Florida star

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28972 F20090413_AABTKX 00517thm.jpg a59d74b712ae13f5b7a337dbfa9c1154e289ff27f6d744a133183c6800313cb7b68c9c5c
31690 F20090413_AABTMA 00522.txt 92bb6f52a3fe85673dff8b66b3152c551a437c4210761bb4897df690042cf136b6198fd0
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200691datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 28, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006910740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 28, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 28, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Resister 5.000 !I. MlsslsslislJACKSOt. ar to flUa( at,.UcattMa job iat aartklpatinf to tktcttaittf o4. .. UIAP... Seals 5 ..... UalalDemocracy's ,....-..I....,
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,I 1 ;; \I


NEWS WITH NO IM/l/RY TO HIS --r--\ \ -------
Published by the Florida Star Publishing Conpany ffF/C/EAKYf/fr PERCENT. By Whitney M. Young Jr.

ERIC 0. SIMPSON..........Miuilil Editor Dr. Kenneth B. Clark, distinguished pro-.
A1TSOH E. WISE.,......... News Editor ; ; OPPORTUNITIES. : .. '. I, fessor of psychology at the City Collegeof
U Iti Hew York, and Edwin C. Derry, executive

HILDA WOOTEN.... ...... Clrcilitloi Miiifii ,I' director of the Chicago Urban League, unleashed -
some verbal bombshells several

weeks ago before a nationwide conferenceon
4-6782 Harlems -- How To Break Up
2323 Moncriel Road PUll Elf.ii 11 "A Thousand
4/:; The Racial Ghetto."
Mailioi AddressP. : As one of the speakers at the meeting spon-

/ sored by the I National Committee Against

0. Box 599 lacksonille, Florida 32201 Discrimination In Housing In the Windy
:r City, Dr. Clark called the I Negro ghetto a
MIAMI OFFICE form of' status sy.rbol for white people.

"The Negro ghetto helps I the whites take

736 MW 3rd In. Phil 311-1025 I their minds off their own problems" the
k noted author and educator said. "They talk

I. about all those terrible i II l -

SUBSCRIPTION RATES ia legitimate kids in Central

One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 __ City, and forget about the a-
Mailed to you Anywhere in the United States bortlons In their own "gilded
Subscription payable in advance I Ghetto. "

Send Check or Money order to: r: The I Negro ghetto In his t-

pinion, is best characterized

as"an involuntary prison-like
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 fr YOUNG confinement that destroys artd

Jacksonville 1, Florida EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYES---MEANS CONDUCTING dehumanizes powerless people."

OUS/NESS/NAMOSTHUS/NESSLIKCWAY ,y These ghettos are not accidental accord-
I EMPLOYING THE BEST MAN FOB THE MB W Ing to Clark, but planned and maintained

What About Racial Bombers? ? i INCREASE THEIR OWN EFFICIENCY AND PROFITS. "'", ,, by governmental power. And he accused Negro I
politicians of participating in a con-

Two spiracy along with their white counter-
recent Incidents--one In Florida and
another In North Carolina--of racial bomb- WE MUST CONTINUE TO PREPARE... AS WE PROTEST parts to exploit the ghetto economically.

ing caught our attention this week. Moreover, he indicted administrators of

First,a :))- year-old I Air I Force veteran in ghetto schools who pin "badges of Inferi-
Florida was recently charged with firebombing ority" on I Negro children early in the ele-

r I Negro and Jewish residential areas mentary grades.

from a small airplane to "scare the pants Your "The school people make sure that very
off" left-wing agitators., few of their prisoners escape the school

Second, the homes of four Charlotte, II.C. unscathed, he said.
civil rights leaders were bombed recentlyand Clark who wrote the widely acclaimedbook

evidently by persons who detested all "Dark( Ghetto" Indicated that Negroes;

forms of racial demonstrations Inthe com- Horoscope Guide should not Depend on labor unions to offer

munity.i help in eliminating housing segregation.

When the Florida Air Force veteran was "Wen It gets down 'to the basics", he asserted -

asked why he did this, he answered: "I| By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER "most unions are as reactionaryon
the housing issue as the N.A.M. (National -
didn't plan to hurt anyone or hit anv hou-
ses. Now keep In mind the bombings hap- WHICH Association of Manufacturers)."
pened at night. Then how could he be sure YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR |In conclusion he described Chicago as

of not endangering the lives of the people one of the most segregated cities In America -

below? BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELAIRES and its political leadersasonly

Authorities are investigating the circum- giving I lip service" to integration.

stances of the Charlotte bombings, and In Herry, a top league executive, also unburdened -
due time the suspects will I be caught. Whether himself of some pungent commentson

they will be punished Is a matter of. or less the same procedures the Negro's social predicament.
doubt for LEO In most other activity CANCER has a'Double Ghetto he -
we only have to remember what Born: March 21st-Aprll 19th every Chicago ex
Born: July 23rd-Aug. Sled that undertake.A dlsapolnt Bon June tZnd-July Sled
happenedto the persons responsible for you plained."One of race and one of povertyin --

the deathof civil I rights workers in Missi The Arians professionally act. The lunar eclipse that took place have meat the or opposite monetary effect loss almost could a seven mile stretch of public housingon

ssippi. tve could find themselves at tht Just before the official start of Immediately afterwards. Simi While U u not necessary or the Couth Side. It's a classic exampleof ,
People who have emotional problems often peak of their creative and Inventlve this quarter Indicates the possibility lar contradictory occurrencesshould eves prudent,so sasreconflden* how not to build public housing". I

act without reason. What about the men who who lave powers.food reason Those to believe of you of a frustration relatedto keep you bouncing from ces with the general run of "There are kids there who actually! believe I j
people be true
killed| Air Force Reserve officer William romance, creative Interests. f one extreme to the other force opposite msy I Negroes are the majority race, he pointed'out '
that your main foals art reach and tilt'sfUlrs of the younger"people. I L full bring home to you tee truth when It comes to the person
Penn' ton a Georgia highway? What about the able, would do well to spare There seems to be no that life really has l t5.ops and who has demonstrated highly "because they never get far enough
suspect who killed a white female marcher no pains or energies to achieve way for you to counteract the downs. This should enable you trustworthy qualities. As long away tc see any whites."
in Selma, Ala. demonstration on the way this very purpose. TIle crowds effects of circumstances over to evaluate Christmas and all U you have someone who holds He contended that persons"locked" In all-

to Montgomery? Why would a rifle sniper and vice the that rather one runs Inefficient across Mr-with which you have no control.Tour that It Involves la a truer llcht. hens you in la affection the and who be* white neighborhoods face a similar prob-
want to murder our beloved President John Increasing frequency are not other half may nave better luck S-17-50-i6.m prospects of a betterment becomes lem because their children grow up without
should be
F. Kennedy? likely to better your humor given tht respect privilege another considerably Improved. knowing what the world really looks like.Summing .
We/ have too many people wanting to dis- any. Willing associates maybe try. Saturday shoppers are apt You had better not waste anymore up, Derry said all human activities -

pose of the I lives of people who have opin- When only U too glad to to help you. to.have a tough time coping Kara SAGITTARIUS; Nov. Hrd-Dec. Ost time getting started on -- from picketing to prayer -- shouldbe
comes doing
ions and beliefs which are different from Christmas snapping you your art with tht crowds and trying to the sizeable preparation proportions, that may to reach Ctle- aimed at breaking up Negro ghettoes.It .

theirs. But this Is no reason for attemptIng likely to find selections dlsap-. obtain goods and services. Pick hale the holiday that is loom would appear that by now Intelligent
to kill them by bombings, rifle snlp- pointing and the prices rather most Is possible.any other day when U off While the prospects unusual of carrying vie ing. people acting In their own enlightened self
a startling or *
steep. interest would want to take Immediate
erlng, or sky dropping. mass
of status flnanclsl
tory a or
9.1345.15.100VIRGO who ls steady and tree or
4-19-00-1I-2.7 nature art good, II maybepru' art occupied fascinating and ive steps to eliminate the ghetto.
Thievery Costs Us Plenty dent to determine whether or constructive pursuits,may con Existence of the ghetto has serious economic -

Bora: April TAURUS Born: AUf 3rd- Sept. S2nd not this Is going to encouragt alder themselves lucky enoughto and political consequences.And unless
.Oth-May.lOth the banding together powerful be able to rise above purely non-white citizens are dispersed
Among the petty crimes of Negro masses Is forces or antagonists who may personal considerations. The cities
then white
throughout our ,
crime It TIle eventually succeed la toppling lunar eclipse on the same day young
thievery, and as a puts our racial Impression that you are the ,
It sometimes Is tile over. This be a sters will have the unfortunate experienceof
In vulnerable position to be only one who can produce tilt most dim you may period foreshadows a rather trying
group a cult In the world when discover the value without association with
wanted results should be thing to hold you experience connected with the growing up any
stereotyped. On the other hand, we are Impressed promptly banished before you your tongue and to r.tramlrOll of having intelligent allies who home and outside activities.Rely two-thirds of the world's population. Se-
with the heavy financial losses discover the hrdway,that such making caustic remarks But caa aid you la coping with on your cleverness and curer ture Intelligent and sophisticated
the people of our communities suffer dally 1s far from being the cut If you wish tomahntslnharmoay Individuals'cad circumstances Ingenuity to set you through ,
this kind of sterile
from the depredation of thieves. TIle thing for you to do Is in your Intimate and public alike. The ,.a.tld. Is fast IPproacbInC. namely: people do not need
hand over the decisions and relstlonshlps, It would be wise la cast this has sameness.The new status symbol will be diversity -
During the past three weeks, we have Kepta Initiative to mate and outer for you to lean to check your slipped you? mind, urging you While you say be mart than and Inclusiveness.!
record of I Negro thievery In Jacksonvilleand loved ones your and to trust them self In lime.Study your self closely not to delay attending to the willing to sent others halfway
and here is what we found: to detect If there obligations tt imposts. there seems lobe little haws
area, to come across with the do.mantle may be
that they will rocferoeatt It Careers For Negroes III M laage.e.1
Looting of two vending machines and a and teenage matters to something within you to which
will take considerable

cash register.The which you may be a bit too others could be taking objection ,
work for
or undercover you
theft of a dress, of ;50, of eight close during to which handle: tactfully.can get Time or. for This you will to take make corrective it much easier measures to pt allies Sa De mood to jots Considerable attention In the past few
hubcaps, of C25 of two bicycles, and COOO- PAllid for the yuletlde festl and to seek the approval you In pursuing u aaibttious years has been focused upon the need forpore
worth of wire. vltles, seems to be running of all with whom you come la Bore: Dec. 22nd-Ju,19th objective. In specific mstaacts Negroes to train themselves I to fill
be wiser to leave the
Two hold-up men netted C530. abort. It also may be to dally contact. Don't put off holiday you may
your chores field to those who apparently torn of the 23,000 jobs open annually for
To the credit of Jacksonville and area advantage to entrust the work any IoIIpr.a.u.7o.SJ.4U. have all tilt odds In their faYOr' executive and managerial' petition provided -
of these thieves were arrested Ing out of essentials to some Tht Caprtcoraiana who txpsct Be art to get a kind sod
policemen some CM who U eminently qualified to pt unusual projects oa the by big Industries. There are never enough -
charged, and brought to trial for such tasks. You CIA at lead way before ssycM catches to to aid you Wetting your holiday person to'flll these positions.
wen under
Maybe an Increase I In the size of the police nuke the request what! they art doing should take way. preparations Men walls you can hardly Cotpanlet In nur 4rOUI Industries over the.

force would result In more arrests and I-10M-471M UBRA extra precautions agatast tat expect competitors to sit on nation have expressed special Interest In
would discourage the thefts, wnlcn con- Born: Sept. IJrd. -Oct. trd everywhere.curious ones who are here and their hands and to perm* you employing" liegrot completing the Master's

servatively must result In an economicloss ciUoa have the little Many secrets of you nest will to carry off the tutu *>houtaright. degree In Business Administration or Butl-

of WO.OOO. Ion May ,1st-June list egg tucked sway and which always ness Mmagectnt. These firms Include advertising -
A thief Is a thief, and a thief Is not comes In handy at this l-tt-M-IMM acencle.accounting flrtbnk,

going to be reformed by a fine, which he picture that was drawn during time of year. You may be asked public utilities, transportation corps.nlt -
his next theft. Thievery Is Although certain hopes that you tilt first quarter. Concentrate by many frteoda to attend par.
can recover by financial Institution
have bet the ties or to POCU merchandising
harboring for a long on projects you have dreamed spend a part of Ot
costing hundreds of local communities heav- time mar suddenly be fulfilled up to Improve home sur holiday with them, but you may Bon: Feb. IKh-Msrch SOtt establishments and manufacturing flr.s.
ily, and fining culprits does not appear to at least la principle, the actual rounding and to create greater have to reserve Judgement until TM Graduate School of bushes*, Unlv rlty -
the effect of discouraging the same. results problem understanding at home and In you ywreelf art quite
have appear very sure Then 1s Unit doubt mat each ,* of Chicago, has a generous programof
atlcal. Avoid all personal COB your favorite circles. Should tt that you cu afford to take the
financial assistance
Christmas Is staking greeter to help Qualified)
beta with txlstlng or potential Indicated that It may be bent time.
rivals since tt appears doubt. fie lal for you to consult professional and greater demands on your Ner .studtnts meet their tuition and ..-
The Danger Signs h that Btfotistioas caa be car* counselors, you would do pockettooB. fits year and U adaptto penses. The educational proram I* designed -
. tied oa without recrimination.It well to give tilt utter your be tilt txctcilcti you maybe bow to prepare Individuals with a broad
hard to Don red
Director J. Edgar Hoover of tbt Federal Bureau of Is.vedtpUoe may be to your benefit to serious consideration.Continue A.CAXK3 to streteh put doCsrs: and professional education
to evade emotional Bon Jan. t:th-eb. ua your
place your chUms or interest adventuresor
recently said: "U America u a Mat** tot
swept by an epidemic of spiritual malnutrition? I fervent* U the hands of someone who 1s attachments that could taut pnvidt loved the pletjurt be expects your Through training In business' management,
ly hop not; but tbt danger signs an ill too clear. fear fully Qualified to kindle them for gossip or Jeexsardlte your from ones aware may of drawing a young Negro who" is going soe>ev>here, can
that UM public may be coming to accept widespread law competently lathe meantime do future prospects In aay dire*. R can be exasperating to As en your you cash and resourcts release his powers: of leadership and also
lessness at not overlook the necessity of Uon. Give all tilt preferenceso cover that u noon u mink
u IIft&YOidab&tl4J\Mt to our way of lift."What you Cuslon ant of
nUsUUn salary S20.000
with the earn a annually and up.
haa gutting your Christmas prtpar* spiritual values tor they will that have a surt thing
happtosd to the chic pride, tht righteous U. you sane
a gambit here tr speculaaaai While the
great MSS live
sustain people
dignatlon, of oUMrrtM respectable clUwM atioas well voder way. you. CM else has fctaten you to at
there may enable y a to accumulate
backs M helpless! victims of beatings robberies sadWe s path Should you have occssiMto the sums yes .... their lives in failure and frustration,
crimes? Th toertdlbly tadlflerert attitude of these pto The ont factor to your favor dose a transaction do BhamtdUtety They may also be tncointeredm the resourceful and InttlllQtnt few tap a
fit U exacting t hoary toll. It baa helped to tun CM struts could be tilt wlUmgness of yourother .lt-U-44-UI without yourself the pursuance of your romanttt source of power not recognized or used cy
and parks of mascttlta Into virtual Jungles of tear-where, half or tMrgetk friends SCORPIO the and time to otai.Should : t*Cftsacial mttreeU nukJagB ttt averts n.Ttn .
according to a recast ....". Marty OM half of OM n.l. It undertako Iht task tot you. aura Oct. J..-... tod aayoM taw to you ax* somewhat prottsaatlesl u
tie nation's
dents are afraid to walk alone at Bight Tht lour oelfcee. at the clott pecttng you to grant favors ta wbstbsr csn ttvt epees leading business Institutions -
"Despltt tbt continuing oflwta of BOOM selfpronsnedtxperts of hls quarter U a waning that could leave you la u ambamssmg CM ytieuaeexptctatkosotywtfdear you are participating In this training

to mlaimlst Us crime probtom fbt wsdealaUt ntamst mwort or comttloM a&mtlantUb. sees '"*' ,....u. I, program designed especially' for Negroes -
fact rtmalas that cruse Is boll ta that could be detrimental It to come lei with a tVttrtcht
Increasing- numbers who
want to
This mast not be ntnatied toUKttrmm become leaders In business -
fie aspect h the necaUrt col ,
well betas.Obstaclec refusal the first OEM Ttuaavw
sad your
intoultyan alarming rat It Is crowing six UBMS ali estffnds
a4 Doe.. Cat your and aanaseent.Individuals .
van on postttvtstotstjamJohw
enough to da to ewer
u rut ex popalatlo. expenseslor
u oar 'IIUdSDI
trots amco Den art many days between
feat pretest you ruasJacabow '' who want Information -
sore about
Mr. Hoover Quotes President Johnson's declaration that tht yuteOde dotegs.4ll.40S.m: I nndnusnerwM
no* and OrUtmss
rtUshlsf S tMcoss steta to > eee. TU. sigBtfles mat this should write the Dean of
Tbt control of erlmt Is a aujor target or this adaW Orsttjuarttr. tcMttesJUM to Sara program
strstloa" n should tad auat ...-But that Lad enough abound dwtnt the you k the hare wlanct It welgi your declstoti OH tables to vest taver.tu44Man Students.Graduate School' of Business, University -

Q n*M. be a major target of.fovernmeota at an 1tft1a- '.U-IWWIO tb.a known set hetart bean you more mast of Chicago, 53X South Greenwood
tad all law-abldiag ctttseM everywhere
Avenue, Chicago, Illinois CDC37.A .

: If

.g, 7 5'I ,bS !


I I ': r I


Chief Executive Guests Attend Classic Barracks Plan Air Force OffersOpportunities Semlnole Club

Special Activities To Meets Monday

At ExServicemenMany The SeralnoltCulturt Club will
meet Monday, December 6, lathe
Speaking tame of Mrs. Charles
Mary ,
formtr servicemen la
w Gateway Barrack IU1,Woffd) 130 West list Street at 7 p.m.
tilt Jackaonvlllt area ar.mu.
War I VeteruswWmeetfatar- The Club' of the Cm
BY LOUISE CUDTTARDlt day at a p...., in Joe H. James tit a ehanct at food pay and brolded Squirt will be doted

11th Annual soath Atlantic RtgloaalCDaftrtact Center Grathal and Hunt retirement an early aft, ae- it this meeting since the dead-
cording to>> StrpaDtShowiof
of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.inc. vaa held oa -e Plan Air Fore Recruiting Office In lint U December 7. AUm.m.
Included on the agenda will hers who desire to UM
the caitpna of Fort Valley State COlI.... Fort be Information from the national Room Z49 of the Post Office I outcome of the Project art

ValleyGeorgia with delegates fro. Florida oar* fctadquarttra and completion ofthe Building. I urged to be present.A .
gla and south Carolina. Christmas Prior service personnel from
presents to brief program will be held
all brunches of
the Armed Far
Representing the local chapter wire Mtadaioa Ruth! J" Qi members and widows who art eta, having tiptritnct in over after the business session with
sick at boot
C. Soloawn. Alia Dan1 1$, and Nona white Each I7S skllla. art now eligible to Mrs. Elizabeth Butler-Jones
Comaandtr: J. Aadtrioa will pest speaker Mrs. Jones UIB
apply rt-tnllstment.. Grade
played an lavortant part on the program.Mrs. soloIIOD prtaldt and Comoaadtr
determination will Ur rely depend the public
.derated the Graduate Problta workshop; irs. InItlatlos.4N charge of on stills, tiptrlenct& and schools system of DIn County

Daniel served on the Awards ooailtttt and Mra. Arm the length of tint out of aenrlct.la and the daughter ot the Stml-

white .served. chairman of the Tlte and Place Gilbert Grad many eases, they wlllbt able notes, Mrs Ulnervs Butler
Coanltttt.Mra. to enlist In the grade held at Mra. Jones wUl bring toechoesof
Completes CourseAW.UU1.LO. tilt time of discharge. lilt Christmas Holiday Story.A .
JUlia p. potash suprtat Baalltua of Alpha
door will be
Rttnllstees will find a wide prize glvta
Kappa Alpha sorority, inn delivered tile optalagattsloa Mrs Ltooora Davis U co-
choice of assignments with
.. ,
.c1dr.... she la a professor at southtrn ii Claaa JamtsCaaitU, Tat. AlraaaTalrd sad base of choke Cl&uutttdprior J I hostess

University and la Deputy Director of the AKA op- Ur. and Mrs Washington to enlistment. Come direct

orated job ())",'. PLOUDA'8 Tlrat paallr.. Governor and Mrs. Haydoa Burnt kept their attendance A. Daniels of U) frailly St. overseas asaltntmtats art also MEN &

Miss Mary Let, local artist wholaprtsentiy record nobloalahtd last Saturday night when they wltntsted tht grid claaaie bttttta Jacksonville has bets trsduat.4at now available.

enrolled at Florida M wrlal colltgt.8t. Augustine, Florida MM and Texas southern cnlvtraltlta.Aecfapanylng GOT. and Yrs tilt AaarUlo Aril Tu., from and Tht Ita new broad Air changes Force will prograa be a *. WOMEN

was featured oa the prograa and ant has bee InTl aunt were Mr. and Mra.( John 8. Dnunond (seated fro* loft), Air Force training administrative castes for tl.$. boon to many former service

\ed to participate at the souls la August. Royal Art Studies photo) cUllota. apt personntl who have long sought l.m WWI TM Lee

Alpha Karpa Alpha Sorority waa awarded a $3 all- ----- a way to continue their mill : IBM

lion contract by the Office of cconoale opportunity STORK tar, careers.
Celebrate. Annual Observance Interested persons should contact BUSINESSFASHION
to tstabllah and operate a job Corp Center Sergeant Shows at the Air

for WOMO la Cleveland. Hit Ctnter la designed DELIVERY Force Re
to prepare young woatn to btcoait aallltd workers Room 141. Post omct Bldg.,
noaetiaktra and rtapoaalblt cltlzena. Mr. and lira. Louis Howard or call 134.7111. Kit. 445 to
iffy W. Sib Sty Boy determine their LAdlrldlWgwltticatlou *
The center la housed la a sta-etoq bulldlagand Mr. and Mra. WU1U WUaoa 4 and eligibility la the /ld :wee.: n .10,060r A5

was the lint to haft a tonal dedication open Sill Wlahart Street Girl t 9 mated State Air Force WOMEN

house and ont graduatt. Tt center haa a capacity Mr. and Mrt. Charlie MsybtwTOJCt New Manicure Set .

of 325 young ladles.Mra. J. Boy BUSINESS or r FASHION
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel KlchoU It Battery Powered
nelson south Atlantic Regional Director .
Odessa .
IOn Ltwla Strttt. Boy WM." .w .a.... a Meww
Allen .. ,. ..1 .....
and professor of scltnct at calTtrslty r.w -
Mr. and Mr a. James BartleyMl :
:1 p. .....* N vow N .-.
Columbia. S.C. delivered tile banquet ad Waitlock Ave. CtrL new p. tN w eo- ........
dress. Mr. aid Mra. DaD James \ pnrrr N 150. ..... w..
n... Me .peaalse NtoI wr
jacksonvlllt till host the 1967 Regional Conference not W. 15th greet Boy .... m*, ea. .5.s.. ensMk
Mr. and Mra. Elijah Jenkins
during the Easter wttktnd. 1MI W. lit Strttt Clrl Pp.w 4.. A .. u uIt
................... "
Mr. and Mra. John W. MajorSSM
Tee regular atttlag of T.Oradal. clan .111 beheld Blland Strttt Girl'

Saturday aoralag )Otctabtr 114 !t 10: 30. *,.. Mr. and Mrs. truest Williams I 1 ,

Mist prancta Striven prttldtat has laforatdatnbtra Mil Hems Road. Boy v 1 .: '- ...
Mr. aad Mrs. James Node .L .. I ,
that plaaa for Chrlataaa baskets for needy 11
till Grant Strttt Boy .f.
faallltt will bt forttiott oa the ageada.incldeat'lly Mr. and Mra. T. HfcUrdsoa17S1E. r (

this lt the final aeetlag of the Ifch Strttt. carL .

year, to awabtra should pat forth a special effort Mr. aad Mra. addle: RotkwtU .- tic G........t Chess
IOU E. I4th St. Girl woutiri WEEK UADCRS-A grasp el Florida UM Catmatty wakes atadtai toatars ud
to be prtstat. Mr. and Mrt. Robert Johnaoa1JS7 Mra. Awe L. Cooper. dtaa ot attdtata la chargtof roses, right eongraralatt eat of tbt II..d. .... c........
fltldoajohnaon .
The atttlag till bt held at the jaata W. & Street. recent ....'. Week '
Boy. sptaktra. Dr. CUaltla A. Ford, center. Tat _.. Nut sradtal MEN .
Branch TMCA oa Cleveland Road.Mra. .Mr. and Mrs. Slmoa MoteleyS7U leaders art from ItftJOfttIt".I.cUaI'IUe"udI Hayes, Lakeland and Carol Walter
...............u..e Calloway Ctrclt Boy, Ta11 &..... Dr. Ford who pine during tht optalag ttaaioaa of the ....'. Week program .Inre th_ InlroitiHllan at the Wna r.P e e IL.a..e
Mr. aDd Mra. John H. greeter le leave from her tlM-Irl inoihbriith Are }...It *> we IM N5.e Mw s.* pp.
ia oa poattloaaaatadof FAMU Oepartmtat of Homo Eeoaomlea
ihltt of 1130 Falrfai street la head the
victoria rerdl..I..Irk' 5.5 I *HM4 M M rue *K4 **>
convalescing at hoes after btlag eonflntd la the 1411 Evtrgrtta ,...... Boy Off e. el Economic OyportaaJry epoatortd Upward Boaad allot arogram at Florida AAM.iiti see lieu "'am m.t* imyulur,|iillni..M.>!, e,., w w ,r.r are .r. .,....
... N MM w 1 e M..M n.ra.ee.
venial.One l
!Kt' England Dtaeoatsa Hospital ia Boston. Massachusetts. Anicie Sponsors vest .( the more .*M.U.1| sew I* X.eh MM IV P4N 0ley
owl nee b.a e.nw
appll.nrq n0w to. ta..t..1.i I
Mrs. ihitt .tt aceokoaaltd boat by her daughter / .if :,\ .:. .\\J. Jji Fashion Creates ...roll... ..trte 1 ....1'.1 wr
;, ." turttvi Mild II, jour*.* ... year
Hiss outlda J. rtltt. 1 _, Function In Kitchen ..II. .( borne (. peer .** Ilklne
BOM she ... greeted by soil Alvla. jallaa. ;j and till ".*. then prr..<'Uniillr
At I : .
: by basil Aunt rand far .(>.>..r..... Tjj11
and 'lIt. l \ U..ur.tlMi.>l kjr the ..k..et ti
.................. ell...,.u.*. IM _hn..t IHantrHi
.|............ Nt <.... vowH tr
Jason, or. Caaa H. tittles, professor of hose
..... .,
i l. silk a i r ,11, Miusdlx
tcoaoaica at Florida MM ualvtralty, ,s cited la Cello.. l kiwth. l.ll ba t.r.
... ..... CALL W5-66I7
the soon-to-be published "1.... 'Tlotalag' : A .11. I. ( .her end drew
Tile r..rl.ubl.. ,
N a rep le
Study la Huaaa B...'10.." of thick Dr. May ,. _III.. Aee.,..". sod ,1I.kl.. one ...lTt1CtIIIlIsJIcss

Lisa of Ithaca n. T.. !. the aathor>> Woe'. M.ulSrlns. .lid. lit. Cofiin
.1..1n. .n. pee llll 1.11)* by
The book by Dr. Iran proftttor of clothlag at .
using C sell 1/01".11 rM "r ThIU
Cone 11 falvtrsity. Ithaca, eoatalat eoploaa cl. .. me Ik** .11..... I.,. 411 W. tOSITTHIT,
i wnil,i| ..eI.! fey ..1.! Ik. JAC.OHVIUIILOu1eAP
tatloaa of or, littles work ia the area of toclal -
Slat new etehwtre. ta4ttttr (..*f unit silk Ik. Anne ill'*.
telenet aa.teta ia ttstilta. Aa tatirt attlot .Uiu4U. ere 4el4 laat .ll...k*..til Tk. . of the volant dealt tw M ..U at .***.I In, ._IIt.... silk Ik. .n>.ir ",.... -14N .hw.rse.PP .
fa *.eryttl.m l *.. M M *". SMetM Tile ...*.) ilium I* des S....t I.
with the pAMJ profestort ..... ... .
\ .. tt band I* Utltr't klUk I **. IHM iiwik kU end !! <
attdy oa aoclo-ptychologl Of "* *. rt weel/s 1 4rt Tk. II4IU lie IMK plR..... a..w .. .. .. .
., to t .*w e.et.re sad to*. 'If k.ini<. kf .,illni cull*I.
cal Aap cts af clotalag." : -H. the bile /*"r tarf to a "IMM .lib. a..Npleg bob. eed Cs, .....,... .. ."... .
Dr tlttlta, tbott doctoral : ": : '; \if J IflMC Del kU Mf u..,. ,....It mattm tl Ik* ..."..It bust enn. ,. '"
i\ wart to t ..,...r4 wkii. I"', Tk. k""., *ll*.kB>*al .till.)** .
diaatrtatioa dealt with tee Jiu 1U waa MtdKled SMdty afltraooa by axtsttft tf tat Zeta AaHrat Atxuiary of Nt &II -. Ot... and ,...,..... W* w..d IM rtewa Owl
( ate of clothlag aa a atatuaaywbol Etta Pal oil lortrty with artat atlaa of IT models tf tat eewatatty dUplaylag tat bleat tUasll.' ear.. t'M.rettvte, 5 .sn.sb d,ci.l ....., nee.a 115.e I > ,...... *
aaa received aatlot- la mOadyM faaakaa. fpoators from left art; Mra. Uola aolataoa, Mrs. Eva IttttrraM. s tE the kWhe$ ea.4t.S I... 'Of Ewe! ,..... III.. ,.,.." I I S..MIM ....c....
lfl, lk N U dwell be '11.
al rt ocaltl.a for Ut depth Mra. Vtrttt Cruet Mrs. BUly Vlfteraoa, Mrs Like JotMaa, Mrs Clartet AttrWaa, Mrs .,Ilk ..., tMk. Of fleece I'M
one BtU Ut, Mrs Mtjato CaaapteU. Mra. Isle Co rtaey td Mrs. Alpo Mooft.fp n.pe. n..Si.I .....
of her rtMarca la this arta.aad .

____ the aataority with "I! llIt

*-. ... she wlttt oa tat ,..taJ.cLn.
book la ecatdaltd for release early lathe

................... WeddingsJoe f

rhld.. of iaritoat alager Mlltoa Hood act IfJII.

tork city: will be ,..... to learn that the
toner KOtlar jaaoa tattrtatatd ,...UI.rQape Us IIaU eaa. 441 Trees l 91fC. MM W M. It.tttt .
tea Or N.. 14 aad '-.. Ue TVMsaa, WI...)*
1 ,elatbaa ...a traaaftrrtd free
Isis ao
used Mat Mart*, tin W. UadSL, Casa, 0 she kUUt y Jess lea
llltarr tea Traatportatloa trvle ftToo41ya.il., XL see, 79t M Sl, Jaa Mach..
to taahlagtoa 0-C. **.rt It wilt serve at tl- -, Ut Vet* 41U Materiel Fla.. II I

entice secretary of the Ar.td ptrtes C'a01alaRoard. Rd* II aad Apse Lame hClJu.1I11(

Twig MM attUadM.tU.award .
Uaalt kOattr. UW r'...... of Mrs. Carrie MGordoa .
W, Drat *, M sadGwMdBlraJacasoa tf 1114) Nero Myrtle

HO Croat Q.. tt.CtratUat ,*..., will at $ee1.lea,.
f OPERATION)! La.,.... tr? MtJeflr ant tae U rtogierailag at her

$., 10 aad rtadtCafl .... JtUawlag ttanttmeal h.rtlheeea.

[ SECURITY J Carter. MSalia M? la.aawo .
l R Wilder, Jr, KMCaQaa her clue. Mrs CtriuCawnaaQ
L. SO aad ..,*.. Us wit waa at her


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; '

: e NEED TO LEAVE ju-*:


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f N

Beef at its Best r


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"'. ,,",, .lIfi.J{ ... (', ,;t I

,t tI.
I 'd J

... I


Altar I Call' Former Floridian Movesr Educated At Edward WatersREV.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon 750 churchmen..priests, t E1itbuEt r : ew.r.l

preachers Chicago for and a conference lay people.on.met education for four and hour.housing.In a suburbof () .

Sponsors were pleased to see so many Catholics,Protestants,
J"Isb.Nero, and white people assembled for the first time
In the city's history In such a meeting, to discuss he racial -MAGNOLIA BAPTIST-
Implications of such Important factors for the future of any Services Sunday In Magnolia Baptist Church begin with the
community u education and housing Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. Morning service at U o'clock.
An outstanding educator presented the educational pictureat At 4 p.m., Miss McVoe Washington will be presented la a
an levels..college, high school and elementary school musical recital. Evening service at 6 30 o'clock. Choir 2
challenging his bearers with the many advantages of Integrated and Usher Board 2 will serve. Tesuday at 7 p.m., prayer
living, challenging the educational society to practiceand service. Rev W.S. Peoples .Is pastor.
preach Integration from the nursery school to the graduate F

banker avowed the economic benefits of Integrated
Then, a mortgage
.. Holy Communion service will be held Sunday at 6 p.m., la
housing the tragic ultlmacy of apathy In housing, for
United Baptist Church with consecration service at 5:45
which out would to a great price In horrendous
posterity pay
p.m. Rev W.M. Smith, pastor will deliver the message,
economic and human Ills.The
Sunday School at 9:43 "10. The lesson will be reviewed by
disassembled, going into 15 seminar groups
the pastor. Morning service at 1105 o'clock. Rev. Samuel
for discussions led by experts in education and housing,
session. Allen, assisting pastor will preach: Bible study Tuesdayat
returning for a closing plenary
The pattern sounds like that of many another conference held 7:30 p.m., and prayer meeting 'at I p.m. Wednesday at
6 p.m., Christmas practice. Youth prayer hour at 7 p.m.,
"oh well
In other places of which some persons might say, ,
and rehearsal for Choir 2 at 8 p.m.
Just another one of those conferences
Despite the endless number of meetings, seminars, and conferences *
that people involved In civil rights are attending '
Holy Communion services will be observed Sunday In Waiters .
these days In each, u In this one,there is always something .t
Memorial AME Zion Church during the major services.Services .
with the School at 930 a.m.wUh
begin Sunday
isolated case In point occurred on my way out. A young
Miss Moreland TIlt lesson will be reviewedby
white man, apparently in his. mid 30's, came rushing up tome Amy presiding.
asking what civil rights group he should Join and get to Rev H.C: Archie, pastor. At 3 p.m., the Interdenoml- '
national Missionary Union will meet with Mrs Rosa Young'
work. AmentUndoubtedly!
there were many others who at this very meetingwere in charge. Christian Endeavor Hour at 3 p.m.. Evening service ,
"converted".. another child ofGadenteringthiKingdom. at 6 o'clock. .
And so, the long arduaous task of chiseling out a hunk of
democracy for America's children of the darker hue Is lessened -NEW JERUSALEMHoly -

with each new disciple. Communion services will beheld Sunday at 1 p...,
When the religious forces of a community--Jewish,Protestant In Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church with Rev. W.A.
Catholic..combine their energies, imagination and creativity, JONATHAN A. DAMES, pastor of the Woodlawn AME: and Howard University School of Divinity. Rev Dames 1s Mack, minister In charge. Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., and
and call a city's attention to its future..a future that Involves Church, 6456 Evans, Chicago, 111, and Mrs. Dames, will director: of Vacation Church School Department of Christian morning service at U o'clock. The pastor will preach, and
ALL God's children..the disenchanted and disenfranchised move into the church's $35,000 new parsonage following dedicatory Education of the AME Church, a 32nd degree Mason and a administer the Lord's Supper at J p.m.
take fresh courage services Sunday. A native of Key West, Rev. Dames member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity He Is also active in
All these surely have a responsibility. But when I heard one was educated in the local schools" Edward Waters College civic and cultural organizations.
white man say to another white man, "What are you doing in -- --MT. ZION BAPTIST-.
your neighborhood-- knew the nail had been hit on the head. Services Sunday In ML Zion Baptist Church, southside,
This is the Altar that counts..the Altar of personal Responsi Bethune CircleTo Rev. Albert J. ,Reddick Returns eSt Aug Choir begin with the Sunday School at 9 30 a.m, with Superintendent
bility. Anyone and everyone can meet there..Negro, White, B. Alston In charge. The acting pastor will review the ....
Jew or Gentile. Honor To Grant Memorial ChurchA Gives 2 Performance son. Morning service at U o'clock. The choirs and ulcers
For until we all meet there In responsibility an committed will serve with Mrs. Della Smith Jones at the Instrument
responsiveness, there Is no Just and lasting solution housing At U, .Of FloridaST. and the acting pastor will preach. Evening service at 7 o'
Members Dec. 17 third returned
education.The generation member Rev. Albert J. Reddlck clock. Sermon by the acting pastor.
'borne' this week when be was assigned to pastor Grant Memorial highly
recent report of the National Council of Churches on A recognition service and pro AME Church, the institution in which be received: the popular St. Augustine Freedom -
..permjatoio.urtbutlons: for all purpjMi: U 10 denominations gram will be sponsored by the Inspiration to chose the ministry for Ms lift's work. Choir spent the recent: weekendat .FIRST Me v j
lii tie United States for 1964 did not include the tabulation Board of Directors of the Mary Following In the footsteps of be served u statepresdent the University of Florida First New Zion Baptist Church services Sunday commence
of/ aj/major Negro Jenomlnatlon. McLeod Bethune Circle Dec. his. grandparents, mother and years( of the NAACP, and bead Gainesville where they triumphed with the Sunday School at 9 30 a.m, with Superintendent In
The exclusion of 1 1)l1'0 denominations was by no means 17 at 8 p.m, In St. Paul AME father Rev.Reddlck became Interested ed the Ministerial Alliance to less than standing room charge. Mrs Ruth D. White will review the lessor Moraine
racial The fact Is, no Negro denomination sent Us figuresto Church. his only attendances during two service at U o'clock. Rev C.C. Brown will deliver the ...r.moo.
during youth and while In St. Petenburc-
the NCC. The program will honor all performances.The Evening service at 6:30 o'clock. Rev. Clarence Askew
received his license for the He was also one of the leaders
The Free Methodist, with 53,601 members, led the list witha members of the circle for service first concert was given in will preach.
ministry and was ordained at which aided la the
per-member average of$358.17 per year..Just a shade under to the group and to Grant Memorial. of racial segregatloa la Union Hall and the second at
$30 per week per member. education.Dr. Beat Card Coffee House. At I
After from accomoda-
graduation Stanton employment, public
Reformed church with 27,017 Richard V. Moore, president -ABYSSLMA BAPTIST- I
The Associated Presbyterian the close of the second performance
with of of Bethune-Cookman High School, he studied at Edward tions and other areas while in Holy Communion service will be held today at 4 p.a., la :
members was at the bottom a per-member average the Choir was given
$52.63..Just a fraction over $1 per week per member. College who Is also a member Waters College Morris St. Petersburg. a five-minute standing ovation. Abyssinia Baptist with Rev. B.L. Wynn, pastor in charge.
of the organltation. Dr. Moore Brown College ant HammaDi- The retltolre included numbers All choirs and sabers will serve and the pastor will deliver

will be introduced by Dr. Andrew CentralBaptist depicting the long hot sum the sermon.
Robinson, principal at mer of 19M and concluded with Services Sunday begin with the Sunday School at I:30 anu,
s William Raines High School. seven members holding cards with Superintendent B. Alston to cftarge. The acting pastor
ThePerfect The program will also feature bearing the tames of seven civil Services Sunday begin with Sunday School It 9:30 a.m.
local musical talent and the Church rights members who died for Testimonial service at U a.m., with the pastor and officers
la charge. The Male Chorus and Usher Board 3 will
Link chorus of William Runes High the cause of freedom, while di serve.
School. q 14 The order of service for Sun8 -, rector-narrator, Mrs. Lucille Christmas practice Saturday at I p.m.MT. .

Between You, Mrs. Ada Lee Is organizer fie. STndarLc Ris 1U'beet- al, Plummet sang "Nobody Knows
of the circle, which was organi ,. "
The Trouble Seen TABOR BAPTIST"
fur ..,sic In led In 1927. It has made several :30 a.m, Mrs. M. Evangellne Audience and choir reactionto

And Dentist.Mervon's. contributions to institutions of Johnson, Superintendent will be the final, number was the Regular services win prevail Sunday In Ml. Tabor Baptist
higher learning. The theme is in charge. frequent sight of tears rolling Church beginning with the Sunday School at 9 JO a.sv,
"Educate the Youth and the Morning service will be held down the cheeks of both ,slag- Superintendent Jason Barr la charge. ConsecralkM serviceat
Pharmacy Future Is Assured." at 11:00: with the Deacons in era and listeners alike. IOU: a.m. The Holy Communion will be admialstered at
Former presidents of the charge of devotions Choir' 1 The Choir watiwldely acclaimed 3 p...., with Rev. H.T. Overstreet pastor, la charge. All
group includeMrs.; Eloise S. will furnish the lO'IIaIe. with and has received numerous choirs and utters win serve with Mrs. Ella M. Singleton.
Yoor PnscriptioD Pharmacy Lewey, Miss Ondrla King and Mrs Gloria Grant at the con, invitations to. reappear on the and Mrs.Dorothy child at the Instruments. '
Mrs. Magdelim P.Peters,Mrs. sole. The pastor Rev R.Leaa- campus la the near future

2802 W, Edfiwood AVI. Sally.president B. now Balawln and serves Mrs. Lee u der subject Jones: "Good will News speak of oa Great the Bible Study Weekly Hip Fight Fir Frith liy NAACP Fru.w

Is president-emeritus REV. REDDICK Joy".

PO-54485 Also PO-5-1582 Suidiy Mosicile vlnlty School Wlttenburi University The children's Bible Class Prayer M eeling Seals Fun THT licit Intel
at 4
Springfield Ohio. commences p. Choir Bible
Study win be held at
Deacon BentordGoldsmith His pastorates include: Allen rehearsal, 4:43. All children! of 7pm. and weekly Prayer MeetIng .
P1tS M I. sponsor a musicale Sunday beginning ChspelWiUostonHurst Chapil the church are ranged to attend. will be held at Central
\\" Sttrlce at 1 p.m. In The Holy Orlando; St.James,Miami Mother B.T.U. Hour ,will be held at Baptist Church Tuesday, 100:
0 tlireT1 IJ""I Tabernacle Church, 9th and Bethel Tallahassee; Bethel S p.m. Brother Dubs Griffith wlU
Pearce Streets St. Petersburg. Evening worship will gel underway be In charge.
Featured choral group will be Vitally Interested la civil at 7:00. The Lord's Supper Members and friends are Invited.
the Gospel Crusaders rights activities through the and Christian r.uowshlp.wW Rev. R. Launder 1s the
U held in this service.


slarr roe Meets Monday

1814 W. BEAVER NEGRO HISTORYDec. Tbe Baptist Ministers Brotherhood -

of Jacksonville and Mal
1 830 CASSAT AYE. I 9, 1955..The first ..*. veetlnf, out of which County win meet oa Monday Onllone

was born the Montgomery| (Ala.) boycott novewent, at 11 s... la Day Spring Baptist
3101 EMERSON was held. Ctarcft.
The president Ret. R. U-
I w>itu Twwior i Dec. e, 1849"John M. Laniston. acting president under Jones 1s urging all .bi

Howard University tashlncton. D.C., fro 1873-75. seers to be reseaL
was graduated from Oberlin college. Ohio.. Rev. I.". Stwckey, tilt pastor

Dec 6. I869iational Labor Convention la lashincton .- of Ml. Nebo BapUst Chunk, that ratesa
S-T-R-E-T-C- creates colored National Labor Onion. will present The Order of The
Day. Preview of Ike Sunday
>c. I, I837"fendell Phillips Joins aatl>slavery School lesson will be gins by

oveiient. It... ". wnsoa. pastor of
THAT DOLLAR AT PREMIERQUICK Own Bethel Btptlst iastttMlteaJ famous

FROZEN GRADE "A" ,Gateway Vets

'LEGS- 31M. S To Plan Observance cola

T'URKEY Kew officers art ezpectrt to
WINGS 31M.. asevme taetr stattoa and doe
lor 1944 are expected to be paW
ta Ml before J_". Gateway name- .'
NECKS 5 .... Barracks 3131 Coeisunder J.I.
PARTS Irving St. aanooncwd could be
TAILS II.> s.FU. U lop agenda" topics dtrtng Sates.day's .
meeting at I P.BL at
Joe R. James Coe&sMBtfy Cee-

GRADE "A" fr BUDGETFRYERS I ler.Mmbersajp books remain! .

pet tor veterans and dependents /.
.P. of WorM Wu I wiskiac la|ota
27 Is.. Baraacas or Its aeaiUary. I

It. .
tocia new f,

To ,

THE rur.irA :tat

The Latest Mil's Mr Stiles

Are Taught At The ; tmxc or : PEPSI !

1sIIAilck.worvle4l.d! I
u.s. GOY c&ADfD

MALIU AVG. WHT. 2OOiR JacksonvilleBarber LIICt. Tronbled !
AT TXttVATC1 AVG. flip 75.00IaKI
Lost Love. Lost :

B EEF 39 C Colltgt Inc. I ., ItWA Maahaod Let MOTRDI help. ,-Or. -e\

V2 L.s.ld.. ,: trite to- .. --

= FREE 630 DAVIS STREET '..0.10112 I ..., .._. 11 n'

I Detrolt.ldN.
Jicksiiinii. flarth
TIE REN Mill Sill IN lIlT Tf CIAXNCI 4 41%31


.. -.,' -- ..

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I W S ..


.. Atlanta Hosts Association Officials Air Force Offers Sergeants' Named To Relations Posts

{ Pay Raises .

,tM I
xT Prior atrrfcMBM, tots cmtt
| oa lbs Alt Forct payroll .II Ile N Y' F
ncm, ADd U yoa would its <<
report to you atw duty atatlon
ins tto holldaya. KtritantSbowa ..
of tilt local Air Fort
Rtcnittnff Offlc, annomctd "
that tto Air Fore BOW haaopulnia .
for prior .."Ice....

.,' + from all military braactoa.If .
.,k ,, 11 P +. + ttoy Qualify Ssrpait Shows

,v i .a atata that to can kin ttom
I thirty day advaac tear, .
d\ d cholc of baa of aaaipi *nt.la "
most cue rank told at
diacharft, plu a tic pay riles
rtctotly paaaad by Confrtaa. ..


-- .:: I !'AIk,. _...:'t' ,) SAITUXL W. NOLAN (atcond from ItftX and Set kdward llcCltllu an congratulated' \

UARKXT DKVILOmS IN ATLAirTA pI.aDaJDc..u.IoD of NAUD national presided Rumble Ofl Company,Nw York;bits by Mayor Richard I.Dalty(rIghtX lAd Police SupC Orlando W. Widens foUowmt anaounctmtal
tilt Atlanta Chapter National Aasociatiaof>UrkttDmloMrawaa Anal Doris Ball American Baking Company and NAIID of tsar appointment to MV poata.NolukmIaa. named dupvty dlrtctor, Chicago Commlaatai"
told rtetntly upon which occaaloa national hiders erf it* Wonder MOM H. Mndrlx. Standing from ten art: W.G.Walktr for Rttman Utlona. UcdtUan. brainy admlnUtattfr lids to tto pol ,1
marketing and public relishes orltnttd proftaaianal body oat- ,R.J. Rtynolda Tobacco Company;Harold Hamilton,TM IDt.Wctaaee dtYla1ca director I1ICclldllfolu M eommaading officer of UM huwuTrtlatk.** *
Und future proframa of tto aitocUtlon. Abort tile pUanlne Coca-Cola Company; W.B.. O olm.American hutch Company! 1 s.cuoo Oka.co polite dpartmaot. (JePlI'tloto' ) eCUeislnuu .
gap It MM foUowmc mtttlnf at Atlanta'Waluhajt ApartmtoU. eaarlta W. Gram, Atlanta LIT Inauranc Company IdurdJaskss
From left;art H.Nay lor fitihuch Prpal-Co1a Company, Carlini Brtwlnf Company; O. Hamtt! Duty C MralTlr Cant Custom
iffY York.who II] AKDpnlldlot..lect;IIrI.If.U DIackitar Company and Jtm.s Hamilton, Radio Station WOAK Suns' Season Tickets Reduced I IOa
Atlanta Bakinf Company; Paul K.Brown,Atlanta Chapter prtal- Atlanta Following tto matting Ito group wu otertamtd by Out of tilt more modern Carl
Mot The Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Company; James Avary tile Uou H. Kandrli Organisation la bthaK of Oar Coca-Cola atmai trttttoc tack ytar latUttl
MAUD nattonal pnaldaot, Ramble OU Company and !NA1IO Company. oYer. I cnMry. toy Dictator lat, Ito approiimattly 8,000 aharholdr 01'
drat cot atarttd "Ulni-land' to Community Owaod Baatbtll of JackaomUl will to maW '
I ataaoa Tick* 'worth $40 which cu to purchaatd for |1VThU )
Church .
Of God In Christ 114) this Mlattvly n w
otftr to mad aiclaairaly to Stockholdart and to on*
;:-' 'SPOTLIGHT ON Custom hat bee_* wU tita way tto Board of Director(Ml wW abow ttolr appreciation aad
Ends 58th Annual Holy Convocation bllitod.a pcpto & for Jackaonvtll*
thai! Sir Beery Colt Trtpis A whoTbu lbs of
\ toTl&t & to first amn plana tto '
UXUPtQS-Tb Gnral AiatmUy of tilt Church of God toChriat. 5'R@RT-S For furttor information contact had John Horalty to dtaifa Board of DlrKtort: hart for Incmilnf prt-ataaontickttaal
tacH which closed tt lath annual HotyConrocaUon Strpant moss at IMT111 I Chriatmaa pttUni for, lisp to uur the SUNS of a iucciaful optratloa for Ito 1M4
or drop by Room I4S, of tilt tocauMtowat too bI&I1 to
rcntly approved tto plant to parcha BuehlBtry and julp- alma
by ChvWi. J. Uvincnton Port Offict Banding writ to hla frteada chrUGOm .
mint tor tile danomiaatlon'a puMlahlnc btw.Icsas .
of what wu daacrlbtd u on* of tto larpat aDd moat taus Train
fttccaaaful mtotlnct of Ito Ctarch of Cod to Chriat waa Uaaoa'aTimpla 1IONOR PANG 0'IaDUIII .- now/of tomorrow't Job

uurnatloul. htadquartert of the toooralnifUin.which April of 1154. IA baoor Ioq onraso will be bllt0n4:8: .
You could M
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right not. HUM days some
U namtd far lbs Uta and rtrtrtd LOGIC fbwdtr. BlahepChartoi 0Ts sctsd1.dneeaahioaetos v
Teln fSSalrTto'Tto
B. ....... Ovar 10.= daltfataa vr oa hub tor ttotaapirt&f jobs art disappearing for good "btouN machines do them,
aonoeatto honor wm com to QM form of u "tddk EofrUtoa Day" pLaa "bttttr than m.n. TWi proirtia., I It crtltti problems
for tilt Clint, roarcfal coach ly that .... who haa mad Out it IM! crtatti ,fftn.*tmt, for new and btttir Job*. *

b>tcfsgL.C lsJreia..laLossrM I Lipid aDd pereul&l parr WU you bt qualtfitd to get theme P .

My lit Saturday Robtnaoa eouhtd hla, enabling Tlgm
to I M-14 victory ow arci-rlTal Soutton Uimatty to wtatto I y Miry Whitman r Ton Don't Isle To to To Tort To 0.t
lotfhviitera Amlttla Connr**** tute. That brought ala,
.AlBOtt ... Mfcoolb U 4tr uiat it a *r> t-i* r* kurlaai
sacks record rp--dau to UI wiu and only .1 louse vftUhlnf 0".Bll BllkU *. ""mil* pr ..11.." meal LOW PRICESDRUG
Ulutroui mark urltlldar & ,. ....,. ..
ant I Il-ytar j>an,,aa by Ultrtiioa *B4 tuArlnf pictureI a car T/ bailtUrmt
Taw bout to Robluoi wlU ba boG Uawiy lid dsorrmg Man la U* arty p...r.." tf today art bandy tt
tart tt U also lotmiUBff ta lots that RoblaMi will not only potau ...! JMIM LrU. rM141.1 k....,
te honor tar aU grit ccachlac, bid for aU.. 'whoUaartdMpoort .t WMtm rukllihlM Car Sa Children slrtd.Adults.. labs Ut a.. ..la.. STORE NEEDS
1 1w lUrl .. Wl.
of ataUUea aadforhUeontrBwtioaiu.. put
oflntrtolltiat ,
bus hard
I Midst to tM natioowld adYUe.....of uu11-eaW *foot aU. A U cklld U. t vbol..ilr.n..rlo.lty !at* rMkMMl A. ar ern rmmkrtM r U a* aaai** tf
TaU Kddlc't caa*. to partkalar Th. 1a poach atari to naa **.". .."y blobs ta attrta- lbs ,la..ta. U M, lit w... tt
bunt oat lot pre .lootbaQ nods Uk -WlWi Who" lUt. .. 11". r.ck..i sad ...t. tall kick ta aa .!. Mkotl4ay Trade with Tour Neighborhood Drug Store
Toro' ar Hal ",...** Yupr ID* formr All-Fro LoAsg.Lis / .,7.rlte. ha" ree..lI Laip.Illsb.4 ...1.*, Mal up a f' .*, sir ft WILL BIT ANT than AOV.IN TCU LOCAL PAPCU.t .
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: rile Ltd of Ibo is ii,* U>* t* Casual t twar4 frtm
Rami balldour fallbackt maaatr [ yle.l.t.r.. 1..u yt. bars Mr*.ry Dell,.". h also fill all Doctor 'rllorttSoll?
ketlgmid hip U> sad.P5ruls >
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Carth. Man Juplur
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Cadet of avtlaad, lad Wilts OavlJ, Ckkafo>D.trcU. 4oam ..... ....r.LA .1111.. Crass Nfptaa, fluu.t .
1 / Jut a tn.Th f tar .4 ai tIm l 1.1ri 10 y*. t.....*, U* ...iac.,
r Hv CrambUac Utmfeartoi. will lit tmoac De boat of (.tk.r tttm 5 u. book all4 -My r.ry .4 /ai4 ka. r M CrambUa stars who wta rib back to m* cimpu to tern *-"*,11.- r* kl a.4 kf', 5. nlat >l.kl..." a4 lbs Pharmacy
Ottr m.alor oa hla.. apKkU day, AH .U of laU coach Isnp.rstir. kit. ktf* awl i. amas. ... Ins |*tirt trt yttr ky,
Moll MBUla. Pub w'rk t* Dtat lift ll..r.l sill
ans.Wta .. .4f will kt III,. fca..
dlia..r 4' Sir yt
to Younger! apttk about aim.Coach [rtaclplM**. N:ww* u ISIS :!kft kt a sail .n., .t Ut .lar if.- 1)42) RlHl ln At Mrtli ATIIII
Reseed baa doM a matcatoaa Job aM dmtala ..uk4 aa *>pi. fill aid 4. ..*. Aid. vita a liiut ..., trim.
tatop r. slue of Dotrttt, UkK,M to dolirtri hUmorUlM honor lit la kl bly rtllttcI."I'JWM" baa ....* .....4 kit !... .! atMlaa.ttk ckil4r. labs ytvll pars Nun Ctfii S-SSI7-II
tic.r- .rtaadat.** Dar.Ttor k4 mars BroteMtooal Mats IBM nay otktr oach to ..'., MM.n .i par to M- lk.. MILFIGHT I .
-- -- ... ." plulsd ..< lbs rk aaj fr attaahU .
wu sod dkmaalon oatto Natsr toy dtopm ofas 1'Y.' .",....... CrambtlM atatwarta lore Muted la tto Am ricaa ..,.... .d M l... *rtlr PIT nu inn, WATER mi un'llil
.. .
Hot ,114..t. .a.lh. I.nas 1.c.a.
dtcrtt of aattortty
XalloMl aad Caaadlaa Uarwa ftflMa art nrmtly toU
coarocatloa wu Ito M< tar l" llml pr
atomld to axtrcUtd by MB V cli study oommBU to Qa4tltaU AH. sad Nit aid fn pre aamd to LD Pre huts dial trim a paid ., ,r....IUU .' tILLS AT 101 STOIC
Nil todlrtdMla to ttocnarch.
bonds Ian fan.Ai ... .
had oa prtatat cartchpnptrty s Mf ea. a. Ik Nat
to Kampala, tor ... to nolatod Ml, H U almoal tmpoaaft U to walch I pr* pal I
tt wu scud mat Ito poattka.. eonatrwctloa of Ito C.*. Maim a Utorlaloa wtthout .....,a CrambUa prodMCl to tto liara.KkkaaaMd -- ------ -
of lbs titctUrt Beard hadprttloaaly Ttooloclcal Stmlnary.Oitttaadlnf "Qm C6tt* Iwcaaaoa to arrr todalM mat
tota rAnatd u con.oeaUoa Ipso.. **..* to pralatof aU toama, sable U a pert.cllaa1lt
lbs $lawful aattorattf |o tra- ere belated Or. Artala C. vto dtmaad*...ton from aUpUftra..and|*Utt. H* dmaada
lie parr of tto Ctorch. ..- KaUory, ....r aid prtatdtatof thai ... am play ..,.... taXUU, balaaclBf I Hort d.,....
let only to Ito ....ral U1..* tto SUaU Jwaior Collet. wtth wtQ ..,. Tkla aattorlty wu sits. UaHictea: Mice, sad u adTiaor ..... Ito TovMjvra, Ow Ladda. sod Ito Da,...., *t aLrttara
ralrra.d Was vda'Carcd.la I* m* Maapowtr Dtr*. I* Dill alma mater to toip honor Rotmaoa, no dMbittoy MARKS h
IU mtmtoraklp of twra.000 iapmtat.. Tralalaf Act Comma* wfil rMaa rfrVBy o* biro dlarh tilac they wBtotoodxtor SUPER
paatora.tua *.. to Vuhtacton; Atry.CamttlJaaaaa.CammlMUr .......
| <9 AA UcEwt, Boardctolraaa. of M ttoy wta also r.m.mbr how I paid oft lot Dell topnotardom.
epoatd tto boalactaaioa Eqtal KaiploymtaJ Ctvortmity. QUANTITY EIGHTS' IISIRVIDtCf
eotrtcadoa dad
of tto
WiM Wtop IoU wu.
tipUlBd Ito CtorcA of Cod Siclil TMtld | 0000 yrt.lQSNu.tit IT coel1040 alb 1
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protram.BUttop CaKwu lard, aadhtompkl Cal..* a cltlita haa had ....... to a* ar. s

JOB*., ala s/d resin 1'1R 'r.* Mayor VUllam I. taTto pM >n,.. altat try ..!! IJf. s .tol* tlf FRESH FLA. GRADE A FANCY
m* clottaf ataaloa of Ito *. .. wrtlflcat ,
BOW macatotry erg,., tla *ltho t vr luvtM re' a
TteattM apoto of to*., ptaco, clod tit Ito COOCpuMlah* of birth or ...a kMla httor hi* hlrtk. .ta |I
aid tatty aad nUdfwd hto Mr*
toe Ito Ctorch lie towti ta htomfiUa to a.padd r* oro...
alty Idmj00ft It to kMUlUd Vf m*
Umtd Ito April Call mat fc.. Pot rMt tafita. 110....", ... ptraoahit BEEF LIVER
I .sat proem a<. ..4 M1 tfla o'*r IBXMIMllcatlo ali I.,
that h* la suit.
grist Mara .fpw... -' Mblr. .

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rteord.in ski. ........,. birth p.hlUrtetrd. 25 LB. 33 *
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18th CMM for a fH.ral Claw .,,.Oft.. acMeI FAD DETERGENT CLOROX
glow over an century yentas art Md U ..'.'11.' a* ...11...,. .

rlaat U .*..UtI. kJO / tlonlLOla.
English :

The Yule Logor *! OPEN REG.PKG..
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fe.tinou...., lMa th* ..,..t.t..w.,. 1 1 BALLARD FLOUR tPAS. 4.e
." Gad.o'a.a M.'I J55.$74$ Iii ir ifk!

(.,|_t New "..,' 1C .. GOOD HOPE EVAPORATE (Ill Cll J 101

Laaf JrM.ft& III Hi. Tills I&SUitl HOLSUM WHITE BREAD ,, ,' lUll UU 1 1Ot


1Irsyt1 s.4 Utri in. RUSH'S PORK t REAMS (?r 41 U. Cll 25e

&sBM p..Marl________....-u


w- : _

1 .? J '



Altar CallOn Former Floridian Movesr Educated At Edward Waters

t rainy Sunday afternoon, 750 churchmen: ..priests, em.r.t
preachers, tad by people..met tor four hours In a suburb ti 1Jurtb
of Chicago for a conference on education and housing
Sponsors were pleased to see so many Catholics,Protestants,
Jewish..Negro and white people assembled tor the first times'
In the city's history In such "a meeting, to discuss he racial BSurlyAPTISTMa.gnolia
Implications of such Important actors for the future of any Services Baptist Church begin with the.
community as education and housing.An Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. Morning service at U o'clock.At .
outstanding educator presented the educational pictureat 4 p.m., Miss McVoe Washington will be presented a
all levels.-college, high school and elementary school-- +V 4t musical recital. Evening service at 6.JO o'clock. Choir 2
challenging his bearers with the many advantages of Integrated and Usher Board 2 will serve. Tesuday at 7 p.m.,prayer
living, challenging the educational society to practiceand service. Rev. W.S. Peoples Is pastor.
preach Integration from the nursery school to the graduate
Then, a mortgage banker avowed the economic benefits of Integrated -UNITED BAPTIST-
bousing--the tragic ultlmacy of apathy In housing, for Holy Communion service will be held Sunday at 6 p.m., in
which our posterity would to pay a great price In horrendous United Baptist Church with consecration service at 3.43:
social, economic and human Ills. p.m. Rev. W.M. Smith, pastor, will deliver the message
The huge group disassembled going Into IS seminar groups ., Sunday School at 9.43: a.m. The lesson will be reviewed, by
for discussions: led by experts in education and housing, the pastor. Morning service at 11.03: o'clock. Rev. Samuel
returning for a closing plenary session. Allen, assisting pastor, will preach. Bible study Tuesdayat
The pattern sounds like that of many another conference held 7:30 p.m., and prayer meeting I p.m. Wednesday at
In other places of which some persons might say, "oh well. 6 p.m., Christmas practice. Youth prayer hour at 7 p...,
Just another one of those conferences." st and rehearsal for Choir 2 at 8 p.m.
Despite the endless number of meetings, seminars, and conferences 1 *
that people Involved In civil rights are attending __ o WALTERS: MEMORIAL .
In this there Is always something Holy Communion services will be observed Sunday in Walters -
these days, in each, u one,
Memorial AME Zion Church during the major services.
accomplished. i. Services with the School at 930 ...., with
An isolated case In point occurred on my way out. A young begin Sunday ;
white man, apparently in his mid SO'., came rushing up tome 4L Miss Amy Moreland presiding. The lesson will be reviewed
asking what civil rights group he should Join and get to by Rev. H.C. Archie, pastor. At 3 p.m., the Interdenoml- '
work. AmeDIUndoubtedly national Missionary Union will meet with Mrs. Rosa Young
there were many others who at this very meeting in charge. Christian Endeavor Hour at I p.m. Evening service .
were "converted"another child ofGod.nt.rineth'K1nrclom. at ( o'clock. e.NEW
And so, the long arduaous task of chiseling out a bunk of
democracy for America's children of the darker hue Is lessened .. JERUSALEM-
with each new disciple.: Holy Communion services will be held Sunday at I p.m..
When the religious forces of a community..Jewish,Protestant In Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church with Rev. W.A.
Catholic..combine their energies, imagination and creativity, REV. JONATHAN A. DAMES, pastor of the Woodlawn AME and Howard University School of Divinity. Rev. Dames Is Mack minister In charge. Sunday School at 9.30; a.m., and
and call a city's attention to Its future-a future that involves Church, 6456 Evans, Chicago, HI., and Mrs. Dames, will director of Vacation Church School, Department of Christian morning service at U o'clock. The pastor will preach, and
ALL God's children--the disenchanted and disenfranchised move into the church's $39,000 new parsonage following dediEducation of, the AME Church, t 32nd degree Mason and a administer the Lord's Supper at J p.m.
take fresh courage. catory services Sunday. A native: of Key West, Rev. Dames member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. He Is also active In
All these surely have a responsibility. But when I heard one was educated In the local schools, Edward Waters College, civic and cultural organltations.
white man say to another white man, "What are you doing In -MT. ZION BAPTIST-.
your nel&bborbood.1 knew the nail had been bit on the bead. Services Sunday in Mt. Zion Baptist Church, IOUthaJd ,
This Is the Altar that counts..the Altar of personal Responsi Bethune Circle Rev. Albert J. Reddick Returns; 'St. Aug.'ChoirGives begin with the Sunday School at 9.30 a.m.with Superintendent
bility. Anyone and everyone can meet there..Negro, White, B. Alston In charge. The acting pastor will review the les
Jew or Gentile. To Honor To Grant Memorial ChurchA 2 Performance son. Morning service at U o'clock. The choirs and tatters
For until we all meet there In responsibility an committed will serve with Mrs. Delia Smith Jones at the instrument
responsiveness, there Is no Just and lasting solution to housing Members Dec. 17 third generation member, Rev. Albert J. Reddick returned'home' At U. Of FloridaST. and the acting pastor will preach. Evening service at 7 o'
clock. Sermon the
and education. AUC.VST1NE..T1It by acting pastor.
this week then be was assigned to pastor Grant Memorial highly
The recent report of the National Council of Churches on A recognition service and pro- AME Church, the institution in which be received the popular St. Augustine Freedom
..permia'jjiuoulributlons) : for all purp,s.) Li 10 denominations gram will be sponsored by the inspiration to chose the ministry for his life's work. Choir spent the recent weekend --FlRJfNCV-
In the Unltad States for 1964 did not Include the tabulation Board of Directors of the Miry Following In the footsteps of years, be served as state, ores. at the University of Florida, First New Zion Baptist Church: services Sunday commence .
of any major Negro ;Jenomlnatlon.! McLeod Bethune Circle Dec. his grandparents, mother and Went of the NAACP and head- Gainesville, where they triumphed with the Sunday School at ':30 a.m. with Sigwrinlendent in
The eiclashn of Nurro denominations was by no means 17 at 8 p.m., In St. Paul AME father, Rev.Reddick became Interested ed the Ministerial Alliance to less than standing room charge. Mrs. Ruth D. White will review the Ie.... Morning
racial. The fact Is, no Negro denomination sent Its figuresto Church. during his youth and while In St. Petersburg.. only attendances during two service at U o'clock. Rev. C.C. Brown will deliver the ser
the NCC. The program will honor all received his license for the He was also oof the lead- performances.The mon. Evening service at 8:30 o'clock. Rev. Clarence Askew
The Free Methodist, with 53,601 members, led the list witha members of the circle for service ministry and was ordained at ers which aided In the breakdown first concert was given In will preach.
pcr-member average of$338.17 per ear--Just shade under to the group and to Grant Memorial. of racial segregation In Union Hall and the second at
$30 week per member. education.Dr. Beat Card Coffee House. At
After from Stanton nccomoda-
employment, public
with Richard V. Moore, president -ABYSSINIA BAPTIST-
The Associated Reformed Presbyterian church 27,017 the close of the second performance
High School, he studied at Edward tons and other areas while In
with ofS2.63just of Bethune-Cookman Holy Communion service will be held Sunday at 4 p.nu in
members was at the bottom a per-member average Waters Morris the Choir WU given
$ a fraction over $1 per week per member. College, who is also a memberof Brown College sal HammaDi- St. Petersburg. a flve-mlnute standing ovation. Abyssinia Baptist with Rev. B.L. Wynn, pastor in charge.
Moore College, All choirs and tubers wOllin. and the
the organisation. Dr. The retitolre Included numbers pastor will deliver
I will be Introduced by Dr. Andrew Central depicting the long hot sum the sermon.
Robinson, principal at mer of 19M and concluded with Services Sunday begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.nu.
William Raines High School. Baptist seven members holding cards with Superintendent B. Alston m charge. The acting pastor
ThePerfect The program will also feature bearing the names of seven civil Services Sunday begin with Sunday School at ':30 a.m.
local musical talent and the Church rights members who died for Testimonial service at U a.m., with the pastor and officers
Link chorus of William Raines High the cause of freedom, while dI. la charge. The Mate Chorus and Usher Board I will serve.
School. The order of service for Sun- rector-narrator, Mrs. Lucille Christmas practice Saturday at 3 p.m.
Between You, Mrs. Ada Lee is organizerof buadavSchoolscW blct- al, Plummer sang Knows
the circle,which was orga i- "
The Trouble I've Seen. -MT. TABOR BAPTIST.
Your Physicin led in 1927. It has made several 9.30: a.m., Mrs. M. Evangellne Audience and choir reactionto

And Dtitist.Mewon's, contributions to Institutions of Johnson, Superintendent will be the final number was the Regular services will prevail Sunday' in Mt. Tibor Bap I
higher learning. The theme is in charge. frequent sight of tears rolling fist Church beginning with the Sunday School at 9.30 a.mSi I
"Educate the Youth and the Morning service will be heldat down the cheeks of both ,slsg riitendenl Jason Barr U charge. Consecration service
Pharmacy Future Is Assured." 11:00: with the Deacons in ers and listeners alike. at lOn: a.ra. The Holy Communion will be administered at
Former presidents of the charge of devotions Choir' 1 The Choir wan widely acclaimed 3 p.m.. with Rev. H.T. Overstreet, pastor In charge AU
group lnc1ud'.),lra. Eloise S.Lewey will furnish the music, with and ...'ree.tltcllIaID.ro.a choirs and sabers wlfl serve wttt Mrs. Ella M. Slegleton: ,
Your Proscription Pharmacy Miss Oudrla King and I Mrs. Gloria Grant at the con,, Invitations to reappear on the and Mrs. Dorothy Chllds at the Instruments. '
Mrs. MagdellM".Peters,Mrs. sole. 'The putor, Rev:R.Lean campus la the near f\ltare
Sally. B. Balawln serves as der Jones will speak on the
2802 W, Ed'mod An. president now and Mrs Lee subject: "Good News of GreatJoy" Bible Study Weekly hip Fil.t' Fir FMI.IB IRS NAACP rrn.n
Is presidentemeritus.Sondiy REV. REDDICK .
PO-54485 Also PO.S.UI2t M.sicili vanity School, Wlttenburf Unl- 'The children's Bible" Class Prayer 'M eating Sats From Tnr licit Brmk
at 4 '
virally, Springfield Ohio. p.m., Choir Bible Study win be held at
Deacon Bentord Goldsmith will His pastorates include: Allen rehearsal, 4.43.: All children of 7 p.m. and weekly Prayer Meeting
,\ \ \\, I. sponsor t musicals Sunday beginning Chapel,WlllostonHurst chapel, the church: are urged to attend. will be held at Central
Snrlct\ 0, at 8 p.m. In The Holy Orlando; St.James,Miami Mother B.T.U. Hour will be held at Baptist Church Tuesday, 8 00
\\n\ p"/1 Tabernacle Church, 9th nod Bethel Tallahassee; Bethel 8 p.m. Brother Benton Griffith will
$1 F"1 Pearce Streets. St. Petersburg. Evening worship will get nnder be in charge.
Featured choral group will be Vitally Interested In civil way at 7.00.: ) The Lords Supper Members and friends are tovtted. -
the Gospel Crusader rights activities through the and Christian Fellowship,will ., Rev. II. Leander 1s the
U ...141a this service

s IocanoRS io THIS WEEK IN There \ .

rIRYE IOe Meets MondayThe .

1824 W. BEAVER NEGRO HISTORY Baptist U Jacksonville Ministers and Brotherhood oval- only one

1 830 CASSAT AYE. Dec. 3. 1935--Tt e first mans neetlnj. out of Watch Cowry win meet on Mondayat
was born the Montgomery Alt. ) boycott novenent.was 11 a.m. In Day Spring Baptist -
3101 EMERSON held. Ctarcn.Tne diet
president. Rev. R. Uaader cola
Deo. 6. 1849"John M. Luiston. acting president. Jones U nrgtng all ministers .
Howard University Washington D.C., fro 1873-73. to be present
was graduated true Oberlin college. Ohio. Rev. H.W. Steckey, the pastor
Deo 6, 1869"National Labor convention in f.shington of Mt. Nebo Baptist Church that ratesa
STRETCHTHAT creates colored national Labor union. will present The Order of The
Day. Preview ef the Sttday
6ec. 8. 1837"lendell Phillips joins enti'elav.rymovement. School lesson will be given try

Rev. R.H. w ... >pastor> of
DOLLAR AT PREMIERQUICK Bethel t Baptist UkiMionalChurch. famous

FROZEN GRADE "A" Gateway Vets

'LEGS31k. S To Plan Observance cola "

T'URKEY LE Hew officers are expected teasswme i 0; '
< WINGS 31k., their sUUne and doe R.
tor 1M4 are eipected: to be paid ." '
NECKS 5 to Ml before Janwary, Gateway name +.
PARTS .... Barracks JUt Commander M. _. .
Irving ST., announced would befcp
TAILS 6 u.FLA. agenda topks during Sahff
day's meeting at S p.m. at
Joe H. James Conua nJry C...

"A" fr BUDGET t let
MeaterUlp books reeum e-
C pen lot m.naa&lld dependents
27 of WorU war wuig to*>ta A
FIVERS the Barracks or Ms ncUUary. i

LL Bend
Own h Social Neve

Z T> b1LP

TIE fUr.Jr'"% :TAx

PiCNIC 39NO 1111$111 lit I

The latest ton's Hiir Styles R4I'ai ttl3lmT

Are Taught At The MOTHOI: txvr" or i

u.s. GOv. CUDCD ItD1A tick worried.84tnck. e I '

,MAUlS AVG. WHY 100# ; JacksoircilltBarbtr Trowtle

AT rticiVATCN THIS AVG. PRICI 13.00 Lost Love Lost


EEF 39 Collae IRC. I _. ,Let ltd ntmn help jo OP*. iJt' ,

Y2 LbAdJ o ; irite UMIIIEI lEttlE- .. .. '...1au /.,'

== FREE P..$' 9182petolt.lc1. Ii
licksinnii. Florida U- I

+, -_ _.. '- .'. ......- _L


wp'I -

V .

.. Atlanta Hosts Association Officials Air Force Offers Sergeants' Named To Relations Posts

x ? ri Pay RaisesBy


Prior ..nle...., you caa
cat oa me Air Force payroll
BOW, and U you would like, I
report to your new duty statloa

after the holiday Sergeant '.
Snowa. of the local Air Fore
Recruiting Office, announced
that the Air Force BOW ban i

i openings for prior servkemea I J
from all military braachea. .
u they qualify, Sergeant Shows
e fi e .. states that be cu give them

t I'' t ;n w /h a thirty day advance leave, ,
choke: of bate cf assignment.In -
most eases rank held at
discharge, plus a big pay raise
recently passed by Congress. 1

__. :" -...- "..af- .- --.1..110.': : l '\. It.... i \' 1
SOT. SAUCXI. W. NOUN (second has left), sad let kdward UcOellaa tin coagratumted' :
MARKET: DEVELOPERS IN ATLAMTA planning session of MAUD national presided Humble 00 Company,New York;Mrs by Mayor Richard 1,Daly(rlghtX& ud Ponce Supl Orlando W. WUsoa, following: announcement
the Atlanta QapterlIaUoDal AaaociaUoa of Market Developers Annie Doris Hall, Antrlcaa Baking Company and NAMD 01 twit appolutaut to MY poota.Nolan w beta Maid Q puty d1nctor,QJcqo eo.a1aaJaa .
was held recently upoo which oecaaioa national leaders of the founder Moas H. Kendrto. Standing from left are W.Q. r for llama Relations. Ucdellaa. formerly adalalstattive aide to th* polk department'* '
marketing and public relations oriented proftaalonal body out winker R.I. Reynolda Tobacco Company HaroI4l1&mutoe.Th InttUlgenc division director succeeds Noun. commanding omen of th* human reiattoa j
lined tatur* program of tile aaaocUtion. Abort the planning Coca-Cola Company; W.B. a+isolm.American Match Company: section, Chicago police department (N71 Photo)
soup la seen following meeting at Atlanta's Waluhaje Apart* thins W. Greene, Atlant Life Insurance Company Edward
moots. From left;art H.Kay lor Fitsbugh,Pepal-Cola Company, Jenkins Carllnf Brewing Company O. Haroett, Duffy General Ctut.ln\U Cbrd Custom
New York who UHAVUprel Atlanta Baking Company; Paul C.Brown.Atlanta Chapter preal- Following tile mutant fee group was .nt.rtalned by .. OM of the more modern Chrlstmas .
Mat The Atlanta Coca-Cola: Bottling Company James Avery, tile Most R. Kendrta Organlaatlon in behalf of tile Coca-Cola t ) .. greeting sick year. II
MAlfD MtVfil president, Ramble Oil Company and KAaCO Company. I little cm a entury Clef Oa December let, the approximately 1,000 anareholder ol'
first lOt turfed UKncUad !la Community Owned Baaeball of JackaonvUle will be mailed
Church Of God In Christ .... this relatively new a seasoa Ticket worth $40, which caa lit purchased UW >
114) This o9ir U mad iclutvly to stockhoktori tad U ODe
;:-. SPOTLIGHT ON custom lot become: will tcu way the Board MDhr.etorelnl will ahow their appreciation: and
Ends 58th Annual Holy ConvocationMEMPICSTtto Ulabed.la to the. who
gratitude people are reapoulbl for JacksonvUl
\ ,: tut year, Sir Henry Colt having Triple A b.b t. This I* the first of seven plans tilt )
5 : For further
General Aasembly of the laud of God Ia @RI-S tact laformatloa, toss bad John Koraley to deans Board of DUKtora hen for Increaatot pl'.oeuoa tick..sales
Christ, lac., which closed Itth annual RolyCtcvocaUoa here lingual Sbowsat JM-Tlll a Christmas greeting for, blip to assure the SUNS of a successful operation for th* 1M4season.
or drop by Room I4J, of the becauMbavas too buy to
recently approved the plans to r4J' maehksry aDd equip .
meat far the denomination's, put listing house. by/ Charles Livingston Post Office Building. write to Us frteads at carte

Scene ef what was described u .... ;:Sa Urrect aDd most tmu.G' .
successful meetings of the Church of God to Or lit was Mucus BONOR LONG OVERDUE Train not.for tomorrow't Jobi

Temps international headquarters of the d.somtsetlat.kk1 Ia .U of UI&, u 1a.or. boa ontdw will* be.towI4 01
ODe of UIe aoM Ot..nq H&ad You could h* right Out mar not T>I... Jays some
ls named for .nllted.H
the late and revered COQC founder. Bishop: ec*/ f lco&cn*. t1 Y
Charles .. Mason. Over 10,000 delegates were oa hand for the &A coll.p foothill jobs are dnipptiring for good htctuM mlchintl do them
Inspiring convocation.Ushep Tat honor will com la DIe fora of aa tddie Robusoa Day better thin m.". Thti'i | rorvi. It castes |>roMm..
fax th* clever, resourceful easel by that tau no w made afll Rut It leo crtttti tfftn iiin for new and better jobs *

Ia ZW5O2II1I I1t cllde..Ia 1.OII1aJua I legend lAd ptrtUSal post Will you be quailed l to get theme' .

Only ltd Saturday, Roblnaoa coached his CraaibUag TIlt,. SQa
to h M-14 victory over archrival Southtra Catmetty to vtath WhitmanAlBMtt T Toti. Don't Hav to to TO row To a.,

.......n Athletic Conmre*** tile That brought als p Mart ,. _
coaching record tp-to date to 1U wtas and only II losses ,. .W....erenr* o.aI.eeheelkey, tights" todrq enUlrrltMa teat' lag".11.a. per ip *erocketer tUe.. ." .*... LOW PRICES
over 113>ytr spaa.aa Chutnms mark by any staAdards. sal lludrlxt pIctutM I le a tar ....,. Tbe.e ha ale '
TIlt honor to Roblnsoa will be both timely aDd deserving et Man to the toll? psp.n." Urn ef today are beady lekaew
bat tt te also Interesting to late that Jtobiasoa will sot only poltu sit J..M Lrl. >r. ld..tet ,
to honored for his great teaching tat for his wholehearted Wktaa tttlllsklag Com- Cbll4rtn tabs Ue n.w eeiM.. DRUG STORE NEEDS
to strUt
lUeUe, Wle
support totereolleitate athletics, and foraisooatrlbutloAsu pear
reMhMMI Adulu nuy he a bard Urn.
I leader laths nationwide advancement aouU-colkn football. A tfcU4 U Ue curtMlty whole ualvme.new At a n. ,*...,.rt_* U* .... ef
Take Eddie's cue, ta partlcalar, The top>aoteh stars be W ,..,11. ..ar *'. ea .*ire.- tbs p"" "'*. If .., Ifi wUe te '
toned out for pro foottan reeds like a Who's Who" list. ..". ...1.| .. iwckvt. sal ipefeipler fell lack oe II e)4 .e......' Trade with your Neighborhood Drug store
There are Paul .T...- Younger the former AU.Pr. UsAagetoa (t'i Airs reoenUr *. I ,.. Make. up a fIa.., ua tt PILL KEST ANT PfJCU ADV.lil TOUR LOCAL PAFEM.I .
Rami a. dour ftUbeeij Busatve Irate. Add cI the 1eIllsbed U sire r|. |".r ':aIu.... Ceu.U.i e.tw r4 trewIk DllvTff also fill all Doctor
: ben M pnescriptloasDixie
krlgrwel help Ihq see veu nary
gal Dtop Junloos Bathaaaa Kaaaas Ctty
Chartersi ;
V BO r rt>. Mar. Jupiter,
Plats will tlM 14 Ue
Catof of CtoteUad, and WUlto Davis, Ckkgo-D.trot. to ... _HtIIL /:lure. Crtaei. Npliae. fl U,
.... )Jut I tew. "A r."tr "* ..a rta bus ,. Be reu r.BBk.r Ue ..*!..,.,
The five Gramblmg lu-taut s wlU be amoag the host ofaGraabUng ('Utr trm a *.. book r U4a My very e4u( l.4 MMk r lust
Mara who win trek beck to the campus to honor .dl...." A retktt. ... e k.,', linN u. also ..e.....*." and Uert Pharmacy
their mentor oa his special .,. All speak. clash toaeh la kike "U mock la MMBte*. Ue / leture are yeur h,.
superlative lerma.Ustea host .1",1. Jot weal a Dent sirs U* sestet Sect
j IatIpI. *lce *r"4 kf 1 1 r Er.r7k 4y will ke Sun yes have
to Touager apeak about htm. |I.... Mtvu U till wk*.. he a....4 crttp ef u. Mir .r. UI2 lint lit At Mftli AVIIII
Coach RoUaaoa haa dug a matchleaa lob aad deserve e.ubeas .>p4. fall lied.. !... A.4 will a UlUe k.l, hem
w. Means of Detroit, Mkk, u he delivers Memorial thla laws Me ta highly respected everywhere aad has..... t.....4 kU Uw et BtMIe* tktl4ru fawe.aa a ,.I.Mf.sDay. loped more profeaaloeal stars tai say other coach to met MMww rch.i power le aplalud M rtgbLFIGHT .
Progress.Another. couatry.Tweetyseves.- a/ Its ,...... rlt uleg
There was some dkusaioa oa key developmeet of Grambltag stalwarts have starred h the!aerie arise fads sent M .... er FAT Tim KBIT WATII INI UUfllltItllS
the degree of authority that m>U MTI**. New terms kcme
.. National and Caae4Ua rtReea lathe I
the coBvoeatioa waa .w.c -, League are curready CANCER
board should be and exercised todmduals by to some the up of study committee to find AIL and NFL, and five were named to An.,,. teems Seal iMir. trim tr a pe.Ue*< ef Umti.rp.ll ere*.tle AT NI Stilt
suitable toad on preeent caret LuC b11. a Mre4 ..... Ike ....
churck.n property, ta Memphis, for DMconstrwctk As he pouted e.. M 11 slat tapoul M to watch 1 pre game I
was agreed that the p situ of the C A Roans oe totovtoloa without seeing a GrambUsg product the 1-..
of the Eieewtiv Board had 'Theologkal 1. Luy..arotallw. Xkkaamed -a.m 1 Da" becauses he never todulgM hiaceases I
... ..
bee & u
pwtoualy lawN t.- Outstanding apeak* la praising his teama, Kotlasoa la a perfectloalst
the ssthorattv toms.zt era Included Dr. Areato C. who demands the beet from pla.r."....'".. Be demands I
of the Church subject
$ power Mallary, ro.ter.,1dtItof that his .. play hardMee tuotUll, balancing a stout defeaaewtth
only to the general ..... .
the Saint* Junior CoUege a wetl c ordinate4 cffeaeo.
III,. nil authority *as alas. Lettogto Ml**, and aa a4 Ira Vrhea the Toue.era, the Ladda. vA the Day...., el aL
reamrmed by the Eldef Cow slaw to the hUapewer Dtve titan to their alma mater to help hunt Robmeon. M dout4Ihry MARKET h
cfl with Its membershto of over UPER
lopmeei Tramtog, Art c...> wtU recall midi, the harsh ca. >liniiig they wtthsiooduwter j
.aoo.-1Ion. toe to washtogtoni Arty Carl Robinson.M .
sjtsho AJ, Mclwee the, c Board. .I1Cl... C..lssll1.r a they wta also ,....btr how I paid off for them Ispr.
Chalrmaa, opeeed atog
tint tslpi.y..at' QpeeAtalty. stardom. QUANTITY RIOHTS, IISIKVIDT
...._ of the coavocadoa lad

captained to Christ. espanded the Church vwMl.iEvaag.ildlc of God. of WaOtogtaa Jew ortoeaa; Bishop,, John amber WhBe.ofIk Tin Siclil Jieifltf .Mete' 100. TMMUM lmbly a T IMt000 *vl, h

EaecwUv Beard
aadMemphto Caleee a cltlie has had Meeelest to exure e
pavers.sd4r..etag Mayer VOltam B. to-
BUftop I.. Cram, Jr. peeeport.be sleet very .ell live a whole life FRESH FLA. GRADE A
of CM
me cloatog seesioa cmvvecatka >
The new aueatoery betogpur* It.. without ever hevlag received a eertlflcetef
spoke of tee, peece, eland lor the COCK pubiiah birth ... .... knoetsi whether his blrtb'U |I
his leyalty
aid ufttty and pledged
tog houee to Memphto to .
** r rM4..
and support ter ft* Church
pected to be kutaU4 by the
timed me AltO Call vxttec for retlreoeat ,...erlt..0..1', each Ptreoeuet
Pr,,. his. ads sad .*/ dleoover uroo eaUi BEEF LIVER
arellcetlo' that .. Is oust tu.
great sabers.r,.... ..... ..IrII *

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century rde are oeo4 te eetahlleh aa .*'U...,' .

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English Christmas : ru....,.

... REGPKG. :
The Yule

or Gordons? 10';


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awry bas dcvvteS M M fir MOW. PAY LATER

Ckmruet.Tl ifwta FANCY YELLOW ONIONS 13{
fps i u. in
C wif up. It's still Ea,

ere ld** too bVaw-ener TTa 6ct. tW. Am.belt.v. J II Its UWT IIJI Scull III HANDI-PAK FRENCH film POTATOES 2 n. in 29C

rfil --' "..T_ o.n.c.. ;
..., Mat I". ...u..w. Nlr.als ItllllEI TIT II ETDltftS CUSSES
IItieiuau Kee,1'r .hob BALLARD FLOUR S ", '11. 41 <

-idl a.rcs..... / ;....., W J51574 tat w ifkt.

f." Nru y.*,*.. lr, u .j

Ipe.- 111 ni. IItl1dtii1 HOLSUM WHITE IREAft r tuci flit 10 1 1t *

fEJ1 u< Ua-i SU. RUSH'S PORK I IEANS L.r -/at---....-.--M11.mle..erwll.a N .
J k. "




j t


Rev. J.W. JonesReterns Na t4noe festivities Feature Point NNta ax Classic iC1etJi GofceIild

To Allen

Following ellau of the 90th
session of the Florida tanutl IT eo$ ..SSWITt.aJ.Ma .

AUK: Conference presided over t.......... =o...rnM.
by the Rt. Rev. Eugene Hitcher iT
in St. Paul A1IS Church, StAugustine. : THC ALUAMKKICAN BAIT .
Rev. J.W. Jones ofhcksom1Ile a-- If anyone r\rr tot around tearlrrttnR <
vu returned u the ""AlUAmrrU t ]
pastor of Allen Temple AUK Bait" hr'd doubtlrnaly award the T
Church for 19M in return to k title to the common rarthworm. 1
r This allmy. wriggling bundle
UM desire expressed by AUen'sOmatll of dynamite tmplantrd on a hook .r
stitt. .. about aa tribal to flab aa any.
Rev. Jonas hat already lam* t thing you ran natur
lane for the New Tear 'rt. r W, While the average pawn leapt
whisk includes the General Ire o ( ,. call the warm ..eimmea"Ito
affactlvanaaa an flan .ar.talnly .
District Conference and
Budget : r, t
la net yew the aipartaan
Sunday School Conrentlon funds flahlng at Mercury .u,..........
which are scheduled to be raised Far erect. they My, ash our
by the fourth Sunday in Jan. 10.yaar'.Id' what ",.du... boat.'
According to Rev. Jones, the Invariably tha newer .le
First Quarterly Conference is "W.rmal" .
set for Sunday,Dec.5th at which r \ l lr While many Bihrrum (moot
r ty older' and more rsprrlrnrrd)
tine the pastor, off1e.rll.lldIILtmbtra
jjIj { art 'Inrllnrd to acorn the yet of
are expected to show "Kardrn has.kle.* the reasons far
their gratitude to the Preildlag Ha popularity art many. Drat .f
Elder, for his role played in LI'i all worms work
conference year IMS and his Flab. are treated l ta rarthwerm.
fraaia only en 'Infrrqurntraalona o.
reappolntment to serve the West
Jacksonvlloe District for the r' I- .Wash these- drlliatlr when' .hrary Into ralna the
ensuing year. -1: streams and ..k.lII. For flab lt"
All members of the Stewards, like a sleek dinner after a dirt
Stewardess, Trustee tad III*'i islonary of hanibururr
boards and members Uorm are ra.lly obtalnrtl
onr dor..ift rare to dig hla own
are urged to attend the tore
a quarter or half a bu<'k will buy
nut service which will be held a day. 'a ,"psI|ljrOrprmltna -0
Friday at S p.m. A well heated : on the .|... church Is promised for the fish Mitivbi and watrriondlibutu,
comfort of the attendees ? worm may br need ImlltUiinlly
or 'In fob. or louplrd with an
will be .
Holy Communion rites
... .... .
administered Sunday during the --.....--d. .w-N r..MM117PROMINENT ---,-__ _.4o..r-.c 1 ii __w-_....:...10. { -IIU""I" : _L 1 endless'Ir..m.r number. of.In. :, etc, >n*
Hie vplnner
11 Lam service. All AUenltas west pU. Beach buslnessBan and .e.ber JAX Mejrur-uwilssioner Louis H. ( (R) receives VICTORIOUS TSO Coach Clifford (jack) paul (R) receives Night cra".r.' the I tarts tc....
are requested to be present of the state Board of Regents for Higher Education placque froi tpnsalee Davis,president of the J.R.E. information during gene froi field spotters emyMled warma are about aa

serve SwIda and,'. order commune.of service will Clifton a. Dyson (left), Qov. Haydon Burns and Dr. Lee chapter of the Florida MM Alumni Associationfor hlle line coach season eyee play on the field thtr much attract fun. to Snare aa the flan'

begin with Sunday School at George ,. Gore Jr. president of Florida MM University presentation to forcer Alumni Assn. president

':30 a.m; morning service, 11 feature halftime pi-ogre activities. Sinclair (vans. Buy U.S. Savings Bonds

a.m. ,_.- .
R. S. ANS-3RD&&MAIN All AMIMICANS'Jacktoncilfe't I

69 MUSTANG, RADIO & HEATER .. ,$2195 .5 Largttt and lint Known-
Am i:oiwmo,rn.: ere A BONIT,
Mvrtle Are ot Shod ROE
65 BUICK $4195RIVIERA ; 11
is ThU -. PM ..A.d ..... it .a ... "... h...h.
l.e..1..e .A--.- M.d.l.ti.

nit r tnri GRAND cwxm SPORTS' rra tvn Kiwi' .. SHRIMP 49c 3 Lls.S1.39

63,CHEV.. IMPALA SPT, CPE .. .$1395 I.M..M.... pro./LI. .",.. .aI .... r IAw r Men
v iTtrit imrr M rM .
a .M .d
65 VOLKSWAGEN ,'. .Down S 195 -mpee. ..._ .. ..... .. .. --9-_

60' VOLKSWAGEN CLEAN AS A PIN. .S 795 r .r,1 t UIm NOW ,lit ._ a 65 CORVETTE 4-SPEED "365" MOTOR $3995

64 T-Bird, Local Owner $2995 ..._ c_ '- T1... ......d .... ........ T_ '- ew.A

Am coN&moiri vnrrs LlAma omnro A CAVTVI WHITING . 0 IB. 32c I
65 CHEV. IMPALA HTOP 4-DR. V-8 ...$2695

"" TROUT H u. 49c

64 Barracuda. . $1995 .'ILL.... ..er....".."...i.Y.M- 5.-.r".A h.W...W_-, mN dual Nab aye

62 CHEVY II SPORT COUPE ... to II..S 995 }. r SHELL OYSTERS :. '-* $5. 0
r fn t L
N .
Ovf 100 Cars To Choose 'From __ 'ALTIMOIU Selects PT. SI.7S
!S Pt. f., the ceaierretl.e IMye. IACH 4Sc '
R.S.EVANS3RD OYSTUS. Stsaderds. .., St.wia, US I

MID.-LAR'I SHRIMP L79c.w ........
& MAIN IUD SPOT TAIL lASS F.e ....,;.. LI. 0. \:. ,"
... .. .. .
...w'Iii""'- .... LAR'I FLOUNDER n. 4"
"Jiduonvlllfl'j Most Recommended Dealer" QOV. Burns chats during gues respite with LouisJ. IIuISN.hz DAVIS Danas placque oa behalf of the Alu.at ..- CATfiSH ,LI. 59c
carter in Deputy.Dlrector-of the Greater Jacksonville Association to oov. Burns for preeeotatlon to "tsar still CAM'T It SIA'.-ills ........
II 44381-E74.8382 SILVER DRUM, .,11. 29c
AIM Coach jake
ceonoilo opportunity prograa ( by Royal Art studio )

) 1 v t3eart




'!po ."j.tt.._ .+. .l-- 0 .

U ago 1.r

H : 1 TRIM! -:

__ .....JIiI., .., ..-

TAPERED! : ..4


: : :--


s rr tt t + !I'

.I I IPHHCOHeovy'WIlN6t).1.SIW

WJ DOWN 1 duty dngn -'
--- bu>r| for years tA trovibW-
I tree *.r''ce. Rugged
Ma err100At .t.on trQrwftct.1
.4 heel drr* s f**. molded
.t I ogitotor 0 h d producet

h y <
; r ,. w4A

EE STAND Phllco New Np.rtd ContlMiital StyUn'whh r ,
finished bock and d.oppecrinfl! handle. 6 >
eee wdees of roue 12-Pound Capacity Automatic Withers with. e.-
Cerswse is 1v' I" Speoker with out front round rromlitortiw .
UHF tunor. All Phi co Portoblo ollulp.4 for clutivt undertow wishing steles of ittret 575

82 Chonntl VHF fr UHF reception times. o minute, .1.! to tee times fatter thou. or.dinory Sf/00

.,Iteton. wotkot .l.Kej super cW .. aWN

Potonttd boll point boWe. -....... ..... horn .- 2 WIlILY

fen vibrotions slid ....,1"1. nerer cut oH !..

HILCO WALNUT the middy $210 Only
WALNUT of s lood. Per WHit
,. $TIRIG SAOlo ..d.MM.M lhrtleds l
T..r. r.a. e.t.Laa..q 5149.5r .

S.,fie .u ydwewa&r

....,.. you'reTa
d.A.r t ........,,.w r'I 1

., eM meht ...AtM WsY. .MdI..-wr 2 Mrpgshe.ieed

:K 1 betisc. d... rear. .. .p.... e ria.. ties 94 lerteeem"rf .l
: W M M ...ISr.w
A :
MMd Pirtre! 1AneeSW As.nweaey. DAVIS.II
AS ll .

e rile ,.... [$395.



'?fiI .
} 1('

..... ....- ... -- .. .. .... -. --..-" '" .
_____._ ..._.__ .w _.,_ ---- ..----. -- .. ,--.--.- '
; ; ::: ;:

It. ,.. '. ." -1'-

I. 1''j

SUNDAY DECEMBER 5, ..1865 STAR PAPERS_ __ __ ____ ._

Marketing PR Group Joins Bottlers Atlanta' Coed's Oil Company's Gesture Welcomed FAM Uan Return, !

Voice- .'Impresses To College" ;

I ConductorATLANTA From Peace CorpsTALLAHASSECBemrd :

; --(NPI)-- A promising Ft&
1 career la music stretches u, nelL who served u a Peace t
: ahead for a 11-year old Carver I Corps Volunteer Ceylon from
Vocational Ugh School senior Qy August, im to 1M4, Is back I
If she continues singing and receives m school at Florida AAM Ual. .
ya the proper training 4 versify u a sealer major/ '.In,
Betty Drake who sang with the 4 -- political science. .
Atlanta Symphony ocbestra'a -- Fennel who Interrupted sU
Young Peoples Concert series studies at FAMU at the end of
last week, was roundly! commended his Junior year to tola the ;
by its conductor, Henry Peace Corp at the University ;
Mann after her performance at y t of Pennsylvania Training Center .
at the city auditorium. worked u a physical education .
"I am Impressed by her tone," Instructor: with the
Mann said. HSM has a large Cellos Pines Corps project
strong voice and sings In tone The son of Name II. .... ,
this In Itself ls unusual for one 441 Hurley Street,Orange Part .
other age." HUMBLE OIL CRAKT-Dr. Feltoo C. Clark center above, president of Southern \University! he was graduated from Danhar .
NEW FACES IN COCA-COLA-IT* trio of young men have recently been added to the lire Miss Drake a student la Car Baton Rouge, Louisiana accepts a $1.000 gift from the Education Foundation of Humble OU
group of marketing ud public relations men employed by Bottlers of Coca-Cola throughout ft'' beauty culture departmentsang Refining Company. The grant 1s part of $321,000 donate to colleges and universities by
the United State 'From left art Harold Williams. imMaiijpnii. lad, Coca-cola Bottling "A Je Veui" by Charles the 'Coundatlon In the IMS-W academic year. The oil company's cb.dt.u presented by
Company, William Randall Jr., Macon, Ca., Coca-Cola Bottling Company and Eugene. Gounod from Romeo and Juliet R.F. Howe, left and R.D. Andlng of Humble's big manufacture complei at Baton Rouge. ,A N
McCullers, The CapItal Coca-Cola bottling Company, Raleigh N.C. Aa Army veteran An honor student, she also ranks Mr. Howe Is manager of Humble's Baton Rouge Refinery Mr. Adding U manager of the firm's
WOUams .1t"eeI'u a rout salesman for Coca-Cola la Indianapolis before assuming Us top coed In the beauty culture Baton Rouge Chemical Plant The refinery ls the largest In the United States. Southern"
present post In his firm. Randall a 1963 graduate of Ilorcaa State College Baltimore, aad department University will use Humble's unrestricted grant In any way it sees fit.
a native of Macao, while UcCnllers Joined Coca-Cola la Raleigh tfter having served m the

armed .services Panama. Senator Leroy Johnson Delivers t

Navy Sets Dec. 5. DeadlineFor Liz, Richard Challenge To Texas Students f'J cgaNCJlJ? ,

I Viet Nam ,Servicemens Gifts Guest Stir TYLER Texas The Harvest Conclave held at Texas College :v .. ..... 1. ,
November 11-21 came to a oilman with the address by Senator .
The Navy 1s participating la a Department of Defense autboriied Leroy Johnson, Georgia's first Negro senator In tt years
limited airlift to carry community Christmas gifts On Davis Show Senator Johnson's address was the highlight o f a three day "
from the Americas people to VS. servtcemel Is Yettum. Initialede .

supplemental holiday airlift lists of ..me.... to whom itMat.f School '
NEW 1OR1CTaJIor High Green CaveSprings.
will be used to purchase books for the college library.Paator ,
will be the Air
provided by they could write. AnD d forces and Richard Burton will be 9 _'
Force Reserve and UM Air regulations prohibit publication Johnson la the course said "Let Amerka again be
stars the Active the FAMU
guest on premiere on campusIn
National Guard so that the delivery of such lists. In some colorcast of "The Sammy Davis of his discussion said, "W? America and let It be the land pt Gamma Mu Ud Kappa
of these lifts will not cases organisations have sponsored fir. Sb r' Friday Jan. 7 on me a man with a little mind tt used to be. O, let Americabe a mature woman ls plagued with enlarged pores, but Delta Pi. national honorary or*
U any way Impair the priority campaigns through local the NBC Television Network coupled with a paralysed ambition Amerkaapis..tbludtbataster contrary to a popular notion blackheads result of stretched ganlsattons he U married' to
movement of mea and equipment newspapers radio and television (IJO-IMp.m.: EST J and 1 will show yen be has been yet and yet pores perhaps resulting from oily skin In teen years, are not the former Carolyn J. Mitchell
mast the land where
to |he military assistance command stations to assemble lists Currently filming "Who's A- America's great sickness.: Show allma the result of clogging by makeup or dust. Rather the air hits of Tallall...... They have one
Vietnam. There ample on their an from friends and paid of \lTflala Woolfr* la me a man with a great mud are tree". the oil la u open pore and darkens Us surface son, Brian PaajttFeMwllthreemonths .
airlift with this holiday relatives. Hollywood, the Burtons tape and little ambition and I win Senator Johnson was Introduced However, the pores have al.Ddtnclo normalise themselveswhen ad.FemaU .
supplement to handle all personal The Air Force has been their portion of the show with chew you America's great by. President Horace C.Bvage. oily secretions slacken.."yesrs-It,1ath. meantimethe U ,1c.pre.ldtatollM
mall and Individual gifts designated u the military departmeat shame. Show me a man with a Greetings were given akin has been kept clean. Pre
Sammr-In .Wora1& The occasion -Lees Society, secretary
sent to military men la VateIt responsible for will mark Miss Taylor great mind and n great ambttloa by Tyler Mayor, Arch Dallalgand There are several lightening measures for the woman with a of the International Students
sea their families and carrying out the special holiday debut u a singer She lube but deaied the opportunity Representative BUlle Williamson heritage of enlarged pores. The slmpltesl U dousing the face Club and Ia. member of the
frle_ Such Bull is essential airlift. Other military dvpart- to use them and I will show Tessa House of Re.preseetatives.
head singing a Welsh folk with cold water after every washing. Great Ideas tom.UtHr.Nil
to morale and mist move first. medswW assist a a requested.Air SMC. you America's great alL But Music was furnished cal Science Club and ISAAC',
The special airlift action called Force R..m&1rcraftwW Richard Barton will performthe show me a man with great by the Teias College Aa Intriguing unique and useful accessory for the go-go .
"Christmas Star Is required haul packages within the coatlnental speech Just prior to the mid combined with a courageous Choir with Hubert Walters set of any age that will attract many admiring glances (stares -.A.fgprs. -
by the avalanche of Items which United States to points song "Camelot" from the stage aplrtt founded upon human directing lid Mrs. Mildred I wager) ls a matching stocking: and headband eel, dlslgned to
and Continental Air Baker at the piano. The "' 0- Oardrnc r. m) I y
groups orpa1&atIoularp designated by play. He will follow with the eachance: the Total Look
and small, 'have collected to Command. There they will be title tune frequently meetloeed cities was given by College Now available U stores throughout the nation, this eicUslve I r.mJ'll'\llInd. rtninl,' Florid e
demonstrate their support for picked up by longer tangs Air u a favorite of the late Presl Q 1a1a.. .Rev William II WIC.u. new Ariadne stocking and headband Is knitted with cttmpled r.ml'lltl I II..lIn' .h, t St
the UJ.effort U Vietnam. National Curd aircraft for dent John F. Kennedy. .. -' gUs, Or H.1. FonlellloItaatoa stretch Antron yarn In I dimensional pattern. The set also 1 "e drvtluv"' Ml martf tnsn
Hearty lOOiitversltiesandcolleges movement overseas to Vietnam.artdltlnnalry The Burtons will then ids : Dean presiding. has a soft, sparkling boucle: look to It, I 141 acne keeled k.. than'tw.
have organised blood some civilian airline Sammy singing another number -'L.. '' .I" I"mike, .*.! of Cxpt'e Oardvnn
drives u a gesture of their capability may be used u from -Camelof. "W at Dome _. .
support These collections are space Is available.Organisations Simple Folk Do?' M
being" 'handed for the Depart- which have collected Tbirappesrasee on tone t
meat not 0.1.... by the gifts for servicemen Sammy Davis Jr. Show" marks
American Red Cross. should contact the nearest military the .rtoe'.first Joint endeavor
Support fee u.&. servicemen Installation for detailedshipping on ......... Miss Tailor was
|la Vietnam cubs demonstrated Instructions
previously seen acting u hostess
[ most eflective thrdughpersoaal la order to distribute gifts and guide of a lour of a SPICIALS GOOD THRU SATURDAY
i letters and greetings. from relatives before Christmas In Vietnam London. Burton has several TV 0
friends and acquaint! the airlift within the UJ. But specials to him credit.Including QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED
' uc.L ,Many_e&lxeas, tndtvlI -, be completed by December MLM a -Hallmark Hall of haw
I dually sod UcroM eheeajfc.4 fiats caa he accepted production of "The ,........"
the Department of Defense for after that date.
: & -- -- -
--- ---

oaten sad human love stl-
Florid hi ., bondd
.btd..s or ititt'Ueeme tai 1a.Naned Regional Poverty Head mutated lid by equity I win sad show. opportunity l e sAmerica's
ttM. MI! and other UMI

Itatee reside.tout U percent of the CHJC .- reveaw: .. Lite Insurance Company of America has been named 'Teal College students, he saM
Gnu Lakes Regional director' of the War an Poverty. "," must not permit theeolorof

ywvo Jones, U wOl oversee the currently U a trustee of theUarwsayoflUlaota. your skin or the feature of UMII S IIS. W/SII.OO 01 MORE FOOD NOII(
espeamture of aunts of dollars your haltthis cowace you
m federal funds II Clods Bon la Pueblo, Col*. a few bee.. decade tOaf \ line 1 Lie 690
C Indiana. Wisconsin Michigan, oaths after the death at his. the man wOl be counted trees ClYSULSSUGAR
Ohio and Mlsaeaota. father m a taming aectteat, the head ap sad. the remaining CAN
His .,.....,....effective Jan. Jaw was brought br his 10% will male ao dUfereace.MUtoa II wau 39C
I. was asaouaced taWasaagtua other, now Mrs Kellle d- BeethovM. IlUabth M/sPo00
by R, hugest Shrlver Jr.. erector tuber, to Chlcag* whea he was hatred Browalag, Keels and oiod s m HAIKU NerstCOFFEE [
an victims of
Etfleoa, physical
OCke el tcoaomk Opportunity near school age.
and prated by At first a parttlsM pharmacist's heamfsps, proved tor you that '
f Juaaaoa.He assistant he learned mataparttlsM the mud. Is the measure of the 1111.
wail be paid W417 a srrnuutint makes maa... BAKE RITE
year "substantially the...." much u a fuUtlsM pharmacist.He -Till meat develop s 'Oo-
oJ u W.Tel at the cuirass firm.He took un accouaUag at the sty af We that you can live : LIMn HI( (111) Or Till tract.
by sad be wiling to die for,
'" -, has nerved oa the DmoU Utrmatty at OUaoU after
.............. '- ...-. Stale Parole lid Pantos Saar&, graduating trim VeadeUPhflllps becaaae If the UgW af. aXersamatka SHORTENiNG
Mleeooe 11"a --wr.- u u member of the Diktats wKhm you ever goes
r M.O. Ne_ N ewtr. bbW e.. fl. what a dutaess." .
.... -. r .... PuUX AM CeeamiMloa. He Is Vhea l .. Carter-
say of Olmois School of ..... Oeatmalag, lasts J.hase
ore Admoalstratloa la IMS V/SSII II MIK Mil 011(1jf (
leave feuad m the Joins Staff
Jobs scarce ..... ..... ..... ............... ..........""' *
Get mttSe at the dpprettloa Fat ., ,. 59C VW* WOSA
personal. tour meanly he sad his mother 3 LI. '
wereonreUH.Fmattr IIINIT I un, I" 1 > (( IHIT( 11IPEACHES,
Have all gifts he found a fc* m a
your clerka aid */"." MIIC fill 118(1(
grwtery Wipe* Hid[ nUll UTU
initialed wok DIe ..... He later became *
VO. this
year.Seagram's a rasewerher fer Coat Cwuty.He r .
tktu started aa acreuatsuhMmees CORN Sit!' IISCInFLOUR!
V,O doc what o.htrhi
no l
) can- tad by" INI had. set.
define smooth once and for all Light? Of count *.. m WsAJeatea as uu4ge4etTlref '

1 t -:Ciifixfippcd St.1Jf1m..0.at no citra cost for Ceaualaetoa.He the Fair tmtlijmtttPractkM 6 CARS 89C 'ulc' 39"IIIS1I1I I 14 4 51 1

Canadian Gyps" his aieortettne wXh
Supreme LUe upoa hu returnla R un s.trPEAS .
--- --
.. Chtea u m IMS, s4 wman
bun tears, had ..... aa !
enter af the campus FAB DETERGENT m.69t
A farmer presiaiat af the 'I..".
Cakaf RAACP hraach, hatH 6.1V: 890
1 was ore af still t<<....... -
by the Utv Pr.eta.< Hill F Ct&Rit AT FAMO-Mrs. hUr.
Kiaa r to s ,...... ea |Islet teen has Jneaetf me staff]
aaual appartualttee m ......... ,* DM FUrtde AIM the etsmy HUT PAl fldCIPOTATOES fill[ Bakery Special Of The Week C
I*rtaM Di>ert ieat as fOe
Sue Is s graduate af the
cinim cm nit sue
lenaa Swans sad VaratteaalJactMswOle
Kit Tl Ixricii c:die., aal the
.- af Mr, sad Mrs. Sam 2 tT"IAs BREAD 2 u 39C
w.t i Cucir Sieiilr learnt ltd T"bs.-e.lit t1 d Ne his' 3 p 1 I


III Til AH III ; sun nuiiM ciici sun PKIIIIM HUT cumPICNICS

_r'* fM ft TW tHe poster

goes rear poster preMrtheat firM; ROAST11,45C 39

'- Cs f< .- U peer Oost.t' eS. .: II.

Or vf .e CM 01 the tHt c. .. ltd
Srogrocn"gO. Qaa.lU lunge Prorteter. I 4 II I 1 II. AUIIlti

-I IZIIUI1'I.J.1..am. ro atxrv
Caa4ku Ri5 StICdBACON \ \, HUE i sums
'- COB ptf T t tiii orO
-- ---- > 54 Ie-.-.....' >* *-c.4a.: .....U1. I
-- [ HENS LI.19C
=- ..: I 'navtatru s Cuxco pea a. etuiuto- ,II. .69cIIIKI IMN'

Lilly's Drug Store ; nisi IIUIC"BBAGE


.....-........... aMMse.a.. ewerewr-ee.I eKI tin UltX Eau U.31771 2 '". 25C / 2 Its. 15t

j "

-,- w- .




4 : ;" : ;;", :-
;} '" :7 ,,"'!':;;'rll. ') / ,\' ;"
e 'mr n.'i.i. t 'ff! : ;
rr iW d +' rx .B. : : 'i.hl
r .. ,( {$\, ,", ';" .. ..1.. .'n". \ :t5?
: ,, ,. .".. ; )/; '
tRh r t lrltl.. .. .. ,. .

. _

r.. 1 .. ,


.., ( f,
kCommittees .: '0" --. .. .., ...., ..-.

Pass Snatcher Royal Crown Welter Named Await Opening Whistle An Early Christmas PleaDear ;

Fand !- ..drE ,
To Host OBCActivities Friend:

Merry Christmas. I'm saying It early this

ChairmanTAMPA year. Only a beggar can anticipate Santa,

and I'm a beggar. My hand Is out In the

Royal Crown Cola Company, (SPECIAL) ........ name of the children who are treated at
Columbus Georgia will again
be the Industry, leader in Orange James W. Walter, chairman of Variety Children's Hospital especially
Blossom Classic and Festival the board, Jim Walter Corporation those who will not live to see the dawn of

activities scheduled fof this ,state has chairman been named of the voluntary 1JM December 25th. I thought It would be nice

tropical city the weekend of educational tad fund-raising if we could rig up a phony Chrlstmas'a
December 4. The fbternatlonsj little bit earlier than
Crusade which will be conducted usual.
soft drink firm will be host
at a Players' and Coaches' In April by the Florida Dlvlaloa Phony? Well not quite. Christmas Is lnv-

dinner and award specially of The the official American announcement Cancer Society of the and Christmas is giving, so It Is proper

designed! souvenir gift watchesto appointment wu made this week to have one at any time. The llttlepatlen'tsin
players on the two competing
teams and award championship by Dr. Sam Wesley Denham, E their youth beds know nothing about

anduioclatloc runner-up trophies. Jacksonville 19M who Is the Society this, of course. |It would be cruel to tell

MW -.Arthur Robinson 8 In Just four short years of president. them, and then find that not enough people
year old senior wild holds the with the "Classic" Walter l. widely known labutiMM "' ,.' wanted to give anything to make it merry.
;j; 'iI'
receiving record at Flor. Royal Crown Cola Company has circles In Florida and .1
pus steadily.
like this to desk -
ida AIM University with 42 brought a new dimension to nationally He is the chairman of,, I: Appeals come my
receptions for 569 yards, will the spectacular weekend, and the Celotex Corporation and the I'm sure you get them too. Instead of
be one of the stars at the Dec. has through Its activities, en-. First National Bank of St.Petersburg MIAMI..The Orange Blossom Classic Committee held its annual luncheon here today and giving a little bit to a great number of
4 Orange Blossom Classic.The chanced the image of the event. both subsidiaries of the announced final plans for the 33rd annual football game to be held Dec. 4 in Miami's Orange Charities, I chose Variety for a numberof

six foot, f 1C poUod end la All. This will mark the fourth consecutive Bowl Stadium. One Is that I went to the hos-
America material and also play year that Royal Crow The )luncheon waa attended by committee members shown above at an earlier planning reasons.
guard on the basketball team Cola Company has contributedmore mewtlngjjreas, radio and TV personalities and city officials. pital and saw the bright shiny faces. The
than 100 specially designed r Members of the committee are front row (seated left to right): Edwin Demeritte. FAMO second Is that I have four daughterstwofull
souvenir gift watches to Alumni President (Miami)); Clifton Dyson, Florida Board of Regents; Dr. George W. Gore, grown who cannot make up their minds
Miamian Gets Classic participants, with the Jr., FAMU President; Dr. AJ. (Jake) Calmer, FAMU bead football) coach; Dr. William P. what color their hair should be and two
name 'Orange Blossom Classic Foster, FAMU Band director; Dr. Ira P. Davis" ,and HJt. Partridge, FAMU business manager. ,
and the --Tear. The Classic U Second row (seated,1-r):William Rolle,William Stirrup, OBC parade marshal; L.L. Brooks adolescent pests who know all the Ques
Promoted To the only ,event featuring two Charles Ha/fley, and R. Nathaniel Niles, FAMU athletic business manager tlons and none of the answers-and I am con-
predominantly Negro institutions third row (Standing, L.R): D.C. Colllngton, FAMU sports information director; Run scious of the fact, that, In them, I am

Staff Sergeant which makes such awards, Kasscwitt, Venn-Cole Account Executive; Art Laakey, UM Ticket Manager; Harry Horn, rich. As a father, a husband, as a writer,
and Royal Crown Cola Company Venn-Cola staff; Paul H. Wynch. Venn-Cole staff; Robert G. Venn, President Venn-Cole t
not de-
which do
Is a trail bluer In this regard. .ti Associates; Joe Sunders, Saunders Bell,Inc.,advertising;CharlesLockhart, David H. Dobbs God gave me blessings I
8TEPHENVILLE, Canada. For the third consecutive year ay dr. Charles Smith; Mr. Coleman (since deceased); Willis Murray; Tan Powell; Dr. Nathaniel serve..
John A. Class,son of Mrs.MaudB. Royal Crown Cola Company will Colston; James Women; Nick AJbar, Venn-Cole staff and Rosamond Rice, Vena-Cole staff. The least I can do Is to try to make the

Glue of 1300 N.W. Sixth be host at the Players' and final Christmas a cheerful one for youngs-

St, Miami has been promotedto Coaches' Dinner. This year's Teachers' Association praisesGovernor's ters who have asked for nothing, nqt evenlifethat's
staff in the
sergeant U.S.
dinner will be held at th..w Recent
Air Force. why I'm saying Merry Christmasto
Seville Hotel on Miami Beach
Serceant Class la an aircraft Friday evening, December 3 JAMI8 W. VVALTIR Sales Tax StandGovernor you a bit early. You can say It-loudly -

mechanic at Ernest Harmon with one of the biggest names Jim Walter Corporation -to Variety Children's Hospital by send-
AFB, Canada, He la a memberof Beginning u a home builder oa
the Strategic Air Command in gridiron circles u speaker. t modest scale In Tampa In IMf Buns' recent announcement that he would back a ing a check.
which keeps the free world's Royal Crown Cola Company Walter has led the Jim Walter O01-Nit Increase la sales tax to be earmarked for education Is Sincerely,
will award a beautiful Corporation definitely a step in the right direction according to Pat L.
mightiest missiles and Jet bomber through decadesof
I force championship trophy A runner- growth and Tornlllo, Jr., Executive Secretary of the Dade County Classroom
ready to counter the up trophy will be given the diversification Teachers' Association. Jim BishopA
With assets
threat. more than
enemy aquarter
loser. Introduction of game trophies of blllloo However the CTA 1s alarmed accreditation. This yea 11
The sergeant is a graduaieof a dollar UM
of Dorsey High School His another by"Classic"RC Cola in first.'63 marked corporation today la one of the at the negative trend and d n. were placed oa probation. Last might tug at your heart a generoustug -
nation's trading education m me state war 11 Florida high schools at purse
father. Prince A.Glass,residesin largest horn buildersand your
I The held
two two
trophies by
a of Florida aamdkated la recant lost their accreditation This contributions toJlm Bishop Variety
Mew York.Serceant charming Florida A and M University major building materials Send ,
Class' wife 1s the producer, with substantial Inter high school accreditation year I their accreditation Children' Development Fund
coeds will get wide Hospital
figures released by tbe Soatbtra making a total of 17 high schoolsAssocistlos
daughter of Mrs. Laureen Mar. exposure u they share the eats In sucar, olL banking mort. of Schools and Colto date.Jtes. Congress Bldg./lll N.E.Cnd Ave. Miami l ,
Jacksonville. .W, Monroe St., spotlight In the "RC Trophy gage eanctaganblasurance.Jlm "Lack of sufficient state aid Fla
Car" which In three years baa Walter Corporation and Its subidlarlea According to Torni lo, these for education," he states will
become a "Classic" fixture. operate production ant figures show that last year IS Impede oar efforts to attract MIAMI IEACI SUITS

tup( friidM h yiir liters will The trophies will again attain. U.s.sales Canada' Uttles throughout the Florida high schools were deaew Industry, will effectively MIAMI BEACH..tvery year the Miami Back parks dtpartmeat
I. .. public viewing during the traditional and much of the dared all clear with
..."' tree world. acceptable deter ecoaemle growth and sets out more than a kaU-mlUloa. annul seedlings la flowerbeds
pre-game "parade" around accreditation. This year only U cause Irreparable damage.act along parkways sad arouag public balldlaga. This ls sa
be named First
the Orange Bowl stadium. wu received the all clear. Last only to children but to the future addition to special seasonal displays sack u lilies lor taster
OS, SAVINGS Nehl-Royal Crown Bottling Co., Business Man of Florida by the New Instructor At FAMU Riga year in were "Advised" of growth of the state aDd pplnsettia for QrI.l aU.
BONDS Miami, Introduced a post. University of Florida and la the Mrs V&lI. Roberta has Joined deficiencies. This year 101 He adds that CTAIspartkular MIAMI BtACH-Florknaas have waned tile sea's resources

Classic record bop "In U. same Horatlo-Alger year received Award."I .the Coveted the Florida AAM University were advised.Last year 41 were disturbed by the adverse re"varoed like those of the Iud definitely are act e autJIIIe. Strict
another "Classic first Last Demonstration School staff u of Impending loss of action d some of Dade Comry's regilalioas now Banta nr example, the taking of both the
am a
f year some 1500 youngsters attended newcomer U aa Instructor of mathematics accred tattoo This 46 to the '
year legislators ronrllOC'
.volunteer of the Am.r1canCu. Florida lobster sad the stone crab. Aa a reel these two
the affair held at Booker A 1964 graduate of Florida ".rewanteS. Last year 10 were yopoeal tor a one-cent sales marine delkactes still provide profitable crop for commercialOshernea
Washington High School. An cer Society, Walter said, "butI AIM, she U the daaghter of placed "011 proauo.De lax Increase for eductitoa.final aa well U succulent treats far the On; t table.
even larger attendance 1s expected want To Join with thousands of Mr. and Mra. James H. Smith. warning prior to loss of
this year other volunteers to do what I en She la a member of Delta Sigma
to raise the $1,300.000 which Theta Sorority and formerly Powerful Bears Seek VengeanceFor
r will be needed to support the taught at Lincoln Park Academy OLD FASHIONED GOODNESS
You won't ttt tomorrow' Society's cancer control
pro- In fort Pierce.
fob with y.t.rday'"tlll, trains of raearchedueauasad '63 Defeat By Rattlers
patient services In UM year ateid. -


MUMI-Morgaa State College of Baltimore Baa accepted aa
Careers Invitation to meet the Florida LAM University Rattlers m the
33rd annual Orange Bowl Classic football game the Bight of
: To Nurses Dec. 4 m the Orange Bowl. 3'
< W AM Ey AIM Athletic Director Alouo "Jake" Galther made the

announcement. a press tMcheoa. the MiaaiSprlags YOU*. ..... .
The United States array BOW Miami Mayor Robert King High acted u toastmaster at the

i offer careers u commissioned 1.cIaeOQ.
officers to qualified registered The game nand thousands of spectators anoaalry from many WMBMSpotlight
nurses, and permits them to sections of the asttoa.
choose in advance specialised The Morgan State Bears win eater the game with a perfect
studies or hospitals of their seasons record 1-4. They recently were Bused Central later Predict 01 The Week
choke in UM United States or colleglste Athletic Association tkumph ms.
overseas, accenting to Captain The Rattlers are '-I for the season and are underdogs laa
Valeria Pollock Army Nurse classic contest bet OM Drat time m eight! ,..,.. Miami Florida
= Corps Counselor for the Southeastern The OBC Is oftea referred to u the cradle of fee proa.** At

DIAL 1260 United Slates lead lesdsieei a .dean professional cUbs have their scouts 1a at- e

;j ., Captala Pollock said registered meat peer OM Rattlers.... hashed II pre proapecta
'.,..t : nurses who are graduates of algae to contracts m fee KaUoaal sad American Leegwea a
three-yiar schools or who bold and. the Candies League e
degrees la Mrslng may be accepted Seen outstanding players of the caliber of the ate Willie
Into the Army Muse GaltDMra of the Cakago Bears and Bobby Hayes of the Dallas
Corps with written lyanateea Cowboys will coatine to be discovered
for their choke assignments fix FAMU. sector tottanaea, Bower-ruaamg haUbacka Jame
FLORIDA'SHJ or speclallsaUoa traIni g. Cambridge from Miami, sad Cages Thorns of Akron, along
Applicants mast be at least wttt passes Jour XeUy.. Fort Laaderdale; Peal Wufcagtoa
10 years of age and must not Port .Arthur Texas; Joaawy Holmes, Savaaaaa; cad Armor
nave reached their 13th birthday Robmsoa. Relludile, Fta. sate ben trawmg front office -
at time of application, she added attention from ne.

.. la addition female applicants All are expected to)Jon dM pro rash Best year. r
.&f1Ot have dependents aader This bad pIN la only part of tte OBC m tftttka,
11 years of age. there win be aa awards heat,Ller sIAnoclaboacereasy,
# Local Army Recruiters have UM ever-tarlUlac. Oraan BloMosa Classic parser and ether *.. 3HOftTYS35.
1 all of the detailed Information testivUles all lured ktta three days of giety and etctteaMat. Mf9ALO STTLfI
necessary to assist muses .m The IiItenaUoMIJr famous FAMU Matching **10ir will
making application for their keynote tie "game-day** parade. marcklK owa mmoMFUgier .. ""
commissions lack mast have Street weal their seasittnMl KO atepa per mrnvtecadeace. ---.... ,.-.. sasse.p..t1. !
a alga academic l record, and ..

pass the Armya meata. ply This year's mee ale'". moral and security matInatkaa Rattlers and tte Bents to INS OM Rattlers was 301. .. ".::.:;:
: prior to acceptance.The .... .....-r
RHYTHM : first steps la the career 7;Christmas tree dates back =- '- ,-... ocw..r c=
of a new BUM officer la norsaally to the Birth century ud Saint +..... c.uc..raw w
aa tadoctrlnatloa coarse Whored who waa traveling arowad r ... ..... t: :
: at Brooke Army Mettcal Cen Mertkera Cermaaypreaching --:=-..... (11II-
V ear. Fort Sam Bomstoa Texas. Chris* MADAM GLORIA .. w ---mI"".
Following that, those waeaavehave bu Sy. He cam :3- .: !" ..... ;w
bees apttiallae4 NIl 4 aptrOualM ibeeer ....... .....
w HusecW :
ens a gray Advisor to all affairs ef UaUw. > e .w
study proceed to their trala- gatheredaroead -- .... --.
tag schools, and those who... +' peetM a.. oM Marriage. 0wteeaaaVrtaees. --- -....=. -
a -
etc. Lacy Days ... .r
RADIO STATION selected that aasigaaMat.dwty hospitals The proceedto towverseaa >tree la effer sky Baada. There U BO home -- ... -e l'l
laser aatrttk
areas cvreaUy open ''' M aTeadTul acme ale caaTt he*. .....4.y.. .r r
la meir
are Alaska Korea, the tytkyt .. pages Located at: M ..W. T** St.peoaut wok. a erel w r= Ci1.... :. =-r'9"' -=--:.-::
Islands (t>>JMwa) sad tat Tu.$, ''I. Opel I a.Bk ......... .- ...N.. .... "fAhL.: _
a ... _
Aecor la kgea4 __ _
Bf II.
UaUM -. er. YMaam. Saiat Wtal- lid D rm. dafly 4 la>a7. ..... -7M4 .. ;..r ewwer.;e
Further aUonaaUoa wtthowtobUgadoa Located to Miami. Fla. CM == --:.-..:. ----r..r..y -
Bred loved dowa D* .... and rid to MADAM GLORIA aa4 c--: eo: ..
may be obtaJaed kfilsttiaff a tall fir appeared ts ptec. WO =-M e... w... .. ..... -
I you leel me etfereaca.Batf -p .
OM felted StahM Army im.i ..... ..
"WHAMMY I The miracle waa kited or sad w.wM: '_ .
IN priow wtta this .cmnI =oo-
Mcnldac Ita aI. Room tip .... .. ...
a oetaae 1M I --
cueos ter lilt M e.hteoa .
er: s ... .... ..
( ftMIAMI"I Ham Pee Office. Jackaoanuer Gnu luutlM to gatker aaaet S .......... .- ...,.........
fcy ttalag 354.1331110 s.- I 60U erne ....e-+ M
I i I eeeettag taIIUiIIa 441. w a taD evergn.osltW. -.-.. ::::-:..:= Pa a'4, swr,ie ........


. .\' :.!(( ..... .. *1 'II .YI !'>. I '. "
", ,- ", ,'It',. .

1 t, .,. 1. ,


Texts Gees yard drrre and W iku*a klckublotted. I ""

: TSU 34-Aitf 15. Golfers Hold Session Altar U.ts

Rattlers Hapless AiM scored ttj final
tally with 9.42 remalnlnc sees
Aloozo Gilbert throat a handout PHILADELPHIA, Pa.-lte executive '' Fort VriUyly
committee of the United ,, ,f rat
A 34-21 Tiny to Henry Scott who acored from r
Professional Golfers Aaaoclation -
alae. Tbe extra
paaa 28-24
met here last weekend TaHyALBAirr1Ca..T
failed, aDd Coach Clifford (Jack) ,
and voted to call a special
II> While Coach Jake GalttMr was Paul woo the Kudos over hla former a
session at the Hotel
soothing ala pride after havtnc mentor Jake Gabber 34-21 cooventloa. e Albany StahCoUoje
TIlt.... Clew York City ot:
best defeated 24-21 by a protect la their ID.Wa1lDCoam.r. GoldeaRamamaewprlae -.
December I$.
coached Tans Sautter Saturday evening epatt of FortViBff
Members of the eiecutive body Wr Cone, 2w COA
the Rattlers wen preparlnc to WeakenedTennessee HWO
face the nighty,unbeaten Uorpa from Washington, D.C., Baltimore the INS.... to BUUt Memorial .
State Saturday night la lUamfaOrance Md., Philadelphia and 1a Stadlan, Atbaor Ok
BowL New York City approved to* 4 Coach Loaufa Wildcat CUM
publieatloa of an official ,
Before a crowd estimated at orcan from Fort Valley via ortfnllr -
15,000 the Rattlers struck pay UndefeatedBy the UPGA News Letter, which calculated battle. pftrto
will be issued monthly for the
dirt early la the openinc period be executed by thebao. Fort
when they smothered Tau punter EARL S. CLAMTON' association by The Mou Wub-H.Kendrlx van Valley team but DM rapid attach

James 'Walter In hi* own tad FRANKFORT, Ky,..CUJah Boa- tea D.C OrrtnlnUon.which baa been r w of tboGoldeaRaiMtoBedthopla
tae for aa early 2-0 lead.However. tie came off the bench and *,
relations firm
appointed public t.p TU Wildcats scored twice atho
Teiaueanctitfirela engineered Tenneaaee St.t.uatrera1tJ' :
for croup. first quarter on t rm br
the quarters fadtac moneots eome-from behind ,
by ruling throuch lilt Rattlers 19-1 la fllrtbtracUoa.loospbWblt- ,. Fullback Allen Stab aadspaMcaufhl
victory over Kentucky
la march field, UPGL tasitent.. Wuhinrtoo t U or. lID by Sad Charlee toil.End .
defense a 53-yard eulaUnaUnc State College here la Alumni several ... -
D.C. appointed
David Well cauct* I
aa9-yt!acorlocpua stadium last Saturday after- Emanuel Hunt student at Uvlncatone Cleatf ko "IlUa |
player-representatives who UVWGSTONC-JORNSON C. SMITH CLACTC-Tbe: traditional ., Logan yard pass from Quarterback
from Johnny' Doolaa to LeroyMUcb.U. IIOOa. were desiccated to work with later-city football classic featuring LhlllptQDI College.SeW Uvincstone, Caesar Wallace, Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Job Walker for tbj Jam**
.Walker booted the
For the second La
coovertUm. roar a colt clubs and associations bury, N.C. and Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte N.C., Charlotte, Ida Desist, "Miss Johnaoa C. Smith University"W.T. Drat tally The first Barter
TSU 7. AAM I. row, Coach .John A. Iterrttt which sponsor pro-erenta In will be furnished trophies by Bottl.uolCoca-colala the cities Singleton, JCSU Student Council president, J.A. Iwttty. MM wtth the scowl 11-4 to
BaadUdc tile ball like a pro. big bias bad to overhaul the their tournamenta. The appointed of the respective Institutions. The first set of trophies, laclud- JCSU director of admissions, and Charles H. Boooe The favor ol Fort Valley.

quarterback Elroy Monad thorobreda la a close hard representatlvea are coo- log a team award and trophies for; the football queens of the Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta Ga.; Johnson C. Smith deflated TM Wildcat scored o&a tam
mated over from tile one, tar fought ball came. TIle Uerrttt- fined to the East Coast, whileotter rival schools were presented to the Institutions last weekend Uvtncstooe 24-12. The mi clasalo represented the 7Jrd by Smith aadQuartertackDiyldBovdea
coavtralon faUloc and with 4renulnlnc 9 mea cashed two thUd period appointees will be made at Charlotte. In the above crenaonlal shot are aeea, from left, encounter between these two North Carolina achooU. The first ru for the extra I
towed U 11-yarder bobbles Into
KMtacky quick at the New York meeting.Reckets HIT We Uttto. director of public relations UvmcatoneCoU, came was played la 1192. point
to sal 'Arthor Robluoa for tile toacbdowaa that teed TenneaaeeState's 1

perkxTa led kick IS.apltt.,.second UM aprlcbta TD. Oaalela tad AAU Gridiron Title aecondatraichtmldWeatera Athletic and Aaaoclatloa protectedtheir > Big Ten Dominates 76th Annual AllAmericanTeam Golden Rams CIIFEIEim[ Witt. <

Tigers la,HapUu.wboN 4-Tb perfect ((1-0)) .....'.re Do you here Series C, I, H, *
stint for the evealoc placed aim cord. Selected by Nation's Football Coaches Face Ala. State I. J. K, f, R, II, C, W or 11
la u aanllled pocltioa u the We started slow and played Will Pro-Rate.
eased otttandlBf back,crabbed a cood ball came," Merrttt The powerful Bi"| T.., 14' fcrBUI lilt"' "r .n..rnli4. Michigan eM tk. ai'( L and. a.w'k.''Um' C.n'"..A with '".... ...... Aurt WW divide fUOl BQutBr tt
a pin* oa aia ova S3 and wtta noted bet we made mlatakea. *. due ".t.d tae tees AIAm' .H.. Mead l *f U ..'*'... MlMlie' r4M wee the failure ef the utually powerful Par WIN and lad<: h fOIl eu aupprv a 'oae-doUtf
by the A"'c F*.tb.tl C acK.. AavA .".". I* attract .n.MIn hI'''' lltlna.. .relii. ..iy h.lfb...k Mike' ((1LOO colonial nor Coaled-
*?erUtlve blocking jetted T7yarda Dickey eouldnl nunnever oa ,..,..* fresh the p.r nl.lly Uuk Mld...*(t Ceef.resss a.,,..,, .f Bvthrn Cllfn Wit Ibis l I.n. W.., c..!< r.pr..."l.- orate Nod. Phone au.... .
to acore. ThepaucoDreraloa > that toe and Roblnaoa waa only were Mltttttf by k IUt. .f ever 100 ..cht.. The |r.", Include live. wkll/ the lent wt .hw| .".. after I '
failed and AiM led 15-1 colnc at half apeed. At that awe ".t.""lvt .Ur. freerMC MkNian State teeM whisk held,. .p."..red by I..Imin K4lk. Cemptny. lk, squad U e tiM.....fte ALBANY Ca-The Alt sySat.t.I p.m.DONXJJ
at haldims.Flredp he caacht the Drat touchdown N.tr. Dim U a mlnul", tw Ive f.ftt rv.hln| Cud tipped Ike *. the All.Am.rte.M teats .rtt''lnit4' In IMf by C...h Wilttr Camp I Ooldea Rama of Albany,Georgia BCfGO
Hopkins added t additional tl..M In rw.M"j 4t>.f la
icons Ia 51 and 21 yard pus"Thl.wu aterrttt the&11I11 Oaeatdefeaaive_ .it In order were Ik* twth....'.'" C*",.,..n<..(th .the planer H.r,'t |''I INS llntupiOffensive wW play Twraaaeal FIrM to be held U-4 4,attD4, let,

aprtnU In the third vttti extra effort that I have ever sew December 3rd and Ill la the for 1000. For MOO do
point attempts fallinc. plus a you have U-1, B.I.2, H-2,
this team give, Merritt mvaed. Alabama State' College AreaaU
U-ytrd Held coal by Walker to 1 N-4.T
"They'were jut creat TIlt I Montgomery,Alataaw.Other
I need ".a. B-l U-t 0-4
natvatl-Utoad. entire defeaatve squad woa this teams partklpatlBC * or ., for $100.
Hopkliu tallied ala barD tallyla ** Institute Alabama
Came. Lad finally: O-L ... U.2,
the fourth by cot&C otr tam Fletcher Smith U the finest Ir 1 A 4 M College of Huatnllle, AH .
/+ Q.9 fpr m ( Sot Jack.aoavUto
the aIM u remit of 50
a a
athlete oa the team Coach Her- Alabama and Alabama I State
DUtrlel only)
tits pralaed. **He U capable Team College, the boa te... Phone 29S-H4I ann I .
Watch of making the big play and that ,, The Golfea Rams brine to the P.B.Furaiahed
This Clown34112lS U what he did" toaraameal a brttUaal It44.IS .
kalf Apt. Sot alaffi
This wa a must via for the record. They were the fcmtt-
respectable vorkiaf nab Mot
big blue la order to keep their east era Athletic CoafareK* ..tn.CoM1JC prtv.ReaoaabU

57 S3 14 Rico NCAA Bowl sponsored chancre alive.Graallaad Just I Ckarlq Casey I H_..... Twtiklr T 0'." Ilea Mica T UM Call Q Owg V." Her.Ill. Champloaa I ud. The NA1A Rum OatrlctChamploaa. weal rat... Ph h1*-IM3.r .

one step away from what maybe J04. ,,1.0. 10) 111' II" CU 1401 CI.,. 1711tL01110A to the National Touraameat at
his first undefeated Kaaaaa where woa
6 e seuoala City they ;
his 12-year caching stint the first road sad were defeated riri

I i iU4 la college circles Merrttt etoao to the second road by

his entice splat Central Traeaylvaala Coltoca. Caath Sin UPAIft
State Cortege at homecomlafoa Robert Ralney aaabeeaarepar. *
Thanksctvlnc Day. Central lie his. Kjuad for thlapreeeaaoalovraameet
51 411 U 2-9 oa the season. which premises to Sin lipjlrlifit

Thorobred halfback Jte Jackaoa be aa aicttlac one for the faaa.
642512a.stl.e.He'a rUled the 4.000 particaafaas 'The Rims .w..u.ear.
with a ''-&Ii TO sprint I season oa December. 4lhacalaatCUlla Air iw

t* aid opened the scoriae on the Cortege OrafiftilMrc

Ke-aetlaea He* a Doss first play after Mel Jones recovered loath Carolua. Oa December Is Sir

I aadds, sabtracta, aa Ddrtdce Dickey ,, Ill they play hue College
Iambic oa Tiaaeisn's 21.QMtrterback of Aanela Georgia tte n to
I' works >t all arouadCDHI. Carl .Wade kit Doc" Arr.p4e C Phut c..". Qa ... Orfeee Ha M.Ia.o._" H. a.at AII4...." 'I j.i Grebew.kl. Fort Valley for the Fort Valley wllf llflllll
.'0 Art'>IASTlprsa late Foster tor a tvepoutcoaveratoa cl12) ct.,. 1N1. CI.1 1"'II.. 111. 1'0. U. 1111 tale College Totraameat oa
41 117 n and Kentucky toad ,"""O'It'DAIII'/ AUIA..A PUNDUI IOUTMIAPCALIF, TUA' TlCH ILLINOIS December IOU and lift. I 134E. MKN SI

1-0 with t:4O: lea Ia the first
---------- : L
pertod.TraUiac. .-_----....
MAN'S DAYS 0-1. late to the third .

cjtarter, Fletcher Smith recovered Y
ARE NUMBERED consecutive tumble
setting up both the catch-no Defensive ORANGE L088QM CUIIICrieiui
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Altar Call Uncle Sam has a couple of q Have you looked at the Help Wanted lately?
Full pry of home Call PO(;. plant to make '
your money asewjr
only 334-0702 Prejudice is
Men going out of business.
aye after 6 p.m. or EL 4* to save as it U to spend.
By EMORY G. DAVIS, D.D. 861. There's the Payroll Savings
NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL RENT Plan where you work.And the }
On a recent week-end, we bad a a bout guest i collate RUSTY SEAFOOD Bond., -btonth Plan where you Instant
student from a Wisconsin campus, who with many 01 his FurnlshedReasonible rates.Oo bank
colleges It doing practice tttchtnj in the heart of the Negro FNIIH. 2735 EOOtwoooBCTWICN bus lines. 479 W. lath St. Ph. -
ghetto in Chicago AVE.B 3k cxivc- 153-0420. Photos
During his first few days of exposure to a school that is LAND RD.Roy.1. WANTED
85 percent Negro he bad come to the decision that he would
never teach in such a school. He expressed a profound desire FOR RENT Male Help
to find some nice quiet plush conservative suburb to 50o
511 W. 17th St.
employ his teaching talents. I Crows Now Unfurnished Apt. LOCALFactory
His choice wu challenged by my wife,who in her third year .you most can live in Jacklon.We'
at this particular school. She coupled this with an invitation conveniently la. Rep.SVanted .
rated two
for him to have a flrst-tlme-in-hls-llfe experience of livingIn Call bedroom apartment Each
for $90 a month.
a Negro home for a weekend. We were both surprised Including new
kitchen equipped! with hot
when he accepted.My '
heater and built In $ts00 Monthly Guarantee
wife spent most of the time giving him a course in what heat. Apply
I've often called gro-ology. Not a highly scientific course WANTED IMS see to Main believe.Street. You have to S2000,OO Monthly potential Guarantee Royal Art StudioSOCIAL
but one designed to tell the listener what it means to be a MAIDS N.Y. $LII'.IN
Negro Rapid Advancement to
She explained the frustrations,hostilities,defiance and seeming JOS$. SM.FRIII TO $ 3.
apathy of ghetto-lted children* wby they are,what they are, FARE ADVANCED.RUSH P.IFIRCNCC LAN 'S 'PILLS I Manager position Available COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE
why they act as they do PHONE NUMICft
The demanding forces that conspire to dehumanize. Their ABLE MAIDS qual Opportunity company
resentfulness to patronlutlon and paternalism. To all this he Call
admitted no awareness.His The,laxative with calomel'
description of the home in which he was reared was a Raines
revelation of the grossiest kind of race hatred. EASE CONSTIPATION! (Area code
FREE RUG SHAMPOO 314)) 426-7242
The only reuon his mother could give him for hating Negroes I Lest;I,line I:IlittlX en4 unt.MlMtlM .
was that they were different tlw! '" lunge ar INlne. lee. ELGIN 4-1894
in. Irrtfulirlty f.r * So, we are different? Externally, yes Colorwise,hairwise With Rental of BhaipooEq.ipaent Wtrt.\o'will SIC l I In rMMlni .iKwnl.fi
and in fewer and fewer instances featurewise we admit We Rent LawD 1I1.,1t Jrw"\ *.:p roil J niliKtiM I In most I e...n4... lo..t Irrtf CLOSED ALL DAY TUESDAYS '
difference. Mowers ft Garden Tools, ::.it .1., ireur tt,=lea""nu aM COLORED DOLLS
Internally where the real person is, we will admit no dif floor polisher Senders, the Mm. ifyeer.mlelltto.fuas'sPILL ,,.
,55t.Yl 'rsil.
It was easily discerned that this potential teacher was MKfctnio> ft Hand Tools, local Nl Ml.rf,.rli.M class alk..Tiey' TilkTkir Cm
almost a bigot before his weekend experience. It can now be ft one-lay TreU-..
assumed that he may not become an integration activist, II All Sizes Aid
As Low As :
but he will never be the same again. :, : ;
A rather challenging Altar is available to Ds**the Altar of XMas SewiatMichiaes
It. 0" I-I9SB
7323 JUlia Unwind. -
the Potential Bigot 99 .. {I ,
There are thousands of them. We Negroes could well affordto Siniirs, 1 1Tfcly ? .
take a chance and invite them to our homes..one or two At The J
at a time..and try to convert them into humans.We Rheumatic And $20,00,$ $40,00, $$80,00 rc
may not be successful with all we invite, but the perc.nt.all .
of those changed would contribute to the day we envision Arthritic Pains4III Terms DEPT.
when people will not see the skin color of those they serve- I BROADWAY STORE
where teachers will teach children, not Just Negro Children

I A-1 1 SiwiBf Mieblni

P. 3. I. CAPIULISIm' Exchange lace "Your XMas
Toy Headquarters"
Only you can eI :: ire. awl.1.ere, HmttHrr
M Inns w <]U. ir-><*if.w
1 hjimiulluii. Ankrllli *l. ln Mu
,11,.,iv9 .C* l tK i>M*lh.l, V*U**.f
[ M7. _.CMU\tO>;ifJul>jink.K 1606 Mala Strut .
r F. 'l1.. i.s:; ltt:..: Operas Haw listless ." <
9' prevent forest fires *, .., : : s
''''')f. 'r,' "'101. H .
: = ,
lI1l MM Fw c ."41'
1. FeelMe 71."SYe7,t.'f..l. i'J PirklBf ra rF ; :, .

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t AT then reward yours !Jf
with Americans most

t s YOUI 4' 792r t tar whiskey.
1 1NT. zam''i 7 Crown-
The Sure One.

1jj i! Imiiftii STORE Isney, pen.
Assistant Manaiar Predate Maaaiar readto ireet old and sew cuetoaere.L wee
" I formerly located at Tea-pie Barber Shop and Bob .u
! affiliated with cosmopolitan Barber Shop.Mr. Clark
la ODe of the city a Boat outstanding process op
i 3000 W. 45th STREET erators.


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Until Hiiltlf Till Cklltl U. Ml lI. MI CIARE ril AMISSIII I I KRESS I ImmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmmJ IIIITIII i urn STIUmi

Prises' ll, Ills ll III fill lil| ll 'year 4Sn SI. AlP limit til. he. 5

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