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122837 F20090414_AAACIF 00419.QC.jpg 1487dd870d57b0f3552795da2205a9e453bc9f9177e678d2006fcf9b883c3d07de670c07
7340809 F20090414_AAACIG 00419.tif ac7fa366a16dcaff28fd4486b73a04d3daa05a8c9c5d42e8e6db25114b6be5be3b21686b
46016 F20090414_AAACIH 00419.txt c4fe225ccaf39af526d7bd3101536d068d4dc8ce198d2de9273a7059f58bb522f0ffb830
25473 F20090414_AAACLD UF00028362_00739.xml 3cfd3c211cf461c47a64f5c0638ecf73c513cf0e02dd442fa8508b911d33391bff9f90d2
28312 F20090414_AAACII 00419thm.jpg f9608c2d52025c4ef3f911a2a56f128683624cffeb2841803472b90e839360fbf71c9821
876680 F20090414_AAACIJ 00420.jp2 3fd82ea75a8232d05347d4f4b80a2e96799eb640fbfb71abbf26edbe790cd3dca56eae84
1113536 F20090414_AAACIK 00420.jpg 945cd455eddc22c91a94425a52b3c0c4e0a9b0ef59c9cf5dfc89fb8701733ca4d8cf8c51

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200739datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 29, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007390740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 29, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 29, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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s.. rM

-" -
r '

'" : ; ,


\ .. .. .. p' ,
." : -
'. .. .. -


,, ,, .
-;, -- -- -- -- at4ir aeeesaaseaaaaa-:... ... .. .. .. ... .. .... .. .. .. .

". s
+ dta rf i



* * *

Decorated For Gallantry

... ._ Negro Citizens
F alitL ----- ------


* * * * *
Urged To VoteAn

EWi: 'p'l: r;' :

__ _. ._ __ I x EditorialBy
* *
*rR 1 *

Eric 0. Simpson

JAX MAN ,42 DIES. I Negro voters across the state will have their last opportunity f
'rt come Tuesday, Nov 8, to cast their vote for the man who will

t govern the state for the next four years.It .
will be the third time in seven months that citizens will .
* * * have turned out to vote for the governor and other statecabinet -

: posts. But it will be worth the while for It is a very

'AFTER ; k ___________ crucial To be election.sure the Negro vote will be an important factor.
GUN DUEL Insofar as the governor's race is concerned we have a choice

between a Democrat and a Republican. The parties they represent -
is not of greatest importance It is what the two men

*'* ,* * * stand for.Claude j
'' Kirk Is obviously a racist and a segregationist who
fax Woman Clearwoter has been slyly Injecting the race Issue into his campaign by
Pre Christmas branding Robert K lag High an "ultra-liberal." This is the
type of subtle propoganda that pro-Blrchite Republican Berry j
Is Held In Outbreak Due ,Goldwater used in his bid for the presidency.
High is far from being what we understand "ultra-liberal" +

Man's DeathA DemonstrationsFace : to mean. He is not an extreme liberal. But we do belleve.how- i
To Vandalism w
j ever that he is areunabeGodly man who believes In Justice,
"**> : equality and the dignity of the human being. We do believe that
Jacksonville' man died Tuesday CLEARWATER-PoUc. : he stands for integrity and that under his leadership as governor

In Duval Medical Center Tuesday a disturbance in the the state will prosper a better racial climate will pervade and
from bullet wounds he sufferedin JacksonvilleJacksonville Negro section of town Monday that Negroes will get a fair shake
a shoot-out with his girlfriend night was "rowdyism and The Negro in Florida played an important in the first and
last Saturday night vandalism" of Halloween rats second primaries in deciding who would secure the democratic
Police said the victim Wallace city officials were notified by Negro leaders
nomination for governor and the Negro's vote will once gain
her than a racial uprising aa
last that unless immediate action is taken to remedy
James Itunyou 42, and Flossie Tuesday ( on Nov. 8 ) be a deciding factor. We cannot afford to stay
Major, 39, both of 3516 Fits- several undesirable conditions there will be massive demonstrations several media ear liar reported. VALLEY FORGE.PAv S/Sgt. Oscar M. Harvey 36, recievesaa away from the polls next Tuesday come rain or shine
gerald St., unloaded their during: the December pre-Christmas shopping> season. Although the rock and admiring glance from his wife, Helen after being presentedWith WE MUST GET OUT AND VOTE FOR ROBERT KING HIGH
Moses Davis,executive secretary bottle throwing and building of The Silver Star for In Viet Nam. On May 18 19GG
gallantry ,
pistols u they fired at each just returned from a conferencewith street fires lasted almost three But let us not Just vote in one race. We must remember to
other at close range on the of the city's chapter of the SCLC leaders in Atlanta the ... 8/Sgt. Harvey, although badly wounded in the left arm continued support Broward Williams for State Treasurer. He has experience -
hours activity quickly
Southern Christian LeadershipConference his rifle defense of their against
to lead squad postion
street corner. They said a decision will be in state matters and is opposed by a man who knows
after armed
(SCLC), said the quelled fceavlly a numerically sperior force. He recia/ed another wound in the
Police said they found Runyou made later on whether to...siCnat. little about state affairs
demonstrations would begin police walked through the area. but refused medical evacuation until the assault
lying on the sidewalk at 961 Jacksonville a priority same arm,
Pearl St.",with two bullet wounds about the second week of De- "target clty.ftCarmichael Five person were arrested on bad been defeated. The award was made at the Valley Forge .
-- --- --- --- --- -- -- -"'-
in his forehead and two in his cember in the city's business charges stemming from the In- Military Hospital where Harvey, of Republic,Pa.,Is recovering
back. district States cadent and police reported from his wounds. (UPI TELEPHOTO )
warrants had been drawn for
Davis said the demonstrations ?
The officers arrested '

Flossie, Major said they found. can quick be action-avoided'on if the request city takes tor H. Peelers Jail others Unlike a. similar, )Incidental,*,I, teles Tfx ,Exemption' .Asked I
her at the with .22 cali
scene Merrlt Island, sits of the' nation .. .
bre pistol In the pocket of her more sidewalks near schools To Military' ( Service' moon launch operations '. NAACP State FresMeftfa "' -." -
in congested areas and better y
dress. They also found a .32 the Clearwater disturbance Voters in IluvaJ'COUDtr who have been at the mercy of the
calibre pistol in Runyon's poc taxi service 0 in Negro commun "ATLANTA- Militant "Black caused no reported Juries..At The state president of toll 'head' nts ''household wad can: Machine Bossed poUUcans for the past two decades will havean
ket. Six spent shells from the ities. opportunity on Nov. 8 to keep one of the main in the
said Power" advocate StokelyCar- Merrit Island four 2een-agers National association for the prove through income tax returns cogs
Davis the
cltys Negroesdon't
22 and 3 spent shells from the want to demonstrate but michael said, in effect that were injured byamal1.botfrorna Advancement of Colored People or weekly payment slips, machine from getting into higher office.
.32 were retrieved by the officers. he warned they "will if actionisn't "Lady Bird and Lucl" will be shotgun fired t>y a store called Monday for an or other such evidence, that the Negro voters who have gotten the worst kicking around by the
fighting in Viet Nam before he owner. exemption from state sales yearly family earning below City Commission will have an opportunity of registering their

Witness told police the couple The forthcoming.SCLC also says the city takes any part in the Southeast Nell Humphreys, a white man taxes for families have less the 13,000. disapproval of the treatment City Commissioner Claude Smith
and other members have dealt to their constituents.
had been arguing throughout Asia war. with aggravated
was charged
than Income.Rutledge
$3,000annual L
bas failed to do anything about State f Claude Smith is running for State Senate and If elected Intendsto
"The war in Viet Nam is assault there after he fired to Pearson said Inayanna"
day.With the death of Runyon two alleged police segergatlon poli Lyndon Johnson's war," Car- 75 to 100 Negroes -who were creased tuonpersonswhobave hold his Job on the City Commission as well as on the Senate.He .
days later Miss Major now cies. michael told a crowd of 400 throwing rocks at his grocery higher Incomes to make forSpuSs"8UltlngfroratbeM" Gels f Grant t For swears that if he wins the senate post he will give up his
Davis and M. up
faces murder charges. She was Levy Neroes at Spelman College."If store. salary. Big deal. The way the grand Jury bas been indicting
originally held on a charge of chapter president, said they had Lyndon wants to go, then Of the five arrested in Clearwater : Workshop city office holders for allegedly stealing and squandering city

assault with intent to commit Third take Lady Bird and Lucl and two are Juveniles and Pearson said the sales tax is SAVANNAHGA.According funds and taking bribes, who wouldn't give up the salary for
murder Negro Captain all the rest. But am I going? only one was still 1m Jail yes overworked and overtaxes the to Wilton C. Scott, Director of what they can make on the side?
Smith who u City Commissioner close the
Hell not" terday. He said it is Public Relations and the Jour-
Seeks To End Named By D. C. Protected by three bodyguards James Golden. 17.. of 1110 poor.putting the largest a regressivetax burden nalism Workshop at Savannah pools and sell the golf courses Is currently under bond for
alleged taking bribes from firms who derived business from
and speaking from atop a car Carlton in
Drive was Jail on Director of
on those people> least able to State College the
WASHINGTON -- The lot because the city. We will not attempt to Judge whether be is guilty of
in parking
a campus a charge of discharging firearms the Fund Inc. have
Poverty By 1975 ,third Negro captain to be named school officials denied him access in public. Bond was set pay. Newspaper of, for the charges or not. We must presume him to be innocent Wt1lprov.n
"People who have the ability approved a grant $2,250
by the Metropolitan Police Department to lecture hall,Carmichael at $500. guilty. But we do say that Mr. Smith has pulled somemighty
NEW YORK .(NPI-A. Philip in two years,is Robert said be would to prison to pay should pay more ifwe the 1967 Joournallsm Workshop strange deals in the past. We cannot forget that a
go Willie Hart 25 of 702 El-
are going to do what we which will be a
Randolph has unveiled a $100 Nathaniel Hough, 54, a graduated congressional investigation brought out a few that
before serving in the Army. Bridge St., and Willie Charles should in this state Pearson State College July 24-August years ago
billion "Freedom Budget" to Howard University.The The controversial leader of 31 of 1111 Claude bought the homes of poor people who had to move out
Tangerine were said. "We do need more 4 1967. Twenty-five scholar-
wipe out in the United department's two other Student Nonviolent Coordinating money to make way for the expressway and sold them at a handsome
free $50
poverty on bands Hart was for education health and will.bJp. will be available.fare .
Owen W.
States by Negro captains are profit.
Committee SNCC) last week,
charged with drunkeness and to
Randolph president,AFL-CIO Davis promoted in February completed two days of examinations :- vagrancy, Charles with failing "Hotel programs.and motel teachers The workshop of ), open and This man Claude Smith who has contributed to poor city
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car 1969; and Tllmon B.O'Bryant, to determine his to office accomo- journalism sanitation and the filthy, dilapidated condition around us; this
obey a police restaurants and is held
dations advisers being
Porters said the budget introduced promoted last March. eligibility for the draft. Clearwater Police Ctelef Willis faculty man has dragged his feet on hiring Negroes in the sanitation
cafeterias airline and for the fouth consecutive
tickets year.
a new element in current Hough who has served as a He called Negroes who fight Booth noted the disturbance department in other menial positions; this man who has used
was over-the-counter hours
by-the-drink A credit of five quarter
---. 12th Precinct lieutenant Is a tricky, legal methods to buy people's home and resell
"mercenaries". up poor
in Viet Nam confined to the Negro and
area alcoholic drinks should be taxed will be received. Duran g the
veteran of World War II and Reps. Robert E. Sweeney (D., involved street fires them to make a profit of some $13,500 is hardly the man
throwing more because the people who emphasis will
He the workshop>>, major
the Korean War. Joined
deserving of a seat In the Senate.
Ohio), and Thomas Abernathy, bottles and rocks at business
use them are those who can be placed on the production of
force in 1938, was promotedto that This is YOUR CHANCE to show the Machine that are
also demanded you
in the "
places and
area someshowering afford to more be said. school and
pay newspapers year-
sergeant in 1961, and to Clark Initiate criminal charges of brick and bottleson Pearson said the sales ubooks.. tired of voting for their Political Pets who turn around and ,
lieutenant in 1964. gainst the Negro leader. passing automobile. emption should be granted to slap you In the face. How long are you going to continue voting

. .. *-- * * * *- *- * for the Machine Boys and get nothing in return?
No self-respecting Negro or white citizen, for that matter,
can Justify a vote for Claude Smith. Vote for '
SCEF Declares Attackers Of Advocates Of Black Power" Are Injuring Democracy anybody...But not Claude Smith.

LOUISVILLE Ky. Those ordlnating Committee (SNCC), cracy today, there Li nothing significance for black people up its civil-rights activity State Group Sets Up New
who attack advocates cf black the Congress! of Racial Equality Improper about Negro people unless they have ajlies in the throughout the South and expanding

power are Injuring the cause (CORE), and other militant demanding that they sJiould be larger white community. its publications devotedto Guidelines for TeachersTALLAHASSEE
of democracy in the United civil rights organizations. able to elect representatives "SCEF believes that the needs combating ideas of white

States, the board of directorsof "We view these attacks as an of their own choosing to key and Interest of the poorer and supremacy. These Include The The state participation ethical stan
A. Phillip Randolph the Southern Conference Educational effort to undermine and finally political offices, especially in less privileged whites of the Southern Patriot, a newspaper cabinet eduction board yesterday dards; Influence on; growth and
anti-poverty programs- 4he Fund (SCEF)declared destroy the whole civil rights those areas of the South and South are similar to those of reporting on civil-rights work. approved new rules guiding achievement of student.TransferOnly .

deadline.In in a major policy statement movement," the resolutionsaid. in the North where they are the poor black people. Since The SCEF board praised officials the selection,evaluation,transfer on recommendation
addition to seeking the abolition issued here. "We especially deplorethe concentrated and in a clear 1938 SCEPs objective has beento in Bardstown and Nelson and; dismissal! of Florida of superintendentand
of poverty by 1975, the The board charged that ideasof singling out of Individual numerical majority develop among these groups County Kentucky for being the public: school teachers.The approval of school board;
budget proposes a minimum white supremacy and not leaders for personal persecu- "This demand carries with common allies in a Joint struggle first in the South to include a rules, drafted by the Professional salary continued at least as
wage of $2 an hour by 1968 black power are the root of the tion. We believe that Stokely it the idea that they would for a more democratic firm stand for open occupancyin Teaching Practices high as previous level; basedon
or 1969.It also calls for guaranteed problem facing America today. Carmichael should not be madea exercise responsibly ameS in the America The board feels that a civil-rights law. Commission, does not intrude professional reasons and for
income and Job training The statement was drafted and scapegoat for America's public interest and the powers this present challene Increases A resolution called upon on existing powers of county the good of the school system;
for all"The adopted at the semi-annual social problems... associated with such public our obligation to do Louisville and Jett.uooCounty school systems in their dealIngs 30 days notice; "similar professional
Freedom Budget does meeting of the board, which The SCEP board pointed to a interest and the powers associated even more effectively what has to do likewise. Mr. Shuttles- with teachers, an attorney prestige"; not to be
not ask for the moon," budget Includes white and Negro part of Its policy statement with such public offices. always been our declared func worth said the board pledged said. used as a punitive measure.
proposal notes It "only asks leaders from all the Southern which saleS: "Those who attack This would mean majority rule tion." full support of civil-rights Features of the new rules Include Dismissal-Giving warning of
earth in the states and the District of Co- civil rights leaders and organizations with concern and safeguards In this connection, the board groups working for such a law : possible dismissal except in
land bedcable to afford it." lumbia. The board met at that are raising the for the rights of minorities. voted to expand: SCEPs workof in Louisville, including aid in Selection-Early: screening of "extremely serious circum.

The budget has been bailed Calvary Baptist Church here. questions which white America "The board ofSCEF is sympathetic organizing poor people in organizing demonstrations if college students planning to stances" aiding employe to
by Roy Wilkins, NAACP executive The policy stand was must face are denying our society to this essea.Ua and t the Southern mountains and local groups decide such actionis teach, choosing of owes with correct ; his failing; clearly
director; Bayard Rustin, announced by the Rev. FredL. the opportunltytoessmlne original meaning of the phrase other parts of the South. The needed. "consistent success in their stating charges against teacher -
planner of the 1963 March on Sbuttlesworth of Birmingham what is destroying us." black power. For black peopleto stated aim is to bring together SCEF also made plans to help academic program"; admitting in writing; giving no regardto

Washington; New York's Senators and Cincinnati, who is The board declared that "the elect their own representatives poor white and Negro peoplefor organize Southwlde opposition u teachers those with suitable race, creed, color sex or
Jacob K. Javits !(R) and president of SCEF. He is also Joint action to plans of the House Un-Ameri
idea of black power has a long in areas where they area to solve political personality health, communication contractual status of teacher;
Robert F. Kennedy (D); and I secretary of the Southern and honorable history but it is majority will represent a and economic; problems. can Activities Committee abilities commitmentand and for the following reasons:
Walter Rent her, president, Christian Leadership> Conference currently being misrepresentedin meaningful breakthrough and a Mr. 'ShuttlesworUr said that (HUAC) to "Investigate the leadership completion of Incompetency Inefficiency, Incapacity -
United Auto Workers and AFL- headed by Dr. Martin the news media in the United step toward achieving a more SCEF now has organisers doing civil-rights movement on the academic prerequisites. immorality, misconduct -
L. King Jr. this la Tennessee Eastern pretext of looking for '..ubv.rsh. ,
CIO vice president. States." effective representatives democracy ,
lE al atl on-Annual review in office Insurbor-
would enlarge welfare> The board adopted a separate tucky and West and .' influences in outbreaks v u gross
The plan The policy statement then defined for all Axner leans." carried out under specific plans duatlon, public drunkeness or
service, build 100,000 new resolution saying it is "out.and SCEF's understanding: of TIle SCEF directors added, will soon move Into Alabamaand which occurred in various with attention to classroom moral turpitude
public school classrooms I I raged at the current attacks the term black power It said: however, "that political success Louisiana. He reported that' cities." professional '
seek to wipe out slum ghettos, on the Student Nonviolent Co- "In terms of American demo- will have only limited$ the organltatloo Is also stepping * teaching skills * *.

l t ,\




NEWS To Be Equal

uHI3ed.by the florida Star Publishing Company

MEMtfE'R t

NEGRO P RNATIO The phenomenon of backlash-white resistance to the Nei!/.
cause of equality-once again has reared its ugly head. Its effect
can be seen in a number of recent events.
Tor First, the fair housing bill was killed In the

ERIC 0. SIMPSON......Managing Editor Y Senate, then congressional leaders launchedan
attack on U.S. Commissioner of Education
DAl10tffRI Harold Howe's efforts to bring about desegregation Ii

HILDA WOOTEN .....Circulation Manager of the schools, claiming he was movingtoo
fast, despite the fact that 90 percent ol I
-- ? Negro children attend segregated schools 12 j
ItI/Lr9r r'' rV years after the Supreme Court's historic decision -
outlawing segregated schools. Other signs that back
2323 Moicrief Road Phone Elfin 46782Mailinf lash Is becoming more of a problem Include the many primary
election victories by segregationists as weU as the cur rent appeal -
Addressp to racist elements in many of the election districts around

0. Bet 599 Jacksonville Florida 32201 the country.
Part of the reason for this is that Negroes are no longer demanding
MIAMI OFFICE merely to be served at a lunch counter, but are seeking
_' /1 more basic freedoms like open housing and Integrated quality
738 NN 3rd Ave Phone 377-1021 j education-freedoms which touch all white Americans more
"WEHAVEBIENAWAA'FNED70 directly. This quest for real equality by Negroes has laid bare
JUSTICE BY THE SOUND OFSOHGSAND the strain of racism which exists In the nation.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES JERMON3.SPEECHES AND Much of the blame for backlash Is laid at the door of the riots
One Year $6.00 Half Year $4.00 PEACEFUL PEMONSmTIONS> Mailed'. to You Anywhere in the United State F THENOBEL S,3ECREr VOTE People became frightened of the violence which erupted, and
Subscription payable in advance : .t. WILL THUNDER FOfiTH HUNDRED they became scared by the extremist statements they heard or
Send check or Money Order to: TIMES MORE LOUDLY.' read. Tfcese people should realize that the overwhelming ma-
eRf S*"VMr oIONNSIt' jority of Negro citizens do not belive In violence or extremism.
FLORIDA STAR PO BOX 599 I am afraid that many of the so-called "backlashers" know
Jacksonville 1. Florida this, but use incidents of violence or extremism as an excuse
to parade their long-hidden prejudices out in the open.
There has been a serious failure on the part of white leadei-
Remember Your Absentee VoteIn I ship. It has failed to live up to the principles of equal rights
4 and has been too hasty In reacting to isolated Incidents with
close elections, the absentee vote' R.Ouztrrrr.r.r..rr.rr..n..r.rrrrrrr..rr.rr.r.r.r.rr.rr4 threats and warnings.

often decides the issue. in the 1960 Responsible leadership in the Negro community, while getting
presidential election, Richard M. Nixon less publicity In its rejection of riots and extremism has triedto
carried the State of California by the I 1 "cool off' dangerous situations and bring an end to violent
I outbrusts. For this, white leadership has been profuse In its
vote. There are countless 1 1
commendations and thanks.
examples of absentee votes making 'the' Your Weekly But responsible leaders need more than praise.
difference between defeat and victory in 1 What Negro leaders want and need are concrete victories which
close elections.It 1 / they can present to their constituents They need Jobs for the
has been estimated that there are I 1 unemployed of the ghetto; they need low-and-middle income
I 1 housing projects; they need a crackdown on slum conditions;
nearly a million Americans presently Guide they need better schools; they need better municipal services
outside the continental limits of the U'Horoscope *. including a police force which protects rather than Bullies.
United States. In addition to this These are what responsible leaders need, not letters of com
there are always countless thousands of * mendation.
Praise from the white establishment can only harm these
potential voters
away from their home .
By PABLO The ASTROLOGER leaders If it Is not accompanied by measures to Improve the
precincts on Election Day but still within lot of the Negro. The man in the ghetto wants action-now.
the borders of the united States. The, 1 He can't eat promises, he needs a job now And he can't
mobility of the American people makes the 1 stomach vague promises about open housing when his kids are
absentee ballot a highly significant WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR 1 bitten by rats In the slums-now. Responsible leadership has
factor in every election. It enables 1 1I tried to convince officials of this urgency and all they get for
it are commendations which can only bring them loss of confidence -
millions of American citizens who would BUSINESS LOVE -' TRAVEL and Influence in the ghetto.
otherwise be disenfranchised to cast a I Unless officials: stop writing nice letters and start listening to

ballot for' the man of their choice. L arrrrrrrrrrrr responsible leaders and give them concrete victories the mood
If : ----IP-- _.;..- -- -- -- rrrrrrrrrrrr f' of the ghetto will become even more ominous, and violence and
you expect to be
away from your permanent destruction will become even more prevalent.
residence on Election Day, you ARIES CANCERBORN' LIBRA CAPRICORN The Negro wants nothing very eltraor'"maJ')'. He wants what
owe it to yourself as a citizen to obtainan BORN SEPT. BORN DEC. other Americans have and enJoy-he wants to be a part of a
absentees:: ballot. The right to vote BORN MARCH JUNE TAN prosperous nation with equal rights and benefits. He is led by
23rd 22nd J 19th
23rd OCT. responsible leaders who have been trying to bring the Negro
is the most fundamental of all our rights. ..2ht.. .&PAI J9tb.. 22nd JULY 22nd
I, ? It's "no" to everybody. Whether Remain true One has to live Into the mainstream of American life But without meaningful
Tl e be A N9r a .perforraanc W ,Ptficoh -?. Tat;time ha$ cPl'9ti."Cpu. 7)? cnW dbfe.1flrst. Some***WloVwyoUTWt a'request is in the name I in this'world and to have traffic indications by society that It Is prepared to open its door;;; to
*, at. -every level ,ofgovernment, r have been betwixt the devil and wnoraay'SJso'be*I tof friendship) ; or'to backup a,'" with people from all' stages of ,the Negro, Irresponsible elements on both sides will take over.
ifc dictatedi the knowledge _that the deep sea :durlrg: the past far ,tao ppssesslve for, your 'project that Is all glitter1 and life.:Id order to enjoy a certain This is a national crisis and it has become a crisis ot leader
periodically tll'ey must dome before few wt'ek3. but you ,can no comfort, could try to get you no, substance, keep a tight gripon amount of tranquility, it is not ship as well. '
bar of public the) longer remain: that way. As you to change your mind for purely your purse strings((25-23th). possible to stand on ceremonyand
booths. opinion in the polling have sowed so shall you reap. selfish reasons. This Is just Your closest ally should also to try and enforce standards THE URBANLEAGUE
U you have taken rash chances what you may have to prevent be cautioned against falling for upon those who do not under-
The caliber of men in public life is a you can expect big losses.Those when you are convinced that any claims that cannot be backed stand them let alone accept
direct reflection of the who have failed a loved one, your life's mission Is calling by absolute proof. The lunar them ((24th-25th). Shun th6 trap
Judgement wisdom and should not count on victory to you elsewhere ((25t't-29th: ). The eclipse ((29th) confirms that of wishing for what Is beyond STORYBy
exercised by the voters. when crown them. Many who have lunar eclipse (29th) is another' there Is something lurking in the possibility of Individualsor
it is time to vote you arc the only played viille others worked cannot warning against allowing your the shadows and that It would circumstances to give you CLANZEL: BROWN
person in tho booth. if you cannot be call xi! the latter to fill up heart to rule your mind, or the not be to your advantage' : to (26th-29th). A lunar eclipse
there personally let the absentee empty larders This is, more gambling Impulse to empty your take any risks sight unseen. (early 29th) confirms that romance The Urban League of Jacksonville is a social service agency
baUoti dedicated life chance of disadvantaged
to the
or less, the significance of the pocketbook. Being quite Partners will have to get together and friendships may also increasing
serve as your proxy. t lunar eclipse that Is scheduledfor impressionable, you necessarily on matters that deal with ,be overshadowed by disappointing citizens using edcation as the catalyst to evoke change.
29th. The Arians who have can be very sentimental secrets that are mutually developments. Evidence of a real Jacksonville problem was
The School Boycott Must EndWe l,!d model lives may not even under the proper conditions. shared or that should be pro dramatized by the recent school boycott. The J'
notice this important event. But life should have, or will tected from curious ears and grievance Is real, and yet there is a consensus ;
are in sympathy with the motives of 130 77 14 63 137 have to teach you that the fight eyes among the boycott leaders, that the stay outofJ J lm
the leaders who called the recent school for survival in this world leaves 1 school campaign Is not necesarily the
little room for such luxuries. AQUARIUS The Urban League of Jacksonville has
boycotts in Daval County From one view- this I
TAURUS observation on the current school crisis:
point the boycott leaders consider it was 6 70 -,22-19 .81.672BORNEJULY SCORPIO BORN JAI(. young student deserves a quality '

a success. BORN APRIL BORN OCT. 20th FEB. 18th education to live, work and play in this multi-racial world.'

Maybe it was in their sight. 20th MAY 20 24th NOV. 22nd Why not use bold new measures and programs to make our .
eye- Bear down. This is the period school system one of the best In the country. ,
what about this calamity? Don't lose control. Alter one Test the ground. There Is a when you are being alerted to June 16-18,1966, Dr. W, WScbellJr..president of the Urban J.
Some 21, 117 students were absent from ,thinks that a mission has been 23rd AUG. 22nd general deterioration in the take great precautions against League Board of Directors; Dr C. Anderson assistant superintendent -! '
class of a total non-white enrollment of accomplished It occasionally planetary setup that has lunar threats! to your key of schools Duval County; A. E. Stokes president of,
of 31,851. The County happens that it has to be done Take the hint. If you have not eclipse as its climax ((29th). associations at home,public, the school board; and C. T. Brown, Urban League Executive
almost School' system lost all over again. This may be found fulfillmeut during the pre This!would call for declaringa and in your worldly milieus. Director, attended a national school administration conference.The .
a quarter of million dollars as a yow problem luring this ceding quarter, which should halt in activities that may Monetary considerations may conference had some of the best qualified educational
results of a loss of pupil per day state period especially where your not be the case, don't expect be termed important to you be Involved and you would be experts address themselves to the issue of education In our
and federal funds needed so much to keep domestic and public relations it anymore this month. The and to your career. The first justified in protecting your own country today. These were some of the recommendations: :
Duval County Schools solvent in the are concerned((26-29th).Rather demands on your purse tend signs of what Is in the air may Interests should your allies be 1. School budgets should be realistic.
of loss of accrediation.) wake than breaking out in full rebellion to be harsh and persistent. The show up as early as the 25-26th trying to bite off more than 2. In service training should be provided for teachers and
, which could do you inclination to take In more than and you would show prudenceto they can chew ((27th-29th). The schools should be designed to teach every child to his maximum -
Multiply $3.30federal and state per, more harm than good resign you can chew Is equally powerful accept them at their true lunar eclipse late( 29th) Is not potential.
'pupil per day allotmentby 17,000 to yourself to the necessity of ((25th-26th). SiVi a :o.>m- worth. An additional factor that very reassuring on this score, 3. Build educational parks rather than ghetto schools (Negfo
19,000 and you see the devasting effort'upon trying again. The lunar eclipse binatlon could be setting you could complicate an already and It should be accepted as a or white).
the school is not a favorable omen for fie' up for a fall. This is confirmedby difficult situation may have to warning against Inertia com- 4. Last, but not least, every child must learn that diversification -
economy. HOW can the upholding uf marital or other a lunar eclipse foreshadowing do with the competition of key placency or indifference. The Is a part of the society we live in, to teach or expose
school board pay its bills and teachers' personal ties ((29th). But this trouble In your personal associations. You cannot afford upholding of yoursecurltysetups any child to anything different: is de-education rather than
salaries if this kind of behavior con- does not necessarily mean that domestic and professional environments to have things go contrary to is one of the tasks to which education.
tinues? you have to magnify the dangersor ((29th). Your main your interests or wishes in you must pay attention Education is the key to the ills of this community. The
The school attendance law can be used to Initiate the provocative actions concern Is to keep your key these connections. Reveal your 7-20-11-15-72-721 citizens of Jacksonville need to make education live up to its
bring the The understanding relations from being strained deeper feelings or declare your massive potential to equip students to live and enjoy a whole-
boycotters in line, if they Taureans will know how to and the love and happiness: of good intentions to save the day. some life In the melting pot.
continue to remain absent from school. emerge safely. Use wisdom and your dear ones undlstrubed. 260881397268SAGITTARIUS
Laying aside the racial angle, we deplore prudence. PISCES LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
the boycott on the grounds that, of all 3 JO 89 -16-53-319 BOBN.fEB.

persons, the Negro students can least nth MAR. 20th 1478 West llth St.

afford to be absent from school regardless GEMINI VIRGO BORN NOV.: Why not find out? Many Pisclans Jacksonville, Florida
of the BORN AUG. should have had the opportunity October 27,1966Hurriedly ,
causp our racial group H BORN MAY 23rd DEC. 21st) broaden themselves

alruauy beianu in education ut> must not 21st JUNE 21st 23rd SEPT. 22nd Whom can you trust? This is through study and travel the written
be led'to get still farther' behind. Assume nothing.Whatever that a moot question that most of us past. If you feel any stirrings
There are other methods our leaders cause Stop and look. Whatever has was good for this month has nave to ask ourselves now and within you regarding the pos Dear Mr. Simpson:
to redress their grievances. Let them been done or decided had better already taken place. This signifies then. And it is quite pertinent session of literary abilities it
explore these possibilities remain that way for the rest that the wiser beads this quarter owing to the tact may be time for you to write Oft-times those of us who are Interested for the ''MOST
uf the month at least. Turmoil among you will accept the that a lunar eclipse ((29th)castsa something down for others to GOOD FOR ALL," because of the nature of our labor we miss
can be created within your own necessity of pausing for shadow of doubt on news ,read. Cf course,the desire alone some of the dire things that are published the ,
THIS WEEK IN NEGRO HISTORY ,self as well as in your key a breather, or to assay the item, gossip and exaggerated is not enough. And the difficulties In question. newspaper
and neighborhood relationships results that have been obtained claims or statements. You to make a start seem almost Above I have the words
Nor 4, 1865 Wendell Phillips Dabney now deceased (Tune 8, :((27th-29th).. And with these two to date. After that, there is also be building up excessive may Insuperable. But with a will toattemptt I'm as busy as not one beehive"hurriedly, but written.two I said that because
1932)), was born In days being climaxed by a lunar much for behlves. However, not
Richmond Va. Known as the "Grand Old just so everybody opttmlsm>! over certain eventsor too busy to congratulate and
Man of Journalism," be was edttor :eclipse, the signs are clear good and bad and it Is which you your staff in making all of
-pubilsher of the Union a futile (developments that are based going as us aware of what Is being done
weekly newspaper In Cincinnati 'enough: counseling against actions to expect more than one'Slhare, more on fantasy than on fact(2p23l'i has so often been repeated, handedl so maliciously and underr. -
that could Jeopardize your Watch expenses and banish Worries ). Do not permit your- Is half the battle ((25th). It is This article of yours or I should the
NOV. 4, 1902 Birth of tang) !ton well-being or health. It would at fir as It Is within fine say duplicated cartoon
ch: t, famous wrltcr-cjet self to slip back on your a omen to have many failures was given to me by one of
left-ir:.', ii Jr : V" not bo a bad Idea to find the your power ((25th-29th). The re 0"" e to seek selfImprovemint at the beginning for this discussing the outrageous burlesquing my teachers of the(AKA) who has been
"f" ni 'r available to you lunar eclipse on this last day wherever the need has Is bow one's tools art sharpened Negro citizenry
Nov ii), u ,j u 1). w I'.,.tin." 1.x.:r\l Jtww r'lil Ms.aisippl :: ,'a, .>g ttew tow days in orderto could reveal adverse conditions been dramatically demon- (27th-29th). It would be of Sincerely yours,
wu elected to his first tria in the ". S. Congress. be as far away as possible in the fields of travel and communications strated. Friendships should not great aid to have someone by R. H. Cook
1 from any sort of complicatedor in so far as many be] broken off for any reasonthit your side. Partners solve many
Nov., 5, 1906 Dr. John Hope appoint toe first Negro president compromising situation Vlrgoans are concerned. hasn't a leg to stand on. problems
of,Morohoute Cou>p: 9.80.55 --- VOTE I I IAGE Ir
i Z2.18.91.721 1 12
20 .
25 985 |5 30 33 17 76 531 ---

;> t J J II rI
-- --- .



A.l Lewis YWCATo Sponsors Of Musical Tea '
I '

I The Conduct Sewing YWCA, A.ClassesIn Karate L. Lewis ; I [:::: _: : ::::SOCIALLY: L SPEAKING-'Louise With GulnyardIt I

Branch will begin Its foil classes 11 r ,

Monday, NOT. 7 at the seems so trite to say that Jacksonville in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Taylorof

YWCA's 8th Street Building. was ""a beehive of activity"' IBMI West Twenty Second Street. Co-
will begin In Monday sewing and evening karate at during the past week-end. Yet how can hostesses with Mrs. Taylor were Mrs.

IIl:30: p.D you better express the influx of visitorsto Mathew Walker, Mrs. Mare McClain and'

John Andrews will teach the the citytheir comings and goings, Mrs. Gwendola Jones.

class In Karate. Mrs Fannie ins and outs, and the "to and fro" Guests at the shower included the bride's' ,
Bellomy Is the sewing instruc of local residents in connection the
tor. These classes will meet sisters Geneva Wheeler and Mary Perry; I

for: two hours on Mondays and annual Gator Gowl Classic.Dr. mesdames Marie otreets, Juanita Issacs, .:

Wednesdays.The R I c h a r d V. Moore, president Vernal I McCone Irma Murray Clementine

Beginners Class In Bridge administrative officials, alumni and sUP-, Brown Frances Walden Lois Avery and Ij
will begin Wednesday, Nov. 9 porters of Bethune-Cookman College were Lillian Stewart of Miami. J
at 8 00
: The
p.m. In bridge
will meet bubbling over with joy at the excellent
every Wednesday for
six weeks. "A Grand Slam turnout for the game, but most of all for sssessesesss II

Closing" will be held at the exciting victory by the wildcats over the The engagement of Miss Harriet Banisterto

end of the class. i slightly- favored bulldog.On Jack Showers has been announced by her i

The Children's Dance Class the other hand, South Carolina mother Mrs. Cora Banister w i t h I

meets every Saturday morning Stateites November 17 set as the wedding date. The
at 11:00 o'clock. Mrs. Brenda spend an anxious second half in

Paull Is dance Instructor. __ n_______ _.. the stands only to have their worst fears ceremony will be held in Trinity Baptist jl
For further Information call realized in the closing minutes of the Church with a reception afterwards in
SPONSORSMembers of the ladies Auxiliary of the Brother Hoodo
the YWCA. game. home of Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Nelson l I3IU
Advance registration Is urged f Railway and Steamship Employees who sponsored a highly enter- West Fourth Street. .
Visitors from the Palmetto State included \
and advised. Classes are taining and interesting musical and literary tea last Sunday at I II
limited In site, but will be Ollie C. Dawson, athletic director of S. ,
Jacksonville A. L. Lewis YWCA Branch last Sunday are seen here. I
cancelled If minimum enroll- C. State College; Mrs. C. C. Dawson ; Mr. 1 I
Seated from left are Mrs Minnie Dawson Mrs. Daniels ,
ment Is not reached, In which Clara and Mrs. Lamar Dawkins; Mr. and Mrs. R. E.
case class fees will be refunded first vice prrsident; Mrs. Viney W. Ford, recording secy. Mrs.
Howard; Miss Barbara Williams I I ; Mr. and A Sale of
Gladys Benjamin, financial and Mrs Viola Smith
secy ; chaplain. t :
Mrs. Robert Bowman Mr. and Mrs.
further ; Marvin
WhiteTo Standing are Mrs. Gussie Rucker, inner guard Mrs. Cinderella
; \ .
Howell ; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Harrison ; Fantastic Values! I. '
Folson sick committee chairman
; Mrs. Elizabeth Banks, asst.
Be Honored I I. J. Crawford ; Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph
secy and Mrs. Ollie M. Thomas sinking fund treas. ; ;
James; Mrs. Janie Pearson ; Mrs. Mary Elsie I ,
Eartha M. M. White will be James; Eddie Martin; and many other bull- fl-i pV

public honored officials by her friends at her and r--------------- ENGAGEMENT dog boosters from Orangeburg. /$&1** v, .

90th birthday celebration which I Take It f fI Final results of the game has added /e. a"
tt ?
will be held at the Civic I ANNOUNCEDCheryl interest to the wildcats forthcoming
Auditorium Little Theatre
Sunday evening, Nov. 13, 1966! encounter with the FAMU Rattlers, wno j
I Leave t
at 8:00: p.m. were defeated earlier In the season by

For the past 75 years Miss l.t I IBy the Bulldogs. My guess is that anyone fVP1? ,

White has been active in cha desiring a seat in bra g g Stadium' .
Charles C. King
ritable many, many work and people has helped in the FOR MULA FOR BEAUTY Read Psalm 90:17 start.November 19 had better get a very early 11

community. Miss White almost
shngle-handedly developed) the "Beauty is only skin deep; ugly Is to the bone. When beauty
Old Folks Home Clara White fades away, ugly holds Its own." ********sees
Have ever heard that? I have-many times. I believed it
Hospital you
Mission, Mercy Mil- Miss Martha Luclle
of 660
I used to hear It Perry West
nor Nursery School, The too, for a long, long time people say
Servicemen Center, The Eartha were so much more "mature" than I. Eighteenth Street was united in marriageto
White Museum\ and Is currently Then suddenly something changed all this. I fell In love with a Preston Fllmore of Fernandina Beach

preparing to open a 120-bed girl who was "ugly as home made sin"I was In high school at on Sunday, October 30, at the West
nursing home on Moncrief Rd. the time I couldn't understand it. It "got me". You see, shedidn't Eighteenth Srteet residence Reverend
So it wasn't that.Her figure was okay,
The Is Invited. wear any makeup.
J. S. Johnson
but not the kind that would make you look back or follow her .
down the thall. She had no outstanding talents. So it couldn't r Johnny Wheeler served her sister as -..ellHundreds
Local ArtistsTo have been any of those things matron of honor.
Yet I was definitely "bit by the bug"6- he seemed to charmme A reception was held later at the
more and more. To top it all t-&t the same time Here '
Be Heard at N. Sykes Wheelers' residence. 1718 Jefferson New t
were several pretty girls, real cutles, who were pulling me
and 1 couldn't seem to get around to them. Mr. and Mrs lineal S. Boston"Sr. Street.
In Joint Recital "What makes this chick tick?" 1 kept asking myself. Then it ., of Jacksonville have The day before the ceremony, Mrs. Filmorewas

began to dawn on me. First 1 realized that she had more self- announced the engagement and honored with a miscellaneous shower Fall FeltsWere !
The powerful voices of Mrs. respect than the average girl. Nest 1 found her convention, approaching marriage of their .
l *
Mary Nealy and Mrs. Mary which was full of good humor and may Jokes, was not ruby daughter, Cheryl Nadine Sykes ; ; Gateway Barracks .
Goodman will be heard In a but Interesting, third, she was genuinely religious;that Is; she to J>fc. Joe Louis Wright son '

Joint recital Sunday evening was not always talking religion or quoting the Bible, yet she of Mrs. Johnnie Mae ,.!,r1&h t,,,:WEDDING. BELLS; Schedules. Meeting At a Terrific .1'1'
November 27th 7.30: p.m. at knew so many beautiful poems and read so many interesting also of this city. .
*. +',. ''e .
the Lillian Saunders com articles that she was well Informed. The bride-elect Is a graduate'of Gateway Barracks 3131, World
munity center on the southslde, The last thing to mention Is that whenever we wnt somewhereWE William Raines High School. James Wide moo, Jr., 1176 W.War Veterans, has scheduled SQ99 lo w Price Iii
corner of White and 3artley St. WERE THE CENTER OF INTEREST? not some "Event" Pfc. Wright Is a graduate of 22nd St., 16 an d Queen Esther Its meet1nr for Saturday at Z i
The event will be s.wnsarelyy .or "attraction" or "show or Affair". We enjoyed each Stanton Vocational High School. Aaron, 1826 Broadway,19.WJjJ; 1.H. James C.nter.
3o. Eugene. G. Arnold Sr., other's company more than we did what somebody else had He is presently serving In the wW be elected and $499 I.'
In interest of the building drive to offer. It didn't take much money to pay for our fun. Armed Forces and Is stationed Forrest Ford Jr., 1551 W.33rd members are expected to be
at Wayman Chapel AM2 Church. "There Is a beauty inside that always will shine through. at Fort Belvolr, Va. St., 27 and Essie Mae Hayes, present to receive membership I'
The public Is invited. There And those who have it can't hide, no matter what they do." The date of the wedding cere- 5526 Cleveland Rd., 24. cards, New members* "" beobligated $C99 $2 I 1

will be no admission however, mony will be announced at a .
a offering will be rendered later date, because of military Charlie Lee Jones, 1624 W.Tbe sick and welfare com-
JAX MINISTERS CALL MEETINGTO procedure. 36th St., 41 and Virginia Joiner,, Ittee, under upervlsoin of Sg99
Mn. AIM Mae Thomas,chairman I

stone r'u."laced this sin 0" tn the -DISCUSS.- ---- LOCAL- -' _n_ _AFFAIRS__ _____ TEA TIME 7bls, will will serve be the refreshments final meeting

window "Buy Her a Shout Rev. J. S. Johnson, pastor of All Civll-Rlghts-mlndedminl. Mrs. Walta Mae Armstrong St.Bobbie, 19 and Harvey Barbara, 1944 Ann W.Jones 20th, before the Veteran Day eele- Felts Regrets Metallics Fabrics
Catholic Digest- St. Stephens AME Church, 5th sters in the city ofJack.s 1:1'/Ule: captain for the August table of bration, which will be held Nov
and DuvU+ Sts., announces thata are being urged to be on handor the annual Calendar Tea for nWBrc.dwaySt.,18. 11. Open house will be held

"follow up"mass meeting will send representatives from Uly White Lodge 217, will Joey Adams, 4025 Wilson St., throu&hout the day at the center. Black-White-Beige and
WIG GLAMOUR 1 their churches sponsor a Spiritual Tea Nov. All
0 be held in the main sanctuaryof 28 and Aretha Mae Tuff 4025 cars planning to participate
High the church Ode 6at 9:00p.m. State and Cal NAACP president 13 In the home of Mr., and Mrs Wilson St. 18. In the parade have been asked to
Rev. Johnson stated that the Rutledge H. Pearson and Roscoe Nelson, 1914 W. 10th St. be at the Center at 9 a.m., for All Good Fall Colors I

Fashion meeting will be held In orderto Wendell Holmes, chairman of Mrs M. Wright will deliver the Leroy Sheffield, 1653 Hiram dbcorat1on.

Style further inform the public on the group's Education Com- address. St. 29 and Henry Eva Cobb.
97 the NAACP far mittee, who were arrested in
position, as
475 Goodman
? Makes You as, implications in the recent connection with the receut pro- Seminole Club 17. CHILD'S COMMENT upon tee'
Look Mort school protests are concerned. tests, will be on hand to give ing her first giraffes: "They look
Alexander in 5403
BeautifulThin Last Sunday's meeting was a their sides of the story and Holds Meeting Cleveland George W. like they fell down and got
Rd. 19 and _
Ever tremendous but thereis to outline the course of action Cynthia cracked all over," Catholic Digest ,
success, .
NLY... The Seminole Culture Club will Juanita Simmons, 2554 W. 43rd (7 ,
that wiU be taken as a result -
still need far
a more peopleto '
St. 18.Cicero. (
bold Its regular meeting on ,
TFULLCAP'4H. hear the facts in this situa of their humiliating experiences (( ,
in the
MoiriaNovember: 7 <
tion. Therefore this special in the Du/al County
ATTRABTIve TO MIN-G. 1.1.<< :1 home of Miss Julia Brooks, Jones,2339 Mlddleburg
.. ... 1
.M.1.ImY N. invitation is extended to Jail.
? .AWC.
H..r ,.curi'lHllorar C' m.i..h.nwi.I..Y.. being 3324 Davis Street; at 7 p.m. Rd., 31 and Ruth Williams, 1514 It Covers Gray Hair \
OH Ht rt Hrawn A..UI.nd-Mn.d all electedofficialsbothCounty( Mrs. Hazel M. Land from the \
MM .d MMtvIft .ml ,o>r nun. nj Members are asked to please Wilcox St., 23.
.7.w.,4hr.tln.I.M' P.t pnlnull II IN.IW I and City), principals, teachers, national office of NAACPIs
fta.,.M itollnrr.Hurrr: .hlM Uw.upplj I 1 IxuVALMON be on time and do not forget Wm. J. Brandt's Liquid ,
civic and social leaders, DTA in Jacksonlvlle to aid the John David W
to bring a gift for the Thanks Speights, .
MAIM STYLU officers, taxpayers, etc., that local branch In its annual mem giving Basket. Direction-: Take 45th St., 26 and Barbara Joan ) L'
Dept. M Gt>3 they might be on hand to hear bership campaign and will speak the Davis Street Bus 14 to Durant, 1030 W. State St., 24. EAU DENNA : ,'
MU Pralrto AM..ChK. ...sari what the real leaders of the In regard to pledges for the Davis and 26th Street the houseon

Negro community have to say. ensuing year. the corner. _Andrew Cecil Chapman, 2152W.

lit St., 25 and Annette Bell, HAIR COLORER
2014 Yulee St., 20.
Will cover gray hair In 10

SA V f I Henry Wade Woods, Buffalo, to 20 minutes. No pack. No
N.Y., 19 and Alphenla Maria mess Anyone can put It on at
Horne, 3049 Brasque Dr., 17. home

Ellis Mottley,5453 Bunche Dr., WILL NOT TURN HAIR
40 and Beatric Williams, 5453 REDDISHIt

L'' Bunche Dr., 40. will not rub off, it stays on 100% Human Hair

,.. Lester Wagner, 1311 Gruthal several months. Shampooing,
R00o siostf4' St., 22 and Marian Frances sea bathing, sun, permanent of Year!
1 Green, 1550 W. 2nd St., 21. waving, curling straightening Wig Special
Iron-nothing takes it off. You

Theojloosevelt Asberry, Rt.4 can cover any gray hair no
Box 440 B, 34 and Barbara Ann matter bow stubborn or how Jet
1 a7r Brown, 1976 McQuade St., 35. caused. BLACKSTAYS BLACK.
Off Black

s OPIEEN Ru Lewis Gray, 2905 AbbottSt. WONDERFUL FOR

'"" HTMAPes ., 25 and Ola Mae Byrd, 1034W. TOUCHING UP Browns

8th St., 26. Auburn

Willie Black, '708 Minnie St., Permanent Waving and including
43 and Mary Lee Coleman, CAUTION: Use as directed on

708 Minnie St., 27. label. Colors: Black, Dark Blondes
Brown, Medium brown. .
Edward McGogln, 412 Wood- Price per box $2.50 plus
lawn Ave., 45 and Barbara Ann Federal .
Hill, 636 Ashley St., 19. TaxDIXIE

Aaron William Monroe, 321S. rn R O'U .b E' 14 WilT MONDAY FORSYTHOMN

Beef at its Best s a Clr.Lovern. Division W.,Norris 19. St.,, 3923 19 and Leonard Jerry PHARMACY rni l rilOAY NICHTSSATURDAY I I

1305 Kings Rd. Jii.FIa ,

t 1 \



... & .********...****........********... ....AA..A..4_ -

Sweetfield Baptist To Hold Joint AnniversaryTWO

, 1 I II I FUTURE Clifford L. JonesOf Rev. And Mrs. D... lames

M1NU7ZS '= New York City. To, Observe 9th AMiversiryRe

i : and Mrs D. B. Barnes will be honored during the
I AIRIF In Recital celebration of the SSUi anniversary of the church and the 9th

... vr COINIUIM UMAN ales I. SUM SOWr ea1$. Clifford U Jones, bass-barl. of the pastor beginning Monday night, Nov. 7, by the officersand
CMCAeO, ILLINOIS M u \ tone foTolit of New York City members for their unselfish service, rendered for the
will be presented In recitalNov put 9 rears, u pastor of Swe.etfleld Baptist Church.
I 20, In St. Stephen AME: Along with his other activitiesRev. Beach; Rev. Fred Williams,
TAX CLIMATE WHERE THE SPIRIT OF FAITHIt Church, beginning at S.13 p.m. Barnes has served U FAB, Klngsland and Bethel,
Mr. Jones, a former residentof president of the district Sunday'I Jacksonville; Rev. W.E.Younr.'I ,
It thrilling to hear the Psalmist, ALSO BELIEVE AND THERE- this city, Is a number of School and BTU Congress and,' Tabernacle Baptist; Rev. T, R.
< though "greatly tlHicted, "..yl "I FORE SPEAK," the results wouldbe Convent Avenue Baptist Church, has been affiliated with everyphase 'I Lee Sprlnghlll; Rev. EddieTaylor
I BELIEVE; THEREFORE HAVE as refreshing as far reaching. New York City. He is president of good works for city,, St. Paul; Rev. A. B.
i EDUCATION LABOR I SPOKEN": (P... 116.10): ). And they should speak, for this I U of the senior choir and and,community. life. ', Coleman Shiloh; Rev. J. M.
It li thrilling too, to see theApostle "the spirit of faith." has served as guest artist In .. -'-' .,,. Hatalton, Mt. Caanan; and Rev.
But, alas, there are few who many choral works presented -" C. C. Daniels, Mt. Carmel.
Paul, .
rY perplexed though periecuted"troubled, ,cut posteia "the spirit of faith"; few by the Brown Memorial Baptist 'j 'i ; Communion and Baptism will
rI down who will stand, regardless of consequences Church and Stuyvesant fi. highlight the Sunday service
always '
unto for the God has r3ii Sweetfield with Rev. Barnes:
I BUSINESS AGRICULTURE death for Jesus' .keIt ti thrilling light Heights Christian Church IA ,\;
I to tee him take his itand with given them. Some maintain a dice Brooklyn, the St. Marks Metho- ,i bringing the morning message.The ,
David and to hear him speak ofhaving creet silence for the "fear of man"; dist Church, Union Baptist and subject will be taken from
II "THE SAME SPIRIT others because they love"the praiseof other churches In that area. "TDe Unique Occasion at the
FAITH," adding "WE ALSO OF man." Both say "One must be This will be his second appearance Jordan," and the subject for
careful what for these" the communion message will
i BELIEVE AND one says here at the church.
INDUSTRY AND SPEAK" (II Cor. 4 THEREFORE:8-13)). truths are not popular," but both. The previous concert was heldIn be, "Jesue Went"'a Uttk Further
I alike are guilty of unfaithfulnessto October last year. Until He Fell.
If only all who believe the glorious God and the truth. Mr. Jones will present works;
message of God's grace that With God's help, let us not be of Handel, Schubert, CTHara First New Zion
believers in Christ are accepted in among them. Let us, where the M.. Head and Hall Johnson, and
i THE PROFESSIONS Him, pronounced "complete" and truth concerned,stand with David will be accompanied by Gilbert Host CommitteeOf '
a baptized into one body by one and Paul and say: "WE ALSO ..... Blacken, minister of Musicat REV. D. B. BARNES ..
divine baptism-if all who believed BELIEVE AND THEREFORE Brown Memorial Church. Mrs. Barnes serves u coordinator Bethany Assn
r these truths would speak out today, SPEAK!" Let us be among those of the Scholarship ,
there would be a sweeping '' who truly possess "the spirit of New Hope AME Church L I Commission of the state, and The Courtesy Committee'.at
i: MAY PIKftPFR tomorrow in the Church, faith" who are determined to president of the District the East Florida and Bethany
of Christ If, putting! all revlval'i' "stand fast In the faith" and readyto Communion Rites leI i';'; .t Baptist Association, Be n lorWomen'
... considerations aside they 'fight the good fight of faith"I :' Division, will sponsor
r 'openly and honestly say (I Cor 16:13: ; I Tim. 6:12): ). The Holy Communion will be ,'rfi.lO' a program "Hymns that Touch
j w ROBERT JC/AC' HIGH administered Sunday during the ; : .. the Heart," Nov. 20 in First

r r.. Bvtler's Day 33rd AnniversaryTo New morning Hope and AME evening Church.services with ,!; ; <' .." ", Seventh New Zion and Davis Baptist Sts. Church,

:. Be Observed At Mt. Zion AMI Rev.associates Z. L. Tyrus charge, pastor, and r '. ,<<- Mrs. Lucille Mote' committee

.. has
I .. ... .... ... The Rev. Mr. Tyrus will also chairman announced that
: '''' < .':- ... The 33rd anniversary of Butler's Day will be observed Nov. the program Is in interest of
.. "' 13 in Mt. Zion AME: Church,beginning at 3 p.m. deliver the sermons, and Choir the needy people during the
I :to 1 and Usher Board 1 will serve 'Ji" Christmas
*. I P, ;...' The services will begin Friday ministers will be accompaniedby The services begin with the :i holidays.
with Rev. J. W. Jones of St. their congregations Sunday School at 9:30am.with
: ',' Mark Baptist and Rev. David Nov. 13 at :3 p.m., Rev. H. T. Superintendent Lewis Championin :: .
: i' Johnson ct Bethel Baptist In service begins 40: c LEO'S
... Overstreet of Mt.Tabor Baptist charge. Morning ." ,
charge. Church will conduct the service. at 11 o'clock, and ACE r
rr Sunday at 3 p.m., the Crews The services Sunday begin with League at 5 p.m. At 6:30 p.m., 'Shot
.. 4 b Singers will render a recital. RepiriifOf
.. the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., evening service.Monday KRS.D.B.BARNESWomen'i .
.. Monday night, Rev. R. W.Jackson with E. A. Brooks In charge evening, Chair 1 will ( Department. ).
... of Jerusalem Baptist The Holy Communion will be meet for rehearsal with Mrs Air KM
... a Church; Rev. Willie Smith, Mt. administered and the sermons Beatrice Bussle presiding Ministers and their congregation : -
.. lathe
who will
+ Mortal Methodist; Rev. James will be delivered by Rev. C. E. Tuesday at 7 p.m., teachers s participate
.. Bryant, St. Mary's Baptist and celebration Include: Rev.C. Is Oir
kb I Jenkins pastor. meeting, and at 8 p.m., official Oily Buiim.
," .,a y, Rev. G. E. Curry of Frlenship board meeting will be held. All A. Weaver, Day Spring;Rev.
I .J Baptist, Atlantic Beach, will Church Of Crist Hold boards have been asked to make A. F. Cummings, West Union; 934 .E. Uiin! it.
conduct the service. reports for the conference year. Rev. H. H. Wright, Evergreen .
r Tuesday night, Rev. G. W. Annual Convocation Saturday, Choir 2 will and First Baptist, Jacksonville
.*. Sr r Smith of Wayman Chapel; Rev.J. rehearse. "Mr.and Mrs.AME" ;
.... C. Bannerman, Mt. Morlah' Nov. 8 13 will be crowned Nov. 13 during
.. AME; Rev. C. Jenkins, Mt the 6:30: p.m. service
... Olive, will have charge. The 26th annual Convocation of .Blessings Blessings Blessings
: ? 11 Wednesday might Elder J. E. the Church of Christ,Written In I Gospel Song ProgramSet
I. HJ Williams, Church of God In Heaven, will be held Nov. 8-13
.... Christ; Elder Haiti Williams, at Beadtptarters,1430KingsRd. Nile ., Tie Divine Spiritual Healer
.... .Apostolic Holiness Church; Elder The services begin Tuesday For Monday: '
Ralph Ragland Gospel] with Elder ': 01' Macoi, Georgia.REV. .
: ; a p.m., Presiding Thel' '' Gospel I Traveling Stars .. 1H. tu ,
.. j jir jr t Tabernacle, will have charge ft. Pollar of Philadelphia, Pa., render in First ,
will a ;
.. Thursday night, Rev. J. L. and Superintendent T. Brown, .
Born Temple, 825 W. Monroe ROOSEVELT FRANKLIN
Davis .
.... First Baptist; Rev. H. city, presiding.
... L. Herod, Mt. Zion Baptist; They will be assisted by Elders St., beginning at 8:30p.m.
..... Rev. H. H. Wright, Evergreen M. Maultsby, Telmore, Ga.; R. Monday. Include Will!' Be II Jacks, .,iIIl, Florida'
Baptist, will conduct the ser T.Virgil, New Brunswick, N.J., The participants ,
vice. A. Pujh, T.Andrews, Mrs. T. Voices of Faith, Celestial Gos- .* FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4thSATURDAY
: e { 0rfi Friday night, Rev. Albert Brown, all of this city; Mrs.G. pel Singers, McCall Singers,
,, .. Mobley,St. James Rev.Arthur: Muskelly, Gastonia, N.C. Excelsior Singers' ,Travelettes, .** NOVEMBER 5th
.. Mrs. Thelma Edwards and
Anderson Bethlehem
I Baptist and Elder M. Mills of Goulds.
'.A( Church, will have charge The Thelmarettes, Henry Thomp- NOVEMBER &6th
\, : I kins, Mrs. Sarah Wilson, Latl- AND SUNDAY. '
: II Pentecostal Church Day Spring Baptist more Gospel Singers, Soul

... Stirrers of Bayard, Nathaniel Ti Help You With Yeir Prohfens.
... Sets.Annual AssemblyThe Slates ObservanceThe Octovettes and others.The program -
e Is being sponsored by Rey. Franklii! ,Has Blessings fir EferyTreihiel ,
annual assembly Pente- Sunday School of DaySpring .
? Mrs. Rosetta Cohen.Bauains
I. costal Church of First Born Baptist Church will observe Soil. Set Him At

.. will convene Nov. 14-20 in the its anniversary Nov. 13 ee *.* * 450 N. 19th STREET,
Pentecostal Church of First at 3:30 p.m. In the church
r Born 2, Bishop Edward White, auditorium. Galore. November 4thf 5th Ail 6th
I r ,
" w Mrs Ellta Rich Perry will
' host pastor. The church Is located 4
;",1 rr. at 1631 W. 23rd St. be the speaker.Mrs Others Madllne appearing 4:! Shop Red Shield I If Yoi Neat. Ti Be DelivereJ Ili kll.,
The purpose of the meeting are: 4 C Family Thrift
i '. Simons, Mrs' A. Scott and Store H'ill 355-7588: &
Is to organise to promote the I for Bargains See This Time Phone
\ progress of the churches, it Miss Joyce Taylor. on;
was announced. Speakers will The men and women of the ; Furniture, Stoves, *
I ROBERT be heard each night,and various Intermediate and Senior Departments Ref r Igerators, *
groups In the city will partlci--: will serve as hosts "T.V.'s Radio *
and hostesses
'Clothing Shoes "
etc r'
r .
r.. We have just about }
r Madam Margo everything for' your*

Palmist' & AdvisorShe home *

1.1 KINCr Advises on all Problem _: 1504 l KINGS ROAD jj:
of LoveSickness and Business

HOURS 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. *

I i Located In ; 800 N. ASHLEY ST. *
,I, ... 989 N. Orlando Ave. 3517 N. PEARL $T. wHilp M seek r ea e WO".IIe. M.efeChstreaee'

.. I (Hi-Way 17-92 N.) C .
: For Appt. Call 644-4941) then any ether
: ,l UsHIlp Others' .
rt : .Ie
,, .:. I,4 ** *.*.*.* ---. 'vi" i hr..PI 'lacls4'Ue
j r .ve", large
r r a ,4. slide eei aroilerrr
'\ r: Vote for your State Treasurer. Vote for Broward Williams. t6 I a ..,a/sf.ce. Pucel.tsn ree1If

: k.11:1 lutde cad ovl.S15995.

AbilityExperienceServiceBroward i

I Williams is YOUR man -- 24-year .
1 I YOURDEMOCRATIC career employee in State Treasurer's

Office -- voted by 1965 Legislature one
I 10
of State's top three administrators --- ar/ DOWN

leader of vigorous programs for traffic ,
I NOMINEE safety, education retirees --- memberof
4 I executive committee, of National INSTALLED WITH LARGE TANK OF GAS FREE

Association of Insurance Commissioners.


w r I Ii [ Treasurer DAVIS. <

< 5 1.
Pemocrat/Pol. Adv. Paid for by Fred N. Lowry, Treas.

!i 'Paid Political Ad By Kitty White, Duval Deputy Trtasurrr for Boo HII" i OPEN FRIDAYS 'TIL 9 P.M.

.................................. .,............... .......

,. T t) JPACE

---- -
--- -- -


.. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 5, 1966&& .

..' .
1 l ... ,

NAACP FilesComplaint CIVIL RIGHTS Bill Supporters Meet Support MountsFor YWCA Makes AppealFor Sengstacke Largest

ON ROUNDUPUNDERCOVER() Recognition Women SupportOf Negro Publishing

Reynolds. Co. WASHINGTONNPI)- Dixie- Of 761st Battalion Civil RightsNEW Chain In USA

NEW YORK -The NAACP has style filling stations have WASHINGTON (NPI) YORK The YoungWomen' -NPI- Seng'
filed a complaint in the United adopted a new system to get I Mounting support for a bill\ Christian Association
stacke Publications said It is
States District Court in Birmingham around designating rest rooms presented before the House officially Interracial
for two decades now the largest Negro publishing
asking for a for whites and Negroes. Relit : ((Armed Services committee to yesterday
urged all "women who care"to chain in the world u it
temporary and permanent inJunction rooms are marked "A," "BV ( award a Presidential Unit dilation
announced of the
take affirmative action to purchase
to prevent continuing and "C." Negroes often get \ to the 761st Tank Battalion of
further civil Pittsburgh Courier group
discriminatory practices by the the "A" room to give them the of World War II fame, has been rights.
-V The call was contained In an newspaper, excluding the Chicago
Reynolds Metal Company and impression that they are considered :reported by the bill's sponsor Courier.
advertisement In the
11 building trades and metal tops. Hotels that don't Rep. Frank Annunzion.. New York
Times, I national John H. Sengstacke, editor and
work unions In Lister hill, Ala. want to integrate assign The bill would honor the high by
leaders of the YWCA headedby publisher of the Chicago Daily
The plant Itself is located lathe Negroes to the dingiest rooms calibre of service of the personnel
Mrs. Lloyd J. Marti of Defender and president of
tri-county area of Florence, with cracked or falling plaster. r of the 761st, the first made
Lincoln, Neb., president of the Sengstacke Publications,
Sheffield and Travel
Tuscurabia. agents often designate ;armored unit in the history of
( national board. the announcement, which said
Muscle Shoals is a suburb of Negroes by reservation slips i the U.s. Army to enter combat
The advertisement the combined circulation of the
the three. of a different color or a coda : with Negroes manning its weapons urged
? women who care "about their Sengstacke papers will total
case letter.
was originally filed and vehicles.
with the Equal Employment I v The battalion was activated own children and all children.. 400,000 weekly.
about their homes and The Daily Defender, including
portunity Commission TOURIST $ LOST in own
on behalf April, 1942 at Camp Claiborne -
home" its weekend is one of the
of Negro workers by Herbert NEW YORKNPI)- Racial N La., and after two yearsof every to support open paper
two Negro-owned daily newspapers
Hill, NAACP director for labor discrimination Is costing this concentrated effort to buildan occupancy in housing, vote In
the in the country. The
elections and
programs. The EEO found nation millions of tourist dol effective fighting machine, forthcoming
"say yes" to the recent state other is the Atlanta Daily World
"reasonable cause" to believe lars, according to D. Park :+ landed in France on the
that the and unions Gibson, public ment or principles by civil Sengstacke also owns or holdsa
company relations ex u1JIr" Normandy penlsula. sizable interest in the Michigan
rights leaders.
had committed the violations ecutive. "A Negro planning a Its most glowing days, out of
Chronicle Detroit Trl-
"Women must not hide behind ;
as charged. trip doesn't think about the many It witnessed, was when it
According to NAACP General Gulf of Mexico. or fishing la spearheaded the attack that reports of so-called white State Defender, Memphis; and
the Louisville Defender Kentucky
Counsel\ Robert L. Carter, the Minnesota lakes, or skiing pushed the crack German 13th backlash, the advertisement
"This can: become in Sun SS Panzer division back said. "Women dare not retreat
a major Valley. These placesare and
from the faith The Courier, one of the oldest
ease In determining the reachof foreign to him," he said. turned the tide of the battle In that we, in
America Negro publishing bouses in the
Title VH of the Civil Rights Discrimination on the way to favor of the Allies. are capable of building
nation, has long been Identified
N nation in
a which
:- with S.B. Fuller
and manufacturing
justice freedom ,
"'sibillty of determinlngtheapplication areas in this country induces __ members of the battalion are are the
magnate. ThepaperpubllshesioChicago
forces. .
of the act to still controlling ,
persons many Negroes to spend fielr going strong-under the .
M "In these crucial Pittsburgh, New York
days, we ,
employed over a considerable vacations with relatives and name of the 761st Tank Bat
are determined to Detroit, and Philadelphia,In addition
amount of time who are artificially friends or going I to foreign tallon Association and Allied help
to a national edit1od.The .
confined to certain lands especially the Caribbean ft Veterans of World War II. Last our communities and nationa
positions, and whose seniority he added r month the group held its 18th' climate of new promise and Chicago Courier,a weekly
hope for human dignity and newspaper, will remain: is the
rights are not betng'given con. annual reunion at the Gramercy
sideration.;, FITS BILL / I Ir a Inn, in the nation's capital, freedom" Chicago.Dally Defender's The city's competition other major

The NAACP has filed the WASHINGTONNPI)- Harlem's e- teR before which Rep. Annunzion NAACP Files Protest t Negro-owned weekly is the ,

complaint on behalf of more anti-poverty agency, was the principal speaker.In Chicago Crusader.Telephone i
than 100 of the 400 Negroes Harou-Act, is looking for a welcoming the war veteransto On Jewish TV
employed at the plant which has new program director-and Washington, Rep. Annunzio, !
s total working force of 5,000. Julius W. Hobson, chairman hailed the unit for its "out NEW YORK Executive Director Official ;

Among the discriminatory of Washington ACT, appears w< sari fir 7. + standing contributions" during Roy Wilkins has
practices cited are the denialof ta fit the bill. "If I can do a .;;:::..- -.; -': World War U, "which led to,,telegraphed the president of Named To State .' ;
apprentice, on-the-job, and real Job, something useful, it Congressman Frank Annunizlo ( right) ( D-III. ) greets Richard A. the ultimate victory of the Allied the New York City station 1

promotional training opportunities might be OK, because I need Carter, of Chicago, national president, 761st Tank Battalion forces." WNEW-TV protesting that the Department Post

to qualified the money," he said. Hobson Association and Allied Veterans of World War II on the Capitol He noted, "The example you NAACP is "thoroughly shockedby I'
Negroes, and the confinement would make between $17,000and steps in Washington. Annunizio who has have set is one which the the misrepresentation of the WASHINGTON-{(NP1)-Ramon ;
of Negroes to menial nruItIMILAnotber1 -. $22,000 a year. a bill asking younger generation can follow Negro community on David S. Scruggs, former public relations -
interesting basis of Congress to authorize and request a unit citation for the 761st/ with respect and pride." Susskind's program last night" manager, American

complaint is that of letting PILOT WITH PH.D for Its valor in World War II spoke' at the veterans'' 18th. annual 1 The famed unit was made up (Oct. 17)). The title of the program elephone: and Telegraph Co.,

Negroes work in higher reunion, held at the Gramercy Inn, Washington. (NPI Photo) entirley of Negro enlisted men,' was "Negroes and Anti- lie;* York, has been sworn in
classifications, but basing their MAY BE FIRST with its officer staff integrated. Semitism." as a public member of the Foreign

seniority on previous lower- Richard A. Carter, Chicago, Mr. Wilkins continued, "The Service Inspection Corps,
trade positions. This virtually NEGRO ASTRONAUTCHICAGO School Administrators Slow one of the founders and national three Negroes on the program U.s. State Department. !
means that if another worker 'president of the organization, were apparently chosen Scruggs will return Nov. 15
is hired, the Negro has no -NPI-A 30-year- Desegregation Wllkins SaysNEW GIVE TO I FIGHT said membership In the association deliberately to project a from an inspection tour of the
seniority or security In the 'old Chicago-born Air Force has been open to all minority opinion as the view U.s. Embassy In Brussels, the
-job which he has been doing. captain, with a Ph. D. in physical YORK-After years of effort, the National Association combat veterans of World WarII of Negroes generally on Negro- UJS. consulate general In Antwerp I

His company-time is based on chemistry, may becomethe for the Advancement of Colored People> has "regretfully concluded since 1958. Jewish relations. and foreign service posts
'tthe lesser job to which he can nation's first Negro that a prime obstacle to changes which give promise of MSl "The result may well be Incalculable in Geneva, Copenhagen, Stock \
(be immediately returned with- astronaut. eliminating de facto school desegregation and of installing "MY, that's a beautiful baby! damage to Negro- holm, and Luxembourg. He It
!rout appeal. He is Capt. Robert Henry quality education for children is the School Establishment exclaimed an admiring friend. Jewish relations at a most joined Ambassador Thomas K.
... The plaintiffs also stress that Lawrence Jr., who is in the Itself," Executive Director Roy Wilkins said here list week. MUlTIPlE SCLEROSIS 'Oh that's nothing." repliedthe critical Juncture. We urge youi Wright and Kenneth W.Callo-'

,Negroes are kept in menial Aerospace Research Pilot mother "You should see hi i to provide an Immediate forum way, foreign service inspectors
positions, even when their abill- Training program,Edwards j jJ y Mr. Wilkins spoke at the din, Harvard University; Philip M. photograph" Catholic Digest for expression of the Negro'strue on the trip.
foes should quaOrV.tbetri' for Force I Base, California. The i I oar session of the Association's Hauser, University of Chicago; attitude on this issue." ---
4 skilled or professionalitions I program has graduated such) .two-day (Oct.19-20). )conference: David K, Cohen, U. S. Commission -.- .' .
& famous astronauts as JaMes' ,on social science and the law. of Civil Rights.. ;Pail .....> ;1, It,
T Says local Y BirminghamNAACP McDivitt, Dave Scott, Elliot See The conference was called to Davidoff, Hunter College; and '1r

7. 'attorney OreellBilllngsley and Charles Bassette. develop program for resolving Miss June Shagaloff, NAACP j jI

"We've asked for Discussing Capt. Lawrence's the problems of de facto school director for educatiOilprogram.for the confer-
fa preliminary Injunction chances to become an outer segregation and insuring quality Commentators
in hopes of receiving an immediate space traveler, Lt. William P. education. Some 50 eminent ence were Center Robert A.for Urban,
Campbell base information officer scientists, educators and law director,
ban on such dlscrlmlv .
New York C. Clyde
Education, ;
said: yers attended the sessions
Q'natory practices "Capt. Lawrence is indeed Robert L.CarterNAACPgene- Ferguson, dean, Howard University u ER MARK
School of Law Anthony
Negro Named one of the pilots in the school, ral counsel, and Dr. KennethB. ; of I
Amsterdam University
and It is conceivable that he Clark, educator and author, G. ,
Law School and
To will become a member of the served as co-chairmen of the Pennsylvania ;
Top Post outer space program." conference. Nell schools V. Sullivan,superintendent Calif. ;THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AVE.
of Berkeley,
He also conflremd that Lawrence "The NAACP," Mr. Wilkins
\ In World
Bank Is undergoing special said, "is now pressing action
4 WASfllNGTON"Preslde t training "which will qualify him against 132 public school systems U.S. Judge Has j

Lyndon B.Johnson made history as an astronaut." In 22 states, and we do U. S. GOOD CHUCKROAST PIllSBURY
r again In naming Dr. Emmett J.. A graduate of Englewood High not Intend to rest, or to be Bad News For Negro

) Rice, 46, of the The Treasury School, Lawrence also holds sidetracked by the twists and I
Department to the post of U.s. the B. S. degree In chemistry turns, the Indifference, or the Viet Duty Dodgers I
Alternate-Executive Director from Bradley University, and hostility of the Establishment"The FLOURLIMIT
*. of the World Bank.The appoint- is a product of the school's NAACP leader cited the LOS ANGELES-{NPO-A federal I

f ment was announced Monday at ROTC training. stiff opposition to meaningful judge had bad news for two
.,* the White House. He Is married to the former desegregation encountered in young Negroes! who sought to I

'a, Dr. Rice who has a Ph.D.from: Miss Bartara Cross, Chicago, Boston, San.Francisco, New stay out of Viet Nam fighting 1 WITH
--the University of California and and Is the father of a seven- York City, Springfield, Mass.; on grounds that they are not

is a native of Florence, South! y ear-old boy, Tracey. Malverne, N. Y.; and other citizens but colonial subjects.U. $$5.00 OR MORE

Carolina, is the third Negro to' cities. S. District Judge Leon R. I 5 LB. 4 9
be named by President Johnson: THE GOOD OLD DAYS: when a, Acknowledging that white Yankwich denied the claim of LB. 49CSMALL FOOD ORDER BAG' ,.
to a financial post of national high school look up mart Ipace'Ihanl" parents' groups and political Karl Von Key, 21, and Norman I
and international importance. parking lot factors have contributed to the Earl Richmond, 20, who refused -
---- opposition, Mr. Wllkins to appear for Inductionin i
asserted that, nevertheless, June. -
"the people who run the schoolsare The two attempted to show

a,7 n dragging their feet. They that Negroes do not enjoy first- BARBECUE SIZE ,
may or may not be doing so class citizenship and that the
vYn because they support racial war in Viet Nam; is "illegal."
I IA segregation. They ma y only But Judge Yankwlcb counteredthat FAB
A resent change." the Supreme Court has i m'i

Morever, he charged, "they upheld Congress right to wage SPARERIBS
maintain confidently and arrogantly war when it chooses. .

that Negro children The young men's attorney,
Ihf cannot learn. The cost of George T, Altman, announcedhe I
wrestling with parents' groups, would appeal the decisionto -
with politicians (In and out of the 9th Circuit Court of ,

the school system), with Appeals. I $$5.00 OR MORE 4 9J.
government grants and with the Meanwhile, U. S. Supreme LB.49C GIANT
strange children themselves Is Court Justice William J. Bren- FOOD ORDER

too great. nan Jr. refused to delay the t SIZE
s A series of papers was presented punishment of three Army
by Dr. Clark, Mr. privates who refused to fight ---- -- --- --- ------- ----- -

Carter, Thomas F. Pettigrew, In Viet Nam.



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.1 '


'i SCLC Leader Demands Action ---- Family Tours Japan r Expanded Attack GiveNMeW LlfB.IIII's

I .f i.f\ From Justice Department On Poyerty UrgedBy PasageWASIUNGTON

OfficialNEW .
NAACP -(NPI) A nev
i ATLANTA, Ga.. -Dr. Martin sment and hatred in Grenada "Demonstration Cities"I I bill

LutherJOng Jr. today demanded classrooms, are now threatenedwith YORK-"A fundamental I'passed by Congress promised
that the U. S. Justice Depart deprivation ot any free re-ordering of national prior to change the way of lice In

meet act Immediately to halt public education at all. ides is now urgently requiredto blighted areas, in addition to
brutal treatment and Intimida "Hundreds of Negro parentsand reverse the growing crisis knocking down slum buildings

tion of Negro school children their children in Grenadanow of Negro unemployment and The $1.2 billion bill awaiu!

and adults in Grenada, Miss despair of local authority underemployment This must the President's signature. AS

In a telgram to Acting General and art increasingly uncertain: Include a vastly expanded attack It bears his Imprint, he Is sun

Ramsey Clark, Dr. King as to the power and sincerity of against poverty which has to sign the bill, which was

told bow Negro student at two weir final recourse, the as one of its major goals the passed by the House, 142 to
Integrated schools In Grenada Federal Government elimination of racial ghettos. 126.

hare been subjected to physicaland '1 call to your attention that Herbert HilL NAACP director In the program, the federal

verbal abuse. He also emphasized the State of Mississippi was for labor program, made this government would pay 80 per
that parents and child- allocated $30,000 in federalaid statement* during his address cent of the cost of rebuilding

ren have been mistreated 10 cadet 0* Civil Rights Act, before the 1966.annual contention whole neighborhoods, as well
jails after being arrested !D' of 1964. to prepare for integration ot theDela Federation as providing social programs

peaceful demonstrations. ot public schools. And ot Teachers in Wilmington,Del. such as garbage to collection
Seven arrested staff membersof S3 million dollar The Delaware organ-! service ,
more thaa Oct. 27. police parks, streets,
the Southern Christian Lead
In federal tends are authorisedin satin is affiliated with the sewer .and water facilities
ership Conference were taken for A. -. ,.. American Federation of Teachers transit and
UN car not year education* mass schools 1 ,
outside jail in Grenada this week '- AFL-CIO. '
in Mississippi. health and welfare services
and beaten by local polio lad "I recall: the pledge of the As the main speaker at the purpose of the new program Is
state troopers. They were denied
present Administration to enforce gilt, opening session, Mr. Hill said to counter two previous corn
medical attention.
with vigor the Civil further, "As long as there plaints about urban renewal
The victims all Negroes are / ;
Rights Acts and related exists the structured system ot It merely changes the physical
HaJlkersoo,43ofSavan- statutes It is your sacred obligation deprivation that Is called condition of a neighborhood
nah Ga. Herman Dce.er 18 ,
; Ala. Winters to enbrce these laws. ghettos, there will be permanent leaving its way of life as de-
Birmingham, ; We strongly urge you to do so< poverty for millions of organized as ever.
Knox 26 Eutaw Bill
in the terror-stricken Negro Americans. A so-called war It 'removes"
Harris, 20, Albany Ga. and
community ot Grenada. against poverty that does not
Johnson 18 In the area and replaces their
Robert Major
"I' trust I be informed t plan for the elimination of
may with
ti dwellings apartments t
Wright, 46, and Willie Kinkade, top<
action" is merely subsidizing
of Jmmediate ghettos for
20, all of Grenada. T expensive the former resldents -
the marginal economic life of
(More than 100 demonstrators to afford. Thus, the
were taken to a State peniten EDUCATION ,; p1 t tI 4 the ghetto poor. problem of overcrowded(! bou'.
"The sickness of our cities
lag in Negro areas Is
tiary at Parchman, Miss,
ROUNDUPWHITE has Its roots in the continuation aggravated.
where women prisoners were
of the racial The peopleof
The new legislation counters
stripped of all but their undergarments
and each male prison 'SCHOOL-LASH-} the ghettos are rapidly despairing these complaints by requiring

er was Issued a pair of pants. WASHINGTONNPSchool of further promises. that most of the housing be lathe
They were then subjected to Integration fears have helped I ITAZUKE AB, Japan ((01)) -- M/sgt I Isa'lah-l Charles, 5; Sharron M; Cynthia 2 is in Their alienation form toe poor.

deliberate use of the prison Increase enrollment in from thenation's Gundy and his family are g r e e t e d sister Judith's' arms. Judith is the soclty is profound.Their will brook needs As many as 60 cities will I*
private are urgent. They
the locations of
prisoners air conditioning also system.have been The 800,000 in 1954 to 1,337,000In at Itazuke Air Base in southern Japan by oldest of the children at 16. Arrivingfrom no further delay."CipYernment tion Cities" rehabilitation stra pro.

threatened and verbally abused. 1964. The number is expected Col. Robert S. Han ill base commander as his previous station at Plattsburg, at every level. jects during the next two years

Dr. King's telegram stated: to reach 2 million in they arrive for a tour. here. Along with N.Y. Gundy is scheduled to take the .firstsergeant's and all the major institutions Some $924 million would be

"A Justice Department suit led 1974. Much of the white night Mrs. Gundy and the "sergeant are their I II position of the 3481 Combat ot the society must now give available for rehabilitation
from the schools first to social
public taking priority plan
Integrate to a federal Uzzle court Horn order Elemen to place in the nation's largest children ( left to right ) top to bottom) support group in the near future. He ning programs to rapidly work.The bill also provides $75

tary School and John Bundle cities. As a result of racial Lucious, 15; Steven 13; Joycelynn, 15; calls Jacksonville, Fla. his hometown. eliminate racial ghettos from million for co-ordinated development .

High School in Grenada last fears, almost one ot every 10 Glenn, 10; Anthony, 8; Mark, 7; Robert, 6; (USAF Photo) this nation Not to do so, is to of entire metropolitan
month. Ever since, more than high school students in America place in peril the future ot our areas.

100 Negro students have endured Is now enrolled In a privateor country
CampusPEPSICOLA' In Streets
Inside and outside these church-related high school. Disorder
A rushed into the
CANNIBAL Has noticed that
anyone ir.tr
schools, constant harassment,
SLOWDOWN village dragging a man on the returning from military service
taunts, profanities and threats Problem Of Churches
from white students, teachers, ATLANTANPISchool desegregation :E-TJaM end of a rope. "I've captured a seldom become unwashed beat
local police and In the South can be politician he cried. "Now at nikiT Two or more yean of re
principals, Says Bishop Jones
State troopers." expected to slow down,not speedup last 1 can have a bologna sand quired cleanliness seem to createa
Eugene Patterson, editor wlch' Catholic Octob- lasting respect for soap and
On Oct. 19,an official of UZZle PHILADELPHIA Pa.Bishop Digest- .water.
Atlanta Constitution and a member
Horn School threw ern
a Negro boy
against a table and then expelled of the U. S. Civil Rights r Oiro .T. Jones ST., ,.
senior bishop or the Church 01
Commission, has predicted."We .
him because be refusedto
at God In Christ, made a pre-
find ourselves struggling
his seat In a lunchroom may
give up
where he was eating with ( to retain what desegre-t annual convocation challenge to Royal Art Studio
white students. Oa the same gallon we've got," he said, all churches this week saying
they should step up the application -
school "and even fighting against a
day a teacher at the h
ot guidance to correctthe
regression. He made his '
slapped a Negro girl for sitting "
statement in the face of stif evils which cause uglinessand
at lunch table with whites. l
a t
concerned feting Southern resistance to disorder In the streets of ; STILL TAKING
Negro parents, ItL ,
Ah our cities He Issued this state
the federal school desegregation *-
about the.safety ot their ,
children withdrew the pupils guidelines, which require ment before leaving tor '
_fr- official .trips to. New Orleansand
districts to take responsibility
from the Integrated schools on ;
Oct. 21. School authorities sjs- for integration, rather than the Kansas City enroute to .. } I
the annual convocation r
individual student. INSTANTPICTURES
pended the pupils until Nov. 1,
ot the Church of God In Christ
refused to meet
and repeatedly YELLOW WHITES? -1N:1 which meets In Memphis Nov. ,

with the Negro parents. of. BOSTON- W h e n's a 8-18..
demonstrations run
Law Chinese not a Chinese? When Bishop Jones, who organized (
last week.
followed I
who he's white. Tbafs what thee the huge and growing youth
enforcement officers, are
school committee declared A corps group of the church and
under federal injunction
Chinese-American public I also wrote the church manual,
to protect the Negroes,arrested it
school pupils to be in an effortto I emphasized his goal at this I
more than 250 demonstrators
I keep them from being counted convocation as bringing
I Including school-age children. as nn-whlte. A new state law continued growth to the one NOW LOCATED AT
: By Oct. 27, about prisoners
forbids any school from having y member affiliated denomination
in jail, unable to
were still pay
more than SOper cent non-white absolute unity, and
bond of $125 each. students. The increased Involvement In the
Dr. King asked the Acting pronouncementthat 710 RUSHING ST.
Chinese are white was seen ,, bla.., affairs of the everyday life
Attorney can law-enforcement General: officers'in long here as an effort to lower the EXECUTIVE VIEWS FAMU CAMPUS Charles: w. Dryden community which surround

Mississippi be permitted to number of "non-whites" and manager of special protects for the Pepsi-Cola Company of New hundreds of churches within

terrorize our parents and thus keep local schools out ot York City, i s flanked by the Willie L. Gal lire re Memorial .Scholarship his entire. denomination's jurisdiction SAME PHONE 354-1894 .

children? How long can school trouble. with the state government Award winners during a recent visit t 0 the Florida A&M

authorities in Grenada be allowed University campus. Samuel Anderson ( left) I96U recipient is a
to make jest of Supreme'Court Soap-making was considered so
decisions and federal i much of an art in medieval times halfback from Miami while Benny Johnson the 1965 selectee is

law? 'I that no man could obtain member. an end -from Hallanda le. Dryden was on campus. planning for the

"Negro children, faced with ;I hip in the Soap Boilers' Guild 1966 Orange Blossom classic: The scholarship award is presented

an Intolerable.climate of haras-I I until piece."ha had produced a "master during the pre-game show at the classic by the Pepsi-Cola Company.

. | Put Practical Product In Baskets For Needy\

At this time ot yearwhen elude a generous supply of toilet Don'trup.ut

church groups, social clubs, soaps and large containers of
and Individuals make up soap or detergent for householdand
NOTICE I baskets of goodies and gifts laundry purposes.

for less privileged neighborsIt While these might not seem

i Is a special kindness to In like holiday items, they will '

be most welcome.

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i I fi5 CHEVY MALIBU ., .: . $1795

i 1966 Duval County tai statements for Real Estate and 64 CHEV'.2.' >R ONATIC. Raa.. . .. .. .. .$1493

64 BUDGE SAITRAR. .. .. . $1393
have been this l7e. .DOOR AUTONATTC RAN POWII: IUEIlIlfG.
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jt. 1"I

.-..... :,. .. ".( ,A.. "' .",". ..... . -. . I

NOVEMBER 5 1966 .
PAGE 7'.

Campus NewsFAMU Death Knell For -v- 'II- Takes Ihree..To Arrest NAACP Feud Freedom Sells

GraltI.AldProgl1lll With Eagles Now On Sale

,.( The Internationally renown Florida AAM University! Play- Sounded ._ Still HangingNEW NE W YORK The annual
makers Guild has announced one of the best seasons of Jr' YORK Efforts to reach Freedom Seals sales campaign
'productions In Its history. The Guild began Its series of NEW 03LEANS-(NPI). Two iI ..... < a settlement of the dispute between of the NAACP Is underway,
:presentations on October 30 with its Verse Choir's pre- moves were put Into play last \ the Milwaukee NAACP directed by Miss Bobble
'fgentatlon of "Poems of Joy and Lament." This program week that may sound the death keeUchapterlof the Milwau Branche of the National Office.
\was a prelude to an appearance at the Also Theatre In Sar- knell of the "grants-in-aid" .. Fraternal So far, she has shipped out
asota where the Verse Choir has been Invited to appear on program in several southern / '. .- Order of Eagles failed whenD. 450,000 seals, and Is optimistically -
November 6. states-particularly In Louisiana .', : ... ; .. D, Billings, FOE grand hoping that the total sales
"Death Takes a Holiday" will follow on November 18, 11 and And wipe out the remain- .... '. f" .., .J' .. worthy president, refused to will set a new high record.
,20. This is highly romantic drama of death taking a holiday for ing bits of defiance to school ." '!'\ 'r" '. : meet wit h any NAACP delegation In recent years, the sale of

three days to come to earth In order to find out why men fear integration. ., ", ;' \c1; :;: Including represen- Freedom seals has become an
him. The first move came when the ., ... .. .' o' .I."x': '.. tatives of the youth council. important source of Income for
SHAW IINIVERSIIY U.S. Justice Department' was '. ... -'i" : : .. Such a meeting was planned 1964 and
", a '. ,tile NAACP. In both
granted permission to enter a "' :: ",. : ,.. 'L'' '.hiiN.-."' .": .c r '. for Oct 19 in New York Cityat .1965, seals' sales accounted
Dr. James E. Cheek President case where several Negroes ''" !I" the suggestion of Dr. NathanP.
I University, will give :" ?.;I' '''''' '" for six per cent of the organisation's -
: .
the convocation address at 1LOO a.m. this Friday morning, to are seeking an Injunction to .'. ; .. \f.: .} Felnsinger, University of total Income.
the largest student In the prevent school children In i: Wisconsin law professor who
body history of the University. 7. >< :; The seals are sold primarily
Swelled the Plaquemines parish from securing served as mediator betweenthe
by largest freshman class In its 102 years, 424 .' through branches, youth
students, the total student body of 954 will convene together grant-ln-ald from the 'r i .t organizations. The NAACP councils and through tie
I with the faculty in full academic dress on the Raleigh campus state. ; youth council had conducted a National Office, 20 West 40th
and march to the Spauldlng Gymnasium for the ceremonies. The white children have refused ( series of demonstrations St. Miss Branche herself has
The subject of Dr. Cheek's address will be, "To Redress the to attend the court- against public officials holding developed a growing list of
Balance". ordered desegregated schools, a i 4i. + membership in the Eagles Individuals throughout the
University officials credit the tremendous Increase In enrollment -' and many private schools are : tip tip w because of the organisation's country who also help with the

this year to the national publicity given to the new reportedly being prepared so _. ri policy of excluding Negroes sales ) I
dt4+v xn< l
Shaw Plan of Education placed In operation last year by President that they can attend.A In reply to Mr. Billings, Mrs Memphis T. Garrison,
OAKLAND, CALIF-Police pin Negro youth to pavement during fracas !In East Oakland
Cheek. three-judge panel had heard NAACP Executive Director Roy national vice president of the
;: LINCOLN UNIVERSITY the case in New Orleans Oct. a predominantly Negro district There were some arrests made but the situation seemed Wilkins re-affirmed NAACP NAACP and treasurer of Its
to ease as compared to the previous night Two Molotov cocktails thrown ,at ,
I 31 and it Is thought that If the were nass- position that representatives of West State Conferenceof
A continuing series of video-tiped. recordings has been InItiated court ruled against the use of Ing cars but both missed their target (UPI TELEPHOTO) the youth council would have branches, originated the first

by Lincoln University! under the direction of AudioVisual this fund in this parish, It will to be included In any conferencewith seal campaign, which brought
Aid Co-ordinator Roy Oueenan and W.F.Lucas,visiting mean the end of such state aid. Joins FAMU ROTC Worst Traffic Senior Citizens the Eagles He also urged In $200. In 1927 and 1928, she
This is Leander Peres Mr. to reconsider his
lecturer In English parish Billings designed and sold the seals I
The series transcribes and preserves for the Lincoln archivesa and he has openly stated that Instructor Group i( Record Is Being refusal from her home In Huntington, I
series of readings, Interviews,discussions and other creative ha and the people have the plansto Set Attend First "I believe the Fraternal Order W. Va., but always envisioned
activities on the campus near Oxford, Pa. obstruct court orders to attend Nam t Says Patrol of Eagles Is big enough and that the campaign would event.
The first In the continuing series was videotaped Oct. 5 in public schools and that From Viet i Medicare Forum strong enough to confer with ually develop Into a more vital
the Fine Arts Building and featured four Lincoln peots reading there will never be Integration TALLAHASSE-Major Thonlus I TALLAHASSEE col. H. N. BROOK.LYNN. Y.-A lively persons dedicated to an Ideal," project of the Association
from their works in their schools. Robinson has joined the Florida Klrkman Director of the Dtpart- "Medicare Forum", designedto Mr. Wilkins said in a telegram Miss Louise Jefferson of New
Wednesday, Oct 19,Stokeley Carmichael was video tape dhen The Ixal' S3'i Hl board has AIM University ROTC Instructor 'I merit of Public Safety, stated explain government health Insurance dispatched on Oct. 19 to Mr. York has designed this year's
he appeared as a speaker before Lincoln students. :asked the court to permit themto Group from Viet NamJto{ oJ'> today that 1068 is going to b. a In easy terms to elderly 'Billings "I believe agreementby seal, as she had done for the
I VIRGINIA STATE COLLEGETen abandon a school boycottedby graduated from Dunbar High record breaking year for death Negroes was held recently at the Eagles to participatein past 16 years Other designers
white children. School, Washington, La., and and destruction on Florida's the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, a discussion of the situation have been artists Romanare L.
agriculture leaders from Kenya, Africa, were on the The "grant-ln-ald" law has received his B.S. degree in highways and If the trend continues, In the Bedford-Stuyvesant section would be Immensely helpful Bearden Elton Fax, E, Simms
Petersburg campus of Virginia State College Thursday and been: accused at taking advan- biology and general science now. la no sign of a letup of Brooklyn, N.Y. More resolving the whole question and Campbell, and sculptor Richard

J Friday (October 20-21)) as part of a 16-week program to help tage of this grant-in-aid to from Southern Unversity,Baton,i Florida inters the last and than 250 senior citizens attended In bringing peace and mutual Bar the.
develop agrlcultrual techniques and procedures In underdeveloped send their children to exclu- most dangerous month of the the session, which was respect into the Wisconsin area Two NAACP units have topped>
areas of the World. sive white schools which! act- yew with 25 more traffic deaths arranged as a public service by where there" Is now tension and all others In their sales the i
The visit was part of a program sponsored by the Agency for ually discriminate against poor than the 1.315 of the same periodof EX-LAX, Inc, with the guid- turmoil past two years. They are the '
International Development and the ujS. Department of Agriculture whites. 1965. ance of the Social Security Meanwhile Miss VelmaCoggs, New Orleans Youth Council and
In cooperation with Virginia State College, Virginia Poly- Simoltaneously, in a sweeping. For the first tight months of Administration and Nathaniel Harwell,Milwaukee the Palo Alto, C alII., adult
technic Institute, West Virginia University, Virginia Cooperative decision U.s. District Judge '68 only three counties are with- Elderly citizens rose to the youth council members, branch.
Extension Service, and other organizations Herbert W, Christenberry ordered out a traffic fatality out of the occasion and fired question on and Father James Groppi, the Says Miss Branche, "Selling
MILES COLLEGEThe the parish school Ute's 67. They were Gulf Medicare problems at ArthurH council's adult advisor, came these seals 1 Is especially
crowning of Callie Townes as "Miss Miles Collge reopened by Nov. 7, and the Lafayette and Liberty Quallo, Field Unit Super- to New York for a conferencewith rewarding You not only add
1966-67," Wednesday night In the College Auditorium, kicked authorities to provide at least Col Klrkman concluded by visor for the Social Security Mr. Wilkins, John AMor- to the traditional Christmas '
that durlrx
I warning
off what was to be Miles' greatest Homecoming week celebration 12 teachers. these last months of the year Administration, while recording sell, assistant executive spirit, but add to our working I
Parents In the parish nave! ) fading daylight reduces vision engineers from radi t station director; Gloster B, Current, budget as well."

Miss Townes led the Coronation procession Into the auditor- planned to prepare private : .t.. .. ;, / and distorts perspective for both WWRL, New York, circulated director of branches and field THE LAST ONE'to leave
ium and was escorted by James Rhand, vice president, Student schools to enable their child- ,'J/t'i' .. .. drivers and pedestrians. Slow through the audience to tape administration; and Mark a
ren to attend segregated J, Rosenman, assistant directorfor cocktail party can hardly. C tltDlig.Plg -
Government The crown was placed on her head by Mrs. ". "" ; down when the sun goes down the questions and answers
'I Beatrice Thomas Newton, "Miss Miles College 195253. schools. They also planned to ';. "I'.{ Youth- oroeram. -October. _

Following the crowning, "Miss "lies" delivered a very use the state "grant-in-aid" f',:. _. F"', _,... I r f
t" :; : .'
.:1 poised acceptance speech and was serenadedb y Clarence Darls system by which the state provides C'?
each child so dejlrlng to' \' ;
singing, "There She Is, THON1US ROBINSON
rrrrrm attend a private school the sum i % '..... .I )

Dr. Frank Pearson, Miles Alumnus '48 has returned from a of $2 daily. I Rouge, La. in 1956..He was commissioned : QUANTITY

two year leave of absence at the University of Oklahoma wherehe Negro Shun a second lieutenant RIGHT. RESERVED
earned the Ph.D in history. upon graduation '
His duties at"Miles Students Directorof Major Robinson is married to I',
new include Dean of ,
N.C. State, Fair, the former AlicsMWflllamsofDonaidsoovUhs ; : PRICES GOOD
Scholarship Aid, and special advisor to the president. 1': ':
He holds the A. B. u, A., and ThVDdegreesrfromlfllex*, '''Klan children Carpi.Aon.and and Thonlus pas two rs..: t: .::..:., :THROUGH: SATURDAY
College;' Atlanta University- and the university of Oklahoma'respectively. Gets Booth' in. ,' .c. '. I
RALEIGH N.C.-(NPINegro Major Robinson and his family .r'. ,
Miles is more than proud to have one of her sons rejoining attendance at the North Carolina
reside at 720 Stafford St, In'
her in the effort to make Miles one of the best colleges State Fair dropped off consider
the nation ably this year, as the Ku Kluz

Some 175 youths from four colleges and universities In New given a booth at the fair where Captain Gilbert Cleckley has BAKE-
York City will augment the staff of the NBC News Election anti-Negro recordings were joined the Florida AIM University ( SU6AR39 FULLY COOKEDPICNICS
UnIt in the played. ROTC Instructor Group
covering Tuesday, Nov. 8 general elections on the
NRC Television and Radio Networks. NAACP officials had urged a from Headquarters, 3rd Bat-
boycott of the fair In view of the tallion, 18th Artillery,
Klan booth. Viet Nam He Is a native of RITE

ou Don'tHaveToGoToTDwnToGet "Move Them Niggers North" Orangeburg, S, C, and receivedhis
and "Nigger, Nigger," were a- B. S. degree in mathematics
mong the recordings played by from South Carolina State Col- LIMIT 5 IBS. PLEASE WITH
Klansmen at the fair. However, lege, Orange'ourg, S. C,in 1958. 4 TO B

LOW PRICES between defective loudspeakerand -He was commissioned a second_u __ $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
other loudspeakers in 3IBS. c LB. AVERAGE

DRUG STORE NEEDS nearby booths, the Klan hatedidn't BOLD
5 9
get much of a hearing. .
The Klansmen's 8-by-8 footstall
II Trade W I t h Your Neighborhood Urug Store] was decorated with a

. WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR.LOCAL' painting of Bob Jones, grand
I' Papers. Deliver We also fill all Doctors Prescrip gragon, North Carolina Klan, DETERGENTC 38'SILVER
tions. in his robe and regalia office.
F Jones was at the booth each day
to pass out leaflets, answer lB.

i r Dixie Pharmacy questions and, and records.sell Klan literature COWEVAPORATED GIANT

! Klansmen hadb@enorderednotto

: 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue booked use it their up anyway.loudspeaker, but r LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH OTHER FOOD FRESH 3 DOWN WESTERNSPARE

FBI agents, who had advised PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR
Phones Elfin 5559798 fair officials not to let the rhr MILK MORE
Klansmen use their loud-
speaker, kept a watch on Klan GILBERT CLECKLEY
booth. Klansmen were prohibit- lieutenant upon graduation. I FOLGER'S
ed from using the word Captain Cleckley Is married
I' "nigger" when they harangued to the former Tliea Williamson 6 1 RIBS'Del
, AND TELEPHONE BILLS I AT OUR STORE passing crowds.BAPTISTS, of Mullins, S. C., and has a11 COFFEE 1 l8. 69C

one child, Pamela Stacy. CAN
PLEDGE Captain Cleckley and his
VETERANSTHE II ,I family presently reside at 302
SUPPORT TO NAACPNEW Polklnghome Village Monte 49CMIXWfWl

YORK The Baptist
Ministers' Conference of Noted Pianist LB.MATCH .

JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE INC. Baltimore has pledged 10,000new ,
or renewed memberships
by Nov. 15 for the NAACP Teacher Joins 4 FRESH SEMI-BONELESS

Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking Crash Miss Membership Gertrude campaign.Gorman, Jvilliard Staff SALE I PORKFRUIT

NAACP field director at large,
Harris noted pianist
Robert ,
I states that since there are more
than 100,000 Baptists in Baltimore and teacher, has been appointedto 303 CANS
i Applications For Its the churchmen have the Juilllard School of Music'' COCKTAIL
division ROAST
assured her that a ten per cent piano faculty, preparatory
quota should be easily reached. for the current academic CUT GREEN $
Is headed year, 196667. Earlier In his
The Conference by
Veteran Class. Rev. George A. Crawley Jr. career, he was the first Negro BEANS 100
Dr. John L, Tllley will serveas appointed to the Juilllard Extension 490FANCY

chairman of the campaign faculty SLICED OR WHOLE ,
Mr. Harris Is also on the
The Size Of Our Classes committee. faculty of the Music School of
Miss Lucille,Black;and Glos- BEETS 303 GLASS
ter B, Current, who are spearheading the Henry Street Settlement as
the drive from the well as a member of the piano

! Is Limited By Law. encouraging National Office replies, report are coming that, acuity newly-founded of St.Harlem's James RED JONATHANAPPLES U. S. NO. 1 SNIFFS PREMIUM

In from across the country. School of the Arts, headed by
Telegrams were sent to 44 the distinguished soprano,
f membership drive representatives Dorothy May nor; meanwhile, POTATOES
Enroll Now To Be Sure Of across the country asking continuing to conduct his own BACON

them to report progress. More private studios Carnegie Hall
Place. than half of them have and In Greenwich Village

CAll 355-9874 I I responded VOTE favorably.I I I piano in-residence He and has at taught Jackson has served and at State Fisk professor as University Collegein artist-of- CELLO PKG 390(: 10) liS. 3C'(: LB. GDCSATURDAY

Jackson, Miss.

ii (


.rt > raoJllyP7firo/o 1J11 .
.fp. sJelaV.o..o..e..vra. ..


. : ;- I \ i1 :

Id ir' yyy.yyyyy ..1.. tt A n
'1 4

I V iL ({r/

., _. .
----- ------ --- ----------
; I

World Of BooksBy Principal Dancer In Ballet -

Moon Over Miami LOUISE P. DUMETZ rimcfYOU ASKED ME "II i

Its winter series at 10 concerts in the Miami Beach auditorium NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL J I
Nov. 13, featuring the Casadesus trio as guest stars ANGELS, By BRUCE 'I.: .. I J
JAY FRIEDMAN, Published by : .... : :
Fabien Sevitsky will conduct the program, which will Include f ; :
what do.
Bach's "Concerto for Three Pianos"with Robert,Gaby and Jean SIMON SCHUSTER, New DEAR LONNIE: can't get a decent grade
Casadesus at the keyboardsThe York, 188 pp, 14.50 1 keep on trying and trying, and do you know, these teachers all
second Philharmonic, harness racing approved at A loud mouth writer has assayed do the same thing. They give me low grades. What shall I do?

Nov. 27, will have Joyce Arce, Tropical alter the running meet a "chord of absurdity"that Now Slow
21-year-old pianist in the guest ends Jan. 16. Hlaleah and Gulf- is a" one-foot-in- "
spot. Previously she has appeared stream divide the remainder of the-asylum style of fiction." YOU SHOULD SHAW,TJU YOUR ARE NOTS )Volunteer) to
with the Dallas and the dates for the thoroughbreds. Friedman writes imagi- give an extra report.Stay ahead of what's going on. On the other

Amarillo Symphonies. Jose While this subtropical resort natively In his 16 stories, hand, maybe you're lucky to be passing.Had you thought of that. ?
it with the
Serebrier will be guest con area quickens pace nonologues, Jokes, and intel-
ductor. approach of its popular vacation lectual stoppers--with a black
Final of the three pre-Christ- time this month, antennae are humor style that faces a DEAR LONNIE: I get goose bumps every time I look at a cer-
mas Philharmonic conce rts Is attuned to the ChristmasNewYear questionable future. tain girl. I get hot and cold and nervous. I can hardly talk to her.
scheduled Dec. 4 with Alain Holidays and the Orange Black humor allows action She doesn't act like she feels the same way. WLat should I do?

Lombard ascuestcondJctorand.teanneMz.rie Bowl Festival. without feeling.. It presents Bumpy t

Darre featured at The current question is which idiocy based?" c cat re.There'are .
the piano. Although well knownin teams will be in the bowl for the driveIn'theologians IF YOU'RE ,BUMPY' HOW CAN YOU TELL THE GOOSE

Europe for many years, Miss the big game Jan. 2.Regardless, who advertise "Worship 'BUMPS FROM THE OTHERS? You should try to be cool. You'
Darre did not make her debutIn a capacity crowd is assured for in Your Car Casually Dressed." should try to get on friendly terms with the girl and try to find4

the United States until 1962. the 76,500 seats available, and There are computerized blind, out if you liKe her or if she Just starts a lot of chemical changes

The Miami Beach Symphonyalso pre-game and half-time pag- dates "freedom" fries in you.
eantry will bold almost as much .......
Its winter
inaugurates with napalm,college professors
interest as the contest Itself.
series this month with a pre- for ISD.
sentation of "Traviata" in Sharing the spotlight will be lobbying The author of "Stern" and "A DEAR LONNIE: I was sound asleep In class and It was (our
concert form in the auditorium the New Year's Eve King Orange Mother's Kisses presents o'clock before I woke up. The teacher left me In the room all

Nov. 20.The orchestra's second Jamboree for those who love a another entry replete, with the by myself and nobody came In there. The next day the teacher

appearance will be Dec. 18 with parade; the Orange Bowl Junior gutbusters and shockers that said 1 ought to know better than to go to sleep in class. She

Leonid Hambro, pianist, as Tennis Championships; the mike black humor As said I'd know better the next time. Don't you think that was
Five Orange Bowl regatta with four up unfair? Suppose I'd been locked up in the school all night
guest more con- lasting art it may not be appealing -
days of powerboat racing the Sleepy
certs ire scheduled by the ; but it can present !
North-South All -Star
Miami Beach Orchestra, one personal truths by Inference
game on WELL, GO TO BED
each month
through May. and help us to see them with
Football of course continuesin and, for visitors, a sojourn into billboard clarity. bet the teacher told the Janitor, or somebody, t to wake you

the Miami Beach vaction summer. SWEET TASTE OF SUCCESS before the school closed.Anyway,a lot times the way to aviod,
trouble is to do what you're supposed to do In the first place.
picture with both collegiate and .. .
AFL games In the Orange Bowl ENTERTAINMENTHUES Pocket By CEIL Books DYER, New, Published York,96pp by, .: :;::7', .... ;" ... ... .,. ... ... ". .. :' ; ,. Try to stay awake and maybe you won't have any problems.

across Blsuyne Bay. & CRIES $1. ., _.. ..**********..
The University of Miami plays This collection of 79 dessert ..' ,... .., ,. .
Pittsburgh here Nov. 11 and SCORES IN PA3IS ... .
takes on Iowa the following Fri- PARISFranceNP1Ameri recipes, may be Intriguing to ';: If you want to ask a question, send It to "Since You Asked
day night. can-born singer Dakota Staton those who are curious about the Me," Negro Press International, 5708 South State Street,

The Miami Dolphins come back flew in from London last week gustatory preferences of Chicago, Illinois 60621. ,
home Nov. 2)to meet the Boston and scored a big hit at several celebrities To others, it will

Patriots, and finish the season service Bases withing clubs at a 150-mile U.S. Military radius probably lection of be plain an and interesting fancy dishesto col Northwestern University student Earnest Morgan was the principal Youth Wins Itf' GIVE TO FIGHT

against Kansas City Dec.11 and Sie turned in top-notch serve on festive occasions. dancer In "Requiem for a Slave an original ballet presented on ,, MULTIPLE
Houston Dec. 18. All these
games begin at 4:30: p.m., the performances, for the GIs despite Each recipe is the favorite of Chicago's educational station WTTW Tuesday, Nov. I. "Requiem fora Over Age At SCLEROSIS
the fact that she a celebrity in theater, politics, Slave" used Its of the life of
college games at 8:15: p.m. was story and death a slave as a The I eat crippler,
Thoroughbred racing returnsfor suffering from a cold broughton collection sports, literature is edited,by etc.nationally The commentary on the joys and sorrows which all I men face in their NAACP Parley I HE of adults
the winter Nov. 19 with I.v'lat was described as
syndicated food columnist Cell lifetimes. Morgan is shown above with Rita Rojas, who danced the
Tropical Park sounding the first a sudden change of Puts "fun- LIDO BEACH L. I. -(NPI) '
weather." Dyer. part of his wife. (NPI Photo by Stephen Hale ) -
post call for more than five ny Youth won over age at the

months of the sport.Efforts also GONE BROADWAYNEW -... -E.-I.- .* .-i.I .- -.... state NAACP convention as,re-
'e being mad in court to have i.YORlC- .:' : :, i UlQCtiRDCP osttLbL'rtlieorganization's 'C.r3tTTxc ru'scltt
singer-dancer Leslie Uggams Scientist Sa'ys" Negroes youth division
[I Altar r'C ll'
will switch from the klelg lights were adopted in preference to
BEACHSHORTS of television to the footlights Intelligence Level DifferentIn proposals presented by NAACP tt
of Broadway next April when conservatives
she'll star in a new musical LOS ANGELESNPI)- particular." WARNED ON RACIAL PROBLEMS Members of the youth division
titled "Hallelujah, Baby! The Negroes appear to have a different According to his findings, recent JACKSON, MISS.-(NPI)-A warning that white Methodist had walked out of the convention
stir of Mitch Miller's "Sing level intelligence,than research by other congregations throughout the south must be prepared to take after charging that the delegates

Along" television show! Miss other American groups, declared scientists has shown that Intel- a positive lead" in solving racial problems, was made by were working on "old tired
MIAMI 3EACH-A "language Uggams will be making her Nobel-Prize winning ligence and mental health Bishop Roy H. Short, Louisville, to the Southeastern Jurisdictional proposals" while "rats are

bank" is maintanined. by the Brocdvay debut li Via show physicist Dr. William Shockley.The apparently are determined Council. Noting that "If we do not think for our crawling all over kids in the
Miami Beach Chamber oIClm- singns physicist said he believed more by heredity. than environ- selves, someone will do it for us" he added that white slums."

merce. Through volunteers the 5C. swEW "significant research" into the ment. Methodists "need to keep these other Methodists(240,000( They returned later with
Chamber is able to call upon \ORK-NPI)-Shakes- problems of city slums would Simultaneously, he charged Negroes of the Central Jurisdiction) in mind as well as ourselves of their own which resolutions -
residents proficient, in 26 for- actor William Marshall that the intellectual communityis "
pearan bear this out. But the fact that were later passed by the 600 .
eign languages to assist of Gary, Ind, has signed to such a finding can be expected"is "unwilling to face the exis- delegates. yf
visitors from other lands In play the starring role In one important reason that tence of environment-heredity COOPERATION DEGREE The youth's resolutions whir ur

the city. ****** "Javelu", a new play openingat such work is not now being uncertainty." ALEXANDRIA, VA-NPI-Approval of a bylaw establishinga passed, included proposals, that I1F 111
the Actors Playhouse, Nov. done," he added.At He was referring to the fact "Joint committee of cooperation" was registered last week local NAACP branches take the
vacationers in Miami beach 9. Marshall is a star of the the same time, he that most social scientists regard by: Negro and white officials of the Mount Vernon Baptist association lead in developing cooperative

ordinarily see but few speciesof stage, screen, radio and television questioned whether welfare environment as more important meeting in First Baptist Church. The committee is businesses in the slums and
the scores of palms that will programs have developed a than heredity In empowered to "nurture meaningful communication" betweenthe that tenant councils be formed,
grow here.Coconuts, royals and TURNS INNKEEPER "relatively unadaptable human determining behavior patterns association, and Its Negro counterpart, the Northern and supported.
the native cabbage palm perhapsare KERHONKSOW' NY- most commoi. Seldom Famous one-legged dancer Dr. Shockley urged the evidently does not share. mutual assistance and cooperation." the youth rebellion WMBMSpollight
Was Gerald of Harlem
several thorny varieties Taylor
planted are ,
"Peg Leg Bates" has endeda National Academy of Sciencesand
but many of these may be colorful who asserted that "Either you
42->ear (active) the National Academy of
which are going to deal with problems ProductOf
seen at Fairchild Garden,
career in show business to
Engineering to "disregard
racist -
has the largest collection the settle down, : to the full-time life implications" in a YOUR PICTURES PUBLISHED FREE of the ghetto or you are not."

Western Hemis/, .a.1: of a country squire. proposed study of the Influenceof J 'Taylor Staten, 18 Island, Is a Community student at The Week

on slum heredity dwellers.He and. environment' Call The MIAMI STAR Photographer ;; College.Katurally. Miami Florida
said scientist have hesi-

tated to make such a
lWAMEDIAL regarding the subject-with its To Cover four Church Events Teas, Banquets, Weddings I.w f
racial overtones-as "too hot

to handle." Fraternal Meetings. Social Events Birthday Parties
Dr. Shockley:pointed out that .,

he Negroes was not are stating inferior.outright However that, | FREE OF CHARGE Phone 3771025 Or 6357069) Niqhts \ I i

1260FLORIDA'S he was indirectly hinting in

that'intelligence'direction: as distributions"he spoke of Please Call 2 Days In Advance Of Event

among "ethnic minorities in NOTE You May Purchase Copies For Your Scrapbook
general and American Negroes : '--'
"""" '
'" .


the SHORTY-$35.


p For. complete 111......".. Calalo.f
Natr SlyleeWl.i.H.U"

"My son's skin was rough chapped..a Medale..d.nd...ttechmema... It'. rave- Rend FREE name: .*and orreaueet.
.dew. ,;; luet write.'
Healthy. Normal Baie /1 GoldModol Mele ....... Inc.Deal. .

RADIO # 1 neighbor told me how good pure 'Vaseline' In CROWS Tour YOUR hair from SCALP.fun the The depend MAIM condition ROOTS heavilyn of S, S. Bfclyn' IS, N.Y,,' ?

Petroleum' Jelly was. It didn't fail"Mrs Kiln..NOT. the Invented Yean natural olio a health DOCTOR medicated.( CAM-your te. :

formal celled CARBONOBL
Betty Washington, Chicago, III. which I* nixed with many prove
on beneficial Ingredient CAB*, I .
BONOEL la such a iron., powerful '
anllaepUe and dote aurh fine ,
From a child's dry, chapped skin ta work la DANDRIJPP: ITCHY,

the dry, ashy gray condition that many BUMPY & BLUES 'I I
RHYTHM plagues and ; or many'pe.lp I
grownups, 'Vaseline' Petro + troublet1 Man? annoying! i{'
leum Jelly, applied externally c. drasp Conditlona "
as a continuous are .,.. the .
dim, is the soothing answer No'other UM .( thi Trlpl..tr.ngth ter ", .rmmroJrltf
f formula Write for ,.... DOCTOR'S
softener no other skin cream, no skin GENUINE SCALP FORMULA.C It- /
lotion MW. It win t be .wet to you all J J I
RADIO STATION provides better moisture protection mixed and ready to in*. UIB ITPOM lu>t comb and brush le odd eoler
Vaseline Try it. 1 DATS, and If you are notatlefled lope. .e.h.. out Will not rub elf.
your money back Pay NOTA Eoaleet.o.ulckoel: woy
only .a"l .n delivery. Thle In to add color 0"A" *'
apnadaj more You get It with full 8.u."o"oeh.",."..,ovlnl ......
iR THAN COSMETIC CARE direction*. UN the flneit MXBI- coloring. Prevent eolllne. rubbing
CAreD SCALP FORMULA your oil. Cornea In Platte Cot*. Con
"WHAMMYIN money can buy Your hair and be carried In pockel or ,.....
,alp deeetvo fin* ear: Just sand jBname Comei in all ........., Blackle
and .dd._ to-GOLD. Platinum Blue. '
"' PRODUCT INC. Jut write, elate ........ Par only
: 8hecMhee4 B.yl.: I ill,, .9t on "o"v.. ". '..
Brooklyn 3Si MY. NOTE:: TMli"FOBMULA tl' Money bock If not dellghtoj.' "
MIAMI" ._Iee a 100% wrliV Gold. Model Heir :f,. ::'.. 'Inc.
Pw len money batik IU.." ... Dap.. S..,. Brooklyn: SS. N.. Yorkp

,. I)
6 .
:. '
L 1' 'j .r r 1 < .-..-


Job DiscrimiHatioR ChargedAt Big Cat' To Challegc -Clay NAACP President

.11 -,, -_ NEW LOCATION
I 2 Industrial Firms I .,,,"''j.,1. Pushes MembershipIn Scbool Specials.
BALTIMORE .,. ._ .. 3 States
-NPI- -
lob .
d1Jer1mJDaUo at two industrial Specializing in Permanent t
firms wu charged civil rl M> orpnlaU, u the federal ''i" .' ; NEW YORK-NAACP President African Bush.
government itself was accused of denying promotions to Negro ,. Klvie Kaplan Is addressing

empt oyeas. promotional training opportunities :. _. .. 't .. /.i ," three Life Membership dinners For the latest in High Fashionand
The Congress of Racial ... ',. .... In three dilfent states over the personalized. and style
EqualIty to qualified Negroes, and "..... ,
has weekend of Nov. 4-7, as the for wigs, wlglets, braid, etc.,
complained of racial the confinement of Negroes to "
discrimination at the Bethlehem menial positions. ::: ; \ssoclftlon pressed forward In the "In" hairpiece that gin
"Y Its Crash beautiful hair
Steel Company A meeting between The company also was said Membership cam- you a new, style
CORE and company to let Negroes work in higher
< Mr. Kaplan will be In Indiana-
officials produced no result. classifications, in some eases, 1 /
According to Walter Brooks, while basing their seniority on ... i'. e. polls of the, branch Nov. 4-5.Life u Membership the guest JUANITA'SBEAUTY
director of CORE'S Target City previous lower-grade
project, only one of 50 foremen positions. Chairman, Dr. George L.Rawls
; ; and of the local SALON
in the crane-loading department This virtually means that if ;.. ( .. : .
of the ,, .. !fI-' .,- ..of.. ... Oo Nov. 6, be will Address
another hired .
suburban worker is the f
company's .1 Ioi._":'., ;. "'". :> .ill".
; the
Sparrows Point plant 1.1.Negro. Negro has no seniority or security !".' ". '<..WI",...>.,,,._"'1. % < .. "" """",. Freedom fifth annual NAACP 5506 All.. B -
He also in the be has been .. : Fund dinner in St.
that there '
charged job t i' 1 See Jacksonville's award
are no Negroes in the company's doing. ." I.rfr/. -. ,;,, N '. < : ,......-. I W.Louis Gates., chaired He will by Col. Clifton At 45th Strut winner! consultant and stylist
present $500
police and fire departments; At the same time, three Negro -: Life
none employed u drivers in employees of National Labor the Membership plaques to Phone 7653307 Mrs. Uu B. CitimTim
St. Louis
a 50-truck fleet; no carpenters, Relations Board complained in : Argus newspaper,
electricians Washington that the had \ : : Richard Green and Clarence
welghtmastars or agency t\f\\: ;, : .
millwrights In the rod and wire discriminated against them and ... ; : ..; English.The
.; ,. {. .. .. 1 following day he will be
.. .
mill; and none employed U denied them promotions IJ'. ,. : : ,.,.1', : '.,: ', I
i clerks In that mill's schedule because of their race.The :.: i,. .........,......V'I'. .' .".,:".., ,,..,.!.. ,''..,..........-..... ..>,.,. :(. ....;..ii.:.,':..,....<'\1-\..'..' ...:...".,.. ,". """ 1r', ..' .". -- in the Kansas branch's City first Mo.,Freedom leading
office charges were aimed at ; _
I: Meanwhile the NAACP filed Ivan C. McLeod, director of i Fund banquet. Lee VertlsSwln-

|a complaint in U. S. District the Second Regional Office, too, branch president, also
[Court in Birmingham, Ala., himself Negro.McLeod denied CLAY'S NEXT CHALLENGER Heavyweight boxer Cleveland "Big Cat" William and his serves as Life Membership
tasking for a temporary and the charges. wife, Irene, do a bit of fishing recently oo the ranch of Williams' Hugh Benbow. chairman there.

?permanent injunction prevent The three complainants are Williams, a 33-yeu-old ring veteran, is slated to meet Casslus Clay at Houston, Tau .

,, Continuing discriminatory: Robert E. Harding Jr.,a lawyer November 14, In an attempt to wrest the heavyweight title from Clay ; '7-- k ",'

I Vactices: by the Reynolds Metal with a Grade-12 rating;ThomasH. I ,
I Company and 11 bnildingtradeshill Weddington! a field examiner .
I And work onions Lls- with a Grade-11 rating and Slaying Arouses Indignation 4ppPJtdC& F 'IJarAaenvite'r?: ; I.trrgtllt cr"jUeRt JKnoto "I
[ier Ala.Among Mrs. Celestine Bailey, a Unit
Tim nerd frfil' iifil'Ki l tlif Wmlil Hrrlrt L.ncrnt hMnrir.Nm
[ discriminatory clerlca1.mpIOYMwIth.Gndt- Leading To Protest March nd Wl'r. : thf; oNle111.. un Hit ..Yrl111:, worry a'mi t !MICA out._ >
I 1'I.pmtllr /millmll' yuttiri Hi* ul.'e' polillwJ (b.Itlr.lintlu.r1 /
cited the denial 4 rating. They appeared before i .,
Inctlcea are RepairsgrRONALD / x11111.i{ luikfii Ih.w/
apprentice, on-the-job and a trial examiner at the Second CHICAGO --The slaying of Joe Louis' former sparring To Push War Oil"110"I". heed I, brlu..r-,,.. U no Hftit 10 worry .bou! '..fod.NI-eeloM.

Regional Office.In partner, Richard Haggan, white policeman, has stirred
a more hopeful note, the Indignant Southslders march LUG' 'AT
on police beadouarters in
['lansman Wilkins Humble Oil & Refining Company protest to the brutal act On JIM CrowNEW MULLET Lb. 35c !
Houston-''an equal him to surrender his liana.T .
I er"- The Southslders assembled at e boxer refused, whereupon SERVICEON
opportunity m p 0 1 Trouble Again its Humble Earn and St. Colombusnas Catholic one of the policeman grabbed YOR -?iana for step-- ALL I

Leurv Program (HELP), designed Church, near the slayhngscene, him. Haggan pushed him away, ped-up attack on de facto school SPANISH MACKEREL P
tSSEMER, Ala.-- to help minority for a march to protest the white and then the fight began. segregation were mapped at a MAJOR
group FLOUNDER . lb. 29cP.I
Kbasman Collie Leroy Wilkins, members to qualify for regular policeman's point-bland shooting Both the policemen beat him two-day conference called by We Repair .
convicted by a federal jury in stenographic jobs with the com of Haggan during an arrest with their nightsticks, but he the National Association for the ONr luu.Irwhe. x
the slaying of Mrs. Viola Lull- pany. allegedly for a traffic violation. continued to resist, offering Advancement of Colored People Hater Heaters

to, has gotten into trouble again "The program is Intended to The shooting was Just the sort to fight one of them by him here, Oct. 2021. Central Or BOAT WHITING lb. 39c ;
with the law. But for some help young people who would of act that could trigger racial self. A committee under the chairmanship ,...44..... INrIWe .... I........'". ......
strange reason, he continues to like to have jobs U stenogra violence. The Southslde has Then the white policeman drew of Dr.Kenneth B.Clark Room Air
elude jail.Wilkins who,otherwise would largely been free of race! riots his gun and shot Haggan-apparently operating>> through regional sub- {ConditionersRepaired
was under an appeal bertmabbibut to get the training ever since 1919, when the In the stomach-at groupings, will have three primary Till E lUG 4CROAKERS

.4 ond after being convicted by a they need to qualify," Humble drowning of a Negro youth- close range. functions. It will provide
rat court of conspiring to said. purportedly by a group of whitest The crowd, seeing this, was through the NAACP guidanceto SPOT/IN( LB
rive M r a. Lulzzo, white Equally hopeful was the a Southslde beach touched angered, but did not break out local communities who are All Makes .
etrolt civil rights worker, of Chicago Urban League's Talent off several days of destructive In violence. One bystander ran attempting todesegreagateschools All Models GINUINI BLUEFISH OCIA14 VIEW 39C

tr rights. and Skill Bank announcement rioting up to the squad car, to which ; It will provide expert ServicedOlAL353.0082 1'0." "IMI.Io4IN'.
en be got Into a brawl at a of openings with the State of There were conflicting reports the patrolmen had returned, witnesses in school litigationcases SHEEPSHEAD ((ypYe611A11611
cal restaurant, and was sen- Illinois as narcotics inspectorsand of what provoked Haggan's and threatened to kill the slayer and will conduct re.>
iced to SO days in jail and with a large nationwide slaying but one witness gave The nan was taken to police search on the damages of .... ,Ie. t.
1 a total of $220 on charges insurance company u underwriter NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL station, but later released."We segregation to both Negroes and 1921 BOULEYAR S HELL IOYSTE/RSI.'kh $550
public intoxication, assault trainees and claims this account didn't want him to start riot," whites. ause+IL : \q

battery, and resisting ar- examiner trainees. Haggan, a 6-foot, 1-inch, 240- police explained later. The com mitt. is composed of SELECTS FOR FRYING PINT
These positions are open to pound former boxer had been The two policemen sought to some 40 distinguished educators 'IU
_ appealed and was released young men with college educations driving when two white police calm the crowd down and keep social scientists, city STANDARD FOR STEWING PINT
I bonds totalling $525. or equivalent experience. men stopped him and asked groups bystanders separated planners and lawyers :

.. .. ... .., .. -
/.weed I I" ,11'1'' ; .n ; t (1I r J' I. t r t41G ZIIIIZtrtt. .L. 1 t

y .At. 0 T.

* .. .
t R

Can you continue to support a political

machine that has not given you job

opportunities has ignored your pleas for ,

h4 f! t

better housing, has not given you good *



streets Sewers and lighting ? ;:

Are you tired of the same old promisesand /

no action? :t; .

If so. vote for a man of his word ,': STATE SENATE DISTRICT 9


s' t 1 I,


I Robinson Gets Oka]r Planning For 0-8 Classic Survey Reveals NOW!

For Country Club Increase In 4 LOCATIONSTO

',ft. 11 SERVE YOU
Over Objections School IntegrationCHICAGO
..P Il 3118Edg.woodAvt.W.
LEWISBQRO: N_ Y. -(NPI>- \\\1\ -(NPI)- A survey 3701 EMERSON
Jackie Robinson obtained a per ., h released by the board of
rait to open an Interracial J r .I education revealed that Negroesare 830 CASSAT AVE.

country club, despJte objections 1 J now the majority In the 1824 WEST BEAVEI
by area residents, who charged .., ,. city's public schools. Thenum-
that club members might make \. ber of integrated high schools
too much noise. rose from 12 In 1963: to 16 this
1' t
Robinson, former star with ,, I' year, but the Washburne Trade NO STAMPS! NO GIMMICKS!
1 ,
the Brooklyn Dodgers, heads + : ." School continued to admit few
the club, to be calledthe '", ,>':",U'ii''1" "II! ''t.;"",', ,\,' Negroes, while showing a small
,\ iJ1.; ,
Pheasant Valley:: Golf and \ I'IJJ Increase. The percentage of
Country Club. It will be located : :' : Negroes rose form S.7 last LOW
about 40 miles from Manhattan, : :: JJr;\ : year to 4.6 this year,reflecting
near the Connecticut border. an Increase from 78 to 112
Residents living wear the site "' .. ; Negro pupils. Rights leaders
of the proposed club charged contended that trade
that the club might produce 39 .,' unions, which determine entrance U.S. GOVT. GRADED
noise and traffic in the rural .. l into the school, restrictthe
p area. However, town officials Officials' of Florida .A&M University The Orange Blossom Classic and The Coca-Cola Company meetto number of Negroes who
approved It anyway. plan sponsorship of the 1966 Classic Pictured left to right: Mr J. R. E. Lee. Jr., Founder of the
Orange Blossom Classic and Florida A&M Vice-Presidenr:Dr George W.Gore.Jr.,President of Florida attend.Refuse Dixie CUT ANDWRAPPED
Jax Airman A&M University;Coach Jake Gaither Athletic Director and Head Football Coach; standing Charles BEEF 49
H. Bot:>>ne. Account Executive The Coca-Cola Company: Mr, Eddie Jackson. Sports Information Director Order To Hall 1f2
Promoted first Class Florida A&M University: Mr. D. C. Collmgton.Coordinator of Orange Blossom Classic Special FREE
SAVANNAH. Ca. AnthonyJ. Actwit.lea and Publ ic Relations, Mr. R. N. Niles Business Manager of Athletics Florida A&M University I NAACP Domestic Corp ..

Dickerson, son of Mr. and WASHINGTON - Mrs. Thomas Dickerson of 5204 Fred Lorenzo Comes In First In American 500 sissippi's attempt to halt SUGAR CURED
Bunche Dr., Jacksonville, Fla., NAACP operations in the state
has been promote to airman DAYTCNA BEAC, Fla. Curtis Turner. Britt of the Associated Press, was turned back by the U. S.
first class In the. U. S. Air The final Pure OilFUcing Panelof Close behind Phillips, in Charlotte, N. C, Britt liked ,Supreme Court, which refusedto
Force. Experts poll for the year second place in the Pure Oil Lorensen to win at 105.500 review an order directing -
Airman Dlckerson is a medical was woo( by John Pralllips of the poll on the race at North Carolina miles per hour. Mississippi officials to permit 39L
specialist at Hunte-r AFB, Ga. Newport News (Va.:} Press witha Motor Speedway, was Jim The American 500 closed Out the NAACP to become domes PICNICS
H&is a member of the Military prediction that Fred Lorenzen Hunter of the Columbia. (S.C.) the 1966 battle for the NASCAR tic corporation Joe T. '
Airlift Comma nd which would come in first in the Record. Hunter named Loren- Grand National Championshipwith Patterson, attorney-general In
provides global airlift, air American 500 at an average zen at 103.550 miles per hour. David Pearson winning the his appeal, said the NAACP"a
rescue, aerorae-dlcal eva- speed of 103.717 miles per hour The racing expert for the Navy title with 35,638 points, and New York corporation,"was
cuation, air weather and air Phillips came close to hitting Guide of Norfolk, Va., Ray Rookie of the Year, James Hyl- trying "to force Itself upon the FLA. GRADE nAilFRYERS
photographic and geodetic ser- Lorencen's. recordbreakingspeed Melton, took third place in the ton, runner-up with 33,688 state when no attempt has been
vices for U. S. forces. on the nose for Freddie balloting with a guess of Loren- points. Pearson finished made to interfere with Its activities
The airman is a graduate of averaged 104.348\ m.p.h., zen at 105.340 m.p.h. seventh and Hylton tenth in the or the rights of its C
New Stanton High School. breaking the old nark held by Fourth spent went to Bloys race. members."

Negro College Choir!s Rams And Bulldogs In Action 25

On Radio BroadcastsNEW LIe

YORK The choirs of
four Atlanta colleges! will be -

spotlighted on time opening FREE SHETLAND PONY
November broadcast of ABC's
"Negro College Ctaolrs." The
schools to be represented are
Spelman lark MorehouseCollege COMPLETE WITHSADDLEand
C College, and BRIDLE
Morris Brown College These '
are among six member collegesof TO BE c
the United Negro! College '
Fund in the Atlanta area. To- GIVENAWAY t
gether they represent one of
the most important university also
complexes In the South. The ,
program will be heard the weekof '
Nov. 6.Succeeding. iiotnoim
broadcasts of the AT OUR NEW MlfDQlsituIDlf I
month will feature the choirsof a SUND1f NOV.
: Benedict College, Columbia -
S. C., the week of Nov. \ 3118EDGEWOOD ; !; Will
13; Bethune-Cooknvan College, '
Daytona Beach, Fla., the weekof 'il AVE. WEST ',' ;; ..7 BE HELD
Nov. 20; and Paine College,
Augusta, Ga., the week of Nov. Nothing to Buy f jj SUNDAY

27."Negro -JMTCOMEIVr-.:. :. NOV. 6 at 1 1p.m.
College Choirs" is
a Joint production oC the American FLA. BUDGET BRAND FRYER PARTS
Broadcasting Co. and the
United Negro College Fund.The 00
program affiliated is stations carried throughout by ABC LEGS AND BREAST 3 LBS. $1

the country on vary Log days and c
at different hours. Check local FLORIDA
newspaper listings for alrtlme GRADE A LARGESAVE
in specific areas.

is The the UnitedNegroCollegeFund fund-raising of 33 .., _._._ _._ .. .. C
arm --- ---- ----- ----- -------
full-accredited private collegesand Albany State's' Arthur Bell breaks looseon led the visiting bulldogs for nearly three

Southern universities states. During located the In past 11 10-vard scamper In the clash against quarters, 15-12, before succumbing to the EGGS IQcDOZ. 49

two decades, the Fund has powerful I South Carolina 'State here power and depth of Oree Banks'' Bulldogs
raised more than 390: million October 22. The upset-minded Golden Rams 1K>-15. DOZ.


Don't let Re-affirm National
LIMITs 3 9c
Position I
Of Assn.NEW LB,

YORK-What was her- .
a too-small education aided in the New York press as
a youth revolt against policiesof
the NAACP at the annual
convention of the New York WITH
state NAACP In Lido Beach, SUGAR $5.00 39
put the on Oct. 21-23, turned out, In the FOOD

squeeze you of main the, national to be a NAACPposltlon.re-affirmation ORDER !$10 II. :

The youth action was pictured -
as revolt within a revolt SMALL BAR B Q
withing a revolt Inasmuch as
sharp criticism of the national
policies had been voiced by cer-
tain adults, self-styUM' as
"Young Turks," among the 664 RIBS 40Cr
delegates attending the confer-
ence. The youth dele tints,
reported? walked out the .
? rII resolution sessions dems ding
stronger ements than those
being c' ered by the young MEATY
Tbrk-L, Jults. They called
the pend j resolutions "the NECK BONES PORK $1GRAPE'SLBs.
same tired old platitudes" and
urged adoption of resolutions L'S.
II mC dealing with ghetto problems.The .
set of resolutions pre-
sented by the youth on their, .
return to the session was, according C
to The New York Times
4 "enthusiastically adopted" by '
the conference.The 10
youth resolutions,NAACP
Executive Director Roy Wilkins LB.
later noted,"are essentially the
resolution I adopted last July
i by the delegates to the Assocl- GIANT

ation's convention 57th In Los annual Angeles.national In F A B WITH OR

it itr effect and, sometimes, In the WITHOUTORDER 59
very language, the resolutions OR
re-affirmed positons taken at
Los Angeles on housing, consumer AJAX
protection, employment,
Negro business, education and GOOD ONLY AT EDGEWOOD STORE
'police abuse. Some of the Los
To get a good job, get a good education Angeles resolutions went fur- WATCH THE KEN KNIGHT SHOW ON WJXT TV CHANNEL 4PAGE

... .
/ xt, J tJ 4

f.. . . . . _... :.......:..' __ ... L... .. "" .I. :..:..>."' ........:Io..I. j", .Io:.............. 4 ..

-I T '
H-_ .' "

- -

Ferrari EnteredIn Contribution To Boys Project Maurice Richards ForMer GraMhliNg Guard

1967 Sports Predicts Final Now With New York GiaNts I

NHL Standings .
Car NEW ivuuv wuv ui the surprise nor a live-yarn loss.
CompetitionDAYTONA free agents In the National Then the Giants put Willie at
BEACH- Eugenic NEW YQRK-"Tbe Montreal Football League Is rookie Willie left tackle in front of'
Canadians and the Chicago Young of the New York Giants. Krammerer.
Dragoni competition director Hawks will It out
of the Ferrari factory racing fight Young, a product of the Gramb- Krammerer did not get to the
for the National Hockey League
ling College football factory, In the fourth quarter as
team, has officially entered two former passer
12-cylinder, four -over-head championship, predicts came to training camp listed New York rallied for 10 points.'
Canadian and all-time
cam, 1967 prototype sports cart as a 247-pound guard He said later:
star Maurice Richard In an
In the Daytona 24 Hour Con Right! now he Is a 272-pound "Young is surprisingly strong.
article in the current issue of
tinental. track-road race at offensive tackle and In the interim I hadn't seen much film on him,
I SPORT Magazine. he also worked at but he really rams into
Daytona ( International Speed up you.
"And going down to the wire
offensive guard and defensive He lack mobility but he's
way on Feb. 4.8.Negotiations the Canadians will again over- may ,
tackle. tough and not only on passes.
for the first 1967
haul the Black Hawks
competitive appearance of the mainly Willie first drew wide attention "Look at the films, and you'll
because of their
famed Italian cars were com Richard. in the Giants',24-19,nearmisswith see he blew me out of there on
St. Louis, then came a running play too."
pleted here between Dracoa1aDd ,
E&Ikwii'v "The Toronto Maple Leafs and
through in the clutch in New
Bill France, Speedway Rosey Brown, who coaches the
the Detroit Red Wings should
president. York's first win, 13-10, over Giants' offensive tackles, says,
pin finish third and fourth,
Dragon said that present plans respectively," continues the Washington. Willie really keeps after his
call for the 24 Veteran defensive end Carl man.
Daytona Hour y
Rocket, "while the Bruins and
Contienental to be Ferrari's headed up a strong "He's
an excellent
the Rangers will battle It out pass
only factory appearance in the for the fifth spot." pass rush and person- blocker for a young player.
ally threw the New York
United States in 1967. passer When be learns
On the question of the return to pull out on
"Ferrari will be out to do of former Canadian star Boom- three times for 30 yards in addition running plays, 1 think he'll nave
IPs very best in the Contin .1 1 Boom Ceoffrlon to the hockey to stopping a draw play a real future in the VFL."

ental," Dragolnl said. "We wars with the Rangers and Its
are not permitting'the difficulty effect on the cellar-dwellars, Shaw Bears Dropped 19-6

of our task, or tb8 Richard says: I
tremendous power of the opposition : "Boom-Boom should score By Smith University
to daunt us. We will close to thirty goals this season
send our best against the strong and that would be a real boost The Shaw University Bears scored their initial touchdownat
Continental field and hope thatit for the Ranger offense. How- trying desperately to gain their the end of a seventyfiveyard

Is sufficient to make a creditable ever, that won't solve the first victory, held Johnson C. drive with quarterback,
showing in one of the Rangers' problem or weaknesson Smith University to a 6-6 halftime Robert Bonier climaxing the

world's greatest racing e- defense," concludes Richard score, but fell behind in drive with a two yard plunge,
vents" "and they will still have to the last half, dropping a 19-6 off his right tackle. Smith's
Dragon said that of the four battle Boston to escape the decision to the Bulls Johnson next touchdown drive was for
drivers needed to handle the league basement." C. Smith University Saturday, sixty-one yards,with QB Bolder
cars in the Continental In October 22 in Charlotte, N.C. leading the drive with a sweep
February three had been NorthSouthGolf The Shaw Bears scored their off his right tackle that netted

chosen. only TO, late in the second fourteen yards, moving the
"We will use LodovicoScarflottl PRESENTATION-Jullus Bacon president of equipment for the Astro Bees Pop Warner Tour.' quarter on a block punt and a Golden Bulls across the mid-

Lorenzo Bandlni,and the Astro Gents Men's' Club is seen receiving footbal I team. Looking on from left are Y recovery. The Bulls of Smith field mark in Bear territory.

Mike Parkes. All of these men a check for $50 from Wilson Royal Ambassadors Ralph Washington and elected to kick on a third down Bonier carrying again, running

have been factory drivers for of the Royal Alton Adams also Astro Gent Louis C. Set For Feb. and seven situation on their own behind his right tackle, with
Mazeke financial secretary ,
more than three years. We are, fifteen )'ardl1De. At the snap of the ball on the thirteen yard
now negotiating with a fourth Ambassadors Club. The contribution from Meyers. MIAMl-Dales for the 14th annual the ball, Shaw's defensive end line, moved on in for the touch-

driver, but all I can say at the the Ambassadors Club was made to buy North-South Golf Tourna- Robert Russell a senior from down. Smith's final touchdownwas
present that be (is one of the ment have been seUor Feb. 8-12 Asheville, charged In on the scored: on a tight-end delay

outstanding drivers in the American League Stars Dove Hunting Rose Bowl Game at the City of Miami's Country punter, knocking the ball to the play that put right end Bob
world." Club at Miami Springs. ground. Bishop Stallings, right Duesen berry in the clear downon

The Daytona 24 Hour Continental ,.- Sold Out Several Innovations will be Incorporated guard for the Bears was the the Bears' five, going in for
Is the first 1967 race for f &;i : Season Ends Already In the event. They first to touch the ball for the the touchdown.

the championship of the manu include posting Individual start- Bears. Stallings, slipping on Leading the Bears offensively
facturers of the world for sports .. I November 6 To Be TelevisedThe Ing times minutes after the the wet field, missed on his attempted were Bill Jones and Fred Long

and sports prototype cars. l' },' completion of each day's play; recovery for the Bears. who gained over a 100 yards In
Along with the 24 Hours of Le .." TALLAHASSEEFlorida dove 1967 Rose Bowl game- assisting out-of-town golfers However, Nathaniel Saunders, the first half. Jones and Long
Mans, It Is the only race of its t : hunters will have a short rest the granddaddy of all the locating convenient accommodations freshman from Greensboro, ran at the right and left halfback
sanctioned bv tlm FIA. a .. C' :, period beginning at sundown, football bowl contests-4s sold ; contacting former dived In making the recoveryand position respectively.
world governing body of ,\ ;1' t Nov. 6, when the first phase of out despite the fact the game participants In order to process scoring the touchdown. The Shaw's record now is 041.
sport of-racing.! : ; the 1966-67 dove hunting season Is over two months away and registrants early; and workingout Bears attempted a two point

Cars in the Continental run clsoses. The second phase will the participating teams have a more appealing plan for the conversion play, but it failed. Fight Cancer
over the Speedway's 3.81mile open Nov. 19 and continue yet to be named. pros. The Bulls of Smith University
circuit.: This Includes the high through December 4. The third The only public sale (3,500 Dr. Ira P. Davis, tournament ._---
banks and long straights of the and final season will open Dec. tickets) for the gridiron classic, committee executive director,

Speedway proper, and the flat, 17 and continue through Jan. 2.'*which will be colorcast over the dald several converences between HEATING 'If .I.It.s t flRErlACE( NEIhRT [
winding infield road. Legal hours for dove hunting are NBC Television Network Monday the committee and city C"41t U.e
from 12:00: noon to sunset of each! Jan.2,.was held earlier this officials brought about these OIL I L $,."<.,< r I COAls
: WatchThis open day. month, according to the Tourna- changes which are expected to Cr.d C,Ode ,
The hunting season for resident ment of Roses Committee. The create stronger player Interest. ALL< SEASON: U'rljJ, ;'&. .
CjQ.wrxli.in2l.rJ3 rural. gam e birds and animals remainder of the 100,000 seats The sport attraction (Is publicized cmi NORWOOD' AVI, ,pH 'M-4511
opens on-half hour before sunrise are allocated to Big 10 and by the City of Miami. ..... -
Two of the American Football League's on November 12 except In AAWU Conferences and :
I ; : ) fII. '\': eaaAcadiNawowu'.NJ4Y:: : ;Nn..... a.l,+auat, 1.,,,;,:
w most\explosivje) I score rs-ajel.Uef.t: Oils I 8".sxteeI14CQ11 1U8I d licI>:tlh A.echoeta; "I I
19 ij 12 -36** Taylor flanker back of the Kansas west Florida where the season
opens one week later on Nov.19. Aggies Foil '/NI..W.Y1MV+1.1MI+1/Hit 14NYr./-N. IYNM1 N4.YN FNINIM IYIIN. NUINNYNi
\ City Chiefs, and Keith Lincoln all-star Legal hours for hunting resident

,.. .< 1 fullback for the San Diego Chargers. vame are from one-half before i ;

7 ,M. I They and many more outstanding football I sunrise to one-hall hour after Before Morgan '
the NBC Television
stars are seen over
roi* : The season for ducks
.2 y /Yf" 4 network every Sunday on the network'slive and coots opens one-half hour State 138GREENSBORON.C.The

8 4 coverage of the AFL ( most games in before sunrise on ThanksgivingDay ,

color ) Taylor in his second year of November 24,and will con oUi T'
39 52 46 professional football I is on his way to tinue with dally hunting for four College Aggies fell before the

15.14 63 gain over 1,000 yards in pass receiving days, ending at sundown on Nov. running power of the Morgan ,'
27. The secODdphasuea80nforwaterfowl State College Bears, 13-8, in a I
Sometimes He's UpSometimesHe's the first for a Kansas City player. will open on Dec. 3 CIAA football game played here'''

Down, He adds, subtractsHe and continue through January at Memorial Stadium recently.The .
works it all awond Legal hours for waterfowl defeat all but marred tM

See bunting are from one-half hour giant homecoming celebration
Gilbert To Action
34COMING. 83 21 Matthew before sunrise to sunset. which drew more than 14,000

fans on sunny afternoon.The .
ATTRACTIONS Against Stanton Engineers fOREI Aggies spotted the Bears ,
two early TDs and came back

27MAN'S. 61 19 W. Gilbert Panthers Panthers from the undefeated strong to make a ball game of
The Matthew k
for ranks In county rivalry. It.
will be the opponent Injuries to two key oUT play-
DAYSNUMBERED Last year, the Engineers were
I' the Stanton Fighting Engineers defeated by the Panthers in a r sin the third period may have
Friday at 8 p.m. in Sun Valleyin hard fought 28-48 victory, following ,I been the difference In the Aa i
to be an
Is expected '
what a fumble by the outcome of the clash. Elvis
upset in county rivalry.The in the last Betheat the 255-pound Une-
Numbered. scoring
"Man's Days are have been going Engineers, '
Health and Fortune Can Be Engineers hours of practice, 24 seconds, of the game. backer, and Jim Smallwood,the 6bk
Yours When: You Know Your' through extra this Importanttilt. S,,\KEBITEPoisonou :274-pound: tackle, who came out
preparing for of the ball la the third 4
Lucky Days. snakes. pose! a dangerous -
fall I crushed Aggie hopes:
hazard to summertime and quarter,
Lucky Colors, etc. In their last outing, the Engineers campers and hikers Campers and lit to win the contest.
Send $2.00 for your defeated the Eugene J. hikers should become acquainted The Romans played a t Morgan pushed across touchdowns '
Horoscxvi Guide for Butler Falcons by 4-0 score with types of reptiles inhabiting game like golf-with a ben t> In each of the first two
in an defensive _a. the area and learn their identifying stick. In the early 1800's, 1L r a
NOVEMBER held the ?Falcons offenseto characteristics If someone In your wooden clubs were handmade :| quarters on passes by Junior vN
Kill in the blank below and mall They first downs and 65 party is bitten place him inprone a at select golf courses, quarterback, Daryl Johnson,
three i Then tie a tourniquet i
Post Office Box position I and passing was the actual difference -
to ZODIAC, yards total offense.The passing above the fang marks Today, many pros use club but 'It was their running
1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla. attack of the Falcons never got and loosen! It every ten minutes with fiberglass shafts by The ,
attack which set the scores
NAME ---- off the ground as they were able After mark with that a cut sharp through blade each, ,fang and l Plas/Steel Co.-according tc and permitted control up of the ball -
of nine
STREET ---- to complete only one draw out the poison with a suction I engineers at Johns-Manville In the late stages,when it really 4
attempts for 10 yards. mouth If possible,
cup or your counted.It .
DATE OF would like the and t VOTE
The Engineers avoid rroving victim gel
the defense which
Mo. Day was strong
than to knock the medical help immediately
.kept oUT In the ball game, and
not until late in the fourth period

did Morgan get easy comfort.
Tbf Aggie defense stopped four
Morgan drivers deep In the
shadows of their goal posts.
Outmanned by a bigger and
faster and quicker assault,ALT :\ ," ., It, .! .
had opportunities to score following
each of Morgan's touch- You'll go better refreshed with Ice-cold Coca-Cola.

J downs, but the Bears stopped Coke has the taste you never get tired of. Always refreshlng.That's

the drives, once on the 15-yard with Coke after Coke after Coke.
why things go
In the first quarter, losing the

,ball on a lateral Interception,
ale and again In the second quarterat
the 20-yard line on a fumble.
Morgan's first score came on
a W.yardpass from Daryl Johnson UilnitgO

to Gerald Boyd, and in the b WIth

second period, Johnson tossed
to Boyd for 18-yards. Johnson Coke

converted after the first score. ?
The ALT touchdown came on I

a sneak by Craig Sills from the .

one, climaxing a 68-yard drive
key plays were passes by Sills
to Mike Johnson the AIT half
back. The kick for the extra.

,point by ,Clyde Pettaway was
e t e e e e e er wide. ottM node tile Mthority of TIle Coca: -Cote i Company by Jacksonville Coca-Cola bottling Companyt

wM """I', Nl'" 1M yar ...-..,

U.S. Saving Bonds
'Y l"


1 I II 1 1I r" 111111 _



I SECRET PRAYER I Triple 'f'flort.For. ElderlyTEAMWORK Voters Favor Iroward Williams

FORMULA CHART I ,1. ." :.,' For State Treasurer Post HELP Pirtine WANTED Tinr MALE

;I PSYCHO 'PHYSICAL I I.I ::f ; Over Republican Opponent Met with lars,work a few hours'
j. .
I, '. on your days off and earn$10 to
INC. SECRET 1- The majority of Duval citizens u well as voters across the $15 or more. Apply: FLORIDA
FORMULA CHART. :; 1I' state hare Indicated that they support the election of Democrat STAR, 2323 Moncrlef Rd. cor.
My prayers are being sent .,.. Broward Williams for State Treasurer over his Republican 13th.
,, [
ud blessings tor Free are Daily coming Blessing.How in.Send ....' ., -:) ..... : ....:' opponent In the coming Nov. 8 .general election.
The selection of Williams, employees to make the Florida
to get what want :
you ,. : surveys show, Is based on his department one of the finest
this of Prayer. .
way 1 ; experience and his accomplish' In the nation. As a result, the HELP WANTED
self-addressed envelope .
i : .. mints during his short term Federal Government recommended -
Forster P. 0. Boxsa ,,,, ,
Rev. C. ,
:' I
; St. Allays N. Y. 11412. .1' ,'.., ,, r7' I ,. "'. of office. He won the Demo- Florida when El SALES PEOPLEMen
; I" '
4 -"I"J\ 'j"' if ";) I ,( 1,; I"'; cratic nomination In the first Salvador asked which of the
"'"'" .j" ;' "\\'p /: : >!//o.t, '''''I' .,.' )i. ".. May primaries by a wide marginover 50 bad model Insurance
/ I <<,i"1itc, I:, ,1'1)); "i' ", "t' \ states a and women, to sell advertising. -
: 07_
: ' Liberal draw
Howler ''"'''' I''I'1;; / / ('P'fIMI-' >. ( _' ,
The Prowler ';'. '' \ A I' : :: : :: was Duval County Com- Based upon his experience, commission, easy work, quick
Will scare burglaraway '" !Jt'l.b : ; ......... \: ... ,' jnlssloner Bob Harris. training and honors, Williams sales. You earn $73 to $150 if
.. i"" :' Broward Williams, for more has adopted the campaign you're keen. Frlngefbenefits
? / .
'dd + than 24 a career employee slogan: Proven Experience in
'. years FLORIDA STAn 2323
$4.00 Apply ,
Only i' :
.. .""ii r1"", ; "Jr {J with the State a Job it takes a Lifetime to Moncrlef Rd. cor. 13th.
Sold exclusively ,Treasurer's Office, was sworn Learn.
Exchange Clubs .. : .I ;? In as Treasurer January 28, Williams left the Treasurer's
: i1 : II 1965 to fill the vacancy left Office three times during his
crime prevention '
He worked two
.. by the unexpected: death of J. long career.
mittee as a '.. l,." .." 'e : Edwin Larson. years as an Insurance agent; The BestGroomedMenUseMURRAY'S
service. <<\ ; Williams had served many he served three years in the
I ; : : years as Larson's administrative U. S. Navy during World WarD

Contact Robert 0. Bell : t'&I& r0'i: : : this responsible office a high executive director of the .
.. ..
6089 SW 38th Street I '" ... regard nationally for his know- Florida Association of Insurance -
>, ledge and ability in the fields Companies.He I
Miami 55, Fla. 7654381)I .. ....,i..: :( ; of banking and Insurance. Joined the staff of the
I : ;:..... Within three months after he Treasurer's Office under the
Phone 667-9917 I ': assumed office, Williams was W. V.Knott administration after
} :,"f ,.,. named to the Executive Com- setting up the business machine
.'. mittee of the National Association system that took the office out
J j of Insurance Com of the pen-and-ink system and
e t ;. missioners. This not only Is a Installed modern bookkeeping
at signal honor for Williams, but methods.
;'Il also gives Florida a voice on Williams is a 32nd Degree
/ the policy-making board of the Mason, a Shrlner, an Elk, a
y national organisation that regulates member of the VFW and
the insurance Industry.A American Legion and a pri
LIFE ; few weeks later, Williams vileged member of Capital City
was singled out by the 1965 Kiwanis Club.
15737 Legislature as one of Florida's During his University of

top three administrators. Florida career, where he
If !'II Ie 17"10 7'--- During his state service under majored In marketing, he was
you are overcome with Kinky, Stubborn Hair
natural I can help AT BEDFORD-STUYVESANT: A successful j Joint t effort by the federal the Larson administration,Wit a member of Florida Blue Key,
Love, Marriage remove, Courtship.! Government, a business firm, and a church -- aimed at helping the elderly Negro liams was the driving force Phi Kappa Tau and other or- Respond "At If By Magic"Now.
KAY STARK help s to -- Is exemplified In this handshake between Robert A. M. Peterson (left center), a vice behind the establishment of the ganlzatlons. you nn ha\. .II d.> nfldenctif
Influences. Restores lost : president of Ex-Lax, Inc., and Rev. V. Simpson Turner, pastor of the Mt. Carmel Baptist system t of 22 field offfices Williams was born in Grace- ply pouf.hair linn In or neailv Ml yn.mwJ HKAY Supe"nrIIAIR >nu ip<

Visit KA7 ;rAHR..let her ;>> Church, In the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, N. Y. The occasion was the first throughout Florida that serve ville, Jackson County, in 1911. morning DHFSSISd, No mailer if POMVDF.>ou wnr II In long lh.
you to make the hit you "Medicare Forum," held at the church and arranged by the bus i n e s firm, with the major areas of the state, He was reared in Ocala wherehe and liik or Short for tool tomforl
the true message that is government experts answering questions of Negro senior citizens on Medicare problems.At giving every Floridian the advantages attended school. He marriedthe .MLHKAVf or hanh dot II Irrilanlj.best Conlaint and-It noIkihci i
piness, and success far left is Arthur H. Quallo, Field Unit Supervisor, Social Security Administration, and proffered by the office former Monetha Duggar of never pre.ry, '" '
Starr guarantee her work Miss Betty Johnson, Public Health Nurse, N. Y. City Health Dept. At right is CharlesS. without baring to travel to the Tallahassee, and they have one RAY Yuan II nnd Sujfl MJ r "r.'

have ever visited. No Ferber, District Manager, N. Y. Midtown Office, Soc. Sec. Adm., and Mrs. Turner. ,capital city.Shortiy daughter, Shirley Ann, a university HAIR 00INOPO alt t _.. ,
can and will help you with The meeting was recorded by radio station WWRL, New York, for nationwide radio airing. after assuming office, student. on ratorlie tali un ? + Nuww.re
Tomorrow may be too late. : Williams improved the systemof counter II yo* MUMRAY,
field of offices and added a dealer don not, S;," ";,:
5737 NEW TOOTHACHEWhy Calendar EventsThe regional office In Dade Countyto gel Pom.Je//I yukhlP h. e.n fur LAPel ass ralel ass
...., .. provide even more servicesto YORK LIVE-IN J03S: ,$43. you or tend only $1. and .t kill mall l
MHar "; ""ri I M |rt relief thataitt Miami will Nightingales of .
mm OM,JtL 'N.d'nl..I.mnl., ,.11 Consolers of lyn, N.Y.; the heavily populated area Rush references. HAROLD you aI.ni.ln Hair PomiJe pnap.ud.MOa9Av'I
it *> Mfk .nk. ,l, M. reltewth observe their anniversary Nov. Philadelphia, Pa. Local talent of Palm Beach Broward Dade AGENCY, Dept. 1L YN ROOK IUPIKHK... MOOUCTt COMPANY
U.S.I//1 North ot .>..blii, (tabs fam. Rat Ay "Two 411 Caulattt* Pitr.it, Marl 41219J
MrMnaed ay many _1iI1t.irajer 10, at Queen Georgia Basilica appearing will be the and Monroe counties. N. Y.
AN IfARfNT* Phoenix Avenue. Mays," "Rooster, Hen and
:,. on During his administration,
PHONE ) Special guest will be the Biddies," and others. A television Williams:
Brooklyn All-Stars of BrookThe will be given away. Mrs. -Coordinated the efforts of
Ethel Davenport Bannister is several statewide safety groups
the sponsor. into one Florida Citizens Safety PROOFJACQUIN'S

"" """" Dlsrtict 2 of New Mt. oiive Committee aided by a Florida
Baptist Church will celebrateit Action Committee for Traffic
a 48th anniversary and UM studies (FACTS) and others,
", "''.* SH .a P ." ". 26th of Mrs. Lola B. Webb, all designed to help reduce the
president, Nov 13, beginning at state's rising accident, Injury
3 p.m.:, In the church audi- and death toll in traffic, in the N MOUr
I : torium. home, in industry and on the
Speaker for ghe program will farm. LONDON
store that cares.: about I be Rev. R.L. Wilson, pastor of Instituted a working reporton
'I you West Friendship Baptist the effects of hurricanesand JeronpLondon
Church. Other outstanding talent windstorms with recommendations -
in the will also for improving
. ', "SUPER-RICH1/e SMOKED FULLY COOKED TENDER. participate? building codes to reduce damage T0 TOWER
and a plan for puttingthe r5
The Singing Union will present program into effect.

HAM 49R a program Saturday at 8 p.m., -Streamlined the regulations !4| !,d DISTILLED
Asst. Manager SHANK PORTION"SUPERRIGHT" in the Church of the Living God, for establishing insurance company -
Pillar, Ground and Truth. regional home offices In BnunioiDKYCIN LONDON
Florida to make the Sunshine -J.U.tViVt> GIN
State the Insurance center of
i iROAST : the South. These regional home
MAIDS, N. Y. SLEEP-IN offices bring not only Jobs for
43CBONE JOBS, salaries to $65, fare Florida citizens but also more

; -IN advanced. references, money to bolster the economyat PINT $285
S 1 ., phone number. A&LE MAIDS all levels.
I AGENCY, 163 N. MAIN,FREE- -Established a policy of depositing $ 99
PORT, N. Y. state revenue In banks
KRAFT "MIRACLE WHIP" SALAD LIMIT 1 WITH $$5.00 order throughout Florida in an effortto ) /2 PINT$1 45I
WANTED make such funds available 'i
to all the people for loans to
DRESSING QUART 49C SecretarialTYPIST ( Improve their standards of

r JAR who can do 50 wpm living.
,Accurate; must be good In EIIl' -Began a program hiringand I
itch and spelling Apply keeping career technical
Produce Maiaitr FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon-
crief Cor. 13th St. No phone
calls; please.


THAT'S MEt! I have the Ami ting


't1 JIFFY FROSTING MIXES 7 7OZ. PKG. IOCI Pep do.for Box all of the 30 things$1.00.you Satisfaction wantto POLITICAL IRREGULARITY .. ALL PROMISES AND PROPOSALS BUT' NO PERd

guaranteed or Money FORMAN OR COMMITTMENTS


I 9PK'I.: Indiana.P. 0. Box 239, Dept. S Gary, DR.JOFISHER.

Meat Manager Jacksonville
1. Director of Victory drive over Polio "
1-QT. -Ol. C in 1963 when 400,000 Duval Countians w '

SHOP AT YOUR AiP 3 CANS 89 I ShipyardsIMMEDIATELY given oral vaccine.

2. Districting so each neighborhood can

3000'W.. 45TH ST. SHORTS NING elect its own leader free of machine +e
1 ..........., money and control.

PRICES IN THIS I AD dexo 3LB.CAN 73 CARE welders 3. Supports NEW Duval Medical Center. 1j k

GOOD THROUGH 4. Minimum Wage Legislation for hazardous

.", :

PLAY BILLFOLD! LB. 19 APPLY Vole Yourself A Senate Seat When You Vote For


., '. (Ir 644 East Bay '.
An EqualQpportusity j t ,
'r\ .
"A '> Republican candidate Senate Group 10 .
WIN' UP TO LB.10C Employer

Paid Political Adv.'AGE .
(1,000, CASH! .