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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 3, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 3, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

What's Wrong With Jacksonville? A City On The Brink Of Explosion

*** *
**** * *** *


... ..
II"' ''' * *
; ; :: 1

;: Dr. King May Move Base To Chicago

1* IIp'pll *** *'' * *




of Jli ***** ** * .. .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ...... ...... .".'. ......

Neighborhood i Youth Corps Director Briefing Session Dallas Face ThomasTo Trial 1

.r '

: Wants Hearing On Being Dismissed For Larceny -

With indictments been'
lt **,* ******* brought 'in against having four city

officials, so far, in a sweeping
probe of corruption Jackson-- t
JAX NAACP BEGINS ville's City government the
&t. guessing gams this weekendis
: Wio ll benefit lobe indicted?
Seven persons said to be em
ployees at the Coliseum entered
into the secrecy of the grand
jury room last Saturday. They
MARCHES ON CITY : were listed as John E. Boyette,
H. G. Witkowski, Don Sundby,
: Dorothy Jones, M. C. Moore,

... Cordia Perry, and Richard L.

2 Teachers WHAT'S WRONG WITH JAX? Dr. King Sees wrestling Others were promoter Jimmy; Murdock Riley W,:

Mackoul, a tobacco company

May Sue For Much To Do J
Jacksonville Is A Powder Keg Tha t

NTE Scores Can Blow Up Any Minute.. In ChicagoLuther Ftom

,. _
TALLAHASSEE The Dade -NPf- Dr. Ma r tin
County Classroom Teachers By Eric O. Simpson Luther King Jr.. who got Ills
Association has announced It start in the Montgomery bus VISITING EDUCATORS are briefed on some job requirements In the oil Industry by Alex
may file suit against Florida With the NAACP demonstrating against the existence of social boycott and moved his headquarters Alexander, left, himself a former teacher, at the corporate headquarters of Humble Oil
School Supt. Floyd Christian to and economic conditions that make life almost unbearable for to Atlanta, may windup i Refining Company in Houston. As a senior Illustrator, he Is assigned to the same head
get a clarification on the Negroes to jive under In Jacksonville, observers see the in Chicago to stay quarters graphics group, which supervises and coordinates much of Humble's printing and
teaching certificates of two possibility of a week-end of rioting and violence. The Rev. Andrew Young quoted reproduction of a wide variety of materials. Listening, as Mr. Alexander explains technical 1
Negro school teachers. But, If violence-the type of"burn baby,burn" violence should the Nobel Prize winning rights aspects of these operations and activities, are guidance counselors from three schools anda
Donald Pierce, assistant erupt in Jacksonville-who would be responsible for It, other leader as saying he could see faculty member of a fourth schooL Tin visitors, from left, are Mrs. Dols: J. Anderson,
secretary: of the DCCTA said than the persons who did the actual burning? "no excuse for not closing down Mrs. Mary E. York, Miss letha Davis and Mrs. Janet Jackson. Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. York
be 'has been unable to The white business community has a tendency to say that the our whole house In Atlanta and and Mrs. Jackson are counselors in their respective schools.
get validation scores on the Negro i leadership has a responsibility to curb such extreme coming 'up here (Chicago) to
National Teachers Examination action. But, the big question is: Does the white community, stay." Nesbitt Asks
on two Dade teachers, Mrs realise that It has a responsibility to rectify the conditions in "There Is so much to do In Jaxons Protest
Marlon Allen and Mrs. Gwendolyn the Negro communities that.lead. to demonstrations and, ultimately Chicago"< that Dr. King's full. f for HearinflSeeking
; Smith, a former Juan.; to violence. time presence Is needed tv ,'
Pierce said one of the teachers The big trouble in Jacksonville is that for a number of yearsa the Windy City, the rights leader in,a hearing on his firing
took the NTE exam In March group of crooked City Hall politicians has run this city under reportedly said. last Friday as director of theNeighborhood'Youth City Failures
196&and the other following the control lithe'machine bosses"and bilked out of millions Dr., King's possible move. : Corps, DALLAS THOMAS
October. He said both scored of doUau..;And the pathetic aspect of It all is that the Negro posed several problems Samuel P. Nesbitt ,wrote the -
higher than the 500 minimum has been used to elect most of the crooked politicians who lined His organization, the Southern GJEO executive committee this .* * * executive; R. MCrevasse,
required by Florida law for their pockets with dough without giving the citizens even the Christian Leadership Conference .> week stating, "I am asking restaurant owner and caterer;
teacher certification.He barest necessities of life under government. would have to become' that the person who brought Curb On Liquor Drinking and city police department Capt.
said the Educational TestIng Currently under Indictment for alleged counts grand larceny less Identified with.ItsSouthern the charges., state speCifically! I. L. Griffin, In charge of security
Service of Princeton, N. J., Involving theft of city funds are City Commissioner Dallas what It is that I-dtdr or did.not at the Coliseum.
the organization which administers Thomas, City Councllmaa Oscar Mattox, and Cecil Lowe, also do. Urged To Avoid Arrest The grand jury Is currently
the tests nationally, had former recreation department director George; Robinson GJEO Executive Director looking 'Into the operations of
questioned Christian's office in Whether the indicted city officials will be proven guilty or Gordon Bunch Informed 'the Coliseum and the Civic
regard to the scores. not, the fact remains that there has been considerable theft h 'Nesbitt In a letter dated Sept. The Jacksonville branch (Exclusion of Negroes from Auditorium which is overseeredby
Under the State Board of and misuse of taxpayers' money going on. 6 that the committee voted to NAACP last Thursday began City government Commissioner Claude Smith
Education regulations, if the And how does all this theft affect the Negro? The Negro has fW "relieve" Mm and "this actionis what Is expected to be a seriesof "Refusal cf the City to adequately -
NTE test score is questionedby been denied recreational facilities, drainage and paving and effective this date." demonstrations to call attention plan a job training
the testing service, neither many other needs because city officials have claimed a Bunch's letter said the to conditions which City program
the State Education Departmentnor "shorgage of funds". But it turns out that the "shortage of decision to fire Nesbitt was officials and the Power Slow pace of school desegregation -
a county board of public funds was brought on by city officials utllitingthe public moniesfor I based on "failure to follow Structure have failed to rectify and teacher
Instruction can accept the questioned their personal benefit and enrichment. 4 policies of Greater Jacksonville ,despite protests. segregation
score for teacher Jacksonville Is like a powder.Iter ready to blow up Into violenceat Economic Opportunity, I Inc, According'to reports there is, 'Private Industry offering
certification purposes until it the least spark because of Negro frustration brought on by and /or Instructions" of his general feeling that the march starvation wages.
Is resolved to the super exploitation at every turn-politically, economically, and .-Ma Immediate supervisor and also could bo tie beginning of a On the matter of "starvation
intendent's satisfaction. socially. DR. MARTIN L. KING JR. for "personality characteristics weekend that could flare Into wages", Mrs. Mathis said she
Pierce said the testing service PoUUcally, the Negro has been used and misused by the or mannerisms violence. was referring specifically to
has refused to accuse the two political machine bosses to elect their puppets who In turn roots, Indicated In its name.A Incompatible with the harmonious Called by State President Rut- the New York Laundry which V
of "cheating on the ex- rob the.people and In so many words tell Negroes;go to- name change-perhaps to the operation of the ledge Pearson whose last call she claimed was paying employees
aminations."But you know where.Fortunately National Christian Leadership organization." for a march resulted in an as low as 48 cents per as.CLAUDE.
the state superintendenthas or unfortunately (depending on bow you look at it) Conference (NCLC)-was Although official sources have outbreak this week's demon hour for labor In a hot laundry.
refused to grant our requestthat most of the so-called Negro leaders who have been willing to possible.And been mum on' specific causes stration as in the past found Negro leaders who.are workingto
certificates be Issued," do the bidding of Jacksonville's Political Machine Bosses are SCLC's staff would have for Nesbitf firing, It has been its way to City Hall. It was avoid any outbreaks. have )
he said. either dead or fallen from grace. Consequently, the Power to be uprooted from its moorIngs reported that it had to do with understood that the marches been urging Jaxons to stay out
Pierce said one of the women Structure of the City keeps lamenting as they do in other cities in Atlanta. Whether this the Neighborhood Youth Corps will continue until some action of downtown and refrain from.
has a bachelor's degree but has that there Is no Negro leadership to do something to quiet could-or would< -be done was director's securing an IncreaseIn is taken. drinking on parking lots. It is
been refused certification. He the tempers of restless, frustrated Negroes who are prone to uncertain.Dr. the employment hours of an Mrs. O. Mathis, an NAACP reported that there is a plan
said she could teach this year throwing Molotov Cocktails. The fact Is that even would-be King and other SCLC office worker and otheractl'1t1esinvolvlneYouthCorps official said the march was afoot to arrest Negroes on the
only as a substitute with a Negro leaders who don't condone violence find themselves lost leaders have become concerned called to emphasize the follow. flimsiest charges for being SMITH, JR. .
$1,700 reduction In salary.He for an argument against violence when they realize that the about rumblings within the organization workers which came under ing problems: drunk
said the other had a mas- white Power Structure is determined to continue exploiting by Its Northern question. In addition to his chores as bead'
ter's certification without a Negroes and play the waiting game when It comes to impll- contingent for more of the sanitation department.Like .
validated NTE test score. He menting programs for the economic, political and social recognition. A Memorable Event many of the other officials city,
said she was teaching In a emancipation of Negroes. Increased support for SCLC operations which gave
Junior-high school with bache With Warren Folks, the arch segregationist assaulting and has come from Northern-based an opportunity to "get well"the
lor's certificate for a cut In shouting vituperations at Negroes who are already disgustedwith organization to move North. Coliseum and the Auditorium -
of about $500 annually. In Unions such UAW In are no dJferent. Juons
salary conditions Involving bias and discrimination employment, as see
Pierce said the Dade County education and political representation, only the grace of God SCLC an opportunity to Increase are wondering whether Bill
CTA has the full support of the keeps lain city from erupting Into another bloody bolacaust union strength among poor Lavery, hired manager for two
Florida Education Association like Watts.There Negroes,. who have often been facilities will be called In to
In its efforts to secure certification is a great deal wrong with Jacksonville and unless excluded from the labor move- explain the various aspects of
for the two teachers. something Is done urgently by the decent citizens,we will regret ment in the past. dance and concert promotions
that we did not stir ourselves to rectify the evils that exist UAW aides have worked tk which gave a virtual, monopolyto
Philidelphia GI under our closely with Dr.King in Chicago certain groups.Commissioner .
eyes.TO( BE CONTINUED l NEXT WEEK) in organizing tenants' unions. Claude Smith
who recently won election to the
SCLC was also looking Into
Held In Shooting the possibility of organizing State Senate has been Involved
Watts Riot Slayer Ex-Policeman "certain categories of workersIn In the sale of Expressway pro
Of Vietnam WomanSAIGON Named To Chicago." petty which netted a handsomesum
Dr. King has made ,his at taxpayers' expense but
- Cl, Pfc. Wallace A. dwelling forthe I last eight conflict of interest: t charges,
Frazier, 21, Is being held In months. However, he has which many claimed his deal
cOODeCtion.with. the fatal LOS ANGELESNPI)- Sam NEW YORKNPI)- Bernard regularly commuted between Involved.
shooting of a sidewalk food Henry Fulton, 18-year-old Jackson, 39-year-old former Chicago and Atlanta; SCLC's Since the probe started In
Tender, Mrs. Dan Thl Mong Negro youth cOll,1ctedlast July policeman and former member headquarters and where June, the grand jury has
33, last week.Accord1Dg 30 of first degree murder of of the Patrolmen's Benevolent he lives. returned indictments charging
to preliminary reports a bottled water dellveryman Association has been appointed I n recent months, Dr. King grand larceny against recently
Frazier and a cabdriver was sentenced to life imprison assistant director of the city's has spent more time than In resigned City Commissioner
got into an argument, and the ment last week by Superior civilian complaint police review the past leading Chicago civil Dallas L. Thomas, City
driver pulled a knlft. Frazier .Judge John G. Barnes.He board. rights endeavors, such as the Councilmen Cecil Lowe and W.
Is said to have whipped out a escaped l the death sentence, The only Negro on the board, recent housing marches and O. Mattox Jr., and former city
.i5 calibre pistol and fired at because he was a juvenile at he serves under Harold hoer open occupancy negotiations recreation department head
his assailant. the time of the shooting-during Jr., executive director. His with civic leaders. aJ George; G. Robinson Sr. All
The bullet missed, but moments the Watts racial disturbance duties will, In part, consist of While New York, with some except Thomas also were
later Mrs. Mong was last March. administration and processingof 1.2 charged with perjury and conspiracy
million Negroes, hasa 'REPAST An after-service social hour a high point of the combination Confirmation-
His was to commit grand
discovered dead. The Incident victim
allegedly was Larry complaints, as well as conciliation higher number the
percentage Dedication service held at St. Gabriel Episcopal Church In the Moncrief-Soutel Dr. area
occurred on a crowded street Comes, 35, one of two men procedure. The job of the total larceny.All .
population of last
Sunday. Parishioner, Mrs. Virginia West is seen serving Bishop Hamilton West a await In'
in the downtown area. slain during the disturbances. pays 117,000) a year. million Is lower. of cup four prosecution
punch as others enjoyed the memorable event. Criminal Court.

'J R





J>ublUoed> .by the Florida Star Publishing Company, \ : \ It! i'I" / / By WHITNEY M. YOUNG JR. "

MEMBER ,I (Third of Four Articles)

1 / :J The fourth and final Installment of this serieson
Vietnam will touch on special programs to
NEGRO PRE MW aid the Negro and other minority veterans as

they return from Vietnam and to civilian life.
g /
\ /
Editor ':. / What sort of Negro CI Is the Vietnam military conflict
0. SIMPSON..;...MiwiBi
spawning? What are this CI's alms? His hopes?His ambitions?
His skills? Does he know "why he's In Vietnam?

HILDA These were some of the questions which churned through my
WOOTEN:......Circilatioi Manlier
mind aj, I rode the planes, the highways and the back-alleys
criss-crossing Vietnam villages! and towns in search of Negro

-""" A. .. ;,r military personnel with whom I could talk.
\ r. 4 r ; I was looking for Negro GI's with whom I

2323 .Moocrief. Roid. Phoae Elli I 1 46782Mailiit 7 could shake hands and let them know that we

back home had them on our minds, are deeply
Address Interested in them and want to. know what's
P. 0. Boi 599 Jacksoivillt Florida 32201 happening to them.
mtmXH With warm smiles pride in showing us

MIAMI OFFICE what they're doing, ago)fjflJpUaailfsurprise t
;. to see a Negro leader.from'tne1 Staffs Intheir

733 > HW 3rd Ave. Phu,371.1UlSUBSCRIPTION ci'Ei4 midst, they-displatkdtalltthie! gurm vMch only one genuine
friend ca n show another Once they\ got the feeling that we
N were not representing the government but a private organization -

RATES the welcome mat was out.

One yurt $8. oO Half Year, $4.00 And this "mat" was laid in all sorts of places-in an enlisted

Mailed 'to You Anywhere in the united States > % men's mess hall where we ate with them Instead of in the

Su Subscription payable in advance officers' mess as has been prearranged; In a tiny storerqom
where a GI was stacking supplies. In another location, we stood!
Send Check or Money order, to; atop>> a tower on an outer defense barricade,while the GI stood

FLORID .STAR P. O. BOX 599 7w guard at his machine gun. Another time I recall jumping on a

S Jacksonville t.Florida high running board of a fuel truck to speak to a driver ho

balls from Portsmouth, Va. And I talked to many CI's in clubs
where their dates and the dancing and the rock '0 roll music

gr 1110w made me think that I was in a States' side dancing spa. The
South Lagged Behind North ISO in Saigon was another location where 1 talked to GPs, to

give an idea of the varied types of places we met them.

president Lyndon B. 'Johnson' in a speech AIL EQUAL! There were dozens and dozens conversations with Individual
Negro CPs in all branches of the services, up in the hills, in

Friday. a't the University. of Denver said _. ._..__ _... __ __ __ ___ __ planes, at airports, in their living compounds, at their duty
the south's failure to 'accord .i ts C stations and in the hospitals.

citizens full equality" was the ,reason Fairly typical of a wide selection of these men is one whomI

why the "South lagged behind the Northin 1 1 shall never forget-Master Sgt. Frederick Robinson, 36, of
Tenn. Robinson heads an outfit of the famed
Your Memphis, Sgt. ,
the last century'.
Weekly precise and effective Special Forces-The Green Berets.
The President stated that the ravagesof "
1 l Tough, brilliant, knowledgeable Master Sgt. Robinson makes
the Civil War was not the cause because ". one want to stand up and shout "hooray for our side!" He

they were overcome in a couple .of decades. *. made no bones about telling us, as his white Southern commanding

"The South lagged, the president said, : officer stood by silently and beamed on him with

"because in the American republic it did Horoscope Guide pride that, "We don't keep a man who's prejudiced in the
Green Berets. We're a close-knit fighting team and we don't
not accord its citizens full equality anda
I stand for I When other member
any nonsense every of the
full sense of a just society. This is team's life is dependent upon the other, we can't afford that

the failure which in these last, few type of person. We get rid of him quickly"

years, we h a v e been determined to By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER At a later briefing session in his headquarters, at an undisclosed
repair. forward fighting location near the Cambodian border,

the Denver the President drewa I DAYS FOR 1 Sgt. Robinson proceeded to untangle a TV-weatherman" .type
In speech
WHICH }.ARE YOUR 1 map of confusion of lines and curves I and numbers into a
parallel between what America is doing 1 ',' .t meaningful dialogue, which fairly took one's breath away.

abroad and what it is doing at home. He 1 BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL i Methodically and professionally he explained their setup, the

said : 'The overriding rule which I' land they had secured and now had to control, and what It meant
to the overall effort I thought as I sat there, and basked In
affirm is ,that our foreign policy must .. __. _. ___ __ __ ____ 1
____.. -- __ __ __ ___ this Negro's efficiency and in his effervescent pride of Job,that
always be an extension of our domestic -
.1 here Is an uncommon man.
policy. ARIES .CANCER CAPRICORNBORN From all appearances,'even his officers stood back and let

The president, pointing to the positionof INN MARCH .BORN JUNE IORNBSEPT. DEC. him operate things-at least to a point. I talked to many, many
the Administration on racial equality other Negro GI's who displayed. similar dedication and knowledge

at home, said "In Africa we are on 'the 21st. APRIL 19tk ,22ll, ., UllI..22.. 23rd, .-: OCT. :23rtf.Dig '22U .. IAN 19th of their tasks
I Master Sgt. Robinson a 17- veteran of services,
year military
side of',those who are working toward full times Have when a purpose secret There ambition are ?our :oiC fore: may I 1!. .. .down ',deep.'If your JIll,- 'Step lively; Summer is officially was on his second tour of duty in Vietnam*He completed lugft

equality between the races. Is a realised than even have time to catch your steal energies are not up, to 'over for many and, perhaps school Before: he Joined the Army. He took additional courses
Discussing violence at home the Presi- more easily breath, things may be popping.A par or your progress Is being for yourseU as well. Be after Joining the services.
one that Is known to the worldat
wonderful opportunity to be slowed by mysterious and unaccountable wherever the action Is taking As member of the Green he had to
a Berets of course, also
dent said "I think first of the problemsof large. For one will not
: you drawn Into the web of romance causes it be
may place because of the powerful
qualify as a paratrooper and go through the most rigorous,
our large cities. We do not condone stir up active competition and, could alter the course of some time for you to look for some.one planetary indications that favor of the
highly-specialized training possible for a member
violence; we do not hold innocent those for the other, the envy of potential single Canctrians Others may, who can help you to find your associations mental aptitudes military.
detractors will not be
who incite it. We know there are men who aroused. So decide to take up a specializedform the necessary remedies. In any high hopes and dearest It is such as he who are most firm when they say that after

feed on the misery of others, and who against doing many anything people on are a of study. There are possibilities event, the 9th should be a day friends. If you allow opportunity the service they have given to their country they will expectno
for who
many are beyond compare when high to slip through your fingers at less than equal treatment when they return to their homeland
seek to turn disorder to their own gain. Friday in the mistaken belief seemingly left out to travel honors and in a few Instances
this time
particular you may and to civilian life also
that He is soon to do just that and
It is not a ,
have neither the "lucky day. far and wide. Just financial< windfall
They interests of the name your a may be have cause for subsequent and to marry and to settle down.
poor nor the interests of our nation at of Friday exact the opposite 9th when may all be your said preference and you stand an headed your way. Do not miss lifelong regrets. Have no fear "I'll take care of myself when 1 get back home," he says with
excellent chance of and
a single
obtaining accept responsibility about where fate Is
heart for their intent drivingyou assuredness. "There's no reason why the Negro can't have
is to tear down knowledge and inner resources it. The brain and talents whenever feel
power you capable since it has futile
proven what everyone else has In the United be declared,
may be utilised to achieve desired
and not to build. upon which you can draw should of handling It with dignity heretofore to try and resistit. "U he's qualified"
"But when violence breaks out ends. Do not overlookthe not be spared during these un and ability It is natural for When the
our value of an unusual Job you go willingly, And this man, like the others with whom I talked, has a world
'instinct:: is to ask: 'Why? What is the that pays so well that It could usual times, for there is no everyone to have fears and transitions are fairly smooth of experience and disciplined training which can be a boon for
where will land inhibitions when the
telling they on eve of
cause? And what can we do about it?' We to enable do the you things to set you enough want aside and you before they peter out. grand accomplishments or ape put and up agreeable.a resistance But ,when it Is you apt this chooses.nation If in he business gets the opportunity, In industry, in any area of endeavor be

look for the deeper causes on which anger when or where you want them. 3-90-81-19-87-801 pearances.i60. to resort to rougher methodsto

and tension feed. We look for privationand ,: get you where you are

indignity and ev idence'of past oppression'. lED ,. destined to pass your future. THE URBANLEAGUE

"And so it is abroad. We do not, if : IORN OCT. STORYBy
lOll APRIL 23rl AUG. 22ii
we are wise, see the hand of, a villain In 24th NOV. list

every outbreak against authority. There, 20tl MAY 2011 Here it comes The only day You were alerted. Waste no BURN JAN CLANZgL BROWN

as at home, it is the sound American Thrills and spills. A friend when you may expect to chalk more time on activities that
the .. 11th
clear 9th. FEI. ute Urban
up a profit may 20th League recognizes
made U friend for life. But are not directly related to the need for identifying Negro
instinct to ask if oppression, privation a Every move should be shrouded your leaders at the
Its a hot time. If you were grass root level and have them to initiate
should be future and the
whether marriage steps are
and neglect are not the root cause. In secrecy and all pains taken you community action programs that wW
deceived the help
during previous disadvantaged persons
considered or not Is a horseof leaks that could under- taking to make It conform to In the
** ******* a different color.' It may against mine the success of what has your secret dreams. Sudden period into believing that life community community to help bring about changes in their soeciflc
appear ,most alluring on the been From then developments could open> wide during September would be one The Urban 9
accomplished. League lc
surface but whether it can last the doors to extensive traveling delightful bed of roses, be prepared Its attempt to service '
Is And SNCC on, exposures, charges and citizens who need help in
CORE Deed? or how long Is a moot question all and the acquisition of for the Jolt that comes housing, health and) j l.pI.
countercharges nullify welfare economic
may with the realization that It will development, education and ,
The experience that Is yours knowledge. The more enterprising -
Although the is be thrilling but U Is apt the gains previously accumu Scorpios will not missa not. You will have to step youth Incentives, realizes it Is the responsibility I.I I.
news not novel with us, \ may lated. Those of you who are of the Urban League to I
to be the kind that comes only single that briskly and apply all the tricks Involve the poor In
but Bayard Rusiin of of for the sale opportunity
one organizers negotiating or purchase that have learned effecting needed changes.
once In a lifetime. Accept It knocking at their doors. The you through
the 196 .march on Washington during President of a house should wait To this end the League will be
, in order to take
and then place it in your album until after the official local more people yon know, the experience, week Initiating a ten- I\

Kennedy's administration, may have of food memories which you hour of the New Moon to close easier it should be for you to advantage of fine and, perhaps, .4tlM program..*.kl_, t..' in. Leadership Development, and
startled some by these words: can look back with Infinite the deal and sign the required gain attention and the boost you strange opportunities that have -WU1HU| ducatios. The program will point out there-

"Core is dead and the Student Nonviolent pleasure. The Taureans who papers No matter bow good may still require to materializeyour your address. Iff a new Job spell sponsibUtty out the of the citizen and the rewards 01 same. It will
persist in trying to retain the the hopes.> You can pretty wellassume for some, professional advancement function of city and county governmental agencies,
Coordinating Committee la on
dying everything may appear social
Image by forming a co-called surface > that fate baa turned the for others, and solid agencies, voting< drives, social action groups,
the for
since they' are producing nothing margin error cash for Benefit in all community
creative. most. groups, and most the
permanent tie may discover, Is pretty wide. leaves In your book to the page important spell out the role
R u s tin added that McKissick and' Immediately that it that| Is the most Interesting u wasys that appear advantageous local League Is attempting to play in helping the man who Is
Carmichael were both out of touch with could turn out to be a deplor- ttJO531176643VIRGO. far u you are concerned' to you for it is going to be along the lowest on the totem pole to get guidance
to solve
able mistake time before such unusual problems that help to pe Ssecond-class citlwn-
their own race. Rustin called attention .5 70'661755..35f5ACITT4R108 planetary aspects are going to sb1p.W. .

to the fact that there is at present anemotional 7 60 -U-C3-Z17 repeated. wW be holding open meetings throughout the community

racction to 300 years of second- LOIN Ali 4-60-77-13-92-820 have to get the facts on *the real issues In our community. We will

class citizen.ship---mo.st recently arousedby turn 23r SEPT. 22H lOIN NOV.23ri primary Imowleeigeaue persons In aU relevant areas to share
the cry of "black Power. IORN MAT PISCES the Information with citizens who need to blow
This has said Find out what. up. All of a DEC... list unions pros and cons about Jobs, housing, training programs,
newspaper numerous times Federal
21st Jut 21st sudden everything could start programs and the
Forward march. Those who lOll FEI. NAACP role 01 the Urban League
that the technique of demonstration popping from all directions. SCLe, and others
It all comes at once. 'we mar have built their economic status
utilized by Dr. King, Core, and SNCC is Is likely to fly during this A new friend,love and marriage on a strong foundation may 19th .. MAR. 20thIt

.obsolete We need a new creativity in our quarts r when there U workto could become the most engrossing be said to have It made. Sagittarians may come as a surprisebut An Alabama First?

J leadership. be done, orders from high subjects that have occupied who may Just be nothing can erase the possibility

The success of many of our military er up to be obeyed a BOOM your mind In many a year. I IJ starting out in life should benefit that Friday the 9th may Auburn University in Alabama has graduated
would be too bad to miss the red-letter of the
from be day
to be relocated or altered or promising openingsto > your recently
genuises depended to a largo degree upon a new Job to be sought. Very opportunity and possible excitement lay the cornerstone for month. Proposals, marriages, the its first Negro student in

the clement of surprise, and this Is one powerful aspects denote that by turning down an eventual success and cultural pastimes and other 110 year history she is Josetta
of the methods our leaders should employ you may succeed but not without Invitation to go to a party prosperity. Of course, do not exciting events may make you Brittian Matthews, 23, who earnedthe
The demonstration approach is causing a fierce struggle or' the social gathering or club meetIng discount the possibility that feel as If you are living in Master's degree in education during
use of disliked mcthodu. The on this and ensuing\ days, chance may also figure in the another world from now on. the summer
riots, misunderstanding, deflated public especially lOtb-12th. It is the situation commencement.
financial Incentive could be the stroke of good fortune that Whatever your particular The Negro
e Images, and have become_ a sounding brass most potent of all and many right moment to display all should come the way of the may be,the opportunitiesto graduate received her under

tinkling ,cymbal.. of you will respond with all your Individual qualities and more enterprising among you. gain your hearts desires graduate training in government from
the strength and resources at mental capacities and to cap!- Most of the key elements may should be at hand. It may ,be Indiana University last year.

your command Not all results tallxe on. them to the hilt. Oft be said to be present in your time for you to unshackle yourself We like to see these "firsts" keep

THINGS ,ARE CHANGINGHave are apt to be as you planned course, those of yon who 'havea planetary pattern, but the fact from the self-imposed or coming, but they are
them but they may, nevertheless mate'could be'asking for t that the best-laid plans of men accidental restrictions that becoming too numerousto
you looked at the Help Wanted, lately? furnish you with the basic trouble when you nave a roving. can go awry cannot be entirely have cramped your style for to out what we need to do now is
Ingredients eye. discounted ,such a long period. emphasize the hundreds or thousandsstand
is in
Equal opportunity business.
g 30 22 U. 28 405 1.70 .CIG 14 $1.968' a outs.

,n 11 k




SOCIALLY Betrofal Announced Missionary SocietyTo Aid To Citizens Rosa Denard Weds James Howard I

Meet Saturday Being Given By

SPEAKINGWith Homemakers ClubThe .

:t 1.\ Homemakers Blxk Club,
The East Florida Conference "
Branch will under the Home Management T. ,5 1J\\\ :
a7 Missionary Society '
Louise Guinyard A ; meet Saturday at 10:30 and Consumer Education of the
: a.m., .,
T to New Bethel AME Church G. J, E. 0., Inc., Is holding : ...
Approximately three hundred persons attended ;'t' with Rev. Vivian Williams In meetings every other Wednesday '. .
the at 7 p.m., In New Century
the Jacksonville branch Presentation Kindergarten and Child pare:: ., ; "
second annual Freedom Banquet last Friday I' president Mrs.of Louise conference Chand- Center Johnson and Monroe I':

t evening held in the Mayflower* Hotel. ler; president. Mrs. Abiah B, Sts. }
? The group heard Charles Evers, NAACP Shehee; minutes of last meeting Many have registered for
surplus foods at 501 Davis St., -
Field 14 r.. Louise Reddick
Director ;
for the State of Mississippi visited the center at Third and
Y and were moved by his fervent ands committee reports, Mrs. Alberta Lee Sts. to explain their problems sir
Simpson Mrs. M. D.
passionate plea not to "hate. "" Mr. King Mrs. Leona Daniels.Mrs. contacted their )I
Evers.is the brother of the late Medgar -Ti Jnanlta Johnson Mrs. Ophelia neighborhood visitors and volunteered -
Evers. Toston II r.. Julia Tanner, their service for the t '
Mrs. Sophia Cook, Mrs. Ethel aged and sick. J :
Earl Johnson NAACP Legal Counsel Mrs Jessie Pearl Butts is a :
Bouie. Mrs. Wilhelmina
served as toastmaster. Others appearingon Skinner, Mrs. C. D. Akery, volunteer playground development -
the program included Rev. Bruce L. Lenora A for this area. 'r. Ip
,Mrs. Jones Mrs '
of Mrs. L. Flandersand
Miss PrklUa Jean Flanders daughter Mary The has been ,
Robinson associate minister of the H. Thorpe, Mrs. M. Jones, group ,
Mr. Samuel Bryant became the bride of SP4 Willie D. commended by Mrs. Hilda Paf-
Riverside Church Rev. Frank Brown In Bride' Mrs. T Wlngard and Mrs. Ro- ..,
Presbyterian the
Brown ton of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin ford, coordinator of communityclubs j to.
Wilson of the Woodlawn I United Presby- parent's home 3424 Franklin Street, Saturday September 3. vena The Hughes. will ; Mrs. Zelda Sikes coor- ""f'I.
"Sing Along" period
: terian Church; A I i Ice Faye Maxwell Bridesmaid was Miss Gwendolyn Coleman sister of the be presented by Mrs. EthelD. dinator of voluntary service; ,
UJS.M.C. solo Love
bride, best man Harrison Kennedy (0 Miss Mary Bradley and Mrs.
. secretary of the local branch office; Mrs. You Truly) by Miss Sylvia Singleton. The marriage was Bannister.Beginning 12:45 Ella Johnson, homemakers :4 1 ,,' '.W

0. E. Mathis. NAACP Voter Registration officiated by Rev J. C, Rogers pastor of Macedonia Baptist and o'clock.Mrs.Miss Alberta Polly Simpson D. Brooks will coordinators, and Miss Victoria :

z and Education Program Chairman ; and Church. Priscllla was given in marriage by her father Introudce the 1966-67 study Williams neighborhood worker -
Rutledge Pearson of the State Samuel Byrant. Guests attending were: Donald Flanders, Miss Thomas NEWLY-WED---Mr.
course. Delphine and Mrs.
\ Webster Riley Denard announce -
brother of bride, Rev and Mrs E. grand parentsof The officers ire Mrs. A. B.
1 arid local NAACP. the groom Mrs Tbelma Coleman, Chris Hargro, Allen will present the YPD-ers In a Houston, president;Mrs.Jessie the marriage of their daughter Rosa

I The lovely Edgewood Avenue home of the WhIttaker, Mrs. Chris Hargro Allen Wlttaker, Mrs. Bessie skit.Introduction of visitors, Mrs. Pearl Butts, vice president; Denard to Mr. James Howard. The wedding

L lf; B. Childs provided the background for Merchant! Mrs. Bernice White, Mrs Edith lewis Mrs. Mary Mitchell; prayer for the Mrs. Marjorie Butts, took place in the bride's' parent's home

' the reception honoring Mr. Evers. Doretha Annie Smith, Mrs Deacon M. L. Johnnie Polite, Crawford Deacon Richard, Mrs Nellie King, sick Rev. A. Zanders. Music secretary; Mrs Louise Johnson August 13, 1966. She is a graduate of .
Mrs. Collins Mae
The Jacksonville Branch NAACP is Will be rendered by Mrs. Cor- reporter; Mrs. Lena Matthew W.
pre- Bruce, Mrs. LiUle Mae Green, Miss Maybell Simpson, Tyron nelius Anderson, treasurer Mrs. High School class of
y sently in the process of completing Merchant, Gloria Merchant, Sharon Garmon.Chrlstine Vereen, Wallace. Henrietta Williams volunteeraide. '63. '

) arrangements for the Convention of the Marine Hargo, Shirley Floyd, Lena Calaway, Antonette Austin, .
i of the Florida Conference of Branches to Janice and Samuel Bryant Jr., Melvin Kennedy, Harvey Kennedy -

be held in Jacksonville October 13-16. Vernlce Jenkins, Alfonsa Anderson, Mary Williams,
1 Mrs. Estella King, Mrs Evelyn Williams, Mrs. Bernice .I SAVl ,
tttttttttttt Bryant, Buddy Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Williams. ; '
Following the wedding a reception was given. The couple
; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority's' Shoe, and will reside in Fort Bragg, N.C.

Scholarship Funds will again be boasted by a

Colorballoo.Ebony Fashion Fair, this year presenting Senior Citizens Clut b i Fla. Voter League

Gamma Rho Omega Chapter has reserved y'r
Exhibition Hall I of Civic Auditorium on Holds Meeting Registration Drive

Friday, October 21 for the grand array. of With a large and enthusiastic Kicks Off Sept. nth I'e ,. Ro00 riottire
colorful fashions. hand the Wilder
membership on +. .
Local AKA officers include Ruth Solomon, Park Senior Citizens Club met \ r# Hwm "+ ev.y.I.M

basileus ; Erma Word anti-basileus ; Aug. 31 In Blodgett Homes auditorium Florida Voters League will 9j
with the president, conduct a registration drive
Robinson grammateus ; Sue M. .
Mrs Wattle Bell Hicks, pre- in Tinker Stadium Orlando p
Baety anti-grammateus ; Alma Daniels siding. S&turdaJSept.17. w '

e'pistoleus; Mable Martin treasurer ; Music and games were Speakers from both major HTI1AdPe1U Dr1EEN

Janice McNair, financial secretary; Betty enjoyed, refreshments were parties will feature the program \T:. :

Davis, hodegos ; Laurice Hunter, parliamentarian served, and several new mem- along with talks by officers
bers were Inducted. A numberof and members from various
; Frances Johnson business committees were formed. parts of the state.Airconditioned.
manager ; Johnny Cowart custodian ; and Mrs Arline NeyhauL presi- Greyhoundbuses \
Louise Sheffield, philackter. dent of the Duval Federation will leave Broad and
of Senior Citizens served with Union Sts. at 6:30: a.m. Buses -
....attttt the Advisory Committee. will return late Saturday night. \ _

The Sophisticated Bridge Club opened the Mr. LeeL. Haynes, advisory Roundtrip fare $5.00. per
chairman of the reada
group, person. "BRADED
current season with a meeting last Satur- letter on behalf of the City Motorcade chairman Edward

day, evening. Marie ,McClain hostess Commission i assuring the Holt and Lee Haynesr:Phone Beef at its Best VL [N LA !
invited Anne'Lambert'and' : Lois' Avery ,as Senior J Citizens that they;will 3582410,and 358.7039 tor,reservations. '
players. definitely share in the $1,200, ', .
guest IA': '"
000 service clubs that are being L. V.Davis is state president .j." "
Prizes were presented to each guest. created with city matching of the Florida Voters League.
Geneva Wheeler, Johnnie Mitchell Myrtice funds.
Thomas, and Charlotte Bostick were among The next meeting will be held
members in attendance. Wednesday Sept. 28 at 5:00

tttttttttttt p.m.torium.In Blodgett Homes audi- ",r ,- : :t ', > "."" : 'of' ; ). ', ,)I"''''.,.., .., .' ', ;:( '

All Senior Citizens are In- ," ,'

MEW LOCATIONBack vited. VIcerosgot d.

to School Specials. I Tea TimeDistricts the taste right any time .

I Specializing in Permanent I 5 and 11 of Abyssinia '
African Bush. __ Baptist Church will that's right. ; oftheday "' :
sponsor a tea Sunday at 3:30:
For the latest In Fashion '
High __ p.m,, in the home of Mr. and : < ,J ,
J"1' ,
and personalized cut and style t
Mrs Willie Quick,2021 College ,< ,/ I
for wigs, wlglets, braid, etc., circle. Deacon Sam Dixon will ;Y i' i iIi
the "in" hairpiece that gives ./ "
you a new, beautiful hair style. '' ., ***. ..

District 8 of Abyssinia Baptist \ t ____
; ,
will sponosr a tea Sunday at .
JUANITA'SBEAUTY 3:30: p.m., In the home of Dea- ,:

con and Mrs. Newton Atkins, .; ,
2126 Criminal St.
SALON 01 "
# **
"j '." >: .
A. L. Lewis Club of Mt, Olive t.J1
5506 Are. B AME Church will sponsor a ;
See Jacksonville's'. award Pink Tea Sunday from 4 to 6 Ii : :'

At 45tfc Street winner, consultant and stylist+ p.m., in the home of Mrs .
Maggie Campbell, 641 Jessie : :,;
Phil 7653307 Mrs Edna B. Calhoun I St. ***. > w mT

Usher Board 2 of Antioch
.t Baptist Church will sponsor an
"End of the Summer Tea"Sun- ...wsM.IM. 1.allrlaaw .. I iIiI: ,
I ConsultationCONSULT day at 4 p.m. The participants! 11 C r,0 < ;:- ,

are: Larry Douglas,Mrs Fran- J ...
DR. SMITH FREEExamination ces Whitehurst Mrs. Dorothy .:/" 'i11N
> '
Lewis, Gregory McCoy, Miss J,.,'" ts ri. a
Deborah Hardy, Mrs Theodore Oree, Miss Patricia Daniels,
YOU will Be Told in plain\ words what The Troublis Mrs. Dorothy Lewis, Morris 9Q f
that III causing' It And what May Be Done To and James Douglas and Mrs. .

correct it, if you suffer with; Sarah Towns. 4U ,4 :
.*** ;: : : ';: .

ASTHMA, BLOOD PRESSURE SINUS INFECTIONS Band will sponsor a tea Sundayat : ; L "q

STOMACH DISORDER PELVIS DISEASES Elder Moss Davis tttThe will speak. >< ) ., \ "

Ladles Club will '
Del Rio 1' :'
ITI S DISEASES) INTESTINAL DISORDERS give a Pretty Hat Tea Sundayat ; (Ji : ," '

SCIATICA KIUNEY &BLADDER CHRONIC DISEASES 4 p.m., In the home of Mrs. 'r.. .
ff? S .
Mfilral K'ducinK TreanentM (Men & w tan) WEDDINGWillie
.' ;!', ::
I treat conditions commonly considered surgical .LLS -; :f ',
without the use of a )knife. Modern method of I
Lee Bartley,1420 Causey ,1t,,' ::'J,: '
diagnosis and treatment. FR E-EXAMINATION BT Lane, 21 and Naomi Downer, ,. lii:1' :
5820 Hollyhock Rd., ZOo ''' ,'''
APPOINTMENT; ONLY 14 years successful practicein "
JnclcHonville. HOURS -9:30: A.M.to 4:30: P M Brown 1186W. : ;" "
Everidge George ., '
POOP; EL 4-1187 21st St., 26 and Eula Blanche
If'' Here's why: Viceroy is the filter cigarette blended with natural flavor
UullliU), 4800 Moncrlef Rd.,27. '
DR. REX SMITH ;l fresheners to enrich and improve the true tobacco taste:That's why

900 west state street (Upstairs) Herbert Evergreen Joshua Ave., Owens 27 and, Tho-1538 4' .U U : r Viceroy tastes rich. good .rewarding ,any time you tight up.SITUIIAY .

masina Barbara Wilson 1009 Y ..A O.w wuww m+unwwrtw+r .il Vb ?Tt..M..l I14.ryr A,u7 4nwAw.lo
Office Formerly Occupied by Dr. Lyncker- > I
Jessie St., 35.
Opposite Ritz. "I' ..' ; 1 h..
George Hursey McKay 3309
This Offer IM extended Thru Oct. Int. Ardlsa Rd., 23 and Catherine ,.+ ,; .'

Jarrell, 1739 E. 27th St., 19. "" \
+ '
'I'I I


i. ..,_u.., t, ,
_ .
LOL --
--- -
---- -

I.1D,9 i r

[ ;; Employment Medicare Add Confirmation Rites Held At St. Gabriel Episcopal Church Youth Choir Plans

.._- ., .. -
:'Jll'. ;'''''''-: \ .: :".. ..'" j'", Anniversary EventYouth
\ Voting To Be Aired / 1' ,
I!'< .
Choir 3 of New lit.OUvi

I I: At New Bethel AME I: .' .:";;, anniversary In Baptist the church Church Monday alld1torlum..11I.will observe iti.,

Net l'fllwlME Church', located on Third and Tyler Streets, ,, The program Is:Processional.
f of which Rev Ellsha Jones is minister, has in progress an choirs; selection, youth chef
Interesting program set for Sunday at 11 a.m. West Friendship baptist',
A splendid array of talent Program and music, Mrs W. 4i 4 serving choir; Invocation, Deacon .
from agencies of the city of M. Jones and Mrs. Ollie Williams \ A. B. Ashwood; scripture
Jacksonville appeargiving i Rev. C. L. Telfalr ',
; Youth activities, Mrs. lh pastor
information to relative Beatrice. Zeigler, Mrs.Edmond introduction of Mistress
measures of Social Security, Sneed.' Mrs.Gladys Cason,Mrs.L. \ of Ceremonies, Miss Wilaj
Medicare, Equal Opportunity', B. hall, Mrs. LaRosa Jones,, : Corbin; MistressotCert-
\oters Registration, Zip Code monies Miss
and Mrs Ella Mitcneu; Hospitality Barbara Smith
and Taxes, also the Juvenile Mrs. Alberta Morris; selection, choir;occasion,Miss
Shelter.This Publicity Coordinators, Mrs. ,, l M A. Taylor;welcome,Miss Linda
I program promises to be Rosa L. llaynes, Mrs. Olivia Waiters; history, Miss Corbin.
the highlight t of the season. selections, West Friendship'
Harrell and Mrs. E. Graham;
Pastor Jones, in a most unique Sponsors and Ads, Mrs. M. 4 West Union, Mt. Vernon, First
manner will direct the meditation Timothy, First Corinth
Z L. Cooper, Mrs. Vera Wiles, Emm.
call to worship and he Mrs. Jeanette Jones, Mrs. uel, Mt. Calvary, St. Paul,
will also give the sermonic Juanita Bailey and Mrs. Annie Sweetfield, Central, Mt. Tabor
message from the theme Roberts 111! irrr Baptist Churches, St. Stephen
"Needs' of Our Neighbors. and New Bethel AME Churches.
Music will be rendered by the Elder Vernal Harris Jr Observations, Miss Annette
Frank Williams Chorus,Choirs
Miller presentations
; Mu|
1 and 2 and the Children's Genie Miss
Slated For HonorsElder Taylor, Ozelfe
Ensemble Griffin, Miss Arletha Hicks
Prof. W. D. Cannon, Mrs. remarks, Miss Nadine ;
Elnora McBride, Mrs. Ollie Vernal Harris will be Diana
president; offering,
Williams, P. J. Williams and honored with an appreciation Webb
Mrs. Rossle Alexander will be program Saturday in Queen supervisor
the soloists Esher Church of God in Unity, closing remarks, benediction.,
A Fall Formal Musical will 1747 McQuade Street,beginning pastor.
be presented by the Frank at 7 p.m., sponsored by Mrs.
Williams Chorus of New Bethel Sadie M. Varnadore and Mrs. West Union Baptist
on Sept 25, in the church audi Diana M. Harmon. :
torium. This bt'aut1fulacgrega- The participants are: DeaconC. : :
tion of singers will be heard Williams, Edward Harris, ; Celebrates EventThe
Florine Harris Mrs. E. Mc- .
in many lovely selections under y
rA ? ,
the direction of P. J. Williams Fadden, Elder C. Bass, ElderA. .J ", ,, Gospel Chorus of West
t" and Mrs. Irma Bryant Buckner. P_ : W'o oI.c.w..,,;; Union Baptist Church will celebrate
H <
The Women's Day, which is Appearing on t the young f.'tM':..."">," ; ::- its anniversary Sept. 21
C. : at 8 in the auditorium
set for the third Sunday in people's program are: South- 'I, < p.m.
October, embracing the whole ernaires of Kingsland, Ga.; :,,- ', of the church.
church, is being looked forward Roberlettes, Mighty Soul Re- .... >,.,,--, fit'< d, ., rt ... ,.w. ..',..,-." Appearing will be: Mrs. E.R.
to with great enthusiasm by vivers, Mrs. Alice Boston and EPISCOPALIANS---A group of Jaxons who became confirmed brenaa narns, uariene batterwhlte, and Tola Harris. Perry, Friendship Choir 1,
the women. Class leaders are Bostonettes, Eloulse Cohen, Abyssinia Choirs 1 and 2,
concerning themselves In sup- Cora Andress, Christine Williams Eplscoplains during ceremonies performed at the New In the second row are Mrs. Alradell Carter, Miss Mt. Vernon Gospel Chorus,

port of forty-five captains to Margaret Harris, and St. Gabriel Episcopal Church Moncrief and Soutel Dr. Geraldine Roberts, Mrs. Queen Esther Harris, Mrs. Church of God Gospel Chorus,
,I reach the entire membership. Roscoe Varnadore. is shown here. At left are the Rev. Hamilton West Delores Shaw, Miss Jonstell I Wilson and Mrs. Bertha West Union Choir 3, Mrs. Julia

Interest in the financial effort Refreshments will be servedat Bishop of Florida who conducted the rites, Eric 0. Satterwhite wtth Rev. T. Vincent Harris, Priest- M. Moreland, Mrs. Ruth Man-

is encouraging. the close of the event. Simpson lay reader who served as the Bishop's In-Charge. In the back row are Sylvester Hendersonand sings, Mrs. M. Collins, Deacon
Daniel Cummings Mrs. Ruth
Chairmen for the Women's ,
: Day are Mesdames Elnora McBride Crozier bearer. The Confirmants are front row Lewis Carter. (Royal Art Photo) Fedd, Miss Brenda Faults,

0. F. Donalson, Willie Walters emorial r' Mrs. Amy Livingston and Usher
Mae Thorpe and Mrs. E.Jones, Amy Robinson Group Steney-Green Nuptials Board 1.
wife of the pastor. To Hold Tag DayA \ CHURcH NEWS }
Chairmen of committees are Tag Day program will be Plans Fashion ShowThe Women's Day

presented Sunday from 4 to 6
St. Matthew Board p.m., in Walters Memorial AME Amy Robinson Young Wo- MT. MORIAH BAPTISTThe Set At St. Paul
Zion Church, 1012 Madison St. men of Allen of Mt. Moriah women of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church will have charge of
Slates AnniversaryUsher Speaker for the occasion will AME Church will. sponsor a the services Sunday commencing with the Sunday School at
be Rev. A. J. Warren, pastorat Fashion Forecast Sundayat 9:30 a.m., with Mrs M. M. Sanders as guest superintendent. St. Paul AME Church, Utl ,
Board 1 of St. Matthew Varlcks Memorial AME Zion 4 p.m., in the church audi- Guest teachers are: Mrs. Beatrice Wilburn, Mrs. Shirley and Myrtle, has scheduled!
Baptist Church, westside, will Church. He will be accompanied torium.A Brown, and Mrs. Arline Peacock. Mrs., Rutha M. Robinson annual Women's Day celebration \.
observe its 33th anniversary by his congregation. special feature will be the will review the lesson. for Oct 16 with Mr& 4
Sept 28 at 8 p.m., in the church The participants at 11 am. aw Mrs.Henrietta White Choirs
I Mrs. Daniel Singleton will wigs modeled by Ally. Clark. a : t,1.'and ';Dorothy; Bacon, as >central
auditorium. 2, Mrs. ,Sarah Wilson, Mrs. Albertha Jackson
Mrs. .
serve as Mistress of Adult models are: Mrs. Martha i chairman. '* i
'- Lewis Carter will be the Ceremonies. Other participants .Burns: Mrs. Corine Waters, Nt Barbara Jefferson, Mrs. Eva M. Johnson Mrs Vivian Cherry, Sunday at 4 p.m., Rev. Mis.
speaker, and other outstanding are Rev. H. C. Archie, Rev. and Mrs Johnny M. Johnson Mrs. Theresa Green, Mrs. Carrie Peoples,Mrs.Ora L. Jones, Alberta Zanders will sponsor
j talent In the city: will par- 0. A. Odom, Choir 2, First Mrs Mary Nealey, presidentof Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford, Mrs.L.Daniels,Mrs Patsy Johnson, a musical tea In the lower
ticipate. Timothy Baptist; Miss Carolyn the church group, is being Mrs. Fannie Marshall, Mrs. Emma Brown, Mrs. A. Lee, Mrs. auditorium. Choir 2 and the
I Mrs. Louise Brown Is general Rogers, Mrs. Annie Frailer, assisted by Mrs.Eula Thornton Elizabeth Toomer, Mrs. Pearl Allen, Miss Katie Ross, Mrs. Male Chorus of Grant Memorial
chairman; Mrs. Louise Mart Mary Black Trio, Mrs.Georgia president of Vogue 80 Models, J. Maddox, and Rev. L. Green. AME Church will be featured
t; grove, co-chairman. Boards in Ford, Miss Susie Ealey and who will also be featured models The evening service begins at 7 o'clock. The pastor will and Mrs. Virginia Gray Martin
the city: have been Invited to Mrs. Hazel Phillip.. ,. deliver the sermon, and Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 will serve will serve as narrator.The .
; attend. Rev. Mrs. Zanders win

;. ST. STEPHEN AME also sponsor an after service

1 The women of St. Stephen AME Church met with Rev. J. S. affair at 8 p.m. Rev. F, W.
NOW! Johnson, pastor, to organize for their annual celebration, Jones of Fountain Chapel ARE
$ which has been scheduled for Oct. 23. Church will preach.A .
4 LOCATIONSTO The officers are: Mrs Jennie V. rockett, chairman; Mrs. musical extravaganza baS
SERVE YOU Margie Alvarez McClendon, co-chairman; Mrs. Ruby Johnson, been scheduled for Monday at
Mrs Vera L. Sanders, coordinators; Mrs J.S. Johnson Mrs. 8 p.m., in the church auditor
3118 W. Edge wood Ave Sadie Tilts, Mrs Louise Genwright, supervisors;Mrs.Mamie ium featuring outstandingta1enl
s Taylor, secretary; Mrs. Clara Austin, assistant secretary; in the city. The programs HI
3701 EMERSON Mrs. Annie M. Paige, treasurer; Mrs. Geneva Wheeler, Mrs in Interest of the Women's Day

I -. 830 CASSAT AVE. McVella Pauline, Mrs. H. F. Howard, finance committee;Mrs. celebration:
Sarah Best, $50.00 Club chairman; Mrs. L. Genwright, Mrs The general chairman will I be
1824 WEST BEAVER Myrtice Terry, Mrs Daisy Wallace, Mrs. Zenobia Genwright, presented in a recital Sept. IB
Mrs Edith Anderson, program committee; Mrs. Inez Bivins at 7 p.m., In Interest of the
Miss Ines Johnson, public relations; Mrs. Maggie Sims, Mrs celebration. Miss Jeanette Kit
C. A, Duke, courtesy committee; Mrs. Rosa Curtis Mrs tle will be featured in a recital
CHOICE CHUCK Miss Joyce Elizabeth Steney became the Marine Ledbetter, Mrs. Joyce Gilbert, Mrs Willie Stephens' Sept. 25 In an after service

C bride of Second Lieutenant James Green II souvenir committee; Mrs Vera Strom, Mrs. Janie Madry, program, sponsored by Mrs.
Mrs. C. A. Bryant, Sunday School Committee. Annie Bell Pugh.
; at 5:00: p.m. Sunday, August 7, at Shiloh .

49f' Metropolitan Baptist Church. The Rev. Mt. Olive
A. B. Coleman officiated. The bride's' Baptist """ NOTICEThis .. ...

parents are Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Steneyof Choir Event Set
LB publication will not be responsiblefor
1241 1 W. Duval Street and the groom's
The Youth Choir 3 of Mt Olive the return of photos sent or brought
parents are Mr. and Mrs. James Green Sr ,
Baptist Church will in to offices Where-
observeits our for publication.
: also of this city. Lt. and Mrs. Greene I
anniversary Sept. 12 at 8 ever possible we will endeavor to return
graduated from Florida A&M University in
LEAN ALL MEAT Choirs photos when requested but will not be
April 1966. While at the university, to appear are: Mt. we
Mrs. Greene was a member of delta sigma Vernon, West Union, Mt. Calvary responsible in the event they arellost<

Theta Sorority and Alpha Kappa MU Honor Emanuel, F.rst Corinth, THE EDITORS

69Cf' Society. Lt. Greene was a member of First Timothy Mt.,Tabor Central and CUE West';

f'' STEW Scabbard and Blade, military fraternity. Friendship Baptist Churches.

f' Testimonial Set REMODELING & REPAIRS


Mrs. Gussie Paige Gray, con The dory "B" Prayer Band
tralto soloist with Choir 2 of will present a muslcalprogramSunday .
Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, at 3 p.m.,In the Sunshine
C will observe her 30th anniver- Spiritual Church, 674 Florida i
sary u a singer Oct. 2 at 8 Ave
>t t p.m., In the church auditorium.The The participants are: Hebrew
5 9 artist will be featured Children, Gospel Crusaders, WORK AT REASONABLE PRICES
STEAK in several selections and local Mrs Julia Robinson, Mrs ROOM ADDITIONS
soloists and groups have been Sarah E. Jones, Miss Carolyn K TC"( REMODELING
LB. scheduled to appear.An Bryant, Miss Mildred Lyons, BATH REMODELING
I added feature will be a Mrs.. Julia Holten, Mrs. Mary P
popularity contest, with several L. Golphln, Mrs Annie B. PLASTERING BLOCK STUCCO
ladles participating. Slngletary and Mrs. Sarah

) SUGAR CURED -' Friends Day will be observed NO DOWN ROOFING PAYMENT

A testimonial program will Sunday in Jerusalem Baptist See. .
be presented Monday at 8 p.m., Church, southslde, according: YEARS TO PAY
41 for Doiafi Varner, superintendent to the pastor, Rev R. W. Jack Senior Choir 1 of Mt Calvary Cell 388-4524
at the Boys Parental Home. son. Baptist Church will sponsora ,
PICNICS nw program has been Sponsor 1 scheduled In St. John Baptist be the 20th Century Club.Members Parade" Sept. 23 at p.m., ,BUILDERS INC
i Church, Oakley and BrldlerSts. of the club will serve as In the church auditorium.The t '0 lOX Ili7 ,
Mr. Varner has served as hostesses for the New Smyrna contestants are: Deacon .", .,, MCKSOMVIttl, if IA. f
t superintendent for 13 years. Beach guests J., W. Westbrook, J. Hayes, To runo,,,,,, \wlh... I O .,.1. C u COlll T
: The public has been Invited to Dinner will be served 1 P.m., B. Brown and Deacon J.Butler., A'.'" s...... I'u'h c.. .,q,.
t attend Isaac N. Cames Is the in the Lilly Saunders Community Musical selections will be -. -
j I WATCH THE KEN KNIGHT SHOW 0.1 WHT, TV CHANNEL 4 chairman for the program Center on White Ave rendered by the contestants.!


: 4

---- ---- ------- -- --
-- -
--- --- -


ST1I PAPERS ,icr ft.. .c,

Youth 17 Wins '/Williams M. Raines New Staff Members New Major in Virginia State Prof

Gets Syracuse Post
Dismissal Of 64iGC' h ,, Art Offered At JUA

new major in art Is being Frand W. Render II, public
added this fall to the baccalaureate relations officer and assistant
Murder Convictions degree programs professor of English and Journalism
offered by Jacksonville Unlvekslty. Virginia State College,
has been appointed to a New-
BESSEMER, Ala. - V.Fifth S.'lUft Circuit of Appeals for the upon which the case was I collegiate art program in the C. Clark of Syracuse
has overturned Jacksonville area, "reflects
reversed The Appeals Court University School of
the conviction of Caliph Washington said that it did not appear from I the current interest in the visualto Journalism.The .
because "testimony the record that the State did Dr. Frances B. Kinne, dean assistantship which Involves .
token :at a prior trial...v lolatfd enough to have witness Jones' of the University's College of Instruction and research
the Sixth and the 14th
Amend. Music and Fine
ments." in court for the second trial. responsibilities, Is for the aca-
Defense lawyers in the case Graduates of the new program demic year beginning In Sep.
Washington, a 17-ear-old will receive the Bachelor of tember.
W. Clark, Or-
Bessemer youth at the time. be Fine Arts
cell Bllllngsley Jr., and C. degree a major Also selected as Oppor-
was accused of first degree Erskine Smith, Brlmingham In art. A minor in art has been tunity Fellow by the John Hay
murder, his received 13 ; offered the
reprises 4 by university since Whitney Foundation, Render
David H. Hood Jr., Bessemer;
and twice was tried Charles Morgan Jr., Atlanta 1963. will be studying towards a doctor
And sentenced< to die in the> Art classes will be conductedat of philosophy degree in
Ga., and Robert Carter, New
electric chair.In York. JU and at the new Jacksonville Syracuse's $15 million Ne*>
court records, he was described Art Museum to be opened in house School of Communi
has been
Atty. one of UM
by defense lawyers as"able lawyers In the Washington case October."It cations. He Is on leave from
tor.a4andYl'l'ltuUtU." has always been the planto his Virginia State College
J post.
after it _
shortly began Its nearly: '! r
Lawyers have
waged a legal use the Jacksonville Art
battle on behalf of the nine years in the courts. Over Museum so that duplicate facilities Integration Leads To
Imprisoned accused and con. that period, Washington, now L : would not have to be
tlcted youth t for over eight about 25 years old has been provided at JU," said Dean Assault Charge
tears. in a cell, either in Kilby Prison Klnne. Similar arrangements

Court records reveal that on or a county jail. Several new persons have been assigned to The are in existence at most metropolitan SANFORD --Racial integration -
July 12, 1957' Police Officer Meantime, Atty. Hood said he the instructional and clerical staff of M.S. Institute of Marine Science, colleges offering art came toSemlnole l
did not know
James B. Clark of Lipscomb, next move in what the would be The the William Raines High School for the 1966- University of Miami Coral Gables, Florida majors, she added. County school teachers Monday
Ala. (one of the Incorporated case. Biology; Mrs. Myrtle C. Scott B.S. "In the past, the facilities and led to an alleged assaulton
67 school
State has the alternatives of term, according to Dr. AndrewA. ,
towns and cities in Jefferson Bethune-Cookman of both the Jacksonville Art School Superintendent R. T.:
County) received a fatal wound appealing the case of letting Robinson, principal. College, Mathematics; Mrs. Museum and the Cummer Art Mllwee.Milwea.
from a pistol fired from his Washington out of jail and retrying These educators and Keepers of Records Dorothy McFalls I B.S. North Carolina Gallery have been used, and charged in an affidavit
own pistol. Two days later, him.Washington. is bring with them outstanding educational College at Durham; Mrs. Clara B. Johnson their personnel nave been very filed with Sheriff J. L. Hobby,
Washington, then 17 years old, another lawsuit which litigant is In backgrounds and teaching experience occurring B.A. FAMU, English ; Mrs. Letha McBride cooperative." that William A. Leffler Jr., a
was arrested in Mississippi. peuding lies B.S. Bethune-Cookman Jacksonville University began civil engineer, struck him in
On Sept. lZ, 1957!, Washingtonwas that seeks to desegregate Kilby both in America and outside Mathematics, College building toward an art major his office after an argument
Prison and the prison system continental United States. Their fieldsof ; Miss Barbara P. Simmons ,
Indicted on charges of first about two years ago. The addition over assignment of Leffler's
degree murder, on Oct. 8, he in Alabama. endeavor are broad and diversified. d.S. Bethune-Cookman College I ', Mathema- of courses in ceramicsand daughter to a class taught by aNeern
was tried and convicted tics. in trim makint this fall .
on a several In two
possess degrees major
first degree murder count, but Dr. R. E. Evans fields. Shown will complete the art curri Hobby i> said Leffler surrendered -
on Feb. lZ, 1959, the conviction standing are from left : Richard culum. onachargedof
was reversed by the Alabama Feted AtAppreciaiion Most have participated in special studies Vaughn Stebbins, B.A. FAMU, English, Mrs. The curriculum was developedby assault and battery and was
Supreme Court. Institutes and two of the group have Bernice K. Malcolm, B.S. Florida Memorial Dean Klnne and Memphis released on $500 bond. Arraignment -

He was re-tried on Dec. 9, taught in Japan Germany, the Phi l II pines College, Remedial Reading; Eddie W. Jones,. Wood, the university's artist scheduled
1959, and found Dinner In residence In collaborationwith In justice court for
guilty. On Oct. and Alaska. Shown here Jr. ,, B.A. Jacksonville peace Sept.
seated are: Mrs. University ,
4 1962 U.
the conviction was Lee W. Plain, directorof
confirmed- bv' a higher court PRAIRIE VIEW. Tex. -- Thelma I Brockmann, B.S. Central Philippine Mathematics; Mrs. Claudia C.: Lee, B.S": ; the Jacksonville Art Museum. Seminole County classroomswere
On Dec 3, 19G4'edei i Gov. John Connally expressed University ; 110110 City, Philippines I Wllberforce University, Biology ; Mrs. Full-time art Instructors at Integrated three years
district court that "petitioner the gratitude of Texas last week ; Maravaline B. Everett B.A. C I ark Jacksonville University are ago.
(Caliph Washington) was convicted for the long and distinguished college, Social Studies Thomas Miss Wood and Steven D. Lots, Milwee was treated at Seminole
in violation of career of service by Dr. E. B. ; Lang a recent addition to the Memorial Hospital.
his constitutional rights to the Evans, who retired as presi- WOMAN TALKCOVERS B.S. A&T College I Greensboro N.C.. JU staff.
assistance of counsel and to dent of Prairie View AIM M.S. FAMU, Vocational I Education.; Mrs. Teaching part-time are: LONGEST LAKE
confrontation or witness against College on Aug. 31. Doris A. Jones, M. Ed. FAMU Librarian Robert C. Broward, lecturer
him." "As Governor of Texas, I FOR FOODprotection Mrs. ; In fine arts;Thomas E.Seegers, The longest freshwater lake
Bessemer cutoff authorities felt that I should be here, because McKeever B r i t ton B.S. lecturer In music and fine arts;' In the world is Lake Tanganyika
appealed the reversal by the the man we honor tonight of food from disease-carrying M. Ed. FAMU, Business Education ; Mrs. Dorothy C. Rowlett lecturerIn In Africa which is 400
federal district court. The U. has contributed so much to flies and other insects Mamie Louise Dlx Brightman, B.S., Bethune- art; and Marilyn W. Taylor, miles long, 15-60 miles wide
S. Court of Appeals, while rejecting the state for so long,*'Connally can be a real Cookman College I Mathematics lecturer In ceramics. and covers an area of 12,700_
on the basic ground said during the Appreciation challenge when dining outdoors but it'sno T..., __ .....I ,. ; .Aaron R. square miles.
cited in the federal district Dinner held for Dr. Evans. challenge to make excitingly bright IWlggS, rww, automotive' Mechanics; Miss
court's opinion,,on Aug. 8,1966 Over 400 state and Waller gay covers from aluminum screening which?;,t Mary Grace Felder I B.S. FAMU Physical I f if's AlwayS Safer To FIRST RACE
confirmed the finding that County officials, faculty members protect food and give a decorative touch Education ; John M. Davis B.S. Edward "Male Haste Slowly" t
I Washington's constitutional students and friends attended to the outdoor table. Waters College I English ; Bernard E. An alarm clock it one of the best The first automobile ra.*
frights were violated. the program honoring Bryant B.S. Edward Waters afety devices" for any household was the "Paris to Versailles
The U. S. Court of Appeal the 72-year-old administratorwho They are washable ( with a brush and a' M.S. College If the alarm U let to go off on April 20, 1887, won by
footed the "two claimed con. served at Prairie View for mild detergent) and can be used over and Tuskeegee Institute Chemistry ; early enough, many "hurry hat- Georges Bou ton's i team quad-
ifesslons" but reasoned that 49 years.Connally. over again. Miss Evelyn Wright, B.S. Florida Memorial arda" can ba licked. ricycle in 74 minutes for the
>' reversal could sot come under described the Prairie, For the large cover..;*}outa; < 24" circle", College Efig .shj i Milton H. Threadcraft,. Enough dishes time carafully to wash the breakfast 20 mile run. ,
I. that because of a clarification'ruling View "The symbol can prevent
president as B.A.
.' by the U. S. Supreme of all that Is right, kind and of aluminum 'screenin M asure and cut ,' Benedict.College: Social' Sfudies. broken,glues and cut finger

Court which set up standards. decent, "He has always been out of the circle a pit-shaped wedge
In the first trial, a white poised and graceful, always ((12" each side from edge of circle to
witness identified as Furman firm, always strODe, aggressive center and 11-ft'} wide at the circumference h
Jones, stationed at the Army without being arrogant,
Camo, Fort Hood, Texas, testified humble without being weak." ) Machine-stitch binding to all
as a prosecution witness. Speaking directly to Dr. Evans, edges using a colorful washable tabri 'I 'I l!
In the second trial, Jones did the Governor said, "The Overlap the two sides to the wedge the :Ii. ,
not appear to testify. Instead, citizens of Texas are profoundly l
width of the binding to form a cone and I
the testimony he gave in the grateful that Almighty God sent
first trial, was entered into you our way." blind stitch the edges Decorate the tip SUPER MARKETTHESE
the testimony of the second of the cone with an arrangement of plastic "
trial. Absence of Jones pro flowers held in place with a brightly-

painted wooden finial which is screwed PRICES 6000 THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGENOOD AYE. B
into a cork on the inside of the aluminum

WHEN YOU ARE ILL screening To make the cone.decorative wall basket for : HOUSE

flowers, cut a 10' diameter circle of

You Seek The Best Doctor, aluminum screening. Machine-bind the
When Your Doctor PrescribesGet edges with a colorful fabric. Wrap two ROAST'MAXWELL

Experienced Pharmacists rt < edges of the screening around until the
When Your Doctor Prescribes
binding overlaps and forms semi-cone.
Orders. We Use Only The Best a
Quality Drugs. Blind stitch the bound edges togetherand .
BLACK affix a bow, made from the binding t1 LIMIT 1

3 R e g i s t e r e d C.Pharmacists E. To Serve Proprietor YouA material to the back of the top. This LB.. 49C .;' WITH $5.00 OR 1 LB.. 59o
bow is used to hang the flower basket BAG

...........- COMPLETE LINE 0 F-...-..--..- which is an eye-catching praisegetterpiece : MORE FOOD ORDER
for the patio wall. --- - -- -- ---- -- -- ----------------
Cosmetics Rubber Goods-Candies Sundries Make the "Corn crib" food cover with a 1
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND,DELIVERED piece of aluminum screening 26" long and SMALL

6" wide. Bind the edges with a washable
Lilly's Dray Store fabric. Form the screening Into a circle, 1

overlapping the ends the width of the iSIZE I FAR GIANT 59 0 0tlMII 1 cII

1901 KINGS ROAD EL38276VETERANS binding and blind-stitch the ends. This 1
is the sidewall portion of the 'Corn 1 ,
Crib. 1

Form the top from a piece of aluminum
screening 12" in diameter. Make one cut 1 WITH $5.00

from the edge into the center ((6" long) m 01
"'Bind all the""edges. At the perimeter where LB. 69C!

THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC you have made the cut, gently pull the
one edge around and over the other to form ;

the screening into a cone, and until the

Of 630 DAVIS ST. Is Now Taking base of the cone Is from !y'to 54" larger -
than the circumference of the side- U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK LB. 69C

wall. Fasten with thread or an aluminum

Applications For Its wire strand screening from becomes the screening.the handle The which excess BANQUET FROZEN MEAT PIES BEEF, TURKEY, CHICKEN PIC. 15t

curves up and out. Hand sew the top to

Veteran Class. the sidewall and finish off the tip of GOOD HOPE EVAPORATED MILK 3 Mil CANS 39*
the handle with plastic flowers or other

decorations of your choice for an aluminum
screening food cover that is practical ROYAL RICE 5 IB. fit.mm 5ft,
The Size Of Our ClassesIs
beautiful, and fun to make.

Limited By Law. One Begets The OtherNEW CIRCUS LOW-CAL DRINKS OR GRAPE lit

YORK -- The rise in racial conflicts throughoutthe
nation has "escalated.anti-Jewish prejudlces..even among BALLARD FLOUR 5'LB. BOX
Enroll Now To Be Sure Of wide circles of Negroes, declared Jacques Torczyner,president ",'. 553ft
I Zionist of
Organization America. Addressing Jewish
leaders a t the close of a two-day meeting of the executive
Place. committee In Statler Hilton Hotel, Torccyner said that "The U.S. #1 POTATOES 10 U. Bit
so-called white backlash In the South, midwest, and currentlyin
Chicago, led and instigated by extreme rightist forces, has

CALL 355 9874 opened Klan and tnedoors the American to such Nail anti-Semitic Party. elements as the Ku Wux BLUE PLATE PEANUT BUTTER 12 M. JAR 2ftSATURDAY



--- ---- -- ------ ---- __...___ _

1:. -, ""afvae ha\a \1asav.eva.cc-aria laaa''''rv [ [ ran a .a.a a\ .. [ . .r.r. .

PACE 6 STAR ,nus'S- DAY SEPTEMBER 10, 1liSJkw.M. I


.,.. M M

HUES CHARLES AND SCORES CRIESRAY Moon Over MiamiMIAMI ._.- Gamma Delta. Sorors---.\Meet Religion And Race

NEW 10RKNPI( ; With BEACH, Ha. -Fall's fishing changes are coming
singer-pianist Ray Charles putting at Miami Beach, putting greater emphasis on sallfish, blue ANTI-BIAS STAND

on a great show, the 1966 marlin, mackerel and bluefish. "'! tt& ; LONDONNPI)- A strongly-worded condemnation of racial

Forest Kills Musical Festival The mackerel, both king and Beach every week of the ';r> ';"\.r., discrimination was Issued by the World Methodist Conference,

closed with dramatic impact cerro, usually begin showing, but the best months are Novem year, 1-t. I. at the close of its 11th world meeting. The message held "It
last week. Charles delighted along with bluefish, In increasing ber and December. The bigger is a fundamental Christian truth that there can be neither peace

90,000 fans singing blues, show numbers In September, a blue marlin, running into hun nor welfare If the dignity of man is denied. Political systems
tunes, standards and country month or two ahead of the big dreds of pounds, are rarer based on apartheid and segregation must be condemned"
at the final performance.
songs human migration southward to but most plentiful
during the
He also drew terrific response the subtropics. The billfish, same months. THEOLOGY OF ACTION

from the audience, which joined sails and blue marlin, reacha Other offshore species! Include RIDGECREST, Tenn. -- A theology of action which

him singing"Lef Go his Get popular Stoned.hittunt' peak in November and December dolphin, best in summer but'some 4 ;i I Ii. I stresses eradication of social and moral Ills, rather than Just

again In May. are around most of the belief, was urged by Ross Cogglns,director of communications,
Autumn and spring, too, are year; bonito, here all year Christian Life Commission, Southern Baptist Convention. He
SUCCESSFUL ENGAGEMENT the best times for pompano, and wahoo, again best during noted, "We. rebuild Negro churches," he said, "but fail to get
NEW YORK-0<-Singer generally accorded first place summer. King mackerel going x. at the prejudice which lights the fires that burned them."
Carmen McRae her warm,
all fish as a table deli-
among 20 to 50 pounds
husk voice as appealing as are a good '
cacy. substitute for any good eating PROGRAM SPREAD
ever, this week closed out a Waters around Miami Beach too. CHICAGONPI) By the end of 1967, Project Equality, the
successful engagement at the provide fun afloat for as many all-denominational program for equality in employment
Milage Gate. Backed by the people as any other spot in the launched by the National Catholic Conference for Interracial

"' Norman Simmons Trio, Miss world, what with the local area World News Digest Justice, will be in operation in 40 areas of the nation. Currently

McRae was especially popular population of 1,000,000 plus 16 religious jurisdictions (Protestant, Catholic, Jewish
with the nightly audiences with some 2,000,000 visitors STILL 4-1 and Orthodox) have adopted the program in Detroit, and the

her singing of a cutie number annually. And when mackerelruns PRETORIANPIPopulation( ) : $ State of Michigan, St. Louis, San Antonio (Tex.), Hartford
called "Kick" Off Your Shoes approach every fisherman figures as of last June 30, released 'c : Z (Conn.) and Seattle (Wash.) --
and Relax. who has a chance to wet a line by the South African

will be trolling offshore,casting government show that black -jfcIIMf** SHIFT IN EMPHASIS
RENEWAL inshore or drifting a bait from Africans still outnumber whites NEW YORK -(NPI)- The commission on Religion and Race,
NEW YORK -- The National of the While The six-day 21st annual boule of Tau Gamma Delta Inc. Protestant
one bay bridges.An by almost four to one. Sorority, National Council of Churches, disclosed last week that
Broadcasting Company outing for sailfish and martin the whites during a five-year held recently at the Palmer House Chicago, started off with the strategy in the field of civil rights has been shifted
bas renewed the adventure
necessitates a craft sutlable period Increased from 3,177, introduction of the outgoing incoming supreme basileus by the head from mustering support for legislation, to backing economic
comedy series starringthe for blue water trolling, usuallyat 000 to 3,481,000 the blacks of the activities A $41.8 billion annual budget has been suggested to
Bill Chicago unit. From left mesdames Earlie Elmore
interracial team of charter of $50 bast teus ,
a a half-day rose from 11,132,000 to 12,465, underwrite a five-year program of economic development.the .
Cosby and Robert Culp for with four anglers acco 000. The ratio between non- Delta Chapter Chicago; Eliza Hamilton Eta chapter New York ,

another year of color television mmodated. This isn't a require whites (including Coloreds and outgoing supreme basileus; and Agnes Fischer (seated) Beta chapter -

and exposure.dagger The affair show mixed, a cloak with ment for taking mackerel, Asians) and whites also retaineda Detroit, incoming basileus. (NPI Photo) '
although many are caught from more than four to one margin14,817,000
humor is filmed on location the charter boats. to 3,481,000.

.in Italy, the Green Islands, Drift or head, boats can be SPACE CHALLENGER Bigoted Parish
'North Africa and various U. used for mackerel, with a half TO KYO-N PI-Another official BEACH SHORTSMIAMI

S. sites. day's fishing costing anywhere entry Into the space race r
from $3.75 to $6. Outboardsmay 24 when Schools OrderedTo
is expected on Sept. BEACH, Fla. Marine biologists know that oysters
be rented for bay fishingfor lofts the fourth and final
and close with tides
open the while feeding. Now biologists at
cerro and Spanish mackerel, stage of a 55-foot long Lambda the University of Miami marine laboratory report that oysters DesegregateNEW
or the visitor may use a bridgeor rocket, as a prelude to orbitinga
moved Inland in tanks to Illinois or Missouri eventually open
one of the oceanside piers. 154-pound satellite in 1948. and close what would be the tide -
on phases in those locations ORLEANS -(NPI)>- Desegregation
Outboards are the ticket, too, The launching will be made despite the fact there is no tidal action to affect them. They of schools,
for such other gamesters as from the Tokyo University haven't figured out why or how ,faculties and activities public
frequent bay waters such as Institute of Space and Aeronautical *..* .... .
schools in Plaquemines parish
ti bonefish and pompano with, less Science Center in Uchi- MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -Efforts to control water In the Everglades was ordered by Federal Judge
frequently in winter than in noura, southern Japan. west of this city have met with, at best, Indifferent Herbert Christenberry last SHORTY-$35.
summer, the spotted weakfishand FUTUTE LEADERS success. Dry summers for the last several years have takena week. '' MEDALO STYLE
light tackle heavyweights LUSAKA, Zambia -(NPI)-The heavy toll of aquatic bird life in the Everglades National The order directs the school '. III..." .'." .. .
.. .
like permit and snook. current drive the j.doto I4 c
throughout Park. Now a wet summer is causing the death of hundredsof authorities of the parish to .tt.chm.uu' -';.nd n.m..nd
The visitor can best United States to have children deer through starvation and drowning north of the park. Integrate schools starting at and.dotr.... It's '0'". .RIE: upo'
familiarize himself with local return to school to complete .aqua a. 'ua writ. ,....
once In grades one, seven, tenI ; Normal hue Gold i M.d.l Hal. P lea
i waters and the favorite local their education has a similar Nsturilly Healthy ROOTS it S, Bklyn 35. H.Y.
WORLD o f BOOKS and :twelve and to others selected CROW from the HAIR Dept.
methods of fish in ; I scALP The condition t .
taking by employing echo Zambia.. Parents are t by the parish., in YOUR heavliTn j 'to.
a guide for the first being exhorted to send their 'F', f I ki '<..I SITY OF CHICAGO PRESS 231 All children in the parish shall TOUT the hair natural otun depends heslthi of your COMB

trip or two in Biscayne Bay. children back to school, "to By LOUISE P. DUMETZ' PP., $4.95.Another have the privilege of choosing 'aealp.I i nrnledgI, DOCTOR medicated INlth After a couple of outings he educate them because they are NEW HOPE FOR YOUR SKIN, what school they desire to attend formula called CARBONOEL. .
1iti I very well may try alone. the future leaders of the By IRWIN I. LUBOWE, M. D., entry In the current and may make application for I which beneficial It mled Infr.dienU with many, prov.n CAR.BONOEL GRAY .
Outside fishing is a different country." F.A.C.A., New York: Publishedby black consciousness : U such a tron(. powerful WITH I
The court
sweepstakes the same. suggested
matter. Although many FERTILIZER PLANT POCKET BOOKS, Inc., 264 Is this appraisal of the a form to be sent to every antiseptic end' doei an such ITCHY.fins THIS S ... ,
outboard boatmen venture off DAKAR -(NPI)- Senegaleseand PP., $.73. music of the soul brother Interesting student in the parish instructingthem JpYnDl'8 scalp It that COLOR >
shore on calm days, it isn't European investors have reading, it presents how to select their school. sited PROES .Irefrdf: : fins 1 COMB
suggested as good practice, received approval assistance This practicing dermatologistwith scalp troubles. Many annoying
A varied offering of data on This Is the parish where integration externally caused scalp condition RUSHxavwoa
here or anywhere else. from the International Finance more than 30 years' experience the brother's music. There are has met its most are greatly relieved by th. l...
Sports cruisers of 30 feet or Corporation (l IFC), a World is not only an expert descriptions of blues performances serious and most dramatic .,UM formula cf ,thu Triple this elrentth DOCTOR tap S ..
mm.Spotlight more not only are fitted with Bank affiliate, to construct a on the care of the skin, but interviews with blues- It is the parish wruct! FORMULA Ir
objections. ,
now U will be sent to you t
fighting chairs and outriggers, $12.4 million fertilizer plant something of a humanitarian men, talks with blues listeners, where Leander Perez noted mixed and ready to UM. USX IT Jlist comb end bu.h to add color
but also can ride out any passing just outside the city. The plant, as well. FOR 1 DAYS and If you are not .. *.eh.. 011'. Will not rub off.sau.fl.d .
Product- and an analyiatlon of the con- segregationist, is the political your money back Pay NOT A DYE.En.n'. ,.."Ick..t way
squall that might endanger a the first to be established In In his book Dr. Lubowe explains temporary blues man in his boss. Perez was almost charged only II99 on deUvery, ThU. Include ; 'THAtdo sradu.lty "LOOK.AVOIDS
smaller craft. Many such cruisers 'hat while millions of everything Dont ray E DYED .
West Africa will manufacturea .
expressive male role within with contempt in the court but penny more, You sat It with full Brwhatt.ch.dforr.movlns..e.
Of The Week with complete tackle anda range of complex fertilizers dollars is spent on skin care, lower-class Negro culture. the judge said personal friendship direction: *. Ute the flneit MXDI off.colormi.Cumts Prevents tn plestle soilinj.' C:..rubbing.. Can
crew of two,may be chartered and superphosphates. muc h of it is spent in vain. You can see that Keil has and age of Perez made 'GATED can SCALP buy. Your hair yourmoney and be carried In pocket or purse.Cornea .
here. With a party of four the The doctor to deterve fin. tare Just HOld in alt ahadeai Black to
good clip
proposes .
Miami Florida Indeed bitten off a big hunk of him not make that charge. your nam..nd addreta to-GOLD Platinum: Blue'
cost is but $12.50 per angler. fill the gap between the aesthetic -' MEDAL HAIR PRODUCTS INC.wt write, slate shade. Pey only
FIGHT CANCER palatable fare. But he chewsit Perez apologized for his 11.91 delivery plus .
on pealae.Mon
Sailfish are taken off Miami Dept -at 2
cosmetic field and that Sheepihead OH back If not dellhted.Cold .
well and find it y .
you'll actions in court. Brooklyn : NY. NOTE THIS
I'a Medol Hair Products, Inc.
of the dermatologist.He ..
FORMULA a 100% writ'en
points out that lotions and pleasantly stimulating. Perez had previously stated :. money bath guarantee. Deet. St-1 1. Brooklyn 31, New YerV
that neither the Negroes nor
creams aren't nearly as important FACES OF POVERTY, Bj
YOUR PICTURES PUBLISHED FREE as a basic knowledgeof ARTHUR SIMON, 133 pp., St. the anything whites but in separate the parish schools.He wanted.

how the skin is constructed, Louis: Published by CONCORD
bad once threatened toplace
the functions it performs and 1 A PUBLISHING HOUSE,
Call The MIAMI STAR PhotographerTo the work.things it needs to do its $3.75. persons in a snake-infested trying to demonstrate Jail any

racially or to come Into the

Cover Your Church Events Teas, Banquets ,Weddings Lubowe Covering carefully a wide presentsclear range Dr t Just because in several you've guises seen, poverty and parish to bring from outside on school and attempt de- WAMEDIAL

and understandable facts know its color, and flavor and

Fraternal MeetingsSocial Events Birthday Parties concerning the care of the skin. smell, you needn't carry around segregation.He has been. excommunicatedby

This book may well be what it the Impression that your the Catholic Church for his

FREE OF CHARGE Phone 3771025 Or 6357069 Nights described as, "a nontechnical version is the be-all and know- statements against the Church.He .
I medical guide to a healthy and all. Rev. Arthur Simon, Trinity however that there 1260FLORIDA'S
says, ,
attractive Lutheran Church on the Lower
Please Call 2 In skin. tells Is to be no trouble In the parish
Days Advance Of Event East Side of Manhattan, because he further says there
uu some stories of his parishioners

NOTE : You May Purchase Copies For Your Scrapbook that may be definitely&individual will The be court no Integration.also prohibited the

URBAN BLUES, By CHARLES familiar, but strangely( board from transferring school

!K&IL_ Published by UNIVER- withal property to any other body in
Reading about the problems,
of his unfortunate people may an attempt to operate privateand

."' be Just the thing to (get you segregated schools with
I .' started thinking about how you the.,public funds.Southern .
ii: can help In the poverty war.' aa

:- Y U. Prof.

'"".". "My son's skin was rough, chapped..a Help! Htlp! Hi IP! At Physics M eet Asc #-

)Rer. Rsisenlf Fnsklia O( 1 1RHYTHM

neighbor told me how good pure 'Vaseline'Petroleum MICM, GaDirin.Sliritul Okorle LONDON, associate-(NPI>-professor Dr. Ogra A.of RADIO

It didn't fail" physics, Southern University,
'.: ; Jelly was. Nialu' Baton Rouge, La., was one of

!I .1 IIIVaseline the principal speakers at the
:: Mrs Betty Washington, Chicago Rev. Roosevelt Franklin of Ma- International Rare Earth Con-

=: r icon: Ga. ference, sponsored by the
4:1: From a child's dry, chapped skin to. Divine Spiritual Healer Institute of Physics and the

II k: the dry, ashy.gray condition that A Jesus is truly giving busings Physical Society of London,last & BLUES

v plagues grownups, 'Vaseline' Petroleum and victory to manypea pTe'9I* weekend, at Durham University.
Jelly, applied as a continuous .problems. SUCCESS The two-day conference beard
(YOURS See or write me today.I .
Dr. Okorle speak on "The Optical
is the soothing answer. No other
have a special message every
and Electircal
softener, no other skin cream, no skin Propertiesof
ri one's In need for. Rare Earth Films" The RADIO STATION
lotion provides better moisture pro. Last week many, many peoplewere Southern professor Is a memberof

tection.Tryit, /( herded by my specla: several learned societies
.;- WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE ''selected Bible reading to U and is widely known for his
tread each weekend. U you want
research activities In physicsand
THAN COSMETIC CARE. ,to be delivered quickly,.send the physical science. He WHAMMY

t. $1.00 and self-addressed envelope Joined Southern during the 1964
I to Rev.Boosevelt Frank.
,Vaseline fall semester.
'... .. lie, 630 Morrow Ave., Macon,' Scientists from countries
(Georgia. Phone'745-6415 .
throughout the world-Including
I [You will get these special.-* Russia attended the conference IN MIAMI"

U lections and Bible verses by. which U the first of
ifeturn mail its kind ever held.




Virginia State Rattlers Team Another All American ? Duck Hunting Little Change

Tough Team ScheduleVirginia Faces Looking Strong Looking Good In FAMU Sports Parade

State football team, TALLAHASSEE The latest Football ScheduleTALLAHASSEE
which Is on the comeback trail TALLAHASSEE Fla. word for duck hunters is that

under Coach Dill Lawson's ...-FAMU)...In 1965, Rattler, things look good for the 1966-67 -...The Florida FRANK ROBINSON CHALLENGES
leadership faces some sizable All-Ante r i Iran end Arthur bunting season. The word was AIM University Rattlers BALTIMORENPI)- Outfielder Frank Robinson of the
roadblocks this season. Robinson caught 54'% of the returned to Florida by O. E. may have jumped out of the pennant-bent Baltimore Orioles has found American League
The schedule, t'C'leIf the most passes completed by Rattler Frye, director of the Came and frying pan Into the fire this pitching to his liking and is challenging to capture the loop's
rugged and challenging In the quarterbacks Noend or flanker Fresh Water Commission and coming football season as they big three title Already leading the AL with prodigious 40
CIAA, opens on Oct 1st with will make the same kind of Dale Crider, waterfowl biologist face practically the same homerun total, the ex-Cincinnati Reds star, took over the
improving Howard University, mark this year, the competition who attended a recent schedule as last year's team I batting lead early last week with a .312 percentage (one aheadof
followed by Shaw, North Is too keen. It will take meeting of the Atlantic Water that won seven games and lost previous pacesetter Tony Olivia of the Minnesota Twins),
Carolina, Hampton and Virginia two hands to count the numberof fowl Council in Washington, three. That was the first time and was only two behind teammate Bong Powell In the run-
Union Then come Norfolk Rattlers with speed, good D. C.The. since 1946 that the Rattlers, batted-in category,
State, !North Carolina ALT and states of the various
hands andexcelleutpotential as have lost as many: as thr ee
Morgan. pass receivers.The way councils meet each year games In one s e :a son. The TAKES MOM ALONGFRANKFORT
Last year'. crew notched a group is led by three- to discuss management of wildfowl schedule this year Is the same Germany --Heavyweight boxing champion
5 and 4 record in a season letterman Andre White of 'a-sb 4. and make recommendations as last year's except for Alabama Cassius (Muhammad All) Clay arrived to begin training his
that saw' the Trojans; on both Tampa, Fla. White 6'5" and 4 to the U. S, Fish and A&M, who Is being upcoming Sept. 10 title fight with Karl Mildenberger of West
ends of upsets.Fiflhteenletterraen. 210 Ibs. has starred on defensefor Wildlife Service for regulationsand replaced by Benedict College Germany accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Odessa Clay of
return three years and has not yet management of the of Columbia, S.C Louisville, Ky, As far as is known, it is the first time that
along with nine veterans from reached his potential as a pass migratory species Mrs. Clay, who was presented a bouquet of flowers upon their
from last )'ear'. squid. receiver. Last season he caught arrival by plane, has ever accompanied her famous son abroad.
Twenty-three freshmen also 10 passes for 77 yards and one Director Of Auxiliary
took the UNSHAKEN
Roger's Stadium field touchdown. Already selectedas BY DIVORCE
with the veterans on September1st. a future draft choice by the J TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Johnnie Latimer Jr of Atlanta, MARLBORO, N. Y. -NPI- Ex-heavyweight champion Floyd
Washington Redskins, White 1 Ga., has been appointed director of auxiliary services at Patterson is ardently in training for his Sept. 20 fight with

Leading the high spirited Trojans will play at both the split and ___.___ __n.__ __ _______.__ ____..... Florida A&U University British fighter Henry Cooper in London, apparently unshaken
will be senior tackle BobWhite tight ends. His last season Latimer came to FAMU from Wiley ColleCt from being divorced by his pretty wife, Sandra. She divorced
all conference candidate, should be his finest.A TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Since 1926, beginning with Eugene in Marshall Texas, where he had served as Patterson in Juarez, Mexico, recently, reportedly because
All-American end Harry sleeper at end is John Eason Bragg, Florida AIM University has produced All-Americans an assistant professor of business educationand Floyd refused to heed her advice to retire from the ring and
Sharper, all CIAA halfback from Ocala, Fla. Coach Costa so frequently that it has become a habit. It's a rare football an accountant in the Business Office. i devote more time to his family.
DOM WIno, add seasoned returnees Kittles feels that with a little season that passes without a Rattler on somebody's All- He is a graduate of Booker T. WashingtonHigh
centers Helm Dewey extra effort Eason could be one American list. Football fans who saw Rattler guard and line. School and Morehouse College in Atlanta.He ANOTHER COMEBACK '
and Harold Buford, guards of the outstanding players of backer Rudolph Sims in action last year feel that this year received his master of business administration LOS ANGELES NPILike his once great protege had done
"Hamilton Perkins and the 1966 season. Roger Finnie i will be no exception.A _from_ _Atlanta_University. and has done further before him, George Gainsford, former manager of ex-middle
Alexander Hughes,tackle' Terry from Miami, Fla., a demon on graduate of Blake High School In Tampa, Fla., Sims Is study at Omaha University.He weight champion Sugar Ray Robinson, is on the comeback trap
Sims and the durable sophomore defense, has the ability to go a junior but has already earned two letters. Sims is the has been employed as an accountant with the WilliamsonReal as a manager at age 65. Calnsford, who hasn't managed or
Frank Butts who is a sure both ways and may get a chanceto playful type. He's the joker in the deck, the prankster, a real Estate Company and the National Development CompanyIn trained a fighter since Robinson retired the second time, hit
bet for stardom and honors at som'e jester, but he's also a football: player-one of the best In Atlanta. He was an accountant, administrative assistant, the comeback trail recently by acquiring the contract Jackie
tight end. play offense this FAMlPs football history. Picked as the outstanding linemanon bookstore manager, and director of sales and merchandisingfor Burke, youthful Canadian bantamweight champion.
The rejuveratlon in Trojan season the 1965 team, Sims at 6' and 250 pounds moves with the the National Baptist Training Union Board and the Baptist
football which over the past four Flanker Eugene Milton from swiftness of a halfback, making tackles from one end of the Sunday School Publishing Board in Nashville, TenD and St. LONE HOPE
seasons has shown dramatic Ocala, Fla may be the fastest field to the other Louis, Mo. He also served as business manager and treasurer CHICAGONPI Centerfielder Tommie Agee, former
progress is threatened this yearb man on the squad. A 9.5 According to the 1966 FAMU Football Handbook, "Sims Latimer has held membership In the American Associationof Grambllng College star, appears to be the Chicago White Sox's
>' the greatest personal loss man in the 100 -yard dash, will undoubtedly be one of the most sought after players from College and University Business Officers and is a memberof best hope of capturing any type of voting honors in the American
Milton '
of that span. averaged ):irds per FAMU In a long time. You'll have to see him in action to the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity League this season Batting .255, with 17 homers, 65 RBIs,
Twenty lettermen are gone. carry for 155 yards in 17 attempts evaluate him." It will be easy to spot Sims on the field (number He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie E. Rice who reside at and an enviable 34 stolen bases, Agee Is rated a top candidatefor
The Included five of the eleven last season. He also .67)). He's usually at the bottom of the pile and likes to be 38 West Lake Avenue, N. W., Atlanta, Ga. He served in the rookie-of-the-year honors in the league. One of his chief
starters and three of the four caught three passes lor 70 yards where the action is.Southern. united States Army Air Corps during World War U and In challengers is George Scott of the Boston Red Sox, who has
and touchdovjThe _
starting backfield men. one the Merchant Marine. slugged 24 homers and Is batting 249.
Although the Trojans still have Rattler backfield n.ubeen U. Grid Returnees
without a national fig Uti since
a manpower problem, it is apparent HERSHEY'SSUGAR
the graduation of Bob Hayes
Its hopes that State upon again strong will squad place and Bobby. Felts Milton should Make Team A Serious ThreatBATON I 7
nil that before
gap we seasonis
performance and morale rather Jim Williams, who came to
NPI Standing
than individual brilliance over. ROUGE-< )>- -
to Two other speedsters who will out in the crowd of early Southern following a successful
carry it through a rugged see action as flankers are Kent arrivals for Southern Univer 10-year reign as head coachat
schedule. Coach Lawson plans Schoolfield of Columbus, Ohio, sity's 1966 grid preps which Blake High School, Tampa,
to develop a eleven in
strong and Jim Ashcroft of New York, got underway Thursday morning Fla.
an effort to curtail
manpower N. Y. Both are track men with was Pete Barnes, the Southern head coach Bob
shortage and to prepare the great speed and desire. strapping All-Amerlcan linebacker Smith already had Horace:
squad for the gruelling nine Ashcroft was on the Florida "in real good shape Moody, chief assistant and
game schedule of all conference scout, offensive coach Alva LBS.39C
ALM track team that won the and ready for action.
games.TOOTHACHE. 440 and 880 relays at the Perm Of course, Barnes wasn't the Tabor; assistant defensive 5
Relays last season. only familiar face in the group.A coach John E. Brown, and assistant
The freshman ends are also quick scan revealed that the offensive coach and
getting Into the act and will leader of Southern's defensive scout Emery W, Hines QUANTITY SPECIALS GOODTHROUGH LIMIT 5 IBS. PLEASE WITH

be led by Alfreddle Sykes of forces was surrounded by a Bates played his college RESERVED SATURDAY
Why ulf" fwd I* m Hilt1MB 1ft .5d 1,5 RIGHTS
.th OllA III Itttt rtltiI ... 51-I/, pats Tallahassee. Sykes, :32"\ and score or more of his cohorts, football at Alabama A&M College FOOD PURCHASES
"M M'w"i 0'iMintchi ncklr" 11I.8 M rai, "P9 rMi r0mnd.d /( 170 lbs, had an outstandingcareer who will be responsible for played for the Chicago of $$5.00
N Inn, dnUOb. tf: in high school. His choking off enemy offenses in Bears from 1956 to 1959 then I OR MORE
Ail ora-jel ,1/I/ !its:r high school honors include '66. .- .service ball with the FT Meade I .
'selection on the All..state"al1d It was immediately' evident'Generals" : for the 1937-58' ''sa'sonsi MAXWELL HOUSE INSTANTCOFFEE I : "
All Conference teams. that'the Jaguars wouldn't takea ; He was 'with the N.w
back seat to any team in the York Titans during the 1960
Southwestern Athletic Confer season.
You Do n't Have To Go To Town To Get ence or any other team on the One of Florida's most suc
schedule in defensive play. cessful high school mentors, 99JEWEL
Actually one unit was listedon Williams was bead coach at 10 OZ.
LOW PRICESDRUG a scrap of paper and here's Blake High School for 10 years
and his teams ran an 83-
what cham resulted a 240-pound: Alfred Junior Beau-and 8-0 record whlc Included up two LIMIT ONE PLEASE W/OIHER FOOD PURCHASES OF $$5.00 OR MORE

Richard undefeated seasons, two state
STORE NEEDS 230-pound sophomore
Neal, ends, 232-pound WalterD. championships, two runners up

Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store Daley, middle guard, Robert titles.finishes and three conference

WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL Bonner, In 280-pounder his familiar, tackle line-; Southern opens> the 1966 season, LIS.59C
Papers. We Deliver We also fill all Doctors Prescrip Barnes,
tions backing position, and defensive Sept. 17 In Houston, Tex., 3
against Texas Southern Uni-
backs Kenneth Savage, Henry
Jones, Larry Whitmore and versify-only 17 days before

Dixie Pharmacy James backer Paul Elder Jones.along with line the open season at home opener Sept.The Jaguars 24 with! LIMIT ONE PLEASE W/OTHER FOOD PURCHASES OF 15,00 OR MORE

Southern returned 53 regulars Prairie View College in
from the 1965 team and of the a night contest KRAFT CARNATION EVAPORATED

1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue group, 26 of them are attachedto Watch

The the defensive Jaguar defense corps. Is expected MAYONNAISE Qr.49C MILK
Phones Elgin 5-5597 98 to be bolstered by 309 This Clown

pound James Smith, best remembered -
as a center but who 59 15 31 TALL 89C

PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER has bit been of duty tabbed this to season spend quitea as a 12-18 -45 "1Q(: SPECIALS-STOCK UP & SAVE" 6 CANS ,

AND TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE defensive guard in addition to C
backin: up Dorsey Williams, 6 COLLARDS,
who is expected to get the 1
starting nod at center. M TARD, 303 .CLOROX
Quarterback Joe Williams Is 2 GREENS TURNIPS
back with a profitable fresh
season behind him and appearsthe 4 3 H GAL.
front runner for the starting RED DART CUT GREEN C
. signal calling job, freshman PLASTIC"SWIFT'S 29
Lawrence Haynes, a Baton 10 28 54
Rouge freshman who passes and BEANS 303 CANS f
kicks like a veteran, looms as 49 12 68
a big deterrent to all aspiring

to the position. Sometimes He's Up Sometime,:,
Halfback Robert Payne, who Ie'. Down He adds subtracts.
was the best runner on the le works it all around PREMIUM BEEF SALE"CHUCK
Southern team last year, Is
among the returnees along with 24-90 -81
the two leading fullbacks, so-
phomore Robert Holmes and COMING ATTRACTIONS

another Baton Rougean, full- 11 99MANIS
bark 235-pound Billy terror.Wright, a robust

There isn't a finer pair of
ends In Southwest than Rhom
E. Nixon-bona fide All-

i Maples American, the candidate Jaguars'-and leading Elmo DAYS RIB STEAK 79C < CHUCK STEAK 590

scorer and pass receiver last NUMBERED LB. .
And the Jaguars aren't expected 'Man's Days are Humi -I,
to be pushed around >ered.' Health and
'on offense in the Interior line fortune Can De Yours When. WOODSMAN SLICED FRESH'LEAN
KEN KNIGHT which lists among the returning You Know Your Lucky DaY ,
regulars William; Franklin, BACON IB. 79C I SHORT RIBS J90
,245-pounds and Z53-poundTbo- Lucky Colors Etc.Send LB.
-Invites You To Listen To- mas Abernathy.liG6co.captain $2.00 for your
along with Uarnesat the tackles, 'Horoscope Guide for
BIG BAND John Williams, 212 pounds and THOMPSON SEEDLESS WHITE
200-pound Herman Taylor at SeptemberFill FANCY WESTERN ICEBERGLETTUCE

the guards with Dorsey Williams in the blank below and
"DANCE PARTY"Nightly in center mall to ZODIAC, Post OfficeJo.I S
Southern University will open>>
117; Jacksonville 1, Fla,
the 1966 football season with RAfo 19C
two additions to the coaching
11:30: Iii 12.00; Saturday 9 p.m. staff-Charlie Hates, former NAME HEAD
defensive coach at Kentucky ?
WRHC -1400
1400 State College, Frankfort, and Mo. I Pi

.' '

-- -----


1 I Since You Ask MeBy ""-----00"-I"'W'V King. And_.... Queen- _Crowned- Profiles OfComing

\ -
OfJ: StarsBORN
DEAR LONNIE: Every time I put on make-up, my mother ';; \If
has a fit. I think this Is not right because I am a freshmanin '. ""..
high school, and all the other girls wear make-up. Would '1"<, (,//t .4. July 20, 1944 (20)) at Birmingham, Alabama. BATS-
you please explain to my mother that a girl has to grow up 't' ', -; "fJ Right. THROWS-Right. HEIGHT 4-0. WEIGHT-175. AN-
sometime? .. CESTRV-Negro. SINGLE. WINTER ADDRESS--431 Randolph
,.. Street, Racine, Wisconsin. HOW OBTAlNE lnc1noaU Farm
.Iat&aenpiU's Largest acid nest wn "
Rq '
.. Infant I I System.
:rYw'1 > +1C. +rM.M.
+ r;;. ,.,., '* .. 'I'; Johnny Fenderson 20-year-old rlghthanded outfielder, Is on
,nlndurnwv /mi/mg mirin i.hi* ttffltt Fnn.redfkrM ; MOTHERS, PLEASE UNDERSTAND that a girl has to grow --S'" ) ', the Cincinnati Varsity as a "flrst-year-player.'i The native
/ up sometime. She Is going tote a woman no matter what you t..
say or do. That Is why you should let her make some decisions rI\I\!\ ;;' ; -:: \. '
SPOTS o ...,,.. herself about how she wants to look and what she wants lo \ ,
C wear. However, nobody could blame you If you put your foot tt t
RED CHANNEL BASS down against heavy, artificial make-up or other odd practices. -: \, t1


r., W.t.h.nFLOUNDER I '.
i DEAR LONNIE: Where I live, the people like to sit outside : j i'
S..II.. LB. the door, all over the steps and sidewalk. You have to almost \
climb over them to get Into the house. It looks bad and you ; \ ) ..
lu I
C Can't something be done about this? '
l _
3 3 '
Oddl Embarrassed ; ; t, 11'1: .' -serer y1'P
RED LB. : : : -......
NOTHING THAT I KNOW OF. I guess It's hot in the house, : ; ... }. '
FLA. LOBSTERS IB. 89c and they want to get some air. Then too, they probably want .. \ < }
to visit with each other. U your church is nearby you might r
ask your pastor to put some benches and chairs the church CROWNEDKing and Queen of Tequila
SNAPPER FLANKS & THROATS LB. 59c yard. Then members and friends could stroll down there and
sit and talk. It ought to be lighted because sometimes people Social and Saving Club were Flyod D.
FANCY rLASH-FMSH-FROZIN like to sit outside after It Is dark. Wright and Mrs. Essie Lee Jenknns. The
1)a.: tiflrwnr'' a.!>, "nrr.. ran 14 bn5RQwPs ..e. event took place Friday night August 20that n
Gibbs Night Club. .r

DEAR LONNIE: The parties I go to are something else. They of Birmingham, Alabama who now makes his home In Racine,
always have drinks and somebody always passes out. I never Wisconsin, has played pro ball only in the 1964 season, with
saw my parents drink straight drinks but these smart alecks Cedar Rapids and Macon.
4 Civil
? PROOF don't even put water In theirs sometimes. Don't you think that Rights RoundupTABLES The six-foot, 175-pounder was signed by Red Scout Dale
is awful? McReynolds and reported late.in June to Cedar Rapids where
TURNED be hit Midwest League pitching for a .239 figure in 52 games
Non drinker WASHINGTONNPI)- Two of this opinion. But only ball with seven homers and 34 runs-batted-In.
of those Interviewed favored-
women accused of attacking
( YES. TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING CAN SOMETHING ELSE (Klansmen were freed In Hyatts- taking any steps to move
and it sure sounds like the kids at the parties you go to are ville Peoples Court by Judge Negroes out of the big cities. Royal Art StudioSTILL
too much. You'd think that everybody would know that the Richard E. Painter, who con-
LLONDON purpose in drinking is just to get stimulated a little, and not sidered Jailing Kluxers instead, SWITCHAROUND
to drink until you are sick or unconscious. That's how people if they had no "valid excuse" WASHINGTONNPl"Black TAKING
get to be drunk. Who wants to be a drunk? for missing court Imperial Power" won the approval of
JAOOINkLondon an organization headed by Barry
Wizard Xavier Edwards and
Goldwater, while being con-
Klansman Alton Shelton had obtained
TOWER demned by U. S.Solicitor INSTANTPICTURES
Tower against Carolyn
U you'd like to ask a question, send it to "Since You Asked Banks, 25, of Washington and general Tburgood Marshall,
Me," Negro Press International, 5708 South State Street, Carol Caroxia, 13, of remembered for his civil rights
The Free Society Association -
Chicago, Illinois 60621. advocacy.
DISTILLED Pittsburgh 0 t b white-after
found that "black .
they broke up a Klan rally '
power" could become a constructive
'" LONDON SECRET PRAYER Classic Date Set The women said they werepre- political force under
pared to go to Jail rather than responsible Negro leadership.
s d DRY FORMULA WAMl..1'b.34thannualOr. pay for a Klansman's robe that Black power "could providethe
L CHART I ange Blossom Classic and fes- had been torn In the melee. stimulus for Independent

PSYCHO PHYSICAL TEMPLE Uitles will be held here Deco thought and grass-roots pro- NOW LOCATED AT
F THE DIVINE MOTHER ember Z.3, 1966. The gr dclas. TOWNS FAVORED blem solving maybe even the
PINT $285 INC. SECRET PRAYER sic will be played In the Or- PRINCETON, N. J. -(NPI>- nucleus of responsible political
FORMULA CHART.anee Bowl Stadium, Saturday Negroes would do better in organization In Negro ghettos, 710 RUSHING ST.
My prayers are being sent out Night, December3, at 8:00.: The small Northern towns than in the association said Mean
53995th aDd blessings are coming In, FAMU Rattlers wUI meet a yet;' big cities, the Gallup Poll reported while, Marshall said the'Xlack
% PINT$145 Send for Free Dally Blessing to-be. named opponent. Negroes and whites as power" movement is "Jim
How to get what you WaDt through agreeing. The poll said 65 per Crow" thinking that has nothing SAME PHONE 3541894LUCKY
this new way of Prayer MaU cent of all persons interviewed to offer Negroes except
If-addressed envelope to FOR RENT thought Negro families would violence.

ONI'll AT YOUR I NEARiST IAX LIQUORS I Rev C. Forster P. O. Box Two rm apt. Phooe 3.U114.. have better life In smaller LUYS
towns. Seventy-five cent
56, St Albl.ns, N. Y. 11412. per
of Negroes Interviewed were AND

i. hi ; *$;
,., ., ...... '. AGENCY, Dept.RLYNBROOK,
: : : :: :':" ":"':""':':':':':#:':"':': ':':':::::::#:

,; @ NY. 5737 LIFE NEW READER t KINGS< RD. 8-33-67.22 60 84 90

BEANS" : 5I": : 1. 'Pl: Crow 'REWARD'

Royal YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE...TbJs message could be of great
Cola For Information leading to conviction Importance to you.KAY STARR Nationally-known Palmist and

3 1.LB. 49C '> 'he:'store :that: cares..about;: l' ; ":': !:!!: property of bearing anyone name selling ofService. If Life you Advisor are overcome has now with located troubles In and the conditions Jacksonville that are area.not

CANS ", ,,' ... ... you l ,,' Baby's Best Diaper natural, I can remove them. Help you overcome spells,bad
359-2261. luck and evil influences. Visit KAY STARR..Jet her explain
ZIG ZAG SEWING your dreams and advise you to make the hit you have long
MACHINESUNCLAIMED awaited. She will give you the true message that Is allotted
GRADE 'A' FLORIDA OR GEORGIA FRESH ICE PACKED HELP WANTED to you-bringing luck, happiness, and success-advising you
LAY-A.WAYS SecretarialTYPIST how to follow them. KAY STARR guarantees her work to be
1965 superior to any Reader you have ever visited.No matter what
We have 2 Dlal-O-Vutic
QTRS. who can do 50 wpm. your trouble may be she can and will help you. Tomorrow may
STEAK3 I Zlg-Zag sewing machines that Accurate; must be good in English be too late. Remember the address:
have never been used. They and spelling Apply
JR: were lay-aways that were FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon-

LEG 39 never area-we picked up.are Customersleft unable to crlef calls please Cor. 13th St. No phone 5737 NEW KINGS ROADU.S.

LB. local e them. You may have
these for the balance of 147.00 WANTED #1 North tl Jacksonville Fla.
each. Cash or terms. Call
GOLDEN RISE SPECIAL! credit'manager. Will deliver, 353-1946 No obligation anytime Beauty operators, and barbers. KAY STAR
New Hollywood Beauty and
CAN OF Barber Lounge, 622 Ashley St.
BISCUITS 100 1 'BONELESS MINUTE CUBED call 3549774. Mrs. M. L.

I JANE PARKER DELICIOUS BLACKBERRY 15 SPECIAL! BONELESS SIRLOIN TIP It Wm.Covers J. Brandt's Gray Liquid Hair Kirkland manager WANTED 1:3111: [3 [ ] [ ]

T MB.L 8-OZ.

fJOJ( Salaries to $65, fare advanced.
!Bush ,references phone number
JUICE 6 8.OZ 98C Will cover gray hair In 10 163 N.I4AINFREEPORTN.Y
CANS to 20 minutes. No pack. No
mess. Anyone can put It on at HELP WANTED MALE At Phillips Highway Plaza


3.LB. 1Y..Ol. WHITEPOTATOES WILL NOT TURN HAIR Men with cars, work a few
;, FAB 690 REDDISH hours on your days off and And Are Selling
GIANT PKG. earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply;
It will not rub off, It stays on FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Moo- The Merchandise At OurDOWNTOWNKRESSSTORE
several Rd,
eflef 13th.
months. Shampooing cor
LARGE HEAD FRESH CRISP ICEBERG SPECIAL! sea bathing sun, permanent
waving cur ling or straightening
PER 10 39CRJ" iron-nothing takes It oft You HELP WANTED
IBS. can cover any gray hair no
HEAD Sales PetpieMen
matter how stubborn or how At Drastically Reduced Prices.
caused BLACKSTAYS BLACK. and women, to sell advertising
_ : Liberal draw, liberal
WONDERFUL FOR commission, easy work, quick
l'<,, : ..."{,.t- TOUCHING UP 'lsal s. You earn $73 to.$150 Savings Up To
,; t't if you're keen. Fringe benefits.\
Q I '1'-5a WAREHOUSE STORE Permanent Waving Moncrlef Rd..cor 13th St.
t ; CAUTION: Use as directed on -
label. Colors: Black, Dark %
3000 W. 45th ST. Brown, Medium brown. LEO'SShoe 70

.. Price box $2.50 plus
.: **** per
Federal Tax
I .41 PRICES IN THIS AD Reeariif,
I '.,\. :: t I,: : ARE GOOD THROUGH DIXIE '
Of KiedIs
,.': 9 ," t:*: K R E s
SEPT. 11th ,
SUNDAY PHARMACY Oar Bosiiess Mail At Adams
1 (Asst. Maiafer) (Pri
--- 1305 KillS Rd. Jaa Fla) 934 E. Uiloi St. Open Mon I Fri. Nites


S .