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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200702datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 12, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007020740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 12, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 12, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-- >r
m -

Fkxidta, CJIJIIfI4IiIif, r Move To 1 DdeLN1t

l ,.... ......,,....._._. .. 'Ns... ..-,.. ....,..+...... _
* .* * i* * *


..a.. ..a.. ..J... .L ... .. ._ ...... .
1 '
III III ; v *

Llbn1r7 I>

i Uhlrewlty of florid r ;

; .. a's o/iwat 4 Ca1a d11., Florida 'I


..... .

.. *. .. *

I Brothers Buried Following Tragic Incidents Daylight StrikeSettlement


VOL. 15 NO. 48 SATURDAY FEBRUARY 19, 1966 15 CENTS 't
Despite an injunction barring

Southern Christian Leadership .* *.**.* ---_.. ... -*-* **--_._. __. ----..-.--. *-* *.*" -

.Jv- y SI1A picketing Conference the recent strike-bound Daylight members ruling'Stores clear from anda lYQitlteY( a. r 'Young To Jpjak Hp

of charges brought by the Meat. __...__ ,.a... .. ...
Cotters, Packinghouse and Allied * ** *

Food Workers Union, 433

.y AFL-CIO, the dispute seems afar

;, y" .4 Union way secretary from being settled.Robert JAXON ATTACKSSEN.

Ackerman, however made it
known last week that be Intended -

to appeal the ruling and

pointed that another bearing is.
scheduled for April 5 In the
Federal Bldg. POPE'S SEAT

The union charged that
Daylight attempted to discourage .
employees from membership ".' ... ... ... ... ... :...

L Changing in the the union tenure by of employment Hold HusbandFor Negro Files Suit UrbanTLeugue'a

I of employees. wearing
union buttons. Murder Top Leader I
2. Denying work opportunitiesto

buttons.employees who wore union Of Mate Against Fla. Plan To Speak Here

unilateral increases
3. Giving
During Us Friday Feb. 11th,
and tmnse*after they session, a sis-coroner's TALLAHASSEE-.Refused by since he resides in the district.. The Jacksonville Urban
(Daylight) had been informed League will hold Its second
Jury bound a local: man to
over the secretary of state's office
that the union in !
was in organi
annual dinner Honda
grand Jury In the Feb. 4th fatal in his
attempt to qualify Tuesday
sing campaign.: FILES FEDERAL SUIT evening ('1:30 ) In the Signal
shooting of '1L wife, before for the seat held by State
4. Encouraging and assisting Terrace Room of the Atlantic1
Peace Justice Gordon
Pq>pell. Senator Vetie A. Pope of St.
the International Employees While here,Jones filed suit In Coastline Building, and
Records state that Samllld LeeIAMUIL
Augustine, Sam Jones of Jacksonville
Union of Florida and directing federal district court charging the occasion assumes added lot*
its employees to become members state senate In turn qualifiedfor another that refusal to accept his challenge portance with the appearance at
of that union. d1atr 1ct. race of Pope's seat violated not Whitney M. Young JfJ
5. Informing members of the federal only his own rights but the rights executive director ofthe
Jones then filed suit in
union that the company would of other residents of his National Urban League, as ttt
court bis 1
contesting rejectionby
not sign a union agreement. the state.A ttistrict. principal speaker.Mr. .
8. Refusing to bargain collectively retired employe of the Jacksonville He further alleges that Young heads a nationwide:
on demand with the bar* the people In the district havea professional community
Terminal Co.
gaining representative of the right to- elect their own senator service agency committed to
who lives at 1163 West EighthSt.
FINAL REST-Final rites were held last Saturday afternoon in capacity filled Mt. Ararat Baptist store employees In an all employees v ., first tried to qualify for the and that Pope has never programs aimed at improvis
Church for'Vernell Robinson, 27, and his brother Tom Robinson, 23, who were both fatally store unit, includingthe 31st District seat held by Pope been elected by the over half the life chances of Negroes &M
shot last week. Tom Robinson was allegedly shot by Tommie Lee Williams during an argument meat departmentem, a holdover from the 1965 reapportionment million people of Duval County, other minorities AmerlcsUHis
oo W. Ashley St. Vernell Robinson, while reportedly seeking to avenge bin brother'sslayinc r law which designated Since Pope) was; originally elected organltaUon worts te tM,
HI ... ,'was shot-arsf-titled tra'clty policeman after efforts to stop his quest proved to DO'ann. 7. ehreatenlnreprlulofdls.charge -J that Pope will remain In from Flagler and.St. ,Johns1"'ttMJ'of education,job COM** i iM iSO

.(FLOR_ JA STAR.PHOTO). to employees demon- j office until 1968. counties. -tp1 iI I
stating allegiance to the union i 'I
._. ;, Prior tn passage of the law.
-- -
Harold A. noire, Kegionu JA- BECK the old district
Pope represented
MedicareDiscussions rector of the NLRB stated the Fla. Memorial
UiilGfl J r_ Beck, 30, returned to the which encompassed St.
charges had "been ,Investigated
couple's W. 26th St. residence Johns and Flagler counties.In Given Land
.. and considered." He
*)*(tt. after an absence left, and returned refusing Jones' bid to challenge
said: "The evidence adduced to shoot his wife Alta- Pope's seat,the secretary Near Miami

Announced Fo 'D S' during investigation appearsto mese J. Beck, 40, six times of state's office disclosed that
be Insufficient to warrant a
with a pistol following an argu MIAMI-Florida Memorial
conclusion that '
i L'J" DaYUcbtCroeer1 ment. In
College. St. Augustine
Upsilon Chanter of Alpha Phi Company has violated Sections
The decision of the Jury was received a big boost last week
Alpha Fraternity. St. Paul AUE 8 (a) 2 and or S of the Act
upheld by In its to
'Jail" Poppell. contemplated plan move
Church and Sweetfield Baptist ; as alleged r u
; Beck Is being held without bond the oollege into the Miami area,
bave announced plana to
Church ,,. The four.monthlClleatrikere-
..:::: : r.I--L": i : = In Duval County Jail. I IrA it was announced.
setup Medicare informational .... ...v...:tadecrse...sue me city' will mumauimg segregated mains a muddled dispute with r Last FrldayFeb.FMC
services to local senior citizens by U. S. District Judge William racial facilities towardits charges and counter t charges President R. Wt Puryear. ald
and other interested person. A. McRae Jr., the city of Jacksonville inmates was Frank Jackson from both sides Claiming to be' Dr. King Mulls the federal government turned

Friday night, Feb. 18, at 7:30 was ordered to a prisoner at the prison farm right...and the situation has over 47.2 acres of land which
o'clock, St. Paul AME Church gradually desegregateits who was represented by been made no better by civil r formerly based the Opa-Locka
13th St. and Myrle Avenue,will prison farm and Jail within Attorney Earl M.Johnson, rights groups and local leaders Long Stay 4.a 1 Air Base. Wiii'UU.1 ii: YOUNG JR.

have a representative for the a six months period. counsel for the National Association who nave attempted to get Into Dr. Puryear made the (unities as well as health and
local Social Security office on Plaintiff In the suit charging for the advancement the dispute for one reason. or In Chicago announcement during a luncheon welfare, "meat and potatoes!
hand to impart information and of Colored People.It another.At with representatives of the U.S. problems of tilt average
answer questions on Medicare. Atty. WilliamsIs was noted that the summary the moment the first big CmCAGO-NPI) The south- Department of Health, Negro," according toUr'
Sweetfield Baptist CINch will Judgement did say that segregation hurdle, the question of recognltion side slum areas will also be a Education and Welfare during young. ,
conduct a similar meeting during of races in the two facilities, of the Meat Packers Union "clean up and eradicate"target which time the deed to-the parcel One of the architect-stra*'
morning worship beginning Candidate must be erased after six months as the bargaining agent. of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., SAM JONES of land was turned over to legists of the nation's civil
at 11.00 o'clock. period.An When the Meat Packers who last week disclosed there is .. interventionthe him. rights movement, Mr. Young U
Alpha PW Alpha Fraternity For Legislature official at the prison farm walked out on strike Day light a "real possibility" he will remain seeks Site of the land is located north frequently called along with
series of Informal talks on stated that although he had not agreed to a card bet ofihe in the city for 18 months. 1965 reapportionment law of Opa-Locka airport adjacentto other rights leaders-to confer
Medicare by local Social been Informed Wednesday of thecourt's the union's members but shortly The civil rights activist and said the new 31st District now the Palmerto Expressway between iwlth'PresldentJonnsraawTVlce
Security office representatives TAMPA.-Attorney I. W. (Ike) ruling, he went onto say before the day designatedfor Nobel Prize winner,in speaking composed of Duval, St. Johns NW 47th St. and 44th President Humphrey whenever
will be geld on the following Williams of this city and St. that when notified by the court the card check Daylight 'before meeting of about 200 net(< Nassau Counties must be Court. problems related totmlnorlty

dates and places beginning at Petersburg, has announced his be will conform of the order, received a telegram from the clergymen at Jubilee CME temple represented by a resident of St. Officials of the college groups arise.
7:30 p.m.lo each locale: candidacy for the State Legislature even though he expects that the secretary of the Retail Clerks indicated the he might move Johns. to move the institution propose to Dade The League, founded In 1910 to
on the Republican ticket.
Tuesday, Feb. 22, New Mt. edict will result in trouble. International Union stating that from the Westslde where he County in 1967. secure equal opportunities for
Moriah AWE: Church 3919 Old Williams In making his announcement, The official went oo to say that the RCIA represents the clerk now resides In a hastily "face- QUALIFIES AS CANDIDATEJones Present enrollment of the college Negroes, Is a noo- tot1t and
St. Augustine Rd. Rev. W. J. stated: Ufted" slum apartment ,
present separatlonof employees of Dayllghtand urged is 427 students. non-partisan organlxatl
"One of the most Important
Smith, pastor.Wednesday Inmates at the farm-prior to the company not to enter a card building, to the Southslde. then qualified asa candidate which Is Interracial lusts
contributions that be Supporters for the said
can made move
Feb. 23, Grant Wednesday's court order- check until a secret ballot election ministers gave whole ( for state senator in the 33rd leadership and staff. It has 600
towards that since the of the
a world
building majority
Memorial AYE Church* Clay complied with the Florida law Is conducted by the hearted support to his Southern District which also embraces full-tIme employes and some
and the student residents of
assuring continuation in body are
and Orange Sts., Rev.Joseph which in the segregation of National Labor Relations Christian Leadership Con Duval, Nassau and St. Johns 6,000 volunteers with 72 local
a democratic society Is Dade,.Palm Beach and Broward
Reddlck, pastor Board. ference's "Operation B rea counties. Since tbere affiliates throughoutth
prisoners, prlnclpallyin i are
for qualified persons to offer counties, the college will
Mar. 2 WoodTawn campaign geared
sleeping facilities. The Meat Packers Union has no holdover senators in the district country.
United Presbyterian C h u r e h, themselves for public office to Increasing Job opportunitiesfor Into more br'oader andprogressive. dinner still
refused to agree to an election It was revealed that Jones Tickets for the are
2820 Woodlawn Rd., Rev. F.D. Because I sincerely believe thatATTT. Negro BishopIs claiming that its signed cards Negroes through boycotts is qualified to file as candidate community. available In

Wilson, minister gives it the .bargaining right. and- picketing oressures. and they may be purchase
Monday,'Mar. 7, First Baptist Thus, the stalemate.If andwhen Victim. Of Wintry Blasts ($5.00 each) from 9 a. m. to
Church, 1037 Jessie St.,Rev. C.. Feted By that stalemate is broken the 5 p.m.today(Friday).The dead;
B. Dalley, pastor next problem will be the agreement line for getting your ticket will
Rev. A. C. Cbandier and Rev. Catholic Order on a contract acceptableto be tomorrow at noon. Pleas
D. B. Banes are respective tJ. both sides In relation to contact the Jacksonville Urban
pastors of St. Paul and Sweet- wages, boors and management League, 109 E. Union Street t.
field. CHICAGO-((NPI)-The Most rights-all tedious points. E18-4292for further information.
The public Is Invited to attend Rev. Harold Perry SVD, .
the various forums. : auxiliary bishop of New Orleans ,u..w

.f',,11./, and the first full-fledged Negro Bar SCLC .. Suspect NabbedBy
Founder'sWife consecrated for the U.s.Roman
Catholic hierarchy, was feted at From Picketing
a sumptuous dinner) tendered in The 'Batman1LOS '
Dies his honor Wednesday evening by Circuit Judge John M. McNatt 1

COLUMBUS, Ohlo-NPI)-Mrs.plara the Chicago chapter ofthe this week ordered local repre-
Wilson. Allen, wife ofrTDnrod I.W. (cite)Williams Knights of St. peter Claver. sentatlves of the Southern fit Is one fellow who believes"Bat.
Bishop Perry Is one of Christian Leadership Conference
B. Allen founder of the ...hat's in ring
man" Is more truth than fiction.
Frostier Club International the Knights most illustrious to temporarily refrain
was buried last week foUoelng I am better qualified by trainingand leaders having served for nine from picketing local stores of Y Don Cutowskl, pushing the gas
funeral riter at St. Paul AME experience to make contrl- years u national chaplain of the the Daylight Grocery chain f pedal to the floor over the desert
fraternal orderof which have been strikebound near Lancaster recently, was
Chorea. DeatJU followed several button as a member of the state
Catholics ( colored since fall. startled by ahuge birdlike -
weeks of Illness. Legislature, I hereby announce mostly ) early
Active tat health and welfare my intention to seek a seat In men. However, at some stores, two shadow overhead, a sound
circles, Mrs. Allan also figured the House Representatives Dignitaries Joining in the pickets were allowed and five of wings flapping and booming
prominently to other civic activities. becomlag.acandldate to Knights' salute Bishop Perry, pickets at others. voice ordering him:
Republican who was consecrated In New SCLC members restrained: "Pull over, stop your car."
Wigrramlng Orleans on .I u. 6, Included Astounded Cutowskl hastily
der the
n addition to her widower a temporary court order
retired executive director of the Archbishop John PVCodycf were Levi MUney Wilcox, 340 ATLANTA-Mrs. Clara Everhardt, bundled against sub-freeting cold, uses an U to chop compiled. Lawman-SgUDon
Frostiers-only Mentations Atty. Williams Is married and Chicago, one of the bishop's tc- Belfort St., Moses Davis, 1S21 down' an old wooden fence to..use as firewood in her ancient home here. "I'm gonna stay warm Schnur, of the sheriffs air patrol
service club organised and op U the father of a four year old consecrators and also one of his Hurst Plata and James J.Edge, one way or the other" said the woman,a resident of "Lightning." a slum area near downtown landed and Gutowskl took
Denied by Negroes' son. close personal friends. 1493 Groan St. A1laAta. (UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL TELEPHOTO) another ride.

\ k ,M

..... I

r I




Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company PERIOD. CAN WEAR CHAIRMAN OF THE SENATE
BE- 80MS/NGS-AND KILLING TOPPEDW1LDEIED As It stands now, the battle for the Cover
NEGRO P RNATIONAL AS TO "U w nor's seat Is unique as there are Ohly

WHICH MAY IlAWrHf/II"BE TRUE., j \ # three announced candidates, 'which :over the

3 : ARKANSAS SEGREGATIONIST '"4 ,?. years attracted an average of seven hope-
THE VIET MAR MUST SEr fuls. The dearth of entries this year
ERIC 0. SIMPSON..........Mmifl| Editor .JMKS HANDLED EXTREAMLY WELL." 'caused' by a rather unusual set of circum is

: Nrw p ,rAUrvrra stances. '

ALYSON E. WISE...........tNews Editor, I 1 1 ,M M Off year election brought about by public

HILDA WOOTEN..........Circulation Manager V-VI the referendum Democratic because Party statewide did not candidates want to sup-in

_U_IHIII C.-cH..O port the National Democratic Ticket with

2323 Moncrief Road Phone Elfin( 4-6782 bing its strong for office.civil Rights Platform while run-

So in two years hopefuls did not have time

Maillot AddressP. ...r to rally an organization get sufficient

0. Box 599 Jacksonville Florida 32201 t : r 1 financial backers or create enough issues
r7----- /' r to make a decent showing. With absolutely

MIAMI OFFICE no chance of making the runoff against the

three candidates High, Kelly and Burns

running as a incumbent, they would pull
738 NW 3rd Ave. Phone 377-1025
only a pitiful number of votes, and would
u 0_IHIIII hurt rather than help their future chances
'in statewide races.
One year, $6.00 Half Year $4.00 ,
1 This contrst is
years no place for
Mailed to YOU Anywhere in the united States, hope-
fuls, so barring a deal which supporters of
Subscription payable In advance
one of the Big Three' would enter
Send check or order to ; t 'Dec
Honey : tt :
hJ t oy' for the purpose of drawing some, sup
'f FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 CHURCH BOMBINGS port from pne of the 'Big Three' there

J Jacksonville 1, Florida USA will be no other serious contenders f9r the

Governorship except the 'Big Three' .

To Be Equal I

I I D n _0 II U 1'-1" _U 1 4IIII C.-c 4IIII C 4IIII CI_0_ a_ n U_ 1M in 1960 two yearlings Haydon Burns,
: by WHITNEY M. YOUNG JR. 'Rajah of the province of Jacksonville' anc

It was Frederick Douglass who said "Once let the black man ,Fred 0. (Bud) Dickinson, 'Emir of the She-

jet up on his person the brass letters,U.S. Let him get an eagle Your Weekly ikdom of palm Beach countY' made their debut -
on his button and a musket on his shoulder, and there Is no power in the 'Governor's Futurity Stakes'
on earth which can deny that he baa earned the right to cltl- ,, to
unship in the United States." try their legs for entry in the Governors

I am reminded of this u I think of our fighting forces in Vietnam -, Sweepstakes' in 1964.
and the role which our Negro soldiers are playing In that Ted David if Hollywood was entered as a
conflict--and this apart from the controversies around either GuideBy 'Decoy to dilute the strength of Dickinson
o the issues being employed In pursuing the war or the right of Horoscope in the heavily
America's Involvement In it. populated south Florida
. There are, unfortunately,many: Americans who still hold to Area. 'As an added insurance, since Burns
r. their racial prejudices and who still have reservations about had written off the Negro Voters because of
c the Negro's full inclusion In the total life of our country, and PABLO The ASTROLOGER serious Racial Riots in his 'province'
t who remain unconvinced by the obvious Imperatives to move Ted
seiftly and Immediately in the direction of an America where made a luke warm statement in behalf of
equal opportunity is a reality for all citizens--and not just a WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Civil Rights to sap any possible strength

cliche. Dickinson might have with the Negro Elec
For these I recommend a hard look at the record of our fightIng torate. The 'Decoy' did
personnel In Vietnam where, to all intents and purposes BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL a splendid, job and
Burns beat Dickinson
race is Irrelevant. There, at that distant out-post in Southeast out of the politically
Asia, in spite of dangers and loneliness, the muck and mire of 04IIII C1_ n _n n_ 11_n _0 u 1 4IIII C 4IIII C """ 1 0 0 U_ IHIIII advantageous 3rd spot in the primary.

a war-torn land, Negro soldiers fight and die courageously Ted David' payoff was his
appointment to
representatives of all America.
Account of this war have revealed that not only is the Negro WsLLL devise. The threat of upheaval to the point where they can figurations that comprise some, Burns to his campaigh staff as top resea-
soldier more Integrated in this conflict than in any other, and in your wordly and domestic manage to handle the most of the most powerful among rcher and ,_strategist in his successful
mot taUcrt4 in that setting than at prtsent-day Anertr environments is very real and .violent situations, The advent f them. ,.. ,s.:. ift race: 1954
can base, but that In terms of sheer numbersthey are reported ;| 9C Corn March. gist 1 should not be taken too UgntJJft .of the New Moon could trigger t"-. **-- -":<,. -w.,-.._,,cretary snd a oiofortablelob asExecutive Se-
to represent proportionately slightly more than the Negro per The advent of the New Moon off the explosive materials 6-50-88-14-65# .-. toMsyor"Rltter'' of Jacksonville,
centage In the overall American population. April I9 h threatens to set off the fireworks that seem to have concentrated 866 successor to Burns for his unexpired term
Accounts also indicate that in the job to which he has been assigned that may start a sort of in the fields of domestic and when lie took his seat
the Negro soldier has demonstrated a skill, a courage Do not wait for discomforts chain reaction that could public relations. The sligbest Governor of Flori-
and a loyalty equal to that exhibited by all others. It would seem to grow worse before you consult continue almost to the end of opening you can discover to (apJJmAn10m da.Other
that If there was any Indlvidual'lookingorreasons to evade this the proper>> authorities to the month. ; batch up things should be 'Decoys' and their significance in
service, and who had any arguments for resisting participation, diagnose their nature. Right thoroughly explored and widened the "Governor's Sweepstakes will be dis-
the Negro soldier would be that Individual. But the soldier In with the opening phases of the by both the other party Dec. 22nd cussed in future chapters.
Vietnam has not done so, and for this reason--as well as for new lunar period, there are indications and yourself. If this is not
many others--every American who in one way or another has that a climax or unexpected possible, you will have to accept Jan. 19th
blocked fair and equal treatment for the Negro citizens here at change is wiftly de taJWJ1l the consequences which are Litter Costly To Taxpayers.Researchers .
home should engage in some soul-searching and an analysis of veloping. Do not leave your bound to be quite unexpected.
his own attitudes and motivations. The real tragedy is that not position on an Impulse and see 9 The way for you to take a personal have found that about 30,000
enough will do this. to it that all safety measuresare Born June 22nd 50 66 19 23 487 Interest in whatever Is bushels of rubbish are strewn by careless
A brief review of history will also reveal that In spite of brutal being complied with where transpiring Is clear during the motorists in
discrimination humiliation and first three days of this New York on an average holiday
segregation--and even slavery-- you your collegues are period
the Negro has readily responded to the call of the colors and has performing your duties. Contention -July 22nd In fact it may be the wisest week end.
given his allforhiscountryintlmeof: war, even when that I IOJIIltryu. ; ,strife and labor troubles J.illl move on your part, especially (Our cities and nighway departments should
given little indication that It considers him a first-class may also be encountered In when this enables you to sense be commended for placing numerous trash
,citizen. .many regions making it essential There is no room for com- certain coming events against> cans and other
The records go far back into the American Revolution--where for the Idscerning among placency because everything Born Sept. 23rd which It may be necessary to types of receptacles at con
'Crispus Attucks was the first American to give his life in the you to evaluate the possible consequences looks rosy on the surface. Both' take precautions. The coming venient locations for citizens and motorists -
Boston Massacre; the Civil War,th.Span1sh-AmerlcanWarand to yourself and your your closest ally and yourself of the New Moon Is being attended to use. It takes just a small amount
every other war that the nation has fought. a large percentageof vital Interests. But don't give should look at the situation -Oct. 23rd by many powerful aspects ,of energy for a family unit to place every
cases he volunteered his services, and there were even instances in to hopelessness. striaght In the eye and attemptto from several major planets candy wrapper; :
where be actually had to fight for the right to fight. Often analyze Just bow it is going While harmony seems to be giving cause for serious concern peel. coke paper napkin or banana
his skills were under-utilized, and various branches of the to turn. The more preceptive reigning everywhere,especial not only on the part of bottle, and beer can in the
armed forces either would not give him opportunity to apply among you should feel the elec- ly where you live and work Capricornians, but also of a proper containers. If this is done, the
those skills or by official policy assigned him to only menial ,7aUCkttA trically charged atmosphereand do not be lulled Into a false great segment of the rest of citizen is not only patriotic but saves
tasks. start drawin ip program sense of security. The coming the world. ilmself on taxes that must be collected to
Today this has changed substantially. But not nearly as fast as that will protect everyone's of the New Moon acts as the pay men to
It should;or as fast here,on the home bases, u In Vietnam. AndIt Born April 20th. well-being and material in- harbinger of' some rather 9-40-55-13-681184 pick up the litter strewn by
Is still a rather tragic commentary on American society that terests. Make no decisionsnor tumultuous times ahead which careless individuals.
somelNegro enlistees feel that a greater economic security, educational -May 20th undertake any travels except could Include climatic conditions S
opportunity and dignity can be achieved in the''armed under the most compulsive, as well as your personal The
forces than in the private sector of our lives. Whatever Is going to happen of reasons, for it seems that situation. It will be essentialto a- New Pork-Old Wives' TalesAs
But i suppose the point of all of this Is to stimulate us to accelerate this month is due to be unleashed the hand of fate Is now writing take all precautions against
the pace with which we close the gap between Negro during this rather turbulent Its prognostications in the sky, Job layoff or the hazards of a a spokesman for the American Meat
citizens and other cltisens Inthls country before these third quarter. Take the last seasonal and occupational Bom Jan. 20fh puts it, the pork industry has
courageous veterans of Vietnam return to find that that for which warning offered by a friend or nature, been doing some soul-searching. In his
they fought at great sacrifice thousands of miles from home is your own instinctive fellings 3-20-77.13-56.944' ,.b. words, "In former years, 'eatina) high on
not yet a reality In their own communities, their own and follow the recommendations 18th the hog' was indeed a sign of prestige.
states, their own' country. that come along with them. c&O The calm and tranquiliry that t. Today, 'eating high on the hog1 is'more
The advent of the New Moon appears to be yours during to
seems to be the signal for the ApiJJ.Bom the first few days of this quarter; mean a steak than a pork chop.
Future Farmers Of AmericaFuture beginning of changes or Born July 23rd could be shattered with startling'' Up until a decade ago, more pork was
developments>> that will affect suddenness right following the consumed in the United States than any
Farmers of America Week Is to be observed during the your affections, friendships and -Aug. 22nd Oct. 24th advent of the New Moon. And other meat. But in later years, beef has
February 19-26 period. And the theme that has been chosen for the nature of your high hopes. -Nov 27nd what may have looked like a passed it by.Industry .
"Agriculture Is More Than Farming"--admirably points up Conflict and disappointmentscome This Is the quarter when Leos % wonderful dream could very leaders have looked into the
'well turn out to
the Week's and significance. band in hand and you must be a nightmare which
be reasons
purpose primarily concernedabout Stormy emotional eons or have held
There Is a term "Agri-Buslness"which often Is may be sorely tried to hang the state of Instead. The demands on your backpork (Con
used In reference their pocketbooks ruptures of loving and friendly sumption, and they
are something
pocketbook and doing
on to your high idealsaspirations. and resources could
to all the occupations that are related to farming. The and their principal economic relations are being whipped up be about them. For
There Is a lesson '' highly exaggerated and one thing, pork has been
chain of agriculture starts with the
to farmers
suppliers --those ties. LOOK lor any kind despite the fact that all
appearstranquil should
to be learned Individuals and be resisted whenever too fat.That _
who and services by of is no longer true-
provide goods ranging from machinery and a way out before the advent and serene on the stir this the
chemicals to Insurance and technical services. Farmers, the states alike from the events of the New Moon that establishesthe face. It is quite possible for privilege is being accoredeyon. meat-type hogs now produced are a
producers of raw materials, are the center link. Then come that are now transpiring. It starting point for Whatever many sensitive Scorpios to feel not Is quit.possibility evidence that in it may far cry from the tat, jowly animal of. the
:marketing, processing, transportation and distribution. All in may be ;up to each person and seems to be destined for each Just what Is trlr ring in the background case which past. For another, not enough ..peopleave
nation have
to discover Just where you may simply to
all and, is this America's agricultural complex employs many millions people>> they come In. and everyone of you. accept: your lot and pay lIP realized what dieticians know _
largest industry. that
4.80 44 18.75.862 pork, in addition to
Vocational agricultural education In the high acboolsprovlde.a 1 quality proteins providing high
start for boys to obtain the training needed to enter these of also is an excellent source
occupations. Some will go on to college or technical schools. .dJ essential vitamins and minerals. For
About a third will return directly to the farm, and they will have '9 U JiAq 'JlUalL still another, many think that pork is not
the knowledge that additional education is available to them in L Feb. 19th easily digestible. that is simply not so -
young farmer and adult farmer classes conducted by teachersof extensive studies have shown
vocational agriculture.The Born May 21 it Born Aug. 23rd -Mar. 20th Is among the most digestible' of that all foods.pork
Future Farmers' organization supplements the regular Born Nov. 23rd this well be Other
coma very the beliefs
-S all
school June 2 lit !pr. 22nd mistaken have stood
instruction by providing opportunities for leadership critical period of the month I In the of. ,
developme C" Its goal is to help tr tin young men for a Tensions and personality art when partnership and competitive *! To way increased pork consump-
wide horizon of agricultural occupations. And this 's a needed WaD proposes but only the few about all that it takes to cleave 21sti activities .y bt&d1Dto ln.l quote the spokesman once more,
and invaluable work. lucky ones have the ability to the closest of alliances, Including i- stormy weather. Too undoubtedly ,'iPork diet.1. n.ol.on'y' an important part of
dispose. Anyone among yon the martial ones. Thi Whatever Is fated to'traIlIp1rt'wW will be drawn In, it is also an important part of'
,Buy U.S. Savings Bonds who has ample cause to Miler wiser Vlrgoana who havelearn i- undoubtedly happen before whether yea like it or not our economy. I believe that all home
that your position is Insecure ed to interpret the first slgni the quarter near 1U term. It will be In your Interest to economics teachers can perform
STAN SPANOltD SAVINGS PLAN 4g&,..... should not be above providing of* coming trouble airy still The New Moon 1 V followed by make advance preparations useful service by a highly
ton ALL AMERICANS' 55 5 for all the protection you can be able to condition themselves a Mr lea of major planetary,con-" Z70.66I94..322't, some of these old wives'for their talesPAGE students e -



-- ..' ..,' I


I Guys And Gals Dane And Romance At Royal Vagabonds9. Valentine Affair ,I


.7 ..


."" ', -#. ..", ., ..' iI i\: t",,, -
_ '..L ;;'" ; "'

Clanzel T. BrownMrs. Ann V. Brown, Mrs.
ENJOYING FESTIVITIES-Mr. & Mrs. A. Ken M. Jones, Mrs. Connella Oree and Anthony Mrs. Alfreda Gonzalez is seen with Mr. &

I Knight with Mr., & Mrs. J. S. Bartley-. Oree C. Nicholson., (partley hidden) Lewis C. Carter and Mrs. James Davis. I I

_. .
& _
drAE % 1 ___,Y
a Tx.

,h ,_ 1' r IYYi
M .
} l __ :

1 w M : 4 ; _

t# i

'' ,} ___ : i _

LAWMENAtty Robert W. Gray, left and Dep-
uty Jonathan McCone with their wives seated THIS WINsOME THREE is composed of Mrs. Mar- LSTENING, Mrs. D. W. Sweet jistens to /music while Vagabond,
beside them relax along with Mrs. Lenora garet Merriweather, Mrs. Ruth Thomas and Dr. Hunter H. Satterwhite holds the attention of club brother I
Lee, center. Mrs., M. Worth. ErlcO. Simpson flanked on his left by Mrs. Hunter Satterwhiteand
Mrs. I Daisy Zeigler.
Alti.i iI
+ a
.6 } hi 4 1 C
tilYa r
1 ; S
4ft1 \


4ter ,\1 j -


L .
i ;* 4l
ton, Mr. ano Mrs. William Everett, Jaxon
VAGABOND'S GUESTSMrs.. Geraldine Black Mrs. Alpha Moore are'seen with their hosts
Mr. and Mrs. George Martin, Miss Bernice Mrs. Mary Jones and "her mate, Royal Vaga- s; a _""-
Griffin New Yorker, Theo Brown, Willie bond, Frank Jones. ill
Harris, Macon Georgians, Mrs. T. Washino-}

_to '_.

,<.4 i 'IJ

i 1 If. 4 f ADMIRERSMrs.. Syl via Levy, left, and Miss I'
Queen Esther Jenkins pause to admire the
giant valentine studded with photographsof
the Royal Vagabonds. I


-- -- -

GAY CROWD-. C. Richardson, standing with ODD MAN- Mrs. Annie Laurie Young, Mrs. Jean
companions, seated Mr. and Mrs. John Hendricks, Mrs. Alma Holmes are in the tem-
Nealey, Mrs. Simmie Thomas and Mrs. Henry porary custody of Ulysses Young.

Roberts. V

Hampton Club Meets Friday ,Mt. 'Olive AME i

.::: "UR' m: : Ttw Jacksonville Hampton The Christian Endeavor Hour { i
:_"" ; ,Club will meet U 000: p.m.Frl- Mr. Smith, a fradoatoof NormI has scheduled Its program Sun* _
I wiitorn SenlorH 1 b .. _
rjvfrem IATHTUIS SINKS3, ,, da/(tonight) IntlMbomtofllri. 'both f School,art. day at J p.m., in Mt.Olive AMZ tt' r
.Manse coma POTS ." .1". S. Eloise Brooks, U1%W,5th$. music priMntly enrolled Church.
t::' i.nunooisMETAU: Tteaitoda will InelodtUM majors at Hampton Institute. Mist Ml I ode 1 Stokes, youth
iUTOIUMPtlUJ ctintinmtifiB of plaiuiiiuf and president for the quarter, and
:; ALUMINUM '- ." UM dlatrttiutlcoolUckaUfortt toe Also to be considered will be member of Mt.Olive,announced PHOTO PAUSETaking time out to be photo-
: : joing voice rtcltal on March 20 planalnf for the alumni a special program has
ZL-STOtX. ...WINDOWS-- ....- '.": at EteMur Methodist CmtreH! meeting March 4 at which time'Oiivr been arranged for the occasion.All graphed are Islah Grant, Mrs. Rosalee Shannon -
s ." 0, Taylor, Jr., Director Mrs. Janet Williams and Louis D. Johnson -
.yaw iwuTMw rK iu featuring Ultt Carol Brown and churches have been asked
...... "
",:"CIeoII.....*..'....,.... ----- :' Vtrnoo Smith of Alumni, Affairs at Harriott to report their youth news to .
't" .Institute
'. "=:.:..l.,0.,.,,., ." "" 'e,e. UlM Brown, agradaat.cIN.w the local: group.will be the guest of Kiss Helen Price during the MORE PICTURES NEXT WEEK
Stanton Senior High School and meeting ROYAL ART and FLORIDA STARTotos)

--"- --

h i


II' Construction Underway On New St.Gabriel's Episcopal Church II


Take Ito Construction Prayer Band' Holds Regular Session
'Or Leave It Started OR


New St. Gabriel, PT' ., coiNiuut. SiAM MI*
Constriction of a new chart
at 3t. Gabriel' Episcopal / E

Am POLLUTION...- Cw way< temporary facility.. THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT
last week. Rev (F r.)

_'5U37)Concut T. Via cut HarrisRector "Tin Sword of If* Sfiirtttkt .i, "Neither is there any creature
(Read St. U.d IIIIOIIDCtd. Word of Cod" (Eph. 6.17): ). I that it not manifest in Hit tight:

I Since early last spring; Of all the spiritual armor which I but all things are naked and opened
The other daI ovememm tome fellows talking about air St Gabriel's has been holding believers are told to "put on" in unto the eyes of Him with whomwe
pollution They bad a newspaper and the headlines called services at the new site follow- en t Eph. 611-18: there it only one have to do."
attention to the problem. The president of the UJ.A. and lie acojdsitlon of land la taMoacrlef offensive weapon This i I. "the At David said long ago:

several top Government officials had been discussing this Rd. area by the Sword of the Spirit the Word "O Lord, Thou halt searched mI..
problem that Is getting worse all the time. They pouted out dIoc.... of God." and known me.
what they thought were the main sources of the trouble:, CcnpletloB of work on the new The Bible I. called the Sword "Thou knowest my downnitting
fumes and smoke from auto exhaust pipes, and motors, chmrch will be followed by COBstmctlon of ",AI Spirit, because the and mine uprising' ; Thou under

factories, etc of the new rectory And Spirit of God I. itt Author It I. standest my thoughts afar off" ((1'....
I noticed that t the man holding the newspaper was smokinga other plant facilities tailed: "tkt Sword" of the Spirit 139:1:1, 2)),
cigarette. Several of the others were smoking cigars or Father Harris continued. because, thu. written by God who It is because God knows andunderstands
pipes. All of them were swearing and using profanity very DarIng the winter months,ser- known all, it can cut deeply This us so thoroughly that
vices at New St. Gabriel's,.
to feel that "SOMEBODY" ought
of them
freely. All make. it a formidable His Word can sometimes cut im
of air pollution. bee moved from 9 .... nth session of Dunn's Band held Feb. In the weapon
to do something about the great problem Monthly Temple Prayer was 7 against Satan and the forces of evil so deeply.
They didn't seem to realise. they were making the problem home of Mrs. Annie-Bell Henry, 12110 McConlhe St. Attendees from operating all about u.Ve are How wise, then to bow before

worse-evea while venting their spleen blaming somebody! cleanup else. left are: Rev. Everlena Dunn, advisor; Mrs. Water Rigglns, member. told in Heb. 4:12: 13: that Blessed Book, acknowledge it*
Air pollution begins with ME U one person. 1 can help "The Word of God is living andi condemnation of sin and trust the
with sick committee; Mrs. Elizabeth Dawson, president; Mrs. Annie
the mess or help to make It worse It really begins
powerful, and sharper than /too Savior it presents! And, having
my mind. When my thoughts are clean I am helping] myselfand M. Henry, Chairman Sick Committee; Mrs. Edna Adams, secretary; Mrs.. t edged word, piercing even any to the done this, how wise to "put on
others also. Jesus once said that whoever looks at another E. Boyd, Mrs. Nell Lewis, Other nembers are R. L. Rudolph, presi-' dividing asunder of soul and spirit, the whole armor of God\nol forgetting .

person wtth Sooner adultery later In his he mind she be will has cause already trouble fouled to up breakout thsituation / .t dent; Herman Sheppard, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. A. Logans, Miss Alease and of the joints and marrow, and to "take the Sword of

in somebody's! or marriage.or He said again that whosver Thomas and Mrs. F. Frazier. ( FLORIDA STAR Photo) is diicerner of Iht tkot>"its and the Spirit, 'which it the Worth. ofGod"l
". !
inttntt cf tin ita"/
hates his fellowman without a cause will surely get late a
squabble "and probably) a flgtt. He said furthermore thai. ..
Olive Primitive
II whenever our speech gags that the words necessary Nit. BaptistSchedvles The
Along Church Path
we are filling the atomsphert with evil. I I
Our present day medical men, Including the Surgeon General Annual Women's Day BY ALBERTA J. WILLIAMS
tell the smoke from cigarettes
of the United States, us that .. ., -
----=- -
cigars, and pipes do as much or more harm that that frost
auto exhaust pip... They are killing thousand each year with Various committee ehalraea )have been selected for Mt.Olive

cancer. Our children do not come Into the world cursing 11.... Baptist Church's annual women's Day observance scheduled(or
smoking, and generating evil thoughts. Neither did we. We Following last Suaday's Sunday March 13th with Mrs. Vice, Frailer James having been

learn It from grownups la the home school on the streets service, Father Harris told fee appointed general chairman&

and other paces congregation members that Ask Mrs Gloria Dixon wall serve Mrs.. Willie Mae Jones, Mrs.
St. Paul once said that Lot, a righteous man himself, was Wednesday (Feb. 23)) rites will as Pastor of the Day along with Willie L. Baler sad Mrs Gloria -
"vexed with the filthy convention of the wicked". God not be held at St. Clbr1aI',. told him to leave his hometown of Sodom because air pollution to work on the church.: He sue Alberta Wry Mrs. Leola Solomon 'chairman and co-chairmen. ,
was about to cause its destruction He lost his wife tested that parlshoners attend Is the co-chairman. respectively.:
because she looked back at the smoke of the city instead of services either at St. John Cathedral Other officers> are: Group captains are: REV. q. p. '
forward too the clean pure air, sunshine and green country or St. Phillips Church. Mrs. Frelbls Murray, Mrs Ella Fulcher, Mrs Lola WILLIAMS:
side. St. Paul further stated that you should "let no corrupt general chairman; Mrs. A. M.. 'Grant, Mrs Maggie Rodgers, JACKSON.ADAMS. p.D. DAWSSONAmong '

communication proceed out of your mouth." Jesus warned that Aural Youth Frailer, Sunday School superintendent Mrs Raaene Porter, Mrs the many religious figures slated to attend the annual
"that which comes out of toe man defiles the man." Said ; Mrs. Beatrice Davis. Jessie Johnson, Mrs Lucille sess-
be that Out of the heart comes evil thoughts murders, thefts& finance and treasurer; Mrs. Leon, Mrs Thelma Harris ion of the Progressive Baptist State Convention, March 22-27 at

adulteries, fornications and all kinds of corruption. Day Service, Esther L. McPherson finance Mrs Ruby Scott, Mrs. Lola Jacksonville are the Revs. Paul H. Jackson of Lakeland, Q D. WillIams -

ii Air pollution has been with mankind many generations. It co-chairman; Mrs Erlene Al- Grant, Mrs. Edith Hunter,Mrs. of Belle Glade. G. W. Dawson of Haines City and J. B. Adams of
Is a major problem today. It Is getting worse and worse. at,. R.V.Webster,chaplain beck program and music Geromtse Weston, Mrs. Lassie Belle Glade.
But it is my problem not "SOMEBODrS" problem because Edward waters College will be chairman; Mrs. Elizabeth Hall, Rosier. Mrs Lucinda Hair,and

I can do something about it. "PUT UP OR SHUT UPTAKXChurch the guest speaker at Fountain hospitality; Mrs. May Blaylock Mrs. Almeta London.. Rev. Jackson is the financial secretary Rev. Williams I I ,
.. as
"" Chapel A1IS: Church,737 Jessie
IIIn LEA YB ITl" Haley, tags; Miss Celestlne Others serving on committeesare
I corresponding
/ St, Sunday February 20, at U DubolsMlss Veronica Frazier : secretary, Rev. Dawson, recording secretary and Rev.
a.m. under sponsorship of the Adams is state chairman of the Education Board.
R Slitid. Training Union chairmen ant Mrs. Mary McQuay, Mrs.
Group Young PIoplt'.D.part II n t I. co-chairman. Martha Sellers,Mrs.E.Dotson, The sessions will be held at Mt. Ararat Baptist Church the Rev.
The Young Women of .Allen of Honored I guests will include Also, Mrs. Earthleen Crump, Mrs. Edna M. Flamand, Mrs Dallas J. Graham, pastor. Rev. J. C. Sams of Jacksonville Is
AME Church will gen-
Slates Zion
ProgramThe Ut. sponsor Kappa Alpha Pal Phi Beta Slf- ushers chairman; Mrs Bertha Odessa N. Jackson, Mrs.Suwannee eral president of the state organization
theWilllam Ralu.H1&t'School ma, Omega Psi traternitle; Carter, decorations chairman; Wilson, Mrs. Ellabeth.Harper .
United Church Women will Chorus.In. recital F e tI.l'7 _LM Qeettes, Alpha Sigma Tan, and Mrs. Inet Harris.. -
their annual World during the evening service la the, ,Las Files De .
sponsor Day Cwme"VQIUtm *" '''
of Prayer Feb. 25 at 5 p.m., In church Auditorium.The Voguettes, Lea Petite Allen Chapel Sweetfield, Church Of God I Missionaries
St. Paul AME Church, 13th St. group Is under direction of rtttos, Sigma Taurettes, Beta Groups SlateReorganlsation'
and Myrtle Avenue Mrs. 0. Smith. Mrs L. J. W Bern Social Club E. W. C." AME Church Baptist'Ch.rch Slate
The program is under the aua\ Roberts, president, bat Branch YMCA, and the Epsilon True Saints In ProgramThe

pices of the Conference Branch eite&ded aalavitatloato& iiagers. Recognised as one of the city's Fellowship services 1 will beheld
Young Peq>It'. Division The the public to attend The program follows: most outstanding group the ST. AUGUSTINE-The Love and during Sunday Schoolat 55th anniversary program

Junior Choir of Grant Memorial Aiilvirsiry, Obsirviici., I... A. L. Jones, presiding;' Grant Memorial Trio will* bePZ'e..otec1 Charity Spiritual Churches, 9:30: a.m. with R. McKlnnon, Christ TempleRegular of of Second Missionary Baptist Church Soclety-1 will beheld 1
AME Church will render the processional, prayer by Rev. in a recital by &the Inc., will bold a series of reorganisation superintendent, In charge of his
Sunday Feb. 20 from 3 Sp.m.
music. Others appearing will be Jctes; ail to worship, Rev C. Stewards Board Sunday, Feb.27 meetings of St. Jude staff of teachers Rev. D. B. --
The Laymen's Brotherhood weekly Tarry Service In the church's ma.1nad-
R.w. Jackson, Mrs Ear- Rotacon; hymn Rev. James at 7:30 p.m. in the church&auditor Love and Charltychtrcheshereon & Barnes pastor announced.
Union of Second.. will be held torium.
; Butlsi Friday night lathe
line Baker, Mrs A.Brad ford, Farmr; prayer Rev George him. North Rodrlques Drive. Morning devotion begins at U
Church will celebrate their anniversary Church of God True Saints 1 In The program follows:
Mrs Susie Shelton
Mrs Mary
selection choir.Icrlptureulndmisalocary.
You&f; a.m. led by Deacons Rufus
The services will begin Spencer
eponaortgorgaolsatfonlz Opening -
March 7 at I Christ 1663 26th Selection Choir 2
Washington, ),Mrs.C.Karris p.m.The offer W. St., Elder ; scripture
I urging fellow and music Feb. 20 at 3 m. andMoses Brooks.Consecration
groups Sunday p.
laymen will observe 0. Brother Williams
their L. Gates pastor announced. Washington
Mrs. Anita
Paulln Mrs ;
lag Charles Hodge; announce- rites for all choirs
lovers of the to and 7:30
community with
support p.m. Bishops P.
2Ut annual and the ladle ..
i Mildred Mulllns and Chester t day Beats, Carrie Lawrence and ushers will be conducted Sunday's "lc."W open prayer, Deacon J. C. Hunter;
their Included
effort. on the Q Zachary, J. Anderson and
eighth. with Sunday School at 10:30 selection choir
Cowart. : a.m. vntroductloo
the pastor, following the 11J5
.Trio's repertoirewlllbe..... ._ ....__ rr "When M. H.: Frailer PridgenElders processional.Miss : with Elder J. L.Cuter supervising of mistress of ceremonies
Wake medley ofsptrituals laoise, Porter sadMary
> vp awry Morning service begins Mrs. Lucy Tremble mistress
"He Brought My Soul Hardeman will assist in Ester James and Miss ;
at 12 o'clock noon. YPU will get ceremonies Mrs.
To Marva Jenkins'will be accom Agnes
Calvary 'Suddenly the services which: will begin
underway at 6:30 m. Jackson
19f1110NI i0 There's panists. Choirs 1 and 2 and Usher p. ; welcome Mrs Gladys
a Valley and many at 7:30 p. m. nightly.The public
Night service will with C.
> Vaught
4 ; reading Miss Valerie

other all-time favorites. The Is Invited Boards 1 and 2 will serve
devotions at 8
stair o'clock. Regular Majlory.Also'solo.
classics, semi-classics,hymns the two major services. The'
Annual Driye "'Jbe Function Of The Wednesday night prayer and Miss Frances
andspirltuals will also be message
1124 WEST BEAVER healing service at Scrlven Introduction
commences of
Holy will be delivered
blended Into the group's varied The membership committee Spirit, 8 o'clock.The .
j speaker Brother Williams;
139 CASSAT AYE. offerings. the/! YWCA. A. L.Lewis Branch, by) the pastor. public Is Invited. to all speaker Rev Lloyd Thompson;
,"Tbe-'pastorRev. J. W.JODe'aDCI will launch Its 1966 membership The pastor Is urging that all services memorial service
Allen's official family are campaign Monday at 7:30: p.m. members-especially those ............... ; offering;
3701 EMERSON presentations; remarks by
Inviting the comm\IIIJtJtoatteDd The committee cb&1rmeoau: eligible for Medicare aid and SERVICES AT PICKETVILLE President AlexinaJohnson
the recital. Social Security .benefits e.
Mrs. Marvyn Jenkins membership

remarks and benediction
present to hear an address by Rev
9 Sunday's actlvitfes will begin ; Mrs. Mary Washington, Sunday's services at the J. C. Sams, pastor.
School a representative of thelocal
with Sunday at 9:30: a.m. division leader; Mrs Mary Church of Cod True Saints In

Mrs. Amanda Gay, superintendent. Alice C. SzaWa, branch committee Social also Security advised office.to Invite Theyare Christ, 6057 FlickerAvenue Recital Planned .
u. Morning& worship, 11 a.SB.:, on administration friends and the general public. (Plc h t vlll e)will begin with
sermon by the pastor. The ACE leader; adult department,Mrs. Choir 1 will rehearse Friday Sunday School at 10:30..11. and A song rest will be presentedFeb.
League will meet at 2:30 p. m.Evenlog Alverla Davis, leader; teenage morning service at 12 o'clock
(tonlghtXat 8 o'clock.Friday and 27 In St. Paul Baptist
and at
worship reports
department, Mrs Myrtle H. Saturday; the D.B. Barnes noon. Church, 716 Stonewall t rei.
:Mp.m. Jones, leader; public schools The regular night
Choir and Choir will rehearse. Thursday beginning at 3 p.m.The .
The lIiDlt1eStoal..r- '
public Iir.. Vlcey F.James. Tarry and Healing service will
program will feature all
,.Ic... The pastor Is requesting that
I be held at 8 o'clock. The public
l the entire congregation accompany Is Invited. gospel staging groups and soloists -
"Jacksonville's Most Recommended Dealer" him to Little Rock Baptist throughout the city
2ft Lit. Church,Monday night, Feb. 21

and to Mj,, Canaan Baptist
FLA. GRADE "A"LARGE R. S. EVANS Church Tuesday D.lcht.R.ya.W.'

C. Mitchell and J. M. Hacelton .
SAVE lOt 001.
63 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2DR. HTOP $1595 are the respective pastors. 4
Evening service begins each
03 mwjfcmt'ss&MF'r.xftw* Sunday night at 5:30 p.m., the

63 fm ft 4!DOO"R ATi, irro", R&H .$ 795 sermon will be delivered at 6:
EGGS 2 sermon will be delivered at
DOZ 65 Pontiac Cat. Cpe. $2995 6:15.: Everyone Is welcome to

: = 4fd.% JI CUNDcA0L0 t1ACTAO.T"ize Sweetfleld, "The Smiling
Cadillac& Church."
FLA. BUDGET IfcANDFRYER 65 Sedan De V'. $4995 The Outside Ushers Board 2

PARTS iSJftV 1, T 11 W R1 will french serve fries dinners and Ice Including
ADRalwTraxie f; cream I
65 Ford 500 V8 $2395WcOllTAir Saturday and Sunday lathe rr3t

'>wta T .*nW AI& COMDItlOHKJ Dining Room. I
\! ?
{ ,
Legs & Breast 3 LI*. 62 Chev. Greenbrier Wag. $995 Communion

nw Mm'l.-1A !lnll aRL All ra00P. Dahlia uq "tw
Gizzards 4 63 MUSTANO . . .'
gI, IO ITf.lATU. RICA lain nnvnm LCS. FACTOBT Rites The Latest Men's Hair Styles


LEAN 61 V rK8VlA ii', R&H .I 795 be Holy held Communion Sunday at 12 service o'clock will la Are Taught At The

62 CHEV.: IMPALA V-8 .$ 895 &the Church of God in Christ 4

i WHITE BACON 2 84 8it\l'mPRr'vl i : ,Air 1.... .'. ., .. .$1995 with Elder W. F. Faust,pastor
presiding assisted by the associate JACKSONVILLEBARBER
LBS 59 clSVriTATIOM WAGON .$595UAI ministers The& Rev. Mr.
,OOOD()Iq. LOCAL o,, :a. Faust will also preach for the
Over 100 Cars To Choose From service and at 8 p. m. Deacons

PIG FEET 4LU.WATCH R. S. EVANS3RD and will E. Barnes have musk charge and will Benjamin be of the rendered devotion Irving by, COLLEGE INC.

Choir LSandaySchoolcommences

&: MAIN at lOam-Mrs.E m m a- 630 DAVIS STREET


I (




I Glamour Enhances Reunion 'Self-Styled Program Enhnced''for Rural People FAMU President Wilkins Hits

... "---- ---------.,.. _... : .

Y Bishop Cleared To Serve Oa GeverRMeat'sRegiael' .. I

Of 7-4.-
I t ''fI load Flow Of kipsTaIkeew
"ltEti TORK--OfPD-Do ir. .. ... :
I .aappertadasstaekteed $r. George W. 'nTou..ne reluctance
DeYeraoa Le Grande, eelf- : { Core ptesJdts of riarttaAAU of tfrt Wnf.AdIJa1ItnUca: to
', i styled Brooklyn bishop, was m (: .J. :t cn 1 t Ww JtylMbee iBTlt4hOerarter withhold fads frca segregated

I granted a reprieve last week c' .It': '::' Curl X. fudan,, of school. order Title VI of the it-'
I when be was food not gouty' :, -the Rate of Georgia, to aer- N CIvil Right Act "11II alarmed
'I I of kidnapping cM.r involving I : .e a a sew .*senCdaettkbeard civil right* troop*," Roy
one of his female followers.'; .i i i ,\ K. fssisHitHa en B te9Xdaeatiai WUkls. execative director
Bat the sect teader-who, reportedly 4 ,",c'c' Opportaalty hi thevera the Nst oa1: A.Noe..tt. for the
armed a karem of; ;; !+l i;:" i ,.-. Iw1dl Is tarps, lbeceaalrabVa Advancement of Colored People
: :
11 tires 47 children-- &' \,,! .. .. I. eeabtr* en- said bet Is hi* report to the Asoeiattoej' -'
lUll is buffeted about on trpa-1 'fj .. 17 ..... ajBRBl aeitlng.
bled waters. 'l. ", ',0" '- sesuUssloB las been... This alarm, Jbe: said, stem
Be faces trial on charge..of c, eMed by Gor. Candert to a*. from "the obecarattism"atty'i&a&el'pfeta&a
possession narcotics ,assault ,. '; :cordasM+ with the SRXB nvutmene '
and battery' on two female members decision Its IMS :of the law tad"12M reluctance oftts
of his flock violation of .. flag "to establish a eo- .. eaftvaeaent action la the
the state's Sullivan gm law and t stisata from Its on motor- ;field of pabllc education."
violation of welfare laws. j fc* to I..hl .the problem of "To the dismay of civil right!

t tams a LeGrande was freed on charges | the pradnatunny Negro College proponents,. both the Department .
MI GT. BROOKS GRAY national of forcibly kidnapping and APPOINTED TRAINING STAFF DIRECTOR..Dr. Henry L.'Taylor, center, recently appoin tad. UtimsltlM la the of Health, education and
Marine Association, Philadelphia, prepare president to, cut Uontford cake Point making a harem girl out of ted director of School, Education and Training Staff of the VS. Department of Agrlcattare' WOOL ta Its long-range perMcUve Welfare and the Justice Department .
ted to him br the Rifle Range Headquarters battalllon presen comely and curvaceous Bernlce: Rural community Development Service Is show n conferring with Secretary of Agricilture and tQ foraalate actmde seem inclined to accept
of World War n. Lending an assist are Gelonda veteran 19 Williams 87. A Jury failed to Orville L. Freeman )left, and RCDS Administrator Robert G. Lewis. Dr. Taylor and his I desl ned to deal with ,'mare assurances from local
Chicago dancer; and Warren Wright Edwards be Impressed with the plaintiffs staff will help to develop ways of providing training and re-training opportunities for rural eaargtat seeds and opportoAlttes school official that their systems
chapter president testimony of being imprisoned with those ... as vail u to are la compliance" with.
during "Get Acquainted Party" which the chapter hosted Van people on par now...available to urban residents. USDA Photo J sagest
Keeler ballroom and forced to share a petiole general guidelines for the law Mr. Wilkins asserted
Chicago. (NPI Photo) sawed and forced to share a lonf-range dmlfpement." "la neat Jays( new statements .

J "love slave's existence for WilkiNs Negroes Loom As Political'T As a member of the conunIsstoo have been Issued inwaaatagton
three years as a harem member .. Dr. Gore will consider seemingly uncomprestlatas -
Credit Probe Shows Negroes, by night and a church worker Clears- Senate reat To Southern Elections \ natters of urgent laportaace on the point of enforCement -
by day. to all state and Institutions ( bat uneasiness la the
Poor White The young wwnan testified that : Southern Negroes are focusing sharp attention on their Jut I who are looking to the WEB civil right camp persist*. If
Most Abused she has had two children by Papal'WASIU i. barrier before gaining full voting rights..tile'poll tax. Action for leadership and guidance, Title VL la effect, 1* repealed
LeGrande and was permitted to 'was spurred wbea Solicltw-General Thurgood Marshall told nit year IMS-*, Dr. Gore by adakstrative action, the
CHICAGO-(NPI -The eyes of national consumer credit were leave the building with other NOTON (NPI ..After the Supreme jCoart that unless the southern poll tax Is ruled also serves u president of the most effective weapon ter enforcement
focused last week man all-day hear ing by the Chicago Mayor's harem women to solicit funds of ) a unconstitutional, thousands of newly registered Negroes will conference of president of Degree of school desegregatloa -'
barrage for two
Committee on New Residents of testimony on credit abuses perpetrated as "nuns" during the day. hours the questions Senate Commerce be prevented from voting. I, Granting Institution*in the! will nave been loet'rthe
by both reputable and shyster retailers on naive and unsuspecting Police Investigation of the committee, (,November, 1964, sustaining the State of Florida, a position NAACP leader IaJd..f.2lf.wo't .
: citltens. church operaHoo was triggeredby the nomination unanimously of approved The 24th Amendment to the, Virginia poll lax I which enhance his value u a
Some angry some tearful,the nishments. Miss Williams, also known Roger Constitution, adopted in 1964, Atty. Allison W. Brown Jr., of member of CM commission. g et orroW'1'jobs
testimony generally attacked Meanwhile !the North Division as "Sister Elizabeth," when W. Wilkins as Relations director of the bars the use of the poll tax as a, the American Civil Liberties with yttt,rdqp>t skills
the used car Industry of Federal District court re- she and two other "sisters"went where skillful "paper manipu orted "over 80 per cent of all to police charging they Wilkins of, M.year-01cllawyer. .elections. tax an unconstitutional form of WHEN YOU ARE ILL
lations" extorted installment consumer bankruptcies involve bad been beated by the bishop nephew Roy Wilkins NAACP. Marshall said, "It is the one discrimination against
Interest rates as high as 76 per a deficiency Judgment connected sod threatened with burial executive director was questioned weapon remaining DOW that prevents poor people.He You seek The Beet
closely that
cent. with the repossession andre uncovered two revolvers, a he on reports Negro registration under cited the 1960ensa Doctor when your Doctor
While Negroes were seen to sale of an automobile. i, hunting knifemarijuana and a Quantity ot service In permit and assist the the 1965 Voting Rights act." figures, showing that 54 per cent presoribers.
suffer most at the hands of used The Chicago Committee on Urban on the church premises. books to upgrade rewriting the American history He made wide-range attack of the non-white families In .According'to your II
car dealers the Chicago Better Opportunity recently announced on the poll tax, declaring "I. Virginia had Incomes below Doctor'
Negro's role. s .orders ,eu.e
Business bureau cited the the opening of several LeGrande who once served Sen. NorrisCottonGOP N.H. don't think the race the person $,,000, the governmentrecognized
"home repair and remodeling"racket legal aid centers. According to a sentence In Sing Sing on an ) has anything todowlthmyargui poverty line. only, The Best
brought up a report published I r
for dubious top honors committee director Dr. Deton abortion charge has a record last summer that the service i "It is plain that by the very' nature Quality Drugs C. E. BUCK
among the poor white citizenry. J. Brooks Jr., the centers will ,.of at least 10 arrests. a conciliation, created "While states have the constitutional of this tax, poor people are proprietor
Much of the testimony indicated devote much of their time to He has Insisted that only 12of to Influence publlsheuJo agency taU by right to set relevant to be discriminated 3 Registered pharmacists To 1 serve you
both the Negro and the counseling the urban poor on the 47 children are his voter qualifications the poll taxis against for voting,"said Brown.
poorer white citizen Uckedboth consumer credit andattemptlng The others, he !ma.tDta.1u.< are such a position in the publication merely a tax on the. rightto In the troubled stated
consumer knowledge and access to correct existing credit children of destitute parents of history texts. .- vote," he added. Alabama voters are preparing I i,----A COYPLITE: : LINE: OP----
to legal counseL The overall abuses against community resi whom be has'given shelter In Wilkins said the report was one A Virginia attorney,George D. to choose"a new governor to
however frig church as a charitable .** of a number of ideas which had Gibson, Richmond,arguedfor .
system of credit abuses, dents. been succeed Gov. George Wallace, CosietlcsRobber Ooods- Csadles-sundries
was laid at the feet of Illinois "floating around. It had the retentfondthepoiltaxlabia a controversial state's rights
Republicans who patently New Administrator NAACP beed suggested by a member state, In accord with the principle 'advocate. -PRESCRIPTIONS' CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's -
refused to consider passage of of the service's civilian advisory of state's rights. The backdrop of this center Dreg Store
credit reform legislation at the board, a prominent New', The government, In this case, around two political Imponder
74th general assembly. Seeks To York lawyer who believed the f I I' Is supporting five Virginia abler The first Is the Impactof
Negro had not been
given h1Iproper 1907 KINGS ROAD
The hearings resulted from an Negroes who seek reversal tens of thousands of Negroes
Increased public awareness of ReregisterRights role in American history;'a ruling by a three Judge U. S. enfranchised under the Voting '

the need for credit reform. Led books. district court in Alexandria in Rights Act of 1965. EL-3.8278. .
sa CRS _reportedly said
by the Negro press, the city's '
daily newspapers took up the 6 YlI DrovpOHts, ,the textbook report, )although 1/
banner shortly after the murder had made the service -
of three Westslde Chicago automobile NEW YORK-Brancbesof the controversial and had
dealers-salesmen last National'Association for the been largely responsible for the
Advancement of Colored People decision to transfer the agency
Jan. 8.
The committee with the backlog will direct their early membership from the Commerce department:
sollctatlon to the Justice department.
of civil rights leaders
session toward what has been termed Such a move,Wilkins said,met IK
pressing for a special MA
."civil with his SUER
the state legislature to enact : rights drop-outs, Miss approval. "There
remed1a11ec1llaUOII. I Lucille Black, secretary for Is a clear need for consolidation
-- i of civil .
Conference to membership declared this rights agencies,
The Chicago NEW YORK-Wllllam E. Elston week he added.
Fulfill of These Rights of the,city's Inc.,comprised most has been appointed administrator Miss Black defined"civil THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EOGEVOOD AYE. B.
for personnel relations of
rights ttrop-outs" U persons
civil workers,
influential rights
has wired Gov. otto Keroer to American WAlrllnes, according who feel the Negro's struggle Waits 28
to announcement by KeDDeth-L. for equality and Justice ended
"strongly" consider a special Uelnen the airline's vice-pre with the recent passage of Federal U. S. GOOD CHUCK FLA. GRADE A STEWINGROAST

session. has announced Its sident for personneLAmong other chI rights and anU. Years Before
The group duties, Elston will be responsible -
establishment of poverty legislation and who, as
support for for American's plans a result failed
of to renew their Divorcing
"rate cap" abolition and abolition wage of for Progress activities in the NAACP membership In 1963.

deficiency assignments Judgments. field of equal Opportunlty.Be- Miss Black said three CmCAGO-)--tttook a HE.NS49C
fore Joining American he was state conferences of NAACP
State Rep. Harold Washington quarter of a century plus three
CCTFTR member told engaged in private practice. branches have already set In ,years for one hopeful wife
a He Is a former assistant attorney motion machinery to recoup ..
NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL I to learn a lesson that the 28-
general for the state of
last year's loss In member
at "year rift between her husband
"There are
Winola.Elston if a graduate of ship.
over 84OOO"ace garnishments and herself was definite
record with the Talladega College In Talladega At a meeting of the Michigan: Mrs. Julia Mlchuda,60flnallrrealized IOC
on Ala., and of the DePaul university organization in Lansing January her husband, Stephan
city. Law school in Chicago. 30, the 1986 goal was set
of eSt a retiredbridge
He added, "A recent study engineer
public aid applicants indicatedthat I "" at 40,000 with an immediate now residing In Las Vegas was LB. LB.
18.2 per cent state that they a.7 U.S.S.....* .*.<. goal of 10,000 by March 13. To gone for good.
.... .
had been fired because of excessive -::=== coordinate the state drive,Mrs. When she finally made up her .
Gladys Woodward of Detroit mind on It she PURER SUPER '
wage assignments or gar applied for a di ROYAL
Clarence Johnson
of Ann
vorce. Asked by the Judge"Why
w Harbor and William Gill of did you wait so long she replied :
Muskegon were named state' 'Td always he would
hoped return
.membership chairmen. but after 28 years I guess LEACH RICE

be won't." .

- .. -

I 1/2 GAL. 1 1LIMIT 10e 3 BAG LB', 19. I I

1 WITH $5.OO. OR LIMIT 1 WITH '1.00 QN



KEN KNIGHT N H i iII BANQUET FROZEN FRUIT PIES imn.mitT.mti' t,i1YI'IlJ'.i25t' =

-Invites You To Listen To-
II IIrO3TTlM > it ill

> :


NithtIE 11:30: til 12:00: PILLSBURY FLOUR I II .IUa. .. 149* '

I .

Saturday 9 p.m. til 12:00: p.m.
WESSON OIL ,,24 unit 13't.CAMPELL

1400 WRHC 1400 OStC NMeourN.dlu I

1 .... .. ..-..-- 'S TOMATOES Till CM 10' *


'. '. .. .. .


. ,Organization Meets With Advisor Woodlawn United Miami Coed Attends Study Session I

''' ___ ..t.i ..- __ _

k ... 1ji1. ..,.. ,' .. ,. : Presbyterian Church. :
I. ...1't'' Ii "" i> .By 1LDEB L. M.PIARSOlf&. !
kI.I '
: ; ( ;
-.I- :"':\fj: "{';<' h wm The Met UMtedPresbytertJToBtt Satarday atlpATto .,.u 11 [I. ""iiI

!:r aUp.snubs.Y'J1..,' andthe. be held Trustees Soaday i .

Board will Job the session at I
: p. s. ,
Miss SM Aaa Matthews. '

f'f realist Catted PresbyterianCaorclUBjl of Woodlawi: I JI. .

f the daughter of Mr. aa4 Mra
Dublin Matthews, will be married
'I'' to Ulysses JvJsoB Baety t re
\ Jr., aonof fir.sad Mrs.Ulysses
I J. Betty Sr., Mar c l l at ,...,
test.I Paul A1IK Church,UtfcM. '
and N. Myrtle) Avenue. city. :
t The following chorea sjeiabersj ._
save been electedRallng Elder*
Bad added to the present.....'
of the church:Mrs.Shirley GlbOB -
Henry 0. I. Hillnua all

(INTERNATIONAL GROUP> Four members of the Florida ASM University |In- J.Mrs H. Beeler.Henry IstheposseMorefB '

'ternatl final club meet with their advisor on the Tallahassee campus, btaattfal sqpraM rote).*.*.
Mrs. Thekma Thurston Gorham, acting director of public relations at _
Florida A&M University and associate professor of journalism. Sea-

ted from left are: Dr. Vadlamani K. Prasad, Macras, India, professor -

In the FAMU School of Pharmacy; Chamblaln Ferguson, Accra, Gha-

na, special student In agriculture; Lucien Komossa, Angola and Ray-
mond Enycng, Endc Abla, Nigeria. Mr. Ferguson is President of the
club and Mr. Enyong Is vice president and president pf the program I i d t a

committee. Other members of the/FAMU International Club Include !

students and/or faculty members from Pakistan Trinidad and the CniXRCT of the Barber-Scotia CoBege Stiff listen Intently Davis, Randy McLean Gene Bines, Band 1),11.> Bernard Bell
Virgin Islands. --FAMJ staff
photo by Ernest Flllyau. as Mrs. Betty Davis, member of Mrs. Marine Newsom's Charles Peay Annette Leila Jackson, and Teresa Artls. Thestorytelling
(standing) class In children's literature tells a story. Seated hour was sponsored by the children literature I
. Outstanding Scholar Cited Sing SlagPrisoners Y from left Is Karen Marquess Opa Locka, class member; Mrs. class. (Photo by Jim Wise)

1 I Your Good
I veteran choir ;embli. Her Highest Elective Offical Vacations
r Off father wu also aa Elder before SAMUEL L. ANDELMAN. M.D:, M.P.H.A .

Strike .her, which"makes"a chip off the: __._ _.__ _._ _._ u. _________ _______.___ diabetic who bad foolishly skipped his insulin collapsed
old block.
rA 3 OSSIMNG, H.Y.-Strlklng prisoners Mr. Hlllman Uaaefficesi on the street. Because In his condition there was an ordorof
at Sing Slog went back church worker and successful acetone on his breath, he was mistakenly thought to be
drunk and sent to the local jail to sober up.
to their shops and varied duties undertaker oithecity.Mr.Wee-
# This delay In giving him > treatment almost cost him
t proper
after a bit of sound reasoning lei Is Instructor at New ., .
his life--a situation which could have been prevented If he
soothed ruffled tempers. StantonHlgh School andaproml- had been wearing a bracelet no w available from several
went strike Dent Sunday School teacher of
The prisoners on
companies, showing that be was a diabetic.
for cuts In sentences under Woodlawn Cburcb. Such a device Is of value to persons with many other conditions
L a MW state law increasing redttctoIn These.Elders should be a great r /
bleeders those who to
the -- epileptics, are hypersensitive
of sentences for goodBehaviour. help to present Woodlawn
certain drugs with allergies, and like the
,.... It took them the session. "A Chain IsnoStrong- persons certain persons
diabetic are dependent on drugs.
FREDDIE L. WELCHER JR. ( right) receive., sensitive understanding commissioner of State Paul er The' than Day Care Us Weakest School of Link Wood-" The device must be waterproof so that It can be worn while
National Achievement Scholarship from McGinnls to make them.. the lawn la now being felt In the swimming and it t must not rust or tarnish.
need not contain details about condition but instead
William L. Schnorbach plant of neighborhood and Is appreciated I your
of their strike.
manager futility
it would authorize whoever was rendering! first aid to look
Continental Can Company's Augusta Ga. UcGlnnia explained be wu powerless by the entire church.
into your wallet or handbag (or your locket If you are on the
paper mill. Continental Is one of 35 U.S. to meet their demands. The Church School wm.DaI ti'b beach) for vital information.
state law does not 9:SO a.m. Sunday Feb. M with
The new go
corporations who annual Iv award'scholarships The information found there would include your name and
Into effect until Sept. 1, 1967. Robert Gardner,superintendent,
to outstanding High School Students. in charge. address something about your special health problem, the
status of your tetanus Immunization, your blood type, your :
doctor's. name, address and telephone number and your 6 6reiglon.

The number of persons availing themselves of this added
.1... ... .. ,IrM3r protection Is constantly increasing. Perhaps it could save

... fi... ",v"1 ii / fS V ; jourllfetoo, It'D: .:!\? ,

r Owens Fined $3,000 : "

For Tax Evasion r,

CHICAGO -. (NPI) Ruling ever. Judge Perry Indicated that
I'S that his failure to file federal the defendant's Income tax troubles -
Take along the"takealong" Income taxes to the amount are not over. The jur-
of 68,166 was a "sin of om- ist told Owens that the fine
mlssion rather than commission did not halt the possibility that
size ," U.S. District Judge the government might file a
Joseph Sam Perry last week civil suit to collect back tax
fined former Olympic track
of t, star Jesse Owens $3,000. es.Owens, 52, public< relations
Jchenley The flD ,cov.rln.1750 on each executive and radio commentator -
of four counts ol Income tax faced a possible Jail sentence
i evasion, were levied for failure probation, or fines up
A pint of Schenley Reserve goes. to file income"but returns to $40,000.The .
from 1959 through 1962. returns for 1959 through
wherever you go. Packs easily. After sentencing Owens how 1960 totaled $7.945.63m1J19UDmctDm

p Pours the smoothest whisky anywhere.Take .

along the "take along"size of

y, % Schenley Reserve-just for U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS Massachusetts Attor-
ney General Edward Brooke, who Is seekingthe -
the fun of it.
GOP nomination for the Senate seat to

Ii be vacated Dy retiring Senator Leverett IS IT MAKING YOUR lift MISERABLE
Saltonstall recently vacationed the Don.t scratch!...II can CIUM Infec Contain .. tlm"'
.1 much for
-1 U.S. Virgin Islands. He visited with his tion Palmar I stop! ")(kin Internationally Sweats" Ointment famous, or only your 99c mon. .y'ifacton refunded.LOVILISm .guaranteed

sister, Mrs. Henrietta Amos, of St. Croix, with Important addad Ingrad ann entssklllfullyconvpoundad Or contain I eleven: COMPLEXION
) took residence In the U.S. 'Induce fast. blasted. ...Plu "..d.to-toe protection with
who recently up relief when akin criaa 'h.rp'I Don I the f06""* foamy medication
Caribbean Territory. They are seen here rlak dlaflguranwit by scratching or us.the.tkln,Infaction of "Skin SUCCMI" lo.p. It beauty
bathes while It fights
the St. Thomas waterfront.U.S. comfort tacrat of millions. fit.mar's often aggravate germs that
together on "Skin lu"...* Ointment' .. makes perspiration. odors.
lyg ( Virgin Island Official photo) by reasonably buying. Jha priced la,..at. 44c economy Save sits lie b.INII.n..Only".'Palm.29c.SKIN.SUCcE you' .,sura 1' "Ikill you' n..nlc"..to.'

Hatchett) Speaks SOAP

----- ---- .- ___ ,'...
";''T'- \ -,.JIG-.,,-
1enlea : .
y0 .

1' 1st



h ..d

t, /I

,. : '


4w 114 N. MYRTU,AVI._

i t '

..... .

WllATAIll[FISH WHIM IIOftlDa Lb. 49c
--- -------
->< bsd Hatehett, senior to the Florida AAU .
University College of Law, Tallahassee, spoke at the Sunday r rro. is TlIAT.::: Aso IA.D..M TI e Lb. 69cWHITING
Vesper Program !In Lee Hall Audltorlum.Jannarr 50, ITIU.pus ,.
at .'DOODRepre..nt1Dc the FA1IU Student Association
which sponsored the the Vespers Program Hatchett spoke Lb. 39c
on the topic, "The new Metro." A graduate of Pontiac High erg ef the to t fk* way CM*** .
School, Pontlac, Mich., be Is the son of Joel Hatchett UKarlemoort ''
Boulevard and Mrs, Keola Hatchett, 17 Esther GROUPER SNAPPER

WNIMtr M MOOT M%MUM MUIUi 111111./ KMUUf OUT.CO.,NTC Street, Pontlac. Self-employed U a bondsman In Tallahassee '==-.d..Nr1rw=: .). ,. ?,................ .. ... ,., 69'
the law student has done undergraduate study at Central
State College WUberforee, Ohio, the University of Michigan
Ann Arbor and Is presently at Florida Ail!. SHAD SPECIALS! 1_ u... 39c,..... u.. 29e

b.. t l

__ --- _. _" .......... -- --" .---......------ _--:......__. -- _...:.._ ;...;. .. ", -

,. -

SATURDAY'' FEBRUARY 19", 1966 STAR PAPERS pier 7Aainal

I ---__ -- -_ I Ball Successfully Climates Tradition! Event ... .. .- A ",''''..''.&___
: r Socially SpeakingBY

__ 4 _

arrowes great big hand from Royal Vagabond* Club
kit Tn occasion: wu the Vagabonds* annual ..
ball tad the sitting WM tbacDml- County Armory. The St. Valentine
** decor, plus the divine mock o8 the Eugene White Bud
t Pent spirits Marine to such bejghts thaf they were sure to be
f alrbofw through St. V mtJae's Day. Much to the delight ofguests
,TEe dance WM extended beyond*'original hr for
their enjoyment.Vagabonds' .
: p officers laeladePrestonPeterson.preal4eatReleford : ; -
; 4v
i ; MeCrU,, ,Iu pr..ldntiBnJamlD;
Canty, secretary; Iu1I Cuss, assistant secretary;Phillip l
H Douglas tmnrtr; Samuel Williams, parliamentarian a adGeOTg
} ) CUll f haplaiii.
Il.J I. I ..IIllf111116
: Miss Jm Shagaloff, Education: Specialist for the National
Association I for the Advanceme&of Colored People, waa the
principal speaker at public meetlagaf the Jacksonville Breach
NAACP held recently at Ebeneser Methodist Church.
Rutladga Pearson, NAACP pray, Wendell Holmes, Rev.R.L.
1 Jones, Rev JJS.Johnson,Mrs Sally B.Media,and tilt William
?* Raloca High School Ensemble appeared on the .
...*...>.... ..<> program.rtar

Moielle Brutoo wu guest player when Smart Set Bride Club
!. mat recently with Janet Johnson u holt....
Joan Spauldlng, Glorya Brooks, and Vivian Holmes were
awarded prlaaa for outataadlnc' play in the bride session
Charlotte Stewart Nellyvonn Russell, Lola Scbell, Lou la*
Walton, Thalma LawU, Norma Bland and Elizabeth Downing
war tinning otters enjoying tba
.........<.....1 I I I.. ..
+ f Sara Lovett was hostess when.Kevlnettes Bridge Club held
rL Its annual St. Valentine's Meeting Mrs Faacbar was guest
) x playr.DorU.
'* _
Bennett, Geraldine Rt111ard; Ann Monroe, and..pocothy
WITH A'CAPACITY ATTENDANCE on nand to enjoy festivities, New Stan Marian miss sweetheart") Nesbitt and Amos Hill Robin, ( "Miss Oliver were recipients of prizes. !

ton High School celebrated Its annual Sweetheart Bal I Friday night Stanton" runnerup) Forrester and Benjamin Pel ey and Miss StantonFeb. I Pearl Mickey, Celestin Nicks, Nan Fletcher, Daisy GUllard,
Ij In Its colorfully valentine-motfed! Program principals posand escort. Nat Smalland his orchestra furnished music for danc-, Pauline Davis, Barbara Harper, and Norma R. Solomon were

ed from left are: Wonda ( "Miss Stanton" ) Crompton escorted by Ing. (ROYAL ART STUDIO Fotos) other Kertnettea present..........>..<...... '

uthey Turner; attendant Desores Chandler and Edmond Collins, Hattl Stewart entertained Kardettea Bridge Club Last Saturday

evening In the Roth Drift bomeof her Bister, Gwendolyn
South 'First' Honored Followiaa Return Home Vets Stewart. Kathyrn Robinson wu guest player
Gateway liable Roblnaon Jooea, Uarcarat Wllaon, and Sybil Butler

I s'1'o"RJ-Z = !! Meet Saturday qualified Margaret for Starkea prizes, Vanette Thayer, Grace West, LOUT en la

delivery ia LT.U.55; : ; Solomon Mary were Cole among Walker partlclpanta.,Gwendolyn Stewart and TbomaalnaItcFarlln

A representative from the ...................
.. local Social Security office will
S be the Bonnie Wilson was the vtelttngplayer whenlohoufe M. Mitchell
I Mr. and Mrs. Warner Baxter,. Flag St., Apt. f$, boy. F- : Gateway speaker Barracks Saturday, Veterans when of entertained Lea Elites Bridge Club. Maxine Jackson Irma
|2700 Begonia Road boy and S
World War 1, USA Inc. meats Murray, and Alrenla Striven were recipients of club awards.
Mr. and Mrs.Herman Wynn M9 Saturday at 2 p. m. in Joe Leone Bennett Vermal McCooe, Lois Ayery.MaxleMcClaln
and Mrs. Jlmmle Elerby, North Street, Court, girL H, James Community Cen Bernice Henderson, Elizabeth B.Jones, and Annie B. Mlnatee
206 Rhode Island Dr., boy and I t r
other members
were among attending the affair.
ter UtJa and
rLJr. Mr. and Mr a.Charles White,8M Commander J. S. IrvingSr. **..****..****.**** .
Davis Street, girl. announced, Catherine Jackson and Zelma Johnson were guest players whenSophisticates
and Mrs. Byron O.Gittens, will be the Bridge Club met Saturday erenlafatthe
769 Gaspar Clr. W., boy. M r. and M r s. Ulysses Hunter, final Saturday's session meeting leading up to the Matthew Walkers West Twentieth Street residence Vermal
6293 PettUord Drive, boy. dedication of the Barracks' colors McCone, Myrtla Thomas, and Leona Bennett wereh1cbacor.rafor
[Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Laster, 2U4 i which will take place the evening .

[District M Membership Tea Sunday Feb 27 at 3:00: p.m. In Vlrgle Martin, Marl McClaln,Johnnie Mitchell Anal
eeting Grant Memorial AME Church, B. Mlnatee, Geneva Wheeler, and Evelyn Calvin were among

|The District Fellowship Hour auxiliary of BrewsterMethodist Rev. A. Joseph Roddick,pastor. members In attendance...................
fat tie Laymen's Brother hood Members of the flag and color
ihtlon, auxiliary to the East Flo- Hospital willlpOl1SOl'its bearers' staffs are requested Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority's annual "AKA Week" activities
fflda and Bethany Baptist'Association annual membership tea Feb. be present. began last Sunday morning with group worship at Snyder
will convene In Mt. 27 at 4 p.m., in the hospital'scafeteria. Memorial Church. More than forty members of the sororityand
their families beard the sermon "Dream-Driven Lives"delivered
fernon Baptist Sunday A discussion on Mental Health Churches -Slale
3p.m. by The Reverend Mr. Sherman _. .,_
(lev. Theodore Lee will be given by Dr. Melvin P. Other phases of Uw program are la progress u?this columngoea 1
Jr.,pastor Reid from the topic, "Tiw rrt : to press and will be featured m toe next amen."*"'**1
rspringhill Baptist Church, Nature of Mental Health." fol. Abe.i Charity Fete Ruth C. Solomon is baslleus of Gamma Rho Omega Chapter
ill be the speaker. The choirs 'n ..... ....
lowing the p r cram,fellow- ... .......
I ushers will
serve snip hour will be held. A Mock: Csvarettefeatnrlng i
some of the community's best Buy U... Savings Bonds
IF- known actors will presented In
.. .. ... .. Buster Ford's, 938 E. Union St. rut U S. 6 trininl doer .Ml t'1 'a' ten ...lH...nt. IIKittnteit .
r, ., "' -- < ,
11IIII ; _'t- TdtT! : ** ; #* ;***P .1' "'4" '*" h it "ict m MCtralitn mill lee Trtiturr"
who made Friday night Mar.4 at 9 o'clock I..ri f lee Mx'limi, C.uncil:
InstantPhotos IIC &- c. Ktacr.. (third from kit), Hew Stanton High School senior
International headlines when he became the South's first Negro Page Boy following appointment under the auspices of the Love Ypu Don't Have To oo To Town To Oet
by Rep. Charles E, Bennett of Jacksonville, highlighted press conference at the and Charity Spiritual churches'program r
u .: school last week which was covered by local DeWS media. Coordinating the program was committee.
Rodell F. Roberts (left), bead of the school's DCT department and public relations director On of tilt headliners will be LOW
Mrs. L. H. Williams, King's' homeroom teacher, the bonorees' mother, Mrs. Myrtle B. PRICESDRUG
King, a New Stanton faculty member, and his sister; Phyllis Renee King, a New 8 tan ton
I i 50 Each 10th grader C. J. Rountree, one of King's instructors, was also ieated with the panelist
New Stanton Principal Charles D. Brooks, assisted Congressman Bennett in King's appointment STORE NEEDS

----- ---------

Art Studio NOW St.' James Women Oraanir Hail Anniversary Fete Trade with your Neighborhood Drug store
papers, we Deliver we also fill all Doctors -
Y''K The Deaconess Board of New prescriptions.
Social, Commerlcal Studio Service i Mt. Olive Baptist Church: will
observe its 48th anniversary
i Sunday at 3 p.m., In the church
515 DAVIS ST. y auditorium. Dixie Pharmacy
J Rev. W.A.Mack, pastor of
t Greater New Jerusalem Baptist

ELGIN 4-1894 Others Church,to will appearare be the speaker.: Mrs 1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue

Edith Jackson, Mrs. Amanda Thomas Lewis Jr. who baa become -
Closed. All Day Tuesdays Collins, Mrs Ophelia Cor bin, highly popular with his Phones Ellin 5-5597 -98
Meat Markham.
Imitation of Pig
Austin Twins, Mrs. A. Williams
Other acts will feature dancing, _. .
Jerusalem Choir, Mrs. -- ------
a fashion snow,singing,comedy
Helen Telfalrt Rev C. L.Telfalr '
Mrs. MamleCrant, and vocal ensembles. f PAY YOUR LIGHT. WATER AND TELEPHONE
Mrs. W.M. Davis, Mrs. A.Miller Tickets: may be obtained from :
and Mra. Lola Webb. the sponsors or at the door. The BILLS AT OUR STOREs
public is Invited.


This isthe

nicest ,
." ,
smoothest t
j Js :


to come t
ever INITIAL SESSION of the recently organized 1

out oft Young Women of Allen of New St. James Ame rooo
,, Church held their first meeting in the home ; : ssoS

Kentucky.Find of the pastor Rev. and Mrs. A. D. Harris,

i 1592 W. 11th Street. Seated from left are: .

N M1. Mrs. Lynette Braggs, president; Mrs. Wille-
lla Akery Harris, suoefvlsor: Mrs. Rebecca
Thompson' vice president. Standing 'from

(I left: Mrs. Rovena Hughes, reporter; Mrs. '

Essie B. McCloud, treasurer; and Mrs Ivory 'x r"S
Askell' secretary. ( FLORIDA STAR Photo)

yourself.out I Sunday Observance i :

The Charmettea Exclusive Bartley, Miss Jacojnelya I
cial Club will observe its 9th Travis, Mrs. Daisy Foster,
anniversary Sunday at 3 p.m., Rev. C. D. Braddy,Allan Hen
in the Arlington Church of the derson. Willie TravisaodCholr
Living God WHO Harris St. 2 of the church,' Beef ff
Participants will include:Rev at its
.e ntooi 0 i*.a.tcno tmiM cxaTiUMV. louiaviut R. B. Logan speaker) ; Miss TnN
Geneva Taster, Mn. G. I 'lest"i
was lalk,1um house-
Stevens, Miss Irma Brooklns,
{i wok
Mrs. Mary Bartley, Miss Irene Digest-

-- -- ---

s B B PJI.




r t .rut I r

I ac

I Flighters t Prep Far Ainil Event3ISTAFFERS' Careerist AMEZ Complete' International Projects I

." r .
r' ::3', .:' .:. ,6, Undergoing


Advance Study

k. f Force captain, who earned her .I :

B.A. degree in sociology frill

Florida AIM University Tallahassee ;
has entered the Air _
University's Squadron Officer .4 4
School here at Maxwell AFB 4

r Ala. dangbter -... .....
L Capt. Haiti M. Brown, ,
f of Mr,and Mrs.Alton Browm ,
Sr., of 111 Galloway Street. Tallahassee '
r will receive 14 weeks .",;, "l -, ? ('
of instruction the senior USAF t'f. -

prote.aioDallChooL .
The school provides training!18 )

communicative skills, leadership \ I
__ 9 national power and International -i
relations, duties and
responsibilities of the com
gdi mand-staff team,and aerospace
doctrine and employment.
Agraduate of Lincoln: High
School Tallahassee; Captain
Brown was previously assigned
u an administrative officer.>Stb eL


"" ....---.-......

SESSION-Striking putting poses are assumed by these ft

charming golf enthusiasts while' enjoying the sun and fun In Miami StfiSNASSSU

prior to the opening of the |13th Annual North-South Golf Tournament .

: at the City of Miami! Country Club Feb. 23-27. From left I Nancy -
The Hon Sir Roland Symon- cation of the church, which was built with
Taylor, of Miami Springs, Fla. Mary Minor, of Cleveland Jewel i/i ette, Premier of the Bahamas, thanks "all some $120,000 collected in AMEZ churchesIn
Allen Miami and Rose Elder of 'Washington D.C. Rose wlfr of two- /
who helped, 'for what they have done for the United States, were Sir Staffordread
tire ilpro: champion Lee Elder, has been established a pretourney Christianity In this country, In remarks the second lesson while Bishop I Chaw,

favorite: along with Ann Gregory, of Gary, Ind last year's' ILLtd preliminary to his reading of the first who led the funds drive for the church de-

winner and defending champion. (MIAMI-METRO NEW3 BUREAU PIIOTO) .. lesson at the dedication of the new St. I livered the dedication sermon. (Ministryof
-'- ----- -
entered' Joseph's African l Rethodlst Episcopal Zion Tourism) photo by Lorenzo Lockhart'\
MIAMI BEACH SHORTSMIAMI tee air rorce as -,
Veteran Salesman listed woman following her Church here. Also taklna Dart In the dedi-

BEACH An important striking arm of the U.S. navy .. graduation from Florida MM
used in conquering the Seminole Indians of South Florida 125 -' University 1956,and receivedher Texas Educator Is Selected
.oqU.L............ Alain Locke, in 1907
years ago was a fleet of 95 canoes. The canoe was the only r' commission in the Air -.-- .
craft in'which the wide, shallow waters of the Everglades, I IIT Force in 1958 by direct appoint -...--- was the firstNegro.to!, J be
dotted with "hammocks" of dry land,\ could be traversed ment. CME General Conference Delegateshould selected aa a Rhodes

MIAMI BEACH-Efforts to establish the pronghorn antelopecs' I r Scholar, studying at
Florida game animal were begun recently with the release Charges Pollc.BIRMINGILUl With Brutality TYLER, Tex.-Dr. Horace C. realize that the large Oxford England.
>. 0 antelope in the soutb-centralporUonofthe state. The immigrants Savage, president of Texas College Federal Grants made to
from Colorado will be protected from hunters on a was among the clerical the smallest of the church rela-
250,000-acre ranch while it is determined if they will thrive in y enforcement officials. delegates elected to representthe ted colleges is proof that these
their new surroundings. Hosea Williams, of Atlanta, Central Texas Conference schools are considered worthy
who has led street demonstra- of the CME Church: at jhe deno- investments. The Negro should
tions for the last three weeks, mination's General Conference contlnle to Invest dollars by the
was arrested and charged with scheduled for Miami; in May. thousands in institutions that
driving a car while intox- The Central Texas Conference have given him Identity and
icated and driving through a observed Its Golden An- worth. He should also realize
WAMEDIAL red light. He was released niversary this year. The that Federal Grants are provi-
after posting $300 bond. conference meetings were held ded through his own colleges to
Williams, 42, denied the charges at St.James Church,Tyler,with attack poverty and illiteracy."
and leveled one of his own- host pastor. President
Rev. P.L. Gray Continuing, Savage
....-- ., police brutality. He said a few of
rt. One of the highlights said "Texas CoUege,along with
UP-GRADED Caesar Wallace Lours after his arrest: the meeting was a testimonial other schools of higher
a route salesman and an eleven "They (police) are a bunch of dinner for Bishop Bertram W. learning is experiencing
.year veteran with the Coca-cola, lying thieving Negro haters." Doyle, prelate of the Eighth the effect of population growth
Bottling Company of Charlottee, The SCLC aide said police District. The affair was sponsored through an Increase in overall
N.C., has been promoted to the threatened to kill him if he by the Women's Connec- enrollment, a !16 per cent
post of Sales andMarketing tried to move after he had resented tional Council and was attendedby increase in dormitory studentsand

Representative. recent recipient the officer's reference nearly 400 person. nearly an 80 per cent increase 0 /
Ala. (NPIj'A
1260 of his company's "MnltAward" aide In to "him u "the nigger that Is Bishop Doyle was praised for in the Freshma.nClu.."
distraught top Dr. to black his devotion to duty,his capable nunrd.
for ten years of outstanding Martin Luther King's Southern going put faces in
achievement in II lea, Christian these police suits." church leadership and the progress -
Wallace has received several ference (SCLC Leadership) last week Con-scored He said the office then rapped made by Texas College Madam Glprla
awards for his production in racial harassment and Intimidation his billy club leather around under his supervision.
Coca-Cola. his wrist. "I truly feared President Savage, speaking to Palm Spiritualist Reader
U underlying factors
behind his forays with law-_ for my life at this point," both the Central Texas and the Advisor in all affairs of life:
Williams said.Classic.Date. East Texas Conference at Longview Love, Marriage Business,Sickness -
told his audience "Negro etc. Lucky Charms, Lucky -
FLORIDA'SQ Set churchmen cannot t afford the Days, Lucky Hands, There WMBMSpotlight
loss of the colleges established Is no home dreadful that
i MIAMI-.. Tje 34th annual Orange their forebears. The pride so shecan't
help Located at: 901 N. A
Blossom Classic and festivities ,
and achievement of the race are
W. 79th Street. Phone.:751-9307
will be held here December Product
In its school s
centered Open 8 a.m.. until 10 p.m. daily -
Z-3 1968 Thegridclasslc
and churches-founded
will be played In the Orange t Sunday. Located in Miami -
days when the Negro had no Of The ,Week
i Bowl Stadium Saturday Fla. One visit to MAD.KGLORIA
t other places Lost t u d y andwor-
# Night, Decembers, at 8:00.: The and you will feel the
ship. difference. Half Price with This Miami
FAMU Rattlers will meet yet- ,
"Furthermore, Negroes
Adtumimtllll I / / I
L '#. ta-be- named opponent.

; tt ll' UIl' :' :. .

.Y.wAgr*. 1"a:,

the SHORTY-$35.


RHYTHM & BLUES and wd:1o:t..iu.::"till r.:::: Lod kvAi naoY.dtr. :t./!:.vl:.. "My son's skin was rough, chapped..a .

I ... 1\'. ,.... .al& tti.
...""' Normot.--"TUi.......... '""co'l/MoJol:r Mo'lr i Pro*. !Ina I neighbor told me how good pure 'Vaseline' '
oturilljr Hoollhr ROOTS Pool. it 9, Bklyn' 35, H.Y. .
th. HAIR 1t
from 4
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a SCALP. Jelly was. It didn't fail"Mrs Y f
hair oltr-i dopond* hoo Ur COMB d
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4. I t


Goose Sets Rattlefs Develop Starring Roles I

Spotlight On SportsPAPER ......- --_., .- .

AtT College i a,

Poor_Ernie Terrell is learning the bard way the dilema ol Appearance
being a paper champ. It shouldn't !happen to a nice guy like GOOM :'rse r
him but it has, and you might as well call a spade f spade. GREENSBORO.N.C.- y
Lefs p back a bit and trace the developments>> that put Tatum a former star with the
Harlem Globetrotters,, r '
Terrell into Ms predicament. famous 1. MASTER
Sometime when Cassias will present a basketball show
ago ( All) Clara ranting
wu at its peak, the laughable World Box1nIoclaUoa here at the AtT College Charles
became disenchanted with him and his Muslim'ways and Moore Gymnasium on Saturday
threatened to dethrone him, if he didn't watch Ma cODduct. night, February 19. The show is. TAKE TWO
scheduled for 8 o'clock p.m. ,
The clincher came when Cassius Ignored the NBA's warning I
'i against his rematch with Sonny LIston. The show will feature a regulation
Infuriated, the WBA breathed venom on Clay, accusing him basketball game between PORTABLE RADIO/PHONO
the Harlem Roadkings, 0(
of conduct detrimental to bozin,. And It followed the blast
by dethroning Clay who couldn't care less and went right Tatum is owner, coach andstar
and the New York Olympians
on defending his championship and making lot of player
To fill the so-called void, the WBA scheduled a tourna- another all-star club,Including e /
usual humor which I .
ment among some of Clara title/contenders and announcedthat the this ,:. ;: \' ;l
goes along with games of 1 : :' r"
the winner would be proclaimed chapion. 'r.1
It was thus Ernie Terrell ascended the throne by decision- type and a brilliant half-time 1 1 ;
tdi }
lag has been Wddle Machef in lack-lustre WBA finale.
The event Is being sponsoredby
Ernie has virtually gone hungry since even his contenders ......... .. .
let alone Clay-showed. interest In engaging him for the the Gate City Chapter of the III ..._ -- .____u
ALT College Alumni Association
hollow title. for the benefit of the Alumni PACEMAKERS for the 1965-M edition of the Florida AtM Rattlers are towering ,-"<
When Terrell reallud his predictment he became disgusted Fund. center Freddie Bobbins, who while developing u a top rebounder,picked 29 rebotuxls
with the WBA and decided to remedy the situation himself. Goose called the "Clown off the board recently a season'a high for FAMU rebounds. Freddie a sophomore from Enter The Royal Crown Hair Dressing
He had.,Already acdused the WBA of making him "champ" Prince of Basketball", Pensacloa, played his prep ball at Washington High School. Dubbed as "Dangerous D"
ant then doing little, If anything to get him into a title pro the "Golden Goose", the lessee Daniels a 6-8 sophomore guard from Hollywood Is leading the Rattlers scoring GOOD GROOMING SWEEPSTAKES
motion.S6 with a 30.5 point game average. He's elthth In the mation'a small college '
"world's most amatlng basketball scoring It I the Royal Crown way ol laying"thankHere's ,
Ernie called for an armistice with Clay and agreed to player", and by several Daniels played his prep basketball at Attucks High School Danja (or using Animal 'favorite-good
fight the Lip largely in the challenger's role and on Clay's other superlatives has been your groom products Enter ollen,. make
terms. chine to win your chances ol winning better Th*'.'i
basketball than State Arrests The
The big fight was tentatively set for March 29, in New York's playing more College Student SpeaksJACKSON your own portable nothing to buy lust use official entry
famed Madison Square Garden. Terrell would at least makea twenty years. He is reputed as radio/phono blanks available where Royal Crown products -
having played before more fans fishing ViolatorsTALLAHASSEEJanuary art sold or at your radio station A
heavy payday, win or lose. (nearly thirty million) In more STATE COLLEGE, JACKSON Miss., has Joined winner week" lor lour weeks.HH ry
Failure to get In a title promotion had forced the WBA's with the State and '
towns and cities than any other was University of New York at Blnghampton in a pro- enter'today'
paper tiger into theatres and night clubs to strum a guitar player alive. an attractive month for Florida gram of exchanging professors students and library books.
to pick up some much needed loot, and there fore the hatch He refuses to give his age;but fresh water fishing and at least Jackson, which has an enrollment of 2,200 and offers courses .11 'ii
with the once-maligned Clay came none too soon. his son, Reece Jr., now 23, is 99 flshermenettemptedtoevade in liberal arts and teacher education is governed the board of
He was a happy man, even in his dual role. But then a also a star with his team. the fishing license requirements. trustees of Institutions of Higher Learning of the state of Missis
hitch developed that killed Terrell's title hopes>> at least The statewide xA credited ROYAL CROWN ROYAL CROWN
for the time being. Outscore report of arrests as Issued by by the Southern Association of Colleges aadSchools, HAIR DRESSING AND SHAVING POWDER ANO LOYAL Clown ROYAL CROWN
New York refused him a license to do any boxing in that Aggies the Game and Fresh Water it has applied for but has not yet received accreditation by the MEN'S POMADE AFTER SHAVE CREAM BERGAMOT STICK 'OMAOE
state claiming he had been consorting with Bernie Clickman New Board Fish Commission Indicatesa National Council for Accreditation of Teachers and Education WRHC"TUNE
a one-time Chicago awning manufactuer who has been accused Tally total 283arrestsfor Other features of the exchange program as descrlbedby Dr.
of buddying with under world chatacters. GREENSBORO N.C.-The ALT January. Of the total number of G. Bruce Dear Ing,president of Blnghampton,will include oppor IN FOR FULL DETAILS"
Ernie, of course, denied that Glickman was his manager He College Aggies recently installed arrests 99 were for fishing license tunities for Jackson graduates to attend graduate school Blng
said he managed himself In the rich; that Glickman was some- a brand new Scoreboard In violations.According hampton. Two 1965 graduates of Jackson have already enrolled.
how related to his theatre ventures.But th Charles Moore Gymnasium to W.B. Copeland,
New York stood fast, and the Clay people>> became disinterested and on the first night ran it out chairman, Game and Fresh Water +
in fighting Terrell, anywhere else. of numbers by soundly thrash Fish Commission, January' C r
Actually with the/Ingenuity of today's closed circuit television ing the, Morgan State College Is usually a quiet month with QUANTITY
the fight could have been staged in a bush ring In Bears UO-7L only limited outdoor activity as;: I RIGHTS RESERVED
one of the Fiji Islands and still reap a profit. It was sweet revenge for ALT the hunting seasons are closing
But evidently/ta. Clay people who were not too keen on in downing the one club in the and fishing not really In full O e
Terrell in th,first place didn't want to risk the stigma of CIAA which had defeated them, statewide swing. Even o PRICES GOOD
fighting a guy turned down for having shady connections.The '5-55. In the opening game of with limited activity there were* THROUGH SATURDAY
tables had turned completely I Clay the once supposed. the season. 109 arrests for violations of thepshing
ly boxing bad boy now is cast in the role of being-oothing Two top pros Wilt Chamber. lawsUl arrests for violations -
worse than a braggart, while Terrell who once was the WBA's lain, star, of the Philadelphia76'ers of the bunting'laws and
, purifying ointment for boxing finds himself In the role of and his coach, Dolph 33 for boating'ety.io1aUOOI.
the villain. Schayes, in town for a game on
Refusing to give up the battle which has been so long denied the following evening saw the State Places In
him, Terrell made another stab at getting together in the ring engagement. They blinked at the
, with Clay. sizzling speed and scoring At
Now his pitch Is being made directly on Clay for a agree power generated by the Aggies.
ment to fight In Chicago on the date originally set. He's basing AtT took the lead from the Top Meet
hit appeal on the fact that the Illinois Athletic commissionhas opening tip-off widened the gap'
said it couldn't find anythingto taint Terrell's fight hopes. 49:
to a 52-32 half-time lead; and PETERSBURG. Va Virginia PICNIc
t" Added to that was the commission's Indication that it would in the second half, turned the State College placed In three IE.TII .
"', approve a match between the two heavies. ball game Into a rout. eveats In two Indoor track ,
r' t .nt' I "i t : '
a .l3" I;) .FJ In the Knights Columbus < i H RAGE'SWIFT

, Meet In New York,William Nap-
tTUICHT HNTIICICf lOUUM WltllCT M HOOf MCltJT act tltTIUlM COMMIT,ftHJgQIT,tDmiCCTCAN per high jumped 88" to take I
fourth place. Dave Ross of Southern
University with a PREMIUMCHUCK
jump of 7'.
In their mile relay: section,
Virginia State took another
j fourth place running the boards ROAST LB.4ge
la J.n. with a team composed of :
4Y'i FZ e Herman Graham f red
Hamilton, Dave .poins.ano;
Frazier Thompson. Holy Cross
won the event in a time of 3:19.3.
In the Inquirer games at Philadelphia GOLDEN RIPEBANANAS
Graham was awarded
fourth place in a dead heat finish
In the 50 yard dash.Monty Frailer
of the Philadelphia
Pioneers led the field with a :
time of 5.4 LB.

Watch I I



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