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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200740datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 5, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007400740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 5, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 5, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
' eyp '

n :

b yre:w a j I. } Commission" +t:' 1 1 ris !.T loskegee$! Elects ,.Negro Sheriff( V J.


__...d.. .-. .. .-.':.:J.'r. .. .. .. .\. ..'..... .".'...... 1'.. .. .. ......,...... ..... .""". ........ -.._ .. ... .. -.- ... * *

- <"VI-tilf 9 LibraryDhivsraity
-T n"

-"", > ". # #," # ._ t,,..: _,. fj Gainesville of Florida Florida



-. .. .. ... ... . .
y + w w w w"i( of R R'er lIR R VILII 11.32
Simpson bays Machine Politics SATURDAY NOVEMBER 12, 1966 15 CENTS

What Makes Her Tick ? ? ,,...,-.*.*.*?*,,*?*,*,.*,.*,*v* *. *,* f4A"A.k *A *
------ >-
Helps Enslave Florida NegroesFollowing .. '\
+*** ? < j
I :;i
v *
the defeat of Senate Candidate Claude Smith It la eSeeking4ChiId Kidnapoeo
being generally conceded that Eric 0. Simpson's & *
SSAifSSf. candidate was -of"factori last minute which I ,' fey*iiiinp nntm MP defeat h

Simpson, who when he announced his candidacy said he was
out to "bust the political machine" said after the election he

vos Is sorry accomplished.b
;The FLORID'STAR editor said U by "some strange turn of
events Smith Is cleared of the bribery charges against him, he
will oppose his re-election to the City Commission If he seeks ': ; +

to Simpson retain his said post.that be Intends to oppose Smith because he has t ,.. UNFAIR TO NEGRO

given poor performance during his terms in office He regards
Smith as one of the main remaining cogs In the political machine Ii .

which has kept Jacksonville In a condition of poor sanitation, Id r r' * * .6. .
ineffective sewage and drainage,dilapidated streets,Inadequate .' '"."."..,'. -
recreational facilities and bad services generally. .,.,. r. White Man
He:said Smith is an aide to the Power Structure that has kept .',. .- ,. r. Pearson And Holmes King Suggests
Negroes in Duval County economically and politically enslaved. : A
During the reign of the Power Structure Negroes have been ., Being SoughtIn Draft Overhaul

denied equal educational and employment opportunities. They '. '.. ;, .'. ., For \
have been paid the lowest possible salaries for menial positions .. ,,+ ''" '. Discharged PITTSBURGH: -. An overhaul '
but are charged equally for .: .' Kidnapping of the draft exemption process
food, clothing, medicines, .. fr. .. has been urged by the Rev. Dr.
services and N Ile/* ., it .." .. ,
taxes. The
Negro '
.. .. f MMPA-Police are seeking Lack Of Evidence Martin Luther King
is overcharged for house rental an unidentified white man for The civil rights leader told a
and home purchase and is kept "
trllrIRIC ,. kidnaping a fouryearoldNegro University of Pittsburgh news
out of business by the refusal ? girl last Friday Charges against two leaders of the Jacksonville boycott were conference Negroes make up

of banks to extend him credit. afternoon. dismissed last Wednesday in Juvenile Court for lack--.-. tit-. about 40 per cent of America's

All the Negro gets Is a "small LOS ANGELES:: -Dr. James Whitmore listens closely Nov 4? ,Marshall Williams, daughter evidence.Charges of contributing to the School Oct. 24 and 25. The boycott combat troops in Viet Nam
loan"'after some difficulty, for as he tries to find out what makes Mrs. Melvina Taylor tick. of Mrs. Hannah Wedlaw, 2616 delinquency of minors I were was called Oct. 22. while only 10 per cent of the
which he pays an excessively The ticking sound In Mrs Taylor's head began about a year 27th Ave., was,abducted by the dismissed on motions of their Attorneys asked several times country's opulatlon is Negro.
'high rate of interest. ago, and Mrs. Taylor isn't the only one who can hear It. The man while playing on Chipco attorneys against Florida that the charges allegations In many cases,be said Negroes
The Negro Is enslaved politically ticking sound, which resembles that of a pocket watch, has so near 28th Ave. She was released .NAAt..P State PrfsldentRUTLEDCC be quashed. They argued that canto qualify for exemptions
in that efforts' to elect far evaded diagnosis. It can be heard at a distance of about two by the man nearly two at no time had Pearson and because they lack sufficient
r Negroes to office are defeated feet UPI TELEPHOTO hours l later on 38th Ave. Holmes appealed directly to education to obtain a critical
by the machine. Except for a w 4. There were two witnesses to the children to remain job or attend college" ,
few low-paying posts and a the abduction, the police department "It seems to me this Is totally I
school but had made
from their
handful of boondoggling jobs, Miss White'sPrepln. Racists Use reported. appeal to parents. unfair," he declared "There .
Nerroes do nQt (ret any worthwhile Mrs. Annie Collins said the bas to be some changes in the
This contention, along with
appointments and no O.I1UJtON .Code.wojdsSolOi man stopped his car as if toy exemptions. We've got to re. C'
Near an argument that Holmes alone
Negroes get any of the city. 'of '. .w ? v.ekt, and then' baj;read Jhe f statement while. "study .and<< mU the whole
contracts or city business. But '...i.-...: aV grabbed the'tfrl. Sheddhe .,r."Pearson took almost no active dreft" .f".c.. ,
this is the same machine that FvlfillMitUBS .,SaysCHICAGO started choking the child part in calling for the boycott, Washington, a Pentagon ,
pays a handful of Negro politl* .....".y"'I./-" '. /George .Rep. and then threw her into the I F was supported by testimony of spokesman slad King's figureof ,I
c1 ril' a few hundred dollars Charles, t., 'We It Her' says back seat before speeding off two newspapermen who attended 40 per cent for combat troops ,
to mislead uninformed Negroesto ,. modern racist politicians are Mrs. Betty King, 4220 GreenSt. the called press conference an- in Viet f 'vote for machine men like r using "code words" Insteadof ., said she saw a white man mounting the boycott A defense survey coveringlast "
Claude Smith who do nothing '.'\\0#: outright' anti-Negro terms, let the child out of his auto on Before Wednesday's hearing year showed that Negroes makeup

for the Negro community and but they mean the same thing 38th Ave. near 33rd St. She and during the lunch recess, 14.' per cent of the Army E. '
little for the white com- said the about 50 force In Viet Nam. :
very tom,, "They mean the same and man, yearsof Folks and several Negroes at .
munity.In they becloud t the Issue the age, asked that somebody the hearing exchanged heated The spokesman said the per !
most cases Negro"leader" help the find her home centage of Negro officers
ti same," Weltner told several girl way words outside the courtroomand runs
Joe Bloke is paid to send out }5 hundred law students at the He then; sped off, Mrs. King PEARSON on the sidewalk in frontof somewhat lower and the enlisted j.

the letters you get urging you J' University of Chicago. He said. Rutledge Pearson and Wendell the Juvenile Court Building. percentage higher, ,
to vote for this or that candi called for an end to racismas The same man may have attempted Holmes, Chairman of the Clti- Folks and Hoffman picketedthe "probably 16 per cent."
date. Who pays for all that a campaign'issue to molest a 14-year. tens Committee for Better _building And took their pU Worldwide this compares with
postage paper-, printing Ute Rep. Weltner who dropped old Negro girl earlier during Education, which jointly spear- a 22.7 per cent of Negroes '
envelopes f The candidate ana CLAUDE SMITH Ms campaign for re-election the day. The girl said the man, headed the Oct. 24-25 school : enlisted in Army Infantry units,
the machine of course. rather than support segregationist attempted to entice her into boycott. and 20 per cent enlisted in
Finally, in a plan to keep Negroes uninformed and to keep EAJtTKA WHITE; Lester Maddox, a fellow his car but failed, and sped Judge Gordon Duncan's announcement combat arms units, which
them from having a Negro paper tnat exposes information such Democrat, for governor, said from the scene. of acquittal drew include Infantry along 1 with
as you are reading now, the Power Structure has passed the Miss Eartha M.White,founder some of the new terms are The girl was taken to Tampa loud apllause from an armore, combat. _engineering
word down to local firms not to advertise in militant Negro of the Clara White Mission "crime in the streets," "fede- General Hospital for physical overflow crowd.At and artillery
newspapers like the FLORIDA STAR. and known throughout the nation ral dictatorship" and "back examination and later released l one point in the morning The Pentagon official noted
Although many of the downtown firms derive a great portion as the "Angel of Mercy" for lash." to her mother. Police said the session, NAACP New York there often are higher percentages *
of their profits from Negro trade, they do not advertise In the her untiring work to aid the Rep. Weltner said "crime in girl had not been molested attorney Robert Carter entereda of Negroes in all
outspoken Negro newspapers. It is what is known as needy and Indigent will the streets" can be translatedas criminally though she stated motion that Judge Duncan volunteer outfits such as' the
"strangling" the Negro press by depriving it of advertising celebrate her 90th birthday on "a deprived people are try the man "pulled down my disqualify himself on the ground airborne divisions, and in the
business in the hope that the paper will go out of business clothes" First Calvery (Airmobile)
Sunday night at which time she ing to move ahead," he was biased against the de
Simpson said despite the attempt to silence the FLORIDA will be honored with a banquet fendants.In which has large numbers of
STAR he will continue his efforts to improve conditions for party. making the motion for ( volunteers.
Negroes and urges readers to patronize firms that advertise The mammoth celebration Delay, ElectionFor disqualification along with
with this paper, and in so doing are making it known that they be held In the Little Theatre Carter, Frank Reeves, another I Clearwater Youths
appreciate your business, even though they might not agree of the Civic Auditorium, begin NAACP attorney. of Washing

with our editorial policies. nlng at 8 p.m. Negroes ton insisted that t in deciding Sent To Jail For
Incomplete returns show Republican Dr. John Fisher leading A number of prominent during the preliminary hearing WENDELL HOLMES ,
Smith with 76,441 votes to the emocrat'.l'7,13t\Th. write-in citizens and public officials will whether Pearson and Holmes
into where
votes for Simpson have not been completely tallied, but statisticians be on hand to honor the aged MONTGOMERY-The NAACP Legal Defense Fund attorneys could be held for Criminal ,they cards stood t the courtfpom several minutes, Halloween Outbreak
figure that Simpson will fair better than Smith despite humanitarian who still remains won a landmark decision when a three-judge federal court Court, Judge Duncan would have until
motion of the defense
on 4
thousands of votes lost In the Confused< write-in operation. active despite her many years. ordered Indefinite postponement of the November 8 electionsfor to decide "probable" cause, CLEARWATER
the offces of Sheriff and Tax Assessor attorneys, Judge C A ssoclate
In Greene
County -
Mayor Louis H. Rltter is expected while when be issued the war
Alabama) ordered the signs removed. Municipal Judge c, E. Ware
Tuskegee Gets Negro Sheriff designating to issue the a week proclamation of Nov. --i In i reversing the decision of Judge, Judge Herndon is responsible rant"reasonable"he had cause.already decided Then, Folks gestured to the last weekend sent to jail two
the lower courts the under Alabama law crowded courtroom and who
14 as "Eartha M.White Week." Appellate Reeves said there was no difference Negro teenagers took part
Miss White who also founded Court ordered that the two for the administration, regulation and that in Issuing the 'ceased everyone present of in the Greenwood Avenue Hal-'
Negro candidates (in whose behalf and control of all elections "making racial demonstration loween
TUSKECEE, Ala. -In Macon the Mercy Hospital and warrant, the judge already had night disorder. .
County (Tuskegee) a Negro became Nursing Homer has just about the appeal was filed) be held .In Greene County, Ala ruled on the question he was of the whole hearing" by sheer James Bolden Jr., 17, 1110
the only member of his seen the fulfillment of one of allowed sufficient t time t to Mr, Gilmore 'and Mr. McShan being asked to determine near- numbers. Carlton St., was fined $100 or
choose a party ticket on whichto subsequently declared them- Folks and Hoffman testified 30 days on a charge of discharging
race to bold the office of sheriff her fondest dreams which was ly two weeks later in the role
in the South. to provide Jacksonville witha run. selves candidates for the two of magistrate. that they talked with several a firearm within city
Luclous Amerson, a 32-year- modern, well-equipped home The dispute In the case stems offices In the Greene County Pearson and Holmes were arrested Negro children on the streets limits and $100 or 30 days for
from an order by Probate Judge Democratic held on during the boycott and were destroying public
old former postal employee, for the aged. Presently under primary Oct. 26 on warrants property by
defeated t the two white construction and nearly com- Dennis Herndon, for Greene May 3, 1966 but failed to win. Issued by Judge Duncan after told they had stayed home on shooting out street lights

candidates he had outpolled In pleted is a .$750,000 structure County, which refused permis LDF attorneys contested the segregationist Warren Folks eon orders. and of Hn1mDAMA their!<_parents, Pear *.*+kNearo .
last May's Democratic primary sion to Thomas E. Gilmore primary results (in which at -
which will be known as the and John C. Hoffman of 550
and Percy McShan to run for least 1,789 white persons voted) ; 1
Eartha M. White Nursing Home Chelsea St. signed affidavits Elected To City Commission ,
the offices Tax on the
However, most other Negro of Sheriff and grounds that there are against the pair. -
candidates, many of whom campaigned Assessor respectively on the fewer than 1,500 qualified white Pearson Negro contractor
Trade With The warrants charged to aji official
under the "Black Pan- 'ticket of the newly-organized voters In Greene County. and Holmes had committedacts Bolsy Walters was elected to in Broward government' post ., ;,
( ,
ther" 'emblem, were defeated Negro-dominated Green County{ Therefore, the attorneys concluded to encourage three specific the Dade City Commission of Sis I County;;$

"In the five Alabama counties Luriu .\mrr!,onrlrrlftl FLORIDA STARAdvertisers Freedom Party. Judge Herndon that "at least 289 white children and a number of other this small community south of white-perlOns-Ih'ran for ttree of vacant Nem ';, I
where did not give any reason for persons participated In the May Ft. Lauderdale Tuesday night \ i
they sought office, ,nill his action,. 3 primary Negroes under 18 to become He was believed to be the first seats on the commission and i
In Illegally'-- delinquent by staying borne from Walters ran WrC ', the votg.a .
1___ his capacity as probate member of his race ever elected i4d5
--- -------------- ---- ---- -- - -

-*- tf *

"-. .

s.u fO'f.* I



'ta.i.;1 LO"IDA STAR I

1" NEWS TO Be Equal .

:"ubllshed by the Florida Stat Publishing Company By WHITNEY M.'YpUNG JR.,- 7 r '


NEGRO PREM, ERNATIONAL [4 As I travel around the country, I I meet a lot'of people*, and

at this time of the year conversation naturally turns to the
elections. I am surprised at the number of people who say,
to vote this year" or "why bother voting,
Tra not going
ERIC 0 SIMPSON Minifing Editor
...... "
nothing will change anyway v
I tell them that they are all wrong; that is Important to vote
HILDA Day. especially for members of minority groups
WOOTEN.......Circulation on Election *
The reason for this Is ample It goes back to
what we learned back in our civics classes.,
t.4' Politics Is made up of coalitlois fc differvP,
+ groups who pool their Interests and work tc-4 Iii
2323 Moncrief Road Phone Elfin 4-6782 gather to elect candidates who art favorable
to them. Every group which has, m the past, I
Mailing Address tried to go 1t alone and neglected 0'Join with
y p4Aoca n h.r_, h.e down to. defeat.
,. 0. Box 599 Jacksonville, Florida 32201 1i'A -The' -chances-of--each group in a coalition for achieving its

MIAMI OFFICE goals are directly related to the strength of its vote. Every I
: vote counts, and each one is essential to the success of a

738 NW 3rd Are Phone 377-1025 ? Ere. alms. J
: when candidates running tor some offices are distasteful -
r3,7c there are still other offices to be filled and bond
SUBSCRIPTION RATES Issues and referendums to be voted upon. Citizenship carries
One Year, $6.00 .. Half Year, $4.00 with it responsibilities and omelet! themost Important of these

Mailed to You Anywhere In the United States is to take part in the democratic'process and vote ,
Subscription payable In advance This election will be especially historic because, denied the
vote in the South for so long, Negro: citizens will now be able
Send Check or Money Order to: {" ,1lwrtl Al to make their voices heard on Election Day. The Voting Rights

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 Act of 1965 provided for Federal registrars to register Negro

Jacksonville 1 Florida voters In those districts which were discriminating against
them. Although there la reason to believe that these registrars
should have been sent Into many more districts they still
must be credited with raising the numbers of enrolled Negroes
c Congressman Powell Embarrasses Us. *** : iL. 1 to a record high Credit also must go to the dedicated men

X and women, both white and Negro, who risked their safety
When Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, and conducted voter registration campaigns in hostile areas

II, from Harlem in New York took his. seat of the Deep South. 1.

in the Congress in the 1940's, the Negro VIET NAN RESTAURANT REFUSED TO SERVE NEGRO SOLDIERS Their dedication has paid ofi. In spite of intimidation and
race beamed with pride. threats Negro voters came out in full force in the> primariesand
will do so again in the general election. The victories
There pride because he a man with
was was
,- -- - -- --- -- -- --- -- -- r+ of segregationist candidates have been widely publicized, but
good education superb leadership qualities 1 1 the new Negro vote has had an Impact. la many counties there
by forcing the electric company to 1 will be Negro sheriffs and other local officers for the first

hire Negroes, in other than menial capacities Your 1 time, many segregationist candidates have moderated their

,, pastor bf the largest Baptist Church I Weekly 1 tone in deference to this new vote, and others lost their pri

in the. nation magnetic orator and e maries.
1 The courage of Southern Negro is a lesson for Negroes
effective writer. 1 1 in the North. In contrast to the high turnout of eligible Negro J
Within the last decade, this man chosen 1 voters in the South, despite intimidation, Negroes !in nothero

from God has not lived up to his poten Horoscope Guide 1' ghettos have poor voting records'They should realize that
tialities. He has been married three 1 1 only by boting for candidates tb /will farther their interests
In housing, education, and employment, can they break the
times, and it is rumored that he seeksa 1
1 *' bonds of the ghetto and pave the way to a better life
fourth mate. His absentia from the 1 A large vote in the ghetto wlllmake politicians more responsive

sessions, from reliable sources, is not By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER 1 to the interests of people )Who live there. If an official

something he can be proud of. The 1 owes his job to the votes he got in tone section, he will make it
I' listen to that section during his term of office.
newspapers have spread his name across 1i his business to
i e But voters have a responsibility to study the Issues and know
the front pages as one taking trips around WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR 1 where their real interests lie. A political party should not be

the world in the company of ladies. 1 able to automatically count on ghetto votes. It must be kept on

Not only this but Powell has refused to 1i i TRAVEL 1 Its toes by an intelligent electorate which Votes for candidates
obey the court's order in a libel suit, 1 and Issues and la not bound to one party out of blind loyalty

and now the daily }have 1 1 politics too, familiarity breeds'contempt.
newspapers spread I. Negro vters especially should be aware of their responsibility
this -- -- -- --- -- - -- ./ '
headline for the wo,>; ld to ,see: -..- on election day. Many people hive,suffered, even died, for the

'POWELL CHOICE: TESTIFY OR JAIL. He has ARIES 'CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN right-to .vote,Cn4 Jfegrpes.jnjist,.usethls. hard: -!,.!\. right to
... ., ," .
not complied with lower cburt helD Improve their conditom V'%-,.
a order ina -
long standing libel Judgment and 't BARN ''MARCH ', BORN JUNE 1; 4 BORN4EPI. ? .,BORN DEC. rt" .; f.r''' '' :\ rJt: 't .,

him 30 days in Jail and $250 tine sentenced 2ht- APRIL 19th 22od JULY 22nd 23rd OCT. 23rd 22od JAN. 19th 1HE'yuR; AN w' r,,1

what's \ bargain?,Something Come to Life You have
Those who
hate kept with the Think nay
up news are about It. One of the obligations
Your voice counts. You have that need
you urgently, and been allowing the world to
not proud of the 'long and ugly record' as much to win or to lose at of modren life is that t which has been marked down you by while you were clinging pass

in these areas. the other fellow. This imposesthe having Individual to do withwhat goes in from a former high price may, to views and customs that are .LEAGUE STORYBy

Powell cannot hide behind the excuse that duty of making your vote In the communities as well may be considered a good buy now considered to be out of date
other congressmen are doing the same count when the time to elect as that nation This means But if you are seiicting an item Should you recognize this to a CLANZELL BROWN
candidates rolls around. Your no wone should go complacently .that was created especially for fact, it may be the ideal month The Jacksonville Urban i
thing. This may be true but he Leagu is sponsoring a citizenshipEducation
on, remaining obllytous
represents -
Jo'J a healthy and a sales and for which .
economy promotion to st.laJdnr: remedial mea :
for the !
to the Project next eight leeks. i
a minority necessity of
constituency. making .
Hetmust die: welfare of your dear ones a choice when election you haven't the least use what. :nurse It may not be a bad move The Citizenship Education Project is an honest attempt to
live above suspicion. may all stand In the balance. soever, you may then be chargedwith 10'
around. There are great issues enlarge your( geld: of travel help local concerned persons to.plaV their role as a citizen. I
The Congressman embarrasses us! They could be affected by the at stake and you cannot afford frivolity or extravagance.This and higher-mind education Each citizen have rewards for being a good citizen and along
kind of Individuals who are not to join the others who believe is a distinction that manyof should you circumstances permit with the rewards many responsibilities of citizenship must. be

named to a high officein will have to make I
occupy you durlij you to do so. There also carried without question. I
Our Behavior Hurls The Race your community or in the voices as heard.you do No in making matter your how this quarter. The same may are opportunities to be found The first meeting was fruitful the'function of
land. Come to with the be said about fo
grips some the can in club and social circles where local state
and federal government
Issues and figure out to the startling the results may seem didates running for office.Come was explained
There is you may even be elected to
nothing so important as keeping startling the results may seem to the satisfaction of all the persons
best of what election
your ability just day. the
person play commanding rolo ;)those
; present.
a constructive
racial image before the the merits and faults of the to most people on election day, who, In your estimation,has the who appreciate qualities
public if wo want to rate the good nominees may bee. there are possibilities that new greatest ability rather than the and experience. your This brings up izens The second in session dealt with |the role of cit
opportunities will thus be governmental processes voting,
things of citizenship. one who has a silver tongue but the } necessity of
created for those who are casting your registration and the Voting Rights Bill of 1965
During the Halloween period, the behavior ready and willing to seize them. whose promises may be absol- vote on election day since the The panel consisted of Earl M."Joh $on, moderator
of certain Negroes caused to bow utley issues are sharp and must be Brett Railey, Walter Smith Frank
us ,
our 9 80 55 12 25 985 c
,, ,
heads once and for all. Hamntnn anit I/ o-ll.- .n-1
in shame. To wit: -
The white owner of a .small in BORN APRIL 1 --77-14-63-137 Questions: such"as: How does the Negro Vote?, What is a I l
a LEO political leader?. Are candidates, studied thoroughly? bID t
Negro district in Cocoa opened fire on 75 20th MAY 20 AQUARIUS itical apathy prevalant in the Negro community?, Why don't ti
to 100 Negroes who were throwing rocks at BORN JULY BORN OCT.24th young Negroes vote?, etc
It's a duty. The price of freedom ,
his store. as well 23rd AUG. 22ndSee NOY 22od BORN JAN. A full discussion of these question revealed that there are
as good government o and
Up in Payetteville N. C. the national and local Discover yourself. 20th FEB. 18th cause effect relationship that revolve around the rewards
ghosts may, how good it Is.if gene rally There\ may and responsibility of citizenship
and goblins walked and kept the law enforcement just be a matter of taking the Is not for show when Individuals be a pool of Inner strength whichcould Irs selMalora t. ajjdgovei* The citizenship project area coordinator Mrs. Barbara
officers trouble of going to the polls on In certain lands Into be untapped because of amen, whether on the local or Whitiker ,
on the run to combat go com pointedout to the that the. disadvantaged -
lack group progress>
election day. But to do this it' your of awareness of its
national level
plete Isolation for a stated u symbolic of
the per people
vandalism 'certain are
of making is closely allied to citizenship
existence. Evan
among also Is understand U you are
necessary iod. It simply Is because silence you a free and prosperous: land. eduction
which were some Negroes. the Issues asto be enabled to may nave neglected ttftake stock The ,
and loneliness are conducive problem often bolls downon The
to to
key social i
change is and
Misdemeanors included sending out ttalse vote intelligently for the benefit clsoser communication with nature of its power to advance your : how ;'ceep' it that way. One utilization of same. understanding t / knowledge, t

alarms, hurling eggs on cars, knocking of yourself, the family and, or the Higher Forces.This, person Interests and primary of the trump cards that Is all } t (-
glass out of telephone booths the community. Whatever hap. In turn, brings much greater ambitions. It could take a trainIng powerful lies in the privilege I
shooting i
pens, the results are apt to wisdom or educational course, a to vote
to the making it
person who is mandatoryon
fireworks in the neighborhood, and burning surprise many more than Justa willing to sacrifice the time and willingness to be more open- each and everyone to go re. Negroes Cannot AffoJd Vandalism !
a chair in the center of a highway, and few. They are more likely to other privileges in fair ex- minded, or an extensive travel gularly to the polls and to ex-
so on.Yes be termed upsts than anything Chang Leos could try this In undertaking to get you to realize ercisa sin .)r her duty *) seta:. The Florida Sentinel-Bulletin reported \

we like to see people have fun, but else because of some very unusual modified form, to appeal for the that you may possess all .he cnnJUite who will be devoted last week that a 14-year-old, who is i

it should not be had at the expense of operating factors under that the have surface.been voting divine for guidance candidates when who they will are I ject elements yourself into required the limelight.to pro stand.to This the should cause. for give which you food you a mental patient at a local hospital was

innocent people. Remember that actions 27 be thin potential leaders. Those of you who areaffiUtated for thought from the 1st-7th. arrested but'later released to his
speak louder than words. with political groups should parents after throwing missile: into the find it in your Interest to strug. home of Dr Paul Sheehy iq Tampa

On The GEMINI gle valiantly for the persw or Within the last month, ijwe have read of
Last Political RoundupBy BORN MAY cause in when you believe vandalism '
in our In the southeast
this time the Florida politicians 21st JUNE 21st 8 -99-12-45-869 BORN FEB. region. sChools f } .

has wound up their campaigns and the Here today, gone tomorrow. BORN AUG. 19th MAR. 20th A mental patient, like the one who threwa

people have voted their choices .. .. .. be One of your first concerns couldbe 23rd SEPT. 22nd SAGITTARIUSBORN Do what others do. Ifs not as missile into the home of. Dr. Sheehy,, can
they, good or baJ.pne the types of persons who Shuw superiority The possibility NOV. difficult for you as It is for be excused for his action.. But he would
are bidding for high office. It. most people to
thing that has struck us about political'1 Isn't u It should be. The of rising up to whateverthe 23rd DEC 21st changing times, customs adust and to represent only one person in a hun4red.If .

(ampalgns is that candidates are so stability that is essential in a not be occasion overlooked may demand while should Hold your hand if there Is circumstances. But this dues any racial group needs to learn the

easil1 aside from the .nain path with country or community is a have the will and stamina you both to anything that will not wait, try not imply that you always :ap. value of property it is the Negro. He

side' ibsues and 'pokes at personali- matter of Interest to everyone back you. Be tolerant and help and get t1tdooeth1sfirstquarter. prove: of them. Li lat, somo jTUJ doesn't, as a whole, have too much prop-
making It desirable to show Otherwise, call a halt on things that are now goingon
tie8. / ful when life than
They so your or buiness destroy it is
easily start the
talking more awareness of who Is most projects that have to do with or that :ira deingadvocated, Negro.
about Ciu' Jioi and their constituents likely to maintain it. Your mind partner is undergoing a rather yourself, associations and professional may be Just a mite too much he doesn't as a whdlei* have too much

ant to!know what they' propose to do' when should be made up by election trying magnanimity experience when And show Interests Of course, even for the good-natured property to start with: rte must teach our
they day. But despite polls or you can win not that Plscian to take. youth to guard
get into office. predictions hands down over It does Imply must over Where your property. rather than
the announced results your compete the mate and home
Many look necessary precautio.ut companions are destroy it.
promise itors who also
campacners may be
so many good could take everybody more or trouble. :>> safdguirJj.Kim.iwld: concerned, It appears wiser for It
things This could seems odd but itlia
without any increase in taxes. less, by surprise.: It may be cause you to feel ten you have the 'tightest feeellng you to close your eyes to such true in many of
feet and ,
How can we't(y t for less termed an "upset" high ready a race what.ever would be matters that be our predominantly Negro.' institutions of
more in govern- .. year, no life and the that it wiser to dose. may deoouJ ofDo
enf It""hi, of hnnpened! In the past matter"which side you are on. store for you. WhUe world have In The Issues that thave been great: importxice.: You will higher learning, that ,,a large number of
and Ar confusing as things may about you are brought out during pre-election nave your chance, which should students are destructive.. .
yluvual attending They .lam
,rem. 01, th" surface there. your own at- be missed to ,,:,3
campaigans appear to be Im opt express your doors, break locks,
: : ...j. w...j, aio a tiioup are signs that tine opportunitiesfor enough time to portant enough for everyone to approval or otherwise of certain and athroomfixtbres,
the of the "
of 'thumb twidlers' and extravagant you will be created In the involved issues that are go to the polls andto cast a policies or individuals on election unnecessarily, knock. holfs 'iiTwairtfttards'
spenders of the voters' money. course of time during the elections. telling vol'. day. In their rooms, break furniture, and mark' 7.20.U K 72 72,;: 9-70-66 -18 78 978 on walls in their rooms and. rest rooms.
w I ,....... ,.,.,
4 L \
\ f
.( ......_ .1. .
-- ..l __............ __ .&.

F. "''' ... _+www-r T-. try.4. .. .. .__ .. ., +. ; .. 7- vI -"' '' '''''''''' ''. .''''.--


i Prominent Civic Leader Succumbs TEA TIME' YPU Heard !us

I E: SOCIALLY: SPEAKING With 1. .... Lily White Lodge 217 will Misled SMwday
Louise I Gulnyard( f sponsor a Calendar Tea Nov..
t. .,. 20. Months of the year will The Young People's Union,
which consists of 12
f',' be represented by Mrs. Willie groups,
will meet Sunday at 3 lathe
t Mae Tolbert, Mrs. Luretha p.m.
Many voters experienced political dis- advanced sales at this game should be\ Chatman, Mrs. Prlscllla, Church of God, 5th and

appointment' d u r I n g the past week. terrific. w.. Williams, Mrs.. Myrtls Cobbs, be Woods conducted Sts. The by devotion Mrs. Lucille win

However when w e look at the total Mrs. Walta Mae Armstrong Melton, and Mrs. Annie Mc-
election year picture we still performedwell. ************ Mrs. Lucille Mitchell, Mrs. Neal will serve as Mistress

Joshua Williams is a patient at St. tr Williams Eula Lawrence, Mrs.Catherine of Ceremonies.
Mrs. Llllle Ruth
Luke Hospital. Our with Group members are: Trarel-
best wishes
................................ are 1t Wright. cUes, Golden Anthony, Ever-
him for a speedy recovery. Mrs. Walta Mae Armstrong
The friends of ""The Angel of August table readies, Friendly Officers,
many captain, will Vanceliers Harris Singers,
Mercy Miss Eartha M. M. White are ***.*.*.**.***** sponsor a Spiritual Tea Sun- Jackson lingers f Latimore

preparing a mammoth birthday celebration A march wedding has been planned by Miss day Roscoe in the Nelson home 1914 of Mr.W Mrs. Singers, Nathaniel Jackson Oc-

Sunday evening November 13 a t 8:00 Sylvia Cardelle Lawrence and'Rudolph E. L Street. Mrs. ,M. Wright 10th will torettes, Tbelmarettes,'

p.m. in the Little Theatre of Civic Norton. The announcement was made by be the speaker. Stars.Thomas Singers, Traveling

Auditorium.Miss I Mr. and Mrs. J. Theodore Lawrence, ......... Guests expected are the Hospitality -

White has hordes of well wishes parents of the brideelect.Miss District 5 of Little Rock Sinters and the
many who have known her for years and Lawrence is a graduate i if Spelman Baptist Church will sponsor a Philadelphia Gospel Chorus.

some who might have just recently met College and is presently employed in Duval k 1ft Harvest Tea Sunday from 4 Gateway Barracks
her. In many Instances The Clara White County. to 6 p.m., at the church. Mrs.
B. has of the
mission has been the first shelter or Mr. Norton Is a graduate of Edward Waters program.Hodge charge Observes Veterans

the agency the first to lend assistanceto College Ind is also employed in Duval

newcomers to the city who found them- County. n ama Day Nov.11 18
selves i in dire circumstances.So .
the personable Miss White better ..R...#........# The Royal Terrace Charity Gateway Barracks and
Club will sponsor Its Thanksgiving the Ladles Auxiliary 3131,World
known as "The Angel of Mercy "" will I I The George W. Crocketts, Sr. celebrated Tea November 20 In the War I Veterans, will observe
receive greetings from persons far and a quiet 60th wedding anniversary last AMONG) THE last events in which Mrs. Ethel home of Mrs. A. M. Frailer, Veterans Day Friday with open

near Sunday afternoon on the occasionof Tuesday evening amid family members and Gavin Stewart-HlcklIn prominent social 1485 W. 10th Street from 4 to house throughout the day at Joe
her 90th birthday. very close friends. religious and civic leader, figured was 6 p.m. Each member has been H. James Center, Grunthal 11
In the presentation of a scroll last asked to give a Bible verse of Hurst Place.
Thanks and bring a friend. Deacon The parade will begin on Water
#..##RRR#.# RRRRR. ..#..... Easter Sunday to concert artist Marian
Eugene Matthews of Mt. Street at 10:40 a.m. ,
Jacksonville has become a very football Lois Avery was guest player when Zenith Anderson during the latter's' final con- Olive Primitive Baptist Church The firing squad will give the
conscious city this season. The Bridge Club met last Saturday evening at cert in Carnegie Hall. Mrs. Hicklin died will speak. honor salute and the entertain-

interest stimulated by FAMU's loss to Durkie Drive. Mrs. John Parrott was recently following a heart attack in .RRi.. ment committee, u n d p f thesupervision '
of Mrs.
South Carolina State who hostess. Jackson Park Hospital Chicago. Above
subsequently ,
A Winter Tea will be sponsored Rosa Summers, chairman, will
lost to Alabama A&M and Bethune-Cookman Zenith members present included Mesdames she appears with her husband, James Lewis by Choir 1 of Macedonia serve dinners throughout the

,I College who also lost to Alabama has Gussie Cunningham, Catherine Burns, Hicklin III in .the office of Chicago's' Baptist Church Sunday at 3 p.m. (day.
virtually assured a packed stadium Novem- EII(iziabeth Jones, Elizabeth Harris, Mary Mayor Richard J. Daley as the city's' chief at the church.

ber 19 when the Rattlers meet the Wildcatsin Breaker 'H a z e I Li( 11 I i'enthal Esther executive signed the 15-foot scroll that The participants are: DeaconG.
Gown, Rev. J. C. Rogers, WIG [GLAMOUR J I
Daytona Beach. Denson Evelyn Jasmin Corine Kennedy, was later presented to Miss Anderson, Mrs. Florence Brown, Mrs.

i A great indication of the increased and.Claudia Burris. v (NPI Photo) Mary Small, Mrs. Carrie High
football I tempo has been the spark of Adams, Mrs. Bernice Bryant, FashionStyle
.. .. ....... ...
the # # # # # # Mrs. Emma Melton,Mrs.Annie
interest generated by Jacksonville f,
Alumni of Bethune-Cookman College. Vivian Jefferson and Bernice Griffin Les Coqu Owens Mrs. Mary Mallard,
( Chapter ,
---.,-- Mrs. Rlxle Coot, Mrs. M. L. Mikes You
;I The group is planning a mamoth excursion completed tables when Les Elite Bridge Annual Polite. Look Mora

,,i by bus to Daytona Beach on the morning Club met last Friday evening in the home

4 of the game with hot coffee and lunch of Mr. and Mrs. William Scriven I33U Coffee, FashionsLes amp t..lIutlful

r, included. Interested persons may contact West Tenth Street. St. John Chapter 154, OES

jl! Nathaniel Davis or Ezekill Bryant. Leona Bennett, Vermal I McCone ElizabethB. will Coquettes its Charity annual coffee Club will sponosr Its Harvest Tea TRJ LL C AP "fr""
sponsor Sunday from 4 to 6
Annie B. Minatee and Irroa I p.m. at .t ATTMACTIVK TO MIN-O IMM*
: Another indication may be the many comments Jones with fashions November 20 from 6855 Rhode Island Dr., East. f..t...w.-L.I.IMW. ,.l.1.. i heard daily about anticipated Murray were other members present. 4 to 6 p.m., at the YWCA, Mrs. V. C. Martin will be the Of MMD Hlwk.NO.oft. M.n/towr..."...Ao&qm::1.Cm..i tttaid M,In 4 F gh<.r.Mil r Mi MM 4_! *'4rwttrwi ..
J the November 19 game and I 8th and Calhoun Streets.Models speaker. Other participants MiWU M M I IMVALMON
attendance at 1--U,.au::7.:;:ur.1 I M :pp I
should be at the stadium in ************ of the FashlonettaClub are: Mrs. KatyeStrlckler,Mrs.
how early one
will wear the latest fashions, Sarah Seymour HAIL STYLM
\ Mrs. LillianG.
Actually Thanksgiving week-end in Jacksonvilleholds .
.l order to be assured a seat. \ 4' and music will be rendered by Davis William D. Cannon, Dept. M 663
many Interesting promises other than e Mrs. E. M. Richardson!
f I T. Lewis and W. P. MU PrMri A...,Cla.aes 11I1.'J..
the delclous'dinners( that will be served.A wwwwww Smith.

sports event and a ball will highlight l ; .L
activities.The .Y .t d; '. .I I

eti"Jaci annual Jacksonville classic between Miss Virflnia bmun Old Taylor PresentsIngenious Americans r

the Florida A&M University Rattlers and Mr. Willie James Smith of

the Texas Southern football; squad wild Haines City, Florida, bas an- /
be played November r 26 I In the as tor' Bow'' nouced tn It engagement and i'i
Invitations are In the mall for Omega approaching wedding of his ,' '
Psi Phi Fraternity's'"0" Ball on Friday daughter, Virginia Smith of
Miami,Florida to Walter Wright
evening, November 25, at the Duval Armory. Jr., son of Mrs Jessie Lee ... '
>uorTpiLargest awdgutlKilotosj This is a welcome and refreshing respite Wright of the city. ,'.
from the exciting grid events that have The wedding date has been set .!
j Ihu "..,., n f finil "',,,1 nil iliokiili nilh rmiHian .Rniint for November 20, 1966, at the, "
p ../ the lug .../..(. rlnini ../ ("; prnlti./ ..",i". Hr prnu.Ih.fete / dominated the scene during the past home of Miss Hattie Devoe<009. 1r
thiil lit ./'"" III/ ''" ffnnrrf III Diinlar "hi'" ,I"".-.hr weeks. So. at 4:00p.m.recepUCiI a' i.
I Vi. hflil' hit Thin "'' Nninn\mn ,'... f/i/ u.mt brlnu. Kantanga Drive : '
held following ,
A will be )
the ceremonies.
4t ww ww wws

OFF.INOll MAYPOIT Specials. :WEDDING BELLSewwwwwwewewwwwaThomas

In Permanent
Specializing ;
LG. MULLET-LG. DRUM African Bush. 3 Cook, 1524 E. 21st St.,
23 and Annie Mao .
Washington, 1
SM. FLOUNDER. Ib. 29c For the latest in High Fashionand '1473 W. 25th St., 18. .'
pMANMA; .t fllr Jne.i ",.,h.1 and f
personalized style '.
for wigs, wlglets, braid, etc., I Nathan Barrian, Jr., 1025 W. 1
TIRE RIG 4INUINI the "in" hairpiece that gives 7th St., Apt.C, 25 and Clara ,
OCIAN vuw you a new, beautiful !hair style. Elizabeth Smith, 1025 W. 7th .
SPOT 'C 1 St., Apt.A 20. ,\

BASS-Large IP. 39'l
BLUEFISHSHEEPSHEAD Willie Frank Flood, 2291 Run ,: ,
ILUIIVICHAUINCII JUANITA'SBEAUTY R. St., 21 and Betty Ann Williams, ice I r
267 Woodlawn Ave. 20. ,J. \(,
Of *fj"..OV J
"< THK Cleveland Davis,808 W.Adams
FRESH YELLOW MULLET ROE .Ib. 79e St., 37 and Patricia Ann Ford, ;' .. f ., ., i
5506 Avt. B .
FRESH WHITE (MELD) MULLET ROE lb. 49c 808 W. Adams St., 22. ff2n( e leis
See Jacksonville's award

At 4319. Street winner, consultant and stylist Jessie Williams,1045 W.UnionSt.

t Ij CONCH limn Cm MEAT In, Mrnte(SkinlciilHrllrr mrir ..u. fihnlte' .49c Phone 7653307 Mrs. Eden B. Calhoun' ., 19 and Veronica Shay Gill- Garrett A. Morgan (1877.1963)
quftfliif. Rue imth/nl' pir 41en t Ib' hnr.r 50x J.n yard, 1979 W. 24th St., 20

1 Godfrey Story, 2114 Venus St.,
Apt D, and Patricia Avon
{t f Stewart, 6106 Ardisia Rd. 19.

r' .r Joseph Green, Olustee, Fla., It took a disasterto
21 and Lucile Marie Dinklns,
1464 Evergreen Ave.,18.
prove his invention.On .
Charles Lee Gibbs, 1135 Lee
St., 19 and Julia Mae Harris,
1135 Lee St.. 21. July 25,1916,a tunnel explosion one penetrate the smoke and gas and
Edward trapped over twenty men working 228 come out alive? Finally,Morgan emerged
lawn McGogin: 412 Wood- feet below Lake Erie. The huge clouds carrying a survivor. Again and again he
\ e Hill Ave., 45 and Barbara Ann of smoke gases, dust and debris made returned to the hole until he had saved
oo sroslyM 636 Ashley St., 19. It impossible for anyone to search for over a score of workmen. This remark-

survivors. Just as it seemed hopeless, able feat not only drew publicity to his
o Eartha White someone remembered hearing about invention, but marked him a hero as
_, man named Morgan and his invention. well.It .
To Be HonoredMiss seems Garrett A. Morgan had been Morgan didn't stop there. In 1923 he
: trying to interest Ohio manufacturers patented another device-one that may'
\ Eartha M. M. White will in his device for a long time. It was the annoy us at times, but has undoubtedly
; Ss' erpAn Ere be honored by friends and public "gas Inhalator,"or gas mask, as we know saved many lives-the electric stop light. I
officials at her 90th birthday it today. He sold the rights to a large corporation. /
celebration, which has been Morgan was summoned and quickly Morgan was awarded a gold medal by /
r scheduled for Sunday at 8 p.m., arrived with his brother and two gas Cleveland for his heroism in the tunnel l ..; /
in the Little Theatre of the inhalators. Together they descended Inexplosion, and settled down in thaty 3 ,. /
.r vel .; Civic Auditorium.For to the suffocating blackness. The crowd city where he continued the

; .. the past 75 years, Miss waited silently at the surface.Could anyloved..

r 'p ll$ t "' White has been active in OLD TAYLORKENTUCKY WOlk;
charitable work., She has developed -
the Old Folks Home, STHA1OHT BOURBON
dRA D Clara White Mission
Hospital, Mllnor
Beef at its Best School, Servicemen Center, .
Send for free booklet
Eartha White Miu and is containing portrait and story of each American in tVh wrie
Writ cot Ingenious" American Booklet, Room 1343, 99 Park
preparing to open a
120 bed nursing home on I

t Moncrlef road. ::7"00'6I I


.:: .1.


Anniversaries Set Clifford L. JOltS Conference Of Negro Religious Leaders NewsCHURCH

Tht Church
lOZiylUaanliprsary of
ShllohlHetropoltlnBaptist In Second ConcertAt I Il
Church and tile 34th of
Rev A. B, Coleman GOD .
pastor -
will be celebrated St, Stephens AME l : f U3embJy of the Churches the Living GoeS. Pillar

Nobember 1421. Clifford L. Jones, bus ." and Ground of Truth, with continue In Cosmo, Elder Lonnle

Visiting ministers and their baritone soloist of New,York Brooks, host pastor throughout Sunday.
I congregations expected are Bishop Helen M. Lewis will preside each night. Participants
Rev. W. C. Mitchell, Little City, wUlbepr.lto&ed1orec1td la are from Arlington, Atlantic Beach. East Jacksonville,Crystal
November 20 at 3.19 p.m.,
Rock River Green Cove Springs, Palatka, Ocala, Gainesville, LakeSuperintendent
Baptist; Rev. W. M. HilL St. Stephen AME Church. ,t' Iii ( kt The teachers
Mt. Calvary Baptist, Rev. D. Jones, a former resident of ) James BarUey presiding. are:Mrs
and Isaiah
B. Barnes, Sweeffleld Baptist; this city, Is a member of Con Am Draydlne Oliver Miss Mary Ann"Richardson BarUey.
will be reviewed.
Rev B. L. Wynn, Abyssinia vent Avenue B a p t il Church The lesson, "Divine Protection,,
Morning service at 11 o'clock; dinner at 1:30: p.m., afternoon
'Baptist, Rev. S. L. Badger,
there, and serves as presidentof
service at 3:30 and final service at 8 p.m.
Emanuel Baptist; Rev. B. F. the senior choir. : p.m.
lAddlson, Mt. Sinai Baptist, His appearance here will be r'LL f
:Rev. B. H. Hartley, Friendly TRINITY BAPTISTAnnual -
the second in St.: StephenChurch. ," r
(BapUst; Rev. W. C. Neal, St. His previous concert Men's Day will be observed Sunday Trinity Baptist
tThomas, Rev. R. A. King, here was in October of last'' ,Church, Rev. C. J. Crosby, pastor, announced.
Greater Payne AME and Rev. The officers are: Deacon Nathaniel Jackson, chairman;Isaiah

(Dallas L. Graham, Mr. Ararat year.The artist will persent works Johnson, co-chairmin, John Reed, secretary; Lavern Uathls,
1 Baptist. fr treasurer; Rev. W. Wade, program chairman;Deacon P.Smith,
of Handel Schubert. ,
co-chairman and W. Denton public relations chairman.
Head and Hall Johnson Mr.
I Jones will be accompalned by r Deacon David Washington will be guest superintendent, and
Rock will deliver the
r Rev. W. C. Mitchell of Little sermon at
M. Blacken minister >
Gilbert ,
ob- : 11 P. J. Williams Is guest soloist.
The 40th anniversary Memorial a.m.
music of Brown Bap '
kervance of Rev. Dallas Rodell F. Roberts of New Stantcn High School will be the
tint Church of Brooklyn.Homecoming _
7. Graham as minister of Mt. .., speaker at 3 p.m., and Wilton Blake, soloist. The evening
Ararat BapUst Church has been Set' "' ','.'.., message will be given by Dr. Andrew Robinson, principal ate
scheduled November 13-20 with f :,( William Raines High. James Genwrlght will be guest soloist.

services being held each night. -" ,
Various ministers and their
will have charge For District 3,. ST. PAUL AME
tongregatlons .
of the East Florida Conference participating
service will be held All AME Choirs
The opening J \\ i\1 In the annual conference, which has been scheduled In St. Paul
Sunday at 3 p.m., with Rev. Friendship BaptistDistrict :
j .. AME Church, beginning Wednesday, have been asked to registerfor
!A. B. Coleman of Shiloh Baptist; i ; ".., ,,.. the annual musical with Carter T. Lewis, director.
James Bryant of St.Mary'sJiaptist 3 of Friendship t
flev. f ii: Nov. 20 at 2 30 in the
Rev David Johnson, Baptist Church will sponsor a 3 : I The musical will be presented : p.m.
host church. Each choir has been asked to be prepared to
Bethel, southslde and Rev.11.L. homecoming program November r' render two selections.
Herod, Mt. ZIon, southslde. at 3 p.m. ',. ,
The 7 p.m., service will be The participants are: Rev.,,T, _
bonducted by Rev. W. L. 1.. Lindsey, Rev. Richard St. Pius Observes A PRAYER FOR YOUTH
Vllllams.'On Holiday, Mrs. Katherine!
November 14, Rev. S. L. Herring, Mrs Dorothy Lewis, Negro religious leaders discuss the man 1-. Dr. J. H.' Jackson president of the Forty' Hours Devotion

Badger of Emanuel Baptist; Mrs. A.F. Cummings, Mrs. W. festo passed' at the Conference of Negro .... National Baptist Convention USA Inc. ,
Rev. W. C. Neal, St. Thomas C. Murray, Mrs. Alice Black, Fourth
Chicago; Joseph Gomez Episcopal
Religious leaders on the present cri sis At 11 MassThe
baptist, Rev. R. L. Wilson, Mrs. H. Hackley. Miss Melody ,
Vest Friendship Baptist and Patterson Mrs. AlmaAlbertte, In Civil Rights in Chicago. From I left : District, A.M.E. Church, Cleveland, Ohio;
Rev. Landon Williams of Rev. Remus Smith, Rev. R. L. Bishop Henry C. Bunton, Seventh Episcopal and the Reverend Clarence Cobbs of the Forty Hours Devotions at

tethany Baptist Church will Smith, Theodore C. Prime, District, C.M.E. Church, Washington, D.C. ; First Church of Deliverance Chicago. St. Pius Catholic Church, 1470W.
lonductthe service. Other ser Miss Etta Williams,. Mrs. M. -- -- 13th St. will open with the
vices will be announced. E. Patterson.Y 11 o'clock Mass Sunday
.1 Mrs. Sallye Mathis. Queen C'onlestTerminales Junior Choir Of morning.
-- -- -- Eventli
Following the mass, a solemn

o u Don'tHaveToGoToTownToGet Rev Anderson Zion Hope Singers win. present Sunday Mt.' Oliye Baptist procession and the litany of
the saints will be held. Open
a Sunday at 8:30
Dual Day SpeakersMrs. p.m. in program Palmer Grove Baptist: At Greater PayneThe Sponsors ProgramThe House the will day.be observed throughout

LOW PRICES Church, sponsored by ].hr I. Lord God, bless all young
At 7 A Bible service
Sallye Mathis, member Bertha Belle. "Queen" contest, now in p.m.,
young men of the Junior will be held with Rev. Richard people. In a world that can
CIl Central Baptist Church, and progress at Greater Payne AME choir at Mt. Olive Primitive confused,
.... Plunkett the get help me keep a
giving bomlly.
DRUG STORE NEEDS Rev. Anderson, pastor of uu Church, will terminate Sunday. Baptist Church will sponsor a* The benediction' will concludethe clear head. In a world that
Bethlehem Baptist Church will The coronation will begin at young men's program November has known corruption, help
be the speakers for the Dual The Seventh Hour Prayer Band 8 p.m., and the march will be 13 In the service.
T r a d e With Your Neighborhood Drug Store lower unit of the Servers for the Bible Vigil me to keep a clean heart and
Day observance in the St. Paul will sponsor"Gospel InSoags," led by Rev. R. A. King, pastor. church with
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL W. L. Bryd as will Include Wilber Dereuen, body In an age that needs
Baptist Church, Brooklyn, Sun Sunday at 3:30: pjn. in the The contestants are: chairman.
Papers. Deliver We also fill all Doctors Prescrip Delaney Holly Aaron Coleman courage, help me to have the
day, Nov. 13. Acorn Street Clubhouse. Mrs Evelyn Williams, Mrs.
, : tions. Appearing on the program are: and strength of honest
Freeman.Monday conviction
Gregory my
Mrs. Mathis will speak to the The participants Include t Mrs. Edna Brunson, Mn. Estella Larry Paschal, Daniel Wright .
And in
women at the 11 o'clockworshp! Almeda Wheeler, Crews Gospel Collins, Mrs. Mable Dean,Mrs Michael Craddock, W. L. at 7 p.m., the service an age that needs
and Rev. Anderson will address Singers, Sun n,r 0 It Gospel Altamese Moore, Miss Lois John Barker, B. Fleuth Byrd Mark, will consist of mass, homilyand such conviction, help me to
\ \ I Dixie Pharmacy the men at the 7 o'clock service. Singers, Mrs Ruthle Mae Bruce, Mrs. Charlie M. Nash George Brown,,Junior the benediction. Confessions commit myself to my church,'
The Youth Department will be Brown, Elder Eloise. Porter, Gardner, Mrs. Essie M. choir, Buttercup will be beard from my home, my community and
In charge of the 3 o'clock ser Mrs. Louise Roberts and Stowers and Mrs. LauraM. Junior Lincoln Singers and the, 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Sunday, my nation. Without You,

1302 Kings Road At ,Myrtle, ftvejie' VIOL; ______.?___ others. Powell. Junior choir of Bibleway Monday and Tuesday. but Lord.immature.I could remain With young-,you, I

1, In lees, John. S. Pock,a Boston uu In I S'ltbe i UJS. Navy took Church _eee.ari. can, grow mature, and still
Phones tit!' 55537j"4" :_ R-- attorney, became, the first a. the laevia&te ,steps of opening 'The first classical L.P, to sell over 1,000.000 copies'was.'a performance keep the vigor of my youth.
: V. Negro''lawyer ta pracUce before The Pentecostal Church of up general service assignments by pianist Van Cliburn of the Piano Concerto No, / Amen.Anonymous'
,,the ;VJB.'Supreme Court.In Faith will sponsor "Feast of without regard to race. by Tchaikovsky

PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER 1909 meeting Harvest" Sunday from 4 to 6
a of Negro 'p.m. at 1622 Rosana St.

AND TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE Y the and Canada NJU.C.P.whites, to met take In steps Nlagra. to Falls form, Langston Hughes, famous "Sorry.This

writer, poet and lecturer was
---- ----
l born in Joplin, Mo. in 1902. house

NOW, Help! Help! Help! has been '
just sold:
4 LOCATIONSTO Rev. Roosevelt Franklfn Of'

SERVE YOU Macon 6) J

3111 W. Edgelrood live. Divine, Spiritual,' Hea ler, .

3701 EMERSON Rev Roosevelt Franklin of

130 CASSAT AVE. Macon, Georgia.
1824 WEST BEAVER Divine Spiritual Healer. Jesus
Is truly giving blessings and 9 wT
victory to many pe' le'l problems. -
3-LB. CAN JEWEL YOURS. See or write me toxlay.I .
have a special message every.
c one's in need for.
63 Last week many, many peoila I Il
were helped by my spec la)
selected Bible reading to be
read each weekend. If you want ,,Lf
to be delivered quickly* send r
5 LBS. DIXIE CRYSTAL : $1.00 and self-addrel&Ked
I envelope to Rev. RoosevElt
WITH $5.00 39! Franklin, 630 Morrow Av..,
SUGAR FOOD ORDER 749-6479.Macon, Georgia phone

Too will get these special

,selections and Bible versus 1Iy:
FLA. BUDGET leU mattApAnd

r-- ;


3 LIS. __ ________
Repairs ;


-1Inr5. L. 1;. .
IIIr: '< ,._",

MAJOR APPLIANCES North, South, East, West-time after Yet even thoughtful people sometimes

2 LIS. time-too many Americans find doors turn emotional at the Idea of a Negro .

EF1 CERATORS--. closed to them in this "Free Society." or other minority-group family in t)'
ASHERS i DRYERS: The problem of fair housing reaches'to "their" neighborhood.

MEATY NECK BONES Water' the very roots of so many-other How about you? Examine your -. 'y

s isa Healers problems In America. conscience deeply. A good place to

1.III..IJI1 J Ciitnl Or Equal and well-balanced education start is In your church or synagogue. .

WESTERN SMALLSPARE pee. Air and lob opportunity, for example. Look at what the very roots of your ...

Cillu"sAll And true Justice. And true brotherhood Faith have to say about brotherhood. '
2 LIS. ; Mobs A11Uodtblhn1ced Thoughtful people know the time has It lust may make you the strongest .

DIAL long since passed when we can afford person on your block-the one with '"' I
353-0012 '
BOILING preJudice-yes, even in real estate. the strength to take a stand. I i IAPr
1821 BOIUEVAR @ ,
." & !
.,....of..J.. I
BACOt st'
5 LIS. *.."'.d as a publlo ..rvle* byt



\ A 4 1

.... .- ......


-------------- Hertz
J. Picoft' Accepts Courtesy Keys D.C.'s First Negro Private Has :Good
News Corporation Counsel Reason To Avoid
Campus Joins' NEA Staff
WASHINGTON (NPI) Viet Nam Service
1 1 WASHINGTON-JJlupert Plcott, Duncan has taken
--- --------- Charles T.
executive of the CHICAGO - secretary SAVANNAH STATE COLLEGE Virginia Teachers Association A counsel In the nation's comes to postponing travel to
and promenent Negro educator, % capital Viet Nam to fight for democracy
Savannah State College was voted unto membership last has accepted a position as nation In becoming the District Com Pfc. Howard Holmes, 18,
week at the annual two day meeting of the College Entrance al field representative with the missioners' chief legal advisor, had a reason that puts anti-
Examination Board and the College Scholarship Service in National Education Association kE'r Duncan assumes supervising of draft, and conscientious ob
18 New York. Twenty-five southern colleges and universities and Announcement of Plcotfs appointment a Ill-member staff, including jectors' excuses In the shade.
secondary schools were added. was made here todayby 65 attorneys who handle all the The day before he was
This election boosts southern membeship In the College Allan M. West, NEA Assistant city's litigation. The 41yearold scheduled to leave, the homeof
Board to 167 colleges and universities and 41 secondary schools Executive Secretary Field attorney will make $25,000 his parents, located in an
Operations and Urban Services a year. all-white block on the Westside
VIRGINIA STATE COLLEGE The appointment is effective Jan "There Is no position in the was bombed. And his
1. y4 District government that is family had only" occupied) the
Virginia State College, Petersburg, was one of 25 southern As national field representative more Important to the general home since Oct. 15.
colleges and universities and 18 secondary schools voted Into Picott will operate out of the NEA well-being of the city than that The explosion, causedby
membership recently at the annual two-day business meeting headquarters here announcing of corporation counsel," said sticks of dynamite,shatteredthe
Scholarship Service in New York. job, West said sioners' president, at the frame building and knocked
"We are happy to add a person of swearlng-ln. plaster from the walls.
The Howard University School of Law will present a three- Dr. Picott's ability and experience Duncan has been general counsel Two of Holmes'sisters,Linda,
day legal symposium November 10-12 on "The Negro Lawyer to our staff.Dr. Plcotfs of the Equal Employment 10, and Carolyn, 5, suffered
in an Era of Social "
Change. record as executive secretary of Opportunity Commission for the minor injuries from flying
The symposium is an extentlon of a study being conducted the Virginia Teachers Association past 14 months. Five years ago glass. They were the only casualties
under a Ford Foundation grant at the Howard Law School on over the past 22 years he was named chief of the Ap- in the Holmes' family
the "Economic Status of the American Negro Lawyer. The has been Impressive. He has pellate Division of the United Four next door neighbors also
programs will be held In the moot court room of the school given effective leadership to the State's Attorney's Office for sustained injuries as a result.
of law, Sixth and Howard Place, northwest. The programsare 9,000 teachers VTA who serve the District. Later, he became The soldier's father, James
open to the public without charge and are being held in In the public and private schools LUCKY BANKER B. uoyle Mitcnen b president 'ot the inausinai DeSlIl\ principal assistant In that of- Holmes, 46, Is a 14-year employee -
conjuction with Howard's 100th anniversary celebration. of the Commonwealth West of the printing ink deb
of the
of D. C. (and its branches) and president
Discussion Washington
the ,
during three-day program will center around said, adding He is a graduate of Dartmouth partment, Interchemlcal
the role of the Negro lawyer In the fields of civil rights "In his new position Dr. Plcott Nat I onaU Bankers Association, accepts, the keys to a 1967 courtesycar College and Harvard Law Corporation. He and his wife
government, international affairs, legal education, JudiCWand from a Hertz girl( in Los Angeles. The occassionwas the School. are parents of eight children,
private practice.To annual convention of the National Bankers Association held In the three of whom have served in.
be among program participants: Tfaurgood Marshall, the armed forces overseas. .
Solicitor General of the United States; and Patricia Harris, California city. The association is comprised of fifteen Negro Petition Supports Though Howard delayed reporting -
U.s. Ambassador to Luxembourg. owned and operated banks i n the United States. The organizationwas for overseas duty, be

founded, in J 1926 to encourage the establishment of sound NAACP Board' is still going to keep his commltment /*
HAMPTON INSTITUTE -but he "Just can't
of banks.
operating Members Re electionNEW understand itManhattan," '
The Business Department of Hampton Institute has receiveda
YORK-(NPI)-Slx mem-
$2,500 unrestricted Departmental Assistance Grant from EDUCATIONROUNDUP And RaceWEEK'S bers of the NAACP Baord of Bronx ,
Gull Oil Religion
Corporation.The Directors> whose terms expire GetPostmasters
grant is of 63 distributed Follow Chicago ,
one to selected college and Dec. 31, have had petitions ,
university academic departments under the campanys Aid QUOTECIDCAiG.NP1)"The filed in their behalf for reelection -
to Education Program. SINGLED OUT? Black Power slogan Is a 'cry of despair at large to three-year Negro
Dr. Jerome H. Holland received the check from G.s. Bradleyof WAUKEGAN, Ill -.= from Negroes In the face of white indifference and terms, beginning Jan. I, 1967. NEW YORK -(NPI>- Manhattan -
the company's public relations department and ClydeLl Frank Harris, 36, NAACP. hostillty..We white people tremble when we hear the extremist Each petition, which requires and the Bronx have followed.
Johnson, sales representative, followingthe recent meeting branch president, was arrestedon cry-''Black Power'. And yet the Negro Is faced 100 signatures of members in Chicago in getting Negro post-
of the college's board of trustees. The compay representatives charges of violating the city's constantly and on every side with what he sees as the White good standing, has been checkedand masters.
toured the college and inspected soon-to-be-completed new parade ordinance requiring Power which has lashed him, held him down, humiliated him found to be In good order. John R. Strachan (pronounced
classroom buildings under contraction on the campus. that marchers' names be sub- for all these many years...*' Bishop Peter I.Gerety In "Com Nominated by petition are Strawn) was sworn in as postmaster -
Gulf Oil Corporation Is distributing, under the education J. Rupert Picott mitted' to police three days mittment, organ of the National Catholic Conference for Arthur B. Splngarn, honorary of Manhattan, the same
program, approximately $2,000,000 to students Institutions before a demonstration. The Interracial Justice. president Bishop Stephen G. day u Frank Viola took office
of higher education for scholarships, fellowships, and other will be working closely with ordinance was passed at the IN FOR FIGHT Spottswood; chairman, national u the Bronx's postmaster.
education purposes. Departmental Assistance Grants are Intended teachers, and teachers' groups, urging to contribute to the support of academic departments state and local affiliates on pro- JiaQ following outbreaks In the as church bodies take stronger positions on social justice, former New York City Judge City have more residents than
of particular Interest to the company. grams of school improvement am} Negro community In August. Dr. Ben Mohr Herbster, president, United Church of Christ, Hubert T. Delany, a member many states of the union.
theacher welfare here and across Harris said he was singledout has predicted. Urging more church concern about the civil since 1934 Walter Reuther, Strachan, 50, was Manhattan'sfirst
I ;the nation as well. He will also be for arrest as he marched rights, the local religious leader said society will "backlash" United Automobile; Workers Negro postmaster.
I Involved nationally in leadership In the annual homecoming against the church as religious bodies "become a more effective president and an NAACP board He and Viola were recom-
thralning activities and will serve parade of Waukegan Twp. High force In American life. member since 1949. mended for their posts by Sen.
as consultant to the officers.of School.I SEMINAR?ON BIAS Also, Dr. H. Claude Hudson, Robert F. Kennedy (D-N. Y J.)
NEA affiliates." UaqAJSOSNPO of tb.l seminars planned for.the; Nov. a board member since 1952; Strachan has supervised regional -.
A native of Suffolk, Va., Plcott RIGHTS CONSULTANTNEW 21-22 national convention of the Religious Education assoilatlon, board public information
and Perry, a
received his educational training YORK-(NPI>-June Sha- meeting in the Palmer House, will relate to "Religious Edu- member since 1965. functions and has coordinated
at Virginia Union University(B.& galoff, NAACP education cation and Religious Prejudice." Chairmen of the seminars will the ZIP code program for the ,
AND D. Pd. degrees),Virg1r1a director, has been appointed be Prof. Charles Y. Glock, director, Survey Research Center, GOOD JOB last three years. He has been :
State College (LL.D.) and Hamp "civil rights consultant In re- University of California, Berkeley; and Dr.Lawrence N.Jonel, TO GET EDUCATION employed by the Post Office
ton Institute in Virginia.' He sldence" at YeshivaUntveraltY" dean, Union Theological seminary New York..t ,rat' I GET A GOOD Department since 1M I.
Ferkauf School of ,
earned the M. Ed. degree at
'" Pb1Sadelphia Htimanitlearand Social faience; I
Temple University ; In .
dr. Y She- will responsible,[ for
And has done graduate
work at New York University,the advising educators and engagingIn I
1 ANL Informal talks with students,
of Harvard
University Virginia, and -
University., ject taking Beacon.part in the school's Pro-



r--------------I Your Good Health ,I II sU E R MARKS



Some people who complain that they have poor circulation ,
have Raynaud's disease. Under conditions of emotional stresss FRESH
or exposure to cold, their fingers, and sometimes their toes,
turn white Shortly thereafter, they may turn blue, and later,

KEN KNIGHT red.The Initial pallor Is caused by a spasm 1* the arteries In ROAST 37
the fingers and is accomp&lned by a feeling of coldness and
-Invites You To Listen To- numbness. When the spasm starts to relax, a little blood LB.
returns to the fingers, but not enough to meet the demand

BIG lAND for Blood oxygen.with a greatly reduced oxygen content gives the skina
bluish tint. When the spasm Is completely relaxed, the rush SLICED BREAKFASTBACON
of blood to the fingers makes them red.This causes a burnilng,
"DANCE PARTY" tingling or throbbing sensation. __?
These changes start In the tips thefinges and.may in volve *
one of all of the finger Joints. The, underlying cause of the
Nightly 11:30: til! 12:00: Saturday 9 p.m. spasms Is unknown. Heredity may be a factor. In the severest 55
form, gangrene with loss,of the tips of the fingers may occur
1400 WRHC'-1400 Anyone who has Raynaud's disease should be careful to avoid 1-LB.PKG.
things that trigger an attack- uch as exposure to cold and emotional .
crises. An attack can usually be relieved by taking a hot .
bath or a hot drink. If the disease Is chronic, your doctor might
prescribe certain medications which may help prevent attacks.In "BAKE-RITE"
tTUlMT KTUOT MUttM fKIOT M MOOTMCIUT Ml DUTUM CO,fMHTOIT,PiTUCCT some victims, a deficiency of vitamin B-6 may be a factor,
and taking this vitamin will bring about a marked improvement.
Women are sometimes helped by taking female hormones;
especially If they are In the early stage of the menopause. 3-LB.
Smoking aggravates this disease and should AvpldaJ by SHORTENING 59
anyone who has It. CAN
If all of thase measures fall, It may be necessary to have
an operation In which the sympathetic nerve roots controlling ORDER
the arteries of the fingers are servered. Even this operationdoes ,
not always give a permanent .eur_. -


Royal Art Studio CHEER 2S











America's Largest Selling YearOld Kentucky Bourbon BUSH'S PORK I BEANS 4B-OZ. CAN *. a, 25$

SAME PHONE 354-1894 : ;r I

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., .-..

, '''' '' .v. .. .. ..r..w'.._... ._. .. ... .. +rM ...,, .. .. .. e '. ..f'.fr1'R7N..Mr..... .... ... ...... .. ''" a.a .vat.. ...",_r.. LCv. .", .' r ..' .,.. rr __ r





. . .
------------- World Of BooksBy .

.r SINCE YOU ASKED ME !, LOUISE P. DUMETZ :: Moon Over Miami !


L_ --- JAY FRIEDMAN, Published by lir *# . . . -

DEAR LONNIE: I found a five dollar bill on the floor in the SIMON 1 SCHUSTER, New ( MIAMI BEACH, Fla. Horse racing joins football in the
drug store I cot real excited and ran borne and gave it to my York, 188 pp' 14.50 sports picture here within the week as Tropical Park inaugurates -
mother. She took It and said she'd keep It for me. Do you know A loud mouth writer has essayed a thoroughbred card that will carry through April
the won't five It back? She says she's going to buy me something a "chord of absurdity"that r h 24.
nice I don't want her to do that I want to spend it myself. is a" one-foot-ln-" Thus another harbinger cf Include three golf courses, two
What do you think? the-asylum style of fiction. winters many special events tennis centers and park games
Short Changed Friedman writes Imaginatively coincides with the arrival In from handball to shuffleboard
I THINK YOU HAVE BEEN SHORT CHANGED.but I don't see in his 16 stories, 4 the north of seasonally gray Programs the four commun-
what you can do about it X you think of something special: you'd nonologues, Jokes, and intellectual skies and overcoat weather. ity centers also are of much interest -
like to have, maybe you can keep after her to buy it and that way stoppers--with a black Here the planting of flowering particularly to those who
you'll |et something to remember your good luck by. humor style that faces a perennials contrasts with the must watch the budge
*******.** questionabletutur.. final harvests of frost-bitten
Black humor allows action crops In the colder climes.On .
DEAR LONNIE: Before you start handing out advice,you ought without feeling. It presents. f : the local schedules between BEACHSHORTS
to find out If the question are real or just phonies. What good idiocy t based on caricature. ; now and Christmas is
does it do to answer questions that some phoneys sends In for There'are the drivein'theologlans r the final game for the UnIver-
laugh? who advertise "Worship sity of Miami, against Iowa
Hal Hal in Your Car Casually Dressed" ;; Friday. The American Football
WELL IT MIGHT NOT DO ANY GOODbut It won't do any There are computerized blind 1i League Dolphins play Boston
harm. If anybody asks a question, It seems like they want an dates, "freedom" Jungle fries e here Nov. 27, Kansas City Dec. MIAMI BEACHFLAThere
Opinion and that's all I do, Just give my opinion. with napalm,college professors t6l 11 and Houston Dec. 18. are 12 public golf courses In the ,
*....***.* lobbying for ISD. Grey hound racing is being Greater Miami area, three of
The author of "Stern" and "A run nightly at the Biscayne them within the city limits of
DEAR LONNIE: The < ........
here when I home from school and the chain with the
was over got another entry replete Flagler Jan. 3 for the remain-
was on the door. Then, it happened again yesterday and today.I filibusters and shockers that 11" der of the winter. Most of the Everglades National
told her not to put the chain on because then I can't get In. I make up black humor. As JL The Miami Beach Symphony Part, a 1,300,000-acre preserve
TOLD HER IF SHE DOES.IT AGAIN, I'm going to tellMother lasting art it may not be appealing will be beard Nov. 20 in the that attracts many Miami Beach
Did I do right? but it can present 71w municipal auditorium in a presentation visitors looking for day's outing
Chain Rebel personal truths by Inference, + ....aau.r..... of "Traviata" in con- is less than four feet above sea
YOU DID ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Tell here she's got no business and help] us to see them with 4d4 .. cert form. Joyce Arce, rising level
locking: you out of your own house. Tell her she'd better billboard clarity. uw. young pianist, will be soloist ********
straighten up or else. What would your mother say if she came .n..u.e with the Greater Miami Philharmonic Sightseeing in and around Miami
home and the door was chained? How Washable Is Nov. Z'lin the same Beach may be done by bus, boat,
Modern Knitwear? uutr.ruu. 3,600 seat hall. The orchestra glass-bottom boat, helicopter,
will feature Jeanne Marie Dare, electric train and, in winter,
Reviews Of New Buildings Here ....
Layout are lome typical claim: ugur... French concert pianist, Dec.4. blimp.
and directions culled from .
manu .ua.
gel factureis' advertisement and announcements With the cold pushing mig
ratory king and Spanish
about all varieties o 0
knit apparel 'testifying tha 5, mackerel southward, anglers in A
knits are easy to keep clean will ,t Miami Beach are finding excellent pia
soap or detergent Iuds I ? : action just offshore
"Fashion knit. that machine j Sailfish have been reasonably a S
wash machine-dry and revel plentiful recently and are expected u l
need p'c..inl1"jt' a* indtabliat to be even more numer- 3 n o
it is smart"-"the initial toftneii I H ous within the month, Nov, and { $
i increases through repeatecwashings""as Dec. traditionally being the best
washable/ at a time for these trophy gamesters
By Mary Whitman
r pair of nylon/ ttockingt"-"built-
in durable prt.."-",ta1ld. tip tt although they are present Most plots for children's books
inachinc-wathing and -drying" r throughout the year. come from children themselves,
I. "completely// waihable"- and "id King mackerel are taken on say writers.A' .
I foniplclely' wath-nnd-tvear.." both the charter and drift boats youngster can rate a book
: The Ressrve"Offleers' Corp at Florida University' ', and often from'pelrs.; A halfin favorably or pan It with finality,

I, Did you know that the brush- recently I elected Tr1'ln1J'lQ l/&e-ns :thevadademfc" 'T.Y'eard966* 1967.,> day's fishing on a drift boat eight Living unJockable\ in an old doors farmhouse proved with to,
type hair rollers-which are easy Elected by popular vote ihe"tfLteeng are; left to right : CarolynHuntJacksonville .begins at 13.75 per person.- A be good mystery training for
f for the amateur to use -can be Company B; Elafne Johnson Valdosta, Ga. party of four can fish from a* Mildred Bingham On a dark nighta
simultaneously softened and sanitized charter cruiser, with all tackle bump or squeak could set up a
by sudsing In a washing Company C; Rosetta Austin Miami Band ; Helen Johnson Talla- and bait t provided, for $50 a shivering plot "Add a boy or
machine Just put them into a hassee, Company D,' and Cynthia Moore, Tal lahassee, Company E. At half-day. Spanish mackerel, two and adventure begins" says ,

M nylon mesh bag and drop them rear Is Mona Bethel Miami who is queen of Company A. blue fish and spotted weakfish the Ohio out author.a reader,She tested recentlyturned tween-
into the washer with a load of ,
also are taken In Biscayne !! for
ay age book called It't a Mystery/ /
soiled clothes. FAMU staff Ernest Fillyau
lightly photo by from outboards. Whitman Publishing Company of
--- -----
Pro the nation's largest
-Christmas vacationers Racine Wis.
National Council Of Churches Tc still have more than a month of publisher of children's books and
hasn't read it yet.
: games. Her son
autumn hotel rates that but
are A second grader he plans to be a
9dnumJ 7 Hear Vice-President HumphreyN.Y. slightly higher than summers too director ("His room has
1v bargain prices. Rooms in proved it for two years," says his
oceanfront hotels start at $9 mother) He and his newspaperman
( .) MIAMI BEACH, Fla.,- Vice President Hubert H. father help criticize most of
0w" to $10 double In this
-_ periodand
1 -... ... Humphrey will head a roster of distinguished speakers at in smaller off-ocean hostelries her work. They like It So do
: .
the National Council of Churches' seventh General Assemblyhere other readers.Children
Dec. 4-9, it was announced today In New York by NCC for $5 or $6. The luxury are frank and helpful
x- resorts of course are $16 most authors find.
general secretary Dr., R. H. Edwin Espy.
ItJ and more. Patricia Martin Zens of Wis
The Vice President will address Church leaders will consider Anyone planning to spend all consin taught school toyed with
-- a public session of the pressing issues which face the or most of the winter in Miami writing then married "and" pro-

Dr. Royal W. Pin-year, left, president of Florida Memorial 1 I. .J Assembly in the Grand Ballroom church today: unity,evengelism Beach still has a wide selection duced her my house own include audience.Mike Criticsat 13,
College, St. Augustine, Florida which relocates In Miami of the Hotel Fontaine- and the moral indications of a of apartments at from $600 to Julie. 11, Martin, 10 and Jeanie, e.
bleau at 8:00: p.m., Wednesday host of for the She has done rewrites of such
Rose Hawkins problems,arising from: $4,000 season ending
January 1968 reviews the layout of new building with Edward By
7 the "Our Liberties Musicians
Dec. on topic: urban renewal; science and May 1.These. tales IS Bremen Town
Baxter, architect. Religious ground-breaking ceremonies will NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALAnother One and Indivisible." technology sex marriage.and. semi-permanent residents and has written The Happy Book,
take place at the new college site 156th Street., NW and "The Council is Indeed pleased family life"race relations; international can make much more Animals To Set 1-23 and The
LeJeune Road in Miami on November 25. danger tone has arisen in man's search for new to announce participation of affairs; poverty; use of the city's recreational Funny Juvenile Alphabet
experiences.: At first blush, outer space seems well on the its largest and niost significant and revolution facilities than the visitor here right. A million Judgment other must children be
way to being conquered, but what sacrifice must 'man' maketo meeting," Dr. Espy said. Reflecting the rapid spread of for a week or two. Advantages usually enjoy the books too.Kiturally .
become a space voyager or dweller? The General Assembly will Christian unity in recent years,
WAMEDIAL One of the problems already confronting future travellers in bring more than 3,000 church the forthcoming Assembly will
space Is the effect of weightlessnes on the red blood cells. leaders to Miami Beach for six for the second time include official -
Recent excursions Into that area outside the earth's gravitational days of business sessions in obervers from the Roman
pull have come up with the startling fact that weightlessness which decisions wjll be made Catholic Church. Jewish observers -
is injurious to the red blood units of man's system. affecting the future course of have also been name
Now this can be a problem a real danger, no less-- when the cooperative church move-
the first team sets out for the moon. Perhaps enroute and ment in America. "MY thaft a beautiful baby!"
1260 t back, the team may suffer some discomfort, illness or whatever Election of new .qU1 ers to exclaimed an admiring friend.
It will be, but how about when they set foot again on ye three-year terms and pending "Oh thafj nothing" replied
olde terra firma? acceptance of membership applications the mother. "You should see his
Just what ills could beset the prospective space voyager from four denominations photograph Catholic f'igtst-
of the future? One indication of a breakdown of red blood tells are top items on the "
is the recent in Assembly's business docket. '
Jaunts space. .
.. ..
FLORIDA'SRHYTHM This brings up another tin of thinking. When th time comes The Council's present member- -'-: .; .......
that space travel if commonplace--a part of the avenge ship comprises ,39 of the .
man's day-to-day hiving will the luxury space cruises contain nation's major Protestant, Anglican
an Internal simulated gravity--or will it Just posslbly.be that and Eastern Orthodox the SHORTY-$35.
by that time, man's system would undergo a Jekyl and Hyde communions.The MEDALO STYLE #865,
transormatlon--Hyde in space, Jekyl on earth? working core of this /r to",,, 1.1. nlwtr.ud Rising otMddon / '
. An extension of this thlklng could envision a new breed of ecumenical gathering will be _.:' : ,:hTmiao'e.nd naonraan; people, whose natural habitat would be space, who would some 750 official voting representatives "'" .elctI.... It'. ,.... "RI& _
down earth other for a frlef named by the _...... ......... .... w.It.. "L 1
ABC only come on or plants spell.a -- Hormel sue ColVMorfel Heir '.M. Inc. i
# 1 day, week or name short period. A longer time on land member church bodies. Other CHOWS from healthy the HAIR KOOT9"to 0..'. St S, Bklrn 3$, N.Y. ."j I
t RADIO could Just be Injurious to their hcxMi and wellbelng. categrories of participants Include YOUR SCALP. The conditlo haUyn Ct
There are far to many uncertainties ahead for man's speedy consultants, fraternal delegates yew the hair natural*ltn Ineitnae C you* COMB ..J '\Ianlp.
inhabitation of space. observes and both accredited Year rasa DOCTOR' CAa- AWAY C ;
and general visitors. NOT formula I.ry&. a "ARBONOISwhich ;
II miifa with many pro* GRAY ;
J' L k-.. 1 on beneficial Ingredient CAR* < w.gnuai BONOCC I* ouch a .tro....'powerful WITH
snUwpu..Pnd.d-"rr&;) THIS


? aealp trouble" *.* Many annoylna; IMSH

Call The MIAMI STAR PhotographerTo ''.externally lien ua**..(.*this freetlr cauaed Triple relieved*.tr.ealp lit aondU U>*> JmmroJLil =- ,

formula CKNU1NB. Writ SCAtP for thl DoC't0s r.j\ :'r ,
RADIO STATION Cover four Church Events Teas, Banquets, Weddings : w.wed It and will ready b* *to*nl tu to*. UBB'_ ITTOR tual eoeib end"........ I* odd A.. i
T DAYS and If you Ste set tape. *..>>.. out. Will net rub .<(. !
atUfled.. your money bo It. Pay NOT A DYI.I..l..teul."..l way t
: Fraternal Social Events Parties oolr tUI on deUvery. Tbl Inoelude !fHAeI e.la gndwllr l AVOIDS
Meetings Birthday ,
I WMBM Many*,_verythln N. Yu eel "wIrt.1I &.....attached SUDDIN forrenovlna DYED; .LOOK..... y i,
.. Prevent* rubbing r
dlreellon U trie nneit MKDI- eellinf. :
"WHAMMYMIAMI" FREE OF CHARGE Phone 3771025 Or 6357069 Niqhts Spotlight ProductOf money GATED'can SCALP buy.FORMULA Yaur hair yeu and off.... .Cornea....1... .In In Plaitle pocket- Caae.or purae.Conea Can. 4 .
apaJp ... V.JI'elC't Juat send In all abadoli' Black. I* r

Please Call 2 Days "In Advance' Of Even) The Week =Dopt.Mama tl HAIB 1 h.PRODUCTS.,.......-GOLD INC.Def 'Just PNtNu.n Money."write bock...Blue.,ddlvec If elate not delliMed.Cee *.h.plue.'. Par aeta. onlyl. .*. I i
NOTE : You May Purchase Copies For Your Scrapbook Miami, Florida Brookl/n FOBMULA.leij ajMMiey baaav*aarle< cur.* 100....%. writ Deot St-1 Model, Brooklyn Holr :Pree-uct JJ. H.*..In York*.

4.t > h 'I'

.*. -- .
I'\---' --- -
-Vs.-,* -
1 ,< .


; ; :;


FAMU Coed Aid State In Voter Education Coed Breaks "For Me Oil," -- I

Altar Call Humble Oil
I Monopoly At Co.

HOUSTONA pretty young Southern, but has already earned
By Emory G. Davis, D. D. + ': sophomore from Texas Southern many of the credits needed to
\ ; University, who has been winning complete that year.
"NO MAN'S LAND": scholastic honors all her way From her home In a small farm
Startling statistics revealed by an eminent sociologist give through school and college, has area community, she moved to
ome explanation for much that is happening to the Negro In .f" removed the "For Men 001)" Houston when she was graduated
his period of his existence. "- Image which budding young engineers from elementary school, and
1 In 1910, 73 per cent of the nation's Negro population lived .:'t. ,1p1. JIf and scientists, until Just lived In the city with relatives
n the South with 60 per cent of these residing in rural areas .,. a few months ago bad always order to attend a larger and bet
|n 1960, 73 per cent of the U. S.'s Negro population lived in given Humble Oil t RefiningCo.'s ter Ugh school. The hopes other

rban, metropolitan areas. successful program of helping parents and family were Justified
I Considering the sub-standard educational facilities availableo .d sizeable number of young people as she won scholastic honors all
| the children of these two generations, It is no wonder tha earn their college degrees on the four years at Booker T.Washingdtoo '
metropolitan school systems, formerly geared academia "co-op" plan. High School. In college, her
any to a white middle-class population, have in recent years ,' Now, for the first time, the oil 1 record has also been outstanding,.
1 to educate a predominant Negro population now resident company's program-warmly indorsed with a 2.5 average out of the
i the inner city. .. .. by Humble as"a truly unique maximum possible 3-point grade
I Education is not the only area making the problem so complex :.:{.. system of education In which |index.
is utterly impossible to take any racial or ethnic group out .' .. academic training is married to With her background as anofflc/
rural customs, traditions and: mores and urbanize them into : : ",i, practical experience" not administration major in the ,
short a span of time. And thus,for a large percentage of the ... ; only co-op, but also co-ed. School of Business at Texas *
13 pe r cent Negro population now residing in our cities, other : .,... ,: .. and'I Southern Miss '
<.t1 :: '\ ,, Uunder the plan, colleges Pryor was as*
lultural lags are easily recognizable. ,I \I. '
\ business and industry co-operate signed to the East Texas Dig,
The proliferation of the Negro church in metropolitan areas I .,' ,. h
I 1 to provide students with a com vision oil and gas accounting ,,|
; indicative of the fact that the newcomers must find a church to! bination of classroom Instructionand :office in Houston's new 44-story
i which they feel more at home. In any metropolitan area, you .ins on-the-Job training in their Humble Building, nationwide
go down the Negro business streets and count two to six it career fields. headquarters of the oil companyand
Etorefront churches in one block. A typical co-op student attends one of the two or three tallest '
loser investigation will reveal that many follow family or classes two quarters in his or building west of the Mississippi. tm t
Bgional lines developing the membership. There are so many her freshman year, then for the f
ces and situations foreign to the newcomer that he is glad next three years alternates *.* * *
find some consolation in being able to Identify through his ." periods of work and study, and Bargains Galore *
urch affiliation with some of his past. concludes with a final year in ; *
ut what need, beyond familiar relationships being filled 'class. Co-op>> programs usually .1 l
r the majority of the Negro's storefront churches? 'jI1IIIIf require five years, including Slop Red Shield i ; '
[ knew a Methodist and Baptist preacher,who,nearly 40 years summers, to fulfill degree re- Family Thrift Store1
made it their ministry to meet trains coming from the Three Florida AiM University coeds are Beach, a student at FAMU; Atty. Edward quirements. for Bargains I onji
each day to a northern city. They would personally seet with officials of 'Die timber of colleges and universities
shown here working office
Duffle of State ; Furniture
Secretary .s, : Stoves ]
the newcomers had a place to live, a Job, or money, food with plans is ,,1
1 lodging to tide them over until they got started. the Florida Secretary of State's officein Carolyn sessoms, Daytona Beach FAMU ; growing, but still co-op small. Less .R e f r i igerators,'...>
re's another Altar just waiting for the church..mlnlsterlng the making of film strips'and color Biz Korst Nina Pyle, and Ralph Maulsby than 100 schools throughout the T.V.'s' Radio .
f, the newcomers, that they may adjust to urban life before slides to be used in educating Florida Secretary of State's' office ; and UJS. have such a program In Clothino Shoes .
necessary tragedy destroys them..The Altar of Meaningfullcome. voters in the various cities and comp Janet Jackson Newland, N. C. FAMU. operation. Texas Southern here : etc. *

BALLOTS. BOM3S muni ties. Going through voting.. proce- FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau l and the University of Houstonare + We have just about: ,1
two of the co-op>> schools.
e coming election in many sections of the country will)I ,dures here are Gloria Biggs, West Palm Humble, the nation's largest oil _everything for your Ihome.
sent challenges anew to people who claim a sense uf reLgt refiner and marketer, cooperates '
t commitment. .Ward Singers Color BarDropped Dr. Marcus H. Boulware FAMU with both. ..
lections this year are perhaps the most critical for theo Until this year, the oil 1504 KINGS ROAD, ,:
voter Lithe present generation.What with the white back- Prof. Publishes Articles company's pressing need for capable
i taking its position in answer to a riotous summer all over To Entertain GIs By Dr. Marcus H. Boulware, professor of speech pathology at young scientists and engineers : 910 FLORIDA AYE. 1
I nation; what with the retreat of those who were in the fore- Florida MM University, has had two articles published this and resulted in an all-male ,. j
nt t of civil rights eglshtion; what with the perennial political In Viet Na1NPHILADELPHIAGospel British Army calendar year. They are "Martin Luther King: The Finished program, drawing students from' : 91 PARK STREET : t
eats that come now as always to grab the spoils of poll Public Speaker," in the Quarterly Review of Higher Education schools like Georgia Tech and *
tl inertia; how obscure are the choices that are now con- sing LONDON-The British Army Among Negroes October, 1966, and "Roscoe Conkling V.PJ., both leaders in the coP -, : 800 W, -ASHLEY V. ..
ling the voters of the darker hue. er Clara Ward will take her has dropped its last color bar. Simmons: The Golden Voice Politico," Negro History Bulletin, field.
spite the fact that we know the causes of the riots of troupe to Veit Nam for a Henceforth colored soldierscan March, 1966. The young woman who ended : 3517 N. PEARL ST.; ;
we now come to the paymaster's window to collect, and month's tour of the battle front be recruited into any part this 12-year monopoly for cam- C m .w.I
n the Negro is the one whose pay has been docked.: Would to entertain the soldiers, she of the British Army, provided COLOSSAL CORSAGE? pus men Is Miss Willie D. Pryor 1
those, in spite of their despair and frustration, had fore- announced today.Perturbed they meet ordinary standards. An orchid found in Malaysia in the 19th century had spikesup of Brookshire, Texas At 19, she : Help' UsHelp Others':'
i this day, as they poured fuel intotherr Molotov cocktails. over the fact that In particular they may join to 8 feet in height and measured over 40 feet in diameter had sophomore standing at Texas '. *.*'*-* *
i riots are gruesome, heart-aching history. The reality few Negro performers have certain socially exclusive regiments 10r.
aloes that lay ahead is the frightening present. Obscure made the Journey to the Far and other units that
ts have proclaimed the coming of this day, but all too East nation where American GIg Ud excluded them by a confldeiUl -
heard lot the prophet's voice of other nations are fighting on : war office memorandum ( :.
ther liability is the political immca-lty( of the Negro the battle fields, Miss Ward of 1924. .' QUANTITY
unit). Long denied the knowledge of the inner workings of canceled out five weeks of engagements The regiments now opened to RESERVED
Utica! maddne-too long vesting his suffrage into the
: to take up the offerof colbr recruits are the ,
t of the spoilers, what resource does the Negro voter have the United States Department Foctguards, the Household Cavalry .
Ito further bargain forjiis rights? and United Service Organiza and the Highland and L .
be old adage, "prayer is aU right in prayer meeting,but) 'tion. She will leave from Los' Lowland Brigades' Other units ;. PRICES GOOD 't'Nr'* "
worth a d-in bear meeting" has buy relevance .at all, tlall" Angeles on Nov. 9 ,and begin affected are the military police, .I'.." ". -THRQUGH. .. ,J. : ..
: .f ; ,,. SATURtWYI! :f-
t 4te tour at Army,Navy and Air ,.tile military prison server tin. ,
are'clawinguat t 1'ncarr&s' S' ;run ; ,. (, : 1
our we ,. Forte installations on Nov. 14; education corps, the Intelligence \ ,I': .
; the white politician of goodwill,whom we can trust at I "Until a few weeks agolnejrer corps, and the army physical ,I'i
''I hour in Wa must find some, sjutd-:
" "'Ii fal an our destiny. realized how desperaUey training
> per corps.
"" [quick by which to make our decision at the ballot box.,,. formers were needed over thereto An army spokesman said ,

boost the morale of our there were already more than HERSHEY'S .
flhINGS ARE CHANGING. fighting men," she said. I 2,000 colored soldiers in the TIDE GLINT 59' C.
feel that the Ward Singers can British Army, about one per .
'Have you looked at the Help Wanted, lately? help give the men a touch of cent of the total,Including some SIZE SUGAR 5 39
home as our music is religious In the brigade of guards. ThereIs .
; IIEqual opportunity is in business.: and our special treatment of one colored officer, a Fijian, LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD PURCHASES
their favorite hymns and gospel in the Green Jackets"one of the OF $5.00 OR MORE LIMIT 5 LBS PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD
: will help uplift their most blue-blooded regiments
WHEN YOU ARE ILL spirits." this army" be said. PURCHASES OF 15.00 OR f

Starting at the age of 5, Clara MAXWELL HOUSECOFFEE ,
Ward first lifted her voice In Wilkins Denounces

You Seek The Best Doctor song at Philadelphia's Ebene- 3
69' 69C I
When Your Doctor Prescribes *Y zer Baptist Church under the Black Power CAN SNOWDRIFT
Get Experienced Pharmacists guidance of her mother, Mrs. IBS
Gertrude Ward.Since then,first CHJLLICOTHE, Mo.-NAACP
When Your Doctor Prescribes ,
Orders. We Use Only The Best, with her mother heading the Executive Director Roy Wilkins LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD !
the his native
aggregation and headlining tolddelegatesatteding
Quality Drugs. Ward Singers herself, Miss D, Missouri NAACP State Conference PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE PURCHASES OF $$5.00 OR MOREMATCH

C. E. BLACK Proprietor Ward has raveled throughout the that ''welhould throw out :>
world. The warmth and the talk of violence and this 'black -.1..
9 R e g l s l e r e d Pharmacists To Serve You style of the group has been power' business. For every one
happily received from such diverse person who Is made proud by

.-.--..-.---A COMPLETE LINE O F._._.._....i audiences In Israel, the 'black power' there are thousands
Newport Jazz Festival and wild- who are made sorrowful \f\'k I/ }
Cosmetics Rubber CioodJ. Candies Sundries eyed crap shooters In Las apprehensive and fearful."
PRESCRIPTIONS, CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's Vegas gambling dells Mr. Wilkins also installed new
officers on Oct. 15. Harold L.
Store Holliday, a Kansas City lawyer
Drug A NEIGHBORHOOD HARDWARE and member of the Missouri MUSSELMAN 15 OZ. j
STORE placed this sign in the State legislature was elected S $
1901 KINGS ROAD EL-3-8276 window "Buy Her a Shovel" president to succeed Mrs.Margaret APPLE SAUCE CLASSii _
Catholic Digest'TMIGIIT Bush Wilson of St. Louis
who bad served in that capacity .
for the past four years
Missouri Attorney General
Norman H. Anderson, who 300 SIZE
head a panel on "Equality & BEANS
the Market Place," discussed
the need in Missouri a con
sumer fraud law to protect the
Tick'tock..tick'tock.".. customer from unfair and Illegal FRANCO AMERICAN IN
practices. The conference 15/4 OZ.
the Bourbon thatdidrit later adopted a resolution SPAGHETTI 10MA10
calling for passage of such a SAUCE
law by the next legislature which
Watch the clock!
convenes in January. KOUNTY KIST WHOLE KERNEL



THAT'S HE! have the Amazing

Kentucky's finest Bourbon SUPERIOR TONIC TABLETS,
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to do. Box of 30 $1.. Satisfaction ARMOUR

7 years old Back. guaranteed or Money !.

P. O. 'Box 239, Dept. 8 Gary, 39

'I Indiana. 89C 10 to 14


Shot Ripiriii I PREMIUM

01 Air Kill SIRLOIN STEAL( {

M1 6 6t BANANASL. IB 004us490
t> Is Our Oily Bisinss .

934 E. Uiiii St. LB. 100 AVERAGE LB. OJVL

f f

) '

tirr.r tvjp r..asysr.. : ...... .. ...... ._. ............. . : .
t "e- : ,. ; __ : :r'fT1.alt/reril'tvt.._.a.. ..........._........_........... ... r -. .


_ Bell TilMhoaa Presiilifloi, Daytona 500 Local Tigers To Play Saturday A Field Goals r

To Carry Total I Top Soithtri's
\ \ .:

Awards Of 187,010 J. C 1 : : r Crash Of
Tr Wiley
.t1.t1 : ;;1(
:t1' -G: _, Tto Daytona 500, to be run -Freshman kicker MarkSam-
." ,' t .\ for the ninth time at Daytona : pies. booted field goals of 46
.(;''Y"-3" International Speedway on and 42 yards and added three

'." .. ''\. ,I .'."":'t ..' .,. February 26, and 1U cualifyingraces conversions along the way u
Nn will total posted Southern University rocked
-- .' .. : ..Yf' .' awards of $187,010, It w a s r Wiley College 29-6 last
.. ..JI. 1.. ... : l'' 't : announced by Speedway presi Saturday before a Jubilant -
I ,....... "'. :. :. : : .. .. dent, Bill France. homecoming throng.
:... :(' "" : .4. ,' This cum marks a big leapin Southern's g r o u n d offense
'> !"", ,". ;. :; :, ; .. prize money over the 1966 never gained momentum in the
1 .. ,::; .. : ; : :" a !
.(.., : /: race, when me total cash offered half despite the 15-0 Jaguar
'; :1 .'iloAiI: ..,. ., :. the world's top late model stock: halftime lead.
j : car drivers wu $141,440. rw Ken Ellis hauled in an early
::;.. : ,"" r .
t ,
1' <. 'lloi. ; ; Speed and money both nave Holmes punt on the Southern
\ r'I' taken large upward moves since 12-yard line and picked his way
., I. F'f "' the first running of the Daytona 88 yards for the first
; ... tiTHE 500 in 1959. Jaguar touchdown.
The Inaugural 200-lapperover, Jaguar freshman quaterback
the Speednf'IZ.5-miJu.sphalt Lawrence Haynes who prepped
trioval, with its 31-degree it McKInley High Schoolin
-- --
NEW MEX-Justlno- DIu- and- Leontyne Price are seen banked turns, was worth a totalof Baton Rouge, moved the team
In the title roles of the opera "Anthony and Cleopatra" which $68 560, and Lee Potty's winning for 68 yards scoring pass from
opened the new Metropolitan Opera House in New York. They stare was $12,900.The sophomore quarterback Joe
will be seen in preparation and on actual opening night in the winner in February willget Williams to end Rhome Nixon
"Bell Telephone Hour" documentary colorcast "The NewMet a check for $34,800 and that The Jaguars rolled up 142
-Countdown to Curtain" on the NBC Television Network Sun does not Include lap money. yards from scrimmage during
day Nov20.. Petty won the 1959 race at an the first half, but not once did
average speed 135.521 miles 1'c a score come via that route
'per hour, and the qualifying Ken Ellis provided the first
mark of 143.198 was set by glee of the evening u he took
around the bar Cotton Owens in a Pontiac a Wiley punt on the Jaguar
When it jammed
gets so In this year's 500 Lee's son, A' L J' *; I 41 f 12-yard line and squirmed his
that you can hardly move- Richard, woo the classic late : l way 88 yards for a touchdown
model stock event (shortenedto Is Mark Samples converted to give
this is probably the bottleneck. 495 miles by rain) at a speedpf ,.., Southern a 7-0 lead with 7:57
;60.627 miles per hour,after left in the first quarter. '
(It's called The Sure One.) leading the qualifiers with a Sophomore> quarterback -
speed 175.185 miles per hour. Harold McCllnton directed
Bill France confidently predicts a second quarter drive from
that the 1967 500 will be the Southern three-yard line

the most spectacular and The EWC Tigers will have IU players from Evington Jackson New-Stanton ;: No / which bogged down on the Wiley

that thrilling Detroit ever has run.to "The offer best will local schools on the field Saturday night Benjamin Pelsey New Stanton ; No 50 31-yard But Samples line. was waiting in

take the starting flag," France when they meet the Kentucky State Thoro- James Lalner, Northwestern; No 22 Gilbert the wings and when he was

fs said, "and the cars will be breds of Frankfort Kentucky. The Long, William Raines; No 21 Harold Porter, 'called for be promptly be
handled by the top drivers Thorobreds are undefeated In gridiron William Raines; No 20 Sylvester Pinkney, called for he promptly
in the country" competition for this have New delivered a 46-yard field goal
season. They Stanton ; No 12 Reginald Ferguson ,
Experts expect the speeds to to up the Jaguars lead to 10-0
r take another climb upward,with won four and tied one during this season William Raines. This will I be the last over the visiting Wildcats.
many predicting the qualifying local boys on the Tiger's' squad this home game of the season for the Tigers Southern's James fair blockeda

mark close to 180 miles per season are : (Standing; from left to right) this season. The Tigers are hoping to punt attempted by Wiley's
hour, and the winning speed to No U8 Melvin Cannon Northwestern; No 68 reach the 500 mark with two more games Early Holmes but all the
approach an average of 166 Stanton Vocational No 19 Jaguars came out of it witha
Joseph Suggs, ; remaining on the 66 schedule. At present
.; miles per hour. safety to Jump the lead to
The Daytona 500 will be shownin Osborne Longworth Northwestern ; No 71 they are 2 0 >U 1 for the season. 12-0 with 6:35: remaining in the

hundreds of theatres all over first half.Samples.
the United States and Europe ,.. EXPO l R7 ran his first ballpoint
tAy on closed circuit television. Ex-Bolers' Death totals to seven when he was
Major qualifying events for the College RoundupFORT called in with 2:34 remaining
Daytona 500 are time trials Brings Action in the second quarter. The
on FebruarJlhhlchwtUdeter- freshman kicker booted a
mine the two pole positions and VALLEY STATE COLLEGEThe 42-yard field goal for a 15-0
two 100-mile Grand Nationalson From CitizensCHICAGO Southern lead.

February 24. The two 100- Fort Valley State College Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror- Wiley's lone serious offensive
milers win determine the final Commission -- A demandfor threat of the first half cameIn
ity Hunt High School The United States Civil Serivce -
order of start for the 50-car I and the Urban League, the latter two coming from a civilian review board of the waning seconds of the
t field. Mr November 16 police actions was made Sunday first half when from their own
Atlanta, are planning for a Joint meeting on
One of the attractions at at the Hunt School and the Fort evening by the Rev. John R. 14 yard line Holmes came up
IUUIAM Dl IIUlti CUMPANT!I.G.BUNDIO HISttt M PROOF) %CUII MUUH.IPUITt \ C., suelu9. ae.", .. ... --'It Montreal's Expo 67 is the and Valley 17 State respectively College. High. Porter pastor Christ Methodist with a big play--a 51-yardpa.u

I >f! ri '.f 11'7 AI US. Saving' .Bonds U.S,.Pavilion housed in a 20-, The. program will be headed by -Mr. H. Z. McConnel Recruiting ,Church' during a speech to Emmitt Rfchey--which left
gtory-high geodesic dome and ,Colleee Relations Officer of the United StatesCivil before Sott1e'150 marchers in the I ball on the Southern 24
service Commission, along with the Urban League of front of the Grand Crossing yard line.Holmes. .
Atlanta and ten career consultants from various professional police station. had been helped along
In addition, he called for the on his drive into Jaguar territory -
I EARNING and LEARNING organizations The program will begin with an opening session in the col- immediate suspension of the by a roughing penalty,
lege gymnasium in which Mr. McConnel will address the police officers involved in the but before he could do any
shooting death of Richard S. damage or direct the Wildcats
entire student body as to the significance of the occasion.
.! Boys & Girls Can Make Immedlatley afterwards the Urban League will conduct a Haggan, 40-year-old former. to a score, slashing defensive
Money sparring partner of Joe Louis. play by Jaguar end Alfred
special assembly in the college auditorium for the freshman
Unless the demands met the ball all
are Beauchamp pushed
with the
while the upperclassmen are to attend meetings
the protest leaders said they the way back to the 48yardline
Hundreds Florida Star consultants.
of career
NewsboysAre would appoint their own review as the first half ended.
board, and continue to march Jaguar head coach Smith used
EARNING from $1. to $10.00 Weekly BETHUNE-COOKMAN COLLEGE on the police station, and even three quarterbacks in the
A young fresh new talent was discovered during a recent on city hall until some definite Wiley game He opened with
And LEARNING to do business. talent show when Bethune-Cookman College freshman James action is taken. Williams, played Harold
Sherrell Jr.. an amateur magician amazed the capacity audience The demonstrators also noted Mclintoo Sparingly and in the
with variety of "quicker than the eye" tricks. that suit will be filed against fourth quarter Haynes tot his

YOUNGSTERSI! If smart and s' The 18 year old Orlando native became Interested in magic the officers involved by Arty. big chance.In .
you are 4t at the age of twelve. He was afforded a chance to learn froma Ann Langford. his impressive stay, Haynes
professional when he was hired as custodian in a local novelty Haggan the deceased, was Jockeyed the Jaguars into position
want to earn your own shop own by a magician. fatally shot by Grand Crossing for the final touchdown with
t money He prefected many tricks but his favorite is the "card shuf Patrolman Bur 1.1 r h Ginkln passes of 19 yards to Willie
fling. Others are the head-chopper, floating ball, mall bag during an altercation over an Crear, 14 yards to Nixon and
II, is the way to do it. escape cut and restore rope, and of course the old "rabbit in alleged traffic violation. Ginkln along the way picked up 15
); the hat act." and Patrolman Joseph Pavlov yards in the drive himself with
James says he benefits from "hand tricks" because he said they were attacked after keeps
PARENTS! Your child may not can't afford professional equipment. A business major, he halting Haggan for driving 100 Southern's first chance to
plans to continue performing as u amateur magician until yards on the wrong side of the score in the third quarter came
he earns a degree. Professional career is too far away to medianjlne.During the struggle when Raymond.Jones inter
1 need money, but the training gained consider. which followed, Haggan was cepted a Holmes pus on the
shot. Southern 48 which he returned

to the Wildcats 18-yard line
as a newsboy will help him to be POLITICS MAY DOOM

successful in later life. Many of the NEW YORK LANDMARK WHILE THEY LAST

most successful men were NewsboysStart 1 BEDROOM DUPLEX'SEASILY


I ( You Live In FloridaWe'll _Political forces may soon $ 3 95 sq. ft. delivered to your lot

itc close the famed Cafe Feenjonin
Put Yea II Basiiess ,, ; New York City's flreen-
a .L wich Village.
s A favorite of tourists whose Financing Available
FILL OUT THIS COUPON TODAY New York friends"know" the ?

city, the Feenjon is a no-
LORIBA STAR-2323 Moncrief Road, Jacksonville, Florida alcohol cafe where beatniks Low Down Payment
and neatniks sit side by side
to enjoy lively Mediterranean
music played on exotic instru Plus Closing Costs
MINOR S FIRST '" ments. One can stay until 2
; ,+ 1 a.m. for only $1.50.hear-

ng haunting rhythms from ---- -
_- r Greece. Israel. and Arab -

desire However of some appealing Greenwich to the FREE 2 Rages 2 Refrigerators

:: !Send my child 20 copies of the Florid Star "on' Tillage( resident to keep the -
!; credit to start him in business I will PW the, neighborhood quiet by keepng ----
the tourists out, a few local
( Those1tha't
Florida Star lit for each copy he sells / leaders who
are not sold I will return ,and will not be"'" political -
;" pined power, oddly enough
required to pay for unsold copies. 'i M} as "reformers"- are pressing CUMBERLAND HOMES

to force the Feenjon to move

.. away. ._...
SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARD// "Feenjon" is the Turkish '
1362 Cumberland Rd.
word for coffee cup. & 387-3591

4 4 ,., w

I "

I :

I ', Edward Waters Tigers To Play Kentucky State In Last Home GameEWC I

Tigers Florida Hunters ,NBC Telecast AFL Games Clay-Williams lout Seen

Face Tough Given List Of On Closed Circuit' TV At FAMU

Dos And Don'ts
Opponent s TALLAHASSEE Fla. Florida Mil University will be
one of five educational Institutions
carrying the Cleveland
The Edward Waters College "things to do and remember" Williams-Cassitia Clay heavrweleht chamDlonshin f12ht- m
'n ERS"will play their last I i'vrJ"T' circuit television.
for Florida hunters was Issued '
tor the.'66 football 'ViI Schools scheduled to carry the of appreciation my manager andI
game sea- today by W.B. Copeland Chairman
son against the 'Thorobreds"of ,. Game and Fresh, Water fight which will be held in tile would like to bring closed circuit
Kentucky State in Wolfson Fish Commission.In Astrodome in Houston Texas television of my forthcoming
Monday night Nov M, are fight with Cleveland
Stadium on Saturday night Nov. the interest of safety good
Florida AIM
University Fisk Williams in the Astrodome In
12. The Tigers,fresh from their sportmanshlp, and staying out of
victory over Miles College of trouble, hunters should: University, Tuskegee Institute Houston to your audltorim
and Southern
University. totally at our In addition
expense. -
Birmingham Ala. in Deland Obtain
a coppy and become familiar In
Fla, are strvlng toward ending with the State and Federal a telegram to Dr. George any proceeds you may

their current season at the 500 rules and regulations. the W. Gore heavyweight Jr. president champion FAMU said ,oak.. from charges, etc., from.
3 ---
mark They are now and 4 with ----
Always handle firearms In such "I have great esteem for the
two schedule.The games remaining on the a manner that you and other educational work your Institution -
people are not endangered. has been doingParti- w A
assignment against the"Thorobreds" Obtain the
regular state license cularly in
expanding opportunities
will be a tough from a county Judge and ,,
and training I for
for I 1 ; Negro
one the"Tigers"especiallyso the
management area stamp In :L f. students in America. As a token
; 'when comparing the schedule addition to your regular hunting a'k
of the Thorobreds with that .
of the Tigers. The Thorobredshave the Wildlife before management entering any areas of Former Grid Star ar ;

some of the nation's top supervised by the Commission. ydi
schools on their schedule Including Buy a duck stamp and write your \rJj' Gets Bank Post
Central State Univer- name in ink across the face of the .
.. .
sity, .Hillsdale College anTennessee d stamp before hunting ducks or 1 :
State University. geese. PHILADELPHIA --NPI)
The Thorobreds record is now Respect the property of others Robert A. Evans former
3 wins and 1 tie. and always ask permission before captain of the University of
Twelve seniors will} playing crossing fences or hunting II Pennsylvania football team has
their last home game for theTigers' on private lands. been elected to the board of
; Donald Davis, Willie Plug your shotgun to three- ti< "I directors North region, First
Nelson, Charles Holmes,Willie shell capacity magazine and Pennsylvania Banking and Trust
Preston Albert Jones Eddie chamber combined. Company.
Rhodes, Samuel Kendrlck,Fre- Never use full-Jacketed or mil- Evans a North Philadelphia v.o A Io&.AJIU W 11.L1AJ115the
.. .
ddie L. Jones John funeral director received
Chandler jury-sryie cartridge or .ZZ cal' a event will remain entirelywith
Melvin Cannon and Freddie ibre rimflre cartridges while B. S. degree from the University your institution"
Stephens. These players have hunting or taking deer In 1953. when he servedas Dr. Gore said the
or bear. fight U
been stand-outs on the Tiger Always check hunting areas for AFL STARS-Lione I Taylor ( left) offensive professional football except Ray Berry of captain. lie was a tackleon scheduled to be'Shown in Lee

squad for the past 4 years having illegal bait and never shootbirdsover 'end for, the Denver Broncos and Joe Baltimore. He has led the AFL. In pass the team for four years. Hall Auditorium at 10:30 p.m.,

been instrumental the Tiger's baited areas. Namath, sensational young'quarterback for receiving five of Its six Namath The proceeds from this fight
winning the season championship Never hunt turkey with a dog the New York Jets are two of the out- years. Stanton Blue Devils will be placed In the FAMU
for the past two years. and don't unt or kill a swimming standing stars of the American football in only his second year in professional Matching and Scholarship Fund.
Other members of the senior deer. football I is already being acclaimed as Students will be asked for ado-
whose To Face Stanton
roster are: Lynwood Simmonsand Never use or carry a gun with League, exciting games are televised potentially one of the great passers and nation of $LOO (with lDcard)and.
Robert Taylor.Thorobreds a light In the woods or on the over the NBC Television network every field generals to ever play in the professional Noy.11 adults a donation of $2.00.

will be spear- water at night. Sunday -- 'most. programs in color. Taylor leagues. He won the AFL's' Engineers Cleveland Williams will challenge -
headed by Barry Moore 185 Never use artificial light, fire a peerless catcher has lifetime Casslus Clay for his heavyweight
pass more
pound junior halfback of Frankfort rookie-of-the-year honors last season. The New Stanton High School
trap, snare,poison,salt lick, than title In Houston's fabu
receptions other in
Kentucky. any player Blue Devils will face the
set guns or live decoys to hunt or lous Astrodome on Monday, Nov.
take game animals or birds. Stanton Vocational Engineers 14, and on big screen, closed
Former FAMUan Remember not to shoot doe or Jets-Bills (Gone HighlightsNICTV's Blanding Wildlife Area Hunting GroundLAKE Friday at 2:30: p.m., In Sun circuit TV at Florida AIM
fawn deer, cub bear, panther, Valley. University
Still With This will be the first game the
snow Ross brant
goose goose ,
CITYSportsmenwtllhave located In the far western
Regional ScheduleThe Blue Devils have played In the
non-name or tons birds.
the of of the management area
opportunity hunting portion ,
since 1943
Deer according
,Everglades weasel, New York Jets for the time In the west of state road 225 and north J.OLWAUKEENPI
encounter 1:30: p.m. CST (black and white). first refuge to Coach J. Small.' >- D. D.
CHICAGO, 111.- A former'Alligators mink,Evergladeskite, with the Buffalo Bills Eastern" Oakland Raiders at San Diego portion of the Camp Blanding of state road 230. The hunting Tickets for students will Billings, national president of
basketball star at Florida AIM hawk owl'or eagle. These anl- Division leaders will highlight Chargers -- Fro Balboa Wildlife Management Area according season in the refuge area will sale Thursday morning and goon the all-white Fraternal Order
University is in his third year and birds are fully protected by a schedule of four American 'Stadium. Amust win for both to Major Robert be November l2-Z7;c1osecUrom continue through Friday at Eagles' has refused to meet
as a star with the Internationally,law. Football League games 'to be' teams. Chargers game and a Brantly, northeast regional November 28-December* '23;" "12 o'clock in the athletic offices' .with the NAACP In a discussion'
famous Harlem Globetrotters. Always look before you shoot. televised by the NBC Television half, and Raiders two games manager Game and Fresh open December 24-January 1, of both schools. of the order's Jim Crow
Billy Barnes a native of Marl- Copeland said, "there are many Network on a regional basis behind the Chiefs. Air time: Water Fish Commission. The 1967. The pre-game activities will policies: if members of the
aMa, Kla.l ', played forward wifo more detailed rules and reglatlons Sunday November 13. Two of 1:30: p.m. PST (black and refuge will be open' to still Hunters may enter the area be given by the Rambling En- NAACP youth council attend.
the FAMtt Rattlers cagers from! that, all hunters must the contests. will. be telecast white). hunting only. at 6:00: A.M. and must leave< gtneers Band and the baUUme The council staged a series of
19$8 by l9dt-4ie: 'J jDILethl' Qlol 'follgwprnjmulog pf these tule i, in colbt., '""? .* ." '"*.*'"( tn"';>dditl6ntto! fhe regional Since' the, development. cl'tit. by JU IUIJ. ftwt,4ayr >ffam;i L* cpow by the Fighting Blue Devils demonstrations outside of the
trotters after playing two seaSons and ,regulations are available.I,> The' NBC-TV regional'' networks, the''game. will be'' Camp Blanding WLWlle' ;lag will,, be prohibited. Dog,-Be d Pte' -. _. .. homes of local Judges belonging..
against them with the Washington}from the" offices of all county schedule: televised by NBC-TV to specific Management Area, the refuge other than bird dogs are pro,* to the discriminating.. *
Generals and the Atlanta City Judges New York Jets at Buffalo Bills cities as follows: ',The New has served as a sanctuary for hibited In the refuge area Legal ]
Sea Gulls. -- from War Memorial, Stadium. York Buffalo contest will be deer, turkey and other wildlife. game Is daft deer, bear, hogs, I "Jacksonville's\ Recommended Dealer"
Barnes is a rebounder and plays NO SUPRISE First place In the E astern serviced to San Diego and Los The refuge consisting of approximately squirrel, Quail, turkey and unprotected I
the corner. He is 6'8"and weighs Division Is at stake in this Angeles; the Miami-Kansas 6,000 acres is fur bearing animals. I
nearly 225 pounds. He will appearIn GREENVILLE Miss.NPI)- Air time: 1 p.m. EST City game will be seen In R. S. EVANS
Tallahassee the location of No one was surprised in this Ee.: New York City) Buffalo Boston and Providence; I
Florida AiM In February 19C7. sleepy Dixie town as two white ). and the Oakland-San Diego game
"I have enjoyed being with the men went free on charges of Houston Oilers at Boston will be telecast in Kansas City. & MAIN
Globetrotter he conspiring to Intimidatea Patriots -- from Fenway Park. In last Sunday's AFL action,
organization 62 ('HEIMPALA . . .
Negro ,$1295
youth during
.ljaid."and I hope to continue with desegregation Boston Is tied with New York the Denver Broncos pulled one {PI CPE VA AUTOMATIC. RiN.
them as long astcan play basket- of a theatre. A federal for second place. Air time: 'of the season's biggest upsetsby 64 CADILLAC : .IT.I,RAUD.TO TtKIt,A, HONEY S2Q.Q*
ball. jury Including a Negro and 1p.m. EST (Color). defeating the Boston PatriotsIn JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC. CADILLAC LQUIp Uft AND NiCF'
Barnes has made several over five white women,acquitted Sam Miami Dolphins at Kansas City the last two seconds of play 62 COUPE DR VILir. AIR,, $1795

seas tours with the Globetrotters, Allen Shaffer Jr. and Jimmy Chiefs -- from Municipal by the score of 17 to 10. The 65 MUSTANG 2 + 'CONDtTIOHtD.2. .INARP. .,.IMMRNIRp'. ... $1905
Including tours behind the Iron Allen Belk, both of Greenwood. Stadium. Kansas City winning points were scored on Of 630 DAVIS ST. Is Now Taking VI RtK. AUTOMATIC CONDITIONED.
Curtain Europe Asia, and the The case involved the first leads the Western Division by a a (4-yard touchdown pass from 65 CHEV., B.A.. V-- . Sl95CONDITIONID.
Carribeans._ charges filed under the 1964 game and a half. Air time: rookie quarterback Max !?\ RADIO HEATER. AUTOMATIC TMNSMIt.
Civil Rights! Act. Choboian to end Al Denson. The 66 elIEV.; IMPALA, . . $2395
game was played in mud and Applications For 1NAN1nm'MI,.; 1NAIATCOo.v TIW1RRANTYWCR1ttRINO: LL165CHEVY. :

rain and each team fumbled the Its .MALIBU, . .. .. .... ,. $li95M
ball five times HEv.2: DR. .$1493
The Buffalo Bills took over ) AODGOTDOTArT: RAN
first place in the Eastern Division Veteran Class. 64 "0. DOOR. .: $1395
by their convincing 29 64 FORD GALAXIE 500 POWIR ITFERINO.
Take along the"takealong" to 0 victory over the Miami, 63 JDR NT1XeGR ""0 me* MirT. .
Dolphins. PRIX .: $1695

I:: --a. size Watch 65 PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA $1695.
YR"I : pON T_
NICLAUT2'iipz NAD II \.lIl"o t lff. WkRIO&Ll!

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riT'j Li 10 1159

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(: T rp T Y.r..y. __ .,', .- _.J _J_ Il


h-" LUCKY DAYS More than a thousand visitor Consumer Education Co-op Plan Helps Earn Degrees
jtarr a week come to tea Coral Tkoj'd Rather flU m
a AND Gables' Venetaln Pool, known
I 'as "the world's most beautiful Week, Nov. IS Royal Crown*
t- LUCKY BEK swimming hole." RICHMOND, Va.- PALMIST November 14-19 baa been designated r teachers voted to end
722 WANTED Consumer Education segregation In their accocla-
LIFE HEADER 8gp3 .c6- and barbers. Week by the Florida Agricultural tlons, while allowing local
Beauty operators, Extension associations to remain separated I
5737 NEW KINGS RD. New Barber Hollywood Lounge, 622 Beauty Ashley and St.. The Duval County Branch: of ftt by race. The white group, HELP WANTED
Call 3549774. the Extension Service is lathe JM" Virginia Education Association Sicntidal
Courthouse Room 409.This and the Negro group,
tt conditions that are not
toG with trouble and
overcome TYPIST
is Teachers Association who can-do 50
Consumer Virginia wpm
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Jim Watson County Agent; and now helping 30 young people earn their
AUTOMATIC Mrs. Nellie D. Mills!Extension college degrees on the "co-op" plan. smoothest

CONSOLE MODEL Home Economics Agent, and Miss Pryor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. WII (
the assistant agents, any of Pryor Jr. of Brookshire is bourbon
Texas, a
Sewing machine Zlg Zag blind whom will be glad to help you\
stitches, buttonholes,decorated with Consumer Education Information Graduate I of Houston's :Booker T. Washington ever to come
etc. Original.price 3300. Has I High ,School. She also earned
JACQUIN'S' balance $69, or reliable partycan scholastic ,honors in each of her four : out of
$8 Dr. G. L McCall I
I assume monthly payments -
WILL TAKE OLDER high, years. Above, a recruiterfrom e
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Jacksonville 353-1946. Allen AME campus, interviews.. 'ti,, a
Will deliver, No obligation I (See Story Page 7))
JACQWN :, Dr. G. L. McCall, pastor of :
London HELP WANTEDMen Mt. Vernon Baptist Church accompanied "
To by his choirs ushers, James Bailey 'AppointedSalos I
er with executive potential. and congregation will worshipin -
If you are a college graduate Allen Chapel AME Church
with a background in Business -Rep. For Whiskey Firm
DISTillED Sunday Nov. 12 at 6:45: p.m. in out
Administration or aUberalarts connection with the appreciation
major who possesses the ability program given for the pastor, Tie General Wholesale Company distributors of for
DRY GIN LONDON i to meet peq>easily,is curiousand Rev J.W.Jones and Mrs.Jones spirits and wines has announced the appointment of Mr. James I
GIN flexible, and skilled in The order of service is: C. Bailey. of Jacksonville as Special Sales Representative In
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_.> DRY Sunday School, Mrs. Amanda the Florida area -
with personal integrityand Gay superintendent 9:45: m.1, Bailey's appointment is in talker whiskeys, Kentucky Ta-
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then contact the Jacksonville pastor, 11;00 a. m.; Evening to the FleUchmann products
support program
PINT:' $285 Urban League 625 W. UnionSt. worship 6:00: p.m.; Appreciation for equal employment oppor- Bailey was a familiar figure
.- Telephone 358-4292. program 6;45 p.m tunities. In addition to his sales as manager of several S6 PROOF O 1969.CHO SPRING DISTILLERY LOUISVILLE KY.
activities Bailey will serve as Jar Liquors stores and more
$399 #DSr7i6Y'" recently u Sahara Liquors
a liaison between the Negro
newspapers and the distributing .
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: ---- .
: :, ': WAREHOUSE STORE --- ,
:: : ':' S. I'' +."": ,. : PHILCO SOLID STATE i
; ,;,\,r,:'; -t 1 P :: L. 3000 W. 45TH ST TONIGHT

::' I
il,:,,:', : ,," ,: ;'::.: PRICES IN THIS AD STEREO HIGH FIDELITY! '*" 9
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,. : SATURDAY, NOV. 12TH, I .
\ _____ "" '


PIES SUGAR June C. Bailey

of sutwxantlal responsibility In
the field. Prior to going into
the liquor industry he served
u a deputy sheriff In Duval ,
I! County and was elected .."" FUUY TKANIIITOHIXIO Mmwo pov.
president for outitondlng eound,reliability
of the, Negro Deputy and longer lift.
: 3 i..1OO: 5 LB 49 Sheriffs' Association of e Solid State Stereo Audio Amplltl.r-" .
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worked u a consultant in the
F Asst. Maea er Florida'Service Department of EASY TERMS-WE DO OUR OWN FINANCING

Veterans Affairs, handling
problems for World War U




: JOBS, salaries Bush to, $65, fare Select the speed to suit the wash
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C1N. PKG.Pradlce HELP WANTED MALEi Automatic Timer L
MaaEet"SUPERRIGHT" Partial line Etr .AC"ion Agitator
Instant Release Safety Wringer
Men with cars,work a few hour Insulated Tub with Porcelain '
on your days off and earn$10 to Enamel Finish ---
SPECIAL! FRESH CRISP $15 or more. Apply: FLORIDA Automatic Drain Pump and u ,,,,,, ,. .'''
; STAR 2323 Moncrlef Rd. cor Lift Filter r ,. '
LOIN Delufl2-colo,. Finish *' ,
PORK sLIm PORK 13th. s e.
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APPLES Oversize 2U"' Wringer Rolls e4
i HELP WANTEP Extendcd'Li/e Trammiuione.oo +
I : Men and women, to sell advertising. -

i :" 2 r03L8.: I ELlCIOUS 19, commission. Liberal, easy draw work, liberal quick DOWN ,
., ...
sales. You earn $75 to $150 ityodre ,. "
LB. '
keen. 1'
\ VG. PKG. Fringe benefits. and Just
0\\ Meat Mauler ,Apply! : FLORIDA STAR, 2323 .. ,
Moncrlef Rd. cor. 13th. $ ..45fc




,My FORMULA prayers CHART.are being Pent outdtnd 8:00: AM-5:30: PM

P !' blessings are coming in. TIDE
ROASTLIi9 Send for Free Daily Blessing. '
'IHow to get what you want through FREE! N hl OPEN

this elf-addressed new way of Prayer.envelope Mall to FRIDAY 'til 9.M..

,. C. Forster P. O. Box ,
; t,6..St. Albans. N,, Y, 11412.

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