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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 16, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 16, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
[l Sammy : DjySIJapi( I,: !ilJudL' NKACP LifrMemtiership PTive ; TOflOtUB.OV r LA.NUT. I

*. ** ***** ** *


V * *

p(11tSf1etr4lItt i, t'titir fl pkbtt'i3s p..ov tuner, ', NEGRO HELD FOR t KILLING SHERIFF !'

'I I


... ... ... '

Victim Of Strange Police Action High Blasts \ .


Kelly, Burns; i

............ .. ,...
VOL. 16 NO. 4 SATURDAY APRIL 23, 1966 j .ENT' : --- ----- Kelly Is Sued ,

** *** ** ** 4

MIAMI Mayor Robert King
High told I the Florida State t
JAXONS ASK PROBEOF Teachers Association Thursdaythat :
two of his opponents for
the governship are prepared to
exploit the education Issue In
their campaigns.
The FSTA, an organization
} .,r composed of the state's Negro

POVERTY HIRING teachers, Is meeting at Miami.
w high said Governor Haydon
1) Burns and Scott Kelly are
"prepared to exploit the Issue
* **J.t of education Just as cynicallyas

.t Gl Given Nation's HpsfAwto. DI Ir ,, M 1 Ida have 1964.they changed" He did said the their Kelly race politics and Issue Burns with in

grw.ei4l uW the changing times. Both, he
.... fc. w-&a. --.* 9aaskI t F added, were"symbols of segre-
# # gation'! when they last ran for

Sotrthern! Candidates Jump On Out Frank Hampton been governor On the a sharp other previously.reaction hand there by Scott has

I L Kelly to a suit charging he owesa
t Miami Shores firm over $34,
Civil Rights Band Wagon From 000 for billboard advertising
Poverty Post Kelly said Thursday one of his
NASHVILLE (NPI!) Increased doubled since last August- W opponents may be behind; the
Negro voter registration could do to him i q ; suit filed Wednesday by Frank
efforts were making In Little Rock, Ark., Brooks Rennolds and Associates. Kelly
Southern white candidates direct Hays, who lost his Congress Jaxons Ask Shrive replied, "aU legitimate bills !In
their campaign pitches to ional seat In 1958becaus.eof ...... my campaign have been paid
Negroes for the first time in his attempts to mediate the and are legitimate"
this century. 19 Integration crisis,announced He said the Rennolds Firm
Many of them were taking his candidacy for governor. Charge Political Influences owned only one of the 78 bill-
stands favorable to the Negro's A racial moderate, be said he boards Involved In the suit.
cause that would have been "would not deviate one bit" When be learned this, Kelly
; bruou the murder of
tf.A1tiJlU1'I1U1P twuuy ,cnarged a sheriff Is shown with his wife,
unthinkable a couple of years from his previous support of Employed In Poverty Hiring Shirley, his widowed mother, Mrs Beatrice Brooks, and (left to right) Philip Bently, Jr., 4, said, his campaign managers
ago, when many Deep South Interracial peace. Richie, 1, Anthony Ray, 5, and Jerry, 2, decided to deal directly with the
Negroes could not vote. Nationally, leaders of both _.billboard owners. He said he
Former Tennessee Cov. Bu- political parties came out for A group of Jacksonville i I social influences. saved a lot of money followingthat
ford Ellington used to describe increased attention to citizens are seeking the ouster> In a letter sent to Shriver.Sammy Davis Jr, Held For Murder procedure. ,
himself as "an oldfashionedsegregationist" the Southern Negro voter of erstwhile politician Frank: (with copies to Senator The Florida Education Association J
-tut no longer Two liberal Republican groups Hampton from his post on the, Holland and Sraathers t Congressmen and the Florida State ,
Ellington, a candidate for the urged the Republican National Executive Commute of the i Bennett, Adam, (famed 'To Head Teachers Association are cur-
Democratic nomination for gove Committee to help register Greater Jacksonville Equal i Powell, Go,. Haydon Burns anguRcfrt 'I rently: holding separate meetIngs -
nqr Jn. !.Augustprlmary,vou, bU'li.tI28A.. tQ.JU;, f>Qpprtugtjy.,Ccnmcllartleh:U. { Saunde ri) the complainants "" "' : )f1 ;.,\fd' Although He. ,Didn'tPull perhaps for the last time
declared'"Laws have changed. c..nne .'uly wh1te" COP orb conducting the anti-poverty t have requested an investigation 1 If. 1) The white FEA and the, Negro '
The hearts of have the into the In FSTA discussing the
men sanitations in South. hiring policy are possibility -
NEW YORK and Jacksonville of a The FEA Is
changed The Republican Advance I merger.
italner Sammy Davis Jr. has
A close friend of President Republicans for Progress saidit Hampton who has been labeled been appointed chairman of the The TriggerA meeting at Miami Beach, the
Johnson, he has renounced his was "sheer madness" for "Negro leader" by the white vitally Important Life Member FSTA In Miami.Both organizations -
1958 statement that he was Southern Republicans to run as press, over the objections of ship Committee of the NAACP were addressed by the
"old-fashioned citizens has faced candidates for ,.
Negro governor
an segregation segregationists. many
youngNegrofather offouris
and will direct the five-mem nowon trial for his life because
ist." Republican leaders have noted protests movements before ber full-time staff and 35 prominent of the shotgun killing of one deputy sheriff by another during the
Even Al Lingo, former Ala- that the number of new Negro Hampton and other members volunteer committee Watts revolt last Atuust. .
bana public safety dl.rectorwas voters In Deep South states far who were appointed to the ad gun's mUZZle was pointed upward Shipyard Ban
looking for the Negro vote surpasses the number of votes L _y hoc committee during the formation Philip Bendy Brooks, 23, Is In port-of-arms position.
Lingo, remembered for order- by which President Johnson lost MRS HATTIE DIX GREEN of the GJEOC were the I now on trial In Los Angeles Brooks maintains that he never
leg his state troopers to dls- these states In 1964. objects of a storm of protest County Superior Court for first- touched the gun, and that went DiscriminationNailed
pease the Selma-to-Mont- This development would likely program. brought by the Jax NAACP and, degree murder, although the off when Lauer swung at him
gomery march, asked 300 give President Johnson an auto- A protest has been lodged with other groups. deputy sheriff who held the fatal with Its butt, Inadvertently: hit
Negroes at a Birmingham rallyto matic victory In the Deep South Sargent Shriver, national, The text of the protest letter ...'.' ,' gun admitted to the Grand Jury ting the open window Brook's. By NAACPNEW
"please consider me" when' should he run again In 1968- director of the and poverty program sent to Shriver by members of :\..rt.. 1n that B roo It'. finger never car.
they vote for a sheriff. unless Republicans-woo many of charging that hiring Wilder Park Advisory Committee ,' touched the trigger. The slain deputy, Ronald E.
Lingo appealed for the these voters to their camp. is done through political and follows: The deputy sheriff, William Ludlow, was .fatally woundedIn \d&-The agreement
estimated 60,000 key Negro Meanwhile, Democratic party Duford Lauer, Jr., contends the stomach. reached between the Equal Employment
votes In Jefferson County, in officials 1 In Washington Considered Jacksonville, Florida that Brooks startled him into Available evidence Indicates Opportunity Commission
which Birmingham is located.He using funds from corpo- April 20,1966Sargent pressing the trigger while the that Brooks, who has no criminal and the Newport News
told the Negroes he tried rate advertising In a record whatsoever, is Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Com-'
without to the to "0( LBJ Awards innocent. Brook's two
success permit party-sponsored publication Shriver entirely pany was hailed this week by
first attempted Montgomery assist Negro voting registration Economic Opportunity Council companions, after four months the National Association the'
march to proceed. He claimedbe in the South. The plan would Washington 25, D. C. In jail, were freed for lack of Advancement of Colored People
was overruled-apparently provide $600,000 for voter Highest MedalPosthlftlously probable cause to try them for as "a major step forward In the
by Cov. George C. Wallace. registration work. Dear Sir: conspiracy to murder the deputy long battle t against racial discrimination -
Lingo, who dropped a contri The development shaking up SAMMIE DAVIS JR. sheriff. in American Indus-
bution Into a collection plate, white politicals was the mas- lithe trial Jury brings In a verdict "
Wilder try
As members of the Park Advisory Committee under the members In a series of recruiting .
promised to appoint Negro sive Increase In the number of Greater Jacksonville Economic Opportunity Council, we, the efforts to add more implying any degreeof guilt Under terms of the agreement,
deputies and clerks If elected. Negro voters in Deep South Undersigned, request an Investigation of the G"JEOpersonnelpolicies. names to the growing list of WASHINGTON In a White on Brook's part, the defendant which resulted from 41 complaints -
In Selma, Ala., Wilson Baker, states-especially Mississippiand 18,500 NAACP life members. House -held at intends to take his appeal as high filed by the NAACPwlth
former Selma public safety director Alabama. ceremony noon as the United States Supreme
NAACP officials said the organization the EEOC, Negro employes who
Thursday, a 19-year-old Negro
was seeking the Demo- The number of Negro voters At the present time there are hundreds of jobs available that suffered a loss last soldier was awarded t the na- Court, If necessary. have been held back by Jim
cratic nomination for sheriff, in Mississippi has Increased must nave the approval of James Workman Frank Hampton. year through higher operating tion's highest military decora- The considerable amount of Crow practices will receive
as was Jim Clark,remembered from 35,000 last August to 122, costs and about $265,000 tied tion money needed to defend this automatic promotions and pay
for his mass arrests of Negroes 000. In Alabama, it has Increased posthumously. victim of prejudice and of circumstance vic
increases. These longtime
We are deeply concerned as to the methods used In hiring persons up in ball bonds In Mississippi President Johnson presentedthe
during the city's voter registration from 112,000 to 228,000. on the component project available because there are indications resulting from civil rights demonstrations Medal of Honor to Private Is being collected by tims of discrimination will also
drive. Overall, Negro voting in the that political and/or social preferences are the basis a year ago. First Class Milton Olive of the Brooks Defense Committee, be afforded opportunity to advance -
Baker disagreed with Sheriff Deep South has increased 50 used by Mr. Hampton. There is a growing sentiment because of Davis has been participating Chicago. Olive threw himself 102031/2 S. Compton Ave, Into higher job classifications -
Clark's handling of racial problems per i cent since the 1956 Voting a feeling that the G./.E.O.C. Is to a large degree, dominated by In about 100 shows yearly without on a Communist hand grenade Watts, Los Angeles,California, and into supervisory
of his policy of mass Rights Law went into effect political Influence, which destroys the effectiveness of the program charge for civil rights In South Viet Nam and absorbedthe 90002. positions as they become
arrests, and emphasized his last summer. and frustrates the poorer class, whom the program was groups. The busyactor-l1nger- blast with his body protect available.
determination to enforce the designed to benefit. dancer and mimic said that the four fellow soldiers. The deaf Ask U.S. Probe According to Herbert lull,
law Impartially, regardless of 3 Get Life. unsalaried position with the na paratrooper Is the third person NAACP director for labor programs -
race, and to face the changing We are requesting the removal of Mr.Hampton from this com- tion's largest civil rights group and the first Negro to be awarded J.C.Fauntleroy, president
conditions peace tully. mittee and recommending that the personnel committee be en would keep him even busier,but' the medal for service In VietNam Voting Changes of the NAACP branch In the
Clark has handed out thousands For Slaying larged.We that he could not be prouder 1 1' Virginia city and one of the original
of campaign cards which say, accepting the committee chair- complainants, is among
"1 stand on my record of fair believe that It would be in the public Interest to have a meeting In Alabama the first to be promoted to a
and law Malcolm X manship.CP Second Victim
Impartial enforce- called of the Executive Board and the professional staff of is seeking 100,000 higher job classification.
ment. the GJ.E.O.C. Immediately to offset the possibilities of a pro- life members.Davis replaces The agreement, Mr. Hill said
Atty. Gen. Richmond Flowerswas NEW YORK NPLife test movement which seems to be looming.It Klvie Kaplan, a retired businessman Claimed BIRMINGHAM, Ala. TheNatl.ooal here this week,recognizes that,
making an all-out pitch for terms for the slaying of Malcolm -
who said Davis will Association for the Ad- "seniority rules which operateto
Negro votes In his bid for the X, Black Nationalist should be pointed out that a strong protest was voiced by the give dynamic and productive vancement of Colored People prevent the promotion and upr
Alabama governship. leader, have been handed down N.A.A.C.P. and other groups when he was appointed to the ad leadership to the continuing By Death 'has called upon the Departmentof grading! of Negro workers must
of his
He leads the rising numbers to three men convicted hoc. drive to enroll life members Justice to Investigate allegations be damentally:: revised, not
of white candidates In modern murder last Feb. 21 In the of the NAACP. The death toll of an accident that the 'voting mechanic merely to eliminate overt discriminatory -
times to campaign directly Aubudoo Ballroom.The We would therefore appreciate your giving urgent attention to which occurred last Sunday s..a re suddenly being practices, but also
among Negroes a Deep South slaying occurred as Mal- this Lastly deteriorating situation. night on the 20th St. Expressway changed": In several Alabama to obtain immediate mob pro-
state. colm X addressed a rally of over New Kings road rose counties motions and to compensate for
"In my administration," be 400 persons, just a year after Respectfully yours, Hostility Greets to two Monday when a second In a letter to Attorney General past disadvantages"
said, "I won't appoint just a be broke with the Black Muslim victim was claimed by death. Nicholas Katunbach, W. C, Calling upon the Commission
few Uncle Toms to say we've movement to form the Organisation .< Julius Manning, 26, died about Patton, NAACP field director to enforce fully the agreement
got a couple of Negroes In office of Afro-American Unity. ",, r. Martin Luther King 3:45: a.m. Monday at Duval for voter registration, said which abolishes "the pattern of
ril appoint people who are, Life sentences (40 years to .. '\ Medical Center. His brother, that counties t which had previously racial discrimination existingfor
Intelligent In the (civil rights) life) were given Talmadge HayI Mrs. Haiti Dix Green ., Simon Manning, 24, was dead used paper ballots"are many years at the Newport
movement, who know what then,/ er, Norman 3X Butler and Thomas : : MIAMINPI)- The Rev on arrival shortly after 11 p.m. now converting to voting ma 'News Shipyard," Mr. Hill expressed
movement Is all about." 15X Johnson by Supreme \ '.'. Martin Luther King Jr. and Sunday. Both lived at 709 W, chines" and that this information the hope "that the
Even Cov. Wallace, boosting'his Court Justice'Charles Marks. ..r, I J his staff of researcher found beaver! St. has not been made Commission will seek similar
wife as his successor Indicated The trio will become eligible. John B. Pickens '.,.' ''* 'j, ;, I' "hostility and alienation" when City Patrolman P. L, Miles known generally to Negroes. agreements In other major tnd -
that he bad no intention for parole after serving 26 1, t ; 1"4 they arrived In the city to meet said the car was traveling east Noting that primary election u I trial l installations against
of alienating the new Negro years and.eight months.'Commend HDGef: .with local townsfolk on prob- at a high rate of speed when It day is nearing, Mr. Patton which the NAACP has filed
vote. lems Involving rent gouging, slammed broadside into the, urged the Attorney General"to charges on behalf of Us members -
Wallace didn't use the word"segregation" Police cc: Senator Spessard L. Holland underemployment, slums and bridge abutment and fell 22 feet, use the power of your office ."
once and carefully CHICAGO -(NPI)- Chicago Senator George E. Smathers civil rights for Negroes. landing on its top in the east- to investigate, and do whatever! Since July 2 last the NAACP
pronounced the word"Ne- police District Commander Congressman Charles E. Bennett Dr. King said. "I don't wantto bound land of Old Kings Roadat is necessary to assure the people has filed more than 1,200 complaints -
gro." Though silent on racial Harold L. Miles, Englewood Congressman Adam C. Powell go into details, but the whole 11 p.m.A at the counties which may : with the EEOC against
matters, he showed his concern police district, commended Governor Haydn Burns situation slums,rent gouging, third man, Stancel Drake, be Involved protection from ef- employers, labor unions andl
(tout what the state's Negro hv tha Fnvlwwwl Poo..__w..ww Mayjr Louis H, Ritter ulMlmnlnY""t,iM nntor _m- 91 nfltl W rh...N .* (..."! I Y

.2. :STAR PAPERS, 'SAIjROA1 APIiL 23,196


.fIlH.U1 '
'Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company' CHANGES T08K CONSTANT Y

MEMBER ectrtrr BJ CLANZEL paO'ffl ..,

jp. : TITLE VI


The Fedora1! Government's attempt to end

ERIC D' SIMPSON...........Hindu. Editor I '\'t" ; r segret&tlon ARTICLED! that in thus reads country thus: is embodied in

HILDA, VOQTEN..........Circilatioi laUIu') Z '
the-ground of race, color, or, national
'' origin be excluded from partlclparion In
d u.ar'wc ocr..o
Inv Q be deprived the benefits of, or be sub-
2323 MoRcrief{ ad" Phone Elfli 46782Miiliif d uLt jected to discrimination under any programor

activity receiving Federal Assistance.

Address. TITLE SIX calls for basic changes in the ]
> 0D
1'D pc administration of almost 200 major Federal
a, 'P. 0. Boa 599 Jicksoiiille! Florida 32201 I t ) programs which will receive'' )

, more than 18 billion dollars.
MIAMI OFFICE The programs affected provide )

services in the areas of education -
131 Nff 3rd AVI.. rEiM lh-UlS.
,*, i1 employment, healthcare
._ .....f .. (1 welfare, housing agriculture -

One Year. $6.00 Half Year.".$", 00 TITLE SIX would never have

Mailed to YOU Anywhere In the united states FRANKFORT been necessary ,had states ,

Subscription payable in advance KY. administered programs In such a' manner

Send Check or Money order to: Ohl'P that all I citizens shared on a fair or
FLORIDA STAR P.0."BOX599-; THE KENTUCKY f GENERAL!: ASSEMBLY equal basis, services under Federal aus-

jacksonv lle i. Florida$ PASSED A CIVIL RIGHTS BILL' BROADER IN SCOPE pices. In some southern states Negroes
health and
RACIAL DISCRIMINATION""' IN EMPLOYMENT AND were barred from educational
Should Teachers' PUeuc ACCOMMOMTION5.! welfare facilities, segretated them and
provided different' treatment because of

Unit Combine? race or color. Out side of the south existed -

KENTUCKY..JUST COULD MEAN IT! along with numerous subtle forms of
Perhaps news will I I' be made In Miami discrininatlon in Federally assisted pro-

Florida, when two major teacher associa- grams through out the nation., .
tions, separated for more than 50 '
this This is a list of what Is to be done:
vote to merge week. They are the
Florida Education Association tradition- I. Any difference in quality, quantity,
ally white, and the Negro Florida State Your Weekly or manner in which the benefit is provided

Teachersj) Association. .
The voting will be a culmination of the 2. Segregation or separate treatment in

findings of a 22-member committee, with .... .. any part of the program.
';' "'..'.'.' "
eleven from each association, that has 3. Restriction in the enjoyment of any

worked on details of the merger for two : Horoscope Guide :: advantages, privileges, or other bene-

years. If the merger takes place, It will ** fits provided to others.
produce a new organization with more thaa H. Different standards or requirementsfor

members whose will be force participation.
50,000 power a .......... .!.... ................ 5. Methods of administration which would
that politicians must reckon with. By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER
Several months ago, the editor of the defeat or substantially impair the accomplishment -

Florida Sentinel Bulletin urged Negro of the program objec-
teachers to think reflectively before WHICH ARE YOUR LUCK Y DAYS FOR, tives.

abandoning their organization. Since 6. Discrimination In- any activity con-
there are many hurdles which Integrationmust BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL ducted in a facility built in whole

overcome for the next decade, he orjjart with. .federal 1 funds.

thinks Negro teachers will be giving up a 7. Discrimination in any employment resulting -

powerful I weapon they have to advance. the from a program with a primary
cause of Negro educators. ARIE ".$ .CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN{ objective of providing
We give our blessing to the merger, pro- Born March', ,Born ,Jup Bom Sept. Bom 0.c.22nd. The need for TITLE I VI Is
viding the new association will pledge its 21 t-April 19th 22rld, ,July 22ndTalenfwill 23rd oct: 23rd ..Jan. 19th of the CIVIL RIGHTS evident COMMISSION as a result

support to' all I segments In its membership.If Make adjustments. Adapt tell. Apply all your, ,Pick your lot. It stands to reason Your goals take shape. The findings In more than HO southern and
that is the case, the new organizationcan yourself prevailing conditions talents toward acquisition of that many Librans among doubts or confusion that may border communities In 1965.
accomplish what neither of the segre- or take necessary measures public recognition when you' you are more concerned about have been keeping your hopes, Most Federal Programs have
gated associations could do alone. that may be demanded to have sound reason to believe your vocational Interests and suspended In the air show signs made some
achieve sound results. Those that that they have reached the earning power. Draw the of dissipating! enough for you progress. In hospitals seperate wings are
5cll00l'Desegregallol Allans who have a wide rangeof proper stage of development.Do attention of superiors to the to see through them. This disappearing; waiting rooms and public
skills are not likely to be the same for youngsters or quality of your work, your different should make it somewhat simpler facilities I are becoming the exception
stumped for long when changes other loved ones whose acquisition talents or the factors that for you to pinpoint your rather than the rule. .
In Right Direction occur In their vocational or of culture and education make you essentally useful to real objectives with greater The average citizen must seek information
professional circles. Others is one of your prime responsi- them. This could conceivably accuracy or to establishthe and
who have previously m a d e provisions bilities. Romance may find lead to a genuine claim and to means of attaining them report all incidents of discrimination
The federal will be ata
pressure to live on their savings smoother going during this last the betterment of living stand- whenever you wish. There In the areas where TITLE VI can become an
sensitive spit when insistence will be pensions or Investment Incomes quarter but you must do your ards in general. The weekendcan should be no lack of resourcefulness effective Instrument to rid this community
made upon southern school systems to start will find the going much smooter part to help it along. The for, be divided into two parts on your part especially of segregation.
faculty desegregation next fall at leastin than those who have not Some tunate ones who marry now or one social and the other strictly when you grow enthusiasticover
of you may benefit from a leg later, may consider a cruise or private. Many of your troubles anything. This, on top of
I some schools. acy or the backing of a loyal other Interesting trip on which are behind. your customary straight thinking ANOTHER
With this pronouncement, U. S. Education ally. In any event, It seems to ,to spend their honeymoons. would enable you to get ;MIIDSTOHE
Commlssllner Harold Howe, II touched off be a fine time to settle downto Warm friendships may be 890551826642SCORPIO things accomplished that could.
storms of protests across the South which a more stable way of life. ''struck and they may aid, stump someone else who bleu FOR N.C MUTUALThe
Check into promising real-es- In making your existence more systematic. The news from dls.,
contended such rules would have to be enforced -
tate propositions. ,colorful and exciting. Born Oct... tant parts will seldom lack In North Carolina Mutual Life Insur-

has with been difficulty most difficult and flexibility.It to get some. 1-50-1\8-ii-39-143 .,4'TZQ-Z2-1S-48-3, 24 h-Nov. 22n
stJttes moving in the right direction with Bom A1Jlt1JS ApriliOthMa'y LEO, Energy is not lacking. While passed another milestone in its history
pupil desegregation. When _some of them tom July your vitality practically heads AQUARIUS when It dedicated a 12-story building rec-

pupil desegregation. When some of them 20tii) ::23rd-Aug.. 22nd the list, the person with whom Bom Jan.*. ently.., This occasion outlined the success,

did, they integrated Negroes into other Be conciliatory. The Taureanswho Good sense wins. You canonly whatsoever you team up may for display any reason even, ah Fob.18th story of the 67-year-old Insurance nom-

schools and closed the formerlysegregated have found the road to the confuse yourself all the more by. greater vigor. It may take great Drive onward. The mood to The NCMLIC is the results of an idea that

Negro schools. Ad a results, many should altar a take particularly rocky of one .asking too many people for understanding and self-re bring things to their fruitful prompted seven Durham Negroes to form a
Negro teachers have been displaced in favorable clrcumsfancesto advantage any advice related, to especially in matters in- straint on both sides to prevent or logical conclusions remains company ln 1899. At that time the corn-

many southern states.In make another try. No matter terest. When your you pecuniary are taking an bead-on-c iest-going 0 UIII partnerships 0 D. The eas are dominant during this last quar- had an income of $393, with assets of

almost every instance, no Negro tea- how hard friends and others. important question under generally those that have one ter. Permit it since no one to puta $350 and $247 worth of insurance in
damper on propitiousdays
chers were carried from their old schools dear to you may be pressing to. advisement it appears preferable aggressive and one retiring in- are to utWze to Jour force. ,
Into the newly-created desegregated situa- must make take you change Into account your mind that,you, for you to seek some. dividual. A wonderful day for personal, financial and professional Today this same company has 250 home
they sort of inner sanctum where
tion. Almost without exception no white you romance, wedding rites and dvantages.Engage In the office
tnt, be serving their own selfish will not be disturbed by extraneous unusual creations employees and | ,2\Q employees In
be the
teachers were put out of their jobs. No ends. The best days during this may sale or purchase of property field '
influences, or by people 2Cth, 27th. As long as you take when stand the best chance offices who serve more than 800000policy ;
wonder Negro teachers charged discrimi- quarter should be the 25th,26th. who do much speaking without such attachments seriously of reaping you a sure and quick holders.
You are open and respond favor ,''really knowing what they are
nation. altruistic In- rather than flippantly there profit. Things that wert proper- More than this, the comPany presently
The Integratiotv.of teachers will be no ably fluences.inspiring Family relations and own talking Intuition about.can Although furnish your the are excellent chances that they ly planned, In connection with has $ ,23 million of insurance in :force,
will endure. You will dis-
difficult'than in soon housing or alliances, should
It integratingthe
more was housing problems are not so right answers, you must leave The firm's' Income exceeds $23 million
cover that work load and
pupils. All that Is'' needed I Is a firm easily solved. Your undaunted the door open so that it canfind responsibilities your are turn out as expected. You are annually and Its assets
gradually to
still being swayed by the needto more
directive by school administrators.A I energy could step In and enable .a means of entry Into your con- increasing. economize since the climb than $87 million.
you to find a way. And you also scious. Once you are attuned to
upward remains a long and arduous What the North Carolina
have unselfish friends whose the more conservative ele- 9-80-66-19-45-256 Mutual Life Insurance -
Tribute To 'Tops" Long presence can provide support. mentsp! aim straight and true one. Company has done should encourage
-SAGITTARIUS' 'l-80-.... -15-5-io others to use the
3-60-55-18-74-283 el5Q.-33-14-54-653' power of Idea.
\ <
The death of Coach Fred't Popas'' Long .Born Nova;

of Wiley College, closed one .of ,the most 'GEMINI VIRGO. '23rdDec. 2lit FIsCE44om

colorful sports stories within the last .lomI'-o'f, ,Bom Aug. b. Yes We All Talk
50 years. ,His reputation a' coach, ,Ijin-, 21 NJyn: 21stShOW' 23d-Sept.22nd.' Action is Indicated. There Is 19tItNar. 20thBe ,

ges upon the "elevens"" that 'he produced;, always an aura of secrecy re- quick on the trigger. Your BY Marcus B. Boulware
'in the Southwest area. For *JO 'years his depth. The first real Decide as you feel. While>girding the work you do or the mental faculties .
chance to are being
prove the true worth
couples may be taking opposite results you are try Ing to obtain.
teams were regarded as winning' threats.He of a special talent may come In sides over Important mattersor The fact that a success that may quickened making it possible QUESTION!: : what is meant by delayed
earned the name "Pops"" because of a strange way during this last developments, the basisfor not be made public will be yours for you torender clear and snappy speech and retarded language? Mrs. o. H.
the length of the time he stayed' In the quarter. Even if you have suffered agreements may not be Is a distinct possibility.could i decisions. The first Impressions ANSWER: Delayed speech refers
setbacks are likely to be the correct to the
that could defeat I seriously threatened, Discover: be Important enough for you to
coaching field. His associates 'regarded I
others ones, easing your task to take child retardation in the
stronger than you,struggle take extreme use of oral
for your self how potent a friendly precautionary
him as the "Winningest Coach" In foot- valiantly and benefit from attitude can be and decide to measures to Insure the prevent- follow-up actions with no unnecessary language. He may substitute one sound for
baU history, especially In the South- all the Inspiration that person resort to no'other in thi tutuie. tlon of leaks'or threats of a security delays whatsoever.Go another or omit certain sounds. He sounds
western Conference of which. he was ,'or your surroundings can pro- The Virgoans who are seeking t, nature. It also n"*y betime where wherever the your duty to add calls or like a child who is sereral years his
vide. Do not blame yourself too opening substantially -
founder."Pops". the opportunity to exchange a 'I for others among you who to ,junior so far as speech is
severely for mistakes of judgment 'I I I your earnings concerned.
have to do with
nothing such
life of single bliss for the wedded -
Long's funderal, drew ,a recordof beckoning. The There two
experience are kinds
regarding yourself as well state should move freely In1 1 I matters to look after your real- you of language impair-
sports-figures, former :students, newsmen U your friends for this Is the :'their club and social circles dentist and family Interests. have gained In life'should be ent. First the child because brain un-,
coaches, representatives many only way to learn. Also observe :and keep a sharp outlook for Decide where you want to makea applied In your social and club developing after one has learned to ,speak
.the behavior and tactics of circles u well, for It would
They came to patheir the. the 't permanent home. Get busy and term
groups. respectto Individuals who already : most likely candidates.Your'Intuition bring the respect and esteem we these the aphasia
a man who won 12 championships In :and '-nutate are on may be quite helpful, with any arrangements that may that consider READERS:' for ay public
top them when you, \I have to be made. The consentof you may your due.! speaking pamphlet
I Iin this respect. You should not
football. This record compares favorablywith have sir ''Ur aspirations. Create 'dismiss It u being nonexistent. your closest partner must A !happy future with the partner send two stamps are a Song self
those racked up byJake'J Gaither the h lie conditions that you Events are moving swiftly. first be obtained. of your choice is not an unattainable addressed business evvelope. write or
of FAMU, "Ox"" Clemmon, and Bell of MT can be proud of. You should keep pace. goal any more. M. H. Boulware. Florida AIM University

at Greensboro. :_'708814'-65-13'7 t-70-44-1536Ut d_90-'l'7- J7-67-943 2-30-44-19-63-124. BOX 310-A... Tallahassee Florida --- 3230'PAGE .


I \ 4

SA1U PUII 3, 1966. PAPER ;.BABE 3'

Scenes Of The Kappq Black & White Ball


4 tL


i ::4w I 1

: r yIa _( ,.
> /I rlll 0 I{

\''' fJI) J .
,, '' snn \ f.. '

1 : IUlb ;D'....:

10H ,, 3l'T!

GALA TIME --- Members and friends of the White Ball" ,,held at the Duval County Williams, Mrs. Clarice Williams I Mr. C. M. Thompson Mrs William Wright, Mrs.W. I Ii

I Kappa Fraternity are shown here enjoyingthe A.rmory.! From: left are: Mrs.. .Marlon J. A. Clark, Mr. & Mrs. K. B. Bonner, Mrs. W. Johnson] f.fr. & Mrs. J. C. Divine? I

festivities of the recent !alack &

Hampton Club Meets Friday

The Jacksonville Hampton -
social event for memo
Club will meet at 8:00 p.m.. on spring .
bers and their guests.Also
Friday April 2:, in the home of to be considered will be I
Mrs Rebecca L. Martin 2003
the local chapter's participation -
Durkee Drive In theannualalumnl-glving.
Prime items on the agenda will fund-raising campaign to the
Include the receiving of final Alumni
National Hampton
reports from the recently held Association which terminates
joint voice recital featuring during the spr1ncre-un1oDacU-
Miss Carol Brown and Vernon
vities on the Hampton Institute t'i
Smith both of whom are Hamp- for
set this year May
ton Institute students, and planning 27-30.
for the local Club's Annual


w I

,;.: iIi!
I '

Let's Elect.... I, % Pu1 'i .6' ...I,,' .... ;;:r F.* ,;. .

BARNEY F. COBB \ ,or' ,:I : { :
....I...... ,).., .\/I' : {I' .
jl. .
.)' 1 ,: ,
r I
; I ,. .
.. 1f ''''IT' ".,, .\ t: .
AttorneyGeneral .. I \",' .f

;;f .,. ....1 +
I I'" '_"
iw n01O'l

i t ibei' art \\
tlmeea 'twelve ( Battle at'Suu Emphasis Neekuje
Cosmetology Group
State j nk MIM
Vocational Emphasis Wee*6btervance -
To Hold Fashion Show The Westslde Division of that
Is scheduled-,,*!
Of Cancer Neighborhood Drive, Slate Musical Tea
Stanton Vocational Hlga Bcnpol 4i
The Omega Twelve Social and'Savings I :under supervision of Mrs Ethel
FloridaYoir Club will present Mrs. D. Bannister,will sponsor"The April 25-29, according chalrmairfor)to t.. the D. Members of the Connolseurs
Ethel Spears and models in abanquet aM Battle of the E. T.'. In recital Richardson, 93 I I I of Cosmetology will sponsora
Vote And Support Appreciated fashion show April 30 April 24 at 8 p.m., in Lee Audi- celebration.students will display Musical Anniversary Tea on
The pro-
at Douglas Anderson High torium. at Edward Waters College jects in all shop areas.The shop Sunday, April 24 at the home of
School. The public has been
Automotive Me- ,Mrs Velma D. Thompson,1736
Paid Pol. Adv. Invited to attend. Featured will be Mrs. Essie 1 areas chanics,are Richard: McBride, Davis Street, from! 4 to 8 p.m.M .
Mae Thomas '
,, "The
"1 :";: :t4r4J3 l. .: '1" : .., ,,. ... 6i:5; : j.: Warhorse Tucker. and' Mrs Emma. III Thomas! A. ? *

I Also enjoying the gala affair are, seatedMr.

fR fNC You don't and Mrs. John R. Graham with Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Grlswold, (standing) Mrs. Georgia
have to acquire Joseph, Mrs. Marlon Williams, Mrs. Clarice
a taste for the Williams, and Mrs. M. Williams, with Mr.
S & Mrs. S. Bowman.JalOI's .
-4I Smooth Canadian. GROWING

S ',CANADIA W Seagram's\ LCanadhnvf-) Joins Yi mJ NQ BEUS Jill 1X5 k 5:

Job CorpsThree Theodore Leroy Jones Jr,1167 wiz
Jacksonville area youth W. 8th St., 26 and Dorothy Williams -
P rcif b ,iqf.s John Alken, 2964 Rayford St, 5720 Vernon Rd., 31. KEEP
j David Smith, 1331 Florida Ave. _
and Bill Williams, 1327 V*.Bu- Joseph Lavarne Tana, 744 1/2 _
ren Ave have been assigned to W, Duval St., 46 and Mattie
the Job Corps Centers reported Pearl Frailer, 915 Broadl St.,
w. Gordon M. Punshon, manager 30.
kAUreN I I ,.: of the Jacksonville Youth Op- BURNSGOVERNOR
< IX-.tunity Center Molotov Manning, 744 Cpu;)B.,
< Punshon said that Alken,IS reported 18 and Mary Alice Mann, 934
-\,' ? r to Atterbury*Job Corps' Madison St., 19.
Center at Edlnburg, Indiana and
MAr..r/ ski'CYl Smith 18 and Williams 17 have Samuel Eve McFadden, 4106
g gone to Camp Kilmer Job Corps Lockhart Dr., 20 and Patricia
Center located near Newark, Ann Jackson, 4030 LockhartDr.
New Jersey ., 19.
The t three y'g men were
sworn into the Job Corps during Earl Lee Tonsil, 735 Eaverson
ceremonies conducted at the St., Apt. 2. 26 and Naomi Fra- In J965, under the administration of Governor Haydon Burns.
_""InIIUD V UUCTEO*HISII" "[| IMlW YOC prior to their leaving for zier, 1566 W. 25th St., 26.
UI Florida reached new heights in
the Job Corps centers,Punshon '
"j ga. 'II said.. Robert Lee Fleming, 1743 W..
29th St., 22 and Joanne Ellison,
.. ." fgt. u -.' 5739 Abella Rd., 20 BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL GROWTH

-T 4 S' S.Yer ,, Paul Crosby, 330 W. 1st St., 20
and Estella Bellamy, 330 W.1st

t Brown, 1408 Causey

,non, 1720 Highland Ave., 19. t (".
Althan William Hunt,922 W.Du
I \ val St., 33 and Mildred Bryant, MAKE YOUR OTE.COUNT
FOOD fLO 'S 922 W. Duval St.,,31.
Cleveland John Lee, 1134 Davis | 'w
i ir St, 20 and Virginia Mae PROVEN PROGRE S r rEXPERIENCE4ctfHPERSHIP
,',, I Milliard, 718 Court F., 19. ,

.1 Roosevelt Hill, 2549 StewartSt. : :
., 60 and Mary Cotton, 2549


win St.,44 and Mary Lee Rivers )')
350 Goodwin St., 33. J m mim' "TnT"y, """""""" "%
e1A"I: 4M"" r Freddie Elijah Cooper, 4904
c Tennessee St., 19 and Carol Vote For ,The One Man

Err Ann Davis, 1157 CommunityCt.
., 19.James.
,' .j Who Will Serve
Green 621 W, AshleySt.
its..Best'h ., 38 and Dorothy Lee Allen,
: Beef at 745 Everson St., 32. All ,Fioridipnsis ,

.... ._"--- _. '. ___'_ __ Adolpbus Allen Maddox,Dallas, at : ,
Texas, 24 and Ruth Rhondalee : s'.cQ" ro ro.ov
Shanklln, Key West, Fla., 20.

/ t I
.. .._ J'> ,
to" -- "" .. "- Ut --- -

.,....'" I Ii .. ,'. .. .. .... ... .. .. .. .. If .. .. .. '

St. John liBtist To ObserveIts Juxoiis Visited Florida AtM Campus TWO MINUTES

,,... ,, ,...,
I : __ t ,_;l' "';""" "p_" c__, I: -

Fourth Anm.il ,'!:DMl Day"The .'r; v : ""':''T'(1 : min n COINIUU THZ 5. STAM BIBLE mil.MMAN .

iiii McurrCMCAOO
fourth annual Dual Day Deacon J. Alexander H. M, HUNO4S *0M 1i
observance wW be held Sunday Pauline, Mrs Flora Belie king Mi !' .;
in St. John Baptist Church, according Deacon Janus' Bryant, Mrs. ... :,

to Rev Arthur L. Polite ,Mrs., Essie Jones k .'"<... '' GOD FOR US
J. Hughes, minister., Williams Mrs. H.M.Law R. ;
..Ilea ...,
The chairman and co-chair rence, Deacqn George Stevens their tint Christ
.. Many people,even religious people, to and telling them'
man art Mrs. ClaryceA. Mrs Samml. Reed, Mrs Rosa .. ." suppose that Cod li flfaiiul nnntn that He it not imputing their trc.-
Hughes and Deacon Joseph Henson. Mrs Johnnie Mae J "Do what ii right," they think, patset unto"them Their Impasse
Alexander. TiM services begin Lewis, Mrs. Mfgl" 0. Perry, ." < .. "and God will love and bleu you, will b* Imputed to'them, of course,
with the Church School at 9:19 Miss Juanlta. J.. Horne, Terry .. but do what is wrong and He will if they reject God't provision of
a.m., Mr. Lenora Daniels u Chaplain Miss,,Dorothy Lee \ \' ,; ,' be angry with you and curie you." salvation through Christ, but for
nest superintendent. The Ford; Earl Brown Miss Debra ,
par "
Perhaps this view of God come the prevent it it a wonderful fact
tlcipants will Include: Andrew Jones and Mrs Josephine W.Cleveland. .
: that we can to sinner
I from the fact that many Scripture go any and
W. Boston, 1Ir.B.J.Williams, .' ( ;;{ patuget,especially: In the Old Testament ..yon the authority of God't written .
Bishop EHC.t Batcher will be .;. "" ;1 reveal God ai the Enemy of I Word: "Your tint have been
the speakers at, U a.m. Other. .G:; .a r ';;; t' the worker iniquity But He paid for; God it not holding them
Women Club participants are Mrs. Altamese ; '
: ;! '
1 ofIniquitYII' againttyou.
\ 12 "h' > la the Enemy of the worker you receive Christ
,GJbbs.Mcjntosh, Mrs. C. : Savior?"
.. : J *, d-u fuh""J at your
Met Recently Miss Hughes Patsy,; Mrs Johnson, Beatrice, Rev Vaugbt A. J., :;;<,:,, i'J: tntqutly, not a* Individual persons, It 1 I.on this basis that the Apostle.Paul ;
Cod asks "HaveI on to plead:
In Finn 18:23 goes
Mrs. Vera (
Hughes, Wilson, '
) the wicked "Now then, we ambassadorsforChrist.aithoughGoddid
: any pleasure at all that are
'1 Robinson's Young Miss Alice Nixon Mrs. ClaraW.WUkersonT4
The "Amy i; : should di.. ,?" And in II Pet. 39;
Women of Allen" of .. .Morlah V. Thomas, ,
; learn that when God might have beieeeh you by usVE PRAY
Church net recently at the Miss ;Jacquelyn Smith, JohnWrIS ,
: AME Ii. ... this world for the crucifixion YOU IN CHRIST'S STEAD BE
-1Ii.- judged
church in their first "Get AcquaJnteel" .;MtLpattherte, Same, .
James Vincent Stubbs, ;',' of Christ,He delayed judgement :
meeting.The Cain :, "For H hath made Him
under Mrs, Lois Charles WUkerson becauM He it "longsufferlng" to be sin
: group was organised -Mrr. "not willing that any should perish, for ut, IHimj( ]who knew no sin, that
: leadership! of Mrs.Mary Nealey Sylvia Bartley,
+ and Mrs.Delores Jackson.Mrs. Mrs., L. M. Butler. but that all should come to we might be made the righteousnessof
The God in Him" (II Cor. I;20, 21)),
will repentance.
Gertrude Harrison and Mrs. E. youth program be held
at 9 p.m.Van Brace Gatfney The Apostle Paul, referring to No, unsaved friend, God is not
Moran of Mt.Olive AME Churchwere will -- -- --- --- -- "
I! special guests, and Mrs. be the speaker. Others appearing TV PERSONALITY TO FAMU-MalvlnGoode_ ,famed commentator to right, tney are: fcowln M.Thorpe,director of admissions: and the crucifixion, declare that God against you. He love you and provided .
Moran made brief remarks on are: Jessie Raywood, Miss and newscaster for AIJC-TV.,left,wan recent guest.of the records; Mrs Benjamin H. Groomes, counselor, the Upward was In Christ, reconciling the world abundantly for your salvationby
'I'', the functions of the board and Janyce Hughes,.Miss Diane Val- graduate and undergraduate chapters of Alpha PhiAlpba Fraternity Bound program; and Mr. Groomes counselor Is N. B. Young unto Himself NOT IMPUTING paying Joe yo"r ties IlimstlJ ai.
: ; the duties and responsibilities Inc., during the organisation's annual v e ap e r sprogram. Hall, FAMU men's dormitory Both Messrs Thorpe and Groomesare THEIR TRESPASSES UNTO Calvary, This i I. the essence of
'' of the board to the church. Mr. Goode, who delivered the vespers address,Is shown herewith member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity former residentof THEM; and hath committed unto "the gospel of the grace of God''
:'I': The first meeting will be held some members of the FAMU staff who were among those Jacksonville, Mrs Groomes is a member,of Alpha Kappa u.the word of reconciliation"(II Cor. Will you believe it? Will you trust
: May 4 at 7:30>> p.m., in the home who accompanied him about the campus during his visit. Left Alpha Sorority. FA MU staff photo by Ernest. Flllyau. 5:19): ). How could H* have shown Christ now a* your own personal
': of Mrs. Delores Jackson, 1S7 r4u sinners more conclusively that He Savior
Magnolia Street. Officers will ; % desire their good than by imputing
j be elected and an outline of the Program Slated Church Of God
'1 .year's projects will be discus Tea TimeThe ',. ,< Friends Day Set
,Present a At. New Mt. OliveThe Trustee Day Set Methodist Women
::, in the former meeting 6
1 I were: Mrs. Velma Bannerman, youth of New Mt. Olive Sunday Morning Prayer t 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., at 1324 Bridler At Mt Zion AME Observe FoundingThe
;::::1 J Mrs. ErdeU Kill, Mrs. Hea t- Church will sponsor an after Band will sponsor a SpiritualTea Street. Rev. Almeda L.Wheeler Trustee'Day:wfll be observed
,;:; etta1U ersMrs.JessieMyers, service program on Sunday, Sunday at 4 p.m., in the will speak, also Rev. James Sunday throughout the day at the "Friends Day" will be observed Woman's Society of
'I 1 Miss Gwendolyn Nelson, Mrs. April 24,1966.Appearing home of Mrs Ida Mae Cohen Burden. Church of God. In Christ 4 with Sunday In Mt. Zion Christian Service and the Wes-
t! Bertha Sabb, Mrs. Mamie on program will be 1750 W. 26th St., In Interest of Elder W.' F. Faust, pastor, In AME Church, according to Rev. leyan Service Guild at Ebenezer
I Flultt. Mrs Shirley J. Harris choirs 1, 2, and 3 as well as the anniversary. Elder Most charge. Choir %UDder direction C. E. Toston, pastor. Members Methodist Church of the
f I Mrs. E. Moran, Mrs. Gertrude selections by Deacon A. Ash- Davis will be the speaker. otaMetetDeaconess of Missionary Mary Christopher have been asked to bring their Women's Division of Christian
: Harrison Mrs. Delores Jackson wood, Miss Matt 1 e Johnson, and, Usher"Board 1 will friends to the services Service, Methodist Church will
and Mrs. Mary Nealey.The Deacon Jerry Lang Mr. Levi ....- serve The services begin with the observe its 25th anniversary
o group received an endorsement Simmons, Mr. Eugene Austin, Boards 1 and 2 of Morning service at 12 o'clock Church School at 9:30 a. m., Sunday, Ebeneter Methodist
:. from presiding ElderW.F. and duets by the Austin Twins, The PTA of William Raines Friendly Baptist Church will and evening service at 8 o'clock. with Superintendent Raymond Church.
Foster dec, Miss Franchetta Paul, and Miss Wilma Corbln and High School will sponsor a Patio sponsor a Pretty Hat Tea Sun- Sunday School; begins at 10 a.m., Wade and Director Sumner Rev. E, W. Newman, pastor,
Harold Dennis Quintet, Miss Prof. Robert Blalock.Revival Rainbow Tea Sunday from 4 to day at 3 p.m., at the church. with Mrs Emma Levy Wiles In charge. Morning service will have charge of the 11 a.m,
Pentecostal Janat< ,Kanklns, Miss Genus 6 p.m., In the courtyard of the The participants Include:Deacons presidio The lesson topic Is at 11 o'clock. The Gospel service, and Choir 2 will reader
CorbetirMiss Joyce Taylor, school. 0. Mitchell, Mrs. B. H. "Jeroboam Misuses Religion" Choir will sing with Mrs May- the music. At 5p.m.the
..talJathtrlne:: :: Butler, Miss' Hour All classes will have decorated Hartley, Mrs. Jaanle Jackson, YPWW at 7 p.m., with Charles belle Oliphant at the organ and anniversary team will be held
Observes Patricia.Whlttaker, Frederick tables using the colors of the Mrs A. M. Sims, Mrs. Emma Sullivan In charge.Deacon B.F. Wilbur Jones at .tile,piano. The in the social hall of the church.
T.' >7lmjis, Miss Madgellne rainbow and will vie for the Adams Mrs. Dorothy Byrd, Irving Is the teacher. Male Chorus of Mt. Sinai Baptist Mrs. A. P. Cook, president of
April 25th Strong,I Miss Mary King, and Sunday At 3A. "Pot of Gold" at the end of the Mrs. Mamie Paschel, Mrs M. Second Bethel I Church will be guest and the North Florida District will
Glenn Anderson.The rainbow. Laster, Mrs. Susie Ealy, Mrs. sing several selections The be the speaker. Other guests
The Pentecostal Church of the participants are: Mrs C, P. Rogers, chairman of The class chairmen are: Mrs Mary Halback, Mrs. Sadie Rev. Mr. Toston will preach. will participate.
Trustee Board 1 of Walters Blvens, Mrs. Lela Williams, Lays CornerstoneSecond
First Born and Elder ReathaM. M.'Harr1l.1ss Barbara Smith, Eliza Rich Perry, Mrs.Johnnie
Memorial AME Zion Mrs. M. Butler
Church King
Mrs. C.
Miss Betty Crawford Miss Jan- Mitchell, Mrs Susie Pierce and ,
McGill, pastor, will observe Revival Bethel Baptist Church
ette Emerson has announced that the S. J. Emanuel, Mrs. Fannie WHEN YOU ARE ILL
S"mrin7 Thompson Mrs. Saramae Richardson. The
their anniversary April25 Hour will be held Sunday at 3 Garner and Rev. B. H. Hartley Wesconnett, will conduct
Ray Weaver, EpsllonSing will be In
program presented
through May 6. p.m., in the church auditorium. cornerstone ceremonies Sunday
Monday night, Deacon Eddie ers, Miss Gwendolyn Maxwell, .Bethel Baptist choirs and the auditorium of the school be- ........ at 3 p.m., at the church with .
Wesley Bossard, C. Von Bos- ta'1 'therefreshmentsareserved. Yon Seek The Best Doctor.
Thomas will be in Rev.
presented J. I. Scott
Choirs 1 and 2 of Sweetwaterwill pastor,
I recital. Mrs. Thelma Jones tick,Mrs.. Yvonne Reed, Mrs. When Your Doctor Prescribes, ;;..'
serve. Rev. Mrs. Marie F. District 10 of Mt.Olive Primitive '
will also participate. Tuesday 1I.1..BuUer.Jo.ephAluander, a'Ire.participants Get Experienced Pharmacists #, +.A.l '
Washington of Varlcks Memo- Baptist Church will sponsor are: Deacons ;
night, the Excelsior and Queen Mrs. Hughes and the pastor., rial AME Zion Church will C- a Spring Tea Sunday the base Charles Lavant, Freddie Jack- ...According to your Doctor's ....z.t#. .
I of Harmony Gospel Singers will serve as Mistress of Cere- ment of the church. son, Choir I, Warren Smith t Orders. We Use Only The Best :,
be presented on program Mrs. !Revival Meeting monies. A Spiritual Building Fund Tea Appearing will be Mrs. Pearl Deacon Leroy Mallory, Mrs. Quality Drags {....,
M. H. Williams Is Mistress of Other participants Include: will be give Sunday from 4 to Hodges, James A, Jones, William Doretha Gwynn, Deacon Peter C. E,BLACK
Ceremonies. Revival meeting Is being held Rev. H. C. Archie Rev. O. A. 6 in Interest of Mt Zion Over Barker. Mrs. Dollle Mae Macon, Mrs. Annie M. Griffin, Proprietor
Wednesday night, Elder E. In Mt. Sinai Holiness Church Odom, Mrs. Estelle Dunlap, coming Holiness Church, in the Hartsfleld, Miss Sandra Williams Mrs Barbara J. Williams, 3 Registered Pharmacists TO serve you
LIndsey and Mother A.Ferger- 1148[w:;21st Street, and will Deacon Willie
Miss Amy Moreland, Mrs. home of Mrs. Truemlller Mrs. Irene Seals,James Griffin Rev. W.
son will hare charge. Thursday continue through April 28. Dr. Marie Patterson, Mrs. Drew Crooms, 628 W. 17th St. Mrs. Hodges Deacon Mack Hall, Lavant, W. M. Reed and others. ----A COMPLETE LINE
0 F----
night Elder A. Robinson L. /..J.eJc11nr! of Bridgeton N,
Ella Moseley, Mrs. Dorothy Louise Balker Nelson will be Male Chorus and Mrs. Suwan-
pastor of toe Church of God la J., and a former resident of Murray, Mrs. E. M. Roberts, the speaker. nee Wilson. Bivens SpecialsIn
Christ Raiford will conductthe this city Is speaker Cosuetios-Rubber
each night. Charlie Sledge John W. Mur- Goods-candles-sundries
service and Friday night, Elder L. II, Sparks pastor, rail, John A. Smith,Mrs.Doro- oaoo ******* AnniversaryThe PRESCRIPTIONS CAL, ED FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's -
the youth department will have has extended an invitation to the thy Byrd, Mrs. L. Squire and

charge. public to attend Mrs. Emma Harrison.--_, District 1 of Mt. Calvary Baptist The Valiant Ladies Social and brate Blven their tenth Specials will cele-
Saving Club will anniversary, Drug Store
Church will sponsors sponsor Its 12th Sunday
night May 1 at the Mt.
Spring Tea Sunday from 4 to 6 anniversary tea Sunday from 4 Ararat Annex
p.m., in the Garden Center Club, to 6 p.m., at the YWCA. their special and will have U 1907 KINGS ROADEL3.8276
guest, the Drexel
ti / 16G11Q8S 10SUl 344 W. 17th St. The participants are: Mrs. Singers of
N. J. and
Appearing on program will be, Rosa Lee Shannon, Mrs. Alice the Mighty Sunset Travelers,
Deacon W. J. Wright Mrs. C. Faye Maxwell Mrs. Catherine
Memphis Tenn.
11 824 WEST BEAVER Threadcraft, Mrs. Hannah Hoi- Little, Mrs. Vertrlce Moorer, .,
man, Mrs. Beulah Ransom, Mrs. Eva Louise Lane, Mrs.
1 830 CASSATAVE, Mrs Gussle Gray Mrs.Juanita Janell Wilson, Mrs Edith Jones
Brown, Mrs. Susie McGraw, and Mrs. Alneta Moorer.
tj 3101 EMERSON Mrs. Marva Wright Misses
Connie and Bonnie Gulatt, Mrs WANT TAX
M. .5.'eFA
i W. Jackson Thomas and Mrs. Cassandra

r Spiritual Tea will be presented
:. ....... May 1 from 3 to 6 p.m., in you wont tax relief Fred Schultz
l the home of Mrs.Eunice Oliver, is in the best position to get the job KffP... FRED I
SMOKE OR A Greenleaf Spiritual Tea will 805 W. Duval St. Elder Mose done Fred Schultz serves on the
be sponsored Sunday from 3:30: Davis will be the speaker. Tax Reform Commission and is the

leading candidate) for the Speakerof

: ,I CON 2 IBS. $1 the House In these positions of SCHULTZ
''I leadership he can be a Floor Leaderfor
I the people in getting needed ad
R. valorem tax relieF

: I iGG'sG $1' "Jacksonville's 4-8381-EL Most&Recommended MAIN 4-83K.! Dealer"EL FRED, SCHULTZkept t

his pledge to help Improve educational
DOZ. LARGE PURCHASE OF ,opportunities by introducing legislation

CHRYSLER CORP. CARS Duvol authorising County, the Junior College for

Introduced legislation to create the To.
65 Dart 270" $ Reform Commission whose duty U to took
39 $ on equitable. basis for Just Teiatlon.
6.t U. Auto, R&H PS, loyo lyo

: LB. Fac. Warranty fb! fitf i FRED SCHULTZserved

at Chairman of the tub-committee
\ OY $1795 $195 which wrote the State Student Loan and
"20 Auto., RH, PS, Scholarship bill
FLA. OD. "A" OR BUDGET BRAND 0LB. Fac Warranty Jjfc, f iwt FRED SCHULTZ

65 Ply. Fury III strongly supported the Fort Authority Bill
29 $2S95$295 which hot already brought new industries
FRYERS H'top, V8. Auto, R&H, and job opportunities to Duvol County

PS, AC, Fac. Warranty fS& KSf. FRED SCHULTZworked i

CHRYSLER'S FAMOUS for and supported legislation
5-Yr. or 50,000 Miles WarrantyON which created the Duvol County Hospital


now serves.at the House Member on the
Bond Review Board and Aft served. on

AVG. 1 S R. S. EVANS3RD every Education Committee the House. FOR THE PEOPLE

& MAIN Paid Political. Ad by Fred ...".11.)

111CI TIE lEI RNIMT SNOW IN WJXT TI CIANNEL 4 "Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer"

j .

t I(



A. Philip Randolph Receives Howard U. Dean r Running.---For Indiana Senater Ford Grant Made To Watts Jobs And HousingAre

Award On His 77th Birthday On Law Panel Law { Area For Job Proaress Top Topics At

presented.NEW YORK A.-(NPI)-The Un 111 Steelworkers of America Clyde Ferguson dean, Howard LOS ANGELES-{NPI)-Seething a al-year old Negro from Mississippi White House Meet
Sleeping Car Philip Randolph, president, Brotherhood of University law school, was In with racial unrest the who vent to a Be t 11 e r '
Porters and chairman Negro l.aborCouocllwitb: charge of the session on law 'turbulent Job office WASHINGTONNPIJob.
the annual award of the 7 community of Watts, on theWel 1dewbUe and economic security utdwel i
League of Industrial Democracy at a enforcement during the four- 1 of violent riots >In Intoxicated
scene race for
luncheon In the Hotel looking. a "bet fare, education and
'Moa... _____L_ ..Waldorf-Astoria__ last Saturday day National Conference on 4 1969 and 1966 cart ray of hope ter Job." be bou.tncwW
o main items on the agenda
111&111011 was me 77tn ganisations spearheading the Public AdmtnLltratlon, on- when the Ford Foundation He had a minor criminal
luncheon birthday of he Randolph.During the grape workers strike in Delano, sored by the American Society n ; granted $200,000 to assist business be could not read nor write record during session.open June 1 for a two-day
billion spoke on the $100 Calif., Father Peter O'Reilly, for Public Administration last management with its role and had worked only about five
freedom Philip Randolph, dean tithe
budget which he president, St. John's Federation week. In a massive streets to jobs"program. out of ten years he has lived in nation's
I Proposed in civil
connection with the Secure President'1 These. Conference" "To Kehrer, gather area director, the conference brought public Al t It supplements an earlier$450, After numerous trips to the will of serve the as honorary In chairman which-
The Rights. AFL-CIO civil r 1 Ie h t s department t officials from throughout t the 000 Ford grant for the Opportunities office, be was finally given a about conference
.-luncheon--wu the highlight--- who spoke on "New Horizons nation and a variety of fields Industrialization Center, construction job at an hourly ticipate.2,000 persons are to par
for the Labor Movement., Among those participating In the 3 1 ,organized and eratedentlr'Ir pay of $3.67. Such jobs are
law enforcement panel was U.S. -- -- by a broad representation of the usually available for the asking
Voters League Appeals Court Judge J. Skelly Hilbert t I. candidate for Negro community. because they require little or Eighteen irees collegesand
Wright. Indiana State $ BradleYd to his The grant will be shared by the no skill In 33 junior are now
operation In the grate of
Meets This WeekBy secretary Miss Rose Padron, In his Gary Management Council for Merit In Washington, D. C. the Job Florida
Trains For Theraphy Employment, Training and Research Corps nit a snag when figures
( Ind. office.
,, NORMAN E. JONES ) 116-year-old aspirantis of Los Angeles and the showed a high droput rate
.. .. among
The Florida Voters League, --- -'.- active in business and civic affairs Los Angeles chapter,American white enrollees that threatens TRAIN NOW f FOR
Inc. wW hold their regular a and predicts a bright future for NegroesIn Society for Training and Development. to turn the corps into a predom
semi-annual meeting In Panama % I Gary politics.I l i inantly Negro prestos TOMORROW'S JOBS
and The two will form the
City, Saturday Sunday ( groups
April 2S ,2a with the Bay County ) link between QIC's prevocational -
Progressive League hosting the training or similar programs
affair. Political Powers In Recruting For and actual jobs or on- "
: Agenda as adopted by the Board the-Job training positions In

of Directors would feature > .r ,, South Thraelened Air Force Los Angeles Industries and
Panel round table discussions .,,> business.
.of the League's two-day 71st on voter registration and getting ; w a. .-"'--- In New York the NAACP announced "

annual conference on "Labor out the vote on Saturday morn- ay By Voter Registration .4 that It would make Enjoy the extra smoothness of-1 r
and Politics. :'
Ing. Business sessions wW be discrimination In the
Ralph Heist e in,president conducted Saturday afternoon 3r N. J.IICFALL d i ? city's building trades Its major 7 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon IJ
United Packinghouse Workers, and Sunday morning. The political future of America, A. H. Raskin, New The traditional banquet wW u American Negro has been enhanced The NAACP charged there was
York. Times and Gus Tyler, be held on Sunday afternoon at tremendously as mill- .e' "flagrant and willful- "
assistant president International which time candidates for statewide taut Negro leaders delve Into balance" >In hiring at the Manhattan
Ladles' Garment offices will be granted an all facets of municipal, county,' and Bronx Surface Transit (\
Workers' Union participated in alloted time to make their pre VA TRAINEE Kiss Mary, state and federal politics Operating authority, t unit i Ai
a panel discussion on"Is LaborA sentation to the delegates. G. Felder of Jacksonville, Fla. Prompted by passage of Fed of the City Transit Authority. 'f }
Force for Social Change." Headquarters for all cessions has been selected to receive eral civil rights legislation- I However, Dr. Eugene TReed, r
otter speakers included Cesar and the banquet wW be at the training in corrective therapy hundreds of thousands of previously -, 'newly elected state president,
Chaves, general director, Farm Diile Sherman Hotel in downtown at the Veterans Administration disfranchised Southern ,said that "the first UUng, we
Workers Union, one of the or Panama City. Hospital at Tuskegee, Ala She Negroes nave banded> together wW emphasize Is totaeakdown
is a member of the Physical in a tltantlc struggle for"full discrimination >In till taiildlng
Advanced Cancer Research Education Majors Club, Orche- and equal voting rights trades unions." J
sis Club, City Women's Council Massive voter registration In Chicago John D.Cray, and the
CHROMOSOME RESEARCH, on. of the newest area of mtdloln and Methodist Student drives coupled with Negroes newly-appointed 'chairman
lute furthered New by Intensive Invtttigat'on' at the Cancer R..rch Insti Organization. She Is a graduate filing for political posts never Chicago Merit, LmploymeatCommittee extra ajedoesn't ;
England Deacontu
I Hospital may 'lead to a better under. T/Sgt. Clint Shows of the local t cost
itandmg of cancer and cancer therapy of New Stanton Senior High held by any minority race before Air Force Office of the Chicago I
Minute unit of DNA carrying the gene that determine our School, Jacksonville, and the- -Is indicative of an announced today Recruiting that the Air Association of Commerce and ourbd one extra cent! I
heredity, make up each of the 46 chromosome contained In every daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence oncoming "political revolt" In Force Industry, estimated there are we
!is aro
cell of the human body. now taking qualified ?
Felder. Uflfi fontha fit the deep South. 100,000 Jobs In Illinois that can't
noa-hlg6 school If
Jacksonville, ..:f AMU photo by This combined juggernaut of Interested graduates be filled because of the lack of
you are
Art Studio Ernest Flllyau.Camping political power could sweep your education continuing qualified applicants.. .
Royal learning V
Southern Negroes into
many worthwhile trade, and serving However, these figures are
Group Seeks whites.offices traditionally held by your country on the Aerospace disputed by civil rights leaders N nog
who claim racial discrimination
Team, contact Shows
w Sergeant .
Thus, the entire political still exists in many business and
in Room 249 of the Post Office
LOST Negro CounselorsBOSTON structure of<< the South could be Industrial establishments In the
Building or call -7111, Ext.
National would
changed. politics 445. Chicagoland area.
England Camping Association freedom for Negroes. Negroes in Chicago !is that of
r OUR has launched a recruiting cam- Already the stage is set for a-
palgn >in southern Negro drama never before viewed by
colleges to hire student counse the American people
lors. The NAACP has called upon the ,
LEASE[ This action >is considered a Federal government to intervene
prime requUtN.fagrantitg. to secure extension of
I Negroes Jobs'never before offered the voter registration period 1d r'5U ,,
them by the association. Texas. r

NOW LOCATED AT Traditionally, Negroes have W. C, Patton, NAACP field E R MARKE
been hired only in kitchen and director for voter registration
clean up work. in Dallas, dispatched a letterto
Negro youngsters wW also be Atty. Gen. Nicholas katzen-
710 RUSHING ST. the subject t of Increased 'bach, urging him to use the THESE PRICES GOOD
recruiting as camners. i cower of his office in nrovldln THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AVE. B.
The summer capping activities year-round voter reci trattoo:'

SAME PHONE 3541894You of the association is con A statewide registration prior
sidered an Ideal to to the
way help Jan. 31 deadline wu conducted -
broaden the avenues on inter- by the NAACP. FLA. GRADE A DRESSED & DRAWN

group understanding, according earlier drive resulted !In the
DOD' t Have To QO To Town To Get to Melvin King, Boston social registration of 350,000 Negro
worker. voters out otapotential!'150,000.
King said "camping encom In Lowndes County, Ala., over FRYERS 29
PRICES passes Important areas >in civil 1,000 Negroes heard Rep.-elect LI: "
LOW rights. Julian Bond urge a renewal of,, ,
"One, 'here Is an integrated "people's politics"in the South. ,J _" .
housing experience; two, an educational Bond was thespeakerttartllycelebratltg
DRUG STORE NEEDS experience; three,Integrated the first ( :' ,';/' f fr
Job opportunities; and anniversary of the Lowndes U.S. GOOD CHUCKROAST ]d. "" ,
----w---- four, the !ideal of multi-ethnic County Freedom Organization, ii't

Trade with Your Neighborhood Drug store democrtcywhich i is part called the Black Panther Party : ,

WE WILL M"s ET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL. of camp life" because of Its symbol of a blackpanther. r, ,,:'rNaP,a ; I LB.49C
Camps include day camps'and .
fill all
papers we .Deliver, we also Doctors '
rlptiona. resident camps. They cover The party will run independent .
pres private camps and those run by candidates for a variety of, ,
churches Boy Scouts, V* and. county offices. Other such parties ---
I community organizations. are being formed in several
Dixie Pharmacy Boys and girls, ages 4 to 16, Alabama Black Belt counties WESSON
from varying socio-economic
Lowndes County had no Negro
backgrounds attend. voters a year ago, despite the

1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue. Students Jobs Interested may apply>In to counseling their per fact cent the of Negroes population.comprise.How 82 OIL I 24-OZ. 2 9C'BOTTLE

college job placement. office. ever, since the passage of the
Phones Elgin 5559798 ..... ... federal !law on voting in 1965,

-- ------ Florida manufacturers eager put over on 3,000 the rolls.Negroes have been LIMIT 1 (WITH $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER.

to show their products topros- In Birmingham, Ala. Emocy
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE[[ pective customers are reserving 0. Jackson, managing editor, CLOROX
exhibit spaces at the Birmingham World Newspaper,
BILLS AT OUR STORE Florida Industries' Exposition wW serve u chairman of a
in Orlando
April 19-22. candidate screening committee

-along with Prof. J. E. Pierce BLEACH 19
Alabama State College, GAL.
The occasion wW be the fourth .
annual convention of the
o Alabama Democratic LIMIT ONE WITH $$5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER ,

Conference, Inc.to be held April ... ..,-
18-!7 at L.R. Hall Auditorium.

/ ; chairman Atty. Orzell of the Blllingsley workshop, Jr.and Is FLA. GRADE A SMAll EGGS :' :4 DOI. IN, CARTON 37

/ b t banquet> committee. Attorney b+ .
Arthur D. Shores, president,
1 i Jefferson County Progressive U.Se GOOD RIB STEAK lB' 75113k1 -
; Democratic Council, wW serve <;TU
as host. James Johnson, JCP-

; ,,., u DC chairman vice president of the, convention wW serve FROZEN FRENCH FRIED POTATOES 2 l la. BAG 25

j ti ;; committee.In .
.F f y, ; y Washington Congressman
erg iota Conyers Jr. AId "all POLE BEANS la. 1STH.
elections >la the South must be .._
watched with minute scrutiny :
during election ,ear. The federal
3 lB CAN
court decision which Invalidated CRISCO :
the 1969 municipal ,
elections In Sunflower, Miss.,
has given a new legal precedent PILLSBURY FLOUR fJ 5 LB. BAG< 49
which can be used to throw

out any election from which ._. ,.. .
Negro American voters
are systematically barred." MARGARINE ; 1 lB SOLID 15
4x4 ; I '
In North Carolina, the Student "
Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
U pl nnlng logo Ktl HOLSUM WHITE BREAD lIR6E LOAf' 10
paid Pol. Adv. voter registration and community
I t organization campalgnsi

t fa
--- -- -

i J ,STAY NA tl.L f bIYMvii1 K 'ail S4. 1m 1


Church News To Sponsor Tea

The K. D. Britt Club Second
services of the'
The Sunday
Baptist Church will sponsor an
WoodUwn Presbyterian anniversary tea and the 12th
begins with Sunday: School at
anniversary: of Mrs. Bertha
9:30: a.B. followed by the morning
McCullough, president Sunday
at 10.53. The ser
worship at 3 p.m., In the lower auditor-
start with the candle
I vices will ium of the church.
the altar boys.
lighting by
Appearing will be Henry: White
Selections at the morning
Rev Wash Williams Deacon
will be rendered by the
; J Ji Youth Cholroithechurch.: Elder James Natlaw, Mrs Evelyn
Brown, Mrs. Eddie Mae Williams -
Hamilton and Deaconess
Ophelia Mrs. Nellie Byrd: Mrs
will be In
Helen Tony charge
Flora BurrlsMrI.Bessie Thomas -
of the mid-week: prayer: Mrs. W. M. McKelton
services to be held on Wednesday -
Mrs. Mary: Bowdry,Mrs.Francis -
: 27:00 p.m. B. Brown, Archie Pray,
i PL 9 v4 PUP THE FIGHT Deacon Lee Bryant Deacon Isaiah -
:Fields and Mrs Lottie Neak


4 > s BASFORD.

DElEGATES --- Seen In the photo at top left are some of the delegates
who attended trip annual state convention of the Progressive

Baptist Association held last week at Shiloh Baptist., Church. At

: top, right are convention delegates, Mrs. Ulee Edwards and Rev.E. a

Ii" S. Dean standing with Mrs. Eddie Mae Edou and Mrs. Thelma

Bradl eYe
The group enjoying lunch In the Shiloh cafeteria In the photo at

left Is composed of Mrs. Willie Denoon Miami ; Miss Veronica

Moore, Melbourne; Rev. and Mrs. W. E. Sims, Miami and Mrs. Lillian

Donaldson I Oca I a. STAR PHOTO By Billy: Brown

Social And Saving Club Held Meeting

a;' y I


f*r i iI I I



1 .

Ladies Of Leisure E -'" I .
CHURCH NEWS ') 1 1b 1r 1t


ST. LUKE BAPTIST .1\ Rainbow Tea SetThe ,,' '. f
Services Sunday In St.Peter BaptlstChurch begin with the Sunday Ladles of Leisure Social b '
: School at 9:30: a.m. Morning service 11 o'clock with the and Savings Club will sponsor IN THE FUTURE OF
pastor, Rev E. If. Tolbert, In charge. Evening service at 7 o' a Rainbow Tea Sunday from 4
Sermons will be delivered the pastor.The Installation
clock. by to 6 p.m., in Mt. Sinai Baptist
service for the newly: called pastor will close Monday: night with Church. knows that strong local government is
the Ministerial Alliance in charge Refreshments will be served. -tj
The participants are E.Bailey: ,
the cornerstone of our great American System -
Mrs. W. D. Easton, Mrs. Alice
EPHESIAN BAPTIST Anderson Mr c.Estelle Morris a and that it must be responsive to the
Ephesian Baptist Church services Sunday begin with the Sunday: Richard Durham, Miss Jacqueline V) ...i .Ate.? ., -.... _.- -. ,. people at the local level. To obtain this goal,
School at 9:30 a.m., with Superintendent W. J.White In charge. Smith, Dallas Cook, Marquis MEETING When the Fidelity Social and Saving Club held its recent meeting the home of he will RETURN YOUR VOICE AND
Morning service begins at 11 o'clock with the pastor In charge. Simmons, Mrs. Bernice Mrs. Cola Roberson 1703 BarnettSt.,members who were in attendance\ included: : Mrs._Cres-
At 3 p.m., fellowship service will be held at Murchison Temple Green; Gary Simmons, Mrs. lie Stone, Mrs. Ruth Johnson, recording secretary; Mrs Elnna JohnsonLrepurter; Mr s. Sophia VOTE TO THE DUVAL COUNTY COM
Church.: All auxiliaries have been asked to make financial re- Lucille Sheppard, Mrs.Dorothy Decatur, vice president; Mrs. Bernice Powell, Mrs. Annie Mae Page, president;Mr s, MISSION. Paid PoL Adv.
ports. At 5 p.m., board meeting, and evening service at 6.30: Johnson and James W. Linear. Geneva Coleman, treasurer; Mrs. Ruth Ballard, Mrs.Cola Roberson, business manager, Mrs.
o'clock. Wednesday at 7:30: p.m., prayer: meeting; Thursday Ola. Lawrence, savings treasurer and Mrs.: Mildred Terry ;STAR PHOTO-By James Singleton
7:30: p.m., Choir 1 will rehearse and Friday: at 7:30: p.m.; gen i
eral conference will be held. ._ [CALENDAR TEAS
11II e4'Sponsors Twenty-five years ago on May
I, 1941, the U.S. Treasury
Brewster Group Dinner Issued the first Series E Educational Day will be observed District 3 of Day Spring Baptist The Sunday Morning Prayer
Savings Bond to Franklin D. Sunday at 3 p.m., In New Church will sponsor an anniversary Band will sponsor a Spiritual
The Brewster Hospital Alumnae Person's In charge wW be: Roosevelt. tea from 4 to
Mt. Zion Baptist Church by the Tea April 24 at 4 p.m., in the
Association will sponsor its Mrs. Oscar I. Hlllman, Mrs. That purchase In the wordsof District Ushers Union, auxiliary 6 P.m.,1n the dining room of the home of Mrs. annual Sisterhood DinnerIn Eugene. ..,Brown, 14 r I. James tf church Mrs. Mills will be
Lyndon Johnson, "set to the East Florida and 50 W. 26th St. Elder Mose Davis -
honor of Floren.e Nightingale Hammond, Mrs.Thomas Payne, into motion the greatest Bethany Baptist Association. the speaker. Is the speaker.
** birthday: May: 14 at the Mrs. Louis Cleveland and Mrs. thrift program the world hat A musical program has been Others program:Deacon '
Thunderbird Restaurant. Thomas,J.. BeveL ever known." planned with outstanding talent Jades S, Smith, Mrs. M. Wilson the Singing Wonder will be
.. Mrs. Ida L.Shellman,Miss presented in a musical pro-''
.'. participating.ProceedsMemorial Eleanor Duncan, Miss'Deborah gram Sunday: at 8 p.m., In First
I College. McKnight Mrs. Nanye Fletcherand Jerusalem Baptist Church, and
DONT GIVE CITY HALL A SENATE SEAT Ronald stafford.Ref r..hi sponsored by Mrs. E. M. Sim
,ments will be served. mons.
My City Commissioner opponent';u running an unprejudiced vote on issues which affect District 1 of St. Matthew Bap .
for State Senate. He vow he'll keep hit the City, such at City Commission salaries, tist Church will sponsor a FashIon -
job at City Commissioner and hold both City audit requirement., or City bid rettrictiorut Tea May 15 at the Myrtle T.V. SPECIALWE
office. He wants to wear two halt to How would he divide his loyalties on Avenue Library: from 4to 6p.m. The Latest Men's Hair
serve two masters the people (maybe) issues which involve both City and County District 4 will sponsor Styles
the City Hall machine (naturally). governments? Issues like City/County 'Friendship Tea on the same date ARE NEW
Health Department duplication City/ at 3 :30 p.m., at the church. Are Taught At The
Anyone who watches television these days
knows that City Hall hat problems of its County tax assessing duplication Runs On Platform AND WOULD LIKE TO MEET YOU.
own problems only a full-time Commissioner Don't put a "City Limits" sign on your JACKSONVILLEBARBER
could solve not a part-time Commissioner vote. Don't put a "City Half limit on your $7.50
who u aT.oI part-time Senator.All new Senator Vote for the man who will Racial Equality WITH THIS AD FIXES
not serve two masters who believes one
of Duval County, including Jacktonville elective office at a time u enough who MILITANT CHAMPION: Atty. rOUR T.Y.. SET OR NO CHARGES.
the Beaches, Baldwin, and our will devote his undivided energies to all of, Gen. Richmond M. Flowers of COLLEGE INC.
unincorporated areas needs an unbiased Duval County a man who will wear just Alabama who is opposing Mrs. I
Senator. Could a City Hall Senator cast one hat Pat Conrov, Lurleen Wallace, wife of the CLAYTON'S T.V.

Alabama Incumbent, has 630 DAVIS STREETJACKSONVILLE.

ELECT Francis I 398-3820 I FLORIDA


|2"M r- *'i wwr" Ttr .AA**OMU JiJ iy M'S/Hi*"WWi

"My son's.skin was rough, chapped.a ..

iiLckk ,STATE SENATOR neighbor told me how good pure 'Vaseline' .

Petroleum Jelly.was. It didn't fail"

r 1OTH DISTRICT Mrs. Betty Washington, Chicago, III. ; ,

.1 ..Jacksonville native. Educatedin I

,_ Duval County ,School. From a child's dry, chapped skin to ; ,
I University of Florida graduate, declared himself a militant the dry, ashy-gray condition that.,
', \\I Florida Blue Key, University champion for the rights of his SS$ plagues grown-ups, 'Vaseline' Petro.
j D of Florida Hall of Fame. Negro constituents, Z50.000 of leum Jelly, applied as a continuous -S'
Respected Jacksonville attorney. whom will ga to the polls to vote aid film, is the soothing answer. No other
1 ; > Fellow of American College May 3. Flowers Is campaigning softener, no other skin cream, no skin
if.; of Trial Lawyers for security: for the elderly, lotion provides better moisture pro
'. r" Decorated combat veteran of quality education for Negro Vaseline tection. Try it.
j : World War II.. Retired Lt. CoU children, Jobs at decent wages
; II( Army Reserve. and full utilization of the Negro WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE

i J d' :Proven civic and business leader: masses (NPI Photo) THAN COSMETIC CARE.'UI .

President YMCA 1952.1954
Committee.of 100 JoektonrllU
Area "bomber of Commerce The Florida Development Co-
Jachf-,ills Rotory Club .mission says new plants and .
;, Duvet ": ounry Board of Public plant expansions throughout
Instruction 1941.1930.urrrwMMr.e.Mwwe.ww Florida valued at $ZO million
1'r 'were announced in December

is. :

( ( .

... ., .. ,. . . .,.. ".< .:.... ,. .. .. . L
-- -
-- -

I nL '
- nnH : _
APRIL 23 1966 .H _
African Cities 'Bias Ordinance Medic Groups- ". ,
"' "t1i" T U.S. Steps Up Probe To End
.:;.... i j
\,< "J"I I
< Hospital Racial
I n Discrimination

I ,, WASHINGTON, D. C.- The Department of Health, partment Indicating that they
I ( ) Education and Welfare will use were willing to abide by the I
'f' ::'., LEf 100 Social Security Administration act.About
and Public Health Service half stated they are already ,
i employes In.a widespread inspection in "full compliance"
t ..' of the nation's hospitals
t I -. ;i?'.._, to determine the extent of i
compliance with the Civil Rights
t- Act of 1964. bUYDIRECT & SAVEllGuaranteed
Any hospital receiving federal
assistance found not to be taking
Immediate steps to end racial
; ; IMMIII1Me + discrimination and segregation 100 HUMAN HAIRWIGS'
; In its operational structure will
i not be able to receive further I ""
<- federal assistance.
.. ,<,..,,'.' The inspectors will determine
: ...,.. whether or not a hospital is in !'
compliance with the act. Extra thick, $21'LO"II
I I Summer '66 They will use the provisionsof lustrous
Summing Up Title VI of the Civil Rights

.. .. ,. .n Act-which stipulates that "no Mad to Mil Styl for.cocoon. up.
: The"total look" is stronger than ever scape shown here..in nne pure IIIK person In the UnltedStaUs MUM
this summer. Having proved its chic with bowed neckline, it has a dress shall, on the grounds of race, wluHaM.tr Quality Human d,Hair
\ and versatility, it turns up every. that stands on its own merits, a coat color or from national participating origin, be in,excluded be- Natural,Hal Use

where-day and dark. that shelters other fashions as well. denied the benefits of or be sub-' lIon CloMly for itltchad comfort on and v.ntdit.d fit Holdt founda-all

"The suit declares Na Together, its skinny shape and ciga Jected to discrimination under r.ly ultlno.b.autifully.D.mlPra"dfor Styllne.Dr.m.tlc .
costume rette sleeves provide the height of any program receiving financial Colon 'n Clack' Off.alec_.
tional Board of the Coat and Suit -
assistance Dirk a Mid. nnHmt Auburn or lend'
"doubles fashion flattery for the smaller woman. Sophisticated New federal allocations will 'Impll' Ootlrotl. Light Shotftt If
Industry, your MI..d pray$J Ixt".. filv Had Sin. i
pastel or jewel begin July 1. On that date, the I
and ele IS
provides complete 2PO"1' on Bach l Itlm
tones. Petite sizes 616. Coat About department plans to begin releasing '(Portal' M. 0.) PlY mailman balance
gance. $U billion In funds for plus C.O D. and pottaga chary, or
$99. Dress About $49. Available in emit full ,.
pica and w will|| .hlP ? One of the loveliest on the summer major stores. hospital construction, medical plld.SUSY
training programs and vocational wits .3or9
rehabilitation., 507 8th An.., New Von, N.V. thou
To date, 60 per cent of the
Between Twor nation's_hospitals have filed -

Hot Battle |

i' mayor of a major
for mayor in the RIGHTS
( May 10 municipal elect- RESERVED
Gibson received the Dis
Service Award from -ic--
city's Junior Chamber of
: who has been active
'. war on poverty, is
: of a Job-finding
called the
and Industrial Coor-

'Council.. 53 cent ; : '
per Negro
: > was expected to add SUGAR LIMIT 5 IBS. PLEASE .5 39

I General a bid for Assembly a chances.seat in,the Andrew Indi FO D. "ORDER OR MORE liS. ,

columnist for the

has Recorder tossed his weekly hat MAXWELL HOUSECOFFEE
the political arena.
also a teacher in the

I'. > .25 public years schools, has announced for more 'Ul5.JoPoLAU 1 : i' lB. 5 9
bo will seek the nomination WITH $ (
.1 election to the Indiana House FOOD ORDER CAN
during the
4'p' May primaries.'
a committee of five BOLD
rights leaders threw their

P a the candidate Newhouse to 24th Richard district for to H state."take Newhouse,thus sena-our en DETERGENT Slur 69* VEGETOLE[ i: 59* '

story to our district.!'
had been

Black independent Labor, president Council.opposed candidate,Negro, Mix Or Match $$$ SaleBUSH'S

candidates purported to
the civil rights move-I WHOLE GREEN
t, thus splitting the
vote. I z
withdrew from the race I BEANS
announced. his support of' CANSDEL $

Identified the prob- MONTE SLICED
of his district as housing,
and welfareproblems.He BEETSCOLLINSWOOD 303 GLASS
\ racial segregation

for many of these prob SWEETPOTATOES 4

In the nation,
made their influence
n upcoming elections i N NDEL
Miss., the state r. s
sought to gerryman
; I the second Congressional
in there.order to keep whites MONTE EARLY GARDEN 303,

James L. Whitten is Con- CANS'
from the Delta 1 dis.- PEAS
: here Negroes outnumber
9 //. 1 IfnHI led nee i>
t '
Negroes were nottllowed SWIFT'S PREMIUM
voter registration FULLY COOKEDPICNICS
on the heels of the 1965
Rights Law has made the 4 SANS $1 1
30,000 newly registered .
voters. a formidable elec-

Ala., hosea KRAFT
Dr. Martin Luther 49c
political organizer, an- MAYONNAISE liar
that Alabama's Negro
has increased from 100,
250,000 during the last GOLDEN RIPEBANANAS 4 TO I CBS.AVERAGE .
., thanks to SCLC ef- 39C

have been able register LB.
than 38,000 Negro voters
$ County (Birming-
alone within the last 10 SWIFT'S PREMIUM CHUCK
said Williams, as he

; plans Negro to votes coordinate In prepara the-
1 I: however.were the come May 3 voting primary.set- 2 LIS. 25

1I ", Ala., Negroes
I fight to oust all the public SWIFT'S PREMIUM SHOULDER
I in Lowndes County.
federal panel IRISH TENDER POLE *
a suit which charged STEAK .89
rights of the area's Ne- HANS 2 "s. 39 $ .
; were violated and
"minority white pq>ula-
has In the seized county.all political FRESH GREENtAt6AGE p. SHIFTS PREMIUM CHUCK

.* *.* ** ><' IB. ->V STEAK.LB.. 59Cr


--- --

-- .. _. ---.H .. .. .. . . .
;r ( II 1----- _;ji u rrruS : SAtURDAT APRIL 23, 19111I '


I GroovinGBy rTies Willie Record Davenport For Visiting AlmamaterFAMJ .' YourGood HealthBy World Of Books I

120 Yard HurdleBATON __
LEE IVORY has no glory. If she could see By MARION B. CAMPFIELD
her Image In the river, she -NPI M. D.. M.P.H.MENIERE'S pp; $4.95.
ROUGE, La. ) .. .' ."
NINA SIMONE would know," sings Nina. Wonderous Willie Davenport, .. :...' .'.'i'::.". ;..' ." .,; WHO'S HIRING WHO, Edited by
; ;;, ; / DISEASE: ..A well-documented
"Dishwater gives backno .. fJi/" : analysis
Southern University's freshman :: of RICHARD LATHROP, Published '
"; Menlere's disease or labyrin- which points up the fact that'
} images hurdles sensation, skippedthe by POCKET BOOKS, INC.; ( '
With shivering intensity Nina thltls occurs most commonly there Is no such thing as a"ty
Don't ever pass up a Nina 120-yard highs In 13.2 to 128 pp; $1.95A
Simone album, concert,or night romps through "Mood Indigo," tie the world's record in the : persons In their 40s and is pical" Negro family, this book .

club appearance. You'll be pleads to her lover, "Don't eight annual running of the '.',; \ .? characterized dizziness, valuable,serious non-fiction depicts the influence the unique
he .. '.. ringing In the ears, and some history of the Negro people in
and demands that
richer for having spent money Explain Pelican State relays. ., tI Journal of Jobs, this work pre-
loss of hear In
"Love Me or Leave Me." The former inC. some persons sents the employment picture America has had on their family
to see or bear her. army paratrooperwho ... .. .:'.
these attacks mild and
From her first album where Newcomer Van McCoy him- halls from Warren;Ohio, '.#; ;\ are clearly for students, senior applicants life and reveals a wide range of
clear without treatment In
she thrilled everyone with her self a singer and the writer of broke the relay record with a .. .1i i up ; for graduates for marriage patterns, Including

"Little Girl Blue" to this, her Walter Jackson's "Welcome 13.6 performance in the trials ; ..,. others in they progressively Increase engineers and scientists and stable husband-wife relationships -
latest-where she thrilled me Home"-contributed "For Myself Friday afternoon then anchored severity. for the executive in "!-Z" ', as well as families which
with her 1966 version of the ," which spotlights more himself alongside Martin Lauer ; \ There is no single cause for evaluations, career reports, have become matriarchies
this disease. It be
same tune-Nina seems to have than a few tragic notes for Nina of West Germany and Lee Cal- may associated education and training informa- man-dominated) by default
has not been fortunateas ;: : with an acute infection The author traces the Negro
who as
remained constant in a changing, houn of the United States on the : tion.
lot of others In finding In any part of the body,anemia marriage-family relations
a world record holders'pinnacle.Ralph It slso lists non-employment
world. She's a soulful genius. A.-I' ..; .\\d.
of the mul-
:: overacttvlty thyroid
I three "social
happiness.Nina Boston former Tenne- fee National Employment Center through gen
Although she did not include .'.
Simone has learned for ssee State star who ._ '; : tiple sclerosis, a head injuryor where applications filed erations"-the freedman, the
"Black Bird" in this album,she University ,
did cut one entitled "Images," herself-and expresses it in her holds the record In the broad ,. \ : :/: some form of poisoning. are made available to all em- urbanized and the "self-eman

an unaccompanied ditty destinedto music. jump, was the former Pelican ...:.'"..'1.. In persons who are past 60, ployers In the United States. cipated" generation of the pre-
make all women of color a Best tunes: "Ballad of Hollis Relays 120-yard high hurdles .J.f.V'\' :I. the cause is usually hardeningof Students will find particularly sent day
"Chauf- the arteries In the Inner ear. i This new tome Joins a list of
lot more beautiful to the average Brown, "Images, champion with a 13.7 postedIn \ ; helpful Its definition of the

nun of color who takes his woman feur," and "Don't Explain" 1961. ,1 ... arsenic Smoking,will alcohol aggravate, quinine the dis-and best Job fields and the educa- ,booklwith' family'behavlor -..
social problems remarriage -
: tion required. Graduates will
"She for thinks granted.her brown bodyWMBM Ghana And Liberia) Delegates l' i)1) ;;':'.: !: ." : ., ,. ease. find within the book's covers and academic women;
'S'J": The antlhlstaminlcs used to
Research at
.. professor Pennsylvania -
: i'' Information about potential
.;f.i;;:} '
motion sickness and
.. prevent employers how to apply and State University, in the
To Miami ConfabOf ,
Coming large doses of niacin will often
the best fields for post graduate opening pages Dr. Bernard underlines -
relieve the dizziness. Diuretics study. the fact that "there

or water pills and the use was a time when slaveowners
Methodist Episcopal Church The author, after 17 years in
of a minimum I of salt in the personnel operations, culmina- discouraged marriages among

MIAMI Fla..-More than 2,000) officers and delegates!some: diet will relieve any swellingof ting in service as director of slaves-and marriage was so
the tissues of the inner
'from u far_u Ghana and Liber la, will gather in Miami for the'' SOPRANO AND FAMILY---Mrs. 'Conch"taClarke that be ear personnel of the Military Sea uncommon among Negroes that

25th Quadrennial Session of the Christian Methodist Episcopal; Owens, talented Florida ASH Univer- When may the'present.disease Is persis- Transportation Service, laun- almost every Negro Infant In
the United States Was born out
General Conference May 4-18. sity alumna and nationally-known soprano, tent In spite of such treatment, beginning ched a comprehensive in 1959 to determinewhy study of wedlock."

An accumulation of four yearsof Rev. Chester A. KlrkendoU right, Is pictured with her family duringa surgical destruction of the most people> have a difficult Radical changes have evolved

church business will be re-, president of Lane College, of recent visit to the FAMU campus In nerve that controls equilibrium time when they start Job- since then. In the early 20th

solved during the conference Jackson, Term., the Rev L.:L. Tallahassee. Left to right are : Mrs. may be necessary. The use of hunting. The lack of adequate century, marriage became so

highlighted by the election of a Jr., of Huntsville and secretary the FAMU ultrasound to destroy communication throughout the widespread among Negroes that
bishop and an entire slate of the Rev. L. H,Pitts, president Anel Ie S. Clarke this nerve,-Instead of the knife, Job market was his conclusion the proportion of legitimate
general officers 'of Miles College, Birmingham. College of Law, Mrs Owens' mother; Frank has in highly trained hands given "Who's Hiring" Includes nar- births rose to approximately 89

W IM. Bayfront Auditorium has been Bishop E. p. Murchlson of Owens husband of the singer and their excellent results. ratlve guides applicants per cent

0 selected as conference head- Birmingham is host bishop of| daughter Ghella. Mr. and Mrs. Owens make When the disease has progres- showing the best ways to com- The book also focuses on such .
quarters and general assemblysite. the conference. sed to the point where it is truly major issues as the presence of
their home lnJ; Pill ill Vt' Some 800 rooms In hotels of disabling, this treatment pro- employers and to handle other "two cultures"within the Negro
Is In the
along Miami's famous Biscayne Owens employed vides welcome relief even when people, the forced adaptation to
Wife of their Job
Boulevard have been reserved. Clay's Trans-World Airlines as an Internal ad- 'It leaves the victim with some Important aspects white culture, the sexuality and _
search-resume writing, contacting -
Among those considered for juster. They reside at 5513 Chestnut permanent loss of hearing employers, handling interviews morality of Negroes, the difficult -

the vacancy on the nine-mem- And Boxer \ Avenue, Mrs. Owens Is a native of Lakeland * ,* negotiating pay etc. roles of Negro parents and

ber Board of Bishops are Dr. Florida. ---FAMU staff photo by Ernest THE In scouting the Job market to touches on the present Influence
Joseph Johnson of 'Atlanta, the Terrel In ActBy : of the Black Muslims and the
obtain a better Job, this journal'
Rev. J. L. Tolbert,.Memphis; other pertinent information "black bourgeoisie."
the Rev. Amos Rice St. Louis! ; CHARLES J. LIVINGSTON tJ.: SENTRYBY among advises wise use of professional The author also traces thede-
the Rev. J. M. Prttlgrew, Chicago yau.Negro help a thorough 'Ivelopment of female-headed'

the Rev. L. S.. Brannon, Is a new Clay-Terrell fight In RunningFor JANE: DAVIS evaluation of ,oneself for the families "by default" and what

Spotlight Product. Birmingham and the Rev. R. B. the making? Director of Consumer S rv/ci. Job, the Importance of preparinga 'she calls the "unnatural super-

l a Shorts Atlanta That was the word reaching ( Stntry Insurance key factor-the Job resume, iority of Negro women: in a
01 The Week The Second Episcopal District press circles last week how- valuable role almost unique in human
Spring Cleaning Safety as well as other tips
seat, made vacant by the death ever, the match won't be con- Mayor Of history.
which will enable the Job-seeker
of Bishop LutherStewart in tested in the ring,as would have Spring is that time of the This, she points :out, has
Florida when to find the Job particularlysuited
Miami a man's mind
f j J963, also Is. beingsoughtbytheWAME been the case in their maligned turns year to fancy young and? m woman to his ability and skill. brought to the forefront the Negro -

I .. and much-traveled heavyweight to housecleaning woman, "spirited, indepen-
[ title fight that fell through last Newark N.J. But Sentry Insurance warns ) FAMILY; dent and self-sacrificing," -
I month In Toronto, Canada. The that spring cleaning is not only AMONG NEGROES, by JESSIE one who deserves "aplace

match this time would pair Ter- a dreary necessity it can be a BERNARD; Published byPRENTICEhALL. alongside the women who pio-
hazardous if
: "tell with the pretty ex-wife of All predictions for the outcome of Newark's mayoralty race precautions undertaking are not certain followed .. INC., 114 neered the West."

Cassius (Muhammad All) Clay were knocked into a cocked bat today by the announcement that Here are a few safety
in a theater act, If a report out Kenneth A. Gibson has entered the race. This new development tips: Campus News

of Pittsburgh, Pa., is correct.At creates the distinct possibility that Newark New Jersey may become e Avoid using a naptha-type

$hls Juncture, no one knows the first major American city to elect a Negro mayor. rugcleaner room. Naptha in poorly fumes ventilated are NADEAU QUARTET AT ECSC

Clay's reaction to the proposalto The announced candidate, Kenneth A. Gibson has long been extremely dangerous to inhale The Nadeau Quartet, me of the most unVnie concert ensemblesof
link Terrell, who Is not par- considered one of Newark's most dynamic Negro leaders. He and can cause serious injury. recent years, will be a fitting finale for the 1966 Fine Arts
ticularly fond of Cassius as a has an impressive record of leadership in this city's civil e Don't try to move heavy furniture Festival.A .

ring opponent, with his ex-wife, rights, anti-poverty and civic affairs. three-man yourself.job. If It's necessary a twoor, Lyseum Presentation they will appear In Williams Hall

in a singing duo. But Terrell, Gibson's intention of running a non-racial campaign parallels hire a handyman. The few Auditorium on Sunday April 24, at 8:00: p.m.

who is recognized by the laugh- the approach used by Carl Stokes, a Negro, who came within extra dollars spent are well The instrumentation of the Quartet,two violins,cello,and harp,

able World Boxing Association 2,000 votes of winning the mayoralty of Cleveland, Ohio, last worth it, .in terms of your Is by four sisters, who were all child prodigies. Each of the

as the heavyweight champion November. Cleveland has a 33% Negro population, whereas I wellbeing1.Spread Nadeau sisters began piano study at the age of,five and enteredthe
1260 is said to like the Idea. He likes Newark's population Is 53% Negro. period your of time.over Trying a Quebec Conservatoire to begin the study of her chosen Instrument -

DIAL proposed match so well that ,Gibson's announcement came as a surprise In someNewark to accomplish too much too two or three years later.
: he has reportedly wired a Pitts- political circles. Although rumors of his intention to seek themayor's quickly can cause accidentsand FESTIVAL
burgh promoter-who is tryingto seat had circulated through the town during the latter be damaging your FLOYD COLEMAN, ECSC ARTIST

line up a schedule of appear- part of 1965, Gibson later Issued a statement that he was not I When health waxing as well.floors use low- Floyd Cofeman, guest artist for the 1966 Fine Arts Festival at

ances for them-to say that he seeking public office at that time but would devote his time to luster wax or polish. A glossy Elizabeth City State College wlllbepresentedat.the opening of

I would be happy to work with helping the campaign of former Democratic Assemblyman surface may cause a slip the exhibition of paintings and graphic works In the Lighthouse

Son]!. George C. Richardson candidate for Councilman fromlha Central : I which results in broken bones. College Center, Sunday, April 17, at 6.30 p.m.Naturally .
The terms for the linkup, It Ward. ***.ee.e.e.e.Tips 0

seems also, are much more his Kenneth Gib-
Commenting on announced candidacy today,
FLORIDA'SQ readily acceptable to Terrell son said, "Ever since January, I have been subjected to the For The Family

than were those for his defunct stronger kind of pressure to enter the mayoralty race from almost That Moves

title fight with Cassius last every community, civil rights, church and civic leader I Each year. 20 per cent of all
month. Since both are frequentlyin am associated with. Recent statements by the other candidates the families in the U. 8. change
the news, for various already in the field have convinced all of us that the poor and their place of residence A

reasons, Terrell perhaps envisions deprived 'can hope for nothing from them. People are sick of m-V::; number' of these fam
1 a financial bonanza from having to decide between Tweedle.Dum and Tweed1e.Dee. After' to different communities
different states
# the theatrical arrangement. a great deal of soul searching and very sober consideration the If you are anticipating a

I Sonjl and Terrell are arguments of my personal and professional friends have con- long-distance move, Sentry Insurance '......,
both singers. He started strum- vinced me that community leaders want me to run in 1966 and offers these tips: r

ming a guitar and singing not wait until 1970. I can do nothing but heed their urgent request I Obtain a written medical fSM'r ta+ .
theaters and nightclubs several Newark'snext check lilt for each member of
and work as hard as I possibly can to become
months after he came to the family from your doctor.
This Hat should be a complete
the realization that his WBA's Gibson's statement continued; "As an engineer with the Newark medical history of the per

crown was a hollow, virtually Housing Authority, I am deeply aware of the city's industrial, son, including recurring: or the SHORTY-$35.
worthless treasure.No business and housing problems. As an officer in Newark's anti- permanent I injuries and diseases MEDALO STYLE #665

one was beating a path toTerrell's poverty organization, I understand and am deeply concerned with ; immunisations, and those alreadyadministered still Per complete Illuattated Catalog of.
RHYTHM & BLUES d 5 In search of a the human and under educatfoo Medalo I Hair StyloeWife.Hall
problems caused by automation due operation and childhood and attachment Send name and
title fight, i j to meet his financial and as a aNegrowho raised Newark, I have faced the daily diseases already undergone addr... It'a your. FKCE upon
) t write.ColMedol
,_ requeit. u>
obligations, Ernie decided rejections of discrimination which confront 53% of our citizens ; any drugs the person Normal BurGROws Hair .Prod.. In. *.
to look elsewhere to the is allergic to.Remember Healthy .. 35,
wherever they turn. from .". HAIR ROOTS D." St S Bklvn H.v.
stage. It has so far been Gibson is employed as Principal Engineer with the Newark I to secure copies of In YOUR SCALP. Tho condition ofenwthri
the eyeglass prescriptions for .." olun depend hvlly
generous to him. Ernie headsa Housing Authority and heads a staff that handles all the basic engineering members of the family who lutural health OIl:

group called the "The Heavy- for Newark's multi-milllondollarurban renewal pro wear glasses. laerote; : frequently aealp.NOT Invented Year Ito medloted tar-

weights." gram. He Is Chairman of the Business and Industrial Coordinating broken and formula called CARBONOM..
Sonic on the other hand hasn't. Council, an association of Newark business civil rights and optometrist without a prescription must administer, an which beneficial I* mixed Ingredient with many proven CARBONOEU .

RADIO STATION fared ,too well, theatrically.She civic leaders who aim to broaden employment opportunities for another eye examination before ontlaepU i, iuch and a doci.strong turn. powerful flee

reportedly has failed to excite minority groups. prescribing m new pair work In helping: rr..c.ITCHYBUMPY
the critics with her singing,despite As a trustee and vice-president of the United Community Cor- of spectacles DOCTORS, J) U highly tha&and
her face and fine I Obtain written transcripts of "frd.
pretty poratlon.Newark's c -ordlnatlng arm In its anti-poverty efforts, PRESCRIBE many
figure. The ex-Mrs. Clay is a Gibson exerts strong leadership in the city's war on poverty. He the each complete child.school These recordsof tran- externally calp trouble caused Many scalp!> annoying condition -; -. r r

"WHAMMYIN former model. Is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Community Mobilization scripts are neceuary to register are many' iprU:atr.ntil tho J
use of thl tar
Yet, there Is no doubting that Center, another front tnthep'seertywarHs also servesas the child in a new school formula Write for thU' DOCTOR .

people will come out to see Son an officer of the United Essex Civic Association, the Newark system. GENVINK SCALP FORMULA oil I "
It to
jl and Terrell together, as all Coordinating Council, and the Newark YMCA. C upon establishing your new now.mixed n"II'u .. USB you 1C I val,... C:0'; end', bcu.h to add jfr.
residence, immediately notify :
along the theatrical trail a new In 1964, Kenneth Gibson was chosen "Man of the Year" when your insurance companys( FOR T DAYS. and money If you ere not NOT A DYE, .out..'..*,"..'...Ic.not...tub.' ..*

Clay-Terrell match is billed onthe he received the Distinguished Service Award from the Newark of the change) by telephone. 11:1.::--11/:: ; : on delivery.. Tiop In !;'HAT'4 SUDDEN color areduallv DYED AVOID LOOS:,
everything Don't
marques of the nation's the Chamber of Commerce. This award goes annually to the young By mail, notify your old and peuay car a 4 Bru.h.each.dforroew.ing eiceeacolorlnf.
) aters. new post office, your draft direction*."uJ.lkoU: ;- Prevente .. lnt. rubbing
man who best exemplifies and off. Comee ....
leadership,professional progress 'CATCO In Pleetle Cv
board, and social security >> SCALP FORMULA your ... .
The match could be sizzler.Sha your carried In .
a pocket
service to the community. He Is first to be honored by money can buy. Your hair and or puree.Platinum
the Negro office if you are collecting scalp .... .. flee Comu In aU ,hode., 81... to
meat has the Newark Jaycees. This year, Gibson was given the award for benefits. your name and add care.,.., to Jut- GOLD and J Yet 81.... '. .,
MIAMI" a tendency to Outstanding Community Service by the Frontiers International, By following the above tips, MXDAL HAIR PRODUCTS INC. J.1'".a.d.1se".rT.h.d.IYeP ,.only.(..
spoil more quickly than many Newark Chapter. you could spar yourself hard Dept *t 2 Sheepiheed. Bay. N.n.onor back If not dolTfhted.' .to
Brooklyn :3J4 M
,: y. ; THIS Geld Mel. Heir Product .' .
other fish, says the Miami ship and even save yourselfsome FORMULA on-lee a leo% will In*
Seaquarium's Capt. Bill Gray. * * money. leo many bat* guarantee. Sfl. Brklyn 31, New YerkiC



j t tt


:ji -I i:


IThe Sports Parade Profiles VOTE t/:/

Of Comina, Stars FOR DWiGHT W I .

ASTROS JUMP GUN Dwight I 'W.. Braddy ) j

HOUSTON, Texas -(NPt When the 1966 baseball season promises to ,be strong 1-
opened early this week with the major league teams playing to member of the, plvll I Ser "i11
traditional large opening-day crowds in their respective ball r.T vice Boardand NOT a .. .
parks, the whole affair might hare been anti-climatic to Houston rubber staipp*..for any- (
Astronauts tans.Angle Home tins bad already been treatedto He will insist
at Weekend"baseball their
five days "Appreciation featuring I
beloved Astro against the Detroit Tigers and the American r A4h that alI I empjoyees be
League T tnptnnf Minnesota Twins In the Astrodome.BIG treated fairty and,; Judged -
/ on merit and ability.l r f, u
PAYDAY Dwight W. Braddy advocates -
GREENSBORO, N. C. -(NPI)-Charlie Slttord, thehard-hlt- the advertsmentof i.i
ting Los Angeles golf pro, netted one of his largest purses In
tournament play in recent months last week, when he won $1, all I CIY.t.l'Se'.rvlceJobs
900 for finishing In a two-way, eight-place tie with Lionel and 'qua j'fIcdtions(
Hebert In the Greensboro Open Doug Sanders finished first i'I' at I least 60 days?,prior
and took top money of$%0,000. In the tournament, which Slflord to examination'
Integrated several years ago. became the first Negro to play *. Dwight W< Braddy
In Greensboro. Hi r
pro "
will Inlsfth t the .,
VOTED TOPS Board use a, standard
AUSITN, Texas-{NPI)-Olympic star Tberon Lewis and his exam I nat >-o.n' (to.r.a I II I
Southern University track team were voted top honors during Civil Service, 'jobs.DIW ,
the Texas Relays here. The Jaguars thinclads,with Lewis run- _
ping the anchor leg raced to a lopsided 04.7. victory.In the: 1 + I l / v SERVICE E 'BOARD DrStR [ ,
mile relay and was voted the top team in the two-day track meet, V
while Lewis was named the meet's outstanding athlete. 't! COUNTY WIDE
COACH DIESFRANKFIIRT Your Vote And Support Greatly Appreciated.'

K,. -(NPI)-Funeral services were held on- Paid Pol. AdO,,
campus last week for Samuel Brown Taylor, well-known track ------- -------- ----- --
and former football coach at Kentucky State College, where he -..-.-.-, -- at.N c.. ...._ 1..'. 1 ...e.n4 4u.AM., ..U..1 l l. .,Mta IIDI..MTHIH*ttofM
also taught business and economics.Taylor died in the Veteran's 101.1..................'-'. cwe.q VI. SONS GAMI".. .14.4 by PA.s f M p
Administration Hospital at Lexington, Ky., after an Illness of ConsultationCONSULT
several weeks, following a coaching career which bad carried SHORTSTOP,LEONARD LAZARA CARDENAS (CARR-. .318 off St. Louis pitching.
him to the campuses Clark,Prairie View,Virginia State, and dubnusBORN December 17, 1938 ((27)) at Uatanzas,'Cuba: His best months were June (.308 and July (.354)). DR. SMITH FREEExamination
Bluefleld State colleges, and Virginia Union University, before BATS-Right THROWS-Kight. HEIGHT 5-10. WEIGHT+ .As a 17-year-old In 1956, Leo hit 23 home runs for Tucson,
going to KSC. At KSC, he coached several athletes who later 158. :CESTRY-Cuban. MARRIED-Gloria Jackson,September batted .316 and was named to the All Star team.
became national track stars. 2, 1958. CHILDREN Son and three daughters. WINTER He was the shortstop at Savannah iu 1957,batting .255 with ten YOU Will Be Told in pain words what The Troubleis
ADDRESS-3988 President Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio. HOW OB- homers and 63 RBIs.
"TAKEN" FOR 10 G'S TAINED BY REm-clnclnatUrarmSystem. As a 145-pounder In 1958 at Savannah ha was one of the fanciest' what is causing it And what May Be Done TO
NEW YORK -(NPI) During his brilliant past ring career, On August 19, 1965, little Leo Cardenas blasted a tenth-Inning fielders In the history of the Sally League. He batted .%67 with Correct it, If YOU suffer with:
Sandy Saddler, the former world featherweight championseldon home run off Larry Jackson and this proved to be the winningrun 13 homers and was on the All Star team. HEADACHES THROAT DISORDERS
got caught with his C'JU'ddown.But he was recently, and as Jim Maloney pitched a 1-0,ten-lnnIncno-hitter over the Leo was called "Mr.Automatic"around the International League ARTHRITIS
got clipped for plenty. H. charged In court that his ex-wife, Cubs. This was an example of how Cardenas made his hits countIn in 1959 with Havana as he led the shortstops in fielding and ASTHMA BLOOD PRESSURE SINUS INFECTIONS
Anne, "took him" for $10,000, Li accident insurance cash paidto 1965. played in the league's All Star Game. He hit .254 with 13 home COLDS HEART DISEASE! NERVOUS DISEASES
him, as alimony when she was secretly married to a policeman The 27-year-old,5d0, 158-pounder made some of runs. INFLUENZA STOMACH DISORDER PELVIS DISEASES
the "biggest" bits of the season for the Reds. He continued his In 1960 Cardenas performed brilliantly for Jersey City wherehe RHEUMATISM BLOOD A SKIN PROSTATE TROUBLE
sparkling play In the field and was named to the N. L. All Star batted .288 and was sensational the field The Reds 'DISEASES INTESTINAL DISORDERS
Tickets Game team. He was also the ..lnDeroflhe Rawlings Gold Glove recalled Leo on July 24, 1960. He also appeared in 48 games
For SUNS Award which he won by being picked by the league players for with the Reds In 1960. SCIATICA KIDNEY "&BLADDER CHRONIC DISEASES
THE SPORTING NEWS. He was named the best fielding short- In his first full season with the Reds, 1961, Cardenas batted LUMBAGO LIVER & GALL BLADDER DISORDERS
Games Now On SaleThe stop In the N. L. for 1965. Many competent baseball observersfeel .308 In 74games as the Reds copped the pennant and he playedIn MEN AND WOMENI
there Is none superior in aU-aroundabnttyat that position the World Series. His double was a real talking-piece fora
Jacksonville Suns office ftajor: League' game is being In the N. L.Cardenas. long time. In the series against the Yankees his drive would treat conditions commonly considered-surglcal
announced this week that ticket* played on Monday, May, 2nd'at out of the Itlthadn't ticked the right side of the
(CARR-duh-nus) batted .287 In 156 games for the have gone park without the use 'ot n1te.
: : ) Modern methods of
to the Suns opening game and 7:30: p.m. Box seat tickets are 1965 Reds with eleven home runs and 57 RBIs. He also playedin Scoreboard. r Tw//
first home series are now on $2.50 each; Grandstand Reserved the 1964 All Star Game for the National League. Cardenas played In 153 games for the 1962 Reds. hitting ten diagnosis and treatment. FREE-EXAMINATION BY
sale at the Ball Park Office and :$2.00 and general admissions Cardenas led the N. L.in"intentionalbases-on-balls"in 1965 home runs and driving In 60 while batting 294.. APPOINTMENT ONLY'J6.ears: successful practicein
the Downtown Ticket Office in 150. with 25 and he tied a major league record for "most 2-base hits, He was in 158 games in 1963 with a 235 average and in 1964 Jacksonville. HOURS _
10 A.M. to 4 u
Hemming Park. inning" He did this on first game of May 2, 1965 vs. New York. played 163 games, batting ..251.CAUII PHONE EL 4-1187 P.M.
Leo was consistent for the 1965 Reds, batting .297 at day and Season
Hunting Opens
.280 at night; .282 at home and.%91 on the road; .285 before the Ainu Students DR. 'REX SMITH
I The 1966-67 hunting season
All Star Game and .289 after the Classic.
Leo hatred .391 against the L. A.Dodgers;.%98 vs. Phils; and Beat faculty usuaUy begins to September '900 west State street (upstairs)
with the opening of marsh hen

Golf Set season and the bear hunts inID ffice Formerly occupied' by Dr. Lvncker-opposlie
north Florida. The season forTAMAHAVT
.. --'- -- --."...-.....--=:- -=- __ -.I- Fia The resident. game birds and anl- Ritz.
nne-half hour
ysszsssxsss.s Saturday, No-
-- -. ..,.. In the first.organized golfTvPmMr"match !! .
at the Jake caitner coil
rY ) ..:...--:- Course..
= were: M. C. Rhaney, dean of
.-.0 --=.. the College of Arts and I

.'...... .,... Sciences; Larney Rackley,pro-I 3** ?
----1jir- fessor in the Graduate ;
'D. C. Colllngton, assistant director I
of public relations and
sports .information director;
and C. U. Smith, head of the
.Department of Sociology. Varsity -
players Included Nazareth
Brim, Eddie Cooper, Albert
Smith, and Robert Shaw.
KEN KNIGHT The professor paired Rackiey
and Rhaney against Brim and
-Invites You To Listen To- Cooper In the first match and
Colllngton and Smith against
BIG BAND Shaw match and Smith In the second

"DANCE PARTY"Nightly Watch

This Clown eY I,jMIp

11:30: til 12:00: 289 18 392

Saturday 9 p.m. til 12:00: p.m. c 46-89-42 FYQJJCAN

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'DOOM FOR RENT I HELP WANTED WEEKS LAUGHS Salter Hall (oundr Of Edward Waters College Assist In Planning With New Dean Hollyhock In A

Nicely turn rm. Cooking prfv. Lady to live in. Nice home; HurryA
Couple or tingle voman. J583004. Good pay, $40.00 up. Would Ilk*
5 e "WOULD YOU BE ABLE to eat n.w'annual hollyhock called
days regularhr. Day work
available **JV Pepe, your pet turkey without Madcap will present you with
l flowers In a hurry In early
qualmtr Mother naked her
Lake HoFf Isaployment any
autumn from seeds sown In early
Royal' Crown 1903 BliiHUnfBoulevard ions gingerly one day. spring.
II 5 I[ "Dun no." was the answer The blooms of Madcap nay
"What do qualms taste like?" be alngle or seml-double, any one
of a wide variety of colors, and
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Great trouble U in a row |In well-prepared, fine
just before November
nand AGENCY 16S N. MAIN, FREEPoRT soil. It will take 2 to 3 weeks for
God's we Wont can survive ONLY I In we) Y; ,S *x Fi. the seeds to sproutAs
soon aa the young plants
are an Inch two ,
or high transplant

Authirlud Jam.'YraJoa; was attempting to give a ,hollyhocks grow long tap root.M'dclp .
number to an Iowa,woman.
Red Utters $5.98 p.pd. TdOTHACHE "You
mean Ruin rabbllrInquired
"barles Bridges Box 595, I
the Iowan
Station, Mia I ml,Flor kkj'.p&ttab r'-Dont suffer' Mcond ett nil,I
33142 I'IlIat is nbORAJEL.p. d-r I a w. "No ma'am" replied the
formul s II ie work In- "
"Ah like
Georgian. iris. F
.tntlt top
ootllee ln.to Mf edoc. t Catholic Digest-November. l 1 t S r
tor.e mend It for.

Cta MOTHER'help you with CHRISTIAN all kinds of t..th3np ..;Jit}j 1R'WANTED .. % h& I'r Y J'i r, e

town mall
square of a
problems. She has helped man,
the touch) Kansas town: "No ballplaying. ,
and can help you by : ,
of her hand and the power of GodJ No pets. No bicycle riding. No N + f
.i.iw Is an annual holly.
See this Indian Spiritual Reader] 4AIDS, NEW YORK-G aran- loitering. Remember this is your F hock; will bloom In early fall
1oda,. Open dally and Sundays eed $40 to$60wk.Lhe- Jobsj 'park!I" Catholic Digest-November. from spring-sown seeds.
from t to 9 .m.9029 Lem'Turner .
a.m. p fart advanced, rush re'erences. and the longer (hey grow .the
.Rd. For further Information Harold Agency, Dept. harder It Is to move the plant.
call 765-9522, I, Lynbrook, N. Y. YARDMAN WANfEDMust k KH without Injuring the roots.
I As you know, hollyhocks are
have own transportation. I tall-crowing plants, so elect
LOOK! LOOM. Call FO4-9832. t L..J._ the spot you wish them to bloom
\ ,_Ith... ...... .A. 'h--I.--." E
The wonderful, HUT'"C new i. i""" '''''SUi. et'the
way to reduce without going on BOYS t GIRLS WANTED' WANTED The fol lowing members of' the Gaiter Hall I Tampa, ((Gecy Treas. ) ; Marie Oliver I 3t.- and seedlings better 2 feet at least apart 20 Inches

t ,week t diet. Just think lose, within tot one 1825.:Neat, single, free to travel Beauty operator and barbers, Dormitory Council assisted with the plan- Augustine I ; Eleanor Toombs, Jacksonville; :

inches you from can up 1/2 California, Chicago, New New Hollywood Beauty and Bar ning along with the New Dean of '\.tomen, Mrs Madeline Geay| Aplachlcola; Carolyn Sealy

mldrlfibulrc, bW.ld strength in: York, and return. No after exp train.nec. ber Lounge.>622 W. Ashley St Ida Clark-From left are: Loretta Williams ( president) ; Mary Fields, ( Vice Pres. ) [ LEO'S
Avg. $85 3549774. '
Call ,
Marianna Gloria HIM Kisslmmee ArdelU'
i worn down muscle See Mr. Matthews, FrL, Sal, ; ; Vero Beach. .' STAR PHOTO by James s SINGLETON.:
Williams Live Oak Fla. ; Sylvia' parks, SHOE
.It, can be done' 1D Moo., Tues., Wed., Astor Motel ... REPAIR
,Room 2 from 10 a.m. to
TOUr, :SlUt time 8 p..... VOTE fORExperience.- Safety For Pool Owners Shoe Reparing
> Mrs. Alice Burrough,
maul t. Ittt... I// Nil e IN THE DAO HAMMARSKJOLD Of Any Kind Is
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i Integrity. Building there is a book of 1,896 Our Only Business
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3 of the church of which she is
9913 rN I'l' THOMAS a member, and will be accompanied #* .- -
S. LaSalle, Chicago, III I RENTAL < :-.
by Mrs. Catherine Sykes ....
60628. Has worked to apes wore civil ..:.i....: ::. .-
and Cass .
W. Shootes.Other I I
CErijER. service jobs to all people. Freedom from the bulk of maintenance, plus all-Important year
EXER BALL To improve conditions for civil participants Include, round security are only two of the primary benefits from the use ol
1323 &, Main St. PO ,88955A ]I service Mrs. Cussie Paige Gray, Mrs t,a new atl-metal pool cover Constructed of attractively colore
workers.. Paid Poi. MY. Marva Wright, and Etell Futch. structural aluminum and stainless steel, Pool-Deck engineers Incorporated a
complete security i a
: -TV J against unauthorized use or ac VOTE FOR FAIR
cldents In the unattended pool
GRADE "A" FLA. OR > The folding cover open. and
closes In a matter of seconds REPRESENTATIONELECT
but can be operated only with .
GA FRESH ICE PACKED the owner's removable switch r- f ,asNcAdm>yiNe'6hCepaxmta :
cord. It Is also self storing In I,
minimum when open; Is .
{ space 136 N. MYRTUAVI.Dtvutt
t ;
WHOLE self guiding, self powered requires pout fenders winner of onMraMtw toll lonrtu--
PKG. no tracks chains ocables went!. fueounti till oU atmfl two \ ?red tartti. h. hit mrtud tie tote most popular wi otxt.F .
alteratton'to the
nor any >', vlt/iouf/
o > Tch n4ii r .eery pee foe tie put It ecnttit.
$1.55"SUPERRIGHT" pool coping. 'for t>u rmoni vltt HI biiov.
Entirely aside from Its all Im :j jI
FRYERS f': features these
portant safety
BRAND SLICED new covers keep out dust, leave. .
!and trash, thus minimizing pool of dur Shatter to sad li matt eattt bitttr then s nicklii' treat
all but especially
care year
7 -LB. ing off season period. Saving. I ,, 1 SHRIMP BOAT WHITING lb. 35e
::1A3 BACON'SIZE In costs of chemicals, heating
A and maintenance will actuallypay '.OIl.Afro."
.... for a Pool Deck cover Inthree .
ML. 73 mi+ _, e yeara or less. The covers MULLET ROE, Frozen. . :Lb. I9e

can be built for any size or MED. MULLET . . .Lb. 25c
shape of pool, although cost Is

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