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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200732datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date September 10, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007320740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 10, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 10, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-v!vXj vj

j f

Lreagll [RefBtratioriiDHiOFJrlarilo) ( --'

.. .. ,
*I* ** -


. l sJi. iP oar- =AiljJi.j..,....,,, .;GiJ, :'red] (Library University of loriGainesville t ''""1 ; "'

*. *** 'lorida



Voter Drive Ike Williams, Norman Jones SNCC Leader VOL.16 NO. 24 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 1966 15 CENTS

1' * * ** *

Kicks Off Named To Ellis Rubin's Staff Arrested On ,

l6J a Miss. Officials! igidJ f
In Orlando ST. PETERSBURG-Ellis Rubin, Miami Beach attorney who Riot Charges ;
is Republican candidate for Attorney General announced the _

GAINESVILLE, Fla. Some appointment of I. W. (Ike) Williams of St. Petersburg to his ATLANTA, Ga. -An Atlanta ** * *.*

7,000 persons from all partsof campaign _staff_ as__ State____ Coordinator.In _n_-- -.. grand Jury last Tuesday indicted

Florida will bartlcipate In making the appointmentRubin behalf and to do whatever Is Stokeley Carmichael,
the first Annual Mass Rally stated the appointee will necessary to forge a winning Negro chairman of the Student JAXON KILLS SELF
for the Non-Violent
statewide and 14 others riot
drive to be held at campaign." on

10:30: a.m., Sept. 17, Saturday, Immediately after the appoint- charges In connection with At- a
at the Tinker BaseballStadlum, lanta's racial outburst early
ment Rubin and Williams

Orlando In making, Fla.the announcement, announced Norman E.the Jones appointment: of last Later week.Tuesday Atlanta police
as public relations AFTER
L. V. Divls, president, Florida and press coordinator arrested a 42-year-old white AUTO WRECK

Voters League, said a '1.'f.L. for the campaign. Williams man, William Haywood James,
motorcade of delegates from immediately sought appointeesIn In connection woth the slaying
last Saturday night of a 16-year-
statewide organizations, community the major counties to serve * *
old that touched off
Negro boy
leaders: and others will as Deputy Coordinators.
precede the opening of the mass Williams Is a veteran in the I other wild weekend of racial I( Court Orders Auto Wrecks
: Officials Held In
rally.Dr. political arena, a practicing ,f
Von D. Mizell who has Inc.; third Y e-presldent, Schools Closed Cause Jaxon
been spearheading the regis National: Negro Republican Assembly -

traUon rally said the purpose ; founder and president, In Grenada Student Loan Fraud
of the rally is to stimulate a Southside Republican Club I ; To Take LifeThe

mammoth joint effort across member, Plnellas County Republican GRENADA, Miss. -A federal
the state! to get Negroes regls Executive Committee; Judge Wednesday ordered all penalties and costs that :
._ _. ..
--- --- -- former special assistant Grenada schools to close Of $62,741.13 has to enduro
I. W. (Ike) WILLIAMS today one under \
Republican State Executive Committee during a court hearing sparkedby Florida's auto insurance laws
Trust. In a letter confirming ; Lecturer, Republican two days of white mob were more than Curtis Edward
the appointment the candidate Campaign Management Seminar ) attacks on Negroes attending TAMPAA federal Grand Wednesday. Bond was set Patterson could live with. f
i said, "you are authorized to ; former candidate for rj newly-integrated schools. Jury has Indicted two former 1500. Patterson, 22, who lived at 1>
act In my name and In my St. Petersburg City Council and About 90 Negro students, Glbb Junior College officials The FBI was still seeking 1552 E. 22nd St. Jacksonville

,aye two-time candidate for State meanwhile, attended the third lp connection with a student Rembert Wednesday night. placed a pistol! _to his temple
Police FailureTo Legislature. Carmichaelviolence day of classes predominantly loan fraud, i n v o 1 v I n g Smith's arraignmentwas
Norman E. Jones Is nationally white Little Horn elementaryand S62.74U3. scheduled for 10
Protect (known in the fields of Public there. It was understood John Rundle high schoolsIn J. F. Santoiana Jr., special p.m. Friday before U. S. r

Relations and Journalism, as that James' wife also was peace after being escortedto .-. District Judge Joseph P. Lleb
i in custody. school by about 150 state at Tampa.
Negroes CitedThe Witnesses said a car drivenby troopers and FBI agents.No Santoiana said the indlctmesj
white with a white
a man, rocks or insults
in the Gibbs case charged in
Justice Department filed 1 woman and a'baby as passengers hurled at the Negro students the first count that Smith on
suit against local authorities in drove up In front of an Wednesday morning and only a bout July 1Z, 1963 "did

Grenada, M 1 s... Tuesday, apartment house, Saturday night. tovT white spectators ,were on willfully, and .knowingly .use. a .
charging willful refusal to pro- The white man leaned across**i Ad to watch the procession of falstf writing and document Containing ,..aCURTTS
tect Negro children from a .. the car, witnesses said, poked, Negroes and lawmen make the r a false, flcitious and
crowd of armed whites. a pistol out the window and 15-mlnute walk to school froma fraudulent statement (knowing
V. DAVIS suit fired twice. One shot struck Negro church.
The Justice' Department the same to contain such a
described League came' Tuesday after a new attack Harold Vorner, 16 and killed Thursday's hearing before U. statement......"
Davis as an effort on Negroes trying to attend him. Another wounded Roy S. District Judge Claude F. The indictment said that in
Ir"L. Negroes political classes at oncesegregatedFundle Wright, 16.Meanwhile. Clayton in Oxford, Miss., wasa a "Cumalative Report of the
could be used to High School. About: 50 the U. S. Justice request for a permanent order National Defense Student Loan
living conditions. Negro students managed to get Department charged officials for police protection of Accounts" dated June 30, 1963, PATTERSONlast
that a number Into the school Tuesday by --. in Grenada. Miss., with willfully Negro school children. submitted to the U. S. Depart- Saturday and pulled the
sneaking in the back door or NORMAN E. JONESa falling and refusing to Clayton ordered Grenada ment of Health Education and trigger. He had been involvedin
running past heckling whites, Political Analyst and con- protect Negro children attend- schools to close because he Welfare smith i "stated two traffic accidents within
0 who hurled bricks and beat tributor to several Negro ing desegregated schools from said many city, county and state and represented In Item 4'funds the past two weeks.
on Negroes' cars with pipes newspapers with a weekly column assault by angry crowds of police and government officials advanced to students' that funds According to Matthew, Patter-
and clubs. "Let's talk Politics" A whites. would be in Oxford for the JOHN \\'. IIKMUHITr : : had been advanced to 527 stu- ,son had borrowed a car owned

,nrDI On Monday, 33 persons-including registered Democrat be Is active The department entered a suit bearing and he feared Negro <' |KIH'il *+ prehiili'ill', dents and that the total amount ;1 by Robert Laurie of 3349
F three newsmen were In the promotion of a strong which Atty. Gen. Nicholas Kat- students "might be Imperiled" agent in charge of the Tampa of these loans was S62.741.13." Ardisla Rd. to go after some
attacked and beaten by whites two-party system in Florida, tenbach said asked U. S. if,school were allowed to remain office of the Federal Bureauof The charge stated "whereas i beer and on the return trip,
trying to prevent desegregationof a former Public Relations Director District Court in Oxford,Miss., in session. Clayton's Investigation, said a two- ....in fact as defendant Richard ,I crashed into a utility pole on
the school. of the Florida Elks to order Grenada officials to order was for Thursday only. count indictment was returned C. Smith then knew loans hade ;Florida Ave. near Union St.
But Gov. Paul Johnson stepped Association and currently provide protection for the child When school opened Monday Tuesday. This happened about 3;30 a.m.
firmly into the picture Tuesdayand Public Relations Director of ren. The suit also asks that the morning a week late because 'Charged are'. John W. Herbert Fuller of 1559 E.

.. VON D. MiZELLof vowed he woulduse the Florida Voters League,Inc. officials be ordered to arrest officials were swamped with Rembert, who resigned as 22nd St. who was a passengerin
candidates running in the "whatever force is neces Rubin will kick off his cam and prosecute those whoassaultor late applications by Negroes president of Gibbs Junior Col- the car at the time of the
threaten the children.The .
November general election will sary" to quell the violence.The state In a meeting with his department said that to attend previously all-white lege in the midst of the February accident told Sgt. Matthew that,
be present to make their pitchto Governor sent his top campaign staff in Orlando schools-at least 33 Negro 1965 investigation. after the accident, Patterson
the leaders who'll gather for executive assistant, Herman Saturday, Sept. 17,at the Quality unless Grenada such officials an order will is continue"in Issued, youths were injured when attacked Richard C. Smith who was said, "I might as well bump

the kick-off. Glacier, to Grenada to represent Court Garden Motel.Negro their wilful failure and re- by white mobs. financial director at the college. myself off."
with him and ordered the 150 Negro students were also attacked FBI Patterson drove back to 1144E.
In connection .jhe{ rally, f a1" to protect the childrenand Smith was arrested by
the FLORIDA STAR will have state troopers he had dispatchedhere Wins their by whites Tuesday morn- agents at St. Petersburg Third St., where he and
its Press Headquarters set up1 earlier to "see that the parents. log several companions had been

in the Saddler Motel. laws are enforced." For Civil Defense drinking beer.
As a result, when classes let Burial RightsLANSING He had left his .32 automatic
out for the day, there was none pistol at the house and when he
OfficialCites of the heckling that occurred arrived there he grabbed the
Mich.-The Michigan -
in the morning. pistol and told his companionshe
Court of Appeals ruled this
The attack on the newsmen KltlMKIH', SMITHvtiftflnamialillrulor was going to kill himself.
week that cemetery violated
drew a strong protest from Fuller managed to wrestle the
the civil rights law when it ,
United Press International anda gun from Patterson who said
refused to let a Negro mortician
Memphis newspaper-and not 'been made..which totaled he was only Joking about
bury his mother In an allwhiteburial
this apparently was a factor In ground.The 6274113...... shooting himself. So, Fuller
Threats Gov. Johnson's strong stand mortician, J. Merrill The second count of the gave back the pistol. Pattersonthen
and swift action.Powell. Indictment charged that about walked to the front porch
Spencer of Flint, Mich., said
July 12, 1963, Rembert "did and shot himself in the head,
be would have his mother'sbody
WASHINGTON An Office aid, abet, counsel, Induce and according to Sgt. Matthew.
exhumed from all-
of Education worker said Wed- Hits procure Richard C. Smith to Before the suicide, Patterson
nesday he was told by a Nerro'parent Negro cemetery and moved to commit the offense...." made a telephone call to his
she was fired from her Flint Memorial Park, whose Rembert who had been presi- mother, telling her that pres-
job after her child requesteda U.S. Aid To bylaws prohibit nonwhites.The dent of Gibbs Junior College sure was more than he could
court upheld lower court
transfer from an all-Negro
M since it was founded in 1957, take.
school to an all-white school ruling that Spen.tr's rights
resigned shortly after a St. His last words to his mother
last year in Sumter County. Urban LeagueNEW were denied when Memorial Pertersburg Times reporting were "take care of Rie" his
Park refused to let him bury
Dewey E. Dodd; a civil rights team uncovered the mishandling four-year-old daughter. He and
his mother Lee Spencer, who
advisory specialist.stifled
of county state and federally his wife were separated.
other parents of Negro children TORK-CNPI>-Rep.Adam died in 1959.Spencer .
subsidized funds at the school Patterson was involved in a
desiring similar transfers also Clayton Powell D-N. Y.) has said be bought the and notified state and county traffic accident about two weeks
told him they received threats.As attacked the allocation of fed plot from a white man who school officials. ago, police said, and was to
a result Dodds said at a eral manpower training funds owned it for future intermentof
The 952-student college immediately pay for the damages."He .
bearing before Examiner E. to the National Urban League relatives but decided to sell was placed under the seemed to have felt that
Robert Seaver, the parents con which be said "In no way It when be moved away from 1f1 supervision of St Petersburg having to pay for two accidentswas

cluded it would not be "safe represents nor speaks for,nor Flint. Junior! College; Presidentdent too much," Matthew said.
children Is in When his mother died.Spencer .
foft'ttm to put their intimate contact with the Michael M. Bennett with
In white schools at that time." black masses.'* said, be tried to bury>> her at aMQ Instructions to check all MISSISSIPPI.1966WASHINGTON.NPI &
Dodds and another civil right Rep. Powell said the Manpower Memorial Park. student
specialist for the Office of Ed Development contracts t the Department "They refused" he said. The The record.
case went to court and Spencer reporting working ) --Only
both of
Carlisle C. Ring Labor has signed with
school officials uncovered
said they were told by the county with the National Urban League buried his mother at an all- 50.9 per cent officials
f other Instances of mishandlingof
school board superintendent Ed are "a prime example foolish Negro cemetery In Flint. announced. Hospitals in which
His at Park Is records and funds.BOYCOTT these beds are located have
N. Bailey, that eight Negroeshad sptDI Df." plot Memorial
requested transfers after He ridiculed the action that sill! empty Spencer said. L:1 promised to integrate their
*PU have her exhumed and SET patient service. The Justice
a desegregation plan for county "department's ,..-112/ ;Jcket
schools: was drawn up last Sep to the happy hunting ground of placed: over there," he said. : department has filed a suit In
tember. All withdrew their racial Integration depended on But he said he anticipated the rrr..t tt ,-JSpecial WASHINGTONNPI) federal District Court against
requests before being transferred these contracts.: cemetery would appeal the graduation exercises and award-presentation ceremony was staged at St. Stephens A second boycott of the D. C. Marion County General
foals and Ring said. The Urban League, the ruling to tilt Supreme Court. AME Church Sunday, Sept. 11 to mark the end of a special civil defense training program Transit System t has been Hospital Columbia Miss.,
An Office of Education spokesman congressman said "Has received The court dismissed In explosive ordnance: detection and disposal) for a group of volunteers working under the threatened by Marion Barry Jr., charging hospital segregation.
said that should the funds hundreds of thousands arguments by the cemetery that direction of Michael Bush, Civil Defense District Coordinator. Shown left to right are: local Student Nonviolent Coordinating It was the first such lawsuit
be held up It would mean a loss of dollars of MDTA' funds to Spencer was free to choose: a Coordinator Bush the Rev. J. I. Johnson, Church pastor; Master Sgt. Herbert L. Crabbof Committee chieftainand filed against a hospital
of some $290,000 a year to help train a few new burial place: for his. mother the 549th Ordnance Department, U. 8. Army who organized the training course, and leader of the Free D. C.
Sumter County. black workers. ''aDlqllla own kind." Hazel Alexander, assistant CD coordinator Movement. **


t ;It t



NEW s )iu ij; 1 lei

Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company STORYBy

., ..1
The Jacksonville Urban League Is happy to announce that Its
NEGRO PRE RNATIONAL On-The-Job-Tralning Program has lIMn approved and fundedby

$$fl the U. S. Department of Labor.
I The contract Is for $225,774.61 and It obligates the League to

RIC 0. 51I'SOIl..nlllll. Editor find Job opportunities for 400percons. The program will become
operational the first part of October.
On-The-Job-Tralnlng will concentrate on the employed,
HILDA NOOTEN..Circlletioa Main or ; : I kk ___ underemployed and those who have never had a stable job.
The real promise far this project Is the training and permanent
..,. Jobs that should come out of this cooperative effort by the
bureau of apprenticeship and training local companies and

'Hc the Jacksonville Urban League
2323 Miicriif Rid Phm Elfii 4-6782 :
.... =:.. :: Facts About OJT

Mailiif Address .,, WHAT IS ON-THE-JOB-TRAINING?

P. 0. Boa 599 Jacksuiilli, Florida 32201 :::-- --- 4w. It 1s a most valuable form of employee training. The trainee
receives instruction from a competent Instructor,production
MIAMI. OFFICE :I ; and/or service work for a particular occupation In contrastto
: ; other types of employee training, the trainee is assigned to

138 NV 3rd, Ail Phou 377-1025 '"... a machine or workplace within the shop.
., .' ,!?!r
..q-.q-.c-- WHY OJT?
SUBSCRIPTION RATES ., titer/ Thinking America becoming increasingly concerned over the
One Year, $6.00 Half lear $4.00 + hard-core unemployed and the threat automation poses to the
Mailed to YOU Anywhere in the united states unskilled In the near future. OJT is one of the answers to this
Subscription payable in advance vexing employment problem. OJT In the second World War
to enabled Industry and business to successfully train millions
send Check or Money order :
to _,. I of persons to do thousands of different jobs In an amazingly
FLORIDA STAR P. O.pio.rida'Mystery BOY 11\19! short time. As of today, it still remains one of the most'
Jacksonville J. effective ways of training large numbers of unskilled and
semi-skilled workers >
For the employer in most cases, OJT Is the easiest least
Man Of Race RelationsNot expensive; and most I tndivldualited way to train a new workeror
upgrade the skills of an older worker. However training

many years ago, one of our great Is expensive to an employer. The cost involved often causes

Negro leaders was Channing H. Tobias --- PERSISTING IN TRYING TO FOOL HERI! him to recruit for applicants with a high training or experiencelevel.
The expense of training thus contributes to the high
called "the mystery man of race www1 employment rate of the Inexperienced and untrained
relations" by Ebony magazine. When he ,. ----- ---- ------ ------- -- -- -- -- w. 1i On-The-Job-Tralnlng ls a positive step our community

lived, a lot of people wondered what he 1 taking to offer disadvantaged workers an opportunity to become
was doing, since he performed without I employable, help them retrain for new skills and upgrade their

fanfare and seemingly in secret. Your working level.
betterment Yet Tobias of the got Negro.things done for the i LETTERS TO THE EDITORDear

Tobias utilized the method of deplomacy, 1 Sir:
persuasion and intelligence with pressureat I recently notlcfed on television your struggle for equal job

the right place and time. He was i Guide opportunities In Jacksonville. This Ls a very worthy cause
immensely successful with it and was Horoscope and you should continue your efforts in this direction.Let .
me give you\ a few examples of why this is necessary.The .
always engaged 'in a mumber of social projects : Independent Life Insurance Company whose home office
without high-powered publicity like ,IM in Jacksonville, Florida has approximately 500 home
that of Martin Luther, McKissick, and : By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER office employees. None of these are Negroes. The company
Carmichael.When also maintains a field staff of approximately 4,000 agents and
supervisory personnel. All of these are white. None are
he lived, he said that the secretof i 1i WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR I Negroes. This company operates about 7 or 8 Southeastern

his success was independence. Thus I states. They are not nationwide. At least 70% of their businessis
he deliberately and repeatedly turned LOVE TRAVELARIES Negro. There 1s hardly a Negro In the South who Is not
: down offers to accept public office. : BUSINESS familiar with Independent Life Insurance Company
: This same condition exists for all of the little pickle and dime
He urged Negroes to make friends where .
--- -- --- ---- ----- --- ----- --- --- -- We insurance companies operating throughout the South, suchas
they found them and rally these friendsto Gulf Life Insurance Company, Peninsular Life Insurance

support our cause. The, crux of his CAN CFP CAPRICORN Company, United, and even the giant of the Industry Metropo
; philosophy is worth recalling today: c6lNUSEPT..) litan Life Insurance Company. All of these' companies have
"Tire 61IN, MARCI ROAN JUNE i BORN DEC. t sizeable Negro business and should be integrated. At leasta
attain In the final
place :
: we v
of their sales and office forces should be comprisedof j
: analysis must necessarily depend upon how 21st. APRIL 111.( >22lt JULY 22H 23rl WT 23r1. llii ... ,JAN.. 19tk Negroes. They are making money off Negroes they should

: skillfully we master the circumstances If. true The trine .*fact Stress your strongpolnts.:With It's unbelievable. There are so *.. all there. The people of certainly employ a few.
: and how intelligently we plan and execute between Jupiter and Neptune all the aids that are available many powerful planetary as- your sign know what it is to Another example is the Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph (
our battle strategy. Indicates that there will be these days there is no reason simply on your side that pull themselves up by their Company which is a subsidiary of the giant corporation,
: nothing small about the benefits why you should not make every It looks too good to be boot straps.Consequently when American Telephone and Telegraph. Tills company operates In
that may be coming to effort to magnify\ your personal true. But there Is no escaping you run Unto a flow of good about 7 Southeastern states and I'm sure at least 20% or more
: The Fight For Open Housing some of you. Whether you attributes. This would makeit the fact and you may Just as fortune as indicated by an of their business Is Negro business. Therefore Southern Bell
receive a legacy of cash or easier to get acquainted with well resign yourself to the good unusually fine planetary configuration should hire some Negro girls as telephone operators. They
Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. during the property, or both, It Is likely the persons who appeal to you fortune that should be the lot it may be difficult should hire some Negro men for telephone installation and
long summer of civil rights marches, to create some problems as or to make a better showing of of so many Librans. U tt's for you to believe it.Your solar service work. They should hire some Negro office clerks, and
promised to oead a march into Cicero well, perhaps from the tax angle your creative talents. The pro- success you want, you have house is the one principally: they should have a few sharp young Negro men as sales
Although conclusions per amount of self-restraint Venus, Mars and Jupiter in affected revealing that representatives as they have sharp young white men as sales
Illinois, However, Robert Lucas, a local appear to be guaranteed, to should be maintained\ when you your most Important solar marriage, partnerships and representatives.
CORE leader, beat him to the draw and led a great extent,retrograde Mercury run up against individuals who house to offer It to you.Should public relations general standto All government offices-county, city, state, and federal-
Negro marchers into all-white surburban suggests that you may may be trying to take you in you prefer to remain anonymous benefit the most. Even if should have some Negro employees in most departments.
Cicero.In have to wait until after the 7th for their own particular bene- and still relish the advantages indirectly, kinsfolk neighbors
to overcome red tape or other fit. Exciting developments come that are offered you, and friends also seem Yours truly..
spite of the fact that Lucas, a gray- but in droves in the have to express the wish
delaying factors. Do not make not singly you Just to be involved. Your hopes may L. M. K.
ing man, is a hardliner, his leadershipis the mistake of spending funds days that follow. and have it granted. Your now be mysteriously fulfilled; A vacationing Jason insurance
threatened because he lacks the elo- that have not yet been collected 8-80-55-19-32-421 financial interests are also and, if you make a wish, make agent
of King and since there still exist posslbllitles favored but this one departmentthat
quence Dr. James Farmer, certain that It.is a good one.
of unexpected may be adversely affectedby We Have Some Other
former CORE leader. It takes some complications LEO the demands or trickery of 750881654163'AQUARIUS

speaking abioity to create a public image 6 40 44 18 73 642TAUIUS BORN JULY others, including: some self- Negro race as a whole bubbles with
which many of our civil rights guerrilla styled friends.
when of its
pride one in
2211 group moves up
chiefs lack. 23rd AUG. BORN JAN.
470.99-l77l various areas of service. it likes to
Lucas feels that Negroes ought to go for 1X not default 'inem .,. .0 ,
BORN APRIL many approaches leading to the' 20tb FEB. lit. say, 'TVell\ we did it again!I'
broke on housing, since they are StOIPlb
open solution of your problems, financial Bear with them. People with 1. A Negro, James R. Dumpson, former
NAY 20tb
Ciceros across the nation.We and otherwise-that you BORN OCT. whom you work may leave nothing New York City welfare commissioner, has

hope that King and/or Lucas don't Well, wby not? If you live should take more time seeking 24th 'NOV. Hit to be desired in the way been given the position of dean of Fordham
plan to go for broke on the issue of open clone, and do not particularly them out and less trying to of friendship and cooperation. University's school of social services.
open housing. Demonstrations alone won't like it, help chance: to create evade them. People who are Ride on. The Scorpio woo Those for whom you work are to' this
provide'the housing answer. whenever it the proper romantic situationsthat high up in the world, members have made up their minds to likely to be all sweetness and prior position, Dxg son was associate -
lead to the altar. It seems of the family, and other close go somewhere,In quest of fun light on one day and exasperatingly dean of Hunter College's schoolof
is done, it will be achieved by law as If you have an unusually wide associates could be ready and or knowledge should have no unreasonable the next. Social Service. He is well prepared.

field in which to operate and willing to extend a helping hand cause to regret their decisions.Romance U you are the one Incharge, 2. Attorney A. A. Birch, jr. has been
you should survey it in its when you call for assistance.If mystery and action you may be well served but
Alabama Rejects Federal Aid entirety. The backdrop for the it is your pride that Is standing ate all in the picture to make there remains the possibility appointed as district attorney for
first act is likely to be lowered In the way, the chances of life as exciting as you could that you will have to pay more Davidson County, Tennessee, under the
Alabama continues to make itself "the on the lot, 2nd. U will be up to breaking an apparent stalemateare possibly picture It. This may than you figured for the pri jurisdiction of the Tenth judicial Dis-
: cow's tail" in the pursuance of pro you thereafter to take hold considerably lessened. The all sound like a movie thriller; vilege. Your best days for the trict in the state.
of your part and to play it for background influences in your but for you who can read the obtentlon of honors, favors,
; gress. presently, it has taken a new life which to be for essential 3. Leontyne price, noted singer, will
all it is worth. It appears as appear partof planetary aspects yourselves promotions or
: course of defiance by passing legislation if your words as well as your your destiny pattern, are the message that"truth financing should be the 4th-7th. premier in the role of Cleopatra in Samuel
: which will reject federal aid to schools personality maybe nigh irresU- certainly favorable and they 'can be stranger than fiction" As accords may be only tentative Barber's new opera "Anthony and Cl eopa-
where said federal aid stipulates fol- ble. But this is a matter which should be called upon whenever is there as big as life. You you must reconcile yourself tra" at the New Metropolitan Opera Housein
lowing guidelines.The you must recognise for yourself and wherever they are recognized could be foremost among the to possible delays before New York city on September 16.
in order to take full advantage and needed. skeptics since Mercury is re- 'matters reach favorable
expressed the We want others to get the achievement
Fayetteville observer of it "trocradtnelAW the 7th. So.ev.n conclusions. on
opinion that by refusing federal aid, U you think you are not bandwagon in grand style. ,

Alabama may be cutting off its nose to noticing 'anything unusual, it
spite its face in its push for local GEMINI may be because of a retarfed Everglade Citizens Progressing
BORN AUG. reaction that will make itself
autonomy. BORN HAY felt during the coming weeks. ,all FEB.
Alabama is near the bottom Wi SEN.. 22if An impressive report on the progress

already, or is it Mississippi in education' 21st Jilt 21stIt I,'. expected 01 yuu. .* 10141 $ 608 19th MAI. 20th Citizens, Inc. ,. in the June 3D, 1966 ,

true that Alabama may get relief? It is toil both ways. While certain have made any promises of SAGITTARIUS.BORN Don't right it. MM uuiuu*positively balance sheet in the Florida Sentinel
from marriage or to your friends say that you have been '
aspects indicate that money Bulletin 'is indeed impressive.This
federal guidelines, but it will have to earned through your endeavorsor you will have to go through NOV. spoiled by fate in the course of .
Increase its own tax burden. those of a close associate with them. You may be wishing 23r DEC, 21st your lifetime. Like everyone report is an example of how: a Negro

i Alabamians may feel a sense of accom- may be flowing in, other configurations inside that you hadn't been so Mum's lOw word. You else, you have had to take your enterprise in Tampa. is helping black
commit yourself but beatings and make the best of people and others to become
, plishment in the area of states rights suggest that could "hasty to feel like letting the world in economically
be draining out even faster. it seems too late to do anything them Just to survive. But this secure and producers of
but consumer servicesand
j when event but this
they have to dig Deeper'and on a very happy ,
deep be the
about it There are so many particular period may
Do now.
not show any weakness toward commodities in
could turn out to be the height areas where the
K still DEEPER! the Negro
pressure will your loved ones should wonderful opportunity aspect. exception: to the rule.Attentions
!: hurt the corn on the financial foot. they, la any way, be responsible following in close successionthat of folly. If you have an important may be showered on you, Cupid must assert himself in the Quest
, when everything settles position or assignment could be all over the place: for first-class citizenship.What .
for this state of affairs.No ,
..,..,.,. ...c-- modesty would be your best
doubt, your credit is good down again, you will be the'first unwanted in- and'lour heart's desires can we need is hundreds of lexam les of
As reported in The wall street journal; enough to enable you to buy a to admit that you would protection truders. Or against if have come be obtained, not once,not twice, Negro financial institutions designed to
"Though some people appear to forget it, house should this be your main'1 not have missed any of it for' you the but many times over. Whether make us economically
into money or property, secure. This is far
desire. But the world. Don't allow your you are married or planningto
the have
government's outlays give it both payment
about it the'
less others know more important than the
t the right and the to be made In full, plus high hopes to become overly Inflated of be, in the near future yon cry of 'black-
duty to oversee the fewer your chances being "
Interest charges, when it is and they will materialize in can be almost certain that this power.
money's use. .NO matter how openhanded and stretched over a long periodof some mysterious way.The personal Importuned by cranks or high- will ,have a most important in the United States, the greenback talks
} unquestioning the government may say it is, years. This could Inhibit you aide of your life is closely pressure now salesmen. For has a been longtime bearing In the shaping up 'of and can ,get more things done than a
sooner or later its hand is likely to be- from changing Jobs that are knit to the good will of friends your best, weapon secrecy to insure your existence, Jdea1Iandbaa1cph1Io1OQb1e1. thousand demonstrations which are now obsolete -

come the firm fist of federal control. not. 9"always to your liking. and associates. results and it still remains so.$4.231 as(I a civil rights technique.lAGE .
'' 5 -)0 22 lC 82951

t It ., 1

I .. ._ n. J. ._ _. .. ...-.y..nn. .. .. .. . .. . \

r ::1


F: Sorority To Sponsor _Hair Relaxing Reachers '

SPEAKING Fashion Show In Jax rr Weddings "I I IJimmie

Gamma Rho Omega Chapter ot
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorolty,Inc.,
With Louise will sponsor a Fashion Fair
Guinyard 1150 Acorn St., 20.
Wallace, 1310 W. 29th
Colorbaloo, Oct. 21 at > p.m.,
in the Chic Auditorium. St., 20 and Willie Claude Cotton
The event 1a 648 S. Lincoln Ct., 17. Hugh Arthur Thompson, Corona
being sponsoredby
Joshua Williams N. Y., 23 and Ophelia Williams
making the benefit
of the shoe fund
r ( 55C4 Flers Ct., It).
noted progress on the road! and scholarships Rudolph Noah Bowens 2011 Mt.
to from his Mrs. Elisabeth Jasmin, general Herman St., 30 and Geneva
recovery recent '
trr! Sandra 843
Union St.
Mays E. ,
illness. However, he is still chairman, bas announced Z4. Leroy Andrea McCloud, Ingle-
confined 1 that beautiful fashions from all wood, N. J., 21 and Anglea Rose
to St. Luke's Hos over the world rill featured. King, 1733 McMillan St., 21.
pital. Local Charles Laverne Taylor 2107W.
officers assisting Ifrs.
Prior Mr.I Jasmin 45th St., 20 and JacquelynJ.
tk his iolness. are: Mrs. Ruth Solo- LI
moo, basileus Harris 1904 Morehouse Rd., Williams Jr., Atlantic
Williams enrolled at Florida ; Mrs. Erma s yrS 19. James
State University where he is'' Word, antl-basUeus; Miss Bar- Beach Fla., 19 and Linda Faye
bar a Robinson, grammateus Littles, Atlantic Beach, Fla.,
working toward a ph.D. degree in voc- Mrs. Sue. Baetjr, anU- amma-; Lawrence Jackson, 1842 W.26th 19.
St., 19 and Joan Celestine Ran
tional education. tens
; Mrs Alma Daniels, epls-
coleus M .. S rr dolph, 666 S. Lincoln Ct., 17. Tommie Lee Hubert, 1136
; r Mabel Martin, I i
............ treasurer; Mrs.Janice McNair, 1 Jessie St., 54 and Chaney Mae
financial secretary Mrs Betty Robert Charles Lowe, 1923 W. Mallory, 1145 Jessie St., 50.
Mrs. Reid E. Jackson II left the city Darts ; Beaver St., 36 and Mozella

l last week for East Lansing, Michigan where Hunter, bodegos parliamentarian; Mrs. Laurice; Mrs. -- Hill, 1309 Rushing St., 35: Thomas Sheppard Walker 6252

she will enroll in Michigan State Unlver- Frances Johnson business GeorgiaCalhoun left, National Educational Coordinator for the Restlawn Dr., 20 and Patricia
Mrs. Jackson has a one-and-a-half year manager and Mrs. Iva Grant, Epic Professional Products Company, and Pauline Steger1 Burton Johnny Willie Wade 3318 Davis Bryant, 1678 McMillan St., 19.
custodian Tickets be Epic Field Educational Technician selected teach St., 34 and Cynthia Glrlean
grant in science. may secured were perma-
Brown, 7846 Ernwlll St., 22.
from members of nent hair relaxing' during the U7th Annual Convention of the Vernon McPhadden, 741 Spear-
She, her husband and their two
sons the If' reside at 7227 Richardson Road. National Beauty Culturist's' League at the Sheraton Oklahoma Calvin Howard 1827 Baldwin 1116 Cones Ct., 21.
Hotel July 31 through August 6. Both executives of the Epic St., 25 and Lucille Session,

.*.********. Public Art ExhibitOn Professional Producte Division of the Gillette Company are -

The Jacksonville Branch of the National nationally recognized technical authorities on chemical curl Royal Art StudioSTILL
Association for the Advancement of Colored Display At JU relaxing. Each has taught chemical curl relaxing and has spent

People Is busy with plans for the State years in the fields of practical demonstrations, lecturing and

Conference of Branches to be held here professor George B.of Murray music at, assistant Jackson_ public relations from coast to coast. TAKING

October 13-16. The Mayflower Hotel will vllle University will presenta Course
house the bulk of the delegates, as well I piano recital Thursday, Sept. Registration DriveKicks St. Matthew Board '
22. 19th ' Begins Sept. y'
as providing meeting space. However, two
|( Off 17th
The recital Sept.
will be given In Slates AnniversaryUsher
important events of the conference, the the Recital Hall of the Phillips Jacksonville University's ,
Freedom Awards Banquet and a Musical Music and Fine Arts Building Florida Voters League will Board 1 of St. Matthew Agency Qualification Course for : ,
entertainment have been scheduled else- at 8:30 p.m. It will be open in conduct Tinker a registration drive Baptist Church, westslde, will Floridians seeking to qualifyas '

where. to the public and there will i j Saturday, Sept.Stadium 17.Airconditioned. Orlando observe its 33th anniversary Insurance agents begins Ii I
Mrs. Johnny Wheeler is general chairmanof be no admission charge. Greyhoundbuses Sept. 26 at 8 p.m., in the church Sept.R. H.19.Ketchum chairman of
Murray will perform "Six Variation auditorium.
the planning committee. Opus 34"by Beethoven 1 will leave Broad and Lewis Carter will be the the course advisory committee,

............ "Five Preludes" by Debussy, ,Union Sts. at 6:30: a.m. Buses speaker and other outstandingtalent said registration applications immedi
"Improvisations, Opus 20"( by 'will return late Saturday night. in the city will par- were being accepted LOCATED AT
What has become an anxiously awaited Bartok, and "Sonata, Opus 58" Roundtrlp fare $5.00 per ticipate. ately. Inquiries may be directedto
by Chq>1D. I person. Mrs. Louise Brown is general his office, Post Office Box
social-sports event of early fall is the Prof. Murray received his A. Motorcade chairman Edward chairman; Mrs. Louise Har 1889, or to the office of the 710 RUSHING ST.
annual Gator Bowl Classic, sponsored by B. degree from Florence State Holt and Lee L. Haynes. Phone grove, co-chairman. Boards in university president.
Bethune-Cookman College.The I College and B. If. and M. M. 156-2410' and 356-7039 for re- the city have been invited to Ketchum said classes lasted
degrees from Birmingham I'servations. attend. from 1 to 6 p.m. daily. Tuition
football I game this year is scheduledfor Southern College. He taught at L. V. Davis is state president for thelllZweekiongcoursei. SAME PHONE 3541894
Birmingham Southern and the jf the Florida Voters League. ** $200.
October 29, in the Gator Bowl and Naval School of Music before

and will be between the Bethune-Cookman coming to Jacksonville Uni
Wildcats and the South Carolina State versity.A -

Bulldogs.The Jacksonville frequent performer in the r T OPEN FRIDAYS 'TIL 9 P.M.
Prof. Murray
area. -
fringe social affairs surround- I j
many bas also performed
ing the occasion- truth lift it out In chamber ensemble concertsIn L I "We Jo/ our own financing"TRIM

of the realms of the ""strictly sports"" Washington, D. C., and surrounding 13S fcroadf St. 353-579V

class. The Bethune-Cookman Alumni Association area. He Is an

and the bulldog boasters are has accomplished accompanist and "
frequently accompanied -r
already at work outlining basic, plans ,for Metropolitan Opera meito-so- 1O1JMI'
entertaining visiting fans. prano Nell Raniln.
J t .
............ ,I A.) L.L:' Lewis YWCA

Miss Patricia Ann Crawford has chosen

Bennett College in Greensboro North Leadership Training

Carolina as the place to further her

education. She was enrolled there duringthe Day Scheduled

past week.
The A. L. Lewis YWCA
Miss Crawford is the daughter of Mr. and 'l TOP CUALITY
Leadership Training Day has
Mrs. George D. Crawford of this city. been scheduled for Sept. 24 .1f FAMOUS NAME

at Little Talbot Island, begin
...."' ....... nlng at 10 a.m. Luxury Quilt-Top Mattress

for is at hand ( not The theme is, ""Women Make I I
The season bridge The Difference," and topicsto TAPERED : JUSTU.DOWN $ 5 800 .
that It's not popular all yearreferenceIs
be discussed are: "More lASYTERMS. .
made to club activities) Efficient Homemakers," "Vo- !
Margaret Starkes entertained a small lunteer Services," "Improving LIGHTWEIGHT
group recently at which time Vanette Family Relations," and "A II turn, ritilitnt tampered .... co.lt wIth. thick laytrt 0' I
Look Into the Future." cotton ftlt for luprtmo comfort Prt budharden. hon
Thayer was top scorer. Lois Avery and dltl for turning floral licking Full or twin,

Alvenla Scriven were runners up. .1]
Bernice Griffin Demetral Wesson and Arty D.W. PerkinsTo 9 5 .

Mable Jones participants.
were among
Be Honored 4 9
An appreciation program,
Reminders are out for the parade of honoring Attorney D. W. Perkins CHAIRS

fashions, COLORBALLOO, the theme for this will be presented Sunday -' -- ___M .
season's Ebony Fashion Fair. The mammoth in the Masonic Temple, beginning .Q..
at 3 p.m., in the auditor- $500
performance will be held October 21stin '
ium. PHILCO UN-3300 GY New tapered SELECT I 1. 1.1 4 r
Civic Auditorium, under the auspicesof All Heroines of Templar .--- Continental style In two tone gray with COVERS, '
Gamma Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Crusaders Guild, Rabin Court finished back end disappearing handle
Kappa Alpha Sorority.As 25, Daughter of Isis, and Heroines Telescoping Pivot.nna for both VHF and EXCELLENT ;
UHF channels transistorized UHF tuner;
of Jericho have been ; TAILORING a
usual' the presentation is a benefit ,
asked to attend. Otter Masonic 6" x 2" speaker w.th out front sound.
affair. Tickets may be secured from groups have also been asked h, Philco New tapered Continental Styling with SOLID ;
members of the sponsoring group. to be present. FOAM
'Ruth C.'Solomon is local AKA basileus. finished back and disappearing handle. 6"x

Patron Of Herorines 2" Speaker without front sound, transistorized
............ FREE S TAND I UHF tuner. All Pholco Portables equipped CUSHIONS

James A. Joyner of 5713 Moncrief Road is To Visit Temple with Caravan purchase 19 of TV Philco' for 82 channel VHF & UHF reception. $
progressing wonderfully following his 5995
Grand Venerable Patron E. D.
confinement to Brewster Hospital.JACXSOimiLrSMOIOCCOTEXFtEnESnTS
Gibson, Heroines of Jericho, WE DO OUR
will make his official: visit here
$5.00 Down
Oct. 8 in the Masonic Temple OWNFINANCING

WORLD'S FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL INDOOR 4th floor, beginning at 1:30
HAMID-MORTON NEW '66 SHRINE ; Guests will include: Grand
Most Ancient Matron
the Florida Jurisdiction. LIVING ROOM SOFAS & CHAIRS BUNK

Deputies A. M. Frailer andL.
D. Johnson have asked all FINE QUALITY AT BUDGET PRICES
officers and members of the Rugged Colon
various courts of District 5 e iol design" Includ.
., ,.
to attend. The program will a ii a
Include outstanding talent in rail and ladder

: 3D Aye ONLY i t'n"Ht afOHMATlOK : the city. i f '1 with, complete cot'onmattresst

: Re..rwd ADULTS feeM .1.50 About PeopleA .r r" t !
Can be used
A ,
.'re_" ..4 I..' ,
y.TTA1 c:. A..., $1.50.c. recent visitor to the city at twin bed
INEES ...., Mee.erin.l Charlie Merritt Sanford
was H. -

2 N1GH1 SHOWS I...w/Rs ..c........, t.ids Fla. $ 69 95
c:... A..I..... .S 1.00 He was the guest of Mrs.
Ernestine Butler of 2525
clEAi : Thames St. He reports having
had an enjoyable stay here

Rev. D. B. Thorpe, retired
1111 s..r Ad... M..f T.I.Nw. U4.r041 minister of Beautiful 2 suit in traditional 95
African: Methodist piece styling deep diamond tufting on
c.ee. SO-ClIO ,.m. I* Cxt. 1-1:10: Episcopal Church Is confined bock, comfortable solid foam pincore rubber cushions, hand tailoring DAVIS5 I
M.on..1-1 ilO.-. SMI Oct. 1-I lie r.*. Swk.Ort.l-I00 as.
In St. Luke's detail. Similar to
Hospital> Room picture ... ILI5711r
.. .. ..
> .r < iMt* M ( or CW.waw Otftw U>H Slww ThM 2 PIECE
Friends may visit him.





I Philadelphia Baptist Church To Observe Annual Women's Day Sunday .. '. .

Dual Day ObservaceSet Churchwomen Pitied Episcopal Sunday School, Leaders Churchwomen Will -ConductPhiladelphia's

... ....
---- -"- --- --'---- -'>
At CentralDual In Friendly Contest -iII Programs

Day will be celebratedIn Mrs. Gertrude Morse and Mrs.

Central CME Church Sept. Jennie Vee Crockett, general Annual Women's Day will be observed throughout the. day

29 with the men In charge of chairmen for the annual ,.Sunday September 18 at Philadelphia Baptist Church
the 11 a.m. service and the Women's Day celebrations In Mrs. Ruth Malone will serve
women In charge of the night Mt. Morlah and St. Stephen u general chairman and Mrs. (Eastside); call to worship, invocation

service. AME Churches, will be presented 1 4 p Dorothy J. Johnson, cochairman. selection, St.Matthew
Chairman for the men Is In a friendly contest Rev. J. W. Johnson Is Choir; Missionary offering and "
Lemuel W. Webb, and Melvin Oct. 11 by the two churchesin host pastor. prayer, selection, welcome address
the auditorium of St. Stephen 1 Miss Angellne Me Bride;
Copeland, assistant chairman. The program Is as follows:'
Willie Luster lone church. response, M r.. ? Elizabeth
Other officers are: Sunday School 9.30 a.m. guest
secretary; Frank Hall, Sunday, Rev. J.C.Bannerman, superintendent, Mrs. Rosa Telfalr; guest. soloist, Mrs.

James Dennis, Henry West, pastor of ..t. Moilah AME Gibbs; secretary, Mrs. Lucille Alice Boston; announcements,

Henry White, finance Church and congregation, will \ 1 u E McCoy; lesson reviewers,Mrs.J. selection, choir; introductionof I
worship in St. Stephen following speaker,Mrs.Freddie Jones;
committee; George Washington B. KInchen; teachers, Mrs.
Jr., Hilly Howard Jr., Ernest the morning service. The youth Shirley Harris, Mrs. Dorothy speaker, Mrs A. E. Stripling;

Wyatt program committee. department of Tabernacle Baptist Bradley, Mrs. ,Alta Langley, invitation to Joiners, offering,
Harold Wallace Institutional Church, under Mrs Verde ,Schuler, Mrs.
Captains are: Mrs. Ira Washington, Mrs. Novella
Simmons supervision of Mrs.Helen Law Euthrine Anderson, Mrs. '
Leroy Copeland, W. B. Williams, 101 r s. Sarah
Hilly Howard Jr., Sam rence, will also be present. Rice, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Christine", Alston and Mrs.
Alexander Cary Byrd Hilly Beverly Hudnell; group
Geraldine Hilton.
Howard Sr., Abe Scott,Reginald Jennette Kittles i ;: Morning worship at 11 a.m., captains' report; financial

Batey, and Mack Dunbar, decoration Mrs. Dorothy Johnson, presiding report, acknowledgement of ,
.i Brown
chairman. Slated For Recital ; devotions, Mrs. Josle visitors, Mrs. Nellie ;
Andrew W. Boston of St. Paul t remarks, chairman, co-chalr-:
Bowens Mrs. Eva M. Cannon
Miss Jennette Kittles will be I maa, pastor oft 1 the day, chairman
AME Church will preside for Mrs. Louise Weaver and Mrs.
presented in an after service of Deacon Deacon '
the men and Willie D. Cannon tw1 Morgan processional, call to
recital Sept. 25 at 8 St. ;
of New Bethel AME will be p.m., worship. Mrs. J. W. Johnson; Gun Hayes; benediction,
Paul AME Church, and sponsored pastor.
guest soloist. Invocation, selection, missionary i
by Mrs. Annie Bell Pugh. '
Rev. A. J. Reddick of :
offering, welcome address, \
Miss Kittles is
I Grant Memorial AME Church, the public school an system Instructorin ,and Mrs Annie D.Bailey;response, Zion Hope' BaptistsChoir
will be the speaker. Mrs. Mary Mrs. Joan Barney; guest
member of the
church.Th. .
Dennis chairman for the soloist, Mrs. Estelle Hamilton; ;
Is program is being In RecitalSenior
women. \ N p consecrated
{ announcements,
sponsored in Interest of the
annual Women's Day, which has dimes, selection, introduction Choir ,1 ofZton'Hape
Abyssinia Baptist'sDeacons Carrie Alston
of Mrs.
speaker, ; '
been scheduled
for Oct. 9. Daniels Baptist Church will ,be :
speaker, Mrs. Leona ;
solo, Mrs. Estelle Hamilton; presented in a musical recital!
Slate Event Deaconess Board invitation to Joiners, offering, Monday at 8 p.m., in the church

Mrs. Beatrice Mack, Mrs. auditorium.The ,
Abyssinia Baptist Church dm-
choir -rill
participating *
Louise Williams Mrs.
cons have scheduled their 30th Observes Event Sheffield include: Choir 1, Jacksonville
Walker Mrs. Georgia
anniversary for Sept. 27 In the Deaconess Board 2 of Mt. :and Mrs. Gwendolyn Davis; acknowledgement Beach; Choir 1, St ,Mary's\ '

church A program auditorium.will be presentedwith Tabor Baptist Church will celebrate SUNDAY SCHOOL STAFFERS--Jaxons who will Harris right. From left are Ernest of visitors, Baptist and Choirs 2 and 3 of

leading talent in the cityan its 24th anniversary have charge of Sunday School Departmentof Wilson, Church School Superintendent and Mrs. Luvenla Newman; remarks the Invited church.choirs are: Choir 1,
Sunday at 3 In
d church A p.m., St. Gabriel Episcopal Church at Mon- teachers Mrs. Ann Stoddard benediction.
participating. auditorium. Miss The afternoon worship begins St t. Thomas;.Choir 2, Mt. Sinai '
prize will be given the board Rev. H. T. Overstreet,pastor, crief Rd. and Soutel Drive are shown here Shernldlner West, Mrs. Elaine 'Kltchlnos at 3:00 p.m. Processional, demotion. and Choir 2, Mt. Calvary Baptist.

with members the present.largest numberof will deliver the annual sermon. with the priest in charge, Rev. T. Vincent wnd Mrs. Queen Esther Harris.. Mrs. Willie M. Elevator'
Members of the'
Edwards and Mrs. Willie Bell
Ladles Club and the Real Hats:
Allen selection Philadelphia
; ,
r Greater Payne Chorus; welcome address,Mrs. Club will serve as hostesses, I

Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Coming \ CHURCH NEWSWALTERS j, Women's Day Mrs.Annie Marilyn Pearl, of Mrs.Mistress Griffin J.Gloria Colson; response of Newman; Ceremonies Introduction -,; and Mt.the boss sponsor.Moriah'. Mrs.'Lucille Ushers LoweryIs

The Divine Spiritual Healer EventsThe MEMORIAL Sept.Women's 25 in Day Greater will be Payne observed AME Catherine Mistress of Newman Ceremonies selection, Mrs. Celebrate EventThe

Services Sunday in Walters Memorial AME Zion Church begin Anne Sinclair ; ,
Church with Miss
Of Macon Georgia. Paul Chorus solo
with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., with Miss Amy Moreland as chairman and Mrs Emma St. Gospel ; ushers of Mi.Moriah AME?:
Voices of Faith will rendera Lauretta Blount
presiding. Rev. H. C. Archie, pastor, will review the,lesson, Walker, cochairman.All Mrs. ; Church will celebrate their anniversary
at First Born selection St. Peters Chorus
f REV. ROOSEVELT FRANKLINWill program Temple "When Inner Disciplines Co." women have been askedto ; Sunday at 4 p.m.:, at
Monday night, September 19. guest soloist, Mrs. Ruby
Morning ,service at 11 o'clock. The Rev. Mr. Archie will ; will
and Choir 2
All and meet following the morning A&B Gwenette the church,, ..
the selections
singers public are ,
Be In Jacksonville; Florida invited. preach, and a program will be sponsored at 3 p.m., by Mrs. service for final plans. -Ads solo Eloise Mc- serve. -
Quartet Mrs.
I Annie Mae Davis in behalf of the Women's Day drive. Evening and sponsors are to be reported. The participants are: M-s.
FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16th teas service commences at 7 o'clock. Choir 2 and Usher'Board Mrs Florence Hall will serve Chorus; selection, Philadelphia Marie Mary Nealey, Mrs. Katrina
offering, Mrs.
will serve with Walter Limbric at the instrument. breakfast beginning at t p! a.m. ; Alexander, Rufus Shank, Fred
.. .1010". r..aUi oi Boston Mrs. Joan King and
+v' ''''oi *
MemcrlaiVfo will dMIil 1111I. r. s 011 "U '' -WS jir- "
The Grant WIIi.a fl.M !(Aj; Sin-Mrd die Morse, Mrs. Norman:
I Lola Dawklns acknowledgemetCjpf
P* *" Mrs. -
17th 7 ll *w *"If ;
. be presented In a recital Sept. MT. ZION AME ."-.*.* ,, ? cla1rA .'! fima'Walker.Mrs: .I visltotsjMrs.Betty 101 r s. Jfctha Dev< .
,I' 25 at 7 .In.Simpson..,,,,,S ales Sunday in Mt Zion AME"'Church: t'will begin with'i'W: *"1 A tea 'HH t :"fJ-Mhrtff Kittle I \ & 4ngsL L\M.! looks Re lars. Jamie
AND SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 18th' Methodist Church. Church School aTU.30; -a.rn., with the per1Dt ncle'ht' and':'m 65,Jt Itt".1'Worman Clark,] remarkshdjOlD'lImerit.; .\ 'q' *, Mfsv": armer, ,

The program is being Sumner Wiles in charge. Mrs. Florence Hall,Mrs.Helen Mrs. Ruth Malone, chairman, Mrs. GertrttUf: 'Morse, Mrs.
To Help You With Your Problems.Rev. sponsored by the Commission The consecration service begins at 10:30 a.m., In the prayer Smith Mrs. Minnie Clark,Mrs. will preside at the evening worship Mary Reggin,' Mrs. Callie Me-

on Christian Social Concerns, room with Arthur Class Sr., in charge. The Rev Mr. Toston Martha Desue, Mrs Annie Collins at 6:00 o'clock. Devotion, Call, R. C.,,Wynn Calvin Red-
Franklin Has Blessings For Every Mrs. Gertrude Moore, will preside at 11 a.m., and the presiding elder, Rev T. E. and Mrs. Margaret Mrs. Mabel Whetstone, Mrs. dick and: Rev. J. C.Bannerman.

Troubled Soul. See Him At chairman. Shehee, will deliver the sermon. Choirs 1 and 2, and Usher Boykins.: Dorothy Webb, Sister Herman The ushers of St. Paul Baptist
sass Board 2 will serve, also Stewardess Board 4. and Evangelist Dunnam; processional Church will serve and Mt
450 W. 19th STREET, At 4 p.m., Usher Board 1 will meet at the church. Monday at -= BALDWIN, =- St. Matthew Choir Calvary ushers will be guests.
7 p.m., a fellowship dinner will be served at the church in
The Soul Revivers will render
16th 17th And 18th interest of the Women's Day celebration. Church
September True
a program Sunday at 8:30 p.m.,

If You Want To Be Delivered Quickly in African United Church, 1129 MT. MORIAH AME
Sunday services In Mt Morlah AME Church commence with

See Him This Time. Phone 355.1568 Mrs.the Bertha program Belle, and Is refreshments sponsorof presiding.The the Sunday. School at 9:30: a.m.,with Superintendent J. Jackson YOU CAN AFFORD

will be served. Day
pastor, Rev. J. C. Bannerman, has announced that the r...."" "-... .!. ,
,,- ......, > ,
members will attend service In St. Stephen AME Church, Auwal .Women's Day will be .,. .Jj1't
,I'I I following the morning service. celebrated Sunday In True -: ,

t The usher board will observe its anniversary at 4 p.m., in Church of God in Unity! ,Baldwin, ., \ ,.' _- 1 ',.' .
rrrTT77I NOWr!, the church sanctuary. At 8 p.m., Mrs. Katrina Alexander, one beginning with the Sunday School ., ; .
of the soloists of Choir 2, will render a recital She will be at 10:30: a.m., with Mrs. Viola s" 1 ;:
4 LOCATIONS accompanied by Mrs. Delores Jackson Musical selections will Smith as superintendent Miss ---- .' '
I also be rendered by Choir 3, and Choir 2 will be guest .AUlle J. Gather, secretary and QUALITY WORK AT REASONABLE PRICES ;
.' TO SERVE YOU3118W.EdgewoodAve. ".
Evangelist Maria Jewell, Mrs.
pentecostal revival will commence Sunday at 8 p.m., In the M. Strong, teachers. BATH REMODELING
3701 EMERSON Holy Temple Church of Cod In Christ, located at 1860 W. 5th The participants at 11 a.m. PLASTERING & STUCCO "., I

830 CASSAT AVE. St. are: Mrs. Add Bryant, Mrs BLOCK & BRICK WORK
1824 WEST BEAVER Evangelist B. J. Woodard of Orlando will deliver the message Viola Smith, Evangelist Marie CONCRETE WORKS

each night, and the mass choir will sing for the services Jewell, Mrs. Alice Boston, ROOFING

Miss Willie M. Strong, Missionary NO DOWN PAYMENT .

LET US STRETCH THAT DOLLAR FOR YOU f II / M I t. Sinai Holiness Simpson Methodist E. M. Simmons Rosa Stephens. and Mrs. YEARS TO PAY ,,

Youth Lead ServiceMt. At :3 p.nx, the per sons appearIng Call 388.4524 '
Plans Bible SeriesThe are: Mrs. Lavolla Moss,
Sinai' I Holiness Churcl j"I
LEAN Mrs. A.: Jones, Evangelist
$ Youth Department will have commission,Steward Jewell Miss W. M. Strong, INC.
WHITE BACON 2lbs. charge of the service Friday ship and Finance of Simpson Mrs. S. J. Strong. Mrs. Alice .
night, beginning at 7 p.m. Methodist Church, the Rev Boston, Bostauettes! Miss! Rosa ,

FIRST CUTPORK Speaker will be Mrs. C. L. Joshua Reddick, minister Is L. Grant, Mrs. Ella Williams,

Franklin, youth director.A sponsoring the 2nd In a seriesof Elder J. ti4, r\" '"I',, ".,ange- ;

CHOPS 2 Ibs. program will be sponsored Bible programs, Sunday Sept. list A. Witsoo Mrs. Dnah r'.
Sunday by the Interdenominational
18 at 6 pjn. M. Harmon, sirs Sadly M. .
Evangelistic Council and Each book of the Bible will Varnidore, and ,MissionaryAnnie t ,
FLA. BUDGET FRYER PARTS the Open Door Mission. The be represented by a member Thomas.Missionary ; ,
program Is farewell programfor of the church and many favorite Mary Surnaular tt: 4.0CKYDAYSJllUy : ,

LEGS & BREASTS 3 Ibs Elder L. M. Sparks,pastor, hymns will be sung led by the will be the speaker at 'J:30p.m. cT ::
who will be leaving for the VilUV .
combined choirs of the church. Otter participants are: Elder ( AND:
annual Convocation
in Philadelphia Tyrone Williams, Mrs Rosa S. 7. Strong, Missionary Annie :

FRYER Pa.Monday. Walker and Mrs. Irene Harris L. Thomas and Mrs.Alice Boa- /' PALMIST I LUCKY NUMBERS ,.
evening Elder W. D. will be the featured soloists tjn, chairman and co-ciairman.! .
GIZZARDS 5 Ibs. Faust and numbers of the L I 1'c n. f. JER' 8-33.61-22
Churu'i: of Cod in Christ 4, will 60-M.90 '
NtV, ;S RX ;
of the K j +;; :
MEATY PORKSHORT have charge service. WHEN YOU ARE, ILLYou '

RIBS 5 Ibs. YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE...Tb1s message could be of great
\ You won't get totnorrotft Importance to you..JCAY ST AIm Nationally-known Palmist and
with yetterda&'t skill Seek The Best Doctor, Life Advisor has now located In the Jacksonville area. ,
VERY MEATY VEAL When Your Doctor Prescribes If you are overcome with troubles and conditions that are not I '
Get Experienced Pharmacists natural I bad 'i,
can remove them. Help you overcome spells,
NECK BONES 10 Ibs. SECRET PRAYER When Your Doctor Prescribes, luck and evil Influences. Visit KAY STARR.Jet her explain

I. Orders. We Use Only The Best your dreams and advise you to make the hit you have long ,,

FORMULA CHART I Quality Drugs. awaited. She will give you the true message that Is allottedto .

I C. fc.; BLACK Woprletor you-bringing luck, happiness, and success -advising you
: PSYCHO PHYSICAL TEMPLE Serve You bow to follow them. KAY STARR guarantees her work to be' ,",
i t r e d Pharmacists.To
f DIXIE CRYSTAL 0 F THE DIVINE MOTHER SR. g s e superior to any Reader you have ever visited.No matter what "

WITH 5.00 INC. SECRET PRAYER .. LINE O F-._..:=:.... your trouble may be she can and will help you. :Tomorrow maybe '
3geI FORMULA CHART. .... A COMPLETE too late. Remember the address: .I:' '
: My prayers are being,seat out Gooc1a.
SUGAR' and blessings are coming in. Cosmetics CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's 5737 NEW KINGS ROAD
Send for Free Daily Blessing. ; i..
I s 20 How to get what you want through *

Sib. Bag this self-addressed new way of Prayer.envelope Mall to Drug Store u.s. 111 1 Until of lukunille, fli. ,,'

Rev. C. Forster, P. 0, Sole It
$ St. Albans, N. Y. 11412. 1901 KINGS ROAD EL-3-8276 KAY STAR

J 1

.. ". -

r r. : ,

.: ;."' ::: :W : :

: iI J' ( n.nI11. lSfl STAR PAPERS

\. J... PAGE 5

....' ;' ,Urffri To Keep Worktop"Hick /'Miss Elkdom Miss Rosemond Satterwhite J

t .... .. ,-. .. Entertains Bridge Club
: :.ofe Power" I
.f>' Cry I( The Y-Dlamond Bridge Club held Its first
meeting of the club year on the patio of j

YOSK,;N. Y.-'n* tblon of American Hebrew Conn** I I'I'I Miss Rosemond Satterwhite's' home.

;...... today called xa. Reform Jews and otters not to allow .: \,, Officers for the club are: Mrs. Gladys :1
rsy over "black to deter them from "'' ,
power" conBtfttdpattoa : Bryant, president ; Mrs. Fannie Bellany '
!! u tile civil rights stnole.e vice ,
k prrsident ; Mrs. Margaret
.'&I. < la tile VJOCft racism, from whatever aoarea. %4y sec- I
plblic "' .llIUC.AK. We art DOt ID tilt ft&tIt for.... 'JIf.f'' : :: retary; Miss J. Maxine Fisher, treasurer; '1
f1addressed tO tile GIll rlcbU bemuse vtwlcaM croM '- :". Mrs. Luvenia Newman, reporter; Mrs. Fleet
+ } Members of(70 Reform to like at, or because they bare ,:. : _+:--. i I AtA1 Alexander chaplain and Mrs. Frances
'.I 'Or11N It.North America: oV invited u titter In or out bat v I-rtr// Waldon
:: ..'* would bt a disaster btcaaM It II our tuku American \=t' program director. Other membersare
' .,,.,0. "n: nucnltade tt tile *, our rtHfloHt tmptrattrx f\: :, : Mrs. Amanda Belle Mrs. Virginia
i- fttttyhU aovemsirt U splinweakened u Jews, and our duty U human \ Mathis, Mrs. Marion Reed, Mrs. Rosa Lee
.. eed by black telnc W. shall ptralat m that : : \ : ; Shannon Mrs. Juanita Davis and Mrs.
.-.';, tJ.. ad a isaaonMnrmiaer task however rocky tte road Lt ,:. .. ,, 'i" .' ,: Mrs. Geneva White.
"ntJ MIl It II equally or atrlll the voice of conoMl -
AI k.vapcatar cM1 rJ&dl. from racist of all II....." :: ; f (
r!' ""' II aolorllarstatement b Jli '\:\, "tdP > '. ,'.' I. ...I .,,,. Waldon first and Mrs. Luvenia Newman ,
....na sl .IDIeJ. Nation's Big Cities / ( f.. ":'" second. Guest prize was won by Mrs. Mary
: r
., prepared by y Jones.
I) .. ) II .;, _", ;-. guests present were Mrs.
,. 'Utrt" ;iol Yorapaa.Social Acton VAHC., telltke Over Third Negro } ,4 )' -0 r ; '" ... .: ,,' ,; Lawerence King and Mrs. Sula Wells I
; '
1 fw.
'';'' Y' at'if "momentary \:} > :.". '' The club presented a 0 i f t to Miss
Several -
MEW -< >- ., ,
:kr *U t,! of black nationalism r ", Satterwhite.I
of tile nation's largest cities ;" ''lf/I' !'... '.:" ,'!. ;.
i bind ,work of leadersYN.AACP'P'i !;'.' Mrs. Amanda Belle will be hostess for
are now more than a third r' : .. : :
R oyWinduItIt Negro-and Imflcattons are that : ,:,;: ', ,. \_ the next meeting to be held Saturday ,
many of them will hare Negro v ..,... / : if, September 17th.
;e:NU lead to "distrust of rodtlahwsudd 1 1t .. I'.. ,\ ?
,,, majorities la a few decades: .. ,
:r : v.. ..'. :. ', ,- 5"'i'
J.' .. a new surrey has mealed. .. !
: r aDd a. aU &beIDa- .
E' : : '
t, The nation's capital Washington : i ; '
r of a new and !.I ,
'. "
D.C leads tilt natkawlta '
, '1.\ft'tI\ *.;America will suffer lrli i .' : "
*,. liar.." a 83 per cent: Negro population : : f ,
.1 t' In the "40s" are Baltimore, I t 't \ :
tddUkttl comment Mr :
with 41 cent Newark N. ,
"'.n. "tfeat per oj .
said the emor l
\It:! J., with 40 per cent and New : :
J. : .,ottcI by the H/ "
; Orleans, with 41 cent.Itemphls -
per I .
," :yr'MKk """I At1aIIta ut said i I"
"';J to be U cent black Detroit f'
.. :..liberal Jewlsb per \., ... \
: : ,
Is 39 per cent black, and Chicago .. .. rl
'sptocB and weakened needed
4'c\\\ !
,. Is close to one '
k ,rl.t** sopport fof civilian re- h -
third Negro.NOISINfi.
'Wei board, fee DeW federal
':','':t'.;J yet'"rlffete bill, and financial HOMES Miss Clara Clayton, '19, of Gary, Indiana Newsome Grand Trustee ; Bill Long ,

'l.t"EIba. .cIuI.. to elvll rights WASHINGTONNP1)The( (standing left center, next to grand Exalted ruler of North Side Lodge Pit- i
: .
: 1111'Is a "....YJ price U. 8. Public Health Sir vice has Exalted Ruler Hobson Reynolds) was tsburg ; Hobson Reynolds; third prize 4-

..' ;'''srMjr for*fnltlet s, dMslre.t told the nation's nursing homes crowned ,"Miss Elkdom 1068 at Elks w i n n e r, Bonita Hinton of Lansing,
'. '7. .ttevapnseessary. tempest about that they must desegregate or Convention In Cleveland last week. Othersin Michigan; Charles Boone, the Coca-Cola
be federal medicare
.." tafcrtsf (bUck I power) ao two the picture left Company, Atlanta Georgia P. Blair'
''.'1ij 'Mop**define in tte same way." funds Robert If. Nash, chief to right : James ; M. ,
'to:Vta'Vorapan; tried the ekttn of tilt Office of Equal Health Lewis Plttsburg Coca-Cola Bottling Grand Commissioner of Beauty and Talent ;

.1;(J.ifIGe tae Uberallaborrecalition Opportunities, said his office Company; Billy Burke The Coca-Coka COm- and Joe Williams, the Cleveland Coca-

:, \J '= : of Negroes and would send representatlres pany Dallas, Texas; second prize winner, Cola Bottling Company. The Coca-Cola
1; the a&tion In the
", 't'f;-:,:Jof: America devoted aa to a'a Just re-makine and In.c next throughout few months.to determine Aldlne King, 19, of Plttsburg ; C. J. Company contest., Atlanta Georgia, promoted the

''.'.. $Atfrtted society.AIOHICAM. which homes were tn compliance .,
.'.i..i.\ JUDAISM with the guidelines. ----
,.. tUI "tot BO man Icnort
';:, M.wsu.: talk dangerous "COT EXEHPTONS"NEW KEN KNIGHT

I, ;,'.'iI'se a, IIat let DO me cep YORKNJ>).- Thefederalleglstation Spotlight On Sports -

;,:f:a.$ fMUtita, aiiiy of them unit, -Invites You To Listen To-
Mrtk--M: u aa-Jnrtsh and Association of the Bar of the
: A llt $ precut for washing his City of New York has urges MAYS, UARICBALKSY TO GIANTS FUG VICTORY rac. BAND

.:,\'I.t,JaiBda of the, craateit uBflnlibtd that lilt number of exemptions BIG
;::1. la, Anwrlctn lift" In the housing prorlslon of the' CHICAGO-(NFI' > -Sports fans ererywtere art well A sustained hot streak, pitching or hitting, by anyone of
,,I', ......';.;..=-._..o... adtod: "Ut u 1964 Civil Rights Bill be re. acquainted with tilt phrase "As Willie Vats Goes, So these stars can carry his team to tile NL flaI. Clutch
Go tte Giants" However, in all fairness, that phrase should "DANCE PARTY"lidUr
1' Ul forma of
'; afalaat dead Is also of peat Import.
1 ", playing
; now be amended to read, "As Mate and Juan itarlchal

: ,... ,.:,, oj I'r. Go, So Go lilt Giants" for both men'have floored stoutly* This being tte case then I am willing to go out once more

I ",,..,.'ni-...; '' tiI'r. la the Giants current pennant cIr...., on the proverbial limb and pick tIM Giants to win. 11:30: til 12:00: Saturday 9 p.m.

: ;.-.',.$: &:, This U not a a attempt to slight otter contributors to Why? Because of two teller named Willie Maya and Juan 1400WRHC1400THESE
''v-> till .Giants' cause. But without doubt tilt rocord of performance
: $&; !; : particularly la the clutches-dearly shows Mays llariclla1. .

Tom Collins ? and Marlchal'to to tte key .men oa the Giants (team. '
i, I :,:,"!''lVoI'l"-I
... .' R'*.\;.;*; Bat lees look at lilt hotly contested f&Uoaa1IAac1M pen-
'. mat nee u a whole. .Who are the. man and what are the
'.';to. "'1, \\I.I-"; ._ l:' factors that will ultimately decide tts outcome?
..,' "Ii ;; 1: ',"'.:
'.\ .. ;. r').",.01 0/.': The teams are almost teadc-op (at this writing) In overall
; ( assessment so the outcome undoubtedly be decided
.: 1-, ': ; by players who may well be termed "key men in the pennant .
\ :;
.,:j .;. f: ;' ?(! race." Who are these men, teamwise, and what made SUPER
them stand out?

1 ;:; : fyl 3 Mays and Uirlchai, are, of course, tte Giants big stars
., the main stars oa whom the Bengals pin their laces PRICES 6000 THROUGH SUNDAY AT EOGEWOOD AYE. B
t'.h:. I"//
\\t;: ) (
.'.;",.. For the Pittsburgh Pirates, who at this writing were lead-
,, ..\ leg till league (A half game stead of the Giants), tile big PUREXBLEACH
l4'.hty, fr' stars are Roberto Clemente, Math Aloe and Willie Stargellall -
: -- stick men

: i. ,' ,, ADd tilt Dodgers team pin Its main hope on tilt strong arm
L..f..,... ,,.".. ..It1.;:.,,'.It of Sandy Koufax the darling legs of wee Uaary Wills

,. ,. ',,!,t.:(:) .;:.{.i..,.: and tilt clutch playing veteran Junior GUllam.Teamwise .

' ""Jt '.:. ,'" tile fines seem to be the most balanced team.
. LIMIT 1 1trin
I .'\ .,. ,,'. .\,. not hare tilt most consistently 4-6 LB.
l .\ ';.'.. ,\ Though overpowering they
:;J t. t effective hitters Ia Clemente Abe and Stargell. The Pirates js.co$ ox 10 1 LB. 45 c
: ,, .... also have more than adequate pitching with Vernon Law AVE.U.S. .
....,.1.'t.. and Bob Veals among their maID stays. fOIl ORDER _

'fri''i ; .f. ,
"'{J '. The Dodgers have a decided edge la pitching, with their SURFDETERGENT
big star being Z2-game winter Kbufaz, and lilt best relief GOOD CHUCK
; f}: men. in toe rvntl'vtti la Ron Perroooaki. Phil Regan aDd
:< : ,
Bob Itlller. TIle Dodgers likewise have adequate hitting
ftIt'C and the test running team.la tilt league. Here Is whereWith
\ : stands out u tilt greatest base stealer la baseball ROAST
;:r 1I tor1. *
l..1lM 'k.it TIle Giants, meanwhile! hold tte edge In explosive powerat
> ;} perlect.I.rycr.i the plate. Such sluggers u Willie Mays, who had 84

,.: ',,. home runs at this writing; ton Ray Hart ((31)), and big Willie Vz GAL
; .I'" UcCovey, strike fear la tile hearts of opposing pitchers. $
.,.: .
'; :' ... TIle Giants also bout the two leading. pitcher in tilt league, GIANT 1.\. 1

}......":;;;,. 1.!:,r:"OJ If.1' .\,;.. y Vvt with 42 games Uarichal among((21-9)them.) and Jim Perry ((2-6)) having won SIZE LB. 49C ""'16".'

,}1'', ,.. : '''
,; 1. .. '
",,,... .,tfo'.r.p'j..J ,\ tfJTN OR MORE FOOD ORDER
:) : Moreover tilt Giants drip with confidence, and are especially LIMIT 1 $$5.00
,::p" rough oa opposition at home. This Is a key --- .. --------------- .
:;j) ,1'if :((\ factor: b because of the SI Giants games remaining (as of

.", '\.: ..", ';'t'II Sept. I), 13 were to be played at home, mostly against EATWELL TUNA I U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK
\ second-division opponents. They had nine (9)) games slated
:''.''; "i. away from Candlestick Park DEG CAN 21$ .I LB. 69t

'.." ';)of\ :.} The .main force on tilt Giants, though is Hays, who can '.
f j .-: a ra beat you in a number of dreadful ways-at bat, to the field,
'.I.. 'r'' FI and oa the base patch, U he did in propelling his team to VAN CAMP PORK & : U.S. #1 POTATOES
yr Ryt'N i'! .. u Important S-! win over the Dodgers, last week. Willie BEANS 1 '
I; scored tile decisive ma all tilt way from first base on aslngte.
-I.,. (,i'", 19CAMIELL'S : 10 LB. BAG 39t
1, ,, ') #2 CAN $

;.nWI: : 4W TIle Dodgers (Sept 6)) had S4 games remaining including .

,..:.f..... three against Pittsburgh wept. 1S-1C-17)) and seven ((7)) i PIES
; against fourth-place Philadelphia, at .-IIId..ft1. Not SOUPTALL
7 too pleasant a schedule for them
'.' :\, ; \,.,"}"I TIle Pirates (as of the same date)had 22 games remaining CAN I0t FAMILY SIZE 25C

,:.::1.. 1 favlmllng seven CO( ftgamst the Giants, four against Los FLAVORS
.., three four ,
...J. Anplef against Philadelphia, apJut.wanta,
\}{ :- three against St. Louis' and one against Houston. A pretty r
I rough schedule for the Dues..
4, 3's Atilt. record clearly show, lilt teams are close to equal FRESH CELERY

.'>,,*: Extra Dry/Ike perfect Marty gn'f1si m be decided overall ability.largely by So Individual tilt chances efforts.are And the pennant that's what will LARGE STALK 15C 4 TALL CANS 25$

\ ; M. NtiNWi//aMRlbtaoeW11TIUIINrelefeoeimiwewl, makes the players mentioned earlier tile key men in the
;....hy, e

', '. ..
it" ", ,
Jf ,. ,,,<1,
': '
: f.;
In Irt.
.,.'I'\1.\ .
.f' .at I 'I ,b

o- --___---- ---- -- '" ........................................ .............................. ......-........... ............... ..........................__... i: ________ _:::".":. ___ __ _

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .




I .




rfI It '

Financial Aid Available For Miamlan Completes Sears, Roebuck ScholarshipDOLLARS Education Entertainment Hues And CriesBy

Training Course At

Job Corps Center c REGRETS
TALLAHASSEE. Fla.--FAMU.student.) attendlnc or Ala.NPI)
planning to attend Florida i MM University may secureto MORGANF1ELD, Ky.Robert --Gov. George C. Wallace was
set for another showdown with SAN FRANCISCO (NPI--Famed, controversial trumpeter
Northwest tOth
enough or work-aid finance their Cherry of 435
money way through
declared last week that be bad "no
Miles Davis regrets"
college, according to T. Mat !I. Rose, dlrctor d financial aid St.. Miami, Fla., received his federal officials as he signed
FAMU. certificate of graduation from into law a bill nullifying the about the break-up of his marriage to pretty former-
the Brecklnrldge Job Corps U. S. Office of Education's desegregation Katber1neDunhamdance, Frances Taylor, and added that
"We expect to have nearly Inadequate. Center Thursday. guidelines in Ala- be was "only in love with my music." The )Jaw musician -
$700,000 In financial aid available FAMU receives funds for aid Cherry hat completed six bama and prohibiting the state's whose trumpet sound Is close to an echo made the
for scholarships, loans, to students: from the state,cam- months in the retail sales vocational school systems from signing declaration after tearing up a divorce decree and cutting
grant-ln-aid, work-study and pus organizations,religious and school and spent compliance statements with the loose with an angry blast at the process server in frontof
work-aid during the 1966-67 civic organisations, foundations approximately two months In federal I 0 ern men t. The the Jazz Workshop night club, where be was appearing.BAN .
school year." he paid. "Hun alumni, interested completing basic educationclasses governor siad he would preferto
dreds of students have applied friends, and the Federal relating to his skill take his chances with a local LIFTED
and some have already bad loans Government.The training. His grades for both federal Judge than a "bureau-
approved or scholarships and NDEA and the work-study skills and education hare been FOR FRESHMEN---Leroy Robbins crat 1,000 miles away." Federal NEW YORK- grant-ln-aid committed to them programs of the Federal officials Indicated, how- other entertainers with narcotics and other types of
above average. ( left )
for the coming school year. Government grant funds on a His instructors: : have recommended -, representative from the Sears- ever, that Alabama school police records was lifted recently when progressive Mayor
"Students should apply matching basis. For every one him for a Job in the Roebuck Foundation Chicago III. districts proceeding with desegregation John Lindsay directed the license department to end the
for loans early. The last day dollar raised nine will be retail sales field, particularly presents Dr. George W. Gore Jr. a check would continue fingerprinting of cabaret entertainers Effecting about
for applying for National Defense matched. Officials at the university in stockroom work, when be for $1,750 for scholarships for freshmen to receive: federal funds,despitethe 900 entertainers, who until now have been barred from
Education Act loans for bar gone into was well adjusted. students with new state law. appearing in Gotham nightclubs the new move means they
the first trimester of the 1966- the communities to contact During his six months at outstanding high school and others will no longer have to submit to fingerprinting
67 school year was June L. friends of the institution and Brecklnrldge: Cherry was records. The FAMU president said the AT LAST u a condition to receiving licenses to perform In the clubs.
The deadline for applying for alumni in an effort to raise active in extracurricular activities names of the recipients of the scholar-

the second trimester is October $50,000. Some $400jOO% 1* working on the campus ships will be announced later. The PHILADELPJDANPI) QUINTET SCORES

L expected from NDEA loans and newspaper and coaching the scholarships are part of the Sears- --After 118 years of Northern-
"Most of the grant-in-aids scholarships and work-study baseball team.Malcolm Roebuck Foundation's style segregation, Chard LOS ANGELES-(NPO-Tbe) Cannonball Adderly Quintet,
athletics, drama and music aid In addition to monies expected Presidents' Speciaf college has been ordered to de- one of the most vigorous, swinging, modern )jazz groups,
and scholarships hare been from other sources. X's Scholarship Program. --FAMU staff photoby segregate. Federal District scored a big hit at Shelly's Uanne-Hole, and was held over
committed. Faculty and staff Students living on campus: will Slayers Ernest Fillyau.Moon I Judge Joseph S. Lord 3d throught Sept. 11. The group, consisting of leader altolst
members who employ students have to pay $354 for the first ruled that Pennsylvania law Cannoball Adderley; his brother-trumpetlst Nat; pianist Joe
either on work-study or work- trimester during 1966-67, $353 Sentenced life prohibits the college from excluding Zawlnul, bassist Vic Gaskin, and drummer Roy McCurdy,
aid plan prefer to use the same for the second trimester, and Negroes. As the college played one of its best sets in months.
student employee u long u $359 if they plan to attend WASHINGTONNPI Three is under state supervision, it is
he Is In school and Is available FAMU both halves of the third "Black" Muslims members, Miami not a private shcool, the Judge PROVES VERSATILITYNEW
for work. This trimester. These fees Include convicted last Aprfifortbe Feb. Over said. The school has been
eliminates the training of a room and board, registration, 21, 1965 slaying of fiery u- segregated since long before the YORK-(NPI--Milt Jackson, vibraphone leader of
different student each year." and laundry. Muslim spokesman and minister Civil War due to a stipulation the Modern Jazz Quartet, proved his versatility and fine
It Is estimated that nearly Students desirous of getting Malcolm X, have hired in the will of Stephen Girard musicianship last week when he appeared somewhat out
1,000 students were granted some financial assistance Edward Bennett Williams, one MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -The calorie will be enshrined in Miami which provided for a school context with the backing of a 15-plece orchestra that was
some type of financial aid during should contact T. M. Rose, of the nation's leading constitutional Beach Oct. 30-Nov. 2.These are the day in which a determined for "poor white male orphans. vastly different than his own. With Jackson setting the pace
the past school year. Rose Director of Financial: Aid, Florida lawyers, to appeal their band of restaurateurs,'supported by a brigade famous chefs and mood, the orchestra, Including such top musicians
feels that more money will be AIM University, Tal- case. will launch a campaign to change the eating habits and image SWITCHAROUND u Jimmy Heath, James Moody and Howard McGee, scored
available next year and the lahassee, Florida 32307. Toe convicted mn $f the entire United States. heavily, particularly with a rocking number titled "A Time
number of students being able are Tal mad Ie Ha.r, 24, No small order? Well, Just remember what David did witha and a Place." The concert benefited the Grace Congregational -
to come to college becauseof Patterson, N. J.; Norman 3X slingshot. WASHINGTON-) -While church.
the availability of financialaid Cashier Promoted Butler, 26, and Thomas 155X The launching vehicle for this epicurean missile is the Pan officials of Girard college in
will show a sharp Increase.The Johnson, 30, both of the Bronx. American Hotel and Restaurant Exhibition in Convention Hall Philadelphia continued to resist NEGRO HISTORY ONSTAGE
chances of a student attending The trio were sentenced to life here. The business end of the weapon is International Chefs desegregation until a federal
college continue to Increase imprisonment and would be eligible on Stage. The target is the hamburger and hot dog, two items Judge ordered them to Integrate, NEW YORK--(NPI-"The WorUof My America program
as financial funds are for parole after serving even the Great Society hasn't tampered with. Virginia's Sweet Briar college depicting various phases of Negro history, and starring
on the increase. FAMU set a 26 years and eight months. You can see, this is pretty basic. for women decided to desegregate Paulene Myers, will be presented at the Greenwich Mews
up a committee last year to e All bad pleaded innocent However The planners envisage a classic pincers movement: chefs despite racially l restrictive Theater on Sept. 26. Centering on "the loves tormentsand
j seek funds from Industry, during the trial last April competing with chefs on the right flank; the public watching language I nit. aspirations of the Negro people.>> ....." the program
alumni, faculty, staff, students, Bayer changed earlier and nibbling tidbits on the left, and 8,000 square feet of delec- founder's will and a state court draws material from Langston Hughes Paul Laurence Dunbar
i and friends for matching funds. 4 testimony' admitting that he table goodies In the center. order upholding segregation at and Sojourner,, Truth.
. \ Historically, Florida At M has ,h M had taken part lathe tilling.. II four kitchens will be going simultaneously on stage, eight the college. The exclusive -
y, depended lie testified that his two hours a'' da7;'''wim a running commentary broadcast to the women's; college $100,000 JAZZ COLLECTIONNEW ,
i of the State Legislature for co-defendants were innocent.: audience by an expert running from one stove to another. became the last major girls'
funds. FAMU alumni andt Malcolm X, who had broken 'Tickets will be $1, with a drawing held twice a day good for school In the South to desegregate. BRUNSWICK, N. J.-(NPI)--Rutgers university last
> friends have been unaccustomed away from the Muslim sect two dinners served on the spot to SO fortunates and worth- week acquired from the Institute of Jan Studies one of the
;. to making substantial gifts because beaded by "The Honorable" well, worth maybe an average dally at Hlaleab.The most extensive collection of jail recordings and writings,
ik FAMU is a state .... '_ ... Elijah Muhammad Sr.,was gun- performers will get prizes too, topped by the Golden BETTER IN DIXIE? and announced that it will be used to encourage scholarlyand
i supported institution. TALLAHASSEE, Fla.James ned down as he was addressinga Chef Award. Teams from at least eight countries-*he United creative Jazz. Included In the collection, valued at
"These funds are Inadequate R. Barrett, former cashier at gathering of the Black States, Brazil, Hungary, Israel, Austria, West Germany, MIAMI BEACH-(NPI)-- The $100,000 are such memorabilia u the tenor sax stylings
I to meet the present day needs Florida AIM University, has Nationalist organization. He Switzerland and Denmark already are entered for the Golden South will soon lead the NorthIn of Lester Young when he played with Count Basle in 1936-
j of our students," said PAWs been promoted to contracts and had formed the group after Chef competition. desegregation, Guy B. 37.
president, Dr. George W.Core, grants auditor at FAMU. Bar- splitting with Muhammad. Altogether, sponsors say, 50 foreign and 100 United States Johnson of the University of
Jr. "The challenge to the rett joined the FAMU Business chefs will be on hand for other competitions. North Carolina told a meeting JAZZ SERIES ENDS
alumni and friends is to raise Office staff In 1958 u university Confirm Jurist One feature of the culinary arts exhibit is to be a map of the of the American Sociological
money that can be free to use cashier. He formerly workedin United States, each state represented by some dish for whichIt association. Prof. Robin M. NEW YOURK-(NPI--"Jazz In the Garden," a series of
u matching funds for postal transportation in Buffalo WASHINGTON -(NPl)-Wade Is famous. Only the foundation for the exhibit will be inedible. Williams, Cornell universitysaid concerts starring famous musicians and Jazz groups ended
assistance to needy students. N. Y."WRITINGEST". H. McGree Jr;, a Negro Jurist Banked around will be sugar statues, pastry portraits and all American schoolsare its summer season at the Museum of Moder D Art witha
According to Dr. Gore, only from Detroit, last week won manner of goodies. (After all, 8,000 square feet is a fair-sized more heavily segregated today one-hour show featuring the Booker Ervin Quartet. The
11 per cent of the students at WRITERHistory' a seat on the U. S. Court of sideboard.) than In 1954, when the U.S. final show was to star the Roland Kirk group, but it was
FAMU benefit from financial Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, So, be sure to come to Miami Beach Convention Hall Oct. 30- Supreme Court outlawed school rained out.World' .
aid. He said that around 36 per .most prolific writer when the U. S.SenateCODftrmed Nov. 2. Wives can get lessons magic in the kitchen, husbandscan segregation.
cent of the students at FAMU was Lope de la Vega, the his appointment by President see that they pay attention. Largest Propeller for Huge Tanker' '"
\ need financial aid.I He also 16th-century Spanish author, Lyndon B. Johnson., You can mingle with gourmets. Also you can find plenty of BOYCOTT
I pointed out that FAMUs funds who wrote about 1,800 playsas BOTTOM 0> THI WORLD hotel rooms at pre-season bargains. There will be swimmingin The Kobe Steel Works has oomph ted the manufacture of the world
for scholarships are well as many poems and The world's ocean and pool. There will be golf on long and short courses. POINTS A LA NICHE, La. I largest propeller to be fitted to the'world largest ship the 205,(IK-
I Ii novels. southernmost There will be sailing and fishing and water skiing and skin -(NPI)--The prospect of j deadweight ton tanker Idemltsu MaN now under construction The
I j town is Uihuaia, Argentina, in having five Negro classmateswas 1 propeller weighs 393 tons and U made of a nickel alloy and aluminum
' Tierra del Fuego, the Catholic diving. bronze It Is 25 feet in diameter and Is said to have the blithest propulsion
: There will be football, collegiate and professional. There will so intolerable to 1,780 I potential of any propeller made to date The manufacturing
Digest states.SCHOOL
be night clubs and dancing. There will be greyhound racing. white students at formerly all- cost Is estimated at $100,000 and represents another first for Japan.
There will be many sights to see: porpoises with built-in grins white Woodlawn High school .t the: world leader In ship building.
WAMEDIAL FAVORITE showing off at the Seaquarlum; macaws of scarlet and gold that they boycotted the school.
flying among the trees at Parrot Jungle; monkeys and orchids The school had been ordered
and Indians wrestling alligators.And desegregated by federal court
maybe, that old cry will be heard no longer through the order, buy that didn't matter to
land: 'Two hamburgers, all the way." Plaquemines Parish boss
Leander Perez who whipped his t
captive parish in to a racist

1260FLORIDA'S Miami Beach Shorts phlc.frenzy integration" by declaring would be that"catastro school

MIAMI BEACH, Fla.-Those big white shells with pearly
pink lips seen in so many souvenir shops>> in this area are v
: horse conchs. Once plentiful, the local supply has been so '- ..
depleted that most now are brought in from isolated areas In ; '
Caribbean waters. The anjmal within the shell once was a .
', '' ., staple of diet for pioneers from here through the Florida keys.
"'" ; .
:t'f .xNat.r.ny
',..Jd'#rtfn..itKi Hence the nickname "Conchs" for the early settlers. the SHORTY $35.
A ribbed sweater and kneeaockl xxxz MEDALO STYLE f6l5
in soft Orion acrylic When the 17th century naturalist Bartram visited South M .f

and a swingy dyed to.match. Florida be apparently was most impressed by the alligators WEBBDopi::.: : repo.
# pleated skirt, all from Sears and the flamingos. He described the first at "thick enoughto Ice
;j 1 help put this pretty miss in walk on" in the Lake Okeechobee area and the flocks of Normal.. .....o-.H-*.'* .O.IJ'Wt Md.l wit.Nab." r.M. I....
the proper back-to-school birds as "pink cloud on rivers in this part of the state. CROWS from-- tho HAIR ROOTS St I. Iktya I n, ...Y.COMB6fj.
combination l,. YOUR SCALP The ondltto el
mood. comes Four heir often depend heavilyon
in gold,blue or grape,for sizes tin nature =OIl:;
NOW : I Yeor dO ,
, 8 to 14. Register for Invented a medlnted art
t .ermulo railed CARBONOKU.
which! to mixed with many proven
-- --- -- .
beneficial Ingredient* CARe
w.r. BONOEC t* uch .trong.powan
ful oMlMpllo da doe such line


tilt lfl trouble1 Man, snaoyhIgeunuW
lamed tcalp eondtioni -
cell The MIAMI STAR Photographer 01 ere thl freed Triple r. relieved trentth by A theme tar .p'JJ.m1J f :..-
formul, Writ for thl DOCTOR'SOKNV1NB
STATION ...... II will bo cent .. you. oil '" J ,
: To Cover Your Church Events Teas Banquets Weddings!! mixed Sad reedy to .... USB IT 'u.t 'end bu.h I. .std cedar
I FOR T DAYS. sad U you ere gall .. :::.. out. Will net rub dNOTA /.
eUsfled.. your money beck. Pal DYI.ael.n.gulek..t..l ,
oaJ..I..J on deUvery. Thl te- .elan gredu.ll1r AVOID
Fraternal MeetingsSocial Events Birthday Parties ," .HA1d SUDDEN DYED LOOK.
WMIMSpotlight peas more You.i..O'-.If..t.t: : Bruahaltachod ferreeiovlnc ...
f "WHAMMYIN ilroeilon*, Ueo the hint hOKDICATED colorlni. Prevent aelllni, rubblnfoff.
Phone 6357069 :: SCALP FORMULA. Your'ct.n.Y .Comes...1.. tn Pleetle .Caee....Canbe ...
FREE OF CHARGE 3771025 Or Nights ProductOf con buy. Your hall M4ooelp In pocket or
deeerve fine e.r*. Jut and Come In ell .........t.81.cll loriellnum '
=. oddree to-GOLD .Blue., elele ... Par only ,
Please Call 2 Days In Advance Of Event The Week Dopt 41 1 Sheepeheed PRODUCTS INC.Bey. delivery ,lea poetM
Brooklyn 3S N.Y. NOTE THIS i? Mane* bock II not dellf hlooVCol1
MIAMI" FORMULA ..w..* a 1M%, wcM Model Malt '''''..... In*. .
MOTE : You May Purchase Copies For Your Scrapbook Miami, Florida eo -. IJRMuarealeo.. D.,.. Sol, ....U/.. M, Now YorV



.. . . .



I Winner Gf Prize At Luncheon

.,p Man Beats Chair HARASS YOUR"HUBBY
r., ; +
Your marriage may be less
I than wedded bliss if you always
,; .. Hours /i Ce S me.t"your husband at
: '. 3 a j the door with tales of what a
terrible day you've had On
: J the other hand, taking time
i4- WASHINGTON A team of a hearing on August 22,:;;1966. to spruce up and Ute a fragrance -
five NAACP Legal Defense Fund Professor Marvin Wolfgang of ;::::::; .. like Desert ,Flower

attorneys from three states, the University of Pennsylvaniawho By Mary Whitman ( i;may remind him of the pretty
feverishly worked against a 38- supervised, along with Printmaking a hobby chll .. girl he married, -
hour deadline this week In a Professor Amsterdam the dren and adults enjoy alike is
race to save a condemned Negro Fund's capital punishment sur- one of the oldest art forms
from the Arkansas electric vey, testified. A child on the beach learns the
chair Dr. Wolfgang stated "that the same lesson his ancestor did Buy U.S. Sa>ing! Bonds
eras ago He can make a footprintor
They successful. association
l'e r 1 l were between beinga handprint in the sand over and
William L. Maxwell was confined Negro convicted for rape of over, From there he learns to
to death row Arkansas a white victim and receivingthe make more prints of many kinds,
State Penitentiary in Tucker, death sentence, observed pressing one object against another You Do n't Have To Go To Town To Get
Arkansas, for the November, in the Arkansas data,could have to create patterns:
1961 rape of a white woman. occurred merely by chance In Printing Is a fascinating actlv
Ity for small children because It
Maxwell was slated to die by fewer than two times out of one pleases them to repeat," we are LOW PRICES,
electrocution on Friday, Sep hundred," reminded by a colorful book
tember 2, I960 "between the Attorney Amaker Joined in called Print Art from Whitman
hours of sunrise and sunset" pointing oat that Arkansas Publishing Company of Racine, DRUG STORE ,NEEDS
F Associate Justice Byron R. juries "habitually practice racial Wisconsin, leading producer of
"Older chll
art Items
,. White of the U. S. Supreme discrimination in Juvenile
+ dren the book goes on, "enjoy Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
j Court signed a stay of execution of capital punishment turning their print art Into decora WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL
Thursday, September 1. for rape, imposing the death live paper greeting cards and Papers. We Deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescrip-
pending filing of additionalpapers penalty for racial reasons upon fabric prints," There are Ideas for
by Legal Defense Fund Negro defendants convicted of all ages adult too to try.
Poster Is usually needed,
-- attorneys. of white "
rape women. available\ at the creative art tions.Dixie
GRAND PRIZE WINNER Mrs William Bennett, winner of the 4-quart electric ice cream The lawyers made it with less The Fund's survey was conducted racks of variety store Rollers of
freezer by Proctor Site, beams happily as she poses at the gala luncheon and fashion show than 24 hours to spare. in 225 counties in 11 many kinds can be made or Pharmacy
sponsored by the auxiliary to the National Medical Association. The freezer was the grand The latest, and most frantic southern states by 28 law found at home cardboard tubes,
prize at the fabulous Hotel Knickerbocker affair.The luncheon was one of the social highlights chapter in Maxwell's fight to students last summer. They plastic cylinders, small metal
1 of the 56th Annual National Medical Association Convention held in Chicago. Shown with Mrs.. live started at 4:30: p.m. Tuesday filled out comprehensive 28- can Ing*surface. For a a paint child plate"can use or an work old 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue
Bennett are left Mrs. James B. Williams chairman and August 30th. The U. S. questionnaires lathe first
t : ,' right, Mrs. Morris Proffitt, page cookie sheet or metal tray.
co-chairman. Mrs. Murray K. Davis of High Point, N. C. is president of the auxiliary. Eighth Court of Appeals in SI survey of its kind In America. He can make prints of leaves, Phones Elgin 5559798'' '
1 Louis, Mo., told 1 Assistant' Fund attorneys are currently rolling them with ink then pressing '
.Counsel Norman Amaker that representing more than 20 Negroes them on sketch paper. Fruits
his request for a certificateof sentenced to death for and vegetables cut In half an .

Rights Marchers To Test probable cause and a stay rape of white women in the orange Instance or-grapefruit can be or painted onion,and for PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER
of execution were denied South. then pressed to make a colorful
Amaker, who had been in constant The Maxwell case will Impression on construction paper AND TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE
telephone contact with continue.
Cicero Church Bias Associate Counsel James Na-
I brit, In New York City, Immediately -
left for the airport.He :,

As Well As BiasCICERO arrived at Legal Defense r. ,
Housing Fund headquarters 10:15: p.m. I
where Nabrit, Assistant Counsel -
Melvyn Zarr and Secretary
Ill. -(NPI)- When reminded< their congregants Fifteen later
years the town Doris Hendricks had been pre- 1 i
civil rights demonstrators from the pulpit that anythingbut was much the same. paring an appeal to the U. S. e B SPECIALS GOOD
march into this western suburb "unflagging good will is Town officials talked of being Supreme Court since morning. I SATURDAY
of Chicago, they will be testing un-Christian." unable to control their residents Nabrit, in the meanwhile summoned THROUGH
church segregation as well as But the formal rule in Cicero if the marchers demonstrated. Professor Anthony
housing discrimination in a town that Negroes neither live nor They said they could not allow Amsterdam of the Universityof QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
remembered for its notorious pray there was still In effect. the marchers !to demonstrate Pennsylvania Law School,
race riots/ of 1951. Civil rights leaders were to unless Gov. Otto Kerner sent who arrived in New York Cityat
I Cicero, where gangster Al give that rule its first challenge the National Guard to keep the 2 a.m. HERSHEY'S
Capone made his headquarterssome some 15 years after a World peace. The application for a stay
40 years ago, hasn't War n veteran and Ms family Some 50 persons representing had. to show the high court a
changed its hoodlum ways much failed in their attempt to Integrate property owners picketed City complex array of facts In concise
since then. Syndicate vice and the community. Hall to protest the open housing form; it had to clearly SUGAR 5 lIS.39C
gambling are said to flourish Harvey E. Clark Jr., his wife agreement reached between indicate that the matter fell
there. still. Jeanetta, and his two children civil rights and civic forces. within the Jurisdiction of the
And the town's "whites only" Henry then 8, and Michelle
Among the marchers were Supreme Court; and it had to
policy remains force as ever, then 8, were beaten and burnedout members of the Clearing Civil show that the issues raised LIMIT 5 IBS. PLEASE W/OTHER FOOD PURCHASES OF
$15.00 OR MORE
both in church and at home. of the $60-a-month apartment League, a property owner's presented substantial federal
Negroes not only do not live they had rented group, and the Kllbourn Or- questions
in Cicero. They do not pray A mob of 5,000 Cicero residents ganiatton. The attorneys and Mrs. Hen-' AJAXDETERGENT

there. and outsiders rioted fora They accused Mayor Daley of dricks, J joined by Secretary !
Frank Ditto, chairman, Oak- week when it was learned not giving property owners representation Frances Johnson worked on the :
\ land Committee for Community"r that,a ,Negrp family had,moved, la,the openhouslng. : Supreme Court Appeal until 6:30 ; "
I Improvement, planned to change :Into the heavily Italian suburb I 'negotiations I a.m. Wednesday. ,morning, w>II ; ; W: ,4'9ClMIT
all that. Members of his organization Then Gov. AdlaI E. Stevenson 'At the Old Town Gardens, an' August 31. oJ .,1 ,
he said, would worshipin ordered Col. Clifford Hodgesto Integrated housing developmenton The men took brief naps and : .
some of Cicero's 35 white rush National Guardsmen to the Near North side, tenants then boarded the 11 a.m.shuttle
: churches Instead of marching. Cicero. Some 111 persons were were evicted and their flight to Washington, arriving
He declined to say which ones. arrested, but none were indicted furnishings were thrown into at the Supreme Court at 1230.: ONE 'PlEASE W/OTHER FOOD PURCHASES OF $$5.00 OR MORE

.. Cicero clergy did not by the Cook County grand Jury. the street after they staged a The papers were filed and Attorneys -
disapprove of his plans in principle Within hours after the Clark month-long rent strike. Nabrit, Amsterdamand
--- -- - --- --
but they indicated that family tried to move in, white The tenants accused the de Amaker went to a nearby hotelto
they had never heard of any mob crashed into the apartment velopment's owners of allowingthe rest and wait.Meanwhile SCOTT i : NESCAFE INSTANTCOFFEE
such thing happening Cicero building smashing and burningthe apartments to become Cooperating I Green Giant !
before. family's furniture and slums. Attorney George Howard of TISSUE
"I've never run up against wrecking the building. Meanwhile, Dr. and Mrs.Leo- Uttle Rock, Arkansas had Or Match
anything like this before," said Even after It was announcedthat nard Britton, Chicago and the arranged an appointment with Mix Sale".1! : j
I the Rev. James J. Fitzgerald, Clark had moved, the mob Rev. Emory G. Davis, NPI Governor Orval Faubus. Mr. !- -- -_ --
$t. Dlonysius Catholic Church. continued its wild rampage. columnist and volunteer direc- Howard was in midst of explaining -
: "They have a right to come Cicero officials had refusedto tor, North Suburban Organization the case to the 8 ROLLS $1, CREAM STYLE GOLDEN
here. We certainly can't keep allow the Clark family per- for Fair Housing,preparedto Governor when the executive's SAVE'
them out, and it would be terrible mission to move into the suburb. file two complaints with the phone rang. CORN, 303 6OZ.
30C Off
,,, if we tried" But the issue was takento Evanston North Snore Board Nabrit had called to say that 69CGREENS
r) The Rev. Frank Divine, First court, and Federal Judge of Realtors.The Justice White had signed the MCKENZIE WHOLE KERNEL REGULAR
Baptist (Conservative) Church, John P. Barnes angrily told two were to complainthat life-giving papers Attorney PRICE .
.N ; said his church would accept town officials that they would Dr. and Mrs. Britton were Howard thanked the Governor, CORN. _
'i' the marchers "as long as there "exercise the same protection discriminated against in their and shortly thereafter departedfor IN LIQUID 303 .IHI! ONE PLEASE IT/OTHER FOOD
'" was no violence in the church. fo r a Negro family that is efforts to find housing on the his own office TURNIPS
'", We'd go on with our regular exercised for a white family.. North Shore. Attorney Howard reported that NIBLETS ,WHOLE KERNEL PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE
",!' program" or they will be In serious They charged that real estate ten of the twelve Garland
;' Other church leaders pointedout trouble." dealers would not show homes County (Ark.) Jurors who had COLLARDS, CORN VAC PACK 12 OZ.KITCHEN'stICED .
that church rules forbade According to then Cook Count to Negroes or Jews lathe f areas convicted young Maxwell signed 'KRAfT ILL PURPOSE
them to bar persons from the Sheriff John Babb,Cicero police in which Dr. and Mrs. Britton a petition for commutation of MUSTARD '. ( GREEN OIL 49G
church on racial grounds.And "didn't do a thing. They turned wanted to live. his sentence from death to life 01.

some ministers in Cicero their backs like rats" in prison. BEANS 303. uu_ U h'UhU U U
Another Juror had died and ------f' LIMIT 1 PLEASE W/UIHtK FOOD
the 12th had moved away. 18 $111 a
The prosecuting attorney and 4 POLY 0IAiS II 5 CANS 1 I PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE

e numerous other Garland County
e citizens also signed the petition,

# according to Howard,who added MORTON. .
that t the victim, through her
.. priest asked that death be
Actually, the first steps of
litigation took place when the COCONUT CUSTARD SIZt
Garland County Circuit Court '
handed down the death sentence

JNfY CrT,, Don'tpIanai In The April Legal, 1962.Defense Fund took FRESH LEAN BOSTON IUTT. FLA. GRADE A FRESH WHOLE

the case to the Arkansas Supreme '
Court in May of 1963 PORK ROAST
without success; then, to the FRYERS LB.29C
U. S. District Court in Januaryof
1964, without success.
: Party The lawyers filed a second
I petition for habeas corpus in ,
/ the U. S. District Court on AZALEA SMOKED SLABBACON

2$ July 21, 1966. That courtheld
Gels 10 Years 59

ATHENS, Ga. -(NP1 A Ku STEAK 69c .
.. %' Klux Clansman( convicted last [,.
% :
I ,%% ; month on federal charges of SUGAR CREEKFRANKS
L conspiring to violate Negroes' .
... 6 9
.n..., wi C t11 s I n rights, has been sentenced to FANCY TENDER STRINGBEANS : FUll CUTSTEAK ROUND
10 years in prison for assault I
,i, e: NAat, 'I with intent to murder his wife. I
..... Joseph Howard Sims, 43, was I
...: convicted In the shooting of his
., wife Betty mother of
without eight NO. 1POTATOES
Na.,. Sims had pleaded guilty to the .
the Smooth Canadian, charges last month.

.....1- Seagra m's V.O.
1 10 LIS.39C

cIUINN MiSH-iniMOfinccuomiiiiiti.iron oil MI now HUIMMTIUIMCO,ITC intended to tell the story


.--.-.....,. ........-.........-....w....-......................... ...,.. ....-.......w.-....-...........................................---.-......:..--_-_-...-.................... .... ...._....__ AA A..A.SATURDAY ..................................... --- ......


JU Music Professor ,111.1..111111.111111.11111111' THE CIRCUS IS Fall Fashion Hits .of.

t h Piano Recital COMING TO TOWN I

The largest library In the world is the Library of Congreee
Free To Public JACKSONVILLE Morocco on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. It contains well over
Temple will present the Inter 43M million items-including close to 14 million books and
Jacksonville University nationally renowned Hamid- pamphlets. The two buildings cover six acres and contain
opened Its 19 8-e7 series of : MMttr qutititmt .6011! Morton Circus for the fourth 270 miles of book shelves
wttt e art exhibits this WHit : Junior Miss .dq...".. straight year at Jacksonville's .
the display of a selectionof : (rooming wtd ir,w.,... 10,000-seat Coliseum September .ya
prints by advanced art stuOB t 30, October 1-Z.
..... Q. I NTS*. soy MOUSST JofcaMMty .brf yew II I holding together. all The Shrine circus with Its
display art works by for some new fan right But the batter to so dull Uhetaj) jotted with brand new ,. YOUR PICTURES
tadeats Kenneth Kerslake, clothe. CH yea give. BM a few Md drab tt look prthUfork.. European acts u well u some s
professor t of the chili M the latest fan fmUomtlA How CM I auk U prMcatabto old American and Continental PUBLISHED FREE
diversity of foridat Sure can! The A.llne' the for this ytarT favorites, I will give fire performance -
The prints may be viewed at big line this year for dresses A. A little polishing will In three days at
the Phillips Mule and Floe skirts, jumpers, even wide. bring it up to date! Whether new reduced prices Call The FLORIDA STAR
Arts Building Monday through legged slacks. The strslght-A- it'* a big shoulder big or a Shrine Night will be observed
dress, the low-belted jumper little clutch: start by dusting it Friday September 30 at am
Friday from 'I am. to 10am.; Photographer
hlp-huuing skirts and bell. Kleenex titiues Then
with dry
Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 6 6.30 show to which the general,
bottom trousers add up to the go over the surface: again with '
p.m.j; and Sundays from 1 toIp.m. A-plus look for fall. In dainty dampened tissues Let dry. Next public Is also Invited. There .
prints, vivid stripes and solid using fresh tissues! folded over wiJ be two performances:
The prints will remain on colon they'll blend with last three times into pads, apply Saturday, Oct. I.-at 2:30 p.m. yea f To Cover Your
display through Sept. 30. years blouses and sweaters to saddle soso or neutral shoe and 8.00: p.m.--and two more i .
put you on the right fashion polish Let it dry, and polish' Sunday at ISO p.m. and 5:00: *Church Teas Banquets .
The relaxed lames Bond approach track for back-to-schoot with fresh tiMue*. It will havea p.m. Events ,
may be an aid to traffic like-new shine and the Adult reserved seats are$2.50
"'.tJ. Q. My school purse from"Jacksonville's polishing help waterproof and general admission $1.50 Weddings, Fraternal Meetings,
leather purses too Children under 12 will be ad- .r
Most Recommended K
Dealer" mitted this year for $1.251n| Parties
Social Events Birthday
Q. TU yew, I have a desk. reserved seats and for $1.00
R. S. EVANS of my own at home swd I general admission Reserved Bet you never thought I made 'em myself!

want possible' to way,orgasOxe for ...It.)11I.the. CM best seats are promenade and box Bulky and bold, papier mache jewelry is ecaee FREE OF CHARGE eeeeeeeeCall -:
you suggest e plain? seats only. The center mezzanine the summer fashion hit that's flying right

3rd & MAIN A. Think spacious A good seats, come, in past under years general reserved Into fall. The lightweight, easy-to-wear 2 Days In Advance Of bent

M BtMCK SPECIAL . $2415 desk lamp, a dictionary and admission this year. bracelets, earrings, and pins are easy
,R.IDtnRA, n''I',,nAT1'II. AnTOMATIC lNLT 1.M1. wn.r.- FAC need plenty on of top pencils of your is all desk.you The circus Is sponsored by and fun to make from Kleenex dinner nap- Phone 3546782 From 9am To 6pm:

'65\ \'ImYSL R 4-DOOR. _. . $2795 Keep supplies in drawers and Morocco Shrine Temple with kins and a minimum of other materials.
CADILLAC: ,! ?Mn nNLY. '* "nft- *ArTOI T WAIIIIAIfTY. textbooks on shelve where you proceeds going toward theTemple' limit to color combina- NOTE. YOU MAY PURCHASE COPIES':
M .. . . 1J195 can reach: them as you need annual activities, including There's no gay .
A q!fVPSS'SffSt. Un ***. Owl OWIIIIt: CLEAN AS mtWM them. Accessories:: you mike the appearance of its tions or way-out designs that can be YOUR SCRAPBOOK

'" ?P'WftA&TATLINA .. . . $2495 yourself will help keep desktop bands and uniformed units In created to match mood or outfit. FOR
DOOR NARD TOP' LOA : and drawers organized all behalf .
I. MUSTANG R & l HEATER : . .$1795 through the school year. A of public projects.
M PLY. FURY III .. . .$2395 container made from a soup or Tickets are on sale at the .,
AIR:R COND M ON. I2cTORr r":1I1 MnER rTIUN.nllllAlll" I fRo lOft drink can covered with Coliseum, Hemming Park, Morocco -

66 MUSTANG: . $2395 Marvalon adhesive coveringwill Temple or from aShrlner. ,
ttKVfc mall from the Coliseum
M PONTIAC CATALINA . .$1795 markers together In one place ,
DIED ""' CLEAN Paper clip, tack and rubber 1145 East Adams St.
61 FORD'S" JRdJTOJBWP" .$ 895; bands are easy to reach when

65 tr ADO I NTA'b AUTOMATIC.. .&At. CLRAR. : .1. .$1395 kept in their own containers Students IntegratedBut ...
made from match boxes cov
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65 BARRACUDA\ V-8 . . .$1995 ORLEANS-NPI-Speak- !5j
"""' """" TF"0 CHILDREN NEED log at a social meeting
62 "mffMXXxXB' ) >> t $ 795 sponsored by the First District

64 f-Th";( Trr..U D YI l Am'IURbWyn) .$1595tpR READING GUIDANCEA unit of the Louisiana Education \ tZL '.'
moio KRirr w Moron Association: held in the Xavier S.
63 RAMBLER CLASSIC! 2-DOOR :. $ 995 child's reading peak is University Student Union BuildIng .

62 (WtiSWRSEBr 1 IMPALA . . $1095 reached between 12 end 13, the J. K. Haynes, executive S\ S ks I erR RaAie.v

62 hTNMV'CARR riELV"! ".. . $ 495 Catholic Digest emphasize. At secretary Association, Louisiana said that Education while
this time, parents should be Negro students were being Integrated -
careful that a love of adventure into former all-white
stories does not degenerate intoa schools, Negro teachers are
taste for the sensational The not being employed.
3rd & MAIN foundations for adult readingare Some 3,000 or more Negro
have entered previously -
laid out by this time. children -
all white schools but only
EL 4-8381-EL 4-8382 read for curiosity, wish
teachers had been
"Jacksonville'i two Negro '
Dealer" fulfillment, to time ado schools DED'Beef
pass transferred to such gRA
_, adults "A loss of 28 teachers, one of
,about its Best e t
the undesirable things at
.'1I integration of schools,"be said. ,

Old Taylor Presents?'Ingenious Americans Hayes their advised education teachers and to continue to- -

secure advanced degrees .-.
in order to be able to compete

I f with any teachers of any race. EARNING and LEARNING ::

Gets Scholarship
_u_ !..,

\ j ? y"r ., ,. Boys & Girls Can Make Money ('

1"y ,
',' .

A Ireerr; vki / ;, Hundreds of Florida Star Newsboys .''

'i l lyl Are EARNING from $1. to $10.00 Week s/ r

And LEARNING to do business.


, YOUNGSTERS! you are smart and
-- -
Mina Jeanne D. Mannings, a
Junior In the Department of want to earn your own money
Health and Physical Education
'.<",,," at Florida AIM University, this is the way to do it.
( will attend FAMU on a depart-

I+, I current mental school scholarship term.during the PARENTSI Your child may not /

; Miss Mannings is the daughter -
.. 'I I ': of Mr. and Mrs. D, J. need money, but the training gainedas
Mannings of 421 Buchan St.,

J.INbatakl Tallahassee a newsboy will help him to be :_
/ She is a member of the FAMU

cheerleaders, Alpha Kappa Alpha successful later life. of the "..
f.. Sorority, Hosts and Many ,.11-
Hostesses Committee, University -
't Garrett A. Morgan (1877.1963) Choir, YWCA,and Physical most successful men were Newsboys,
Education Majors Club.

Start A Route AnywhereYou

It took a disaster Live In Florida .
.'' ,

to prove his invention. .5 r 1

i We'll Pit Yoi li Bisiim G

I; On July 25,1916a tunnel explosion one penetrate the smoke and gas and as
I trapped over twenty men working 228 come out alive Finally,Morgan emerged
I feet below Lake Eric The huge clouds carrying a survivor. Again and again he FILL OUT THIS COUPON TODAY t
. \\11 I of smoke gases, dust and debris madeit returned to the hole until he had saved
impossible: for anyone to search for over a score of workmen. This remark- FLORIDA STAR-2323 Moncrlef Road Jacksonville, Florida
survivors. Just as it seemed hopeless, able feat not only! drew publicity to his
f someone remembered hearing about a invention, but marked him a hero as R
man named Morgan and his invention. -
It seems Garrett A Morgan: had been well.Morgan didn't stop there. In 1923 he MINOR? 8 FIRST NAME NAME ,, '

trying to interest Ohio manufacturersIn patented another device-one that may
his device for a long time, It was the annoy us at times, but has undoubtedly
lnhslator"or mask, knowit saved lives-the electric ).light. Newest school fad Interchangeable
"gas gas as we many stop mix '
n match
? j today. He sold the rights to a large corporation. your clothe, your ball books pens, your to ADOQEBB, STREET ft: NUMBER PHONE: NO. }. :..
Morgan was summoned and quickly Morgan was awarded a gold medal by room, your stationery anything!
I arrived with his brother and two gas Cleveland for his heroism in the tunnel A new line of pens from Scrtpto
I t' inhalators. Together they descended Into explosion, and settled down In that Inc. features startling new colon Send child 20
ur copies of the Florida Star on
the suffocating blackness.The crowd city where he continued the work helov".J. designed to be right in step with
the current color l credit to start bin In
explosion business. I will pay the
surface.Could .
waited the
silently at any- Called Pussycat i
are Interchangeable Pena enabling" the pen the Florida Star 11< for each copy he tells. Those ,

OLD TAYLOR user to mix any cap color with that are not sold, I will return and will not be '
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providing up to 25 dU

KNTUCm ITMIOHT! SOURSON WHISttT.! H NOW,INI OlD snot MSriUf CO,FUNKFMT I lOUISVILLE,KV ferent Pussycat color pen at combinations$1 each an available The. .

In Ocelet Orange and Yellow.


-- -_ "



I Rattler Halfback Being Built Up As "Oapgerous", Kickoff-Punter : I I.r

-- -
Watch ,

-FAMUs Joe Williams Developing B-(( Squid Dangerous Halfback I Fla. Smokers Top Baton TwirlerTo This Clo

- '' Cause High Lead Bee BandThe 28 12 34
Into( PvRt-RetvrRer Speidilist Trimmed To 55 '

TALLAHASSEE Rattler halfback Joe Williams\ from Jack "Cy" McClalren. Damage, Deaths 83-plece Bethune- 45 14 73
Bethune-Cookman College Cookman College Band will be
Lawnslde, N. J. may not know It but he's' being drummed up by Headcoach, has trimmed his lead by the number two baton 1 .
Mr. Jake's PR staff u "one of the most dangerous" kickoff squad down to 55. This group TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Tobacco twirling champion in the United 5
and punt returners in college football. includes about 40 veterans. i smokers in Florida States this year. 4 3
B And that's laying it on pretty wW' make up one of the most McClalren is raving about caused 2,120 fires that killed Albert Alphonso Hart, a 19-
Tieavy.Williams. pttent pair of kickoff returners Clewis Wright, a quarterback r 34 people and injured 90 others year-old sophomore has been I 7
according to PR to college football.Albany confined to punting last season. and caused a financial loss of twirling the baton since he was
Director, D. C. CoUlngton and "He's throwing the ball exceptionally $867,500 during 1965, a state- four. He taught himself with a 58 17 39
Co., gained only 23 yards on well and is doing .+la. wj J wide survey showed today. broken broom handle. He said
eight carries last season. But Rams a fine job with the hand-offs on The survey was made by Dr. "I was a parade chaser. Every 81 19 64
on punt returns he was the running plays." Clewis was James E. Fulghum, directorof time I'd bear a drum cadenceI'd
Rattlers' workhorse, they sky Open Season used strictly as a punter last r xr' Adult Health and Chronic follow the band for the entire Sometimes lIe'. Up Sometime,
Out of 42 kickoffs received by year. He booted the ball 32 'Ir Diseases for the State Boardof distance behind, on the sidewalk tie's Down Ke adds subtracts./
the Rattlers, Williams fielded times for 1,453 yards averaging Health in Jacksonville, and or in fron-of the group." He He works It aU around
14 and returned them for 690 Against Lane 43.4 The Hastings, Florida presented to State Treasurer- was chased away often.
yards and a 28.7 average. Heals native was a quarterback in State Fire Marshal Broward The Bradenton, Florida youth 13 55 81
0 returned 11 punts for 135 ALBANY, Gsu: -Albany high school.: He'll share the Williams. had attracted so much attention, COMING ATTRACTIONS
and a 12.2 average. College's Golden Rams open signal calling with George King Dr. Fulghum said his survey at five years old he was askedto
lards the 1965 season Joe the 1966 grid wars at Jackson, Wright finished number six in polled 159 fire marshals join the Jones High School 69 16 24MAN'S
progressed steadily and it mid- Tenn. against Lane College the nation as a punter last year. throughout Florida and included Band of Orlando as a mascot
season came Into) his own. In Saturday afternoon Septmeber The Wildcats worked mostlyon i,4; ... areas comprising 3.4 million and twirler. He stayed with the
the seventh game, against 17.Oble pass defense and the offensive 4T [of the state's population.In group until he graduated witha DAYSNUMBERED
Southern University, Joe O'Neal,beginning his 16th passing game. addition, he said, the State full band scholarship to Be
brought .the crowd to Its feet year as pilot of the Rams, has McClalren also noted the return Forestry Service reported 784 thune-Cookman College.
five times with long spectacular his sijlts set for big things.An of Carlton Bethel, a fit the 5,61510rest fires daring By the time he was a senior
exciting and explosive offense cornerback k I 965 were caused by careless in school he had Ann' Days are um-
kickoff returns. Although the who runs the 100 in high participated '
that a threat to SCOT on any He will mokers. in 11 baton 'jered. Health and
Rattlers ended the season with 9.5 help strengthen the major twirling
whimper, Joe ended his witha. given play and twenty returning secondary. First year men contest Including the Universityof You Fortune Can Be Yours Wuen
bang. He fielded kickoff lettermen to make It click are Roosevelt Cooper and Alvin Miami and Unlversltyof Buffalo Know Your Lucky Days
from MorganState In the Orange the main reasons for the air of Wyatt are showing up well as y winning first place each Lucky Colors Etc.
Blossom Classic on his own 15 optimism In the Rams' camp. defensive backs. Classic Date Set time.In Send $2.00 for your .
and returned It 85 yards for SteadJy going at the two L ills- There t 1964 Albert earned chanceto Horoscope! Guide for
. the Rattlers' lone touchdown. a-day routine since fallpractice There is a battle royal shaping IMI--.Tbe 94th annual Or- represent the state of Floridaat SeptemberFill
-- --- --- -- ------ --- -- -- -- ------ ----
commenced on September 1, Blossom Classic and testifies the World's Fair In New
Mr. Jake's penpushers say that up for the fullback slot left York in the blank below and
In the pre-game scrimmagelast O'Neal expressed confidence open by Elijah Gipson. Collie SPECIALIST---Joe Williams Rattler halfback will be held here Deceither where baton twirlers came from mall to ZODIAC Post Office
Saturday, Joe opened the that hU warriors were finally Smith, a defensive back last 2-3, 1956. The grid clas- 50 states and six foreign coun- ,
from Lawnslde N.J. not know It buthe's ox 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla.
for the of may
ready competition ,
second half witha9S-yardkick- year and Allan Wilson who was si vlll be played In the Oran tries. He placed second in the
the Lane gain. being drummed up as a specialist.They Bowl Stadium, Saturday two-week elimination
off return for the second great at halfback are the likeliest confab. NAME.,
"?e should take Lane without Williams is developing into one Ni December3, at 800. The
touchdown of the game.Rattlerfopponents candidate. say Twirling is trictly a hobby for STREET
may try to week much difficulty Miles, but the here next at "This week the Wildcats will of the most dangerous kickoff and punt F [ Rattlers will meet a yet- Albert, a mathematics major DATE OF-EIKT:;-----
kee p the ball from Williams Mills against ( concentrate on klckoffs andpunt returners. tonamed 1 opponent. who plans to work in industry. Mo. Dav.
but Eugene Milton who returned returns.
tember 24)).we'll get a supreme
12 kickoffs for 258 yards anda
test. Unlike Lane which is
21.S average,has been clockedat ,
9.5 In the 100-yard dash small and lack's depth, Miles

and may be Just as dangerousas will will be wear"beefy"d-nrs in the v",line i all of
Williams. Milton will also
"grind 'em out" tactics. YOU'RE LOKED OUT
be used as a flanker on offense "We have been worried all
and Williams may not run a through practice sessions about
fro all
play scrimmage season, our front line. Against Mileswe'll
but together the two of them
really be able to find
out what we have In thelnterior
Wild Hog Hunt section," O'Neal said.
The bright spot In scrimmage
Begins In October sessions to play date of has soph been Allen the

TALL4HAssEEHunt.rs last Pounsel season, who started, but has as afresh-been of the el ction :

will Have the opportunity to hunt groomed slowly by O'Neal and .
wild hogs during two-managed, the backfield coach, Bobby Lee. '
threeday.hOlt hunts on the Fish- The 6-0, 170 pounder has been .I" I
eating Creek Wildlife Manage hitting his receivers very well 111 r,.
ment .Area In Glades County, in practice...,His principal _
according..tp W. P. Copelaod. targeel .;VeWbeeo.. reliable J \ i
I chairman Came and Fresh Charlie Lawrence,the split end; y :
.Water Fish: Commission. Chuck Henry, running from the _
The managed hog hunts were flanker spot; and David Wells, _
established! at a meeting of the the tight end.. : _
commission at Palm Beach on Lawrence, a sure-fingered ; _
September 9. Hunters will be ceiver, who topped the club with
limited to -one hog dog per 37 snags as a soph last year,is
vehicle. Hunts are scheduled being boomed as the Rams'first
for October 28 through October "genuine All-American." According -
30, and November 4 through to Bobby Lee, who has
November 6. Seta many great ones in his
In other action, the playing du/s at Florida ALM,
commission established a still "Lawrence can't miss asa real
hunt for the Jefferson and Wa- pro prospect.""He has the sure
kulla County portion of the hands, the quickness and the
Au c 111 l l a Wildlife ManagementArea. moves right now," Lee
The still bunt will open declared. "When we need it,
November 12 and continue he's our man.: "
through November 18. The With Pounsel and Henry in the
Guano River .Wildlife Manage- backfield O'Neal preliminarily
ment Area regulations were indicted that he would start _
changed to allow waterfowl Join! Roberts, a 206-pound Valdosta _
bunting one-half hour before Ga. sophomore, and \ :
sunrise and to provide for buntIng Willie Hopkins! a 187 pounder
on Saturdays, Sundays, who ls returned after a two-
Tuesdays, and Thursdays only. year military stint, as the
running backs. ? r .
Along the Interior line, tackle
Frank Brown
will be manneduy ,
The sawfish, so named for a 6-1,z.a3-'N1Junlor,and Jim
its long snout with protruding Bellamy, a 220 pounder.Play Ing 0I
sharp teeth, sometimes the guard spots will be James
reaches 20 feet in length and Duval, who ds' go at all the
often weighs more than 700 Interior posts,will get the open- I f .
pounds. ing nod at center

------ [
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Unwind... : .: \

p>3 4 r Y'+1 .

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ithen '/: t J


unless a H

f reward" yourself 1 REGISTERED VOTER

with America's most

popular whiskey.

J' Seagram's 7 Crown- m

The Sure One.



., .
// / .



Claude Pepper firr Meeting Of Supreme Council Mechanical Baby" 0 ace s

Reveals Feeding Secrets .

Blasts Kirk, ask \: le Held' In Houston, Texas How does the science suction go power about of determining a c 0 rn e r

Praises High HOC Gregor ITO TON, Tar The list of leaders who are scheduled to baby Scientists? of the Kendall Com .
I the 80th annual sessions of Supreme Council, Ancient pany'i Curlty nipple division COAN MAY CHALLENGE AFL RUSHING LEADERS
Congressman Claude Pepper Accepted Rite of Freemasonry, Prince Hall Affiliation built their own "baby." a mechanical Memo to opporing American Football League coaches: It
(D-Fla.) said last week that Jurisdiction when It meets in Houston,October 8 to 11 one, In order to design and looks u though DM 1964 Kansas City Chiefs are for real.
Republican gubernatorial can- Sheraton-Lincoln Hotel, looks like a "Who'i Who In test the, The most machine effective nipple duplicates possible Ditto Bert Coan \
didate Claude Kirk's efforts : America". The Chiefs 4-0 In Ve-season play, proved that they will be
/ returning that In tennis how can f keep the rocket from exactly the sucking power of a
( "When a
to depict Mayor Robert King turning) In my hand' I teem to have a good, secure grip but when I leading the list (U Dr. John be the elevation High as an "ultra-ilberal" Is try to return' a shot It teem at though the ball nearly rips the racket d Lewis Jr., Baton Rouge, Masons to the 33rd and last action on a nipple. defending league champuo Buffalo 42.20 last Sunday. Coan, A
evidence of Kirk's "extreme out of my hand. I*., Sovereign Grand Comiander. degree; divine services at the The "mechanical baby" was 6-4, 225-pound balfback Vho WU no better than No. 28 In AFL
right-wing bias." A. Many weekend tennis players experience this problem. The problem Dr. Lewis Is alsopalrman St. John Baptist Church,Sunday most helpful It which told the doctors scientists and rushing last season was u leading bombadler.
"Only a right-wing radical may be caused by several thing, but If you are gripping the racket of the Conference of night, October 10 with Dr. C. many mothers things had previously not aus Based upon his opening' day performance, plus a fine
extremist would call Bob High securely and properly I would suggest you Some check of to aye have'where a tendency you'reItrlklnK irand Masters, Prince HallMasons A. W. Clark, Dallas speaker; peeled Among them: pre-SUsm record, Coan cod be ready to give defending AFL
an ultra-liberal," Pepper said. lo wait too the long ball for In relation the ball to and your end body up striking It us wnen/ It has almost ;'. Grand Master of the annual banquet on Monday Babies with colic from swallowIng rushing Utllst Paul Lowe anA a number of other established
"Only a man who Is reactionary passed us Ideally the ball should be struck at a point opposite your Louisiana Masons, president of night, October 11, with Dr. too much air don't get the :ball-toters an argument for the 1966 rushing championship
would try to pin an extremist forward foot, which Is the left foot for a right.handed player execut L financial Institution In his Gardner C. Taylor, Brooklyn, air from the bottle as had beenassumed Against Buffalo, Coan, the former University of Kansas star,
label on a man who has proven ing a forehand shot If you wait too long, the ball will have a tendencyto (tome town, national trustee of as speaker. for of yesrs.the baby's It comes into, for 11 carrles..the top one-game effort for an American
his public responsibility in overpower your racket and diminish your power Go out and meet[be National Urban League and Present and honored will be around the corners the nipple whenever the Leaguer during the young season. The 26-year-old Californian
more than a decade! as mayorof the ball and see your shots Improve. lit Flint Good Hospital In New members of the class of 1956 now from the bottle Is blocked. scored two Chiefs touchdowns, one on a four-yard run and the
Florida's largest city. t). There teems to be an awful lot emphasis, on sport ikillt these Jrleans. He 1s a member of and of their classes ending in Blockage of the flow of liquid second on the receiving end of a lZ-yardpass from Len Dawson.
"The people of the Miami days Everyone. from the President' of the United States to our local the Louisiana Governor's biRacial the numeral six. through the nipple can be caused. In his first game of the 1966 season,Coon came close to out-
area bave given Bob High a clergymen art adviiing people to get out and participate In a sporr Commission.Also either by the baby biting the nipple producing his entire 1965 campaign as a Chief. Bert ran for
trememdous vote of confidencein Why t I. this so important particularly to an adult on the list scheduled to Civil Rights RoundupPROTESTS shut or by permit air of the Into nipple's the 137 yards last season........ scored a total of three touchdowns
have thinkIng valves to
what we up ]
A. Physical fitness Is not. despite may grown
the primaries. They know Just for the young In fact, as our age Increases attend as members are Attorney bottle at the same rate liquid Is Most of the season be served as a kickoff return specialist
be is a responsible, constructive the need for physical conditioning becomes more and Amos T. Hall, Tulsa, coming out. A five-year pro who came to Kansas City from San Diego
man who Is responsive to more important A quick glance at statistics on heart Oklahoma, lieutenant grand VOWED The "mechanical baby" revealearly In the 1963 season, Coan seemed to come of age during
the needs of business, to the problems should reveal that many of us are too far' commander; James A, Mingo, MILWAUKEEDemonstatlonsagainst ed other facts also tor example: pre-season play last month. Curtis McCUnton was shifted to
needs of labor, and to the needsof out of shape for our own good. The current emphasis J secretary-general George A. public officials belongIng long observation' of babies has of fullback from halfback, and Coan was Installed at halfback.
for adults shown that a feeding period
on sports skill and participation to segregated private clubs
all of the people Is good If we approach sports and exercise Farrar, treasurer both of from 15 to 20 minutes Is essential He produced Immediately. .
sensibly very I recommend games such as golf tennis, Washington, D. C.; Thurgood will be expanded all over the if the sucking instinct is to be With Coon leading the 'way, KC scored 30 or,more points In
swimming, bowling, or even just plain hiking for ,Marshall, solicitor-general of Midwest, NAACP officials have satisfied. winning Its four pre-season games. Bert paced the rushers
: the "older set." Strenuous games such as baseball football and th the USA; Dr. Charles Wesley, announced West Virginia, With thewas of the "mechanical with 140 yards on 29 carries, a 4.8 average, and four overland
like should be left to the youngsters But, by all means, ',director of the Foundation for Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio, baby," possible to see that touchdowns. *
TOOTHACHE a sport of some sort you'll enjoy It and you'll feel participate/ 1 the Study of Negro Life and Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. would the proper last the amount required of I length formula of The road to the top has been a long one for the Chiefs' new

nrent I. 10.0" .ot bra ...., Fitht Cancer History; Dr. Carl Murphypub-. According to William H.Hardy, time. First the nipple was cut at halfback. Collegiate stops were made at Texas Christian,
.ales e....s.nw,,11I 01lA JEL 1Mrwl. ..,.. ......1. ,... Slates Women's DI Usher of the Baltimore Afro- mldwest NAACP field sec- the top with a precisely.measured Pasadena Junior College and Kansas. Coan was on the verge
.1 abMin.Irwh.cA.II w1 ..klh NM II. Maw. Roe I 'American; J. K. Haynes, retary, the campaign will be hole, the same size every time. greatness Kansas,but a broken leg and eligibility problemsThen
........_ ., "bb. directed at the valves the tiny holes
d' A Women's Day will be observd I executive secretary of the particularly blocked the 'way. As a professlonalmore leg woes handicapped
aa tN Ta
ora-jel l Oct. 23 In Friendship Prlmltle J Louisiana Education Association the Fraternal Order of Eagles, on fits the against'flat part the of top the of nipple the bottle which- Bert at San Diego in 1962.
I Baptist Church with M). I ; I. H. Clayborne, GrandMaster which does not allow Negro were made to the proper size to Following Indifferent 1963 and 1964 seasons at Kansas City
Leaster Smith :as chaimwd I of Texas Masons members. allow air to enter the bottle at the that included a 1964 training camp walkout,Bert began to come
Mrs. Rosa Mae Anderson,jbchairman. In addition there are West right rate Only a unique machine Into his own as a kickoff returner last year. Hand Strain's
CrownCola I :Hamilton member Washington, BANK BIAS could perform the countless tests patience began to pay off It's paying off In a much bigger way
WANTED Royal D. C. school board, Robert H. NEW YORK-NPI--Flfty) of vital to striking exactly: the proper In 1966.
HELP of these
balance between all
WANTED ;Campbell, assistant cor- the largest banks In the factors.
Sales People /, poration counsel, Washington, country have been accused of Then, the problem of air.swallowing San Diego Chargers defensive end Fred Moore, a former

Men and women, to sell adver Beauty operators, and ba 4TI. ]D. C.;Leland French,sovereign virtually excluding Jews from was solved. By shaping the Memphis State star, reports on his former home town,
draw liberal and grand commander of the Northern executive positions because of nipple In such a way as to !fill the SuUigent, Alabama "Sulllgent Is Just a little old place
Using. Liberal New Hollywood Beau; i
Jurisdiction and prejudice. The American corners of a baby's mouth much Not t too much If little that the
commission easy'work, quick Barber Lounge, 622 As>y St. ; others. Mostly farmers. Industry. s so
sales. You earn $75 to $150 HELP WANTED I call 354-9774. Mrs/. L. Features of the meeting will Jewish that committee a 15-month survey announced as Itself the as natural baby! breast feeds, the would air form was last song about"White Christmas was Just getting popular back there

If you're keen. Fringe benefits.. Kirkland, manager. IWllNTED had disclosed that Jews hold shut off at the source year
Apply: FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Secretarial Next, to prevent baby biting the
13th St. only 0.6 per cent of the senior nipple shut, two rubber ribs were Miami Dolphin teammates nope that running back Joe Auer
Moncrief Rd. For 50 APT. FOR RENT
TYPIST who can do wpm /
positions in banks In New York, added, The formula Is drawn doesn't resurrect collegiate habits. While at Georgia Tech
Accurate; must be good In English Fully equipped. Married, re where they make up 30 per between these ribs. Impossible up the playful(7)) Auer purchased a lion cuband kept it around the
ins ZAG SEWING I and spelling. Apply MAIDS N. Y..SLEEP/ JOBS, spectable couple. No children. cent of the population. Throughout for a baby to bite shut. The ribs house for two years. Said Joe at the time: "Clifford doesn't
FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon- Salaries to $65, fare anced. Call 353-9942% after 6 p.m. the country, only 1.3 per also prevent pinching off the flow know hers a Hon. He thinks I am his mother."
MACHINESUNCLAIMED crief Cor. 13th St. No phone Rush references, pBne number cent of senior office bank posi- should baby bend the nipple. -aflIt -

calls, please.LEO'S. ABLE MAIDS iCENCY, tions are held by Jews, the the The combination of the ribs and won't be Ionc...Tb.latest report on San Diego Stadium, the
LAY-A-WAYS 163 N. MAIN,FREE J>RTN.Y, \ survey sbowed.Celebrates new, and shape the solved precision many and problems accuracy 1967 home of the AFLSan Diego Chargers,Is that the structure

We have 2 1965 Dlal-O-Matlc of the tip-hole and valves Is 26.1 per cent completed. Wouldn't Sid Glllman Just love to
Zlg-Zag sewing machines that Ronal AnniversaryUsher I solved most of the others. One fly American Football League and AFL-NFL championship
have never been used. They Cole problem remained: how to pre banners over the new plant come next season?
vent mother- from accidentally
were lay-aways that were Shoe Repiriii HELP WANTED MALE Board No. 1 of First screwing the cap on so tight that -afl-
Customersleft Houston Oiler linebacker Johnny Baker a four-year from
never picked up. Corinth will celebrate their 36th air could not flow through the pro
area...Jve are unable to Partine Joe anniversary In the auditorium of tiny valve-holes? Mississippi State, Is a lay preacher in the Baptist church.
local e them. You may have 01 Aif Kilt MAIDS GUARANTEED Curlty scientists solved that one Those In the know say that Baker puts as much heart Into his
Ken with cars, frrk a few the church, Monday night Sept.
these for the balance of $47.00 also. They build all their rib nipples sermons as he does In his linebacklng.
each. Cash or terms. Call Is On. Only Business hours on your pys off and NEW YORK LIVE-IN JOBS $4C I 19, at 7:30: p.m. Local talentsof with I small rubber bumpers, -anVETERANS-
353-1946 earn $10 to $15 wnore.Apply; the city will appear on pro raised slightly on each side of
credit manager, any FLORIDA STAB.2323 Mon- Rush references. HAROLD gram. Mrs. Nettle Ingram is each valve so that It Is now Impossible .
time. Will deliver.. No obliga- 934 E. Union St. rlef Rd. cor 13p" AGENCY, Dept.HLYNBROOK, the president. to close off. the air flow
--- --- NY. by toosealing.
A radically-different looking
Curlty nipple emerged from the
.. ,
r----------------------------------------------- FIRST RACE laboratories as a result of the
1 1 "mechanical baby It representsthe
The del automobile .
first truly major change in
was the Porte to Versailles"on nipple design in generations. THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE INC.
April 20, 1887, won by
Georges Bouton's steam quad. RegisterAnd
ricycle in 74 minutes for tho

I I 0 20 mile run.Organize. VOTE Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking'

\ : The store hat caraboo you..z! 1IJ t New Lodge Rev.Help Roosevelt! Help!Franklin Help! Of Applications For Its

Deputy Pearl Washington organized -
a new lodge which has Macon, Ga.Divine Veteran
"SUPER-RICHT" HEAVY WESTERN BEEF CHUCK ECIAI! jJi been designated as Lily White Class.
Lodge 237.Officers Spiritual Healer I ,

,,1 BONE elected were: Mrs. of Macon -
POT ROAST BIN (Asst,, Mauajerl Willie J. Stephens, president; Rev, Ga.Roosevelt The Size I Of Our Classes I
Mrs. Wattle R. Brown, vice Divine Spiritual Healer
president; Mrs. Areatha B. blessings
Jesus is truly giving

"SUPER.RIGNT" SHORT SHANK 6 TO I [B. AVG. IHOl Mrs.Hopper Hattie, recording Harris,secretary financial; and victory SUCCESS to many CAN people's BE Is Limited By Law.

\ secretary Mrs. Ida F. Huff problems.
; write me today.Ihaveaspecialmessageevery.
YOURS. See or

SMOKED PICNICS LB. ,4 1 ford chaplain, marshal; Mrs. Jessie; Mrs.M.Craw Beulab one's In need for. Enroll Now To Be Sure Of

Cooper, treasurer; Mrs.Maudelle -
1 Y 1 Last week many, many people
Jones teller
; C. special Place.
Crawford were helped by my
GRADE 'A' QUICK FROZEN general manager. selected Bible reading to be
SPECIAl! : .
.., Betrothal read each weekend If you want
00 Mr. and Mrs.Clarence Jarrell to be delivered quickly,.send CAll 355 9874
and a.self-addressed envelope -
TURKEY 1 $1.00
WINGS 3 US 1 announce the marriage of their to Rev.Roosevelt Franklin -

daughter McKay Jr.Catherine, Sept.10 in to the George home 630 Morrow Phone 745-6475 Ave., Macon .......- _____, __ _.W

Ie OFF LABEL SPECIAl! (that Bfiiuir) of Dorothy the Easton bride's, 2155 sister W.Mrs.12th Georgia You will get these special selections i i'*' .' \ -
and Bible verses by
I St., Bldg. 8, Apt. 3 at 7.00 p.m. 1 / 8

BOLD DETERGENT 3 GIANT u.ly':l\69C\ I Friends are invited to attend. return mall f\ ,. ,


I COFFEE -1 m59C Wi 1" t 1 irk-111---i IN'S w giif.ieaDelit'I: aomrle'' t t"JeeAteixttrft'r

Thn uk Ftrd MM *H..pr>in.** cowW ft. po/min, till/ n
SAVE 200MAZOLA !1PECIAI' s sI ...,-r Mari 'f''.nrld" frrin tlrktt ,. she im Mae mid )"" a MwlSup
; r.

i l HTPV"r..1 the ffflnnj Cent r 4. mm. frmlMnl />.".in.
I 1 LONDON In" ftot.. writ a WI''y ae..a M.ra"Aar In .rdonw/ free
OIL 890 i endany ,...nnnhta pnrt, 'fornmpt* I.. Ann.'.

I BOTTLE (PriJ&ti Miiifir JAfourY
) 1f04. teta Jo/t."II. 1".'"''as ill Ptttrn.re nf
Idonaon Hu,,"'ene lams

1 MB. 8-OZ. 39t AND PRIZES 1 *"". .#'


1 1 GIN I onion" tfflceml/ 1-te V>ZU, rirh $4.\n


I I I 10' 390 STORE PINT $285 e +4 he11err4t'4ht'leNMr.Vra. _

In/exvt'Crntrr /''<'(v*"<-,.:Ayer Oyifrr/ flntvmBy
I 3000 W, 45th ST. $ 99 Ofl'ttny'"



i TOKAY GRAPES 2 liS 290 ARE GOOD THROUGH Fresh Flounder 49c Me

SATURDAY SEPT lithe M4. ..- ..". .*.
M lit I' i" R NIWT :AX Suited Iron dye N.tlrr t
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