily 11
Jesus has been called many things during'this emotional to a high degre dur' at their highest peakYou to handle. .Get all the worrying done andover foundations..
time of the but like the term lag this with and begin to see life
year, we period may be said of may find youself quite in S -40-, 33 17 > tOO through reiser tinted glasses
"Individualist" given him by Malchon a few friends and loved ones a quandary In this Or a similar -

'Johnson of the Tallahassee Democrat on fire.Instead, of adding fuel to the aspect on the 7th. SA6ITTARUSBORN tuned,,by It mor.utn.YapDtlmpulse may weaken come- This Week In Negro History ,

Christmas Day It is not often that we con- to point where you wlll j ve Id
done the writings of Mr. Johnson but last NOV. puts**, it may veucen some

Christmas he wrote what we consider the GEMINI to point where you will give Into I... I, I80t Haiti received Its Independeoc. from France.
23rd DEC. 21st an even stronger one during Jas I, 186Z African
best editorial of his journalistic career. BORN MAY the next quarter. slave trade wu officially ended III the
The editorial was a memorial upon the life Jan. 1 1863
of Jesus Christ, a resident of Galilee. It 21st JUNE .Zht BORN AUG. Disappointment Is of use. If slaves Emancipation Proclamation treeing the
*** issued
everything In the world really 17099.15.874PISCES < by President Abraham Un-
was superb and richly embellished by literary
Apprehension that start taking turned out as we expected themto Nathaniel
figures-both' traditional and original. shape at the start seem to be 23rd SEPT. 22it we would soon lose Interest : : :; Bacom. Virctnla planter, colonial
based on realities jather than entirely. It takes 'srpiMnt-- politician and lOUder bornlD EIIland.

The abstract of the editorial included: fancies. This Is the factor you There are no two ways. If mats reverses, and even failures WOIII'ovla, eaplta d LIberia West AfriesJam -
1. Jesus tightened the Ten Command- should keep In mind In con- you save, generally have to to Instill in us the right BORN FEB. *, 1631oldest republic 1D Africa-..;foundecL
up durcting key and economic affllatlons forego some of your desires appreciation of the gains and Dewspaper "'!be liberator was
ments by giving intent tp purpose. along the path to greater and pleasures. If you don't the blessings we also enjoy on oc- Uth M AR. 20th Jan. 3 U3 first PIIbUsbed 1D
2. The Man From Galilee taught men that understaacUm and cooperation. lack of sufficient reservesdur- cassic s. This Is the viewpoint.. Find It yourself It may save Lucretia Mott tamoua tbaIttlontst, war berS.
there was virtue in meekness, humble- In eddttion'you could ing the twilight years may com- you should abopt shold there Pisceans humiliating experiences Jan. 3, 1834 Alonro I 1111880,RaDS1
have social family and domes- ,pel you to do so as wen to deprive be cause to feel that life has not to set outside financial r, Negro Congressman from
ness, mercy, forgiveness tolerance tic problems to cede with making the family of basic:necessities. given you. a raw deal on the help no matter how des- Jan. 4, 1789 South Carolina was born.
disdain for material wealth etc. the task of coming up with These are thoughts that 1st. Be poker-faced and do not pertely they may need It The Benjamin Lundy, abolitionist and colonlxaticnlstwasborn. -

3. H?. refused to enter time'and again overall (solutions all the more you can mull over at the pre show emotions to matter how only way to meet persoal obligations Ian 4, 1935 Floyd Patterson.
civic movements and worldly disputes.The difficult. The slow-but sure sent time moment so as to violent they may be seething Is to tighten up the Be was the heavyweight boxer was bora.
process may be the one that will reach what you consider a wise side. The failure flrstbeaYJYe1gbttorecalnlbe,
key thesis of. the life of Jesus is to obese belt and adopt policies of conservation tally to lose It
: finally obtain desired results. decision One thing seems to this recommendation may r- that win aid In reducing t.... 4, 1950 Emperor again.
his code of conduct which without Mane
was Showdowns or the asseration of ber certain. Those who choose suit In a showdown of major current bills and over- Selassie of thlonla warns UnIted -
doubt good, that we can establish here oc authority may only drive the the road of speculation will proportions, one that could take beads. The related problems Italian Nation that his country will not recognU

earth a heaven without fanfares as dem- parties In contention farther discover, sooner or later.Uut an even nastier 4urn around could turn Into the real thing Jan 5, 943 Dr.George trusteeship over Italian Soma11J&Dd.

onstratAng,. marching, sitting-ins. lawmaking the the vast odds majority.are stacked up against Id-month. by the end of the next quarter. died at Tnskegee WashlngtonCarver Ala tamouuc1aDt1lt. The date has

and arm-twisting. -90--- &<< '5-40-99-14-789 I- 80 88 -'15 732 '3"-.SO. zj -18'- 55-&. since cI Congress been .Instihde&ner Day by ? Act

\ t .
--.1f; !; t

-- .



- Edward Waters Phi Betas Volunteer Hospital Visitors Florida Worthy Alpha Filters

I And Sigma Gammas MeetGamma i i Matron Expected Plan To ObserveFoenders'
; I j i fill i
i j/ : '
PI chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and Mo-Ga ,Iii Dr. C. B. Nelson-D an ii f., Day
mma Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority held an Initiation program II, I Worthy Matron of Florida, the
Friday evening at Edward Waters College. I I I II International Matron of the International -
Twenty-four neophytes were inducted into the fraternity and I I I, I Grand Conference of Upsflon Lambda Chapter of Al-
sorority. I' Chapters of the lEA Africa, ,pea Phi Alpha FraternitywW
The fourteen neophytes for Phi Zeta Phi Beta are: Roberta I and the Isles of the Sea, will observe the National Frater-
Beta Sigma were: Clayton Johnson, Jennett Smith, Connie ? u hold her official visitation in nity's Founder's Day with a series
Rodge, Willie Wrlgbt, Eddie L. Randall, Loretta Rolling, Jacksonville on January 12, at of activities during the
Brutoo, Kenneth Francis, Rob- Rose M. Williams, Mary A. \ i l ,r 7 p.m. week-end of January 1921. f
ert Dlxoo, Gary Edwards,Man- Thomas Juanita Gresham, Re- ; i All matrons, patrons, associate Alpha Phi Alpha, the first Negro -
rice Snow, Glennie Anderson, glnla dray. Aaronetta C. Ed- .\ matrons, associate patrons, Creek letter organization,
Alexander Reed, James E.Lan- wards, and Ailene Barr. and members of the OES in was founded at Cornell University
her, Sammie Latlmer,James W. Sor ors attending were:Dean of .J ) Duval and adjacent counties are In 1906. I
Byrd. William C.Peterman,and Pledges Jerrylla Bradley; as-' urged to be present. Information The Kick-off for the weekendwill
Robert L. Clark. The captain slstant bean of Pledgees, Can-' concerning the 75th anniversary be the installation 0( recently
and co-captain of this group dice Wltherspoon; Lydia Hagan, or Golden Jubilee, will elected Chapter officers
are John T. Moore and Leo Gwendolyn Thomas, Nadine be given. and officers of the Alphabetic
Christie. Wiplams,Sberleyette Jones, organization, the ladlea'aunu-
The Dean of Pledges is George Mary Managanjt, and Virginia NAACP MeetsAt try, at social affair to be held
Ingram. Brothers are: John Johnson. Sponsors are Sorors In the home of Dr. and Mrs I..
White, Harold Walby, Delaney Geneva Wheeler and Evelyn BethelOn B. Childs on January 19.At .
Williams, Malacha Bessent, Wells. noon on Saturday, January
and Reglnal Baety. Entertainment was held at Pin Wednesday 20, outstanding male student
The ten Neophytes ladles of Forest Community Center. I from Sigh schools id Oe area
4P The Jacksonville branch of the till be feted at a "youth day"
rWiddir National Association for the Advancement activity and luncheon, havlngas
Bells St. Stephens Will of Colored People its point of emphasis, "go to
will meet at Bethel Baptist Institutional college", a part of the national
Church, 1058 Hogan, program of the fraternity.The .
Harry Alfonso Brltton, 4939 Present Allen Choirthe l = every Wednesday night dulng observance terminate
Campenella Dr., 21 and Cheryl the month of January, at 8.00 with the Founder's Day ser-
LaNette Sales.3326 Ardlsia Rd. Allen University Concert p.m. vice during the 11:00: ..m.worship -
18. Branch President C. Lenwood hour at St. Phillip's Episcopal -
Choir of Columbia, South
Lee will be In charge. All Church on Sunday, January -
at St.Stephen' .
,wm be presented
standing committee chairman 21.
James Bythford Jackson, 1451
AME Church on Sun
, W. 20th SL;;Z4 and Betty Jean' day, January 28, at S.30: p.m., are requested to submit programs ,) Dr. James E.Cheek,president
of action for this of Shaw in Raleigh
University ,
Lundy, 2274 W. 16th St., 22. along with the pastor, Rev J. year
before this month has ended. N.C., prominent In Alphadom.
Robert Heyron,Palmer, 1208 S.bers Johnson of the,church.officers and mem- Anticipated action areas will and an outstanding speaker,will
be; Membership. Education the Founder's Day address j
Florida Ave, 36 and Joan Elisabeth give
Mrs Louise Genwrlgbt Is Volunteer service Is a bobby wift the Ladies Voluntary Aadliary 1- *t Lake City. They are, left to right: Mrs. Lounlnla Marquise, housing and Labor and Inudstry. Other program participants
Bryant, 1445 W. 26th St. spearheading the appearance of for Veterans Service for the Gateway Barracks 8131 of ;Mrs Pearl Jefferson,Mrs.Lucinda Corley,Mrs Lole B. Webb, The public Is cordially invi will include members of
Apt. 2,27.Charles. the nationally known group of .World War 1 Veterans These ladles have now official permls- president; Mrs. Johnnie C. Dukes, Mrs Freda Robinson and, ted. Rev. Rudolph: McKisslck is the local chapter. The public is
singers. The singers will be slop to volunteer ghelr services to all veterans at the Hospital :Arthur Robinson, business manager pastor at Bethel Baptist Church. invited to attend this service. I
Anthony Hall, Jr., directed by Professor Hunter. I __________ ____ __ _
4021 Pearce St. Apt. 2, 25 and Mrs. Genevieve Crockett is -

Spearing Pearce Clementine Otis St.Bernard St.,Apt.18 Thomas andShirley 2.Cooper 24. ,,Marie 4021 743- chairman of publicity. STORK HOI RS) I'ridav Monday.& Thursla9 : 30 H.rn, 'Iii 9 : 30 lun. I W TlU"SlaU1(1 t'dn.. .la 93 0 a.in III 6--\ )!

Mitchell, 1560 W. 17thSL,19 Pall Bearers .

Chas Buchannon, Chattanooga, I
Tenn., 21 and MlUie Ann Ben- Meet Monday
ton, 2083 Deana Ave, 19.
The Pall Bearers Society, No. Sears
James Gerald Long MO N. 18, win bold the regular meeting r1
Llocold Ct., 24 and Celia Ana January .. All members are A
Miller, 1425 W. 12th St, 22. expected t o be present Dues
Ramrod 'George Thomas 11 mast be paid Mrs. EDa Ruth,
Oak Street 46 and Charlie Will prsldent.

McCray 44. 2432 E. Lincoln -. January

Blue Light
Alfred Austin, 4818 Vermont
Red., 28 and Wilma JeanSmaU,

2214 Pullman St, 24. Savings Meets ___ rErl: '
Wlnthon Van Steen 2146 The Blue Light and Savings -
Brooklyn Rd, II and Cynthia club win meet January I in
Lavcrne Gillioo, 714 W.Orange the home of Mrs Lucy High-
St., ". tower 248 Barnett Mrs. Bertha -
Walker Is president.
Eddie Warren RoUnson. 921. '
W. 1st SL, 21 and Barbara Ann. '

RasorH43LeeSt,23.Eugene Victor Maafo Durham, Queen Of South ;:: Muslin Percale .

NJC., 40 and Gladys Noel Latlnr ,
Durham, NC.,27. Chapter Plans MeetThe Pastel Decorator !

Samuel Karl Stepbens,1819W. Gwen of the South Chap. I

'10th Stand Rosemary ter meets Tuesday January 9,
1828 W. 33rd at 8 P.m. at Masonic Temple
SL, ". 410 Broad, third floor. Room 2. Sheets :
Worthy Matron Gwen B. Williams :
Gateway Barracks Is expecting all to be pre
sent. The books must be clear-
Plans First Meet ed for the New Year. Sale Ends Sat., y6thi ;

Gateway Barracks No. 3131
Veterans of World War I, will Long Branch Club
bold the first meeting of the i
year Saturday at the Joseph
H. James Center at 2 p.m. AU Enjoys ChristmasThe I
officers and members are requested -
to be present This will Long Branch held Us annual I
.be the last call for those who Christmas party lathe dloning -
have not paid dues for the 1968 area of Sweetftald Baptist
cud Bring your discharge.The Church Mrs.D.B.Banes,president -
Buddies are also asking and Mrs. Vtota Tate
that all of the ladles of the families were hostesses. The party was
of World War Wo.1 Join the wen attended by members and
auxiliary this year For Information their gusts The January meeting -
call 354.3134.Dahlia will be held lathe borne of
Mrs. Jeanette White, 1)22
Steele, oa January 17 at 12 noon.


Circle Will Earle ChapterOES '\i\

Have Tulip Call Is Called

The Dahlia Garden Circle will AU members of Earle Chapter .
meet Thursday, January U. at OES are to meet January
7 p.m. In the home of Mr. and 10 at 9 p.m. in the Masonic \
Temp Assessments and dues .
Mrs. David Stafford 1630 West I
16th St. AH members are urged will be paid, Mrs. Willie Mu '(1 "-"; : ii II I
to be present. The program win Shlpp Is Worthy Matron -
highlight the Tournament of Roses
and the program for Feb Delia Campbell 198
ruary. Mrs. Maude Brwon will
bring the Legend of the Holly MUSLIN PERCALE PASTEL DECORATED
President Queen B. Williams Has Big Anniversary

.Is expecting all members Delta Campbell Chapter lftt Flat or Fitted 4 6 Twin SizeRegular 7 7
will "bold thelrs.coodannlver.saryJ& Twin Size 1 52,29Regular$1.89 1 Twin SizeRegular 2 5 7 Twin Size 9 9 3

'Free Masons Hold Trinity UUJ Baptist 21 at Church 3 p.m.,Duval with I 82.79 I Regular I 83.29 /t

and Jefferson Rev.C.J.Crosby .
1968 Elections is pastor. Jra. Ella Robinson Regular $2.09 Full Size 1.69 Regular 82.19 Full Size 2.06 Regular $2.98 Full Size 2.77 Regular S 1.29 Full Size 3.93

Is Worthy Matron Regular 98'Pillow'cases. 81 Regular$1.29PilluwcaMe 1.03 Regular $191)illo"UIoeIi 1.27 Regular 12.19 Pilloca 2.19 I

0-LUG-FREEMASONS BOLD Lonc--*,>earin(. fine-quality while collon Cooler for more .lerpingrumfurt.lighter Subtle.hiJr.ofpa.tel.JJnewbr.utylo A.prrlhngfaJuun.errnlfuryour bedroom -
mu.lin. Filled bottom khrrU hue for eaurr handling llurr) and ktotk up )our room. Smooth combed collon per tnappy .lripe<<* of dote perky
North Jacksonville Lodge 381 United Assembly LUuo-Fil corner for say bedmaking. nor, ThwVtckOnl)! cale. Lla....-Fit corner. S..e'l Sr.*! prill.point bloom, delightful paMel
Free and Accepted Masons el- flora... Combed collon percale.
.acted the following officers for Of Truth Meets
the year 1968: WY.K.Thomas;
SW William Wilcox JW, Thomas
Wilson Financial Secretary The Unity Assembly Truth KING AND QUEEN Low 79
Frank Courtney; Treasurer 1778 Sprig, announces a Fellowship as as 3
*. Fleming; Chaplain, Class for adults interested Queen Sire ..' m
,WUliam Wailer7)ierWU1Lm in the study of truth. The L
Wide Selection of White Pastel and \I'hilep..rnle
Decorator Sheets
.J' 'Tomberlln SO. Penal classes begin at I p.m. each
GibIns. 30, Claude Bryant Wednesday evening at the
Jackudi, Marshal, Louis I..Anderson : should bring pencils and I Sears I 200 W nl Bay Street 971 Arlington Kd. Atlantic and Fifth Shop By Phone
MBA Secretary J.C. come prepared to write toe 1968 Satisfaction Guaranteed or 333-1181 723-2173 261.5511 2819300lUuJ
.Hurston, and Recording Scoretsry letter. Sallye C. Wl..IIDIJDIlir. Your Money Back Oprm 9.30*...Til 9.SO.... Upm':30...."T.l':*).... 0,... 9:311: ....Til Lid.... r4.ll.w rusty ../ f
... ... ... ... ,
; B.J. Perkins. director. H AH.au al. K AN o .u. m 04..f"Tai.. 'I'4..f"Tai.. Erdar 9. "TII'. .U! JS4-4441 ti



............. .-....... ... ......_.. ._._..... .... ..._.*..4SATURDAY _t t .. 6. J _.__ _._ t fII t J''t. ._. .. }:": -.. ..
666.666 .6 6 6 __ __ __ _______ ______ _



Bishop Cooper And Apostles A Debutante Is Honored. -

Begin Sixteenth Anniversary I ,

r7J with the Sunday School at 9:30. with Deacon
Services begin )
The Apostolic Church of the New Jerusalem 2032 Benedict, D. White In charge. The lesson will be reviewed st10:15. '
Jacksonville, will be the scene beginning January, of the celebration .. Joseph: Awards will be made tothe outstanding Junior and senlorclasses '
of the sixteenth anniversary of its founding,with Bishop>> 1\ attendance and IDftnaDce.The ;
excellence moraine
M.L. Cooper founder and organizer in charge. lr % for .
will begin at 11 .with the deacons In charge of devotlonals -
On Sunday evening, January 7, day, January HI; Rev. Wallace, I The Baptist Training Union begins at:5 I p.m. The even
Elder A. Kins and the First pastor of St. Peter's, Friday
at 6:30 with the deacons in charge. Both messages :
Born Holiness Church, will be light; January 12. fag worship win be begins delivered: by Rev. C. C.Brown or his appointees.-
in charge. On Monday night Elder Bishop>> J. Tucker and the Pentecostal H { Street.
is 1700
Flax Howard and his congregation Church will be guests :' $ The church

will be present. Sunday, January 14, at 3 p.m. NEW REDEEM BAPTISTThe
The Holy Ministerial Alliance Bishop>> M. Baker, pastor of the I conference win be held Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eachauxiliary
will be represented by the OSE> Church of the Living God, will : monthly financial :
is asked to make a yearly report The Son-
pastors who are members of serve Monday, January 15.Bishop
Eunice Dunson
b day School begins at 9.30: with Deacon and teachers
the Alliance.: >> S.A. Thomas will be present
In cbarge.Thelessoowfbe revlewedby the pastor, Rev
Other visitors, pastors, and Tuesday night, January 16.Services j i '
at 11 with the
Norman. The morning worship begins a.m., deacons
churches will be: Rev. W.O. will begin at 7:45 each .. and Usher
in charge of devotions. Choir No.J Board No.S
Tuesday Mt. Salem Baptist, night All are invited win serve throughout the day, with Mrs. Fannie Jackson In*
night, January 9; Elder 9 charge of music. District No.2 will meet at 3 p.m at the'
AJt. Frailer True Vine
Holiness, Wednesday, night January Big Gospel Sing 7i wGt'r church. The Home Mission Circle will meet at 3:30 at the!
church. Deaconess Board No.1 will meet at 4:30: at the church..
10 Elder W. F. Faust '
Church of; God In Christ.Thurs-, To Be January The evening service begins at 6 p.m. The pastor will deliver:
!'both sermons. The church is located at 1614 30th St.

Peace Temple To The first of many major gospel -
music singers of the city COLOSSIANS BAPTIST CHURCH
Have High ServiceThe will take place Sunday night, Sunday School begins at 9:30 with the superintendent aol
January 7, at 9 p.m., In the S teachers in charge. The morning service begins at 11 a.m.'
Peace Community Spirit Elks Auditorium. Among those i 4f Communion services will be at 3 p.m. The pastor Rev. R J.
ual Temple, 819 West Church, appearing are: Austin Twins, Crawford wW deliver the sermon. Choir No.l and Usher Board
win hold a special service Sun Voice of Jerusalem, Celestial No.1 win serve an day. There win be an after service program
day January 7, at 6 p.m. Elder Gospel Singers, Biven Special, at 7:30. Rev. James Davis win preach.On Tuesday night prayer I
Muse Davis, pastor, will speak.Mrs. and the Instruments of Faith meeting is held,beg1nn1ng 7:30Allare invited. The church is
E. Fleming is reporter Ensemble. Mrs. Bivens is in located at 1154 West 31st. Rev. RJ. Crawford is pastor.
charge. 4 fd r
CIT FAST IUSSED RELIEF I Elder Mose Davis Regular services will be held Sunday. At 11 turn the Holy

.. Communion will be administered. At the close of the morning
ITCHINGBKIN Plans Annual Sing I 41 service the women will organize for women's day which will be
March 24, at 5:30. On Sunday January 14, at 7:30 p.m. Choir
Elder Mose Davis and the The charming young ladies in the picture were guest at a" Purdy. Standing are: Miss Miriam White and Mrs. Odeal W. No.2 will observe Its Leading chlors of
SCALING Davis Singers will observe their.1xt.h brunch In the home of Miss Louise E. Perkins, 1518 West White, Misses Carlyn Crier and Charlse Whltt Others attending .will All anniversary invited. C.E. Jenkins Is city
participate. are minister. The
anniversary In the Elks Seventh honoring Miss Patricia White, a debutante. Seen were: Misses human, Renee Lewis, Waynold Stone, church .located at 3811 St. Road.
SKIN auditorium, 712 West Duval, on In the picture, front, are: Misses Cheryl Culbert, Laura Shirley Lewis, Rosalind Mcintosh, Stella Ivey Ruth Santec,
Sunday, January 21, at 8 p.m. Williams. Patricia Elaine White, Karen Washington and Cynthia Louis Perkins, Mrs Leslie Peeler Mrs. Jessie G Footman 'UNION/ PROGRESSIVE BAPTIST
All singers are Invited The and__ Mrs- .___ Perkins,
Sunday School Is at 9:30 with the superintendent: and teachers
Sunday Morning band will open to charge. The lesson topic>> win be re viewed by the pastor Rev

Minors tirn sumuDlllllloo... the services. Mrs First Lord's Day Pre. R.W. Puryear Jake Ray. At 11 am. tbtmornlnc service win begin wash DeaJcons .
Relieves Itching, Scaling end Revival Time Ministers'HoldsXrnas Second Baptist : Tommy L. Brooks and Oats in charge of devotional The
Irritation of PIorIISII.II Services Set At pastor win deliver both messages Choir No.1 and Usher Board
"II'II eur Evangelist Alice Jones of Cleveland Head Of Florida Plans Communion 1 win serve at 6 pjn.Rev.Jake Ray pastor; Mrs:Leomla MIl.
_, C Alp Roper AJ-"MM.,,MAC nlaa' ( Ohio Is conducting a Grant Memorial AME. Banquet her, reporter. The church .located at (13 Pippin.
great New Year's revival at Memorial
m, NUD-TO.TOE PROTECTION True Vine Holiness The revival The First Lord's Day Serviceat CollegePresident The Baptist Ministers Alliance For Sunday Eye SWEETFIELD BAPTIST
.M tun IN..-J'I i ;i'' N 3...n"M.MN kmtr will continue through January Grant Memorial A.M.E. bead Mrs C.I. Winiams,, president Sunday School begins at 9.30 with a.... McJOaooo and t...
ktlkn MM X ...'***** -',<- -. ..- Church win be ushered in with Memorial College, wok charge. morning begin a.m evening
>.. ..'.*n MII>..MCttU"ItrtUNIt ., ... at 8 O'clock. The church totaled -' the Sunday Church School beginning of Florida In St Augustine. Florida man banquet recently In the gregaUon will observe the service at S p.m. The Rev. D. B. Barnes, pastor, win deliver
at 1439 Spearing Street, at 9.30: a.m. under the now Memorial College under his Daysprlng Baptist Church.Mrs. Lord's Supper with services,at both sermons. The Holy Communion win be administered he(
-Elder A.NJrazier is pastor. supervision of Brother A.V. direction with its dynamic staff Bertha Klncben presided. 6 pjn.Sunday. Rev.James Carl evening choirs 1 and 2 and Usher Boards 1 and S will serve
Rose and his capable staff of and looking forwardto Among those present were: Sams, assisted by the deacons throughout the day. The put<<.... asking that an districts make
SISTER BESSIE officers and teachers. moving faculty,Into its new homeIn Mmes. D.B. Barnes,S.L. Bad and associate ministers, will financial reports both in the morning and evening services. Mrs
JRER CANDLE WITH EVERY READING AU choirs of the Church will Miami during 1968. Only recently ger, N.B. Williams, C.A. Weaver administer the communion. Vemie Mae Hints will be the musician Mrs. Gertrude BaptistIs
serve throughout the day and Whitney Young of the E.L. Guyton, R.L. Jones The combined choirs will sine. reporter.

She will read your entire life-past present and aU Usher's Boards except the Urban League, Dr. Mary Ross W.E. Cummings Mrs. Bertha Sunday School win begin at HOLSEY CUE CHURCH
future. She asks M questions but will tell you 1 fl Board. of the National Baptist Convention McCoy, Mrs. Edna; Gordon, 9.30. L.C.Chester assisted by Sunday school begins at 9.30 with >Mrs.> Bertha Grifieo and
what want to,know, giving date and tets of The pastor will preach at 10:45: of America and other Mrs. Ola Mae Murray, Mr. the\"assistant general and de* teachers in charge. The morning worship begin at U &.III.
business yon, love, health and >tunny aff lrs. Will'' a.m.from the theme: "Setting noted persons have visited the George Murray, Mrs. Fannie p a r t m II t a 1 superintendents with the pastor In charge. The evening service will be at
help you find loft art. TELL you whom you will Sail With Jesus" and at 6:45 school. The school 1s extending Marshall, Mrs. WjS. People>> ,. ,wai be la diuI'.The pastor 1 p.m. Bcly Communion nrttl be administered, with the stewardess
marry and when.U the one)'OIIloYe Is tnt, what Ito p.m. be will exhaust the theme: Us educational program Mrs. WJ:. Murray,Mrs A.Od< will. review' theleuoaRtv. In c chart.*At 3 p.m. the McCall Singers and others
do'tobe successful.WU1 reunite the separated, ''Cc 1Dd1DI for the Faith." PRE. R. W. PURYEAK om, Mrs D J. Jones, Mrs.Ella ,Suns will also deliver the will give a program at the church. The church conference will
locate absent friends and relatives, and cause I Holy Communion will be observed Rafe, Mrs. Maggie Black morning' sermon. be Monday bight. All are expected Stewardess Board No.
happiness between man and wife. Make HP I at both services.An All received glfls.The January The Baptist Training ttikm 1 win hold a church aid affair Saturday at the church Third
lover's quarrels. Tells.If sickness or bad lock Isl persons are Invited to be meeting will be with Mrs. R.L. will be at 4:45: with Alexander and Franklin.:
natural enemlnes, evil Influence and bad luck. Don not tell In attendance at the Church witha 1 R Jones 1982 College Circle Heard associate director, lacharge. .
to please )you but wUltill the truth One visit will repay yoa forts]' dally challenge. January 15 at 8:30. The election NEW MT.OLIVE
disappointments la aU others. not only read your life like in, of officers will be held. Weekly activities Include the Sunday school begins at 9.30 with the superintendent la
opea book but I also help rOIl out of your TROUBLES.Com*, Mrs Gertrude Barnes Is chairman "Prayer of Faith" Hour,Tuesday charge. The lesson win be reviewed by the put r. Rev. W.
and see why fOIl are so onhappy, when everything seemc U g o St. Luke Baptist of publicity. at 7 p.m. L.Glanton. The morning worship begins at U am. with the
wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted,sick and worried wbwyo* deacons conducting the devotions. The sermon will be delivered .
cabs helped and everything made clear by consulting. TlGlTrED = Unit Plans Meet Dr. King Opposes Nixon by the pastor. The evening begins at 630. The Cos-
MEDIUM! Everybody welcome. NO MAIL ANSWERED.I District No.l of St. Luke Baptist pel Chorus. will cine throughout the day Miss Linda Seawood
make M house calls. Don't mistake the address,SBTER Church wW hold the final Martin Luther King. Jr., does former vice-president win be at the piano. Usher Board No. 1 wW serve. Weekly
BESSIE Is located north of CaUahan on UJ.flf 1/1 mile from meeting of the year at the home not agree with Richard M. Nix The only GOP potential candidate activities Include; 1'IaudaY,1, prayer service; Wednesday,
City of CALLAHAN, Florida. PtaM 879-2250. of Mr. and Mrs T. Newsome, OD'. "extra divider Idea, who could defeat President Choir No. rehearsal; Friday 7.30 C'IOIptIChorua rehearsal
WATCH FOR HER SIGN IN FRONT OF HOUSE 1473 Grothe. at 430. Mrs. M. As a matter of tact, the civil Johnson U 1968, according to
Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL Stills Is president, M. Arms- rights leader said the Republicans Dr. King, Is New York Coy TABERNACLE BAPTISTHoly
Open dally 6 a.m. tolO P..., Including Sundays tead leader and Rev M. J. would lose most of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Communion win be administered Sunday afternoon at
rfKx> !LCNnTLES.rOU< TO A IS RKADWG for IX Trowell Is pastor. Ne ro vote by nominating the 9 p.m. The pastor and deacons will be to charge.Sunday:
school begins at 930. Assistant Superintendent Mrs, Hush
L u I olomon will be In charge Deacon Charlie Weaver will review .
the lesson. The Rev. Q.E.Younfc pastor win speak
la the morning service. Adult choirs, the Senior Male horns -
Decorating and Usher Board: No. 1 will serve Prayer meeting Is OB
a Wednesday night at 130. The Youth Choir will rehearse Tues

dayThe for Teachers' meeting U every Safaday at
will teach the !eqoo.





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gotted seam eWIinoIRcot.13C Rre. 1.39 He'. 1.99 Biyon power net eUtto plus Coodl>ar or lint:kelL. pUtkrt collir. 310Keg.
under .\ : r,,,, Multlpk ttMHHl IroaJtluth, punlJePowcanonwithad, oeUM satin front and Uck. Tasty fn-kli, tlrlidousl White, l blue. olive. naryrburgundy
prrnJuined with >ol fa m. pnaU. itrrUh "' li:3s.IQ .neLfortrimtualr.eseauery: ; or gold.$oM.L.
'.0 B 32-40 C \1111uWark.A 3240,B 32-38, white A 3J-30 .l B: \\
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TO WHSIT v '" "< !

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r! Full,
> 2I x 48' r/se ;, k
Woven for good-looks j' r chenille
4 long wear Colors. 52% raon,
Jj 1 4896cotton. Unt free\it-
Hod t.w.l sy 49c r..1a -
W..k Cloth, Beg Esc ..Esc case rayon tufting.Colors.2OO .
itf r 1 a Jw.M0.4..0..E .

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:t. 57c. 1.0" ts Noxzema Oft
i r ,_,,a.' "" 1.00 Ue Aqua Net........ 0 Medicated Cream...........VO'eQ .

} 1.00 slit .sTYLE SET ...77c 1.019'size Jergens lotion..: i'
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t ttf fly
'R ,
I.2SsJz.Miss Clairol'Crtmt Formula ..ft .
91 first quality, solid 1.50 size Miss Clairol Loviifg(are .... 1,09 98 f silt Usterinfl............66. *


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UsniM in Land .
Super soft buys burst forth box. Wonderfully omtbowcaio t': 6 c''
89/0 sill ASPIRIr..
in a riot of new deeptoneand Doff absorbent and itroog. .". .
pastel colors. Hem 77 I Chose mow white colon: 1.00- -sJzeligh.Guard .............51' '
med ends, dobby border. I OO.W OOl WORTH ASPIRINLI
Hand T.w.I., .... S9c.47c ............"" h..4! -" 1
Wash Cloth., .... 29c2Jc Omth Sttt 2' Jt :: : YOUR MONEY'S' WORTH MOBS AT WOOLW* TE/'. ,,

I -_. .. -. .

_ ., _.'_..'..'....'..J. __"__ ___ .-o.__ _................__ -""IIo't- \--. r_--......-............-.-...--.e..41l.lAa.j-- ...._- "11. .. ....... .". .. .. !. .......... ..66............... ...t......' '

.. .. .. .. nn. __ .- 00 -nn.mm .. .. .. -

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t: _



THEATRE' WING World Of BooksThere Honoring Dr. George Carver Hialeah Gets Final Touch

By EARL CALLOWAY have been other bio For Fast Nags And $650,000MIAMI

graphies about Paul Roveson; / '
Emphasis on'black art has pro even an autobiography by Rob- BEACH, Fla- With the Super Bowl still ahead, Hialeah'
duced nationalistic pride In thE eson himself, entitled "Here I Park Is nuttine on the final touches for Its opening January I'.

works of Negro artists, andhas Stand. All these books examined I This means this.rea's Orange racing is at the Miami Beach

introduced a new breed of ethnic Robeson's activities,beliefs, Bowl festivities now have merged Kennel club and Ja1 alai at the
poets, actors and musicians. and in the
speeches, politics witfrthe midwinter seasonto .Mjajni fronton. .'
According to some, the Negro light of what the '20's30'sannd vacationers and uninterrupted
with his "black nationalist '40's in America, and the rest + "l + r, j.rcr provide of major attractions Night clubs, concerts' theater

movement" Is setting himself of the world were like for Robe- blanketing array the calendar one evening of. OQera on
back some SO years.Such a view son and lor.other Negroes.The from the first to the last January* 24 and three of the
is not shared by the majority, facts that Robeson was a the north. circus January 19.21, provide
nor by this columnist. Ethnic snows In assurance that January nightsIn
famous Negro singer, won fame Hialeah has for more than
nationalism should be develop and academic honors college, been identified Miami Beach are neither
.three decades
nor cold nor dull.
world traveler and
was a even.
While the Negro is gaining communist with what the television peo- Many of the hotels have extensive
tually a are things time for
would prime
considerable I on-the house entertainment
opportunity n generally known by most Americans.
here. While this connotation
many areas of art, he has neglected But that he was the first a holiday somewhat for guests. This may vary
Is becoming
his own creative genius.He Negro to play Othello In Amer. is from a sightseeing tour to an
outmoded its obsolescense
often falls to support his ica with great success, or that fl'a not due to, a diminution of the elaborate recital. The Shower
own artists, who must depend American made him*and his: Rather it is the of stars hotel group, as one
track's luster.
upon the "white structure" to people suffer indignities second entertainmentsuns. example, has arranged to compliment .
radiance of new '
open opporhmlUesformanywho class citizens, while it guests for the 'Broad
succeed.A fought wars for freedom in other Infield the way starred shows at the Coconut
In the Hialeah
new day dawns, he now loots lands, is not greatly talked about Grove Playhouse.
with pride open his origin tat flamingos parade their pinkflncry The city Itself long has met

seeks to magnify his heritage. Robeson was not a man to stand the bougalncillaea's many and the need for a more neighborly .
hues rival the racing silks
Such a view is entirely different by and say or do nothing he felt and economical entertainment .
from black power. This is obligated to fight, to speak out/ 1//1 the pot of gold at contains the end exactly of the program for visitors
stakes rainbow
the reason why the Farragut and say what he thought right or are through various municipal facilities
High School Drama Club, Chicago wrong. This Is a good and Important $650,000. Major purses Including four common
presented Lorriane Hans book In many,many dlf. the Seminole, February 3, $50, ty centers. Much of the anti
berry's play, "A Raisin in The ferenct ways. 000; the Widener:! February 17, vity Is divided into age groups,

Sun" In two performances earlier On of the things that m eaHoyt' $100,000; Turf Cup, Febufary Includes dances, vaudeville,
this month. biography important Is 24, $75,000; movies and even classes la
and the
The characters are representative ifs being published now. Not February 28, $50,000 languages and handcrafts. h
of several generations of only does be have the advantage Flamingo, March 2, $100,000. the playgound parks are handball .
NegrolilnAmerlcuDdcenter.Ita of standing further away from Through January 16 the TEjtf and tennis courts, shut-
story around a poor ghetto the circumstances and giving it roughbreds will be running at fleboard archery ranges and
family on the Southside of Chic an all-encompassing well-re Tropical>> Park, and from March Softball diamonds.

ago. The play won for Miss searched coverage, but he is not 4 through April 23 at Gul- With football moving off the
the New York Critics stream, where two $100,000
Hansberry influenced by the immediacy of spectator sports scene this
Award as the best play in 1964 the events. races also are scheduled the basketball
PITTSUBRGR, Pa"..Mayor JasephMBarrslgaaaproclaoaa- It. MalooL.. editor of the Hill House Casgthe; 1Ir. Roy E. Florid; Derby and the Gulf- month, assumes
The title
was adapted a Secondly, Paul Robeson was more promlnenc Collegiateand
Carver Week In his city
tion Washington the
declaring Geroge
the late Kohier; Mr. Kohler, Manager, Special Projects, Gulf Oil Public stream Handicap. Greyhound
poem by Ungston not only the first, but the foremost first week of January. The celebration will be officially retwgonyoing professional games are!
Hughes: champion oral Negro and January S.With him are the Relations Department; Dr. Alma tilery. Founder and National scheduled In Convention halL
'I What happens to a dream de. the cause of freedom and ladlesewhoasold him official Carver Week stamps, Chairman of Carver Week; John Jordan; Eugene Lesene. BeachShorts When basketball run Its course

derred equality for all oppressed Kim Smith and Linda Sue Kobler,and.from left,members of the Administrative Secretary of the Carver Committee; and Mrs. major league spring training
A Does it W.J. Moncrief. Dr. Illery has also received a Carver Week
dry up people>> everywhere. He has been George Washington Carver Committee: Dr. Charles Hayes, proclamation games preview the summer
Like a raisin In the Sun? "forgotten" In the last few John Cicco Diocesan from Pennsylvania Governor Raymond P.Sbaler.1bt pennant races.Participants.
Public Schools Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh ; ,
celebration recognizes the greatness of George Washington Car
years by the Negro and the her
Well sports of
of A.
School J.T. Principal
Board Dr. Brennan
... ; ver's achievements In the fields agriculture and education.
; world.
School; Mrs Lois Welssflog. Cull Oil Corporation:; William MIAMI BEACH, FLA.- The course are those of summer
In this biography Hoyt relntro- In the temperate tones, swia-
Joe Lomuto will present per ducts him, andgiventlltheclr Everglades were termed "ri ming. golf fishing, sailing.
$100,000 Loan Fund Will COMMISSIONER RANGE NAMED WIOD's ver glades" on early Florida
formancts of his new show, cumstances that lead tools fame All of these are practicallynext
"What Do You Call a White and success, his a.crlDce.ilia maps. The Indian name, PI. door some actually at

/ Uncle Tom" at The Door, The personal tragedies with life and Help Whites And NegroesMIAMI 1968 "RADIO WOMAN OF THE YEAR" hay-okee perhaps was more the door. ,The point to nuke
poetic, meaning "grassy wa-
Root and at other Coffee HousesIn with his embraclai and defending .

the Windy City. the communist line.We forgot A $100,000 loan set up by George Coury, for co(. MIAMI- City Commissioner Alhali Range, Miami's first ters. to the door u tar ahead as

Lomuto used material from the to apprecla1tthu.lf.rl&bt. leg students In four Miami colleges, must, Coury stipulates, elected Negro official, has been selected by radian station MIAMI practical prime lime ls her*.
writings of Baldwin, Ginsberg eousness white Americans can be halved, so that part will, .go to needy Negro students. the MOD u the station's -Radion Woman of the Year" BEACH FLA.-Mark .
Ferllngbettt, C a m miD g s develop while Ignoring the status ir i. -1 t It I s the first tlme's'uch! a se. "Her election to the Miamimade down another world record for

Yvetasheoko and Eliot By of the Negro la America. Coury, member of the American tens graduate from schools they selection has ever been City Commission has slgnlfl- The anglers newest In waters still of this to area.official SIVE TO FIGHT
Negro Press International. There are, la the attempts at Stock Exchange and Board will be better qualified to compete since the station was established cane that goes far beyond her approval, of tackle Is a -
suppressing Robeson for his bee Chairman of Variety Children's here la 1952. Mrs. Range 1s
for the best Job for the
69-pound cobia taken
on a fly
HELP and Isis, similarities la the actions Hospital, has recommended!that professions and for social: and At the same time, Dr.Joe Hal core than the city's DrstII rod. Th* fish was three and a .
attitudes against other Mar the buck fund be divided Dade County Superintendent o MSMUlTlPLt
among political leadership In the com- elected Negro commissioner. half pound beavir than the largest [
com X
FIGHT CANCER Cassia Clay, and Dick these colleges: Barry College munJty," Schools, was designated WIOD-i I "She Is an able rf resenta. ever her
Gregory. Negro Press Interna for Women, Dade Junior Col- ColWeral,willnot be! rtQ.ulrecC! Radio Man of the Year.. Dr,. live of all Miami's people.Hers heavy tackle.reported on
Will A CECK-UP tional-Joseph. L.'Turner. Koyt leg and the University of Mia The applicant will compleU Hall, who will retire on Januar:]7 has been a vole of and ) S ltROSlL.j
Publishers-World Publishing mi. terms with the school of his 16 after U years as superb" Integrity during a tine of Intemperance -
Company 2S4 Pags-i.9S. The benefactor said that such or her choke. Interest wll begin tendeni, has seen the Dad and expecldency.

a requirement will mean that to accrue one year alter school system advance to the I Mrs. Range was appointed tonth

ywora 011 ...... -MOW OK I-OI" there will be monies availablefor graduation and will reach a point where U now Is the seve the Miami Commission on Feb.
.. any Negro student who maximum of three per-cent. largest In the nation. 14 W6. to fill an unexpired
A UvtM ...VIM P.. T". Uvwrt"RANGE" wishes .to seek a higher edu Selection of the "Radian Mm: term. She won a sweeping vie-

FUNERAL HOME cation. "It is our ardent hope" NAACP Head Selection: of the "Radion MaiandWomanofthe tory over two opponents on Nov Shopping Center
he further stated, "that many Year" was 21 In retaining her seat by elec-
.7.T N. W. I7VM AVIMUIM. will avail themselves of thisopportunity. Tells AFE CIO made by the WIOD Editorial J

ATM AUK HANttC N. P&THICM awroaeyru. I ." Board, comprising Genera il Serbs Is a licensed and active

.. -W.rwa ...-- Coury was questioned as to To Get Right Manager James W. Wesley, JrEdltionlal funeral director: and businesswoman
... .....,.... rwN.... ...... the plan because, DC aunt, Director: Joe Brow, now servings\ as chairman .
"Some felt that it was discrimination BAL HARBOUR FLA. In aplainspoken der, Program Director EllloKevins t of the advisory board of 2994 N.W. 46th St.
In reverse But, I address to delegates and News Director Roger be Roosevelt Savings\ and Loan
I .;.. As Picrmmll I Ultfi it I don't think so. There's only one attending the AFL-CIO Carter on the basis of nominations \ ociaUOD. She also Is fundraising \
real solution to our racial strife convention here, Roy Wilkins, submitted by the eta<. chairman for Vainly
AUTO UISUWCE.SERVICE 15% DOW,. I and that's better educationfor executive: director of the National dob's news C department. Children's Hospital, and a Groceries.Meats'YegefablesIEEE

IILULIA ravfiui DAHiGfi SHELL'S CITY (....* 4_). the colored people." Association for the Advancement The dominating factor In confederation -. member of the board of dl-
N.. 7* AVC.a old IT. Coury has chosen the plan of Colored People, of the nominees was f rectors of the Dade County
i .-, I scholarship setup be once used. Labor movement cannot who have done the most for Among otter organizations

He pointed to the future use continue to bar the 11'1110Negro our community during the last t which she Is active are the Dad I WINE TO 60 "
of loans for other when money employment. J yea
Comfy Democrats
Young : the
has been repaid. "On this," he said "there A WIOD editorial broadcast t Catholic Women's Speakers, Bu1 .
The stockbroker: businessman Is now no debate. The debating at the time of the news announcement
the Economic
rise ,
6917661M said that, after consultingwith \ fM the lofting and filling eulogizek Mrs. Program Board .the Opportunity Carver \ Fret Belimj Pkm 134.3151 )
a local school man learning ,
days are over. The technique Rang for "her efforts In behalf o Branch YMCA the Federated
that $400 represents the of unfilled 94 of of ,
many community groups: Woman's Club the Human Relatlons .
financial need for a student's postpone ment are transparentand for her work in Improving Interracial Board and the Dade Your professional beautician
college education for two years, useless In today's hard fnmmnnl<'jf| ." County PTA
a be made'ap his mind to go ahead necessities. The editorial added: Council knows the answer...
4r with the loans. "The AFL-CIO can rise to
Coury said his wife and behave this challenge honestly, as
been showered with "nu It has to many others. New Can
merous blessings." He is thinking embracing all Americans NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL your hair be damaged
grateful for the opportunity In the work fore at all

"We do not know the Immediate levers Is required. In tee early 1800s, the German composer Ludwig van Beet from brushing alOne?
answered to this tragic "Failure to devise a fresh wren wrote his Third Symphony, dedicating to the French ,
situation" he said, but we formula BntVitMf* ;the very, leader Napoleon Bonaparte In whom he saw Incarnated the All
do believe the eventual answer future of a whole people and the spirit of revolution and the freedom of man. hair becomes damaged from exposure to sun and natural
lies In better and higher-education system of free enterprise and But when he beard that Napoleon bad proclaimed: himseld elements. Certain greasy compounds and many chemicals. improperly -
for the Negro race so Individual liberty rests upon emperor Beethoven became disenchauted. used also take their toll...not to mention simple attempts -

tirr that when their sons and daugh- i turning and upon victory. f'lit. too, is how like any other," the composer was quoted natural bristles.at beautifying the hair with any brush not made 01

as ") h* will trample on the rights of man and dull The results are brittleness breakage, dry and
Announcing The crud Opening Of serve nothing but his own ambition." Your looking professional Nir.
The embittered composer tore up the dedicatory page of his beautician knows how artificial bristleS
Just-completed work and renamed U "The Heroic Symphony_ actually brush away a great deal of the 1ublicants" 01 the hair
'hla, C M mUi&fa, lit JUl. .!doll! to celebrate the memory of a great man." claim that give It body, lustre and protection. And trained beauticianS

But who was this "great man" memorialized the Third that nothing beats Clairol' condition Beauty Pack Treat-
.Wigs, Wiglets & WIO FASHIONS Symphony Probably he was an inaginary person nobel standards ment for overcoming brittleness dryness and breakage. .

t tU ICM 01( 6t< No Beethoven's disillusionment with Napoleon may have parallels creme which can even be applied during chemical
Switches Monet with the discrediting of many of today's civil rights leaders. straightening retOUCh to prevent drying of hair that NS been

Some of them it has been charged have turned out to be previously relaxed. Conditions the ultimate in repairing deep..
Don I H.25 selfish blowhards bent on stirring up trouble for troublessake. down damage. And when time Is a factor for their custOQ1efS.
PerlWeek Others have become invlved in racial and religious bigotry hairdressers turn to new Clairol- Hair Dew.the lotion cond'-

lending credence to the accusation that there little difference tioner that penetrates 10 fast many think of It .s .n instant
between them and their more obviously evil enemies. conditioner. When applied regularly by your beautician, Clairol
On answer to these charges Is the one that could have beta Hair Dew adds body softens and gives glowing new look 10

"Wfore.service. begins and never eM," JM I.T. CrutI.armut given to Beethoven: We're all human and we all have clay feet. fOUl hair that many friends will notice and admire.
There Is no "Ideal" Napoleon who battles only for the rights of Damage can come from using brushes with artificial bristleS.

Three locations to serve you: ) StiriS TT" "J and there Is no human civil rights leader whose only But damage to every woman's hair comes from so many finer

/ / J. FlHlM objective to fight for betterment.But causes that all human hair (including wigs) needs to be revitalized -
Beethoven ala had his point Napoleon was the liberate periodically. Visit your professional beautician and ask
Miami O,.-Lde bnU WN ICfll Mid, FUriiiPliii of Franc only so long as '"freedom liberty and equality" this expert to check the Condition of your hair .

VALUES. Sl'MIIS .were his goals. As soon as h* became: another dictator Napoleon Only your professional beautician knows the answer for sure..
ceased tn be the Napoleon. revere CCUWIne.m;
C9wrtNr rfO. oHnc.00. 'TII.



.S . . .. .
-I. ... "" .1' J" ",, ... .." #- -..- .... .. ........I4..r.I. .._1-_. :';," .. ." .. .. .' .\.fIt" ,;.;;.: .w:.-......! .... .":....:.t:.... .'or .:...... .1.. .,....:. ..o"",& !'l"--:''!': '4.A'.: .. '
A A !:: ::: 1 1

m _. _- _--m.mw. .


,53rd Anniversary Conclave III Air Forcer Powell Tasks Florida NAACP Wants Use Of

Addressed By Georgia's 'Representative .1 i, About Harlem ,State Men In Citrus' FieldsST.

Benjamin D. Brown a member of the Georgia'House of Re- : And PETERSBURG: There are enough domestic workers 111tlorlda
His Seat
preservatives addressed the undergraduate luncheon of the 53rd j; to take care of the citrus harvest, the Florida Con-
of the NAACP Marvin Davies field secretary was'
anniversary conclave of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.,. adminlstrator
communication Robert !
\ from C.Goodwin, -
recently In the Marshall Room of the John Marshall Hotel In .' : ASHINGTON-NPr.Acam .
of the United States ,
Richmond Department of Labor Washington,,
Virginia. Clayton Powell has denounced
The luncheon : This was in response to Davies' ed in disagreement thif the
announced by Rep. John Conyers, Jr., (
plratlon allover
undergraduates request for an inquiry move was an attempt at holding
Clarence L. Townes in .
Sr., conclave ,Mich.) for taking part an
marshall the world. r as to why United Growers and down the wage scale which
highlights fort to provide representation
day of undergraduate participation Men to:be honored were: Dr. I y ,for Harlem while Powell's seat Shippers, inc of Or1ancioW, domestic workers would be
R.W.E. Jones President o f' that offshore laborers He the
In the business sessions of Is vacant asking paid. pointed to high
the yearly meeting. The convention Grambllng University, Gramb- ,T r V Powell, excluded! from his certified The Growers contended rate of unemployment.The .
Louisiana the Univer k
Hog and that Florida
pickers NAACP has asked the
started House seat nine months
Tuesday, art sity's baseball coach of.27. ago, could not work because of the United States Department of
will conclude on Saturday,December Ada r 6111JtiL.tiw charged that Rep. Conyers'consistent
30. years; William T. Nicks, football ti action short crop this year. Agriculture to wlthold consentas
against return -
coach of Morris Brown and An added is based
problem to contracts for frozen
Upon discussing the acceptance to Congress has only play
now Prarle View College, and. on the scarcity of citrus fruit until
Juice employment
of the Georgia legis:' ed into the hands of white.
lator Townes said a holder of numerous S.L.A.C., racists." this year and the necessity of practices can be checked He
tative Brown who, "Represen Is only 26 college football and basketball The ousted Congressman'sstatement picking all Instead of leavlnf said that If the USDA falls to
championships; Jake Gaither, a some. honor the request the NAACP
old made his
and was
years a member oi through
Athletic Director and famed Davies, an attorney, contend will resort to the courts for
Sigma well office.
as as a Clarke Col- Washington
of numerous famed Florida
lege graduate, was one of the A and M College Ranter's Rep. Conyers was a member of a decision.
original students who sat In at football teams and recipient of a special panel which recommended '
various business places in Atlanta l Powell's censure for Politicians
numerous awards. Willis Red of Gary Talk About
during the student uprisings reported misuse of federal
Grambllng College,and the
in 1959, which later culminated present funds, but not his unseating
captian of the New York
in the formation of the Knickerbockers Professional 'P t r } The Michigan Democrat also New Leadership of Council
Student Non Violent .1 of
Committee. was one loCongressmenwhocosponsored
Team of New York
In wiring his acceptance to b it a bill aimed at ser-
City; Al Durley, formerly of GARY, IND. (NPI-A
speak to the Sigma undergraduates Texas Southern University; | ring Harlem while Powell's. seat precinct captain who disclosedwale drag on for more than a mootb.
Brown recalled his stu- j is vacant to before tile
Houstoa'OIlers elec"Invited" appear
now a scout for the rote ud >o the mayoral
dent activities at Clarke Collegeand Professional Football Calling the bill "a return to grand Jury, though not sutg oe.
said be is now serving in team and Ulyless McPherson {slavery," Powell expressed (ion of Richard G. Hatcbel'bu naed, she said she feared bet
the same legislature oils State famed Football Coach. 4 q, i dismay that Rep. Cooyersbelp. failed ,to appear at a county testimony might result l*her
which, at one time, has castigated Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity is A '.ed frame It. 'grand Jury investigation of the being Jailed, unless she were
him for his But the Blmlni vacationer hac .** ?.
activities.The one of the four National Negro ( permitted to tell the "fun
message also disclosed that Collegiate Greek Lettered L even more bitter words for the Mrs Marion Tokarskl's abe story" of a vote-feud plot .1\
nine other outstanding young located on college organizations .: oi"" ... bill's leading sponsors, Reps. sense. could make the probe to keep Hatcher from winning
Georgians are serving their' campuses and In cites in the James Scheuer (Pr-Broni), and
respective constituents In the United States Force Lieutenant Colonel James E.PJUndaU and Senator Howard W. Ciunon, Democrat, Frank Thompson Jrtp.-NJ.).
the Islands
Georgia legislature win him*: England, and the Virgin Continent Nevada, a major general in the United States Air Force Reserve, complete the pre-Clght The two are "even more repugnant :YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO TOWN TO GET
The Luncheon was designed, d Africa. check of their F-111A fighter bomber. Colonel Randall served as Senator Cannon's co-pilot to black people than
Townes said, to highlight six The Fraternity was founded at during a recent F-lll orientation flight at Nellls AFB, Nevada. Official USA Air Force Photo, Confers," Powell said.
Intensive workshops the under Howard University In 1914 and 'of DPfP.ftSlll217.\ The Scheuer Mil, which pro LOW PRICESDRUG
graduate members Sigma win has been active in promoting vides for continuation of Congressional

undertake.A feature of the luncheon was national Bigger and programs Better in Business Education and, Phi Beta Sorors; Raleigh N.C. Chi. Guard Is where the seat offices has for been districts heated STORE NEEDSTrade

the presentation of the Knicker Social Actions Hold Initiation by expulsion or exclusion,
bocker Vanguard Awards to college trained among Arrested For woul have.four people employed with Your N 'elghborhood Drug StoreWE
men. Has
College teachers who have distinguished Dr. Alvin J. McNlelheadofthe Dr. Alvin J. McNiel of the<< Another by the House to represent WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL
themselves as educators Department of Social Studies at Department of Social Studies Peddling Harlem. .PAPERS We deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescrip'
Detective Dope
and sports figures, and Grumbling College, Louisiana 'Grambllng College,GrambUng Negro Hong
who, by their examples in the s Is National President of Phi Louisiana presided over l.OOCdelegates CffiCAGO--A Westslde Negro First
teaching profession and on the lithe 53rd anniversary : ,
Beta has been
Sigma at the Jail
Fraternity conclave of Phi Beta Winston, 26 has become one of guard county
playing fields, have been an In- Sigma of Dixie
Fraternity, Inc.The organtgion. !- the first Negro detectives on the arrested on of charges selling,to ,Heads Jersey Pharmacy
two pakets marijuana a
of which Dr. IsDR.ALYBU.McNIEL city's police force.
Winston, who served four prisoner '
I. World News I I fears as sash policeman Joined The voted county a grand true bill Jury charging reportedly 68 Assembly 1302 KINGS ROAD n. AIYRTIE
the poUc.department In 1965.
NEWARK. ,J1.J/-S. Howard.
Tidwell 40 with
r He Is a graduate of Berry and sale of marijuana Woodson has been named to the. PHONES ELGIN 5'..5591.98PAY

UNITED MA'nONS-NPI-Tbt< iJN Security Council has been OKelly school. Tidwell, who was released on highest legislative post ever
asked to reactivate Its membership committee to consider bond, denied the charges.His held by A black man In this

changes In membership qualifications. The move Is designed to Fisk U. Plans arrest was part of a crack state. Woodson, of Mercer YOUR LIGHT, HATER AND
set up Dew criteria for membership of new nations with smal .. } down on reported abuses at the county, was unanimously chosen
populations and resources. These small nations have beet \ county Jail. According to Patrick as minority leader! New Jersey
Institute On his fellow Demo-s.
dubbed "micro-states. wistrntstats's assembly, by
Tulle, first
i attorney investigators Brats at a close meeting tELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE

SPELLING REVISION ) Culture of Race found seven packets of a substnace -

'I. later Identified as marten -
JAKARTA, Indonesia-(NPT-Tbe Indonesian and Malay languages \ .. f.V..J Ij NASHVILLE-(NP1 -Flsk juana Tldwell's locker at the Does CocaColahave
will undergo spelling revisions January IA an effort University will hold a seven- jail. .
to bar monlM the two languages.A new system of spelling wooltfaogllciM week Institute this summer on --
and ItalianM the spelling certala Dutch-influenced. h the "Negro in American Cul

.words.. For Instance,the word"Saja"' would become"Sara" and cure" Biv UJ. the taste J
TJobaKobt": Dr. Clifton H. Johnson, director .1.

TOKYO-(NP1)-.A revotuuonsary idea adopted by Japanese patlomj f'president discussed Amlstad Research center Siring Bonds '
government calls for every prospective driver to furnish "Leadership Tralnlng-For and Race Relations Department, tired of?
will direct the institute to be you get
doctor's certificate proving his sanity,before a driver's license Community Service" and pre- i
can be Issued. The idea Is said to be based on the thought that sated Seminars and workshop attended by high schoolteachers HOW'TO 1
accidents are caused by drivers who are "mentally Ill." business sessions to find ways, of U.S. History from all over the l'eJ'. a

means, and programs for Implementation country. TRANSFERYour
FATA, ANYONE? which can serve : I
the total community. Out-cf- Is always refreshing?
ADDIS ABABA-NPI-A new food called Fats (meaning -
healthy growth) has been developed by Swedish experts to meet CORE Leader Is Town Savings
.the problem of undernourishment. Composed of chickpeas WiA
basically 111 kv'f *
: :
=. .
a locally grown oral called "1.11." and skimmed milk, Dick Gregory, 121 UM tnur ..*-...-..-" ...
U is cheap to manufacture, but is rich U vitamins and protein. Confident That tack wMft_...
MEMBERSHIP CHANCES Chicago Mayor Ill II\/of.N.wM.....thet.. Ny er MAM.awwf Do things go better

MASSAUA. EtbloptaNPI.Another oasis may be la the making Negro Can Win III _=_-.::.::..:-.._.. ...... ....6ft..

If a theory being Investigated by a team of British geophysicists On Plans .1 ,...... .a... -. I
proves correct s team has set up shop on a Tangle CLEVELNADNPINegroes with Coke

steamer in the Red Sea to examine the strata under tat sea. seek control of the government 5% --.
The new ocean could be the Red Sea, and may result from the CHICAGO: Dick Gregory, famed Jin 14 Am.rIClAcWes,according INTEREST
continental drift of Arabia and Africa a process which geophysicists faster, nationally known co.median Mo Floyd B. McKisckk,national PAID ON SAVINGS after Coke after Coke? 'j p pMt
will not "take
believe began more than ZOO million years ago. ," over CORE directors These cities CERTIFICATES
Chicago, according to Mayor will be predominantly. black In O'DI'05IT --. --I
.. ... .. .. Richard J.Daley who respond-
--- a few years, be said singling
I ed to questions as to plans for and J
out Washington,
FIGHT CANCER :: preventing Gregory's threats Cleveland. "We may have to SOUTHERNINDUSTRIAL
[ of several days ago from be- first because .sslstlllt I"IIIMIM HMOId Mlllphy.Lee him fet you.

.. >O jrw '*C> O..' '..l 4Howell I coming actualities at the next. it move is the politically first an easiest} way. Wish:Ur HwuMa h Y.P.D.Bo5390.UttrooolitMSMion.lot. ..a 1l9e An",....ClIII 90055 I,
of the Demos August.
After politics, economic power lOAMI-tAVINU
automatically flows. We are1 II ... U- It*** ........,..
Gregory said that Negroes total .... .....61&
going to work on a program IU.M.1eK
have been insulted because of ," he added. .
the choice of Chicago as a convention
Funeral torn has
'J1Ie city
lid cleaned up its racial problems NIGHTLY ENTEITAUUIWIfeatariig
," he said.

Home N.Y. Governor

Plans Checkup Euene

5879 Moiciief' Road 'a iI

On Race Bias, WHITEat

U M.f Aataliici Service ; NEW YORK-CNPO-Tbe Chase'
Manhattan bank has been accused I :

,1 employees by of M d1scrlm1Dat1nla-Negro computer the organWith { VMw V\

gai&st. black people in Job training M
:Sirviig All faiths and advancement His Conk :

The city's Commission on Human

I Relations planned a public .
CoivtiiMt Locittatvfciig i ia hearing on the charges.. The Aliened Our Ifev
bank-second: largest in the nation -
-has extensively recruited Pike Policy

employees in Negro neighbor-
1aooda. Cocktuils 4lc I 5lc -
_._ .
'--'-"- -- -- .WV L..M M M.w.w.W.4

I t LBJ Warns That During' Cocktail Hour You know it. It's. best

Next Ridings- 5:3O p.m." To 9:30 p.m. your :
..h :

: Will Be Nixed Celebrate' The New Year refreshment buy. 1 1cQ.

765-6664 -- .76S-205I %dent.wASHINGYN-NPO-Lyndon B. Johnson has Open From 6 P.M.

warded that a "hot summer""
like fast year's will bot be tolerated. Sunday Dec. 31
lewis J. Howell At the came time, he
said he would week ways to DON'T MISS OUR MONDAY NIGHT PACT

Uiderstaidiig Service Wife. find lion Jobs unemployed for "some hard-core half-mil: unmpolyed .Johiiv Wheeler, Chief Of' Service .

in our cities" In an
Diaiiry Aid Distiidiot"i effort to deal with the causes
of urban unrest. "Rioting and EDGEWOOD LOUNGE
,' **,-***-** *********************** j
violence are unlawful. Bottled under the authority of The Coca.cOII Company byM. Jacksonville>allot CompanyI. :.

) .'

.. .

. .. 'nnn ma a.ns.snn. ..ftrt n > t ,,1 -, -..Ilel.l.l1Wt!.>.........*.._.....- .. r .._............................A.. ..... ... .. ... .. .. .. t. ".....,,!!!I. .. (. ,, :
_ u--.l ...' : : -- -

-.n.. ... n... ... .n..nnnn..n.nn.n..n..... on ..n on .... m''m''m -'' '., ,n. ._. ,

,(,.."mi: B s, : turn SATURDAY 'J JANUARY 6, ::: I Iit

it here's the 'Tho 'w'-' lor creative cookery '-

..r' v"'fI' 4J "

G 8 Brighten Up The Menu
Jr\.. !' :tlll 1 II p

'Y' Li BY JANE ASHLEY t ,)d ,

,(' '
.fV -

N'r r "I

Pre Game Brunch f

X by "Betty Oiock&i 9y

Since brunch hours are anytime between ten and one,ifi perfect k.
timing for the football fans.To five your fable the gridiron spirit, ..
use a football as centerpiece on a bed of green cellophane grass.With ;
Unens that match the team colors. And for the ladles j I
pompon mums as favors,to be worn later at the game. -
Now for the food, a hearty menu. Scrambled eggs, of course "' /
with amall bowls of grated cheese, sauteed mushrooms and }.f' ; '
chopped green pepper for guest to choose. as garnish.And from ,
your oven, hot and luscious Cherry Nut Rolls from my recipe
below. ? <,{, 4

BRUNCH MENU Mix 1A cup butter, .% cupbrov..n Bake A Continental CakeIf
sugar, the almonds; divide
Ruby DelightScrambled among 12 large muffin you ihould gd searching for cake recipes In Europe, you ll1.
Erg cups. Add cherry to each. Dissolve would find that many of them call for a mixture of wheat and
Canadian Bacon or Ham Slices yeast In warm water.Mix another flour. Very often the second flour Is corn flour, the
Cherry-Nut Rolls In Blsqulck. Beat vigorously.Turn continental name for what we in America call com starch We
Coffee Milk onto lightly. floured cloth. discovered a delicious cake using corn flour in Switzerland. It
covered board. Knead until ,was a marble cake baked In a tube pan and like many Furopeancake
Ruby Delight: Strawbenyrhubarb smooth, about 20 times. Roll *, is served warm without any frosting Warm or cold, this
sauce spooned Into frostssherbet
glasses. Garnish with dough Into oblong, 18x9 cake Is good
inches. Spread with 2 tablespoons Continental Cake
pineapple chunk tilt so that It
sits over rim of glass. butter Vt cup brown 1 and the chopped cherries
CIIERRY-NUT ROLLS Roll up as for Jellyroll I 1 cup corn starch 1 cup sugar
/j eup butler beginning at wide side. S teanpoons baking powder t egg yolks
'/, cap brown sugar (packed) Seal well by pinching edges.. 54 cup lUlU 1 cup milk
/4 cup chopped or silvered Cut Into 12 slices Place In prepared I lablmpoons cocoa t egg whitesSift
almonds muffin cups Cover. Let flour, com starch and baking powder together. Thoroughlyb'end
rise In warm place (SS') about 1A and Cream and 1
11 candled cherries *. cup sugar margarine cup sugar
I hOur.lleat oven to 400 Bake In mixing bowl beat In Mix In sifted
1 package active dry yeast ; egg yolks. dry ingredients
IS minutes.Invert pan Immediately with and .with
H cap warm water alternately milk beginning ending dry ingredients
(IDS to US) on rack Serve warm. (Batter may appear slightly curdled) Divide batter In half. Stirugarcocoa
Make IS.
mixture Into one well. Beat
portion trending: egg
IV cups BUqukk Serve lots of hot coffee before whites until soft peaks form when beaters raised. Hold half
I tablespoons butter during and after brunch. into each portion of batter.Drop batter alternately by teaspoonfuls -
Vi cap brown sugar (packed) And why not All a few thermos Into greased Inch tube pen. Bake In 350 degree F. (moderate .
Vt cap chopped candled Jugs to go along to the game ) oven until cake teats done, about 1 hour. Serve warm or 1
cherries There's a thoughtful hostess. cooled Makes J, ('-Inch) tube rake -- I
:-..:. ...




Crunchy chopped celery oolonl;f.II2 spices combine with cotpleas.the entire f"' ,lly-diet conscious or not
QUANTITY SPECIALS GOOD FOOD STORE"WIF1'S ,tace cheese in I.U-olAmoaGe.lat1Dforu.rb; salad that will Courtesy oll.11-O Lemon.CeUtla"



,4 TO Ill. AV6. IB. 3.9 C 6 de..



run CUT ll. ttlpeserxed OPEN SUNDAY 9 A.M. TO 6 P.M.






1 LB. CAN Limit I with$$.00 or More Food Order




LIMIT ONE PLEASE WITH $5.00 40ll IB reel..a LB.











C NPBEilS 1011AT0 4. fORIC QUART!zE' -10 LB. BIG 29t CHICKEN, 1m, TURKEY 5 Ip 1.. 89


3015 2 DOZ. 89C "
SPAGHETTI 3 LB. tAN 29 5 lI. liS. 49e.a

I 1 .

.. __ .. .J:; _*;:"" .. .;......... .-.., ........:_..-::_.,::.........';-....!'............ ...._.:.:....-..,.... .....;;..:...eo ......._. l,.i1aN ae ae..-N e e e.......... .a.......a_......-.......... .. -. .t."' .._- ..,

.n.nn__ _. '' ' '
.n m m. . .n .

SATURDAY ::::_; 6, 1968. STAR.PAPERS ::l

w : "C'EMININE -e'- : "

Unique In Wall Papers


AI, S L_! '

i .

a t

v t

,.*. 7T

H4)U +


T % +et.I *


mE.. IIiIiiIi :-\It! .. ,-..-. ... Lab .- ...,..-''r. ... .:' -/d..y..a' i
Two bright oetcollectionfromtbe United Wallpaper able. More blues and spark tilt simulated sIwItuDr'MIKU;, motifH men u wild coverings also are strippabb, meaning that They can be removed
of Chicago Mcotlcello' and Dip N Do-v offer traditional collections.: Citron yellow another front runner In till color quince and! sceUcs such u the classic hunting scent with red easily at redecorating: time without scraping,soaking
I mod themes In richer colorings than ever before Tie If onUcello category and has been heralded as the successor to avocado, coated riders hurtling over English meadows. Dip N Do has steaming walls, even dry wall.The wallcoverings strip off whole
group of vinyl-coated traditional and colonial wall long tops lnthepopelaritypollMonticeffofollowsthe>> 200-year- a most unusual plaid pattern with great appeal for children's sections at one time. A special stock which stronger than the
coverings also boasts flocked patterns that may be washing with old tradition established by quality American, English and rooms and a full-blown mod pattern In almost Duor"centCo1ol1 adhesive makes this possible. Both collections are available
soap and water. Dip N wallcoverings are geared to the do-it- French wallpapers and contains a variety of elegant designs or plain black and white. This collection offers special most wallcoverings dealers.
,yourself decorator; and are prepasted, scrubbable and strlpp- inch as crewels, paisleys, lords damasks, flocked stripes convenience in Instillation because It is prepasted.These.wall-
--- -

I Feather FurorNEW But Will It Come Out [trCU1; YIut: 'v t&rnrt -

YORK-One done in abstract dab Happily; a basic cereal and t..>iK breaktant contain. comparatively Salads Make Excellent
of the fresh plumage
smell amount of both fat and cholettorol Providing variety
est looks to come along since of color.Speckledfeathersfrom Of the Pan U not hard because of the many cereal and fruit combination that
last yeari print explosion Is waterfowl and guinea bens are can be deviaed For
tile feather furor that soevi-- printed In subdued browns and Her U an appealing suggestion for chilly mornings. Fill a Entrees.. Any RepastA
everything from knits pretty flax with hot orange flavored farina and spoon on warm
dent right now and In spring collections. beiges on .
orange-green grape aauce Make the saves ahead in order to save
Fabric designers, always to chiffon. minute in the morning Accompany with skimmed milk; tout; lot of us are rather diet' sorts surprises Inside.
quick to translate fashlot These featherings look particularly jelly or preserves instead of butter; hot coffee. This delirious condone these days and tend One dellghUful surprise, cot-
trends to their medium right when used creatively s MI breakfast ia elegant enough for brunch. .
arc to seek menu Ideas that will stage cheese, an item often appearing
coming up with news of theft as on this peacock- Orange Farina With Oraafe.Green Grape Sales not add.too many calories to on dieters' lists, com-
,own In the form of stylised feather printed caftan by Stella FqIn.RealI I Sours Orange farina our daily Intake. There Is no bines with crunchy chopped celery '
prints on a variety of fabrics. a throw-back to the voluptuous Yt cup auger 3 cups boiling water need( to sacrifice i good tasting onions, Bd spices on Jen- '
I tablespoon cornstarch 2
it is : tablespoon
thirties' sugar
Lemon Gelatin for
hied O
salt and attractive food because creamy
V water teaspoon
Black and white line drawings, entertaining at borne. U 1 cup cup drained oran.lI'dIona J cup farina this, however Many low calorie looking Molded Cottage Cheese
.of early ostrich feathers and brushed acetate tricot, with a % cup aeedleaa green grape! '2 ....poonIlratl'Cl orange food items are deliciousand Salad. Fruit flavor gelatins,
frotb1l1W'1bou. share honors corded neckline: sleeve and! halve rind can be prepared In many 'especially lemon and! lime flavors -
via tie neacocklft brilliant bam. t 1 teaspoon teaspoon grated lemon joke orange: rind different ways to give them are stalerb bases 40 all
sorts of salads, adding both
Prepare tone*. Mil sugar and cornstarch in saucepan. Stir In variety.
Salads u a side dish or at color and bright taste to the
water. Cook over moderate heat, stirring constantly, until thkk
and dear. Fold In orange sections, grape, lemon juice and an entree are excellent for ap- mean Never too filling, salads
M1 grated orange rind. Keep warm. petttutg and- delicious meals tucn as Molded Cottage Cheese
Prepare cereal Combine boiling water sugar,and salt Add farina with fewer calories.. Gelatin Salad will find the way back
r in a Ane stream,stirring constantly during addition. Bring to boil, salads are simply great for this onto tile menu list dID ODCIJOU'Ve
reduce heat and simmer about 6 minute stirring constantly. Stir with all given it a try.
In orange rind. Serve cereal lopped with fruit .._, ,,.Yield: 4 cool and summary .
,.... r y. t;;;' servings. .t :'

NEW YORK (CFN-The) mere thought that a cake or
loaf wouldn't come out of its pan In one piece has prevented
many a housewife from attempting her own baking. Rather I "SUPER-RIGHT" SHORT SHANK SMOKEDWHOLE (

the plays it safe with store-bought bakery Items and her SHOP .
family completely misses out on that enticing aroma and
flavor of freshly baked homemade chocolate cake muffins PICNICS

or cookies.
But this needn't be the cue: Ills so easy to clean. And. of
today non-stick coated utensils course bakers soon found that
eliminate that chance of having the non-Wick finishes allowed 6 TO ILl., *
half the cake on the rack and for the easy removal of baked LB 39
the other half sticking to the goods from pans. AVERAGE SIZE
pan. Layer cakes muffins of sices and 1
Today a variety
molds custards any item shapes of non-stick aluminumloaf
baked in a non-stick coated pans,angel cake lubes,&layer
aluminum in utensil will glide All out the cake pans muffin pans, cookie :"SUPER-RIGHT" K PORK LION SLICED WESTERN
smoothly one piece.
sheets and molds are available.
new recipes you read about at Even rolling pins have been
test that many homemakers still made with the non-stick coal
do their own baking. ings-especially valuable for PORK CHOPS
Cookware manufacturers preparing thin flakey pastry.
have found that aluminum tbe, The store that .
best beat conductor of the various Regardless of the nontjick
materials used for utensils finishes remember thai the
is ideal for the non-stick finishes. choice of the pan is important cares about you! 2 TO 3 LB.
Aluminum beats faster and more' for uniform baking. The pan 5 "
evenly,eliminating the hot spots rather than the oven is often AVERAGESIZE. L8
causing burning scorching and responsible when the same recipe 'SUPER-RIGHT' WESTERN pONE'F ) ..PKG.
sucking. turns out differently for two REEL
i At first.thenon"llickfmkll" different people. In one pan the CHUCK ROAST 48tALL -
I appeared only on frying pans cake may be an attractive EXTRA SPECIAL!! ALL GRINDS VACUUM PACKED' .
enabling the weight-conscious brown while another may be
cooks to prepare foods without too pale or. the edges may be HI C DRINKS $3"if.<
oil butter margarine or shorten brown and the center suit a -.
ing. The big boom in non-suck light color. The good distribution .II.S.JVI ROUND WHITE'POTATOES A & P COFFEE
cookware came when home* of heat in aluminum pans
makers found thai the coated assures even baking and an even 10 Via 39C
surfaces made their new_ulen- color ; .

BlACKBERRY pEr| <;il ". 39 t

f ..LIMIT.I II ,

'q Rom sicitS SALAD




,'C.. *MONEY SAVING BREAD 4 ;?;yls: .gge

\tF. .# : ::- /- SPECIALS


: /STORE 300O W. 45th STREET i







.. .. .u .! ._..... .......,. -.....-........,...... ........... ... .. ...... .. ...._..._-'
-.! "aeeAAAitA Adf---f- : !!

H nmmmmmm H _

If! :


I'f' i Atkins, Grambling's 215-Pound. Split End Plays In Senior BowlBethune's .


j John Area Servicemen Rangy Pass Catcher Has


Knight MakesA Bruising Defense AlsoMOBILE

ALA.- (NPIRobert Atkins, a 215 pound split end
ProfessionalJohn :;} and free safety from Grambling College who Inspires by example -

former Be- bas .been Invited to play in the 19th annual Senior Bowl
Knight, a
tbune-Cookman College football ACTION IS: BUJEFISIHNO -A11Qtaf- -- game Jon, A..

player has completed bluefish are feeding on a school of bait Outstanding college seniors .nine.Atkins.
successful first year in pro sea gulls that hover over bait rash seldom from throughout the nation will height poses a formidable -
lesslonallootbill. They know better. cavort in the nationality televised obstacle and he employsit
A running back for Joliet (Illinois tuna bonito and striped bass, the gulls contest. along with speed to Impair
down to pick up a crumb or two
) of the Professional League wave to settle their filled craws. Atkins, who stands 6Is<< a the vision of receivers.
of America he lead the lea They're about the meanest most vicious rangy pass catcher on offense The Atlanta native has been
gue in the touchdown depart coasts and bays from Maine to Florida. and a bruising defensive back labeled the top Item InGramb-
thlrf of "blues" appear off the Middle '. 1967 showcase of professional
ment with 10, and was the with cat-like reflexes.He l1n&
.... north they are heavy with eggs and
He rushed for 705 the Gramb- prospects.
high scorer. was a star on
But with !
ANTONIO-AirmanRich- SAN ANTONKMUnnan Harold spawning completed blue-
yards In five games. SAN water, move south for the winter. ling squad that posted a 9.1'record Atkins is expected to be No. 1
Knight was signed by San Diego ard S. Peters, son of Mr. and T. Mathers, son of Mr.andMrs. they tear up everything especially in winning its 'tnira choice In the January AFL-NFL
of the American League last Mrs. F. Richard Peters, Jr.;of Harold T. Mathers 1610N.W.. straight Southwestern Athletic football draft.
5459 Waterside Drive Jacksonville 133rd Street Miami has com- in October and set out
year. He was cut early in the early we to Conference title.
season and set to Joliet alum Fla., has completedbasic pleted basic training at Lack reported to be busting up things His sensitive hands quick
training at Lackland AFB, TeL 'I land AFB, Tex. H e has beer coast. Foothill
club of the Chargers. designed to fish for "blues." Besides burst speed and great balance
Missing the first four games He Is now assigned as a refrigeration uslgned to the Air Force Tech. salt water fishing Al's credentials In made him an exceptional deer

because of Injuries,.Knight and air conditioning final Training Center at .sized _ threat as a receiver, but Coach Schedule
specialist with a unit of the Channte AFB, IlL, for special. Kappa
"he missed the magic
Eddie Robinson points out.inat
says, Virginia Union; Richmond, Va.
Strategic Air Command at Ized schooling as an aircraft : got
1000 mark". formidable'
Atkins was such a
AFB Mass. Airman equipment repairman. Airman 1 :
Sid Gilliam Head Coach for Westover ,
into obstacle 'on defense that be led Games
Is 1967 of Mather Is a 1967 graduate of
San Diego sent an official to Peters a graduate thatTigers In interceptions with
watch Knight during the championship Robert E. Lee High School North Miami Senior High,; Al head
skiff in Jan. .
game which Joliet woo Football Choice 4 North Carolina College
and he was signed Immediate Civil Disorders Courier-Cola .. were 12 St PauTs College

ly to a 1968 contract to rejointhe About Will le 19 Shaw University

Chargers' Parent Club. Organization In Honors Negro "blue"flanks Meeting 26 Norfolk Division

Block Muslim) Hurry-Up MOY'sWASHINGTON.NPI'Ibe 'PITTSBURGH Twnety-two of army.same .. In New York. Feb.

honored S seven The combined selection 2 Howard University
players were January player
the weak sisters In a school of "blues"
Is FBI's Man National burgh Courier-Royal Crown Cola meeting of the American and 9 Virginia State Collegt

Advisory Commission on quet. Festivities were held at. ; take blueflsh by trolling, casting and National Football Leagues will 13 Elizabeth City State
Worse Civil Disorders has speeded'up'Us The team, selected by sportswriters a arsenal of tackle to do the Job right. be held in New York City (Bel- 21 Hampton Institute
Of Ten ; timetable,. for. Issuing .b coaches, and professional when It comes to fishing. flea prepared mont Plaza Hotel) beginning 23 Morgan State College
> outfits aboard.
a o cen
TCfflCAGO-NPIb( Chicago reports on the causes of urban foootball scouts,Is comprised to outfits for deep trolling, Garcia Conolon Tuesday, January 30, U68,Pro
wanted lame slaying of his land unrest. The commission's Interim of. players from the'na Mitchell 670 game nab reels. Ambuss- Football Commissioner Pete Away Games

lady and two other persons has report will be Issuedby tion's 56 predominately Negrc get us down deep to the fish. One- Hotels baa announced.The .
been added to the'FBI's list of March 1, and final findings colleges. with two heavy steel 6/0 sproat. hooks draft will consist of 17 Dec.
"Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. by July 29. We cannot delay until Highlights of the banquet Included : line with the help of a six foot heavy rounds and Is expected to last 2 Morgan State College

Zelma Lavon King, describe( next summer In providing presentation of the national just what the fish wanted. We were hit two or more days. Twenty-six 9 Virginia State College
by police as Black Muslin if our findings of fact and recommendation championship trophy to felt u If both of us booked a sunken teams will participate, 16 NFL 13 Johnson CJSmith,
believed to be armed WIth a.sa ," said the panel. Morgan State College of Baltimore ) pumped his flsh aboard. Lacking and 10 AFL, according to the 16 Howard University
caliber revolver and 100 "There .Is an argent need for and recognition of Eddie extra few minutes to get mine alongside. won-lost percentage ratings of
pounds of "blues" were In the fish box.
rounds of ammunition. public awareness and widespread Robinson of Grambling CoUege, employing an oily witches' brew of the combined 1967 standings of Jan.
He Is said to have shot Of action much sooner than Grambling, .._ U'Coach of sea clam. For this type of action AI both leagues. Coin dpi will be 6 North Carolina College
three persons to death In a that." the Year." )' casting rigs Ambassadeur 6000 reels held prior to the selection meeting 27 Elizabeth City State

Vestslde apartment Individual awards went to ; hollow fiber glass casting rods. Our 15- to determine the positions of
Mississippi Valley casting line was tied to a 6/0 book Feb.
Claude Humphrey, Tennessee leader of pound monofUament This clubs that are tied. Division
State University, Nashville! Altogether 462 players will be 1
wire when chumming. Its nearly
Wants A 'Good "lineman of the year"; Major ( leader-shy big ones and also Is lighter selected, Including 28 extra selections 7 St. Paul's College
FKie stj"Drink; Hatelton, Florida AIM University where the chum Is. for the new Cincinnati 16 Shah University
CoachITTA ,
Football '%ack 6? the year," anfl butterflsh. With a light outfit the Bengali, who begin play as the 17 Hampton Institute
BENA, Mlss.-
President James H. .White of "specialist of the year." lent the worst of blueflshlng.- As was the case last year,only .
Mississippi Valley State College The awards banquet Is co- on land u In the water. More than athletes who have completed
Is looking for a football sponsored by the New Pittsburgh had to wedge open an angry set of tier college football eligibility Rome Games

coach to pull the Delta Devils Courier and the Royal gashed thumb or calf. will be selected. The AFL and

op by their bootstraps. Crown Cola Company Columbus NFL eliminated trading "red- Johnson
Mississippi Valley State U In Georgia. All Stai shirts" for the first combined 8 CjSmith,

the move-ahead state of Its Four top players In the Nat ) draft last winter. It means that

abort existence, and Dr. White, tonal and American Football any player who does not complete Jan.
Is seeking a coach who caa give Leagues received the Willie Its Division his college eligibility may 4' North Carolina College

the fast-growing Delta School a Galimore-John (Bo) Farrlngton Dot be drafted until five football 12 St. Paul's College
paH All-Star Team selections have been Division
Dr. White is not seeking manwith flra-year men Nolan the time be first entered a recognized 26 Norfolk
mystical powers and liedoesIft Smith, Kansas City Chiefs t by a five manA1J.StarCommUte. college or university.The .
expect Immediate miracles and Lent Barney, Detroit Lions from the past season. order of selection and Feb

WING but the newcoacb must be and veterans Willie Richardson number of choices held by each 2 Howard University
a hustler who can Instill con. Baltimore, and Sherman 353.1211'r con The 6'r 183 to grldder was team will be announced In Jan 9 Virginia State College
tOM WNfNtrt. MCttOMVKtt MOIIO and end and his 13 EllrabethCltyState
Mince while revitalizing a plunkett. New York Jets an oWtaDd1nr tight
lackluster orocram.' The awards are made annual first coach rates him u a candidatefor 21 Hampton Institute
ly In memory of Gallmore and bI In prof..l1oDa1l00ttalL Green uary.Grambling's 23 Morgan State College
d started every' game during his
Farrington, key players on the
'LOW COST' 1961 Chicago Bears NFL career and was co-captain during Away Games
championship team who were the past tWO r T lgn.HIS
killed In an automobile accident dlv- talents brought him the team', Atkins Gets Dec.

rice of prior to the start of the 1964 to Best Blocker Award and Intour 2 Morgan State College
lifting You
Heine each. seasons a career total of 11 Bid 9 Virginia State College

iden touchdowns. Special 13 Johnson C., mlth
"rODI HOME IS OUR CONCCKN" After graduation the Druid 16 Howard University
I IUJSIKGJ! IUUllet!I : sea High graduate plans to enroll>> a 215-pound, ALA split, obert end and Atkins freesafety ,

r.. iMf' overall at either Purdue or the University from Jan.
'Carp tar Twciis The nun born vim me'gift. I "B" of Wisconsin. He has attracted Grambling Collegewho 6 North Carolina College
Roosevelt Franklin of Macon Inspires
Rev by example, has
A an M Interest from a few professional 27 Elizabeth City State
Otis Ail Ciiiril Rica Gt9r a. U ls through God : been Invited to play Inure 19th
In the teams but gives no indication
that I elf remove all evil eondltlouAsome annual Senior Bowl All-Star
of plans to further football Feb.
iJ Additions Are Questions you may game Jan. 6. 1 Norfolk Division
: Our Specialties wish how. con as a career. Outstanding college seniors
>A: divis. At Tuskegee the recipient Is from throughout the nation will 7 St. Paul's College

We Will Finance DOO TOO NEED MONEY U ago to top student among some 1000 cavort In the nationally televised 16 Shaw University
r Up
In foot enrolled In the College of Arts 11 Hampton Institute
I ,. ,! and Sciences and Is a leading Atkins 29 March 1 aDd 2, CIAA Tourney
CAN MY HUSBAND STOP who stands 6-4, Is a
7 each scholar the School's Greensboro N.C.
I Years among rangy pus catcher of offense ,
DRINlCING1LOVE ONES BE RETURNED foot- 1,039 students.Green had a perfect and a bruslng t defensive back
; right ta 4.0 during his first two with cat-Ill '
, CALL 3l! .5JI7 ? ant reflexes.Be JacksonvilleSheratonIs
TTbn.31was was star on the Grambling
Capitol Constriction Co. They can me the (RootmanX also. year old top athlete quard that posted a S-l f ecorf
fin Scholar and Institute
an Eminent
But I am only a servant of God. In wDn1iJIthird straight AII
In Scholar and has been Star Game
I I on Southwestern Host
Because God U the answer to Audio Conference .
the Dean's List and Honor's
all life's problems. I am the title.
66 BUICK RIVIERA -$2995 : ALL- Ron each semester. He Is a ALL-S TAR ARRANGE
Kink of all Day Prophets. Slod I His sensitive hands, quick ,
t lOADf WITH OUIPMINT. AIR CONDITIONED. tor special selected Bible I na member of Alpha Kappa Muted burst-speed and great balance MEtfTS: The JacbaoYUJe-

65 CADILLAC HARDTOP $3295 verses., my To be readonSPECIAiDAYS. I I ajar Pre sident of Beta Kappa Chi, made him an exceptional deep Sheraton Hotel has been designated .
: II was both honor societies.In threat as headquarters the
IWiriEATiO GNT'O/IAVAIRNDITaN0. own WINDOW .. as a receiver, but Coach
Send self-Addressed addition Green was district EddIe Robinson AFL All-Star Game and the allocation
a ,stamp points out that
66 CADILLAC COUPE DE VILLE. $4195 ed envelope and $2.00 for Btbld nominee for the IntenaUooal Atkins was such a formidable draft for the new Clncinnatl -.

MAIIICNl16Mf DUVa1bPEACTORYTWRANTY EFS verses and spiritual Messages. ; college Rhoeds Scholarship. Other awards obstacle on defense that he led Ronpi
l Too will receive Bible verses South' Include the AlYtaJ.Neel1 the Tigers Inlnterceptlons with These desiring hotel space

65 CHRYSLER NEWPORT $295} by return mall. i 1 i; Game. Scholarship and JJE. Fuller A- nine.Atkins. should get In touch with the
ward in calculus. He was named hotel directly <
AIR C SEND TO; ; j height poses a formidable
fVfL1> RTCLIANT .CAlL ITSS .David to the '67 '66 Who's Who '
67 BUKt7l1CtIE Rev. Roosevelt Franklin : In ,obstacle and he employs Requests for press credentials

i 66 CH 1E .1 i1'PA A WITN SPT.AIR C oN L',ITIOII, "", "". '$&! 630 Morrow Avenue : : ::: PITTS Colleges and Universities In' it along with i i speed to impair for the All-Star Game should be
America. sent to Joes
J AIR tuDITeoNIO* CAR AND l"" (RAND .lw- HURRY Macao, Georgia 31301 i the rtrlori of receivers. Livingston 124S
FORD pi l: He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. East Adams Street, Jacksonville
66 STA. WAGON ............ ...... .$199? .--.A Charles B. Green of Tusealoosa. "TTfie Atlanta: Ga\, iw1.baibetA Fla. 32202. .'
AIR i I specialise In all work
: town AND A fi suv. case labeled the top>> Gramb
66 COMET 4 DOOR .... ..... ...... .. .. .$1795 aa'd odeSlU.7U-6t75, : ed ling's 1967''showcase of The coaches for the All-Star
rOI NEATER* AUTOMATIC TRANI. own tTflRINO. Ala Tus pro Game will be Lou SaW of

,e t. 66 DODGE POLARA .. .... ........... ......$1195 J! Nation fessional prospects. Denver of Joe Collier of Buffalo.
(:UTOWTK : '! STIlINO.t&N. Ala COND" .
HONED. ,. Will YOU
., 68 OLDS DELTA 88 ..?. .. ...... ........$2595 j''I of Tus- letiue's Henry Still Is The players on the East and
NORTHERN CAR AIR ON Q'1'IONn' In IU'U CLiAN. thirty- West squrds will be announced
65 PLYMOUm FuRY 1118 ....... ... ...SI7VS you seek The'Best Doc players .later.
iIONEOIK TRAN{. 'OWU arll..lo. PAH. AIR. CONIII- tor thus Tour Doctor. I schol Hanged "47 Defense Player The allocation draft for. the

:; Preserves. Get Experienced Cincinnati
66 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE $2595 I Bengals wfll be held
", .. Pharmacists I Henry Still a massive X70 Ib<,Defensive Tackle with BethuaeCookman In Jacksonville, Fla. site of the
College named
was today "Defensive
endue Player American Football
:, 64 FORD Fl500 . 00.$ 995 According to TourDoctor's'orders. Of.The Tear""b1 tile ADanta DaDJ; World Newspaper In+Gttorgig. Star Game, on January League's 15 and All

DOOR VI RADIO t HIATER P. ie SOB and two other Wildcats-' ly being 16, AFL Presides "*
t P mem scouted by nine profes Wood(
: I 63 PLYMOUJJ 'r $ .795 Use Only The Best21Ii11ty of Walter Frailer, a 221-pound atonal clubs of the National and ard announced today.

t T nlC. "D'O' :! Drugs.. of 11 center from Pompano Beach, American: Football leagues. The Bengals will receive a
17 FURD ..'...JtlI/S/ 61 CHEV..8:9 ; divi Ffau, and Lamar Hardaway,21C Members of the SIAC team will total of 40 veteran players,five
, 59 CHEV. .......!$ 95 61 CORVAiR"I'$193OVER !! repre- pounds linebacker, Atlanta be honored at the One-ltmdred a TicHnftaam
i Registered Pbr. were named to the World's first 'Percent =
100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM Wrong Club's 33rd
.. .. ....
y- Samuel Sports Jamobree, Jan. 26-27.
l'' Cosietlca Rubber Goods point Cooper, edfrom Plant at the Regency Hyatt House

R. EVANS .Jr1.. have City, Fla., took a birth on the ,H'Th i I Atlanta.

PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED field. second team. Wildcats finished third In THE
f. aver Still, a senior from Columbus .the conference with a 5-2 re- G TOH

, 3rd & MAIN post GaJ,was recently selected ''cord. The defensive unit was lWRFr6OQgNDBYYavohVLD
Lilly's Drif major' the second: straight year to the 'number one In the natlc i Timing
SUC coaches all conference small colleges twit during regular
. ; EL 44381 OPEN TILL 9:30:: P.M. EL 4438 mi lilts till & *' team. Be Is also a repeater on .season confest. SAVIN6SBONDSIf

o .. the World team, and Is current


t \

IJi.......-.. .......... -- . ............ -- -'" r .. .. ...... .. .' ... .- -' .. '. . .

..n .. .n. nn. n. H. H 00. nnn.n H'.n.' H. H H 00" n. .nn n. n. n. .. n. Hn..H. H' H H','


JANUARY t. 1968 sm PAPERS PAGE, 11

I AI Denson Jaxon Is AFL's Choice For Gator Bowl All-Star Tussle .

Help With Your Dimes Star Led Denver This Year

to.w IN Scoring And Touchdowns
YMl' Al Denser win be among noted Jaxons participating on January
21, In the Gator Bowl Classic in the League's annual-an-
star tame, the All-West Jart

Denson Is a graduate of FAMU FAMU for pro football.Rebus.
and a flanker with the Denver with diligence became of No.1
team. He will be Joined by another stature at second position.
FAMU grad, Herwrltt Disco. Denson led Denver this
The team,number.21 men.was season, making 11 touchdowns
selected. : by AFL coaches and and a reception: yardage of 899
} : Head Coach Lou Saban of Denver -' yards He tried with Eric Crab-
'i-: : :'l who was scheduled to and tre e for the lead In catches,
: ir another 11 to the roster. the tie being 36.
Denson expressed great satisfaction Last summer Denson changed
as to the location for the for flanker. He said, "I feel
game. He was happy to know much better than I did this
that he had been chosen as one time last year." Re went onto
i of the team. This will be his say that he didn't get quiteso
first opportunity since be left many bruises.

: 1 Football Association Names

Pacific Eight Players To TeamFour

,.- players from the powerful Pacuic bight: champions
w x.6 II of Southern California, plus a number of other standout performers
44 'W from all over the country have benn named to the
,/r r .,cf,., ':l 1967 All-American football team, selected: by the American
Football Coaches Association and sponsored by Eastman Kodak
e4Lckw r-iour; players the na- American team, chosen In 1889
tion's elite of the colleglatr It has been sponsored each year
football season, gained post- since 1960 by Eastman Knodak
# time on the team for their out- Company The 24 players on
standing play. Twelve players this year's team received: Kodak
were picked for both of the offensive AlI-AmerlcaAwardidurlnc
I and defensive teams In a three-day visit to New York-
voting by more than 1,000otthe City
nation's football coaches, The players were the Ed Sullivan -
quarterback Gary Beban of Show.
T .. y UCLA, halfbacks 01.. Simpson In addition to Yary the only
H- of Southern Cal and Leroy Keyes1 other repeat choir from last
of Purdue and fullback Larry year's team Is Wayne Meylanof
6 : a+ Csonka ofSyracusecompose the Nebraska, defensive middle
offensive backfield. guard. Several of this year's
Offensive tackle Ron Vary of first-team members won honorable
Southern Cal, a repeater from mention .
-'A-- i 1I1ii last year's team, Is the second Because of the wide use of a
USC player named, while defensive flakner back by many college
end Tim Rossovlch and teams, coaches chose 12 players .
linebacker Adrian Young round, on offense. Twelve players
We have chosen to emphasize the drive by the March of Dimes Tl* othef ll rcbof' Dimes BirtS'Detects Center Is located; out the Trojans' four choices. were named on defense due
Foundation by placing pictures of these fine young sports, of Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, HI. Alabama Is the only other schoof to the coaches' selection of
ISports Paradel f whom life Is a constant battle for survivaL The STAR SalfttesI Born without thumbs although be does have five fingers on with more than one selectionon three ends and three tackles-
Here we have Just four of the millions of tiny ones, some without each hand, Gary Don Hill, 2, Dallas, will undergo special: surgery the team; The Crimson Tide all chosen because of their fine
fingers, some suffering from anemia,numberless ones short on soon to give him the necessary "pincer" Movement to Is represented by flanker play this year and the close voting
By NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL locomotion, some blind. The story is the same.The story Is repeated grasp and hold objects. Delicate operation will be performedat Dennis Homan and defensive, for those positions.
In every town and hamlet. The March of Dimes Office Is the March of Dimes-financed Birth Defects Center, University )back; Bpb) Johns.
MAKES ROSTER 800 Second Avenue New York, 10017-Photos Courtesy March of Texas Medical Center Dallas where (above) Dr. FredS. In all, 10 players from south I1AafiIAIi1IjM5D..t I :
of Dimes Foundation. Brooksaler Center medical director Is examining youngs era schools were named to UM: .
LOS ANGELES The singing wind of the Chicago Bears pro Sickle Cell Anemia Is a hereditary disease of red blood cellsa ter's hats What Is now only a "first" finger on eight hand team along with six from tht;; ;
fesslonal football team, Gale Sa'tr..1w notched a spot on tht birth defect.: The disease Is found primarily In darker races. will become a single-Jointed thumb, and Gary will be able to Far W.st. three each from the,;
Western Ail-Star contingent for the Pro Bowl game to be held This sixteen year boy has been hospitalized 21 times. He must swing a bat and throw a curve like the other youngsters on the Southwest and Midwest and two
January 21 against an Eastern All-Star group yet to be announced. have frequent blood transfusions to sustain life. Her be Is sandlot from the East :
AJ usual, Gale shows up In the halfback spot on the offensive shown In March of Dimes Birth Defects Center of the John Andrew Contlnous battle for life of Angela Mahesh, 4, Is being waged The 78th annual squad Is the
team.BENEFIT. Hospital,* Tuskegee Institute. There are 92 Beth Defects with frequent blood transfusions at March of Dimes Birth Defects .Successor to the Initial AUI. ,
Centers supported by the March of Dimes. Two of these Birth, Center, Medical College of Georgia. Born with defect .
WINNER .Defects Centers concentrate: PO Sickly Cell Anemia problems. calls d thalassemla, an Inherited form of anemia, Angela 1s
..... ., about to.receive a new lease on life from bottle of blood at
GARDEN CITY, LJ.-Arthur Labs of Richmond was the winner 'Virginia U. ''lists beside. Research financed: with March of Dimes funds is uncovering t -
of the Long Island Master tennis tournament at the Nassau 'Monster Mm" many effective treatments of the newborn to ward off
Community College recently.The tourney played under the ASS damage from birth defects.
scoring system, was In benefit of the school's John F, Kennedy Defense Suggested Games And Samuel Westerfleld, Assistant Secretary of State, listens to
Memorial Scholarship Fund. Timmy Fans state 1968 March of Dimes goals. Timmy represents
New OppORetitsrui 250,000 birth defects victims born annually the
STARTS RIGHT HI. Schools United States The annual March of Dimes campaign provides
The flowing home basketball'SpiltSix funds for treatment In nearly 100 March of Dimes Birth Defects
MONROE La.-World record bolder Ralph Boston began the Combinations' Defenses gamer will be played duringthe : Centers
Indoor meet of the pre-Olymplc track-and-field season on the for High Schools" by month: St. Paul1 College
right foot recently when be took the long lump with a 15-1 effort Southern University Defensive January 12; Shaw University :
He falls to make It a complete sweep In the Inaugural Coach Raymond Ross was one of January 19. and Norfolk State InsuranceLow .i Vx
Northeast Boosters club meet when be finished second the 45 football coachingstrategems College January 26 at the Richmond Auto .
60-yard high hurdles behind Harvey Nairn of Southern UnIver- selected for publication In Arena. All other games
sity. "Best of Football from the win be played InBarco-Stevens
Coaching Clinic", a bard back HaL Rates
PREDICTS FLOP publication coma. led and Just Final examination will be held
released by t e editors of January fOth through 26th. Registration -
LOS ANGELES-The proposed boycott of the 1968 Olympic "Coaching Clinic" rn g'y1"e. for the spring semester Easy Monthly Payments
Lew UCLA's The bard-beckedWoopuDRsh-. will be held February 1-3
games by Negro athletes Is being seen by Alclndor
star eager as a "flop." As yet, Lew has not made up his mind tel bl Parker PubUshingCompany and classes will begin Monday., SR-22 Filings
whether be was to be among the ranks of the boycotters. has fs.mousnamesllksAra February
Parceghlan, Dan Devine, and I Ir1iR11ir I

ANOTHER REPRIEVENEW Ray school Graves and as small well u college high ROBERT TRAVIS

ORLEANS Casslus (Muhammad All) Clay was on a winning coaches such as Ross who have Watch
splurge recently when be won two delays In one week In compiled outstanding records I Associates, lie.
filing appeal of t conviction for refusing to be and have made solid contributions ms Clown

'j drafted. TheItlghter, free on $5,000 bond is fighting againstthe to the game. '' 121 E. 8th Street Room W; Collier Wd&J54-78 11111 vi- -J
In and a $10,000 fine Ross, a former Southern 389-M
sentence of five years prison iversity All American, prior tol, 3526 35 116S Edgewood Avenue S. 3883583ROOM S;

.i' becoming defensive coach of 90-11-50 6483 Roosevelt Blvd
Jaguars coached foot ball at.
. TRIPLE-THREAT CHEROKEE Iowa Besides being baseball pitcher of some Dunbar Junior High School I 4
note, Jim (Mudcat) Grant the new burler for the Los Angeles Little Rock Ark, compiling a +
Dogers has turned out to be a singer,speaker and a night clubentertainer. 16-0-0 record before moving 1 1 ADDITIONS
to Horace Mann '
His new-found off-season career was launched re- High School
rend at a banquet given for a local Junior high school squad. also In Little Rock, as head 2' 3 AS LOW AS
defensive and line coach. At
NEGROES EXCLUDED Mann he helped the team to run 41-16-316
.up a four year record 27-7-0.. FAR'Rt
.. ATLANTA-The American Civil Liberties Union last week Explaining the whys for the use 54-10-1 1 o sass 1 1 1 I
charged that Negroes are systematically excluded from military of his "split-six combination
e' draft boards as the basis of an appeal to the Fifth U.S. defenses", Ross gave three >ttomedme He's UpbomeUmeJHe's d aNE s LNG
:- Appeals Court to reverse the conviction of heavyweight boxing reasons: Down Be Adds Subtracts! eon E9 aooF eiMMIMI fkMIBA
.' champion Muhammad All (Clay) for refusing jM ytlon Into the They tend to confuse offensive He worWsJt all around LOBSTERS . ..Lb. $1.10
Army. The ACL, teaming with All's lawyers in making the appeal blocking patterns; They combine Garages
_ cited the champ's own home state of only the various techniques FANCY LIVING OO CLAW war ..urea
.' two percent Negro board membershlp-as an example of tb which give, most opponents 25-2-61 41 CONCRETE WORK, $1 WHIVI rut .sue
Negro exclusion. difficult time; They are based. PAINTING DOZ. LU.., ,.............
on jules easy for players to COMING. ATTRACTIONS 19 ALUMINUM SIDING
TROTTER SHOWMANCLEVELANDBobby follow. Thus the defehsl/t+Con:* -84 61 IMAli'S COMPLETE REMODELING SPECKLED TROUT .. . .u.. 59.
" cept is simple and sound.
.' Joe Mason teamed with hilarious Mea "The rule employed In the LARGE ROE MULLET . .LI. J5e
dowlark Lemon to put on an outstandlngperformance of basket: defenses 'are simple", said DAYSNUMIERED
ball sharp-shooting, and comedy as the Harlem Globertrotters Ross adding that they apply tar ESTIMATES FRESH STEAK FISH . .LB. $9.eaUIHI .
.' played the Washington! Generals last week. Mason, ex-Bradley anyone who wishes to play a. TAI UAUoCHICOL4
University star and All-American, Is one of the top Trotters ;combination. NIGHT SHELL OYSTERS '5.50
, showmen, topped perhaps only by Meadowlark and dribbler .In order to have a three-deep "Han's Days are Numbered. DoYw."SUP to7Yearsfo ayNotAiD WHITE SHRIMP .u.
Freddie NeaL"RUBBER" secondary Ross contends that Health and Fortune Can Be u. '1.30
emphasis must be placed on Yours When Yotf Know Yoof

MATCH even numbers, and. that the Lucky Days. To% DISCOUNT CATFISH . .. It .LIt. '51
e "Monster Man" defense must

NEW TORK Middleweight champion Emfle Griffith of New be called on both sides. and LARGE BASS
Lucky: Colors etc. NOW thru BASING 3/0
f; York will meet Italy's N1ntBeoYenut1'.lDatra4Woaa1"rubber played on both sides. Send 12.00 for your JANUARY . u.
match" for the title on February 23, or March 8, if current And to be conventional the, Horoscope Guide fa* .
plans m forfr" +. The bout, to be staged In the "new" Madl- right side of the defensive line
son Square Garden, will be the third meeting between Bearvennti should always have preference, U"'TID AMOUNT.' h. OI.IWON:
and GrL 1th. on positions in the fHgn"">"tpatterns JANUARYFill EYNOLD'S CONS!miCTlOU ROE SHAD .i. .lb. 4fc

defensive*which alignment dicates should that always the' in the blank beJow"ind' COMPANY BUCK SHAD .. J" .... 3fe

ALL THE WAYCLEVELANDFerguson be tvclc. mall' to ZODIAC; Post Office'' CALL Claude Reynolds 3594018

The editors of "CoacblncCUn1c" Box limtn.i Ch-imW' ot Cmm (cc
Jenkins, the man who set a Chicago fH tlspubllcatloahe"best Im'S--'l ()l I///1 *' \T I.OHI-.ST I'KH'KX"OVER SEAFOOD CENTERn
Cubs Club record 236 strikeouts whilepltchlngtbe Cubs to a of the best" from gridiron CUSTOMERS
third place finish last season,predicted recently that the Wrlgleys strategists who have pro.Aired } r. uOO SATISFIED
will be National League contenders all the way !in 1968. championship teams. DATE IN JACKSONVILLE 25 YEARS


',,._,,m..L.'f., '. ...'..f-, A?; :...r 'YU. +."nxbw,} s:' '' rAtt.u! L iIa", x e,.r.-.4110."'..'"2 :' """"'A-''''::''., : ..."1 t#' ., c .. .. ".., -

fv, ilvf. .aviyl\ ,.',,. ., .\ .,. .,. ... .s., ..- .. .. '- .. -, ... ... ,. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .

.'Uf'12' 1.nAt.1.lliRSl; __ SATURDAY JANUARY 6, 1968
-- ---

I CHRISTMAS S LAYAWAYS Distinguished. Churchmen And Host' Woman Meat. Cookery Expert

LEFT UNCLAIMED-Pay balance .-. '.,..
sewing. Easy machine terms., New$40.Zig-Zag New ....6.. Will Be At Stanton Sr. High

Walnut console comb stereo- ,
radio $68. Phone: 3531946. Ladies, and Gentlemen: If you want to know the best In meat
a-lWAREHOUSE,1606 Main St. ;cookery the place will be New Stanton Senior High School, the'
time January 9, beginning at 10 a.m.
,- At that time Mrs. HattIe McSwaln, cookery authority from the
b .National Live Stock and Meat Board,36 South Wabash, Chicago;
ISABELLA OF PARIS \ .will go into an Interesting, profitable\and,we are happy to say,:
1 time and money saving analysis of the best In the preparationof
That's Mel I have the Amai- quality.
meats. -stick-to-the-rlbs" t
lUg superior tonic tablets, pep Food. You Just can't live with While discussing meat, stres-i
for all the things you want to do.
,out it And sometimes, In this sing identlflcatlonTselection I
Waited Patiently For The Box ft 30, $1.00. Satisfaction :7 baiter-skelter world of ours,we and methods of cookery, duringa
Lord; AId) He Inclined Unto M guaranteed or Money back For Mrs. Me-
often lost track of both good typical program,
and Heard My Cry. Men and Women.P. eating habits and even how to Swain will also be In the pro-',
Do you need God's Guidance? of preparing five assortled
Send for your Prayer Cloth- 0. Cox 230, Dept. S. prepare The expert food.has been present- cess meat recipes of beet, pork,*

Also send your Blrthdate-Send Indiana .*. tog lively Informative food demonstrations lamb, and susage. A discussion
,your Contributions JAt for the Chicag- of meat carving,garnishing and
Rev. Mother McDonald, P.O. based Meat Board for the past serving is also Included since
Box 5187, Jacksonville, Flag t a rr. 12 years, zeroing In on meat- Mrs. McSwain believes that the
32207. THE POWER OF PRAYER t.y the center of the meal. task of fixing a roast perfectly
t. Also overlooked in everyday doesn't end when you pull It,
UNFURN. APIS. CHILDREN DO YOU NEED 1 .nutrition, says Mrs. McSwaln, out of the oven but rather wheat*.
HELP? Or has God given you i graduate in home economic .it goes on the table.
312 E. Beaver St 3 rm. $32.oo everything you need. In any of Tuskege/3 Institute,..are the Realizing that there Is a decided -
Mo. case, write me, The man who little extras you'get from eating lack of meat cookery Information
2-1306 Davis St. 4 rm. $45.00Mo. knows all things are possible meat. available In the class-
T with God. Write your wishes to "Yon get more in flavor, ir room, Mrs. McSwaln is a firm:
917 Florida Ave. 5 rm. $54.00Mo. me. God's message is free.Send A yx Ud value, and in nutrition from believer in teaching tood eating
only 10 cents for postage. /1 1 l vp eating meat," she,says. habits. Hence, bandy nutritional -
1477 Kings Rd.5 rm.$35.00 Mo. She terms these fringe bene- Information Is woven Into her
1472 Logan St 3 rm.$30.00 Mo. W. C. Service Box 494-S., fits, and Mrs. McSwain has; programs.
7035 Mark St. 4 rm. $60.00 Mo. Detroit, Michigan 48204. aptly designated her meat cook Since many of the meat demonstrations -
706 Minnie St. 4 rm.$45.00Mo. ery demonstration, "Fringe are conducted at
337 W. Orange 6 rm.$45.00Mo. Benefits in Meat" high schools or colleges, her:
3508 Stuart St 4 rm.$60.00 Mo. "Meat not only has unique favor equipment is limited to a meat
280 Watts St 4 rm. $47.00 Mo. MAYING A PROBLEM LI and appeal," she says, thermometer and a carving
1134 W. 5th St 3 rm.$36.OOMo. "But It also contains vital pro- knife while she travels throughout
1030 W. 25th St.4 rm.60.00 Mo. EVERY DAY OF tbe<6outh. The schools sup,
-- \ I ..sv; L .::...-, 1BBHH. teln needed for growth and tissue
726-28 W. State St ThreeStoryBrick Mi.and Mrs. Joshua HUlman, 19W vans street, tMrbuwa Kama Mcuon, lttector'ci OM Minimum Salary Department repair. Besides it's one ply the remaWngequlpmentand.
Building on Corner State YOUR LIFE several distinguished guests 7 west Union St $300.00 Mo. of the East Florida Annual Conference of the AME she Adds. Translated, she says Meat Board suppliesrecipe
an seem smaller once they] District, Bishop E.C.Hatcher, Presiding Prelate of the .
FOR SALE [ understood. Let me try to1 l Church: at St. Stephen's. In the picture, clockwise, are: Dr. T. East Florida Conference; Dr. W.BS tewart President of Edward that It means you don't get bun- books to those attending.Mrs. .
"help you with your Personal' E. Shehee, presiding Elder of the Northeast Jacksonville district Waters College; Standing left, Re,. Charles E. Toston fry as quickly when you eat B. Mitchell, department
726-28 W. State St Thre story ;Problems. Confidential AirMail I ; Dr. R.W.Mance. Treasurer of the AME Connection; Dr. pastor of Mt Zion AME and Mr. Joshua Human, host-Photo meat, It has what has come to be chairman, and Mmes. Jenkins,
and Folson will be
brick building on Corner State known in the vernacular as Snyder pre
by '
postage to this coilhtr
West Union St. Price: $30,000 25? sent to greet visitors.- -- ,.
with $5,000 down payment and

monthly payments of $250 Mo. OLEGA ROOM FOR RENT FURL APTS. FOR REN) Arabic Nobles Spread Cheer

FOLAND KGBFE Dept SN female. One Thomas St 2954.3 Nice *
Single working tins
Box 29, Muheburg, C.P I tI tI .
Realtors Prlv. bath H.W. t
South Africa block from bus line.Floor beatIng. Elec. Far .
3S4-M35. 3n.W. Forsyth St If Interested/all:354-1374. Con,. to bus, child or couples.. n
$17.50 WEEK 388-6472, '


The Deadline For
Wlndle L Tyler Sts..w..w...._......._.....13th t Gnmthal
13 a Barnett............._..._......._..........._W. 12nd St.
Mews W. 24th St..._........................._........_........W. 40th St.
W. 43rd St..._......_.................Blair St Zoned Ind. A
Is Ttesfay Noon :
I } \ HOMES .

Bring News To 2603 3008 Myrtle Bucbman A'St...:...._._.:................IMS lona St.

2323 Honcrief Rd. Cor. 13th St. CALL AFTER 6,30 SAT. NIGHT ALL DAY SUNDAY





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Tbe Ancient Egyptian Arable Order Nobles of the Mystic ChIef Ra.btu; George W. Darts,'Us1ItUt kattu;"-u...
Shrine of North and South America, Inc., always takes timeout High Prclst and Prophet, W. .Wilcoz, Oriental Guide; David
during the holiday season to remember others. RabIa Washington Treasurer, J.C.Horne, Recorder, Brady Bryant
Temple No. 8, represented by those in the picture, directedby first Rev MAster; James Galney, second Cer Muter; Arthur
Illustrious Potentate K. Harris, made visits to homes and Jenkins, Captain of the Guard Claude Bryant Outer Guard
shared the Joys of the season. Second to aim Is Illustrious and'D.W.Pertlns, Deputy of Oasis. This temple operates in the
Ester L. Brill, Commandress. Others are, Robert Brown Oasis of Jacksonville Desert of Florida on day of the month
which corresponds to hegira 13. .

To Visit Stanton Sr. High FIGHT CANCER
WITH A CHECK UP // ITe An To uses Peat

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tural right to be respected.

HELP WANTED MALE He has a right. to bit good
Renter Toes, Thnr Fri. 8 Ti 10 P.M. name. He.Lea.. a right to
-i' Young Man wb cans camera ,freedom Lr'investigating the
))rIYlr" .license. Full time, truth,.. ariQ,,within the limits
COURSES R of, the mortl order and the

h HELP WANTED common food, to freedom of
speech and public.tion.ocS
,to freedom to pursue what-
FEMALE TYPISTS ever profession be(nay cboose.c .

HOSPITAL AIDE CLASS' 1 I*' CASIIER SALES CLERK CLASS Must do 60'WPM, accurately.Good ""He: bu.the riglft also,to

in Spelling and English be accurately informed about

4 Good pay, Ins. etc. Apply public evcotL"CIRCULATION


Loa to work part time. Able to
Mrs. Battle McSwala, widely known expert on the cooking or 13TN I MONCRIEF Rl.: work all day Friday. Driver's
meat a representative of the National Live Stock and Meat I license. Good references.
TRAIN FOR :Board of Chicago, will be at New StantonSenior High School on I: N.Phone Calls 1 _
January 9 at 10 a.m. Mrs. McSwaln will give much valuable ,
HOSPITAL AND CLINICS Information on meats, their preparation their nutrttllnal value. ME tfPMVEMEKT REPORTER
,All art Invited both men and women. Mmes. Mitchell, depart
'DOCTORS AND DENTISTS OFFICES meat chairman, and Jenkins SDyde *and Folson will serve as I"Erring Construction: Home improvement Trainee. Must be good in
hosts. Free books will be given by Mrs. McSwain. two houses can be English. Apply:

c i." NURSING HOMES-PRIVATE PATIENTS I boujAt., In city, low down payment ,
Habit Hultrei FLORIDA STAR
y 'j house repairs no money
Many Orden of Rehgioui, and.white dreuea. In the future down. We loan money houses
: ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF women have changed from the' the Catholic Digest pre< so that yottwantlose them.Cash 13TN t MONCRIEF
If needed Located
.:.1 John H. Bolden, president, B. S. M. S. M. Ed. ED. S. Bertha U. traditional habit to simple black be dicta seen, many|in modern more apparel.Sister will !1210_.1/2 Davis St_!. 4-!7M, No Phone Calls

( B o Ide n. Vice president B. S. Elzie L. Johnson Dean of the FOR MEN AN WOMEN. _'

\; Faculty, B.S. N. 1C E.: Whitfield Registrar, B.S. Rebecca Y. IF ALL $ESTate MtTJl: FOR SALE
Richard L. Bolden,
Thompson Head. Hospital Aide Dept. RN. .
.. Administrative Asst. : NewiM PROVED NATURE SUMMER) RATE
IlIGUTE mm t .
TABLETS for that tired run RESTAUUNT
;:; j.." B.S.Bolden's town iMllng that keeps 700 from 12 rooms, Private bath J5.Q6 LOCATED AT NORTH CITY LIMITS ON U.S.. HIGH.
College tlJo71Dc We. IS rooms.: BemiprlYatet.00 WAY
100 Tablets $3.00 200 Tablets450o.
,1 (I or S nersrauOtDGEWOOD ti Modern vniu vim T.V., W.W. Carpets aatxrouoipnomis.'
Street JLOO deposits on
11816 W. 20th
: : MOTOR COUR1WTECRTrFD 10 seat modern restaurant completely equlpped/SeflousTlP
:1PIRE ness of owner forces the sal of this
: PRODUCTS t money maker Land alone
:, J i., ,> 356.6465 I is wormthetstiagprlceauoSooo.00.Dornnymentd
4 Registrar FS, 5931 Ni Broadway 15911 U.S.ICw.lrgevoodAveooe .' 1 I S5OCX
9 J Chicago, ILt>: 4;\ { 7M-OOOJ:Always D ea',I 914ZJacksoOwner 3c0g r trade for.real! 'sfab.Reply sa;
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