Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200676datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 14, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006760740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 14, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 14, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Dr. Martin Lather tint

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arrest of J."71 P.,.... us. 14 th. CU), he MU' ordered to bound own le Criminal Toun
which -are JBV* photo at right show are la ecu of dUcrimlnttloa In the Aug. 9 inootlng of a
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The CosfB tea./ JACUCX.MRS -Tta aopotj.ta.Mi died r laffraatrtiTha arrttted. for tnmttmtni to a
t ml reaea laet let a.- : < ttaa far tf federal ,.rt. er f>ardlM af a bug.. tocrUai here tWey. ofI
_l, he ..... Owes teak registrar* to sseesoMttare 0. dad swat ge te *. Lead ,.ur.. atanrle dep
WOO pertkpe frets ever neaUea. .. aBttJesal tchoal .. rMkl win atndaad Will and kgt.*y aarraktwe
100 eoMtrtM are ..... o...otaBMwei. eifaciefe rvrU..,. A ef *>* 1era/dlay t* Verdi RevC, /
.. ....... ... espy B.sr. .aOodtee> t e
by A4Mstel LQ.AMM al.rtMy. 1Is <*)tt.d tea.is .*- chore Mnh eent/kaM nl were *fiet f
rwWay ti L1. .1Ratr Xbjerta,Cs*..... nid.Di r Is AAta- artdk..dMs..",. re area by ,....... wtaeitUM 4
to toUtter CoserMarshaO. TWg..d day at MO ..... a ererM u III" tatgMft a phyiirlaac-l&U r........to 10 redo send n\rtw
Mr. Marshall wire M. ,.... J. T.... low ......... seta romans .... .%tre a h.a**retttll 'tog bootee and raft reeah* ( a b r t,
boner* XAJd SferUlm tMnHl** OUVTMT fOC .. r Wts.ss..$. Io4 Cur c.. le M waOatto M IBM .. to the Ireafctag "several.
c.t heeded eel ... wtodowa and a ata tNea** 14 r ALaewlM tf rvglm' ariaai .. paMMoayhe
1lAAa legal ....' drtaeea .tfa rtby ftrt.rUfwyC4 s........ ., ,.rW. Ay.M1L ..,.,... te iredi.wi Tta Kertff said that Oaf t fi
vu dr flwesa 11M 4. eel f411 4Mit.iitl tM ..,... NgrNaradI. a-,. !hi ytMh were arre,t 4 and
Can Mdalu en school t.varteeg .. II .. AIL1C3, $...*, IM ,.,... hi Prerdrsu bee II...., gn.tnrs ,....... ..,.. ddvgnyMSrtg
... Tte fcOMm d''. *e sf* ',.... M< M4 lairk asar|. Is t>* hen leer "..0.. were r*>>..<.
.,..,...., .at Of.t.. I4*. tftt XAACT afimi lit .... Cej w-a.,. N strut ,..
Rteistretiee i.. K.,..rlkf ef M. Tw* tire. ..,.,-.** drive laMbMalrf4 r'n. p.,.... IM te te tta .|.rta4 SVaf twin ef.....jaO.
Cry .d si WO IUBV. Df. es Jelf 4< a Mal .ea..l a .... ...... tars taetmtaei end daw*
Bratis lee..s Wants Ueter Kb. Jr. ef SMS ....... B.... BV> last aad reboot a trautbrfro aged bode to ewlLTfctywvee
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has/srlsdeyt s..re. _.MSt fill a tor Ions wMdh bota tta peroMead ae
U. wiatbe. rofis area. frets ,....., wr ........ eV...*.uei ereiKSBA.t.Mli ". ........ prtoetaal ..us'1C' TtapareM VAACy Tee CeoarO "#...*
Lee AM.sstfl__4.30 f>4.at.* Ir ....... bp bsg ........ wfiB ttaa lave eaj tr ana e-at. IU%_ clays wW ere ,, Mitchell of Miss. acts
.... te err Dads sew a .. .......... CadrtM.K OH ef ..M rejleoart brat tor fono to tta trte..*l tftta U.ted eM tf sal. .......,, ). C tad ira tau been eertl
a.r.oN..t. The dekf oaa panic bee* .*. ta La/We Ceatf.Mlac. /drlhMraMuswbrntg CUrh wee sea to tta .. duite proudly over papers notlfylsc his that t

re>*e..>r, ....... ,...... per la a ...- SMTCB Mate ,..*/.. aaJy. 1.1 pereeeief ta Tie pnertpel I d.B |ed, .. sWnrf eo.. sled sad is Florida's first negro civil englsttr The
SMS ...../. .* eeW awt rua sa<..hil.... the figraii sit..gw.r" rowe aad hrttar troroaatta ..... 31 ,..rvold Hoear4 Vslvtrslty gts4aste, worked at klsprodreeslon
-- hose ban rs..... reaeefl sew m e teal stow .d. tense .-,. .........,. trtMlar ... m* td Ire piousTATeG la other srs before returnIsg to .his sstlvtMiaul
t. report e. Tk rwday. soot.a. twos.11w. ,*.. sMalHawVavsVeT w byw tta .,.I'W\P'II tf P. UU
to order te tehs pen Is aantaualta ., .. eaw.stlaa a ,... .f >M te ... T La ........tar arowtetof. tndfaaal Lad .... Irwsarr deg Mis mother irs, tenale Mltcftelt Is s social Mad
) eMMAM via .... .,.... I.. pee east ef the Net. .... avtrvratiThe tta eljyfef ef CUrtoe >.. le. sad ptlleMtOI1 Uslrator st ;.Virtheeetem High fehootao
........ Grit .. a... .. to May by tire wMw .o... is try
gat e.lev.ap N WI PI4w are r tieairad* wrt. e to ttaa tjarffViderT.tU3 .... Dos s w01p..s Mrs. PtaBoiar rogtewirodOMUB004 t\s XAjkO pews WXfeaCOatlaaad jan tta trowtjr by antes wtje wee freed ef say sajer _rgrs4nstt and ejMtser U s tody.' en ear*try.VI .

Brag Is ... ...... ( M PB... UJ a* ...*. h... ..a. f ftejtisvje4 rise ate t eft ell's wife Is 5 Medical l.cuolsc' advisor(

is '.....


_ 2 ,$TAl'.1APENS' __ q

. THE FLORIDA STAR! Stardust }1

published by the Florida star publishing- Company
ST. AOOUSTINE' Me-hard loads" down to 20 or 25

ERIC 0. SIMPSON.Nut61i6 Edits secrecatlonlsts in A- pupils over-en roll lent
r L YOU MUST REGISTER-YOU erica' a Oldest City, does not appear to bean
ALSO. E. .|$ Km Eiitir /I MUST INTE-
,, YDU MUST LCABN- balkliic at the projres imminent pro bias thus
ib CONGRESS ACTED SWIFTLY of pub- the Star has observed I
HILDA WOOTEN......... Circililin 1IIIIIr i INPASSIHG THIS ACT.IINTfNO live Integration far
schools since few !
andperochial very
-C j ASPATCHNORDER TO here, are busily setting parents have shown to at

I FOI/CE ii" up a private elementary the y to register, despite I

2323 Mucriif load' pbin. Elfii 4-I7IJJ c \ 'lfll/HNr tl Ni.N school In the local TEA a series of largeadvertiseents I

,10"1 fro which t>ff-colors"" which have I

M.iliif Adinss. will be barred appeared In the 'St. I

P.O. This It the word being AlJlu.tintleooret.."
Bn 1 1. Florida I
put out tjr the principal So far the school appears

MIAMI OFFICE i 4. J.A. Crook thank, who to be nameless. ;
holds forth dally at the though it is sponsoredby I

738 HI 3r. ATI. Phil 377-1025. T to take applications an outfit calling Itself I

for the lily Alte pro Private Educators

1 .r N ject. Inc. which has been

With financial backInc chartered by the State
of a good nany affluent of rlorl da. In additionto
One Year $6.00 Half Year $4.00 both the
bite citizens thus extending
Mailed to you Anywhere in the united States
.DUTY!THE GRANPEJT AAvIDtAS Protestant and Catholic, privileges and imiunl-
Subscription payable in advance KCAUSe/H. ,.
Send Check or Money Order to: PUts THE IDEA OF SOU ,, p,' this local venture Into ties of corporate sanction
ayHts aauetarr. eW ,, the real of privatepure to the white su-

Rl SPO/tSIllIUTY. white education has praacy group, the State
FLCRIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 01'IM/lKJRrAUn: reserved as classrooaa will be giving It further

Jacksonville 1, Florida AAt.RA1rN i a hal f dozen charters In sanction by not

the Ancient City YMCA prosecuting Itsenrollees .
L ..whether with .
bulldlni for truancy.
The Big Vole Seen e or without the knowedge State law retires that .
ofthenatlonal Y office, all kid go to school,
In many states in the youth we have de-
baa not and apparently the State
the Florida star
plorH the denial, of the ballot to Negroes
no* that the 1965 voting rights law is 1n. TAKE IT..AND USE ITI yet been able to ascer of Florida Intends to
tain. accept this one aa being
effect,no Negro has an excuse for not vot
ing. Instruction Is to be bona-flde and providing

offered In grades on.tb"Ulh satisfactory schooling.Original .
Under the campaigns like the ones directed
by /Martin! Luther King and other leaders Ne sii. at a tuition impetus for
cost of$23 per aon- establishment of a prl .
iroes have been registering in 1 large n'inber
Your Weekly th per head principal ,at.lll"wblt.ehoolIn
oven before the passage of the new law.
oouthern; Negroes have increased their vot- Crookahank states. NO the Ancient City ease
reduction In price for last year when a tlsputatlonof -
ing strength by almost 500,000 in the past
more than one towhead dissident Catholic

year. Guide but parents who want to parents went to
The half-million voter Increase equals the Horoscope
number of Negroes added to voting rolls in "i ''I come In and help paint Tallahassee to find out

11 states over the previous years. the classrooms will be about the requirements,

We are encouraged by the voter gains Negroes given a bargain price. following Integration of

have made! in our own state Florida.The By PABLO The ASTROLOGER There Is no cafeteria Catholic schools: hers

last tabulations, made in October, but kids who ton't want As rnwrted at the Use

showed 45.1, 15" Negro voters more than dou WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR to bring their lunchescan by the Florida st.r....,-
order saie fro IIh.lIal'7 Shelley and otherprominent"
ble the 211,128 of one year earlier.
Voter registration workers In Florida are BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Man ford who has citizenswere
just opened a restaurtat inYOlved.First .
aiming for 75,000 more Negro ellelbles this
Summer period which will end in reptember. around the corner and reports fro the

Keeping the voter spirit alive will hive ARI&S CANCER who has offered to cater returned delegation were
to be done laboriously, nnd perhaps nt Born March 21st thru Born June 22nd thru Born Sept. 23M: thru Born Dec) 22nd thru' dec to the area.Asked kids. crook shank to the effect of an accredited that operation

'snail's pace, by our public school teachers.No April 19th July 22nd Oct. 23rd Jan. IPthIF whether or not school: would be too costly

one else is better prepared for this noble EVCN IP THI MOIPCCTIOF the school will be accredited but subsequently. it




Since the enactment of the new voting law' ACCOMPLISHMENT TO MRCITALL THE' MANY CONSIDER '"IV'OUI' Y. YOUR PROSPECTS! ARE STILL come with usso I'. sure have been canvassed by

the television and newspapers have ben\ !, APPIANOMIwMAT DIFFICULTIES' THAT COULD THIS MAY TAXI THE rotMOF '1tOM11i H ALL SORT OP there would be no Ques the group, and wade rather

keeping' us Informed concerning various aspects DIM" THIS SHOULD NOT II KEEP YOU OFF, UL iNCl. CONSTRUCTIVE CHANCES PROBLEMS MAY ARISE RIGHT' tionofour ere-tits being handsome salary

and interpretations. UIED AS AN EXCUSE TO EMOTIONALLY' AJ WILL AS AT HOME OR ADOPTING A AFTER THIS DAYS THROWING scented If anybody ere propositions if they

Unless it escaped our attention we, hive LOWER YOUR STANDARDS, IT FI NANCI' ALLY.You ARC VOCATION WHICH' YOU CAN IMPEDIMENTS' IN YOUR to wove to Mississippi would agree to quit the

seminars for county election officers PROSPECTS WHICH ARE OF THE NATURE OF INTERRUPTED. THIS WOULD FRIENDSHIP TO TURN INTOAN Crook t mk' s sales talk joa) the new group the

throughout Florida. A seminar of this kind OTHERWISE FAIPLV PROMISING THE FROILEMS THAT ARE ALSO PROVIDE! A BULWARK EMOTIONAL ADVENTURE to parents who ask toot 'Sta'" has I uned.On. .

would enable officials to discuss the de- THERE ARC SIGNS APT TO KEEP YOU IAFFLEDrOR AGAINST YOUR OWN TENDENCIES THAT COULD IE COSTLY TO registering their kids local ",,,.1" of

tails of this new law. it would inform the OP STRONG PRESSURE IEING THE REST Or THE TO PASS THE TIME YOUR HAPPINESS AS WELL goes like this: the wove to preserve I

various county election boards so that the EXERTED IV FRIENDS OR MONTH. ACQUAINTANCES WHO FRIVOLOUSLY' AND TO INDULGE AS YOUR POCKITBOOK. YOU '** rw not g>lagtoletthen lily white education Is I

Federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 may be ORGANIZATIONS TO INDUCE ARE 'PUTTING, YOU UNDER 'IN EXPENDITURES MAY BE WANTING TOO MANY have any cheep candy said to the proprietorof

understood and obeyed.A YOU TO lACK A LANG PRESSURE OR OILIt"IONI! THAT COULD KEEP YOU THINGS TOO RAPIDLY. or colas or anything like Cmpm Jim Dart a Pa-

number' of counties nay be affected by VENTURE OR TO STAND RE. ARC NOT TO IE CONSIDERED ALMOST PERPETUALLY IN that, and although weare aoas Whip's. Bar."
the new law which suspends literacy tests SPONSIILE FOR LARGER TRUC FRIENDS' DESPITE OUT. Bom-Mctarlmn we are The Inconsistency of
and permits federal officers to register 67o.be-I3.73-s76 establlahlag a racist
prospective voters.It CONSIDERED IAFE, TO THE CONTRARY.a AQUARIURBou'Jan. lag sndprayer every d*. school II so edifice beloaiiag :

is bad enough to break voting laws deliberately 2.<<). -1612.241 -10-6618488 16 SCORPIOBorn 20th thru sad we dol' t waat any to the Long

but it would be Inexcusable to Oct. 24th thru- Fob. 18th off colors suck as red. Men's OirlsttsB Association G I.

violate these laws because of a lack of in. TAURUSBorn L RO Not 22nd black, or pinkos." has owe aa a Hit
April 20th thru
formation. Remember ignorance is not excus May 20thIT Born July 21rd thru PEOPLI MAY 1C HESITANT' SIT YOUR FEARS AT REST laroll...t. he says to local rights leaders

ed by the law.TruIIbtQzI. Augj 22n.1 AIOUT SHOWING THEIR REGARD -, will be held to a level who" plan to protest to
APPEARS THAT YOUR FOR YOU UNTIL' YOU witch will keep class the national T oriaaiattorn. -



examination and" was awarded a state en- You SHOULD FIRST THRU DAYS OF THIS TO REJECT AMICASLI' SECURITY. SUCH A MOVE, To th* uninitiated, rttalllnc probably
license in civil engineering, The newspaper ouARTCft.DoN'T' IE WISHFUL TAKEN QUICKLY I WHILE" You looks like
report that hw WM first of his race to win AIOOT III.,,,TI. BEND ALL TILL' NAVE ESPECIALLY
AILC CIRCUMSTANCED TO MADE IN ALL SINCERITY. just rent a location, lay in a stock of
his prize-- certificate to civ GOOD PLANETARY INOICA.TIONI
practice TAKE UP A COURSE OF ADVANCED YOU CFFORTS TO SEItl THE 'FIRST SIGNS OF POL goods and wait on the customer as they

il engineering in Florida. LEARNING ON TO THEM BEFORE YOUR LUCK SIDLE MARITAL OR PARTNERSHIP FAVORING YOU, flock in. So it goes. you may think, year
Charley Mitchell, Florida's first real. SECURE YOUR RESERVATIONS$ RUNS OUT. FROM THIN, ON CONTROVERIISIAPPEAR SHOULD IPARC YOU TMCORRIII after year with little or no chant
ices that 20 this THAT COULD MAKE;
yean ago accomplishmentwould FOR TRIPS TO DISTANT LO- YOU CAN EXPECT OPPOSITION IN IOMIWHAT Th* successful retailer views his business

have been Impossible. New opportunities CATIONS. YOU ARC MOil FROM MICH PLACES, COMPE- VAGUE FORM. |If MAY NOT YOU FRETFUL AND UMCOM. very differently. He knows that chances of
for Negroes are now open in diverse AND MVSSTERIOUS PORTABLE (DURING REMAINDER
NAT FOR kinds
"TME LONG AFTER many or* constantly occurring. And
professional fields. OF MONTH) tt MORE
EST WHEN YOU DILLYDALLY FORCIS THAT THEM TO AIIUMI MOil h* know that if he is to meet the competition :: -
New engineering opportunities demand people AT EVERY TURN. WILLING TO ACCEPT DIRECTION
OH EXPECT EVENTS TO POSITIVC AND OMINOUS' and maintain his place in the economic
who are trained and who the tent FROM TOW MOST
e MMIS. sun, he must keep on top of Us_.
Mitchell stated that his supplied'incentive : HOT ALLOW VOURIUF TOIt 7-,10-53-..IV7 IS As an eiampl of this, the national Association
for himself and siblings to wove STUMPED IV TNt MAG- of rood Chains is spending $100.

ahead. Mitchell was indeed fortunate, NITUDI OF TNt INTIIPIISE. SAGrnAAlUS10m 000 for a series of research projects.This
1.!Sa44.1620-ISt PISCES10m Bark which is to be supervised Dr.-
ahead. Mitchell was indeed fortunate, because "0'. 23rd thru by
P.be I9th thruMarch Roger Grey of Stanford CDheral rood
far too
do not
many Negro jarents ,
live their children the ..3)....''So7'.43' VIIOO 20th Research Institute, will cover: A review

There must be necessary who push. Born Aug. 23rd thru ARE ONLY TWO DAYS You SHOULD NOT LET a and appraisal of food industry statlitlea.
more Negro Parents will
constantly encourage their children to be OPMJttJ: Sept. 22nd THAT MAY DC CONSIDEREDFAVORAILC. ,JUNGLE OPPORTUNITY II- A historical review of long term food industry
Born May Slit thru THOSE IMG, CAPE treads. A
somebody and head You. TRUE FRIENDS study of the changing
somewhere in new field of "
professional and occupational activities. June 21st NAYS DIG TWINS GOING 'CC'C TO THE PONE OB AN nature of retail comp.tition. A stab of
Mitchell will be recalled as the trailblazer SHOULD ACT WITH DETERMINATION 'ALLIANCE MAY BE FORMED the 'concentration theory aa it applies
but and the rest of mist
you, jis,
become WHICH YOU OITAN usutTlCM SNATCH Till PRIZE 05P10,115 SHOULD practices by food retailers. A study
holders of the '
two hundreth
place )IMG TMl INITIAL PERIOD lUlU ANYONE 'YOU ..III UTI. OR MCI01 of food retailing and economic pover. A

OF TMl I PINT OUA5T15. WOULD 1C PITY TG,Mill ELM Dot[. THERE ARC MOMENT TO FGITPONI Iowa FlNAi.CCIIION ,synthesis of th* above la the context of


'TIll NISTMCN MOTION THAT' YOU 4 CIURTSHIP.UTILin TALIS'IS.TINE 0* TO FWSM YOU* INHIBITION '1"1 v* Tot Wall lICaU There la certainly every reason thy tie

The' was organized 121 years ago ; YOU! CM AN CIS ARC SOUND AUDI : YilflAiI"I. YOU CONFIBINCI food chain people should want this mass of

in London for the iTo!: IMPBOVC LATH .... AI FRUSTRATION Tl MAY 1C UNDIB. information. Typical chaiaa
purpose "the Improvement sera only a
of the spiritual and mental condition TMII II PAN FROM GIING WHICH YOU MAY PALL: PRIMNAY 1WI $A4inA IA.l WHO ARC "MINI* BY WOBRHS OVER.YOV cut or 10 of profit on each dollar of

of young men engaged in houses of bullneos. TNt CASt YOU MA* MTTtl SIMPLY. M Nut TO TMC OH TMl WAY TO DISTANT' 0* .. VtLLIEIM 0* VOCA.ITICMAL lal... It la essential to their very survival -
Shortly after its transplation to : operate with maxima economy
America in 1851, it broadened Its alma to DOTTED LINK SWILL MUCH) SURER CAM Ml TAm SLOG: ANT OfFERS *. SEEM MIIIBLC WAT and efficiency la all the varied

include improving minds, bodies, spiritsand 'YOU STILL MAVC A GIG TNt DICTATE OF VOvlJVMMNT fdlPlBSMIP THAT MAY OK YOU NAIL CW CBPCCTI facets of the bualaeaa-aad. at the aam
the social outlook of youth on all VMICM MOW aP. [MORC TMAM nul i ttt fickle cael..r. la foodtIlndising
II TOO ouict TG ACCEPT ,.... Foa TMOIC OF TOW tin .
levels.Amonf. PI1B TG GC IWAYED WYILLtl *** RS.T1Ret. INIS aa la all klada of Mrtaaadiaiag. -
AOVICt Off I.'''''''''. MO ...i! ...... TNt 1 A*. a 51S/P.
its most notable achievements has'been $l VII e. VIIMFVtTMIMIfc OFTCJI LEAN to kaovledg sad adaptahility are *aaontlal -
75 years of work in two major. fields FALLACIES MAY DPBEAtFA* *. PLIES we TM IV0 OtlATC ....". ..f. keys to socc.sa.put .
of current interest--the teen-sger and ocr ate HOC. Vocs.

relations with other peoples of the wo/Id. kjD'M: ........ l.tI).n..2b t.Ias14.4s.w aa"..U-s


-- --- --

.- !
---- ----' --
-- .
: _
: ---- -- L
I : !lIlr 11,


\) f,> Socially Speaking Barracks Registration Popular Couple Pledge Troth ;;

I Periods Setup Sp
Ir tads CIIIJlr' To Meet

At Now Stanton
Miss Barbara jean HcClaln D u&hterof Gill return to the states during the Christ Saturday
Mrs. Marie B. McClain and the late Marian mas holidays for a visit. AU students who are scheduled
A. mcClain of this _. Due to the tnctementweithr to attend New Stanton
city --------------------------------- which forced ctncelladonof
was married to Mr. One of Jacksonville outstanding musiciansis the regular meeting two High School for the term of
Bobby James Coan son working toward a second college degree week ago Gateway Barracks 19W-M the school are urged to receive to reportto their
'Ilk of Mr. and Urs. Qoaz at Florida MM University He' r,. seating 3131 of World IVeteraniCSA. Individual program of studies.
Coan of Salisbury.North of none other than Roosevelt Leroy Henderson Inc.. will meet Saturday at 2 precisely on the d ay Indicated.AH T.TALLW.VcrF

,, 4" Carolina on July 28. in a percussionist was graduated from New p.m.InJoeJame.Ctmer.13thand Crundiao 5ts.Commander twclvth grade students... ,.T.E t !E
requested to 9 A.M.
Manhattan N.Y. The Stanton High School in 1954 and earned his J.S. Inrtng Sr.. Tuesday August report 24, and go
v;. 2 bride is a 1901 grad B.S. degree in music from Allen University, xpecu a fuU anendance of directly' to their old homeroom -
:; uate of New Stanton officers and members and
sent Columbia Fouth Carolina in 1958. *. Eleventh grade
., lor 'high school and a Roy has worked from coast to coast with pendenu remtndi 'nan Ugftil-tnembers to Join and the stuJtmi are requeued to report : ruoToa "ru; rr; n\C1"T,:y..tr.:
former student of Florida some of the nations leading jazz musicians. orf aniiatlom that the mem- on Wednesday" August 23. and<<1 Mrs, "trphrn K. neaslpy of Tnllnhassce
,; Afl. un herslty.Mrs. He came to Tallahassee from New York City, benhtp booki nmatn open In homeroom aad go directly to their old are pictured here during a wedding rerentlon -
.'Coan rrx .i-'tfirt where he was featured with, the Lionel Hampton both the Barrack and lu Tenth grade student who given in their honor tatttrdayx' Jill: "1
from tnVifrin.MIn> School band. Auxtllarj. are scheduled to enroll In the vm of ',.ir.eM Mrs. Sylvester L. n(':' lc1
'of Science and Arts vw Plans for the anwU ::0.. New Stanton are requested' to of 703 ""alle street, Tnllahnssecthp bridegroom
--------------------- ------------- 11 Armistice observance
Philadelphia.. Pennsylvania June 24. 1965 The Golden Girls of' Lincoln Business col lep f win be discussed Day and acted report to the auditorium of the 1* widely<< lnon: as a photogrn.Ther and<
as a medical x-ray technician. Mr. Coan will present a fashion', GorCo in the Independent upon Commander Irving said. school August :80 at 9 A.M., Thursday.Students advertising fInd [promotions man. Ills bride

studied nuclear engineering at Lincoln University. insurance Company Auditorium August who are new to the the former! Mrs. NlcUe Nowsone in the
Oxford Pennsylvania and is to con 25.at7:00.: -i: Illinois county or who are transferring daughter of Mr. and :yrs: ftnck A. Jell of*'
tinue his study at Drexel institute Philadelphia The latest look for campus,,along with wigs Owens from another M h school, 181ft N. Alrnnlr ;trpet Pennacoln Finnnployed .
Pennsylvania.this fall. and evening attire will be fe'tured. are asked toreport to the library as a"nlstuit administrative secretary -
lulls Club.
it 9 A.M I. ..Imd.ugutt
The couple Is presently residing at 117 in the office of Public Relations
ewl>eWM--Me eSBiej -----Me e>Be te e>B,-MeSB >BeS MWW--ewej) 30. The parent or guardian nt
Test 81st St. Manhattan: New York. Correction Please; The Alvin Whites Mere must come along to fill out Florida AVI University, rs. Rfnsley nn
... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. enrolled at Iowa University for :further Holds Meeting and sign! a pupil assignment graduated in April 1913, fro: the FVJU
Another wedding of interest to Jacksonville study this summer and not toward a doctor Planning to suspend ectlTitles form, following this temporary school of buntnena pdncnttnn. '
was the marriage of Uiss Bessie mae ate. for the month Milrnmnt will be made -
Davis and Houston Samuel Fitzgerald MI ---.------------------------------ of August, the 0 ea Illinois school pending, I 'IIJ1f rintendtlll.approval by the AU
August 14. at the home of the bride 3906 He were surprised last wee'i with a visit Ladles Club held students In this category Gatewa y BarracksRy
Davis St. The Rev. J.M. Dixon. pastor of of relatives from South Carolina. a Club Vacation .e.tlrt' | should bring ttxlr report
Mt. Olive primitive Baptist Church Offici- Mr. and MI':'. Jacob Williams and son Charle In the palatial hone of cards from the school last J.M. l MV INa, SR., cobs e1111R

ed.The from Orangebtirg. nouth. Carolina.Mrs. aura Odessa taller. 1535 attended.Principal Charles D. IIT IS A '}Il\rR'
bride is the daelgt ter' of : n. Beatrice ----------------------------- ---- Fast 25th n. All I unHnItJied smocks remind all studctiu a umber la the ont important person In this
Davis and the late Alonza Davis. Barbara j. Lucas *'\1'1'11 f tU h''lk f'. bualne ass tren to be. pr M,,nt and on time on (Urracks. In pennn or by nail
The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. its accompanied by:: her daughters Gnle and sacted. the exact day scheduWd' for A Amber Is not difiendmt on 1111. .. I' are d.t'end-
Houston S., Fitzgerald II of Vest Pali:; Beach Dorenda' is visiting her Mother tire Willie banD UieaodaJ] inter their grade VrveL Py doing ant on hi*.
will he able
so they to secure
Fla. Mrs. Fitzgerald attended local schools n. Lucas 1529 S. 15th Street and father luck, Mrs. Al lit Jordan without urvJo difficulty full A umber la not an interruption of our .."..15.
and received her B. R. degree from Florida Eugene: (Gene) Lucas. Mrs. Aaron is the "1fe and Mrs. Lucille Jarrel load of classes. Inckidlnjt required la the purpose of It. M are not AIM university. of Milwaukee Orares' star. Henry (.Isn't) ere the recipients of and elective NIIr.",. servlnc hi.Uit hy glving us the\ opportunityto
".Fitzgerald is a product of tits schools Aaron. lovely birthday gifts, For further InfommMicillthesrhooL dn no.
.' of rest pain l Reach and received his B.8. degree _._ rfiich Hostess A siMher la not outsider ti
> ---- ----- -------------------- follotlni an our orgsntration
in Health and Physical :Education fro, Mrs. Callie Jackson Jell know cosmetologist Bailey served a varied Chicagoans h. ia .a part of It.
Florida Ay' university. and a recent honor graduate from the and tasty buffet lunch A rasher la not a mid statistic...h. 1 I. flrrft anti
Mr. Fltzserald tnche In the publicsysjtfi 'uhnnl National Institute off Cosnetology, washington enn. Visiting Here, Hood; a human being with feellma and motion
of T'*l P.,.rh CoMPty' D.C. was the surprised recipient of a- Present for the event vn., Doris cooper.Vra. like our own.
The couple had a brief honeymoon in :J1a,1, lovely birthday party sponsored hv the fami ere Mrs Ruby fields, Susie Lester and Arthur Anifibertn' t someone t' ariue or .match 1ft it. with.Nolodjr .
and will aside in the Roosevelt Estate, In ly and friends Monday evening Aug 9, at her Mrs DIMS Melton, Mrs. Davis, resident of Chi ever .>n mar'\1111\& tth a amber.
lest Palm. Beach. High Fashion Beauty Shop 4414 MOncrlef Road, Ard.1 trl et Peters. Mrs csgoIll. are the hour A Higher la a persun also' brlnta us ha| ants. It
.. :TJ-* honor MS accorded Is our Job to handle! thu profitably to bill wit to
------------- -------------------- numerous heppy- returns Allle Lee Jordan. Mrs. guest of grand "rs.JuVeltoa
The very talented V&**. pastries Mendez of-the-day and received beautiful Tr... Mottle Mrs Uherdle 3410 Pbeoili Ave hU and his dri" >.n<1,,nti, This I Is .it a umber of
daughter of Mrs. jumle Mendez! and the: late gifts. Pearson, Mrs. use and ur,and Mrs.Jesse Oatt.., Karradia Veteran. of *>rld war I tats shin
Pedro Mendez! of Jacksonville is Studying SeP --------------- ------------------- Nellie Nyrtcsi, Mrs. Mary .f ISIS i! i. etb street he or she Joins our ranks,
otse. Italy. Former Jason MM. Klolse v.) ker thp let Nlddleton, Mrs. plossleBBlth. ---
Miss Mend.z la a recent graduate of tI.ft planes from Clncinttl, Ohio bn he feels Mrs. Lucllltjar.

Ctnscrotnry: ." of Rome She gave her recital the qualm. of hcneslcknfl'ft. IK enjnylng a roll, Mrs. genie tint
in 'the French enbassy there. biennial reunion with family and frlsnds leton sad Nostesa Bal
Miss Mendez received three grants from the h,. Y
one group o lore cane froa oust:& tfl. greet- SAM
Howe of Opera) to study under priVat tutor. the charring vacationer Ay the say' tirs, NS
The talented artist ia a graduate of Stanton *
talker keeps r touch with her hometown activities Cooper's Adult
high school and Bethune Cookman college. via the Florida Star.
She ... .. loJ.dat, James Veldon Johnson
---------------------------------- RegistrutieuUuderway
Junior High School for four years and received Mrs. iradell (Lewis j.. III) Carter has Y'r ,fie j w
her Masters degree in Music from Col returned to her 5727' Peking Court ruldtl1ceatt.r -

tabu university in 1941.padrlca having enjoyed a two weeks vacation "... ration tier suits" .
is a member of St. Pius Orthnllc with father Mr. Ira Fuqua local and vacationing plaaaiai .
Church. Delta fligna Theta sorority nd rial- relatives and friends in ttop.rt
one chapter 104, QnVr of Eastern ftar. She she plans to return for anUhrr brief Aeadesy, 134) t. jjnd5U

stay before the present vacation season ter la BO* underlay Air

rtnatee.Mr. the .ar1yNptwb.rdau.
..._....-....-...-.-...---..--...i_ ...
WOOLWORTH'STo .. Dauthula Jackson of Jamaica Ltng. la- Classes will be held. onMosdty
land and Mrs. Ora Lee Morton of Brooklyn ,Tuesday and /
arrived via National Airlines .
N.Y. Thursday Thursday al'" tot each v.l
to attend the testimonial to be given in awl.
honor of their father George Belly by the
TtDse feslrlM refresher \
pastor. Rev Joahua Reddlck and veubera of or ... DOU'III ..
Slnpnon Methodist Church. &In''Q..11.. 23
hetf.red.nc5 subjects
at P.... All of ur. Ull,' a children from asUeold end Ne. Teeta* (

"" York and ia.1III arrive In the city set, Nlatorr, .
weekend for the occasion.Mr. .
on the
M ---------------------------------
and *rs. a. I. Akiaa of Defmark. !.C. Stilt Ddnryir.
were the house guests of Mr.. and Ural '''.011.
aa Barton of 5711 Tusk Court recently. .awes..... .

)1 4 Mn. Arfor tunoa .,
t21 tIt, Itreet Girl
Yes We Ail Talk )1,., linty ,aies
pe "'. Pica> iw Cilia r 1T ,Y
e )1/lr. 4 Ira rtuty Xew-i N) 'I4 1' 4t1
13 c. rust ... cut
la:3lYc1J.r'tf3LwLtt_ )1,. 4 >.". Jeha Itandherry
BY MUCUS H. AOULR4lltQLJTRTIal Uffl "ldwrt.. Ctrl 1fi
)1,. 4 Ur' *. )lerrU hicks
: Recently I was elected president U44. W. list lv n.,
of My club to taVe office the first of Oct. Ur.. 4 )'n. J*** hUttemeMM ,
e ober. Since I have tine to prepare .y.elf f". ... .Dey bares
w,. 4 Mr*. Clurlei ImaH
for this what hook wyld
113. Cean T" trey
/ era suggest that X bQL !I.P. .t,. Slra. ChtaU44 HepN
Kvsrrx: lace you live in a large city, go W. Ml K Dey
to aoa* cartMnt store book section and Y
1M JOG roll find popular paperbacks. on parllanentary AIfIIH
I also recomend that loa purchase these Steward
IAJI A1t'Tc*a ,lea.-Mr..r .
1. Trecker tad Trecier, :Co Wtttge (QllMft .
TUH Chat ri4e/y g.
I fd.ei.'i11Ims Morrow and Cca Ift1. Nee TonSU,4. I.."", sea dtr.. ant Mr*.
It* /..." YsWrrre tit* lam II: lUkert Invert e< 11M C.. ..' .
glgN. h.o Jack1a rl.. Isc I .
3. Ildaey li. ftatfcerland. then Too preside bee ekKi4 feetrstoang 1IdII*a1 Ijc

interstate Publishers, naavllle, Illinois, M sjurtU Art I G With
SPOOFER Tn. ** s CJL Mf rst ant l
152. aua..Utd9t te'- c COKe
WAFX.: For ay pajpfalet on troop dlaequ

lon. mead two steps aad a long selfa1-
SWEATSHIRTS dressed boalaeaa envelope to tr. B.H Boolware. ADMIRALtote
Florida Mil Ceiversity. boi 310-A.
Tallabajsee, Florida-32301, / III 111

c-..,...fif..P-Iffy 0 0; & 0 HIT Bon & Glfh.....look I look I FREE Holies
: tote "C&<WI& iv
leant. Ifw &.....
t.M.. $......... ...
Tl Tilltolli
Gig Til
..t.9'......-n. ... 99 'lit Mif J Uflsart, Gds| Irfj,
......w ..-'....... '
:5.'rl..l'.a.. ..e.rw GILES 1stsrdiJsgory Tit. h.." ._ *
....- ... ..., esl. I
#.-L** ..... few ..... FENCE CO. III CII in fin mas( inliulill
L J.Mo
rut IS1lUAItS lilt Ikiti tnrff. Ciitnt' It Cilu' tit.



398.8252 I I I

I Ma rvAMirr it. COTTUD' tmJl TJI2 AtTDOtlTY! OfDfl

tarn (; (;) (;) (;) (; OXU'OOU CDVfM *y JACXIGNVILLf CtCA-C *A BOTTLl.tO CO.

,, Ii

: I f I g,

i AIJ >. I
IPs' 1115'I

Rev. T.S. Johnson_ To Keynote Allen AME Chapel's 61st Anniversary Sunday I

District Cites AME Yestk Director, Mrs. L. G. G* wrlht, For Qwrter-Ceiitiry Of Service First Baptist District .idles

Shills Women's Pre real

Diy Event Prllcl.11

F lilt' Baptist ChurchWomen
Jacksonville Beech,
will observe their annual drj.Aug.2h1thMra.NaomUm1th.

M guest superintendent for the
Sunday School which begin
II 10 a.m.The .
teachers area Mist
Julia KkgMrs.ROiduSH.an .-
Mrs. Margaret Brown,
Mrs. LUUe M. Simmons will
renew the lesson.
Mrs. H.H. Wright wm preside -
II 11 am. Appearingwlll
be Mrs. Ethel Richardson,
Mrs Trudle Bennett. Mrs.
1 Alice: Thornu. Mrs. Rosle L.Rlgglns. Mrs.Myrtle Hell.
1I 1Iry 1Is l Mrs.Elisabeth Morris Mrs. Mynk Hall General
Miss Peggy Rice Mrs. Chairman, announced that
Rose Kennedy Miss Miry ... Mrs. Theodore R. aRM win
Hayes Mrs. Mamie Smith be the principal speaker Sunday -
Mrs. Thelrns R'1.t.fn.Doro- when District 29 of Second
thy Randall, Mrs. A. Ingram, Baptist Church presents I
t Mrs. Rosie Hills and Mrs. Nuslcale-Tes beginning at S
'J Annie B. Smith p.m. at the YMCA.




-.- ___________ __ _


I --- prominent churchwoman, Mrs L. 0. Genwright while her husband MCKinley Genwrlght Sr.Looks on. Seated at .the
I (left), director of the young Peoples Department of the Eleventh principals' table are Bishop and Mrs. Hatcher (seated fifth and flm.tte Mmrxmrrittr

Episcopal District of the African Methodist Church, was signally sixth from left.From left are: Dr. Walter S. White. Dr. and Mrs.- ?
honored Thursday Night week when she was tendered a banquet in John Littles Dr. W.B. Stewart.president of Edward Waters College: TYPEWRITER
honor of her 25-years of distinguished service with the departmentby Dr. Ann Heath, Bishop and Mrs. Hatcher, Mr. and Mrs. Genwrlght :

Bishop and Mrs. Eugene C. Hatcher, prelate of the 11th Episcopal Mrs Maeola J. Monroe A.W. Cottrell Mrs. llllella Akery Harris. r,

AME District. Fellow members and associates at Mrs. Oenwrlght is standing from left; the misses Brenda Hope Royce Loving and Mrs.

shown reclving a beautiful floral bouquet from Miss Brenda Hope- Brllla Thomas. (Roytlit Studio Fotos)

Prince Hall Shrined ReadiesFor Board Sets SimMnrllkNames V

National Convention ARairersaryObservance TWO MINUTE: WOWSH'S

WD1STON' /' 8ALDI, N.C.-Delefttes from more than 45 linN THCOtNIUua E 9191E A. ) Diy Director Replica of a modern machine

states who are representatives of sure than 109 K S. HAM Nil.MIIAN measuring 11"afls
sieu lOa 11' s 4a" Jtlgh ,
Temple of the Ancient Egyptian Arable order Nobles Deaconeis Board 3 d anew ., auNoisPRAYIR 4 Annual Women'DywUlbe ,av letters of the e
alphabet.numerals .
of the Mystic shrine are expected to attend the) Second BaptistChurch will observe 21 s e.1ebra4lundty In Summervllle @ J! and various
Its lard IImb.nuyJolm1y Church, ?
Baptist commencing
04th annual contention in San Francisco, California with Deacon Board 1 with the Sunday punctuation signs.

August 18-30 to assay the work of frinoe Sunday I p.m.,in the church School at 9i30 a.m., wtthMrs.

Hall fltrlnedbn. They will also plea the aotlTitles sudltortum. Prayer In Old Ttitament tIm ., w* ihould pray"for u we ought Sadie. Fedd as superintendent.
of the 22.000 isaber onanliatioa for the lilt The program lit Selection, Wit bued upon covenant rUiloo (Rom. 8.20)). But he waa qukk to The teachers Include Mrs.
7 ear. ........................ Choir 3i occasion, Mrs. hip with Cod. or tt WM an appeal follow with the dccUritkm thai we Willie Mae Huff Mrs. Mary
The plenary sessions wards of 3,000 del elates Mrton Ksllyi. history of board to Hii rtvtaUd nature ea mmifal, Aa know that. F. Adam, Mrs. Osrow stepson !J'u.
will let underway officially and Tiaitors.Za addition 1, Mrs. Laurerte of Bloumi introduction gracious: ,etc.Today It Ie I bawd upon ". ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER Mrs. Marts Fosses and 3nnffcantoisfcHler
speakers Rev. the redemptive work of ChrM, Mrs. Mary NeverThe lesson
to conference businessthe FOR
on Mondays August AJ. Hughes of StJohn ui binder
pastor whose death opmad the way for IM wOl be reviewed by Mrs.
Prince Hall Bhrinsra Church will be
18in the lID Fraa- Baptist Louise Richardson and tog
Into the FttWi Thto It .
Cisco Hilton. Earlier will stage a sol ring and the spsakeri memorial.,.- why prayer today la offered "..the TO HIS PURPOSE'Rom. U Mrs. Jackie Rich \
ice Mrs. Ida Nedd Mrs.Mails \
Shriaer sad their real- bowling toumaaent participate name of Qiriit With our Lord'icUparture ( 5,15)). ards. 98
Rev. J.U HaUl
in two parades Uoyd from ihli world to view, The participants at 11a.m.,
lies will worship Sunday Thli Cod'aptopUlnPl.il.
remarks, Mrs. SJP, Perkins, It why h..nonwsg.e are It. Matthew Choir Mrs.Evera .
orniai, August 18, at present their 17th An president, board It Mrs.Annie He..1d" to HU dJedpl"! .4:e.T. dickers, Mrs.Maria Spac/of'
1 the the truth and theIII.
aid* Manorial Methodist nualTalentScholarshipPassant Fleming, president! board 3 .. am NO MAN wiy COMETH UNTO "BE ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING. warren, Mrs Jamie Boyd.Miss .' ".14 ,.hM" list I pt aurn pf .
Church ; sad attend an and ....J.U. Hall pruectatlch BUT IN EVERYTHING IT Bertha Mrs.Grace ar,4ss. .- ."-Iw nk.h ILwM
attend Harris
; a publiewelooalng THE FATHER IUT BY WE" ll!.rnajiiT.IK ........."-tiult
Oriental Ball. Mrs. Mary Bowdry.Aiiimsirjr PRAYER AND SUPPLICATION Wright. Mrs. Ltssie. !
proiraa Sunday (John U8); ). fraut: rlnwr ehp,
afternoon in the rand At final pre-oonrsntlon Ricltil "Hitherto hays ,. Itlledbln, ,WITH THANKSGIVING LET Mae Black MM Betty Whets,
plans are rushed to CO"phtioa. Miss Alice Boston and the In My ...-. At that day ye I YOUR REQUESTS BE MADE Mrs.R. T.Stephens.Mrs. Anent -
Ballroosi of the Hilton
; Bostensttss will observe deLi KNOWN UNTO COD 3mimMrs.V.CrsyMrs.Mettle .
shin ark IN MY NAME and I
and honor deceased Nobles a feneral feeling lIW..n.III.. 39 In the unto you that I win pray the Fathtr My 1 AND THE PEAa.or COD. Johnson Mrs. Sarah
during a Sunday evening of urgency is in all House of God, 1738 W. 38th for you for the Father HlavtUlovvth ''I'WHICH PASSETH ALL UNDER. Wilson Kirs.. Mary NeaJy."In. .
Manorial service at. the of the finalising. Su, beginning at 8i30 p.m you, became ,. have lewd STANDING SHALL KEEP A. Miller, Mrs. C. A. '
Third Baptist Church. The occasion win be given M*. .." (John 16:14-17)).Thus today YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS CUepar.Mrs.C. U Boyd sodMrs. FILLER ,::
..,It.a........... by Mrs. Amends V.Anderson, we pny dlractly to the FatW THROUGH CHRIST JEStS Ruth Lee.
The sii day contention --=.:::.:::." and Paul Fountain will serve' la the name of the Son "LET US THEREFORE COME The participants for the PAPER 4 % : Al
is expected to draw up- as master of ceremonies., Our prayen, however, are she BOLDLY UNTO THE THRONE youth hour M lpjn..are. Miss
faltering and aarMtimea the way b gr GRACE. THAT WE MAY beUnda Newnian, Debris Special
to dark before IK that we do not STAIN MERCY AND FIND Prince Blven Special Miss
s tocinoRS toscsrl 1 eYeD "know what to uk for. Tnui GRACE TO HELP IN TIME OF Ceraldlne Blocker Miss

o t von Paul declared "Wt know not what ,NEED- (Ia-b.4111)). Sharon Rose Austin Staflwerth Singers" Miss, Mrs.Ruth 77c.9

184 W, BEAVER Thelrna Edwards...... toes
ulnas Mrs.. boys Mice J.Daughtry &

3101 EMERSON ChrlsllsaCkirch Philadelphia MIssBarbaraHeaT FuB.... peckaie of 900 aKeeta. Get your younfrteneet
T- for school with wide ruM....,.... tooae led Wr
13O CASSAT AYE. "..,s I Pleas For participants the 7 pro anus, .Mrs..rvloste Ruth peper at this budget price. S or S hole I3er.

Rush Mrs. Rose Lea bell
Meeting II N.Y. A..I.I Fete Mrs. ins Rush Mrs. Angelina
McBrtde Mrs.Ruby Alba
BROOKLYN,N.T.,.AeonCBlnee Philadelphia Baptist Churchwomen w.... Ladle Lewis.'Mrs,
TENDER preselns\ for more met recently si the Sarah Best", N....Walter Mae
vigorous chum efforts to charch end erg ama.l for that Armstrong. Mrs. OM Fatale -
reach Negroes. eapeclaUyetaina annual celebration, which ls Mrs. Louise WOlsma
PORK CHOPS 2L, "", .ghetto," will make scheduled Sept. IS. PhttsdetXsia Gospel Chorus.
a progress report to the etth Officers elected am Mrs. Mrs. Bessie t. Masco. Mrs.
annual assembly of the N. Addlft. et5 H.,... cheiraeBi Bessie Pbssj.
SLICED SMOKIBACON tonal Christian Missionary N... h Melons e-caslr-- Mlssliiiri f Ito
Convention hers this week menu, Mrs. Law.. Wright.secretaryi .
The juater Wooea-s Miss
c'ng Mrs. FlerlsePressley
2L etrevintrmb tt Second
1 of Christian treesurart Mrs sloaary Sotteqr
Church wtn observe
Churches (Disclpks of W.E Lenten, program efteir Baptist
ChrlsQ throughout' the Ration mIDI Mrs. Leslie B.WQliams. .fistvenary. cGmrob
St4t to *
PORK era mending the assembly, pmblte relsdonsi sedbottutth MU.
which opened algbt .. ,
Tuesday Nn..i.J.; a. pester
wQ be
Jena ihaspeaker.
and will continue thnughSun- for and Mrs. lent Psyaa
'HASLETS 3 mush: Aa tavtcettaa has
Heights, Kirby chelman
dChrlsdenl Chste'anvbdeccciin& see* extended na pone M
., kG- The orgentsadaa was eta
attend by Mrs. Allis Ftye
by Rev,J.W.Johnson
Maxwell, sreskaaat.'Vou
FRESH e parts _
oa Program' end Structure AlUMINUM flAMl: Miff 1AO.VIeyl.coatsL' Zn.teossIem

GROUND BEEF famed M Implement a resolution won't get tomorrow$ lock s pocastt. 1J&tII ghger. slat. red.leatb6'
3, passed bv tilt 1144 eseeably lob with yittcntay't tkttU
la Rockf.... m., wm report 3.77
Wednesday afternoon, Train now for tomorrow'Job 11".1-91

Somtthlng Thty'rt AU 6atiad' Chairman of the special
oommlne 1s VUUara X. Feu
'r.. of East Orange,NJ.. aeslstant -
oiNECK BONE 4 LI.illP general secretary of ThePerfect
\ die Now., Jersey Cotnaeil of All.A.,Ir" t.rSNEMEIS
Churches: and i former prest* silk
OR PORKKIDNEYS "nttftheeenveatta.Ho .
was one ef te chief litnii Tn, ,.
suthora of last year's ruse
4''LJ, hotae, "Design for IteewUsod Till riisUliiAH '
Growth' net outlinedproblems
end laW for the' IoltlstMervon's 127
MIATY ...... II. sonrnteeo isattawista
an types of week

OX TAILS Su. emong tIIC". =eetetttiTmem. fur- Pharmacy F_ I.t'. f tadcIcQ

.. ministry sol laedenhiauatetog. ...--.,
sneng..,. Tw PriKrittiH2K2 nanllcr
..... .......>. MIL

TRIPE .J't'-.JJwm/ I. Iknrt in.. gY'whaetrMa.. Ifyti,

5u.f oboem his. M saatvorsery OMei'e.eKwassv 5.13.
aetg ant ef Gnu Baptist M-U4M W. PI.5.I512
Church cad sir it* year asa
unuakJlea Sealat HISs
1IH MEATYNECK .,. Is *e church asdl- '

..... :s sel;1ItI "fllt tai Burs IHTJ MH UWOOLWOPITH'S
BONE ehidI App.ardg wm ho Mrs. rcw :
u's......ia, Mrs.' ;b

TIE in KI1..U HI ii i/n/ TT cnnu 4 G. ManCsleaSlagvit

...... .. -- .-
_' _,":,;:. ,.,........ '" '" rt JI

+.w..w--- --

: .. .---., 11flJI\:! ," ... ''nt11 "

1115't j" pIu; I
I .

Confer OB Jax Housing Development Benefit Given Voters Hood I

For Milcolal WidowPLEASANTVULE LIJ A"e.t

Mrs. ShaH .
( 81'11/ President Lyndca Q. Johnson
widow Malcolm X-former
signed the voting rights bat"
Black NtasUro leader and he directed a specUfappealtoNegroes
founder of tile Afro-American lade
Deep Salt to
s' qV Unity organiiatioa assassl-
ate air new political weapon
Dated last Feb 31 at s rally
bekig placed In their binds
ta New York-was the object "
of a benefit program given by "Register President askmd.and vote. the BY. R.B. DONALDSON, District Manager

Negroes in die performing and whites and prominent meal doubt Last bat week that, then Negroes MM had no 81c..... end tar bate been tnsaltt of Mankind. from the beginning of time.Our .

arts beta responding to the prtsldent's \- armed forces are strong sad are there to protect as from attach Our doctors
Dtsdmts and living with her challenge. They were and hospitals here coat a loot way in their fight against disease All of us can
four small children aa spanment thronging to the polls laem- think of any ways la which people here bended together for their mutual protection -
on Long .'-.Mrs. toe.ulng number
Shabatt U fifth
txpccting s The la II.tradonWllpanlcu1arlyllOced-
child. upshot Negro", Another form of protection we hate Joined together to furnish ourselves is

The Concerned Mothers la the nine counties m Alabama social security, Each payday 9 out of 10 working people are minded that social
..BtnafUcommtaetsaid ailS Mississippi. ., and Ala security protects the by the tales their employer holds out of their pay or
last week that bop persons.mostly bona, where the first contingent they thssstlvos pay aa self-employed persons with their annual Federal tax re
Negroes,had contributed
of I.S.federal examiners turn.
SS.OOO toward the S40.000 handle die -
were sent ;o rejtsunions.
required to buy s home for Do you know what you art buying?

Mrs Shabau The counties were Dallas, Many people think social security Means only retirement payments Actually we

Professionals donated their Hale, Lowadea and Msrengoto mate :3 different typea of payaenta..disability, survivors, and old-a,..
somas la s Jass Itsttval on Alabamai Wore and 'Ib get disability checks.you havt to bt too disabled to work. You alao Must hate

I'fG1at.o.C.-u.!' Rep. Charles E. lUnaett. jacksoovlllt, second from right aa left outdoor citato stage of Mrs at thsstvaa-Dtsner Madison East Carroll.In MUsUslppl.East FeUelanaand and 9' years work out of 10 for which social security tales ban been paid Just before

is shown here congratulating Bishop second from the got disabled.
F.CRatchtr. left oa pins Polder former daaosr-wlfm Plaqoemlnes (parishes)la you
to establish a 19Z-unit housing center for senior citizens la Jacksonville, At of Sidney Poltkr. wheat star- Louisiana.LeFlore. If you die, your widow; can get benefits if she has In her care your children

left i's Rev.!chard L. Fullerton. of Orlando, and Washington, UC.aad at' right rkuj rolt laths sues and film U the home county under 18 or severely disabled children of any age. Stan if your widow; has ao

!.*. Stewart president of edward Waters Collect, Jacksonville. The bowleg Sun"version focused of "A Raisin ta tim Democratic. Sea Jamas CVEaitland. children under 18, she can get paid at $l.

'center la being npooaored Jointly by the African Methodist episcopal Qurcti, of rights struggle amndon, on thtelvQ tionlat who. aa last 1IdI-et week,.voted.,.- Let your fully know where you ke'i> the rtoords-.they will need to clala their ,

dutch Bishop Hatcher is the presiding Blriiop for the nth Episcopal District. against Jadgt ThurgoodMarsnairs social security, if yes should dlt. To' claim social security payamts. your

and Edward:: asters. coll tit. The Bishop la also coal nan of the bard of kianag aomlnation for U.S. fully will need birth certificates for the children, proof of your marriage,
Ment for Edward 'atera. Rev. Fullertoa la a housing specialist retained to develop Coeds Show Solicitor e e..r'". Marshall' and your social security card. J

planting for the center to bt located on Kings Road on tht colltgt campus was approved by the Senate Social security 014.age payments can bt Made now at 62 The amount of your'

at. cost of SI.5 million. Bishop Hatcher and Dr. Stewart conferred with CM ExceptienelAhIIHy Eastland Judiciary he ads commies, which check will be smaller than if you wait until you're 63. You Might profit by

CTMSFsn' Bennett |pore on the plans for the housing enter sod on other Matters. Dallas U the county where knowing Just dust it will bt.

the arrogant Sheriff James Address your questions to: "". florid star," social security Editor tOO
II StwKosVs.
Clark throw Negroes la jail West Ashley Street Jacksonville Florida.
Signos End Bowie By Lunching King Pleas when. they marched on the
counhoust la effort
I [ 1J.A:
Massive Anti-Poverty Prognm II'ISIH Two tnadt exceptional Petersburg tducstlonal coeds haw ister during Alabama Dr.MsrttaLutrrKing's voter registration Sorority Cites Council Tips Win Chicago

stride after tarolknmt lathe campaign recently.Flaqaemlnts
.U the politicalstronghold Weaver Motley Now Director Festival Awards
Hailed u the mastsnecas- Board of Estimate, as an ei- kMtraatianaUyorkatatedStockbrldgt of Loandor Peres.Louisiana's ,
ful of their conventions Slnrt ample of ..womenwlnnlngthe Of Hit-Ion school., toter- srchstgregttfonlst -
their Creek-ktur" gtapwustarted fight for equality.Afvr lake. Mass.Linda ATLANTA (XPQPaul ..
whowaseueomerawkad .. OlK AGO iNTI) All,'
on the campus of But- 26 years aa GrandTamlochvs Howard. U, to a relatively NEW YORKMean > (NPI Man- Anthony, S7-year-oU native of
NEW YORK Despite from the Roman Catholic LsVelle Zl ad Andrew
fNPQ tleklik
short time has developed borough preskkmConatanrt Virginia was named last werk
kr Cnlverslry ta Mlana. 900 (trcaswrcr
Adam .
Church several in. fee-
Congreismaa for Smith S3, were
years ago
s fktenry la French Baker Motley last week to succeed Leslie W. Dunbaras
delegate from coast-to-coast Hanie Rodord to tadianapolU.
Clayton PowelTa (D..No To) defying" chsrdfordored Integration lurid at soloists In the Seth
and received Phi Delta executive director of the
German.Adrkant a Kappa
attended the week kvL. retired and was succeed
dutifully order to "stay oat of liarkw" la Catholic parochial annul Chkagoland tulerulnl
long sessions presided over by ed by Mrs. riorenet Anthony Dr. Mania Lamer King Cooper tafkitncmd abode In. Now OrlltbI -. sorority cltttloa for outstanding Southern Regional Council a at ," -. PlartUeiwtrk
by the of s Euro- servlct alone with" Daft profit organisation of
rMfectcd Grand BaslkursMrs. of tier hometown. Other newly dUcloaed last risk that prospect .
Jr. afar taken
Annie W. Nevllk; s elected officers were 2nd he,has bastion of lacktdlng pass trip, recent)* was bcnuhgnmh.fK.grise Robert C. Heaver, administrator white and Negro Sadern.rs.Anthony honors, they
every to regtsisrtttwmiMAelr lop as m.a.1B!tentakvocalists
graduated from Stoekbrtdgt Horns Ing and Home finance s graduate of riteUniversity
Rocky Mount. to:. C school Grand Antl-BasUe Roberts the pewa-eoatrolyd newKp-won franchise In scmntegdtepneeard .
and win enroll>> at s freshmanthis of Miami has
prtnrlpal Special attention Napier of Chtcagot Grand .ta hU of forecasts the. agency.Mrs. die
Mnerary festival Doth
territory ImpeadlafChange art
Antl-Grammamis D. Opal fan to the eolkgt of MotM/i citation was worded with the council sere
was glwatedwuodergrmdu.te Ill nonhtracUka.Stating liberal srti. Howard Calve la the Deep SouthpoUtkal for as as- ISM In both research and d. Negroes. and Chicago resi
charters and bow could of EII1It.t..aI&b.
Stems Harvey that Harkffl will N structure soon Decsust caned dent,.
belt Increatt bs lOb. ." and EpUtokus LmclUt Step- rs try.Uoth. solar the NAACrLee.1 mlnUtratlon.SRCpublUhrs.
on Included la his tour later lids toy are registering ta largonumbers Miss I McKlmle. s dramaticsoprano
coeds InfWnood Defense and Education research
the aalo ti campus to attract herd of New York. Dr. 1 added "Huerm young norm la fchert .
King smiled the
year. areas voting at Anwrlcan -
And. and
new recruits. Reekcted to another term lat.itNgro by living with ... ports oa cIe. ,",1I1oft
U die nation's
oppotlUoaenddlscrlinlaeUoa Const rvaton of Music" under
dents of diverse cmkml. Went' was honored by me Negro voting and
religious surfortsslaw
The highlight of air weft were Grand Baslkms Mrs.Ncvllki and the them bad bean from
fhtttt very agalast s scholarship the
whlion of teachers and and human
and racial backgrounds. .rg local re-
public first Grand BasUcus
was their meedngwhra symbol of Negro degradation precinct the e"'ftIUI.1I Kaflkafcrt (lit) Klwanls r".
Both also artdaughters School administrators for hUeomrlbvtloni roam courrlU. The
Davy of Baton ,
Dr. Maohrw WUttehead.. A.CX Rouge .IIH" iliac limit win of
power chore Smith Ltilngton. KyHand
of Statseolkgt la the tells of U an InfWmlal
Virginia rallying
of of Columbia Grand Grammatxiu Cffk -
Deaa the District La. remarks followed .
Alqgt considerably.la s of Kentucky:
faculty members.Andrknne's human nlelstel.boradir- ground for Southern white lib
Teachers College ADra of Indianapolis kid.. ports mat he. had deckled totKktdt the alas counties atone laAt baa renewalhalal erals.stay. Slats e.lrge, U s high school,
Washington. D. C, warned and Aurora Editor UllkWUkks Harlem from hUN'onhera proms are first .
tfregkitrlngaa-- male teacher lit also siga
Mr. and...Ira."wa..C. ) .. rtauUln, Chicago,
them ta his address. to "...- of Berkeky, Calif. .
cite rights drive. der it '.ral.n. with the Chicago
...... Symrhony
aatleaal .
Sr. sssktam ref. preskknt r"
still values of thlrft and economic Fk-rldlans attending the begin ta Oirot weeks U. than ,... ... choir end
Chicago School"ka ears. and..principal more 1,144 "ec got *e award to heaver" during' U." t.Ttafa air RorkUlkrChapel
pra dirty lII.r peo- Dar wentjackionvllr .*. hit aamea oa she voting a"- choir at the university
At aatloaal sorority's convention ;.:=::: f1
." labia lnhUforcentlanddiu- Amnt Cmaainghmn Matoocsltksrtttrr
ps"" )Meanwhile to watdlscktedlast r rolls And la troubled AmtrtCM. of Ch"....
rok speech he told bU anrntive Mark L. Jackson week that Dr. King Uexpected school, respectively.Linda Ca.la.*e/first three days bdmtayQaenhowl
Owen Ross L.Sbannont who win begin her Arras lions ft. worth' ,
sudknce dale wort lent Dorothy K. to return toChkato, 1,00Negro.., were r.glareiwae .
out for them asaMfulcttlaeas Miami, Mafck DeOar. scene of s massive ,OOOcl.,- senior year at ItoetibrMfm dill that In the test 100ran. t.... lathers regional director .tltl.
and guardians of rite youn| .. Cmoice W. Uberrv.Vaktyt a rlghu march for s eonkreact tell Is the damglMr of Dr. and strand tics preil-
and "'n. Reteet C Howard ACM,conferred the cltailoa it Red white u blue
minds who are being oVvelorwdoa IItormu, AUeltne J. wits chip
the campus. Pbwotry AOrae Taylor Coconut art Mayor of the Daky.Ortemrs apla- .had biology .,........ and Mrs. Motley. fM hundreddelegates I
attended the ...
.rttwmary.dwaia Inetrvtor -
GroeiVeradiaSUvaSanfcrd. -
The sorer were officially los that mode raw civil rights Investment
welcomed to the city by ActIng Katharine B. HotlyiBradtmon faders tee aa orc onuniiy atw respectively.Ill etity 11-'
Mayor Paul Screvanr,who ..... Serwani la conoas slons from ms m ayor -
praised the Slgmas for their Tampa, C.,.". favors. WU- ta mm enovt' ..oust Chicaxt -
Mdodkatloa to eonalliy." lit ik Do Jonell Deytoaa BeachjTaDahasie Schools Supt.' Beajamta THrill Linn
also singled. CM for special *, Lamar D.Hol- C. Walt" The school beard
tmntion ont of their ofllrltU. lldayi Palatka. Cko S, Klggkna. has sxovad loser It seketloa CHICAGO l\n Ctrl
legal advisor Mrs.' Rmthv Lola B. Bmkst Lake of s .....UOI' forWUits Rowan, who resigned. rectmlyas
hky, Stcretary it air Wake, AIr...... links.Tncis retiring Dec lima Ht weak dlrectettf ftmUattHltate tWonmstlma

'- work as aatadertaciy.Dr. '.....,. Mown
, Jill llstirr King dU aot apathy soon for Afrke am writing SUPER MURK ,.
whether his vUtt ta Harkmiwould ..lament for Reter's Dt- ,
I QtJCAG-oM( I Tim "tvoktlar or oewlopnwnt of "Chkago- ht. rei. ad tt hto Norftert Sin, fcwatretiormwlktra.ua. .
Styk anM.. from nt days of King Otter. JeDy Rod Mettum. cIvU rtghts r t. Rep. was Is s former prtav watsing -
II Leak Armstrong and. other ..-..... Orekant ........r..., win km PewtD. Airing t cemtereact QUANTITY RI4HTI RI1IIVIOTHIU
reporter.at I
hound mask Is aa afternoon concert ta SoUkr f..... as waft. Ktag prior tt his' civil addkkn km bas .**.*.*
pert' *Does Boat Jass Festival ,.,. 19-1S. rvta.... toChkartbhjMlytoll s oskumkt for rmUUhtrsMwspepsr
The tvotekai concert wffl lull,.. ton countrv taws Slngtag of me ctvO rlgHts+ lad.r and Syndkaat and the
Jim WOUams Muddy. ",..r. OtU Sfana and (la Maite-.... is lie.... H.r... kt his else Ckkegt DeUy hose newssnpsr. SLICED U. S; *1
piano .,-. sad S .... sessloa of me oat Amstta Hk (scfceo 0 0 rigtaneet.ruelii. Hat smt> cts win range
bend tehjdbv mime saunaa Dud FrooaMm and trwnpatlst raOks, and ........ tacHtrchea freca ton war la Vile Xsm itto
JbutrrucPsnl.adVemtubadrdur.pianisttart: fetW Ktaes war .. mevartysragrani,
win g e.-IUJ.II' .*... ....,*. After aa hear-long sneotwtgwtt' win; travel ataut DM world atsmarcaj
Pretkkmt Jelmsea takaakaagtom. of Inf-annstlea for his BEEF LIVER POTATOES1O
Dr. ''II'''- 6rac.-...... ,ohm,
mild M .....in s series of
"..... .111 M hat. "tarreatta .
| segrmgarkar ta ikt..... r"a tin.li
Tie was wtatfimg mm s Mar
of four amrtberacities....lid 4
s>m PrvaUrmt had .....Mm* WASltNfOf (p1'1bre i0.354
w N SW t Mas Howae to trmsewkk early .....,. 10.....ra",
M ham s tfvfl rk ss com* S.. tsltotaal Smrkry for Cat-
hromem shf PretktemiwIllcsQtatefeU med sad ItacUICaaiy; ....
hoe fonktoertag ta .-.).omT -
"III km smgfestkas sad re* prmgrami as BMsas of
emmmnalinimi I w Q ahA "rgsag a be.. sbws.mimWisl .
I .. ," Off.V tag saK.I"tn .....el arc foetal taw PILLSBURY OR BALLARDBISCUITS HOOD
What ever became I raw tt stm tistrkmros amistidtM graded,- The 80 hew kmmasmmmllaf
we how saait taKtrtmrs 8mmJay atorsaiig..,-

of the gin that was hew eau) .emmuamaukks d. I .. ...sVaevt mgr .vtems.. aIIIdaDr.sttgsUcmyalchmrO....,... as
... ma *m tacreesm ta smsMr air ...reek ami trig pert BLEACH
.. -. .... .- .
ratter tUs) ta <. .. In ayW -
the talk of Londonin ...... mtrr dote udeasw.rniiitvwi .
-TVt ...' e." km ..... UBosmg
seer taammiSTkwl ...

1769 ? OapeiseoV. .... III IJOITTVM CAN 5 V BOTTLE QT. 5 *

became th* toast of lK* wwwU. Eac-
taiwl. America. The molls' Tk sismtis DMB' t tail tr .. ib Yam 7* aX

G......... AlctaaJerCordon's UIII! j mi 55.11 me nil HIM HUT I IIII UJf II Mill rill 11111u.
brilliant ktsiackiU. a LOW PRICES

.tb. icy
dry UonvaW in llthcmttanr on veils ). S. COO RIB STEAK ts i9$

Ijiglaiwl.after 196Fran fmsastchetl DRUG STOlE NEEDS EXTRA FANCY lEI KlICKHIS APPLES i li. ill 39{

Beovw Mt'Setiked TraM MU Tmar ..I"hrhwpig *..,.

( formals is still n txu norf lIlY puca ACW.II Tttt LOCAL rarasv COIHH MET IREABEI SHRIMP 11.i/a rn. **tat
- .. Deliver, slim fill all DMlors preocrtstiMS.Dixie .

really dna' +edrd fromtheeel.beatedotit- tj l n FOREMOST ICE CREAM nuns fur in. 4fn <

last that set London .

bmtiiag in 1769.+ had ,...; Pharmacy HUE PLATE MAYONNAISE 'in 43(

IN2 I lit I I'" II .,rUt ItitMUfh OSA6E PEACHESPKISIURY i IK cu 23<

t1s I-HlJ-H

FLOUR ." 4 s 11. III 4ft

_nil ienh.anww .a+----...,.-.. PIT nit usir fiiti wmu TUU..I
IT HI trite

:::' _
wN -
Ara j--WW -1 -- -
M w- ---- ----

'' t J' A


Fountain !axon Wife Get Master's New Bethel AME ., ""'" Retiree Receives Citation


Schedules Announces c.op ,.

Youth Day Musicale _

With program to be fee
tured during major service. : .n Hwr* f u."i_. .60,,,
Mr*. Irm a B ry any org ants y 5
Youth Dy will be held K and : Junior MM etiquette, w.
PJ. Williams,
Fountain Chapel AME Church t,5.ef4 of the Frank William president Chorus. ; grooming and iII,. ."<. ,

with Rev. Ervin Parker pastor announce presentation of a __-_ _
of Henry Gordon Chapel y nulcal scheduled for Sunday Q. Fm triMftrrieg to s maw neck muscles under your chin
AME Church as guesttpeaker night, Aug. 22 at 6t30 pnu school Ibis fan and I dost pull u you do both exercise
the service know true Mad of cloths .
during morning In the main auditorium w"lo"
Wtv. of thechurch Q. My eyebrow' are beghkadag
Rev. F. J. Jones. pastor an tber How cu I make a to together
grow ever mj
nounced. Renowned throughout the good ImprMdoa and be nn Idoe9 wee end gH scraggly eej the HONOIED-Mr c... NelaeMt-Dameli. (left) pre.ireden'
look -cWrenlll"?
Actlvltle will getunderwaywith city for its unique and pleas- lower edge. I wild to pluck pl ye..i Florida ACM University I preeenled Ine .r4-.
Sunday<: at 9i30 a.m. Ing Styling the program will A. Play It cool! Wear one of them, bet I ready Soat know versify' coveted "Moritoriews Adal..,,,,,.,.,' certificate
Mrs. Beatrice Williams will also feature solos by Williams your favorite and mOlt flattering by D,. George W. Gore Jr. president of Florida ASM
serve as guest wperlntendent William D. Cannon outfits from tad year the A. When those stray wisp University. Mr. Daniel, retired from she diversity last
first Skirts and bloutea
and guest Instructors will In- < Frank F. Donation, Jr., Mr. and day. penooality give you a permanent scowl or June 30. Trie award was presented to her aWIng *ieswmmer
a smiling
elide Mrs. Alfred Demon.Mr Olivia HarreU and Mr*.Rat always In atyl. MOlt -are a one-brow look. it* time to commencement exerdset .lout weak.
*. Vera Salder Alias Ber- Hampton jikcly remove them! Start by brushing
friends will dreu
nice Harris secretary and your new very both brow and from
Music lover are promised much the same u you! But why up away
Mr. mall Reid reviewer. your nose. Then pluck all hair
t real musical treat and are not wait until you have been Central's Holy Tabernacle
will over nose between the
The IncaxJei your
program advised to be sure to attend. there a few day before you
Processional Choir prayer ialson buy anything new? inner corner of your eye, and
Frank Dc Reporter
the brow all hair
Brother Alfred D. Jones, pulling taut Anniversary Church
Q. fm not ray eat I kw a below your natural brow line.
Pastor of the call to
DIY; double ckla. I fed like bi die Grasp each with
one your
worship Abraham Chandler Receives Bishop R.C. Jones announced
Bret Fete UnderwayCentral
tblof people ate they tweezers and pull It in the di-
solo Willie Griffin Invocation that there will be 8:00ajn.
Rev. ; look at _W1aIt CM I M to rection It grow Never pluck an
Elijah Watt*{ selection ETHIOPIA'S INTERPRETIVE get rid of ta Tm dttptnU the top of your brow, and dont Baptist Church will singing program Saturday
cholri scripture Elaine ARTIST..Ato dabre ChrUtos A. Exercise over-pluck the underside; pen observe 1t""'. 16th anniversary morning and the public I*
can help. Try
Bowden; decalogue, Lorraine FAMU DEOREE-Cooch Bobby long change nSefcmloon Desta, t young Ethiopian these: Do the lint one lying on cil-thin brow are out of style. and the 16th anniversary of Invited to join the membership -
Mundayt missionary offering ha been elected When Snub, dab a Kleenex In attendance
; painter to the floor. Lift head and you its pastor Sunday. August 22
the mortar el his smiling wife,Glodya.following In iunvmer
announcements; Carolyn receive 1 12.800 cash prize bring it a* else to your chest tissue pad (one tissue folded through "Wednesday August Bible School will open Sun-
consecreatlon commencement e erclte* at Florida Mill University over three time) In witch: hazel day's services at 10100
Campnells plus I gold medal and a diploma u you tan without lifting your a.m.
I hymn; solos Vera Saldert; latt week. Thelangirecelvedthomatterof education for his artistic contributions shoulders oil the floor. Repeat and apply It where you plucked. 25.Rev.. Charles J. Scrlven Is with Superintendent L. Raley '
welcome address Patricia degree from FAMU. He I I. a native of Jacksonville, while 20 tune You do the for and teacher dlrectlngclass-
and Incentives to the can aec-: mart tntttm < yoxr4ttl chairman of the anniversary
Lockett response Bertell hit wile culls Tampa her home. They both reside In young generation of Ethiopian and one sitting or atanduig. ifHIi_, ftljiullt committee. Deacon Angrous es. Morning worship win be
Williams. Tallahassee where he I is head coaisS and an Instructor palmers in their desire to whenever you have a moment. e.4 beauty, wire for tin frtt"Art Jackson I* co-chairman. preceded by devotions under >
a Also speaker; solo Vera In physical education at FAMU High and(hell employed contribute to the development Drop your head back a* far u "..jln, You Im The Brother Benton Griffith and the supervision of the Choir.

alder; Introduction to joiners in the leon County Public School System. of the pictorial art it will *o without arching your Kmou/f" Stint yew .*mi eel Mr*. (Catherine Herring are The pastor will bring the mes
back. Then Jut out chin .JJrtn rot .
Frank your feun.Be
Bishop JonesJr. member of the committee. sage.
., Mother Church Kingdomof and open and close your mouth. '''-''. KimktflyCUrkCorp Mr*. Elizabeth Banks 1* .Ira. Lillian Raley wlllprc-
20 time You'll feel .
Repeat Nee.eb Wiitonnn.Allen
Peace; offering, Doimle Named To Peace Corps Post ........,...................'.,....*...................... chairman of the Program side during the 9 p.m. YPU
Jackson and Jack James; remarks Committee.The meeting Choir rehearsal will

Slrnella Washington, anlversary program be held Tuesday at 6 p.m.
chairman, benediction Rev. WA31INOTON-Robert T. tinue to serve the peace sat able becausehe's the Chapel Completes Plans follow| Bible surly a p.m District

F. T. Jones. Freanan, 47, of the peace Corps as a special assistant only American business- Sunday at llsOO Rev. J. will meet Friday at 7 pm

During the 3:00 p.m. pro Corps has been named to to river. awn I know of who has For Sunday's Annual Observance Chapman, Associate Ministerof with the chairman and president
gram, Ernestine Thomas will Mt. Ararat Baptist Church B. Goldsmith,Confession
Freeman cane to the been selected for
one of the highest ever
preside Mary Ann Cross will positions will deliver the message.At wW begin 1 8 p.m.
give the welcome address. In U. So Bovern- Peace Corps from a career apositionofhigh trust, Rev. T.S. Johnson, pastor of Grant Memorial AME 1:00 p.m., the Program General Mother J.S. lleni-! .

Other program participantS sent management ever as a New Tort businessman in a West African gotermentin Church will keynote the 61st Anniversary address at Committee will present s lest church mother.General

will Include) held by a Negro. who founded rerent years." Allen Chapel AME Church elated to being Sundry Aug 22 special musical Chairman of the annual

Second Bethel Chorus, Peace Corps Directorfor th tee insurance companies and_ which. end Monday night. Aug. 30. Rev. J.W. Jone. Monday Night at 7:30 p.m.. Women's Day observance
Charles Hodge Galvester Svmmerville pastor announced: this week. the Deacons, Deaconesses scheduled for" Sunday Aug.29.
Washington Marie Regan Management. As associate In Africa and served for Various nightly .omemo- Missionary\ Society Matrons Mother Trine Levy and

Theodus Washington, Mr*. director. pree- nine years as insurance Baptist ChurchMiss ration services will be at 8:00 Districts 1. 2. X win have President of the Millenaries.Mr .

Gloria Tucker, Gerald Armstrong Ian will hold one of the director and trade negotiator o'clock with prominent connectional charge of devotions. Spring. *. 1. Ralev, committee

Geraldine Thomas. five key positions In in Accra. Ghana. Theresa Ann Llghtner clergymen and congregation bill Baptist Church Rev. T. chairmen
Charles Jones, Ernestine "a>b Freeman has been elected Director of heading the events. 1. Lee pastor and Central
Thomas, Walker Westland, the peace tarps) joins a Hostesses of Summervllk Sunday services will commence OLE. Church Rev. W. C. Youth Diy
Ernest Thomas, Carrie Law- In his new .alenllflrtt, distinguished list of Baptist Church' annual Wo- with Sunday School at9t30 Flanagan pastor. The choirsof

rence co chairman; Rev. Freensn will direct all Americans to bring his men's day observance .m. under the supervision the churches, and congregations
F. J. Jones, pastor of the personnel budget business know-how and The hostesses set of Superintendent WillieM. will have charge of Sundiy At

The' observance will climax finance foreign eipertise to The Misses Rhond. 5 riff In, Shlggs and teacher the service.
with a musicale at 'IOOPom. lansieent Peace Corp service Dorothy Brown, LaureneHayne At 3:00 p.m., Rev. T.S. Tuesday Night 1:30 p.m., New Mt. OliveRev.
with procurement travel ,
WUbur James serving a* Joan Daughtry. Barbara Johnson and the Grant Memorial Usher Boards 1 and 2, Districts
organist accompanist The printing and supply Ehrtver said. Harvey and Ruth ROM. congregation will be In 4, 8, 6, wlllhavccharge Nathaniel Federle will
public Is Invited.Apostolic. functions of the Peace "The peace Corps is Miss Llghtner to the charge of the program Rev. of the devotions. Sb Stephens be the speaker during. the annual -

Corps This office Is extremely] fortunate to ter of Mr. and Mrs. Allan FJ. Richardson will Issue Church with Rev. J. S. Johnson Youth Day observance

Church responsible for all Peace j have an expert In management Llghtner. thegranddaughtsrofMr the can to worship and Rev. pastor In charge of the Sunday at 3 p.m. at New MbOlive
Theresa Llghtner sad R.V. Webster win deliver the' service. Baptist Church Rev C.L. .
Of God hi Christ Corps expenditures, both who is also intimately to member of Sb Paul AME Invocation Wednesday 730 pm.. Telfalr pastor, announced.
In the Washington office ] acquainted with Church where she ..neawllb Rev. A.R. Richardson will Choirs 1 and 2, Districts, Wilma- Cerbin will Intro

Rev. Q.D. Davis will peak and in the 40 countries all of Africa He is reSchedules- Junlon U.herBoard and Choir. Introduce muter of ceremon Rev T.8. Johnson I, 9. win supervise' devotion*. duce the speaker and the mistress

Sunday during a 3 p.m. program around the world where Is.. Rev. F.D. Richardson; Bethel Baptist Church,Re v.R. of ceremonies will be

In behalf of Men** Day the peace corps Is operating. Macedonia Wonen's Day scripture, Dean J.B. Epper Baptist. Rev. CD. Davis and H. Uson pastor First Baptist given by Evelyn MUler. Carol
at the Apostolic Church of son; decalogue and missionary \ First Samuel Baptist. Rev Church Rev.CoB. Dailey Irving will re.pcJnd..1d1 the
God In Christ 2032 Benedict .' Mrs. Susie Mcflrsw. will The' event will climax offering. Rev. A.R. King Samuel Getson; Wednesday; pastor and choirs will direct welcome address and the occasion

Road. Bishop Cooper announced. Assisting Freeman will be the morning service programming of the selection Grant Memorial Bethlehem Baptist Rev. A. the service.At will be offered by

be Chester Lane, currently church's and pastor's Choir welcome. Mrs. Louise Anderson; Tuesday j Emanuel the chose of the service Monen "UDer.Cenlral .
and Alice
The Meets Day program serving as di speaker Mrs nni Chappel; ...pen.. Fells N. Baptist. Rev. S.L. Badger, s banquet will be held. Baptist Church's
will be held on the fourth Burroughs will be guest versary White. Fountain Chapel AME, Rev. Youth Choir win serve end
Sunday of September. rectorof the Peace Corps" soloist It was announced Officers selected during Also Consecration Huns; F.W. Jones Friendly Baptist other selections) will be .fornlshed -

Bishop Cooper will slant contracts divisionwho after the women of Macedonia the recent meetingare Rev. N. McCrayi Introduction Rev. BJi. Hanky Fri SuMwenrilleSets by other youth orjanl
his Sunday sermon toward has been eased deputy Baptist Churchto : of speaker Rev. Charles E. day Mr. Tabor Baptist Rev. tailor*. Joyce Eddy will deliver
the young people using a* his associate director for Toeton; speaker Rev. T.S. H.T. Overstreet. New Bethel the Invocation.The .
outline final plans Mrs. Allle Lee Jordan Annual
theme, "God In Creation" Johnson; Invitation. Rev. J.S. AME, Rev. E. Jon... SbPeter's remaining portions of
GenesU-Chap. 1. snageaent.Freeaan for tbs Sunday Aug. 29 chairman; Mrs. Rama Mel Johnson; oferlng. Grant officers AME. Rev. Richard the program will foUowiResponse

Youth and adult are Invited succeeds Max annual Woe en' s Day observance. ton end Mr.. Johnnie M\* ; onservatlons, Edward Wallace Sunday night.Sb Pal to welcome. Bernard .
to attend the *e price. Medley, who will con- Simpson co-chairmen Bradfoed chairman Mr. MIE. Rev. A.C. Coe ter. Wenei's Diy Mofcfeyi reading Deter
Fannie Williams remarks Galilee Baptist. Rev. J.W. ty Wrlftwj ..1enJGa'e.

Rev.J.W.Jems,pa*tor,doxology Carter Annual Wands win Henna Specials; selection,
end benediction Rev T.S. Day choir .,..,..... Betty Jones
be celebrated Sunday at SwnnervUfc -
J lJaaoq, St. Gshrlil's ""_1011I. Mrs..Clla Stot -
Church begtanlM
Baptist' .
Evening worship begins II with School atteat closing, remarks end
*30 o'clock with Rev. A.Z. Sunday benediction Rev. C U Tel-
ItSO with Mrs. ladle
Russ and members of Mb tai

FROM NOW ON FRESH MILK IS NOT THE BEST MILK FOR COOKING. Cove ilea, In MIE cllarp.CALn'DAR CHsKh, Green. Episcepaih wrm Feud Goat. as speakers supertneendent...IDbeNra. :CM. Anlitruri

& A. Claspes, t.lra. he*Cvesj -
OF SERVICES M appreclalk attendance end Mrs. Bessie E. Mason The Christian Cuntnuttj
of pests and. prospective Ftev. Mr. C,. U Byd will Club wU etoerve Its ftc"* amatversarv -
Why? Because Clrna'iN l Evaporated Monday Nights New Hop member attended services be Pester el he Day.Mrs. Bead ay atkXpwox.to .
AME Church Rev. Z.U Ty- the lover malt of Pal
last IIchaimI.
Milk his been improved.It's vetvttized.What1 velvttiztd mean? It',that little something extra that change every n*| 'Tuesday, Community Sunday Church at Sb GabrseraEpiscopal which to .L and. Mrs.Deefhtry Ita' BBS AWE aaSpuIIer .

thing. New improved velvetlied Carnation performs miracles with everyday meals, makes IY'fJ\hlj.be"\ than presently holding reftUrSva- to ce cbatnnan. .. for the or*at ton
in be Mrs. All Thorpe.Other
Usher leeerdAaaoaaces day services bossed oa tonewly The public Is tavtssd.
fresh milk ever could. Makes meat loaf/Juicier, never crumbly. Makes soups creamier, sauces smoother, Und I al aotiilred property ..- take la city *m panklPa' *

twice a* nutritious a* fresh milk New Improved velvet bed Carnation It the modem economical better cooking Fete eased o.5:2/ MaecrUf ftoed.
Rev. (Fro T. Vtocea. Harris I
milk. Try the recipe for Moat Loaf Continental and I" how much better meat loaf can be when it'a made with new pastor, announced.Service .
In aoMuncInf a very. short held
are being to
improved velvetlzed Carnation. but timely prog ram which they .k
temporary' ojianar pending
their listener will be
assure *
eeastnactioa el the new St.Gabrkrs. 4t
toe resting. Usher: Dead 1 el
Father Harris co -
New Bethel AME Church win
celebrate Its 47th dated t
Dertng to s cnmerJTCn hc.
Monday. Aw. 39 si ttOO plan
casual consenatlve Ores to
7k' la the church aedltortanvG.W. .
being enhortsed for the services
Bratan Is it* preeidal
which stet at Mao sea
"I end Rev. CUsha Jones Is
'I' -_- __ the pastor very Sunday

-- --
,, ,
vrtvrnrro. '
s ( wa'r' ItI ryse f

.#,4-., (p r. l t T' ij Sea 1ctd Center

-., ,' I/I't #/ ,. .;.

I. ,M.... .. rl1"4 41' F" (, .. #


1 lUNGfiSH STIAKS .. .li 4f
SHAmft .s ,11. tie
j RID lASS. .. ... ,U. !"

CATTISH . .. .. ... .u. Stc
SMCKUD TtOUT .. . .. .. .U. S"
_h wwme geaNesl.v MEO. MULLET .. .. .. I .. U. 101

LAtGf MUUCT .. .. .. ... U. 1te
mAlt FISH . .. .LB tie
SHAD 101 Piwak b deem ,..... h. Oe
SPANISH J4ACKIEU. If__ i. 1....t
I DRUM "Ye. Ce1 .... IX' o.a.e Stla U. 1te


You To Listen To-

HUT LOAF CONTINENTAL s 0fIIb11l' '1.41'1111. Wllllilltl,. Psek.l 1 .... pee ceOe ... S1.25 ....
1 Vi pound ground beef Mac IN IHiSVifZtt feck bat 10 dee .see ...... >l.ilj...
Ire...we.ali e.1-.e Y w.coat Ar r..e. IF8 IAN
V4 cup tine crecker meal pan.M in moderate sees(J757 J

I egg bout SO Rimutts. 1st Hand M Ice thhere JMiU SiBl glYtTTatsT TOAttmstLAM.illfmiVfcel .
Vi cup chopped onion s wire rack about 10 sautes be- JltHCIIfJ vufajTTtvcxWtAMO

1\ teaspoon teaspoon garlic Nit sell lots nmosieg t* serving "IU.ri 'pc-._... OTSTttS. I DM. N .M fj.10 "DANCE PARTY"M.

1 tablespoon prepared mustard anti n. tic TUITil MtAT "np. ,LB SIMLB.
U cup (erneH ten) undMvd n tltNlTllll 1111M5 MAINE rtCIIM LOS SI.4S
CARNATION CVAPONATtO MILK ... .. 11:21: 112MSltrilJ
L.......lWI.MltS MUyi MEAT ".' nave a. : a-
... t he..a Je.a.. care

UVl C1AM .haw DOUR S'.DO I ,.. U uHe.L


MED. SHRIMP 69e 1400 WtftC 1400r




i..J7":1' AIIIfJ'( '''.W'III j(1!( I\: ...uI
T ".. .......

I ,
I I t ..... 'i


Delta Confab Bennett Mayor Blasts Court Decision AidsGirl's n Nuns:1-1 Attend : Summer Institute

Spirits Rob Files Bill Bit of Group t Summer Study

Of Wetwn II Deiver
Ooapl) etea School laqrtrs appealed a decision

DENVER n by the U.S. Dla-
LOS ANGELES-(NPf) The To AssistTeachers ( ADOOSTA. Oa -An Augusta
White CUlsens Council s trlct Court for the
role of women In civil rights high school girl 'Uol-
bigoted rectal
map Southern District of
and the war
against poverty tension,, invaded_MfIIHlibCity. pleted a auaaer study
program occupied the men- Georgia vhlch refused to
doa of upwards to 3,500wo- sat up orjanlrlr shop of Algebra thank to
st Colorado Grange Hall and "'' grant a prellnlnary Injunction -
men lilt week during the 26th a battery ,
welcomed some 100 i a\ the
new members to prevent
biennial convention of Deb bll! o f !NAACP
fAaiDIGTCr'.D.C. Into tha fold. "I
school boardfroa closing
Sigma Theta sorority ,
The of
to provide pattern gathering .
Prominent women leader .I the courses la whit w A
for\ teachers was Indicated by one woman ....'
from 280 communities attend
schools to the girl
who stood be
arriving early &
ed the five-day sessions of displaced by th* ,\;
side s picket line of Denver al Miss Weston had enrolled -
the Interracial womea"pub1Jc school Integration process Friends of the Student NonViolent tDdl in auaaar algebra AlL
service organisation. Sorer la ,
and to provide forafstio.al \ Coordinating Committee
Patricia tall Negro Lucy
Roberts "newrf of and a coo ram -
confirmed U.S. ambassadorto Teacher Cbrpsto Racial Equality Congress eral C Laney High School la '
(CORE) and cou -
headed the attract and train able -
Luxembourg, rater
NAACP and shouted derogatory Pals ..- Augusta, but the courses
of ,
nationally prominent teachers for the _
terms Wee from the
"hello were dropped
speaker.C children ID the nation'ssort whist for .lio jast' coap Je tad
+ers were Congrest-; deprived urban and George Wallace the ten tenth: grade of a private curriculua there when A dJINTKT of nuns attending the Florida MM University Sinner. Institute in Msthaaatics -
woman Edith Green of Oregon, greatest ., she turned out to be the Personnel In of Run shin* Manor
rural schools baa been man la the world." and school Augusta for Klosentary School pauses front
ea honorary. executive Dehai, WUey It.Braman. Introduced by o.S. Rep.Charles "algger lovers." u. dissatisfied with only enrol lee. When she residence of Dr. GtIOr.. I. Gore Jr. president of the Tallahassee institution.

Council ecrttary.President's on Equ.l0pp0r1W Lymaa E. Strata s guardat her previous algebra sought to transfer tosessions Pictured left to tight are Sister M. Janet, St. KlUabeth's school Denver
K. of
ry and Theodore M. Bennett Gates Rubber company and trades, and wanted to in a ..bU.fcboot.oUlch" Colo.Sister M. Bainett, St. Juliana School, Chicago, 111.] ; Sister M. Anlcetus.Catholic .
Jadt anvil h.
Berry, director Ccnununlr/ temporary chairman presided I' told Central Grade SchoolCale&nia Minn ; and Sister M. Thesis A. Kmpls.PluD. .
st the session repeat the courses ,
Bennett said that his opening
Economic Action Program Opportunity Office, Dr.of bill would help to trala WIWam. K. Sharer San hopes of doing batter. her hire she a private would have tutor to ., College of St. Teresa, wlnona. Minn. (FAMJ Staff photo by Ernest Fillyau)
Diego editor
Geraldine P. Woods Los An- and place pro-eegree- The Fifth Circuit Court
do 1ar. CaliforniaStateama. because the county desegregation
gales Is national president. ,. "I 1.000 ei- gave the keynote address.Shearer' of Appeal ordered the plan did not Official

Highlight were of the the oeuk opening-dro-session ; | perl speed speech pointed up Richaond County school apply to surer sessions LBJ Names Negro
tea ch era the decayed philosophy of the Board to allow the girl -
matk production. a trbl.to or to the eleventh grade
Council the Ka Kaa Klan and
Dr. UUarn Grant SHU on his I eho are exIjected ins far-ttfhtlstJohnBlrchSo- to "enroll in such The school systna desegregated U91INGTON-Pre.1 becoae the fourth Negro ed Aabassadorlal rankin

lot birthday and "Eagle In to ctery. when ha. said "The coarsen la Algebra I and grades four Lyndon B. Johnson announced to gain Aabaasa&rial the history of the
the Aira fusion of dance, lose tJle1rloba.d Algebra II ns art now the rank in the State Depi _
Negro revolution la on oranramlsnyad five, alx and twelve during recently, United Statt five were
and the
poetry nook telling [ 1 violence which being offered to white the school noalnatlon of Dr. Hugh" .taent since President noied since I860.
of the Negro from slavery put
to the present. I 5,000 colBaonrr threaten Iha safety! of the atadenta year. M. Ray the. 91, of New Lyndon B. Johnson aa- Dr. *ayth received
elites and tile BattenMembers .
A dramatic event' was the : 1 tie graduate of the mass media The Lagal Dtfenae Fund Tort City aa Aabsssa- 'liudoftiet. Clinton his ph.D degree fro.

arrival of a dusty bus-completing teacher-latornn who were barred from the meeting. MvsiciiR Jax Native Bur to Syria, 1")1." Aabaaaattir to Dahoaigr Northwestern University,

the first half of a need farther tralntac Pb11..Ulr.1C104N radio was Top Dr. Say the ia deputy Mr*. Patricia R. his Neaters degree floe

eross-coantry, Miss..-loaded trip from youth Jackson to sect the quI Ifl c.- track on me arm and shoulder chat man of the graduate Harris, Aabasaadar to Atlanta University after
tloas for school teacher u .he was pat oat of the balk How Stidyiig At Flo. AIM
participating la the organisation's Art Peterson. Karl was hit dlvlalon of the Depart Luitnberi and Franklin having done his undergraduate -

annualTeen Lift." on the bach of the ear and S*aaBroa Bent of Sociology at illlaaa, U.S. Representative work at Virginia
altursfyd.prtved rap of This progrm "ill) help KBTR radio. war A psrcvsilonlst. who was to was l'CIUa"c" enjoyed It Brooklyn college and baa to the United State foliage His

from high eat tbe need for the grabbed by two men and thrown graduated from New Stamen Inlaid and I would like to be bener long been active In foreign Nationa Rdueational wife, Dr. Mabel Buy the,
school students rural hlh" School. Jacksonville prepared when I teach again."
areas In the Deep South are national acpply of be- out Women were no exaptiaaDana and earned his bachelor's At FA).*J, Henderson Is affairs M' tau Scientific and Cultural Is principal of tn* Lincoln -

selected as"Delta TeeaUftr llnnlai teachers whlchtb Login, star reporter, degree wltharmslc working for certification In senior adviser on eoo- Organiiation war appointed School &In New Tort
I ..** They are taken cross National Education Deaver Post was bodily cabs major from Allan University. secondary education His plan male and social affairs by president City and collaborated

country to visit educational Association said fell ushered oat Columbia, S.C., laitn are to get a teaching position to the patted States John son. with hla on the study of

sad canural Institution business 111.000 abort of the Heavy criticism of die council Handersonrcemr/ave of and and continue his imdy In ...- Mission to the United Earlier the late President Nigerian leader which
and worklrsi
manufacturing tlamoar
panies and other points of Interest 243,000 needed la ICI t. waa tavw Carrlgao..4bytlgoTan salt "l up recording with big, name band nine Eventually and extension he would Ifretogooa classes. Nations It/ l>l2, and John f. Kennedy ... published in 1180

to expose them to new abet 1M4.Bennett Carrlgas strongly believe this la aa Insidious and entertainment world personalities to the Eastman School of can a saber of the U.S. appointed Mercer. Cook u under tile title 'TheNigerian

careers available to Negro bill aill also movement that Iss to return to school Mule, Rochester N.T., or delegation to the itthOeneral Aabaaaador and the latter nita"

Jell tb" assist teachers dl aced disgrace to ear city and a Before matrtevlatlni for ).aW.rd.. New York City for Asseably of the la now ropreaentlng the ItMrig1t
The social action third trimester studies at
la addition to Berry's program add,.... by the process of school personal affront to every to doe Florida AfcMCnlverslty.Hea-: advanced Henderson. study.Isn't finding Ueiectly United Nation. United States in fUnegal Pup h.dM .) yew ... 1M

presented discos: .. on Uteiratloa by alloviag Beat oommaaity.1bIIMJor thinking. person our demon had worked from coast s bed of rosei-belnt Upon Senate eon II r' and Oaabis of the ten

"Decisive Action Freedom then to aeqalra tie added thai he was to cwt aad ta South America back la Khool.-but he ls findln nation, Dr. Myth will Negroes rfio have achlev J.S. SAVINGS BONDS
from Po..rty.**chaired by Dr. ekllla that aeceeaary "dlsairbed that even Gal person to s guttering may of alcht- | k sttmulatlnt
Jeanne Noble.ew Tort university. cUt end BwpperchibaniaNnents. -
to peralt then toperfbnt from tfi* Deaver area ate .
Bramoa was prt.cbpal He cams toTaUahsfrom -
tended the of such aaarganlsattoo.
new and challenging job. meeting
speaker at th civil rights .** see New York Clry
luncheon chaired .by Mrs.Frankk "orl cia education official where .he sent three monthswbh

M. Freeman member a predict that White Kmnin tfM Lionel Hampton age
of the UJ. Civil Rtebts teachers laFlorida fref alien wkkk now bxktdes
Committee and Delta's first 1,000 Macro armed ChkagoDtfeHe see lent Flortd MMwmik 111
via president.Jtil 'ell] lose their denuJermy I..- '

Double' Jobs because of their r Editor Jones tat, .Cattlns.. saxophonist tnampeier.hi .sad

failure to score a kit OUCAO)-(WI-4 whit Hew Terk ,....,..

Anpitet Fir noegh grade oa the National newspaper veteran la at alec waited van f>ss etfanIsta RISIRVID

MID Teachers fieal- th* kali of the Negro- Richard Holmes and Dutch QUANTITY RIGHTS

Sheotiff nation." Beoaett said caned Chicago Dally De- CerwO aad wlA Sonny Roll- SPECIALS GOOD THRU SATURDAY

Although no swtlte kaa w 7 leglslstloa elH fat der. Ins, SMopheaJsuCrantCreea.
sad SadOi Hakim
been reported costersIs kelp these teachers I.- Card Callle, a MannerofUC4lcaao fwltarlsti punlsr. Ha spent twe and onekatf

| Ue. incident tllllt) prove their education Daily peas w.eks la Dweaos Aires.Artesrjna .
Davis writs, l0. a double aad than. kelp tkaa get eta:? for sore ttaa 20 win the RkhardHeimes JEWELSHORTENING

estate Is betMH better teecktng Job." years, nan bee appolatd Trla.

la Jail peadlag investigation Mutt a .,-.r lew aaaaglag editor *fta Back M ec--.... .Hendenoaplea
I* compkm work for s
Cato tbe fatal Defender. John |
asker has been an active niaswif'l degree .HtadMcatioaand
ehootiac of Oeorie Mo1nl0.ef Sasgitat. dltorpabllafterof -
supporter for *sm' awtrvmtaial mask, winampkasis
11U He this tie aad teackUi .ease th negro dally. ea psrcvsilen be-

.,a4. ree In his yearn In aald last ..*.. test he rewires ws tf. prelesaloaal -

Boolclde Oet *gt>. ff.C tfcenoeae. sad baa spoa- Calll appolataaat.Seagstsck peak. wee Id.As .

Barber end P.A. Onber Bored bills to S..u II". II in ea fie a prefeaaleaal.bspljred west Ct from las 490
.. ltt Uepaper1 eipanalon FAB
said Morris .olhM the education of tk* ae- Fraaelae popular Jan supper

at .t ktoaertef nil,. tloa's children. I' bee af 'Its eaera* cbjb, TT e wefkshop. teLa 3 US
.as atttlai la a .'wkee bee leader In introducing *.. along ....,.** AA| k)., where ka reeeHe4 .
a ?,. .." I' added: win CO raiser eomposer 49CW$5
cbalr when the skooUat legislation call dill
.t* are task lag ahead sad wetted la shows
took place.laveeUiator. said they tat for on liege.. scholar-: in dlrettoa already<< win ..ckj easrnaanmeat aotabktt HI. .OR MORE FOOD ORDER
far as Kanrr
.U, aad lease
foal orris at usa, lakla well established aad we .
atadeata led for ". '. CeraU Wtlsesr BlfBead. W/S5.00 ORDER
wheel ctalr-fteB<< tkey aortky ktakereducation believe Ue addltloa of Oasis ........ Frederick
arrived and foals caliber auto to assist Calll to oar staff will MID. andLawBUddarft.n .
ball dial proiraaa ne Law Atjele. area.Hendersaa 1(1( MIIIC CAlintllAPEACHES
.. revolver I MaNta greatly step *p th* mi runMAYONNAISE
rec.eW' aa kerMPsetfle.
bla la the char seat. >*-" ., CapMal and Adaatle IT. 49C
Calll. II. tag a reporter
label aai phi M*..L..%...
r----------ten I Mi Rlthtsh aid reerlteaaa ..... tw nrMSBe cvCa X.
I far tk* all dean forces efper ckJb", tk Cloisters*.
Set* of Cklcsgaad 'er tk* *.. yiamalaisnce, Le. Nee II.c. MIMIEIM III lUll

SHE win ,.... Daily
tenor ca
JaOt' Di. t1ea.CpllTle her 39C
lies with UenelHsOTpeea J u:
stayed lICE .
Tines before Jetslane
I lev. isleee ftoyd.ooatnversial kt Uke Take ...

Ski l.plriH I Bplteoael, Daily peas.StM. Us w.... Afcsnuj. ks wkk alto ir 4 $1,

A priest aadsleyerlgat. Situ k* to eentree a* spertwetiea mini wine lUlU 12 II uis
artist katkidej *ew Free*
It All IM IsIs eke Ian been labeledcksslela 5 Ot/0 SUCH
tte'. rerereed with Freddd CORN CANS
of Ue civil
<< Geegiie. nnrMActrti HID and Lea BUtkker anlTwoKet
In M slits eeveaeat" ke* tanks.** ban. Aflendei

ben n tear of tkre Nile **Crse' mereed wan c;.. Aewaea
I" titbits eetkern states ms89c PREMIUM CHUCKROAST
AA ,-.-...i .t..... .ad ftkcksN H.Ynesor PEAS 4

.vied* ooatlaataf ..- ww,,-,dike and "BUchnl
134 C. IIM1 SI .... a.u..w
p e Bks.rscereed ...* Les
l -- .u.-r rd/ .f action, orreatly asaeertag
: *.*esl* CapMll.tiaYen..eye IUIE UTMEAL 5
in CblMMaFItarea *- WI_kilenis
.ftMstUa Ua*," reran xt-eel et FlerK H GRITS Cis.

OU Photographs bar been sliced far a.eiscwrtaat Mid. far-ertirv .. hrAteansd -

nle la 1e t* s setaUeraUeetwMiby
Sttrtiig TodifKisl Frwfeealssals." eaten sale yea*. &M&-41. eau ka urn tun
pent water s..nc * tamed heals will direct JRLY 3 VI, 51 1.00 45

60 frsklo MI.-* "I sages el BkatstCtTneaa -.., III
,la/ for Obtaabla ..*- :..,." k* sad .u.
.,.. .. ...
,.I- 1radar sews D.
I'M rN R+in 1+1IaIK tit.

IM2 CM fe


torn* Fircm X T.tJ1 t 59C
See* Tans feet DoeIer Ii STEAK n.

WIa JMS Year Dieter freecrtW \

t.t fCBMrtead ptaraaclat

Royal Art Studio AMardUfl ta year fXtefOraVr s O.S. HO. 1
*. .* CM Oeif 1%e feet C. L ILd'8MJU

press ,....f1 cc., 590



a.-.t.,......., ..4e4Ii...a.4I1"CAU.
rot tnLilly's r&J.... _

ELGIN 41IMCLOSED Drug Store Ill 2 25C 10 1 39$::

All DAY TUESDAYS IH7 UKJ Mil n.lml lNifW

* -- -- -- ---- --- .. "' .... ...


t'IRE "-


____ -

;;; _

I wTi' I t r :' 4 / _

..r ,F
-- -------

Miami Beach ShortsMIAMI Negro Wants Mutual Company Holds Open House Vets1 ChildreN

To Run For"Yo1aNteers" May Secire
BEACHConcerts of popular music,

long a feature of Miami Beach's summer season Govt. Polktes

will be given In winter for the first
time in 1966. A series of nine programs is KNOXVILLE --=Sta.tiD ,; Should some unexpected

planned, starting In January and ending in that he has had offer tragedy still befall s veteran he
can be sure that Us son
April. fro. Minnesota. good
m will have start towards
Texas Southern Southern r higher education and for

MIAMI BEACH.A A number of miami beach (Baton?Rouge, .ta. ) and as link u IS cents a week.B. .
hotels for years have given sightseeing GraablInc. Ne'iro track J. Cannon Officer In

tcurs to guests. But now one hotel will include tar Willie Dawson of Charge. VAO, Jacksonville,

its own behind. the-scenes activitiesas Memphis expressed a desire said Gannon today.was referring tote

a tour with demonstrations, by the chefs- this week to enrollat opportunity certain disabled

on how to prepare pastries, hor d'ouvresand Tennessee. veterans now have purchase
other goodies to interested housewives When questioned about GI life Insurance at extremely -
low rates if they have less
the track stets desireto
than 10.000 of their original
run for Coach Chuck t Insurance In effect.A .

Rhoe wIlo Is presentlyat 4 t $2,000 modified life cl

camp Athletic Director ,, o policy can be obtained by elf
1 Bob Woodruff saldbe jlblle disabled veterans for

would discuss the latter 'a* little as 13.00 s mane la
a state university $2.000 will
with Shoe when he returnedto i..4 -_. I- _....- .......-. pay practically all tuition expenses

1p>r the campus. OPEN HOUSE-Tii e No rtb Carol In a Mutual Life Insurance ...... Alas H. fade, the Durhaa-based insurance coai- for four years.A .
University President Andrew Durban N.C. Its 39th Branch of 1.000 modified life policy
Company opened : panr's Director of Advertising and Public Relations -
Holt stated theun1- flee last weekend upon which occasion it dedicatedIts and Mr. EndiII whose client the coca which would gle' s youngster
M rules a food stan toward s college
b..no barring -
verslty second office in WashingtonD.C left photo, Cola CbBpany, Atlanta. 0.. furnished refreshment degree can be obtained for as
"- recruiting of Negroes following ribbon CIIttiD'c.r D1. Asa T. Spalding center for the open house. A.L. Holland veteran link as u.'IS s month or 44
UtI and that the final North Carolina Mutual president Is cents s week.
center North Carolina Mutual staffer, heads the new branch
tyN ---",, ---, decision of accepting or greeted by Berkeley 0. Burr ell, left president of office, located in the Northeast section of the Gannon pointed out that
.j( rejecting Dawson wouldbe the National Business League, and Moss H. Kendrli many disabled veterans eligible
District Carolina
the SHORTY-$35. : of Colombia. The giant North Mutual for the reponed CI Insurance -
MEDALO STYLE #81$ up to woodruff public relations fin head, both of Washington. In operating in eleven states and the District may haw decided: that .

# war a.eF1I...' III..k.I.d.C.t.l.a.1IM.M. Nand FAMU's Top Grad right photoColonel B. Doyle Mitchell: left president of Columbia la nearing the completion of Its new full $10.000 policy is beyond
.-'Nand. wean M-.er.ea.I. of the industrial Bank of Washington add head ..ultl-sflllon dollar headquarters building, which their me ant, not realizing mat
",:'' d.. l u5t U" wrlto.C.IH.o.1 r 1W. of the National Bankers Association, chats with will be dedicated In Duma early next year. s leaser amount may be pur
Hal frW. I. chased.
CHOWS.tll.II,from HooJthr MM MAIN Nornul ROOT mud D." tt I, tk\r\ n, ...Y. A veteran preferring s :20-

la your YOU***,"SCALP.'!... .Th*.....tondlUM...* k..TUyon N COMB Teens' Choice Commissioner Williams Turns Down "Miss Jake Ciitkir" payment life plan to the modified
.. Mtunl ....ltll .( >vutIp. obtain
... Yara if* DOCTOR CAK- AWAY TEENS .,.".... *>. IM.Ioft( plan can 1.000
MOT Invwitotf wn.dle too: tap In for $2.84 a month
........... t wildly enwiwtoMtU o- coverage
Mil' CAKBONOXlt pro Automobile Insurance Rates Increase
which It Inlaid with nunr .r... GRAY beet the recording tvlu,.of or $2.000 for hiss than L35
.n bfiwfkUl\ InfrodlonU. CAM j a week.
I.ONOILanUstpU.' to sue h tr one..w*r. WITH Janet Pkelp. fermermem.b TAILAIIASSEreClalstate
Treasurer-Inarana Gamin said that the
lul end otoM (urh tint THIS ol The Soul l SNrrere panda examples
work: In kit ITCHY COM 1 saloner Broward willies tul'D.dcbn a reguest given above werebased
BUKPY KIIMy ta I9LORUMI Mend .l the .... UmC
.mild pMSCmai DOCTOR rt it*r sec It A1gh11 pun, rlTALLAHASSEE oie. 'h.I,.,w".d]y he- by 43 sratual Insurance companies for a 21.I percent pon age 43, the average -
of of
N.l*. tnubtot.. M.r.r Minor In* I Any offered .. Mt kne' In atVMn statewide Increase la automobile liability Insurance age today veterans
...... ..... .
ti.M ..u r.,iroitlr d MlltwoVkr.1. .Ml.W IIISMxiuoet A Rece.4ng AriUt Per rates. .....o.....u.................. World War II and the Korean
aIertdniL Conflict. The cost would be
ol thli Writ.Trlolo her ihto itrofiitn Dotro*'g A O.y" cenl..1 .by S,ortineP ffllliaas said the requested b* charged only about 50 leu for men and
OCKVINB ICALP VOKMULA .... ... will be ho.oaIl" younger
.... Increase would percent of the Increases for older
I. will M sent ta Yw .1n slightly more veterans.
+ .od *n4 nut to tuo. USB IT )VM ... on< Wait 'o oM colot A... 0. I In eprly Seetember.
P01 t DAYS .... If ... srd eNMW l "io. WO.IMI ouC Will MI rib all.olorlnc. Te.erelnvMod did have been unfair lAd excessively Indicated those areas.The .
'.... ... -, .., JlOT DYEaaal.s..M.h..t wq r For hither Information,
U.I 1. ..u".,.r.i larurst. a.- t. add '.nor vNaa1I AVOIDS Tlm.wy write M Pest Once atoJO. discrimina turndown was the
....."I..ln'Yo Chlago. HI. M"0, tory.The. fourth la a row for the { s write phone or visit the VA

ron." list rOKMVLArwirMM COIMO. Pr.y.nl.In PI*.::Illni.. COM rubolncfit. CM/ gnaWed pf the kepelol ..101"' ", why they well filing was made fa Insurance CDmsilsslooer, apse.Jaw

.CATIA Ml ? .SCALP... huf.. Yo..,..... holr ... .c._'._1.In. oil lit ._....b.t., or aUok,...U. kit cfmt'! at perms., A&M lie !. win Jimmy re*,f they.Oth.n May aad Bought increases who previously declined Literary Fellow
tfooonr* HIM Imt SaMw .. Unlvenlty. Johnson wptNt In .. .nrel Ind -
r : .tau' Ndr.st i .-GOLDUCTS INC. f'- stall okoa.. Pay. oojf.. only trwdenl f* gr. Vl* dei IMe MH... The that would have cost rat hike requests for
D:; .1 .hoMh JioTEl*>4 liar.' tA'GlI"orh J'tf.ll wrt..Herv1>ie.OMNt, Florida drivers an estlated State Fara and nationwide .
TMir '
r'rn=a1.nq M..urlu. lot*, writ- D.,.. "M..1.I Brooklyn hat rnlvrtt JJ, Now, bit,..l. Siring Ik. turtwnr cm. Jackie less Mltfy CeJIIer, $1.3 millions per Mutual companies, CONTISI VMNNEI.el _...
JWtY4. mencemnl *>.rel...al FA- S"(.r We DeSainle, MTh.ICI.m. year in premium hikes.It aDd for the hush National
*. .4d Mil 'Mies
weL <*v *
MU )/sat dealt only with private Bursaa of
Casualty underwriter J". OH irC I.cealte* b
passenger cars.Ooulssionsr .. *..ler-. UB.*-nc.0....."..
Williams TelecastTo FUrVsp AiM Univrifyws
said tb'lNtuaJ'I..urane.. Hit" Ie..... Sevier. ., .....

FLORIDA'S Rating Bureau, whichfiled crowned dying cerimonloX .
Negro moirtlng the Ulno' )
for the increasefor .I w.* *4M..*J cent****..**
its Member and sub- NCI TOW-(NPI)-A television the Jt. O*a) .r Ceni,\fa
crlber oompaaisa, indicated drama series developed TN KsiM**. The newly
Us Bureau affiliates from) the aovi crown MlM lake Oiirtk***
writs about alne I I. op.*gklr *l Mr. pad
"Ullleeof the Field" Mrs I.U>. O l..... .l 12S
percent of Florida' la being dlscussedby Coluabla ...... Orfv. Add4nglM.Wr .

NUMBER ONE private passenger auto Broadcasting ,.- rn lie vktery wey ..
liability volume. ten and United Artists.Th swabs ii ben 01 v.1 E1HJC1>IA'S AMHARC LITTERATEUR

TBS Coamlssloaer had moviewhich starred her srvlew .l alii.."..t. a. BalambarasMahteme
obtained additional la- MI. seater ............ she SeUsiie VetdsMeshe -
Sidney Pol tier who woaan ,..,.. !, Ethiopia's public works
formation from the MIR1 Academy Award for his and communications mtaister.has .

during a June 34 tats performance. .aa an I- .rte Knea selected M receive

Heexlog la Tallahassee.He d.aJhUe andaentlawUl If a sled. .dt."', glide as S3JUO cash prtss plus fold
RHYTHM & BLUES said the Bureau story about aa itineranthaadyaaa tmooOily a* It kuld for the rheas medal and s diploma for his
failed" to provide adqtat *. fry roe so.p MI die rants Tale Itarary wrldM which" according
five nuoa.who trat.N.nl-whkh has t* k. r*> it me Prise citation
support for its sustained a coavent petal eft** -wont nvort theM a***MMflHs4ebUcKkM te
clala that its permissible oa th* edge of the Art .' tnu a lie t rod.tot trill .... conserve and preserve. the
loss ratio of 15. S alma deaert. th* tailing MMoOwr. Ethiopian .map"" .

*t'f.p., percent aid Its 34 ft Citations For Supervisors
** STATION ; percent impasse alloweae
: sally to sieaber and subscriber
eoapsalea." 4 'a Yi
I >b
P ;
tilllaas sail ideal

; ... Compaales historically ..ci
operate at 1... coat i

thaw do stock compaalee a.,

,.; ..0.... there are no
DIAL : : stockholders to pay dl.

( vldeada. sad becaiaeMataala F" tV

tead to have

.1" lower productloa costs.ODMlssieasr .

1260 laid Us resist Williams WM unfairly
For The

H # 1 Sound! it dlacrinlnatorybscssia dlscrlalaataa e .

agalaat Dads Oosatlaas ....i >

aid aoa* ethers by set- RBm AtAKB-.Ja.es 0. ..,.... atomiser af laborers la the 0.1. D artaaataf

tlag a provlslea that AgrlnltaiVa cotta elaaaiag office la Asatla.Twsaa: Mrs. Paalls R. Browa.
.. Dad aotorlsts east pay Assistant State a perviareftmt.a/a .enteelwe dmcsatrstia.lrtlaTsuce

.. 100 psreeat of their tad T\*odor. A Pitta, u lahU'aU' assistant la CSU'a Of tic* *f Baaagaeat ..
DIAL proposed rat increase Be/rlna. received Buperlar Service Aar a last **.k far ttwir acUev-

oa bodily iajary liability cents la effective saperriaiaa. prsatatlaaa are side fcy Secretary af *grtcaltar -
wall oa the Ont 11. U Rout.
(TJaB Asa)
other hand, several

1260 For The # 1 Prizes! other M territories GItrII would IrwtlyTo .1I1tt1 o "'"" balerEllSll.. ofas.U bRAWIIE

State Pest [
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TAI.WIAIaQ solett L
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(Bob) Braatly *f Lake b
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a l*. Hosted at: 901 ..._
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sissies 01r* a .. '.tn It .... Pyre.TI. WMBM

aill a re.*... .....&.4 tsj Obeaiiaataa HorUaaat -

'1260 For The # 1 R & B Hits! dirt. Fla. OM visit U RedM iacla*** Ueatita Spotlight protficl
sAn m wLOUa and y.a will enaatlta **rUeaat Of The Week

feel ta* Airreffwae nariwm win r.-

I at ml 11'WI" alaaal bt. Vnartra Miami Florida

.. ....1 ...- .
'" 'I

-, C '

nlnuy IUGUST ZI 1S8SJake '
ritl i

Partner's Rattlers Eye Another National -Grid Crown As Sessions Get Underway

Rattlers' Schedule .

Highlights of

Practice Monday the 1964 Benedict'CollegeFootbalRBasketball

T TALUHASSEE AJ.tt.- Soldi CtroUnaStatehave been :
Tba Florid MM University added to dr-tchedu1e..Alabama ,
Raiders win begin footb U AIM brlee.rao-esrm-'
practice Monday (August 23) pious of thai coherence with
with two drills I dry nndlclasses the Rattlers. Scalds Carolina Coaching Clinic '
open around September State bas folded some great
6. Mams ihe pest three....ona.. .
Plans caD for the Rattlers Central State and UncotaUniversity "
to bold sessions from &00 to8iOO were dropped to make and All Star Games sponsored by
un. and from 400 to fcOO room for the two league foes.
p.m. duly Achtft session. "l ale from Iha '114 season
wOl be srcund ml -day.A wm bun u mote than",
>.1 fUttfcrs wfll undergo I11IIN" .aId Galiher.Cur The Coca-Cola Company ,
their flnt dung la offense success this year win depend
Ilea Coach Jake Galihsr end tremendously upon oar nNfre1.
associates pot la the split line The potential Isgreat.
T .neerN 1 decade ago. FAHJbaa ."
bad tremendous saccess: "We bsve only three weeks
with the split line T. to prepare for oar flrstgemsT
"It's not really aeha llperld ," A long wait caned mate us
Coach Jake Gaiter. We stale fd like to have at least
Miss Thelma
IN simply adding the pro 30 days prepare for the first Star studded cast of the
offense to oar split lint T.We game but U the boys comeback The Coca-Cola Com
feel dirt we can spring oar fastback la good physical condition pany Hostess with biggest names in
better with the pro-typlarfarl we'll be to fine shape.
." "Our speed wm be about awards donated by Th intercollegiate athletics
Fans expect< d*Rattlers the same ss last year. We Coca-Cola Company,,
to ran with power sndplsy have several fast backs bat Atlanta Georgia for comprise the faculty of
bard-aoM football this fall they lack a Irllnoa The
The pity-as sKrays vlU be linemen wffl be lighter end, 1964 Coaching Clinic the 1965 coaching clinic.
excising with the use of flank* perhaps, '...r. Center wilt and All Star Games.
split and tight lack experience> more than the
oardr. other positions oa the Una* 17e
Jake Gabber dosea Furs ,Eugene Hayes wm be shifted "
aqjr tWhrsrckdtrterEnek, back to swsy. sad go the distant on John Kelly Is the Ions reaming .
any pia,. Halfback=I Gem basnnaa at center. Rudy 9L'
Tbcaas comes closer to this Sims, sophomore ward. ,
description than any player on showed greet potential during A group of All Star Coaches pictured with awards
the M ad.He lost both Bob spring training.Sbnsmsybssstarter. presented by The Cou-Cola Company. Left to rv
Hayes and Bobby FlWfram .Johnny Williams.Ben
the Ust year era The roan Davis. George BOWOQ. sad r r right: Charles H. Boone-The Coca-Cola Com
nay be one of several pros* Rudy Gtvens earned letters at pany, Atlanta, Georgia; Coach Modie Risher- "-
pacts moving op from the reserves. Iplr Burke High School Charleston S. C- Coach William .
This has happened to to of the heavy loss si ; 0AlhlMM pine.Lr W. K r.Anle.N-e LNMp
trapasuThomas tackle lettermaa DaveDaattls a Partlow- Booker Washington High School; H.NNl,dl deeA. a.._.. HIIII .........
URI-"f1 e1 0.---- GnIMe
Is a typical linesmasher. ,Don Sm JoInIJHoIm- Miss Thelma Gibson-Coca-Cola Hostess; Coach
.Ho Is Doted for getting .*. and Freddie Noodles
the short ,.... He can should be edemas replace Allen Watson- Berkley High School Moncks
na with fitness and paver ments. An Roblasoa la the Corner S. C.| Coach Mathew Crayton, Geer Gantt
Wbea Thomas"tIEo4lsr'1 standout at end wflwN.
High School Coach William Roberts Anderson
; ,
bard to bring dote He's aa AO-Arlerkra with
The Rattkrs have 23 lettermen good Liar And re, White is the S.. C, with Reddrick Martin,- Spec 1.1 Market
naraU Of this number most versatile ..aoa the Representative for thg Columbia Coca- ala Bottling .
only three men played quad and excellent Ham
with the first wit Tackle man. Peal Washington could be Company. ;r
David Daniels sod. Art Robinson s great ugtt end oa soy team, -
sad the fIIII>fda Gene according to his cotta Costs Left to right Mr. Charles T, Brooks- Director ol f
Thomas ww" the Blood Kittles. This parka! ban fair :r -1ft
Coaching Clinic and All Star Games; Reddrtek Martin !>. lbtlrln.A.urteM FM> f'i
talc The three-wilt depth with solid
system personnel. Sales rMa.1 AIKW4V .UMtwmiyI OllllMk,IMM w.,CfewK
and *
Marketing for
Representative th
nay be ued this faIl Plan Clrey llorand. reams as e rA,, SMtUl CkMllM Mhl HM TMHMMM A*I C'Mw elb.AIrN .
cad for two strong sola. A the No 1 ....,,<<::1&. He Columbia Coca- ola Bottling Company!Charles H. I
Aird nit Is not In the foreseeable looked very capable of bend- Boor The 1 rt
Coca- ola Company. Atlanta, Georgia
.,.... ling mis brponant posit ion to
The schedule (figures to be the BetfHne-oakjnaa tame ; and Coach John Brown -Athletic Director at
"""r. Alabama AAM end Ust fall Benedict College engaged in a conversation with

Coach Bill Murray Head Football Coach at Duk

REGISTER NOW FOR FAIL CUSSES University who was a clinician for the 1964 Football .

Coaching Clink.

Stsrtlii Aifsst 24 -


I KIIYOeRGAKTO I artRVlSOR ODURSt OJITW-MAM3 ti "..... A. .......u ...... ,.... thuNll, Ibe1 M.aleel.ll
VOICE-STRING BASS fell c...".TM.N.N A.I qwA Mrye. Nlra1.
AND OOCSTRAtehbi's .
19SrR/dDVTS treh.elb.A +, Iwele/0 M.b Iewl1t
i e+w.
CoHsf* Of# Mtsk r

till I. loll Strut A C

El.I.IU5 El.5.S722 EM.(801

(ill I. liUH I. 'J. MSS *.U Charles Boone-The Coca-Cola Company Atlanta
line I" ; Coach Charles' Brooks; Miss Thelma Gibson

and Reddrick Martin pictured with Quarterback

I tIK.. 11t# i Lephart from Rosenwald High School Leilngton,
A group of players enjoying Cou- ota at the party' S. c.. the Most Outstanding Player In the 1964 All >. t.r.r t. w.a.e T r1l
>tera N / tYe.llw CA aT.. Nee1U 0IMit ti
for 1M Ail Star Dtovcn.
i Star Football Game. ......

ScksfcltsRsn'tal foil won't gtWikk

SktoALUTf. forlottoldoel

r/rrl ylanflrt dUll
LAt C1TT_Meters ... h.-CD Mt 0.tt
1ah to ,erUripste latfce O'..e|, Albsay auteCtlls

W.ICD.. 00 .. tke SBSdsJ 0...>)beer. MsUoaelPoret beats H.d.t.bead. ..r.foetkellAtUetlca ...' It ills OOVR{ To find out how smooth

Met seed theirJVllrsUoas bss sasD.ac.4Ue
To Tit Kev, Fin lociliw.Til to UeL ** IMS ftwttoJl scbe4- -15-11! the perfect Martini Gia

atOfflM of tbs Oeeweeid Ill lit, Ue ODleVea trio n 4J 21 ,
C1.Ir. III.. Perltr five nterf1ekCbeleeloa > >- Mt 1 e. t..s bat Ir..ea.d .

e vrlertoll a.*,. to u.. Mlisa .. Iderlr .. J 1Z ,. can talte. .
Assist tT. e ooNiS| toReiisssl Ilelydyalo.uh/o.
Nit li Tin to CMfitiHtiCl t+ JI
iMsisr Mb "a" d11/11Orrr-
.raatly.reaUr. arlsra, uetb Cerotlse; 5 'tv /
n Decent Quiet ..!. Pen will A111MItrt1 Coll f..
b. It Q,.e..eMsU befiaalM I Itp'rr.A1..,;too r H U UIZ1UU r +
Recreation For The Entire Family ......, t0...4 b.*e Ctlleie. Dw/r1. 1 ,, '
Ashlty osUsslsc tbree_ no* irlu r....... sd Irr1orllrab
641 W. Corer JiiftrsN ....., .. I Jldlor. 1.... ..*.tUea. If' U. .R e,

foaetlae NI'I 011.

..r'A .. "44 A, ssbtrssts. lr'r t{
.. wt11 'It sll .resM .

t aw l>q AnUCn II' "" r,
t Ir
42 HAn r
eeeeNNNeeNNllle fa r
's Das r r

NMbtndM'C +
N /IJIf1 ae.. .
!tiI N1r1... ..alta s.4 ftr* l wr
4 "
tIN CMtxfey '' I. TIrt1 ANTw
.I+r "' ie. .r.. 'M' Ud7 Oy1 "
Ollerl6't1. .

Red u.eo ,., Fraarnlep

I AlltIr ,.
I II r

rill la tbs bleM) MUe 'a'' i ti rlt ijt'

.. .. tu1/.11 .. ZODIAC: feet ..
Ott11o MI 1111. JIAwrUt .

1 rr J Ar t, Mtllrr .


,. M......NI.. NNNNM .....

/ ...._-
Beef at its Best rest/11Arr1--.r 1.r air 1ow-w w u/nlw. tee r.rar w

IdI a .""W-W.

) .,. ,

4 .... 4 r f+

12 Yoiths 12,619 Added. 2 Negro Girls 'St. Aug.' SCLC U.S. Report Hits HostilityOf Thaxton 'Breaks Up' James Brown

( Continued from page 11]I Continued fro. Fuel ( continued from Pace 1) Continued from page 1

charge after the grind Jury the areas that get Federal who patronize the laundromat at the Thomas JefrerionHoteF Chicofo' Officials, Schools
ruled Justifiable homicide examiners," Miss Simmons operated by which opened its doors for w
the CHICAGO--(NPI)-The Chicago Public School Breton's w+
were believed to be the main said. Approximately 140 out Brooks, he often shows time to Negroes
cause for the youths'outburst. of-state and fall-time local of heavy drinking St. Augustine delegates In administration cue in for sharp rebuff last I
NAACP Youth Council volunteers have been sent to signs addition to Mrs. Pkimmer week In a report on its schools prepared for the
president RtlphCUrkexpres Leflore and Madison County, which appeared also to- were Miss Beatrice Riley U.S. Office u. or_ Ecucation.< ..uuu.u..uu.............................
se<)being dlsatlsfled with the the other county In Mississippi be the case last Sunday executive board member
grand jury's decision. which has received a federal they say Miss Debris Miller, president Particular emphasis vast Northwestern (Evanston
registrar. in addition to the ) Miss Rose Mary Miller placed on hostility toward 111. ) university law
Youth Puffin Buses have been chartered laundromat. Brooks is secretary! Miss Delorls criticism which drool professor.
In the two counties.addition:: Home, Miss Arlane Johnson. handicapped the study Observer believe that
The youth department of reported to also operata Miss MatdeMaeConnor.MIss
to several car pools, to take the Coon report
made by John E. Coons provethe
New Church
Mb Olive Baptist grorery store on Whitney Willie Mae Connor
prospective to the
reg key to other northern
will observe Its 3rd anniversary
istration Street, in another
offices, she said.
Aug. :2 at 3 p.m., urban centers' ills. Chicago
In the church auditorium. section of town. the Artists Circle is the first target
Ainiurmr when
Still distraught
A program has been arranged of the Southern Christian -
with outstanding talentIn Zion Hope Baptist Church interviewed by the Staron
the dry appearing.Deacon Districts 1 and 10 will celebrate Wednesday, she at A galaxy of bright new stars based on the'play by Carlo Leadership Con
J mer Webb Is supervisor their Joint are making their appearanceacross GozzL ference's putsch against
anniversary did not know what
a ",> and fc assisted by Mrs. Edith Sunday at 3 p.tn.,In the church first the celestial heaven of Shirley has appeared with de facto and de jars MlpHXLY1DCDDyndieated'N
to the Star' s music, and their
Turner. auditorium. to say taking places the SantaFeOperaevery sum- segregation in northern
offer to break throughthe confidently within the constellation mer since 198L and among the north.mdUea
cities. Other
blackout of silence of established musi operas In which be has been
clans. featured are Strauss' "Sal- are expected to
which the local press Last weekend two outstanding -
ome" and "Daphne"! andBerti face assault on their
and officials have young Negro artists "Luki". This the < '
year schooj bias ere the sum- personality Lloyd baIteD
sought to clamp down made their debate In leading
Negro tenor reams trades chuckles with
guest star Janes Brow about
met lanes.Coone'
opera roles In San Francisco young
over this latest attro- with the
appearances latter
gaudy and unusual
at Stern Grove's outdoor noted attire. Brown had just
city in america's oldestci production London Symphony under the report>> particularly
w of Pucclnf"La Bc- direction of Lorln Maazel the lack of performed his new recording "I Got You," as featured
ty heme" under the guidance of the Verdi Requiem and aLa cooperation and until- In his latest sorle, "BU party."
Kurt Herbert Adler, general Scala in Milan under the
signets to provide information
director of the San Francisco
baton of Herbert
von Karajan
GOP's Endorse Opera Company. in the Mozart Requiem. on the part of ,
DELCINA STEVENSON.- Schools Supt.Benj sain C. Buy U.S. Savings BondsSimmons
A B. year-old soprano from Kansas Willis, and the school Iran IPAllQUD SAYINGS PUll :
C. Motley .
"y. was heard In the soto of adnlnistratlons attitude rot AU."" '.!cAII' '. ,
... MimI, and Garnet Brooks the ..
NEW' mu.(NPtullra. Const 28-year-old Canadian tenor "reposing on an.
r +
j A011 ce Motley a democrat was was her Rudolfo. Both artists Mrs. Lee educational Olympus,
unaci.,.ay; endirsed for eletlon have gained unusual recogni- treating all Inquiriesas Dry Cleaners
as Manhattan Borough tion In the form of study a-,,, orltleiSB and all
wards with Lone Lehman and RITUAL
president by; the executive Robert Weeds respectively! Hirst Use in this crltlclss as hersay." 1 Day SiniciAn
connlttee of the county republican both, through their perform (vicinity. The great The report also noted
organization ance-successes came to the Divine HUB an Advisor that student achievement Wirk Kiirutiil
This endoresaent was seen attention of Maestro Adler, has Ood given In 14 high schools with 1
who Invited them to join the powers 1i
by observers M indicativethat 1965 Metals Opera program.The She has helped others 80 per cent Negro en- i
If she wins the Demo- rollsent Is 'Missal,"

cratic nomination in the p.V Open notcm1 dally- a. s, til ,and ,the overall pictureof ... Also ... Pick Up & Delivery
the Latest Men's Hair Styles Sept 14 primary she will be Santa rt Opera,located Chicago schools below -
on three tickets for the offIce five miles north of Santa Fe, llp.i. also Sundays. national nonas. She I.alrs Phone 356 9589
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