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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200701datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 5, 1966dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007010740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 5, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 5, 1966
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
.. ] liiJ _: _! .I e .&. -: e" rr rra; 't' e. "r-rriYl J\\J\\ mi]

.; r.1..a,..___ E.._,........ ,a. ...
] ** i *


... ....- .. .. ..... 0 .0

,Library i < Bus-Train Crash

Vlrlnre1t,' of >'ltlal'idaGasrr Killed

.tll., nari4a Kills 19 I

LYfljjdaoJiirFire ; $ ." <. In Miami =i 1

MIAMI-Although confined In ::1
critical condition in a local hospital ,:

Edward Padilla, 49, a :I I
Leaves Widowed Family Homeless farm bus driver has been charged .1

with failing to yield the right '
of way In the Feb. 4 bus-train 'i

VOL. NO. 47 SATURDAY FEBRUARY 12, 1966 :,15 .cgNTS:: YML .- ,, .' .. ". .. ... crash Puerto which Rican workers killed 19-migrant and injured I'

***.&(> *** -. t., .' 15 others.
.......-..-...... .' '.'. ,. .. The bus and a Seaboard
_jll "H JjlilEf(" ., ,. .c.- .Q' 0.1 .. ..... ,'...:','' engine Drive crossing collided at at the South Eureka West
.u '
.J."I .i >.; .. 184th Street nearby 150th Ave- ,
: '. \ ... .'. '. 0 nue resulting inwhat authorities I
: j, : ,. I
: ;:
.' ; .. termed as Dades worst traffic
* .
: ..,... .. .. : :'; :,;. .' ... accident.

.,..\ ,. ,. <, Witnesses said the engine was I

L ; ; J.. pulling a caboose,but the Impact
'COPS WOUNDED IN .,. ; resulted wit such force that the
.. .t. ,..
.. .r ... blood-drenched windows of the
'.. .. \
... : '
: .. : :;'.. ..:.. .. bus exploded hurling bodies
.; : \ through the windows with other
_' .. I-', '. .' ,.."'. ... -:\: ...... screamlngvlctlms
'" "..I. '"\i,. ; being entrap I
.(... i.:'. .1.Y' ,U .. .. .'.. ped. The engine dragged the
.. ., .
STREET SHOOT-OUT \ .'.. i-{ to' bus could some be brought 440 feet to before a stop.A it.

...,.. ._: ., ,. number of the bodies were
... .. ..
." .. .. thrown on the rocky road bed.
* ..1P---": .:.Y-". .0.,..'.. It was reported that a rescue
.P --
squad worked for more than an

10 NegroesDie 2 Fire Victims: fefLOOK HOPELESS idowteS Mother, Mrs Charlie Mae Bowens and her three children hour and a half to retrieve
Brothers KilledIn Robert, MozeU and Dennis face a bleak future after fire destroyed their 1524 Florida bodies from the buckled 'bpdy
Avenue home and possessions. Persons and Individuals wishing to contribute funds, clo- and twisted seats of the bus. I
Receive AidST. thing, food and furniture In their behalf, may leave same at Leo Dorsey's Shoe Repair Seventeen persons reportedlydied

Gun Battles Shop, 923 East Union Street. (FLORIDA STAR PHOTO) at the scene, and two more
Miami Fire AUGUSTINE ... As the succumbed at Jackson
result of combined efforts of Memorial Hospital.

MIAMI-An investigation of Two brothers were killed during Ashley Street bar and he shot Mrs. Loucille Plummer, Executive Husband Pump;s; Eastside Widow, 3 Children The workers were returningfrom
the flash fire which gutteda- a pair of related incidents his alleged assailant. Secretary of the local clearing frost-damaged
year old rooming house at midnight In Chapter of the Southern Christian beans during the day to
early last Friday morning City Police Sgt L.C.Williamsand 6 Pistol Shots Homeless Following FireFire pole
last Sunday bringing death shortcuts which also resultedin Patrolman Walter Solomon Leadership Conference, their Jphn W. Campbell Campfor
to seven children and three the Ancient City Charity Club laborers in Prince
the wounding of two city said they were investigatlnghe migrant
Into WifeFuneral
adults, Is still underway, It was policemen, reports indicated.< shooting when they were con and the Florida STAR, aid to one of the most relentless foes of the needy, struck ton.
learned this week. Pronounced dead on arrival fronted by Vemell Robinson who a mother and her seven children again last week to leave In Its havoc a widowed mother and
Ruling out evidence of arson, who lost all of their service for the wife of her four children destitute.
at Duval Medical Center was was armed with a .32 caliber poeseuion young
Miami Metro Police Depart. when fire revaged their a local man charged with her .aisI5555M# Job Seeks
pistol. The two officers told Investigators Victims of the ravaged home at Corps
homicide detectives wbo Y Feb. 4th pistol-slaying were
ment ,
that they presumed home here recently Is beginning 1524 Florida Avenue are Mrs. establishment as a collecting
inspected the two-story frame Robinson was out to avenge his to reach the victims. held Thursday noon in Mt.Sinai Charlie Mae Bowens, Robert .agency.Mr. .
building at 1132 North West brother's, death.Reports Mrs. Plummer said Wednesday Baptist Church Rev. B.F. Ad Bowens, aged 1 12, Dennis Dorsey's establishment 25 Applicants

First PI., said the fire started state that Sgt. Williams that as a result of t recent dlson, pastor, officiating. Bowens, 10,and Mozell Bowens, open from 9:30: a.m. until 9:00
on the first floor, southwestarea disarm article of appeal In behalf The victim Mrs. Altamese J. aged 5.Th p.m. MondaysthroughSat The Jacksonville Youth Oppor-
and .. believed to have was attempting I Beck 40 resided with her husbands -
when be broke from of Mrs. En Bell Anderson family's possessions, urdays. tunity Center Is seeking 25
become from a kero- Robinson Samuel Lee Beck, 30,1964 to make
Freeing and her children In the which were at the out- young men application
sene stove. the officer's grasp. .W.;26th Street, reports stated. meager for enrollment in the Job Corps
himself Robinson shot Sergeant STAR, food, clothing, furniture set, left them bereft of food, Mississippian
An estimated 17 persons lived and funds forwarded ,to City homicide detectives L. said Gordon Punshon, Managerof
were an4 .... _.
Williams ,in ,the tightuhand. .Clothing., .fnfaltnfd: -' -* '
In the nine. bedroom, |wo!>> bathe, ; then Tired the second' .the-family in.car: -of The Aa-: w3er a wi B.'UCittlie1f !.taJ4 \numerous other barenecessltiesoflife. ; 'Y Opportunity ,Center:
one kitchen "rooming house .i ,.) Robinson derson Fund, P.O. Box 758, I Promoted To Punshon salt that Job Corps
where two were visiting 0TOMMY .. ..._ candidates must be
persons .. I .,' o. St. Augustine, Florida. : In the the Jacksonville young men
at the,time, firemen said. :. "'; :. Contributions have been sent community putt has readily contributed Rights Post between age 16 through 21, who

One of the victims, Willie r S' ;1".. ." the family from .Jacksonvilleto as the result of appeals are unemployed and who have
Ross, occupied the bedroom,the supplement aid from local been a school dropout for at
.l from the STAR aldlngpersonsm
report said. LEE WILLIAMS families, Mrs. Plummer conti dire need. WASHINGTON, D. C.* M. Carl least three months or more.
City officials, health and safe- sued Holman was appointed Deputy Enrollees in the Job Corps will
.iuI One of the first personto of*
ty officers said Monday that the Tom Robinson, 23, of 5415 The local coordinator went ter assistance to the Bowens' Staff Director of the U.S. Com- receive room and board and

building had met all safety stan- Bunche Drive and his brother, !t trL on to say that a number of ad* family was Leo Dorsey,owner-, mission on Civil Rights. work clothing, medical< and den

dards. Vernell Robinson, 27, whose dltlonal Items are still needed, 5'r operator of Leo's Shoe Repair The appointment was announced tal care at no cost to enrollee

address was given as 735 Court such as food, clothing, fun: Shop, 934 East Union Street who by William L. Taylor, and will be paid 30.00 a month
Agency To Aid E.Held ture, blankets and funds. Is offering the facilities of his Staff Director of the Federal civil for spending money and will re-
In county Jail under mur- The Anderson family consists 'II rights agency. ceive $50.00 for every month

of two girls and five boys ranging .. "2..1II. Holman Joined the Commission spent in the Job Corps before
Medicare Stepvp in age from ten to seven .... Serviced Over as Information Officer In leaving.
-- ---- the summer of 1962 andwas appointed -
Interested young men may
R.BDonaldsorCd.lstrl ?;) .
<#manager Special Assistant to the
make application for the Job
of the Jacksonville Social JOM ROBINSON For those Interested, clothing' Beck returned home followingan 1500 YouthsMore Staff Director in June 1965. Before Corps at the Youth Opportunity
sizes for the girls are 12 and
Security Office, announced r. time, U.e. shot striking Patrolman 10. The absence of two weeks and an coming to the Commissionhe Center located at 400 West Ash
boys' sizes
plans this week for a Medicare clothing argument took place between the than 1500 and editor of the Atlanta Inquirer
Solomon in the left hand, young men was < ley Street,Monday through Fri
Z 4
are 8,10 and 12.cussion. .
service center at Gateway Shop couple, following which beck have been served ..inceJacuonvWe' and Professor of Englishand
reports..continued.. _____ women day, from 8:00 A.M.to 4:00 P.M.
ping Center, 44th and Norwoodin left.
New Youth Opportunity Humanities at Clark CollegeIn
Jacksonville, on the 17th,18th s Report farther stated that Center opened Just Atlanta.

and 19th of February. The service three months ago, Gordon Pun- A native of Mississippi,Hol Seeks Better

center will be opened In shoo, Manager of the YOC said man was educated in the public
conjunction with the Washing : f< ;,t .
this week. schools of St. Louis, Missouri. Relations
ton's birthday sale at the Shop Punshon reported that 667 you- He i is a graduate Lincoln Uni-

ton's birthday sale at the th were placed on Jobs during versity (Missouri) and received

shopping center. Purpose of the ,r-----. .. -- -- this period 232 youths were the M.A. Degree from the Uni- With Police
service center will be to give VERNELL ROBINSON In the of and tile
ORLANDO --- Sparked by Interest r rY assigned Jobs Neighbor- versity Chicago M.
people who are unable to come created by controversial Top item on the agenda was y 1 hood Youth Corps and the remainder F.A. Degree from Yale University -
Into the Jacksonville office an ler investigation for the slay Issues on the agenda and the action on the controversial re-'. were placed various SAN DIEGO, Calif.(NPI-Rep-

opportunity to enroll for Medi ing of Tom Robinson is TommyLee statewide elections, the largest solution Introduced by five' 1 industries throughout duval Co Holman succeeds F. Peter resentatives of the community,
Williams 22 of 834 Church
care. number ever to attend the recent members of the League at the i unty.In Llbassl, who in December was state and local governmentswere
Donaldson stated that there Street. semi-annual meeting of the .St. Petersburg meeting of the appointed Special Assistant to represented last .-eek.

will be booths set up In the shopping ,STARTED IN BAR Board of Directors of the League In September, which addition to placing youth. on the Secretary of Health, Education when better Negro-police relations -
center. The booths will be Florida State Voters League, was referred by the body to Jobs, Punshon said that the staff and Welfare to coordinate in the Negro community of
manned by Social Security City homicide detectives said Inc., assembled at Saddler Hotel the board. of the YOC counseled 1334 young that Department's activities in Logan Heights were emphasized 4\

representatives who will explain that Williams said Robinson for a five-hour lively dieM The resolution requested L.V. people, 373 were given aptitude the administration of Title VI at ceremonies opening "Police ? ),,
struck him in the in a West
the Medicare program jaw Davis, league president, first or proficiency tests andover of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Appreciation Week II
elected In 1963 and reelected: aAMUbL!; LEE BECK 100 were assisted in returning
. \I" Defiance of KKK Called _Off In 1965 take a leave of absence HELD FOR INVESTIGATIONBeck to either full or part- "

__,,.m. from his office until such time schooling Miamian Oldest Medicare Applicant I
returned later and shot his
of office
tim e as his tenure
wife six times the living Punshon added that many of
runs out (April 1967)) or
the youth who have come to f
for the of the home with a .32 calibre ;! .
present Job working 1IiJ.
pistol. the Center have lacked the opportunity ,,, .", '
State of Florida ends The suspectwaslater arrested to obtain further training III "
The conflict of Interest con- '
troversy was spurred by the at 1019 Everson St. and Jailed vocational guidance, or ,
II appointment of Davis by Governor without bond for homicide in- employment problems at the '.

Burns to the State Indus vestigation.The Center.
trial Commission Coordin- deceased was a native of Punshon said that profession :
\, ator of Equal Opportunity as. Em- .Tampa and had resided here for ally trained counselors and Interviewers :
14 years.Survivors. and especially trained -
ployment. -j-i- ,
counselors and advisors
Include two daughters <
After a discussion period on
f i iyJ 6. the resolution the trend of a son, two sisters, four are at work at the .' ,;.J4

which was against the resolution brothers, other relatives and Center to Insure continuity of '
service to each Individual *
friends. youth 0_ .
original signers of the .
resolution present motioned to applying for employment or .' :. 1i 1/, .
Exonerate 4LocalPoliceman vocational help. '"", ." \ : :..
table action until the July board : .
,4 "Each youth Is assigned his :}:,> ..:' '
; because of question
meeting counselor who will work ... : ,.
w of the difference: In the pre- own with him from the time be applies .; ,.<' .,'.;..: ;
Y cise wording of the resolution .
A six-man coroner's "
Jury (
until he has received ade- :'
as read by the Board Secretaryand which met Wednesday In Peace and remedial ;;' ': : <:.:'f! -
quate training ''' )
the original document as Justice Gordon court .1 ..
"J'r services and satisfactory employment !I. \
presented to the September ruled that City Patrolman Punshon said. : ,.. ..
meeting Walter Solomon acted In the "We look forward," he added : .
Action on the revision of League
line of In the of
By-Laws to conform with duty shooting an ," to serving every youthin
armed .
man.SolomOD the Greater Jacksonville
the newly adopted Charter was t.I. .
and Sergeant L.C. Countieswho
and surrounding
Area ..
deferred until further study by
: William s were both wounded seeks assistance in Increasing Y*,
the Committee on By-laws. slightly by Vernell Robinson,27, his employablllty. Our

I After minor objections, the of 785 Court E.who was apparently staff intends to contact these _.. -
Board voted to extend invitations according to reports at- youth in their own neighborhoods ---- -
i BOGALUSA, La,-Charles Sims bead of the militant Negro civil rights organisation to all candidates for state tempting to avenge the earlier speak with their parents IolIAl -Patsy Evans, 120, takes a good look at her Medicare
the Deacons for Defense and Justice, displays replicas of Ku Klux Man robes. NegroesIn wide officers to the League fatal shooting of his brother, guardians, counsel and advise card It was the first one Issued In Dade County, and county
Bogalusa, a racial hot spot last year, had planned to wear the robes In defiance of the meeting at Panama City In April Tom Robinson, 23, of 5415 themand urge them to mayor Chuck Hall presented It to her at her home llere. Social

JOaa during a march but the maneuver was called off at the last minute and be given a limited time Bunche Drive Feb. 4, on West of this new,bro- Security officials say that Mrs. Evans Is the oldest Medicare
take advantage .... .
.. .. .. .. L._?..- .. .? >. nna TWI powvrrrtMJII.
(UPI TELEPHOTfl1. to address the rrram Aahlev Street. --






.... GE
published to thVriocld.. st.r. publishing 0>1IPaiultl HER CUKSfONALL IHACTIOH. '
"SllirSIH MmiLil.Hitirl'( 1 ,, WHITNEYM. YOUNG JK.
.. !
tIC ,|. ,:: ,: H my reoding of the signs and portents Is correct,

MM' I. II NET..?...:... IllS flltir on increosing number o/ Negro orgonisotions or. rolling
up their sleeves to 'Join "'IIYo, on Poverty.

HILDA lOOUrT......... Circilatiii lIilllnl.... Ibis' may nor appear sensational to tome ,.ad.,..
.. .
But H Is on 'Important development. If signifies thai

our ghoHo l.d Negro millions ore expecting/ more of

their feoderi' than mess ,moct.* and plant/ /ine/ ..

2323 Ilicrlll... .. .. Aoo/k. 'll li LII'l1Jt'. ri( They want opporfuniieschance to retainto 'fearr
'" 1'- .t aotiosH Eg ...to enroll' their children In nurtery school', end the
a Ef EY
Allross! '
1IJtfll ri t m.. *
YEI CS lull recently, the NAACP
H 0
i cksDnlll."ri H' 322U
p-: : BoatS99 :" ._ and the Cleveland" Urban league
-'1 'Inled a 1300,000 Fed-

;r MIAMIOFFICE era I contract to enlist and h.lp' I

*" -' rCO t provide' pro-vocational' train.

131 .IP3r'. All ? PboL 311-1025. .; art a ayrRN l Ing to hundreds of unemployed

M Cleveland' Negroes. While

: EE0 TM EL 'job-finding retraining, and youth

RATES'- L R RY tt6t motivation have l'ong been_.,
SUBSCRIPTION Urban league aims the NAACP move is a significant
Half Year $".oo
One Year. $6,00 turning point./

Mailed to you Anywhere in the United States' Across the country, N.grochurch, civic and fraternd
payable in advance .y; ;t f
Subscription ; opP gourps have sponsored federal 'Head Start summer

Send Check or Money Order to: nursery pro/ecfs/ for disadvontoged youngster and its

success has produced a swelling chorus of appeals' for
P.OJ BOX 561
B.CRIDA more 'Head Starf in a hurry. j'

, Jacksonville 1. Florida James Former, a CORE director, says his organization -

'intends 'to move Into the political' arena. Sensitive -

to /the limits' of direct action protests, Farmer '
' r. iT declares:

The! old' way won us the right 'o.ot hamburgers:

at 'lunch counters' and, winning us the right to vote,
Critique Of The KloH ExposeThe buHH( ') has not basically affected the life of the average

Klu Kliu Klan has been Investigated many time before, STEPS TOWARD A NEW IMAGE Now CORE'S head sees political' action as a method,

but It eluded apprehension close under the cold, steel eyesof to "win civil rights" contests' In housing, employment'

Justice. The organization has been successful in escaping the anti-poverty program and public education.'

banishment for good. fhere i. no limit toh.. possibilities: of s.ll-.h.lp.,
But the present committee investigations of the organization : either.'' It can tote a hundr.d varieties and forms.In .
have ben enlightening to the public and some of the
members Milwaukee/ for instance, the 'local' Urban leaguehas
hate resigned: their membership. One i KKK bigwig even
committed suicide alter being "found out", Your WeeklyHoroscope a 1103,000 grant from the Housing and Home

The real situation as been very aptly stated by Kalph McGlU Financ. Agency to aid slum dwellers upgrade their

Dean of Southern newspaper edotors, in these words; housing.' Five neighborhood center are doling out

"The Klan of the 1920's was, In the main, a money-nuking 'information on ways of financing home improvements
racket preying on suckers. Klan leaders talked sanctlmonously 'improving cod. enforcement, and reminding tenants

about protecting southern 'tradition' and 'womanhood'. (The GuideBy of their responsibilities, as well/ as their rights.In .

Klan leader in Indiana drugged and raped his secretary and Buffalo/ Washington D.C., Seattle' Chicago, Pittsburgh
caused her to kill herself to avoid further bnutalitles. In Georgia .
St. louis Cleveland and a half-doien other
a Klan leader of the 1920's deserted his family for a
buxom blond mistress who assisted him to remove a competitor PABLO The ASTROLOGER cities, league branches are retraining over 3,000
by secretly framing the latter with a frowzy dame. The workers thanks to nearly' 13,000,000 in aid from the

frame was an easy one) U.S. labor Department' Bureau of Apprenticeship/ Training.

Newspaper reports of the present investigations are shoeing WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR .
that the t KKK has never been "lily pure" The present 'In Chicago, public' aid rolls' are being slashed througha

Investigation are showing Klan members how gullible they have 'joint retraining/ drive by the league and the Cook

been how" widespread are the financial Irregularities which BUSINESS -- LOY'E TRAVELBorn County Department of Public Aid. Director Raymond
reveal the officials are getting rich off the fat of racial Hilliard of the welfare agency reckons that the taxpayers .

prejudice ... .- -- save about 12,5000 a year each time o man
Is retrained as a Yellow/ Cab driver or gasoline station

people'who oversee your gainful as.*... to little die, steps Two compelling Influences are attendant. 'In the drive's first year, '1,000 men

Power Of One Idea fi/UQA activities Is too preciousto that will enable you stride to when take tugging at you putting you in an 'jumped from relief rolls to job' roles after itx-tottn-

Jeopardize. Do not make reverse In your embarasslng situation. While week ,training courses,' saving over 12,500,000 and
It tuXe1: : only one; Idea[ toke! A illion1ollarjvr March 2UtApril the mistake of: taking unworthy you feel their presence work drawing and you may like to follow some giving heir families new hope. .
this tactWo'rwt Into confidence nearer. Steady one's suggestions,take the wedding -The Federal funds league
--- and 'ne, can attest to joI. persons your health also are the prey' to agencies'like Urban
good sort
\th< t4nnpeflrfthce> otithe"' ulR h o .tooth: 19th or permitting them attitudes to Influence requlslties for a happier and of long-range vows or come agreement, there remain tentative, when one consider the vast misery

pick-matchestape recorders, televisions, 'that could you turn to adopt friendship into more secure way of life. Do Is a mysterious factor in the ( in our 'land But they repreient a breakthrough and

auto"!') 11 tlS! ,enc Us, crayon, school paste, hostility< You could not be all that is within your powerto background that is Impeding or the first such major breakthrough since; the New Deal'
and so on. Longer signals are Beginning blamed for feeling that thereIs Insure their continuance when inhibiting yOU Should there be from which Negroes were 'largely' excluded./

still hundreds of ideas that to flutter calling your attentionall a place in the world'for you lack the means and the any possible way of eliminatingIt Now we have a chance Contrast Harlem' and los
There are the more urgently to the. particular brand of knowledge freedom to do otherwise. The I you would be doing yourselfthe Angles' for 'instance. 'In the
if your
can bury u? with millions of dollars darkening skies. No matter l or Individual enterprise, Geminlans who are footlooseand greatest service to utilize Angles' for instance. 'In the 'latter, Federal' Aid pro.
"*e don't watch out. it doesn' have to be 'how promising an offer or enterprise free of all material impediments it at once.
but there also is such a thingas their gram got snarled.' 'In the former, HARYOU-ACTIhe
seething complex; Just think of raising may appear to you, correct timing. All the in; desire to may see the Indulge world or moneey, got thousands of youngsters of the streets"
you should not weaken your financial dlcatlons In this month's stelrlar 3-50-11 -14-98 -351
ani selling fishing worms ties material to In search of spiritual this summer and into productive work In Harlem
or go
A North Carolina man who resides in Holly resources to try to get In on' pattern are against enlingtenments. there I is a new mood. Bitterness and anger are still

Ric1e, thought of the idea of raising bullfrogs it. Believe your feelings when action. t-30-71-13-81-637 there, to be sure. But so is hopp.

on n farm. The farm is thriving, and they are trying to point the 360991574369, COpllkoJlJ1 And it ,Is this hope with the aid ef governm ent-

occasionally he takes a vacation from the right way toward the direction CioWv which must be nurtured and expanded. But Negro

croalcing: noises that the amphibian animals where your true !If*'* passion ,cfJ[ a 'leaders, businessmen civic and fraternal' groups and
is to be located. Refuse to 1Bcrn.Der.. 22nJ- block' clubs must all/ pitchn for improvement as
make\ : nightly.Uready be drawn Into schemes that Born Jun. .
22nd Born S.pt.23id 19th well as for self-ossertation. Rights and responsibilite-'
this year, he has about 12,000 could not stand up under light .
full grown bullfrogs ready to be slaughtered of day, even when they are backed '-July 22nd"" -Oct. 23rd, es go 'ogol" .r.Maybe"

for the Target, and their legs are to up by friends who generally It Is important for all the It's WorthwhileA
and other methods of considered utterly reliable members of your sign to Judge It is not easy to give up the things The that
be sold for frying and aboveboard. They them their won shortcomings as' that are thrilling and recommendations publication of Oregon Tax Research hu made m
cooking. 7h15 i year he will sell the animals selves could be the victimsof .fairly or harshly as they do pleasure-glrlng but this is exactly were offered converlng the pre interesting contribution to the tax situation It carriesas

: live since he does not have proces- some sort of machination the failings of their Intimates. what you may have to do ceding quarter are Just as pertinent a title "The Perfect Solution". And here it isi "Over

sing facilities at present that has escaped their notice This could< help to remove the for physical as well as financial will during also have this to one take But you the centuries covering the history of taxation the search
His frogs care frcn a strain from a species 'causes of misunderstanding reasons It is much easier to do against the inroads of- has gone on unceasingly for the perfect tax: Le, the tax
7-90-88-13-74-798 out of such of own accord the 'other fellow .C wlthknow-
with could conceivably get things your pays' :>winingly,or perhaps
Louisiana In 1907 certain individuals '
developed in hand during the critical weeks for they are much harder nuts on your poe ledge aforethought the Congress of these United States
large legs and sr.mll bodies.They sell for yet to come to crack when you are under co ketbook. Do not back any enterprises may have found Just the prescription. And it's so simple) I

52.00 PT pound on the New York nar'tot. He J 8-20-11-85-13-821 mpulsion. The signs regarding started alike by friendsor "It works like this. We spend all the money that may be
strangers when there
'10 cents apiece for tadpoles. confusion in your economic affairs too required for our necessities wants, and desires. The difference
gets are unanswered
This example of n single idea Is going to citm' are also rather pointed, regarding many their validity questions between actual cost and collections from all tax
Born April 20th Indicating that wasteful or extravagant sources b postponed for future repayment with the
Williams rich. or .
sake Herbert Born habits may have to be moneypotentials. present generation obligated to pay only the interest
20thDo July sharply curtailed. This also is 5-70-22-13-45-572 charges on the excess of expenditures over receipts.....
-May not the right moment to quit a "You see, .long as we continue togo further into debt '-
Beyond All Reason -Aug. 22nd Job that is providing satisfactory the smaller the chances are that we (the present generation -

*. not be fooled by the air that compensation, for one that of taxpayers) will ever have to repay any part of this
of tranquility that is permeat The' indications problemsare may be more promise than, sub. deficit representing in large part our generosity to ur- 4
Public rebellion against! further increasesi lag the atmosphere for it may creeping up clear-cut on you are and stance. Born! Jan. 20th selves. The burden of repayment Is shifted to our children -

in gasoline taxe -- ,hich are always being only be preparing some sort becoming more less compelled -' 8-60-55-18-94-865 grandchildren and those yet unborn.
advocated at the state and federal levels-- of trap for the unwary who are you may to be more attention or to them.It '-Feb. 18th "Perhaps, because much of these funds will be spent
spell of success pay for education In various forms the
lulled by a
coming generationsmay
reached And few figures wish them
has high pitch. a and prosperity. It could also is not possible to learn the folly of their ancestors.
explain why. be a matter of prudence to check away, even if such tactics may; SioApio The confirming indications that -
'These taxes cost motorists almost $20 million on the loyalty of an ally have worked< for you before. ambitions should not be
benefit'from the willingness of Bom Oct. 24th, channeled through a mate of Handle New Fortune WiselyLittle
betrayal -
to forestall a possible
million to he precise.
day--P.7 contradlcitlons
a and d1J- those who care for you to lenda are once more
that could be costly
Curing 1965, total gasoline tax collec- helping band. It would beaonly -Nov. 22nd revealed to those among you
This does not Marland
ruptive. appearto Knight
who Negro girl
are sincerely attempting
ill be approximately $7.2 billion, false pride to refuse when
tions. to Increase
be the right time to rally get uunewhero lalife. Gainesville, Fla. is the poverty-stricken
or more than twice the amount collected overheads or the purchase of you realise that you no While tike -
to believe that :
you Those who Cinderella child
persist inpur-I who
for resale Investments other choice to extricate yourself was recently left a
as recently as 1955 And that isn1t just merchandise you are tie one who is doing
that recommend from the predicament that suing ephemeral goals must one fortune of $75,000 by. her foster parents.
due to the foot that there are many more also turn is closing la on yet In the the driving, the real power day cone to the realization that This child was given
earn on the /road. Since that latter year, ed by friends particular cases where finances behind you may be an illusion they simply have been deluding 10 months away when she was
old to
to be losing propositions Rev. and
out or infatuation. This could Mrs. George r/richt/
at the of the themselves and arrive
the tax rate on each gallon of gas have been crux can only
developments. >>
average because of unexpected dilemma there does not seem bring about results that at a frustrating dead end. who, upon their death, left her the for-
cent.t is the
has increased about 35 per In brief, this are
absolutely contrary to tune. Just before her
offered death
to be much encouragement Mrs. Wright
to take shelter. 920331764923.ldiCtQA
And here's another striking comparison: moment by the planetary configurations those you are now expecting. sent for the child's natural mother who
two months of 1965 e- t80661956286YMthU 'It again 1s being emphasised bya
collections for only now in the processof now has her in
custody and will be her
the amount paid in the entire year of formation. They spell crisis : planetary indication that your o
guardian it is '
In capital letters. prestige and furure success'may that the little ,
1945. depend in part if not, born Ftb. 19th- girl be, sent to college when she graduates
luxuries bear a tax remotely ,
: out-and-out 4-100-33-14-83-413 wholly, on the measures you. from high school.
to that levied on gas, now adopt to build Mar. Otb
comparable up strong .' tie want to
Born suggest to the
is basicdown-to-earth necessityin May 21t i.; monetary poslt tin! natural mother;
which a "* fl- Fate may be reserving a much to spend the money wisely and have confi:
Regular- June
natlon-on-wheels of ours. 21st'It 1.90-44-16-32-194 happier future than you believe dence this will bedonVin an arrangementwith
grade gasoline sells for around! 20 cents possible in view of the present a bank and trust
per gallonplus more than 10 cents in sta- 'horn Aug. 23rdSfprv.22nd. situation. But this does not 'of company. The years
poverty should
ite and federal taxes, along with local la very easy to allow your t ia 1t.lu sanction going to opposite extremes have impressed the nat-

in some areas. in other ords, It Imagination to run wild. But : and living in a work ural mother with the wisdom of pinching..
of illusion pennies. ,
when it reaches the polntwhereyou which all realities
carries a sales tax passing 50 per cent. between Even when the time' action transformed
cannot differentiate are into fairy-tale It would be a tragedy
The tax has grown beyond all reason. Fur- fantasy and reality, it may be is stul far off, U is generally Born Nov.. 23rd existences. spent with for the $75,000 to'be
p' nothing left
deemed prudent to be' for the child's
increases would simply compound a time to start taking a closer
ther -Bej<..21iJ university
gross Injustice. look. The' food will of the well in advance. It, is .Just P 590221786592 .education.

;a 1/ (

-...... _
.. ... --- -
Mw N.....A-a 1,J./.A.AA --


Group Organizes I Yogi. S"lker; Bailey Lee Hupitisls Highlight News Of AreaServicemen ww,2,4 -

To Honor Jai
I For Urban : Capital City's Social Seasoa ,

Nathaniel Jackson -----A. .. l'h
I League Fete. -------- '"""'-:: .... k1

Dtrlng eMir Initial session AMARILLO, Tex-.Alrman .... ...
Ttarsday Right, a local group Whitney M. Tonne, executive: Third Class Lionel L. Grant 4t. .'Agg ga
elected officers for U organ! I director of the National Urban son .of Mr. and Mrs Joseph
nation to be known u the Nathaniel -League, will be speaker for toe
Jackson Octoregtes IBbaoor Jacksonville Urban League's L. Grant, 1155 W" 31st St.,
of tile well-known gospel I and dinner meeting ID tile SIpal I has been graduated at Ama- V)! iI.LAVENDBR .

.. !Terrace Room of the A. C. L. r rlllo AFB, Tex.,from the training -
Elected were: I Bulldinc. course for U.S. Air Force AND '
Jones 1 I Tbe dinner Is scheduled tort I supply Inventory specialists 4o
Mrs. Yvonne Glpson :
Airman Grant, a graduate of I From Rom comes a successor to the satin smoking
president; Kiss Fnnkle Harris Feb ZL Mr. Tonne Is a former New Stanton Senior High School, II I //of let-beloved' ol Edwardian moles. The new'luxury'look
dean of the Atlanti University
vice president; Vivian KoUoway.tecretary. in men's (is th
Miss Beverly'Fedaetalsecrefsty Scbool of Social Wort, with a r is being reassigned to Homestead loungeweor \pMt.d ca'.plllloy.-
AFB Florida for 06out costfy-whic' coftTei In of
Mrs. masters decree to social work duty twice as a range exotic
airier Thomas, treasorer; ; from the University of Mlnne-I, with the Tactical Air Command. Paisley designs ano\brighf orontoprints./ / At with
Miss Olivia McGowan chavlsJn; son, and has received several, so many of mon's fashions" today, 'tfa/iangirfsaro/ wearing
Miss Cynthia Jackson, director honorary decree awards from I kk ROME, N.Y.-Wlllle Dlckson AIRMAN HARRELLSAN m.m 'load and 'they're Don-owing>> th. bright-loot" '

Mrs. Mary Porter Young, ass collects and imtversltles. Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. W.L.' ANTONIO, Tex.-Alrman ing fabrics fa moil up 'info suits and Jr......
istant manager Nathaniel He was a Rockefeller visiting Dlckson, 1032 Scrlven St.Jacksonvllle Henry C. Harrell, son of Mr. The men's shop Is "high on their favoritespof ar shop
Jackson, tnamagerand reporterand scholar at Harvard University "k rd'f has been promoted to and Mrs. Henry C. Harrell of The famines, fating their cue (from th. follows/ doing
Mrs Cassandra Jackson: 1960-61, serves as a member of'l' master sergeant in the U.S. 2513 Splrea St., Jacksonville, the big' switch color/ and fabric-wiso, are avn adapting
assistant reporter the National Advisory Council i Air Force. has been assigned to Turner the old school, fie to thoirfashlons-wso, making thorn
the Office of Economic Opportv Sergeant Dickson Is a para AFB, Ga., after completing Air into taihud headbands and ties to complement' tweed
ally and Is on the National Com- chute rigger at Grlfflss AFB)! Force basic training. skirts, cardigans and schoolgirl' kne.-socks.
I \ TIME mission on Technology, Ante- N.Y. He is a member of the The airman, a 1965 graduate The "big" switch' I is alto male-wise.' The boys, cuerl.y

\ :-J'AVERS mellon and Economic Progress Strategic Air Command, of William Raines High School their girl friends, are wearing Borat'-prinf.d 'i...
Tbe pst speaker has servedas America's long-range nuclear will be trained on the Job as What next, plows, 'lavender and old' 'lace?
byMartha personal advisor to President bomber and missile force a fire protection speclallstwitb CHANGE IS INEVITABLE
Brandt L.B. Johnson,and presi Sergeant Dickson was graduated the Strategic Air Command.
-SEASONAL SHORT CUTS"ti dent-elect of the National Conference from high school after Nothing proves that cliche more than the new,.'_."

I: most !parts of the ountr>.. on Social Welfare, also entering the service completing for modern hair core. Of course, there or. older methods ,
K Intel' Inn."t the IctnpeM: '''"110'1 author of "To Be Equal" His requirements In off-duty education of caring for milady's coiffures, but the science
of the .IIr-1t J\iM ...mn that weekly column, under the same courses. of chemistry has pro..I1.tIt.pro.lona'; hairdresser I
v w. %y. DuI anises >'ouf\ on 'inKfbrrp caption: appears in fifty newspapers TALLAHASSEE-Soclal events honoring Mrs. Leslie Burns Lee His wife Is the former AliceJ. with new products to mate ,the, hair soft, manageable'
thine >m there 0'1\11 are tin II to(rood tifanilinemir mail) ,. across the nation. (nee Joan Aloha Bailey) prior to her recent marriage Included Smith. and nafural'-'laoting. Woman's hair fruity' I is her "crowning

>' h""**k""I'IIIIZ| | for nit easier showers and dinner parties in which many Tallahassee and oot .* glory' ," and lel.n'"'s and those regularly' engagedinprofeislonalhoirdressinghaiiecombinedthcirlfnow'
tiC not horttt winter: Presentation showers and dinner parties in which many Tallahassee and out. '
Recolor and repair at the of-town friends of the bride participated. how to keep if a glorious crown, Indeed.
f.iillni amt timfon olor: on .111"1".1'cnn make or n "Kiddles on Parade" will be Mesdames Fletcher Battle, Ernest D. Fears Vera Ford Mills J.1 ; Of course, milady, ready to .. Initiated 'into the modern
| up. presented Feb. 27 in Mt. Olive
and Clarence B. Williams Jr. were hostesses at a miscellaneous ...
'hol'tiy so another season with!! I. core m.fhod.isfull' of queries andoftimes qualms.
the f.ibiK aid of one of.tli%* new aerosol Primitive auditorium Baptist, at Church 3 p.m. lower shower at the residence of Mrs.Williams,2009 South Broad J. .. ". And 'In this //et-age method of hair care, she most often

1'1'11)11| Street wants' fa knwo: "what ,Is ap.rman.ntch.micalcurl' relax
The bride's wedding colors, green and gold, were used in the w v er 1'The
decorations which were highlighted by an umbrella with green- .k' ...-
Now StoutOH Slates Honors answer Achemlcal' product beauticians use ''o.r.mo. .
ribbon streamers under which gifts were arranged.
and-gold AIRMAN PARKER .,. the exfro, excessive or unwanted curl from the
Guests at this afalr Included: Misses Mary Coleman Jennifer
.. hair 'leaving It longer sensitive to moisture.
For Areas' Postal Engram, Lynn Ann Jones and Cheryl Hill;Mmes Rosebud Bru- it'.I.: SAN ANTONIO, Tex.-Alrman
EmployesThe Another, question' women of all ash "Can 01'typ.I '
ton, Blanche Evans Irma IC'lerlohnnt V. Lee, Hilda Foot ;. Henry Parker, son of HenryJ. '
Sadie Galther, Thelma T. Gornam/pearl W, lore, Trudy Hill ., Parker of 1209 W. Fifth and lengths of excessively, curly hair be relaxed'
employees of the Post Office Department of the Greater Evelyn Kidd Mary Mercer, La Verne Moore,Gladys Anderson, St., Jacksonville, has been assigned chemically
Jacksonvi11e-Duval County Area are to be honored on a specIal Harris Maude Green Joan Flortelle Teele to Air
Nellie Coleman I) '1f"I Antlgo Force
St. Women Elect Officers
"Honors Day Program" at New Stanton Senior High School Lassie Sanford, loss Jones, Alma Littleton, Lola Stewart,Doris Training Station, Wis., after Joseph
as guests of the faculty and student body. This special rtlease Kirkland, Mrs. Pearl Jones of Oakland Calf, and the mother completing Air Force basic During their regular monthly
was made by Principal Charles D. Brooks through his public of the bride, Mrs Roy L. Bailey \ training.The business session held recently dent I.Q. Youths Department;

relations bureau. kisses Lynn Ann Jones, Sandra Cooper, Altamease Chestnut! () 1 airman, a 1965 graduate the St. Joseph Love and Miss N. Brooks, president
Mr. Brooks said that periodically, the faculty and student bodyof and Sonya HowelTwere hostesses at a shower attended by a number of New Stanton High School, Charity ,t Spiritual Church cUlDaJed Choir 3;Sister Mary Alexander,
New Stanton Invite certain professional, civic and service of Mrs. Lee's former classmates. Guests were: Misses UPPER HEYFORD England-- will be trained on the Job as the event with the annual church clerk and reporter and
groups in Duval County to a very special honors day program Patricia Snelllngs, Errea Soellings, SynthlaTelle,Marcia Pope William J. Alexander, son of an administrative specialist election of officers Mr. L. M..Andrew, treasurer.
during which time "we express our appreciation: to them for the and Mrs. Rondos Howell McCn,. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Alex with the Air Defense Command Current appointees are: Usher Board 1 will present a
outstanding work they are doing in the Interest of our community. ander, sr. of 1149 E. UnionSt. spiritual tea
Mrs L.H.B. Foote and Mrs. J.R.E. Lee Jr.were Bishop>> J. Anderson and Bishop Sunday, February
The selected to be honored this the ., Jacksonville, has been pro *
persons year are many a rehearsal supper for members of theweddlngparty on Friday P.G. Zachary, active pastors; 13 at 3 p.m. in the church audi
postal employees in our rapidly growing county," Mr. Brooks evening preceding the nuptials at Blessed Sacrament Catholic the moted to Air technical Force.SarJl'IDt Sergeant !in SAN ANTONIO-Alrman Rudolph Mrs. Willie Mae Lobby, church torlum.
concluded Church. The Foote residence at 2013 South Boulevard was the White, son of Mrs. Minnie mother; Elder Eloise Porter, Appearing on the program will
Alexander is amedl-
The honors day program for non-New Stanton and/or school scene of the rehearsal supper. An elaborate buffet-style supper L. Pickney of 1549 Van president, Pulpit and Aid Board be Sheila Brooks Bishop P. G.
related groups was Initiated several years ago by Principal was served from a table covered with sheer white linen cober calrecords supervisor at Upper Buren st.,Jacksonville has been W.F. Lobby, chairman Trusteeand Zachary, Mary Alexander, Bishop -
Brooks and a staff off faculty members and students, who felt decorated with pink sweetpeas tied with pink ribbon bows and Heyford RAF Station, England. assigned to Francis E. Warren Deacons Board; Mrs L.M. M. H. Frailer, Bishop J.
the need to demonstrate to the individuals being honored and to. streamers. Acenterplece of lighted plmk tapers in a massed He is a member of the U.S. AFB, Wyo., after completing Andrew, president Missionary/ Anderson, members of Choir
the general public the value of the per sons area of endeavor was arrangement of pink chrysanthemums was noted on the table Air Forces in Europe, the nation Air Force basic training. Board; Mrs'Juanita McDanlel, > and Evangelist O. Nelson as
to all mankind, especially to high school students who are in the Guests at the supper party included: Mrs Emma Burns Lee, combat ready air elementof The airman, a 1964 graduate president Usher Board 1; Miss speaker.The .
process of viewing all types of occupational interests. Many former New Orleans; Nelson Browning Winter Park, Fla.,Miss Cheryl NATO's defense forces. of Matthew Gilbert High School Gwendolyn Alexander, presl-. public Is invited.
is 1957
students New StantonSenior H.lcbSclaool have sought andsuccessfully Hill, Tallahassee and Tampa; Mr.and Mrs.Leon Anthony John "* The sergeant a graduate will be trained on the Job as

obtained worthwhile employment In the post office son, Washington, D.C.:; Miss Elizabeth Coleman, Dothan, Ala., ''school.; of Matthew His )wife Gilbert Marian High is an air policeman with the Strategic -
department.The and Winter Park, Fla.,Miss Queen Esther Woodard,Atlanta, Ga. Air Command.
main address for this occasion will be delivered by Tony the daughter of Mr. sod Mrs. Consultation
Messrs. Henry Stepp, Winston-Salem,N.C.;Harry. Wood Jr. Airman White attended Ed-
Huerta Florida Regional DirectorottheNatiaoalAssociattaaof Philadelphia; Arthkr Teele Jr., and,Kirklln Simpson, both of Adolphus Hooker, Sr., of 630 ward Waters College.
Letter Carriers, In Tampa. Tallahassee; Malcolm Whltfleld, New Orleans, La., Messrs. Elm St., Dalton. Ga. CONSULT DR. SMITH FREEExamination

Postal Officials from Washington, D.C., Florida and Duval) Harold Jenkins, Fletcher Battle, Harold Jones,Ceasar Houston,
County have been invited to attend and parUclpate in thlr day and Clarence Williams, Mrs Beverly Barber,parents of the

long honors day program designed to pay homage to all postal bride, IIr.aD4I1r..Roy L. Bailey,and Mrs Thelma T. Gorham, You Will Be Told in Plain words what The Troubleis

employees in Duval County. all of Tallahassee. what is causing it And what May. Be Done To

Saturday afternoon, following the wedding reception, Mr. and 'A U WeWeiuUM&t Correct It, If YOU suffer with:
Mrs Roy L.Bailey, parents of the bride, entertained outori i Enjoy the ,
!JEi! YOU -MU ILL 1I{ town wedding guests at a dinner at their home, 516 Hampton Ave I / ARTHRITIS HEADACHES THROAT DISORDERS
; AN sue In addition to the bridal pair,guests Included: Mrs Emma ASTHMA! BLOOD PRRSSURR SINUS INFECTIONS
: kctor' r Burns Lee New Orleans Mrs. Burtell C. Burns and Mrs William
When Your Doctor Prescribes. J \ Burrell, Chicago; Mrs. Ellen Williamson,Bainbridge,Ga., LIGHTSide i:> t' fcM ephW1
and MTS.K.B. Bonier, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Clark, and Mr. and .
Get Experienced phanaci'stsj t lira.We ale, Johnson, Jacksonville, Florida J U u tete.--x RHEUMATISM BLOOD SKIN OROSTATE.;, TROUBLE'

Orders. We use only The BesEi l r -- ,..;.J 'I SCIATICA 4BLADDER CHRONIC DISEASES

_. _. IoI I
Quality Drugs '
Discover how really lovely your tains the full official strength of
:3 REGISTERED: PHARMACISTS TO"SERVE: YOU' l skin can be. Simply give yourself that dependable active ingredient !. MEN AND WOMEN(
d ?li a few treatments of fragrant, ammoniated mercury, the ingredient .
A COMPLETE LINE: OPCo 't.: very ; creamy white PALMER'S 'SKIN i recommended by Doc.SUCCESS" I treat conditions commonly eon ".red surgical
}.- CREAM. tors for for effectivePALMER'S
see tics-Rubber floods-Candles-Sundries I many years without the use of a knife, Modern methods of
1.:: *
-PRESCRIPTIONS) CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREB-1 -- _- .- -- removes that old weather Don't be fooled by so-called secret diagnosis and treatment. FREE-EXAMINATION BY
Mr. and Mrs. Tom KlUian 361 beaten suntanned look aids In ingredients. Insist on theremovingblackheadsandsmooth
and Walker Jr.
Mr. ONLY-32 years successful practiceIn
original, the official, PALMER'S
Lilly's'Drug Store Broward****Street*****.|lrl. Rt. 6, Box 301, Mandarin, Fla., r ing large pores."SKIN l SUCCESS"; "SKIN\ SUCCESS" CREAM with Jacksonville HOURS 10 a. _. to 8:30: ps.PHONE ---
boy. CREAM tones the shades of your ammoniated 'mercury, only 44c. / EL
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Rivers, that**** skin for that natural, fairer i clearer COMPARE! Comparison provesthere 4-J187
1437 McConhle Street, firl. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie C. Dennis, loveliness. Make-up applies is none sf"se! at any price)
ttattaa more evently.I Your skin looks
425 Bethel Street boy.
TnT KIJI f attractive, softer. at and
more alluringly drug toiletry coun
DUntIl. .
Mr. and Mrs. Phlllipp Myers; -****** SKIN SUCCESS" CREAM conters everywhere. 900 West State street (upstairs)
5021. Dostie Drive, boy. Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Broadnaz,
*****..**. W 4 '"' -J::
4139 Fairfax.Street.... girl. DLPENDAd E CUAUTT SKIM, CARE....PRODUCTS SINCE 1840 )fflce Formerly occupied by Dr. LJncker-OPPOsite
.-.. ..!-.-.... ahwz" ...'"u ,a ., "' a, aaaa do iB
Mr. and Mrs Rufus B. Bartley, Ritz.I .

1530 Tyler Street, girl.

sissies tOUS0 WHISKY t SS MOOT CltSS,OLD CHMTM CMST.CO.lOUISVIUI KV. Mr. and Mrs.William Shellman,
1622 Hurst Place, girl.

Mr. and Mrs Willie B. White,
2164 W. 1st Street, girl.
Tick-tock...tick-tock... ***********

Mr. and Mrs Julius Baker, 13- ,
the Bourbon thafr' 36 Johnson Sdreet boy.

didn't watch 1he lock! Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pope Jr.,
6814 W. Virginia Ave S., boy.
*****.****. .

Mr. and Mrs. Willie C. Bussey,

OLD CHARTER 1744 W.tttttatatPopularity 9th Street, jiiL 1 M

Kentucky's Finest Bourbon ContestThe 0. aTOIISI

years old Red Circle Department of, I .- ,
Union Progressive Association: I .t
will sponsor a Miss Union Pro- ,+

gressive" contest Feb. 13 at 3
p.m., In Abyssinia Baptist a" f AMFi

Among the participants are: '
f Mrs. Charlotte Stewart, Mrs
Joan Spanking, Mrs. B. Perry,
Mrs. L. Daniels, Mrs. Effie '
Crossly, Mrs. Claudine Williams I : {
Mrs. M.Rochester,. ?
Helen Felix, Mrs Emma Word : ; ,

Mrs. Dorothy Byrd, Mrs. RL err
Mills and others. Tbe offering
will be conducted by Mrs Mary
Durdea. and Mrs Pearl Thorn Bestdfl
pson. Beef at its

1 *


t .
1,0 r -- -


I 3iA d' P PEAS. siTURDAY 12.
1 4 : t
d_ _____ __ -

Mt Ararat Scouts To Celebrate I II Top Official To Yisjt Greater Jax District. I' Primitive Selects Along The Church PatioA I

.. .
--- -- -
Organizations 56th Anniversary \ ,. Annual Women's BY ALBERTA-J.- WILLIAMS- ..

; Final plans were completed 'this week for Troop 193 of Mt. Day ChairmanAnnual ,I : J
Ararat Baptist Church's commemoration of the Boy Scouts a
'r .
I,:. America's 56th anniversary c.ltbrat1oft--Feb. ".IS-. with aa I Women's Day will be I 6 I II
observed March 13 In Mt. Olive ,1"
I: I after morning service program at 11:30 a.m. and an afternoon Primitive Baptist Church with .,
.: J observance from 4 until 6 p.m. la the Educational Building 1 I> Mrs Vicey Frailer aa general

jf;. I The morning program wUl and those of the general pub1ie. chairman.
feature the presentation of a Interested in the scouting movement Other officers are: Mrs.Sylvia -
\,,, ; plaque to MLArarat's pastor, are Invited. Dixon, pastor for tile day; Mrs. The four ladles shown above are members of the District
Rev Dallas J. Graham and citations Ella McKeever, Mrs. Alberta, Senior Women's Convention Auxiliary to the East Florida
to Den mothers and Way, assistants; Mrs -Leota% Bethany Baptist Association which will be among the varlous -
officials and the droop. Young Peoples Solomon, co-chairman; Mrs. '. auxiliaries serving as host groups to progressive Baptist -
The afternoon celebration will t \ T.B. Murray, secretary; Mrs. State Conventions of Florida which wm convene with
feature Scouter John Fowler( .as A.M. Frailer, Sunday School i 1ft. Ararat Baptist Church, Jacksonville March 2227.
.- Union Meets Superintendent Mrs. Beatrice rM L. Johnson U president of the District body;
Davis, finance chairman and Urs 'Lena George, vice president; Mr*. Bessie Hill !Is recording -
.r, .rtJ t' i'i'I. treasurer Mrs E.S. McPherson secretary and the wife of Moderator W. M. Hill.
Sunday, Feb..13 I co-chairman of finance Mrs. Rosa Mosell Is the treasurer.
I. Mrs. E.F. Alback, program, Mrs. H. B. Miller is the president of the State Women'i
Mrs Zenoria Stripling will music chairman; Mrs. Ellxa- Auxiliary and Rev. Dr. J. C. Sams Is the general president
serve as mistress of ceremonies a,I beth Hall, hospitality chairman; ..
when the Young Peoples Mrs. M.B. Hadley, tag chair- Mt. Olive Slates Elder Ta-rver
t1 Union bold their regular prp- man; Miss Celestloe Dubols, HonoredOn
gram Sunday at 3 p.m. in the J Miss Veronica Fratief, TrainIng Tea Is
Church of Cod, St"lelDc1 Blue Union chairmen: Mrs. Valentine
St,. Earthleen Crump, ushers ch- completed BirthdayOne
Hosts for the event will be the 4 w alrmam; Mrs. Bertha Carter, this Preparations week for the were annual Valen of the season's most lapresslve .

Excelsior Gospel Singers.Spec ,. beautification chairman; Mrs. tine Tea scheduled for Sunday, events was the birthday .
ial guests will be the Voices of
Willie M. Jones, Mrs. W. T.
Feb. 13 from 4-to 6 p.m. in dinner tendered Elder J.u
Faith and the Mt. Bethel Male p fj i ,dk Baker Mrs. Gloria F. Best, Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist Tarver In the spacious dlni&iroom
Chorus. public relations chairman and Church under the auspices of of his 1725 W. 28th $1,
Members of the Union are the
Buckman Singers, Excelsior assistants.The Mrs.E. the women of the church la behalf residence Wednesday nMt, .''
captain are:
group 26.
of the annual Women's Day Jan.
.\ Singers, famous Sllveralres, Fulcher, Mrs. L. Grant* observance. The table was colorfully decorated .
the principal speaker thus sup Hurls Singers, Harriet Singers Mrs. E. Hunter
Mrs.M. Rodgers,
,* Theme of the program will be In pink and white with'a
r.} pleraentlng Troop 193's particlpatlon Jackson Singers, Lati-
Porter Mrs
Mrs.R. g. "Love of Music and the CrownIng huge birthday cake centered
,1 in the Boy" Scouts more Singers, Thelmarettes, Weston, Mrs. L. Leon, RS. M. of the Queen of Mt. Olive" amidst a variety of tasty dishes
"Citizenship Month Thomas Singers, Traveling Lewis Mrs. T. Harris, "rs.L.., Following is the list of contestants consisting of stew, roast and
Troop 193 of which W. R. Stars and the recently organized Mrs. R. Scott and Mrs.
Harvey, contest fried chicken and
of the ,
queen : dressing,
Davis Is scoutmaster, won numerous Nathaniel Jackson Octo- ji .
A. London.The Mrs. Rosa Lee Ashley, Mrs. green peas, mustard greens,u
awards the rettes.
during recent tea will
annual Boy Scouts' ban An enjoyable evening of music WJS HORNSBY JR., president of the Pilgrim Health and Life Insurance Co., will visit the annual Valentine Martha Sellers, Miss Delores sorted pickles,rolls,cranberrysauce
from 4 to 6 m.,
Greater Jacksonville District Feb 10 be held Sunday p. Mrs Battle Mosely, potato salad,
quet as on eo f the fastest gro Is promised accompanied by C.O. Hollis, CLU and vice president unit of the church. Rodgers vegetable
wing troops In the North Florida and Agency Director and others. Mr. Hollia, will attend the local CLU Seminar and Luncheon In the lower Harris and Mrs. Mrs. Juanita Everett, Mrs. salad, corn bread, pineapple,
Council. Dr. Leroy C.Irv' Gospel ProgramDeacon at Hotel Robert Meyer Ju District Manager J.Tbeodore Lawrence expresses gratification Mrs. Thelma chairmanand Battle Wills Mrs. Lula Anderson vanilla and,hocolateice cream
Ting, Institutional representative John Seymore of First over the local city having been chosen to host the Districts for the third consecutive Edna Mae Thomas are Miss Carolyn Dixon, Mrs. and sweet potato pudding
will participate on the Jerusalem Baptist Church, located year and also for the wide approval of the firm's new and Advanced Agent's manual. co-chairman.. Bertha Carter, Mrs. Mary Guests assembled around the
program. at 1340 Davis St will President Hornsby is shown greeting agency personnel's children who are, from left: Anna Lewis, Mrs. Carther Epps table singing, "I Am On My Way
Refreshments will be served Milt the Sunny Rose Gospel, pre-Singers Felder, Niece of Agent G.M EDWARDS: Des free (in arms and Chynsia Montgomery, the daughters Laymen Hold Mrs. Bessie Hall, Mrs. Ruby To The Top Of The"OUIIAII"
and parents of the scouts, on Feb. 13 at of Mrs Rachel R. Montgomery, JJax District Cashier. The meetings will climax, Scott and Mrs. Daisy Sease. Grace was offered by"Rev.SU-
members. of the congregation, 8 p.m. In the program church with luncheon at Colony Motor Lodge and Restaurant. (ROYAL ART STUDIO FOTO) Annual Elections Programming Is being carriedout ter Gipson; blessing was by
under the direction of Mrs. Elder C....Edwards followed by
The Laymen's Organization of Thelma Harris and Mrs. Edna the singing of "Happy Birth
I MiMnTh Grant Memorial AME Church Thomas, chairman and co- day."
Deltas Present Vesper _Fete held its election meeting at the chairman, respectively. Among those sharing la tie(
nr .' church with Rev.Albert Reddick The Grant Memorial Trio,The festive occasion were:
1NF 9WLE pastor, presiding. Tonettes and other well-known Elder C.M. Edwards, Rev.If.
CORNUIUf R. ITAM Mil.IRIAN Officers elected were: Mrs. groups and individuals will Burns, Rev. V. Green, Deacon
RIRLI tOCIITV Willie Mae Hart,president;Ma- highlight the muslcale. E. L. Bonapart, Deacon E.Wil
CHICAGO, HUNOIf M.M / J ceo Williams, executive vice son. Deacon and Mrs J.H.Hat.
president; James Smith, End Annual Elections rite, Sister P. Smith, Sister N.
vice president Mrs.Janle Can Mrs Mary Merrit was elected Beman Miss A.Jenkins,Uri
\i THE VALUE OF BIBLE STUDY non, 3rd vice president; Mrs. president of the White RoseSa- A. Sermon.
: Gladys Sumpter,recording secretary ving Club during Its election Also, Mrs L.W. Colardo.Sli-
V N, "From a child than halt known I We all need to "know the Holy ; Mrs. Lottie Rose,financial meeting which was held in the ter L. Mason, Sister M. Davis
I a the Holy Scripture, uhick art ableto Scriptures," not only because they secretary; Mrs. George home of Mrs Nadllne Brown, Sister B. Smith, Sister E.Bar.
make lhn will unto salvation, I teach reverance (for God and build Etta Rich, reporter; Mrs.Est 7404 Sims Drive. ris, Little Gloria Ford, Little
through faith which n ill Christ' 'moral character, but mOlt of all her Milton, program chairman; Other officers elected were: Sumarta Crawley, Mrs N,Hen
JtiM" (II Tim. 3:15): ). i because they "are. able to make Mi's.' Priscilla Wfion; Mrs: Mrs. M. Henderson,vice president derson, Master Theodore Karris .
Timothy was a fortunate young I lust[ ] wise unto salvation through Pecola Hopkins,members;Mrs ; Mrs M. Woods,financial: Brother R.Smith and Sister
man' His father wa not a believer ,(faith in Christ Jesus" Brilla Thomas, historian and secretary; Mrs. Annie Jones, C. Coleman.
I In..Christ. but hi. godly .mother The theme of the Bible, OldTntameat Mrs. .Thelma.S. Small, parlla* recording secretary;Mrs.C.H. The honoree was the recipient f
'made up for this lack as, day after ( as well at New, U the Singletary, sinking fund secretary of numerous beautiful urllff'.
day, from his earliest childhood Lord Jesus Christ, the riches of Central ful gifts.
she taught him the Word of God. whose saving grace are unfolded to
a ,
i Ma Aa a result he came to know Christ ui In the epistles of Paul, the chiefof Baptist Church
at an early age and later becameSt. sinners saved by grace. He it R.S.EVANS3RD
r Paul's faithful co-worker and was to whom God committed the .Sunday's services will commence
:; yi closest associate: in making known preaching of the crews of Christ. with Church School at
'!' I the wonderful( "good news of the He it is who tells Us about the 9:30: a.m. Mrs. Ola M, Caesar, & MAINEL
grace of God." riches that flow from Calvary. He of the adult Department
i Superintendent
t.ew ss I'Lw.aixaA:: oeautitul bouquet of carnations is
4.8381 EL 4.8382
i: sented to Mrs Mary Hopkins (center) by Miss Alberta b'1nfPre.) In his very last letter the great it is who tells us, by divine inspiration will preside. -
of Fort Myers and 4Us Dorothy Terrell of Fort Lauderdale The Apostle Paul recalls Timothy's"un that: Morning worship will begin at "Ja JonTUlt', Most Recommended Dealer"
'e : occasion was the vesper program soonsored by Beta Alpha Chapter feigned (faith ,which dwelt first '. WE HAVE REDEMPTION 10:50 o'clock with the Deacons LARGE PURCHASE OP
; of the Delta Pizza Theta So rity.Inc: Miss Brown is president in thy grandmother Lois, and thy THROUGH CHRIST'S BLOOD. in charge of devotions. Senior
of tae PAMU chapter and 'Miss Terrell is corresponding secretary mother Eunice" ((11 Tim. 1:5): ). TIlE FORGIVENESS OF SINS Choir 2 will sing with Mrs.G.W. CHRYSLER CORP. CARS
X 'rs Hopkins arranged tae norality pageant which wzs entitled If only we had more such mothers ACCORDING TO THE RICHESOF Tucker at the console Thepas
"',Ian in Adverse She is from Salisbury. N.C. and an asslstani and grandmothers today, with husbands HIS GRACE" (Eph. 1.7): ). tor, Rev. R. Leander Jones will ENABLES THESE LOW,LOW PRICES
'Man in Adverse She is 4,000
from Salisbury. N.C. and an assistant
; to help them! If only our "THAT IN THE AGES TO deliver the message entitled,
:. professor in English at Florida AHM University American children were not set COME HE MIGHT SHOW THE "The Magnetism Of Christ" 65 Dart "270" $1895
1 adrift on a tossing sea of human EXCEEDING RICHES OF HIS BTU will be held at 5:45: p.m. $195
speculation, but were taught the GRACE IN HIS KINDNESS TO. In the 7:00 o'clock service, the Auto R&H, PS,
i 1 / S lOCl110NS 10f 'eternal truths of that Old Book, WARD US THROUGH CHRIST pastor's theme will be, "The Fac. Warranty Jjji fljfc
the Bible! JESUS" (Eph. 2:7): ). Task of Intercession." I' 65 Valiant
$1795 $195
1814 WEST BEAVER Local Churches Are "zoo- Auto, RH, PS,
:: i ij it (TEETHING PAINNsw Assisting Fac. Warranty Paicnil F$ri l

1 830 CASSAI AYE, liquid' ORAJtI.ably: ends tetth- Union Community's Annual Clebration ,' 165 Ply. Fury
.r Inn pain.I: Just apply, pain "Ilia, way." III$2395$295

3101 EMERSON Mdlatrlclans Recommended, works by fast.many.; :t The 46th anniversary celebration of Union Community AME H'top, va, Auto.,
money r.sults b.ck.1I11G euarantaed.v.lI.ble ory MR-hlTa Church began Monday and continue through Feb. 18, accord- I PS, AC, Fac. Warranty ;ti :!

t ln.Iora-jel'f, Ing to Rev N. McCray, pastor, 65
Monday night, Rev. C. E. and Rev. R.L. Smith of First Ply.S.Wag.9Pasi.V8Auto.R&H. $2795$395
j WHILE THEY LAST! Jenkins of Mt.Zion AME Church Timothy Baptist and memberswere ,

FLA. "TT" BRAND southslde, Rev G.W. Smith, in charge PS, Air Cond, Fury III n1 ,.
]It t .onrs'? tiny.Hiir. Waymon Chapel AME and congregations Friday night, Rev. R. Wallace
3 rendered the service and members of St. Peter AME
G KB'; r. Brandt's Liquid Tuesday night, Re.JW Jones Church will conduct the service.
of Allen Chapel AME Chinch and Feb. 14, Rev. A.C. Chandler of
P # HENS EAU \ DENNA members were charge. Wed- St. Paul AME and Rev.J.C.Ban- .
c-( f % nesday night, Rev H.H. Wright nerman of Mt. Morlah AME and
HAIR COLQRER and congregation of Evergreen members will have charge I ,
t'1 Baptist Church conducted the February 18, Rev. E.Mobleyof
fill corer gray hair In 10 service. St Matthew AME and memberswill I
I J AVG. WT 2Yl LBS. EA. to 20 Minutes.No pack. No Thursday night Rev O. Johnson conduct the closing service
.eg*.Anyone can put it onat '. of Everson Street Baptist for the celebration.

Ii $ "1 hone.1TILL. -"
3Sc .. '. c t ue'i
REDDIEH Instant ,. Otetand,8ggtxnowcaa
3FOR 1 r .j
OR +at.w: :
t It will not rub off. it lie N. MYRTLE AVI.

stays on several nontha. #

Shampooing sea bathing, w Photos limfo MOMPERCH Lb 49eFIORIDAI
sun, permanent waving,

FRBi TiisNDWHOLE 2 9 curling Iron-nothing or straightening takes it otto 50o -BLUE MOlT FISH UNBIMATIB fISH,

LB. You can cover any gray aNsiav(0'wrrp I N ORAwaNI1uf11 Lb. 49e
; hair no Matter bow stub

.. born or bow caused. BLACK KING MACKEREL STEAKS

stays. BLACK. Each' ';:IITIT"l: : DAt o,

TURK V WINGS. oa :, $1 Dolls! Permanent NOT TOUCHING INTERFERE Waving UP WITH Royal Art Studio WHITING. d P.hh LanNly Ce.ht Lb. 39C


label Colon: Black L COMMERCIAL.I STUDIO SZSfS In "I' e'
PARTS Dark Brown Medium Brown. .... . ...

TAILS| 6 price per box $2. W-plua SHAD SPECIALS
ita"Its' .Federal .Tax 515 DAVIS SL 1.. L" 39c Iwb Uh .29c

''j t Pork Time"FRESH SHE' OYSTER. "ohM .... ............. .
"i'-: $5,50I

11 j i PORK SALE e', \IJII) .Ir.PHARMACY, ELGIN 4-1894 OYSTERS OYSTERS St.nd.rd ,1J Selects for Pt.Stewing for. ; the. .,, .'.'. .., ... PT.'II'f 7Jc

donleryetve( buyer, EA.

'e! WATCH([ THE KEN KNIGHT SHO'' 01 WIXT IUKA&IL. f 1386 .His..... l In, ffi.: CLOSED ALL DAY TUESDAYS .IALTIMORI Selects Special PT. 1.69

f' Ii.
fL, J ___ .. .. .. + + .- ,- '.- .
.wNiMAillfrMr. .. ,!;.ot.e 4'H.,1' ,: ".{ ,. -- sw : _'___ ".__'. J -;
_..................)1......-...... .. -" "- -_ -



. Baptists Set Future PlantMtMi A&M Graduate The Colleae Student Speaks

.. ... -... "-. Your Good Health

HAMPTON INSTITUTE (VA.) has taker a reallstlv look at Vitamins art essential' for 'lilt, but don't be footed"
jr Its curricula In view of the present trend toward technological
r \ i by the advertisements which try to give 'the impression
1ft. ; and arts and science fields and has decided to shift
that will
Its academic emphases. they give you energy. Their functions include,
The move Is dictated by the prevailing employment trends the regvloticn of growth and various body fvnclioni.
Without them the 'Oocoll.J vitamin deficiency diseases
'j toward Industry and government as career choices. Tthe
: school has will develop' : but you derive your from coroo--
.M that its 1.900 rnen.< and women are no borer energy
.Alam+ ,.' interested vocationally-oriented programs. education hydrates' protein' and fal'"
.. the professions and social work--at one time the vogue The two chief type of vitamins ore fat soluble' and
V Bolstered by the Ford foundation 31 million dollar endowment water' ..o'"bThe/ lot soluble/ vitamins, A and D, tan
"r '", ,I and faculty that "Is the best of any Negro collet," be stored in the body, and in exceiiive amounts will

., already Hampton has attracted big corporation recruiters tout vitamin poisoning, but the wafer soluble' vitamins
; ,. In rapidly increasing numbers. Last year, there were 158 are not stored in the body
"'.- I,visiting the campus, compared with none five years ago. Amount in excel of your doily need, no matter

: MISS MITCHELL Recognizing the huge potential In the technological, big how great the excel, ore quietly eliminated' For this
: business arena, the school's officials are working to strengthen
DETROIT reason the maintenance requirements' must applied
MICH.--A 1962-
__ the mathematics and science departments to
__ prepare
graduate of Florida AtM University students for the career demands that lie ahead. The amount' you need is very small however, and
Tallahassee, and for Grom another quarter, there Is aprogram of Interst to those ji supplied' by any well.balanced/ diet ,ho/con'oin.m.o'
mer resident of Daytona Beach still bent on following the social work field. Surinr the eggs, milk or milk products, vegetables' / and fruit "It is
Miss Darlmell Mitchell will 1966-67 academic year, some IS national Urban League fellowships much better to get your vitamins' in such a diet' then to
soon round out her first year will be available to selected for rely' on vitamin; pills
: ERS OF THE applicants graduate
COMMITTEE of the National Baptist School and
of employment as an Instructor study The chief value' of vitamin pills is to speed 'the
Training llnl'n11"" met recently at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, New York, to discuss recovery
in Growth and
Developement Financed by a $300,000 from the of a with a vitamin' diseaseor
Iplins fur grant Carnegie Corpor person deficiency
implementing: the four-year theme, "Christian Education and the chalenge ')f
Change" Fie: program will. be initiated then. the congress meets in Gist annual session and !ledlatrics at Wayne State ation of New York over a three-year period, the fellowships to supply the vitamins' you can't get because of on

next June :0-:J!, in Charlotte, N.C. Seated from left are: Dr. Charles L.Dinkins, Memphis, University Employed her at Wayne. State in provide the means by which the National Urban League can ,allergy or certain foods. .
commission get trained people for its professional staff. One vitamin It manufactured In sun when it
program and your
secretary asssitant dun; Mrs. Bessie S.Astell, Birmingham, Marcii
19o5,Miss Mitchell ear
secrete Dr. Special efforts will be made to recruit students who will is exposed to sunlight" That is vitamin D. All
;; OCUMaxwell, New York, President; Dr, E, A. Freeman, Kansas City, ned the M.S. Degree in nursing your requirements
Kins.lie agree to make careers with the Urban League In such fieldsas for this vitamin will be if ,
president and Dr. James B. Cayce, Pittsburgh, Director-general. Standing: Education, specializing in met you walk 'In
from left are: Dr. Horace N, Mars! > Los Angeles, supervisor, fine arts division; Dr. Hora- pediatric nursing, From Wayne, tial human relations, political economics, labor and Indus- the sun fully clothed, but bareheaded, 10 minutes a
tio S. Hill New York, dun; Dr. C.K. Stalnaker, Sandusky, Ohio, supervisor, Youth division State. relations, research, educationla-rocatlonals.l t : \\ vet! clolt '
Jc.O11ver tittle 4 ,common: g, personnel work community organisation pro the other vitamins must be obtained; in diet
; Rock, Treasurer; Dr. T. Oscar Chappelle, Tulsa, Okla., associate At Florida A&M University, your
director general; :and Dr. Robert C. Wallace, executive dean, Chlcago.Baptlst IMstitue where she elected teWho's 'jects. and i it must be a very poor diet indeed to result In
and was At the end of the training period, each recipient is expect. any of the vitamin deficiency diseases.
instructor.' The resource book for the four->'ear period, "MISSION IN METROPOLIS, who students in AmerIcan )
'A'f1tlt'1l tie! late among ed to serve on the league's staff for a period of nut less than
s was: In '" Dr JEsse Jai NcNell. (NPI PHOTO) college's and Universities a year .

In 1962, she was also a memberof VIRGINIA STATE COLLEGE Petersburg, va..' Twenty-
Government's 1 e'rr'rg'rrit May Help To the Delta Sigma Theta sorority five Juniors and seniors at Virginia, State have been nominated Buy U.S. Savings Bonds
New Cabinet ChiefNegro
Sttrt Smite AVir Rabies and served as second for the 1965.66 edition of "Who's Who among students STAA.SFANOLtD. SAVINGS PLAN ,

Pr G, II. ivory director of thonovKnn state vice president of the Student in American Unlversltyies and colleges,., One of Virginia PON ALL AMERICANS R"V I IYouDon't .,
at Children's nurses association of Flor first in 1949, Oscar J. Harrisonof W,
Virifs ore securing to lost in lemony field inni oiy' State; ROTC 'graduates
that we con hardly keep up with, them. However the Hospital in \Viinliinirton! has re- ida. Norfolk, was recently promoted to the rank of lieutenant
recent appointment' of Robert C Weaver of secretary portal heal IIlh'IIII'| are being Following her graduation from colonel. He; holds the distinction of being the only known "
of the new federal' Deporfrnent of Housing and Urban w.iili* to produce n mild detergentwhich the Florida AIM University Virginia State alumnus to hold this rank. M" 3 To Oo To Town To Get
Development' it known widely.' can t Iv put into the lungs School of Nursing, shy workedsix Commissioned a second lieutenant in the Quartermaster corps
58, become perhaps the of intuits\ with hynlmo\ membrane months as staff nurse at class, he was
'In hit new job Weaver on May 15, 1949, in the first ROTC graduating LOW PRICES, I
Th. iliDonno. This i I. n uspiintory ail- the W.T. Edwards hospital in the 40-year-
main spring in the U.S anti-poverty program. new tm-nadlately called to active duty. Since then,
secretory in the Preiident'i Cabinet will tote charge of 'ahem, *winch in ncNvbcin ciuift.1 1 *,breathing difllcultx -> Tallahassee, and eight monthsas old officer has served in varied Army assignments allover
hit November 4. nurse at the University
department on
Weaver's duties will include a multi-billion-dollar/ operation lungs A"cot nn'Jmjr' ""I'IIII\U'like to Dr.Avery bubbles,n baby's of Hospital, Syracuse, N.Y.A the world.He is now. assigned as a general staff officer In the office DRUG S10RE. NEEDSTrade '
in 'low rent community facilities, mass graduate of Campbell Street .
housing Washington
ti&1I11In! \\liKh oxygen from theo of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics,
'transportation' slum clearance and a staggering variety; High School, Daytona Beach,
it. is i Utinrfciicd to the blood. BARBER-SCOTIA, CONCORD, N.C.--PresidentLionel H.New-
of ether federal new and old., she 1s the daughter of James
programs Stiulu' liiivc shown that a deter- educationand
director teacher
and Reid E. Jackson ,
Weaver stands and will earn(35,000 Mitchell 641 soon Dr. ,
high 1/2 St
Salary-wise Cherry
Kcnt like substance
> might/: keep annual of the Association
attended with
annually in 'the position which now includes the HHFA. tI"',.* IIlIhl.I' ,', front collapsing i t,Daytona Beach, public relations, and allied sessions of the Presbyterian Your Neighborhood Drug StoreWE
This is concrete evidence that a person who is well' of MAmerlcan colleges WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV.IN YGUR LOCAL PAPERS
union and the American Conference of Academic
'trained can command a substantia'salary. We uigeour Colleges We Delivef. also fill all Doctors prescriptions.
'follho train themselves' well endthengoand do 'likewise Deans, In the Bellevue-stratford hotel, Philadelphia
Interracial Assn. Pays Off ... Marlon Grace Thompson, of Dillon, SC.will represent
the 20th annual conference of
B/S as "Miss UNCF" during
You u,on't net" tomorrow's the National Alumni conference, United NEGRO College Fund. Dixie Pharmacy
jobs with yesterday's skills Paintings by Frank Tolar, Jr., are being featured on exhibit -
in the Barber-Scotia student union building.. Dr. E.
Train now for tomorrow's jobs' 'Louise Murphy, bead of B/S science department, attended
the 45th annual meeting of the national council for the Social 1302 Hints Jaa.It. Myrtle Aunt
studies at the Americana hotel in Miami Beach, Fla. Dr.
Murphy has just completed a three year term on the council's Phones' ,Elfia 5559798PAT" .. f
committee on academic freedom. '
a STILLMAN COLLEGE, Tuscaloosi', Alia.- Stillman will act TOUR 'IffiHr:' ''WATER
as trustee for a $15,000 grant to the Recruitment of South ANO'ITWIIONB \
ern teachers (RST), a non-profit agency which aids in the
recruitment of faculty for predominantly Negro colleges i I BILLS AI OUrtO&E.:


( !





-Invites You-To Listen To- PICNICSLB.ROAST

'I Mrs, C.A. Kelley of Clay, Texas, lugging water from the old a
well (at bottom) is a thing of the past, since the Farmers 39
"DANCE PARTY"Nightly Home Administration of the U.S. Department of Agriculturemade
their interracial, nonprofit water association a 179,500
loan to establish a water system. At top, Mrs. Kelley Is
shown In her modern kitchen washing dishes. Five white and
11:30: til 12:00: 67 Negro families In Clay benefit from the water system. GOLD, MEDALFLOUR
Government financial assistance for establishing community PUREX
Saturday 9 p.m.: Til 12:00: p.m. systems and other purposes has more than doubled, as a
result of recent legislation. Applications for loans may be
made at county offices of the Farmers Home Administration.
WfflTr 1400 USDA PHOTOS'
Edward Wafers

r n e. ." -, i.I\; .' .',I'I:.. S' li ((IMS ft.l MI MM IUCIM. t JtHLHICOVMir,If C ;-'

To Fete GroupsIn 5 PK.39i'' ;

The only name Feb. Recital I % GAL. 1 19liMIT *

Smooth Canadian :
the t ., Sponsored by the Jacksonville
f Chapter of the Alumni Association
answers to is VO.: the well (mown Edward 1 WITH $5.00$ OR MORE FOOD ORDER

That's because Seagram's VO.does what Waters College Choir and Band
will be presented In their annual
no other w isky can-it defines smooth,once
recital Friday, Feb. 18 In Lee
and for all Light?Of course .i' Auditorium, Mrs L. G. Genwrlght BOCA GRADE A SLICED BACON lB, 69$.

Known b> the company it kccpSeagadi association president,

$Canadian\vfl h at The 7:30 program p.m. will get underway U. S. GOOD RIB STEAK LB. 69*

The band Is directed by Miss

... ./ E. L. Cooke and the choir 2 LB. BAG 29$
is under the direction: of H. FROZEN FRENCH FRIED POTATOES
i rqNj Alvln Green.

r- The band's compositions repetorire by renowned will Include SWEET POTATOES LB. 10$

..r1A ylSry composers Including martial
cumbers penned by Mr.Greene.
This portion of the program CRYSTAL OIL 24 02. BOTTLE 39$
will also the classics, semi-
I classics, spiritual andpop tunes.

An. evening, of musical treats BLUE PLATE MAYONNAISE QUART 45$

't promised for members of
U entire family and the public

Admission U Invited tickets may be secured IVORY SOAP I PERSONAL SIZE BARS 23$

from Association members -
or at the college's business




I Y 1 ,

II If I f

I ij E i Madam Gloria Virgin Islands Passenger Ship Fairway Yotaies To Feature The Duke Kappas. s Reelect Thomas Bradley I

;-s Palm Spiritualist Reader Activity May Set 1966 Record :..\\ Fraternity Grand Polemarch

: Advisor In all affairs of life: BOSTON, MASS....Thomas-- James Anthony Bell of epsilon

:1 Love, Marriage, Bu.1DctaSlc. I CHARLOTTE AlfALIE. ST. THOMAS, VJ.-The dramatic .11/' .Bradley of Los Angeles, California chapter of Lincoln (pa) University .
: kness, etc. Lucky Charms, Lucky increase projected to 1966 in the number of visitors arriving wu reelected grand grand Lieutenant str1egus. -
Days, Lucky Hands, ThereIs by ship to the UjS.Vlrgin Islans Ia attributable to two pole march of Kappa Alpha Psl and Dr. Guy L. Grant
1 no home so dreadful that she facts: fraternity, u the group held of Indianapolis,a founder grand

can't help Located at: 901 N. 1. A large number of liners gins to their ports of call. Its 93rd Grand Chapter meeting historian.
W. 79th Street. Phone:151-9507 will make maiden voyages to lu addition, a greater number recently at the sutler-Hilton Jackson W.Campbell of Boston
Open 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. dally the U.S. island territory this of cruise ships will drop anchor Hotel in downtown Boston. and Oliver S. Gumbs of Mobile
I li. Sunday. Located in Miami season, and; at St. Thomas and St. 'bgS More than 500 men attended Alabama were elected to the
Fla. One visit to MADAM 2. A number of major ocean Croix than ever before.It Ithe convention which emphasis- Grand board of directors Dr.
GLORIA and you will feel the liners, including the United. all adds up to expectations led! a program of social aware- Elbert E. Allen of Shreveport,
s -YS
difference Half Price with ThisMrturallr States, France, and the Queen of more than 150,000 visitors vl mess and civil rights threugh- La., remains on the board.
AdUtlHHlflUt.I / Elisabeth have added the Vir- arriving by ship. This figure out general session. An address by Dr. Ralph D.
will represent an increase over Bradley, a lawyer by pro. Abernathy of Atlanta, Ga., a
last season of about 55,000 fission Is a member of the Kappa, and the strengthening of '

\ cruise ship visitors, according "Lot Angeles City council, a a social action committee highlighted .
former police lieutenant and a the fraternity's entry
to eo Ralph M. Palewoosky.
.I 1 former track star at U.C.L.A. into the arena of human re- '
J In addition, an even greater
arrived 0r' This Is his second term as lations.
number of visitors by
air, u they will agiaa this grand polemarcb, top executive Abernathy, who is bive president .
office of the Kappas. at large and secretary
year on stepped up airplane
d Others elected to office were: treasurer of the Southern and
frequencies and equipment.
Visitors to the U.S. Territoryare 1k Jesse O. Dedmon Jr. of Washington Christian leadership conference

attracted not only to the D.C., senior grand vice headed by Dr. Martin Luther
relaxing beauty of the threeprlDcipal1alanaandth.lrproz. polemarch; Raytino Vincent E- King, spoke at the Grand Ban
pps of Alpha Rho Chapter in
1 amity to each other: the miles Chlcage, junior grand vice pole quet.Newborn Babe

1i of unspoiled beaches, exceptional marcb.
t .
Earnest H. Davenport of Detroit
snorkling and scuba diving
...-.nik.. ....-. excellent fishing, bathing grand keeper of records Survives 24

the SHORTY$35.. and golf; there are, in addition, and exchequer; Clocter B.Cur-
MEDALO #885nd economic attractions u well. I rebt Jr., of XI chapter in Washington Hours In Cold

II STYLE 4s.oral. a Those returning to the mainland D.C., grand strategus;
F.' .eaplat.. Heir Sty1........H.1f .. are allowed to bring back MIAMI- What has been termed
lend n.
.ddr..ttaelr.nu.. ,,'. yow. PKt .P more luxuries duty-free from Educator a modern miracle by those

+ r*"ue *./Juit'.writ I NNr. ,.... lass the U.S. Virgin s than from any close to the incident occured
HMltlir Normal TttiCfrowa IS ... other place in the world, excepting Jan. 27 when a
from IM HAIR MOOT D /'. Si 3, Bhlyft Y. Friday, new
I te YOU* SCALP. Th condlUM .( .1 other UJS. Terltorles; I Inducted Into born baby boy was found In a

''_.* tk h.I..11.u e nauinl d.p.nd....."" .(hMillr> i HOT. InvwiUd* *,*(: DOCTOR nwdlciUd CAM tae AWAY be brought home duty-free, In Scientific for 24 hours In Dade's coldest .
addition to gallon of spirits Body the
.termul*. !)" CARBONOKXi GRAY one day of season.
wfcieh !. Inlaid with man/ Pre' + for each adult over 21. The six-pound, three ounce
en bnwflcUl IncradtenU.work CAR.r3N'u.uuc TRiO OP enthusiastic Chicago 'Women's Golf Club dinner-dance ..pro-
This the low
trong. ':= plus extremely baby swathed In newspapers
to m..v... ITCHY. THIS free-port prices on such items grai planners surround photo of world. renowned orchestraleadVrs. -' with Its umbilical cord still

BUMPY DOCTORS. DANDRUFF. Kite ktehlr thaimmr IILOI u cameras, watches, slks.E- Edward Kennedy 'Duke" Ellington who 'wiYl. be the star attrac- ,untied was uncovered when a
..4 rxxscRias n.ti r tarte&p _y COMIIIISH nglish china, crystal, silver, p'resenta' metro garbage truck driven by
tion with his band March 26 when CffGC "Golfcapades
"-III... Many luxuries on
aiinwylatf. and many other Imported Eillle Johnson, 34, of 1001 NW
eternally ara greatly cawed rtll icalp v 4.hr. tM i4iUMM and Kit items, combine of "66"' during the three-day, 19th annual'conventlon' of the United ,15th St., assisted by Ramp West

IM(.ratal..!*.than Writ TrlpU for. till:tfMfth DOCTOHOXNVIITB Uf'e to make the UJS.Vlrgln Islandsthe Golfers a assoclatlcf in Chicago March 2521.The dinner 'and Charles Phillips thought

SCALP W'OaKULAii Ideal vacation spot for dance will be hldd in the Pick Congress hotel, Which is also con- they beard a baby crying when
= sat will nsd b.,.wet :. t:3POa Ips er ail rr l f5Y.t onb tod hru.n ur o add ..1.! Americans to "go foreign"and yention-headquarters. Hooding Duke's pmcture is Mrs. Mattie Hur- they emptied a garbage pall
: 1 DAYS and U ,.... an I..1 NOTA .h.* eut..qui.k..t 1 still keep the U.S. dollar at at 2301 NW 71st st
DVE.Xk>l w.sit.?
I o*r'';t.lo: Uvorr.moan baek.. Thlth ParMeti..n htel lo Mot oolor' grodiMll' AVOW* home. ey, president. Looking on admiringly are Ernestine Harper dtynce West and Phillips Jumped from

I lud ..'".. Don'trI Jt.a THAT........".SUDOSM".....far...DYED."Ine; .LOOK...... chairman and Anna Robinson general chairman. ( NPI Photo) the truck and started pulling the
r= ..more. Uko'th You ( coloring Proomo .oiling, rubblncoff. to side before the
m flnwi ICBDI-, Com.< In ploiilo Coo, CMb garbage ODe
Snag CATS. can SCALP buy..FORMULA.ur Your hair andaealp .ovrUd. In .n In .p...ekol..... or Block pmo.CIMO I.l. I State Game Commission Reveals 1 Funeral Directors- Social Security InformationI motor started grinding and the
I .. dMrv* fin .re. Jut. Sand PI.'I__ Blu baby was found.
l\ ,. r MIM and cddroH <- GOLD just writ, onto .hod*. Ply only
J DAL ., .. .. .. f
Oapt. t 2 Shevpohoad ..,. not d.tR.ht.d.' How Social Security Determines Who Will Receive
f NY. NOTETMW: MoGfl.I.f::: Hot Product. Ine.Dof 1965 Firearm Casualty Report The Lump Sum Death Benefjti
: elY"1S. /i.. a 100% wm. $ .!, 33, .. York ....
Brooklyn tlliabetn! City State
,. ,. householdwith
f .. ,...t..; A. If the spouse was living In the same
t TALLAHASSEE-Gun accidents resulted In 31$ casualties the worker, the spouse will receive the Lump College's Dr.Herman Cooke,
ring 1965, 54 of which w re fatal,according the official Fire Sum Death Payment professor of Biology, was recently .
::1 .. arm Casualty Report compiled by the Florida Came and FreshWater B. If all or part of the burial expenses are not paid honored with! member.

Commission and the spouse was not living In the same household ship in the Ellsha Mitchell Scientific
quick draw resuHedinl0nreum then the who assumes responsibility for society of the Universityof
Of the 319 casualties, 71 of the person paymentof
accidents involved bunters with accidents. Target shooting burial expenses may file a claim Immediately and North Carolina at Chapel

33 of the hunters being youths on ranges Including skeet,'trap assign payment of the Lump Sum to the funeral direc- Hill.
resulted in In making the announcement,
under 18 years of age.Ten of the and rifle ranges no
accidents occurred while hunting accidents for 1965. tor.C.. If burial expenses are paid, and if there Is no President Walter N. Ridley ,
deer, .4 while turkey hunting The Come and Fresh Water surviving spouse, or the spouse was not living In stated that word of the "highhonor"
18 while bunting small game and Fish Commission acts as a the same household with the deceased then payment had come in a letter.
15 while hunting animals other clearinghouse and coordinator is made to the person who pays the burial expenses.D. from the secretary of the society
than game. Fifteen of the hunters for firearm safety training and If no one assumes responsibility for paying the Joseph St. Jean, Jr.,
were using rifles, 44 were safety instructors In Florida. burial expenses within 90 days of death, the funeral which said that Dr. Cooke had
using shotguns,and 6 were using Toe Commission, maintains a director can then file for the Lump Sum, and be paid been elected by "unanimous
handguns.The statewide network of Instructors directly. Vote" of the membership at N1
Firearm Casualty Report who conduct safety training U Social Security Pointers the December meeting.The 11118 UUkrL.

Indicated an Increase in total programs on a local level for A. Mall in a statement of death (Form OA-CT21) Elisha Mitchell Scientific .N
126.0FLORIDA'S casualties from 1964 when 313 interested gun owners. within 3 days after death to the Jacksonville District society seeks cultivate interest
accidents were reported, how According to W.B. Copeland, Office aft In natural history and scientific .
ever, there is a marked decrease Commission Chairman,the lack 1 The relatives know (or believe) the deceasedhad subjects; encourage Individual
from 1963 when 381 of training in firearm safety is a social security number. scientific members,
casualties occurred. a major cause of many accidents 2. The deceased, regardless of having had a social and Increase knowledge of the
Hunters being mistaken for every year and hunters who have security m number was drawing social security bene- State of North Carolina through
received training are seldom fits. scientific research.Dr. .
resulted in 7 accidents
game Russian roulette accounted for, Included in the annual Firearm NOTE Do not delay sending In these forms for Cooke Is a native of Petersburg WMBMSpotlight

2, BB guns for 8,and practicing Casualty Report. lack of a social security number. Within 3 days send Va., where he graduated
the form anyway. .from Birginia State college. He

..............................,.. B. Statement of burial expenses (form OA-C719) was awarded the NMaster of Science ProductOf
Is needed lne ache ase when there Is no living with spouse Degree from the University
C. The spouse should be referred to the nearest of Pennsylvania in 1939 .
and the Doctor of Philosophy The Week
social security office as soon as possible to file lor
benefits. He or she does not have to wait to.hear from Degree from the University of
our office first. EWlsconsin at Madison In 1962, Miami. Florida

1 iAIfore

\7'fc invert question. about
: Junior MUM etiquette,

I I : grooming and inter''''.

Q. Sometimes I think I bar you fold them. Stuff more
lbs loo|'it DOM la the world! towels in the folds to guard
Neil to mine, I bet Planotblo'i against wrinkles in the body of
DOM would look short. II there the sweater If drawer space is
I anything I cu do to make It really a problem put your
RHYTHM & BLUES look smaller? sweaters in plastic bags or boxes i "Skin was drying out..flaking..looked dull andgray.'Vaseline'
A. Create an illusion! Let and keep them on a closet shelf. a
your hair and makeup help Just a little between-wearing
Petroleum Jelly-helped make it soft i
belittle your nose! Models do care will keep your sweaters

I it from by the wearing bridge darker to the make-up tip. And perky Q. My and hair fluffy!U so dull, It's y. and smooth..looked 100% better in a few days!' '

l so can you! lust be sure to absolutely lifeless! I try all kindsof
blend it carefully so there's no things to take can of It, Mrs. Donald P. Ryder, New York, N.Y.
where the darker thade
line bat nothing works. What.bouldI
RADIO STATION"WHAMMY meets your regular shade. Wear do?
your hair away from your face.
A. Brush it! Then brush it '
Try large fluffy curls to %
Applied as a continuous film to hands :
attention away from your nose some more! Bend from the
Experiment with different styles waist and brush your hair for. ankles face arms-when your skin '
to find the one that's best for ward. One-hundred strokes really needs more than cosmetic care"Vaseline'PetrofeumJellyisthesooth- ;
you. And to complete the happy I don't take very long Sham- -
illusion smile! poo it at least once a week .
ing answer. Helps dry ashy skin
gray ;
oftener if hair is a bit
My crushed In your
Q. get 'k, $ regain its normal look and tone. No '
the drawer when I fold them. oily. Massage shampoo into Vaseline.r #
But they stretch when I bang your hair and scalp with your 'x other softeners no skin cream,no skin '

them on hangers and there's aw fingertips a lotion provides better moisture protec atf;.
INMIAMI" room .la tb. drawer to lay then (To leers mart tbont torrid v tion. Try it.
flat. How do you keep sweaters Sable nummri **J mttltimitliqutlU d4
smooth? tik your hom teamomici 9' WHEN SKIN NEEDS MORE
luthtr orJtr-ltt
lo frit ,
A. To keep those bullies /II.... "A D.". for Dicer," byvnliHf THAN COSMETIC CARE.
fluffy as cotton candy instead of Kimttrly-CUrk Cor
flat as pancakes, try this! Stuff Portion, Dept "'.", PublicKrUHomi
I the sleeves with loosely! crumpled Dtptrlmtnt, Nnb I
!, Kleenex paper towels be- Wi,. '4"7)'


I <<
'\ ,\

.. .. .. . .. .._ I.
. + a .e.a i. # --#_ .. .. _
.._ /1' 'fO", n o .;.,. ..' ... .. .. S..1a. .w. a..n A1.. a. 0..4-......... :. : :::::. : : : : : :" .. :. .. .. ;.. :: : : t
........__............1.- -- -- to.. .. ., '" .. -



Ron Hischwitz 42 Rattlers Win : Rattlers Cite Top Players- : Small College Top Cager i

SIRS' Stars Signing
Rejoins .

Pitching Staff Gridiron..,... Letters_ Irks Big Clubs
-:- -: .
TALLARA IE-Forty two ;oo the Rattlers' squads ot
Jacksonville SUNS added
Tae varsity letters were awarded. I the late miles, spate oo "Wbal LtSANGELESCal1f.
Left Hand Pitcher RON KtSCH pecW)
the numbers of the 19 3 Florida 'Time Is It."He told Rattlers The Los Angeles Rams shocked
WITZ to their rooter with t esegelsltten
byodrlrhtpWchesefrom I\ AIM University football squad :and the nearly 200 rests tithe traditionalists and caused a stir
daring the annual banquet scaring new day we are Uvingtnandre- In professional football circles
the Detroit
Orpnlutlon.Mischwtts the .team here recently. ,minded them d the past "The Thursday when they announced
is to Jacksonville
Four additional letters went to traffic light of Justice is on the signing of fullback
from the Syracuse Roster.Ht Henry
trainers. green" he said, "and we must
bad a Z-Z record In the IL \' Dyer of GrambUng College fora
Speakers for the occasion: were be prepared to take advantage '"
last both wins be '
IDe Dr. George W.Gore Jr.,president .of the many opportunities now \ .-Ii'" Ram officials sternly shrugged
shutouts winding V with a. J
of AIM; A"A ICi Vice available to a'- off disclosing itrm.otthetbrM
sparUlnf*half the L50 E.R.A.vtthth.D.He spent'en President, J.R.E. Lee Jr., Attorney Dr. Gore reminded the Rattlers ; .'t.. .:- year pact, but it is believed to be

J.E. Glbos of the FAMU that they are his seas."We the best ever executed for
troll Tigers Ron will be remembered
athletic committee Coach Jake [are behind you," bepolote4out."WID small-college player.
by the Jacksonville tans Gainer of FAMU, and Abraham I ,lose or draw,you are aWlDIll' : One West Coast source estimated
for Us fine with
performance f .
Brown assistant coach, MId. boys.
the figure at
the SUNS In 1963, moving q to cited the $223,000. FRESHMAN STARS FOR FAMU
assistant coach, Mid. Coach Caliber problems
Brown .'Iji. "As far u I know,the expenditure "
'the Cleveland Indians in thela- -" ..
his Rattlers ace in rebuilding Thurber "Chuggy"Cadwell\
dleton High School, Tampa. for is .
tier part of that year.A tradition."It bas 1: Dyer approximately fresh from (
Coach Brown was the guest a winning I $50,000 more than the pros have s.z. man guard ,
Gala EvenlDcofBuebaUen. speaker. been 19 JearulDct..elO5ttbrM __ !_: shelled out previously for a Camden, N.J. Is rapidly developing
tertainment and fun was featured Rattler tackle Johnny Holmes games In one season," he said small-college player," a National into a top ballhandlerfor
for the Suns Welcome from Savannah Ga, repeated "This worried me a lot, but I Football League official the Florida AIM University I
Baseball Rally February 9 at as the"Ilnemandtheyear"and have a bunch we will come OUTSTANDING PAMU ORIDDERS ---Football players cited for their out- said. Rattlers' basketball team.
the Auditorium.addition to the Preston Johnson sophomore back." standing Performance for the Florida AiM University Rattlers during Dyer, a 239-pound fullback
welcome addition of Harry"TheHat" fullback from Boston, Mass., Persons receiving letters during the 1965 football aiason were: Johnny Holmes (left) Savannah, with unusual power and ruggedness .
Walker to the outstandinglist was named the "back of the the banquet were: Kenneth aa. linemen of the year; Hubert Oinnr Savannah Oa. snake pit was over shadowed br.n. REGAIN
of Quest speakers the Suns The Tallahassee Quarterback Riley, Bartow; Elroy Uorand,
year. eral major college stalwarts In
award; John D. Kelly, Fort Lauderdale, sportsmanship award; Pres- 1 1Y.
Jamison Jacksonville
provided some comedy relief Club Award for Sportsmanship Ocala; Rudolph print, but not in performance.A .
with the KORN KOB KLAN. a went to John D. Kelly, ; Willie Powell Tallahassee ton Johnson. Boston, Mass back of the year; Rudy Sims 'Tanpa* number of pro scouts rated MANHOOD
group of local comedy talent a center from Fort Lauderdale.The ; Alonso Gilbert, Miami; defensive player of the year and Otis Collier, Miami, rookie ,of" him "a notch above the next best
which is well known for their "rookie of the year" was Eugene Milton, Ocala; Eugene the year. The awards ,were presented during the annual f' football ,'fullback in competition.," r>..e"A. H..11............ct 11....! ,i
hilarious 'and entertaining antics I Otis Collier, corner linebacker Tbomu.\ifoo.: Ohio: James .the 1905 He gained 1,023 yards rushingand BlU. OLANDA cab )
banquet honoring Rattlers.
... .......,
Also music Sims middle Cambridge, Miami; Leonard iclmllfle < I
, was provided from Miami Rudy scored 80 points l all games ..11..1 vllk "...,
by Mrs Yvette Matthews at the guard from Tampa, was the Kelly Tallahassee Eddie Cooper for the Southwestern Athletic q .... .."t." i.... .ud... .
organ, and some rousing Barber defensive player of the year,and Plant City; Hebry Scott, Homecoming! Foe Conference champions.,A year 1ft'.... ,."p..., f.. II ,. \
shoo quartet by the TANGE- the Snake Pit Award went to tackle Melbourne; Theodore Taylor, ago Dyer led the nation In ,"' .,., 1."I.f. '
LOWS of the Sweet Adelines and Hubert Clan, a freshman Miami; Otis Collier, Miami;Nathaniel Tallahassee "The AAT College 1 scoring with 110 points. ..I'LL.. I.GLAND",I.'. w..1111.,,,...
... ,.. .. ... ...
the HI JACKS of the Jacksonville reserve from Savannah, Ga. James, Bartow; John A. of North Carolina Aggies Close observers rate him a "I... ...., ..... .....
Chapter of SPEBSQSA. Alone Gilbert, a freshman Rolle, Miami; Samuel Anderson from Greensboro have been named future pro star, and predictthat c 'mt..t"Ile1. tI.. ,..r. ......."b.h ,

quarterback from Miami received Miami, and Major Uacetton, > the'1968 Homecoming op-: he will continue to pile up ,.II..ph....,.1.a1 .. ..
,. a / 1.Ill.
a special award recognition -"" the Florida AIM .., .,. ....
Other I I By'DICK costly proof that a straight line rear n
of his athletic and scholastic lettermen Include: Joel 1, University! Rattlers 1I'OLFF Is the shortest distance betweenthe a. ... pr u. ,.....
,.,'11.. r.fI.'lJl' ":tI.tJ; progress.Two H. Williams, Lawnslde N.J.; The game will be played here of tendto line of scrimmage and the I,.1.a rp.?. Aft o.:;., '
Andrew Green Miami Preston With the approach of the fall hunting Reason tome UI
other awards were presented ; at 2:00: p.m. Saturday,,Nov. S. retire our Dining tackle for the winter This l II a mistake, I goaL
RIll UP NOW during the Orange Blossom Johnson Boston Mass.; '.found out one day many yean ago. He sprints on an almost beeline 'NCWARK lltif AMCM CO.
Classic festivities bUt, John D. Kelly, Ft. Lauderdale; Clinic ScheduledTALLAHASSEEThe I My partner and I were duck hunting on a Minnesota lake, waiting course and his high knee BOX 2023'
COMPUTE ami last December. Eugene David Daniels, Palatka; Eugene for alIght ot bluebllli supposedly( hurrying south ahead of a action makes him I III WEST PS .T.NiW .
Hayes center from Plant City Hayes. Pant City; Arthur Collins Florida Canadian cold front We were a day Nrl). The front was till In lem for ticklers. VOHK. N. Y.
FUEL' CDAlI repeated u the F.W.WoolYortb. Miami; Rudolph Givens, AIM uUniverslty Football am I Canada so were the ducks,
award winner for having the highest Miami; Zeke Sims,Ocala;Benjamin basketball coaching Clinic will
...-:. ... cumulative academic average Davis Jacksonville;John be held June 13.17, 1966. Per
c_ c... on the squad. End Benny C. Williams, Miami; Alvin Logan sons Interested in attending the '" (f. .
CALL: 764-4511 John/on of Hallaruble was the Thomson Ga., and Rudolph clinic should write to Coach QUANTITY
AU.IASCH.IeI. run recipient of the Willie Lee Gall- Sims, Tampa. Jake Galther,Florida AIM. University RIGHTS RESERVED
more Memorial Scholarship Others who received letters Tallahassee Florida.
Award. were: George Bowen Hollywood
coacb.ar qTD, who playedcen- Donald Smith Bartew; Johnny : PRICES GOOD
; Holmes, Savannah Ga.; Roger Yt,t.Ch' b+JhISCIOWN 11 THROUGH SATURDAY
Finale, Miami;Arthur Robinson
Hallendale; Richard Callhoun, >092-726-18> ;>
Haberstraw N.Y. Samuel Jones.
Lakeland; Andre M. White 54-20-67'' t.
Tampa Herman Jackson Miami I "
; and Benny Johnson Hall ,2 "I 4 SEMINOLE SLICEDBACON

endale.Trainers receiving letters :.::8. 6.
were: Harold Bethel Miami; '
Moses McCray Lake Worth; 3' 9l
Virgil Valdez, Miami, and Er- \ ...
vin Mitchell,Chattanooga,Tennessee. I : = 1 129C'
i 49-521-55' .
; : ; .. I' ''' ..

1- 2 Courses 211332.Sometimes VAC
( He's'Up; -O- '

Set For Animal He Sometimes adds subtracts He's Down LB., PAK LB..

Tie works It all around

12-87-23 ; ,
By LARRY BATCHLARTwo :* -:**" FAB 59' .
City of M1&m1eoU courses WANT HEN YVEHA'GE" .49C

the Latest 1 :Men'.S Hair Styles: will Tournament be used contestants by North-South for the :MA...PjyS' LB. .

Are"Taught" At The' five-day 54-boIe event that begins e W/J5.00 OR MORE. FOOD ORDER

layout will be for pracUce andloosenlag .........:.. .:..:..... BAKE
.JacksonvilleBarber -up rounds the first "Man's Days are Numbered".
(by. Health and Fortune Can Be
Qualifying and competitive Yours When You Know Your POTATOES
play will begin Feb. 24 at the Lucky Days, Lucky.Colors Etc: R I TELSrS: 9C
'Inca challenging: City of Miami Country Send$2.00 for your Horoscope
College Club in Miami Springs Guide for '
All professionals, amateur -
TL 'i championship qualifiers and seniors N/f/ 5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER 2 LBPOLY

.e&b. : rb AV 'fsj ;. STREET: : will tee off the third day. FEBRUAhi 29
A 11,000 cash bonus has been
added to the prizes for the LB.
pro Fill In the blank below anj
.. '__: 'J Iu&saiiillet i !! FI!!jiei i 1 scoring a bole-in-one. Any mall to ZODIAC Post Office '
amateur accomplishing the feat Box 1171 Jurksonvllle 1, Fla.NA1 .. OIL 29?
will receive $ZOO in golf equip !24 oz .
ment. ....-. : MAXWELL, .

condition Both courses for the are competition in excellent I W5.00$ OR MORE FOOD ORDER .

that of early already arrivals has drawn to the number area. STREET- C 0 .F'F E E


1 L.

c This isthe

Mi nicest -J ,69C

';j' rrA smoothest i 1 LB.WS5.OO
4 $1

.bourbon 2 1/2 OR MORE

ever to come FOOD ORDER

,, [out oft :' PKG. OF 6 2 9fC'::




out -

foryourself. I BISCUIT ....T... 4 CAMS. 290


.!!"' t 0.'61.ECHO SfOINO DUTIUMV.LOUISVIttt.. KV. I I :
.- ,: : 10 ,49C

., _. .


____ u

I t t .. t r : ;-
r a 4 ,


Howard! Sets Mitts Saturday liven( Specials 'Ml. Olive To Present Grant Choir Central Board 1 Ministers MeetingThe Mother Anderson

Toe Entertainment Committeefor Latimore Singers Holds Elections Plans Program Baptist Ministers Bro
Yeith Heads Events
; the General Baptist Convention Schedule I .therhood of Jacksonville: Duval ;,
hat been called to meet
i Saturday at S pm., In WestUI1I.on New Mt. Olive Baptist Church: The officerscrfCnolrtofGrant ._.. and adjacent counties will meet Evangelist Mother Andersof/ic
Memorial DoraChuck la >
Daysprlng Baptist
i I Hart and Brady Sts., will Memorial AME Church net In
I present Panama
Baptist Church.: The Blven Specials: and their City announced this
of 1459 Monday 11 00a.m.
the Uvtaf God and Albert :
the Latimore Singers the home of Mr. Mrs.
Plans will be formulated for Instruments of Faith announce: supported week that she will conduct an
W. Union St..will obMtrt Youth Woodland Avenue. Speaker for the day will be I
by local Milton, 2349 ,
of schedule of outstanding open air meeting Saturday at X
the "Weddlnc the Nation. their appearances
with Mrs. Kettle Mills who will de-
Day Sooty, eommeactof I of the meetlnwas
groups Friday Feb. 18 at Ip purpose West
AU participants been asked throughout February. I p.m. on Ashley street.
fee Santay School it1Om.wtthDucm liver a special: message. The'President
C.Campbell la charge. to attend the meeting for te- Sunday, Feb. 13 at 3:30 recitalat ox. i I II !, The in program the church: themed auditorium."Latl-. to formuateplansfortheyesr'sprojects.. Rev. R. Leander 1. Her legion of friends and the
the will present a public are Invited.
At 1L30 La., morning service lT Participants& kiss'Joyce group more Night," will be one of tilt'I The following committees Jones Is urging the attendanceof
called: are: I Mt. Zion AME Church: Old all I The well-known evangelist
began with W.L. Brownas speaker. I I I>I current recital: season and will 'were appointedby Mrs.AleentceMcQueen I members.SHBdiy 1
'' Badger, Miss Jewel Col St. Augustine Rev.C.LJenklns, I also said that the nlghtlypentai -
Elder Frank Brandon of
tier, Miss Alan James, Miss I pastor and apouor.I .also feature: newly elected: president Meeting i costal revival now In progress
UM ROOM of Cod Saints In Luella
Dorothy Hayes, Miss Lynda I I Sunday night the specials will The Thelmarettes, Celestials : Membership Mrs. \ at New Jerusalem Holiness
Christ, Lake City will speak at Simmons, Miss Dorothy Davis i feature the Founder's Day program Octorettes Mrs. Thelma Edwards McBride chairman: ; Mrs.Nan I 1 The A. L. Lewis Club of Mt. Church, 1964 Ella Street will
5 At 1:30 the YOWICPeqIIt' Vlvtenn
p. p. Miss Mary Davis and Miss Shirley ,, at Cooper's Academy: Brother Nathaniel .cy: II. Brown, Mrs. .... y i Olive AME Church has scheduled l continue: through Thursday night
Christian Workers Murray. 2032 Benedict Road and willalso ['tJaCboD, "Gospel King of /Hicks, Mrs. Prlscllla: Wilson; I, A. I Its first meeting of the new February 17.
will contact Mrs. J. GreeD presiding.EvenIng '- March: 4 In West Union Baptist the following Monday and Tuesday : of ceremonies, Little ,chairman: Mrs. Annie M.McIn- f / '. Flossie Wilson, 3221 Moncrief promptly at 8 o'clock and soul
service scheduled at Co c .Ruby Jackson: guest soloists.All tosh, Mrs. Meltonla Vaughan 1 Road, stirring observance Is
"'1:Church._ nights.On Sunday at 4:30 p. m. prom
clock with Minister W.L.Brown tomorrow'>>. Wednesday night Feb. 16, groups wishing to sing on Mrs. Clues Harp, Otis Williams c) ::: Mrs. Jessie Jenkins entertained ised. Elder Hodges Is host pas-
Elder F. Howard J YQuwon't get Mrs. Dtlorls Lang. -
the are Invited. Toe ,
program the tor.
the Specials will present a redial group In the previous
:Jobr:with letteniay'rskill. ? Entertainment Mrs. Esther MRS. MYRTB SHOOTES i: .
pastor. at the Church of God In Latimore Singers range In ages Also meeting at her home, 1327
------ -- -, Christ 338 Chelsea St.. Bishop from. two through 14 years. Milton, chairman: ; Mrs. Madam Louis MeUonwllibeUM Grothe Street. *'
I W.E. Nesbitt pastor, and Mo Mrs. Alberta Latimore basinvlted Ruth Taylor Mrs. P. Wilson, speaker when usher Board -J"\ _
ther Julia Neal sponsor all gospel music lover sto Mrs. Inca Aique, Mrs. Cor 2 of Central CUE Church pre-
I '1Ida, afternoon,Feb.27,they the program which will be one, nella Strlngtteld, Mrs. Smith, ents a Pre-Valentlne Tea Sun
..u appear at St. John Baptist long to. be remembered. chairman: ; Mrs. Gene Melvin: day afternoon, Feb. 13 In the
Church, Seville and that night Mrs. F. Moore MCGbeecPearson church: : auditorium.
will sing at Calvary Baptist Mrs Erie Harris Appearing on the program will
Church, Palatka. FIGHT CANCER' Mrs. Janie Cannon; decoration, be llrt.Marian Whltehead,nar
Miss GloriaLockett,_chairman. rator; Urs. Leila Walker, Mrs. Enjoy the extra smoothness of '
'Mrs. Gene Melvin, Robert T. Franks L. Owens, Mrs. Alice \

GROWS HAIR ON HEADS AS Moore Mrs. .Esther Milton, '., Boston, Mrs. Vivian V. Robinson i 7 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon j /
Mrs. Georgia Jones; Gift,Mrs. I ,.Grant Memorial Trio, EIder -
D. Smith chairman: ; Mrs. Rath MOM [)Davis Mrs. Eva Mae
BALD AS BILLIARD BALLS Taylor Mrs. MozelleMeacham 1 I Gilbert, C. L. Hall.
Robert Moore; Ways and Means Also the 12 Hour Prayer Band,
"i Mrs. Annie M.Mclntosh,chairman Mrs,Paul Nelson. Hostesbes rt'f
,Mrs.Agnes Walker Mrs. <, wW be Mrs. Jessie B. Hester
.., Nancy: M.Brown,Amos V.Rose, :j I Dean; Mrs.Ida Mae Cohen,Mrs. I
W.C. Brown. Lucille: Weldon Mrs. Sara Mt
The group captains are Mrs. Hood, Mrs. Lucille Hester,
; Ines Asque Mrs. Evelyn Odon Mrs. Margaret Lumford, Mrs.
and Mrs. Mocelle Meacham. Tbelma Edwards. Mrs. A. R.

ci s Lewis .Is president of the sponsoring -
QSrIP MNN organlatten, Mrs.My- 1r
Qi :WANTED rtls Ebonies,program charlman and the
Why be bald adding years to your appearance? Stop bald-, MAIDS GUARANTEED NEW; and Rev. W. C. Flanagan Is the r extra agedoesn't
::7.f ness today. We are no longer In the horse and buggy age.; YORK LIVE-IN JOBS to $60 host pastor. i cost
Today's scientific developments bring relief from nat
weekly. Fare advanced. Rush .BoDr6os
Now medical science has discovered the relief ROOM one extra cent!
ure. new
._. : wr.l
'yin k from baldness FORMULA 1966.
Dept. 234, LYNBROOK N.Y. .
Try this formula today on our guarantee that FORMULA
: / 1966 must grow hair to your satisfaction or your money { Single woman ortole. cou-:
promptly refunded. FOR. SLE. Modern convenlences.356-:
1198._ 'wty
Vacuum Cleaner Hoses for all
- -
I ; 1 LNIWAWK ItU..ItCH Co J makes. $6.50. Cleaner over- Royal Crown N Pt00F
Uox 2023 hauled $6.95. Free pickup and 1 eelNfluw.we oaeuLt1 ,
1 It WilT se IT.. t delivery service. Barge's Vacuum -

.MIW Milk VOHK rOKMlLA M VI IM .. N ., ..... I..* MBptoMf MlMM !. ..., : Cleaner Service Center Colo;
1 .. .. .. _.. .
1* tr in ( r .fn1.1 mt T N f "t.r..1 TOMO9 5510 Westtqnnett Blvd. Phone
IM ..4 ...W4 Nrt1... 771-8253! ..._
: ... 1. --
j lA44r M : ::. .::::::::::::::': '::: : :::::::::: : :. :.1 "

PF .. ... *... ,., .. .. .. list..I iANn. .
14:+1U I'YILURI co!'M Y,in row CITY DUNKO*M SKEY.it PROOF.M; .. .. .... ?
K toM lid 11. I .w rr p < 15 (t miti tktrft I WOOLWORTH I
1 N.d Irll.l MM ... $1 let M.bO JOBS SLFRIES TO $65.
- -::.



I II SUNSHINE ment.With,.fREE Rental We JUG Rent Of Shampoo Lawn SHAMPOO* W Mowers Equip*" "* I IT'S! VALENTINE' TIME' !

I .
'GREENS. t Garden Tools, Floor Polishers
o 1 Sanders Mechanic: &'
[Chopped 15-OZ. (Hand Tools, Local Trailers, $2
per day.NATIONAL'.
': = Collards Can q .
A Turnips IOC" _. _,_ n ..;. ... _

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Your own business plus ver?'
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Y Our s u c:c e IItu1 noncompetitive :

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confldental. For more information

CALL Bert King 702-384-9142.-
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.C-,; -. --.-.-- BOXED CANDY
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1 li


I 1

CHUCK "8D .1 1, BISCUITS. !l I )kin "Iilifi i' 177

t I ILB.n"I 4 9 1 4294 ;;1':'' lOt, day, .TJtIs.Our' 1 .

1 J. I.I I. VP VP
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'I 'II is filled with fine quality, Especially designed for boys and girls all have

1 1 ;(OiIJ; IlSlI- 1 assorted chocolates. A matching envelopes; special card for teacher.
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S9c A. 36 'Roses and Violets'cards. B.25 'All Glitter' cards.

ij91J.r.U: =J1' r 1 Ib Ib Box Box 99c C. 25 Assorted favorites.

"Seper-Ripht" Lean, Meaty Pork ((3 to 5-lb. Average) lilti Fancy -- -------.J;


Lb. '. 19C: $195DOWN

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8 to 1S.Ib. .' 16to' OB LET: TOUR CAR TOR- d At
45 24.16frt. .39CGEOR& < PAYMENT ..
Avg. : 14-t Bedroom. Batb-10 ud -
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