Florida star

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122890 F20090413_AABPLG 00380.QC.jpg 5151542fd1a53a3ed268507510e13e1ceb78dfd58dccce3a5313c6797c4151285a0cb022
7323023 F20090413_AABPLH 00380.tif b8401cfd903180be20ea64f9c421d00ad8e3025ec4758b43fb5f446f49e2175edc8e6e75
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200677datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 21, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006770740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 21, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 21, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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ht"I,/"/) 1 .' .',- ', I >>::1 t' "
', n 1'1 ;. .lj<\ i \r r f '
IJ 1.--
; .
f : 4 I (
.\ ,,.. y? < ,\; ,: -lW1rJ I., ,

) :I l

--' Dade Organized! Nation's.first Integrated I Insurance Firm Receives Green I4 t tJAX

**** ****** >


****** ******

BETHUNE-COOKMAN AIDE TO E ENTER I .Oolnearllle LitnxyTJhlrwrslty of Florida>Florida


_ RACE FOR CITY COMMISSION POSTSeeks ..,_.r-<"t ;, ..-... _J ,

............................ .
ilfia'1'alt' !!f! !!

D.rt-Sell. Protests Loom At 'St. flug.;' :,

..... .
,. .... .....
******* ****

Oi City BerfyDATTOXA Sob Mined After Fined Negro ScieitistNDTOtT 111, \15-RU3 SATURDAY AUGUST 28, tB5 15 CfcNTS

BEACH-James ".'t ..... ..... .- ..... ,

E. Bethunc-Cookman Huger, bvulnejs managerof College _. LBJ Names First Negro Solicitor-General

btu has announced hU can .-.- '-
dacy a City Commission
Na. U has been announced.: : ******' ****** **** *
A native of Tampa, Huger .
.U the ion of Rev. and Kirs.
Thomas A. Huger of Lakeland.He .

Smelt trial Hugh graduated School.Bethirk-Cookman from VteitPtlrn hdus E- AUTOPSY HELD FOR

College anddid advanced:: y
at Vest' Virginia State College (

and the Unaratty of _

Michigan.Prior _
to attaining hit pre- JAI.PARIY VICTIM
teM petition at the college

he served aa associate tree- .. .
surer and buitneti manager '

and a&ntntmatlve assistant > .. ..... ..... .... .... .... .... ..... ....
to the prei!Idem. to addition, \ .. .. .. .
he held the poet of General 7 Autopsy Report

Secretary of Alpha Phi A haFatemlry. Mirh
,',' Home Weekend
kite IRWOMM'S Stay
H. served four years with Sworn InTo
the Called State Marine 'I 1 l:t .
Corps and was discharged at I { ''l:1.' DedhRewbs
a 'J'm.jor.. #f ,.: k -. Urged For JaxonsLimited Top Post
Hager holds life membership
la Afcha Phi Apia of an autopsy .performed WASIlt\'G X Thurgood
:t \ :' ,, 'ry. on a young local Mart ball, noted civil rights
Fraternity, the National
At* woman who suddenly) became attorney am* |luau t.1.oP
aocladon for the Advancement. ,,,4
of Colored PeopleitiUp 1IIftIkr- ... Ul at a party Ian rrtdtv night Buying Is Proposed peals'" Court Judj..... was sworn
and died shortly after, u peaOw III as the 3Itd lollcltor g.nhold -
,... .
"" from he Stats Patholo As Silent Negro Protest 1 the United Itatei Tuesday .
ias.VAntrisa I Aodersaw vorld reooed mno.rt.rtlltbr..k.tle .his ofnce. s Dwal County during tn Impreiilve

tradlUoaaJ bottle of doe oo the bo. of tbe navy a aeeeet polaris Mbejarine Morgue. ipokcaman, told the Although reporu Ian week* placed at s new housing" project ceremony In the While ,House,

the CSS Oeorce laahliftoa C.rv.r.durlataladatW eeraeonles at the *is>9ort STAR Thursday. end Impending( rtclil outbreaks kin erected at Kings Rd. Cabinet Room
The D.va]County Patrol* The wear Ire
la JackionvlOe and Miami did andCanJtbl. e.nmanya'hhtork
N.h1DWtl d0.t sad Orydoca Co., Today prior to the launch. Labor tea ported that Mrs. Cute. Thomas ercaiTon-.ilnre the
not materialise following the ...Th limited accomodatl4nsM
fflllard tlrtt Made Ue prtadpa apeeca.Dmle Andtrion. 21. ef '''Oes- bteodyvfaery and coitly Los Angeles 1 lloft.lqucte..beInC.'tt'4to allot old Manhall U the

Ue Drive E. was anendtng s riots the itwtaloo .Is not delegates. to the BaptUt Con* /flrit Negre ever appotmed to
party with her h&abaal. Rlaty at an PI are fill and quiet., ventlon corning to Jat net week.C .. the poet, was Mmled,
Let4ersflisimce I Louis Anderioo when she to Miami.$ NAACP branch Pre ..Thf syttvmatl barring of Prtildem Johnson who had
'St. Celebration complained ef bean, Ill just sldent. Donald hn.tlerJon. an* Negro: electrUlans plumbers high prats for Marthall as I
Ce. Aug. before 11 p.m. naunced s ne-demonstratlon policy from security Ucenaes.1MThs man and lawyer, and luprem
101,. AftJenon iild Ms wife for Dade following rvmoriof failure ef the poverty Court Justice Hugo Black who
had ... deviled crab and a planned mail demonstrations.KTweler program to provkle relief. for administered the ...'".
To AW Hetms dtt pickle shady hereafter who took office when the ponons fer whom h was ,Mack predicted mat Mar-

May Get Marches .hbWabddrfa" ;*. and later amU* the AI,.Theodore' GlbsoribecameS detlgnsd to aid and the absence than would rank among ma

MIAMI A raelaQy% tottg consultant In the ami-poverty of s Job retalAlra program aunpin
fa The"/1._.Cfcs.Dsy rated group of .bu.toast- AflderioaiiUhUwllemeeseirpUlned / srogram laid the ...at, willeenrentrate Negrosi for )obi .la Inv

tooa Beat Chamber 01 Centicneree mea whs! during tfie past dial IT. ADCI1mu..n. prospect of ,." ,.., den astratioas on a memberihir due try.Petnon.
years founded bank and sav .|. drive thals fall. pointed out that *httweaVl
Ctrl .,..ant Benin....,.ether ings red loan -celadon; has loose li the ntUon a oldest. dtjr, larie aaaatloaal ....... The slMttlao In Jaeksetwllattever. taeetkna] with. the mayor
doni.: reUgtow- erganlee- new bus gtvea the re*ahead ad IsteraaUoaaJ) ....atarh..tU, "ereT Is s Uitle different. will mark the sUth time they've

He .U married ads for sign. te Neap the, aatieo'i firstloBttrated toe /. to take part la ."JIIU, of rte' ouadrlcentenalal / Rrtidg. Person,, NAACP state met with little results. Ha said
Dr nnrance C... k cu sbrstlo.. president. and head of the J u Thursday would be dr i last sackneetlngiMinai
art Phannye oaon. They
are. me, panes ef three for. has bass ........ Oae reaeoa for t.. eiteat efs'mdal coeeera last brmcli laid'" the total unit has fruition meetlMsare
wylrUgaka from Be plans for s demonstration." frustrating" and anleii the,
James E.Jr., Thomas Alfa -.oaatraUou
D and John Laland. the secarUats and EKhange etch erupt la the Ancient city lathe I but quickly added that there roc'" group could lee some definitepregreii.
The members Cocnmlstloa the faltad Cdacaton anticipated ,r..ee.f kit ct..U.It..r be demonstration "11 the need tile NAACP': will resista'
ef Jttwan Kagors Memorial art Methodist Life ef Miami which las bad it Wet elUer vice efeeldant Mauekrer orre "....." flied .sctlon"MwhkhaMatrmeans "

darch, D.,.. Duc,,. aas already Uaached ns salsef John so a wuld be ,1'''.t: also- under ee o 110,000 900.000 sham of Mats fhoaaa Mana and lie cotaaterpart r,.,. 9 group was scheduled, a meet the liberations are gome
ef stock la publics oboe win Msyer lasts Hitter, Thursday an. newever.. mere U no
Met Hurt 4+d.. Obder such drew at an cos, .. aort of deaoastratloa -
President. ef Call educator's i afternoon at which time the guarantee "' JarktenvUkt .la Ul
Ufa Is local Achy,gds IlMaJ4I have aatloatJ aad tatoraaUoaal ,.- KAACP planned present s list far s .... ........... The fact great solicitor femragei ifma
II.hts. Cfise B. Orr one of me prtae akiaa percuaaloaa. everyoae reoorAliee of grlevlencei. The lUttncktdeaiL.Lacai .Is mat there are ether aner put sMIng mat It bas
rhe soda ap ., me la- Openlif fua for tao ....".... ea set Air *atardar. ef Job epperitnltleiunder genlaed Mid aeml a. erganlaedtreupi been fUktd, great men
grated Lnela Kacloaal he civil "lItelltal" who ,...lIu and MirskaU he
rights are laid ob me
AUC 21, elta tawssta.. seat la by tilt
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ef civil rlghai\ because at echanan. s former state official althoastt UspO t... are to be fclied." this Is sal Ceeear h, treeumaf. and tee) Deptnme te spa all 01 that happened la Leo Mgt II.. general apptiitment. Mar.
gave) free emenantaoa Isfonareus and preildeat ef LtaeelaKadoaal dktd to fhs Camer*! enter* the dry's peels. that effkalsopened but tt was s long time cemlftf.Far shall ativei 1 lifetime Job. M
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sat-*.. c.. Inn tJie tw gre .r, former .-ecvjd-e secce- tko nip ad '......ra. local >..... aad attic deapeikt. peUiklans to Sway Coal laJwiy CatwelL Mrs.p. .
com Baalty'..,"" 4ik.laid earl of me ftaat VrraTead -...saws oat of tko lo.al polltlooo sad poaeretructure.a To Minister that it* Mgro beeame e>aTweatietJi O, reshfe Jr. Chairman
i.mil.ml.. ers Asaectade aauT preveedy aa effort c..,, lU-e..a sUvaatfi ., rhe Campaign, ".. m*
", .he was wed shun splrk......Mir fereetall tko lapai sg A Mrl aware that. **X gntkLsar D... Canner ScWel nmt ..tM.t.Uou. t.,.,. .c wife ifs der and .washy ........... YM s m*. lie Us Asfefct nave juotgrttvaama. end Pred. B, 1 Karl ef .,... la en eicJealto IIt.m. sift U. Pie ride piss, T..... iMrt-effrt'li! / la Brews naively asks ....,... ifsgb. kpnsld f L
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backs for Awn that fttWeyears. .", ages endedarremierYeilki. b... M IA9f IV-ft-frf fll DVtfoMaVfor vttat Cltanicer ef Cei ." aeang ... -. cieJfcai..... atrgrrn. I. *...tato rotroMBUtlM oo all bwdlee bavlai tkas..ay Idee& km ...... n... a..4MUiilU0. C...gdgs as follewsiJCMUX
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Mcraea haw arfs .TaI as *e turn >aVP > oral ..*. .aUI eves tlae ..It... BLSS .4... aaaC Mrs.JeMe flus *te rune* ee- levtoj aOa*I preteel W iaa.tdina la" tee as atgnt and vaai'toatsadef f
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... L f' H I ; _. -

I'fU[ l ,' ]AIpm \t I SATURDAY AUGUST 21, '|

THE. FLORIDA STAR i--=;;rfl;_ To Be tqua


\ t1lor1da Star. publlahlnt Co.pany'SIMPSON
tr Y. Where Poverty Is NrmHseOT

}1 cg .HiiifUi. EiMtirE.

"I SDII NYSE., ........... dm E.itir V WHTNW WING JR.
.. ... !.nNtI'D11s 1" probably the on<>. city in the nation

HILDA VOOTEN......... Ciicilitiii Mniir ....-.:.....::'. ::.' ? ..' ,,' ..x.'A- FwuV.... +M7ik.Vf ... where Negroes regard poverty as paradise

.. .: .' .. .1' .: .. ... it explains the ahsmce of 1a p.F cafe rnlliesand
.. .
widPrcud mrest and mcial tip.hcaval. -
demonstrations or
'2323 Mucriil Rut; Pkin Elf.ii 4-1112 ';.. .. .: r. '"t" .

MiiliU AHnss .. .' The Average NPgm fmily here live in poverty or

P.O. Bn 511 lacksiiiilli Florid.,! right next rtnor to it. 't after chopping cotton

r In cabana for $9 a week, hissing dishes in a Miami
hradi hotel for $-15= IR el.v"lAn, And living In' a

131 ,Nw'it1. Ail. Phiii 377-1025 oncrete mcnster" iwrtncit, :Iwv in the rtread-

fran tmaln: of Owl Bread

[! still belts *i .Alabama shanty

One Year, $6.00 Half Year $4.00 | hy very nich.

Mailed to you Anywhere In the united States lrul' noising Is rrlhle, his job chart-

Subscription payable in advance
are ftrictL menial and his pros-
Send Check or Money order to:

? ',10W L .OANTJ CARRY .' for patina hi* d.il'lren In ro-

EOUA1 REJOCKCf/E/1/T/fJ' YOUNG Tesr are virfcrlly non-existent, hut

Jacksonville 1, Florida : still Negm nm! aria dwn.

'ifTHE 'if-:- The lure is Jobs venial Jobs the Wjri a black

Medicare Aid The NeedyThe : ran raft find readily in (level-nd or ''Milwaukee.Operating .

a hotel elpvatnr or opting and closing
passage of the New Medicare Law by
both houses'1 of Congress, with only conmit'ee VOID? n dmr (be* nt tax rryme' thinking; capacity--sndstrhjohn
: agreement) and the president's signature are ahndant in a city when 00) per"mtof

lacking before becoming law, has an
all mtPsnric I"l ervirp-orimter1 rather than
impact upon the Florida's aged and under

privileged. inrtistrtal,

First, there should be an immediate and Your Ujfortunntely, white 'ilnHnns" retrH the absence -
careful study in Florida in order that the WeeklyHoroscope
of protest raflies a sign t thnt oil's
state may keep its hospital and

operations in balance. This will prevent well" wrnn it 1m' t. T. villaHpalr 1 thpirhn leajjip's -

overlapping of services, since, through exeoitive director, sapn that cmrtltlmN tn
welaffe, hospital care has been extendedto Guide
nearby Pnrine rpsoiblm a cmantraticn caV :
the poor of the state who are unable to

pay, regardless of age. that he Lund 23 pafle living in a three-J\U'. '4w;

Rut when Medicare becomes effective next By PABLO The ASTROLOGER In Mimi art that the Central Negro district is 'the
year, there will be free hospitalizationfor ,
lading arm in every vice met metal; ill \'>*\ mn
everybody over 65 years of age regardless -
of ability to pay. We can naturally WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR name including d9 aVttcticn."

conclude that this will prompt more These implensant realities' fnn ""hlr lt"lci'n

people above 65 to seek hospitalizationthan BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL
officials hold themselves aloof, are myth!Iy air-
are now seeking it. -
Considering our limited hospital facili- ruling the patience of .'ct... I' s Negmcs. Dies seethe
ties, officials of Florida need to arm world entirely different fan white residents
themselves' with just as Intelligent an estimate -
April 19th NECESSARY TO GO TO THE THE ADVANTAGES ON YOUR YOUR SIDE AS YOU CAN hjjy mtgmtnlating themselves fir a few fine stride
as they can possibly make of how
srtionl hoard. Wim RUrrcpparert
many more hospital beds Medicare is going /ITHOUGH THIRC m MANY in cswllty erticntlnn by the
to demand in the state. COUM.LY EXCELLENT DAYS CAN the ghetto In IV2 with a study Men
One thing we know is* Medicare will increase TO COME, THIS COULD BC
3-100-55-14-35-313 COURSES OR EXTENSIVETRAVEL IUAII VI. THERE ARE POWERFUL years earlier b;' Hr. hirer ftrrer, Im0 reRear*
the strain on our existing facili- YOUR DAY. USE YOUR WITS
ties in hospitals. public conscience demands AND DO NOT HESITATE TO CANCER director the only cbnme he onuld find wasnuvedstreet. .
that ourselves in PULL STRINGS NO IDEA .
we prepare advance .
to meet the demand when it SHOULD f>l CONSIDERED TOO July
comes. MORE EXPERIENCED ALLIES YOUR SKILLS OR ACHIEVE'\ The public hmslng ithnrtcy is trying tn place relocation
Is All Quiet On The L.A. Front? BOLDNESS TO IMRSS > STARTLING IN WHAT YOU COULD CLEAR UP THE CONFUSION MINTS. THE REWARDS OF hnusing in the nth of iJwttnfjpgmw f'1If'IIr\J'\m; .
THE RIOHT (Opu. HAVE TO REVCAL. DO NOT 870881524678LIBRA FAR TOO SUBSTANTIAL' TO seeking hrrw In transition" n..1 d".inrtwn".

!knows exactly what was the cause of YOU FEEL MORE A4GIIESSI E. HOLD BACK JUST BECAUSE
No one
IGNORE. THOSE WHO NAVE are wihject to intirallatlm: and only one fir, the
the big Los Angeles riot and the full truth WAY PERSIST IN YOUR EN-, YOURSELF, BUILD UP THE Born 1Sept. 23rd thru PASSED THEIR TESTS WITH pli shoe store chain.Is !atwn to rxrutP iive n eft
will not be known unltl an objective studyis OEAVORS UNTIL SUCCESS COURAGE THAT IS INHERENT Oct. 23rd THAN CONTENT WITH m-he-jobb- training pmjmn 5 rVcgnl1r1i1ryeea'

THC OUTCOMES. m its staff of yo wirkrrs. a mnrf t/rt Is tmg-
The investigating team should be composed 4-50.77 l-57-457

of sociologists, psychologistsand same Negro SOON AFTER THE LUNCHEON THIS IS THE KIND OF A COMPOSURE. YOU MAY HAVE CAPRICORN The fault Is prertnlnsntly a S' ""utirnal, T' P le..-

scholars, two of whom should he Los Angeles PERIOD HE THERE TO MAKE DAY WHEN NO OPPORTUNITY TO PAY A PRICE FOR CER Born Dec. 22nd thru
Jan. 19th ores' frills hwiV Pet ir tn recnilt.and norm
residents of the riot area,, !should INTERESTS HANG 'HEY YOU. THERE,MAY EVEN MEETINGS CAN BE INTEREST YOUR ATTENTIONMAV EASILY refer pmfe slnnitlskilled snd seal-skilled

be a thoroughgoing study taking at least IN THE BALANCE PLAY YOUR BE SEVERAL.THEY ALL HOLD ING I THEY MAY GIVE. YOU AN II ARRESTED BY AN AT. arpllcnnta to livlistrt"t .ls Rwt\I'I(1t'".P'a1r' saya

DEVELOPMENTS IN we Just drift have much referals.
sponsiblesome Srro people; say say Martin Luther Kin RAISE THC STAKES TOO ING UP MISUNDERSTANDINGS' SIBILITIES.BE, RECEPTIVE. ROSITV ALIEN PARTS.TO TAU ALLOW OVER CU-> If Negrm are tn rime nut of poverty in Map IRSmft"&i7l

ideas ws hack of It; end others stynM- HIBH, WITH OTHERS. GET IN TOUCH ALTHOUGH THE ADVANTAGES THUS I AIM. WILL ENABLE YOU the cltys ,.ratty ttmry. a vast ertxntinAl -
ro maintained the riot once it was started But who TO TACKLE JOBS THATWOULD ant rrtraininf ...tftrtt1l he rwj'lmt Plv
actually knows? TAURUSBorn FOR TONIGHT OR THE WEEn.END. NOT TO LIT OTHERS FRIOHTENLCSSNAROV, hop Oilman r. xmll. Card's mm catholic lent
Die investigative report' sized up the rMidmta'.of May 20th GET CLOSER TO PER. SEC IT. THIS IS THE DESIST WHEN YOU WANTA er integrated way catholic sfnnrls- Bit only

--*; where the riot oncured To -thirds of the.adults UNUSUAL OCCURRENCES ADD SONS WHO INFLUENTIAL." TIME| FOR YOU TO PLAY THE! JOB DONE. arm 200 Negro polls are attending cla**:* with
have lens than a high School education; anettfith TO YOUR STATURE. THESE 111111.YOU CAN MUSTER. 7.to&t3237H whites In public sdrrtls.Ulami .
of the adult are ted1\ica111llUterate; 87 YOUR CIRCLE OF ACQUAINT Born July, 21rd thru MARRIAGE COULD BC YOUR AQUARIUSBorn la mrgetlc and crying dty.; It rrxn 1

per cent of the! houses are more than 25 years old, ANCIS. ROMANCE ALSO PO- Aug, 21.1 INTENTION. EFFICIENCY Jan. 20th thtu Its heart tn Cuban reftigfen! fro f stm. Including
and in dire need of npair; thirty; per cent of the VIOLS NEW SURPRISES. BE ALTHOUGH A RATHER GIG. THOSE WITH WHOM YOU ARC* thinanr of tntnM rcofM'lcn1.n1Dd .u.u.ln-
children are fran! broken hones; most juveniles' and THEY ARE. RIDE WITH YOUR YOUR WAY,YOU SHOULD GIVE KEEP' I ING COMP ANY. STRIKE OUT BOLDLY AS tegratlng V n nptHy btn Its mrrrf, hit it has

nony adults are narcotic addicts, prostitutes and PERSONAL GOOD FORTUNE. YOURSELF ACOULC OF DAYS t20SJ17.42823 BOON AS YOU ARC CONVINCED not srown'a like Incllnstlm to h U> rrgrom to Ash:

alcholica." The watts section residents are the SECRET FINANCIAL Alto TO SECURE A BETTER BAR. SCORPIOBorn THAT YOUR CHANCES ARC* thoselvw*-apst of wrna erne to the dty; with her
lowest per capita camera except Aid row refuse of THERE is SOME OF YOUR OWN IDEAS Nov. 22nd ALONE.UJCM PLEASURE akllla fro the sloth than oitana. who grew up

of alchollc beverages. The area has only five Negro LITTLE REASON FOR YOU AND EXPECTATIONS HAVE A UNIONS THAT TARt PLACE IS COMING YOUR WAY under the AlUm cl.ctI1Dr.h1p.:


housing 322,000 residents; m short fetts la purely
an abject\) alum YOUR HEART. THOU OF YOU LARGE TERMS. THIS COULD MINTS FINANCES POSE A PItS AND CULTURAL IN. ,,' ye always been nation of seat eaters.

The statistics indicate woeful neglect and concern WHO HAVI THE URGE TO BE YOUR DAY. EVERYTHINGMAY PROBLEM. THIS SHOULD BC TERESTS. WITH YOUR DOMETIC and we're eating acre and Bore of this delectable

m the part of city end Industrial leaders of Los



COMMITMENTS WILL NOT MAY WIN NEW PRETIGEAR. TO START MAKING IN. COVIR..... DAY of nearly 174 pounds per capita with beef

Fbrl.ii Firaer Makes Moeey BI EASY TO BREAK THEM RIVING AT EXCEPTIONALLYFINE OUIRICS. THCRC MAYE )-tco 22-''-3.342PISCES accounting for aiore taaa 100 pound

8.300 n.73UI FINANCIAL ACCORDS. DUAL OPPORTUNITIES. Toe institute spoken coM oo>4 the aicatAnd
t About a ncnth ago' the Tallahassee nenDcrtt puhllahed ATTEND TO THE ESSENTIAL FRIENDLY ENCOUNTERS AND livestock industry for ita ability to

two editorials In which It dfccuswd the fU- GJlNIrtI: DETAILS OR ARRANGEMENTS' TNt FORMATION OF AL- Born Feb. 19th thru produce the quality of ant product which:

Born May list thru TO GET THINGS DECIDED L1ANCCS. YOU ARC NOW March 20th la ...the ucla ready accrptaace by the
tire diflotpeKrance of the Neuo fare fmB. the flax TMC INITIATIVE MAVK
June, 21st UPON MOVING WITHOUT! FUR. BEGINNING TO NOTE THE conwaer. After palatial out that disposable -
Idn acme hmujht en by the Intention of new, totaomharPemttnfdevlc ALTHOUGH THE UNEXPECTED THSR DELAY INDICATIONS OF EXCITING TA EN OUT Or YOUR MAMBSOY locoae la expected to riM again this

\ it predicate its ccntanti \1)-. IB IIK&Y TO CONTAIN SOME 2.eo32U DAYS TO COME. DOUBlC UNEXPECTED OSVCLOP.MCNTS. jeer which awaai that the howtwlfe will
IT *
en what hsrcwwd.to the Negro cotton tenant fanow HAPPY SUiif'IIiEI.'fOU CAN. VIRGO YOUR ENDEAVORS TO GET be able to continue to peed a Mailer
NOT DISCOUNT POSSI AHEAD CAST OUT ALL THC SIGNS OF SUCCESS share of her budget for seat without decreasing -
with the Born
of the Aug. 23rd
appearance Mechanical cotton chvper thru ARC VERY CLEAR. MSVtTS
Alt DIF'I CUL TI n. DO NOT DOUBTS OR SUSPICIONS the aaooat of seat her frilly
and autmatic mttnn picker on the plantaticm of REVEAL ALL YOUR PLANS. pt. 22ndAN FROM YOUR) MIND PLACE MAY BC MEATER THAN A*. eats, he ...litnata It a tribute to the
THE REALIZATION YOUR great Aatricaa aystta of free eaterpriae
Tea we agree that perhapa the tobacco tenant tamer LUC IS TMINB YOUR SIDE STARTS PAWING, THE WAy AND DEVOTION OF YOUR under which the seat industry con time* to
SHOULD BOOST TOUR MOPESA DEAN produce wre and btttfr product at a COlt
till disappear from the florid faming sane FOR THC SUCCCSSCS TO ONES.I.1t475115 THC OPPORTUNITY TO COME
FEW NOTCHES YOU ALSO that enables Aatrlcaas to cooataatly 1.-
a few but will have
mre.1IU'I. we a few la- CAN ASPECT MUCH MORE prove their standard of llvlag."
dependent and proaperoua N cro fans cwcera who will CO-OPERATION. SEVERAL NOt IS THC TIME Born HOT. 23rd thru PASS UP. THERE it The seat ladastry. la all Itsratifica

seine the ctportunity to !. their finiljr and dsaoendonta > CONFIDENTIAL OFFERS MAYas TO L00 AHEAD. (El C"'I-| Dec. 2latir Lime DOUBT THAT IT IS tions. la aoBethiag of aa orgaalutloaal
MADE THEY SEEM TO at .. alracle. Moat of oar livestock la raised
wealthy within the next tso or threedacad WORTHY OF YOUR ATTIN TAL OR THE SUPPORT THAT YOU ARC BEING e*. THOSE WHO WMO ARC WILL WELL NAVCTMC eat of the MlMlaalppl. while .oat of the
Por instance, Airs ttducrtaa of Arcadia: tin tortacntj TIM. ANT CONCLUSIONS POSCO BY TwiSt WHO MAvCUS CDGC ON TMC COMPC'tltlOR lest la eoaasae4 la the laat. rat distasces -
or acre lean l haa ben famine la one of the REACHED Ot SETUEMENTSA4MEO GOALS. GO RIGHT TO TMC II).IIICOIU ITV SHOULD COlIC ) THIS lit.... are involved la cettlac the Bat.
fro the rum oooaoBtra.
tataaort nloaesM, *r YOUR PROBLEMS TOP. FOLLOW YOUR COM TO TNt RESCUE. E.PECl II 20.55-14.12+lZ9




'. t' IR t r /



Paige Celebration Floridians Receive Di lows Jt.! SttiitiAIIIIICIS,

Socially Speaking

r 1, 1 L .11 I Scheduled For

By Iiilsi Clilfut Sunday, Sept. 5 r 1s'a' Vim's Ray

The Jacksonville Alumni Chapter of Kppa Alpha Pal Fraternity, will hare Mrs. Gu.ule PaJge Gr.ywUl tJ $t. SterhertAME Churchwomen
celebrate her 29th anniversary
r will observe their annual
their annual fully picnic Saturday August 28. at Oolden Head Dart 'The Motorcade .
as I gospel soloist Sept.S day Oct. 24 Instead of Oct. 10
will tom at the Fdgewood Lounge Saturday ornlnc at 8:00 O'clock. In MU Calvary Baptist as previously announced.R .

George Church beginning It' p.m. J.S.Johnson,minister
arranged Mrs. Gray will be accom- will consecrate the officer at
panied by Mrs WUhetmenU lla.m.AluwIUb..ponsorNSIn'Y
1 1 11 11IIr. HOI and Introduced by Mrs f from 4 to 6 Pith, at
Eliza Rich Perry. the klrkoff program for the
and Yrs Noraan T. urquhart returned to the city recently: from Boiling Among the participants will celebration.The .
Gteen, Kentucky. Jackls: was doing further study at Western Kentucky State bet Choir 4-B of Mt. Ararat Junior meet each

College In tailing Green. And Noraan.. spending! his vacation there. Ihlle Baptbt. Mrs. Alice Burrough. Tuesday it t p.m.. and the

there they resided with Mrs. urquharts sister and brother-ln-la*, Mr. and junior choir 0I"'t.BetheIBaptist. e senior at 8 P.m.
Swectwateri Mrs. ElSie August 31, the Youth
Mrs. Herbert 01 dh...
Mae Scott. Mrs. Mary Moses .,t Crusade for Christ program
I 1 I 1 :1aIIr. Mr. Rosen Cohen.Mu Bethel will he presented. Rev.Mar*
Mile Chorus, Mrs. Rosen cus Kins, Ru. C. L* Telfalr.
and Mrs. Paul BIIUI.tt just returned frosi a two eek vacation where they MoCloud: Mrs Geneva Per- and Rev. James Coleman will
toured the ,yes york worlds ralr.liockefel! I.r Estates in Tlr to.N.T. kins and others. be speaker The )Junior choir
and Washington, D.C. Chester, Pennsylvania and atlantic Serving as dean hostesses will serve under direction of
City visited -
Pauls' will be Mrs. MaybeU. Balky WUton Blake, MUl Jane Davis
daughter ,rs. Sylvia Bel ton sad his brother Alp Dm. Doris' Sis- with Mrs. Daisy Foster as associate SUNSNIN: STATE RESI 1S.. Mrs. 01 /a Cooper H Ulan dale., (seated at crusts and Mrs. Inn Scarborough
ter-in-Ias and brother Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Clover and Mr. and Mrs. User den The Charmern left) and Mrs. Cal 11 a J Idl 80ft, ,Tacasonvill (seated fifth fins left),.ere ) ". Clara Austin was
Oeatbers.Mrs. Exclusive Ckib members will1\ elected. for the observance -
honor secretary
graduates during recent ooMnencment exercise of the National Institute -
11 Ii I serve as hostesses and Ills Ines Johnson -
Mr. Ruth VsUes will be of Ctowetology hat d In the Conrad Hilton Hotel, Washington D.C. Mrs.cooper .
Minnie p. Gadlla sized work and pleasurt together .hit studlog at aiJlstantsecretary.Mrf.Jennie
mistress of ce ceremonies and is recording secretary of the State Orange Bloaaon beauticians ssso. Ve. Crockett Is publicity
Queen College ia Flushing new Tort and a Brief vacation in Pittsburgh!\, peonsylvanlsilth Introduced by Matthew G.. elation, jnc* "rs. Jackson servosjtsonBA chainan of junior trustees and la director.
her on the trip was her DaughterRene. Mrs. Ethel D. BannUter. -'
founder president of the trtchologlsts'beautlclans local
who accompanied tlon. 39: of the ssaccla *

I 1 I u. Grey In her first recital}, will

Medly of oe nonorco pen ...... ..... ... ...................
Alpha Kappa' Alpha songs. Alpha Kappa Alp la Huan prices were preened -

by Rotor Julia Hazzart.Presentation of guest and introduction aoron Birthday Honoree Feted .. .. :

Soror Alas Daniels, aoror Caallla Thompson registered the cuestaurora I AMMI
Retire Threadcraft, Gloria Pixon and Cora B>d1IODe and issued the aouvanln.

Soros Ullle Mte Green Julia Haizard Rita Wlunns. Guelda White.Louise l17 .t.tawr.t fO. .
!aeffield, Annie Ruth willlaaa, Johnnie b"urt. Barbara White, rva Grant ser M I

Ted the refreshaents. t i ..."........ eb.Ot
Other aorors assisted in ther general operation of the affair. Sone of the : Jotll.1 Win ....,..rl<<>,
schools: attended by the girls are: Jacksonville University, JEdtard Waters ''.."""' **J M/IrrN/.

College, Florida AftM, Bethune Cookaan, Flak, Tennessee Stated >el la an. /North : ,-
Carolina, Teias Southern Benedict other Q.1_ U)' I u. ..1.11b.b.ittIs then with told waitr. -10 ......
alone with Cawaa Rio Oars chapter
this. )ear-aS ...11. up ,.."' .. Out I west more
of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: Inc., entertained the prospect college frem- ,.... only lien are tuft ofk e '.n.I"e treatment I Ie 'la order.
.. girls last Saturday In the hose of Soror Elisabeth jaaiin. Soror But tkle III me melabMtleed. whe It ftelt good. loot! hut with
.b)iU, so bean CM I i4 sty beauty frtmi. M.uie I their
Matthew presided at the program hlch included, greetings froa Soror Ruth C. ,........! paste ill over your face, with,
Soloaoa. Malleus Of Oaaaa Rho 5/ partkular attention' la crevkt*
Qaega Chapter. t A Tally )our ....1.' Do you .
ant art i when hUtkheadi. develop
.s know Mteinl of the neighborhooJ -
up.... IuIt.ltlIuas..sL etpeclalty ,the 'Met of
""J".M'n tett It you
your now IonMid ...4 chin'
we heard froa Dirett Grooaea. last week, that this suiaer. Rarett worked do. you probably| can convince" Raw. Ml apply tie< >hit' I to-
iheir. moihtri he children sty"
an afelnlstrttive resident at tosevelt Hospital la Iron anti ...rl"I. A' tU frtejfixxlt.
New Tort City, ".!. bois ,
feel comfortable) v nh you when
a toner ...tfit, null and p"*irle, *.
instructor "igh
at setthe 1. Gilbert
School He received his th..ir |pinch are gone. Do you
You'll be Jet. whoa
e&catloa la the local !hate colleititNi of children glad you
high schools, his B.8. degree fins Tuakecee Instltata a
host we your mwwih.' l s*ely"
.banks thai! sera fatorilm of
He has Done further study at new' Tort University where he received a degreein young Hind pupprla. lo amuiethiMrtn com r'n' I kM

physical therapy and recently be received his casters degree from' Cornell A H". you lAen aitch Q. !My ".... ahteyt turn
University, Ithaca. N.T. He will return hose for a visit ia Deceaber.Mr. n aid coune' Phone" the to (*M Me ..... vlMM mr
famllle you know. eiplilnlng whoa I Ire. mM"y, I ester
that you're sow availahle for 11- whether a Salt Se Mew
1 1 T Kim BltrCAT:*" Carnal! C. L.'. (seated center foreground) was pleasantly tMhytiltmg wakes" folk. >w .up .. wet shoe rat Many.

and Mrs. Kenneth Pays of Atlanta Ga. Visited friends here recently surprised, last eeek when his rife (sesced at left) feted bla with a surprise your phone" calk by mailing a A Ike. bath tree may Nto
They were the house guests of Mr. and !Mrs 11 wood L.J. Ranks birthday at the hose or her alsterMrs.( Mlle B. Boon 1 era, Seated mull! Bard
flat) tll W. 17th Street. Dancing, the derrtog of a tasty buffet luncheon. clwiili phoned). la IrKlude your you proe"tI, same.phone sill Mee l.. so sbesyours

.b- 1 I II and presentation of lifts to the honoree, highlighted the evealng modal number. and qualilka& gue.l.. Ny Lisbon" wish.M'l featly an emer or
The fashion shoe sponsored by the Golden OJrls of Llaoals Butlae. Collie laterlsde ,.. .. You may have more l.my, moM Sane <... N ktr4ftrter
.as quite a IUCC.... Guests store seated free left are: .". and Mrs. J.J. Mlun. Mrs. RhodiUeMara re|"nt. than ttmel' of wM UDllI later,. Ash M
Tie, affair -ss bald at the Independent Q. MI ..... h M ..,. ll sass host can tad bud.. eipUA'"tlhal | '
Life insurance Coapaay Audltoriua John Jsaea, Martta TneaJ. Sylvester GUll.Loftwlil n", Mrs. J.
sow a4 ._. I try *N kk' 4* ,, you cast .lath tow, but MenitiMM
featuring the 1st eat faItllOD"I.esilmolill M. Ulpatrlca Thedare Itoyd Francis Mc eal, Lan Ashley, Juanita Oannt, If IMrss ... ...WII. weaw h hi .hear what They bar
pearl Osughtery. J.M. Kllpstrlck ..ft, I. shoe ..)...| I CMM l.i i.y.,+Ulr. ,, MoM <4 your
(Royal Art Studio FOtoIllslalit'1'I11N Hi cbe. H ..fTContMfncy funds. sill wwjuhady .

A k Ihe/lue In Ilan wen .NsswSe ,..
Banquet For State Official! Il.ntsg. tip sty ,aaln .Ihl". ....,.... .. "." ....... J )
faHHuliy R> a ...Iy''rowmV nrfrequent ../ .J ",.._. wftI. ,.. ad.yes. .
Its E. M. Tomas ) ..."III.' .Mh step "."'-'. .Yny D''ee.Urre.
and whet, h" the laltor on ...b" P,". "f.f, ..,...,,..
Preparing For L SECURITY. your fate for a minute then (I... c..,.. N..ee. r...
rilllint ..Hh warm waier, 11111)ad.
Alliyn.ry Felt

..., .
'ww wrFLM MM YNI flMw.
Mrs. tails Mas, Thomas
rip Uere her 90th .....-
vinery as agaegels.nger!
..... 12 at 1.30 p.m.. la Kit.Ararat I '

The DartUt nklparwj Oatrrh.btchiJeiMrs. : 1

Derntce >iatea.ftarltCe k1.
r llnvVn, kit .'Jablle .ClK4r
J, 4-O and Male Owns. IK.Ararati .
Mardwv c;. McCoy, 1 J
Cekutlal llnf.r Gskiss J.> iV
Wee heavenly CcKcau. ...n. t .
Dvmbr Lewis GesselCcKa le

4, kin Marv Xeafcr;,
letomon t...........Peter Jar* :
DeB JeiileX.f rU.TfMDkje p., y'y eG
Cfceir t>fl>krey ChtrrfciC
pel 0..... rrWadaMp Oaf
tilt lassie tieMI It..Mr*.
T> kna CeVaHs. Vetrws efJenuakta
Jn Peer ens' r

LCCCO: .. Dr.. Aaa Beata (ahowa Seated at Read ef table), O aae "M. VsUes sill beatlstreis '
of tae alsatosary society, Utk Iplaeofal District ef tie art ef
Church *as recently koaorH etu I teetiaoatal IsacHeoa icy efHcers Ue rereenontet.TOOTHACHE : :

society dirlag tie trt-state laettUte at I4 .r< Waters Colin AU..... ,4 ;

seated fr a left are: Bisac* ttajeae C. Katcaer, sre.. Cia, Prelate ef tte IItk .

'hCXIPAl datrlct; Mrs. .Jou UtJ. .,.. vary jeasjsga .,.. 'Ills'ellaAkery .

Marrla. Dr. lest. Mrs. Towas Mrs Cl: aalena* Dealals. asdirs. 0,7 .. ... r
_1 *WM V lMMiH .da -
Mstcfeer.wtfe af tae klsboa aa4 e.s>ervlsry ef tbe alaaloaary so dee;. etc" aas OI."L ee.C ...- r rJ'
lag from left are Dr. till_ a. Stewart pre.t .aat of tf ar4 waters allegera. -MarM.>t l. -e l...

51. It...". .,.. aa4e Jarkaoa aa' wr>. title rfaeler.IN AMM..o :=
.... ..._..oe It ....,


ImC rn I W 11J rtar, T 1 .

CM Is* lee leerm pug eel Itsstllwt rt

-- ---

b I hC CoRe J !ith .

\\w H. Boys n & Giih.....look I lool I HK Hofitslitf

) lJp Tuft Citi (ji fi III 1.11laatn

t\w li litirijff Itriif TM fiaurTII

en in UK runs inliiihll

lid Slate ..a'.... Cirtui II, tales, tU.mi .


Beef at Best >> r IIW't'tUJ




." ,I ,'II

t SUB un IIJ80ST 21, 18t$
\ '

Nat'l Baptist ConfabTo Royal Tabernacle's Education Department' Presents.Annal' Fife

Convene HereThe

85th annul session of the National Baptist
Convention of America will be held here Sept. 6-13
with Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church Rev A. B.
Coleman mlnUter and other churches In the city at ", _rt -
host*. _
Dr. J. H. Jackson presi- pal of Forest Park School and,
dent of the body and minister former director of theStamo- _
of Olive Baptist Church of Musl-Cho Guest soloist will I
Chicago will preside.Headquarters be J. Robert Bradley of Nashville
for the convention Tetn.Elinnr.
will be Day Spring
Baptist Church. StiiiifSni.
The Women's Department
will meet In Shiloh Baptist .) Muical
Church: with Dr. ptaryo.Ross
of Detroit In charge. College Night celebration
Other meeting places for the will be held Sunday at T p.m.,
groups area Evangelistic In Ebenezer Methodist Church
Croup, Day Spring Baptist with the Woman's Society of
Moderators Abyssinia Baptist Christian service as hostesses -
; Young People.ZIonHope to the students who will
Home Mission Bethel Instltutlojul enter college this fall and students -
) ForegnMlsslonSe-( who have recently
cood Baptist Ushers, Sweet- graduated. '
field Baptist! Sunday School. Among the featured artist !
Mr Olive AME| Laymen at on the musical and dramatic 1L1jJ
Central and Day Spring.Approximately program aret Miss Carol :
10.000 delegates Brown Miss Jeanette 1 Kitties,
from all sections: of the Miss Stella Yvonne Ivy Tyrone
nation and departmental officers Williams, Daniel Shlpp.
are expected.A James Reed Ronald Sneed.All 1Jti. MAJESTICS SALUTED-- land Forrest was crownedQuean
musical program featuring college students have been Invited and Horace Robinson: jr.,. king during the annual -

a choir of more than 500 to attend. __ coronation fete sponsored recently "by the education
voices, Is scheduled to be the Other Interested persona
: d<*>artaent of Royal Tabernacle Church. lira
opening feature Sept. 7. Thl have been advised to contact
,, Vide fall ace of Mt. Camel Blllltht'tburd1.w.
Mrs. E.W.
program will be held In the Hurley, president
Coliseum under the directionof of the sponsoring group at r the prlcipal ,esker. Principals and meabers Jo

);.rs. Annette Espy, prtncl- borne or the church.Triumph : top photo from left are; Varon Forest Alloulse

Williams Cookie .anfert Danny Robinson and Con-
Dr. L. G. Loag To Host die Forrest. Bottom photo from left: Alice lo'rrl

Johnny Whltfleld, Barbara Miller, the queen and
Mt. Zion Speaker Sunday Night 110.Jewel (1J: Her. and Brenda MillerThe contests

was staged In behalf of both the men's and Borneo s
Dr. Lutrelle G. Long Sr. Gospel Recital [: w + day co..1 ttee.

pastor of Union Bethel AME (Bob filth Iota)
Church: In New Orleans La. Lovers of uncle art
will preach Sunday morningat
promlied treat Sunday
11 a.m. at Mt. Zion AME a Woodlawn Plans
night when friu.phHoll' United Hosting
Church: corner of Beavur and : 4
Newman Rev. Charles E. ness Church, Third and Day Care Center
I Toston, pastor announced.Dr. Franklin Streets, stage 1 ; Dbtrkt Confat

Dr. Long Is the son of the another of its concert a Open House Aug. 29
I late Dr. C. S. Long who was The Ministers and Deacons
a former pastor of Me Zion. featuring top groups '" '. 1' Union and the Women's Sub-
He Is an outstanding evangelist Sunday -ti. 29 at 8.00: ",: Woodlawn United Presbyterian District Convention. auxiliaries -

and a candidate for the P... In the cloth auditorium. Church, Cleveland and to the Union P roam.lYe
office of Bishop In the AME /' Woodlawn Roads Is Inviting Baptist Association,, began

Church: Featured on theprogreiwll & the general public to an Open Thursday In United Baptist
The Mary F. Handy Missionary ,"j House Inspection: of Its new Church and will continue
Society will be In 1 be : ', .",. h tP Child Day Care Center Sunday through Sunday.
charge of the service with The Sunbeams, Silver ----- ? Aug. 29 from 4 until 6pjik. Their sermon tonight wW
Mrs. Lottie Gilbert as pre acres. Gospel Echoes, Rev Franklin D. Wll- be delivered by Rev.J.Joey
sident. Mrs. Mary (bo da an, Cels- son, pastor announced. at 7iX o'clock.: Rev. L. ..Ie-:
Pulpit guests will be Dr. T. Door prizes wU be sward
till, Lettlmore, sistttEssie Queen Is alternate. Saturday
E. Sheltie presiding Elder of ed, the minister announced.
the East Jacksonville District ma* Tho..., Budl.n. The Center will at 10.30 a.m., the Red Circle
Philadelphia Sets ProgramThe rovlcJe4'1care
Ambassadors and
TWO Royal
and Dr. R. V. Webster, dean .. prof. Andre.llcCanBhen MINUTE5/ from Infants through Matrons will have charge."
of the chapel of Edward Waters 3>eel all. star- youths. Rev. K llson ask. fci-.
Services with
Aid Sunday
Furor's Doaldof
College Thel.aretts. Recital VflSV / vii lanes will be transported to a
lights Staging BIBLE f) Xlu Tabor Baptist Church win recognised: Infant the Sunday School at fe30 a.m.
COINIllUt a. (MM Mil center with Rte Orion Johnson and
Imp tribal s of Edward Wa sponsor a program Sunday at and
'''UN 1111 tOOtrV ,, Nursery kindergarten
4 3 In the church audi Deacon W. R, McNcaJ In
ters'college. Popular gospel singing CNKeo it. &U"'OIi' \ p.m. : children will : the
-\1 I torium. occupy charge. At 11 a.m. the sermon -
groups of the community church
Also triumph1 ,Qospel building Hoars for
RI win be delivered Rev
SNEEZING/ chorus, evangelist Ber- will highlight music selectinChoir Isi Opening Infants nursery and kindergarten -
I TRUE UNITY 4.scripture, W. M. La,... Rev. J. Ray
nice Staten, Mrs. Snot extravaganza, Sunday, '' children will be from will altnaie.DUner
, \ There ar. many unitmi ill own tied biro Mil rlralhr (Rom. e,3'), Rev A. Ttnyi prayer. Rev 7iM ant mtU itOO p.m. Sen serve as
hay f ever Blvens and Deacon janes Aug. 2at 8p... in the world but In only orw plait ii This pens dun nut refer ta n.r.rlM 11. Ownesi selection. Male dull for children on double will be served at liX JUDo
Byrd dir Philadelphia Baptist true be found .. Chorus J Introduction of mistress At 2i43 pjn., the 'aeewm
are orogrmm unity to : the LAird |>tliin, f no one tan he"baptized seiilons will be dos bra
Get Dr. Guild's Green Mountain Jews ell,..,. of ceremonies Miss Ida be delivered by Rev. B.I.Wym .
CA"-I from
ectors. The public Is Oiurch under the directIon info one with 11Imb TiSO until 11,4. eta and
J aaaerna mr COMPOUND Th.ehildren of fallen AiUm huve M. Ffemrnlng! mistress ofceremonies. from Alternate, Rev R. J.
In ? It ed.There of Deacon Solomon ) a physical t-ereniuny The only 12s00O'clocknoonwril
always been tllvklml Ad.",i firrt way to rieunm* one with Him .la to Mrs L. GI vena; fcOO Asa Supervised care Crawford.
I Tlmmon and the Church sOoapel two children could not grt along to. MtT|* by filth the f it shot He welcome Mrs. ... K. ww- ls also offered for Infants,
chorus. ...thPt. One llllml the. other. And tiled our death. on the iTtina. Tit lamsi sob Mrs. Louvenis" children and youth from.oouraU1O&00p.m.
I Program participantswill now hit the met run multlpllrd im-Hlng plof mutt always he G-]lary Squirt) reading Mrs. Lucy FIGHT
Include the (bJ den then art bout three blllliin irpa.ml > And M we adnowletlg. Ilia Grant solo Mrs. Vckns The staff Inckidci two certified
jubilee sinters, choir *. Individual will. In the wnrkL ilrulh M rein and are baptized Into lAw II I reading, Mrs. Lacy sachet Mr' *. SulaWQ r
Some of Adam children try to get Chri.. we aim tieroine one with Listen solo Mrs. Edith WU- *. local retired ktacher, CANCER
from Bethel Baptist.Beeeteater along tovrthrr and ., cot reading firs. Annie Bell and
amkahly rnnyome e th oIhrr'c. fcv one Stare an Mrs.Jeanlta Klrkfetrkk.
( ),Heavenly measures of tetra, And this u .tt hnlltJ Ma. nee IocJ," (If Grant
Echoes, Dixie Jubilee, always take effort It dies not CIMIM Ce, It.13)I ).
Sunrise, Starlight Oar naturally, Even the tlrarrtl keen I I'mly In ChrUt U nut something
i I is pel singers, respectively mint be prrpaml to yield to rathothrr'l ,I I (or whkh CtwUtUiu& are to itrlv*. II| llGiroNS rE
and other groups.Other elites freiwnlly to grt I to 4 fa<1 of grate to be re..wnerd stern rote
along well togrthrr. .Terre It mi true I and enjoyed hy faith. True.Ulirven
groups and soloists unity In thla world I In and out of dennminalliNM h.... 1114 W, BE YER
and the public are But 11...... Ad.m't thiklrm f,.\. been baptized Into one body,

only one Invited. been disldrd by tin, they may he 'whether or m4 they teengnoe t...... j 3101 EMERSON
saved and truly united In Chrbt A. Now tt h 'ur.. to apprgxet..el' -

Walters Memorial ChrfatberwnemewUhuavhm" II" I mil,. this unity in CKrW. 'rndrav. ISO CST RYE.
dm ot* death (the wages of tin) : tying. to keep the unity of theS*..
.I Cal K ry, M we nay 'brvnnw one .bt the bond of pea diet cola Church Services with Him a* In faith-we nlnnm) I.. J,*tfc.M, the unity whisk, theSpuit
.d,. IM that. death wee nil Hit KM. mud. Only thaw. who
Services Sunday Wallers but dirt. The la what the Apnxlerrfrnrd have her baptized Into OwM by
Memorial MME Zion Church to when he uked: 'know f.Mll CM .|..-n.e'. the Mnwd BIGPOULTRY
that rates win commence: with the Sunday yt M4, that ta many of ua M were unnieM whfak" brlievm may ......,
School: 9i3Q a.nx, wlthMUs bArt" Into JniM ClirM were bap. In Him.
Amy Morsland In charge. Thetopic

From Is without/, "The* will Pressures be reviewed Wmi's Day West Union Chorus

famous by Rev. R. L. Rogers SALE

pastor Morning service at 11 PIIII" Atf. 29 In Animal Program

o'clock with the pastor In
charge will commence with the At Macthaia West Union Baptist<< Church FLA. GRADE "A"
cola charge At S p.nt,the Its missionary Gospel Chorus will sponsor
mass meeting for the Annual Women's Day will be lit anmal program Aug. 29at
Jacksonville District will' be observed Sonday hits rdoega T P.W.. In me clinch r- LB.27C
pre+ ecl. 'Baptist.Ctatrth. efcpmenclnf dltorfcinv FRYERS
The programs with the Sunday School at The parttet> .* *..
name: Processional, selection fcSOajn.Mrs. Mrs. Ella ...... ,..M.Col-
Choir r... Shaw AME: Church V. Sugs will be meat tkhs. Mrs. Geneva Mark.
devotion, Mrs. Mary D bose, sts erlmendem and Mr*. AnnIe Mr*. Ruth Fedd ML olive FLA. rr IRAND j
Mrs. Bessie Love Introduction : Huff will review the .lesson, Gasped Chores, a.tra. Dorothy
II cI mistress of cere- -,- ,At U a.nw, Mr*. SusanM ,Byrd. Mrs.MWMlkXMgk. STEWING HENS Ll-15
monies. ..Ir.. ... Leavyi( Craw will be the speaker, and Mr*. Ruby Maanlns. Mr*.
mistress of ceremonies Mrs. Mrs. Alice Bwrrough pest Dernke Hlcksoa Mrs.UclOiThompeon .
IIr Sarah Bestt welcome lire soloist. Other participants ", Miss DeverlyFedd.
Deny Whilst response Mrs. aret Mrs Annie Ma Sims and Mr*. Mante Blew ECONOMY
r i Bernadette Brtni n; selection Miss Mary Carvtn.Mn.Rkt* president.IEN si

f chain nad''". Miss Cooke ..Ir.. Hattie Bus, and FRYER PARTS 3 -' 00
Gloria Jean Jackson) reading. ..Ir.. AllIe 1M Jordon ---------
, Mrs.. M.U Laavyi solo Mrs.
Vera J. Sconi reading. Miss iRUSTS OR DRUMSTICKS 1FW
Thelraan Jean Henryi selection -
choUt closing rem."" .
Til liE III
lire Dessle Love, ,

TM Seek The Mat Doctor GIZZARDS Ll 25c
, To Re-Op*. bet lOUr doctor prescribe

I bperleaced pharsaclsts a.Acoordiis

PEP1 IU..rtUlli to your Doctor lei. GRADE "A** FROZENTURKEY

Order P. Use Oaly Tae Met ct
Registration will brgtnMenfty
Quality Dra*
for First BaptistQrrcb proprietor PARTS s
Ktoderganea. AU ) Roasrotu rtiAiotAasrs TO' eonrt TOC-
\ parents it gvardlane have
lea asked. te send their A COMPLETE .INI OFPUSCaUPnOM LEGS WINGS 3
cbW.... batwaea then oft Oos..tics-iehlor Guod...CD41..Suadrise

e.nv, to 1 MW, Monday :! CALLXO fOIl AMD 011.IK>t@Lilly's

tfuwgh The school Friday Is a member ofah NECKS Mia -- MUTT 4 LiS.

Deval Clay Nareen As- Store lout WITH -
MMhCOU eclattam, Mf.rvt .4 fey Mrs. Drug
R. A. RobtiMC An chtldreej TAILS MOOOUS 4> Ilea 6 us.
) ate I* present haakk stateteen -,
Iron a factor. The III? III. IUB El-31271
..rail ttrnbeffcai. ... ., mm 4

I fnll' "RsUa.r., 'sy iW"l '1.1 I- ;:+ ,: ,
K. 'ri/, ,'
... .,. ,';..,. /',..." \.. ,_... "I.ill>

-. su lUAY APCIST M., lit ITU turn ''Ii 5

Wins Race Vocational Public Advised "New Breed" Hits Readying For Ensuing Holiday Seasonsrri Orthodox-

Oi Billot Teacher To Take Flu Chicago's "
Muslims Seek

Cent lid Visits Islands laocalatloasJACKSCtCVILLE AldermenCHICAGO C'I' Jl, ).; New Leader I

: .
RICHMOND. v.. (hi'Q : .
Mrs. Elisabeth Jenkins, ;i' .
Dr. William Ferguson Reid vice and There (NP& A new t., .1 ," ,. "" ; ,
president chief .' '
: GARY 1nd.I':
Jr. A
a local <" : > dl" representative
Negro {
.'S'- ',
surgeon counselor of the PrIrv were almost five times as group of civil rights demon ''''' : ; : : \ of the
who '' : orthodox
had ; /
apparently lost the many flu cases la Florida this "' '' :' ; ::
Jab 13 ing Trades School J22 Park strators as "anew ; ,. \ Muslim community In the midwest -
primary race for Avenue South New York City past season compared with breed" has set Itself up to had
Oem Virginia ICllt1e House nomination of for the returned from a successful that of last year and the State picket "uncle Tom politi .t '' ;: of the Middle East on In searchof a tour
Delegate* trip to Puerto Rico and the Board of Health says Indies clans" the latter are described '
s new
from Rkhmond- nrleocounty. Virgin Islands where she conferred time are for as many or even as all the Negro aldermen ., ) ,.,.. ,I. : head the religious leader to
learned : : community
last week that more this J "
he hadn't bt with local education officials coming season.Consequently In the city council except > ; "r, Sam Hamod, owner of the
at an.
said Dr. Wilson Charles Chew ": .I
educators, and phutIng (17th) > Jefferson
Dr. Re Idhad 'I l' haul Is the emIssary
demanded a recast T. Sowder. health ,:. !
state \
trades aspirants. Some 30 demonstrators de* ., ;
when the : who Is fly Ing te his homeland
completed officer. Inoculations :. Tr
: should betaken
During her she told tended last week upon the of* : "
stay : : Lebanon, and the United
tallying he had ran no later than September flee :, \; :,; : .. .? ( ;
about of Aid. <
rat the lucrative employ Claude W. B. "tr ; \; ;: : Arab
ninth :91 behind '" : '; Republic to consult with
Ineum mem opportunities In the because the vaccine takes HO I Ilohaa (tdI) at the same time {J.1"11". wv"" "" .,
belt religious scholars suitable
on s
for T. Dlx Sutton In a race printing trades, discussed the to four weeks to become ef that national civil rights lea ; r :r I'.1 '" leader
eight seats. fective.He ; \r!!
At the recount last week, a era accelerated faculties courses of her and school mod- said one shot should betaken der Bayard a Birmingham Ruth was audience telling ; : : of He Muslims represents* ssmallgroup
numbering some
special three- \ .
Judge Richmond and held Interviews with certainly, but that two- "today's demonstrator will \\.y, ., I :
prospective : ., .;,! '\ 1,000 In the area from South
Hustings ...
court discovered that trainees. two months apart would be eventually be replaced by } ';;"" 1m"1 '\,,,';.:,;,(,, ,,, Oend Ind. lI1wlUlle_
an of the \1Ql./ ..\ :., ,W Wisconsin
from one A native of Birmingham" more effective. The vaccine new breed of volunteer." : J' i } )' : :. /, ;;. ."rECIALLY I'.I' / :L'irjV,11.,' \ .", who financed and built
county precinct were missing. might not prevent a of \ ; ( : .
It ruled Mrs. Jenkins Is graduate of case llobnan was not Impressed : t : :: .'Yo the El Amen mosque In Gary
fat :
that but
unanimously no Alabama Teachers College would most certainly despite the fact that there were .' .'t' : five
't. At the
years ago. time
rotes,from that rreclnct' could lessen Its he said. '' ,' .
be and Tuskeeee( Institute where severity no beards no beatniks and no 1' the community had. nill-tlme
recorded for .
purposes of she umrdherwaehenceni. A Ingle booster would be suf whim' In the grail The bet ,' religious leader.
official The recount. fie... The faculty of her flcknt If you've had a two-shot redressed group was led by ... Since then however the
Reid new flares give Dr. orbs within the put year,hebnmunliation David Reed 25, a sales re* elder has left the area and
14,404.14,460 votes Sultan's adde4 preservative for Peoples) GasLight designed holiday pactailm: represents ; 13-million Invratnvntfor Interim appointees haw not

The la especially '<< and Coke Conlpa y. the 75 nee gift itms of chwlejr Industries inc. ,* armhollcaJly dla- been able to carry on the re*
victory"II a double In
for Ur. Reid. He also became risk recommended for the high Reel said the group win played in a "73" robert a Poeell ( left)* assistant to the trmJe reU- 1 lit Iou. education and! otU'r,
groups suffer rue
persons .
charges Hobibanlet
Dw first Negro In history to .trig chronic diseases per* grabbing" picket against and tear* tine. director of AfDilated Dlstlllera Imnda Cbrp. aarlietlnc subsidiary programs nrceisary to keep

win a Democratic parry nom* sons under S and over 43, .trig a leaflet from his hands. of Sxiicnley Industries, lie. describes none of the unusual gift pa.ckai.ea tl In e their Muslim reeks.The faith. strong with

(nation to the state k.telaare. especially those over 69i and The picket was Identified as far Howard reltJ nii (c uter) end nemtrd Qildberi (rltht), vice president candidate
He win be pined against pregnant women. Leonard I .r-pctlvlv of Affl)1ti sought
han"r. 25 The .11sttllen. must be welh'ducated In the
Clarence L. fcwoes Jr., Dr. Sowder said te vaccine "new breed" as said to have -
Negro Insurance candidate on will do no good If ,ou... already Indicated Intentions to visit religion, and able- to

t the. Republican ticket .In the contracted te diM.... the office of third ward Aid. Widow Receives Benefits From SBA Allocates tenets teach oIl the the young faith, (people the
general elections. Townes II The Immunisation 1s good Ralph H. Kletcalfe.Xtctealfe .
also the first Negro to win a' but not perfect. Tests have
1 refused to
house COP nomination for the state shown it to be eo to 10 per questions but offered to meet New Government InsuranceThe Twice As Many Vets Eligibility
ta the COth century. I rent effective. CM trouble the delr.tlanlattr. Reed said
U that fit viruses tend to his group has not yet decided first wldov In Florida to be sided by the new re-opened GI Loans As
change from time to time to accept the Invitation. Insurance program now offered b) the Veterans Administration, re* 1964HASHING Answered
Bemtt'sBill MRS. JtNMN thus making Ineffective next Other aldermen on the"..W celved her Insurance money last week C.W. Henry Manager of
s vaccine which breed" tbe VA R'llon.lllffn .t Si.. r.t 'rihurff. ulii tddav.
year to effective picketing list are William TON "Durin;; the For GI Loans
AM school Is comprised of dew this_yen H. Harvey (:nda) Ro Her husband who served that they are unable to obtain fiscal year ended June 90,
Torn state Department of Education rw said the vaccine viruses bertmUUtor (6th). Kenneth with the U. S. Navy during commercial Insurance at the the Small business A Jin In Istratlon A veteran'* ;'ii: iMU.: >.'r a
licensed vocational: In- are produced la eggs and Campbell ((30th) and George Work! M" tr 11. had allowed hl.Mdonal highest rates may also beeligible provided rlnllltl.ltwtr'or Gl loan Is not mtoredfchen
For Beaches stntetors. so persons overly sensitive w. Collins (Set), Service Live truur- \ for this wllr arr.. more than twice as many he sells his Cl-purchaaeU(
The school Is under thedlr eggs or egg products might The "new breed" charges. lOre policy to lapse after he The Insurance may be pur small businesses as It dk) the hone and obtains a V-> re*
'A.rnr-'CiTU, u. c. us. action of her hub Ind. Edwin have to forego te Immunisa that the six Negro aldermen was discharged chased until May 9. U66. Approximately year before SBA Administrator lease from liability the Government .
Rep. Charles E. Bennett, ofJeeksarntlle. C. Jenkins also formerly of tion."There's have not denounced de facto He Warned of the new VA six million veterans Eugene p,foley announced! on the loan,, the Veterans
testified/ In be* Birmingham a veteran profusion DO specific treatment segregation in city schools program by which certain may be eligible, the VA this week Administration wanted
hall of the ILl mlllloa Davy *! primer and private. for flu." Dr. Sow have made no effort to Influ Korean Conflict an) World said.The SUA made long'term loans today.
County beach erosion control .Idonal.cbool administrator der said.Mtf you get It, eete' Mayor. Daisy sponsor "War" U veterans may obtainas VA said that more than totaling I41M million to Ha lease of the wteranfrunliability
bill which hat been approvedby who became director of consult your doctor: aad take laws beneficial to Negroes, much as 110.000 In ClInsurance 0,000 .l'I'llcatlOlU for the new 13,4:0 small firms In fiscal to the Government'
the Secretary of the Army. the school In W50 'Ie"II good care of yourself .because. was allow council consider coverage and. made Cl Insurance policies haw 1964. compared w e.:"business does not affect the VA'.,...,
Barest. of the Budget and the first to Introduce private U could had Into pneumonia. It loG oI..ttII 33rd St. and Lowe application early In May of been received since they went loans totaling 1312.2 million arty on the loan As kings
Corps of t", InN n. vocational Instruction: In all Deal treatment to bed eat Neere move-In of 1W and this year, "..r. Henry said. 011 lilt flay t, It". the previous year. the guaranty te the .fender.
He appeared. before the phases of printing.rounded good food, plenty of liquids will not support a new .It..- His Insurance application This type of Insurance Is to "The high level 1 of IDA Is outstanding: reiteration
la 1** as the Empire and was approved as of June IS. cost the VA of Cl loan rights he
House Public Herts Commit aspirin .r cote drop to tor code. taxpayer nothing leading ls a direct reflection fin ,r.l1I.
tee hearing testimony on the Linotype School 'by the relieve discomfort." The group said five ).,,. IMS and his death occurred iiU, since claim payments of the present booming. tual ed! the veteran.However .
omnibus public works authorlzaUoabUL late Frank Arnold the Pruning During. te last fa season children were Injured. or killed on July S, IMS at the V A Hospital kill he made out of premium ness activity and an Indication even If the loan
Dennett. who has Trades School and one mainly te colder months In recent months for lack In Coral Cabkts.AllwerU kinds and the overhead. epense .. of the confidence the la paid. lit. lull thus relieving
worked for this project for are the only private .nearly 10,000 cases were re* ea stronger elevator code. "" War II or KoreanConflict will be borne by the...] bus In*is community has In the VA of ability to the Wn-
many years said ttwwklhelp printing trades schools to the ported against 1.100 te sea veterans with serv s month each veteran atkls to the timbre," foiiey Said der. a veterans enttilenienite '
to protect a 10-mile shore* :.aluditars. The other was sun before. Dr. Sowder said I k-e-caaeerddilabllitneawbo his premium payments, "Nearly 60 percent of SO' '''. anothrr Gl I loan may be
line which has been weal founded by Jenkins In Wi Ms would not represent all Vets Warned have allowed all or pan of Veterans making l application buslneis" loans were In the restored only whtn the pro
for the last several years b> and administered 'by him asme cases since many area re* their original. Cl I policies to % for this new insurance small loan. ctMf ryllSOOf ro rtyi
.InI: compWte privateprlaing lapee or who failed. to buy It should consult the a, was taken Governmental
damaging winds and storm porvad. proper i or lass for up to I hy s
and Hurricane Uert, costing trade school la the military service are premtim labta and send the maturity" rod*! said.'rears agency for public
local residents minions of oatloo before be took over and DedtctMeNet eligibleCllnsurance te purchase this newduring correct Initial premium pay SOA U reaching the smaller use,
donor renamed his present school. Color Meats mew with their application.Insurance firms meat In need of govern* b. was desireyed by nat
linn ...,. ....
II *u I .w to addition. veterans whose weal hissed
lOne area to ee protected -- ;:; eemotbeUsuedun ment financial ...11 I lilt.." ', tr
by tm loin as proposal. 'by Printing Trades School 'kas dtoabllltlts have no service bas its Initial payment ls During June IDA approved e. we disposed. ef forc n*
the Corps eengineers.." placed some 1,000 graduates Little Abroad, Veterans with nonservtce CCImI ciioa but %re so serious made, VA u640 1,14Obualnei leans for MXImllllen palling reMonaswthMhealth,
Bennett saidla a vital la printing jobs through Its ..eMe ted 4U abilities whcare. including M Err<< 'en-ploymeM transfer charge
area of shoreline, tat only free placement ee ribs. Zetas PWKIW applying for pans'tons wen re* female. Opportunity leans for a a burs $$4 14 anahrtclry, '
because te tremendous m ilnded aadetr. by te Veterans $5 12,000 and IN.m. leans er other reasons eonskJeredsufflcUnt
growth In popeJatioa to the AdmlnlstratM that they sen You "'On', "t tomorrowi for It million, IDA alas approved by te YA.
last several yean, but be* Hatchet Burled TaUt *(>TQ -W\at. .. longer deduct from report lob with y/rJuy'j skill 113 disaster leans for In such ionic,veterans wsy
cause of the presence elte .-.r prejudices Americans od totems the fun amount they ILLS million. apply te the VA office wftlehrreeeased
llaypon )aril halos la Americas Iran brevet staves mightkarbor kiwi eeatrfemod te ether pea Train now for tomorrow'i Job their loan for reiteration -
I.JPOI1 is a key awl Ga.AMmnrs. disappear ever teas .kM er retireeneM ,lane.. I ef entlilemeM.OUANTITTIIOMTIIISIIVIO .
bass welch serves as a home wheat they meet Meg roes. ac* That practice eeaeed Jan*
port for carriers and d.s. : oe.: -txrt A *rdlnf te Miss Ma B. ..... nary 1. 1N4, when te pre
troyers assigned to duty kali M aD demonstrations and lets fM Beta sere* seen law went Imee/foct.
ihrar>Mt die werkt The marches to te ameaBled city ceerdlaator, Jilt raairmes'frera Prior te that time. s .per
project win prevtos for teenctre was nail d last....., foOew* ea u.....* tarepeaapeeitopveaticei .OB was able, te report *
first cost of protec Ing aa agreemeat worked eatbetweea tow with a. toceroer end te oeitream
tioa of the ,...r any....... clry and awry erfl- grasp ef Zetas.Centneexing. BUM contributed by hiss tepeoskw
shore of te 1)sea '1..... dais ea te lilt band, and slat islet a e< retireeneni fond
"The Board of County Cornmlailoners civil rights leaders ea teter. sea Hale anew MissKing. kad law retaned to "kim. ,, u PER MAR
for Dan Cathy Gary (Mjsche*!teectar. VA pewktns are paid ea a ,
has assumed me efcUietioa of The truce, woke alee .to* lass "..e snei Wide basis of red te retartM aasetpeeidems
the local spoaser. "'h crt feted aa .,..... t***>rktageter Amerkans kt practkaDy wlAU eenaU Isis .
te the ben taxpayers win be te ftraab outpretkHM very oewtry .. visited.. c... huts 1'1Ity.... re* THUS fllCII. GOOD THIU SUNDAY AT IOCIWOOO AND AVI. I
about 111 R Ultse." tkat oilfti. arts, eoiki tan 'by Brit rtfethey pen their .... IweeM forte
same Mat as a..-..f'tcn -.eN"" DUfcC* sakMsa sjMrrteei
Danes s at.,.., law* year U. S. GOOD
maker" said the" problem along she rtgkts worker was teed bike Kbw saW they were half te VA win deduct tefoUewiaf BARBERCUC SIZE
the shoreline ., DwalCowry, f/tng to a .federal eeurt War greeted wn* "auck efwctteaead to determlRlng .kvegme
In Xonheast Florida, to OM tag tfcat s wilt eempatrleifrera carrot dry ssemaleerey eUgftOlryiID -
of sroeloa and levering of thebeeckpreUs Ivaartea, 121.. kad bee .d la kearlnf raid a Teeiperteeioftepty CHUCKROAST SPARERIBS
aad receasUaefteduna curd aa te cktt by s red sides apeaktog. .u.-." mar te an InUrkiual inter
... and beats during racial Barest. bliss. King atee to cKairmeaef all publte N prow amity

A..-,... pi** ** *.flnete Zetas' measles beard er retlreneci pus burner
fenprevemeata anas! seeemfcat Dried S. Ben Jr.. 21. aaAmrkM The pan teaneeHe..) tours 1.cWdry
ercele and "htrrkanetortueel Kegre, said te end bread IsOewad te aereesry'l4M (}) Afiieuem prO by S ve*
needing f te kae..reteeeexlaued Bffi lUe, 21. kad bee ,as* anneal bask last SM--X teas for Die last Drat and
... W te bind" Akctiag veter rertorratiaa Seen ref aa some art eaaltaaket burial of Us ...... or cMkt
M prevent ftsrter dateae* rIses e....... at aearvyfUlaswkea as stady end ctJearalaepecv and prepeny. Us bee* Mae was at* el E.... Me41ae4 sale ef real eeite ae persamalprepeny
needed for tenettne, Tk* larW .,r r.. wfcttei yette.ENTER Be->*m. laaeenfteerf. c.*,. edIIr .then kt te
,reject. Beaneei late, wttvtt .May. IwttssrtaMt. Uecte ...... ef......... I L..49 4 *
K et .MK*TtoM tM H .. ...... AmetrU, ka)y. klee (4)) P.,..... ......) hesri 55
e.lawL a _._ .t.. ead r r.... .-".
--- The aoieitti'a aiiutir (5) '.,.... eateer te
.Mp to ........ Markers war Cry&aw IdMetiea As*
praeaitptaal ..... ItCaglee Istaw. Act.
1 *. te greuf1aa..d (.) fuae bases pa.4 tevaran
sane XO edit edWkvm .. *. WESTERNOIL FAQ .
NOW! ENTER OFTEN I *\ WM --. .. kiktaKkf (1) I........ of aD ef aSpease's

said, was te Iw! e/ eareed tvMma, er
Kef re resfcteeas to te pU.e 11.900 of her lie......, wUdeer >
dry vin..... Tire 17114 i kf SMe eevamafe...
ass were _t\Ita. Dr.0.r r

'WIN YOUR OWN lasGw.erak f.,weKe.easlw.4 ter-ner f read Rrwsrtr M="..... d i DETERGENT

betels d saner ::= rtf)

; r, ., PHONE FOR r 24 OZ. GIANT V

IIIPtrffCt 29 49


Tai, I flit SS.1ii Mill fill lUll Illll I till HII II UK fill Hill

E1 ROYALCROWN Tilt flfileliiIII U. S. GOOD Rll STEAK u. "e

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f. LU'f e4 ts TOO IC''7 s*.a-i jut' KrUen Tug Primiftitf ,tarlu, U. S. 1 POTATOES I II ". i" 35M

CDits/t15/w* s*a iMt tM.fi rf aaeadlaat1 2H2 i. rififfM In.pisisn.

CMI row *a-t. fair UJU., des IOC* vM MUM MONTE PEACHES
H 3 cu 254RrOUNO
as s

WOES t\t\ LONG CRAM i i 11. '11. 35t

fo.7ft ll 1 l9I iptt I' I. 601 MEDAL nOW
sk'''n farad, S U. MI. 4 fEAT

Wilt TUNA FISH i iiiiui tint 47t

-- c.
-._- ... .- -- -- .. -

---... -- _
r r r. .... -. ....1Mi11 --.4 .

r. r f ti' J I 1'


II Poverty Officials Mapping People-To People Programs In Duval Offlasl'l Altl-P"lrty I. Offklels SlrkkH Ar". I

Greater jscxsomvlllt economic opportll 11t.lDc..
DuvaJ! :! county's official nti-poverty organization.
\' has been hoi dine a series of community nelgbtwr- i
I hood In areas of poverty in order to bear
hood meetings In areas of poverty In order to hear
'from the people that aelveaseamed to bt the best
The first meeting was' possible raiedy for this

held Thursday, Augustl9 problem.
at Blodgett Homes auditorium Others tentuoned teeoaier'toodllcinlsm" -

and the second and
Tuesday, August 24 at poor sanitation as problem -
nearby John E. PordSttfoc' *areas one Middle
nearby John K. ford aged gentleman stated
::1 School. This neighborhood that the older people

:1I has been classed as ahoold not be neglected",
I target aria A-l by the as they have families to

i,I antipoverty planner support mad oftei .reDO
Because. the concentration support and often were

of poverty In the area, not qualified fbr Job oportunltles. -
,'t *1 in43J early 69* of the families Ne suggestedjob

In A-1 have annual retraining so that
# Incomes below 3000. they could change with

The meetings were similar the times. He saw a "new
to the old fashionedNew d.- coming-Problems of
I Qigl and tow meeting the elderly were also

Invlch people apt up and raised by the group.
S>oie their mind."The The meeting was edjoirn-
OFFENSIVE' UNDERWAY.---" Greater Jacksonville Equal opportunity program officials Jects director Dadd Gntln. The second meeting with the people was held at first meeting at Blodgettettnr a success by the ntipovertrofficials -
utilized people to people techniques Aug. 19 when a New England typet John R. !Ford" School. GJED officials are scheduling< meetlns in similar areas *, 63 people: IJ'OIithut1&hborhood who
I' on oeetln session was held with residents of Blodgett Hones area, the areas of Duval County. Valuable Information from the people will be compiled Into and at came to hear the people

largest poverty. stricken area, under the letdershlo of .(cwEoexerutlvedirect. report fora to be Inpleneated
or, Jordan Bunch deputy director Lewis J. Carter III, and research ana pro- (Rout Art Studio photos least 20 different Indlvtduals major emphasis of the
arose and addressed economic opportunity act

Gateway Auxiliary 20,000 Delegates ExpectedAt .r- the group about their of 1964 commented Carterwas
-- nc'em.
I I Cl and the argent to have the low income -

Meets Aug. 28J problems they felt were people themselves
Nat'l Baptist CcHvesitlon burt
e 11p facing the neighborhood. Involved helping themselves -
Matters of Importance will vinla Marquez, public relations Lewis J. Carter III.03B1 oat of the cycleof
be discussed Saturday when director announced.The .
Gateway Auxiliary No. 3131 Auxllltary'i membership Twenty-thouiand delegates and visitors are expected Deputy Director opened poverty.
World III I Veterans USA books remain open for to attend the 85th annual session of the National WRICHTSVILLE CHURCH the meeting by statingthe Programs must be planned
J Inc. meets at 2 p.m. In Joe hlvei, widows children and Baptist Convention. U.S.A., Inc., In the hugh Services Sunday In Wrlghtsvllle Methodist. Church begin purpose of the group "11th" the poor not
H. James Center 13th and other dependents of World WarI coliseum beginning with a pre-convemion music a Ion with the Sunday School at t4S a.m.'with Super bunt together and ei- "fb." the by b rten-
Grumhal with President Lola veterans deslroui ofbecom- September 7, at 8 p.m. The musical will feature s intendent A. W. King. Jr., in charge. Morning service critic planners removed
Webb, presiding! Mn. Lau- !rig members. mass choir under the direction of Mrs Annette Espy st 11 o'clock with the chairman of the Commission on doted the citizens to ei-
----------- r and J. Robert Bradley, as guest soloist. Mission Board Miss Virginia Williams charge. A program press thler views on problems from the people, said
One of the highlights of the mid-summer session of the will be presented Mrs. Alverta P. Cook will be In their ar... Qordan Bunch: eiecutlve-
sesslo will be the snnual Board of Directors of the" NA. the speaker and Miss Beatrice Pol... one of the feeding local citizens proved to director of OJBO.
address of president J. H. tlonal Baptist Convention on soloists In Bethuir-Cookmn Chorus will be guest be not bashful at all.A David Cntla projects
Jackson on September 9, In June 16, and delivered the soloist. AI' p.m.. Miss Jacquelyn Smith will be presented majority felt that Director of the organi
the morning session Dr. concluding sermon at the Baptut In s recital children roaming the mitten took notes
Jackson will again bring one World' 'Alliance at Miami
r- of his straight from the Beach on June 27. OEULAH BAPTIST streets unsupervlsed wu throughout the meetingand
STEAK FISH . L691 shoulder messages covering Dr. Jackson has led the Rev Willie'Demps. pastor of Beulah Bpatlst Church. a major problem. Broken stated that he hopesto
SHAD ROI Fresh & Flesh Frettn ft. 69SPANISH1 every facet of life. His militant National Baptist Convention to announced: services Sunday begin with the Sunday Schoolat homes with workinc..)ther transpose the Ideas
MACKEREL (Finest For Broiling) stand on die right for become the largest organization 10 a.m., Mrs. V. Colphin In charge Morning ser homes with working and concerns of the needy
LI. 39c his people to TOM has been among Negroes In the vice si 11 o'clock with Deacons W. u Story and J. mothers was listed
DRUM "You Cent hot 'I", ." Quip Slim LB. 29t the most consistent In the world claiming some S mil Bennett In charge of devotion Usher Boards !. 3. and as a Into operational projects -
KING CRAB LEGS LB. $1.25 nation. He his hammered away lion member The convention Choirs 1 and 2 will serve The Rev Mr. Damps. will major cause and the proposed aimed at alleviating J -
at his preachments on the have many variable holdings deliver the sermon Rev. L. Anderson of .....ycrOl.. day care centers the conditions of
BALLY-HOO of from In and C*., will conduct revival meeting. 23-28. Choir under
philosophy the United States Africa Aug. the
protest poverty programiiitLu.Sia .
Pecked 1 dos cello bog .SI.25 dot. po ve rty.hs
per 2 will s silver tea from 4 6
sponsor to
to production. He will also It owns Its 2 million dollar publishing p.nv. In the church
10 dot matter carton 1.15 doe
.1.... hit ...11.... 'eo ..,>. Aik Mvt..... <.. HUM noun.SHUCKED.. 12.President. Tennessee the Freedom Farmat DealLeoII. .......I .mw..m.tin. .
TO AAAIV AM.YIA'rAlT Jackson has been Shelby Tennessee 408 NEW MT ZION
OYSTERS TRUCK pressed this year with avery acres| the building which New lit Zion Baptist Church services Sunday begin Mlmlassie In s. Yvonne Williams Ion
BREADED OYSTERS, 3 Dos Per Sox $J.10 Ids Street d1U WakMt
difficult schedule be. houses the Retirement and with the Sunday School at $,30..rn. Morn1n service& at W. .St.
TURTLE MEAT $1.00.LB. dedication with en address of Home and foreign Million 11 o'clock. Rev R. D. Bennett pastor win deliver 3.10th Mrs.SOJoaph'Eva L A *ena. 619 Jessie Swab 1S34 West
MAINE FROZEN LOBSTER $1.45 at Jackson State Boardst Iti missionary r-) the sermon Evening service M 6 o'clock Usher Board Beam Si.
Dow. 6 66 Evergreen
College, Jackson, Mississippi, treat and students building 2 will serve Sirs Arena Tam 116 C.
WMITI' uw n if his next major appearance was both at Washington D. C. its Avenue Eighth St.
CMM II' ,, L'L.vu-I: IM> "ri before the Baptist State Convention retreat and recreation estate In ST. THOMAS BAPTIST Mrs. Victoria Anderson Mrs. Catherine A. .....U-
LIVE CRABS .per DOZEN $1.00 of South Carolina In Michigan and the National Baptist Services Sunday In Su Thomas Baptist Church will 411 W." 11th St. tame 1114 Harrison Su
Mayj the National Baptist Bath House at Hot Springs begin with the Sunday School at Silo( a.nv Rev. W. C.Mel Rt,. Dave Jordon, 1740Pewhanen Plnkncy B. Ray. 713woewallSU -
I Congress of Christian Education Ark. pastor will review the lesson "The Pressure
4 MED. SHRIMP '" '. .Lb. 69c at Tulsa on June 11, Buy U.S. From Wlthouu" Morning service at 11 o'clock. The .James Henry Hay 1031 Mrs. Ids Presley Ml E.
besides he presided ever the pastor will deliver the sermon. The Female Chorus Troy an St. Colon SbJessie
Savings Bonds and Usher Bard 3 will serve. Evenlnt service at7i30( Mrs. Mary Sheppard 726 Claude Briky. 420Weodlawm.
o'clock. Trustee meeting Monday at 7,30 p.nu. Baker AvenueReberi .AvenueWhkflekt
with Deacon Daniel Miller presiding. Prayer and teachers Reynolds. 311 Adalr. 1M3 College
meeting Tuesday at 7i30( p.m. The pastor will Orange St. Circle Seth
conduct the BID" study. Official board meeting Wednesday Mrs. Hannah Webster, 11M Mrs. Gale Lee Scaling
at 7>30 pen., with Deacon James Williams la saDe Court. 1140 W. Union St
STAR Papers Home Delivered Now! charge. Business meeting Thursday at 7t30( p.m., with Aaron.,.....r. S&MMoncriefRd. Visit James Wleglnj.630North
the Rev Mr. Seal presiding. AU choirs win rehearse LJncote Com
Friday at 7t30 p.m. Usher Beards Sand 4 win observe lira Essie Thomas seder hO Klq. OMInaeaClr.
t s Joint anniversary Sept 12 at 7i30 p.m Choir .... 7437 Dostte Drive E. cat
i'I 3 win sponsor a fall tea Sept. 36 from 4 to 6 p-nu. at lire Adrian LaCree, 1034: Rev. U WHaardSr.$244
the church. Usher Board 2 win present s musical program Harris Street Cleveland Rdl
Sept. 36 at 7i30 p.nv. slid Usher Board 1 win observe Casey Demand 644 Brl- John Henry Roberts B04.
Its annlverstry Sept 21 at 7i30 p.m. diet sty W. IDA It.Mrs. .
Sin Mary Cannfeaael. Margaret Wafter.UU .
6304 Lobelia Road W. lit Street
VARICK MEMO: RIALServlcesSendaylnVartck that M. Gardner. 3321 Mrs. EstsHs Charles 734
Memorial MME Zion Church Plate am SU W. Ida$t.
r ( t win begin with the Sunday School i4S All. with Superintendent
r a ti W. J. Johnson In charge. Rev. H. N. Car-
T sat, pastor will review the "iaoa Morning service at Help Wealed- Idle FeeeeleTluLrTrz
11 o'clock. Choir 3 win render the music and the pasta ,
will deliver the sermon. At' p.m.. the district mast
meeting of the Women's" Home and Foreign Missionary
Society win be held In Waken Memorial AME Zlcn .tOW1I WCM mho ran type 60
Church with Mrs.D.It.L....pnsldea.presiding. Prayer .... To train as Varltyper and Headline .
y and class meeting Tuesday atlpjn. Choir rehearsal operators.
at p.m. Dual Day win be observed Oct. 17.
Arp17lam.. Star PUI aMoncrlef.
UNITED BAPTIST : Sunday, 2 p. .. No phone -.
The Ministers end Deacons Union. Wcenvtfs $tbDistrict calls.
Contention win convene In I alted Baptlat' Chuck '
Saturday, beginning at tOiX """., with Red Circle. KIP IUTII Bill *
Royal Ambassadors, and matrons to chars. At *i30ejiv. YY'443 Vx,2to 2S. high Kfcnoi
Sunday School with Rev. U Johnson, Deacon W. ''river's Hems ITa4.
R. McNeal and the local superintendent ht charge. Hon *t. refUbJ.eh.r.ctrr ..
At 11 ajtw. Rev. W. M. Levant win Breach s eruse. g.ii>A : Hefrreoet*.
Rev. J. Raye. Dinner will be served at liSO .... Rev Apply tat. I to 2 p... 8om. 1
A. Anderson president, win conduct the 1 iel session to 2 P.". Plorlda star nth A tti-
I at 2 44 Sermon.. Rev. B. U aheraare.
Don't be achiseler. \Shy wait to read p.m. Wynaj crief. Positively phone in formtlo -
4.Rev. R, J. Crawford Twaday.1i30 pas Bfete swdyi .
your neighbor paper? Your best friend 1 p.m., prayer meeting.! Wednesday vcudt prererowet*
nay not tell youbut he doesn't like tog. 7 pjn.u S .., Choir 1 win rehearse Twertdsy.
.. you reading his paper He think you're 1 plus, conference wldt War W. M. Smith pester to
: chiseling. chugs AD beards are to have rvr-oro.'

I Shy not get your 0$N paper every week? 1- Instant
!. More than 19,000 hones are getting a EVERSON STREET
r.TAR paper every eek. 'hy not ? Services Sunder to Eversen Street Baftltt Ckarrm
you will begin with the Sunday School at fc30 ajx, .trhSurerteMtttrat Photos
C. .... Allis ta charge Menau services
You Don't Hove To MIss A Sbgb Issue Of TM( STAR M 11 clock and evening aervirm at 7 efelare..
The sermons win be delivered' by Rib C. J....
pastor. "Monday at I p.... Choir 1 .m rehearse, end 50c
Wednesday might. prayer meeting.EMANUEL .
News About Negroes Complete Coverage BAPTIST

National News Church News Services Suadey taEniaauelBaptiitCBartwiabe1m
.1, I I wish the 3 mday School at "30 ..... wmfc Imperlniem- Each
Statewide News darts George SattkendManila rtsMs It."... TeMk
Social News Day wilt be observed. At 10iM a>.... ceneecrattem ser*
vtoe. Rev S. U Badger, pester, wUldeirver eermen. .
City-County News Sports & Events At a pas district mast sneerkui. and at fctjMn Royal Art Studio
.. BTUwBftteacamJan.. Pluianlscltarge. tear
W -C. at *.30ekd.. OteU LJ aeChotr and

Hive Your STAR Home Delivered Early At No Extra Cttt Usher Mud Amf.4 Deeceness 31 Rev C.Beard H. KemOnm I will ..J.k wUl_be the icermtvsnsry SOCIAL COHHttCUl STUDIO JtlVICt


For Miami Star For FtorUi Star Grew PALMER Baftlsl Ckmrcm CXOVfPakmr services Wtm3mmdeywtdl 515 DAVIS ST.

( the ....* Scheel et 510 .... wtt Stepertmeeadeee.rreaome
Miamians Call Jaiou Cell Hfet In MJ' Menlng eerrtce et U eTcJacm
I, J with Rev B. W. Ne kem Is e .arga his W. M.Memwtn ELCM 4-1IM
3546712'l Maedtec. Xvemto| service st tTcseck. Tim....
377-1025 lam )*J en will tttvmr the ... M star serves
prepress wilt to pre. Hmedif CreTeeittJs AMSOsrdL CLOSER All DAY lUfSMYSr

__ l--- '---:::"'-, .....

-,.. ....,' I ---.-

n : T 1

!lIm AUGUST 21, IUS- t a HA MPE1SHt PlGE, J


I Building Trades Hit Conventioneers Heir founder

For Discrimination

WASHINGTON Following bias In employment and promotion

demonstrations last week la policies. d,*
Cincinnati by the NAACP protesting Listed as violating Title Vn
discrimination In the of the Civil Rights Act In if-
city's building trades unions. Davits slgned-by Negroes
; Ie IL IXI'tALQDhtrl' ct Manager ma Association filed com were.the Alabama State
plaints. : Employment Service North

Almost Billion A.ericua..acre than ont of -every tin--are receiving: aonthly Empfeymenc Opportunity Carolina State Employment 4
Commission against several Security Commission and the
social security benefit checks. Most of these Billions of am. wo.en. and children AFL-CIO building and con Mississippi State Employment

receive a Isrge Beaaure of their support froa their social security checks. struction trades unions. Service.

Each Month hundreds of social security checks arc delayed and hundreds of Among( the unions cited by Complaints were also filed

people suffer unnecessary worry and Inconvenience because they saved and failedto the NAACP were the tmernatlonal against the Lockheed Aircraft
Brotherhood dElecirl- Corp.. Marietta, CM American
report the chance of address. The Social Security 1ahtnUoll toes
cal Workers. the-Nauibers Cast Iron Pipe Co..Birmingham. -
It can to get the checks to the people due than regularly and promptly, and Pipe Fitters Union the Alai Southern Pacific .

but to do so It Bust have every beneficiary's correct address at all tines.. Keeping Cement and Concrete Workers Railway Co..-Brotherhood

the Social security Administration intoned of his correct address In the the Bricklayers and- Mason of Railway and Steamship
responsibility of each beneficiary. Tenders Union.' Clerks; Houston. Text Klasonlts -
In addition toCmea atl.( the Corp.-traernattonal
Every social security beneficiary ha has changed his address or plans to sore complaints originated In Woodworkers of America

should report a change of address to the social Security Administration as soon Pittsburgh, Memphis and New AFL
as be knows his new address. He should also notify his local post office at the Tork. PhUlp Morris ,Tobacco Co.. HTM US"frr1Irod B, Allen left), president of Dieritus. of the frontle

sue tlae.especially If he Is unable to report a change of address to the Social Demonitrattons were also Richmond Fa.j American Ben recalls the early years of the fescue civic and social organisation
Security Adslalstrstloa held last week InPlttsburgh by Federation of Musicians
early IB the .ooth.A founded for the benefit of few ..bers at 'the
des NAACP. ta both places NashvUla, jam :23 Z years ago a recent 43th
change of address can be reported by coapletlng and Bailing a alaple postcard NAACP branch officials protesting AliQ.the Federal Reserve ,annual convention held at the Valdor Astoria Hotel In New fork paying respectful .

fora available at the social security district office. Report foras are racial discrimination Bank Atlanta, New Orleans attention to Mr. Allen are (left to riant Charles T. iUlBas.vice

given to each applicant when he flies his clam for social security benefits An by the unions were ures_ Branch, New Orleans LS.I president Schenley Distillers Co., who hosted a convention cocktail re-
additional supply of report tons and in Herbert HU1 NAACP diner Wuth hate Electric Corp.,
help coapletlng these foraa Bay be had ceptlonL Marcus Meustadter' national president of The Frontiermen Fr*il
at any district office r for labor program also Raleigh: N.C. International
s'social fOed 89 additional complaints Business Machines Corp., Dee A Schenley saaociate of Mr- tllllMal Dr. Bernard Harris and Clarence
If you are security beneficiary who has moved or plans to aove. you with the Commission under Raleigh N.C.I Southern Dell
A. Dacfcena vice president of the organltatlon.
can avoid the delay or possible loss, of your checks by reporting your changeof Title vn of the Civil Rights Telephone Co., Columbia, :

address proaptly. to the Social Security Adslnlstratloa and to your local post Act. bringing the total of XC.I Jackson. Mis s,|and WUnilngton Rill Spnli Jit limn,

office. NAACP complaints to 183 N.C.I American Voters Drive Cambridge. Mail?- In t Alphas Wrap Up
since the Title wentlnoeflect Cyanamld Co., International
Address your questions to: "The Florida Social security special seminar for students
Star Editor tOO on July 2.Seftral Chemical Workers Union,. Annual Coiifikd
and at Harvard Law
lest Ashley Street Jacksonville. Florida. major nuild-plam Jackson ....! J.P. Stevens CiBSri" Rift School faculty here on Aug. :SO: Herbert .
corporations, labor unions and and Co.. Wallace. K.C.I and Hill NAACP director for AGO .J XVI) Delegates
employemnt agencies were Xlontgomery-ward. NewBernN.C. labor said the from S3 the 80 states

GI Home Loan Deceased Educator targets of the NAACP com- CANTON MB5. (NTO stn rysoh of program the Association lay all over the nation attending
Progrm Reaches pialnu which charged racial A tug of war between two rival In .'ef-. flexibility of lu strategies the Birth anniversary convention -
civil rights groups begun within the context dwell Akha fill Alpha Fraternity
21st Birthday This. Sewaer Honored Tfsp11 Fir Striut last week In the shadow of defined programmaticgoals. toe., are bark home
rLoo1TEDA'studst Sestets a federal voter registration ,and the variety of Its again" and are still lavish In
I office. The NAACP was sail tactics In the struggle 'tor.gro Ne praise of a social highlightof
The GI Home Loan prograrocame age this summer -31 years loaa fund has been established DETROIT (NPQ r Fredy to be collecting."nINre.1nd rights." the convention.
and still Is active although Its termination dates hive been setThe at Florida'JU. Nosiest li Hardy 18, drama student ItNol1hwe..ro addresses of the newly registered This diversity ls e*. They recall with" pleasure
School of Music.
veterans Mminutratlon salted in tile sued 53,000 University IB ...or, of Dance and Drama,"' 1I..ard. Negro voters and soliciting proved sald,"111 Ibe Association's and nostalgia the plush Daiquiri
lilts the following statistics properties In the last fiscal them for NAACP creative use of the party which sparked
the late Mrs. Maurice
ed a for the best actor
peninem to its progressi year. $34,000 'H.ljfCHCAGCMNTQ trap membership.Incensed law as an Instrument for social post-suoions ,Interludes.
'to r..r member of role anstlcka." sponsored
1. More than e.T million The great volume of the Cl Brown over this. COFO change together with direct addlnjt camaraderie and convtvltllty. -
home loans, touting m bll- home wan program has re* the departaent of fegltsh: by Civic Center TheaHI Council of FdsratedOrgetd- mass action ait]sustained leg. .
lion have been guaranteed or milled la s property manage at Tal Jail..... last taUOQ Twofreespaodlng sations CORE-: SNCC- islative activity*' They rememberMuliirtatsitnunmlng
holdup Hardy who played the suite.was '
Inured by the V A since W4 meat operation of consider and daughter of Mrs. Lois arrested MFDP affiliate), beg an he ad-, Phil warned the group that romailc Latin
week and << Ngrohthcrt. .
when the program to assist able mapJl>d. The VA over chargedwish iheoaty Ing off the new registrant the "matter of unemployment !tune and thatch' hart nestling
Tel dell of Report Item .M f and the first to earn that
looting .
and them to under palm trees > lending
lIcIeM.bq'f'"I.rllJl gotun- the years had required 170,000 asking nay away underemployment of Negro (
del w.y properties (foreclosures). 1 kx. la what ana polk from NAACP headquarters. ** Is reaching. "ilia proportIoN an etotlc Caribbean air
2. About 840.000 business More than 192,000 of dose I offklal described as s -- -... sad the StruigjW to the affair hill In the Crystal .
loam and T.OOO farm loans properties have now been sold. senseless, due-ridden rob "Ird.m AMtRICANemeu For a m k..Mft Indoor drytr. for economic Justice has become foyer of it*rat on-
have been made and more than The VA BOW has less man bery. m prep the elite of a II!I....rd,", nil h the central question for Chicago Hotel, prior to thai
The pair charged with am- two ehalr, Then amal Negroes convent Ion's banaieianddanre.
290,000 direct tans were 18,000 prtfertiet on hand ascompared I loam vvr drape living In the sham grand
made to veisrins living In to 21.000 *year a- i bashing' and robbing two "w.sh". ..., the .Ut*. bettors. ef the urban North." .
I Bt1r* guards ths R.R.
areas where private capital
vat, not readily available.ltsss The Cl loan program Is adS Dam Dry A Sons company
printing plac*. were Identified
direct lows totaled 12.3 s tIv.SonsWeldWarUvet.eras
as John L. bush :5. alias BAXE-IITE
win be elklbki for home
billion. John U ---' and Luther .
The grand total of loans loans wail July. 1X7. and
W. Miller. ao.: Bfth U'sr
added up to approximately T some Korean Conflict veteraas the sadwide.beak .
million with! a face value of will qualify for Cl home admitted 1 SHORTENINGQUANTITY
loans under VA .. pertirlperlng
$6S Union. to the robbery., 16.IO*
X Nearly minion of these im. was found In the home efUs '
Cl loans have been repaid la Currently: .UJIISIIJ.j .1" (:
''. Mrs.juanltawaBams -
lull More than 91 percent of home fears are He laid he bad put 49'
veterans whoobtaIm4Glbir' ly. Daub me progranspaakup .. tm 't._ la bar borne withw RIGHTS RESERVED 3 us
to (00.000 made In ,a, A grow'>> ef aft t tor- 111111 i
have made up to dam current were s
her -
-WeeElJII was
or final payments. The VAhas year Cia the mld-flftMa.liars ). set students of Us BOB- arrested he SPECIALS GOOD THRU SATURDAY
as drove up N lIT I SS S4I II NILE fill IIKI
had to pay lei than 9 percent ire still more nan nee recently established the home.Besides.
01 defaulted 104. --. M mQllM C;loans outstanding the Maurice t. Brown Be* admin tow 6mcrime.
,Mere. recently,a step *d- with a face value of more -
ono itudeat Loaa rued Desk related 'bow hespk
up campaign to dispose of than }X bUUon.lijtists with che<*a totaliM tl, .rfd about '",000 ef ma

hardto-a repossessed S3. 000. Out trl but I oss >>4.tio. giving away about
homes wldi VA loans has re-
she had CHEER 49
,000te> people
It Hutu
to the fund cane fro its GIANT
Paso nice to me la the past.
.' I (oner puplla and lie had glvM 1300 te s roanwhs
hints Ti InKCW HOUSTON:, texas -(>*0 meads throughout leaned him It, bush bad
The ISO anmal sesilon aids vetted Btata.PeweH ealy 1100 ef the loot en aimwteaba LIMIT 1 WITH $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
TOUCTOtarl National Baptist Cotmntloaefnehca was aatted.lieanwhile. .
convenes here-Sept. Cemnaae'erImO
)w York
Brown chairman. ,.12. CtMtts from the W-
Smktilas ef 4m Area I
Cororniaitoa on Human RJctIUdecUn.d MbTe
last week to toss his euverisaeoi are a ecvadte 1WJbe'f'.r burt*d the MAXWEll HOUECOFFEE
aoiress seniors.nonr b D and Miller
Uery ea
hat beds ring Ior As Msohanan
ttoB are Dr. J. Appear as saw el ill sam..t"Wlesa,
Borough psssWentrace Glees DUckiure, Off** efCeenomie eenlcallv laceanseetcrbiMe
due w "emrUlrf parseaalcanideraUons and .*
Dpponuatty of Us e per1eereThe 590TISSUE
that bft me aochoice.
Randall L. Tyus. Sparlalassistant. IB Coed thieves left more
mtnWtrr groups. tees HUB aa ...... wick 1 Li lAG
Brow*. who was te rw oa SenaO Baslmas AdmlnUiretson. a ...-.... waiting wrens.a

Controller..'. slate Abraham latfceDemecratk D.- The. pares bod/i seailmwin .New an. Clayton Tart. -fewen(KFO was- Aea.A rslledapes -. flaM latttaetfletnengwfcyBashaejf ef frejh see-." Safeties LIMIT 1 WITH $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER

primary, d4 act elaborate be Is Sam Houston Celt by Ae Slate SevreMCean Miller river had aeaante

sews i ..Mwatc NsILM W.... way he sheaM way win ins ....r,.
act be cited fer iaieeaiBH lortfwrtng
tte duet
Among was a
< as erder te ke ..- Miler sell NULL
_.. .... I anted assswtMrstsSHHOef stakM curse fwd IB the rsI.ry.tdacrdwtMapa -.

M d ...... ....-. Ing let ea 0w A tide, Uar "- C HOUR 5 (LIS. 49c
Pawl w as area red. te... the wtttaahtsU.,. Be- 4 ells 29
his fkaanrlal retorts te tee
hoe lead s dryckiaalngctM nun H jar IISII
wtedar be tea pay dds Taw dwM led te aWCttara
moss ....... Mr- tidal ....*... 3$. wtwitUbe

r Jamweraarr... a Harlem.ea1We wltlonsassibowrwua .bq friend bar lWeI tat bee ins fc ear..frem....I rimi nrici run ,-----l-t--i-r'i i i- tuiniCORN( ;. #- VIIISMII sucn

(graft eeQactav) ea 7
Dub knr4kste4 MOIer.Tke .
bu.blea. ...rn.w".r.. DrUaVf guards alee POTATOES

Ml IHQ. kseattfM Bwti frwra t ..... BACON
''n.1--- ha..o.dd e4 lees kt tke ......, ser* 51\
mtf ....IILW ef ** aere sari fUee Tke guares were 3 TAI PHII
I f *s WJXO, reveO eves her. Jeret .atntM, amt CewCei
Rgsrd Rv4M.Irve,leMrs. 1: .*a., ... Pill IUS \
Jess, served hetflws 69CSWIFT'S
-------- Ell
... tot Msappear \
S M. ate balers darn Siaaelesnrije KI MITE IILUI 1?

s. effort C." te IB efctaaa his tenrstaacVf kSij > .twa....1e. CUll STUE \ run CUll N/ICIAIN 11111 ____________

.s-nes. let Ida c... say eaves CORN \

... .............. CABBAGE PREMIUMROAST
sss..e -
== t
Kl lilt fMIE KIIIl \ Pllll

*.. CMf t Mave T. 0. JIll Vea" ,. gist CORN \flier imiiAKJ C H U C K


011 .,..r HIE ItfE NT mIl( \ONIONS


"... Eli) Tear Bela.BeraeM Bn, Mere
-Invites You To Listen To-
n tni. iKtr MT runs tl*. it to* toe*. f r0sve c
taslle.lM ales fill alt Dxters free 'iI'...i 313 \

RIG RAND $$1.00 C

Dixie Pharmacy 0 GINS I \ lR.N 39;

"DANCE PARTY"liflSj ----- -------------------- 1 --------------------------

1M2 litfs litl II lrtli linn u. s. NO. i VPOTATOES

1UI: tl UJiJitBaJj : Plus lUli i SSSIMtflT

Tl MM ,
S i*. LIS.39C
nil USITt II1U WW TUUHi.tnis 10

1400 WIHC 1400 AI HI Jim


-. JOJ.. ___JIo,. .-f.w.l: ,'J1)1'(.......-, ...-:1: r ,

t( ,- I IPAiE / -l'


Sammy Davis Holidays Planning Sessions College Offers.Courses MtaMtab CeMsimer Eco oaks D. R. Pierce Gets

To Open Fall In Coarse To AU Lead Citizens Field AssistantPost

{ With CIA
Gourmet CookingTwo Consumer Economics s course aimed at'giving'Mr.
Hullabaloo Series! and Mrs. John Q. Citizen the know-how to cope with
Pat L. Tornlllo. Jr. Executive -
eight-week courses In the complexities of everyday finance Is being'Introduced Secretary of the Dade
this fall at 1Iim1-Dade Junior College
cooking and: basic
Sammy Davis star of stage, gourmet County Classroom Teacher*
screen television and recordIngs catering will be available this Being offered through the Incas. Association, announces the
is the host of the new n qN i iP ib M fall at Miami-Dade Junior Joint auspices of the col- Authorities In'such fields appointment, effective immediately
season's premiere of NBC. College North Campus. with lege's Division of Community as consumer credit; bats, of Donald R. Pierce
TVs "Hullabaloo" color ser-. Eloise A. Leonard as Instructor. Services and the personal finance, real.estate Miami. to the newly cre.tr4f
ies. Featuring the "youth Miami-Dade Chamber of and retail advertising wlllbe CTA pat of Personnel and
movement" of today's musical Gourmet cooking< classes ,Commerce, the noncredit brought in as guest lecturers Field Assistant.In .
scene, "Hullabaloo" Is the will meet In two sections. Sec course will be taught by during the 18-week accepting the Job. Pierce
music of,the younger set. It 9 tlon I Is scheduled on Mondays Thomas M.Redmatd exeeu course. Classes will meet resigned a* a teacher In the
Is characterized by a strong, 1 1 to 4 p.m.. beginning dye director of the C of Cs cones week, on Thurs Dade County school system
pulsating beat. Its dances are I Aug. 30, Section II on Thursdays Business and Industrial Development days'7 to 10 p.m.'n the He also leaves vacant two pro-
those of the young fast-paced 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., beginning Department. North Campus 11380 X. fell tonal font that of
and uninhibited. Sept. 2. Instruction Purpose of the course Is W. 27th Ave.,beginning Sept. CT A'. 2nd vice-president
Returning In half-hour form will cover the use of herbs, to help buyers get true value 2. Fee for the course IsIS. and the presidency of the Dade
Monday Sept. 13 (fTi30-8 p.m. spices and condiments of continental for every dollar they spend, County Association for Health
EDT), "Hullabaloo," will cooking principles and to gain understanding of Registrations are now being and Physical! Ejdueation, an organization -
continue its policy of alternating of gourmet menu construction factors which should be considered taken at the Admissions In which he also
hosts each week. Among You and appropriate methods In making purchase Office at the college, and additional served Director for the put
those scheduled to' serve as of serving. ing decisions evaluating advertising Information Is available six years.
hosts addition Sammy Davis Basle catering classes taking out loans through the Community It was just one year ago.
are David McCallum costar Monday, 1 to 10 p.m., beginning and budgeting family (In. Services office.teller In August of 1964 that Pierceas
of NBC-TV's "The Man Aug. 30. will provide PresUent-electof phy-
from U.N.<:.L.E.," PaulAnka Instruction and practice steal education !teachers triggered
and FranJila Avalon. FIRESIDE QHAT_.. Santa Claus and Diaries "01u<<*" Will Ions, vice p real dm t la the preparation of hors d Deltas Laarfed Urges Dade's teacher demand

The "lullabaloo! dancers"six of Schenley Distillers Co. hold a strategy meeting at the Concord Hotel, oeuvres, sandwiches party for an Immediate pay raise.
( girls, and,four boys) and Klvnesha Lake N.y, where. Schemer unveiled 75 fall and holiday gift package cookies and candles, and In announcing the new CIA
a roster of guest stars will be to the press rid liquor trade. Miss nary Washington a guest 'at the hotellist various for other delicacies social suitable For Five-Feint Voter Drive staff appointment. Tornlllo
at occasions
featured Among the youthful ened aa Williams describes for Santa tow Schenley this, year Invested some $3) such serving as coffees, teas. stated that Pierce had won out

performers on the scheduled show\this season to appear million to create tore attractive decanters, p re-wraps' and' unusual holiday showers, and receptions. In Service 'r...... Shake Up over for the more Job than from 130 across applicants the

are the Supreme Brenda packages to help retailers set a larger share of the Yuletide gift market. addition meat trays and salads nation As Personnel and
Lee, Dlonne Warwick, the vegetable carving and Field Assistant Pierce will
Righteous Brothers, Gary garnishes for centerpieceswill LOS ANGELES (NP1)) 'J BIRMINGHAM -' (NPO) work closely with the Executive
Lewis and the Playboys, Peter BiiliiitHiisiif be among the topic of Three tap government officials Emory 0. Jackson, managing! Secretary and win be specifically
and Gordon, the Animals, the classroom demonstration. lauded Delta Sigma editor of the Birmingham responsible for personnel .
Byrds, and the Yardblrds. Miami Beach ShortsMIAMI NAACP Both courses are noncredit Theta sorority for its foresight World has filed.an observation case work and field
Gary Smith Is the producer offerings of the Department and humane concern In with the U.!. Department operations la the" schools.As .
of "Hullabaloo" and Bill of Continuing Educa areas of the "deprived and of Justice In which he raised defined by Tornlllo.
Davis directs the fast-moving BEACH--Horses as well as species of Office Skipped tion. Fee for each Is $6, depressed" through Its five the question of "slow pro' "field operations" will involve
musical show pkis s $5 materials fee. point program of library services cessing" of prospectiveNegro building and coordinating
camel rowed parts of Florida aomt !50.000 years
"Hullabaloo" started on Job volunteers
Los Angeles .- One phenomenon opportunities voters. CTA lINt activities In the
NBC-TV Jan. 12, 1968. ago according to the evidence of fossils recently of the five days of for community scrvice. :.. .Jackson further charged In schools. The per.omrlphue
uncovered in minis operations. There also was a rioting which erupted her last Laborer By Day, International understanding letter to Any. Ceo Nicholas of the work will Involve personal
benrrllke mammal with a shell, called glyptodootIndications week involves the building occupied and mental health Kaltzenback that the. delay handling of personnel
Null Police Chill are Florida's geography during the period by the local branch of services, serves to keep s large number problems, from preliminary
Poet NightCHICAGO the list of distinguished of
By Heading eligible Negro voters
Inquiries! through consultations
of horses and canela was similar general to "the, {Rational Association1 for
officials letter
off the lists. His
the Advancement of Colored government poll as necessary, with
DOWAGIAC. MJCH.'P1) that of today, but the climate was cooler and ,People. addressing the 28th biennial followed an on-tne-scene observation TcroOlo and CT A'. attorney
George Grady, 32-year-old wetter. (NPO tsw- convention of the 35.000- ef the voter-regis Ida final disposition of the
The Is located
been the structure at
who has on
j, Negro local police force for 10years, 4261 South Central Ave., and renee, Hight, s high school member Interracial sorority, tration at Jefferson. County Individual" maser
dropout, a depressionyears'Civilian st the Ambassador hotel was courthouse
chief of last building In the block-
was named police every .
Conservation corpsman EdlrhGreea to the Rev.Abraham
Edward MIAMI.BEACHThe Institute of marine science of en'both sides of the street Congreiswomkn According
week by city manager ? and s World War II veteran (D. 01"1.). Dr. Geraldine P. Lincoln Woods Jr., dir
Simmons. the University of Miami. la watching closely 'the shews signs of either brick- Is amen with dual work Woods Los Angeles national ector. Miles College Citizens Costly RepairsFor
The only Negro chief of police results of experiments elsewhere. In liquid breath- throwing or gasoline bombing. habits -- by ,day, he mans an president' presided a,the,Ix project and assistant coordinator
In the entire of state, Grady, Ing. The institute may launch experiments of'Its How so this much one building. s cracked escaped asphalt spreading machlneiby, day meet (Au,. "-19)). NAACP summer Investor
heads s force eight men night! he shifts to writing poe Other speakers IncludedTheodore voter
registration campaign
all white. He had been acting own as a 9 art of Ita expanding research Into the, window, no one knows. ,
try. Berry, Community more than 2.000, Negroes
months. problems faced In exploration of the ocean
chief for the past 11 many
M06 Michigan Is Office of 150
Hlght Action
------- ( proa r n. sought registration. Only Autsugaville. AlaORecurs. -
A employed by Crowley-Shep- Economic Opportunity and Wi were processed. Includingshinyr.w
II pard Asphalt but his truelove ley Branton. executive direc Rt' Weeds added that over tin roof and a brace support
I is writing. He has written tor, President's Council on (00 Negro. would-be voters the porch cost Mrs.Lyndon
s script television,entitled Cojial Opponunlry, were in line when the registrars Johnson 1420 at s smallhowe
"Kee Winkle Donkey," Cited for his over aoJaw -,..,- stopped signing! vf new on her Alabama f farm The repairs
FLORIDA'S and a poem which Is to bepablfshed contributions In the flail voters. Daring die day s picket amounted to about seven
In book form this of music was William Grant line was thrown around the times 100-a-year rent paid
fall. Still, foremost Negro compo courthouse: requesting tile his by me Negro tenants.
It wouldn't be accurate to ser. An award also was presented ing of Negro police.
say that he Is an alumnus of to Vivian XIaline, first
Phillips High School. Sine! he Negro graduate from the University
dropped out In 1MU to )Join of Alabama.
the CCC which currently Mrs Mdgcr Mrs widowof OLD FASHIONED GOODNESS
masquerades as the Job the ambushed Mississippi
NUMBER ONE Corps. After serving his civil rights fighter' was Initiated
stint ID'" air force during Into die sorority. Honorary
World War II, he returned members named for W
home to enter the Commercial hit work In the areas of civil
Art Institute and Radio \ rights were Mesdames
Institute Amelia Boynton. Sakes. Ala..
Hlght who admits hewrlies and Pony Cowan. New York
"1Ia sports." also enjoys
RHYTHM & BLUES draw and loves rrys(c.
.have to support my
family" of four children. He LIJ AWes
often composes little poems

for Embittered them. by the Sekns Plan Naval WMBM

(All.) Situation he wrote s

: STATION 12 slants poem "My Black Prodact Of The Week
Flat" which win published Academy Probe Spotlight'
In book firm by Dorrance. and
Company. Philadelphia. The Miami, Florida
poem beq'l WASHINGTON On orders
"I am the N.inthe/ defamed of President Johnson,,Defense
.. '" the. scorttd at) the Secretary McNamars and

.. < oftttmes malmedj ""bid Navy Secretary Nttae will try
!flit I raise to .. ." to determine why se law Nogross -
DIAL "tee' winkle Donkey Is attend air u.s. Naval
ins story of the donkey that Academy at AaaapoUs, ....
carried Mary to Bethlehem. The President ordered die
: .
A television script for childreo. probe' ,..N.,. Asgvst X, following -
h Includes We so** amoetirf wtdiRey WOItns. -
.. "lit..cllly Father and ewcwttv tfirecter tithe
"VilnVtt.i dwltoclnf, : Donkey." National Ass datte for the P.w P.

1260 For The # 1 : Sound! Muitf was pwfcW, by.Reginald Advancement ef Colored Per ; ....
MM Mt> '.
: Boyd, hlans Mr.pa' *. ifttns Daring feW the Mr.coafareae Johns., a )','J "

that there were only son );eec :iIf.

AKA's Pay :tnidaJitpnw/e amen; the 4,000 act-' !

The resl0eM met wed Mr. U. SHORTY-535.
$17,000 ONMe.bersbips Welkin to the first ef a series ,*, MWALO STYLE tM
ef tflsewsioM wtda clvttrtfhtt V.e
leaders laadtM uplea *r..I.wsw..e**". **'....c../ "
DIAL ...w.tw..e.r. =
MiH* Home* eMS rtrtea eve .r. .we._ rs rsaam.w
..... _
: leraeeoenetfeM Bis fane"MlaW ----.J:." :: ...... ...
=:r.-= .=-urr M '- ...... I'A..,.

New fork Afpfca Kappa ------- ,..To'MW. acattr_._.._.---......,. c...

< toward Alpha Serenity keptog Is a oa pWg Us way.. =.. -........--: ----c- we:: AlA1SMY
Prizes! ....... ...
11260 For The.1 1 have la chapters support i GItrIIN..arnHlI. III ..C...fa..
ftraigh the pwtfcsM e< 1300 ... r:;: m "
ute memberships. the Ke .......... S TWtI
Basal Asteclade* tor air AeVvaacenec4 :rf":.
advisor U all affair* .flfrU _n

)..,.t. ., ; to me tint"c..l"Mr-Una monms ., | ... tMrrtae" I- w Mnee?wrew i .: ... ,....
.'. the drive that..*_latten.bel. .... a....... .u. 1Aetr = ---.-. :... ..-

.. local AKA chapters kseovrtaSMl .. a.rLtcU Deft, lAevtwel4s. ,7 e ....:...A.g = -
... d wi'n.aoo .. & -- .
( Tfc r la a* a*
DIAL to taD ar prtlal peymexa wsyse .... ftii
<,.. fal eat efte ear Ia sew
,, _
NAACP We snaroberelUpe, / l: = '
Miss Ueltte Black., rta Aes. l*. ....,.. at: Ml .. .sot........ .Thera ewe -:r eve....v... .we... .e'.. N e.- __rr.p":.. w:
etadoef a Mcrwarr fer rmern- }nth auwet.-:1n..1ft ........... r..r.:;:. '.,ra.
-- --
ctackeW .... .. *. .. ----...
ben*. ap. s .... .UI II P'.. CI -- -
At Its 41st Deals ka PtaOadstptsa dollartu.. l.wt.1 la l5iM".: :'. =..-: ........ c.-.: "., Lr"'c..

a year are" dig AICA ,. -...we... i.e. ... .1Pf. ; -- --- -...-.. ..
.l al. na Oa* visit -- ;i
1260 For The # 1 R&BHits! Toad Km to each tceiicl ef Its a aw raskp.ljsw sfcea 4WU IL&U m4'1m.i1Isal w -.. I.a r- .... --. .... ...

9DO chapters secnr ruaNAACF U4 (URwreatee.alt .tr.rS W4.:_:. ..-..:"..=.r--

ttf. sneanbsnfcsj*. meat lilt .ta ae" Trw a.w.r ..... ........'.... ... ,..

Lb- pI

-- -

.o.Ij.jmt. '.'!'.nr" .!,\ jL 1 ,

t j" ,1. I

I 70 Grid Hopefuls Respond T o.Coach "Ox" demons! Call At Edward Wafers r I

**** IIt !' .. .

Chick Taylor Fairways Votaries Win Pepsi Cola 'Tourney Aggies' Stir DINioad Stirs On Telecast

Cops Award To Pass For

CHICAGO (NPQ Whlk thick Say rw A

68,000 fans roared their approval $

tan Charley Taylor o-: e GREENSBORO, K.C. A
Arizona State was presented quarterback with' the MTCol-

gleaming, gold-encrusted legs Aggies, who last season
trophy as the Most Vakiabk 1k starred as a passer and place.
Player In the 1964 game during kicker, win. most likely, this
halftime ceremonies. of the fall be lobbing hand grenades
Cleveland Browns College ; .tat- for Uncle Sam.
All-Stars 19&9 All-Stan Alfred Maloney at 5-11. 163
game at Soldier Field, last pounds, s linkquararbackbyAggie
Friday night./ 1 '; ? ; a standards, was last
Taylor was named the tap week commissioned as a head *
player in the'64 classic after .... -h. i iI lieutenant In the U.S.
contributing to aU three of 0 Army following the completion
the Collegian scores against of summer camp actlvi
the then-champion Chicago ties at Fort Bragg lie Isscheduled
Bears. The Bears won the to report 'lor active
game. 28-17. duty with the Infantry later this
The Browns behind the explosive .l month
running of their star Maloney s native of West
fullback Jim Brown Friday Palm Reach Fla., was grad.
nlghfs contest, 3418. Sated In May with the B.S.
Taylor said he would "al. degree In Social Welfare
ways treasure the trophy. It Because of his outstanding
was his second trophy la re. performance' at Fort Bragg t 1 '
cent months. finishing In the number two 1
From the College All-Star WINS TOUKUHTfT' -.tinners of th. annual p-pal-Colt international Gait Toureaaent,, spot In his platoon of more 4 y f

gridiron Taylor went on to held last month In ,Nassau, arc pictured recelvlnj their trophies fro. Jackie than' 50 other ROTC cadets

become the National Football Robinson, honorary Tournament eh'" "110. JMM Paul left). a Ne York City real from colleges and unite rattles
League's rookie-o(- the Southeast" region
dhe-year estate broker won the first place championship flight by .., of .".udden throughout
with the academic
Washington Redskins. his good
death" playoff Bate Odder, of Detroit was the winner of the wo.c' division record at M T. pats the pluck,

;, Prank Jenkins, of Paterson Nee Jersey eas senior ..0' dluploD.Clemons' which made him one of the
toughest competitors em to
wear the Aggie blue and gold

Predicts NBC To 'Malony Is slated to get other
Telecast honors He has been nominated -

as "distinguished*
Season lazy graduate," approved both
Top Grid Action by" tf* president of MT and
die professor of military : ,
sctenre and Is certain to be
VANKEIS TRY A WfMIINT OAMI-Nevi tor Yankee pikes Wkitey feel! end

For EWC's Tigers something new has been the Eastern Great Lakes Army.commissioned. "'beDII.Into.regular comes lee OeregleJe.. NIC tpertKetlef eel vice .1.... York.,.. will be. felebrity ewei!
added to NOOTVs plans for ant. New England and the be make the talM a* NIC-TV' The Match Came" tolertotU Air)1"9* l he conk .. See.* e-IO.
telecasting the top action of Northeast states where the through life's plans to On ',u.,. Sept. 10. WtUey'a ,.._.,.*. Mkley M...".. Refer Merit, I.. ,.,-
MEMO TO EWC'S t14PONgeT36enreQoach can dl data the 1065 NCAA football season Fighting Irish have large following Army A southpaw his passer career on the toe.. one! Tom Troth will try Ih.., leak o. lielAdf Kt 0... Reybwrn'i /".,ti...*.

E.J. (ox) a lIIOe' a 01'enl ag ee.* this FtU.> according to la such majorpopula football warn, Maloney at
Cleejona baa a baleful dally coodtUoeloc schedule Carl Ltndemam Jr. Vice doe centers as Ole.,.. Dos summer camp made the quick

leeei la his eyes which coast at s of early President. NBC Sports. tan. New York Phliadtsphis adjustment and was able Star-spangled security
e.. to light this .e. ft ls called "maximumInterest and Washington. shortly to throw the grenade
re closalsehe&Unt' The same scheduling tech* skie. kt this
from the right
aa he aid bit assistants'
and U knocks down tow nkaw win apply to other re. and in other assignments, he
looked over a pro all of conventional TV football gtoaal games Including the look to the Army like a".d,
Islai of mote 70 that Cerogls Tech Duke contest
array scheduling restrict. to water." He also earned the
candidate for first f od viewers In one section of la Atlanta. Ga. Oct. M and eqvrt rlfkroarfs badge for titltis
Rd- the country to game played &tientlJ..ur Forte game In marksmanship.Matonry 4 .
BtrtBj position oa
Ia mat section. Chicago: b O'I. I when the Easter did not come toM
card Caters Coiled sINS This season, for the first regions, Inc aiding the New .T as most'football players

edition of the time. Instead of limiting re. York arts will get the games' do, recrataed he. was dU .
Tiler's iiitf ..da.... glottal ktrcasts to the con oa their NDCTV channels covered.PlCgot. :;
Returnlac to the foil vrntional North South, Cast The mfciM system,accord heard about Maloney
Returning to the and ".It coverage' purrs Ing to Mr. Llndemann. will who was dltttngushlng himself
be effective five dates of
KDC-TV win beam sectional oa
as a plarcklcker campus
fold frost the tattoo'shtdhest _fir n
soorlnc and top geographic appeal Into other hich embraces St .en".. that Mafenty had already bees
deftnalve tee of last areas where meiUntm view The five regional dates offer )kked too light her varsity

year are SCO-pound full q Interest ""ta. 'err gees each football and eld not even try
had<< U chard glaeoaa aorniag tad late even lag for '''"'Jl1I. en Ie,.. II A" eorfrehenslvervndoMSiof for "'lie but he bad a repute*
tie Notre Door .CoWer t- "maitaum to* .
and his back flei4 partner fight brsleal eierdae d t"
aeealoej ala game at Berkeley. Calla? wrist regional scheduling" attaints. wao aid seeardmh ,
200 scale tipperWhert. and three Melt will be eolorcact SM only oa will be aanoMarod seat' Mr.Lladomamsald. anise teld the each, MThU
,., ) Rouadtreo.Aaoni tttk light m.t rut out tat best Coast, where C. of tallow. can from plerementkfMdi

the ooalta 0 f la- for the offoaalTO sad C. is the "home" team, but to SMI am window yevpirkto

fresh defwaive llaeaan.C01ARO Scott Its!)." Scat hail Is ., .
cooing pmn'eetsare
toner Caner Nlia f 4Tn' 8 LAn 1964 CIAA Chumps Flclll to fo>rftoer men's. dormitory ':a.i, r.
at tht celkge. ""If' 4 '.. ..
of alias stirs Cl <*oa POL LOISy "' ',I-
The nett ImrdiyMalonrv
Jacfcaoa ho maid very T. 2SI MOtJUS CTJLLfTjff Doable' Grid SeasoN PreblmsGMEEXSOOftO. was' ....0rnw4 'lerartlen. All 't: ;.: t" '

easily aaetsae he ..,... OCT.lSAYfdAH seckod ewt In I eaUenn.n .
title vacated by RobertNayeajoha ( STATE-.-IHOtX X. C The MT Cotarge Agglti. 144 toe big In kU first college
OCT.AUVOT. 0 CIAA cbaenps. are oubtM reposed to fit apromlng loot Varsity f--. lid fcfced a fit U
W.en.J.esGregg. STATt.....-Her. tAU season. goal end convened for three
Robert blab Harold Derby "-1. 2TtfCpewwdsid I tut points eut of far irtea
That Is the of Head
( (. taD.lnoct. ....
Stedalre and ri rsos.Ji'.w Coach Bert Plggott.( who haspnbkwM front sirs en be had It made,
tktlttam Ikt. *
baa bee clock 1L5t this dUflralttooverreme. tie moved quickly t* to mm
CXLT6TK Chit .*I. M pwnds. %0 bet two wantrbark position,
H .t I. seootds lathe tackiest Gulls KabeilEeward .
OCT. 21 v/Utxat s knowattanvwiltanerback Whack he keU Mil gredatthM
100 yard dash, and : at ..*. and Jerry and played. regularly aesatttyaa
and lamlsed
rtl8roGOCT. : 4rpttat
accorda to teach Clewoaa. taws ether poebten. MT MK lion I-1L bode 944poMkls. eej to ..... tnlt. b aEverything'i
30 and standoM ends ati
aboald reach his. naY be ta for a rahgk tM* ...... land .
PRAME VirtBIW Ceased L. 4-J. 11 -------------
peek title satricul ills. xov .deg eootUtrt-g Its ...% kVge ...... Heyward "Idt...
at sic.Deacta. vcmoa': ..........ww e star."be bad aaevvetcbanretattsvftng. 0.1,210 puutis.It. rOM woes'f gyt
at IIS Kilfkt20V lens retsraMI barb
!NOV. IStRt'Cu .** sakl Pkggen. .c from latt ittners IsMelvM tomorrow'oi
Md aiOpooad tax* ...... .1. prospects 4inwn d as the year's
ST. WBUINOV. rbOUp. S S-, 11pM4 old fashioned aboutOUTAYLOR86
J e rrS aDa. Cl e.oss bo1 00OPI swnmer came," Ttesadaewatrbaefe baifbatsw bvt *b wish yessrrl.y't tbUl
levee, sill sore tile ewe I,.. .w MTCT ameM tht beat the ri serve
". fle* of Admlsslew and fte-
provide the aecettaryoffaiive ever -----------
nULT rilE eat drtyvm at Is eel tar .r batfbacas. tIe bad
sad d.fwst.epo.as
and sir sl of s :
Hi**! ..*! ask.. a lr e Urt, veterans 1C lng limbed sodas but be shown
aided by a toodr IH. 'trtk. a ....'- .... at eel) pr* ...aU seesraci bye CMMaetfiews. gnat pr sere are wlllattaafts Watch TWs On.12S4IS ,
ly supply of proeilslM the ....I .r-. with .....k a..tTki .. 1.Ubrlf .. *Il. WI panda and .
.. ..... ....-- ........ are "...r.... ,..... Mkdtatl) Johnaesj s I-IL U*
for s wen wbach ..,...
fret t pro offcMM. reoiUingsmaedi
(or to SataVacsipeekloa
ton. M1. M loasof Hvawsreaa U-U-2I
are Tbenas Coarl.
*. moos never
wata.t-f prebkMa h.e.* 110. 90, a-1.finals US aadCartnaeEbnort parader.Brat 1 ,
of ttw
peensattar. plow .
r 1) preepacts for** >a,* ,
w Sia a>, Mkas ptes>aa.s a* 5I
....,. t* Pszfeej..leA.. larback sku are Jet*) Great
at HaM.- .
.. be etflnne."" eer. 1 .
as 'e e
""OUa Cray at t-2", 1M
get tf...r s*better *m s 4e'
VLrnrn /Uteea oral s last at at* 21 U In

Pp .perttemd t4rera."
EWer DsfwcfGtHTWt r
Censqg from a ben op 3SH32L.ellols
tkttfet. s net vfce rare/
ever pans set (V. "cryingtveL" He's 0sstles .

*M* to ...... welef .* pea) Doss

Aflto fan*. Stst. 4-5 !. adds, ssbtrasts,
MT a.. ba** star paaUtrs \ &
ab w a* goo as aw,. Tie GRitfatllOllQ IC.Co liet10ae. axon ATTRACT(CM
..... MM .....*curt 9'* to 007 prefn-a LeoAflftkM. I
,_ Caltforals. elf: ,.* MSt4S'eee.eNNN.NN rexcehe
taraam tee sat Ms
-.,... S.M SM aval dlarMdManr tar I* doaaad bis ads at toIMd Ie

at I-*. 94J" paaseiADMIRAL avtatl Cast Cfcy COM MUM Days p
V Got Tears aavj at kt be held

L2 here at to COatajas C4f
c.... ea laity Oey woefc* NiBbtrtd who drinkltUWIaNoA
.... toadJ* aad Meaday. lap "*.* a pays are ace'I.t.1
ate *er4-i. ." ....I' ad Per

riNccs Ease* woes to **.. tat tea CM'M T*.r. ale(
yea*. oagvf 1.... BUt of
fee t** tear Led y taf.
llltsl Mil's Hair Styles C la1mM. C. to fkael
iocs) imtnnnr tr Lids Colors ate.

baas.Or.. Caerie laadikis. see. heed |2..M for per
Are Taught At The .... of to CPtaiM CostAaeectatsa .t._.. ..... err

*. spatens af toteart
GILES ..\.. said ..paw via "Igts.tr

JacksoNvillshrb.r FENCE CO. .. Prtasj for prte stflavyof fill !a tke bit** beteet4
IXtTO, aad aetataars wO
Mil .. tOOt AC, Peel
eehehp.s fur voyaaat aad ftVavas
ni r M.-fICtss, tffl.. to I lit,. I.,....

Colltgt IMC. /Air n1IWArtS PaMyhg ,.... Pw Dar ..u. t. Airl/a
no MONEY DOIV1398.8252 / wiles be laaamil .4Earrtas

,.., ......we.,...lip be.stafawl....f oa I 1..-.-............-.... They w. P 16 Ild tpNor.a'hAr.a 1 h1Mrl I Good lasts ate,.,gee Out of styli.tee. .

.. ...... H v- on.ne*.*..***.oNt Old fro*8A. 1ea savor( lees,Bui 10 very.."., ... fry it
STREET I lkspr.Mf J w 1TD'f...............
830 DAVIS Iraq M11y T..,..... NN ..+sup 3rrrtlovehar. tfbeseys11lr0o/fAiQad fspb polrAMyCsh/rsrtikvltm0lowwtl/e,nit

lactrana, fieri' M36 STAcIT IT. 1046aoarterevM.C....... flsh.erd ItS III ......*:-.w.



PAGE \\B anent 4.' r i SA10IDAY _AO.UST 21, 11'15

Races Share 'St. Aif. Ctltkfallts) L W. TaoltNCeaipletes State Releases Dick Histars'

AntiPovertyBoard ( Continued fro) page i) FIMwWnS II hi LlIHtsUl
this leaves th t locale with a fret hand do

RoleCLARKSDALE thing) ) tak Try. H. Fk. Weeds
6. Equal protection of the la* for Negro citizens _
MBS. .- according to (wllotht la. here operetta Mainat -
(NPQ The twain did meet, of CAN ANTONIO Tex.-Air LAKE CITY The Came
necessity, In an attempt to Negroes, ,but aeldoa for than htn vlctlalztd man Third Class Leroy W. and Fresh Water Fish Commission TALLAHASSEEDuck
.' work out a community action local Negroes feel there la no law Mtncy or court Thomas Jr., son of Mr. and recently released 100 hunters will have about die
< program In the war on poverty 'to whom they can turn for ex-aple 1 Negroes attacked Mrs. Leroy w, Thomas of Iranian Pheasants InSuwannae aamt season and bag limit. at
In this Mississippi! delta com- outside Victor' restaurant called cope and ahtrtff'e fit. 1. Baldwin baa received County in an attempt toestabJish last year, according to a regulation
1' "b"i" his first permanent U.S. Air a new species of game framework for waterfowl .
i} munity. officers, who deaandtd .n-t did you want
Although the tuk was not Force duty assignment after birds In north Florida, according and coot Just received
; '" en easy one, white segregation to coat here for?" similarly, police art aid ti. completing basic military to Regional Manager 'from the U. S. Fish and WOd-
> :' leaders and Negro milt have severely beaten Harry Kearse recently, tvto training at Lackland AFB Bob Brantly.Brantly life Service.
tarns finally are In accord that after ht was handcuffed and in toe patrol car. Tex a aid die birds art 0. FreshWater .Came
.l\; :;{.1, Ii the In Coahoma Airman Thomas has been similar In appearance: to the and Fish Commission -
program 7. A chan-t for the bttttr in the attitude and
l;' designated for and Chinese Rlngneck Pheasant said "The framework -
;' '" county has a good chance for training
behavior of the white conunlttoward Macro fellow
Ii, success. duty as a communications specialist which has been successfully win allow Florida to
"', ,. The Negro community was cltlzena. in this connection H-jlint. charges ,st Kenchelot AFB Introduced In the northern establish a season of forty
split over the number of Its that the program of the local Jobd'eliah'eodet7. ''Mich." He becomes a member L'nited ,t.... The Iranian days with s four duck bag
constituents would be nominated and white citizens council contlnita to doainatt of,the Air Defense Com variety was chosen for Florida limit or a fifty day season
to the community action official and inofficial thinking with the result mand which la the Air Force because It comes from I comparable with a three duck bag limit.
committee set up to work out component of the U.s. -Canadian climate and la considered Florida's, sportsmen haw Indicated
the federal antipoverty pro- that Negroes who. supported rights denonatratlona! Norm American Defense rohave the belt cblDC that they prefer the
gram. Sixty-five' per cent of have pro-restively Needed out" of thief Command protecting the con- for survival. forty days and four ducks In
Clarksdalrs population Is Jobs and denied all) employment locally H-jIlntv tinent. Traby Lee, game management : preference of the longer season -
Negro. who now praticta dentistry in Cape kenntdy area, The airman, a graduate of supervisor stated mat and reduced bag."
_ Meet To Hear Dr. Imiche Consequently on the 28- tella of enduntertni scores of St. Aufuatlaa fan- New Stamen High School rhe pheasant retires" woodland The waterfowl hunting season
man board are 11 Negroe.one .- Jacksonville has a B.S.' In tenet rows for cover and must be established between -
'lllee tell him,
then they
hunting Jobs,
of them Aaron Henry, business administration from farming areas for feeding an opening date of Oct
NEW: YORK --The NAACP country militant champion of civil they were literally "":JII out'ot8.t. Auguatint--.,. Florida AtM Unl1I'Iralty.'U.ltti' range, at grain la their main tcber 9, 1965 and a closing
will place major attention at There will be a regular rights movements-- white. ,after belni identified a a' rights deaonatra'tora.Malcelm food. He said more of these date of January 9, 19M one
Its September weekend meeting quarterly meeting the Board segregationists IncludingWhite birds will be stocked In northeast week later than was allowed
In' Birmingham, Ala., on of Directors in Birmingham Citizens Council officials Florida, in the spring tat year. This presents a
the teaching of the "ADC'i of follow the two-day meeting and members-and three X Plus I 'HovslMi 'Low Cost "This' la an experimental' problem la that the selectionof
practical politic," It was in* ay. Sept. 13. white moderates. program and we request that the latest possible season
nounced this week.A United Nations Under Henry Is a member of the ItDIb& up1Jated : 'hittotr.h hunters cooperate making It win not permit the aeaaon to
special workshop will be Secretary Ralph] But the will NAACP national board,president "" 'SelectedSiccessor 'The b".I. s success by refraining from be open during the Thanks
held on political action st the deliver the main address at the of the Mississippi that the money be' Tat' hate will be in shooting any unusual fowl encountered giving holidays unless a split
two-day conference, September Sunday afternoon mass rally NAACP. board member of the Cue ec1 solely for coos- the 19.000 to 19,000 afield this ,fall or season It themes federal
11.12, which is expected and closing meeting of the con Mississippi Freedom Democratic ruction of one full; price rangt.All tbtaiortgtgta during lUbaequcllc..ana. If regulations require a penalty
to draw hundreds! of NAACP ference. Executive Director --all In disfavor given complete protection of four days off me total..
party I hosoior Netrofuil1 ..h 1 be
delegates from all over the Roy WUkins will be the with most whites locally. DETROIT (NPI) Black Is possible that these pheasant son for moat states selecting
I speaker at the Human Rights A native Clarksdallan he Muslim leader ElijahMuham- lies io daatsrtgattd' 'govtraaeat backed and will product cneufhofr-, a split ...on. !In the past the
I dinner, Saturday night, Sept. has suffered violent racism mad has picked a successor lchbofhda\ ., it waa loans will bear 5H sprig In the next few years tfw Commission has selected
Win Aid Din 11, in the Birmingham muni reactions--the windows of his to assassinated. Malcolm X further disaloeed.Dubllsky per cent annual inter to provide a population large he latest season posKble as
elpal auditorium. drug store have been broken, who defected last y.arto form 'said' the tat tbt axliua penslt enough to sustain 1Imtan,." provided la the regulation
At. Gloater B. Current NAACP hU own group. Speaking before Let conckided. framework.
his home shot but such
up Ipan' primary pur ted under either them
director of branches and field Incidents havequleteddownltewis nearly 6,000 followers la
SIMMON'SSANDWICH administration, noted that last Cobo Hall last week Muhammad p tee was to stimulate Federal housing adiio

SHOP several requests from allied year.Henry also has been s vigorous named Boston-born developeaent, iatratlOB loan laaur
organ.atllns, Including leader In a voter-registration Louis X, 32. to the poet once of Integrated rtaldentlal anct or Vtttrana adlniatratloo -
All Good Thugs To Eat church and labor groups, had drive for Negroes. In held by Malcolm X. sections and thereby lea gutranttta CM YOB HOBSO
been received asking to partlelp.te weeks have Louis X, In the group for
two 1,200 registered avoid the creation
observers. ?
u 10 years, now heads "mos .
Your Fill In addition to the workshlp bring the Negro totalIn que." In Boeton and New York. of i addltl: oaT. itgro
the county to 3,000 out of A Baptist Convention
on political action, the conference There dividing his time between the DelegateSept.
are 8OOOwhlw
French Fries will also feature of voting population. two. He has taken over the, I
workshops on the poverty pro task of Introducing Muhammad IILIEN'S MUSICAL imlEUilTEN
It took the Federal Office 7 to 12
Chicken gram, school desegregationand of Economic Opportunity to at black natlonllat rallies. .

Fish. Dinners also employment.be I leadership There development win Negro jolt the appointments board Into making after new the During. Muhammad's 110mlnute fHtmll tarN 24)LOVIMO ) At Reasonable Rates ?
institute for NAACP he told followers -
Specials- Fri. & Sat. branch officials. nomination of Sims Luckett, the only way to solve TCtDU CAM POI lAG CHILD
symbol to
segregationist Neg
Conference headquarters the problem between whites ROT LUNCH! AND YID-NOiINO tMACi
At 936 W, Asliloy' St will be tt the L. R. Hall Auditorium roe,. and blacks: was to "segregateand INDIVIDUAL. 1..P1N/ COTS list Yew keen !II
on 16th Street.MeetIngs .* ,* set up s separate Buck
Corner Lee will also be held at the Muslim state.
A, G. Gaston building.! KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL "The only right America nOMAN FOB HUT SUDS

Mrs W. M. Simmons, Prop.] P.'""..' M MIX MMM .III ..... can give you," he declared IVPnVIBOK"rA TIClfATP) III IUD ITABTTMININO :1k. Fiends Stir
** IfttlM wltt Tk. MnrtliM| CMTC& "11 the right to leave her and FROOIUM AT FL6UDA STATS BNIVBUITTINSDUNCS

give you a good seedoff.MANTEI COmiNI. KACM CHILD!

1OIITATION'Utl, 1M., I V> tf.il.OfW Directory

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dtfin* .hie: :i::;- 0o* .
professional status at a professional leeett glee tot ciahave
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salary. .late s'edvate.t tfcvtt Metlata for Fit Tin li lislnss

tae belaaMt. MY east) If ,t ,
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