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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200703datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 19, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007030740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 19, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 19, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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** *# -k **

Other Show Counties Progress of Florid* [ DEFENDS1 t:

On desegregation Radii Frontschool 'nil : Gala9iillt), Florid+ +* ltiIJl: ; :

............................. '

were While Doted many along Improvement racial lines In Dawn Of A Long Awaited Dream :

Florida's I <
political educational -
social and other areas,
Jacksonville was listed at the

lower still remains rune of the the State's ladder most and VOL. 15 NO. 49 SATURDAY FEBRUARY 26 1S66 10 CENTS

'backward' city In race rela- * ** ** ** ** ** t
tions. """, ", 1"'l( t"
Conducting the survey la : ./ 1 J J

Florida and other southern J TlcmonsHdl! I' II: ''I ?' mE'
states Is the Southern Regional ; ,

Council one of the nation's top ..- .,... ',.. .L., .:;.;.....:.." ....... "'" ,111 .. -, ( era
authorities in the field of race * ** *


\the ger On past the SRC credit and cited present side comparisons of political the led.of JAXON i +,

gubernatorial race between C

'hopefuls' Burns, High and

Kelly.The report In stating that both TO B-C COLLEGE:r 1

Burns and Kelly ran on firm se*
grgationists' platforms the last
time out said Burns
High u being the "NAACP" ** ** -

candidate: ..."bacted by a sinister r' Job Corps DONOR) of a $50,000 gift to Bethune-Cookman College by retired mall
force." It further states demons Rushe d New Music Hall clerk, Peter H. Robinson ( right) of Jacksonville, is believed to

that both Burns and Kelly are 'Sends be the largest gift of its kind ever given the co> lege by a Negro
now engaged mopes solicitation 8 Youth s; in Florida, according to Dr. Richard V. Moore ( left) president of
of the
vote which the
Negro reports -
To '
indicates as a hopeful Hospital; Drive LaunchedDAYTONA To Job Center the college. The bequest will result in a JC50.000 drive to con- I
sign. struct the Julie' E. Robinson Music Oulldlng" on the campus

,Gordon Punshon, manager of .inamed) In honor of Mr. Robinson's wife. ,yJaxoN's \
LIGHTS "Critical"Community BEACH-A retired Jacksonville and Pensacola. He
railroad mall clerk, who took Is an outstanding layman at Eb- the Jacksonville Youth Oppor- ----- --- I
Among developments In school time out between runs to make eneter Methodist Church, Jack, tunity Center reported recently Rites
utegregatlon the concern waswlde- "wise" Investments In Jacksonville sonville. I that eight young men w.r.lWorD
report CUllnum.rous Into the Job Corps at Boston Tea Party
Negro youths particU spread Thursday when the STAR real estate has given Robinson's wile,, though not a held at the Center ceremonies ,,
paling on Junior and high schools went to press,over the condition $50,000 toBethune-Cookraan B-CC alumna, knew) of t Ow Punshon said this makes total Set Sfltenlay

athletic teams..oneexample of highly popular E. J. ((01)) reported. college's work through her membership of 33 young men the center a has _____ ____. __._. _
being that of star Negro demons, athletic director acidn' on the United Negro sent to various Job Corps First Protest I
quarterback Steve Jones of the DEDICATED TO WIFE College Fund In Jacksonville and Centers throughout the Nation
St, she visited the ,
Petersburg Dixie High school and supported within a week's time.

School Rebels The donor, Peter H. Robinson, Its efforts often, accordIng Punshon noted that the eight i
Neither Steve nor the Dixie to Dr. Moore.Clerk In have Listeners ToldBy
specified that the monev be used young men sworn gone
High Schools upp or ters have toward the construction of a to eight different Job Corp Cen
shown any evident qualms over $250,000 music building on the Typists,, tens ,
the Negro's wearing a football campus, which will be named the Punshon said that Danny ALYSON E. WISEIf parison to their counterpartsAnd :
Jersey emblazoned with the "Julia E. Robinson Memorial to. Andrews ((17)) of 430Brawood the Negro schools' curricula
Confederate flags the report Muic Hall" in tribute to his Plant Trainees Road was sent to San Carlos any of the 400-odd attendees was termed "obsolete" in
at Monday night's annual Urban
continued. wife. Job Corps Center, San Carlos, comparison with the white institutions.
A.survey showed that eight I Robinson was here Sunday to Oregon; Anthony E.Prenkewlcs League dinner had any doubts Technological classesin
of the 14 Plnellas' high schools meet with B-CC students, staff ((17)), 1830 East Z3rdStr.et,Fort about the controversial aspectsof Negro schools was nonexistent -
have,one or more Negroes on and friends and to present his Positions Open._ Vannoy Job Corps Center,Medf civil rights movements., Ir' he added. I
their football and basketball I all fairness to the principal Jax UL President, Dr.Warren
check to Dr. Moore. He also Oregon; Robert Peters,
Positions for
clerk-typists speaker the matter should have
teams. W. Schell as master ofceremonies.
unveiled artist's sketch of theo 6944 served
an Jr.> (06)), Evergreen
plant trainees are open for those been satisfactorily clarified.
statewide figuresart 1ULLFuneral Ralph! DSintg,
Although no W- MRS. GLORIA TAYLOR :'
propose building .JobCorps
available at this time. integrated .. 1 Interested; C. T? Brown, asso-*'\.ilyenue Center, Isabella .Minnesota '- service- Mr't. The setting was la Win Uit Signal '" 'executive director of the United**; "'. <
elate director of the Jar Urban ; Terrace Room of the Atlantic "*" v,
teams are BOW playing 1908 Re- Gloria Taylor Hill will be held Fund Introduced Young, with,
Phillip B. Carson ((17)),
E J.;,CUEMONS League announced Thursday. Coast Line Building with 1
Louis H. Ritter Y
In such area -some rural SUPPORT PROMISED Job Center Saturday at 4 p.m.1D Mt.Ararat Mayor being
dell Cass Corps
as-MtUberry Starke,Wauehula, Applicants for the clerk-y Baptist Church, Rev. Dallas J. Whitney M.Young Jr.,executive 1 introduced by Schell.
Auburndaye Gainesville and 4, f football coach at t Edward Waters Ground for the new bulldlngwlll< typists positions must have a Ozark, Arkansas; Henry Graham, pastor officiating.Her director of National' Urban Ashley Verlander, vice presi
Kotc Avenue
Johnson ((18)) 5747 ,
Tallahassee.One College be broken in September, about high school diploma or must Center Pla- death occured Wednesday, League and also one of the dent of the Jax Area Chamberof
Coach Clemons according to the time three other new buildings be able to pass equivalency test Sly ParkJobCorp. nation's top 1.adtr.andadYlsor
rarity was the cancellation cervllle California Howard J. Feb. 16 In Newark, New Jerry Commerce Hugh Abernathy :! -
of a game between Starke and Informed sources, was rushedto on the campus now under and type a minimum of fifty Dinkins,((18)), 729 W.;18thStreet, A native of Jacksonville, Mrs president of the United Fund
Taylor county on account of a a local hospital oT.fi.he: was construction are to be dedicated, words a minute, Brown said. Clspus Job Corps Center Ran- Hill had lived here the majority were also seated at the table
Negro player found slumped over his desk in Dr. Moore reported. Preli- Plant trainee positions are dale Washington Henry Snead, of her life before leaving I to along with Dr.H.H.Satterwhite,
Also praised as Improvements a classroom minary plans for the music building open for young men wishing to 1579 w-; 15th Street, make her home in New Jersey Jax UL Associate Director
Jr,, ((19)),
on the political front was the A rumor floating the community have been drawn by W, R, obtain a career position. All Grants Job Corps Center, She attended local schools and a"I Clanzell T. Brown and UL board
elections of Negroes as city that demons had contracted Gomon and Associates.Born applicants must weigh at least Grants, New Mexico;and RonaldS. graduated from New Stanton member, Mrs. Edna Coffee who
commissioners Daytona in Pensacola, Robinson I 150 pounds and the minimum School In 1962. Mrs Hill the activities
minlngitls has been proven false Russell ((18))200 Sykes, Moun- High reported on league
Beach and Melbourne; a Negro by a college official whohad studied for a year at the Tuskegee height standard Is V 8". Start tain, Home Job Corps Center, was a member of Mt. Ararat during the past year.
elected to the city council of consulted demons' physicians Institute and worked for two yearsin ing pay Is $1.80 per hour. Mountain Home, Idaho. Baptist Church Special UL awards were presented
Chrystal River and appoint' The personable coach was the Memphis as a carpenter before Applicants for the two above by Dr. Hunter H.Satter-
ment of a Negro woman to fill victim of a heart attack during taking the Civil Service Examination positions must apply in personto .w white, program chairman, to
the unexplred term of a city tie t: latter 50'. while he served for mail clerk. the Jax Urban League, 109 ,Iwtr.r Tlirrst'! TAi1Ned Mrs. Frances Ewell citing over
commissioner who resigned in In a similar capacity as here For more than 33 year he work E. Union St. Mondays through -'$ ; J a half-century of dedication to
Miami at Morris Brown College In At ed as a mail clerk on the Sea Fridays from 9 a. m. until 5 C ; 'Jki the community and for being one
Ironically, Jacksonville,scene lanta. board Airlines Railroad between p.m. ...=.!!!I! of the founder's of the local

of a number of past racial dis- Spurred by current civil rig!:its movements throughout the Urban League chapter
turbances, was listed as the Public Service Award Recipients nation, Negroes have formed a formidable "Juggernaut" aim- Mrs. Constance Cason for her
State's most backward cities In ed at top Congressional seats la the U. S. C WHITNEY M. YOUNG JR. exceptional leadership in the
race relations and also income field of education and to Eric 0.
poison to the .tat."ldelIYelof Nationally, the NAACP Legal District court, Dr. Abram J. to the administration in Washington Simpson for the Florida STAR'S
less than 10 per cent school de- Defense and Educational Fund, Jaffee director Manpower and highlighting the occasionas sustaining support of Urban
segregation.The through Its attorneys, asked the Population Program, Columbia principal speaker.In League programs.
SRC report states It was U.S. Court of Appeals for the University's Bureau of Applied the time he alloted to his Also introduced to the audience
unimpressed with Jackson District Columbia to overturna Social Research said 21 talk, Mr. Young covered a wide were the various members of
YUl.'. efforts since the city had lower court dismissal of a suit southern Congressmen could be range of events. Young credited the UL's board of directors who
achieved only about one-half of r { sI which might unseat 21 southern unseated by the enforcement of Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama were lauded for numerous
one percent desegregation Congressmen elected from districts Section 2. and former Police Commissioner additional successes gai&eddu-
schools. who have denied Negroes Accordingly< Texas could lose "Bull" Connor oi ring the past year.
voting rights. six congressional seats; Birmingham and later Sheriff
The suit, filed In behalf of IS Virginia four; Alabama, three; Jim Clark of Selma, Alabamaas
Appeals Post voters from six northern states South Carolina, Georgia, and being the most effective King, Muhammid
and 10 Negroes from three Mississippi, two each; and forces in aiding passage of the
Goes To Negro southern states, seeks enforcement Florida and Louisiana, 1964 Civil Rights Act.
Section 2 of the 14th one each. "If Wallace, Connor and Clark Meet And Talk
Amendment to the Constitution. Three seats each could be hadn't taken their stand we
CLEVELAND-(NPIA87year I .q Defendants in the suit are gained by California and would have had to invent one,"
old Harvard Law School CHICAGORev..Martin Luther
Secretary of Commerce John T. Illinois; two by Massachusettsand Young said.
graduate became the first of his Connor and A. Ross Eckler,director Michigan, and one each by In citing the Negro as actingIn King who has taken his campaignfor
race to be appointed to the Ohio better t t to
states housing Chicago'
Bureau of the Census. several Including Penn- the best tradition of
Appeals Court bench. He Is The next census will be held In sylvania Ohio,Con n e c II 1 cut, America, Young deftly wove the met Wednesday with Elijah
+ Judge Charles W. White 1970. At this time, the Negro Maine, Missouri Minnesota, tapestry of civil rights Muhammld leader of the Mus-
The appointment of Judge lims for a discussion of slum
population of the United StatesIs and Nebraska.Two .
movements from
White to the high state tribunal thedumplneofBrUish conditions in the Windy City.
expected to total well ov.rao
contenders for the tea Into the
was made by Ohio Governor Imported sea In an interview King said he
James Rhodes. million congressional seat held by Incumbent during the "Boston Tea Party," had a long talk with the Muslim
The NAACP Is seeking court Rep. William L. and the fatal shootlngby British
Judge White formerly servedon leader In an exchange of ideas.
declaration of the defendants'duty
the Cvyahoga County Dawson First Congressional soldiers Negro Crlspus He indicated that he wanted to
Common Pleas bench for to "take all necessary and District, Chicago have vowedto Attucks on Boston Commonsthe to learn more about Mr.
proper steps to unseat the veteran office hol nation's firstpre-Amerlcan
therdenial Muhammld's
U years He had served u pan ideas and at the
compile figures
Cleveland Assistant law direct der. Revolution casualty. same time to let Muhammld
or before going to the Common and abridgement next of decennial the right to They are Fred Hubbard and "Now those people are know more about his thoughts on
vote at the
Pleas Bench. David R. Reed. heroes," he continued. civil rights and the quest for

White was recommended for m census The suit was dismissed by the Heading the list of candidatesfor His attentive listeners were equality.
the appeals bench by Republican U.S. District court for the DIstrict Congress Cleveland,Ohiois reminded that Susan B.Anthony The two men seemed to have
county chairman A. L. DeUalortbns of Columbia last March Carl B. Stokes, a Democrat, chained herself to polllngplaces reached an agreement on the
and the Cuyahoga County on grounds that the plaintiffswere defeated recently In his try for in the Women's Suffrage move- need for the abolishment of the
Republican executive com r. not sufficiently affected by the mayoral post. Other Negro ment and Carrie Nation slums that exist Chicago.. Butit
mittee. southern discrimination candidates are: Clarence destroyed saloon windows and is not known whether they discussed
Farther recommendationscame to be voting relief. McLeod, Republican; Granville destroyed merchandise in her or have reached uyIInder.tandlDe
Jr. Democrat and offensive to prohibit sale of alcoholic as to how the
from the Cuyhoga County The court further found that the H. Bradley, ;
and Cleveland bar associations HIGHLIGHTING Jax Urban League's second annual dinner featuring Commerce department and Frederick M. Coleman, Republican. beverages, in t the problem should be tackled.
along with prominent state department I nation's first sit-in and walk-In As a result of the meeting between -
director of the National Urban Census bureau have no legal
Whitney M. Young Jr. executive
advisors. In Massachusetts, Atty. G.Do :actions the two men who
League as speaker, was the presentation of public service awardsto obligation constitutional to comply with. the Edward W. Brooke, the highest Mr. Young praised the united represent strong forces, thereis

Credit ServiceCHICAGO the above trio. Eric 0. Simpson, publisher of the FLORIDA STAR 10 plaintiffs provision.The N' e g roe s ranking Negro ever elected to :stand of various civil rights much concern as to whether
office In recent times, I rroups, each using tactics wblcb the two will Join hands in a
was cited in the field of Journalism; Mrs Constance Cason for her who said they have had their
the Senate hey I: thought would benefit all thrust at problems
will be In the race for affecting
-NPiWith emphasis excellent leadership during the local public schools' education "right to vote denied or abridged
seat being vacated by Sen.Lev-concerned'I as the end result. Negroes In Amerlca..and thereIs
on the amount of money crisis and Mrs. Frances Ewell for over a half century of dedicated by their state In a manner erett Saltonstall. Among other criticisms,Jacksonville even greater concern about
spent by Negroes In commerceand service to the community and also for her efforts resulting in the giving rise to a reduction Inthepopulation the 1964electlon was scolded for its asronomlcal the result a union'of the Muslims
Industry a new Negro con basis for apportion During ;:
cern has entered the competitive founding of the local Urban League some 20 years ago. ment" as provided by Section 2. Brooke won a second term as high unemployment and the Southern Christian
'ate among non-whites In com Leadership Conference.PKY .
( general ,
tredit: service field. In an affidavit filed with the attorney

4 I, ,t

r ,.iU'J' I h I
Pill 2 yanT'UJ t., Jr. TAI PAPER SATIIIAY FEIIIIIT 21.. 11.11


Published by the Florida Star febllshlnc I Company .

MEMBER :bf; wHrrmcYif> : YOUNG JR.,

'CONDUCT THE The civil rights leadership has learned
NEGRO P OTONAL CHEAT PROFESSION. .r through bitter experience that it is dangerous -

OEHAVKHHSTHEPEX'fCTUALRCVEALMGCf lr .;. to cite a specific industry for
US.WHATAMAH; b progress in the area of civil rights, or
TELLS US WHAT Ufa: 1"". even"to".'single it out for special commendation -
ERIC 0. R...wnw.rwr \ for all too often this is
SII'SOI..lIallllll Editor .J,... misinterpreted -
The industry, for one thing,
ALYSON E. WISE.Niws Editor grasps greedily at such a citation and
holds it up for all to see as proofpositive -

HILDA NOOTEN.Circilatioi lIaulir I that it' is, indeed the epitome of
Negro citizens, on the other hand, understandably -
2323 Moicrief, Rill PIOII Elfii 4-6782 !' suspicious, tend to regard

the stamp of approval as premature and
Mailiif AddressP. prefer the "let's wait and see" atti-

tude. And there are stiol otters who dis-
0. Box 599 JicksoBiilli, Florida 32201 tude. And there are still others who disapprove

of the citation on the theory that"it's
MIAMI OFFICE no more than they should have

done" so why the praise!
738 NW 3rd An. Pkoaa 377-1025 'ACCORDING TO THE JUSTICE DEPART.. in spite of all this, however, I want to

-._. THC TRADES STWLIISEWLDINGAcoNsrRLcriCM single out for special commendation the
SUBSCRIPTION RATES AMERICAN FEDERATIOHOFUiaOP AND THt s broadcast media, television and radio, for
One yurt $6.00 Half tear $4.00 CONGRESS INDUSTRIAL+ OKAHOATIOHS.CONTROLS the recent noticeable strides they have

'Hailed! to you Anywhere in' the united States,. HOST IN Of THE THC BUILDING EHPLOYNENTOPPORTUNITIES TRADE. ( made In the use of Negro citizens -- in,
Subscription payable in advance \ commercial spots, and in speaking as wellas
Send Check or Money order to: YfTFC41HA.F.L.CJO.: LOCALS WITHINJ \_ non-speaking roles in their programs.I .
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX set MEMnfRSNIO&MORETNANsoAOf; extend this commendation publicly because -
Jacksonville i. Florida HAVE ONLY THREE NEGRO MEMBERS: I have been one of those who have
-.v_ _6 i.uv\ been roost vocal in my criticisms of this

industry -- critical of its smns of omis-
Integrates Cemetery. sion; and to give credit where credit is
AT LAST..SHOWING A DESIRE TO FIGHT FOR RIGHTI .due permits one to continue in the role
I It would I seem that a cemetery would be, of constructive critic.

of all places, the last one to be segre- a_a _a_11_ _0 II _I I a_ .- ...- ...- ...- _0_ n a _11 _D_ a _1M The gains that have been made in the tel-
gated---since the dead do not go around evision and radio industry were sharply

socializing together. Segregated burial driven home tome recently, when in one
grounds was also the rule In West Palm
Your Weekly evening, .Negro performers were
3each until recently, when the Commissi- participating simultaneously in key roleson

oners voted to Integrate the previously three different networks. For those

all-white Wood I awn Cemetery.It of us who .have> been accustomed to waiting
was the intention of the civil rights long Intervals to see a Negro in a responsible -

leader, Mrs., Mary Gass to bring a suit In Horoscope Guide respectable role, this was un-
the courts to see I If I Negro taxpayers could usal, and a welcomed phenomenon.Yet .
not buy burial Jots In the !Wood I awn Ceme here was a dilemma -- the kind of
tery. r Now she won't' have to "go to the dilemma we now face in trying to decide

courts after all. By PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH which baseball team to root for (at least
The lone Commissioner casting the dissenting '' those of us who base our interest in the

vote said he could not break faith teams on their use of Negro players) .
with persons who in the past have purcha- This was no problem years ago when only
sed cemetery plots with the impressionthat the Brooklyn Dodgers lived up to our anticipations
it could only be used by whites persons BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL but it did become a problem

ills vote could have been !morn! use- -- ..-..-...------- .. when other teams joined the ranks of the
-- --- ------------ -
ful since restricted use of the cemetery fair-minded and "discovered" numberof
would not be binding and would be struck Negro players who not only Increasedthe
solution that could now be found affairs Including relatives, someone Interested In your welfare
down i In/ court. at the present time. There neighbors cherished ones and who may be willing and tea 's pipularity, but increased also
Isn't the practice o'f segregation stU7 seems, to be good reason to those who can promote or retard capable of coming forward to the gate receipts!
'pfd? The .practice never has made good 'j i' Corn>> March 2lif. believe that the future course of >"4'" your career. Be u calm and your aid. The civil rights movement needs more dilemmas
your life may,In great collected as can possiblybe
measure you
for intelligent who
sense people want to
,1-50-45-15-59-999 like
these two. And hopefully the
be shaped by the events that now and seek shelter wherever
separate themselves from a minority group I-April 19th transpire. Also refrain from It Is to be found. Restrain broadcast media will provide us with sucha
merely on the basis of color of skin. The mayalsownter adopting a code of behavior that your ambition for the time being SnfJilJgw dilemma.
To segregate the dead In our cemeteries the picture right now to com could estrange the allies whose the better to concentrate on This is not to say that the media has
doesn't mean that segregation' will be 'legal what appears to support any sympathy you Deed more personal matters that done all that it should
a'tmot.irther more than you realize. The need straightening out. Your or could do. In
be situation. Fortunately

In heaven. Won't a lot of souther- Geminians who know how to Born
you bare the fortitude Intelligence! and Instincts should Nov. 23rd fact a recent ,study'made by the American
ners on the Great Judgment Day be disa- In times of stress and you may take success In stride are the again come to the fore and aid Civil Liberties union in Los Angeles
ppointed that God is of least apt to get themselvesin ''you in arriving at more con reveals -
respector per- have to stretch it as far as -Dec. 2 1st that, in terms of
sons; and if they don't want to stay in It will go to maintain some sort bad situations. structive decisions. You will tation in Negro representsa -
heaven under this condition St. of order in your immediate and 8-78-48-12-57-937 }, no doubt be glad to see the end Should you have to make the industry, we are far from
Peter dally environments. If thereIs rof this month and may be more choice put your own welfare approaching even the so-called numericalor
will obligingly open the gate and let them any possibility of: avoiding hopeful about the form that the and material Interests first or proportionate representation -- whether
try their fortunes in Lucifer's abode. local as well as idstant travels, CaJWl1l next one will take. It should let others shift for themselves in commercials in
.or programs. There remains -
It would be wise to do so on be more stable. This may go against the the
these days and on others as Aquarian grain seeing that you major problem also, of enter-
Conmeii Work Their Game well. Remain away from the Job Born Jun. 22nd|; are most generous and tainers with superior talent being denied
should It beat all possible,when considerate. But It is doubtful their own shows because of race -- and
There Is hardly a month that passes and your Intuition or other agents -July 22ndAll that you will have any say certainly a lot more needs to be done in
point out the desirability of in the way things are turning
in which don't read accountsof the employment of
we those
newspaper doing It as a precautionary out in your immediate environ Negroes who are
people being "gypped" out of large sums measure. The one bright note events sorts could of be Unpredictable unleashed by ment. equipped to work behind the scenes, as
of money. And yet it took only a ten- that which has to do with joint the occurrences of previous Born Sept. 23rd 4-58-74-11-23-583 technicians writers producers, etc.I .
dollar bill to lure a sixteen-year Tampa financial Interests and the quarter making desirable for was for this reason that the NationalS
boy to a place where he could be robbedby measures you adopt to remain you not to venture where even -Oct. 23rdNo ills Bank, with the coooeration of the
secure. angles fear to tread. Neighbors apAkolln major
men. networks. Through will
con matter which way you turn this bank we
This Is the story told by Vaughn Jenkins, 8-79-34-18-85-876 to and be relatives subjected are Just to as similar likely.' it may be Impossible for you be able to recruit, place or secure for

16: A man called "Buckwheat" asked him ordeals. Those of you who t to escape the criticisms or Born Doe. 22nd training qualified persons for the in-
where lived. The told the man 'I''frustrations that seem to be dustry.
a lady boy are in the position to do so
he did know the lady because he lived in 1.tmJtU should be In the forefront with trusted addressed loved to you.ones Even may certain not be -Jan. 19th The major significance of this new utili-

Avon,Park. The con men offered the boy a helping band. Their difficulties above giving offense or inflicting zation of qualified Negroes in this indus

ten dollars to help 'them find the woman's. Born April 20th- well can as their be your won,concernas and it pain because of Indifference could Many intrude unforseen into the elements picture try goes far beyond the actual employment

house. would do your heart good to be or misguided judge task to evaluate the possible opportunity it provides. it will demon-
The second con man pretended to be drunk, -May 20th able to demonstrate that love discover ment. Many for yourselves among you that may it consequences. II Aa k e no strate first to advertisers or sponsors
and the first con man told the boy that he and compassion are two of your would be a protective move to decisions and keep out of con the fact that the large majority'of Americans -
to take $150 away from the drunk Many unexpected occurrencesand outstanding traits. Continue to find where t r oversic or Inclement are more'interested
planned aftermaths brought about cultivate your main talent. a hideout you are in the talent ofa
and would share part of it with him If he by the previous week's events completely concealed from the i blown weather over until sufficiently everything: for has yon performer than they are in his color.'

showed good faith by giving.him something will make It quite difficult for 281741664856Bom persons who who feels are compelled unfriendly.to 'to venture out of your refuge It will also expose a large segment of

to hold. The boy gave "Buckwheat" Sl IM, a all anyone to determine what It flee Anyone to a distant land may be The advisability of sticking to white America who for the most, part have
of new shoes a watch worth $50 anda means. That things will JJJo moderate eating and living lived in '
pair not be quite the same In your establishing the basis for a a biracial society with limited
plaid jacket worth $6.08. life, or in the workd seemsto lucky and more foutunate future to habits the fore Is once and the more smart brought contacts among all classes of Negro citizens -
The first con man gave the boy a white be a foregone conclusion. 'July 23rd way of life. Just make sure Caprlcornian will recognize It to a fact never before learned
handerchief supposedly containing large Romances may be broken off, you needed.possess the skills that maybe and act accordingly. --The fact that Negroes do have the same

share of the $150. Later the boy found' alliances and finances severed subjected, friends to sever lost .Aug..- 2ndT'It 0-43-60-13-48-621, 7-86-25-10-87-691 kind of talents, skills? and abilities that

that the handkerchief was empty and he drain.. The gathering friends often is said that anything all other Americans possess. I
called the police. and associates who share can happen and that it usually SmJlpiD Finally, perhaps the most important result j
common alms and dangers does. This is just about what of all '
Whenever ask maybe is that accustomed :1to
any person you to show good the one move that could many of you can expect during as we get
faith by giving them something to hold, .lessen the Impact of: the rather this rather unpredictable third Born Oct. 24th Born Jan. 20ih having Negro citizens in our living
call I the police. heavy pressures to which one quarter. But it is obvious that rooms via the television screen, it will
and all could be subjedted.There the finances of both partner and -Nov 22nd ".>,. 18th :oecome all the easier to accept Negroes as i
are many blpeful signs yourself may have to bear the all others are
brunt of whatever Is trans. There gcjcraliy is an element accepted -- in our neigh-
March Of that the coming month will
Dimes bring It
Envelopes seems u If all forces that borhoods, schools
churches and busi-
relief. plring. This furnishes all the of the unexpected that accompanies could be mustered have been nesses.
more reason for sudden nd surprisnlng
Every day In the United States at least avoiding banded together to bring about
9-77-42-13-746 ,getting mixed: up In the personal antes sudden and surprising
300 million letters travel l through the or business affairs of your events. You could be at sixes the events that may transportyou
mail. of friends, especially when and emotionally and to an entirely different Negro lecones
That's a lot correspondence.But they sevens environment that the one to Police Chief
9R>>W also are In connection with friends
one of the most important pieces of encountering monetary your which yon have been habituated.
difficulties. until sort of
some picture way ovf fn
of mail anyone, anywhere in America, can Botn 21st emerges to make everything J-91-6J-19-33-726 wo Wyoming CI "".ro"Negro pollc.oRic.,
get Is an envelope from the March of May 1-40-56-12-22.972 clear. This also>>Is when clam dJiAtt ,Is 0IrI.ree.nfly. oppotnrd cIt,.,01 poIlc.fn C...)....... H.
Dimes. That's because this envelope Is -JUM 2111 and cool heads should take B.eovse Byrd of a m.mb.r 01 the 101''C. for 16 yoor. I
both reminder and reminderof charge for the sake of hit Pr gr... from 1h.
a a request. A Born Nb. 19th Inlh IC.. ground Aoor on up
the battle against birth defects that protecting the material Interests 111W po.iflo. .eII..r..llr.r" .vec.... ''n "'.
Thugs often get worse that have been painsstakingly RM+.mb.r deaf h.wvs ''
the March of Dimes Is fighting through i they get better. This may bee Born Aug. built up through put ..Mar.2QthPract1call1 1t.'M.his new'OilHortJ I. avderonfaw' man'
research and medical care, and a requestfor < i act I.y your problem BOW. 23rd evdeavors. Those who have all the departments m.r.rotI. wouoprar".eII.", oodd
your support to continue this battle. Friendships' partnership and -Sept, 22nd made unwise commitments of your life are being V,. appolnAnent. diem..
There birth ;family ties may be broken by lately are not likely to be lat affected by the startling developments b onoN.r Npro Byrd is, unique. Itocou.h.
are 250,000 defects babiesborn'In those j who do not yet know that Other forces may be drawn position to revoke them right that are now taking ,job lntd. "finAlflto", 11n1. Byrd Mows hh
the United States every year. ,this provides about the worst Into the confusing state of now. But there could be place, unexpected 7.54-Q- or otherwise. cal'm.our h. rb. ,job on the basis

fJ oI..uo'f



At Royal Vagabonds' Valentine Affair
Guys And Gals Dane And Romance ?.

.. The second And Final Ladies NewFashion

in the series of

photo scenes 'No
from the Royal

vagabondsValantine Idle Dream'

Dance CHICAGO; --(NPI>) --"Wear It '11
once and throw It away" Is a
fashion luxury many women
wish for, but few can afford.
One solution, although still In
.he experimental stage is en-
ough to start women closet
cleaning. ,
By 1975, throw-away fashions, j.
from daytime dresses to wed-
ding gowms, may be theanswerto
} HJr the never-chantng feminine
desire for always-new wardrobe -
t .
U so, throw-away f.lshionswU
w4' become the latest in a long ,
list of disposable paper products ,
made pouible by the
creped wadding introduced by
Kimberly-Clark 50 years ago.
An unfamiliar term, creped!
wadding is the basis for many
f 12 well known products..facial and f'"
bathroom tissues, paper towels
and napkins, and feminine hygiene ,
4' products all owe their 'i
Ii! i
I. / beginnings to creped wadding.So .

___ ...... too, do many disposable
...f" ,'" I -. I.If I.- CENTER PIECE The crocheted center piece lends dignity to the paper products by businesses now used,commercially industry --
I .: table occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nealy, left ; Mrs. Barbara and hospitals Dis-

/ Schuman, right, front with Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Mason. posable utility gowns sheets and pillowcases face masks,,

nl heave duty paper towels, washcloths -
and blankets are items
t '
rli which may find household app-
r lication In years to come.
Creped wadding Is In proudction -
of Kaucel, a soft non-woven
4 paper fabric with cloth-like
a y draping qualities recently provided
y Ira to seven Chicago I
t cerlk' P 'w ': i' '" designers to fashion gowns for .
"" th'ot daytime, evening, weddings and
even outer space wear.
Y "\., ,I 1/-'Ns +..,. The experimental designs went
v 4P on parade at recent all-Chicago
I ; :: designers' fashion chow spon-
"".. -- : sered by St. xavier College.
"" 11f .
.' t' Although it will be some time
,' ..r-" .
.. .-... 4 ., before women can count on
fashion turning Into the "paper
doll" look, disposable wardrobes -
GALLANT LADIESMrs.; Beaulah McClellan are definitely a possibility -
r Times-Union Social Editor and a member of for the future.
the Gallant Ladies Club makes entry with And throwaway fashions could
stunningly gowned socialite, Mrs. Ethel a w eventually free women even further

;pears. Both gowns were styled by Mrs. Ironing from boards laundry, just tubs as dis-and

MeClel Ian posable paper tissues, towel-
ing and napkins have cnanged
household habits.

..GUI 1 !''r''
r.r t. ,, L.
'Ready Annual \

Cookie SalesA

REUNION -- Mrs. Mary Hammond hoods a reunion of friends and rela- public relations campaignto
R. .F tives who are joined by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Demery, closest to camera acquaint the public with the
R purposes and benefits derived
from the annual cookies sales
I by members and assisting
t adults of the Gateway Girl I
rr Scouts Council was released
this week.
I Purpose of the annualsales is
to insure that the Girl Scouts
,11'l' > ,- ,. will be able toeontlnuepro
; ,
I ,; { gramming of year'round camp-
.'" f\. and day camp, ud established
.'r.. ." ; ;
__ .. I"" camp programs and to
j1 'f continue on-going featuresof

,, .ti. national the Council body. as outlined by the

The cookies' sales also enable
; troops to underwrite projects,
'e ,
!AlA1 ____ and to purchase supplies and
equipment and to continue planned -
M events since each troop derives -
t a profit from the sales.
While conducting their sales
; campaign, the Girl Scouts must
t ". be fully uniformed and t their
_ri : : conduct Is prescribed by their

carry superiors.their The Identlflcatloncards.girls must also

Annual Girl Scouts cookie
sales will get underway March
1, and will l l continue through
SOCIAL SET -- This group composed of Mrs. Louise Guinyard, Social March 19th. The cooperation! of
and friends is urgedto
Editor of the FLORIDA STAR; Mrs Marie McClain, Miss Catherine the aid public the units the continuance

Perry on the left side, with Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Wheeler, Mr. and of their numerous projects. .
Mrs. Julius Jones, Mrs. Rutledge, partly hidden was on hand..T .

._-- Colors DedicationSet

By BarracksA

one hour program of historical

1' Ul l l1rOFtti presented significance Sunday will when the be

Colors of Gateway Barracks
I Veterans of World War 1. USA
e and Its auxiliary will be dedicated -
at Grant MemorialAME
-.J" ".... .....T \ Church, Clay and Orange
.. Sts., Rev A. Joseph R e d d t c iE,
I ,' $H i DD, pastor,Commander J.S.
uof Louis I
RE/DY FOR GAIETY-I Happy\ \ o." i \ +0k Irving Sr. announced.The .
Stukes, Miss Gwendolyn Crawley and Mr. and program will l feature an

Mrs. P. J. \Williams I tell the story of gaiety Impressive array of) local program -
!+ that prevailed at the annual affair. participants and will get
\ underway promptly at 3 p.m.
Members of other veterans'
,, ,1 QTAMPO
t- --------------------t organization and the public are

Coming Next Week t tI invited.and Members Auxiliary of the Barracks are

I requested to attend In full uniform -
p I Pictorial Highlights Of The dress, Commander Irving
y concluded.

\ .-. :t;" ;
I : Urban League's Annual Banquet i'I ....: ..-.. Trickolitists Session

I : With Whitney Young Local Trlchologists 38 will hold Cosmetologists an Important

Beef at its Best meeting Sunday at 3 p,tu. In the
Guest hl-Fashloa Beauty Aids., 1329
As Speaker
W. 26th Street..




Tike It. Foaled, Artists' Exhibit Larded WO MINUTES .",

t r Ae Ia s.

'Or Leave It j.. r t tit.:Gf, urm THZBY IIJI.E .
r. HMAM mil scam
CMCAOO, whore was "A,
By Rev Charles C. King ,

r. rr.

( St. John 15: I-Ie matter which translation 01 f! tike, each one for himself I lo mudy

the Bible we examine,one fact ttandi I the Scrl pt urc., \\Ticn Dive*begged
out with particular emphasis and I Abraham to Iw allowed to go and
clarity: The Bible was written foitht r warn hi. five brother about the

tad ptoplt, for the populact at large, horrors of hade. Abraham replied;
Every third person I meet, Including preachers deacons
not for tome special rlati among "They hare Motel ""dIll, prophet,
answers "can't complain" when I ask"How are you doing
'let them hear than, and when Dive
Almost never do I meet somebody who says "Fine thank you,
St. Paul addreued hit epistle to urged that a word from him would|
or "Happy. Almost all who say "Well, it doesn't do any good 5 )
to complain" have rather casual or even glum look on the face. tI both "laity" and "clergy": "To all( be more effective Abraham. an...
This morning-bright an early-I spoke to a man who got his that be in Rome" (Rom. 1 t:7): ), "unto, wered: "!/ they hear not, Motet and
breakfast and Bight's lodging free.He answered my greeting the tin church. at Corinth. witheR the prophets, neither will they' he per.

usual way. So I asked him, "Well, can you REJOICE since you that in every plate call upon the waded though one rote from the
"can't complain He growled back after some hesitation I name of Jesus Christ our 1-ord" dead" (Luke 16:29: II).

"Well, yes" So I asked him why he should rejoice. He started (1 Cor 1:2): ), "unto the thurchei of Do not depend upon your rtcrny-
thinking for the first time.Before this he has merely been opening Calatia" (Gat. 1:2): ), "to all I litloinlt man to interpret the Script urtit for

and closing his mouth. To HIS great surprise, there were at Philippi with the you but ace for yournelf\ what they
many things to rejoice over when he took the time to count his bishops and deacon. (Phil. 1:1): ), ay, for "every one of tit shall [iftactoutittf

blessings. I noticed that his face brightened up too as he talked. iIk : etc.When HIMSELF to Cod"(Kont.
Actually he came to life as he told me about the good things in e Paul proclaimed the goupcl 14:12): ) anllt will! not be enough in
his life.Jesus. at Berea his hearer. did not take that day to cay: "But my minister

once said to a man,"Let the dead bury the dead, but you even this great apostle's word for or priest told me. ." You are
w II go out and preach to people that kingdom of heaven Is here." Q granted,but "ttarcked, Scripture responsible to "icarch the Script.
Paul the apostle wrote a letter to a church congregation reminding u daily whether those Iking wen 'lI." ure for yourself to "*ce whether
J them that their main business was to ""Rejoice the s and for this God called them"noble" thcue tlli"II"are,o." '

Lord." e ..- (Acts 17:11): They were the true Search the Scripturet, cupccially
+ A person who grumbles all the time is dead on his,feet. A per- spiritual aristocracy of their day. the Epimliii of St. Paul, and Ivan/
son who "can't complain" asleep with his eyes open. A person Gordon Parks, Internationally famous pho- at the Time and Life Building Exhibition Our Lord, when on earth, encouraged Coda\ wonderful plan of Halvmion.'Christ .

who rejoices -no matter for what cause-is alive and tographer for Life Magazine, poses by one Center. Others: In the photo, L. H. Stan- -even lialltnird His 4idII'" ,i"," (I Cur

awake. A person who walks and talks with the Lord constantly of his outstanding prrsentatlons at ex- ton>, president Continental Features audience. to "ifarch III, Strtpturei" 15:3): ). "IIV /'"'1' rtdfHiplioH, through' / /
(as with a friend) is already In heaven. God bless you. ( for themselves (John 5:39): ). Hit /WiwKph.( 1:7): ). "'Mi./' .."
right. George S.
of his Hardy publisher of Life
outstanding presentations at
ex- Indeed, since God ha revealed 111- Lord Jesus Christ and Ilinn hutt"
Sunday Recitalist Organ Recital I hlblt of the 'Works of Gordon Parks' shown Magazine. Himself and His plan of salvationin /It imT (Acu 16:31): ).

the written Word, we are rfipon-:

Sammie in an L.organ Davis recital will be March presented M I. Sinai To Host Woodlawn United Along The Church Path

1 at 8:43: p.m., in Day Spring Group Slates Allen RecitalThe
Presbyterian ChurchThe
Baptist Church. Assn $ Anniversary By ALBERTA J. WILLIAMS Grant Memorial Trio will

The program Is be Ing sponsored Courtesy Committee of the By ELDER L. N. PEARSON SR. Bethel RecitalThe be presented In recital Sundayat

by Mrs N. W. Weaver of Women's Department East A brief historical note of our 7:30: p.m., in Allen Chapel
the missionary society and Mrs United Presbyterian Churches- AME Church by the steward
e Florida and Bethany Baptist Frank L. Williams Male
Alice Johnson, president of the Laura St. and Woodlawn
: board.
will observe Its nth Chorus of New Bethel AME
Matrons Council. at 7 To all the members andfrlends The singers will be heard In
anniversary Sunday p.m.. Church will present a recital
Guests will be the Male
of Woodlawn United Presbyterian
In Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. r Monday at 8 p.m., according toW classics, semi-classics,
and the Adventurer
Choruses of the city -
r Choir 2 will be heard in a repeat Ch u r c b, wepauseat D. Cannon, program chairman spirituals and hymns.
1t s Club, under leadership this time to pay tribute and f
performance of Its annual for the Men's Day celebration -
of Mrs. Elsie Sampson musical for the celebration. praise to all.those soulswho I IOU( THE MUCH
The members of the Matrons from their labors rest but who '
Participants will include,Deacon A Trl-Male Chorus will be
Council and the Male Chorus before transition( made
Leroy Mallory, Deacon I..?. heard In special selections,
will be hosts and hostesses. constructive contribution toour
Drayton, John Turner and Eddie which will consist of the Male
Ralph Green Instructor at New church. : : ARE
Edwards. Mrs. Luclle Mote, Choruses of St.Stephen,St. Paul
\ Stanton High School will all who hold the
chairman has Invited the public To today high n and New Bethel AME Churches
preside. torch of faith in our future and BEING HELPED BY
to attend. Rev. Elisha Jones, pastor,has d
SISTER ESSIE MAE THOMAS work loyally for a greater The fifth Annual session of the Youth Department of the Toms asked the congregation to sup- tG MOTHER DEVINE OF

the "Gospel Warhorse" and Allen Chapel Anniversary Celebration Woodlawn PresbyterianChurch Peoples Convention will be highlighted by unusual presentations port the program. INDIA
radio and national Tee Vee luminary we Increase devotion. during the convening the Progressive State Convention of Florida
will conduct a recital AME Church Mrs. Jessie M. Polke wW May the thought of what we do be in Mt. Ararat Baptist Church here on March 22-27, Rev worried Bad

Sunday Feb 27, at 8:30 p.m. celebrate her 10th anniversary of su c h enduring quality, may Dallas J. Graham host pastor. DANIEL 12:1 Luck, Troubled ,
In Good Shepherd Baptist Rev J. W. Jones pastor of as gospel singer Sunday our children andchildrens' Miss Dora Davis of Orlando,a student t at Albany State College, : t Lost Love Lost

Church, Rev A.Gar vin,pastor, Allen Chapel, 1531 Swan St., beginning at 8 p.m., in Mt. ZIon children rise up and call us Albany, Georgia, Is president of the Youth'Convention. Great trouble Is Just before us 4 Manhood.
and Mrs Willie Bryant, announced this week that the Methodist Church, Lone Star. blessed.It Other department officers are Brother James Lanier, vice and we can survive ONLY In \ Let MOTHER OF
sponsor. Included among the Stewards Board wUlpresentthe Among thepartlclpants was February 25,1870a president; Rev. H. B. Whitehurst, chleftan young men; Sister God's Word. INDIA help
participating Individual singersand well-known Grant Memorial are: Mrs. Nellie Graham, Mrs. committee met In the home of Hattie L. Alexander, counselor and Sister D. M. Baldwin, JI
groups. will te Sammy Hen- Trio Sunday in a musicale Amanda Collins, Preston Mr. John E. Onlyandcompleted assistant counselor. THE HOLY BIBLE Write to:
derson the Soul Revivers and 7:30 Summervllle the organisation of the
beginning p.m. Brooks Midway Author lied King James Version MOTHER DEVINE
Matthew McCoy, pianist- Composing the trio are Mrs. Choirs Lone Star Choir, Sykes Third Presbyterian Church. On." >Girl Scouts Hold Johnson Band .Red Letters 13.98 p.pd.
accompanist. Friends and the Georgia B. Benjamin, Mrs.Luella -,Singers of Kingsland, Georgia, August 5,1875, the name of the Charles Bridges Box 395 Ala. P.o.BOS"5712
public are invited., W. McBride and Mrs. and the Waycross Gospel Singers. church was changed from the Detroit,Mich.
pattah Station ioU a m t Florida
For Fete ,
Third Church to Prepping
Frankye B. Adams. Widely Mrs Gussle Paige Gray Presbyterian Birthday Party 33142 48239
known throughout the Southeastern t will serve as mistress of cere Laura Presbyterian Church of The Concert Band of James W.
Saturday Meeting/ States'musical circles, monies. Jacksonville.When The Cadettes of Mt.Ararat Johnson Junior High School will
the group wlllenhancethelr the church was destroyedby Baptist Church held their recentblrthdayparty be presented In recital March?
1 with a graceful Sunday MusicaleThe fire In 1901,Rev.L.B.Wiler- In the home of
Officers and members of The repertoire at 7:30 in the school
: p.m., gym InstantPhotos
semi- Female Chorus of Zion son was pastor. In the rapid rT.-1
Sepia Ladles Club are blending of the classics, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Jones, 828 natorlum.
and Hope Baptist Church will be growth of Jacksonville after the
classic spirituals hymns. W. 31st Street.
to of band
ted attend the regular monthly Members the are:
will include presented In a musical program fire, the church and area became The residence was beautifully _
The program
meeting Saturday Feb. 26 at Carolyn McBride Brenda McBride -
Sunday at 8:30 In African a business section, which!
"When I Wake Up In Glory, p.m. decorated In a seasonal motif
in the home of and Cheryl
p.m. Mr. Faye Baker
Soul At United Church. The program is necessitated the relocation of
My by Miss Winifred lluHThe1W-
"He Bought
Mrs. James A. Pierce 3012 Stephen Carol Scott, Zlna
and other all-time being sponsored by Mrs.Bertha the church In 196L ses Cheryl Hull Sandra Baker
Moncrlef Road, West. Calvary Sanchez, C, Thavls crompton, ,
favorites. Bell. The church, being without and Cora Miller were host- Dale Williams Cornell ; "
.pastor, the officers andmem- esses.Games. Nellie Clark,Cheryl Brown Dunlap, i 50$ Each
ben met and decided to call a and music under the direction David
man worthy In ability to do the Tyrone Powell, Jerry
; of Gary Simmons were
William Golnes
Hooker C. ,
e S I ONS To task. The lines were throws Into enjoyed throughout the evening. Nathaniel Dudley Frederick

SERVE IOJ the "...tersofprorr.Is'.andwben Mrs. Dorothy Hull prepared the Matthews, James Scott, Robert Royal Art Studio
the lines were pulled In, wide assortment of tasty Wilson, Lynn Johnson,Reginald
Rev.Franklin D. Wilson
was on
1824 W. BEAVER refreshments. Glover, Kenneth lizard, Alvin
the line. Chaperones were hosts Leroy Mercer
1 God had answered church's and Mrs.Jones,and Mrs.Doro- Christopher Williams Johnson Rickerson Ray Social Commerlcal Studio Service
830 CASSAI AYE. prayer to send a minister to thy Hull. Also highlighting the
Weaver Donald Rodger Matt-
ret our church off the corner lot
3101 EMERSON to a more desirable residential affair was the exchanging of sis hew Fields, Michael King Me
of and the revealing
section Rev. Wilson proved to ters.gifts Arthur Smith,John Meuse,Terry 515 DAVIS ST.

be the man to do the Job. He Baker Gerald Glover,
came to Laura Street in 1961 Elderldge Goomes, W. Bur-
and on August 4, 1963. he con Membership DriveThe dette, Larry Hicks,Gary White, ELGIN 4-1894

ducted the first service to be Brewster Methodist Hospital Clarence Washington Randolph

FLA. "T.T." BRAND held in new Woodlawn United Auxiliary will observe Its Smith and Gregory Sykes. Closed All Day Tuesdays

35 Presbyterian Church. Thus was annual membership tea Sundayat

STEWINGHENS ea. or Paradise regained 4 p.m..ln the cafeteria of the It Covers Gray Halt
Sunday, at 4 p.m., the church hospital.Dr. .
will celebrate Its 96th anniversary. Melvin P. Reid will dis m. J. Brandt' a Liquid
MT, Rev J. S. Johnson of St. cuss, "Mental Health." Dr.
UCIREN Stephen AME Church will be Reid received B.A,and MS.
3 $1 1 1FRESH the pest speaker.All degrees from the University of
''h 115, members are urged to con Miami; Ph.D degree from HAIR COLORER

tribute ten dors.txr .< 'Louisiana State University and e

$ U... Sayings BondsTNttMIMU M.S., degree from Harvard till cover gray hair in 10
School of Public Health.
*Mamas t"a.o.wwrw..M..;tJ to 20 tnutee.No pack. No

CAUGHT .....Anyone CaD put it on .

.t hose.PILL.


Thanks to the famous official
PALMER'S "SKIN SUCCESS" J. It will not rub oft, it

formula, young people stays on several months fir:.a

MEATY, BEEF everywhere are discovering how / L Ebttpoolng, sea bathing
really l lovely their skin can be.
A N. sun, permanent waving,
"R- STEW 3 curling or straightening
LBS the rerhoval of blackheads and H6t"'
; iron-nothing takes it off.
smoothes over large pores."SKIN ;;;
the shade ttJ lOll can cover any gray
FLA. BUDGET of your skin for that natural fairer ,.;,," hair no Batter how stubborn -
clearer loveliness. Make-up
applies JI.I) tvtV
more evenly.Your skin looks more / or hOI canted. ELACX
FRYER PARTS alluringly attractive, softer stays BLACK.ONWSTOL.

LEGS & BREAST 3 LBS full active official Ingredient strength ammoniated of that dependable mercury TOUCHING DP -Invites You To Listen To-
the Ingredient recommended by Doctors
for many years for effective skin care. Permanent Waving BIG BAND .

QUICK FROZEN GRADE "A" LEGS 3 Don't be fooled by so-called secret a CAUTION: Use as directed
I..... ingredients. Insist on the original,the R on labsl Colors: Black,
CREAM with ammoniated mercury, Dark Brown Media Brown. "DANCE PARTY"
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Get PALMER'S"SKIN SUCCESS"CREAM Nilhtljf 11:30: til 12:00:
5 .... at drug and toiletry counters everywhere."SIIcIHSUCCESS".

PARTS DIXIEPHARMACY Saturday, S ,... til 12:00: ,.11.
,... .
1400 WRHC

VAICI HE lEI KNIGHT SHOW ON HIT II tumi 4 .06 Up M. l Ju.. fb.





I Methodist, Bishop Flays Churches7 Role In Nation's Cities I


Methodist Conference Told Committee Lauds Airline's Hiring Ypu Don't Have To oo To Town To Get

I Churches Are ,Failing Cities 1 "p'lr ,"1'.L LOW PRICESDRUG
CHICAGO-- more successfully In the city than we llethodlsts"
Everett W. Palmer asserted last week U keynote speaker STORE NEEDS
for the fourth national Methodist Convocation on Urban lif.
--- --
in America.
dieted that within 20 years/ ---------
"The reasons stand before
like scarecrows," the Yearns us "more Americans will be living Trade with Your Neighborhood Drug storeWE
in cities than was our total
area bishop added, "bland 1 population five years '* WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCALS
smug class: churches of waited Frank p. Zeidler,ago former e q xm papers we Deliver, we also fill all Doctors

steeples and sterile altars; mayor: of Milwaukee (Wls.), w prescriptions.
Incompetent, unlsplred and unInspiring warned that If the church does .t.tr .tt
clergy;and shortsighted not point the way, to a new
and reactionary laity." direction "In America's burgeoning Dixie
He further Pharmacy
cited failures In the cities, other elements
area long-range planning and
of a society will emergeto
coordination as well as "the set the moral pattern for
man failure and to the understand urban urban life.. 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue
consequent inability
Such elements, be cautioned,
to relate !in
relevance to
might make cities
him." "bastionsof Phones Elgin 5559798
one race against another
Bishop Palmer served as arsenals of the nation to enable
chairman of the convocation, It to fight Communism, and eiistlng -
held' in Conrad Hilton hotel principally to promote PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE
for .three days to consider the builD...." .
nation's most urgent and difficult The precentage of
domestic problem life in church leaders in attendance
the urban community. Over'' reflected the .lpa.IICIIneln- L e

1,700 Methodist leaders from elusion of the former all Negro ====:.. I
throughout the nation were Central Jurisdiction Into the
present for the c nW!: mainstream of the parent denomination w
Bishop Palmer pleaded "for .
deliverance from prejudice One of the ''Convocation' sectional
against the city," in his meeting on the "In ,.) :- ..
suggestions for meeting the demands clusive Church" was geared .::::::::=,.. .
of urban life. He pre- to further action toward com-

plete Integration throughout the i '
denomination PRETIY, UtUIMr-LtU Sonia Villorln I I ( left) as committee Chairman John deButts, presi- ..
Bishop Charles F. Golden., of shares an auspicious moment with anotner dent, Illinois Bell Telephone company, .---r- .

TEETHING PAIN chaired the Nashville-Carolina the opening session.He area., comely Northwest Orient Airlines ste- presents and congratulates NOA's' agency r

New liquid: OR* JEL, M' ly ends' tntbxng described the convocation wardess, Sharon Nakatsuka, when NOA became sales manager Jack S. Wilson ( right) for
Recommended pain. Just apply' by pain many,..Milt M, way. as not Just another meeting the 250th member of the Chicago Associa- firm's policy of hiring and promoting
result air$clant guaranteed works, fit orfSi 7 : but one "geared, to train the tion of Commerce and Industry's Merit Employment solely on the basis of merit.
moneyacNAIoavalleble< i Ml tVorajel I I delegates for action" In their committee. The thrilled maidens (NPI Photo)
respective localities
hold floral "" "
Dally morning devotional bouquets spelling out 250"
'messages on the "Discipline

and of Commitment Meditation", Love, Prayer Urban League Brown Jr.'s NNPA Newsman Octogenarian

Gets New Staffer Scores Hit Named To Post Foster Dad ToWASHINGTONNPIRetired II II ,, I ,

236 Kids Dies I
New Musicale
Lt. Col.Daniel E.Day,former
Jesse W. formerly WASHINGTON -(NPIAn
chief, Washington bureau, National
uslstant director of social services CHICAGO (NPI!) With all NewepeperPuWlshers octogenarian, most of whose
Coney Island Hospital and the ingredients for a smash hit association took adult life was devoted to tee care
recently over
public health fie i I Id represen working for him, Oscar Brown, the duties of an administrative of homeless children was
tative, Altro Health and Rehabilitation buried last week death
r e Jr. wowed critics on the open.tag of fie e r, U. S. Department of foUowlij
Services, recently was of his new revue, "Joy 66" Agriculture's consumer and at 83 of a stroke at Casualty
named assistant director of the Hospital.
at the Happy Medium theatre marketing service. !
National Urban League's health last week. William M. Newell, and his
native of Ala.
Montgomery, JietmefCltcO
and welfare staff. wife, Selma, opened their home
Brown, who recently returned Day was assigned l to the food ,
Working under Miss Jeweldean from Europe, set the pace fora division and gave unstintingly of their
stamp which
Jones, HWs associate director, fast-moving highly-enter- food assistance to provides love, care and attention to District POST TIME I O'CLOCK on McDUFF N.cl BEAVER
Dr. Johnson will concentrate his needy Public ,.
Welfare wards for
talnglng show that also starred families through state welfare,,
efforts on mobilizing'healthandwelhreresources toaldthedisadvantaged. singer Jean,ace, Braallian, .agencies. _34. .years.- ,.J..w

Henrique, dancer Glenn
The Latest Men's Hair Styles planning His duties and will developing also Include programs Sclpio Quintet., and the Floyd Morris

as weU asprovlding Singing mostly original tunes,
Are Taught At The specialist services league affiliates Brown also featured works 6SUPER
in 72 urban areas written by Henrlque and
througout the nation, with performed many duets with his
JACKSONVILLEBARBER special emphasis on equalizing new discovery from Florlano- h1ARKETS
opportunities for poor peopleand polls, Brazil
Improving community Prior to the official opening
relations.The Brown received a Brotherhood
COLLEGE INC. new appointee, 36-year- Award from Startlme Features THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE. B.
old native of Natchltocbes, La., Artist Appreciation society, a
holds a B. A. in applied sociology national teen organization, for
Morgan State College,
recording of "Brother, FLA. GRADE 'A' SMALL BAA- 8.OUE SIZE SPARE
630 DAVIS STREET and a master's In social work Where Are Your*
In psychiatry, Howard Univer The presentation made at a

JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA sity. press conference, hostedby
Brown, of editors I of severalChicagoarea
high school: newa- FRYERSIB. RIBS
papers. The Oscar Brown, Jr.
Music Appreciation club, also
a newly-formed organization,
presented their "Finding A New
Friend" Award toDr,Thaddeus
and Ingrid Kostrubala, wbo *
made possible for 53 Negro 29 ,59
teenagers to spend three weeksin
Take along the"takealong" Sweden last month.
Highlight of the new revue is .
k the singing of the Brazilian
size prayer chant


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934 E. UNION ST.

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123 Bedroom. B tn-10' and
J2'wide up to 60 It.

: wa1t1n-credlt OTHERS WE TAKE REFUSENo DEALS approved BLUE BIRD ORANGE JUICE <6 oz. CAN 29*

oo ipctl!

42.I' wide }bedroom



R. S. Evans Motors

luiioto wMisKtT.N mof u%turn MUTUIimnti OSOKHUTMsnutit CO.NV.C. 3rd t Main Sts.



I .

: I I"The I


I Chase" Is Brando's' School Captures Annual Science Fairs HonorsOPERATION

.,_ ...._ --- ...., .. ,, SOCIALLY
4 : "l"W" ..,. .... with
Bubber Richards (Robert Redford the 'IC:1.. :.;. .. .
pastfewyears-Isemerging ita; ,1 ::
) is not the villain r li ," ,. ". '. ". \ .r .; "
the town as one f the finest youngactresses J"J'II'!' LOUISE aJINTARD
of Taxi (Texas) makes him out, to : .
grace screens ." : SPEAKING
to be. Circumstances of life across the nation. Her previous! '. I., ; : : < 1,.:
have worked against him. film success was"Cat Ballon." 1 "'\ it..i't. I' :, ).16,1
His escape from the Texas The movie Is not a"race mes L
: Whitney II. Younf Jr.,National Urba.DLeai".aetlecuflytdlrector -
State PenlntenUary sets oft L ;
a sage" production: sad the fact
.r'i endeared himself to the hearts of the people of
has again
chain of events in the narrow that the only characters '' ; : Jacksonville,: his address at the Jacksonville Urban League's
minded, guilt-ridden! email
who exude
dignity are NegroesIs
annual dinner Monday evening In the Signal-Terrace Room of theAtlantic
Texas community that lay bare only incidental to the overall
Coast Line Building.
the intrigues, passions,hatreds dory line Mr. Young deplored the society: that created the necessity for
and avarice that can: be found The Negro who is stopped by will
an Urban League and expressed hope that the time come
every city in the United States the "Unholy Three" in a white when the League will outlive "Its usefulness"The approximately -
Marion Brando, who portraysthe neighborhood, displays normal
400-odd guests gave the speaker standing ovations during
fair-minded sheriff, givesone defiance without open and his Introduction at the podium and following close of his ad-
of his finest performancesIn violent hatred.
a role that demands dramatic The who visits the I dress.
Negro realty Following the meeting, Mr. Young was guest of honor at a re-
excellence if It Is to be deemed
office of Hull to
Henry serves
ceptlon in the Sky Room of the Mayflower Hotel. Many of the
successfuLAngie Dickinson, as point out the cynical attitude of
dinner guests were on hand to greet Mr. Young and National
Sheriff Calder's wife is the
the realtor whose desire for
Urban League's director of public relations Thomas Skinner
perfect balance for Brando's money ,far outweighs any The Jacksonville Urban League presented Citizenship! Awardsto
talents obligations of conscience he Mrs Constance Cason, president of the Dual Teachers' Association -
It is surprising the way that E. may possess. I : ; Mrs.Frances Ewell,a member of the board of directors -
G. Marshall, best known for his The Negro who owns the Junkyard -
,. and one of the founding members of the local unit; and EricO.
television role of the fighting scene of the thrilling climax Simpson of the Florida STAR. Board member,Dr. Hunter H.
attorney, sheds his video"cos of the movie, displays the
Satterwhlte who headed the program committee, made the presentations. -
tume" for a telling reading of dignity and greatness that Local: UL president,Dr.Warren W.Scbell served as
the domineering cattle and oil comes with loyalty-to kings or master of ceremonies
baron, Val Rogers thieves. .
":'Ii .. -- .__ -
Henry Fonda can wellbeproud Don't miss It. You'll regret It *****************
L of his daughter, Jane, wbo-.in( if you do. SUCCES3--As the result of coorwith First Grade placque, also honorable .
dinated efforts of teachers mention county.
pupils and ,
Hazel Pink, Lola Iszardand Thelma Lewis were guest players
parents, Oakland Elementary School won, Larry Holsey, first place placque, First when Helen Toney entertained the Classic Lassies Bridge Qub
A more than an average share of honors durGrade, third place, county. John Hooks last weekend Mrs. Lewis qualified for the guest prize. JuanIta
Ing the recently annual Science Fair dur- and Wanda son second place Group 5; Williams Margaret Starkes and Geneva Henderson were the recipients

drink Ing city and county competition. Honorees Donald Wal lams, honorable mention, coun- of club prizes.
Behind every great Grace Sykes, Joan Spaulding, Henrietta Howard, Carolyn
seated from left In the school cafetonlum ty. Sponsors of the groups were Miss enjoyingMrs.
and Oliver
a great whiskey. where the exhibits were located are: Larry Minnie Baldwin' ( extreme left) Mrs. I. E. Washington. Toney's hospitality Dorothy were among persons

Seagram's 7 Crown, Johnson school and also county second Nesbitt ( extreme right) and Mrs. T. V.
.. Randall co-chairman. Roux *****************
The Sure One. place med l winner; Aurelia Powell first Mrs. Helen G.
Is the school's
prize, school and honorable mention Evelyn Hillman completed tables whenClassie Lassies Bridge
county; Michael Robinson, and Terry Hill ( ROYAL ART STUDIO Foto ) Club held its previous meeting. Grace Sykes was hostess to the
group Margaret Starkes Helen Toney and Geneva Henderson
qualified for club prizes.

Govt. OfficialW. Marys To Battle Sunday At Trinity Veteran Teacher,
Josephine Cleveland and Alvenja Scriven were guest players
E. Cheney A division among the city's gospel singers Mrs.Mary Integrationist Dies when Annie B.Minatee entertained the Sophisticates Bridge Club
gospel singing fans has already Neeley and Mrs. Mary WASH., D.C.NPI!)>-Funeral last Saturday evening. The meeting was held at 1256 W..20th St.
taken place this week and the Goodman, whom strongly services were held recently Marie McClain, Irma Murray and Geneva Wheeler were high
Is Buried """.., supported by legions of Mrs Maude B. Allen, 71, scorers among club members. Marie Streets, Virgie Martin,
the number 1
q admirers, claim teacher in the public school system Johnnie M. Mitchell,Mildred Hampton and Myrtis Thomas were
-.r WASHINGTONNPIWllUam spot over the other.JacksonvUle'l for 27 years and a pioneer present.
S E. Cheyney, 59, who wasfor "First Lady of In the drive to Integrate the local
more than 30 years supervisorof Song' Mrs. Ethel Davenport National theatre *****************.*
employe services for Bannister, who as the sponsor, Mrs. Allen received bache-
Government Services, Inc.,was Is remaining neutral Inpredict- lor's and master's degrees Friends of Mrs. (Lewis 111)) Iradell Carter, will be pleased to
buried recently following a brief log the ultimate winner of from Columbia University and learn that she is recuperating and on the road to recovery at the
Illness. Sunday night's sonefest. She Inr -- did further graduate work in residence following a lengthy illness.

The victim of heart disease,he .......,.....".'..".h at Northwestern" tfnlv.w....-

also manager served of theBanneker for 26yearsas New Stanton Clubs Cited I

... .......
swimming pooLA -
III!! -f"T:"'! ....
native of Marcus Hook, Pa.,
the deceased held a bachelor's
degree from Howard UnI- ...1.f: :at:... ."'. I S I' I ITO
versity's school of education l yl
and later studied at the Unlver- MRS. MARY NEELEY 1 j

a'a slty's graduate scboolof auditorium of Trinity Baptist I t t1tJ'
b religion. Church Is expected to be filled .
I icl
.I' .stGMsoIiT'utiCo..ay0.lusmDNwsceeMoOisS960iiAAiNsi' : $, SHUTS. Surviving i
are his widow to capacity Sunday at 8;30 p.m. .j)
Thelma and a sister,Miss Anne The ensuing "Battle of The t I
P. Cheyney, New York. Marys." will feature popular 'Ii \
Iff\ -
f' \
l v 711tt" .

I I..if. I
and a
r ..... )x f .a ..

cluded a locally celebrated cast
of soloists and groups which will
Boys & Girls Can Make Money also consist of The Tonettes,

Mrs. Rovena Hughes of New St.
James AME Church, the Union

Gospel Singers and choir from THE WINNERS --- Annual
Community Club at
Howard Memorial Church Day New Stanton High
The public Is invited to what School was highlighted by presentation of four outstanding clubs'

Hundreds of Florida Star Newsboys : promises to be an evening of awards by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Standing from left

'f stellar musical enjoyment. are: Soror Lillian G. Small president of the Deltas' Jacksonville

Are EARNING from $1. to $10.00 Week /I P :', Former N. Y. Jewels chapter; Elaine Club Harrison the Miraculous 13 Club; Michele Clement,
9> 1C ; Deverly Jordan, Emeralds Club; Charlie Kennebrew,

And LEARNING to do business. 11YC Phi Beta Jr. Club, and Mrs. .'lil lye F. Dennis, the occasion's guest
Leader Dies
speaker. (STAR Photo by James Singleton)

;:>YOUNGSTERS! you are smart and WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.NPI)- w.

Funeral services were held re- 5 Chicago
want to earn your own money cently for Mrs. Lillian Sharpe,
67, former GOP commltteewo-

this is the way to do it, a man and of close former friend New and York confidante Firemen CitedCHICAGO WIN

child not Gov.Thomas E. Dewey. (NPI!>- Five fire
PARENTSI! Your may She is survived by her men, two with over 20 years

widower, Charles; a brother, service, were among 96 members -
need money, but the training gainedas Leon Hodge and an aunt, Mrs. of the fire department CHANNEL MASTER
Lelia Sharpe. received promotions last week
a newsboy will help him to be for "courage and devotion to du-

ji'Jf'FtELUPHQW,/O/'IJl.,':1T. ty.The men, are Edwin Williams, TAKE TWO
successful in later life. Many of the -N:. .... 50, promoted to second deputy

chief fire marshal, the highest
most successful men were Newsboys COMPUTE1 Oil rank attained by a Negro in the PORTABLE RADIOPHONOEnter
department; Patrick I Joseph
FUELAND\ Cawley, third division.!
marshall, Jesse F. Stewart,

Start A Route AnywhereYou ::.onc. captain-commander, Engine
u 16 Moten
C. ,
c... company ; Floyd
lieutenant assigned to the fire
Florida CALL7644511
Live In prevention bureau and Lt.Clar-
AU sIMoNS< act t run
ence Ellison, attached to the
f b bureau of fire investigation.

We'll Pit Yea li Bisiness :

} You seek The Best Royal Crown Hair Dressing

FLORIDA STAR r\0. OX 561, JACKSONVILLE Fla. + Doctor tors prescribers.when your DOc- GOOD GROOMING SWEEPSTAKES

.According to your II Irs the Royal Crown way of saying"thank
for America favorite?
you using good
Doctor's orders. we Her.'s your grooming products Enter;often t .. make
I I NAME Use only The Best Chance to win your chances of winning better There
MINOR S FIRST NAME your own portable nothing to buy |lust use official entry
Quality Drugs C.E7BLACK ridio/phonof blanks available where Royal Crown products -
are sold or at your radio station A
Proprietor winner a week. for tour weeks. Hurry
\ 3 Registered Pharmacists To serve YOU and enter today!

LINE OFCosset ----
M ii I iiJ
Send 17 child 20 copies of the Florida Star one, 1 a-Rubber Goods-Candies-sundries 81:1
I credit to start him in business. I will pay the torn CROWN, om CROW, .
Florida Star 11* for each copy he sells. Those MEN'S POMADE Am SHAVI CREAM IERGAMO' STICK POMADE

that are not sold, I will return and will not be Lilly's Drug Store WRHC"TUNE

I I required to pay for unsold copies.I .

I i
1- _

,. I,

,l ...t..r".L.c.L".l.t'M' '.If./"" "" .

I w

I Deltas' Theme International Understanding Regional Officer 1m Of idMls RIP PIS Fit /AHHa Pf :.- J I

....... 3 I.

(.h- ____-
ftitfclMU -
!I A-Faeral.
A .. recently t tCYrlse fcrth -
x /! )laeeq,aka II rar
laHTBiahe* Charles
ALQd. F Barrlm Wes tr.,Umta sfCM P
btenattomal Church II Out _-s
R ..
d Christ.whose sadden e,att 1
steeled tilt eommlmttykewhiak
he was a popular religious aid
chic Core reportedly lest
.4t r.l1t visiting y {Kee,

STUDENT EDITOR Sonja omeof his former chares members i \

Newklrk, a senior at Campbell ;
Senior High School, Dayton Cans oi his death,which occurred I
Beach, U vlcejpresident of the Jut three days after Or* Ij
Southeastern Interscholastic crIlDtDon origin gutted the"* j

d. t Press Association (SEIPA) Mason h..ttl"tabefIC II
which will convene In Tallahassee probed I
during the 16th Annual The deceased bon to his Intimates I
Interscholastic PressWorkshop as Elder, formerly
the Tempi Church oi
March S-5, at Good
__ Florida AIM University. A la Car 1st,often referred
member of the Publications as th* "Bother church" of thedaaomlwtlon. v.i.hl. .A.<<. ?' ..:'-"- .. ., x

Club at her school, Ulss New- PROGRAM COMPLETED -- Trlchcooglsts I I Cos-
kirk Is feature editor of the Survivors Include Us widow, metollglsts Local
38 of the Orange Bols-
CAMPBELL CENTIPEDE and Mrs. Beuye Mason, Washington -
a member of the year staff.. D.C.; six children, Leslie, soms State Cosmetologist Association. Inc.
She also serves as president of JUc..... Bryoa, Charles, will present its 5th annual rash ion show
the National Honor Society at Katheryn Anita and Cheryl and dance Saturday, March 5 beginning at'
Campbell High School. Mr. Denis; sisters, Mesdames 9 p.m. in Elks Auditorium, 712 W. DuvalSt.
Jackie L. Caynon. a FAMU Alice Amos and Leila Bras,De Leading models will display the lat-
troit; Deborah Patterson, Julia
graduate who served editor of
the Florida MM RATTLER. Atkins and Ruth Lewis est In hair styles and Spring fashions. i
Red Pam and His Orchestra will I I furnish

Chairmen music for dancing. Program committee mem-
Neighborhood bers from left are Mrs. Callie
FOUNDER'S DAY FETE---International Understanding right) head of the Department of Social l Mrs. Minnie Lee Alexander: Jackson,
of Cultural and Value Differ Sciences at Edward Waters College. Other 11IIIII Iot.--" ''>. and Mrs. Mildred

ences" was the theme of the Jacksonville program principal from left are: Soror s Dallas._(ROYAL ART STUDIO Foto)

Chapter of Dsilta Sigma ,Theta Sorority's Emma B. Brown, chairman; Soror Louvenia "Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer"
!53rd;annual Founder's Day observance last E. Solomon co chairman; Miss Maria Silva, r

Sund afternoon In Civic Auditorium's Portugal; Miss Norma Mustline, Claro, West ;_\ .';''''' R. S. EVANS
Little Theatre. Speaker for the event Africa; Mar lIa Nicoletti Italy; Miss ', '. .' .. '.. "
which was also attended by foreign stu- Josephine Carnell I England; Soror Lillian 4 ;; ii. '" .: .

dents attending Florida colleges was, Professor G. Small president, and Soror Wlnora G. a ? \ ../ <. :i 62 Chev. Greenbrier Wag. $995
Ratanial M. Gupta ( inset Alexander, Jax chapter founder. -. '
upper f. ( RAT.end AR p OODRtva' LIRE
(STAR Photo by James Singleton) Wi,; ; ...... 83 crllf.1MP. CONVERTIBLE : .$1J:95
Ii\/Y. A TIC M A t'DI.
; e3 C6 tmr' -22F P" ... ..$1095
Yes We All Talk f } i" ? PSNTIAC' nAn
Urban Aid ResultsIn .5. .

The motion "to mend the OP.ain THE motion"AMEMDMENT is d. Artists Hollywood Hiring '- .. 65ApontR t: Bonneville;; Cpe. $3195THIS

aimed to Bodlfy the lording ao U to Bake It aore I THIS U cOq.Or FACTORY THK: WARRANTY: RALMMT NEW AIR
agreeable to the assembly, and thereby brine it movie UNIVERSAL'CITY,CalliThouth most of the excitement In 65 Cadillac Sedan DeV.: $4995
making centers around screen stars and electrifying:
it .ore quickly to a vote.' This is a logical way utility of the studio sound stage, the finished product would of getting rid of the main motion by passage or never reach TV sets or theatres If not for the less dramatized 65 Ford Galaxie 500 V80I'l$2395m
I defeat.An efforts of a varltable army of behind-the-scenes technicians: I
writers and artists. ANNUAL CANCER DRIVE CHAIRMAN, Mrs. Ethel A l''AltIl.tA. Tr"u ITEIJU"o.: AIR COHDmOHID:
amendient is
not important to
so as require
Davenport Bannister ( left) and Mrs. L. M. 65 MUSTANG V-8, AIR COND.$2495
I'Your Life "L re4o,
.Two such vital ,
immediate action, therefore it cannot interrupt aapesker sWendatpmthe el AUTOMATIC, FACTORY WARRANTY.
..1 "Tammy" and "Chrysler Smith, have been appointed by Uriah fotee,
complicated movie T Bird
who has the floor. making 65 Air Cond 3 595
octopus are the Jobs of set designer :t Theatre, chairman of the Campaign Division of the
4 Ron Threat and 1, Ron, who was hired through the Eugene Butler Division of the Duval County 61 VOLKSWAGEN.LOAPtD: ONB OWNBM R&H .$ 795

commercial artist Den' DavU,, Los Angeles chapter of the Urban ,I I. Chapter of the: American Cancer Society.! 02 CHEV V-8 2-DOOR ..... ..*. .$ 595641R1t"V8 ::
first of their nee to be hired|I; League,is ecstatic about his '
In their respective capacltlei; Job: "This Is s great Dullness to "As general l chair, Mrs. Smith will also l Ar! .$1995
111.1e. by Universal Studios, world's ,be In. The pay is good, work Is serve as head of the city's' northern divi- 09 131C 'l-Dk HTOP .$ 595
largest television and motion 'steady, and there's room for, sion. |In serving as associate chairman, AUTOMATIC RADIO
picture studio. Individual creativity." Mrs. Bannister will I also conduct activi- Over 100 care ATJ' Choose From
As a set designer, Threats is 'As talented as be Is entbmlatlc -
ties in the westside district Mrs.
given an .idea or rough sketch of Ron Is presently Pearl George will supervise eastslde pro- R. S. EVANS3RD
how a set is to look by the film's redesigning a home he and his
art director.IPstbenRon'stask: wits Elaine, bought In the San jects. The drive gets underway Wednesday
to create at his draftingboardaft .[IFeruado Valley. morning, March 23 during a breakfast at a & MAINEL
Artist Davis' accomplishment downtown hotel with motion pictures actor
4-8381 EL 4-8382
Is even ml'tlPtClacular since
P4. sera 4ve, he only recently celebrated his Gregory Peck as principal speaker. "Jacksonville's Moat Recommended Dealer"

20th birthday His artistic
WHITE LII. 0 chores involve lettering, photo
e11wl 'IOM NOMOUtnORIDAt retouching and art-photo
layouts geared toward motion
rlv'i picture advertisingaod
.publicity. Davis wasalso
La. 41
UNIIATAtll WHIM 1OIIIO 0 # through efforts of the
League and though !he's

MACKEREL STEAKS I remarkably young forhls'position
ummrt WK ''''j '
the studio is
I t TARI Aeo IIIfI'ITI feasible working admittedly Impressed with his
ITILL Tlill TODAY.WHITING [work thus far.
many caCti follows
f A former student of Santa
the sets ematruction,keeping
LII. 310
KIM' .,HM Nil .*.....,C..tM an eye outforposslble modifications. .Uageles,Monica City Trade CollegeLos Tech and
-.*- ..........-", -.
GROUPER SNAPPER Twenty-three years old and a 'f

Ah.:n4m.i: -...< n.nil. .... .. ............... a. 6g- has native already of Los exercised Angeles,his Tbreatt creativity c

on sets for Universal
SHAD SPECIALS! .- .... 39c>..*. u.29e TVs "John Forsythe, Show," i.
"HcHale's Navy, "Run For


inuuaiT IOUDQII..IKY.M reoor i4,'ois CHMTU 01I.to,(OU .flU. ,ft.


Ttek-tock..tick-tock... the Chouinard Art Institute,Don
has already amassed an,

the Bourbon that impressive listofprliesandart'recognitions.. Berecelveda: !,

cash prise from the Scholastic; ..
.. .didritvatch the clock! Art Award sponsored byj!
Scholastic magacine and placed
x.', ,
second in the Santa Monica Art
Teachers' Contest \IYOU DON'TfED
OLD CHARTER The young artist Is determined ..
to expand his talent beyond the TO LEAVE x
commercial confines of his Job

Kentucky's Finest BourbonI and does, which portraits be sells.and abstracts TO GET BARGAINS ON

These two dynamic and
i yean creative young men come well Nationally Advertised
;:!' equipped to meet the exciting
challenges of the motion picture BRANDS OF LIQUOR,
::1 industry. When asked what advice -
they'd give to other young
Negro aspirants-Indeed,to all
young people-their answer
was unequivocal:
"Get as much education
possible I"

''fri'IIS LINESThe

successful fisherman avoids -
"getting Into a rut." He
varies his retrieve. on successive
cuts, experimenting aDd
the most productive: speed and
action for ..lure..

\. 1 I

. . .\ . I. _.

---- --.-..'

i '

'r /.'>-- m$?'
tNrk- r ,

1 i "' /:--)-.* .."" .'
:3. St- .
; ;

Silff *



2- C..f.r..cI Lessee lln' ft|.> Fiirwii* VatmrUs VjrlM. Is. ,....1 1"1,' 'BEACH SHORTS

Hopes Of Shaw II.RALEGH Cabers
MIAMI PEACP Beseerfhert m the Everglade*west.of Miami
I Beach hart discovered a small fish whoso egsswfll survive on
If. c.--PrtIIt --.IIraIIIk....
I tts tell.. agam u the lhawgames tiritatat. y lists 9a' dry laadaad. hatch WBOB returned to towatefTThe was made
\ this week art theft 4th Mi M swoaatve sss. 'ftIII daring stud se OHM periodic droughts lath over-drained
I lose to Ilh.II."CIt'.t'.L.'II./.C.. ..... e ramplaodaad their effects oa theaataral wildlife of the area.
13.... sxeashlBf- c vWery ever ftaw? ,Fish are a staple food of the 1007 spocles of birds and the aliigators -

Oscar Smith's'a ) Elisabeth City: sa4 Merit M. r of the'glades.
the second half at .. kit, MpeweiiiM III1 1111111-U J
had beet a del mtermlscioB. fan .- MIAMI BEACH.Another. Miami Beach landmark scheduled
I carried ... a stowtfewi game, bet tt pI to fall soon U part of the city's continuing growth The Rooey
work ___ Plan hotel completed In 192Jandlongaprectlge place to stay
'Retain Ira MttcheU ef thaw let au rt Is to be demolished.It will be replaced by a structure with abouttvlce
: with tf ponts. Gary the Honey's 300 rooms and all modern hotel trimmings.,
had 14 aad Richard -
IJ for the w21Mr.
Q was the sixth straight! wIa '- ..--.. --. --- -

Elisabeth City sad breach! _ft.IOV'I'IIIID"DJIIRI-IIr' Mm Gregory. Gary, M tui.promotlois for The Coca-ColaCompany, DO Aer I

1 eoBfereace Smith record broke te U-l"., Jackie Res Dhso, Rev. York City, Bad Met.harks AUixto. L,1j1I1l1" j Howard AadersoB Toledo Ohio Mrs.Mary Campbell,Chicago,
C. ; the BOB'S aid woaea'sasutexr aadprotMslMel deftastors DL, U G AgeneraisecretaryUGA President lid Staadford,
Shaw ate in the first half
rsegecttr ly, a the sonata of Ike Uthaamml edttioa of Philadelphia, Pa., sad Mat Jordan, U G Aetecntrre rice president
Bight ad went OB to a the Herta-tatt Golf TotrismeBt BOW belle keld at Miami St. Loais. The Coca-Cola Company lathe senior
I victory over the Bears. ,Jfprmgs Golf Coarse, Miami, February t-<7. Tais golf classic co-sp msor of the U G A'. national and Junior tournament. At
Tyrone Brttt scored U points ,Ii, co-apoBsored by The Coca-Cola Company. Atlanta, Ga. and 'the Miami H-S, Coca-Cola will again sponsor its Bo1e-In- pace the Buns, who Botched lathers. Above from left are Tommy Davis, Los Angeles Contest which: wu inaugurated In 19C2. Hamilton Hughes
second victory over Shaw. Dodgers,, Mrs. Gregory who has"aalDorl UkJted Golfers Assaciatlon Dallas, Texas, business man, was the first golfer to score ace
The game wu close for the champloasalps. thai UJ..r lady golfers Billy Bvket in the Worth-South neat la 1962. Last feu'Dr.. players made
U mlBBtes. TheaSmith The Coca-Cola: Company, Dallas, Tans. 1IJaI '. wP. ,aces la the Miami tourney; Dr. Charles Ireland, Washington
la front 17-11 aadla- Dart*; H-i exeotrre director,Miss Beverly Mitchell,1("com- I D. C.; Charles OReal Springfield,Mass and the late $gt. Cliff
that te 42-21 at ....., aid her father Ray Mitchell,M-Ifonder.next photo 'Harrington, Vietnam casualty. The 1KI If..tournament Is being
are Robtason, WQlle Darls, Loe AagelesDedgers IDdBI rt.. 'dedicated to the memory of Harrington and the late Dr. .... rfo SHORTY$35.
FA1IU TO Shaw could make no threat m Encircled from left arepro-shotmakers Lee KHer and Starks,' Holmes, Atlanta Ga physician, who died last year Richard MEDALO STYLEE
STAR Mrs second half. with pre-admlrer. center._|a lower panel panel from left are Gardner, New York City and Miami,is tournament director.on : /w N I.t. paw':.., -.
....... .11
Owens will be Smith now has alO-6 record Moss H.Kendriz,whose Washington,D.C.-Atlaita,: *. PRflrm Ne .. .....a...lIle.. :1:'.e -
during the ) to Shaw's 5-9. lt' ran
servanco at I ,: :Ge.::.:} .aiHaIf -.rt-, ,..... L..
University Miami WOMB Ladles_ Christen 'First' Jet Flight Dept. 5, Blily* 15, M.'.

graduate of .... cA"
"- 53 8MB
University and.
der Mme. Makes History SSSaJS AWAY
Jnilllard School CABBOMOXb BUV
merit IB Politics .
I Mack Amateur MIAMI (NPI) -One of this Trigs
made fire an city's pioneer morticians and a urMl SSLUen.WM
engagements at leader in civic and community "f1M.ir
Music HallMrs. affairs: also has seen history an/M ..." ,

featured at F in the making, and is, herself,'' N Z.
vesper hour part of historic racial
pro- vmt. r.t taM-lttR1t11
6:00 in Lee Hall r
isanatlre of Mrs. Athella director trees .... w a .m ..lw
.., .
resides In Florida'a Funeral Home, recently % w MII .rr.etJa

Mo., where her chalked: up a first for one of her D_ DTtDA _oxtw
J. Owens!,han and race, when she was s amtua .. ..
ter for the home elected r MMew
unanimously by the city:
gAwiaarc AL? ...area ...
t World Airlines. council to fill the unexplred r vatM ,.N / al..k t.
Kansas City at term of a retired member. w r ,1.11w Matw.tra.N

Street. The widowed mother of four, tR I lase .. a.11.r Iw,.. N.eh;
.. Range has seen many ------ -.- -t x. N. wi.I H P r

: in race relations, CLIPPER ,: :i
I ,
i back: to the distant
when Negroes had to show !SLA1Vp
cards to cross a
span into Miami Beach.A IF 7
grandmother she was S.
defeated in a run-off ,
Ol1 last November when Y
ran for a four-year-post a +
Active in civil'rights,although:
never walKed a picket line, as.HQ
.. Range was among protest
several years ago
focused national attention i
the church bombing deaths of

Dean Negro Funeralized girls in Alabama.. I

Kemp a former teacher: in
(Ala.) public U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS.-Direct Jet service from the mainland St. Thomas! are expected to help boost the already booming
: system aDd also ex-dean to the Island of St. Thomas was.Inaugurated month In ceremonies Virgin Islands' tourist trade. Speaking at the ceremonies: Governor -
women at the Agricultural and that Included: thechrlstenincof: ( the first Pan-Am clipper Ralph M. Palewonsky said that the Islands most continue"to
: college,ftmjsvttb. ,tg arrive with a pitcher of Virgin Islands Rum. Mrs. Ralph] M. provide the modern, safe and up to date facilities" required
., was burled recjtat i. Paiewonsky <(left), wife of the UJ5. Territory's Chief Execu- by modern transportation "and the thousands of passengers
funeral services at a trfe'Governor Ralph M. Palewonsky, christened the "Clipper who will be arriving on these shores." To this end Governor
: mortuary Virgin Islands", while the stewardesses aboard the Inaugural Palewonsky said, "St. Thomas will move ahead with the development -
The 09-year-old mother of flight looked on. Although the Island of St.Croix has had direct of a'full scale Jet airport,anticipation of future needs
.. H. Kemp, DllnoU State Jet service from the m.aInla.nd.tor. some time,the new facilities and growth." \(UJS. VIRGIN ISLANDS! OFFICIAL FLORIDA'SRHYTHM
Employment Practices PHOTO)
Spotlight also Is survived
a granddaughter, Beverly, HELP THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.
whom she lived. National Citation For Coed
Of,' The ............. BUY NAACP FREEDOM SEALS AT
i l'
"Miami, Fight Cancer YOUR LOCAL ,BRANCH r. #

jsr ,


.w1 "Skin was drying out..flaking.looked dull andgray.'Vaseline' & BLUES

Petroleum JellyJvelped make it soft j ,ti : ,

and smooth..looked 100% better in a few days"Mrs. TALLAHASSEAN f HONORED-Dr. George W.Gore Jr..presi.
dent of Florida AIM University congratulates: kiss Alf reda I
Donald P. Ryder New York N.Y. Blackshear on her recent honor of being named to Who's Who
Among Students In American$: Colleges and Universities. A senior
majoring in Pre-Medlclne at F FAMU Miss Blackshear Is RADIO STATION
a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Blackshear: 213 Os-

J 1,, Applied as a continuous f film to hands, eeola Street, Tallahassee.

ankles, face, arms-when your skin
needs more than cosmetic care- """ .,. ',
lotuses Added To Prizes "WHAMMYIN
'Vzseline' Petroreum Jelly is the sooth ; .
MAMI-Top miners--amateur
ing answer. Helps dry, ashy gray skin prize money.
{ and professional-of the North The winning amateur wm
regain its normal look and tone. No ,
i 1 land professional the North- receive a
other softeners,no skin cream,no skin
South Golf Tournament Feb.tl
pionship trophy plus entry fee
lotion provides better moisture protec r, 27 wW receive bonuses, according and partial expenses for enterIng ,
.tion. Try it. Dr. Ira P. Dtvls, the same tournament.
w yr? +i executive director of the event.
WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE : f A winter of social activities:
Pro tlMlst of the competition! far all participants have been
THAN COSMETIC CARE. at the City of Miami Country 'arranged b1 the N o r t h-S o a t a
Club will receive aa all-expense golf committee InclMtar: buf' MIAMI"
trip to the BaJlantJat Open later',fat the course '
,in the year in akHt1 uto.aocra< .......I.

IL X l ,0' IIL t .


I Bethune Cookman Gagers' Frosh Ace Breaks Scoring Record I


Freshman Veteran Assoditidi Installs New Officers

___ .__u......___.. ___.., .____ Don White
Reeks B-CC ShortstopJoins ;:," ;" -< ......

Record SIRS '" Big Noise

DAYTONA BEACH-Johnny Amado Samuel, veteran ALL a 1
Allen, 6-B freshman dropped in Shortstop of the ,Jacksonville ,
Mpoints last night tolead SUNS who previously platcllDtbe Down SouthDown
Beihune-Cookman to a 92-74 Majors with the Milwaukee.
victory over Savannah State Braves, sent In his signed contract -
College of Savannah, Georgia at today. .
Moore Gym Tuesday night. His acceptance follows close in Oramblinp, La. (population]
Allen's scoring spree set a new on the signing Second- 3,144)--some) 700 miles south of the 'rri- tntA
school record 619 points and baseman Bob Klaus, thus giving 'there's a fellow who must be one of the w in-
he still has two games to go.The the SUNS proven Keystone y uinpest: coaches In basketball and he's jitrt
combination of sane major, itching to make a trip to Evansville
league experience to atart,1tk ,1
this Spring. With the popular He's Fred Hobdy, coach of the Grambllng College *
catcher, Ctm-Chu Cole man also ; I Tigers and a guy who Is two Jumps away from
already the fold,the SUNS now 4 err .' his tenth straight season of winning 20 or more
have nucleus three games.
0.5M Ex-Major Leaguers ready togo His big Tiers-and they really are bigarepier
in their drive !t. .
for the 1968 Inter-
in Texas this week, hoping to improve on an
national .
League peI1IW1t.AlIo 'IWi record. .
aDD onced wasanla %
game Spring Training schedule t _. If you've been watching the basketball polls-
commencing March 24, against 1"iMh. rh w N and ,about everyone in the Tri-State must be doing >
Toledo, and including the Baltimore just that with Southern Illinois University, Evansville
Orioles "B" squad and .:.. College and Kentucky Wesleyan enjoying places ofyrotnlnenceyou've ,
Richmond Braves. /, :
r. probably noticed Hobdy's Gram-
Pitchers and catchers '
are reporting March 18, with -. ,i. -..--.-.-- .. -.--..---- -- Whig Cub.: ,
It's been climbing gradually and as of last week
the first work out schedule for
the following day at Homestead NEW SLATE TAKES OVER --- Following an Installation Jefferson, vice president; Joseph Hopkins, thq'ITgers were No. 2 in the Associated Press poll and
Julius'Bailey financial secre- No. 3 in the United Press International rankings,
Florida. Carlton Willey, Galen ceremony, the newly elected secreaary; ,
Cisco and Larry Miller, alias slate of officers of the Gateway Golf Association tary; Booker T. Harris, treasurer; 'J.ohn Normally the winner of the Southwestern Athletic -
JOHNNY ALLEN SUNS pitchers, have been were Installed recently duringan Kemp, business'manager; David Prater, chaplain Conference, of which Grumbling is a member
......u new mark instructed to report to the New Richardson sgt. at arms *ends its winner into the NAIA basketball playoffs
; Jerome ;
York MET Major League campat auspicious get-to-gether attended by /tfther than the NCAA college-division series.
previous record of 592 in a sea* St. Petersburg. wives and guests at the Community Center, and Alyson E. Wise, Installator. James Tradition has dictated this. It's not a conference J
son was set by Calvin Johnson 29th and Chase Sts. Elected to take over Bradley served as master of ceremonies.A rule: The reason the SAC champion has headed for '
In 1963. rj the helm for the ensuing from left festive social interlude followed the Abe Kansas City meet instead of the NCAA show-
When Allen broke the year installation. down in Evansville is simple:.freshmen can play in 5
old record, the game was stopped are:. Ben Turner, president; Clarence (ROYAL ART STUDIO Foto) the NAIA, regardless of the school's size. The NCAA {
and Coach "Cy"McClairen wouldn't allow freshmen to participate for a school ;
presented the ball to his fresh with a male enrolment of more than 750. ,:

maD In presenting atar. the ball to thetreJhma.D Mays Says Dark's Statement NCAA Is Watching ]
from Delray Beach,
McClairen said: "I expect "We've had inquiries from the NCAA and we'd j;
Johnny to be one of the greatest, cure like to think that we have a chance to get into .;,
players In history of Bethune. that one," says Publicity Director Collie J. Nicholson. v
Made ,
Cookman as he matures." Him 'Actively Sick'NEW "But," says Hobdy, "we've got to win the SAC ,
Bethune-Cookman ((92)A): 11 en first" 'i;
1503Fuller; 9-6-24, Hen Starspangledway YORK-Willie Mays revealed used Mays "to bail himself out" runs during the game. Dark's. But be and I haven't Grambling l h currently tied with Alcorn A & M, .;
derson 7216; Levan 11-3; that he has not talked to of charges that he was racially "It's a world none of us made talked to each other since that a small Mississippi College, in the seven-team SAC -'
Jackson 4-0-8;Gray 2-0-4, to savea Alvin Dark since the summer of prejudiced.At Ins nobody's fault,certainly time. which is having a title chase much like the one in \he .,
Johnson 21-5. Rendrick 102. bundleInstead 1964 because of published com the press conference,which Indiana Collegiate Conference., *.
Totals 411092. siesta about race attributed to Mays did not attend Dark was I : .
Savannah State ('l4)Cramp): Dark. quoted as saying: "I thought I
7115, Day 2-1-5;R Rutland of stowing away In a signed article in the proved my feelings when I'
2-4, Baker 1-0-2,Brltton 1-0-2; your loose change in an old current issue of Look Magazine, I named Willie Mays captain. If QUANTITY :'
Brook 3-0-6, Johnson 1-0-2; sock, turn it into a bagfulof Mays declared that the turning I thought Negroes were Inferior, .RIGHTS RESERVED ,.'
Gatewood 2-1-5,Rwllck 14-1-29; point in their relationship came would I have done that?' _
U.S. Bonds.So flfl"
Hendrlcks 204. after a New York press conference Mays stated in Loot "When I Foods :
Totals 34674. you don't have muchto when Dark, then managerof read about It next day,I was actively e PRICES GOOD
start with. the San F ra n c 1 s c o Giants sick," THROUGH SATURDAY ,..',
Earlier, Willie noted,Dark had 'I'
been accused of naming Mays .1.'
captain, the first Negro to be so
designated in baseball history, .. .. BLUE P LATEMAYONNAISE,d I, 1',
?' *&? Old Taylor Presents: Ingenious Americans to quiet Negroes who were irked 1
by Dark's reported views on the
race question. ,
r.-y Dark and he had laughed abouttheaccusatlonsaid
both of us knowing better."
1' Describing disillusionment

Terence after the, Mays New York wrote press in Loot cones :LIMIT 1 W/15.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER

"And now, Dark was using me
N M to ball himself out..You sticka L BOLD
man's back against wall,and
"". he does the one thing he know*'
.. M+Mk how to do, the thing that comes
;; to his mind first. DETERGENT c NS9C
.: That night in New York,Dark,. :
f.! handed me the lineup card In the,

:Ifi clubhouse before the game. He 11 LIMIT 1 W/J5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDERFOLDER'S
" ... knew I had a cold I looked at the
card. My name wasn't on it. I
.. .:, wrote my name on it and hit two:

,.. .r* Watch 1 VEGETOLE A.59c:
:t 'I\ COFFEE 79

i, This, Clown. CAN

A !KM 85 298 -32

i p {


tl 4 M a sows ,
B 5


98 152 13 ., SHRIMP i oi.59C t POTATOES pot 2T ti BAGSHIFT'S ." 290' ) :

10 547 5 6 ::1 .....

Without him the White House might Sometimes He's Down He's He adds Up Sometime subtracts, FRESH PORK AZALEA SMOKED SUB
He works it all around He works

not be on Pennsylvania AvenueWhile It. all around. R.O BA,'OH HALF 'OR WHOLE u 650SWIFT'S I:


still a very young man, living on But the most distinguished honor bestowed 33 18 .92MAN'S AST59C '
his father's farm in Maryland, Benjamin upon Benjamin Banneker was FRESH PORK
Banneker was the marvel of the neigh the invitation to serve on a committee morn 690
borhood. People in far away countries appointed by President Washington.The STEAK LB.
heard about the boy who could"remem- assignment:Define the boundaries of the .
ber everything". city of Washington, design and lay out
As he grew older each of Banneker's its streets. When the chairman, Major DAYS, ARENUMBERED. \
achievements overshadowed his last. In L'Enfant,suddenly resigned his position U. S. NO. I '
1761 he built the first clock of wood ever and shipped off to France, he took all .
made in America. It kept perfect time, the layout plans with him. But Banne
strik ing every hour for over twenty years. ker' prodigious mind was able to reproduce '''.D', Days are Num-
Some time later, Banneker accurately them from memory I bered.' Health and I
predicted a solar eclipse In 1789. Banneker lived out his latter years Fortune Can Be Yours When POTATOES 10 LIS.39Ci
Next he began writing almanacs, then peacefully on his farm, where he was I You Know Your Lucky Days
the most comprehensive form of scien- sought out by distinguished men of science Lucky Colors Etc.
Information. He sent a copy of one and art. The physical design of Send$2.00 for ,
to Thomas Jefferson, and the two men WashingtonD.C.stands today as a living Guide! for -.
struck up a warm acquaintance.,Manuscripts monument to Benjamin Banneken
been preserved.of their correspondence have American mathematician genius., astronomer, architect... MARCHFill HRM RED RIPETOMATOES AZALEA, SUDIED:1:

In the blank below and HAM ::t

OLD TAYLOR null to ZODIAC, Poet Office

Mo. I Day> LB

5 s


.;! >. .:. ': : ;.t > ._ :' "' .''' '' "t. ... .. .. .. .. .. ,, .. "' '' '' '' ''' '''''' '' ''' '' ''' .. ... .. ... ; ;'. .-;_--. .h .. .. . . . . .r. . . .. ,



Flo. AIM Students' Project Club Meets, Projects New Program Booklet To
Allen. Chapel "'ti Y...., 'n... ." '*" **" '-I1tVI ,_'*" ."-
'' ', "
gr* j ;\r(; !. t.,. '. ", .
AME Church Upward Bound Is Launched S : I'I Aid Nation's

Kecognlsed as one of the city's TALLAHASSEE Students la the Florida AIM University :, t4Tft: Rural FamiliesWASHINGTOltr'Yoa
most outstanding croups, t h e Project Upward Bound have been the focus of a provocativeserlos .
Grant Memorial Trio will be of clinics daring the past week. Too Can
presented In a recital by the Theme of a Clinic on Morals the Clinic on Morals and Social J Get Help," an easy to read 24-
Stewards Board Sunday, Feb.27 and Social Ethics, held Febru Ethics was Dr. Jonathan Jackson $ page Illustrated booklet has
at 7.30: p.m. In the church audi ary 3.', wu "A ContemporaryIssue assistant professor of j'f been issued by the U.S.Department -
torium. : The War on Tradition." philosophy r.1Jc1oaandcol- of Agriculture to
The sponsorlnlrorpnlr.attoa Five days of charm personal lee minister at Clark College, help Implement the Civil Rights
urging fellow groups and music development were Incorporated Atlanta, Ga. Health consultants Act of 1964 guiding low-
lovers of the community to support into a "Clinic for Ladles and In the clinic were Mrs. Margaret ; lacome farm and nonfarm
,( their effort.Included the Gents," conducted by Mrs. Lewis, Instructor, Florida Mt minority grays and others to
Trio's repertoire be"When Everett J. Clarke,con s u 11 ant AIM University School of Nursing sources of assistance.
J Wake Up in Glory," medley and president of the Everette : and Mr. Hansel Tookes, The brochure opens with t the
spirituals, "He Brought My Soul Clarke School of Charm and associate professor,FAMUDepartment S .h- civil rights guarantee in Section
To Calvary," ""Suddenly Dance, Newark N.J.t and West of Health and Physical 801 of Title VI of the Act. "No
I There's a Valley, and many Palm Beach, Florida Education s ;w yf person In the United States," It
4 other all-time favorites. Special guest consultant for Members of the studentsteeringcommlttee says, "shall on the grounds of
for the race, color, or national origin
'I Clinic on Morals and Ethicsweretheswvroject be excluded from participation
upwardBound k In, be denied the benefits of, or
.,'.I students:Spencer Albert, t n' be subjected to discrimination
Fernadlna Beach; Charles under any program or activity
NII.I: Arline, Tampa; Constance receiving Federal financial assistance.
Boone, Tampa; Janet Dixon, ."
; the extra smoothness of BradentOD; Robert Falson, Throughout the remainder of
Enjoy Haloes I Barbara Hatcher the Illustrated
City; booklet are lists,
7 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon i Winter Haven; Cathran Major. of the kinds of assistance any one.
Miami; and John Waddy, + ? needing them may receive. The
Brooksville. } /t lists Include loans for improvement

fIJImti.4 Members of the Project or purchase of a farm,and
.Upward Bound staff,who super- repair or construction
,vised the clinic sessions Included of a home.
: Dr. C. A. Ford, project PROGRAMS') --During ;..their regular monthly Holloway, treasurer; Mrs. Lucretia Brun- Other loans may be obtained
director; Dr. D. E. Edgar, Associate meeting last Saturday evening I I In, the home son, recording secretary; Mrs. Loris But- for seed, lert IUserfarm

!; Stone, coordinator directorMr.W.O.; oIcounSUnlRi of Mrs. Lois Butler, 702 Court. 8. The ler, program chairman ; Mrs. Callie M. home machinery, a small, running business water,such lathe asa

; Mrs. F. L. Groomes, Helping Hand Social Savings Club launched Darling, advisor; Mrs. Martha Starkes, repair shop or cutting and
counselor for women and Mr., L. pre-season plans for future proj'ects. chaplain. Members are Mrs. Susie lawson, hauling Umber.
I N. Beard, counselor for men. Members from left are : Mrs. Floretta Mrs. Sadie Levy, Mrs. Annette" Williams. And both funds and pro-

ri'Y ( Thomas, sinking fund'treasurer; Mrs. Viola Mrs. AM Ie 'M. Clark, Mrs. Bertha Parker, available fessional to assistance
help meet
and the a variety
r extra agedoesn't t Alumnus To ReturnTO Washington prrsldent ; Mrs. Judle M., (STAR Photo by James Singleton) of needs,including conservation
of farm land,planting trees
cost ; ,organizing -
'Daurbon one extra cent! i,> SPEAK AT FAMUDr.. Homecoming Foe Toirists Call commercial a cooperative,establishing -
Leonard W. Johnson, a 1950 recreation
graduate of Florida MM University Tallahassee The ALT College facilities, protecting one from
returns to hU alma of North Carolina Aggieifrom ::[ Pimpernel l Movie Guide .crop losses due ',tofloods.
mater to speak during the Greensboro have been named storms, droughts, and other
Founders' Observance convo- > the 1966 Homecoming opponents 'Likeable' Chap I I Lunch disasters, and getting a School
I I'I cation in Lee Hall Auditorium of the Florida A&M Program started.
Friday, March 11, 1966. Dr. University Rattlers UNIVERSAL CITY, Callf.-If The booklet directs rural
N/r00r r Johnson, now a practicing physician The game will be played here Though the rustle of-spring might not be in the air, the rumble you should happen to be visiting people to the County Extension
; ., of politics certainly Is. Already the name calling has Hollywood and decide to tour Service, Farmers Home Administration
( MRait11 Oallell,IeMlal(, ri in Philadeophia, Pa., U at ZOO: p.m. Saturday, Nov 5. -
a native of Orlando. He Is alsoa begun..and suddenly everybody has become righteous and the Universal Studios, don't be surprised and other agencies
graduate of Philadelphia College other fellow is a crook. Turn them all inside out and you'll if you're greeted by the for help. Single free copies of
'I of Osteopathic Medicine probably find that they are all crooks or they are all righteousIt's handsome face and flowIng the publication, which is a cata
-- Just the way you look at It. baritone voice of tour guide logue of helpful resources,may
I It Can't understand for the life of me why is it that when Joe Is Tom Mack. be obtained from the Office of
1 supporting one candidate his brother Jack becomes a trai- Tom, P2" tall and a native of Information, U.S. Department
tor to support some other candidate And what makes it so Los Angeles, has become the of Agriculture 1 Washington
ridiculous Is that when Joe decides to take Jack's candidateand first of his race to be hired In D. C. 20250.'
-------- --- Jack takes Joe's candidate Joe still calls Jack a traitor. Unlversal's tour entertainment
II I---------
t tt ..'.:.:.....',. Let's hope that mer or later the people who do the voting center. Each day be boards UM Classic Date ,Set
t will Just Ignore these political prostitutes and get it through tour trams
,. .. .' fringe-topped MIAMI.. TJe 34th annual Orange .
I ','...'.. .. I Imow. their heads that 99 and 99-100 per cent of those people who microphone In hand,and escorts Blossom Classic and festivities -
button-hole them and sing the virtues of such and such a candidate thousands of eager sightseers
t 1 will be held here Dec
I Is doing It only because Its 'feasible'. Yep, I mean he through the exciting world of the ember Z-3, 1966. The grid classic
I. )<. or she got paid a fee industry's largest motion picture -
t will be played in the Orange -
SAM JONES, the latest of politically ambitious has succeeded studio.
Bail Saturday
t in putting more confusion in the confused reapportlonment Universal couldn't have madea Night, Decembers, at 8.00. The
plan and to add more confusion has tossed his hat In the ring better choice. Goodnatured :
FAMU Rattlers will meet a yet-
for Senator against Tom Greene. and Immediately likeable, Tom
.t.tI ,1,1 lllf; :ALMOST as confused Is Earl I4. Johnson who announced for greets tourists, explains the ..tobenamed. opponent.
.h 1 1)1 f= .Inds (u *j 5, House of Representatives, than later let It be known intricacies of movie making and Recital Planned
I t after considerable deliberation that he has qualified for Group points out spots of Interest in
I t 1 .. Earl (Mr. Beautiful Johnson has let it be known that no the studio's rambling. 410-acre, A song lest will be presented
tt other Negro should seek office at this time His argument back lot In addition; he serves Feb. 27 in St. Paul Baptist
tt t %\ being that the entry of other Negroes even In other races would as master of ceremonies for the Church, 716 Stonewall Street,
spoil his chances. He claims he has the best chance of winning center's makeup demonstrations beginning at 3p.m.FOR .
t the white vote. fashion chows and stunt
t IIIRINGTON /' BREWSTER has been hosting a number of outstanding persons exhibitions RENT
tU1YV In recent weeks Capers Bradham has been In for a stay... "When people look at a TV or
t II t tt Ralph Maultsby has been in for some weeks and underwent movie .cre.D,"",. Tom t, 4 rra. apt. H4C water. Reasonable
: surgery later to be Joined by the erstwhile Joe Pauline, for "they're naturally filled with a ,. 1551 W. 33rd St. 7684760.
t causes unknown. million questions as to bow it's
t I PRICES IN I I II EDGEWOOD LOUNGE looked like stork city one week with all done.Howethey poseafight
expectant mothers until the new H.M.I.C did some shifting without Injuring the star? How ROOM FOUENT
t I THIS AD ARE j Extra Special! I II. around of the staff..Some body oughta tell the Man at Edward can they film the Pacific ocean KICfcLY; FURNISHED.Cooking
Waters to get that Girls dorm straightened out before Inside a sound stage? Etc.They
t I i I Mortons Frozen I II something REALLY BIG explodes..word Just came that Coach are fascinated to get a behind- I IPrlvate.. Single woman or cou
t. Extra Special! Large Firm GOOD THROUGH /,''Ox Clemmons suffered a heart attack. the-scenss peek and I'm Just as 3604.: convenlences.356-
enthused a s they are." I

1: I LOCATED AT + I WANTED own business plus very
I .iPIES New Way- To Bar MAIDS GUARANTEED NEW, high Income if you qualify.
t OUR UP WAREHOUSE II t ATLANTA (NPI) The weekly Fare advanced. Rush tive highly commissionable

t I I '4 'I with Georgia a 'newmethod legislature' has of come keeping up government The proposal-to prevent the Dept.references 234,,HAROLD LYNBROOK AGENCY N.Y., products are having phenomenal -.
; ,
c W. 45th STREET of acceptance in the MidWest
14 seating any elected member
1 15 13000 I : I Julian Bond out of the house
I: LB. PKGS. seat. It proposes to banish any of the legislature when a challenge necessitating our ex-
pansion. Minimum capital
1s filed WANTED
t concerning hisseatingwas
I I I legislator whose seat is con Introduced required All inquiries
tested. by MAIDS, N.Y. SLEEP IN
-.--- ------- -
Rep. Jones Lane, author of the confldental. For more Information -
The legislature was bard put JOBS SALARIES TO $U fare
So Fresh! So Delicious! lane Parker Special! to find a new way to keep Bond contest petition in January, 'advance, rush reference, phone CALL Bert, King 702-384-9142
out of its ranks. He was the sole which led to the unseating of number. ABLE MAIDS AGE-
candidate to qualify for the Bond. NCY, 183 N. MAIN, FREEPORT, or wrtie to 240 West Wyom-
H\ac.OI.: special election to fill the very N.Y. ing, Las Vegas Nevada.
CHERRY PIES 45'Sunnyfield 'seat fellow he lawmakers.was denied earlier by ..... -

Bond incurred the Ire of the
Georgia house publicly sanctioning f.IIIIIII'f.a
Long Grain Special!
a statement by the Stu- ). aeaeanurttl1uwi1iWta1NIoe.wueMR1uuus.e.a' '" '

Lb.Pkr. ''sdent Committee Nonviolent In opposition Coordinating of the nR
RICE 2 29C
FANCY Viet Residents Nam fighting.of 136th-dlstrlct .The :only name

'Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. U
one of them were up in arms the Smooth Canadian ; ;
Grade "A" Quick Frozen Special! over repeated attempts by the
legislature to deny them equal answers to is VO.That's .'

TURKEY WINGS Lb.29C representation.They are likely. to plan action because Seagram's VO.does what
against legislative "taxation no other whisky can-it defines smooth once
without representation"and denial and for all. Light?Of course. .

-------- --- ------------------_. of their Constitutional right Known by the company it keeps

..1 I "S'per-Rig t" Quality Heavy Western to a representative form of Seagram's Canadian\Vr \J h

k; I BEEF STEAKS610KE Royal Cola Crota


I Year With Rental Of Shampoo Equip ..
Close Trimmed SIRLOIN ment. We Rent Lawn MowersA
Choice Garden Tools,,' Floor Polishers
l> Sanders, .Mechanic A
Close Trimmed T BONE 98C Hand Tools, Local Trailers, S2
per day.

:;.i 1 I L- Boneless CLUB CENTER
--------- --------- -------
7323 N. Main St. PO 8-8913 .