Florida star

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7183159 F20090413_AABTWF 00540.tif a3098dc9588c569e4f989c3c9adc99e394b54be0d8ef0156a51f8ad1d046b97881a9406b
17374 F20090413_AABTWG 00540.txt fcbdb472e3a11db70ad762d29bc321c38af7558e313324bd8e79a0ec41fea4d29558f3b1
29265 F20090413_AABTWH 00540thm.jpg f53c7de7db88ed2c3bdc9263f9a483b579d65b13b58b877063f762de1a92bab755a1bfdf
17799 F20090413_AABTWI 1965121201.xml b1a4b0d0cd7b95a20d4ecb14aef48b7bab8010f8595be77de329e6671703eb8515474b59BROKEN_LINK 0529.jp20530.jp20531.jp20532.jp20533.jp20534.jp20535.jp20536.jp20537.jp20538.jp20539.jp20540.jp20529.txt0530.txt0531.txt0532.txt0533.txt0534.txt0535.txt0536.txt0537.txt0538.txt0539.txt0540.txt0529.tif0530.tif0531.tif0532.tif0533.tif0534.tif0535.tif0536.tif0537.tif0538.tif0539.tif0540.tif0529.jpg0530.jpg0531.jpg0532.jpg0533.jpg0534.jpg0535.jpg0536.jpg0537.jpg0538.jpg0539.jpg0540.jpg

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200692datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 5, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006920740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 5, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 5, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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J.4s-0 t PreOrtetmM ibapptog. iboved bat I :.iiJ{; (. > Tfcretleoed Shova PtetolBlate
paU cal to acktera a falter Ufla committonn m.tai teat boUra prtMur above attra* : ,
more Ihaa percent of OM Negro ptvuUttoali imortterRrM ',;f., : lo Roundlree.bad
oar CapltiUattc Society.Tte Monday whoa It vu reported pound pr pare tack Unit iccordlng
..Uac adjoumd ta i I that a dlKtm bolter ta tile would prate a aatety Ward 0. 'sa.elM BIt,... frocraa' (tra4JDc ... tt as 1IC I "II'' :.'/. ... -... him clrtl. tte hank Mverai
Ia actor 1
comparattv tan of airman;y.1l horn VM a knot to DM aafetygf ptaa tu taadaqaiaey to baitOM Jobs)vIk1 WU advocated .y tile ra.oRm4 time, after having. pvrhiadaoma
STAR, ta preference to M all-oat. dovatova boycott.rvea .... ..... ....... .
UM s.l.ctk.Mra.Raag< tta actupaaU aDd alIoa..* facility uJncteatt&dartaf 1 ; -- !lUk., ta Ite area,.ar-
aa tMaporary caartiaia an. 'her of acboola pupOi tuned tile praat cold aaap.Howtrer tta KAACFdropped1 Ka all ut boycott Mud sad 'A""n.l'f 0,000 you palsied out that UM dJ. ntd Roundlrea tut tile oc DU& It/
Manta Dams aa at+paru7u.nltvs ; BMr by tba local school *,.- during WwtetwtaytaMvtteg. VM boat to a braaktaat meeting lad Saturday moratagUtteJUyflover a tea .... Triad program got victors mud p4 Individ. ta a enter car ". oa* of my
...wr. Meeting) uprrteor of ..11IIa1UnIIctt Hoil. aadtrvay Parr lad ..., fororguUattoM ptedgt of $100,000 which vtbeoma boy", vent Into tta bank and tta
vfil ba eallM throughout De tetaaacv Vraoa toIk Th* Hl-oui wovMova boycott bad beta urged by DM" JwkacaMUa e1 propoaedCoamuatty payabte oa lawiantc4 about live mtautta r.. rned f
... otate soil la fcrtter drtelai 3 Jexoas Face commteatoMr that tba NAACP u a aaacttoa toindeeeiotitaMrtkanUta mwaad fatten. andLoaAMocUtloa a charter "I it* Fa aad atraogttea tte argaaUaUavhfch buffer had haw. rapalrad and fiat Mayor Loala blat UM ttepa-to rectify a Ute of grtevl* by Ra Lots &. .' BOOM sad Lou pankotCrttni. teg.
aeleeted DM temporary VM ta aictatai ... seas vbkk iM:1: t. alhra to niptoy Regroe ta cterleal torts director liar, North Carolina.ta During .tta preltmlaan. .
Mme of tta original totality. SeiteuciigFriday School Board ....*.. Dtrve- city hall )ob.,. tile abataca of Jlecroe'1Iaarda. degrgi. AJ 9vacement of tteprepoaedCentura addliloa, UM dtrwlor mat. tag. bead. bank teller Ed WUemM ,
Funds Summit LaadtraMConference. lot L.O. Calboua aid ttipra*. ties of UM poliea lore, alum clearance sad allmlnaUaaofraea VM mode by RiyMilBoaa aubacrttM! tea per cal of De IdealUted Blab M warmed
: 1 f II MimlMkml tots bad Isis m up to U blaa potlctei practiced by UM local dally ntwapeper.Roveter u necutlva of tile C... total ptedgva or $10,000/vi robes
Maay pernoM dldnatregteter. puada Tataday iftoraooa tad daaptt tile met that the majority of tte cltintM tad Ltt apnea Company alto tearMd that i but 01 TkrM Ftangedbmtlgoa! |
hoc wad did WM Mora -Thra Juoaa mml ttat tile bolter VM. operating art ta agraeaMat that Mops nteuld. b. .tafcaa to.Ur MIa ft and on af tte director of UMAaaocUttoa ISO ptrnona te tile mlalmuiladltldml With ta ....... following tta
Oatvaa. Mra. AttUlto laafa. ten aad ass ....-eauvk$ d Saallntl7.Ou.atUlrcosilnan. uidadlagsiWS .|uat M maay cftlatM Met that FLORIDA tally hmcbeoa > ivhitrkxtoMraqulrtd robbery, gaU of tilt Federal J
Lraaslh'WUsa. f'. Moacar tent moata br te VM. F4nl .Coe' STAR-admated ielectlv* Buying Ffofram voald ba aura meeting of its FrontteratateraaltoaaL by UM .... Lad u4 Bum. laverilgiltoa. Sheriff

IUD .,... Mwta f. KonroodMfltoa Court for mall fraada ktealanar Urn ".rrea ...r.. effective. aid to mora acoaomkalljr! aoaad total tt dad not Bank.CorporilloM. Date Carla tad a used ofdtcwlte
AD,... JLBy. IraaaJacaaca. kad that aMtioa tor a ... >ortd DM coaeara lot tt* ire hurt tta dovatova dons vein Megroea are employed to During mid.November, tta air also tubcttt and tit, polka Joined t
icy of TaUataaawaad trial mkaa umter a4vteaMt rtldata all Cnmmlaakmtr tt* atteat Del mazy wand have to b* told off. Community Federal trap! t *. Boaa Mid, but tttl, tile .........
auiy arras Monday and via Lea .*.*.. Mal Warns had *...... Than' to vktenpretd. feeling flat tte ttyi Umoat total VM approved, .UM becoming baerlptl0na vlll not coast to- find Dummy BOla
Mlaata BraaA Joaaaoa aaTaaraaa tat. Friday th* rtorVk STAR .b* dolts to class tt facility entetloa of ....,... from City Nan )obi ahould ba Nap tt* tlrt taatltettoa of IU type wand UM granting of a chartei NA.. a II.."youth stir fcandpackar
balmy Moved oa wrgtMntkg tecmwl .... R v.d to FTM u a aaMy precMttoa for tt* vn mora Ito.ctly. todkatlng list ft*RAACr aemeaatratteaaar .oiililli| of ....,.. and n vn alas' rwated Ifci el dummy bllla vM
data. Ttt laaqaartera Tbaraday.Coatkted. Alldr. otter ethos ateuld te te..*ted al City RAH niter tau ifs White to now tte flays _11. ItM than$100 vUl be tear ru coacaated (artrtdgaata
a f aaattm tea attaAkaau afore ,..ralhISOat. Wana aiM b* vould tans tt atoraa.Rathtedc. Bar and vktalty vtute a 10- ......1aIed te UM future/tau .ham soar iltk n. aad ...
Nobs.Titers.. ga ... B. Ftttaai courl rn atttlteg tt* problem roe Haraoa fetal and atate praaldentaf tte NAACP hadMaodr.d mil radtea. lu Board of U.rllra Cciti paled .la (its /ir.t. KtfrtMvay Md toned them
wen UM ..... ..e. Iteal" urf tot ill daring Moadafaaeetteg that. a atrtoa of aurctea taM te carrted Ctroughdovatova vlll scud of ate loan atM, but M UM pl...s. 5.., Ik FBI agwMa, .lha to.
Ckartea /. Croaby and MissM.srPtta tat vould rates to during tte Ckrtetmaa aM a. Hovrver, tt* marttea pUdnt vtll to hued Ntvt*. *...leat.. lad Itetr flrit.....
Seek D aaL.r, ill al f reside My farther acttaa until have hoes all but. dtec..... WI was tt* armada some N $100 and 110000. Tie dtatrkjKloa. af UM|.Uv.y
..*. vets charred vititradnteat M ... prlaurOy aura- ae* peraoaa woo pUc reported violated trails ardtaaatea by Curt AskedTo Tie tea v"k truk progru tar *u trued to BUkf, vie

Elective Pests aaa of ttt autta teacrtng ad for ill..ttnt DM attty ofh nurtkteg up a..-.., drill at .ft 4.10 .... raaa .... If MMtMTtl vOtead bttora tilt along vltt Rouwttm loll tor
tilts liiiriic sdabs. cklldra VM Injured ( htey I. BIN hiring M btta < Tampa bul ,...,... UM lilt
.. Rtervene Nose wd Lou Utah, bata..l.tt4Ima ell, la BUfca'a vifa aar.TW .
Tkm beat. toacaara vffl M Aecardtag to tt* tadktmnatnted A meat bled at tte NAACP by poWk.UyaaNd. FraaftImmptoa di tv vUltoa-. mss was later ",.....
Metal aWcttvt .... duet Worn RightsMoveneat vte VM highly crttkally tae argaaUaltea'ateadtrabkjL taw save UM rigors rink
by OJ. Powi taawctori af whom te Untied In Watts Cases and held lot grand tery, BUkabctog
maay u Johaay ama.Lately
OH DrIP TaacaaraAaaoclallaiatecttea tt dtteniteati vr caaTfM te rn btyand ... roo.OOO mini |t,*a a 1",_bond andRMMrM'a
*, M Indkntiaa ttat crtktem af soma otttegnup'a
fcaadated fcr 'Taaaday. ana aUUytag ..... *.. anihtrlt te |T.uhM. .AlJlIMiTOll.ll tr).. mw. ilea toMlld111. alt art al,..aoo.

Dee 14.Tta ckutag atatMnati of dtnfli teat A earral viva. af crUcUm of the preeeat NAACP tendrMP Tha OJL a fMM Court kaaba has 1,000 af UM awake

,caadldataa brit DTA ara vtoa Walter..raaMaat .H.VUte .. toad ttra pracM vtkatinur CDS Fail dams tram reporta thatMgJs.. a call tor U ill- cg.by tta NAACP lA. Fatal' Shooting STAR mosey val via ntUl mteaiag. aa UM I
atfll lopr.u
'** atate an U* n-r""t
aa laa totarka CMCv out teycoa artter. OM argaatoattga wad I knout gal Datoaat sad Edwaltoaalfiad
.... ta vawteva load lad aid tta Loa
la meeting I wait Anntea Ends ArgomentAa
a aaaatec aicaalnaaa
of Oa vase pert olteatractiaaal tt VM furtWr reported ttatVte cuLxllopa.T Nw. n. M at Uat ataetteg hart ....., algkt. .. NAACP acid NAACP brineb U rartev UMaaaaa Wins Elictlvi Port I
tteJmt fore prpatedngUnat votudoa .... lOW vteR n*
aa a reaoiuttoa to delegate Rattedra Fvaraoa to belar af mora ttaa 4.000 *..
'-- ; Mra. tta tatteprxtent Ute ghetto. and alias. R doea. tt* appear a/nmtnt ...Idt aa .....
tte cap Couacfl and ..*.. auppart tor ... thou ...... vha Its carraady .... MlUXTONC-Caanter Cavirt.arlMtMl
"L..a.r. tor tta .
vytec aaadoa ,lOG
Mad AccldMi te cartata to fall te UM
ca. af Jack.noavfite revetoUM CM bar lUt Ti.dq
...... tt See ad
al flY by Caagreaateaal Dtetrtet Tot'raLeagae 1 to Let ""IHIOVtI
af toatrwllaaal el DMgtea Aadvraaan.
traajarar at Tit Mf ftta UteInnvaaca aa ....... at AAT CaBeg block af IKte. .. TM.tel
,.,-| sad Mra Ca. af ...v tore ... toiL The rvaetottea VM ..tad by Sam "Jesse, BTM.UatatttabrvaTetersLeagM. tor aartkkMtteg to lut Ang.rtota amted te tt. std thorfteg aiMM I,. Mop kwvas abetod
to tta Patti .
Ttiaa 0. lama U rapr.aaatattra ud tt* Lite liaarMta Ca. af ..aktag. via Jiy Rkftard Sap .. af UM prtetlp.l. vM UM
af DUtrfcl L A aeoaattoa from eee memter ttat Ite FLORHU: STAR ill bole UM tta k
A aatu* af Aeaaaarffia, Mr. rtertda.Ywth. aedy. Motor aad lecturer v%* te ptrheted tor ...,tIt s frtKUre s 7tag Frefraaf fcv dltlll aOfckla. lted ".." Utedg aMatlant Ulng 1041./
appeared aa tta AAT CcttegtLferary vRk u4 baM to tcMnry )fell
MW halls a rtea kaca ra rf tend tf aapparttag M"aO..i.I bWvH dted tor tad. fitlti art rof ... to appotetprivate
< aertea.R ...... chart"
to aa raUcteaa eh*, not.... Cuter saws tt* graua ttat tte .f 1 teetkav vvMeady Maw ......,. reconteed that tt.t tat a.......d DMd M o r*..N nf I seal

ten drUM af Otml Caaafy.Ba Brat slat to a ....... R nth actte vouMpUcelteerfMUaikMte w d... II It.IeIIptiIIC via"tile FvUte aware Of ....,1Ie ...r hU hostseras
la a cmtaato af nartt Hu UO JobONeiigs till... art tiJ-d tt* IMmd to to IM aote avtnter af Jackaoavfite Nets".. DM. aad Dial tta p.UM DMtoadr'a bur iMrt ...., M Anal hteCkal .
A A M tafrarafty Non aaaaraad tta l tt amemminU to B* ,..* ,teM aa *M aaUca vhlc ... i** fremwaUy mate.Tte aflka kaa awn, bMararad CesS te UM. time
ate acMar af xteanaad mpmiat af hunger er... Bbop aa Frytt a. to toads nwrty 4,000
C-MS d_ u M t.iy ar" H '"f ntt fteate A.*
InfcriMd. tt* 'IT Ut' art R ... .... .MMdam. vtt aMMk>.. ghaf.ma .
Miitera acm.a Md vtch ...*...,.has tsPN .raI Rnreaa taatea IMd shad toad na a m.,.
atr M Nos tta PTA" .neaaU a blg*.f degree vm-vtat aad cterleal aeattfea and that. ttey an dutef mwal.tent dwteg a ate v..a p.rtg4xk a., ship ta <.Mfy h aU teMMT .

af AJMrtca,totraaaanraf Gods M. fwuAm, Mnnafnrnf ,...... kte.HPI's. *. .at. ataarrad aflar tta rtoiaOrtgteafly M*b CMrp11., 41 alIM J
Ba U.LLM Moat Oaa- It* Jiftnuaita Ted OB- af .. ,......
S cud De wcac tt* First Ciltvral AwardPresented Ulnt ) fctttaa
lit at rterloa AAJt tMwraCy. _, cat aM TZi.mlflat reyddbc .... NOWMts. OM ian> via taewe .... tlw.d. tot...
.a to a ....... Lay apaatortta tta TOC OOr baa r* aater teeter t: (I) N.ra.eda.peatwW. ttted te OM CaUfcrate tfCart ... lh..Itta.! 4.L.. >*.' and ....
lima af aaa IlL BU wtIr.ch.t /. torrid U ..... maiadiaiiaJtebjhl landtag To leeitvae Pike by ttt LW DHMM Faadvtfcft Gt... th.l sma b.r ,.,....
r >trn.l Tautt Carpahma. ...,.. tile aaaa otlM ,.
total adMal .
te tta iya- .. a ft**
arehltmi aad 00 awe IWDe rice ttiMtng ar M
toes but v* MID .... mr s..odes, ,'-f....... M.drw. .. axAGo.Orp -$.tro ",... ..a... to arttetfc a LaeOa Baraa iOarlaa sway a.at to 1m tta ,.- Inieraattenal tent week preeea* wit aad tor. aarkteeteg Ite "...... to a ...,
Mra. ..
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a*..* n. IIM. r muateg IbO toha. DIll ara ... Sod Ra Brat avard farM- vend ttraugk Mar to MteaUearyaa af trap fId Ut teniMMia and Mr*. TWUM Stop te
r eat..d lost &L Dtpwe fors PwarSa MM art any PvrdpSr Pr_. htferaadeaaCyraavvaad rWed Mrt..rsdlr.ifao'Mrta4s.lly tonhsad.lMiWWvs.Soar .
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te afDvnl aad ,
ward Barwaty aad MJL VM a world oleo ioprno Cited eaertO *nprana.Tte Sale aim *w dad arf Uet IreMtf Teeeitey ef ft.
Caaafy. .*,... tt* wh.Mf affkavU. to Mttona
10sps from tta aamna d Nave have. af m. it.vhoa ,....." orgaateed DM**! Tea*
nT II and I&. wstpiw""i and 1- a/*M mm tli,1 VM mad ... crtmteal ar.*Mutka. d .w Nha. vlntb ,..
IDUpL tars AteectethM.
... aartadaaMtertaitraaaartr na ant tilt to Cnuft Wont bf RFra Ftee Art ...... eeei,000: ,.,..... tam..Moss. k W IIIC.M *..M.,......,. ...... ". ft. aMrger of fcu 1prbat
m., .aa, to ir aw af Oaaate Karl CeUc. .t. d...... -.
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a. tta OTA aad to a Net and MI./.4 te tfrft ,.,. ". .
...k.r af ___ ..., ..... y ti slat Tea apcanered If ft* .R* Wife Held Mr*. King vn a ecru but
Meal std aMk.al 5rlat4 n- sppttrew MaNsd w v elM fr+ opera Cefld at CakagVa ... ...
a. warn pnnwd .
.... PJotgiajorlMod Two Caraarill a..a ..... (CUlt Warr). li liriligDMth ...... ........ ProMoted
.a to a traate Mot do vert prwsaMyhair. M Ck. UaM Mad Ilea
aaaual award te .......-
.... aad vn to
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af m. Ma ftvOtf Oardi.Mra tog aad tteval ana ... eetn*. to aUfet MLA Lied apt; ...
TMaaa Lila __ ILLS\ aa bear Milt anfiahtoattoa lit tteted to Mtea af ft Of Mite Havm va sal to hm .,.... .UJIUM41a'-.QI Fl) .
'I- De.....Sr .... aaraVa akm limiteinrderUea -reg...,..._. maN5 end tt* grv(> hy ..,tIC. "1 Antaeey Raa.l.. Jr.. H Mill, b.
tor Yhtlaa jAlII not 1ba. bHnrelir Mart'b7Va ttte .... and ., dUeclqf iMatevee
by ina hmaU te ft* an toft A nrtawr't tory Ipeed n. g 4 mr puM
tort Nvc Awe c-- .... Htpnra.aCteamd -... beat to arttette ..torv4 a total ..tors IoM Ill! ny%>i a vartefy a after tow tomt a d.ea Mw M ,
...., tor grand tory tiat.L
.. YY 11Ip5111ed. pats rf...n. Afl af ft* tote via Isaasi wha w atinapit ttenti at*.rdteg to bUlatar tea teea npaemiid asa W M*.
we total IIIId.-I rap Wto M vn aaa.".*nt agnattea toto a .... toa to erSeMyaao nOf v..lte ba ateviiaddtedtnm *, put hi. band. htta hteMflng Mad to slit .."1M **.
a aSmct ........1IIDIIaI )laiaaaautn* arvM.Fvantea IoM II trttew Mtto.a.ad tta ...... nf t rna to Maw TWI a M* dos aOealea. .aa ... Jaha W.
Iris,.. heal orimYaMSraty aaM. ttat rrsr.MaPaaSwIsd Ill m ARTS acaer tart CUtovay: (rt.X)prtta Apt ,.s .Bps. tatvrly Wart III sal imtnatteaara Cral award lit nawdteary M anted IIGIaI ...11...../mhoMPs. toawmry kUl toBMaf Ca.c.ea. va/4 ttakaiantteg (W r Mtty.B .
.. .... .. IdII .. gttkata kt egb/maal to iiliinaiiinT aad tor ..taps tta wrtd. crap atrnf* toMM MarW..pW1" IttjM* to*! M v g wM EUBMI .rf to turn via has tt* ....11II remMnihfliry I

1at>fM7-J' c.na.AD aa RilfM irtnl Tow do Uimtja. Pow, auaraaa (tnnter) aa Or Omeg* Kteg Is.... Pew JuMb( wy ...**. CWp .0. putted ahtrrton af sunny set
awe d r Mew.naOmd tf tta Yarn Onwrtauqr Cn*. .,... Regr. q.reloR laeka aa. Ta. .... ... araat Pow, w.tNMdvn fiarda JICIIG.J vaa MM.I4WI turn bw ?tbsth.lad "....... Jimaeta/a maUegram
IN nrv/rs.._,pInd IIr Mcateg at 401 w. AAtey ..... tta ftlmml Tea amaanrtl. bf tt* toad at Cter gaPmaa lay as ..,...... ...... to an. Bleaci c w, JIG mat .... r wds .... ,: IM amml emateymeet.
... we Nalgva5t to rarfatt ....... MMirumlmii .., ttrcmt Frhtoytod. tJfa.d (CWI VabMb, OT>1 FflOTC ... ....1 tIL. ...... ........ as .....raI."IM."
....... ..


------- --

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Mi,. ". \ .. .{II, .. .'_," 1-1: .. .. ...., 'p' --
, ..,,," .. .-. "' -, ', .." '





published by the Florida Star Publishing Company ., i fAMILY.
< rw+ i xer/ Senator PHILIP HART (O.-Mlch.)

ERIC 0. SIMPSON ..........MiniKiu Editor Senator Hart wet a sponsor of 9h.Law .
Enforcement Assistance Act of 1965

ALYSON E. WISE... ....... News Editor
For some people the image of the law enforcementofficer

HILDA W001EN......... Circolitioa Winner is the reflection of a flashing( red light in their
rear-view mirror. To others the image may take the

form of a policeman's signature on an
overtime parking ticket-or a blur of
7323 Moncriel' Road. Phone ELfii 4-6182 arm signals in the middle of a busy '

y t ti intersection. s7
Mailing AddressP. THE PROBLEM
But for all of us, there is the growing _

0. Boi 599 Jacksonville Florida 32201 realization that the role of the law en- t
forcement officer can no longer be described

MIAMI OFFICE in such simple terms. And in the
face of a growing crime rate with it*
Y attendant complexities a crime rate
Are Phone 377-1025
138 NW 3rd that has doubled since 1940 and is "oatPIli"?

ing UH tens of billions of dollars annuallyit
::L/1 is a performance of duty that become more impossible -
in the light of undermanned underpaid and
SUBSCRIPTION RATES 1 overworked police forces in spite of their outstanding
One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 efforts.

Mailed to you Anywhere in the United States 1 r,, There Is an acknowledgement among professionallaw

Subscription payable in advance (: officers of the need for skills and training beyond

Send Check or Money order to; ,; r'e5ANNGANEDVCATONSJNMODERN traditional subjects of police academies. There is a
need for training in human relation policecommunityrelations
ii and in facts about nonviolent demonstrationsas

FLORIDA STAR P. o. BOX 561 \.t. well as mass disorder.In .
with the in the field
Jacksonville 1 Florida 1962. after consulting expert
.THOSE WHO jHOfJrcHAME mm EDUCATION of law enforcement from all over the country. I Introduced
TODAY FACE j/VESOFUNCEiQTA/NTY'A'rPR000CTIVFANORFWARAAADr'LTLft. in the Senate the first law enforcement assistanceact
AMfffICA A .' UNEMPLOYMENT UNKBEMPtOYMENT.. to provide for Federal aid to police departments.

More Like St. Pete OfficersA Law Enforcement Assistance Act of 1965 signed
into law is not an attempt by the Federal governmentto

St. Petersburg citizen was taking the "COMPLETE YOUR EDUCATIOH..AND BE SUIE"Your over supplant their Individual the administration law enforcement of the separate agencies.states As

St. Petersburg Times to task last week for the President stated In his message to C.onjZ'nu.otthe

allegedly deciding the Issue of the statusof principal enforcement responsibility still rests on state

Negro Policemen In that city. The Open and local government" .

flsrum letter was referring to a Times What It will do Is empower the Attorney General-

statement: "Negro policemen have not been over a three-year period-to make grants to local agencies

given equal status with white members of and non-profit organizations for the training/of
Weekly and those
state and local law enforcement personnel
the force.
employed in crime prevention programs. Fighting
The reader asked the Times to back up crime effectively under. modem conditions and maintaining -

some of Its statements, and said "If you law and order requires professional police who

are unable to justify your allegation, I are expertly trained in a variety of skills.
believe you owe the Police Department a Horoscope Guide The bill also provides for Federal support for the
written apology." development of improved methods of enforcing criminal
laws and administering justice
The Times said: "A pre-trial hearing against
The Federal Government now provides financial assistance
the city Is scheduled before Judge By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER for research and training in other professions

Joseph Lleb the first week In January.The science, mathematics foreign languages medicine.nunlnl' ,

full I trial will be held without a ju- WHICH ARE Trained professional law enforcement per.sonnel *
ry, should follow by a few weeks.lt Is LUCKY DAYS FOR are fully as essential to the preservation of our

still true, that, with a few exceptions, national health and strength- nd are no less deserving

Negro policemen handle only beats In primarily BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELAIRES increased Federal support.

Negro neighborhoods, Negroes are The Dirk Leifve. Story,
never partners with whites In the same

beat, and locker room facilities are seg- By C.T. BROWN

regated." there Is a possibility that some ducts that some of you may be more thus ready to seek Associate Director Ju Vrbaa League

This last statement Is the one that we Born March Ust-April Utb of you Cancorians may bold make many short trips or become I quiet lid restful spot u scam (First la a weekly series)
want to discuss. Practically In all localities other opinions and consider It Involved to neighborhood u the holidays ban gone their Ida's technological advances ban out-stripped bIB ability
In the unusually burdensome on your affairs where your particular WIJ. to communicate, teach and besj sack otter to become worthwhile ,
south Negro policemen han- pocketbooks u w.U as a drain talents could be profitably utlUied. social Ulna. Tits diabolical scheme of things makes
dle generally beats In Negro business areas With the xcptlon of Saturday on vital energies. This could Stretch your pocketbook II more accessary tbaa ever before for orgaaliatlnas suck
or neighborhoods. Few are assigned to direct the lut OM before the nstlvttlcs > spoil the fun of your CUr ones and creative talents to the limit u the Urban League to have effective programs lor tofefsneeds.
traffic on main streets, an so on. gets undorway, working, who may be expecting you to, to make Christmas eve the CAHCIR The aforementioned statements have prompted me to
Separation of locker room facilities shopping<< and business conditions get Into the real spirit of the test one the family has ever Bon lees StaoVTuty tad write tile Wham League story for each pens to read andaadorstaad
the St. by may be better than they traditional rituals that bold bad. the role the League cam sad dots play la this
Petersburg Police
Department Is have been so far UtLunooth. the world. The
sway throughout CdBmunliy for Its bettermeot. The story will word IB
the last straw, for most first-class res- It would be fun to work on few among you who are too Whatever else may be wtlgamcon weekly
some bush-bush that Is your mind at present,does Installments.THE
taurants and project
stores have desegregated their busy or who have other valid URBAN LEAGUE: STORY
Intended to gladden the hearts mot seem to be related to you
restrooms and dining rooms We shall| look of those you hold In aff.ctlcc.Don't reasons that make It difficult SAGITTARIUS wort mot to the return mat The National Drbaa League was established la 1110 u a
forward to the to take sufficient: time off battend Dee. tilt result of the merger of three orgsaluiloas: The League for
outcome of the trial to see be unduly disturbed by details b. Bon; Nov. U3rd- tt yields. You seem to bt more
to the w.Coaalttet for 1st
I f many the protection of Colored
Justice will social
be done. the problems that baffle you directly concerned over
molted, should not have any proving the Industrial CoadUloas: Negroes la New Tort
aDd emotional leavIng
for user will be well out of problems
fight before tua quarter's end. trouble finding a kind soul Unless a rift has taken place you unable. to arrive at lay city, sad Ott Commtttea of UrUa Conditions Among Ito-
willing to take over the Job. Just before the beginning of this rot*. Pros this beftnaing. the League has become a oaUoawtdo -
Those of who are hlcn clear-cut decision. As tho holiday
Employment On Rise In StateOur you third quarter you CIA now rely draw orgaslsattoa with headquarters la Hew York City
up In official ranks or la the rituals tear, you may
status categories should find oa many reassurteg elements Cad yourself to. liat tot a pro- regional office) strategically located and TI affiliated braa-
plenty of outlets for your am that this danger reed ao longerbe mills of u .Interesting offer ekes la prtoctoal cities throughout the country. The Urban
VIRGO feared si least before the league work la DT taste program anas u foOows.Q
minority group relies upon susten- billons now sod for soma weeks having to do with romance,
ahead. Friends could help you Bora Aug. llrd- Sept. Und end of the holidays Everyone money aid aarr Iart. COMIIUJ'CIU' Job Dmlopmeot sad Ifeploymeat (I) Education mad Youth
ance by workand mainly work that Is per- spend a memorable Christmas should be busy with tadlvtdual on heart ud feelings bccaticts: (J) Bousing (a) Hnllh sad Welfare (S) Mllgtous
formed by semi-and unskilled labor. Naturally I... smiting bpppyktIck, of to decide what you should to Resources. The league dada ready to offer assistant to
our group will suffer the most, While the yuletlde spirit Is this a sad about the whole situation sIncetorn the public la aay of these program areas.

since It by and large, has few saleable fast taking bold tt to difficult Joyful.Christmas..raId.J .for sob dear to ones be you place great store
skills of a technical nature. for those who have to do all I UK oa)your list tocouragmg monetary to. your complete depeadeace.Christmas Oar Yenta Mist Leers AttireWe
the fallgut should. ton out
.demand high TAURUS the work aDd undergo ere
Unskilled laborers cannot art aiding
to follow suit If figure developmeaU bt messily ateimf ...
you to u
Bon tOth
April tOth-Uty
and often they must take what they : among those who led everything you to making up your mind have read on numerous occasions tnat

can get. to the last moment full under to spend' more this you perhaps school prIncipals sent home students who

report of the Florida IndustrialCommission If you really wish! to make standing of this truth will sable originally Intended Iht hits uader list wore stupid hair-styling, especially" the
share bounty
of km to
announced that seasonal busI- this a memorable holiday for you to remam calm: and the Christmas tree. raciiBora ales. These ad.lnlltrators.deserve the
ness In the state has boosted up citrus everyone around you there to collected when ..nk.1I11ow ] Fee. IKa-marca Wh highest praise.It .
nothing you can do but resLjnyourself aDd selectivity 11 bmd WUUIII.
operations and Increased employment to to ptyIng the cost which From toes oa, tt should be There M little you sea to ugamat took courage to carry out these rulesIn
I 1,599,500 persons. Unemployment during is apt to ru higher than ever. fairly smooth wtth everyone superior ..... B would the face of parents who were willing*
the same period, dropped to 03,000. The But u lone U you have the contributing a Just share to the CAJtUCOMBoraj cot ha prudest to attempt tt to acquiesce to the every demand and Idea
total was about 10,0less I than was true means and merltorlas persons air of mystery aDd festivity. Dee. Ud-Ju.114 fwd '" potat Bmt of their teen-age children. It seems to
last September. you art provided with a bit Make tt a point not to Insist w aot kdrthe .. mum*.
of aDd the that only atfectioa will be per. tommeartsMa you us that parents with a sense of good taste
Joy happiness, warm While tt may be You real frtoada art dill w
Chairman J.D. Wright said the non-farm glow' that you feel Inside mat mitted to hold tway. The proIIIt not to reveal year secrets sour taaa who may be .r a wear at all would have ruled against this girl
employment total showed a 20.000 Increase, be compensate* enough. There for a Joyful Christmas cares ao at aot to alarm your' mood to aid tea to acamrmcwhatever ish-type haircut to being wIth.
over last September, as well I as a boostof are lacreaslhf prospect of eve reunion to eicelleat.LIBRA loved ones, tt may bt aa the tt to you have set your Good grooming (masculine type) and good

60,000"jobs In excess of those reported certain: developments related tnprudoat ..... Health may heart ea Makt toamttv aaotta dress habits should be a part of the youth 's
lonf-dlitance travel and higher have been t tomrct of worry .
for October last toseehowyourchaatottolatorespect
year. mho interests. You should this for avoMCaprfconlaaaaadmia uad learning process In high chool. A boy Is
We don't know how much this Increase consult responsible authortUes to a matter that should ha take direct art eetioa shapag taly eflti 9 fee no longer a baby .hen he reaches this 11v.1. -

helped the Negro, but we are sure that to leers Just what you CIA do Boras Sept 3rdt -Oct. MM handled by capable aid competent Bad. Yea art unify: tnapttoaaUy el. He must be I Impressed with the Importance -

much migrant labor took up the Increase.At to Insure the unfolding of your advisers wthoet. uadua sosatUvt to ihsanix.should of coat and tie and leave' the jeans

any rate, members of our group must long-range Intentions The re* You may be under pressure to delay. Secrecy mcuaU to. your have no difficulty. retogatomc and shorts fcr after-school hours. Boys
suits should be successful.CCaOMI vtcmtty sad you tppareatiy win ... sate
mat .
develop more saleable skills and then go to a distant point to pass ywar
have your aloe at K. Should. easMsnhty. must oriented to this early so that thel
seek progressively to get Jobs In new the holidays will buds sad Improving
relatives but there art sway .roukuvesnVKtedaatrnportaatelemeaf Christmas see tccastoaa WIlY Job-seeking Missions later will" 1 be easier
aapecta waning agalaat tt.Your that to tasoaUai .to maemlcaxseat ha an CM mart eatertammf to handle.It .

other half to more likely to of your yutoddaptofram. whea special frtomm art m- Is no vender that thousands of boys
Bora May list-June Slat try aad attend to tt
prefer to remain at home sad not later" msa the *00. ThaTorahte vasd cow out of school each year not havingthe
USF Fully AccreditedOne tt should lICIt take much convincing eoadttloat thttprt* faintest Idea of how to dress when job-
to to share ala
D Is a well bon fact that desire. Things get you should tan out van them may ha witty d.s- hunting and, for that matter not even

the persons who expect too well right up to Christmas eve.despite dp5tsd Inter oa. Those minis knowing how to properly write a letter of

of our newest Institutions--the UnIversity much ,generally and thou art who disappointed expect- previous mdkattaaa to t will Mrthday aadoubtedlj* mil durmc...ala..USM thtshare BOOK of KINGS application for a job.

of South Florida--have been recently little or aothUic at all art the contrary. Next of km aad I. s of tiffs aad at- KINGNew This piece of advice Is especially' Important -

accredited fully by the Southern pleasantly surprised no matter 'other alighted loved sot to macs be mended would be.ray hstlob KILLS for Negro youth who" have the odds

Association of Colleges and Secondary how small the gift. This Is the family reunions you may of race against them In the first place.
attitude should adopt* ala
Schools. This Is good news for an Institution quarter sad you you will then rest have la miad by the ojuarter'stod. trauftUtioae of me .....
whose humane spirit has been aheadof assured that jilt holiday lase Should you have a tree setup .., he mapa stable to some lriIi! | Meet Te Yur TibleMost
some of the state universities which exIsted mules will lore up to their .la your abode, make certam A3UAWCSBonbJULtOCh.Feb.lSa nodes but they are mod Italy
long before the USF was founded bya accustomed gay standards that tt does lOt dry out and to pro** se ladieKibte as OMkU4e
turn late a dugerous kauri. of M take m* good BUnga tt lilt let gnsM, gtrmg
act. Make certam that you purchase to Nfue MeaeU. wh*
hat make thesa .
created at time when i it could the presents needed for your ethers i associated rotate. bt AhTMtftU treat 1144 .... ... .. .
The U3F was a loved ones early eaoagh to m< Your mate en to III). to aa taceOeat Al any tine,, ,.w. to this
step right Into the act of desegregation sure ohfrtalm them .la good with you could have some nest m..t --, we ems g. to a market sad get whetiger kmd
SCORPIO Oat da not meet MeaeEk. .. Cuhob DiMrttada lad cut ..... Ww aseutsd at
and make appeal to any student, If Qualified time. A rather happy end fancy aottoos ww art top anatxy. w meprtot
should take place, possibly m. bars Cd.1UaI wta your rasaplito approval. behind the actased text to w.n wthla ma reaca of Oe swig ......
color creed.
regardless of race, or W\Dt..outright rtjectaotmaycaast ., the sVMe a4 pnrtifrt powunastl "=
The administrative leadership of the USF for the those torm whoot of a instance particular tow clr- Oat caa go along Jut so far the sparks to By fee Sigma eatiM two pegee ofScripture et this II a eeapiw w es iatwetpp, .... w

has been most outstanding and progressiveIn cusastaaces: make ego teuLl aid. suddeeiy come to mils act at pile lad aubOe permmstoa w,. ultI Ms crectkt tIIII y. awry.. .plus......a.. meter *T... ........,w. amom
race relationshipscultural advantages, HOCM parties art hvorea.ISO that Iht .,-. day to really awls vary well SM- dot act are b. EJ ... .. /an ... .. me 1M ........
the humanities. Where Just road the coraer. This reed .., ba lilt t snamarof hem war to the leek at M afI ay.t tetw", b "
and emphasis upon :seet flip I45.1
la apt. to he I costlier ttportoae gtvmc m a IWa hart ar .. aa:
other schools have gone overboard In mathematics item It saouM have a Unit mart end cesamg off Iwet a ... ..*. from KjajpiaeAei m II a purttN.ee ar.emty tart amt w .....e.1RAd .

end science and nuclear projects, .bees M the Scorpioa who have wtt tie major ,rta Tat dial h.. rU *! a than b
USF has been a leavening force -In humani Dons My SSraVAac, SSauThere aot. arevtoasly saw awe shopping have a chase to tocato cortaJnmama ... uridt cototwsl screech Drouadols. Meat sail Wd man II file our reasosr Jaertcu
that remain aad. preUmtatry.. preparaUoat. that had jet year heart aeaoa.a Inde.ta a-.it d
tarlsa. It stresses man can ae4 a foeoa' to CM eoiwmf wes a Iuamrs. flrwgk b
to about the aa gtvmt toytutcsaalttwdeaaafcetyMwfflbabavttoeeth maq sa.av... met mtaSw
Haste best 1
scientific world.We too swtca for aimv ... oswil eVt -.
sane a art maay who look upoa day to make fat averstghUwith *
congratulate USF for Its recent ac- December u berg the most **r degree up of successmUsfacOoa. aa thei spot mat act at tarn. .l tbe tot U risjhJU hut not satyrrsirasrii.
credltatlonl DnI.UIC 01 aD De .... .... ed ","an"- There art gaps mat yea mill 1M .... keg o .... ... awvto.s

I 1.
-' -- --

:( ". ,' 'rI'l, . ... ... .. "

i" n' 1 r 1<


S fraternity's A'I.n.stl.n.tlo..1'9as! A Fitting Prelude To The scent Grid Classic;,

''---'lf i<''''' '; ,

.i 'rTt."i. ':1'4 r' ..,"
W.j .. t", 1" "" '. ., '\ ".
,- ,. i ,
I "" ,
"r ji, ..; /. t ; t "
f...," .... i.' .' f '
,' f .' '
I I "It. 'f ,"
., Ii -. ., ... t ..
t' I 'f. ( ft

Ji. ,r. J

; 4r :

: 1.
:: t e __

;. 11VV4 _
r i r 1 t

... ..,, ... ..
--. --....- --- --- "q

Wttk Dr. lAuder Stew. DMA of tfeo Florida AIM tutors ty from Lori art: Dr.Hotter N. SatUrwfcttt, *ct>st-arms; MOMS Dtnnli Stewart, acntary; Atty. Uandor Shaw Jr., 'lcpr Dr. Hunter H. Satt.twtlte (HancUn al t right) chats wU>
BWtot U iaatallatar, Ax. Alpha Pal fraternity clbratd Mil*, proxy; Capr Bradhaa, actlrtttea director Dr Shaw .aidDt, and Ik. Inn C. Dowtlnf.prldnt.Mra. Edward Watra athletic dlrKlor..d.. football coach I.J ((01))
I tilt annual tvtat with a MM dinner at tilt Gator Bowl CbarUa W. WUlUmi of Edward Waters CoUtt, tdttor of L.J. Shaw and Mra. 'J.C. Dowalnc aorcroundX K.B.Bonnrand Clmna and party la bufttt lint from ln ar*: Dents SUwtrt I
Holiday Inn on tile tnalflc prior to KM Florida AAM-Tua the sphinx. Dr. Richard Hunter program dlrtctor; James party seated at lm Atty Otis Glrardau party At rtht, 1.H. Buroy (1.ftcOIIYlrltwlthCap.n) ) Bradhan.Mra. .
SouUxn ClaMk. Nwly lctd officer and proxtet BBOWB taturwhtta. Richard McBrM. Any Otla Glrardwu.proiUa; ar* Htttd cntr rifU.

w _." = _. ... ...- ......... """ ........ _____--rwz.: ....... .. .. ...._r __.,,&,a .
t t ;' : J, ,* :; : ff ::1 I r"- "
V :t":4: r i \ I ; .
1f' 'I' ( _
".. If: : 1

r ,.;, ( Y a

i!' '

: : 1 :t
-w vr
i.nh .
i x '

L' i_ =;;;ff1; :: I I 1 _:'..J

I .....befl and. IllIUtICI from left art: Mr*. Richard list.(, Mr*. Oka Voodoo, Mra. Dand Pupils, Mr*. KrntVuilama. Wrap Mr. and Mr*. Erie 0. Umpoa, Robert Murry andMlf Mildred irate (ten| u Wiry **r.*d whil members I IVispiis
Hunter, lira. Walter LuI. avid DwIiW Jr., Dr. RleUrd Ctrld ftapba,Ota Woods, IrMil wuilana,;.... a Hilda B Woota aald back to timers. and |u.*t* locale of parlaklnc at the laity bullet IunckoBconoalal .
rtpartN and lUtminj to t It** lllllnt; strata olorfanlit
Gene Wilt and kit otrhttra. (ROYAL ART FOTOf)

I: .. Stanton Vocational InllirliH Miitln
LOCI 81 ) TIle Baptist MlaUI raBrolbr" Cants liikt MiitlilCol
I m.SPEAKING To Sponsor Annual food will hid a |.a.ril
IwatMaa puts durlsl their ., Talent PresentationWith weekly ...4111' Monday at N. Chapter ol Eta ItU Du final in.InC of i>* yes l....
II .... la Dtyoprlaf Baptist Sorority Inc.. will prt.nl IK day, I>>f. II wart s l.bbtatta
IAMB OOED8 IN PAWlO't KVCCTUTty U aftr>flv aa laUatioB belAc .a* Ckitrck, Ibo praldat Rv, annual caadlllM and vesper ol blrtbdaya fttttt to beheld
ttttdtd to prauni "Uhin| to r. Uaadtr Jails anAouncvdla service Sunday al 4 M p.m., talM) borne oil'r..Thelma
aaltloB these rlortda MX raly.r.lt7 eod pose participate oa 'tie program entry all ...bera lo t* U a, Paul AUK Church,, J. wetter,pttttitoM, b |lMtn|
beside tko ajmbol of rte rocat stylo 'ftfco*. *TMk aaaloo Vocational High kbuolts p"..... Mrs felly B. MttbU& wWW at I p.m. ..
,**,.0'. jaekaoBftllo; and patrleU BT,oc", ntMl. U tb* prw* t of cocnpl. R.U,.. save and 'l*'"a will tb*apakr.0chr"' sororities AU members art asked"lob
lln! < its talent lUt for U* b* |ties by Rey Cyrw A. feav* b**. Dolled lo ail.mt prM.MNM .
..................... usual 'h1t..oa.. Parade acllt. Waiver,tile boat pailor
duld for dnadtr, DK Itat
T1'. Ofaai* Bloa e. chule. najvr spurts *nt I p... la tile school audl I
last .,.koei. prodded i social outlet for Mnyrlortdluio. torlum.Thus. y" C KttlfMIMf. .IMM NMMM If,
Tt. aMI Jason IB MlMl far tilt *f.k* who bare 1l\AlJllAe4.
..4 r.port.d tkat ,JtIIt1. less to Mvrg'n stato did Undo of an>*arlf\( otb*abowlaclodta

1 eJft not alter hl Mtlvltl IB the lMt.nny sxN, aBdtbUmoaTwuur: James wurldc, If you can give a
.*r. $lrr*..H .ith tk. .b*...t'or.I..' 8fh Johaj 8aotrry and QM Cora
kick orld tru.hu l tare b..a ka*" to ...t>*r* alter, tb*Blurs.Jolw Pike,
farorably cub tile Prch Sisters D* Vld.Ua and: poplar baadkadrr better Bourbon..give it!

.................... >lrmtl t player Teddy
for p.rMB rvvtlalai IB .I.chanUa.. sridse. ThoM. lotmtUd OB apfvarbxoa
toss Aloud no CAOca, '.*.td. loft to rltkt.arL4rtt hlat' aai otter social ClaM* provlawl' r..ltt fnw tile cart u* arfd lo MO
: .t.rki>*y, ihlt plalM, n*0 Tort and tile Sarah rottttB tan DM Durkam al tb* acboul)
8kllj Dafldaot, CatOBTtll. st >4lB|, loft to Kriart wtua ... wart-teat fl Jra p.rU.I' or Jam. wilrkdc.
.. ButUr ck .fUl. .ll.t Iun* Rita Cta*. A BMBOM! admuaiuo ft* will
ria" IU KOI j c ; labs patUi IB the "'* L l. c'arp4.4IIJt. and: alwdMla.TbpvUkt .
.. hid ftatoMay IB th* cl" *Ua4 .tr#.t '...I..not UlAHd.Dues' .
tile Clarrnc ..1tn... if*. Petty\ Bjt..' -.>.
54 tkr.ira...ary T lior M4r IMsite t'ni.r ..r. .__.u Meeting i 1I
mnnG(5{( W. FORSYTH ...................

[Y.- ally/a tb..rlB. JIIf'.* ..,. 11.0.t plat- Silted Saturday
Ira kB LII dtt. Irt4.. Club act IB tile h-*.
SUPER VALUE SALE of Iris infraHUB Ice,.,. .**.* o.*...,. IBcUd4 ruof r..ur tsu.Uy mNlw1
j.MBl* .. .lt II.II. AI'.... Series. ..4 tar Theta PM Cbx4.r of tb
tlluk tk t. Jo.ea. oth .rtu..a IMhJ.4I 0nNca hi Pit ""..,,s.c.
l.* kM tit"rdy all pIIU ....
3 DAYS ONLY Lolo A''''. LO* .....1.1. "ul 'If'OHt"' Blake K. Myrtto ...., "MIl s.&oo
jarkoo ..d warts wtcClst.. sores W*.l o. a* holOB .
...............u.... lilt 1-4 tk* ac *la wUI W
Till. Ml,. til. c.>rl. B....". C 'lk. ,II..,. ail NAM! YIN ..fat tanart1aem5MS fof 4.1.

....u Ik* ...tbsi of U* Ci...7 l.M.l.. Ml..W. pies to Ik. Gad CCllWIa"
THE Clo*. t.n Uvj o>l*sr ... kMt.. Rlt! *o.,.tI /.* IH4 pfiy>**< profrtm, buflUlk .
.|.44 Rat*! Plak. tacit. ..It.! T *,. J**..lti boars i actodvlH atjM t
.111.... BBO CarolB .......to.. c/sh ...Mra ..ry al 1M Aria .Hr., aecvt'r diw
AIM ,,..... .*ro Orc t,k.., ,.,.art natkl, n-tfrtltr' Maul ....1.... ( ,,
Mr trlfbt, A1.et.> Allo a4 r.rl*"t stark., pC ....In.. ...ta1.. banal.ch.lireup w .' Iy
r*4 el.tlk. effktn

Aiiiliiry SelsIsslallatlos

r (IEnr :

01 Officers / V J a

r 'Ill.+41
pIM rr*....M s _iai MM
lilt .m IINtaD oAtora *frtu
yaa1'r C'.IIt9Ir .AiaI1 1111 Yana .
of vorM **r I. Sob 0ew
kc.aataNay of loot V 10.Jan. : ,P' e
c.-rr C.e..r. I bIM .4m. ..:_ red
X f"IWC" I.iMS a.rrne f 1M- /+. ..,4'r M/ W 4 .sow M M a.. .
.t.. T, M&I'IIItI IUI DIe .u
mewl impomx ...-.c. aflar
.....,. rou..t.l lo toBfooool
aad oo ool*f....fwotvfl R.hcW, De botalir tpill&! Asceu{ A|- la e uiuq\* )-dmxn* xulal 1
a* ".*..... WHITINGu. 32C4wrr Out lum Md.armih ol UM .uoe.
".....- ....>. *... Mrslamrg..rab.f.bra ... KAM Cal aria
.... .
.M 10 what .*.. Set a tan -7'''-'---w ....-w.--..- .... eA. ....
Qr1IIaaa.u. '

fill ill, IE lEilTIT I SHELL OYSTERS ::. $5.50

t A_ Pr/.h. L..r.,. ...... ,BUNMULLET
CMtn'f r ....,. ..... ROC Lb. 89
1N' NiMM MM WIGS! maw t.. LN paMe aae ,Mil
--I M sow ... r.sww.w .... ..... l-u. C4 ar .M. JJJge
T1e.e ra.-... s ..,....,tan.. MED. MULLET .1 Us. Ml !!

; Til lift ....-.., URGE ROE HULUT Lb. 2Si

$ till till ............,arf.rrrua
34Jotltock eM .......,.. SPANISH MACKIIALUtCXUO u. lte
: : ;. it ss 1.11 ,1 "a_ ea. Aatrkrt lUrt nt &IIIoj 6 VVr Old Kentucky Bamboo!
... nl S II J I. ... ...... ..a.w... TIOUT U. 4f<


____ ____ J __

t "I I'

Mt 1a
t .


...- Spiritual Benefits Vietnam Vet Sunday Program Celebrants Central

' ;; Scheduled SundayKnights Is DischargedFrom Baptist rnburt ehJ

,:' of Pythias Rail. 1040 U.S. ArmyAfter
'r Broad Street will bo the scene Church
of a spiritual benefit Sundayat _
8 p.m. with the having served two toursof The following order of service
; Rev.pul1a duty in the Asiatic Theater I will be observed Sunday:
tr: Brown as speaker. t Specialist 4 James 8. Singleton I Sunday School at 1:30 a.m. -FIRST NEW ZION"
Others to be featured win be
III the __ services Sunday In First New Zion Baptist church
son of Mr. and Yrs.Jalges with Mrs. M.E.Johnson,super
\t:. The Prayer Vermel Band Jones leading Holy Light the S. Singleton Jr. of 1720 intendent, and Instructors In will couence with the Sunday School at 9:30 a... .

t prayer service, the Blvens Specials Tyler St., was recently discharged 7 y i 'y tl charge The pastor Rev. R. Superintendent Joseph 0. White presiding.The topic,
I from the U.S. Army will deliver the
Leander Jones superintendent
youth group under the will be discussed by the Morning
I direction of Miss Louise Blvensand and has returnedtoclvlllanlIIe. I I i. : message during the 11 o'clock service at
; .
.. their'Instruments Faith. Singleton enlisted in the Armyfor service, asing as his topic.The service at 11 0' clock.EYenlDl :30 p.*.

. jl On Friday night Dec 10 the a three year period follow. Power of The Book." Choir S The aesssges will be delivered by Her. C.C. Brown

. Blven Specials: will fulfill a log rraduaUonlromN..StanIoa r4 tf and the Junior Choir will furnish Choir 3 and usher Board 3 will serve
. High School He served in Korea
' r return engagement at New Hope I music ABYSSINIA BAPTIST
': Baptist Church, Marietta, Rev. from 1963 through 1964 andY BTU Hour will commence at Abyssinia Baptist church services Sunday begin

5. D.J. Jones, pastor. The pro- 9:49: p.m. Evening worship will with the Sunday school at 0:30 a. .. with the
at 7 during which
tram will benefit the churchYouth p.m.
Chorus 1. time the pastor will speak from youth in charge. The youth will hare charge of

The public is Invited to both y aM p j the subject '"Are You Ready services throughout the day. Morning services at

events For Christmas. 11 o'clock. Choir 4 and usher Board 4 will serve.
.1 Siiday Ossernnci Central.Visitors are always welcome Evening service at e: u p.s. The Malt Ushers will

: The Gospel Trotters will render meet Saturday at 3:30 p...
a program Sunday at 3 "EtMNUEL BAPTIST"(
p.m., In the House of God, Fountain Group Services Sunday In Eaanuel Baptist Church begin
r 1725 W. 28th St., in Interestof
school at 9:30 hra Mule
with the Sunday
the aid board.
Plans Fashion ShowThe
Fields.Deacon George; Smith preelding.Morning service

.meeting will be held
at 11 o'clock covenant
piano Club of Fountain
MEN & Chapel AYE Church has completed at 12 0' clock. At 2:30: p. ". cowunion service.
( plans for A Waistline and The choirs and ushers will serve and Rev.s.L.

WOMEN Talent program scheduled for Badger, pastor will preach and administer the
Sunday, Dec 12 at 3:30 p.m.
torn While Yea Uera early this year went to VietNam la the church auditorium. Mrs. holy
with the 478 Flying Crane Samuel D. Davis, president announced. ZION BAPTIST"
),: IBMBUSINESS Company of the lit Calvary Sunday services In ut.zlon Baptist church south-

Division. Some of the program participants side, begin with the Sunday school at 9:30: a..?
Singleton's unit, which consisted are; SirneUa and Gal- Mrs. B. Alston In charge Morning service at 11
I of the heaviest helicopter niter Washington Ilr.MaimPeoples
7 ORFASHION o'clock. Btu at 5:30 p... Deacon A. jackaoa pre
is th only type unit of Its kind Wilbur Jones, Mrs.
, in the services.During Leans Daniels and the Fountain siding. Evening service at 7 o'clock. Rev. jake

his final two years In ., Gospel Trio.Refreshments. Ray will have charge. ,
r p Iiri i -I'111(. re '10,000 YIMWOMEN high school, he was employedwith ''x will be served .NEW JEHJSK.B1"
t the Circulation Department .ti at the close of the program.The Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church services

{ of the Florida STAR.He THE WELLKNOWN Queens of Harmony will be featured la a gospel program Sunday; Dee. 12 public.Invited..ls the host Sunday coemence wi th the sundl1 school at 9:3q'a.a.At : .
Is presently employed and Rev. J. Jones
'j BUSINESS or FASHION plans ro further his education. along with other groups at Spring Hill Baptist Church. The program gets underway at I p.m. pastor. 11 e,...... o.C. Lockett will deliver the ser .
and the public Is invited. (ROYAL ARTS STUDIO PHOTd)
Whether you_ dawn tuner ki awn. song service will be rendered by Choir t at
utintu or '01/1,,," you will hew
'i the b.MfM of tt exporter j-nc.i.
Imo. tho Mb end pawn 'oocII"'l Outstanding Sfbdent Graces Campus Lily Whiles Grand Too Don't Have To (to To Town To Get'
meftio* at use K..er belhove ... TWO MINUTES .
tt Only lock of ....""Ioft CMneM President To LOW PRICESDRUG

you bock. war THE llJLE Speak HereC.
sv CMMIUM a. mat Mia
'r.rLlC 51.15$ 55511 aoOCTT .I.
CHlCAeo, 1WN0ti H6aI ) -4. STORE NEEDS
ea- .-.., .
1 tt

1 1 Triide 11th Tour Neighborhood Drug Store
-- Mort than nineteen hundred year School,who art making ut shamed..
Sao St. Paul wrote to a young man today: it i* those, from "background
CredmHiif CloMItu named Timothy t"From child thou both rich and poor, who et s We Deliver 9e also fill all Doctors prescriptions

with CtafUeoteMEN 1 but known the holy Scripture*,I have been brought up without Bible
y which art able to make the wise teaching.We .
unto.atlvation through faith which I all need to "know the holy
With the new eppwlu.hl.penb'' h .r w U in Christ Jeu" (II Tim.JIJ). Scripture," not only because they Dixie Pharmacy
In tho fltld ot IIM wry day you 1 Timothy was a fortunate young teach reverence for God and build
top't a'fn'd t* lit bock and _lt, man. Hit father was not a halite moral character,but moot of all became
Now you tot ton ,.k. oct_.... In God, but his godly mother made they, "sre able to main' (ut)
., 1302 In At
Kills Myrtle
end Amos
trltd pews tioinlne moth 1a4i.YIMY" up for the lack, and her mother" wine IInm Novation through faith.In
tell tt ouoiify you for the held ofIIM.
Don Itt lock *f omb....< helped a*, day after day, from his Christ Jew." him iliif 5587-11$
IwuA w., -. earliest (childhood they UufM him The theme of the Bible,Old T....
J the Word of God. A* a rteuU he, anent a* well\ aa New, la the. Lord
\ came to know Christ* his. 9.v e +w4br'l an early age, and lamb* Paul'.faithful eo-workn.nd cloontatenrtaie the epi.tlc of Paul the chief of ; t t ar
"" In nuking known the wonderful tin...,. laved by 'nI<<'e. It waa to AT III STilE
"goapcl of the grace<< of God." Paul that God ant committed "the,
f In hi. very Utt letter the great preaching the cm**,"It h he who Blythe Andrews, Grand President .
.,-,,. jj pnotle recall Timothy'*"unfeignedfaith tell u.of the rkhe that Bow from of the Lily White Lodge Musical Set
GALL 355.6611 .;1< ,which dwelt Ant in thy Calvary It U he who declared by orgaalaatloa will preside here cMsmm
OR WRITI v- grandmother Lois, and thy mother divine Intpirationt la a pre CODftDlIoe session By Choirs UnionThe

hwrA"...... .. ... .... ...5.vlk: Eunice" (I II Tim. I::5). I WE HAVE REDEMPTION fusday DM. 19 at 3 p.m. la GOWKS
Lincoln Business College If only we had more tuch grandmother .' THROUGH CHRIST'S Edward Waters College's Lee Choirs tfeloa will present
til w. rORSYTH ST, BARBARA ADAMS an 11-yar-old freshman at Bethune- today, with huthand to BLOOD. TilE FORGIVENESS h41Ior.... Sealor Depety, I a repeat performance of the aaaual 1 t Aa t..Iw.de.i.Dien :. .
Cookman College takes time out between classes to 'smile help them I If only our American OF SINS ACCORDING TO THE Mary Taylor announced. musical program today -.
JACKSONVIUI, HORIDAFloot pretty for the photographer.' A native of Leesburg, she is children were not act adrift on s RICHES OF HIS GRACE" During last April's Grand Assembly at p.... to Ml. Slaal Bap. ...
"..11. Sphinx" and runnerup for "Miss Homecoming." She which coBvaaedUOcala tint Church
tooting ra of human peculation, (EpIa. Ii:?). Nestor wtpt
yinlih me with plans to become a social worker. (Theodore Johnson toto) AGES TO Jacksonville .u..1eclMu: th The group will rehearse Saturday .
lnUiintln but were taught the eternal truth "THAT IN THE .. h.A 1sura>.rr
ompl t of that Old Bouk. the Bible! COME GOD MIGHT SHOW site for the 1M4 coaveaUoa at 7 ...., at m. church -=-
......., ... .... .... 'rts" a
Nana Barracks To Attend James Small Rites Certainly the rebellion of*o much THE EXCEEDING RICHES OF The Dec. UmeeUiajwhkBwU with MIL Catherine,.... Jo- we Pas.w.aaSPlJlUI
"dol'", ... ............ ...... of our American youth againtt kw HIS GRACE IN HIS KINDNESS I be alt adad by all deputies, mph Lang gad Mrs Mby C.AUea rUM
City ..... Officers and members of eate.y. at Central Baptist Church, and authority and morality It i directly TOWARD US THROUGH president officers aDd members .m charge. W911TL
Item ... ., Barracks Sill of World Commander J.8. Irving Sr. an. related to the disappearance CHRIST JESUS" (Eph. 2.7) will discus sad end The group wOl worship m first !.has 'Ivl'm'.
War 1, USA Inc., are being 1IOU Ced. of the Bible front American life. It God love )'0'1. Christ died for I eoavtatloa pleas with the pre- Corinth Baptist Church..,
My lnlfit III Chock OrIel called upon to attend the funeral Color bearers and Firing I I. not the young people who have you "M_ .. la* Lard loses atd/1t. at I:4J p...
I I IIM" it IAINIONI services of the late Buddy Squad members will attend In been brought up In Bible-reading Carul end .*.. ...,. *e twled" .
I I IUIINMI MACMlNtl' James Small scheduled for full uniform Commander Irving home and In Church and Sunday (Act 141.1)).
Saturday. Dec 11 at t p.m. concluded.

I Youths' Union Methodist Center

To Hold XMis .. .: .. ,
Slates .
1 lOtlilONt; 10 Fete _
Bazaar SaturdayThe -0.
I sE rE mi The regular monthly program
I of the Young Peoples Union will Methodist CommaaUyCtater
fl _ W. BEAVER be held Sunday Dec. U at 1 pea SIM Lfepta Road wUl have
In Bowden Memorial Methodist a Caristaua Basaar sad clothing
Boo cASSaT AYE. Church, llth and Fallmaa Sta., sale at OM Ceater oa Dec.llth .
Rev lees Johnson, pastor starttef at MO a m. aatfl
3101 EMERSON comprised of U singing groups 4 p.m. Proceeds from the sale Some people
t he master of ceremonies will will go towards coastractttt of
be Ray Riggers; Mrs. Stella e basketball cart for the aeltpV.borhcodaadhelppaylDrllghU .
White will serve as pest so .t ttor

I U.S. GOV. INSPECTED \Union. ..mbtr.UtI Bvcamaa, Mrs.oatsids Mania guns Mitchell said thatthere stick a label on

I WESTERN Cicelslor.Harrell Harris, will ba games sad arise*

HEAVY c W itnore, Jackson T ao II a s, bargaiaa at cloolagaad presents
Famous SUveralres and others. tor Christmas fog the
STEAK.SALE The Spiritual PI'OCfIJlIa being edaltI.TOOTHACHE. their diet cola.stake

I ROUNDMONI 6Q public.presented for the general' .

Mrs Vivian Cherry U theponsortng ]
LB. orgaalaatloa's pre*'

SIRLOIN sheet Miss Cynthia JacUoaIlsecrtCar'J dw1.......eee..r.M eess5se gM cow
aDd Mrs. AlhertaLatlmore
I OSA.JgL ere.
.U the manager ==::. M cow R We

,. .. fiend !We ..._.. I' ...
....... ,.
Church a Social NeweTo ora-jel'

NECKS 5 r'-. on ours.


new Seek The Beat Oxtor
pea Tour Doctor ,reeerl"..

FLA. GRADE "A" tt BUDGET set Cxperleaeed rhanaclsta ,

According to lOIr Doctor aOrdera.

27 We Dae oll The Bat CL 1UIr

FRYERS Oaalltj Dings fro ,ht.,

J uaxsmiD ntuDuacrs TO sunn !W-
LL \

CoavetlcsKuhberruactifnoM>> b4..IAad2e....4rt.
ccuo rca AND 13lLItIaO

I I PICNIC 43 Lilly's Drug Store .,::.,= .

1S3 IIICS Mil a-34271


...----- .... .. .

-. .

--- -------- ... .... -- ....... .w.w .....r. ...- -- -.
: ... -. ,. /n./.M .
-, .. . : : -

, i I ,;' 3S l


ilt ;ji,

(r--UNDAY' DECEMBER' '12. 185! mi PAPERS LICE 5

Instructor Receives Promotion Civil Rlejhts Roundup leaders Condemn Bombings

LOS ANGELXS-(NPO-.The passage by CalUorala voters of
Proposition 14 and the "big lie" campaign leading np to U last
I year, was cited last week u the chief cause of last August's h
q41u: ati riot la Watt. Edward Bow rdeo chief of the California Division 41
i of Fair Employment Practices, said the M awroval of th.
COUUt.uou1 am.DdmIDt1ItnCt minority groups like a
smashing blow to the t....IIKNOXVlLU

:. T.>to..-(MPO-The partial burning of building! 0
1s the latest In a series of attacks on civil rights groups by
mea believed to be eoeasct.dlCk the Kl lout KUn. The vandals
work through a front group called STENCH and leave Nail
behind after they attack. Man from this group ts postmarked
MaryrUle. Tea., a hotbed of IQan activity. Headquarters of ,
the Appalachian Economic and Political Action Conference l rQIARLOTTE
(AEPAC))were set afire while members of the staQ were away.

JACKSONVILLE. FU...<-4nvestlgatloa Into allt-"-Job
selling practices among Negro teachers turned np nothing but
4 a bum rap. State Ally WUUaa A, HaUowes called the charges
"..re rumors" which could not be substantiated as tact. It
ti+ s'.i was claimed that many Negro teachers, principals and other a
_______ personnel were required to pay sums of moos, or other articles N.C Roy wllklne. national
IU.< to obtain receive .
of value positions or promotions.MOUNT
PINS ON MAJOR'S OAK LEAF-Mrs. Arele Marrow' pins oa the new leaf oa her husband. xajror Stun Brook shire (c. ) anj Kelly Alexander, state NAACP president :.tovewber'
f, Maor) Robert Marrow' while Dr. George w. Core Jr., president of Florida A&M University, VEKNON. N.Y..-CNPO-.Tbe school board's plan to 28 In a protest letting condemning last ...k' racial boablnis that damaged the
"1i,TalUhassee, and Lt. Col Samuel F.Sampson.PMS look on during a brief promotion ceremony end racial Imbalance has been denounced by Clifford A. Brown hones of four Negro leaders.
-,,,held on the FAMUeampwwh.re Major Marrow assigned u aa ROTC Instructor. A member local CORE education chairman. Brows said be felt like fpg( photo)
.' of the U.S. Army Instructor Croup at FAMU,Major Marrow. was recently promoted by Department "..,1WDc in the face" of the board ..mbtu"bo approved the
of the Army order. H. 1s a graduate of Brawley High! School Scotland Neck, N.C.. and proposal to erect downtown schools for children from all over Bum NegroChurch Top Stale Award Honoree
''' State Teachers College Winston Salem N.C.- -FAMU staff photo by Ernest FUlytu.Famed the city Negro leaders have demanded equal racial balance In

.- all the city's schools, with free bus ..nle., RALEIGH N.C..-(NPI)..Roracs Farlowe, of the Bennett
Quads For College (CreenaboroN.C.) art faculty last week was awardeda .
Attend Game $1,000 prlae for his !
sculpture, "Limestone", la the North
ESSO Education Foundation Second TimeNEW Carolina Artlsta' Annual Eihibitlon at the North Carolina
Museum. of Art.
Grants $2,348,000 To Institutions By winning the purchase prlae, Farlowe captured the 1111.'.
ORLEANS--On Sunday, lop art award. Tit* figure which measures 4l"sJ9Mal4M rs
November Zl, Bethany Baptist of cantllevered construction from limestone boulders and
A Grants of $1,941.000 to more than 100 collegea, universitiesand Church near Jonesboro La., ..tcb.1OO pounds.
'Llresae.a t related educational Institutions lAd organlsatlona throughoutthe was burned to the ground for A graduate of Atlantic Christian College, the sculptor earned
United Stabs were announced this reek by Law Education the second time this year It his master's degree at Last Carolina College
Fovadatioa for the academic year 1945.64 Is believed be the only church
la the history of the civilrtghla
till brings to almost SIM post-seeoodtry education are movement to ever be burned 73-Year Old Barber-Scotia
mittloa the amount the Gus eligible! for consideration under down down twice. '
Jucatioa 'oudaUoa..W have the tnctntlvt and SPUR pro- la the final
Y The Church was Gels Life For Cabers Lose
contributed to some boo Institutions trams, as well as for pro. stages of being rebuilt from Us
of aicfctr education Jecte foaling with Ideas and flrat fiery destruction oa Jan.
during Its first U years. TheFou.dstfos experiments attempting to solve 17 of this year Services had Slaying Neighbor First Tilt
le supported by problems of higher education. been held la the new church
a I Standard Otll Company(New Jerer Since the SPUR pill was an- building since mld-August although OKLAHOMA CITY,*-(NPO." CONCOHO, NC.**The Barber
)and several of affiliates Bounced la the Spring of W4, it had not yet been of. A TJ-year old Esstslde reildent Scotia College Sabers, playing
Including Rumble OU*Refining lira (rants totaling S"I.UO tidally dedicated. Bethany t.c'I" was sentenced to life Imprison* their nut basketball game after
VISIT CAJlN.nr" ?ttw Falls gwsdrtplets pose wtth Dr. George W.Gore Jr., Company Esso Research and hire boss mad*. Su were an about five miles north mat last. week for the Jaillaying a sevea-,.ar lapse, dropped a
president, lAd Mra. Core TaUaha..... TJukH betw .a Dr and Mrs. Gore are Mary Aso.. Mary Catherine. aid wry Production Research Company year, three more already' Parish la north central La. was convicted of the College ,Ked Knights oa the
Alice.' The fourth &1altr, Mary Louise, did not male the trip> to Tallahaasve The falls lAd Humble PIpe Line Company.Of have btea given In the un..1 CORE Suut era Director Richard murder of James Bates, 10. Tennessosns' home floor
quads natives of North Carolina, are students at Bahwe-Cockmu eou.... Daytona Beach the total amount disbursed year and It 1s expected that Haley termed the burning The victim was shot and killed Showing surprising strength,
They are neicss CC Kathanlel Saylor, head of the Det rtment of AMmsl Science at FAMU. I' lMS..., more thai fMO.000 additional gnats will 1Jt made w a heartbreaking tragedy" for apparently because. of 1 long the Sabers trailed by only fro
will go to 1M colleges and early la 1161.Win the congregation CORK haihad standing feud abbhellos over points, 40-M, aa strotn j beach.
universities for their unrestricted Irish-dump ing. ended. Lack of a
World News Digest Dee Dee Warwick w.Aaomer Title In workers two years.laJonesboro Haley also .warty asked A witness, "U'O. Marshall, with replacements for tiring foul
will to B-l starters coupled with
i 330,000 go "Can anyone, Including Ccv. II. said he saw Iheltoa come
14 Institutions la the firm ofeapW trouble, proved the final undoing
from his house oa the fatal
Traditional John McKeltben doubt that this
HAVA.TA--(M> ).*M 100-natlcn revival of the postponed To Tour Europe grants tar speclaldeve StyleAUUJur.U.Edward evil deed was, the work. ofLcMttsiu& day and accost Bates oa the side of figured bySadupesters
Bandung conrrXJ.of heads aAfraLlaaWloal U scheduledto lopmenl programs, building : water '. raclatr walk. The two mea argued,theascuffled were lOt
convent t1ile: Cubes capital Jan. S, with the addUloa of NEW YORK CiTY-DeeD.. presets, lad laboratory lAd 11- college cllnrbed the SEAC The church was discovered Marshall told police. to some even close to theveterta
Latin Aaertoaacountrles among active panic Ipaata.The second Warwick, youngest half of the Wary tsctliiiee, eWl&l> &ship for the second engulfed by flames at about A akkle-plated. .11 revolver Uorrlstowa quint,
sessloa of the Baadung group, scheduled for Algiers, raw to recording duo of Orange HJ. Oradcate engineering; lad straight yeifi' The champion) 11.10IDda1 morning by Sheltoa was carrying fell to the CharlesWebb a 1-' center
be held last-month. The original meeting wu held la Bandung. atstera, makes her first trip science departaeata of II la* ship was decided la (he Tigers Jarata Potts and his mother ground and papa picked IIup from Atlanta Georgia paced the
Indonesia.ILOWTODtCIDC. to England lAd Lamp Dec. atiMlots will receive U tare first three games of" the sea who live nearby, la February and shot Bates U the head Sabers' scoring aa he poured
14. The II year old sister of tstrltted lUlU telaling eoa u they defeated MorrU Potts, who is i memter of once, Marshall said. la alee field ,oilsad. two
Clout will remala la Europe /. College, imMss lute, and Bethany congregation\ tale A detective said kiss ap* charily totes for a l p Wproduction.
MS>4M.Hfti! feTi> (toot l}. 'priberA KTrtMm*'ar.,-i1 au aba..10 be rushed she appears at the lamed SaaXemo arnourt of 1171,101) wm go te t H'AI this le a re- Institute with the aid of a fed behind tholtoa's house. empty Other Barbefkotla College
!Wo muftg a t>ici dicta ca oa whether te permit the tan Festtval. Mllaa, Baly. laslltetleai and .paI pat performance Vy the Tigers crib court order CORE field Ala wastebasket et tartage eaaat Medic posting double figures
Afrlcu goTirnmsnl te make tribal Uad a baattuaa ( Miss Warwick bees honored salon taeluded eader specialparieie trey. have toM u witk two secretary irwe Retell, la the rear of the property, were Joe stone, ophomoro
African statearsa.) Remtomag the goverameal of tts .utlet by being one of Ore*Americans projects) are Seer different coachea. Joneebora estimated .1.,lose Shelloa had objected ts this guard, who. collected IT points.
"promise le check: wUh the tribe after $0 years oa the Ba&rusuplaa. being taW te appear at the 111,000 gnats ta major privately W ClemoM guided the Tlgtrs 11,000.. practice previously ea several and Jofta Watson,fresrimaa for*
Tribal leaden said, "01&1 two years have clasped aid.. laieraattoBal song. lets eoatroUed eartersitiee la this eeasae wtlle Cllflord Paula Jarisoa Parish. Sheriff' heal .occasions, polite sail ward' from iMltv. ".C., who
you are here igalaStarspangled." Fred Burhsrdt of PaiUtea He* support af projects) te IIr'lIf. w at Tim louthera ".Iu- Ue "u Investiture its reetd wished" the NIl for 10 poUU.
cords, EagUsd oa which label Del their adergrtduale sol- sit, ,, Masterminded Edeiri Mate' fen tek Ana no clues have Bee u.1............. M. na for the Merrletm
11.: Mass Warwick U reeorded lathe tegee.Craats. bees bad ..- tltach aad the gams'e high see
;; way to Cauted sUtgdon aad scat!. let silk puposssAmaral Waters luring the PIN see ::::::= f/l!' re/ weal lara Thorae wuh u

new Carope, reports thai TV to II per ego '"** KMINIM tom, C e ,.&aI..
sand t A 'sen to college lid personal appearaacei aad ttstwresaunta, compared -
prompt loaal tlsue& .teradleeae* to 1... per scat is UMII -
>. U.S. SAVINGS BONDS cetivee lid arograameri wttl bad I per seat la I.......
keep the Btee >aek reeorting AI esampU ef UUa type II
.. alai busy" liar the satire ... activity u i special aregraadeveUped
layraaket.Hitds by the Foundation
te hes) Wren he ejualuy, Mthe
meuines at aredomiaaatlyyegre
.; lbe Afrkin Study eeUegee.Use 3U PIR MARK
Educatloa Feuadattoe'truts ,
7 Perfect IMllUlli ..
Viw toU.-orro--UaOer are setae distareed DOS
Til soma was aseer... III...'. yes llrecga sisprograasevestrtcted 9UANTITT t10Ntl' all,,ItvID
flrel Xegre ponce eajttla caaual,eagiMer' TMWPAtt1100" : THIUIUNDAI' AT10AW000AltOAY1.I
Tlif Psiiltln' Uoyd 0. fteeJy. whe prevkMSlyeommaaded lag and Ma are, epeclal air-
the lath NartempretiKt So.UR CMvert fat ,re
All 1111111Mervon's wuBfesaotedledsMtykMCMtor mating the VUUaattoa ef ReeevrcesX FLA. GRADE A
ta ...... m M ant laceeUve. CraatsOe U,8, fV1 1 WHITEPOTATOES
U-ncUd ar... II areetncted<<," capital and
Pharmacy The area tales la BreMlya engineering lad .tests areas
north ta the preOamltiasrty M* eeetleiie te he Hatted le prtvatsty -
gre .edrgNSt.,*.... die eesjtreUM e.UIgeand HENS19c
Tnr Pmcrljtlii paarllC trtcts.He aaiversties.AH .
was wiped te the IMI ...-"rea kutxutloas efRibibllllillon

2112 I, ClfiwiM in. precinct m Aagvet IH4, after.
the area was the scene of eeerlec

".sun. lira' PI5IJI2l of riots. 01 Harlem HatS

r. .. .. ost L$. 10 LB.


iJtt, St"Itt% 8. TOftX-OrPO-Eaat-

,tgltti =. :. 11/111 torn .U1 he the leeoag""
: tor Be Bret trW reatO a. t I/JJII II MIREIII( / Hid
Urn eCect ...., .,..,... by
ea AsMrVes ..,.,aUaL ta
kUIICI ta CM area wtt hereoeraied

.slee led Gyp remodetod.tsaaed e. ........ hvfidtog lad kwduetrkU
e, -. ...........NMS u.......Me N.aMM+I It.T'ick..tocJc..tidr suretUls ....,.,...
too turn. U MOrtUlKpr tar
11.110..000. .).ctd.s.gM4U
sewstrw or talpte.led 240Z. 0 LB.
.tock.. IMWe-wtDaeat to M anew essay, A.ilw wee BOT. 19 PKG.UIII 39 c

Bourbon thatdidn't .. ..,
the Idlll rewa.a.ae. ..... laM I I/S5.GO Cl Mil fill Illtl till I I/UN! M
ho wfm De ,.....ac. ttMCrHI' Hid
watch the clock! M aIsWls. rt6IIIe bOma(u
the am. Tads were awN
at CsVi smssei is dead e* U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK II.
nCshte ..... la the ... "n
OLD CHARTER II' 1 -.......
Met ctgereeaee sal SM.1af FRESH COLLARD GREENS till! .IIKKJriwu
Bourbon ..... were ....,.. wtfi l..- 15e
KentucJvTS Finest
sate reamed, ts DIll sertReett -

7 ynn old eta g* tat ar rewkst
eflao wa real ct a
lend De 1cd ant ReaKl7a-
tleateseits M.Msadies ssocw. FOREMOST ICE CREAM ilL. 45 (
cee,*,.MsattMsi reefs
Mete reswhCisrioa were into
I99-40. wta la n* mni.
...1. after remxertig wta CHEER DETERGENT .BIANi '11. Aft
naps ken I1t-tt. na: rl
the s.eri
VAN CAMP PORK I lEANS 21111. till ZS$


Cele CAMPIEll'S TOMATO SOUP lilt til 10*

... .. .. ... ....
________:...:::=:. .fir. 11 ___ ._ ;;;..:...-- -- ... -_... -------....._.. .--J

_,w_ ____.. ____ ..-.-- -,. .. ..

: mE 6 U I') }r I i f',.- : : turn .. M: -- t SUNDAY :iBBJtfu.: l'l'L.., II

tJJO Products I Showcased ....I I I Y...I........I..........., .

oJJN4- 1ft.1:

.*.w. qutilt... *k.", !
Jiau/W Niu tttqtttttr.Q. .
s tr..e-.iat.e-d oterfu&
r LM west I hkk .. .... Still utuns on the floor draw =
TEE STANDJUD OF ., fly end .... d your knee to your chin fold;,
wm4 elves your arm around them, and
IWk rrtMdfc They "!'
QUALITY SERVICE & M I rtltofc, m* I hew trtiyM rock from ride to Iide. Keep ,
A 1 \....4 right It .. when I rocking a little longer e.d.J.. ,
CONVENIENCE;! mm UkJM die Htt sot .* ., day. It wool be Ions before. III
} ..... I It*M dory M4kMTMMd. e. your stretch pent fit amoothlyagain. .' -.u'.
I dUrt a.W Whrt .
i N den Q. There'i real ,... bey- hi 'j
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. .. :.., ..... :.. fi.::.:> \%?: 4.''" .&f.Yo..< / After all. when you think bout to ..... Bel be rib eka toe'
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1. ; '_I> 'YI problem. Jiot be subtle abort way. It die bet ....... S... .
getting inedible back to your ..... I fed. ... ,.,...... even
TO STOP CONFUSION!!! plat. Its all rigid to remove I r. ... b..,. !- a .e..ef
olive pits and chicken bonn ., (vvtoctole. What .. yen thin
DO YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING WITH CONFIDENCE! SCIOCE IN A IUITC1SE-Mrs. Odessa Jude of Euo Research and Enjine rln Compaqr with your fiafer*-<{uicUy and I should dot
demonstrates t M* portable shovcasa of oil that ba Should be '" ?'"
products carried like
can a suitcase. daintily. Cherry pita
WE MEET OR BEAT ALL ADVERTISED PRICES The handy display wu developed by Esso Research, scientific affiliate of Humble 011 A ltd from your mouth to a And A.really That' a lo real you to dilemma decide!!, ..?
ReHalnj Company and Esso-aflUlated companies) worldwide, to help company lactarers spoon and then to the plate. U you're not busy and think it ::
IN DUVAL COUNTY! describe the thonsaods of Hiding the action behind your
consumer products derived from crude oiL Also, the portable would be fun. go ahead. Ut
showcase: Is available OB loan to schools and civic orfinliatlons in the oelfnborhood of the napkin only attract attention minute date can be load of
Eau Research Center, located at Linden, Hew Jersey lira. Jude a attire of Greensboro, 10 avoid that.Aid pliant, donlbe fun sometimes more than
North Carolina, Is the mother of a Z-year old boy. She and her husband wbo works for a embarraued. planned-tor-week* event A
chemical company, are residents of Linden. Q. I JwS trM M ., betytirt olutton to the problem: U
.... .
etrvlch p M tb.yl.Me you're not free when he a kv ,
I tffM fa bent I tear I and tell! him 'd
smile *eetly you
Floridian Wins Patent Suit'VINDtCATED haven't ar.d env waigM.Wbn love to but yours bu y. Then.
nand I dot
charming ,
in your moil way
Stirs WithGophers' -r-. A. Do the See-Saw! Its ....r. add a MiggtMion that real bone.
"1\\ intend to remove inches where he ask a little earlier!
IMPORTED : '" want to Ioe them. Every
IMPORTED Frosh .you..un.. ana thmf. lit on the (Tot mart ..,..rr1 It *..".,*
Foster's Military toot with your Us bent and .,. a /.. .. p..w
CINZANO MINNEAPOLIS ttiniL-Alsmoo ,; .arm* under your knee mg *.J *r*".'. untils 'or llfIrff
I EXTRA Alston, BOD 'of Dr. tad Urs.lltlTio r lean back until your shoulders ''.''''', 'Vtry Pn.II
4u'41 EXTRA DtYVFaMOUTH 0. Alston of'Tallahassee touch the floor. Then twins up Yeas. Seeyea ..wf 51,4

1 "I .U maklnc t bid here to figure 1I.1I 1-I : to without the uttini 1tOS'P poaitioa..... Want Repeat soother Urtu. the.I.f f 1.P Kirkri.ClfelC.rp N.rtU' ""it.H"7J .
& tl.d GIN 16.10 prominently on University I. ? Try the CtWI. Rock! .
IN ENGLAND PRODUCED AND t,B of Minnesota's Gophers footfall I.I.I I.: .n..._._._.._._._._.n.._..._._.n.._._.on-.nnnnn.....,.........._._._._._.._._._.._._...._._._.....
YERMOUIB 01 IOTTUD ... team next ,.ar. .
e N 94.4 PROOF IN FRANCE W Young Alston, a graduate of *
I GET $ ....- Florida AIM University! High Uncle Sam ha a couple ofpUn.
REG. $6.10 BOTH 11 REG. $ School, Tallahassee,has spark "\ ,1. lo male jour moM) u
FOR led hen u a pus receiver .
easy lo lave a* it U In s|*'n.LThere'

SAYE $2,79 .f"G1. on An this end,gars Jw stands freshman t-1, weighs squad. the Pa,roll S nlnpPI.
Oy9js A GRu18 ..\ 209 pounds. '\ : .. where >ou work. And ale

r According lo the Gophers' BonJ..-Muath Plan where )ou

bS, freshman coach,Wally Johnson, :t'\.7: : ,. < > bank.Jhisis .
"Alston has shown this fall thai .
I lit can catch: the ball." ':M; .Jt.\'J:z:'
Johnson says, "We'll probably
Gold play aim at. flanker Seri -.Mrs. Lydia Adams, ont of tilt nation's rtnownd
year." beauty culture artists, who also enjoys International repute
NEW YORK S Alemon, who graduated as saIntatorlan in bit field was cleared of charges last Nov. U of infrlnfmtnt
h Yd of his class at FAMU of a patented halrvtavl&c process in U.I. District Judge
d' High la Tallahassee, has a twin Samutl Perr,'. court In Chkaco. (NP1 Photo)
.. sister, Brenda, who is a freshman .. ........ .')0
GIFT BOXED at GuWaves '.' .
Adolphiu Coltoff 1. ; ) :
('1 ddn' WITH TWO DISTINCTLY ITYIIDCHAMPACNI f' .1 St. Peter,Minn.HU fatter R.S.EVANS3RD&MAINB5 ,. ,. .
tv.'C'' ;c CLAMU Is dean of the School of Education :

I \If. "' !, 04<' VALUE$7.JS. 5499 9'OUR His mother at Florida, who AiM.received bet Cadillac .Save $1500 } the nicest,

PRICE masters degree al tilt Unl- COUPE DE VJLLE $ t smoothest
varsity of Minnesota, teachesla Factory warranty. You cant tell it from new.
;$ (the Lean County public Mr personallj pampered car.S bourbonever

schools. < MUSTANG RADIO HEATER. ... .$2 IBS
62 OLDS. "9&" 4DR. HARDTOP .$1399 to rome ,
1 *
Young Raps ,are COMDVyiOHVD' IT*A soe-my. -

"Subtle" Congress 65 BUICK $4195RIVIERA out of


ii II.Whitney. M. Young. Jr.. uses U ciitv.sr IMPALA unit n.o.Ivts CPE: '.m...aver.. .enw/...$1393
TOM director, National' Urban 9. evict won
Uaciw, last week took t Jab 63 VOLKSWAGEN .Down $ 193
: SUMS e o. a nu"r, at members of Congress who 60 VOLK8W AOEN. CLEAN AS A PIN... .$ 793
hart exercised 'I subtle sa- '
f fI "'""' B YEAR OLD botage" of civil rights& efforts. 64 T-Bird, Local Owner $2995 .il//
fI soo% wl BBB Ills and ether civil rights groups La eow.rrlrl. tm u..rw.. amttt A UAPTTI

I ,,. KENTUCKY will asks. It"apparent. Tonne 63 CHEV. IMPALA HTOP 4DR. V-6 .. .$2505 out .
added ,
that vote acainst NfRA
as 9 BOURBON son the appropriation>> is a delayed 65 f. N"'rMO8: Ib1 rrA1RTCONtt: .M93 '
.... .
o vote agates tilt bill.., way of Mao. smut ranoa, ...".. yourself.
86 Proor sabotaging M."
Over 100 Cars To Choose From .J

\911"J' harnt.d Rnl


& MAIN S4 MOO* O 14*tCMO*rater,,"nu(.,.LOUttvtUC.u.I .

Jickaoavillt'i Recommended Dealer
Still E4

ROYA1. COCNDISTIlLlO lilt .... 16.95

BLIND nr ((2)) Ills [OPEN MOXDATSAXDniDin '

INE ,n.4 IOTTLDcaMr fir I IJ I
IOIN ))31.S5 --1--
Nr I 1 lg.' IN SCOTLAND I I 1

Kam is PROOF Him lulU TILLS PJL : ,

'j tuw+ii"r S REG. S7 ISklNt IMII lair

1661 Eitn TkkkLHf BERKLIKC MAGIC CHEF gas range

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voolca a fOlACl.Ofin
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tour Itl.s all your cookie I
$399 /adD11Ct, ,
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MKTUITMtETHI '-"-- low trwt. we'd tfolds food ..ensure
.....- ,.- --- ....... ....... M ....-c ... .....
.1 $119 rp---, VEA QIFT LASTING VALVE Iar...........d wet MMhrIsussll.d q
MTTU1counta 69 .... .... ... ::I.
ht. HI lit lII.IOCKER.IECLlNER ... I .... .... iii MO MI2t .

]It Rocks-It Recline end also has spMtol rt wrELIC RANi1
S97 Stft in. ootlfiot, foe )" A... ,SI

Plans. tM toVMkliVT KM M MIl Mwf. k. is iMse- TV Ytfwjng . 9's Dr JCr_o.a... .... 0.Ooae o..t
Hi !wl, I. T. 1M17 .4 new ... 0aQ .Ilaus
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r ... .1I '." -. -. --- -- ...:. ,. --. ... -- ." .-..

:\. ", ,,_)f'I, '\\1'M rm111i': {, n \ ,"t" "' 'I -i 'fJi I\"\,.ti",. \. '. .. .,' '-,,' 1 '1.1\.' ,,'.', t, h i1'.,.,'lqII'_) ; '_ .

CEII'm' 'S"\A' 1 :i 1 1SRNUT ,

[ 12, 11&5 PIPERS[ PACE J

Among The Stars With Lee Ivory'' Schenley Officials Hold Annual Meeting Final Rites Held Monday "

Chicago's Blue. bpi Is it It again; After Dick Gregory i. For Mrs. M.A. Hicks Of FAMU
blasted off theft MW policy of tcp-IIlgbt entertainment they
presented conic Richard Pryor am singer Jot Williams befort
nan cominc around to a show that la destined to please TALLAHASSEE --F.iwr l services were held Monday,
tverytodysUp Cunningham and tilt Kittens. December 6, at 3.30: p.m. for Mrs Marie A. Hicks, assist*
Cunningham OM of the better TocalUta ot tilt day, is a ant professor of education at Florida AAM University, who
fastfooted purveyor of a dying art-tap dacinc. He'. appeared died la her sleep early Sunday morning. November Zl. The
on numerous television thowi and U OM of tilt most famous rites were held st St. Michaels and All Angela Episcopal
unknown stars" of this decade Church, 1405 Melvin Street with Rev Father David Brooks
With a new record Just released and his record company rector officiating
trine Mm a Icantic public rtlationa boost, you'll be bearing t t i A native of Tallahassee, Mrs. and two cousins, John Wright!
a lot about the very talented Ur. Cunningham.In w Hicks waa born June SI, IllS, Jacksonville, and Frederick
the tame vela of many other girl trios The Kittens t t: in the house! at 4l E.Jetfer Wright N.w'ork CU,. Tbt
Bernice Willis, Laurel Rosa and Thelma Mack..art real ta son Street, where she resided
sbowstoppers. ttelt repertoire U fated to today's fastBoriaf al the time of her death site "7' I
Jet set and their performances leaving aothtnc to be suffered from a heart condition
desired. but according to friends Mrs.
Mot unlike llotown's Supreme, the group knows how to { Y Hicks bad been active up to
get everybody "into the act" and swing right alone vita tilt last few hours before her
them. They record for ABC Paramount and will be listed among demise.
the top groups of the nation shortly. Accustomed to reading la bed, "
The Blue Angel without benefit of adding -au Co(;0" to she war found by her husband '
Its very prestigious name, 1s still a swinctr and will becomeone 4 John H. Hicks, lying la bed. : tfi ei
of the top clubs in Chicago itetrJamaica Room,with PhU I her bedroom lights burning, -
Abner on the mike and bomed.to-good .u Island sand on tilt iI1 i surrounded by bouks and man )
floor is a comforting early evening treat for the tired business ekes that ant had apparently t
man housewife Tommy Picon, Dare Potter or anyone else bees reading before filling
of that Ilk Nmaely, met Ji r asleep .
Chuck Jackson ls the happiest guy la the world. At least 4J Mrs. Hicks earned her '-- ,
that* what he told me Thanksgiving Day when he opened the { bachelor's degree at Florida
Driftwood Lounge Detroit's Twenty Grand Lanes.I AiM University and receivedher
could well understand what be meant. Even my press card UPTOWN GET TOGETHER- Williams Schenley Industries, Inc& Mr, and Mrs. Leon master's degree at New
didn't help much wten I tried to fight through the almost 500 meeting of the Uptown Package Schenley Imports Co. and Mr. and Mrs Desmond York University For a number Strong and Junes Funeral Home
people ratting outside the club that hardly seats that many U Plata recently art (from left CVA Company producer of Crests Blanca and of years she was a teacher was la charge of arrangementsfor
It had act been for owners Bill Kabbush and Marty Eisner, lnever Fine, Empire Liquor sated Wines. la the Leon County public burial.
would have gotten put the crowded parking lot. The schools. Her M years la the
four-deep line was wrapped around the building. 'Cat'" Hits field of education Included.* Evicted Mother
Your Good Healthy renal I years at Lincoln High
Walter Godfrey, whose diamond chip ring is tilt talk of tilt
show business world and OlaCt'lloac.ttmt personal manager School, from which she resigned
said: "Detroit always has been a favorite: of Chuck's." ta U5I to j join the faculty si Sues Authority
With Bobby Scott leading the Chuck: Jackson band and vtvac tons I SAMUEL 1. AMDIMAM. M.D.. MPH Florida AIM WASHINGTON.* Yvonne Fair a* a supporting singer Chuck has always beta A member ol a number of Evicted from her apartment
favorite of Detroiters. local, social, civic and pro.
a la
a public 1k'U.lneprojeCl while
How tense art we U a sates Is mseiata4 by the Increasing fesslonal organiutlona..
she was In the hospital Mrs.
DIet Gregory, ai pear ing at the Village Gate la New York of trwxjuUlieri. also attire! In the Tallahassee Josephine Dupreaa,36hasfiled
told (U out about what happened when bt called his brother These drugs art a poor crutch at best and, when usedihoud! chapter of the National A.* complaint inG.necalesaksns .r
la-law la Harlem during the recent blackout. Said the comic: taken.....for short periods/ only t o tide you over some unusual aoclalion of College Women rourl asking $9,00 in dinuges. '
"II, brother ia-lsw didn't era know the lights were oft. He not routinely, U a part of your dally diet. Mrs Hickswssalsowell-knowa' A companion motion also waa.
didnt hare ,ay. anyway because his bill wu three months The beat remedy to cultivate complete rlautloD and many to students tad educator filed In U.S. District court t*
overdue." Gregory also declared that tht lights were not sou are finding comfort and relaiallon la a return to the throughout the stile because cf) III is s t the National Capi I
really off. "Jest watt until you gel your monthly light bill and fashioned rocking chair her work with students Irvrnship Housing Authority asking the
see If there tansy discount. Some, who cannot concentrate oa a book while sitting still, evaluation al FAMU.: court to order NCHA to
While we were still CM the "Lghr subject Gregory Rid that their restless tensions by reading la a rocker, Besides. her husbaml. Jurat.H. her with housing In pr"vkte a.1
cot of his friends checked the meter boa during the blackout porch chair or gently swaying hummock Hicks of the ho .i", Mrs Ilk hi due .hade.Paslng .
and found the little disc still going around."That was a 'white* The desire lo rem evea at work, Is shown too la the. is survive by two 'I. IOI\\', her suit oa violations
out." said Gregory.doat see how they could blame that oaas & stools that some barbers bare attached to their John H. Ticks Jr. and Perry of her constitutional$ rigblsh.rclaim
I don't know OM Negro la this country who has Won chalra. Similar adaptations have bees tried by some Hick, lash of New York City, fur damages Cilia tile
o-electrlc plant. I. 4th. Slh. and I lib amemtmenla.
Commenting oa the appointment of a Negro commissioner -
by Mayor-elect Jobs V. Lindsay,Greg Hid. "We need a Negro ,
fire commissioner like we need a Negro commissioner of 'a p radA' la
idle Reservation affairs." 1

Top Honor Recipient SPECIALS GOOD THRU
TaUahasxee..Dr, Les 1.Bart. edicatloa lathe elementary "
4ST. \
any, professor of physical edu. schools. SATURDAY
catloa at Florida AiM University The 10-menber committee
I has bees aimed to a which Dr. Bartl y baa bed U 1, QUANTITY RIGHTS RCSIRVIDHHtSHIYT
statewide committee set up tore appointed, ls composed of teachers PAUL MINN.**Jlm (Misdeal. )
>:.w. revise' or rewrite tea supervisors and pro Series pitcher for the Minnesota _
chine< materials for physical lessors a chance of pact U be crotas a -- -- i
audience here during aa '
City cabaret. The art burler has

Instant himself appearing aa la aa alght-spots entertainer throughout during

al national television stows (VPI ) SUGAR 19CLIMIT

*Photos 5 IIS.

Aide Promotedto s (lf. w/in.ci ot MORE MHO inn

50C I R WASHL'ICT02't-CCPl-.lua.. Poote High, who!' formerly Post was, With $5.00 Or More Food Order 1:1.: 39C

Each officer personnel at administrative freedmaa's Ho*?I. "W !

tat lad week waa selected to
fill the new cl,U sen tee post

Royal Art StudioSOCIAL 'program of director, The Youth 41 Opportunity reer.oWI ...

I career employee will be the B. SHORTENING 59UMII
highest raM.., Keno I on the 3(5(
I commission's staff,
COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE Poole will coordLMte the par* "
lirfcMtb* of lederal aieutlesla .Kcidqurttrs"T. I Pl.tSC "/55,00 01 MOlE nOD 010(1(
various special Tout Op
515 DAVIS ST. portuaBy programs designed to FOIGER'SCOFFEE

eaptofem intend mesas opportunities gfut tratakftg to and doe .". Mix Or Match Sale

.. ..
e o.000kaUr CNdt. .
lacladlsg college and high IdTOMATOES
ELGIN 4-1894 ached work.study programs "'"" .
I aad lie Helgttortood Youth
He Joined the roaaJaaiaa..aIIII .
Mat 1MI as ssaUtant to 1M

Ike IsttaM director ed ..of,.0egtte....... and* ""., me im cu IKK 1 U, S9C -
Get was suUeqeMUy named Uree ..
I Inc of the MsamUskm's Career ., BEANS JU CIN
Placement Make
1<< .
Have all gifts
your "-
Seeks lecorpontioa CUP u.n 1 ruin w/is.oo

initialed V.O. this year. ls II MOl WO OI9iCUNT (
Of Monument Plus ... FOR
Setfram'i V.O, docs whit no other *hi*,v can- ATLAXTA- ..
define -tmooth once and (or all. Uf hi? Of coure currently r DM staking lad the .
Gift trapped at no calla centSeagram' runt Negro tmed and barer C CHEER
...... ....1&1 tasa.sns w" HIM MIHI
V.O. Canadian. SKtery.w a a HOODOO aarryON "
.... M.M. Tamer. e.s.t. aa VEGETABLES m cBEETS
eperstor c.ra.a.MI test'...*. SIM, 59
"- fts tvwr." rer faise4 fer Ow
Amt M Man..na1 Maori. SUCH
use, further three pest eM Dna a*, tmte4 -
1 .-isfs ttreugM sul m
mast real a.d...and toM :
to Georgia Mil na the OUa .
her kduarr Oa .
l Awn Ks main hetuUJhJ toOK .* *[

"Stfvaea Ceeumtr ... e4to Sill litciutR
touib. Tkrw ......,, ae TURNIPS JII 49"
lit'<.I IIIIS<
me.nWaw .. lain .... t. mine
M Dote. min .....,.. grad i
.._,. bra BUUOraM UOgt.Miinase.'CexegU. I
II I FRESH FLA. GRADE A jinn ritmiii


'-U me COLORED FRYERS "": 2S 1.490

Tin will,..liir Ta ..

ii in sins iii "
Scagraas'Icon CIII.' CIY I.SUII Clllll ell 1111(11(

tMM 1 I. 9fI. PORK CHOPS ?, 59 c PORK( CHOPS ,89C

..u' -; -!
a.-s.-.' BROADWAY .

I "Yoir XMu TOT POTATOES 10 lBS.39Cd

&r r........Mean 54 .... ear nwre-- ...

I r ) r I'l \\ ,J. : A. /I)1) .'" i, 1A
ot. I', ,11 f j ,it! / I,
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"'" ', I..": o. 0 -' _0 0 !fI, r.. .J) 0 14;; ,. ", : 11I11" ,I I II
I ( \ f 3' I

IECEMBEI) :12. 1it-!

ESSO Products- I Showcased ......_010......................1.

I 1wJct 1..., oJ10at4-yl 0 ""

: awwr oreuinu ..hartI "
%; Ivuor Hut reigre. "
/ \ JAX ''s fnomi..t and iiatrrnt. ..

-- st Q. Last wetk I but ..... Sail lining on the Boor draw"your :
THE STANDARD OF ? wttk mj f e. ry a.dIhttr setae of knees anN around to Jour them chin,, fol2 and
frteerfa.They sand eflveaM your ?
QUALITY SERVICE & a rrfb, need I knew every* rock from tide to tide. Keep oJ "'
a kMk.d tight at we .... I rocking I little tenser
eM ;u
wee laktac the pita eel el .y fey It wool be long ..
CONVENIENCE I ....... I let r dray a.d em.lerrer your stretch pant flt rankly ,
1 d. I dMa't knew what aialtt.
a r. I. ... Q. Tons a ml nee ..T .Y ..M
A ; n1'
A. Probably DO one noticed ../MthrlaMlhallweuUtove.
JMt$#@ t After all when you think about U fee*. Rd ke newly asks .eMl
.. .
% ..
>..:.... ..:f ..... *.: ?.1.AW.'W: ; lg; : :;f.f';;':.y::>."<:>;"<'II .t-$'.,.. it problem., everyone. Jut there be bad subtle the about tame ways, Md at 1M who I...W..dOM....,. 1s.....
<< ..... .
back to I but MM sass
irjediMei your MM
: TO STOP CONFUSION!!! fttinf plate. Its all right to remove If r. ... ...,. .... .....
olive pill and chicken bones of ........ What de yes Week.
DO YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING WITH CONFIDENCE! SCIENCE IN A .UlTCj--Mrs. Odessa Judt of Esso Research tad Eocioeerliic Compaay with your ftafer*-quickly and I ...... dot 0 '...
demonstrates a Btw portable showcase of oil products that eta be carried like a sattctse. daintily. Cherry pita ibould be A. Thel'i a real dilemma!
WE MEET OR BEAT ALL ADVERTISED PRIDES Tbs bandy display wu developed by Esso Research, scientific affUlatt of Numb 00 ilid from your mouth to a. And really up to you lo decide!'
Reflnlnf Company and Euo-affflatsd companies worldwide to help company lecturers spoon and then to the plate.Hiding U ,ou',. not busy and Hunk It'
., IN DUVAL COUNTY! describe the thousands of consumer products derived from crude oU. Also, the portable the action behind your would be fun go ahead: Lit
W. ",.:<. / ''''''''' ".,,, '> sbowetM is avsllablt oo lou to schools tad chic orpnlutlons la tbt Dtlfhborhood of tot napkin only attracts attention, doatbe minute dines can be loads of
that And pteatc
'Y6//I/ avoid
> .<, ;; ":::1.V.qi$ EIM Research Center, located at Linden, Mew l.raer Mrs. Jude, a native of Greensboro, to embarraawd. fun. Sometimes more than
North Carolina, U tile mother of a s-yar old boy. She tad her tuuband wbo work for a planned-for-weeki eventa. A
1 )Mt trM eel aay lari If
the problem
solution to
cbtmlctl company, art residents of Linden yes
l **h pMta, rf tWylwto yours not free when he arks.smite .
dial ta back I kaoo I sweetly and tell him you"d
FlorNlaa! Wins Patent SuitVINDICATED" karat hind -y wdghL love to but you're busy. Then.
WbatahMldldoTA. In your mow charming wa,.
Do the Se-&iwt, suar* add l a auffetiion that next lime'
Stars WithGophers' anteed to remove inches where he art a little earlier!

IMPORTED IMPORTED Frosh 1 you Boming.want. ftnt to loae thing them., ail oo Every tile (roe mart tniturt ,. year
1'- Boor with your legs bent and eaftiea 1armi.i.i are.-
Foster's Military CINZANO UWNEAPOLIS ...1DA..A1.IDOD.u.toa :\ your anna under your -. i., t4 II"i".- II"'U Penult I" lbwJm
Lean back until your shoulders A..AIs. 'Vtrj
_*4t E XTRA EXTRA DRY boot Dr. and Mra. I touch the Boor. Then swim up V.WIS..J year eiwa .,.J
.1,11I .
GIN 0 AWmotllallatuss.e '' KirM/pCJ.rh
'h .dbau 1.
to tilt nmng OL Repeat
F DRY VERMOUTHRODUCED ,U making a bid here to figure I t. ,...'\,1I without etoppm poI Want aa- Cap, nix ,,,-,.,> **.*. W .

Dhtill.d ENGLAND G IoMl.d GIN = .I t tIN prominently of lUonewU't on GopbertfootUIl the University k I a!' 'yfro ..other.......Try.....the....Cradle-Kockt,...,.....!.,.j4r11J....,.........,........\.0.. .

0 BOTTLIO team Dad year. I 'to ,
94,4 PROOF E IN FRANC! ] Young Alston, a graduate of i".
sss Florida AIM University High 4 Uncle I Sam ha t couple of
REG, ati:10: GR $ 1 REG. .I School, Tallahassee,has spark I 0 plane lo male )our money aa
led here u a pass receiver easy lo Mve a* U U li>>> .|..n>L
on this year's freshman squad. Then,. the Pa)roll Satinpi
9 s sAVt s.y9 pEaF i An end, M stands 63, weighs Plan when you work. And the
0 Kl 1fS 203 pounds. Boml-e-Monlh Plan where )ou
According to tbs Gophers'frtshmaa
;1865 rh' coach. Wally Johnson, bank.
"Alston has shown this fall that
he can catch the ball."
Johnson says, "We'll! probably -
; '' Gold Seal play him at. flanker next Mrs. Lydia Adams, o softlentiuVsreovned
; ./ year." beauty culture artists, who also enjoys Interaatlooal repute
: NEW YORK STATE Alemon, who graduated u salatatorlan In her field was cleared of charges last Nov. 22 of Infrlagment
of his class at FAMU of a patented hair-wattng process in UJ. District Judge
:, CHAMPAGNEVb High In Tallahassee, has a twin Samuel Perry's court in Chicago. (NFI photo) .,,
I NI drier Breads, who is a fresh r : : .
I : ,;
man Coatavts Adolpbas College This isthe
r CNAMPACNI CLASSIS U dean of the School of Education nicest

'I ii: _i VAIUt S499 9 9 His mother at Florida, who AIM.received her 65 Cadillac Save $1500 ( smoothest,
master's degree at tile University COUPE DE VIu.E )
\ OUR PRICE of Minnesota, teachesla Factory warranty. You cant tell It from new.
r tie Leon County public My personally pampered car. .bourbon

62 OLDS "91" 4-DR. HARDTOP .sins ever to come ,
Young Raps "t ,am CDIIDft'\CIIrn' In -.r, --

.- 'Subtle" CongressWASIIINGTON..4PI 65 BUICK $4195 out of

Kentucky.Find .
'UIOLDQ IM BUJU. ItttL fxnrm. |TtJfV HVt
Whitney M. Young Jr elective 93 ait-v. 1MPALA 8Pt. CPE. .$1393
TOM w director, Natimal Urban v* anoiMirr
t ,League last week took a Mal 69 VOLKSWAGEN f IBSM
members of Congress who VOLKSWAGEN.: CLEAN: AS A FIN .. ,$ 783 .
Lt have exercised subtle sa
botage" of civil rights efforts.ds 64 T-Bird, Local Owner .$2995 tti .
) and other chrll rights groups *. w..rnon..nT. unmi nmaiM. a satvrri .
KENTUCKY will auks U apparent. Young 63 CHEV. IMPALA HTOP 4-DR. V-S '.. $2393 out

I $ 5 49 BOURBON see the added approprlatloa' thai "a au volt a delayed against 63 R ashore>rW.BRrtcroav RlXI wsa.a.n.Over : l"COND. $3305 yourself. '

$ volt against the) -, way of
86 Prool ', sabotaging *." _
100 Cart To ChOOM From : .yM

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3 S.EVANS :. .-: .
,, feiJLaStbeBSfes 101% HHUN IJkIR ..,. ...


JacisonrtUt's,Most Recommended Dealer

Still, U ZL44M1-ZL C-I3U

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I'I i J I ,

!! !! 1 sui rum PAGE 7

: u d r .
Among me gars with Lee Ivory ienenley Officials Hold I Annual I Meeting Final ,Rites Hold MondayFor "

Chicago's Blue Angel Is at It again; After DIck Gregory
.. Mrs. M.A. Hicks Of
glided off their 8ft po1Jc al tap-Cigbt ellttrtllDmellt,tbel ,
presented comic Richard Pryor end a
slnctr Joe Williams before
reslly coming tromd to a show that U destined to pleas TALLAHASSEE....funeral services were held Monday,
arerybody--skip Cunningham and the Kittens. 6 December 6, at J:JO p.m. for Mrs. Marie A. Hicks, assistant .
Cunningham, OM of UM better vocalists of the dar. U a tw'b professor of education at Florida AIM University, who
hotfooted puneyor of a dying at-tap dacb g. He's appeared died In her sleep early Sunday morning, November 28. The
CIa IIWBtl'OUa tel,1I1oa sbows end 11 ODe 01 tilt molt boa rites were held at St. Michaels and All Angels Episcopal
''w known der" of tIIIa decade. Church, UOJ Melvin Street with Rev Father Divld Brooks,
With a new record Just released and his record company rector officiating.A .
giving him a gigantic public relations boost, you'll be hearing native of Tallahassee, Mrs. and two cousins, John Wright
I lot about the wry talented Mr. Cunningham. Hicks was born June SI, 1915, Jacksonville, and Frederick
In the tame vein of many other girl trios The Kittens la the house at U4 E, Jefferson Wrlchl. New York City The
Bernice Willis, Laurel Ross lad Thelma Mick-are real Street where she resided I
showstoppers. Their repertoire Is gelled to today's fast- at the time of her death. She
moving Jet set and their performances leaving nothlnc to be suffered from a heart conditionbut
desired.! according to friends Mrs. "
Not unlike Motown't Supremet, the group knows bow to .. Hicks had been. active up to :
pt everybody "Into the act" tad swine right alone with a. the last few hours before her j
them. They record tor ABC Paramount and will be listed among S rv r demise.
the top croups of the D&UoIIlhorU,. Accustomed to reading In bed
The Blue Angel, without benefit of adding Mau Co Go" to she was found by her husband,
its very prestigious name, is still a swinger and will becomeone John H. Hicks, lying la bed,
of the top clubs) In Chicago.Their Jamaica Room, with Phil : her bedroom lights burning, r
Abner on the mike and hoMst-to goodness island sand OB the surrounded by boots and man*
floor is a comfortlogeuly evening treat for the tired business _____ tines that she had apparently j
man, housewife, Tommy Pteou, Dave Potter, or anyone... : bees reading before falling
01 that IlL Hmael, met lt J/ aaleep. .
Cbuck Jackson Is the happiest guy la the wind; At least JJ Mrs. Hicks earned her -- ---
theta what he told me Thaaksetvlnc Day when be opened the ..;:.AI bachelor's degree at Florida -- i
Driftwood Lounje of Detroit's Twenty Grand Lanes. AIM University and received
I could well understand what be nuant. Even my press card UPTOWN GET .. Williams, Schenley Industries, 1Dc. Mr. and Mrs Leon her master's degree at New
didn't help much when I tried to fight through the almost 500 meeting of UM Ifctowa Package ', Schenley Imports Co. and Mr. and Mrs. Desmond York University. For number Strong and Jones Funeral Home
people waiting outside the club that hardly seats that aaan,. U Plata recently are (from ton CVA Company producer of Crests Blanca and of years she was a teacher was in chart of arrangementsfor
tt had not bees for owners Bill Kabtnsh and Marty Eisner. I Fine, Empire Liquor saled Wines.Your. la the Leon County public burial.
never would have gotten put the crowded parkinf lot. The schools Her It years in the
four-deep line was wrapped around the building tat Hits field of education Included se- Evicted Mother
Walter Godfrey, whose diamond chip ring is the talk of the Good Health viral years at Lincoln High
show business world and Chuck's long-tim.personal manager, School from which she resigned
said:; "Detroit always has been a favorite of duck's." In 1JJ1 to J join (he faculty al Sues Authority
With Bobby Scott leading the t Chuck JaeboD band and vivacious I'y SAMUEL L. DnMAN. M.D., M.P.H. Florida .u M. WASKINGTON-Pl)..
Tvonne Fair see a supporting singer. Chock has always bees fre A member ol a number of Evicted from her apartment
t favorite of Drtrolters. local social civic and professional In a public bousing project whlU '
How tense art we as a nation Is mnMieaiJ by the Increasing organ'"t' Ions she was
she was In the !hospital t. Mrs,
Dick ..of Irtaquilltert.These also active la DM Tallahassee
Gregory, spearing at the Village Gate In New Tort. Joserhlne Dupress,3',has riled
told due drugs are a poor crutch al beat when of the National Association .
one about what happened when he called his brother + and nsed.shoud! chapter a complaint General Sesalonsctrt
la-law la Harlem during the recent blackout. Said the comic: taken for short periods only I o tide you over some unusual of College Women tiling $9,00: In dimapt.A 'r
"My brother In-law didn't eves know the lights were off. He ...-nol routinely, u a part of your dally diet. Mrs Hicks alsowell-known companion mutton also...
didn't The best remedy ls to cultivate complete rlaxatlonand to students tad educator .
any anyway his bill) was three months many filed In US. District court I.
overdue. Gregory also declared that the lights were actreally are finding comfort and relaxation in a return to the throughout the state because of gtlasl btu National C I
off. "Just watt until you get your monthly light bill and fashioned. rocking chair. her work with students Irvrn- Housing<< Authority taking apt Iii
see U there Is any discount. who cannot concentrate oa a book while titling tlUL ship evaluation at FAM I.: court to order NCHA to
While we were still on the "LghT subject Gregory said that their restless tensions by reading la t rocker Besides her husband, John H. hr with !housing in provkto ..1
one of his friends checked the meter boa during the blackout ( porch chair' or gently swaying hammock. Hicks of the ho,;a.. Mrs Ilk'ks due haste.
and found the little disc still going around."That was a"whiteout desire to relu. seta at work la shows too In the Is survive by two stepsons, Basing<< her suit oa violations
," said Gregory. "1 dos' see.... Uwy could blame that oaus stools that some barbers have attached to their John H. hicks Jr and Perry other conslttuitnnat r1ctl1',hflr
I don't know OM Negro la this country who has his ova r.c. .ir.. Similar adaptations hive been tried by tome Hlck, both of New York City, claim fur dinuget cites the

hydro-electric plant." ___4th." Mb. and llth_ am.mtm.t>U.
Commenting oa the appointment of a Negro fire commissioner -
by Mayorelect John V. Uadsar, Greg said. -.need a Negro
fire commissioner like we need a Negro commissioner of :'
Indian Reservation affairs." 4 +

Top Honor Recipient T I j I' ,' SPECIALS GOOD THRU

Tallab..Dr Lua$.Hartley edtcalloa lathe! elementary
professor of physical education schools SATURDAY
at Florida AIM Ualver- The l0-m.mber committee
I city, hat beta earned to aststewlde which Dr. Bartley has bees 1'I' QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
committee set up to I appointed Is composed of Usenet ST. PAUL MttCX.im (Mudcal. )
reiiew: revise or rewrite tea- a. supervisors and professors Series pitcher for the Minnesota
chine mateiials for physical a change of pace as to croons ,.
audience here during aa HIRSHlV'S
City cabaret. The are tarter ..
himself as aa entertainer .rkl
Instant appearing la algtd-spotr Dr
al national television "'a, (1: SUGAR 19

'Ptiot0s 5 IBS.Illlt .

Aide! Promoted S Us. W/tllO II HUE FOOD 110(1(

50C WASHINGTONNPD to Kith' Post-.Jamet With $5.00 Or More Food Order 39C

R. Poole who formerly was ,IS.

J Each officer personnel at adalalstratlee Free4ouas Noettl- !

tal last week; was selected to .
fill DM rev civil service post

Royal Art StudioSOCIAL V ref I <*director ram, ,The Youth 4S Opportunity rest-oW ,
career eeaployee will be the SHORTENING 59

aiglMsl commission's rsnhk.g staff.HeK X3 i oa the 3 IIS

COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE Poole will caerdiaate the parttctwtlon .
of federal acmcteala H.dqlutIlS"T nun i rum ff/,5.oo oi mi[ root oiou
various special Tenth OpportunJy -
515 DAVIS ST. programs designed loestewd '

esapleytMol Be.sis opportunities ful trstolM tea and* ... Mix Or Match Sale NIGER'SCOFFEE

eetaeealcallylacletlag Otudvaatar/. ,
CO U fCt and high
abed work.study proraaesad
the Nelgttortood Town TOMATOES

CLOSED All DAY TUESDAYS Corps.Re ols4. the clllaakllacaJl & 311

to Mar, IM1 as sssUUa to

the director aCoDeteao ILK IUE COT CHEN(
UUOM and ftecrvttssenf. and 1 II.cm. 59 .
.4 SUrcc-
Get personal. was stfteequeotty aam
I tor of the eosaalsskon'eCater 3U
place SMS* Mreks.Seeks .
Have all gifts
your "' .
Incorporation : CAMP LIMIT I PtUU( W$300it

initialed V.O. this year. Ii Mote rooi owa
Of Monument Plant FOR
Sa jram's V O, does hat no other wfrnkv an- & BEANS -
An..uTA-< ">-PteM are
defines tmoyh once and for all. Ujhi"Of courte currently r 0* Bulk* far 0* ..
Gift trapped at no eura cott first ,.".* eme4 aM sac.ftwtery. CHEER\
prned aeewtW a..sa- w.. (AN, ran mm S
SaJflm'l.0 warn t iSCOjOX tarry
DM >... M.... Turner ewswfoperate ss m C
tutltmt mat nee.u 59
.....,. re gis4 ty BttASMrtcan CURT, m
Mjs m. fil assort- JUKI
atfcss lurttet tttstleoH BuUtfceOr
.. y.ar es4 first as eIVSU0I -
tecfN ......t SUl m
easy rural s.etkert SM knew : CLOROX
M r..trJ1I. s4 oa D. OUs .
leas rdsu R+wewatk.
AJMng KS meal .....UII to
.. .
De anw c.- ..neWII t
Coeth Y... tune"7. Mae.etWla. 'II ( 49C
1111.. IIIIS.
... Me MM tr. CIILII runic
I DraM. .... meatier" trwMsus (
.rer. Prts .1aD Gabe:;, Wp.
Masons of OefgU."" FRESH FU. GRADE A Sllff'S ntrirr


Thy Walt ..Til; ..

It in Slut ill "
Scagrac sxa CM WCSKII IInt I

... i 99 CHOPS i,. 59 C _PORK lieS CHOPS ..89


"Yoir 119 XMas ROAD Toy POTATOES 10 L8S.39Ci

--..Meaasetw Ma .....a.n-.eer. as

,... .. "I',-_ .._.. ''0 t au -"" .

t r .
,. --



Top Labor Official Colds Remember Needy Miamian Awarded Nancy Wilson Southern Association Accredits

Named To Variety Premiere Guest Miami-Dade Junior College

Children's Hospital Bd. ScholarshipBenny On Davis Show Mtaml-Dade Junior College was granted full regional accreditation .

i effective immediately, by the Southern Associationof
A high labor official Wilson Colleges and Schools in cation by the Delegate
ranking Johnson, Florida A&M extreroely well on defense and Nancy a "singer'ssinger" Assembly
has been named to the Boardof freshman, who won five varsity caught a 63-yard pass for a whose style has been In Richmond, Va, Dr. Peter Masiko, Jr., M-IIJC president
Trustees of Variety Child letters at Crlspus Attucks High TD categorized by musical map- announced this week

ren's Hospital, it was announ School in Danla, and was a The VI", 210-lb Johnson hasappeared zincs as "unfailing good taste"
ced by P Williams Burke,hospital will be a guest on the premiere
National Honor Society member la five Don-conference He said that Miami-Dade was mints and was virtually assuredof
president has been awarded the 1965 games, which Is considered colorcast of "The Sammy Davis praised for "Its st'Undid record favorable action at this year
Charles Harris of West Palm Willie Callraore Memorial ceptional for a freshman. Jr. Show" Friday Jan. 7 ((8;309 In meeting all qualifications meeting.
Beach, president of the Florida Scholarship The scholarship Is in honor :30 p.m., EST) on the NBC for accreditation in the
AFL-CIO, will serve on the 25 The award-11,000 toward of the late Willie Gallmore Television Network shortest time possible under
man board which administersthe tuition. is given by Pepsi- of Florida AIM, who established One of the world's largest Association rules
affairs of the hospital. Harris Cola Company to school selling female recording artists
a high an Orange Bowl Stadium Rules call for a college to
has been state presidentof SHARE-.Amooc Florida AIM University groups mat shared senior attaining proficiency in record In 1954 for. individual Nancy has recorded with graduate three classes, complete
the labor such
organization lnce jazz greats u George
scholarship and athletics. rushing- 223 yards against a rigorous "self-study
with the reedy during the recent Thanksgiving holiday were
and recently Shearing and Cannonball Ader-
residents of Truth Hall, senior women's dormitory. Pictured It was presented to Johnson Maryland State College program," undergo a week long
rs-slected as their state con."ntlon ley Two years ago, Nancy
December 4 In Miami when Galimore graduated from Florida examination by a visiting State .1
here with the basket prepared by Truth Hall residents are
for another 4 year term.H.wulormerVlc.Pr..ldent. Florida AIM met Morgan Sta- AIM In 1957 and "changed faces" and into team and later
Davis Barbara Terry, Beach joinedthe fled by a Southern
left: Marie Miami; Delray ; the rtythra-and-blues to s ewer,
Florida ,AtM met Morgan Chicago Bears He tied Associated lean
Yvonne Holden, Jacksonville; and Joyce Cowan, Palatka.
of Palm Beach County Building record a tune titled "Hot Glad
State Teachers College In the tw! Bear single game scoring Miami-Dade is now in Its sixth I
Trades, president of the Florida 33rd annual Orange Bowl game. record of four T0". addition I Am" It became Nancy's first year of operation! was granted II I
State Electrical Workers' Association Former A&M Rattlers Organize Some 35,000 spectators watched his 27-yard TD against the nation-wide "lop ten" record.A "etfly recognition last winter
and was three times Herbert Paige, General Manage Green Bay Packers enabled the former vocalist with Rusty following the Association ,lit.
elected business manager of r, Pepsi-Cola Bottlers of Bears to win the Western Division Bryant and His Ochestra, who tation. ris meant Inessenct,
Local l.i. 323.01 International National Athletic AssociationMIAMI Miami, Inc.,make thepre-game title in thln.. two years has made successful tours of that the) college had, at that
Brotherhood Electrical Carribean South
presentation. ago America time m''t accreditation require-
Workers in West Palm Beach. the formation of a national organization as their Johnson, from Hallandale,won Florida A.1K.nd coach Costa and Australia, Miss Wilson DR. P .TER MASIKO.\ J,{

Harris has worked with a number ultimate goal, members of a group of outstanding Florida three varsity letters as an end Kitties cams Johnson is an anove J joins I previously announced with a nve> th rate
of state committees seeking AIM University graduates In the Miaml-Dade County area and was.named Pepsi-Cola average student as well as an guests Elizabeth Taylor and CORE Files Suit of 1000), and year a current po enrollment .
to develop health and welfare have applied to the Office of the Secretary of State of Floridafor "Player of the Week" In bis above average defensive end."That's Richard Burton on the Jan. 1 of over 17.000 studentsMiamlDade
programs for sick and dependent a charter for Rattlers, Inc. last high school) game against a hard combination show has been fully accredited

The children state AFL-C10 in this area.headedby The new organization, open day, December 4. I Mays High School He played to beat" says Kittles. To Integrate SchoolsNEW by the state of Florida

Harris has officially adopted only to former [AWU Rattlers The new organisation has been .. since Its first year of operation.
Variety Children's Hospital who hive earned at least on.var.lty enthusiastically! endorsed by ORLEANS-On Tuesday This has enabled students totrulf.r
their chief community service u letter, Is headed by 1 Coach A.S, (Jake) Gamer,Rat Styling For The Go Go Set November 30, attorneys for credits freely to all
project for 1980. Nathaniel (Tras) Powell, head tler head coach, Dr. Oscar A. CORE filed suit to desegregatethe other State Colleges and universities.
football coach and athletic director Moore, head of the Departmentof public schools of Concordia Now, with Southern
at George W. Carver Health and Physical Education Parish (county) which Includes Association accreditation It

Dr. Reid Jackson High School. A 1948 FAMU and C.W, Conoly, executive t't Ferrlday, the scene of recent w ill be possible for students to
graduate, Powell an All-Ameri secretary of the FAMU racial violence, The sail was transfer credits without question
can end,earned letters in basketball General Alumni Association. filed as a class action in United to all other accredited
Attends HEW Confab foot ball and baseball. t C'Mceri:" of the organization States District Court, Western colleges Iud universities In the
Members of Rattlers,Inc,who wish to get in touch with all M + District of Louisiana, Monroe' region, and. with few exceptions
sponsored a bus trip for the former Rattlers throughout the Divisions by Irma J. Smith, throughout the nation
CONCORD, N.C.-.Dr. Reid E. group to the recent Florida AIM United States and abroad. All e ylT Dorothy Caston and Pinkly Mae
Jackson, di rector ofteacher University-Southern University persons interested in knowing Carter all Negro public school **
education andpubllc relations at football gins in Tallahassee, more about the organizationof students and their parents. Mayor Aims
Barber-Scotia college,attendedan sponsored a hospitality room Rattlers, Inc., should con Denndants in the! salt art the .
information meeting on the at the Seville Hotel, Miami tact the prstdont, Traz Powell, Cone rdU Pariah School Board, To Oust
less higher education act sponsored Beach, for all Rattlers and at 5000 N.W. 15th Avenue ; Us president W.D. Wachter and
by the Office of Education former Rattlers during the Orange Miami, Florlda--33U2. iI superintended of schools J.0Lancaster Ku Klux KlanPATTERSONfrP.A
of the U.S. Department of Health Blossom Clasilc Satur Lega| counsel for
Education and Welfare recentlyin the plaintiffs Is the New Or-
the Statler Hilton Hotel in .. k._ J lanai firm of Collins, DouglasA ( firm j
Washington. pA1 AA MIAMI BEACH SHORTS ,.. + M : t rr a, tile, which Is sssocUled: and emphatic crack-down on
Klan activities In employment
Among topics discussed were with the CORE Scholarship, city I
guaranteed loan programs, MIAMI BEACH-Living, one celled organisms have been Educatlofi and Defense Fund. was announced by Mayor 1
undergraduate instruction and brought to the surface from sea depths below 12,000 feet, The suit asks the, Court to Frank X Graves
amendments to the higher education maintained and successfully bred in dark, pressurized tanks issue a temporary restrainingorder Tbe mayor said he would ourt
j facilities act, programsfor at the Institute of Marine Science Just south of Miami Beach and preliminary andpermaneut any city employe found as-
teachers. The experiments seek possible ways to utilize sea life growing p h Injunctions enjoining Muting: with tM Ka Klux klan
where Areas of total darkness Include following reports that fie Klan
Also community service and light never penetrates. 6 racial segregation In IM Parish I'
education 60-70 per cent of the ocean floor. Ways have yet to be foundto tf r planned' to open aa office to
continuing programs school system. The plaintiffsask
developing Institutions, and library bring up fish unharmed from the pressure of the great deeps J T r tut at least four gradesbe recriit PatUe County residents. -

l' assistance. MIAMI BEACH-Possible support of the popular theory that .Tp ______ y' completel!; desegregated by .
StwcUl emphasis tticedM
Barber-Scotia College, President Africa and South America once were joined was revealed January I, ti-6.: public safety oVpartmeni was ; .... 1
states, is preparing proposals in a recent scientific conference in Miami Beach. While (
plo "s. They rill lit
effort to participate ) pinpointed
In an mammals of the two continents apparently developed with
In some of the higher complete distinction, similar types of freshwater fish have You 'I'IUI" ttl tom,.,,,,>>...', and eichfcfei"from t

education act provisions been found on both sides of the South Atlantic Jobs MI//I >'f"
MIAMI BEACH-More than $500,000 is spent annually by the FOR THE go-go set of say age t Bateatef stocking and headband set--designed to enchinee /
subtroplc city of Miami Beach on plantings parka and parkways the Total Look- is now available b local stores I
I Gin To Amiricii The parks department sets out a halt million flowering Ariadne Exclusive' new stocking: and headband Is knit of crimped stretch Antron yarD In a
plants ea'h year, varying! floral displays to fit the season and dimensional pattern"? and the set has a sot) sparkling! boucle look to U. ,
Cancer Society, holidays. Vacationers arriving for the festive ChristmasNewYear's One size stocking fits sizes I to 11... The set 1s shown la twelve colors..eggshell, beige,

j holidays will be greeted by a profusion of traditional English Mustard, Kelly green, bunter green, royal blue, navy, scarlet, burgundy, Mack, olive,
crimson polnsettas. and frosty white
Ideal" for gift-giving, the headband and stockings: are packaged la a striking gold box with a r }

1 see-tiirougl. CQ'.r.Wildcats Sll tSINGMEAL "

the United States Canada,Central -

WAME01A11260 Faced Singes Rattlers America S. McDuvell mad the Carribean.BUfccp Sheen U. I

; also heard worldwide every

gk .........,. .. : '. Sunday at BOOB througn the I
r. facilities of W..CL Worldwide.

Bishop S. McDowell Sheltoa WMBMSpotlight
.1 will be accompanied by the
l'.j Radio Senior Choir of Pnila-
f de 1pA1a. Product 01 The Week

It may be slcairtranl to note
that Bishop McDowell StoboaU Miami Florida
believed to be the first Xegrt
mister to have ever conducted

'religious service at the worlda
Fair where be was receivedby

I overwhelming crowds Many
CtlteJ States and foreign dig'aiUrks -

I TAMCD-Dr. Rtrhsrd Y,,Moore,pci1i dm t of a ihedeatiuar fee Singer attended Bowl the Aedtlortwa servicesat

College, Daytona Beach, poses with a tame "wildcat during
to share ttrthls eK-
a receal trip to the camper ol Florida LAM University,
cash la fee history the
Tallahassee. While the wildcats' Based and tw! cheerleader
chmrth of the Lord Jewu
FLORIDA'S at right, did all la their power to laaplrt them, the B-C pfcflro
wildcats were given taming treatment on the tootttll Held by Christ
FAMlTs Rattlers

,.........w _, a Bishop S. M

seed a em is ...... ,
Shelton To w..

# 1 l. .... ... Preach In State' MEDALO ih. SHORTY.$35 STTU ,It...

PInADtLPRlA..The Florida e* '.., ev.4 c.r: e
{ r -S c-e..*..e. .:.
. r v State fee CoarenUoa Lord Jens of Christ the Ctecaof of the. El :::.::.--::--p.;;.. sss ...

= ..... ...
faD will coma* :
ApostolM ; ;
thrtwghorf Deat&NMc fealatWednesday. G"_...."...."--- en. tai ee ao i.S p.e." su' s. ee.,. K ..,.

: C'.g December 19 tM o .c .
( .. ... '
U 1 lAVMOl lONOI will conclude s. ar, Dec in, .::-=. otc: 'WAT .
at the Florida headqwartorv C't..... .-o1.ose
RHYTHM & BLUES IMO K.". Mea Street ural ---- :: w iiurTrtt .
order to reach leBlancs
ta acre pe g>
: ... ..... 1rm !
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ree IIUI
) ... er4wa
at varlett local .I. ...... .. ttrrtantf .
Mm 4 Spiritualist Heifer.Advisor .. thatches tarwgfcwt tM IIIatII.Wa.IJ The officers of the Kate ofnortta .. w
to all at girt of {are..; are taaJUar vttft fes. are a* toUcws e1..e wrr.N-
Love. } /'.age,11a.1aeu, HciUMStC Ctarca of the Lor*Je.M Cart h..e..M
S, McDowtageneral : Sm *.
RADIO ete. tAck Days La.sky .. ttrovga Its worldwide rail Blaacp oerseerGeorge Deices { w _'="'_ _'1 r
STATION Hands. There I*. M tote 81aao S. McDowellShettoa > eon,w1 CA1ee.
""n& "11.r-. state IIIC'tr.' ... h .. ... r '
so dreadful' thai she cut "1p. U atari every alga, visor, and Broo C7'ItIIJ.atk.. :: ...4 Y.. :. rn...'R.. =..-_"V'; .-:.. -:
Located at: Ml $.". Tl 8. except Wednesday and Friday -- .- .-ta eft .__ _
a-IJ07.. loon I'a.aa.wtU ... .. _. nDooa" S. .Ma:; A
Phone .
hlghta a* Florida art ewmr
held D
Tae cnneta win be ..... ... .
10 p... dally A ..,.,. nisi Del Bta Tins 1173at. the 9oUo> kxatloasVednesday. : .... fee e.. .... _...--. .. -1-
Located la Miami Fla. OM ag 1'- wroe IOW. c--..::= _
., a ax to aja. Cec !5, 19M Ftohda lrr-- [ ; ..
flan. te MADAM GLORIA tad, C.a.T. Ma U alai heart em ....... Jacksonville.Dec. w '.. ..". 1*. 1.r: ::: -" -? .Y..1- -...-. Ie
1 :..%..
--- -
will teel Die fcCereace.
rw local staOoas la lUaal. Jacksearffit II, Ttanday. S004 BraaeU. -= 1-.w.. ..n..Lr. ea1ee ...
"WHAMMY IN MIAMI" Rail ;rit* win tau adnnut tad Tuapa l addtfea It *'1 .rt'" _-en
Taatpa. Frb.*i. Dec SIt&.4 -I:14::.
to fees treadcasta. fee VOeTntt X. Dole K ftway, RaCeadale.Sunday. '" ... -.. .... ,
..... .. .. .. .
Goapal: network U tired DM. II. 1S09 X.V.ttta :n... .... ew'osaw iM 5s ". u. u .
tightly troea toast to toast la ar.ec. htuai

-_ .,--- .. .. .--... ._. .-

!Ill .

l'IIIIiI"WiM/\ _jWW"MI..u"\-\IJ' \! UiI4 1' .I ( > "j!., -, > 0- 'n 1"1, 11"\rj'1fJIf1 W' ji1lll.W'J j//j//, II,.. '" ., vi'(f.."'y"., t y/. ,I:I)/t,

., i ,

-- -

I Pro Boxing Returns Here Friday Night Under Classy Benefit Card I

Spotlight On Sports Makes Presentation Ford Alford
Bethune Wildcats Ink Pro Contracts

By Charles J. Livingston lout Heads

Cassias Clay "eventually odmaien ertd" doughty Floyd I Benefit CardPro
Patterson In their heavyweight title match Just u 1 predicted
In my exclusive "Spotlight on S ortl" column of Norember ..
returns to the city
I predicted Clay would win, "became: he has too much all- boxing
when Jax' welter
around class for Floyd"--aad so he did. Floyd would not back toa Friday night
contender Tim Ford
away from the fight I said\ .and the former heavyweight weight undefeated Tyr
faces Georgia's Y
champion didn't.After .
Alford In the 10-round
12 rounds of punishment, Patterson wu still In there, > fr'1e Bobby .
main event on a card supple.snorted
wobbling and suffering from a hurt tack, but be hadnt pen by four other bouts In v
up when the fight rat stopped
Civic Auditorium beginning
Clay's next challenger appears to be Ernie Terrell, wbo
'1.30 .
insisted he should hare been the man to face Clay her*. "I p.m.Proceeds
from the SZ-rounds
want him (Clay) badly, 1 need him. I've been too many times
of I*>rung will benefit the Big
ignored." Brothers who's national motto
Is "No man ever stands so
According to Terrell, Clay was scared in his fight against :
straight as when he stoops toHelp
Patterson. "He wu afraid to take a chance against a crfepledman. A "
." Boy
The show is being sponsored
At Issue In the Clay-Patterson tight wu,of all things religion.In by V.'W Post 16S9.
good super-patriotic fashion, Patterson announced his
Tim Ford, a native product,
Intentions to brine the heavyweight title "back to America"
U no stranger to boxing tans
and wrest the title from "Black Muslim Influence"
along the east coast. Although
Clay answered by threatening to cat, bruise, and cave In
In he has con
ribs of Patterson and then aim young years
the scornfully addressing u dully showed promise with -
"White America" during the bout. I dM
his cleverness, punching style
This was a reference to Patterson's support of racial nurtured.In "
and Is being carefully
integration and his remarks about bringing the title "back to At'a ,
America." his chosen profession by his The M-yard line at Phillips Field,Tampa,was the scene bit Saturday night for a professional
xierlenced manager Johnny football Contract Signing Ceremony," From left to right Dr KIchaM' V Moore
Meanwhile, U was revealed that Patterson had been hypno FLORIDA'S GOVERNOR HONOR FAMU COACH-.ftte Honor his president
Wed during his training but not on the Bight of the fight. able Governor Haydn Burns (tort) of Florida presents Florida belief Rushing that who his Is protege firm has In all lICeC.MoOlalren Uoyd, Rudolph Wells, scout Barber, Kansas tackle City, Chiefs, Elijah Clpson. fullback, Meadcoach Jack "C)"

Apparently the Idea was to belp Patterson overcome his AiM University's Coach Jake Caliber with a plaque from the of t.. prerequisites to go all

self doubt citizens of Jacksonville Got. Burns was mayor of Jacksonville the way to the top.
CUy. doled reports In the dally press Jhat .. was only nearly 20 years. The plaque reads: Coach Jake Cattier, 196S, Tim's opponent, Bobby Alford
Rockets litinNomi
trying to punish P&tt.raontlltr than-"merclfully" knock. Our Sincere Appreciation and Admiration for Your PMduction of record speaks for Itself sauce First Negro (

lag him out. Outstanding Football Victories. The CttUens of Jacksonville" he la at present undefeated.A Umpire SitBtdif
-I sure did try to knock Floyd out," Clay **ld. "But .he The plaque was presented during the halftime of the FAMU labile gym bas teen openedat

ttok all| my best perches and he kept coming back for more. He Rattlers.Tens Southern University Tiger football game, Jit 1/1 W, Fors>tb St. and The Jacks revile Rockets, still .

was determined and game rut wishing to see the boxersIn Named wlrellng amldvallng for players
"U he wants to retire, be can d> It with credit. U he wants dolly training sessions are Manager ha>e Lair games on the Eastern
54-18 Win
Grambling's Over
to stay fighting-be can do It for at least another five fear.be Invited admission free to the Hurley tin.:ue m.llu this week.

can teat any of 'em eicept me. I'm the greatest workouts held Monday through The Dockets begin the busy
IoU Patterson had fought Ustan. those two time the way he Lincoln Produces Annual Bowl BidBy Saturday from I p.m. until NEW YORK NY.'.Emmett Ashford the first Negro umpire In four days Wednesday, They will
major] league baseball history, who begins Ms duties wild the
meet the
beaten him. Johnstown Jets who
fought me last Bight, he'd have I ,'u, and from II noon until ,
aim credit p American' League this season, has teen named brand managerof will t .
Clay put his arm around Patterson. f'Ctve making their only ap.pti
COLUE J. NICHOLSONNEW 4 p.m. on Sunday. Rushing
Products Inc New York which males a
Party Tymes ,
he said "He's the good clean Americas boy rou'YI" said. ranee here of the season
writing font and Tm the .'i k Muslim yon "..t llU." .. Admission prices will Includerlogiide. line of nonslcochollc cocktail mixes to which the consumer The r.vckela; who have used
0LEANS-.ClPr) Grambllng:; football fortunes bounded .
11M. Mt.iwn lloimr.
Floyd said be had lost "to a great fighter," tat he woWda'tadmit fl.tt'I I* players la>> dale, hate drop.
S1.50; general
higher with a shocking W-ll victory over Uncoln University lethe Ashford, 47. Is being brought
that has elow
the "test I ever fought. U Just say geed MM the"- llplayerUrn
Clay was under ,90.
and children: IS and
the test who's ever beaten me." second annual Sugar Cup Classic up f rom the Pacific Coast l.#a. I I., In the latest move>> wst
The Tigers Immediately accepted an Invitation to play North where he has been an um.
admitted giving on the idea of knocking Patterson.out gui very 'were asked on hilly Held
Clay There Dakota State In the second annual Pecan Bowl la Abilene, Tens pits for tilt past twelve years who"
after the slith round. '1 turned It on and braid M 08. Bowl Games saw action to eight games
on December 11. ai d umplr.*u chlet for late past
from wearing myself < ltd TLeary. confined to
times when I had U tack to keep atH'UlUI
were" North Dakota State, with a 10-4 record Is rated Mo. lie three He was also the firstNv.ro t I ted fur four weeks

out, he .humllated.aId.neue' In t. ring Patterson was not to at the the poll of teams by the selection committee. PJCA.: ..Gnlllb1"" lt v.. to umpire In this league will) aa Wft'lk1II.luIiC disease

the tank where be deposited the I57J.OOO M'mad In the The two squads were picked vp by U NCAA college football Nuth Dakota State, 10-0, Abl. Dulng the past siasonhewss .war released from the hospital(
aI earned committee composed of Dean Adee Chlco Stale, ctulrmsn; "lane Tetss.TASGt.UM.ktitn. att-Ulant to the League's pre 'Mo?day,
fight, half of the $750,000 Clay Cants Beancaamp Abilene Christian;James Loveless,D Paw *, l-l a.. sIlent' Dewey Soriano.An Jack Kline ls still nursing

University and Ross Smith, Uassacbuett Institute of Tech Elt CarolIna 1.lat Orlando, all around athlete, In blcfa.d.ool a''Irg Injury and probably will

NBC's Rose Bowl Coverage Bology, Fxtrlda.camelu. In his native Us An tw tiled a little longer
North Dakota State Is champion of the North Central Conference ..UCl>Ata Barbara, pier: am] at Chapman College Delia found last week the Hoc
while Grumbling 1s the new Southwestern Athletic Conference I.I ass u>s Angeles. Stale, I.1Sbueraenlo flan where he plated secondU Ids akklng waiters goalie

Celebrates 25th Anniversary tltallst.GramUlnc. California >e and center field, Artfurd d>id..n 1Jtt>I.), buying liobby
rolled up SM yards la total oa...., with All NAIACHAMMONSraPLhlfteld plated aemUpro ball but never pasb.r from GreenaUira ant

American Meary Dyer coUecttog 127 to raise his season total ma> U In organised Usetallla losing Murray Wilkle, who was
It will be roe and silver aid all the colors of the electronic to 1,030 for 10 games He scored... IJth TOoa a 5-yard run. % '.| ts. St. John, a player re,ailed by /New Jersey,

spectrwn, when football fans across the silica make a traditional Lincoln suffered an a most Incredible series el mishaps MU "-., Augusta Georgia.Junior Following his, graduation from A possibility la reply| theN
flip of their TV dials to the NBC Television Networkon u the eqwcled show of Grabbling strength came oa the bird Hose-Henderson X, Oitlege In. 142 as a JowrnalUra liiiernallunal. Ms Is, Chris (lieslle) Fto_
New Years Day loses the most traditional of the post-eseon taming play from scrimmage* 100. vs. FKlUrton JC, 10-0 major| Asliford went to work Cast lie Joined IKe PvLIc : plenty, who pU..l to the first

gridiron classic.the Roe BowL Eases Jotmson alajv4 through I the lla and raced II yards Pasadena, California.DIC. aa postal clerk In Los Angeles st 0 U U W.League's umpiring nine games. He Is still .to tows

colored boats self to see It live for tile first time. for stowrhdowB. II working M the payrollanOftnancedrpartmenl The\ n< 'J1It'rOM Ladle Martin grabbed a It-yard pass Irvin Alton Mtmi tot U..u n...M....... 11&.&.... l eser*
explanatory. Rose-along football with It happened, of course,OB NX- the first Ltocota TO. Utunaa harts tacked one-yard for the Alan, }.'.!, M.mpbtiTas. and In the Navy from 1141 to .............,......... citing bas: rasults evening were Ul a frkUy 4-8 su>ant lira

Pasadena and excUng TV. second marker and Robert Jerrod refund an .Intercepted ttU'LBONNLT=" ..Tulu,1.1,U ills fly the tune he lift the TRADE WITH "It" vkMy' over Ctrrl'lb.
nave provided Januaiy lipIC. Aid b IKZ, when Mtonesotsbeat pus J$.,..,. for the closing score. Te-JB., 1.1.:, Houston, Tens p<.Ual service In tU to lteruas Florida fur Advertkiers
taco dating tack to 1KB. The UCLA 114, then ran The contest marked the .
cad of the tine for II grumbling Dr.}; IIGATOR"Texas at empire Lathe Artsima-Tvits
surer signifies the lUh anal- another event of sigil iaice. sealers In regular season play. League, he had the reipimso

very:y 01 X3Cs coverage of For the first IISM,all the drama Gramblinc w01 go Into the Pecan Bowl with an l-l mark. Tack, 14 vGeorgia billy of making up the patrol! u ,
tie tjotball classic first on and pageantry. of toe Roe Bowl. .a
Jackson M
Tack, 4-M 11,000puatottlceemply.eshi
radio and rt on TV. Aid them was captured beamed nation .
wilts, Florida. \a Aiyvles.Uler
lti.a *d sera will be provided wide to Uvtog color en NJC'Tf, IOne hat he wss namedan
r. tear
ty the network's color advertiser...** Gillette I Mighty Tenn. Breaks unplre .to the South lit Y

coverage for LV tit straight Company..... tINe assoctoted FIGHT CANCER literaallunal league, moving j

year Intimately with the ftw 3o"lstd I i' Mat tear to the Western
NBC and the Rose Bowl. .In ts Wks.... N3CTVbreadcasts

feet have. collaborated .la nuk. consistently lor 3 Grid Records

leg loottall and broadcasting ever a elK... I[I

history dun ttroogk the years Gillette a: ngwtnneCRrysler . JOBS OPEN
One example happened on New" Corporation will sponsor :NIC-'
Years Day of tin whet the TVs," ROM tolcoverage.brtoglag r.r EARL s. C .A. J" aalluMlly bv As ewkted. Press

voice of the late Graham Me JU. fee ..... to viewers College division, sets atlecledut CASHIER CHECKER
... docwmenied the pay-by: across the nUtoa to color.Tfc 'W t-A ... sglauedlom.cusLg Friday to fare wailed a
play of the ?.? tie between )lr.*,. Isle time wOJ crowf' 1,900 l Ul Hal College for the post 4 sv
.,.,..... IBM KEY
.teW lad PUNCH
sored Howl
Alatema and paaford. That was belong to tilt te. I teem to the .atOll NCAA. *
the first cost lo-coast radio Bnttan, MlAtgan f! te. aid a.'Cfadr.Us' ';r_WId Hire Bowl twnadreacessee at Merfreestore. T. Baese.. 1 '

broadcast to original on the leas..2X..A- rte mail Central Orcemberll, PBX
to Rate eleven MX to WJ. Kale.Ra4uea off to slow sort RECEPTIONIST
scores of the Pacific. wtoner of the champtoaaato j Getting a
The UU game, la wka nil. tke Athletic Assoctotioa el ThaMactvkg Uv. on a rato-snfleaH field, TK*'
oats downed Suatord 49.7, espec Widen ..,..... Three school loUhaU records s.n.ck GOO 0.weu Capped' TRAIN NOW. PAY LATER ,
tally ls sftessoraU because I tell u Cort Jofan A. M+rrMchsTfea r-r.r< aiarrk H lwitog.v.r
loofteJl fans to the Cast, who closed V. sesson all hoe De t.e lor the gaaVafirst Ttf IHS IN TIC I1CKSONVIU AM

previously game oa m .had to dm.to watch were able tte )'.., ....', ttl totnorrmi'i Ihetr II\ ernlc toa*. .NrilN tes.vertwey victory,,sad,,. I first score pertud.ref Pet getleft ktMeeee ton 18 AH LIMIT, ll.l SCIOOl NOT

Jobs wife ft d rd. ahab. ,
) y't at lit Slue raaked fifta tooled fne 0/st of Oree mil .

for tM afterstton It gHeter ItillUI. lAY II ITtHIC CUSSES. I'

Watch This Clown ,, the ..." :...l'.0ad vrt. t

nurgto.and bit )SI.5745 li
if alt
IS 121 UlJ JtwfIlC Leary .....Drby ;
Mpay vent oa s X4pel <
second ..." .r acertogbtog CAREER TRAINING INSTITUTE Two Sure Ones
51 11J
IUI Woke one arson
resetaid lied aartWr. Gift decanter or regular bottle,

I Tk ,...'.sad...rriirsl4.tog 311 m, Title liiUiff contain Rite asm grant .t. t1.y.
grew parr Ml TVkr, DotJ.1
1 I op.#4 the Bans lUaU .4If. SU. festive holiday. wrap fat no rila )
ail livi
BM Se.,7 The Suit Oh-
4 I tog bf kwatog way sun twn.

frees tte rte. Best.! Joe lttnetted alean sense mo .. /Y. M Ore mMM M feel "w..,..-
*a a letters tram Ds/

21-H-U- key TWe, -..213,.,.,U6'a. ----I
Frankly Nt... kMahered W
1311S111L.ell.sl pled. wo Ctlllral.wrw'

wys FWeatoTs tomtl ...*
..' teaettnes Jikstsen tailed to a OkMT

..' Oe.a serial a4 scampered. yare ,

.e aide subtracts. for fke final score totteee
|e arks It all .,.... tooettog tte Tlfers'
kaJitoM margin to 114 adpevtog
taflw0 ATTUCflfJil Doe way to wirers

n-1J-U DIll sr t Kl sew of kucea

-------- -na. &a myadw"WnMtuddd n 1s
MANS DAYS '1 ono duO abuts

e'erya't .1M to taeO.O. ketOU
ARE KUMBEfiEDisa to sty Ot. Hftxt seams

R to Goy I ...IN b.t14"
Pays ere leahete1. ?stet. .,... ea>aeJ'e.
." ealln a.d far- .peer rwMtog MC.wH fc*

taae Cn le leers "enTM 105 yarns to t cante for

KEN KMKHT IB*. TNT tecky Dare ... st.r -'s ""n. tea nuM
.c toMhdow ky crwacltof
LNd7. nlers tit, ti yards for CM ...... he
-Invite* You To Listen.To- .... U.oo fr poet Cerwettes Wv.. M Ike ere*1 to

$irsscd e SIl/. frCCC1MUI is se .O a 11...,. toezfto a.

bet to to* fowrO VM,.
I" lAND musepeea. M .... I
rill IB the Blast leMl 4-0 e.%e base Cewrrafs ... / 4

..11 U ZODIAC FBSOf seine .*.M s*... a a***.
vis sari ,...c -. A.
"DANCE PARTY"r flee ftes lltl Jactlrs kUerkO.r. Stered rear to BV

l till L fluid.ia1L flesj ..... el tte pjft*. K**.

rue CIIBB CeetraT .**..

11:31:: af 1211IiAir .. ..... ........ .. .. ..... yes hart aee..<.. seer
trw-. the 4 wn, y sMeaeerenutotogtoaiey Beef at ts BestJl aarI a

,.i. U 12JI J. 1TIIZt.. ... .. ._ ""Ta UBS .4 a grwet .*
s6 ..**-, ktorrH ntato>4a
*< .., aty..4 a f.... prase1ea
1400 WRHC 1400 lion or atl7t.M .
: riji- 7.

J 4"...,.... :'- ..ww.ww .-_....:-..---_.::.: ,y...._-.-r. ,. y..w. '"x''.-''.n.t .'' '''''''''.' f '" .... .......
___________________ ______ __ .
______ .
"). .. 'j. I '; .... .
... .J ( 'r' I tI If. r .._.._.... .1

-- -
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