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33947 F20090413_AADAJO 00309.txt 24e4856cbe33ed73808e357906c619a416a69bd2d1791149b7eeddc98d7f22cf1a3b57b5
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890239 F20090413_AADAJQ 00310.jp2 f0d9df5e78a4f28d41ca81ba56c9a6df3bb83512fe71b1acdbd80d89f07f8b9ad05f3530

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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 13, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 13, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
; : : : :: Negro Federal Judge For;. Southern District Appeals Court :::::. !t

DETROIT (N PITht' The association also adopteda Piesldont Johnson for "giving Congressman. Federal Judge William II. lias-/ in helping to formulate the five- William Petersen, fourth vice Windsor, Donald Covlngton, T.

National Bar Association has resolution informing R. Sar- unstintingly of our funds and Flowers, one of the most tie, of the Third Clrrult Courtof day program. president; A Hie Lattimore, ,. fluey, Thurmin Dodson,Ray-

urged President Johnson to apI'tnt -' gent Shriver, chief of t the money to the cause of freedom liberal election white officialsin Appeals, was featuredspeaker The 19C7 convention will be secretary, and C. C. Spaulding, mond P. Alexander, Richard R. I

a Negro federal Jiulp t ? In nation's War on Poverty,that t he abroad, while economizing on the South, recelveda standing at the annual banquet held in Houston, Texas. treasurer. Atkinson, Col. Euclid Taylor,

the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to give full recognition home" ovation following a 45-minute Atty. William S. Thompson, National officers of the NBA, Executive committee George Lawrence aM Harold

In the St'uth. to Negroes iii hiring A brilliant array of convention luncheon address. During the Washington, D. C. civil leader most of whom were re-elected, members Inrlude Theodore W. Glcdsoe.

Strong efforts! to Improve the attorneys for his legal: servicesto speakers Included lUchmondM. speech, he traced his early association and president of the capital are Devious O. Ortlque, presi- Coggs, Roberts. Lillard, Elmer Florida senators will soon be

position of the Negro lawyer the poor. Flowers, Attorney General of with Negroes..hlchhe branch of the Urban League, dent; Judge Billy Jones, first C. Jackson, William Thompson, asked to recommend a second

throughout I the nation were The same resolution,approved Alabama, R. Sargent Shriver, admitted to prejudice, and came in for special praise in vice president; Charles Waugh, Scovel C. Hichardson, Harold Floridian for the Gth Circuit

revealed during the 41st annual unanimously by the 250delegates John Doar, Assistant General then told of his reversal on the a resolution from the member- second vice president; George W. Flowers, It. Jesse Brown, Court of Appeal( and theyprob-

convention the law group also criticized. of the UnltedStatesand Detroit racial question. ship thanking him for his efforts Russell, third vice president; Theodore F. Crawley George ably will nominate U.S. District

* *. * i k fudge Drvsui Simpson of J az.f .


* c * *
__ ,

NAACP To Picket Fla. MeetJUSTICEDEPT. :1 Libra.1

Jaycees' : University Gainesville; of Florida Florida ;.


<,; :,


., i

VOL. 16 NO. 20 SATURDAY AUGUST 20 1966

.... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ..... ... .... 15 CENTS

* * *
Sworn In
U.S. Moves To Local Jaycees'

............ Ir.--

Intervene In e. "White Only" Top Negro Official Raps Rioters

School SuitThe
Clause Balked *

government moved in CLEARWATER -The NAACP

federal court Tuesday to Inter this week announced plans to MIGRANT TRAINING
in desegregation suit
vene a picket the annual conference
against the: Board of Public which
of the Florida Jaycees,
Instruction in Lee County. i
opens here Friday to protestthe
The sui' .id the U.S. Attorney phrase "white only" In tho ih

General's: office on Sept. 7 will constitution of the local Jayceesand h
ask federal Judge Joseph P.ieb .

<.- to speed up integration so The other Clearwater state groups.Branch of the PLAN HIT BY NAACP
in Lee
it will be completed NAACP will present a formal'

schools by the beginning of the petition to Jaycee officials asking
1967-68: school
year. the "white only" phraseto . . .
It was originally slated to end be deleted from the constitutions * * *

by in accord the school with year an order of 1969-70 signedby of all state clubs. U.S. Solicitor Protest Plan

An attempt ot stop the picket Link Home BurningTo
Lieb in February of 1965 ing before it starts was made

Thus, the government would late Wednesday afternoon when Raps RiotersST.
be entering the case on the Clearwater Jaycee President For TrainingFla.

side of Lee County Negroes who 1'- Jack Mortgart met with thecity's LOUIS U. S. Solicitor StrikeThe
are seeking a speedup of the Bl-Raclal Llason Committee Laundry
1965 order by Web WASHINGTON -- Miss Barbara M. Watson of New York at the Clearwater General Thurgood Marshall, MigrantsST.

The government is asking desegregation City shown being sworn in recently as Special Assistantto Federal Savings and Local As the first Negro to be named to
the Undo. of State for Administration the post criticized rioters in
of all elementary Deputy Secretary ,
sociation. homos of two persons were set afire last Wednesdaynight PETERSBURG The
grades and grades 7,10 and 12 William J, Crockett. From left to right; Chester C. Carter, a speech to the national conven-
After the meeting Mortgartsaid when a fire bomb was thrown on the roof of one house Florida conference of the National -
Chief of Protocol Mr. Crockett Miss Watson DonaldB tion of Alpha Phi Alpha Negro
and the
Deputy ;
in the upcoming year ; ; he had "no comment"when and a gasoline-drenched porch of another Ignited. Association for the
rest in September of 1967.It Sangster, Acting Prime Minister of Jamaica; Congress- asked If the picket will fraternity. Advancement of Colored People
also asked for a free choice Congressman John J, Rooney of New York; and, partly Marshall called rioters "rock The first fire broke out about last Tuesday. to the

plan for students and In the obscured behind Congressman Rooney Mrs. Violet L. Watson, ,be, called off. delegates, Arowers and Molotov cocktail 10:55 p.m. at the home of Mrs. An Injunction hearing to enjoin I has lodged a protest
Economic Opportunityin
Some Office
event the students make no mother of Miss Watson. Miss"Watson in her new post Trtll 1,200 Throwers" 'and said "neitherrace Dorothy McGuire; 1225, West the striking Laundry Dry Cleaning a state-
to against
choice, they would be assigned be responsible for a wide range of administrative matters pected candidates Rob- nor color nor frustrationIs 24th St. where, according t to and Dye House Workers endorsed Washington poverty t program

to the nearest school.In and other functions assigned to her by the Deputy Under Secretary et King High and Claude Kirk an excuse for either" law- police, gas was poured on the Union, Local 218 from aimed at retraining migrant

all, it asked 12 steps be for Administration. Invited to speakThe lessness or anarchy. porch and then set afire Mrs. molesting workers was
have been workers
taken to eliminate all l aspects stems from the Meanwhile In Chicago, the McGuire is supervisor-train scheduled before Circuit Judge Field Secretary Marvin Davies
protest president of the Chicago Real William L.Burden for Thursday
of dual school systems. found In ee In the New York Laundry

On July 25, the plaintiffs Justice Dept. Files Suit the"white charter only"of phrase the Clearwater Estate Board told Dr. Martin cleaning department.The afternoon.

sought further relief, contend- and In other Luther King Wednesday in a second fire was reported
in the 1965 order by Lleb closed door meeting that King'sThurgood shortly after midnight-at 12:35:
To End School SegregationThe Jaycee charters around
permitted inadequate desegregation state. a.m.-when a fire bomb was Aid To NegroBusinessman

thrown on the roof of the home
of Justice two for Negroes "in accordancewith Last Monday,the local Jaycees
The suit was one of a number Department amendIts of Mrs. Gladys Davis Whltfleld
filed in the South by the Depart- b>rought suits last week to end an official policy of racial voted unanimously to delete to the who is a floor-woman at New

ment of Justice. In Florida, it r:acial segregation by two school segregation of studentsand t constitution and sub- York Laundry.

filed a similar suit in Tallahassee d,Istricts in Mississippi teachers. "white only" phrase Gerald Allen, manager of New
General I NicholaseB. A desegregation plan adopted stitute the words "youngman"But
asking further desegregs Attorney York Laundry attributed the To Be AiredThe
tion in Bay County. A, Katzenbach said the suits last May by the South Pike the change requires approval fire setting to an attempt to

ere filed in United States Dls- district has resulted In assign- by the general scare the non-striking employ'

Jax LaundryWorkers rlct Court in Jackson, ment of Negro students in the membership at two meetings, ees. Police authorities are also Jacksonville Urban

(Ississlppl against the Amlte city of Magnolia "on the basis and therefore it is not yet 1 of the opinion that the fires and the Small Business

ounty and South Pike County of race and color" to allNegroEva official. are strike connected. League
Out Istricts. Gordon Attendance Center, Mortgart said earlier yester- Allen said both women had Administration are co-spon- MARVIN DAVIES

The Department said the Amlte the Department said. day he thought the local Jaycees been out from work during the soring a meeting, Tuesday auditor-, .....protests to OEO
In the
Z3 1966
ounty district operates three It said the plan split Magnoliainto :had pi oved their good intentions strike but returned to work August Life denounced the
Afro-American last Wednesday
On Pay Strike ;hools: for white students and two geographical attendance by the:. unanimous vote Monday ium of the discussthe it was a con-
MarshalsSolicitor to charging
containing Talmadge Rutledge, presidentof Insurance Company;> plan,
Branch of General feasibility of a local Development 1- spiracy between the farmers
the Clearwater
all the city's white
virtually Sued
More than 100 employees- the NAACP, said the Corporation In In Florida and the governor'soffice
'SNICK" Splits students and the other virtually civil rights marches into all to migrant workers
mostly Negroes-are out on all I the Negro students. Outsidethe controversy over the "white white neighborhoods are setting Jacksonville farmers.He .
strike as a result of what union only" restriction started PolicemenFor The recent Economic available for
where residences are By
city, back the cause of open housing. criticized the salaries
Institute pointed also
officials of the Laundry Dry With Whites not concentrated racially, locally several weeks ago when King flew to Chicago a fewhours Development for key workers In
Cleaning and Dye House students lndusegregatedgradesare the Jaycees voted 21-16 not to out many inequities Negroes provided
after white teenagers mis-
it "a
Local 213 to end Slander face as small business men the plan and
Workers Union, allowed to choose their amend the constitution
describe as "unfair labor JACKSON, Miss. -(NPI>- racial discrimination threw rocks and firecrackers but emphasized that the for- use of public funds in the guiseof

and refusal to barS l hould whites be excluded from school. declared the Jaycees Pt marchers led byKing'saldesin mation of a local Development helping the poor."
practices The suit also said the district Rutledge a Northwest Side FRANKLINTON, La. -Boga- out of
gain on a contract granting tl he civil rights movement-or has taken Inadequate steps to "had plenty of time prior to neighborhood Tuesday night lusa Police Chief Claxton Knight Corporation can help Negroesto "The salaries are the way they
for Jobs
employees a living wage and "welcomed? desegregate its facilities and the statewide t conferenceto Police fired guns into the air and his chief assistant L, C. enter business and up-grade proportion"
Two national organlzaIons will do he said.
businesses ,
reasonable employee benefits. clear up the situation. Terrell have filed a $290,000 present
staffs.In to disperse the white crowds ,
tl took actions headed in counselto The $1.25 million programIs
W, T. Archer Jr. assistant both the Amlte County and and ordered seU-styledAmerl- slander and libel suit against William T.Mdnarney,
'0 pposite directions on this Small Business Com- currently under study by
Southern rector: of Local 218 Bomb HurledAt Louis Lomax and the
South Pike districts, the De- can Nazis, who had tried to Negro author
uestlon. Jacksonville OEO.
that the
who is directing the strike said q asserted Inferior the publishers of Jet Magazine, mittee has urged
The Student Non-violent Coor- partment goad the hecklers, to businessmen take Davies said the program
he tried for seven months tonegotiate and facilities are it was learned. Negro
contract 'd Inatlng Committee, in a opportunities Home Of the neighborhood. advantage of the local office called for a 41/2-month training -
a reasonable in the Wash-
provided for Negro students. told King "The The suit was filed
Beatty said
which he was
made Adminl-
osition paper recently Small Business period
I p
with the management of Eagle- Court of the
Parish (County)
ubllc declared that Court orders requiring dese- marches are setting back progress ington U. S. enough time to carry
I p Negroes and the not nearly
Domestic Laundry, out his of the district'sstudents NAACP Official here against Lomax and the stratlon
gregation the method of
-- per- Is Intendedto
t n Just cut themselves off from Department of Commerce In out what the program
efforts failed faculties and staffs Johnson' Publishing Twenty-
toow bite' people, "1f we are to CARTHAGE, Miss. Unknown suasion in persuading peopleto order to find ways of establishing do.
The strike has now spread were listedas
the "
the Independent Laundry and I INew p roceed toward liberation" were requested by Depart assailants hurled a bomb from a have open housing seven policemen. new or expanded business "You can't even give basic

SNCC leaders said they were ment. pick-up truck onto the propertyof coplaintiffs.The educational skills in that time,"
all ownedby organizations.
York Laundry, Amite and Pike are adjoining suit charged that Lomax
the same company I p repared to give up white Mrs. Dovley Hudson, chair- Oppose ReferendumOn members of the lie said Negroes entering the he said.
chain 1 fl Inanclal support because they counties along Mississippi's man of the NAACP Leake Coun- degraded manufacturing field have an opportunity Davies also criticized the fact
Archer said the laundry southwest border. The Amlte Police Department by
refuses to offer a contract for i f4 elt such support would "enme" ty Voter Registration drive, Bogalusa adulterersand to share the $900 that the program contained no
the them as
hour t t1 them "in the tentacles County district covers blowing out all of the windows Urban RenewalFORT depicting million worth of goods which provision for relocation of the
than 65 cents .
more per entire while only I advocates of miscegenation.The
hot and c j f the white power complex county on the '' III\t\ I.; u.o; !.o'se, and the U. S.Government purchases migrants after they learned a
work in
"for a stuffy, southern Pike County is coveredby suit was spurred by a
tl Ut t controls this country" causing extensive property in Florida alone lie skill.
which each year
almost! intolerable ptaiil" the South Pike district. LAUDERDALE The quotation attributed to Lomax
could not to accepted by the All the signers of the document The suits brought to 66 the damage Wednesday night, Broward County Chapter of the in the July 1965 issue of Jet added that a local development "It does no good to take teach a
a gree that whites should have 10.Charles financed by U. S. man out of the street and
August corporation,
union. He said, In some number of school desegregationcases NAACP recently voiced opposition Magazine. The statement
a t best. only a minor role in the and established to assist him a skill and then Just leave
instance, workers were being which the Department has Evers, NAACP Mississippi to an urban renewal allegedly was made by Lomax. funds Davies
back In the street
ivll obtain loans him ,
paid as i lo# as 47 cents per c; rights movement. filed or Joined under the 1964 field director,reportedthat referendum and called on Ft. at a civil rights rally in Bogalusa small firms to Administration
Sources close to SNCC Business said.
hour. sayw Hudson had Lauderdale to federal aid from the Small
Civil Rights Act.Prominent Mrs. Dovley use last summer. merelya
offer He said the project Is
14' whites are left in the ornlratlon "would
New York Laundry manager, told him she'd been given a to renewal.Al The magazine article discus- ,

Harvey Allen denied Archer's g: Southern AttorneyDies card bearing the message, "The Hastings, NAACP attorney sed racial trouble In Dogalusa financial hope of Jacksonville staggering workers means In of the keeping state migrant during
Meanwhile the
charges pointing out that the Klan is watching you" the day .there said, "Discussions recently and quoted Lomix speaking proportions to months In order to
Conferee off-season
laundry had a contract with the C Ihrlstlan: Leadership before, but as he says, "This brought a salvo from about the morality issue raisedby Negroes.
available during
Hotel, Restaurant and bartenders e moved in the opposite In New YorkNEW happens so often that we don't Mayor Burry (Ft. Lauderdale segregationists, who pro- It has been repeatedly pointedout have them

Union which was to expire don irectlon as it approved ad- pay much attention anymore." Mayor Edmund R. Burry)which mised to seek warrants for the that If the Negro citizens harvests.

July }JO, before which; time n (Lance of white members toCIS's YORK -
the! Local 218 called a strike, S currently all-Negro T. Garvin, 64, prominent New for an investigationThis med the hope' for urban common-law marriages.The their socio-economic about Duke
fearing) that the Laundry e cutive board.Cooperation. York attorney and an assistant makes the third bombingof renewal and according to article quoted Lomnx as It is imperative to forget

Workers Union would be voted! with will whites continue in district attorney in the com- NAACP premises different another, could virtually kill it." saying, "If they're going to personal differences and pool Hires Negro Prof.

out as the bargaining agent n/.In-vlollmtlactlcs plaint bureau Queens County parts of the country within the Hastings continued in saying discuss the moral Issues let's efforts and resources as a groupto

Archer, who is urging community tl''i' be SCLC's method of reaching district attorney's office, died past week. The( home of NAACP "We're opposed to a referen- all discuss It. The first time bring about a change.
for the strikers tl to goal of integration, said thelev. t in Clanzel T. Brown, actingUrban DURHAM, NC-NPI-Duke(
dum our
support at his homo last week.A Summer Project worker on urban renewal. In any they: arrest anybody
I'': Walter E, Fauntroy o) director said, University has named the first
announced that a mass meeting graduate of South Carolina Richard Thomas in Ferrlday, election of this nature race movement on such a charge League
Is being planned for the near ITashlngton.Harmonious: State College and St. Jolm's Louisiana, was blasted last becomes an issue and cloudsIt. as tills we are going to show "Tuesday at 8:00: p.m. we! are Negro to its faculty.

future at which; time the union I nonviolent (Brooklyn) University law weekend t h. offices >4 ." movies> uf whites,..some members looking for all Negroes in busi- He is Dr. Samuel Dubois,
'"' ;
Is the
'black and white and of Political
hopes to bring in the noledclvli power" school, Garvin was president the NAACPbranch In Milwaukeewere We oppose any election on of the Bogalusa police ness, business aspirants, chairman, Department -
rights leader, Rev. Martin nly sure way to progress of the university's alumni association bombed Tuesday morning, urban renewal and call for the force, going out with Negro progressive Negro citizens to Science, Atlanta
he told the SCLC contrition "
:grows, attend this meeting. Universityr..P'ropose
Luther King. v from 1959 to 1962 August 9, city to use federal aid. women il night

f .\ t e

--- -




Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company By WHITNEY M. YOUNG JR.

MEMBER' American business has a well-earned reputation for efficiencyand

ability to turn a profit out of the most unlikely enterprise.

It is also beginning to realize that with wealth comes responsibility .

NEGRO PRE.RNATIONAL and many companies are doing well to opening up expanded

opportunities for Negro workers. ,
But industry has a long way to go yet before Itfullyllves up to
Its social responsibilities. Ideally American business would

ERIC 0. SIMPSON......Manatiof Editor / like to make a profit and perform a social service at the same
time. Such an opportunity exists in rehabilitating slum housing.
At a time when business finds that the billionsit

HILDA WOOTEN....,..Circulation Manager has pumped Into foreign ventures are slow in
earning a fair return as start-up costs and the
costs of entering a new market abroad eat into
companies might look with profitat
earnings many
__ k
-- in their own back yards.
the housing
2323 Moncrief
Roajl : ',Pione Elfin 4-6782 tIdAIT Every city in the nation has Its share of dilapidated -

( decayed with age and neglect
aithY buildings
,,,(". I Adduss which house the poorest people in the city who I

P. 0, Boi>< ,/ 9lachsolrille, Florida 32201 cannot afford better. Often these slums house Negroes who can
I JC ,It"t. afford better but are cut off from the open market by discrlmi-
; MIAMI OFFICE '.,.. '. : nation in the sale or rental of housing.New York City alone has

311.1025SVsscalrTION \ more than 330,000 apartments in buildings which were erected
138 NW 3rd An. Phone ) J before 1901 and another 825,000 apartments almost that

obsolete.The .
j nation wide market for rehabilitating these substandard
: RATES tJl structures could run ot over $30 billion. This is an enormous
One year $6.00 Half year $4.00 TS market one which few companies can afford not to enter. One

!! ailed to you \nywhere in the united States major company has already done so in a -publicized pro

;Subscription payable in advance ject. '

send, 'Check;. or Money order to; The U. S. Gypsum Company bought several buildings on East
FLOR\D\ nP'O.: 102nd Street in New York's East Harlem. Using refined con-
BOX 099
ckj8onville 1. Florida struction techniques they stripped the building down to its
outer walls and then rebuilt the interior-clean, modern

apartments. When one building was finished, they moved on to
the next, thus avoiding large-scale disruption of the neighbor

Something To RememberRecent \ ... hood. Three-fourths of the new apartments were rented to the
tenants who lived there before.
Of course rents went up, but the tenants were certainly getting
addresses to the graduating classes LEGISLATING BIAS..WHO SHALL BE ALLOWED TO DISCRIMINATE! more for their $80 than they were for $40. ,The new owners

ot two of our nation's largest colleges also hired a project manager who made It clear that repairs
were noteworthy for their lack of r-- -- -- --- --- --- ---- - - would be made and that the buildings would not be allowed to
state. This concern was transmittedto
lapse Into their original
comment on pride in United States citizen 1 1 the tenants who take great pride in their new homes, thus

ship and a free economy one stressedthe 1 1 proving that it is neglect by slum landlords that breeds neglecton

problems of technology, education, Your Weekly the part of tenants. The company expects to turn an 8 per
military aid. leadership food production cent profit on the program, and the benefit to the city Is'tha:

peace and the hydrogen age. I at least one slum block Is on the upgrade.
1 Similar projects run by non-profit groups backed by federal
The other was confined to problems of *
mortgage insurance are also under way. One such, on 114th
the university and the times, and the Street in Harlem helped explode the myth that such rehabilita

hope for a recognition of responsibility Horoscope Guide lion projects are useless because slum tenants will destroy the

for maintaining and building the institution 1 II new Improvements. After eight months of occupancy they areas

Nowhere was there a forthright I fresh as the day they were first occupied.
When landlords demonstrate concern for their property and
statement of the fact that
the future of provide tenants with the services for which they pay rent,
academic freedom and independent universities I By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER tenants will keep buildings to their original state. It Is when

rests on perpetuation of our 1 people pay hard earned dollars for rat Infested dwellings that

constitutional form of government and a i WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR I despair reigns and they no longer care about anything other
I than sheer survival.
free enterprise system, as contrastedwith
1I When the potential profits of slum rehabilitation begin to sink
the totalitarian
state. : BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL i In, and companies take advantage of this new opportunity, a
It still remains for our schools and 1 new face will be put on the nation's slums. This is clearly a

colleges to teach their students sound case where the self-interest of profit seeking can combine with
-- -
-- -- - - -- -- -- - -
economics. NO word was spoken to build the social responsibilities of corporate citizens to upgrade (the

pride in private property ownership and communities from which they earn their livelihood, for the
CAN CU, CAPRICORN benefit of
private enterprise, which are the foun-
This Is of course, no panacea for the nation's housing ills.
dation of our independent school system BURN MARCH BORN JUNE BORN SEPT BORN DEC. But expanded business Interest In housing rehabilitation, a

support It, is' about1 time that our educators 21 st. APRIL 19thGo '22id JULY 22fld 23rd OCT. 23roStomething's 22id JAN. 1 19th t national fair housing policy which forbids discrimination in the
got over being afraid to use the '* sale or rental of homes and apartments,a determined program
terms private enterprise and private no further. Should therebe Don't weaken. Temptation maybe t amiss. While you It's no secret. Something that of building offices; cultural centers, and 'other huge civic
any unfinished business still growing in strength while have been having things your you may be wishing to keep developments in the ghetto, the rent subsidy program large-
and teach their students what (
property requiring your attention, put it you are weakening In your resolve own way during the forepart of quiet could be public property:>> scale building of low-Income housing and other devices must
these terms mean to their future. Because aside for the balance of the to resist It. The name the month, this condition can before you realize It. It is not 'be used to tandem to change the shameless housing situation

if they are swallowed by govern month. There are too many could! be said of someone who easily be reversed to your loss your habit to tell others a- afflicting our cities.

ment, academic freedom, as well as free questionable influences appearing is close to your affections. In and chagrin. There are indications -,, bout your financial affairs or Private Industry has the choice of leaving action to the federal

dom of the individual will be a thingof In the picture to take the either case,confusion and chaos that a bill: of goods that maneuvers. But If you do release government or exercising its initiative and expertise to attacking
risk of getting yourself Involved may be the price that has to be Is being offered you contains something in full confidence the problem of Inadequate housing and deteriorating cities.
the past and representative govern risks than the out-
In dealings that are more likely paid for lack of self-mastery. more relying on the other
ment will be over. They will sink or to result In a loss than In Whether it Is money happiness, side reveals ((2 Cith,27th).Should person's discretion, It could be

swim together. they must support each, a gain. The same recommendation or both that have to be sacrificed you accept it at face value have you making the rounds within an extremely THE URBANLEAGUE
other should be passed on to will depend on Individual may discover that you short time ((24th-27th).
your closest collaborator who circumstances ((26th-31st). But bought a pig In a poke. Acquaintances Those of you who are conducting
may be just as vulnerable as there is nothing so bad but thatit who expect you emotional affairs under the STORYBy
The Right To WorkRight you are in this respect (26th- contains some good too. The underwrite their ventures with cover of darkness are Just as
31st). And don't waste your love smart Canderians will recollect out positive guaranties shouldnot vulnerable and you may find CLANZEL BROWNThe

to Work states are those in which on someone who U more Interested the experience in the days to be encouraged to think that yourselves betrayed by peopleor
In what you have to them t o take you can be taken in so easily circumstances before the
come enabling Urban League this week will discuss briefly its
state laws provide that unless they wishto offer than in yourself. This timely measures against repe- (30th, 31st). The Llbrans who month runs out((30th,31st). component project under story Greater Jacksonville Economic Opportunity

do so individuals need not join a would stave off the danger of titions. The skills that are yours are onvacatioratripsshonldalso 5.5- Inc. (GJEO)
union as a condition of employment. These getting involved in costly controversies are precious. beware ot charming 1

states lead the nation in the creation of and suffering from beward of 30 charming-18.96.201 strangers. AQUARIUS Project Enable I
3 .
new jobs in business and industry in prolonged heartaches. Project Enable is designed to help parents live a fuller life
age improvement in industrial Jobs and LEOBORN SCOfiPIO BORN JAN. through education. I '"

in producing new wealth and personal In- TAURUS JULY BORN OCT. 2Qth FEB. 1It. country.The staff Mrs.of Enable Marian Is Walker one of administrator-the best in the "

come. Among the top 15 states in actual BORN APRIL 23rd AUG. 22id 24tb MOV. 22i Keep, vmy. 1.ad be a1 coordinator; Mrs. Juanita Craige secretary-I i
paid industrial workers, six were rather complicated week making bookkeeper Mrs.
wages ; Peggy Rainwater social work
20th MAY 20th Push It away. No matter how Ask your guiding spirit As the
Right to Work states. The top three it advisable for lucky aide; and Miss Wllhelmina Pinckney; social B'
of others been
strong the arguments confident u you may have who to j
Aquarians can get away
work aide
states in the nation in rate of new jobs the within start of as con- are a very competent staff.They have
Confusion awaits The Taur- or urge you you at the August, do it as quickly as possible been able to Identify t
created industry are Nevada, Arizonaand must not allow yourself to be and unsure are apt many problems to the com-
by eans whose affairs are some- fused you (24th, 25)). It would not take long munity. '
Flydrida-- all Right to Work states. what on the complicated side are tempted to try and restore the to be for the next seven days. for you to be confused by the 1. The need for salary Increases and other fringe benefits
Unemployment in Right to Work states is not going to receive much plane old status quo. Decisions that Friends too, may be going lack of understanding or pur- for school cafeteria workers
substantially below non-Right to Work tary encouragement during this you had arrived at to work for through a similar experienceno pose of the Individuals with
last quarter. It will be the yourself and your self only,was position t() offer you any or for whom you are acting 2. The need for
states, easiest thing in the world to the right one. The notion that aid (26th, 27th). And to make (26th, 27th). If you have to be on union more unions and workshops for general information

get Into a hopeless:>> situation you have to be responsible for things a little more puzzling, present when matters that are benefits I

Facing Up To The Tax Problem. from which it will be hard to someone else as well should be there may develop a completelack vital to your domestic and future 3. The need for a state minimum
extricate yourselves. Try to squelched before you start convincing of understanding betweenyou interests are brought up, you wage lad_

Commenting ort a possible tax increase, foresee all the possible pitfalls yourself that you are and your mate or other close will have to face up to them will!. 4. The need for better
Representative William Widnall (R.-N.J. ) into which you could fall while (26th-31st)). Your individual. associates ((30th 31st). It couldbe the determination not to allow the need for more health services in Duval County, and
you still have a chance (29th welfare and your earning power that you have overlooked Interests to be threatened communication policies
said 'A tan increase, by itself, will of the closely linked that there of Importance to' your and practices between those who need service and public
26,). With the exception are so something in any way ((30th, 31st). The security health facilities
not cut down in the demand for a limited 29th, the rest of this periodIs is no room for outsiders anymore them or that you have inadvertently projects on which you personnel. I

supply of goods and services which is tilled with confusion that Besides; you may be hurt their feelings to have been working very hard 5. The need for I
presently causing inflation. If the tax may envelop your loved ones toying with the Idea of takinga some obscure manner. Insteadof may also nave to be watchedto The staff bas more Job opportunities I
and close associates addition trip to a distant point. letting things ride take the prevent others from under- "liven persOnal help to many persons, such is
the getting
is by the government vocational
welfare securing
Catch savings.
on support,
to yourself. up them.
Inlnltlative to clear things mining food lor
be that the up families who i
only change will governmentwill 1 -90 -14.74.587, without have tried to get help from all other
delay. agencies In
} decide what to buy and not the indi- this community. The Urban League as the parent I
R RO 33- 11-34-507
vidual wane earner, who will still be GEMINI YIRGP, PISCES done more ,to ws you. the citizen, to know this project haS
) SAGITTARIUSBORN Identify and give relief to the need y than any
laco'J with rising prices and even less BORN AUG.
BORN MAY BORN FEB. pr'r: "m-ml been Identified with. Our Board of Directors,
Income to spend. Wo need to cut back on 23rd SEPT. 22il NOV. and staff salute and
government sprnding by setting program 21st Jan 21st' 23rd DEe 21sr 13th MAR. 20th continue to lade realistically with the problems XS
i Why do It? You are so easily Keep close watch. Tne rosy vantaged, and white, in
priorities. Jacksonville
Hold the fort. It ,
seems more Throw them off. Rumor and
bothered by trivialities or Imaginary patch can turn Into a thornyone bas been able to
prudent to defend than to attack Identify the problems of the poor

gossip may again be rife and
fears that It could almost unless you have learnedthe Harmon wrote the i "
-b-p-"-')- -o. during the balance of the following: afflicts
become an obsession at times. considerably more persistentthan difficult art of walking on one of every 10 County
month. Be of who P008 In Duval Is defined
wary people This could be the kind of period<1 heretofore. You may have it. You must, first of aU, be by' the dictionary as "'nie lack ,
flatter who to Influence or relative lack of or
you or try when it will be Impossible for to protect your dear one more more suspicious of unconfirmednews material NUns.ith ." money

THIS WEEK IN NEGRO HISTORYAug. your judgment through you to rest peacefully or to than yourself from their barbs. rumors or statements. WIle you' begin to illuminate those
promises or gifts. There are 10 words from Webster'SIt
enjoy the ordinary pleasures of The best way do this is to Consult only competent and official the flesh.an d-worries of
ulterior motives plainly in sight people In Greater Jacksonville,
life The Vlgoans who have display absolute confidence and authorities concerning means:
IS, 188C The late Dr.Monroe N. Work, director Department to those who have well developed previously recognized this to rise far above the level of medical questions or vocational 1. Upswept floors.
iJ Records and Itebearcn, Tuskegee Institute, who compiled powers of perception (26th- weakness in themselves will undoubtedly those who may be mainly responsible -, requirements (25th 27th).
Negro Year banks for years, was born In North Carolina. 31st). All the signals are set have discovered ways (24th-3lst). It mar tw. Guard against marital dissension 2. Children grabbing for 11S.
Aug.; 17, 18X) Marcus Crvey: originator; of the "!Jack to against travel and the reliability and means ot conquering it for wiser t o ignore detractors whether you are a newly- they were T-bone steaks. peanut butter sandwiches as
Afrit;&" movement, born at St. Ann's hay Jamaica. of communications in general. (25th, 20th). If you have through silence than to dignify wed or one of long standing
Aug. U, USS2 Hooker T. Washington married Fannie N. Smith Changes of methods may also good succeeded,,you may them by offering the truth.Your ((26th-31st\ ). In brief, this quart A woman falntlM f
of Maiden, W. Va. be W-advlsedlortheycouldim. just have a miserable time of main concern: it to remain in er Is as apt to be as proble- well-fed physician/ at rom Duval M undIacnosed Illness which a
Aug. 19, 218 1C African Emperor lUnnibal began a journey peded or stall productivity Instead it, conceivably all for nothing good standing with your associates matical as the fir stone was ful at. Medical Center merely smiles
of conquest that eventually overran most of Europe. of Increasing It, as may (26th-31st). One way to'escape and those who are Issuing filling. Those of you who are I

Aug. 19, 192C Tiger Flower, first Negro middleweight champion have been expected. This it no Is to go far away from the scene the orders.Your private life interested only to your creativeor 4. Men atrald to vote ", in
woo over Harry Creb to Chicago time to change positions personnel of your daily. occupations and and means are no one's business vocational achievements aretfce think the boss gets a e.k"at a union election because they I
Aug. 20, 1C19 First groups of Africans brought as slaves to or healthful practices struggles but your own and of the ones who should come out Each one ct they episodes their ballot&
Jamestown Va. 4 *0 44 12.48.328 close: members of the family. with the fewest scars. Duval County, ud they has happened recent weeks 10.
6 -70. a8 13.29.591 1 In a war_on-p..rty reported bf poor people enrolled
pram called Project Enable.

2 l f to' t J


Joint Piano RecitalAt Alumni Greets Class Members Iota Phi ambda Plans Nassau ;11

I I r : Weddings]1 New Bethel AM E Cruise For Anniversary Meet :

Washington, D.C.-OssieWare Joined by family and friends for I
Set For Aug. 28th Mitchell, National President, this four-day cruise. The ship
e Iota Phi Lambda Ssorlty of will embark from Miami Flo- I
Misses LaRose Jones! and Iota Phi Lambda Sorority of rida and serve as Convention
William Franklin Jones, Knox- 5535 Bergman Rd., 18. Verona Mitchell of New Bethel I Birmingham Alabama announced Headquarters. In this relaxed
vllle, Tenn., 25 and Mary Alice AME Church will be presented -0'.. this week that plans for atmosphere a special series of
Harris, 1324 Prince St., Apt. Frederick Douglass McCoy, In a piano musical recital on I the 37th Anniversary Convention seminars and workshops will
24, 24.Emmitt. Miami, Fla., 30 and Verdell Sunday evening, August 28, at ;f I to be held aboard theI be conducted geared to the
Bailey, 1537 W. 10th St., 24. 7 p.m. I I v. NIL, are being finalized. Sorority's ppogram and
Coley Foster 325 Dell- This effort Is to benefit the This vacation-oriented conven- structure.
wood Ave, Apt. 1,32 and Allene Vernon Ray Uzzmore 2070W. Trustee Board of which the ,I i lion bids well to be one of the Avarlety ofactivitlesareplan
Ball, 1515 E. McPherson St., 16th St., 18 and Bertha Ann fathers of the young artistsare most unique, exciting and Interesting ned aboard ship with special
Wynn, 6347 Toni Are, 19. members. JL In IOTA'S history sightseeing tours while dockedIn
Miss LaRose Jones Is the II Iota Phi Lambda Sorority is Nassau and Freeport.
Ervin Thomas Collier 1960 Jerrls Laverne Hughes, 1312 daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Louie a National business organization. Marlon H.Jackson from Wash-
College Clr., 27 and Begonia Cleveland St., 26 and Shlrline Frank: Jones of 1747 W. 9th ( a Its main purpose Is ington, D. C. Is serving as
Aiiraenta Gilliard, 6739 Alaro Kimbrough, 3910 Stuart St., 18. Street. She is a financial secretary to stimulate Interest in business National Convention Chairman.
Rd., 21.Alvin of the Sunday School, education among young women.
Fred Lee Williams 2073 LewisSt. treasurer of Usher Board 3. Delegated and visitors from
Lee Howard 801 AcornSt. ., 44 and Isabell Logan, 2073 works with the Young People's across the Nation are being
., 25 'and Julia Mae Cettis Lewis St., 45. Department and Is an honor
801 Acorn St., 17. student of the 9th grade at About People OOo.tlA"'GOkGarfield'
Curtis Cleveland Sampson, 913 James WeUon Johnson SchooLShe
Jesse Smith, 1865 W. 10th St., Whitlock St., 24 and Marva Jean has studied music iindarthe Mr. and Mrs. Gleen Latimerand '..
74 and Ethel Lee Adklns, 186S Tyner, 1977 W. 5th St., 28. direction of Mr. Paris L. Da family of 3820 Robert C. t7fr4Ri.VICKI I It
W. 10th St., 71. vis.Miss .J.l Weaver Drive, have returnedto
James Lincoln Pasley 1856 Verona Mitchell Is the Jacksonville alter spendingtwo 11
William Waddell, 333 E. UnionSt. W. 12th St. 24 and BeverlyAnn of Mi.and Mrs.Arthur of the Florida
daughter I GET AWARDS---G. W. Conoly ( left) executive secretary weeks with friends and
., 19 and Easter Mae Young Strong, 5430 Dakota Dr., O. Mitchell of 1641 McMillan A&M University General Alumni Association greets members of relatives in Richmond Virginiaand ULlrvu Tel Unseal
1547 Milnor St. 18.
18. Street. She Is the organist of Washington D.C.eaes .
the Sunday School, president the class of 1941 during the summer commencement exercises at ....s.. ........
Charles Thomas Kelly, 2105 Willie Charles Hudson 4505 of Usher Board 3,works with the FAMU. Alumni members, returning for their class reunion and to I
,Danson St., 28 and'Debris La- Harris Ave., 20 and Dessie Young People's Department receive 25-year alumni awards were Mrs. Daisy Bruton and Mrs. J
vida King, Rt. 6, .Box 48 AC, Bell Beck, 1461 Kings Rd., other social clubs of the city. Jessie Meuse, both of Jacksonville ; Mrs. Sara S. Young Talla- .
18. 18. She Is a recent graduate of ConsultationCONSULT
Stanton Senior High School. She hassee; and Mrs. Ernestine Bowels of Ocala.
Michael Diamond Yulee, 1509 Edward Marion O'Neal 9231/2 has studied music undor the direction DR. SMITH FREEExamination
Illinois St., 31 and Jacqueline W. Beaver St., 24 and Mildred of Mrs. Xelia Mitchelland Labor DayProgram
Arnetta McNalr, 1324 W, 29th Francetta Ferguson 1069 W. Mrs. Annie Morgan.Someof SOCIALLY
St., 22.Robert. Duval St., 19.rj'in the selections played will At You -vill Be Told in plain forda that The Trouble l

Edward Murray Jr., Irwin Crandall Jr., Lake be as:taken Offenbark from Boct4rd such composers,Clemen- IAUISRwith is, .hat is causing it And "what May Be Done To
Yulee, Fla., 19 and Loretta n.Fla.!: ., 23 and Sherlyn D. ti, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. SPEAKING Apostolic Church Correct it, if you suffer \\m! :
Smith, 721 North St., Ct., 20. ,, per 7130 Alana Rd., 22. This event promises to be an ARTHRITIS !HEADACHES' THROAT DISORDERS
Kennerly Ellia, 8037 Marion evening of entertalnmeut. The Mr. Joseph Walker US.. Marines has The Labor Day Program begins ASTHMA !3LOOD PRESSURE SINUS
Wilbur Sandlin Jr.,4008 Towhee Cir., 50 and Frances Eugenia general public Is to just returned from, military school in Monday, September 3, 1966, at COLDS
Lane, 24 and Eula Mae Harris. Ellis, 8037 Marion Cir., 46. attend. Memphis, Tennessee. 10 a.m. at the Apostolic Churchat INFLUENZA' HEART! DISEASE NERVOUS DISEASES
Sergeant Walker resides with Jiis familyat
The initial address: will be given RHEUMATISM BLOOD & SKIN PROSTATE: TROUBLE
YOUR PICTURES O 4441 Moncrief Road. by Elder C. Lewis. Music will NEurITIS DISEASES INTESTINAL' DISORDERS;
S be rendered by the St. Peter's SCIATICA
... .. eee.e..e
ee.ee.ee e. AME and (he Messiah Baptist

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Tyus, Mr. Thomas Barton basketball Coach and Gospel Singers, Miss Yvonne Medical Reducing Treaments (Men & Woman)
and Deacon E.
at Edward Cooper
4605 Friden Dr., girL Education Instructor
will be featured in solos. I treat conditions commonly considered.surgicalwithout )
Waters College returned to the city aftera Bishop P. C. Hickson will give the use of knife
PhotographerTo Mr and Mrs. Reginald K. Ren- a modern methods of
two month Fellowship I at Wesleyan I University 1- the occasional address and M.
trope, 1935 Spring Dr.Rd.boy. diagnosis and treatment.
In Mlddl town Connecticut C. the program. Jud>?j D. )\'h. FREE-EXAMINATION 3Y
.,"". Iii! a lecture at 2 p.m. APPOINTMENT ONLY <6 years successful practicein
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Ware, 207S.
recently. The remaining activities will Jacksonville. HOURS -9:30: A. M.to 4:30: P. .
Cover Your 7th Ave.,Jacksonville Beach, Tom said there were some very informative be held on the school campus PMONE: EL 4-1187
Fla., boy. clinics at the university this where Bar-B-Q will be sacred

Church Events, Teas, Banquets Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Ralney, summer. and a 'itty/ dollar prize will DR. REX SMITH
be given away :by: M:?. l''iJlt1.B1shopM.C.H.Cooperispastor.
Weddings, Fraternal Meetings, 3348 Japonica Rd., girl. t5.......... I :900 Vest State street (Upstairs)
and Sister Jenkins is
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ogden, Norman Urguhart of 57 8 Tusk reporter
Mr. and Office Formerly occupied by Dr. Lyncker-OPposite
Parties 2000 Palafox Gd., boy.
Social Events Birthday Court entertained guest from North Carolina Rltz.I
Help Fight For Freedom
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Griffin, I and Richmond, Va. last week.
e FREE OF CHARGE eeeee..e 5753 tj 1I.h... r+ I I'" father
Begonia Rd., boy. ,Mr. Paul Parker" Mrs.: UI \1"Y'" ,
II i ? th Carolina and her J 5.M. ; '

Call ,2 .Days In'' ,.Advance"'Of' Event' Mr.1211,and W. 29th Mrs.St.Johnny,\girl.L.Brown-, Aunt from .Seaboard and. Uncle, Mr.o and "'Mrs. WllUard t [ ., ",. .......,...-..........................'.....\_. "".NMMI' _.......NWrMMfM........-..
H /
''L Parker from Richmond Va. were present.
Phone 3546782 From 9am To 6pm. Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Camp- While here they took In many of the
bell, 7146 Peter Dr., girl. of Florida.
scenic spots
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bentley, ttt.....
FOR YOUR SCRAPBOOK 1841 Arletha Rd., boy. 1
Mr. Julius Jones, program secretary of hts
the Johnson Branch YMCA has just returned
from Black Mountain, North Carolina wherehe
was taking the semester graduate courseat
the Spring Field College Branch in

RHILCO'Ltfe I North Carolina.


Congratulations to Rev. and Mrs. A. J. r ; ; rt

.of the Hughes who celebrated their silver ((25))
: Part.CO O Wedding anniversary recently.The .

l affair was held in the St. Johns r

', PHILCOSOLID Baptist Church parsonage.The aaiA
; STATE STEREO 95 impressive ceremony was attended by
PORTABLEPHONOGRAPH Onfy $ 149 many friends and relatives.

************ r
Model 1563 BR ..
Culltrnnrtorid I *ilh 29 watts peak Miss Delbra Dennis, daughter of Mr. & __ ,
rfu'.i'' I output to sAmrout. del.th.tJI PLUS Electric GUITAR Mrs. Roosevelt Gray and Sgt. George
'Dtpet ri'.l0'.uns 4 sp-t1 automnticf
.0'1(f.in.tr 4S RPM spindle Diamond Flues ,into Phllco Phono Model 1 1563 BR and plays Dennis became the bride of Frank W.
't t.'t needle, through the phono amplifier and speaker, system Wesley, son of Mr. & Mrs. James Johnsonand

I the late Frank Wesley last Saturday.The .
1 -- ceremony was performed In Mt. Olive

plUg Roll.A.Baut Stand AME Church Rev. Benjamin J. Williams
0 officiated.
Sturdy stand rolls easily on casters
Hand/metal rjrfci lor record storage 3 Columbia .........t.. \
'S .
u .j"
pJtU Stereo Albums The Gamma Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha ".,.. 'I 'l,.:" ;;\

ioday'Slopstarsandblghdfmmagno.y Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, is continuingits \ ,
'. 'licent stereo Each album{4,79 value'! Test Study Clinic.A '
.. '-.1 large number of twelfth grade students !;':, ; <

( boys and girls) nave been taking part in

clinic.An .
80 minute test In the area of Englishwas I .
given last week. II I
Mrs. Camilla Thompson Is director of the l

cl inlc. You'll go better refreshed with Ice-cold Coca-Cola.

............. Coke has the taste you never get tired of. Always refreshing.That's

I William Baker a recent graduate of why things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke.

t Matthew W. Gilbert High School was the

recipient of scholarship awards of UOO
t rI from the scholarship committee of the college -

I f of pharmacy of Howard University ,
and $500 by the Jacksonville Alumni

I Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.He .
23rd is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Wilson BakerSr.

OPEN FRIDAYS of this city. 1 i better tivith

Anniversary 'TIL 9 P.M. .. NOTICE .eee.ee $ *% CokeBottled

This publication will not be responsiblefor
the return of photos sent or broughtin CD

to our offices for publication. Where- Cod, Coke j

D AVI S J ever possible we will endeavor to return

photos when requested but we will not be I'

V 135 Br6od St. 113.5791 responsible in the event they are lost. undr the authority of The Coca-Col Company bye Jacksonville Coca-Cola Bottling Company
I It

1 .1 I \

.. PACE 4 .STAR PAPERS 20,1 1

TWO Pallbearers Hold Meeting I II Take It 'Or Leave |IBY

Charles C. King


f 1I
ilUI tOCMTVCMCAOO. f-I. 1 I g 1 / i s u {4 1 I asked fifty person "Who do you belong tor. Allbmh
HUNOM MMS ,1 J f of them said "Nobody." Some few even went! coma p

,. .
Talked?man to lend me his car. He replied, "I would,t
I can't because 1 don't on It."l a,
'to help ulek who needed
go with me to It but
said feel sorry for him, but you know, I'm
I'ho \\.>r.l "f MI l Utlarr._ i In I rinhuoiiKiU'HH." They I"! "RIMH! He I really ?,
: ll.,l>ri..i> IIo: tli.u "\\iihoui faith work." and. make \KIXHI Morin'! f war to wort. My boss candidate won't understand.for the office.tasked" He a man said, tIs II n
ii i i. utipiwiMi I hi pkaw' Him" thinking that a (M"I| of lo\c will I kp A the belt Qualified ,
: | s i .
......... I asked him, "Who are you going to vote techanswers ?
: hero I in milting that will haunt mini ly aiu-pl their florin! and mrr "..r. ........(a different man)." He said, "But r
: .. nun like the fur ,thai (:'..1| m.i>' look their fin*. but thin IK &pn. tot peculiar situation. I've GOT TO vote for him because..
: la'! lmpk.iwst. with him nor any aontpIon. iw>l fauh How can a I approached to co-sign a note for a small loot
; j j.'y .S'ivniMMlil| to I the auraINethat just Cool! merlook Ain? \\'" nhonU' e' I Ia Id One at her person bank. She said "Ret. King you know I want to do It,
thank Him that in IIIH niiirhlowilove
: Ho U.iMil. \ll fiKiliHh for whom have
m |> IK fact there's no minister I know a greater n
: h.''H* that we ran Ho HintIf (xiiJ for our urn* meet and admiration. But I've go to protect my credit ratli
r pl,'i'.'- (ooh! with the iliiiic vf lliink w> that ,,o might bo fur and thaiiMUaiion understand THAT'S ALL I HAVE. You understand,fa'
i lie ilonroK.o (Hun ill "llio !lilt of( G..I.! oil- you although had put much
mum give you?" I said "Yes, I do, more a>
"hal lit s.y, lie tltmrt Thank linutl I')' faith alone credit rating on the line when she needed me.
i heal. u 1_ not 1irTuiili! I lo ilitrrminrlhi Cain pronnmod thai Gnu ,,'o:1dal.1 : my Who do you REALLY BELONG to? Whoever or wbateY
: .,,for lie tells im again and IIIain! his auraiti nainfir inno.nl CONTROLS your actions. Jesus Christ told a man one dt,
;: in llm \\onl! hut u u (.lit* Ho of ho promnlHtl' one, (hut "Come with me." The man didn't know where He was join
:: dearca ( nil Ho l.1: | nfuwxl. lamb him anti hwofforf. go me I'm
: m.1 w.uiin im but promptly replied, "Please excuse In the re
;:. I.' lrmrt )Hun h' lake Him .t Hi \Int( "Pharaoh prr..iintr( \\or, toiiltl take hi. arnica through theRed "Please excuse
preached another who replied, me, l-rtfe
l Sa an MOM had done, but heptrishevl
to make
I'm going I
investment and sure didn'tgyped
The Bible icll" u* al length howt'Kot an j
in the oa for prenumingon Another was asked. His answer? "I Just can'tnow
loutl in tit win
ii* ppilf our .
(ooh|. Naanian the I leper<< ,refused' "
so ex ise me. Still
and 1 g.i\e His MownM Son to die on I'm on my honeymoon, aaoth,
Coal': | t Nay of cleansing, saying: "I d said "You UDder.wy1 why I can't
L'atvary'* tree to clear our title to when asked to go jo.I Ifather's II
thought!: but the great general ,
hca\rn l but alas. fn"tcatl of taking funeral Is today.
remained until he
took God
a leper\ But the story Is not all negative. One day Jesus saw
Him at lmonl! "'" ands turn at HIH \\ord Will take Cod
you fishing and He said, "Coma with me ana I w1U teach You hi
a'Aa)' from His Itra(' ou. otter "gi> at His Word and Iruit Christ ai 7" .. to catch human fish for GooV'Andthe two men he wag tain
ing! axnil, ui "Iahli.h their own your Savior? to LEFT THEIR FATHER (who was alive) an4 went with
BUSINESS MEETING---When Pallbearers Soci- Green, financial secretary ; Mrs. Minnie Master. He said the same thing-to two more Inen later Ai

Christian Endeavor Magnolia Baptist ety I IU met in the Education of Mt. Ararat Mae Knight, teller; Brother Symond Greene, they LEFT THEIR PROPERTY and.went! with Him. Anothi
guard. Standing: Mrs. Mary Williams Mrs. day Jesus passed by a man with a "Juicy", government!|*
Baptist Church for business
a with him that he
and reasoned could
taxes mil
Hour Meets Sunday Women's Day SetWomen' meeting among those present were seated Anna Coger, Mrs. Anna Smith Mrs. ThelmaS. a collecting better contribution to society by resigning and helping poor

will be observed from left Mrs. Buoa Green recording White, Mrs. Essie Smith Mr. Siamond people who could hardly pay their taxes. Belleve-lt-ornottt!
The Christian Endeavor Hour I Martin and Mrs. Viola Brown. man resigned and stayed with Jesus' program for the rest
secretary Mrs. Bessie Price
28 to ;
Aug. Magnolia Baptist
will convene to Fountain Chapel ; his natural life. No medicare, no social security.But .
AME Church Sunday at 3 p.m. Church with Mrs. Gladys A. Mrs. Clara TII !man president; Mrs. Marie Star photo By James S. Singleton none of the persons mentioned was absolutely free. Then\ \
Director Alexander Cottrellhas Murray as chairman and Mrs. Is a price tag on everything; and the one whose terms I accq
called for a report of all Thelma Bryant co-chairman. for what I want, well...! belong to him. Is It my creditor! ?en,
presidents on the scholarshipfund Other offlcersareMrs.Sylvia: ,Vest Union Baptist Mrs Lessie Murphy NffioHal Baptist Convention ployer? husband? wife? a political figure? my business?(6011()!)+
at that time. The scholarship James, Mrs. Carrie Peoples,
Mrs. Lois 'Taylor Mrs. Annie Named
committee the winners.will also announce Fisher, Mrs. Lucinda Hunt, Slate Of Events To Hold 86th Annual SessionKANSAS r

The program will bepresentedfrom Mrs. Patsy Johnson, Mrs R. Rer. H. C. Archie, pastor at
the general theme, "The Smith, Miss M. Washington, Choirs I, 2, 3, Junior choir Walter Memorial AME Zion CITY Mo. -NPI) of the entertainment committee
Bible Is Applicable to Modern Miss Joyce Hills, Mrs. 0. Mil md. male chorus of West Union Church, bas announced that -The 86th annual session of with the Rev W. S. Harts '
times" Apaoelof youngpeople ler, Mrs. Jessie M. Brown and Baptist Church will observe MM wait Murphy,cochairman the National Baptist Convention field, Metropolitan Baptist I
and ministers, led by Rev.R.V. Miss Amelia Hackley. heir anniversary Jointly for the annual Women's of America will be in sessionIn church, Kansas City, Mo., Is I
Webster of the theological department Mrs. Peoples Is pastor for the 1 Thursday at 8 p.m., In the Day celebration, will sponsor a Issuing the call to the constituency the Rev John W. Williams,
at EWC, will discussthe day; Mrs. James, program hurch:: auditorium. program Sunday at 3:30p.m..ln of the convention to st. Stephens Baptist church.
I, subject "PropheticFulfill- chairman and Miss Washington Outstanding talent to the city Interest of the drive. be present "to help make this The two have provided a well
ment to Our Time." IS youth chairman, rill participate on program. Services Sunday begin with the session outstanding," Dr. C. rounded program of events for
In Invitation has been extended Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., C. Fettaway, Little Rock, the 86th annual meeting of the
t o the public to attend with Superintendent Amy More- national pre sldent,disclosed National Baptist Convention of
i J WHEN YOU ARE ILL Usher Board 2, District 5, land In charge. The Rev. Mr. that the theme of the conference America.
. Pulpit Aid Board and the Young Archie will review the lesson will be "Reaffirming Our Faith
'I I A' Matrons nave been called to "Life Can Be Clean." In Times Of Doubt."
You Sees The Best Doctor. meet! following the m01'D1Dlaer. Morning service at U o'clock Guest speaker on President's
When Your Doctor Prescribrs V Ice Sunday with the pastor. with the pastor in charge, and Night, will be the Rev John
I Get Experienced Pharmacists f* District S will meet Monday Christian Endeavor League at L. Campbell, President M1 t II.
When Your Doctor Presences, at 8 p.m., to the home of Mrs 5 p.m. Evening service beginsat slonary Baptist State Convention -
)Orders. We Use Only The best )" ... E. Cummings, 1731 W. 5th 8:30 o'clock with the pastor of Tennessee. r fM
Quality Drags y Ireet.Pentecostal. delivering the sermon Usher The parent body of the convention
C. E.BLACK Board 1 and Choir 2 will serve will meet at the Muni-
Proprietor throughout the day with Walter Other auxiliary bodies meeting'
3 Registered pharmacists fo serve YOU Church L.'Llmbrio at the Instrument. simultaneously Include. ,the

!Junior Women, Mrs. Battle L. .p
Holds Convention E. Williams, Alexandria. La.,
I"A COMPLETE LINE: 0 FCOlmetics.Rubber ---- Calendar Events rr
president National Brother
The Sunday School and Pentecostal hood, Ira Clark, Houatoa.Tu.
Goods-Candies-sundries Young People's League Robert "Singing" Sams and president; and Youth Convention
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOB AND DELIVEREDLilly's onventlon will be held Aug. J. P. Patterson will be pre. John 'M. Henderson.
!M-28 to Pentecostal Church of sented In a battle of songs, Oakland, Calif., president KEN KNIGHT
Sunday in an after service program of the
First Bon I, 1631 W. Urd St Objectives conventionare
Drug Store I D Day Spring Baptist the support of missions
The president, Elder Martin ----
;: White and other officials will Church. and education and "the spred- HOST PASTOR and chairman, -Invites You To Listen To-
i 1907 KINGS ROADEL38276 I lave charge. A program will Ibo proceeds will benefit the lag of the gospel of our Lord Entertainment committee of the
: lie presented nightly, and the annual Women' Day drive, Jesue and the saving of the souls National Baptist Convention of BIG BAND
combined choirs will render which has been scheduled for of humanity. America, the Rev. W. S.HartsfleldMetopolita .
service for the opening; service. Aug. 18.Usher. -..- n
"" Baptist church, Kansas City, "DANCE PARTY"Nir.UJ
Board 2 of Abyssinia Mo., has everything to readiness
Now: Baptist Church will observeIts for the 86th annual convention

1t1 4. Locationsto 27th anniversary 'Uonday of the Baptist denomination : til 12:00: Saturday 9 p.m.
at 8 p.m., u the church audi Sept. 7-11. Parentbodyof
torlum.I the denomination will meet
Serve You3118EdgewoodAve.W 1400 WRHC
to the Municipal Auditorium
Music Hall to downtown Kansas .
'I iiiuiE'ii City. Other units will meet

.. ,, Stephens Baptist churches, the
830 CASSAT AYE. MIlMn weIr M I." OM Jfl
,, L,.m.tune.Cup: : ,': _"n.M./wn.M./erMpIl.l latter pastored by the Rev 1559 KINGS ROAD AT RUSHING
1 1824 WEST BEAVER A.h .wor John W. Williams (NPI Photo)
:: t"' '
-- PHONE3557189
a.jel =t::: Cynthia KendrickTo

Render Recital Seafood
chairmanship honorf

"Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer" Miss Cynthia Kendrick will be FRESH BOAT WHITING LB. 32t$
presented to a musical recital

CANNEDDRINK R. S. EVANS3rd Sunday beginning at 8 p.m.Baptist The program Church SPECKLED TROUT LB. 59t

Is being sponsored by the Junior

I 5 CAN i'I $100I & MAIN usher Miss board.Kendrick will be beard In LARGE SPOTS IB. 35(

organ, piano and vocal selections -
,I 65 OLDS "98" 2-DR. H'TOP COUPE .. $3193 representing outstanding

65 f Ir5At? : fl5&nzZD'R 'tt ',..$2195 composers, and will be accompanied MEDIUM MULLET LB. 25t$
Beautiful 8x1 ('Portrit by Miss Brenda Cooperand
62 DICK E'TLR 't 27 ... .. .01f.:.... ... $1595 the Clvenette Quartet.

NT: 65 AiR MUSTANG CONDITION'R TO HEATER APPRECTAT$."li""i."A''SOP'''IT1'.$1195 She U .a member of Second LARGE SHRIMP LB. SIt,

-1 64 CADILLAC .. :.. .. .. .. ..... .... $3195 Baptist, serves u a member
A COITDITIONID. LID NEW. on) OWNEB. CLEAlf: U NEW.: i of the music staff, youth choir,

*AGE LIMIT 65 t VtTiCITALINA .. .. .. .. ... .... $2695 vice president of the" < .young OYSTERS 98t
I 4 DOOR lARD TOP. LOADED Am CONDITIONED: UlTg KfW, people's department and a PT,

65 PLY. FURY III .. .. .$2395 $295 member of Usher Board,. RED
"' ** LB.
MUSTANG 1 .?... .?. ??.V. .. ... .. .$2395 William Ratites High School,
0AUTOMATICAi.'ACTO, 'RADIORWARRAaNItRAtaL WImII WALL TUtU 'TINTED and participates to the chorus,

CHARGESMOTHERFATHERSCHILDREN 62 FORD GALAXIE .. ... .. .. .. ,. .. .. .$ 795 She orchestra will be and accompanied Student Council by Mrs. Poultry (Florida Grade "A")

64 !;!P TOn8ALME5WrAA bT 8 P0!!!>.... $1695 M. K.HEARD.The adult leaders
tPf. RADIO, KBATCft. ITICK WnFT Ml MOTOft. are Mrs. L. Blount
j jj 63 RAMBLER A CLASSIC 2-DOOR ,........$ 995 Agnes Jackson. Mrs. STEWING HEN (ID.D.) LB. 25(

62 CIE v mm IMPALA ... .. ..........$ 995

j ( ) S1 ttH t E"f' NPK P:.........$ 395 PenecostalChurch BAKING HENS 39(

;,: 4 BIG DAY'S 60 tf M i. JfR AL:GOOD ONE..s 395 LB

$1 50 62 RENAULT'CARRAVELLE ............ $ 595 News FRYER
J .62 CHEVROLET GREENBRIAR WAGON ?.$ 795 Penecostal Church of God In
I 18-19-20-21 A HAL OOOO ono I Christ Jesus, 1563 W. 26th st., LARGE
((50Depollt) AUG. ROOSTERS 29t
I Sunday School will
Over 100 Cars To Choose From begin at 1LDI) LB.
Photographers hours: thur. 10-1 p.m. and 3-8 p.m. 10:30 am.; morning worshipat EXTRA URGE

Fri.-Sat.-Sun. 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. R. S. EVANS vice 12.00 at 3.30:noon: p.m.and evening Mr FlA.GRADE 'A' EGGS S5t

I 3118EDGEWOODAVENUE Bishop>> Kagaa of the Churchof mi

"Where you Can See Both Sides Of The Meat" 3rd & MAIN will God deliver, Apostle the sermon and Prophets MEDIUM EGGS DOZEN 39<

The evening worship sermon
EL 4-8381 EL 48382"Jacksonville's SERVING
WATCH TIE KEN KNIGHT 5H0I 8N : Dealer' wffl be delivered by Elder JACkSONVIllE
lilT TV CIANNEL 4 Recommended James Shank*. l FOR, 22 YEARS

1t c P. I (.

-- ---
------ -- -

1 J .
mm -

r 1


I : _" Ask Probe Into Use Of State Funds To Organize Rarm Workers 'I

Charge Government Workers Gets ContributionHoward NAACP Youth Congressman Fetes Singer 1

.It MBBBi mo fmrnm mm i __ __ ;

Organizing" Migrant LaborersA Worker Shot t ti

complaint was filed with Mr. Walter Keyes, director of the
TUNICA Miss Protestingthe
Division of Economic Opportunity In Tallahassee, asking (oran -
of worker and
shooting one
Investigation as to whether taxpayers money Is being used
of another the
by poverty officials to organize Florida's 100,000 farmworkers. the beating ,
NAACP's Southern Task Force
The request was filed by Allison T. French, executive vice
president of the Florida Coalition of Patriotic Societies,Tampa, held a mass meeting In
Florida. the Tunica Baptist Auditorium,
? Friday August 1 12. Aaron Henry,
French says: "Have you ever withdrawn in California following president of the MississippiState

I heard of anyone whose hobby a protest that the funds Conference of Branches,

was organizing labor unions? were being used to unionize was the main speaker.
I never have, and that's why farmworkers, and it appears Earlier in the week, NAACP

we need a complete investigation that the same thing Is being worker Jeff Chatman, 18, was
to determine whether three done here in Florida." shot in the head and the leg

officials of two poverty projects with a 45 caliber pistol by a
) are working with the white heckler when he and
farmworkers union in their Sentence Trio others were denied entrance to i

spare time, or whether they are a ai the Cotton Boll restaurant. The I
doing this at taxpayers' For RobberyThree whites disappeared before
expense." Sheriff Jerry Max Cox arrived.

The complaint cites a news- men who admitted taking i Although there were many wit- f
letter of the United Agricultural nesses to the assault,the Sheriff I
in $900.00 payroll
part a
Workers of America which lists bI. said their descriptions'were Inadequate -
Bill Johnson and Hank Mayeras robbery were given prison sen OFFICIAL VISITOR- -Harry Belcfonte, famed
tences 50
editors. Johnson is Browud totaling years. this and that star feted
Nathaniel Lawson 17, of 2127 Upon bearing actor recording was recently
County regional director for the the Sheriff had made no Investigation -
Apt, B, Mars-Venus Court, with a buffet luncheon which was given in
Community Action Fund a$160 four hours later,
was sentenced by Criminal \ the Capitol Building by Congressman John
000 poverty project, and Mayer NAACP Task Force worker
Court Judge A. Lloyd Layton 1'1'I Conyers, jr. (First District-Michigan) .
|Ls with the Lake Worth chapter Bernice Turner called In the
to serve 25 In the state
of the American Friends Service years FBI which began an Immediate Mr. Belafonte, who greatly enjoyed his
his of
prison on plea guilty
Committee which has to hbberr. 'i- investigation. Chatman's condition first official trip to Capitol Hill, was
received a $98,000 grant from 1't Is listed as "serious."
On a similar plea, Mack Hol- especially interested in meeting membersof
the Office of Economic Opportunity On the same evening, Bernice
liday, 23, drew a ZO-yearterm. Congress who have been especially
to study the conditionsof Clark, 18, was among a groupof
A five-year sentence was Imposed -
migrant farmworkers. Ros- NAACP workers seeking entrance active in the Civil Rights and Peace
on Fred Jones Jr., 21,
coe C. Webb, CAF director in of 946 Everson St., who pleaded t to the Palace Theatre movements congressman Conyers is shown
Dade County Is listed in the guilty to being an accessory which has a policy of seating with Mr. Belafonte Congressman Philip
newsletter as a "Special Consultant Negroes in the balcony.
Burton of
after the robbery.The and House Speaker
admitted.As .
This time
none was
prosecutors, Asst. State John McCormack of Massachusetts.
The newsletter also tells they stood on the sidewalk,
Attys. Morton Kesler and A.
farmworkers to call Lake Worth Miss Clark was thrown to the -
C. Soud Jr., said the robbery
965-6991 if they have troublein ground and kicked in the head
occurred about 12:30 p.m. last Good HealthBy
the North and ask for"STOOP" while the Sheriff stood by. Your
Sept. 29. at Caldwell Shipping
The letter adds Three later no warrantfor
: days ,
"This service will be available Co., 1630 E. Adams St., 'with the assault had been servedon SAMUEL L. ANDELMAN, M. D., M.P.H.
the bandits making off wTth
only to crew leaders who are anyone despite the fact that
$900 in a money box. LUPUS
members of UAWA." French the Sheriff himself had been
charges that the number is the Kesler and Soud said Lawson B. woods; Associate Director of the united states.Intorma';' one of the witnesses. Many victims of lupus erythematosus (LE) are puzzled
was armed with a sawed-off about bow
they got it. Although the cause be the
same one as the unit of tion center receives a check from D. J. o'Connell vice Both Mr. Chatman and Miss
shotgun while Holllday grabbed Agency use of large doses of certain durugs, In amny casesno
the American Friends which Clark refused admissionto
the loot and Jones was a driverof president of the Seven-Up Co. for 400 titles for BOOKS, USA. were cause can be found.
received the government grant. the Tunica hospital, and bad
The Florida Coalition's the getaway car. They said Mrs. Woods is at the right The presentation was made at a reception to be driven to a hospital, The drugs that have been incriminated Include hydra-

request refers to union organizing a description of the getaway given for Mr. and Mrs. Woods by a committee of civic Memphis, 35 miles away. lame (for high blood pressure), antlconvulsants (for
car went out over the police epilepsy), isonicotlnylhydrazida (for tuberculosis),procalnamide -
efforts in California,scene leaders the couple's first return visit to st Louis in a. Carolyn QuilloinNAACPyouth
radio and the car was halted upon (for Irregular pulse), phenylbutazone (tor arthritis
of the strike a months of the St. field director, said that South-
grape gew Wells president
!Itl when French "I note a few minutes after the holdup, letter accompanying the check, Ben H. ern Task Force workers asked ), sulfonamides (for pus Infections), griseofulvin (for
ago says: with about six occupants leap- said visit to St Louts, we
that OEO Louis based firm ; State Troopers for protectionat ringworm), and others.
a $276,000 grant was other
ing out and running In would like to Join with your many friends in paying tribute the August 12 meeting. LE affects not only the skin but also the joints, heart

Women all directions before police to work and to the high esteem in which you are held by and dind
\ MakingEmployment caught several of them. and kidneys. The skin lesions are aggravated by exposure -
Kesler said officers recovered them.thecheck will enable these books to be distributed, in to the sun or to xrays.As .

GainsPHILADELPHIA the box, containing 27 your name, to countries of your choice. BOOKS, USA, is a non- JOIN THE is the case with several other diseases, the victim

pay envelopes with $690.16 and profit organization which distributes packages of selected booksto may have periods of spontaneous improvement. If one

- Negro women have made"splendid" total of $744.30. before his the treatment may be given more credit than it deserves.
executive editor of the ST. LOUIS ARGUS appointment -
Two other men were charged Woods was .
employment gains This makes It hard to evaluate the merits of any new
,, since: J940, said Assistant Secretary in the case but these charges to; USIA. treatment.'l'reatment.

of. Labor .EstherPetefscc.'fc' : were passed to the court's In- with salicylates, such as aspirin, sterlod I
\" *" "tt y" Jfr tactlve1 docket i by .Kesler' fot" "z y nltw .,
"'- = ;won't n'.p. SAVINGS drugs of the cortisone group, and antlmalarial drugs
Addressing the National Urban lack of evidence. These defen-rlylII""RIght'I You get, ornorrotv'sWreh have been shown to be of value in controlling the progress -
League 1 conference, she declared dante were Oliver Dickens, 37,1 I 5' Roundup" yelterday'llklllBy of the disease but there is as yet no permanent
that "The proportion of of 1088 W. 28th St., and Eddie PLAN cure.

non-white women in clerical Lee Rosemond, Z 5, of 422
positions rose from one to 12 Orange St.Maximum. NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALBAD

per cent" from 1940 to 1965. penalty for robberyIn
"The proportion in professional Florida Is life imprisonment. CUTTRENTON
N. J. - technical, and managerial Key To Fashlon-
bad hair cut has been
positions has doubled" accused of giving a Negro youth a sus-
she said. Ciit-ups And Cut-outs pended for two weeks. In suspending the license of Peter Trl-
olo, the State Board of Barbers Examiners warned all barbersin
At the time the
same employ-
ment of nonwhite'women In ('in IIIH| Hiiil "lIt.out.. that'sthe the state that "actions of this type will not be tolerated."
t)> key 10 warm weather fault Triolo was accused of "butchering" the hair of Thomas P. MARKET5
private household Jobs dropped inn rot 1ttSjmilHueai. Sellers m, 16, and cutting his hair in an "unprofessional SUER
from about 60
cent to 30
per In iiitllnx tip ttlllil "
{ per cent, she added. Iit'/I l| (>' hlp| .hiiKKliiK sleek/ punt*. manner.
Still, she went on, many mini nildilir and) Kklimjr rib
Inequities and discriminations kill! T HhlitM, In HhlftN mid, n "lmmild' ALOHA
are suffered < IIMMIIK'" mr DIP by.woidI !. HONOLOLU - by
Negro women
'1'11.x.I ""1bll.d look MIliiciuil > Congress of Racial Equality has said "aloha" to CORE and
workers, and these must be foi the lean "
OIIIIK fiRiue* its newly-espoused "black power. "The apparent aggressive
eliminated. n{ ,id* 11'l1..III.for.IIIIIC'/1, booth, than
philosophy now being followed will bring disaster
lit l I. mosi. fMHhloii todH '.
) benefits," said the Rev. Joseph Devilacqua, general secretary,- SUGAR CURED SMOKEDPICNICS U.S. GOOD CHUCKROAST
Hawaii Congress, United Church in Christ.
Any building I design will have PHOTO HARASSMENT

beauty and function but always MILWAUKEE -<(NPI)- The common council's only Negro
member has accused the police department of intimidating

with the human touch. civil rights workers through Its recently discovered policyof
photographing them. Aid. Vel Phillips said the policy would

ll discourage citizens from taking part in public affairs. Police
Chief Harold A. Brier said the policy violated no one's rights.

I London Dry. Mayor Henry Maler backed him up. C '

Gordon's. It's always brisk JAIL TALE 4 TO 6IB. 4S 4SCPUREX

dry and smooth. .To me, SAN FRANCISCO -(-Sixty-nine demostrators have been AVERAGE LB. LB.
Jailed as result of their participation in sit-ins demonstrationsin
Gordon's is a must." the Sheraton Palace Hotel and at new car showrooms In the

spring of 1964. The demonstrations led to agreements by the

city's major hotels and auto dealers that 15 to 20 per cent of FLA. GRADE "A" LARGEBLEACH
their employees will be from minority groups.About 50 persons

W'J'_AlA, An.'w/C'-oI't, ........ escaped jail terms by remaining out of the state.
wt'n.CA": "" Y.i* MM.GM.IcunI 4""'LAr "


LaGRANGE, Ga. -NP1. Authorities were Investigating the EGGS
: ? slaying of a Negro prison trusty accused of threatening a

t highway patrolman with a straight razor. Patrolman Carter
,R Bullock killed Tony Alford, 42, when Alford threatened him

;. and Trooper C. L. Moore with a straight razor, officials said. LIMIT' 1
\ V Sheriff L. W. Bailey of Troup County said Alford was found

drunk and "went beserk" as the troopers returned him to WITH $5.00 OR /2 1 I Oc DOZEN 49"
,j Warm Springs prison camp.


Chief In GOOD RIB STEAK LB. 69*'

Joan BY M. Worderf Chicago Quits FRESH CARROTS 1 [e. m 1 10*

DirectorPINE CmCAOONF1)Frederick( )

CLEANER I st.' 'l E.as mcLendon executive,director Jr., has resigned of the HANDY PACK FRENCH FRIED POTATOES 2 IB. BAG 25*

i4OBDOMY INFORMATION Cook County Office of Economic

CENTER Opportunity.The embattled. director, who CIRCUS ASSORTED FRUIT DRINK 46 oz. CAN 19*

I1.w'1 your hlaxeke.plnll' | !H)? made $14,000 a year, has been
liillnii' /' Interviewer took n unriy attacked repeatedly by County
i H.cully. of women HI'ronnhii Commissioner Floyd Fulle of CARNATION MILK 3 mi CANS 47*

loiinliy In nil III" HIiHwernIt Des Plaines. Fulle has accused
I lll 'M (|IICHlllHq | :

.I. |Iii you Ililnk M household provide McLendon adequate of administrative falling to- MONOGRAM RICE s IB. BAG 59*
I ll Mllf r .MlllMlM MlttO H<'t HH II lIlH. .
lift*'(Mill, HH H 4lMMl/ IHIlt, Of leadership. >..
loNen t tr ,nth?
t V. ;.f'. U.2. (lav* you, you rue If.IIHIIK" CAMBELIS PORK & BEANS 15*
Canton Cm w t 1& n. m
-t from oil
5'5't /.. ,, M "O.ItflH
litII*epqu,.purr m Ingtmlt : i: yw| tit xenerHl, 111111".110101, i l < 'leanT Only yoy cane"
A",,,, nd II*worV or ,1I"11I/'llIlIt t ( to H |lilt" oil
MIUCT/18tt.leseutIuiputMlynrretussneioNvoNstuiIiuu.,11IItt'" ..Nl, 1:irmiil, fir within not?, thn laxl y.nr .or I Iwo I Jr&'V'ut: forest: fires tl G PILLSBURY FLOUR 5 IB. m 55t

.t. J \ .H'i ir

________ ------ --.2 ,- ., .. ... .- -"" .- .' .



{a ,) f r Mr
e p
r l'Y 7 M

't 1 I,attttlttt i vdt Jj '2 7, U

------ -

I First Year's Anniversary Celebration Confer DegreesOn Miami Visitors

'291 -- --------

;y !

F r t 7 ay.Th111 a
4 y,4 y tl
+ AiM University conferred 291 !j

degrees during the summer j
commencement exercises here
last week in Lee Hall Auditorium

t One-lIudnd and
5 twelve of the degrees conferredwere

graduate degrees
Mrs. Barbara Jean Molettewas
the lone graduate to gradu-
ate "with greatest distinction."

Persons graduating "with
I greater distinction" were Al-

freda D. Blackshear, Glorlda

0. Dixon, Leeroy Candy, and
Ronald Glenn
Included in the honor graduates

"with distinction" were Tangle sdu '
L. Fisher Jacqueline A. Hart, I

f Gloriden C. Johnson, Dorothy

Terrell, Betty J. Tucker,
Shirley M. Wilson and Kenneth

H. Sims
Mrs. Minnie Lee Williams and

Albert Stanley Parks were given
retiree citation a. Mrs.

Williams, a native of Apalachicola -
f ( -- -----

r ,in served the man'deparlment as a housekeeper VISITORS--Recent visitors to Miami were, from left Mrs. Gerry

r Mrs. Rosa Lee Grant both of New York Mrs.
for[ over 15 years Mr. Parks Thompson and Mary D.
ame to Tallahassee from Johnson of Jacksonville. Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Grant were In

e.Y tl Terre Haute, tad. in 1928. IIe'. the magic City to visit their father Bruce McCord and grand-

retiring as an associate professor mother, Mrs Eva McCord of M02U N.W. 21st Court.
: of history and geography.
MIAMI STAR photo By Silly Brown
fie has served in several capacities -
) during his 28 years at

were Florida also A4M.. awarded The gold retirees and Miss Daisy Fagan Weds Veterans

ANNIVERSARY-- Cocktai I waitresses at Davis Eunice Cerut) Eartha Johnson bronze) medals during a special

Miami's, fabulous Continental Lounge who Beatrice Hooks and Rose Bennett. The {uncheon.t: Mr. Parks The gold and medal the bronze wento Macon L. Williams New G.I. I Bill

celebrated their first year's anniversaryat Contienntal features a galazy of topnotch nedal went to Mrs Williams. The Veterans Administration

the famous spot are seen with Robert entertainers headed by Cal Robertswho Students commissioned asiecond TALLAHASSEE-..Miss Daisy Azalla Fagan became the said today that veterans and

Terry manager, I left and Rick I Clark I was presented with a gift for his 5: Lieutenants in the United bride of Macon Lawrence Williams at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, servicemen who want to claim

owner at right The anniversary cele- year anniversary as master of ceremonies :States: Army were Lonnie J. August Tallahassee.6,' 1966 The at Rev.Trinity Milton United Cox officiated Presbyterian Church, benefits under the new G. I.

brants, from left are Marie Worthey MaryWMBM MIAMI STAR photo By Billy I Brown Leon j Bellamy Cosby, Richard Jr., Paul Calhoun CreaL,, The bride's parents are Mr. of pink carnations. Bill for should continuing file the their neces education -

;.. S and Mrs. William James Faganof The bride's mother woreafull
----" Rufus 1 ate r, and Samuel sary papers before starting
AwardedAir 'Villlams. 103 Pagan's Lane, Thomaston length gown of blue "nite-llte" their program.

Fla. Voters League .. IRONINGTIPS Alumni returning for their 25- Ga. The bridegroom's par- with three-quarter length According to J. E. (Joe) Gum,
CommendationVALPARAISO I w rear, medals were Mrs. Jessie ents are the late Rev. Frank sleeves in a sheath design with Officer in Charge of the Jacksonville -,
Firm Up Plans For 'tltre'rI1"lome Ironing tipt fronts ) Jacksonville; Mrs. Williams and Mrs.,Weda ,Wll- panels falling from tbe-valst-i V A.. Office,no payments'
the Faultlen Starch Company; V,, j jFirit EfiteUe: ; \ D., Smallwood, Ocala; Hams Jones of 515 Bina Ave., line to the floor. A matching can be released by the; VA
check the iron temperature Airs; Daisy E.Bruton,Jacksonville Akron, Ohio. snood type hat covered with tiny until a valid application
VALPARAISO, Fla. First State Vote Rallyby letting for the type of fabric U..r' ; Mrs Ernestine B. The bride's father gave her in blue bows, blue satin shoes and porting evidence sup-
Lieutenant James H. Pugh son the proving
allow time for
Ironed Then Matron of honor
Bowels Ocala and Mrs. Sari marriage. was bag accented the She
r of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Pugh of iron to adjust to the right temperature J ; Mrs. Nat nan lei McPherson. dependency and .military
of Tallahassee. wore a lovely white orchid corsage -,
>, Young ,
Norman service
Jackson- .Jones are received. the
7530 Galveston Ave., for that fabric
Mrs. T J and Wil-
.Hadley Mrs and full length white
ville, Fla, has been awardedthe The Planning Comm'.fteo meeting liam Barber were bridesmaids. gloves. application is submitted after
U. S. Air Force Commendation In Orlando firmed jp plans Paula J. Hadley was flower starting school, payments may
Medal at EglnAFB,Fla. and set up the program fort girl. The nine lovely hostesses,organist be approved only from the date
t the forthcoming Statewide Moon Over MiamiMIAMI and soloist all wore the application is received by
|I Lieutenant Pugh received the Edward Oglesby was best man. lovely pastel long evening gowns
Grass Roots Freedom
one medal for meritorious serviceas Ernest L. O'Rourke, T. J.Had- in empire styles with full length VA.Benefits
be held Saturday September are In the form of
a weapons controller. He ley, John Steele, Hilmon Sorey white
was cited for his outstanding 17 at 10 a.m. in Orlando. Focal BEACH, Fla. Most of the newest structures in Jr., and ElbertHumphrleswere gloves and lovely cor an educational assistance
professional skill, knowledgeand point of all activities will be Miami Beach are neither homes, hotels or stores, but apart- ushers Lane O'Rourke was sages of pink carnations. allowance. In some cases, depending -
leadership. at Tinker Baseball Stadium. ment buildings. And here Is a trend that seems destined to ringbearer.Mrs. Mr. Williams is employed asa on the number of hours

Ikl IM tNU He is a member of the Air Dominant theme of the RallyIs continue for some time. John Ward was soloist, program consultant In the office of instruction being given, a
bA Force Systems Command which Voter Registration and Political As of the first of this year, this resort city counted 6,430 Mrs. Willie Roberts, organist The of Economic Opportunity. veteran with two dependentscould
manages research, develo- Education,with emphasison residences, 379 hotels with 31,714 rooms and 2,485 apartment and Mrs. John Steele, directorof ; newly-wed bride Is an receive $150 monthly.
at Florida A&M University -
ment, production and procure- the necessity\ of continuous buildings with 35,728 units. music.A Lesser amounts are paid to
ment of USAF missiles, planes voting at every election includ- Obviously not only a substantial number of year-'round residents reception followed at the Hospital. those attending less than full

and support systems.The ing the general elections as wellas but also vacationers have chosen apartment living.; home of the bridal couple at time.
lieutenant, a graduate of, the primaries to prevent the Those who are planning to return here for another winter, and Oak Knoll Estates. The hostesses Complete Information on all
Robert E. Lee High School, Registrants from being purged those who expect to spend their first winter in these sub-tropic were: Mrs. Elbert Humph You won't get tomorrow's VA benefits may be obtainedby

received his B. S. degree in from the lists every two years. latitudesmlght begin locating an apartment within the next ries, Mrs.Joseph Pelham, Miss jobs visiting or calling the VA
chemistry at The CitadelIn Further emphasis will be placedon few weeks. This assures two distinct benefits. toes West, Mrs. Ernest Office, 311 West Monroe St,
Spotlight Product 1961. He received his com- the filing of change of address The first advantage Is that In September and October thereis O'Rourke, Mrs. Stephen K. with yesterday's skills Jacksonville, telephone
mission in 1962 upon completion which has removed many voters the widest selection. The second Is that frequently the coston Beasley, Mrs. Eddie Houga- 354-7111 extension ZOO.
of Officers Training School at from the voting lists, partic- a six-month seasonal basis (November to May) Is no more brook, Miss Gwendolyn Watson, .
Of The Week Lackland AFB, Tex. ularly caused by the removalof than for a four-month season (December to April) Miss Marion Jenkins, and Mrs.

His wife, Ann, is the daughterof many families causedby Apartments will be found in practically every section of Edward Oglesby. Mr. and Mrs.
Miami Florida R. F. Harrell of 1238 Hollywood Urban Renewal and Expressway Miami Beach's seven square miles of land area. Some are Macon L. Williams.

Drive. Charleston, S. C. Projects. right beside the ocean, others on the shore of Biscayne Bayor The bride wore a lovely floor WAME
ANNUAL RALLY the many Inland waterways: traverse the city, and morea
length of bridal satin with
The Committee decided t o few blocks from the water. In making a selection the vacationer gown
bodice sleeved
sponsor this Statewide Grass might well consider location in relation to favorite
with a cathedral train of
Roots Freedom: Rally on an annual holiday diversion
basis in order to developa If swimming and sunning loom largest on the winter calendar, chantilly lace. The floor length
continued Interest In voter then the apartment building should have Its own pool or be veil of tullA and headpiece of

I registration and voter educa- within a short walk of the beach. U if s fishing and boating It matching fabrics with were medievalin DIAL 1260
tion. would be reasonable to locate near docks where boats can be design an open crwon.
She carried of
Efforts are being made to secure rented. If golf or tennis loom largest In vacation plans, choosea and lilies of the a bouquet roses
speakers from the Speakers site near a golf course or a tennis center. valley.
The bridesmaids matron of
Bureau of the National Regardless of location one always is within a few blocks of ,
r v Democratic and Republican everything In Miami Beach-grocery and. other stores,beaches, honor"nite-lite"and flower girl wore sleeved pink FLORIDA'SI

Comm ttees for the oc- .playground parks, the municipal auditorium andconvention hallwhere empire long
with velvet
.ii& cation. Democratic and Repub- concerts and other programs frequently are given night accented at gowns the bodice. The
lican candidates for state wide clubs, restaurants, hospitals and offices of doctors and dentists. I
of cornonet
headpieces were
and Congressional Districts are Naturally, with so many apartment buildings, the visitor has
sign in velvet with pink net
the SHORTY $35. being invited' to address the a wide range In prices. Winter season rentals begin around veils. They carried :
665 Rally on a limited time. $600 for: a pulmanette accommodating two people andof course nosegays
'4 I MEDALO STYLE The Orange County Pro- furnished, Including kitchen. From this minimum one may step
MM.lX .H-lr" -'*",lllunlfKled,y....., Wla.,C;HYII t lo e'.pjvnl of gressive Voters League are upward in luxury and size to as high as may be desired.A Help! Help! Help!

iddre.....Yth'tYt yowi n tftt.ll ni"J1iior' hosts for this First Annual Ral- substantial number of more or less permanent visitors t ;J #
rent apartments the in condominiums I Rev. Roosevelt Franklin 0( 1
'"qWGoi/M > :t '' ly. Mrs. Mable Richardson and by year or buy or coop :
i Inc.Depl.
Naturally ft:.Hhy Normal. Bj"t Si<>S. Bklyn Holr 35, N.Y. W. J. Bruton are co-chairmen eratively owned buildings. By doing this they come and go as
In CROWS YOUR from SCALP th.' Th HAIR condition ROOTS of of the local committee Dr. they please, always having a second home in Miami Beach' Macon, Ga. I
your halt elttn d p,nd htavll/ COMB Von D. Mlzell general chairman without the maintenance problems of a separate residence.
icclp on the Yu natural? health DOCTOR el IrARt: AWAY Probably the most satisfactory way to select an apartment is Divine, Spiritual, Healer,
NOT t calleda: : m '. to plan on spending a few days here In a hotel while making a of
formula' N arGRAY Rev. Roosevelt Franklin Macon -
which li. mlmd wlih many choice. In this way,one knows exactly what one is being offered.
beneficial Ingredients CARBONOEL Ga.Divine.
en li web Grand. powerful WITH Spiritual Healer
nUMptie and work helpinf an, ITCHY, ,'' y/ Jesus is truly giving blessingsand BLUES
manDOCTORS pynD retard, Kalp It hlfhly'thai COMB COLOR ,; i' YOUR PICTURES PUBLISHED FREE victory to many people's
and PRESCRIBE it for many problems. SUCCESS CAN BE
node troublei1 Many annoym. RUSH YOURS. See or write me today.I .
teriully are ireally cauied relieved'Scalp by condi.Uona the ";':':'lIDJt" Call The MIAMI STAR PhotographerTo I have a special message everyone's
UM formula of thle Write Tr for pie thla atrerfth DOCTOR tar l '. -- in need for. RADIO STATION

GENUINE SCALP FORMULA ''r Last week ,many, many people
new mixed It and will ready be aent to ".to.. you USE all IT J 00'. ion I. ml l.u.h la .dd colorfuno Cover Your Church Events Teas, Banquets Weddings were* helped by my special'
ton aatufled 1 DAYS. your' and money If you back are Payonly not NOT-UYK.Y.Y.I.0'.quick.nol rub.' w aff..y selected Bible reading to be
Thla In. lo odd color 1I.du"lIy AVOIOH read each weekend. If you want
f1.58 on delivery
ludea more everything, You ,.t Dont It with laypenny full a Uruth THAT. uMi BUDOEN, hvtl f.tt removing DYED .LOOK..(.... Fraternal Meetings Social Events Birthday Parties, to be delivered quickly, .send "WHAMMYIN
direction UN Ihs flnett MXD1CATEO < ,urlnt. .Prcvontl. lulllnv.' cubbingff .. $1.00 and a self-addressed
(:um In Fln.llo CY. C+n
can SCALP buy FORMULA Your kill yourmoney end M tiirrUd nil In pMd.a pocket: or BUik pure.l.. FREE OF CHARGE Phone 3771025 Or 6351069 Nights velope to Rev.Roosevelt Frank
scalp deaerve fine care Soil aendyour.name jiuml'; Oluo.iu.t : lin, 630 Morrow Ave., Macon,
VurfAX, HAIR and addreae PRODUCTS to-GOLD INC. ::.writ.on , Dept *l,2 8h.epih.ad Bay. Honor beck If nut d.lTM.d.ColJ You will get these special selections -.'
Brooklyn ,. N.Y. MOTE THIS Maal H.ir Product.. Inn
FORMULA ..WI.. a 100% writ D.,.. Sl.l. Brooklyn 35, Now V.,, NOTE. YOU and Bible verses by
'e- money tot* .u.r.".... MAY PURCHASE FOR YOUR SCRAPBOOK return maIL MIAMI"t

tf t1 f t

.' #.c- uIl iY __ __ ._ -- .. .. .. . .. '


lax Man Held Graduates Present Check To Hope Haven Court To Rule Violence, Rioting Spread Kent Makers

For Killing I rllI r'rT OH Interracial 'Black Death' Among NegroNEW Facing Suit'

A Jacksonville man who al- (:: Marriage Cases YORK -(NPIViolence ways, the riot scenes were For Job Bias

gedly shot another is being '" ; j and rioting moving like a plague slum Negro areas-and
Id on a homicide charge along "" I from city to city last week, Negroes, not whites,would have
1tb his friend who tried to Fvt :1"v : : WASHINGTON!>-The U. spread "black death" among to live with the destruction and GREENSBORO, N. C. The
\ S. Supreme Court was to rule the nation. havoc brought on by the rioting
elp him to escape by switching "" Negroes across NAACP Legal Defense Fund
harts with assailant. j I on two cases involving inter- Negroes suffered almost all In Chicago, rioting ended as last week filed suit, in behalfof

Held without bond In the : \ racial marriage. the casualties, as riots erupted city officials made minor con Negro women employees,
ooUne of Wenls Wise Punches: The result could be the striking in Negro slum areas and were cessions to Negro leaders,suchas against the P, Lorillard Company -

r., 21, of 1022:: Altsrt St. Is down of bans on miscegenation confined there sprinklers on fire hydrantsand (Kent Cigarettes).
throughout the South.In white and leaders promises of more swimming -
Both Negro
eorge Lee Jackson The request for a permanent
"' 0, of 713 7 Pippin St. His one case,Supreme Court taw the riots as the Negro's pools. A dispute between Injunction due to alleged dis-
asked to rule unconstitutional area youths and policemen over
friend Vernon Odom, 19, is was way of retaliating against criminatory practices,was also
law use of a fire hydrant as a
a Virginia banning
But few
white oppression. filed the Tobacco
eld of and against
on a charge aiding
t interracial sprinkler is said to have
zed that Negroes were
International AFL-
abetting the of felon Workers
escape a
sparked the Westside riot.
The American Civil Liberties
victimized by rioting
CIO and the Tobacco Workers
as a result of switching shirts
Union presented an appeal on Three Negro Westsiders were
more than whites.
International Union AFL-CIO
nth Jackson. ,
behalf of Richard P. Loving, a In Chicago South Bend, Ind., left dead-the only fatalities Local 317.
Police said Funches was shot s.
white man,and his wife Mildred, San Francisco and in the rioting.
Brooklyn, ,
above the right ear and twiceIn Suit was filed in the U. S.
who is and Two of those fatalities werea
1A part-Indian part- whit
his back at the corner of Cleveland policemen District Court for the Middle
Negro. The couple was were shot, some whites were 14.year-old teenager, Rose- District of North Carolina.
Union St. and Florida Ave.about
convicted land Howard, who would have
violating Virginia'smiscegenation
8 last h beaten and some white-owned Negro employees, the Legal
p.m. Friday night. laws. been a mother in August, and
businesses were burnt out. Defense Fund's complaint as-
Witnesses said
a man a
her stillborn The mother-
pistol crossed Florida Avenue ACLU lawyers charged that But many more Negroes were son. serts, "Have been hired for
to-be was shot down in the
1 laws
Virginia miscegenation
shot and beaten police.
by menial and low paying Jobs
and gave no word of warning to I
discriminate streets by an unknown sniper.
more against suffered
the victim he Negro-owned businesses solely on basis of race and
as began firing.
whites than Negroes. from looting and arson, Forty-seven years earlier, an
Police said they received a even bigger riot had broken
call about that time from JackSOD'I ita Whites may marry only whites as did white-owned stores. Negroes Matters regarding salary,
under Virginia law,but Negroes suffered from shootings out In Chicago, when a Negro of
terms employment
father his bad
saying son
youth went swimming in a
may marry persona of Japanese fellow
accidental or not-by conditions and privileges"have
broken Into his and bad
gun box tt ; ancestry, the lawyers noted. riots "white beach" along Lake Mi-
Negroes. And as In past been governed and controlledby
taken a 3 -:0:: revolver and had
This feature belles any state chigan. As in other riots,almost
left the house he bad i almost all the were collective bargaining agreements -
saying interest in preserving racial all the scores of fatalities and
to shoot someone, "Integrity," they said. Negroes.The of the first Injuries were suffered by Ne- entered into by
The victim was dead on arrival anniversary defendants P. Lorillard and the
In another case, an attorney Watts riot was being recalledin groes. "
union, the complaint asserts.
at Duval Medical
Center. w for white It was the same story in
who marrieda
p I a woman witha
the violence-torn area
discussions with the
Jackson told police he and J1 Negro musician said he would "festival." Planners of the Brooklyn, N. Y., where a Negro President's Committee on
Funches had known each other to the U. S. youth was shot dead during
appeal Supreme "festival which seeks
Equal Job Opportunities, P.Lorillard -
for years saying they had argued
: Court if necessary to regain positive community action in racial violence in the East New Instituted department
over a woman. custody of her five children York slum area of Brooklyn.
Watts, noted that the Watts seniority provisions dividing
Jackson however denied
Eric Dean 11 in
Circuit Judge Lyndon Schmid racial was shot
riot, said to be the worst employees into nine different
shooting anyone. had denied Mrs. Anna Filers the chest by a bullet apparentlyfired
outbreak In this century, resulted job categories
Police broadcast a descrip Anderson of Indianapolis, lad, by a sniper as hundredsof
in 34 deaths-32 of them If Negroes leave the blending
tion of the fugitive, saying he
custody of her children and Negroes milled about the
was dressed in a yellow shirt Negroes. and services department,which
awarded them to their natural area.
While white leaders were deploring attorneys describe as being
Nearly three hours later, father Eilers of Louis Negro leaders have counteredthat
i George the riots there was "
"one step above sweeping.
Patrolman J, J, Bready spotteda L
vUle. conditions in
man wearing such a shirtin another side to the tragedyof poverty areas, they lose seniority, hence they
EUers is a professional gamr. combined with police brutality,
the outbreaks Almost al-
: : are confined: to the same posi
a store in the 900 block of ,, produced the riots tions.HERSHEY'S .
Union Street.
---- ----- -- .__.
( As Bready advanced to arrest GIFT---The graduates of the Manpower Development Training Act
',him, the man shouted he was
not the fugitive, but bad Sales Class of July, 1966 present a donation to Hope Haven 1,

swapped shirts with him. Hospital. From left, class representatives Willie Brantly and Mrs.:

I Rachel Giles, treasurer, present check to the Deputy of Hope

Haven Hospital.


IJJ; Negro Students Win Right Is South PlanningTo RIGHTS RESERVED SPECIALS; FOOD

.. To Wear "Freedom" Buttons THROUGH SATURDAYCRISCO

he court acting on an appeal the classroom. However, the
en by the NAACP Legal De- "concerned" Mr. Moore had Secede? Again?

se and Educational Fund in the past Ignored wearing of
ted the Negro children their .....
such buttons
as the "Beatles"and
FORT WORTH, Tex. -(NP1)-
t to wear "Freedom But- other Pop fads. create a separate state large
A dated February
in the classrooms The ,Legal Defense Fund lawyers proclamation, enough to become a selt-cov-
9 1966 a document of
Is i is the first such major argued that the children the Provisional Government of ernlng all-Negro common
by a Federal court wealth for all of the American SUGAR
ng I pro- wore, the, "Freedom Button"as the Confederate States of 29
I g freedom of expression a' means of silently communicating America Is being circulated' Negroes who wish to live 10dignity '
P students in a public school, ; and self respect proudof S
: an ,ideai" and ,to to prominent'. in. .1& persons
"L Y
ntgomery Moore?; principalhe encourage the members of their r I southern states. The Confede- their own race1; 3IBS.
Booker T. Washington "ONLY NEGRO CITIZENS of 69LIMIT k
community to exercise their rate cabinet is headed by DanH.
School of Philadelphia, good moral character,. never
civil rights
Brown 0, president, and 5 LBS PLEASE
+ Issippi had suspended a The Appellate court found the William Roy Bean, vice presi convicted of a felony shall be .
fp children for and eligible to become citizens of
wearing school disciplinary regulation dent, of Weatherford Texas WITH OTHER FOOD PURCHASES flF $10.00$ OR MORE
tustne to remove a small "arbitrary and unreasonable, The proclamation began in this the Negro commonwealth, pro
fcular button which read and an unnecessary Infringe vided they were resldentsof the
vein '
vote." : 14 confederate states for one LIMIT ONE PLEASE WITI OTHER
ODe one ment on the students protected "LET IT BE KNOWN to the
[Mr. Moore's excuse for reporting right of free expression." year prior to Jan. 1, 1966. W/OTHER FOOD PURCHASES
citizens of the United States
to such a harsh The court further ruled that and to the nations of the earth "SUCH Negro citizens shall FOOD PURCHASES OF $$5.00 OR MORE

[disciplinary action against the the "school officials cannot ig* that these... be given grant-ln-ald of $5,000 39C
(Negro students was that these sore expressions of feelings "CONFEDERATE STATES OF for each family, or $5,000 if OF $5.00 OR MORE 5 LBS

I buttons "Didn't have any bearing with which they do not wish to AMERICA are under international they desire to emigrate to !.' :-..
on their education" and contend. Africa. A trust fund shall beset -- ") ,
law, a free and
"Would cause commotion" In up to aid them in starting
nation not bound
independent a new life either here or in FOLGER'S ;
by the authority of the Washington "

(D. C.) government and Africa.The national confederate constitutional 1 l8 "

Royal Art StudioSTILL longer. convention has been 69C / **
"BE I'r HEREBY KNOWN that set for April 8-44,1967. COFFEE lie CAN rPJ;
this proclamation applies to the ( *
The document also claims that
TAKING free and sovereign states of

Alabama, Arkansas Florida, supposed President to meet Kennedy secretly with was LIMIT I PLEASE[ W/OTHER FAD

Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Mississippi, Missouri, North peaceful"southerners restoration dedicated the to Fort the FOOD PURCHASES OF 55.00 OR MORE )

INSTANTPICTURES Carolina, South Carolina, Ten
Worth Press Club after his ;
nessee, Texas, Virginia and the breakfast at the Texas hotel" SWEET BISCUITFLOUR df 1iI. : GIANT
new state of East Oklahoma.. C
It states that he did not keep 5 59 '
Other members of the rebel PLAIN OR PKG
the appointment. He was assassinated 5
cabinet Include Gen. Edwin
I Walker, end H. L. Hunt, both breakfast in shortly Fort Worth.after the SELF RISING LBS, 29C .. ; ;

of Dallas; Hubert T. Faulk, b .. .
El Paso; Wright Patman, Tex- The secession proclamationclosed ... .... ,,
as Congressman. Jesse with this statement: LIMIT 1 PLEASE ;' .... /'
hear and ,
Butcher Lake Worth Texas "Let the South now i\
; -
NOW LOCATED AT and Eugene Volts Lamey, Fort arise in peaceful secession.with "a W/OTHER FOOD PURCHASES OF $5.00 OR MORE iI\ :

Worth. Coming concurrently i .J...
of the Klan In
Other are fellow travelerslike reorganization M

710 RUSHING ST. Gov. George Wallace, Alabama Texas, there here.Commissioned seems. to be some k ... .,
connection '
Strom Thurmond South '
Carolina; Eddie Rickenbacker, ... ..
New York;Charles Pace,Wash- .
SAME. PHONE 3541894VETERANS ington, D. C.; Rev. Christian ( ; TISSUE g25c|

Weyland Buffalo, N. Y. Still PORK
others come from Missouri, ... .,

California, Florida and Sen. ti SUFI'S PREMIUM CHUCK3ST i.P
Russell -' BEANS
The proclamation goes on to

say: BIG
"IN 18CS the confederate government ROAST
and nation was not 290
THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC. legally surrendered to representatives FRYERS OZ.

of the Northern "

Government..BE IT HEREBY 49C \ SCOTT

Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking Judge KNOWN William that upon Roy the urging Bean of of y l8.

Texas, and others,that..we are .. t4q't. l.JI TOWELS
-- .
to send emissariesto .
prepared "
For meet the World Court of the v { 2 9c $ *'
Applications Its United Nations for a ruling on. Jacqueline y. jones, :.3 3BI6

thesoverefpit und Independence daughter of Mr. and 4JW LI I

of the confederate state Mrs Herbert jones of ,

Veteran Class. of America, should the U. S. 216 w. Sixth street,


the legal issue" rommlKHlonLd a second SPARERIBS SLICED
The long document outlines in PEACHES I
The Size Of Our ClassesIs detail the justices heaped upon lieutenant in the U.S.

the South over the years. In Air Force upon graduation c
accordance with a document from officer 19 2 IBS 29C 55C BACONC:

Limited By Law. issued by Mississippi to make Training School atLiHkJund ,LB. lB,

It an all-white state, the proclamation / APB Texas.
Th it II outununtfcruduuli a
Enroll Now To Be Sure Of
the president of the confederate iif LIma

states shall appoint a qualified "I'fli I or |lIilh| Mhool: .
A Place. native-burn Negro to I* secretary ruu"Ivud: ) hor B H, c

fur and the the N confederate eg ru commonwealth : : dog r,'it fron Florida POT PIES BEEF, CHICKEN, 5 OZ.ATDRDIY 8 9

A. wool! M. UllivurHlIv,
CALL 355 9874 grass, with the consent: of the
status, shall bet aside land and Till I ulIUHKI'II.

1 1 7;


. . ,, . .. -



Royal Crown Luncheon Guest Rattlers Team Is Unpredictable

Auto Racing According To Coach Gaither

TALLAHASSEE Fla.--Tike a limited number of veterans -
Daytona Beach, Fla....The races are nearly a month an inexperienced
number of reserves, an untried
away, but already fast and expensive cars are registfi -
number of
give them leader
a with !
possibilltles -
>r the! Sports Car Club of America's annual national but not
probabilities, shake It up and pour---
championship races at Daytona International Speedway
what do
you hare? An unpredictable football team, ac-
on Sept 3-4. cording to Jake Gaither, head coach of the famed Florida -
Entries have come in from drivers of Porsches Corvettes A&M
University Rattlers. "We also have some food
and Before
Austin-Coopers, alfas Lotuses.
solid "
the deadline, the chances are the South's swlfest cars players, says Gaither, and my coachesare
planning a rugged "
wiU be entered for the two-day meet during which eight conditioning program

championship races are runs. f An Indication of the effect thata McCasklll, Clarence Smith,and
Four races wm be run on Saturday, Sept. 3, and four ,I. x R' e r lack of seasoned players will Willie Kelly. Zeke Sims and

on Sunday, Sept 4. have on the 1966 squad is the Rudy Sims, no relation, will
The top event of the meet, which Is run by the Central change from a three-unit be the top guards. Zeke !is

Florida Region of the SCCA, is the Paul Whlteraan Trophy. _' system to a two-unit system. a senior and came into his own
This is one of the most Important races on the SCCA 1 Rt t \ Coach Calther stated "We are last fall. Rudy is a Junior

calendar, and was originated by the KingS of Jazz, definitely committed to a two- and has already earned two

himself a great sports car enthusiast. unit system of offense and de letters. Ben Davis, Alvin

The Whlteman race Is run over the Speedway's 3.1- fense. If possible, we will Logan, George Bowne, and
mile track and road course..a layout that includes the work toward a third unit that Richard Ford are candidated for
infield road and all of the Speedway: save the West
can go both ways. The boys back-up slots behind the Sims
turn. It demands everything from car and driver are being invited In on August boys.

The first entrant for the Whiteman race was Peter Greggof 19 and will receive their physicals Don Smith and Freddie

Jacksonville', Fla., who finished second In the race on A u e us t 20, their Woodson return with lettersat
in PM. He drove a Porsche 904 that year. This time equipment on August 21 and tackle. Sharon Stallworthand

he till run in a brand new Porsche Carrera 6. practive will start on August a group of sophomores
The first Corvette entered for the Whitman Trophy race I If difficult in
22, twice a day, 6:00-8:00: : a.m. will find It very
was that of George Cornelius of Clearwater, Fla. A sr and 4:00-6:00 p.m. performing supporting roles.

VETERAN D3I\'ER, Cornelius knows the track. "We are expecting the best The Rattles lost two front line

All of the cars entered In the Whiteman racewhichwill crop of freshmen this fall than tackles t"< the pros: David

be run as the next-to-closing event on Sunday we have had !in a long, long, Daniels to the"Oakland Raiders

are eligible for the opening race at 1 p.m. on Saturday. long time. However, we may and Johnny Holmes to the Miami

The smaller cars entered !in the. meet will run over y' not reap the full benefit of their Dolphins. Flanker Art Robinson
__ ___ _
the Spt'ed'.a"s 1.69-mile: circuit, which Is largely con- mnn services until '68. The backsin was the Important man in the

fined to the flat, winding, Infield road. the incoming Freshman class Rattler' aerial attack last fall
The races during the two-day meet cover all the SCCA LINKS INC., EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ENTERTAINED BY RC COLA-Members of the Executive Committeeof have excellent high school rec- lie's Joining the Dallas Cowboys
the Links, Inc, were luncheon guest of Royal Crown Cola Co. at the 15th National Assembly of Links. Inc. held
classifications, from the smallest to the biggest. m Boston recently, First row, left to right, Mrs. Minnie Gaston treasurer. Birmingham Dr. Anna J, Julian, vice.president. ords. We were not as fort- of the NFL and leaving a man's
Wei\er\llle N.C. Aug..Richard Petty will be going Oak Park Illinois; Mrs. Beatrice Butler, Eastern Area, Chairman. Baltimore; Mrs. :Vivian J, Beamon president Cm- unate in getting as many good responsibility on the shouldersof
for his third straight win at the Asheville-Weaverville cmatti; Mrs Susie Verde, executive secretary, Ettrick, Va, Nirs Laura Jones, Central Area Chairman Dayton. Ohio; linemen as we were in getting Herman Jackson,John Eason,
Speedway when he goes tq the starting line in the Western and Mm Mildred Freeman Fine Arts Chairman Nashville Standing, Mrs Maude K. Reid, Southern Area Chairman .,backs and this is where our Roger Finnic, Andre White,
Miami Mrs. Bessie Hill, director, Trends and Newark N. J., Mrs Weedcn immediate past presidentand
North Caroline 500 on Sunday, Aug. 21. ; Services Polly losses have been the heaviest Charles Bell, and sophomore
dIrector. Office of Centralization, Lynchburg Va, Mrs. Christine Meade, Western Area Chairman Seattle: Mrs.
the Western North Caro-
The Randleman: N.C., star won Prudence living assembly chairman, Boston, Mrs. Florence Robbins, publications chairman and editor of The Journal, the past few years" Benny Johnson
lina 5last year, and in June of this season came home Kansas City, Kansas; Mrs Josephine Smith recording secretary, Los Angeles, Dr, Vivian Lewis, Wilber force. Ohio' The big problem confrontingthe To sum up the outlook for the
first In the Fireball 300. Petty will be at the wheelof Mrs. Ruth McCants, financial secretary. Wilberloice, Ohio; Mrs. Eva Miller Greensboro, N. C., artist whose works were FAMU coaching staff this '66 season, it could be said
his No. 43 Pl>'miuth..the car which has carried him exhibited at the' assembly; and Atty Elreta Alexander legal counsel Greensboro. N. C. fall is getting a quarterbackthat that the Rattlers will be an up-

more than half a dozen wins this year, Including the can do the job that is and-coming: team with a lot

classic Daytona 500 and the Rebel 400 at Darlington. Rattler Grads going to be required of him. of desire, even if they are

The Ashevtlle-Weavervile Speedway Is the fastest half- Football Heat Deaths Four of the five quarterbacksused lacking in a lot of other things

mile track on the NASCAR circuit, and Petty drives Land BerthsOn last fall are returning and
Us high-banked, asphalt turns as if he had helped designit. have enough experience towear

varsity "F" letter Elroy Watch
He won the recent Fireball 300 at the sizzling speedof Pro Teams Preventable Says AMA Morand and Rudy Jamison will

81.423 miles per hour, and holds the track qualifying TALLAHASSEE: Fla.At be seniors. Alonzo "Chico" This Clown

mark, set a year ago, of 85.455 miles per hour. least 20 former Florida A&M Gilbert and Ken Rlley are soph-
Petty was one of the first NASSCAR stars to file an Coach Gaither said
University athletes who played C UK ,UO-,Hull dunlin unionu University of kentuiky' football "hut wi iun eliminite deaths: due omores.
official entry for the $17,720, 500-lap race. His entry he to his old 84-34-91
football for their education at |high) || \.lwlliand college fool hall Coach Charles Brad,hsw stud his to heat llntfss they are plans use split
came in along with three other top drivers--Darel Dier- line flanker vari-
FAMU are training with pro- plavxr, could I Ix of the I T with some
) : a limn puii l squids practice sessions were nn "preventable:
inger, Bobby Allison, and David Pearson. ations. The offense can be 38-413-936
fessional football teams,hopingto d'caiRhcvandPlalersfoiluw breaks for touches avoid trouble
t by
ruom proved rlllul.tr wilier c in byncend.itiunsnhndeatunhectinghere
Dieringer will handle a Bud Moore Comet, the same field
enhanced a
greatly by
play for pay this com:ng foot and rest t Overworking pliyirs ,in keeping a close watch on their
machine In which he ran second to Sam McQuagg in who effectuate what
general can
ball season. In the National reeenilMien* hot weatliir: only I ileerijsu: (heir players for the: l Brat signs of heat 3 4
the Firecracker 400 at Daytona on July 4.
Coach Gaither calls "a simple
Football League nine ex-Rattlers \ football f fan he saiil \
l'tII.II'IIlb\ ini e : in) illins* said \ Illulln L Neiell.ath.
Pearson, leader In the NASCAR Grand National point attack d a "
running a n good pass-
including five veterans .1 i fiunit: the first t hoi days Said I'urdue University: "s team laic Ir liner at I'urdue University' 8
standings, will drive a Cotton Owens Dodge.' Pearson 1
(players with one or more yearsof iimld K dangerous for plains unless physician: L. W. Combs M D: and! executive secretary of the Ing game
Fireball 300 AshevilleWeavervllle
seemed a sure winner of the at Morand led the quarterbacksIn
experience) and four rookies yree union* to avoid hint illness 'Co 11 Inj used in think that if a National Athletie: Trainers
in June, but blew a tire with only three lapsto passing with 50 completionsin 2 8
will be trying for startingposi- uri taken now u piml of ph)ir lost 1 a lot of weight on Ihe Assoc unionI'areiitsi ,
go. tions on seven NFL teams. nin.ln.al and sport tiiulioritiet lint day or so of praetiee. it was a run help protect their: 113 attempts for 566 years, 135-19-358
Allison the king of the modJled drivers who
gave three touchdowns and three conversions -
Veterans with starting berths agreed. gout workout Actually. all the athlete'Mills by walehing for signs
Grand National circuit
up that crown for shot at the Riley was second
nailed down Include: Willie Hi u illness List jetir Caused the ,player lost was body liquid-whieh of fatigue/ : and emotional strain, .
all drive his Chevelle. He has won tow races on
own with a record of 11 of 22 throws 51-43-29
in "
Herman Lee tackle his
dcdIhsofnneeolkgefootlmliphgcr is dllllll rou'. such us loss of appetite and poor

the A big full circuit.field of NASCAR drivers will be on hand whe 1" ninth year with the' Chicago (mil four '( Mbllli\e, high! school; lAllanJ. Kvan M D?li-amphjuK: bliiji 1 'jiabils, Isiewell' 'slid) 'Jamison for 124 went yards nine and for two 16 TDs.and '
Bears and Bob Hayes,outstand- 1'III| Mrs. U toniriliuli.il to .''elost: nan ut the University' ofVN iseimsin.iitA'ca : f nil HIM. I'h D.Uireelor/of the.
practice for the Western Forth Carolina. Opt".on while Gilbert hada Sometimes lIe's Up Some amtstie'f
ing flanker of the Dallas \ClII-Jlllttt'lnJllrl\: : ; '" of IIIIII\Y'more. f lih Dr. Comb. 1Any AMA f teI.ittiioenl ilf ifJalih t tdu"- / ,
,: 19 Qualifying trials are set for Saturday Down he adds subtracts.He .
i'ldayAu I
j;: ,
tour for l 19 mark. .
who '
Cowboys. Hayes, caught The IHK nun whttloti 1 uufoii ant sec IJh"afe/ AMAVCommittee .
|plllld.III'I\llInnll; Itl player more than three : *
off at 2 it around"
ZOoThe face all
\ on Aug.
gets p m. Sunday, The backfleld, with the exception ?:
46 for and
dug passes 1,003 yards II mutiny sponsored by Ihe pur cent of his body weight in a on the Medical Aspects -- > v'rn\ !
LONGEST CENTER AISLE 12 touchdowns, finished second Anieneiin Meilieul Av>oiiulion l ', praeliee!session! is not getting enough of Sports VMS pmel moderator, DrRy shaky quarterback ; I.f'
observes. 'the National Shrin only to Gale Sayers of the Chin ( oiiini tin: : on llit Medical AspeeUif ,"IIHnd water," he said in in a member of the AMA, position, figures to be !In good 11-48-92

'I I I.j,: Johnson, trip to join .,f ,the |mni.icujc( Conccptio n cago Bears in the rookie of the Sports IIlIr.e.llhill: f missivi !sail and water loss can CoituniUie\ on I u ruse! and! Ph)5' shape to if their the spring replacements training live COMING: ATTRACT:ONiJ

l 1',i: N ur-cn u: the altar has set t hj ,the |onccsl center aisle| c I If year poll. 1 I. I'rospeelive foot bull plitirt result in hiut\ stroke extremely" ) seal fitness. md is a past president! up evaluations. Preston Johnson 81-14-81
rccorJ. the Catholic Digest -IU American Catholic churct I, Other Rattlers In the NFL Include should til t nut of uireondiliimiilsurrouiulmvs dangerous eomlilion Dr. Run of the Ameriean College of Sports '
veterans Bob Paremore, and Henry Scott will be key
now stun tilling pomtcdorn.AionCCloisulfcrheat Medicine:
halfback with the Atlanta Fal- men at fullback. Johnson led
iiiiisuiiiiiil: vigorous Kirust in stroke if he: is active in hot wuilher
you jof't Have To Go To Town To Get cons; Bobby Felts, halfback, hot wcdlher and! neglects to repine sail and his teammates in rushing witha MAN'S
Detroit Lions and Clarence net yardage of 403 In 78
; 2 (',sashes shouM! abandon tin water: lost b> perspirition The re
Chllds halfback New York tries tor a carry average of
old prui 11: ol IllhhllldlllllllIlr Mill is a breakdown: in tin sweating DAYS
Rattler rookies in the 5.1 yards. Both men are Juniors
fion iilliletes ,
: during "riI'lIll: I 1111.I Ina IIIl'l.hlllll'lI1l1n.1: eoll ipse!
and have plenty drive. Eugene
NFL include: Owen McKay, leiiisli anil' salt /
to rv|' M Her IOM If prompt measures arm t taken NUMBEREDMan's
tackle Detroit Lions J Milton, Jim Ashcroft, and Nat
Art Rob-
; through! i inspiration miruisis tin to tit the heat stroke vietim ttOled'hence.kir1mteshaustiunorlieu
STORE NEEDS !fhson, flanker, Dallas Cowboys; u inuiKili: :ilil). the result ean Ix:ilealhsoiiKlimes James will be flanker backs. Days are Num-
/ All three men ran on the SIAC
John D. Kelly,center, Washing. stroke -" : within 15 minutes !hired' Health and
-------- ton Redskins; and Calvin Lang, .', \lliklis should K uiilini iiitlIt Approximately KVIINIO)( ) Mays in and Penn Relays championship Fortune Can Be Yours Wuen

Trudy iti.; Your Neighborhood= Drug store halfback, Cleveland Browns hot weather h) irilulK) .fII\l.I 14,11NI; () U.S, high schools now pi.i) // 440-yard Major Hazelton relay team.the fourth Halfback man You Know Your'Lucky Days
Rattlers In the American Football
.E hjLL :'ibT ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL, mini pnittiee:: Mhiilulis At I liusii rsNU11ull.sudC'InfordIt.Fagan.vs. tI in the relay quartet, has earned
61 League include Alfred Den- i the ttrsi II.1.1) ifpru'lCesh1)uld, eeutive !seereliry of the ilional \ Lucky Colors Etc.
also fill all two letters in two
!par er.r, 'le Deliver ve DOC- years as a
son, flanker, Denver Broncos; I K:dC\II"-Illu" nun-lonl: .\sorkouls, I federation" of Slate Ilitlt SehoolAlhlelie Send $%.00 for your
t.rr i> r e s *; r i : t 1'1 Ans. Hewritt Dixon, flanker, 4 Moth 10 lines IlIhllI.Il.'f'i Ailllion5"III'"I.II'C defensive back. Sam Anderson Horoscope Guide for
is to shine
expecting as a run-
Carleton Oats,defensive tackle, si alert for signs! i If he it ill "I I he few deaths that oeuir in will
and David Daniels(rookie),tackle 11.11 .csliihurLA. ning back. Specialists AUGUSTFill
I IK) "s stupor link i'uutbullcanproluhbiynescrheciwnssvdn'ss. '
Dixie Pharmacy all of the Oakland Raiders; IIr iiiuisu"il I I'augue.: nlilily: elmiin II." I agars s ml include punt and kickoff
Holmes returners Joe Williams and In the blank below and
Johnny ,(rookie),defensive -
end Miami Clarence ,Rivers and punters mail to ZODIAC, Post Office

Eugene Thomas, (rookie Dolphins), half; Bishop Coach Sees '67 Team As "Explosive"For Eddie Cooper, Andrew Greene, Zox 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla.
and John Eason.
1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue back and Paul Washingtonrookie
The center position in the line NAME
( ), end, Kansas City The Coming Football SeasonAthletic
Chiefs needs more experience. Art STREET -
Phones Elgin 5.559198 Collins is the lone returning DATE OF BIRTH--
Three Rattlers are in the Con-
Dfrector of bishop season at Bishop. While admitting might well develop into stars letterman in that position. He Mo. Day

-- tinental Football League They College in Dallas Dwlght that great reliance must this year", said the coach, will be backed up by Jimmy
are Walt Highsmlth, center and Fisher, who is also the head be placed on incoming fresh- "but we still will have to placea

PAY HOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE E, Freddie Miller, fullback football coach, gave a rather men, he cited several upper- lot of reliance on freshmen." I .

Charleston (CN. Va.) Rockets, optimistic summary of the out- classmen who will form the Rookies are e x pee t e from

BILLS AT OUR STORE I and Willie Taylor, guard, look for the coming football basis of the tea m and who Dallas and other Texas cities, >t:

I Hamilton Tiger-Cats. should, in his words, make !it from Louisiana, Arkansas, J-"

"explosive". Oklahoma and Pennsylvania,
Among those mentioned by among several other states.

Coach Fisher a s Raymond Coach Fisher pointed out that

Johnson of San Antonio, whom In addition to a team whichis

Arr- the coach described as "one of very sound defensively, and

the better quarterbacks of the an offense which promises to

are a ". Dallasite Theodore be extremely exciting he has
AJLt l Brothenton is expected to bear two other m" **
big assets in the "Jackeonthl'es
L | jar p a>,t and, Deaf KU nown
the brunt of the Tigers' running persons of Defensive Coach

attack, as a member of what John Lark and Offensive Coach < N MYRTLE AVI,
the coach refers to as his "pony Robert Hall.Interest .

t backfield unit",or his"express In games u Bishop THI UNCHALLENGED LOCAL ,FAVORITE
unit". stadium this year will be enhanced

X000 stOatS Targets for Johnson's pinpoint too, by the enlarged TOIITiHG& Lb. 33CFLA.
passes will be top-notch flanker Bishop College band and by the .

back Sam West, From Indljnola peppy cheer-leading group and

: I Mississippi,and ends the majorettes, both g r o u ps LOBSTERS Lb. 89c

w s I. Bobby Motes t from Clarks being enlarged from previous KIM OMIH A TIPll HIAOIK IN TNI fAN fUH Dirt.
f vUle, Texas and Lewis a g er years and showing exceptional SPOTS
"r % II. from Dallas. Another end promise so far this year dur-
,. \.ms 5 OP4EENs mentioned by Fisher as an asset ing practice sessions The eiNuiNi OCIAN.VIIW vAIIrryCROAKERS C
BTAMPBf I is Don Carter, also from band, under the direction of

Dallas.On Mr. Vernon Van Bolden, has,
defense, too, Coach Fisher In its three years of existencein THI HAL MCOYaOM POiTtMOUTM to

looks to several returning up- its present from, become an OCEAN TROUT

per C 1 ass m e n. Big Lee outstanding attraction and will MOM MATPOITTIXTUIi

Anderson, from D a 11 1 a s,wbo number ninety pieces.ooo.WA"'GOI'. O. MIA /ILIILAI ORIQUAI.
weighs 255, tea m s up with TO liD IN."II

George Merchant, of Bay City,
f e Texas, who' !is b'5" and weighs SNAPPER FLANKS & THROATS LB. 59c

245. Two other defensive lines
"DRA DED'Beef men who should do a great FANCY FLASH-mSH.UlOZIN

Job !in backing up the Garfield'SUIOIIT 'SR MULLET ROE < L o I BAGS tUe 89

at its Best two "anchors" are Don Anthony : Di-altr* wrlcomtl' O.lt. horn. tarn also

and Dallas.John Keel In, both of 1 LAIGI 'ATMULLET

"Wo nave twi/oral others from CLSIYil 'HI l"lnl LB. 39c
the squads of past seasons who OP TOO MUCH COOS 550 DIINi'
r/jur CATCH or .


I +r t I+ J I

-.-- "" "


I Spotlight On Football Clinic, Hunters CON

Profiles Of Coming Stars ;. SportsBY At Phillips HighwayStars

Apply Now
BORN-March 23, 1943 ((21): ) at Wrmtnrfura, Alabama. HATS ; NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL of two of the nation's

-Jtlght. HEIGHT-4-3. WEIGHT-195.: ANCES" \-* ,'It1'''. ABILITY VERSUS CONTROVERSY prominent professional .* otball

MARRIED Tmye Perdue, January. 18, 19G:. llavetwodaugh-; c y'a Ever, since Muhammad (pee Cassius Clay) All burst teams will be at Philips Highway For Per.ilsTALLAJIASSEE..Huntir.

tern Alabama.WINTER HOW ADDRESS-:413 Tempvt.1 Dr. lUrmliiglum 11, upon the professional fistic scene with a glib tongue, Plaza on Saturday, August who
; OUTAlNED-Clnclmutl Kami'Sykfom.. nailing tics and. fleetness of foot bulk of American
-U Andrew ( the 20, 1966. Team members of the wish to take part In the gun
May, ;accordtngtolluhy1owersotthe Manor, sports writers and braodcasters have been trying to makea New York "Jets"and the Miami hunts on the Citrus Wildlife
GJ. Telegraphis a definite major JI'J gun prospect. He hits case against him.
"Dolphins" will beat the centerto
"ith great pouer, runs wilt for a big fellow ((6-3,195 pounds) The sports writers appear to be working overtime to assist youngsters In pro ,Management Area, have three
months In which to submit
and has a strong arm. He fields his position at first base adequately slant public opinion against All. football pointers, sign autographs to the Game and applications -
and should improve. He was used some in the outfield at They lambasted him first for his bragging and them and aid the sale of tickets
Fresh Commissionat
Water Fish
March in 1904 and did a fine Job. He could make it at either for his religion..which happens to be that espoused by to the charity professional
first, his regular position or perhaps in the outfield. His Tallahassee.
major the so-called "Black" Muslims. Later they joined other football that evening.
drawback game Individuals or parties of not
is tendency loorswiiif and uppercut the lull. Needs critics in lambasting Clay for his utterances about the
The new Miami Dolphins will than five hunters
more wishingto
to down
on strikeout total. In summary, hardly see how he war In Viet Nam and the draft generally.
meet the New York Jets Saturday -
ran miss participate In one of the three
making the majors.It All of this has nothing to do with All's ability In the
evening at 8 00 at.
; p.m. special hunts scheduled for
waa a from gun
tip Manager JohnRed" Davis
at Macon which
ring although boxing fans are being Indirectly led to
has the Gator Bowl in a charity the Citrus Wildlife Management
helped Mat. Davis suggested that) May go into a slight believe this
Judging from the way the scribes try to exhibition Free coke
crouch game. Area should apply to the officeof
to avoid upperrutting the ball. Davis has managed May tie In the
heavyweight champion's antics with his standing
the last and Ice cream will be given the Game and Fresh Water
h"au; in 1963 at Rocky Mount and in 'G4 with fist
T as a fighter.
Macon. to all youngsters at the center Fish commission at Tal-
It Is obvious, therefore, that All's critics are confusing
from Ito 5
Mn could hit p.m. tassee, or the Regional Offices
a ball out of park Davis declaredLee
any with
ability controversy. Their line of criticism tendsto
The "Pro Football Clinic"bour
doesn't have to located at Panama City, Lake
swing hard but he was casting all his natural play All's controversial while
up personality playing
Is tentatively arranged ,
.P. City, Ocala, Lakeland or West
power undercutting the ball while to The
trying hard.
sxlngtoo o down his
In the
great ability
ring. 3 00 but have to be
crouch him ; p.m., may Palm Beach. Official 1 application -
keeps from
coming off the ball.
up However, they can talk above, below, beside and around changed to suit the light work
May blasted 25 home runs in 1964 with Macon drove in 110 forms information
the Issue and still
can't around the fact that AllIs
get out of both squads scheduled
which led the will then be mailed to each
league, butted .303 and was named the All-Star
a great ring champion. He has proven that without for Saturday
first baseman in the Southern applicant for completion and return
League.Lee .
doubt to sports fans, In general. If doubt this just
hit the you Miami has already played two to Tallahassee by October
lull for
tremendous distances all the
over league. sample the of fans at In
opinion ringside or any closed- exhibition games, one againstthe
His 24 for the drawing on October
Meat-fifth circuit clout was one of his It carried
longest. circuit movie house after an All fight The fans will San Diego "Chargers" and
high over the center field fence in Macon's Luther Williams s
tell you frankly that All "Is a terrific fighter, no matter one against the Kansas City 31.Gun
In the will
Field at the 406-foot hunting area
mark and landed in a clump of trees well -- ---- what they about him." The Is
say obviously "Chiefs".
back of the fence TOMMY HARPER be limited to three controlled
in reference to All's
Lee critics "Miss Jacksonville", lovely hunts, with not more than 1200
played for the Valencia club in the Venezuelan Winter
League this fit BORN-October 14, 1940 ((24)) at Oakgrove, La. BATS-Right One man who has been following boxing for years Mary Grace Ezell, accompaniedby hunter participating in each
season. MARRIED told me be didn't "Give a about what doesor
M.as HEIGHT 6-10. WEIGHT 164.ANCESTRY-Negro. hang Clay Jacksonville Jaycees will hunt.
signed by Red Scout Jimmy Bragan who he credits -Bonnie Williams, October 6, 1962. WINTER ADDRESS-1324 says outside the ring. I just like to see him fight also appear at the Pro Foot

with also calls"giving Manager me the Davis opportunity"a wonderful and encouragement." Lee 67th Street, Berkeley, California. COLLEGE-San Francisco, The fella' can move." ball Clinic at Philips Highway Since i 959, 200.000 Cuban

He manager. State College, 195860. HOW OBTAINED Cincinnati Farm Move is right. Clay is the fastest heavyweight In ring Plaza at 3:00 P.M. Saturday, refugees have arrived In the
broke into ball in 1961
pro Tampa (.260 ) U.S.
average the
r System. history. I've seen all the modern champions either August 20. Digest states,
Tommy Harper, young only 24 years old,and full of potential, from ringside and the past champs In films.
led the Cincinnati Reds in stolen bases In 1964 with a total of And from what I saw, I can truthfully say that none of
24. The speedy youngster was only caught stealing three times. the others can hold a candle to All when it comes to
His 24 thefts came in 102 games. Tom batted .243 in his sophomore -' speed and footwork. And this Includes Joe Louis, the

season with the Reds. former great Brown Bomber, the ring's greatest knockout
As a rookie In 1964 Harper batted .260 In 129 games with ten artist.

home runs and 12 stolen bases. All move like a lightweight He domonstrated his great
This past summer, on April 30, Tom stole three bases In one speed to the world anew In his easy knockout of Brian
game against the Phils. London in London recently. All moved so fast in that title

Harper bad four hits in his last four at-bats on May 23 against defense, that London, ,a mauler, hardly laid a glove M sr ,aj
Chicago and added two more the first two trips to the place the on him. Neither did London know "what hit him" when ; 'ra as

following game against the Cubs on May 24 for a total of six hits All cut loose on him, so fast did the champion punch.
in six consecutive times at bat. One Interesting aspect of that fight was that the television
"Harp" hit .254 In 79 games In 1960 for the Reds' Topeka commentator kept harping before the bout about
farm club. whether All really "had a punch" Well, he can ask
He trained with the Reds in 1961, as he was on the Varsity London, whom All flattened In three rounds. Listen to the '
roster, before going to Topeka where be was sensational. His subdued London talk about All: 1930 KINGS ROAD AT SPIRES ST.
.324 batting average, 15 home runs and a league-leading 136 "I never have claimed to be a great fighter, but I did
bases-on-balls were instrumental his being named "The not know I could be so outclassed. There won't be a Jacksonville Newest And Most
Most Valuable Player in the Three Eye League." man over here (London) to go In the ring with him fora
decade." Acceptable Seafood Center

Little Change In FAMU That's saying a lot, but really London was speaking a
r lot franker than American sports writers who appearto
be forever panning All in some way. And Brian is

Coming Football Schedvle In a position to know.In I ,- 'YEllOHTAIL SNAPPERS IB. 590 ----
fact, the sports writers In London appear to be far

I more realistic about All than their American counter SPECKLE TROUT LB. 59C MANGO SNAPPERS
Florida IB. 59
turning lettermen might be an parts. They have nicknamed All the "Killer", after (
AIM University Rattlers indication of a return to national watching him annihilate London.

LEE A.ND3EW y.uGin"o may have Jumped out of the ranking for the 1966 Rattlers. But In America it was different. First the scribes URGE MULLET LB. 29C WHITING LB. 29C
frying pan Into the fire this The four Tallahassee games were asking prior to the London bout, whether All would

coming football season as they (season ticket book) will cost prove that be bad a "knockout punch." Afterwards, CROAKERS LB.. CAT FISH IB. 590 C
the 33C
face practically same $11.50. they were referring to the All-London tight as a "mis ,
schedule as, last year's team All orders for season tickets-' match." How biased can you get? CRAB
that won seven games and lost will be filled before those for' My fellow scribe should do likewise, and quit "knock- ,CUE MEAT LB. R30 / SPOJTTTWmm
the rocks? three; That was the first time Individual game tickets. The Ing" a man who really has class as a fighter. One other
since 1946 that the Rattlers single game ticket prices to advice fellows: PL $?.ioLARfif| SHRIMPS IB. $1.25
have lost as many as three home games will be: Allen University Stop your preening about the need for a gentleman-
games In one season. The It Is neither the ultimate nor necessarilythe
$3.00; Ben edict champion. LIVE CRABS DAILY
schedule this year Is the same College, $3.00, Teoessee greatest requisite of a' truly proficient champion.

as last AIM year's who except is being for Alabama State, $3.50, and ALT College Boxing, by its very nature, Is a rough-tough sport. OPEN DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 10-5 pnMiuiy
of N.C., $3.25. It is not a sport for choir boys.
replaced by Benedict College
.r No orders will be accepted
of Columbia, S.C. Make all
r I without remittance.
I The Rattlers will be out to orders payable to Florida AIM

extend their string of 60 consecutive University, Tallahassee, Fla.,
conference victoriesover 32307.
their SIAC opponents. This The complete football schedule
s string dates back to 1952 when
e follows: September 17, Allen

Rattlers Bethune-Cookman 87. Five conference upset the University; September 24 Tallahassee SouthCaro-- Will wii a (nation billy

games are In store for the Rat lima State at Orangeburg, S.C.;

tiers, and each year the October 8, Benedict College at
streak Is harder to maintain.
Tallahassee; October 15,'
s.e- The Rattlers, winners of many Morris Brown College at Atlanta
.4.- national titles, were defeated Ga.; October 22,Tennessee

last : year Tennessee by nonconferencefoes State (45-6), November State 5, at AliT Tallahassee College of; ., and baby,, look it him ROW!

Texas Southern (34.21), N.C. (Homecoming) at Tallahassee -I--4.
and Morgan State (36-7)). ; November 12, Southern

The loss aikeyplayersthroughgraduation University at Baton Rouge,La.;

C ; r4C r r? > including tow All- November, Bet h u ne
Americans the uncertainty of
Cookmaaat Daytona Beacb; 1
the quarterback spot,along with November 26, Texas Southernat
the tough schedule Indicates Jacksonville, and December
that Coach Jake Caither has 3, Orange Blossom Classic at
s his work cut out for him. However -
v rw extensive recruiting plusa
desire to bounce back by re- eeeee

Make it perfect. Sports ShortsGONZALEZ


Batting averages and runs-batted-in totals don't tell the whole 1 1 1 a 1I
story when evaluating a clutch player, according to an article
on Indian second baseman Pedro Gonzales In the current Issueof

SPORT magazine. I
Though Gonzalez showed Just a .254 batting average and only ..
39 RBI's In 1965, the young infielder actually was the club'.-
most productive clutch bitter, contends the article. "Pedro
A posted a. 638 average in 'advancing base runners,' the highest
rcti on the team, and that nukes him the Indians' top clutch hitter,"
concludes the SPORT story.. ; ;


American League shortstops come up a little short when It rti b +d.A .
comes to posting .300 batting averages, according to figures
released in the current Issue of SPORT magazine. Harvey f P J
Kuenn hit .332 for the Tigers! and McDougald .311 for the
Yankees In 1956 and no American League shortstop reachedthe
.300 mark since.

During the same period National League shortstops have .
posted seven .300 seasons, with Dick Croat leading the average
assault with four ((1957-58-60-63) Banks (1958-59))
The Dodgtn' imumg captain slides hit way into the Hill of Finn,bruiting Ty Cobb ricord with hit 104th stolen bm of the yiarlMiury
and Maury Wills, one ((1 63)).
a Wild, born on October 2,1332.Washington 0 C
Sea rant"s

extra *- Starting Sept. 1, 8 p.m. _

y.Seagram's ''p.j .
,. .

Extra Dry/th perfect martini ginIUar EIC SALES CLERK 'GU1TAlt l nHIME. PIANO-. BAND ," :. .. ''. M'IL"K't.t ,,' / ., ..- ,
CLASS TSBoldeD'S .1' : .1': ; '.
j. '.. ,* ..._i t, It.'"
';' ;, SL ,t. ', ',, ;" ,

iiimitii twin, lie.it ritor.I-HIUU Ur01M nonutucu lUlL College Of Music Carnation has been growing sports heroes (and other unusually healthy people) for more than sixty years.

18)6) V, 20th Sheet Registrar El 6-6465 .
; '. I, t '1J :':, ., ,
Att'f "11:4, :" ; : t." :" .1ft. t:
4 '.. ,. .... .- tSATURDAY


Zion Hope BaptistAnniversaries Tabernacle Baptist lnt. Church EventsSUNBEAM Education RoundupMIXING TEA TIMEA CHURCH NEWSST.

Set Observe Annual Men's Day SPIRITUAL PLANHARTFORD, Conn. -(NPI)- Spiritual Tea will be sponsored -

SINGERS ANNIVERSARY Five Hartford suburbs will enroll Sunday at 3 p.m., In the PAUL PENTECOSTAL
TV Mt. Zion Baptist> Church, Annual's Men's Day will be observed Sunday In Tabernacle 265 children from the city's home of Rev Wanda Only, 1022 Friends Day has been scheduled for Sunday In St. Paul
Palatka, FU. will celebrate the Baptist Institutional Church, beginning with the Sunday Schoolat The Sunbeam SplrltualSlngcn.I poor districts In September, In Oakley St. The Rev. Mrs Only Pentecostal Church, located at 1223 Spearing Street, beginning
74th anniversary and the 12lt\ 9:30 a.m., with Deacon David Washington as guest superin will observe their 7th anniversary an effort to Improve Integration will be the speaker. Sponsor of with the Sunday School at 10 a.m.
of the pastor Kov. N. IV Wll- tendent. Julius Mack will review the lesson. Sunday at a p.m., In th t and offer better opportunities the tea Is Miss Betty Streeter. Minister A. Wright will deliver the message at 12 o'clock,
tUms tvplnnlng Wednesday Elks Auditorium, 712 W, Duva i I to disadvantaged children. The .... will be at 3 with Elder M.
The teachers are: Percy Cla- Introduction of speaker, Edward and a program presented p.m.,
Celebration began Wednesday rett, Glen Anderson, E. W. 11. Robinson Jr.; solo, Henry St. metropolitan area transfer Is Mt. Tabor Baptist Church Gates as speaker.
evening August t 17, with the Mt. Sawyer, Leroy Ford, W. J, Sheppard; speaker, James E. Guests will be the True I being tested with 200 children women will sponsor a SeasonalTea The Traveling Prayer Band will have charge of the serviceat
Morlah Baptist Church, Rev Nathan, Otis Kelley, Charlie Bryant; solo, Mr. Sheppard; Heavenly Spiritual Singers o;i r who are sent by bus to summer Sunday from to 6 p.m.at 8 p.m. The pastor, Minister E. L. Wall, will preach the
J, G.Pierco, pastor and congregation Melbourne. The group will be I school in West Hartford. The the church in Interest of their
Clsero, A. Brlnkley, Freddie Invitation, the Rev. Mr. Young; sermon.
featured in their latest record- to benefit
along with the choirs Carroll, W. Baker, C. Russell, offering Deacons J. N. Nixon, program is designed annual day. Mrs. Hazel Lloyd
and ubhors. Ing.Other everyone-slum children will will model hats and a programwill MT. MORIAH AME
J. Phillip and J. Fowler. The H. Milledge; presentations, ,
Thursday evening at 8.30; p.m. theme is, "The Progress Now Deacon Moses Brown; closing local groups will participate get quality education for the be presented The women of Mt. Morlah AME Church met with Rev. J, C.
August 18, St Mary's" lapUslChurl'h and In the Future." remarks, chairman and pastor; on the program,, first time, and suburban children Bannerman, pastor, and elected officers for the annual Women's
St. Augustine, Hev II. Chairman L. V. Jones will benediction. Including the McCall Gospel]I will gain a broader outlook Royal Court 131. Lily White Day celebration.The .

i., Patterson pastor choir, preside at 11 a.m.,and Deacons Charles Reed, co-chairman, Singers. from their contact with slum Benefit Association, will pre- officers elected are: Mrs. Gertrude Morse, chairman;
Members of the Sunbeam Hostess
usher and congregation will Ralph Alberta and Leroy Perry will preside at 5 p.m., and Club will ancI children sent its annual tea Sunday from Mrs. Alberta Reid, co-chairman;Mrs.Odessa Lane,secretary;
have charge of services. will conduct the devotion. Pro- Deacon Moses Andrew and Sid singers from St.serve, INTEGRATION ORDERED 4 to 6 p.m., at 1207 Davis St. Mrs. Shirley Harris, assistant secretary; Mrs.Dorothy Peter
Kridj\ evening at 8.30 p.m. Augustine,, Mrs Eartha R. McGowan Is advisory chairman Mrs. Frances Brooks,treasurer Mrs.
cessional, Male Chorus and Wilkerson will have charge oft Lake City and -NPI- son, ; ;
Waycross WAUKEGAN 111.
Ga., ,
19 Mt. Zion Baptist chairman of the program and Velma Bannerman of the
August pastor day.
ushers; scripture, 1st Psalm, t the devotion. will also be In attendance. local white schools have
Church Federal Point, Fla., Mrs. Addle M.Baker,cochairman. The committee chairmen Mrs. Carolyn Carswell,
invocation, Rev. W. E. Young, Male Chorus, ushers; scrip- 4**. ordered to after are pro-
}\t'A.. Clumtiliss, pastor, been Integrate, Tea chairman is Mrs. Mrs. Madelyn Haynes, finance Mrs. Delores Jackson,
pastor, mission offering, ushers ture, 1st Psalm; mission* VOICE OF BETHANY Lake County Circuit Court gram; ;
choir and ushers and congregation announcements, Edward offering, ushers; announce PRESENTS MUSICALThe a ruled that they were violating Willie J. Stephens and Mrs music; Mrs. Geneva Palmer, Mrs. Pauline Bryant, Sunday
will have charge of ser- judge Florine Fletcher,co-chairman. School Mrs. Essie Mae Dye, clubs Mrs. Lenora Reddick,
Allen; prayer for the sick,Dea- menls, Edward Allen, prayer a state law against de .... ; ;
tees, con L. E. Wilkes; selection, for the sick,Deacon J.G.Smith; Voice of Bethany,a newly- facto segregation. Judge decorations; Mrs. Oretha Dugger, tag; Mrs. Ruby Smith, hos-
DOUBLE EXPOSURE .Male Chorus;welcome, Deacon selection, chorus, offering, organized group, will present t Charles Parker ordered the Junior Lily White Lodge Tea 167 pitality and Mrs. Kay Alexander, youth advisor.
a Spiritual
..,, Charles Weaver; response, Deacons M. L. Baker, Jesse "The of sponsor
Story must Education
Hymn Board of
'r\ Waukegan
I I" lining\ v:nriui\ iI1 Aug. 28 from 4 to 6 p.m., in NEW HOPE AME
vrih ihi l ,itholu\ Deacon E. R.Sawyer;selection, Furlow; Introduction of cal, Sunday at 7 p.m., In the to send students from 85 per
snuri. Elvin
in and
/ the home of Mr. Mrs. The third quarterly conference will be held Sunday In New
chorus; occasion, Harold Jack- speaker, Rev. Charles J. auditorium of Greater Elemen-
Bethany cent
lIEc"' 1 .fin.t',. 'III "+ ,1'I son; selection, chorus; Striven, solo, John H. Gripper; Baptist Church tary School Negro to three all-white Warren, 1223: W, 22nd St. Rev. Hope AME Church with Rev. W, F. Fosterresiding elder of
turn' Ir. .I.'nll..11 W. M. Drummer will be the the South Jacksonville District, presiding. .
speaker, Rev. R.W.McKissick; The pastor, Rev Landon L. schools, reducing Whittier'sNegro
speaker. The presiding elder wlllalso deliver the service for the morn-
solo, Mr. Gripper Invitation
; Williams, will serve as nar- enrollment to 42 per .*..
pastor, presentation,Deacon M. rator of the ram.SPIRITUAL The Ing service.
cent. judge upheld a
prosecution A Greenleaf Spiritual Love Tea Services with the School at 30a.m.. with James
Brown; closing remarks,chair- .... contention tha t the begin Sunday ; ,
e man and pastor; final reports, TALENT Act requiring school will be sponsored Aug. 28 at Brewer, assistant superintendent, presiding. Morning service
Edward Allen benediction Armstrong 4. p.m., at 1593 W. 25th St. begins at 11 o'clock and ACE League at 5 p.m.
; PROGRAM SLATEDA districts to promote Integration ....
Rev. Z. L. Tyrus, pastor, will have charge of the service at
applied to de facto segregation. The Ada Bracy Chorus of St. 6.30: p.m., and Choir 1 and Usher Board 3 will serve throughoutthe
Anniversary SlatedUsher spiritual talent program will Paul AME Church will sponsorIts day.
be presented Tuesday night in INTEGRATION PLANNED Garden Tea Aug. 28 at 3.30: Monday night Choir 1 will rehearse,teachers meeting Thurs-
the Atlantic Beach EVANSTON NPI This
Holiness Ill -< )
Board 2 of Sweetfield of has decidedto p.m., on the lawn at the homeof day at 7 p.m., and class meeting at 8 p.m. The youth choir
Baptist Church will observe Church. suburb Chicago Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Boston, will meet for rehearsal Saturday.
Appearing will be the Holiness send the students all-Negro
Its 8th 1496 W. 9th St.Gateway .
LONDON anniversary Monday
Choir, Williams Trio, Cross Foster School to mostly white
night, beginning at 8 o'clock. Sisters and others. Freddie L. schools In the area and will Barracks "Revival In Songs"At
Mrs. Rosa L. Grant is president Veterans Warned
JcoulNs Williams will serve as Masterof make Foster into an experimen
Rev. D. B. Barnes, pas- Ceremonies.The school next
London laboratory year. Post To Meet
Tower TOWER tor. program Is being spon- This fall,Foster's kindergarten Veterans hospitals throughoutthe Zion Hope
I 'sored by Deacon Emory will be Integrated by bussingin Gateway Barracks 3131,World nation have been directedto
I OPENING SOON J. Williams. white children. The labora- War I Veterans, will meet Sat- admit any re c en tly-discharged -
I .... tory school Is expected to havea urday at 2 p.m., In Joe James veteran without waiting Baptist
;: DISTILLED August 28, 1966 ENTERTAINERS CLUB 20 per cent Negro enrollmentnext Center, In the final meeting for an eligibility determination
I Bond 0 Brick Finance Co.,Inc. SPONSORS DANCE year. A white enrollment before the national convention, If the man thinks lie may be
DRYGIN. LONDON I'. Jacksonville's First LoanCom of 50-80 per cent In the Foster which will be held InSeptember suffering from malaria. The Female Chorus of Zion
GIN owned and operated by Is this In San Hope Baptist Church will sponsor
I pang The Entertainers Social Club kindergarten sought Fall. Diego, Calif. The Veterans Administration
DRY Negroes 5566 Avenue B will sponsor a benefit dance All members of the building advises such veterans who have "Revival in Songs"Wednesday
at 8 in the
Aug. 26 In Lillian Sauders Com committee have been asked to been home for 100 days or less p.m.,
Visit now: munity Center on White Avenue, HOUSE FOR RENT be present. The members are: to be on the alert for any auditorium of the church.

beginning at 9 p.m. Brick bungalow- 3 bedrooms, Oscar Cook, J. W. Sparks,Jesse symtoms of this disease. The Hymns, and spirituals pertain-
to revival services will be
PINT $285 BOND 0 BRICK George Adams Band will be 2 baths,carport.Carver Manor, Robinson, W. M. Frailer, Medical Departments of heard.

RECREATION CENTER featured. Tickets may be secured 5878 Gaspar dr., S. 765-2394. Jesse Summers, I. W. Hemby, the Armed Forces have foundan Soloists for the occasion are
from members of Eugene Bryson,Richard Brown, Increase of malaria :
$3995th the club. Ernest Daniels, Sandy Free- personnel returnlngtothe Mrs. Lucille Lowery, Mrs.Es-
5566 sie Mae Scott and Mrs.
PINT$14SI APT FOR RENT man, Lemmon Green, Carl B. United States from dlty In Lee Hills. Ivory
Milton and Edward Russell. Southeast Asia.
U you desire new, com- ttRoyal Completly FurnishedZ Bed
fortable, low price home, room Modern Apt.
.contact Crown Call 768-4324.
I I I I' Bond 'O Brick Construction Co., Cola

Inc. 5666 Avenue B. ROOM FOR RENT Presents Americans
Old Taylor : Ingenious

Furnished. Prefer nice coupleor .
', .":':':::::: ;:::: .::::":::;:::;.::;::.. SHOP AT YOUR AlP single man. Call 3547510. P'' Il 4 a .
!! !! ;ri '. I

'.-+. ; '
5 H. ffl\p"\ 3000 Nicely furnished. Cooking. Pri 4 ki ,

"f1J1 (s\NmHIT; : vate.3C04.Modern Single conveniences.woman or Call couple.356- ." rt ,

The store that caresaboutyou: liii!) AD ARE GOOD WANTED

Salaries to $65, fare advanced.
"SUPER-RIGHT" SMOKED COOKEDHAM Rush ,references, phone num .
t t II Ij I r
; 1 tlr

ROUND Partime Time I

Men with cars, work a few
I hours on your days off and
STEAK earn $10 to $15 or more.Apply:
9 crlef Rd. cor 13th.


I ii. Sales People ,

JANE PARKER DELICIOUSAPPLE SPECIAL! rrrr- __ _ Men and women, to sell advertising ; I
Liberal draw, liberal -
t 1 LB. 8 Dl' commission, easy work, quick 11 I in a series
I : PIES 390 j I GRADE 'A' QUICK FROZEN sales. You earn $75 to $150If

I EACH you're keen. Fringe benefits. Banneker
FRYER Apply: FLORIDA STAR, 2323 Benjamin ( )

Moncrlef Rd. cor 13th St.


1 11B 3-n. HELP WANTED

f COFFEE BAG' 59C BAG $1 I' IB. $129 a, Secretarial Without him the White House might

1 3 I TYPIST who can do 50 Wpm. ,

ASSORTED COLORS SCOTT PAPER REGULAR, SPECIAl! :_ BOXrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Accurate and; must spelling.be good Apply in English -: not be on Pennsylvania AvenueWhile


TOWELS 2 INOPKG.39c: crlef Cor. 13th St. No phone
: i DELMONTEDRINKS calls, please.

still a very young man, living on But the most distinguished honor bestowed
i his father's farm in Maryland Benjamin upon Benjamin Banneker was
CLOROX 1/2 GALLON 290 APPLE ORANGE GRAPE Shoe Reparini Banneker was the marvel of the neighthe invitation to serve on a committee
I borhood. People in far: away countries appointed by President Washington.
i JUG AND TROPICAL, FRUIT PUNCH Of Any KindIs heard about the boy who could "rememassignment: Define the boundaries of the
bet' everything". city of Washington design and layout
PILLSBURY BUTTERMILK SPECIAL! Our Only Business As he grew older, each of Banniker's its streets. When the chairman, Major
3 1 1.QT..14.0l, 89" achievements overshadowed his last. In L'Enfant, suddenly resigned his position
1761 he built the first clock\ of wood ever and shipped off to France, he took all
:i BISCUITS 3 as. 25c CANS 934 E. Union St. made in America. It kept perfect time, the layout plans with him. But Banne-

striking every hour for over twenty years. keys prodigious mind was able to n produce
Some later Banneker accurately them tram !
r--------------- time memory
ZI6 ZAG SEWING predicted a solar eclipse in 1789. BmruUr lived out his Litter years

;i'I'1 : EXTRA SPECIAL! : MACHINESUNCLAIMED Next he began writing ntmanncs: then peacefully on his farm where he was
; the form of scientific sought of
most comprehensive out by distinguished men science -
j Ii t Yv. .r ;.Ii. : FRESH CRISP ; LAY-A-WAYS information. He sent n copy of one and art. The physical design of
) We have 2 1965 Dial-O-Matic to Thomas Jefferson, and the two men Washington, D.C.stands today as a living
a 1 Zig-Zag sewing machines that struck up n warm ncquaintance.; Manu monument: to Benjamin Bannekeri
,1 have never been used. They scripts of their correspondence have: mathematician astronomer, architect..,
;; f CARROTS were lay-aways t that were been preserved. American genius.

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.:: LB a these for the balance of $47.00 ''I ,....."" .." ... .. .", a" ni .. ,..I li IA ... ?. ,.....,., ,,.,., '''". ...
l each. Cash or terms. Call
' I ,." 1 2 BAG 19": credit manager, 353-1946 anytime SertJ fur free "booklet containing the portrait and Horv of Tech AmrrUn in this series.Write .
Will deliver. No obIlPUon. -' lot Ingenious American llooktel, at".n 114), W Park Av.., N. V., N.Y. 10016PAGE
(Asst. Manager) (Prtdoce Manner) (Meat Mauler) __ __ _._ '

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