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120936 F20090413_AADAMK 00318.QC.jpg e837260106d9a68db3eebe1c0248aaae0e13d8ff08443e937ce1e1c5f85a7831bf3845fd
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200729datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 20, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007290740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 20, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 20, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
: ,
.. .

.KY. :
""" -' RARY

9 '1Ii=:= Policemen: "",,'To I \\1'r.i."J't 'Pay, ",,:I '" I Increases 8.t".Np. r DRYJAXiONS ,

**** *


.. .. -* .

., t.ibra17UId"ftlrll1tP at. nor1da n.ar1cIaOabon111e. NEGRO TEACHER FILES LAWSUIT


* *

Leaders Charge Nations Firms

VOL. 16 NO.. 21*, SATURDAY AUGUST 21, 1966 15 CENTS ,

* *.
*** if mtomJ Wviii*****f it. Vi"Hm*[<'**i* | l
OHM *** i J *

II qro: Singer To nPNm'* Mitu Government Agencies Show Job Bias .|

.' t- .. ..!.' & .. -"-, ...A rjttAi,Tn-na lV. *** **

*. ,I,. Jaxons Visit Congressman DiscriminationIn

i .
J# .f' < 'fJ:'" W.iJ
I 'f;. .J" V
;. ;: 'W*"i; ...",::.", .'J YORK -- The
nation's most reputable firms
"' ',' :,{..' ..', \ ,o'1ffr 1\( and government agencies have
:: : ., \' "h, come under the fire of civil

,:,t,; ';, 4 ( ::",: (: ; < rights leaders who accused
AT LARGE VOTING \ '" ., them of Job discrimination.
.1. ': l', .r.ti..< In Chicago Operation Breadbasket : -

a. 't'4; moved against Pepsi-
)1 Cola General Bottlers accusing
I the company of employing

YMCA UrgedTo Negroes Challenge Negro Cops Negroes. mostly in lowpayingJobs.

Operation Breadbasket affiliated -

End Bias Get Raises, with theSouthernCbrlstianLeadership
Conference and) the
The Board of Management of Coordinating Council of Com-
Jacksonville's James Weldon At-Large VotingA No Up-Rank 'm unity i t organizations, distributed -
Johnson YMCA branch has leaflets urging that the
called on the MetropolitanBoard company's products not be
of Directors of the organization suit to end the election of Jacksonville city councilman by Nine Negro policemen .wbo bought.
to Integrate Its citywide vote was filed In Circuit Court last Wednesday.The have been fighting several rr A Picketing of the bottling plant

membership and put an end suit brought by three flees would be affected years for promotions will get has been planned,and ministers
to Its discriminatory policies. Jacksonvile Negroes Releford Mc GnU Is attorney pay increases and new titles- have urged their congregants
It has been revealed that Rev. specifically attacks the electionof for the plaintiffs but they will not get the ser to stop buying Pepsi-Cola pro-
Franklin D. Wilson, Chairman second Ward Councilman, geant's stripes which i they ducts.

i., of the Board of Management Lemuel Sharp but if the court sought. Operation Breadbasket has
of the JWJ Branch has writtena rules in their favor all nine city Leontyne Price The Miami CtvUServlce Board a gotten five major dairies In
letter to the local governing councilmen will be affected. Tuesday unanimously recom- the Chicago area to hire more
unit stating that the group "is Filing the suit were two city To Premiere mended five per cent pay raises. Negroes in higher-paying Jobs.
for the nine officers and said
quite concerned by the reluc- residents and county residentThe Pepsi-Cola Bottlers officials'rebuttal
tance of the Metropolitan Boardto city residents are Joseph they should be designated u was that the firm"was
take aggressive steps toward H. Gardner painter 609 East In New OperaNEW "special officers". ''1I' one of the early members the
The boost for the men who I' I
total integration of the Jacksonville 24th St. and George Lesesne pay Chicago Merit Employment
YMCA." Jr., postal worker of 1374 West contend that they have worked committee and has a long and
The letter adds: "We are in 24th St. The county residentis YORK -{NP1>- The role their way to higher rank most rare history of nondiscriminatory -
sympathy! with the problems Frank Hampton local businessman of Cleopatra in Samuel Barber's be approved by City ManagerM. employment practices."
you ,face 'as a 'Community and former policemanwho new opera "Antony and Cleo- L. Reese. k14 t In Greensboro N. C.! the I
Service Fund Seeking Agency' with other complainants The men flunked civil service 3% NAACP Legal Defense Fund

but we feel that tbs,,day..ls"fcrougnf wit to end segregationat aamiAaUCIM for pxomaU-.tcr.,' tiled a suit, in behalf of ecrowomen'
but !have been detectives -
passed when we shall be willing tM city's golf courses. sergeant, employees against the .I
to sacrifice ethical conduct for They are seeking to have only performing I duties 1 I te, mh: a P. Lorlllard Company (Kent'..
normally assigned to sergeantsfor .
material gala the residents of the second ward cigarettes)
... .
as long as 14 years The request for a permanent
"It is our conviction that it
vote to elect councilman for
is not Christian to have in that ward. Past results have r Their bid for higher rank has HOUSE VISITORS --Three Jacksonville resident are shown withU. injunction due to alleged discriminatory -

existence any Institution that shown that Negroes could electa gone to the ClvilServlce Board, S. Representative Charles E. Bennett of Jacksonvll'le, seated, practices was also

for any reason accepts or con- member of the race if the the City Commission and the' in its I office in Washington, D. C. They visited with Congressman filed against t the Tobacco

dones segregation based I on election Is confined to wards. courts Court repeatedly.of Appeal A 2-1 decision District Bennett, an 18-year veteran of the House, recently. Left to rightare CIO Workers and the International Tobacco Workers AFL-

race, class or creed. It is our In the 1963 city election pre- said they should not be pro- Mrs. McLean Avery, now at 1517 Allison Street, N. W. Washington International Union AFL-CIO
sincere that the YMCA
prayer sent second ward Councilman
C.Mrs. Victoria Toms 1769 Pawhattan 5 t e e t
will prove to be a Christian Lemuel Sharp defeated the late moted. D. r Local 317.Negro .
organization In fact as well as Isadore Singleton Negro businessman The officers based their case Jacksonville; and Willis Steele, 6001 Chilum i I Place, N. W. Wash- employees, the
civil service regulation that asserted "have been
on complaint ,
in name in the near future." and politican. ington, D. C.
city employees may be hired for menial and lowpayingJobs
Wilson's letter which is reported Sharp won the citywide vote MISS LEONTYNE PRICE says
promoted without examination solely the basis of race
to have the full supportof with I to
19,681 Singleton's
the JWJ Board of Manage- 15,169 but lost his own ward, patra" will be premiered by if they have satisfactorily newhar per- Leon Teacher Seeks Post In White School and color."
formed the duties In a Matters regarding salary,
ment calls on the Metropolitan receiving 601 votes to 2,858 Leontyne Price at the opening>
"Y" to take the following steps for Singleton. night of the new Metropolitan higher rank. terms of employment,
of action: Plaintiffs call unconstitutionalthe Opera House Sept. 16. This The city's legal departmentin TALLAHASSEE A Negro in U. S. District Court to require Judge G. Harrold Carswell to conditions and privileges"have
"That the YMCA comply fully elective process that requires Is the most coveted honor In defending the officers' suit, school teacher has filed suit the county school boardto let her join in a suit relatingto been governed and controlledby
with the provisions of the recent the history of music. said the men have not per- transfer her to a white high transfer of Negro students. collective bargaining agreements -
candidate to live
a in
formed sergeants duties, since school. The suit is now pending the entered Into by
Civil Right Laws.That of discrimi- the second ward but allows Based on the tragedy by detective work is but one facetof Seek Power Mrs Christine Knowles says Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. defendants P. Lorlllard and the
him to be voted upon citywide. William Shakespeare the new the higher job. the school board has denied Mrs. Knowles charged the union," the complaint assertedin
nation relating to membership They contend It violates the opera was commissioned by the But Donald Wheeler Jones her equal protection under the school board "is pursuing a explanation of why the union
not only in program participation "equal protection" provision of Metropolitan under grant from attorney for the officers and 14th Amendment by refusing policy practice and usage of was brought into the.suit.
but In the making boards For Courts To
staff and committees be elimi-, the 14th Amendment the Bill the Ford Foundation. The text president of the Miami Chapterof to transfer her from predomi- maintaining segregated facul- Meanwhile, two transportation
of Rights and the Civil Rights was adapted by Franco the National Association for nantly white Leon High School. ties In the schools of Leon authorities were under fire for
nated. Act of 1964."Although. Zeffirelli who is also stagingthe the Advancement of Colored "
That of action be She has asked U. S. District County. discriminating against Negroes -
a program the Negro majority Limit MarchesWASHINGTON
work and designing People, said "morality andjusUce" .
adopted to promote better understanding voters have repeatedly ... ....
given costumes. for
the scenery promotions
of true integrationand urge . In New York the Bronx Surface -
their candidate a wide majority Thomas Schlppers will conduct, his clients.He Transit Operating Author-
interracial practices. of votes cast in Ward Two, and choreography is by Alvin said the officers are the ---Under bill "
accused of
That a time scale be drawn Mao Of The Year ity was
their votes have been defeatedby
Alley making his Metropolitandebut. victims of discrimination because -
introduced lat Tuesday Rep. .... discriminating against Negroesand
dates which .
outlining specific on .
the large number of votes is the : -
towards total The production "they happen t to be Roman C. Pucinskl, D-Ill. 4' \ other minority groups in
progressive steps
cast by white residents living gift of Francis Goelet. Negro" and called a special federal courts would have and promotion.As .
will be
Integration Implementedand and doing business outside of in the cast are I '4
Other singers personnel study of the nine authority to impose restrictionson result the authority
that these should be
steps Ward Two," the suit states. who sings the role and
achieved Justino Diaz men's jobs "Incompetent public demonstrations.The opened an application annex in
by January 1,1968. This enforces upon Negro of Antony Rosalind Elias who not worthy of any weight"NAACP object would protection. Harlem for prospective bus
residents of the second ward will create the character of -
of the public. drivers.In .
"taxation without representation Charmian and Jess Thomas "This bill Is directed toward I Ir addition, the authority
Jax Woman the complaint plays the part of Caesar. Ezio Seeks reasonable limitations on conduct appointed an independent

contends.The Flagello is cast as Enobarbus. notllmltatlonson examining board to assure a
suit asks the court to In the period of a few short Pucinskl said. "no-
State ProbeOf speeches fair and impartial hiring sys
Kills HusbandAt issue an injunction to prevent )years Leontyne Price has become where does It contain tem based on merit alone.In .
anyone else but persons living the most superb voice of
a delegation of power to pro- Chicago the Illinois Fair
in the second ward from votingfor the century. She created Shooting hibit the expression of ideasor Employment Practices
HomeA the second ward councilman.Next frenzied excitement a s to prohibit the people from Commission found that thedty's
city elections come up in Leonoraa in Verdi's "n Trova- bad
RICHMOND Va.-W. Lester peaceably assembling. Transit Authority
April.If tore" and won a 42-ra 1 nut e he said "is not
of Negroes
Jacksonville man who Banks executive secretary Issue discriminated against
the residence requirements at the M e t r o o l 11-
ovation p
at his Conference whether we or disagreewith employees in
pointed a blank pistol the NAACP Virginia State agree in disciplining
along with elections made her
at-large when
wife Is dead because his wife tan rjpera and David) E. Longley, the causes espoused by its 61st Street yards.
are thrown out,county commissioners debut in 1961.
real that The bill Is not As a CTA petitioned
retaliated with a gun public relations chairman, are any group. result
fired a deadly bullet into his school board Since that historic evening; again urging Governor MillsE. whether we agree or disagree the FEPC to review a trLeuminer'
members, and other county of- Miss who in her first
body. Price Godwin Jr., to appoint a directed at what Is espoused, findings of discri
Henry Ulysses Pitts 57, of season was presented in seven bi-racial committee to ascertain but rather at how it is mination.
1631 Louisiana St., was dead Muslim Raps different roles, has beena the facts relating to the espoused." The complainant in the calve

on arrival at Duval Medical warded unprecedented shooting of 17-year-old Negro Pucinskl said In a house speech WUford C. Spears, was reduced
Center following a shooting in Race ViolenceBOSTON accolades' crowning of her the who escaped from Central State that an action to obtain suchan from swltchnun-motorman to
home early Sunday evening, -NPI- Negroes Prima.Donna Assoluta" Hospital.The order could be brought by r conductor at a loss in pay,
police said. would be "fools" to encourage International music world. NAACP originally filed the U. S. Attorney General in after a collision in the yards.
Mrs. Wattle Allen Pitts, 41, racial violence Muslim leader This magnificent you ng Its request for an investigation a case In which a large demonstration Trial Examiner John W. Hunt
Is being held in city jail with- Louis X declared. American soprano) reigns as on June 10, stating that it was presented a danger of recommended that Spears be

out bond for Investigation of "Let Qs not think bricks and star La of the the Metropolitan Vienna State Opera Opera doing so "In response to the violence which would obstruct -- restored to his former rank

homicide. She was questionedby bottles and Molotov cocktailsare and Scala the San Francisco Opera. urging of numerous colored Interstate commerce. KAPPAN OF THE YEAR--Dr. George W. Gore with about $500 In back pay.
detective Sergeant W. C. going to stop the white citizens who are disturbed by He said a hearing would be CTA was found to have
Barber. man," he said. "We're not Her talent and her virtuosity the newspaper account of the required before an order could Jr. ( left ) was named the Florida ASM University disciplined Spears more
The officer said she told him going to die for any doggone inspire all who see and bear obviously unnecessary be Issued limiting a demonstration chapter Phi Delta Kappa "man of severely for the accident in

her husband threatened her with pool or sprinkler system." her to descriptive flights. In shooting. as to numbers time, place the year"" during the annual initation and which no one was hurt, than
a small hand-gun for no reason, "They say 'burn, baby burn,' the words of Schonberg, music After 60 days NAACP officials and duration. at the Duval Hotel last a white employee would have
and she got a weapon and shot "and then they burn down their critic for the New York Times noted that they had only receivedan Pucinskl,'whose Chlcagb district awards banquet been disciplined. .
him. The victim fell in the own houses. And they've got "she is the Stradivarius of acknowledgement from an has been the scene of week. The plaque is being presented to Meanwhile other firms and

bathroom with a bullet wood In to go back to the white man singers." administrative assistant t that recent racial demonstrations Florida A&M president by Dr. 0. A. Moore, agencies sought out Negro
the chest and say, 'Will you rebuild my Today she stands at the pinnacle the matter would be brought to said no action could be taken advisor to the local chapter and head of workers..re. .
Patrolman E. R. Taylor found house .' of the music world, the Governor's attention upon unless there was reason to believe the Department of Health and Physical
a .2% caliber blank pistol In the "I don't care how not you get admired as an artist and respected his return to his office but that more than 50 persons F/HJ. *
victim's pocket. cool it." as an individual. no other action had followed. would take part. Education at

r ,t 1

6 ,,"t t cr
,,, ,, -

Tl'll' j iQCnIDA STAR '
'"':"" .
NEWS :,,"'.... :: "tI t., To Be Equal
: ..,.
.:!!"' ... .w_.. "

.PuDlJlbed.b1 the Florida Star Publishing Co yMEMBE'R \l'..... ......: ...., .......... By WHITNEY M. YOUNG JI<.
"" '
"i.r:!.' .... ..

(First of Four Articles) c
This Is the first of a four-part series on my
r trip to Viet Nam. The second installment will

NEGRO P RNATIONAI (f'1.' deal' with some! fl the problems I found; the

Cif/L i third will .deal, more specifically with the

QIGHTs calibre of skills and talent found among Negro
,.o personnel in Viet Nam; and the final install-
ERIC 0. SIMPSON......Manatim Editor ment will touch on special programs to aid

'the Negro veteran as be returns from VietNam
and Into
HILDA WOOTEN...,...Circulation Manager -
To more fully appreciate the facts and facets of a given situatlon. -

*4 00>i>+*04*>+***><** nothing compares with traveling to "where the ar.tlris
." My recent trip to Viet Nam is a case In punt For the

,2323 Moncriet Road Phone [Elin 4-6782 experiences are forever etched In my mind.
i Idld not make the 24,00-mile round trip to

Mailing AddressP. that strife-torn Asian country to assess the

0., Box 599 Jacksonville, Florida 32201 whys a humane and ,wherefores personal contact war with ourtoNegro 11

fighting men and to tell them of our concern
,MIAMI OFFICE for them. I wanted to find out what we in the
for them when they
Urban League could do
738 NW 3rd Ave Phone 377-1025 returned home and to civilian lite.

.vii And meet them 1 dicS-oD a flat. lonely stretch tf delta In the
south of Viet Nam'where a cow pasture serves as a landing
SUBSCRIPTION RATES s- + decks of an aircraft carrier
I talked with them; from the
One year $6.00 Half Year $4.00 w at Yankee, Stadium (code name for location of the craft in International

Mailed to YOU Anywhere in the united states waters north of the 17th Parallel)I talked to others;

Subscription payable in advance along streets and in restaurants in Saigon met still others. In

Send check or money order to- '.t faraway Danang,In Pleiku,In An Khe,in Nha Trang, and in many

FLORIDA STAR P. O. BOX 599 .. tf more places there of which you have no doubt read about, I met
and others.
Jacksonville l, Florida and talked with Negro personnel
4 and I visited our men in such places as the 3rd Field<;l Hospital,
1. : uear Saigon, where I saw those mending from various injuries

i and wounds being aided back to health, or comforted in their:

We Must Motivate Our Youth last hours, by a Negro surgeon and Negro nurses, among others,
who worked deftly and with dedication.
There were heart-swelling moments spent talking to Negro
Demonstrations may be all rightTfpr NEEDED NOW COORDINATION! and white-buddies who manned outer barricade defense towers
those who espouse it. The of 'black
cry near lush, green, beautiful but dangerous tree-covered mountains

power' may appeal dramatically to the rr. - ---- -- ; where these boys of 18 and 19 had suddenly become men
rank-and-file who believe it'will carry .r..r..r..I and accepted their hard lot with a fierce pride and with deep

them somewhere. But what the Negro needs I awareness of the awing responsibilities placed on their

most at present is the devising of a Your i shoulders.I met a handful of disgruntled Negro GI's who wanted "out"

technique to motivate Negro youth I Weekly and to come home, but even they went about their jobs with

want to be somebody.It apparent awareness that they had a job to do and were doing it

may be too late to help millions of nonetheless.

Negro parents in areas of education and I also met and talked with Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge
1 who made us welcome upon our arrival at a luncheon which he
skills but its opportunities are just GuideBy i held for us. There was the remembered hour spent with GeneralW.
beginning for those who have been moti- 1 Horoscope C. Westmoreland, head of the Military Assistance Commandin

vated to an important goal in life. And Viet Nam (MAVC), who displayed a sensitivity to our mission

history is filled with examples of men 1I I which was admirable.

and women who were either motivated by General Westmoreland readily admitted that he did not know
PABLO The ASTROLOGER how many Negro officers he had in his command without ex
their parents teachers ,
or themselves. cuse. But quietly, while we visited troops in other sections of
Dr. Mary MCLeod Bethune was somehow motivated i 1i Viet Nam, he had our requested information complied and

by herself and said, "i am Mary : WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR : waiting upon our return to Saigon.

Bethune. T am black and I'm going somewhere And there was Lt. Col. Samuel V. Wilson hero of the famed

Booker i Merrill's Marauders who fought deep behind enemy Japanese
T. Washington walked part : BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL
lines during World War U. Co!. Wilson a native of Virginia,
of the way from his home in West Virginiato 1.. .. was my host. He also gave a farewell reception for us and
Hampton institute to be trained to go -- -- -- --.r -- --- -- -, -- -- .i displayed an easy going friendship} and eagerness to make our

somewhere. Dr. percy Julian, the chemist, stay memorable. There were many others who aided us, who
was motivated by his parents and it caught ARIES Some the ot you who have to tax LIBRA CAPRICORNBORN made available records and information we requested. They
up reins again right after made their troops and other personnel available and then silently
fire within himself.
BORN MARCH Labor Day should avoid making BORN SEPT
DEC. left so that we might talk with the dozens upon dozens of
Think of the young man Julian Bond in 21st. APRIL IStk the mistake of throwing yourselves 23rd OCT. 23rd Negroes we wanted to meet in private.We .

Atlanta, and he has the making of a man t into-your.work until you 22ii IAN. 19thGo saw many other Negro personnel working In the Embassy

who is going somewhere-although stymiedfor Follow the pattern. What Is have had time to study changes Why fret? Seeing that this is on up. The preference tor and in outposts and villages deep in the Interior of South

the moment in not being seated in the past Is past. But the wise ones ,that).may have been made ((7th-, (apt to'1 be the most uneventful high points from which you can Viet Nam. The latter were civilians working with the Agencyfor

Georgia legislature. among! is -y'lj '*nefit from the fth period of the month you have look down on the world is being International Development (AID) and the U. S. Information
His set the
parents lessjns that It has taught us ,, 80 99 18 45 623 little reason to worry unduly accentuated these days It is service (ISIS). They were helping the South Vietnamese le

example. Next, consider Roger W. Wilkins, will find that their rise up the '',' over what mayor may not happen a trait that Is true to your sign. during these terrible times helping them to get more yield

33, who was named by President Johnson to ladder o I success becomes CANCFU afterward. Prolong your rest There Is no reason for you to from their rice, teaching them about sanitation and working.

head the government's Community Relations easier as a result. The Indications BORN JUNE and enjoy the friendly pursuits try and get rid of it just to side-by-slde with the South Vietnamese In other positive,

Service for which he will be paid $27,000 for spectacular gains that contribute so much to your please anybody This is the like meaningful ways.
are exceptionally promising 22nd JULY happiness. The long Labor Day ly reason why many of you will Another happy experience In Viet Nam was the fact that
annualy. An attorney, Wilkins is a nephewof it would be sheer folly to pass weekend should give you ample go in the opposite direction to Negro personnel were indeed happy to know that for the first
serenely by. Throughout -
Roy Wilkins, a leading NAACP officer. up the opportunities that pre- the nation most of the people time and leisure to whatever the one taken by the crowds time a Negro leader had come to Viet Nam primarily to meet

The Wilkins' family is highly motivatedto cede them.Naturally,most people will be in the mood to devote you really please( -5thNer during the long holiday weekend them and to see what his organization could do for them. I

be somebody. are still in the mood for themselves to the pursuit> vous tensions may be on the (1st-5th). Of course, this does think the soldier I met on street in Saigon typified this feeling

Take the case of John T. Gill III 19 pleasure Just before and during of pleasure. Summer activities rise as the quarter draws to a not imply that you do not like when he rushed up and asserted."Don't .
the long Labor Day weekend The close, but there seems to be companionship since the tell me! Don't tell met I I know who you arel! Urban
son of a doctor of Atlanta are still going full blast. very
Negro He was (Ist-Sth). But real basis for to *
from then no you worryor !
on, weekend will have' opposite is true. It simply League! Urban League! Yeah! Whitney Youngl! Whitney Young
motivated by his parents and it should be the long holiday work into depressed
thereby job and nothing yourself up a to "
enough lures to draw you along.. means that you particularly sure am glad see you.
earned an academic average of 3.9 out of else for those who are going with the rest to the great out- frame of mind.Whetheryou discriminating and prefer one
places. And what know it not the future
places ,
possible 4.00 at Georgia Tech. He also are likely to be for the highly they doors (Ist-Sth). There are IndicatIons -.., does not look unpromising. loving person to a mass of pass THIS WEEK IN NEGRO HISTORYAug.

edited the newspaper at Mt. St. Charles skilled people who fit right In though that the customary -' ing acquaintances.
statistics related to the 8 70 33.12 98 330
Academy, a Catholic prep school in Woon- with these modern times I cost In lives and property dam 5-66-15-70-56-752 21, 1831 Nat Turner, a slave, led what Is regarded as
socket Rhode island. Even in high school the best known of all American Negro slave revolts, an uprising -
1 66 20 18 75 330 age will not make pleasant readIng SCORPIO AQUARIUS
this young man had the makings of a lead. (Ctb-8th). The more prudent OCT. in Southhampton County, Va., in which approximately
BORN 60 whites
BORN JAN. were killed. In the suppression at least 100 Negroes
er and Is destined to be somebody. TAURUS among you who are fully aware
died. Thirteen slaves immediately
and three arrested
of these facts before they happen 24th NOV. 22i( Negroes were
Although wealthy the Kennedy elders BORN APRIL will undoubtedly takeextrapre- 20th FEB lath tried and hanged. Turner captured October 30, was

have continually motivated their off- '20tl MAY 20th cautions and either remain'' Brace yourself,This being a Bend occasionally: Being of executed *olng calmly to his death, according to newspaper

spring to be somebody. The results; John quietly at home or simply go holiday period Is not apt to be a fixed temperament, ita\ not reports-on November 11, 1831. The rebellion was the climax

F. Kennedy became president of the United Something's up. Since this no further than your feet will very eventful when comparedwith the easiest thing in the world South of a three-year period of great slave unrest throughout the
what Is due to and had
States while his brother Is the tall end of the summer take you. transpire for you to submit to people or significant repercussions upon pro-and antislavery -
was Attorney during the rest o f the thoughts.
for of there not for to submit to peopleor
General. Another brother Ted, is a sena be very many much you excitement may gene- 2 15 55 50 63 422 month. U you have things to do conditions you that do not conform

tor. rated. Most of the emphasis In where you are a club member to the standards you have Aug. 21, 1906 Orchestra leader and composer William "Count"

Wealth has little to do with motivation, the Taurus solar chart fallsin lED or have to reciprocate social established AS your minimum Basle brOIl in Kansas City, Mo.

for wealthy children have wasted a the 5th house which has to BORN JULY favors or civilities, there may requirements. This minimum
many be no better moment than now Aug. 22, 1939 Henry "Hammering Hank" Armstrong lost the
do with pleasurable pursuits. often is far above other persons'maximums
fortune in riotous living and became 22idListeu have both the time and lightweight title to Lou
Make the best of the long holiday 23rd, AUG. when you and this it where Ambers. Armstrongwas the only fighter
failures and or successes. Right after weekend and obtain your and learn. The art inclination. The long Labor Day the trouble generally lives In in history to hold three world championships simultaneously,

the Civil war many illiterate Negro share of joy along with your of listening is much more value weekend should certainly provide order to Uve at peace with your 23
parents their children "the sparkof nearest and dearest (2nd-5th) ample opportunities for associates, as well as with Aug. 1917 Negrosoldlersattackedat Tex., leading
gave able than the one of speaking.The to
of this nature. Your protest by Negro hanged
pursuits troops. 13 life
were 41
The will make existence ; given
motivation. Mothers often burdened single ones among you may reason Is fairly simple. strangers you
be persuaded to believe that dear ones too, may also wel a bit smoother for your- sentences. The men, members of the 24th U. S. Infantry: were
When is doing all the talking -
themselves down with chores at the wash romance is beckoning. Eye it there Is little or no chance come' the chance from to obtain greater self by becoming more pliant executed tor their alleged part in a Houston riot.

tubs to send their children to collegesand with suspicion, however for it for anything new to penetrate in attention you. and tolerant. The application Aug. 23, 1796 The African
is apt to be even trickier thanit your mind. But when you keep 2 90 88. 18.78.917SAGITTARIUS of this philosophy should make Methodist Episcopal Church, foundedby
universities.The Richard Allen
is sudden. The aspects following ears to everythingthat the long weekend that comprises was incorporated, under Pennsylvania state
your open
results of motivation has no set time laws
during the coming weeks is being said or that is' Labor Day much more pleasant
limit but usually it is gratifying. It stress the possibility of disappointme.nt. going on around you you are for your mate and yourself.
takes to train child to be if not this month. BORN NOV. .Aug. 23, 1922 Dr. Rebecca Cole, physician and first :Negro
many years a quite apt to come up with valuable 2 77 50 -13 41.375PISCES woman to graduate from
doctor, lawyer engineer teacher jour- very) shortly: thereafter (5th-( information that can be 23rd DEC 21st Phla. Women Medical: College, PhilaJel-.

nalist, building superintendent research 1 40 77 10 65 789 turned to profit. that
the field. Seeing
4 40 44.14 28 678 Survey
consultant first-rate politician, and few Individuals are In the mood BORN FEB. Aug" 24. 1847 dependence of Liberia, first black nation I U
be founded
the like. But it takes all these yearsto GEM1H! VIRGO for serious endeavors, there is 13th MAR. by freed American Nero slaves, proclaim!
make the motivation come alive and BORN MAY BORN AUG. little reason for you to try and Prepare yourself. This is Aug. 25 1908 NatlonalAssocIaU
pay off.Instead. 21st 23rd SEPT. 22id stir up attention during this taken to generally founded!
21stline period. First of all, there is the be the end of
of yelling, we're going to de- summer when those who are
Play while can. While Labor Day weekend which
you long
be fooled
IPs coming. Don't Aug. Z5. 1928 Althea
monstrate---let us announce to the nation that this is not going to be a quiet can be devoted to pleasure and vacationing may take their last a tennis champion now vflt'tng
tranquility golfing
by the apparent career, was born In
that we parents are going to "motivate"our rules over the long weekend month In the real sense of the travels (Ist-Sth). These playa fling overlook at pleasure.the But don't Sumtfr, S. C.

youth to be somebody and go somewhere. into believing that this is going word this term may be applied big part in the acquisition of related fact to that the statistics Aug 21S. 1839 The ship Amistad
mishaps the wag
on brought int Montauk,
to the first quarter. No culture and knowledge by thoseto
to be the pattern for the rest highways L. I.. by Africans who revolted
matter where you are, at home whom these qualities are real usually reach a peak against their captors. They
of the month. Why about were freed by
worry High Court
during long Labor
School Days Are BackAll things when you are enjoying or at some vacation place,pro and not fanciful as so often Is Day weekend
((1st-5th). Try not to create
the most agreeable pastimes? long your pleasures comprise the case. While you are restingor the Aug 26, 1949 Anti-Negro
impression that your interest anti-Semitic riots at lWuUll,
Labor weekend life In its physical
the long Day enjoying
good Take the attitude that it is time N. Y.Aug. .
things come to an en'il--at leasttemporarily. enough to solve problems when (lst-5th). Those of you who have aspects this will not prevent Is lying elsewhere when

And so it is,, as the Jong you get to them. Besides when to drive home at the end of your mind from working at a has there first already is someone who. 26. 1852 Charles Summer
school summer holidays draws to 'a close. you are faced by necessity It Labor Day should get as earlya furious pace. New Ideas as to call on your'attentionand speech. nude his famous "Freedom"
affections You will
Very shortly, millions of youngsters will becomes easier to find solutions start as possible to avoid ways and means of achieving;! curb have to
work.The Cemlnlans getting caught In the traffic pms success should be jotted down your own tendencies to Aug. 27 1858
be shouldering their school books once that really be -Douglass
who are apt to be the best off that build up In urban localities. for reference, eventually, when the jealous or domineering for debate, at,. Freeport. IIIvn
again other millions will see the inside persons Involved are
Ira never to work the moment to strike out bold- unpredictable
are those who have picked outa easy up any Aug 21. 1915 Carter G Woo
of a schoolroom for the first time tranquil spot where neither enthusiasm for the work( that ly for recognition comes to and could take counteractions the Study ot Negro W. and' Ids 00 urtr.1Dir.t'd Association for

when school opens this fall. people nor urban responsibilities awaits us after a term of absence hand. to your that present would be lad detrimental future History at Chicago

can appear to trouble their 4 20. 44 12-48-328 Aug 2'1, lUg American Fed\
&L .-_ happiness ((7th 8th). : tit Labor
peace and privacy ((3rd-8Ui). 7 99' 2. GO- -IS-aZ-Ij'9 AtIanUt City., votes tu abolish Jim CIO convention, at

\ I) .,

-- -- -- -
---- -


I Kellam-Carlrell Bridal Party NAACP To Hold Joint Piano Recital Hair Style Show Features \

srtfir" wmw s1" ,,, -,-,,__ BethelMiss
At New
'Freedom Banquet"The Models I In "Air! Fashion"JiJin 1 1The :

Laltose Jones and Miss Spencer and Mrs. Edna U. Calhoun will I present a 10C6
the Jacksonville Planning Committee Branch of Verona Mitchell of New Bethel hair style show Sunday at 8 p.m., at the Club Eldorado.

National Association for the AME Church will be presentedin theme! "Air Fashion," Mrs. Johnnif/ Mae Brown, Miss
ti. 7j" 1 I I 1y Advancement of Colored People a Joint piano recital Sundayat will feature the l latest in fashion Pa trie:* Rowers Miss Jetty I
has announced that the annual 7 p.m., in the auditorium of hair design. Mrs. Ernestine Ivory Mis, Johnnie !Max
the church. Jones will _
"Freedom Banquet" will be serve as narrator 1 1M 1as
The program will benefit the Mr. Spencer, native of this
held Sept. 2 at 7.45: p.m., in
the Mayflower Hotel ballroom trust. board 'JfVbl.. ''i ''he city, has< had training, in UIJOHN *
fathers of the artists are mem-
1 Charles Evers, NAACP field 1
director for the State of Mississippi bers.
Miss Jones Is the of
will be the speaker.He .
Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Jones of
this following
accepted position
the assassination of his 1747 W. 9th St., and is financial
brother, Medgar W. Evers in secretary of the Sunday School,
June, 1963.Members. treasurer of Usher Board 3,
member of the Young People's
of the committee Department and an honor
Ire: Mrs. Ophelia Crumpton, student of the 9th grade at
chairman. Mrs. Alice Conway, James Weldon Johnson School.
4 t co-chairman; Mrs. Eva Satter- She has studied music under .1.
i white, Mrs. Aule L. Childs, direction of Paris L. Davis. i
1/- Mrs. Willie M. Smart, Mrs. Miss Mitchell is the daughterof i
Esther Den son, Mrs. Irene Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 0. .
f.I Dowdell, Miss Gloria Dallas, Mitchell of 1641 McMllllan St., f
Mrs. Louise Guinyard, Mrs. organist of the Sunday School, j,
Grace Soloman, Mrs. Geneva president of Usher Board 3, SPENCER --..
e Wheeler, Mrs. Lois Avery, member of the Young People's MRS. EDNA CALHOUN
I Mrs. Elnora Littlejohn, and Department and other social Apex School of Cosmetology In
Raymond Jackson, publicity clubs in the city. New York City and has studied Gilbert, Miss Betty Pittman,
t I chairman. Tickets may be obtained She is a graduate of Stanton under some of the world's Mrs. Jean Drill, Mrs. Lartara
from the committee, High School and has studied greatest artists, it was A. Dunbar and Miss Sharon
executive board members or music under direction of Mrs. announced.Mrs. A. Geathers.
at the office, 411 1/2 Broad Xella Mitchell and Mrs. Annie Calloun is a member of
St. Morgan. the Connoisseurs of Cosmetology You won't Set forrwrrow'i
,, Among the models are: tiith yesterdoy''skill.,



9ETROTHAL-PARTY ParticipantsIn the C. Kellam maid of honor and sister of

event which united Miss Sidney Kellam and the bride; Wesley CartrelI' the groom and
I Wesley CartrelI I Jr. in wedlock are seen and his bride; James Watkins, best man and
here. From left are : Mrs. Edna Gene John Corker, usher.
Cartrell matron of honor, Miss Christine



Wedding plans for Miss Matelda Lee of Education department of Maceo Lodge 8 141
New Hi I 11 I North Carolina and Dr. ArnettE. Improved Benevolent and Protective Orderof a
Girardeau this city will I start the Elks, is attending the convention of \ OREENy9
Elks in Cleveland ,,,,, + HTAMPB
social calendar moving. The ceremonywill Ohio as a delegatefrom ,

be performed August 27, in Raleigh, Maceo.
North Carolina. Others attending are L. E. Gonzalez I ,

She is presently employed as a teacherat Exalted Ruler of Maceo and E. J. Norman, I

Ligon High Schook, in Raleigh and isa District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler.

member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority ............ 4; -
Inc. _
Don't' forget the big freedom banquet \ ,,
Mr. girardeau is the son of Mrs. I NI MI N >t u
Annette E. Girardeau and the late EnglishL. sponsored by the Jacksonvi I le'I Branch, 11BRAi DEDr1e
Girardeau Sr. NAACP to be held September 2 at 7U5:: U li p N rNi
P.M. in the Mayflower Hotel Ballroom.The Beef at its ,'a. fl0V1A MIN GIADID

............ Guest speaker for the affair will I be iiViceroy's

A Fall wedding Is' being planned by.MI.ss Charles the State Eyers.of Mississippi.,,NAACP Field director,,'for .

Bettye Jeanette McCray and Duke Benjamin
Montgomery Jr. The announcement comes Purchase your tickets now, 1'1' I see you'
from Mrs. Johnnie Mac McCray widow of there and don't' be late.

Johnny McCray.
Miss McCray received her formal education Stork Note

in the local high schools I and
attended Edward Waters College Mr. and Mrs. Lenwood Simmons
5870 Scott St., girl
She is prrsently employed at Florida ,

Memorial College, St. Augustine.Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Dougan,
Montgomery is the son of Mr. and 1425 Spearing St., boy. got

Mrs. J. W. Montgomery of Williamsburg! ,
Mr. and Mrs. Lorunza Cross, the taste right any timethat's
Virginia. He is a graduate St. Emma 1002 Lawrence St., girl .
Military Academy in Virginia and attended

Hampton Institute, Hampton Virginia Mr. and Mrs. George Howard, right. of the day
presently he is serving in the U.S. Air 1558 W. 10th St., girl
.,,, ., ,
---,-- .- -
Force. The date will I be announced later. r. ;
Mr. and Mrs. Willie J. Lee, I I.
............ 3222 Haines St., girl

The Ladies of The Link and their guestswere >>r. and Mrs. George Patterson,

feted with a ban que t by their I 1584 W. 12th St., boy. tr" _
hostess, Mrs. Orpha Jackson Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnson,
Gertrude Styles, and Mrs. Maxing Meares 5416 Bunche Dr., girl
recently. -" _
This month will terminate the summer Barracks r'r1'ai'' 1', --tl
activities and begin the fall andwinter, [

activities. Members are planning a lot "'*'/: ''' /W,'" ?:>'
of golf for the coming months. Slates Meeting :;.''J1 ..1 d

............ I Gateway Barracks 3131,World ';
War I Veterans, will meet each
Ladies If you want to find a sport to first and third Saturday at Joe
keep you feeling fit and looking trim, James Center, 13th and Grun-' : '

then I would advise you to take up golf. thal The Streets.Ladles Auxiliary will meet ,, : ; :', fib, r> wNwa+Iw..+MM .*I ,1 1i (

............ each second and fourth Saturday ." r. C )J" '. N_.
at 2 p.m. at the center.Outing. ,' ". ,. J p'11' /'
George H. Williams I director of the ...' .> ""'/ '

., ,.- '"

,A ,
The T. H. B.Walker Circle of '1" ,
the WSCS of Simpson Methodist
PUBLISHED FREE Church will sponsor Its annual
outing to Gold Head State Park,
Call The FLORIDA STAR Aug- 27. Tb. bus will leave ; : :{:, i
the church at 9 a.m. > ;: :/ .
Tickets may be secured, at ?'. '
/ / II< '
PhotographerTo the church or from any member .
of the circle. ." A,1
:' ; ,

Cover Your Wits Factory .: ," "

Church Events Teas Banquets ': {" :-: .
To You .
< <. ,r. "t.<
: : rL:
Weddings, Fraternal Meetings, fi ':
Instant "
Beauty ... .:, .
Social Events Birthday Parties .
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Write 11-N.,......M111,1Nw\11NN"IN.W\/M\I. b .. "",,It"- Lti..M'". C.'.... "/A.h.
Phone 3546782 From 9am To 6pm. WIGS

NOTE. YOU MAY PURCHASE COPIES Brookllne3 299 Harvard St., -Massachusetts Suite 5


1 1A

----- -- ., .' r ." r .' .. .' rr r. ,. A A . .


n-, _


//1 Sweetfield Baptist- Church Holds Annual Men's Day... Observance SundayM

t t. Olive ,Baptist Henry W. Jenkins Is Speaker' Attended Wean's Convention

Choir Event Set
,VI '\j."t; r ""'rI U ( CHUR1NEW
I For Sweetfleld's Annual Event ,, :I':;' '
The Youth Choir 3 of Mt.Olive 1, t,' 'i ( ." -J t' ;CF
Baptist Church will observe f6 '01f ..1 ,
Annual Men's Day will be observed Sunday In Sweetfield :
its anniversary I Sept. 12 at 8p.m.
Baptist Church, of which Rev. D. B. Barnes is castor. \r' : 7t; itr ST PAUL AYE
The activities will begin with F 1 .. r.M ... :... of St. Paul AME Church met and organized for
Choirs to appear are: Mt. ales, Willie Adams; welcome ). ..,. ", ". The women
Vernon, West Union, Lit. Calvary the Sunday School at 9:30: a. m. address, Samuel Williams; response .. I ,",;..;,. .: .. their annual observance, which has been scheduled in OctoUr
Emaiu 1, !*rst Corinth, with Eugene Sawyer of Bethle- Deacon Charlie Mrs Dorothy Bacon, general chairman, has announced the
First Timothy, Central CME, hem Baptist Church serving as. McCormick; selection, Male events scheduled for the celebration will begin Saturday wm,
Sweetfield, Mt. Tabor and West guest superintendent. Guest + an all-day car wash. Members have been asked to bring; their, \
Friendship Baptist Churches, teachers are: Clarence Cun- cars to the church to be washed.
New Bethel and St. Stephen ningham, George Bruton, The church will share the profits from the footUJl game. !,
AME Churches. Wallace Rasberry Jr., Willie featuring the Jacksonville Jaguars ant Savannah at the Alto
Simmons, Deacon Jonathan .tY BowL Sept. 17. Members have been asked to secure tickets

M t. Sinai Baptist Smith, Deacon M. 1.. Gay, Y Y <; A musical tea will be sponsored Sept. 18 at 4 p.m., in it*
Rev. J. B. Mitchell, Deacon < Y dining room of the church.
James Sapp, James M. Wil j Choir 2 of Grant Memorial AME Church will be featured:!, awl
Observance Set liams and. W. M. Pauline. Mrs. Virginia Gray Martin will serve as narrator An alter
Morning worship Is at 11 T service program will also be held Sept. 18 with Rev. J. j.
Annual Dual Day will be celebrated o'clock. The program Is: Jones as speaker.BETHLEHEM .
Sunday in M t. Sinai Devotions, Deacon J. W. 4 Yrt J "i 11 '.
Baptist Church beginning with Wright, and Deacon Mack Neal; r 1 BAPTIST
the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., selection, Male Chorus; introduction Youth Day will be observed Sunday throughout the day bgin.
with Mrs. orge Smith as of Master of 1 r r sing with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with a guest sur
guest siyo."'.tendent. Ceremonies, Deacon Sam ; intendent and teachers in charge.
Williams; Master ot..Cere.moI 4 ; Morning service will begin at 11 o'clock and dinners will t lot
., RuIln served following the morning service. The districts truss
meeting will be held at 3 p.m., with District 7 in charge 'A
14. e 1 the program.
I -. -. ly Evening service will begin at 6 o'clock. The church uA
J pastor's anniversary will begin with Rev. J. C.Sams of Secud,!
Baptist; Rev U. J. Jones of New Hope Baptist, Marietta ud
--- "- -- -" ---- ----
Rev. T. R. Lee Jr., of Sprlnghill Baptist Church in charge of
I HENRY JENKINS CONVENTION SPEAKERS The National Association of Colored the service. They will be accompanied by their choirs and
Chorus; offering, Deacon Sam Women's Clubs, Inc. recent Biennial Convention in Oklahoma City, members.
Preston, Willie Gadson, Julius Oklahoma had among its dignitaries from left to right; Mrs. Mamie 1

Edwards, Frank Peterson; Introduction B. Resse NACWC President ; Mr. S. G. Faubel Canaveral Acres, MIDWAY AME
of speaker Rev. D. In AME Church will begin with
Services Sunday Midway the
N.l'. arksonv ile'e, Largest and, Best Known? Florida; Mr. Minton Francis, Housing Urban Development ; Mrs. Sunday SchooJ' at 9:30 a.m., with Superintendent S. C. Hart In
.....I----- :------- Orvllle Freeman, wife of Secretary of Agriculture and representative charge.
of Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson's' National l Beautification Program. Rev. W, F. Foster, presiding elder of the South Jacksonville

THI UNCHALUNCID LOCAL FAVORITE Mr. Faubel presented the Association, deed to property as a gift District, AME Church will close the third quarterly coo-
terence and will deliver the sermons for the 11 a.m. and
from Canaveral Acres in the '"G>lden Trlanje" of Florida 6 30 rites. ,
WM iG : p.m.
Lb.33C YA the convention body passed a resolution that the Association adopt All ushers and choirs will serve throughout the day. Rev

the National Beautification Program as outlined by President and B. J. Franklin, pastor, has asked the cooperation of all
FLA. LOBSTERS Lb. 89c Mrs. Johnson. officers and members.

SPOTS Annual Women's Day will be observed Oct. 16 la Mt. Morlab
ODNUIN10CiAN.vsIw VANITYCROAKERS Greater MacedoniaAnnual Union Progressive Greater St. M atthew AME Church Speaker for the 11 a.m. service will be MBrilla -$.
Thomas Stevens of Grant Memorial AME Church
Day Set Observes Dual DayDual Choir In AnniversaryChoir A kick-off tea will begin activitiesSunday from 4 to 6 p.m.,
THI REAL MtCOV MOM PORTSMOUTH In the lower unit of the church, according to Mrs. Gertrude
OCEAN TROUT LBFROM > Greater Macedonia I Baptist Day will be observed 2 of Greater St.Matthew Morse, chairman.
Church women will observe Sunday in Union Progressive Baptist Church, eastside, will The youth department officers are: Cynthia Valentine chairman .
"MAYPORT I their annual day Aug. 28 Baptist Church, commencing observe Its 7th anniversary ; Patricia Bryant co-chairman; Patricia Ravenel, secretary
TIXTURI IQUAL TO OP RIO MIAT S..A"U. SIMILAR OR throughout the days with the Sunday School at 9:30 Monday, beginning at 730pm.: ; Ava Johnson, assistant secretary; Linda Ravenel,finance
The officers are: Mrs. AllIe a.m., with Mrs. G. B. Oliver In the church auditorium.The secretary; Darlene McCord, Gwen Fossett,program chairmen;
SNAPPER FLANKS & THROATS. LB. 59c L. Jordon, chairman; Mrs.. as guest superintendent. participants are: Rev. H. D. McCord, music chairman; Benlta Jones, Hazel Bartlett,
-. Alma Watson, secretary; Mrs Guest teachers:Mrs.Mary Walker, Rev. R. J. Crawford, public relations.
FANCY FUSH-fRESH.FROZEN D. GRANT Lillian Nelson, financial secretary Peoples, Mrs. Hattie Haines, Choir 4,Little Rock;Miss Joyce Services Sunday begin with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m.,
MULLET ROE eOTB:: SL Ib 89' B. Barnes; address, Rev. C. C. ; Mrs. Mattle Gannt, Mrs. Mary J. Henderson, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Theresa Hodge, with Superintendent John H. Jackson presiding Rev J. C,
Z>>,attr trlcomelZ.h. boiti. men_, t4S9/ Daniels, pastor of Mt. Carmel treasurer; Mrs. M. L. Polite, Sarah Seymour, Cleo Jenkins, Miss Aletha Baskln, Miss Bannerman, pastor, will preach the sermons for the major
LARGI 'ATMULLET* Baptist Church; invitation to pastor of the day. Mrs. Eva Mae Gilbert, Mrs. Mendell Stokes, Miss Marie services.
Joiners; introduction of The chairmen are: Mrs. Ber- Alma Bevel and Mrs. Emma Ragans, Choir 2, Fountain
LB. 39c visitors, George Clark; closing nice Campbell, Mrs. Dorthla Murray. Mrs. Mary Huey will Chapel; youth choir I Beulah ALLEN CHAPEL
remarks, Deacon A. D. Grant, Smith Mr Emma Mellon review the lesson. Baptist; youth choir, St. Luke Rev. Isaac Gundy,pastor of Alleo Chapel AME Church, Bayard!,
OV chairman. Mrs. Sarah Strickland. Mrs. Mrs. Rena Woods and Mrs. Baptist; Choir 2, Sprlnghill; has announced that the services Sunday commence with the

............ .. ,. ..... ....... I II Mary L. Flanders, Mrs.Carrie Pearl Thompson will have W. F. Smith, R. Grlssett, Mrs. Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Mrs. L. Joyner in charge
YN"qYl Nt .o. NINNYI w-Y 111-IM /NYN M YINI INI tIMMhi Adams, Mrs. Elesia Hallback: charge of the devotion at 11 Carrie L. Jones, Mrs. Roberta The Rev. Mr. Gundy will have charge of the 11 a.m. rites and
Mrs. Sarah Strickland, Mrs a.m. Processional Choir 1, Cross, Sunbeam Gospel deliver the sermon. At 1:30: p.m., Rev. J. S. Johnson and
Fannie Devoe, Mrs. Nellie Fountain Chapel; guest ushers, Singers, Choir 1, St. Mark, congregation of St. Stephen AME Church will conduct the
Bruce, Mrs. Ruth Sheffield. Usher Board 1, Waymon Cha- youth choir, Sweetfield, Choir service.
The captains are: Mrs. J. M. pel; mission prayer, Mrs. 1, St. Luke Gospel Chorus,
Simpson, Mrs. A. L. Jordan, Birdie M. Buckman; scripture, Fountain Chapel; Choir 2, St.
M1E5gy' Mrs. Bernice Campbell, Mrs. Mrs. Sarah Best; solo, Mrs. Mark, Mrs. Geraldine Burton NOTICE .
Dorothy Harrell, Mrs Edith Charlie W. Gardner; introduction
Lewis, Mrs. Lucille Jerrell, of speaker; Mrs. Dorothy Friendship Primitive This publication will not be responsible
Mrs. F. Devoe, Mrs. L. B. Hayes; speaker, Mrs. Sarah for the return of photos sent or broughtin
Robinson, Mrs. E. M. Butler, Rice; solo, Mrs. Lizzie Belle; Slates Women's DayWomen's to our offices for publication. Uhere-
and Mrs. Lillian Smith. offering, Mrs.Annie M.Moble),
Day will be observed
In the youth department are: Mrs. Ruth Vickers Mrs. Clara ever possible we will endeavor to return
Oct. 23 in Friendship Primitive
Mrs. D. Hammond, advisor; Brooks and Mrs.Cora Malcolm.The Baptist Church with Mrs. photos when requested but we will not be
Mrs. Georgia Mathews, co-ad devotion at 6 p.m., will responsible in the event
Leaster Srai: i is chairman:: and they are
visor; Miss Mildred Thomas, be conducted by Deacons J.
Mrs. Rosa Mae Anderson
chairman; Mrs. Barbara Hand- King and Tom Boston. Proces-, chairman. co- THE EDITORS
ley, co-chairman; Miss Lydia sional, Male Chorus; responsive
0.t k' < Crews, recording secretary; reading Rev. Steve Love,
Miss Ruthia Calvin financial pastor; selection, chorus; mission -
secretary; Miss 1 Brenda Jer- offering ushers; prayer a Now
rell, Miss Maybell Simpson, Rev. T. E. Olds; announcements i :
9 treasurers. Deacon Major Hicks
; 4 Locationsto
-1 selection, chorus; welcome
Walters emorial Deacon Lewis Cain; response, Serve You3118EdgewoodAve.W.
Deacon Charlie Cummings; Introduction -
ServicesServices of speaker, the Rev. A .

I Sunday In Walters Mr. Love;speaker,Rev.George 3701 EMERSON
Memorial AME Zion Church Price; invitation to Joiners, the
"wj ;-t 4. begin with the Sunday School Rev. Mr. Olds;offering,Samuel
at 9:30: a.m., with Miss Amy Maddox,, Clarence of Jackson visitors; acknowledgement -; 1 1824 WEST BEAVER
Moreland in charge.
words of appreciation chairman
Rev. H. C. Archie, pastor, and
'dt will review the lesson, "What pastor.

Is Stealing?' Morning serviceat issionary Society
11 o'clock with the pastorIn P

At charge.3:30: p.m., Pie' missionary Sponsors Program

.1.-- society wilt nmt *ith the pre- The M. P. Tookes Missionary
t \ sident, M r s. Mary Leavy, Society of Grant Memorial AME D d
': presiding. At 5 p.m., the Church will sponsor a program
Christian Endeavor Hour Sunday at 5 p.m., In the church
begins at 6.30: o'clock. The auditorium.
pastor will preach and Usher Miss Roth Williams will be
: Board 1 will serve and Choir the speaker and other outstanding -
JAf'I '2 will song Mrs. Annie Mae talent in the city will U.S. GDVT. GRADED GOOD BEEF
Davis will preside at the in-
I I 'I participate.
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.PJI.. ;15

Duck Hunting Powell Aide Bethune. Cookmon College Summer Graduates Selective Buying Meredith In a

looking Good Urges Limit I 'r- Drive GetsLauRched New Voter

TALLAHASSEE The latest 'On: Marches AI MarchNEW
word for duct hunters is that

things look food for Ole i966.67 CHICAGO - hunting season. The word was Stone, administrative assistant ..wA.IH. ..1! to substitute constructive YORK -(NPI)- JamesH.
returned to Florida by O. E. to Rep. Adam Clayton Powell __; action for violence, the Ferrl- Meredith has begun a voter

Frye, director of the Game and (D-N. YJ), says civil rights ..;, ..I I ::-I"I" -a 'r day NAACP Branch is Initiating'an registration march even longer
Water Commission and marches should have a limita 'I all-out selective! buying than the walk he was preventedfrom
Dale Crider ... ulf ./ g. {, A T
waterfowl blolo- In Mlssiss 1.
tion. .
". .. ( Campaign aimed against down-
gist, who attended a recent Stone made his remarks duringa ; ____________., j iiiYIY town businesses.The Had Meredith completed his
meeting of the Atlantic Waterfowl talk before the South End violence broke out last march from Memphis to Jackson -
Council In Washington, Voters Education conferencelast 'r' ii. r weekend when a bomb explodedon Miss., he would have had
D. C. Saturday.He icF .-. ..:' IIe' 111 1 i' ,, ti t Y ',. N the property of NAACP to walk 213 miles A sniper's
Frye said, "Reports from said, "There is a point civil rights worker Richard shotgun pellets, however, prevented -
practically all major waterfowl where Negroes should stop .....w t"rw.I t' Thomas. Two persons were InJured him from participating
breeding pounds Indicate that marching and settle down to the and the Impact of the In much of the march, designed
production has Increased over business of politics and t.rL blast attracted a large crowd.At to encourage voter registration
last year and while not up to the demanding aproportionateshare Ik IFI the suggestion of the FBI, among Negro Mlsslssl JI1alls.
ten year average, duck hunters of political appointmentsand Mayor Willie Davis Immediately Meredith's New York walk is

may anticipate more birds than jobs." .4. ., N ,* called a meeting with local to be for 250 miles It, too, Is
during the past few years." The statement followed closelyan 4_ civil rights leaders, but no significant designed to promote voter! re-
The Atlantic Waterfowl Council Injunction issued by the Circuit 4 steps were taken to ease gistration.This .
includes the game and fish Court against what was ( pt4 the tension. Fourteen State time,he has contributionsfrom
agencies of Florida, Georgia, called "unreasonable demon Troopers continued to patrolthe the city's merchants/ and
South and North Carolina, Virginia strations" on the streets of streets at night the applause of local residentsand

West Virginia, Pennsyl- the city The Injunction namedDr. NAACP Louisiana State Conference officials
vanla, Maryland, Delaware, Martin Luther King Jr., President Attorney To help his cause,anti-poverty
Nw Jersey, New York, Rhode Al Raby, convenor, Coordina- Marlon Overton White sent a workers from the Brownsville
Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts ting Council of Community m telebram to U. S.Attorney General section of East New York sent
Vermont,New Hampshireand organizations, Chicago, and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach 234 persons by bus to register
Maine. several of their aides as de asking for help. Then he called at the Brooklyn Board of Elec-
The states of the various flyway fendants.The together other NAACP area tions.
councils meet each year complalntants are listedas leaders to meet with Ferrlday Meredith began his march In
to discuss management of wildfowl the City of Chicago and Branch President Robert Harlem along 125th Street between -
and make recommen Police Supt. Orlando W.Wilson. t Lewis, Jr., to work out a constructive 7th and 8th Avenues.
dations to the U. S. Fish and Stone, when asked'If he meant I J.' : ;,' t.: ,.. direct action pro- During his walk, he gave out
to I "
1": (
Wildlife Service for ) voter registration information.
regulationsand that civil rlght&marches'should .... i'" r.i .. gram.
management of the be halted altogether, replied, ..., f.J\\\'< I 'J, ( N\ .. Y'' : ,'"1 Out of this meeting came the
migratory species. "No, the civil rights marches .. .1'J. \ .f 1' .Ai!. .,t.. t .. Ny '," determination carry on an
; l' I Help
Fight For
Frye said, "One of the more serve a purpose, but a limit ... ,.. "I'' ,.;" f, t ..f. \ I '""I'" an intensive selective buying Freedom
ItI.I.i\\4 "t"\ .'jI.1< i 1.r )I-J. ... '. ...
Important resolutions tt'f- : >
passedat .
: \ : .
should be placed on the action .; .. .', i S: ....... _..... .J11Ht '... ... .. ..'.... .. .. campaign.
the recent meeting and approved and the energy transferred to \ c .n" o r y '" --;::!; ..t--. ---a .._ .._.._. -" .f A,'L'.4"-'K .. '.. ".....'.--u- .I': .r. ,

by all states of the all-out political activity in the Other bachelor of arts
Atlantic Flyway would
various communities to poll
duck hunting one-half hour before enough votes to back up the three in number, received degrees recently fields were: English: Sonya Lena Gilliam, VETERANSTHE
sunrise rather than sunrise demands." at the 63rd annual Summer session Wilhelminia James and irma Marion. MUsic -

as has been the case In recent Stone blasted the middle class commencement in Heyn Memorial chapel. ; John Frank Alexander, Barbara jean
years. The states can only make Negro for his laxity In voting and
Bryant Reginald B. Mitchell.
heard Dr.Ernest T. Dixon : JACKSONVILLE
recommendations and have no and political activity, and The graduates BARBER COLLEGE INC.
authority to establish scored the people of the community jr. president of philander Smith Col- Yvonne Brant. Sociology: John William ,

regulations! except as provided where the meeting was lege, Little Rock, Arkansas speak on the Bolling, Richie G. Bossard, JACKSONVILLE;

within a framework set by the held for the poor attendanceat challenge of an effective life. Dr. Joseph Carolyn c. Johnson, Essie j. Lawrence, Of 630 DAVIS ST. Is
U. S. Fish and Wildlife the gathering.The conference Taylor, acting dean, presented Joy Y. Mundy, Donald Henry Reed, Mary Now Taking
Service" We are hopeful,how- was held in the Chatham YMCAIn H. Lee Smith Sylvester Washington and
ever, that the improved duck the swank ChathamAvalonarea degrees in the absence of Dr Richard V.
Evora Louise Wynn. Bachelor of science
situation will encourage the on the far Southslde. president of the college. Leo Applications
Service to allow the earlier Continuing his blast of the Moore degrees and majors were Chemistry; James For Its
bachelor of arts degree
Sykes a
shooting" middle class Negro, Stone Russell wilkerson. Business education:
lashed out at the National Urban in religion, philosophy and English.; Eugene Russ. physical education: Henry

League, q.Ued.lt a white man's Sykes was magna cum laude of his class Marion Brooks, johnny Douglas. Charles Veteran Class.
plantation which, In his words, and is a native of Arlington, Georgia. and
"is getting closer to the John :) Joseph Franklin III Allie Mae Hopkins,

OOo.tlANGOkGoflold. Birch He said Society Negroes every should day." stop The Size Of Our ClassesIs

being afraid and ashamed of I The College Student SpeaksLast I
.. being black. "You should believe -
in black peoplehood," he year Congress established a National Teachers Corpsto Then there Is the National Merit Scholarship. Over 1,600 Limited By Law.
said and went on to explain the provide specially trained teachers for slum areas Training awards are given each year on the basis of scholastic records
1 expression "black power," now In 42 universities across the country are 1,600 and competitive examinations. Inquire of the college registrar,
coined by his boss, AdamClay- internes, as well as 300 experienced "master" teachers whoa the dean of student aid, or a school counselor for information Enroll Now To Be

rol ( ton Powell some time ago. will guide the _Internes. during .they. erul.ar.s.chool. year.. .1 about.. .financial. assistance. Sure Of
roo MUCH '000.0 DIIINII He condemned those who would have *' Available to Negro students,Is a program offered by the A Place
twist the meaning of black The Internes agreed to teach at least two years In
power .
National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negroes. Although
to be interpreted as anythingelse. areas where some 50 per cent or more of the families have;,
annual Incomes of less than $3,000. It Is hoped that manyof primarily aimed at helping students gain admission to Integrated -
the Internes wlllremaln much longer.As colleges, it does offer scholarship help. This CALL 355 9814
organization, located at 6 E. 82nd St., New York, 10028,
of their the teachers have will give you more Information if you will write them direct.
You Do To Town To Get part training, new begun
graduate work this summer for master's degrees. But
they're also reading books like James Baldwin's "The Fire
Next Time" and "Manchlld In the Promised Land" by Claude
L01 Brown. And they're meeting parents and community leaders,

visiting schools, police stations, narcotics clinics, jails,
: DRUG STORE hospitals and youth centers .. and working part time in 2.1 JU..i'P
NEEDS social service agencies. <.1

Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store assess SUPER MARKETS

WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL "The great majority of American children are largely .. .
Papers. We Deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescrip- segregated and the predominantly Negro schools are markedly
Hans Inferior to those attended largely by white youngsters." THESE

These were two of the findings that the U. S. Office of Edu-'
Dixie Pharmacy cation spelled out In a report requested by Congress. The
report, Catalog No. FS 5,238.38000, Is available for 30 CENTER CUTPORK
cents from the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government -
Just as a loaf of bread means more to a starving man
1302 Kilts Road At Myrtle Avenue than to a sated one, so one very fine textbook or, better, CHOPS LB.79C
one very able teacher, may mean far more to a deprived
Phones Elfin 5559798 child than to one who already has several of both."


PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER If you're considering going to college and feel you won'tbe FLA. GRADE 'A'HENS '
able to make It because of your family's financial condition

Many authorities now contend that every able student hasa 23
"Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer" chance to go to college whether or not his family can afford LB.
to send him.

R. S. EVANS You should have above average ability .- but you don't
have to be an A or even a straight B student. The drive and DIXIE

3rd & MAIN determination you feel can mean more sometimes than a
very high average 1
63 OLDS ''98' 2-HR H'TOP COUPE $3195
IIKr % ro9 WARRAKrv Actually, there are so many aid programs that it Is impossible
65 FORD GAL.i : "500"( E4.DR, It'TOP ,82195 In the space of a brief article, to list them all.

62 DUICK'Mntn "ITH ELECT! TOr1PMPPT"225";' AIR. eOFDIiNH. .'. . $1595 For Instance, the National Defense Loan Is among the foremost
AIR rrKDITInK: PEE: Tn A""M 'J: RA A RONKY! programs of student assistance. This program provides up
63 MUSTANG n & HEATER:: . .lil3! to $1,000 a year to students in need who are doing creditable 10 LB.
64 C'ADILI.1(' . . $:I93! work. It is In the form of a loan which has to be repaid 43LIMIT
,*,UI.r''A'V.'vii'I:, :' ;? "Kf' : 'fc; *. Oft *''N" CI.E.\1f AA *EW. after graduation from college. 35C BAG

65 PONTJAC' CATALINA' . .2695:!
4 noon IMUD TOP inborn!: Am rONDIrtoAT.'kIK" HEW,

65 PLY. FURY III . .(2395 $29V' 1 WITH $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
AIR roinmov I tow Ann
: i VR
on :Iran 1':>,e rAr.'R'T' ITHTTRAAlYt5RAe1.L, Royal Art Studio
MLMANO: . . .$295iWH :?
rAnin A Hrres. *""*; WAIL visas "NTrn 45

"| /: A RfAl, Ronn CMC'
FSRD j. fiALAXIU lf; filii
64 WO HARDTOP $1695
ftt: RAMBLER: CLASSIC 2-DOOR . .$ 995

:57 CHEVROLET sa T N'p ICKt1El; .$ 395
60 RAMBLER, REAL: f.OOl ONE. .$ 395 I.

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II WalKa Atseriean dBcN Podiatry Aooriafiaa alth t tBy Has Barber Youthful Scotia Prexy Since You Ask MeBy McCahill Picks Rayon Over, Nylon

TlIF PI I.1VT1U. .c.... N.*RT" CONCORD, N. C.; -(NPI>-The
That pesky little thing! on the Infection 6f the skin. The plantar give rise to numerous "satellite"or ,Interim president of Barber DEAR LONNIE: If you can solve this problem,I'll have to give
bottom. of your foot that resists variety1 can be very painful even secondary growths Scotia College, selected by the it to you, you're really good However, I don't think you can
V1 so called "corn cures" and other disabling. While they quite frequently Some general rules of foot care board of trustees to replace solve It. I don't think any body can.You see, In our neighborhood
: efforts you make to remove It effect adolescents, all age should be followed, however:
Lionel there are some hoods who around In and call them-
resigning Dr. Newsom go packs
; may not be a corn. It may be a groups art susceptible to them. 1. Keep feet clean and dry Ryr
wart which when appearing! on With the plantar wart, the growth 2. Use clogs whenever possible Is 28-year-old Jerome Lynwood selves by different fancy names. U you don't Join when they ask
the sole of the foot. Is known asa Is flattened with every step the on gym floors sides of pools or In Gresham, Allen Unlversl- they'll beat,you up. U you do Join, you're heading for trouble.
I plantar wart. The wart Is usual. patient takes. Therefore, unlike public showers. ty graduate, former faculty Now, what I'" been doing Is Joining when they asked me-but I
ly Hat, surrounded, by built up warts In other areas of the body, 3. Have children's feet checked member of Morehouse College just don't hang around with them. So far I've Joined three different
dark hardened threadlike skin and fibers.may contain Sometimes are they pushed cannot Inward grow and outward sideways but regularly at least once a year, and a Sltka, Alaska high school gangs and I'm afraid one day I'll run Into two of them at
warts are mistaken for through the pressure of standing 4. Report any unusual marks on principal. one time. Then I'll really have trouble. What do you think?
calluses Plantar warts occur and walking. This compressesnerve the foot to your family podiatrist Gresham holds a masters degree -
commonly but not always on endings and causes pain. or physician. from ColumbiaUolverslty's BotheredIT
points of pressure. Other warts For further Information, writeto a
are Been In areas where moisture Warts can vary In size from a pin the American Podiatry Associ teachers college,
collects as well as under the head to the size of-a large coin. ation. Office of Information Sere and Is a candidate for the doc SEEMS TO ME that you've handled the problem pretty well
toenails. Warts are transmissible between ices, 3301 16th Street N.W., torate In educational already. It seems that In your neighborhood, )'ou'11. Just have I
Most warts are probably a viral persons giantar warts may also Washington, D. C. 20010. supervision. to try to be one of the fittest so you can survive. In your case, ..,
the fittest are those who stay oft the streets as much as possible .
and who avoid getting Into arguments with gangsters.That ::
word "gangsters" may not be the right word, because mA
from what I understand, gangsters operate to make money. A ICII
KOZYKORNER lot of the gangs in different neighborhoods Just operate to gang Tests by Tom MtCahlll at the Ireylona International.. Spillwayh.w
bang. They go through all the motloo.ofbelnr gangsters for no that cur/equipped with rayon curd tires a"IIIfr. easily eonlrolledduring
BACK-ro-.aOL other reason than to get somebody In the hospital or morguein rant maneuvering at turnpike Kpwdi than thow riding un nylon.
order to show how tough they are. Is It really safer for us.
to go around killing each other off instead of organizing to try Situations often arise un the highway wh'n fVfr thn t,'>t'Jriv'r) \
to make a buck or make the city solve our problems? find they must make a sudden switch Ir'm one lane, to Ia"'t"r 10' high.
speed to avoid an accident. At times Ilke this, ff"lr',1 of !tic ';10'
see depends largely on directional awbilny of Ur.. .

1785 Davis St. 1833 Myrtle Ave-
NOW 5 STORES DEAR LONNIE: My mother Just bates my guts. She gets mad
every time she looks at me.1 can't understand it.My brotherscan BELL FISH AND POULTRY CO
8th & Davis 9th &
TO SERVE YOU Myrtle do anything they want to do and she never says a word. But .
Just let me do something and you'd think I'd committed a mur-
der. What should I do?I can't stand It.

3611 Moncrief Rd. 4412 Moncrief Rd. 541 W. State St. Sitting PHONE3551189

26th & Moncrief 33rd & Moncrief State & Broad YOU'RE DOING THE RIGHT THING ALREADY. Right now, -
sitting it out Is about all you can do, unless you're 21 and havea Seafoods --
Job. You're doing the right thing too, when you recognize
that even though mother loves she also hates
your you, you.
THE MOST COMPLETE SUNDRY STORES IN JACKSONVILLE Lots of people are like that. I don't know why, but sometimeseven fRESH BOAT WHITING LB 2ge
very close relatives can make a scapegoat out of somebody -
scream at. If you're the one, all you can do Is try to put up
with it and not crack up. Then, when you get out on your own,
STORES OPEN FROM 7 A.M. Till 11 P. M. 7 DAYS maybe you can avoid making somebody the scapegoat when you 18. 35C

have problems
BCBIeach i BT Stamps Newspapers, 1 Magazines 1.DK Bread IK Soap see .
DEAR LONNIE: All summer long I've been Just sitting aroundthe 35e
Mice' Cream II Sodas 18.
Thread Cigars Cigarettes house doing nothing. My folks promised me that I could go
to New York for a vacation and stay with my aunt. Now they say flOUNDERS LB. 39C
they can't afford It. They say I'll have to Just stay home the
whole summer. I planned on that trip for the whole year and SPOTS LB. 35C
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around and see if you uui't: earn enough for maybe a weekendin Poultry ---
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view. If they can't afford to send you, maybe they would STEWING HENS LB. 25C(
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99 you can tula things through and see what is the best LARGE ROOSTERS s sI IB. 29C
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I .. .
SCHOOL SUPPLIES Send ./ child 20, copies of the Florida Star on '.' a''t '
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ib SCHOOLTEACHERS L If we can be of service by carrying any items that you need for your Florida Star lit for each copy he sells. Those ,
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"c. .. ... ... .. .!>-. !c .. .. ,. .- ." ........ .' <- .. . .


Negro Bishops Take Last Rites For Given ROTC Commission

I ra .,....... '.1WIt ... __ .___ ___ __ Negro Officers FewIn

Part In Catholic Rites Judge SlaterCHICAGO "

HOUSTON, ,Tex - legro Catholic bishops, t best ." of mourners from every walk Viet Nam
to be elevated to the epis- Bishop Lewis also authoreda of life gathered at Bethel AME .
qJaC; In their native countries book on the activities and Church last Saturday morning '; hw SAIGON
modern times, were special background of Negro Catholic to pay final tribute to Judge A. /t l The few Negro officers found among military
ssts and participants in the bishops throughout the world Frederick W. (Duke) Slater. personnel what In Viet Nam and the lack of concern by officers for
gist annual national conventionthe before he was himself appointed Judge Slater, who sat on the I Ii happens to their men during off-duty time were deplored
Knights of St. Peter a bishop by Pope Paul VI. bench In Chicago for 18 years, I v by Urban Whitney M. Young Jr., executive director of the National
laver In the Sheraton-Lincoln Bishop Perry Is first racially was known widely as "The nation. League, upon completion of his tour of that war-torn
otel 1 recently.They acknowledged Negro to be consecrated People's Judge" because of
are the most Rev.Harold a Catholic bishop In his compassion for the plight The tour, taken by Young to four lieutenant colonels seven
Perry, auxiliary bishop of the United States. of the unfortunate.He I' tell some of the estimated 50, majors and eight captains.He .
[ew Orleans and the Most Rev In addition to Bishops Perry was also a legendary sports 000 Negro military personnelthere was able, Young said, to
arlos Lewis, auxiliary. of the and Lewis, other bishops participating figure at the University of Iowa, of the concern for them determine that the reason for
epublic of Panama In religion activitiesof where he won fame as an All- held by "their loved ones and such a high number of Negroes
th are alumni of the Divine the convention Included the American tackle on the Iowa f J" r friends back home," was sponsored in Viet Nam was because of the
ord Seminary, Bay St. Louis, Most Revs John L. Morkovsky football team. and paid for by the high enlistment and reenlistment
iss., where Bishop Perry was of Houston; and W. J. Nold, Among those paying tributeto National Urban League. rates among them. Of
tor and (southern)provincial Galveston, Texas the veteran jurist was The Federal Government provided some 300,000 military
ector, and Bishop Lewis was Supreme Knight Shield Gilmore Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, him with access to personnel In Viet Nam, M.OOO
tor of the semhiary'snaUon- Jr., Lake Charles, La., who attended wake services held installations and personnel and 'o 60,000 are estimate to t*,
y-circulated magazine"The presided over the convention.He at Bethel Church the evening protection on the trip. Young Negro. "That would suggest
was also elected Supreme before. asserted that his trip was "not something to us," Young saM
Knight of the Catholic fraternal Mayor Daley said JudgeSlater 1 1RECEIVECOMMISSIONSLt. made to attempt to judge any -"'that these men would rather
/ organization. Bishop>> r.r1.is had contributed to the growthand aspect of the war Itself." serve under conditions on the
a native of Lake Charles. progress of Chicago and Among highlights of his firing lines of Viet Nam than
i I 1 1 In business affairs the convention would be greatly missed by all Col.,, Samuel F. Sampson ( left) professor findings Young noted the small to remain home, that conditions
i 11 donated $3,789 for a its citizens. of military scienceat Florida A&M University, congratulates three number of Negro officers In the are better in the military ser-
National Charity Fund beadedby Judge Slater died at his Chicago cadets who were commissioned as second lieutenants in the United military especially in the Navy vices. It also serves to pointup
Last year more than 39 mil. Bishop Perry who Is also Beach Drive apartment. He States Army during the summer and he declared that military the unusual courage and
Ion Americans of all airei made national chaplain for the St. had been hospitalized several ROTC commencement exercises at FAMU. commanders and other officers patriotism displayed by our
autiful music as amateur mu- Peter Claver organization.The months ago and his illness diagnosed cadets hho were commissioned during the summer exercises are displayed a too casual InterestIn men-the flower of our communities -
clans according to the Amer- conventllon also launched as cancer. Samuel Williams, Jacksonville ; Lonnie Bellamy Inverness ; and the lives of their men during ."
urprislnirly an Musical, Conference.they purchased Not a membership expansion pro Judge Slater was born Dec. Leon Cosby, Orlando. the men's off duty hours. Young talked with Negro and
out six times as many iruitars gram under i the leadership of 19, 1898 in Normal, m., the "We visited bars to check white military personnel but he
i pianos. But there still are Sir Knight Ernest Granger of oldest of six children. reports that there was bias at was especially Interested in
!,7 'million piano players to Lake Charles.In His early education was In "White Blacklash" Resulting In UpsurgeOf many of them. We found that a finding out what skills the Negroes -
Jne million guitariata.S SC addition to Supreme Knight public schools of Chicago Aurora number of them were frequented possessed and what they
Model Gilmore the follbwlng> officers Nebraska and Clinton, solely by Negroes and others plan to do when they return to
car racers get a bo- where be from Power For American Nazis solely by whims," Young declared -
nza in six new home race sets were elected: Iowa graduated civilian life.He Indicated that he
Monogram Models, Inc. Four&J'e Alex I. Sherman Mobile Ala. high school 1916. would propose at the Sfith Annual
1/32 scale and two in 1/24, deputy supremeknight; Henry/ He received the B. A. and CHICAGO- aid there's a big variety size! J. Dooatto, Opelousas, La., LL.B degrees from the State Into power In America? Evidence that the Nazis werea Miss Himmler, unlike many "the segregation in the bars Is which began Sunday July
Bjr out complete and price.with track All the, sets national secretary and Ernest University of Iowa and was Ridiculous, it has loan: pointedout force to be reckoned with was other Nazi leaders in this country by choice. But that should not 31, In Philadelphia, Pa.,that the
.Ip'1'e.. hand controls and racings power Granger, Lake Charles national admitted to the Iowa Bar' In by civic and government found In Police Supt. O. W. Is soft spoken and sounds be encouraged. Many of the League should develop a pro
icke. secretary. 1928 and the Illinois Bar In officials. Wilson's denial of a Nazi charge intelligent. officers with whom I talked gram to help returning Viet
.- 1929. He began the general The number of Nazis In the that police discriminated She denies that Nazi hates could give me no information Nam GI's readjust to civilian
practice of law In Chicago In whole country Is said amount against whites In protectingcivil anyone and represents her about their men's off duty time, life.
1932. to only a handful. Most of them rights marchers. group as a respectable organization they were unconcerned" He said that businessman, Industrialists -
A widower, Judge Slater was are lower-class white dere- Wilson dignified the Nazis' protecting the Interestsof Young was "especially and the Federal
married to the former Etta licts. charge by answering It and affirming white people>> just as civil pleased" by the widespread Interracial Government had already shown
__ Searcy als o a graduate of the And Nazism could hardly become that the Chicago Police rights organizations protect teamwork he saw interest in such a program.
_. #kM University of Iowa, in 1926. powerful In a countrythat Department does not discriminate. Negroes.The operating at the non-com and "Too many of our men came
i She died In 1962. went to war some 25 years Nazis were capitalizing enlisted man level." He lauded home following the other wars
Judge Slater was a memberof agog wipe it out, It has been At the same time, the Nazis on the "white backlash" in General W. C. Westmoreland, (World War I, World War II
the 1921 State University of got themselves an articulate this city by organizing a"whiteguard" commander of all American and the Korean Conflict ), and
a Iowa football team when it won But there were disquieting spokesman Ericka Himmler in all-white areas of Viet Nam forces, who has some found the same depressing and
the Big Ten Championship In signs that Nazism could turn who is 6'leet 2 Inches tall and the city. 19 Negro officers on his discriminatory conditions I
that year be was also chosen out to be a force to be reckoned ,.. command staff. These Include existing as when they I L
with in this country, thanks to
I as a member of the AUI -
I American First Team by Walter a "white backlash" resulting
Eckersall of the Chicago Tri from recent civil rights ,
bune. He was also chosen as a marches.
.c member of the All-Time All- In the Gage Park area, Nazis
y American Football team by led rally which 2,000 residentsof
"Pop" Warner In 1931. the lily-white neighborhood 1lU
In 1951 he was elected to attended. QUANTITY
membership In the National The rally was said to be the e
Football Hall of Fame locatedat largest Nazi-led meeting,in the : i RESERVED
4 Rutgers University. He city since 1941, when, the SPECIALS GOOD
played professional footballfrom German-American bund was' '
1931 to 1935. spewing out Its hate. ,
Before Us elevation too the The Nazi. organization, meaq'while v..... "* U" .. I.. .... i I l H .
r municipal court,as an associate was planning marches.
judge in 1948 he served as an through, Negro I areas ..of
I assistant corporation counsel the city- likely the Southslde-
I / ? and as an assistant Illinois In protest against civil rights
Commerce commissioner. He marches Into white areas. '
KEN KNIGHT was named a superior court The Nazis would not have stood SUGAR 39
judge In 1960. a chance of surviving such a 5 IBS.
:, Invites You To Listen To- march until recently when thecity's
police went all out to
BIG BAND protect civil rights marches. LIMIT 5 LBS. PLEASE i/mm FOOD PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE
)OOo.HANGOkGarfield's Now, Nazi marches in Negro
neighborhood s were sure to
r receive police protection, as GEORGIA RED p
"DANCE PARTY"tly well.
At the same time Albert A. TOMATOES CHEER 59
Raby convenor of the Coordinating -
N 11:30: til 12:00: Saturday 9 p.m. L f> Council of Community GIANT

'_W' < __.". *._. ,J Organizations, expressed fear LIMIT 1 PLEASE
1400 WRHC1400 QUICKLY RELIEVES THE (FPICTSOP that all-white areas of the city
TOO MUCH FOOD AND DRINK where marchers have demonstrated LIMIT 3 303 1 DC


Any building I design will have BAKE RITE GOLDEN CREAM STYLE

beauty and function, but always CORN

with the human touch. ORCABIN

that's a must.*' % r H.OMEMEAL J- 5303 8ge

3 L8S. 59C
The gin I buy is London Dry.Gordon's. MONOGRAM LONG GRAIN

It's always brisk,
dry and smooth..To me, 5 IBS 29C 39C
;, 3 IBS.
Gordon's is a must. PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORESWIFT'S

W Fontaine Jones, A i A. Architect and Chairman of the Board PREMIUM CHUCK VEGETABLE SHORTENINGPOTATOES
West Side Chamber of Commerce of New York, Architectural Consultant on Latin America .
.;:'\' :" 'f:"' "

l, ,,., 'ft"< ,





: _


_GORDOMDisr 1 10 LIS.49C HALf OR BACON[LB. n C I{j.:




.I '-h_ .. .
II t


;; r ..

I ____

I Moon Over Miami Motorcycling Between Flights w CIVIL ,RIGHTS civil Rights- RoundupROUNDUP ..

I MIAMI BEACH Fla. -A third of Miami Beach's six months 1r GUIDELINES' FIGHT
of summer remains for the vacationer who Insists on having 1
ATLANTA NPI-Georgia Is action
KLAN VS. MANRALEIGH considering legal against
too much money.
and do spending
plenty to see
N. C. -- A federal school desegregation guidelines, Gov. Carl Sandershas
14 Not that one can't find ways at 50 cents an hour. Negro and a Ku Klux Klansman acknowledged. Meanwhile Alabama Gov. George Wallace
to spend it here, but it really Fishing can cost as little as traded punches after an estimated dfcdire'l; t tal war against the gull'dinetud w1: he would art
isn't necessary. $3.75 for a morning a!:;nnoon 1,550 persons marchedIn as local school superintendent In eac:. dit'r'-' ::, :Inn';ssiiy..
or evening aboard a drift boat, a Klan parade through downtown !In order to preserve segregation. Gov. Sanders said he hart
example or as much as $50 a halfdayfor Raleigh to Nash Square., conferred with Atty. Gen. Arthur Bolton about possible legal
low rates until Nov. 1. This four on board a charter : r ii I After the rally in the square,, fiction; after several local school superintendents had contacted
means hotel rooms for as little cruiser for Gulf Stream a Klansman dressed In a red Bolton with requests for such action.
as $5 or $6, double, and air- trolling. The usual catch on 4fl robe and a Negro youth exchanged
s conditioned, oceiofront: luxury the drifters Is snapper,grouper ; blows as the KKK INTEGRATED BOOKS
for $10 and $12. Apartmentsalso and yellowtall. Sailflsh and Dolphin 1 marched down the main RICHMOND, Va.NPI)- A campaign on behalf of"Integrated"
will hold at pre-winter are the top gamesters in business thoroughfare. textbooks has been launched by the Virginia Council on Human
prices of. $50 or $60 a month the "stream" at this time of Relations. The council charges that the textbooks used in
year. Later in October king WOMEN TOO Virginia's schools pic: ire the Uni'ed' States as i "white
up.Regardless of location Mi. mackerel usually become more ATLANTAN PI- Another society" overlooking the contributions of Negroes to American

ami Beach, the visitor will be numerous are taken both drift- t group complaining of discrimination civilization A standard history textbook, the council noted,
l within a few blocks of beaches, Ing and trolling. -women-want t equal Job points out that Benjamin Banneker a Negro aided in surveying
restaurants, golf courses, ten- Sightseers have a variety of opportunity uniform l Jury Washington D. C., but that the book used in Virginia drops
; Ais centers night clubs, shops attractions, both within Miami service for men and women, that reference.
and fishing. Many hotels have Beach and in the area. Cruises k- and abolition of help wanted
pools overlooking the ocean. through the city's inland water- 4- advertisements for men and SCHOOL PLEA'WONNEW
September and October will ways are populat. The Miami women. The National Businessand ORLEANS -(NPI)-Federal Judge Frederick J. R.HefltAr
t have the added attraction of both Beach Garden Center is open :i I k Professional Women's upheld Negro plaintiffs in their complaint against Bogilusa:
collegiate and professional daily at DO charge and the Bass ( f clubs adopted a three-part legislative school desegregation progrssi. The judge ordered meters
football to other activities in Art Museum operated by the S program aimed at hired "without regard to race or color" and changed the city's
the are Jo..j ,o University city charges 50 cents during obtaining equal rights for school desegregation plan to the free-choice system. Under
of Mhot'lld\ tJ: ) new Miami afternoons. American women. Delegated at that system all pupils must make a choice of schools annually
j. Dolphiiu ;vll jliy i in the Orange Buses may' be boarded In the clubs' convention sought a
Bowl on the mainland, reachedby Miami Beach for trips to such constitutional amendment gua- INTEGRATION DELAYED
four causeways from the notable I commercial scenic ranteeing their rights. WAUKEGAN, 111. - Beach. spots as the Parrot Jungle, officials appears to have prevented schools from being inte-
Visitors who bring their golf Tropical Paradise, Sea- REVERSAL grated this fall Lake County Circuit Judge Charles Parker
clubs on vacation will find sum- quarlum Monkey Jungle, LOS ANGELES -(NPI)- The had ordered the Waukegan school board to integrate Its all-
mer greens fees of $3 at the two Serpentarlum and Orchid Jungle Superior Court Appellate department white elementary schools: tad reduce: the Negro ear:..jllme,i'
18-hole municipal courses,with Those who drive here, or FUN IN THE SUN---Beauteous airline stewardes ,Carolyn Brown when has reversed the In a four) ,. But the school board appealed to the State Supreme
I half price for the nine-hole, rent a car after arrival of not flying the friendly skies for the largest airline service in conviction of a woman accusedof Court In an effort to test the validity of the Armstrong Act,
par-three links. This rate holds course can make their own sparking the 1965 Watts riot. which requires school systems to promote integration
through Nov. 15. Courts at the sightseeing schedules.For the United States, enjoys motorcycling In Chicago between flights. Mrs. Rene Frye 50, was found
two city tennis centers rent the evening there Is a Even with the wind playing havoc with her hair she knows with guilty interferingwlthpolice FUNDS) STOPPED

choice of night clubs as well minimum care she will be as sharp as any other stewardess when men and sentenced to SO daysin NEW ORLEANS -(NPI)-Eight Southern school districts have
as greyhound racing.Selective has her the Municipal Judge lost federal aid after falling to comply with the nondiscriminatory -
.." I II II If called for duty because her hairdresser given new, J Jail by
George M. Dell. Her Jail provisions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. They are
revolutionary Epic cool curl relaxer to keep her hair manageableat
Bernard Morehouse Ouachita Red River
sentence was suspended and she Parish Richland
I all I times. Carolyn formerly known as the "Honda Girl" in was placed on probation op and Sabine districts In Louisiana and Grenada Municipal

BuyingCampaign Springfield Massachusetts before becoming an airline stewardess, condition that she pay a $250 Separate School district and the Jefferson County Board of

gives a wink of confidence to Robert Nelson III whose father owns fine. But the appellate court Education in Mississippi. The federal fund cutoffs bring to 39
found her right to a fair trial the number of such decisions approved by John W. Gardner
franchisee for her The
In cycle.
Bob Nelson Motors Chicago was denied by "the prejudicially secretary of health education, and welfare.
I unique chemical relaxer is proving to be a boon to women on the Improper prosecution argument

FERRIDAY, La. -"Our all- go throughout the United States. Carolyn 3 -25-36, resides I n which crept into the trial..
Help! Help! Help!
out selective buying campaign famous Old Town. BEACHSHORTS

is almost 100 per cent succes- BIAS UPHELD Rev Roosevelt Fnoklii ,OfI
sful,'' reports Robert Lewis, COLUMBIA, S. C. -NP!)- A.

president of Ferriday NAACP drive-in restaurant's "right"to MIAMI BEACH Fla. Men, i "1 Macw" Gi.Ui: ft
Branch Just three days after World Of BooksBy refuse service to Negroeswas who operated ferries once must
f m0.4wia4 the initiation of this form of upheld by U. S. District have been considered extremely Divine, Spiritual Healer l : .
protest. Judge Charles E. Simons. The important to Florida's welfare.

"The downtown stores are horror drug of modern times, artist musicians; and "Com- Bessinger Drive-In Res- Among laws once on the state's Rev. Roosevelt Franklin of Macon -
Sow'rl16111gr almost ail without customers. Lousie P. DumetzNIGHTMAREDRUGS. heroin but with sedatives ment by a Listener," explains taurants may discriminate the books was one exempting ferry- Ga.Divine.
People stay away even without stimulants and tranqulllzers. the difference between the related judge said, because they do not. men from service in the state Spiritual Healer
pickets. All you have to do Is He also discusses, hallucino roles of the critic and come under the Civil Rights militia. The only other exemption Jesus is truly giving blessingsand
tell them" he continues. gens. He describes these as the reviewer. Act's accommodations section provided was for victory to many neople's
More than 500 Negroes By Donald Louria M.D. Pocket having the power to evoke an Williams points out with suc- covering facilities "principally preachers. Incidentally, drab problems. SUCCESS ,-A.% BE
marched on City Hall further Books, Inc. 98 pp. $1. experience so terrifying that cinct clarity why he himself engaged In selling food for tees and/or recruits were YOURS. See or write me today.
protest Mayor Willie Davis' A present trend toward greater the drugs must be listed as eajoys the former classification. consumption on the premises.. required to furnish their own I have a special message every
indifference to a list of thirty- and greater danger to the general among the most dangerous in It was noted, however, that food weapons. one's In need for.
five grievances drawn up by public because of drug the pharmacopoeia of man. The names are familiar, the is sold at the restaurants for xxxx Last week many, many people
WMBM Marion O. White Louisiana abuse--a sociological cancer He cites methods of prevention information explicit. WHERE'S consumption on the premises. MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -Anglers were* helped by my special
NAACP State Conference presi- affecting mil Ions of Americans detection and rehabilitation. THE MELODY? May give you are beginning to wonder selected Bible reading to be.
Spotlight ProductOf dent. --can be stemmed public For prevention, he urgesan just the Insight you've been SORRY if the record 161-pound white read each weekend. If you want
Phillip Savage NAACP field concern will but erupt into incisive assualt on International traffic looking for into the explosive SAN FRANCISCONPI)-Dr. marlin taken in the Metropolitan to be delivered quickly bend
director for the Trl-State area, cohesive action. This U. S. tralfic.andunderlying field of creative jazz. Thomas N. Burbridge local Miami Fishing tournament $1.00 and self-addressed envelope -
The Week addressed a mass meeting, seems to be the premise of conditions .. such as the deteriorating civil rights leader has been in 1938 ever will be beaten. to Rev.Roosevelt Frank
., after which 50 new members Donald Louria in NIGHTMARE family unit, approteriorating Invited to the White House. But No fish approaching its size lin, 630 Morrow Ave., Macon,
Miami Florida were enrolled in this rapidly DRUGS. family unit, Hot, dry summer weather he won't be there. Reason: He'sin has since been landed here. Georgia. Phone 745-6475
growing branch. Louria deals not only with the appropriate educatoonal techniques tends to "extract natural oils jail serving a 30-day sentence Top white marlin in the 19&i You will get these special selections
1, and firmer warnings by from skin.So supplement clean- for taking part in civil tourney was only 119 pounds. and Bible verses by
physicians and pharmaceutical liness with hydration by using rights sit-ins at this city's ,Incidentally winter is the best return mail.
companies. bath oils In tub baths and by Sheraton-Palace Hotel In 1964. season for whites.
mixing baby oil into the lather The University of California
YOUR PICTURES PUBLISHED FREE Martin WHERE'S THE Williams MELODY Pan-? By used for soap-suds facial. research scientist was askedto :___ __ h.... ___
attend ceremonies for two
$4.95. To tone down an endofseason new members of the Atomic
Call The MIAMI STAR PhotographerTo This "Listener's introduction tan, apply a paste made .Energy Commission.
is for the
to jazz, a guide by mixing lemon juice with WAMEDIAL
unhepped from the grammar and

Cover Your Church Events Teas, Banquets Weddings the t the history distinctly of the music individual-- into soapsuds

Fraternal eetings\ Social Events Birthday Parties perspectives vators. of its major inno-

I Revealing descriptive stanzas

I FREE OF CHARGE Phone 3771025 Or 6357069 Nights create the textures and rhythms 1260FLORIDA'S
of jazz life itself.

Call 2 In Advance Of Event Sections of the book deal with
1 Please Days varied areas. "On the Music,"
is definitive "On the Scene,"
NOTE. YOU MAY PURCHASE FOR YOUR SCRAPBOOK deals with specific; analyses of .

M4 n
"" -

t .' AoI 'tN- Jf I' !.' i'Rd'J.J.d'' : < .
:. the SHORTY535. i

:MEDALO ia io at.eMn.u"I "t:' 't0riawiaiIai: STYLE- lI.nd: nano#:665 c.pi: and: iI I t ABC ] # 1 1RHYTHM

w looked dull and. .... It'. '0". I'RIE "t: RADIO
"Skin was drying out. flaking.. angray.'Vaseline' wt it
: .Iur.n, ..lth,. Normal Hair .q"'Gil; M.del tH ,..... Ins.
GROWS" from Us HAIR ROOTS 0.,.. Si S. Bklyn 35, M.Y.COMBe.
Petroleum Jelly helped make it soft Jour hair" SCALP.oltn Th.heilthretsyrur condition el

q and, smooth..looked 100% better in a few days:' p NOT scalp.*lh InvinUdmedlcato.1*V.natural ara dO DOCTOR CAR-Uf
formula e.ll-4
Mrs. Donald P. Ryder:New York, N.Y, which-it-fI"'I: Ingr-dlcnU.with many prpv.in CAR.BONOCL .
U tueh strong powarful : & BLUES
ntlMDtlo d'Coos turn; fins
work to halpln an ITCHY
BUMPY, DANDRUFF scalp thatJoan ,
SiI. DOCTORS regard It fctihly
Applied as a continuous film to hands and PRESCRIBE it far tray
; ankles face arms-when your skin acalp.UrMlUr roublt earned Many acalp annorln""411-
cosmetic care- \ ; Men are gnarly reU.......... by U. mumJJ: RADIO STATION
I needs more than r YN *l (hi* Triple } { tartormula. .
? 'Vaseline'PetroteumJellyisthesooth ; \; GPfUIN.. Writ SCALP for this fORMULA DOCTOR S ( rI
"'t answer. Helps dry ashy.gray skin ow. It wilt b. Milt to you "
< ing i and rtady to UM. USC ITjom Tomb and bcu.h add tolo*
? I. ftxd
its normal look and tone Nb > : Tt DAYS! and II you not I::. .i oho a at.,. II'o rub til.
; regain t I.: tuck. Pay NOT A Kaalatta.iilakaal warto
I aallaflad' your rnonty
other softeners, no skin cream no skin.h. only 1151: on ".'''. ThU In MM color IAr.d DYID' AVOIDS. !
; Don't a THAT LOOK.Bruihanoihrdforromovlni "WBAMMYINMIAMI"
Jiiioa vtrylhlnf
'' lotion provides better moisture protection ?, moro. You get It wll?tip ... o..,...
3inM"lni UM Ih. finest! MXDICATED colortn Provonla I"{ rubbing
:i .
y y Try it. can SCALP b"r.FORMULA Your hair yourmoi nut off. "Cum_I..t a In In Pladlit potkot Coao.or ,..CMbo ... I
y .
WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE ...Ip *..."* flab e.ra. Just aand Comoa .In Bluo.iu.t all. anode Black 10Plalnon
and addraaa to-COLO ... :
"'- Yf wrKo, .t. ahado pay only
CARE. till L 1 rr.mr' PRODUCTS INC. .
COSMETIC on dollvory plua ooatafo.Monry
% I Shaapshaid Bar.Brooklyn tomb If n..| ttolUhUd.GoN .
l ? I I 91* NY.. NOn':: THIS Modal, Hair ,.....uc.., Inc.
rORMULA Mrr 100)*. writ Doab 5.aim Brlily. JJ. Now y...
I t.n _nancy cuaranu*


._ .. ... .t4. .. ,, ,, ., J ....... .. ...... -.... .. L T -. 7 aPAGE



ProfilesOf Ready For, Action Willie May's AbilityAs -- I

Manager Is Questioned

Coming ,Stars NEW YORK "I don't know:I baseball today are guys like
about Willie Mays as a manager Hill White, Elston Howard,Wes
," says liaseball Hall-of- Covington, Ernie Banks, and

BORN-April 19, 1939 ((25) at Caracas. Venezuela. BATS- Famer I Jackie Robinson in an (flank Aaron"volunteers Jackie
Right. THROWS Right. HEIGHT--5-10. WEIGHT 180. AN- article la the current issue of in the SPORT magazine Interview *

CESTRT Venezuelan. SINGLE"WINTER.ADDRESS-Urb. Ur- ,.. car Gulf y SPORT magazine."I "I know these guys will
danette Verada 15 #1 acas Venezuela. HOW OBTAINED think he knows baseball, stand up and be counted."
-Cincinnati Farm System. '. I think he has all of the ability/' Robinson's comments in eval

"Cus CU." according to General Manager Eddie Leishman of continues the former Brooklyn uating the entire sports picture
the San Diego Padres, "is a quiet player who goes about his Job Dodger Infielder "but besides with regard to the Negro, along
in a very efficient manner/with no fuss or furor. A player that having baseball ability you're with those r/prohossfcUAUcUr*
also going to have to be a Bill Russell, taped la an exciusive -
grows on you, Cus is an excellent team man always hitting
behind runners, giving himself up to advance runners. In the t W standupish kind of a guy or
4a else
field be is outstanding, steady and dependable. He reminds youa trouble you're with the going to run into
lot of Bill MazerosU playing second. He has been a regular Negro population

third baseman, shortstop>> second baseman during his career.
He was the 1964 Pacific Coast League All-Star second baseman "U you're not willing to standup '
on the race Issue and
while playing for our Padres.
Gil played in 125 games for San Diego in 1964, batting .SOS w d not sure Willie, as a manager,
will stand the
and along with being named to the Coast All-Star team he was up on race is*
picked as the second baseman on the Triple A Leagues West rff sues-then you will run Into
trouble. That for
All-Star team by the National Association of Baseball Writers. goes anybodywho
Gus also led the Pacific Coast League second baseman In Isn't willing to stand up
on Issues that
are Importantto
fielding with .972.
f. --
San Diego manager Dave Bristol Is well acquainted with Gil. the masses of the people>> ," .t ,
Gus had played for Bristol two seasons at Macon and also tnri GULF OIL'S ALL-STAR BASKETBALL TEAM-Back McGregor; Front row, Lon Hughey, Gary concludes Robinson in his evaluation -

rowj .left to right, Jeff Neuman; Gary De Suiter, Stan MCKenzie, Dick Kuchen, Will "In my of opinion Mays>> ,as the a best manager.Negro

yulia, Tom Duff, Tom Kerwin, Don Davidson iam Allen, Mike Dabich and Neil Johnson. managerial possibilities in 9A

/ J Tal Brody, Alan zuckerman, Coach Jim

/ iJ Concrete Spirals, Curves Protect Pedestrians

r I _I
Coaches aiui uiiervitw tor We
current Issue of SPORT maga
tine, indicate that their major
disappointment in sports has
By GEORGE WILSONOn been the general Inability of
the Negro to advance beyondthe
the banquet circuit during the winter, stated that our DeW eth r playing field.
entry In the American Football League would be competitive However, with Robinson himself
during the 1966 campaign, and I still feel that way having been appointed
We are aware that the task facing our coaching staff Is an general manager of the Continental
enormous one. We too know that Just about every new team Football League's
which has entered professional sports In recent years has bad Brooklyn Dodger franchise,and
to struggle for a few seasons, and some of them are still with Bill Russell having been
struggling. These are teams, like ours, that were built, by 1 fw appointed coach of the Boston
drafting players from other teams in their respective leagues. Celtics, Jackie concedes that
If< always nicer to talk about strongpolntsflrst our case, things are beginning to change.
one must allow for a certain amount of strength concerning "I think that the progress is
receivers and defensive backs. Bo Roberson's pus receiving going to continue," says Robin
the Venezuelan Winter League prior to the 1964 season. helped Buffalo win the championship last year, and Frank son. "1 would certainly like to
"Gus did a fine job," said Bristol, "as a second basemanfor Jackson was a good flanker for Kansas City. Dave Kocgurek, see It spread out from the playIng -
us in 1964. And be can do an outstanding Job at third. They tight end who came to us from San Diego, can grab a pus too. field into ownership and
tell me be was impressive at short, although I've never played Among the rookies, speedy flanker John Roderick, from management. The owners have
him there. Southern Methodist and split end Dough Moreau from LSU, to have the courage and the guts
"Gus doesn't make one great play afteranother continued are two names to remember. And little Wes Matthews, only to do It," concludes Jackie In
Bristol. "He makes two great ones after another. 170 pounds, from North East Oklahoma, has been a surpriseas .-....- --.-..-- the SPORT article ._
"Gil," added Bristol, is one of the best second sackers Into a flanker. (I.tft 1'110Tx", ll jliv.iy /J"tlr.WjProviding
game at off-balance throws to any base. Defensive backs who have come to us well-recommended safe pedestrian crossings over high-speed urban expressways presents a constant -
"He is also a fine clutch hitter because he doesn't strikeout Include Jim Warren and Dick Westmoreland from the San challenge to traffic planners and engineers. Shown here are two ways the problemcan \

much. Diego Chargers, Willie West from the New York Jets, Ross be solved. A spiraling. cast-In-place concrete pedestrian overpass crosses a four.lane Royal
"Gus has a style all his own,quick pair of hands and handlesthe O'Hanley from the Boston Patriots, and John McGeever from highway in Fort Worth, Tex, and a horizontally curved concrete bridge serves the same Cole
double play ball well," added Bristol the Denver Broncos. Hal Wantland from Tennessee, is one of function in Boston, Mass. Gently inclined ramps make the going easy for adults and side

.. Go Signal Given our top rookies In the defensive back department railings provide a safe enclosure for children Both structures were designed to be attractive
Another Tennessee lad, Frank Emanuel, showed exceptional as well as functional.
Soybean Grower ability last year u a collegiate linebacker.He was the Dolphins

In FDA's Report number two draft choice.
Al Dotson at defensive tackle, was hurt last year with Kansas
WASHINGTON, D.C.Soybean City, and could turn out to be a real sleeper Grady Bolton from
growers were advised today they GASOLINE
can use toxaphene or toxapheneDDT Mississippi State, another defensive tackle candidate: was our tAMOGO
IBM insecticide formulations in. fifth draft choice .
their Insect control I programs Ed Cooke of Denver and-'LaVerne Torcxon"N.; y; Jets, ui ,t u

without fear of Illegal residues among our top>> veteran defensive ends, and rookie Johnny Hoi "..; .. t. ,
The announcement resultof
cam as ,
mss from Florida AIM has looked good. ,
FDA action establishing official
tolerances on both chemicals. On offense we were fortunate to draft such quarterbacks u' 'EXTENDS
Toxaphene and toxaphene-DDT lanky Dick Wood from Oakland and Eddie Wilson from Boston,
NEEDS combinations are currently used both pretty good passers and field directors Billy Joe from
with great success in controlling Buffalo and Sam Price a rookie from Illinois can give powerto
TECHNICIANSAT insect pests on cotton and a wide our running attack. Also George Chesser another power
variety of other
THE The new tolerances mean that runner, has also Impressed us. MUFFLER LIFE
soybean growers can treat their And there's a familiar name who Is giving the fullback Joba
KENNEDYSPACE crops with toxaphene or toxa real try Rick Casares, the former Chicago Bears ace. He'sa
CENTER phene-DDT up to three weeks of Florida native and would really like to play at home.. _
harvest Most insect pests are no In the offensive line Norm Evans and Marie Williams, both < KLXU 1 v (t 1'+ ex '
longer a factor this late in the
FLORIDADo I season, and controls are not from Houston, at the tackles; Billy Neighbors from Boston and
usually requIred. The FDA order Ernie Park from San Diego at the guards; and centers Mike <"
you have a high school edu permits two applications of toxa- Hudock from New York and Tom Goode from Houston are the
cation-with electrical or elec. phene-DDT formulations after men we expect to form a good nucleus. :
tronics training at a technical as pods four form, using of dosages as high The field goal Is one of profootball's most important weapons w
pounds toxaphene plus e
school or in the military service two pounds of DDT per acre. Here we think we have a_good one In_Gene Mlngo, drafted from
If the answer is yes, we'd likeo Oakland. Moreau, the split end from LSU, nas also snown some 'i _
: have you apply for a job with Watch proficiency this department.Two .

I BM men haven't been mentioned up to now. Rick Norton our t tI

IBM needs technicians at the This Clown number one draft choice, a rookie quarterback from the University littll l
Kennedy Space Center In Cape of Kentucky, and Howard Twilley rookie split end,wbo I e

Canaveral, Florida, to provide 46 60 set ever so many national pass catching records at the University -
launch site and logistics sup of Tulsa. Both are recovering from knee operations To
port for Gemini, Apollo, and 72 use an old expression, "we have our fingers crossed" It Is 1t'NVnMw
other Important Air Force and 58 doubtful if either will see much action the pre-season
NASA projects campaign but we are hopeful they'll be by the start of

IBM trains technicians to perform 5 3 the regular season ,.+w 11
suchas these As for our biggest problems..they-11 be coming at us from
assignments :
eight different dlrectlons..Jrom Buffalo..from New York...
Test, install, and service IBM 1 9 from Houston..from Kansas City..from Denver..Jrom Oak

computers and other equipment 8 land...from Boston..and from San Diego t rM
2 .

I Maintain. calibrate, and repair
electronic test equipment 18 J8. 34
-Develop high-speed circuit devices -
17. 81 22 *
'- Starting Sept. 1, 8 p.m. -

(for In Iqmetimes He's Up Sometime
by company-and ; $
dude family, hospital, major 'fe's Down He adds subtracts. CLASS- ; ji-i
medical insurance: life insurance He works It all around I "CASHIER SALES CLERK GUITAR PIANO BAND

: vacation pay; nine paid CLASS INSTRUMENTSBolden's
holidays; continuing education 13 97 52 I

programs. : and retirement Income COMING ATTRACTION College Of Music _

20 55 84 _
If you have a high school education -t 1816 1. 20tb Street Registrar El I 6-6465 -

and technical training '
and this sounds like the kind of
opportunity you'd like to have, MAN'SDAYS -
mail the coupon today _

We'II contact you within a weekto WHEN YOU ARE ILLYou ,
discuss a career for you with
IBM, IBM is an Equal Opportunity NUMBERED
Employer IBM pays relocaon Seek The Best Doctor, :-

expenses tiered Man's' Days Health'and are Num When Experienced Your Doctor Pharmacistsyk PrescribesGet j cl 'I ly'55 lliiick nun look old hut it

e. Fortune Can Be Yours When /When Your Doctor Prescribes, runs like hrantl-nerr''I'Iuit's because I use AMOCO
ae. s.e.u.t
You Know Your Lucky Days Orders. We Use Only The BesQuality
Sir Dept.D. A. XM-Y35 Bolster,, 1 1 i Drugs nothing;! but Ixml-hYcc I \MOX I : ) ( ;Jasoline.

IBM ISIS Corporation North Atlantic Avenue 1 Send Lucky 2.00 Colors for Etc.your C. E. BLACK Proprietor The original;! muffler's still working# III
3 R e g/ s t e r e d Pharmacists To Serve YouA
Cocoa Beach, Florida 1I Horoscope Guide for the head has never been off and t the first .....T....

I am interested In a technician's j AUGUST ...........-...- COMPLETE LINE OFCosmetics ..-.-.-..... miles. It's "" AMERICAN
job with IBM, plugs;! went 79,000 #great.You I
Fill In the blank below and ..
Rubber CioodJ. Candies Sundries from American
1 mail to ZODIAC, Post Office : expect more ,-
Box 1111, Jacksonville 1, Fla. \ '* /- '. 1/64
Add,,,... a and, you get;! it ItIMT.N.N

1 fAME Lilly's Drug Store _

city 1 STREET- .. ,...:..11..40.:.,.. .. ... .. "..... ... ... .. .......
site rio code 1ee 1907 KINGS ROAD EL-3-8276
... ... &10. Day

f" t

. t- --------. _-_.-4- -.--. -:----'- -4; 4 .V V ; 4 r -q WW ;- .-.-. ----, -- -.-.-. .. -...... -.-- ,

1 "ALtO_ _ _ _ _ _ ----- SAUIflDiY AUGUST 27, 198S

I Kellam-Cartrell Nuptials Your Good Health, Club- Meets- WEDDING .BELLS B
Willie Clifford Pit's Jr., 7389
Held In Gracious Setting By SAMUEL; L. ANDELMAN, M. D., M.P.H. Kylan Dr., 22 and Barbara Jean Roosevelt Williams, 1633 33rdSt.
and Yvonne Dab-
Blake, 1630 Davis St., 20. Cynthia
kilts Sydney Lloyd Kellam, daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Christo- Tuberculosis, once called the white nay, 2136 Edison Ave., 18.

I pher Carle Kellam of Philadelphia,Pa.and Jacksonville,Florida, plague, began to fade out of the picture Gerald Walker, 1333 EvergreenAve.
I became the bride of Mr.WesleyCartreUJr.* of Mrs. Mabelle Wensell Theodore Wilson 2572
about ., 22 and Linda Jean Bender,
Cottrell and the late Mr. Wesley CartrellSr.,on Friday evening 20 years ago. Unfortunately, when Wisteria st., 20 and Wanda
5727 Begonia Rd., 20.
August 12 at 7 p.m. In the home of the bride. She was given In it became relatively rare, people lost Elaine Wilson, 1478 E. 23rd

marriage by her maternal \uncle, Mr. Harmon M. Potee. their fear of it and many people forgot Claude Barner, 4827 West Virginia Clr., 20.Lonnie '

The double ring ceremony was lace and lime buds.Her nosegay that it had ever existed. As a result Ave., 29 and Leatrlce '
performed by Rev. Rudolph W. was lime feathered mums. the disease began to stage a comeback D. Powell 7937 MatIns Ave.,tt Wlmbley West, Cuth-
bert Ga 21 and Susie Emma
McKlssick, Interim pastor of
The best man was James Watkins -
about four
Bethel Baptist Institutional and John Corker was years ago. Alfred LeHlll Jomnson, 55-4C' Major, Georgetown, Ga., 17.
Tuberculosis used to be most
Church. usher. prevalentin Vernon Rd., 20 and Gall Maria
The bride wore a street length Pre-nuptial music and the areas where there was overcrowding due Price, 2814 Begonia Rd., 18. Joseph Allen King, 1415 Pow-
empire,A-llne of shadow to but hattan St., 38 and Carrie B.
gown traditional wedding marches poverty now it is being dis
lace, short sleeved. The bodice were rendered by Eugene White. covered in all levels of society. This is Thomas Bradford, 1150 Ever- Hamilton, 739 E. Ashley St.,22.
and sleeves were hand embroidered Soft organ music was played green Ave., 37? and Elizabeth
often due to transmission of the diseaseby Charles Ernest Owens Jr., 626
with white flouridescent throughout the reception which PLANNING Members Ann Pinckney, 1025 W. 17th
-- of the SophisticatedLadles
sequins and seed pearls. At the Immediately followed the cere- domestic help or by a baby sitter. St., 26.Alonzo. Lafayette St., 21 and Annie
back of the neckline the edging Tuberculosis is a disease of cows that Club who met recently In the home Ruth Covin, 617 LafayetteSt.
of seed pearls ended in fastenings The bride's guest book was are kept in barns, birds that are kept in of Mrs.' Ola Wells, 311 West 17th Street Williams, 1453 Davis ., 17.Johnny.

to the waist of bridal kept by Mrs. Hazel Seabroof cages, and people who live in houses. The to.plan: for their forthcoming party are St., 45 and Annie L. Townsell, Jones 2118MoorehouseRd. 1

buttons with a soft bow center-train.A :vnd Mrs. Callle Dowllng; Mrs. outdoor life has its own hazards but tuberculosis shown here., From left are : Mrs. Ola 1706 Helena St., 46. ., 21 and Jacqueline, Delores
the short
ing floating
Frances Tlbbs Johnson and
lace crown appliqued also in Mrs. Eula MCrae recorded the is not one of them. personswho Wells, reporter, Mrs. Suza Mae Green Otis Neal Felt 011, 440 Phelps Robinson, 1154 W. 32nd St., 18.
seed pearls and tear drops gifts. Serving refreshmentswere are most susceptible to this diseaseare sinking fund treasurer; Mrs. t Mozella Bess, St., 21 and Barbara Jean Meeks,
secured her circular shoulder Mrs. Clara Walker, Mrs. babies, teenagers and young adults financial secretary ; Mrs. Easaa Mae 435 Phelps St., 18. James Lee Hodge Jr., 3316
Phoenix Ave., 23 and Evelyn
veil of illusion.
length leola McQueen and Mrs. who burn the candle at both ends, and Howard, president.
She carried orchids and Alec Oliver Greenwood, Miss., Debris Woolen 7043 Ken
feathered mums and ivy from Gladys Avery Jones Phillips.was wedding Mrs. Doris con- persons in poor physical condition.All 19 and Reavena Maryne Monroe, Knight Dr., 26. '

which pearl butterflies on sultant. children should have a tuberculintest St. John Baptist EVENTS 5436 Mays Dr., 18. Shields
Cornelous Telfair
ribbons streamed. She wore The couple left for a brief every 6 months as long as the test ,
short brides' gloves and peau honeymoon In Central Florida. is negative. A positive reaction does not Choir Event Slated Unity classes for the Fall terra Hueston Andrew Jackson, 6310 McConihe St., 28 and Helen
de sole slippers. at home at 4304 will begin Sept. 1, 1966 at the 118th St., 18 and Patricia Ann Mallnda Pough, 1441 W. 9th
They are
Christina Cagle Kellam,sisterof Trenton Drive,South, Jacksonville always mean active tuberculosis. it means Choir 3 of St. John Baptist Unity Chapel, 1778 Spires Ave. White, 605 Ct., G, 17. St., 26.Edward.
the bride and maid of honor, that a person has had contact with the Church will observe its anniversary Class schedule Is as follows:
wore a canary yellow sleeveless disease which may at the time of testingbe Monday at 8 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. I, LessonsIn Runell Prestion Dowdell, 4541 Charles White, River-
sheath dress covered with sum I tetXGo 1 active or cured but, when a positivetest in the church auditorium.Mrs. Truth, 8.00; p.m.; Friday, Fridea Dr., 22 and Blanche ton, N. J., 26 and Chrislta
will be Howell, 1830 Frances Ave.,Atlantic Joyce Davis, Ft. Pierce, Fla.,
mer lace. She wore matching) 1I is observed, all the other membersof Sarah Wright Sept. 3, Effectual Prayer, 8;00
slippers, short gloves, and a the Mistress of Ceremoniesand p.m. Beach, Fla., 20. 23.
fittfc'BY I the household should have chest
short canary tulle veil securedby a X- Rev. H. L* Herod will
yellow rose buds and a crownof BOB BRCWSTERfOirfctMr I ray and a sputum examination to discoverthe deliver the sermon. The meeting dates of the Lily
White Benefit Assocl- : LOCATIONBack
Security NEW
summer lace. She carried a -- N.',, Onl"tfrtt B hidden cases. Choirs from
tlon have been
nosegay of yellow feathered Early recognition and prompt treatment Baptist, Zion Hope Baptist, Mt. Lodge 230' -.
to the 1st 4th
SUMMERTIME COMBOIn Rock changed and to School Specials. .
mums. the best chances for and Calvary Baptist, Lltttle ...
give cure preventthe at 8 at ,
the heat,of lummer when AME Thursday night p.m.
The matron of honor, Mrs. Baptist, Greater Payne ,
Edna Jean Gartrell,woreal1me fish, are fat content and lulled further spread of the disease. Unfortunately Mt. Zion Baptist, Abyssinia Marshall's Prayer House, 1348 Specializing In Permanent, '" ",",

green sleeveless sheath dress to temperature near Insensibility there may by soaring not bea too many persons discontinue Baptist, West Friendship Bap- WhimerSt.All members to African Bush. .! ,- *

with summer lace; slipperswere line In the tackle box that will treatment when they begin to feel better. tist, Mt. Sinai, Emanuel, attend. are urged For the latest in High Fashion, ___
matching. She wore short arouse their Interest Granted the treatment is prolonged and Greater New Jerusalem, and personalized cut and style ,_ ; __
gloves and a short lime When tingle I approach Tabernacle, Redeem Baptist,
green no Bethel for wigs, wiglets, braid, etc.,
tulle veil secured with summer seems to work then* try two tiresome, but quitting before the complete Second Bethel, and Mt. Carmel Usher Board 1 of New .. .
urge the fishing specialists at cure is obtained greatly increases will be participants. AME Church will observe its the "In" hairpiece that gives ;; _
Baptist :
beginning a new, beautiful hair style. .
outboards. -
Mercury chances of spreading the disease to others 48th anniversary Monday, you
In the auditor
at 8p.m.,
I New Location and of having a relapse that is harderto Apostle's Alliance ium of the church. ::1 -

cure than the initial attack. Usher Board 2 and the Frank

The tubercle bacillus has learned to Hold Fellowship Williams Chorus will serve. JUANITA'SBEAUTY

bide its time. It can lie dormant in the Guest boards are: Usher Board

body for years and then renew its attack me Apostle's Alliance will 2, First Corinth; Usher Board SALON

: .. II" when the body is weakened by malnutri- bold its fellowship Sunday at 1, Mt. Sinai and Usher Board.
I I\r.r 3 p.m. at the Apostolic Church, 1, St. John Baptist Churches.All 5506 Ave. B .
1'I 1-; tion, exhaustion or sickness. with modern 2032 Benedict Rd.Elder Stephen boards of the Friendly See Jacksonville's award
\:; 'I ,, drugs, tuberculosis can be cured; and Morse will give the principal Westside Ushers Union have At 45th Street winnerconsunantanstyustPhone

,, ; everyone who has this disease should address. been invited to attend.
'. settle for nothing less than a completecure. Bishop M. C. H. Cooper Is 7653307 Mrs. Edna B. Calhoan
r, organizer, Minister M.Jackson The Soul Stir rers Gospel Sing-
COLEMAN MARTIN DENSON is corresponding secretary and ers of Bayard will celebrate
Minister R. Simpson is treasurer their anniversary Oct. 23 at
Mrs. Charlie Mae Coleman, Mrs. Birdie Mae Martin and Mrs. 10 CURE MORE GIVE MORE 7:30: p.m., In First Baptist
Semmie Denson weU-known hair stylists, formerly of Blue to Church, Mandarin. .
I Dahlia Beauty Shop and New Hollywood Beauty and Barber Shop, y
are now located at Martin's Beauty and Barber Shop, 631 West AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY To relieve summertime chafed
Ashley. 354-9962. ; skin, keep it scrupulously clean. ROOM FOR RENT
Wash the affected areas gently Furnished. Prefer nice coupleor

.. SHOP Al YOUR AtP with soap with and a clean water towel dry,thoroughly then- single man. Call 3547510. JACQUINS.,. 't

SHP. WAREHOUSE 3000 W. 45th STORE ST. sprinkle APT.with FOR soothing RENT power. ROYAL CROWN f-- LONDON I

*** equipped. Married, respectable -
couple. No children.
PRICES IN THIS AD Call 353-9942. LonbonTouer TOWER

The store thai cares about ARE GOOD THROUGH FOR SALE

SUNDAY AUGUST 28th MAIDS, GUARANTEED Brick bungalow- 3 bedrooms,
2 baths,carport.Carver Manor, DISTILLED
NEW YORK LIVE-IN JOBS, $40 5878 Gaspar Clr., S. 7652394.TOOTHACHE.
Wh I.>.!", eta Wflw" OM"f.'Hi."'T heed I* .."!.....lot...,01101..,. ,test." ;
,t II Mil M ralinMnkMiii
0 .mmmM t> miff fentittl. ,y wall -
Partine Time tnt itvn- Pesewis

MB. 8OZ.JQ !Men with cars, work a few
hours on your days off and
earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply: $3995th

ctief Rd. cor 13th. MAIDS, N. Y.SLEEP-IN JOBS.
'Salaries to $65,
I SPECIAL! VINE- HELP WANTED Rush ,references, phone num-


who can do 50 wpm.
Accurate; must be good in English -

HEAVY WESTERN BEEF CHUCK and spelling. Apply:
2 "s 35C FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Mon- .
crief Cor. 13th St. No phone ttur
'STEAK 80Nl49C .calls please.LEO'. ,

fa? Brood St. ,353:5791 r



2TO3LB. 69' Of Any KindIs _
: BIGFamily
Twin tub
10 EARS 590 AVG. PKG Our Only Business on easy rinse roll Size

A&P 934 E. Union St. .. L casters and WRINGERWASHER
Fresh, CRISP YOUNG Special! large supply .

Carrots 2 ft:i 190 FufEfEOf f[:' $1.33 J HELP WANTED c of Tide included.

Sales People EASY TERMS .

,Men and women, to sell adver :
Special! tising. Liberal draw, liberal ; .. .
commission easy quick WE DO OUR '
Ut.t 3LB. 6-OZ sales. You earn $75 to $150if 9L
; 49C CHEER 69C you're keen. Fringe benefits. OWN

Moncrlef Rd..cor 13th St. ,

Folgers 1- 69 CSpecial J ZIG ZAG SEWING .


PINK LOTION DETERGENT T"J' I" have t 1965 Dlal-O-Matic \ 2.45 WEEK
\ Zie-Zag sewing machines that
Sun-Glo /I 59CAlP'S J have never been used. They
lug : were lay-aways that were OPEN FRIDAYS ,

never picked up. Customers TIL 9 T.M.
OWN SAILDetergent ; left re-we art unable to /:11: r''
11 '
if. .o i I.ocat. them. You may km
Specla, ""':' 1 1 1 these for the balance of$47.00
j'r .ten. Cash or terms. Call D AVI S ?
15- OQ A credit manager, 353-1946 any

22-lB. PKGS O\i\f (Asst. Manner) (pfl<,ci Maiafer) (tweet Manafer) JJoD.time. Will deliver. No gbllga- mFJiTt W inr


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