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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200710datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 9, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007100740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 9, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 9, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
( ,


[ r Editor r Seeking) EIectionTo'Sta4e .Democratic Committee"NEGRO -'

,* *, >Mc



--. -
** ** 3' i. I,. ::".

Voters UrgedTo Backsliding Wife Kills Mate t1bra7 UD1nnl or ftorlda :' wu.rraatr+

Think, Vote OdDHv1Ue. ?'letrlAaYOI. ; : ,


For Themselves In Fuss Over Church-going. I .

Duval Negro voters will BO on ;

,, trial oo May 3 when first prl-. _. .
mary elections are held..and r
the way they vote will determine
whether they are Intelligent Muslims SeenMorng Soutti i

whether they really want good ,
government or whether they will '
be led like sheep to the slaughter 16 NO. 3 SATURDAY APRIL 16, 1966 15 CENTS

by money grabbing political Jax Scouts Earn hale
racketeers and a series of ticketr Bathes .-.. ---. -*.*.*' -.- .- ** ---.----*- '*-*-"_ -
issued by one,,-a- r : :

year At least"organl two.tlOI15"candidates. have ..Ne"t.lo'rk Fears More Race-Riots

Issued appeals to the people not
to be mislead by self-appointed ** *
leaders who take money on the
claim that they can Influence
the Negro cltlxens' votes.In .
a sincere plea to the public REP. ADAM POWELL
William H. Maness who has ri vF' 1'y'tl.i
worked with Negro groups to
foster better race relations
stated that he cannot afford
to pay a price for what has
become known as the "block ;
vote", (see page 9)) FACES JAIL TERM
Maness, former Circuit
Court Judge fears that he will
not get Negro votes because he
cannot afford the '"tickets". ** ** *

He readily admits that he has 'r SeeksNOIPayllg Fear Of Riots
been criticised because be P Simpson Powell Wife Face
dares to take a stand for ChristIan J. M,
1y Told To
principles whch dictatelquallty MayorOf
for ail ,J t
Charles Bostwick. a candidatefor New YorkNEW
the senate urges Negro Demo PostEric Contempt Of Court
voters to "do your own thinking YORKNPI) S1xtJNep'o
"( Four Jacksonville youths recently received scoutlng'shlgbest awards when they were presentedwith
and your own voting. seepage civic and
Eagle Scout Badges In ceremony held at Ebenezer Methodist Church. O. Simpson publisher of businessmen,
,I 4)Another candidate. It was Recipients of the awards from left,are:James Sanders Terrance L. McClaln Tyrone Powell, the FLOiUDA STAR who also religious leaders of Harlem
JailNEW bus to the
Brian J. Davis serves as an elected memberof And Possibly rode by
learned has made it known that
') the Executive Democratic Mayor Lindsay to tell of their
one Negro leader, told him he Committee representing 4 2B fears that their community was
wanted $60,000 for, supporting Black MuslimsComiNg announced this week that he is YORK -(NPI>- Rep., with a $573,000 Judgment they in deep trouble and in need of
him..and that Is not a typographical Wife Bound Over also seeking election to the and Mrs. Adam C. Powell faced owe. immediate help
error. He said the South State Democratic Committee the possibility of being Jailed The court did not specify They were Joined by smaller
asking price for putting out the Simpson will be election after they were held in contempt whether they were in civil con- contingent from the Bedford
tickets and Influencing the Negro up of court for Ignoring sub temp or criminal contempt of Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn at
vote would be SIXTY THOU, Deacons NorthCHICAGO On Murder Charge poenas. court. the mayor's office. Some told
SAND DOLLARS. < The Powells had b ordered, However, State Supreme Court the mayor of, tears of leaving
1 sot oclj t. w* in the. to .Justlcr B. Frank, said
As Mal approaches -his- subpoenas, give a fl* Harry : their apartments at sight' tIe,._
toe candidates are up In arms. - Negro political leaders on opposing cons for Defense and Justice 'back-sliding' wife for her failure to celebrate Easter commem should not grant "all the relief burglarized.
sides are getting ready 11I\90'\ moved from Bogalusa, La.; orating the ascension of Christ. ChargeDemonstrations requested" They also ntdtheyfearedtheymight
for the battle for votes. to Chicago at the same time Levorner Moorer 40, of 3328 Stringer and John Britts said I Lawyers representing Mrs. be robbed by strongarm
Frank Hampton who from all,, Esther James had asked Justice
Chicago-based Black Muslims Moncrief was stabbed to death Mrs. Moorer got home about thugs on the street. Still others
appearances aspires to be the"boss" pent recruiters to Bogalusa last Sunday night by his wife midnight Sunday and her husband Frank to hold the Powells In told of having to step over winos
of the town and recently both civil andcr ImlnalcOD-
The Deacons active in battling Frances after he criticized her began berating her for not and drug addicts on the streets.
jumped on the Burns bandwagon the Ku Klux Klan in the South tempt. The also complained of
for not attending church on Easter attending church but was out un- group
will be fighting It out with Elcee SuppressedNEW Mrs. James won a defamation to
moved north to form a local Duval County patrol said. inability to get Insurance get
R. Lucas a former Burnsite r Judgment of $46,500 from Powell -
branch to seek financial aid Detective Sgts. Robert mortgages and police protection
who is now In the High camp. and to ask the support of Dr. 'r -,,'. YORK The National for calling her a "bag- for their establishments.
Hampton, who displayed a huge Martin Luther King who Is NAACP ERIC 0. SIMPSONin Association for the Advance- woman"-a person who collects Others warned that unless some
sign in front of his gas station leading a local anti-slum cam- Maps ; 1 ment of Colored People has police graft from gamblers. employment programs were
during the last mayor's race the second primary on May filed a 43-page post-trial briefin If convicted of criminal con- instituted in coming weeks for
disclaiming Burns as fit for the paign.King, who opposes the violence 'fJ 17. The'candidate for the state a suit to enjoin Springfield, tempt of court poweU couldbe the areas' unemployed Negroes
Job tr reported having difficulties with which the DDJ has Action On 'ft t committee office said be delayed Mass., officialsfrom suppressing Jailed and forced to pay even tiiere would be a grave dangerof
with other Burns support 'become Identified has indicated y publicizing his candidacy peaceable demonstrations. more than $600.000 he now riots in both communities.
ere Two Burns campaign his reluctance to work with Job BiasNEW '" until now to give other Negro The brief filed on Monday owes Mrs. James. Dr, V, Simpson Turner
offices are being operated in them. candidates running in Duval April 4, with the Superior Court Mrs. Powell became Involvedin pastor Mount Carmel Baptist
Negro areas over which Hampton Meanwhile Robert Hicks,pre YORK- Massive actionto ) and other counties a chance to in Springfield recounts in harrowing the case when Powell was Church Brooklyn said "All
baa no control..and muchto sident Bogalusa Civic and eliminate racial discrimination f\ make their announcements detail the police action accused of transferring a home it takes is a little stirring and
his chagrin. Voters League confirmed reports in employment housing and .... which have been carried in the which broke up a series of civil in Puerto Rico to her relatives any little Incident can cause a
Having declared himself Negro that Muslim recruiters education New York City was FLORIDA STAR. rights protest demonstrationsIn to avoid having it attached to disturbance in this town that will
leader Hampton will face the bad been in town two or three projected for this summer by The editor of Florida's most the city last August and Sep pay the libel judgment make the Watts riots of '65 and
acid test come May 3 despitethe months. local state and national officialsof widely read newspaper said be tember. Some 90 persons were The Powells were fined $575 '66 look like a drop of water in
fact that many of the candi- The report of a Muslim move- the National Association for is seeking the post although It arrested and held for trial in 000, mostly in punitive damages an ocean"
dates he is supporting are well in came as night demonstrationsby the Advancement of Colored MRS. FRANCES MOORER does not pay any salary what- connection with the demonstrations on Dec. 15, avoiding The minister said the danger
loaded with money to spend. civil I rights groups were People at a news conference ever because be feels that be litigation against them. of riot was especially high in
The consensus is that although being planned. The demonstrations here, April 3. tit a late hour. Moorer was will be able to render a needed After an eight-day trial last Rep. Powell was cltedfor civil the Bedford-Stuyvesant areas
Bura.look.lIkeawlnn.r.Hampton's have been forbidden by Dr. Eugene T. Reed New described by neighbors as a ,service to the people.A month Superior Court Judge contempt on Dec. 27, 1963, for where unemployment for
present s u p p o r t of. both local andfederalauthor- York State NAACP president regular church-goer fearless newsman, Simpson Edward J. DeSaulnier reserved his repeated failure to respondto Negroes was twice as high as
the man be ridiculed hardly two ales who called the conference pre Mrs. Moorer who is being held' has championed the cause of the judgment and asked both sidesto the original $46,500 Judg- that for the rest of New York.
years ago isn't helping Burnsin The Muslims were reportedly sented the grievances and made in' Duval County Jail told detectives working classes while pursuing submit briefs in support of The mayor announced be had
the least.Although interested in the possibility of public a telegram dispatched to that her husband a level-headed course. their courtroom arguments. ment.Lily appointed William H. BooU-as
many will readily coalition with the Deacons in Governor N.110 1 n A.Rockefeller slapped ber. whereupon she During the 15 years he has NAACP lawyers presenting argument Whites chairman of a commission to
admit that Hampton is a man defending the Negro community. Mayor John V. Lindsay and pulled a switchblade knife from published the FLORIDA STAR on behalf of the plaintiffs break down the barriers or de
of plenty nerve and backbone other state and local Officials.lneforwwmwdlneofp her pocketbook and stabbed without pulling punches Simpson were Henry Welssman of facto segregation The NAACP
who has helped a few of his The DDJ has been credited lic Moorer in the chest has campaigned for better Springfield and Miss Joan Open Grand stated they would make discrimination
friends to get Jobs, there are with preventing Klan terror in funds from agencies and pro Moorer' was dead on arrivalat Jobs for Negroes has devoted Franklin and Lewis M. Steel, in the building tradesits
twice as many who will declare the KKK-dominated city jects which continue to discriminate a local hospital and his wife much of his energies to helping both of New York City. major concern this summer.
that he has put stumbling blocks In Chicago appearance of the against Negroes. has since been bound over for Jaxons in trouble or in times I The suit, filed by the NAACP AssemblyThe .
in their paths to securing Jobs. Deacons stirred a controversy Special targets of the complaints the grand Jury following a hearing of need.His bard-h ttlne editorials ; lawyers named as defendants Date Is Set
The manner in which Hampton among Negro leaders were the Manhatten and before Justice of the Peace directed at do-nothlngpub- Mayor C. V. Ryan Jr., Police Lily White Grand
has been throwing his weight Press reports indicated that Bronx Surface Transit Operating Jesse Leigh. lic officials have resulted in Chief John F, Lyons and members Assembly will open its 31st For Hearings
around on the poverty program the Deacons had been invitedby Authority and the building many improvements in the city of the Police Commission.The annual session, Wednesday
blocking people from Jobs and the Olive Branch Lodge 94 trades unions. W.Eugene 3 Negroes and county. brief charged that the methods April 20, at Shiloh Baptist ,
attempting to run the show as of Prince Hall Masons. Sharpe chairman of the New Simpson led the fight to used by the Springfield Church. The Memorial sermon I*)in Bond's Seat
though he $Is the ringmaster of Laveron Cornelius a lodge York State NAACP labor and Improve many traffic hazards officials to suppress public dissent will be preached by Rev. I I. D.HInson. .
the local poverty program is leader was said to have invited Industry committee chargedthat Appointed To: widen were created by the Ex t "are indistinguishablefrom pastor of Bethel AME ATLANTA {(NPI) A May
( stirring up much dissatisfaction the DDJ to the city "because the Authority discriminated pressway. His ,campaigns those fashioned by municipal Church. Tallahassee.The 23 date has been set for hear
\, In the community. Tberels' Chicago needs a Negro groupthat against Negroes blrings promotion brought many overpasses and authorities in southern business sessions will ing on the seating of Julian Bondas
every indication that protests believes In defense and and training. City Commission walkways for school children cities..Indeed the success defendants will be presided over by C, state representative.The .
will be made concerning Hampton Justice at any price;. Herbert Hill,Association's and his editorials have brought ((Springfield officials) Blythe Andrews grand president House Rules Committee
and the role he Is playing The DDJ Cornelius quotedas director for labor program about the upgrading of many achieved in stifling public dissent who was reared in represented by 20ofifa26
the poverty program. It will be saying was prepared to warned of massive demonstrations ATLANTANPI)}-- Three Negroes on the city payrolls., is greater than that J Jacksonville the son of the late
remembered that a storm of fight a war U necessary topro- at construction sites this Negroes have been appointedto Although he is running in the achieved In many southern com. W. W. Andrews grand chancellor -
protest rose when he was appointed tect Negro rights.Cornelius' summer "if there is not large- serve on the local Government second primary on May 17, munities. of the Pythians 21 years.
to the ad hoc committee remarks were em- scale across-the-board Commission formed recently Simpson said be will devote Further the brief alleged:"no Rev. S. H. Hunter AME presiding -
which now makes those protestsseem phatically repudiated by Vernon enforcement of civil rights to study the governmentsof some of his time to campaign- evidence presented by those elder will preach Thurs-
warranted. B. Williams Illinois Prince laws" including the cancellationof Atlanta Fulton County and log for Earl M. Johnson who witnesses produced by the day night when members of the
Cltlseas are n't forgetting Hall Masons public relations "contracts at projects where other municipalities in Fulton Is running for the LegislatureIn defense to in any way Justify or society will be honored for outstanding -
either that Hampton once sup- director there are lily white t unions" County. Group 8.HOSPITAL. explain to this Court for what service during the
ported Lynwood Arnold over Further he said:"Tothe agree Among those appointed were reason the petitioners were arrested year.
Earl M. Johnaoowbombelanow ** that laws are not enforced to Dr. Samuel D.Cook;JY, More- or what laws they were Friday night t will be educational
supporting for the legislature. that degree civil rights land, and Franklin Thomas BIAS purportedly violating. The de night when Junior
The result of Mr. Hampton's a sure winner. advocates will have to take to The commission was set up fendants' action in this respectis members will engage loan oratorical -
strange band-wagon hopping Another Hampton candidate is the streets;. pursuant to a resolution passedat CHICAGO .(NPIScarcely consistent with the conduct contest and Dr. R. W.
leads voters to wonder..What senate candidate Claude Smith Mr. Sharpe told newsmen thata a recent meeting of the Georgia a single Northern hospital"does they have shown toward petitioners Puryear president of Florida
manner of man is this? whom the Negro politician triedto survey he conducted revealed legislature. Dr. Cook is not discriminate against ; throughout the series Memorial College will deliver
From all appearances rip to shreds 15 years ago that of 638 supervisory chairman, Department of PolI- Negro patients either in com of events which resulted in this :the address.
Hampton is supporting Bill when be ran for the commission positions I in the Manhattan- tical Science, Atlanta Uni mission or omission" report complaint; namely that those "Miss Lily White" will be -- -
Basford for the County Commission seat he now holds. Bronx Transit Authority only 26 versity. Issued by the Medical Committee who wield the official organs of 'I crowned Saturday night at the
but the political wiseacres It all bolls down to one thing:, were held by Negroes.The 3,852drivers Moreland is principal of the for Human Rights has government need not account 'annual tea when $4,000 is usuilly JULIAN BOND
are betting that be will The Negro voter will have to Include only 290 and the Booker T. Washington High charged.: Dr. John L. S. Hollo- fo r their repressive actions raised for the Lily White I n]nembers met to fix procedureor
switch to Julian Warren t the think before he votes and not 3QOperlOl1appunticublptraln1nc School and Thomas is the executive man Jr., MCHR president against a minority group I' hospital and Lily White Old '',I the hearing with House
personable incumbent com- be I led by tickets or so-called program only 10, besaid. director of the Butler called; on professionals to because these people do not I'Folks Home both air conditionS peaker George T,Smith,acting
missioner because be looks like "leaders". YMCA. "stick out your necks". vote" r

r s i

., -
-- -
-- -

.J n.J '''. .m...'.' ______ un.___ ..... .. --- .. n, .,...._ .

rm.---2 (:nil: PIPEir SlImlY; 1P1IL 11: mt'I


Jpubllshed by the Florida,Star Publishing si y'' AND GLAONE5ARE r"J4w THEY ARE TRYIHQTO STORY
jthTIO /q poverty I Is a world wide problem. Millions -

\ of people die yearly from the lacK of

food, inadequate shelter and clothing. In

S America'1the' richest most beautiful and
5 ER'lfO.: SIM'501..lhllllll Editor If iri .most advanced technological country in the

world, more than 35 million persons are
HILDlJfOOTEN...,...? Manger l ;
yo in poverty, surely this is not the kind of

I I. 1 society that American's would want to become -

2i fl. rl77p7.. 7J.111. "niii ll M782 f the pertutal.In Jacksonville. community more than

T.ure; 50,000: persons are in poverty in a city

Malhll Aidress4. r otir that has been given the name Gateway to

R d, p 5LA Florida; where the
j :
"P. 0. Boi 599 lacksoiiilli Floriii ,32201 ment rate is lower

norm for the country; : ,
MIAMI OFFICE''' .1 : F beautifgli: "
? w i SEN.J.W \ buildings
1 &, fulsatctit'SEN.J.WILLIAMFULBRIGNT down town section unemploI'
'Ate.. Plow. 3)1.1O25, ; .
\" 738 UN, .3ri ; progress and ; .
ARKANSAS, mention the
One Year. $6.00 Half year $4.00 RELATIONS COMMITTEE COLLEAGUES? the Duval County area. Yet we
Mailed to YOU Anywhere in the united States US 1N/LYNIWI have thousands of fellow citizens who do

Subscription payable in advance JOEFOREAPPROVINGTNEI/LL COMMITTEE ,f APOLOGIZE not get a balanced meal ; do not have decent -

Send check or Money order to: REJECTED 13 TO 6,ANADMEhIDMENT BY r ATHLETIC TO THE ILLINOIS COH- housing; nor do they have the neces-

:: FLORIDA 'STAR P.O. Jacksonville i. .Florida PROTESTiN6NLfRfCLASSIFICATION the changeable weather.
FOR ANY FURTHER MILITARY COfHHTNENTy" IN "- FROIf.W TO 1-A IN The problem of the improverished is the

SOUTHEAST ASIA1! J',' THE DRAFT1 concern of all I the federal governmentunder

,.... CHILD IRUTALITY -.-- ::; .' :- Nam" our president has declared a war on

: MUST IE CHECKEDThe WHY THE DOUILE STANDARD. poverty along with some concern on the
BUT state, county, and city level of govern-

that ment but, the problem of the poor must be
recently reported
newspapers attacked from 'angle's and by all Interested -
63-year-old Tampa man allegedly beat his many, ,.
citizens, groups and organized
grandson, 8 years old, with an ironing
social agencies such the Urban
cord. Willie Brown Sr. therefore has League.
Your Weekly One approach to help eliminate the increasing -
been booked on a charge of unlawfully
rate of poverty ts to utilize
: child.
punishing a family planning as a method to !lImit the

E As a result (the beating, the child had number of children per family. Stastlcal

..;::: to be treated for lacerations of the' right ***** ** reports throughout this country clearlyshow

? eye, forehead, right arm and bruises' on ; Horoscope Guide .tl.* .***.* the larger the family, the more like-
*,. ********** *
the back, shoulder, buttocks, and right ly poverty will be prrsent. Government
I leg. ****
reaearch reports point out these facts:

Rightly, the boy was turned over to a Familes with two chlldren-82 are in .poverty -

Foster home. By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER ; four chlldren-ty6| five children-

All this happened, because the boy ate an 1 9255 will be reached In poverty.

orange without his grandfather's permis- I If we are to draw

sion. Apparently, the grandfather was a WHICH ARE YOUR, LUCK. DAYS. ift FOR- .:, statistics, one approach a conclusion to cutting from these down
mean man, because his wife told reportersthat
on the Incidence
'all but one of their six childrenhad BUSINESS LOVE a: TRAVEL planning. This is of worth poverty is family
to run away from home because of the as
a method of
helping to
turmoil at the Brown's' home. and 'effect reverse the cause
The child beater's' large
preliminary I hearingwill !
AN EBOm'Tunl families and poverty. The
be held in J. P. Court on April 18th. xRiESJ' L1JBRA\ CAPRICORN should poor family

If found guilty, he should be tried and 4 Born Mar* .; ," -,, Born SeptTj23r"cTOcf.! : Born c.L ation and be exposed materials to counseling, Inform-
that will
22ndOne help them
sentenced to the fullest extent of the JM i!:April T9thShould ,22nd.._-_July_a...... ..** .*. 23rd1.w **1 22n3 I..:Jan.:..19th make a choice about I limiting the size of

I law_ you have good reasonto cannot always come out In Should your individual circum- A very fine aspect may denote their family) just as the mlddlelFlp I ss has
believe that something Is in the open with ambitious projects .stances be at all favorable, you considerable mental relief after been given this' guidance air long.
16 Florida Counties SegregatedIt the wind regarding your gainful because of the difficulties that would be well advised not to what may have been a long siegeof
occupation, start plannJDg'at others can plaice In the way.But make it too difficult for anyoneto worry and perturbation. If s
has once to cope with it. Your this should notprevent you from reach your heart. There a propitious period for additional Man Sued To Pay
been content in the while that
our instinct is strong, as Is that of being exceptionally active ':seems to be plenty offuturegood home improvements that
the transitions from segregation to desegregation your chosen partner. The feel- behind the scenes and present fortune in store for the Llbrans financial circumstances may For Wife's Burial
will I be a slow and humanly lags of both or either of you the world with accomplished ,who form or agree to an permit you to undertake. The
natural process. It can hardly be hurriedby should be heeded without ques; deeds. The pace In your fraternal alliance. The new lunar phase urge to create and embellish
law or others factors, because life and tion.Steps taken privately or In and friendly circles is moving now starting opens the prospectof your surroundings Is taking on Perhapj*.. one of the meanest men on earthis
any way you deem feasible may more rapidly and you should a more prosperous way of life stronger overtones. It should the husband who refused to pay his
existence are a process of gradual de- enable you to be prepared for keep up with It, or even ahead for those who are perceptive be given all the freedom thatIt wife's' burial expenses.. This was the case
velopment. changes that could transpire before of It, to insure having a role to
I enough to select the right partners craves. Dear ones are also of Indiana husband not
However, we were surprised to know that the end of quarter. This ,play. What you have planned and Beware of inner fears, very much on your mind and very long ago.
sixteen Florida counties have means adopting a sound financial what Is developing could be two uncontrolled emotions or skele- they are likely to be beneficiaries The Appellate Court of Indiana ruled that
no desegra- policy as well for this entirely different things seeing tons in the closet for these are of your long-range plan- man must provide for his wife's burial
tion in their, public schools despite federal could turn out to be core of any that the expected is constantly :factors that could turn everything ing. Be especially prudent in "in keeping with the station in I life of
ly-approved free m- f-cholce plans. problem that could conceivably, taking a hand in the conduct of topsy-turvy. You may then your travels for mishaps or the husband.
arise shortly. A separative influence -, your affairs. Do not travel when have to face Inadequacies and other
This the'U. dangers can loom from
was reported by S. Commissionon operating on 22nd. you have inner qualms. up This case was derived from a suit filed
homely facts and decide what
apparently nowhere. Changesare
Civil Rights recently.In .
against a husband by his fatherinlaw.The .
8.70 r '3 -6100 55 18 91 :241Bom you must or can do about them. due.
Florida, 1J2 counties are operating on r- peed the one who really want; 1-20 tz 17 '15 -752 wife was sick at the home of her fat-

freedom-of-choice plans. Another 17 -- ,-."TAlAiJt.,.-)_.--;i _....,J.m..... to help. ; her many months before her death, and the

including most of the..major urban areas BorrijApril20th.Moy ,' Jul.L.alnl HQUARlUSt husband refused to pay JJG07 in burial es-
I lIke' Miami -- began Integration under 2ltlr"A 'The woman's father paid the bill
.Boyp..Jan.J. penses.
: l .._ : ,
court orders. Some, like I Dade) County, ac- __ .._ _oJ ;ate 22nd CQlLvC dl. 1i Oth b..18th but brought suit against his son-in-laff.
celeeated the of desegragation on clever arrangement,closely : : ,
pace We hope this sets a good example for any
Everything looks wonderful ,,24th-Nov:22n t course of matrimony
their own. kept under cover, could boost The nan who Is so mean that he refuses to
and It Is while In well served an pay
profits or earned Income you are this should be by especially
In Bay County 98 per cent of the Negroes to your more later a s ti n gftgures. mood that you should work out By the time you have reachedthe fortunate Sun-Jupiter his last respect in honor to his deceased

still go to all-Negro schools. If this is This la the moment to call on your long-term objectives and weekend, something of great aspect that may help create excellent ife. We can't Imagine any person with a
the case, then the federal governmentisn't your Important official or fortify your hopes of gaining significance to you will have opportunities to those sense of dignity do fag this.
them. The advent of the lunar transpired. ltmaybeintheformof who interested. You can aid
checking up to see If integrationhas friendly-contacts to pave the way new substantial
abetter position,a
for From then on, you may phase that dominates the your own cause through the
actually come to pass. boost in income or an addition MAKE APPLICATIONFOR
next determined of presently
do better on your own when you thirty days or thereaboutalso use
The solution rests upon the laps of Flo-' possess the enterprising spirit reveals the possibility of to your existing re- activated Intellectual powers.
rlda county officials t 'he federal that sweeps others Into following succeeding brilliantly and stepping sources. This unmarried should facilitate Residential and family projectsmay CITY JOBSIt
the task of the ones
government. your lead acceding to your up your worldly or professional want to change; be launched shortly after
demands. The point of separation activities. Urgency this among state you of affairs. the beginning of a new lunar goes without saying that not enough
be reached by lovers may cause you to synchronize phase. You will then longer be
Yes We All TalkThe who may cannot agree with each I opposing policies of spendingup This may Involve breaking off satisfied with half-way measures Negroes are employed by various munici-
other on vital questions. But [ to or beyond your Income. an old alliance for others, and and will no doubt press palltles.and counties in the United

Parliamentarian the door should not be slammed [Try to establish i. basis for the discontinuation could become of ft* concrete and constructive Slates. Many times this lt 'at'ion' is not
shut for there are possibilities .future security. The Leos who friendships that :results. Be wary of any.propo- traceable to bias, but rather the failureof
of or
are will sources :sltlons that could turn out to be
that there will be second forward-looking not
QUESTION: I have been elected parlia- thoughts on the part of the parties wait for the day when an ac- other more serious difficulties. too much for your resources to Negroes themselves to apply for these.
counting due to the Whatever it Is that happens, it bear. There are too many disturbing jobs.
of concerned.
vfTjentarjan, my Club. What are my duties? will be a complete sweep of the Some citizens
adjustments that demanded. factors on these daysto !! argue that it is the .duty
--B.L.ANSWER. old and oc with the new.
take chances with assets
your of cities to seek
2-16-66-15-48-483 actively qualified Negroes -
The office of
: parliamentarian is cherished
770111Z.27223SAGFITARIUS or your possessions
more than an honorary position. It demands -1X. Ii for employment and train others who
;I.nf 5 -30 99 28589
serious study of parliamentary law, .TBornttltt.Junc.. l .. possess the potential for assuming positions -

because this officer must possess a tho- 21st.) :. .. .orn: Aug;;L 10m Nrx3ri FA- of responsibility. It is argued
rough knowledge of the rules and regulations ..23rd- --..Sept......,.22nd... {' :/r b. that Negroes are not responsible solely
of parliamentary procedure since his You seldom stay too long in 1 tlh7'tjar.2y.i1 for their lack of qualifications, and that

decisions are a guide for the presiding one time place and leisure when you to go have somewhere the- Keep up the good work when Engagements may or wedding predominate announcements The feeling you have for beautiful the blame must also be borne by the city

officer. Sometimes, the parliamentarian! else. This is a trait that your chances of catching the eye during the weekend. Whether objects and surroundingsis and other governmental agencies.We .

must furnish' information concerning may serve you in good steadat of raises the one and who promotions can band are out better the. you are playing the stellar role, one that Is not easily satis take the position that the Negro him-

parliamentary procedure to any member why the moment since It may also than average. The extra ef or whether one of your loved fied. Unless you can manage self is responsioie for seeking any job
it will not to in to Its exactions now
add to knowledge olplacesandpeopleThe ones has the part, give
may desire it. your fort Involved will be more than he feels qualified to fill or can be
unmarried detract from the excitement and then it will gnaw at you,
To raise a question of parliamentary InQuiry Oem 1 n 1 is n s could conceivably repaid by the gain of privileges ThereIs and happiness that may reign keep you frustrated and dis trained to occupy. This is a job for our
the member says, "Mr. Chairman, meet their one and only while and a phase being advantages.Initiated that unchecked, possibly'In your contented. Co all out to pursue ministers, teachers, civil rights organi-
I rise to a question of parliamentary In- they are traveling around and should favor travel,educational own home surroundings. The a splendid opportunity to acquire zations, not just to protest but to pro-
this would turn out to be a very call to duty may again sound what you want most, vide information certain
quiry. I It does not need a second, and and philanthropic enterprise*. that jobs are
strident tones should it It
encounter for out in clear and your way.
fortunate many
But it could make all the tria- available, as well as to assist
chairman should personsIn
the :
say of you. Those of you who prefer causing you to drop all other appears your time and attention '
ences In the world when you !'n will be taken studies going about getting training that will I
question. a degree of Isolation so as to interests and to respond up by ,
with the who
swords one
Readers: For my parliamentary motions look back on the past, and Its ;cross should be pulling alongside of, double-quick time. Any clashof correspondence, short trips, make them Quail fl ed. .
chart answering the six things one should probable effects on the future, you. Try to foresee this possi Interests that were due to next of kin or neighborhoodevents Finally, the Negro himself must show some
know about each motion, send thirty centsto should take advantage of favor bility. Take the steps that will take place this month may be after the beginning of initiative in seeking positions. He can
able openings to find Just what expected. Even If the situation the new lunar phase. It wouldbe
cover cost of handling to Dr. M. H. you are looking for. Do not separate Once dampen the have Ores cleared of this discord.hurdle .. seems disturbing to you, the rather Imprudent to allow lead the newspapers and magazines for Information -

Boulware. --Florida! A&M University Box yourself from your It you should be,smooth going. eventual outcome will be discord to enter into your 1Uevice and he can write federal and
310-A, Tallahassee, Florida 32337. beloved. source of pleasure. more. Hold your tongue. other sources for job Information.

7-20-44-15-82-296$ r 07,- 462 6 40 U 15.32.462.
$TAI SPANOUO SAVINOS PLAN train now for tomorrow'jobs

k -._- -,

1 G I,

-------- ---- --- ---- ---


T, City'| .Wide Beauticians League Sponsor Dual Show ITlrs.

} + w .

F k .i pb


De k


$. 4 ,

..- ? w r tf
-- "' -
Members and cuest of the recent City Wide Beauticians, Bessie B. Harris, Chairman of the Queen Contest Is -- Mrs. Callie J. Cone, President of the League presents a
League of Jacksonville which recently held a Coronation. shown congratulating the winner, Mrs. Brunell Shaw, and check to Mrs. Hazel Argrett, Narrator.
and Colfluretta at the Elks Auditorium are shown here. Mrs. Val M Tnnp, nmiMir.im
Seated from Left are Urs. Johnetta Wright, Mrs. CaUle -
J. Cone, President, Kiss E. I. Brookins. Standing from r .. i j Ji tl If: r."': .
Lanon Urs. Bessie B. Harris Urs. Val i I i 1'?,! ,
left Mrs. Dorothy __ ______ ,. : '.110 ," I< .'. .
Mule M. Jones, Urs. Vivian Crumble, Mrs Brunell Shaw,
Urs. ClydeU Donald, Mrs. Charlotte Wilson, Mrs Thelma
Whaley, Mrs. Maggie Jones, Mrs. Rosa L. Toulds, Urs.

Birdie M. Martin, Urs. Ethel L. Jones. I C tier.L .


I "'


yyy1 T
1 D Enjoying the festivities of the evening are from left Mr.
& Mrs. Dock Moore, Jr., Mfr & Mrs. Mitchell Simpson,
Mr. & Mrs. Joe L. Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. Simon M. Funell,
Seated with Burnell Shaw, contest winner center are some Mrs. Inez Robertson, Mr. Melvin Thomas, Miss Betty Jean
a friends and models in the show. From left: William Thomas Simpson, Mr. Thomas Lewis of Orange Park, Florida and
1 Willis, Theo Bebose, Edwina Forrester, Victoria Davis,NudeU Mr. ti Mrs. James JacksOll.'THINGS .
Gilmore, Helen Johnson, Naomi Albertle, Jaunlta McLendon,
Fannie Mae Brown, Jessie Mae Walker Mary ford, Dorothy '
Loron, Sharon Watson. ARE CHANGINGWalt
Models participating In the Fashion Show are shown from Disney paid $ 185 an Have looked
Fashion Show Set By Omega 12 Club you at the Help Wanted, lately?
left: Mrs. Viola Atkin, Urs. Merdertl Peterson, Miss Norma acre for the 27,000-acre tract I
Uontgormerr, Miss Helen Harmon, Miss Melonese Elliott, The Omega Twelve Social and will be displayed by Mrs. he bought near Orlando for an Equal opportunity is in business.
Mrs. Gladys Crapps, Mrs. Eula B. Thornton, Miss Edwina Savings Club, southside, will Spears, which will Include eastern version of Disneyland.
Forrester, Miss Gloria J. Johnson, Miss Brenda Harris, present Mrs. Ethel C. Spearsand lounging, daytime wear, cocktail -
Miss Gloria Perry, Mrs. Susie Lewis, Mrs Ada M. Byrd, models In a fashion banquet and evening.
Mrs. Mae Ford, Mrs. Eleanor Jenkins. by Billy BroWn April 30 at 8 p.m., In Douglas .. The event is being sponsoredfor
Anderson Senior High School. the scholarship fund. Mrs.
Gives "Afternoon Spring and summer fashions George S. McClellaa will serve Old Taylor Presents: Ingenious Americans
Hair" Style Show f.For Cancer '
,. .. (?, r Of, Music"' .: ) .as,narrator. *

Ashbury Lawson will be presented $,',;; ., !r rS .
A Cancer Crusade Committee, this worthy cause. in an "Afternoon of Music ;
headed by Mrs. Pauline Shaw, Assisting Mrs. Shaw with the ," Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m., a .
will present a hair style and affair are Chester AkIns,Mrs In the Educational Building or O (
fashion show, "Behind Thelma Lumpklns and Mrs. E. St. Stephens AME Church. +
the Scenes In the Beauty Salon," Martin. Mr. Lawson is a baritone stager eQ cfA
Sunday at 6 p.m., in the BallAdvance tickets may be of the choir and Male Chorus;
room on the mezzanine, of secured from the Hairpin trustee of the church, member
Hotel Mayflower, and It 1s expected Beauty Salon on Broad Street, of Eureka Court 188 and Is affiliated .I
that hundreds of friends near Ashley. with other civic and .IJtC
will be In attendance to support, fraternal organizations In the

city. tid1'4 ,
lilt's + tU1dt 8f rt b+aKy

116 N. MYRTU AVI.Dajnter M a
Poise Sanders, winner of two eonitfiiUvt golf lourna* t,' y 1
n ntt, discounts tit old tttaft "tnt third time It etarm:
fred tartii. lit hat rtrntd tnt titl matt popular if food
mtrchandtorr, lorry tear (of the poet U without eontttt
PONT GIVE CITY HALL A SENATE SEAT rot tilt reason v>nv. 'tt bttow,

My City Commissioner opponent u running on unprejudiced vote on uiuet which affect BEACH WHITING Lb. 45c
for State Senate Ht .
vow ht U keep hu the City ouch at City Commotion Miami,
Job at City Commuiioner and hold both City audit requirementi, bid froducl of ow beet tetehtt, meet of tilt faithful' trait tay.'
or City n.tric.oflcft. '
than trout
Similar to and in molt even betttr a iptokltd
Ht wants to wear two halt to tionif How would he divide hit loyaltiet onuiuei
ttrvt two matter tnt people (maybe) which involve both City and County '
tin City Hall machine (naturally). government hiuet like City/County SHRIMP BOAT WHITING lb. 35c ve

Anyone who watchet. ttlevuion thtie day Health Department duplication City/ 'ICOM MA"'POIlf' ) (

knout that City Hall hot problem of itt County I tax aliening duplication MULLET Ml, Frozen ,'. . Lb. S9e

own problem only a lull.time Commitnoner .- Don. Don t put' a City: Ltmiti" ugn! on yourvote MED. MULLET . . Lb. 25e
could lOW.10' a part-time Commuuoner t put City Halt/ limit on your
who it oho a .time S M'or.MW Senator Vote for the man who will
part not serve two maters who believe one LARGE SHRIMP . . LB. $1.25
All oDuval County including Jack elective offict at a time u enough who MEDIUM SHRIMP . . LB.. 98eLB. .
,onvtlle. the Beach,', Baldwin and our will devote hit undivided tnergiei to all of 59c
unincorporated area need an unbiased' Duval County a man who wM wear lust ,3 'in a eerie
Senator Could a City Hall Senator coil ont hat Pat Conroy SPECKLED TROUT ... LB. 59c

CATFISH . .'. ., LB. 59c
SALTED MULLET ROE . LB. 98e Elijah J. McCoy ((184M929)His )

ELECT STEAK FiSH. . .e ...LB...69eConsultation.

CONSULT DR. SMITH FREEExamination name is part of our language,

his inventions are part of our livesHave

YOU will Be Told in plain words what The Trouble

Is, what IS causing it And what May Be Done TO
Correct It, If you suffer with: you ever wondered how the brications
STATE SENATOR phrase "the real McCoy" became part McCoy's Invention was used so extensively
/ ARTHRITIS HEADACHES THROAT 'DISORDERS of our language? that no piece of heavy machinery

ASTHMA BLOOD PRESSURE SINUS INFECTIONS Let's go back to Ypsilanti, Michigan, was considered complete unless it
10TH DISTRICT COLDS HEART DISEASE NERVOUS DISEASES in the year 1870. There a young mehad the "McCoy" system. In time, '
chanic named Elijah McCoy began ex people inspecting a new machine would
h.", '.Jacksonville native Educated INFLUENZA STOMACH DISORDER PELVIS DISEASES perimenting with lubricators for steam ask "Is It the real McCoy?" And gradu
In Duval County Schools. RHEUMATISM 'BLOOD & SKIN PROSTATE TROUBLE engines. Up until that time, giant en ally the meaning of the phrase spread
University of Florida graduate, NEURITIS DISEASESKIDNEY 'INTESTINAL DISORDERS gines had to be stopped frequently for until it attained its present meaning as
Florida Blue Key,.University' SCIATICA &BLADDER CHRONIC DISEASES oiling. This wasted a lot of time and the genuine article.
2 of Florida Hall of Fo", .. LUMBAGO LIVER & GALL BLADDER DISORDERS money. McCoy's goal was to come up Elijah McCoy went on to patent over
Respected Jacksonville with a device that would oil machines as fifty other lubricating devices. He also
Fellow of American College attorney.. MEN AND WOMENI they worked. established his own company the Elijah
q of Trial Lawyers In his crude machine shop McCoy McCoy Manufacturing Company, in
Decorated combat treat conditions commonly considered surgical developed an automatic lubricator: a Detroit. Since that time. his inventions
t,. t World War II. Retired veteran Lt. of Col. without the use of. a knife, Modern, methods of container with a tiny stopcock that have paved the way for many techno s
t Army Reserve. diagnosis and treatment. regulated the continuous flow of oil on logical advancements But the most

Proven. civic and business; leader: APPOINTMENT ONLY 36 years successful FREE-EXAMINATION BY heavy machinery. Gone was the need to famous legacy McCoy left his country
practiceIn ,
I President YMCA 152'If54Cwnmfttee interrupt work for time consuming lu was his name
e .f 100 J ck Mville Jacksonville. HOURS M
A,.. Ckember. .f C.meset.Jeckwerllle PHONE EL 4-1187 OLD TAYLORKENTUCKY
i ...." ClImtracliwi .. .
e Clive, C..nry lark ef Public' DR. REX SMITH STRAIGHT BOURBON

1 947. 1"0. .... ..... ,....,.., ,
... I ..Nlur.r .001. IOu" .H' p.I"" 'r"01.ioll D''<""'.v co. I IOu..n.I ar
--- .------ 900 West State Street (Upstairs)
i ii Send for free booklet containing the portrait and story of each American in this teric
J office formerly occupied by Dr. r.yl ck'er.OPP081teIU Write lot Ingenious American Booklet Room 1.43,99 Park Ave.. N.Y., N.Y. 10016I



4ff I Ii 1

lA .. ...., t ,.. .. oft" .a.M f" ....................................., ... .. -- .r -

tier "i STIR PAPERS ,

, CHURCH NEWS Appreciation Night- ?Celebrates Anniversary' __. Sunday first Baptist t Church Take It 'O.rLeave ]'

1:,.. Women It'.I'
April 18th S .Day I i By CHARLES C. KING' :

ST.Services PAUL Sunday PENTECOSTAL in St. Paul Pentecostal Church will begin with Baptist The members Church theSweetfleld Observed Here DO YOU EVER GO FISHING?

the SundaySchool at 10:30: a.m. Morning service at 12 o'clock, are giving an friend asked of me with tender
Appreciation Night for the fishing? my
Hour at 7 Evening service will begin Rev. Annual Women' Day will be "Do you ever go
and Young People's p.m. what about
D. B. Barnes, pastor Monday solicitude. "Yes" I replied."Well, going some time
at I o'clock. Wednesday night, prayer service. Missionary Day evening April 18. Rev. Barnes observed Sunday In First Baptist with ?" he smiled "Where do yougor'l demanded. "To the
will be observed Sunday, according to Minister L.Warley, pastor has served the church since Church,College Park,commencing place us where the river empties into the ocean mostly, but sometimes

1957.Sweetfield. with the Sunday School, in out-of-the-way places," was his reply. "Then I can't
at 10 JO a.m., with Mrs.A.Jordan -
; his
came lnqulrJ"Becauul'm
Church has seen a eo with you I replied.
HOLY;TABERNACLE growth in members since Rev. as acting superintendent. too busy fishing for men," said I. -Yes, butyou've
Services Sunday In Holy Tabernacle Church of Lord Jesus 2, The teachers are Mrs Marie he
in life know
Barnes became pastor. to have some pleasure ,you -
7924 Harding Ave, begin with the Bible School 10 a.m., with Among accomplishments: Green and Mrs Emily Perry. to got "It is a great pleasure to fish for men," I hastened .
assure me.
Mrs. Jannle J.Watkins In charge.Morning service at 11 o'clock. Morning service at 11:30
under his leadership the churdl'ha. him. "But you need some dlversioo-wme
to reassure
will deliver thesermoa. EvenIng Music will be furnished
Hendon o'clock.
Minister G. W. pastor "God supplies
built a lovely new be added Impatiently. mYlleed'ofrecreat1oo
service at 8 o'clock. The missionaries will have charge of dining by the Brown Sisters and Elder recreation "
room and a beautiful .. He supplies every need, rejoined patiently.
the revival meeting, beginning Monday at 8 p.m., and ending very parsonage : '11. Jones will lead devotion.. ;
The church has also i- My friend's facial expression was a long, dubious question
April 22. MlssionuyitmmieLHendonwillbethe speaker each acquired a public address system Shown above are memberof the D.Bbarnea Club of the Sweet- :Mrs. Annie L. Davis is acting'pastor mark as he looked earnestly into my eyes. He knew 1 was not

I night. u well as an organ and field Baptist Church who will celebrate their 8th anniversary Mrs jesting. So 1 continued "It is written, 'In Thy presence is fullness .
The participants are
piano. 18 at 3 left Mrs. Viola Tate : at Thy right band there are pleasures forever
TABERNACLE BAPTIST Sunday April p.m. From : president Annie Win Golphln, Mrs. Lou- of joy;
t Teachers meeting will begin the service Sunday In Tabernacle The entire Barnes family work Miss Prlscllla: Holsey secretary Mrs. Rosa L. Grant venla McQulce Mrs Louise morel'! Don't you know that He wbocreated us and put within our s
unselfishly in their efforts to Pollock luau needs we feel is amply able to fill all our lack
at 9 Schoolat treasurer Mrs Ruby Jones, Mrs Mattie Mrs nature all of the
d' Institutional Church beginning am. Sunday Walker Mrs. Ethel Johnson
Baptist Lawrence in bring to the church and the Holsey, Mrs. Leslie Johnson, Mrs. Mary Lee Brooks Mrs and give us complete Joy71 live dally in His Presence: listening
with Superintendent C. A. charge. Elder Bessie Hayward ElderV.
9:30 a.m., community the spirit of Christianity Doris Seated is the Not shown voice which Is sweeter than music going where He leads,
wills Gray. Rev D.B.Barnes pastor. to His
W. E. Young pastor Brown Davis
Morning service at 10:45: am. Rev Rev F. D. ,
and what
and because of this In paths of truth rlghteousnessdolng
and untiring Mrs Vergiree Holley.nrg which is always
Senior Male Chorus
choirs Elizabeth
deliver the All adult Mrs. Asque Mrs.
useful in His
effort the members of He directs and that is always something kingdom.My .
Usher Board 3 wW serve. At 5 p.m., BTU and evening serviceat the Goldie Mae Perry, Mrs.E.Me- moment of
are extending a welcome Heavenly Father guides me every every
Day for the women will be May 15 Fadden Mrs Frances Brown
7 o'clock. Homecoming ,
to the public to participate hour of the day. Surely naught else in this life could yield a
chairman. Mrs Peacock Robertette
Akins A.
with Mrs. Queen as general in this honor "
MINUTE5 t Gospel Singers Mrs A.Varna- greater happiness
Our conversation shifted to other
There was a long pause.
dore Minister L .
MT. TABOR BAPTIST Boyd, Mrs friend's countenance had changed
Services Sunday In Mt. Tabor Baptist Church will begin with Union CommunityIs PIE BIBLE Willie Mae Moore, First Corinth matters of the moment. My
to one of spiritual understanding,
from one of questioning pity
the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Superintendent Barr I.V OINIUUt *. ITAM Mil.IIIIAM 'fl Gospel Chorus Choir 1 of
presiding. Consecration service at 10:45 o'clock, and morning lltll ftOCIITV i St. Peters Baptist and Choir 2
' service at 11 o'clock with Rev. H. T. Overstreet, pastor, pre- Scene Of MusicalChoir CNICAOOUNDERSTANDEST IL I.LINOI. } .J J''of Ephesian Baptist Church
siding. BTU at 5:30 m.withT., Smith in charge. Evening service 1 Little Rock Baptist Friendship
at 7 o'clock.Choir 1 and Usher Board 2 will serve throughout 1 of Union CommunityAME Anniversary Set
I the day with Mrs. Ella Singleton at the console Church will be presentedIn THOU WHAT THOU READEST? Women's Day Event Baptist ChurchMrs.

its Annual Musical Sundayat .Thus was the question Philip knowing what Cod has said at all. In Mt. Ararat
S p.m., in the church audi- M. Wlngfleld of New
asked the Ethiopian prince at heat His faith -based on his own will Set For 11
NEW JERUSALEM torium under direction of Mrs April
Friendship Baptist Church Atlantic
reading from Isaiah' prophecy rather than on Cod Word, for re.
1 Services Sunday In Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church Alvesta Mae Bell Matthew G. Me Coy :will
Beach present the
Acts 8 and of the of
( :30)), It question gardless meaning Scripture
begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., with the superintendent The participants: are: Mrs. that observe his anniversary as a The Women's Day celebration choir in a musical program
which should he will take
in charge At 11 am., Rev W. A. Mack, minister will Bonnie Frazier, Larry Waters, asking ourselves we continually we read the keep holy suits, his fancy and any use passage it as he gospel singer and organist in of Little Rock Baptist Church Sunday at %::30 p. m., in the
: deliver the sermon. At 6:45: p.m., evening service Monday Rev. A. Hankins, Mrs Tommla as wishes Mt. Ararat Baptist Church Monday will be observed April 17, beginning church auditorium.The .
t at 8 p.m., the revival meeting will be delivered. 'Lee Wilder Mrs.A.Burroughs Scriptures at 8 p.m., in the church au- at 9:15: a.m. Sunday participants: are: Deacon
M'oria6AME There are always those amongCod's How emphasis Cod
great an
Rev.Jessie Brown, Mt. ditorium. School.
Albert Campbell, Choir 2, Rev.
MT. ZION BAPTIST Allen Jackson, Mrs. whether people who do not understandwhat much care Himself puts upon the importanceof The program will feature the Morning services begin at 11 G. Curry, Mrs. A.dellaJacksou,
Mt. Zion Baptist Church southslde, services Sunday begin Thelma Richardson RosalyoMimms or not they understanding His WordlOn Florida State School Chorus of a.m. Serving as mistress of Mrs. Lucille Brown Miss Wll-

with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m. Covenant meeting will be UUjorleandVerOD1ca their hearts they read! To,them If only the It Bible warms one occasion, when our Lord St. Augustine, Cleftooes,Thomas ceremonies will be Mrs. Theo- lie Mae Dillard, Mrs.Elizabeth
held at 11 a.m., and BTU at 4:30 p.m., with Deacon A. Jackson Thompson, Gwendolyn Jones, is saw the multitudes, He "was moved Singers, Celestials Male dore Oree. The speaker for the Fltzpatrlck, Mrs. Jennings,
in charge. Evening service at 8 o'clock. Communion rites will Mrs. Lula Bell Cay and Rev, little more than a fetish Taking only with compassion toward them, because Chorus and Choirs 1 and 2 of 11 a.m. service will be Mrs Julian Williams Mrs.N.Curry

be held. Usher Board 1 and Choir 1 will serve throughout the N. McCray. those Scriptures which appeal to they were as sheep not havinga Emanuel .Baptist Church, Ella Rich Perry. Choir 1, First Baptist Church
day. them and leaving the rest, they shepherd: and He began to teach Choirs 3, 4B, Male Chorus The 3 p.m. program will be choirs, Second Baptist Church;

St. Matthew Baptist ual actually and feel themselves quite spirit them many thing," (Mark 6:34)). Young Adult Choir of Mt. Ararat presented with Mrs. Bessie l Choir. St. Andrew AWE,Roberts
often talk about
FAITH MISSION believingthe And now that the secret of Cod Choir 3, Church of God In Baker in charge followed by Mt. Pisgah AME and the
Services Sunday In Faith Mission vocated at 1749 E. 21st St., ObservanceThe Bible whether they understand great plan has been made known, Christ 4, Mrs Alberta Latl- BTU at 5:30: p.m. Mrs. Thelma choir of the Church of God in
will begin with the Sunday School at 10 a.m. Morning service Slates It or notl! how much more reason there is to more, Latimore Singers and J. Thompson and Mrs. Wylene Christ.
at 11:30: o'clock. Services will be held Tuesday Thursday and But such "spirituality"is far from study the Scriptures, with a view to others.A. Dunbar presiding
Deacon and Deaconess
Sunday nights at 8 o'clock. The Mission Union wUl be held Sun- Boards of St. Matthew Baptist genuine, and such 'faith" Is blind understanding them! How Paul, by P. Rodgers will serve as An "Evening Of Music" will Mt. Sinai broups
day at 4 p.m., with the union officials in charge. The service nd superstitious at best. the Spirit emphasizes this, as he master ceremonies,and Mrs. be presented at the 7 p.m. hour
Church will observe their
Sunday night will be conducted by Greater New Bethel Baptist jointly Sunday at anniversary 3 While it Is true that the Bible writes of his prayers for the saints: 'Gussle Gray will give observations. of worship. Appearing on t the Present RecitalUsher
Church with Rev. C. E. Smith presiding. 'caches many truths which we be. .
program as Mistress of Cere- Board 1
p.m., in the church auditorium28th leve, although they are beyond our "That the Cod of our Lord Jesus District Hand
monies will be Mrs Ollle M. Deaconess Board 2 of Mt. Sinai
and Moncrief. :omprehenslon (such as Its opening Christ, the Father of glory may
Mt. Sinai Church Fields. A of talented
I I The participants are:ReY.Rudolph versel!), yet how can we believe give unto you THE SPIRIT OF variety Baptist Church will present
McKlsslck, Rev. James what the Bible saps unless we understand WISDOM AND REVELATIONIN artists are to be presented on Mrs Bessie Carter in a musical
Tucker, Urs. A. J. Simmons what it saps| ? Cod would THE KNOWLEDGE OF Holds FederationThe the program bringing a close recital Sunday at 7:30 p.m..m

T.V. SPECIAL Mrs Lavonla Graham U r.. have us understand what .we read HIM: to tbeWomen'sDaycelebrat1oD.The the church auditorium.
public Is invited
Janie SoutherUnd, Frazier Sister and believe It intelligently Indeed, "THE EYES OF YOUR UN. annual federation of the DANIEL 12:1
f s, Deacon T. C. Wiggins, true faith will\ want to know and DERSTANDINC BEING EN. Church of the Deep South of :

WE ARE NEW Mrs. Catherine Carter Rev understand more and more of Cod LIGHTENED; TIIAT YE MAY Mt. Sinai Holy Church of ,Classic Date .Set_.. Great trouble Is just before us
George A. Price Mrs. Mary S. Word. One who does not care KNOW WHAT IS THE HOPE America Inc., will convene at MIAMI.The 34th annual Orange and we can survive ONLY In

AND WOULD LIKE TO MEET YOU, ,Huey, Deacon J. T. Price,Mrs.L..B. 'whether or not he understands what OF HIS CALLING ." (Eph. Mt. Sinai Holiness Church, 11 Blossom Classic and fes-( God's Word,
Phillips and others.
:Cod has said Is not Interested In lilf.18)), 49 W. 21st St., Saturday and tlvltles will be held here Dec-!
Sunday, Elder L. M. Sparks ember 231966. The gr(d classic HOU BIBLE
WITH THIS AD FIXES MOTHER CHRISTIAN I THE SUPREME CRITIC host pastor. will be played In the Orange Authorised King James Version

$7.50 Can help you with all kinds 0} Officers of the federation are: Bowl Stadium, Saturday: Red Letters $5.98 p.pd.
YOUR SET TOR NO CHARGE problems. She has helped About 1900 years ago St. Paulwrote Gibraltar with, pea-shooter, Minister Ross Knight president Night Decembers at 8:00. The!i .Charles Bridges Box 395,Alia
Y and can help you by the touch to Timothy, with regard to Furthermore, the Word of Cod ; Bishop Annie Chamblln, FAMU Rattlers will meet a yet- pattah Station, Miami,Florida
of her hand and the power of God. he sacred Scriptures! towers above the clergy as well as Southern District prelate and tobenamed opponent. 33142
CLAYTON'S T.V.398.382Q' See this Indian Spiritual Reader "ALL SCRIPTURE IS GIVENY the laity The Bereans were called vice prelate of Mt. Sinai Holy
INSPIRATION OF COD, ANDIS Church of America Mrs Beatrice
today. Open dally and Sundays "noble" because they put the words ;
fromjf a.m. to9p.m.9029 Lem PROFITABLE FOR DOC. of even the great Apostle Paul to Gillum,secretary,Deacon
', Turner Rd. F 0 further information TRINE, FOR REPROOF FOR the test of the Scripture. Benjamin Savage treasurer; On Your Lot..Or Ours

I I, call 7659522. CORRECTION FOR INSTRUCTION That blessed Book is the Supreme Mrs. Lila Savage, program
IN RIGHTEOUSNESS Critic If we teachers of the Word committee chairman and Miss
This truth has been confirmed by Carolyn Colson, music coordi-
( verwhelmlng evidence and those overlook vital truth, true Bereans nator. r ,
will use THE BOOK to "teach" usIf ,
who have tried the
through cenries
]f Cod forbid e9d1i H. A. (Smoky) Stover
to overthrow the Bible have I we handle the Word
l loC1DONS TO seen about as successful! as a man deceitfully, they should use THE I Mrs. Alice BurroughSet hey I I II.... M......

SERVE ylng to overthrow the ,Rock of BOOK to "reprove" us.

1814 WEST BEAVER For RecitalMrs. 'lam atone tMe.e.-a a. ,.... 771"u'1jMas86

83 o cassaT aVE.i .WHEN YOU ARE, .I ILL.You Alice Burrough will be
presented in her annual musical

s program April 24 at 7 p.m, in
i 3101 EMERSONWATCII Seek The Best Doctor. Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.\
:When Your Doctor Prescribes! : She will be sponsored Choir

Get Experienced Pharmacists .j' L .ac,4 t 3 of the church, of which she is

..According to your Doctor's .a.'. a member, and will be accompanied -
Orders. We Use Only The Best ,, >.J by Mrs Catherine Sykes

Quality Drugs '...:....'( and Cass W. Shootes. ,
NEW STORELOCATED c. E. BLACK Other participants Include $5000 ON YOUR LOT EV-8-9000
Proprietor Mrs. Gussle Paige Gray Mrs
3 Registered Pharmacists TO serve youA Marva Wright, and Ezell Futch.

----A COMPLETE LINE 0 p---- Mrs. Bessie CarterTo .................e..s..

$ Co a..et1 ca- Rubb er Goods-Candles-sundries Be PresentedIn Do Not Let Your Self-Appointed, So-Call

2 IBS. 1 Recital Sunday Leaders Take Money For Inflieociof

Drug Store Mrs. Bessie Carter will be Your Vote. If Yen Allow Your Vote

presented in an annual recital

FLA. GRADE "A" LARGE $ fdEGGS 19Q7 KINGS 'ROAP'EL3B2 Sunday Mt. Sinai April Baptist 17,Church 1:00: pjn., corner at- To B.e Bought t, Then The Politicks Who

2 6 Also Six appearing and Lee Streets.on the program Paid For These Votes Will Write, You pit

DOZ. J with Mrs. Carter will be Miss

Elizabeth E. Finitely Mrs. W. As Haying Been "Paid In Foil" lid die
MADAM BESSIE D, Thompson> Mrs Salome

Summers, Mrs Ruby Herndon, You No Further Consideration DO YOUR
SUGAR CURED the will read youf entire life-past,present and Mr. Wilber Ballemy, and Mrs .
future. She asks no questions but will tell you Rose Watts.
what you want to know, giving date and facts of \G.I.. Preiete.t OWN THINKING AND YOUR OWN VOTING!

37:8 business love, health and family affairs. Will
PICNICS : Jielp you find lost art. TELL you whom you will Joseph L.Waiters,son of Mr. If You Wait True Reeresentatioi VOTE FOR
marry and when. U the one you love is true, what' and Mrs. Milton McQueen of
I ,part of the country is luckiest for you, and what oes 1561 E. 22nd St, Jacksonville
to do to be successful.Will reunite the separated,j ,Florida is stationed at Belle CHARLES W. BOSTWICK, SENATOR, 31st

;locate absent friends and relatives, and cause 'AFB, Call for duty.

FLA. BUDGET BRANDFRYERS happiness between man and wife. Makes uplovtr' Waiter was recently promoted DISJRICT.... "A Senator For All The People!"
quarrels. Tells, slcknessorbadluckis to Airman 2/C.
natural enemies evil influence and bad luck. Does not tell to He Isal962 graduate of MatJhew v
29:8: please you, but will ten the truth. One visit will repay you for.disappointments i W. Gilbert School. u

in all others. I not only read your life like and,
open book, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES. Come! Ckct
and see why you are so unhappy why everything seems to go
wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted,sick and worried when you
can be helped and everything made clear by 'IcOl sultloe' THIS.
GIFTED MEDIUMI! Everybody welcome. NO MAIL ANSWERED.: I wr1S /
I. I make no house calls. Don't mistake the address MADAM ,
I Bto.TURKEYS39 : BESSIE is located north of Callahan 00 HwJ.301. 1/Z mile from A .

; City of CALLAHAN Florida Phone 879-2250. ** RAa
;': Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL R /

Open dally 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Including Sundays UN it Kb sum

t I i

\ \ J .. .. .. .. ,. ...... .. .. -- .




World News DigestBy I Senate; Unit Okays Jury Selection'' t, (School Received Donation From Governor CAMPUS NEWSCARL

, ; Negro Press International Constance MotleyFor Guidlines Brings
Paul Imakando, a 40-year-old District' Court Sentence ReversalNEW ': JEFFERSON CITY Mo. -(NPI)-Lincoln University has chosen

I former school teacher from the WASHINGTON -- Full ORLEANS (NPI) three mass media and two Journalists to receive Curators
province, last month
for selection Awards at the 17th Headliner Banquet April 27.
Senate confirmation Guidelines Jury
! reached the top rank in a seriesof Imminent last week when appeared the in the south figured! prominently 'Ye1 MYm, i 1.1- Carl T, Rowan, former director of USIA,will be guest speakerfor
promotions that have spanned l three-member Senate Judiciary recently when the U.S.Courtof the program,to be held in the university's newly constructed
16 years. He was recently appointed
Student Union
r subcommittee unanimously approved Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Building
commissioner I reversed the conviction of a Two newspapers from opposite ends of the country-the Philadelphia
prisons, the top rung in the service Louisiana Negro sentenced to Bulletin and Riverside(California)PressEnterpriseand -
He Joined the service In Radio Station KMOX St. Louis winners
I death in a rape case. are of the awards
April 1950, became a prison officer
In ordering Andrew J. Scott for significant contributions to better human relations.
in 1962; chief prisoner either released or retried, the Longwortn Quinn, general manager, Michigan Chronicle, has
officer, 1962; and superintendent tribunal cited an error In the been selected to receive a citation of merit for outstanding per-
1964. conviction and ruled againstthe formance in J journalism A second citation will be given to
"systematic exclusion of, r \ Charles H. Loeb, advertising director,Cleveland Call and Post.
ON AIRPARIS members of the Negro race on W:1'iL.:/ Loeb will also serve as banquet toastmaster
-(NPI)- Riding on a t the petit (trial) Jury Ust/: .' '! ., After four and a half years in government service Rowan left
quarter-inch cushion of air will Scott, a resident of..Livingston: ,_ / his post as USIA administrator last fall return to newspaper
be a reality for Parislen commuters parish, had been on the Bath writing. His syndicated column appears in more than 100 daily
by 1968. The government row at Angola since 1958. newspapers three times weekly.He also serves as commentatorover
t announced plans for the Westinghouse television network,
His was one of seven appeals
putting Into operationthe .
heard by the entire court last '
world's first highspeedaerotrain : ':
December. Each was based on
designed to carry
an aspect of the basic claim .
.commuters at speeds up to 250 .
either .
that Negroes were excluded -
miles an hour. The vehicle will or deliberately includedfor .',\ '

be Jets held of aloft air by directed the pressureof toward, grand Jury orf rial Jury duty. Seagram's The Sure One

the ground. Crown Is Is Seagram'
! Program The Sure One 7 CrownNow
! 1,250 TONGUES her nomination as the
NEW YORK-(NPI)-According nation's first Negro woman fed Speeded Up After
to a report issued by the American eral Judge. SEND-OFF FOR CHAMPS--Scott Kelly, candidate for Governor, hands
Bible Society during the Mrs. Constance Baker Motley, his personal check for $100 to Freddie Dyles, coach of the Gibbs
celebration of its ISOthannlver-; 44, nominated for the seat on NAACP Protest Senior High School state championship basketball I team, as a dona-
sary, the Bible is now being) bench of the Southern Districtof tion to help finance the team's to Ala. this
published in 1,250 languages) New York by President Johnson PLAINFIELD, N. J.-In response trip Montgomery, ,
to complaints filed by week to participate in the National School Basketball I
and dialects, sufficient to cover I served for 13 months as Negro High
97 per cent of the world's pop-; Manhattan Borough president in the Plainfield Branch of the Tournament. Emanuel Stewart, principal of the St. PetersburgHigh

ulatlon. Statistics disclose that, New York. Advancement National Association of Colored for Peo the School Is at left. Kelly's' donation capped a ,drive for $600
the entire Bible has been pub needed to send the team to the
lished in 237 languages; New; Bill Cosby's Now ple, the New Jersey State tournament.
Testament in 297, and at least i Office of Economic Opportunity -

a languages.single Scripture book in 716'' A Quadruple AgentLOS representatives has assigned to help two field get Publisher Shot Reward Offered In Beating.

ANGELES (NPI) Community Action, the city's
Bill Cosby appears to be a man anti-poverty program, off the By Bogus Cop Of NAACP Volunteer Worker
BANK LOANWASHINGTON of ever-unfolding talents to ad- ground. t+-. '
-(NPI)>-A$1. dition to being the wry sleuth The OEO workers were dispatched CHICAGO (NPI!) Police PHILADELPHIA-The Trl-State office of the National Association 1 pros
7 million loan to the Republicof on the "I Spy" television pro, to the city following are conducting a search for two for the Advance meat of Colored People and the NAACP QQCQt11S
Guinea has been approved by I gram, he Is also the painter of a three-hour hearing at which men who invaded the offices of branch in Darby have offered a$200.00 reward for Information fra.Qrw. &
the World Bank,to finance costsof "Portrait of a Spy," exhibited the NAACP charged that the the New Crusader weekly newspaper leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible nLCrolun
field surveys and detailed engineering recently in the United Nations; program was floundering and last week, posing for an assault upon Miss Alva Cault, a Philadelphia t ;
of a railroad,port and,and the unofficial public relations that it failed to achieve the required as policeman, and shot BalmL school teacher and a volunteer NAACP worker with,the! Darby g 1 .r.rr A ArYll ll'A
town to be constructed in the man for his alma mater participation of the poor. e a v ell, editor-publisher. In Branch. .esaB MMI .1/
Boke region of northwestern Temple University, Phllad l, The hearing was the result of 'the hand. Miss Gault was severely beaten in her Darby home on Sunday
Guinea. The construction will I''I phla. charges filed with OEO Director Leavell, In Billings Hospital, night, April 3. Removed to the Fitzgerald-Mercy Hospital, she .
enable Guinea; develop its rich Added to this, he has Invaded1'the Sargent Shriver by Luther where doctors say condition was treated for a broken nose, fractured facial bones, multiple
bauxite deposits said to bed j: night club circuit as the Roberts, NAACP branch president is satisfactory, told of the harrowing bruises and Internal injuries .
among the most abundant in the .I headliner of the show at Har-; Incident. He said one of Announcement of the reward offer was made last week by Phil-
world. i rah's South Shore Room. 'the men drew a .43 calibre pistol "p H. Savage NAACP trl-state field director.
Water Pipe and threatened him. When he
flow Sham >oos Started grappled with the man,the! gunman Matthew W. Gilbert Slated For RecitalThe you know the story of better
Legend has it that the first man monlal oil and wood ashes, he. Helps Prevent CancerTEL shot him In the band, and whiskey< backwards and forwards.
to enjoy a shampoo was a warrior stepped out in the rain. Presto then struck him on the head String Choir and Seventh The directors Miss .
are r r
n a
i in ancient Gaul. After "instant" clean hair! AVIV -(NPI)) If the several times with the weapon. Grade Glee Club of Matthew W Bson and Mrs Metro 'ICUII llOI5Illlt COMPANY.Nt l*YONK CllYILWHOhlSmY[ ( .MPNXX'M.MM (UT.lIMtITt
claim of Israeli scientist Is
anointing his head with cere- an Other members of the staff GilbertHlghSchoolwillbepre- Miss Helen Stoddard wlli
true, American smokers may be rushed Into Leavell' office upon sented in concert Monday at 8 the cholrr
switching to a water pipe to hearing the shots and were p.m., in the school cafetorlum. accompany
EVANS dodge the incidence of lung can told by one of the gunman that-
R. S. cer. The scientist Prof.Joseph he was a policeman and Lea-
Rakower, head of the Pulmonary yell had "Jumped him." Both
3RD & MAINI"JacksOn1.l1e's Institute, Hadassah (Hebrew men then Oed.I4ana(1ng .
\ Most Recommended Dealer"EL University Medical'Center) editor Theodore ,,
4-B381-EL 4-8382 says that no smoke inhaling,and Charles Stone gave chase and !
use of a nargileh (a clay bowl
LARGE PURCHASE OF pointed out one of the men to
pipe: connected to waterfilledflask who had arrived.
police Just
CHRYSLER CORP. CARSFXARLFS and thence to a long lea- When the officer fired several SUPER HIARKE75
THESE LOW, LOW PRICES ther tube to a mouthpiece, may shots at the fleeing man, he
JUST: LIKE I'\EW-LOW AS 4.000 MILES cut down on lung cancer. The dropped his pistol in confusion, .
smoke is filtered the
through but managed to make his es-
water, removing the tars, before "GOOD AT EDGEWOOD AYE. B.
B5 Dart 270" $ Sine: It reaches the mouth. ;cape good. THESE PRICES THROUGH SUNDAY

""In. n f">r. Warranty Aft'*: FM Train now for tomorrow'Job U.S. GOOD CHUCK

65 Valiant $1795 Sine You could he right. But maybe not. These days, some

200" Auto.I TV?, TS: i J\J jobs are disappearing for good because machines do them
Far Warranty r7ftS; better than men. That's progreis. It creates problems. ROASTWESTERN LB.49
But it also creates opportunity for new and better jobs
65 Ply. Fury $2395$29r: Will you be qualified to get them?

irtnp., V3. Auto.
', PS::' ",..AC, Fae. Warranty #'\,,&; F37.

5Yr. or 50,000 Miles WarrantyON CENTER CUT I



& MAIN An Better Tin Em

"Jacksonville's Most Recommended D-dp.r"KEN ,

Royal Art Studio PUREX

Social 515'DAVIS, Commerlcal Studio ST.Service BLEACH .pu. 1 1LIMIT 10


Closed All Day Tuesday EL- 41894YOU

J r

g{ Don t Have To Go To Town To Get




--------- DOZ. IN CARTON

Trade with Your Neighborhood Drug storeWE
KNIGHT paper, we Deliver we also fill all Doc-

-Invites You To Listen To-I Itorw prescriptions.. FOREMOST ICE CREAM ALL FLAVORS 4Vf '



"DANCE PARTY" 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue FRESH COLLARD GREENS :' lARGE BUNjH 35*

Nightly 11:30: til 12:00: Phones Elgin 559979.8 U.S. #1 POTATOES n i LB. BAG 15*,

i"; 9 Iii 12:00: p.m. ----------
Saturday p.m.
WRHC 1400
1400 I



-- ---- --- -- --- --

-, -W- ... X .. .. .. .. ', .. .. .. .. -- .. .

. P.IU"I. 'STR .'PIPEas' SATURDAY APRIL 16, 1966

Planning For Spring Tea -- I



: 1\> tbLootsE :+ apt
OUINYARDAs Richard T.'Bellamy, 1418 Len- ,

I predicted, many individuals braved April 15| I is also the date for the Darnell gle St., 19 and Mary Lynette
1673 W, 12th st., 17.
the week-end's chill I I to show off their -Cookman Junior High School's Annual Band Lane,

chic Easter ensembles. After viewing the Concert. It.is scheduled to be held this Edward Anderson Brooks 21
the beautiful outfits in every spring year In the ''Civic Auditorium. 04 Session Lane, 27 and Brenda -
color and fabric imaginable, can you blame Norma White, band director, has been Ley Lanear, 2518 Phlox St, :
them? quite busy for the past few weeks gettingher 18. r

It is gratifying to know that "Easter charges 'ready-to measure up to their I Wilmer Odom; Jr.,1734 Pearce
Programs"" still belong to the childrenno usual grand pertormances. .St., 18 and Clydell Joyce MU-
matter how much anxious mothers and chell. 1560 W. 17th St., 18.
teachers drill and caution and sober-faced **..*****.*.
Ardell Arnold, 831 Ever son St,
do the -
ministers stare, the youngsters unpredictable
22 and Jeraldlne Mitchell,
And who can say who enjoysit George Hill head of Jacksonville W. Union St., 21. I
more, the highly amused patrons or the Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity -
youngsters themselves? I cast my vote in says it's all I down in "Black and Edward Ward 2633 Crawforfl
favor of the handsomely dressed darlingsfor White., "1 referring of course to the St., 33 and Barbara Singleton, I
1724 W. 2nd St., 22.
one beautiful hour reign as kings and group's annual ball to be held Friday

queens for a very special day. evening, April 15, in the Duval Armory. Riley Louis Anderson, 7437 t
Prospective guests have been duly notified Dostle Dr., E, 32 and Evelyn '
............ through formal invitations, and Kappa 'Louvenia Bodlson,1545W. Members of the Moncrief Needlework Sewing Circle who met last week in U-;
,Union St. 32. borne of Mrs. Dorothy Blaylock at 1024 West 26th St. to plan for their Spring Tea are seen
almost to.make
fraters are meeting nightly here. In the front row, from left are, Mrs. Bertha Scott, Mrs. Rosa Benjamin, Mrs. Florence
Friday, April 15, Is quite a significantdate. certain that each minute detail Is taken Walter Gardner, Jr., 3319 E. 'Rash, Mrs. Mary Harris, Mrs. Lillie M.'Anderson.In the back row are: Mrs. Audrey C. Mlc-
Naturallyl! That's the date we care of.Officers. 'Brldler St., 21 and Mary Elisabeth kens, Mr). Gertrude Nairn,Mrs.Cinderella Folson,Mrs.B. L. Davis and Mrs. Victoria Clark.
'tell' I all" to our ,devoted I "Uncle-- of the local chapter include Stewart, 1223 Harrison
such as, where it came from and where it George Hill Polemarch; Lawrence V. Jones, st., 20..Donald. STAR Photo by James Singleton

went. Unfortunately, it is much easierto Vice polemarch; Clarence Brown, strategus; Marshall, New York, N.r
account for income that to prove legi- William A. Johnson, keeper of exchequer; Y., 30 and Betty Jean Gross, '
timate outlays for deduction purposes. Soloman L. Badger III keeper of .rec 1130 Spearing St., 24. ,

................ ords; Wilbert I Walker, financial secretary;
,Carey Holmes, chaplain ; William D. Sweet, Walter Johnson, 1988 Ella St.,

historian; George H. Starkes, journalist; 48 1050 and Powhattan Georgia St.Lee, 35.Moseley, APPEARINGNIGHTLY
VOTE and Julian White, dean of pledges.
Lewis Bell 2014 YuleeSt. !I
Henry ,
FOR DWIGHTWBRADDY .............. .' ., 22 and Mae Belle Sheppard, ,
.!1 Jackson St., 22. a LM. t. 100; AM,

Dwight W. Braddy Vermal McCone and Lucille P. Jones were
Rufus Williams, 1554 E. 25th tD0tW00D AVt+
promises to be a strong guest players when Gems Bridge Club met and CUSItIdra Wright,
member of the Civil Ser- last Friday evening at 576M ClevelandRoad. S E. Z5tb St., 20. '.

vice Board and NOT a The latter was the recipient of the "'.
Robert Leonard Brown,1446 W. "
rubber stamp for any- prize.Qualifying.
guest 23rd St., 19andLtllle Rose Hoi-
body. He will insist for club were Marie Streets, 'back, 304 Goodwin St., 19.
that all employees be Lois Avery, and Geneva Wheeler. Sylvester
treated fairly and judged Bossard was awarded the door prize. Fred Lee Hicks, 1078) W. 12th MONDAYLadies
on merit and ablll i Alvenla Scriven, Catherine Jackson St.,.Si.and Willie Mae Myers,' ,
Dwight W. Braddy Marie 5260 Cord Are., 32.
tY'1 Myrtis Thomas, Marian Walker, and
vocates the McClain were among others participating In William Arthur Jones,5814 Begonia Night
of all I Civil I Service the meeting. Rd., 45 and Annie Belle
jobs and qualifications Mlnatee,2625 Crawford st..34.
at least 60 days priorto ............ Featuring -
examination. Ernest Dean Dunning 1764'
Spires St., 22 and Alice Thompson -
.* Dwight W. Braddy Federated Garden Circles, Incorporatedwill 1227 Daniel St., 26. ,A'r EUGENE WHITE
will insist that the 'have'Its Annual Spring Tea From U to

Board use a standard .61 "m.Sunday April 17, Jn the Myrtle Prentis Clayton, m, 4601 Mon- Doing Love Songs & Soul Music
examination I for all I I Avenue Branch Library. ""Spring..Treasures'1 crlef Rd. W., 23 and Bettye Lou
for the event. Jones, 5235 Dostle Dr., 21. For The
Civil Service jobs. is the theme Ladies --- ,FREE CHAMPAGNE
Mrs. George W. Mo'rrlssette, president, Tommy Hill, 1738 Wright Are.,
iCIVrt SERVICE BOARD[ DISTRICT S SI will preside over the program. 24 and Joyce Mahhew,7222 New'
Include Mrs. Robert Kings Rd., 23.
COUNTY WIDE Other participants TUESDAY
.. Mallard; Mrs.. Wesley Johnson; Mrs. Eliott .Bronston, Horton, Louisville, BIGRECORD
6 'f 'ete And Appreciate
1I Support Greatly "'
\ Roschunrr president of Garden Club; Mrs.I. Ky., 21 and Jeanette'Johnson,
I. H. Burney; Mrs. Gertrude Moore; Mrs. :558 W. 16th 1&Bethlehem P;

Percy Overman; and Mrs. Olga L. Bradham. PARTYFor
Prizes will be awarded for both indivi- Grand .
ual and club entries. 01 OES -
Chapter ..
The public i Is extended an invitation '
Enjoy the extra smoothness of spend an enjoyable afternoon with Federated Meetings Scheduled Your Dancing Pleasure

7 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon Garden Circles, Inc.

.............. Grand m-meetings Chapter t 1 OES of Bethlehem, working All The Latest Discs r' r F.

under protection of the Most

MJf Alvenla ,Scriven planed to Nashville, Worthy Florida,Union Prince Grand Hall Affiliation Lodge of Spun By
Tennessee over the week-end to spend the have been scheduled.
Easter holidays with her daughter Vicki Saturday at 11 a.m., executiveboard
f fi Levine Scriven a student at Fisk University meeting the, 'and Wore, MONROE Pius
thy Matron's office.Att.30p.m.:
credential committee meeting
.. In the Grand Worthy Matron's- HAROLD ADAMS
******sas** '
at 7 memorial
and the Sunday p.m.,
I Nu Beta Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma service will be held In Shiloh
% extn't age cost Fraternity has scheduled its regional Metropolitan Baptist Church. L ,";YlEDBES.DAY
Monday at 9 a.m., matron and JAM SESSIONFeaturing
'Sourbon one extra cent! conference Dance for Saturday, April 23 patron meeting OES Assembly ?
ti" at the Civic Auditorium. The affair Is Room. At 11'a.m., deputies ,
7ta- :
i I Invitational. meeting, OES Assembly Room. _
At 4:30: p.m., closing of the _.. ; _
Queen's Contest and announce-
Stork Mote +
ment of the grand queen.

N iaeOr tar and Mrs. Albert Frailer, liZ'W.. Church Street, toy. F : WOMACK HOWARD
1707 McQuade Street, boy. Hunting Season
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lee Clan- '
<$Mn wraUn.. 'oarm...."unmu.'..-.. it... Mr and Mrs. Moses Johnson, ton, 1968 W. 45th Street, girl RAY LOVE
1923 W. 6th Street, boy. Phase Ended n..n
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie
Mr.and Mrs. Noble Dukes, 626 Jr., 99 Short Dennis Street,boy. And All The Kool Kats
phase of Florida's 1965-66 _
bunting season closed at 12.00 Plus TEDDY WASHINGTON
noon, April 10, the last day of
the spring turkey gobbler huntIng ,
season, according to W. B. Extra Added Attraction
Copeland, chairman Game and
fAcki\; Fresh Water Fish Commission.Only .
I certain game animals and
: unprotected animals and birds
may be taken after the closing EDGEWOOD A-GO-GO
day. Game animals that maybe
hunted year round are rab-
bits, raccoon opossum, fox and
,.. 00o aroj bobcat. Unprotected animals Discotheque All Night
and birds Include nutria skunk, THURSDAY
flying squirrel, English 3 Girls 3
sparrow, armadillo,crow,rats, Stages
ra ";, mice,bats,moles,shrews,buzzards -
and beavers.
Copeland said, "the season on FRI. & SAT.
erAMs rabbits, raccoons,opossum,fox
and bobcat Is open year round Weekend
'fi w .... and with no bag limit, however, Happenings
the hunter Is required to have a I
valid hunting license before
t ... w M bunting these game animals.
r The hunting season licensed .
hunting preserves will
remain open until April
20. Hunters are also requiredto Featuring
have a hunting< license when

a a hunting on these preserves. CHICO On Blues F i:. v '
Beef at its Best t AU hawks and owls' and'all
other birds and animals, not & ;
listed as "unprotected", are
fully protected by Federal and
State laws. Rock Vocals

.L. L L "''''j"s.. .... .:..&.....,;..I..oC-t..t..L ':""', ...t... .;...:..:... .. .,- -. .

.... ........1.....


',," Yerby's Brother Maf-_ Quit N.Y. Discussing The Law CRS Calls Of I ,mini Student Is'tABNbassador" Youth Chief Named To Narcotics Unit I' II

":': "" Racial MonitorsWASHINGTONNPI I I CHICAGO -(NPI)- For the problem through t Investment
NEW YORK- 4 Commissioner Alonso Yerby, According I I years, Supreme Life Insurance groups. Instead he said, It bad
:,brother of novelist Frank to Dr. Yerby, the )- Federal CHICAGO -(NPI)-An,envoy|I Company of America will pay been "caught: In a ,lie."
iv Yerby, wu expected last week prospect of his new post does 1 +rc coordinators stationed In major of goodwill abroad will be the no stock dividends. The clvidendfundsheerplain-
jv to resign his position to accept not Indicate a rift between cities where racial trouble was signal honor this summer for According to Earl B. Dickerson ed, were to be reinvested the
v<;; a post at Harvard University.vt Mayor Lindsay and himself.One anticipated summer will be Bernard Shaw,24-year-old presidentchief executive company for equipment and
A holdover from the Wagner of the authors of the Medicare relieved of the same function dent at the Circle Campus,University officer of the locally-based other Improvements.This move
r- Administration Dr. Yerby hasy program, Dr. Yerby sought to 9Mr of Illinois. company, the lack of dividends was agreed upon at the annual
served as hospital commission improve hospital care by affiliating The decision stemmed from Shaw was among six young' Is due to a reported loss of $14 meeting of the stockholders,during -
tti? er for less than four months nursing services In municipal rLr reported resentment of people winning the Chicago I million Invested Injhetto which a slate of 19 directors -
v y under MaJor John Lindsay. hospitals with voluntary the special project,administered Ambassador program property mortgages. The vere elected to the board.
He has received a lifetime ap- Institutions. In addition be has by the U. S. Community selection, which is aimed at I,, properties, although not identified SigpJlcant In t the board of director -
polntment to the chair In health sought additional federal funds Relations Service. promoting goodwill between local ,, are said to be on the westside change wu the electionof
>. services administration at Har- for municipal hospitals and Mayors of affected cities. : citizens and those of foreign*I of the city,and in other ma- John H. Johnson, publisher
!<., varcTs School of Public Health sought bum an t Ie medical principally Chicago and Los nations. They were chosen from .jor cities throughout the nation. Ebony Magazine, u chairman
: an appointment which has care. Angeles-contended they could among ZOO applicants la a citywide Dickerson said Supreme had of the board. He replaces T. K.
already, won approval of the Now, 44, he is expected to keep handle their ow>. racial competitive, scholastic- been trying to help a social Gibson Sri
Harvard Corporation.Confirmation his commissioner post until problems without federal Inter- personality campaign. .. --. .
from the university's July I. vention. Shaw will spend a month u :
The chfefexecutiveshowever, "ambassador-guest" of a family -
I expressed willingness toaccept In Chile. Prior to leaving
REMEMBERS. EVERY TIME A FOREST JtiP.r.c '" 'J" federal aid relieve conditions the six ambassadors will attend
PIRC STRIKES, ,.'. : contributing to racial language course Instructions at ,
.., outbreaks.The of the
\ / the headquarters sponsoring -
: .
\ ; new CRS director, the
Ar i' organisation,
'....,... r ; ). W. Wilkins, nephew of Roy Wilkins Experiment in International
.,. ... ,,; ::/r'I''J';.;/" : "' '''', NAACP executive direct Living, Putney, Vt. A
: or, after consideration In Shaw's case,as with the rest
Tired of High Taxes? of various staff proposals for of the ambassadors, he will live i.
riot-prevention programs in with a Chilean family for a'
Northern cities this summer, month and then travel I
decided to follow, Instead, routine throughout the country for the
conciliation procedures. second month.
VOTE FOR FAMILY LAW DISCUSSED---Henry H. Foster These procedures evolve from Upon his return, he will speak
( second from right) a New York UniversIty specific! requests by local officials tolocal groups, giving first- I I
with mounting racial ten hand Information about the cus- 1 k9h i. =
WAYNE E. RIPLEY law professor, discusses family law
g sion problems and coincide with toms, Ideas and mode of livingof
j with a group at the Florida MM University the administration's policy of the people he visited. The Latest Men's Hair Styles
j CANDIDATE College of Law 13th annual Law Institute.Mrs. stressing long-term Negro Among the members ofthe
:ti| STATE SENATE Betty Davis ( left) Apalachicola, needs like. housing, Jobs and education. committee selecting the youths Are Taught At The
was Warren Bacon.Symphony
makes point the dlscusslon.'whllePerker
18th District a during
1ff' : :: Meeks, Tallahassee; Mrs. C. B. Dawson To Conduct In May JACKSONVILLEBARBER
: Wimbish St. Petersburg, and Arthenla
ti.:: A CONSTRUCTIVE! PROGRAM FOR PROGRESS Joyner, Tampa, listen. ATLANTA-(NPI)William in at least two Southern cities.
Recently, Dawson conductedthe
L. Dawson's "Negro FolkSym-

,\i l:;: Adequate Financing for Schools Maintain Poverty Official May Appeal phony ago by,"the written former some director 30 years of in a Atlanta performance Symphony of Orchestra his gem. COLLEGE 'INC

:s: Favorable Tax Climate, Enable Us to Live, the Tuskegee Institute Choir, He Is scheduled to repeat the
!o.c Attract Others Here Throw Out the Incum- Case After Being FiredLOS is receiving extensive attention performance in Nashville next
bent's Senate Bill 1209, Which Makes Mil- month. 630 DAVIS STREET

lage Five Times as High in Duval County, ANGELES (NPI) EYOA board through Its execu ....... HELP THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM. .. .... I JACKSONVIUF FLORIDA
that *
as In the Other 66 Counties, After Re- Charging her services were tive director,Joe P.Maldonado, .
abruptly terminated becauseshe came three days after 350 NAPP:
'valuatlon Get Fair Share of Duval County
would not adhere to the"old worker marched on EYOP.headquarters
Taxes Paid to State, Returned Here No traditional methods of social to protest her lack'of:
Major Changes in Local Government Withouta work," Mrs. Opal C. Jones, authority.
Vote of the People Repeal the Incum- much embroiled director of the Maldonado, Mrs. Jones
Neighborhood Adult Participation alleged foe in the public controversy
bent Senators $3,000 a Year 'ExpenseAccount"
Project, indicated last '
I said he did not recommend -
A $10,000 Homestead Exemption, week that she may take action her dismissal but had Informed I I QUANTITYRIGHTS.
Replacing the $5,000 One Destroyed by theTa against her ouster.A the board of his dlfflcul- O O RESERVED
and Spend Crowd I Will Not Use the veteran social worker on ty in reaching Mrs.Jones to resolve -
leave from her job as director
their differences.Mrs. .
Senate Post as a Stepping Stone for Gov- of the Avalon Community Cen Jones countered: "14 r. SPECIALS GOOD
ernor. ter, Mrs. Jones reportedly will Maldonado has a stereotyped) THROUGH SATURDAY
seek appeal of her dismissalfor opinion of me as a rabblerouser -
VOTE WAYNE E. RIPLEY "Insubordination" by the because I believe in working
board of directors of NAPP-g, with the new voice in the com-
IUIJICY BtMOCtATIC ,a'IIUY.IIAY/ / I, *. parent body. Economic in* munltythe people... GOLD MEDAL
,...if..$.. .............. Youth Opportunities Agency. "The creatlvltyand life has
w w., L Rilry Mrs. Jones' dismissal byITa.IOM' been squeezed out of NAPP during '
----- the last.few months. That'organization I

But as long has as a lot we ol continue potentiaL -- FLOUR, '1T1.S, .00 'OR MORE Plain AisaQ r IgK 39\

traditional methods, the work Self
r people like the NAPP aide;
will never be understood by -
people like Maldonado."
If her appeal to the EYOA JEWEL

;t 54p4- petition board IIden1edMrs.Jooe.mal the Office of Economic c

review Opportunity of the, Washington dismissal! for a SHORTENING Will '$5.00 OR. lORE 3 5 9

Police Academy 1FOLGER'S
.AN. .q drrY.,1
Graduates 26
}ti' j'', { gyp '
/Y Y v I sl Wy, of L Gr Negro In ClassWASHINGTON LIMIT 1 $ OR MORE

t. six Negroes, Including two wo
men, were in the class of 108 CANHUNT
men and women who were grad-
uated by the Washington Police CALIFORNIAPEACHES
Academy during Its 188th com,

i mencement.The Negro graduates made up MIX OR MATCH SALE
the highest percentage of their
race ever graduated from the

academy.A quarter. of the total enrollment 'MUSSELMAN HALVES OR 3 OQAPPLESAUCE *
kA k-_ was recruited the WashIngton SLICED
CAN FIND area with Pennsylvania 7olsal 1 CANS.
and New York contributing the
BETTER'i next highest numbers, respect- FLA. GRADE A WHOLEFRYERS

Youth Named BEANS 7 c3ls: $1

To HeadMar'collcs


Warren Pierce, 41-year-old Z9'6EOA61A
Negro director of the State Division L.
for Youth has been RED
named chairman of the State's
new Narcotics Addiction Control -
Commission. TOMATOES 7 oJs$1
Enjoy America's Largest Selling 6 Year Old Pierce, who will be making FRESH LEAN PORKPICNICS
$30,000 a year in his new post,

Kentucky Bourbon..available ina attorney is a former in Brooklyn assistant and district a deputy SUNSHINE

police commissioner. Atone wliN I :
complete range of sizes partment's time, he youth ran the division police: de and TURNIPS ROOTS 7CANS S1 1 :

its program for young people.His .
new job will be to enforcethe

; fight state's narcotic$81 addiction million program SMOKED SLABBACON *

\Led when The'program Gov. Nelson became Rockefeller a reality 49 [Ii. 3 9.

I approved a bill providing that an ::lrJ Le.SHIFT'S .
t addict can be committed against ,
Ills will for treatment lasting .
to three years.The n.wlaw also
ql 1

!l "ge ;i1e! for establishes A controversial narcotics stiffer pushers.piece prison of terms legls I:1::1 1lY491

for latlon allowing, the law a has civilian been crltized to have I 1POTATOES

I r + another hospitalized against
will in order to receive treat-

e ment.TOMORROW'S TRAIN_NOW JOBS FOR S'OlE1I.19* 1 0 LIS. 5 9 t'

1 a

t . -

; . P---. .


F"' --:-'. -- .


I Mother Of 4 Wins AwardMIAMI Mutual Life Insurance__Company Presentation Miss Universe Jaguars artier I Your Good

local school Selections
the elementary
(NPI) -A "doer"of 3 TrophiesBy
great deeds on a pre-school Indicated a need for pre-school ry I Begin IN Miami
educational level has returnedto classes. One of several volun- BENNIE THOMAS HealthIt
her home and family with 'teers she Initiated a program MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -One of PRAIRIE VIEW, Tex. -(NPISouthern -
which later became part of Pro-
the coveted Women Doers'1award the special attractions Miami University's mil
estimated that in
Head Start.' has been
a prized and hard-woo Beach next month will be the relay team spiraled record-
in births to
When other volunteers droppedout about one 1,800
possession. Miss United States phase of the breaking 3.07.4 clocking Saturday -
she began devoting five instead women who are under 25, the
Mrs. John Passmore, motherof Miss Universe Beauty pageant afternoon as the Jaguars
of a previous three morn child will be a mongolold. The
four ranging in ages from 11 Main events In the Miss USA carted off three trophies from
ings a week to the project,takingher fx the annual Prairie View proportion increases slightly
to six years was among nine contest will be the selection of relays.Robert who
mothers are older
children with her. with
Women Doers honored duringa the 15 finalist May 19 and the Johnson, Anthony
Is characterized
t holds This condition
Mrs. Passmore who no
three-day campaign confer- winner May 21. Judging; will be Gates, Everette Mason and
that slant
degree, plans to continue her Tberon l.wls the by eyes upward
ence for Democratic women at In both swimsuit and evening same Jag
education by enrolling in the from the center of the face and
Hilton Hotel. uar four who whizzed to 304.5
Washington dress, with festivities
school of education at the junior mental retardation. The coodt"tlon -
The women awardees had been nationally broadcast live on the last year to tie the world's record -
college. is usually recognized
selected from over 200 names for the event-turned the
concluding evening.
A native of BarnesvUle, Ga., before the child Is four months
submitted by Democratic r officials contest Into run-a-way, as
Pageant say they expect
she Whenever mother finds
serves as president of theJ. old. a
women's Lewis anchored the unit in with
groups throughout entries from at least 48
R. E. Lee has a
Elementary school she produced mongoloid
the nation. of over 25 yards to spare between
the 50 states, one from each.
PTA is what she did du-
a recipient of the School she wonders
Mrs. Passmore was chosen The shows are staged In the him and second place Prairie
Bell Award to it.
from the Dade ring her pregnancy cause
for her work with Project Head .... Miami Beach Convention Hall, View runner she be
County Classroom
Teachers Dlstra ught as may ,
Start in South Miami where she with seating for 10,000 specta- In addition,the Jaguars won the
and has is for her to
a four-year long record there no reason
is director of the spring medley relay establish-
community tors around a ramp circling 100 '
of outstanding devotion to the : ,U- add self-incrlmlnation to her
kindergarten at Mt. Olive Baptist social and educational y.w.rwc.w feet Into the main arena around ing a new meet record of 3:20.6, is not the
needs of burden. Mongolism
and off another old
Church. the I which the contestants parade. whipped result of controllable
Negro community.
She first became involved In Winner of the Miss USA title mark eraser with a 1010.8: distance any

the program four years ago will enter the Miss Universe medley relay triumph. factor
found to be the
It has been result -
when a study of learning levelsWMBM Auto Warning A competition In July,one of more Southern, horreversuffered a of a faulty division of the

w than 60 beauties from around disqualification the 880-yard fertilized In the earliest

the world seeking the $20,000in relay when an exchange mishap of ovum Some
Bill stages development.
ProposedSenator between Harris and
cash and other awards that authorities believe a virus

r Walter F.Mondale: (D- Mallory Jane Lewis 17, of Camden N. J. was presented a $1,000' go Miss with Universe the title.Is a The dainty present cueenfrom leg Lewis, voided, going a 10-yard into the lead anchor which be a causative factor.
dedication of mental retardation
Mlnn.) today introduced legislation Pepsi-Cola Scholarship duping ceremonies of the new Thailand Apasra Hongsakula the Jaguars had opened over The degree

which would require auto- home office of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, Dur- five feet, four\ ; 116 Texas Southern.Lowering few in mongoloids achieve the varies.mentalityof A

mobile manufacturers to ham N. C. The scholarship the the standard In the may
notify honoring largest Negro business in pounds; 352235. a nine or 10 year old. Their

owners and the public in generalof the world was presented April I in Durham. Miss Lewis is a sen- Another feature of the Miami sprint medley were George chances for survival beyond 14

automobile defects t which ior at Camden High School and plans to use her pepsi-Cola scholar- Beach summer season is the Anderson, Harris, Lewis and or 15 years of age used to be
could cause traffic accidents. series of Sunday night "pop"' Johnson. They wiped out the
Mondale's bill, entitled the ship at Northeastern University, Boston Mass. where she will I concerts in the municipal au- 3:23 cf the 1965 team from poor, as they are very suscep

> Fair Warning Act of 1966,would study mathematics and secondary education. Shown ( left to right) ditorium. The opening programis Southern: composed of Harris, table to and such rheumatic Infections fever.as pneumonia

k make the manufacturer subjectto are A. T. Spaulding, President North carolina Mutual Miss Lewis, scheduled in mid-June and Alex Bookter, Freddie Banks However with modern drugs

both civil and criminal penalties and H. Naylor Fitzhugh Vice -President Pepsi-Cola Company, New the closing will be In mid-Au- and Lewis. especially sulfonamides and antlbotlcs -
If he failed to give Gates and Mason teamed with
York who made the their chances are much
presentation. ,
I proper notification of (known Henry Brown and Fred Moss to
automobile defects.In give Sou them the record- improved, With good generalcare

a statement accompanyingthe Deans And Registrars Greeted In Miami! smasLlng: distance medley relay some of them. now live into

ttf GroovingBy ____ the early 30s.
legislation, Mondale cited victory, which was run 10.8 seconds their retarded mental
several examples of manufact faster that the former book Despite
f Iti Hl development, most mongoloid
urers be of defects entry.
coming aware
children are lovable and well-
but notifylrg only those Southern's 440-yard relay
This is a misleading review. behaved. Their mental development
who are driving the defective In the first place, Little Anthony group, making its initial debut limited
even though can
vehicles. .... this springranafast40.2which
is no longer "little; secondly, 1 i .r be greatly enhanced patience
"It is not enought to simply was only good for second place ,
he and the 1 Imperials are no by not expecting too much from
correct the defect In next year's longer on the outside looking in; behind Texas Southern's 39.9,
them and them that
by showing
model or to just inform dealers another meet record.
and lastly, this is not a new album loved.
that a particular problem shouldbe The TSU team also won the they are
Parents who have
corrected in the models they two-milerelay in record timingof a mongoloid
In pretty much the same way .child are inclined to thata
i i have on hand," Mondale said that unhepped people call Little 7:3: .Z, with Soothern trailing second mongoloid will worry be born?

Spotlight Product i "The manufacturer also has an; Esther Philips, you-know- in, and added the 880 victoryafter into the family. Since the condi--
obligation to warn those who Jaguars were disquali
what (and she is a full-grown
tits occurred by chance '
f Of The Week have already bought his product woman now),' I can well imagine tied the possibility of having,
and are using it.'" For the second straight week,
the handsome singer is pretty r
second chance cannot be entirely -
Miami 'Florida sick and tired of such childish L '.sol thnrn's EIg Sams ran the eliminated but is less than the
handle.He 440-yard hurdles to meet
chance of having the first one-
smiles, however, and continues record /ictories. Fresh from a or about one in 25.TEENACE .
to dazzle people' with (52.9 performance In the Texas

such beautifully-recorded tunesas 1 'Southern relays a week ago. .-c

"People" "Girl from Ipa- 13 ,Sanu .\tched%U, seconds off BRIDES' DISCOVERY:

1 nema," and "Exodus"as he tin ru,. the record meet time. homework was easier than house.*

does on this album which is not I work Catholic
Billy Daniels Back Digest-
WAMEDIAL one of his latest, but one of his

best. MIAMI, Fla. ,.Henry King Stafford president of the University Miami, extends !I
i I I'm sure that if Brian Holland, greetings to officers and members who attended the 40th Annual Conference of the National On Night Club Kick! GLORIAPalm

LaMont Dozier and Eddie HoiI Association of College Deans and Registrars at the Dupont Plaza Hotel March 14-10. From LOS ANGELES (NPI) MADAM

I land-theMotownMonster's left, James W. Matthews Assistant U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Dr. Veteran singer Billy Daniels ,

songwriting team-had written T. E. McKInney, Executive Associate, Education and World Affairs New York The Rev. 'returned to the West Coast aftera &Spiritualist Reader.1. .
I "Where Did Our Love Go" for visor in all affairs of life: Love,.
Salvatore Profeta, St. Francis Xavier Church Ft. Myers, Fla., NACDR outgoing president tour-year absence to delightthe
1 Anthony and his men,they would Edwin M. Thorpe,Director of Admissions and Records,Florida A&M University Tallahassee. audience at the Slate Bro Marriage, Business, Sickness,

I S now be as well-known as the MIAMI-METRO NEWS BUREAU PHOTO thers Club with a freshness of .etc. Lucky Days, Lucky Hands.!
charming Supremes. There Is no home so dreadful'
which has
Burt Bacharach, songwriting Reliaion And Race presentation long characterized him. that she can't help. Located at:

genius, is represented with one 901 N. W. 79th St. Phone; 751-
at the local
1260 of my favorites, "Walk On By" TO VIET NAM second Negro Episcopalian l minister .aping; programs to foster racial bistro His appearance marked his return to the '9307. Open 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.

first done up brown by Dionne NEW YORK ..{(NPIThe to be elected a canon at incluslveness. night club scene from an 18 dally and Sunday. Located in

Warwick. Rev. .1. Oscar Lee, secretaryfor Washington Cathedral is the DISTORTION month stint on Broadway with Miami, Florida. :One visit to

Don Costa who gave Johnny program services, division Rev. John T. Walker, 40-year- WASHINGTON (NPI) A Sammy Davis Jr. in "Golden MADAM GLORIA and you will
Nash such a musical boost when of Christian Life and Mission, old teacher of history and sacred fair-housing accord between the .feel the differenre.Half .

they were both wUhABC-Para- National Council of Churches, studies at St. Paul's nation's realtors and religious Boy. price with this adlllllillllrya !

mount and the who saved is of a three-man preach.
guy part School Concord f1H* leaders Is being threatened bya
Barbra Streisand's album,"My ing mission which flew to South Scheduled to assume his new
letter that the clergymen say
Name is Barbra Too," from Viet Nam in time for Easter to post In August, Rev. Walker l distorts their position. The Na-
FLORIDA'SQ being a complete bust heads to the religious needsof John
minister Joins the Rt. Rev M.Bur- tional Association of Real Es-
up the production farm which the U. S. troops. A ministerof gess who is currently Episco- tate Boards said it wasa

records Anthony and the imperials the United Presbyterian pal Suffragan Bishop of Massa misunderstanding. Richard B.

Teddy Randazzo was Church in the U. S., he accompanied chusetts. Morris NAREB committee
the album Reuben H. Muller ,
arranger. Bishop
chairman who has been work-
Best tunes" : "Walk On By"and NCC council president and CHICAGO -.(NPI)- Method- ing for an,accord with the NCNC ......-.

1 "Exodus. the Rev. Fred S. Blschrceyer, Ism's general boards andagen- Welfare Council Synagogue

United Church of Christ secre- cies have been astted the
# by Council of America and the L
tary, on the two-week mission. Interboard Commission on the National Association of Evangelicals -

The curing of cigar tobacco APPOINTMENT' Local Church Jo "take special said the letter was Intended -

L takes more than two years. WASHINGTON -.(NPIThe steps t to coordinate your influence only for the association. '

L < =, and to cooperate in devel-

SUPERB WHEN STUFFEDAll Women's Talk I The SHORTY$35..: .

of you who love something different for a tempting main .,range juice and wine vinegar to pan;heat, stirring to gather up a MEDALO STYLE Cat.lolr.E*66SPer '

course at mealtime will be fascinated to know that a superb way all drippings. Pour over meat.Cover and bake in moderate oven M.d.l.. +H.u pI.t0 .Il.WU 111..101.4.H.ll..p..nd :.

RHYTHM & BLUES to stuff pork chops originated in California makes use of lemons ((350 degrees) until meat Is fork tender, about one hour. *t Mr ...4dr.C'.tl.chm.M.. ,..-..Sand. ,arK W and...

apples and wine-all California products. Add a little extra wine if necessary, toward last of baking. writ.
.el.d i .... ,
Served in the manner of the far West, they are at their best Discard lemon and onion slices remove picks, if used, spoon all .. ..... .illy Health N.rnut'1Gt. St .J Wily 35. No laaD.P. Y. '.
when with :'chow fromM HAIR ROOTS ,
enjoyed of dinner
a glass dry wine. However before
many serving.
fat from remaining pan gravy 'W"O" U.. SCALP. The condition
prefer red wine with pork, because it seems to cut the richnessof APPLE STUFFING: One and one-halt cups soft stale bread hair often dependa heavily 'COMB

the meat and to compliment its flavor best. The most familiarare crumbs; two tablespoons finely chopped parsley;two tablespoons II'ioealn... ehJ Yaaa agtur.h..lth ti,. DOCTOR.t CARe>wur AWAY

Burgundy and Claret, both blends of the juices of several finely chopped onions; one-fourth cup finely chopped raw apple; NOT ......tfd a medicated 4r
uk .11M CARBONO'
different grapes.It two or three tablespoons California i or other dinner which M ...1.... with manypre+. GRAY
is traditional to red wines at cool tn beneficial InfredlonU.BONOE& CAR. _I
RADIO serve room temperature wine. Toss ingredients together until well mixed. .. such a iron*, power WITH
STATION the drywhite wines and pink Rose'are usually chilled. The white i nut anllMpUa and ton .urb. fin. THIS

wine with stuffed pork chops suggested as the dinner wine is the "ELECTRONIC MATCH (work iBUMTY..DANDRUFF helpiof ...oral I Ii ACHY* IILOI '

same one used In the recipe for STUFFED PORK CHOPS, CALL That maddening pilot light on your gas range that Infernal lanepaaseatas i.tuny: DOCTORS rtfard Tl for It Mfhly COMB

FORNIA. To serve, you'll need: flame that refuses to be an eternal light,may soon go the way of .. trouble Many .nn.rtnd m..r .
Five loin or rib pork chops (one inch thick); salt and pepper, the dodo bird. One manufacturer has Introduced an electronic I.UNm&W' caiuM oral* ..ttdt.y
"WHAMMY .apple stuff ing,five thin lemon slices;five onion slices; one-third Igniter to replace pilot lights on gas stoves and clothes driers. ,''twod un thu(roatiy Trivia nUarod'fcy etroncthur tM >' l' j .;

cup brown sugar packed; one-third cup catsup;three-fourth cup The "electronic match" which Issues a sparkto ignite the gas, tardvI.. Write SCALP f.r thla DotTonOBNVIHB 1 .

orange juice and one tablespoon wine vinegar. 'uses a l1lcon-cO ltroUed'rectifier. Sure, there had to be a trick: -_ II win .bo .... TORMULA. ad.bvu.. He ed4 eoi r
Trim excess fat from chops. Cut a slit in each one almost to to itl! I brom-! **t DAYS and to t|two.re UU... lw.awl. 1 : ..- t.'Will not.....b. affc\

the bone to make a pocket. Sprinkle meat with salt and pepper, Who's familiar with a controlled rectifier but ltwon't hurt us .. ..ttSf.. your... delivery.money bark, payKir IOTA aTHAT4JSUDDapN DY..tf..t..w.. AVOID.woe*

.INMIAMI"" spoon apple stuffing (see recipe below)Into pocket of each chop. to inquire if and when we decide to trade in our old range (or ahtdat everything Bant TRIOqIn. BrwtiMtaelMdlbrrenwvInc DTSD eaeeaa LOOlC
Hold opening together with toothpicks or tiny skewers U P ennr man You H f wtUirull oaldrTni. :
t neces drier) for a spanking new one. direction*. u.. the lno MIDIXATUSCALP ., erf. c_Pnr..t..lun.. rabMn,
: sary. The "electronic match" which costs $10 to $ZO..ves Its FORMULA nv'money ( ._... In In Ploetla pocket or perao.CtfMoa Canw ..
Heat several pieces of fat trimmings in a heavy skillet. Brown few The adds another advan- can buy.. Your hair and) In all akadaai. Blaekj ..'I.
< price in gas over a years. company )Mal. dooarva tin car*. Just sand .,.,,_ Blue.J .
chop slowly to a rich color on both sides. Arrange in lightly tage: Stoves, when not in use,won't radiate heat because there'sno jrour MUM and. aderew t.GOLD.saoAL ... write, ...,. ..._. Pay ...,.:

greased! casserole or baking pan. Top each chop with a lemon pilot burning. Perhaps you've never considered that tiny pilot da HAW 2 SMe PRODUCTS. ,.hand roc..,. )!.*.* back on delivery If net d.lUM.d.plva petaoo.lMene ; '

and miion slice; sprinkle with brown sugar, spoon on catsup. flame a heat producer, but try leaving a pot or'pan on top an un OnMuLA 23. ".Y. NOTI:: 'tilt. C.IJ Moaol Holt Ptoevate. ma.. .

Dray, any fat from pan leaving the rich drippings. Add wine, lighted burner for any length of time,and prove it for yourself. b.clsjasua.. welt.nSt51 Dept.. $fl, Rfooklrn_u! Mew Y.rl\

t i



*j FAMU Baseball Defending Champions .
Profilesoc.s ., '*>'*'-M'
in i in i in ii i iriiirir

Fla. "Man, this club U loaded with talent," declared

rookie DickSimpsonoftheClnclnnatlRedsat their Tam- OUTFIELDER VADA EDWARD PINSON-BORN August 1!, 1938 I
pa Florida spring training camp. (27)) at Memphis, Tennessee. BATS-Left. THROWS -Left. E:4qj YE
"I'm real happy to be here though and I'm going to give it HEIGHT 5-11. WEIGHT-180.ANCESTRY-Negro.MARRIED t
everything the got In snefforttowin a Job with the Reds," said -Jacqueline Garibaldi February 20,1960.CHILDREN-Three /
the soft-spoken 22-year-old Simpson. Dick was obtained by the daughters and a son. WINTER ADDRESS>lrh1nd. California t
Reds on December 9,1965, along with Milt Pappas and Jack HOW OBTAINED BY REDS-Cincinnati Farm System.
Baldshun from Baltimore in exchange for Frank Robinson. Vada Pinson 27-year-old mercury-footed centerflelder for the
Simpson who was born Washington,D.C.and lives in Venice Reds, posted another fine season in 1965 to add to his Illustrious
California Is wearing "Robby's number 20 uniform. major league career and continued to establish himself one of
Batting Coach Roy Stevens has been Impressed with Simpson the best all-around ballplayers In the major leagues today. e 1 't1. ,. ,
"Dick has all the natural ability to be a consistently good hit Pinson batted .305 In 159 games with 204 hits, 97 runs scored, 4r
ter. He has good quick hands a good physique for a hitter with 34 doubles ten triples 22 home runs,21 stolen bases In 29 attempts -
9v" nice shoulders, swings the bat good has excellent power andS and 94 runs-batted-In. ,
the main thing he has the speed to go with it," observed Sievers. Vada had the longest batting streak in the league for 1965-27 1 4
3* Speed will also get him hits." straight which started on September 3 and went through the rest
Simpson was quite a track star at Venice(Calif.) High School. of the season. Pinson made 42 hits in 113 trys for .372 during
Twice he ran the hundred in 9.4 but usually averaged around the hot streak. This 27-game streak tied the Reds' all-time record -
9.5. He had visions of college scholarships and possible Olympic set by Edd Roush In 1920 and 1924. Vada hit a grand slam 'J>r dti
competition. But a modest bonus and the chance to be enter homer off BobSadowskl at Milwaukee on June 27, 1965 rail r
the local team the Los Angeles Angels, nadehim decide to ((2nd game). .
professional baseball. In high school he also high Jumped Pinson went to bat 669 times and he tied the N. L. record for
,' 6-7 and broad-Jumped 25-3 for a school record. "most years, 600 or more at-bats" (SEVEN). He set a N. L. .
."" Simpson who resembles Ernie Banks in size and swing tatted; record for "most CONSECUTIVE years, 600 or more at bats."
? .288 for Statesville in 1961 with 15 home runs and 64 RBls in 88 (SEVEN)

games He also Jed the outfielders In fielding with a mark of 981. .
In 1962 set a club record for home runs for San Jose with 42 Pinson was consistent in 1965. hitting .307 at day and .303 atC
t, as he batted .315 and drove In 113 markers. He was also In six
0 tames with the Angeles that year (.250). On the final day of the
19o2 season at Cleveland, Simpson won the 75-yard-dash,run-
from other contestants headed by pitcher Pedro Ramos -- --- ._--- ---- -'--
fling away
t, who is reputed to be one of baseball's fastest runners. e.SlAC BASEBALL CHAMPIONS-Here are the members of the Petersburg; Edward Anderson, Winter Park; Raymond Gracey..
? >In 1963 Dick was sidelined by Illness and Injury nearly half of 1966 Florida A&M University Rattlers baseball team,defending Live Oak, and M.James Wallace Miami.FAMU .
h the season at Hawaii. Bothered by a throat infection, Dick hit Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference champions From staff photo by Ernest FUlyau.
left to right front row Leonard Hale,Tampa George Anderson --J+..-
only .232 for Hawaii with seven homers in 89 games 8 ; ;
The fleet-footed youngster got another chance in 1964 but after Bronx, N. Y.; Ernest Lee,Bradenton;Charleston Bargman Miami COBB SEEKS
batting only 140 in 21 games he went back to Hawaii StillI / ; Paul Creal Tampa and Chico Arenas St. Petersburg
bothered by his chronic throat ailment he blastedl6 home runs ,r Second row kneeling are: George Austin Tallahassee; Jerry
in 105 games and batted ..243.Another << Frierson Tampa; Joe Williams,Lawns ide.N.J.;Charles Light- TO GO HIGHERLet's
1 sy, Mt. Vernon N. Y.; Johnnie Dennis, Talla.hasseeRonald;
f Olympic Prospect Seen I Mack, Tallahassee; Robert Jackson Tallahassee and Willie C. Elect. .
Barb, Tampa. Third row standing are: Thomas Childs,Corona, .. a
,N. Y. Thomas Tallahassee Robert Hamilton
; Lomack ;
: FAMU Freshman, Ken Gibson Lakeland; Alexander Davis Tallahassee; Theodore Taylor Miami BARNEY F. COBB
; Cyrus Jones, Jacksonville; Johnnie Mitchell Palmetto;
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Florida AIM University may have Richard Williams, Havana;Carl Champion,Gary Indiana;Floyd
another Olympic prospectby 1958.Bob Hayes won gold medals Kelly, Jacksonville;and Maurice Williams Jacksonville Fourth
in the 100-yard dash: and the 410-yard relay at the Olympics In row standing are: Tyrone Bryant, Tallahassee; Grant Talbott AttorneyGeneral
Tokyo, Japan. Owenboro, Ky.; Frank Lyons Avon Park;Charles Mackey Daytona -
Rattler Beach Rufus Slater Crawfordvllle Bobby Thompson St.
second ;
; Jumper and the
Xow a Florida AIM freshman- .
may be another seven-foot high to compete in the Olympics.*

", .______ _. __Kenneth Brown, a freshman Tickets For SUNS
----- -
.. from ;
I at 6'10" and
Of Watch T5. ; Games Now On SaleThe State

This Clown Jacksonville Suns office Major League game Is being or
announced this week that tickets played on Monday May 2nd at
739' 16 983 k The MniM Nmllyipfl to the Suns opening game and 7.30: p.m. Box seat tickets are FloridaYour
I first home series are now on $2.50 each; Grandstand Reser- .
:. 38-41-11? J sale at the Ball Park Of flee and Yed$2.00 and general admlss- Vote And Support Appreciated.
the Downtown Ticket Office in ions $1.50.
(. I Hemming Park.

1 I

4 .I I
8 4 .

.I.3 9 ,


481 18 531

---- jpr I ;.iJ.1 ,__
239. 20 51 s .." .
his coach tech that he has an "i/iI .
SometimesfIie's "I ,excellent chance of becoming at' Mjr >>V iX .?,\:,, ,,, 4ft' ,- .'I ,.n J.rw./'twwyL '
\ .
Up Sometimes aeven-tootdumper If be's "n: m> .r ,
He's Down He adds subtracts tered in enough topflight competition.
fie works it all around .
"Brown has good potential," '
said Ken Gibson A&"track and Take along the
COMttG; ATTRACTIONS field coach. "He should have _
Jumped 6'll" in the Jesuit Invitational ,
in Tampa a few weeks >
MAN'S ago. The lack of keen competition / "take-along" sizeof
have hurt him. His '
may --- ---
DAYS ARENUMBERED closest rival went out at 6'2" vd. ., "b.t

and the University Division winner night; .319 at home and .290 on the road; 296 before the AllStar .a Jchenley!
cleared only 6'5". Brownwon Game and .314 after the All Star.
the event at 6'10", Vada hit Houston pitching for .389; N.Y.for .392; Pills .321;

Man's Days are Num.h held The and Jesuit-his meet 6'10"was Jump the stands first and San Francisco .316. A pint of Schenley Reserve goes
His best months were May (.372)),August(.297)) September
re cS. Health When., u a meet record. He set a new (.345). wherever you go. Packs easily.
Fortune Can Be Yours record in the high Jump duringthe Vada after seven full seasons and part of an eighth, has a life
Pours the smoothest whisky anywhere.
You Know Your Lucky pays 23rd annual Florida Relaysat time N. L. batting average of .302 which Is seventh best of all
the University of Florida the players active today. He has compiled full season averagesof Take along the "take-along"situ of
'.- Lucky Colors Etc. .several weeks ago.The 18yearold .316; .287; .343; .292; .313;.266 and 305. Reserve-just for
Send $2.00 for your Oakland youth Jumped 6' 8 Pinson has made over "200 hits on three different occasions Schenley
Horoscope Gulcjeor 3/4" to erase the mark of 6'1" and twice has driven In 100 or more runs. N the fun of it.
set by James Frye of the University In 1959, his first full season with the Reds Vada led the Clncy
APRIL of North Carolina in 19 club in batting with.316;led the majors in doubles ((47) and runs
tied a league record for making 200-or-more
65.He (131)); major
Fill in the blank below
and,. was a California State hits" In first full season In majors ((205)) and was named to the
mail to ZODIAC, Post Office champion In track and woo honorable
N. L. All Star Game team.In .
>Box 1171, Jacksonville 1, Fla. mention In basketball. 1960 he was on the All Star Game team again as he batted
He was also captain of the basketball .287.
NAME team and the most valuable He greatly aided the Reds pennant club In 1961 with a .343
STREET- player. He was prep track average runner-up In the league. Before missing the May 31,
DATE OF BIRTH-- star of the week and the year
1962 game Vada played In 508 consecutive games.
Mo. Day// for the State of California while

-.--. I attending Castlemont High.-=---.._- Aggies Win 2 Games
j Lose 1 Ball Game I

.. .
: .J ..... GREENSBORO, N. C. TheA&T scratch singles and getting ; /eRae.y
last week
-:. / College Aggies three singles for himself.
'OJ. --:. '. opened the CIAA baseball season ALT batting power came tolifeon
..:--... by beating Hampton Institute Friday against Hampton as S
16-5, and Norfolk State Mel Parham and Carl Hubbard __ L
:2\\: College 7-4, while losing to blasted homers the latter a _
Howard Unlverslty,17 3. three-run backbreaker.The .
.. Howard's Don Frisby pitched Norfolk Club became a
--r and batted Howard to victoryIn victim in the Saturday afternoon ,,,,, rhesky .
the opening clash on Thursday contest.
holding the Aggies four- 'I'MMt



!41 i 1 I' IP!lj ll ( !IU hi!IIIIIIII U I'lIL'tiulll ''; Myrtle Avenue Tag Agency :: C-w

li' 4 1I" II III'I'...I I I

Now -At

2422 Myrtle Ave. iuV: .

Corner 15th St.-

-Convenient Hours

WfTTIHEI CLOCK es McDUFF N.er BUVE/ Open Plenty Of

.- Saturdays Parking Space lUHlHO MI8M,, IIPHOOf 15%GR m MUIMI IdWIJ. ( }tCHNUY PHI GO.N IC. --


I A ) 1

- -

--- -



r WANTED' HELP WANTED REGISTRATION William H. Maness Pleads Musical GroupsTo
I Learn about Demand Oc- Stanton Vocational School will
MAIDS, N. Y. SLEEP IN' cupations. All Ape Croups, regardless begin registration for classes Give ConcertThe Break The City
JOBS, SALARIES TO$65, tart,: of education. Please In salesmenshlp. With Negro Voters To Vote Stanton Vocational Band
advanced Rush reference register today $1.00 fee. The course will offer study In
Parents will present the band
phone number ABLE MAIDSAGENCY Address: Demand Occupations, general sales and retail selling. Their Conscience Not Tickets and in
chorus recital
FREE- a joint Political'i
163 N.MAIN,
? 10502 ,
i Atlantic Blvd, Jackson- : Registration begins Tuesday, April 27 at 8 p.m., in the audi-
PORT, N. Y. YUle, Florida, 32201. i April U, at 7 pbm.tAIN'iSo torium of the school.
This letter may be unnecessary. 1 have noway of knowing before The band participated In the Machine
the First Primary Election on May 3rd.If it has any value, District U Band Festival held
May 4th will be too late. recently in Alachua and
The eyes of Jacksonville and basis of merit-my experience received the following ratings:
toe Nation will befocusedonthe''(' as a prosecuting attorney Concert CoodmarchIDr.ez- VoteAnd
returns from the predominatelyNegro -Legislator! U 95'1-'=1r- cellent; sight reading,
precincts In this primary. cult Court Judge, 1957-4963 excellent; inspection superior;
election. Do you know why?I'll community leader-church solos and ensembles Leon
tell you: To see if the so-called leader of national prominence.. Nichols, drum solo, superior;
"block" votes are still control --- Leon Nichols, Larry Mc-
led by IS or 20 tickets which Farland, drum duet, excellent, ElectCARLUCCI
/ various groups and Individuals majorette baton twirling,
promote. Sharon Varon Patricia
But my concern is much more McQueen, superior; Altamese
particular you might even say ,r Fines,Jo Ann Grier,Lillie Mae
selfish It Is this& : In the past Reese. Shirley Martin, Shirley
two years I have done my best, Parker excellent; Ruby Lee. To Save Our Outdoors
without to criticism Frazier
regard or good.
I other penalties to eliminatesome Tickets for the concert may be Stop City Air Polluters
of the artificial barriersthat secured from the school Stop City Water Pol-
POp4' limit the freedom and opportunities Bands in the city will be lutors. For State Sen-
1 of Negroes in our special guests. ator District. 10
community. I did not do this1 I
because I am noble or unselfish
but because I cannot find V
It within me to do otherwise.I .
have a Christian conscience -
-.teran. World War n
have never been In apolitical 4
y wrr
friend of the people rather
campaign. Neither interest. U ;;
than special
have I had to any
ever ,
you want honest, progressive You don't
knowledge, the support of anyblockvotlng"
government, by a person determined
but have
gotten to make Jacksonville have to acquire
'SAWILD. a good vote in the Negro pre- .
r great by making Jacksonville
a cincts, thanks to a number of a taste for the
one community, your vote and
Negro friends I have come to

WILD J-1 know some through of these the same years.friends But support William.will H. Maness be appreciated. p Smooth Canadian.

A. Q
urge me to make an effort to (Political Advertisement)
WINE! 1VCoJa; secure this "block" support. !CANADIA N Canadian
me This do.my conscience will not let CALENDAR TEAS: ;

Therefore I appeal for your Choir No. 2 of Second Baptist
vote and support solely on the Church will bold Its annual
a H Spring Tea, Sunday April 17, ::
NM W. at the home of Mrs. Annie L. .. .
1 1I Royal Crown Huff, 1862 West 24th St.,from .. "i
I 3 to 5.00p.m.The guest speakerfor .; :
1 the occasion will be Mrs
Gladys C. Vaught.
Cola Rock's just one of the wildest wildest gangof Cola AN r w+ a x!

wines ever to come rock rock rockin' along! I The music committee,auxiliary -
to the District Women's
Try Orange Rock for Zock? Lemon Rock for Zip; .' WANTED Convention, East Florida and n AA
Lime Rock for Kicks! L-o.v.e those rocks I Bethany Association will sponsor -

'i ORANGE ROCK -it LEMON ROCK LIME ROCK STRAWBERRY ROCK Beauty operator and barbers: a musical tea April 24 from
New Hollywood Beauty and Bar 4 to 6 p.m., In the home of Mrs.
rnst nuit FUVOKO\ curt torE' CHTIFIEO FOOD CAMS foot lOCK WIK co,wsw crew ber 622
Lounge. W. Ashley St. E. M. Singleton, 319 W. 18thSt.
.Call 3549774."SUPERRIGHT" The one day session will be
held May 9 in Mt. Calvary Baptist
Church*.****** OHM mnr-i MHO Of KUCTto, 'n tnu.IMl
oil SIIPtcor.LAG M otTiiuu CCMPAtf.LVaRARELY
The Angelic Spiritual Singers
\ will sponsor a Spiritual Tea
Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m., In the
home of Deacon and Mrs. A.
( QUALITY SHORT SHANK SMOKED Byrd, 5724 Llppla Court Magnolia -


The Century Social andSavingsClub
I will sponsor a Pretty Hat 75OOfor
PICNIC Tea April 27 In the home ofMr.

and to 6 p.m.Mrs. Lewis .Smith, from 4

****** *
A Spring Inspirational Homecoming -
Tea will be presented
Sunday from 3 to 9 p.m., In the YOUR recreation
39C home of Mr. and Mrs. George
Reed, 1511 W. 27th St.
The participants are:Mrs.Alberta -
in the History of the
Jackson, Mrs. Mary Hoi-
i. back, Mrs. Margaret Wright FLORIDA
} Miss Deborah Thorbes Edward LEGISLATURE has a
7 I Jones, Mrs Sonya Williams,
Abynettes, Miss Helen Brown, General, STATE-WIDE, Money

.1 "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY WESTERN BEEF POTCHUC'K Mr. and, Mrs Mrs.Nizell Leonard Clark Williams and- APPROPRIATION BILL been

Mrs Veronica Holloway.,?

j" .a PIANOS WANTED changed to help

ROAST Pianos wanted. Any condition. the CITIZENS of
Player of pianos pref.389-9663 ONE

(Ast. Manager) WANTED COUNTY. u

49C J40to$60 wk.Live-In Jobs.
BONE LB. Fare advanced rush references But on MAY 5, just last year,
,t IN Harold Agency Dept.R -
Lynbrook, N. Y.

1 100 C OFF LABEL!


KRAFT or ANN PAGEMAYONNAISE RINSO that lasts tufftr with agony ORA In.JEL.lacondi ep..d|-,"t rallaf.... as CITIZENSof
M. formula putt It to work In-
stantly to stop throbbing'
toothech.paln.osat.doc M'tors COUNTY
recommend It for PARENTS'tssthlnsOraN !! ,
OR' CONDENSED "ALL" jel' ;. on the FLOOR of the

(Meat. MaUler) .

QUART 49C; G3 G3590. STATE successful SENATEwas in passing suchan

LEO'S Amendment, providing .,

-f 57 S,000 for an Improvement of

{ SPECIAL! NEW ''CROP' SPECIAL! AlP GRADE "A" $ Rep.ring Park.

.. Only Business

) 5 .1. 49C 4 I.U 49C 934 E./ UNION STJ
(produce! Manager] CAIS

.\ :w.I
Jane Parker With Rental Of ShampooTSquip--
t..t\ ;
I I (S went We Rent Lawn Mowers
.... ; f. & Garden Tools, Floor Polishers -
PIE ,'" !'. '", I & Binders, Mechanic t
-- Hand Tools, Local Trailers, $2
I per day. .


::: .,,:,.

:7323: N,. Main St. PO 8-8953: