Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF

w Tte raw directs of tte maoc lowing tte MrmiAchMi. Alaraculcruis. ..
U klitini Extradite civil rights sr a NegroTo Protestant and Eattern Orthodus -.. Ultote Dr. Ptyt s> .U1
,.., e'en'" Bwr(*e4e tie(", eustrw togaeoue.aemwf.othe ..
Ala. RefusedPHlL.U.a.PH1A. Dr, IMwrt W. rt4ke, ... has had of twist AadUujttmtli*
Ynr Plfsiciu tes to4 tie Commission since C.*.. hf lilt farmer director, ,
..... -(XfOEstrsdiftoe 1HJ. Ur. *>ia. utd.c.M....& < onIte
... proceedings afahMlS Dr, I 4.lku has reslcMd to tutu apatotaw,
local .gr. were refuse ep a newly-crMlM poet si tte M ls a auiter u( fees history .
Pharmacy Alabama last .*. vy Cov.WUliam University of Chago DUtotfysVkuU. that, to tad. Ite tlctimsU
V, Scrastta.Icraaton's where te wtU U pro ftiMfUntoalk* tee U4 ee
I nrttoo at Ite case SMSOT of ministry and director sit AKwfCtoKlr tte e...sils>
of Frank JI. Duvis wasted tar ., Ott eckaCs ,.....r lie stun U. |r ltft 4 to fM s moot
Tur Pnscriftiti 'hrlu, breaking )aU white servto s %t.t of aIitrprKraaj highly owalifM y.Mf o.l maw
I term fer burglary. reeled A nstjte ., ..... ''''....Dr Of I..al bugle OMVMlMlk*!
2112 I. ClftwiN iff.PIS44IS from a Joetire eVtwrtsMoJ re- Ptrta. C'ju.. .. tte HikalCowacO M (Ms) con eucMheuettor
,.........,... Oat De pti mar from Ite PrUetUst M said
Alsi MUSI2 I no.( W returned .. AUhama.In Owe U of Ite CRy of iww York As .,... miUier of the Some peoiile
...... M tie e.uliit wto Office ... luUfios and JII.kAaI I'cIW (...C II II.t.
tttt...... varraela ..Je- Rate te has headed stare ally U4.AUv Dr Psrton was
fin Pick If I Itfitirj SirmiI. ..."..eof I" h4 .... stausd late Tte KX Com*l ite .. R.ttg1. .- a4 serif t I I. I. Itrtit .iss fer glad while H tie and luce was ere t.d to WA*..axh*,D.C.,
I Alabama ".... to Jam IHI, hf Ite MMIfS .. !lot I
-at ....... r.-ral bused
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thank you all ,WrvUe DIET.

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Holiday Gift Suggestions Religion And Race Sgt. Robertson Receives Citations

By 4ego press International

BAL71MORE.-(NPI"Tbe Maryland Baptist Convention,at It', .N,
recent annual meeting approved a condemnatory "resolution"
on extremists who, "la UM name of Christianity seek to

promote racial hatred,smear tactics character assassinations,
guilt by association violence and would-be patriotism." T1Ieresolutloo.polnted
out that such persons "while operating 'd we
under the guise of Christianity are completely contrary
K to the spirit of Jesus

,, clergyman from each of four de-
r'a nominations was among 11 persons arrested last week during I
an antl-de facto segregation demonstration at the construction
site of the Edward A. McDowell school The ministers were

the Revs James E. Croppl) M, assistant pastor gt. Boniface
3Aran Roman Catholic Church; William J. Mlles 39, rector, St.
George's Episcopal Church; Richard L. Aukeraa 36, pastor M W !
of Christ Presbyter Church;and David 0.Owens29, pastor
Wesley Methodist Church

Davis Jr. Discusses '
Sammy fL'RETIRING _-=-

law NON-COM FETED-Sgt. Ist/C David L. Robertson and Mrs. Robertson display
Plans For Tee Vee ShowNEW citations presented the U.S. Army non-commissioned officer on the occasion of his retirement
recently after :0 years of continuous military service, Sgt. and Mrs. Robertson, formerly of
{I M Memphis, Ten ., will establish their new residence In St. Louis. The citations

t Radio Network's YORK-Three"Monitor"months that ago,h.Sammy would Davis never Jr.do told a weekly NBC to Military?*. Robertson Science *? U Co1 Samuel F' Sampson left. PMS and head of the Department presented of

television series-that he preferred 'mlxlngup'his at F'rlda AiM University Tallahassee were part of several honors
appearances presented the couple] before they left the Florida
on such shows as "Hullabaloo", "The Dean Martin Show" campus.
"Bonanza" and "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."

Or. F*lday, Jan 7,"The S.1D my many directions on the show Floridians Meet
i Davis Jr. Show" will (lave its "That's why 1 chose my pro- EducatorDr.
premiere on the NbC 7 ele vision ducer and director (Joe Hamilton

Network ((8:30.9:30: : p.m. EST). and Clark Jones,)with great a 17
Obviously women aren't tie only care." says Sammy, "They bad
ones who have the prerogative to agree with my concept of .
to change their minds. what 1 feel the show should 1,
Sammy claims he didn't really
change his mind "I made that be.As the first Nero to stu
statement because I never in a full-network television Ar.
dreamed I'd be offered my own series of his own, Sammy Is
show," he explains. "I thought aware that his is a gigantic

THE EXOTIC, hypnotic Lava Ute (TM) casts its own magic to provide an exciting focal such a circumstance was un bre through.
attainable When NBC offered '..
point for holiday tables and buffets. 'It'. noIf.r.nt, ,Sammy,
me the weekly series stating than when I first Negro to play
This new decorative accessory comes in six colors combinations, including fluorescent green
I could have control of the
with a red lava substance which bubbles into hundreds of shapes and formations for endless Miami Beach or any
hours of visual pleasure. A VL-approved lamp the Lava Lite Is a European Invention and over the show, I Ripped There other places formerly closedto
uses a JO-watt bulb. In addition to its application for entertaining or as a conversation pieceon was never a question of no members of my race. |'vi
the coffee table during the holidays, the lamp doubles as a night light. Children overstlmu- or maybe. The answer was lived with that kind of pressureall t
lated by the Yuetlde will be tranqulllzed by the pleasant bubbling action and kaleidoscopic Immediate ) of my life. The only pfes-
colors. Sammy Davis classifies himself sure I feel now ls..wUl the

The Lava Light is 16 inches tall and is styled in a contemporary manner to fit In with most as a variety performer.As puttie buy what I have to sell,
he books his show, he Is which is my talent? That' is all
interior decor. It is nationally available at department gift florists and jewelry stores
reaching for the top names In -hope to be Judged by. After
the entertainment Industry with all, I'm an entertainer who is
Christmas which to surround himself. He Negro 1'mn.A a Negro entertainer .
Merry Cast Wary Eye
wants to be able to move In '

I\ Happy New Year On Faubus' Negro Jobs Plan Economic Necessity Sparks

LITTLE ROCKuNI'IuThose tongue-In-cheek Negro political
observers.who cut a vary eye on Arkansas' Governor OrvalE. Negro Co-Ops Growth, In South Ralph Jean (second from left). assistant professor of &mathematics Uw. Universityof
FLORIDA STARMARY Faubus' recent advances toward providing high state posts Tennessee, chats with Mat Hall (extreme right), JscUonrUU ru. Richard Kearns ,
for Negroes were a little more vocal last week about his"peacemaking" (second frora right). Daavlile, Vs.; Acting Dean Ralston Kelly, (center): and Karen Marquess
racial trends. JACKSON. Mlss.-NPO--Forced( ) through necessltybecauseof (extreme left). tips Locka Fla., after his morning speech to Barter-Scotia Collvg students
I 19G6-67 school year. starvation pay scales--Negro cooperatives are on a growIn In which he described Ik e set theory In mathematics. (PHOTO DT JIM WISE).
MOTHER OF CHRIST' DURKAM--NPI--Mrs. MoniNow .* trend in the civil rights movement ID the south.
/ -
studying at University -
que Brockman,a former French Of North Carolina, Chapel HU1, This grew out of the re.ela- luring plant In nearby Canton. Burns Up. Taven i
The Irgln\ M".ry'k name was. instructor at North Carolina Mrs Drockman is one of SO women werea They are now cooperate polly The Artists' CircleOut
I I actually Miry', from the Scriptures of college /has been awarded a college teachers from through. women were taking borne $S makers in the Madison County CHICAGO..Burned up when" be

and meant Beloved-'claims.. Danforth teacher grant to study out tie country being awarded a week for work from I a.m. Sewing firm, a drtslIDdln.coop.uth. was forcibly tossed out of a Out of resulUac from a difference of &
God the Cathcll"Car toward the doctorate during the grants.WAME to 8 p.m. In a small manutac- organised last Westside tavera last week, an elples/ in the cboreograpby and programming with the Ilulsrss

---- summer to provide Jobs for Irate {(year old laborer. Ro Lace Foundation, Robert Joffery r'I1pe4l11dorpa1udu.w
unemployed Net roes bert Lee Lasslter turned the company bearing bis name.
OLD FASHIONED GOODNESS TIM cooperatives, civil rights place Into n flaming Inferno Last week the Joflery Ballet performed In Chicago as a part

organizations prescribe ,are L.- :2ei, ejected for brandishnC of UM Harper Theater Dane Festival and from the k )ks of
means to free Negroes from a knife, returned to the UM group be has a good WIle going

segregationists economic pressure scene of bis humiliation and About a year and a kilt ago It seemed II.* Joffery tUDrt was
r. la many ar.... poured two finished following UM cUaarr-ftli.
gallons of gasoline bmrfft Joffery and II*
Negroes are now on the Job
over the floor tossed .. RebekaaHsrkn.ssFoudatoswhkhhatsl ortedthec.mi'r\&sy
ID newly-created "selfhelp"Duineases lighted malcb and fled aa the for two years

In McComb. Mile-* Jammed spot burst Into flames, The Foundation then created the darkness tall.... hair 'to
Mow and Jackson Miss., In taking an Immediate toll of 11 George S11DLr. and Joffery found himself without a companr.
Selma and Forkland. Ala., and without
lives to nuintaln one and wtttcoJ ctatrol 01 the
In a surplus army tent in an
repertory choreographed for and performed 'by his ,
field Creeaville
open near ,

Mississippi TM most ambitious of the I

I DIAL 1260 WMBMSpotlight field self-belp secretary by Jesse programs Morris was, a SMCC launched I Three cool characters

Product 01 The Week Morris came to Mississippi

from Jacksonville, Florida vita have just hit townGreat
Miami Florida the Idea of a chain of cooperatives
known u the poor Pea

ple's Aided cooperation.by) other Student Nooviolent NewWine Drinks in Three Flavors!

members Coordinating be nailed Commute brochuresto Chill them..the cooler they we,the better youll)Lie l them!

FLORIDA'SH northern civil rights supporters Cat all t% fresh tasty flavors that keep their "cooT.

received eontrfiMtlons
and sent UM donors -freedombonds.

PPC group; hare provided Orange
11,000 tor the Madison County Lime elTh J

a 1 1RHYTHM 1RAD30 Sewing employee firm; $400 suede for hissing an el nt ._ Ro& Lemon

company la McComb; 1400 for Rock '
a an tIgkt -'1III 1oree MU.stoae '
concern nunmfactwinc leaner
belts and repairing anoes and
f $400 for a Ban order and r

the SHORTY-$35. retail outlet In Jackson.

MEDALO STYLE "!|S LocIIIC..4.fIII17 to UM rti
of the
success cooperatives
V.. !' W''. "4 .. .!: *
M.d.1..q 55.5 Mrl:.. rt .er11':1.u Morris said "We plan to raise
& BLUES NM 11..1. M.d salaries to SUS an boar. thenIM
...':... N'.ws w'
1 II.Ir.A w w.lr.D..r. any s rpt.s to Improve
J ., ,.... ....
.. _, Awe'
$ ", M..n" M.r .M .,. facilities start sew businesses
GOW trm red M AI* MOOT So 111e11 u. N
M VOVH >C U>.Tae twUiUM tad provide mac employs***!. Of ,,.
_. .. ... '
.* ? klr.....ft.. *k..C-. .(a..ur>wr..t lime
**. Wow, N. POCTOK CA m.
NOT l.*=. t IM mt.4 Ye
*.mwl MUM CA"-OKOUvturfc
M MUM wlil -.* } ..,
.5 Wfwrtrt to>|r.** CAJUBtONOU. COMIIJIAWAY
to e.ea .irac .., MADAM GLORIA
RADIO STATION"WHAMMY (111 ..u., u. ale ...t'nw.
e s ... .. ITCNY.uMrv .
nANOnCrr _!. .W. Palm 3fcirtt *lUt header.
W rniscKiss *. Advisor ta an affairs of WIt
M 1..r
....1. M..1... ...... 1u1A.ea15 Low, Maniac' Outness, &- 6 6r
.w..u .i w.
M etNlly.4.w,.4.155 clM... etc. Luck, Days Ln

=....._N.. Mr wnN T.l.N tM .....rvMih uotMOBMVINB Le C r1m1U1Jrt' -- coy Hands. There Is no boss iC .
SCAT r>-MVLA so drtadfiU. that she cant bfe ,
..*. It warn k* *M>| M ** '!
at Ml TM .
Located Si.pteM
.M !*.<, M vsn rr Ian .g. A .. ; ,
soap ... .. .= : :.. .:= .
UA -. M H* M* .ens. 1r. !" TU-MOT. apes fsvBft.stu .
.. e -, 1.... e.r 50rAev..a r ._ _
.s.41w .. _-.,.TNey. N W .'v.r-D;'1 b"rt 19 nnu. tfany 4 itsa0sy.Located .
INMIAMI" p.e.'elw.-_ .Uw. .0... lap. .MAT....--...- .LOOC.-.. U W aI. fla. OMvts
e MM .1)0 "'II1M
1 ... ..
.-r.a \ w "1..e Maw.CATIO .11..I."Cw. = : -....Nq .. to MADAM XUXXUA and.
SCALP CUSMVIA peer M -. ... ____ _CMw I yes vm totl free """'e.
.-.... -- tNrp. tan kW W5 c_. .. ... _.. ...... .. Half vttt ms adntHfl
": "e-oOtDD price .
:.: -.... 5ar1 A.( .m Lamas
ra1. ...h ee ....
.>IAUI roDucr INC. w ..' .. .
: wT V. iW'LS: ?;' t-lt --a4 wMi a wMe= =---a.tr tf'MwC: 4. .. I tr -. < .
;, ....-.r I CiLA h MOT..a*_*_S_IM' __ Dap, k.t. .......u ... ,eet .

.t- t... 4


/' Y W' \ fI 'I ; !" -' .IID. ) / \\t "

,_ fI

-' ... ,

.. # .. .

''I Hayes' XMas Gift, Paces Cowboys To 2nd Place Conference Tie ,,:,,


Lincoln Soccer 'COKE' Cites Classic Principals lob Snatches Former Jax Braves' Stir Recuperating '::1; !

Players Make 2 TD Passes

AH-Stir Team In 38-20 Win

[Anthony Taylor Beale Moron Rompln'
land Vincent Mabatla. three Hayes snatched a pair of Don

I members Lincoln rjblrersiry Meredith passes for scalar 1 l f frI
I romp of 6} and M yards respectively ,
soccer tam, were selected to ,.
to the Dallas
I tilt National Association of IntercoUegiats pace I 1
to 31-10 National
Athlete's all star Cowboys a ,
Football League win over the
soccer team. Tbe three were
selected on tilt basis of their New York Giants Sunday and f'I I .
performance at the playoffchampionship resulted la the two clubs being
held In kaotched in a two-way eon .
games ference tie for second place.As .... I
Mo. November
Kansas City. -
{6 and n with three other a result, the Cowboys all .\ ''' -' atl.t.:
I participating colleges.EarUumof play Jan. 9 at the Playoff Bowl l" c. 't\ v.\J !...;..'irNark .. .
ta Miami defeated the .. ,
Richmond Indiana, Trenton having ... .-- -- t _
this :'
Giants twice
State of Trenton,lU.andQulnnlptec Mason. \Y. I"
College Kamdea ,Conn. Meredith's generalship was ( 1 \ "Q\\on SO..i\"e. 4 .
VllUn- ..
Tbs Lincoln University Lions superb following Danny ... ,4ti.AS
lost against Earlnam Coop 1 usva's 23-yard field goal taUM \\ \.. U-a !. """ -I .YA .
when he mailed
2-0. but won ta their game wWi quarter Aaron sports a pair of
diamond-patterned l .
Hayes with a U-yard aerial pajamas as he catches up on news shout me
QulonlplM Collece. 26-12 to basebaU-varlety diamond Hollowing minor surgery UNITED INTEa-.JUTIOHAl.'HOro
place larid among tilt nation'stop TOP PLAYERS OF ORANGE BLOSSOM CLASSC-Ruswell Jollvet, Moron State College
college soccer teams. a1t1mor.. Md.. quarterback, bit from left, aadJoe Williams, halfback. Florida AAM Unlver-
Winners of tile Delaware Valley 1117 Tallabais 2nd from rlgtt vice selected "Ptayers-Wthe-Game at a recent Miami Fair Slates
Conference championship, sad tilt AAM R-RarUers*. SPOTLIGHT ON '
the Lincoln teams have dominated Tb" Ca., s ploDHr pertlcaant ee'
the conference since ta tile OBC hooorJ R.E Lee Jr. left, FAMO vice-president who>> founded the astloullJnspected Pigeons Race
its formation three years ago cUssfc-evenYStaadlnf: to'wtth tile JOUDC ..., 1a .dI1II to Yr. Lee are Quid/ ,1jIrSRQR.Ts'J v

taking tilt title each year. They H. Boone, Srd from left. Southeastern reflonal representative. The Coca-Cola Company
ended their playlag year aNormhet .. W, Adams, vtce-prealdeo, The Coca-Cola Company and David Zachry "treaterSbl. :, Awards Show
20 with a 3-L win Coca-Cola Battling Company of MlamL ta tile Jlrd tditloa of lilt Wossom (Classic Clwlts J. Ly"9ston -
over the Philadelphia College Moron defeated A1M, annual pms bd, by a score of He,. For young Jollvet. lbs rettn TAMPA nattering cloud of
of Bible to bring the season's to IlWaI' Oruce Bowl wan noBethingof a trlumph-m INI his Bears bad lost to tile AAM FANCY BROWNS WITHOUT BROWN hundreds of homing pigeons will
tally to 7 wins 1 loss and Rattler.. Z.7. At tile plitt" sod Williams was certainly the Tsllabasse tastlMto. hero, darken (he skies during the
Itie.Morgan. for be bad put tilt Rattlers on tile score-board for Its only touchdown- an $3-yard, tun- It has become an annual ritual for Cleveland's greet Jim opening day ceremonies si the
Is a native of Free- quarter kkk-oc!retan. Brown to start talking retirement Just about this point each list annual Florida. State Fair

tots. Sierra Leone, W. Africa, season.Brown. February I.
1s ta his sophomore year at ls and The plucky birds will hover
you see, gracious considerate enough to wall
Lincoln University and Is a Wildcat Ponders Travel Plans until he has fullbscked the Brownies to tilt point where they over the grandstand getting
of t tbe Prince Wales their bearInga Ia what.au.....
graduate are virtually certala of winning another National FootballLeague's
College ta Freetown.Mabatla Western Division title, before reminding Cleveland msss confusion lo the thousands
Is a.native of Basetoland. V9* nNHBR9uMMflNtea brass and football fans that he Is human .ft.r..., and would of spectators expected to be on

South Africa, and U to five the Cowboys a therefore like to galt the gridiron wars. hand for She event
As each bird determines Hepaper
now la his junior year at Lin 10-0 tint quarter lead. This season Browse cry for armistice on his own terms came

cola. He ta t graduate of Roma At bullies, a ....d-ctlartl C aa the Brownies moved much closer to tile division's title circling direction and bead for it will home slop.
ta UsutoUnd. than
GlaaU' club vas oo tile short
Taylor Is a sophomore from eat ola 17-1 score. Jim crashing. over for the final,tartb-qusrl/r touchdown, the crow Blew
Hamilton, Bermuda. H* attended With the score 11... In the the Browns came from behlnd..from a 10-t J nclt..lo dtfeod The birds will be released byemembers .
of the West Central
Institute ta that
Berkeley lor
third the Cowboys struck
city and the Temple University three-TCTs with sU minutes the Browu came from behind-front a 10-1 deficit..lo driest Florida Concourse.
HiP School ta Philadelphia I remaining ta the fourth to complete tbe visiting Washington Redskins, 14-16 before a hometown The concourse will continue
of the fair
Pa.AIT. their most successful season crowd 0117."!. u part during Its
In tile National Football And with tilt victory the Brownies clinched s lie for the/ homo ll-tfcy run with a display of

LsegueIt division's title, with no other team ta sight much less being
"homing and racing pigeons soda
Star tab U believed that Hayes two able to overtake them. film the birds.
TOs Sunday broke the KFL's Thus, Jim's threat Is again running true to lorm.
49ers ContractGREENSBORO. scoriae record lor a roukle. Now normally, tilt mere thought of seeing their superstar The fU \ produced: by thePigeon
: -- C retiring would be enough to give tile Cleveland. brain. trust Americas Union, shows
methods of and
Irslnlng flying
palpitations. The guy remember, ta not only their superstar
N.C/-Melvta Va. StateCagers sad Insursnre for victory but their bread sad-butler man pigeons and Includes sn actual

Phillips, star halfback wttb lilt flv as wlI. race

ALT College Aggies, a high Face Jim draws huge crowds all over tilt NFL. The greatest -
draft choice by the San Fran ground otor It> Pro hUtory with a fantastic record of" 1,14) Holiday
sties FortyNmers of the j j yards set ta WJ Jim. also holds lust about every rushing
National Football League was Rough Slate and touchdown scoring record ta the boil c&
algned by tbe met>> i Monday.Selected ELIJAH GIPSON ponders ever tile many miles be ta about to travel to Mobile. Alabams, He IWd the Colls L ay Moure's louchduwa record of 20 Cheer sri
ta round to participate ta the North-South Senior Bowl Came January k. Tie ..:-Cooaaam IT. PETEMBURG-tf any teem for one season.
Paliups was drafted higher that Wildcat drafted fourth by the Ksasss City Chiefs, has already. signed win tilt professionalteam. In the CUA can be termed Small woofer pe!e everywhere want to see Suiwr. Mss t '
college (THEODORE JOKXSON' PHOTO). ta acttun. Small wonder too that the
any other university or a hard luck team on tbe bails BrowtUt bests east From rJ.
football slayer ta Norn Care- r rf fames, then fancy seeing the team without Jim Brow. .

Its. NBCRoseav to P4leeS4iTRL Stale Troja Hrown awl tilt Rrownlei go together like .ham and eggs< 111
He was also drafted by tbeBmCalo ** must be considered number 'Further Jim ls Just sbout a one-man teem, II s lime when RIIllq.er
Bills of the American Kentucky Signs this teamwork Is paraMount. TV mss defies all conventions sat
one ta cslefory.
Football League.. Bowl I Sponsors State will have a chance loo coMiparlsnns.
At signing\ <<...we..Forty. meet stiff eompetUke In preparation put msyhe there ls another factor other than mineylhslta Stores
Miner Scout, Jack Whits itldPbUlbe pot s seven-o"borne keeping Brown from hanging up Ibe spikes. There Is Ibe ,
will be need u a defensive Negro Athlete Announced sl.nd January, and early February Heeling Iks Jim bees ,Just ddksled. to the Crowns, as ----- tmmmmfmfmm--m-m-m
back. by psrtktpettog m lilt they are Indebted to him. 757
Bert Plggott. bend coach lor Complete.. li ignseorship NBC Fort Leslie InvllsllesslTournament For this reason, the Cleveland trsss might have talked
the Autos, said he U confident Television network's Hew Tear at Fort Euetls,Va. :Jr.,.. Into playing on Mill they CIA devel that PbCUps will tasks the LEIlltC'ION..Rat&al"rr"U He finished fourth last ... Dsy folorcsst of the Orange December 11.10. take his pUce. irs hard to see when its will be, I
grade. He said of PhilUps, ". ta Southeastern Athletic Con- son wUkllpotalsdeepltebsvIngmisted Bowl FooTbsll Csme vii snnounred Slate wUl meet Morris..,,,, tbougb. for you Jut don't run .MA a .....u..r Itte Dfows ta sin IIPIII
ta one of the finest competitors brace fell Saturdiy when the severs pas on acI by Jesse G. Barges (W. Va) Collie U Ibe Orel every decade.
we have had ta a number of University of KentuckySMftua I count of Is Juries.University Dlretler. SpecvJ rrccrsm.Sserls round of she Fort Euetts Tours- Tbe tloeeet the team came nstUng .ad.., Jim Brows ta SIll hpilrlii I

pars A clutch player, both ced M had signed tbe first Preside JobnOs* sad Dnytlm Seles, ..... at I pm December t$. tit nuking was when they acquired Irate Dsvls ol bleasnl
oei offense snd defense, be has ftegr to an SEC; grw-r-alA wild old, "This ta a greet is.iDc.n.ne Otter nrst-rouftd gsa a areSueiuehanna collegiate SMmory, M Ernie dJ4 aemUsedthe l Bowredram
escepUonal strength sad .... TIle athlete ta Hal Northing. sad historic dsy for tbe UeJmuty spa.aee are Ibe Savings (Pa) te. Loyota weal up ta sate But lilt search goes on. II AIr Rill
fUls becomes tile seventh t.. football tailback for Thosus crI.'d'.1or...... A UM Fouwtstlon Inc. ( bulgenvUhm (hid), OM Dominion 'L..Hsmpdeefyduey ..*....1&., the Cleveland rkkfUlns must pis 'their b>t ee on
ALT player under eoatrideSi Jefferson High School at rile pregrsm andforlheSoutbessters Chrysler MutersCerporsllon and Elisabeth CUyvs. Brows playing still aaufher season, sad snutber.. another. Is Iii
mtfit anew football clubs,Ibefawrth Louisville. A g-.... 170.-.. eoat.f....** tile Cocs-CbU Ce.. Fort Euetls. Still, tbe guy's gaits quit name lime
ta the past three ,..arL'nA.DI der, Northlngton wss Jefferson Hortaiagton ta an outstanding KJ Heynolds Tobecc c. sndCbeseUeugbPond's The TtoteM will tby VU Tbe keg queetk U, hut .when
eo.etcnf ta IK4 young" man who will be s greet tar. skis arks and ftorfolh *ale Whet do you mink lily litmus
was 1M credit \. the university sad KIC.TV ww .gin
poMs wmtcb tacte)>dsU reefer Frfctey end letbt. January
touchdowns ta 's football program.JSortaiegtcs si '.n p... UT, Ssturdsy, Mall 1IE.. IRIM SI.
WITH one game. ) ta alee an **A." I..." I. 1 and I, In Dssiel gym, lily" fill) fir fulfil, lir NAACP frll'"
Flortds Star Advertisers .,.... to open poet balky play
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10 __ ___________ STAR PAPERS SUNDAY DECEMBER 2&, 1965
-Holiday Cheer r WANTED ****
R&R liquor Stores & MAIN JOBS., SALFRIES TO $?5.
WISHES PHONE NUMBER. ill W. nth St.Unfurnished Apt
WANTED "Jacksonville'Moat Recommended Dealer" ABLE MAIDS I AGENCY, 163 Now you cu livt la JacUoo1vUlt"
JL"'S381-EL: 4-8383 N. MAIN, FREEPORT N.Y. 1 tew'coavealenUjr
Mate Help Cited two bedroom apartmedti:
BUICK $4195RIVIERA ) for $90 a month. Including DeW-
65. '
LOCALFactory RUSTY SEAFOOD "kitchen equipped with hot water
'eater and built In beat.
Repanted00 OMIT ANTS MI1JC*. LOCAL OWWKR.Ill...WIT..nw...,L FRESH. 2735 EDCEWOOO M3 Main Street.. You have to
63 CHEV.IMPALA SPT.CPE. '.' $1395 BETWEEN AVE.B i O. vc. see to believe.GIFTS
\ 65 VOLKSWAGEN.*TICK:BMW .. .. .. ......Down $ 195 LAM RD.
< Guarantee 62 CORVAIR_ MONZA COUPE ...... .... .$ 896
4 D. RADIO ft nATm.XXX m11A?
$2000 00 Monthly potential Guarantee 64 T-Bird,Local Owner .$2995 5
Rapid Advancement to AIR common, wnn UATRK rnnnioR. A **ATOTI
65 CHEV. IMPALA H'TOPiDR.. V-8 .$2595 t
'Manager position Available .
Equal opportunitycpmpany ALMOST WW MCTOIIT WAKRAIfTT
Call Collect 64 Barracuda .. .$1995,
gob Raines 64 RAMBLER RADIO*BEATTR.WAGON AUTOMATIC.tHAMMIMIOW. .. .... ...$1795' We sincerely
tArf Code 314) 426-7242 AIR CONDITION ONE LOCAL OWIIrR. appreciate your We welcome liiis.

fine patronage. chance to wish each FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY
of you a merry Yule.

w ALL Package 45th Street Store Super'Avenue Market"B" FROM 5C UP 4

OVER 1848 W.
5673 Ave. "S" Babies' Kindergarten
JAX 45th St. J

THE SIGN OFQUAIITY School-Age Children ( .

SERVICE & College Students ,

CONYEIUENCEM Enjoy the extra smoothness of ll Mothers Fathers
.' 7 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon! A.
Grand Parents

lLI.1i; Aents-Uncies-

1 3 j'l j'lr Cousins


,. FOR I
dtoe oct HONEST 4 i' extra and the gee The Joy Of Christmas Is in Giving

ASS'' a LIQUOR t I O court. o down'tccstone extra cent!| A Merry ChristmasTo
.1 All Our Customers

HEDGES & c ; NOp'AX Corner Drug Store
BUTLER s1o TIME! 8110 2340
SCOTCH + ( ..,.wnutlR. .:,...+ ..xwy.AwrN.(eRpRU.t Edgewood & Ave.B

I\ d6.troolB Phone 768.3497


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19769 F20090413_AABUFV UF00028362_00694.mets 37cd8dbeb1d4923401ee266ee2675524e44f5a172ec22e86681d8108dd353a5379f2f3bf
895711 F20090413_AABUEC 00556.jp2 ed2e5c4d6bc8a6c716ef2cd8938caf44cb2d55aebaf4717c57831a0999deb637b1152e35
1087497 F20090413_AABUED 00556.jpg 8c47e4ec71a87440825114c190ecf5c19d236dca2af808400cbef1f166cd276c8026b1f4
129416 F20090413_AABUEE 00556.QC.jpg 920ec86df3195534c19827d74f8b61b479ba6165dab91c666259ce3b9120bc627d921ed2
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7159439 F20090413_AABUEF 00556.tif fcd00842df544e9eaf94330b25f9a42a19dd3c4310c1f1e65748e6e1ab4fd2704bb0db21
44991 F20090413_AABUEG 00556.txt 74ad4ab1d3d2ee2b92202db0ebcff83727e94a87dd69011ce361bd5c312bf8febd1ff6e4
29764 F20090413_AABUEH 00556thm.jpg c3c5066018c79d91ed7ef583949f4455aa57c81a38dac7b37b6667578c9053b826e743bd
902143 F20090413_AABUEI 00557.jp2 3b83f4a79755352783639ab1a3cb82764aa3ed82d839450963e204732170a354604ec622

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200694datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 19, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006940740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 19, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 19, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
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Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
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"Florida's statewide black weekly."
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Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
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or rse all -



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Final Phase Gets Underway

A Special Report -

p Untold Numbers FiredIn

South's 17 1 States

Hundreds of Negro ahra' art being fired drmotrt
blarkllsled and barred from the cUuronni on racial roumta

:4 as school df..Clfltalioa spreads through: lilt Suuth." Its
r National Eduratlun A* ocUlkm iNEA) wkl In a report made .
public on Tuesday, Pecemher tl The report sac the result
VOL 15
26, 1965 15 CENTS of a<'veral months work by a Task Force 0'lily white and
Negro educators in 17 border and aoulher" states
*** ****.* *. *. *- *- *- *- *- Tie MEA Utd that a minimum ot M>l 1.a\birs tore bee '' I

fired, or demoted during (his school year They added ttulIh 1
1 + i e NAACP Hits State eiact naa bacause "11M threatof
Fairs Discrimination Job loss U so gnat In many places that an aura of fear
permeates the tied 111111 force' ," The report continues "Ad.
mlnlslralors have wed It to InUraUal. & Negro teachers and
*, to Inhibit their p'rhruandprdeasknalacthllrs."Is) sums
.- stales and counties' the cllmalt was sufliclently threatening
-- to prevent those who "had teen displaced or demoled from
APPLICATIONS, trom uw brats Jacksonville Economic JAX SETS MASSIVEANTIPOVERTY in;*rlnj brturt the task force.
Opportunity Program offlc were mailed to Washington D.C. The Task Fore Interviewed St. teachen alto felt ltd they
Officials last week covtring all sntl-poe.rty projects e:. had ten displaced. Only ail of these persons reported that
peeled to el underway her in nld-Jansary under a $1.1 they loa their MM twcaiu of d "Clfplklllul'aellillt.. Fall-
million budget. CJEO administrators atandlnc from rich art are lo make an acorjiUbl scup on tine of lilt required
W. Gordon; Bunch*, eiecotu dlrctor David Calla, promts laminations was listed u the major( reason (fur dismissal.
director and Lewis J. Carter in, deputy dutctor, The Task Fore concluded ltd th* 'Hank V certificate sad
(RQYAL ARTS STUDIO FOTO) WARState provisions concerning Us Uiusnc lends Itself. for purposes

But la tilt best intervkl of adoration by some .,!mlAlalnl"...
It was found that favoritism' was known In tome casa whe. *

-. -. ** ** *. persona wko had failed th* NTE allied for aa Hank V certlfkal -
Jax Ministers ,* and requested the re<|ilrd approval Torn Ih* local

NAACPS Youths Enter school officials. Various creputela In the law allow a
GJEO Sets Plan treat deal of local optloa which Is la sum fI... the Task

Draw SentencesIn To Attack Bias force noted, itillMd.Th .
Jobs CorpsTwo Task Fore also found evMeor U Certain fears oath*

For 6 Jax Projects part 01 the educational leaden aanp fed of Improper practices
At State Fete JarkaoovUlo aria Yonlha, Th' present survey has ot Itself put them' on suites

Fraud Case Franklto Ultl, 1*. of 1441 that their, actions are 1.1t1C otimved. and may W publicised
TAMPA-FoUowlnt S letter Grace Jacksoavlllo EccecAkOrportonlry. : tllocatloq. would b* fJ09.M9 W, 4Mb Strt and] Walter Hay.wood. an action' skirt was okvlously uivaUlatle. lo many
to branch presidents throughout lac. cored .boadoaiInto kick would) tie aurporttd by II of 74* OiVaaa St.. In a spatial slly ol recent irsihuied! only! Florida's. .
MLW1ap.c ia1)-TYo mtoisteriarta foUovlAf coaiiMloa of tIt ass- tile state from aWe NAACP
Ua anliyrly sac tad 4. $49.113 to local' .tehU|fonda.Tklrt UR rtctnlljr to ester Into lilt Iteihuiw-Coukman ColUc replied to a rjusl from the Florida
woman all of Jac*soar 111* testes Nat' vu also Wailed field aocretary Robert W.Saaa*
Job Task Fort, Th' Uiylona
Corduo. bath
Friday vest wlwa. appUcalloM **. dayrarennrerspro.rldrg < Corps Punahuo., sthm4 reported thai only
ctlviUta Hr tile covrt to Ualt kU Mars dart, wstcbduff committees. of for oroaUtof all protocta.* tars fur dllra ofwvrkinf Uajunr of .... J ckaoo,Ul. lilt uf 710 recent |ra fcula was .on nipl,>y* to
praacklnc or IN
apalutto.wWWosgurdlot Youth Otvorlunily Ctotor aald.Punahon University, Edwsrd Waters and Florida Memorial who Mal
cent taw ala r.eral..orL silt a'..' millkw tu l brt moiMra to low Incmno
all lots of racial diaerltaalto I to b .. said that Little will enrollment are over tono students did sot reoptsid. II ly
Miss Baa ta<.r 'ecetre4 the la rtt airs Mtlrt to Mrs ef gaps .aNL1bt 4 al a way
procranailncploym ero- darts Ia ....&Actoa. lulal coal of un,311. Stan Co lo the Trtmonl Job Corpa of contract, t"moyn* Coil,.* of Memphis. Tenn, reported
l art .*. of tacUtttea Cents al that. til of .7S recent unable to
ClIO oioculivo o0RronMSpweahdsS 'roquoolrt, SOI local funds, TowaMod, Tawas gradates rate fled lesrhlnf
at talra tt vaa SS.m.ntbta
\ Ana RotaockUd artEiocotrro IKt.eOI aaalatod by 1SJ low wall Haprood will atari ala positions
seat Otroctor W. Corooo.BMTO Inermo woritra. training al the DrocalBrklr Job Th Task Fore war under lilt direction! of Ur. 01.1 L
0W U ala litter lo" De offictala.Caoodtrt aMMMKod that st 41. A conawnt aid' oduc: allot Corps Caster lorded' al UortanTKld. < Ccwakns" Asslslaat IMrector of the aVwIhera."- education. Foundatlon >
said n U Alf Urns callow for Iko all projoctiwo program d*aI5w.dtotescbtau! .IIIIIC"'. of Atlanta, OnrU. The edtlliuj Committee tau Ih*
agar- "fUr are soared >4 omploy ... Ml pr- "au.*... sad 1aOM,COIIM'. Pasha\ addrt that DM TOCOflUt report was chattel by tr Hnrsr Mann .hued of AlUftta
by tUtoa .to UN IH4Cr>aRIM(
'! taM art tkat Uwy. hop. Marsh nttwto tocom. lamllt**; baa rcvod| author Uy to Cnlvfrslly.
I Art arpfwsl WWW rrho il recasts to The Florida Tank rents via atreciedtt Uf. cnart at'
J 'orl1lnllll&o.t pro) to tmpl y II pr.loa rwtory 'GIiIIII ass ".
... Ital .
,. Saamtera s lo aay by toidJaaoaryAooordinc a, IS from low.tocomo flit Job Corpa poattkMM.rowif CnaJrmid, itMnfr f..partmeaf and Urector of Ik..* !_._ I'
taw j nosh ail bin an to asaw vay to tile two offtcUlaIko pool*. Total' root, 179,020 roes assist for IniaIratotof Iwo of ,'* coM
R... CJ. Croat? ala proMta would laclodoi tout P04*. fdral.torfU Mast bt Mmployod, Ih groop .n, ,
coMfy of local p"raa Tai aicfcborkaDdcol. .,owloct.d -. to assist muttorawMM from U Ibroufk tl yara old Or. Evelyn ....U.. C.al'..... IV(anise* of Admrldralka. ..
sere sentenced Mrs to U... *..l a41SlA<<. .ac'1C1If""o.0I to slat JartaonvUkarttk loaa..wo.,k.n..r.ot4| and ockoul dropouts of throoaooika sndButwrvlslms. Florida A awl M University, 1 I
Dist,acl Court Frailty Drcem.ber OOa Satan Baal comply sal tile altar to a* wilder Put duo l., Uloti Of mpl0ytMnl. or mor. William. T, Simons. hrt.tslSlehellspulsMoflierlologl. .
I* alter ham* teas pr*- 'ireRn law by lialoallAC all forma* ..... to provld erica 10 Cool 1I00ln. li.irj to local Carolina to OM Job Corpa Ftorfcla State University,
tloiisl convicted for fra.dal.Muo ofdiarrlmluall I + r.' c.. m, Ut. Sawkteri slat oa to aay. "I Mall M art work .. FlurMa 1t.1.MIY..u",
aotqp o ld taclod UM, from low Ux-c.n. br.d." clutalric, .uta care
SMeared by Federal Jade am utile that yo pay rloMattMtioa M of vkirk would com tans II vas also disclosed that frIko art dvatal cut, art will b*
'..,... to tile ..,.1 k of Derail
< < Falioa wer Rev .
low lacomo t7orps. Total Maim nrat |im*.Dutal County will paid |M S mooek for arodInf
,.*r")i I. rot*}, Rev W.C.4i to JOlt local!try. PIMMa d1tfItM. a rpl" good lo vet!. money art will revolve COUIC"Clarlflos former Jnon
"' a*. Mrs Henrietta Haaitf aa. tamrtlato tact vttk Brewster
far groups art otkra .to sod 10 tor every month I that they"
< ill >4 ..hum wtr* fuert W,C Rat" loral fair oRula, pt lo Uovt of aatioiaiw Cat |9 ,':i. have pal to UM Job Corpake During HolidaysTo
4MMIS I.Z.art S ofcVfmeat .... art oUa to from....writ. .
14.po ml Nrta tl they leave,
Gets roaadoLItaly.
HewAolniaistritor ;
17. I Iso art ... .
V / fept.ntwt 18, c.m Jlmla that Dwy art
14 who kleresledto
from low tocoma rt* Young men art
r I HI art that ... tads to slit the liw. Visit Here
I V t \ rertd| ranTir r epapetnl.d complUac slSeala.GJIO. yin Job Caps should tolo
wj til'. terms of five asks Doe &MeUIt U ala Wa.r, g.md.ri also '
atatt will. bo oipartrt UM JackauavUl X"( th <*- Procedures
.r" a K I Ref .Seal oas art AaId.M.rariw "CP tlrt thai....cUl rlgthaare to tkr for u lo a>..*rU* portray Center tl tOO Weal MEW TOHIl- ,.kllllu 11.4Iwea.r
i,.h 11"i r" au months .*.. Caspsay fIf lad.ldI- bs.bde of shod boardawkkkdiya all paoj, ds A44UI>*<| staff Ashley Street lot further to* JSSIM sad presently
c. <.. and ISIS years prot !fcm 'W'. a w. Ua.ra.* C*., auiga lor ........ by r*tM*..*4. I2. OM from low formalk on bow top may I*, ...,.. as "rWhU's. AmUs
fIf foekdt art. Ow Mutaltast.Ue di.Ma art to tears wtodwr tarumto brartli total Wlpet com 1 member of lilt Job PSTTIMUNGH .1\1.> .celll arts of Gssoitl.," will .!.
lea race ec-r-a SM.w MAD 'I've" day are WW&s. IIU.M4. 44.UO local BUtel. Corp 11M"... by II* ....hllftb. Phi' to Jacta.ellr< Jaa. I

Slayer Out Tart ackrtvlrt.GovemmeRt hog ,.,... tkmck'a JwUclal rimMtl may I. peed seven fairs with kUMHsrenls .
...,. trued' tb* say fontukkor < Mr, sad..,.. PilpIA14.o11111wtabII.
On. $1,000WASHPfCTOJI Grant To Assisl5011.'s Urges Bar .llmtostM. of IM feotrsl' .,
CooperationFrom .
Ofr .
j firiitv-iii art fr ""tl,lewis.No .
I To White Men ....,111..".* at rrkal levela.TM will also bo UM buwarMtf .
BOlel Negro Displaced Teachers Employers. CIMMU to a ,.0.'met> U Mrs. Mildrrt UvU

In Negro AreasDCTKOITMaktof IIIf. rlart/trt' prwrefereo ky set other frtenrt*
.. (11 PI)-WII. >> WW n K-A a.* prokxl of ... IMT Tort CITy athaolrr wkirk w*tia/rykag, n..ro art air .ririMloiUapendNvwIear'i

.. try. If.,.ar.old ....,. ......Ct<.ralV. .KocUim at..** Mo actbai ttta .*.. M. Being Sought ft* *.,. wall. assail .ao.,..".. ass toy '....ln< ot frlo>fakp.
was rrert ltd week ki fl.000 berg a rru< U SUl.OOO truu. n* UJ OCrtc of CJuralk rfioa to UM wak of a h.fro develop' motiMUy acraU at the U rselikjor, Mir
bead, frowtoc .. of tk* fatal .. ......... Ik* kklliaJ pkaa fII... Kt. ***-* hasIkea J 'fit "d .has fowflk-Cordi M. fatally ahuf by tow...u.ro-ca. ..,.... .........lsWruealhlb.JuWdklkaal mars voraM* al toiprto
ahouinc of .... F... J<*aSkhjaua tIP..... C4. ..... Ad ......... tor n* otkMtaiM, ofarackrra JItcre Popstolt _MwSwr of tea ;*rt. to t car, Hal ..... Unvtd 3. c<*f....... TM f< p la, orkx a mml di paarrt by arteal ..*.(rt tMi to Ik* 1.wt1. '.G. "lor' .*..111. loa.. KVW1wwr ..... Jr, .,.... aa II p.m.rorlrw latter will sal awl agar ooltlIHI. visit Iko rtorbto ITAJl

toe tdeot. last Nun. MLShipmaa t *tstw RKllM ... .... a "bfrt rats.....115 I t..uf I. Cordoa Blalorv. ".....ol C..., herded al 400 WalAablty 1 fad lour cars apes aid to Aoat IH) art.r DMof tar aid "n.oj.rof. ., Ik. Marl of U/oclora, .,... JactatonUI, towd to UM "* "t arcs to c th* akaotbc .rt Doe ortctoalctorroof ClKtiDa Cr K* a. kJIfIMntm r., Harry N. RMto, Dos 01 k....., aMkrtlat HoofHal, saps tea .Maploytr to'oyo tat tuaa of ratUl& eke Cm faraday, .. will pay a
uuSU.ttlahalet..u..p.s 1apry 1rSskr... Twkr to.ratka of ft* CyIfciwatfy aa aoooMtrt Doe appotataMol skt.t tkrol kA ....*,. tof loc, TW .....* to,* {..* .here thud to Manor U..l.. 3. 111.
.aa ctaofrttofttof. O.M of Ie...... I* wrOiM. the of t..v Tort, totU *of KaroM U C *brt. aa Ad ttllrg "'...... fwufcoo ....., ... '*......of DMduirin tile ..#.u Sal over a pet off art FMnki. Xal. LMMoerof '
dears mor*rTW tal.Ms art r...*rta of dUH maa of tk* ........* oftora lag A4aIloWaIGf Cqt Urthaa an rt, la.l tk* rooted: fUss *wr* b u* C.... u.waa art srnmeots tot* bees baud (..._,ft )i.roM Cotoo.Ho .
tor**** .aa Ik*.(1.." Iac-4 ir* I.srots wto putiSrg folk. .y's a sd u.Haws /. lowS C<* AaaUlaol Adama to.UW4a'., 'WUIIIII p+44e kfllrt wall .*.roi.. fromwort oa are peaches. a*.*..... sill kwi toy .. Orlartuawl .
of M anertaitao tor**** acrom ..drd MOM to .*v Tort .. atkl M dtd ..pal' ascot al It..aU r lor a*Mot ... varluM >* UMt u. l are aaM ... aUyto WM fotoUy hesMig weal 1M I....' .... .a / relura .to low soy
> of au wtmi toofka art. CRy .Meth. Nun. Ctfy JMUTWMl. of P. tootiM .rorrm.Mdrf r.*. ",". C.f..l rt ropUf. tow anlUU tor t mploymol.Tk **. by a skits ..l* |jtorsiii4i was Alfy. p..l N hell.. .MiasW t heal .. .D."
tiff R.graus. wUcft Ik* lo krf a wttl wart IMdkam wo kj r.> Is'swUM Tort CtxaortMufy ... may kr hew IIpc1.1H Etch CU/l>4>., H.C ToeltNy,
A racial ,.-art au* from TM" Waif of U* totfJM toCMBpcart b* proper rt lor u.-**.* oaaml* tft<<1y reslowd, u MIa""" "., coir ..., op.o.< a ,,..,......
B* car roaratotot a* egad of Cacolry .Mairaof ....... to Ik* Cad rant tya lei to ac. a p& JU 4 toColoottM .. Ot oi.r I, IHS tea es 4taU.
*oAs apartrt a aa oU M. IMUK art privat trots ... art. ortMort to no .*.*.. ouo.Tk ...... by Ik* FferMa .*.. Top Sills To Premiere Oiris Vehicle '
art oaimailira to aw kMrtftoUUa ctoUart rods of p..fla,aa wtO L.s I -M UP Phew tap4>|ano4 torrir u pro
aro ..... wfl cdrBtr a. to tau....al SM..utkr. CaoamlU of Iko tt.r.prtpo
She Sboild hacltsae ....... slagsM al ro*.rtoa of Doe CI,. ,.ce.. art OwoaTkkUaof rottuo art ,.,.,...af atrik.*
tgtAacaw4 n. art sato .,... This ..oMaBlo torto*** ,.. atolkoolal Ckartk lass to two* ,..... K>ar.. *3,

De JihC'aa.R pr.Mijtir>. of Chef Urvor .ooktosirt a rselisl&MaSsf1 "'QIII(. M ....," bliss a
Kick ? to tay. irt artoutoty .....ie IM,. y.am CWwr.", BMAtrovt rao... art kog'..... pricramUuatr ,*OB, sealer ai do ai apt

w11*J GhIL-Tlrn win to toacat .611 aaart (Ala.,*. farimom CM r.aea Mr, C *UrtB u.... Too Malt m>mt..f "'...
a rwaV toroataoUtor ads wiles) to tw toottot ""of a.y. IMW Tort M *ray( edaJaMUIl" .o. pr""cr***. orart .1D BJ* r-c ,......
a -rU
... to r omry, Tk" Ip>ral granpf..Mes ,UC IslaM aL* "' .c.o.ce wtQ b* ...a*& &. to rofnoOo bas mo atari .ffl roaftoM
tkWa a Irish *-
tor ..* of mto ,, De b..i wnr. ran
of ML SAM Yrs..t. It MM aaatoUto alas Mood BUIbo
... oa .., t %* &ae totrrt
....tr .era .. arttttto .. JactM'mo aiMjirili kaj
aamairsltf lasie.retf art .... \. to rao totoklm .l. wag p.,**-
trio*ala prtI' sea a n..aI a... c...... wry. Doe toatm... .at... ...... IS. toss. diinaod torofrooar boot poUttJy. ktMtKM art laM Urn not auy aftod uooc..*.

..... ........,....... ptwldas f..u.atr lnaollc to.Brovataromko..... maruakpUfiraof M tko )<*,- k* a' Jrt.
to to MU
Practice .... s.1ea1. MMrwrlp, lsodl. ,
.. to tor. lei Cs.IM ,
was fort
...... tsatatiW SM ap+ (k a ovOMka la ort*.' T..g k* ...*.,. on. forty

.... a twW I.a01em Makes Perfect" ref... to moot ot wur ,.- t1IC aM .*.la. tor *3 f-t* tor k*plac* M4 bwlrt pert
to And .
..tiRsSIL. Cp.Cap.MM eau sod.a..lni.d M"'"
an a*M vaaatof kf VUMOfelMSLtomprt .art tansyvnIWt Turn-tsar bfl.raM Ie Dr, W. arpla'c'e las a .ll. n. aadrftMttoc........... lilt aatlHW jii
Ij .M as skills torvrt or Mrs Ioo ta.r1.,s raw porloart tobioj.alatotoaiaito potUr rootarf.lrla cwt
art Met femtimrtofa ftaborl L Katlort VM o* mrt -... .,.,. aids ..si ulilhsI A a ....., of a* Jot*. r..ord I..plsg&
Doe area. vtss sale vu t.ttat sass urttol OM atraKtt .... far OMJMvratioB artr la* OMO BMHal C mill. art c........ --... ...... Mims
aft* veatdrt IafS hawUsand ok* tar K Urn Das t-..Sward. t satw I.r1a JfttiId OM florkto HaojBal A....., art to ..*, ...., .,.... Kav ..
IaddS as 1wUr4 Mr M Tk lad Urn .aa Doe Tk Ctmmiiio kaa arra*.... glen tot to M offkof a. pa f.ra wo tau to ooaoMvr rtf.JUY'MI
M arttoa
art awl alcflWa .
art IM. tSas.. le..f, tor iMfttot otiaiMOM art ftioaooot Law Ooft.Cc**tort a., of a*... pootk ........ Kavtor
U. TW t..pM AJtn ..,..... Ora' ....ft n atKjoKako*..11...)tales. < a* M ache turtinolot, omoM < Wt Ma Yas t artrop c... t
aMfrtH Uafcrtfct aaaa'lo.C. trt Art Uy a.....r.M>- M r ... .a. Fw
sal a a*. atr.. Ra<:she wtIH am etSwrrsa.a ay alto.g M4 M. ... ..'4 tSs Pe4e -nu wn. sIasaa aa.woarrt.stM Dr .....$......IRM......Sw .......... of a*awn trt > f.m ...... |Uadto. TsyW' ....*'. tor ... firs IMM on...*..... .. bar
M d .. .,ud gn1aftw. 'M tots sew I ptML" 4 lh.f oat &v* 't* of C.atM. W fIIIIlwf as a iced.bast 1'OC chess pi.kaal kM>art Mesas Sriiisi .. !...*. */tooimy fj*... tl, OBMIMS to OU aeemior* ol no MSC

assail .fra>i I Nun. cmar. S. .... ar- sod ... >..... for .* pal of n. Foroorttr* rsIra..r o>ro,*. to .... sic aVot ,.......... ..*.*e.'* .*.. .tommy U.Wr, __,'. ..*.. watt toirt kef.I.lt. Mae 0Mirto
_. urns led ....... w raa.d he pun. ....... peers. tr. ........ Cb..*. ar,. art. kt/a. <:...' IW M pwrg *rur art to* am< .**..l be TM layer hAt t. f fee '-e.m.W 1"e..U1.. Jsa. 1
... .....
sa.1 .A' Art, tads Neiv .. w tau .... ,....... d ,... Z. tort art tooaf ........' rMof > K at. ...IeaLp. wr... 7noa I at.t iiiIIf) art oat k. iat k-.JS, er TeUvUM lUlkm t/FQUTV,
Sass I a* eLj tau sus, cwt. ........... MN tof..aa .1St r-c. vas twlftf I

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PACE 2 .' '"' u. ..: Sill "AnU- '- .. _: r ., .!oJ" 'J s,:' ..r"::',.. ', : ., SUNDAY DECE EM IIEI Z6: 1965d


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In response to a letter from Virginia O'Hanlon, then eight years old. She wrote the y s x t,,,
the editor of the New York Sun: "Dear Editor: Some of my little friends toy there lr f"'t '' ':
Is no Santa Claus. Pops says, 'If you see It in the Sun It's so'. Please tell me the ;" "- r ;
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 truth, Is there a Santa Claus) 'i'' r ,t '''t .
Jacksonville 1, Florida

I Ijirginia, your little friends are wron They have been affected by ,' ; '% % t .

Horoscope Guide the skepticism of a skeptical age They do not believe except what they '

see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by ,

By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men's or chit ,,,. t tt'

dren's, are little. In this great universe of ours man is a mere insect, an

WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS ant, in his intellect, as compared with the boundless world about him, 3

FOR BUSINESSLOVETRAVEL as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth, : .

and knowledge. '

shuffle this off in time to enjoy
AIRES the very pleasant weekend. Be r _iT=
'Born: March 21st-Aprll lath generous and see If you won't
feel much more enjoyable to
know that have made someone
There may be some sort of .-1. '
else too. It bebetter
disappointment ushering what may ..
to bide your worries .
should otherwise be a rather ,
or feelings so as not to detract
and sociable weekend.
pleasure from your loved onesthat
Perhaps received l'
not come presents up to expectationsbut may could mar the holiday for Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as
them as well as yourself. Havea
sole, after significance all this of Is this not wonderful the- happy holiday and greet the 'r, love and generosity and devotion e\it. and you know that they ahntind
new year heartedly
holiday. Friendly reunion c. and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would
may be held clear up to the
27th. From then on It couldbe tt\\ be the world if there were no Virginias. There would be no child-like
back to work and inventory SCORPIO /
taking for many of you. Arlans Born: Oct. 24th-Nov. 22nd faith then no poetry no romance to make tolerable this existence. We

parties who art should holding make gay new certain year e should have no enjoyment except in sense and sight. The eternal light
There are evidences that some
that their friends and membersof of you may want to to makea A 1 with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished!
the "
family. group remainmoderate. short trip to spend the boll- (
day with loved ones or those ,
that are dear to you. Take u e Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in
along as much of the Christmas ,
TAURUS spirit u possible so thattbose J ,+ + Vw01 -y fairies! You might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chim-

Born. April COth-Uay 20th of off distance can enjoy the neys on Christmas Eve to catch Santa Claus hut. even i fit hey did not
Christmas season equally as e t/ (
much. Stretch your pocketbook ; t see,Santa Claus coming down:what would. .Ihal. pro sees ::.
While the Christmas eve,hould.be and creative ability to the limit I *- <* -r- c. TTJaX. jCU Stbody ."
more gratifying in the way "so as to make this Christmas 1' Santa'Claus. but that is n of a bonus or presents there the best
art possibilities that a disappointment ever had. It'i things in the world are those that neither children nor men can sec.
cannot be avoided.But .
as long as you have the ; 4'r : Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not. hut that'sno

means and warmth you feel proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all
inside it may be compensatingenough. SAGITTARIUSBorn
There may be annoying ; Nov 23rd-Dec. Sid, the wonders there arc unseen and unseeable in the world
problems related to finances J
and the activities of your dear Your mind Is quick and should -y. n
ones, but It shouldn't be too be able to cope with anything -tI You tear apart the baby's rattle and see what makes the noise
serious Welcome the gay boll- that It :r
right now. 'I'
days with moderation. The exciting Christmas Is in ,.' inside. but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the

store for you so you should f '' strongest man. nor even the united strength of all the strongest men
be expecting a lot of excitementand -

noise especially if there ( \ \1 that ever lived could tear apart. Only faith fancy poetry, love romance -
GEMINI is kids around to help enliven ,,
lion May ttst-June lilt the Christmas holidays 1 :. ,_ %, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal

It is a well known fact that q; _. '\.:. beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah. Virginia in all,this world

persons who expect too much '. there is else
J nothing more real and abiding
generally are disappointed and CAPRICORN
those that expect little or nothing Born; Dec. SZnd-Jan. 19th

at all are pleasantly surprised No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives and he lives forever. A
no matter how small There la an element vexation II
the gift. As the year approachesits that could mar the festive occasion thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart <>(
end the danger of a flareupor but it shouldn't take ',
domestic discord is again too great an effort on your partto ,
waxing strong. Give the best' make It disappear Certain
in season'i greetings and the developments far away or on
best shall come back to you, the International scene, may be

depreaslng but this is nothing ,
new after all.

Born: July Hrd-Aug.LEO tznd *

A5UAR1US' ,. .
There are or may be a trace Born: Jan tOth-Feb 18th .
of dissatisfaction brought about .. ... M
by someone's oversight or be. The pressure of the seasonal
cause you did not receive an activities! may leave you wishing
anticipated gift or bonus. It :for greater privacy and soli .
should not be given too much tude. Follow no suggestions but
importance since there are your own. You can steal the
othef elements that are much show this holiday for your presence .
more valuable in the final ac It likely to be very muchin
counting. Consult your owa demand everywhere for all' _
heart and feelings to decide of your sociables. f Hello
what you should do about.thewhole a very
Buuaiioo, since you puce
great store in your complete CANCER MemOfe

independence. Christmas boll- Bon June Iind-July iced e Merry
days should turn out to be very t
isrry and exciting
There are many who look upon
December aa the most thrulla
month of the year. But some of
VIRGO you Cancertans nay look 011 tt
Bon: Aug IS"- Sept. Bad the other way, u far as you :
pocketbooks are contented. A oe
loft or bonus that is late la e0Ot.
Christmas day U MW very
come should be Just welcome J
close and should got be blocked
as the first one whet arrives.
or hindered by any personal
problems or doings. U could be fl 1
yoe that are being confused
by the allies and rivals alike, PISCES
tart this should not be seed' bas Feb. tah-Wrc120th
as U ccacledossortotateactions'that excel to arrive at drastic S r S "" &o..

could later regret Way persons choose this Boatt
you Peace be with
LId Christmas U particular
Make someone happy becauseflat's 19
to tie the wedding xnota. tt
the of this Joy all
pwrpoee look aa If PUceaas will be veilrepresented you duringthis
tel and exciting W*,. Aid Let us renew The briefiestof I

yoe. ,.."aueason's st aa happy are acting u among prlackpals.those You who the glory of to And [lay of the an alaaaesuIw. Holy time.
with the met_ .dosMStte and public relations messages t.,,..,.,

are sx*likely to be oa the saoota the Holy time. wish'you cheer. season to every OAUK M8UUI. KG D.W. PERKINS
UBXA side LId tt will take considerable -
Slrd -Oct. ftM tact LId htdgemee as your family we know. SWew -
Bon Sept Wafttr Service St.lionK14 it. i. T.ntuia -- in rum
pert to keep them from breakup
..... ,
t to PL burnt era. sa II
doves" .
together ill1IU
There b some sort of aaoyaace -. Httt H. 35*-9511 I full ttNflNflN e..Re4'tea ATTNKY IT IH
or discomfort that may -r Mj
H. SK7 M ,
par the da/ but fOIl staid. lists 41..SIntt

a. ,

'"-.. 1 II -
I ,

Jax Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Successfully Launches First Annual Teen-Age Job Opportunities ic

-._-, -
fItCo : _,.- J; V
) n
,J. .
', ..'

IF 4trs
j_ 1'w

I ',.t L 1 ,

American Life insurance audi CONSULTANTS shown from left PHOTOS above and below show highly intent'
'I'H lED. "Jobs, Today and Tallorrow. well Cds orlun. areMrs.w11lye;
over 200 teenagers attended the highly suc- The group represented the 9th andlOth Dennis, Mrs. Eleanor Gay Lewis j. Carter audience which < also given luncheon nt

I cessful first annual Teen-Age Job Opportunities grades.studeits register while Sorors Lot- lox Deputy Director Greater jacksonyllle noontime soror Louvenia A.Solomon wan I

Clinic sponsored by :the Jax Chap- lie Donaldson, Lillian. 0. Small and Enna Economic Opportunity programand; Dr. JamesA. program chairman' and soror Lillian a. small.
ter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority in Afroaieen4 Brown look on. Espy Dean of Edward waters college. president of the local chapter "1\1\ cochairman
(A. adLCrawford! Photo

Anli ?'overty I Unit Sets Action t ...............................
., ? :

i'Jr L .. i I It )1'AlMlil, :!lf- p7Vr

:: :
::: : i V".J

1 k: ;i Bt
"1I l .",.ff. ........... PMul
: /Hi. VIM *iim..

.., r% .. i ara.M4.t ..J HHrrrat.Q. fi ....

AH ..fp a ........... uy skrt Ihrr ore no fmi. n,
....... ail hale. a I. Meet. IItIt.... ami tnc ttmr (lnii'i, (> it jrou'rt OM at tfcoat who tell '011'''* act "..11 to GodUMas" Mr..(.... I ....>. lhoawhl I trw" >l thkirtl unj. (IK. A> f..r
uatess you tab a dally ban-wbetbsr. to perk roe ap to fW *)U, .. ,'... nut I.er..ha4 I'mMM fill. 'ItffW PHMft. err' ...,*.., li<
morning or rtlax yoa at alctt-.tbtrt's a New Ortoaaj ptdiatrtclaa > *rmi|. ll..lf! rail with u f,x I. Kit hiUMN!
who atMats tto watarlorod tot a llatb-a-hy drain A 1 nit a r\_l .""I ..' l*..l IK
.toaltfcaway. You ..lr in Inml i>f J> lullIrflllh IY11nw. sw1N lowwh' are MwillAmer
Tots to rood aria to OM dlstnactt Better1 who flnda eoaxtofbtr mirnnt' "Are ....,. fay hvS \ haodne.. rwlk"
Uttlt Sally or Jot Wo the tab tack day u almost tmpoa- lkrr fmnlmp iiJi,M, nkdxl* arrurwllheah. lwwalol _hart,
Your KI.IIH| ..| ornlyiw frt.h (tuilth n M thxibl ul
alblttaak.According. wikl'
to tte tatas 13Pr 1 1i h* h and| dm1 VtHir "kMrniyhl '''I fIII"if''. or Omnrn olUm lover
cfllM specialist dally are act only' : but m untMctaaary ttey CAB bt dovarictt karaftiL Todiya strong
untlrt* Tummy M? Your Q. 111k Mu, ..... Hit *
soaps to cplnts. caa remote away of Ito teatnclaJ 1lhl I rib. tare and ikr.l up' Ymirh .... ,.......... bid Ik* rain
skin stcrctioas.Surprtolaciy .
> toonc. borer aa at-raadom-aaaapllnf am am f (),..__' N.... put N.>.k of .* ..t. the small set brought M per cat* "ywa" and "Bays". How full Kn of ...Ift..., '....W. 'myour ta temp llMrm MK..).|. ( about that.AmtrJcana. ...?
Mel" *n4 l wail keep lit red *f the )t
art always oa the go. andttapptars Oat mom aid Ins >*ton vow Tan walk' sub A (ilq Ihm' Ni,Kl MVWk
more ptcpto art taking tte Ir BOOM*wu.u..oa tto go.' Out GIll Iwo kMMi| whin'. m , no ail M I likjly lit rminJ. Mw .
011'7 aU BWV aiafto faniltes will be avjbU; tto trailer sllh i"tlk* tmrtM" | 'In
type In MaMI. ......h' 1h.r soul ,
tk rilHl W p.ilicrnm
"roe know, this y ar. Tat alstafcit c'-tolDt toms warp, ..-I 1 forU. 'hn"< pral..I the hw's unJhlvMd.

7'O.es' i r.. hiatd .. ....v dii.l.e..l .J. "IH." Ml' lhMHW
i lktn.. .kmrf low ..Mr.1. ".... I trt tnir n,!'" inIk <)
Set Holiday Cheer allppll.ed I. ,.. ,....... n>tm of ,Ik"* MikKtt. 'rill< I
...... le M near .II. ...kl .. ","",n' eldln 'If roar'sd" '
..I frM ,It..... r tk frW Mur.hls, and Mkk M ki ,tit
U* tk. nNIl. IMW B..tnT "psirl' r mir n... onto' will .Nlkt
1 rM A Tail a t Mow irf lk- lim. soul pwar.nl.e MIN. .
yk.kly' *.l all lkrtllh tMd sill .H>.kl. it'll* *n>lto
PKOJCCTS APPLICATIONS RKAUi.U; -WIUl a loW tMdp' of Utto 1. Cartr UI. tfMiy oirtciori W. (ordla (wIc.... a folk HM M) tIh"ioI< aparile. tour K.>4.!
w cull 1.1 mUlto taftne! ben applied for la lateral runda Mcvtltf dirtftoc) and Datkl Leila procta| director Adlalilratl ...........,.................'............................
UN Greater JaeaaomUto Ceonoaic Gt*>ortwalty, toe., alas ** aasUlanla ataadloc from Ufl ,,.. Mlaa, KM
I oaaaptotod atcllealioas lor >U Pretoria Frttay and aulld tIe tiM. curt typist; Min GUcxfc Geiger, mitkborkaid Youth"
I 'p.... to Msatt1a t.i,. D.C. offtcUU., quest. U tqwctod by Corps MrolW. Muvata Adtaa, atwWot alto;and Mrs. Mary Triple" Honor ".
1 pt.kI-/UiIIU,.. TtavGJK. J *.,..)...aUfttra t.*..".*.*....-n:...>.>fi...|i from' Wn vet. U ruicy, secretary, Anti K. RothrhlVJ to prtDOrat of ,... AG: Veteran : j
CJEO *aa wllt t'eJIII..tH. (

I Given Negro Gets Citation
Golfers Guild Bird SeasonRe.Opens

fleets Officers ---+--- ENID Oato.-A lkr..llm kunor NEW; ORLLANI'J..a. rrul
tr' Baa bees confrr oa a WJ lint vritrsaoff),.arsar,$lct
Tkt jMkaoafUlt Aaa r acrt tattoijlor turner of Klnc rill. Ito UJ. Opartsual., of
Ctlttra Gelid coedwtod Hatoctloa ,., flalMr County A ....(in( for IH4.R Clifford Kln( a r iktnl. .lath* M>a M OM uf aU W..N-tM.
.*.I l wood Bata, prtaJdMl.Paalla loupe while amll;.a lAd klia..> /.... clt,'. r.d rii Ikesuwa As.
I r,, .V,. pnsbdnt i 'Itlrk lAd dore atocttd for IN* Third" HIM. II ale&
Oscar: 1. KiUau. lr..av.r) k m'ri ins able to pkk Win. C. WBM, fawaclal BMrwttry ta.U kiss acato oa latwdty.bKmb ail. ....".. &* waiter to Uittl Brora.lnglHlpM
1 'I ; CoravU Dtatlap aaato r 1as Uw a* oM towiwiiially eommttl.. .< ..f niMralor to Ito de.pa >
( Uat mordlaf acrtary; '..1.JtUiU. I pkat. of la* dirk, IOOM aid Aa ckatrwtaa, tom>.....'011"* ,.....,'. aVwiteraUUIullii. *)
aMrttarTi WOlta. I sad. kwMlH << I paw du t ataaoa b faa.Ac .
taatoru temaiatili
tlMlliaia. auna( riJtmtt "eeU" .1pe4
I ordU ,. VII Ci4"U 4,
M. HotoMa, caaplaM. d .t / tile tama to gad MMW&ua.
Dr, DaaM I....,.' coadKtirdUwtUctkx. caalruaji oUw Oat, sad. Si555
rrtak Water rtotcomaUak. ,
OKZCAS AT FAMU PLAN HOUUAf c U8-Ua.'aoo&' Tto .*. .... of Mr, aid Mrs. fj.JMIM wlU tw tUovtd frcM sarisN )
pUaad to trtof koUday ctovr to dt laved tort to a (rompof t.
MkM taroMfk Jaavtry
a.ab.ra of tto Bpalloa Pal tfcapktr of Oaktfa Psi Pal aad was foOo+d via
ttot iMwltaf will to altcwtdtroca
nDakaaaM. Pkt.... s aoclaJkoar.Oitor .
Prsl nay at norlda AAM Uarmatty. .
win tto tea to to gins to a seedy turfy art from kR ...be,. art DIM II BUM to maa 4 drop Get personal.

MMcBM. ...... ..a.u.c .... '..Lasot4RaMt.Ta1Wu. Aatolytawt Burls I.C. hoary,., I. Urdila
... I Dwarf, J..I..rtCt. J.... at tatcrtluff' faaM
aad E. A. Holdtr lacUc We. .
Haaiatoada. Or. la........,. ataac ire ai4 ud woudcotk Have all your gills
4 frotaM
I aa4 nay to ka
au. Latex
aoa, JBBMS .
jKkaoa. .Al COt **.*. Dr. tOMiiM4lkr< .|%J...., initialed V.O. this year.
Daahtl Laaray, Amble lieu,
Oorr MtOlUa. ArOkar Me- Holiday Seagram's VO. doc what no olher "tmkvcanrW' -

4V:1. Ira OnaaK.....Joa, t-*(* .Pa.kX......WO.OlUa ClTU-/tItD T..... Mft. dMfMr of Dr, sad Mrs. dclirlct" ) 'b once jnJ for aIL/ Lijhl Orcour*

.tlcMa, hake ..... aad tor* f>rar A. Maori, Dt.lrr.5mber1$1 fWida AAM Ua **,..,. Cheer --rnr yjptxtJ) at no ctlf coll.Sssjlram'e ,
tort ..11I(.... 1M..**. aa scud for taw tt..k.,....,.....from IWwsr0 /
/ VO. CaruiiianI '
KaiM of $aak,Jlt. Twra... dung. the rteN ...,-..
Tililill IllitilltMr ArkJTt ..< W..| |,rc raai av>..".. N t4.li. hi '......r if From
of Oawfi PU fratoratfy. Ito irardioc of fto W iu* to fto
a.t.<<. ......... II Florida AAM Utrwaify Ktc ebony a. k>r WM .*4. to UNU .
JIU W, Dwnl aX, ba fto try AvUtortoat ed DM fAMU: t...... A .. th r of ItoHatkMl
Itoaday to ap*.d Ito Mateyswn Hoanf' Levy. aid Mar of Ito lAir MTTUM, I&R
tor acav PMtyOOrtrirat fAMU Mir atl* l '.II'a.A, ... waa r**.oty) aaawd s
Claaa ..."r p".....1'.. KM. mind to tto IHV-U l...kU Ad....... 5rk.MtsSIr.gte. lUj.or Stores 1
MIl faatiry to wrtaaMwCk. Va. lee eMala.dYlk JIeoC'o ......,



Photos t

CDcrry Christmas e I 50C : 1eaC ar-


-Invites You To Listen To-. C&pI.ShUQS

IIC lAND .. Royal Art Studio &' $tagraumV.Oe

CAaiNA., wind


515 DAVIS ST. ,I. I. Irnhii MinprIKUIIISYIIIK.IAUCIT ...,itale.
'tb 11:31: ti t2JI

Situti I ,.. 11 U* .... ELGIN 4-1894 JUTICl

UOftD ..s.r C.'.us sr.ri 5 rue at ell a.tsww.....ttrrr .ra
1400 WIM 1400 AU, DAY TUESDAYS III r. Still Strut. ntH Il 4 MM -

a ,

", .. .a"I.\;' .1 \_- --



St. Gabriel'sTo First Annul Concert Celebrinjs]
Take !It-
Celebrate -; wI --1ATMUT TWO MINUTES .


Or Leave It Eucharist Mass IT COeNIUW e. (MM Ml*.
M -- IMAM sat sooty .J.OIICAeo.
: : SIMON *04M 4"J
Bt. Gabriel's Episcopal Church ,

L>CHARLES C. KING v M celebrate of (229 Moncrlef Holy Eucharist Road,Mass wart

4 Friday night beginning at 11:30: CHRIST IN USIt

TOUR WOK PLEASE? p.m., Rev (Fr., T. Vincent p has been well aid that if there :made in the likeness of sinful llesh_

week.Harris, rector, ar-jounced this n Pl U anything good in any man It i.I i. though without sin-lo redeem us

M by God. from the fall, that by grace, through
) Sccause It wa. p.there
Reed The will
( St. Mat %) mass carry over inurtckris
k the operation of the Spirit,
until early Christmas And something good-a new nature a new
and morning -hat been imparted by God to creation might be brought into I...
Recently I approached UM elevator IB a department store. regular service will beheld j every true believer. dog,a"new manmhich.after is
Sunday heglnniag at 11 ...
The operator's clMerful smile and silvery vole greeted me: in
Father While there b Hill within ui"that created righleousne* and" true
"Tour floor pleased'Hodonbt Mis happened to you many times. This condmssd which U broltmolthe desk"there holi_" (Eph. 4.24)).
The fact that It Is the Christmas season with UM unusually be year's of Christmas servicewill la also"that which U begotten of the Thu. In addition lo our fallen
busy flow of store traffic is what lifted this common experience .1p1acant importance
Adamac believers
Spirit and jut ai the one"nun nature true ,
It will be the
out of the ordinary. That Is what has kept UM phrase ringing Institution's first la addition new plea. God."4.0 the other ilufftI through faith, have aba 'become,
In my mind ever sine. "Your foUr, pleas." I Him. "partaker of the dnlne nature"II
One man looking for tools was directed to UM....m.at. to being celebrated on the I I
church Adam wa. originally created InUM ( Pet. I:4)). This in the "innerma
Another wuted clothing and found It on the second floor recently acquired pro "
of but of w hirh I'aul.prsk.In
image and likeness God Eph.
In the men's department. A woman seeking glamour and beauty
Father Harris Is requestingthat 'I ,, lie fell into tin and later "brgat a J.U. and hi* "inner man" delightsto
aids, Jewelry, etc., was directed away from the elevator -- in his likeness, after her do God' mill (Rom. 7.JJ).
with these words "You'll find those things on UM street St. Gabriel's family Invite wucox (left), Bereoda Hardwlck. gusts Irving iota Lee KM own
floor not tar from the door," Another woman surrounded by their friends and the general pridgen and Joseph ting, were sx>nf the featured soloist who highlighted- image" (Gen. S J). It could not beotherwise. The Adamic nature" which Scrip
Fallen Adam could lure calls "the flesh U that w hick
small children asked, "Are'nt the toys on thelthlrd floor' public to Friday D1cbt'.Cllr1st.mu llam M. Raines senior High school's first annual Christina Concert Friday In ,
and fallen, sin generated by a iVllen begrttereven
Eve beget only was
mass. generate :
A rather settled couple-apparently man and wUs-vent I o the
auditorium grs. Olivia with is the choral director. .
ful offtpring whom even the law in the 1If'1 f'\"er. It i sinful
fifth floor to "complete baste home furnishings".
".hat the in itself. It be improved
But cannot
could not change. or
Having Just read the old familiar Christmas story In St. M
law could not do, in that it war changed. But "that which Is bornor
Matthew Z, 1 began to associate the characters the bairatlve Receives
with some of my neighbors, on the elevator and myself. weak beau. of the flesh God, [ begotten)of God"alw S)'*pica,
"Life's like that," 1 said to myself u I thought about the r"" I ending Hia own Son in the likeness Him. It mas begotten by the Spirit
department store against the backdrop of the origins 1 of sinful flesh. and for sin." accomplished of God Him..". This U why our

"Christmas rush". burtb eU1r.uST. "that the. righteousness of l.ord..id to Nicwlemus:
"Will's your floor, please' u the star pulls up and the I the law might be fulfilled in u.. mho "That which is born of the flrshU '
herald angels appear? King Herod, wise men and _per"- .r walk not after the flesh but after Besh; that which is born nf the

Innkeeper, guests of the inn, Mary and Joseph? Was the i PETER' Affl- the Sp.nl" (Rom. 'J. 6)). Spirit U ..pint"e MUST be .
Innkeeper looking for the floor with the business office? As Adam war made in the likeness born again" john J:*. T). .
St. peter AXE: Church services Sunday commence of God, but fell, Christ was
Were most of the guests of the inn getting off where tne
assortment of toys was located? Sheperds and wise men, with the Sunday school at 10 a. .. The "win one ..0-

were you shopping for tools and improvements.materials? for Sunday school" contest will terminate Jan. Airman Jones
Did you find them In the basement? Herod the King with about 23.

all that heart could desire, were you Just browsing around I Morning service at 11 a..'. and evening .service Florida has m bonded Indebtedness
to what excitement's. all Given or state Income tax
trying satisfy curloslty-"to see New
t tL
at 0:30 p..ltll Re*. Wallace, pastor, In char
about? Mary and Joseph, were yon taking the "1oaI100k"and r
beading for the top floor with complete basic home furnish r I'". The putor will also deliver the sermons and

logs 1 ithe.senior, choir will rehearse satuiJay at I P.M.The AssigineitSAM MEN &
Christmas Is a few days a.aJ.1 am still .searching mind young people will Meet with Alonso StephensDec.

and souL When shall all be memory, will most of my time, -4 26 for the chrlstaas pro.,.. choir I will
energy and money have been spent on the floors and In the WOMEN
serve for the services Sunday with Cornelia
departments that will chalk It up as a series of headachesand
Inconveniences Or will it bare been a "booster rocket" Wallace at the piano. ten wane Tee Le s.

propelling me to new heights of "great Joy".peace and um FUBIDGHIPServices : ..

good .w......?" Sunday in new Friendship Baptist Churchill I 11MBUSINESS

Girl ScoutsTo t begin with the Sunday school at I: 30 a....

4s Mrs. Jackson in charge. Morning service at 11 OR

RegisterAll a..cad fellowship service at
..L .... 0. curry, pastor, will preach and choir FASHIONWOMEN
.;1:.=I.'I"i.'. III
leaders of Girl Scout troops 3 will serve caber Board: 2 will serve throuhgout '
P. I.S. CAPSULIS.T1I.It in the District 4 Northwesters I Ird ::: TI .flens
the day, Charles j. Striven will be the speaker.
h. fnuixl lh SMrtlilnf rrtMth Neighborhood, who have failed l
y hawrr k.rro" tM minor twins "IPHESIAN' BAPTISTServices .
srBptoiMtw .! RiirasiMMft ss4 Artknus, to register their names under i
SstisTsclkM gusrsntwdon the December 15 deadline are Sunday la EPhestan Baptist church coevence BUSINESS or IASSONflown. )

you MONmv MACK urged to meet the final dead with the tunday School at 9: 30 a. .. Deacon

AT VetM MValTMC line scheduled for Friday, December :I.J. White>In charge. .... I.L. Bell, putor, will AMTWnO-AUmaa Carl tw .caw a III
14.I IIJ E. loses SOB of Mr. and Mrs. e.... r .- w .. ...,.
review the lesson. Morning service at U o'clock.and Lssm Jones of 1554 Reels SX lOw Iwn.l of yon s. _
Pontiac to be his ... ....
Chief blessingsGene
HOW I Indian see ms giving cwd .d Meese
to Mark Hyman (left) and Raymond president of the : fellowship It'nle..t 3 P..at 6:30: P.m.night Jacksonville has bees assigned __ Lac:. ..... ......
:.service."ST. to Seymour AFB H.C., after ..... w NM Mw
Cigar Institute of America u the men met In Raymond's
... ...
completing Air Force Bask 0IIp k 1 1 wa- -
New York office last week. Hy his own Philadelphia PETERS: BAPTIST hre w ---
based public relations and mrtising: firm which Joined the Sunda.* services la St. peters .Saptlst Church begin training. ;

1r CIA team In 1964, giving a hand to the cigar Industry's with the Sunday school at 930; .... Rev. p. of The New airman Staatom aiMS High graduate School
hlstory-maklng sales year. Has i I agency also !had designed a
fabulous cigar smokers suit foi 1, milady currently touring the .josey, pastor, will review the lesson. Morning will be trained oa the Job u

country u part of the Ebony Ana laslne: Fair. service at 11 a .. sermon by the pastor. Evening as administrative specialist 117Ist
r service at 6 P.a. with the Tactical Air Commuart.Raines .

Abyssinia' I Baptist OrdsisedDURINQ uJl1f A,musical! TABBWAO,program- till be presented Saturday at Hi Y

.'..p....' la, U* Half. Tabernaclewith Apostle ,IULVev'lVln /"" '
I NChcrrch; "' News cha'rge.: Slue school begins Sunday(; To Conduct &ee..t., o..

:r 10 .. .. with Miss A. I. Smith la charge. DeaconB. ... tge c........

Joint fellowship service will Goldsmith will conduct the devotion at 11:30 Altar ServiceThe MEN .

be held Sunday In Abyssinia a... and Bishop R.L. Jones, pastor, will deliverthe .
t tly Baptist Church Sunday at 1:30 1$ wan s.M -- -.
sermon 11'. Hl-Y Club of WUllam .... /rw N II II way eq _
p.m. Choir 3 and all ushers ,
Rates High.I School ..mpre..r. r,1M..NMMa.wuy..4tw.
1ST Bart' TUft
and will Services with .
begin .
serve. w ass .. .resew
... "Aamual Altar
the Sunday School at 9:30 a.*. -, :'iiJo' pastoral Day till be .held Sunday in First lIOn M wwe W er.w .....ra -
vlce to be held the first
"A HAPPY NEW YEAR Supt. W.R. McNeil la charge. Temple with Elder A. Hill, pastor, IB charge. day of school la the om saw ,.ar. sat 'n.ss O'J.1 e w.: ::e'ars NsM ..rIIM
service at 11 o'clock.
Morning Sunday school at 10 .. .. Deacon M. MCQueea lu The theme for the service will ws" "_M....
Sermon by the pastor. Choir "
: charge. Morning service at 11 o'clock. YPCW at be "Getting Off To A Good ,
Dr. E. H. Washington and Family 3 and Usher Board 1 will ser ., .i' Start" aDd the speaker Dr.I IR.
... BTU at 8.30: p.m Mrs. >.' 9:30 P.m. Mrs. Margaret Johnson presiding and ,
.W. ,.".., Presktemt .
.. ; '. ell
J.C Robinson Evening ,
presiding. ., ". evening service at 7:30 o'clock sermoi by the Florida Memorial College
TELEPHONE: EL 4-5340 service at 6.4S: o'clock. ,. 'r:/." '. pastor.'J
\ stressed the Importance ell
Watch Might ..nScuW be held -
lice 31 beginning at 9 p.m. .' o HOLY TUrpt ova, spiritual cad moral valves tm ,
pastoral Day .111 be observed la the Holy Temple achieving success la aD New .

Church of pad: la Christ, beginning with the Sunday Tear Religious emdeavors.leaders of varloasdemnramitVos UI.L .. .UOs

aa ismpresstve ceremony School at 10 .... A.M. Daatley la charge Elder lathe coaa.dJ wamliIaIIlIsIIm

e I LOCATIONS TO Twesday algbt Leroy Hood C.D. Klnaejr, pastor elll review the lesson.At have tees tarried to partktpate

scerl roe was ordained Into the ministry 12 o'clock, morning service. Choir 1 cad ushers gad the Hl Y ls exteadmg aa t09EI1

at I o'clock la Antloch Baptist will serve. The broadcast will begin at 9 P.M. vttatloa to paremts aad tr leads elm W. roUTTMST.MCKSOWVIUS. .

1824 W. BEAVER Church Rev. 1.1. Jones, pastor ..NEW ST. JMOa to job rah he admlalstratloa
officiating. May sad stmdeat body la begtmaiag noIlOA
presiding Elder A. L Richardson will conduct the
the calemdar wttha
3701 EMERSON St. .Mltl.iwChirck lut quarter of the year la Nee St. J.... Art religious sad laepintioaatchapel rear rMss .....w.c. .....- ..eaes.el.e.

Church Sunday during the 11 a.*, service according prograat.Or. -
830 CASSM AYE, Services Andrew&Rstapres.cal t.n ...' ..' ...
to Rev. A. 0. Harris, pastor
Services Sunday la Greater of William Raises has AMSw .. '............ .......
St. Matthew comaeacM wtth FAITH suasionServices stated that he would be very .., ..........."."...__

Sunday School at ':45 a.av, Sunday 1m ralth Mlsslom Church: of pod happy to see a Urge muaberof star, .. '...................
S*;A. WJ. Mathaa a charge. U Christ tegls with) the sumday school at 10 ..L; patents cad frtemds M at* __ ...
Closed Christmas Day The pastor will review the lea morajng service at 11: JO clock gad evemlag service t..d mc.. Re lartaerr staled Me w hew
goat Morning service wlllbegta that beesase Umtted SMthtgtaelUtiM I tw I 1 1Nne0I
at I clock with Elder Amoa ponies pastor,
at 11 o'clock. Senaoa by the vlsaors have the I etttwsa matanaeer
SHOP pastor evening service at .. U charge. :Regular services will be held Tuesday optfcm of aneadlag either the

EARLY Choir t gad Usher Board 1 and Tharmday at I p.m. 9M or 10.M .... mrogna

will serve. -FUEKxrap' PutanvE**

rrlemdshls primitive Baptist church services b-
First New Zioi gin milk the Saadaj school at 10 ..*., inverts*

1C teadeat M. Mcnslr in charge. Moraisg devotion at

TURKEYS as 39 Observes Service 11:30: o'clock with Deaoom A. Mcpaersom Is charge. May lour
: ,
Sunday services la First.." preaching by Rev. n. Aobtaaoa. pastor polloelsg on home be filled

LB. Zloa Baptist Church c...... the service, the deaconess board will meet. with
10-12 LI. TURKEYS 45 LI. W0 with the Sunday School at t.Masu. : ..UCI<
... Joseph a White Yekrge. ervleee'Eft-- Magnolia Baptist Church will iEart

QUICK FROZEN "ARMOUR STAR" The topic -MeeoaUah. begin Scholl at 9: 4$ am. Monty
to wfll
a Task
at aad ....tac service at )
be discussed by the naperbvtesdeal service 11 sleek I: J

who will also awardbaasers P... Rev. W... People, pastor, will deliver the
43 to the classes. sermom.ABB '
DUCKS is t7t d'r

Feley's CareCleaning Bt. Zililiitiit ; ...l11I11


,test services lor hd. Xk*
C iaptlst, ......e.wmheheU
k Vanaoa Chapel iMX ChurchSttoav "

Rugs, Sofas at UO ..... smrhsg the
LS.r HsUsY School YDDtaaaL.WIa
and ha charge Mama ser
; vice at 11 erclets sad BIT
:: ii..
I 30 Darea bclstm .
at : p m. A.
tf'eaIIIIIIIc. c.- ""vks
UM a S l r- Chairs at 1 emaefc. A vUttmf eahslstr
wm e.Uwr the sertjea.Riw .
wins a
M.. linsiliiiiiincis
XMis Specie! Services
Creater IUwJirweamimifmwfHserviPB

: Of Normal Price Samaay dl.ehmeneas <
TAULi 1/3 stamsKaaUkg CM. Servtces

f we.. ..., IdIaIi& MIA.ACY
Id. t.. La. AI II la. Rev.LJ .

WAICI TIE IEN IIKIT Sill II HIT IT ClIHEt 4 Cell. 7U-$224 24 Hoir Serriti ,ell Maea Ile.eerssa Os misastet W1D 1312 ElIUl4&1at Him IK. QtPA'UJ J.1m..

w % 't n4" '.. ,,>', :
rh',4 4 t. 4 w vss. '.

a. '.

o. ... .. f
'' '
i\i'IIIII."; i'' ''' ;

''Wv,.,., iI>ll olIlW.iluu.tl I.IIMJ6).lJJA1-' i W W liU'\IIIMIlb" ,,- ,I." .. if. 1.&.I '-'-,lirII. .U '-' [

r- .>,* in .. .
:; ... *.i i ... ,'%' :..*j*. -- .- "f \ e.
SUNDAY DECEMBER 26,19&5 STAlPI'ElS" .l1."iirr; I


Official Praises Nation's Notables Spark Throig Hear PR Officiil 1 plwaI.. x I I

B.CC Students At Ebony's 20th ARniversary ; ::4wk :; /I ,

Letters To Vietnam
NEW YORK-NPIJkEbony Vjgasme, large Negro puhUcaUoa
In the country marked its 0th anniversary of Its founding /: .
DAY'J'OIA-Jolua Seoeta. assistant at a luncheon In the Waldorf Astoria with notables who had
field director of the graced its pages conspicuously la the array of guests. '
Amerlcan Red Cross, with the -
8tt Radio Guest Included u.s. Solicitor Negroes have becomt moroaggressive .
Research Unit '
Urn Pal. South Vietnam praised at General Tburgood Marshall, m aQ areas of the i L r- Bed t"J
** j
and coagratalated BethuntCookmaa Carl Rowan, newspaperman and punk of democracy. fl .G
former U.S.IntormaUonAgsncy Ebony a picture magazine IN M. MTITU AVt
College students for director Jackie Robinson and founded la QkqoprlatildoalJ "' .. .# ... ,..IWt.
; w'M.IM) Coii.ill.Ird.9 1.II.. ti Jf1.wMl
Christmas cards sent to service Roy CampeneUa former teammates Z5.000 copies In its atilt Bpagt !! ) ". M .. ....... el1..ls.. lii-"1.11 1..
:iJt If. .
men la that area. on the old Brooklyn[)ocI. ...... Its circulation .sow :
Be said "Please 1HpM.1..a.aIK
to thestudents
convey gees; entertainers Lena Borne has slqrrocketed to 100,000 and
at Bethont-Cookmaa and Osile DITI... average 111 pages an Use*.
Collect that their actions FRESH DRUM
ireettremely Others were Or. Robert C. The tol.dkglmMoivuhel1n /
Important In bolster Weaver Bow New Tort to accoaodattrepraoeatatlvoa 29
lag the moral,of the mm. On administrator. gauss Of n eii MaTNat
sing and Home Finance at the ndver-
behalf of all the servicemen 'tstcitlvt director. National Using revenue has risen from 5 i ::::::..-::. =:weMM ::: L.
la this -i .. .....
area, we want to n- Urban League; Jim Brown OT.OOO In 1M4 to more than a l
pASS oar thanks and appreciation football star; Duke Ellington IS million at the present time 1 M IN will
for the students _
fulness. thought and Cassias Clay, heavyweight ( Ids its WHITING 33

Phi Bal Is located .In North box1Dc Still others eIwIIpIoa.were Dr. James lack FinsCRtCAGOTht ==-=':Q _-- IB.
Vietnam approximately
10 milts south of Bat Nabs sident,aDd Howard member University of old adage a- awl: ISIS e.i Te CMTmwil IIHAT tHIlUCIMMMM ) M Wl
and about 60 miles north ofPanang delegate to the United NsslIosswhite bout a trial being better than tMCMlSPECKLED,N/la
S&fler a fafiurt blew up ta the acts
Bout Clifford
About a month ago the students Alexander actress Hilda Sims of two Snuttiiide dope pushersdurtnf ET ..5 TROUT LB. 49eOYSTIRS
m an effort to show a police chase Ust... 1
and. Diana Sands; singer-TV
their appreciation far American stO Sammie Davis, Jr., Cab The mee. Joe Jones, 2/, and Selects PT. JI.50
servicemen, sent individual .Calloway, City Councilman J. Thomas Chandler 49, tried to Seer4. ft Pra. for the .ttervetlva ,..,,,. IA. 7IOTSTIRS
treetlncs to Vietnam through Raymond Jones and Judges Ray toss a five pound. sack of marijuana a Sttftt'trt's. rer SltwJof .PT. S1.2S
the local branch of the American from their car during IAITIMORI .
Selects U9
mood Pace Alexander and Herman .Spetltl PT $
Red Crott. an IS-mllea-aa hour c....Tht _
Talent Search Ebony founder-publisher bundle tilt vehicle was whipped the back Ironically Into SHELL OYSTERS fcSr* $5.50
; J. Johnson m n brief speech by 1/f ..
tile duo was being chased 1 1.I
before the luncheon, noted that
Being ConductedFor tot making aa Improper turn


Negro Models Kriss Call Eagerly Awiilid 'k. w.- ....". ..

.. I:... '."t.
NEW TOWC-A talent search Is
GmT KAXtR-Luvtnf tht auditorium at BrowasvUlt Jr. High School after sptalmgbefore I
being conducted In Washington students. of tht school's aina grade civics class, Lawrence E. Batch!,,, public relations +
Negro community for a youoff nceot for the City of Mule Is shown flanked by Walter Granger. and Frances McCrat. I
man and woman with professional resident and vlct-prtsidsnl of tile United Civics CUss at acboot--MIAMI sUTftO KIWI C2
modeling ability to star pISTMAS
la a television commercial fora BtlpIAU PHOTO.
nationally distributed cosmetic

product.The commercial Is planned Year Good Healthy GoveranijtWorkir ilnoA

by Laader Co.. uc, of New UpfradidBVANtTON. 11an Ne. fear
York as part of a promotionalcu4atgn SAMUIl 1. ANDIIMAN. M.O..M.',M.
V '1 ILL.-WUUS 0.
tor Its
widelyknownDUke '
Toy an the tools children need to should be (
Hair Pomade. Lander Is grow up. They Green, a carter goreramoatomployt
elected with great cart. who started work asa 1 1ti'Ttr'1t,
a division of Peeck-Net LifeSavers III I
Mho a child may get u avalanche of toys at Christmastime messenger la the local Ccsa*
The ,competition Inc Is open to his need fur toys Is continuous and till type of leys M Mdity Office of tha UJ. De- T. iN .w /slab.'i .
needs changes aa he grows oldr. at AgrteaUart IIyears ,
younf men and women: between putmeat he/h el .el new
When a child Is gives a toy and shown nice now' to work it, has beta promoted
of II and $.The d1))
the 2 commercial
aces In which thereafter. N should be allowed to operate It ....11. If he to a newly created poslttoa \
they appear cam do this, tile toy Is too advanced for his present age and u assistant to tee Idrtctor.Aa at
win become of television
a put a
should. be put away until he Is older. 0 Is frustrating to be aide to Josapa Imspray,
advertising" campaign.Tie
winners will be surrounded with toys he cant work. director. Agrkaltaral abUI. J .
to paid
It ll .
Another aourtt of frustratloa Is having too many toys all Win aid Ceaseivalloatenlce. : 1
reguUr professional modeling at .... The elms mother will sulks which of tilt Christmas Cvaastoa aOloa,Grata i 1 ..
..... Each will also receive. k ;
bond from toys have u Instant appeal for her child and will quietly duties will tacompasa atMletyo ., 11 .
a government 1
wKhdraw the other to be produced at later .
some date. .1.
Needles sad maaagerhU.Wvel .,
the Maaifactvers of Dials o ..., i ''NI
Peach. Every entrant will be Atop all, toddler should lOt have beads Jacks, marbles atanything respoasttUlties.He I. I
given a two months supply of WHEN SANTA COMES TO TOWN..X ances art his bag win bo they can swallow, because It la only natural for them will partklpatt la Cat ksraielatloa -
I>iIi Peach lUlr Pciule.w tilled with creative toys. Constructive playthings such as the I r[to put.such things la their mouths.Aa otvelopmoat ell taapu* ,
Lego- Building Toy are fast becoming till most popular child t ta greater haaard than swallowmg meet objects Is that meatatioaol programs Intended
ns s gift Rem for the Holiday ..... they may be sucked Into the wmdpjpe and. cause choking. U assart ttjual, omptoymealcvportaalty. n'J' .
Children can stall make earthing the mid.Imagines.-sonata, Otter chfldroa., be gives rifles, bows and arrows, knives, carter develop. *.
aalmali, people lawn, cars and. .... with the talk Logo and chemistry ... Slact these art all potentially dangerous. meet and advaaetiaeoJ. as weU r ; ..... _
HOlld8Yjg plastic bricks that quickly soap together, stay together eeeurty II Is osstntlal that they be shown how to not them properly u employment of th* aaadlcapped. .
aa4 under stand the haaardt ",oIY14. .
t : i I and Avaf.U.aeererdoptortelgtasite asp apart. ,andnppksahrylo- .* Finally a child ahould be trained to store his toys la a earn Don aa Mister Ahu, OroohU I Davis Furniture Co.
from with extra parts, at all toy clones place whoa they are sot being need. married la former Mloaa
arUM Mum nf Vabbma. M.TWy .. Broad
135 St. Phone 353.5791
R&R hart lour ahfldroa.. I
Royal Crl.1C.
Civil RlihtsCAITHACC Roudup r

Liquor Stores ... i
MlM-.Necreot and COM workers aucctssfully
Integrated tht rue hosier last with after uftermg
Yon Acs' t Move To Ou To Tow To Get two s allays of beets**, The group of M Intogratlonlsts saw
1"1" the Mesa." ........, aks* as all the other patrons
left shortly after till If..,. mcJuamg Ore whJte civil rights
LOW PRICESDRUG workers, entered till buUdmg.pjcitTi .
cotfTAB rxrexoo
WASHINGTON-Chalrmta ef the Walls Bones Coafereora oa
STORE HEEDS Civil Ughta nU Preahteat Johatos the tentroverslal....... QUANTITY lONTI$ IIMIVIOTHIU
seestca last mate succeeded Ks beak purpose of pro fftlCIS' GOOD THIU SUNDAY AT IBOIWOOO AND AVI. I

voking public oetale ea how to narrow mt grswlng botweoaNegro
sad MMe Aaokaan.l .
Trade with' Tour Neighborhood Drag store


I. Deliver N also fill all Doctora>> ...crl'U.... I. ARMOUR STAR GRADE AROIZ BAKE RITESHORTENING

Dixie Pharmacy N TURKEYS

1U2 lilts I" Afttm Myrtle 1"1"

Ellis 5.5517-11 3L0.

...- CAN 49C

PAT Till Utll, lUll AH TIlt 111E 12 LBS

IIUS AT III $!lltTwo &


h g he lat.
y d wk Mp, lose
ref pas. T..1
'" oI'.r trhlldl.e OIL
wad we gr old .
tie.lymy Y.4. M
a 24 OZ.

S + BOT. 29C 6 LB. 39C

Veto Firm BAG

I Milk Ice Cream unit WISH i / n mil 'roil iiitt IIKT I '/)'.. N NHC flM It1t1I55I11E

2957 Strickland St. nuns HI i 11..1. Ml. ,IICIIHI

f Phone 387.3521 AZALEA PURE PORK SAUSAGES I u. HU 4'



C9 Sizes Ail f'icis At lit At OLD SOUTH POULTRY STUffiNG us 25e


cat JrcaAtrr or stall bottkMnun Bal At The "I..

tM ao r great CI1N.., Bod n f DEL MONTE PEACHES '1:4: CAI 25

reetin Mode tap Est w goers coot ROADWAY MPT. STOIC I 4 .

Sract..l c1M !UI?One llf BROAD SHEET L ROYAL RICE .- 5 11. 'H. "e
.e of M ne.N e.nS e1 i.e M es vs s 1
-/w11A e. ....
,. .I'A.
< .... & j ,
.,. v,... ,...,..

'10" XMas Tty Hiidqurlirs" REYNOLDS WRAP ': .r' 25 U. HU 25eI

I. t

. .." .. .... : .. .
------- -------------- ------- -

.. .. _' _. t ...f'I,." '. IQ, >9



BRING JOY TO A CHUB end help world needy children i n the.Unit.."
STAI.SPANQLEO SAVINGS PLAN The Christmas tree dates back Holy Rites Scheduled Altar CallBYiMORTG.DAYm.DD NltlOOS Chilclre ', fund' slogan this year. Offered art a decorative children' -
right), the popular UNICEF Geetrng
ran ALL AMIMICANSUNIFORMS to the ninth century and Saint Mobile Carousel ($1.00 upper
box of ten) and a UNICEF Calendar ($2.00,
Winifred Northern who wu traveling German around I 1rk Cards lower nigh( ). AvulabU I from UNICtf. United. Nations. New York 10017.'j .

\\: t1anlt,. He came ''''
: '' upon a group of THE BT-*ASS !
: t people fathered _
.., .' 1 around a hug oak Tie many changes taking place In the world today are not the
.. tree to offer result of the Impact of the organized church. This Is particularly
-... human sacrificeAccording true in the area of race relations. ,. I Ia Ie Is Iw
to their pagan .. t Admittedly there are a number of the clergy'-rabbis,priests,
p1s. nous, mtnlsters-'marchlogpkketinggoing to the ghetto! (Negro
to "tho.." But, the rank and file of
1IIIf to le- that 1s) relating, people.
[ ClOd Saint Wini the people who sit In pews at "Church" are not Involved ineffecting
u.....aw.PMCWM In human relations.It .
Mother fred hewed down the oak, UK change
? ti.-u Indeed strange that after nearly 2,000 years of organised
MhiloMry.Nylm. I a tall fir appeared In Its placeHAVANA :
,..,., a..eI I : religion (Christian that 11)) that we are Just beginning to bear
DMTM, C....n, ,I what that man from Galilee really said.
I .*...... au.. t* eaL.eA.A.ne Season's Greetings N. ., ...{ Today, we are' seeing the secular non-violent philosophyof Yvk
1 tt SlMvwUWMI / .1 resistance accomplishing changes la our society where the a,
a creedallzed instltltlonaUzed church baa
IAMIl LN IINNM .- sacred, dogmatised ,

MM A...".".. L 44k4- .. failed.James Bevel, unique and emlnene civil rights leader continues M
wini Fet mi CATAIN #r to tell people that wee need to get a MOVEMENT going.
.... ..
Recently a Catholic priest explained to him why the Roman
Ml N If.,**. tl WkluMI it,I.W.WaililmtMi Frl Vincent Harris rector of St. Gabriel's Catholics would not serve "the host" (Holy Communion,,
1 t,D.C. MfKlm I,......K REV. ( ) T. Episcopal
1/ Church, 5225 Moncrlef Road, and two of the younger representative of the presence of Christ In the Individual)
members of the St. Gabriel' family, Darlene Satterwhlte to non-Catholics.
l II (left) and Susan Spauldlng pose' on the recently acquired Bevel replied that the priest should neither eat it or serveit The Latest Hens Hair Styles
I property which will be the cite of the new St. Gabriel's and to others until all--who were at one with humanity--could eat
related faculties. St. Gabriel's will celebrate Us first it. Taught At The
To all my NIGHT CLUB Holy Eucharist Mass Friday night Dec. 24 at 11:30: p.m. Recently referred to the non-violent movement as a secular Are
AVENUE "B"D.F. Friends and the public are invited. Regular ferric will religion. Apologies to its founders and adherents, I offer, for
friends and patients be held Sunday at 11 Lm.Christmas eYeD using the word religion. Indeed and la facts, it 1s a
movement, bypassing the organized church in Its sense of JacksonvilleBarber
mission. .
A Merry Caroling Belle' ad Proponents of the non-violent movement believe there's room
; in the movement for everyone and anyone and no one asks
your religion creed, national origin or race. Inc.
Christmasand To Be As Old As Holiday Itself You find a problem.You decide what must be done about it. Yon College
meet at the problem Inviting any and all to meet there. AND,
a Christmas caroling Is almost as old as Christmas IUeU---
We really don't need many of the altars in the churches STREET
not in the form know. DAVIS
though we where we gather to worship. It's too bad there no cash values 630
HappyNew An early historian wrote that in the Second Century the .
for altars.Perhaps
J.S. Sr. bishop of Rome urged his people to sing "in celebration of
Irving, we could sell them and use the money to educate tUe luksiiville FlarUaNOEL
our Lord". Christmas hymns go back to the Fififc Century, Illiterate, feed the undernourished and ;'ree the enslaved, and
Year CommanderAnd when most of them were written In Latin.
put THE altar up somewhere in the center of the ghetto-
St. Francis of A.slsll. regarded to u the father of caroling
Aimlary, as we know It, according to the World Book Encyclopedia Negro that
From In 1223, St. Francis placed a crech (miniature Nativity scene) 11.G is.Give
Elnora Hemby, Pres. in a hermitage in Creceblo, Italy, Of YourselfIn
Dr. P.R. Palma
After this many churches began displaying a Nativity scene
Gateway Barracks at Christmas, and soon the people began acting out the Christmas -
story.Charles a book published some years ago /.C. Penney bead of .I
1120 No. Myrtle Ave. No. 3131 Veteransof Wesley, brother of John Wesley wrote, "Hark! the great retail system which bears his name, said something .
The Herald Angels Sine!"' In 1739. Phillips Brooks a noted well worth repeating about Christmas and Us seasons: VJ\b\
Phone 353.1940 World War I, Boston Clergyman, wrote, "0 Little Town of Bethlehem" "Christmas In the home should be more than Just a time for
in 1868 after visiting Bethlehem. festivity and merrymaking. It Is a time for toe contemplationof
Jacksonville, fla of U.S.A., Inc. Though not a carol, Handel's noble "ilesslah"a Christmas eternal things for teaching children fundamentals of God's
tradition. It first was performed in Dublin In 114%. "Joy love la sending His son to Earth.
To The World" written in the early 18th century by Isaac "Therefore we should make the Yuletide season an occasion
Watts, was set to music of a segment of the "Messiah". for the giving of more than material things. Give that which
Florida Folk Wake Up and Live While Sheperds Watched Their Flocks By Night,' writtenin counts Infinitely more--give of yourself
1703 by Nahum Tate was set to the music taken from Not all houses are homes, no matter how magnlflclent they
"Slroe" and opera by Handel.No may be. The occupants of some of the most luxuriously and
"THE MAN OF GOD"RT. one knows who wrote "The First Noel." It first appeared expensively furnished houses in the world are the most
unhappy people. How often have I seen couples starting out
in print In 1833 in a book called "Christmas Carols Ancient
and Modern," and is beliived to be very old. In life supremely happy, but who, after gaining a competency,
POPE W. SIMES OF N.Y.C. The author of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," also is drift apart. There is only one explanation for a situation of
unknown but he lived before Shakespeare this kind: one of them has falled-; tr perhaps both have failedto --
give of themselves....Let us resolve at Christmastime to
So if you go caroling this Christmas season think of other
Is Here Holding One of the Greatest make each day a Christmas day and
carolers of years gone by, of the people of Charles Dickens'time spreading scattering
in their beaver hats and cutaway coats, of English Joy on earth r
Wash Care, Blessed Service villagers in nose and Jerkin, of good St. Francis, and of the
priests of the him of the Christian Roman Empire who, Honors Set

on Dec. 31st, 9:00: P.M. before caroling." u we know it existed, sang "in celebration
of our LordMerry For AFL.CIO

At Elks Rest, 112 W. Duval Street Christmas Helpful Hints President

No( matter what your" condition mi-be, The holiday season, with all of its Joys and battler has a A state-vide ....1Iaoaial1bu- (Ii I _..1965.. ea I
Florida StIrfGJtOliday dark side to accidents, deaths resulting from neglect to quet honoring Charles Harris, ,
make a safety a part of the observance. of Florida
president AFL-CIO
God is able to do all thinis.f Some hints for a safe and Joyous occasion are: will be Held la Miami U May Let us rejoice
--Be sure toys and presents aree not capable of causing/ 198&
He has helped others through me.I explosions, electrical shock or fires, do tot have sharp Tbe dinner will be sponsored and gi\c praise for :all
edges, or do not contain poisonous materials--such as lead by friends of Variety Children's the wonders of this Jay.

I know he can do the same for you. He paint. Hospital In recognition of the
that has been treated with a fire-
Select a Christmas tree labor leader and the service
in resisting coating if available. Keep water around the base of program voles be Initiated la DR. JAMES WILSON D. D. S.
and God
is God today my
any live tree at all limes while In the home. behalf of the hospital ,

life Cone, one, cone all and be blessed. Turn off tree lights! whenever leaving the house, even if William E. Allen of 'Tamp.
only for a short time. Florida secretary-treasurer of 3118 MONCKIEF ID. PHONE 355-1121
Use only UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) approved electric the state organization, has been
Advice daily, 10:00: a.n. to 6:00: p.m. R&R lights and decorate with fireproofed and nonflammable materials Darned general chairman of the
testimonial event
at 413 LEE STREET B e sure toys operated electrically the UL label on them. Harris U a trutH of the
Liquor Stores These simple rules, if followed Indoors, will Insure a Board of Miami's Variety Cnll-
safe and happy holiday. dren's Hospital the nationally
INFORMATION PHONE: 355.6119 One rule for the outdoors Is to allow extra time for travel. known peadlatrk center.
Traffic and weather are often poor during this time of a year, His group of state miss recently
and Instead of a happy Christmas, a traveler la haste, may "adopted" Variety Coll
cause it to be a sorrowful Christmas dren's Hospital u their major
AFROAMERICANLIFE community service project In
the coning ,..r.
THINGS ARE CHANGING There are 1.019 locals In the
state of Florida comprising a
membership of more than
INSURANCE COMPANYEXTENDS Have you looked at the Help Wanted ly? Allen.too according to chairman

Equal opportunity is in business.In .
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Amazing New Liquid

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HOME OFFICE ''. t \ tlVffi 4506 SAN JUAN

(ftf Stl-( At tmmft)
YOU urt Cw rny Standards
t 4403 ROOSEVELT ..LVU.Jot .
Equal Opportunity CQrnjr
$900.00 to ;j11000.OOInventory \ Greetings ( ti Ixun to)

investment STATE & PEARL STS.
to our

Marketing (Area Code 702) 381-23111 patrons and FIRST A FLORIDA AVE.





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DECEMBER 26. 19(5

Life Saving i Highway Safety; TipsBY .librarian famed Thespians Await Curtain Call Buy U.S. Savings Bonds

WALDO SIMS Attends Session rON All AMIMlCANS IJ"
MSC Safety Reporter v
DETROIT--According to reports from the antomoblla Industry DAYTONA BEACH-Mlu Martha w -
here, tte 1966 ears hive more safety features as standard Bethel Librarian BethnneCookman
equipment than any otter year's modeL This Includes the College attended the
number requested by the UJS. Government oa the ear tt buys meeting recently at Stetson University JOBS OPEN
Still It Is the 93 million licensed drivers who must keep In Deland Florida,with
highway deaths down. members of the Association
Below art listed a complete list of safe driving tips taking of Mld-Flprkda Colleges. CASHIER CHECKER
aU kings of weather Into consideration, which can sad will They discussed tte compiling
make tilt difference between life and death. These tips should and editing of a 'Union PeriOdical w IBM KEY PUNCH
be cUpped from this paper and placed where they can be studied List to be distributedand ti
from time to time until they are well learned according to used by member colleges. '
Hertz ReDttbe firm which supplies these tips as a Members of the Association FIX RECEPTIONIST
public senrlce. are: Rollins College Winter
FOR ALL DRIVING Park; Florida Southern College, TRAIN NOW. PAY LATER ;
lakeland; Bethuae-Cookman
1. Adjust driver's seat neither too doc to. or far from the College Daytona Beach; Florida TOP JOBS IN TIE JACKS DIY III ABE
steering wheel. Seat belt should ftt snugly. Presbyterian College St.
Z. Keep one car length behind the car ahead for each 10 Petersburg; and Stetson University NO ACE UNIT. HIGH SCHOOL NOT
1 f
miles .
of spees.S. Dtland.
Study the actions of other drivers and try to anticipate them. Miss Bethel Is the secretary r CLASSES.
/. Put children In back seat, don't let them stand up or lean of tilt Library Committee In REQUIRED. DAT OR EYENIN6
of wtn ows. Never 1Jdrt.e&rfJtOflwD with sharp edges. the Association.BCC: .
Carry small toys to keep them occupied. Call 33S.5145 Oiy ir iif.kt
5. Always have driver's license, registration and Insurance Dean _
card In your possession. at all times. j4
I. Show signals\ when changing lanes r CAREER TRAINING INSTITUTE
7. Before starting out, clean windshield check gas and oil Attends Confab'

and tires and windshield wipers. Check all lights, front + ,. 311 Fli. Title BiiliiifFirsjth
and rear and brake. DAYTONA BEACH-Dr. JosephH.
WINTER DRIY1NG..O lee and Snow Taylor Academic Dean Be- 4 I
1. Use an easy foot In applying power on snow and'ice to thune-Cookman College was a lid linn Sts..
keep wheels from spinning. Be sure to get the feel of the recent representative at Stetson .
road by speeding up and slowing down to determine the University when Tte Planning ;:; y
.... It make take IS times longer to step on Ice or Council of tilt Mid-Florida .
war College Association met to discuss iA ,....
I Pump brakes gently to step releasing once or twice a a 'Non Western Affairs ... _
second. Beware of Ice trays Evince clear roads Ice often Institute' to be held at member iJIII .
form on brUges, underpasses and shaded spots schools February through. 11 '. '"
S. Ease off ac.eeltratorIDe a skid and turn the wheels Visiting speakers will tour the FAMUANS DO T.s. EUOT PICCE-Cus The Theatre Cat," by T4. Eliot Is presented by
the direction of the skid. Don't straight wheels until skid campus of Florida Presbyterian a 'fellneH trio Flotida AiM University speech and dramas majors) during "Tte Human ffiettJC1Wt
Is straightened.\ College St.Petersburg Dilemma," a program featuring the Verse Choir and Readers Theatre group directed by ( \
/. During daytime snowstorms, turn on headlights and parking. University, DeLand; BethuneCookman -' Mrs. Irene Edmonds, assistant professor Department of Speech and Drama at Florida t
lights so otter motorists can see you. Ai tight. Me dim College; Dayton AAM University, Tallahassee. The "cats" depicting the T.S. Eliot poem are from left, : Ed-
lights In heavy snow. Beach; FlarkfeSoithernCalleC. riot Daniels, Perry Geraldiog Floyd Tallahassee; and 1)ald Scott Fort Lawferdale.
Lakeland; and Rollms
Names of the speakers will Group Opens Appearance SlateFAMU ( \ sand
Check maps to prepare for exits and ta uce.. U you miss be announced latter, accordingto
as exit, doa'l back up go on to tilt nest one. Dr Taylor A HAPPY

RAIN' DRIVING Reasons May a h

During tilt first fry minutes of rain, roads are extremely Develop Program
slippery. During heavy rain, they remain slippery.. Stay r
back extra distances from car to. front.NIGHT ATASCADERO. CsIIL-Tkere
ought to be some enlightening
DRIVING answers coming out HT?
of tte current Interviews among !

This Is three times as dangerous as day driving. Keep the local poor people. They are e
windshield and lights clean and clear ot bugs. Do not wear befog asked why they think they
sunglasses. are poor and what they think
the can do about It.
Objective of tte Interviews,
among mote than 1,000 fami

Cars lose power at high attitudes and need greater acceler lies. Is to develop programs / I. I There'I a Toy|
based on
relief poverty
arks in passing. Be sure radiator Is topped w th water. 'concepts or by the poor of their r in tending you

DESERT DRIVING own needs, ratter that what f Yule gteelingt.
be done I
otters think should e." withet lo

Avoid over-uCated Urea. Keep radiator full, even take for them. and
The proect should have slg you younManuel's
extra water. Check engine temperetereottea. Pull over and
let tilt Interviewersaretor
watt for all storms to subside.U you must continue sum on ,
tte most part-frm 1 ,
lights at low beam and drive slowly. poor families ......1....
VERSE CHOIR TO STETSON UXIURStTT-Tbese members of the Florid AiM
University Vase Choir and Readers Theatre group were presented recently In a program at
Secretary Of State Claims Stetson UuiteuUy, DeLand. Front row hum Wit; Dtlorea Wilson. Tallahassee; Cdvlns
WNI 'PIUS Duels, Perry; Emma Caper CaUesiUle. ; Anita James, New Smyriu Beach Geraldine
Sales Tax Increase Immature Floyd, Tallaha,.t.; Betty !aria, ApalichtroU. ; and Deity Ti k.r, (H* Lotia. Is the Dark
row, from left ate Mrs Ir... Edmutidt sulslanl t>rofe *or, Florida AIM University .
PALM *Ut, Tom Adams said Tlesrr Drf nnMU tv+fr* .*l Rams ad duectotrod tile Verse Choir Ittl4tra '11w.lr'lrVIIPI.
r lit ....... c elOfftel. BftACH-SocreUniof '' .... WGb, Panama City "....no11 0
night thai proposals to Increase the state sales Us at this time David aVott': 'n'it'daIr bit 14 IWljvr, Uunrfy! *
EASE CONSTIPATION! are premature. uewar ranted eua tlooa. Wilson, n. Lauderdale sad Anthony >...c...,. UUmlNat'l .

wet MUtM ... Before following the road ofWast "'irlt14 take a lung .. .. Room
...... I. Church Council Hamas ht..+._.1.4 Tap
-- ... ........-, ... resistance" lo higher\ hard look al how we art ton ,wed S see tI ....'
== taxes Adams said the stale ducting he business of government
:brw.rye.wwl.:. IeriM= e' -= should first took lo two otter to determine how and whey Negro To Directors' Board
$.. -'.... sources tot fund raising need we us sae ac.t,. We can 626 W. Ashley
...-.. .-e.u..I NtWw M"U""Uac waste make unlOMl millions of dollars MEW YORK N.TTte" bt, Dr, Brajtiuta F PaytonolBrotAJra. .
\ M PtUL"' ,SIDI I in government and overhauling albfcte far education, lor 1.- New York, has beeS .lamed executive) director el U.Ifata..aJ .
......... ;: 1
Florida's antiquated Us strut ...... II.. would but Insist .. cUofCherctes'Coi mU.i.01 R.gI anot Rue. '' -
ture eliminate Iniquities and upue PIe tree eccewm and balk H was anwn r4 putty ...'. b1 tte HCC germs secretary, -. Terminal Liquors
".d..... of good butocs H Dr. R.H. Exlwls Espy: and Its Rev, Dr. Euf.e Cars** hble, ..... ... /"
the admlalstrstk of governmental rommlsslon chairmen and Metal Clerk (fiecwllve heal) of
.. .
i : rveponslMltfles, Adams tte l*M4 PreebvierUn amrth In tte VIA Dr. Psytmis" A.l
ThePerfect Mid. a(.w nes .e4 'I .fl.