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1090190 F20090413_AADATZ 00328.jpg 02bf3b98b9bb8d5e6b03cff5c7b01054cac1d1cc4c1a835d42c20c63735c3b051e92be8e

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200730datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 27, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007300740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 27, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 27, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
.. .- -


;" Fr $l7-'Bi_o r 'h1eOYe v JW NegLoes s !f % :f RY .

.s 1 J. [ j *

'\ _w..now .,..... ______
** *


*.. * 1
--"f .. .. ,*.. _-. L.. ... Tur.."-- -4... .._ 'WI'

LMIMfidCitylaif'1s' ; Integrate!| ODJftH'dne.v ncd-& ,, 1 \

.. 7*?*; *5r



"Poor Suffer" * ** ** VOL. 16 NO. 22. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 1966 15 CENTS

Plans For Progress ** * *

. WASHINGTON IM Reminds- President Mrs. Mottey!Judgeship ;Confirmed J JI

mmTwfiK&iii .. ....
Luidon B. Johnson in Rhode -r-i.TJM-fc ,0 JMJII! UUIIHJ I i j Trjirnnct w'W' P w"irm mri" III im til'm' mymi u iijij an. m*

island Saturdat cautioned that ** * *
violence would not aid the cause
of civil rights. HIP warned that
"the Molotov Cocktail destroys I :
far more than the police car POLICE

or the pawn shop; it destroys
basis for civil peace and .
the tails for social progress" r

Vie President continued: "Toe

poor suffer twice at the rioter's ,Y '
!u?d.s. First, when hkdestruc IN ROBBERY RING

tive fury scars their neighborhoods i

; and second, when tot r

** *

President Names Detroit JudgeTo Say Ring Robbed .

+ ;. .1

U.S. Court Of Appeals Post

/ Y Y In 4 CountiesTAMPA

WASHINGTON President Lyndon B. Johnson, who has
__ _
n named more Negroes to Government
top>> posts than any
President In U. S. l history, announced Monday, August 15, the Seven Tampa residents Aug. 12 at Lakeland, when the
PLANNING FOR PROGRESS -Dr.J.A. Pierce,left, presidentof appointment of Federal Judge Wade Hampton McCree, 46, of have been arrested with ABC Package Store was held

Texas Southern University In Houston, Texas, and Dr. J. B. Detroit to the U. S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit in robberies in Polk, Pasco, up. A 7.11 grocery in Lakeland
,Jones, dean of students, right, discuss a Job Opportunity Cincinnati. Manatee and Hillsborough was also robbed, and on Aug.

Plans Workshop now In progress at the university with Harry G. The President also reappointed Court and Thurgood Marshall Counties 13, Harry's Country Bar was

Taylor of Humble Oil It Refining Company, who served as Judge Austin L. is the first Negro to serve as Four of the accused were arrested robbed of $1,480 and a customer -

of accommodation chairman of the steering committee, and David McClure, FIcUtag, well-known Negro Solicitor General of the United at a roadblock near shot in the leg by a shot-

and atmosphere consent Is changed to one standing, personnel director of Houston's school district. The Jurist of Washington, D. C., States Lakeland Saturday night. TheH.tttofD gun carrying bandit.
three-week workshop, concerned primarily with employment On Aug. 19, Pape's Groceryon
and resentment"The for another 10-year term on
of hostility President spoke at the To End opportunities and vocational guidance, is supported jointly by the D. C. Court of General Say CORE In f U. S. 92 was robbed of $539
University of Rhode Island a grant from Plans for Progress and contributions from 35 Sessions. 'and two pistols. The All-Brands
Houston business and Industrial firms. Dean Jones is also
awarded honorary Judge McCree of Detroit is Liquor Store was l hit on Aug.
where he was an -
degree. Setting forth the director of the workshop; Mr. Taylor is head of recruiting the third Negro In l history to Money TroubleNEW 20, officers said
and at the of Humble Oil t
employment headquarters Refining ,
President be appointed to the U. S. Courtof Lt. Cooper said a series of
of l his administration
goal ,
Company in Houston. On Dr. Jones' staff are 25 specialistsIn I
Johnson said "It means Appeals. The others are YORK NPI The Con- I II I !'Investigations are continuing to
: social work business and -( )- '
placement psychology industry
Bias determine
Job Judge William Hastla servingin If the gang partlcif -
that a major goal of government education who are assisting as instructors, panelists and gress of Racial Equality last

must be to secure the rights lecturers. The workshop, part of a national program in the Philadelphia and Thurgood week was reportedly In ; S/B
of social justlve for all of our largest U. S. metropolitan areas is being attended by 50 Marshall who resigned from "serious financial straits," / \
people( and for all of us to help *, ,counselors,'teachers and administrators from senior Ugh" .I tip Appellate ,Court when ha after the civil rights organisation ,; ., .
these people to fulfill that right. 'Was named Solicitor Generalof was hit with a $22,500 tax
schools in the Houston area. E. G. Mattison, of Washington, !
It means that our laws must be the United States by Presi- lien. I
Powell Wants administrative director of Plans for Progress, was the keynote
w 1*e, .and, their enforcementmust speaker rat'the opening session. A similar\workshop at TSU dent Johnson The lien, filed by the Internal 1
be fair. Yet, if all of these last was attended by 40 educators. Judge McCree Is a graduateof Revenue Service in Federal
War year I
are forthcoming, as I genuinely Out Fut University and the Harvard District Court was for Income At

believe they will be, it will University Law School. and social security taxes to-
avail us nothing If our societyIs OH PovertyWASHINGTON He was in private law practicein talling $25,000 collected from LANG

torn and destroyed by violence Parents Protest Detroit and a leader in Democratic CORE employees but not transmitted others were arrested'Sunday.Lt. .

and discord" Rep. Adam Party affairs in to the IRS, it was Beauford Cooper of the
President Johnson reaffirmedhis Clayton Powell (D-N. Y.) Michigan when he was namedto reported. Hillsborough County Sheriffs

l civil rights convictions when advocated Vednesday t h a tthe the U. S. District Court. Contacted shortly after the Office said the men chargedare

he said: "We believe that Justas nation spend $95 billion In the His appointment to the U. S. filing of t b ellen, Lincoln Jesse Brown, 40, 2626. E.
a man has therilhtto choose next 10 years to fight povertyand Faculty IntegrationPALATKA Court of Appeals is subjectto Lynch, CORE'S associate director Genesee, Samuel White Jr., 20, 4

those who shall govern the state, Improve the plight of the Senate confirmation said he had no 4820 86th St., Johnny Johnson AI

so does he have the right to live urban Negro.He Prior to 1960 there were no immediate knowledge of 1 t. 2128 Gray St., a professionalboxer ..
In a decent environment,so does ran into trouble before a Negroes serving on the U. S, "we really don't know If it and alleged strongarm
he have the right to acquire the Senate subcommittee, though, Nearly half of the parents who signed the petition District Court bench and the exists." .

skills that useful work requires, when he ealledapinforSarrent students enrolled at Interlock- have now taken their only major judicial post was However, Lynch was reportedly '. JOHNNY JOHNSON

so does he have the right to Shrlver's r. Ilg n a 11 o nas en Elementary School near here children to classes. held by Judge William Mastic, admitted that CORE is in I .. pated in other holdups.'

secure and to hold a Job despite director of the war on poverty. have been held out of their "In practically all other who was appointed to the Appellate financial difficulty. Also, a recently Bonds on the seven are to be
the color of l his skin or the Powell suggested that Shriver classes as a protest over faculty schools there have been no Court by President resigned official is said set pending further invesUga-

region of his birth or the religion might be given the post of undersecretary integration. objections," he declared. Truman. Today there are six to have placed CORE'S current ;n." tion.
of I his fathers." of state or even Putnam County School Supt. "We'll just sit tight and Negroes on the U. S. District financial deficit I at above .

The President, In speaking of secretary. Carey Ferrell said a group of operate normally and I don't $350,000. I fla. NAACP

protest movements, said His 10-year,$95 billion spending parents met with l him last weekto believe there will be any disturbance Several moves by CORE ,... '.
Mrs. MotleyIs -...
was one of a protest staff integration and ," he said. '' Wants New LawST.
"They can: assert the right to program recently seems to support the: .' '
shout, but they must concedeto number! ofwlde- ranging at that time threatened to hold reports of its financial dlfficulties. -, .
others the right not to listen. suggestions made during his appearance their youngsters out of school Say Sounders Confirmed .'j The organization has cu 'I' PETERSBURGIn whatis
before theSenate Ferrell pointed out that school regarded as an unusual move
So men have the right toprotest its staff about 30 per cent. .
the conditions of their lives, hearing on the problems of the faculites were Integrated the WASHINGTON PI-) The The national staff has bwen .. in the South, the NAACP pro-

but they also have the responsibility nation's cities. first time this year. With the Was Misquote'1 Senate Judiciary Committee, trimmed down to 65 workers, .. !I posed this week adoption ofFlorida's

not to injure the person He called for a "national exception of interlockeD, thereis voting 10-2, last week approvedt most of whom operate across. own civil rights law,

or the property of others in multipurpose council!," a no evidence of absenteeism WASHINGTON -The U. S. Office nomination of Mrs. the national, and those let go and threatened to c amp a ign

making that protest... private chartered group subsidized !- for this reason, be said. of Economic Opportunitywas Constance Baker Motley as a Included many long-standing against legislative candidate*
who will not support It.
"We have done much In our by the government, to The enrollment at Interlocken, expected to issue a state- federal judge in the Southern employees.
time we have done much recently administer urban rehabilitation Ferrell said, is about 200 stu- District of New York and Meanwhile the organization Marvin Davies, state field
ment Thursday Insisting that t MKS. GW KNDOM: X Gtt'lman
director said all members of
starting In Negro ghettos In dents. He said more than 90 ,
we have done much in Robert W. Saunders was misquoted thereby assured her confirma- has moved.its headquarters
Watts Chicago's West Side of them were absent from of the gang, and Robert the legislature and all eandtdates
the last three years, we're tion by the full Senate. from a $1,000 monthly location
willing to do more. We know Harlem, Cleveland's Hough and classes. He Indicated that Saunders is the Atlanta-based Two senators voting against In downtown Manhattan, to a Mitchell, 24, MacD1lIAlr Force for legislative seats would
be Inivted to meet with the
that we must do more, but still other areas. rather than enforce the manda- OEO coordinator who was reported her nomination were James O. $500 a month address in Harlem Base.
the vicious cycle of poverty The council would give the poora tory school attendance law at to have recommendedthat Eastland, (D-Miss.) and JohnUcCle11aD But Lynch explained that Robbery warrants were also NAACP here in September.

persists, hobbling the human key role In planning, policymaking this time he would first deter- federal anti-poverty fundsbe t move as the decision of the taken out for Mrs. Gwendolyn' "Those who say they" can'tsupport
and administration mine bow many parents will Clemons Cause, 23,1708 GraceSt. our program, said
personality from generation to denied Head organization to be In closer contact
to 21
generation. U a single act of Powell complained that nlany send their children to school Start proposed in the South- with Negroes and their ., Miss Katherine Copeland, Davies, "are the ones we are
existing groups have "no in the next few days, though programs U 4 needs. 21, 1922 Fourth Avenue, and going to defeat.
government or a single programor
east because Negro officials refused -
a combination of programs Intimate contact with the black it may be In small numbersat CORE'S income three years Harold Lang, 30,1130 HarrisonSt. "Those who do will receive
to include white persons
active support from the NAiCPand
could break the chain overnight, masses a time in their plans. ago was reportedly $1 million
Spending on man The school has one full time It was learned that Brown, the state's 300,000
I would recommend: It to Congress The wire service story quoted a year, but a series of developments "
training, economic developmentand and two part time Negro also known as "Tangle-Eye," potential Negro voters
within the hour of Its and have said to have contributed -
Saunders who Is
a Negro
discovery." o t h e r poverty operations teachers to Its drastic bas been listed as the master- At the meeting, Davies said,
former NAACP field director
The President continued "But should be doubled to about $6 Ferrell said be is apprehensive curtailment Include mind of a series of robberies the NAACPwillpresentamany-
: They pas
in Florida that civil
billion annually and another$3.5 over the outcome of the saying In the four county area. sided civil rights package-the
the causes and the conditions of the 1964 Civil Rights
"is for the white sage
'J poverty are too deep! and billion a year should be provided protest. Pointing out that the rights well for the man We Act and the 1965 Voting Bill Miss Copeland, who is expecting first to be offered by the organization
as as Negro.
various and too subtle and too to wipe out Negro slums, federal government has allowed which allegedly many whitesto and Mrs. Gause, who to Southern legislature.
are not going to run a segregated "Florida is ready to lead the
firmly Interlocked for simple he said. the use of the freedom choice believe their contributionswere allegedly drove the gateway car
both Kennedy and the subcommittee enrollment standard rather program. in the robberies, were booked other states In this kind of
rtmttes. We deceive ourselves needed.
and we deceive the pooras chairman, S en. than zoning with children The U. S. office in Washington of Arkansas, alsoa Moreover no longer CORE'S outspoken additionally as accomplices legislation," he said. "It Is
takes issue with the fact that ,
well If we Imagine there Is Abraham Riblcoff, D-C o n n., attending classes nearest their no prosegregationlst. Two other advocacy of the "Black Power" Under Investigation are the designed to help all of Flori
some came to Shriver defense. homes, whether at white or funds are being denied. Southerners on the Judiciary has hurt robberies which started on da'. minority citizens, not just
some magic "sword reportedly
But OEO said Wed
an source
system of Federal funds that "I just don't agree with you Negro schools-he commentedthat Committee refrained from Its financial posture. the Negro.
oo Shriver," Rlblcoff said "I the boycott "sure could nesday, rather than discrimination voting. The plan calls for a$1-an-hour
can rut: this chain and cut It whites "it Miami Jail
with stroke" think he has shown that he'sa give us trouble." against was Nominated by President wage; a public accommodation
Citing just the one efforts of the administration very able man." Ferrell said the parents also much more a matter of school Lyndon B. Johnson on Jan. 25, TOUGH RULE section on bo sing, em-

to establish true K e n e d y cited past Powell reported they object to the superintendents in these areas Mrs. Motley's nomination had IntegratedMIAMI ployment, education,health,and
equality of the speeches that had praised principal's "lack of interest." placing their HeadStart classes been botUed up In the Judiciary welfare; protection for migrant
in all
President concluded as follows Shrlver's agency. Powell dismissed Ferrell said the protest group Negro schools. Committee, which did not hold BALTIMORE -(NPIMary! -* be no more farm workers; a consumerinformation
: "By locating the In land's Constitutional Convention
these doesn't to be program a hearing until April. law to protect low-
"We shall continue, multiplying as campaign appear organized, segregation In Miami's city Jail
and ', oratory""How but admitted they presented a Negro schools,, the source explained A former counsel for the committee has called for and stockade. income people from loan
enlarging our do know what petition bearing about 100 "there Is the tacit NAACP Mr had been extending the equal protection sharks and "fly-by-night tech-
efforts as ve go along. Yet, I we you're sip Inference that the Motley On instruction from the City
isn't natures of parents who program quite active in civil rights. clause to specifically guard nical training schools"; exemption
warn you, they can succeed saying now campaign oratory oppose only for Negroes the Manager Melvin L. Reese, police
only In conditions of civil peace, ," Kennedy snapped staff integration. "About a balf- Mrs. Motley,prominent in New against on Lt. Col. Paul L. Denham from taxes of persons
and civil peace can exist only A commotion broke out at one dozeD seem to be In the centerof JUDGE PICKETED York political and civil affairs, grounds of "race, color national, religion has ordered the facilities in- earning less than $3,000 a year rand

when all men, Negro and white point when Powell said It costs it and they're fanning the MILWAUKEE - more per square loot to rent fire," he said. Manhattan Borough. origin Dr. "drunk tank however punishment
alike, are as dedicated to satisfying Americans can no longer sit ,
their responsibilities as a single room In Spanish Harlem The school has only nine Negro on their behinds applauding and A native of New Haven, Conn., the commission's only Negro will remain segregated, Den- It also proposes creation of
they are dedicated to securing (than it did in a luxury Manhattan students enrolled, the "sending money to Negroes she Is a graduate of Columbia member and president, Morgan ham said 'for the protectionof at least four state commissions,
State prodded the committee answerable to the
their rights. For we are all, apartment with a door- superintendent said. civil rights leader Bayard Rus- University Law School, New College, prisoners while they are governor,
to make that appeal. .to administer the law.
ifter_ an, one nation- nun. Ferrell stated that a few of tin has warned. York in a helpless state."

.. 1
t i

V' -


fSHI.jtfUg"NEWS\ RSTAR TO Be Equal

Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company BY WHITNEY M. YOUNG JR.

MEMBER J- Ac. rte / J AsrA"r (Second of Four Articles)

..;; In the third article of this series, on my tripto
.. Vietnam, I shall discuss some of the skills
and talent which I found among Nego GTs I
NEGRO PRE RHATIONAI, met. In the final Installment, I will touch on

special programs to aid the Negro and other

minorities, when they return from Vietnam

ERlBb, SIIlPSl,.,. .lImlill Elita and back to civilian lice
i The terrible lack of Negro officers, which I found to be the
'WTfc case among the United States military forces In Vietnam,

HILDA NOOTEN..., ,: frCllatiu Mauler was depressing
As I moved about that haunted, war weary land touching the
South China Sea, visions flashed across my mind from the
now-dimming days of World War 0, when I myself added< m;

efforts as a GI to the holocaust In Europe
2323 Moicriif, Road Phm Eljii 4-6782
Here we are In Vietnam, I thougll -
again giving our all In the cause of our
Mailioi AddressP.
and yet, still practically non-entities in

0. Box 599 licksouille, Florida 32201 tions of top command and responsibility. ecroe.11.
Oh, don't get me wrong. For one can't
go a literal half-mile Vietnam
a Negro in command.! But they're
138 NW 3rd Alt PfeoBe 377-1025 commissioned officers.

One sees a tough Negro master sergeant, or

SUBSCRIPTION lesser sergeant, all spit 'n polish and bursting with pride and
RATES esprit de corps, barking orders and letting the fellows under
One yurt, $a. 00 Half Year, $4.00 him know who's in command. He looks fine and he's doing

!Vailed! to you Anywhere in the united States bang-up Job. His white officers are the first to tell you so.

subscription payable in advance (* 'ANymitHTAl A! ATTACK OH KMOOANCe If PgtiCmNNL'roPAlBCCAUrfTN1NArUA'I .. ,.', \ The Navy, of course, was the last of the services to break
Sent check or pone order to: down its color bar against Negro officers. On a 3,000-man
FLORIDA ..4. AL*AY3feAOY TOOefCNU THf/Q HOST crew aircraft carrier, on which we stayed overnight, then
STIR 599
p. O. BOX HPLCNwJc passessxw nft/t iGWRANCf' '
the ranking Negro officer
.facksonvt 1. Florida .. HtHOvm-awe. was one lieutenant junior grade,
/h There are some 240 officers on the carrier.It .
0_ < -. r was quite a contrast to see,early the next morning, several

..,J, 'r "" 1.,' .,.. "".. .'., .,' \\1 hundred enlisted men rushing around, working feverishly!.

"" IJEi 1 l7riS":7i:: &tf _*."_ *' ..*. ,*'*,-'OC; readying< jets and other aircraft for takeoff.
There were whites and Negroes and other minorities working,

We Like Self-Help Idea doing the jobs they bad< to do. It was a beautiful picture'wl
NO SMOOTH SAILIHG..STILI STRAIGHT AHEAD! racial harmony, teamwork In action. The previous evening we

had dined with the ship's officers and the only brown faces
II --- -- -- ------- --- ---- -- --- --i -, present were ours, the hordes of Filipino waiters and one
Negro who appeared to have charge of the water glasses.
we do not always agree with the thinkingof t 1 Lest I mislead in my thoughts, when I speak of the lack of

columnist John Chamberlain, but he 1 1 Negro officers in Vietnam, 1 am not suggesting that the U.S.

sade good sense in a recent column Your Weekly stiouWpack over as fast as possible Negro of fleers from other
entitled -
parts of the world. But I do feel that there should be much
: 'Self-Help.Is The Best power. 1 upgrading of those who are there and the creation of others,

Most of the article called attention to 1 some of the non-coma, who are already there and who have

the work of Dr Thomas W. Matthew, the proven themselves on the field of battle.A .

Negro neurosurgeon who runs the interfaith most disturbing element of the talk with the white commanding -

hospital in New york City boroughof Horoscope Guide 1 officers, wherever we travelled, was their apparent
t 1 concerted effort to try to Impress upon us that they had no
Queens. The doctor has given a 1 Idea how many Negroes they had in their outfits. Some of the
'self-help" concept to the ide a of 1 regimental officers even had< no idea, they said of how many

'black power. PABLO The ASTROLOGER Negro officers they had on their staffs.
The neurosurgeon is vainly trying to By Another point of concern which I noted was that a number of
lower grade Negro Q's complained that they had trouble
interest such politicos as New York Gov- i FOR 1 getting promotions. They said they could not attribute it to
ernor Nelson Rockefeller, mayor John 1 discrimination, however, they ala o did not know what else
Lindsay, and U. S. Senator John Kennedyin 1 to attribute it to.

the active business of,creating a non- : BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL i Finally, a big point of concern I found was that the officers
profit corporation to build hospitals for 1.w. also have little knowledge of what the Negro GI's and their
other troops do on their off-duty time.
Negroes and to rehabilitate slums. -- -- --- -- -- ---,- --- --- -- -- --.-----.a
We visited bars, for example, to check reports that there Is
Dr. Matthews has taken the plunge for bias at some of them. We found that a number of them, across
Some ot who have
himself. He recently called the National ARIESBORN up the reins you again right to after taut LIBRABORN CAPRICORN the Saigon River, were frequented solely by Negro and others

Economic Growth and Reconstruction MARCH ,Labor Day should avoid making SEPT. solely by whites,
BORN DEC. From all Indications this was due to de facto
Organization (Negro) to consider his the mistake of throwing
21stAPRIL 13tk selves into your- '3r. .' OCT. 23ti primarily by choice. Many of the Negroes one of the clubs
work until
your 19thGo
Ideas. He mores that his organizationill you 22nd IAN. told us that wheel "I'm off duty, like to be with my friends.
be able to raise sufficient money Follow the pattern. I What is Jave time to study changesthat Why fret? Seeing that this Is on up. The preference for And so I come here where can find them."
have been
:needed to participate in federal and past is past. But the vise ones 8th).may made ((7th- apt to be the most uneventful nigh points from which you can Even at that rate, the commanding officers It seems to me,

rrivate matching funds programs that will among 'JS ,v'u benefit from the 1 W 0) 44 16 925CANCFR period of the month, you have look down on the world !Is being should encourage their men to break it up, because it isn't
less:JDS that it has taught us little reason to worry unduly accentuated these days. It Is healthy.

put slum dwellers to work building hospitals will find that their rise up the over what may or may not happen a trait that is true to your sign. In a land< where the Negro or white guy In the trench next to

and : rehabilitate run-down houses ladder o f success becomes afterward. Prolong your rest There is no reason for you to you may be the one to save your life from the enemy, in the
for themselves.The easier as a result. The Indications BORN JW22id and enjoy the friendly pursuitsthat try and get rid of It just to next moment, the signs of separation one spots every now
for spectacular gains contribute so much to your please anybody.This is the like and then, between these men Is deplorable and depressing.
financial campaign is on to solicit JULY 220
are The Labor Day
exceptionally promising and happiness.
ly reason why many of you will The things which disturbed me about the trip I relayed to
money in the Negro' cause, but if whites It would be sheer folly to pass weekend should give you ample President Johnson
with the
Float serenely by. Throughout go in the opposite direction to along good things, when I returned
want to help out they will be welcorn'edThis up the opportunities that pre- time and leisure to do whateveryou from The President
the nation, most of the peo- the one taken by the crowds my trip. indicated that he would Immediatelyorder
kind of project will enable the Negroto cede them.Naturally,mostpeopIe ple will be in the mood to devote really please(lstSL'1).Nervou. during the long holiday weekend an investigation of the officer situation and other
'stand up proudly" in the united pleasure are still in the mood for themselves to the pursuit tensions may be on the ((1st-5th). Of course, this does conditions existing in Vietnam that mar the teamwork of Negroes
before rise the draws to
just and as quarter a
States. during of pleasure. Summer activities not imply that you the long Labor Day week-end close, but there seems to be
Dr. Matthew idea is not new, but it has (lst-6th). But from then on, are still going full blast. The no real basis for you to worryor companionship is since the very
will have opposite true. It simply
more extensive new ring. He feels that it should be the job and< nothing long holiday< weekend work yourself up Into a depressed -
else for those who are enough lures to draw you along frame of mind.Whetheryou means that you are particularly LETTER TO THE EDITORDear
vegroes have the money to put the idea with the rest to the great out discriminating and prefer one
places. And what places they know it or not, the future
across. He wants Negroes to spend money are likely to be for the high doors (lst-5th). There are Indications does not unpromising.\ > loving person to a mass of passIng Sir:
and in a sense buy Independently their ly skilled people who fit right in though that the custo- acquaintances. I am writing this letter to see Ill can receive some mall from
freedom economically if Negroes want with these modern times! mary statistics related to the people who would like to write to someone over here. I have
cost in lives and property dam several buddies who don't get much mall and If I can hear from
to! make this project successful on a age will not make pleasant read- SCORPIO AQUARIUS some people back home I will send them some addresses. We

nation-wide basis they can, for they can Ing ((6th-8th). The more prudent BORN OCT. don't get much mall as it Is and any little bit will let us know
find the money for most anything undersun TAURUS among you who are fully aware BORN JAN. the people back home are behind us. I would like to get the

like European tours, conventionsand BORN APRIL of these facts before they happen 24th NOV. 22it 20th FEB. 18th following article published In your paper If possible.
will undoubtedly takeextrapre- The men of HMM-265 would like to employ all who read this
fraternal annual gatherings, liquor, 20th MAT 20th cautions, and either remain Brace yourself. This being a Bend occasionally Being of article as morale boosters. The only requirements are a pen
is not to be
parties, and fine homes and swimming quietly at home or simply go holiday eventful period when apt a fixed temperament, it is not and paper and about five minutes of your time.
pools. Something's" up. Since this no further than your feet will very comparedwith the easiest thing in the world Now sit Is due to
The challenge of "self-help" has been Is the tall end of the summer take you. what the rest transpire o f the for you to submit to people or aren't over here fighting for democracy without your support.For .
for many of you, there may not for you to submit to peopleor all of us lonely marines the of
projected: but will Negroes respond? At 2 15 55 50 63 422 month. If you have things to do receiving support our\
be very much excitement gene conditions that do not con families or close friends, this letter is bound to be a highlight
any rate. Negroes must cease reaching out rated. Most of the empb.as1llnthe where you are a club member, form to the standards you have of his tour overseas.

their hand for free "handouts, and do Taurus solar chart fallsIn LEO or have to reciprocate social established as your minimum The only wage you will receive'will be that which your con-,
.',mething for themselves! the 5th house which has to lOIN JULY favors or civilities, there maybe requirements. This minimum science shall issue you when you have really taken part in
better moment than
do with pleasurable pursuits. no now often is far above other persons' America's war.
Make the best of the long boll- 23rd AUG. 22il when you have both the time and maximums, and this Is where Since I'm the sole representative of our great State of Florida,
Labor Day-A Time To Think day weekend and obtain your Listen and learn. The art inclination. The long Labor Day the trouble generally lives. In kindly address all mail to:

share of joy along with your of listening is much more valu- weekend should certainly provide order to live at peace with your L/Cpl. F. McLelland 2154173

Labor Day, to be observed on September nearest and dearest (%nd-5th). able than the one of speaking. ample of this opportunities nature. Your for associates, as well as with HMM-265 MAG-16 1st MAW

Tt this year, marks the termination of The single ones among you may The reason is fairly simple. pursuits too also wel- strangers, you will make existence c/o FPO San Francisco, Calif.
dear ones, may
summer, in the minds of most people it be persuaded to believe that When one is doing all the talkIng come the chance to obtain great a bit smoother for your. 96602
Is the last long romance is beckoning Eye It there Is little or no chance attention from self by becoming more pliant Thank you for taking the time to let a lonely marine speakout
holiday of the er you.
season with suspicion, however, for it for anything new to penetrate and tolerant. The application for his buddies and himself
and is a time for the final outing of Is apt to be even trickier thanit your mind. But when you keep of this philosophy should make

.shimming, picnicking, boating, or just is sudden The aspects following your ears open to everything the long weekend that comprises Sincerely,
J loafing. The meaning of Labor Day is during the comlngweeks that is being said or that is Labor Day much more pleasantfor Fred McLelland

J '.st for many in the frantic pursuit of stress the possibility of disappointment going on around you, you are BORN NILY.23ri your mate and yourself. L/Cpl USMC
if not thls month. quite apt to come up with valua 2 77 -13.47.375
fun Never before have so many people very shortly thereafter (5th-
ble information that can be DEC. 21it
benably; to enjoy the leisure, the 8th). 610e8I7764GEMINI turned to profit. PISCES NEGRO VIGILANTES
luxuries and comforts we see aroundusIn Survey the field. Seeing that ??

these! united States. The rights YIRGfc few individuals are In the mood BORN FEB.

nt labor have never been so certain, nor BORN MAT BORN AUG. for little serious reason endeavors for you to, there try and is 19th MAR. 20th_ Two civil rights leaders recently ad-

J its obligation f to act in Prepare yourself. This Is vocated
a responsible stir up attention during this generally that Negroes take to
manner more necessary. We must not'be- 21st .Jose 21stIt's 23rl SEPT 22ii period. First of all, there is the taken to be the end of defend themselves from racist up'Killers"arms

come Insensible to the time-honored virtues coming. Don't be fooled Play while you can. While long Labor Day weekend which summer when those who are if the law fails to deal with
this 11 not going to be a quiet be devoted to pleasure and vacationing may take their last them. This
that can
of thrift tranquility
competence and a by the apparent is the viewpoint
rules over the long weekend month, in the real sense of the travels (lst-5th). These play a fling at pleasure. But don'toverlook recently taken by James
well done.
)job into believing that this Is going word this term may be applied big part in the acquisition of the fact that the statistics Meredith and Stokeley carmIchael during a
These are the things that have mad related to mishaps on thehighways
to be the pattern for the rest to the first quarter. No culture and knowledge by discussion.
possible the turning of Labor Day into a of the month. Why worry about matter where you are, at home whom these qualities are real during the usually reach a peak Wilkins disagreed and stated "No one

holiday of fun and leisure. These are the things when you are enjoying or at some vacation place,prolong and not fanciful u so often ls end ((1st-5th long Try Labor not Day to create week- believes the Negro minority ,,1'11 take up

things that Labor Day commemorates, and the most agreeable pastimes? your pleasures to comprisethe the case. While you are resting the impression that your Interest arms to rectify the in "
Labor Day weekend life In Its physicalaspects wrongs society.
attitude that it is time long or enjoying
Take the
if the nation is to survive in its
greatness enough to solve problems when (Ist-6th). Those of you who have this will not prevent la lying elsewhere when The late p. B. Young, publisher of the

: they will be needed as never beforein you get to them. Besides, when to drive home at the end of your mind from working at a has there first already Is someone who Ngrfolk journal and Guide, said, that

the years to come. They are needednow you are faced by necessity, it Labor Day should get u earlya furious pace. New Ideas u tonays and affections call on You your will attention have to physical retaliation by Negroes would be
desperately to back up the men in becomes eulertotlnd'soluuauthat start as possible to avoid and mea.D.L of achieving curb fatal. We agree. .
Viet let alone all future advance- really work.The Ceminians; getting caught in the traffic Jims success should be jotted down your own tendencies to The
Nam, be Negro has
jealous or domineering for opposed the
who apt to be the best off that build up In urban localities. for reference, eventually, when KKK and other
ments in space, science, industry and are those who have picked outa If s never easy to work up any the moment to strike out bold. the persons Involved are unpredictable groups for taking the law into their

technology. Think of these things as you tranquil spot where neither enthusiasm for the work that ly for recognition comes to and could take counteractions hands. No sensible Negro can afford to

go to the beach or to the mountains this people>> nor urban responsibilities awaits us after a term of ab- band to your that present would be and detrimental future- let nimself to misled by so-called militants

Labor Day. can appear to trouble their lence' to take up arms instead happiness ("lth. 8th). of the law.iit .
peace and privacy (3rd-8th). 40-66-18-100

t i f) i /.'


I SOCIALLY Miss Particia Ann While Becomes Bride Adults Can Register Edward Waters I

At Douglas Anderson Fall SemesterFor

SPEAKINGFriends 4 'ryk 1 ttdd"j.i Night ClassesAll Dates Slated

persons interested In continuing -
of Joshua W. Williams, of I8UO their education can Registrar Charles L.Williamsat

Francis Street will regret to learn that register Tuesday September6th Edward Waters College, has
he is confined to St. Luke's hospital from 7.10 P.M. at Douglas announced that the fall semester
because of illness. Anderson High School. will begin Tuesday for fresh
Course offerings 1 Include: men.
Joshua has been away studying for the Senior High Review,Junior High Following the room assign-
past two years having) completed reQuirements \ Review Basic i Education ments, the freshmen will be
and received the Master's Typing, Shorthnad, Sewing and taken on a tour of the campusin
Degree in Vocational Education from 1 : \ : f Music. orientation and preparationfor I
Teachers approved for the registration which has been
Florida State
University and he has done
adult program are: Miss scheduled for Sept.9.All fresh
considerable work towards his doctorate Mildred McCoy, V ern o n E. men will be required to take .
in the same field. King, Miss Barbara J. the placement examination Sept
He well I 9q tr r I / Robinson, and Miss Lucylle J.
is known to Star readers as 7.An
Glymp with other members of outing will be sponsoredto
"Chips Off The Block by Jay Jay. the staff to be added. Little Talbot Island Sept.
Former students Includethe 9. The 11 will
assembly, Sept. ,
tsta following who are asked to conclude enrolling proceduresfor
Emrett W. Groomes, another Jaxon who register along with e w mem- freshmen. Any freshmen
left the bers registration night: enrolling after Sept. 14 will
city to further his education _
Juanita Bronson a late registration fee it
Marjorle pay ,
was successful in receiving the Master's
.. Bronson Patricia was announced.
Degree from New York University In 1960, I 1 rj,'1t'A Mi Bronson, Betty Hayes, General registration will be
and more recently a degree in businessand Eva Lewis, Elizabeth Watts, held in the college gymnasium
hospital administration.H l y" 'Ruby Ragland, Leila Brown, Sept. 12-13. This will includeall
"Y S a 111 i e Mae Jones Ruth upper-classmen and classes
is currently serving as Staff Associ- McLaurin, Freddie Mae Stubbs will begin Sept. 14.Upperclassmen.
ate in Review and Planning for the Thelma Ar m str ollg.Eartha enrolling

Rochester Regional Hospital Council r Napoleon, Lula Bell Coleman, Sept. 15 or after,will be chargeda
Inc. Rochester, New York. t i Jj Jackie Baxter, Juanita Graham, late registration fee. Sept.
j Mary Adams, Eleanor Cook, 19 wW be the final day for
Prior to his work in admini-
hospital Rosetta B. Clarke, Benjamin registration. The senior proficiency
stration, Emrett was a physical therapy ,' Brown, Myrtle Brown Bennie test will be held Sept.

consultant for the New York City Health ,,1_ ...'. Byard, Sallle Edmonds, Edward 26
Department and a staff physical therapistat :.- ':''',; \, rI Hayes, Dorothy Howell Eloise
two hospitals in New York. He has '''. it "' 'r ; : Smith, Bernice Reese Lucile Beach
:.... < Outing
.. Dortch, Callle Cone, James H. .
also been a teacher coach, and school i ; Cone, James Johnson
: rdl. The City Wide Beauticians will
administrator.i f
'\ ? ,I :I Roosevelt Pinkney, Joe at
His parents Mr. and Mrs. John H. .._ ..- -'..:!--.-... ... -,; Sat f for d, Ammle Lee sponsor Bethune Beach a beach Monday outing Sept.

Groomes live at 2033 West lUth I Street. Miss Particia Ann White became the brideof Robinson Mrs. Mammie F. Garner Mrs. Katie McClendon Albritton, Lula, Mae CIa r Rose Ice, 5, Labor Day. Tickets are on I

...ttt... Hueston A. Jackson Friday August 26th, Mary Ivory Mrs. H. White Mrs. Sandra Miller Willie Hines, Jessie sale among the members.
at the bride's' home. The ceremony was White Mrs. Mary Green, Mrs. L. Carter, Bell Powell, Carolyn BUllnger Bus stops are: 35th and Mon-

Mrs. William Arther Jones ( Annie Bell I ) performed by Rev. J. L. Hall. Guest Included Rev. Walter Rosier Mrs. Del I o r i s Bemery B. King Ester Boiling, crlef St., 7:30,:7:15: .a.m.; 815; 1467 Church Morgan St.,
Elizabeth Watts Ardrlne
of 58IU Begonia Road is recuperating at Hartfield Mrs. J. P i It t s Miss C. You invited to
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lee .[ackson Hartley, and Rickey D. Adams. 8:IS a.m. are go
Brewster Hospital I I following surgery: Kendrick Miss Sharon White Denise Cull with the bea tl iClans.
parents of the groom ; Miss M. Simm Persons not able to registeron
............ bride Maid of honor ; Louis Mitchell I Catherine Cull Ricky Cull Toney Hogan, registration night may The Gospel Choir of Mt. Zion
and Johnny White. The reception will I be register any school day AME Church and Philadelphia
James A, Joyner of 5713"' Moncrief Road is best man ; other guest were Mrs. Lillie I I held on September 17th. announces Theodore> W. Baptist Church are sponsoringa

progressing wonderfully following his Montgomery, Adult Principal. cruise up the St. John River
Sept 23 at 8:00 D.m..
recent confinement to Brewster Hospital.
Rough Shields Wedding WEDDING BELLS!
Tea Time I _
.t4t..... -
r Willie James Green Sr., 1008 port. Conn., 40 and Elizabeth
The engagement of Carolyn Wade Georgeand Frank Willie Jones Jr., 2258
1 W. Kings Rd., 28 and Joan Alice Rosemond, Bridgeport,
W. 44th St. 26 and Rosa Lee
Verdell I Palmer is of significant The Del Rio Ladies Club will t' Alfreda Barton, 1841 Arletha Conn., 40. ,
2258 44thSt.
Gilbert( Thornton W.
interest to Jacksonville Society. The sponsor a Pretty Hat Tea Sept. ',. i Rd., 28. 23. ,
announcement was made by Mrs. Ernestine 11 from 4 to 6 p.m., in the ii i Leon McCrlmager, 1283 ,
home of Mrs Sadie Williams, Eugene Haywood Hunter, 2536 W. 32nd St., 21 and Margaret
Thompson Wade and Jessie L. Wade. 805 Line St. Prizes will be tt Woodland St., 33 and Mildred Coleman, 1122 W. 31st St., 18.Willie Earl Underwood, 735
The bride-elect a graduate of Edward given fur the prettiest hats. Rebecca Robinson, 1020 W,17th Spearing Lane, 19 and JanetteMarie
Waters College is presently working st., 38. David Ronnie Way, 1335 Florida Green, 3015 Phoenix
toward the Master's' Degree at Florida A&M ttt Ave., 20 and Jacquelyn Miriam Ave., 20.Harcourt.
She is employed by the Duval Donald Deon McKelver, 736 Williams, 554 W. 17th St., 19.
University. Rev. Mrs. Alberta Zanders Court E., 19 and Emma Jean Garfield Pottier Jr.,
county Board of Public Instruction.. will sponsor a Musical Tea Graham, 917 W. Church St.,18. Claude Barner, 4827 W, Vir5721 Bree Rd., 23 and Carolyn
Mr. .'Palmer ; also a teacher in Duval Sept. 11 from 4 to 6 p.m.;, in ginia Ave., 29and.Leatro.B. Elizabeth Brown, 4949 Halls ,,
County, is a graduate of FAMU. St. Paul AME Church.Featured m"Y' Arthur Lee CUJlam, Bridge- Powell 7927 Mattox Ave., 22. Dr., 19. -
will be Choir 2 Grant Memorial I

............ AME Church and Mrs.
Virginia Martin will serve as ..._.........."MI"/N.........fYM.....-IN-I.'."'" ....MI .......,..IMcam.....1LJ .....
Renne Diane Lewis, Josephine Bronson narrator. The program is being '
and Laura Ann Williams were recipients of sponsored for the benefit of ;?

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's annual Women's Day. t'

scholarships.Miss CM. dJ;"

Lewis a recent graduate of New .
Stanton High School i s the daughter of A Fall Fashion Tea will be :
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Lewis of 1211 West sponsored by the Young Women 4
of Allen at Mt. Morlah AME
10th Street. She will enter Fisk University Church Sept. 11 from 4 to 6 ...;
i this I fa II p.m. The latest fashions for (,
Miss Bronson the daughter of Mrs. Addle fall and winter will be featured. :- \' c

Bronson of 1211 Florida Avenue Is a .I _

graduate of Matthew W. Gilbert High tttt 4.:. "'J'", ." _
School. She will enroll in Knoxville ,.,;.". "1"
College this weekend. District 1 of Greater Mt.Olive i t.: ,,,<, .t(.i : ; P'p e
Baptist Church will sponsor a Ij .
Miss Williams the daughter of Mr. and Musical Tea Sunday at 3 p.m., JIf..., ." ,' '{., II: ,
.. fa
.. ,,' : ..L __J I y >
Mrs. Lawrence Williams, Sr. of 253U Doby la the church auditorium.
Street will I I attend Hampton Institute.She The participants are: 12th Miss Helen" Pough of I IW4 W. 9th Street l1./

is a graduate of William Raines High Hour Nadine Prayer Lewis Band Mrs. 2 Mildred, Miss daughter of Mr', ana Mrs. Augustus Pough

School. Jones, Gospel Chorus Mrs. became the bride of Cornelius Shields.Mr. .
Lola Webb, Mrs Malvlna Shields of 1571 McConihe St. is the Iris r
...ttttt. Wright Geraldine Austin, Mrs. son of Mrs. Juanita Shields. The weddingwas

Miss Myrtle Ford, of 2168 College Circl ? Willie Mae Scbiggs, Willie MaeDavie held in Second Baptist Church. Rev.J. .
Deacon Albert
received the Master's Degree in Healthand Mrs. Annie L. Miller and Rev. C. Sams officiating.

Physical education from the Univer- C. L. Telfalr. +

sity of Houston. Graduation exercises

were held last Friday. _____ WieserP NAACP To Hold M eeting ScheduledGateway '

Barracks 3131,World r
i "Freedom Banquet"The War I Veterans, will meet Saturday -
.x p rc Titt at 2 p.m., in Joe H.
James Center.
111 ; Planning Committee of The captains will give Information -
the Jacksonville Branch about business on the hi\\T
National Association for the agenda. Members of the color-
Advancement of Colored People bearers, firing squad and
has announced that the annual officers are to be in attendance. ,
"Freedom Banquet" will be The Ways and Means Com-
held Sept. 2 at 7:45: p.m., in mittee of the Ladle Auxiliarywill f :,,'
ttetacx/ the Mayflower Hotel ballroom. sponsor its Labor Day '\ ,,;, M..9
i 0./r
.# Charles Evers, NAACP field dinners Monday throughout the f
director for the State of Mississippi day at the home of the president I
r will be the speaker. Mrs. Elnora Hemby, 1863 ii".Ar
., ill tkit tw.k'. S..f..dD..ey.
!II"t,9IIw. /.r ltMtlit'ttri. _w_ 'MhI J
o..vi.rRED C __
CHANNEL BASS to School Specials. You'll go better refreshed with ice-cold Coca-Cola.

Coke has the taste you never get tired of. Always refreshing.That's

SPANISH MACKEREL African Specializing Bush. In Permanent t why things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke.

r.. W.Iht W.l.h.sFLOUNDER
For the latest In High Fashion
LB.WHii Winner of the Baby Contest, and personalized cut and style
sponsored by Home Mission for wigs, wlglets braid, etc.,
Society 12 of Mt.Ararat Baptist
the "In" hairpiece that gives
Church was Victor Brown son 4 ..hlngtgOCoke!!
G ,ou a new, beautiful hair style. .,
33' of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Brown. bettert1
odd. M .&. I
RED A..ew.. CROAKERS LB. H' ii1

Friendship) Primitive JUANITA'SBEAUTY ft*

Slates Women's Dai r SALON .

Women's Day will observed 5506 Ave. B
FANCY FIASM-MISM-MOXIN Oct. 23 in Friendship Primitive See Jacksonville's award
MULLET ROE SRTCS I >" 89'; Baptist Church with Mrs. At 45th Street winner consultant and stylist

DN.,.. wtoofiuf .-..... toM. MM* e/. Leister Smith as chairman and loWed under tile authority of TIM Coca-CoU Company on Jacksonville Coca-Cola Bottling Company
chairman.Mrs. Rosa Mae Anderson, co- Pbone 7653307 Mrs. Etfu B. Calhu II I I

fJ 1 t


. m
..'' .. .. p .. ,.. .. !' ,


I St. Gabriel Episcopal Church To Be Dedicated Sunday By Bishop West I


MINIJTES. Celebrates, Silver Anniversary Bishop To Dedicate St. Gabriel

TWO ___.__._____._._......_... n______ -

///#/ THE BIBLE And Hold Confirmation Rites
Hill KXII" *( Dedication of St. Gabriel Episcopal Church which was established
l CHICAGO IUINOII *OMDISCIPLES \I I I1 to serve the northwest Jacksonville area will beheld
Sunday, Sept. 3 at 11 a.m. with the Rt. Rev. Hamilton
West. Bishop of Florida performing the rites.St. .
AND APOSTLES"And -Gabriel which is BOW the dedication of the Sunday
located at 5220 Moncrief Rd., School building and a newly.
,, when it wn day, He called long list of Old Testament prophets between Richardson Rd. and erected red-wood rectory
unto Him Hit disciple; and of we find Samuel,a young lad,saying: Soutel Dr. was founded about which provides all modern
them He those twelve, whom also "Speak Lori, for Thy tenant Iuo,. I ? i'_ conveniences for the Priest.
He named apodtet" (Luke 6:13)). ,,"" (I Sam. 3-9): ). : In-Charge.

Many people fail to distinguish Before we can do or say anythingfor ,, t Y w, In addition to the dedicatory
between our Lord'i diKiple and Cod then we must listen to J ceremony, another highlight of
Hit apostlet. They suppose they God This explains why the reading Sunday's services at St.
are the tame This It incorrect, and study of'the Word of God Gabriel will be Confirmation
nor i '
however, for our Lord had a mul- is so Important. t Rites which will be also per.
titude of disciples while He had First, salvation itself comes by formed by Bishop>> West.
only a few apostle Hit apostles hearing and believing God's Word The Confirmation Rites is one
especially about Christ, and His
were chosen from among Hia di- l
ciplea..n we learn from the above death for bur sins. Rom. lp:17
passage from Luke's gcwpelAdiKipleUaoUotivr says "Faith cometh by hearing, y'r iI ;'
; an apostle and hearing by the Word of God," -. -
is a "lent one" A disciple is a and I Pet. 1:23: "Being born again, .
learner: an apostle is a I Itacker. not corruptible seed but of incorruptible i
There is a great lesson here for us by the Word of God, i J ;&
all to learn. which liveth and abideth forever" ,
\Ve must costa before we can fa Then, having been saved, we can .
We must follow before we can be serve God acceptably only by dili- .... Iill'U '
tent We must'learn before we can I i gent study of His Word. Perhapsthe .
4'''. We must listen to she Lori most important passage in the : .\,.\ 3 years ago by a small groupof ."
before we can speak for tin Lord Bible on this subject: is II Tim. 2:13: Jazoos who held their early .
"Thus saith the Lord," was the Study to show thyself approvedunto V services at Bland's Funeral .
familiar phrase with which the Old God; a workman that needethnot + .. Home Services were conductedby
.Testament prophets began their be ashamed, rightly dividing 'f. ". "" :.\;v Rev T. Vincent Harris who
messages. But at th# head of the the Word of Truth." to' ,;, .. 'p" serves as Priest-In-Charge
+ ,..'II. with Eric 0. Simpson as the
!: : f I appointed Lay Reader.
I CALENDAR EVENTSLABOR I. : \; A year after the founding of
the church, more than seven
I. .. .. : of the most impressive
." .,. '. : v. acres were acquired to house rituau
DAY MUSICALA of the pastor's anniversary, Lett' H Ii .. .H.'.. ... ,......<....": .'.iii..1.... :' the new church which then held In the Church which marks
and sponsored by Mr M.Moss. -' but Its bringing in to membership in
s. Its services in a barn
Labor Day musical program The 25th silver anniversary of Rev. & Mrs. to right are: Fred Ebron, Mrs. Patricia members went to work to remodel St. Gabriel several Jaions
"111 be presented Monte nightin #/### A. J. Hughes was held In their home 1239 Ebron Rev. J. C. Sams, Mrs. Claryce the building Into a suit- who are about to embrace the

the House of God, SS&tsfc Oakley Street July 30. Shown from left Hughes and Rev. A. J. Hughes. able place of worship.The Faith after a period attendanceand
Christ. Mrs. Bertha Harris and the_ ceremony will also mark study of the concept of the
The participants include: Harris Singers will render a Episcopal Church
Crews Singers, Singing Wonders recital Friday at 8 p.m., in -
Voices of Jerusalem, Greater New Mt. Olive Baptist M rs. A. B. Shehee Greater Mt.Pleasant
Queens of Harmony, Excelsior Church, sponsored by District
Singers, Mrs. Eloise Robinson, I. I -- CHURCH NEWS I Calls Senior YPD Slates Youth Day
Mrs. Annie Route, Choirs 1, 2,
Thelmarettes, Octavettes,Mrs. #/#*# Youth Day will be observed
Matilda Alllen and Mrs. Ruth -- For M eel, Sept. 10H h I Sunday in Greater Mt. Pleasant
Fedd. The Soul Revivers will be Baptist Church, beginning with
Mrs. Alma Whitley will be presented In an after service MACEDONIA BAPTIST conduct its meeting at the usual hour. Wednesday at 5:30: p.m.. Mrs. Ablate B. Shehee, presI- the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.,
Mistress of Ceremonies. The program Sunday at 9 p.m., in Services Sunday in Macedonia Baptist Church will begin with Choir 2 will rehearse and at 7 p.m., Choir 1 rehearses dent of the East Florida Con- with Miss Melvin Swails as
program is being sponsored Queen Esther Church of God the Sunday School at '9:30 a.m., with Deacon John Singleton im EPHESIAN BAPTIST ference Branch, has called all guest superintendent. Charles
by Mrs. Viola Stewart. in Unity, 1747 McQuade Street. charge. Choirs 1 and 3 and Usher Board 1 will serve with Mrs. Services Sunday in Ephesian Baptist Church begin with the senior and YPD missionariesto Lawrence will be guest secre-
HIli Other talent in the city will Hattie Bess at the organ.At 6pm.,the Holy Communion service Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., with Superintendent W. J. White in meet Sept. 10 at 10:30: a.ra., tary and the teachers are:Miss
participate also. will begin with Rev. J. C. Rogers, pastor, in charge charge. Rev. W, L. Bell, pastor, will review the lesson. Morn- In New Bethel AME Church. Daisy Brown, Miss Susie It,
ST. PAUL PENTECOSTAL ing service at 11 o'clock, and the Holy Communion will be
Henry Miss Helen Jones
Mrs. Fannie Foster Mr.Le- ,
SUNRISE GOSPEL: Paul Pentecostal Church services with the administered at 3 with the Wednesdayat
H" St. Sunday begin p.m., pastor presiding. Jones and Mrs. Leona Robert L. Mitchell, Miss Charlotte
RENDER RECITAL Sunday School at 10:30: a.m. Morning service at 12 o'clock, and 7:30 p.m., prayer meeting will beheld.Thursday, 7:30 p.m., nora Daniels chairman will Roberts and Miss
: Rev. R. L. Lambert and the at 7 p.m., the Young People's) Hour will convene. Evening Choir 1 will meet for rehearsal. Fellowship services will be meet with, area their members, in Catherine Coachman. Miss hi.
fcwill: The Sunrise Gospel Singers Celestial Singers of Brunswick, service begins at 8 o'clock with Minister L. Warley in charge. held Sept. 11 at 3 p.m., Murchison Temple CME Church with business session. Swails will review the lesson
be presented in a recital a
Ga., will render a Pastoral Day will also be observed. Ephesian in charge. ,
program Louis Ames
Williams and
r All' 'committee
; Sunday at 8 p.m., in First standing
r Monday at 8:30 p.m., in First chairmen will make Jones will conduct the devotionat
Jerusalem Church in reports.
Baptist Born Temple, 825 W. MonroeSt. Pastoral Day will be observed Sunday in the House of God, Services Sunday in United Baptist Church will begin with the
11 a.m and Miss Jessie Mae
of Men's celebration. The chairmen Mrs.
Interest the Day The program is being spon- 1725 W. 28th St., beginning with the Sunday School at 10 a.m., Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. The lesson will be continued from are:
Moore is Mistress of Cere
Deacon D.
I John Seymon sored by Mrs. Rosetta Cohen. with Superintendent E. L. Bonapart in charge. Elder J. M. the commandments topic is, "Speak the Truth in Love," Simpson, Mrs. Daniels M. King, monies. William Scott will be
i il! is sponsor. Tarver pastor, will review the lesson "Murmuring Discourage and will be reviewed by Rev. W. Smith, pastor. Deacon James Mrs. Mrs. the speaker and Henry Scott
Scholarship Day Set ." Morning service at 12 o'clockwith Mrs.E. Williams Sapp will conduct the devotion at 11 a.m. 3 will sing. Juanita Johnson, Mrs. Ophelia
!I' #### deliver Julia and Robert Mitchell, soloists.
in charge of the devotion. At 3 p.m., the Lord's Supper and Rev. Samuel Allen, assistant pastor, will the message. Toston, Mrs. Tanner,
Miss Eloise will be
Ii At Friendship Church Feet Washing will be administered by the pastor. Usher Board Lunch will be served at 1 p.m. At 230p.m., the Holy Mrs. Sophia Cook, Mrs. Ethel McK1Ught
the at 3 and
A gospel program will be ren- 1 will serve Prayer service will be held Tuesday night and Communion service will begin. Choirs 1 and 2 will render the Boule, Mrs. Wilhelmlna speaker p.m.,
t dred Sept. 18 in Second Baptist Scholarship, Day has been Tarry service Friday night music and the Rev. Mr. Smith will deliver the sermon and Skinner, Mrs.C.D.AkeryMrs.Lenora Charles Lawrence and CharlieL.
;! Church, 1542 Pasco St. scheduled for Sunday in West SAINT MATTHEW Administer the communion Tuesday at 7:30: p.m., Bible study Jones, Mrs. A. H. Boatwright will have chargeof
,: The participants will Include: Friendship Baptist Church by Thorpe and Mrs. M. H. Jones. the devotion.
'I I Services Sunday in Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church begin will be held. Prayer meeting will begin at 8 p.m.
Sunbeam Gospel Singers, Excelsior the Board of Education. with the Sunday School at 9:45: a.m., with Superintendent W. J. ST. PETER BAPTIST
Gospel Singers,Thomas According to Miss Queen E. Nathan in charge The pastor will review the lesson. Morning Services Sunday in St. Peter Baptist Church with the Sunday
Singers, Mrs.Thelma Edwards, Jenkins, chairman, a program service at 11 o'clock and the Holy Communion service at 5 School at 9:30: a.m. Rev. E. M. Tolbert, pastor, will reviewthe Tout Attention Please..This Message could be of great
and the Thelmarettes and will be presented at 3:30: p.m., p.m. AU choirs and ushers will serve.Prayer meeting and Bible lesson. At a.m., morning service begins and 3 p.m., Holy importance to you. KAY STAR Nationally known Palmist and
others. at the church, with Mayor LouisH. study will be held Tuesday night. The Christian Aid Club will Communion service begins. The evening service begins at 7.30 Life Advisor has now locatedIn \\vr/\ _
The program is in interest Ritter as speaker. o'clock. The pastor will preach for the services the Jacksonville area. KAY
Dual Day Event Set STAR has changed the life of 1:2"/
NEW HOPE AME thousands of troubled people ;:;
Now: At New JerusalemDual The Holy Communion will be administered Sunday in New throughout the U. S. KAY STAR.; '
4 Location Hope! AME Church during the morning and evening services, helps solve problems such as- i ,
to Serve You Day will be observed according to Rev. Z. L. Tyrus, pastor. Love Courtship Marriage,' :(1'
Sept. 11 in Greater New Jerusalem The Rev. Mr. Tyrus will also deliver the sermons, and Helping you gain the one you, 11 :
3118 Edgewood Ave. W. Baptist Church, beginning Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will serve love. KAY STAR gives you l.. 1
with the Sunday Schoolat Sunday School begins at 9:30: a.m., with James Brewer in Lucky Numbers & days. KAY
A 3701 EMERSON 9:30 a.m., with Mrs. Marie charge Morning service at 11 o'clock and ACE League at STAR restores lost nature and I, \'
Walker as guest superintendent. !5 5 Evening service begins at 6 o'clock.
p.m. you see results in Just one visit.< A '
830 CASSAT AVE. Mrs. Louise Shepard will review Monday night, Choir 1 win meet for rehearsal. Tuesday at All work in private & confidential U 11 l
'ifL-Lij the lesson. The teachersare 7 p.m., teachers meeting. 8 p.m., official board meeting.All KAY STAR guarantees her wore to be superior to any
\ 1824 WEST BEAVER : Mrs. Marie Griffin, Mrs. boards are to make written reports. Reader you have ever visited. Come see this gifted Lady today.
Hannah Holman, Mrs. Maggie the choir will rehearse. Choirs 1, 2, and
Saturday, youth No matter what your trouble may be she can and will help you.
Hodge and Mrs. Jessie Ellis. Usher Boards 1 and 2 have been asked to accompany the
OP[ N ALL DAY MONDAY Tomorrow may be too late. Remember the address: i
Mrs Larry Shepard will give pastor to Allen Chapel AME Church Thursday at 8 p.m

LABOR DAY the Other observation.participants are: Mrs. 5737 NEW KINGS ROADU.S.

.' Rosa Lee Campbell, Mrs.Mary Gospel Warhorse

f ALL PRICES GOOD THROUGH LABOR DAY Spence Mrs. N., Jackson Mrs. ,Mary Mrs. Mobley Myrtice, #1 North of Jacksonville, Fla.

Shootes, Mrs. Janie Hooks, Slates Anniversary
Look For The Sifn
r SMALL, MEATY Mrs. Mattie Jackson,Mrs. Dora jAVUN a%
Washington, Mrs. Alberta Reid,
Mrs Frances Morgan, Mrs. Essie Mae Thomas, "Gospel KAY STAR
Cornelius Scott, Mrs. Norma Warhorse," will observe her
BARf 40clb. Brooks, Mrs. Gertrude Moses. anniversary Sept. 11 at 8:30
s p.m., in the Educational Building -

YOUR PICTURES Church.of Mt. Ararat Baptist

The participants are: Rev. H. REMODELING & REPAIRS
PUBLISHED FREE L. Herod, Mrs Gussie Paige
Gray, Mrs. Irene Williams, YOU CAN AFFORD

: : FRYERS 25c Call The FLORIDA STAR Specials Citywide, Sunbeam Hostess Club GospelSing, Bivens.

ers, Echoettes, Gospel
lb. PhotographerTo Trotters, Voices of Jerusalem,
Deacon A. Ellington and
Singers of Palatka,Robert Prater -
VELDA ICEMILK Heavenly Fire Gospel
SAVE Cover Your Singers, Bertha Harris Singers, QUALITY WORK AT REASONABLE PRICES
Bibleway Gospel Singers, Pen- ROOM ADDITIONS
: PLENTY 39 Church Events Teas Banquets tecostal Singers, Andrew KITCHEN REMODELING
: McCall and Singers, Travelling BATH REMODELING
Stars, Mrs. Bernice Staten, PLASTERING & STUCCO
Weddings, Fraternal Meetings, Mrs Ruth Valdes. BLOCK & BRICK WORK
Also Mrs. Morlah Brown, CONCRETE WORK
STAR ASSORTED | Social Events Birthday 'Parties Golden Jubilees, Mrs. Mary ROOFING
00 Nealey l Sunnyrose Singers, NO DOWN PAYMENT
I 41SMOKED 1 Celestial Gospel Singers, Sun-
.. .
LUNCHEON MEATS c.e.o FREE OF CHARGE rise Female Singers, Trinity YEARS TO PAY

Baptist Choir,Singing Wonders, Cell 388-4524
Call 2 Days In Advance 01 Event Sammie Henderson, Starlight ___
Singers, Austin Twins, Thelmarettes :

am A C Phone 3546782 From 9am To 6pm. heavenly, Echoes Matthew,G Excelsior, McCoy, ,t MET: BUILDERS, INC.

APICNICS41 Singers, Choirs 3, 4B,Mt.Ararat ACIONvt L', f A, ,
NOTE. YOU Voices of Faith Choirs rll f"I'' .' ,
1,2,Mt.Ararat;Gospel Echoes,
FOR YOUR SCRAPBOOK Thomas Singers, Octavettes,
HE KEN mm an m MIT TV CHANNEL 4 Lttlmore Singers and others.

it }J. ._ 'tv: i. (1',
.. ..
-- "---


Accused Chicago Of Officials Ignoring U.S. I Industry EDUCATION The American Way trlth Wool Story Hour For The Fischer Quints j I IThi

Selller, DuSable Seeks Negros ROUNDUP

Association can-American Heritage For Top Posts Adam Clayton Powell (D-N. Y) k
has charted that has charged that "racially distorted -
city officials have\ failed to letup and offensive textbooks
( )
Big J
an appropriate monument American and biased library books"
to the city's first settler, Jean industry" definitely depict minority group "solely
seeking capable and productive
Baptiste Polnte Du Sable. In an inferior or subjugated
Du Sable, a lay Catholic position" Even
was executive and worse, they
of managementaltlons p
Ignore minority groups altogether -
said Dr.Felton G.Clark
The association also accused he added "The world
president, Southern University, r.rI'r.
the Chicago Catholic archdiocese of 'Look Jane Look'
as he returned from Washing usually ,
of falling to support efforts ton university conference 1s a white suburban world," t
to have the Vatican honor Du U. S. Education Commissioner I
recently held in St. Lou...
Sable. The Harold H told a House Education -
meeting, called by Schoolsof
According to the association, Business of four Midwestern subcommittee looking into 1o
"prominent Catholic citizensof universities heard representatives racially misleading textbooks.
St. Charles (Mo.) where Du of the universities "What relevance doe this

Sable died, have sought postmortem a plan for a subsidized propose one anda scene have to the child of the _.... .._ .
.-.. .. "
honors for Du Sable half to two year tra1nJng'pr city whose mother works outside 0 -- ----.r; :; ';" "1fIr-L.; &':211

The .ffs..hilt' 'elected re- gram In business, leading the home, whose yard >ain ...... '. 11"'P""I/
presentatives' of the Afro- the street?" "IVI' m" ..11 F .Dull moil ..f 11ur.hfirld. VM-.. ..Inn.! 'r of ibi
American to a graduate degree in business 113.000 lirtl irl/i In I'''.' llonli l/NNI.| < >'. "H-rh.
community" and administration, which would Qulnl !S..i.(..,.IIII....," dlliahlthr funtoiK 'I"inl.ompim will
prominent Negro Catholics also take young but mature Negroes FIRST TESTMONTGOMERY L rhMiio.. II. /i.it..d' with II..- \n.lriH. J. .....In.r' |funiilt. In hIN nur.er'rlrrn.'
are responsible for the failureto of intellectual promise and Ala. -(NPI)- s. D.. rrr.lxd' hi. prier and lli.n' rrporlnl' fur ad|"HII.....| Iruinlnc wl
recognize Du Sable's role pre Alabama legislators made their the C.: S. \,,,,.'. End. urWlrr ...1..1,1| | H. H.HM). '"lixii., shurln
in: Chicago's history the pare them for immediate entry state the first testing groundof In tin-rnj.iMii.nl nf 1,1. .lor, mi-. .rlorlu... 'I,.. Hhi.,. J Jlniin.
association -
to high level business careers. Murvnn.. <:ulln. Mumlo and. "Iurldr.Private ,
said. Theory would be balanced with desegregation guidelines .
IH'lz' In the lam den Foods Coin.a
The association proclaimed Issued by the U. S. Departmentof Lowell! r Dallman, '
Au;;. :;Sept 3 as Du Sable practice during by internship the summer in business Health, Education, and Wel- field trainee artillery at the'hoo't'. S' .at Aimy'i Foil {lupplets| Ser>steakt'chcr' Quln.

Kfem. social: bill the "ThVof RI fret prize' In the contest slm.M..yh .
and educational defying guidelines. Senate ,
programs from the higher level, t ? l1'is.| hrvonfn... ply by .nclinlC h" name! and'
to honor him. Du Sable predominantly Negro colleges. approval was expected: coats address, to tiw ranpuny.e' .
died Aug. 29, 1818 in St. Faculty representatives at shortly. The bill would declarethe 0 0 (

Charles, Mo. these colleges would be offereda guidelines illegal and all and
The association quoted Cov. subsidized summer seminar compliance forms already \ \ 0
Otto Kerner as urging the es- at the universities to be sure signed by school boards void,
A tablishment of a public monument that they too will be familiar while establishing the legislature \ suitsgrace
r In Grant t Park "to with latest trends In the executive and the governor as a com \c \
Chicago's first resident. and management fieldsof missions to take over
business. negotiations on guidelines for lt
DuBois Clubs The Southern University pre- any school board voting to give o .

sident stated that the group- up its own authority. -=-

Linked WithCommunists consisting of t three college NOT SO OKOKLAHOMA ; thee
presidents, seven government
officials, three foundation executives -
Mrs Penlnah S. McLaurin, the American
six Industry officials
first Negro to seek admissionto 1 i
MOSCOW seven "human relations l'
-(NPi>- The head of specialists" -
any university south of the
and about 20
the Communist general
Party in the Mason-Dixon line, has died at e
United States has Identified the university administrators and "
age 74. Mrs. McLaurin
W. E. B. DuBois teachers-was exceedingly
clubs as having tried to enter the Universityof
Communist theorlcal pleased about the conference,
: sympathy
both la Oklahoma In 1923, but was .
and mem'wrship link. terms of Its motives
and Its denied admission. Her husband, .I s
The clubs, a youth organization possibilities.
George, was orderly admittedby Sea11 '
He commented that it was not :'
are named after the
the U. S. Supreme Court in
late, great Negro; scholar and another "do good" meeting but
1948. The historic
an honest effort to involve 4n' ruling event- a111se
Dr. W. E. B. DuBois. ually resulted In the abolitionof
untapped reservoir of human
Describing the clubs' connection the !
resources to meet a need in "separate but equal"doctrine.
with Communism was Gus '
Hall, recognized as the head American Industry and 'rit, ,

of the U, S. party who is vacationing American life. WAR ON WALLACE i 'hEI t I 1
In Russia. He added, "Big business does r pPi
Ala. -NP-
not invest in
In an interview; Hall told the $4,000 scholarships Alabama educators have declared -
and fellowships and ask
Komsomolslaya Pravda, a
war on Gov. George
our great universities to Inaugurate
publication of the Soviet Youth Wallace's efforts to keep the
Organization: "Quite naturally special programs Just state's schools
"'e have the closest ties with for the fun of the matter. It sidestepping desegregated
always looks for returns." desegregation
the DuBois clubs since they guidelines Dr. Robert
L.Saun- 4
It Is expected that at a near-
occupy a Marxist position.Manyof ders
president, Alabama
future date, Uni-
the members of the DuBois Education Association
versity will make a specific said his ,
clubs have Joined our party. organization, would light. the&overDor's ..
announcement relatine to the ..
The DuBois clubs, named by _' r
plan with all Its "I-H
finalizing cf the '-h. ,
plans !
the' Justice Department last I nu
resources. Representatives of
year as subversive organizations considered the University of ,Alama and i
are said to be Auburn University Joined IliuMU 0 SWUM CO'tlM,M V youMCiTyeuotovusdi+ tt modi.t) 4rYNNUfI1LSPgiis,

opposed to the Viet Nam war, Weaver, YoungTo In criticizing the governor's

Concerning the war, Hall said: proposals Anti White Feelings
"There is no military hysteria Address Confab ,
in the U. S. A., such as there Powell Aide

was, for instance, during the WASHINGTON -(NPIRobert Baptists To Study I
Korean War. It Isn't so simpleto C. Weaver, secretary of the

come out in the United U. S. Department of Housingand Calls ProbeA DALLAS, Tex. -(NPI)- Some II
States against the peace move- Urban Development, and 15,000 delegates to the 86th
ment as it was In those years." Whitney,Young Jr.,executive Witchhunt national conclave of the National
"But at the same time," he director of the National Urban Baptist Convention, USA, I KETS

added, "it isn't so easy for League, will be speakers at the NEW YORK -(NPI)- Odell Inc., will seek to find out whether SU ER
American youth, which lacks
International Conferenceof
Clark, chief Investigator for the "majority of Negroes
class consciousness, to come Social Work convening In the the House Education and Labor are anti-American and anti-

out against this war Sheraton Park Hotel. Committee headed by white" when they gather Sept. THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EOSEWOOO AYE. B
"In order to take this road, Theme of the conference, to Congressman Adam 6-11.
the Americans have to over- be held from Sept. 4 to 10, will Powell (D-N. Y.) has asked Theme of the convention will
come in their minds the" feeling be "Urban Development-Implications the U. S. Supreme Court to be "United We Stand." Other U.S. GOOD CHUCKROAST
of official: patriotism. "
for Social Welfare halt what be described as a Questions for which answers
"fishing expedition" Into his will be sought are the following .
You Do n't Have To Go To Town To Gets financial affairs by the attorneyof :

a Harlem (N. Y.) widow --Have Negroes turned from 49CFLA.
Powell has been accused of religion en masse?
LOW PRICESDRUG defaming. -Do Negroes appreciate what LB.
Clark also denounced the sub- they are and what they have
poenas served on him at the produced? ''f ,
STORE NEEDS request of Atty.Raymond Rubin, -Are Negroes dedicated to GRADE 'A' "f,'(

representing Mrs. Esther understanding and goodwill?
James, as an Invasion of his Gov. James B. Connally of
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
I' WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL constitutional right to privacy.A Texas and Mayor Erik Jon- DRYERWESSON 29*'
Papers. We Deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescrip Jury had found Powell guilty cam of Dallas were scheduled .
tams of defaming Mrs. James a few to address the convention LB.
years ago on a television pro Dr. J. H. Jackson, presidentof
gram by terming her a "bag the convention,was to deliver
woman" or graft collector for the keynote address
Dixie Pharmacy corrupt New York policemen.A Dr. Jackson has been a staunch
libel Judgment of $162,000 opponent of non-violent and vio- OIL
has been leveled against the lent efforts to obtain 24 OZ.39C'

1302 Kilts Road At Myrtle lieon congressman, who so far had civil rights.Tuskegee.
not paid Mrs. James a penny,

Pines [||ii 5559791 according; to reports
Records of Clark's depositsat PILLSBURY
the Amalgamated Bank of Study

New York City were subpoenaed

PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER after the Investigator and his ;
Peanut Handling
wife had testified in Powell's FLOUR PKG39t

AND TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE behalf in the defamation case.
As the chief investigator for
Powell's committee, Clark U TUSKECEE, Ala.NPI)- .
paid $17,000 a year. He and Tuskegee Institute plans to conduct
Art StudioSTILL his wife share a $66-month research that may result
apartment in Washington,D.C., In ways to improve the design FANCY GRADE 'A' SLICED BREAKFAST BACON IB. 69t
with the congressman. of peanut handling equipmentand
storage facilities

TAKING ississippi Ag conducted The Institute under research a $7,900 being one- U.S. #1 POTATOES 10 IB. BAG 39$

year cooperative agreementwith
INSTANTPICTURES Consultant GoingTo the U. S. Department of

Agriculture.The FFtSH CARROTS ,.LB. PKG 10 4
Viet Farm Aid USDA'c Agricultural Research -
A service will support the
WASHINGTON, D. C. NPI- study with $3,000 plus
I Willle R. Blllock, a young agricultural assistance in planning and con RITZ CANNED DRINK ASSORTED FLAVORS &.12 OZ. CANS 45C
1 extension service ducting the research. Tuskegee
worker, bat volunteered to Institute will furnish the remainder -
teach U. S. farm production of the funds, plus staff 29
skills to farmers In South VietNam and facilities.

NOW LOCATED AT Common varieties of Runner,
Bullock Is an assistant county Spanish, and Virginia peanutsIn
extension agent from Hinds the shell will be used In EAT WELL TUNA.ONOGRAM REG CAN 2U
County Miss
RUSHING'ST.'ME the project.
110 A native of Tylertown, Miss., Tuskegee Institute George
Bullock Is In Washington for Washington Carver Is remembered RICE 5 IB. BAG 59$
special training in tropical as the developer of .
PHONE 3541894 agriculture and the Vietnamese commercial uses for the pea


.4 \ .

---- -- --- -- -

J -




,, t q ''a caw, k1a

--'--' -

SPEL? Pretty Sitting Theatre Wing
Moon Over Miami World Of Books

James Baldwin's stimulating
of IQAMI BEACH Fla. -VUiton who spend a long vacation In TENNIS FOR ANYONE I By play, "Amen Corner" currently
Sieu'n VunJcnbcrg
Dr Louisville Miami Beach will find numerous community activities which SARAH PALFREY; Published being produced at the
the School L'muTMtv of !Medicine hat examined they may participate often at little or no cost. by HAWTHORN BOOKS INC., Hammerman Theater, Parkway

n.tti\e abilities. He found The largest portion of these In Inland lakes and streams. New York; 159 pp. 395. Community Center, Chicago

influenced affairs U associated with the such excellent under the direction of and directed -
lh.it the nient.il .thilitiei most The bay produces An exuberant espousal of the
municipal recreation department fish permit.bone- by G.L.Wallace,strikes
r>' heredity are: I h pa- game cause of tennis is the moat
under the aegis of which mackerel and a respondent chord into the
till. visualization i the a"ililto fish snook obvious characteristic of this
are four community centers of these Negro's constant search for
and structures in weakfish. While some
picture: book. Miss expert
pattern Palfrey an ,
two tennis centers various happiness through his spiritualand
flu.ncIho are seasonal, there Is fishingall
the mind; : vtord : (who has played, taught and
playground parks and three golf temporal life.
anJ the Any day or night,
adults to think' of words use year. championed the cause, explains
courses.In "Amen Corner" may be regarded -
fishermen will be seen along
them,arils| in talking or writing: with sparkling good humor and Baldwln's
addition to these facilities as greatest
the causeway bridges, trying
); numerical abilihParent '" there Is a program at the Miami their luck without boats and an Intelligent,Incisive approach expression through the mediumof

\\ho have had trouble Beach Garden Center. Addedto therefore at no cost. -just why fondness and how for anyone the can s the stage simply because he

the recreation picture of coral reefs and even develop a game. does not protest but states a
\\ith arithmetic: and spelling\ are Nearby One of-the all-time greats
course are the oceanfront parks of shore tragic situation in life's ex
that along certain portions
liVcU to pats on deficiency she more than fulfills the appraisal -
to their children the Catholic for swimming and sunning and line to the south, the skin and of Althea Gibson in parlance
the fishing and boating to be finds It explores in depth three
hand scuba diver fascinating
Digest t finds! On the other the foreword, "Her book, with .
'enjoyed In waters around the conflicting foe s bitterness
abilities undersea life In almost never- t ,
to reason :and remember Its clear presentation of fundamentals -
city. variety. Diving Is sorrow and loneliness. It relates -
)! b\
are not a* stronglyinfluence and sound professional
On the recreation department the account of a
a recreation growing constantly YOIIDCwoman's
heeditand im- outlook
can offers a new
training advice
agenda Is Instruction in bridge In popularity and available to struggle to cause her
prose skill. Dr. Vandenberg man jongg and canasta; In handcrafts all. for any aspiring player bitterness to fade away be serving '
cautious about" the meaning of whether be wishes to be competitive -
including ceramics and others. Her sorrow softens
the word inherited. He says it Is art in all media; in sports 'An Opera Is or not." as she dedicates her time and

not so much the qualities'them\ such as tennis and swimming. life to Jesus and the church*
sel lve ,but the potentiality for developing THE MEANING OF DREAMS She
There Is even a class In music replaces her loneliness with
them that is inherited. appreciation. Normal fee for a Song of a By CALVIN S. HALL, Pub- expressions of love for her
joining a class In any of theseIs lished by son and in training him "10

Sauce for FishPerk $Z, plus the cost of any Size'One York; 242 pp. $2.45. the way of the Lord."

material used.Perhaps Bigly Sister Margaret's (Yolande
fried fi.h filler f.r You can't help becoming Involved -
typical programsIn Bryant) cup of gall came as
Lenten niMli with this piquant of the benefits of in the dream analysis
is fringe
the community centers the result of her husband's
Lrmorn.' Herb Sauce Melt '4 cup the evening schedule at Ocean- being an elementary-school music so thoroughly presented by the paternal neglect which causedthe
butter >r margarine, add 3 tablevni author. Some of the dreams
.;?> RraLrnitirt bottled lemon front auditorium:Sunday social teacher, the Catholic Digest wW remind untimely death of her baby.

fuue I date garlic minced. 3 dance; Monday travel and edu- notes, is the possibility that the figures of those probalby have encoun- She left Luke(Clarence Taylor),

ube! .;p.vru minced panics" tea cational films; Tuesday and next exam will contain a wrong you you an alcoholic and found solaceIn
You'll start
jp,vn meet basil and teaspoon Wednesday social dance; answer that is twice as delightful tered. to recall exercising In orderto rtI the church which she pas-

it! Pour immediatelx user roiled Thursday round dance;Friday, as the right one: your ability tored.In .
out what dream
fish and sere Main about 4 lenmti '- teenage dance; Saturday, concert An opera is a song of a bigly about.find you r this venture she was

-- size.A You'll be intrigued by the various assisted by Sister Moore
In the various parks the vacationer virtuoso is a musician with explanations' given and (Claudia Young), church officers
CANCER finds handball courts real high morals. And I know probably more than a little Sister and Brother Boxer

and equipment for volleyball, what a sextet is but I had rather surprised at what your dreams I (Ella Boozer and Frank Coch-
r shuffleboard, archery and other ran) Odessa (Theodosa Hut-
not say. tell about you. For an intriguing __ ,
games Including chess and When a singer sings he stirs adventure in self- ----.. ....,....- __.. ... cherson), Ida Jackson (Adele

checkers.The up the air and makes it hit any analysis, try reading this definitive Neal), Sister Douglas (Adrian
tennis centers and golf
passing eardrums. But if he Is tome. You won't be Richard), Sister Rice (Billle
courses one of nine holes,
Glibeau) and members Maxine
provide for these sports within good from hurting.he knows how to keep it bored. SITTING PRETTY---A girl looks prettier when she knows how to sit, Brownlee, Alan Smith Marcus

a few blocks of all.hotels and Music sung by two people at ORDER OF BATTLE A Re- Mrs. Janet Winston left, of Esso Research and Engineering com- Nelson, John Hawkins Verne-
apartment buildings.At
the Miami Beach Garden the same time is called a duel. publican's Call to Reason By pany tells Mary Ann Secola, another employee. Mrs. Winston lla Johnson, Candy Hill and

Center workshops are An xylophone is an instrument JACOB K. JAYITS; Publishedby teaches dress and grooming to new employees of the company Tom Duncan.
r ,
used mainly to illustratethe POCKET BOOKS INC., New world's' For a while, her lonelinesswas
scheduled nearly every week largest petroleum research organization. She is a former
filled in the hopeful futureof
York 297 $0,75.Using .
In of such letter X.Pianissimo. ; pp.
some phase design model secretary for Ebony Magazine and beauty contest winner. her son David (Lenard Nor-
as the creation of corsages is a spare word for
rls). .
the traditional hoopla .
or table decorations. For most when you cannot think how to '
that the Republican Party "Is One in Four UiGROWNUPS She performs the roleofSisterMargaret
series of classes there Is a say shhh. Rltardando is the warning
fee of $1 the natural home of political amiBeach Shorts with pious sincerity.
registration plus way of saying look out for
cost of materials where such moderates and progressives in FLOCK Her face was set like a flint as

must be provided by the center. what's up ahead. Tempo is how this country" Sen. Javits propounds BACK TO SCHOOL she decided within her heartto
MIAMI BEACH Fla. Leave it to fishermen to try anythingto do the Lord's will
that only aunified
The center's conservatory,Incidentally fast people are playing when the theory of can catch something. So, a Miami Beach angler's latest is that Last year, 28 million adults- Claudia Young Is a consistently
measuredin sense purpose
Is open dally free they can no longer be fourth
the party from repeating hitherto completely useless-after-using beer can pull tab. one of all Americans over good actress and portrays the
to and features hour. save
miles Refrain meansdon't
ItlIN tNli visitors among per the debacle of the 1964 elec Threading one on a hook, he bagged a couple of blue runners. 21-went back to school, the role of Sister Moore with reality -
its collection of tropical cloud do it! A refrain in music is Catholic]
suuzmaMIAMI Digest reports. For Her delivery flows in the
forest plants to a house number that that part you better not try to tions.He maintains in this BEACH, Fla. Times, customs and laws charge many the classroom was a quiet rhythm of a lady preacher. Her

'are adaptable growth sing.Probably interesting and reasonable account On the early Florida statues was one that required men place in their own homes. expression and motion bore the
In northern residences
particularly the most marvelous that the ultraconservative enlisted in the military to have written permission from their Two invaluable lists explain characteristics of the "Sancti-
fugue was the one between the commanding officer to buy beer or whisky ing accredited fied" when
extremist elements are university extension person they speak
I With Biscayne Bay on one side Hatfields and the McCoys.My .. ........ and the of the
well name Holy Ghost.
well financed and home-study courses
: and the Atlantic the
on other ,
favorite composer is Opus. MIAMI BEACH Fla. More than 200 network television A Clarence
''U Is natural that Miami organized. He predicts they will are: Guide to Correspondence Taylor, as Luke,has
WMBMSpotlight Beach residents and many visitors My very best-liked piece is the attempt to gain complete control commercials are shot in the Miami Beach area every year. Study In Colleges and Universities the appearance of a man whose

I turn to boating, fishing and Bronze Lullaby. of the Republican Party Greater Miami studios also are scheduled to rpoduce a dozen available for'50* from the days are numbered.With effort,
Aaron Copland is one of our movies in the next three years, along with several television and
ProductOf skin diving for much of their and that If they do, they will National University Extension coughing a strong desireto

recreation. most famous contemporary com not only wreck the party, but series. Association 122 Social Science be understood, he capturesthe

Outboards be posers. It is unusual to be con the two-party system as well. xmmmt Building University of Minnesota heart of his son.
may operated
The Week within the protected waters of temporary. Most composersdon't The Senator urges political MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -Although the Seminole Indians never Minneapolis 55455; Directory When Lenard Norris interpre-

the bay with no more risk than live until they are dead. moderates and' progressives to signed a peace treaty with the United States when hostilities of Accredited Private Home tates a youth torn between

Miami Beethoven wrote music even demonstrate their determination ended some 125 years ago and therefore still are officially Study Schools parental emotional conflict, the

Florida though he was deaf. He was so to bring the party back at war, they recently signed a treaty of another variety. It from the National available Home free excitement of the world and his
leases 10 acres on a reservation a few miles from Miami, Study
deaf he wrote loud music. He to Its honorable traditions and avowed responsibility the
"- nominate "a candidate with a Beach to an electronics firm, which will build a plant and Council 1601.18th St. N.W., Inflections of his voice and
| took long walks In the forest
Washington, D. C. 20009.
employ about 100 Indians.
I even when everybody was calling truly national and International actions show tense emotions.

|i,| him. I gum he could not outlook, a candidate who movesIn Keep freedom In your future with

WAMIDIAL : I hear so good. Beethoven expiredin the great tradition of Republican Ynl Brymier Becomes

I this.1827 and later died from progressivism matters !in and domestic U. S. SAVINGS BONDS

I bipartisanship in matters of NAACP life Member
foreign policy; and always 1 ,

within the framework of national -

Symbol DegradingTo interest." The book,first HOLLYWOOD. Calif. Yul who are NAACP life members

1260FLORIDA'S published on the eve of the Brynner, the star of "The King include Sammy Davis Jr. and

NegroesCHICAGO Republican National Convention and P' and other Broadway and his family; Miss Marian Anderson -

and later updated to Hollywood productions has ; Count Basle and his wife,

Include both a new first chapterand Joined a growing list of famous Catherine; Harry Belafonte, \

-(NPI)- "Aunt Je- extensive revisions. Is well artists and performers who James Brown, Ossie Davis and '

, mima" has been fired, thanksto worth reading. have become $500 life members Miss Ruby Dee, Fats Domino, ,

the efforts of the American of the National Association for Duke Ellington, Mrs. Burt Lancaster

Federation of Teachers.The Joins Humble Oil the Advancement of Colored Leopold Stokowski, Joe

teachers meeting at the ACCOUNTING'S GAINRobert People> Williams and Miss Teresa a ""

Edgewater Beach Hotel were E. Blount a student leader Announcement of Brynner's Wright iIif'

shocked when they were greetedat and also a wrestling champion membership was made this o

a pancake restaurant in the while attending Morgan State week by Sammy Davis Jr. who, *
hotel by a hostess dressed In the SHORTY$35..
College where he was gradu- earlier this year succeeded
'j Aunt Jemima garb. has the Klvle Kaplan as chairman of MEDALO STYLE #665
ated in 1965. joined I
f ABA The teachers threatened to Accounting Department of Hum- the NAACP Life Membership Help! Help! Help! M.d.le..., .ompt.t'H." 1,1.IIh."o'.d.,WI...C..IOI H.1f c.p..1

1 1RHYTHM picket the shop unless it discarded ble Oil Refining Company Committee A recent addition and oltochnwnti lend "IT* .nd'

icnDIO its Aunt Jemima costume in Baltimore, Maryland. He to the 36-member committeeis Rev. Raoseielt Frnklii Of .Hbu..4.... J u.l II'.wrlto.GolMoJol rearS. FREE: upor

and made firm returns to the city where he the well-known ABC-TV I Waturelly AeaJthy Normal 'Hair Holt .Prod.. Inc.

I commitments to allow workersto attended college also his wife's newscaster, Mal Goode, who ton, 6a. agcrJ.from SCALP.the The HAIR cendltloa ROOTS of D.,.. St y. Bklyn IS. N.Y.

organize.The will serve with Dr. George D. Tour hair efun depende ....
home after a year teaching .. ui
; -u.o
Diiin in natural .Ith el
pancake firm agreed to health and physical education Cannon as a vice chairman. Spiritual Healer aealp. Yean HO DOCTOR CAR-

Continued on Page 10 in Neq York State. Other professionals in the arts NOT Inventedmedicated U*
Rev Roosevelt Franklin of Macon formula called CARBONOU

Cia. which beneficial ia mixed..with. l many. prov.en CAK.. ;

& BLUES Divine Spiritual Healer BONOEC la such a drone. power, COMB.; ,
fill anUaepUo and don auch fin*

YOUR PICTURES PUBLISHED FREE and Jesus victory is truly to giving many blessings people1 l work many BUMPY.DOCTORS In DANDRUFF helplnf.r.frd ueupth.i U ITCHY,fclfhly .

problems. SUCCESS CAM BE I n4 lot many
; See write today.I seal trouble*, Many anno?In*
YOURS. or me
RADIO STATION Call The MIAMI STAR Photographer have special message every externally ton* ar. ...cauaed.Ity relieved M., by condi.Muao
of Triple atrenctn Urformula. __
one's in need for. WriU for thla DOCTOR a ;
Last week many many people GKMVIITB SCALP FORMULAfw. r
To Cover Your Church Events Teas Banquets Weddings II will bo ent to you all
were helped by special aUa.d .....
my and ready to USB IT J.i.t ..-b and .....h lo odd *ol.rn
selected Bible reading to Dread FOR t DAYS and II you aro not 1. .. w..h.t. Will not rub off.
aaUtflod, your aton.y back. Pay MOT DY..Ra.l.". ' "WHAMMYIN Fraternal M eelings, Social Events Birthday Parties each weekend If you want .J.'IY. on tf.Uy.ry., 'Thla aa. to tt4 color iradu.llr AVOID
to be delivered quickly,.send Pang .. You got It whf.AJ..11 Bnwh attached IUDDKN for....DYED.."ln( .LOOK.....
$1.00 and aself-addressed envelope dtr.eti.:u. Uat th. flnoM MZD1 .***".. aolllni. rubbing
. FREE OF CHARGE Phone 3771025 Or 6357069 Nights GATED SCALP FORMULA 1.w eotaing. In Plaitla C.... Con
to Rev Roosevelt Frank bo ......
com buy. Your hair and oorrl.d in pock. or .
lJJI 630 Morrow Av,., Macon aoalp.) ....",. fine c... Jutt and Coo*. In oil ....... Black lo
.. Platinum
MIAMI" Please Call 2 Days In Advance Of Event ,Georgia. Phone 743-6473 ett.nd add.PRODUCT to -GOLD INC. ]".1 write, .'.'. ...-. Pay only
: .
8hoopahoa La You will get these special selections .AI 3Si NY. KoTSi THim Men*T bock If not d1 151.4.
NOTE. YOU MAY PURCHASE FOR and Bible verses b) FORMULA' ...1.0. a IM* wlt GoU Model. Heir .Product, I....
YOUR SCRAPBOOK return mall. to* BMnoy ....* .......... D... ant, tWeeklrn. 3$. Now Yertr


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_... .. .... .. -, .- -,-..----.. -- .:. "' ., :: ;: ","-- '---"'-- .

.PJfiF_:_ 1

Explosion Drive WOf'Jd IkoWs-- "MiSS lHg0NM8"NEW n ..:, I Ifa'

Campus NewsEDITOR
Fer MembersMILWAUKEE -
DIgest -
'i f. p .", : ;
of an explosion, Wls.-As ripping a result INTERNATIONALEXODUS By NEGRO PRESS OF SHAW STUDENT NEWSPAPER NAMED ':r. .," f"s.' ..:, ;/

through the NAACP Milwaukee '... ."' './ ';, .
Branch offices recently, the RALEIGH, N. C. Willie Moultrie, a senior coed from r" \. : "
community has rallied: to the LUSAKA -(NPI)- The parting Philadelphia, Pa., has been re-appointed editor of the Shaw : -,
support of the organization of the ways between Zambia University student newspaper, The Shaw Journal, for the ;
more than 100 new applicationsfor and the British Commonwealth 1966-67 academic shcool year. f .

membership, seven ,,these> U expected to occur within a A sociology: major, Miss Moultrie was named editor at midterm .' ::
for $500 Life memberships few months over the issue of during the past school year. Her re-appointment was ", ,
Immediately after the blast, neighboring Rhodesia's insistence announced by John Holley, director of the University's News I J'
Branch President Mrs Bernice upon pursuing an Bureau and advisor of student publications.A .
K. Rose called a press con- independent status without the graduate of Philadelphia's Girls'High School,Miss Moultrie I ,
Terence to assure the media that approval of Britain or black resides with her parents, Mr. and Mrs Henry Moultrie of 4 '
the NAACP has always stood for African within the country. 3704 Baring Street Philadelphia, Pa. >>
law and order, and that there Rhodesia declared Itself Independent At the same time, Holley also announced: the appointment "
would be no retaliatory out- with the white minor of William Lawrence Pollard of Raleigh, N.C.as the Journal's
bursts of violence on the part ity government in power, muchto associate editor.COEDITORS .
of the Negro community following the distress of all other j
the blast.QuadState. Independent African nations. OF SHAW U. YEARBOOK ANNOUNCED !j1
area field director \\1,:

Sidney Finley addressed a mass DRAFT CHANGE RALEIGH, N. C. Two seniors have been appointed as A 'iaj ;
meeting Thursday night,August TEL AVIV -(NPI)-A proposalto editors of Shaw University's 1967 yearbook. The Shaw Bear. k
11, at the C a Iv u y Baptist halt the drafting of women Berlin Patterson of Raleigh, N. C. and Richard Dwight
Church, headed by Wisconsin for military service has been Martin of Corona, Long Island, N. Y. will co-edit the UnIver-
State Conference Pre s 1 d ent made to Premier Levi Eshkol: sity's '67 publication. Their appointment was announced hereby
Rev. Walter Hoard. by Social Affairs Minister Dr. John Holley, student publications' adviser.
It was at this meeting that Joseph Burg, based on the need Miss a sociology major, is a graduate of J. W.
Dr. William Finlayson, wboac- to halt the nation's dwindling Ligon Pattersool Raleigh
cepted position of birth rate. The proposal would Martin, who enrolled at Shaw last year after completing Gibbs
co-chairman of the membership make more women availablefor Junior College in St. Petersburg, Florida, was the stairs
committee right after the explosion earlier marriages, Instead circulation editor and office manager last year
i raised the call for an of taking them out of action
i Immediate membership drive. when the y reach 18 years of SHAW U. TO COMMENCE 101ST YEAR ON OCTOBER 7
I The response was over- age, for 20 months' servicein
whelming.Said the armed forces. RALEIGH, N. C. -The 101st school year at Shaw University
Mrs. A r die Halyard, will commence on Friday, October 7, with the All-College
!treasurer of the Wisconsin State BUSSING FORBIDEEN assembly officially inaugurating the 1966-67 year. President
r Conference of Branches, "This BVANGKOKNPIA crack- James E. Cheek, who Is In his third year as the University's
)campaign membership started down on kissing in broad daylight administrator, will deliver the opening>> address. k
fright after the blast, Instead in public places has been First-year students will begin arriving on campus Sunday,
of Sept. U when it was sched- decreed by the police in an September 18 for a two-week round of orientation events, .
uled." effort to silence complaintsabout placement tests and seminars and social and recreational: -
Mr. Flnley told the assemblage the corruption of morals activities designed to acquaint them with campus life at
I that the FBI,the State Fire Mar- of Thai girls. The corruptionis Shaw University. YORK---Beverley Forrest Miss In- an actress. As part of her prize in In-
shal; *nd the State fire Mar- said to fomented by foreign Highlighting the new students' arrival will be a special genue New York City, gets the giggles as genue Magazine's reader-model search
{Rights Commission are all Investigating soldiers who go a bit farther worship service at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 18, for ,
Mayor John Beverley will be featured
the explosion, and than using the wal- folding the the new students and their parents, followed by dinner in the Lindsay congratulates her on along with the
[that he had received a tele- hand palms together and bowing college dining ball and a reception where the freshmen and winning her title. The 17-year-old, who 15 other finalists from all over the
[gram from Governor War ner traditional Thai greeting,and their parents will meet several key University administrators. lives at 308 Beach 67th Street, Rockaway USA in the teen publication's November
IP. Knowles saying that he "ab- employ hugs and kisses Upperclassmen or returning students will report on Monday, Beach attends the High School of Per- I issue.
horred the bombing and that October S, the day of registration for fall term classes. forming Arts in Manhattan and hopes to be
every effort would be made tofind MOLE CITY Nearly 900 students are expected to be enrolled the opening
I the culprits." MONTREALNPIV A veri- classes which commence on Tuesday. October 4. Some 350
table underground city is In freshmen or new students are expected to be In that total HERSHEY'S
operation>> in the downtown por- enrollment figure. '
Capital FundCampaign tion of Montreal, where peoplecan l"
spend their entire lives DR. DOWDY SELECTED FOR WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA

Set without ever seeing the surface.A SUGAR
system of underground pla- GREENSBORO, N. C. Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, president ofALT
zas, or promenades, 4,500 feel College, is to be listed In the 1967 edition of WHO'S I
For Selma Univ. below the ground, has shops, WHO IN AMERICA. s
cafes, movies, living quarters nil Dowdy, who Joined the ALT College faculty In 1951 as 11
-everything that the surface Instructor In education and director of student teaching, was
(BIRMINGHAM, Ala .{NPI)- dweller finds necessary By elected president of the Institution in April, 1964. In the
A' $100,000 capital fund camIftlgn next spring, 9,000 more feet Interim he served as dean of the School of Education and 5 39C1
for Selma University was of the network is expected to be General Studies, dean of instruction and acting president.A IBS.
IMnounced last week by the in operation.>> graduate of Allen University, be holds the M. A.. degree
ma Baptist State conven- from Indiana State University and the doctorate degree in
sponsor of the famousational EDUCATION GRANT Higher Education Administration from Indiana University. QUANTITY SPECIALS GOOD
i institution NAIROBI - U. J, Robinson, Mobile, Just received a$7 million credit and professional organizations. Dr. Dowdy Is chairman of FOOD PURCHASESOF
';. made the announcement from the International Develop: Public Institutions of Higher Learning in Southern States of
Joint meeting of the con- ment Association (IDA), an affiliate the Southern Association of Colleges add Schools rice presl-; SS'.oo..Of..MORE'"DEL '
lon' executive board and of the World Bank, t oUniversities North Carolina Association of Colleges and
t, strative committee. assists in expending it and a member of the Executive Committee of FOIGER'SCOFFEE
q re are an estimated 480, secondary education r st.m. the Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges MONTE MIX MATCH SALE"FRUIT
w. ,.vva members of the Alabama The project calls for construction
., .r. Robinson said 200 pastors existing general secondary, SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL TOMATO
fare being asked to give or raise technical and teacher traininginstitutions COCKTAIL
[MOO on the campaign. and for purchaseof GREENSBORO, N. C. A scientific paper, produced by a
ICpeciflc target of the funds- needed furniture and equip team of researchers at AliT College has been reproduced in CATSUP
I seising is ment. the current issue of the JOURNAL OF THEEUSHA MITCHELL
campaign to retire GREEN
[Ike mortgage on the auditorium- SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY. 14 02. BOTTLE
Ifrmnaslum and to raise enough Atlanta Hospitals The article, "Utilization of Methionlne by the Adult Rat, X. .' I [8.UeC
Incorporation of Methionlne into Tissue Proteins representsa EANS
Ilioney to take care of the UnI- ,
Ifersltys budget for the Face Deadline progress report on a research study being conducted at the
tmalnder of the college under the sponsorship of the National Institutes of GOLDEN CREAM STYLE 'I
year. NPI
-< )-Eight local EARLY GARDEN
(Selma. backers point out that hospitals have been told to eli Health LIMIT ONE PLEASE
; is an institution offering a minate discrimination Dr. Cecile Hoover Edwards, professor of nutrition and CORN '
'vigourous program liberal 15, or be denied federal by Sept.aid. research, Is senior Investigator on the project. Associatedwith PEASSTEWED NT/OTHER FOOD
ucation in a polth.br1st1a.n The eight hospitalsCrawford her and cooperating in the production of the paper were: 'URCHASES OF S5
Miss Evelyn Gadsden and Curtis Higginbotham, both research
atmosphere, striving W. Jesse
ways to meet the challenge Williams Long, Parker assistants, and Dr. Gerald A.Edwards,professor and chair man VOR MORE
Hughes Spalding,
of the Department of Chemistry
growth, and progress in ang Emory University, Me tendon,
society." St. Joseph 's Infirmary, and
t Dr. J. L. Ware, of Birmlng- Georgia Baptist were Instructed JOHNSON-STORY NUPTIALS TOMATOES
convention general to eliminate 303 CANS
remaining GREENSBORO, N. C. Miss Randolyn An n Johnson of
I needs secretary are, asserted and : "The discrimination In the granting Greensboro, and James Clinton Story of North Chicago, ILL, CRISCOSUGAR
great we must of staff $
[raise $100,000 by Oct. privileges to Negroes were united In holy matrimony here on Saturday, August 20. a
and in the
referral of
31, 1966." members of their staffs. some The evening wedding rites were conducted from the Bennett 4 303 CANS 1 5 fOR 1
College Annie Merner Pfeiffer Chapel at 7:00: o'clock. Rev.
Howard V. Chubbs, pastor of the Greensboro Providence Bap- \
tist Church, officiated at the ceremonies. 3 LB.
The bride, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy R. Johnson 79C 1
of Greensboro, is pursuing studies at Howard University ... .
towards the Master of Science degree In Experimental Psychology .. -
A 1964 graduate of Bennett College, she holds the J
A. B. degree in psychology from that Institution. While a LIMIT 1 PLEASE / ( I
student at Bennett, she was a member of the college choir. iO ( PURCHASES OF
The groom, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Booker T. Hodges of CREEK SMOKED
St. Louis, Mo., Is a neuroendocrinologlst In the Biochemical! ,
Research Department of Abbott Laboratories North Chicago.
A 1963 graduate of Morehouse College, he holds the Master
of Science degree in Endocrinology from Howard University HAM
in the class of 1965. He served briefly at Howard University 4,9 : SWIFT'S BUTTERBALLTURKEYS
as laboratory assistant In zoology. He is a member of the ,
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity
The bride was given in marriage by her father. Her matron I
of honor was Mrs Arnold L. Sultoo Jr., of Washington, D. C. 49
Among the bridesmaids were: Misses Lisa Anderson, Los SHANK PORTION ?
Altos Hills, Calif.; Laura Coleman, Champaign, DL; Margaret
Falkener Washington, D. C.; Rachel Monteith, Columbia, 8 TO 14 LB. AVERAGE
S. C.; Joyce Phelps, Annapolis, Md., and Mrs. Walter T.
Johnson Jr., Newburgb, N. Y.
The groom had as his best man, James Rucker of Chicago.
Serving as ushers were: Messrs. Billy Cole, St. Louis, Mo., LEAN WESTERN SPARE SWIfT'S PREMIUM CAMEOPICNICS
Kenneth Harris, Washington D. C.; Robert Murphy, Newark, $ 99SMIFPS
N. J.; Thomas Washington, Washington, D. C,; Leroy Johnson RIBS
Jr., Greensboro, N. C.; Andrew Brown, St. Louis, Ho.; Issac lB. 59Q 3 1'CAN
Powell, Gary, Ind.; Dr. Joseph M. Epps, Washington, D. C.,
Ally James Hudson, Washington, D. C.; and Lt. Walter T. PREMIUM CHOCK
Johnson Jr., Newburgh N. Y. -


-Invites You To Listen To-
Starting Sept. 1, 8 p'.m.HOSPITAL U.S. NO. 1 1POTATOES




11:30: l tit 12:00: Saturday 9 P.". Bohfea's Collect Of Mule 10 IBS. 39C ,1SATURDAY OLI'I

,1400 WRHC1400 1816 W. 20th Street Registrar El I &.&4&5

(, "
a' t

ve. .. 'lti1 .. .r. i' zs.sa Nfr 1 t, s+ ww..a..VV..r.-


Sports Car Races Majors Pick So Coldly Sweet" I

Sports Parade Begin Saturday Southern U.

Baseball Ace
More than 60 sports cars, ran- BATON ROUGE, La. - ging from Ferraris to Formula Major League baseball's
By NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL VMS already have entered the raiders have struck Southern I
Sports Car Club of America University again.
SPORTS WORLD MOURNS (SCAA) national championship If the Jaguars successfullydefend
CHICAGO - Judge Fred W. (Duke) Slater, 67, one-time gridiron great, the International Speedway on Sat- letic Conference championship
sports world lost one of its most popular and legendary urday and Sunday, Sept. 34. .next year, none of the thanks
figures An All-American tackle with the University of Iowain The eight races four V each will go to the Boston Red Sox
1921 who later played pro football with the old Chicago day..will be contested over two of the American League.
Cardinals, Judge Slater died in his home after a prolonged of the Speedway's track-road The Red Sox lured Southern's 1 eN1 +tywPTr
illness. The lasting fame he gained in football followed him circuits, with the bigger and ;regular catcher James Walker
even into the judiciary and he was elected the National Foot- ,faster cars using the 3.1-mile Into a signing agreement last
ball League's Hall of Fame in 1951 layout, and the smaller ones week, marking the second time
the 1,63-mile course. In two years that a regular
LOSES ANOTHER VERDICT Three of the latest additionsto Jaguar catcher was signed to
r.EW"ORK; -
heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Patterson,who lost another feature event of the meet, still another year of college + r3r v !
bout last week 4his time to his wife of 10 years, Sandra are a pair of British MOD'S eligibility remaining.At : ?
Eliubt>th. According to Flo>d's secretary, Julius November, and an Italian Alta. The MGB's the end of the 1965 season,
Mrs. Patterson obtained the decree in Juarez, Mexico, last were entered b y Roger Westof the Chicago Cubs signed Jaguar
month after the pugilist refused to retire from the ring as she Birmingham, Ala., and catcher Johnny Hairston, who

had insisted. Charles Buckley, Satellite was the number one Southern
Beach, Fla. The Alfa will be back stop at the time.
NEW WELTER CHAMP driven by Henry Matthews of But then Coach Emery HInes ;
NEW ORLEANS PI)- Curtis Cokes of Dallas last week was Jacksonville, Fla. wasn't left with a real acute
crowned the World Boxing Association's new welterweightchampin Other swift makes entered In problem behind the plate. t
after he scored an unanimous 15-round decision over the Whiteman are Ferrari,Corvette Walker move d up to the top
challenger Manuel Gonzalez in Municipal Auditorium. Coles, Porsche Carrera 6, slot and the Jaguars went on y
who floored Gonzalez with a flurry of punches in the 12th round
Jaguar, Lotus, Mustang, Lotus to win the SWAC championship L
was Impressive In winning the welter title vacated by Emlle Alfa, and TR 4. land a berth In the 1966 NAIANatonal
Griffith when the latter moved up to take the middleweight title. The Whiteman, which will be tournment and finish

run In the next-to-closing spoton In third place.
PELE IMPRESSIVENEW Sunday, is a 45-minute time Walker was named to the All- I Il
YORK -(NPIEdson Arantes de Nascimento, better limit affair, and will see the SWAC and All-NAIA Tournament l
known to soccer fans the world over as "Pele", last week cars In action on the 3.1-mile teams and drew honor- ,
lived to his reputation as the sports greatest star as he
up circuit. This course takes In able mention on the NAIA All-
treated a capacity crowd in Downing Stadium to a brilliant all of the Speedway's trloval American team. i
dlspla of shooting fancy footwork and passing in leading except the high-banked West Coach Hines finds himself
Santos of Brazil to a 4-0 victory on the Portugese team in sk
turn, and all of the flat, wind- without an experienced catcherfor
scoring one goal and assisting In two others, in the first game ing infield road. the 1967 season. Roland

of a round-robin tournament. Latest entries include Robert Wallace, who played little asa .

Shelton, Columbus, Ga. (BMW), frosh last season, appearsto fl
STARTING ROLE Lloyd Rees, Coral Gables, Fla. be the top prospect.
CHICAGONPI)- Veteran pro eager Bob Boozer last week Davies Walker Red : 3
(R ee s-M1n1)), Bruce was signed by
was signed by newly-organlr.edChicago Bulls ofthe National Dalton Ga.(MG Midget),Robert Sox scout Ed Scott and report-
Basketball Association and promptly given a starting assign- Mercer, Charleston, S. C. edly received $25,000 for his
ment. The former Los Angeles Lakers star will be relied upon
(Mandit Special), Trenton signature.
heavily for scoring and rebounding strength when the team takes
Brown, Louisville, Tenn. (Tri Scott said that Walker wouldbe
the four for its first season in the NBA. umph), David A. Sloyer, Atlanta assigned to Waterloo (Iowa)

Ga. (Fiat-Abarth), Henry of the Mid-West League next
i HONORED Home, Orlando, Fla. (Sprite). year.
HUN7TNDON VALLEY, Pa.NPI)>-Tennis star Arthur Asheof Registration and technical Walker, who stands 5-11,
Richmond, Va., and UCLA, was honored at a special spection is scheduled for Fri weighs 210 pounds Is 20 years
"National Arthur Ashe Day" Tuesday (Aug. 30)) by leading day, Sept. 2, at the Speedway. old and bats and throws right
figures! of the world of sports, business and industry. Duringthe Practice begins early Saturday handed. In 20 games on the
ceremony preceeding a tennis exhibition in which Ashe morning. regular season, Walker hit 314 "1A r it hl .
participated, the lanky Negro athlete, the first of his race to Cars and drivers from six and swatted three doubles, two twvc
win a place on the U. S. Davis Cup team, was presented a southern states are entered in triples and a homer-driving
trophy donated by the Reynolds Metal Company of Richmond.
the national championship meet. In 16 runs.Don't s.. ahf

UNDER COVER--American I age n t Kelly Nei-orkfSlrspyl'color;| | 'series| Wednes-

Robinson left, and Alexander Scott keep day Sept. |H. Robert Culp and Bill Cosby

defecting enemy agent Marisa Terlzcu under star respectively as agents Robinson and

cover when an attempt is made to assas- Scott. Diana Hyland guest-stars as Marisa I

let sinate her in "So Coldly Sweet sea- Terlzcu in this drama.Who .

son's premiere adventure of NBC Television

a too-small education : GramblingitesPicked For Icteti: oo1FZkf' ,

I Pro Honors BY BOB Bsswsrxereu l
the ...
put squeeze on you Indication GRAMBUNG of how, -NPI-AD the Grambllng ADVICE=TO THE 0"' .....

College football reservoir Is RESORT-BOUND L
overflowing Into the Americanand
National Leagues Is Illustrated Untold"thousand! of fishing
licenses will be sold In the next
by the selection of four month to vacationers who will
ex-Tigers for All-Pro honorsIn try their luck In summer resort
current pre-season predictions. waters during those "two weeks
Two tackles, a corner back The vast majority of onc....
and defensive year anglers' will find this fishIng .
a end are visualized -
pleasant but catches may be
for Mid-December
lean. To assist these folks, the
headlines In forecasts by experts at Mercury outboards,
Sports Review, All-Pro Foot- offer the following advice:
ball annual Pro Football Fish early-the crack of dawnIs redesigns/ the oedestrian?
Almanac, Pro Football 1966 generally the most productive
What happens to the pedestrian Street and Highway SafetyLighting
time not because of surface ac
Times Picayune and the Pittsburgh
tivity that develops later in the once cars have been redesigned Buieau. Since the
Courier. day,but because water tempera- to increase the occu traffic death rate at night is
Willie Davis, defensive tures ore at their lowest point. pants' chances of crash-survi two and a half times that In
captain of the NFL Champion val? The need to protect pedestrians daytime a good way to start
Tepid waters that delight
well motorists would be
as as can by improving lill'htInll
Green Bay Packers, and Ernie swimmers and water skiers are be seen in the approximately at dangerous locations, the
Ladd, well-heeled 300-pound unsulted to game fish. So even 9,000 pedestrian fatalities\ an Bureau says
y Houston Oiler tackle,are unani without disturbances going on nually. Deaths from after-dark traf
mous choices in the newspaperand overhead fish still will seek the That many persons, drivers fic accidents have gone down,'
mote temperate depths During and pedestrians alike, would'prefer where lighting has been installed -
magazine articles. night as the water loses some of to avoid accidents, I an average of 64 percent
Davis spirited leadership and. Its heat, fish make feeding for. lather than simply to survive at 100 locations according
his slashing, Grambling ma- ays Into the food.filled shallows. them, is the opinion of the to Bureau figures
: neuvers have made him one of Fish late for this reason,
% football's greatest menace to evening and night.time tempera 1
quarterbacks. Ladd subscribesto tures are most favorable to many
L species Bass and .
N the same stature In the AFL. walleye particularly
ig are extremely active
Junious Buchanan,,Kansas City during the dark hours. This lathe
chief tackle,and Roosevelt Taylor best time to fish for them In I BELL FISH AND POULTRY CO.
Elder Statesman of the summer. resort area or not.
Chicago Bear secondary, are Fish deep-If you do fish durIng -
the other ex-Tigers entrancedIn midday, go down Into the
1559 KINGS
All-Pro spots. depths where temperatures and
oxygen levels are more tolerableto
; the siuarry. *

I PHONE3557189

A tw-small education can really tramp your ployers ask for It's your passport to a g
styl:. Box you in. SfjiKtv.e. you into a tl)o-mall with good pay und u comfortably large future.

|I'jb ind ku.p yon'' there ptrmamntly So if you're in school now stay there! Learn ---- Seafoods-- ----
Don't l It it happen Make sure you get un education all you can for us long as you can If you're nut' of JACKSONVILLE
that's. big enough to fit you for life school you can still get plenty of valuable training ; BARBER COLLEGE, INC.
It's really the smart thing to do Because, to outside the classroom. For details see the
act any kind of u good job today, you need ago Youth Counselor ut your State Employment SPECKLED TROUT IB. 59C


To get good job get good education
a a Applications For Its CATFISH LB. 55f

SPOTS LB. 3ge*

Sponsored byTHE Veteran Class. CROAKERS LB. 39f

LIFE The Size Of Our ClassesIs ,SHEEPHEAD LB. 35C

INDEPENDENT JQ ---Poultry --




As a public service in cooperation with The Advertising Council. LIVE CRABSOPEN

CALL 355 9874

.1 a I J



I Coaches Told At A&T Coaching Clinic "Stop Complaining" I


Coaches Told To links INC. Luncheon Held

I '"oachesorner

Develop Grid PlayersGREENSBORO

:' ..
N. C. -"Stop Clinic held here last week. (
complaining," was the advice Giving the advice was Lou '. ;> ( \\If! ;A; By WALLY LEMM
given coaches attending the 4th Sabin, the new head football ....:,.:",'.'"t\i....\ ; il." .. '
annual ALT College.Coaching roach at the University of Maryland e. trn4'r'1' ; '( :'." The overall picture fo r the 1966 Houston Oilers Is a bright
one of the featured ;i' .M. 'fij.i; ; .' one, providing a few of the promising newcomers come through.
Watch lecturers In the star studded Our offensive unit looks pretty good. We're looking for consistency
cast which appeared at the ALT ; and durability at center, and for reserve strength at the
This Clown event. .JiI guard spots.
Sabin, this spring, resigned John Frongillo and Wayne Frailer handled most of the workat
as bead coach of the Buffalo .t center last year, but both have had a history of injury. We
55-14-94 Bills where be had reached the have hopes that a couple of rookies, 6-5 Dave Odegaard of
pinnacle In fame, winning two Bemldji State or possibly Wilbur Aylor of Southwest Texas
84 20 412 American Football League '< could work in at center. We're also counting on Aylor givingus
championships in a row, 1964 N. help at an offensive guard spot.
and 1965, and "Coach of the We should be well-fixed for running tacks with Ode Burrell
J 1 Year" honors following both and Sid Blanks, who has apparently recovered completely
seasons, to join up with the from last season's knee operation Rookie Monroe Beard of
4 2 Maryland Terrapins. Virginia Union is a speedster and could give them excellent
"Take what you have and develop competition.
3 9 it," he urged, "and stop Our quarterbacking situation is solid with youth and experience.In .
complaining about the lack of George Blanda, Don Trull and Jacky Lee, we have youth,
18 J3 28 material." ability and experience. As far as I'm concerned the Job is
As did most of the clinicians wide open and the man who is doing the best job is the one
34 J9 : 65 appearing on the three-day program a: 1 cx that will be playing
August 4-6, Sabin r Charley Tolar figures to be our top fullback with Donnle
I emphasized. conditioning, team r Stone, the veteran picked up from Buffalo, and rookie Hoyle
I Sometimes! He's Up Sometime morale and discipline. ., tel.( Granger of Mississippi State right behind. We think Granger
(lie's Down lie adds subtracts Sabin urged the coaches to rt "w will be a good one, but it is just a matter of time of bow
Ile works it all around "do everything possible," to quickly he adjusts. ..
create within the players high Our receivers rank with the best in pro football. At tight end,
15 42 29 confidence in the coaches and there's big Bob McLeod. The six-year veteran has all the
themselves, to create an atmosphere ..r, ingredients to be a great one. The wide receivers look strong
COM1rG AT1'RAr.TiOM; on the practice field k ,4 -a'1 with Charley Hennlgan and Lawrence Elklns completely re. .
3" 66 15MAN'S conducive to superior learning tY 1 s covered from knee operations. In addition, there is Charley
and performance and emphasized Frailer and Dick Compton along with former Oiler, Bill
the Importance of Groman, who was obtained in a trade with Buffalo.
conditioning of the players priorto Along the offensive line, we appear to be in good shape
the beginning of fall drills. especially at offensive tackle. If we get Ralph Neely to team
Johnny McLendon, the new with veterans Walt Suggs and Rich Michael,and rookie hopefuls
DAYS head basketball coach at Cleveland aY Glen Ray Hines and George Allen, we should be in excellent
State University, noted for Blob .
NUMBERED his successes at North Carolina Talamlni and Sonny Bishop give us two fine front-line
College, Tennessee State University guards, but we're tooling for some back-up strength at this
''Man' Days are Numbered. and at Kentucky State position. There are several possibilities, including veteran
.' Health and College, emphasized much the John Wittenborn and rookie Aylor.
ortune Can Be Yours When same theme. Defensively the line has its finest site and weight in the
pou' Know Your Lucky Days The author of at least two history of the club. With the signing of All-Pro Ernie Ladd
books on "fast break" basketball (6-9( 312)) to team with the likes of Don Floyd, Scott Appleton,
Lucky Colors Etc. McLendon told the coaches EXECUTIVE newcomer Pat Holmes, Bob Hayes and Gary Cutslnger it
Send $2.00 for your that speed,shooting and staminaare Inc, held SV1IC-? recent 15th National COMMITTEE Assembly LUNCHEON in Boston the GUESTS Executive OF ROYAL Committee CROWN was the COLA luncheon CO.-When the of Links Royal' appears that now the Oilers will be able to get a strong pass
Horoscope GutdilOl'September the main ingredients of fast Crown Cola Co, and the Columbus Ga. soft drink firm presented souvenirs to those in attendance as guests well as made rush on enemy passers and can hardly tabbed as the smallest
break basketball. two special awards to Mrs. Vivian J. Beamon national president of Cincinnati. Top left, Mrs Beamon (left) is presented defensive line in pro football. Challenging these veterans will
He said the main weapon in the first of two gavels by Mrs. Maude K. Reid. Southern Area Chairman Miami, on behalf of RC: Cola One be rookies George Rice, LSU-s All-America ((6-3 263)),
the fast break is to wear down gavel was Presented to the organization and the other was a personal gift' to Mrs. Beamon Both were engraved OniSf promising defensive end Willie Jones of Kansas State and
Fill In the blank below right Mrs. amon make a selection of souvenir I Diet-Rite the
and< ? a Cola flower pen from basket of held
nail to ZODIAC, Post Office the opponents, "for it requires Smith, RC's director of special market activities In the bottom photo, is shown the RC luncheon pens guests First by possibly the 6-7, 285-pound George Allen.
tax 1171; Jacksonville 1 much more energy to defend row, left to right, Mrs. Minnie Gaston, treasurer, Birmingham: Dr. Anna J. Julian. vice president Oak Park. Illinois- The linebacklng picture too, is bright There is experienceIn
Fla. :
against it than to play It." Mrs Beatrice Butler, Eastern Area Chairman. Baltimore; Mrs Beamon: Mrs. Susie Verdell executive secretary, Ettrick, Johnny Baker, fully recovered from an ankle operation,
IAME The attack he said requires Va.: .Mrs Laura J neSlBCeTtrl Area Chairman Dayton. Ohio: and Mrs. Mildred Freeman. Fine Arts Chairman Nashville Doug Cline Danny Brabham and last year's rookie sensation,
Standing, ; Mrs Bessie Hill director Trends and Services Newark N. J., Mrs. Polly Weeden Maples.
good conditioning In his players im. Bobby Also acquired in the off-season Is former
SEET- mediate past President and director. Office of Centralization.\ Lynchburg, Va.) Mrs. Christine Meade, Western Area
and told the audience that in Arkansas All-America Ron Caveness and two promising
*TE OF BIRTK--- Chairman, Seattle, Mrs. Prudence Irving, assembly chairman. Boston, Mrs. Florence Robbins, Publication Chairman ,
Mo. almost all cases where be had and editor of The Journal, Kansas City. Kansas; Mrs. Josephine Smith recording secretary, Los Angeles< Dr Vivian rookies, John Carrell of Texas Tech and Jim Williams of
Dar produced good teams Lewis' Wilber force, Ohio; Mrs Eva Miller Greensboro. N C,; artist whose works were exhibited at the assembly; Arkansas. Williams was a defensive tackle at Arkansas but
and Atty. Elreta Alexander legal counsel. has the speed and quickness to play linebacker for the Oilers.
Our defensive backfield situation looks to be in fine shape,
J. J too. We have veteran performers ,
... :/f..lf p it&J: t. $.. "Ij Larry Onestl, who appears to be making the adjustment from

Gin Tonic? Stars At YM Pool To Road linebacker Three rookies will be given good opportunities to make the

Coming defensive secondary. Hartwell Menefee of New Mexico State,

I George Campbell, swimming GREENSBORO, N. C. -With Dave East of Tulane and Dick Suffell of Southwest Texas have
I coach of Good Shepherd Swim six games on the road and Just good potential and could give us a real boost.
team of Jacksonville, will con- three at home, the AATCollege Jim Norton will again handle the punting chores, and George
duct a competitive swim clinic Aggies this season will be a Blanda will be doing the place-kicking.
Saturday at 300: p.m. at the veritable traveling club. If we can get maximum efficiency from the defensive line
Johnson Branch YMCA Pool. Dislocations In the 1966 and more durability at center, the 1966 season could lend a
r Campbell Is former directorof schedule caused the wide die few pleasant surprises
I American Red Cross Water parity explains Dr. William M. Barring crippling injuries to key personnel, and If some of
Safety Services for Duval Bell, ALT athletic director. the newcomers perform as we expect them to, we will fielda
County. He recently returned "We had a 10-game slate confirmed much-Improved team. In fact, the Oilers could very well
from Lincoln Nebraska with last spring," said Bell, develop Into a division challenger.
{ his outstanding swimmer Catie "Six away and four on the
Ball. While there, Calls participated Greensboro field, but the cancellation Grambling Sophomore Golf Tourney
in the Women's National of football competition

Swimming and Diving Championships by Camp Lejeune, knocked off On BWI Track Team Opens! Sept. 3rd
and set a world's the opening clash for Septem -
record In the 200 yard breast- ber 17, reducing the scheduleto CiRAJ4 UNG. La. Gazelle GREENSBORO, N. C. The
stroke. nine games, and a Capital gaited Lennox Yearwood, Gate City Open Golf Tournament
Norman Urquhart, executive Classic bid from Washington, a Grambling College Sophomore a 36-hole competition for
secretary of the "Y" said the D. C., for the Aggies-Virginia from the West Indies, both pros and amateurs, will
public Is invited to attend. State College engagement, pulled was a member of the Trinidadand be held here at the Glllesple
Julius Gulnyard, acting YMCA one of the home games. Tobago team that set a Park Golf Course on Saturday
swimming coach said all members The home schedule now reads: world record in the mile relay and Sunday September 3,and 4.
of the swimming team Tennessee State University recently in the British Empire The event, sponsored by the
I should be present. September 24, 1:30: p. m.; Norfolk games In Kingston, Jamaica. jillespia Park Golf Assertion -
t State College, October 8, The speedy quartet coveredthe will provide a purse
8:00: p.m.,; and Morgan State distance in 3.02.8 to erase it $2,600 for professionals and
J 6ETON THE (Homecoming), October 29, 1: the previous record of 3:-4,5 trophies and merchandise
30 p.m. All home games are held Jointly by U. S., teams awards for low scoring amateurs .
_; THRIFTGOROUHBUytNDHOLD to be played at the Greensboro from Arizona State, Oregon in each flight
{/ .SSAVN6S0W0S Memorial State and the
Stadium. Southern University James R. Taylor, a memberof
Track Club.Yearwood the faculty at ALT College,
You won't get tomorrow'twith
Third baseman-second baseman Hiraldo Sablon "Chico" Ruiz plans to return to Is honorary chairman of the
it (roo-EEZ). BORN-December lZ, 1938 (26)) at Santo Domingo Grambling on Sept. 19. tourney.
Make perfect Cuba. BATS-Both. THROWS-Right. HEIGHT 6-0. WEIGHT
468. ANCESTRY Cuban. MARRIED-Isabel Suarez, Octo
ber 7, 1961. Have daughter. WINTER ADDRESS-San Diego,
California HOW OBTAINED-Clnclnnatl Farm System.
Flashy and likeable Chico Ruts started the 19S4 season with
a'1Sca Cincinnati Reds and on May 12 was optioned to San Diego He
was recalled by the Reds on July 24.
For the season, Hula was in 77, games for the Reds, batting
.244 In 311 at-bats. He stole eleven bases out of 14 attempts.With l
San Diego, Chico was in 72 games and 293 at-bats,
batting .314 and stealing 19 bases in 24 trys.
This past off-season he played for the Valencia club In the I c4iI
Venezuelan Winter League. Ruffs twice enjoyed "5 for 5" daysat
bat for Valencia, establishing a league record

I +ooo sroatw


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1.' l
... t

-----"--=::--._-. '. = .- -. '"
..-- 'n" ". .. n. T" ., ." -- .

. 1


Union Granted leave To Write HistoryDr. Insurance Course Shower Held Recently P

Teachers ""M_'& __ ___._._ ,
Mrs. Mildred Riley Robinson Begins Sept. 19th' +l 3 .
Continued' from Page 6 has been accepted as a participant I Jacksonville University's Jil19 v ? '.S
In the Experienced Teacher y 5 Agency QualltlcatbuCoursefor 1 1. :, :
these conditions! Graduate Fellowship Programat Floridians seeking to qualify
Now Mrs Elisabeth Prown Fisk University Nashville, u insurance agents beginsSept
who designed her former TeM during the 1966-67 school 19. \
Jemima" outfit, must wear her term. She has been granted' a R. H. Ketchum chairman of
own clothing on the Job. leave absence from her dutiesas the course advisory committee, I IfI
Mrs Brown who is "black Curriculum Assistant said registration applications \I ..
and proud' of it," wasn't too at Mount Herman Elementary were being accepted Immediately i.
happy about the firing of "Aunt School to attend Fisk. Inquiries may be directed
Jfmlm." The program at Fisk will be Arvarh E. Strickland, associate to his office, Poet Office Box
"Aunt Jemima is nothing tot limited to 20 teachers who work professor of history at 1889, or to the office of the
*. ashamed of. After all, we and live in the Southeastern Illinois Teachers College- university president. .
all have our backgrounds. Now States. It is designed to prepare South, Chicago, has been Ketchum said classes lasted 'J." ,
1 have the added expense of elementary teachers- selected by the Illinois Sesquicentennial from 1 to 6 p.m. daily Tuitionfor :
cleaning my own dresses." promise for the new kind of commission to the 111/2-week-longcourse
TIM!teachers federation, however educational and social leader- write a history of Illinois for is $200. Subjects covered are di
was more concerned' ship and for the high calibre the period of 1929-68, as partof Fire and AWed Lines Automobile
about the "degrading": impactthe of classroom performance the observance of the state's Casualty Fidelity and
"Negro mammy ,)'mbol" needed in school system nf the 150th anniversary in 1968. Surety, Ocean Marine, Inland
on pancake-mix boxes has on changing cities in the Southland. Marine, and Agency Management -
Negroes.In About People *
a resolution, AFFs civil To Render Recital Cordon of Courses ala o are offered at
Mrs. Carrie M.
rights committee urged the the of Tampa Lin-
University ,
Quaker Oats Company to discard Rev. Llmbric of Brunswick 3124 Myrtle Ave. has returnedto sey-Hopklns Junior College In '.
_ the Aunt Jemima symbolor Georgia and Celestial singers the city, after visiting relatives .' f f. 1
Miami, Palm Beach JC in Lake t' I } ,
in Philadelphia .
and friends I
face :a possible union boycottof will render a program September Worth, Orlando JC, Pensacola'JC .,' f .. r
and Chester Pa. .
its pancake products. 5, at the First Born St. Johns River JC in Put- '; 'I. ,
Richard Weaver, restaurant Temple 825 W. Monroe at 8:30 nam County, and the new Junior # :
manager, called the incident P.M. All singers are Invitedto AUTO FOR SALE college in Leon County : '
ridiculous;' But it was not ;. ;
appear on program. Successful completion of this '. .
J ridiculous to many Negroes, Plush '65 Cadillac Sedan De- .
who in colloquial speech, have vine Full power, air, warranty I course qualifies candidates to t "' .; ; : ,. ..f.. ; !.,. ...
identified "Aunt Jemima" as HELP WANTED MALE Save $2,500 on straight take the agent examination j ": ';.. : J : ".t.,,. III '
; : t '
: h '
the female equivalent "Uncle Partime Time I sale 725-7767. : ) 6 ; d : j
--- ----
Tom -
Men with cars, work a few ROOM
hours on your days off and HELP WANTED Furnished. Prefer nice coupleor
t- earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply: single man. Call 3547510.MAIDS The La Chic Social and savings Club cele- Mrs. Joneta Brady, assistant secretary;.
NEW LOCATION FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon- SecretarialTYPIST brate a baby shower In the home of Mrs. Mrs. Loraine Lewis, assistant manager;

cfief Rd. cor 13th. who can do 50 wpm. GUARANTEEDNEW Arthenla L. Bently of 2709 W. U5th St. Standing : Miss Deloris Timmons, Mrs.

: ':' Accurate; must be good in Eng- North in honor of Mrs. Jerry Bevard Mrs. Marion Willie president Mrs.
: ;j. ti LEO' lash and spelling. Apply; YORK LIVE-IN JOBS, $40 From left to right sitting : Mrs. Betty Barbara. Mitchell Mrs. Nadaine Jones,
FLORIDA Rush references. HAROLD
STAR, 2323 Mon-
Thomas reporter ; Mrs. Arthenla Bently, Mrs. Elma Bowden Miss Eartha
,'-:, crief Cor. 13th St. No phone AGENCY, Dept.RLYNBROOK, Washington,
," .. Shoe Reparing calls, please. NY. vice president ; Mrs. Florine Belle, sec- Mrs. Brenda Brunswick financial secretary
I.' I retary; Mrs Jerry Bevard treasurer; Mrs. .

y ..1 : Of Any KindIs WANTED TEETHING PAIN Sonetta Terry, Miss Eva Rawis! chaplain ;

Million .! nwllurt" r.l" .* '.b', OM-IU
.i Our Only Business MAIDS N. Y. SLEEP-IN JOBS'salaries b IN-/, man. ,- ,'knhkut":' ;'1.R.c..n..e//.... hi.ph.l. NAACP Youth Councils Posh
.t, to $65, fare advanced. ,..IUIUI. ... Entertainment. Hues And Cries
934 E. Union St. Rush references, phone num- .br-old A.A pun 1
ber. ABLE MAIDS AGENCY 'Alf _._ "Back To School" Drive
Sales PeopleMen WANTED CHESTER BAR-B-Q GRill LOG ANGELES- DEXSONSEMMIE and women, to sell adver-' Beauty operators, and barbers. the late singer Sam Cooke, is reportedly expecting her first School Drive.
DE.NSON; : well-known Using. Liberal draw, liberal New Hollywood Beauty and Bar. Barbecued chicken: ,pork ribs, child by her current husband, Robert Womack, in December. William Hardy, NAACP youth 30 in that city. Two local radio
barber, formerly of Sew Hollywood commission', easy work, quick ber Lounge, 622 W. Ashley french fries. At the same time, speculations were rife that the Womack's field director, and Herbert stations, KATZ and KXLW,have
Barber Shop, Is now sales. You earn $75 to $150if Street. Booth $6.50 per week. *Regular meals, short orders. marriage may be in trouble, after she put the $250,000 palatial Smith, chairman of NAACP representatives on the "Sack
8 located at Martin's Beauty and you're keen. Fringe benefits Barber cbalrs $9.00 wkly Hours 6 a.m. until 9 p.m.. Cooke home up for sale and reportedly sold her 50 per cent Region in youth and college to School" Committee.
Barber Shop, 63: West .Ashley Apply: FLORIDA STAR 2323 Call 354-9774 Mrs. M. L. weekends 6-12. interest in a disc firm she inherited from the singer. division, directed the programin Says Mr. Hardy, "We've had
Street Telephone, 354-9962. Moncrief Rd. cor 13th St. Kirkland, manager. 740 Line Street, 353-5309. Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, wonderful support in this effort,
CHECKERS EXPECT STROK Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia particularly the cooperation: of
PHILADELPHIA-NPI-The Interracial marriage of singer- and Wisconsin. Chapters in radio and television stations
-- --- -- -- --- -- --- --- ---- ---y dancer Chubby Checker and former Dutch beauty q-jeen Missouri, Colorado, Texas and We've prepared and distributed
I : : ::: Catherina Lodders is to be enlivened by the addition of their Nebraska also participated in tapes which are being used
first child sometime in December, Negro Press International the program, scheduled to end widely.
: ;: ; learned. Mrs. Catherina Evans (Checker's real name), reporting on Aug. 31. "We're not only concernedwith
: the anticipated visit from the stork, said: "I don't With slogans like, "Educationdoes the drop-out, but also with
iSHP I Ii care U it is a boy or a girl as long as it is healthy" not cost, it pays," "Ed- curriculum materials being offered -
{ ] ucation is the start of life," in the schools. However,
... OTHER WOMACK WEDS and "It takes guts to stay in
: ::::::::::::: : ::::::: :::::::::::::::::.:::::: ::::: :::: ::I: our main emphasis right now
: :; : : :::::: :;: : \::; :/!::!!::: :Iijt::!! ::j1!:i!:::1 i:!1ijj!:::!:i1jii:[{:: really CLEVELAND get around-(NPI in)-entertainment It may be truly circle said, especially that the Womacks among volunteers schooL.can: handed you do out it more?," youth than classrooms Is to get the"kids back, Into the

: the'.store::that ':cares..about;: ;;;;""::': the celebrities. The latest confirmation of this was the marriage 13,000 decals with the NAACP On the basis of U. S. Depart-

i .,, ."'" ." '. .. .... ."..... ... .: ..."..................::..:you:....... recently of the "other Womack," Cecil, 19, to popular singer back to School Drive Slogans ment of Labor figures, Mr.
/ Mary Wells, 23, fcere., 'Cecil's brother, Robert, married the, Imprinted in huge letters. Smith emphasizes the fact that
widow of the late singer Sam Cooke in March, 1965. It was Miss Governors in each state responded for every dollar invested in
i SHOP AT YOUR A&P i Wells's second marriage. proclamations to the request for statewide high school, there is a returnof
announcing five dollars; for every five
WAREHOUSE STORE : i 30TH ANNIVERSARYSAN the drive, and urging the full dollars invested in college,
FRANCISCO -(NPI)>- Count Basle celebrated his 30th cooperation and support of civic there is a minimum return of
3000 W. 45th ST. ;. eI anniversary as a band leader recently saying that he still organizations. thirty dollars, which is a 600
1 enjoys music and indicating he plans to be around for some Ohio Congressman John Gll- per cent return."
time. Baste and his swinging big band were appearing at ligan said in his remarks about He continues, "only education
I Basin Street West Nightclub. the project which were read gives you a chance to select
PRICES IN THIS AD into the Congressional Record
I I. your occupation. You choosethe
i A'' : EVICTED August 6: "The purpose of the job. If you lack education,
i FORT LEE, N. J.--Loray White,ex-model and showgirl drive is to encourage all youth the job picks you."
SEPT. 4th "I, 1 and the former wife of entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., was to return to school and stay The following Youth Councilsare
SUNDAY 1 / ; 'ti--- evicted along with her husband Shepherd Myers, and 14yearold there. Although the drive is outstanding participants
11? daughter, Debbie, from her four-room apartment for non- sponsored by the NAACP, the in the campaign:Benton Harbor,
'"SUPER-RIGHT" SMOKED payment of her rent. Her financial situation Is quite different program takes in all youth in Detroit, Flint and Muskegon,
than It was when she was Mrs. Sammy Davis for a brief span. all areas of whatever race. Michigan; Cincinnati, Colum-
; COOKED (Asst. Manager) (produce Manager) (Meat Maiaierj Davis reportedly had married her for the "convenience" of Because unemployment and bus and Canton, Ohio; Beloit
r avoiding adverse publicity centering on his alleged dating of poverty are color-blind, so is and Madison, Wisconsin;
movie star Kim Novak. this project." Evansville, Anderson, Kokomo,
HAMS GRADE 'A' QUICK FOZEN YOUNG i il In St. Louis, Mo., the Board Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne,
of Aldermen adopted a resolution Indiana; Bluefleld and Hunting
WHOLE ((8 TO I APT. FOR RENT.rI complimenting the ton, West Virginia; East Chicago -
l TURKEYS a 390LB Fully equipped. Married, respectable NAACP's program, which runs Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri -
SHANK OR LB. ) LB, i .') couple. No children from August 12 to September ; Louisville, Kentucky

PORTION HAlf :J Call 353-9942.

1 49. LB. 59C GRADE 'A' FLA. OR GA. FRESH ICE PACKED e eI tifcRoyal Crown: ROOM FOR RENT I

IK OR BREAST Nicely furnished Cooking.Pri.
CABOT BRAND FRYER Cola vale Single wqman or cquple:
QTRS. ,.' II 3604.Modern conveniences.Call 358- ,



ROAST MimElB.19C' ; .

I 20 LB 69c _
I BA6 1


i CANMILK i 4tJ1acLia

1 1 roul i


i /, GAL BEER 12 NO RETURN a 169 4 4cIf ?


e FRESH TENDER GOLDEN SWEET i ntortaN LONDON GIN Did the learn the values of thrift and responsibility How to
DRY make dimes and quarters add up to dollars?
SPECIAl! lAKE mm DUTCHAPPLE These are some of the valuable lessons each child can learn
CORN 10 EllS 59C through (the U.S. Treasury's School Savings Program.By .
putting their dimes and quarters into U.S. Savings
PINT $285PINT$145 Stamps, thousands of American children are saving toward
the purchase of U.S. Savings Bondt-one of the best invest
i PIES $995th menus any of us can make.
FIRM GOLDEN RIPEBANANAS A successful School Savings{: program is based on partner
1i % ship-the teacher the child the parent volunteers who
J [8.801. 100 1 I make it go. Our country is a partner too-because: young citizens
i SIZE 39c LB' ; i who buy Savings Stamps are helping to keep America strong.

You save more than money with
1la I I'
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