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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200713datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 30, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007130740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 30, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 30, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Poverty Group Secretary Denies Need For Probe Of GJEO Hiring

** * *


'. .... .... ... .
.# *.* I'F. ss*_*




::..cQ. .. .... .... ... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .
-oI *.

Death Ends A Feud

ML' 16 NO. I. SATURDAY MAY 7, 196S' 15 CENTS { Johnson, Carroll

'Good Samaritans' Rob'Vi *im Of $800 0 I Aid. RIIIOfisThree PetermaiIii.

*.*** *, * Negroeswho ran for
seats In the Florida House of

enough Representatives votes to put have them polled in the

YOUTH 17 SLAIN May 24 run-offs. I
They are Earl Carroll of 1ft. -
ami, Earl M. Johnson of Jacksonville -
and Frank Petermanof I

I St. -Petersburg .... .

IN GRUDGE FEUDING tr -, '1 14 14II,

*-*.* *,* r'EARL

J.x Pllr Aids' Youth I Sa ys Victim Note To SbrtrerHirt II IIil

De.lls Need
Alltolst il

I.t Takes $800 Had Hunting Knife For 106 Probe

TRAGIC END-The lifeless body of 17-ytir-oIdJioward cqley lies on the ground as schoolmate s
A series of grudge fights between two youths finally came to a The secretary of the Wilder and passersby gape at the tragic .c.new\fch climaxed a series of grudge fights between
Two Jaxons who appeared to be tragic climax last Monday when ape mowed the other down with Park Advisory has written to the victim _and Andrew Calhoun also 17. (FLORIDA STAR photo by mx.LYmOWN)
good Samaritan when they went a pistol. Sargent Shrlver, director of the

to the aid of a man In a wrecked Calhoun Calhoun told the officers be Office of Economic Opportunity M:JOHNSON
told ,
automobile art charged wlthre- detective Sgts. in an effort to forestall an investigation -
slaving the distressed man of. W. F. Booth and R. W. Grant pulled back the hammer on the:: : of hiring practicesby Joe James, Falls League Seeks Up to press time Thursday'
be and had
Coley several list the final count had not been
$800, taken from his car. the Jacksonville anti-poverty:
It all began when Bobby Allen :lights. during the past six weeks office which was requested by Ghetto LeadersWASHINGTON completed and it still appeared
He told the officers he had that Rev John B. F. Williams
William of Klngsley Plantation two members of t the group
overturned his car when went beaten Coley In the last fight. Mrs HattleDlxGreenandJobn In Street stood a chance of getting into a

...w.......-.. _. ""!'" Calhoon added that be learnedat B. Pickens wrote to Shrive - Potential run-off with his opponent Mar-
school that a number of boys charging there are "Indicationsthat leaders. in the slum areas tines Baker for the
would be waiting after school political and/or social preferences Joe H. James veil known civic as director ot the Jacksonville: of 10 cities are being sought by ,iDuval) School Board..
for hlmto beat him, apparently are the basis used by end political leader, died of I Welfare League. He was i: the National Urban League In Johnson polled) unofficially',
as reprisal for'beating Coley. Frank Hampton, local politician heart attack late Thursday night. appointed to the Hotel Ind Restaurant ...'their leadership development 28,282 votes to his opponents
fr"1'ww6t Calhoun said he was not attacked a on the board of directors.In Mr.J.mesba4 gone toa meeting Commission by Governor(program as a final portion of Gifford Grange's 29,973 to give
after school However, a move to prevent an Investigation earlier in the evening and had Can McCarty and served In thai t1 with launched 18 month ago him the second slot In a field
he said about 4 p.m. be was of the situation In Jack- stopped for I brief visit at a poet until a few years agovherhe i a $475.000 Rockefeller of four.
taking some clothtag to the sonvlllebilssMary'P.Bradley friend's home. He was stricken retired. Foundation grant Jaxons who failed to draw
cleaners and met Coley at D wrote as follows.Jacksonville : with a' heart attack about 9:30'1., James played an active par t Sterling Tucker executive di- enough votes to put them in
jftrfetAad Iris Boulevard. P.M. .,,0"1f. char be left the '\politics, campaigning for can,. rector Washington Urban Lathe ,1'1m-qUa1nc1_ Sam JoMawho
.! According: f foCuhomi UftCoUy/ ""'lObtNeet-13prtigeet': ... -.of; f/fiend's hous4i''''i'M.. .." :,{Mldate*;' and !,a' founder of gas. said "Just a couple d t r' picked up a teat 0,139 votes
sea. youth pulled a large hunting Florida 32209 James. had been..a..life-long Three'A Community Club, whlcl h dozen people whose roles, are> In his bid fr a Senate eat t'
knife from his belt and started ANtjREW CALHOUN April 28, 1966Hooorabl. resident of Jacksonville and became clubhouse bear his name, IMIOII a like musical chairs exist ia i I Alice CODa 'drew' II.SU
toward him. Calhoun said be' revolver Mt before the hammer prominent In business civic James Community Club House, too many cities and purport"i votes In her race tot the House
pulled a .%2 clalber pistol from fully cocked, his thumb ,and political fields. He was He also was one of the founder i I to represent the entire Negro against Incumbent FredSchultz,
his pocket showed it to the. slipped and the hammer fell. Sargent Sbrlver associated with several business of the EmlnclpatfonDlyCelebra',, community." Carolyn Xennelly and Al Low-
approaching) Coley and warned Patrolmen H. D. Zellner and Director Office, of Economic,..ventures and at one time operated tion, which Is held annually at On June 4, when the League man.
him not to come closer, he told W. G. Dodson said when they Opportunity ,a chain beauty parlors. II i Bethel Baptist Church. He was sponsors a community action Sarah Kennedy pulled I an unexpected -
NETTIE 'ANDERSON) the investigators. arrived, Coley was lying beside 1200 19th StreetWashington During the great depression of a leading figure In the Elks. assembly on public education 1 .4Z2 but was swampedby
jut o7 control and skidded Into' When Coley kept advancing the road, clutching the knife D. C. .the late 20'. and 30s he became He leaves to mourn his death at Terrell Junior High School, veteran Joseph Kennelly with
ditch widely knownas the administratorfor la wife Hattie and a daughter, speakers will be residents of 44.887 followed by David Arpin
a Backache as he was coin west on Dear Mr. Striver: relief food and clothing in ,Mrs. Marcelle C. Davis, wife,ghetto sections of the city. with 16,664.In .
the Negro areas and also served;' of the famous jazz organist Wild Well established Negro community addition to Johnson's name
The 'good Samaritans' who My purpose In writing this Jackie D!v1e. i I leaders will not run the on the MAy 24 second primary
were arrested taken -
and to Dun
letter la to inform you that the meeting according to Tucker ballot there will also be I the'
County Jail are Charles 1.. ,1' Wilder Park Advisory Committee Phone Company News Digest who said "We 're concernednot name of another Negro Eric O.Simp.OIl .
Golden of IllS E. 26th St. and
only with broadening the
to the G. J.E.O has no who seeking the non-
Nettle Clair Anderson of 1621E. i.'I''I
24th St.Patrolmen. (sic),grelvances with said organization Denies Bias Of 1ST PRESIDENT leadership base, but In"making pay position of State Democratic
Its officials, or any CORPUS CHRIST.Tex.NPI) more representative Committeeman
A. C. Box and R.E;
Deck !l of its personnel, contrary to Parents at Jenner School were Scores of prgaalzatlons,block
Golden and his
com ; I reports forwaroed to you by considering a renewal of their 'clubs and church groups are I NAACP Picketing
.. .. Mixed
--- I the
helping plan
Hattie Dlx and John Pickens. boycotts against the predominantly meeting
I ,. ')I .. After consulting with officers Negro school Though I to help Negro leaders better
WASHINGTON< -(NPI The 'I understand I community Backfires
,_ and members of the Wild e r heartened by the possibility that
\ ,C'' ', 1 Chesapeake t Potomac Telephone blems,,. to develop :
;; !it Park Advisory! Committee, I Principal Mildred Chuchut who ]] citywide *'.
," ', found that that there had beenno >I Company has denied that Is out because of an operation, leadership from the ranks of WASHINGTONNPI, ) A :
,,' ", ..'I!' meeting called of the group ,It discriminated against a for- may not return, they still demand 1 1 poor Negroes lad to find potential member of the U. S. Supreme :.
where (sic) greivances could mer Negro employee who I had) the hiring of a full-time ghetto residents with Court bas charged that a courtdecl.loD
.,.I ;.,.,. ::i: have possibly' been discussed. ':a white wife.Charles psychologist teacher-nurse, .:leadership abilities and train upholding damages
'. ,'.. '' .., .. There has not been a memberof B. Thompson; the speech therapist, and more ex- 'them.! against the NAACP could be
.. .. ....
"' .. ... -i. 'r'' this group authorized to use 'company's general personnel perlenced teachers at the use to wipe out the civil! rights
''./f1t! ;, ,,}:; this organizations' name to ask i manager, said a thorough Investigation school. Previous boycotts have Complaints organization.
.. ; ; for an investigation of the G J. 1 of the firing failed been from 50 to 95 per cent The court, In a 5-4 decision,

:; .,, ,, ,.. : E.O., or its personnel. We feel :0 ( ,' ..: ,it i'." !' that the Jacksonville CAPS Is 'charges of racial discrimination. Of Job Bias be held liable for picketing of
-, ; one of the best there is and the '" : :;WW The charges are being heard NEW YORK NPI The first branch.
lj II" ',: men and women on its Executive -( )-
} < : Board are people of honesty,' 1 by the Commissioner's Council two Negro youths from the South The decision was vigorously
fIW :' decency and integrity. A* CHARLESL.COLBENpejilon ) l elected secretary' of the Wilder At an earlier hearing council high school for a two-year Douglas, who said it is the kind
r l Park Advisory Committee I investigator 1 said the company gram under the Student Trans of Judgment that could ultimately -' d
took Williams in their would like to apologize the car to the toll pie, where he name of the organization being i from "entirely satisfactory"to .notified of admission to North >f 6,000 complaints filed! under "unpopular groups;.
was picked up by an ambulanceand used In a previous letter received "less than satisfactory" when ern colleges In September with ,he j Civil Rights Act of 1964, Chief Justice Earl Warren and
taken to local hospital by you.Respectfully I It was learned that he bad a full scholarship. Both are now ;lave concerned failure to up- Justices William J.BreDIWI Jr.
treatment of minor bead cuts ,white wife students at the Wheatley School, I trade Neero'employees and Abe Fortas Joined Douglas
and bruises. yours' The investigator noted that the Old Westbury, L. I., and will I iccordlng to officials of the In voting to reverse the damage
Williams, according to the officer ii decision toflre Baker was based graduate In June. Harold Wback, ,J I Equal Employment Opportuni- judgment. i
*, evidently told the couple I DO "highly' unusual personnel of Charleston, S. C., will attend I lei Commission. Justice Douglas noted that the
about the money be had left bit The majority of the complaints
i records either Harvard College or Syracuse > NAACP's views are "anathe-
the glove compartment of the w Mary P. Bradley', Secretary Baker's record contains frequent University. Henry Roy ,lave come from the South ma" In some parts of the
wrecked car. So, the pair went references to his "per Smith of Awendan, S. C., will Joseph P. Molony Pittsburgh country and under "vague"Georgia
back and got tt-and kept going. It includes rice president. United SteelWorkers
MPBps: sonality problems. attend Union College, Schenectady laws the organization
Police recoverd $780 of the t- a supervisor's report calling N. Y. of America,said there could be held accountable for
stolen' after{ theft( ,. and was no way unions could force
money cc: Honorable Spessard Holland Urn "arrogant" recommending almost anything branch does.
were given the license number Honorable GeorgeSmathers that he "deport himself INAUGURATION plant managers to promote "The rights of political association
of the couple's car by a toll gateguard. Honorable HaydonBurni c in more humble manner." RALEIGH, N. C, (NPIDr.. Negroes to foremen. are fragile enough with
OLDEST -Two of tne of 1 14 e s t living lor n e r students were The union called for more in-
Patrolman Box said MM honored with presentations of roses at Florida Memorial College Mrs Gordon Bunch The company defended Its position James E. Cheek has been Inaugurated t tl,enslve effort by trade unions out adding the additional threatof
.was recevered and $500 Inth.man'shome from thewoman's last week. At top Miss Eartha (Angel of Mercy) White receives Yr, Robert Saunders by pointing out that the as the seventh president t tl 0 eliminate discrimination in destruction by lawsuit" be
percentage of Negro employeeslas of Shaw j sail
' bouquet from Miss DuLl Axtell. At bottom,Mis. Joseph 100-year-old heir,
membership policies.
borne James* receives her memento from Miss Helen Timmons. Asked about Miss Bradley '! risen from 8 to 18 since.. University. "We can Justify the "Unpopular groups like toe
Minister. Jailed denial of grievances, Mrs. Dlx *19G2. But Is had to admit thai future role of the university In Denver; Gov.:John A: Love ;NAACP" he warned, '!'VW receive
said "Irs obvious they're UrIne poly) 13 out of 400 officials and only on the basis of our ability innounced that Colorado would i 4 crushing verdicts from
CHICAGO'-QtPI)-A 21-year- Prisoner Wins Right *to whitewash the matter. Eupervlsors hired during the' to provide education of unimpeachable erase' to do business with any (4 emotional Juries."
old minister asoithilde Hampton and his cronies last four years were non-white. quality,, said Dr. company: that practiced discrimination. The five-Justice majority-
chare was sentenced to three shouldn't be afraid of aa Investigation Of the more than 400 profesiional Cheek In his speech l The new policy was l Hugo L. Black, 'Tom C. Clark,
:years in prison for refusing to To .Reid /Negro. NewspaperRICHMOND if all is well." and administrative perIOIIDel outlined In an executive order John M. Harlan, Potter Stewart.
;.s rt for army induction. hired by the company signed: by the governor and witi i and Byron R. White-upheld
The Rev. Robert A. Hill's V*, - claim that be is a conscientious The 4th' U. 8. Circuit Court of equal protection under the VOTE rhlte, Thompson said MIAMI BEACH (NP) 'c ommlssloners.! I the t NAACP national organization
objector since be is minister :Appeals reversed a Federal law as specified. In the 14th No Negroes were hired among Florida's Negro and white tea- In Great Lakes Ill, a week- Itt savannah branch and
of the New Testament Bible District Court ruling Amendment. the 114 sales workers who in- chers associations have voted l jng series of meetings were 1 two t theld branch officers were order
Church of True Holiness, was 4 flimlsslng! a complaint brought It said Rivers was denied aright MAY tall coin telephones in overwhelmingly to merge Into at the Navy Field Industrial disallowed in U. L District 1 by Arthur L. Rivers a Negro as a Negro which is tresses throughout the city he a 50,000-member organization Delations: Institute to Improve lIvillan i white grocer.
Court I prisoner which contended that being granted to white prisoners added.Baker. The white Florida Education Cl; manpower management The court reectediia) UUCP
The minister had been given I He was not allowed to receive -4n that his right to receive a 25, worked for two Association voted 2,037 to 181, b;:1 providing line managers and i appeal In a lIne-word orders'
chance to sign up for noocombatiant -' j the Chicago Defender and read non-subversive newspapers I r ears connecting wires on dial to merge while the Florida personnel executives with upUed. "The writ of certlorarl to dtomlssed -
service, but refused on I newspaper, while in prison is specifically franca in the company's central State Teachers. 'Association,vo4 extended understanding tf as impr evidently
the advice of his mother. The court said it t thought granted by Virginia law., Bice ted 52Q-11, oi!f Navy Industrial Relation ,c ." *

t ) ;,

.' w

____ J -
'm .mmn.nnm'mnm' nn mnm.m n n

; I"n ]

STAR, The Urban

..Published by the MEMBER Florida,Star Publishing Company NtNIF League Story

'*k' BROWN

The Urban League Is multi-dimenslnnal'
educational agency that concentrates on

ERIC O. SIMPSON ..........Moo>I6io6 Editor l the problems faces by minority group mem-

bers In America.The .
1..IOOTEN..Clrc.latl.i MiBifir, Jacksonville office is one.of the 72

affiliates In this country.

UOIInI.-o, This office like the others

2323 'Moicriel' had Phone Eltii 4-6782 throughout the country, Is now

working to help alleviate

Mailing, Address problems that relate to family

disorganization, unemployment,
'P. 0. Box 599 Jacksonville, Florida 32201 housing and educatiin. Pf KK

The League's approach to\0zMWi\

MIAMI OFFICE ./ R these problems as educationally -
tuned. Examples of our approach are

738 NW 3rd Avo. Phone 377-1025. r as follows:

a 0_ It4IIII l rw I. project ENABLE is designed to strengthen -
SUBSCRIPTION RATES family I life i th rough group Counseling -

One Year $8.00 Half Year UOOtd1ed sessions. Many parents will l l
'to YOU Anywhere In the united States meet together under the guidance of a
Subscription payable in advance trainee social worker to discuss

Send Check or Money order to: their problems; These sessions will

FLORIDA STAR P.0.BQX599i help the entire group Identify mutual
Jacksonville Florida problems and how, why, when and whereto

resolve them. -

To War 2. Education academically i I i is a prob-
Help Poverty
lem minority group members fare, but

THE.SURE WAY.PUTTIHG:: OUR SHOULDERS TO THE "WH ELI! how and whereto' get relief to help
A parade to push a private war on pover- upgrade education is one of the re-
ty was staged last Saturday in Jacksonville sponsibilities this 'office.

by the West Jacksonville Associationfor .

a Better Community.This 3. the League has a total 'commitment l to

observance-parade" was participatedby Your Weekly'e help upgrade, seek employment for
$100 persons who believe that slums the unemployed, and prepare minority

don't make people ---people make* slums. group persons for jobs in a technical

This idea, is "catchy1,1 and under the society. We are working to secure
leadership of Robert L. C. Williams/ this eveuee eee'il eeeeeeeeue.eeee on-job-train as a method to help

organization has been successful in pro- Horoscope Guide 1400 persons secure permanent jobs,
moting do-i t-ycWself and continue to work
cleanup campaignsin .* we with local
the residential l area of north of Bea- firms through our skills bank by
ver Street and west of the Beaver Street matching applications( and'job descriptions -
vi aduct. ....-.i..e: iy PAIL'O The ASTROLOGER' "j "".....ee ( to fiol job orders.

An impressive play was stage in a fieldat ,

Goodwin and Lewis in the form of a M. We also must work to destroy substandard
pantomime giving the theme ""Climbing the WHICH ARE YOUR LUCK Y' DAYS FOR housing that is a part.pf a

Ladder of Opportunity. It was designedto vicious cycle that helps. to 'perpetuate -

encourage 'high school students to remain BUSINESS ,LOVE TRAVEL poverty and ignorance.
in school and compoete their educa-

tion. These are problems of priority that a

We are convinced that this group will do CAHCER.Jun'i not fare so well since the seedsof 4 609.9. 19'. 59-M9" true humane educatiinal organization such

more than just present a play, for they Born! March2Uf.AprI Bom'. confusion and deceit abound CAPRICORK your League Is committed to execute.
believe that louder than 11th 15th.
action speaks from through
|1 19th 22f dr July 22nd Bom. Dec.22ndJon '
words. ''Since the organization was formed ,.Sloea14'48.5b1IIBRA< J 1fi
I |In 't ay',' '\\005, this Js'what they have achI- The Arlaas among youwhoare .you ,already have had .. Negro PrincipalTo .
? eyed: : \ .,:" starting out In a new Job or profession the pleasure of seeing, one, at .. time to reappraise. Mostof nW ,;t"u'; >
l, ,, (. 1 xT- r. may, sooner or'later, least, of'your hopes being re- tom Sept;, the conditions that are ruling Heal. White. School :SchoolOf '
> reach the heights you bare alized. A friendship that may ;::23rd-Oct.23rtf; : your existence leave little tote
,I. More than 100 homes have been painted. previously chosen. 'There also: have come about under unusual desired. Your talents are pleasantly '
may be a possibility of sellingor circumstances could lead Make no deals. No'matter how activated, dear ones all places, it had'to happen )In Geor-
buying a home that can be straight to the altar for some brilliantly offers or propositions should be a source of Joy, and gia. The Martha Lester Elementary School
2. More than 50 homes" received major considered adequate to house among you who are unmarried. are gilded,, they will your key associations are under will I have a new principal next September,
S t your family.. But there are dan- Take advantage of your good hardly bear anyone scratching the beneficent influence of Ju
Mrs. Anne I I
a Mae Williams
f Improvements. gers present whjclv you would fortune without having inner the surface. The one thing that piter. But It is not given to a Negro.
hare to recognize and avoid. reservations that could come appears fairly sure is that you everyone to receive all the The Richmond County School Board decidedto
3. One hundred and 15 l loads of trash The principal ones have to do out to your detriment at some stand |o lose whatever sums blessings unmixed: There are appoint the Negro Educator to the assignment -
were hauled In with financing or other conditions future date, at the very moment you may be Induced! to put up the seeds of discontent or disenchantment of the now all-white school as a
away' a massive cleanup that could turn ''out to be 'hen you are the least prepared, on a "sure thing. It will undoubtedly in your friendly result of
( -
federal'desegregation guldeI
program. far too costly for you to shoulder for it. It could be exceptionallyrisky be "sure" for the and social circles. You must
I Ines.
in the days to come. Deceptive to speculate or to lend other party and more than risky be especially cautious about
U.| Some delapI dated vacant homes have influences are definitely money on the basis promises for yourself and your monetary getting Involved In unconventional Mrs. Willi I I lams: .the other Negro teachersof
been torn down. present and you could find yourself that are not likely to be kept. position. The only day when propitious attachments. An d you the two-room 5th Ward School -and probably -
hopelessly enmeshed in Place material interests conditions exist for pro have to '
your may tighten your supervision )
their tolls before you realize it. high on the list of goals you fitable trading or confidential over the younger members all l 52 Negro pupils--will i I transfer to
. 5. Fifteen new homes were completed or 1-40 5514 34.- 485'iOthMay have established for the future. transactions is likely to be the of the family group to keep the now white school next September.
: under construction In the neighbor Sentiment can only load you 9th. The dangers of deceptionsand them away from Individuals of In Dade County, Fla. for instance, we
hood. TAURUS astray when it is allowed to shadowy practices highest unsuitable character. Do not have noted that white
I principals
I 1 n April l. overrule your better judgment from 11th through 15th. Security encourage any false hopes on are being
II :'?' that may be restrictedbut the strength of what may be to formerly allegro schools.
I 6. Thirty thousand dollars were appropriated ': 20tht continuous is far better than personal illusions. However, the placement of Negro principals

t for a community center. ", > influences are LEO' speculative enterprises that 8 60 44 .II -68 -368. In formerly all-white schools
The separative could hit the (is almost a
I 7. Mercury lights were installed (in 60 Taureanwbo Jackpot occasionally ran ety.
and the Born
quite potent July
and then take
everything AQUARIOS
cent of
f per neighborhood.
can withstand them may We want to
j I We have cited what a 100 membership has consider themselves lucky in ;33rdAug, 22ncf away.2-40-22-15r46-237.' l Bom ;tali.. Board fo r. Its commend fairness the Georgia School
I accomplished for a .Jackspnville fringe deed. Those who are traveling Why risk it?There are so man) SCORPIO 20th'?! F,b.. .18th. transfer of in making the.rinclpals
could run Into their Intended ]promising Indications regarding during the desegregation -
: area. Other citizen's groups in other Be The .
adamant. Aquarians
along the way and begin an at- i the achievement of success Born Oct.? process.t .
I Florida cities should''go and do like who are sure of themselves,
tachment that may be more < and your monetary objectives 241ti. Nov. 22nd
I wise. tense than lasting. Others who 1 that you should do nothing their purposes and their vocational
t The Negro must do all I that he can for are making business trips i whatsoever to jeopardize them. See where )'oualm. The danger aspirations should not 86 Negro Students
Is that should with a handsome (Once have availed of the be deterred from doing what-
himself, for the Bible Injunction come up you yourselfof picking wrong objectiveis
it is more blessed to give than to re- profit that nterreestiagfuture < the opportunities to gain on a threat to the lasting qualities ever their 'is necessary to reach Get Burns Scholarships
particular goals. Your
for even more I 1 both fronts, collect your earnings of a close partnership. A
_ ceive. developments The critical ; and put them away for safe frank expose of the facts or of intelligence Is a prime factor Eighty-six Negro students the
in to domestic 1 out of the beliefs in obtaining the desired results recipients among
period regard keeping. Just keep sight and views held by of scholarships
and associations is the the rest of this the although you must not entirely awarded by the
Job Drlv.Ulder. In Miami i public .., one that probably will tax your i and do not commit yourself or help to clear the air and to get discount chance in your calculations 'Ibis Governor Haydon Burns.
'patience or lead to an open ;your resources in any fashion. you off to a fine cooperative It can trick you Just fund was started (Immediately after
A campaign to get better jobs for Neg- break. Marriages that take whatsoever. Turn a deaf ear to ,start. The failure to obtain any at the time when you believe the Governor took office( and- el d several
goes will be the frrst goal for the new place'under the prevailing aspects i all offers and propositions, especially sort of agreement could result that your are within reach of inaugural balls over the
Miami affiliate of the Southern Christian may turn out to have no l the ones that requireyou In a pretty difficult time for all success. The only day when it balls raised State. These
Leadership Conference solid basis on which to stand on. ; to assume all the risks and parties concerned The influences may be said that you can do no which
according to Dr. wrong seems to be the 9th.Make were ( feaeto86rstudentsd
responsibilities. Heed ; that behind
,3. 20- 33 16 -37- 386 the are separation for the
t Martin Luther ;
King, Jr. words of other members of the In general are most active and your most strenous effort then 1965-1966 academic'
We will negotiate with .the local Indus- GEMINI >family when you run up against' 'forceful and should be recognized and back it up with discretion dicted that even more term will and given this
tries to open up more job opportunities, Born May',21st'June : housing difficulties. You couldbe as such by the Scorpios and even to secrecy be when this appears 'year. be
said 'forced into a tight corner who are not at sympathetic: necessary.
King, and if they refuse, we will list -60-77 This Is a commendable
when you are not careful. ,to the idea. Gesture on the
In economic.withdrawal
engage program. part of the
King's' efforts have a noble intent we are Owing to the fact that no one, .5,20-44-l2-40; 8-20-.55-14-.39-832 PJSCES Negro state Governor, and may our various
ever really knows where lightning organizations
sure but it would have been better for bom F.b. combine in a
a is going to strike, it Is SAGITTARIUS similar manner to raise
local group of civic leaders to approach the better part of prudence to ,'enAs.23rd .'Born Nov.\\ f9tItMar", 20th worthy students scholarships' .for

industries in the area and persuade them keep laying aside as much as -Sept. 22nd! 23rd-D.ec, 2Ut ,, Know your mind There are no.
to give the Negro a better opportunity.It you can spare after essential Keep building up.The program {signs of any abatement of *
first. Get the Jump on
needs have been met. The
covering this quarter's activities attempts to get to changer
our beLief that massive demon- you
search for security Is being everybody else, when you can, be similar to .
may very 0 mind
strations, lead by men I like Dr. King, is accentuated because of unfathomable to insure receiving the benefits a continuation of the one that ''range your intentions., The best day Tkfe Week IK Negro History
no longer necessary. Often they have degenerated Influences that seem that the mails, events or opportunities held good during .the previous to line up loved ones and willing.
into examples of undersirable to be operating against well- may bring This also Is period. Your of
prospects put- allies on your side is likely to May I, 188'-Wn.WaIideU.
Images characterized by seemingly 'II- being or vocational ties.Accept the kind of a day when. Influential tin g yourself and your creative be the 9th. This is the only time fury and high B.Bou 'H first Negro elemea
or opulent friends may be ahoolptlacfpatlaChiagowuborn in Louis.
whatever chance has to offer in accomplishments over whereit when chance: intervene In St.
literate, undisciplined, and riotous per- the way of protection even if this called to deliver, which they is of vital Importance have behalf and war enable to May 1.1948-Mrs
sons" who often have little idea of whatIt Involves expense ard the acceptance may be disposed to' do with somewhat Improved They put your point across. Efforts you was the first *Emma Clartsaa Clement<* Louisville Ky.,
.. Negro
is all about. While the real pictureof of personal sacrifices. greater largesse than usual. should be backed .ven more both overt and underhand are to be named "Mother of .the Yar.
the Negro does not make the headlines, :The uncertain period (S' Speak' about your special talents through ingenious tactics or apt to be exerted to get you to May Z, 1889-Nannie Rice ,
breathing down your'beck and show your creative influential connections that you abandon established positions National Burroughs founder In l9W of ther
the demonstration photographs do. you should achievements and promote them nave formerly been privileged or principles. Not only must too, D. C., was TtahilngSchool bona fn for Women'and lirla, Wuh1Di-
Finally, In order to get better job opportunities to be caught unprepared to meet with all the vigor you possess. to build up. There again are you resist with all the force at Virginia
the any contingencies while it last,. Also start making necessary signs that it would be Inadvisable but May 3 1845
Negro must prepare him- your disposal,' you must -MacOll
The will of who arrangements for travel tours, to B. Allen, first Negro to law III '
self for them. When this good persons neglect symptoms that also be ever on your guard the United States pncUce
is ,
he done, then are ilL power could be one of study courses or the completion all may not be well within the against booby traps that clog w WU admitted to the llaaaachuaetts bar.
hould'' forthwith make application) ( for your strongest assets. of contracts and agreements. family or that 'your well-be be most cleverly concealed. May 3,1851-Ralph

the job he is prepared to do. 8 70"- 88'. 14 CB 504 AII.JfIW1I.1bat is postponed v mayt may be under attack. 2 10 77 IS 48 388 and poet ((1803-1822)Waldo Emerson) joked,antislavery American essayist movement, phiWspher -

> >t ) ,

'T' _____._ .' .... _

m J .

I ,


. King And Queen Of Orange And Green Faculty Show Ebenezer Church Choir Planning' For Event I

.. _--.--_ __
Is RepeatedThe k.P' ,. I

faculty of Douglas Ander Rs I .
son High School will present a 1' IllPLANNINGMembers '
repeat performance of t this I ,

year's faculty talent show Tues .: l lIM
day at 8 p.m., in the gymnator- .
lura of the school
Proceeds will be used for the
Band Parents Club. The participants
are: "No-No" girls, A.
Mangram, B. Holundorf, D.
Johnson; Nat "Sentimental
J ou r n.y" Washington, "Tht

Charmers," J. Holloway E,,
'Paige B. Donaldson; "The Ex
tremes' B. Robinson 1 M.
Vaughan'and J. Tolllver.
"The Raglettes," male chorus
line, will display the choreography -
of E. Timmons, V. King + r

H.. Pierce E. Gibson, E,
Qeorge D. Stewart and D.RoUl.
'M. Pauline will serve as mis- d
tress of ceremonies.The .
latest in men and women's

ORVNGE AND GREEN HONOREES---The new" King and Queen of orange and Green wear will bemodeledbyJ.Max-

Willie Brown III, sanford, right, and Miss Pamela Bowie of pensacola. left well S.Turner M.Crumley andA.
Daniels. R. L. Mitchell will
look on as the v'Teacher of the Year" award plaque is presented by Joseph sing popular numbers, accompanied -

Latta. Springfield, Mass outgoing president? FAMU Student Government Association by Eugene White's combo -

to or clinita A. Ford:> head of the upward Bound program at Florida C.. Waldon will do the set e

,U\1 I.. Also sharing fn the presentation are, Ulysses Glee, Madison pi..., new decorations. ,

Student Government Association president left and Edgar Robinson newly w4nry u""""

electedice president of the FAMU SGA. of"Tallahassee. WEDDING BELLSJohn ".

Wesley Dorn Jr., Cocoa of the Ebenezer Methodist
Fla., 20 and Eunice Debris Percy Hargrove assistant secretary and Mrs
Tea Time Church Choir who met last week to outline plans
Marian Reed president
Thlgpen 1139 Florida Ave., 18. standing, from left are
for the presentation of a Fashion Tea, Sunday Mrs.
Frankye Barnett Mrs. Francine Ruce,
Edward Lee Curtis, 1622 W. May 22 are seen here. seated from left are Mrs.
Beulah Townsel July Mrs.Le- 731 Court "H" Corine Flemming
Deaconess Board 1 of Greater ; Mrs. Fannie sneed and Mrs.
34th St.,21 and Luenora Brooks Adams flanacial Mrs. Eleanor
Macedonia Church will ona Marshall Mrs. TreisleHagan Geneva secretary; Dannett P. Williams. '
Baptist (photo by Billy Brown
sponsor a "Mother of the Year August; Mrs. Thelma err 814 Nadia Lane, 17. ___ Hurley choir director; Mrs. Gaynell Rogers Mrs. ) I

Tea" May 8 from 3 to 5 p.m. Sampson, Mrs Ora Brooks, W
at the church. September; Mrs Dell Green, Usher Board 2" of Mt. Sina I _udiiso_+s .-.c-.c ttitto

Leading talent in the city will Mrs Betty Kennedy October; Baptist Church will sponsor t j,'y1 e b .
participate.! Appearing will be Mrs Dorothy Owens, Mrs. Er- Mother's Day Tea Sunday Iron I Ma I STORK DELIVERIES I IMr.
n'!stlne Den ton, November; 4 to 6 In the church audi
Mrs. Mary Nealey, Mrs M. L. p.m., ,
eimesalt.r/det.o '
Johnson. Mrs. Ruth Lee, Mrs. Mrs. Chester &wps, Mrs Vic- torium. :
Mary Lou Flanders Mrs. Ruth toria Callahan,December;Mrs. : Ia I\\
Sheffield and Mrs Bernice. Gatsle Grant,Mrs.Josie Sharpe trer and Mrs. Edward Barcaus 1245 West 30th St., boy.
Campbell and Mrs.Minnie Wilson,Carna- 2827 Davis St., boy
tion. The Twelve Christians Clul I Mr. and Mrs. Caesar Turner '
rrrr will sponsor a Pretty Hat TeJ L Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Saw- 1729 West 45th St., girl.

Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m., at th t yer 1221 Rowland St., girL

Usher Board 2 of Mt. Sinai The Junior Lay Organizationof Youth Center 29th and Cha*t Classic Date jeL
Baptist Church will sponsor a the East Florida Conference, Streets. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Nixon, 1244 _
Mothers Day Tea May 8 from AME Church, will sponsor a Oakley St., girl. MlAMI-Tbe'34th annual Orange -
rtai > Blossom Classic and festivities -
Fashion Tea from 3 30
4 to 6 in the church audi- :
p.m., ', Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Lockett will be held here Dec
torium. to 5:30: p.m.,In the home of Miss I ,
Lorraine McIntosh, 1J68 West District 32 of Second Baptist :1't 4005 Fairfax St., boy. ember 2-3, 1966. The grjd classic
rrrr 16th St. Latest fashions will be Church will sponsor its annual ; will be played in the Orange
modeled and a program will be Spring Tea May 15 from 3 to I 'j > Mr. and Mrs. Willie James Bowl Stadium, Saturday
A Spring Spiritual Tea will be presented. 5 p.m., in the home of Mr. and I 1317 West 30th St., boy. Night December3, at 8:00. The
sponsored Sunday from 3 to 6 Mrs. A. Sanders 5538 Avenue I FAMU Rattlers will meet a yet-

p.m., in the home of Mrs.Eunice rrrr "!". ThepartlcipantsareRev,, Mr. and Mrs. James K. Battle, Itobenamed opponent .

Oliver, 805 W. Duval St. Elder V. L. Thomson, Mrs. L. Blunt,f i\

Mose Davis will be the speaker. A Mother's Day Tea will be Miss Flora Burris Mrs. A ,.... .. ... ..--................."'i.....,....... ..- r
from 4 to 6 Jones
Madle J.
sponsored Sunday Sanders, Mrs. ,, '
p.m., in Holsey CME Church, A. Prey Miss V. Ann LaMar, 1
; **** sponsored by Mrs Eva Mae Mrs. P.E.D.TerrellMlssCyn,: : Checks Play It Cool I t QUALITY.FASHION WIGS \

Gilbert and Mrs. Ida L.Clark. this Kendrick Mrs. Alice Bur
The annual Calendar CarnationTea W>. Suits are checking out for warm against warm weather,lees weary and
will be hela> tfAlgtlys: ) ) 1:: .5.. rough Mrs. C. WriglitMrs. weather 'wilted. And who doein't know theimportance H MY TO STYli awn USTYU MY WAY \
C'3 a i ,.SlagletgotiAettCou W. .PUt. .. ai!speedily ai you can lay iinptynurlnfnf'wlgme.'o1'' "IIMat'quality
auditorium of ShiloB MetropoU- 1;ad others., '" "007" Collections are keyed to:summer of,:fashlon"p8ychology] ) !I'' hair and materials: child s play 10 styli, Hole ,
faa Chueh aC4pin. ..w_ =- rVielify! Sodafsaffngs'Club I. style, look better war better None better at A
NeWe'Perry. ,r ni.r action and attraction around the One needn't major in that subject to any price.. Order now Costs you nothing. if
Tfie captains are;Mrs will sponsor a Mother's you don I agree "
Mrs. Mary Stubbs, January Day Tea Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m., rar town,the w.orld-or on your \acation. note the summer appeal of this Rut NOW.wr UTHI rou ircurn I

; Mrs. Helen Johnson,Mrs. in Brewster Hospital Cafeteria. ,. New color mergers give them a crisply checked rayon and silk suit. No embamming questions r
Lula Allen, February; Mrs. tons The Home of Mission and Ma,. freshly minted look gentled lined) It's a short-eleeved, airy charmer -, pon. Pay-just only mad$6"66 cou a r
e Society Abyssinia Bap
Juanita Holmes Mrs. Lillle M. rrrr dashed with leather belt and buttons. .,- 4 month for 12 month '
make them feminine.
list Church will more,
Rivers, March; Mrs. Blanche sponsor ABSOLUT!lOWUTPIICU'
Schoo, Mrs. Oretba Marie, Dunn Band Spring Tea May 15 at 3 p.m.,tt then Black and white and white, There ire no better wigs
Temple Prayer the church. Rev. A.B.Reedwllbe 1 According to National Board) of cognac being sold' any place on
April; Mrs. Ennle Bell Allen,, will sponsor a tea entitled, and white. Sizes: Misses' 616. these convenient buy-
the speaker. Miss Helei Coat and Suit Industry. omen navy .
Mrs. Lessie Roundtree May; "Sermon now pay later terms
On the Mount Sunday
Mrs. Fannie M. Jones, Mrs. from 5 to 7 p.m.,,in the Felix is program chairman. have discovered that chic summer Junior 515. About $25. Available in CUSTOM MADE EXACTLY TO YOU ORDEII.'
Color matched
Dorothy Pinkney, June; Mrs. home of Mrs. Essie Mae Hall. .... suits make them, feel insulated major stores. fort-cut:- to fit to perfectly your request- Expertly-Com

.. procested to look better last longer
---- Look as though you were born with
District 9 of Abyssinia Baptls t : gorgeous hair Eaulyatyled by you or
WHEN YOU AREJLLYou Church will sponsor a tea Suo.. Mrs. Abiah Shehee your hairdresser
day at 4 p.m., in the home o:r -
Seek The Best Doctor. _" Deacon and Mrs.Emanuel Jackson ,. ,,, ___I____ ... 'SVtfyltI1zy4xIi1tTnrLxtxlix.wzorIxriuwzI 0 0

When Your Doctor Prescribes, 1474 W. 26th St. Speaks At ', .... ....", 'I THI WIGMAKERS, INC., DEPT 12WAI
Gel Experienced Pharmacists' ... .. 18 WEST 22nd STREET, NEW YORK,N. V. 10010 I
.9. ( Pleat custom make my wig In tht Siza and Color Indicated below. I I
..According to your Doctor'sOrders. Midway AME .... ..... inelesi IS ta (aver east af handling and will than pay $8.64 per month I
We Use Only The.Best Choir 1 of Grant Memorial> ]l M' y for 12 months, If I am not .satisfied I will gar my money back within
Quality. Drags ,_ AME Church will sponsor t L Mis..Abiah Shehee will be the I 10 dayi and pay nothing, I
C. E. BLACK Mother's Day Tea Sunday from I speaker Sunday at 11 a.m., in lj i1 Hal Size .Please Cheek Calar, Oetlredi. I II

Proprietor 4 to 6 p.m.,in the lower auditorium Midway AME Church for the c97By I rj Black 0 Medium Brown 0 Light Auburn
D Off Black 0 Light Brown 0 Golden Blond I
3 Registered pharmacists To serve you of the church. A program I Family Day observance. Mrs.
Auburn Salt t !
I n Dark Brown 0 Dark 0 Pedpar
Rovena Hughes is guest soloist. !
will be presented with outstanding t Q Plate match hair' sample enclosed,
----A COMPLETE LINE 0 F---- talent participating. Others appearing are: Mrs MARION B. CAMPFIELD 1 I II
Frankie Adams, Mrs Lillian N.m.
rrrr Heed, Mrs. Vera Small Mrs.
Goods-candies-sundries WORTH EVERY PENNY rasa
Cosmetics-Rubber Posa Akins Rev. Mrs. A. Zan-
-PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOE AND DELIVEREDLilly's Usher Board 2 of Fir.tCorlotJJBaptist I ders, Mrs. R. L.Davis,Mrs.A. The British have developed cent a it costs.new device The device which aptly car owners called I City Slat % lop cod
Church will itsAnnual D. Wells Rev. B. J. Franklin .U1 agree is worth every I D I ancles 10 full paymtnt lama manay-back guarantee,
demonstrated at International Automo- ---- ------------------------
Mother's Day Tea Sunday Mrs. Rosa Young, Mrs. LottieM. "Kiooklok" recently
Store bile show will go a a long way toward diminishing auto thefts
Drug Mrs. Cora ,
Broadway Thomas
from 3:30 to 5:30: p.m., in the $14.95 for Its use.
church auditorium. Mrs. Alma Blackshear.. for those who invest a mere

1907 KINGS ROAD The participants are:Rev.Robert S. C. Hart W. P. Cox, Prayer
Logan Gospel Chorus Band 12 and Mrs.TheresaWin- I"
EL-3-8276 Mrs. Mary Woods Mrs. Eudie rude
SAVg a,

,,: ;" J t5. !.?; nd1JJfMl u1pwp4

-T : : :..v 'U f- .


? "Skin was drying out..flaking..looked dull and ,.' ; 000 S10mtk

'Vaseline' Petroleum jelly helped make it n'Xyn ; h .s ,..
4/d4r; gray. softer !"'

and smooth.a.looked 100% better in a few days: '

Mrs Donald P. Ryder, New York, N.Y.

M ..,......,.wa,..

u ,, '' Applied as a continuous film to hands, ., r
ankles, face arms-when your skin '""" rte a t 1

"fth needs more than cosmetic care- ; i. 11M+ .111M

'Vaseline' Petroleum Jelly is the sooth / r ; ftY.1

,cp ing answer. Helps dry,.ashy.gray skin ;
;' '/i regain its normal look and tone. No ; 4

other softeners,no skin cream,no skin _
lotion provides better moisture protec "

tion. Try it. Beef at its BestI 1a e

I' "-


a ar ,

-- -- --- -- -- S S S S


4 STAR PAPERS 1111!-

-Religious SeminarSet Jan Get FAMU Medals CHURCH NEWS

\ take I It OrLeave At. Virginia t 'MT MORlAR AME.

Services Sunday In lit Morlah AME Church begin with th.
RICHMOND, Va. -TheSeventhAnnual Church School at 9:30: :r..wlthSuperintendeDt John H. Jacks*
Summer Seminar on the : presiding. At 11 a.m., Rev J. C. tam rman, pastor will de.
It Minister i and the Christian .. live a special Mother' Day message from the subject "Mo.
i. Church will be held at Virginia a ther's Faith Choir 2 will render the music. Evening servict
Union University August 1-19, 3 at 7 o'clock with the pastor In charge. Choir Z will present its
1966. The Seminar will be sponsored 1r annual tea May 19 from 4 to 6 p.m., at the church
..I By CHARLES C. KING by the School of Religion ; : I.I.f
through a grant form the Lilly< ST. PETER'S AME
I PAID IN FULL (Read SL Matt. 6:1-4): ) Endowment Incorporated.The ." Services Sunday In St. Peter's AME Church will commencewith
J Seminar will provide the .: ( ;, :' .,.,. ., School at 10 a.m.. Superintendent Alonzo
Every worker wants to be paid. If yon were hired and the employer : ; "" ",,"; ." ..1'i,' : the,Sunday Ste.
never paid off you wouldte mad.If yon were paid before opportunity for a selected group .\'!<" .t"" ; ; ." phen presiding. Morning service at llo'clock.: The Junior choir
t the time agreed upon and you came and claimed your pay again of ministers and their. wives to ( \ \' ] will render the music and the sermon will be delivered by RH,
on payday your employer would refuse payment.What be would look at themselves and their : "' R. Wallace pastor. Women's Day will b observed June 19 with
do Is remind you that you were already paid and when. work as they relate to the overall : Mrs. Mildred Smith as chairman and Mrs. Barbara Wallace u
Believe it or not, the relationship between Christ and the task of the church in an ever ,.. co-chairman.
Christian is a CONTRACT. The' terms of service and the rewards evolving society. This dialogue
are accepted at the beginning It is not "days work," but will result In creative contact FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST
payday is at the end of the period service. Again believe it and understanding.The Friendship >Baptist Church services Sunday begin with the Sun.
or not, the period is not at death, but at "the resurrection to presence of the wives at day School at 9:30: a.m., with Deacon A. Brown presiding A
eternal life." The boss is Christ and the terms are set forth In the Seminar will enable themto mother's Day> program will be presented at.ll a.m., with Deacons -
His gospel as we find it recorded in Matthew Mark, Luke, and better understand their hus- J. Wilson and Isaac Roberts charge of the devotion. The
John in the Bible. bands' involvements and the chorus and Usher Board Jvlll serve,and Rev. W. Marshall will
Don't become confused by the "fringe benefits" U you work spirit of dedication In which preach. The participants are Mrs. Bernice Brown Mrs C.
toward payday. They are many: the compliments and appreciation they must be met. A ministers' ..':TURN TO ALMA MATER'POR 50-MEDALS---Three, members of the Prime Mrs H. Wright and Mrs Ethel Owens.Evening servlcibegins
from others, peace of mind, extra insight Into the needs wives seminar will be held con class of 1916 returned to Florida AiM university for their 50-year at 6:30: o'clock. Rev Remus Smith, pastor, will preach
and. problems of others. These are but a few. currently with the Seminar. alumni awards and to be honored during .special luncheon. Re- the sermon.
Do not allow yourself to be "carried away1' by the "fringe For .the seventh consecutive:
benefits" and let them become your motive for working. Or summer, ministers who have cel.ving gold alumni medals during the annual spring commencement FIRST NEW ZION
else you will forfeit your contract and "miss out" on payday. been out of school for a minimum exercises at FAMU were Earl E. Broughton Tampa; Mrs. Catherine A. Services Sunday In First New Zion Baptist Church begin with
Jesus reminded his hearers that at the Judgement after the of five years and have demonstrated Young Jacksonville and Benjamin Cruther of Tuskegee institute the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Superintendent Joseph D
resurrection there will be SEGREGATION FIRST-*separation outstanding church Alabama. White In charge Morning service at 11 o'clock. District 4 wllj
of "sheep from coats", of those who worked for the praise of and community leadership are sponsor a tea from 4 to 6 p.m., in the basement of the church
MEN and the "fringe benefits" from those whowere concerned Invited to share this unique refresher .. District 2 will meet at 4:30: p.m., In the home of Mrs. Ora
about doing "the will of the FATHER who is in HEAVEN.! experience. Sessions Wright, 4924 Paris Avenue. District 7 will meet at :5 i p.m., In
Last of all there will be integration! Both heaven and hell will will be held from Monday noon Congratulations For Highest Average the home of Mrs. Sylvania Jenkins 1591 W. 17th Street Even.
be Integrated. The last word will be His not ours: "Come you' through Friday noon each week. log service at 6:30: o'clock. Choir 3 and< Usher Board 3 will;
blessed of my Father..."and"Depart from before me you helpers This schedule provides an opportunity .. serve, and Rev C.C.Brown,pastor,will deliver the messages
o* the EvU One" for the participantsto
return to their respective MT. ZION BAPTIST .

Missionary Society Observance Set congregations each weekend or \.. ." Serylces Sunday In Mt. Zion Baptist Church, southside will
historic places .
I viatl some of the :. ., I begin with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m. Morning service at
In the Richmond areas. .- .1. .. 11 o'clock. Rev H. L. Herod, pastor will deliver the
Sets Mass Meeting At Ed. Waters FlIlIacbolarslllp. u.uaJ1. ''. sermon.
." .,, .. BTU at 4:30: p.m.with Deacon A.Jackson,presiding At 6 .
able. In order to qualify for a .' p m.
... !
.It" evening service Choir
'/ begins. 2 and Usher Board 2 will
The first Edward Waters College full scholarship the minister .. ." serve
". ....... .: ,' "" ': .1, with Miss Delia Smith Jones and Miss Edwina Smith
The East Florida Conference Alumnae Day will be held 'and his wife must committed .... .:.. .. '.' \\ ,, struments. at the in-
Branch Missionary Society Sunday throughout the day with to attending each session of the .. :., j V.

AME Church will present Its a public meeting at 6 p.m., in Seminar. ...._. .II,;'',.\\f., ....' ; :; '. >',: '.,':, ,,,:,'"',,',' :: ,.: ,, ., EMANUEL BAPTIST
initial mass meeting May 15 Mt. Zion AME Church. Lecturers and preachers include "'c" "' ,, :,: .
at 3:30: p.m., in Mt. Zion AME The Committee of Fifty will : Dean Thomas J. Mullen, : ; ./ ::d \ :. .:". Services Sunday Emanuel Baptist Church begin with the Sunday -
School at 9:30 a.m., with Deacon George F. Smith and Mrs,
Church Beaver and Newnam nonor President William B. Lecturer In Religion Earlham
"' Mamie Fields In charge Morning service at 11 o'clock: Testimonlal .
Streets Stewart pay tribute to a citizen College Richmond, Indiana .
The theme is"Cultureandthe and an outstanding mother Mrs. (August 1-19)); Dr. Carlyle M. ,J. \ service willbeheldatlzo'clockam communion serviceat
Arts," emphasizing the deno- Rosa Wooten, who has served Myers Park Baptist Church .. .." 2:30 p.m. Choir 1 and 2 and Usher Boards 1 and 2 will serve
mlnational theme of the the college for many years In Charlotte, North Carolina ',.. with Cecil B.Fisher and Mrs. Marian Carter at the Instruments
Women's Missionary Society. the women's division, and also (August 1-4)); Dr. S. H. James, .. Rev, S. L, Badger pastor will! deliver the sermon'
"Reaching the Masses Through present a cltaUon to one of the .Second Baptist Church, San ..
Three Dimensions." seniors Miss Carolyn Sealy of Antonio, Texas, (August 8-11));
The program will explore the Apalachlcola, who Is the outgoing Dr. R. S. Grluard, National CARJS OF HARK
theme through films, classic president of the Baptist Memorial Church, Archie Prey Singers
and religious music'aid Other Dormitory Council. Washington D. C., (August ISIS mQMy efitaavs]laugbter
AudIoVIsual Other events will Include the Ellison Chancellor but a Jest; Who never tailed,no
arts Mrs. Glorya Brooks -, ); Dr. J. M. ,
coordinator DUval; breakfast for visiting parentsand Virginia Union University, To Render Recital' I victory has sought; Whatever
PAMU HONOR GRADUATES- "Dr. J. Broward Culpepper' second from
( suffered lived his!best
County Public Schools will pre relatives at > a.m.;campus Director of Preaching Institute; never ;
hour Rev. R. V. Webster Professor of right) extends words of congratulations to Bishop C. Holifieldleft Who never doubted,never really
sent a film on "Culture and the chapel Dr. W. J. Boney The Archie Prey Baritone Sin
Arts," hlghUgbtinctheprogrant. -t chaplain at 11 a.m.,; open Theology (Seminar Leader for ( ) for _having attained the highest average of any student in I gars, wW be presented h.thought; Who never feared,real
house at Salter Hall from 1 to 3 "Present Theological Prob- the spring commencement class at Florida A&M university. sharing Sunday at 8.p.m.e in courage baa not shown; Vih
The area chairmen are: Mrs p.m. entertainment for visitors lems"); Dr. E. D. UcCreary the occasion are Dr. George w. Gore jr. ( secOnd from odft) Second Baptist Church. never faltered, lacks a real!JD.
Lenora Jones, West Jacksonville and relatives from 1 to 3 p.m. Jr., Professor of Philosophy The program Is ID interest of tent; Whose soul was Demthepr
president of Florida
District;Mrs.Mary Dixon, The theme for the 6 p.m.,event (Seminar Leader-"Chrlstian AAM University and Miss Joyce E. Steney ofJacksonville. perty drive 01 the cllurch troubled has DOt knots Ih
Northeast Jacksonville District .IsThe C)mnginLStananWo-- v Social Ethics); Dr. Richard. Holifield graduated 'with greatest distinction"T'.Dt and Is beng sponsoredb1Gt"QUp.sweetoe. and the peace dral
and Mrs. Fannie !Foster South, men.'Mra.Ufa Camt.ivSoulen, Prde aor'pf tin.,..- Eculpeppar is chancellor of ,the state university syatem.wfJlo. ,, .1, of which Kr'''.?Ou&it fl;WlE'mmgtactahi. cmtent.-11I. family oltblWl
Jacksonville District dean of women coordinator- *;* lament S I4tu.> (Sarolnar#rfdiY and'.. the commencement .speaker. ---FAMU} 'staff photo''by"; ;.-' -.DaacosAbe ALdonwihbt
Members of the special; ,all events "Leader for""New 'festamStudies" : 'Ernest Fillyau. Mrs: G. C. Vaught will serve the .many friends for tfciiUri-
program committee are: Mrs. ); alf of the School of as narrator and Mrs. Rosalie aesses shown when we loster
A. B. Williams Mrs. Myra D. Clinic Scheduled Religion at Virginia Union Glass, organist, loved one. WewishtothsskRa.C. ..
King, Mrs. Leona Daniels, University C. Brown for the euloptb!
I Mrs. Cornelia Wallace Mrs. TALLAHASSEE..11Ie'orIdaAlIIl '\ For further information and Colodium CIrbANNiversary COLLEGE COSTS ministers alliance flower it-
Ophelia Toston, Mrs. A. B. uUnlverslty Football arJ application contact, Dr. Allis tendants churches, schools,
) .hee. and Mrs. W. E.A.HarIVI basketball coaching Clinic will B. James, School of Religion, Set' 'The average annual cost at a clubs. cards telegrams,On-
rls. be held June 13-17 1966. Persons -' Virginia Union University,1500 TWO MINUTES good private college in 1965 was' ers, also rHM Funeral Home.
Interested attending the N. Lombardy Street,Richmond, : about $2,500, and at state' uni- Signed', Mrs. Beulah Alton,
Get' ;
Equal opportunity work. Virginia 23220. The Caladium Social and Saving Mt,
Wife and amU3r'Ic .
....-. -- clinic should write to Coach Club will celebrate Its 9th verity about $1,750 the Catho-
good education! .andowit you. Jake GaIther,Florida MM University III1H THE BIBLE Digest reports.
anniversary May 16 at 8 p.m.,
at ,,'
Tallahassee Florida CORNILIUS/ I. TAM Flit.
In Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.I I HIIAN aim tociirr """
The Gladioli Ladies Club will CHICAOO, IUINOII lOW '\ 'A,
be pest and members of the I (1 J Royal Art Studio
3 Locationsto Shibboleth Social and Saving!
Club win be hostesses. Other THE MAKER OF ALL MADE SIN FOR USIt
Serve You clubs In the city have been invited
to attend. U thrilling to trace through the death" (Heb. 2:9): More than that,
1824 WEST BEAVER New Testament and find the word"made" he declares that our Lord wa"made LOST
to see how our Lord Jesus a curse for us" (Gal. 3:13): ) to redeem
1 830 CASSAT AYE. Zion Hope Batist Christ, the great Creator of all, us from the curse of the law, and
humbled Himself, died on Calvary's that God "madt Him to be tin for
3701 EMERSON Choir Slates teaChoir cross and arose again from the deadto us. that we might be' made the OUR
t save and glorify ui. righteousness of God In Him" (II -'wr'
1 of Zion Hope Baptist I St. Paul sayiof Christ:"All things Cor. 5:21): ). }
burch, under sponsorship of (1 were created by Him and for Him" Thus in one stroke, at Calvary,
roup 1,will present Mother's (Col. 1:16): ), and St. John adds by our Lord, the great Creator, bore LEASENOW
FLA. GRADE "A" LARGE Day Tea Sunday at 3p.matthe Inspiration: "All things weremadeby the penalty'for tin that would have
hutch. Him; and without Him was not sunk a world to hell, and for this
c The participants are: Mrs.Ida anything made that was madt "God also hath highly exalted Him"
43 ally, Mrs. Mamie Milton, The world was made by Him" (Hiil. 2:9)) having "raised Him from LOCATED AT
EGG Save Choir 1, First Corinth, Mrs. L.Allen (John 1:3,10)). the dead and set Him at His own
1 OeD.r Mrs Mary Lou Haynes, How wonderful it is, then, that right hand in the heavenly places,
91 ayoor. Mrs. S. M. Manns O. 1.. Mer- lie, the Creator of all, came to be far above all ." (Eph. 1:20: 21)). 710 RUSHING ST
rltt, A. L. Smith,Willie P.Car (one with us-yes, one of usl John "God hath made this same Jesus
SMOKED ter, Mrs. Carolyn Llmbrlc tells us again that the Maker of all .both Lord and Christ" (Acts
Baldwin Gospelalrs, Miss Florence 'was "made flesh" (John 1 1:14): ) and 2J6)) so 'that now lie has been
Nelson, Mrs. Leola ''Paul declares that "when the fullness "madt higher than the heavens"Heb. SAME PHONE 3541894VETERANS
39: Brown' Miss Ceola Neloms, of the time was come, God sent ( 7:26)).
Mrs. Lucille Lowery and forth His son, mate of a woman, As a result the simplest believerin -
others ,made under the law. ." (Gal 4:4): ), this mighty Savior Is "madt
,that lie"molk Himself of no reputation accepted in the Beloved One" (Eph.
and was made in the likenessof 1 1:6): ) and is "madt the righteousness
FLA. BUDGET BRAND men" (Phil. 2:6, 7)). In his letterto of God in Him" (II Cor. 5:21): ),
C Auto Ya'll: the Hebrews he add that Christ "that (being justified by His grace,
was 'made for a little while lower wt should be madt heirs accordingto :

FRYERS 27 LB. Bill Proposed :than the angels for the.suffering of the hope of eternal life"(Titus 3:7)). THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC

Senator Walter F.Mondale(CD-
Minn.) today Introduced legislation
COUNTRY SMOKEDHAMS. which would require automobile Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now' Taking

AZAR' 53C Downers, and manufacturers the public In to general notify 1966 AUTO TAGS ON, ,SALE

OR of automobile detects which Applications
could cause traffic accidents.Mndale's For Its .June,
"LYKES bill, entitled the Myrtle Avenue Tag Agency .
Fair Warning Act of 1966 would .
make the mapufacturer subjectto 1st Veteran
both civil and criminal penalties Class.
U be tailed to five Now-At
proper notification of known

ICE MILK 39CIG.NOTICE'i'J automobile the In a legislation statement defects.Moodale accompanying cited 2422 Myrtle Ave. The Size Of Our ClassesIs

several examples of manufacturers '
becoming aware of defects Corner 15th St.- Limited By Law.

but notifying only those .
who are driving the defective '
vehicles Convenient Hours Enroll Now To Be Sure Of
: "It Is not enought to simply .
correct or the to defect Just inform in next dealer year'itaodel : Open ., Plenty. Of A Place. \

I ; that a particular problem should Saturdays Parking Space
be corrected in the models they
VHCI m PEN KNIKIT' Silt II BUT TV CI..iEl..4t ,have on hand," Mondale said. CALL 355 9874I

I T I .. ,

..... .
1> ...-...-........._.._... ...r .r.PASt

aaY" '1'ltll

I Boycotts Prove Effective Weapon In Negroes' Drive For Equality I

I ioycettsWlH Jobs For Negroes; ... Graduating.. With Distinction- .. Flight Insurance ANtI'-School Jlt'irltl.lll. IOvertimed

Anil Boost Fair Employment I '''t. Racketeering Seen ly Federal Curt I

I': BOSTON, Mass.-The United
j' :
WASHINGTON-NPI-( Boycott monstratloos at construction I 11. '\ .. : States Government ls paving the CHARLOTTE N. C.-A three ,school.
called by ciTil rights leaden sites" to protest "Illy-white .i ;.; tt\ way for mentally-illpecple> judge federal court has struck Legal Defense Fund lawyers
and the federal government financial or physical problemsto down North ,
hiring practices" in the building a Carolina law designed are presently litigating similar
art paying off la mort )Job for trades.In 1 .... : ..... 'tl"" boobytrap airplanes with to thwart public school suits seeking to overturn tuition

Negroes tad fair employment. Philadelphia, the Commission :,, ... : bombs and leave their families desegregation mandates. grant laws In Mississippi.and
la Fayette, Miss., a Negro on Human Relationslooted .' .' ,, ii,." ,. .' $75,000 with little fear of de The judges ruled on a suit Louisiana.

policeman tad aparttlme Negro into charges that the Parents' .l J .. ," .j ..'. ... .' .\.,. ,. tection. brought by NAACP Legal Defense Fund attorneys participating
deputy Sheriff were employedu Magazine Cultural Institute allowed ;; ', I IK. This was the charge made today and Educational Fund In the North Carolina case were
Negro leaders called off a Negro employees: to make ... .' by spokesmen for the AirLines attorneys in behalf of three Director-Counsel: Jack Greenberg -
Ore-month boycott of white sales in Negro neighborhoods \K. Pilots Association: and Negro families In Charlotte and Charles H. Jones of
merchant only Fire Negro women brought the 25,000-member American The court declared unconstitutional New York, and J..'L.V o n n'.
The merchant agreed to call charges of job discrimination Trial Lawyers Association: abu a law that authorized Chambers of Charlotte.
Negroes Mr., Mr*., or Miss.la against the firm. association: specialising students to transfer from desegregated .
Chicago, Operation Breadbasket In Atlanta it was announcedthat I accidents. public schools to private
announced that it bad cooperatives and credit "secret"The chargefollowed i schools where their tuition NCAA Admits
woo 44 jobs for Negro employees unions have sprung up all over exchange of cablesbetween would be paid with grants from
u U called off a week-long the South to protect Negroes' I the U. S. State Depart' the state.The '

boycott against Country Delight financial, and employment in 1 ment Transport and the Association International: which Air panel also Invalidated B-CC To Fold
products. terests. provision of the law that
DISTINCTION..-studute wno graduated from Florida A&M University with greater the State Department agreed to
The company agreed to upgrade But the Southern Regional allowed school boards actIng ,
Its Negro employees after Council warned that these distinction. During the April, 1966 commencement exercise were, left front accept a liability limitation of on the petition of voters to The National Collegiate Athletic .

Breadbasket launched a "don't groups may be too small, to row: Joyce Steney: Jacksonville, Evelyn E. Russell, Boynton Beach; Blanche R. i ter$75,000 what per caused passenger the accident, no mat close public schools rather than Association: has included

buy" campaign: against the croeer" survive... The council recommended Hammond St. Augustine, Caroline Brown, Plymouth second row, left are; Rev. The State Department's accep desegregate., Bethuoe-Cookman' College
association.: About 100 of that they be made"lar Another provision that among six Florida Schools as
the firm's 800 employees are ger in abe" James T. Wills, Panama City; Ella Boozy, st. Petersburg; and John E. Collins, tance, however, was based on a permitted suspension of the member institutions who were

Negroes. Government officials: also took Miami.. ..FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau. members unanimous of approval the Association by all compulsory attendance law named to the 227 member NCAA
In Washington, the federal action, led by the department of when schools were Integrated, which passed their conformance
and would constitute
government launched a "boy State which announced the establishment a compro- was also struck down. application to by.layab)
cott" of its own, although of a Skills Pant, Jai Student Congratulated On Graduation mlse of against the Warsaw outright Convention.denunciation In New York, Legal Defense as of January 25, 1866,accordIng -
It didn't call U that. Fund Director-Counsel Jack
a project aimed at placing more to Everett D. Barnes, president
The State
The nation's largest shipbuilder Negroes in foreign service careers. I Department, on November Greenberg called the diclslon In a recent release.
the Newport Newl(Vs) i : !:;:: 18, 1965,denounced "another example of the growing The philosophy which I led to
J the
Shipbuilding and Drydock: company And the newly created Office ( ,i; Wu"WCOOYeDttOliIS',1OOarbitrary Impatience of the courts t legislation reflects the conviction
agreed to end Job discrimination of Federal Contract Compliancehas liability limits for with the Invidious practices of that when students come,
against Negroes after It sent guidance teams to .. .. ... :i : deaths and injuries In airplane segregationist state and local ,together from all regions of this
was cut off on March 25 from Negro colleges In an effort to :/' .. '}1It". .at......;' 1 fair treatment as not to U.constituting S. air tra public officials. nation to compete for national
billions of dollars worth of federal help them prepare their students ., ... "This and other court championship honors, it is reasonable
contracts for the Jobs mostin : ._ ''ji ,velers. It said, unless a $100., decisions should make It clear to expect that they are
The company also promised demand. ... \ ., 000 limit was met by the International to southern lawmakers and academically representative of
to remedy racial discrimination In Washington a district government ..... : airlines, that the withdrawal .School officials that evasion of their institution's student body
from Convention
ofth.put. investigator said the their responsibility' to provide and have been required to meet
The agreement provides for Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone ....... would 15 1966 officially take place,May desegrated education will not a minimum level of academic
; -a six months'provision
automatic promotion IDeS'paJ Company prepared 1. Be tolerated. achievement before they compete
raises within a Job classification "highly unusual personnel The contained latest in the treaty.. "Such barriers to integrated for what presumably Is the
for those who hare been records' on a former company .11. proposal-disclosed education, constructed in obvious highest athletic honor they may
held back because of their race. employee, Jesse Perry Baker, .l for only a week limit ago-called attempts to circumvent attain during their. under
The Negro employees are to who said he was fired becauseof ; a $75,000 of with anagreement the supreme law of the land, graduate careers.It .
be given the opportunity to ad- racial diler1m1naUoa.1IiDor' liability., will continue to be attacked by was also stated by Mr.
Vance ahead of whites into high infractions were said to have Y 1 the The wrath disclosure of the brought Pilot's Association. down the Legal Defense Fund wherever Barnes that, "the NCAA Council
er job classifications and supervisory been cited la Baker's record, .- they are found," Mr. is convinced that this pro
In Washington
Jobs.Manwhlle while those of white employeeswere f/ spokesman Greenberg added., gram will improve substantiallythe
termed the state
demands for equal reportedly overlooked.In department The suit was, filed In behalf administration of iotercol
employment 0pp01'tlDUJ'werl Springfield, m., GeorgeC. u"tantamount of the children of Dr. and Mrs. leglate athletics. Because the
CONGRATS-.Miss Barbara Pearson, second from right, member of the 1906 graduating to an open invitlation to bomb Reginald Hawkins
being pressed in other ways. Boson, Gov. Otto Kernels Rev. and ultimate goal Is so worthy of
In New York, the NAACP announced patronage chief, said a Negro class at Florida AIM University, receives congratulations from Dr. Mahlon C. Rhaney, airplanes for personal gain." Mrs. Darius, Swann and Rev. attainment, It is toted that the
"massive public dor cleaning woman at the Illinois dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, during the reception given for graduating seniors "We ,' too, call this action... and Mrs. E. J. Moore after the membership will be willing to
by President and Mrs. George W. Core Jr. Looking on, from left to right are Misses absolute of white
Soldiers and !Sailors Home in lJabwty. .by the State parents a student attempted undergo any temporary inconvenience
Quincy, m., was fired because Delores and Mildred L. Pearson, sisters of the FAMU graduate; Mrs. Mildred Pearson, Department as opening a possible to lie the a:w to Irani or dislocation: which
she was not active enough politically. 2471 Doby Street, Jacksonville, mother of Miss Pearson, and Mrs. W. J. Wilson, a friend road. to death for air travel far their child from an'l Integrated may be necessary to carryfor
of the ers. public school to private ward this program."

Toe employee Mrs.Catherine
+ -
n. ewweeAVl 'Eston of Qulacy, filed a charge family.Sports

aeh with the Practices nilnols Fair Commission Employment ., Parade I

charging that she lost her job

1 because she filed a previous WINS TOURNEY I J'.I' "' ,

1' 5/lmLi b cae wltt- _tie. .n;PC...t, .' DALLAS -- Hard-serving Arthur Ashe of Richmond, : II i ',ml"'t'ftt1 .-.. Mall' Jt
-- --- ----- back after "1 9L'' ':lit
Va., the No. 2 ranked U.S.Davis Cup player, surged uI .
:..You D'oe"t have TO 00.TO Town To Get I, losing the first set, to defeat Puerto Rico's Charles Pasarell in :, ; i
: the Dallas Invitational tennis tournament with a 5-7, 6-4, 6-4
performance in the men's singles final last week.Reaching the
; .final after a gruelling 46-games test In which be defeated Ron ,
., ,LOW PRICESDRUG Holmberg of Dallas, 16-14. 9.7, Ashe chased Pasarell.-about THESE PRICES GOOD -THROUGH, SUNDAY AT, tOGEWOOD AVE. '.
the court with his well-paced shots .

LOS ANGELES -(NPI)-Curtis Sifford of Griffith Park won
the Southern California Public Links Golf Association champlonships U.S. GOOD CHUCKROAST '
with Your Neighborhood Drug store last week, while his more famous name sake.-:Charlie'Sifford
WE WILL NUT ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCA -also'from Los Angeles,'was competing lathe Dallas
papers. .we.Dellver. we also fill all DOC- Open Golf Tournament and placing 12th after the third round. 49
Curtis Sifford outdistanced Charles Montalbano, 139! strokes to
prescriptions. '
Itors i 144, to win the Public Links tltle:Cbarlle Sifford U regarded :
u the nation's top Negro golf pro. LB.

Dixie Pharmacy REACTIVATED GILLIAM ; .. -\ ,,.' ,
LOS ANGELES -(NPI) Almost to no one's surprise, the
world champions Los Angeles Dodgers, off to a somewhat slow 1 C!.
I start this season, have called on their old dependable' m: ;
1302. Kinjs Hold .At Myrtle Avenue Gilllam, 37, to return to active play Ing lathe hope be would rejuvenate -' SUGAR CURED SMOKED

the team, u he did in 1965. Gilllam, who was first
earned a Dodger coach In 1965, was on the coaching line again T
Phones Elfin 5979J
last week when the Dodgers, who had slipped! to the second division PICNICS 4'6'L 3 9
----------. in the National League, pressed him i active service. 4'

LONDONNPIBritish Empire heavywelghtchamplon I
.BILLS AT OUR STORf Henry Cooper will have two objectives when be tangles with
American-born, Muslim-orientated world heavyweight
champion Cassius (Muhammad All) Clay for the title May 21.
Cooper, who wants to duplicate his knockdown of Clay in 1963 '
on a more permanent basis, says be will try to flatten Cassius u U.S. NO. 1POTATOES

early, and then hopes to collect about HOooo1D, ..flghtpurseand .
retire to a grocery: store be now owns and operates. Clay
: got up off the floor In the 1963 bout to cut up 'enry" and stop
re hit him on a technical knockout.: 59

CHICAGO -(NPI))- Two tan players, both newcomers, have 10 LB. BAG
captured the hearts Chicagoans at this early stage of the 1966 LIMIT ONE WITH $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER

baseball season. Ferguson Jenkins, a rlghthanded pitcher and
one-time hockey player recently traded to the Chicago Cubs by
the Philadelphia Phillies, and Tommie Agee, a Chicago White
Sox rookie once the property of the Cleveland Indians, both have DIXIE CRYSTAL .
endeared themselves to "Windy City" fans with their outstanding -


WASHINGTONNPIRlghtflelderFred Valentine,s Washingtoo BAG
Senators rookie froni Hawaii, has won the praise of hls 5 LB.
''coach, Gil Hrf, 9s, for his consistent hitting, fine fielding, and'
'speed on the base paths. Said Hodges of Valentine's fielding LIMIT ONE Will $J5.10 01 IDlE FOtl ORDER
and hitting "He's firmly entrenched In our outfield. Valentine,
1s especially valuable because he's a switch hitter. You don't
have to worry about platooning him" 65C

KEN KNIGHT' "72 MUNICH OLYMPICS, Germany {(NPI)-The InternaUooat01ympic n U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK 75*

mittee last week awarded the 1972 Olympic summer games to
-Invites You To Listen To- Munich, Germany: and the winter games to Sapporo,Japan, with SHRIMP 5'C
the closest the awarding of the games getting to the
BIG BAND United States being Montreal, Canada, which was third In the
bidding. Madrid, Spain, was second. The last time the Olympic FOREMOST ICE MILK m rums x MI.
Games were held In Munich was 1936, when Jesse Owens became -

"DANCE PARTY" Nazi dictator a triple-threat, Adolph champion Hitler. and was snubbed by the former FRESH COLLARD GREENS URGE BUNCH 15C

Nifktly 11:30: iii 12:00: ANTI NEW.TERRELL ORLEANS-(NPI)-There was speculation last weeks. 'CHEER DETERGENT .".;' RU. SIZE' 25t .
to whether the World Boxing Association is slowly moving away '
from its own self-made champion, rule* Terrell of Chicago.. 'fj l'; l1); ) ,I u. HI
12:00 .I. SHORTENING : h. 3 5'
Saturday. 9 '.1. Iii, : The WBA refused to recognise a proposed late June fight between VEGETOLE .f:; $.
Terrell and rugged Doug Jones for heavyweight title, '\.,'
1400 WRHC 4= 1400 ;because Terrell did not defend in the required one-year period, PILLSBURY FLOUR s BAG 4939't> ".
and would not be fighting the No.1 contender who Is Zora Fol. ,

.. Ie,.

A t, \ jt :
\ '" 'c.a. ...t : : ,' ,


! 4'1't'R> O'" ', . : .c'f\ are. s .. .aa.e1v-tt.ty ....... .....'...................... .. .... .. .. .. .. .. ..

,, 'Mtf 6 PAPERS PAPERS "JITOHIir MAT 7, 1S66'

,I Iiat.





....0.--_ .-

'':Niamians At FAMU Negro Architect NNPA.. Schedules Convention

Cited ForHospitalFund Firm Gets, $850,000 .. .
< ':,
Building Contract :.Ai ", '
t '
i Y.: ..'i", '"'
MIAMI ((N Pl)-For her dill. ;;f > ( .
teat efforts as coordinator a NEW YORK-(NPI}-ANegro [,-r. t., % ,
drive for needy xH.. "
county-wide k
architectural firm was awarded H<< e lI
children, City Commissioner a contract for $850,000 for a !, ,<. r $t
M. Athalle Range last week was swimming pool and bathhouse j. ; 4
honored at a community award h la Harlem's Mount Morris
dinner In DeauvlUe Hotel. Park. This marks the first time ; iH

Mrs Range, owner of Rang t t a Negro architectural concern:
Funeral Home and widowed motherof v. has done work for the Department .
four, received the Volunteer of Parks.Construction. .
of Valor Award, Variety will begin next _

Children's Hospital's highest spring, with completion scheduled
public service citation. for early summer 1967.
The prominent civic and business The concern of hill t Johnson

leader spearheaded the trill design the facility
Dade county fund-raising effort The Negro architect Is Percy

participated in by several IflU, a resident of Harlem. Kill
local organizations help and Johnson were the architects
offset the free care deficit at for Freedom National Bank and *

the hospital. Carver Savings Bank, toe only
This service amounts to more
Negro-owned financial Institutions :
than $700,000! annually and benefits MIAMI COUPLE GRADUATES AT FAMU...Mr. ,and Mrs Virgil Valdez of Miami were In Harlem.
more than 50,000 out Joined by members of their families In Tallahassee, when they were graduated recently They designed several buildings ir
patients each year from Florida AIM University. Pictured here, seated, left to right are Mrs. ErnestineV. In Liberia and only recent' r- r

Bones 4202 N. W. 14th Avenue, Miami, mother of Mr. Valdez; Virgil Valdez, former ly were named to design Village,
sports editor of the FAMUAN, an elementary education major; Mrs. Delores Valdez, business East Towers, 2-family.pro
education major; and standing Mrs. Beatrice Johnson, 2031166 Street, N.W., grand- ject In the Tompkins Square
mother of Mr. Valdez, and Mrs. Annie M. Welch, 157 45 Avenue, N.W., a friend of the fami urban renewal area on the lower 'L-i
I It ly. East Side.
----- -- --
I Of about 2,000 registered architects

Faculty Desegregation UrgedBy Bombers Needed To in the New York metropolitan '
area, only )3 are Negro.

Profession At Conference Preserve The Peace Communityorganlaaticnsledby the Mount Morris Park Rehabilitation w. _

WASHINGTON D. C-US. Committee, had fought PUBLISHERS PLAN-Looking forward to th. convention of the National Newspaper Publishers
WASHINGTON D. 2& Where desegregation of ,
school faculties,is concerned C..April"we don't have time to be Negroor Rep. Charles E. Bennett of for a regulation pool for almost Association, set for Philadelphia, Pa.,June 13-25,NNPA President Frank 1.. Stanley, edi
five years. tor-publisher The Louisville (Kv.) Defender visited recently In Philadelphia for wrap-up
Florida senior member of
Caucasian only ,have time to be good teachers! ;
-we At the end of 1963 they were
the powerful House ArmedSer- conferences with E. Washington Rhodes, editorpublisher, The Philadelphia Tribune, host for
Furthermore the time for Bogen, executive secretary of vices Committee, said this promised a children' wading meeting. Above, during a conference break, Mr.Stanley and Mr. Rhodes, center left and right
buck-passing oc this issue has AEA, co-chaired the Washington week the Secretary of Defense pool by Uw city. However the are flanked by Harold Goggles, left, The Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company, and Moss

run out. sessions. should act Immediately to provide groups objected on the grounds H. Kendrlx, director The Moss H.Kendrli Organisation,Washington, D. C., which represented
These statements by Assistant Like a previous meeting in our nation with an advanced that teenagers and adults would' The Coca-Cola'Company, Atlanta, Ga. Portrait in background is that of Chris Perry, who In
gIHrWMBM Superintendent Howard E. Row Fort Worth, Texas, and two manned bomber topreserve have no swimming facilities.. 1884 founded the Tribune, oldest Negro newspaper In the United States.
1 kl t'I' of the Delaware State Depart others to be held in Atlanta,Ga. the through the next de. ,'
:. ment of Public Instruction at and Nashville, Tenn., the NEA cade.peace CIVIL RIGHTS ROUNDUP ... ..
Dover, and Classroom Teacher conference here brought ua. RepresentativeTo ,
"This country is not now prepared -
: Thelma Davis of Griffin, Ga., teachers and administrators together to fight a major non-nu DOVER, Del. -(NP1)- Gov. Wsris Views Digest
underlined the urgency of the to consider impact of the clear war with the manned Charles L. Terry Jr., the Head Youth Unit
two-day'' Regional Conference I on faculty de. Delaware House
1JSOE guidelines bombers we now have or have speaker of the
on Faculty Desegregation held segregation. The intent of those planned for the future," Ben and the president of the Senateall PRESIDENTIAL GOOF Jar army ranks. ATLANTA (NPI Mrs
here this week for some 200 guidelines, William Hollowayof nett said. turned down a request by LUSAKA -(NPI)- As proof Grace Town Hamilton, ,state
educators from five states and USOE told participants, la ,"All our eggs are being piled State Atty. Gen. David Buxton that the first family of the country PARTl110NKARACm representative from the 137th
the District of Columbia. "total elimination of the dual Into one basket for the for a special session of the is also human and subject -(NPlWith a House District, has receiveda
Sponsored by the National system In this country." of fighting! one. kind of major legislature to enact a law to to err, when Z a m b a's President precedent already established temporary appointment as
Spotlight' \ Product, ,, Education: : Association In coop-- wunudear': which we baa KM Klux Klan activities. In sad Mrs. Kenneth Kaunda elsewhere *around the world, .'I executive director of the newly
elation with two of Us affiliates, Robert C. Wearer hope we never have to fight and calling for the bu,Burton notedthat went to register .Sot the.;May ,,1.latll0., yfrxty'te Bsalf factd"* (created: Atlanta.(Yo tl>.Council.
Of The Week the District of Columbia Edu- In which we might have no allies.. eight kerosene-soaked 12th local elections, they discovered ;with partltlod problem.Sixty-: Mrs Hamilton who is actively
cation Association (DCEA) and Is Speaker At ,The war in Viet Nam is evidence crosses were burned Delaware they did not have their five million East PaHitfanli, affiliated with numerous civic
Miami Florida the Arlington Education Association enough that we need a strategic last week.ALLOUT national registration cards with 55 per cent of the total population and volunteer groups,1s aboard .
,-- -... (AEA), the Washington Awards Program' bomber to fight conventional them. Rather than have the laws of the country-want ahiP'degree member, Visiting Nurse Association -
meeting was second in a series don't have to BRIVE "bent" to accommodate them, of local autonomy, and Gate City Nursery
wars so we fight
IRONING, TIPS of four regional NEA conferences WASHINGTONNp1Roben a nuclear war." BAL11..0RENPl)- The President Kaunda asked Mrs. this could split the nation In Association and a member of

Here are tone irrmnf t pi from supported by funds from, C. Weaver, secretary of the new Bennett called on secretary Congress of Racial Equality Kaunda to return home and get twain If partition does' come, the Citizens Committee of Atlanta's
the Paul:leu riarth 'Company! the U. S. Office of Education' Department of Housing and Urban of Defense to seriously considerthe has selected Baltimore u Its them. When she came back, the it would place Pakistan in the Community Improvement
First;check the iron temperature! Coordinator of the conferencesis Development, was a principal House Armed Services "target city" for an all-out couple completed the necessary select club that consists of Germany program.She .

Ifltlr.,r (frr the tvpe of fabric U: ";.5:I the NEA Subcommittee on speaker during the National Committee's report released, ,drive on bigotry and,discrimi formalities-according to law. Korea and Viet Nam- also holds membershipon
irored Then a-w:! time f(,r then' Human Rights of Educators. Civil Service League's 12th annual Sunday which pointed out the nation. If negotiations tall to the world's most prominent: the Technical Advisory

iror, v adjust! to the riirht tempera Mrs. Harriet F. DeMond, president Career Service Awards need for a new manned bomber end "the blight of poor employ "WHITE BOARD amples of particles. Council, Nash.Wasb1ngton EOA,
cure Ice that f lnr. of DCEA and Robert W. program which convened for the 1970s and continued ment and bad housing, largo- TOKYO - The black center and, as a trustee of Atlanta
-- recently at Sheraton-Park Hotel production of the B-58. scale demonstrations will be board Is considered passe in Delta Negroes University, has an

"Everything we are doing la undertaken," said Floyd B.Mc- Japan these days. Instead the intimate working knowledge of
Ten federal career employees our defense establishment today Kissick, CORE'S national familiar blackboard schools Receive Grant the city's community re-
received $1,000 each though is pointed to fighting any director. According to CORE have a board made out of white sources.A .
WAMEDIAL a $20,000 grant made possible ,major war as a nuclear war," 35 per cent of the city's employed plastic, on which students may To Build Homes former executive director of

by the Alfred P. Sloan Founda- Bennett, a World War n Silver Negroes earn less than ".write or draw with quick-dry ing GREENVILLE, Miss -NPI!) the Atlanta Urban League,Mrs.
Ink penaava1lableln six colors. Hamilton served as associate
tion grant. $3,000 a year. After four tries the Delta Opportunity
Star winner, said. "Yet we lack -
One half of the grant, which The new system is claimed to formed director, Southern Regional
brings to $45,000! the Sloan a basic anti-missile program WORSE THAN DIXIESPRINGFIELD be free of dust, smudging and Corporation Council and is a consultant in
largely through efforts of the
has made to the, which military experts say will development and
Foundation Mass. -(NPI) squeaking. National Council of Churches' community
50 million American livesin
League's activities was presented save This city's officials have been to community relations.
Delta Ministry. -expects:
case of all-out nuclear attack
"Oscars" and inaugurated MONEY CHANGE
,as accused of using the same me- its homes.
building own
of similar and which would make our re- NASSAU (NPI) While
a program 8SHOWERS' thods of suppressing civil rights An donor providedthe
awards to outstanding career Continue Page demonstrations as In the South.In Great Britain has set a 1970 $70,000 anonymous down payment and A younc girl's beat "beauty

civil servants. a suit to enjoin officials: from date for Us currency changeover the remainder will be paid by I ihop' U her bathtub I

12&0FLORIDA'S& curbing protests, the NAACP to the decimal system, Negroes at the rate of $10,000
DOCTORS IN AFRICAIn Vinyl adhesive u recommended charged that Springfield the Bahamas has a target date '
for installing wall coverings in and three weeks per year.
Africa there is only one officials were most successful that is less than t' '
around ihower to .
phyMcicin for every 80.(XX) people the United Wallpaper areas Company of "in stifling public dissent" than away. Effective May 25, Bahamians

the Catholic Digest reports CMrag many Southern communltes. shilling-pence will shelve system'for the pound-the

"\ 1..1 decimal dollar, quarter, dime,

,. :,; J nickel: and penny set-up.

.." ,\. t. l '

I i .I. ,: 1 NEW DELHI -(NPI-A Peace .
<)'i" foundation has been created by
"""" the Servants of the People Society .

... to perpetuate the memoryoIPrime

t sj 1 ia t ShastrL The Minister foundation Lai Bahadur..WeSt. '

8 1 11 clare an annual prize of "not

# less than $21,000 to a person
j in India or elsewhere who has the SHORTY-$35.

RADIORHYTHM contributed In a significant way MEDALO STYLE #665.
to the preservation and propagation
For complete Illuetrated Catalog' ofIMdalo
of peace." Hair Slyl.Cla..H.11. cape
I and attechmente Band name and
!, I .... It'. '0". FREE upon
II I ._ re"ua>t. last writeGelHUdel .
Heir Prod. Inc.
SALISBURY->- The white GROWS rvm.the.h)' MAIM Normal AOOTS Rn* Dept. S. 3. 11,1,,, 35, H.Y.COMBe.
settler minority-ruled Rhodesia In YOUR SCALP, The condition elyour
hair elten ....."... heavilyon
I government disclosed last Die natural twattt .( jreur
& BLUESRADIO A .r. r 6r week plans to provide more Not! ; Invent Yean at to a DOCTOR medicate1 CAM-err

education tot"Aftlcans by 1969a ,formula called CAMBONOU
date which it said was five which U mixed with many pro**
en beneficial '' ..I. ,. CAHBONOEC .
years earlier than previously la such a "lro.... power
The calls for ful anUeapUe and does suet fine
envisaged. plan
work> In helping in ITCHY
: full primary education for all BUMPY. DANDRUFF scalp th.iman
Bloom Through Summer DOCTORS
Costumes retard U highly
African children, but with and PRESCRIBE It tot many
courses reduced from eight! to ....1_ trouble Many annorlnfexternally

AirfimlitioiiiMg Inn imitlo; nntn, licin rc<'ci\in;; more and more inquiries seven years. are frcatlr caused: relieved scalp oy condition fteae '
STATION et thla' Triple ttreKfth tar eJ1.rfiJJ :=.to
,Iollill! 11II.II'fI) |IKIIIIII M n Miuiniir JII,, t't .. nliout llu houutiful cover-ups. PARATROOPERETTES formula CBNUINE. Write SCALP foi thla FORMULA DOCTTR'S I .'

; 'l'ra.IIIiI"I in,tile. lli<'in oiisiunl oni- lli hlij.\hlt.,1\ i i.+ tin checked and solid t LEOPOLDVILLE (NPI) 'new mixed It and will ready be aent to UM td. you t/SI alt IT 1 era O;..b .not 4u.h t. edd adcl

hail iou.. 'Auoiinlinn. : for ,the 1I111111'f' ,.i..tuuH'. lh ihuketl lapels of the The Congo's first female para 'FOR aatlifled T DAYS, and If Feu.are. paypnly net NOTA. W..b.DYE.. cut...,..Will,"..a.e....rub.' war all.
title. troopers made their initial public "IS* reynthlnrltv.ry.Thla !fHA1d color fraduclly AVOIDS
fiiNliiniiH of
out type 'neon fii-luon. the cool tn.
WHAMMY mat are keyed to appearance by parachuting cludea ." tay Bru.b....SUDDEN ca.. ,o....aorlna"no. DYEDLOOK.......
lln ,, fix'lor* penny more It with full .. .
,throughout MIIIIIIH tin < sleeve.frce'Ire m, A hack-belt is a Ibefore an audience consistingof direcilona UM the flneit I IDD!- off.'-' Com.a :" aiUne, rubbing
lit "clIlI'I fllI\III.I..I\ Halt*'ry.AiioriliiiK note. Simnm'weight 'and President Joseph D. Mobutu CATBO SCALP .FORMULA Pour carried In Plauie pocket Caee.or pwae.Cano
hilly rayon
i money.ear. buy Your hair enol Cam*. In all ........, Black to
and members of the diplomatic aealp .rv. (me care. lust aend Blue.iuat .
Uurk Sizes Platinum
Milk. null light colors. ,...
lo Nlliilllllli! llo.inl of llio your name and add to--GOLD write, ateto .".Jo. pay only
'' : ( ;o.iI ruts hint.. lijiliMry "We're he- Misheti' .16.. Junior 515.. Complete: corps, between last week.the Twentyfourgirls ages of 15- MZDAJ Dept ,at HAIR J Sheepihead PRODUCTS INC.Bay back en delivery If not delighted.plue oatace.Mon.v *
: ; .JNMIAMI"\ About $40.Availublu( Brooklyn ace* NY. NOT!: THIS .. Medal Heir ,"........ Inc..
ginning to mil MHIH-- of our Jathions"perennials" 20, made up the unit, which Is FORMULA curls* a 100% writ- Pept $,.I. Brooklyn ,dl. New .
lea bat*
| "In' 'HUM* More. hove in inujor .tore.. drawn from the couatry'aregu- money guarantee.

"' '

. .. ....:. \ ( 4 ,I, 'te Ar.

:1- .

LIUL J ,n "n, nnnn, "

r lar.1"IHI' i


I. Tennis Player Chats With Champion FAMU Nelfers Beat Aid For FamiliesOf Profiles

South Carolina S. AlcoholicsAVON Of Co".Stau'I.UMYIP.ftt..J'

.TALLAHASSEE, Fla.Florida PARK (FNS-Florlda's
AIM University netiers defeated Alcoholic Rehabilitation Pro.
South Carolina State gram will be expanded to Include -
College 4-1 here last week: comprehensive therapyfor
FAMITs Reuben Patrick defeated the family of an alcoholic
Ronald Johnson of South through a federal grant totaling
4 Carolina State, 6-3 and 11-3. In more than $326,000.
'he singles Patrick also clipped FARP, through a hospital improvement -
Henry Long 10-8 and 6-4, and project grant from
Charles McCllnton, 11.1. 4-6 the National Institute of Mental
and 6-110 single matches. Health, will aid family therapy ,
Chris Mitchell of South Caro- to the In-patient hospital at
lina State downed FAMITs' Avon Park : L.
Branch Curington, 7-5.t.8,and In addition, two public health
6.., in the only match FAMU nurses under the direction of
4 lost. Curington and Long of clinical social I workers will
FAMU teamed up to beat Young cover 14 counties of the state
and Mitchell of South Carolina and work in cooperation) with
State, 6-0 and 6-0. In the dou-. the Alcoholic Rehabilitation

1 bles. Program :i} 4 r _
The Rattlers have a season Co-director of the project ? ?
record of 31. Drew Ellis, said, "Since FARPis ;
.M concerned with finding more 7cY.
effective ways of treating alcoholics -
Bethune.CookmanWildcats' the proposed plan for
t treating alcoholism as a family ( .'? [ \s.

Game Illness, Including aftercare
services should make a significant
k contribution to this end
Schedule Slated w
YMCA Tennis Class
The 1966 Bethune-Cookman
College Wildcats will play a' Begins Saturday
football schedule "
nine-game '
next season according to Jack lie Johnson'Branehi i YMCA 14
McClairen, Athletic Director.The will begin the summer tennis 1942 ((23)) at Ciego De Avila, Camaguey Cuba. BATS-Klgnt.,
p/ Wildcats will play Albany program for beginners Saturday THROWS-Right. HEIGHT 2. WEIGHT-198. ANCES11tY-
/ State College Albany,Georgia at 9 a.m.Tennis. Cuban. 'A.RRIED-Juana E. de la Cantera, February 20,3965.
r October 1; Morris Brown College classes will be conducted WINTER ADDRESS-Santure Baseball Club.Santurce,Puerto
5 j +5 of Atlanta,Georgia Daytona through the month of Rico. HOW OBTAINED BY REDS-{:in C i n na t1 RedsFarm'
4r F Beach October ai;Benedict June Jimmy Walker Henry System. '

/ College of Columbia South t Daniels and Julius Guinyard Tony Perez, Reds' first baseman, had a fine season for Cin
r Carolina ,in Daytona BeachOc- are the Instructors. cinnati in 1965, his first full season in the major leagues.
tober 15i; Alabama A&'" (Homecoming The participants will fe taught
Tony batted .260 in 104 games and 281 at-bats making 73 hits,
) Normal, Alabama hi basic fundamentals of tennis Including 12 home runs and he drove in 47 markers
Daytona Beach, October 22; and minor tournaments will be
Perez(puh-REZ) hit two plnch-hlt home runs;connected for a
South! Carolina State conducted for the participants. grand slammer on April 13 off Denny Lemaster (Mllw.); hit
College of Orangeburg South
Trips will be made to other
city .412 Houston Milwaukee
Carolina In Jacksonville against ; .355 vs. ; .324 off Pittsburgh
courts for practice and tourna- pitching; .444 in the month of April;and batted.362 In the month
tor Florida (Gator; Bowl), October ments.The of
29; Clark College of Atlanta, July.
second annual Early bird On June 27 he hit a home run over the left field bleachers off
Georgia In Tampa, Florida
Adult "Learn to Swim" program Osinskl in Milwaukee reportedly the first time it had ever.been.
(Phillips Held), November 5i;, will be held this month.
November 12, (open) Florida done.
The deadline ,for
In "Clutch Clouters" statistic* compiled by IrvGreenberg for
AIM University of Tallahassee, is May 11, and classes will be THE SPORTING
NEWS Peru (although he only batted 281
Florida in
Daytona Beach No-
vember 19 and Allen Universityof held from 7 a.m.,to 8 a.m.Per. times) was the Reds' top>> clutch hitter knocking in eight winningruns.
sons completing the course will In this
compilation thesewere mere"insurance runs"
Columbia South Carolina In
r a! Columbia, South Carolina, be certified by the American that later proved the deciding margin after the oppostlon nar-
November 26. ,Red Cross. J. Guinyard Is the rowed the final score, but actual tie-breaking or come-from-
instructor. behind winning runs that stood up the entire game.
) yI
i r -

r !


Arthur Ashe,second-ranked UnitedStates tennis player,dlscusses in those divisions of tne company manutacturing cnewing gum,* QU"NTITYRIGHTS
.- the past and present of the sport with former National Negro razor blades and men's toiletries.his tennis travels out of' : RESERVED
Singles and Doubles Champion, Eyre R.Saitc l.Mr.Ashe undefeated the country Ashe will also work with the company's overseas
member of the American Davis Cup team for the put' affiliates Mr. Saitch, a member of the Philip Morris feubllc SPECIALS GOOD
three years, today Joined Philip Morris Incorporated as as executive relations staff,was also a member for twelve years of the famed
trainee. Ashe's training with! Philip Morris la the United New York Renaissance world prof..loulJJuketbalt\, ,,.' :'".'" :'.'jHROUGH'SATVRDAY"k ,
._ ,, ., ; it t 1 : K11 ,
States tn b directed toward ketlsg0ndsal $ champions.. -tvrt tv" .11; ,IltQ..U tot .It ''* .. :
.: manajemefif! p. r ,., 'lit I'I'! J, : ;4 ;dlJT ,

1 Funeral' Services Held For Coach At t Alcorn A&M I KRAFT ''f


LORMAN, Miss. -(Special) .of Tallulah La. coached and taught. MM faculty,In 1950 where! he
Funeral services were held In Friends paid a somber farewell Fred Hotly a longtime served as coach professor of MAYONNAISE 39
the Alcorn AIM Gymnasiumlast to the weU-man'coach, caochlng rival at Grambllng, health and physical education,
week for Dr. Eugene Simmons but he left a touch of his blithe said "It Is profoundly sobering chairman of the Department or QT.,
athletic director and basketball spirit in all who knew him. to have known a man who askedso Health and Physical Education,
coach of the Braves Self-reliant, Dr. Simmons was little and gave so much. and athletic director at the timeof ___ WITH $5.00 OR MORE FOOD 0 8EFOLGER'S ,
1966 co-champs In the Southwestern a forceful personality in college "He set an example for the rest his death. u
Athletic Conference. coaching circles. He developed of us." Hobdy said. He was a memberofnlUDeroua Del Monte Mix
Dr. Simmons was killed in a Alcorn Into a small-college His Impact is all the more remarkable academic, civic and professional -
head-on automobile crash on ,basketball p ow e r and his per by contrast with his organizations
U. S. Highway 80 late Sunday, sonal qualities will forever Influence modesty and humility. ., Dr. Simmons was burled InSteuvenvllle. Or Match SoleCALIFORNIA t
approximately one-mile East the lives of those be Dr.Simmons joined the Alcorn Ohio Thursday. COFFEE459




153 12 114 OIL 01.

itAiNTSooaPop/ 32-81- 44 EARLY' GARDEN

2 9 "HAM SALE";- PEAS 303 CANS



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I I 678 -452-15 t.49 GOLDEN CREAM STYLE .

613'-20-.64\ CORN 303 CANS

Sometimes He's Up Sometime:
.' He's Down He adds subtracts
'1 iHe works it all around SWIFT PREMIUM
>> ,
( ? '1ii?t1 ''' ;! ,I 60 81 211) 5 $1 1
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4.r(1lJ : fOR
I ''J' .ffi'J'" .wrf')'t' ,Li COMING! DR I

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}. ,*' W' I.I'f: 'l ;: CO q .NUMBERED'Man's 59'c!

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._..J'... :H< : 't,:: ''',:j::" ,:/!:'.,,? bared' Days Healtb.&lid.are. um-

:You Fortune Know Can Your Be Yours Lucky When Days WOODSMAN SLICED

/-frj Send Horoscope Lucky 2.00 Colors for Guide Etc.your tor liRNGOioHu'S9: : I BACON ?. 69 *

Cola Rock's just one of the wildest wildest gang *
of wines, ever to come rock rock rockln'/ along! Fill in the blank below and U.S. NO.l
mall to ZODIAC, Post Office, :
Try Orange Rock for Zock; Lemon Rock for Zip;
Dox 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla
Lime Rock for Kicks!{ L-o-ve those rocks I .

STREET- ------- POTATOES 10-49 '
rut:*miir ruwwi taut "'. cnririco: roc count MOCI o. I l.DATE OF BIRTH-Mo.-Day

A t' al t'' ,

,,' I" /
... _........... .. .. ,........ '" -- -- -



MAIDS. N.WANTED'Y. SLEEP'i' Urged Ie Ready Peace Corps Recruiters Freedom Hot

advanced. Rush reference,! To Lose JobsWASHINGTONNI ComiHg

phone number. ABLE MAIDS; ... :"
AGENCY 163 N. MAIN(, FREE- ( )- "Wash- ..':; James Farmer
POUT, N. Y. ington needs Negroes who are
not afraid to lose their little NEW YORK -(NPI)- On ci
government Jobs are the uti 0 n'* top civil rights
USED civil rights, said ,
I II to fight, for leaders has foreseen "a longer
J. Young, executive
I the Rev. Andrew t,
atwtrllll's 1.argtat and llcf Tu VWn"r director, Southern haul than we thoughtnece-
MATERIALSLUMBER haul than we thouebtnecelSU'J
Leadership ,Confer
lie N.atvaTLC AVE.Thu Chirstian ," In the Negro'lflgbt
eIA"r "
Arf r rnf Irr'Inrrrn /rodrrnc' 'Rrn ence, during.an addressat ,
rrrl F a ArM r ,uonrr. onr hnn for freedom.
earlc u
'rl'rn ,. Church,
a' n r t Macedonia Baptist
., vrae i d M ntnr rnn r r nr r DOORS James Farmer, former direc-
y 'r.y pl
,. .,, n n rAA.. nrrn'd jilxrd; I in Lincoln Park. has : \." tor, Congress of Racial
South the Negro
p the
.l.r arr
n WINDOWS entitled
PIPE. in book
sr : J Equality, a
that he is ready, willing :
proved and able to suffer for what be f f'S ,;; E .. "Freedom-*hen?" takes a
PLUMBING ,4 /', '.."f",',' pessimistic view of the protO
BLUE OCEANBREAM ,, HOT thinks is right. % 55 'Y'J'/'f ., ,
.': : : spect of freedom, coming now.
Klan Rally ThwartedMembers :" .T. "We .are learning," he said
35Cr WATER :'
IB. after five years of CORE lead-
of the Infamous Ku ... ', : ; :,: 'v.. ership, "that freedom will not
11'.1"I'i M" "" "'""of' HeAr, *"""'""'' "" """''' BLOCKS BRICKS, Klux Klan were thwarted in .. ,.;_.::1.'I'; '{.. ir .. be now..We are settling down
-t an attempt to hold a rally Wed 'r 'I 1",, .,, for a longer haul than we thought
i AC.rIIm..V; ; ; ASc FREEPORT SALVAGE CO. nesday near President John- : ..iif '' necessary.
D Lb. 'j son's ranch.A ', Farmer drew onal.OOO-year-
lease on the property has old Jewish source as inspiration
: BOAT WHITING..Ib. 3ZCt 3422 OLD KINGS RD ; been cancelled. : for his views on the course of
the movement.
rnr 41 rrffl'fT : EL-30951( PLEASANT: aIORE.. .In his office at peace corps Headquarters in Washington D.C. The rights former CORE director,

--. TOOTHACHE Avatus stone Peace Corps director of recruiting for snail colleges, goes overa who now leads a literacy program -

completed Volunteer' Questionnaire with two., of his, recruiters, Doris Magruder, made repeated reference
that Don't lilt iuftor t with agony ORA In-JEL.lecondl.'tell.Speed-rtleiM center, and priscilla weatherly. Peace corps Placement Tests taken by applicants to the words of an ancient Jewish

ttintly formula to putt stop II lo throbblnfJoothach work 'In. Indicate that this year's crop of potential Volunteers from Negro cam- thus sage, HiUel,rendering them
I l lori recommend*piln,sosat., It doc for M.1"'M'! puses may be the best ever. Stone, a former All-American football player at "If we are not for ourselves,

teethli .. AelsFREE .=..- Syracuse university, was a successful high school coach in Washington before whowill be? If we are only for
'Joining the peace Corps staff last fall. ourselves, of what worth are
we? If not now, when?'
The last sentence was likely
i R.UG SHAMPOO, Little League Double Header the Inspiration for the title of
t .. his book.
1 I Wlth'tenW Of Shampoo Equip- The poor, he pointed out,must
ment. We Rent Lawn Mowers!', share in the decision-making
t Garden Tools, Floor Polishers -' in the war on poverty, because
O & Sanders, Mechanic A "we must be vigilant and be
Hand Topis, Local Trailers, $2 { for ourselves," Farmer observed

wjwmaM-tioc* per day.. in a reference toHillel's,
NATIONAL L RENTAL On the 'other hand, the civil
rights movement serves to end
d CENTER the Southern white man's tormenting -
moral estrangement;
7323 N. Main St. PO 8r8955
thus, "we are not only for our-

J ... ... M k'M selves"-eji indirect referenceto

"SUPER -RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY WESTERN BEEF POT .According the Hillel to maxim.Farmer,the fight

for racial integration should not
lead to "a demand for black
dispersal and assimilation."

ROAST (BONE INI) Essential is "the freedom of
choice which will cause any
49 C.; choice we make to seem freely

.lB. our own," said Farmer, indicating -
I that individuals-Negro
CHUCK I and white-must be free to assert -
JUNIORS Members of the Premium Cutters of the Wti e'League which meet the New Deal their independence or assimilate. -

___.. _---- _.. J jaguars in a double header, Saturday May 7 1 at the Rufus Payne-Singleton Park starting at 12; .
'30 p.m. are shown here. From left to light are Kim Williams, C. Kenneth Shanks, R. F., And how will this be accom-

r,'''....''''<' W.t Alvin Calvin, L. F., Wilber Hightower, C., Dwight Young, S. S., Andre Bacon 2nd B., Stanley pUshed? "Men must achieve
-:: :::::: .: Fitzpatrick, F. B.,' Gregory Partly, P., Starling- Lanier, P., George Maxom Jr., R. F., Bruce freedom for themselves," he
Mayham. 3rd B., and Walter Dalse. said.
------ --
---. rb

-'- .- ., .. .:....::;<1f:a ::;: ff \ ; Bombers Needed Death ....'. I You.. 'WItla won't yesterday'net tomorrow', 11,11"1",Job' c. s. ;.

1 EXTRA .$PEC'A '.:il) :':: ::';::: ': L tContlnoi'llront Pali i" e'afareeSIMPSONMrs, Tomorrow's; obi aematid: nevi,'ik ljs' : kllli) you can get

: DtNCAN WINGS tAYR; ; : ,; ability Lela Simpson, only by re-training: For information visit the local.
taliatlon much greater;
illl former resident of this city of
office of State Employment Service.
"The Viet Nam war and the' 2310 Teal Street, died April 2'7In your
I continuing crisis !in Latin' New York City. Mrs. Simpson ''Train now for tomorrow'jobs
(21M .....
American are clear exampleswe was born in Georgia and had --- '; ,

lANE PARKER FRESHLY BAKED must be prepared to fight' lived In New York 1 year. She MADAM -
even major wars without using BESSIE:
was a member of the Second
(Meat' Manager), nuclear weapons. The Russians Baptist Church, Rev.J.CjSami, will'read
are moving ahead rapidly to Survivors Include { tour entire life-past,present and
CHERRY PIE pastor. future. She asks no questions but will tell
develop an anti-missile and civilian you
Howard J. Simpson, N.Y
11b defense while ; what you'want to know, giving date and facts of
3 .... ) SPECIAL: we are Ignoring program it almost completely daughter N.Y. sisters, Mrs.,Angie Mrs. Sharp Ophelia, business, love, health and family affairs. Will j
3 ;
oz. ." .help you find lost art.TELL you whom you will
:, b.w 1 8-OZ. 39fALL C.C.1.LI. Bennett said the anti-missile Hollis Thompson, city and son-in-law Mrs.Agnes marry and when. U the one you love is true, what'
Miami ,
\ pkqs. :' ,. k EACH program advanced, the manned production bomber of, the an James Sharp; ;sister-in-law, part to do of to the be successful.country is Will luckiest reunite for the you separated and what,!LL eel
Mrs. Ernestine Butler grandchildren \
; locate absent friends and relatives, and cause]
development of an all-purpose
Gail and Carl
Special': happiness between man and wife. Makes I Ilover's
ALL FLAVORS MARVEL Navy, which can fight both Sharp. Funeral arrangements up
quarrels; Tells, Ifsicknessorbadluckls*_._
'--" limited and nuclear wars, anda will be announced later. Dallas
beefing up of our merchant Graham Funeral Director Is in. natural enemies, evil Influence and bad luck. Does not tell to '
ICE'MILK VHU 390 fleet are all defense goals we charge. please you, but will tell the truth. One visit will repay you for;
disappointments in all others. I not read
are not working toward. only your We like an-
... open book, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES. Come
JANTPARKEJF ; and see why you are so unhappy, why everything seems to
I REG. OR 1 Home Ruler Named To D.C. Board wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted sick and worried when you go

P1111.' (Asst Manager) SANDWICH sl'CEDWHITE WASHINGTONNPI) The advocate of home rule; 'can be helped and everything made clear by'consulting ,T HIS'
Everybody welcome. NO MAIL ANSWERED.:
Metropolitan action observers
board ,
traditionally lily-white The
I make no house calls. Don't mistake the address MADAM
1 l6. Washington Board of theorized might be considered
BESSIE is located north ofCallahanonHwy.301 mile
7" 2 .43C Trade last week did an about\. as a move to appease the militant City of CALLAHAN, Florida Phone 8792250.
'BREAD LOAVESSUNNYBROQK face when it elected k Negroto Free D. C,Movement,civil *
its board of directors.The .
rt rights group.
Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL
+ + precedent-setting electeeis MWET has been under a vigorous ,
Open daily 8 a.m. to 10 Including Sundays'
FRESH George E. C. Hayes,71,life attack from the group for its p.m.
FLA. GRADE A long Republican and a strong stand against home rule.
.. .
-- --
'"" --

(; ONE DOZIOC 99C"EGS' 111 IIIII111I I IjP lut

+ + (Produce. Manager) II '

t /jcix\/ \


,, y A&P ,



45TH STREET. .Vew wHlf a gl

"The. Emblem of. .. .. QUALITY, SERVICE and. CONVENIENCE"


GOLDEN d"T 'S One Hear You
I '.fe

CORN l; '

t I .

3 '10 -490 I' 348.GIANT 2,PKG.*:01. 59c_ .' : \, YOU POi. 'T NEED TO LEAVE .J(1* fO GET BARGAINS ON

MAY 8. \ (LIMIT, ONE WITH $$5,00 ORDER' Nationally Advertised BRANDS OF, LIQUOR .

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